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The labor of compiling and editing this 
work was done by the auflior for the Babbitt 
Family Association in affectionate remem- 
brance of his father 


1842 - 1907 

"God sifted a whole nation that he might 
send choice grain over into this Wilder- 
Election Sermon of Wm. Stoughton 

at Boston— April 29—1669 


Miss Emily Jenny Babbitt early in life became interested in family 
records. While still a school girl she began to record notes concerning 
her own family and others bearing her own name in a little book which 
she made use of for forty-five years or more, and it has proven quite use- 
ful in the present work of the Babbitt Family Association. 

She first visited Taimton, Mass., in 1905, having learned from a cor- 
respondent in Vermont that Edward Bobet, her probable first ancestor, 
had appeared in Taunton in 1643. She was there but two weeks but 
made the acquaintance of Mr. James E. Seaver, Secretary and Librarian 
of the Old Colony Historical Society and through his assistance learned 
considerable of the early Babbitt families. The next year, 1906, she 
spent five weeks in Taunton, when she studied family history very ear- 
nesdy, passing much time at the Public Library consulting genealogical 
works and receiving valuable assistance from Mr. Joshua Eddy Crane, 
the librarian. 

She passed the entire summer of 1907 in Taimton and by the invaluable 
help of friends, she projected the formation of the Babbitt Family Asso- 
ciation. An announcement was made by a card sent out to a limited 
number of descendants of Edward Bobet (bearing the name of Babbitt) 
reading as follows: — 

"Miss E. Jenny Babbitt of Washington, D. C, a cor- 
responding member of the Old Colony Historical So- 
ciety, who is at present residing in Taunton, is inter- i 
ested in taking preliminary measures for the prepara- 
tion of a genealogical record of the descendants of 
Edward Bobbitt, an early settler of Taunton. For the 
purpose of presenting this subject more fully for con- 
sideration and to form an Executive Committee for 
future efforts, arrangements have been made to hold J 


a meeting at the Public Library on Thursday, August 
8th at 10 o'clock A. M., to which you are cordially 


Taunton, Mass., July 20, 1907." 

Then followed in due time a circular sent out to over five hundred 
Babbitts and their descendants whether bearing the family name or 
otherwise, announcing that "At a special meeting of the Old Colony 
Historical Society to be holden at Historical Hall, Taunton, Mass., on 
Wednesday, Oct. 2, 1907, the exercises of the day will be commemorative of 
Edward Bobet (now known as Babbitt), an early settler of Taunton about 
1643, and of his children — Edward, Sarah, Hannah, Damaris, Elkanah, 
Dorcas Esther, Ruth and Deliverance. All descendants of Edward 
Bobet, (Babbitt) whether bearing the family name or otherwise are 
cordially invited to attend the meeting and as it is impossible to reach 
all by personal notification, it is desirable that those who receive this 
circular send addresses of those they know to the Chairman of the 
Committee of arrangements. The exercises of the day will include the 
organization of an historical and genealogical Association of the family 
and a literary program of special interest to every descendant. 

A lunch will be served at noon. 

All commimications may be sent to RoUin H. Babbitt, 

Chairman of the Executive Committee. 
Taunton, Mass., August 26, 1907." 

A very successful meeting was held as by appointment. Miss Bab- 
bitt remained imtil after the meeting and closed up the necessary cor- 
respondence which ensued. 

In the simmier of 1908 Miss Babbitt was again in Taunton to lend 
her aid to the Officers of the Association. In the absence of the Sec- 
retary she sent out invitations to the members of the Association and 
also to as many new members of the family and its connections as could 
be found. The second meeting was held in Historical Hall, Taimton, 
Sept. 24, 1908. At this meeting several of those most interested in the 
work of the Association resolved that Miss Babbitt should be relieved 
of further responsibility in the matter and all work necessary in preparing 
for the third annual meeting, Sept. 23, 1909, was undertaken and suc- 
cessfully carried out by Mr. William B. Browne, Secretary of the Asso- 






ciation. At the meeting of the Babbitt Family Association in 1910, the 
following Committee was appointed to attend to all details concerning 
the publication of this book: 

Mr. George R. Babbitt of Providence, R. I. 

Mr. Francis S. Babbitt of Tamiton, Mass. 

Miss Elizabeth R. Babbitt of Mendham, N. J. 
with the Secretary of the Association an ex-ofl&cio member. Under their 
auspices the work has been completed. 


In the year 1890 the compiler of this book became interested in gen- 
ealogical work, and his interest in his Babbitt ancestry led him to trace 
it to the first of the name in America, Edward Bobet, Mr. Isaac Wil- 
cox, a well known genealogist of Tamiton, took a personal interest in 
the matter; so much so, that a complete record of each generation of this 
branch was secured. This was printed in the form of a two-leaved folder 
and was widely distributed. During the compilation of this book, copies 
of this original pamphlet were sent from widely separated sources, show- 
ing that it had awakened an interest among the family to learn more of 
its history. 

This little folder was the first in print concerning the Babbitt family, 
of sufficient importance to be considered an effort to compile a complete 
family record, although several branches have compiled records of their 
particular branch, but with no attempt to follow the line back to the 
foimder. When the present work was undertaken no idea was enter- 
tained that it would be of such magnitude, or that the family was so ex- 

In commencing the work there was a great advantage in the fact that 
every record of a Babbitt family was certain to fit eventually into its proper 
place, since there are evidently no Babbitts in America who are not des- 
cendants of Edward Bobet, with the exception of certain few families 
of late foreign extraction who have assumed this name on reaching this 
country. The family of Erasmus Babbitt of Boston as noted elsewhere 
seems extinct. 

In planning the arrangement and scope of compilation, it was decided 
to give one generation of each of the female lines, and whenever a des- 
cendant of another name than Babbitt joined the Association, the line 
would be carried down to include that member's family. 

The origin of the name Babbitt is variously given. One authority- 
says it is of German extraction and originating from the words, "Bube" 
meaning "boy," and "Hait" meaning "hood" and hence "boyhood." 
Letters have been received from a Spanish Genealogical Society imder 
the impression that it was an Americanized form of Babbitto. 

No. 2 

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No. 6 

No. 12 

No. 17 

No. 29 

No. 32, 

wife of No. 61 

No. 37 


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No. 101 

No. 105 

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No. 294: 


No. 40 

No: 133 

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No. 324 

No. 698 

No. 21 

No. 31 

No. 102 


Certain family traditions give it a French origin, but there is no doubt 
that it is really the old English name of Bobbet, this being the form used 
by the first Edward. It is a very common English name of the present 
time and later immigrants to this country who settled in North Carolina 
have kept the name in its original form, and it is not an uncommon name 
throughout the South. The descendants of Edward Bobbet used the 
freedom of all early comers to this country in spelling their name. Very 
few of the early names admit of such a variety of spelling. It is found 
spelled with any one of the vowels in the first and last syllables, in com- 
bination with single or double "b's" and "t's," giving a vast variety of 
spellings. The same person will frequently use several varieties in the 
same document. In the fifth generation almost all used the form "Bab- 
bitt," which is now practically universal. One branch still uses "o" 
in the final syllable while several have kept a single "t" which ending 
was almost universal in the third and fourth generation. 

The English Surname Bobbett means "Bob," son of Robert, the sylla- 
ble "ett" being a diminutive. Similarly "Babbidge" is supposed to- 
derive from "son of Barbara." "Bobbett" was a common family name 
in Suffolk and Devonshire in the middle ages. 

There was one other Babbitt family in this country besides the one 
whose records are the subject of this book. This is the family of Eras- 
mus Bobet of Boston, styled in old records "Governor of Burbuda" and 
merchant mariner of Boston. This family seems wholly extinct in the 
male line, as none have been discovered who descend from this family, 
while this work was in preparation. 

Erasmus Bobet married Nov. 18, 1700, Thamazine Harris, widow of 
David Harris, and daughter of William Elsen. She was born in 1644 
and died Nov. 27, 1721, being buried in the Granary Burying ground 
in Boston. He is supposed to have previously married at Westerley, 
R. I., Mary Lawton Babcock, widow of John Babcock, since in a deed 
dated March 11, 16G9, James and John Babcock sold land of "father 
John Babcock" and mention "stepfather Erasmus Bobet." Who the 
first wife of Erasmus Bobet was we are unable to say, but his son John, 
born 1681, must have been a son of still an earlier marriage than the two 
mentioned, since he is recorded on Charlestown records as having been 
born in Plymouth, England. He is styled, "Mariner" in the records. 
He was twice married. He married Abigail Beresford in Boston, May 
25, 1702. She died Jan. 12, 1709, aged 36. He married second Mary Hett, 
Nov. 28, 1710, who outlived her husband and married Robert White in 1731. 


John Bobet died in 1728, aged 47. His children were: 
Mary, August 21 or 28, 1704. 
John, April 15, 1706. Baptized 1710. 
Joseph (Probably) his name being found on a tomb- 
stone near Dr. Rand's tomb. 

This family doubtless all died early as they disappear from all accessi- 
ble records, although it is possible that John Jr., bom, 1706, may have 
gone to North Carolina, and is the founder of the numerous Bobbett fam- 
ily now there. 

There seems no reason to doubt that Erasmus Bobet was a relative 
of Edward of Berkley, Mass. 

Further search in English records may reveal the connection. Erasmus 
early appeared as a family name among Edward's descendants, and he 
may have encouraged Erasmus to follow him to the new world, although 
this, of course, is pure speculation. 

This History of the Babbitt Family is not considered by the compilers 
to be complete. Originally planned to include the first six generations, 
its scope was later increased to include the later records necessarily accu- 
mulated in the earlier work. It is claimed, however, to be a very com- 
plete record of the first six generations, and perhaps an awakened interest 
may in time secure additional records which can be published as an 
appendix to this volume. 

It is also claimed to be the best record procurable with the limited 
means available. Had it not been for the many voluntary workers and 
the interest of the family generally, it would have been impossible to 
present this work at this time. There are few wealthy members in the 
Association and no money has been available to travel to places where 
it is known members of the family had resided or still reside. 

Furthermore, the Association was so fortunate as to have the services 
of Mr. John Mc'Ilvene of Northampton, Mass., a genealogist of note; 
a keen analyst of records and facts, of remarkable memory and a sur- 
prising faculty of correctly anticipating the solution of many puzzling 
questions. His interest in this book and his labors in its behalf were all 
out of proportion to the pecuniary recompense which he received, and 
the success of this work is in no small degree due to him. 

We are also indebted to the generosity of the Old Colony Historical 
Society, through Mr. James Seaver, for loans of books and many cour- 


In preparing a sketch of Edward Bobet, the founder of our family, 
we are unable to find recorded much that throws light on his early years. 
The few items that are on record, however when considered together lend 
themselves in the formation of a presumptive account of his life, which 
seems to be reasonably sure to be correct. His appearance at Taunton 
when a mere boy, evidently possessed of means, can only be explained 
by the hypothesis that he came here in the company of near relatives — 
perhaps as the step-son of one of the early proprietors of Taunton, whose 
name is withheld from us. In this connection the name of Jonas Austin 
suggests itself, it being he who sold Edward Bobet his first land in 1652 
(before his marriage) and where he built his first house and brought his 
bride. Then, too, the Holloways and Hathaways could well be supposed 
near relatives from their close association with Bobet. 

The first mention of Edward Bobet on record in this country is at 
Plymouth, where under date of 1643 we find his name among fifty-four 
others in a list of those between sixteen and sixty years of age, who are 
able to bear arms. From this we know that he was over sixteen years 
of age at this date, and presumably barely that age since he does not ap- 
pear in any earlier record of this nature. 

His next appearance is in the Plymouth Court records, the charge 
against him being an example of the strict discipline of those days: — 

"At the Generall Court holden at Plymouth aforesaid, 
the sixt day of Jime 1649, xxx Presentments of the 
Grand Inquest, xxx Wee p-sent Edward Bobbit, of 
Taimton, for receuing pay for stoUen wampon." xxx 

Upon the margin of the same page, against the name of Edward Bob- 
et, and opposite the charge is the official entry "Cleared." 

November 19, 1652, Edward Bobet bought his first land as shown 
by the following deed: — 



This prsent writing made the 19th day of November Amio 
dom 1652, between Jonas Austin of Taunton within of New 
Plymouth in New England yeoman on the one pte and Ed- 
ward Bobbett yeoman of Taunton aforsaid on the other 
pte witnesseth That the said Jonas Austine for and in Con- 
sideration of seaven pounds of Current New English pay 
to the said Jonas made, hath bargained sold alliened given 
Graunted; and by these prsents doth fully Clearly and abso- 
lutely bargaine sells, Give and Graunt unto the above said 
Edward Bobbitt a Certaine pell of land sett lying and be- 
ing within the Plantation or Township of Tavmton afore- 
said on the Southsyde of the Great River between the land 
of Edward Rew; which lyeth on the one syde of it; and the 
land of William Parker which lyeth on the other syde of it, 
extending it self from the said Great River with those lands 
by which it is bounded; containing twelve pole in breadth 
and in quantity by estimation; six acrees broad more or lesse; 
To have and to hold the same pssell of land with all and sin- 
gulare the appurtenances imto the said Edward Bobbitt, 
his heires and assignes forever To the onely use and behoofe 
of the same Edward Bobbitt his heires and assignes forever; 
And the said Jonas Austine doth forhimselfe and his heires 
and assignes Covenant and by these prsents promise unto 
the said Edward Bobbitt, his heires and assignes full quiett 
possession use occupying and injoyment of the aforsaid 
prmises for the time to come without any trouble re'ga'tion 
or molestation whatsoever; In virtues wherof the said Jonas 
Austine hath heerunto sett his hand and seale the day and 
yeer above written. 

Signed, sealed and possession of the said prmises Given in 
the prsence of Willam Parker. 


The mark of A JONAS AUSTINE and a [seale]. 

This Conveyance was acknowlidged by the man and his 
wife this 23 of Aprill 1659 before us 






In October, 1652, the same year as the preceding deed, he became 
one of the Proprietors of the "Bloomerie" (as the ancient Iron Works of 
Taunton were called) on Two Mile River, he being one of those to sub- 
scribe 10 £. for the enterprise, which fact lends weight to the supposi- 
tion that he was a yoimg man with some means in starting his life in the 
new country. 

In 1654 we find the record of his marriage in the records of Boston: — 
"BOBBET, Edward Bobbett was marryed to Sarah 
Tame, the daughter of Myles Tarne of Boston 7:7: 
1654: by Capt. Humphrey Atharton." 

By the method of computing time of that period the seventh month 
would be September. Myles Tarne was a leather dresser at Boston as 
early as 1638, he and his wife being members of the church, and it is be- 
yond doubt that their daughter, Sarah, was born in England and accom- 
panied them to Boston. Edward Bobbett and his bride probably began 
their married life on the little farm purchased of Jonas Austin in 1652, 
A careful search among the Proprietary Records discloses the location 
of this tract as being between the river and the old highway from Taun- 
ton to Freetown, not far from a stream then called Joshua's Creek. It 
adjoined the lands of John Macomber and also ad joined later purchases 
of Edward Bobet. It was perhaps the homestead where he always 

In 1658 Bobet in company with John Hathaway and Timothy Hol- 
loway purchased 400 acres of land as described in the following deed: — 

From To all Christian People To whom these prsents shall come 

Plymouth James Wyatt of Taunton in Plymouth Pattent in New Eng- 
Colony land and George Macye of the same Towne Attorneyes unto 
Records Mr. Nicholas Street, now or late Teacher of the Church of 
Vol. 3 Taunton, aforsaid sendeth Greet: Know yea that wheras 

P. 189. the said Nicholas Street by his letter of Attorney, bearing 
date the nineteenth day of October in the yeare of our Lord 
one Thousand six hundred fifty-eight, did ordaine and 
Constitute and in his place and sted, sett and appointed 
the said James Wyatt and Gorge Macey his true and 
lawfull Attorneyes for him and in his Name and Stead 
to sell and make sale of foure hundred acrees of 
upland and meddow be there more or lesse lying to- 
gether in Taunton aforsaid; which was Given by the Court 


of Plymouth unto Mr. William hooke and the said Mr. Nich- 
olas Street Joyntly; and att the goeing away of the said hooke 
from Taimton to Newhaven; all the said hookes prte except 
two pssellsof meddow: The one lying att Grassey Island, 
The other att a place called Assonett, being sold or disposed 
of to the said Street, and by the same letter of Attorney doth 
give full power and Authority unto them the said Attomeyes; 
To enter his said lands or into some prte thereof in the name 
of the whole, and to such psson or pssons as by vertue of the 
said letter shall purchase the same of his said Attomeyes; 
That they his said Attomeyes doe in his name deliver quiett 
and peacable possession and seizen according to the law, and 
alsoe to remove eiech and dispossesse as they shall think 
fitt; all and every psson or pssons useing or occupying all or 
any prte of the said lands; and them soe cleared to convert 
unto the use of such psson or pssons as shall purchase the 
same; Wherefore Now further Know yea That wee the said 
James Wyatt and Gorge Macey, in the name of the said 
Nicholas Street according to the power comitted unto us as 
aforsaid for and in consideration of one himdred and fifty 
poimds sterling wherof fifty pounds in hand payed fhe rese- 
due Cecured to be payed, have given, graunted, bargained, 
sold, enfeofed and confirmed, and by these presents doe give 
grant bargaine sell enfeofe and confirme unto John hathway 
Edward Bobbut and Timothy halloway all of Taunton afor- 
said. The said four hundred acrees of upland and meddow 
lying together in Taunton aforsaid, be there more or lesse; 
The one syde wherof is bounded with two marked trees stand- 
ing upon the head of a Cove called Smiths Cove on the South 
prte. The other syde boimded with a place called the Iron 
Spring, being opposite against a certaine pssell of land called 
Mr. Gilbert's farme, on the North prte one end butts upon a 
great River in prte and upon the meadowes of Captaine Wil- 
1am Poole mistris Jane ffarwell and Willam hailstone in prte 
on the west or Northwest prte. The other end running up 
into the woods, soe farr as will extend to four hundred acrees 
as aforesaid; the one Moyety or halfe prte of which said 
four hundred acrees the said Nicholas Street had and 


purchased of the said Willam hooke late Pastour of the 
said Church of Taunton when hee the said hooke went 
from Taunton to Newhaven as is aforsaid. To have and 
to hold the said four hundred acrees of upland and 
meadow be there more or lesse as befor butted and bounded 
with all and every the appurtenances privilidges and 

comodities thereunto belonging or or any wayes apper- 
taining, unto the said John hathway Edward Bobbitt 
and Timothy hoUoway theire heires and assignes for- 
ever: To the onely and behoof of the said John hathway 
Edward Bobbutt and Timothy holloway theire heires and 
assignes forever, without any the lett molestation or expul- 
sion of him the said Nicholas Street his heires exequitors or 
assignes or any claiming any title claime or Interest to the 
same or any prte therof, from or under him them or any of 
them, and for warranty of the said prmises the said James 
Wyatt and Gorge Macey doth for themselves, theire heires 
exequitors and administrators; covenant and grant to and 
with the said John hathway Edward Bobbitt and Timothy 
holloway theire heires and assignes by these prsents that 
the said prmises now be and att all time and times heerafter 
shalle remaine and continew and abide unto the said Johne 
hathway Edward Bobbitt and Timothy holloway theire 
heires and assignes; ffreely acquited, exonnarated and dis- 
charged, or otherwise from time to time and at all times heer- 
after, well and sufi&ciently saved defended and kept harm- 
less oflf and from all and all manor of former and other bar- 
gaines and sales gifts grants feofments joyntures dower title 
of dower estates mortgages forfeitures seizures judgments 
extents executions and all other actes and Incombrances 
whatsoever; had made done acknowlidged and comitted by 
the said Nicholas Street or any other prson or prsons claim- 
ing or haveing any title or interest of in or to the said demised 
prmises or any prte therof or any of the appurtenances ther- 
of, by from or under him. The said Nicholas Street or his 
assignes or don or comitted by the assent means or procure- 
ment of the said Nicholas Street or his assignes by any other 
prson or prsons whatsoever wherby the said John hathway 


Edward Bobbutt or Timothy hoUoway or any of them or the 
heires or assignes of them or any of them, shall or may be 
lawfully evicted out of the possession or enjoyment thereof 
or of any prte or prsell therof as aforsaid provided, the said 
John hathway Edward Bobbutt and Timothy hoUoway or 
some or one of them, or the heires exequitors or adminis- 
trators of them or some or one of them, shall pay or cause 
to be payed imto the said James Wyatt and Gorge Macey 
attorneys as aforsaid unto the said Nicholas Street and to 
and for the use of him the said Nicholas Street; The sume 
of one hundred pounds, for the nature of pay and time and 
place of payment, according to the tenor of that mortgage 
of the prmises agreed upon: To be sealed by them the said 
John Hathway Edward Bobbutt and Timothy holloway; 
but if therin they shall faile and forfeite the prmises in case 
of non payment the next aforsaid covenant in point of war- 
ranty to be off noe force against the said Wyatt and Macey, 
any thinge in these prsents to the contrary therof in any wise 
notwithstanding and alsoe the said James Wyatt and Gorge 
Macey doth further covenant promise and graunt to and 
with the said John hathway Edward Bobbutt & Timothy 
holloway, that when the purchase money due for the said 
bargained premises is as aforsaid payed and satisfyed ac- 
cording to time and place of payment and nature of pay, 
then they the said James Wyatt and Gorge Macey or one 
of them shall and will deliver or cause to be delivered, all 
and singular such evidences and writings that they have or 
can procure onely touching or conserning the prmises server- 
ale with the said mortgage agreed to be sealed for cecuritie, 
as aforsaid, and acknowlidged satisfaction of the said debt 
upon the record therof if the said mortgage shalbe recorded, 
and lastly that when the said debt or sume is fully payed as 
aforsaid. The said James Wyatt and Gorge Macey shall 
and will prforme and doe or cause to be prformed and done, 
any such further acte or actes as they the said James Wyatt 
and Gorge Macey shalbe therunto advised or required by the 
said John hathway Edward Bobbutt and Timothy holloway 
or theire or any of theire assignes for a more full and prfect 


conveying and assuring the said Bargained prmises and 

every prte therof unto the said John hathway Edward Bob- 

bitt and Timothy holloway theire heires and assignes. In 

Witness wherof the said James Wyatt and Gorge Macey 

have heerunto put theire hands and scales the day 

in the yeare of our Lord one Thousand six hundred fifty 

and eight. 

Signed Sealed and delivered in prsence of 

William Poole, JAMES WYATT and a [seale]. 

Walter Deane, GORGE MACEY and a [seale]. 

William harvey. 

This deed was acknowlidged by James Wyatt and Gorge 
Macey the 24th of June 1663, before mee, John Aldin, As- 
Part of this tract must be the farm upon which Edward resided during 
the rest of his life and which has never been out of the possession of his 
descendants, the present occupant, Mrs. Edward E. Whitaker, being 
seventh in descent from him and her house being the third house to be 
erected thereon, same containing a door and other pieces of the second 
house built into it. 

In the Proprietors' records of Taimton is recorded in 1660 that "John 
Hathaway, Edward Bobbitt and Timothy Halloway — all of them far- 
mers — shall have their divisions at ye head of their farms." Also under 
date of December 28, 1659, appears the following agreement: — 
"The names af those inhabitants 
"within the township of Taunton, who 
"are to have their division of land 
"now agreed upon, December 28, 1659, 
"whose proportion is to be according 
"to the rate here following, together 
"with the quantity of land, lots, 
"and heads, at two acres to the 
"head, two acres to the lot. 

"'Winifred Gilbert, 
"'James Walker, 
John Tisdill, 

e rate 

the lots 

are alike 

; 6 

3 heads 

1. 5. 7 

8 "96 acres 


9 " 82 " 


"Edward Bobbitt, £ 10. 8 4 heads 29 acres 

The list contains 47 names that of "Edward Bobbitt" being the 19th 


In the year 1662, Edward Bobbitt appears in the list of the Grand Jury 

of Taunton. 

VOL. 2, PP. 13, 14. 

"July 21, 1666. Whereas by the vote of the town, that several of the 
town shall have a certain tract of meadow and upland upon the three 
mile river or thereabout. It is voted and agreed upon that such as are 
not in this tract above written considered — that is to say fatherless chil- 
dren, whose fathers were purchasers, and others that are purchasers and 
are not now inhabitating in this town, shall be hereafter considered with 
meadow and upland according as these are, near thereabout — this 21st 
July, 1666. These whose names are vmderwritten having cast lots for 
the meadow and upland at the three mile river or near thereabouts and 
they are to have their land and meadow as their lot hath cast as here is 
written according as it layeth upon the map of meadow and upland made 
by John Macomber, the measurer. 
Edward Bobbitt, 35 acres. 

May 18, 1666, it was "voted and granted that Edward Bobbitt shall 
have his division on ye North side of Joshuas Creek near the foot way, 
that is to say the way that goeth to Rhode Island." 

June 1, 1668, Edward Bobet became one of the proprietors of the 
North Purchase as shown by the following extracts from the deed: — 
June 1, 1668:— 

" 'Whereas the General Court of New Plymouth have 
empowered Mr. Thomas Prence, Maj. Josias Winslow, 
Capt. Thomas Southworth, and Mr. Constant Southworth 
to take notice of some purchases of land lately made by Capt. 
Thomas Willett, and to settle and dispose the said lands for 
the Colony's use; 

Know therefore, all whom it may concern, that the above 
named Mr. Thomas Prence, Captain Thomas Southworth, 
and Mr. Constant Southworth and Major Josias Winslow, 
by virtue of power by and from said Court derived unto them, 


have, and by these presents do, bargain, sell, grant, aliene, 
allot, confer, and make over unto Richard Williams, Walter 
Dean, George Marcy, James Walker xxx EDWARD BOB- 
BITT xxx Proprietors of the town of Taimton and to their 
heirs forever, a certain tract of land lying and being on the 
northerly side of Taunton aforsaid, and is bounded as fol- 
lov^^eth, viz: Beginning. "(Then follows the description 
of lands extending from Taunton westerly to Rehoboth) 
"together with the meadows, woods, waters, and all the ben- 
efits, privileges, emoluments, profits, and immunities there- 
unto appertaining and belonging to have and to hold to them 
and to their heirs forever." 
In 1668 Bobet was chosen a member of the "Grand Enquest" of 

Plymouth Co. and on June 5, 1671, appears in this connection: — 

"The names of the persons appointed by the Court to view the Damage 

done to the Indians by the Horses and Hoggs of the English: — 


A short time before the commencement of the Indian 
War in 1675, there appears to have been inserted on the town- 
book a correct list of the proprietors of ancient Taunton 
as they then stood, 'imto whom the town hath already 
granted or divided lands by virtue of their enjoying either 
purchase lots or purchase rights to divisions of lands.' The 
catalogue was preceded by the following declaration: 

'Whereas, by the providence of God in the year 1638 and 
the year 1639, it pleased God to bring the most part of the 
first purchasers of Taunton over the great ocean into this 
wilderness from our dear and native land, and after some 
small time here we found this place (called by the natives of 
the land Cohannet) in the colony of New Plymouth, and of 
the Court of the said colony we obtained grants of tracts of 
land for a plantation or township, as by the records of the 
said Court it may and doth appear, and then we also made 
purchase and bought the said tracts of land for our money 
of the right proprietors and owners, the Indians' sachem or 


prince of that part of the country, as by deed under their 
hands it may appear, and in honor and love to our dear and 
native country, we called this place Taunton, and owning 
it a great mercy of God to bring us to this place, and setding 
of us on lands of our own, bought with our money in peace, 
in the midst of the heathen, for a possession for ourselves, 
and for our posterity after us, do mutually agree and fully 
determine, as an imdeniable order of this town, without any 
evasion whatsoever, that all lands that is or shall be granted 
to any person or persons, whether under the denomination 
of a purchaser or free inhabitant orderly received into this 
town, shall be to the grantees and their heirs and assigns 
forever, a good perfect estate of inheritance in fee simple, 
and that all titles of our lands within this township, so to 
stand in the tenure to the grantees, and so to descend to their 
survivors as aforesaid.' 

Richard Williams in his own rights, and on that which was 

Henry Uxley's, and on that which was Anthony Slocum's, 

and that which was John Gingil's. 

John Hall and Samuel Hall on their two rights, which 

were Joseph Wilson's and Benjamin Wilson's. 

Joseph Hall on the rights that was his father's. 

Captain William Poole's heirs on his rights. 

Lieutenant George Macey on his own rights and on that 

which was Mr. Boshop's 

William Harvey on his own rights. 


EDWARD BOBBITT on his own rights. 


These purchasers or proprietors forementioned, are here- 
by and by virtue hereof, entitled and interested only into 
the first purchase of the township of Taunton, and not into 
any later purchases. This list was made and agreed upon, 
and concluded and confirmed, by us whose names are under- 
written, being the major part of the committee chosen by 
the town for that end. Dated May 14th, 1675" 
(Signed by Richard Williams and six others.) 
The list contained in the foregoing declaration comprises 72 names, 
that of Edward Bobet being the sixty-fifth. 


The dates 1638 and 1639, in connection with the remainder of the sen- 
tence in the preamble of which they form a part, render it probable that 
Edward Bobet landed in America during one of those years. 

We have now come to that time of terror and disaster to the settlers — 
the uprising of the Indians, known as King Phillip's War. It can easily 
be imagined how many anxious hours were passed by Edward and Sarah 
Bobet, so far removed from the garrison stockade, with their large 
family of children. Judging by the quantities of Indian relics found on 
his home farm it would seem that it was a peculiarly favorite haunt of 
the Indians before Bobet bought it. Finally their position became 
too dangerous to admit of further delay and being warned of the com- 
mencement of hostilities, on June 25, 1675, they took refuge in the gar- 
rison at Taunton, leaving behind the home which had been the fruit of 
so much labor in the wilderness. We must depend upon tradition for 
the account of Edward Bobet's last hours. This tradition has been 
so faithfully handed down from generation to generation and seems so 
fully confirmed by his place of burial that there is no reason to disbelieve 
it. According to this tradition Bobet returned to his house to secure 
some necessary article — perhaps the cheese hoop, as the story says: he 
was accompanied by his dog in the thought that perhaps warning of prowl- 
ing savages would be given by it. He secured the needed article and 
was on his way back to the fort when he became aware of his pursuit by 
Indians; he climbed a tree and was effectually hidden, but his faithful 
dog disclosed his presence and his life was the forfeit of his hazardous 
adventure. His grave is in a private yard, near Berkley Bridge, and is 
thought to be the spot where he was killed. The spot was marked by a 
bronze Memorial Tablet in 1911 — its cost being defrayed by small con- 
tributions from his descendants, from all over the United States and Can- 

When he failed to return to the fort the searching party probably buried 
his mutilated body where it was found and later the old headstone was 
placed there, which is now in Historical Hall, it having been taken away 
from the grave in after years and placed on a stone wall near by. This 
old stone reads: — 

"Edward Bobbett 
Kid June, 1675." 


The place of his burial is well remembered by old residents of Berkley 
and can be located within a few feet. 

Bodge's "King Phillip's War" gives the date of Bobet's death as May, 
1676. This is obviously an error as shown by the date on the old stone 
and by the date of the following record : — 

"At the Court of his Ma'tie held att Plymouth for the Juris- 
diction of New Plymouth, the sixt day of March, 1676. 


Sarah, the relict of Edward Bobbett, is granted letters of 
adminnestration on the estate of her husband, deceased; 
and in order to the settlement of the estate, this Court doth 
order, that the eldest son shall have a doubble portion of the 
whole estate, and to take it in lands unimproved; and the ad- 
minnestratrix is to have during her life the land that is im- 
proved, with a thirds of the meddow, as in full of her thirds 
of the proffitts of the lands, and as a healp to the bringing 
up of the children, and a third of the goods and chatties to 
her owne dispense, the rest of the estate to be equally divided 
amongst the rest of the children," 
It will be noticed by this Inventory that Edward Bobet owned several 
town rights of Taunton, comprising several hundred acres, which 
were afterward set off to his sons. 

In 1684, at the widow Sarah's request, Edward Bobet, Jr., was ap- 
pointed to administer his father's estate and made guardian of the minor 

An Inventory of the estate of Edward Bobet Senr. slaine 
by the Indians exhibited to the Court held att Plymouth 
the sixt of March 1676 on the oath of Sarah Bobbitt widdow. 

Imps the house and land broken up and £. s. d. 

imbroken which lyeth together and meddow 

adjoyning to it being 140 acrees lying att 

Mr. Streets farme soe called 150-00-00 

2 About 4 acrees of salt meddow lying att As- 

place called by the name of Assonett 10-00- 

3 A peece of upland being 29 acres lying att a 

place called Joshua Creekes brook 07-00 -0 



4 eight acrees of land lying on the east syde £. s. d, 
of the Great River neare the Great bridge 04-00 -0 

5 Alsoe 22 acrees of land lying by the three 
Mile River lying att Rumford and called the 

20 acree devision 05-00 -0 

6 A Right in the North devision 10- 0- 00 
Item alsoe a right in the late purchased land 

below the 3 mile River 10-00-00 

7 Town Rights 10-00- 

8 Two oxen 6 cowes 5 steers, 1 bull two heif- 

fers 5 yeerlings 1 calfe 2 horses 13 swine 56-10 -0 

Item beeflf and come spent by the armie and 

horses killed in the army 06-01-00 

Item Cart wheeles and plow and plow irons, 

chaines and hoese & yoakes beetle rings 

and weddges with other old iron 05-11-00 

Item axes horse takleing armes and Amunition 02-03-06 

Item bed and beding 05-10- 

Item wearing clothes that was left of his 03-04-00 

Item hemp bagges and basketts bridles and 

saddles & Skins 06-07 -0 

Item woolen cloth and linine cloth mony and xchge 06-09- 
Item spining wheels chests tubbs pailes bar- 

rells bottles and other wooden lumber 03-02-06 

Item bedsteeds and cradles lether and other 

smale things 02-03-06 

Item 1 pillian 00-08-00 

Item bed and furniture 02-00- 

This estate of Edward Bobbitt above mensioned an In- 
habitant of Taunton in the Jurisdiccion of New Plymouth 
was apprised by us this sixt of March 1676. 


Plymouth Colony Records, Vol. 3 of Wills, Page 56. 



Edward Bobet. Married Sept. 7, 1654, Sarah Tame, daughter of Miles 
Tame, a leather dresser of Boston, Mass. Died June 25, 1675. 
Children : — 
■^ 2 Edward, July 15, 1655. 

3 Sarah, March 20, 1658. 

4 Hannah, March 9, 1660. 

5 Damaris, Sept. 15, 1663. 
\6 Elkanah, Dec. 15, 1665. 

Dorcas, Jan. 20, 1667. Died April 9, 1674. 

7 Esther, April 15, 1669. 

8 Ruth, Aug. 7, 1671. 

9 Deliverance, Dec. 15, 1673. 

^ Edward Bobet (Edward). Bom July 15, 1655. 

Edward Bobet is styled in his will and in many deeds as of'Dighton." 
The same is true of many of his sons and all the early settlers of what 
is now Berkley. In this connection it must be remembered that Dighton 
was set off from Taimton in 1712 and Berkley was set oflf from both 
Dighton and Taimton in 1735. 

Died , 1732. Married Feb. 1, 1683, Abagail Tisdale, daughter 

of John and Sarah (Walker) Tisdale. (This John Tisdale was killed by 
Indians the day after Edward Bobet was slain.) Married (2nd) Dec. 
22, 1698, Elizabeth Thayer, daughter of Nathaniel and Abigail (Harvey) 

Children : — 

Edward, b. Feb 14, 1684— (Probably died young). 
10 Erasmus, 1685. 

\11 Sarah. 
12 Seth, 1692./ 

13 Nathan, Dec. 10, 1695^ ^ /f 

14 Abagail, July 29, 1700. \'^ 

15 Waitstill, Nov. 16, 1701. 

16 Ruth, Aug. 24, 1703. 

17 Benajah, July 19, 1705. 

18 Hannah, June 27, 1707. 

19 Edward, July 13, 1709. 

20 Nathaniel, July 22, 1712. 

21 George, Oct. 19, 1715. 






Edward Bobet received a double share of his father's estate and re- 
tained possession of the homestead farm where he spent his days. 

He was a member of the "train band" of Taunton and tradition re- 
lates that on one training day there appeared among the spectators one 
of the Indians who had killed Edward Bobet. This Indian who was 
perhaps intoxicated, boasted of this fact to Edward Bobet, Jr., who at 
a later date avenged his father's death. The Proprietors' records contain 
numerous entries concerning parcels of land which Edward added to his 
estate, and at the time of his death he owned many acres in both Taunton 
and the North Purchase. His land in the North Purchase was located 
in the present town of Norton. Before his death he divided a portion of 
his lands among his sons. His will is herewith given. The autographs 
of Edward and his wife Elizabeth are reproduced from signatures found 
on his vnll and among the probate records. The place of burial of 
Edward Bobet and his wives is not known. 

Bristol Co. Probate Records, Book 7, page 519. 

"in the name of God amen The Fifth Day of February in 
the Firft year of the Reign of our Soveraign Lord King 
George the Second over Great Brittain and in the year of 
our Lord god one thoufand seven hundred and twenty seven". 

I Edward Bobet of Dighton in the County of Briftoll and Province of the 
Mafsachufets Bay in new England yeoman: Being weak 
of Body But of soimd and perfect memory. (Praife be 
given to god for the same) and knowing the uncertainty of 
This life on Earth and Being Defireous To settle Things in 
order Do make this my Laft will and Teftament in manner 
and Form Following: That is to say Firft and Principally 
I Recommend my souU to allmighty god my Creator hoping 
That I shall receive Pardon and full Remiffion of all my 
sins; and be saved By the precious Death and merits of my 
Blessed Savior and redeemer Chrift Jefus; and my Body to 
the Earth from whence it was taken: To Be Buried in such 
Decent and Chriftian manner as to my Executors hereafter 
to Be named shall Be Thought meet and Convenient: and as 


Touching such worldly Eftate as the Lord in mercy hath 
Lent me my will and meaning is The same shall be imployed 
and Beftowed as hereafter By this my will is Executed; and 
Firft I Do Revoke fruftrate and make void all wills By me 
formerly made, and Declare and appoint This to Be my Laft 
will and Testament. 

item: I Give and Bequeath unto my Beloved wife Elifabeth The 
ufe and improvement of That part of my homestead which 
By Deed Bearing even Date with Thefe Prefents I have given 
to my son Benaiah after The Deceafe of myfelf and wife 

item: I give and Bequeath to my Loveing wife The one half of 
my goods moveables and Perfonall Eftate after the Payment 
of my Debts: To her and To her Difpofe, in Leiu and full 
of her Dower. 

Item: I haveing given to my son Erafmus his full portion By 
Deed I Do hereby give him five shillings and confirm what 
I have given him By Deed 

item: I haveing given my son Seth his full Portion By Deed I 
Do alfo give him five shillings and confirm what I have given 
him By Deed 

item: I haveing given my son Nathan his full Share and portion 
By Deed I allfo give him five shillings and confirm what I 
have given him By Deed 

item: I give imto my son Benaiah and to his heirs and affign 
my four score acres of Land in nor ton Being all the Land I 
have in norton which I have not allready Difpofed of: 

Hem: I give and confirm to my son Benaiah and his afifigns after 
the Death of my wife That part of my homeftead which I 
have given him By Deed Bearing Even Date with Thefe 
Prefents — ^he Paying to my Daughters all and Every the 
Legacys hereafter in This my will given and mentioned 


item: I give unto my son Benaiah The one half of my goods 
movables and Perfonall Eftate after the payment of my 

item : I haveing given To my son Edward part of my homestead 
By Deed: I Do By Thefe Prefents give and confirm the 
same to him. 

item: I give and Bequeath to my son Edward and to his heirs 
and affigns all That my half Purchafe Right To future Divif- 
sions in the Town of Taunton 

item: I Haveing given my son nathaniell his Portion By Deed 
I give him five Shillings and hereby confirm to him what I 
have given him By Deed 

item: I haveing given my son George his Portion By Deed 
I allfo give him five shillings and hereby confirm unto him 
what I have given him By Deed. 

item: I give and Bequeath To my Daughter Sarah That the 
four acres of Land which Lyes adjoyning to her hufband 
William Thayers land. 

item: I allfo give my Daughter Sarah Fifteen Pounds To Be 
Paid in money or houfhold goods or cattle according as they 
Shall Be inventoryed; at the Election of my son 

item: I give To my Daughter Abigaile Burt more Than what 
she hath allready had the sum of twenty Pounds; to Be paid 
in money or houfhold goods or cattle as aforefd 

item: I give unto my Daughter Waitftill thirty Pounds to Be 
Paid in money or houfhold goods or cattle as aforefd 

item: I give unto my Daughter Ruth thirty pounds to Be Paid 
in money or houfhold goods or cattle as aforefd 

item: I give imto my Daughter Hannah Thirty Pounds to Be 
Paid in money or houfhold goods or cattle as aforefd 


item: I conftitute and appoint my Loveing wife Elizabeth and 
my son Benaiah to Be joynt Executors of This my Laft will 
and Teftament; and in cafe Either of my said Executors 
happen to Dye Before the Proveing of this my will; That 
then the suvivour To Be sole Executor of This my will — 
in witnefs whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed 

my seall the Day and year firft above written signed 

sealled publifhed and Declared 
By said Edward Babit to Be 
his Laft will and Teftament 

in Prefents of us 

Edwd Shove. (Signed) Edward Bobet. 

Ifaac hathway 
Abrahaham Waldron" 


Sarah Bobet (Edward.) Born March 20, 1658. Married (1) March 
25, 1680, Samuel Pitts, son of Peter and Mary (Andrews) Hodges Pitts. 
Bom 1655, died about 1696. 
Children : — 

Sarah, March 10, 1681. Married Ebenezer Paul. 
Mary, March 10, 1683. Married Benj. Willis. 
Samuel, March 12, 1685. Married Rebecca Williams. 
Henry, July 13, 1687. Died before May 5, 1758. 
Abagail, Feb. 3, 1689. Married George Sandford. 
Peter, Aug. 8, 1692. Died before May 5, 1758. 
Ebenezer, Nov. 27, 1694. Married Sarah Hanover and died 
November, 1777. 
She married (2) May 19, 1701, Samuel Blake and outlived him. In 
1715 she released her right of dower in his estate. 

Hannah Bobet (Edward). Bom March 9, 1660. Married John 
Macomber "The Cooper" son of William and Priscilla Macomber of 
Marshfield, Mass. He died after 1716. 




William, , 1684. 

Abiell, Married Hannah Haskins, daughter of Wm. 

Sarah, Married Wm. Richmond. 

Damaris, Married Josiah Cone (or Cane) Dec. 19, 1712. 






Damaris Bobet (Edward). Born Sept. 15, 1663. Died (Before 1721-2,) 
March 14, 1721, her sister Deliverance brought suit for 1-7 of the in- 
terest of Damaris Smith in the estate of their father, Edward Bobet. 
Married John Smith, son of Francis Smith. He married first Damaris 
Tisdale and both women are buried in the old "Neck o' Land" burying 
ground in Taunton — their stones being with one exception the oldest in 

yl ^ 

Elkanah Bobet (Edward). Born Dec. 15, 1665. Resided in Berkley. 
His lands were partly in Dighton as the town boundaries were then 
located. Died about 1735. Married June 25, 1689, Elizabeth Briggs, 
born 1672. Daughter of William and Sarah (Macomber) Briggs. 

Children: — (Bom in Berkley, Mass.) 
jC 21 Elkanah, April 22, 1690. 

22 Damaris, June 18, 1691. 

Dorcas, Aug. 12, 1693. Married Ebenezer Harvey and had 
no children. 

23 Hopestm, Sept. 11, 1695. 

24 Elizabeth, b. March 6, 1698. 
Mercy, Dec. 30, 1699. Died young. 

25 Josiah. 

26 Benjamin. 

27 Joseph. 

28 Sarah. 

Feb. 14, 1711-1712, Elkanah Babbitt, Senior of Taunton, Husband- 
man, in consideration of parental love and affection for well-beloved son 


Elkanah Babbitt, husbandman, give said Elkanah, land lying on east 
side of dwelling house between that and the Island Road, so-called, about 
100 acres. Adjoining Isaac Hathaway, Samuel Richmond and John 

Feb. 17, 1728-1729. Elkanah Babbitt of Taunton, yeoman. In con- 
sideration of love and natural affection which I bear my son, Josiah Bab- 
bitt of said Taimton, yeoman, deed him 1-3 part on the northeast comer 
of my homestead or farm. 

Feb. 17, 1728-1729. Elkanah Babbitt of Taunton, yeoman, in con- 
sideration of love and natural affection I bear my son Benjamin Babbitt 
of Tavmton, yeoman, deed him 1-3 part' on the westerly side of my home- 
stead or farm lying partly in Taunton and partly in Dighton, on each 
side of township line, about 47^ acres, (deed mentions the place where 
Elkanah Babbitt house formerly stood which was burnt.) 


Bristol Co. Probate Records, Book 8, Page 316. 

"In ye name of God Amen, I Elkanah Babbit of Berkley 
in ye County of Briftol in ye province of ye Mafsachufets 
Bay in new England: Being of sound memory and difpofing 
mind through Divine Goodness: Do make this to be my 
Last will and teftament my foul I Commit to God in Christ 
my mercyfull faviour; my body to ye Earth by Deacent 
burial; the worldly Eftate that God hath Given me I difpofe 
of as followeth Imprimis To my fon Elkanah Babbit I have 
all Rady Given by Deed of Gift that part of my homeftead 
that Lately Belonged to ye township of Dighton whare my 
sd fon have allrady built an houfe whare he now dwels Ref- 
erence to f d deed being had more fully may appear and I Doe 
By thefe Presents Ratefy and Confirm fd Gift unto my fd 
fon his heirs and affigns for ever; fecondly to my other three 
fons namely Jofiah Babbit Benjamin Babbit Jofeph Bab- 
bit; I have all Rady Given by Deeds of Gift my homeftead 
to be equally Divided between them my three younger fons 
Containing to Each of them about fourty five acres apeace 
more of Les to my fd fon Jofiah ye north eaft part of my 
homeftead to my fd fon Benjamin one third part being 


ye northweft part of my homeftead and I Do hearby Confirm 
f d Gift to them and their heirs and affigns for ever and to my 
younger fon Jofeph Babbit one third part of my homeftead 
being ye fouth Eaft fide thare of whare my Dwelling houfe 
now ftands to him my fd fon Jofeph I have Given him his 
third part by a Deed intailed and I Doe hear by Ratefie and 
Confirm fd Deed of Gift with that intail; viz: to my fd fon 
Jofeph Dureing his natural Life and after him to ye heirs 
begotten by ye body of my fd fon Jofeph; I Give to my three 
fons Laft mentioned to wit jofiah Benjamin and Jofeph my 
whole Right or fhear in ye bare fwamp and to their heirs 
and affigns for Ever to be Equally Divided between them; 
and I allfo Give unto my fd fon Jofeph one Cow and one 
heafer and my mare and Cart and wheels and one bed and 
beding and one Iron pot; which fd moveables above men- 
tioned are not to come into ye hands of my fd fon Jofeph 
untill after ye Deceaf of my wife; and I Doe hear by thefe 
preafants Conftitute and appoint James Phillips and Ger- 
fhom Crane Both of fd Berkley as over fears of my fd fon 
Jofeph in all Confearns Rael and personal and that my fd 
fon Jofeph shall not Difpofe of any thing to him conveyed 
with out ye advife and Cofent of fd over feers; and to my 
beloved wife Elizabeth I Give ye Improvement of all my 
moveables Dureing her natural Life and to her Difpofe all 
Excepting what my Executors hearafter mentioned fhal 
have accation o fye Difpofal of to pay Legaces Given to my 
Daughters hear after mentioned and for ye payment of my 
Juft Debts and funeral Charges that I Referve out of my 
moveables for my Executors to Improve and Dispofe of as 
aforefd I Give unto my five Daughters namely Damaris 
Hathway wife of Ifaac Hathway Dorcus Harvey wife of 
Ebenezer Harvey hopestill Phillips wife of James Phillips 
Elizabeth HoUoway wife of malachy HoUoway farah Briggs 
wife of David Briggs Junr to Each of them I have Given and 
they have all Rady Reed formerly Each of them a bed and 
Beding and fome other things and It is to be Remembered 
that my Daughter Dorcus Reed a bed and beding and fum 


Other things of me before her marriage: I allfo Give to my 
five Daughters afore mentioned Demaris Dorcus hopestill 
Elizabeth farah — fourty fhillings apeace to be paid by my 
Executors hearafter — mentioned unto Each of my Daughters 
afore mentioned which fd fum of fourty fhillings is to paid 
unto my Daughters after ye Deceaf of my vdfe further my 
will is If any of my moveable Eftate Remains unfpent or 
not Difpofed of by my wife as afore fd Excepting what 
my Executors fhall Improve for ye payment of my Juft 
Debts and Legaces afore fd; fhall after ye Deceaf of my wife 
be Equally Divided between my fd five Daughters: I allfo 
Give unto my beloved wife ye im provement of my Dwelling 

houfe Dureing my widdow It if to be underftood that 

my fd wifes maintenance Dureing her natural Life or Dure- 
ing my widdow is to be provided for out of ye ufe and Im- 
provement of my homeftead ye whole of It: Laftly I ap- 
point my two Eldeft fons namely Elkanah and Jofiah to be 
Joynt Executors of this my Laft will and teftament Intef- 
tamony hear of I ye fd Elkanah Babbit have hear unto fet 
my hand and feal this twenty fecond day of December in 
ye ninth year of ye Reign of our foverigne Lord King George 
ye fecond over Grate Brittain &c annoqud in one thoufand 
feven hundred and thirty five 1735. 
figned fealed and Declared 
to be his Laft will and teftament 

In preafants of us 

Abial atwood (Signed) Elkanah Bobbitt. 

Israel Briggs 
John Crane." 

Esther Bobet (Edward). Born April 15, 1669. Died Nov. 15, 1751. 
Married Aug. 23, 1693, Edward Paul, son of William and Mary (Rich- 
mond) Paul. He was bom Feb. 7, 1664 and died July 15, 1740. 

Mary Richmond, daughter of John and Abigail (Rogers) 3, John 2, 
Thos. 1 of the "Mayflower." 
Children :— 

Edward, 1693-4, married Sarah Sanford of Newport, 



Damaris, 1695, married Seth Hathaway of Freetown, 


Marcy, 1696, died Aug. 1725. 

AbigaO, 1696, died Aug. 1725. 

Mary, 1699. 

Esther, 1701, m.(lst) John Dillingham. 

(2d) David Walker. 

(3rd) (Perhaps) Phillips. 

John, b. 

8 1142496 

Ruth Bobet (Edward). Bom August 7, 1671. Died 

Married Samuel Caswell, son of Thomas and Mary (Sanderson) 
Caswell. Mary Sanderson was the daughter of John Sanderson, a 
silversmith of Boston. 


Deliverance Bobet (Edward). Bom Dec. 15, 1673. 
In 1721 Deliverance and Nathaniel HoUoway recovered judgment 
for 1-9 of the homestead of their father, Edward Bobet. They also 
claimed 1-9 of sister Damaris Smith's interest and received 150 acres in 

Was living March 13, 1734-5, but evidendy died before Jan. 1746-7. 
Married — ^Nathaniel Holloway, son of Samuel and Jane (Brayman) 
Holloway. He died before 1729. (On Dec. 31, 1728, he was called 
''late of Taunton.") 

Nathaniel Resided Middleboro. Married Abiah (Crane) 

Babbitt, widow Benj. Babbitt, No. 26. 

Margaret Married Benj. Terry of Freetown, Mass. 

Sarah Married John Roundsville of Tiverton. 

Deliverance Married ( ) Pierce. 




Erasmus Babbitt (Edward-Edward). Born August 11-12, 1685. 
In 1717 was "of Dighton." 
In 1719 in Easton. 
In 1721 in Norton. 
Settled near his brother, Seth, in S. W. part of Easton and in 1718 was 
a joyner by trade. The cellar of his old home can be seen in a sterile 
field north of the old Goward house. 
Died August 11-12, 1730. 

Married April 25, 1717, Abigail Burt, daughter of Thomas Burt. 
(See note below.) 
Children : — 

Thomas, April 19, 1718, died Jan. 25, 1731-2 (Bom at 

29 William, April 20, 1720. 

Abiel, Oct. 11, 1722, died April 2, 1723. 

30 Abigail, Jan. 25, 1725. 

31 Seth, April 20, 1730. 

In view of the fact that Erasmus Babbitt did not marry Abigail Burt 
until 1717 when he had reached the age of 32 — ^it is considered very prob- 
able that he had a first wife. From certain deeds and transactions some 
color is given the supposition that his first wife was a Barney. Erasmus 
Babbitt might possibly have been father of Jacob No. 60, but after long 
deliberation the weight of evidence seemed to place him as son of 
Elkajiah, No. 21. 


Sarah Babbitt (Edward-Edward). Bom . Died Aug. 26, 1768. 

Married May 29, 1710, William Thayer at Taunton, Mass. Died Jan. 
17, 1762. 
Children : — 

Mary, Sept. 13, 1717; married Joseph Babbitt No. 27. 








Seth Babbitt (Edward-Edward). Bom , 1692. Settled in 

Easton, Mass., about 1715, and made his home in the extreme South 
West part of the town. His home was very near the old Francis 
Goward place — probably on the site of the house now there. Died 

Sept. 15, 1751. Married (1st) Sarah Grossman, daughter of John 

andjohannah (Thayer) Grossman, born Aug. 27, 1692 and died April 11, 
1725; (2nd) January 27, 1726, Sarah Gooper, daughter of Timothy 
and Elizabeth (Whitman) Gooper. She died Sept. 11, 1766. 

Ghildren : — 

^ 32 Elizabeth, Feb. 29, 1714; married Isaac Babbitt No, 61. 
/ 33 Abiathar, Oct. 13, 1716. 

34 Sarah 

Johannah married Sept. 16, 1748, Benj. Macor. 

35 Simeon, Oct. 1721. 

36 Tabatha, Oct. 29, 1728. 

37 Nathaniel, Sept. 13, 1729. 
Lydia, AprU 15, 1733. 

38 Erasmus, March 5, 1732. 

Thomas, April 8, 1735, ''Gentinel" Gapt. Perry's Go., Gol. 
Winslow's Regt., 1754. 


Bristol Go. Probate Records, Book 12, Page 635. 

"In ye name of God Amen ye 31ft Day of Auguft A. D, 
1751 I Seth Babbit of Eafton yeoman Being verey fick & 
weake in Bodey but of perfect mind & memory Thanks be 
given unto God therefor coling unto mind ye mortalety of 
my Bodey & knowing that it is appointed unto all men once 
to dye do make and ordain this my Laft will & teftement 
that is to fay principely & firft of all I give & Recommend 
my foule into ye hands of God that gave it & my Bodey I 
Recommend to ye earth to Buried in decent Ghriftian Burial 
at ye difcretion of my executors nothing doubting but at ye 
General Refurrection I fhall Receive ye fame again by ye 
mighty power of God and as touching fuch worldly eftate 
where with it hath pleafed God to Bless me in this Life I give 
and Demife and difpofe of ye fame in ye foUewing manner 


& for me Imprimis— I give and Bequeth unto farah Bab- 
bitt my derly beloved wife ye eaft end of my now Dwelling 
hous with ye feller under it an ye Chamber and garit ovej it 
for her to Improve for her Comfort during her Life & Alfo 
aU my houfhold goods or Perfonal Eftate I Give to my fd 
wife to be at Her owne dispofal for ever and alfo ye Improve- 
ment of my gardin fo Long as fhe Remains my widdow & 
Bares my name 

item: I give to my well beloved fon Abiather Babbet and his 
heirs and afifigns for ever togather with what Land I have 
Given him a deeds of Gift of here to fore is ye improvement 
of half of one third part of my orchard for ye fhare of ten 
yeare after my decef e and then to Returne to my two youngef t 
fons namely Erafmus & thomas. 

item: I Give to my well beloved fon fimeon Babbit & hif heirs 
& affigns for ever togather with what I have given him here 
to fore a Lot of meddow Land Lying on ye southerly fide of 
ye high way that goeth from my hous to fd fimeons hous 
Begining at fd fimeons Land and Runing by ye highway to 
my gardin then turning fouth Thirteen dege East untel it 
Corns to fd fimeons Land again and also ye improvement 
of one half of one third part of my orchard for ye fpace of 
ten years after my deces and then to Returne to my two 
youngest fons namely Erasmus & Thomas 

item: I give to my well beloved fon Nathaniel Babbit & his heirs 
& afiEigns for ever togather with what I have give him a 
Deeds of Gift of heretofore is a Lot of medow Land Lying on 
the northeafterly fide of ye Brook & Down ftreeme from 
the Bridge which Crofes fd Brooks from my Barne to ye 
River it being all ye Cleared meddow at that place with Lib- 
etty to pafe and Repafe to and from faid meddow fo much 
as fhall be Convenient. 

item: I give to my two well beloved youngef t fons namely Eraf- 
mus Babbit & Thomas Babbit & their heirs and affigns for 
ever all my Lands & my purchis Rights & Buildings I have 


not given away in this my fd Laft will herefofore to be equaly 
devided betweene them and alfo all my out adore perfonal 
& movable eftate to be equally devided Betweene them after 
my Juft Debts & funarel Charges are paid and I alfo order 
my two fons Erafmus & Thomas Babbit to provide an hon- 
ourable fuport for my wife fo long as fhe Remains my wid- 
dow & Bares my name. 

and it is my will that my fd two youngeft fons namely 
Erafmus Babbit & Thomas Babbit do pay to my daughter 
Elizabeth Babbit the fum of fix pounds & Thirteen fhihngs 
& four pence to be paid unto her her heirs or affigns in two 
years after they my fd two fons fhall come at ye age of one 
and twenty years 

And it is alfo my will that my fd two youngeft fons namely 
Erafmas & Thomas Babbit do pay to my daughter farah 
Blancher ye fum of fix pounds & Thirteen fhilings & four 
pence to be paid unto her her heirs & affigns in two years 
after they my fd two fons fhall com at ye age of one and 
twenty yeares 

and it is alfo my will that my fd two youngest fons namely 
Erasmus & Thomas Babbit do pay to my daughter Johannah 
maker ye fum of fix pounds & Thirteen fhilings and fouer 
pence to be paid unto her heirs to theire ufe for ever to be 
paid in two years after my fd two youngeft fons fhall Com 
at ye age of one & Twenty years 

and alfo it is my will that my fd two youngeft fons namely 
Erafmus Babbit & Thomas Babbit do pay to my daughter 
Tabothey Babbit ye fum of fix pounds Thirteen fhillings 
& fouer pence to be paid unto her her heirs & affigns in two 
years after They my fd two fons fhall Com at ye age of one 
& twenty years 

And I Do Conftitute make and ordaine my derly beloved 
wife farah Babbit and my beloved fon Erafmus Babbit to 
be Executors to this my Laft will and teftement and I here 
by utterly difalow Revoake & difanol all all and every other 
former teftement will & Bequest & executors by me in every 
ways named willes & Bequefted Ratefying Confirmeng this 


and no other to be my Laft will & teftement in witnes where- 
of I hereunto fet my hand and feale ye d and yeare above 


Nathanel Perry (Signed) Seth Babbit. 

William Babbit 
Benjamin Cobb." 


Bristol Co. Probate Records, Book 19, page 434. 

"In the name of God amen I Sarah Babbit of Easton in the 
County of Briftol widdow being in the fixty ninth year of my 
age and being weak of Body but of a Sound difpofing mind 
and memory Bleffed be God for it I calling to mind the mor- 
tality of my Body and knowing that it is appointed for all 
men once to Die do make this my Laft Will and Teftament, 

Firft I Give and Recomend my foul into the hands of God 
that gave it and my Body I recomend to the earth to be Buried 
at the Defcretion of my Executor hereafter named in hopes 
of a JoyfuU Refurrection — and as to the outward or worldly 
estate which God in his goodnefs hath Bleffed me with I Give 

Bequeith and Difpofe thare of as foUoweth 

Firft I Give and Bequeith to my eldeft fon Nathaniel Bab- 
bit all that he have already received of me and alfo five Shil- 
lings to be paid to him by Simeon Babbit and my Daughter 
Tabitha Briggs the wife of Jabez Briggs within three months- 
after my Decefe as by this my will I shall order. 

Secondly I Give and Bequeith to my fon Erafmus Babbit 
all that he have already received of me and alfo five Shillings 
more to be paid to him by Simeon Babbit and my Daughtor 
Tabitha Briggs wife of Jabez Briggs within three — munths 
after my Decefe as by this my will I shall order. 

Thirdly I Give and Bequeith to my Daughtor Tabitha 
Briggs the wife of Jabez Briggs all the Houfehold goods that 
I own that is at the Dwelling Houfe of the fd Jabez Briggs 
and a futh wheal that now is at Abram Robinfons and I do 
hereby order my sd Daughter Tabitha to pay two fons the sd 
Nathaniel Babbit and the sd Erafmus Babbit two Shillings 






and fix pence to each of them within three-munths after my 
Decefe to be paid at the Houfe whare I now Dwell. 

Forthly I Give and Bequeith to Simeon Babbit Son of 
my late Hufband Seth Babbit Deed the Bed that I have at 
the Dwelling Houfe whare I now live and all the Beding that 
do belong to it — it being the Bed that I ufualy Lye on I alfo 
give him my cheme gown and a grate chare and a chift with 
one draw to it and I do hereby order him to pay to each of 
my fons the sd Nathaniel Babbitt and Erafmus Babbit two 
f hillings and fix pence Lawfull mony to each of them within 
three munths after my Decefe to be paid at the Houfe whare 
I now Dwell — and all the Eftate that I have which is not 
above mentioned of what name or nature so ever I Give to 
the fd Jabez Briggs and Tabitha Briggs and I do hereby 
order them to pay all my Juft Debts and Funeral chargefes — 
and I do hereby appoint the fd Jabez Briggs to be Sole Ex- 
ecutors to this my Laft Will and Teftament ordering and 
Impowering him to afk for Demand Recover and Receive 
all that is any wais Due or owing to me from any perfon or 
perfons whomfoever and to pay all my Juft Debts and 
Funeral Chargefes — and I do hereby Revoak and Disalow 
of all and any other Wills heretofore by me made Rattefying 
confirming and Declaring this and none but this to be my 
Laft Will and Teftement in witnefs whare of I have here 

imto fet my hand and feal this 

tenth day of Novembor in tbe Fifth year of his Majeftys 

Reign annoque Domini 1764 

Signed fealed publifhed and Declared by Sarah Babbit to be 

her Laft Will and Teftament in prefants of us 

Edward SouUard 

Elizabeth Babbit (Signed) Sarah Babbit. 

Ephm Leonard" 


Nathan Babbitt (Edward-Edward). Bom Dec. 16, 1695, at Berk- 
ley, Mass. 

In 1729 Nathan and Mary Babbitt sold John Pearce, "home and land 
where we now dwell in Taunton, being partly in Dighton and partly in 


Taunton on both sides of the road." The same year he bought a farm 
in Norton of Thomas Harvey, it being the land on the west side of the 
road extending from the present Babbitt Cemetery northward. The 
Babbitt house standing now on this tract was built beyond doubt at the 
time. The wing of the present house being perhaps of the first construc- 
tion and the main part built a few years later. In 1745 he bought the 
land on the east side of the road as far east as the next highway at least. 
This included the mill right on Canoe River where a dam had been built 
at an early date, and where a grist mill was erected. Nathaniel Newcomb, 
of Norton had his wadding mill on this same water privilege a hundred 
years later. 

Died Feb. 25, 1759 in Norton Mass. 

Married Mary Snallum, daughter of Wm. and Sarah Snallum. Born 
1703. Died Dec. 16, 1783. 

The name Snallum seems extinct in America but has been perpetu- 
ated in the Babbitt family in the Christian name of Snellem. 


Sarah, Aug. 11, 1724. Died Aug. 8, 1745. 

Abagail, Aug. 11, 1724. Married Abiathar Babbitt, No. 33. 

39 Elizabeth, Sept. 1, 1726. 

40 Nathan, Oct. 8, 1730. 

41 Mary, Oct. 16, 1732. 

42 Hannah, Oct. 11, 1735. 

43 Edward, March 1, 1740. 

44 Rachel, Sept. 14, 1745. 


Abagail Babbitt (Edward-Edward). Born July 29, 1700, at Dighton. 

Bristol Deeds, Book 17, Page 146. 

May 1, 1723. 

"Elkanah Bobit of Dighton and wife Mary — deed Joseph Burt — ten 
acres in Dighton, on east side of great river and easterly of the road lead- 
ing from Taunton to Rond Island — bounded by lands of Edward Paul, 
Elkanah Bobit and said Joseph Burt." This deed is from Abagail Burt's 
brother, Elkanah Bobit, before her marriage to Joseph Burt. 

Died Dec. 25, 1774-5. 

Married Jan. 27, 1725, Joseph Burt. Died June 30, 1776, aged 81 

They are buried in Berkley Common Cemetery. 


Children : — 
45 Edward 

Joseph married Silence Briggs, Dec. 17, 1760. 

Elijah, bapt. May 10, 1741. 

Abagail, married John Briggs, March 10, 1747. 

Sible, Aug. 17, 1736. 
(Sible perhaps married Nichols. James Nichols, son "of daughter 
Sible," mentioned in will of Joseph Burt.) 


Waitstill Babbitt (Edward-Edward). Born Nov. 16, 1701, at Dighton. 
Died Nov. 1, 1757. Married Sept. 15, 1737, Elder Daniel Axtell, son 
of Daniel and Thankful (Pratt) Axtell. Died Sept. 21, 1761, at Berkley, 
aged 57 years. 

Elizabeth, May 7, 1738; died Jime 13, 1738. 

Daniel, Feb. 29, 1739. Did not marry. 

Thankful, Feb. 29, 1739; married Elisha Crane, 1774. 

Elizabeth, Dec. 17, 1742; married Isaac Tubbs, Jr., 1768. 


Ruth Babbitt (Edward-Edward). Born Aug. 24, 1703. Married 
Dec. 4, 1729, Abraham Waldron, son of Samuel and Hannah (Briggs) 

He died between May 16, 1747 and April 2, 1748. Widow Ruth yet 

Children: — One son only, 

Abraham, June 27, 1737; married his cousin, Sarah Waldron 
Oct. 1, 1757 — 11 children were born. She was daughter of 
Benjamin Waldron and Hannah Hackett. 
Children of Abraham Waldron, Jr. : — 
Sarah, March 10, 1758. 

Abraham, ; married Abagail Wilbur. 

Elijah, June 1766; married Faimy Burt. 

Robert, ; married Sally Barrows. 

Benjamin, Sept. 22, 1768. 


Ruth, ; died young. 

Hannah, ; married Abraham Hathaway. 

Guilford, ; unmarried. 

Gamaliel, ; married Sally Wilbur. 

David, ; unmarried. 

William, ; married Lois Gibbs. 


Benajah Babbitt (Edward-Edward). Bom July 19, 1705, at Berkley, 

Benajah Babbitt lived on the farm owned by his grandfather, Edward 
Bobet. Selectman of Berkley, 1735. 

Died Jan. 19, 1789. Buried in Fox Cemetery in Berkley. 

Married Jan. 1, 1729, Dorcas Jones, daughter of Thomas and Mary 
(Paul) Jones, born , 1705; died Nov. 11, 1778. 

Children : — 

46 Gideon, Oct. 31, 1730. 

47 John, Aug. 2, 1733. 
Lydia, June 14, 1738. 

Peter, Nov. 11, 1743. Died young. 

48 Abner, April 27, 1746. 

Peter, perhaps same Peter as above, baptized Nov. 11, 1750. 


Hannah Babbitt (Edward-Edward). Born Jvme 27, 1707. Married 
Dec. 7, 1732, at Dighton, John Hudson. 

In deed, date 1769 — John Hudson is called a "Shipwright." 
Children : — 

Phoebe, July 19, 1733; married Thomas Hathaway, 1755. ( See 

No. 19.) 
John, Oct. 19, 1735; married Marcy Corps (?) of Providence. 
Ruth, Nov. 15, 1737; married Benjamin Pool, 1757. 
Elizabeth, June 30, 1740; married Seth Trafton, Feb. 9, 1760. 
son of Joseph and Hannah (Simmons) Trafton, Children : Sally, 
Betsey, Lydia, Thos, Welthia, Sylvia. 
Molly, Jan. 9, 1742. 

Hannah, June 11, 1745; married Bela Jacobs, 1784. 
Sarah, Aug. 31, 1747. 



Edward Babbitt (Edward-Edward), Bom July 13, 1709, (Bristol 
Deeds, Books 30-164, Feb. 3, 1733-34.) Edward Babbitt (and Mehitable) 
of Dighton, blacksmith, deeds John Hudson one acre in "ye neck" — 
being part of ye farm that was my father "Edward Babbitt deceased 
and was given me by my father Edward Babbitt, late of Dighton, 
deceased — bounded on north by Benajah Babbitt and on west by 
Nathaniel Babbit — on southerly by ye great river." 

Married (1st) Mehitable (Name and Parentage unknown). (2d) 

Margaret (Maxfield) Hathaway, widow of Thomas Hathaway, whom 
she married in 1719, and who died 1753^. 

Her son Thomas married Phoebe Hudson, daughter of John and Han- 
nah (Bobet) Hudson. (No. 18). 

^- Her daughter Margaret married Edward Babbitt, son of Edward and 
Mehitabel Babbitt. (No. 50). 

Children :— -All by first wife. 

49 Hannah, June 26, 1732. 

50 Edward, Oct. 11, 1734. 

Marcy, Jan. 24, 1736; died Dec. 27, 1737. 

51 Abijah, May 16, 1740. 

Isaac, March 29, 1743; died Aug. 2, 1744. 
Seth, Aug. 30, 1747. 

52 Mehitabel, April 29, 1753. 
Damans, April 10, 1756. 


Nathaniel Babbitt (Edward-Edward). Bom July 22, 1712, at Berk- 
ley, Mass. Resided at Dighton and Dartmouth, Mass. Styled "Joyner." 
He owned lands in Freetown also. In 1770-1771, he and wife Jane — 
deed lands they own in Berkley and Taunton. One deed witnessed by 
Simeon and David Babbitt. These deeds are to John Babbitt of Berk- 
ley and Joel Hathaway. 

The old Briggs Diary says Nathaniel Babbitt died suddenly "on the 
road Dec. 6, 1787." 

Married Jane Long "of Dighton, Mass.," Dec. 30, 1736. Her name 
appears in the Registry of Deeds as late as May 9, 1778. 


Children : — 

53 Elizabeth, Jan. 19, 1737. 

54 Simeon, March 16, 1739. 

55 Elijah, Sept. 5, 1741. 

56 f David, Nov. 15, 1744. 

( Jonathan, Nov. 15, 1744. I / 

57 Mary, Sept. 12, 1748. \^ 
Ruth, Aug. 3, 1755. ^ ,j ■' 

21V ^'^ 
George Babbitt (Edward-Edward). Born Oct. 19, 1715, in Berkley, 
Mass. Styled "Joyner." 

In 1739 he and wife "Mary" deed "brother Nathaniel" 

Land at Rocky Point in Berkley. 
In 1741 he and wife "Mercy" deed Gershom Crane land in 

Berkley "(burying place excepted)". 
April 10, 1751 he was suspended from Berkley Church for 

June 5, 1751 he appeared in church and gave satisfactory 
reason for his absence and was re-instated. It is not 
known where he died. If buried side of his wife his 
grave is not marked. He lived perhaps for a time at 
So. Kingston, R. I. and had three sons noted below 
who are not positively identified. 
Married Jan. 15, 1735, Mrs. Mercy (Jones) Hathaway, widow of 
Mr. John Hathaway of Dighton, Mass., who had died Sept. 15, 1733. 

She was born , 1703, daughter of Benjamin and Hannah 

(Walker) Jones. She died May 15, 1786. Buried in Fox Burial Ground. 

Samuel, March 9, 1736. 

Silas, Feb. 16, 1738. He served in Capt. John Slapp's Co., in 
French War in 1755. Enlisted first in Connecticut and served 
near Albany. He later enlisted in a N. Y. Regiment. 
Ruth, July 26, 1743. 

Caleb, (perhaps) , 1745. Died Nov. 1826, So. Kingston, R. I. 

William (perhaps) . Died Dec. 5, 1825, South Kingston, 

R. I. 
Joseph, (perhaps) , 1759. Died Oct. 7, 1825, South Kings- 
ton, R. I. 


'^Elkanah Babbitt (Elkanah-Edward). Born April 22, 1690. Styled 
"Captain." He resided in Berkley on a farm set off to him by his father 
from his own lands. In some deeds called "of Dighton" into which town 
his land extended. 

Married (1st) Mary Hathaway, daughter of Isaac and Mary (Pitts) 

Hathaway. Born , 1691-2. Died Aug. 15, 1729, age 38. (2nd) 

April 2, 1730, Mehitable Crane, daughter of Stephen and Mary Crane, 
of Braintree, Mass. She was living in 1773, at New Ashford, Mass., 
with her son, Amariah, as shown by a deposition recorded in Morris- 
town, N. J. 

Children by first wife: — 

58 Mary, 

59 Elkanah, 

60 Jacob, . The birth date and parentage of Jacob Bab- 

bitt are not recorded. The only other family to which he 
could possibly belong is that of Erasmus Babbitt, No. 10, 
but the evidence is not strong in support of that claim. Ja- 
cob's descendants quickly used the name Elkanah, which 
would seem conclusive evidence that it was a family name of 
Jacob's ancestors. 

61 Isaac, Aug. 15, 1717. ^ j^ v<^^^ 

62 Hopestill, Jan. 7, 1720. 
Phoebe, June 6, 1722. Married July 11, 1745, Caleb Eddy 

of Halifax, Mass. They removed to New Jersey. 
Marcy, July 14, 1726. Died young. 

Deborah (perhaps) 1728. Married Robert Bostwick of Brook- 
lyn, Conn., as his second wife. She died May 5, 1794. 
Children by second wife: — 
Marcy, Dec. 31, 1730. 
Stephen, Dec. 1732. 

63 Zephaniah, Jan. 5, 1735. 

64 Samuel, Sept. 30, 1737. 

65 Amariah, May 16, 1743. 

Zerah, , baptized 1748. 


66 John, 1750. 

Elkanah Babbitt "Victualled" in Worcester County, 1758. 

Elkanah Babbitt "Centinel" Capt. Oulton's Co. at Richmond, Mass., 

Sept. 24, to Oct, 3, 1747; also at Richmond, April 1, to Sept. 23, 1747. 



Elkanah Babbitt was for years a leading figure in the town life of old 
Berkley. In public and military life he took full lead. When Berkley 
commenced its separate town government, the first town meeting took 
place in his house, May 12, 1735. His sons early removed to Western, 
Conn., and Berkshire County, Mass., and were at one time in various 
towns situated along almost exactly the western bounds of Connecticut 
and Massachusetts, ranging from New Milford, Conn., to New Ashford, 

In 1743 Elkanah Babbitt seems to have disposed of all his land hold- 
ings at Berkley and he appears thereafter for brief periods in some of the 
towns where his sons had settled. He perhaps accompanied his son Isaac 
to New Jersey; at any event he owned lands there and in April, 1754, was 
living at Mendham, N. J., at which date he and wife Mehitabel deeded 
lands in Mendham situated near Malachi Holloways. It is presumed 
that he finally returned to Berkley and died there after an adventurous 
and active life. 

Deed Extracts: 

Jvme 1, 1738. "Elkanah Babbitt of Berkley, Gent, deeds son Isaac 
Bobbet of Berkley, laborer, one-half of my homestead, being the south 
half thereof, bounded on east by land of Daniel Axtell." 

March 31, 1743. "Elkanah Babbit, Gent, and Isaac Bobbet, laborer, 
deeded Benj. Chase, boatman, 50 acres, it being the north half of said 
Bobbet's homestead farm." Signed by Elkanah, Isaac and Mehitabel 
Bobbet. This would seem to be the date upon which they removed to 
New Jersey. 


Damans Babbitt (Elkanah-Edward). Bom June 18, 1691. Resided 
in Berkley, Mass. 

By her marriage with Isaac Hathaway, son of Isaac and Mary (Pitts) 
Hathaway, she became the ancestress of a host of Babbitts and Hatha- 
ways who intermarried for generations. 

The will of Nathaniel Briggs, 1711, mentions "Cousin Damaris Bobit, 
eldest daughter of Elkanah Bobit." 


Mehitable, May 3, 1713; married Joshua Bassett, Jan. 31, 1764. 


Ann, July 13, 1714; married Capt. Seth Crane; she died 
Feb. 6, 1800. 
67 Abijah, July 17, 1716. 

Damaris, ; married Samuel Tubbs. 

Dorcas, ; married Edmund Harvey. 

Stephen, Feb. 19, 1730; married (1st,) Mary Babbitt, No. 41. 
(2nd,) Elizabeth Babbitt, No. 53. 
Hopestill Babbitt (Elkanah-Edward) . Born Sept. 11, 1695. Died 
— — after 1756. Married December 10, 1717, at Dighton, James 

Phillips. Born Sept. 15, 1686. Died July 25, 1756. 
Children: — 

*Ebenezer, , married Sibel Pierce, June 14, 1750. Had 

daughter Abagail who married her cousin Philip French, Jan. 
22, 1791, son of Elijah. (See below.) 

Their son David — married Nancy Makepeace — she was of 
Babbitt descent. See No. 99. 

Abagail, ; married ( ) Briggs. 

Hopestill, ; married ( ) Paul. 

Mary, . 


Elizabeth, July 27, 1738; married Elijah French of Berkley. 
July 5, 1764. 

James, ; died before 1756. Left widow Hannah. 

*Ebenezer Phillips served in Revolutionary War. 

Elizabeth Babbitt (Elkanah-Edward). Born March 6, 1698. Married 
Malachi HoUoway, as his second wife. She doubtless accompanied her 
brother Isaac to Mendham, N. J. A Malachi Holloway appears 
there before 1754. 

Children: — (Some of whom may be by first wife.) 
Son born and died, 1720. 
Seth, March 12, 1722. 
Jonathan, July 24, 1724. 
Elizabeth, May 4, 1727. 
Elkanah, July 1, 1729. 
Samuel, Dec. 15, 1732. 
Benjamin, June 21, 1735. 
David, May 31, 1737. 


Josiah Babbitt (Elkanah-Edward) . Born Berkley, Mass, 

In 1742 he and wife Abigail deed lands in Berkley. 

In 1750 he deeds his remaining lands to Christopher Paul — ^he being 
styled of "Phillips, Dutchess Co., N. Y." Further record of him is lost. 

Married June 4, 1725, Abigail Briggs, daughter of John and Abigail 
of Dighton. 

Children: — 

Dorcas, July 2, 1726. Died young. 

68 Josiah, Sept. 4, 1728. 

Christopher, Aug. 6, 1730. He lived probably for a time at 
Lanesboro, Mass., The old Briggs diary records a visit of 
Christopher Babbitt of Lanesboro to Berkley in 1788. Chris- 
topher, Jr., is buried af New Ashford, Mass. He died Oct. 
6, 1801, age 43. 

Mary, June 19, 1732. 

Elidah (or Lydia), April 7, 1734. Died Nov. 13, 1739. 

Rachel, June 4, 1736. 

Abigail, Sept. 28, 1737. 

Dorcas, Nov. 9, 1739 — died same day. 

69 Reuben, , 1740-41. 


Benjamin Babbitt (Elkanah-Edward). Born (About 1706). 

Appointed assessor at first town meeting in Berkley, May 12, 1735. 
Died between Dec. 1752, and March, 1753, Will dated Dec, 11, 1752, 
Married (1st) about 1726, Abigail (Maiden name unknown). Died 
Oct. 15, 1737. 

(2nd) Abiah Crane, Jan. 5, 1738, daughter of Gershom and Susan- 
nah (Whitmarsh) Crane. Bom Dec. 12, 1716. 

She married (2nd) May 25, 1754, Nathaniel Holloway, (Son of No. 9) 
of Middleboro, Mass., and went to that town to livie. Sept. 23, 1760, at 
Berkley were published the intentions of marriage of Abiel Atwood and 
widow Abiah Holloway. May 25, 1790, at Raynham, were published 
Edmond WilUams and Abiah Atwood. She survived him and died 
about 1812. 

Children: — 

70 Sarah, May 9, 1727. 

71 Jonathan, Feb. 5, 1729. 

Margaret, March 11, 1731; married 1757, Deacon Samuel 


Tubbs of Berkley, as his second wife. (See 111). He died 
Jan. 13, 1787. He married (1st) Damaris Hathaway. Wife 
Margaret died Oct. 3, 1774. 

72 Benjamin, Feb. 14, 1732. 

73 Abigail, June 25, 1735. 

74 Elkanah, Aug. 19, 1737. 

75 Abel, Sept. 3, 1740; also called Abiel. 

76 Bathsheba, Aug. 13, 1742. 

Deborah, April 25, 1747; married Caleb Tinkham of Mid- 
dleboro. May 27, 1764. 


Bristol Co. Probate Records, Book 13, page 320. 

In ye name of God Amen I Benjamin Babbit of Berkley in 
ye County of Briftol in ye province of ye maffachufetts Bay 

in New England: Being under Great Bodyly weekneff 

But of a found Difpofeing mind and memory Thorough 
Divine Goodnefs to me — I Do make this to be my Laft will 
and Teftament my foul I Commit to God in Chrift my f aviour 
my body to ye Earth, by Decent Burial at ye Difcretion of 
my Executor hear after named = ye worldly Eftate that 
God hath Sent me I Difpofe of as foUoweth 
Imprimis I Give unto my Eldeft fon Jonathan Babbitt and 
to his heirs & affigns for ever ye one third part of my home- 
ftead Land where I now Live: Being ye northerly part there 
of from ye Road that comes acros half way Plain to extend 
on ye Land of Benjan Paull and on ye town way that comes 
by ye meeting houfe untill It makes one third part thare of 
in Quantity Exclufive of any part of ye Buildings = I 
Likewife Give my fon Jonathan his heirs and affigns for 
Ever ye one moiety or half part of ye Land Called ye wood 
Lot which I bought of Robert Crofman (Excepting my wid- 
dows Endowment by this my will. 

Item: I Give unto my fon Benjamin Babbitt his heirs and affigns 
for Ever ye one third part of my homeftead Land with ye 
one half of ye buildings there on (allways Excepting that 
part of my buildings I Give my widow) I Likewife give my 
fon Benjamin ye one moiety or half part of my wood Lot 


which I bought of Robert Crofman to him his heirs and 
affigns for Ever (after he Comes to ye age of twenty one 
years) to Come into poffeffion of all (excepting my widows 
Endowment) by this my will = 

N. B. my fon Benjns third part of ye homeftead to by in ye 
. midle of it. 

Item: I Give unto my fon Abel Babbit his heirs and affigns for Ever 
one third part of my homeftead Land with ye one half of ye 
buildings there on (Excepting what I Give my widdow) ye 
Improvement of Dureing my vddow. I Likewife Give my 
fon abel his heirs and affigns for Ever all that peace of wood 
Land I Lately Bought of major Gilbert he to Take poffeftion 
of ye Land Given him when he Comes to ye age of twenty 
one years. N. B. my fd fon abel to have ye foutherly third 
part of my fd homeftead. 

Item: I Give unto my Daughter farah Pray wife of Ephraim Pray; 
in addition to what fhe has allrady Received ye fum of five 
Pounds Lawfull money to be paid in two years after my De- 
ceafe as I shall hear after order in this my will. 

Item: I Give unto my Daughter Margaret Babbit ye fum of Ten 
Pounds Lawfull money befides what houfe hold Goods fhe 
has allrady Gotten fd payment to be made as hear after I 
fhall Determine in this my will. 

Item: I Give unto my Daughter abigail Babbitt ye fum of Ten 
Pounds Lawfull money to be paid her at her marriage or at 
ye age of Twenty one years: and as I fhall Determine hear 
after in this my will N. B. my fd Daughter abigail to have 
befides this Legacy all her houfehold Goods fhe has now 
gotten by her. 

Item: I Give unto my Daughter Bathfheba Babbit Ten Pounds 
Lawfull money to be paid her at ye age of twenty years or 
at her marriage if before that age: as I fhall hear after De- 
termine In this my will. 


Item: I Give unto my Daughter Deborah Babbit Ten Pounds Law- 
full money to Be paid her at ye age of Twenty years or at her 
marriage if before that age as I shall hear after Determine 
in this my will. 

Item: I Give unto my Loveing wife abiah Babbit ye ufe & Im- 
provement of ye one half of my homeftead Land untill my 
fon abel arives at ye age of Twenty one years if fhe Remains 
my widdow fo Long and in Cafe fhe fhould marry before 
that time then in fuch cafe fhe is to have ye Improvement of 
but one third part there of: or after ye time my fd fon Abel 
arives at ye age afore fd my fd widow to have ye Improve- 
ment of But one third part there of: I Likewife Give my 
wife ye great Roome and ye Bed Roome Joyning to it for 
her ufe and Improvement Dureing my widdow and Liberty 
to Cut fire wood for one fire and Timber io Repair ye fence 
on her part of ye old farme = on ye wood Lot I bought of 
Robert Crofman. I like wife give her all my moveable Eftate 
of what Kind or nature fo ever and to her Difpofe (Excepting 
my Credit I Referve for my Executors ufe to pay my just 

I allfo appoint my fon Jonathan to pay ye Legaces to my 
three Daughters at ye time before mentioned in this my will: 
namely ye Legacy to my Daughter farah ye Legacy to my 
Daughter margaret ye Legacy to my Daughter abigail in 
fpefhe as mentioned therin 

I allfo appoint my fon Benjamin to pay ye Legacy to my 
Daughter Bathfeba at ye time before mentioned in this my 
will in fpefhe as mentioned in this my will. 
I allfo appoint my fon abel to pay ye Legacy to my Daugh- 
ter Deborah at ye time and in ye manner as mentioned in 
this my will my will & meaning is that my two Daugh- 
ter margaret & abigail fhall have ye ufe & Improvement of 
ye wefterly Room in my houfe untill my fon Benjamin Comes 
of age and after that to have ye Chamber fire Room and 
Liberty to pas & Repas to & from ye fame as Long as they 
fhall Remain unmarried. Lastly I appoint my fon Jonathan 
fole Executor of this my Laft will & feftament he to Receive 
all my Credit and pay all my Juft Debts. 


In Teftamony hear of I have unto fet my hand and feal this 
Eleventh Day of December annoque Domini 1752 and in ye 
26th year of his majesties Reign King George ye fecond over 

Great Brittain &c. 

figned fealed Publifhed and pronounced By ye fd Benjamin 
Babbit to be his Laft will and teftament in prefence of 
Gershom Crane 

Ruth R Pray (Signed) Benjamin Babbit 

John Crane 

March 15th 1753 Proved." 

Joseph Babbitt (Elkanah-Edvi^ard). Born at Berkley. Died Dec- 
ember 18, 1760. Married January 26, 1736-7 Mary Thayer, daughter 
of William and Sarah (Babbitt) Thayer (No. 11), born Sept. 11. 1717; 
died April 5, 1761. 


77 Elkanah, Nov. 26, 1737. 

Mary, Dec. 12, 1739; died Jan. 30, 1740. 
Sealie, Feb. 11, 1744. 
Josiah, Jan. 31, 1747-8. 

78 Seth, March 5, 1751. 
Sarah, July 23, 1754. 


Sarah Babbitt (Elkanah-Edward) . Born . Died March 23, 1798. 

Married David Briggs, Jr. He was born Aug. 2, 1701, and died Jan. 19, 


Sarah, March 21, 1723; m. Samuel Totman. 

David, Feb. 28, 1725; m. 1st, Rachel Hathaway; 2nd, Sybil Cud- 
Nathan, May 31, 1727. 
George, Sept. 30, 1729. 
Gideon, April 6, 1730; died Jan. 9, 1739. 


Abner, Jan. 16, 1732; died before 1776. 

Elizabeth, Aug. 27, 1736; died Dec. 20, 1736. 

Simeon, Jan. 30, 1737; m. Sarah Briggs. 

Ruth, Nov. 21, 1740. 

Gideon Sept. 11, 1745 
One account adds Elijah, Aug. 11, 1729, but this conflicts with the 
birth date of George. 

The will of David Briggs drawn in 1776 as probated 1788 mentions 
three sons only — David, Nathan and Gideon — and one daughter, Sarah 
Totman. It also mentions his sister, Anna Briggs. 


William Babbitt (Erasmus-Edward-Edward). Born April 20, 1720. 
Resided in Easton, Mass., 1745-1750. In 1756 he was in Gloucester, 
R. I. He was one of the grantees of the town of Wardsboro, Vt., under 
date of 1761. Settled in Fairfield Co., Conn., before 1770. Died Nov. 
16, 1790. Married July 12, 1744, Sarah Blanchard, daughter of Steven 
and Abagail (Whittemore) Blanchard, who died Jan. 16, 1814, aged 
90 years. 

Children: — 

Sibbel, June 3, 1745. 

Abiel, June 4, 1747 — Probably died young. 

79 Stephen July 7, 1749. 
Beulah, Oct. 26, 1751. 

80 Abiel, Aug. 31, 1766. 


Abigail Babbitt (Erasmus-Edward-Edward). Born Jan. 25, 1725. 
Married (Joseph?) Newland at Norton, Mass. (Int. ? June 27, 1744). 
She perhaps married second, Samuel Briggs, March 13, 1755. 

Israel, July 27, 1752. 


Seth Babbitt (Erasmus-Edward-Edward). Born April ' 20, 1730. 
Served in French and Indian War and was in the expedition against Louis- 
berg. Was a doctor by profession. Resided in Easton, Mass. 


Died April 13, 1761, from Small Pox contracted in service. It is said 
that it was not allowable for one who died of Small Pox to be carried past 
a house, so he was buried on a small hill northeast of his house where 
his grave may still be traced. 

Married Elizabeth Vinton, Leicester, Mass. (Int. Aug 19, 1753). 
Daughter of Abiathar and Lydia Vinton; born May 31, 1730; died May 3, 
1776. She married, 2nd, John Howard of Bridgewater. 

Children: — 
81 Olive, May 4, 1755; d. Feb. 13, 1831. 
Pliny, Jan. 28, 1758; d. 1775. 

Seth Babbitt — Surgeon's Mate, Col. Thomas' Regt., at Halifax, Nova 
Scotia, 1759 and 1760. Was from Easton. Surgeon, Col. Nathaniel 
Thwing's Regt., May 15, to Dec. 23, 1760. 

Same at Halifax, March 31 to Nov. 1, 1759, and Jan. 1 to May 14, 1760. 


Abiathar Babbitt (Seth-Edward-Edward) . Born Oct. 13, 1716, at 
Easton, Mass. 

A member of Norton Train Band, 1757. A farmer at Easton, Mass. 
His family became Shakers. 

Private, Capt. Ebenezer Newell's Co., Col. Danforth Keyes' Regt.; 
roll made up to Dec. 22, 1777; dated Providence, R. I.; enlistment 
July 10, 1777, for six months from July 1, 1777. 

Private, Capt. Ebenezer Newell's Co., Col. Keyes' Regt.; enlisted July 
10, 1777; pay abstract for bounty allowed from Oct. 10, 1777, to Jan. 4, 
1778, 2 months and 25 days; also, list of men who received arms from 
the province, dated North Kingston, Dec. 15, 1777. 

Private, Capt. Thomas Whipple's Co., Col. Abijah Steam's Regt.; 
enlisted March 30, 1778; roll made up to July 2, 1778; service 3 
months, 3 days, guarding troops of convention. 

Died Nov. 16, 1806, at Harvard Shakers. Married May 26, 1743, 
Abigail Babbitt, (daughter of No. 13,) born Aug. 11, 1724, and died June 
23, 1813, at Harvard Shakers. 

Children: — 

Sarah, Jan. 23, 1745; d. July 25, 1749. 
Isaac, May 11, 1749; d. May 23, 1749. 
Still Born Child, July 28, 1750. 


Abigail, March 28, 1755 ;m. Seth Blanchard (See No. 34); d. July 
25, 1844, at Harvard Shakers. Ch. Olive Sept. 11, 1782; d. 
Dec. 21, 1863, at Harvard Shakers. 

Seth, Oct. 21, 1784; d. Jan. 26, 1868, at Harvard Shakers. 
Hannah, Nov. 27, 1787; d. Nov. 7, 1872, at Harvard Shakers. 

82 Seth, March 17, 1757; m. Eliz. Blanchard (See No. 34). Seth 

Babbitt was a Shaker Deacon and died at Harvard Com- 
munity of Shakers. 
Elizabeth, Oct. 27, 1758; m. Levi Babbitt (No. 101). 

83 Abiathar, July 16, 1761. 

Still Born daughter, Sept. 2, 1764. 

Hannah, May 7, 1766; d. at Harvard Shakers, Oct. 17, 1852. 


Sarah Babbitt (Seth-Edward-Edward). Born . Died 

Married Jan. 13, 1745, Joseph Blanchard, son of Stephen and Abigail 
(Whittemore) Blanchard. Born Oct. 2, 1719. 
Children: — 

Seth ; m. Abagail Babbitt, daughter of Abiathar and Abi- 
gail Babbitt (See No. 33). 

Elizabeth ; m. Seth Babbitt, son of Abiathar and Abigail 

Babbitt (See 82). 
Jemima (perhaps) Sept. 22, 1758; d. Dec. 31, 1847, at Harvard 


Simeon Babbitt (Seth-Edward-Edward). Born Oct., 1721, in Easton. 

In 1754 he was one of seven dissenting Baptists who did not desire 
Rev. George Farrar to preach in Easton. 

In 1756 in Easton he bought land adjoining his home farm. He ap - 
pears frequently in deeds from 1749-1765. 

In files of the Supreme Judicial Court at Boston, under date of Feb. 27, 
1772, is a record of Simeon Babbitt's removal from Stoughton, Mass. 
His family named as wife Sarah and five children, Anne, John, Mary, 
Simeon and Erasmus. According to apparently well founded tradition 
Simeon afterward lost his vidfe and most of his family in a fire which con- 
sumed his home. He then went to Mendham, N. J., where his sister lived 


and is thought to have become insane from grief, wandered away and 
died in place unknown. 

Married Dec. 13, 1748, Sarah Balkom, of Norton. 

Sarah, Sept., 1749; m. Oct. 23, 1766, Edward Golland or Tolland. 
(Berkley Records.) — By a family record she is stated to have 
married Thomas Tolman, a Baptist minister of Cobleskill, 
N. Y. This cannot be verified and doubtless refers to one 
of the other sisters, Anne or Mary. 
■ Anne, July 31, 1752. 
84 Erasmus. 

Military Record. — Simeon Babbitt, Easton — Private, Capt. Eliphalet 
Leonard's Co., April 1757. Under Lieut. Joshua Hayward, at Easton. 


Tabatha Babbitt (Seth-Ed ward-Edward). Born Oct. 29, 1728. 
Married Sept. 25, 1751, in Norton, Jabez Briggs, son of John and Hannah 
(Rocket) Briggs. Born June 29, 1723. 

Timothy, March 23, 1751-2; d. Jan. 25, 1756. 

Mary, Dec. 9, 1752. 

Sarah, Dec. 9, 1754. 

Tabatha, July 21, 1758. 

Jabez, March 2, 1760. 

Timothy, March 23, 1761. 

Sela, Sept. 2, 1762. 

Rachel, March 25, 1764. 


Nathaniel Babbitt (Seth-Edward-Edward). Born Sept. 13, 1728-9. 

He spent his early life in Easton, Mass., Nov. 8, 1754, he was Clerk of 
Nathaniel Perry's Co. In 1756 he appears in a list of those who were 
not training soldiers, but who were obliged to appear upon an alarm. 

Settled in Athol, Mass., about 1768. 

May 29, 1767, in Easton, he bought Lots 3 — 4—5 on West Hill 


on the County Road in Athol, Mass., of Ephraim Smith. In 1768 he 
bought other parcels. In March, 1780, he sold out to Asa Smith and 
settled in Hanover, N. H., where he bought his first land in 1782. Died 
after 1790. 

Married (1st) Mary Crane, Jan. 25, 1750. She was born June 23, 
1730, and died Sept. 8, 1777, in Hanover, N. H. (2nd) Mary Mendall, 
March 3, 1778, in Barre, Mass. She married, 2nd, Samuel Butler. 

Military Record. — EnUsted in Capt. Nathaniel Perry's Co., 1754; also 
clerk of the company, June 10 to Oct. 4, 1754. Col. John Wins- 
low's Regt. 

"Centinel" in Capt. David Cargill's Co., July 29, 1747, to Jan. 20, 
1748; also same March 11, to July 28. 

First Lieut., Capt. John Crane's Co., Norton, July, 1771. 

In Train Band 3rd Norton Co., 1757; Sergeant Capt. Eliphalet 
Leonard's Co., Easton, April 7, 1757. 

Private, Capt. William Marean's Co., Col. Jonathan Reed's (1st) Regt. 
of Guards; muster roll dated Cambridge, May 9, 1778; enUsted March 28, 
1778; enlistment, 3 months from April 2, 1778. 

Capt., Peter Woodbury's Co., Col. Jacob Gerrish's Regt. of Guards; 
enlisted July 4, 1778; discharged July 30, 1778; service, 27 days at 
Cambridge. Roll dated Lancaster. 

Athol — List of men raised for six month's service and returned by 
Brig. Gen. Paterson as having passed muster in a return dated Camp 
Totoway, Oct. 25, 1780. 

Children: — 

85 Daniel, Jan. 7, 1751. 

86 Ruth, Oct. 18, 1753. 

87 Asa, April 23, 1756. 

88 Isaac, Feb. 26, 1758. 

89 Uri, March 3, 1760. 

90 Nathaniel, May 17, 1762. 

91 Ira, Aug. 1, 1764. 

92 Lydia, Dec. 28, 1766. 

93 Seth, Nov. 23, 1769. 

94 Anna, May 24, 1773. 
By second wife: — 

Sally, Feb. 1, 1779. 


Noah Mendall, April 19, 1781; d. Dec. 2-5, 1784. 
John Comer, May 9, 1783; d. Feb. 22, 1785. 

95 John Mendall, Oct. 1, 1785. 

Polly, Jan. 23, 1788; m. Timothy Owen, Jr. 

Jerusha, about 1790; m. Abbott. 

Comer (In 1815 there were living five children by the second 
wife, one of whom was Comer (or Cromer). The vital record 
of N. H. says John Comer died young so there was probably 
a son Comer). 


Erasmus Babbitt (Seth-Edward-Edward). Bom March 5, 1732. 
Many of the descendants of Erasmus Babbitt have used a single final "t" 
in spelling their name. 

He removed to Sturbridge when a young man and there followed his 
profession of physician. He was a man who realized the advantages of 
education and gave two sons a professional and collegiate education, a 
noteworthy fact for those days. 

Captain of Sturbridge Co. in 1771. Died July 4, 1799. 

Married (1st) May 3, 1758, Mary (Marcy) Remington (widow of Dr. 
Mesheck Remington, who died Feb. 4, 1757), daughter of Moses and 
Prudence Marcy. She was born Aug. 23, 1736, in Oxford, Mass., and 
died Sept. 16, 1776. (2nd) Mrs. Mary Bowen of Sturbridge, Mass. 
(Int. Feb. 3, 1777). She is probably Mrs. Polly Babbitt who married 
in 1800, Dr. Joshua Richardson of HoUiston, Mass. 

Children: — 

96 Lucretia, Jan. 21, 1759. 

97 Thomas, Nov. 27, 1761. 

Mary . Baptized Aug. 7, 1763; m. Benjamin Morgan, 

of Brimfield, 1778. 

98 Erasmus . Baptized July 7, 1765. 

Moses . Baptized April 12, 1767; d. Nov. 29, 1767. 

Moses 1769-70. Died April 12, 1773. 

Henry 1772-3; d. March 24, 1795. A musician and 

much beloved young man. 



Elizabeth Babbitt (Nathan-Edward-Ed ward). Born Sept. 1, 1726, 
in Dighton, Mass. Resided in Norton, Mass. Died before 1779. 

Married April 12, 1758, Levi Francis (a Cordwainer), son of Thomas 
and Leah Francis. He married, second, Jan. 28, 1779, Sarah Blanchard. 
Levi Francis died between 1811 and 1814 and his widow Sarah mar- 
ried Timothy Briggs in 1819. 

Elizabeth, April 8, 1759; d. June 13, 1759. 

Levi, May 17, 1760. 

Tisdale, March 9, 1763; m. Elizabeth Gilbert, daughter of James 

Eliz. (Williams) Gilbert. 
Isaac, May 12, 1766; d. Nov. 11, 1802. (Had wife Mary.) 
Chloe ; m. Dec. 21, 1812, Alfred Dunham of Mansfield. 


Nathan Babbitt (Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born Oct. 8, 1730, in 
Norton, Mass. 

He received the homestead from his father by deed of gift 1754, and 
lived there until his death. His wife was daughter of Benjamin Cobb, 
whose farm adjoined Nathan Babbitt's on the North. His lands were 
bounded on the East by those of the Newcomb family. The relations 
between these families were most intimate, two of Nathan's children mar- 
rying into the Newcomb family, and finally in 1782 Nathan himself mar- 
ried widow Judith Newcomb. After Nathan's death she returned to her 
old home and died there eight years after, being buried side of her first 
husband at Timothy Plain cemetery. He died Aug. 31, 1794. 

Married (1st) Feb. 1, 1752, Abigail, daughter of Benjamin and Mary 
(Mason) Cobb. She was born March 5, 1731, and died May 10, 1782. 
(2nd) Nov., 1782, Judith (Pratt), widow of Joseph Newcomb. She was 
born July 30, 1727, and died March 7, 1802. 


99 Sarah, Sept. 25, 1752. 

100 Nathan, March 6, 1755. 

101 Levi, Aug. 31, 1757. 

102 Snellem, Dec. 11, 1760. 

103 Abigail, March 31, 1764. 


104 Mary, March 14, 1767; baptized March 15, 1767. 

105 Edward, May 3, 1772. 

Military Record: — 1st Lieut., in Captain John Cranes Co. — 2nd Nor- 
ton Train Band, 1771. Also on the Alarm List at Norton, 1757. 

Nathan Babbitt — List of men mustered in Bristol Co. by James Leon- 
ard, muster master, service at Rhode Island, Col. John Daggett's Regt.; 
mustered June 29, 1778; enlistment six months. 


Bristol Co. Records, Book 33, p. 160. 

"In the Name of God Amen I Nathan Babbit of 
Norton in the County of Briftol In the Commonwealth of 
Maffachufetts Gentelmen being in a week and poor State 
of health But of a Sound Difpofing mind & memory Thanks 
be Given to god for it I do hereby Settel my Eftate by this 
my Laft Will & Teftement as followes, and first of all I Com- 
mit my foul into the hands of God that Gave it, and my Body 
to the Earth in Decent Burial and the worldly Eftate that 
God has Bleffed me with I Give & Difpofe of the Same as 

Impn I will and order all my Just Debts I Justly owe to aney 
perfon whatfoever to be paid in Convenient time after my 

Item. I Give to my Beloved wife Judeth Babbit. Thofe Goods 
She Brought with her. If aney of thofe things are worn 
out the fame to be made Good unto her according to our 
agreement made befor our marriage by my executors Here 
after named. AlLfo I Give unto her four pounds Lawfull 

Item. I Give imto my Sons Nathan, Levi, Snellum & Edward Bab- 
bits all my wearing apperel to be equally Divided Between 


Item. I Give to my Beloved Son Nathan Babbit his heirs and affigns 
forever one Hundred Silver Dollers to be paid unto him by 
one of my Executors In one year after my Deceafe. I Have- 
before Given fd Nathan Seven hundred Dollers. 

Item. I Give to my Beloved Son Levi Babbit his heirs & affigns 
for ever one half of my Homeftead Farme for Queallity and 
one half of all my Buildings — and one Quearter part of my 
Griftmill. And allfo one half of all my out Lands for Queal- 
lity — allfo one Quearter part of my Farming tools (or uten- 
sils) and allfo one halfe part of my Live Stock one yearling 
Colt excepted allfo one half of a purches Right In the North 

Item. I Give to my Beloved Son Snealum Babbit his heirs and 
affigns forever four hundred and fifty Silver Dollers to be 
paid unto him by one of my executors In one year after my 
Deceafe. I Haveing Befor Given to the fd Sneallum three 
Hundred and thirty Dollers. 

Item. I Give to my Beloved Son Edward Babbit hisheirsandaffigns 
for ever the other halfe part of my homeftead farme for Queal- 
lity and one halfe part of all my Buildings and one Quearter 
of my Griftmill and allfo one halfe part of all my out Lands 
for Queallity Alfo three Quearters of all my Farm- 

ing Tools or farming utensils and one yearling Colt, and 
halfe of all my Live Stock over and above Sd Colt, 
and one Quearter of a purches Right in Taimton old Town- 

Item. I Give imto my Beloved Daughter Sarah Wild her heirs & 
affigns for ever Sixty Seven Dollers to be paid unto her by 
one of my Executors in one year after my Deceafe. Allfo 
one third part of all my In door moveabeles, all ways except- 
ing thofe goods my wife Brought with her. 


Item. I Give to my Beloved Daughter Abigail Newcomb her heirs 
and affigns for ever Sixty Seven DoUers to be paid mito her 
by one of my executors in one year after my Deceafe alfo 
one third part of all my Indoor moveables, excepting thofe 
Good my wife Brought with her. 

Item. I Give to my Beloved Daughter Mary Lincoln her heirs and 
affigns for ever twenty one pounds Lawfull money to be paid 
unto her by one of my executors in one year after my Deceafe 
alfs one third part of all my Inndoor moveables, excepting 
thofe moveables my wife Brought with her, which are to be 
made Good unto her as aflforsaid by my executors according 
to our agreement Before our marriage. 

Item. I will and ordor my son Levi Babbit to pay unto my Son 
Sneallum Babbit four hundred & fifty Silver Dollers to be 
paid unto him in one year after my Deceafe, and alfo to pay 
unto Sarah Wild Sixty Seven Dollers and to Abigail New- 
comb three Dollers and one half to be paid unto them in one 
year after my Deceafe. 

Item. I Will and ordor my Son Edward Babbit to pay unto Nathan 
Babbit one Hundred Dollers to be paid unto him in one year 
after my Deceafe: and alfo unto Abigail Newcomb thirty 
three Dollers and one half and unto Mary Lincoln Seventy 
Dollers — to be paid unto them in one year after my deceafe. 
And I Do appoint & Conftitute my Sons Levi Babbit and 
Edward Babbit my executors of this my Laft Will and Tefte- 
ment. They to pay all my Just Debts, and to Receive all 
that is Justly Due unto me, to be equally Divided Betwen 
the fd Levi & Edward to enable them to pay my Debts and 

my Legacys Rattefying and Confirming this and onely 

this to be my Last Will & Teftement. 

In Teftemony whare of I have here unto Set my hand and 
Seal this Sixteenth Day of June In the year of our Lord Sev- 
enteen Hundred and Ninty four. 
Signed Sealed Publifhed and Pronounced 


and Declared by the fd Nathan 

Babbit to be his Laft Will 

and Teftement — 

In the Prefance of (Signed) Nathan Babbit 

Laban Smith 

Simeon Clapp 

John Crane. 

Deer 2d 1794 Approved. 


Mary Babbitt (Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born June 19, 1732. 
Died (Before 1757). 

Married Feb. 27, 1751-2, Stephen Hathaway, son of Isaac and Demaris 
(Babbitt) Hathaway. (See 22). Born Feb. 19, 1730; died Oct. 21, 1804. 
He afterward married Elizabeth, No. 53. 

Children: — 

Ezra, b. Feb. 22, 1753; m. Mary Chase, of Swanzey, Mass., Nov. 
29, 1781. 


Hannah* Babbitt (Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born Oct. 11, 1735. 
Died June 2, 1811. 

Married in Taunton, March 11, 1755, Abiel Atwood, Jr., of Berkley. 
He was born in Berkley, June 4, 1728, and was son of Abiel and Mary 
Atwood. (Taunton Vital Records, book 2, page 333.) 

According to deeds, they were living in Berkley in 1777 and were living 
in Oxford in 1779. 

Another deed recorded in Bristol Co. Deeds, book 77, page 538, has 
on Dec. 8, 1790, Abial Atwood and wife Hannah of Oxford, grantors to 
Nathan Babbitt of Norton, one sixth part of estate of Edward Babbitt of 
Norton, dec'd, after the widow's third be taken off. 

They had nine children, all born in Berkley, according to Berkley town 
record, book 1, p. 240. 

Abiel Atwood, Feb. 9, 1756; Rev. Record attached. 
Mary Atwood, Aug. 1, 1757. 
John Atwood, Jan. 5, 1759. 
Abigail Atwood, May 10, 1761. 


Joseph Atwood, Sept. 23, 1762; Rev. Record attached. 
106 James' Atwood, Feb. 10, 1764; died 1806. 
Hannah Atwood, April 30, 1765. 
Nathan Atwood, Feb. 20, 1767. 
Samuel Atwood, July 26, 1768. 

Three of Hannah (Babbitt) Atwood's sons served in the Revolutionary 

The oldest son, Abiel Atwood, evidently did not move with the family 
to Oxford and enlisted from Berkley, at the age of 24 years. 

Two other sons, Joseph Atwood at the age of 17 years, and James At- 
wood, at the age of 16 years, enlisted from Oxford. 

Mass. Soldiers, Vol. 1, p. 34. 

"ATWOOD, ABIEL, BERKLEY, Private, Cap. Zebedee Redding's 
Co., Col. GamaHel Bradford's Regt.; Continental Army pay accounts 
for service from Feb. 13, 1777 to Dec. 31, 1779, also. Continental Army 
pay accounts for service from Jan. 1, 1780, to Feb. 13, 1780; also, descrip- 
tive list of men raised to reinforce Continental Army for the term of six 
months, agreeable to resolve of June 5, 1780; age, 24 years; stature, 5 ft. 
9 in.; complexion, light; residence, Berkley; arrived at Springfield, July 
7, 1780; marched to camp, July 7, 1780, under command of Capt. Dix; 
also, list of men raised for the six months service and returned by Brig. 
Gen. Paterson as having passed muster, in a return dated Camp Totoway, 
Oct. 25, 1780; also, pay roll for six months men raised by the town of 
Berkley for service in the Continental Army during 1780; marched to 
West Point, July 3, 1780; discharged Dec. 10, 1780; service, 5 months, 
17 days; also, Capt. Redding's Co., Col. Bradford's Regt.; muster roll 
for July, 1780; dated Steenaapie; reported on command with wagoners." 

Mass. Revolutionary Soldiers, Vol. 1, p. 339. 

"ATTWOOD, JOSEPH, OXFORD, Descriptive list of men raised to 
reinforce Continental Army for the term of six months; agreeable to re- 
solve of June 5, 1780; age, 17 years; stature, 5 ft., 6 in.; complexion, light; 
residence, Oxford; arrived at Springfield, July 3, 1780; marched to camp, 
July 5, 1780, under command of Capt. Frothingham of the artillery." 



Edward Babbitt (Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born March 1, 1740, 
in Norton. Styled "Lieut Edward" on deeds and on tomb stone. Died 
October 2, 1790. Buried in Babbitt lot at Norton, Mass. 

Married May, 1764, Rhoda Allen. Born, 1743; died Sept. 28, 1807. 

No children. 

Edward Babbitt, son of Nathan of Norton — 7 months, 27 days, in Capt. 
Jonathan Eddy's Co., Col. Thomas Doty. Discharged Nov. 3, 1758. In 
same company, 1759. 

Edward Babbitt, Norton — Lieutenant, Capt. Israel Trow's Co., Col. 
John Daggett's Regt. ; service, six days, at Rhode Island, on the alarm of 
Dec. 8, 1776. 

Edward Babbitt, Norton— Private, Capt. Seth Gilbert's (2d) Co., Col, 
John Daggett's Regt., which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; 
service five days; also, 2d Lieutenant, Capt. Israel Trow's (5th) Co., Col. 
John Daggett's (4th) Regt. ; list of officers of Massachusetts mihtia, dated 
Attleborough, March 18, 1776; commissioned March 21, 1776; also, 
petition for discharge granted in Council, June 16, 1778. 

^■^'iill i - 44 

f-' Rachel Babbitt (Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born Sept. 14, 1745. 
Married Nov. 1763, Josiah Gilbert, son of John and Marcy Gilbert. Born 
Dec. 7, 1740. 
Children: — 

Nathan, born at Southampton, Mass. Lived at Unadilla, N. Y. 
Married Betsey Wilcox; had eleven children. One named, Ira, 
born at Unadilla, Feb, 11, 1808, married Mary Lowell. 


Edward Burt (Abigail Babbitt Burt) (Edward-Edward). Married 
1760 Sarah Paine. 
107 Abigail, Feb. 14, 1770. 



Gideon Babbitt (Benajah-Edward-Edward). Bom Oct. 31, 1730. 
Resided in Dighton. Died Sept. 13, 1760. 

In October, 1774, John Babbitt and Peleg Francis divide the estate of 
Gideon Babbitt. The heirs are widow Ruth — only daughter Lydia, wife 
of Josiah Richmond — and son Gideon, a minor. 

Married Dec. 7, 1751, Ruth Talbot, daughter of Josiah and Sarah 
Talbot. Born 1729; died March 9, 1785. 

Aug. 8, 1775, Ruth Babbitt deeds son Gideon; also heirs of Josiah 
Talbot release mother Sarah's dower. Heirs include widow Ruth 


108 Lydia, May 20, 1752. 

109 Gideon, 1756. 

Peter, 17^9; died June 27, 1774. 


John Babbitt (Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born August 2, 1733, in 
Berkley, Mass. Resided in Berkley. In 1774 styled "gentleman". He 
lived on the farm owned by his great grandfather, Edward Bobbett, 
Representative to General Court at Boston, 1787. Died March 8, 1816, 
in Berkley, Mass. 

Married (1st) April 3, 1755, Elizabeth Dean, daughter of Joseph and 
Sarah (Burt) Dean (Jos. Dean^-^ Walter^). Born May 26, 1736; died 
Nov. 3, 1769. (2nd) Jan. 1, 1779, Lydia Myrick, daughter of Nathan 
and Lydia (Jones) Myrick. Born March 8, 1750; died Oct. 8, 1828. 


110 Erasmus, July 6, 1755. 

111 Dorcas, Sept. 6, 1756. 

112 Benajah, Jan. 17, 1758. 

113 Elizabeth, April 8, 1760. 

114 John, Feb. 28, 1761. 

115 Esther, July 3, 1763. 
Ebenezer, Dec. 8, 1764. 

116 George, Sept. 21, 1766. 


117 Dean, Feb. 15, 1768. 

118 Polly, , 1779. Twin sister of Polly died in infancy. 

119 Enoch, March 8, 1783. 

120 Peter, March 2, 1784. 

121 William. 

John Babbitt, Berkley — Capt. Zebedee Redding's Co., Col. Josiah 
Whitney's Regt. ; petition for increase and payment of wages dated Camp 
at Hull, Sept. 17, 1776; also, Private; pay rolls for service from Aug. 1, 
1776, to Dec. 1, 1776, four months; also, Capt. Philip Hathaway's Co., 
Col. Whitney's Regt. ; service, one month, 27 days, on an alarm at Rhode 
Island; roll sworn to Nov. 28, 1777. 

John Babbitt, Berkley— Private, Capt. James Nichol's Co., Col. Ed- 
ward Pope's (Bristol Co.) Regt.; service five days at Rhode Island on 
the alarm of Dec. 16, 1776; stationed at Warren, R. I. 


Abner Babbitt (Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born April 27, 1746. 

Abner Babbitt, Berkley— Private, Capt. James Nichol's Co., Col. Ed- 
ward Pope's (Bristol Co.) Regt.; service thirteen days at Rhode Island 
on the alarm of Dec. 16, 1776; stationed at Warren, R. I. 

Called "Lieut." in old Elijah Briggs Diary, styled "Bricklayer" in deed 
of 1777. Was living in 1790. 

Married April 25, 1772, Thankful Richmond. 

Children: — 

Edmund, Aug. 15, 1772. , 

Lydia, Aug. 12, 1777. 

122 Dorcas, April 29, 1780. 
Hannah, June 6, 1787. 


Hannah Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward). Born June 26, 1732, 
at Berkley, Mass. Married April 6, 1749, at Berkley, Mass., 
Nehemiah Newhall. 

Darius, June 23, 1753; married , (1) 1774 Jemina Hathaway; (2) 
1783, Naomi Paul. 


Hannah, Feb. 3, 1755; married John Paul, Jr., 1772. 
Damaris, April 22, 1757; married Harmon Johnson, 1776. 
Esther, March 6, 1760; married Elias Upton. 
Tryphene, May 13, 1762; married Josiah Hathaway, 1781. 
Jacob, Nov. 30, 1764; married Sally Caswell, 1800. 
Charlotte, Nov. 17, 1766; married Benj. Paul, 1814. 
Nehemiah, Oct. 20, 1769; married Hannah Covel, 1792. 


Edward Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward). Born October 11, 1734, 
at Berkley, Mass. Was a blacksmith by trade and also a ship carpenter. 

In 1772 he purchased a farm at Killingly, Conn., which has now come 
down to his great granddaughter, Mrs. Sarah Burrill. He and his son 
Silas used to travel from Killingly to Providence to work at ship carpen- 
tering. He died June 29, 1821, at Killingly. 

Married Nov. 17, 1757, Margaret Hathaway, daughter of Thomas 
and Margaret (Maxfield) Hathaway. She was born April 10, 1737, 
and died Nov. 24, 1821. (See No. 19). 


123 Margaret, July 24, 1758. 

Seth, Nov. 13, 1759. Did not marry. Private in Capt. Cady's 
Co., 3rd Co., 11th Regt. of Connecticut, on march to West- 
chester in 1776. Died Nov. 15, 1845. 

Iraney, Sept. 15-16, 1761. Probably died before 1772, at 

124 Edward, March 16, 1763. 

125 Silas, Jan 1 or (5), 1765. 

Mehitable, Oct. 20, 1767. Probably died at Berkley before 1772. 

126 Rachael, April 7, 1769. 

Abilena, Dec. 21, 1779; died Dec. 21, 1837, unmarried. 


Abijah Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward). Born May 16, 1740 
(1739?). Church Record says Bapt. Dec. 23, 1739. Died Aug. 11, 1817. 

Married (1st) Ann Woodward, died Nov. 2, 1790. (2nd) Widow Bet- 
sey Marvel, Sept. 30, 1792. Born , 1760; died March 22, 1837. 







127 Isaac, Feb. 6, 1763. 

128 Henry,Dec. 27, 1764.^. 
Abijah, April 17, 1767. 

Anna, April 15, 1769; married Wm. Cudworth, Aug. 29, 1792, 
at Freetown, Mass. 

129 Ebenezer, April 27, 1772. 

130 Enos, Feb. 11, 1775. 

131 Esther, June 7, 1778. 

Betsey, May 25, 1793; married Benj. Paul, Nov. 19, 1837. 

No children. 
Edward, Oct. 7, 1801. 

Abijah Babbitt, son of Edward, of Barclay — April 24 to Nov. 14, 1758. 
Roll sworn at Boston in Col. Job Winslow's Co. Col. Jedediah Prebles 
Regt. in the Canada expedition. 

Private, Capt. Peleg Peck's Co., Col. John Daggett's Regt.; enlisted 
Jan. 9, 1778; discharged April 1, 1778; service 2 months, 21 days, on an 
alarm at Rhode Island; enlistment three months; stationed at Warwick, 
R. I. Roll sworn at Swanzey. 

Capt. Esek Eddy's Co. of artificers, acting as boatmen; service 20 J^ 
days, from Aug. 11, 1778. 

Corporal, Capt. Abel Babbitt's Co., Col. John Hathaway's Regt.; 
marched Aug. 1, 1780; discharged Aug. 7, 1780; service, eight days, on 
an alarm at Rhode Island. 


Mehitable Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward). Born April 29, 1753. 
Married (1st) Peter Winslow "Blacksmith" Nov, 20, 1771, son of 

Ebenezer and Esther Winslow. Born Jan. 17, 1747; Died , 

1780. (2nd) Wm. Perry, Nov. 13, 1785, and moved to Putney, Vt., 
and later to Ohio, where she lived with her daughter until her death. 

Mehitable, 1771. Died at age of 14 years. 

Seth, ; married (1st) Sarah Sanford, 1795; (2nd) Joanna 

Nichols, 1803; (3rd) Anna Tew, 1807. 


Benjamin, ; married Phoebe Pierce of Middleboro, Mass. Dec. 

6, 1798. 

Esther, ; married Enoch Hathaway, 1798. 

By second marriage: — 

Russell, and probably some daughters. 


EUzabeth Babbitt (Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Born Jan. 19, 1737. 
Died Jan. 6, 1813. 

Married Sept. 22, 1757, Stephen Hathaway, son of Isaac and Damaris 
(Babbitt) Hathaway. Bom Feb. 19, 1730; died Oct. 21, 1804. (See 
No. 22.) 

Stephen had first wife — Mary Babbitt No. 41. 
Children, bom in Berkley: — 
Ann, May 30, 1759. 
Mary, Feb. 23, 1761. 
Nathaniel, July 31, 1762. 
Rhoda, Sept. 16, 1765; died Dec. 13, 1791. 

Stephen, June 2, 1767, married (1st) Wealthy Richmond; (2nd) 
Polly Richmond, daughters of Lydia (Babbitt) Richmond, No. 108. 
Elizabeth, June 5, 1769; married George Babbitt, No. 116. 


Simeon Babbitt (Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Born March 16, 1739. 
Lived in Dartmouth, Mass. 

By a persistent family tradition he perished on a prison ship in New 
York Harbor during the Revolution. There is no official record of the 
fact — which none the less is doubtless true. No record of his death can 
be foimd elsewhere. Married Dec. 3, 1766, at Dartmouth, Mary Ashley. 
Died on prison ship "Jersey." 

Children: — 

133 Joy, Sept. 26, 1767. 

134 Nathaniel, . 

135 Simeon, June 2, 1776. 

136 Jane, . 



Elijah Babbitt (Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Born Sept. 5, 1741. 
Settled in Greenwich, Mass., before 1780. Later a farmer at Dana, Mass. 
Died March 11, 1814. 

My flesh shall slumber in the ground 
Till the last trumpet's joyful sound 
Then burst the chains in sweet surprise 
And in my Saviour's image rise." 

Married Hannah Fuller, May 22, 1766; (Int. March 9, 1766). Born 
July 28, 1742; died Aug. 28, 1820. 


"You who read with little care 
Walk away and leave me here 
Don't forget that you must die." - 


137 Jonathan, Feb. 22, 1767. 

138 Marcy, March 3, 1768. 

139 James, Oct. 24, 1769. 

140 Molly, Nov. 7, 1771. 

Judith, Oct. 9, 1773. Never married. Died June 24, 1866. 
Betsey, Jan. 14, 1779. Never married. Died Jan. 7, 1858. 

141 Hannah, Feb. 9, 1783; died Aug. 9, 1872. 

Elijah Babbitt, Greenwich — Descriptive Hst of enlisted men raised 
agreeable to order of court of June 22, 1780; Capt. Wilson's Co.; age 38 
years; stature 5 feet, 9 inches; complexion, dark; residence, Greenwich; 
enlistment, three months. 

Elijah Babbitt, Freetown — Sergeant, Lieut. Nathaniel Morton's Co., 
Col. Edward Pope's Regt.; marched to Rhode Island on the alarm of 
Dec. 8, 1776; discharged Dec. 27, 1776; service twenty days. 

Elijah Babbitt — Private, Capt. Benjamin Willcox's Co., Col. Nathaniel 
Freeman's Regt.; enhsted Sept. 29, 1777; service thirty days on a secret 
expedition to Rhode Island. Roll sworn in Suffolk Co. 


David Babbitt (Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Bom Dec. 15, 1744, at 
Berkley, Mass. 

Married Nov. 9, 1772, at Dartmouth, Mass., Alice Huddlestone, daugh- 
ter of Seth and Eliza Huddleston. Born Oct. 7, 1738. 

Children: — 
142 David, April 4, 1782. 

David Babbitt, Freetown — Private, Capt. Nathaniel Morton's Co., 
Col. Edward Pope's Regt. ; marched to Rhode Island on alarm of Dec. 8, 
1776; discharged Dec. 27, 1776; service twenty days. 


Mary Babbitt (Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Born Sept. 12, 1748. 
Died before June 1778. 

Married, Bigford Spooner, Dec. 5, 1763, son of Jonathan and Mary 
(Crapo) Spooner. Born Dec. 18, 1743; died Aug. 5, 1819, near Rich- 
mond, Vt. He married for his second wife, Mary Peters, and removed 
to Lisbon, N. H., in 1778, and had ten children in addition to the seven 
given below. 
Children: — 

Lazarus, 1764; died 1814. 

Thos., Dec. 6, 1766; died 1813. 

Simeon, 1769; died 1842. 

Jonathan, died young. 

Barnabas, died young. 

Betsey, May 5, 1778; died 1828. 

Polly, May 5, 1778; married Timothy Dutton in 1791. 


Mary Babbitt (Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . Born . 

Bristol Deeds, Book 27—235; dated 1737: "Elkanah Babbit of Berkley, 
yeoman — for love, good will and affection toward my daughter, Mary 
Phillips, and my son-in-law, Jacob Phillips, (house carpenter)" deeds 
them twenty acres in Berkley. Died (Before 1750). 

Married Oct. 30, 1732, Jacob Phillips of Dighton, Mass. Born . 

Died Jan. 26, 1746. 


Children : — 

Meriam, Jan. 20, 1735, Berkley, Mass. 

Jacob, , 1738, Berkley, Mass. 

John, July 8, 1739, Berkley, Mass. 
Mary, Nov. 11, 1742, Berkley, Mass. 
Elkanah, Sept. 5, 1746, Berkley, Mass. 
(1st) Edward, Aug. 3, 1733, Dighton, Mass, 


Elkanah Babbitt (Elkanah- Elkanah-Edward) . Born at Berkley, Mass., 
probably about 1710-12. 

Deed Extracts New Milford, Conn.: 
July 10, 1736 — Elkanah Babbitt buys 5 acres in Still River neck so called. 
July 13, 1736 — Elkanah Babbitt buys piece of land lying on Still River 

near the Iron Works. 
May 8, 1744 — Elkanah Babbitt buys piece of land lying west on Dan- 
bury Road near Halfway Brook. 
Sept. 26,1748 — Samuel Prindle sells "son-in-law Elkanah Babbitt land 

on west side of Still River by ye Ironsworks pond." 
Mar. 9,1752 — Elkanah Babbitt deeds Samuel Bostwick ten acres near 
South Ironworks, New Milford, with dwelling house and 
barn; also 20 acres lying Southwestward of above; also 
land on west side of Country road lading to Danbury 
with house and orchard. 
He left New Milford on last given date and no further trace of him has 
been found. He probably removed somewhere near Cooperstown, N. Y., 
where his son Elkanah appeared later. 

Married Jan. 20, 1736-7, Obedience Prindle, daughter of Samuel and 
Dorothy (Plum) Prindle. She was born May 13, 1716, and lived to an 
extreme age. It is related that her son Daniel came from Canada to see 
her when she was almost one hundred. 

Children, all born in New Milford, Conn: — 
143 Elkanah, Dec. 5, 1737. 
Eleanor, Dec. 5, 1738. 
David, Aug. 6, 1739. 
Mary, April 15, 1741. 


Lois, March 30, 1743. 
Warren, May 1, 1745. 
Annis, March 28, 1747. 

144 Daniel, April 28, 1749. 

Elizabeth, ; baptized July 16, 1751 (Church Record). 


Jacob Babbitt (Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . Born . In 1757 

served in the Taunton Train Band, under Capt. Samuel White. 

Removed from Berkley to Rehoboth and later to Colchester, Conn. 

Called in deeds "Bricklayer" and "Blacksmith." 

In 1752 called "of Rehoboth." 

1756-1761 called "of Taunton." 

After 1773 called "of Colchester, Conn." 

Died Sept. 10, 1811. at Bristol, R. I. Married March 31, 1737-8, 
Mary Harvey, daughter of Thomas Harvey of Taunton. Born 1701. 


145 Molly 

146 Ebenezer, Dec. 24, 1740. 

147 Jacob, Dec. 25, 1748. 

148 Ehjah, 1750. 

Elisha (Major), 1753; died April 14, 1821, age 68. EHsha 
Babbitt is credited with founding the first newspaper at 

James (Served in Revolution with his brother Ehjah). 


Isaac Babbitt (Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Aug. 15, 1717, at 
Berkley, Mass. Died before May 8, 1777, on which date his son Seth 
is appointed administrator. 

He settled at Mendham, N. J., about 1743. On May 2, 1744, the East 
Jersey Land Records at Perth Amboy record his purchase of about 50 
acres at Rocksiticus (an old name of Mendham), said tract being on the 
South side of Thos. Kent's mill pond. 


While the American troops were quartered in Morristown, Isaac Babbitt 
and his family sent them daily great quantities of bread baked in the great 
home oven. 

Married Feb. 12, 1738-9, at Berkley, Mass., Elizabeth Babbitt, No. 32, 
daughter of Seth and Sarah (Cooper) Babbitt. She was born Feb. 
29, 1714. 

Children: — ; vd W j L. 

149 Seth,Nov. 16, 1741.- ^'^ ^' ^' ^"'*' 

Isaac, Feb. 10 (or 19), 1742-3. Served in Revolution. Died 
Nov. 9, 1792 He was styled "Sargeant." His will at 
Trenton, N. J., disclosed the relationship of the New Jersey 
Babbitts. He was married. Name of wife unknown. No 
X 150 Daniel, Jan. 7, 1752. 
>151 Job . 

152 Elkanah . 

Mary ; married Benham. 

153 Martha ; married John Lyon about 1780 and removed 

to Ogdensburg, N. Y. 

Sarah, ; married Dunlap. 

The accompanying deed gave proof of their removal to New Jersey. 

Bristol County Deeds, Book 50, page 271. 

"To all people to whom these presents fhall Come Know ye 
that I Ebenezer Byram of Mendum in ye County of Morris 
in ye province of New Jersey Esqr for and in Consideration 
of ye sum of fourteen pounds fourteen Shillings & four pence; 
to me in hand paid or secured to be paid by Nathaniel Bobbit 
Easton in ye County of Bristol in ye province of ye massa- 
chusetts Bay in New England yeoman. Have remised Re- 
leased and for ever Quit Claimed and by vertue of a power 
of attorney to me Given by Isaac Bobbit and Elizabeth his 
wife Do by these Presents Remise Release and for ever Quit 
Claim unto him sd Nathaniel Bobbet his heirs and assigns 
for ever all such Rights Estates Tittle Interest and Demand 
what so Ever ye sd Isaac and Elizabeth Bobbit held or ought 
to have in or to all ye Estate that was Given to Thomas Bobbit 


by his father Seth Bobbit of sd Easton Late Deceased in sd 
Estate Divided & Set off to ye sd Thomas Bobbit; a minor 
who is now Deceased or any estate that hath or shall arise 
unto sd Estate by any ways or means what so ever; he sd 
nathaniel paying to his mother over and above ye above sum 
all Demands she may have on sd Land as Thirds, mainte- 
nance Costs or any other ways and also and also on Con- 
fideration of ye above sum Do aquit ye sd Nathaniel Bobbit 
of ye Legacy of Six pounds Thirteen shillings & four pence 
given to EHzabeth Bobbit by her father Seth Bobbit in his 
Last Will and Testament to be paid to her by Erasmus bobbit 
and ye above sd Thomas Bobbit now Deceased. To Have 
and to Hold all ye above sd Estate unto ye said Nathaniel 
Bobbit his heirs and assigns for ever; and I ye sd Ebenezer 
Byram for my selfe and my heirs and assigns for ever; and 
I ye sd Ebenezer Byram for my selfe and my heirs Do Cove- 
nant to and with ye sd Nathaniel Bobbit his heirs and as- 
signs for ever against ye LawfuU Claims & Demands of Isaac 
Babbit and Elizabeth Bobbit his Wife or any in by or under 
them ye above Bargained premises for ever to warrant and 
Defend in Witness where of I have here unto set my hand 
and seal this Tenth Day of April 1758. 
Signed sealed & Delivered (Signed) Ebenr Byram 

in presence of us 
Ebenezer Allen 
Nathan Alden, 
Reed October 30th 1765 Recorded." 


From an old history of New Jersey by John W. Barber and 
Henry Howe: 

The township of Mendham is about 6 m. sq. bound N. by Randolph, 
E. by Morris, S. by Bernard & Bedminster, Somerset Co., &: W. by Ches- 
ter. The surface is generally hilly & on the N. mountainous. The soil 
is fertile, productive in wheat and grass & great numbers of peaches are 
raised. Limestone is quarried to a considerable extent on the North 
Branch of the Raritan. The township is well watered, & important 
branches of the Raritan & Passaic take their rise within a mile of each 


There are 2 grist, 1 saw, 1 fulling m., 1 woolen, 1 cotton factory; Cap. 
in manufac. $29,800. 3 academies, 95 students; 5 schools, 183 scholars, 
Pop. 1,378. 

The earliest regular settlement in Mendham was on the N. branch of 
the Raritan. As early as 1713 there were some few squatters' cabins. 
At that time land was taken up by the Wills family, but they did not settle 
until many years after. The village of Mendham is in the central part, 
6J^ miles S. W. of Morristown. Among the first settlers in the vicinity 
were the Byram, Gary, Thompson, & Drake families. The grave-stone 
of the elder Ebenezer Byram, which is now standing in the graveyard, 
records his death Aug. 9th, 1753, aged 61. When he came, the locality 
bore the Indian name, Roxiticus. The name of a tavern which he estab- 
lished was "The Black Horse," from its sign. Tradition asserts the neigh- 
borhood was rendered famous by the pranks of a wild crew of fellows 
who lived there. Mr. Byram having been told the nature of the society 
he had settled in, replied, I'll mend 'em," — an assertion he carried out 
literally: hence the name Mendham. 

The village of Mendham contains a Methodist & a Presbyterian church, 
an academy for males, & the "Hill-top" Seminary for females; several 
stores, 2 carriage establishments, & about 50 dwellings. When a young 
man, the Hon. Samuel L. Southard taught school in Mendham. A con- 
siderable number of young men have been prepared for college in this 
place who finally entered the ministry of the Presbyterian church. 

The Presbyterian church, standing on a beautiful and commanding 
elevation in the southern part of the village, is seen, in some directions 
from a distance of many miles; and it is asserted that when the atmos- 
phere is very clear it can be discerned from elevated land in Pennsylvania 
distant 30 or 40 miles. The oldest stone in the ancient graveyard adjoin- 
ing the church, is that of Stephen Cooke, who died Dec. 16th, 1749. The 
first person there buried was Mrs. Drake, in 1745. There are two other 
burying grounds, though unused for many years. One is on a hill a 
quarter of a mile E. of the N. branch of the Raritan, within a few rods of 
the Washington turnpike; the other a mile S. of the village, on the Bald- 
win farm, — which latter is now a cultivated field . Some time previous 
to 1740, a small building was erected for public worship by the Presby- 
terians, on the Morris turnpike, about a mile & a half west of the village. 


In Oct. 1743, Mr. Eliab Byram, from Bridgewater, Mass., commenced 
preaching. In 1745 a new church was erected on the hill, which remained 
until a new one was built in 1816. In 1835 it was burnt, & the present 
handsome edifice reared. 

The following are the names of the Pastors of this society, with the dates 
of their settlement: Eliab Byram, May, 1744; John Pierson, (son of 
President Pierson of Yale College) spring of 1753; Francis Peppard, 1764; 
Thomas Lewis, spring of 1769; John Joline, May, 1778; Amzi Arensburg, 
Nov. 29, 1796; Samuel H. Cox, July 1, 1817; PhiHp C. Hay, June 19, 
1821; John VauHen, June 19, 1824; & Daniel Johnson, the present pas- 
tor, June 27, 1826. Ralstonville & Water Street are small collections 
of houses in the township, — the first l}i miles W. & the last 33^2 rn- N. E. 
of Mendham. 

There was anciently an Indian village on the farm of Col. J. W. Drake, 
on the hill-side about 40 rods from his dwelling. The houses were scat- 
tered continuously aroimd the hill. Indian arrow-heads, stones & other 
relics, have been occasionally ploughed up. In the winter of 1779-80 
when the American headquarters were at Morristown, a portion of the 
army were barracked in rude log huts, in this & Morris townships. The 
headquarters of two of the officers, Col. Robinson & Chevalier Mas- 
sillon, a French officer, were at the dwellings now occupied by Col. J. N. 
Drake, about a mile from the village, on the road to Morristown, — at 
that time the residence of his grandfather. On the breaking out of the 
mutiny in the Penn. line, the officers were extremely alarmed and in one 
or two instances, ran from their camp barefooted in the snow 2 or 3 miles. 
Despairing of their country's cause, some of them wept. When here, 
the soldiers lived miserably; broken down by disease and want, they dep- 
redated upon the inhabitants, became filthy in their persons, and infested 
with vermin. When the sickness was at its height, no less than forty 
coffins were brought at one time, and piled against the barn of Mr. Drake, 
which, together with the church, was used as an hospital, — the latter 
having been divested of its seats for that purpose. Callous and inured 
to the horrors that beset them, the soldiers, regardless of all, were seen 
playing cards upon the coffins containing the remains of their deceased 

Copied from 
New Ed. of Barber's Hist., 1853 by E. L. Babbitt. 



Hopestill Babbitt (Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . Bom Jan. 7, 1720, 
in Berkley, Mass. Died before 1756. Married Jan. 18, 1738, Eliphaz 
Harlow. Died Oct. 27, 1787, age 68. 

Eliphaz Harlow married, 2nd, 1756, Hannah Crane, who died Oct. 
14, 1762. He married, 3rd, ( ) Haskins, and outlived her. 


Zephaniah Babbitt (Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Jan. 5, 1735, 
in Berkley, Mass. 

Zephaniah Babbitt — Private in Capt. Joseph Tinkham's Co., Col. 
Bradford's Regt. Roll sworn at Middleboro in 1757. 

He is thought to have received land grants in Western, Conn., where he 
removed. Supposed to have died in Rev. War in Arnold's expedition 
against Canada. 

Married Abigail Hamlin, daughter of Cornelius and Mary Hamlin. 
Born in Colchester, Conn., Oct. 8, 1738. She is thought to have been of 
Mayflower descent, although this fact has never been proved. 

Children: — 

154 Isaac, April 19, 1769. 

155 William. 

156 Lemuel, 1759. 

157 Samuel. 

158 Asa, 1772. 

159 Abigail, Dec. 19, 1774. 


Samuel Babbitt (Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Sept. 30, 1737, 
in Berkley, Mass. Lived in Killingly, Conn., Leicester, Mass., Barre, 
Mass., and Petersham, Mass.; also Wardsboro, Vt., where he died. In 
1796 he was living in Barre, Mass. Died 1807. 

Samuel Babbitt — "Cordwainer," age 19, "of Taunton" (born in Berk- 
ley); in Capt. Samuel Thatcher's Co. at Fort Edward, July 26, 1756. 
i\lso in Ebenezer Dean's Co., Col. Ephraim Leonard's Regt. until July, 
1756. Also served in Capt. David Holmes' Co., Col. Eleazer Fitches' 
4th Conn. Regt. in 1759. 


Married (1st) Dec. 3rd, 1761, Abigail Goodspeed, who died Sept. 
14, 1762. (2nd) Nov. 15, 1763, Bathsheba Converse; born Dec. 8, 1741, 
to Pain and Mary (Halford) Converse in Thompson, Conn. 

Children: — 

Abigail, Sept. 8, 1762; died April 1769. 

160 Silas, Oct. 1, 1764. 

161 Sanford, Dec. 17, 1765. 

Abigail (perhaps) m. Abel White in Hardwick, INIass., 1785. 


Amariah Babbitt (Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . Born May 16, 1743. 
He was one of the first settlers of New Ashford about 1762 and on the 
first board of Selectmen; town clerk for years. On Committee of Cor- 
respondence and Safety, 1775. On April 27, 1791, Commonwealth "of 
Massachusetts deeded him Lot No. 1 in New Ashford. His farm was 
on the town line between New Ashford and Lanesborough. 

In the settlement of his estate, children as mentioned below are given, 
and the date on which each was to receive his share of the estate gives 
the order of their births. He moved to Lanesboro about 1761. Died 
March 6, 1798, in New Ashford, Mass., where he is buried. 

Married Mary Burgess, daughter of Jacob and Ruth (Wood) Burgess. 
She died in 1839 in Auburn, N. Y., aged 87 years. 

Children: — 

162 Stephen, 1766-67. 

Mary, about 1770; m. Isaac Sherwood (Int. March 21, 1790). 

He was born Oct. 13, 1769. Settled in Norway, N. Y. 
Amariah, 1771; d. Sept. 27, 1776. 

Mehitable about 1772; m. Asahel Jackson (Int. March 26, 1793). 
Amariah, ; m. Judith Brayton, (Int. March 8, 1801), 

in Cheshire, Mass. 

163 Samuel Burgess about 1781. 
Cyrene, 1784. 

164 Roswell about 1786. 

Elkanah about 1788. Died War of 1812. 

165 Deodatus, Aug. 5, 1790. 

166 Isaac about 1791. 


Epitaph of Amariah Babbitt: — 

"Dear Friends, be wise — 'tis time to know 

The fading state of things below. 

Let every moment as it flies 

Direct your thoughts above the skies." 

From Perry's "WilHamstown and Williams College," Page No. 113. 
"New Ashford has since become almost depopulated; but here are twenty 
names — Capt. Babbitt and Company on its Contemporary Muster Roll, 
who are likely to remain known citizens of that little borough till the end 
of Time." 

Military Record: — Amariah Babbitt, New Ashford — Captain, Col. 
Benjamin Simond's (Berkshire Co.) Regt. ; marched to Manchester, 
July 9, 1777; service, 16 days; also, pay roll for six days service from 
Aug. 14, to Aug. 19, 1777; marched to Meloomscuyck near Bennington; 
also, certificate dated WilHamstown, Oct. 24, 1777, given by Col. Simonds, 
certifying that said Babbitt served as captain six days at Bennington; 
also, pay roll for five days service at the Northward on an alarm, Oct. 14, 
1780; also, Col. Barns's Regt.; service, eight days, on an alarm in Oct. 1781. 

Capt. 11th Co., Col. Simond's 7th Essex Co. (also given 2nd Berkshire 
Co.) Regt.; list of officers in Mass. militia; commissioned May 3, 1778. 


John Babbitt (Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) , Born 1750. Birthplace 
not known. In Lanesboro, Mass., from 1775-1781; a farmer. Soldier 
of Revolution. 

The census of 1790 credits him with a family of five — including himself 
and his wife. 

April 12, 1811, the State of New York deeded him land in Fish Creek, 
Vienna, N. Y., where he settled and lived till his death. Died Aug. 30, 

1825, aged 75 years, 4 months. Married Mercy . She died Nov. 9, 

1838,' aged 82 years. 


Children: — 

167 John B. about 1796. 

168 Betsey, Oct. 14, 1782. 

John Babbitt, New Ashford — Capt. Stratton's Co., Col. Benjamin 
Simond's Regt.; return of men drafted from Berkshire Co. militia who 
marched to Horse Neck (year not given) ; reported failed to join regiment. 

Lanesborough — Corporal, Capt. Asa Barns's Co., Col. Benjamin 
Simond's (Berkshire Co.) Regt.; marched Oct. 14, 1780; service seven 
days at the Northward; also, pay roll for 10 days service on and alarm at 
the Northward, from Oct. 26, 1780; also. Sergeant, Capt. Davi Wheeler's 
Co.; Col. Asa Barnes' Regt.; marched to Saratoga, Oct. 29, 1781 ; service 
11 days. 

Lanesborough — 4th Corporal, Capt. Barns's Co., Col. Woodbridge's 
Regt.; company return dated Sept. 28, 1775; also, Private, Capt. David 
Wheeler's Co., Col. John Brown's Regt. ; enlisted June 30, 1777; discharged 
July 25, 1777; service, 26 days; stationed at Fort Ann. Roll sworn at 

Lanesborough — Corporal, Capt. Asa Barnes' Co., Col. Benjamin 
Woodbridges' Regt.; muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775; enlisted May 25, 
1775; service 2 months, 8 days. 

Capt. Asa Barnes' Co., Col. Benjamin Ruggles Woodbridges' Regt.; 
order for bounty coat or its equivalent in money dated Oct. 23, 1775. 


Abijah Hathaway, (Damaris Babbitt Hathaway Elkanah-Edward) . 

Born July 17, 1716. 

His family record is included in this book because it completes a secon- 
dary Babbitt descent for a great number of Babbitts who intermarried 
with Hathaways. 

He married May 26, 1748, Sarah Talbot, daughter of Josiah and Sarah 
Talbot. She was sister of Ruth Talbot who married Gideon Babbitt 
(No. 46). 



Isaac, Oct. 23, 1749; married Elizabeth Babbitt (No. 113). 

Mercy, March 7, 1751. 

Sarah, Dec. 13, 1752; died Oct. 21, 1803; unmarried. 

Josiah, June 29, 1754; married Tryphena Newhall, July 23, 1781. 

Abijah, May 15, 1756; married Polly-Tinkham, Sept. 8, 1786. 

Peter, May 4, 1757; married Betsey Bragg, Dec. 1782. 

William, Sept. 10, 1759; married Bathsheba Babbitt (No. 178). 

Seth, Dec. 21, 1760; married Tryphena Crane, 

Miriam, Dec. 21, 1760; married Isaac Babbitt (No. 127). 

Benanuel, April 28, 1764; married Rebecca Hathaway. 


Josiah Babbitt ( Josiah- Elkanah-Edward) . Born Sept. 4, 1728, in 
Berkley. Nothing is known positively of his history, but in view of the 
fact that his brother Christopher removed to Berkshire Co., Mass., it seems 
possible that an unidentified Babbitt family recorded in Pittsfield, may 
be his. 

These records are: — 

"Mr. Wright and Mrs. Babbitt were married March 28, 1776. 
Mary Babbitt married Nathaniel Welch Int.-filed Aug. 8, 1775. 
Esther Babbitt married John Wait. Int.-filed March 23, 1776." 
It is presumed Mary and Esther are daughters of Josiah Babbitt, whose 
widow married Mr. Wright. It is also probable that the family included 
John Babbitt, whose Rev. War record follows. 

John Babbitt, Pittsfield— Capt. Wilham Francis' Co., Maj. Caleb 
Hyde's Regt.; marched to Fort Edward, July 8, 1777; discharged Aug. 
26, 1777; service seven weeks. 


Reuben Babbitt (Josiah-Elkanah-Edward.) Born 1740-41 in Eastern 
New York. 

There is no recorded evidence that Reuben Babbitt was son of Josiah, 
but his appearance in Eastern New York where Josiah, Sr., resided leaves 
little room for doubt that he was Josiah's son. 


The records at Albany state: — 

"Reuben Babbitt enlisted in the 6th Company, 1st New York Regi- 
ment, and served from April 3, 1777, until May 1, 1778." The record 
further says that he died May 1, 1778. He appears with his son John 
in New York Revolution Rolls in both the 1st and 3rd New York Reg- 

In 1790 the State of New York granted Richard Edward Adms. lot 
No. 1 in Cato, N. Y. — 600 acres — ^for the service of Reuben Babbitt. 

Married (1st) (Name unknown). By his first marriage he had one 
daughter who was probably Sophia Jenkins of Canaan, N. Y., who claimed 
part of his land grant in Cato, N. Y. Sophia was wife of Joseph Jenkins. 
Married (2nd) perhaps Emmons. One son. 
169 John about 1765. 


Sarah Babbitt (Benjamin-Elkanah-Edward). Born May 9, 1727, 
Berkley, Mass. Died March 30, 1760. 
Married June 12, 1746, Ephraim Pray. 

Ruth, April 1, 1750. 

Abigail, April 17, 1752. 

Grace, Feb. 1, 1754. 

Ebenezer, April 28, 1757. 

Filena (or Philena), July 6, 1759. 


Jonathan Babbitt (Benjamin-Elkanah-Edward). Born Feb. 5, 1729, 
in Berkley, Mass. Resided in Berkley. Was styled "Joyner" in deeds. 
Died about 1782. 

In 1756 Jonathan and Elizabeth Babbitt deed Benjamin Babbitt land, 
formerly father Benjamin's. 

In 1761 he bought land in Dighton of Nathan Walker. 

In 1763 he is called of "Dighton" in deed to Ebenezer Redding. 

Probably resided after 1768 near Middletown, Connecticut. 

Tvlarried March 1, 1753, Elizabeth Talbot. 


Children: — 

Benjamin Feb. 14, 1754 — Private in Capt. Jonathan Meig's, 
Gen. Spencer's 2nd Connecticut Regiment. EnHsted May 5, 
1775. Discharged Dec. 19, 1775. Ensign 8th Co., 23rd 
Regiment, 1777. Private 4th Co., 3rd Regiment, Sept. 14. 
Dec. 20, 1780, Sergeant Capt. Matthew Randall's Co., Col. 
Abiel Mitchell's Regiment. EnHsted July 29, 1780, for 
3 months, 5 days. 

170 WilHam, Feb. 9, 1756. 
Abigail, March 29, 1758. 
Sarah, June 26, 1760. 

Elizabeth, ; baptized Aug. 23, 1763. 

Peace ; baptized Aug. 23, 1763. 

171 Dyer, 1770. 

172 Nathaniel. 


Benjamin Babbitt (Benjarain-Elkanah-Edward). Born Feb. 14, 
1732, Berkley. 

Styled "Cordwainer" in deeds. 

Removed to Brookfield, Mass., 1763. 

Was on committee of correspondence, 1773, in Capt. Ingersoll's Co., 
and deserted Aug. 14, 1757. 

Benjamin Babbitt, Berkley — Private (company not given) April 4 to 
Sept. 12, 1758. In Capt. James Andrew's Co., April 4 to May 31, 1758, 
under Col. Thos. Doty. 

Capt. Zebedee Redding's Co., Col. Josiah Whitney's Regt. ; order for 
advance pay dated Camp at Hull, June 21, 1776; also. Private; pay 
roll for 2 months, 13 days service prior to Aug. 1, 1776; pay roll for 1 
month, 2 days service from Aug. 1, 1776; reported died Sept. 3, 1776. 

Died , Brookfield, Mass. 

Married (Intentions) April 19, 1754, Mary Carlisle of Freetown, Mass. 

Born , 1733; died May 21, 1800, in Bethel, Vt. She had married, 

(2nd) James Thompson, of New Braintree, Nov. 1779. 



173 Joel, June 4, 1755. 
Benjamin ; perhaps. 

Atkins (?) Atkins Babbitt, a soldier in Revolutionary War, 
from North Brookfield, Mass. He was perhaps son of 


Abigail Babbitt (Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward) . Born June 5, 1735. 
Married May 22, 1760, Thomas Hathaway, of Freetown, son of Isaac 
and Sarah (Makepeace) Hathaway. Born 1721. 

Children: — ^These children are given by tradition which cannot be 


Elkanah Babbitt (Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). Styled "Joyner.'* 
Born Aug. 19, 1737. Died March 17, 1814, Brookfield, Mass. 

Resided in Middleboro, Mass., and later in Spencer and Brookfield, 
Mass. There has been some diflficulty in distinguishing this Elkanah 
from his cousin of the same name (No. 77) , born the same year and whose 
wife was also Hannah. This Elkanah was styled on deeds as of "Mid- 
dleboro" and he lived there after his mother's marriage to Nathaniel 
HoUoway of Middleboro. It is further proved by record of deed as noted 
under No. 77. 

Married (1st) Jan. 18, 1759, in Berkley, Hannah Briggs. She was 
born Sept. 10, 1736, to Seth and Hannah. She died Sept. 25, 1806. 
(2nd) Dec. 4, 1806, in Brookfield, Mass., Lydia Knowlton, who was 
born in 1749 and died Sept. 11, 1827. 

Children: — 

174 Samuel, Oct. 7, 1759. 
Mary, Aug. 16, 1762. 

175 Sally, 1766. 

176 Lydia. 






Abel Babbitt (Benjamin-Elkanah-Edward). Bom Sept. 3, 1740, 
in Berkley. 

Was styled "Joyner." He served continually in the early wars — was 
with Col. Winslow at the expulsion of the Acadians. 

In 1807 Abel Babbitt gave deed to Roger French at Barnard, Vt., of 
land in return for which French should support Abel and wife Patience. 
Patience died before Feb. 22, 1824, and Abel went to live with his son, 
Abel, Jr., who gave bond for his support to Roger French. 

Feb. 5, 1765, Abel and EHzabeth Babbitt of Berkley deed Elkanah 
Babbitt of Middleboro land in Berkley given them by will of father Ben- 
jamin, bounded on east by Berkley Common. 

March 8, 1815, Abel and Patience give power of Attorney to settle 
estate of Gershom Crane of Berkley — from Barnard, Vt. 

Died at Barnard, Vt., later than 1824. Married Elizabeth Hathaway, 

Jan. 2, 1762, who died before 1806. Married (2nd) Patience ( ). 

She died before 1824. 

Children: — 

Elizabeth, Oct. 27, 1762. The "Crane Papers" at Taunton 
state that she married Abiel Hathaway, Feb. 23, 1782, 
son of Benj. and Mary (Davis) Hathaway and born Dec. 
16, 1759. 

Benjamin, Aug. 9, 1764. 

177 Abel, Dec. 31, 1766. 

178 Bathsheba, Jan. 26, 1769. 

Military Record: — Abel Babbitt, Berkley — Was at Sutton under Capt. 
Richard Cobb 1758; was in Capt. Jotham Gay's Co. from April 2nd to 
Nov. 9th, 1759; was a private (Company not given) in Nova Scotia, Jan. 
1st to Dec. 17, 1760. 

Ensign, Capt. Samuel Tubbs' Co., Col. Jacob French's Regt.; list of 
oflScers in Massachusetts militia; commissioned March 26, 1776; regiment 
raised in Bristol and Cumberland counties; stationed at Winter Hill 
Feb. 27, 1776; also, 2nd Lieut. Capt. Zebedee Redding's Co., Col. Josiah 
Whitney's Regt.; return of officers for 46 days rations from April 11, 1776; 


also, return of officers Col. Whitney's Regt.; commissioned Sept. 7, 1776; 
regiment raised for defense of Boston; also, pay roll for three months, 
twenty days service prior to Aug. 1, 1776; also, pay rolls for service from 
Aug. 1, 1776, to Dec. 1, 1776, four months. 

Also captain in Col. John Hathaway's Regiment. 


Bathsheba Babbitt (Benjamin-Elkanah-Edward). Born Aug. 13, 1742. 
Lived in Spencer and Peru, Mass. 

Levi Pierce was a notable Revolutionary patriot and enlisted from 
Spencer, Mass., many times. 

Died Aug. 31, 1830. Married Feb. 11, 1761, Levi Pierce. Died 
Jan. 1, 1826. 

Abner, b. Oct. 4, 1761; d. Jan. 29, 1851. (Reverend). Married 
Feb. 1, 1787, Huldah Wilcox, born Feb. 1, 1765; died Feb. 9, 
1849. They had nine children. 
Ann. Died young. 

George 1767; m. Abigail "Kenney" at Peru; d. 1858. 
Capt. Benjamin, 1769; m. Mercy Hathaway. Born May 5, 1771, 
daughter of James and Abigail (Pierce) Hathaway. Captain 
at Peru, Mass. 
EH Spencer, 1772; m. (1st) Mary Thompson, 1801; (2nd) Electa 

Leland, 1815; d. 1868. 
Liberty, May 23, 1777; d. July 28, 1862; m. (1st) Eunice Wight- 
man; (2nd) Minerva Dresser; (3rd) Betsey Pierce. 
Le\d, 1778; d. 1850; m. Dolly Thompson of Peru. Was Colonel. 

Moved to Cooperstown, N. Y. 
Shadrack, May 29, 1782; d. 1882; m. (1st) Badger; (2nd) Lydia 

Daniel, Feb. 23, 1783; d. 1810; m. Abigail (Lyman). 
Isaac 1784; m. Polly Webb. 
Sarah, 1786; m. Wm. Ensign. 



Elkanah Babbitt (Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Styled "Yeoman" and 
"Joyner". Born Nov. 26, 1737, in Berkley. 

This Elkanah Babbitt resided in Berkley all his life. His cousin of 
the same name and age resided in Middleboro and finally settled in Spen- 
cer and Brookfield, Mass. This is proved by deed of July 16, 1766, when 
Elkanah and Hannah of Berkley deed Abel Babbitt land adjoining land 
of "ray sister Sarah Babbitt." 

Elkanah of jSIiddleboro had a sister Sarah, but she was dead at that 
date and had been married. Elkanah of Berkley had a sister Sarah, 
aged 12 years at this date, who held a share of her deceased father's estate. 
This deed distinguishes clearly these two Elkanahs whose family records 
are very confusing. 

He was living in 1806 as on Feb. 24th of that year he deeds homestead 
to Benjamin. 

He married (1st) Hannah ( ). Maiden name unknown. He 

married (2nd) Abigail Palmer (styled "widow" of Somerset, Mass.) 
Nov. 22, 1807 


179 Wealthea, Dec. 14, 1763. 

180 James, Nov. 24, 1764. 

181 Isaac, Sept. 29, 1774. 

182 Warren, Oct. 25, 1776. 

183 Benjamin. 

184 Hopestill. 
George died 1814. 

Military Record: — Elkanah Babbitt — In Taunton Train Band, 4th 
Company, 1757. In Capt. Andrew's Co., 1758. 

Private, Capt. James Nichol's Co., Col. Edward Pope's (Bristol Co.) 
Regt.; service eight days at Rhode Island on the alarm of Dec. 16, 1776; 
stationed at Warren, R. I. 

Private, Capt. Abel Babbitt's Co., Col. John Hathaway's Regt.; marched 
on an alarm at Rhode Island, Aug. 1, 1780; discharged Aug. 7, 1780; 
service, six days. 



Seth Babbitt (Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Born March 5, 1751. 

Under date of 1772 Seth Babbitt of Brookfield, Mass., deeded Elkanah 
Babbitt "Joyner" of Middleboro — lands of his father Joseph. 

Died , Brookfield, Mass. Married (Int. May 3, 1772) Rebecca 

Dewing, daughter of Solomon and Ruth (Richardson) Dewing; supposed 
sister of Jonathan Dewing of Natick, Mass., and daughter of Solomon 
and Ruth (Richardson) Dewing. 


185 Seth. 

186 Benjamin. 

187 Ruth, b. Feb. 13, 1782. 

Lucy ; m. (1st) Jones, Northfield, Vt.; (2nd) Huntoon. 

Rebecca 1787; d. Oct. 17, 1857, age 80, not married, in Brook- 
field, Mass. 

Dexter ; not married. 

Willard ; not married. 

A daughter whose daughter married a Hart. 

188 Experience. 
(Perhaps others). 

Census of 1790 gives him three sons and five daughters. 


Stephen Babbitt (William-Erasmus-Edward-Edward). Born July 7, 

Was a Universalist clergyman and also represented Huntington in the 
General Court of Connecticut. 

He was married twice but name of neither wife is found. He was closely 
associated with his brother Abiel and they owned about 500 acres in Mon- 
roe Conn, and thereabout. Before his death he deeded most of his property 
to his brother. He died Sept. 10, 1830. 

No children survived and his will gives his estate to children of brother 



Abiel Babbitt (William-Erasmus-Edward-Edward). Born Aug. 9, 1766. 
Lived in Monroe Conn. — a prosperous farmer. He and his brother ap- 
pear to have owned their property in common. They made much profit 
disposing of cattle in the New York market. 

At the old homestead in Monroe Conn, there is an interesting record of 
the growth of the children as marked by nails driven in a post. 

Died March 31, 1847, in Fairfield Conn. Married (1st) Mary. Died 
April 30, 1787, age 23 years, 7 months, 4 days. (2nd) Dec. 25, 1789, at 
Westport Conn., Abigail (Burr) Sturges, daughter of Andrew and Abigail 
Sturges. Born May 3, 1771; died Dec. 15, 1864. 
Children: All born in Monroe Conn: — 

William Rufus, Aug. 8, 1792. Graduate of Yale, class 1814; 
was a lawyer. Died Aug. 21, 1817, in Indianapolis, Ind. 
Married Sarah B. Burr; two children. 
Sarah B., Aug. 9, 1794. Married March 4, 1821, PhUo Burr 
of Andes, N. Y. Had two sons Edwin and Francis. 

189 Andrew Sturgis, July 31, 1796. 

Abigail M., June 18, 1798; d. Oct. 14, 1857, in Galesburg, 111. 

190 Samuel T., March 30, 1800. 

Eliza M., Feb. 10, 1802; d. Aug. 1, 1869; m. Benedict. 

191 Edwin Burr, Jan. 8, 1804. 

192 Abiel Ambrose, July 30, 1807 

193 JuHa Ann, July 20, 1809. 

194 Frances Lavinia, March 8, 1812. 

Stephen June 29, 1814; d. April 5, 1901, Bushnell, III, a 


Olive Babbitt (Seth-Erasmus-Edward-Edward). Born May 4, 1755. 
Died Feb. 13, 1831. 

Married in Bridgewater, Mass., Gamaliel Howard, son of Nathan and 
Jane Howard (Int. Sept. 30, 1775). Born July 6, 1751 ; died July 18,1831. 


Children: — 

Lucy, Aug. 16, 1786; m. Nathan Church, 1810. 
Ohve, Nov. 4, 1788; m. Benj. B. Howard, 1810. 
Ozel, April 18, 1791 ; d. Nov. 1, 1813. Unmarried. 


Seth Babbitt (Abiathar-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born March 17, 1757. 
Resided in Hardwick, Mass., before joining the Shakers — Called "Dea- 
con" Seth on Shaker Record. Died Nov. 25, 1826, at Harvard Shakers. 

Married April 22, 1779 Betty Blanchard, daughter of Joseph and 
Sarah (Babbitt) Blanchard. (See No. 34). Born Nov. 30, 1758; died 
Aug. 10, 1825, at Harvard Shakers. 

Children: — Born in Hardwick, Mass. 

Sarah Dec. 10, 1779; d. Dec. 10, 1853, at Harvard; (also called 

Tabitha). (From Shaker Records). 
Elizabeth July 13, 1781; d. May 24, 1865, at Harvard Shakers. 

Seth Babbitt, Hardwick — Private, Capt. Simeon Hazeltine's Co., Col. 
Fellow's Regt.; muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775; enlisted May 2, 1775; 
service 3 months, 7 days, also, company return dated Oct. 7, 1775; also, 
list of men entitled to receive a bounty coat or its equivalent in money, 
dated Hardwick, Nov. 2, 1775. 

Private, Capt. Timothy Paige's Co., Col. James Convers's Regt.; 
marched to Bennington, Aug. 21, 1777, on an alarm; discharged Aug. 
31, 1777; service 10 days. 


Abiathar Babbitt (Abiathar-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born July 16, 
1761. Entered the Church Family of Shakers of Mt. Lebanon, N. Y., 
in 1788, and was a member of the ministry, 1798-1821 when he went to 
the ^^'atervliet, N. Y, Shaker Colony, where he lived until his death. 

Died May 4, 1847, and is buried in the Shaker cemetery in Niskayuna, 
N. Y. He was one of the elders to be honored with burial side of the 
founder of their faith, Ann Lee. 


Erasmus Babbitt (Simeon-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born , Fas- 
ten, Mass. 


Erasmus Babbitt resided in Mendham, N. J., where he was a manu- 
facturer of ship hardware — such as nails, boks, staples, etc., becoming 
very prosperous. Died 1818, Mendham, N. J. 

Married Ehzabeth Bailey, daughter of Erasmus Bailey, a German. 
She was sometimes called Woodman from her adopted father, Joseph Wood- 
man. She was livmg in 1833. Joseph Woodman was a staunch patriot. 
He loaned the Gov't S40,000 in gold during the Revolutionary War, 
which money was later repaid in worthless script. 


195 Sarah. 

196 Elias Rolson, 1777. 

Amzi ; had wife Lucy; one child. In 1834 at Vernon, 


Ebenezer ; died at Rockaway, N. J.; unmarried. 

Nancy, ; m. Robert DeGroat a (brother of Peter). 

Martha ; m. Peter DeGroat. She died about 1834. 

197 John Ralston, Feb. 11, 1808. 


Daniel Babbitt (Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward) . Born Jan. 7, 1751. 
He settled in Londonderry, Vt., before 1790, his name appearing in U. S. 
Census as a resident there at that date. He has a large family credited 
him in this report which would suggest a possible earlier family. In 1779 
he was teaching school at Northfield, Vt. 

Died March 13, 1806, at Windham, Vt. Married Anne ( ) She 

afterward married Samuel Goddard. 

Children: — 

198 David, Feb. 19, 1798. 

John, ; d. 1889. Probably never married. 

199 Cyrus. 

Ruth, March 7, 1800; d. March 13, 1806. 
Calvin, March, 1802; d. Granville, N. Y. 
Betsey, June 1, 1804. 


Daniel Babbitt, Athol — Private, Capt. Benjamin Edgell's Co., Col. 
John Jacobs' Regt.; enlisted June 30, 1778; service six months; also, 
muster roll for Jan. — ^Aug., 1778, dated Freetown; reported sick in hos- 
pitals; also, muster roll for Jan. — Oct., 1778, dated Freetown; reported 
sick and absent; enlistment to expire Jan. 1, 1779. 

Private, Capt. Benjamin Edgell's Col. John Jacob's Regt.; enlisted 
June 30, 1778; service six months, seven days. 

Private, Capt. Elisha Jackson's Co.; enlisted June 30, 1778; roll dated 
Middleton, Aug. 27, 1778. 


Ruth Babbitt (Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born Oct. 18, 1753, 
in Easton, Mass. Lived in Albany, N. Y. 

Died Sept. 2, 1826, in Burke, Vt. Married March 31, 1777, Asahel 
Burt, son of Aaron Burt of Westmoreland, N. H. Born 1755; died 1826. 

Samuel, Nov. 3, 1779; d. Aug. 19, 1852. 
Riverus, Oct. 13, 1780; d. Nov. 19, 1813. 
Erasmus, Feb. 20, 1782; d. March 29, 1843. 
Alfred, Aug. 14, 1783; d. Jan. 20, 1848. 
Silvanus, Aug. 21, 1785; d. Aug. 25, 1813. 
Arunah, Jan. 21, 1787; d. Sept. 24, 1813. 
Uri, Oct. 21, 1788; d. April 23, 1863. 

Asahel, May 9, 1791, captain in War of 1812; d. July 8, 1869; 
m. Sally Fairbanks, Sept. 19, 1819. 

Ruth Burt, born 1826; married James McCulloch, May 
24, 1850. Resided in Los Angeles, Cal. 
Children: — 

Sarah K., Feb. 15, 1851 ; m. Wm. H. Rhodes. 
Susan E., Oct. 7, 1853. 
Anna, E. Aug. 17, 1857. 
Marvin, July 20, 1861. 
James, Oct. 27, 1863-1896. 
Sarah, 1830-1894. 

Asahel, 1828-1901. Surgeon in Civil War. 
Susanna, Feb. 20, 1793; d. July 13, 1872. 
Ruth, Oct. 2, 1795; d. July 26, 1813. 








Asa Babbitt (Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born April 23, 1756. 
Died Feb. 23, 1838, in Hanover, N. H. A farmer in Hanover, N. H. 
Married Ruth Harriman, Aug. 9, 1787, by Rev. Eden Burroughs. 
Children: — 

Olive, Nov. 9, 1788; m. Wm. Harris, (In Canaan, N. H., 1837). 

200 John Montgomery, Feb. 27, 1792. 

Lucretia, Dec. 29, 1794. Probably died young. 

201 John, Nov. 24, 1797. 

202 Isaac, Nov. 7, 1801. 

Harmenia, May 3, 1804; m. Francis W. Keniston before 1833, 
daughter "Miss" Marinda at Enfield, N. H., Shakers. 
In 1833 was in Morgan, Vt. In 1837 was in Eaton, Lower 
Maria, Oct. 23, 1808; m. Homer Ross. In 1837 they were 
living in Eaton, Sherbrook, Canada. 
It seems impossible that Asa Babbitt should give the name John to 
two sons. It seems quite possible that John Montgomery Babbitt was 
really son of Asa's brother, Nathaniel who married a Montgomery. He 
was perhaps left an orphan and grew up in his uncle's family — where he 
is claimed to belong by Asa Babbitt's descendants, and where we leave 
his record. 

Private, Capt. Stearns' Co., Col. John Rand's Regt.; pay abstract for 
three months service in 1780. 

Private, Capt. William Marean's Co., Col. Jonathan Reed's (1st) Regt. 
of guards; muster rolls dated Cambridge, May 9 and June 1, 1778; en- 
listed March 28, 1778; enlistment, three months, from April 2, 1778. 

Private, Capt. William Marean's Co.; Col. Stearns' Regt. of guards; 
enlisted March 27, 1778; service 3 months, 6 days, guarding troops of con- 
vention at Cambridge; discharged July 29, 1778. 


Isaac Babbitt (Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born in Easton, 
Mass., Feb. 26, 1757. 

At about twelve years of age removed to Hanover, N. H. ; graduated 
at Dartmouth in 1783; studied theology with Rev. Eden Burroughs, D. D., 
the father of the notorious Stephen Burroughs; preached some in Ver- 


mont. After a pastorate in Charlemont, Mass., from 1796 to 1798, he 
resided about one year in Goshen, Mass., and then removed to Hartwick, 
N. Y., about 1801, and engaged in agriculture. He removed to Seneca 
Falls, N. Y., about 1832 and lived there imtil his death. Mr. Babbitt 
was a modest, sober and pius man. In his sentiments he might be called 
a strict Calvinist. His death occurred August 8, 1833. 

Married March 20, 1795, Prudence, daughter of Deacon Ezra and 
Margaret (Lyon) May of Woodstock, Conn. Her father was a Major 
in the Revolution and is reported to have. been the very first settler in 
Goshen, Mass. 

They had seven children, three daughters and four sons; but two are 

203 Ezra May. 

204 Rev. Calvin Washington. 

Isaac Babbitt — Pay roll of Col. Jonathan Chase's Regiment of New 
Hampshire militia which marched from Cornish and vicinity to reinforce 
the garrison at Ticonderoga on the alarm of June 27, 1777. 

Service from June 27 to July 3, 1777. Seven day's service and thirty- 
eight miles travel. 1;^ — 19 Sh. — 9 Pence. 


Uri Babbitt (Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born March 3, 1760. 
A physician by profession. He was especially remembered for his 
heroic work in 1813 in Danville, when an outbreak of typhus fever raged 
there. Settled in Danville, Vt., before 1790. In 1832 he was still in 
Danville, Vt. Died Jan. 5, 1844, in Danville, Vt. 
Married Lydia Harris. 
Children: — 

Erasmus, 1790; d. July 20, 1809, age 19. He was drowned 

in Danville, Vt. 
Sophia, Feb. 25, 1796; d. April 9, 1850. 

205 Melmda Crane, Feb. 17, 1798. 

206 Hiram, Aug. 8, 1800. 

207 John Winthrop, July 18, 1802. 
Uri, Aug. 4, 1804. Lost at sea. 

208 Emmeline, Feb. 2, 1807. 


209 Samuel Alden, Oct. 4, 1811. 

210 Benjamin Franklin, Aug. 2, 1814. 

211 Erasmus, July 28, 1809. 

Henry ; died aged 7 years. 

Arnold ; died in infancy. 

Uri Babbitt, Athol — ^Descriptive list of men raised to reinforce Conti- 
nental Army for the term of six months, agreeable to resolve of June 5, 
1780; age 20 years; stature, 5 ft. 9 in.; complexion, light; residence, Athol, 
arrived at Springfield, July 6, 1780; marched to camp July 7, 1780, under 
command of Capt. Dix; also, pay roll for six months men raised by the 
town of Athol for service in the Continental Army during 1780; marched 
July 2, 1780; service, 5 months, 16 days. 

Private, Capt. Nathan Hamilton's Co., Col. Samuel Brewer's Regt. ; 
pay abstract for service from Aug. 3, to Sept. 30, 1776, 1 month, 
29 days. 

Return of men enlisted into Continental Army from Capt. John 
Oliver's Co., dated Feb. 17, 1778; joined Capt. Blanchard's Co., Col. 
Wesson's Regt.; enlistment to expire Jan. 10, 1780; also, list of men 
mustered in Worcester Co. by Thomas Newhall, muster master; Capt. 
Blanchard's Co., Col. Wesson's Regt.; mustered June 13, 1777; 
enlistment, three years. 

Private, Capt. John Blanchard's Co., Col. James Wesson's (9th) 
Regt.; Continental Army pay accounts for service from May 14, 1777, to 
May 14, 1780, reported discharged. 

List of men raised for the six month's service and returned by Brig. 
Gen. Paterson as having passed muster in a return dated Camp Toto- 
way, Oct. 25, 1780. 

In his Pension papers in Washington he states that he was in the Bat- 
tles of Monmouth and Saratoga, and was present at the execution of Major 
Andre. He applied for pension, July 16, 1832, from Danville, Vt., at 
the age of 71. 



"Died at Danville, Vt., Jan. 5, 1844, Dr. Uri Babbitt, aged 84 years. 
He was a soldier in the Revolution and the last on the Pension list in 

He was the first and for many years the only Physician in Danville. 
During a large portion of his early practice he had no other guide as a 
highway than marked trees. He could distinctly recollect when there 
was but one house in the whole vicinity of what is now called Danville 
Green. And now he has a full termination of all his services to his fellow 
beings, and if the hope which he so long and fondly cherished and the 
belief which at all times seemed to be his anchor have terminated in reality, 
he is safe in Paradise and the full fruition af immortality. 

He lingered through a severe sickness of thirteen days without receiving 
an ounce of nourishment at the close of which he expired remarkably 


Nathaniel Babbitt (Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward) born May 17, 

Beyond the fact that his wife was a Montgomery and that he was a 
Rev. soldier we know nothing of his career. It is probable that John 
Montgomery Babbitt who was brought up by his brother Asa was really 
son of this Nathaniel for reasons given in note on that page. 

Nathaniel Babbitt, Athol — Descriptive list of men raised to reinforce 
Continental Army for the term of 6 months, agreeable to resolve of June 
5, 1780; age, 18 yrs.; stature, 5 ft. 7 in.; complexion, light; residence, 
Athol; arrived at Springiield July 6, 1780; marched to camp July 7, 1780, 
under command of Capt. Dix; also, pay roll for six months raised by the 
tovm of Athol for service in the Continental Army during 1780; marched 
July 2, 1780; discharged Dec. 17, 1780; service, 5 mos. 16 days. 


Ira Babbitt (Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born Aug. 1, 1764, 
Easton, Mass. Died Nov. 29, 1833, N. Y., City. 

Married (1st) Nov. 4, 1787, in Orange, Mass., Susanna Woodcock; 
(2nd), 1803, Sabra Vincent, in St. Johnsbury, Vt., daughter of John 


Vincent of Stonington, Conn., who settled in St. Johnsbury, Vt., and 
Anna (Dunbar). She was born Feb. 29, 1780, in Stonington, Ct. Died 
April 11, 1857, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Children: (1st wife):— 

212 Roswell, Sept. 4, 1795. 

213 Rhoda. 

214 Roxana. 
(2nd wife): — 

First child died aged 5 years, in Albany, N. Y. 

215 Susanna, Sept. 19, 1807, in Albany, N. Y. 

Ira Babbitt, Athol — Descriptive list of enlisted men; Capt. Thomas 
Lord's Co., Col. Grout's Regt; age, 16 years; stature, 5 ft. 7 in.; com- 
plexion, dark; occupation, farmer; residence, Athol; enlistment Feb. 8, 
1781; enlistment three years. 

Capt. Lord's Co. was afterward commanded by Captains Hudang and 
\\'alker under whom Ira Babbitt served until the company was consoli- 
dated with the Regiment commanded by Col. Jackson. He served in 
this Regiment as fifer until he was honorably discharged in June, 1784. 
— (From Pension Bureau at Washington) 

Ira Babbitt left his impress in many towns and in three states. Born 
in Easton, Mass., his father soon removed to Athol, Mass., where he en- 
listed in the War of the Revolution, Feb. 8, 1781. He served three years 
as described in the accompanying records. 

In 1787 we find his marriage recorded in Orange, Mass., and he soon 
removed to So. Londonderry, Vt., where his name appears in the Census 
of that town in 1790. He resided for a short time in Lyndon, Vt., also 
at Danville, Vt., where his brother Uri lived. WTiile here he began the 
erection of a house which was very pretentious for that time and which 
his means did not permit him to complete. This house became known 
as "Babbitt's Folly" and is the house shown in the accompanying illlus- 
tration. It was subsequently bought, completed and occupied by Uri 

It seems from private record that at the time of his second marriage he 
was a chemist or in the Drug business at Boston and visiting St. Johnsbury 
with a friend (who became his brother-in-law) met Sabra Vincent. An 
old mortar and pestle of his are preserved by descendants. He joined 
Columbian Lodge of Masons in Boston July 1, 1802. 


He removed to Greenbush, N. Y., soon after his second marriage and 
in 1818 still resided there, at which time and place his pension was grant- 
ed. In Greenbush he established extensive brick works and manufac- 
tured brick used in several forts during the War of 1812. This business 
resulted in financial loss and he sold out and removed to New York City, 
owning a home and other property on Essex and Stanton Streets. He 
died in New York City and was buried with high MiHtary and Masonic 
honors in the Houston St. Cemetery. His remains have since been re- 
moved and interred elsewhere. His widow leased her New York estate 
and went to Brooklyn to live with her two grandchildren about 1850, 
and died soon after. 

He is thus described by a descendant, from facts handed down in his 
family: — 

"He was of positive character, determined in action, given to the plan- 
ing of large enterprises and always optimistic of their success; always 
honorable in business, liberal and generous to his family and just to all. 
He was demonstrative and argumentative in speech and ceremonious in 
manner; a lover of music, a very good flutist — in all his tastes highly cul- 

His wife Sabra is described as a woman of splendid personality and 

"Sabra (Vincent) Babbitt was born Feb. 29, 1780, in Stonington, Conn. 
She was a woman of much beauty and refinement of character, possessing 
the traits of calm judgment combined with dignity and reserve; with 
kindly courtesy extending generous hospitality to relatives and friends; 
unselfish in her devotion to her family; ready always to help the needy, 
to cheer and comfort in times of sorrow, strong in her religious faith and 
consistent in her Christian life. She joined the Brainard Church, New 
York City, Feb. 23, 1834. She spent her last years in Brooklyn — and 
while there became a member of the First Presbyterian Church. She 
is buried in Cypress Hills Cemetery." 


Lydia Babbitt (Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born December 
28, 1766, in Easton Mass. Died Feb. , 1850, in Calais, Vt. 


Married Feb. 1, 1787, in Hanover, N. H., Jacob Eaton.^ son of David 
Eaton", David^ Thomas-, John^ Died Feb. 2, 1843, in Calais, Vt. 

Jason, Aug. 15, 1788. 

Nathaniel, Aug. 8, 1790; m. Ruth Bridgman in Hardwick, Vt. 


Dorman Bridgman, June 27, 1823; Dec. 23, 1899. 
Ruth Bennett, Mar. 5, 1826; Nov. 27, 1849. 

Isaac, Aug. 1793. 

Jacob, Died young. 

Lydia, Died young. 

Jacob, Mar. 21, 1801. 

Mary Ann, 


Sylvester, Apr. 2, 1808. 


Seth Babbitt (Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born Nov. 23, 1769. 
Lived in Albany and New York City. 

Died , (After 1847). Married Margaret Teller,1808, daughter 

of Tobias and Isabella Teller. Born Sept. 21, 1787. Died Nov. 25, 1840. 

Children (One only): — 
216 Pierre Teller, Feb. 12, 1811. 


Anna Babbitt (Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born May 24, 1773. 
Her husband, Jonathan Leach, was the first settler of North Kirby, 
Vt. He came to town with one son, Jacob Earned Leach. His wife died 
some years later and he married Anna Babbitt. 

Died December 21, 1865. Married Jonathan Leach of Kirby, Vt., 
Died March 12, 1866, (age 90). 

Arunah, Dec. 6, 1813; born at Kirby, Vt. 
Henry C, March 21, 1816. Born at Kirby, Vt. 
Christina, Died Jan. 14, 1832; never married. 
These three are given as correct by the nearest relative living, but sev- 
eral other sources name a daughter Rhoda who married Wm. Edgerly. 


Arunah Leach settled in Minnesota where he died. He had three chil- 
dren born at Kirby, Vt.: — 

Dunbar M., Feb. 11, 1837. Lives in Minnesota. 

Helen E., April 18, 1839. Died in Minnesota. 

Franklin S., Sept. 5, 1842; d. June 24, 1909, in Kirby, Vt. 


John Mendall Babbitt (Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward) . Born Oct. 
1, 1785, in Hanover, N. H. 

Resided in Hartwick, Vt. vi^here eldest children were born. Then 
settled in Monroe Co. N. Y. in Parma, and Ogden, N. Y. He went West 
to purchase lands near the present city of Chicago and returned home to 
dispose of his farms and was taken sick and died about 1840. He is un- 
doubtedly the John Babbitt who with wife Orra bought land in Monroe 
Co. N. Y. in 1825 as shown by record of deed. 


Curtis, died in Civil War. 

217 Harvey. 

Elkins, killed at Battle of Bull Run. 

Asenath, died in Allegan, Mich. 

Franklin, served in Civil War. Died Allegan, ISIich. 

218 Charles Carpenter, Dec. 10, 1832, born in Ogden, N. Y. 
Another record gives sons John and William which are either middle 

or first names of Harvey and Franklin in the list given above. 


Lucretia Babbitt (Erasmus-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born Jan. 21, 
1759. Lived and died, Sturbridge, Mass. 

Died Oct. 11, 1831. Married John Holbrook, Jr., (Int. Dec. 9, 1776), 
son of John and Patience. Born 1751-2; died Jan. 31, 1839, (age 87). 
Children: — 

Mary, Jan. 18, 1777; m. Alpheus Hebard, 1798; d. 1806. 
Moses, May 15, 1779; died young. 

Silvester, June 23, 1781; m. Asenath Richardson, 1806. He died 



John, Oct. 12, 1784. 

Lucretia, June 28, 1786; m. Jephtah Plimpton, 1815; died 1819. 

Harriet, May 10, 1790; m. Walter Allen, 18U. 

Erasmus, April 1793; m. Betsey Smith, 1819; died 1849. 

Charlotte, Oct. 31, 1797. 


Thomas Babbitt (Erasmus-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born Nov. 27, 
1761 in Sturbridge, Mass. Served in Revolutionary War. 

A graduate of Harvard College in 1784 and a student in medicine with 
Dr. Warren of Boston, Mass. 

He was a surgeon of a squadron in 1804 and rendered signal service, 
besides improving himself professionally. After his term expired he 
located in Brookfield, Mass. Although his services were in demand in all 
the surrounding towns, he continued to reside in Brookfield; with the 
exception of the years 1790 to 1803, his life was spent there, the period 
mentioned having been spent in Gloucester, Mass. 

He was never rash, but quick and wise in his methods and no case re- 
ceived less than his best endeavor. At the time when the epidemic of 
spotted fever seemed beyond control and its appearance was daily ex- 
pected in Brookfield, he prepared himself for the ordeal as much as pos- 
sible. He discountenanced many of the popular methods of treatment 
and day and night, week after week, used all the resources at his com- 
mand to arrest the progress of the scourge. As a surgeon and physician 
he had no superior in that region. He was generous to a fault and gave 
little attention to money matters, and so acquired few means. In per- 
son he was large, and dignified in manner, in conversation very pleasing 
and interesting. He was cut down in middle life in the midst of his use- 
fulness. The masonic Fraternity erected a monument to his memory 
in Brookfield. He was Representative in the General Court in 1799. 

Died Feb. 6, 1814, in Brookfield, Mass. Married May 10, 1787, Mrs. 
Mary Babson Jackson, daughter of James Babson, who commanded a 
privateer in the Revolutionary War. 

Children, born at Gloucester, Mass: — 

Anna Maria, June 5, 1789; d. Oct. 1789. 

Fitz Henry, Oct. 10, 1790. Lieut. U. S. Navy; killed Jan. 6, 
1815, on Frigate "President," under Capt. Decatur. Buried 
in Bermuda. 


219 Edward, March 1, 1792. 

220 William Dolliver, April 3, 1794. 

Charles Winthrop, Aug. 4, 1797; d. Sept. 1, 1798. 

221 Charles Winthrop, Sept. 6, 1799. 

Thomas Babbitt, Sturbridge — Descriptive list of enlisted men; age, 
16 years; stature, 5 ft. 2 in.; complexion, light; residence, Sturbridge; 
mustered May 15, 1778; joined Capt. Hammond's Co., Col. Holman's 
Regt.; enlistment nine months; reported drafted. 

Thomas Babbitt— Surgeon U. S. Navy April 21, 180^^^-April 25, 1810. 

Fitz Henry Babbitt — Midshipman April 2, 1804; Lieut. June 5, 
1810. Killed in batde Jan. 15, 1815. 

The following is an Autograph letter from Commodore Stephen 
Decatur, written to Mary Babbitt; 

New London, Feb'y 22, 1815. 

It is with the most unfeigned sorrow that I have to inform you of the 
death of your son who fell gallantly defending his country's cause in the 
late action between the President and a squadron of British ships. In 
communicating to you this unhappy intelligence, the only consolation I 
can offer you is an assurance of his worth and valour and of the regret 
evinced by every officer and man on board the ship for his fall. 

With a sincere hope that the Power whose will it was that you should 
be deprived of your son will endue you with fortitude to sustain this heavy 
bereavement, I am, dear madam, 

Yours most truly, 



Erasmus Babbitt (Erasmus-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born 1763 (Bapt. 
July 7, 1765). 

Graduated Harvard 1790. Admitted to bar in Worcester 1793. Prac- 
tised in Oxford, Grafton and Boston. Capt. of Militia Co. stationed at 
Oxford Mass., 1788-89, under Col. Rice of Sturbridge. A man of won- 
derful memory and possessed of great love of music. 


In May 1774 Sturbridge voted to provide a stock of arms and ammuni- 
tion and Mr. Babbitt offered 1-2 barrel of gun powder. He was one of 
the proprietors of old Tremont Theater, Boston. Died June 30, 1816 
in Boston, Mass. 

Married (about 1793) Mary Sanders, daughter of Thomas and Lucy 
(Smith) Sanders of Sturbridge, Mass. Born Gloucester, Mass., 1766. 
Died Sturbridge, Mass., 1816. 


222 Mary Eliza, 1793. 

223 Winthrop Gray, Nov. 18, 1796. 

Francis Augustus, Sept. 9, 1804, lost at sea (1827 or 1829) 


Sarah Babbitt (Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born Sept. 25, 
1752. Resided at Norton. 

Married May 11, 1773, Benjamin Wild, son of John and Anna 
(Hodges) Wild. Born Aug. 25, 1747. 

Benjamin Wild was Sergeant in General Israel Trow's Co. — Col. John 
Daggett's Regt. in Massachusetts militia — in Revolutionary War. 

Sarah, July 18, 1775; m. Dea. Lysander Makepeace, Sept. 11, 
1794; d. June 21, 1842. Their daughter Nancy married David 
French of Berkley, Mass., son of Philip French and Abigail 
Phillips. (See No. 23). 
John, Nov. 11, 1779. 
Anna, June 10, 1782. 
David, May 19, 1785. 
Nathan, June 14, 1787. 
Abigail, Aug. 18, 1789. 

Elsie, Nov. 29, 1791. 


Nathan Babbitt (Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward.) Born March 6, 

Surgeon's mate in Military Hospital in Providence 1778-9. Kept a 
"public house" at Norton, 1780-88. Removed to Westmoreland, N. H., 


where he had a farm and practiced medicine, and where he died April, 

Married June 24, 1779, Anna Newcomb, daughter of Joseph and 
Judith Newcomb. Born April 15, 1756. 

Children: — 

224 Anna, Aug. 13, 1780. 

225 Joseph H., Nov. 14, 1782. 

Judith, Jan. 22, 1785; d. Nov. 1, 1813; m. Daniels. * 

226 Nathan Godfrey, Feb. 12, 1789. 

Sarah, Oct. 1, 1791; d. June 19, 1873; m. Everett Newcomb, 

April 8, 1834, (his second wife). * He died June 19, 1836. 
Godfrey, Feb. 16, 1790; d. May 30, 1811. 

Nathan Babbitt, 2d, Norton— Private, Capt. Seth Gilbert's (2d) Co., 
Col. John Daggett's Regt., which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; 
joined April 27, 1775; service four days. 

Godfrey Babbitt is buried under a table tomb in West Cambridge, 
now Arlington, Mass. 

Around the border of the slab is this inscription; 

"Hoc monumentum indicabit carissimum fuisse juventum" 

Sacred to the Memory of 

Mr Godfrey Babbitt 

Youngest son of Nathan Babbitt, Esq. 

and Anna His wife of Westmoreland, N. H. 

who died May 30, 1811, 

ae. 21 yrs. 3 mos. 14 days. 

"By fond affection moved, a Father rears 
This marble to the memory of the dead — 
The expected stay of his declining years — 
A mother's dearest hope beneath is laid." 

"Passengers who pass and view a stranger's tomb 
Far from his friends, he drew his latest breath 
Except one brother, who beheld his doom — 
But could not save him from an early death." 



Levi Babbitt (Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born Aug. 31, 1757. 
J Levi Babbitt lived in Norton on the Attleboro Road near the residence 
of the present town clerk Leonard, on a farm sold him by his father. His 
father willed him half the homestead farm in East Norton and he bought 
the other half of his brother Edward — giving him in exchange his own 
farm. He died soon after evidently living on the ancestral farm of his 
father and grandfather. 

Died May 8, 1795. Married Dec. 21, 1779, Elizabeth Babbitt, daugh- 
ter of Abiathar (No. 33) and Abigail (Babbitt) Babbitt. Born Oct. 29, 
1758. Died Apr. 9, 1800. 


227 Levi, June 26, 1780. 

228 Isaac, Sept. 1, 1781. 

229 Elizabeth, June 3, 1784. 

Plina, July 23, 1785, died young. 

230 Abigail, Oct. 7, 1788. 

231 Willard, Dec. 11, 1789. 

Levi Babbitt — Private, Capt. Isaac Hodges's Co., Col. George Wil- 
liam's regt.; service from Sept. 25, 1777, to Oct. 31, 1777, 1 mo. 6 days, 
on a secret expedition; also, Capt. Hodges's Co., Col. Carpenter's regt.; 
service from July 27, 1778, to Aug. 13, 1778, 18 days, on an alarm at 
Rhode Island. 

Private, Capt. Silas Cobb's Co., Col. Timothy Walker's regt.; muster 
roll dated Aug. 1, 1775; enlisted May 2, 1775; service 3 mos. 7 days; 
also, receipt for bounty coat or its equivalent in money, dated 
Braintree, Dec. 21, 1775. 

Private, Capt. Seth Gilbert's (2d) Co., Col. John Daggett's regt., which 
marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; service 10 days. 

Private, Capt. Cobb's Co., Col. Walker's regt.; company returned dated 
Oct., 6, 1775. 

Epitaph of Levi Babbitt: — 

"Surviving friends weep not for me 
Though Death has conquered as you see 
And laid me here beneath the sod — 
I hope to rise and reign wuth God — 


My soul is not confined to dust 
I hope to reign among the just 
There we shall shortly meet again 
If you so run, as to obtain." i 

Epitaph of Betty Babbitt:— 

Behold my grave as you pass by 
As you are now so once was I — 
As I am now so you must be 
Prepare for Death and follow me. 


Snellem Babbitt (Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born Dec. 11, 

Died April 6, 1854 in Savoy Mass. Married Dec. 12, 1782, 
Elizabeth Blanchard, daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth (Williams) 
Blanchard. Born March 11, 1764. Died July 7, 1825. 

Children: — 

232 Snell, Sept. 9, 1783. 

Ebenezer, Nov. 11, 1784, died young Jan. 29, 1786. 

233 Edward, Sept. 24, 1786. 

234 Elizabeth, Sept. 8, 1790. 

235 Abigail, July 14, 1793. 

Seth, Jan. 20, 1801, d. Mar. 22, 1801. 
Polly, July 14, 1802, d. May 7, 1806. 

Snellum Babbitt, Norton — Private, Capt. Silas Cobb's co., Col. Dan- 
forth Keyes's regt.; enlisted Aug. 29, 1777, discharged Jan. 2, 1778; 
service, 4 mos. 4 days, on an alarm at Rhode Island. 

Snellem Babbitt was named from his grandmother Babbitt's 
family, the Snallums. He spent his youth in Norton on his father's farm. 

Married Dec. 12, 1782, Elizabeth Blanchard, daughter of Josiah Blan- 
chard and Elizabeth Williams. They had two children born in Norton 
and about 1786 removed to Savoy, Mass. Here they had for neighbors 
many of their Norton towns-people. Their farm was on the summit of 
one of the highest hills of a town wholly mountainous and it is a tract 
rapidly returning to the primitive condition from which Snellem Babbitts' 
hard labor had rescued it. Of his home the cellar alone remains. 


From his letters to members of the family we learn some of the details 
of the home life, which was not one of ease and plenty. 

Snellem Babbitt took the leading place in the town history. He was 
one of the number to urge the town's incorporation, and in 1797 the first 
town meeting was held in his house. He held every office which the 
town afforded and was Representative in the Legislature in 1808, 1834 
and 1835. He was ever a notable figure, keen, observing and active. 
When in extreme old age he would walk to Adams, a distance of eight 
miles, to secure his pension money. He died at the home of his daughter 
Abigail Goff, April 6, 1854 having buried his wife and all his children, 
with the exception of Abigail, who survived her father but a few days. 
They are all buried in the family lot near their old home, a plot once in 
a meadow, but now surrounded by the forest. 

Snellem Babbitt always told of seeing the Battle of Bunker Hill, and if 
so, was but a mere boy and perhaps in his father's company at the time. 

Abigail Babbitt (Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born March 31, 
1764 in Norton, Mass. 

Died March 16, 1847. Married, Dec. 18, 1783 Annas Newcomb, son 
of Joseph and Judith (Pratt) Newcomb. (See Newcomb Sketch). 
He was born March 25, 1762 in Norton, Mass. Died, August 5, 1823 in 
Hardwick, Mass. Annas Newcomb was a farmer and clothier. 
In 1791 removed from Norton to Hardwick, Mass., where he died. 
Children: — 

Annas, Oct. 28, 1785; m. Asenath Osterhaut, lived in Dansville, 
N. Y. 

Abigail, Oct. 22, 1787; m. Edward Babbitt No. 233. 
Sarah, May 14, 1792; d. Jan. 9, 1871. 

Ruth, Feb. 2, 1796, d. April 20, 1861. She m. John Hastings 
Sept. 18, 1821 and had four children: — ^Abigail (died young); 
^Sarah (died young); ^Ruth, m. Horace K. Jones; *Mary A. 
Mary, Mar. 14, 1798, m. 1827 Alvin Dunham. (See No. 234.) 
Joseph, Dec. 16, 1800; m. 1828 Alma Dexter. 
Anna, Jan. 13, 1804; d. Sept. 9, 1828, in Savoy, Mass. M. Jason 
Gorham, 1827. Had one daughter Anna who died Sept. 14, 
1843, age 15. 
Nathan Babbitt, March 18, 1806; m. Sally Corkins. Lived in 
South Shaftesbury, Vt. 


10 J: 

Mary Babbitt (Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born March 14, 
1767. Settled in Westmoreland, N. H. Removed to Highgate, Vt., after 
her marriage. Moved to Michigan in 1837. 

Died Nov. 18, 1837. Buried in Chappel Cemetery, Jackson, Mich. 
Married Abiathar Lincoln, (son of Daniel) of Taunton, Mass. (Int. 
Aug. 24, 1783). Born June 4, 1759; died Oct. 22, 1844. 
In "Mass. Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War," Vol 9 there 
is the record of 

Lincoln, Abiathar. Taunton, Private Capt. Isaac Thayer's Co; Col. 
Thomas Marshall's regt.; enhsted July 10, 1776; service to Aug. 1, 1776, 21 

Raynham, Private Capt. Jacob Haskin's Co., Col. John Jacob's regt.; 
enlisted June 1, 1778; service, 11 days; company detached to guard 
shore at Freetown for 10 days by order of Brig. Gen. George Godfrey. 

Taunton. Private, Capt. Isaac Thayer's Co., Col. Thomas Marshall's 
regt.; service from July 31, 1776, to Jan. 1, 1777, 5 mos; also Capt. 
Pelatiah Eddy's Co., Col. Abiel Mitchel's regt. cornmanded by Lieut. Col. 
James Williams, Brig. Gen. Godfrey's (Bristol Co.) brigade; service, 8 
days; company marched from Taunton to Tiverton, R. I., on the alarm 
of Aug. 1, 1780. 

Private, Capt. Jonathan Shaw's Co., Col. George Williams's regt.; 
service, 1 mo. 1 day; company marched from Taunton, Raynham, and 
Easton in Sept. 1777, on a secret expedition; roll sworn to in Bristol Co. 
Children: — 

Abiathar, Jan. 1, 1786; m. Mary Castle. 

Mary, Jan. 24, 1788; m. (1) John W. Partridge; six children at 

Burlington, Vt. (2) Griffin Paddock. 
Susanna, Feb. 12, 17 (?) ; m. Abraham Croman. 
Anna, Jan. 11, 1792; m. Jotham Wood; died Aug. 10, 1857. 


Edward Babbitt (Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born May 3, 
1772, in Norton. 

Soon after 1800 he settled in Petersham, Mass, where he was a farmer 
until his death. His widow and four younger children became Shakers. 


Died June 6, 1815. Married Sept. 12, 1793, Anna Smith. Born July 
27, 1773; died Feb. 13, 1861, at Shakers, Harvard, Mass. 


236 Anna,, July 13, 1794 

237 Edward, Oct. 29, 1796. 

238 Laban S., June 18, 1798. 

239 Fanny, Sept. 2, 1800. 

Mary, Oct. 2, 1802; d. Sept. 25, 1861, at Harvard Shakers. 

240 Levi, Jan. 30, 1805. 

*Eliza, May 4, 1807; d. Feb. 29, 1900. 

241 Charles, Sept. 20, 1809. 

242 Joseph Flint, April 5, 1812. 

Abigail, April 4, 1814; d. at Shakers, March 3, 1837. 

*Eliza Babbitt became an Eldress of the Harvard Shakers. A woman 
of great intellectual strength and a born leader. The following poem 
was contributed by the Shakers. 



Thy spirit as a towering tree 
A firm set oak, is brave and strong, 
That shelters all who come to thee — 
Enduring storm, nor suffering wrong. 
The trials that have o'er thee swept 
Have centered thee more firmly still, 
The light of vsdsdom thou hast kept — 
And fixed yet a temperate will. 
Life's field a golden harvest gained. 
By deeds of kindness and of love — 
A crown of wisdom well attained, 
A home of beauty, far above. 
Built by each earthly word and deed. 
There shalt thou meet each friend of yore, 
Thine earthly work a germ and seed 
That blooms in beauty evermore^- 
Within the fields of heavenly light. 
And clothes thee with a web outwrought, 
In warp and woof of lustre bright. 
Woven in beauty from thy thought. 
And every word thy spirit spends. 
Expressed in outward mortal ways — 
Wherein immortal wisdom blends, 
With love in mingled shining rays. 
This is the outcome of thy life, 
Wrought out in duty's homely way — 
And gathered in the earthly strife 
To greet thee in celestial days. 



At Harvard Shakers. 




James ^ Atwood, son of Abiel Atwood, Jr., and wife Hannah Babbitt*, 
(Nathan^-Ed^-Edi). Born in Berkley, Feb. 10, 1764. Died in 1806, 
probably October. He was a Revolutionary soldier. His wife 
Mary died March 15, 1830, aged 68 years. 

Their children were: — 

John Atwood, , of Providence in 1830. 

243 Hannah Babbitt Atwood, Feb. 10, 1796; d. Jan. 24, 1841. 
James Atwood, ; m. Wealthy Hathaway. 

Mary Atwood, Feb. 3, 1784; d. Mar. 17, 1838; m. Wm. Simmons. 
Joseph Atwood. 

Mass. Revolutionary Soldiers, Vol. 1, p. 338. 

"Attwood, James, Oxford, descriptive list of men raised to reinforce 
Continental Army for the term of six months; agreeable to resolve of 
June 5, 1780; age, 16 years; stature, 5 ft., 4 in. ; complexion, light; residence, 
Oxford; arrived at Springfield, July 3, 1780; marched to camp July 5, 
1780, under command of Capt. Frothingham of the artillery." 


Abigail Burt (Edward Burt-Abigail (Babbitt) Burt Edward-Edward). 
Born Feb. 14, 1770. 

Died June 28, 1825. Married Edward Burt.,'(James''-^-2-^) Born June 
8, 1762; died July 12, 1825. 


Abigail, Feb. 11, 1791. 
Sarah, Feb. 7, 1793. 
Nathaniel, 1795. 
Sybil, May 18, 1797. 
Otis, Aug. 7, 1801. 
Edward, April 18, 1803. 
Mary, March 1, 1805. 

244 Myra, March 13, 1807. 
Benjamin, May 14, 1809. 



Lydia Babbitt (Gideon-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born May 20, 
1752. Resided in Dighton, Mass. 

Died Dec. 28, 1842. Married May 4, 1771, Josiah Richmond Jr. 
Born June 24, 1750; died Aug. 23, 1817. 

Ruth, March 11, 1772; d. March 3, 1801; m. Jonathan Knowles. 

William, Jan . 2, 1774; died young. 

Wealthy, Jan. 25, 1774; m. Stephen Hathaway, (1st wife) son of 

No. 53. 
Josiah, Jan. 17, 1776; m. Beulah Delano. 
Peter, Jan. 24, 1778; m. Polly Babbitt (No. 118). 
Polly, Feb. 22, 1780; m. Stephen Hathaway, (2nd wife) son of 

No. 53. 
Joseph, March 27, 1782; m. Abagail Swaine, July 22, 1828. 
Lydia, B., June 8, 1784; d. Sept. 28, 1853. Unmarried. 
Benajah, May 10, 1786; d. April 28, 1829. Unmarried. 
Caleb, Aug. 24, 1788; d. Feb. 1, 1858. Unmarried. 
Gideon, Oct. 12, 1790; d. July 29, 1861; m. Rebecca Barstow. 
Henry, Sept. 17, 1792; m. Abigail Snow. 

William, Nov. 14, 1794; d. 1839 in Buffalo, N. Y.; m. Betsey How- 
Seth, May 20, 1797; d. 1823. Unmarried. 


Gideon Babbitt (Gideon-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born , 1756. 

Deacon of Dighton church. Died Oct. 6, 1832. 

Styled "Cordwainer" in deeds. 

In 1789 styled "of Bristol" in deeds. 

In 1795 styled "of Dighton" in deeds. 

Married (1) Dec. 5, 1782, Bathsheba Tobey, daughter of Rev. Samuel 
and Bathsheba (Crocker) Tobey of Berkley. Born Sept. 9, 1756. Died 
Dec. 11, 1817. Married (2) Feb. 7, 1820, Mrs. Phoebe Nichols of 
Berkley, daughter of Benj. Crane. Born Nov. 7, 1776; died 1805. 



245 Samuel Tobey, Feb. 28, 1784. 

Gideon, March 27, 1786; d. Aug. 7, 1810; m. Lydia Crane 
She married (2nd) Enoch Babbitt, Dec. 14, 1817, son of John 
and Lydia Babbitt. (See 119). 

246 Crocker, April 12, 1788. 

Gideon Babbitt, Berkley— Private, Capt. Joseph Ball's Co., Col. Ed- 
ward Pope's (Bristol Co.) Regt. ; service, 12 days, at Rhode Island, on the 
alarm of Dec. 8, 1776; stationed at Warren, R. I. 

Private, Capt. Ephraim Hathaway's Co., Col. Thomas Carpenter's Regt.; 
marched on an alarm at Rhode Island July 20, 1777; roll made up to 
Aug. 24, 1777; service, 1 month, 5 days. Roll sworn to at Dighton. 

Private, Capt. Elijah Walker's Co., Col. John Hathaway's (Bristol Co.) 
Regt.; Brig. Gen. Godfrey's brigade; marched to Tiverton, R. I., on 
the alarm of Aug. 2, 1780; service, 7 days. 

Private, Lieut. Abiel Whitmarsh's Co., Col. Thomas Carpenter's Regt. ; 
marched to Tiverton, R. I., July 29, 1780, on an alarm; discharged July 
31, 1780; service three days. 

Private, Capt. Elijah Walker's Co.; list of men in service at Rhode 
Island in 1780. 


Erasmus Babbitt (John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born July 6, 1755. 
Was a blacksmith by trade. Lived at times in Sturbridge, Petersham 
and Barre, Mass. 

Married Molla Walker (Int. Jan. 9, 1779). (2nd) Sukey Dudley, 
June 29, 1794. She died March 8, 1806, in Barre, Mass. 

Children: — 

247 Dean. 

Erasmus, ; m. Eve Wilkinson. She died in Boston, 

July 20, 1847, age 80. Son Pliny died Aug. 22, 1830, 
age 45. 

248 Benajah, Nov. 6, 1782. 

249 John. 

250 William, Aug. 1, 1801. 


Erasmus Babbitt, Berkley — Capt. Zebedee Redding's Co., Col. Josiah 
Whitney's Regt.; order for advance pay, etc., dated Camp at Hull, June 
21, 1776; also, private; pay roll for 2 months, 23 days service prior to 
Aug. 1, 1776; also, Capt. James Briggs' Co., Col. Freeman's Regt. 
marched from Dighton on a secret expedition to Rhode Island, Oct. 2, 
1777; discharged Oct. 29, 1777, by Gen. Spencer; service, 29 days; also, 
Capt. James Nichols' Co., Col, John Dagget's Regt.; marched Jan, 13, 
1778; service, 2 months, 20 days, at Rhode Island; enlistment; 3 months 
from Jan, 1, 1778; also, Sergeant, Capt. Jotham Houghton's Co., Col, 
Samuel Denny's (2d) Regt,; Gen, Fellows' brigade; enlisted Oct. 24, 1779; 
discharged Dec, 1, 1779; service, 1 month, 8 days, at Claverack. Roll 
dated Petersham, 

Private, Capt, Jotham Houghton's Co., Col. Josiah Whitney's Regt.; 
service from July 31, 1778, to Sept. 14, 1778, 1 month, 15 days, on an 
alarm at Rhode Island; roll dated Petersham, 


Dorcas Babbitt (John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born Sept. 6, 1756. 
Married April 3, 1773, Joel Tubbs son of Samuel Tubbs and Damaris 
(Hathaway) Tubbs), Both living in Taunton, April 4, 1793; gave deed of 
that date, (See No, 26), 

Children: — 


Benajah Babbitt (John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born Jan, 17, 1758. 
There is no record of his marriage nor any evidence that he had a family. 

Benajah Babbitt— Capt, Samuel Tubb's Co,, Col, Timothy Walker's 
Regt,; order for bounty coat or its equivalent in money, dated Roxbury, 
Nov, 20, 1775. 

Benajah Babbitt (also given Banaiah), Berkley — Capt. Zebedee Red- 
ding's Co., Col. Josiah Whitney's Regt.; order for advance pay dated 
Camp at Hull, Jime 21, 1776; alsd, corporal; pay roll for 2 months, 23 
days service prior to Aug. 1, 1776; also, pay rolls for service from Aug. 1, 
1776, to Dec. 1, 1776, 4 months; also, list of men dated Camp at Hull, 
Sept. 17, 1776, 


Private, Capt. Samuel Tubbs' Co., Col. Timothy Walker's Regt.: 
muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775; enlisted May 1, 1775; service 3 months, 
7 days, also, company return dated Oct. 6, 1775 


Elizabeth Babbitt (John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born April 8, 
1760, in Berkley, Mass. 

Married Oct. 30, 1783, Isaac Hathaway, son of Abijah and Sarah (Tal- 
bot). Hathaway. (See No. 67). Died 1826. 

Benjamin, Jan. 4, 1785; died Jan. 21, 1807. Unmarried. 

Sally, Sept. 6, 1786; m. Samuel T. Babbitt (No. 245.) 

Elizabeth, May 29, 1788. 

Mary, May 9, 1790. 

Bathsheba, Dec. 11, 1794; m. James Hathaway, Nov. 28, 1816. 

Meroe, June 10, 1796; died Sept. 9, 1883. Unmarried. 

Abigail, Aug. 3, 1799; m. Cyrus Gooding. 

Isaac, June 30, 1801 ; m. Elizabeth Pead. 

Louisa, March 25, 1805; m. Edward Babbitt (No. 132). 

William, Feb. 12, 1807; m. (1) Oct. 30, 1828, Roxcy Eddy, (2) 
Aug. 24, 1834, Betsey M. Babbitt daughter of No. 246. \ 


John Babbitt (John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born Feb. 28, 1761 
(Also given Sept. 28, 1760). 

He was dead at the time his father's will was made in Dec. 1812. 
Married Lydia Leonard Sept. 4, 1784. Born 1760. Died April 22, 1788. 

Children: — 
251 John, Dec. 16, 1785. 

John Babbitt, Berkley — Descriptive list of enlisted men dated May 
19, 1778; Capt. Ebenezer Paul's (2d) Co., Col. Edward Pope's (2d) Regt.; 
age, 17 years; stature, 5 ft. 8 in.; complexion, dark; hair, black; eyes, 
black; residence, Berkley; mustered by James Leonard, Muster Master; 
enlistment, 9 months from time of arrival at Fishkill. 


Private, Capt. Zebedee Redding's Co., Col. Gamaliel Bradford's Regt.; 
pay roll for service from Dec. 1, 1778, to Jan. 1, 1779, one month. 

Descriptive list of men enlisted from Bristol Co. for the term of 9 
months from the time of their arrival at Fishkill, June 18, 1778; Col. 
Pope's Regt.; age, 17 years; stature 5 ft. 8 in.; complexion, dark; residence, 

Private, Capt. Abel Babbitt's Co., Col. John Hathaway' Regt.; marched 
on an alarm at Rhode Island, Aug. 1, 1780; service, seven days. 

Also styled "Sergeant" in 1781. 


Esther Babbitt (John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born July 3, 1763. 
Resided in Freetown, Mass., where her husband was a prominent man — 
at one time selectman and also captain of a Freetown Company in the 

Married Nov. 21, 1781, Charles Strange of Freetown. Born Oct. 11, 
1758. Died March 17, 1834. 

Joseph, March 15, 1782; m. Olive Chase, 1803. 

Joanna, Jan. 30, 1784. Unmarried. 

Elizabeth, Nov. 13, 1785; m. (1) Grinnell. (2) George Collins of 
Fall River. 

Marcus, March 17, 1787; died young. 

Esther, Feb. 2, 1789. 

Dorothy, Jan. 10, 1791. 

Charles, Nov. 22, 1792. 

Polly, Aug. 23, 1795; m. Job G. Lawton of Freetown. 

Dorcas, April 9, 1797. 

Marcus, Dec. 24, 1798; m. Hannah Burt. Settled in Peru, Mass. 

George, Dec. 16, 1800. 

John, Dec. 25, 1802; m. Orinda E. Sprague. 

Daniel, Sept. 23, 1806; Living in Freetown, 1865. 




George Babbitt (John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born Sept. 21, 1766. 
Married Elizabeth Hathaway, daughter of Stephen and Eliz. (Babbitt) 
Hathaway. (See No. 53). Born June 5, 1769. 

Children: — 

George, ; d. April 15, 1790, aged 7 years. 


Dean Babbitt (John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born Feb. 15, 1768, 
in Berkley, Mass. Selectman of Berkley, 1786. Capt. of Berkley Co., 
1810. Died May 11, 1843. 

Married Nov. 13, 1787, Elizabeth Hathaway. Born 1769. Died Oct. 
19, 1854, age 85 years, 4 months. 


252 Osmond, Oct 14, 1790. 

253 Ebenezer, Nov. 12, 1792. 

254 Nancy, Jan. 25, 1795. 

255 John Dean, Sept. 13, 1803. 

Sally, Nov. 19, 1805; m. Thos. Babbitt (No. 280). 
Elizabeth, Jan. 28, 1808; m. Wm. Booth of Berkley, May 31, 
1846. No children. 

256 Lydia, Nov. 2, 1809. 

Allen, May 12, 1811 ; d. Jan. 11, 1817. 

257 Chas. William, Nov. 10, 1813. 

' 118 

Polly Babbitt (John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born 1779 in Berk- 
ley, Mass. Resided in Berkley and Dighton, Mass. Died July 8, 1848. 

Married Jan. 1, 1801 (town Berkley record says Oct. 31), Peter 
Richmond, son of Josiah and Lydia (Babbitt) Richmond (No. 108). Peter 
Richmond called "Shipwright" in deeds. Born Jan. 24, 1778. Died Dec. 
17, 1836. 


Children: First two born in Berkley, the rest in Dighton. 
258 Martha, June 7, 1802. 

Mary Ann, Sept. 12, 1804; m. Simeon Briggs, June 6, 1822; 
died 1840. Nine children. 

Clarissa, Feb. 1, 1807; m. Henry S. Sharp, Dec, 1827; 8 child- 
ren; died about 1850. 

Hannah, April 5, 1810; m. Simeon Briggs June, 1847, (same as 
as above). 

Gideon Babbitt, May 31, 1814; m. 1835, Harriet, daughter of 
Samuel Pendleton of Dighton; 5 children. 

"The Geysers" 
"Yellowstone Natl. Park" 

Sunday, July 23 

"Ball-game today instead of Sunday school." 

This from a friend on his summer cruise set me thinking of Sunday 
forty, fifty and sixty years ago, especially in a little hamlet not many miles 
away, largely peopled by Babbitts and allied families. Here its observance 
began at sunset Saturday night, because "the evening and the morning 
were the first day." At that hour 'all secular cares were laid aside, and 
peace seemed to settle even over the faces. The morning brought pre- 
paration for church, two miles away. Two services and Sunday school 
before returning home and often a third service at the end of the day. The 
influence of this Sabbath pervaded the entire week, lending seriousness 
to life. Reading of Scripture, prayer and hymn closed each day. We 
were all urged to join in the singing. If not with voice, we must with the 
spirit and understanding. 

"Keep me, O keep me, King of Kings, 
Under the shadow of thy wings" 
met hearty response from "spirit and understanding," if, as if often hap- 
pened, we knew that two or three tramps were housed in the barn for the 
night. These were never turned away because the "Good Book" says: 
"Be careful to entertain strangers." One wonders if the good man's faith 
would have been suflficient for the sheltering of all the "Weary Willies" 
and "Meandering Mikes" that infest our highways today. Would he 
have seen in these the possibility of "thereby entertaining an angel una- 
wares?" These people kept all festivities, neighborly joys and pleasures 


in the quiet way of that olden time. Yet a vein of humor ran through all 
their seriousness, evinced on one occasion when the old man who enter- 
tained the tramps slung his pack over his shoulder at nightfall and tapping 
at his neighbor's door asked shelter for the night of the woman who, he 
knew had often sent the tramps to him. On replying that she could not 
but the man who lived in the white house next the wood's would keep him, 
he thanked her and went chuckling home to the house she designated, well 
pleased at the success of his ruse. 

Were they rough men? Some of them. Dull and iminteresting? No; 
men accustomed to the discussions of the old Orthodox doctrines — total 
depravity, God's sovereignty and man's free agency became intellectual 
acrobats. Sometimes the younger people became quite hilarious, when 
the worthy matrons would wonder what those boys and girls could be 
doing, making noise enough for a camp-meeting. Most of those merry 
voices have long been hushed and their laughter is only a memory. 

How far it used to seem from the "Bridge District" to "The Farms" in 
those days, almost ' like going from Boston to New York today. The 
"poor old horse" must go his own pace and must stop at the top of "GUes 
Leach's hill" to rest if he wanted to. The word "poor" had no reference 
to the animal's avoirdupois, but the avoirdupois may have made the 
rest necessary. Plodding on he finally reached the Babbitt farm. (We 
liad passed other Babbitts on our way.) Here we had to alight and open 
and close the gate which shut the farm road from the highway. How 
sweet the odor of the mellowing apples as we drove in! How golden the 
floor of the corn-crib ! How pleasant the rustle of the husks that strewed 
the way ! How thrifty looked the cobbler's bench at the door of the house, 
and, fairly within, what a friendly call we had! Years later, pillowed 
in an inner room, we saw the aged father of the household awaiting the 
messenger, who, in his own time, comes for us all. A little farther on we 
came to the last Babbitt house, having opened and closed two more gates. 
The bounds of each man's habitation were sharply defined, and they "re- 
moved not the ancient land marks which their fathers had set." 

Here a royal welcome awaited us. All were interested to hear of absent 
ones. Where were they all? One was here and another there.* Eben 
had gone over into Rhode Island and, not content with following Roger 
Williams in his exile, had become a Baptist and a deacon. One of a 
younger generation became a Baptist and the "mothers in Israel" said: 
"As if he knew more about doctrine than his father and grandfather did 
before him!" 


Charles followed the government's "beck and call" in our navy. In 
those cable-less days it vi^as difficult to tell where he might be, perhaps 
last heard from in China. In the childish mind he was associated with a 
lacquered god, brought from some heathen temple which always stood in 
a corner of the parlor and which stands there today. Some of their re- 
miniscences were quite amusing. One, of a remote ancestor who used 
to stand at a window overlooking his first wife's grave and weep, and the 
neighbors thinking the second wife must be a pretty good woman to stand 
it, always provoked a smile. 

Peering through the spy-glass mother pointed out the house where, as a 
little girl, she stood at a window and watched the great "September gale" 
drive vessels on shore, one landing in a swamp near by; and after the water 
abated she stood firm with her cargo all scattered about her. From the 
chamber window of a house near by, a son took his bed-ridden mother 
into a boat, conveying her to a place of safety, the house being carried 
down the river soon after. 

Finally, our visit ended, our faces were set homeward and as the day 
waned the mother would say: "Father can't you drive a little faster, 
night will overtake us before we get home?" "No, I can't, the horse is 
tired almost to death and I won't urge him." So it came to pass, with 
the dear, merciful father for a driver, our yearly pilgrimages to the land of 
our forbears were veritable "jog trots;" but how I would like to take 
them again! 


Taunton, Mass., August 22, 1911. 

Sketch of 118 written by a grand-daughter and read at an Annual 
Meeting of the Association. 

The old Babbitt homestead in Berkley is closely coimected with the 
pleasures of my childhood and youth. I remember visiting it first when 
I was about ten years old and for years after was familiar with it. Both 
my mother and grandmother were born in the old house, which stood 
across the drive from the site of the present dwelling. I wish I could re- 
member all my mother had told me of its people and their ways. 

My grandmother, Mary Babbitt, familiarly called "Polly" was the only 
daughter among a large family of sons. She had a twin sister who died 
while very young, although she was a strong child of ordinary size at birth^ 


while grandmother was so small she was placed in a quart tankard and 
the lid was closed and she was dressed with splints to support her for 
weeks. As I remember her she was an extremely handsome woman, 
with black eyes and hair and the whitest skin, tall and of erect carriage. 
I am sorry to say her beauty did not descend to the third generation. 

In those days the daughters of a family were provided with a wedding 
dowry consisting of beds and blankets, bed and table linen. Of all 
grandmother's large supply, — twelve feather beds, blankets for all, and 
the inevitable blue and white counterpane, one hundred linen sheets, 
pillow cases and towels, and one blanket, is all that came down to 
1908. She was married the first of January 1801. 

The linen was raised, spun and woven on the farm and the sheep and 
geese ranged its pastures. I have been told by one of the lineal descen- 
dants of the family, that the farm has been our possession since the days 
of slavery in "the colonies" and was once a slave plantation, though my 
mother never told me this. 

So many amusing things she has told us. One was of taking a younger 
cousin to school his initial day. The catechism was then used in schools 
and when the question was put to him, "What is the chief end of man?" 
his reply was, "To keep what he has and get what he can." This morti- 
fied her beyond words. You know in those days the Bible was the word 
of God, and the Catechism was its close ally. We call them "the good 
old days" and surely the people whom we have known who came from 
out those times, are of "blessed memory." 



This tract of land has been known as the farm ever since it was pur- 
chased by Edward Babbitt and his associates from Mr. Street. This 
farm well deserves the title of the Babbitt Ancestral Farm, having been 
in the ownership of the Babbitts from generation to generation, since its 
purchase by Edward Babbitt in 1655 to the present time, 1911 a period 
of two hundred and fifty-six years. 

During the Indian War of 1675, Edward Babbitt was compelled to re- 
move with his family to one of the block houses at Taunton for safety. 
While returning from a visit to his farm in June 1675, he was discovered 


and killed by the Indians. He was buried near where he was slain and 
stones were placed to mark his grave, and are said to be of the earliest 
date of any found in Bristol County. This stone is now at the Historical 
Society Rooms in Taunton. 

To the writer it has seemed that our genealogy would be incomplete 
without a description of routine life on this Babbitt Ancestral Farm by 
the writer who made his home on this farm for nearly two years, 1850 and 
1851, as a boarder in my grandfather, Enoch Babbitt's home. The 
family consisted of Enoch Babbitt and his second wife, Lydia, his son^ 
Enoch Bradford, and wife Clarisa, his daughters, Mary Newhall widow, 
and Lydia Crane, unmarried, and myself, a total of seven. The farm was 
practically the only means of support, and every member of the family 
had a part to perform in the daily routine of activities. In the summer 
during planting, hoeing, haying and harvesting, extra men were employ- 
ed which necessitated extra work for the female portion of the family. 
There seemed to be no end of work to be done, both in the house and out 
doors, cows to care for and milk, butter and cheese to make, several pork- 
ers to feed, and a flock of hens and turkeys and their young to look after. 

Thus the summer was passed and the labor of harvesting taken up. The 
corn crib was Med with corn and rye, the cellar with apples and vegetables^ 
the porkers and fatted steers were killed for the winter's supply of meat, 
some of which was salted. Hams and bacon were cured, sausages and 
head cheese were made, lard and tallow tried out, the latter furnishing 
the light, it being made into moulded and dipped candles. The harvest- 
ing over, the family were well prepared for the long and severe New Eng- 
land winter that was to intervene before planting time would come around 

Grandfather Enoch Babbitt, who had learned the trade of shoe making 
in his youthful days, during the winter months employed his time making 
the boots and shoes for his own and his neighbors' families. Grandmother 
all day long was spinning the wool from which the family clothing was 
woven and knit. The three other female members of the family pre- 
pared the meals, attended to the other details of the housework, and during 
all there spare time sewed straw bonnets, straw braid for which was 
left as often as every two weeks by the braid man, as he was generally 
called. In this way, the farmers' daughters earned the money with which 
to purchase their wedding outfit when they should get married. 


The son Enoch Bradford attended to the care of the stock, went to mill 
as often as necessary to have the rye and corn ground into meal, some 
for the stock and some for the table food in the house. If Enoch Brad- 
ford and I had any spare time, it was employed in threading needles for 
those who sewed straw. For each of the three sewers had a cushion of 
from one hundred and fifty to two hundred needles and they were not 
supposed to stop and thread any needles, but as soon as the thread was 
exhausted from one needle, put it back in the cushion and take another 
from the cushion all threaded. 

As you have followed me through the routine of the activities of those 
who owned and occupied this Ancestral Farm, from Edward Babbitt in 
1655 to Enoch Babbitt (5) who died two hundred years later, does it not 
occur to you that conservatism of resources and eflSciency of effort of 
which we now hear so much, were not altogether unknown or unprac- 
ticed by our industrious and frugal ancestors? And should we not give 
them any large share of the credit for whatever of success we may have 


Enoch Babbitt (John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born March 8, 
1783, in Berkley Mass. Died Oct. 25, 1854, in Berkley Mass. 

Mr. Babbitt resided all his life on the old homestead farm of Edward 
Babbitt in Berkley. State Representative 1841. 

Married (1st) June 18, 1807, Sally Crane, daughter of Luther and 
Sally (Strobridge) Crane. Born May 3, 1785. Died Apr. 1, 1816. 

(2nd) December 14, 1817, Lydia (Crane) Babbitt widow of Gideon 
Babbitt, (son of No. 109), daughter of Benjamin and Tryphena (Hath- 
away) Crane. Born July 24, 1786. Died Aug. 10, 1864. 


259 George, Apr. 7, 1808. 

260 Mary Chace, Apr. 17, 1811. 

261 Sally Crane, Sept. 6, 1818. 

262 Welthea Gilbert, May 29, 1821. 

263 Enoch Bradford, Aug. 11, 1823. 

264 Lydia Crane, Dec. 4, 1825. 



Peter Babbitt (John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born March 2, 
1784 in Berkley Mass. Died June 6, 1859. 

He was a blacksmith. For a time lived in Boston. 

In 1816 Ezra and Miriam Briggs deed Peter Babbitt land in Berkley. 

Married January 1, 1815, Martha Briggs, daughter of Ezra and Miriam 
(Macomber) Briggs. Born March 26, 1795. Died Nov. 23, 1866. 

Children: — 

265 Luther, June 18, 1815. 

266 William, Mar. 31, 1817. 

Emmeline, Feb. 14, 1819; m. May 1, 1867, James O. Draper, 

Pawtucket, R. I. No Children. 
Martha, June 8, 1821 ; m. John E. Godfrey, at Taunton, Mar. 
10, 1841 

Children : — 

W. Hedges and Frank. 
Dorcas, Oct. 24, 1823; d. Mar. 26, 1910; unmarried. 

267 Phoebe, Aug. 23, 1830. 


William Babbitt (John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Died in North 
Carolina about 1819. He was a sea captain and a ship owner and died 
on voyage to Carolina. 

Married Mary Andros, Oct. 11, 1812, daughter of Rev. Thomas and 
Abigail Andros. Thomas Andros was imprisoned on one of the Prison 
ships during the Revolution but escaped and became a minister. He 
wrote and published an account of his experiences on shipboard. 
Children: — 

Abigail E. Jan. 28, 1814. 

Maria, resided at Fairhaven, Mass. 

Eliza, resided at Fairhaven, Mass. 



Dorcas Babbitt (Abner-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born April 29, 
1780, in Berkley, Mass. Died April 2, 1847, in Petersham, Mass. 
Married in Petersham, March 15, 1801, Jeremiah Gallond, son of 
Jeremiah and Sarah Gallond. Born June 14, 1774. 

Harriet, Jan. 26, 1802 ;d. Sept. 10, 1803. 

Clarissa, Feb. 11, 1804; m. Wm. Cook, of Petersham, Oct. 31, 1824. 

Almira, July 24, 1807; m. Joseph Moore, of Ware, Oct. 14, 1828, 

at Petersham. 
Joseph, May 22, 1811; m. Nancy Williams, May 19, 1836, at 

Louisa, Jan. 23, 1816; 

George Babbitt, June 27, 1824; m. June 22, 1847, Adeline Blan- 
chard, at Petersham. 


Margaret Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born July 
24, 1758, in Berkley Mass. Lived in Killingly Conn. Died June 18, 
1843, in KiUingly Conn. 

Married David Reynolds, son of Jacob and Martha Reynolds of 
Killingly Conn. Born March 2, 1762. Died June 4, 1836. 
Children all born in Killingly Conn.: 

Mehitable, Feb. 16, 1783; d. April 12, 1786. 
Lucinda, May 4, 1784; m. James Sprague. 
Samuel, April 29, 1787; d. Mar. 29, 1838; m. Matilda Burrill 
Dec. 17, 1820. Ch: Henry, David. Henry Reynolds was a 
cripple from boyhood and had to use crutches all his life. He 
was a splendid school teacher and filled many town offices. He 
wrote a remarkably beautiful hand. 
David, Oct. 27, 1788; d. Oct. 27, 1872; m. Cinderella Keach, Aug. 
23, 1812. 8 ch. 


Edward Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born March 
16, 1763, Berkley Mass. Died Sept. 13, 1842, m Killingly Conn. 


Private, 8th Conn. Regt., Capt. Comstock's Co., Rev. War. Served 
July 7, — Dec. 11, 1780. Also served in War of 1812 according to family 
records. Midshipman Nov. 15, 1809. Lieut., May 1, 1815. Com- 
mander, March 3, 1835. 

Married May 1, 1786, Keziah Covil, daughter of Ebenezer and Mollie 
(Burgess) Covil. 

Polly, Mar. 13, 1788; d. Sept. 13, 1859; unmarried. 
Dolly, Mar. 16, 1790; d. Mar. 16, 1872; unmarried. 
Anna, Sept. 15, 1792; d. Sept. 19, 1802. 
Irene, May 8, 1795; d. Sept. 18, 1802. 

268 Edward, Oct. 14, 1798. 

Martha, Mar. 1, 1801; d. Sept. 18, 1802. 

269 Seth, Sept. 25, 1803. 


Silas Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born Jan. 1, 1765, 
in Berkley, Mass. In early manhood a ship carpenter with his father. 
He worked at this trade at Providence returning at intervals to his home 
in Killingly, travelling by horse back. Later a farmer in Putman Conn. 
Resided on his father's farm. He was widely known as an early riser 
and for his love of working in the early morning hours. Died Feb. 11, 
1844, in Killingly Conn. 

Married Mrs. Mercy (Farrows) Cutler, daughter of John Farrows. 
Died May 30, 1866, ae. 82 yrs., 1 mo., 25 days. 

Rachel, Nov. 2, 1815; d. Aug. 9, 1875. m. Apr. 3, 1836, Calvin 
Day son of Benjamin and Deborah (Smith) Day. No 
Gaius, May 5, 1817; d. May 29, 1847; m. May 21, 1840, Mary 

Thornton. No children. 
Prudence, April 2, 1819; d. Nov. 20, 1841. 
Christina, June 2, 1821; d. Dec. 19, 1837. 

270 Roswell, Oct. 5, 1823. 

271 Ellen MeHssa, Feb. 15, 1826. 

272 Silas, June 21, 1827. 



Rachel Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born April 7, 
1769, in Berkley Mass. Resided in Killingly Conn. Died April 28, 1803. 
Married Jesse Tucker. 

Syria, Oct. 4, 1789; m. Prudence Bellard. 

Vilata, Nov. 11, 1791; died young. 

Silas, July 27, 1793; died May 17, 1767; m. Abigail Covil. 


Isaac Babbitt (Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born Feb. 6, 1763. 
Called "Shipwright" in deeds. Died Feb. 19, 1844, in Berkley Mass. 

Married Feb. 22, 1791, Miriam Hathaway, daughter of Abijah and 
Sarah (Talbot) Hathaway. (See No. 67.) Born Dec. 21, 1760. Died 
Aug. 18, 1838. 


273 Abijah, Nov. 2, 1791. 
Miriam, 1793; died in infancy. 
Isaac, 1795; died aged 29 days. 

274 Miriam, Jan. 23, 1798. 

Sally, June 29, 1800; d. May 20, 1829; m. June 18, 1822, George 
Crane, Berkley. 

275 Adoniran, Aug. 6, 1804. 
Isaac, died young. 

Isaac Babbitt, Berkley — Private, Capt. James Nichol's Co., Col. 
John Daggett's regt.; marched Jan. 10, 1778; service 2 mos. 23 days at 
Rhode Island; enlistment, 3 months, from Jan. 1, 1778. 

Private, Capt. Jacob Haskins's co., Lieut., Col. Samuel Pierce's regt.; 
enhsted May 20, 1779; discharged July 1, 1779; service 1 mo. 14 days 
at Tiverton, R. I. 

Private, Capt. Henry Brightman's co.. Col. James Dean's regt.; 
enlisted March 8, 1781; discharged March 14, 1781; service 6 days; com- 
pany detached from Freetown, Berkley and Dighton for the term of 40 
days unless sooner discharged. 


Isaac Babbitt — Private, Capt. Matthew Randall's Co., Col. Abiel Mit- 
chell's regt.; enhsted July 29, 1780; discharged Oct. 31, 1780; service 
3 mos. 4 days; company raised to reinforce Continental Army. 

Private, Capt. Jacob Fuller's Co., Col. John Jacob's regt. ; enlisted July 

2, 1778; services mos. 1 day, at Rhode Island; enlistment to expire 
Jan. 1, 1779. 

List of men mustered in Bristol Co. by James Leonard muster master 
for service at Rhode Island; Col. John Hathaway's regt.; mustered July 

3, 1778, enhstment 6 months. 

At one time he commanded a small craft, sailing on Taunton river, 
through the sound I suppose, between Taunton and New York, bring- 
ing flour, grain etc. to Taunton, as there were no cars or steamboats 
then. He had two or three "hands" with him. One time during a gale 
there was trouble on board and they were evidently in peril. The mate, 
who was noted more for his piety than for his nautical skill, stood wringing 
his hands and repeating, "We must trust to Providence; we must 
trust to Providence." Grandfather, getting nervous, and perhaps angry, 
exclaimed, "We may trust to Providence and bring up at Newport, but 
at this rate we shan't hit the broad side of Ameriky," and seizing a hatchet 
he cut away some ropes and the boat righted itself and they went on their 
way rejoicing. 


Henry Babbitt (Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born Dec. 27, 
1764, in Berkley. Removed to Colrain before 1799. Was in Colrain, 

Mass., in 1811, at which date he released lands in Berkley. Died , 

1849, Hartwellvile, Vt. 

Married (1st) Nov. 21, 1787, at Berkley, Mary Faulkner. Born 
Feb. 7, 1762. (2nd) Widow Susan Halliday of Marlboro. (Int. Dec. 

4, 1820). Died ; (aged 90). 


Mary, June 15, 1789. 

Anna, March 24, 1793; m. Oct. 14, 1812, John Sanders of Hal- 
ifax, Vt. 
Sarah, July 15, 1795. 


276 Phoebe, Oct. 24, 1797. 

277 Henry, June 18, 1799, at Colrain. 
Enos, March 14, 1806, at Colrain. 


Ebenezer Babbitt (Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born April 27, 
1772, in Berkley, Mass. Shipwright in Freetown, Mass. Died June 21, 
1858, in Freetown, Mass. 

Married Jan. 23, 1793, Sally Cudworth of Freetown, daughter of 
David and Phoebe. Died July 13, 1848, age 81. 

Children: — 

278 David, July 28, 1793. 

Patience, Dec. 28, 1795. (Not married; d. Oct. 28, 1877). 

279 Ebenezer, Sept. 1803. 

280 Thomas, Jan. 26, 1806. 

Achsah, 1798; unmarried. Died Nov. 23, 1881. 

Sarah, April 11, 1809; m. (1) Ira Mason, Oct. 10, 1830. Son 

Hiram died young. (2) Daniel Cudworth, born 1820. 

Josephine, b. April 20, 1846, m. Chas. Terry; Caroline, Aug. 
14, 1851, m. George Bowers. 
Mary, . Did not marry. 


Enos Babbitt (Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born Feb. 11, 
1775, in Berkley, Mass. 

He early removed from Berkley and settled in western New York, 
where his descendants are numerous in Ontario Co. In 1816 he ovmed 
80 acres in Scipio, N. Y. 

Lived at Reeds Corners, N. Y., near Canandaigua, N. Y. 

Died 1854. Buried in Reeds Corners, N. Y. 

Married (1st) Margaret Mosher, probably mother of all his children. 
Married (2nd) Annis ( — ) Last name unknown. One account says he 
married three times. 




Henry, 1800. 


Joseph Lake, Sept. 

5, 1803. 


Eben W., 1806. 


David H., June 18, 





Abijah, April 23, 1814. 




Esther Babbitt (Abi jah-Edward-Edward-Edward) . Born June 7, 
1778, in Berkley, Mass. Died Oct. 12, 1862. 

Married Oct. 6, 1801, Joseph Allen. Born Sept. 29, 1776. Died July 
5, 1870. 
Children: — 

James Allen, March 18, 1802; d. Dec. 29, 1872; m. Abigail Leonard. 

Joseph, March 5, 1804; d. June, 1804. 

Joseph, July 23, 1805; d. April 4, 1879; m. Eliz. Bidwell. 

Davis, July 26, 1807; d. Feb. 20, 1883; m. Susan Witherell. 

Esther, March 6, 1809; d. Oct. 18, 1822. 

Mary, Oct. 27, 1810; d. March 18, 1838; m. Frederick Paul. 

Jane, June 9, 1812; d. March, 1813. 

Caroline, April 20, 1814; d. Dec. 15, 1842; m. Hiram Baker. 

Ann, July 1816; d. August, 1816. 

Enos, Aug. 9, 1817; d. Sept. 4, 1821. 

Betsey Ann, May 28, 1819; d. Dec. 14, 1905; m. Ichabod Bassett. 

Samuel, May 22, 1821; d. Oct. 19, 1822. 

Frederick, March 10, 1823; d. Oct. 30, 1882; m. Betsey Bassett. 


Edward Babbitt (Abi jah-Edward-Edward-Edward) . Born Oct. 7, 
1801-2, at Berkley, Mass. Died June 24, 1883. 

Married Sept. 6, 1830, Louise Hathaway, daughter of Isaac and Ehza- 
beth (Babbitt) Hathaway. (See 113). Born March 25, 1805. Died Sept. 
19, 1884. 



Elizabeth, May 10, 1831; d. Sept. 20, 1831. 
Louisa Maria, Feb. 22, 1833. Unmarried. 

288 Edward Henry, Nov. 22, 1834. 
Catherine, June 23, 1837; d. Sept. 21, 1872. 


Joy Babbitt (Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Born Sept. 26, 1767. 

Died Nov. 4, 1849, in Buffalo, N. Y. 

He appears in the census of 1790 as a resident of Adams, Mass., but 
his residence there must have been of short duration as there is no men- 
tion of it on town or county records. In 1820 was residing in Lysander, 
N. Y. 

Married (1st) Esther Cook, Sept. 16, 1786, in Cummington, Mass., 
daughter of John and Anna Cook. Born Oct. 6, 1765, Hardwick, Mass.; 
died July 17, 1813. He had a second wife who deserted him. 

Children: — 

289 John Cook, June 23, 1787. Born in Greenwich, Mass. 

290 Elijah, Oct. 25, 1789. 

Erastus, Sept. 15, 1790. Resided in Rock Island, 111. 
Erastus Babbitt, of Rock Island, Rock Island County, 111., on 22nd of 
June, 1858, made statement that he was 69 years of age; that he was en- 
listed or drafted for service in war with Great Britain of 1812-1815, from 
Riga, Monroe County, N. Y., 10th of April, 1814, and served six months. 
He received Land Warrant No. 1707 for 80 acres of land. He served as 
Sergeant of Capt. Davis' Co., New York Regt., Col. Dobbins. 

Orange, Aug. 3, 1792. Born in Dorset, Vt. A blacksmith; 

Settled in Illinois. At Cato, N. Y., 1817. 
Ira, March 24, 1794. Born in Charlotte, Vt. Settled in Wis. 
Elizabeth, Feb. 12, 1796. Born in Charlotte, Vt. Died March 
24, 1814, at Cayuga, N. Y. 

291 Joy, May 11, 1798. Born in Spring Creek, Warren Co., Pa. 
Esther, April 3, 1800. 

Ashley, Dec. 18, 1802. Died young. 
Mary (Polly) Cook, April 21, 1805, Scipio, N. Y. 
Ashley, March 1, 1808. Lived in Monroe, Wis. Had son 


In 1820 on account of the passage of a new law affecting pensions ac- 
cording to the amount of property which a pensioner possessed, the pen- 
sion being withdrawn if the property ran above a certain amount, Mr. 
Babbitt filed a schedule of his property, consisting principally of some 
household goods and a few farm animals. He lived at this time at Phelps, 
Ontario County, New York, and stated that he was a farmer by occu- 
pation, and that his family consisted of his wife, a daughter Polly aged 
thirteen years, his son Ashley aged 11, his wife's daughter, Mercy Sher- 
wood aged seventeen, and her son Joseph Sherwood, aged 15 years. Mr. 
Babbitt's pension was continued, however, until his death, as his income 
was not sufficient to debar him from the benefit of the pension law. 

State of New York, Onondaga County ss. 

Joy Babbitt being duly sworn saith that in the month of August in the 
year seventeen hundred and eighty two he enlisted as a private soldier for 
the term of three years in Captain Williams' Company in Col. Ebenezer 
Sprout's Regiment in the Massachusetts line in the Continental service 
and joined the army at Verplanks Point below the Highlands on Hudson 
River immediately after. That he served in said Company and Regiment 
under the same officers until June in the year seventeen hundred and 
eight-three, when the regular soldiers enlisting for the war were discharg- 
ed. He was transferred into Captain Haskell's Company in a Regiment 
of which he cannot recollect the Colonel's name and went from W^est Point 
with three regiments under the command of General Howe to Philadel- 
phia to suppress an insurrection of the Regular troops who attempted 
to break open the Bank there, after which there was a new arrangement 
of the United States forces by which he was transferred into Captain 
Patrick Phelan's Company in a Regiment called the American regiment 
under command of Gen. Henry Jackson, from which Company and 
Regiment he was discharged at West Point in the year seventeen hundred 
and eighty four in the month of June, having served two years and ten 
months imder the said enlistment. That his discharge was left in Vermont 
this years since and does not know whether it is now in existence or not 
— that he is aged fifty years in the month of September last and resides in 
the town of Lysander in the County of Onondaga and from his reduced cir- 


cumstances in life is in need of the assistance of his country for support 
and has never had any pension from the United States — & further saith 

Joy Babbit 
Sworn to and declared this thirteenth day of April in the year 1818 
before me. 

Joshua Forman, 
First Judge of Onodaga Com. Pleas. 

State of New York, Onodaga County ss. 

Noah Pratt of the town of in the County aforesaid being duly 

sworn, saith that he was a private in Col. Sprout's regiment in the Massa- 
chusetts line in the Continental service about four years to the end of said 
war and well remembers Joy Babbitt, a piper in William's Company in 
said Regiment from the month of August in the year 1782 until he, this 
deponent, was discharged from service in June, 1783, but does not recollect 
when said Babbit was discharged. 

Noah Pratt, 
Subscribed and sworn before me the 23 day of June, 1818. 

Joshua Forman, 
First Judge of Onondaga, Common Pleas. 

State of New York, Onodaga County ss. 

Elkanah Fuller of Ohio in the said Company being duly sworn saith 
that he was a soldier in the Revolutionary war from the year 1781 to the 
fall of the year 1783 in Wilson's Company in Sprout's Regiment in the 
Massachusetts line and was personally knowing Joy Babbit in said Com- 
pany, now of the town of Lysander in said County and now here present, 
a soldier in the same from about the month of August, 1782, until this 
deponent was discharged in October, 1783, when he was still serving in 
the American Regiment commanded by Gen. Henry Jackson in Haskell's 
Company, Captain Williams having then left the service, but this deponent 
does not know when the said Babbit was discharged. 

Elkanah Fuller, 
Subscribed and sworn before m.e this 23d day of June, 1818. 

Joshua Forman, 
First Judge of Onondaga, Common Pleas. 

138 the babbitt family history. 

State of New York, Onondaga County ss. 

I, Joshua Forman, First Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in and 
for the said County of Onondaga in the State of New York do certify- 
that it appears to my satisfaction that Joy Babbit of the town of Lysander 
in said County did serve in the Revolutionary war against the common 
enemy, as stated by him in his declaration on oath hereunto annexed, 
made before me in order to obtain the provision made by the late act of 
Congress, entitled "An act to provide for certain persons engaged in the 
land and naval service of the Revolutionary war." And I now transmit 
the proceedings and testimony taken and had before me to the Secretary 
for the Department of War, pursuant to the direction of the said Act of 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal 
of the said court to be affixed this fourteenth day of April in the year 1818. 

J. C. CALHOUN ESQ., [seal] 

Secretary for the Department of War 
of the United States. 

I, Joshua Forman, First Judge &c, as aforesaid, do certify that Noah 
Pratt and Elkanah Fuller whose testimony taken before me is hereto an- 
nexed are credible witnesses and that it appears to my satisfaction that 
Joy Babbit above mentioned is in reduced circumstances in life and stands 
in need of the assistance of his country for support and I now transmit 
all the proceedings and testimony taken and had before me to the Secretary 
for the Department of War, according to the provisions of the said act of 

Onondaga County, 
June 23, 1818. 


Nathaniel Babbit (Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Born 

Lived at Pultneyville, N. Y. 

Married (1st) Olive; ( — ) name unknown — married (2nd) Julia Savage, 


Children: — 


292 Samuel; 

293 Truman, 
(2nd wife.) 


Simeon Babbitt (Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Born June 2, 
1776, in Dartmouth, Mass. 

Simeon Babbitt was left an orphan at an early age and placed with a 
farmer imtil he should reach the age of fourteen. He had few oppor- 
tunities for study. With his first money he purchased a Walker's Dic- 
tionary and studied by himself every spare moment. 

He next entered upon a period of apprenticeship to William Barry, a 
house- joiner in New Salem, Mass., whom he had selected as his guardian 
and with whom he remained until he was twenty-one. He was then 
presented with the customary suit of clothes and a hammer, and set out 
into the world with his pack on his shoulder containing his clothing, dic- 
tionary and tools. 

He went first to Barnard, Vt., where he obtained employment with a 
cabinet maker, Aaron Barlow, and in the following year he married Mary, 
the daughter of his employer. 

In 1815 he moved his family to Bethel, Vt., where he carried on his 
trade as architect and builder. He built the first hotel and the first meet- 
ing-house in Bethel, both built in 1816 and still in use. He was employed 
in other parts of the state in the erection of pubHc buildings. He held 
many ofiices of trust, being selectman, town clerk, and justice of the peace, 
and ever a man of imswerving honesty. 

Died August 21, 1844, in Bethel, Vt. Married (1st) June 20, 1799, 
Mary, daughter of Aaron Barlow and Mary (W^inslow) Terry. Born 
Oct. 22, 1774, in Rochester, Mass. Died Nov. 8, 1837, in Bethel, Vt. 

Married (2nd) Mrs. Abigail Langdon Scovil, of Castleton, Vt. 

Children: Born in Barnard, Vt.: — 

A still-born son, March 25, 1800. 


Zebina Terry, Jan. 16, 1801; d. Feb. 24, 1801. 
Arnon, July 2, 1802; d. March 3, 1829. 
294 Simeon Augustus, Nov. 17, 1806; d. July 9, 1877. 
George Nelson, Oct. 18, 1813; d. Sept. 25, 1833. 

Mary Barlow, wife of Simeon Babbitt, was daughter of Aaron Barlow 
and his second wife, Mary (Winslow) Terry, (a widow of Freetown, Mass). 
They were married May 7, 1772. 

Aaron Barlow was born April 13, 1735, in Rochester, Mass., son of 
Joseph^ Barlow, — Moses^ of Rochester, — George Barlow^ of Sandwich, 
Mass., the first known ancestor of the family in this country, who ap- 
peared in Sandwich about the year 1653. Aaron Barlow served as Min- 
uteman in the War of the Revolution. About the year 1778, he removed 
to Harwick, Mass., where he was selectman in 1781. In 1783 he settled 
at Barnard, Vt., He was one of a committee to prepare articles of Asso- 
ciation for the First Congregational Church of Barnard, Vt. He served 
in the General Assembly of Vermont, in 1784-5, 1790-91, 1793-4 and 
1798-9. He was married three times. 


Jane Babbitt (Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Resided in Pitts- 
ford, N. Y., and St. Joseph, Mich. Married Charles Rice. 



Jonathan Babbitt (Elijah-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Born Feb. 
22, 1767, at Freetown, Mass. Lived for a while in Sanzy, N. H., before 
going to Pelham, Mass. Died May 7, 1843, in Pelham, Mass. 

Married Elizabeth Haskins of Greenwich, Mass. Born 1768, in 
Taunton. Died May 22, 1848, in Pelham. 



Olive, May 20, 1792; d. March 30, 1822. 

Susanna E. Aug. 23, 1793, in Swanzy, N. H.; d. April 16, 1863; 

m. Simon Cook in Pelham, May 2, 1844. No issue. 
Polly, Sept. 15, 1795; d. Sept. 20, 1880. Unmarried. 
Judith, Dec. 2, 1797; d. Dec. 26, 1858, in Pelham, Mass. 

295 Alvin, March 11, 1800. 

296 Hannah, Oct. 30, 1802. 

297 Jonathan, June 1, 1804. 

298 Rosselle, Feb. 21, 1805. 

299 Betsey, Aug. 30, 1809; m. Hiram Abercrombie, Pelham, 

300 Massena, June 1, 1812. 


Marcy Babbitt (Ehjah-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Born March 3, 
1768. Died July 19, 1829. 

Married Oct. 28, 1790, John Town, of Greenwich. He married (2nd) 
Molly (Babbitt) Emmons, his wife's sister (No. 140). He was born Oct. 23, 
1767, Greenwich, Mass., Died Nov. 6, 1848. 
Children: — 

Celia, Sept. 19, 1791; m. Bernard Hale of Dover. She died 1875. 
Eight children. 

Jacob, Nov. 25, 1792. Unmarried. ."' ■ 

Abigail, April 1, 1794; d. May 3, 1841. 

John, Sept. 22, 1796; m. (1st) EHzabeth Covil; (2nd) Elizabeth 
Shaw; (3) Mrs. Symonds. Ten children; died 1868. 

EKjah, March 28, 1798; m. Louisa Felton, 1820. He died in 
Buffalo, N. Y., 1873. 

Mercy, , 1800; d. 1800. 

Judith, Sept. 16, 1803; m. Ariel Rogers; d. 1889. 

Cyril, April 9, 1804; m. Ada Skmner; d. 1891. 

Mary Ann, Oct. 24, 1806; m. Henry Tiffin; d. 1851. 

Maria, Aug. 21, 1809; m. Elnathan Stone; d. 1891, Dana, Mass. 


Rev. James Babbitt (Ehjah-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Bom Oct. 
24, 1769. In Essex, Vt., in 1803. 



James Babbitt was a traveling preacher, a Universalist. While at 
Albany, N. Y., his two sons were killed by an accidental explosion^of 
powder. The accompanying verses describe this occurrence. 

Died April 14, 1849. Buried at Ausable Forks, N. Y. 

Married Betsey Fay. Died Aug. 10. 1824. 

Children: — 

\\ ilham \ j..^^^^ ^^ Albany,N.Y.,Dec. 13, 1813, by an explosion. 
Alonzo. ; 

301 Deborah, ; m. Elijah White. 

Elijah, ; married; had son James. 


Leander, March 29, 1810. 

Warren, . Supposed to have removed South. 


Composed on the death of William and Alonzo Babbit, two eldest sons 
of the Rev. James Babbit, who were instantly killed at Albany, on the 
13th of December, 1813, by an explosion which took place in the United 
States' Laboratory. 


On the thirteenth of December, 
Eighteen himdred and thirteen, 
I with grief, I well remember. 
Viewed a sad and mournful scene. 
I was in a Lab'ratory, 
In the town of Albany, 
Lab'ring for Columbia's glory 
With two sons of mine with me. 

From the stove wdth full permission, 
Sparks of fire did fiy and pour 
Vengeance on some composition, 
WTiich lay scatter'd on the floor. 
Toms, who saw it, left his station: 
Of it let no creature know. 
His witholding information, 
Prov'd my children's overthrow. 

William and Alonzo, aged, 
William twelve, Alonzo eight 
In their country's cause engaged. 
Where they met their doleful fate. 
Abram Toms his hands were plying 
In a chamber room above. 
Making matches, where were drying 
Rockets, near a burning stove. 

Soon the rockets they exploded: 
Made the lab'rmg lads to pause: 
Think some piece had been un- 
Leave the house to learn the cause. 
Only I and Abram Martin, 
And Alonzo dear to me, 
In the house were left, I'm certain. 
Out of twenty-five, but three. 



Sev'ral casks of powder, mealed, 
In the chamber, cov'rd lay: 
To them, though they were 

Flaming rockets found their way. 
This explosion rent the building — 
All the roof in pieces tore — 
To its force the timbers yielding, 
All above the Chamber floor. 


I, my eyes then upward turning. 
Saw, with anguish in my soul, 
O'er my head the building burning 
Waving fiery billows roll. 
Powder on the table lying — 
Fire aflaming through the floor — 
I from death and danger flying — 
Just escap'd out at the door. 


An explosion quick ensuing, 
Raz'd the building to the ground — 
I beneath the fatal ruin 
Found myself completely bound. 
Long I strove for extrication. 
My exertions set me free, 
I to others gave salvation. 
Who were there confin'd like me. 

William, anxious for his brother, 
Saw what dangers round him 

Begg'd assistance of another. 
Who through fear, declin'd to aid. 
William lov'd Alonzo dearly — 
Flew to rescue him alone — 
Strove to save his life sincerely; 
But in striving lost his own! 


Just as he his aid was lending, 
Death's grim angel rush'd between 
Fire and powder rashly blending, 
Clos'd the sad and awful scene. 
William by the blast ascended 
Forty feet, and then was found, 
When its force and strength hap 

Gasping on the frozen ground. 

He was bruis'd, his bones were 

All his clothes in pieces torn; 
Flesh and limbs around him 

From his mangled body borne. 
Thus in pangs of death confined, 
A few moments William lay. 
Then to God his soul resigned. 
And his body to the clay. 

Young Alonzo, lately blooming, 
Now a shapeless lump of clay, 
'Mong the ruins found consuming, 
On the burning embers lay. 
Gazing on this lifeless creature. 
Stung my heart with sorrows 

keen — 
Not one former look or feature. 
Left remaining to be seen. 

Through the window Abram 

By the grand explosion flew, 
From his body life departing, 
Bade this world a long adieu. 
All his woes and wants are ended. 
In the tomb his body lies; 


Swift as thought his soul ascended, We shall surely meet again. 
Homeward, to its native skies. 14 

13 Trust my soul in thy Creator — 

Losing William and his brother. Cease to murmur and complain, 

Made my bosom swell with woe: Though my loss be great, yet 
How it griev'd their tender mother, greater. 

None but tender mothers know. Is my absent children's gain. 

Hope which heals the broken All their wants are past, and over, 

hearted. Now their happy spirits rest 

Softly whispers me within. In the bosom of Jehovah — 

Telling me, though we are parted. Now with kindred spirits blest. 

Composed by SILAS BALLOU, 
Richmond, N. H 


Molly Babbitt (EHjah-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Born Nov. 4, 
1771. Resided in Greenwich, Mass. Died Nov. 27, 1845. 

Married May 16, 1802; (1st) Robert Emmons, Born March 29, 1768; 
died Aug. 21, 1819. His second wife. (2nd) John Town. He had pre- 
viously married her sister Marcy No. 138. 

Children: (By her first husband) : — 

Feb. 27, 1803. Mary died Sept. 27, 1804. 

Mary, ) 

Betsey, ) ' Feb. 27, 1803. Betsey died Sept. 23, 1804. 

Lucy, Jan. 11, 1805; d. Sept. 21, 1856. 

EHjah, Aug. 6, 1806; d. May 19, 1874. 

Eliza, June 9, 1808; d. Oct. 13, 1834. 

Melinda, June 21, 1810; d. Oct. 15, 1891. She married Doubleday. 

Alonzo Babbitt, Aug. 3, 1813; d. Dec. 25, 1883. 


Hannah Babbitt (EHjah-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Born Feb. 9, 
1783. Resided at Greenwich, Mass. Died Aug. 9, 1872. 

Married May 28, 1801, Bezalel Amsden. Died Feb. 18, 1854. 


Children: — 

Warren, May 7, 1802; d. March 5, 1810. 
Harriet, Dec. 14, 1803; m. Justus Witt, July 20, 1828. 
Anna, Nov. 7, 1809; m. Adin Witt, Feb. 6, 1828. 
Philura, Nov. 3, 1820; m. Chas. G. Gleason March 9, 1841. 
Children: — 

Charlotte A., Nov. 13, 1843. 
Edwin, Jan. 17, 1849. 
Ann Maria, July 7, 1851. 
Lucius A., Sept. 3, 1852. 
Ella Louisa, April 4, 1856. 

Mary Alice, Aug. 23, 1861. She married Arthur Stevens of 
No. Dana, Mass. 


David Babbitt (David-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Born April 4, 
1782. He sold out in Fall River in 1829. In 1846 was in Venice, N. Y, 
Died in Venice, Cayuga Co., N. Y., Feb. 18, 1857. 

Married (1st) Rhoda Bowen, June 10, 1808, at Fall River, daughter 
of Nathan and Nancy (Reed) Bowen. (2nd) Hannah Borden, June 13, 
1819, (niece of Rhoda Bowen). Bom Sept. 1, 1790; died June 25, 1874. 
Children: — 
303 Nathan Bowen, Oct. 18, 1808; d. Nov. 27, 1890. 

Hannah Borden, July 29, 1811; d. April 1, 1877, at Wyoming, 

N. Y. 
David, Sept. 1815; d. 1833-4. 
Rhoda, Dec. 17, 1819; d. Nov. 23, 1894. Married Thomas 

Taber of Venice, N. Y. 
Freeman W., June 28, 1821. Resided in Venice, N. Y. 
Jerome, May 25, 1823; d. July 2, 1906. Resided in Middle- 
bury, N. Y. 
Caroline Amelia, July 23, 1826; d. Feb. 1, 1830. 
Evalitie Augusta, July 23, 1826; married Richard Atwater of 

Ledyard, N. Y. 
Horatio Leonard, March 20, 1828. Resided in 1857, in Rich- 
field, Mich. 



Elkanah Babbitt (Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Dec. 5, 
1737, New, Milford Conn. Died Feb. 9, 1807. Buried in Old Chappell 
Cemetery, Fly Creek N. Y. 

He was at Lanesboro, Mass., for a while. In 1788 he sold his Lanes- 
boro, Mass. land from Warrensbush N. Y. He is probably the "Alcanor" 
Babbitt given in the N. Y. State census of 1790. Settled near Fly Creek, 
N. Y. 

Elkanah Babbitt-Private, Capt. Ebenezer Newell's co.. Col. Symonds's 
regt.; marched on an alarm from Lanesborough to Manchester July 9, 
1777; service, 8 days. 

Married Rachel ( — ),name unknown. Died Feb. 9, 1815, aged 78 yrs. 


304 Stephen, 1765 

305 Warren, June 18, 1774. 

306 Annis, 

307 David, 


Daniel Babbit the founder of the Canadian branch of the Babbit family 
was born April 28, 1749 in New Milford Conn., the son of Elkanah and 
Obedience Babbit. Little is known of his boyhood or what influences led 
him to become a member of the Church of England and a Tory when all 
of his relatives and almost all of the Babbitt name were Revolutionists. At 
the time of the Revolution he was living at Fredericksburg, in Dutchess 
County, New York, and according to a memorial which he presented to 
the British Government presenting claims for losses sustained through the 
Revolution he had leased a farm from Colonel Beverly Robinson at Fred- 
ericksburg for three lives; the lease dating from April 1, 1774. He was 
married at this time, his wife being Mary Close, a sister of Lieut. Close 
of the American Army. 

New York State, especially the vicinity of Fredericksburg was largely 
Anglican and Tory and probably living in this environment, he had es- 


poused the same cause. It is said that he was thrice drafted by the Re- 
volutionists. The first time he bought off, the second time he provided 
a substitute, the third time he went within the British Hnes. It is a matter 
of record that, in 1779 on July 16, he entered the British Hnes at Kings 
Bridge and during the war served as a farrier on Long Island. 

In taking this action he forfeited all rights to his property which con- 
sisted of his farm of eighty-seven acres near Fredericksburg with dwelling, 
barn, blacksmith shop, stock, tools, household goods, bonds, notes, etc.; 
also a dwelling house in the town of Fredericksburg. This property was 
forfeited and sold by the committee of sequestration for Dutchess County. 
According to the reports of the committee filed in the comptroller's office 
Albany, his effects realized the following sum: 

£ s d 

August 27, 1779 2579 14 

August 22, 1780 940 

It is rather strange, however, that in making up his schedule of claims 
for losses which he presented to the British Government, he names the 
total of his lossess as amounting to £. 819 s. 1, d. o. For his losses the 
Government allowed him only £. 164. 

At the close of the war he was forced with the other Loyalists to seek a 
new home. He embarked for the St. John river in what is now the pro- 
vince of New Brunswick in Canada with the summer fleet of 1783. In a 
few weeks a city had grown up here, mostly at first a city of tents in which 
many of the Loyalists endured the inclemency of the Canadian winter, 
which was very vigorous at that time. He went above the Falls but re- 
mained there only four weeks and in September he went to Gagetown, 
forty-seven miles up the river, now a very picturesque spot and a good 
farming center and the shire town of the County of Queens. In the simple 
pastoral beauty of its scenery it resembles very much, Berkley the home 
of his early ancestors. The intervale land here, lowlands which are sub- 
merged by the spring freshet, very much resemble the Berkley flats. At 
this time however, the country was wooded to the river banks. It was 
not an inviting spot to bring one's family to with winter coming on rapidly, 
no home built and only moderate provision against the stress of the long, 
hard winter. Many of the Loyalists on the St. John river, spent their 
first winter in tents or log huts and with a scarce food supply to further 
heighten the horrors of their circumstances. 


With Daniel came his wife and five children, Daniel Jr., who was 13 
years old, Rebecca, 12 years old, Hannah, 8 years old, Elizabeth, 6, and 
William, the youngest, who was 3. It is said that he brought up river 
with him a horse, a large boat, a hand mill for grinding grain and consid- 
erable money in gold which he had made shoeing horses during the war, 
at a guinea a horse He may therefore have been able to provide very 
comfortably for his family during that first trying winter. He built the 
first frame house, it is said, in Gagetown and the first meeting of the Court 
of General Sessions of the county was held in his house on February 23, 
1786, which would indicate that his home must have been one of the more 
pretentious in the rising village. 

The Loyalists received grants of land from the government. In 1784 
Daniel was given a grant of 200 acres in Washedemoak Lake in Queens 
County. He does not appear however, to have occupied this. In 1792 
the Town Plot of Gage was laid out and he was granted 16 lots of one acre 
each. He had erected a blacksmith shop and he farmed as well. 

He was a strong churchman and served for forty years as warden of the 
parish church. The first, meeting of the wardens and vestry, April 21 , 
1790 and many subsequent meetings were held at his house and during 
the nearly forty years of his wardenship, from April 25, 1791 to 1830, the 
writer who examined the church records found only two or three instances 
where he was absent from a meeting of the vestry. He conveyed to the 
governing body the lot upon which the church was built. 


New Claim, 
To THE Commissioners 

Appointed by Act of Parliment for inquiring into the losses and 
services of the American Loyalists. 

The Memorial of Daniel Babbit, late of Dutchess County, New York, 
but now of Gage Town River St. John and Province of Nevv' Brunswick, 
humbly sheweth: 


That your Memorialist 'for his loyalty to his King and Attachment to 
the British Government, was compelled to fly for refuge and protection 
to the Royal Army, then in the Province of New York, as early as the 16th 
of July, 1779. That during the course of the late War rendered govern- 
ment the services and in consequence of his said loyalty and attachment 
to government, sustained the losses as stated in the Schedule and Estimate 
hereunto annexed. 

Your Memorialist therefore prays that his case may be taken into your 
consideration, in order that your Memorialist may be enabled under your 
report to receive such compensation and relief as his losses and services 
may be found, to deserve. 


Queen's County 

New Brunswick 

9th March, 1786. 

The Schedule and Estimate of the Estate, real and personal, of Daniel 
Babbit, formerly of the County of Dutchess, Province of New York, con- 
fiscated and sold by the Rebels, in consequence of his loyalty to his Sov- 
erign and Attachment to the British Government. 

For three Lives leased the Farm as here described, of Colonel Beverly 
Robinson, vizt. 

1 farm with house, barn and out house or shop, with an orchard 

of near 100 fruit trees, valued ;^250 

Ditto one dwelling house and out house, with 1-4 acre land lying 

in Fredericksborough, County aforesaid 100 

28 Sheep £14, one yoke of oxen ;^20 and 3 cows £18 52 

2 horses, one of which was stolen and brought within the British 
Lines, valued at ;,^50 - of the horse stolen he received £Q 44 

3 calves ;^3, three 2-year old Heifers ;^9 12 

Two-year old Heifer £4, 1 Ox cart ;£12 16 

3 Cows ;£6, two harrows & 2 chains £3. 10 9:10 

2'Scyths & tackling £1A, one grinding stone-24 2:8 

1 Sleigh & harness for horses ;^6, one huntmg sadle ;^6 12 

1 Man's saddle ;^4, one ox shed 16 4:16 


2 sets of Blacksmith's tools 

2 Anvils, 2 Bellows 
6 Sledges, 8 hammers, 
12 pair tongs, 2 dox. tiles & 

Sundry small tools 60 

150 bushels Coal at 4s. bushel 2:8 

25 lb. steel & 60 lbs. iron 2:5 

3 1-2 acres standing on the ground of Oats 7 

4 " " " " " " Corn 8 

IHog 3:4 

2 Feather Beds, 6 pair sheets, 6 pair pillow cases, 6 flannel 

blankets, 3 coverlids, 1 pair curtains and 2 table cloths 34 

1 Brass kettle 4:10 

Bonds and notes taken by the enemy, together with my lease 150 

2 cows taken by the British Troops on Long Island, cost ;^45. . 45 

New York Currency £ 819:1 

St. John, 22nd Jany., 1787 

Evidence on the Claim of Daniel Babbit, late of New York, Claimant 

Saith, he came from New York in the last fleet, had heard of the Act. 
When he came here went above the Falls, staid there four weeks. 

On further examination says, he is sure he came here in the course of 
the summer, went up the River about the first of September, went to Gage 

Had no opportunity of sending his claim by Captain Vanderburgh. 

He lived at Dutchess County, went within the British Lines, went to 
Kings Bridge, when Stony Point was taken, continued within the British 

Took the oaths of allegiance, went to Long Island, there worked at his 
trade as blacksmith. Now settled at Gage Town. 

Had a lease on Colonel Beverly Robinson's land, 87 acres. 

Gave £200 for the improvements just before the troubles. 


Had a lot in Fredericksborough, this was on Col. Robinson's land, im- 
provements belonged to Claimant, gave ;^40 for the improvements four 
years before the troubles. He added greatly to the buildings. 

Lost two horses, one was taken. 

1 yoke of oxen. 
28 Sheep. 

4 two-year Olds. 

2 Yearlings. 
Farming Utensils. 

Left these things on his farm, has been told the Commissioners seized 
them and sold them. 

Produces Certificate to his loyalty from Col. Beverly Robinson. 

Anthony Tirrell, sworn 

Knew Claimant, he had a lease on Col. Robinson's land, he had a house 
in Fredericksborough. 

Agrees in account of his Moveables. 

In Committee of the Convention of 
the State of New York appointed for 
enquiring into, detecting & defeat- 
ing all Conspiracies which may be 
formed in the said State against the 
Liberties of America. Fishkill 

Oct. 20, 1776. 

WHEREAS this Committee did on the 17th Inst, 
resolve that the following Persons, Inhabitants of 
South East and Frederick Precincts in the County 
of Dutchess, should forthwith be disarm'd appre- 
hended and secured, to witt, Uriah Townsend, 
Ebenezer Rider, Charles Cullen*, Barne Hatfield, 
Uriah Wright, Joseph Hitchcock, Eli Crosby, Dr. 
Daniel Bull*, Charles Theal, and Gilbert Dickeson, 
*Daniel Babbitt, Daniel Brundage, Jeremiah Birch, 
Junior, Moses Fowler, David Nash, Samuel Jowner, 
William Merritt, Thomas Carl*. 


ORDERED that Col. Luddington do forthwith 
apprehend and bring before this Committee the above 
mentioned Persons, and that he secure the Papers of 
such whose Names are marked with an Asterisk in 
order that the same be examined by this Committee. 

ORDERED that Capt. Clarke detach Lieut. 
Haight with a Party of 15 Men, to repair to Coll. 
Luddington and to follow such orders as they may 
receive from him. 

Signed by Order of the Committee 

Wm. DUER Chairman. 

The foregoing is a copy of order of arrest issued by Wm. Duer, 
Chairman of Committees on Conspiracies, of the "Provincial Congress of 
the State of New York" to Col. Henry Ludington. 

(Original paper in possession of Charles H. Ludington, New York City.) 

Daniel Babbit was a leading contributor to the church and served in 
many committees relating to the construction of the church and glebe 
house and to financial matters. 

In 1795 his first wife died and she was buried on July 7, of this year. 
His second wife was Rhoda Annis Cronk whom, it is said, his mother had 
brought up and whom he married in the States going there for that purpose. 
It is said that he had twenty two children and that at his death on July 
12, 1830, seven sons and seven daughters attended his funeral. The 
writer has record of eighteen children; nine by his first wife and nine 
by his second. It is rather remarkable that he was sixty seven years old 
when his last child was born. He died July 12, 1830. 

Children: — 

308 Daniel, Dec. 3, 1770; d. 1860. 

Rebecca, July 15, 1773; d. May 23, 1845; m. Mar. 20, 1796, 
Richard Yoemans M. P. 

309 Hannah, 1775; d. Feb. 11, 1860. 

Elizabeth, 1777; d. May 3, 1810; m. Dec. 23, 1798, Daniel 

Morton of Gagetown. 
William, 1784; Dec. 1794. 


Copied from an old painting. 


310 David Lee, 1789. 

Phoebe, Apr. 23, 1790; m. Jan. 10, 1818 at Gagetown, 
Gabriel Fowler. 

311 Samuel Perry, Apr. 6, 1792; Oct. 1, 1875. 

312 Thomas, Oct. 5, 1794. 

313 Elkanah, Oct. 29, 1798; d. Nov. 23, 1837. 

314 Henry, Oct. 29, 1798; d. Apr. 18, 1896. 

315 Mary, May 22, 1800. 

Obedience, June 13, 1802; July 11, 1809. 

316 Mahala, Aug. 19, 1804. 

William, July 21, 1805; d. July 11, 1809. 

317 Benjamin, Aug. 2, 1807; m.- Mar. 18, 1893. 

318 Ann Holtz, June 11, 1809. 

Rhoda Annis, July 18, 1813; m. Seth Thorne, July 10, 1833. 


Molly Babbitt (Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Lived at Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

Married ( ) Trafton. 

Children: — 




Mary, m. Daniel Tefft, Jr., son of Daniel and Martha (Jenks) Tefft. 

Betsey, m. Salisbury. 


Ebenezer Babbitt (Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Dec. 24^ 
1740, in Milbrook or Attleboro, Mass. Resided in Taunton, Mass. He 
appears frequently in deeds. Died Nov. 7, 1803, in Taunton, Mass. 

In 1783 Ebenezer and Mary relinquished certain rights in their father 
Jonathan Ingell's estate. May 24, 1816 Mary widow of Ebenezer Babbitt 
deeds daughter Susanna, Dean "widow" of Taimton, and Polly Grant 
of Catskill N. Y. interest in land of her father Jonathan. 

Married April 1, 1762, Mary Ingell, daughter of Jonathan Ingell. 
Her birth is given in a family Bible as Aug. 9, 1742. Born Aug. 7, 1738. 
Died Sept. 2, 1821 in Taunton, Mass. 



319 Ziba, April 6, 1764. 

Susanna, April 30, 1765; m. ( ) Dean. 

320 Ebenezer, Sept. 30, 1767. 

321 Jacob, Oct. 22, 1769. 
Elkanah, Jan. 22, 1776. 
Isaac, Jan. 22, 1776. 

322 Polly, April 29, 1780. 

Ebenezer Babbitt, son of Jacob of Taunton — At Crown Point 1758 and 
1759. In Capt. Philip Walker's Co. March 28 to May 31, 1758. Marched 
Taunton to Wrentham in Capt. Ebenezer Dean's Co. Aug. 17, 1758. 
In Capt. Glover's Co. Apr. 24, 1761. Roll sworn at Boston. 

Sergeant, Capt. Robert Crossman's Co., Col. Nathaniel Leonard's regt., 
which marched April 20, 1775, in response to the alarm of April 19, 1775, 
to Roxbury; service, 12 days; also, Capt. Crossman's Co., Col. George 
Williams's regt.; service, 24 days, at Rhode Island, on the alarm of Dec. 
8, 1776; discharged Dec. 30, 1776; marched to Warren, R. I., via 

Sergeant, Cap. Timothy Luscombe's co.. Col. Timothy Walker's regt.; 
muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775; enlisted May 3, 1775; service 3 mos. 5 

Sergeant, Capt. Luscombe's Co., Col. Walker's regt. company return 
dated Oct. 6, 1775. 

Capt. Francis Luscomb's Co., Col. Timothy Walker's regt. ; order for 
bounty coat or its equivalent in money dated Roxbury Nov. 22, 1775. 

Sergeant, Capt. Nehemiah Pratt's Co., Col. Mitchell's regt.; com- 
manded by Col. James Williams, Brig. Gen. Godfrey's brigade; marched 
on an alarm to Tiverton, R. I., Aug. 2, 1780, service 8 days. 

Private, Capt. Rufus Barney's Co., Col. Josiah Whitney's regt.; 
enlisted July 29, 1778; discharged Sept. 10, 1778; service 1 mo. 13 days, 
on an alarm at Rhode Island. 

Private, Capt. James Briggs's Co., Col. Freeman's regt.; marched 
on a secret expedition to Rhode Island Oct. 2, 1777; discharged Oct. 29, 
1777, by Gen. Spencer; service, 29 days. 



Ebenezer Babbit — Appears on a Muster Roll sworn to at Taunton, 
Feb. 21, 1759, of Capt. Ebenezer Dean's co., Col. Ephraim Leonard's 
regt., which marched on the alarm for the relief of Fort William Henry 
in August 1757. Quality, Private. Father or Master, Jacob Babbit. 
Company marched from Taunton August 17, 1757, to Wrentham. Dis- 
tance travelled, 45 miles. Time in service, 4 days. 

Appears on a Billeting Roll of Capt. Philip Walker's co. Enlisted 
March 28, 1758. Roll made up to May 31, 1758. Number of days, 64 
Amount, £. 2. 2s. 8d. 

Appears on a Return dated April 26, 1759, of men enlisted or impressed 
for His Majesty's service in Col. Ephraim Leonard's regt. to be put under 
the command of His Excellency Jefifry Amherst, Esq., General and Com- 
mander-in-Chief of His Majesty's forces in North America, for the in- 
vasion of Canada. Age, 18 years. Residence, Taunton. Father or 
Master, Jacob Babbitt. When enlisted, April 2, 1759. Mustered and 
delivered to Capt. Josiah Thatcher. • 

Appears on a Muster Roll of a company in His Majesty's service under 
the command of Capt. Samuel Glover. Quality, Private. Residence, 
Taunton. Entered service November 1, 1759. Served until January 
12, 1761. Length of service, 62 weeks 5 days. 2 days billeting home 

Appears on a Roll of the Officers and Men in Capt. Samuel Glover's co. 
Col. Bagley's regt. in service at Louisburgh after Jan. 1, 1760, and at time 
of discharge. Rank, Private. Service began Jan. 1, 1760. Discharged 
Jan. 12, 1761. 



Jacob Babbitt (Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Dec. 25, 
1748, Rehoboth, Mass. Died Oct. 31, 1835. 

In 1787 he bought land in Chatham Conn., selling same in 1795-6. 
Was called "of Chatham" on deeds between those dates. In 1797 with 
his family settled in Greensboro Vt. One daughter Dimmis had married 
and did not go. It was a difficult trip in those days. Greensboro at that 
time had a population of two hundred and eighteen persons living in 

log houses. 

Was a blacksmith. Worked three years at Armory, Springfield, Mass., 
after 1790. The Armory Records have been searched for more inform- 
ation in connection with this service — but the records for certain years are 
lost. — He was doubtless employed in forging or other metal works in the 
manufacture of muskets. A Joseph Babbitt served May 11, — Sept.29 — 
1775 in the 8th Co. 5th Conn. Regt. under Col. Waterbury. There seems 
to be no Joseph Babbitt known to correspond with this service and might 
well refer to Jacob. 

Married (1st) Rebecca McCall. Born Aug. 17, 1756. Died May 7, 

(2nd) Mary (Johnston) Gates, of Newbury, Vt. 

Children: — 

323 Dimmis, June 3, 1775. 

324 Elisha, Nov. 26, 1776. 

325 Sally, Oct. 17, 1778. 

326 Asenath, Aug. 20, 1780. 

Elijah, Sept. 18, 1782; d. Aug. 23, 1783. 
Rachel, Jan. 31, 1786; d. May 13, 1870. m; Moses K. Haines; 
no Ch. 

327 Jacob, Oct. 9, 1791. 

Elijah, Oct. 11, 1791; d. Nov. 28, 1790. 

Rebecca, Oct. 24, 1793; d. June 17, 1861; m. (1) Samuel Law- 
son, Barre, Vt.; (2) Samson Gale, Barre, Vt.; (3) Jas. Wal- 
lace, Newbury, Vt. No children. 


Elijah Babbitt (Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 1750. From 
1793-1801 resided in Sharon, N. Y. 


He resided in Chatham, Conn., in 1792, where he gave deed to Jona- 
than Powdery on September 24th. In 1813 he was living in Ovid, N. Y., 
and probably died there. There is a tradition that he was drowned. 

He was a sailor and privateer and served in the Revolution, being also 
a lieutenant in the service, his widow Amey drawing a pension for his 
service. After the war he commanded merchant vessels between New 
England ports and the West Indies. 

December 22, 1776, he married Amey Tefft, daughter of Daniel and 
Martha Jenks Tefft. She was born Aug. 29, .1759, and died July 9, 
1850, in Providence, at home of son Henry. 


328 William Jenks, Sept. 15, 1786. 

329 Elijah, July 29, 1795. 

Amey ; m. Esbon Westcott, Oct. 2, 1808. Had son 

Wm. B. Westcott. 

Obadiah . Killed in the West, 1840. No children. 

John G. . Died 1839 at Providence. Unmarried. 

330 Henry Page, 1799. 
Martha ; m. Lamport. 


Hiram. , 
(Daughter) m. Soule. 

"Brigade of two Regiment of Infantry, each consisting of 750 men, 
and a Regiment or Train of Artillery, consisting of 300 men for the de- 
fence of the United States in general and of this State in particular; (Rhode 
Island). Brigadier General; James Mitchell Varnum, xxx 1st Regiment 
of Infantry, for 15 months, Col. John Cook, xxx 2d Regiment of Infantry, 
for 15 months, Col. Joseph Stanton, Jr., xxx Regiment or Train of 
Artillery, for 15 months. 


Col. Robert Elliott xxx. 

Company ofl&cers of Train of Artillery xxx. 

Capt. Samuel Sweet. 

Capt. -Lieut. John Warner. 

1st Lieut. William Comstock. 

2d Lieut. Elijah Babbit." 


Seth Babbitt (Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Nov. 16, 1741, 
Berkley, Mass. Died 1804, Mendham, N. J. 

July 26, 1771, he bought land in Morris Co. on both sides of the road 
from Mendham to Morristown, N. J. 

March 21, 1774, he bought 16 acres in Mendham lying one-half mile 
west of Mendham meeting house. 

July 6, 1774, he bought 20 acres in Hardystown Sussex Co., "on the 
hills north of Mendham meeting house." 

April 12, 1787, he bought 13 acres in Roxbury township near the head 
of Succasunna Plains. 

Aug. 4, 1802, he and wife Jemima deed Amzi Babbitt land "where we 
now dwell side of Passaic River." 

Married Jemima Lindsley. Born 1743. Died 1805. 
Children: — 

331 Stephen, Sept. 14, 1764. 
Tryphena, Jan. 20, 1767. 
/332 Phoebe, Feb. 27, 1769. 

Luther, Aug. 27, 1771. Had wife Sarah at Pequanock, N. J. 
Served in Capt. Lemuel Minton's Co., 2nd N. J., Infantry, 
Sept. 15, 1794, to Dec. 24, 1794, in the Pennsylvania or 
"Whiskey Rebellion." 
Darius, Sept. 10, 1773. 
333 Amzi, Jan. 22, 1779. 

Millicent, March 18, 1781. 







Daniel Babbitt (Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born January 7, 
1752, Died Jan. 4, 1817. 

Resided Mendham N. J. Served in Rev. Styled " Artificer." 

Married May 27, 1779, Sarah Beach, daughter of Elisha and Sarah 
(Medless) Beach. Born, 1756-7. Died, Dec. 25, 1832. 


334 John Medless, Oct. 12, 1780. 

335 William, Feb. 3, 1782. 

336 Darius, Dec. 17, 1783. 

337 Henry, Aug. 7, 1785. 

Elizabeth, Mar. 3, 1787; never married. 

338 Daniel, Aug. 3, 1788. 

(Rev.) Isaac, Feb. 8, 1793; d. May 1835; m. Sarah Drake; no 

339 Amzi, Sept. 3, 1795. 


Job Babbitt (Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Mendham, 
N. J. In 1771 was still a resident of Mendham. 

In census of 1790 was in Greene Co., Pa. He seems to have been as- 
sociated for a while with his brother Elkanah in Pequanock, N. J. and 
later they both removed into Greene Co., Pa. Elkanah returned to New 
Jersey, but Job went further west, settling near Union Village, Ohio. 

Married Sarah Parkhurst. 

Children: — 

David, died in early manhood. 
Aaron, probably in Pa. 1790. 

340 Jacob, y 

341 John. 

342 Luther, Oct. 25, 1776. 

343 Calvin, Oct. 25, 1776. " " 

344 Samuel. 

345 Daniel, July 20, 1782. 



346 Job, 1783. 

347 Polly. 

348 Elizabeth. 

349 Stephen. 


Elkanah Babbitt (Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born — , 
in Mendham, N. J. 

In 1790 was with his brother Job in Greene Co., Pa. He returned to 
New Jersey. He owned land at Pequanock and in Jefferson, N. J. One 
tract in Jefferson is styled in the deed as "land sold me by Job Babbitt 
in 1773." He evidently spent his last days at Morristown where his death 
is recorded in the records of the old First Church. 

Served as Private from Morris Co., in Revolutionery War. 

Died Aug. 1823. (Morristown Church Records.) Married, (His 

wife's name is not known). 

Children: — Born in Berkshire Valley, N. J. 

350 Daniel. 

Mary, married ( ) Christian. Her son a Presbyterian 

minister of Philadelphia, Pa. 

351 Phoebe, Mar. 14, 1791. 

352 Seth, Sept. 3, 1792. 

353 Silas. 

354 David, Mar. 16, 1785. 

355 James, Feb. 10, 1790. 


Martha Babbitt (Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born , 

Mendham, N. J. 

After her marriage she removed to Ogdensburg, N. Y. 

INIarried after 1780 John Lyon as his second wife. He married 1st 
Rachel Reeves and had two children. John Lyon died in Ogdensburg, 
N. Y. 


Children by Martha Babbitt:— 

Lewis, Mar. 4, 1790; died 1834. 

Stephen Smith. 


Isaac Babbitt (Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Apr. 10, 

Lived at Brookfield, Conn., 1792-1832. Bought land of Stephen Mit- 
chell in Brookfield in 1792. A prominent member of St. Paul's Church 
in Brookfield. He used to run a weekly market wagon to New Haven. 

Died Mar. 29, 1832 in Brookfield. Married (1st) Mary Dunning, 
(called Clara in some accounts) daughter of Jeremiah and Mercy (Smith) 
Dunning. (2nd) Eunice Dunning, daughter of Israel Dunning. Born 
Aug. 25, 1782. Died April 16 ,1853. 

Children: By 1st wife. 

356 Asher, Jan. 19, 1797. 

357 Betsey, May 2, 1795. 

358 Dunning, Sept. 4, 1799. 

359 Alvah, Apr. 9, 1802. 

360 Mary Ann, Nov. 14, 1804. 

361 Frances, May 9, 1807. 

John, Jan. 7,1811; d. Feb. 28, 1811. 
Children: By 2nd wife: 

362 Lavinia, Oct. 5, 1813. 

363 Marcus, July 12, 1815. 

364 John, Oct. 1, 1817. 

Jeanette, Apr. 26, 1819; d. Dec. 20, 1872. Married Horace 

Trowbridge. No children. 
Jane, June 5, 1823; d. Oct. 19, 1895; m. Rufus Couch. 
Chloe, Jan. 10, 1826; d. Feb. 17, 1832. 



William Babbitt (Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Resided 
in Cheshire and Lanesboro, Mass. 

Died March 19, 1814 in Lanesboro, Mass. Married Lydia Bishop. 
She married again before March, 1815, Benjamin Farnum. 


365 David. 

366 Ira, 1790, in Cheshire, Mass. 

Sally, m. Dec. 25, 1801, Joseph Crosier. 

Mahala, m. Dec. 7, 1815, Cheshire, Mass., Sylvester Beckwath. 


Lemuel Babbitt (Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born (about 
1759) Newtown, Conn. Lived New Milford, Canaan and Norfolk, Conn., 
and New Marlboro, Mass. 1787, Newtown Conn.; 1794, in New Milford; 
in 1800 in Canaan, Conn. Died Jan. 16, 1842, Richmond, Mass. 

Married (1st) Lucy Dunning, born 1759, daughter of Ezra and Ruby 
(Murray) Dunning. 
Children: — 

A daughter (died young). 

Ruby, m. Reuben Hedges. He died Mar. 8, 1822. 
Children: — 

Elvira, Jan. 14, 1810. 
Reuben A., July 20, 1815. 

367 Zerah, 1784. 

368 Amos, Apr. 26, 1790 in New Milford, Conn. 
Married( 2nd) Silvia Campbell. 

Children: All born in Norfolk, Litchfield, Co. Conn. 

Lucy, Dec. 10, 1803; d. in Cornplanty, Pa., Oct. 30, 1889; m. 
Aaron Lillie. 

369 John C. Mar. 25, 1805; d. Jan. 20, 1863. 

Julia E. July 25, 1807; d. June 30, 1860 in Panama, N. Y.; m. 


370 Isaac, June 25, 1809 ; d. Oct. 30, 1889. in Mina, Chaut Co., N. Y. 
Henry, 1811; d. Feb. 16, 1891, at Mina, N. Y. Married Irene 

Sacket 1849. She was born Oct. 10, 1826. Died Jan. 12, 
1911, having lived 61 years on the same farm. No children. 
Mary R. Feb. 19, 1819; d. Feb. 8, 1890; m. Horton Murphy. 
No children. 


Samuel Babbitt (Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born, New- 
town or Brookfield, Conn. Lived at Pinckney, N. Y. and also probably at 
Ellisburgh where his sons in 1838 sell lands. He was in Lanesboro, Mass. 
1799-1802, coming there from New Marlboro, Mass. 

Samuel Babbitt— Corporal, Capt. Joseph Pierce's Co., Col. Asa Barnes' 
(Berkshire Co.) regt.; marched on alarm Oct. 28, 1781, by order of Gen. 
Fellows; service 10 days. 

Married Lucy Glover. 

Children : 

371 Polly, Jan. 28, 1780. 

372 Zenas, Jan. 13, 1790. 
Daniel, m. Elmira . 

373 Myron, 1805; m. Harriet Norman, of Ellisburg, N. Y. 


Asa Babbitt (Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born, 1772. 
1804-1808, in Norfolk, Conn.; 1808-1814, in New Marlboro, Mass. 
Died 1845. Married in 1795 Mendana Toby. 

Harlow., died young 

Hiram, m. Betsey Smith; 3 children. 

Pauline, m. David Yendes. 

Anna, m. Isaac Rose. 

Celestina, m. Isaac Rose. 

Miles T., m. Margaret Jones; 6 children. 

Arminta, m. Stearns. 

374 Darwin M. 



Abigail Babbitt (Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Dec. 
19, 1774. In 1805 she and her husband were members of the East Canaan 

Died Feb. 27, 1859 at Canaan Conn. Married (1st) Miles Tobey, who 
died Sept. 10, 1817, aged 40 yrs. Both buried at Canaan, Ct. Miles 
Tobey styled "Capt." 
Children: — 

Zalmon, July 27, 1791; d. Sept. 17, 1858; m.(lst) Margaret Thayer. 

(2nd) Saphronia Baker. 
Rebecca, m. Silas Smith. 

Abigail, July 11, 1796; d. Dec. 7, 1882; m. James L. Granger, born 
Jan. 1, 1790; d. Dec 24, 1870. 

; Miles Tobey, Aug. 12, 1817. He was graduated from Wes- 
leyan University in class of 1842. In 1843 taught in private 
family in West Feliciana Parish, La. Was admitted to Bar in 
1845 in Wilkinson Co., Miss.; also in Litchfield Co., Conn., in 
1847. Practiced law in Canaan from 1849 to '67 with exception 
of three years in which he was Judge of Probate, District of Can- 
naan. In 1867 he was a member of the Conn. House of Rep., 
a Senator from the 17th District in 1866-67 and was chairman of 
the Judiciary Committee. Later the degree of L. L. D. was 
conferred on him by Wesleyan University. In 1867 he was 
elected a Judge of the Superior Court and in 1876 was ad- 
vanced to the Supreme Court Bench. The latter position he 
held imtil March 4, 1887, when he resigned to take his seat in 
the 50th Congress. 

James L. Granger married (2nd) Sarah Ferguson and had 
6 children. 
Nancy m. Chester Barber. 
Minerva, m. Harry Knapp. 
Harriet, m. Calvin Morey. 

Miles, Feb. 22, 1808; m. Helen Thurber of Prov., R. I. 
Benjamin, Oct. 17, 1810; d. July 1, 1863; m. Minerva Cooper. 
Had seven children. 
M. (2nd) Mar. 20, 1820, Isaac (?) Lake of Norfolk Conn. 



Silas Babbitt (Samuel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Oct. 1, 1764 
Lived in Petersham, Dana, and Pelham Mass., and Wardsboro Vt. 
Married Sarah Gallond (Int. June 6, 1788.) 

Judah, April 13, 1790. 

Irena, Sept. 30, 1791; m. Fisher, 1833; m. 1839, Joseph 

Slack at Saratoga, N. Y. 
375 Ezra, Oct. 19, 1794. 

Samuel, July 21, 1797. Born, Greenwich Mass. 
Silas, Aug. 7, 1801 ; probably did not marry. 
Jeremiah Gallond. 


Sanford Babbitt (Samuel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward.) Born Dec. 17, 
Married June 15, 1789, at Petersham, Mass., Nancy Hawkes. 

John, Aug. 17, 1801, at Pelham, Mass. 


Stephen Babbitt (Amariah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward.) Born 1766- 
67, in Lanesboro or New Ashford, Mass. 

In 1798 sold out in New Ashford where he lived near his father's farm. 
In 1795 bought Lot No. 10 of the Royal Grant in Norway N. Y. Was 
prominent in settlement of Norway N, Y. 1797-1802, Lieut, and Capt, 
of the Infantry Regt. of Herkimer Co., N. Y. Overseer of Poor, 1810. 
Collector, 1811. Constable and Justice of Peace. At time of death, Sup- 

He with Thomas Manley and Josiah Smith organized the Masonic 
Lodge of Norway and was Master of same. In 1827 his widow and child- 
ren were yet living in Norway. Sept. 21, of that year they sold out their 
real estate. 

Died May 8, 1813, at Norway, N. Y. aged 47 years. Married March 
15, 1790, Betty Gregory, daughter of Capt. Elnathan Gregory of New As- 
ford, Mass. Born Feb. 21, 1765. 



376 Samuel Gregoiy, Oct. 1, 1790. 

Mary, Aug. 21, 1792; unmarried and died 1879 in Des Moines 

t Betty Gregory, Sept. 20, 1793; probably died young. 

Betsey, July 17, 1800; d. 1894 in Osceola, la. She married 

John Scott. 

377 Sophia, Jan. 19, 1804. 

378 Charles M., Sept. 14, 1805. 

379 Stephen, Sept. 6, 1808. 

Roswell, 1810(about) in Norway, N. Y. Died unmarried in 
Galena, 111. 

380 Ephesus. 

Abigail H. ,m. ( ) Brainard. They lived and died in 

: Boonville, N. Y. 


Samuel Burgess Babbitt (Amariah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward.) Bom 
about 1781 in New Ashford, Mass. He is called his father's third son in 
settlement of his father's estate. He bought up the shares of his brothers 
and sisters in his father's estate. 

Was in New Ashford until 1809. In 1809 sold out to Ebenezer Cole. 
1811-1819, was at Rodman, N. Y., his mother Mary being with him. 

Married Anna Tyler. Int. June 2, 1805, New Ashford. Died Jan. 23, 
1814, in Rodman, N. Y. Buried in New Ashford, Mass. 
Children: — 

Almira, 1806; d. Nov. 10, 1841. She is buried in New Ashford, 
Mass, Married Samuel Tyler Clothier of New Ashford in Pow- 
nal, Vt., Aug. 31, 1830. 


Roswell Babbitt (Amariah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born about 
1786— New Ashford, Mass. Died 1822. 

Resided in 1819, in Rochesterville, N. Y— 1821 in Gates, N. Y. 


In 1819 Paymaster of 46th Brigade of Infantry of Genessee Co., N. Y 
In 1822 at Rochester, N. Y., an administrator was appointed in the 
estate of Roswell Babbitt and in 1838 a guardian appointed for his two 
children, Charles R. and Julia M. 

Married Parmelia ( ) name unknown. 

Children: — 

Charles R. . Resided in Rochester, N. Y., for many 

Julia Maria, . Married David H. Griffith before 1845. 


Deodatus Babbitt (Amariah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Aug. 
5, 1790, in New Ashford, Mass., Settled at Rodman, N. Y. Died June 
22, 1828. 

Married Feb. 11, 1813, Phoebe Strong, daughter of Nathan and Eunice 
(Chalker) Strong of Durham, Conn. Born July 10, 1792. Died Oct. 
18, 1852. 


George A., Feb. 13, 1814; d. April 17, 1817. 

381 Emmeline, Jan. 16, 1816. 

382 George, Sept. 20, 1818. 

Nathan Strong, Aug. 8, 1822; d. May 21, 1823. 

383 Phoebe, Jan. 5, 1825. 

384 Eunice, March 4, 1828. 


Isaac Babbitt (Amariah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born about 1791. 
He lived near his brothers in New York state. Little is known of his 
family except that his widow and the children named below used to visit 
the children of Stephen Babbitt, Isaac's brother. 
Children: — 

Josiah, . Lived at Hermon, N. Y., with his cousin. Killed at 

Battle of Island No. 10. 
Mary Angela. 



John B. Babbitt (John-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom in Lanes- 
boro, Mass., about 1796. Lived in Bengal, N. Y., (now Vienna). Re- 
sided in Lanesboro, Mass., until 1808. Lived near his father at Fish 
Creek Landing, Vienna, N. Y. Died July, 1826, aged about 50 vears, 
at Vienna, N. Y. 

Married Lois Freeman. 

Children: — 

385 Ruby, Nov. 6, 1821. 

386 Martha Jane, June 22, 1826. 
John B. 



Betsey Babbitt (John-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Oct. 14, 
1782, at Lanesboro, Mass. Died April 13, 1867, at Vienna, N. Y. 

Married Aug. 6, 1799, at Stephentown, N. Y., George Covell. Bom 
Sept. 2, 1777; died Nov. 21, 1854, at Vienna, N. Y. 

Hiram, Nov. 3, 1800; d. May 11, 1803. 

Mercy, Oct. 11, 1801. 

Hiram, May 22, 1803 ; d. Feb. 9, 1852. 

Stephen, Feb. 12, 1805; d. Jan. 10, 1888. 

Eliza, Nov. 10, 1806; d. Nov. 22, 1900. 

Josiah R., May 31, 1809; d. Nov. 25, 1832. 

Jane E., April 4, 1811; d. Dec. 22, 1868. 

Anna, Jan. 7, 1813; d. Nov. 20, 1904. 

George W., Nov. 14, 1814. 

Ezra, April 9, 1817; d. March 11, 1823. 

Betsey, April 16, 1820; d. Aug. 31, 1824. 

John Babbitt, March 22, 1822; d. April 28, 1846. " ' 



John Babbitt (Reuben- Josiah-Elkanah-Edward). Born about 1765. 

John Babbitt, Fifer, Capt. Henry Tiebout's Co., Col. Van Schaik's 
(1st New York) Regt.; muster rolls for Jan. — April, 1781, dated West 
Point. A muster roll of the company of May, 1782, shows him a member 
of the 5th Company, said regiment, and shows that he enlisted for the 
war. His name last appears on the muster roll for April, 1783, without 
remark relative to his service. 

From Rev. Rolls of New York, John Babbitt was Fifer in the 1st 

July 8, 1790, the State of New York granted him 600 acres (Lot 
No. 9) at Cicero, N. Y., which he sold in 1797, to Wait Ball of Danbury, 
Conn., He was then in Middletown, N. Y. He was in some way 
connected with the Freeman and Emmons families as shown by family 

Sept. 5, 1805, John Babbitt "farmer of Cato, N. Y., sold Daniel 
Shepard, attorney of Scipio, N. Y., lot No. 1 in Cato, N. Y., being a lot 
said John Babbitt became entitled to as an only child and heir of Reuben 
Babbitt, who merited the same as a soldier in the late war." John 
Babbitt's half sister, Sophia Jenkins, subsequently proved her right to part 
ownership in this land. 

Dec. 15, 1812, John Babbitt enlisted in the 1st Infantry of the Peace 
Establishment. He was stationed in various posts in the South and 
South West. He died about Sept. 1, 1817, at Newport, Ky., in the U. S. 
Garrison while on his return to his post after a furlough spent at home. 
According to testimony of relatives his service at time of death had ex- 
tended over twelve years, his first establishment having been under Capt. 
Bennett of Cayuga Co., N. Y., at date not certain, for five years. He then 
re-enlisted for a similar term and finally died during a third re-enlistment 
of the same duration. He married about 1797, Sylvia Beard; bom 1776 
in Western Connecticut; died Dec. 29, 1866, in Franklin Co., O. After her 
husband's death she removed from Cato, N. Y., to Ohio in an ox team. 
Her last years were spent with her son, Lovell W. Babbitt. The names 
of all her large family are not known, but the list appended is verified by 
family documents: — 
Children: — (It is supposed that there were 12, all born in Cato, N. Y.) 

Reuben, married Eliza( — )Resided at Baltimore, O. His son, John 
H., born 1827; died 1910 in Kansas City. Married Dec. 28, 


1852, at Newburyport, Mass., Lois Ann Dunham, daughter of 

John and Keziah of Athens, Maine. 
John died young in Cato, N. Y. 
Theodosia married Wm. McKinstrey of Providence, O. She 

had been adopted by ( ) Sawyer and bore his 

name until married. She was born "Sally" Babbitt. 
Nancy, lived at Conquest, N. Y. 
Polly married John Nichols. 
(Daughter) married John Freeman, of Territory Rock, Wis., He 

was born 1783. 
Timothy died in Cato, N. Y. 
387 Lovell W., Sept. 24, 1817. 


William Babbitt ( Jonathan-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward.) Born Feb. 
9, 1756. Died Oct. 29, 1831 in Paris Hill, N. Y. 

Probably the "Widow Babbitt's son" in return of Continental Reg. 
from Conn, in 1775, from Middletown. Private in Capt. Jared Shepherd's 
Co. Brig. Gen. Eratus Wolcott's Brigade of Conn, at Peekshill, N. Y., 
March 30, -May 19, 1777. 

Settled at Paris Hill, N. Y. At the first town meeting held April 2, 
1793, he was chosen assessor. 

Married Rhoda Miller, daughter of Ichabod and Elizabeth (Bacon) 
Miller of Middletown, Conn. (The Bacons an old and famous family of 
England and America.) Born Oct. 20, 1762. Died, 1855, aged 93 

Children : 

388 William. 

389 Ichabod Miller. 

390 Curtis. 

391 Morgan Lewis. 

Louise, m. Russel Hubbel. 

392 Irene, Dec. 8, 1800; m. Jesse Thomson. 


Pol]y,m. Norman Gridley. 






Daughter, m. Wm. Bailey. 
Eunice Peace, m. Daniel Prior. 
Polly, m. Chas. Robinson. 

Elizabeth, m. Asa Kilbourn May 4, 1819; d. Apr. 21, 1898. 
Sally Jane, never married. 

Abigail, m. Wm. Evarts. 
Orpha, m. John Wheeler. 

Wm. Babbitt was Hving in Middletown, Conn., in July 1777 when he 
bought a house and one and one half acres of land. He sold this in April 
1779 when it is reasonable to believe he left to settle in New York State. 
Wm. Babbitt and Rhoda settled first near Utica, when that city consisted 
of a few log houses built on swampy land. They soon moved along and 
decided to settle at Sanquoit some few miles from Utica where there was 
a grist mill. 

Their farm lay near Paris Hill. Here their children were born. 

W^m. Babbitt's farm at Paris Hill was styled Lot No. 51, of the Freemason 
tract in Oneida Purchase. At that time there were but three houses at 
Paris Hill. He became a prominent man in town, and at the first town 
meeting, at the house of Captain Foot, in Clinton, (then Paris,) held 
April 2, 1793, was chosen one of the first Assessors. The old farm that 
he cleared off is now occupied by Mr. Throop. He had a large family 
and many descendants; his son, the late Miller Babbitt, being long identi- 
fied with the growth and business of Waterville; one daughter married 
Daniel Prior, a veteran of "1812," and son of Jesse Prior, a pioneer and 
Revolutionary soldier; another daughter married Charles Robinson, the old 
Justice of the Peace at Sanquoit, and another daughter. Widow Jesse 
Thomson — verging upon 80 — now the only surviving son (Curtis) resides 
in Flat Rock, Ohio. When he settled on the Moyer Road, the nearest 
grist-mall and the nearest doctor were at W^hitestone. Some years after he 
setded here, his brother Nathaniel, came on and setded near Holman 
City, but afterwards removed to East Sanquoit, whese he kept tavern in 
the house now occupied by Asher Gallup. 

One of his sons died many years ago; the other, (Ben- 


jamin) who is remembered an as active, enterprising lad — when a mere 
boy peddling razor strops and notions on "training-days" or any occasion 
that called together a crowd — survives him and resides in New York — 
S. T. Babbitt, the millionaire soap manufacturer of world-wide fame 
and proprietor of the extensive machine shops at Whitesboro, and the only 
pioneer who had attained to a colossal fortune. On October 29, 1831, 
WUham Babbitt, hero of the Revolution and a pioneer of Paris, at the 
ripe age of 75, after filling well his station in life, folded his arms and 
went to his rest, now calmly reposing in the old burying ground on the 
little mound at West Sanquoit, past which bubbles dancingly down the 
clear running brook flowing from the famous spring that bursts from the 
hillside of his old pioneer farm and home." 

Quoted from History of the town of Paris, Oneida County, State of 
New York, written in 1881, by Henry C. Rogers. 


Dyer Babbitt ( Jonathan-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). Born 1770. 
Settle in Castleton, Vt., m 1803. Died Sept. 7, 1815, at Castleton, Vt., 
aged 45 years. 

July 12, 1782, at Middletown, Conn., "Dyer Babbitt, son of Jonathan, 
late deceased, chose Hezekiah Halegrave, as guardian." 

Married Jane Johnson, daughter of John Johnson. Born March 7, 
1772. Died Oct. 10, 1831. 


Benjamin, .Settled in Ohio. Had a son and daughter. 

John, ; Died unmarried. 

393 Dyer, April 20, 1797. 

394 Wm. Laurin, . 

Mehitable, 1803; d. Feb. 17, 1851. Unmarried. 
Abial, . 

395 Zeruah, . 

396 Silas, May 6, 1810. 

Infant died Oct. 5, 1812, aged 9 days. 



Nathaniel Babbitt ( Jonathan-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). Settled near 
Holman City, N. Y., at first, but later removed to East Sanquoit where he 
kept a tavern. A blacksmith for a time at Paris Hill. 

In 1806 ensign in the Brigade of militia of Oneida Co. 

Married (before 1804) Betsey Holman, daughter of David Holman. 

Children: — 

397 Rebecca, April 12, 1804. 

Mary, ; m. Adolphus Spaulding. 

Elizabeth, June 11; m. Osborn Jillson. He was born Feb. 1, 
1813. No children. 

398 Benjamin Talbot. 

George Reed, . Resided at Syracuse, N. Y. 

399 David, 1806. 

George R. Babbitt was for a time in a soap business at Troy, N. Y. 
His one son now dead — had no issue. 
George R. Babbitt died 1867 or 1868 in Hempstead, L. I. 


Joel Babbitt (Benjamin-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). Born June 4, 
1755. Was at Marlboro, Mass. for a while. In U. S. Census 1790 in 
Bethel, Vt., with wife and no family. Died May 24, 1832, at Bethel, Vt. 

Married Nov. 25, 1781, Hannah Rice, of Brookfield, Mass. Died 
July 21, 1827, in Bethel, Vt., age 70. 

No children. 

Private, Capt. Jonathan Carriel's co., Col. Josiah Whitney's regt. enlist- 
ed June 20, 1776; roll made up to Aug. 1, 1776; service 1 mo. 11 days; 
also, order for advance pay dated Camp at Hull, Sept. 1776; also, pay roll 
for service from Aug. 1, 1776, to Nov. 1, 1776, 3 mos; roll dated Hull; also, 
pay roll for 1 mo. 4 1-2 day's service in November and December, 1776; 
also, Capt. Field's co.. Col William Sheppard's regt. Continental Army 
Pay accounts for service from May 13, 1777, to Dec. 31, 1779; also, Capt. 
Reuben Slayton's co.; Col. Shephard's regt.; muster return dated Valley 
Forge, Jan. 30, 1778; also, muster rolls for July, Aug., Oct. and Nov. 
1778, dated Providence; reported under confinement in Nov. ; also Colonel's 


CO., Col. Shephard's (3d) regt. ; muster roll for March and April, 1779, 
dated Providence; also, Continental Army pay accounts for service from 
Jan. 1, 1780, to May 12, 1780; also return dated West Point, Jan. 28, 1780. 

Return of men enlisted into the Continental Army from Capt. Daniel 
Gilbert's co., Col. Converse's (4th Worcester Co.) regt.; dated Feb. 17, 
1778; residence Brookfield; joined Capt. Slayton's co., Col. Shephard's 
regt. in 1777; enlistment 3 yrs. 

Descriptive list of men enlisted from Middlesex Co.; age, 25 yrs.; 
stature 5 ft., 7 1-2 in.; complexion, light; hair, light; eyes blue; occupation, 
farmer; residence, Marlborough; enlisted April 12, 1781; enlistment, 3 yrs. 

Return of men enlisted in the Continental Army from Col. Converse's 
(4th Worcester Co.) regt.; dated Sept. 15, 1777; joined Capt. Slayton's, 
Col. Shephard's regt.; enlistment 3 yrs. 


Samuel Babbitt (Elkanah-Benjamin-Elkanah-Edward). Born Oct. 
7, 1795. Died Mar. 18, 1824 at Brookfield. 

Return of men enlisted in the Continental Army from Capt. Daniel 
Gilbert's Co., Col. Converse's (4th Worcester Co.) Regt., dated Feb. 17, 
1778; residence, Brookfield; joined Capt. Slayton's Co., Col. Shephard's 
Regt. in 1777; enhstment three years. 

List of men mustered in Worcester Co. by Thomas Newhall, Muster 
Master; Capt. Slayton's Co., Col. Shepard's Regt.,; mustered May 19, 
1777; enlistment three years; also, list of men returned by committee for 
settling disputes between towns as to soldiers credited to them, dated 
Barre, June 25, 1778; claimed by Capt. Prouty of Spencer; allowed to 
Capt. Gilbert of Brookfield. 

Private, Capt. Jonathan Carriel's Co., Col. Josiah Whitney's Regt.; 
enlisted May 27, 1776; roll made up to Aug. 1, 1776; service, 2 months, 
5 days; also, receipt for wages dated Point Shirley, June 13, 1776; also, 
pay roll for service from Aug. 1, 1776, to Nov. 1, 1776, dated Hull; also, 
pay roll for 1 month, 4 3^ days service in November and December, 1776; 
also. Drummer, Capt. Field's Co., Col. Shephard's Regt.; Continental 
Army pay accounts for service from April 15, 1777, to Dec. 31, 1779; 
also, Capt. Reuben Slayton's Co., Col. William Shephard's Regt.; muster 
return dated Valley Forge, Jan. 30, 1778; also, muster rolls for July, 
August, October, and November, 1778, dated Camp at Providence; re- 


ported sick in Pennsylvania in July and August, also, Colonel's Co., Col. 
Shephard's Regt.; also, muster roll for March and April, 1779, dated 
Providence; also, Continental Army pay accounts for service from Jan. 
1, 1780, to April 15, 1780; also, return dated West Point, Jan. 28, 1780. 

Receipt for bounty paid him by Capt. Thomas Newell, chairman of 
Class No. 2 of the town of Leicester, to serve in the Continental Army 
for the term of three years, dated Worcester, June 20, 1782. 

Married April 20, 1785, Mary Haywood, of Brookfield, Mass., daugh- 
ter of James and Martha Hayward. Born Aug. 27, 1761. 

Children: — 

400 Samuel, Feb. 11, 1786. 

401 Elkanah, Sept. 10, 1787. 

402 Dwight, Feb. 12, 1789. 

Rhoda, Feb. 20, 1791 ; m. John Howe, at Greenwich, May, 1815. 

403 Lyman, April 20, 1794. 

Mary, July 7, 1798; m. Jesse Nichols. 

CeHa, 1802; m. Mitchell at Orangeville, N. Y. 

Harry (daughter) March 13, 1803. 

Hiram, Sept. 16, 1806; d. Nov. 6, 1826. Never married. 

In the case of Samuel Babbitt who served in the Revolutionary War, 
his declaration for pension was found in the papers filed with his pension 
claim as follows: — 

"State of Massachusetts: 

I, Samuel Babbitt, a citizen of the United States, now resident at Ware 
in the County of Hampshire, in the state aforesaid, do on oath testify 
and declare that in the War of the Revolution, in the spring of the year 
of our Lord 1777, I entered and was engaged in the land service of the 
United States on the continental establishment and served accordingly 
from that time to the fifteenth day of April in the year of our Lord, 1780, 
as a private soldier against the common enemy, without any interruption 
or absence; that I belonged to the Company commanded by Captain 
Reuben Slaytor at the time of my enlistment, and afterwards com- 
manded by Captain William Moore, belonging to the Fourth Regiment, 
under command of Col. William Shepherd, in the Massachusetts line; 


and that I left the service on the said fifteenth day of April in the year 
of our Lord, 1780, and that by reason of my reduced circumstances in life 
and poverty, I stand in need of assistance from my country for support, 
being now of the age of 57 years and 6 months. 

And I hereby relinquish all claims to every pension heretofore allowed 
me by the laws of the United States, if any may be or hath been so allowed. 


Sworn to before Edward Bangs, Esq., one of the Justices of the Circuit 
Court of Common Pleas for the Western Circuit of the State of Massa- 
chusetts, April 24, 1818, and with an endorsement as follows: — 

I, Jonas Bemis, of Spencer, in the Count of Worcester, testify that I 
belonged to the same regiment and company with the said Samuel Babbitt, 
viz: the Regiment and Company mentioned within and I know he served 
there more than two — I think three — years." 


In 1820 when Mr. Babbitt was called upon to give a statement of his 
circumstances in order to show that he had not diminished any of his 
property holdings in order to receive the benefits of the former Act of 
Congress, which prohibited payment of pensions to those in receipt of an 
income exceeding a certain amount, he stated that he was then 59 years 
old and a farmer by occupation and that his family consisted of six — ^his 
wife, his daughter Mary 22, Cecelia 17, Henry 16, Hiram 14 years. Mr. 
Babbitt was then a resident of Ware and his farm consisted of 40 acres 
of improved land and woodland with buildings, and 60 acres of waste 
land, his total estate being valued at $667.01. This estate was sworn to 
before Josiah Dwight, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Common Pleas for 
the Western Circuit of Massachusetts, at a special session held at North- 
ampton, July 5, 1820. Mr. Babbitt received a pension of $8 a month 
up to the time of the statement which he forwarded in 1820, but as he 
had the property stated and an income in excess of S200 a year, his pen- 
sion was withdrawn as the interpretation of the law was that it was in- 
tended to benefit only those who were not able to earn a support for them- 
selves by their ovm labor. The action of the Pension Department was 


not at all in the light of a reflection on the claimant's meritorious military 
services, but the withdrawal of the pension was solely due to the con- 
struction of the law. 

Samuel Babbitt's widow, Mary Babbitt, filed an application for pen- 
sion in 1839 after the death of her husband, under an Act of Congress, 
dated, July 7, 1838, granting half -pay and pensions to certain widows, 
her declaration being as follows: — 

State of New York, County of Genesee, s s 

On this eighth day of February, in the year 1839, before the Court of 
Common Pleas in and for the said County, now sitting at Batavia, being 
a Court of Record and having a Seal, personally appeared Mary Babbitt, 
a resident of the town of Orangeville, in said county, aged 79 years, who 
being first duly sworn according to law doth, on her oath, make the fol- 
lowing declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made 
by the Act of Congress, passed July 7, 1838, entitled — ''An Act granting 
half-pay and pension to certain widows." That she is the widow of 
Samuel Babbitt, who was a drummer in the War of the Revolution and 
served nearly seven years in the Massachusetts line of the Continental 
Army, during the latter part of which service he acted as Drum Major 
in the place of Drum Major Steel. That for said service the said 
Samuel Babbitt was pensioned under the Act of March 18, 1818, at 
which time he resided in the town of Ware, in the County of Hampshire, 
in the State of Massachusetts ; that after drawing his pension for two years 
his name was struck from the pension list on account of not being in such 
indigent circumstances as to be unable to support himself. That she 
has no documentary evidence of her said husband's service or of his being 
pensioned as aforesaid. She further declares that she was married to 
the said Samuel Babbitt at Brookfield, in the county of Worcester, in the 
state of Massachusetts, on the twelfth day of April, 1785, by Rev. Joseph 
Appleton; that her name before she was married, as aforesaid, was Mary 
Haywood; that her husband, the aforesaid Samuel Babbitt, died at Ware, 
aforesaid, on the 18th day of March in the year 1824; that she was not 
married to him prior to his leaving the service but the marriage took place 
previous to the first day of January, 1794, viz: at the time above stated. 



Sworn to and subscribed 

on the day and year 

above written in open 

court, before 

Wm. Soper, Clerk of said Court. 

State of New York, County of Genesee ss. 

Celia Mitchell, of the town of Orangeville in said County, being duly 
sworn, deposes and says, that she is a daughter of Samuel Babbitt and 
Mary Babbitt, mentioned in the foregoing declaration; that she resided 
with her father, the said Samuel Babbitt, at the time of his decease; that 
he died at the town of Ware in the County of Hampshire and State of 
Massachusetts, on the 18th day of March, in the year 1824; that she was 
present and saw him die and attended his funeral; that she has lived with 
or in the immediate vicinity of her mother, the aforesaid Mary Babbitt, 
since the decease of the said Samuel Babbitt, as aforesaid, imtil the present 
time; that the said Mary Babbitt has not been married since the decease 
of her husband, the said Samuel Babbitt, and still remains a widow. 
Further this deponent says not. 

Sworn to and subscribed, etc. 

Mrs. Babbitt upon the foregoing application was pensioned at $80 

per annum. 


Sally Babbitt (Elkanah-Benjamin-Elkanah-Edward). Born 1766. 
Died March 31, 1830. 

Married Dec. 26, 1785, at Brookfield, Jude Ayres. Born 1765. Died 
Nov. 5, 1811. 
Children: — 

Lucinda, March 26, 1787; m. Henry Woodman. 
Persis 1789; m. Benjamin Babbitt. No. 293. 
Celia, March 7, 1797; m. James Lawson. 



Lydia Babbitt (Elkanah-Benjamin-Elkanah-Edward). Married Aug. 
15, 1815, in Brookfield, Shalah Hoyt, of New Braintree, Mass. 

Calvin, Nov. 2, 1817; m. Sarah Brown. 

Jane Hall, Feb. 28, 1819; m. Charles Davis. 

Nancy, Sept. 28, 1820; m. Alex. Elliott. 

Lucy, July 5, 1822; m. Charles Parker. 

Robert, Aug. 13, 1824; m, Ann Delano. 

Wyman, May 27, 1827. 

Evelina, ; m. Alpheus Young. 

Louisa, ; m. Hiram Ward. 


Abel Babbitt (Abel-Benjamin-Elkanah-Edward). Born Dec. 31, 1766. 

In Census of 1790 at Barnard, Vt., with wife and no family. Overseer 
of Poor in Barnard, Vt., in 1831. Selectman several times. 

Died 1850, age 84 years, in Barnard, Vt. 

Married (1st) April 10, 1789, Sylvia Dean. She died Feb. 15, 1792; 
(2nd) April 19, 1794, Susan Winslow, in Barnard, Vt., daughter of Ezra 
and Rosamond (Spooner) Winslow. Born 1773. Died April 28, 1816. 
(3rd) Thankful WeUman. Died Nov. 15, 1846. 

Children, born in Barnard, Vt., (by first wife): — 

404 Sylvia Dean, . 

405 Benjamin F., Jan. 29, 1791. 
By second wife: — 

406 Lucius Bowan, 1796. 

407 Frank Crocker, . Lived near Cleveland, O. Died in 

Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 
Stephen, . 

408 Susan Eliza, . 

409 CarUsle, . 

410 Rosamond, 


By third wife: — 


411 Isaac Wellman, 

Louisa, . Married March 15, 1841, Horace Townsend 

at Barnard. 
Children: — 

Elizabeth, . 

Isabel, . 

Albert, . 


Bathsheba Babbitt (Abel-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). Born Jan. 
26, 1769. 

Married July 14, 1789, William Hathaway, son of Abijah and Sarah 
(Talbot) Hathaway. (See No. 67.) Bom Sept. 10, 1759. Died 1792. 


Bathsheba, May 4, 1790; d. Aug. 12, 1790. 


Welthea Babbitt (Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Bom Dec. 14, 
Died Feb. 14, 1837. 

Married Nov. 3, 1780, Ephraim Woodward. Bom May 16, 1752. 
Died Oct. 22, 1824. 

Welthea, March 26, 1786; m. Ziba Babbitt, son of No. 319. 

Abigail, d. Sept. 2, 1893; m. Josiah PhiUips. 










James Babbitt (Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Born Nov. 24, 
1764, Berkley, Mass. 

Was in Bennington, Vt., 1811. 

Died June 1846, in Bennington, Vt. 

Married April 16, 1789, in Berkley, Mass., Mercy Winslow, daughter 
of Avery Winslow. Born Nov. 3, 1770. Died Sept. 1, 1851. 

Children: — 

412 Susan, July 3, 1789; d. Jan. 1, 1851. 

James, June 9, 1791 ; d. Sept. 5, 1827, at Natchez, Miss. 

413 Rowena, June 11, 1793. 

Samantha, Sept. 4, 1795; d. Sept. 12, 1796. 

Emily, Nov. 13, 1797; d. Feb. 25, 1836. 

Eliza, Jan. 24, 1800; d. Jan. 29, 1889; m. Eben Sanford. 

Maria, Feb. 28, 1802; d. Nov. 1846. 

414 Isaac, April 8, 1804. 

415 Avery, Sept. 1, 1806. 

Alpheus, March 9, 1808; d. May 7, 1834. 
Sarah, July 28, 1811. 


Isaac Babbitt (Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward) . Born Sept. 29, 1774. 

Died before Aug. 26, 1837, for on that date Isaac, Jr., quit claimed to 
Alfred land of our honored father Isaac. 

Married Sept. 29, 1794, Abi Crane, daughter of Benjamin and Try- 
phena (Hathaway) Crane. Born Feb. 10, 1779. Died Dec. 6, 1866. 

Children: — 

416 Isaac, April 9, 1795. 

Hope, July 3, 1798; d. Dec. 5, 1873; m. Sylvester Perry, Jr., 
of Dighton, May 16, 1817. 

417 James, Dec. 31, 1800. 

418 Louise, Aug. 5, 1804. 

Sarah, Sept. 21, 1807; d. Nov. 10, 1903. Unmarried. 

Benjamin C, March 26, 1811; d. March 3, 1872. Married 
May 31, 1848, Deborah Witherell, daughter of Theophihs, 
at Boston. She died Nov. 23, 1859. Married 2nd, Frances 

M. ( ) name unknown. Their son Frank Howard, 

Born in Boston, Nov. 26, 1861. 


Alfred, March 5, 1815; d. May 26, 1859; m. Susanna Hatha- 
way, Nov. 12, 1857, at FreetowTi, Mass., daughter of Ed- 
mund and Hannah (Terry). She was bom in Boston. 
Susanna, widow of Alfred, married Dec. 10, 1868, Joseph 


Warren Babbitt (Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Born Oct. 25, 
1776. Died Dec. 10, 1845. 
Kept the toll gate at Dartmouth Bridge for many years. 
Married Sabra Macomber, Nov. 23, 1798. Bom May 28, 1781. Died 
May 4, 1852. 
Oiildren: Most of them bom in the old toll house: — 

Fannie, July 17, 1799; m. Elisha Boume, Dec. 3, 1824, at 

Dartmouth. Perhaps lived at La Crosse. Wis. 
Washington, Sept. 8, 1801; d. 1803. 
Hiram, April 3, 1804. 

SyHa, Sept. 13, 1806; d. July 7, 1842 (?); m. March 15, 1842, 
Luke Da\'is, son of Aaron and Lydia (Chase) Davis. His 
third wife. 

419 James Madison, April 30, 1809. 

420 Isaac Xewton, Nov. 18, 1811. 

Hope, July 22, 1818; m. Jos. Shiverick of New Bedford, Nov. 
10, 1842. 

Albert G., Aug. 10, 1819; d. Nov. 1, 1886; m. Betsey R. John- 
son, Jan. 27, 1848, of New Bedford, Mass., daughter of 
Welcome and Mary. No children. 

Eliza, April 23, 1825. 


Benjamin Babbitt (Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). 
Styled "Lieut. Benjamin." 


A carriage maker at Taunton, Mass. He never returned from a busi- 
ness trip which he took to New York city and is thought to have been 
murdered and robbed of a large amount of money which he had with him. 

Married Nov. 29, 1804, Serena Burt. 

After her husband's death she settled at Saco, Maine. 


A daughter born 1805; probably died young. 

421 Benjamin Franklin, (Family record Dec. 31, 1805.) 

422 Cerene A., July 22, 1813. 


Hopestill Babbitt (Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Born 1772. 
Died Aug. 2, 1802 (also given Aug. 25, 1803.) 

Married Sept. 15, 1789, George Sanford, son of George and Mercy 
Sanford. Born Aug. 18, 1765. Died May 14, 1840. He married 2nd, 
Sally and had Sophia in 1811. 
Children: — 

Abigail, Nov. 15, 1790; m. Christopher Newhall. 

Isaac, Jan. 31, 1791; m. Abigail Tew, 1813. 

Mercy, Feb. 28, 1792; m. Ebenezer Tripp of Fahnouth, 

Daniel or David, Sept. 11, 1795; m. Bathsheba Briggs, 1820. 

Alvin, Jan. 14, 1798. 

Benjamin, Sept. 25, 1799. 

Lavinia, May 29, 1801 ; m. Harry Cheney of Stowe, Vt, 


Seth Babbitt (Seth-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Born about 1774. 

Died Aug. 28, 1825, in Brookfield, Mass. 

Married Dec. 1, 1805, in Brookfield, Chloe Hasson or Hesson. 


423 Louisa, June 15, 1806. 
"Nabby," baptized Oct. 30, 1808. 

424 Luther, Aug. 7, 1808. 

Mary A., July 25, 1810; d. Feb. 28, 1815. 
Rebecca, Feb. 23, 1816. 



Benjamin Babbitt (Seth- Joseph-Elkanah-Edward) . Died March 17, 

Married (1st) Betsey Richmond Oct. 30, 1800, in Spencer, Mass. (Int. 
Sept. 28, 1800). Died Oct. 17, 1808. 

(2nd) Persis Ayres, daughter of Jude and Sally (Babbitt) Ayres. (See 
175.) Feb. 1, 1810. Born 1786. Died Sept. 18, 1850, at Sturbridge, Mass. 

Betsey, Aug. 8, 1801; m. George W. Morse, 1827. 
Pascall, Aug. 17, 1810. Died young. 

425 Ornacinda, Oct. 4, 1811, in Enfield, Mass. 

426 Celia, July 12, 1812, in Warren, Mass. 

427 Mary Ann, June 29, 1815, in Warren, Mass. 

428 Tryphosa, July 2, 1817, in Warren, Mass. 
Benjamin, July 29, 1819; d. Oct. 1, 1819. 

429 Welcome, Nov. 11, 1820. 

430 William Jones, June 25, 1823. 

Ruth, March. 20, 1826; m. Cephas Dunham, July 26, 1848, 
of Mansfield, Ct., son of Jabez and Hannah Dimham. 

James Ayres, July 25, 1828; died July 29, 1854; m. May 
22, 1850, Hannah Redding, daughter of Appolos Redding 
of Ware. She married (2nd) Reuben Shaw, March 27, 1856. 
His son John Milton, died May 24, 1854, age 3 months. 

Almira, Sept. 19, 1830. Died young. 


Ruth Babbitt (Seth- Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Born Feb 13, 1782, 
in Brookfield, Mass. 
Died March 21, 1839, in Randolph, Vt. 

Married Jan. 23, 1806, Edmimd Tilson and removed to Randolph, Vt. 

Edmund, Nov. 2, 1806; d. Oct. 10, 1890. 

Willard, April 21, 1809; d. Feb. 4, 1878. 

Gilbert, Jan. 25, 1813; d. Jan. 17, 1892. 

Charlotte, Oct. 9, 1815. 

Cephas, Dec. 14, 1818. 




Experience Babbitt (Seth-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward) 
Married Jan. 15, 1792, Parley Gilbert, son of Philip and Martha 
(Lamson) Gilbert. Born Aug. 4, 1770. 
Children: — 

Ira, Feb. 1792. 

Fanny, Oct. 3, 1794. 

Polly, June 12, 1796. 

Tilly, Jan. 11, 1798. 

Hannah, Sept. 27, 1799; d. 1834. 

Thomas, April 7, 1801. 

Lucy, June 4, 1804. 

Jarvis, Nov. 14, 1808. 


Louisa, Sept. 22, 1811. 

Charlotte, June 1, 1815. 


Andrew Sturges Babbitt (Abiel- William-Erasmus-Edward-Edward). 
Born July 31, 1796, in Monroe, Conn. 

For many years he taught school and held positions in seven dififerent 
states. He was also at other times a farmer — merchant and cashier of a 
bank. Died June 26, 1873, at Pollock, Sullivan Co., Missouri. 

Married (1st) Jan. 1, 1833, Mrs. Susan Debolt. Born July 1, 1801. 


Edwin R., Feb. 22, 1834; d. March 19, 1872. 

431 William W., April 10, 1836. 

Byron N., Dec. 30, 1838; died about 1860. 

Sarah A., April 13, 1842; d. April 6, 1847. 
Married (2nd) Jan. 1, 1850, Cordelia A. Gaither. 
Children: — 

Eliza E., Nov. 24, 1850; d. Feb. 20, 1851. 

Thomas, Dec. 7, 1852; d. July 21, 1853. 

432 Mary Catherine, Dec. 7, 1852. 


433 Julia A., Oct. 8, 1855. 

Abigail, Sept. 6, 1857; died about 1886. 

434 Caroline Matilda, Sept. 6, 1857. 
Andrew Sturgis, May 10, 1864. 

He had seven children. 


Samuel TiUotson Babbitt (Abiel- William-Erasmus-Edward- Edward). 
Born March 30, 1800, in Monroe Conn. 

Was a minister — Presbyterian. 

Graduate Yale Divinity School, 1826. 

Died June 29, 1880, in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Married April 17, 1821, Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Rev. Abner and 
Esther (Bull) Smith. She was born Jan. 29, 1798, in Derby, Conn., 
and died Oct. 21, 1855, at Galesburg, 111. Rev. Abner Smith, graduate of 
Harvard, 1770, pastor of Great Hill Congregational church of Derby, 
Conn., 1789-1829. 

435 William Smith, Aug. 8, 1823, in Derby, Conn. 

436 Thomas Sturges, Oct. 24, 1825, in Derby, Conn. 

437 Edwin Dwight, Feb. 1, 1828, in Hampden, N. Y. 

Addision Sereno, Nov. 13, 1829; d. 1884, in Bushnell, III; 

Elizabeth Cornelia, Feb. 16, 1832; d. July 27, 1861; m. Dec. 10, 

1860, James Miner. Infant son born and died July 19, 1861. 

438 Emily Augusta, May 5, 1834. 

Albert Tillotson, April 17, 1838; d. June 17, 1889, in Cheyenne, 
N. Y. ; m. Dec. 19, 1860, Arethusa Louise Tenney, in Mar- 
ietta, O. Born May 29, 1840. No children. Resided in 
Cheyenne, Wyo. 



Edwin B. Babbitt (Abiel- William-Erasmus-Edward-Edward). Born 
Jan. 8, 1804. Died Dec. 10, 1881, in Fort Monroe, Va. 


In West Point from Indiana, 1822 to 1826, 1st Lieut., 1834; Captain, 
1836; Major, 1848; Col. and Brevet Brig. Gen. Retired 1869. He spent 
several years at San Francisco, Cal., and at Portland, Ore. 

Married at Fort Jesup, La., Feb. 9, 1832, Sarah Stedman Sprague; 
born Oct. 14, 1808, at Providence, R. I.; died March 7, 1880, at Port- 
land, Ore. She was daughter of Lawrence Sprague. 
Children: — 

Edwin Sprague, Nov, 4, 1832, at Fort Jesup, La. Died Sept. 
24, 1853, at Indianola, Texas, of yellow fever. 

439 Sarah Frances, July 6, 1834. 

Henry Bainbridge, Jime 23, 1836, at Fort Towson, Choctaw 
Nation. Died May 14, 1849, at San Antonio, Texas, of 

440 Lawrence Sprague, Feb. 18, 1839, at Boston, Mass. 

441 Laura W., Feb. 18, 1839, at Boston, Mass. 


Brevet 2nd Lieut., 3rd Infantry, July 1, 1826. 

1st Lieut., March 31, 1834. 

Captain — Asst. Quartermaster, July 7, 1838. 

Captain, 3rd Infantry, July 1, 1839. 

Brevet Major, May 30, 1848, for meritorious conduct while serving in 
the enemy's country. 

Major Quartermaster, May 10, 1861. 

Brevet Colonel, March 13, 1865, for faithful and meritorious service 
in Civil War. 

Brevet Brig. Gen., March 13, 1865. 

Col. Asst. Quartermaster Gen., July 29, 1866. 


Abiel Ambrose Babbitt (Abiel- William-Erasmus-Edward-Edward). 
Born July 30, 1807. Died Oct. 15, 1843, at Terre Haute, Ind. 
A merchant. 



442 Eva. 



Julia Ann Babbitt (Abiel- William-Erasmus-Edward-Edward). Born 
July 20, 1809, Monroe Conn. 
Died April 5, 1843. 

Married Nov. 26, 1833, John Dimond Zimmerman, who was born 
March 25, 1811, in New York City and died May 20, 1879, in Union City, 

Children: — 

Mary Ann, Sept. 14, 1835, at Fairfield, Conn.; m. Samuel Morse 

and died 1859. 
Aima Frances, Dec. 20, 1837, at Fairfield, Conn.; m. (1st) Oct. 13, 
1861, Jonas D. Corwin; (2nd), Sept. 15, 1873, A. C. Thompson. 
Had no issue; lives in Mayfield, Cal. 
James Barney, Oct. 28, 1840; d. 1841. 

John Babbitt, March 28, 1843, at Union City, Mich.; m. July 31, 
1870, Laura E. Murray. Has one child; lives in Pittsburg, Pa. 


Frances Lavinia Babbitt (Abiel- William-Erasmus-Edward-Edward). 
Born March 9, 1812. 

Died November 2, 1901, in Arizona. 

Married Nov. 26, 1833, Bradley Zimmerman (brother of John who 
married her sister). 
Children: — 

Augustus Jane, Nov. 26, 1837. 
Sarah Eliza, died March 1905. 



Sarah Babbitt (Erasmus-Simeon- Seth-Edward-Edward). Born in 
Mendham, N. J. 
Died Dec. 5, 1844. 

Married a Babbitt — probably a cousin but not identified. 

443 James L. 


Elias Babbitt (Erasmus-Simeon-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born 1783, 
in Morristown, N. J. 

A taUor by trade — in business in New York City. 

Died 1840, aged 57 years. 

Married Mrs. Evalina Bailey Lounsberry. Born at Middleton, Conn. 
Died 1891, aged 91 years. 

Children: — 

444 Jos. Woodman, Nov. 16, 1828. 

445 George Edward. 

446 Levi Dayton, Dec. 20, 1831. 

Louise Stillman, July 19, 1834; m. Charles E. Johnson. 
Eveline Bailey; m. Elias Yawger. 
Edwin d. June 16, 1841, aged 3 years. 

447 Hampton Marsh. 


John Ralston Babbitt (Erasmus-Simeon-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born 
Feb. 11, 1808, in Mendham, N. J. 

Mr Babbitt was a tailor by trade settling first at Granville, N. Y. Later 
he lived at Wells, Vt., for six years, removing thence to Pawlet in 1856, 
where he remained eight years. After a two years' residence at Pitts- 
ford, Vt., he went to Orwell, Vt., where he spent the rest of his life. 

Died May 1, 1899, at Brandon, Vt. 

Married Nov. 14, 1835, Martha Ann Wooster of Pawlet, Vt., daughter 
of Amos and Zeriah (Hall) Wooster of Pawlet, Vt. She was born in 1818; 
died 1902 in Rutland, Vt. 


Children: — (All of whom are living.) 

448 Mary Eliza, Nov. 15, 1836, in Pawlet, Vt. 

449 Amos Wooster, June 18, 1840, in Wells, Vt. Resides in Bran- 

don, Vt. 

John Henry, May 3, 1843, in Wells, Vt. Married Cora In- 
graham about 1871. Was a Drummer Boy throughout the 
war. Enlisted in Co. K, 96th N. Y. S. Vol., Nov. 26, 1861, 
and served until close of war. No children. Resides in 
Martinez, California. 

Daniel Sargeant, June 5, 1846, in Wells, Vt. Lives in Orwell, 
Vt. Unmarried. 

Charles Albert, Oct. 31, 1851, in Granville, N. Y. Resides in 
Marietta, Ga. No children. 

450 James Franklin, Feb. 23, 1855. Resides in Augusta, Me. 

451 George Dayton, Feb. 23, 1855. Resides in Augusta, Me. 
(Both born in Granville, N. Y.) 

Martha Ann, Dec. 5, 1857, in Pawlet. Married EUas Stevens. 

Resides in Rutland, Vt. No children. 
Edgar M., July 27, 1861; d. May 6, 1863. 


David Babbitt (Daniel-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born Feb. 
10, 1798, in Windham, Vt. 

Lived in South Londonderry, Vt. 

Died June 23, 1872. 

Married about 1815, Polly Gates b. Aug. 16, 1798, in Acworth, N. H.; 
d. Sept. 8, 1875. 

Children: — Born in South Londonderry, Vt. 

452 Winslow Wellington, May 10, 1816. 

453 Mary Abigail, Feb. 16, 1818. 

454 David, June 19, 1820. 

455 Samuel, Sept. 25, 1821. 

456 Cyrus, Oct. 12, 1823. 

457 Lucina, April 10, 1825. 

458 Alonzo, April 21, 1827. 

459 Electa, Oct. 16, 1830. 


460 George, April 19, 1833. 

461 Byron C, April 23, 1836. 

Lucinda, Oct. 7, 1838; d. Feb. 25, 1840. 


Cyrus Babbitt (Daniel-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born March 
5, 1802, in Windham, Vt. 
Died Jan. 8, 1862, in Westford, Mass. . 

Married Dec. 5, 1826, in Medford, Betsey Lord, of Orange, Mass. 
Children: — 

462 Albert, July 30, 1829. 

Augusta, June 23, 1831; m. Feb. 5, 1852, Edward Prescott, 
son of Capt. Abraham. He was born Sept. 4, 1821. Died 
Jan. 15, 1905. Resides in Westford, Mass. 
Two children: — 
Charles O., Feb. 4, 1855. 
Albert E., Feb. 19, 1864. 
Eliza, March 19, 1835; d. Nov. 14, 1904, in Cambridge. Un- 


John Montgomery Babbitt (Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward) 
Bom Feb. 27, 1792, in Lowell, Mass. 

Mr. Babbitt resided until 1823 ia Attleboro, Mass., whence he removed 
to Vermont. Later he was in Canada and various Western States. 

Died Dec. 23, 1870, in Sterling, Iowa. 

Married (1st) April 19, 1816, Marinda Claflin, daughter of Calvin 
and Polly (Wellman) Claflin. She died March 28, 1850, aged 57. 


463 Harriet Newell, Oct. 8, 1816. 

464 Harvey Augustus, Dec. 17, 1818. 

465 George Milton, Dec. 23, 1820. 


466 Horace WilUamson, Sept. 5, 1823. 

Married (2nd) Naomi Whitcomb, daughter of Robert and Louise 
(Hill) Whitcomb, March 21, 1826. Born Dec. 22, 1804, in Oldtown, 
Me. Died Jan. 18, 1892. 

Children: — 

467 John Edward, Sept. 15, 1827. 

Marinda, Feb. 4, 1829; m. (1st) Alex. McDougall, (2nd) 

Orrin Limbacher; (3rd) Townsend. 
'Ruth Almena, July 19, 1830; m. WUHam Philpot. 

468 RosweU Levi, Aug. 8, 1832. 

469 Darius S., May 3, 1836. 

470 Orington Gates, Feb. 23, 1838. 

Mary Jane, Sept. 23, 1839; m. (1st) Henry Jennings; (2nd) 
John Limbocher. 
Children: — By second marriage. 

471 Janet, July 10, 1841. 

Minerva, Nov. 23, 1843; m. Oliver Clark. 

Helena, May 1, 1845; m. Eli Ollinghouse and removed to Mon- 
tana, where she died. 

Amelia Frances, May 11, 1847; m. Martin Dye of Chesaning, 
Mich. Had seven children: Walter, William and Harvey 

Ira Allen, March 13, 1849. Died unmarried, April 19, 1904. 


John Babbitt (Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born Nov. 24, 
1797, in Hanover, N. H. 

Resided most of his life in Enfield, N. H. The last five years he Uved 
in West Andover, N. H. 

In his early manhood he was a successful teacher. 

Served as Representative to the Legislature and was prominent in local 

Died Jan. 19, 1879, in West Andover, N. H. 






Married (1st) Sarah Stevens. 
Children: — 

473 John E., Aug. 10, 1822. 

Married (2nd) Salome, daughter of John and Fannie (Massure) Marden, 
of Lancaster, Feb. 6, 1823. Born Jan. 26, 1805; died Nov. 16, 1869. 

Alonzo, deceased. 

Mary Ann, deceased. 

Elvira, deceased, 

Martha, Feb. 29, 1828; died unmarried. 

474 Orpha Ann, Nov. 9, 1829. 
Hannah, April 15, 1832. 

475 Carlos Caldwell, June 6, 1834. 

476 Franklin, June 6, 1834. 

477 George Milton, 1836. 

Melissa, 1841 ; m. Augustus A. Heath, June 22, 1858, in En- 
field, N. H.; died March 16, 1907. 


Isaac Babbitt (Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born Nov. 7, 
1801, m Hanover, N. H. 

Died Oct. 28, 1879, m Concord, N. H. 

Married Wealthy W. Lovejoy, daughter of Isaac and Wealthy (Chand- 
ler) Love joy. Died Nov. 24, 1893, aged 85 years, 9 months, 10 days. 

Children: — 

478 Marinda, May 16, 1827. 

479 Isaac Sylvester, Nov. 18, 1828. 

480 Leonard Harriman, April 20, 1830. 

481 Almira, Feb. 11, 1832. 

482 Charles Merrill, Jan. 10, 1835. 

Austm, Dec. 20, 1836; d. March 26, 1892; m. March 22, 1865, 
Louisa P. Clough, daughter of John Clough. No children. 

483 John Darwin, April 6, 1839. 

484 Alden Augustus, April 24, 1841. 

485 WiUiam Dexter, Feb. 7, 1843. 


Emily Augusta, July 1, 1845; d. Dec. 27, 1880; m. George Goss 

Jan. 1, 1866. 
Wealthy Ann, Aug. 1, 1848; m. Oct. 21, 1884, Isaac Hatch. 

She died before 1893. 

486 George Washington, April 9, 1851. 


Rev. Ezra May Babbitt (Isaac-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born 
about 1792 in Charlemont, Mass. 

Lived at Hartwick Oswego Co., N. Y. Later removed to Coldwater, 
Jackson Co., Mich. 

Married Elizabeth Stone. 


487 Deha. 
Stephen Dole. 


Calvin Washington Babbitt (Isaac-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Born in Goshen, Mass., Jime, 1798. 

Graduated from Amherst College, 1826. 

He attended Andover Theological Seminary from 1826 to 1829, being 
ordained Sept. 24, 1829, and in the same year being in the service of the 
Presbyterian Home Missionary Society in Termessee. From 1830 to 
1837 he was in Tazewell Co., lUinois; from 1837 to 1839 "stated supply" 
Prince's Grove, 111.; from 1839 to 1840 "stated supply" Grand Detour, III; 
in 1843 "without charge" in Bloomington, III. On account of failing 
health he relinquished the ministry and engaged in the nursery business 
and in teaching at Metamora, III. He was killed by a faU through a rail- 
way bridge at La SaUe, III., Nov. 26, 1869. 

He married June 28, 1831, Mary, daughter of John Laughlin of Green- 
ville, III. They had three sons. 



Melinda Crane Babbitt (Uri-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward.) 
Born Feb. 17, 1798. 
Died May 25, 1857. 

Married March 23, 1820, Israel P., son of Joseph and Susanna 
Pope. Born in Dansville, Vt., Oct. 22, 1797; died Oct. 8, 1867. 
Children : — 

Sophia J., April 12, 1821; m. Abiel Palmer. Died Feb. 7, 1907. 

Calista Lydia, April 10, 1823; died Jan. 19, 1843. 

John Putnam, March 27, 1827; m. Susan Rollins. Died 

Dec. 1, 1855. 
Frances M., June 23, 1829; m. Sept. 8, 1858, D. B. Whittier. 
Children: — 

Hattie Sophia, May 22, 1862; Gertrude Sept. 3, 1869; 

Gertrude married Stephen Waterman, June 12, 1900. 

Joseph Alden, Jan. 13, 1832; d. 1856. 

Israel Pope married (2nd) Nov. 22, 1857, Maria (Sias) Babbitt, 

wife of Hiram Babbitt, brother of Melinda. She was born 1808, 

and died 1882. 


Hiram Babbitt (Uri-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born 
Aug. 8, 1800. 

Resided in Danville, Vt. 

At one time a merchant — later a landlord of the hotel. In last 
years a farmer. 

Died April 20, 1881, in Crastburg, Vt. 

Married (1st) Maria Sias. She married (2nd) Israel Pope. 

Children: — 

Maria, June 11, 1828; d. Dec. 2, 1829. 
Katherine, April 30, 1830; d. Aug. 15, 1833. 
488 Wilbur Fiske, April 2, 1833. 

Putnam Pope, Sept. 6, 1834; d. Feb. 1887; m. Sept.5, 
1870, Ida M. Heald, daughter of John and Christia, 
in Boston. 
Archelous, Dec. 13, 1843; m. Polly Sears; d. 1871. 
Married (2nd) Emmaline Horner, Feb. 14, 1854. Born Feb. 
23, 1824. 



Evaline Homer, June 22, 1856; m. March 7, 1878, Graham D. 
White. Has one son, James Royal; born Nov. 20, 1882. Grad- 
uated from University of Vermont. 

Emmaline, m. Warren Hoe, Sept. 26, 1906. Lives in Nashua, 
N. H. 


John Winthrop Babbitt (Uri-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward.) Born 
July 18, 1802, in Danville, Vt. Died 1891. 

Lived in Geneva, Ontario Co., N. Y. From there in 1848 to Ypsilanti, 
Mich. Graduated from Burlington, Vt., Medical School in 1826. 

Mr. Babbitt attained an enviable reputation in his profession in 
Ypsilanti, and was unusually honored for his integrity and sterling worth. 
In his long residence in Ypsilanti he was ever a power for good in the 
community, and his death was truly an irreparable loss to the city. 

Married Philinda Walker of Gorham, N. Y. She was bom Oct. 20, 
1810, a descendant of Major Simon Willard, who founded Concord, 
Mass., and also of William WTiite of the "Mayflower," who married 
Susanna Fuller. 


489 J. Willard, Nov. 21, 1836. 

490 Charles Winthrop. 

491 George Wallace, Feb. 28, 1854. Lived in St. Thomas, Ont. 


Emmaline Babbitt (Uri-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born Feb. 
2, 1807. 

Married (1st) S. G. Blaisdel. 
Children: — 







Married (2nd) Jos. Weeks. No children. 

Married (3rd) William Simpson. No children. 

*Helen married ^S. Greenleaf, ^John Listen, ^George Butterfield. Lives 
in California. 


Samuel Alden Babbitt (Uri-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born 
Oct. 4, ISn. Died Feb. 1891, in Washington, Mich. 

A lecturer on Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene. Graduate of Ober- 
lin Medical School. 

Married (1st) Lucretia Hand. She died Nov. 6, 1860. 
Children: — 

Darwin Hand, Jan. 15, 1845, in Danville, Vt. Married Emily 
A. Beatty of Utica, N. Y. They had one daughter, born 
Dec. 24, 1883. 
49^? Alden Dwight, Jan. 13, 1850, in Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Married (2nd) 1862, Clarissa Andrus, widow of Dr. Dennis Cooley. 
Born July 27, 1812, to Elton and Nancy Andrus, at Middlebury, N. Y. 
She died Oct. 26, 1899. No children. 


Benjamin F. Babbitt (Uri-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born 
Aug. 7, 1814. Died Dec. 22, 1884, in Lyme, N. H. 
Married (1st) Lucy Paine; (2nd) Olive Matthews. 

Emma, May 29, 1874, m Oxford, N. H. 

Charles, 1876. 


Erasmus Babbitt (Uri-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born July 
28, 1809. 

Went South and further history unknown. 
Married Ellen Blackmer. Had nine children. 



Roswell Babbitt (Ira-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born 
Sept. 4, 1795. 

Died April 4, 1865, near Benson, Ky. 

Married (1st) Dorothy Sanborn. Had one child. 

Married (2nd) Nancy Parker. Born March 10, 1792; died 
Feb. 15, 1881. 


493 William Walker, Sept. 4, 1822. 

494 James Parker, July 28, 1824. 

495 John Robert Parker, Aug. 15, 1826. 
Susanna Eliz., Feb. 26, 1828. 

496 Silas Mattison, Oct. 27, 1829. 

Rosselle Marion, Dec. 5, 1831; d. Jan., 1881. No children. 
Mary Ann, March 21, 1834; d. Jan. 12, 1902; m. (1st) 

Sim Loweary. (2nd) Flick Moss. Had two girls 

and one boy. All in Kentucky. 


Rhoda Babbitt (Ira-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Fdward). 
Married William Pay. 
Children : — 

Oscar, died young. 

William F., married and had several children. 


Roxanna Babbitt (Ira-Nathaniel-Seth-Fdward-Fdward). Born 
in London, Vt. 

Died Jan. 24, 1853, aged 60 years. 

Married Fbenezer Wright, born in Vermont. Died Aug. 14, 
1854, aged 72 years. Both died in Albany, N. Y. 
Children: — 





Louisa, married James Stevenson. 



Susanna Babbitt (Ira-Nathaniel- Seth-Edward-Edwaid). Born Sept. 
19, 1807, in Greenbush, N. Y. Died Sept. 23, 1845, in New York City. 

In the printed report of the 27th annual meeting, Feb. 25, 1846, of the 
Maternal Association of New York City is the following obituary notice 
of Susanna B. Underwood who was an active member of the society until 
her death. 

"It has pleased our Heavenly Father to remove by death two members 
of the Association. The first died in September after a protracted illness 
of several months. Her mind was calm and peaceful through all her 
sickness, reposing with childlike simplicity and confidence upon the 
precious promises of God's word. Her greatest trial was the prospect 
of leaving her two children orphans, but faith triumphed and she was 
enabled to commit them to her covenant keeping God, to Him who has 
said, "Leave thy fatherless children, I will preserve them." A friend 
who visited her remarked, "You probably have some dark days," — she 
answered, "Not one, all is peace, no darkness at all." She then with 
deep humility said, "Perhaps I am insensible." Her faith continued 
steadfast until the end." 

She joined the Brainard Presbyterian Church, the 23rd of Feb., 1834. 

The successive deaths of her father, husband and child Ira caused a 
gradual decline in health. During the last year of her Hfe she trained 
the minds of her children regarding their course in life, the remembrance 
of which was to them a constant guide. She died Sept. 23, 1845, at the 
home of her mother and was buried in New York City. 

Married Dec. 26, 1830, Luther Underwood, New York. Born Nov. 
23, 1802, Putney, Vt. Died Nov. 22, 1839, New York City. 


497 Sabra Vincent, Oct. 14, 1831, New York City. 
*James Russell, Sept. 25, 1833, New York City. 
Ira Babbitt, Aug. 11, 1835; died May 5, 1840, New York City. 

*James R. Underwood, for a time employed by Christopher Roberts, 


the sugar importer, who founded Roberts college at Constantinople and 
later noted as an expert accountant and auditor. A deep lover of music 
and a genial companion. 

A resident for forty years on Franklin Ave., Brooklyn, where he died. 
He married Sarah Hubbard Underwood, daughter of Joseph Underwood, 
Jan. 27, 1863. 
Three children: — 

Harry, 1864. 

Florence, 1866. 

Frances, 1866. 


Pierre Teller Babbit (Seth-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born 
in New York City, February 12, 1811. 

Early in life parents removed to Albany, N. Y., thence to New Haven, 
Conn. Educated at Yale College, 1827-1831. 1831-1834 devoted to 
teaching; then until 1836 in General Theological Seminary, N. Y. City. 
Ordained Deacon m Protestant Episcopal Church by Bishop B. T. Onder- 
donk, July 3, 1836; advanced to priesthood by same Bishop, May 4, 1837. 
Ofi&ciated a short time at St. Paul's Church, Woodbury, Conn., then in 
Boonville, Mo., till 1838, then at St. Luke's Church, Erie, Pa., then till 
1844 at Christ Church, Hudson, N. Y. Then moved to South Carolina 
and took charge of a parochial school of St. Philip's Church in Charles- 
town. Returned to former parish in Woodbury in 1848, but went south 
again in 1850 and took charge of a school in Raleigh, N. C. ; then to Talla- 
hassee, Fla., as assistant minister of St. John's Church. In 1853 became 
Rector of Grace Church, South Middleton, N. Y. ; in 1862 removed to St. 
Mark's Church, Newark, N. Y., and October, 1867, became headmaster 
of DooHttle Institute, Wethersfield Springs, N. Y. In November, 1869, 
removed to Bainbridge, Ga., where he acted as minister and teacher until 
his death on April 1, 1881. His health had been poor and necessitated 
his frequent changes of residence. Hobart CoUege conferred the degree 
of D. D. upon him in 1868 and Trinity College the degree of M. A. in 1849. 

He married Juliet Matilda, daughter of Floyd Smith, of New York, 
in 1836. She died in January, 1890. 



498 Floyd Livingston, 1836. 

Seth W., 1839; married; no children. Died about 1906. Re- 
sided in. Georgia. 
Isabella, 1849. Died unmarried, about 1901. 
Rutledge, 1855. 

James Ridgeway, 1857. Resided in Bainbridge, Ga. 
Three children: — 
Pierre Teller. 
Mary Clifford. 


Harvey Babbitt (John-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born in 

Settled in Monroe Co., N. Y., in town of Clarkson. 
In 1854 left New York and settled in Western Michigan with all 
his brothers and sisters. 

Served in Civil War and lost an arm in service. Died at Pine Grove, 
Van Buren Co., Mich. 
Married Lorinda Wright. 
Died Oct. 2, 1888. 

Children: — (All born m New York). 

Dennison A., Dec. 25, 1852. Now a farmer at Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Married Elvira Jackson. She was born July 24, 1855. They 
have one son John of Detroit, Mich. Dennison Babbitt was for 
three years a captain-mate of a Lake Michigan vessel and for 
25 years a mason builder. 


Charles Carpenter Babbitt (John-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Born Dec. 10, 1832, in Ogden, N. Y. 


Enlisted in Co. I, 126th Regiment in 1862. Was Sergeant, later Lieu- 
tenant. Later he resigned and re-enlisted in the Regular Army at West 
Point as a musician and remained there until the close of the war. 

Married Dec. 23, 1858, Martha A. Pixley of Niagara Falls, N. Y., 
(daughter of Charles and Adele.) 

Mrs. Babbitt is still living and to her is due much matter of interest 
in this record of her family. 

Charles Obadiah, born in Geneva, N. Y., May 6, 1860. Died 
December 31, 1862. 
499 Seward, bom in Geneva, N. Y., Dec. 12, 1862. 

Twin sons born Aug. 14, 1871. Died Aug. 28, 1871. 


Edward Babbitt (Thomas-Erasmus-Seth-Edward-Edward). Bom 
March 1, 1792. Died Sept. 9, 1840, in Chelsea, Mass. 

Was Lieutenant in Navy and also Captain. 

Midshipman Nov. 15, 1809; Lieutenant May 1, 1815; Commander 
March 3. 1835. 

Married Julianna Sargent, Dec. 9, 1820. 

His niece, Mrs. Anna Hale, of St. Albans, Vt., owns the commission of 
Edward Babbitt as commandant in 1835 signed by President Jackson. 


William DoUiver Babbitt (Thomas-Erasmus-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Born April 3, 1794. 

Military Rolls of State of New York, show that in 1818 he was 2nd 
Lieutenant in Benedict Arnold's Montgomery Co. Regiment. In 1819 he 
was Surgeon in the 26th Montgomery Co. Regiment, resigning in 1820. 
His appointment as Surgeon in this Regiment, signed by Gov. Dewitt 
Clinton, is owned by his granddaughter, Mrs. Anna B. Hale. 

W. D. Babbitt Surgeon's mate, March 28, 1820; Surgeon, May 4, 1825. 

Died May 24, 1826. 

Mr. Babbitt's life was filled with travel and exciting adventure. His 
granddaughter, Mrs. Hale, possesses his log books from which an extract 


is appended. She also owns many articles which he used on ship board 
also his diplomas in medicine and commissions in the Navy, signed by 
Presidents Monroe and John Quincy Adams. 

Died May 23, 1826, in Rio Janiero, Brazil, where he is buried. 

Married Nov. 20, 1822, Maria Palmer. Born July 23, 1797, and died 
Aug. 22, 1894. She was the daughter of Steven and Sarah Palmer of 
Char lest own, Mass. 

Children: — 

500 William E., Oct. 31, 1825. 

501 Anna Maria, June 23, 1823. 


May 28, 1823. 

On receipt of the above order, reported to Lt. Com. M. H. Watson and 
we sailed on a cruise to Matanzas where we watered and sailed through 
the old Bahama Sts. We searched and examined all vessels and places 
of a suspicious character but effected nothing. While beating through 
the Sts. encountered constant gales and heavy rains. We stayed at Ches- 
terfields Key several days taking what we could get from the wreck of 
two ships lost on the Key. This was sent to Havana. Capt. Watson 
sent the schooners to Matanzas to await his coming while we proceeded 
to examine the coast. On July 5 we examined several vessels in the bay 
of Sequappa and then got under way for Matanzas. At 3.06 P. M. we 
discovered a suspicious schooner having a large bark in tow and both 
were full of men. We could not discover a gun. Thinking them patriots 
or a Spanish cruiser having been informed to that effect, Capt. Watson 
hoisted the galley colors and stood down for them, they being to lee- 
ward. On approaching within two hundred yards they ran up Spanish 
colors, hailed up their foresail and gave us a shot from a long nine pounder. 
Fortunately it did no damage. They immediately put before the wind, 
we in pursuit. On their arrival at the bottom of the bay they anchored, 
sent their prisoners on shore and opened fire with their nine and ten can- 
nonade and musketry. Their bark also was busy, their guns loaded with 
musket balls, spike nails, etc., to the muzzles. They wounded not a man 
and our boats were not touched. On nearing them our fire was opened 
and well directed. When we were running within ten yards of them our 


tars gave a hurra when every soul jumped overboard and swam for shore, 
but they reckoned without their host for nearly all were sent to their long 
account. Some escaped but were taken next morning. We took a few 
prisoners most of them badly wounded. It was remarkable not one of 
us was injured. Twenty-seven dead bodies were seen floating near the 
shore and ten were killed in the swamp. It was agreeable to report 60 
prisoners. Our whole crew ofiicers and men amounted to 28 a consider- 
able proportion boys. At daylight we got under way and stood out of 
the bay, put the schooner in order and stood for Matanzas thence to Key 
West where we met the approbation of our commander and were publicly 
thanked on quarter deck and afterward by the Secretary of the Navy. 
The schooner was now of 90 tons, had two cannonades and was well sup- 
plied with muskets, pistols, sabres, knives, etc., and an abundance of 
ammunition of English glazed. Soon after our return from this arduous 
cruise, Capt. Watson, Mr. Bainbridge and Mr. Taylor, my boon compan- 
ions died of yellow fever and I narrowly escaped myself with life. None 
but ourselves can ever know our privations while on that cruise. I had 
been with St. Cassin in a division of boats for several weeks before this 
cruise and we destroyed several piratical huts. On the very ground 
where we captured this nest of pirates the lamented Allan was slain. He 
was buried in Matanzas and not a stone marks where his ashes rest. We 
returned to Washington in the Sea Gull after a stormy and tedious pas- 
sage of 41 days extremely enfeebled by yellow fever. We put into Amelia 
for repairs and from there through the Altemaka Sound to Savannah, 
thence to Charlestown, Beaufort and Norfolk to Washington. We much 
regretted the illness of our beloved Commander prevented him from en- 
joying and returning the politeness and hospitality of the whole inhabi- 
tants of St. Marys, Savannah, and Charlestown but our debility prevented 
our going ashore. Every comfort was sent on aboard. Fine fresh beef, 
vegetables in great abundance, brandy, and even cigars, milk, eggs, etc. 
The troops turned out to welcome the Commander and saluted from the 
wharf with infantry, artillery and cavalry. On our arrival at Washington 
applied for and received leave of absence. 


Charles Winthrop Babbitt (Thomas-Erasmus-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Born Sept. 6, 1799, in Gloucester, Mass. 


Was appointed midshipman in U. S. Navy, March 25, 1814. 
Later removed to Natchez, Miss., where his children were born 
Died March 7, 1837, in Natchez, Miss. 

Married Frances Brooks Newman of Natchez, March 22, 1826, 
daughter of Joseph and Dolly, born Dec. 27, 1806. Died Jan. 
22, 1887. 

Mary T., May 30, 1827; d. July 28, 1828. 

Fitz Henry, Dec. 29, 1829. Married in Philadelphia. 

No children. 
Mary Brooks, Dec. 19, 1831. Died March 12, 1902. 

502 Adam Benj., April 29, 1833. 

503 Charles Winthrop, July 13, 1834. 

Joseph Newman, March 7, 1837. Died Sept. 16, 1837. 

Mary Eliza Babbitt (Erasmus-Erasmus-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Born 1793. 

Died May 7, 1865, in Brixham, Eng. 

Married 1815, Elkanah Cushman, son of Elkanah and Hannah 
(Standish) Cushman. Born in Plymouth, June 1, 1769. 
Children: — 

Charlotte Sanders, July 23, 1816; d. Feb. 18, 1876. 
Charles Augustus, Nov. 14, 1818; married late in life. No 

Mary, 1820. 

Son, 1822, died in infancy. 
Augusta, 1824; d. 1836. 

Susan Webb, 1827; d. May 10, 1859. She married (1st) 

Nelson M. Merriman. Had son Edwin C, afterward 

adopted by Charlotte Cushman. Married (2nd) Dr. James 

Musprat, in Liverpool, Eng. Founder of Royal College 

of Chemistry. Had several children who died young. 

Charlotte Saunders Cushman (Mary Cushman) (Erasmus-Eras- 

mus-Seth-Ed ward-Edward). Born July 23, 1816, in Richmond 

St., Boston. 

She has described herself as a "tomboy" in her girlhood with a 
prevailing trait of imitation, of a social nature and a great favorite 
of other children. 


Her father died leaving his widov/ and small children with very 
slender income. Mrs. Cushman conducted a boarding house to 
support her family. It was discovered that Charlotte possessed 
a magnificent contralto voice and her mother at great self-sacri- 
fice gave her every opportunity to cultivate it. She became a 
pupil of Mr. Maeder, a musical director of Boston and through 
his connection with theatrical people, Miss Cushman made her 
first appearance on the stage as the Countess in "The Marriage 
of Figaro." Her voice failing her she gave up her operatic am- 
bition and became a tragedian. The first years of her career 
were stormy ones. She appeared in the Bowery Theatre in New 
York and won her first fame about 1840 as "Meg Merrilies. In 
her trips to England she acted this part more than any other. 

In 1842 Miss Cushman was acting in Philadelphia and in 1843 
in New York where her success as "Lady Macbeth" was very 
great. In 1844 she undertook a European trip, at first filled with 
disappointment and reverses, but in 1845 she received a full meas- 
ure of triumph in London as "Bianca" in Fazio. About this time 
her sister, Susan was associated with her, but she quitted the stage 
in 1847 to become the wife of Dr. Musprat of Liverpool. Her 
later career was a series of constant triumphs at home and abroad 
and not until 1874 did she take final leave of the stage in New 
York City with many ceremonies, full of enthusiasm, and tributes 
in verse and prose. The last five or six years of her life were years 
of agonizing suffering from an incurable malady, but even so, they 
were years of increasing toil. 

She died Feb. 18, 1876, leaving a reputation almost unsurpassed 
for vivid power of expressing emotion and vehemence in tragedy. 


Winthrop Gray Babbitt (Erasmus-Erasmus-Seth-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Nov. 18, 1796. 
Resided in Charlestown, Mass. 
Died Aug. 21, 1849. 

Married (1st) Mary Ann Pierce of Boston, Mass., Dec. 21, 1817. 
Died Sept. 6, 1846, in Charlestown, Mass. 
Children : — 

Winthrop Sargent, Dec. 13, 1818; d. Nov. 11, 1821. 
Mary Eliza, May 31, 1821; d. March 26, 1823. 


504 Mary Eliza, Feb. 26, 1823; d. Jan. 30, 1891. 
Married (2nd) Feb. 6, 1848, Martha Lyons. 


Anna Babbitt (Nathan-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born in 
Norton, Mass., Aug. 13, 1780. 

Died in Chesterfield, N. H., Sept. 4, 1862. 

Married Ziba Albee, son of Peter and Rhoda (Penniman) Albee. Bom 
1775, in Mendon, Mass. Died Aug. 24, 1835. 

Lucretia, Nov. 9, 1801 ; m. Oct. 25, 1827, Samuel J. Partridge. 

Allen a, Aug. 31, 1804; d. May 15, 1817. 

Prescott B., Nov. 29, 1805; m. Oct. 11, 1832, Callister G. Gleason. 

Had eight children. 
Henry N., April 16, 1807; m. Harriet Shaw in Boston and died 

Mariah, Oct. 18, 1808; m. Arfa Baker, of Westmoreland, N. H. 
Senira, April 26, 1810; m. Col. Tileston A. Barker of Westmore- 
land, N. H. 
Godfrey, April 22, 1811; m. (1st) Hannah Prindle of Boston; 

(2nd) Willard. He died 1863. 
Humphrey, July 20, 1812; m. EHza Sanderson. He died Feb. 15, 

1855. One son. 
Judith D., Nov. 16, 1813; d. March 5, 1826. 
Joseph J., March 11, 1815; d. 1816. 

Nancy, Aug. 15, 1816; m. Stephen Howard of Athol, Mass. 
Sarah A., March 15, 1819; m. Lloyd Goodnow; d. July 12, 1852. 
Joseph A., April 17, 1823; m. Harriet McKinney of Boston and 

died there. 
Eunice B., March 16, 1825; m. Oct. 29, 1848, Cordis D. Harris of 
Keene, N. H. No children. 


Joseph Hewes Babbitt (Nathan-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-EdwardV 
Born Nov. 14, 1782, in Westmoreland, N. H. 
Died March 30, 1864. 


Married Jerusha Wood, of East Alstead, N. H., daughter of Col. John 
Wood. She was born Dec. 26, 1795; died Jan. 24, 1866. 
Children: — 

505 George Hewes, July 25, 1828. 

Charles Godfrey, Dec. 15, 1829; d. June 14, 1862. 
Joseph Evarts, May 11, 1832; d. Jan. 14, 1868. 

506 John Wood, June 12, 1835. 

Sarah, Oct. 18, 1837; d. March 3, 1842. 

507 William Henry, Feb. 5, 1840. 

Nathan L., Nov. 3, 1843; d. March 13, 1844. 


Nathan Godfrey Babbitt (Nathan-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). 
Born Feb. 12, 1789, in Norton, Mass. 

Graduate of Middlebury College, Vt., 1811. 

A lawyer at Hinsdale, N. H., and postmaster there. 

Removed to Westmoreland, N. H., and practiced law. 

Judge of Court of Common Pleas of Cheshire Co., N. H., 1848-1855. 

Moved to Beloit, Wis., in November, 1858. 

Died March 11, 1867. 

Married Dec. 1, 1816, Eunice Brewster. She was born March 6, 1795, 
and died in 1881. A descendant of elder Wm, Brewster. 


508 Sarah Ann, July 31, 1827. 

Fannie Maria, Sept. 22, 1829; d. Jan. 24, 1833. 

509 Clinton, Nov. 16, 1831. 


Levi Babbitt Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born June 
26, 1780. 

Died m Athol, Mass., May 9, 1863. 

Married Dec. 29, 1803, Polly Leonard, of Norton, daughter of Jonathan 
and Eleanor (Campbell) Leonard. Born April 27, 1781. Died Feb. 
17, 1854. 

Children: — 

510 Mary Leonard, Jan. 1, 1805. 


511 Thomas, March 12, 1807. 

Emmeline, March 21, 1809; m. April 27, 1841, Simeon Hodges 
of Norton, Mass., son of Capt. Seth and Lucy (Webber). 

512 George Willard, Sept. 8, 1812. 


Isaac Babbitt (Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born Sept. 1, 
1781, in Norton, Mass. 

Died Feb. 8, 1858, in Jamestown, N. Y. Buried at Busti, N. Y. 

Married March 13, 1806, Sarah Phinney, daughter of John and Sarah 
(Thompson) Phinney, of Halifax, Mass. Born Jan, 1, 1781. She died 
March 17, 1844. Buried at Busti, N. Y. 


513 Isaac Thompson, Dec. 21, 1806. 

514 Irene Adaline, April 30, 1809; m. Cyrus Lovell. 

515 Harrison Willard, March 31, 1812. 

516 Pliny Henry, June 15, 1818. 

Charles Albert, Dec. 8, 1821. Dropped Babbitt name and 
called himself simply Charles Albert. He married 1845, 
Charlotte Eaton. He married (2nd) Cornelia Crosby. Re- 
sided in Worcester, Mass. 


Elizabeth Babbitt (Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born 
June 3, 1784. 
Lived in Chesterfield, Ind. 
Died June 18, 1858. 

Married May 18, 1800, Amasa Makepeace, of Norton, Mass., son of 
Peter and Abigail (Morey) Makepeace. Born 1777-78. Died Feb. 28, 
1848, aged 71 years. 
Children: — 

Elizabeth, June 26, 1801. 
Allen, Sept. 28, 1802. 
Alfred, Nov. 3, 1804. 
Ranson, Sept. 18, 1806; d. 1843. 
Julia, Dec. 23, 1806; d. 1812. 


Hayden, July 23, 1811; d. 1843. 
George, May 25, 1813. 
Bradley, July 1, 1815. 
Laura, Feb. 2, 1818. 
Harriet, Oct. 29, 1824; d. 1827. 
Amasa, May 29, 1827. 


Abigail Babbitt (Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born Oct. 
7, 1788. 

Married Benjamin Barker of Milford. 

James Harrison, Aug. 6, 1818, in Westmoreland married Eliz. A. 

Parkhurst, 1848, in Milford, Mass. 
Prescott, Sept. 7, 1811 at Keene, married Lydia Ann Ptnkham; 

died Oct. 13, 1876, in Boston. 
Probably others. 


Willard Babbitt (Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born in 
Norton, Mass., Dec. 11, 1787. 

"Printer." Lived in Norton, Walpole, and Boston. 

Died in Boston, Mass., June 1, 1838. 

Married April 13, 1815, Sophia Morey, daughter of Samuel Morey, of 
Norton, Mass., She died April 14, 1848. 


517 Samuel Morey, baptized Oct. 5, 1817, in Norton. Died Oct. 

30, 1867, in Boston. Has three children. Served in Co. 
D, 43rd Massachusetts Regiment. Probably his son Wil- 
lard in Co. K, 44th Massachusetts from Wampole. Born 1846. 
Betsey, Aug. 3, 1823; m. Samuel I. Clapp of Wampole, Mass., 
March 9, 1843. 

518 Sophia. 

Sarah P., 1827; m. Luther Hayward, May 29, 1848, son of 
Luther and Catherine. 

519 Maria C, 1829. 


Willard, Oct. 9, 1830; m. Dec. 8, 1853, Ellen Fisher, daughter 
of Eliphalet and Susan Fisher. No children. He was a 
painter. Served in Civil War, Co. D., 43rd Massachusetts. 


Snell Babbitt (Snellem-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born Sept. 
9, 1783, in Norton, Mass. 

His youth was spent on his father's farm in Savoy, Mass. He was 
not a very robust lad and was sent at times on horse back trips to visit 
his Norton relatives and benefit by the exercise. 

In 1806 he took a preparatory course in medicine under Rev. Jeremiah 
Hallock of Plainfield, Mass. He studied medicine with Dr. David Gush- 
ing of Cheshire, Mass., and practised there a short time. In 1813 he 
located in Hancock, Mass., and practiced there until 1821, when he re- 
moved to Savoy and practiced there until 1831. At this date he settled 
at Adams, Mass., where he resided until his death. He was a strong 
CongregationaHst, very fond of poetry and literature generally. 

As a physicion he was famous, especially in the treatment of Spotted 
Fever. As a citizen he was esteemed by all. He served several terms 
in the Legislature, 1840 to 1841, and his death was a distinct loss to his 
town and county. 

Died March 9, 1853, at Adams, Mass. 

Married Sept. 10, 1809, Jael Edson, daughter of Abiezer and Rhoda 
(Peterson). Died Feb. 1, 1866. A descendant of John and Priscilla 
Alden, and George Soule of the "Mayflower," She was born 1787, in 
Savoy, Mass. 


520 Erasmus, Dec. 25, 1810. 

521 Nathan, Aug. 30, 1812, in Hancock, Mass. 

522 Adaline, April 25, 1815, in Hancock, Mass. 

523 Bidwell, 1816. 

524 Corydon, Sept. 25, 1819, 

Henry, died April 9, 1844, aged 11 years. 

525 Horace, Oct. 1, 1824. 

526 John Quincy, June 14, 1822. 

527 Marie Antoinette, Feb. 1830. 



Edward Babbitt (Snellem-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Bom 
Sept. 24, 1786, in Savoy, Mass. 

Edward Babbitt was an example of a shrewd Yankee farmer — of keen 
intellect — quick at retort and with many of the eccentricities which so 
often accompany a person of his stamp. He was a man greatly honored 
and respected in his town, and held frequent office there. In 1828 and 
1829 he was Representative in Boston, where he excited considerable 
derision among many of the Legislature. But he quickly proved himself 
their equal in debate and his good judgment was frequently considered. 

Died March 7, 1847, in Savoy, Mass. 

Married June 11, 1812, Abagail Newcomb (his cousin) daughter of 
Annas and Abagail (Babbitt). Born Oct. 22, 1787. Died Aug. 10, 1861. 

Children: — Born in Savoy, Mass. 

Eliza, March 10, 1813; d. May 10, 1834. 
♦Andrew Jackson, Sept. 25, 1816; d. Sept. 11, 1885, in Spring- 
field, Mass.; married Nov. 11, 1838, Louisa A. Frink. 

528 Nathan Eldridge, Feb. 11, 1818. Town Record, Feb. 13, 1819. 

529 AbagaU, Oct. 6, 1821. 

530 WUliam Snellem, July 24, 1824. 

Freeman Whitman, Oct. 24, 1827; d. April 7, 1847. 

531 Charles Mattoon, Nov. 3, 1829. 

Sarah, Aug. 9, 1831 ; m. June 3, 1852, Lorenzo Reed, at Wind- 
sor, Mass., son of John and Rebecca Reed. 

♦Andrew Jackson Babbitt, an edge tool maker by trade. His axes 
were famous throughout West Massachusetts. 

Was member of Massachusetts Legislature, 1860, for six years Asst. 
Ass. of Int. Rev.; served in 49th Mass., in Civil War. 

Was a leader in Town afifairs for years. 

Had two adopted children — Henry who resided in Springfield, Mass., 
and Eva. 

Henry F. married (1st) Mary Roberts of Holyoke, Mass., 1881. Mar- 
ried (2nd) Nettie Donovan of Springfield, Mass., 1891. 


Elizabeth Babbitt (Snellem-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Bom 
Sept. 8, 1790, in Savoy, Mass. 


Resided in Savoy, Mass., where her husband was a farmer. 
Died Feb. 6, 1826, in Savoy, Mass. 

Married Dec. 24, 1817, Alvin Dunham; farmer in Savoy, Mass., and 
Buckland, Mass. Bom Feb. 19, 1794. 

Mary Babbitt, Nov. 1, 1818; married Baker. 
Alvin Franklin, May 24, 1822. Has son Herbert F. (C. I.) 
Alvin Dunham married (2nd) Mary Newcomb, Jan. 23, 1827, 
daughter of Annas and Abigail (Babbitt) Newcomb, cousin of 
first wife. 

They had:— 
Betsey, Sept. 5, 1828; married Snellem Manning Goff (her 

Abigail, Dec. 15, 1833; did not marry. 


Abigail Babbitt (Snellem-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Bom 
July 14, 1793, in Savoy, Mass. Died April 15, 1854, in Savoy, Mass. 

Mrs. Goff cared for her father in his last years and died from an in- 
fection contracted from him in his last sickness and survived him but a 
few days. She is buried in the Babbitt lot in Savoy. 

Married Oct. 2, 1814, CromweU Goff. Born Jan. 10, 1788. 

Children: — 
Henry, July 3, 1816; died in Missouri. 
Mary, Aug. 17, 1818; m. Feb. 22, 1839, Joseph B. Ingraham, 
Nov. 17, 1816, son of Obadiah Ingraham. 
Children: — 

Mary Eliza Anna, April 10, 1842; m. April 10, 1871, Daniel 
Wells, son of Orson Wells. Resides in North Adams, Mass. 
Children : — 
Daniel, April 2, 1873, married Bessie Fifield, Aug. 4, 1889, 

daughter Evelyn, May 24, 1890; d. Oct. 30, 1890. 
Mary Grace, Nov. 24, 1879. 


Harry Orson, Dec. 6, 1885; m. Aug. 22, 1911, Nora D. 
Whelan, in North Adams, Mass. 
Vesta E. Ingraham March 6, 1850; m. Charles LiUie, April 
4, 1871, son Edmund I., born Feb. 14, 1872; married JuUa S. 
Ryan, Jan. 17, 1900. 
Children: — 
Helen, Nov. 5, 1900. 
Charles, Jan. 10, 1906. 
Abigail, Nov. 4, 1822; m. Shubael Bates. 




Willard, April 12, 1825; d. Sept. 21, 1837. 
Snellem Manning, Dec. 13, 1827; m. Betsey Dunham. (See 234.) 

Son: — 
Elizabeth, Nov. 12, 1831 ; m. John Walton. 
Daughter: — 

Mabel, Aug. 23, 1872, m. Wm. Wanamaker of Philadelphia, 
Resides in North Adams, Mass. 
Nathan Eldredge, June 24, 1835; m. (1st) Lydia Bridges; (2nd) 
Eliza Dean. 

Children: — 


Anna Babbitt (Edward-Nathan -Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born 
July 13, 1794, in Norton, Mass. 

Died July 8, 1875, in Wayne, 111. 

Married Jan. 27, 1814, Joel Hathaway, at Petersham, son of Joel and 
Sally (Trafton) Hathaway. Born Dec. 21, 1785. He died Nov. 26, 1870. 


Children: — 

Edward Trafton, July 20, 1815; d. March 18, 1894. Married (1st) 
Sally Dolph. 
Children: — 
Married (2nd) Louisa Dolph. Seven children. 
Edwin, June 12, 1818; married (1st) Millicent Rowley; (2nd) Jane 

Abigail, Jan. 12, 1821. 
Annas, married Sylvia Bartlett. 

Leroy, March 28, 1835; m. July 6, 1856, Emma Battles in Steuben 
Co. N. Y. Settled in Wayne, 111. Died May 28, 1895, in 
A.tchinson, Kansas. 

Alma, May 11, 1857. 
Cora I., Oct. 1, 1858. 
Julia, April 29, 1861. 
Gertrude, Oct. 7, 1862. 
Douglas, March 25, 1864. 


Edward Babbitt (Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born 
Oct. 29, 1796, in Norton, Mass. 

A carpenter and builder. 

Died April 14, 1849, in Worcester, Mass. 

Married Feb. 17, 1824, Catherine Chamberlain, daughter of Samuel 
and Barbara (Babcock) Chamberlain. Born May 10, 1800, in Peter- 
sham; died Sept., 1869, at the home of her daughter Almira. 


532 Samuel Flint, Nov. 7, 1824. 

533 Henry Smith, Dec. 1, 1826. 

534 Lysander Clinton, Oct. 10, 1828. 
Catherine Almira, March 25, 1830; d. 1831. 
Mary Anna, Sept. 24, 1832; d. July 19, 1846. 


Charles, April 26, 1835; d. Nov. 22, 1910. Of Newark, O. No 

Almira, Nov. 11, 1837; ra. Wm. R. Owens of Appleton City, 

Mo. No children. 

535 Edward, Nov. 16, 1840. 

536 Albion Perry, Dec. 5, 1845. 


Laban S. Babbitt (Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born 
June 18, 1798, in Norton, Mass. 
He was traveling salesman of Shaker manufactures. 
Died near 1860, at Wayne, 111. 

Married (1st) May 11, 1820, Polly Whipple, at Petersham, Mass. 
She was born Aug. 15, 1800, in Dana, Mass., and died May 12, 1868, in 
Harvard, Mass. 
Children: — 

Susan, April 20, 1822; d. May 23, 1848, at Harvard Shakers. 
Orlando, Dec. 3, 1826; d. Nov. 10, 1855. 
Eliza Ann, Dec. 21, 1830; d. Aug. 4, 1832. 

537 Charles Willard, Aug. 26, 1833. 

Henry Smith, Nov. 17, 1836; d. Feb. 7. 1853, at Harvard 

Laban, April 22, 1839; d. Oct. 21, 1855. 


Fanny Babbitt (Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born 
Sept. 2, 1800, in Norton, Mass. 

When an infant her parents removed from Norton, Mass., and settled 
in Petersham, Mass. About 1820 her mother joined the Shakers at Har- 
vard, taking her four youngest children. Fanny was at the time be- 
trothed to Joshua Chamberlain, who was in Steuben Co., N. Y., prepar- 
ing a home in the wilderness. 

He cleared part of his one hundred acre tract and walked the entire 
distance of about three hundred miles to Massachusetts to claim his bride. 
After the wedding a yoke of oxen was purchased which with the help 
of a horse, drew the wagon load of goods to the new home, a journey of 
two weeks. 


Married Oct. 9, 1821, Joshua Chamberlain of Painted Post, N. Y. 


Lurenza, Sept. 2, 1822; d. Feb. 10, 1904. Married 1838, 
William Hendrick. Resided at Orange, N. Y. 


Harriet, March 16, 1839. 
Sarah, Aug. 23, 1841. 
Fannie, March 24, 1844. 
Melissia, Sept. 8, 1847. 
Bertha, Sept. 24, 1851. 
Cora, July 13, 1862. 

538 Fanny, Feb. 9, 1829. Married Phineas Spaulding, Oct. 15, 1851 . 
Children: — 

Luella, married G. H. F. Babbitt of Chicopee, Mass. 
Charles Fremont. 

Chauncy, July 28, 1832; d. 1899. Married Freelove Van Vleet, 
Oct. 1, 1855. 
Children: — 

Harry, Oct. 13, 1865, 
Ella, Nov. 17, 1868. 
Fannie, Sept. 29, 1875. 

Leander, July 8, 1835; d. Nov. 13, 1907. Married July 10, 
1860, Janet Dennis. He served nearly three years in^Civil 

Children: — 

Leanna, April, 1863. 
Clara, May 20, 1869. 

Ann Eliza, July 13, 1840. Married William E. Genung. Lives 

at Farmer, South Dakota. No children. 
Edward T., Jan. 10, 1847. Married Regina Hazen. 


Children: — 

Maude E., Nov. 3, 1875. 
Laura, Sept. 18, 1877. 
Daniel W., March 26, 1882. 
Winifred C, June 1, 1884. 


Levi Babbitt (Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born Jan. 
30, 1805. 
Left Shakers Sept. 15, 1824. Went to Coldwater, Mich. 
Married Aug. 30, 1826, Lucy Winchester, of Boston. 
Children: — 

Amelia married Smith. 


Louisa married George Larzilear. 

Linnie married Jerome Watkins. 


Frank (daughter) married Henry Francisco. 



Levi died in youth. 


Charles Babbitt (Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born 
Sept. 20, 1809. Lived with the Harvard Shakers until 1824. Resided at 
Dundee, N. Y. A farmer and carpenter. Resided first at Monterey, 
N. Y., where he built the first frame house erected in that town. 

Married Maria Chamberlain. 

Children: — 

539 Charles Franklin, Feb. 13, 1836. 
Eliza, died young. 

Anna Maria, April 10, 1840; d. Sept. 7, 1846. 

540 Edward Albion, June 21, 1847. 
::41 Ada Maria, Aug. 24, 1851. 


Sarah Augusta, Aug. 20, 1853. Married Wilmer Struble. No 


Joseph Flint Babbitt (Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born 
April 5, 1812, in Petersham. Died at Hiawatha, Kansas, March 28, 1891. 
Was with the Shakers until July 12, 1825. About 1834 settled in 
Monterey, N. Y. The family removed to Kansas in 1860. 

Served a term as District Attorney in Kansas and two terms in Kansas 

Married CaUsta Kimball, at Monterey, N. Y., about 1834. 
Children: — ^All born at Monterey, N. Y. 

David K., Nov. 3, 1836. 

David K. served six years as Probate Judge in Brown Co. 
Kansas, four years as assessor and eight years as Vice President 
of First National Bank of Hiawatha, Kan., where he now resides. 
CaUsta, Jan. 5, 1839; m. C. B. Lacock, a member of Kansas 

Ruth A., Feb. 3, 1841; m. R. A. Blenis. 
542 Joseph Worth, Oct. 13, 1847. Resides in Hiawatha, Kan. 
Charles Edward. 


Hannah Babbitt^ Atwood, James Atwood^ Abiel Atwood, Hannah* 
Babbitt (Nathan^-Ed^-Edi) . Born in Dighton, Feb. 10, 1796. 
Died m Dighton, Jan. 24, 1841. 

She married Aug. 11, 1811, Asa Waterman of Barrington, R. I., son 
of Capt. Asa and Anna (Cooke) Waterman. 

He was born in Norwich, Conn., Aug. 10, 1785. He died in Dighton, 
Mass., May 1, 1861. 
Their children were: — 

Nicholas Cook Waterman, Feb. 2, 1817. 

James Atwood Waterman, Feb. 17, 1819; d. July 19, 1879. 

Hannah Cook Waterman, Feb. 19, 1821 ; d. March 19, 1903. 

Asa Waterman, Jan. 31, 1823. 

Timothy Waterman, Feb. 4, 1827. 

Robert Sterry Waterman, Jan. 14, 1830; d. Jan. 21, 1876. 


*William Watson Waterman, Dec. 4, 1831. 
Rufus Babcock Waterman, Dec. 11, 1833; d. 1871. 
Matthew Watson Waterman, Oct. 25, 1838; d. Dec, 1907. 

William Watson Waterman, M. D. Born in Dighton, Dec. 4, 1831. 

Prepared for college at Andover Phillips Academy and Kimball 
Union Academy. Attended Brown University and received 
the degree of Master of Arts from that college and the degree of 
M. D. from the University of New York city. 

Professor of Chemistry in Metropolitan Medical College, 1856-57. 

Teacher and superintendent of schools in Illinois, Wisconsin and 
Nevada, 1858-68. 

Superintendent of schools, Taunton, Mass., 1869-86 and Clinton, 
Mass., 1886-89. 

President of New England Association of School Superintendents, 
1875; vice-president of Massachusetts Teachers' Association, 
1879-91; vice-president of American Institute of Instruction, 

Member of Massachusetts Legislature, 1896 and 1897. 

Park Commissioner, Taunton, 1894-1905. 

Director and vice-president of Old Colony Historical Society since 

Active in church and Sunday School work. 

He married (1st) Dec. 31, 1856, Hope Tobey Savery, daughter of 
Dr. Phineas Savery of Attleboro. 

She was born in Attleboro, June 25, 1835. 

She died in Attleboro, Oct. 31, 1868. 

They had three children who died young. 

He married (2nd) in Plymouth, July 22, 1872, Mary Briggs Brad- 
ford, daughter of Capt. David and Betsey (Briggs) Bradford. 

She was born in Plymouth, April 14, 1842. 

She died in Taunton, Aug. 20, 1909. 
Their child was: — 

Mary Bradford Waterman, born in Taunton, March 12, 1875. 


Myra Burt (Abigail Burt— Edward Burt— Abagail (Babbitt) Burt— 
Edward Babbitt— Edward Babbitt.) Born March 13. 1807. 


Died Jan. 21, 1873. 

Married Aug. 3, 1827, Enoch B. Hathaway. Born June 11, 1805. 
Died Jan. 5, 1860. 

543 Ann Maria, June 21, 1828. 
George Edward, Aug. 10, 1839. 
Benjamin Burt, Sept. 19, 1843. 


Samuel Tobey Babbitt (Gideon-Gideon-Benajah-Edward-Edward). 
Born Feb. 28, 1784. 

Died May 18, 1862. 

Married (1st) Sally Hathaway, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Bab- 
bitt) Hathaway. (See No. 113) Born Sept. 6, 1786. 


544 Bathsheba Tobey, May 6, 1808. 

She died at Dighton, Mass., Feb. 15, 1874. 
Married (2nd) Anna Paul. 

Rebecca did not marry. 

545 Caroline. 


Crocker Babbitt (Gideon-Gideon-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Bom 
April 12, 1788, in Dighton, Mass. Died Oct. 1, 1861, in Dighton, Mass. 

A farmer — residence in Dighton. Lieut, of Dighton Co., 1812. State 
Representative in 1834. 

Married Nancy Monroe, of Dighton. Int. Feb. 8, 1812, daughter of 
Nathaniel and Nancy (Hall) Monroe. She was born Sept. 12, 1789, 
died Nov. 10, 1867. 

Nancy Crocker, Sept. 24, 1812; d. Nov. 7, 1843; m. Chase. 
Albert C. 
James M. 

546 Gideon, May 12, 1815. 

547 Betsey Monroe, Jan. 3, 1817 (Elizabeth) 


Harriet Emmeline, March 5, 1821; d. Sept. 24, 1844; m. 
Leonard. Son Nathaniel E. 

548 Nathaniel Monroe, Oct. 14, 1822. 

Albert Crocker, April 14, 1826; d. Aug. 7, 1826. 

549 William Crocker, Sept. 15, 1829. 

Bathsheba Toby, May 14, 1832; d. March 30, 1854. 


Dean Babbitt (Erasmus- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born 
Nov. 14, 1775. 

Died July 26, 1864. 

Married at Barre, Mass., Jan. 25, 1803, Lurana, daughter of Enoch 
and Barbary Babcock. Born Aug. 5, 1783; d. May 11, 1859. 

Children: — 

550 Mary, April 17, 1803. 

Sophia, Aug. 23, 1804; m. Rockwell Stone, of Hubbardston, 
Mass., 1827. 

551 Avery B., May 28, 1806. 

Jane, July 28, 1807; d. Nov. 16, 1837. 

Lurana, April 1, 1810; m. James Willard of Rutland, 1833. 

Julia Ann, Jime 30, 1812; m. Jason Jenkins, 1833. 

552 Sewell, Feb. 18, 1814. 

553 James, Sept. 15, 1816. 

Harriet, Oct. 29, 1818; m. Charles Thompson, at Westminster, 

554 Charles L., Feb. 12, 1820. 

Susan C, July 27, 1822; d. Nov. 13, 1862; m. Feb. 23, 1841, 
John Marshall. 

George, Jan. 13, 1824; d. Sept. 5, 1848. Unmarried. 

Franklin, Aug. 9, 1827; d. March 24, 1899. A blacksmith 
at Barre, Mass. Married (1st) Mary E. Howe, at Barre, 
June 11, 1856, daughter of Eliphalet Howe. Married (2nd) 
June 29, 1887, Mrs. Maria (Howe) White. Daughter of first 
wife, Keziah, born April 27, 1866. , 


Benajah Babbitt (Erasmus- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born 
Nov. 6, 1782, in Barre. 


Died Dec. 2, 1858, in Boston. 

Married in Boston Mary Tower, daughter of Abel and Eleanor (Par- 
menter) Tower. Died Oct. 14, 1849, aged 67 years. 

555 William Walker, Dec. 14, 1805. 


John Babbitt (Erasmus- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). 
Married (1st) Elizabeth Fairbrother (?) Dec. 12, 1812, in Boston, Mass. 
She died Feb. 28, 1816. 
Children: — 

A child born in Barre, Mass., Feb. 1, 1816. 
Married (2nd) Clarissa Harlow, June 21, 1818, in Boston, Mass. 

556 Francis Parkman, 1825. 

George E., 1835; d. July 1, 1857, in Boston. Age 22 years, 

7 months. Was drowned. 
Perhaps William and Isaac. 


WilHam Babbitt (Erasmus- John-Banajah-Edward-Edward). Born 1801. 
Died Oct. 22, 1887, age 86 years, 2 months, 22 days, in Barre, Mass. 
Married Abigail P. Stone, of Barre, Mass., Dec. 5, 1843. She died 
May 3, 1901. 

557 Hiram F., 1854. 
Celia — adopted. 


John Babbitt (John- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born Dec. 
16, 1785. 

Resided in Norton, Mass. 

Died May 26, 1867, in Norton, Mass. 

Married Rhoda Reed, born Nov. 26, 1788, in Dartmouth, Mass. ; died 
Sept. 24, 1871, in Norton, Mass., daughter of Leonard and Rebecca Reed. 

Children: — 

James Lincoln, 1818; d. Sept. 11, 1885, in Norton, Mass. 

558 Lydia, 1815; d. 1822. 



Osmond Babbitt (Dean-John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born Oct. 
12, 1790, in Berkley, Mass. Died at Salem, Mich., Feb. 23, 1849. (Feb. 
7, on Town record). 

Resided in Dighton until after 1813, and for many years lived in Rich- 
mond, N. Y. A farmer by occupation. After 1836 he resided in Salem, 

Married (1st) Nov. 19, 1813, Lydia Reed, daughter of Ebenezer and 
Lydia (Haskins) Reed. She was bom Jan. 29, 1787, at Dartmouth, Mass. 

Children: — 

559 Lydia, April 16, 1813. 

Married (2nd) Betsey Thayer, Nov. 21, 1819, at Richmond, N. Y., 
daughter of Rufus and Pamelia (Throop) Thayer. She was born in 
Londonderry, Vt., April 21, 1796, and died Dec. 18, 1871, in Plymouth, 


Samuel Thayer, Sept. 15, 1820; d. 1890. 

560 Betsey Pamelia, March 11, 1822. 

561 William Dean, Feb. 23, 1824. 

562 Mary, May 4, 1826. 

Sally L., April 25, 1828. Died young. 

563 Rufus, June 21, 1831. 

564 John Wheaton, June 17, 1832. 

Sarah Thayer, Aug. 17, 1835, married Dec. 8, 1875, Peter 
Coldren, who died May 27, 1897. Mrs. Coldren lives in 
Northville, Mich. 

Harriet, Nov. 12, 1837; d. Jan. 2, 1861. 


Ebenezer Babbitt (Dean-John-Banajah-Edward-Edward). Bom 
Nov. 12, 1792. 

He settled in Rhode Island and was for a time Deacon of the Valley 
Falls Baptist Church. 

Married Wealthy Wrightington, March 20, 1814, of Fall River, Mass. 


565 William, 1815. 

James, a painter by trade. 







Nancy Babbitt (Dean- John-Ben jamin-Edward-Echvard). Bom Jan, 
25, 1795. 

Married July 9, 1814, Isaac Reed, of Berkley, Mass., son of Ebenezer 
and Lydia (Haskins) Read. 
Children: — 

Mercy, Aug. 21, 1816; m. Joseph \\Tiitney. 

Isaac Albert, March 31, 1838 (?) m. 1858, Almira B. Reed. 


John Dean Babbitt (Dean-John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born 
Sept. 13, 1803, in Berkley, Mass. Died April 13, 1881. 

Married (1st) Betsey Hathaway, of Berkley, Nov. 26, 1826. She died 
Nov. 27, 1834. 

John Wheaton, March 19, 1828; d. Sept. 17, 1831. 
Dean, Aug. 18, 1829. Never married. 
John, Aug. 16, 1834. Never married. 
Married (2nd) Mary (Andros) Hathaway, (widow of William) Feb. 

1, 1836. She died Jan. 4, 1837. 

Married (3rd) Caroline Briggs, daughter of Nathaniel and Mary 
(Winslow) Briggs, in Dighton, Mass., Dec. 1, 1839. She was born April 
3, 1813, and died March 26, 1873. 
Children: — 

Betsey Carpenter, Aug. 31, 1843; m. Grafton Willard Stone, 
Nov. 16, 1865, in Newton, Mass. 
566 Wm. Emmons, Nov. 30, 1836. 

Artemas Briggs, Nov. 28, 1852. Member of Babbitt Family 


Lydia Babbitt (Dean- John-Benjamin-Edward-Edward). Born Nov. 

2, 1809, in Berkley, Mass. 

Married Hiram Haskins of Providence, R. I., Nov. 1, 1829, in Berkley. 


Children: — 
Hiram E. 

Seraphine, m. Andrew C. Pratt. 
Mary, m. Charles H. Evans. 
Lydia, m. Jonathan C. Reed. 
Maria, m. Edwin Chase. 


Charles W. Babbitt (Dean-John-Banajah-Edward-Edward). Born 
in Berkley, Nov. 10, 1813. Died Sept. 23, 1865. 

Appointed carpenter in U. S. Navy, July 2, 1847; also served as engineer. 
Resided in Brooklyn, N. Y., where his children were born. 
Married (1st) Elizabeth Dorlon, of Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Children: — 

Mary Elizabeth, May 17, 1838; died at the home of her sister 
Mrs. Davis, March 17, 1907. Unmarried. 

Miss Babbitt was educated at the Friends School at 
Philadelphia, Pa., and for a time the Rector's Assistant at 
the Church of the Evangelist at Philadelphia. During her 
life in Taunton, Mass., a member of St. John's Church and 
active in all church work. 
Joseph Rodney. Went West and disappeared. 

567 Emma Augusta, Jan. 28, 1843. 

568 William Dean. 

Married (2nd) Jane (or Elizabeth) Dimning of Brooklyn. She died 


Helen Smith. Died young. 

569 Charles Ketchum, April 25, 1851. 
Married (3rd) Elizabeth Robert, of Philadelphia, Pa. 
Children: — 

570 Carrie Jane. 

Laura Evelyn. Died young. 


Martha Richmond (Polly- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born 
June 7, 1802. Died Oct. 17, 1866. 


Married April 2, 1833, Cory Matteson, son of Robert and Mary (Cul- 
ver) Matteson. Born April 22, 1810. Died Aug. 17, 1894. 

George, July 10, 1834; d. Nov. 16, 1908; m. Emily R. Kent, 
daughter of Wellington Kent. Born Jan. 11, 1836; died 
April 14, 1907. 

Ella R., m. Gilbert A. Phillips. No children. 
Col. Frank W., m. Mary W. Fleming. Resides in 
Providence. One child, Kent F. 
Andrew R., Jan. 19, 1835; m. Amey D. Bowen. One daugh- 
ter Etta, who married C. H. Newell, and has two sons, Her- 
bert M. Newell and Richmond M. Newell. Resides in 
Pawtucket, R. I. 
Martha M., Oct. 10, 1836; d. Sept., 1903. Married Dr. W. G. 
Allen. They had one son. Dr. W. H. Allen, who married 
Maude L. Lincoln, whose daughter, Martha Allen, is a 
member of Babbitt Association. They reside in Mansfield, 
Mary E., Sept. 25, 1839. 

Mrs. Matteson resides in Mansfield, Mass. She has ever been 
an active worker and helper of the Babbitt Association and 
furnished many facts of interest. 


George Babbitt, son of Enoch Babbitt, and his wife Sally Crane, was 
born on the ancestral farm in Berkley, Mass., April 8, 1808. His edu- 
cation was acquired in the district school, known as the Timothy Hollow 
School House, located a mile or more east of the ancestral farm. His 
opportunities for an education were very meager as the school year con- 
sisted of only about three months each winter. Before and after school 
he was the general chore boy. Being mechanically inclined, at the age 
of twenty he was bound out to his mother's brother, Wilham S. Crane, 
as an apprentice to the blacksmith's trade. He became a good smith, 
but owing to an injury or strain, he was never able to work at his trade 
after completing his apprenticeship. 


In the Fall of 1831 he went to Bay River, N. C, as cook at S7.00 per 
month in the lumber camp of Crane & French of New Bedford, Mass. 
In the Fall of 1834 he was placed in charge of the Southern or manu- 
facturing end of the Crane & French lumber business. In the Summer 
of 1837 he was admitted as a partner. Thus the farmer boy without 
any of the advantages of a business education had earned his way to a 
partnership in the business of Crane & French. Under his management, 
the business was a success. The product timber and hand shaved cedar 
shingles were freighted in vessels owned by the Company, and sold in 
Fall River, New Bedford, Newport and Providence. Thus this North 
Carolina lumber business became the life work of George Babbitt^. 

As time went on, he bought out his partners who had other business 
interests. He carried on the business continuously up to the time of his 
death in 1875, except during the Civil War from 1861 to 1865. While 
he employed some slaves from their masters, he realized the extreme 
sensitiveness of the average slave owner when discussing the slave ques- 
tion, hence while he was opposed to slavery, he very discretely remained 
silent on that subject when he was in the South. But that did not save 
his property from confiscation after the South seceded, entailing a loss 
of more than half of what he had accumulated in the thirty previous years. 

As a business man, he was the soul of integrity and had the respect 
and confidence of all those with whom he had business dealings, or who 
had the pleasure of his acquaintance. Like his father, he was fond of a 
joke of cheerful disposition, and was always a favorite among the younger 
set. In 1853, he and two others had a substantial stone wall erected 
around the Babbitt burying ground (about 2J^ acres) in Berkley, Mass. 
This cemetery has since been added to and incorporated. This addition 
of six acres was bought and given to the Cemetery Association by his son, 
George R. Babbitt^, as a memorial to his father. He was but eight years 
old when his mother died. In speaking of his stepmother, he said that 
after the death of his mother he fell into good hands and that his father's 
home was always a welcome place to him as long as his stepmother lived. 
He was also loved and looked up to by the children of his stepmother, 
his half sisters and brothers. He had a keen discerning sense of right 
and wrong, was a consistent church member and the world is better for 
his having hved in it. He died in Taunton, March 15, 1875, and was 
buried in the Babbitt burying ground in Berkley, Mass. 


George Babbitt (Enoch- John-Benjamin-Edward-Edward). Born in 
Berkley, April 7, 1808. Died March 15, 1875, in Berkley, Mass. 

Married (1st) Melancy Crane French, Sept. 16, 1835 (Berkley Town 
Record 1834), daughter of Samuel and Celia (Crane) French. Born 
Oct. 16, 1808; died March 20, 1840. 

Married (2nd) Celia Crane French, of Taunton, Mass., Aug. 23, 1841. 
(Sister of first wife.) She was born Aug. 15, 1817. Died Oct. 12, 1906. 
Children: — 

George Rodney, May 22, 1838. Died young, Sept. 11, 1839. 
571 George Rodney, June 27, 1842. 

Melancy French, April 4, 1844; d. Sept. 8, 1879; m. Oct. 19, 

19, 1865, Capt. James R. Mathewson of Taunton, Mass. 
Sally Crane, May 22, 1846; d. Nov. 25, 1851. j 


Mary Babbitt (Enoch- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born 
April 18, 1811. Died March 8, 1876. 

Married (1st) Capt. Darius Newhall, Aug. 11, 1833. 

Children: — 

Darius Elmer, Sept. 7, 1834; died in youth, age 17. 

Married (2nd) Frederick Chase, of Freetown, Oct. 29, 1851. 

Married (3rd) George Walker, of Dighton, Jan. 8, 1857. 

Capt. Darius Newhall was a sea captain; sailed from Appalachacola, 
Fla., in Feb., 1835, and never heard from; supposed shipwrecked. 


Sally Crane Babbitt (Enoch- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born 
Sept. 6, 1818. Resided in Berkley. 

Of the children of Enoch Babbitt, all are now dead (May 1st, 1911) 
but one, Sally Crane, widow of Ebenezer Dean. She was born on the 
Babbitt Ancestral Farm, September 6th, 1818, consequently is in her 
93rd year. She and her son, Albert E. Dean, live on the Dean farm 
lying on the east bank of the Taunton River, about one and one-half miles 
south of the Babbitt Ancestral Farm. 


During the temporary absence of her son in August, 1909, she had a 
fall resulting in a broken hip which has confined her to her bed or a wheeled 
invalid chair ever since. Physically she is and probably will remain a 
cripple, but her mind is as clear as ever, especially regarding happenings 
in her youthful days. Always possessed of a sweet and lovable dis- 
position, it is an inspiration to drop in and spend an afternoon with her. 
Married Dec. 22, 1839, Ebenezer Dean. He died April 30, 1871. 
Children: — 

Albert Ebenezer, Oct. 12, 1840; m. Oct. 19, 1893, Mabel Wood, 

of Stoughton, Mass., who died Oct. 11, 1894. 
Lillian Crane, March 26, 1852; d. May 15, 1876. Unmarried. 

Welthea Gilbert Babbitt (Enoch-John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). 
":Born May 29, 1821. 
Died Feb., 1885. 

Married July 28, 1839, Charles S. Williams, a sea captain. Died June 
17, 1874, aged 58 years at Port Royal, S. C. 

Welthea Augusta, May 28, 1840; d. March 20, 1870; m. Dr. Virgil 

Thompson of New York City. No children. 
Susan Adelia, May, 1842. Did not marry. Buried at Sea on 
passage home from Montevideo on schooner commanded by her 
father, the "White Wing." 
Helen Isadora, m. Dr. Thompson as his third wife. 
Charles Gilbert. 
Alice Hannah. 
Lillian May, m. Benj. Grafton. 

Enoch Bradford Babbitt (Enoch-John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). 
Bom August 11, 1823. Died Dec. 7, 1899. 

A farmer in Berkley, Mass. 

Resided on the original farm of Edward Babbitt, which is now owned 
by his daughter, Mrs. Whitaker. 


Married Aug. 25, 1847, Clarissa Jane Hathaway, daughter of Ennis 
Hathaway and Clarissa (Chase). Born June 13, 1826. 

572 Annie Jane, May 26, 1850; d. Jan. 9, 1895; m. Albert Padel- 
ford, July 12, 1868. 
Horace Bradford, May 13, 1852; m. Oct. 9, 1877, Lizzie Thurs- 
ton Chase, daughter of Benjamin and Lydia T. Chase. No 
children. Resides in Montello, Mass, 
Clara Chase, April 23, 1855; m. June 27, 1877, Edward E. 
Whitaker, son of Otis and Mary Whitaker. Bom Sept. 1, 
1852. No children. 

Mrs. Whitaker Uves on the old home farm of Edward 
Bobbett, which has always been in her family. 

Susan Chase, Oct. 6, 1857; m. Edward D. Perry, Oct. 11, 1876. 

Ada M., Aug. 12, 1877. 
Louise, Feb. 22, 1881. 
Ernest, Jan. 10, 1862; d. Aug. 3, 1864. 

Lucy Myrtella, May 4, 1864; m. Geo. H. Phillips, Nov. 26, 1884, 

Dora E., March 13, 1886; d. Dec. 28, 1893. 
Russell H., Oct. 6, 1898. 


Lydia Crane Babbitt (Enoch- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born 
Dec. 4, 1825. Died Oct. 31, 1907. 

Married Aug. 27, 1851, Thomas F. Dean, son of David and Tryphena. 
He died Nov. 24, 1891. 


Charlotte Augusta, June 15, 1870. 



Luther Babbitt (Peter- Jolin-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Bom June 
18, 1815, in Berkley, Mass. Died Jan. 4, 1864. 

Settled in the South when a young man. 

Married March 16, 1843, Martha McClees, of Tyrell Co., N. C, daugh- 
ter of Col. Charles McClees. Born March 13, 1827. Died Sept. 27, 1897. 

Children: — 

573 Charles. 

574 Emmeline, Aug. 22, 1848. 

Aleathea, Dec. 31, 1850; d. July 20, 1880. Married W. N 

Pugh. No children. 
John. Died infancy. 


William Babbitt (Peter- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born in 
Berkley, Mass., March 31, 1817. Died March 10, 1900, in Boston. 
Buried in Berkley, Mass. 

Mr. Babbitt was a lumber manufacturer and farmer. Was in lumber 
business in the South until the M'ar. 

A Repubhcan in pohtics. State Representative in 1861 and 1872. 

Married Mary Dean Burt, daughter of Abel and Mary Burt of Berkley. 
Born Feb. 25, 1821. She died Nov. 16, 1893. 


Lucy Emma, May 30, 1854; d. June 6, 1854. 

575 William Fremont, June 27, 1856. 
Priscilla, March 15, 1858; d. April 14, 1858. 


Phoebe Babbitt (Peter- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born Aug. 
23, 1830. Died Nov. 7, 1872. 

Married July, 1854, Andrew Jackson Baker of Dartmouth, son of 
Archelous and Rhoda (Smith) Baker; born Feb. 21, 1829, and died 
April 2, 1884. 



WiUiam A., July 17, 1858; d. Aug. 28, 1909; m. Luella C. Gray, 
Feb. 24, 1880, daughter of George and Rhoda (Pierce) Gray. 
Daughter Phoebe born May 6, 1881, married Ed. F. Whitmarsh, 
of Taunton, son of Irving \Vhitmarsh and Anna Babbitt^ — 


Edward Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born 
Oct. 14, 1798. Died Nov. 20, 1854, in Gloucester, R. I. 

Resided in Killingly Conn., Gloucester, R. I. 

Married (1st) Sally Estens. Born 1809. Died April 14, 1836. (It 
is believed that her name was Sophia and that Sally was a pet name given 
by her father.) 


576 James M., Sept. 5, 1826. 
Thomas. Unmarried. 

Seth, Nov. 3, 1834; died in Lawrence, Mass., Aug. 6, 1860. 

Jesse, died 1835. 

Eliza Ann, married Eugene Sears, Valley Falls, R. I., July 
3, 1892. 
Married (2nd) Roxanna Keach, born Sept. 29, 1818. She married 
(2nd) Martin Place. She is still li\dng. 


Born at Gloucester, R. I. 

577 Henry, June 16, 1839. 

578 SHasL., March 18, 1841. 

579 George E., March 12, 1844. 

580 Allen, April 3, 1846. 

581 Keziah, April 3, 1848. 

582 Mary J., April 30, 1850. 

583 WilHam, April 30, 1852. 

584 Edward, July 29, 1854. 



Seth Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward). Bom 
Sept. 25, 1803, in Killingly, Ct. Died May 4, 1872, in Putnam, Conn. 

Was a blacksmith. Held many town offices. 

Married Oct. 26, 1826, Zerviah Plank, daughter of Dudley and Abi 
Plank. Born in Troy, N. Y. Died March 6, 1887, in Putnam, Ct. 


585 Thomas Hathaway, Dec. 2, 1827. 

Hezekiah Howe, Oct. 29, 1830; d. March 11, 1897; m. March 

26, 1863, Sarah Greene. No children. 
Almond Tucker, Dec. 23, 1832; m. May 14, 1862, Joanna 

W. Smith. 

586 Edward, Nov. 3, 1835. 

William Alphonso, Nov. 29, 1838; d. May 2, 1856. 


Roswell Clark Babbitt (Silas-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Born Oct. 5, 1823, in Killingly, Conn. Died Feb. 22, 1857, in Gloucester, 
R. I. 
A farmer. Resided in Gloucester, R. I. 

Married June 8, 1846, Lura Pray, daughter of George and Phoebe 
(Banister) Pray. 
Children: — 

Christina, July 14, 1847; d. March 24, 1862. 
George W., May 11, 1849; d. Sept. 17, 1851. 
Chauncy, June 5, 1851; m. June 12, 1881, Clara Earle. No 

Emily L., Jan. 23, 1853. 
Roswell, Sept. 25, 1854; d. Nov. 4, 1855. 

587 Schuyler D., Feb. 20, 1856. 


Ellen Melissa (Silas-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward). Bom Feb. 
17, 1826, in Killingly, Conn. Died Sept. 12, 1871, in Gloucester, R. I. 


Married May 30, 1852, Albert Day. Born Sept. 24, 1826; died Oct. 
28, 1892. 

Children: — Bom in Gloucester, R. I. 

Louisa, Dec. 27, 1854; d. Feb. 27, 1866. 

Lillie E., June 15, 1857; m. Edward R. Cutler. 

Emma F., March 13, 1860; d. Sept. 13, 1861. 

George, Sept. 18, 1862; d. Feb. 18, 1866. 


Silas Babbitt (Silas-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born June 
21, 1827, in Killingly, Ct. Died Oct. 16, 1905, in Putnam, Ct., in the 
house where he was bom. 

Resided on the farm of his father and grandfather. 

A very large and powerful man, and quick tempered, which gave him 
the name of "Major Hornet," a name he never resented when used in a 
friendly way. 

He was a kind and affectionate father and a good neighbor. 

Married (1st) Feb. 6, 1848, Lucy Talbot, daughter of Libeus and Chloe 
Talbot. She was born Feb. 16, 1824, and died July 13, 1877. 


588 Gains Andrew, Jan. 5, 1849. 

Charles H., Nov. 22, 1850; m. Jan, 1, 1870, Keziah C. Peck. 
No children. 

589 Sarah Agnes, Sept. 6, 1854. 

590 Ella Prudence, Oct. 7, 1857. 

Married (2nd) Aug. 3, 1878, Sabra A. Knight of Providence, R. I. 
Married (3rd) Ardelia R. Bucklin, Sept. 27, 1891, in Gloucester, R. L 
daughter of Andrew Luther and Patience (Randall) Bucklin. 


Abijah Babbitt (Isaac- Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born 
Nov. 2, 1791. 

Died Sept. 18, 1867. 

Married (1st) Mary Hathaway, May 22, 1816, daughter of Abijah 

and Mary (Tinkham) Hathaway, of Taunton. (2nd) Mary Walker, 
Aug. 14, 1835. 


Children: — 

591 Mary, Nov. 11, 1816. 

592 Isaac, Feb. 27, 1820. 

Caleb, Oct. 20, 1822; died in Sandwich Islands, Dec. 18, 1891. 

593 Jerome, May 8, 1825. 

Henry L., May 16, 1828. Died young. 

594 Sally, May 7, 1834. 

595 Henry Lincoln, June 30, 1837. 

596 Adelaide, Jan. 15, 1841. 


Miriam Babbitt (Isaac-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). Bom 
Jan. 23, 1798, in Berkley, Mass. Died Jan. 15, 1828 in Dighton, Mass. 
Resided in Dighton, Mass. 

Married Crawford Briggs, Jan. 11, 1818. He died before 1829. 
Children: — 
Isaac Babbitt, Oct. 12, 1822; d. Oct. 10, 1906; m. Bathsheba Burt, 

Feb. 12, 1844. 


Adoniram Babbitt (Isaac-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward) Born 
Aug. 6, 1804, in Berkley, Mass. Died Nov. 28, 1891, in Berkley, Mass. 

Resided on the farm near the original Babbitt homestead, which was 
the home farm of Edward^ 

A much beloved and respected citizen of Berkley. He was a shipwright 
by trade. 

Married Nov. 8, 1832, in Berkley, Emmeline French, daughter of Roger 
and Achsah (Tobey) French of Barnard, Vt. Born May 31, 1807. Died 
March 19, 1889. 

Children: — 

Harriet EmmeHne, April 24, 1835; m. Jas. Maguire. No 


Adoniram J., July 13, 1836; d. Dec. 12, 1864. 

597 Rollin Herbert, May 30, 1840. 

Julia Helen, May 30, 1843; d. March 25, 1866. 


Phoebe Babbitt (Henry- Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Died March 16, 1872. 

Married Sept. 25, 1817, in Charlemont, Mass., Nehemiah Newhall 
Upton, son of Elias and Esther (Newhall) Upton. Esther Newhall was 
daughter of Hannah Babbitt and Nehemiah Newhall. See No. 49. 
He was born July 3, 1797 and died Jan. 25, 1860. 

Mary Phoebe, June 22, 1819. 

Barney, July 26, 1820. 

Susan S., Dec. 27, 1821. 

Emma D., April 1, 1823. 

Elias, Nov. 13, 1824. 

Esther C, Oct. 2, 1827. 

Nancy M., June 25, 1829; d. April 5, 1850. 

Fidelia E., AprU 15, 1831; d. July 29, 1847. 

Harriet N., Oct. 15, 1832. 

Martha Ann, June 14, 1834. 

Henry B., June 25, 1836; d. Aug. 13, 1838. 


Henry Babbitt (Henry- Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born 
June 18, 1799, in Colrain, Mass. 

A farmer in Colrain all his life. 

Died Nov. 29, 1838, in Colrain. 

Married April 6, 1819, Mary White (also called "Polly"), who was 
born April 27, 1794, in Colrain, Mass. 

Children: — 

598 Jades Henry, June 17, 1820; m. Tryphena Harris. 

599 Mary Ann, Feb. 6, 1823; died 1894. 
Jane Maria, March 1, 1825; died 1831. 

Esther Sophia, April 29, 1827; died March, 1876. 
Lewis White, May 3, 1836; did not marry. 
Elmer Warren, July 5, 1838 ; did not marry. 



Da\ad Babbitt (Ebenezer-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born 
July 28, 1793. Died December 17, 1815. 

Resided in Assonet, Mass. A farmer by occupation. 

He was drowned in Assonet River within sight of his home, while on a 
pleasure trip. 

Married May 25, 1813, Hannah Howland of Fall River, daughter of 
George and Deborah (Shaw) Howland. She was born April 19, 1793, 
and died Sept. 20, 1871. 


600 George S. 

601 David, June 5, 1816. 


Ebenezer Babbitt (Ebenezer-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born 
Sept., 1803, in Freetown, Mass. 

Died June 1, 1864, in Fall River, Mass. 

Married (1st) Rowena Chase of Fall River, Mass., daughter of Simeon 
and Elizabeth Chase of Assonet, Mass. Died about 1834. 


602 Albert, 1829. 

603 Wm. Coe, 1834. 

Married (2nd) May 11, 1835, Mary Bowen of Tiverton, daughter of 
John Bowen. Born 1820. Died Jan. 31, 1872, in Somerset, Mass. 
Children: — 

604 Ebenezer, Feb. 22, 1838. 

605 Edward Francis, Nov. 10, 1842. 

Rowena C, Nov. 14, 1846. Married April 9, 1867, Edward 
J. Sherwin, son of Johnson and Louisa Sherwin of Hartford, 
Conn. Mrs. Sherwin resides in Pittsfield, Mass. 

Imogene, Oct. 31, 1848; d. March 4, 1909. 

Mary, May 11, 1855. Married March 10, 1875, in Fall River, 
Mass., Gideon W. Slade, son of Edward and Phoebe Slade. 
He was born in 1851. 



Thomas D. Babbitt (Ebenezer-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Bom Jan. 26, 1806. Died Nov. 7, 1832. 

Married in Berkley, Mass., April 20, 1828, Sally Babbitt, (See No. 117). 
daughter of Dean and Elizabeth Babbitt. Born Nov. 19, 1805. Died Feb. 
1, 1875. 


606 Thomas Dean, bom in Freetown, Sept. 9, 1829. 

Hiram, born in Freetown March 21, 1832; died March 5, 1911. 

Sally, born in Freetown, Oct. 18, 1830; died April 5, 1832. 


Henry Babbitt (Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born 1800. 
Resided near Canandaigua, N. Y. 
Died 1861. 
Married Olive Root. 
Children: — 

William E., 1831; died 1891. 

607 Oliver, Oct. 29, 1835. 


Joseph Lake Babbitt (Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born 
Sept. 5, 1803. Died Sept. 8, 1869. 
Resided near Canandaigua, N. Y. 

Married Mary J. (name luiknown), born Aug. 2, 1808; died July 23, 


Elizabeth, May 5, 1828; d. May 20, 1828. 

608 Samuel E., July 23, 1829. 

Mary A., June 14, 1834; d. Sept. 19, 1896. See No. 607. 
Joseph Lake, May 25, 1839; married Caroline Travis. 


Olive, Scio, N. Y. 
609 Willis C. 

Henry. Veteran in Civil War. 

Eben Willoughby Babbitt (Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Born 1806. Died 1874, in Mo. 

Served in Co. B, 3rd Mo. Regiment. Settled in Missouri in 1859. 
Married in Wyoming Co., N. Y., in 1828, Hannah Rogers. Born in 
1810 and died in 1885. 

Abijah, 1832. Served in Co. B, 3rd Mo. Regiment. Still 

living in Western, N. Y. No children. 
William, died in Arkansas in 1875. Unmarried. 
Susan, died in New York before 1850, 
Orson, served in Co. B, 3rd Mo. Regiment. Died in Fulton, 

Mo., 1898. 
Almira. Died in New York before 1859. 

Evaline, 1842. Miss Babbitt is in the Old Ladies' Home at 
Gerry, N. Y. 

610 Francis B. 


David H. Babbitt (Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born 
June 18, 1809. Died Oct. 13, 1878, in Scio, N. Y. 

Resided in Scio, N. Y. 

Married (1st) April 1832 Sarah Minor. Born Sept., 1813; died March 
2, 1833. 


611 David Osmer, March 1, 1833. 
Married (2nd) Feb. 19, 1835, Emily Marsh. 

Born 1814, and died July 14, 1896. 

Amelia, Jan. 16, 1836. Married No. 608. 


Sarah, Sept. 7, 1837; d. Jan. 20, 1842. 

612 Merrick P., July 15, 1839. 

613 Vernon M., Sept. 8, 1841. War Record. 

Eugene S., Sept. 25, 1843; d. July 1, 1862. War Record. 


Enos Babbitt (Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Lived in Reeds Corners, N. Y. 

He was killed by a premature explosion of powder on an anvil, in prep- 
aration of Fourth of July celebration, July 3, 1852. 
Married Lucia Sweet, Sept. 4, 1834. 
Children : — 


614 Enos Leicester, June 20, 1835. 

615 Margaret Lucia, March 31, 1837. 

Caroline C, Feb. 11, 1838. A dressmaker at Rochester, N. Y. 

616 Orson Lewis, Dec. 16, 1840. 

Lansford Otto, Jan. 21, 1842; d. May 2, 1891 ; m. May 30, 1865. 
Margaret A. Williams. Was a soldier in Civil War. Mrs. 
B. lives in Canadaigua, N. Y. No children. 

617 Lucia Ann May 22, 1845. 

Ruth Annis, May 14, 1848; d. Feb. 22, 1863. 


Abijah Babbitt (Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born 
April 23, 1814. Died Sept. 18, 1888. 

Lived near Reeds Corners, N. Y. 

Married Oct. 15, 1840, Louisa Cobb. Born Feb. 17, 1819. Died 
Jan. 19, 1896. 

Children: — One only. 

618 Charles, Oct. 23, 1841. 


Anna Babbitt (Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 


Resided near Reeds Corners, N. Y. 
Married Elijah Hurd. 
Children: — 

Enos, July, 1820. 

Sarah, Oct. 11, 1822. 

Sabra, March 21, 1824. 

Margaret, Dec. 28, 1827. 

Lucy, Nov. 7, 1830. 

Louvica, June 30, 1833; d. Aug. 26, 1898. 

S. E., Dec. 11, 1838. 

Laura, Dec. 12, 1841; d. Feb. 7, 1889. 


Edward Henry Babbitt (Edward- Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Born Nov. 22, 1834. 
A Mariner by occupation. 

Married Bathsheba Walker, Jan. 6, 1862, daughter of Abiathar and 
Bathsheba (Babbitt). See No. 544. Born April 10, 1842. 

Fannie Althea, June. 20, 1865. 
Maude Louise, Sept. 4, 1867. 
Catherine. Died Sept. 21, 1872. 


John Cook Babbitt (Joy-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Born 
June 23, 1787, in Greenwich, Mass. 

Living in Allegan, Mich., in 1869. 

One John Babbot (name also found as Babet) served as a private in 
Captain Nathaniel Fisher Jr.'s Company, 2d, Swift's Regiment, New 
York Militia, war of 1812. His service commenced September 9, 1813, 
and expired December 15, 1813. 

The records show that one John C. Babbitt served in the War of 1812 
as a member of the 7th United States Infantry, subsequently known as 
the 1st United States Infantry, having enlisted therein September 2, 1808. 

Children: — 

Hannah, m. Letts, Kalamazoo, Mich 


Married (2nd) ( ) Gould, daughter of William Gould. The wife 

of Wm. Gould was the heroine of an Indian attack at Nunda, N. Y., 
where she personally killed two Indians who attempted to enter the 
house through the chimney. 

Children: — 

Ellen Caroline, 1816; died about 1870. Unm^arried. 

619 Elijah, June 6, 1818. 

WilHam. Resided in Allegheny City. 
Married (3rd) (name unkno'^VTi). 

620 John E., June 6, 1828. 


Ashley, Allegan, Mich. Had son Ashley, Jr., living 1910 In 

Western Oklahoma. Another son Warren lived in Monroe, 

Wis. Had no children. 

The Old War and Navy Division of the Pension Office in its bounty 
land records has the statements of one John Babbit who filed an appli- 
cation for bounty land on his service in the war of 1812. His application 
was made Nov. 6, 1850, under two services. In the first declaration 
Mr. Babbit states in his affidavit that he is the identical John Babbit who 
was a soldier in the Company commanded by Capt. Eldridge (from 
Auburn) in the regiment of New York militia commanded by Col. Bloom 
of Cayuga Co., N. Y., in the war with Great Britain; that he volunteered 
at Cayuga Bridge on or about the last of July, A. D. 1812, for the term 
of six months and continued in actual service in said war for the term of 
six or seven weeks or till after the battle of Queenstown Heights and was 
honorably discharged at Lewiston about ten days after the battle of 
Queenstown Heights; and that deponent has lost his discharge, which facts 
will appear by the muster roll of said company. Deponent makes this 
declaration for the purpose of obtaining the bounty land to which he may 
be entitled under the act granting bounty land to certain officers and 
soldiers who have been engaged in the military service of the United States, 
passed Sept. 28, 1850. Declaration sworn to in the usual manner at 
Allegan, Mich., where Mr. Babbit was then Uving at the age of 63 years. 

The other declaration made at the same time and place was a declara- 
tion for bounty land, based on service in Capt. Jas. Noble's Company in 
the regiment of N. Y. militia, commanded by Col. Dobbins from Waterloo, 


N. Y., in the war with Great Britain. Mr. Babbit declared that he was 
drafted at Angelica, Alleghany County, N. Y., on or about Sept. 1st, 1813, 
for the term of three months and continued in actual service in the said 
war for the term of three months and thirteen days and was honorably 
discharged at Fort Niagara, N. Y,, about the middle of December, 1813, 
on the same day that Ft. George was blown up and Newark set on fire, 
as will appear by his original certificate of discharge which was burned 
in and with deponent's house in the following March (1814). Deponent 
says that his company (the company of Capt. Noble) was broken up and 
he with others was put into the Company commanded by Capt. Fisher 
of Bristol, Ontario Co., N. Y., in whose Company he was when dis- 
charged. Deponent makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining 
the bounty land to which he may be entitled under the act granting bounty 
land to certain officers and soldiers who have been engaged in the mihtary 
service of the United States, etc. 

As a result of the above applications, Mr. Babbit received the bounty 
land warrants in full satisfaction of the service rendered, it appears from 
the records on file with the case. 


Elijah Babbitt (Joy-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Born 
Oct. 25, 1789. 

EHjah C. Babbitt stated June 10, 1854, that he was 65 years old and 
resided in Boston, Erie Co., N. Y.; that on the 14th of January, 1814, 
he volunteered for service in War with Great Britain at Junius, Seneca Co., 
N. Y., and served as Private for three months in Capt. Charles Starret's 
Company, N. Y. Regiment, John Harris, CoL, commanding, and that 
he received from the U. S. government 40 acres of land. He broke his 
leg during the service. 

His family relates that he was wounded in the leg at the battle of 
Niagara, and his life saved by an Indian, who although under British 
service, took pity on him and hid him in a hut in the midst of a swamp. 

Married April 9, 1820, Sally Farnham; born May 13, 1799; died about 

Children:— (Born in Boston, N. Y.) 

Norton A., July 31, 1821. Married, but left no children. 


Elias N., May 12, 1823. Had son Charles P. Babbitt. Re- 
sides in Ohio. Had daughter Leona WTiite Babbitt. Re- 
sides in Dakota. 
Susan M., Feb. 6, 1825. Married a Bills. One son George. 
Jane, Jan. 21, 1827. Married a Fleming. 
Children: — 

Bert of Hamburg, N. Y. 

Jennie (Rockwood) of Geneva, N. Y. 
ErastusF., May 25, 1828. Lived in Salina, Kan. Twice 

married. No children. 
Carlos, July 8, 1830. Died young. 
Timothy H., Oct. 1, 1832. Served as sharpshooter in Civil 

War; had son Timothy and daughter Jennie (Burnside). 
William C, Nov. 8, 1834. Died young. 
621 Elijah C, March 16, 1839. 

WHHam B., Aug. 26, 1843. Was a Drummer Boy in Civil 
War. In N. Y. Infantry. Died June 16, 1908 Twice mar- 
ried. No children. Lived at EUicottsville, N. Y. 


Joy Babbitt (Joy-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Bom May 11, 
1798, in Spring Creek, Warren Co., Pa. Died May 19, 1872. 
Buried at Carmelton, Ind. 

Married (1st) July 17, 1825, Betsey Armitage, of Spring Creek, Pa. 
Children: — the last three by a second wife, name unknown. 

621 Charles Joy. Died 1880. 

622 Stephen Barlow, Oct. 17, 1834. 

624 WilUam Armitage, Dec. 25, 1831. Living at Litchfield, Ky. 

625 Hiram Answorth, Jan. 22, 1841. 

Sylvester Campbell. Lived at Owensboro, Ky. Acting third 

Assistant Engineer, April 18, 1863, until close of war. 
Esther Jane, married an Easton. Resides at Easton, Ky. 


Samuel Babbitt (Nathaniel-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward) . 


Lived in Buffalo, N. Y., and Erie, Pa. Shipbuilder. 
Married Lucy, daughter of Samuel Ledyard. 
Children: — 

626 Samuel Ledyard. 
Edwin, Randolph, N. Y. 
James, Hamilton, Ont. 
William. (Has son Charles). 

Samuel (perhaps) died July 4, 1852, age 20, in Buffalo, N. Y. 


Truman Babbitt (Nathaniel-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). 
Born Aug. 22, 1808. Lived in New York. Died Aug. 31, 1883, at Pult- 
neyville, N. Y. 

His mother died when he was very young. He was brought up by a 
clergyman named Smith, in or near Pultneyville. Shipbuilder. 

His birth given April 3, 1808, by his daughter. 

Lived in Michigan, 1840-41. 

Married Dec. 26, 1831, at Pultneyville, N. Y., Lecretia Stearnes. She 
was born Aug. 22, 1808, and died Oct. 19, 1884. She was born and died 
at Pultneyville, N. Y. 

Children: — 

627 Emily C, 1832. 

Margaretta, 1834. Living with Mrs. Bramble. 
Francis, 1836; died 1907. Never married. 
Payson Morton, 1839; died 1841. 

Ellen, 1842; m. Frank Bramble of Yorkshire, Eng., in 1870. 
(Resides at Pultneyville). 
Children: — 

Mary Ellen, 1871; married Charles Benton in 1894. 

She died 1898. One son Walter. 
Agnes A., Ida I., twins, 1873. Agnes unmarried. Ida 

married Peter A. Perduyn, 1894. 
Lillian M., 1876; married Clarence B. Hamilton. 
Elizabeth, June 14, 1844; m. Ira Prosens, Dec. 15, 1876 Re- 
sides at Sodus, N. Y. 
James S., 1850; died 1897. Unmarried. 



Simeon Augustus Babbitt (Simeon-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). 

Simeon Augustus Babbitt, the only surviving son of Simeon Babbitt, 
was born in Barnard, Vt., Nov. 17, 1806. When he was quite young 
his father removed to Bethel, Vt., a neighboring village. Simeon became 
associated with his father in what was known in those days as "staging 
business" before the days of railroads in Vermont. At one time he em- 
ployed forty horses in carrying the U. S. mails on the different routes, 
of which he was contractor. On the advent of railroad lines into the 
state the old stage routes were bound to disappear and in 1842 Mr. Bab- 
bitt closed his business. In 1854 he moved to Randolph, Vt., for the 
sake of better educational advantages for his children. He served the 
town as Justice of the Peace for many years and also was agent for the 
Vermont Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of Montpelier. After the Civil War 
he was appointed pension and claim agent, which offices he held until 
shortly before his death, July 9, 1877. 

Mr. Babbitt married May 5, 1834, Emily, daughter of Alvin and 
Hannah (Baldwin) Russell McKinstry of Bethel, Vt. 

Their children were: — 

628 Hannah Jeanette, March 10, 1835; d. June 25, 1867. 
Simeon Nelson, July 17, 1837; d. June 11, 1838. 

629 Emily Jenny, Oct. 7, 1839. 

630 Robert Augustus, Jan. 21, 1842. 

631 Elbridge Harris, Jan. 23, 1844. 

632 Mary Lucetta, Jan. 27, 1846. 

633 Elizabeth Anne, June 10, 1848. 

634 George Ashton, Dec. 30, 1852. 


Alvin W. Babbitt (Jonathan-Elijah-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward.) 
Born March 11, 1800. Died at Mobile, Ala., before 1857. 
Lived in Charlestown, Mass., in 1844. 
Married Aug. 4, 1824, in Boston Frances E. Young. 
Children: — 

Charles, m. Eliz. ( ) Lived in Mobile, Ala., 1857. 

Sarah Frances. Unmarried 1887. 



Hannah Babbitt (Jonathan-Elijah-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Born 
Oct. 20, 1802. 

Married Wyatt Richardson, of Greenwich, Mass. Lived in Pelham, 
and Greenwich, Mass. 
Children:— Bom in Greenwich, Mass. 

Child, Oct. 23, 1826. 

Enos S., Dec. 28, 1828. 

Olivia, Nov. 10, 1830. 

Marsena, Sept. 5, 1834. 

Rinaldo, June 4, 1887. Died young. 


Jonathan Babbitt (Jonathan-Elijah-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). 
Bom June 1, 1804. Died Dec. 28, 1855. 

Lived in Dana, Worcester Co., Mass. A farmer in Dana, Mass. 

Married December 30, 1848, Eliza TowTie. She was bom April 13, 
1813, and died May 5, 1864. 

Children: — 

635 Sarah Eliz., Dec. 23, 1841. 

636 Rinaldo, July 27, 1851. 


Rosselle Babbitt (Jonathan-Elizabeth-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). 
Born Feb. 21, 1805. Died Oct. 9, 1875. 

Settled in Wisconsin. 

Married June, 1840, in Swansey, N. H., Anna Thompson, daughter 
of Timothy and Lucy (Ward) Thompson. She died April 2, 1893. 

Children: — 

637 Osman, June 26, 1841. 

638 Susan, Jan. 12, 1843. 

639 Byron, Dec. 15, 1844. 

640 Emily, Aug. 19, 1847. 






Ella, Jan. 14, 1850; d. March 15, 1854. 
Milan, Oct. 31, 1851 ; d. Dec. 6, 1853. 
Velma, May 14, 1855; d. Aug. 30, 1870. 

641 Anna, Jan. 19, 1859. 


Elizabeth (Jonathan-Elijah-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Born Aug. 
30, 1809. 

Married Dec. 26, 1839, at Pelham, Mass., Hiram Abercrombie, son of 
James and Margery Abercrombie. Bom March 9, 1807. 
Children: — 

George, March 23, 1841. 
Warren, Nov. 2, 1846. 


Massena Babbitt (Jonathan-Elijah-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Born 
in Dana, Mass., April 9, 1812. Died in Girard, Pa., Sept. 28, 1886. 

Married in Swanzey, N. H., Oct. 29, 1839, Angeline Thompson. She 
was born May 16, 1816. 


642 Adele C, Sept. 18, 1841. 

Orlando, Dec. 5, 1845; d. Feb. 3, 1849. 

643 Eric, Sept. 2, 1847. 

644 Frank, Feb. 8, 1850. 


Deborah Babbitt (James-Elijah-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Born 
Feb. 20, 1804. Died June 21, 1850. 
Resided in Crusable Forks, N. Y., where they are buried. 
Married Feb. 23, 1823, EUjah White. Born Aug. 31, 1800. Died 
April 8, 1877. 

William, July 17, 1825. Resided in Bellville, 111. 
James, Sept. 19, 1827. Resided in North Adams, Mass. 


Eliza F., Sept. 1, 1829. Resided in Moberly, Mo. 
Alonzo v., June 2, 1831. Died June 6, 1831. 
Charles P., June 17, 1832. Resided in Hayden, Neb. 
Leander Babbitt, April 9, 1834. Resided in Concord, N. H. Served 
in Civil War, 3rd N.. H. Regiment. Died Sept. 5, 1890. 

William C. 

Mary F., April 5, 1836. Resided in Rantoul, 111. 
Helen M., June 10, 1838. Resided in Auburn, N. Y. 
Warren Alonzo, Jan. 2, 1840. Resided in De Soto, Mo. 
Mariam C, Jan. 8, 1845. Resided in De Soto, Mo. 
Deborah L., May 29, 1850. Resided in Moberly, Mo. 


Leander Babbit (James-Elijah-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Born 
March 29, 1810. 

Mr. Babbit was a physician, a specialist in spinal and ankle diseases, 
also hernia. He manufactured his own surgical appliances. 
Resided in Clintonville, N. Y. 
Died Feb. 13, 1871. 

Married July 2, 1835, in Jay, N. Y. Sarah Stevens, daughter of Asher 
and Ada Stevens. Born April 5, 1815. Died Dec. 7, 1860. 
Children: — 
645 Asher Stevens, April 9, 1836. 

Marion Loretta, March 2, 1839; d. April 2, 1839. 
Ada Stevens, June 2, 1840; d. June 27, 1840. 
Wm. Leander, Sept. 22, 1842; d. Oct. 22, 1864, in Anderson- 
ville Prison. Member of the 5th N. Y. Cav. and of Kil- 
patricks' Body Guard. 
b46 Marion Sarah, Aug. 11, 1844. Resides in Lake Placid. 

647 Manfred Pire, Feb. 2, 1847. 

WaUace Fay, April 27, 1849. Resides m Lake Placid, N. Y., 
where he owns cottages and entertains summer boarders. 

648 Curtis Henry, April 26, 1851. 

Edgar Wescot, Sept. 13, 1853; d. Oct. 10, 1856. 



Nathan Bowen Babbitt (David-David-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward) 
Born Oct. 18, 1808. 

Removed to Western New York about 1846, near Venice, N. Y. Died 
Nov. 27, 1890. 

Married Sophronia HoUoway, June 21, 1832, in Fall River, Mass. 
She was born March 26, 1810. Died Aug. 23, 1887. 
Children: — 

David, Oct. 20, 1834; d. March 15, 1908. Married April 17, 
1859, Mary A. Hathaway of Freetown, Mass. She was 
born Feb. 13, 1839. 

649 John D., Dec. 10, 1835. 

Carrie A., June 23, 1840; d. Jan. 3, 1859. 

Edwin N., Jan. 14, 1849. 

Eliphalet David. Died young, 1835. 


Stephen Babbitt (Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . 
Born 1765. Died April 12, 1827. 

Settled in Hartwick, N. Y., about 1790. 

Married Sally Head. Bom 1778 and died Sept. 17, 1837. 

Children: — 

650 David, 1796. 

651 Margaret. 

652 Josiah, 1798. 

653 Stephen, April 3, 1806. 

Mary married Rossell Barney. 
An old account mentions four more — probably incorrect. 



Warren Babbitt (Elkanali-Elkanah-Elkanali-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
June 18, 1774 Died July 4, 1847. 

A farmer — also distiller — converted to Methodism he destroyed his 
distillery and liquor. 

Resided in Fly Creek, N. Y. 
Buried in Old Chappie Burial ground in Fly Creek. 

Married in Amenia, N. Y., Sally Delano, daughter of Benjamin and 
Sarah (Clark) Delano. Born June 2, 1778, and died Jan. 2, 1861. 

Children: — 

654 Anna, Aug. 8, 1799. 

655 Clarissa, Sept. 7, 1801. 

656 Daniel, May 4, 1804. 

657 Eunice, Sept. 12, 1807. 

Nancy Maria, Dec. 11, 1809; m. Rev. Chas. Mead. Resided 
in Fly Creek, N. Y. No children. 

658 Roswell, March 22, 1813. 

Orrin, Feb. 16, 1816; d. Sept. 13, 1884; m. Mary Putnam and 
had children. Albert and Cora. Cora married Luce. 


Annis Babbitt (Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Resided in Otsego Co., N. Y. 
Married Ensign Rexford, 
Children: — 

Electa, m. Kibby. 
Children: — 

Nancy m. Camp. 
Marcia m. Hobart Tuttle. 


David Babbitt (Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
about 1766. 

A farmer in Lanesboro, Mass., where he was a very early settler. He 
and his family were attendants of Old St. Luke's church. 


Died Sept. 8, 1816, aged 50 years, in Lanesboro, Mass. 
Married Naomi ( ) ; baptized Sept. 10, 1794, in St. Luke's, Lanes- 

boro, Mass. 
Children: — 
657 Semi, Oct. 5, 1788. 

660 William, Oct. 6, 1791. 
Hannah, Aug. 22, 1793; d. 1794. 
Eunice, Nov. 27, 1795. 

661 Stephen, June 8, 1798. 
Electa, Oct. 17, 1802. 
Marinda, Jan. 17, 180(?). 

David Babbitt, Lanesborough — Private, Capt. Asa Bams' Co., Col. 
Benjamin Simonds' (Berkshire Co.) Regiment; marched on an alarm 
at the Northward, Oct. 26, 1780; service, 5 days. 

Private, Capt. Asa Barnes' Co., Col. Benjamin Simond's (Berkshire 
Co.) Regiment; marched Oct. 14, 1780; service 7 days at the northward; 
also, Capt. David Wheeler's Co., Col. Asa Barnes' Regiment; marched 
on an alarm to Saratoga, Oct. 29, 1781; service 11 days. 


Daniel Babbitt (Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Dec. 3, 1770, in Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

Removed to New Brunswick when only 13 years old. Later he re- 
turned to New York to complete his education. In the winter of 1790 
was one of a post-party to travel by snow shoes from St. John to Quebec, 
a thirteen days' journey which he was fond of describing. He followed 
his father's trade of blacksmith and farmer. 

In 1800 he received a Crown Grant of 400 acres on Bay Chaleur 300 
miles from Gagetown. He lived on this grant for a few years and then 
returned to Burton, Sunbury Co., where he took up land. He was cap- 
tain of the militia and was vestryman in the Parish church. Treasurer 
of same 1797 to 1802. 

Died May 16, 1864. 

Married March 30, 1797, in Gagetown, N. B., Dorothy Hoben. She 
died June 16, 1853. They are buried in the Baptist Cemetery in Upper 



662 David Lee, Aug. 19, 1806. 

663 Samuel, May, 1814. 

664 John Charles, July 20, 1800. 

665 Rebecca, baptized Sept. 7, 1817. 
Thomas Wilham, Aug. 26, 1798. 

Mary EHzabeth, Aug. 19, 1806. Did not marry. 
Ann, m. Daniel Courser. 


Hannah Babbitt (Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom 

Resided in Gagetown, N. B. 
Died Feb. 11, 1860. 
Married John Smith. 




David Lee Babbitt (Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom 1789. 

Resided in New Brunswick, in Fredericktown and later removed with 
his sons, Richard and Archelaus to Picton, Ont. 

Married (1st) Mary Ann Purdy, Feb. 6, 1802. 


Charles Wm., baptized Aug. 2, 1809. Buried June 10, 1811. 

666 Archelaus Purdy, baptized April 5, 1811. 

667 Richard Yoemans, Nov. 10, 1816. 

Phoebe, June 19, 1819; m. David Babbitt No. 662. 

668 Daniel Perez, 1823. A sailor on the Lakes. Married (1st) 

Amy Warren; married (2nd) Lydia H. 

669 Sarah Rebecca. 

Rachel Ann, Oct. 25, 1824. Married Henry Hawkins of Medina, 
Mich. Had a large family. 
Married (2nd) March 18, 1832, Clarissa Hallet. 



Samuel Perry Babbitt (Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Dec. 24, 1792, in Gagetown, N. B. Died Oct. 1, 1875. 

He was a clerk for some years in Quebec and Halifax and afterward 
lived in Gagetown. He was vestry clerk of the Parish Church, 1823-1837. 
He was also Postmaster and also teacher of the Madras School at Gage- 
town for many years. In 1812 he obtained a grant of 115 acres on Bay 
Chaleur and in 1824 received another grant of 300 acres in Gagetown. 

Married (1st) Susanna Thomas of Halifax, who died March 31, 1825. 
Married (2nd) March 15, 1827, Phoebe Creighton. Born May 9, 1809, 
in Gagetown. Her sister Dorothy married Elkanah Babbitt No. 313. 

Children: — 

670 Mary Susanna, June 29, 1828. Married W. C. Godsoe of St. 

John, N. B., a meat dealer and contractor for army supplies. 

671 Benjamin Samuel, May 29, 1830. 

672 Edwin Hennigar, June 3, 1832. 

673 Rebecca Jane, May 11, 1835. 

Phoebe E., March 5, 1840; d. Nov. 12, 1843. 

674 Elizabeth Ann, May 15, 1843. 

Samuel F. C, April 24, 1846. Deceased. Was an optician 
in Boston, Mass. 


Thomas Babbitt (Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom 
1794. Baptized Oct. 5, 1794. 

Married Elizabeth Watson, Sept. 5, 1822. Born Oct. 5, 1794. 
Children: — 

Mary, Sept. 13, 1826. Married Nov. 20, 1845, Edward Berry. 

675 Thomas Emerson, Dec. 26, 1828. 

Phoebe Elizabeth, April 4, 1831. Married Sept. 6, 1848, 

Charles Banks. 
Emily Jane, March, 1833; d. 1866. 
Sophia Ann, 1835; d. 1902. 
Rebecca, 1837; d. 1855. Married Samuel Green. 
Hannah, 1839; d. 1895. Married Nelson Sewall. 


William, 1843; d. Jan. 1910. He Kved in Los Angeles, Cal. 
Married Amelia Currie 

William, Resides in New York City. 
May, resides in Calgary, Alta. 
Lauriston, resides in Los Angeles, Cal. 
Pearl, resides in Fernie, B. 


Elkanah Babbitt (Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanali-Elkanah-Edward). Bom 
Oct. 29, 1798, in Gagetown, N. B. 
Died Nov. 23, 1837, in New Brunswick. 

Married AprU 19, 1821, Dorothy Creighton. Bom April 19, 1802. 
Died Feb. 25, 1894. Her sister Phoebe married Samuel Babbitt No. 311. 
Children — 

Susanna, Jan. 14, 1823. 

Henry, Jan. 18, 1824. One daughter, Mrs. John Vance, born 
Oct. 7, 1854. Resides in Eureka, Cal. He died Jan. 27, 1863. 
Ann, Oct. 5, 1825. 

James W., Nov. 16, 1826; d. June 16, 1845. 
Charles, Dec. 13, 1828; d. Aug. 24, 1909. 
MaryT., Sept. 28, 1830. 

676 Robert Thome, Sept. 27, 1833. 

677 Sarah EHz., April 9, 1835. 


Henry Babbitt (Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom 
Oct. 29, 1798, in Gagetown, N. B. 

In 1825 received a grant of 200 acres in Parish of Gagetown, N. B. 
Later removed to Upper Canada with his two brothers and two sisters. 
Resided in HiUier, Prince Ed. Co., Ont. He was a great conservative 
in politics, and a devout member of the Church of England. 

By occupation, a farmer. 

Died April 18, 1896, in Hilher, Ont. 

Married Elizabeth Thorne, Feb. 10, 1825, in Gagetown, N. B. She 
was born Oct. 7, 1809. 


Copied from an old painting. 



678 William, 1828. 

679 Samuel, Feb. 23, 1829. 

Robert, 1834. Did not marry. Went to California, 1849. 
Died in Sacramento, 

680 Elkanah, 1837. 

681 Albert Edward, Feb. 28, 1847. 

Katherine, baptized Aug. 29, 1832. Resides in Smithfield, 
Ont. No children. Married (1st) Stephen Flindall. Mar- 
ried (2nd) Abner Gibson. 

682 Phoebe, 1831. 

683 Rhoda, Dec. 8, 1830. 

James, 1843. Died in infancy. 


Mary Babbitt (Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
May 22, 1800. 

Married George Tilley. 

Mr. Tilley was one of the Fathers of the Confederation of Canada, 

Children: — 

Charles. A contractor in St. Johns, N. B. 
Seth Thorn. Removed to San Francisco. 

Elizabeth Gove. Married James Quinton, a member of the Cana- 
dian Parliament from St. John's County, Feb. 8, 1846. Their 
son, William A, bom April 4, 1847, holds important government 
positions. He married Kate Allan, Dec. 6, 1877, 
Their other children were: — 

Susan E,, Sept. 27, 1848. 
George F., Oct. 11, 1849. 
John B., Dec. 2, 1850. 
Frances, April 10, 1852. 
J. Harry, AprU 10, 1852. 
Charles, June 2, 1854. 
AmeUa, Dec. 15, 1855. 
Ida, Sept. 14, 1860. 



Mahala Babbitt (Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom 
Aug. 19, 1804. 

Married Jan. 25, 1826, Nenry Cromwell of Springfield, Ont. 

George WilUam, Jan. 10, 1827. 

Rhoda Anne Cronk, Jan. 17, 1830. 


Benjamin Babbitt (Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanali-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Aug. 2, 1807. Died March 18, 1893. 

Married May 30, 1833, Phoebe Burns. They removed to Hollowell, 
Prince Edward County, Ont., about 1853. Mrs. Babbitt died Feb., 1893. 
Children: — 
Samuel W. 

Daughter who married Amos Bowerman of Tacoma, Wash. 
Daughter who married Joseph Hendry. 
Daughter who married John Chisholm. 


Ann Holtz Babbitt (Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 

Born June 11, 1809. 

Married Feb. 4, 1827, James P. Brown. 

They removed to Upper Canada. Settled in Ontario. 


Elizabeth, Sept. 27, 1829. 

Charles S., Nov. 28, 1830. 


Ziba Babbitt (Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom 
April 6, 1764. Died Feb. 2, 1803. 
Resided in Taunton. 

£i S 

pq m 

O |n 




Married Dec. 3, 1781, in Taunton, Mass., Bathsheba Luscombe, daugh- 
ter of Richard Luscombe. Born Sept. 10, 1763, and died March 24, 1848. 
Children: — 

684 Ziba, May 16, 1782. 

685 Elkanah, Oct. 25, 1784. 

686 Charles, Dec. 3, 1786. 

Elizabeth, Aug. 21, 1789; m. in Taunton, Oct. 28, 1804, Man- 
ley Whitaker of Attleboro, Mass. 

687 Bathsheba, Jan. 11, 1793. 

688 Nancy, March 29, 1796. 

689 Isaac, July 26, 1799. 

690 Eliza Ann, born after her father's death probably 1803. 

Ziba Babbitt, Taunton — Private, Capt. Jacob Haskins' Co., Col. John 
Jacob's Regiment; enHsted June 1, 1778; service 11 days; company de- 
tached to guard the shore in Freetown by oider of Brig. Gen. George God- 
frey; also, Capt. Pelatiah Eddy's Co., Col. John Hathaway's Bristol Co. 
Regiment; enhsted March 23, 1779; discharged April 15, 1779; service 
24 days at Rhode Island; marched to Tiverton, R. I.; also, descriptive 
list of men raised to reinforce the Continental Army for the term of six 
months agreeable to the resolve of June 5, 1780; age, 17 years; stature, 
5 ft. 4 in.; complexion, dark; residence, Taunton; arrived in Springfield, 
July 9, 1780; marched to camp July 10, 1780, under command of Capt. 
Daniel Shay; also, pay roll for six months men raised by the town of Taun- 
ton for service in the Continental Army during 1780; marched July 10, 
1780; discharged Dec. 15, 1780; service 5 months, 15 days. 

Private, Capt. John Fuller's Co., Col. GamaHel Bradford's Regiment; 
enlisted Aug. 1, 1780; discharged Oct. 1, 1780; service two months. 

List of men raised for the six months' service and returned by Brig. Gen. 
Paterson as having passed muster, in a return dated Camp Totoway, 
Oct. 25, 1780. 

Private, Capt. Samuel Drake's Co., Col. Drury's (Bristol Co.) Regiment; 
enlisted Aug. 23, 1781; arrived in camp Sept. 1, 1781; discharged Dec. 1, 
1781; arrived home Dec. 10, 1781. Service 3 months, 19 days; marched 
to North River. 

Private, Capt. Nathaniel Snow's Co., Col. George Williams' Regiment; 
enlisted June 22, 1778, for 17 days in Rhode Island; marched from Rayn- 
ham, and Taunton and served in Providence, R. I., in Col. Wades' Regi- 
ment, under Gen. Sullivan. 



Ebenezer Babbitt (Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom 
Sept. 30, 1767. Died in Taunton, 1820. 

Lived in Taunton and Freetown, Mass. 

Married Betsey Cooper, Jan. 1, 1792. She died Jan. 23, 1851, age 83 

Children: — 

691 Fanny, Aug. 20, 1792. 

Eliza, Dec. 19, 1794, in Taunton. Did not marry. 

692 Seth Cooper, Sept. 9, 1797, in Freetown. 

693 Ebenezer, June 15, 1799, in Taunton. 

694 Deborah, Oct. 26, 1803. 


Jacob Babbitt (Ebenezer- Jacob-Elkanah-EIkanah-Edward). Born 
Oct. 22, 1769. Died March 8, 1850, in Bristol, R. I. 

Representative to General Court in Boston, Mass., 1830. 

Married Bathsheba Stoddard, in Taunton, Mass., Sept. 27, 1789. She 
was born April 7, 1773; died June 28, 1852. 


695 Sarah, July 4, 1790. 

696 Jacob Babbitt, May 8, 1809. 
Other children died young. 

Jacob Babbitt was a merchant shipowner, engaged in the East and 
West India trade. Among the records of the Providence-Washington 
Insurance Company, is a policy, which bears the number 10. It is in 
favor of Jacob Babbitt and covered a sloop trading in the West Indies. 
The company mentioned, at one time published a photographic copy of 
it as an advertisement. 

Jacob Babbitt had a negro servant Quashey, who assumed the name 
Babbitt and whose descendants still bear the name. 

Among the water front property of Jacob Babbitt in Bristol, was a 
wharf, whereon now stands the Naval Reserve armory. That wharf has 
been known as "Babbitt's Wharf" for generations. Sept. 23, 1805, his 
brick warehouses containing $40,000 worth of sugar were burned. 


For a hundred years and more, the members of the Babbitt family 
have been conspicuous in the business and social life of Bristol. 

In 1790 there came to the town of Bristol a young man, poor in purse 
but rich in energy and determination, who began a career which termina- 
ted sixty years later, in 1850 when he was 81 years old, in afHuence and 
honor. This was Jacob Babbitt. He was born in Taunton, Mass., Oct. 
22, 1769, and married to Bathsheba Stoddard, born Apr. 7, 1773. They 
had two children. 

At the age of 21 Jacob Babbitt came to Bristol, with little education 
and but little or no means, but resolutely went about doing whatever came 
in his way to make a living. The years sped on and with them, through 
his uniform habits of industry, economy and enterprise, he prospered 
and grew in capacity, force and means until he stood one of the potent 
forces in Bristol life. He was a Silversmith, later a merchant and still 
later a manufacturer of cotton goods. 

Bristol of his day was as much indebted to him as to any one individual 
for whatever prosperity it enjoyed. Neither of the two cotton manufac- 
tories of that period would have been established without the assistance 
derived from him. 

Mr. Babbitt soon after established himself in the Cuban trade and when 
the war of 1812 opened he continued to carry on the trade in spite of em- 
bargo and blockade. At that time his vessels sailed under the flag of 
Denmark, and often when disguised as dilapidated coasters brought heavy 
and valuable cargoes into the port of Bristol. 


Polly Babbitt (Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
April 29, 1780. 

Married (1st) Jan. 24, 1803, Shadrach Sherman of Dartmouth, Mass. 
(His second wife.) He died Sept. 13, 1810. 

Children: — 

Married (2nd) Oct. 24, 1818, John Grant, of Catskill, N. Y. 



Dimmis Babbitt ( Jacob- Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom 
June 3, 1775, in Colchester, Conn. Died Oct. 9, 1852. 
Married in 1792 Wightman Tennant, of Portland, Conn. 

Chester, m. Clark, Hebron, Conn. 

Avery, m. Clara Palmer, Hebron, Conn. 

Abram, m. Achsah Crane. No children. 

Lewis. Lived in Canada, Indiana and South. 

Phoebe, March 24, 1813; m. Henry Hedges, Sept. 5, 1832. 

Asenath, m. Eli Low, East Hartford, Conn. Had four children. 
She died aged 94 years. 

Laura, m. Gilbert Curtis, Parkman, O. She had ten children. 

Louisa, m. Sidney Stocking, Chatham, Conn. Had eight children. 

Electa, m. Joseph Stancliflf, Portland, Conn. Had ten children. 

Sarah, m. Homer Richmond, Middletown, Conn. 


EUsha Babbitt (Jacob- Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Nov. 
26, 1776, in Colchester, Conn. Died Nov. 6, 1869. 

He was a blacksmith. 

When yoimg was sailor on a coasting vessel on Long Island sound. 

He removed to Greenboro, Vt., about 1797. 

He first united with Baptist church — later Congregational. An indus- 
trious and intellectual man, and greatly respected. 

Married Dec, 1805, Sally Haines daughter of Matthias Haines of Ray- 
mond, N. H. Bom Nov. 5,1781 ; died July 25, 1868, 


697 John Haines, Nov. 6, 1806. 

698 Ancil Chapman, Nov. 20, 1809. 

699 Ehaathan Gates, Sept. 20, 1812. 



Sally Babbitt ( Jacob- Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Oct. 
17, 1778. 
Died Feb. 22, 1856, in Greenboro, Vt. 
Married Peter Randall. 









Asenath Babbitt (Jacob- Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Aug. 20, 1780, in Colchester, Conn. 
Died July 2, 1843, in Derby, Vt. 

Married March 14, 1802, Jonathan Randall, who died in Newport, 
Vt., 1870. 

Alfred, Jan. 25, 1803. 

Sophia, Feb. 6, 1806. 

Chauncey, May 3, 1813. 

Samantha, Aug. 15, 1817, in Glover, Vt. 


Jacob Babbitt (Jacob- Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Oct. 

9, 1791. Died Oct. 1, 1830. 

Married (1st) Sally Higgins, of Danville, Vt. 

Children: — 

700 Joshua Cutler, June 24, 1818. 
Married (2nd) Betsey Scott, of Craftsbury, Vt. 

701 Mary Catherine, June 19, 1825. 


702 Sabra Ann. 

703 WiUiam Scott. 


William Jenks Babbitt (Elijah-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Sept. 15, 1786, in Providence, R. I. Died July 20, 1863, in Gaines, N. Y. 

Served in war of 1812, under Gen. Harrison, 

A blacksmith in Ovid, N. Y. 

Married June 27, 1810, in Ovid, N. Y., Eunice Losey. Bom May 31, 
1795, in Rockaway, N. J., and died April 4, 1867, in Albion, N. Y. 

Children: — 

704 Lysander Wilkins, Jan. 31, 1812. 

705 Amey A., Nov. 5, 1813. 

706 Je£ferson T., March 22, 1816. 

707 Wainwright, Jan. 29, 1818. 

Persena L., Feb. 23, 1820; d. Aug. 8, 1838. 


Elijah Babbitt (Elijah- Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born July 
29, 1795, in Providence, R. I. Died Jan. 9, 1887, in Erie, Pa. 

Resided many years in Erie, Pa. A lawyer by profession. 

Representative in Congress during the first years of Civil War, from 
Erie, Pa. 

In 36th Congress, 1859-1861. In 37th Congress, 1861-1863. 

Extracts from his eulogy as given by Rev. David Moir, in St. Paul's 
Church, Erie, Pa., Jan. 23, 1887: 

Mr. Babbitt was bom in Providence, R. I., but his father soon after 
removed to New York State where he died in 1809. Having attained his 
majority in 1816, Mr. Babbitt became a resident of Peimsylvania, and 
in 1822 began the study of law in Milton with Samuel Hepburn, a lawyer 
of note. He was admitted to the bar in 1824 and continued in practice 
in Northumberland County until 1826 when he removed to Erie — a long 


(No. 329) 


(No. 259) 


(No. 273) 


journey in those days of two hundred and fifty miles. Erie was then but 
a hamlet. He soon married Miss Kelso, the daughter of one of the earliest 
pioneers of Erie County, and their happy married life was extended 
through nearly fifty-seven years. Mr. Babbitt was a faithful adherent 
of the Episcopal Church and one of the founders of St. Paul's Church in 
Erie in 1827. His public services were many and varied. In 1834r-5 
he was Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania. 

In 1836-7 he was State Representative— 1843 to 1846 he was State 
Senator. In 1858 he was elected Representative in Washington at the 
critical period of civil strife and left a record of staimch patriotism and 
faithful service. The leading trait of his character was "unimpeachable 
integrity" coupled with a singular purity of his private life. His constant 
safeguard was his depth of religious principle. Although there was a 
certain reserve in his manner — ^he was really one of the most approach- 
able and genial of men — fond of company, and in conversation keen and 
spicy with a droll humor. His death left a void in Erie which nothing 
could ever fill. 

Married Nov. 28, 1827, Caroline Elizabeth Kelso, daughter of John 
Kelso and Sarah Willis Carson. She died August, 1884. 
Children: — 

Ella S., 1829. 
Henry W., 1832. 

Emma, A., 1834; d. 1907. Married John E. Payne. 
Children: — 


Amy who married R. J. Rathay. 
Bertha, 1836-1908. 
Carrie E., 1839; m. Alfred Spooner. One son, Alfred Babbit 

Wilham, 1846-1887. Served in Navy in Civil War as mate. 
Enhsted March 11, 1865. Resigned Sept. 8, 1865. 
708 Mary Willis, 1850-1895. 



Henry Page Babbitt (Elijah-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom 

Resided in Providence, R. I., where he died, July 9, 1851, age 52. 
Married (1st) Eliza Clark, of Providence, R. I., Nov. 19, 1820, who 
died Sept. 1845, age 37. 
Children: — 

James Edward, d. July 28, 1826, aged 13 months. 
Henry H., d. 1828. 

Florine Frances, d. Dec. 14, 1835, aged 4 years. 
Ann Eliza, Sept. 17, 1822, aged 15 months. 
Henry Page, d. July 12, 1831. 
Married (2nd) Feb. 7, 1847, Eunice Angella Drew*. 

Georgiana, 1848; married May 4, 1870, Elbridge B. Paine, 
in Everett, Mass. 
♦Eunice A. (Drew) Babbitt married in Plymouth, Mass., Aug. 7, 1859, 
Dr. Nathan C. Lewis, Jr. 


Stephen Babbitt (Seth-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Sept. 
14, 1764. Died 1803. 

His widow settled in Ohio in middle life. 

Was prosperous and thrifty and left a large estate. 

A soldier in Revolution. Private from Morris Co. 

Married Mary Beach. She died Feb. 23, 1842. 


709 Elias, Jan. 11, 1788. 
Jemima, Dec. 14, 1789. 

710 Phoebe, Dec. 19, 1791. 
Aaron, Jan. 29, 1794. 
Tryphena, Oct. 8, 1796. 
Joanna, March 15, 1799. 

711 Moses, April 7, 1801. 

Children all went to Ohio after their father's death, except Elias and 

With which the Mendham Babbitts were prominently connected. 



Phoebe Babbitt (Seth-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Feb. 
25, 1769, in Mendham, N. J. Died Sept. 28, 1851. 

Married Dec. 17, 1788, Jedediah Sayre, of Westfield, N. J. Born in 
Westfield about 1767. Died April 28, 1846. (Muncie, Ind.) 

Benjamin, March 6, 1793; m. Ann Johnson. 

Daniel, Feb. 5, 1796. 

Tryphena, Oct. 22, 1799. 

Mary, Aug. 4, 1802; d. March 22, 1804. 

William P., Oct. 17, 1806. 


Amzi Babbitt (Seth-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Jan. 
22, 1779, in Mendham, N. J. Died April 27, 1850. 

A mason by trade. He built many of the old ovens and outside stone 
chimneys yet seen in houses around Mendham. 

He had a splendid tenor voice and led the church choir. He also taught 
singing school. 

Married Sept. 1801, Angelena Conditt, daughter of Zenas. She died 
July 27, 1842. 
Children born in Mendham, N. J. 

Jane, May 19, 1803; d. Oct. 1866; m. Oct. 2, 1827, Rev. Har- 
vey Lyon. 
Children: — 

Thomas Milton, Nov. 5, 1805. Died young. 
JuHa A., Sept. 25, 1806; d. Dec. 31, 1822. 

712 Phoebe Conditt, Oct. 22, 1808. 

713 CaroUne, June 20, 1810. 


Infant son, Jan, 18, 1813; died young. 

714 Maria Ball, Feb. 28, 1817; d. July 8, 1888; m. Aug. 31, 1841, 

Edward H. Fairchild. 


John Medless Babbitt (Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Oct. 12, 1780. Died May 25, 1845, in Lisle, N. Y. 

Was a Presbyterian clergyman. 

Pastor of Presbyterian Church, Southampton, N. Y., July 20, 1817— 
Jan. 2, 1819. 

Pastor of Presbyterian Church, Liberty, N. Y., Dec. 2, 1830— March 
18, 1833. 

Pastor of Congregational Church, Dundaff, Pa., Nov. 1833 — March 
29, 1836. 

Pastor of Presbyterian Church, Lerays\dlle, Pa., June 1836 — July 6, 

Pastor of Congregational Church, Lisle, N. Y., Nov. 10, 1838 — June 

Married JuUa Bunnell. Born Sept. 16, 1790; died Dec. 24, 1856. 


715 Nancy Day, June 17, 1817. 

716 Julia, Nov. 23, 1823. 


William Babbitt (Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Feb. 3, 1782, in Mendham, N. J. Died Dec. 30, 1878, in Mendham, N. J. 

He was familiarly known as "Squire Babbitt." Mr Babbitt's life ex- 
tended through the latter part of the revolution, until modern times. He 
had a distinct recollection of each of our presidents and had voted at every 
Presidential election since Jefferson's. In politics an old time Whig and 
Republican. A man of strong convictions and active habits and an ardent 
worker for temperance, being President of one of the first organized Tem- 
perance Societies in his county. He was an oflScer in the Mendham 
church the larger part of his life serving many years as President of the 
Board of Trustees. He was judge of Court of Common Pleas from 1837 
to 1847, a Justice of Peace for half a century. He was upright and faith- 
ful in all his dealings and was never negligent of any trust given to him. 


Married June 11, 1811, Elizabeth A. Sutton. Born June 19, 1789. 
Died March 10, 1869. 
Children: — 

717 Joseph Sutton, March 14, 1812. 
Daniel, Feb. 14, 1815; d. March 6, 1815. 

718 Sarah, Aug. 1, 1818. 

Rev. William H., June 5, 1825; d. 1908, in Cleveland, Ohio. 
Graduate in Princeton, 1846. In Princeton Seminary, 1850- 
1853. Tutor, 1851-53. Registrar in Princeton, 1850-51 A. 
M., 1849. 

Martha P., Aug. 26, 1827; d. May 14, 1862. Unmarried. 


Darius Babbitt (Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Dec. 
17, 1783, in Mendham, N. J. Died June 18, 1831-2. 
A carpenter and builder in Mendham. 

He was the builder of many of the houses now standing in that town. 
Married Dec. 24, 1807, Mary Thompson. Died May 3, 1873. 
Children: — 

719 Elizabeth Ann, Nov. 15, 1810. 
Harvey, Jan. 26, 1814; d. Feb. 19, 1896. 
William, Jan. 26, 1814; d. April 10, 1814. 

Daniel, May 21, 1818. Wandered away and disappeared 

about 1831. 
Mary Milhcent, July 8, 1831; d. Dec. 28, 1906. Unmarried. 


Henry Babbitt (Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Aug. 
7, 1785, in Mendham, N. J. Died July 25, 1873, age 88. 

He was a carpenter, builder and cabinet maker in company with his 
brother Darius. 

Their work is yet in evidence in many Mendham homes. 

Married March 23, 1817, Phoebe Squire. Born 1799. 


Died July 1877, daughter of Stephen and Lydia (Harris) Squire. 
Children: — 

720 Charles, March 21, 1821; d. Feb. 17, 1899. Removed to Phil- 

adelphia, Pa. 

721 Lydia, Jan. 22, 1825. 

Henry, Aug. 5, 1829; d. March 1906. 

722 Am^i, Feb. 11, 1831. 

Hattie W., July 23, 1833; d. Dec. 1906. 

723 WilUam Squires, Nov. 10, 1835. 


Daniel Babbit (Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edvi^ard). Born Aug. 
3, 1788, in Mendham, N. J. Died May 16, 1864, in Orange, N. J. 

Copy of PortfoHo, dated Oct., 1874, of the New England Society of 
Orange to Daniel Babbit: 

Daniel Babbit, M. D., son of Daniel and Sarah (Beach) Babbit, was 
born in Mendham, Morris Co., N. J., August 3, 1788, and came to Orange 
about the year 1810. At that time, as he informed Dr. Wm. Pierson, 
Jr., in his last sickness, there was not a shade tree in the town; and, in- 
credible as this may now seem, it is probably the literal truth. Moved 
by this deficiency, he procured from Mendham (about 1814) some button- 
woods, which he set out himself in front of his residence on the West cor- 
ner of Essex and Main Streets, in front of and around the First Presby- 
'terian Church, and elsewhere, and gave away to whosoever would plant 
them. To this pubHc-spirited act must be traced the practice of setting 
out shade-trees which has made the streets of Orange such an ornament 
of the place ; and in dedicating to him its first Portfolio of tree-photographs 
the New England Society is only paying him an honor to which he 
is clearly entitled. Dr. Babbit was a graduate of Princton, and prac- 
tised medicine in Orange for about thirty years. In 1811 he delivered, 
in the First Presbyterian Church, a Fourth of July oration, which was 
printed in 1861 in the Orange Journal. In 1823 he was one of the trus- 
tees of Orange Academy (Hoyt's History of the First Church, p. 189). 
He was also one of the original stockholders and for many years a direc- 
tor of the Morris and Essex R. R., president of the Orange Bank until 
near the close of his life, and vestryman and senior warden of St. Mark's 
parish. He died May 16, 1864. A member of Union Lodge, F. & A. M. 
Had served as grand master of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey. 


Married (1st) Aug. 2, 1812, Nancy Matthews, daughter of Noah and 
Phoebe Matthews. Born April 7, 1794;died Dec. 8, 1828. 
Children: — 

Noah Matthews, Jan. 20, 1813; d. Nov. 13, 1832. Graduate of 
Princeton in 1832. 

724 WiUiam Matthews, Aug. 28, 1821. 

725 Phoebe Louise, Sept. 30, 1828. 

Daniel Clinton, Sept. 30, 1828; d. Jan. 6, 1837. 
Married (2nd) Oct. 11, 1839, Charlotte Stryker, daughter of Henry 
Stryker. Born May 10, 1799; died July 2, 1886. 

Charlotte Elizabeth, May 25, 1841. Resides in Orange, N. J. 


Amzi Babbitt (Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Sept. 
3, 1795, in Mendham, N. J. Died Nov. 14, 1845, in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Studied Theology with Rev. Mr. Armstrong, and became a Presby- 
terian minister. Later became minister of Dutch Ref. Church. 

Was graduate of Princeton College, Class 1816-1820. 

Was graduate of Princeton Seminary, 1818. 

He was in Washington, D. C, for a while in literary work. 

Married Oct. 28, 1830, Sarah Buckley, of Salisbury, Pa., daughter of 
Daniel. Died Aug. 9, 1868. 

Children: — 

Clement Buckley, m. Harriet Hazlehurst. 
Mary Emma, Dec. 7, 1834; d. June 26, 1906. 

V 340 

Jacob Babbitt (Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 

In June, 1817, moved to Union Village, near Lebanon, Ohio, and 
died there. 

Married Alice Craft, born about 1765, daughter of John Craft, who 
died 1804, age 74. He was an early settler of Morris Township, Wash- 
ington Co., Pa. 


Children: — 

Elsie, died aged four years. 

Annie, married Michael Rush. 



Elizabeth. Died at Union Village, O. 

John. r Shaker settlement. 


Amos, Feb., 1806. 

726 Luther, Feb. 11, 1808. 

727 Calvin, Aug. 4, 1809. 


John Babbitt ( Job-Isaac- Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 

He was a staunch believer in the Shaker doctrine. His nephew, Isaac 
Freeman Babbitt, once visited him in Union Village, and he hesitated 
over shaking hands with him. (An act not performed by Shakers). 

Died in Union Village, Ohio. 

Married EUzabeth Rush. (Her brother, Michael, married John's 
niece, Annie, daughter of Jacob No. 340. 

Children: — 

Martin, died in Union Village, O. 


Luther Babbitt (Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward), Born Oct. 
25, 1776. Died in Union Village. 
Lived in Mahoming Creek, O. 
Married but had no children. 


Calvin Babbitt (Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 

Was captured in Detroit at Hull's surrender. In War of 1812. 

Married ( ) Reede. 


(Rev.) Charles, Methodist preacher, Louisville, Ky. 

Edwin, died young. 






Samuel Babbitt (Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Settled near Madisonville, O. 
Married Rebecca Bennett. 

Charles, died unmarried. 

William, moved to Indiana; large family. Perhaps the Wm. O. 
Babbitt, who married Eliz. Cornell in Ohio about 1830. 


Betsey, married Hiram Smith, Norwood, O. and had four children 
one, Emmeline, married a Piatt. 


Daniel Babbitt (Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom July 
20, 1782. Died Oct. 2, 1853. 

Settled in Illinois, 1828. He was a mason by trade. He was a strong 
Jackson man in politics while his brother Job was equally strong for Clay, 
and their arguments were many and lively. 

Married Elizabeth Carmichael, 1786-1863. 



730 Cynthia. 

Bethnia, married Bartlett. 

731 Jacob. 

732 Christina. 

733 Daniel Oct. 10, 1820. 

Silas, who had George, James and others. 


Job Babbitt (Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 1783. 
Died June 5, 1850. 
Served in War of 1812 in Ohio. 

Moved to Canton, 111., 1828, and during the Black Hawk War, came 
to Union Springs, Fulton Co., 111. 


Married Nancy Menaugh of Tyrone Co., Ireland. 


Jane, 1802; married Jonathan Hughey of Missouri. 

734 Sarah, 1804. 

735 Stephen, 1806. 

736 Eleanor, 1808 (December 19th). 

737 Jonathan, March 13, 1811. 

738 James, 1813. 

739 Hugh, 1819. 

740 Job, 1821; d. 1857. 


Polly Babbitt (Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 

Lived in Union Village, Ohio. 

Married Isaac Parkhurst (her cousin) , born 1772. 








Mary Ann. 



Elizabeth Babbitt (Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom prob- 
ably in New Jersey. 
Came to Ohio and later to Illinois. 
Married Jonathan Parkinson. 
Children: — 

John, married Experience Craycroft. 

Abel, had son Abraham. 





Minerva, married Phelps. 



Stephen Babbitt (Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born in 
New Jersey. 

Was a Shaker for a time. 

By trade was a plane maker. 

He came away from the Union Village, Ohio, Shaker Colony leaving 
his wife who refused to go with him. 

Stephen joined his brother Job and Daniel in the migration to IlHnois. 
They halted at the block house at Canton, 111., untU the Black Hawk 
War was over and then moved on to the extreme N. W. of Fulton Co., 
settling on the edge of the timber land. 

Married (1st) Phoebe McVey, daughter of Isaac and Mary (Rude) 
McVey. He had a second wife late in life, (Sister of Sarah McVey, who 
married David Babbitt No. 354). 


Tryphena, died in Union Village, O. 

741 Isaac Freeman. 
Harriet, died yoimg. 

742 James Madison, Oct. 6, 1811. 
Parkhurst McVey. 

Children: — 
Amelia, married Aquila Bolton. 

Charles Hammond. 
Denman R. 
Sarah Ann, married Jos. West; died 1905. 



Daniel Babbitt (Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
(about 1779) probably in Berkshire Valley, N. J. 

Resided in Berkshire Valley on a farm which he cleared of woods and 
cultivated. He lived in a log house for a time until able to build 
a better one. 

Mr. and Mrs. Babbitt are buried in Berkshire Valley church yard. 

Died May 11, 1854, aged 75 years. 

Married Rebecca Randall, who was born in 1779 and died May 21, 
1865, aged 86 years. 

Children: — Born in Berkshire Valley, N. J. 

Electa, married Henry Arnold. No children. 

743 Jesse, Oct. 30, 1808. 

744 Mary, Aug. 18, 1811. 

Phoebe, married Thos. Rowland. Six children. 

745 David, May 27, 1814. 

Almira, married Moses Mase. Three children, 

Margaret, May 24, 1824;married Jackson Brown of Maplewood 



Phoebe Babbitt (Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom 
March 14, 1791. 

According to the records of First church of Morristown, of which she 
was a member, she came from Mendham to Morristown. 
Resided in Morristown, N. J. 

Her father perhaps lived with her as his death is recorded on the records 
of the First church in Morristown. 
Died Jan. 28, 1862, in Morristown. Buried in rear of First thiurch. 
Married Oct. 7, 1826, Samuel Pierson; bom March 22, 1785.; died 
May 3, 1853. She was his second wife. 
Children: — 

Samuel, Sept. 25, 1827. 


Harriet, Jan. 27, 1832. 

Charles, Sept. 9, 1835. 




Seth Babbitt (Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Sept. 3, 1792. Died Nov. 20, 1836. 

Served in War of 1812. 

Lived in Berkshire Valley, N. J. 

A farmer, whose land was cleared from the forest and settled by great 

Married Hannah Weir. Born May 22, 1799; died May 11 , 1872. 

Children: — Born in Berkshire Valley, N, J. 

746 John Weir, Nov. 10, 1820. 
Jane M., Dec. 9, 1823. 

747 WHham S., March 11, 1827. 

748 Edward T., Jan. 30, 1830. 

Mary M., Sept. 19, 1833; d. Nov. 11, 1867. Married Dana 
Hannah Babbitt married (2nd) Israel Hurd. Son Stephen born 
April 28, 1838. 


Silas Babbitt (Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Died March 
11, 1818. 

Lived in Pequanock, N. J. 

For a time his connection with the other New Jersey Babbitts was in 
doubt, but it was finally proved by deeds of sale of his land between his 
sons, one of which mentions the fact that these lands were once Elkanah 


Joseph, married Sarah Chadwick, One child died in infancy. 
Elizabeth, married Henry Cole. 

749 Lewis. 

750 Amzi, Oct. 13, 1816. 

751 Stephen D. 


David Babbitt (Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
March 16, 1785, in Berkshire Valley, N. J. 


He was brought up by an aunt and when old enough bound out to a 
cabinet maker who proved a hard master, so he ran away before his trade 
was learned and settled in Washington Co., Pa., with his cousins and 
lived there for a time after marriage He then removed to Greene Co., 
Pa., and resided there many years. 

After his death his widow removed to Abington, 111., where she died. 
She was daughter of Isaac and Mary McVey, whose children were Phoebe, 
who married Stephen Babbitt, Sarah, Charity, Anna, Ruth, Isaac and 

He died Aug. 29, 1861, in Rich Hill, Pa. 

Married Sarah McVey, daughter of Isaac and Mary (Rude) McVey. 
Born June 19, 1791, Died Oct. 1, 1867, in Abington, 111. Sister of Phoebe 
who married Stephen Babbitt No. 349. 

Children: — 

752 Joseph Harvey, Dec. 6, 1808. 

753 MiUon, Feb. 19, 1810. 

754 Mahala, March 4, 1811. 

James Madison,April 22, 1813; d. May 4, 1817. 

755 Wm. Harrison, April 22, 1813; d. May 30, 1855. 
7; 6 Lucinda, Jan. 29, 1815. 

757 Juliana, Jan. 29, 1815. 

Franklin, Sept. 23, 1817; d. 1853-4. No children. 
Electa, Nov. 22, 1818; d. May 22, 1819. 

758 Isaac, Sept. 12, 1820; d. Jan. 7, 1901. 
Samuel, Nov. 30, 1822; d. Nov. 7, 1824. 

759 Mary, Jan. 12, 1825; d. Feb. 10, 1908. 

David, May 5, 1827; d. May 27, 1893. No children. Married 
Isabel Ely, May 5, 1849. She died 1853-4. Resided in 
Haskel, Kas. 

760 Sarah, July 9, 1829; d. Oct. 25, 1854. 

Clarissa, Nov. 17, 1832; d. Jan. 2, 1898. Married Wm. Oviatt, 
Two children, Grace and Frank. They resided in Shenan- 
doah, Iowa. 

761 Elmira, June 20, 1834. Married Simon Lewis; resides in Abing- 

don, 111. 
Son, died in infancy. 



James Babbitt (Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Oct. 2, 1790. 

Resided in Succasunna, N. J. Afterward in Rockaway, N. Y., and 
Berkshire Valley. In 1818, a James Babbitt and wife Ruth were mem- 
bers of Rockaway church — ^probably this James. 

Private in Capt. Joseph Budds Co., 2nd N. J. Regiment. Enlisted 
Sept. 5, 1814. Discharged Dec. 14, 1814. 
Died Dec. 30, 1845. 

Married (1st) Ruth ( ) perhaps. 

Married (2nd) Marie C. Boyd, Oct. 23, 1819. Born Aug. 22, 1803; 
died April 18, 1880. Buried in Millbrooke, N. J. (She married (2nd) 
Jonas Burchell of Dover, N. J.) 

Margaret K., July 19, 1823; d. Sept. 16, 1846; m. Isaac Butler 
July 2, 1842. 

Elizabeth, Sept. 13, 1825; d. Oct. 16, 1826. 
Sarah P., Feb. 3, 1827; d. May 21, 1906. 
She married (1st) Nov. 29, 1848, Silas H. Dickerson, who 
died Oct. 8, 1849; married (2nd) Mr. McDougall. 
Ira, March 13, 1829; d. May 4, 1833. 
John, Feb. 12, 1831 ; d. March 1831. 

762 George W., June 3, 1832. 

763 Stephen I., June 1, 1834. 

Phoebe A. M., Jan. 13, 1837; d. March 3, 1898. Married Mil- 
ton Davis, April 9, 1853. 

764 James Elkanah, Nov. 6, 1839. 


Asher Babbitt (Isaac-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Jan. 1797, in New Milford, Conn. Died 1845. 

Resided in New Milford, Conn., in 1827. For a time in Bridgewater 
when he lived in the lower end of the town in the part called Southville. 

Before the advent of the railroad Bridgewater was a strategic part in 
industry and transportation and Mr. Babbitt had but just become well 
settled in business when he died. 


His brother Dunning continued in the same enterprises and became 
very prosperous. 

Married Eunice Blackman. 

765 Philo, Dec. 22, 1820. 

766 Isaac, April 22, 1831. 


Betsey Babbitt (Isaac-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
May 2, 1795, in Brookfield, Comi. Died 1889. 
Married Jan. 24, 1816, Clark Stevens. 
Resided in Brookfield, Conn. 
Children: — 

Mary, 1822. Married ( ) Dibble. 

Margaret, 1827. Married ( ) Taylor. 

Angeline, 1829. 


Dimning Babbitt (Isaac-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Sept. 4, 1799, in Brookfield, Conn. Died Feb. 3, 1893. 

For years he kept a general store in Brookfield at a place called Bab- 
bitt's Bridge. He was a prominent figure in the Episcopal church in 
Bridgewater, Coim., its principal upholder. In 1861 he went to Dan- 
bury and resided there until his death. 

Physically he was a small man of a genial and friendly nature; and 
his name was a household word in his section of Connecticut. He was 
interested in many enterprises, among them a tannery, a twine factory, 
teaming business and toll bridge. The advent of the railroad in the Hous- 
atonic Valley changed business conditions greatly and was the reason of 
his removal finally to Danbury. 

Married Feb. 23, 1826, Mary Edmonds, daughter of John and Lucy 
(Park) Edmonds. Born March 2, 1805. Died May 24, 1885. 

Children: — 

Edward, Oct. 19, 1827; d. Jan. 1, 1896. Resided in Danbury, 
Comi. Married 1st June 5, 1854, Sarah Lowry. She died 1857. 


Married (2nd) Jan. 5, 1869, Mary Parks. He served as Commissary 
Sergeant, 11th Conn. Regt., from Sept. 21, 1861, to Dec. 21, 1865. 
Had one son: — 

Charles Samuel Dunning Babbitt. Born 1855. Died 1862. 
WiUiam, Oct. 6, 1829; d. March 17, 1862. Married Merriett 

Had one son: — Wm. H. Babbitt of Wakeman, Ohio. 


Alva Babbitt (Isaac-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
April 9, 1802. Died April 6, 1874. 
Resided in New Milford, Conn. 

Married April 13, 1825, Polly Camp. Born Dec. 10, 1802. Died 
March 19, 1871. 
767 Lucy Lavinia, Aug. 19, 1829. 

Mary R., Oct. 16, 1834; d. March 12, 1881. Unmarried. 
Emerson L., April 4, 1845, (Waldo, Fla.) 


Mary A. Babbitt (Isaac-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Nov. 14, 1804. Died Nov. 13, 1872. 
Resided in Monroe, Conn. 

Married Isaac Burr, Aug. 20, 1828. (His second wife), son of Capt. 
Henry and Anna Maria (Hawley) Burr. He was born 1796; died 1889. 
Children: — 

Martha, Sept. 20, 1830. 

James, July 12, 1832. 

Henry, Oct. 11, 1835. 

Mary, Feb. 20, 1838; m. Henry Tibbals. 


Frances Babbitt (Isaac-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
May 9, 1807, in Brookfield, Conn. 
Died Dec. 6, 1886. 


Married 1828, Alvah Warner of Southwell, Conn. 
Children: — 

Jane, 1829. 

Isaac, 1831. 




Lavinia Babbitt (Isaac-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Oct. 5, 1813, in Brookfield, Conn. 

Married 1840, Isaac Barnum, of Bethel, Conn. 
Children: — 

Llewellyn, 1841. 

Elizabeth, 1848. 

\rabella, 1850. 

Franklin, 1855. 


Marcus Babbitt (Isaac-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom 
July 12, 1815. 

He continued to reside on his father's farm and held it until a short 
time before he died. For over a century it was in the possession of the 
Babbitt family. 

Resided in Brookfield and Danbury, Conn. 

Representative in Legislature, 1873. 

Married Sept. 26, 1855, Jane Ward. Born July 26, 1829. Died 
Dec. 28, 1893. 


Emma Jane, 1857. Resides in Bethel, Conn. 


John Babbitt (Isaac-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Oct. 1, 1817. 

Resided in Morris, Conn. 
Died Nov. 1, 1869. 


Married Dec. 26, 1844, Ann Mehitable Sanford, daughter of Osias 
Sanford. Born Feb. 10, 1818. 
Children: — ■ 

768 Herbert Sanford, July 27, 1847. 

Arthur Dunning, Jan. 28, 1855; d. May 15, 1874. 


David Babbitt (William-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom 
about 1788, in Lanesboro, Mass. Died in Crystal Lake, 111. 

Was in War of 1812. 

Left Lanesboro about 1820 and settled in Ohio where the two youngest 
sons were bom. 

Married Feb. 1, 1808, Eunice Curtis, daughter of Peter and Phoebe 
(Sherman) Curtis, of Stratford, Conn. Born in Lanesboro, Mass., Oct. 
10, 1782; died at Napiersville, 111. 

Children: — All born in Cheshire, Mass., with the exception of last two. 
Laura M., July 7, 1808. 
Henry C, Nov. 20, 1810. 

769 Sally A., Jan. 9, 1813. 

Lucy C, March 5, 1815, in Cheshire, Mass. 
Eunice J., Feb. 27, 1817. 

770 Solomon Malton, Aug. 27, 1823. 

771 David S., 1821. 


Ira Babbitt (William-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
1790, in Lanesboro, Mass. Died in 1867, in Booneville, Mo. 

Lived in Lanesboro and Cheshire, Mass. 

Removed to Kirtland, Ohio, then to Nauvoo, 111., and finally to Boone- 
ville, Mo., where he died. 

Married Oct. 26, 1810, Nancy Crosier (or Crozier), of Peru, Mass., 
daughter of Lieut. John Crozier who was born in 1750. He was in Battle 
of Lexington. She was born in 1789 and died 1859, in Booneville, Mo. 

Children: — 

772 Almon Wlxiting, Oct. 9, 1812. 
Austin Bishop. 


John Crosier. 

Ira Wesley. Ira moved to Kirtland, Ohio; then to Nauvoo, 
III; thence to Booneville, Mo., where he and his wife died. 
Maria, married Allan Avery. 
Drucilla, married John Sheen. 
Harriet Mahala. Unmarried. 


Zerah Babbitt (Lemuel-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
1784. Died May 20, 1871, aged 87 years, in Norfolk, Conn. 
A farmer in Norfolk, Conn. 

Married Rebecca Hedges (before 1814), probably daughter of Robert 
and Livia (Northway) Hedges, of New Marlboro, Mass. She died May 
4, 1876, aged 88 years. 
Children: — 

Polly A., Jan. 30, 1810; m. Nov. 27, 1834, Wm. H. Adams, 
New Marlboro, Mass. He was born Oct. 28, 1808; d. Sept. 
22, 1889. Son of Warren and Belinda (Norton) Adams. 

773 Ruby M., Oct. 8, 1811. 

774 Eliza M., Jan. 17, 1814. 

Angeline M., April 13, 1816; d. March 20, 1890; m. Zebediah 
Taft Adams, Jr., Dec. 11, 1842. Born April 2, 1820; d. 
April 25, 1889. 

775 Rebecca M., (about 1817). 

Jeannette S., (about 1821); d. Jan. 4, 1892, age 71 years; m. 
Sept. 1, 1841, Wm. E. Phelps. 


Amos Babbitt (Lemuel-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
April 26, 1790, in New Milford, Conn. 

John D. Babbitt on the 20th of January, 1858, stated he resided in 
Harmony, N. Y., and was aged 28 years old; that he was administrator 
of said Amos Babbitt, deceased; that the said Amos Babbitt, deceased, 
had volunteered or was drafted the 1st of August, 1812, for service in 
the War with Great Britain for six months ; that he served ten and one-half 


months in Captain Mills' Co., New York Militia, and was discharged 
15th of April, 1813, in Black Rock. The administrator received from 
United States, Land Warrant No. 20062 for 160 acres of land. The said 
Amos Babbitt, deceased, when ordered into service resided in Amenia, 
Dutchess Co., N. Y., distant about 350 miles from Black Rock where he 
was stationed. Per statement John D. Babbitt, Administrator. 

Died Sept. 25, 1855, in Panama, Chautauqua Co., N. Y. 

Married 1st in Sharon, Conn., Millicent S. Olmstead; born April 29, 1794; 
died Jan. 14, 1846. 

Children: — ^All born in Norfolk, Conn., except Edwin. 

Laura Milhcent, Jan. 29, 1816; d. Oct., 1901. Unmarried. 

776 Edwin Lewis, April 21, 1817. Born in New Marlboro, Mass. 

777 WnUam A., March 29, 1819. 

778 Reuben Hedges, Feb. 20, 1823. 

779 John Dunning, Jan. 17, 1829. 

780 Charles Ohnstead, March 8, 1833. 

Married (2nd) 1853 Esther McKay Bowen, who died about 1875. 


John Babbitt (Lemuel-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom 
March 25, 1806, in Norfolk, Conn. Died Jan. 26, 1863, in Colebrook 
River, Coim. 

Resided in New Marlboro, Mass., in 1834. 

Resided in Sandisfield, Mass., in 1838. 

Married Caroline Tyrrell. 


781 Amos L., Oct. 26, 1830. 

Rufus W., 1839; m. Eliz. Bowen. 
Robert, July 3, 1834. Died young. 
Sarah, died yotuig. 


Isaac Babbitt (Lemuel-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom 
June 25, 1809, in Norfolk, Conn. Died Oct. 30, 1889, in Mina, N. Y. 
Removed to New York state. 
Married Rowana Frink. 


Children: — 

Lucy, died unmarried. 
Etta, died unmarried. 


Polly Babbitt (Samuel- Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Jan. 28, 1780. Died April 3, 1885. 

She removed to Pinckney, N. Y., where her brother had settled. 
Married Dec . 30, 1810, Parley Corey, son of Benjamin and Harriet 
(Rice) Corey. Born June 8, 1790; died July 5, 1853, in Pinckney, N. Y. 
Children: — 

Samuel B., Oct. 5, 1811; married Clarinda Kanfield. 

Lucy Ann, Sept. 14, 1813 ; married Samuel Stoddard. 

Philo, Feb. 23, 1815; married Loretta Hodges. 

Bryant G., March 3, 1817; married Fannie Bailey. 

Albert, July 25, 1820; married Annie McCarthy. 

Lucinda, Nov. 14, 1822; married James Nichols. 

Dennis, AprU 7, 1825; married Harriet Dewey. 

Harriet, May 20, 1826; died young. 

Mary Alzina, April 7, 1831; married Gould Trowbridge, Oct. 
18, 1849. 


Zenas Babbitt (Samuel-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Jan. 13, 1790. Probably in Lanesboro, Mass. 

In 1837 he and his brother, Daniel G. and Myron, sold land in Ellis- 
burg, Lewis Co., N. Y., which was doubtless their father's. 

Zenas hved for years in Rodman, N. Y., and died there March 16, 1862. 
Married Rachael Corey. Born Aug. 19, 1797. 
Children: — 

Charlotte, Feb. 25, 1813. 

SHas, March 6, 1815. 

Hannah, March 12, 1816. 

Emma, July 29, 1817. 

Miles, March 11, 1819. 


Zenas, May 7, 1820. 

Ruby, Feb. 14, 1822. 

Betsey, Jan. 7, 1824. 

Samuel, Jan. 7, 1826. 

Diantha,Dec. 23, 1828; d. May 8, 1906. Daughter, Rachael L., 

May 3, 1848. 
Melia A., Jan. 12, 1830. 
Minerva, 1832. Married Hinchey. Died Aug. 29, 1912. 

782 Myron, April 4, 1834. 
Lucy, Aug. 5, 1836. 

Married (2nd) when old and had two children: — 
Daughter, died young. 
Zenas, living 1909, in Rodman, N. Y. 


Myron Babbitt (Samuel-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
in 1805. Died 1900. 

Resided in Pinckney, N. Y., about 1835; afterward settled in Pennsyl- 
vania, in the vicinity of Corey, where he died. 

Married (1st) Harriet Norman. (2nd) Jane Taggert. 

Children: — 

Mary, 1835; died 1845. 

783 Samuel, 1837. 
Benjamin, 1839; died 1862. 
Albert, 1842; died 1845. 
Amelia, 1843, died 1872. 
Thomas, 1845; died 1872. 
Myron, 1847; died 1848. 

784 Henry, 1848. 

Harriet, 1849; died 1865. 

785 Albert, 1850. 


Darwin M. Babbitt (Asa-Zephaniah-Elkanah-EIkanah-Edward\ 
Resided in New Marlboro, Mass. 
Married Caroline Roberts. 


Children: — 

Charles B., 1848. 
Mendena B., 1852. 
Sadie, 1854. 
Edwin, 1857. 
Darwin, 1859. 
Ella, 1861. 
Anna, 1863. 


Ezra Babbitt (Silas-Samuel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom Oct. 
19, 1794, in Barre, Mass. 
Died about Sept. 1, 1825. 

Married in Ware, Mass., Lucy Covil. (She was living after 1860). 
786 Lewis, Dec. 30, 1823. 

Louisa, probably died young. 


Samuel Gregory Babbitt (Stephen- Amariah-ElkanaJi-Elkanali-Edward). 
Bom Oct. 1, 1790, in New Ashford, Mass. Died Nov. 6, 1878. 

A soldier in War of 1812 for which he drew a pension. At one time 
a school teacher. A quiet, sedate man, very fond of study. He built 
a hotel near Boonville, N. Y., and his family are thought to have been 
bom there. He also kept tavern in Talcottville, Lewis Co., N. Y., before 
coming to Hermon. He went to live in Hermon, N. Y., with his son 
Orlando after his wife died. 


Samuel G. Babbitt stated on 10th of March, 1858, that he was 68 years 
old and resided in South Hermon, N. Y.; that on the 20th of Sept. 1814, 
he volunteered at Norway, (N, Y.) for service in the war with Great Brit- 
ain and served three months in Capt, Hynes' Co., N. Y. Militia. He re- 
ceived two warrants for 160 acres of land. He became blind in old age. 

Married Elizabeth, daughter of Nathaniel Salisbury. She died in 
Hermon, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. 



Children: — 

787 Orlando. 

788 Charles. 

Valona, married Schuyler Thompson of Boonville, N. Y. Had 
two sons and four daughters. Sons: Edward and Edwin. 

789 Harriet Angela. 

Carolina Estabrook, unmarried. Lived and died at home of 
her sister Valona. 

790 Elizabeth. 


Sophia Babbitt (Stephen- Amariah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Jan. 19, 1804. Died Sept. 30, 1896, in Oakland, Cal. 
Married Albert North. Born 1805; died Nov. 22, 1892. 
Children: — 

George Jay, Dec. 18, 1836; died Feb. 2, 1870. Graduate of Ham- 
ilton College (valedictorian); admitted to bar. Private in Civil 
War. Colonel at its close. Secretary to Gov. Stone of Iowa. 

Married Ada E. Miles. Born Nov. 19, 1840; died Jan. 7, 
1899. State Librarian of Iowa, 1872-1880; Librarian of 
State University of Iowa, 1881-1892. 
Their son, Howard Miles North, bom March 1, 1869. Grad- 
uate of Iowa University, 1895; Engineer of Construction, 
Lake Shore & Michigan S. Ry. 
Mlo, 1838; died 1840. 
Annie, 1843; died Feb. 10, 1887. 

Emma E., May 1, 1848; m. C. H. Bayley, June 11, 1878, of La 
Crosse, Wis., and has four children. 
Children:^ — 



Charles M. Babbitt (Stephen- Amariah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Sept. 21, 1805. Died in Genessee, 111. 

Married in Martinsburg, N. Y., Feb. 3, 1839, Maria D. Deveaux. She 
was born Nov. 15, 1808, and died April 8, 1891. 

Children: — 

791 Mary Louisa, Nov. 8, 1839. 
Roswell Jerome, Oct. 28, 1841. 

792 Lucy Marion, Feb. 10, 1845. 


Stephen Babbitt (Stephen- Amariah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Sept. 
6, 1808, in Norway, N. Y. Died Dec. 13, 1890, in Des Moines, la. 

He and his brother Ephesus were together as late as 1855. In the 
county registries their names always appear together in deeds. 
Resided about 1830, in Tunis, N. Y. 
Resided about 1850, in Seneca, N. Y. 
Resided in 1855 in Waterloo, N. Y. 

Married (1st) Lucy Bush, of Houseville, N. Y., daughter of Harry 
and Clarissa (House) Bush, of Westfield, Mass. She was born Jan. 12, 
1810, and died Feb. 18, 1848, in Waterloo, N. Y. 
Children: — 

Sarah CorneKa, July 5, 1839, in Houseville, N. Y.; d. March 

30, 1880, in Des Moines. 
Frank E., Aug. 31, 1842, in Houseville, N. Y. Living in Des 
Moines, la. Unmarried. 
Married (2nd) Fidelia E. Wilcoxen, Jan. 3, 1849. She was born Aug. 
27, 1823, m Madison, N. Y. 

Emma Ehza, in Waterloo, N. Y., March 30, 1850; d. Sept. 24, 
1869, in Des Moines. 

793 Mary Anna, near Perrysburg, N. Y., July 14, 1857. 



Ephesus Babbitt (Stephen-Amariah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Died 
about 1890, aged 96 years, in Houseville, N. Y. 

Spent his early years in Norway, N. Y. Ephesus Babbitt seems to 
have been a partner of his brother Stephen. They seem to have owned 
lands together and always appear together in the various parts of New 
York State where they lived. 
In 1830 was in Tunis, N. Y. 
In 1855 was in Waterloo, N. Y. 
In 1850 was in Seneca, N. Y. 

Married (1st) Angela Spencer Sherman. She died in June, 1829. 
Children: — 

Harriet, Oct. 7, 1823. Unmarried. Resides in Osakis, Minn. 
Pamelia, Nov. 17, 1825. Died young. 

George Russel, June 27, 1827. Living in Osakis, Minn. Mar- 
ried (1st) Emma L. Huntington, daughter of Joseph and Betsey 
(Smith). Born Aug. 8, 1830. Died in Okakis, Minn. Mar- 
ried (2nd) Hattie Blakesley. No children either wife. 
Married (2nd) Mary Ann Cadwell, daughter of Joseph and Chloe Cad- 
well. She died about 1850 in Waterloo, N. Y. 
Children: — 

Stephen, lived to manhood. Unmarried. 
Married (3rd) before 1854, Mrs. Loana Lyon; (also called Lovena in 

Children: — 

Sarah, married Willis Bennett. Have one daughter Winifred. Re- 
sides in Fairfield, la. 


Emmeline Babbitt (Deodatus-Amariah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Jan. 16, 1816. 

Married Feb. 27, 1840, Orville H. Forward. Born March 19, 1815. 
Children: — 

George Forward, May 7, 1842; d. July 26, 1842. 

Cornelia Elizabeth, Aug. 25, 1843; d. Dec, 1860. 

Hudson Sylvester, March 25, 1845. 



George Babbitt (Deodatus-Amariah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . 
Bom Sept. 20, 1818. 

Resided in Smithville, N. Y. 

Married Oct. 9, 1845, Harriet Augusta McNeil, daughter of Hon. E. M. 
McNeil. Born July 14, 1824. 

Children: — 

Herbert Durmout, Nov. 3, 1849. 


Phoebe Babbitt (Deodatus-Amariah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Jan. 25, 1825. 
Resided in Rodman, N. Y. 

Married Jan. 12, 1848, Daniel N. Todd of Rodman, N. Y. Born Dec. 
18, 1820, son of Daniel and Betsey (Dickerman) Todd. 
Children: — 

Emma, Lavinia, May 9, 1851. 

Edward Munroe, Oct. 11, 1852. 

Arthur Gifford, April 13, 1854. 

Etmice Adelaide, Jan. 1, 1856. 

Herman Strong, March 9, 1860. 


Eunice Babbitt (Deodatus-Amariah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
March 4, 1828. 

Married Simon Gates, son of M. Gates and Nellie (Himt) Gates, Feb. 
21, 1855. Born 1822; died Dec. 8, 1855. 


Ruby Babbitt (John-John-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born Nov. 
6, 1821, in Vienna, N. Y. Died March 22, 1892. 
Married March 5, 1846, Nelson Winchell. 
Children: — 

Ezra, July 24, 1849, of Leon, N. Y. 

Frank, June 15, 1859, of Leon, N. Y. 



Martha Jane Babbitt (John-John-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
June 22, 1826, in Vienna, N. Y. Died April 5, 1908. 
Resided in Fish Creek, N. Y., Oneida Co. 

Married in 1847, WilHam McClanathan. Born Sept. 21, 1817, in 
Vermont; died Dec. 24, 1887. 

Three children died in infancy. 
Caroline Medora, Oct. 25, 1854. Married Baker. 
Lester, Sept. 21, 1857; married July 17, 1892, Gertrude E. Bailey. 
Children: — 

Myrtle L., Aug. 14, 1893. 
WilHam, Feb. 27, 1896. 
William H., Sept. 3, 1859. 
Elmer E., July 16, 1861. 
Frances L., May 12, 1863. 
Betsey M., Feb. 21, 1865; married Jones. 
Viola A., May 9, 1867; married Cole. 


Lovell W. Babbitt ( John-Reuben- Josiah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Sept. 24, 1817, in Fairfield Co., Ohio. Died Sept. 18, 1889. 

He was for a time in the Army. His early education was in the district 
schools, supplemented by a short term at Dennison University in Licking 
Co., O. After his marriage he cultivated a small farm at Baltimore, Ohio, 
teaching the district school in winter, his own children being among the 
pupils. He was Adjutant of a Militia Co. in the old training days, and 
is yet remembered as a picturesque figure in his uniform, highly decorated 
with gold lace and brass buttons, plumed cocked hat and white duck 
trousers. He was for twelve years a Justice of the Peace, and from 1856- 
1860 director of Ohio Penitentiary. 

He was for several years Collector of Internal Revenue and intimate 
with men high in the Government Service, his collection of letters and 
papers from notable men being remarkable. 


Married April 21, 1839, Lydia Hockman, who died 1880. 

794 Katherine, Feb. 4, 1840. 

795 Cyrus Byron, Dec. 14, 1841. 

796 Samuel Bascom, April 29, 1844. 

797 Adrian Aridna, Nov. 16, 1846. 

798 WilUam Lovell, June 28, 1848. 
Elnora, Nov. 3, 1850. Unmarried. 
Amanda, Dec. 10, 1852; died Sept. 18, 1854. 

799 Charles Augustus, Dec. 15, 1854. 

800 Edward Calvin, Dec. 30, 1858. 


William Babbitt (William- Jonathan-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). 
Lived in Paris Hill, N. Y., as late as 1834. 
Children: — 
Devillo married Lydia ( ). Resided in New Hartford, N. Y. 

Had a daughter, Mary, married Stone. 
Widow of Devillo married (2nd) a Thornton. 


Miller Babbott (William- Jonathan-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
1793. (Called Ichabod Miller in his father's will.) 

For many years the tavern-keeper in Waterville, N. Y. He retired 

from this business in 1845 and was for a time afterward connected with a 

^'StiUing plant. The last twenty years of his life he was connected with 

no active business interests. 

Died Dec. 16, 1877 and is buried in Waterville, N. Y. 

Married (1st) Martha P.( ) who died July 18, 1818 aged 22 yrs. 2 

Married (2nd) Eunice ( ), who died Oct. 26, 1834, aged 28 years, 4 

Married (3rd) Mary Elizabeth Crandall. She was of Scotch descent 
through her mother, who was a Lusk. Died Aug. 18, 1864, age 47 
Married (4th) Ollie A. Burch. 
Children by first wife: — 

Corneha, 1818; d. Nov. 1, 1843. She married in July, 1842 
Ehsha H. Bascom. He was bom July 25, 1812; died Sept. 
27, 1861. Their son Elisha died young. 


Third wife:— 

801 William, April 10, 1839. 

Mary, 1843. Married Edwin H. Lamb. No children. 

802 Frank Lusk, Aug. 14, 1854. 

John F., an adopted son died Jan. 19, 1854, age 25 years. 


Curtis Babbott (WilHam-Jonathan-Benjamin-Elkanah-Edward)- 
Resided in Utica, N. Y. Died before 1838. 
Children: — 

803 Reuben S. Born 1824. 

804 Benjamin Miller. 

Barton D. Resided in Sangerfield, N. Y. Died 1849. Un- 
Susan, married Clark of Pottsville, N. Y. 


Lewis Babbitt (William- Jonathan-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). Styled 
"Morgan Lewis" on Probate Record. 
Settle in Oswego Co., N. Y., in Palermo. 
Married Susan ( — ). Name unknown. 
Children: — 

Frederick E. Had daughters Mary, Elizabeth and Ella named 

in their grandfather's will. 


Irene Babbitt (William- Jonathan-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). Bom 
Dec. 8, 1800. 
Lived m Paris HUl, N. Y. 

Married June, 1822, Jesse Thomson. Born Feb. 1800. 
Children: — 

Milton H. 

La Mott. Resides in Utica, N. Y. No children. 




(Two died young). 

Angeline, m. Wm. Bailey. Resides in Utica, N. Y. 


Dyer Babbitt (D yer- Jonathan-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
April 20, 1797. Died Jan. 14, 1884, in Castleton, Vt. 

Resided in Castleton, Vt. 

When he was sixteen years old he was "bound out" or apprenticed to 
Capt. Fisher of Castleton, Vt., until he was twenty-one, at which time he 
received two suits of clothes and a colt. He married Polly Manley two 
years later and settled in Castleton. In 1840 he started for Illinois to 
take up land, travelling by way of the canal from Whitehall, N. Y. He 
was overtaken near Ft. Ann by a neighbor on horseback with the news 
that his house and four children had been burned. Returning he bought 
a farm in Hubbardton and after living there five years he bought the farm 
on which he served his apprenticeship. He afterwards bought the ad- 
joining farms and other farms until he was one of the largest landholders 
in Castleton. He was a member of the Congregational Church until the 
Methodist Church was organized in Castleton when he asked for a letter 
to join this Church. This was against the rules of the church but he was 
"dismissed and turned over to the buffetings of Satan." 

Married (1st) Polly Manley, of Easton, Mass., Dec. 2, 1819. She was 
bom Feb. 4, 1799, and died Sept. 4, 1872. 


805 Nelson M., Feb. 28, 1822. 

806 Amos PhilUps, Nov. 30, 1823. 
WilHam D., Jan. 17, 1826. \ 

Mary J., Feb. 12, 1828. / Died September 17, 1840. 

Lyman J., Nov. 22, 1830. } Burned to death. 

Lutheria M., Dec. 3, 1833. ) 
Dyer W., Jan. 7, 1836; d. July 3, 1851. 

807 Oscar L., June 3, 1838. 

808 Valorus M., March 7, 1840. 

809 Zeruah Jane, Jan. 10, 1843. 



810 Lutheria M., June 1, 1846. 

Married (2nd) Margaret Hodgson, Sept. 15, 1875. She died June 
22, 1876. 


William Lauren Babbitt (Dyer-Jonathan-Benjamin-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born 1801. Died June 3, 1836. 

Married Maria ( — ) name unknown. She was born 1799, and died Dec. 
25, 1868. 


811 WilhamL. Oct. 9, 1831. 

Elizabeth J., died unmarried, aged 23 years. 


Zeruah Babbitt (Dyer- Jonathan-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). 

Died July, 1842. 

Married Calvin Sheldon, of Rupert, Vt. 

Children: — 

Abial, of Burt, Iowa. 


Silas Babbitt (Dyer- Jonathan-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
May 6, 1810, in Casdeton, Vt. Died April 7, 1894. 

Removed to Potter Co., Penn., about 1838, to the town of Sharon. 

Married Sept. 3, 1834, in Halifax, Vt., Gratia T. Warner. She was 
born Feb. 20, 1813, in Castleton, Vt., and died Aug. 18, 1882. 


812 Caroline Jane, Aug. 25, 1835, in Poultney, Vt. 

813 Rebecca Delight, Jan. 1, 1837, in Castleton, Vt. 

814 Zeruah Agnes, Sept. 10, 1839, in Sharon, Pa. 

815 Phidelia Antoinette, March 13, 1841, in Sharon, Pa. 

816 Clarinda Adell, Dec. 16, 1842, in Sharon, Pa. 


Rebecca Babbitt (Nathaniel- Jonathan-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born April 12, 1804, in Sanquoit, N. Y. 
Resided in Bennington, Mich. 
Died Oct. 3, 1863, in Bennington, Mich. 
Married Feb. 15, 1829, WiUiam Howard, son of Smith and Rhoda 


(Babbitt-) Howard. Rhoda Babbitt daughter of No. 170. Born June 
26, 1805, and died Dec. 25, 1881. 
Children: — Born in Bennington, Mich. 
Freeman, April 4, 1830. 
Henry Clay, Sept. 25, 1831; d. Aug. 10, 1908. 
Albert Mason, March 1, 1834; d. Sept. 29, 1907. 
Betsey Ann, Aug. 31, 1836; m. Reuben Sawtelle. 
Eunice Cordelia, Sept. 5, 1839; m. Peter 'if. Smith. 
Martha Jane, Oct. 11, 1841; d. April 5, 1858. 
George B., Aug. 21, 1844; d. March 20, 1845. 
Mary Emily, March 19, 1846; d. Jan. 2, 1858. 


Benjamin Talbot Babbitt (Nathaniel-Jonathan-Benjamin-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born 1809, in Westmoreland, N. Y., near Holman City. 

Mr. Babbitt's youth was spent in hard work on the home farm, re- 
ceiving meantime the scant education afforded by the local schools. This 
hard work in his youth gave him an exceptional physical development 
which stood him in good stead, in the arduous labors of his later life. He 
was possessed of a most ingenious and inquiring disposition, accompanied 
fortunately by a capability of carrying out his ideas personally. When he 
was barely twenty years old he was an expert wheel-wright, machinist and 
file maker. He acquired these trades by hiring out to machinists and 
thus being able to give full expression to the ideas constantly evolved by 
his keen intellect, and at the same time renumerating his father for his 
time. In this same period he acquired a good knowledge of Chemistry 
by inducing a professor from Clinton College to visit the work-shop occa- 
sionally and instruct the workmen. 

At the age of twenty- two he had acquired sufficient funds to establish 
a machine shop at Little Falls, N. Y., where for twelve years he man- 
ufactured pumps and engines, and while there succeeded in making a 
practicable and workable mowing machine, one of the first made in 
America. His workshop being destroyed in a flood, he removed to New 
York City, leaving the closing up of the business at Little Falls to a sup- 
posed friend, who proved dishonest and left Mr. Babbitt completely ruined. 

His business in New York started as a manufacturer of saleratus by an 
original process and selling it in convenient packages. The economy 
of the new method of manufacture enabled him to secure almost instant 


control of the business in this country. He soon added a yeast Baking 
Powder, a Soap Powder and several varieties of soap to his list of manu- 
factures, all of them becoming very popular. 

Mr. Babbitt was a genius in the art of advertising, rivaling his friend 
Barnum in originality and success in this important element of his success, 
his name becoming a household word over the land. 

An amusing story is told in this connection of his meeting a colored 
bootblack in a southern hotel, bearing his own name. When he told 
the boy that he, too, was B. T. Babbitt, the astonished boy exclaimed, 
"Lawd-massa — did your manuny get your name off a soap box too?" 

His ingenuity was not confined to the inventions concerning his own 
particular field of business, although he personally invented most of the 
machinery used in making his products. A study of the Patent Office 
records shows an astonishing diversity of talent, his inventions number- 
ing over one hundred in number, concern all sorts of ideas from 
wind-mills, to air-guns, armor plate, ventilators, steam engine apphances, 
canal boats and artificial ice devices. He is credited with having first 
conceived the idea of utilizing the power of Niagara Falls. 

He died Oct. 20, 1889, leaving a record hardly equaled in American 
life of successful and honorable business dealings and mourned by all 
who were associated with him. 

He married Rebecca McDuffie, who died Dec. 1894. They are buried 
in Woodlawn Cemetery, New York City. 

Children: — 
817 Ida Josephine. 

Lillian E., married Clarence M. Hyde, deceased. 


David Babbitt (Nathaniel- Jonathan-Benajah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 

Mr. Babbitt was a travelling peddler of merchandise, and was generally 
engaged in his business in long periods of travel which kept him from home. 

In 1835 he resided in Utica, N. Y., but soon after the family removed 
to Pennsylvania, in which state he died. Mrs. Babbitt was a skilful seam- 
stress and by this talent aided her husband in his efforts to support his 

Died Jan. 29, 1868, in Brockwayville, Pa. 


Married in 1832, Emma Parmenter; born in 1804 in Westminster, Vt., 
and died July 19, 1889, in Whitesboro, N. Y. 

818 John L.7 May 17, 1835. 

Frances Emma, Aug. 23, 1838; d. June 13, 1844, in Gibson, Pa. 


Samuel Babbitt (Samuel-Elkanah-Benjamin-Elkanah-Elkanah). Born 
Feb. 11, 1786. Died 1846 (Will Sept. 2, 1846.) 
A farmer in Ware, Mass. 

Married Dec. 31, 1814, Ruth Newcomb, daughter of Nehemiah and 
Hannah (Foster) Newcomb^, David^, Ebenezer*, Thomas^, Andrew^-* of 
Greenwich, Mass. She was born Dec. 3, 1792, and died Sept. 4, 1871. 
She married (2nd) Elijah Cutler, May 18, 1854, in Ware, Mass. He 
was bom 1785. 

Harriet Foster, Feb. 8, 1818; m. Horace D. Walker of Greenwich, 

Mass, as his second wife, Oct. 6, 1854. 
Hannah Newcomb, Feb. 17, 1828; m. Alonzo Flagg Feb. 29, 

1844, son of Joseph Flagg. 
Samuel Fisk 
Mary Eliza. 

Samuel and Mary doubtless died young. 


Elkanah Babbitt (Samuel-Elkanah-Benjamin-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Sept. 10, 1787. Died July 30, 1844. 

Married Betsey Grove Newcomb, of Ware, Mass., sister of Ruth 
above, May 8, 1817. She was born Nov. 20, 1796; died Aug. 13, 1867. 

Children: — 

819 Charles Harding, Nov. 1, 1817. 

Elbridge, Oct. 11, 1819. For years a policeman in Boston. 
Died Dec. 25, 1870, in Ware, Mass; m. Mary A. Smith, 
Oct. 1845. No children. She married (2nd) Samuel Lemon, 
Aug. 20, 1873. 


Alanson, May 1, 1823; died in a few days. 

820 Hannah Minerva, May 2, 1824. 

*Hiram, Sept. 24, 1826; d. Dec. 5, 1907. Resided in Sacra- 
mento, Cal. 

821 Maro Foster, Dec. 26, 1829. 

Mary Frances, Jvine 6, 1836; d. Feb. 19, 1907; m. (1st) Frank 
Rich, July 21, 1861. He died April 19, 1865. No children, 
m. (2nd) 1869, Amos S. Jaquith, in Clinton, Mass. 

822 Martha Jane, Nov. 3, 1841. 

*Hiram Babbitt married Jan. 5, 1880, Evelyn C. Whitney, daughter 
of Henry and Mary. She was born 1849. He went to Oregon in 1853, 
a trip at that date full of danger and privation. He first prospected for 
gold and was very successful. Later he settled in Sacramento and 
engaged in manufacturing mouldings used in fine carpenter work. He 
accumulated a fortune. In 1869 he returned to Massachusetts and stayed 
a year and then spent three years more in Sacramento. 

In 1874 he returned to Athol once more and lived there the rest of his 
life. He was for years a postman at Athol, and continued in service till 
within two weeks of his death. 


Dwight Babbitt (Samuel-Elkanah-Benjamin-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
in Hardwick, Feb. 12, 1789. Died in 1822. 
Resided in Ware and Enfield, Mass. 

Married Lucinda Whipple Crawford, of Oakham, Mass. Int. Aug. 
18, 1811. She was living in 1854 as wife of Dexter B. Johnson. 
Children: — 

Dwight Howard, married Maria Hannum. She died in Enfield, 

1854—6. Apparently no children. 
Lucinda WilHs. 
Mary Ann Lee. 
Sophia Franklin. 


Lyman H. Babbitt (Samuel-Elkanah-Benjamin-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born April 20, 1794, in Ware, Mass. 
Lived in Orangeville, N. Y. Justice of the Peace and prominent citizen. 


Died Nov. 1, 1859, in Carlton, N. Y. 
Married Ann Lee. She died Nov. 28, 1838. 
Children: — 

Mary Jan. Oct. 15, 1819; d. Jan. 8, 1903; m. Nathan Simpson, 
Feb., 1840. 

823 Harriett Newell, Sept. 15, 1822. 

824 Edwin Lee, 1830. 

Delos A. Did not marry. 
Married (2nd) a widow with son (name not reported). 

Sylvia Dean Babbitt (Abel-Abel-Benjamin-Elkanah-Edward). 

Died 1876. 

Married Jan. 4, 1821, Daniel Sharpe of South Bend, Ind. 


Sylvia Clarissa, 1821; d. 1905; married William Marsh. 
Children: — 
Caroline Augusta. 
Daniel Addison. 
Orlando Ellestyne. 
Ossian Romaine. 
Ellen Cecelia. 


Benjamin Babbitt (Abel- Abel-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Jan. 29, 1791. 

Married Frindey Richmond, daughter of Hathaway and Rachel (Dean) 
Richmond, in Seneca Falls, N. Y. She was born in 1801 and died in 1853. 


Frindey Richmond was a sister of Dean Richmond, once President of 
N. Y. Central R. R., and a great Democratic Politician. 

825 Hathaway Benjamin, Sept. 19, 1822. 


Lucius Bowman Babbitt (Abel-Abel-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom 1796, in Barnard, Vt. Died 1862. 
Resided in Virden, 111. 

Married Sophronia McKinstry of Bethel, Vt., daughter of Alexander 
and Abigail (Cooper) McKinstry. She was born 1801. 

(She was cousin of Emily McKinstry, who married Simeon A. Babbitt, 
No. 294 in Randolph). 
Children: — 

Ellen Bowman, 1833; d. 1854. 

826 Francis Carlisle, 1836. 
Alice Adele, 1840; d. 1859. 


Frank Crocker Babbitt (Abel- Abel-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward) . 
Died in Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 
Resided near Cleveland, O. 
Married Abigail Fitch. 

Frank Crocker, died young. 

Frank, died unmarried. 

Nellie, died unmarried. 


Susan Eliza Babbitt (Abel- Abel-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward"). 
Married Nov. 5, 1818, Robert Fifield, in Barnard, Vt. 
Children: — 

Susan, Sept. 28, 1819. 

Probably removed West and had others. 


CarUsle Babbitt (Abel-Abel-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). Bom in 
Barnard, Vt. 


Resided in Olney, Illinois, 
Married Sarah Holden. 
Children: — 

827 Mary, 1837. 

828 Richard. 

Frank Crocker. Served in Civil War, 
Virginia Lindsay, married Henry Buck. 
Children: — 





Rosamund Babbitt (Abel- Abel-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward), 

Married Parker Freeman. Born April 11, 1800, in Southbridge, Mass. 

Children:— (All deceased, 1911). 

Margaret, married Gilbert Van Namce. 

Maria, married Joseph McAllister of Governeur, N. Y. 



Isaac Wellman Babbitt (Abel- Abel-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born in Barnard, Vt. 
About 1850 he left Barnard and resided in New York State, 
Married Lucy Atwood, Jan. 11, 1841, in Barnard, Vt. 
Children: — Bom in Barnard, Vt. 

829 Frank Crocker, Dec. 28, 1841. 

830 Lucy Amanda, Dec. 30, 1843. 

Ellen Adaline, March 16, 1846; d. Jan. 25, 1847. Married 

Robert Bruce. 
Two children: — 


George Wellman, married and had three children. 


Bertha, married Frank Snyder. 




Susan Babbitt (James-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
July 3, 1789. Died Jan. 1, 1851. 
Married Wm. H. Webb. 
Children: — 
Daughter married a Wheeler. 


Roena Babbitt (James-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). 
Roena Babbitt, was a dutiful wife and loving mother. She died Nov. 
19, 1858. 

Married Dec. 20, 1815, Hiram W. Scott, son of Phineus and Thankful 
(Kinsley) of Bennington, Vt. He died 1881. 
Children: — 

Jane Feb. 25, 1817; married James H. Wallace, 1842 and died 1858. 
Edwin, Sept. 23, 1818. 

In 1835 Edwin M. Scott arrived in Auburn N. Y. from Benn- 
ington, Vt., and at which date the Everts family first knew of him. 
He was born in Beimington in the year 1818, and after his arrival 
in Auburn, he lived with his uncle, Avery Babbitt, and opposite 
the residence of Dudley Everts and family in John Street. 

In 1841 Edwin M. Scott married Helen M. Everts, the 
youngest daughter of Dudley Everts and eight children were bom 
to them. 

Sarah, 1843, deceased. 
Helen Roena, 1846, deceased. 


James R., 1848. 

Horatio R., 1853. 

Edwin M., Jr. 1856. 

William D., 1858. 

Mollie Louise, 1861. 

Frederick Everts, 1863. 
Julius, Sept. 17, 1820; m. Mary Ann Clark, 1845; he died 1895. 
Kinsley, Sept. 6, 1835; married Sarah Elizabeth Sinsabaugh. He 
died 1889. No children. 


Isaac Babbitt ( James- Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Born 

April 8, 1804. 

Died 1889, aged 85 years, 3 months. 

Married Jan. 14, 1830, Charlotte Hotchkiss. Born Jan. 19, 1809; 
died Oct. 6, 1893. 

Harriet, Nov. 1, 1830. 

James W., March 23, 1832. Resides in Conneaut, O. 

Alpheus, June 15, 1834. 

Adahne, Oct. 16, 1836. 
831 Emmahne, Feb. 4, 1839. 

Maria, Nov. 24, 1841 ; married Case. 

Janette, March 22, 1844; d. Nov. 6, 1846. 

Mirette, July 22, 1846; d. Aug. 6, 1850. 

Rolussa, March 20, 1849; d. Sept. 11, 1864. 

Laura, March 8, 1852, d. June 4, 1882. 


Avery Babbitt (James-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Born Sept. 
1, 1806. Died Sept. 12, 1872, in Auburn, N. Y. 

Removed from Bennington, Vt., to Auburn, N. Y., about 1834. He 
built a barn on John St., and left town for a short time, returning with a 
bride. They lived in the barn until their house could be finished. -^ 

Married (1st) Ada J. Brown. She died about 1847. Had two daugh- 
ters and one son, Eugene. All died young. 


Married (2nd) Helen Rea, of Canada. Died 1898. Buried in Auburn, 
N. Y. 


Ada Jane, 1868; married about 1888, in Canada, 

Avery Babbitt was a man very much respected in the community. 
Generous and kind; a good husband and father and a member of the 
Presbyterian Church of Auburn. Was at one time weaned from the 
Presbyterian Church into Spiritualism, but eventually returned to his 
first love, the Church of Christ. He was a contractor and builder for 
some time after his arrival in Auburn, but later on became interested in 
the manufacture of carpet looms and was acknowledged an authority on 
mechanical construction. Was very kind and considerate to his help 
and soHcitous as to their welfare. 

Ada Jane Babbitt, daughter of the second wife of Avery Babbit was a 
charming character and well beloved by those who were fortimate enough 
to know her. As far as we know she still lives in Canada with her husband. 


Isaac Babbitt (Isaac-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Born April 
9, 1795, in Berkley. Died Oct. 24, 1839, in Taunton. 

A farmer in Dighton all his life. 

Mrs. Babbitt is described as an extremely active woman and very 
strenuous in her religious life. She used to entertain visiting ministers 
and would walk long distances to attend a convention for all that her 
portly body made walking a hardship. Her family was reared in the old 
way, and all had to share in getting the wood, spinning, dyeing, and all 
the work of a farm. By their sturdy and honorable lives she and her 
husband were thoroughly respected by all. 

Married Submit Wheeler, March 22, 1818. Born March 24, 1799, 
daughter of John and Deborah Wheeler. Died Feb. 2, 1877. 


Adaline, Nov. 13, 1818; d. Aug. 2, 1842; m. Oct. 18, 1841, Wm. 
L. Woodward. Died without issue. 
832 Lavinia Perry, Sept. 20, 1828. 


833 Lucretia Almedia. 

834 John Orrin, April 21, 1835. 

835 Isaac Newton, 1830. 


James Babbitt (Isaac-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Bom Dec. 
31, 1800. Died Feb. 15, 1844. 

After marriage lived on Court St., Taunton, where three of his children 
were born. About 1835 he moved to Boston where he resided on Temple 
St. He was a scientific carpenter; his specialty was spiral staircases, 
which he built in many public buildings, notably the State House. He 
was a great scholar and devoted much time to coaching students in Geom- 
etry and Trigonometry. He lived for a time in a large brick house which 
he built in Charlestown. His health failing he returned to Dighton, where 
he died. 

Married Mary H. Woodward, Nov. 11, 1824, daughter of Capt. Solo- 
mon Woodward. Bom March 21, 1806. Died Oct. 26, 1879. She mar- 
ried (2nd) Charles Burbank and had two sons. 

Children: — 

836 Mary Augusta, June 20, 1825. 

837 James Bradford, Nov. 10, 1827. 

838 Warren Morris, 1832. 

Henry Alden, Nov. 29, 1836; d. March 8, 1911. 
He joined 39th Reg. Ohio Vol. at commencement of Civil 
War. Was Sergeant and Major in that regiment imtil close 
of war. Served in Missouri and was with Gen. Sherman on 
march to Savannah and was at fall of Petersburg. Was promo- 
ted through every grade to Lieut. Col. and at close of war 
was in command of regiment. After the war was U. S. Consul 
in Egypt. 

Colonel Henry A. Babbitt, commander of a regiment on Sherman's 
march to the sea, vice consul general to Egypt, under President Grant, 


and for the past ten years a resident of Wickford, died Wednesday in 
Jacksonville, Fla., at the age of 76. 

He had not been in good health for nearly a decade. He began to sink 
gradually last December and early in January was taken South in the 
hope that the change of climate would prove beneficial. 

He was bom in Boston and early in life came to Taunton. When he 
was still a young man the West attracted him and he was employed in 
the State House in Columbus, O., when the opening of the Civil War gave 
him his first chance to distinguish himself. By brilhant service in battle 
he received promotions which brought him to the berth of Lieutenant 
Colonel before the last year of the war, and he played such an important 
part in Sherman's march to the sea that his conduct made him well known 
among the leading men of the time. It was for this reason that President 
Grant appointed him vice consul general to Egypt in 1873. It was 
shortly after this time that he was married to Mrs. Thomas Frederick 
Hoppin, widow of T. F. Hoppin of Providence. Following their return 
from Egypt they lived in Pomfret, Conn., for several years. 

More than ten years ago Mr. Babbitt's health began to give way, and 
since that time he has been living almost in seclusion on the Babbitt farm 
in Wickford, which was formerly known as Smith's Castle. He kept 
in touch with the world, however, to a certain extent, as many people 
visited his farm because of its historical associations. 

A part of the house is said to have been erected in 1638 and it is gen- 
erally considered the oldest in the coimtry. Mr. and Mrs. Babbitt took 
pleasure in preserving the Colonial interior as near its original state as 
possible. About two years ago the Rhode Island Historical Society 
erected a tablet over the graves of forty-three soldiers killed in the King 
Philip War on the front lawn of the estate. Washington and Lafayette 
both were there in the Revolution. 

During the past three or four summers the only appearances of Mr. 
Babbitt in pubKc have been in an automobile in and about Wickford. 
He is survived by Mrs. Babbitt, three brothers, Dr. Charles Warren Bab- 
bitt and James Babbitt, both of Massachusetts, and Charles Babbitt of 
Texas; one step-daughter, Mrs. Austin G. Fox, wife of a well known Nev\^ 
York lawyer, and other remote relatives in Taunton, which he frequently 
visited until his strength failed. 



Louisa Babbitt (Isaac-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Born Aug. 
5, 1804, in Berkley, Mass. Died Nov. 26, 1874. 

Married (1st) WilUam Hathaway. He died April 28, 1834. 

James, d. March 13, 1830, aged 3 years. 
Louisa, d. July 1, 1834, aged 10 years. 
Married (2nd) Capt. Leonard Gooding. He died Dec. 8, 1863. 


James Madison Babbitt (Warren-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom April 30, 1809. Died Aug. 24, 1898, in New Bedford, Mass. 

Was a ship builder of the firm of Matthews, Mashon & Co., South 
Dartmouth, Mass. 

Married (1st) EHza Ann Baker. Int. Oct. 23, 1830. Died Nov. 23, 
1838, age 24 years, 11 months, 8 days. 

Harriet S., 1837; married June 12, 1853, Reuben S. Eldridge, 
son of Voranus and Eliza Eldridge. 
Married (2nd) Roxanna Bassett, daughter of Horace and Sarah Bas- 
sett. Int. May 6, 1840. Born Sept. 21, 1819; died Jan. 9, 1893. 
Children: — 

Sarah Ehza Ann, April 20, 1844 ;m. Ephraim A. Landress, Jr. 
June 29, 1865. 
839 James Horace, March 27, 1851. 


Isaac Newton Babbitt (Warren-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Nov. 18,1811. 

A blacksmith by trade. 

Resided in Dartmouth, Mass. ; later in Fairhaven, where he died. 

Married (1st) Susan A. Morse, or "Almira Susan," March 2, 1834, 
daughter of John and Susan (Bates) Morse, of Rochester, Mass. Born 
May 7, 1814; died May 25, 1876, in Fairhaven, Mass. 



Susan, Jan. 17, 1836; m. Wm. Drew, of Fairhaven, Dec. 22, 
1857, son of Wm. and Anna Drew. 

840 Isaac, Jan. 13, 1838. 

841 John Warren, Nov. 26, 1839. 

842 Hiram, Aug. 7, 1842. 

843 Joseph M., May 7, 1845. 

844 James, Aug. 5, 1847. 

845 Sabra, March 12, 1850. 

Married (2nd) Annie Drew, Dec. 6, 1877, daughter of WiUiam and 
Anna Drew. 


Benjamin Babbitt (Benjamin-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom in Berkley, Mass., June 2, 1806, town record. Dec. 31, 1805, family 


Benjamin F. Babbitt was born in Taunton, Mass., at midnight of Dec. 
31, 1805. He was married in early life to Sarah A. Marston, who was 
the mother of three children. 

After her death he met Emma Waterman Gardner at the home of her 
brother in Providence, R. I., and was married to her in 1846, at the 
Gardiner homestead in what was then the town of Tyrone, Schuyler Co., 
N. Y. 

Benjamin F. Babbitt was a machinist by trade and as an inventor of 
labor saving machinery was very well known. 

He invented a mineral crusher, the principles of which are still in use. 
He located felspar mines in Connecticut and also in Georgia. 

After he left the New England states he owned and operated a brush 
factory in New York City and afterward utilized water power in operating 
a spoke factory in Glenora-on-Seneca, located not far from the home of 
his wife in the newly settled country. 

At the time of his death he was working Riceshire plantation, a rice 
farm of 500 acres in Hardeeville, S. C, about half way between Charles- 
ton and Savannah. Mr. Babbitt lost much by over confidence in his 
fellow men, some of his inventions being stolen before he could get them 


Married Sarah A. Marston. Int. Nov. 9, 1827. 

She was born Feb. 16, 1812, and died April 6, 1834, in Saco, Me. 

Children: — 

846 Benjamin Franklin, Sept. 25, 1829. 

847 Charies Edward, Aug. 3, 1831. 
A child died Oct. 14, 1835. 

Married (2nd) Emma Waterman Gardner, 1846, in Tyrone, N. Y, 
Children: — 

*George Gardner, Dec. 18, 1847; d. Oct. 31, 1849. 

848 Anna Cornelia, Dec. 19, 1849. 

*George G. Babbitt was born in Tyrone, N. Y. Died in Saco, Me., 
at the home of his grandmother, where he is buried. 


Cerena Babbitt (Benjamin-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
July 22, 1813. 

Her name was spelled with a C to avoid confusion with the name of her 
mother, Serena Burt Babbitt. She married in the summer of 1831 
Nathaniel S. Tucker and became the mother of the following children: 

William bom June 15, 1832, who followed the sea upon which 

he died. 
George B., who died in infancy. 
George B., born Nov. 21, 1838. He lost his health in the army, 

this ultimately causing his death. 
Irving who was killed in Antietam. 

Serena EHzabeth born April 28, 1835. She was an invalid for 

many years and died in Boston, Mass. 

Cerena Babbitt Tucker spent some years of her Hfe on a Kansas 

farm with her son George and after his death moved East to the home 

of Anna C. Babbitt Weller where she remained until her death, Jan. 7, 

1898. She was buried in Dundee, N. Y. 

She was one of that unusual type of women who could see the silver 
lining no matter how black the cloud, was of an unusually sweet and loving 
nature and revered by all who knew her. 


As an interesting incident in her life she remembered the return of the 
soldiers from the war when she was a child in Taunton, Mass., and has 
often told how she was awakened from a nap in an old high post bed by 
the stacking of arms in the same room where she slept in her father's hotel. 

Nathaniel S. Tucker, was born in Saco, Me., Dec. 24, 1807. 


Louisa Babbitt (Seth-Seth-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Born June 
15, 1806, in Brookfield, Mass. Died July 26, 1844. 

Married Jan. 13, 1831, Samuel Hastings, son of Neveson and Lucretia 
(Worthington) Hastings. Born Aug. 3, 1804. 

Mary Ann, March 19, 1832; married Stillman P. Harwood. No 

Henry A., Jan. 25, 1836; married Emily Fales. 
Charlotte, Sept. 18, 1840. 
Charles W., Sept. 11, 1842. Served in Civil War. Lost an arm 

in battle. Did not marry. 
Fannie Rebecca, Aug. 16, 1849; died 1850. 


Luther Babbitt (Seth-Seth-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Born Aug. 
7, 1808, in Brookfield, Mass. Died Feb. 4, 1839, in North Brookfield, 

Married Oct. 2, 1836, Charlotte Strong. 

Children: — 

Walcott,died March 3, 1838, aged 8 months. 

She married (2nd) Rufus Washburn, of Worcester, Mass. 


Omacinda Babbitt (Benjamin-Seth-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Oct. 4, 1811, in Enfield, Mass. 
Resided in Beloit, Wis., 1880. 


Married Elijah Allen; Hving in Beloit, Wis., 1881. Born Aug. 13, 1808, 
son of Chester Allen. 

Has one son — a wholesale tobacco dealer in Chicago. 


Ceha Babbitt (Benjamin-Seth-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Born July 
12, 1812, in Brookfield, Mass. Died Feb. 19, 1891. 
Married Ephraim Burr, of Providence, R. I. 

Eliza Ann, Sept. 12, 1835; d. Jan. 25, 1908. Married (1st) George 
Holmes. Married (2nd) George A. Jaynes, of Sturbridge, Mass., 
June 1863. 
George W., Aug. 14, 1838. Did not marry. 

Welthea W., Sept. 17, 1840; married Lyman C. Weeks of Stafford, 
Conn., and died Jan. 25, 1908. 


Mary Ann Babbitt (Benjamin-Seth-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
June 29, 1815, in Brookfield, Mass. Died Feb. 23, 1907. 
Married Feb. 26, 1836, Samuel Fairbanks of Spencer, Mass. 
Children: — 

Elizabeth F., July 20, 1838; m. Nov. 26, 1857, James H. Plimpton 
of Sturbridge, Mass.. Mrs. Plimpton resides in Sturbridge, and 
has given great help in compiling the record of her family. 

George L., July 8, 1865. (Prin. Tilton Sem.) 
Emily E., April 25, 1870. (Instructor in Tilton). 
Julia Ann, Nov. 4, 1841; d. Aug. 7, 1843. 

Lormg H., Nov. 15, 1844; d. Aug. 7, 1895; m. Adehne Newton, 1866. 
John Albert, June 24, 1847; m. Martha Sprague of Sutton, 1870. 


Children: — 

Mary Etta, 1870. 

Alonzo, Feb. 1, 1874. 

Mildred, March 24, 1889. 
Lucinda, Aug. 24, 1851; d. Nov. 11, 1851. 
Emily Ruth, Aug. 15, 1853; d. Nov. 30, 1863. 


Tryphosa Babbitt (Benjamin-Seth-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
July 22, 1817, in Brookfield, Mass. 

Married Henry Graves of North Brookfield, Sept. 16, 1836. He was 
bom June 20, 1813, in Williamsburg, Mass. Died April 6, 1865, in North 
Brookfield, Mass. 

WilHam Albert, March, 1831 ; m. Sarah Clark, 1859 and died 1892. 
Charles H., Nov. 11, 1841; d. June 16, 1862. 


Welcome Babbitt (Benjamin-Seth-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Nov. 11, 1820, in Warren, Mass. Died April 27, 1868, in Sturbridge, Mass. 
Married Feb. 3, 1842, Priscilla Woodward. Died Jan. 16, 1895. 
Children: — 
849 Charles W., Dec. 25, 1842. 

Adelaide P., Oct. 4, 1844; m. Edwin Draper, Nov. 19, 1865, 

son of Newell and Nancy. No children. 
George W., Sept. 24, 1846; m. Eunice Morgan, Nov. 23, 1871, 

daughter of Andrew and Eldora. No children. 
Rosella A., March 30, 1848; d. Aug. 19, 1850. 
Lewis, Sept. 27, 1851; d. Aug. 27, 1852. 

Emma F., March 27, 1854; m. George Wright, of Greenboro, 
Vt., Nov. 26, 1888. 
She married (2nd) May 1, 1860, Baxter Ayres. (3rd) Nov. 25, 1874, 
Gilbert Lincoln. 



William Jones Babbitt (Benjamin-Seth-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom June 25, 1823, in Warren, Mass. Died May 10, 1881, in North 

Served one year in the 15th Mass. Infantry Volunteers in the Civdl War. 
Married Caroline M. Wheelock of Orange, Mass., Nov., 1843, who was 
born 1824. Died 1900, in North Brookfield. 
Children: — 
850 Abbie L., Sept. 20, 1844. 

Carrie M., 1846; m. April 22, 1865, Wm. H. Fisher. Bom 

Children: — 

Inez, July 19, 1867. 
Wilham, April 8, 1872. 
Olive T., Jan. 31, 1853; d. 1857. 


WilUam W. Babbitt (Andrew-Abiel-Wilham-Erasmus-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born April 10, 1836. Died April 8, 1873 
Married June 25, 1865. 
Children: — 

William, in Denver, Col, in 1909. 


Mary Catherine (Andrew- Abiel- William-Erasmus-Edward-Edward). 
Born Dec. 7, 1852. 

Spent her school days m Galesburg, Illinois, with her uncle, Samuel 
T. Babbitt. 

Married (1st) John Cone Abbott, Aug. 30, 1868. 

NelUe Francis, July 7, 1869; d. Jan. 11, 1874. 
Edwin x^rthur, Aug. 27, 1871. Resides in Texas. 


Alice Ruth, April 11, 1873; d. Oct. 7, 1900. Was married and left 
four children. 
Married (2nd) George D. Hurley. Died Nov. 11, 1908. 
Children: — 

Maud Grace, March 10, 1878; married T-. Y. Mason. 

Tina, Feb. 11, 1880; d. Feb. 22, 1880. 

Anna Ethel, April 22, 1882; d. April 29, 1883. 
Mrs. Hurley resides in Kiowa, Kansas. 


Julia A. Babbitt (Andrew- Abiel- William-Erasmus-Edward-Edward). 
Bom Oct. 8, 1855. 

Mrs. Storey lived with her uncle, Edwin B. Babbitt, during her school 
life — as there were no school privileges where her father lived in Northern 
Missouri. Edwin B. Babbitt at that time lived in San Francisco and 
Portland, Ore. In 1868 she left him and lived with her aimt, Mrs. Zim- 
merman, in Galesburg, 111. 

Mr. and Mrs. Storey reside in Columbus, Kan. 

Married Dudley M. Storey, of Illinois. Bom March 13, 1847. 

Children: — 

Scott Struges, Aug. 5, 1875. Resides in Denver, Col. 
Edwin Babbitt, Nov. 1, 1878. Resides in Columbus, Kan. 
Henry Jasper, May 27, 1884. Resides in Weir, Kan. 
Luke Storey, Feb. 20, 1888. Unmarried. 
Dudley Storey enhsted in 33rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry in Feb. 1864. 
Was at siege and capture of Mobile. 


Caroline Matilda (Andrew- Abiel- William-Erasmus-Edward-Edward). 
Bom Sept. 6, 1857. 
Resides in Shadeland, Lipscomb Co., Texas. 
Married Jan. 28, 1875, Robert S. Porter. 

OUve Virginia, Feb. 23, 1877. Married Thos. Crawford, Feb. 

25, 1894. 
Elzadia Gertrude, Jan. 20, 1881. Married Floyd Deeds, Sept. 
16, 1906. 


Robert Lawrence, May 29, 1887. 
Mary Ann, July 19, 1892. 


William Smith Babbitt (Samuel-Abiel-William-Erasmus-Edward- 
Edward). Born Aug. 8, 1823. Probably in Hampden, N. Y. 
Died March 30, 1868, in New York City. 
Married (1st) Dec. 15, 1847, Caroline Carey. 

William Carey, April 29, 1849. 

Charles Hurlburt, Oct. 13, 1851. 


Clarence H., Feb. 28, 1856. 

Caroline Carey, Jan. 2, 1859. 
Married (2nd) Dec. 1860, Lucinda Bradley, daughter of Erastus Brad- 
ley. Born Dec. 23, 1829; d. Jan. 16, 1896. 
Children: — 

851 Frank Bradley, March 27, 1862. 
Mary, July, 1865; d. July 1871. 


Thomas Struges Babbitt (Samuel-Abiel-William-Erasmus-Edward- 
Edward). Born Oct. 24, 1825. Probably in Hampden, N. Y. 

Died March 31, 1895, in Dayton, O. 

A successful merchant in Dayton, Ohio. 

Married Jan. 2, 1851, Katherine Herman. Born July 28, 1830; died 
Dec. 9, 1884. 

Children: — 

852 Anna Elizabeth, Oct. 23, 1851. 


Edwin Dwight Babbitt (Samuel- Abiel-Wilham-Erasmus-Edward- 

Edwin Dwight Babbitt was born in Hampden, N. Y., Feb. 1, 1828. 
He graduated from Knox College with degree of M. D., and in 1883 from 
the Eclectic Medical College, of Cincinnati, Ohio, with degree of LE.D. 


He was author of "Principle of Light and Color," "Human Culture and 
Cure," "Health and Power," etc. 
Died June 28, 1905, in Rochester, N. Y. 

Married (1st) Augusta Darling, Dec. 29, 1857, daughter of Lucius and 
Malina (Ward) Darling. Born April 20, 1836; died Aug. 7, 1876. 
Children: — 

Thomas Darling, Jan. 3, 1859. 
Lucius, 1860; died 1864. 
Emily, 1862; died 1864. 
853 Irving, Aug. 2, 1865. 

Katherine, July 12, 1871. 
Married (2nd) Mrs. Elizabeth Smith (North) Clark, Jan. 22, 1879. 


Emily Augusta Babbitt (Samuel-Abiel-WilHam-Erasmus-Edward- 
Edward). Born May 5, 1834. Died Feb. 6, 1907, in Bushnell, 111. 

Married March 15, 1865, James Miner. He married (1st) her sister, 
Eliz. Cornelia. 
Children: — 

Emily Mabel, Dec. 8, 1866. 

Nelhe, April 16, 1869; d. April 16, 1869. 

Elizabeth Lois, June 13, 1871. 

James Albert, Sept. 21, 1873. 

Edith Harriet, Oct. 4, 1876. 


Sarah Frances Babbitt (Edwin-Abiel-William-Erasmus-Edward- 
Edward). Born July 6, 1834, in Port Jesup, La. 

Died July 16, 1905, in Portland, Ore. 

Married (1st) Aug. 23, 1853, in Indianola, Tex., George C. Barber 
(Lieutenant). He died Oct. 11, 1853, of yellow fever, aged 26 years. 

Married (2nd) Jan. 27, 1864, in San Francisco, Cal, Captain J. C. 
Ains worth. 

Children: — 

Frances (Mrs. Percy Morgan). Resides in San Francisco, Cal. 
J. C. Ainsworth. Resides in Portland, Ore. 



Lawrence Sprague Babbitt (Edwin-Abiel-William-Erasmus-Edward- 
Edward). Born Feb. 18, 1839, in Boston, Mass. Died Oct. 15, 1903, 
Dover, N. J. 

2nd Lieutenant, 3rd Artillery, June 24, 1861. 

Brevet 1st Lieutenant, July 21, 1861, for gallantry at Batde of Bull Run. 
1st Lieutenant, March 3, 1863. 

Brevet Captain, March 13, 1865, for meritorious service in Ordnance, 
Department during War. 

Captain of Ordnance, Dec. 22, 1866. 
Major, May 10, 1878. 

Graduated in West Point, 1861. Retired as Colonel, 1903. 
Married Oct. 22, 1861, Frances McDougall, in West Point, N. Y. She 
was born Aug. 7, 1842. 

Edwin Burr, July 26, 1862. Graduated at West Point, 1884. Lt. 
Col. Ordnance, Sept. 1909. Married Emily Feim in Boston, 
Mass., Nov. 5, 1884, daughter of Henry and Eliz. Fenn, Now 
at Fort Hancock, N. J. 


Laura W. Babbitt (Edwin- Abiel-WilUam-Erasmus-Edward-Edward). 
Born Feb. 18, 1839. Died Jan. 16, 1905, in Washington, D. C. 

Married May 31, 1859, in West Point, N. Y., Lieut. George H. Weeks, 
4th U. S. Artillery, (now Brigadier General). 

Children: — 

George McD. Weeks, (Captain). 


Eva B. Babbitt (Abiel-Abiel-William-Erasmus-Edward-Edward). 
Died before 1897. 

Married May 15, 1867, in Indianapolis, Ind., Charles Spear Hills. 
Born Aug. 16, 1834. 
Children: — 

Walter B. 

Louis B. 
He married (2nd) Mrs. Eva (Sturgis) Curran. 




James L. Babbitt (Sarah-Erasmus-Simeon-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Was in clothing business in New York City for many years. 
Married Elizabeth Jane Mead. 

854 Isaac, resides in Morristown, N. J. 


Joseph Woodman Babbitt (Elias-Erasmus-Simeon-Seth-Edward- 
Edward). Born Nov. 16, 1828. Died April 13, 1877. 

Married Caroline Wells Sutton. Born March 4, 1832. Yet living in 
Newark, N. J. 

Ella D., Aug. 10, 1851. Married Oct. 23, 1872, Charles H. 
Greene. She died Sept. 22, 1873. 

855 Frederick Ehas, Dec. 10, 1853. 

Joseph S., March 24, 1857. Died in infancy. 

Percy S., Nov. 12, 1860. Died in infancy. 

Charles H., August 2, 1862. Died July 4, 1910. Married 

ComeHa Van Why. No children. 
Carrie S., Nov. 18, 1865. Died in infancy. 
Daniel Craig, March 7, 1870. Resides in Lima, Peru. 
Albert Albro, Dec. 8, 1871 ; d. Jan. 2, 1905. Married Frances 

L. Monroe. 


George Edward Babbitt (Elias-Erasmus-Simeon-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Married Eliza Gerry. 

Harriet B., married Harry Byram. Resides in Morristown, N. J. 

George E., May 4, 1867; married Ehza J. Gehrig. 

Gertrude Dayton, May 14, 1864; married Oct. 22, 1884, J. Clark 

Mary E., died young. 


Levi Dayton Babbitt (Elias-Erasmus-Simeon-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Born Dec. 20, 1831, in Mendham, N. J. Died Nov. 3, 1902, in Morris- 
town, N. J. 


Resided in Morristown for forty-four years and was prominent in the 
life of the city. A member of the Common Council and Board of Edu- 
cation. A democrat in politics. A member of the Masonic Fraternity. 
During the last of the war he enlisted in the Pennsylvania Emergency 
Regiment, but the war ended before active service. Mr. Babbitt was a 
member of A. T. Torbert G. A. R. Post. Corporal in Co. E., N. J. 
militia, 1863, in Emergency service. 

He conducted a men's furnishings store in Morristown, now carried 
on by his sons. 

Married 1868, Sarah M. Cramer. 
Children: — 

Horace Ayres, June 19, 1870. Married Emma Van Why. 
Wilham Dayton, March 30, 1874. Married Ahce La Bam. 
Ella A., Feb. 22, 1876. Married Raymond Troxell. 
Elias Nelson, May 19, 1879. 

Paul Yetman, March 5, 1881. Died 1909, aged 27 years.. Was 
a most popular and estimable young man. Was a machinist by 
George E., Oct. 9, 1883. 
Louise Evalina, Aug. 12, 1886. 


Hampton Marsh Babbitt (EKas-Erasmus-Simeon-Seth-Edward- 
Edward). Died 1889. 

Was a carriage painter and trimmer. 

Co H., 2nd N. J. Vol., three years service, in Civil War. Enhsted May 
29, 1861. Discharged June 21, 1864. 
Married Helen Stout. 

Lena V., married Jonah Bair; five children in Blairstown, N. J. 


Levi, married Ruth Mallock. 



Mary Eliza Babbitt (John-Erasmus-Simeon-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Born Nov. 15, 1836, in Pawlet, Vt. 


Married Sept. 18, 1855, Edgar P. Morehouse, in Granville, N. Y. Son 
of Walter and Alma (Foster) Morehouse. 

They removed West and resided in Minnenasha, Wis., from 1856-1862. 
Thence they removed to Vineland, N. J., and subsequently to Pendleton, 
N. Y., and Hebron, N. Y. They resided also one year in Maryland. 
After a short residence in Williamstown, Mass., they went to Springfield, 
Mass., and lived there six years, going from there to Williamstown once 
more where they stayed about nine years. From here they went to Cali- 
fornia and after a six years' residence returned once more to Williams- 
tovra where they now reside. 

Mary Ada, Aug. 2, 1857. Married Joseph Walden of Williams- 
town, Mass. 
Edgar P., March 20, 1859. 
Elmer Ellsworth, March 5, 1861. 


Amos Wooster Babbitt (John-Erasmus-Simeon-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Born June 18, 1840. 

Enlisted in Co. K., 96 N. Y. Vol. in Granville, N. Y., Nov. 28, 1861. 
Was corporal. Discharged honorably Sept. 29, 1864, from wound re- 
ceived in Chapmans Farms. 
Married about 1866, Elmira Alice Foote. 

John Ralston. 
Two daughters. 


James Franklin Babbitt (John-Erasmus-Simeon-Seth-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Feb. 23, 1855, in Granville, N. Y. 
Resides in Augusta, Me. 

Married (1st) Sept. 6, 1887, Mary A. Pierce of Lynn, Mass. 
Married (2nd) June 20, 1896, Ethel Mae Peva of Augusta, Me. 
Children: — 

Frank Peva, June 3, 1897. 

Charles Henry, April 2, 1899. 



George Dayton Babbitt (John-Erasmus-Simeon-Seth-Edward-Ed- 

George Dayton Babbitt, clothing merchant, was born at Granville, 
N. Y,, February 23, 1855. He attended the pubHc schools in Orwell, 
Vt., and finished at the Brandon, Vt., graded school. In 1875 he went 
to Rutland, Vt., where he engaged in the clothing business as a clerk. In 
1881 he opened a clothing store at Rutland and continued for ten years, 
doing business under the firm name of Bardy & Babbitt. On account 
of failing health he sold out, and in 1891 estabUshed a clothing business 
at Lewiston, Me., continuing for eight years. In 1889 he located in Al- 
bany and estabhshed the clothing firm of Babbitt & White. Ten months 
later he bought out Mr. White's interest and took as partner, Mr. C. E. 
Hutchinson in the firm of Babbitt & Co., then occupying the lower part 
of the DeGraaf building on South Pearl Street. In 1905 the firm bought 
and moved to its present location, 451 and 453 Broadway. Mr. Babbitt 
is prominent in Masonic circles. He was one of the organizers of the 
Albany Chamber of Commerce and is chairman of the committee on 
public improvements in that body. On May 3, 1882, Mr. Babbitt married 
Miss L. Belle Hutchinson, of Rutland, Vt. He resides at 32 South Allen 
Street, Albany. 

He has been an active member of the Babbitt Association from its 
inception and always taken a deep interest in the compilation of the 

Children: — 

George Hutchinson, Oct. 11, 1885. 
John Henry, Nov. 23, 1886. 
Hazel Marguerite, March 4, 1890. 


Winslow Babbitt (David-Daniel-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Born May 10, 1816, m Londonderry, Vt. 
Was in Medford, Mass., 1844. 
Erickmaker by trade. 


Died May 1897, in Medford, Mass. 

Married Laurian Farr, daughter of Jude and Melinda Farr of Wind- 
ham, Vt. Died Jan. 31, 1875, in Medford, Mass., aged 52 years, 8 months 
17 days. 
Children: — 

Addie L., 1846 ;d. 1907. Married Thos. A. Fames, April 23, 

1873, of Boston. 
Etta, did not marry. 
Frank, July 11, 1848. Did not marry. 
856 Eugene, 1858. 

Herbert, 1854. Widower in Maiden, Mass. Married Nov. 26, 
1879, Florence E. Vernon. Born in Baton Rouge, La., 
daughter of Robert and Sarah. 


Mary Abigail Babbitt (David-Daniel-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Feb. 19, 1818, in Londonderry, Vt. Died Oct. 15, 1900. 
Married Alphonzo Cole, in Londonderry, Vt. 
Children: — 

Alison. Lives in Brattleboro, Vt. Unmarried 
Almorette, married Melvin Vaille, by whom she has a son Everett, 
who married and has a daughter, Errol. Married (2nd) G. C. 
Robinson and lives in South Londonderry. No children by 
second marriage. 


David Babbitt (David-Daniel-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Bom 
Jan. 19, 1820, in Londonderry, Vt. Died July 12, 1903. 
Married Deborah Cheney. 
Children: — 

Mary, died 1908. She married Chandler Rawson, of Provi- 
dence, R. I. 
Etta, died aged 4 years. 


Samuel Babbitt (David-Daniel-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born 
Sept. 25, 1821, in Londonderry, Vt. Died July 20, 1886. 


Resided in South Londonderry, Vt. 

Married Jane Mason; born April 16, 1824. Died Feb. 18, 1889. 
Children: — All born in South Londonderry, Vt. 
Romanzo, April 10, 1842. Died 1886. 

Ellen J., Oct. 4, 1846. Married Eldon Eldred of Petowsky, Mich., 
and has: — 

Frank, April 11, 1873. 
Emmet, Oct. 20, 1878. 
Celia, March 15, 1880. 
Erving, Jan. 15, 1888. 
Lizzie, June 19, 1848. 
Lysander W., June 8, 1851. 

Addie, June 18, 1854; m. Chester Hulett. Lives in South Lon- 
donderry, Vt. 
Frank G., June 8, 1857. Dead. 
Charles W., Nov. 20, 1860. 
Alma, June 1, 1862; d. April 25, 1876. 
Hyland, V., Oct. 21, 1863. Resides in Brattleboro, Vt. 
Elwin J., Dec. 13, 1865, in Onaway, Mich. Music writer and 
composer. Married Eliza A. Woodward of South Londonderry, 
Vt., and has one son, Carl E. 


Cyrus Babbitt (David-Daniel-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born 
Oct. 12, 1823, in Londonderry, Vt. 

Went to Boston about 1841. Was in Boston 1849, later in Groton, 
Mass., where he was in the brick business. He soon returned to Lon- 
donderry and engaged in farming. He and his brother Byron were the 
last survivors of his father's eleven children. 
Died Aug. 16, 1908, in South Londonderry, Vt. 

Married Laura Farnham, Feb. 1, 1844, daughter of Thomas Famham. 
Born 1825. 

Luella, resides in Londonderry, Vt. Married A. Hayward. 
Zina L., 1856. Married Jime 29, 1886, Virginia Spencer, daugh- 
ter of Francis and Mary Spencer. He died in Boston, 1899. 


Zeno B. (Doctor). Resides in Washington, D. C. Married Susan 

Chase. Has daughter, Florence L. 
Hoit A., resides in Londonderry, Vt. Married Nov. 16, 1898, 

Mary Corey. No children. 
Louisa A., resides in Londonderry, Vt. Unmarried. 


Lucina Babbitt (David-Daniel-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born 
April 10, 1825, in Londonderry, Vt. Died Feb. 29, 1860. 
Married Henry Goddard, of Londonderry, Vt. 
Children: — 

Martin, Feb. 26, 1844. Married 1st. Emma Wilder and had a 

son Henry who is a minister. Had three children by a second 

wife. He died March 14, 1891. 

Ira, Aug. 8, 1848. Lives in Ludlow, Vt., and has Martin and 

Percy, who live in Ludlow, Vt. His wife was Sarah A. Farnam. 


Alonzo Babbitt (David-David-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born 
April 21, 1827, in Londonderry, Vt. Lived in Defiance, Ohio. 
Died July 16, 1881. 
Married Sophronia Mason. 
Children: — 






Twins names not known. 


Electa Babbitt (David-Daniel-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born 
Oct. 16, 1830, in Londonderry, Vt. Died March 25, 1897. 
Married (1st) Baldwin. 
Children: — 

Emma, died young. 
Married (2nd) George Bogle. No children. 



George Babbitt (David-David-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born 
April 16, 1833, in Londonderry, Vt. Died April 22, 1899. 

Married May 31, 1854, Mary J. Pike French, who died Sept. 29, 1890. 
Children: — 

Fred D., June 19, 1863. Resides in Mechanicsville, Vt. 

857 George H., June 18, 1865, of Landgrove, Vt. 
Two daughters died young. 


Byron C. Babbitt (David-Daniel-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Bom April 23, 1836, in Londonderry, Vt. 
Lived in Londonderry all his life. 
Died Nov. 17, 1908, in Londonderry, Vt. 
Married June 12, 1859, Sinthia Landman. 
Children: — 

858 Etta A., May 7, 1860. 

Lilla C, March 13, 1863; m. March 13, 1881, ( ) Hughes. 

Geneva, Dec. 4, 1864; m. Oct. 30, 1902, ( ) Nido. 


Albert Babbitt (Cyrus-Daniel-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Bom 
in Boston, Mass., July 30, 1829. 

Died in Cambridge, Mass., June 14, 1904. 

Married Dec. 4, 1851, Louise Caroline Barnes. Born Sept. 22, 1824; 
died Sept. 29, 1909. 

Children: — 

Martha Louisa, June 8, 1855; now living in Cambridge, Mass. 


Harriet Newell Babbitt (John-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Bom Oct. 8, 1816, in Attleboro, Mass. Died May 24, 1851. 

Married June 25, 1843, Alfred Claflin of Attleboro, Mass., as his second 
wife. He was born Oct. 24, 1803, in Lyme, N. H., son of Allerton Claflin. 
He died in Attleboro, Mass., Nov. 26, 1862. 



Harriet A., Oct. 2, 1845. Not married. Resides in West New- 
ton, Mass. 
Emma T., May 16, 1851 ; married Chas. H. Claflin of West Newton. 
Frederick Howe, May 29, 1848; died young. 


Harvey Augustus Babbitt (John M.-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward- 
Edward). Born Dec. 17, 1818. Died Oct. 13, 1889. 

He carried on a watch and clock repairing business in Attleboro, to- 
gether with his farm. In 1883 he went to California where he bought 
land near Pasedena, and died and was buried there, his youngest son 
being a resident of that locality. 

Mr. Babbitt was deeply devoted to his home and family. Left a 
widower with four small children, he kept his family together. In his 
farm work he was very practical, carrying out his ingenious ideas of drain- 
age and utilization of waste land and constructing personally many of 
the farm buildings. 

Married July 18, 1850, Mary A. Wilmarth, born March 22, 1824, 
daughter of Parlymon Capron Wilmarth and Mary Smith (Claflin). Died 
Feb. 10, 1864. Private Record. 

Children: — 

859 Mary, May 31, » 1853. Married Dec. 7, 1870, Jacob Klebes. 

860 WiUiam Harvey, April 28, 1855. 
Edward Parley, July 1851; d. July 9, 1873. 
Elmer, 1856; d. Jan. 7, 1864. 

Frederick, Feb. 10, 1864; d. Dec. 3, 1904. Unmarried. 

Infant died Dec. 9, 1861. 

Fred A., Feb. 1861; d. Dec. 1, 1904. 


George M. Babbitt (John M.-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Born Dec. 23, 1820. 

Resided in Mansfield, Mass. 

Married Nov. 1, 1840, Lucinda L. Perry, daughter of Simeon and Mary 
(Winchester) Perry. Bom April 28, 1819; died Aug. 6, 1884. 


Children: — 

George Hurlburt, April 17, 1846; d. June 22, 1868. Unmarried. 
He was a tin peddler during the time of Civil War and accumulated 
quite an estate in Mansfield, Mass., where he became a farmer. 
Harriet Alfreda, married Clarence Seward of Crawford, N. Y. 


Horace Williamson Babbitt (John M.-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward- 
Edward). Born Sept. 5, 1823. Died March 3, 1850. 
Resided in Providence, R. I. 
Married Eliza Ann ( ). 
Children: — 

Jane F., d. Oct. 9, 1844, aged 15 months. 


Ella M., d. Dec. 6, 1855, aged 6 years. 
She married (2nd) Wm. M. Goodrich, of Providence, R. I., son of 
Orson and Phoebe (Cone) Goodrich. Born Sept. 6, 1835. They were 
married March 9, 1865. 


John Edward Babbitt (John M.-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Born Sept. 15, 1827, in Eaton, Sherbrook Co., Can. 

Died Sept. 26, 1903, in Central City, Nebraska. 

Married Feb. 17, 1856, Charlotte A. St. John, of Sabula, Iowa. Born 
Aug. 14, 1832; died Aug. 14, 1877. 

Children: — Born in Sabula, Iowa. 

861 Almena J., Jan. 19, 1857. 

862 Wade Edward, Aug. 17, 1858. 
Philena, Oct. 2, 1860; d. Jan. 19, 1861. 

Urilla Marcia, Sept. 18, 1862; m. George Rasor, Joharmesburg, 
South Africa, Nov. 6, 1896. 
Children: — 

Cecil John, Sept. 30, 1897. 
George Wade, July 21, 1899. 
Frank Levi, Oct. 22, 1864; married Efl&e Hutchins, of Crawford, 
Nebraska, May, 1891. No children. 



Roswell Levi Babbitt (John M. - Asa-Nathaniel- Seth-Ed ward-Edward). 
Bom Aug. 8, 1832. Died March 16, 1906, Buenos Ayres, Argentina. 

Married in 1865, Grace Pauline Drake. (Married by Rev. Henry 
Ward Beecher). 

Mrs. Grace Babbitt resides in New York City. 
Children: — 

Howard Roswell, Jan. 1869; married Maude Hutchinson of Boston, 

in Buenos Ayres, Brazil. Infant son died. 
Perry W., Jan., 1871. 

Levi Royal, July, 1878; d. March 16, 1906, in Buenos Ayres. No 


Darius Sanford Babbitt (John M.-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born May 3, 1836, in Canada. Died April 2, 1903. 
Resided in 1862 in Clinton, Iowa. 

Married (1st) Harriette Belle Davis, 1856-7, daughter of David and 
Thankful (Bissell) Davis. 

Married (2nd) Hattie Thompson, 1869. She died 1885. 
Children: — One only by first wife. 

Webster L., April 15, 1862, in Clinton, Iowa. Married Katherine 

Frances Dolan. Born in Portland, Me., Aug. 18, 1862. 
They reside in Niles, Mich. Mr. Babbitt was a member of the 
lumber firm of C. D. Benedict & Co., of Hattiesburg, Miss., 
and his business compelled his residence there part of the year. 
He has recently returned to Niles, Mich., permanently. 

Lawrence Webster, April 6, 1891. 
Hugh Merlin, April 29, 1892. 
George, Dec. 2, 1894; d. Dec. 1900. 
John Melvin, July 15, 1896. 


Orrington Babbitt (John M.-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Born Feb. 23, 1838. 


Resided in Hemlock, Mich. 
Married (1st) Jan. 1, 1868, Harriet Stanhope. 
Children: — 

Cora L., Nov. 5, 1871; married Herman Schultz. 
Hadley W., Lansingburg, Mich. 
Carrie F., Aug. 5, 1874. Died Unmarried. 
Married (2nd) Oct. 10, 1877, Ella J. Pratt. Mrs. Babbitt resides in 
Clare, Mich. 

Bird E., Sept. 2, 1878. 

863 RayT., April 15, 1881. 

864 Alma S., Feb. 16, 1883. 

865 Stanley, May 4, 1885. 

Atlee W., Feb. 1, 1893; d. Aug. 30, 1896. 


Janet Babbitt (John M.-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born 
July 10, 1841. 

Mrs. Warren resides in Speermore, Okla. 

Married (1st) Dec. 28, 1859, Wm. H. Coleman. Died 1863. 


Nathaniel H., Nov. 12, 1860; d. Nov. 11, 1883. 

William R., Feb. 16, 1863. 
Married (2nd) Steven D. Warren. 

Ira, 1871. 

John, 1874. 


John E. Babbitt (John-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Bom 
Aug. 10, 1822. Died March 1, 1907. 

Resided in Springfield, Vt. 

Married (1st) Nov. 5, 1847, Elma J. Muzzey. Born 1826; died Dec. 
8, 1895. She was the daughter of Samuel and Betsey (Cheney) Muzzey, 
of Weir, N. H. 


Children: — 
866 Charles E., 1855. 

Child, Sept. 17, 1857, in Springfield, Vt. 
Married (2nd) Lydia A. (Muzzey) Taylor, sister of his first wife. 


Orpha Ann Babbitt (John-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Born Nov. 9, 1829. 

Married Stephen Place. 




Carlos Babbitt (John-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born 
June 6, 1834, in Hanover, N. H. 

Educated in Enfield, N. H., schools. 

In Optical business in Lisbon, N. H., until 1876, and since then has 
resided in Manchester, N. H. 

Mr. Babbitt is a high degree Mason and prominent in social life. 

Married June 10, 1857, Martha J. Holton, daughter of Jehiel and 
Hannah (Eaton) Holton, of Landoff, N. H. Born Dec. 14, 1835. 


Child (daughter) Dec. 30, 1862. 

Chas. Holton, May 25, 1869; married May 25, 1903, Ada Bumpas, 
daughter of Abel and Eliza (Gordon) Bumpas, of Wayne, Me. 

Mr. Babbitt took a medical course at Harvard, and afterward took 
his degree of M. D., at the University of the South. A member of the 
firm of Babbitt Co., of Manchester, N. H. A prominent Mason. 


Franklin Babbitt ( John- Asa-Nathaniel- Seth-Edward-Edward). Born 
June 6, 1834, in Hanover, N. H. Died Dec. 8, 1903. 

For sixty years lived in Enfield, N. H. 

Married (1st) July 4, 1857, Ann E. M. P. Choat, daughter of Benjamin 
and Olive Bumham of Ipswich, Mass., Died March 15, 1895. 


Married (2nd) May 3, 1896, Mercy Charlton, of Lebanon, N. H., daugh- 
ter of John Charlton. Born in England, 1817. 

Mildred Florence, Sept. 6, 1896. 
Martha Elizabeth, March 19, 1898. 
Eltha Charkon, Sept. 6, 1899. 
John C, June 4, 1903. 


George Milton Babbitt (John-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Bom 1836, in Ellsworth, N. H. Died March 31, 1868, in Canaan, N. H. 
Resided for a time in Canaan, N. H. Now a resident of Syracuse, N. Y. 
Married (1st) Nov. 21, 1860, Ruth Chesley, daughter of Eleazer and 
Ann Chesley, of Barnstead, N. H. Bom 1834, in Orange, N. H. 

Married (2nd) Jan. 1, 1870, Lucinda M. Chesley (a widow), daughter 
of Aaron and Lucinda Miranda of Cabot, Vt. Bom 1840. 

Nellie Etta, Dec. 19, 1873; d. March 31, 1874. 
Lulu M., Dec. 18, 1874. 
Herbert M., 1876. 


Marinda Babbitt (Isaac- Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born 
May 16, 1827. Died in East Lebanon, N. H. 

Married Nov. 7, 1847, WilHam W. Ward, who died March 10, 1908, 
in Haverhill, N. H. 










Isaac Sylvester Babbitt (Isaac-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Born Nov. 18, 1828. Living in Enfield, N. H. 

Married Jan. 30, 1853, in Enfield, N. H., Melissa Ann Stevens, daugh- 
ter of Dudley and Jane (Burbank) Stevens. Born 1832; died Dec. 16, 
1894, in Enfield. 

Children : — 

Charles, April 22, 1854; d. 1860. 


Leonard H. Babbitt (Isaac-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Born April 20, 1830. Died Feb. 17, 1892. 

Married Dec. 14, 1853, Rachel Merrill, of Hanover, daughter of 
Nathaniel and Rachel Morse Merrill. She died Feb. 14, 1892, aged 
57 years. 
Children: — 
867 Jennie May, Aug. 28, 1866; married George Henry Fairbanks 
son of Chester and Mary Fairbanks. 
Alma, married C. M. Hayes, of Etna, N. H. 


Almira Babbitt (Isaac-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born 
Feb. 11, 1832. 
Living in 1910 in Franklin, N. H. 
Married March 4, 1856, Frederick Merrill. 
Children: — 

Emma, married Jerome Cheslie. 



Ella, married Otis Cutts. 



Charles M. Babbitt, (Isaac- Asa-Nathaniel- Seth-Edward-Edward), 
the well known contractor and builder of Franklin Falls, was born in 


Canaan, N. H., Jan. 10, 1835, son of Isaac and Wealthy (Love joy) 
Babbitt. His grandfather, Asa Babbitt, served as a soldier in the Revo- 
lutionary War; he spent the greater part of his life on a farm in Hanover 
and died in 1837. 

Charles M. passed his boyhood and youth in Hanover, N. H., attending 
school and assisting his folks upon the farm. He resided at home until 
twenty-one years old, when he engaged in the lumber business in Enfield, 
N. H. He remained there nine years. Then he came to Franklin where 
he conducted a boarding house for some years, and in 1873, erected his 
present residence. 

For many years he gave his attention to the contracting and building 
business quite extensively and is widely and favorably known as an able 
and reliable business man. At present he owns and cultivates a good farm. 

On July 30, 1856, Mr. Babbitt married Elvira W. Jeimey. She was 
bom in Hartland, Vt., March 29, 1836, daughter of Francis C. and Re- 
becca E. Jenney. They have no children. 

Mr. Babbitt has been director of the Franklin Falls Co. In politics, he 
is a republican and quite active in public a£fairs, having served as a select- 
man in 1887-88. He was first coimcilman for two years. He is connected 
with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows of Franklin and also with 
the Grange. 


John Darvdn Babbitt (Isaac-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Born April 6, 1839. 

Married April 2, 1869, Alma E. Briggs, daughter of B. J. Briggs, 
Stephentown, N. Y. 

Children: — 

Ellen May, 1885; d. Nov. 12, 1892. 


Alden Augustus Babbitt (Isaac-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Born AprU 24, 1841. 

Married Dec. 7, 1872, Anna Dunton, of Cooper Falls, Me. 

One child died in infancy. 




William Dexter Babbitt (Isaac- Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Born Feb. 7, 1843. 

Married (1st) March 3, 1873, Leafey D. Brown, of Taberg, N. Y. 
Born 1845. 
Children: — 

Charles, Oct. 31, 1874, in Lebanon, N. H. 
Married (2nd) Loula W., (of Cambridge, Vt). 
Child born June 3, 1878. 


George Washington Babbitt (Isaac-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward- 
Edward). Born April 9, 1851, in Hanover, N. H. 

Received the usual common school education and became a merchant 
and later learned carpenter trade, w^hich he still follows. 
Lived from 1875-1892 in Enfield, N. H. — since then in Lebanon, N. H. 
Married Esther A. Valentine, July 7, 1875, daughter of Justus and 
Emerette (Rowland) Valentine. Born Jan. 23, 1852, in Tinmouth, Vt.,; 
died Oct. 29, 1904, in Lebanon, N. H. 

Elsia, Feb. 9, 1887, Enfield. Attended public schools. Grad- 
uated from High school, 1906. Bookkeeper for Kendrick & 
Davis of Lebanon, N. H. 
George E., born in Attleboro, Mass., Nov. 12, 1874; died in infancy. 


Deha Babbitt (Ezra-Isaac-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
At one time Preceptress of Iowa Female Seminary. 
Married June 9, 1859, Deacon Jos. D. W. Fiske, who died Nov. 30, 
1893, in Coldwater, Mich. He was born Sept. 24, 1829, in Penfield, N. 
Y., son of James and Eleanor. 
Children: — 

Bessie Frances, April 24, 1860; died 1860. 

Walter James, July 20, 1862; married Adelle Bassett, 1884. 

Carrie Louise, Oct. 25, 1866; married T. Clark, 1895. 

(All of Coldwater, Mich.) 



Wilbur F. Babbitt (Hiram-Uri-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Bom April 2, 1834. 

An artist in Lowell, Mass. 

Married (1st) Oct. 28, 1857, Sarah Sanborn, born Jan. 21, 1828, 
daughter of Joshua Smith. (Her third marriage.) She married (1st) 
Isaac Farrar; (2nd) Joseph Sanborn. 

Married (2nd) Dec. 25, 1865, in Nashua, N. H., Emma C. Hobbs, of 
Westbrook, Mass. 

Children: — 

Alzie, died Oct. 6, 1866, aged 3 months. 


John Willard Babbitt (John-Uri-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Born in Gorham, Ontario County, New York, November 21, 1836. 
He came to Ypsilanti with his father ia 1848. Mr. Babbitt sprung from 
good old New England stock, on his mother's side his ancestors coming 
from Wethersfield, Conn. He was also descended from Wm, White of 
the Mayflower through his mother. The son early imbibed the political 
principles of the father and lived and died a stalwart Democrat — a Dem- 
ocrat of the old Jefferson and Jackson school, beHeving in sound money, 
in a tariff for revenue only, believing also in the grand old Democrat doc- 
trine that expansion is the "manifest destiny" of the republic. He was 
an enthusiastic Union man, and soon after the opening of the war of the 
rebellion he joined the army. Owing to defective eye-sight he was not 
permitted to serve in the ranks as he desired, but acted as clerk of the com- 
missary department in Kentucky until the close of the war. Previous 
to the war he had studied law with an uncle, a prominent lawyer in 
Geneva, New York, and eventually graduated from the law department 
of the University of Michigan. After the war he visited St. Louis, Omaha, 
and other prominent places in the west with a view of making a perma- 
nent settlement for the practice of his profession. But the influence of 
father and mother and another influence, stronger still, drew him back 
to his old home and so in 1866 he returned to Ypsilanti. 

Mr. Babbitt was an influential man in the poUtics of his country. He 
was elected successively circuit court commissioner, prosecuting attorney 


and judge of probate. He filled every office to which he was elected 
with exceptional ability. Business men who entrusted to him their affairs 
found him a sound and safe adviser. He was a good lawyer. He pos- 
sessed a natural legal mind. He studied his cases with great care and 
always considered, first and foremost, the interest of his client. Mr. 
Babbitt was physically a fine specimen of a man. He always enjoyed 
robust health, with the exception of a lameness, the result of rheumatism 
caused by exposure in the army. Mr. Babbitt was not a mere politician 
or lawyer. He was a man of large general reading and broad intelligence. 
He had a fine literary taste. He loved poetry and often tried his "pren- 
tice hand" in writing it. Mr. Babbitt died Nov. 8, 1901, in the full vigor 
of his powers. He had lived in Michigan fifty-three years. During that 
period he had witnessed wonderful changes in his state and nation. He 
came to Ypsilanti in a car rimning upon a strip of iron, spiked with wooden 
rails, its terminus in the wilderness of Kalamazoo. He had seen twenty- 
five states expand to forty-five. He had seen his country broken and 
disunited, pass through the most tremendous conflict of all history and 
come forth more free, more united and more prosperous than ever be- 
fore — commanding the respect of all governments and all peoples — taking 
its place by common consent at the very head of that front rank of the 
most powerful nations of the world. If Mr. Babbitt had faults common 
to human nature they have been forgiven and forgotten. It could not 
be otherwise, for he possessed in large degree those virtues of the ancient 
Roman soldier described by the poet — virtues which have always and 
everywhere conquered the human heart: 

"He was generous, brave and kind." 

Mr. Babbitt married Miss Florence Lewis Smalley, daughter of Mor- 
timer and Nancy (Lewis) Smalley, August 2, 1866, who was a native of 
Alleghany County, New York. They were married at Ypsilanti and 
continued to reside there until his death. 

Children: — 
868 Nora Chapman, Sept. 25, 1869. 

Alice Lavinia, Sept. 18, 1872. Resides in Hartford, Mich. 

Married Eugene Bennett. One child, Eugene B. 
Nancy Philanda, April 16, 1876. Unmarried. 
Theodore, June 7, 1874; d. April 13, 1875. 


Florence Cornelia, Feb. 23, 1881. Married Milton I. Perrine. 
in Detroit, Mich., May 7, 1898. One chnd. 

Babbitt Perrine. Resides in Ypsilanti, Mich. 
A son died at birth. 



There lives in Ypsilanti town, 

A lady of no small renown. 

One who is well known far and wide, 

One who will never be denied 

By friend or foe, in any place, 

By any tribe or any race, 

Should she discover they possess 

(E'en though long past its usefulness) 

A coat or garment long since worn 

By some old grandsire, ages gone. 

Or warming pan, with battered Hd 

That once had warmed some bridal bed. 

Old kettles, skillets, candle molds, 

And bead bags, e'en though full of holes 

In these her happiness is found. 

And she has searched the country round. 

And, 'mid her treasures you will find 

Salt cellars, plates of every kind. 

Old boot- jacks, flat-irons and reels, 

And best of all, the spinning wheels, 

Such as our granddames used, to spin 

The clothes that they were married in. 

Old pictures, cards of merit, too, 

The sight of which old scenes renew. 

Some faded patchwork, tattered, worn, 

WTiich time has of its beauty shorn. 

A silken badge, most prized of all 

As scenes of glory it recalls. 

'Twas worn, we never can forget, 

In honor of our Lafayette. 

And then from frame of smoky brown 


The kindly face of Cass looks down. 
An old hair trunk of age untold. 
But worth to her its weight in gold, 
Filled with the choicest of old stuff, 
Till one would think she had enough. 
But no, she still is reaching out, 
And hopes at last to bring about 
That which has been her cherished plan 
That these belong to Michigan. 
And when of all this cherished stuff, 
She can at last cry out, enough. 
We really think her plans will be, 
Upon the further shore, to see 
If in some places she can display 
The robes the angels cast away. 
Some faded crown, some harp of gold. 
And ply her trade, just as of old. 
And with the same glad cheery smile. 
She used on earth, she will beguile 
The dwellers on that far-off shore, 
And thus be happy evermore. 

Helen E. Balmer. 
Lansing, Mich., Dec. 25, 1905. 


Charles Winthrop Babbitt (John-Uri-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward'^. 

Resides in Jackson, Mich. 

Married Mollie Connor, June 7, 1872. 

Children: — 

John Charles, married. No children. 

Helen, married Frank Newkirk. No children. 


George Wallace Babbitt (John-Uri-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 


Mr. Babbitt was born in Elmira, N. Y., Feb. 28, 1854, and was in his 
67th year. His cheerfulness and enthusiasm belied his years, however, 
and preserved to him the appearance of a much younger man. Although 


he lived a retired life socially, being bound up in his family, and his work, 
he was everywhere a favorite and was known in every comer of the city 
as "George" or "G. W. B." Railroad employes of every grade and station 
fraternized with him and respected him. He possessed a happy faculty 
for putting strangers at their ease in his presence, and had a good-tem- 
pered jovial comment for every comer. He and his family attended 
Trinity church. 

His railroad career began at the age of 16, as operator with the M. C. 
R. at Jackson, Mich.; it was a thoroughly successful one. A series of 
rapid promotions included appointments to the position of despatcher 
on the C. B. & Q. at Cincinnati, under Superintendent W. C. Brown, 
now president of the New York Central; dispatcher of the M. C. R. at 
Ypsilanti and Jackson, and trainmaster for the M. C. R. at Detroit. A 
brief period was also spent in operative work in Mexico. 

Mr. Babbitt was one of the most thoroughly efficient railroad men in 
the country and was held in his esteem by his associates. 

Died July 11, 1910, in St. Thomas, Ont. 

Married Jennie McCray of Jackson, Mich. 


Katherine, married John W. Hobbs of Toronto. 


Ralph Oswald. 


Alden Dwight Babbitt (Samuel-Uri-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Born 1854, in Michigan. 

Editor of a newspaper in New Orleans. 

Died in New Orleans, La., Nov. 21, 1878, of yellow fever. 

Married in 1877, Lelia Barrow of La Grange, Ky, daughter of Edwin 
and Mary. She was born in 1859. 

Children: — 
869 Edwin D., Jan. 29, 1879. 


William Walker Babbitt (Roswell-Ira-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Sept. 4, 1822. Died Aug. 4, 1900, in Indianapolis, Ind. 
Lived in Indianapolis, Ind. 


Married Elizabeth Mills. Died March 27, 1900. 

Cordelia, Oct. 1, 1842. Married Lafe Miles (two sons). 

Amanda, June 5, 1844; d. Dec. 5, 1896. 

Nancy P., Feb. 4, 1847. Married her cousin, Oscar Babbitt, 

(No. 871). 
Elizabeth, Feb. 4, 1847. Married Roswell Babbitt, son of 

No. 494. 
Mary Susannah, Dec. 7, 1849; d. June 18, 1858. 
Sarah Hannah, Aug. 6, 1852. 
870 William Arthur, March 11, 1855. 

John C. Breckenridge, Nov. 8, 1858; d. April 12, 1859. 


James Parker Babbitt (Roswell-Ira-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward- Edward). 
Born July 28, 1824. Died Nov. 1889. 

Mr. Babbitt was a Mustard Mfgr. in IndianapoHs, Ind., in company 
with his brother John. 
Married (1st):— ( ) 

Three children by first marriage. 

Henry B. Babbitt. Lives in Michigan. 

Roswell married Eliz. Babbitt, see above. Lives in Greenwood, 

Ind. Has a son. 
A daughter. 
Married (2nd):— ( ) 

Six children by second marriage. Four boys and two girls. 
One E. B. Babbitt, lives in Louisville, Ky. Whiskey Mfgr 
Three other sons reside in Louisville, Ky. 


John Robert Parker Babbitt (Roswell-Ira-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward- 
Edward). Born Aug. 15, 1826. Died March 4, 1898. 

Mr. Babbitt was a manufacturer of mustard. In company with his 
brother James. 

Married Sept. 4, 1847, Susan Hulett, daughter of Abraham Hulett, 
born June 1, 1826; d. Jan. 13, 1892. 


Children: — 

871 Oscar, July 14, 1848. 

Jasper, July 22, 1851 ; married Widow Miller. 

Nancy F., July 31, 1853; d. Aug. 13, 1880. Unmarried. 

Isabel, Sept. 19, 1854; m. Jan. 16, 1873, C. C. Skiles. 

872 FrankHn, May 9, 1856. 

Mary Ann, Feb. 1, 1858; m. (1st) Aug. 27, 1878, R. C. Skiles. 
(2nd) May 16, 1904, George LePage. 

Sarah Parker, May 13, 1860; m. Sept. 28, 1884, James Miller. 

Sampson, June 11, 1864; d. July 28, 1866. 

Marica, April 10, 1867; m. (1st) Bud Miller. (2nd) George 
Howard. Mrs. Howard resides in Indianapolis, Ind., and 
has been keenly interested in the preparation of this work, 
and to her is due the thorough completeness of this branch 
of the family history. 


Silas Mattison Babbitt (Roswell-Ira-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Bom Oct. 27, 1829. , Died 1907. 

Served in Confederate Army and died in Soldiers' Home in Kentucky. 
Married Mary Louisa Graves, Oct. 19, 1853. Born July 14, 1838; 
died 1898. 
Children: — 

Mary M., July 25, 1856. 

William Mattison, Aug. 28, 1858. 

John Morgan, Feb. 21, 1862. 

Anna D., March 5, 1866. 

James H., March 26, 1868. 


Sabra Vincent Underwood (Susanna Babbitt Underwood-Ira-Na- 
thaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). Born Oct, 14, 1831, in New York City. 
Died Feb. 10, 1900. 

Married Oct. 6, 1856, Franklin Sammis. He was born June 19, 1832, 
in Huntington, L. I., son of Charles and Amanda (Sammis) Sammis. Mr. 
Sammis has been engaged in mercantile pursuits in New York, Bridge- 



port and Stratford, Conn., at which latter town he now resides. He is 
a descendant of John Sammis, an early settler of Sandwich, Mass. 

Mrs. Sammis was a woman of great intellectual force, a power for good 
in every way, deeply devoted to her church and home. A lover of music 
and a singer of ability. She was also keenly interested in all modern 
thought and ways, and kept always abreast of the times. She was a 
member of many societies and also of the D. A. R. 
Children: — 

Frank Russell, Jan. 1, 1858. 

Helen Underwood, July 10, 1860. She was educated in the Bridge- 
port schools and graduated from Stratford Institute for Ladies. 
Lately matron of the Protestant Orphan Asylum of Bridgeport, 
Conn., residing in Stratford with her father. Miss Sammis 
has been an active worker in the preparation of this work and 
sent much valuable data to be used in its compilation. 
James Underwood, July 6, 1862. 
Arthur Vincent, March 5, 1866. 
Robert Douglass, June 6, 1869. 
Herbert Fletcher, May 8, 1871 ; d. July 18, 1876. 


Floyd Livingston Babbit (Pierre-Seth-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born 1837, in Missouri. Died 1893, in Jacksonville, Fla. -'^ 
Married July 21, 1863, Mary Francis Tonge, daughter of Samuel Davis 
Tonge. Born 1840. 
Children: — 

Harry Livingstone, 1864. Resides in Jacksonville, Fla. 
Mary Juhet, 1866. Married Francis Sinclair Knight. One son 
Floyd Livingston. 


Seward Babbitt (Charles- John-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Bom Dec. 12, 1862, in Geneva, N. Y. 

Resides in Buffalo, N. Y. A traveling salesman. 

Married Dec. 3, 1885, in Beaver Falls, Pa., Eliza Blackmore, daughter 
of Samuel and Matilda (Hill) Blackmore. Born March 2, 1863. 


Children: — 

AbriUa A., Oct. 27, 1886; d. Dec. 3, 1904. 
» Charles Pixley, July 10, 1888. 
Kenneth, Aug. 10, 1894. 


William E. Babbitt (William-Thomas-Erasmus-Seth-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Oct. 31, 1825, in Charlestown, Mass. Died Nov. 1898. 
Assistant engineer in Charlestown Navy yard for fifteen years. 
Married (1st) Oct. 31, 1848, Lucia Lascelle Hutchins of Middlesex, 
Vt., daughter of Solomon and Nancy (Dillingham) Hutchins. Bom 
Dec. 4, 1829; died Nov. 17, 1873. 

Mary Palmer, May 1856; m. May 24, 1882, Charles H. Atwood. 

Anna Maria, April 16, 1858; m. Sept. 23, 1891, Charles H. Hale. 

Resides in St. Albans, Vt. Mrs. Hale has interested herself in 

the Babbitt history for many years and at the formation of the 

Babbitt Family Association became an active helper. She 

possessed many interesting heirlooms and mementos of her 

Babbitt ancestors. 

Married (2nd) Amanda M. Frehgh, of Ottawa, Can. She died Oct. 

11, 1885, in St. Albans, Vt. 


Anna Maria Babbitt (William D.-Thomas-Erasmus-Seth-Edward- 
Edward). Born June 23, 1823. 

Married Nov. 19, 1845, Jos. Walker, of Charlestown, Mass., son of 
William and EUzabeth (Hurd) Walker. Born Sept. 19, 1823. 

John Brook, Jan. 31, 1847. 

Maria, Nov. 1, 1849. 

WilUe, Dec. 18, 1851; d. April 2, 1856. 

Elizabeth Hurd, July 10, 1853. 

Augustine Ed., Aug. 29, 1855. 

Joseph H., Sept. 1857. 


Adam Benjamin Babbitt (Charles-Thomas-Erasmus-Seth-Edward- 
Edward). Bom April 29, 1833, near Natchez, Miss., on Brighton 


Served in Confederate Army. 

Died Sept. 24, 1867, in Black Hawk, La., from yellow fever. 

Children: — 

Tauny, died in Natchez, Miss., 1876. 

Ida, died in Thomasville, Fla., 1887-8. Married and left several 

Edward Trask, Aug. 8, 1858; married Harriet Rebecca. Lives in 
New Orleans, La. No children. 


Charles Winthrop Babbitt (Charles-Thomas-Erasmus-Seth-Edward- 
Edward): Born July 13, 1834, in Natchez, Miss. Died Aug. 2, 1903. 

Graduated from Harvard Scientific School in 1858. 

Was Captain of Engineers in Confederate Army under General Lee and 
witnessed the surrender at Appomatox. 

While at Cambridge Mr. Babbitt spent much of his time at the home 
of his cousins who lived in Boston, one of whom, William, he especially 
liked. At the outbreak of the war these cousins both enlisted, William 
Babbitt in the Northern Army and Charles in the army of the South, and 
in several engagements fought regiment against regiment. After the war 
they renewed their close friendship and corresponded frequently. In 
his army life Mr. Babbitt exercised his training as civil engineer to good 
advantage, at the close of the conflict being in Gen. Lee's stafif in charge 
of his pontoon bridges, in fact it was he who laid the last bridge used at 
Appomotax by his beloved chief and his devoted men before the surren- 
der. On this occasion Mr. Babbitt had in charge two hundred and 
twenty-five men and after Lee and his army had crossed they were 
ordered to destroy the bridge, although so doing would cut off the wagon 
train, this act being necessary because Gen. Grant was pushing so close 
behind. While engaged in burning the bridge, the men became marks 
for the Federal sharpshooters who were ambushed on the river bank and 
when the task was done, but forty-two remained alive of the heroic workers. 

On another occasion he was serving with his company in South Caro- 
lina, and the Confederate Gunners were unable to silence the fire of one 
particular gvm of the Union Army which was shelling them with much 
efifect. Mr. Babbitt was able to measure a base line and by the use of 


his watch for a compass to get the angle to the gun from both ends of his 
base line, and by triangulation figured out the distance for the Confeder- 
ate gunner, whose first shot hit the troublesome gun squarely and blew 
it to pieces. For this service Mr. Babbitt was promoted and secured a 
commission as Lieutenant of the Engineers with orders to report to Gen. 
Rodes, who was on the staff of Gen. Lee. 

He did not catch up with Lee's Army imtil the day before the Battle 
of Gettysburg and reached his headquarters on the morning of the battle. 
Gen. Rodes was absent and not being accessible, Mr. Babbitt was ordered 
to wait without being assigned to duty, and knowing that the battle was 
imminent, climbed a tree and from there witnessed Pickets' celebrated 
charge from beginning to end. 

Mr. Babbitt remained with Gen. Lee's army until the close of the war, 
at which time he was Captain of Engineers. He was a witness of the 
surrender of Gen. Lee. 

Mr. Babbitt was a great humorist and mimic and fond of telling stories. 
Especially did he delight in exchanging stories of his experiences with 
his war comrades. 

Married (1st) Dec. 15, 1864, Alma Grigsby Darst, of Dublin, Va. She 
died Oct. 5, 1873. 
Children: — 

873 Charles Darst, Sept. 18, 1865. Lives m Gueydan, La. 
James Surget, Jan. 19, 1868; d. Nov. 9, 1884. 
John Walter, Sept. 9, 1870. Unmarried. Civil Engineer 
and Surveyor in Natchez. 
Married (2nd) Dec. 19, 1878, Amanda L. White, who died Jan. 20, 1908. 

Francis Newman, Nov. 14, 1879; d. July 8, 1908. 
Robert White, Sept. 6, 1886; d. July 23, 1887. 


Mary Eliza Babbitt Winthrop (Erasmus-Erasmus-Seth-Edward- 
Edward). Born Feb. 26, 1823. Died Jan. 30, 1891. 

Married Dec. 16, 1842, Isaac Wentworth, of Boston, Mass., son of 
William and Sarah (Pitcher). 

Charlotte Augusta, Sept. 1, 1843; m. April 21, 1864, Timothy 
Crowell, and is now living in Cambridge, Mass. 



Frederick, Dec, 29, 1865. 
Alice, March 1, 1870. 
Henry Arthur, July 7, 1853; d. March 1, 1901. Married 
Annie Clark. 

Children: — 


George Hewes Babbitt (Joseph-Nathan-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born July 25, 1828. Died Nov. 6, 1898, in Bellows Falls, Vt. 

In early manhood drove the stage from Keene, N. H., to Bellows Falls, 
Vt., and after the railroad was completed and the route discontinued he 
became Express Messenger between Keene and Boston. 

For thirteen years he was Division Superintendent of the U. S. and 
Canada Express Co. 

A Knight Templar and thirty-three Degree Mason. 
Married May 4, 1856, Frances A. Johnson, daughter of Stephen John- 
son of Walpole, Mass. Born Dec. 8, 1835; died Oct. 10, 1901. 
Children: — 

Clara Francis, Nov. 23, 1856; m. Oct. 7, 1880, Edmund H. 
Wilson, son of Edmund of Petersham, Mass. Two daugh- 
ters, EHzabeth and Pauline. She married (2nd) Dec. 19, 
1889, Frank B. Jenness. 

874 Frederick Herbert, Nov. 23, 1859. 

875 George Hewes, Sept. 13, 1861. 
John Edward, Jan. 21, 1872. 

John Edward Babbitt was born in Bellows Falls, Vt. In 
1899 received degree of Ph. B. from Brown University, and 
from 1899 to 1902 was Route Agent for American Express 
Co. In 1902 he became Treasurer and Manager of the Bel- 
lows Falls Machine Co., and is also Vice President of the 
Robertson Paper Co. 



John Wood Babbitt (Joseph-Nathan-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born June 12, 1835, in Keene, N. H. 

Died Oct. 20, 1906, in Keene, N. H. 

Married Aug. 2, 1879, Hattie Mason of Sullivan, N. H., daughter of 
Ashley and Roxana (Nims) Mason. Born 1845. Died April 20, 1905. 


Ruth Josephine, July 25, 1886. 
Charles Evarts, May 16, 1891. 
Helen I., Nov. 5, 1880. 

Mr. Babbitt passed his school days in Keene, and in 1859 went on a 
trip West, going as far as Pike's Peak and Denver, also going South as 
far as New Mexico. In 1860 on his return, he had just reached the home 
of his brother Charles in Bloomington, 111., when the news of the outbreak 
of the war came. At the first call for troops he enlisted in the Eighth 
Illinois Regiment for three months and later enlisted in the 58th IlHnois 
with which he went to the front as Second Lieutenant of Co. B. 

Mr. Babbitt saw active service at Fort Donelson and Pittsburgh Land- 
ing, in which latter engagement he was wounded in the thigh, and subse- 
quent illness compelled his resignation. After his convalescence in 
Keene, he again left for the front in August, 1862, as Captain of Co. I, 
of the 9th New Hampshire Volmiteer Regiment and until almost the close 
of the war was in active service. Some of the battles in which he partici- 
pated were, Pleasant Valley, Fredericksburg, Siege of Vicksburg, An- 
tietam and the Wilderness. 

In Nov. 1862, Mr. Babbitt was promoted for bravery to Lieutenant 
Colonel. His last active service was in Spottsylvania where he was again 
wounded in the hip. The surgeon not being able to find the ball his life 
was despaired of, and by special leave from the Secretary of War was 
allowed to return to Keene where the ball was finally found and removed. 

From this time till the close of the war Mr. Babbitt's ill health pre- 
vented him from giving the active service which he had given before, and 
there is no doubt that his miHtary rank would have been high but for this 
fact. In fact, a bill promoting him to the rank of Brevet Brig. General 
had been prepared, but was for some reason not presented. 

Since the war he made his home in Keene. He was a republican in 
politics, a member of the G. A. R., and a Free Mason. 



William Henry Babbitt (Joseph-Nathan-Nathan-Nathan-Edward- 
Edward). Born Feb. 5, 1840, in Keene, N. H. Died March 28, 1883, 
in Hinsdale, N. H. 

Resided in Keene, N. H., until 1880, then in Hinsdale, N. H. A prom- 
inent Odd Fellow. He instituted Unity Lodge, No. 40, in Hinsdale, N. H. 
Married Lucy Black of Putney, Vt. Born May 17, 1848. She mar- 
ried (2nd) George H. Pike and had one daughter Florence. 
Children: — Born in Keene, N. H. 

Walter, 1872; d. Aug. 12, 1873, age 10 months. 
Louis S., May 17, 1874, in Hinsdale, N. H. Married Carrie E. 
Manthorne of Worcester, Mass., Oct. 19, 1898. Mr. Babbitt 
has resided in Worcester since 1891. 
Two children:— 

Kenneth Ashmore, April 7, 1901. 
William Lawrence, Nov. 27, 1908. 
Jessie, March 8, 1877. Unmarried. Resides in Cambridge, Mass. 

A seamstress. 
Lillian, Jan. 27, 1882, in Hinsdale., N. H. Resides in Worcester, 
Mass., with her brother. 


Sarah A. Babbitt (Nathan-Nathan -Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). 
Born July 31, 1827. Died June 10, 1887. 
Resides in Beloit, Wis. 

Married Sept. 13, 1864, John Heivly, of Deborah, la. 

Eunice Eva, Oct. 12, 1866; m. June 7, 1887, John Mcintosh. 

Hazel Mcintosh, Nov. 7, 1889, in Beloit, Wis. 


Clinton Babbitt (Nathan-Nathan-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). 
Born in Westmoreland, N. H., Nov. 16, 1831. 


He was educated at Keene Academy, Keene, N. H., and removed to 
Beloit, Wis., in 1853, where he remained until his death. 

Mr. Babbitt's public life began when he was still young. He was 
hardly 25 years of age when elected member of the first common council 
and from that time he maintained a lively interest in affairs in which city, 
state and nation were concerned. His election to the council just after 
the city was incorporated was as great a surprise to him as could be im- 
agined for the democrats had no idea that the ticket they had nominated 
could be elected. 

After this he kept up his interest in things public, although he did not 
seek an ofl&ce at the hands of the people until in 1880, when he ran for 
Congress on the Hancock ticket and was defeated. Then in 1890 came 
his second attempt to represent the district in Congress. The democrats 
in convention were at sea to know whom to nominate. Finally they 
named Mr. Babbitt, but because the district was so overwhelmingly re- 
publican there was little hope of winning out. Then Mr. Babbitt began 
his famous campaign as the "farmer's candidate." He rode all over the 
district and met personally the tillers of the soU, soliciting their votes and 
winning them with his hearty handshake, his friendly eye and his kindly 
heart. When the returns came in he was as surprised to find himself 
elected as he was when made a member of the city's first alder manic body. 
It was while he was in Congress from 1891 to 1893 that he met and be- 
came a close friend of William Jennings Bryan. So intimate did their 
companionship become that Mr. Bryan came to call Mr. and Mrs. Babbitt 
"father" and "mother." This friendship lasted through all the years 
of Mr. Babbitt's life and whenever the "great commoner" was in the 
vicinity of Beloit he called on the former if it was within the range of pos- 
sibility. These two men opened their hearts to each other in an affection 
that was remarkable and touchiag. 

Mr. Babbitt served his district and his country well. He had the satis- 
faction of suggesting the compromise appropriation of $2,500,000, for 
the world's fair, thus bringing about a settlement of the matter without a 
fight and winning the thanks of many who feared the impending strife. 
He also served a term as postmaster and gave excellent satisfaction. 

One of his important duties in the state was that of secretary of the 
state agricultural society, a position which he held from 1880 to 1890. 
In this capacity he had charge of the state fairs which then were held in 



various parts of the state. He had an office at Madison where he formed 
many pleasant comradeships. 

A short sketch does not suffice to show the amplitude of Mr. Babbitt's 
life. It consisted more in what he was than what he did, more in in- 
fluence than in offices, more than is usual in "little unremembered acts 
of kindness and of love." During his long life he was a careful student 
of public men and measures. He was a powerful influence in his city, 
county and state and the trusted counsellor of political leaders. His home 
was open daily to wanderers or to notables and around his board met the 
great democracy of mankind. When he died, March 11, 1897, the city 
mourned; the city's flag went to half-mast and the people thronged to 
honor his beloved memory. A leading newspaper, after summarizing 
his life, closed with the final tribute — "To die thus is to die great." 

Mr. Babbitt married in Beloit, Wis., June 24, 1857, Sarah S., daughter 
of Samuel S. and Elizabeth (Allen) Johnson of Beloit. She was born in 
Westfield, Mass., Oct. 30, 1837. 

Children born in Beloit: — 

876 Fannie Maria, June 10, 1858. 

Eunice lola, March 2, 1860; d. in Beloit, Feb. 3, 1901; married 
there Jan. 1, 1892, Julius M. Farnsworth. One child — died 
in infancy. 

Clinton, died in infancy. 

Child died in infancy. 

Nattan Godfrey died in infancy. 

Arthur, Oct. 7, 1868; m. Dec. 16, 1898, Eliz. E. Buehlman. 
She was born in 1879. Resides Livingston, Mass. Grad- 
uate of University of Wisconsin. 

877 Alice Howe, Sept. 27, 1871. 

Edith Campbell Feb. 1, 1874; unmarried. Writes verse which 
appears in leading magazines. A teacher; Res. Santurce, Porto 

Rico. Graduate of Carleton College, 1897. 
Bertha Louis, Dec. 18, 1878. Unmarried. 
Ralph, June 23, 1881; married in Rock Island, 111., June 9, 

1902, Edith Flint. She was born Aug. 26, 1881, daughter 

of Julius and Carrie (Elmore) Flint. 
Children: — 

Andrea B., Aug. 29, 1903. 

He married (2nd) Aug. 24, 1908, Lura Barnes, daughter of 
Joseph A. and Ella (Bennett) Barnes of Helena, Mont. They 
reside in Livingston, Mont. 



Mary Leonard Babbitt (Levi-Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edwaid-Edward). 
Born Jan. 1, 1805. i; 

Resided in Athol, Mass. ^0. 

Married Sept. 11, 1829, Jonathan Ward Fay of Athol, Mass. Died 
May 6, 1892, age 91 years. 
Children: — 

Joseph Frederick, Oct. 3, 1830. 

Rebecca L., June 22, 1832. 

Josiah, July 22, 1834; d. 1835. 

Abagail A., Jan. 31, 1837. 

Martha C, Jan. 12, 1839; d. Dec. 11, 1841. 

Levi Benjamin, April 14, 1843. 


Thomas Babbitt (Levi-Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born 
March 13, 1807. Died March 13, 1895. 

A farmer in Athol, Mass. 

Married (1st) Sept. 16, 1832, Nancy Williams Cobb, daughter of 
Lemuel and Polly (Whitmore) Cobb of Plympton, Mass.. She was born 
July 26, 1812. Died Feb. 11, 1873. 

Children: — 

Harriet Newell, July 11, 1833; d. Nov. 28, 1835. 

878 Harriet Augusta, July 14, 1837. 

Married (2nd) Aug. 17, 1878, Celestina M. Fay, daughter of Emerson 
Fay, of Athol. She died May 12, 1899, age 68 years. No children. 


George W. Babbitt (Levi-Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). 
Born Sept. 8, 1812, in Taunton, Mass. Died April 16, 1889, in Athol, Mass. 

Resided in Athol, Mass. 

Married (1st) Susan A. Cutting, March 1837, who died Nov. 20, 1843. 
She is buried in Hinsdale, N. H. 

Children: — 

879 Lyman Dwight, Sept. 5, 1838. 


Married (2nd) Elvira B. Witt, Oct. 22, 1849, daughter of David and 
Polly, of Athol, Mass. No children. 


Isaac Thompson Babbitt (Isaac-Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Dec. 21, 1806. Died April 10, 1893. 

Married May 27, 1838, Ann P. (Lewis), of Fitchburg, Mass., daughter 
of Ebenezer and Zeruah Packard. She died May 22, 1891, 

Children: — 

880 Nathan Willard, May 22, 1839. 

881 Charles A., Feb. 22, 1849. 

Sarah Ann, d. Oct. 10, 1847, age 1 year, 7 months. 


Irene Adeline Babbitt (Isaac-Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). 
Born April 30, 1809, in Norton. Died Sept. 9, 1855, in Busti, N. Y. 
Married May 1838, Cyrus Lovell of Worcester. Died 1881, in Iowa. 
Children: — 

Wm. Hedges, Feb. 8, 1839. Died in Gettysburg from wounds in 

battle, July 26, 1863. 
Sarah Adeline, Oct. 20, 1840, in Barre, Mass. Married Aug. 29, 
1865, in Dubuque, la., James M. McKinlay, born in Dunferm- 
line, Scotland, who died 1911. 
Mrs. McKinlay resides in New York City and spends the summer 
months at the old Babbitt homestead in Barre, Mass., which she owns. 
She was one of the earHest members of the Babbitt Association and has 
always shown the deepest interest in the preparation of this work, and 
given great assistance to the compilers. Mrs. McKinlay was a member 
of the first Publication Committee and always present at the Annual 
Her children: — 

Minnehaha Lovell, July 24, 1866, in Dubuque, la. Graduate of 
Vassar, 1888. Married Charles W. Smith May 1, 1889. 
Children: — 

Donald Gaston, May 19, 1891, N. Y. City. 
Eleanore McKinlay, July 24, 1892. 


Adeline, Jan. 13, 1868, in Dubuque, la. Vassar, 1888. Married 
Horace Hatch, Oct. 12, 1893. 
Children: — 
Horace W., July 19, 1894. 
Adeline Lovell, March 19, 1896. 
Lulu May, May 21, 1870, in New York City. Died while in Vassar 

College, March 10, 1889. 
James Buel, April 15, 1872, Grad. Columbia, 1892. Married June 

29, 1904, Mary Bailey. Child died Sept. 1906. 
Wm. Bradford, April 21, 1874, Grad. Columbia, 1895. Married 
June 17, 1902, Louise Emmons. 
Children: — 

Robert Emmons, March 11, 1905, in Utah. 
William Emmons, Jan. 13, 1907, in N. Y. City. 
Mr. Bradford is now living in Dinango, Mexico. 


Harrison Willard Babbitt (Isaac-Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born March 31, 1812, in Barre, Mass. Died Aiig. 4, 1885, in 
Barre, Mass. 

Harrison Willard Babbitt worked on his father's farm, during his boy- 
hood years. Then he entered the employ of the State, and was an attend- 
ant at the Insane Asylum in Worcester, Mass. Later he traveled for 
Business Houses through New England, and during one of these trips, 
met the girl who afterwards became his wife. It was a good selection, 
and he was never sorry for the choice he made. 

Most of his early married life was passed in Worcester, Mass., where 
by his thrift and economy, he was able to build a home, in which most 
of his seven children were born. 

When the Civil War broke out, he bought of his Brother Pliny, who 
had enlisted in the army, the old homestead in Barre, where he moved 
at once, and lived there the remainder of his life. He was a successful 
farmer, and by patient and persevering labor, improved the farm he loved 
so well, until it was one of the best in that part of the town. 

He united with the Congregational Church when a young man, and for 
more than fifty years, was a regular attendant both at Church and Sab- 
bath School. 

A serious accident was the cause of his death, Aug, 4th, 1885. 


Married May 18, 1848, Marilla Theresa Converse, daughter of Joel, 
Jr., and Abigail (Colt) Converse. Born Oct. 7, 1826, in Lyme, N. B.., 
died Jan. 5, 1892, in Oakdale, Mass. She married (2nd) Jan. 4, 1888, 
Harrison Wyman. 

Children: — First four born in Worcester — the rest in Barre, Mass. 

882 Clara Frances, June 5, 1849. 

883 Edwin Converse, Nov. 26, 1850. 

Frank Allen, July 15, 1853; d. Aug. 25, 1870, in Barre, Mass. 

884 Mary Mice, Nov. 19, 1855. 

885 Kate Maria, Oct. 7, 1860. 

886 Alfred Lincoln, Nov. 11, 1862. 

Milton Peck, Jan. 2, 1867, in Barre; m. June 26, 1894, Hattie 
M. Dalton, of Stockbridge, Vt., daughter of Isaac and Laura 
(Abbott) Dalton. 

Mr. Babbitt is a manufacturer in Leominster, Mass. 


Pliny Henry Babbitt (Isaac-Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). 
Born June 15, 1818, in Barre, Mass. Died Oct. 17, 1908. 

His early days were passed on the farm attending the district school. 
Later he attended Monson & Shelburne Falls' Academies. He finished 
his limited and hard earned education at Appleton Academy, New 
Ipswich, N. H. There he met Lydia Perry, daughter of Asa Perry of 
Temple, N. H., whom he married June 19, 1839. She was born Oct. 30, 
1817, and died Jan. 24, 1865. 

Having purchased the old homestead of his father, he resided there 
most of the time until 1862, making farming his occupation. He also 
became an auctioneer, continuing as such over a period of sixty years. 
At this vocation he made his reputation, his native wit and ability to sell, 
putting him at the head of auctioneers in New England. 

In 1862 Mr. Babbitt enlisted as private in Co. F, 53rd Regiment, 
Massachusetts Infantry, and on the organization of the company was 
made second Lieutenant. During his time of service he was detailed 
to various important duties, among them being assistant commissary 
on the "Continental" carrying supphes to New Orleans. After expira- 
tion of service he returned to Barre, but was later called to Washington, 
where for a year he was recruiting officer. 


Returning to Barre he resumed his previous lines of business. He 
was honored by his townsmen with various offices. Was Constable or 
Deputy Sheriff for nearly seventy years. His advice was frequently 
sought and he always proved a good counsellor. He was much inter- 
ested in the affairs of the town, especially in the church and schools, and 
did much to stimulate their growth and prosperity. An active, useful 
and patriotic citizen, as well as a kind and indulgent husband and father. 
His ninetieth birthday was celebrated in Barre shortly before his death. 
All his children and grandchildren being present. 

Children: — 

Deborah Perry, Feb. 5, 1841 ; d. July, 1895. Married Dr. Seth 
L. Chase of Colchester, Conn, 

887 Caleb Henry, Aug. 11, 1842; d. May, 1885. Married Char- 

lotte Maynard, Dec. 24, 1885. 
Children: — 

Florence Lydia. 
Mabel Lizzie, Dec. 4, 75. 
Franklin Phinney, Jan. 1, 1844; d. July, 1844. 
Francis Fairbanks, Jan. 1, 1844; d. July, 1844. 
Mary Ann, April 28, 1847. Married Theodore Bemis, June 7, 
1883. He d. May, 1910. Mrs. Bemis resides in Providence, R. I. 
George Franklin, Nov. 25, 1848. 

He received his preparatory education at Phillips Andover 
Academy and graduated from Harvard in 1872. He was 
reporter and editor on Boston Post until 1877 and since 
1884 has been editor of Boston Herald. Has also held the 
following responsible positions: — Private Secretary to Mayor 
Prince, Washington Correspondent of Boston Post, Member 
of Boston Board of Health and was Health Commissioner 
from 1879 to 1900. He married March 22, 1905, Eunice 
Humphrey Allen. 

888 Charles Albert, March 11, 1851. 

889 Lizzie Nichols, April 17, 1856. 



Samuel Morey Babbitt (Willard-Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Baptised Oct. 5, 1817, in Norton, Mass. Died Oct. 30, 1867, in 
Boston, Mass. 

Served in Co. O, 43rd Massachusetts Regiment, in Civil War. 
Married Dec. 17, 1843, in Boston, Jane B. Whytall. Born 1823 in 
England. Died April 9, 1885, in Boston, age 61 years, 9 months. 
Children: — All deceased. 

Willard, 1846, in Wampole, Mass. Served in Co. K, 44th Massa- 
chusetts Regiment. 
Thomas G., 1848, in Springfield, Mass. Married March 23, 1870, 
Annie M. Moffett, daughter of Matthew and Jane, in Boston, 
Mass. One son: — Samuel Moffett, June 30, 1873. He mar- 
ried Sept. 12, 1890, Bessie E. Priest of Cohasset, Mass. 

Mrs. Annie M. Babbitt married (2nd) Jan. 6, 1897, George 
Lee of Boston, Mass. 
Mabel W., 1859, in Roxbury, Mass. Married Feb. 28, 1879, in 
Dedham, Mass., Frederick D. Smith of Norton, Mass. Their 
only son died at the age of 24. 


Sophia Babbitt (Willard-Levi-Nathan -Nathan-Edward-Edward). 
Married April 10, 1842, George Copeland. 
Children: — 

Ithamar, resides in Troy, N. Y. 


Maria C. Babbitt (Willard-Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward) 
Born 1829. 

Married John Horton, of Rehoboth, Mass., June 9, 1853. Born 1832 
son of Ellis and Mary Horton. 

Nellie married James Blundell. Lives in Taunton. One daugh- 
ter Edith. 
Sarah married William Copeland of Providence, R. I. One son 



Erasmus Babbitt (Snell-Snellem-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward.) 
Born Dec. 26, 1810, in Savoy, Mass. Died Aug. 28, 1901, in St. Louis, Mo. 
Resided for a time in Adams, Mass., and later removed West, residing 
in Fox Lake, Wisconsin and Bloomington, 111. 

Married (1st) Rhoda Mason. Born July 8, 1810; died June 13, 1877, 
in Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Mr. Babbitt had a second wife still residing in St. Louis, Mo. 

Erasmus Darwin, Nov. 19, 1832; d. May 30, 1894. 
890 Dwight Snellem, Oct. 6, 1841. 

George Dallas, April 3, 1844; d. Sept. 15, 1879. 
Nathan M., Feb. 19, 1848; d. Aug. 9, 1850. 


Nathan Snell Babbitt (Snell-Snellem-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born in Hancock, Mass., Aug. 30, 1812. 

In his youth his family removed to Cheshire, Mass., in which town 
and South Adams, Mass., he spent his youth, his preparatory education 
having been received at the Academy of the latter place. This school 
was well advanced for its day and fitted its pupils for college, but young 
Babbitt had not the means to procure a college course and instead be- 
gan at once the preparatory work for his professional career. He studied 
medicine for one year with Dr. H. M. Wills of Windsor, Mass., and then 
studied with his father and attended the course of lectures at the Berk- 
shire Medical School, from which he was graduated in 1833, at the age 
of 21 years. His degree of M. D. was conferred by WiUiams College, 
of which the Berkshire school then constituted the medical department. 
The degree of A. M. was afterwards given by Williams College to Dr. 
Babbitt. After graduation Dr. Babbitt located in South Adams where 
he successfully practiced medicine and surgery until 1846 when he re- 
moved to North Adams, Mass., where he resided until his death. As a 
physician Dr. Babbitt attained high rank. From the beginning he was 
proud of his profession for which he had inherited special gifts. He was 
naturally a student and ambitious of the learning of books. He had 
beside a keen mind, a strong and enduring physique and habits of thrift 
and industry. 






Dr. Babbitt's main life was professional, but aside from that he was 
an active citizen and an influential member of the community during 
the active years of his life. He was an original member of the free-soil 
party and a delegate from South Adams to the famous first national con- 
vention of that party in Buffalo, N. Y., which nominated Martin Van 
Buren and Charles Francis Adams as candidates for president and vice- 
president. He was not, however, prominent in political life and filled 
but one political office, being elected by the democratic party to the House 
of Representatives in 1882. He died November 5, 1889. 

Dr. Babbitt married at Adams in 1835 Ann Eliza, daughter of Thomas 
and Nancy (Wells) Robinson. No children were born to them. 

Mrs. Babbitt died Feb. 13, 1899. 


Adaline Lavinia Babbitt (Snell-Snellem-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born April 25, 1815, in Hancock, Mass. Died July 7, 1888, in 
North Adams, Mass. 

After her marriage resided for a short time in Cheshire and Lanesboro, 
Mass. In 1857 removing to the farm on the Adams Road near Hoosac 
Tunnel, where she lived the rest of her life. A member of the First Con- 
gregational Church of North Adams. A woman of great bravery and 
cheerfulness, although she had borne more than the usual share of sorrow 
and affliction. She was keenly interested in her family history and it 
was always a pleasure to meet her kindred of near or remote degree, and 
talk of the old days and the events of her younger days. 

Married April 29, 1837, Albert Gallatin Browne, son of Isaac and 
Susanna (Bradford) Browne, and a descendant of Gov. Wm. Bradford 
of Plymouth, of Wm. Brewster, and John Alden. Born Oct. 3, 1810, in 
Adams, Mass. Died Nov. 13, 1888, in North Adams, Mass. 

Children: — First three born in Adams, Mass. 

Ann Eliza, March 30, 1840; d. Aug. 4, 1860. 
Frances, March 7, 1838; d. Aug. 16, 1867. 

891 Charles Albert, July 17, 1842. 

892 Isaac Snell, Sept. 23, 1850 in Cheshire, Mass. 

William, Jan. 9, 1854 in Lanesboro, Mass. ; d. Aug. 20, 1854. 



Bidwell Babbitt (Snell-Snellem-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). 
Born 1816. Died Dec. 15, 1875. 
Resided in Adams, Mass. 

Married Maria Bigelow, daughter of Asa E. and Eliza (Browning) 
Bigelow. Died May 23, 1902. 
Children: — 

Byron, 1846; d. Aug. 19, 1880. Unmarried. 

Thomas B., May 7, 1853; d. May 2, 1887. Unmarried. 


Corydon Babbitt (Snell-Snellem-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). 
Born Sept. 25, 1819. Died Jan. 24, 1877, in Adams, Mass. 
Resided in Adams. A carpenter by trade. 

Married Oct. 13, 1844, Amy Rowland, daughter of John and Belinda 
(Jenks) Rowland. Born 1826. Died 1897. 
Children: — 

Alice, Jan. 22, 1848; d. Aug. 1899. Unmarried. 
Belinda, Feb. 1846; d. June 1907. Unmarried. 
Daisy (adopted) married Rorace Babbitt, No. 525. 


Rorace Babbitt (Snell-Snellem-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). 
Born Oct. 1, 1824, in Savoy, Mass. 

Lived in Cohoes, N. Y., and for many years in Philmont, N. Y., where 
he was interested in manufacturing of knit goods 

After his wife's death he returned to Adams, Mass., built a new home 
and married again. 
Now Hving in Adams, Mass. 
Married (1st) Clarina N. Carter. 

Rorace, unmarried. Resides in Adams, Mass. 
Married (2nd) Daisy (Ropper) Babbitt. See No. 524. 
Children: — 

Alice Selinda, Feb. 10, 1912. 



John Quincy Babbitt (Snell-Snellqm-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born June 14, 1822. Died Nov. 18, 1870. Buried in 
Holyoke, Mass. 

Was employed in Holyoke, Mass., in Paper Manufacturing. 
Married Christina Cameron. She died many years after in Chilli- 
cothe. Mo. 

*Edward Everett, Dec. 22, 1846. Never married; deceased. 
Helen, Sept. 5, 1852; d. Sept. 18, 1852. 
(A son), Sept. 5, 1853. Died soon. 
*Edward Everett Babbitt was a natural mimic and a great practical 
joker. At one time he was in the City of Mexico, under the name of 
"Everetto Babbitto." 


Marie Antoinette Babbitt (Snell-Snellem-Nathan-Nathan-Edward 
Edward). Born Feb. 1830. 

Married Aug. 4, 1853, Amory E. Taylor of Hinsdale, Mass. Mr. Tay- 
lor was a manufacturer in Hinsdale, Mass., after his marriage. Later 
his family removed to Adams, Mass., where he died. 

Mrs. Taylor resides in Adams, Mass., with Mr. Charles T. Plunkett. 

Leila born in Hinsdale, Mass. Married Charles T. Plunkett of 
Adams, Mass. She died Jan. 24, 1908. They have one son, 
Charles T., Jr. Graduate of Princeton, 1909. In Harvard 
Law School. 


Nathan Elbridge Babbitt (Edward-Snellem-Nathan-Nathan-Edward- 
Edward). Born Feb. 11, 1818, in Savoy, Mass. Died May 9, 1887. 

Resided in Greenfield and Montague, Mass. He ran a steam wood- 
working mill and was a contractor of building supplies. He built all 
the stations and sheds on the Fitchburg, R. R. 


He was first Master of Mountain Lodge of Masons of Shelbume, 
Falls, Mass. 

Married April 28, 1844, Hannah Gurnsey of Cummington, Mass. Born 
July6, 1815; died July 6, 1881. 
Children: — 
893 Charles F., June 27, 1849. 

Florence, July 29, 1851; d. Aug. 1, 1860, in Montague, Mass. 
*Edward Nathan, resides in West Campton, N. H. Bridge 
builder. Married Anna M. Van Houson in Hoi yoke, Mass., 
Oct. 1, 1874. No children. 

In 1869 commenced bridge building while living in Mon- 
tague, Mass. The first of his construction being the old 
wooden covered type. He was for years foreman of the 
A. A. Wright Co. of Springfield, Mass. Now a resident of 
West Compton, N. H. 
Clara Isabel, 1854. Married (1st) Gamaliel Collins of Palmer, 
Mass., Jan. 16, 1878. 
Married (2nd) Melvin Underwood of Boston, Mass., Jan. 
15, 1880. No children. 


Abagail Babbitt (Edward-Snellem-Nathaniel-Nathaniel-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Oct. 6, 1821, in Savoy, Mass. 
Died July 20, 1850, in Savoy, Mass. 
Married Patrick Haley, of Savoy, April 27, 1846. 
Children: — 


William Snellem Babbitt (Edward-Snellem-Nathan-Nathan-Edward- 
Edward). Born July 24, 1824, in Savoy, Mass. 

Originally named "Jarvis" Babbitt. Renamed April 9, 1839, by Leg- 
islature of Massachusetts. 

Served in Co. B., 49th Massachusetts Regiment. 

Died May 7, 1880, in Hubbardston, Mass. 

Married Jan. 31, 1847, Marcia J. Thompson of Savoy, Mass. Born 
Dec. 25, 1829; died May 26, 1903, in Stamford, Vt. 



Eliza Marie, April 6, 1848. Married Joseph Hayden. Mrs. 
Hayden resides in North Adams, Mass. 

894 Annis A., Feb. 6, 1850. 

895 Clarence Mason, Oct. 3, 1853. 

Freeman Alden, May 4, 1858. Graduate of Dartmouth 
Medical School, 1882. 

Married (1st) Ida M. French, daughter of Frederick and 
Phoebe (Hodge) French of Orange, Mass. Born Nov. 25, 
1854. Died Dec. 26, 1905. 

Married (2nd) Nov. 10, 1909, Anna Hayes. 
Bertha Belle, Feb. 1867. Married Edgar J. Millard, Nov. 
10, 1886. Mrs. Millard resides in North Adams, Mass. 


Charles Mattoon Babbitt (Edward-Snellem-Nathan-Nathan-Edward- 
Edward). Born Nov. 3, 1829, in Savoy, Mass. 

Served in Co. C, 37th Massachusetts Regiment for three years. Was 
in seventeen battles but was wounded but once. He was a blacksmith 
and wagon maker by trade and was for a time located in Adams, Mass. 
After the war he moved to East Windsor, Mass., and worked in the axe 
factory of his brother Andrew. After several years he became interested 
in traveling shows and circuses, notably Forepaughs, where he was known 
as the "Champion Show Lecturer." For ten years he traveled over the 
U. S. A. in their work. He finally settled down as manager of the hotel 
at West Cummington, Mass., but at times carrying on his old trade of 
blacksmithing. About 1858 he went to East Cummington and managed 
the hotel there one year removing thence to Brightwood, Mass., where 
he was employed in the Wason Car Mfg. Works until his death in 1891. 
He was a member of the Odd Fellows and of the G. A. R. 

Married Dec. 22, 1853, Eveline Thompson, daughter of WiUiam and 
Lydia (Brown) Thompson of Cummington, Mass. She was born April 
22, 1826. Died March 17, 1907. 


Charles T., Aug. 15, 1856, in Windsor, Mass. Married Sept. 21, 
1880, Ahce Hartman, daughter of D. M. and Mary Hartman 
of Webster City, Iowa. Mrs. Babbitt is an expert buyer for 


art departments of stores. Mr. Babbitt is a dealer in meat. 
They now reside in Oakland, Cal. 

Frank E., Sept. 4, 1859. A traveling salesman. He has made 
probably a record breaking number of trips across the continent. 

Frederick H., 1862; died 1866 in Windsor, Mass. 

Nellie A., July 9, 1866, in Windsor, Mass. Married Oct. 23, 1890, 
in Springfield to WilHam R. Gardener. They reside in Pitts- 
field, Mass. She has two children. 

Hannah E. Gardener, born in Pittsfield, Feb. 12, 1892. 
Charles R. Gardener, born in Pittsfield, June 27, 1900. 


Samuel Flint Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward- 
Edward). Born Nov. 7, 1824, in Worcester, Mass. 

Served in Co. F, 4th Heavy Artillery, Aug. 15, 1864; June 1865. 

Died in Worcester, Mass. 

Married Sept. 17, 1850, Jeannette Gates, in Worcester. Born in Ster- 
ling, Mass., in 1830, daughter of Luther and Peoney (?) W. Gates. 

Children: — 
896 Henry Clinton, Nov. 16, 1858, in Worcester, Mass. 


Henry Smith Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward- 
Edward). Born Dec. 1, 1826, in Worcester, Mass. 

Took a medical course, graduating in 1848. Commenced practice in 
Lowell in 1849. 

In fall of 1849 he removed to Holyoke, Mass., where he conducted a 
drug store in conjunction with his medical practice. He was treasurer 
of the town of Holyoke and was postmaster there in 1853. 

In 1854 he went to Newark, O., with a newly organized machine works, 
remaining there until the outbreak of the war. He served as First Lieu- 
tenant in 31st Ohio Volunteer Infantry and later as Senior Aide-de-Camp 
on Gen. George Thomas staff. He resigned from the army to accept an 
appointment in the office of Secretary Chase in Washington. In 1863 
he returned to Ohio to act as paymaster of the Ohio troops called out to 


repel Morgan's raid and afterward served on a committee to settle claims 
arising from that raid. He was Revenue Clerk for the State Auditor in 
1865, and was Deputy Auditor from 1872 to 1880; also cashier of State 
Treasurer 1880-1884. He was for thirteen years Treasurer of Ohio State 
University and for nearly twenty years Secretary of State Board of Agri- 
culture. In Sept. 1900, Mr. and Mrs. Smith celebrated their fiftieth 
wedding anniversary. 

Died Dec. 12, 1904, in Dorchester, Mass., where he had lived since 1884. 

Married Sept. 17, 1850, Harriet Marie Smith, daughter of Sidney and 
Harriet Smith. Born June 30, 1830; died Jan. 9, 1901, in Boston, Mass. 

Children: — 

897 Mary G., July 2, 1851, in Holyoke, Mass. 

898 George H. T., July 27, 1856, in Newark, O. 

899 Katherine S., Jan. 22, 1860, in Newark, O. 

900 Grace G., Aug. 5, 1869, in Columbus, O. 

901 Ellwood G., Aug. 8, 1872, in Columbus, O. 


Lysander Clinton Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward- 
Edward). Born Oct. 10, 1828, in Worcester, Mass. 
Served in Civil War. 

Was pattern maker in Newark, O., Machine Co. 
Died Nov. 8, 1857, in Newark, O. 

Married Charlotte A. Powell, Jan. 11, 1853, in New Haven, Conn. 
She died April 18, 1880. 
Children: — 

Jessie Fremont, born in Newark, O. Died age 15 months. 
Josephine, born in Brooklyn, N. Y. Married May 20, 1880, 
Osman C. Hopper. Lives in Columbus, O. 

One son:— Richard Babbitt Hooper, May 5, 1888. 


Edward Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). 
Born Nov. 16, 1840. Died May 15, 1894. 
Served in Civil War. 
Married Carrie Chester. 


Children: — 

902 Edward F., July 15, 1868. 

903 Carrie, Sept. 6, 1870. 
Gertrude, deceased. 

Clinton Henry, Aug. 21, 1875. Married. No children. 
Alice Catherine, July 14, 1880. Married Charles Brown Cornell, 
Sept. 15, 1909. 


Albion Perry Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Dec. 5, 1845, in Worcester, Mass. 

Is a wood worker and carriage manufacturer in Findlay, O. 

A member of Stoker G. A. R. Post, and is a naval Veteran. 

Married March 9, 1867, Sarah Martha Cook, daughter of William and 
Miranda Cook. Born in 1849; died Dec. 18, 1909. 

Children: — 

904 Jessie B., Sept. 17, 1868. 


Charles W. Babbitt (Laban-Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). 
Born Aug. 26, 1833, in Steuben, N. Y. Died Sept. 20, 1886. 
Left Harvard Shakers, Aug. 18, 1843. 

Married Susan Kingsbury, Jan. 26, 1867. Born in Keene, N. H., 1842. 
Children: — 

Mabel Edith, married (1st) Ma)mard. Married (2nd) Chute. 

Ida Estelle, married Hardy. Child Gladys. 


Fannie Chamberlain (Fannie- Joshua Chamberlain-Edward-Nathan- 
Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born Feb. 9, 1829, in Campbell, N. Y. 

Married Oct. 15, 1851, Phineas Spaulding, son of Rev. William and 
Eunice (Cowell) Spaulding. Born 1824. Died Aug. 6, 1897. 

After their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Spaulding settled near Cayuga Lake 
where Mr. Spaulding started a mill. He was later employed on the Pan- 
ama R. R. when first constructed and assisted in building the first bridge 
over Chages River. He was forced to return because of ill-health and 
continued his trade as millwright, in the lake region. 



In 1894 they came to Chicopee to live with their daughter. Mrs. 
Spaulding continued to reside here after her husband's death. She was 
a member of the Baptist church, where she formerly had a class in Sun- 
day School. She visited her son in Florida three times after her seventy- 
fifth birthday. Mrs. Spaulding was well posted concerning the Babbitts 
of her early years and was a valuable aid in securing an accurate account 
of their lives. Mrs. Spaulding did not live to see the completion of the 
work in which she was so much interested. She passed peacefully away 
Feb. 4, 1911, after an illness of only a few hours. 
Children: — 

Luella Estelle, March 18, 1855. Married George H. T. Babbitt, 

No. 898. 
Charles Fremont, Oct. 28, 1858. Resides in Deland, Fla. Mar- 
ried Martha L. Sutton, Sept. 9, 1886. 
Children: — 

Alwilda O., Sept. 17, 1887. 
Raymond C, Nov. 29, 1891. 
William S., March 21, 1895. 
Carroll F., Feb. 14, 1899. 


Charles Franklin Babbitt (Charles-Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward- 
Edward). Bom Feb. 13, 1836. Died July 22, 1864, in Watkins, N. J. 

Was First Lieutenant in a N. Y. Regiment in Civil War. In the attack 
on Atlanta he got up from a sick bed to lead his Company and lost his 
arm, July 20, 1864, dying soon after. 

Enlisted Aug. 1862, Co. A, 141 N. Y. Volunteers. Also served in 107 
N. Y., and later First Lieutenant of 14 Corps. 

Married Feb. 14, 1860, Charlotte Amanda Newcomb, daughter of 
Hiram Azariah and Louise (Page) Newcomb. Born Dec. 23, 1837. Died 
July, 1878. She married (2nd) John Swartwood, of Watkins, N. J. 

Children: — 

Estelle, May 12, 1862; died July, 1878. 



Edward Albion Babbitt (Charles-Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward- 
Edward). Born June 21, 1847. Died Oct. 18, 1872. 
Married Elvira Sedam. 
Children: — 

Charles F., May 25, 1869, in Monterey, N. Y. Married July 15, 
1900, Florence May Gordon, daughter of George W., and Eliz- 
abeth Gordon. Mr. Babbitt is a granite cutter in Rochester, N. Y. 


Ada Maria Babbitt (Charles-Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom Aug. 24, 1851. Still living in Dundee, N. Y. 
Married Edward Turk, in Dundee, N. Y. 

Maud H., d. June 8, 1905. 

Mabel F., married Cornelius Sackett. 


Joseph Worth Babbitt (Joseph-Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom Oct. 13, 1847, in Monterey, N. Y. Is a retired farmer, liv- 
ing in St. Louis, Mo, 

Married Nov. 11, 1880, Sarah A. Beatty, daughter of Johnson and 
Mary Beatty. 

AHce Lurena, Sept. 26, 1881 ; d. Jan. 22, 1890. 

Ethel, Jan. 27, 1884; m. Oct. 20, 1906, John L. Haver, in Santa 

Anna, Cal. 
Lloyd Beatty, Feb. 10, 1886; m. Sept. 16, 1905, Alma Barnett. 

Lives in Santa Anna, Cal. 
Joseph Harold, Aug. 18, 1890. 
Beulah Irene, July 11, 1893. 
Burdette Worth, July 3, 1897; d. July 30, 1899. 


Ann Maria Hathaway — Myra (Burt) Hathaway — Abigail Burt — 
Edward Burt — Abagail (Babbitt) Burt — Edward Babbitt — Edward 


Born June 21, 1828. Still living. 

Married Oct. 2, 1850, Joseph Wright. Born Feb. 2, 1824. Died Aug. 
22, 1891. 

Annie Josephine Wright, Aug. 18, 1851. 
Charles Henry Wright, Sept. 27, 1852; d. Sept. 26, 1833. 
Lizzie Standish Wright, July 25, 1856. Married Oct. 6, 1875, 
*Clarence Ettienne Leonard, born Feb. 10, 1854. (Ephraim 
Wilkes^, James^, Ephraim^ Philip*, Joseph^, Benjamin^ James^). 
Children : — 

Clarence Arlin Leonard, Jan. 5, 1877; d. July 19, 1877. . 
Nina Ettienne Leonard, July 21, 1878; d. March 3, 1885. 
Pearl Meredith Leonard, Jan. 25, 1880. Married May 10, 
1904, Rev. Orville Lincoln Sigafoos, born June 21, 1872. 
Children : — 
Lola Leonard Sigafoos, Feb. 25, 1905. 
Orville Lincohi Sigafoos, Jr., July 24, 1906. 
Pearl Meredith Sigafoos, Nov. 6, 1907. 
Ralph Merton Leonard, June 28, 1881. 
Faye Allerton Leonard, Feb. 15, 1883. 
Lola Irving Leonard, Feb. 15, 1883; d. Dec. 16, 1902. 
Clarence Temple Leonard, Sept. 3, 1887. 
Hattie Maria Wright, Nov. 21, 1859. 


Born in New Bedford, Mass., Feb. 10, 1854, son of Ephraim Wilkes® 
Leonard, (James^, Ephraim^, Philip^ Joseph\ Benjamin'-, James^), and 
Melancie Dean^ Godfrey, (SamueP, John-^, George"*, John^, Richard-, 
Richard^), of Taunton, Mass. 

He was a Teller in the Slater National Bank of Pawtucket, R. I., and 
then Proprietor of the Union Furnace Company Foundry of Taun- 
ton, Mass. 

He was married October 6, 1875, to Lizzie Standish Wright and removed 
from Taunton, Mass., in October, 1883, to the City of New York where 
he became a Stockbroker, purchasing a seat on the Consolidated 
Stock Exchange, and residing for fifteen years at the suburb of 


Irvington-on-Hudson, and the last twelve years at Caryl, Yonkers, N. Y., 
his present home. 

He was a Governor of the Consolidated Stock Exchange of New York, 
and a member of the Hudson-Fulton Celebration Commission of the 
State of New York, Secretary of the Historical, the Patriotic Societies, 
and Lower Hudson Committees, and Assistant Secretary of the Com- 
mission. He was also Secretary of the Yonkers Citizens' Committee. 
As Secretary of the Lower Hudson Committee and Executive Aide, he 
had charge of the Celebration Parade of Historical Floats through Yon- 
kers, Hastings, Dobbs Ferry, Irvington, Tarrytown, Nyack, Ossining, 
Peekskill, to Cold Spring, during the week from October 3rd, to 9th, 1909. 

He was Secretary-General of the Society of Mayflower Descendants 
and Secretary of the New York State Society; Secretary-General of the 
Order of Founders and Patriots of America of which he is now Registrar 
General, and Registrar of the New York State Society of the Order, of 
which he is a Life Member. 

He is a member also of the Sons of the Revolution of New York, Life 
Member of the Sons of the American Revolution of Massachusetts and 
of the Robert Treat Paine Chapter of Taunton, Mass., Life Member of 
the Old Colony Historical Society, Secretary of the Leonard , Family As- 
sociation, and member of the New York Genealogical and Biographical 
Society, etc., etc. 


Bathsheba Babbitt (Samuel-Gideon-Gideon-Benajah-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born May 6, 1808. Died Jan. 14, 1892. 

Married Feb. 19, 1829, Abiathar Walker, son of Abiathar and Amy 
(Francis) Walker. Bom Jan. 18, 1806; died Feb. 18, 1874. 
Children: — 

Abiathar Francis, Feb. 6, 1830; d. Oct. 7, 1862. 
Edwm Augustus, Oct. 24, 1832. 
SaUy Allethea, Nov. 4, 1836; d. Nov. 9, 1836. 
Samuel Horace, May 14, 1838; d. Dec. 3, 1907. Married Mary 
Newell, daughter of Mary Tinkham (Babbitt) Newell. No. 591. 
Children: — 

Bertha Frances, Jan. 3, 1868, who married June 30, 1892, 
John Gilmore Williams, son of John Reed and Sarah (Pitts) 


WiUiams. Born Nov. 25, 1859. 
Children: — 

Marjorie Walker, May 28, 1896; d. May 31, 1896. 
Gladys Gilmore, Aug. 22, 1901. 
Bathsheba Altihea, April 10, 1842; married Edward Babbitt, 
No. 288. 


Caroline A. Babbitt (Samuel Tobey-Gideon-Gideon-Benajah-Edward- 

Married June 30, 1843, Oliver Eaton, Taunton, Mass. 
Children: — 





Gideon Babbitt (Crocker-Gideon-Gideon-Benajah-Edward-Edward). 
Born May 12, 1815. 

Married Elizabeth M. Simmons, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth 
(Davis) Simmons, of Freetown, Mass. Born in 1820. 


905 WUham Nathaniel, March 23, 1865. 

Daniel Crocker, 1842; d. Sept. 1, 1843, age 1 year, 4 mos., 8 days. 
Gideon A., 1854; d. May 3, 1857, age 3 years, 10 mos., 19 days. 
George L., 1844; m. Dec. 24, 1873, Arabella P. May, daughter 

of John and Mary. She died Dec. 1, 1884. 
Ehzabeth M., 1856; d. Oct. 20, 1876. 
Daniel Crocker, Oct. 23, 1861; m. Nov. 18, 1889, Helen M. 

Philhps of Dedham, Mass. 

906 Gideon A., 1860. 


Elizabeth M. Babbitt (Crocker-Gideon-Gideon-Benajah-Edward 
Edward). Born Jan. 3, 1817. Died Oct. 20, 1904. 


Married Aug. 24, 1834, in Dighton, Mass., William Hathaway, son of 
Isaac and Elizabeth (Babbitt) Hathaway. (His second wife). See No. 113. 
Children: — 

William, March 23, 1840; m. Mary E. Townsend, Dec. 21, 1866. 

Betsey M., Sept. 28, 1842; m. Charles H. Palmer, Feb. 8, 1863. 

Isaac, Nov. 10, 1844; d. Dec. 30, 1865. 

Nancy, Sept. 8, 1846; m. Benjamin P. Jones. 

Benjamin F., March 10, 1848, Abby C. Goff. 

Nathaniel B., July 10, 1849; d. June 5, 1852. 

Edward A., Oct. 6, 1861. 


Nathaniel Monroe Babbitt (Crocker-Gideon-Gideon-Benajah-Edward- 
Edward). Born Oct. 14, 1822. Died June 24, 1905. 

In 1859 resided in Somerset, Mass. 

Served nine months in Co. H, 3rd Massachusetts Regiment, 1862-3 in 
Civil War. 

Married July 3, 1854, Martha M. Leonard, daughter of Nathaniel and 
Martha Leonard. Born March 18, 1834. Died Aug. 20, 1912. 

Children: — 

907 Orrin Leonard, March 23, 1855. 

Bathsheba Maria, Nov. 8, 1856. Lived in Dighton, Mass. 
Nathaniel Wallace, Feb. 10, 1859; m. March 24, 1881, Sybil 
Goff, daughter of Samuel and Mary.. 

908 Martha Idella; Oct. 20, 1860. 

Elmer Crocker, April 11, 1863. Lives in Providence, R. I. 
Grace Lillian, June 8, 1873; m. Hiram O. Palmer, Dec. 30, 

1896, son of John and Emily (Simmons). She died Sept. 

27, 1899. 
Mabel Nancy, March 20, 1874; m. Charles Hatton, Oct. 21, 

1903. She died Aug. 9, 1906. 


William Crocker Babbitt (Crocker-Gideon-Gideon-Benajah-Edward- 
Edward). Born Sept. 15, 1829. Died March 19, 1890. 
Lived in Roxburv, Mass., in 1867. 


Married Aug. 29, 1859, Mary Frances Thorn, daughter of George S. 
and Mary (Blaney) Thorn. Born Oct. 10, 1842, in Ohio. 
Children: — (Born in Dighton, Mass., except the two youngest). 
909 William Crocker, June 6, 1860. 
Frank Howard, Nov. 26, 1861. 
Harry Everett, Nov. 27, 186- 
Caroline Frances, Dec. 19, 1864; d. Nov. 22, 1876. 
Mary Belle, Jan. 26, 1872; ra. Oct. 20, 1895, Arthur A., son of 
Alexander and Jane B. Scudder. 


Mary Babbitt (Dean-Erasmus- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born 
April 17, 1803. 

Married (1st) Oct. 6, 1822, Walter Hastings. Married (2nd) Jan. 25, 
1848, Timothy Whitney. 
Children: — 

Mary M., married Stephen Holt, Oct. 26, 1842. 
Carohne S., married Emory Sibley, May 29, 1849. 


Avery Babcock Babbitt (Dean-Erasmus-John-Benajah-Edward- 
Edward). Born in Petersham, Mass., May 28, 1806. 
A blacksmith in Barre, Mass. 
Died Sept. 6, 1843. 

Married Nov. 16, 1831, in Rutland, Mass., Maria Estabrook, daugh- 
ter of Taylor and Sally (Stone) Estabrook. Born June 12, 1811. 

Susan M., 1835. Married Joseph Wood in Templeton, Mass, 

Nov. 24, 1853, son of Joshua and Rebecca. 
Jane Maria, d. Aug. 12, 1835. 
John, Aug. 7, 1839. 

Charles A., 1840; May 31, 1852, age 12, in Rutland, Mass. 
Warren, 1841, born in Barre, Mass; d. June 11, 1862, in Tem- 
pleton, Mass. 
Catherine, d. Sept. 13, 1843, in Barre, Mass. 


910 Dennis. 

Maria, widow of Avery, married John Flint, Sept. 8, 1847, 
in Templeton, Mass. Three children. 


Sewall Babbitt (Dean-Erasmus- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born 
Feb. 18, 1814, in Barre, Mass. Died May 27, 1875, in Athol, Mass. 
A blacksmith in Barre for years. 
Married (1st) April 6, 1836, Hannah Jenkins. 
Married (2nd) Sept. 30, 1840, Mary Babcock; died June 9, 1847. 
Married (3rd) Abby Gates, daughter of Seth. Int. Sept. 29, 1847, 
Married (4th) Alzina (Emery) Raymond, May 29, 1867. She sur- 
vived him and about 1880 married a Haskins. 

Infant, died June 2, 1841. 

Laura, Aug. 8, 1848; married Harvey B. Meacham, Nov. 20, 1866. 

Frank, son of third, born 1856. Died May 12, 1863, in Athol, 

age 6 years 7 mos. 
Charles died young. 

Charles D., 1850. Married (1st) m Athol, Oct. 1875, Jennie D. 
Stone, daughter of Chauncy and Sarah (Cleveland) Stone. Born 
Nov. 25, 1856, and d. Feb. 28, 1876. 

Married (2nd) Feb. 8, 1877, Mary E. Martin, daughter of 
Thomas and Ella Martin. Daughter Lura, born Aug. 19, 1877, 
married George W. Smith of Boston, Nov. 29, 1894. 


James E. Babbitt (Dean-Erasmus- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). 
Born Sept. 15, 1816. 

Resided in Oakham, Mass. 

Married Elizabeth Ann Jennette Loring in Oakham, Mass., Feb. 12, 
1846. She died April 17, 1871. She used the name "Angennette." 
Children: — 

Eldora, May 7, 1847. 

Henry L., 1856. Married July 9, 1884, in Oakham, Mass. 
Harriett A. Morse, daughter of Jaspar and Eliz. 




Charles L. Babbitt (Dean-Erasmus- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). 
Born Feb. 12, 1820. Died May 16, 1877, in Barre, Mass. 

Married Oct. 1, 1845, Nancy C. Ayres, daughter of Elias and Asenath 
(Cunningham) Ayres. Born June 18, 1827, in Oakham, Mass. Died 
Dec. 7, 1903, in Barre, Mass. 

Children: — 

911 Julia Asenath, Aug. 17, 1846. 

George A., Oct. 20, 1850; d. May 11, 1885. 
Jos. Franklin, Aug. 28, 1852; d. Sept. 27, 1907. 


William Walker Babbitt (Benajah-Erasmus-John-Benajah-Edward- 
Edward). Born Dec. 14, 1805. Died Dec. 13, 1879. 
Resided in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Married Rebecca Tyson of Abington, Pa., who died May 4, 1863, 
aged 57 years. 

Children: — (All born in Philadelphia, Pa.) 

Mary Tower, b. 1835; d. April 10, 1896. Unmarried. 
Anna Martha, b. 1837; still living. Unmarried. 
William Tyson, b. 1841 ; d. July 16, 1906. 

912 Benajah Franklin, Feb. 25, 1848. 


Francis Parkman Babbitt (John-Erasmus- John-Benajah-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born 1825. Died Nov. 17, 1877, in Boston, Mass., aged 52 years, 
8 months, 11 days. 
A tailor in Boston. 

Married Amelia Bergen Spear of Boston. 
Children: — Born in Boston and Chelsea, Mass. 

William Henry, Aug. 10, 1852. Married May 14, 1870, in Boston, 

Frances M. Barker, daughter of George T. and Mary A. 
Anselm Maurice, Sept. 12, 1856. 
George Herbert, July 30, 1862; d. Dec. 26, 1877. 


Clarissa, unmarried; resides in Boston, Mass. 

William H., 1850; d. May 1852, aged 1 year, 7 months, 15 days. 

Susan, 1854. Married Sept. 18, 1873, Thomas Wilson, son of 

Thomas and Susan Wilson. 
Francis P., 1847; d. Feb. 27, 1867, in Boston, aged 20 years, 

1 month, 4 days. 
George Herbert, April 30, 1861 ; died in infancy. 


Hiram F. Babbitt (William-Erasmus- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). 
Born 1854, in Barre, Mass. 

Married Lucy A. Thrasher, March 4, 1879, in Barre, Mass. She was 
born in 1857, daughter of Elijah and Philinda Thrasher. 
Children: — 

George H., born in Barre, Mass. Married Jan. 12, 1903, in Mans- 
field, Mass., Maude M. Stevens, daughter of Andrew and Annie 
(Cameron) Stevens. Born in Nova Scotia. 


Lydia Babbitt (John- John- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). 
Resided in Norton until about 1850 when they disappear from record. 
Married John Lincoln of Norton, Mass., June 16, 1842. 
Children: — 

Lydia A., March 4, 1847. 

Charles Orland, July 16, 1845. 


Lydia Babbitt (Osmond-Dean- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Bom 
April 16, 1813, in Dighton, Mass. Died Dec. 4, 1896, in Providence, R. I. 

Resided in Taunton, Mass. 

Mr. Strange was Master Mechanic of Whittenton Mills in Taunton. 

Married Feb. 25, 1838, Gardner Strange, of Providence, R. I., son of 
Joseph and Amittia Strange. Born Oct. 10, 1805; died May 8, 1865, 
in Taunton. 


Children: — 

Adelaide Francis, 1842; d. 1844. 

Ellen A., July 14, 1845; married April 11, 1865, Isaac Carpenter. 
Resides in Providence, R. I. 


Betsey Pamelia Babbitt (Osmond-Dean-John-Benajah-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born March 11, 1822, in Richmond, N. Y. 

Died March 29, 1882, in Plymouth, Mich. 

Married Nov. 12, 1840, George Coldren, in Salem, Mich. Born Feb. 
18, 1815, in Simberry, Pa., son of Elijah Coldren. 

Mr. Coldren was a farmer in Plymouth, Mich. 

Children: — (Born in Plymouth, Mich.) 

913 Carrie G., June 28, 1848. 

914 Osmond B., Dec. 22, 1856. 

915 Fred G., Dec. 2, 1859. 

916 Burt, Jan. 8, 1863. 


William Dean Babbitt (Osmond-Dean-John-Benajah-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Feb. 23, 1824, in Richmond, N. Y. Died Oct. 31, 1888, 
in Chicago, 111. 

Resided first in Moline, 111. Later about 1850 removed to Minneapo- 
lis, Miim., and about 1870 to Chicago, 111. 

Mr. Babbitt was a real estate agent and dealer. 

Married Jan. 30, 1849, in Glen Haven, N. Y., Elizabeth Holt, daughter 
of Rev. Fifield and Gracia (Burt) Holt. Born June 5, 1825; died May 1, 
1894, in St. Louis, Mo. 
Children: — ^All except eldest and youngest born in Minneapolis. 
Carrie Pitts, June 1850, in Moline, III; d. 1851. 
George Augustus, Sept. 15, 1854; married Florence M. Haynes, 
April 2, 1891. Mr. Babbitt is a graduate of Evanston 
University and a journalist. One daughter, Barbara H., 
Dec. 27, 1892; d. Nov. 24, 1894. 
Charles Osmond, Dec. 1856. 
William Herbert, Aug. 26, 1859. 


Grace Elizabeth, Feb. 9, 1861. A librarian in Washington, D. C. 

917 Edmond H., July, 1865. 

Ellen Corinna, Feb. 5, 1872, in Chicago, 111. 


Mary Babbitt (Osmond-Dean- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born 
May 4, 1826, in Richmond, N. Y. Died June 18, 1891, m Little Falls, Mum. 
Married in 1856, in Salem, Mich., Stephen P. Fuller. Born 1822. 
In 1856 Mr. and Mrs. Fuller went to Little Falls, Minn., where the rest 
of their lives were spent. 

Mr. Fuller, who was a native of Cleveland, O., was Justice of Peace 
and Judge of Probate of Madison Co., Minn., for many years. 
Children: — 

Sarah, Aug. 19, 1858. Resides m Little Falls, Minn. 
Wheaton M., July 23, 1862. A printer by trade in Little Falls, 

In 1893 Representative in State Legislature. He was also in 
the State Senate. 


Rufus Babbitt (Osmond-Dean- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born 
June 21 , 1831 , in Richmond, N. Y. Died May 7, 1881 , in Northville, Mich. 

Resided in Plymouth, Mich., at the time of the Civil War. Was super- 
visor of the town of Salem, Mich., for several years. 

Married Dec. 7, 1859, Ella Lorena Cady, in Plymouth, Mich., daugh- 
ter of Anson and Jane Cady. Born Sept. 27, 1840. 


918 Louis Anson, Nov. 4, 1861. 

919 Kumal Rufus, June 25, 1864. 

Hattie Stephens, Aug. 11, 1867; d. 1879. 
Jennie Maude, April 25, 1870. 
Carrie Holt, April 5, 1874. 


John Wheaton Babbitt (Osmond-Dean-John-Benajah-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born June 17, 1832, in Richmond, N. Y. Died May 6, 1895, in 
Washington, D. C. 


Spent his early life in Plymouth and Salem, Mich. Mr. Babbitt was 
modest and retiring in disposition and most exemplary in his habits. He 
was honored by all as a generous, kindly man, courageous and self-sacri- 
ficing and of constant devotion to his family and friends. 

Enhsted in August, 1862, Private in Co. C, 24th Michigan Infantry. 

In the Battle of Gettysburg, the 24th Michigan entered with 496 men, 
of whom 316 were killed and wounded. This Regiment sustained the 
greatest loss of any Regiment engaged in the battle on the Union side. 
Mr. Babbitt was seriously wounded at the very first of the engagement, 
and suffered the loss of a leg in consequence. He served as County Treas- 
urer of Washtenaw Co., Mich., after the war, later accepting a position 
in the Treasury Department in Washington, where he died. 

Married Nov. 1866, Lizzie Phillips, daughter of Rev. Samuel Phillips. 


Minnie, Feb. 1871 ; died same year. 

Hattie Josephine, Sept. 15, 1872. Resides in Washington, D. C. 


Wilham Babbitt (Ebenezer-Dean-John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). 
Bom 1815. Died June 30, 1855. 
Resided in Pawtucket, R. I, 

Married Patience Sheldon, daughter of Joseph and Mary Greene 
Sheldon. Born May 9, 1812. Died Aug. 12, 1896. She married (2nd) 
Wm. Wright. 

One child only: — 

Mary Elizabeth, 1837; d. June 10, 1903. She was the wife of 
Rev. I. H. Gilbert. She lived in Norwood, Mass. Her daugh- 
ter married George H. Morrill, Jr., of Norwood, Mass. 


Wilham Emmons Babbitt (John-Dean-John-Benajah-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Nov. 30, 1836. 

Resided in Boston, 1862. A machinist. 

Now Hving in Worcester, Mass. 

Married Dec. 31, 1861, in Boston, Mass., Emma Fletcher, daughter 
of John Day and Amy (AUison) Fletcher. Born Nov. 21, 1839. 



William F., Dec. 10, 1862; d. July 26, 1863, in Boston. 
Ernest Linwood, Sept. 6, 1867; d. July 19, 1869. 
Florence, Jan. 29, 1876; married Henry Higgins of Worcester, 
Aug. 4, 1894. 


Emma A. Babbitt (Charles W.-Dean-John-Benajah-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Jan. 28. 1843. 

Mrs. Davis lives at 20 Cedar Street, Tavmton, and carries on her hus- 
band's store of Davis & Co. She was one of the first members of the 
Babbitt Association and has rendered valuable help on various committees. 
She has ever shown the deepest interest in the preparation of this book. 

Married (1st) Edgar Downes of Charlestown, Mass., Oct. 28, 1868. 

Married (2nd) Oct. 1879, Henry L. Davis, Taunton, Mass. 

Children: — 

Mary Dexter, Aug. 3, 1881. 


WilUam Dean Babbitt (Charles-Dean- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward) . 
Was adopted by a family named Myers of Brooklyn, N. Y., and name 
changed to Myers. 

Married Jennie ( ). 


Carrie A., July 5, 1882, in Brooklyn, N. Y. Married Feb. 23, 
1895, Albert Dondeswell of Saugatuck, Conn., son of Richard 
and Annie Dondeswell. 


Charles Ketchum Babbitt (Charles-Dean-John-Benajah-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born April 25, 1851, in Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Resides in Pittsburg, Pa. 

Married Hannah Hagins, daughter of Bernard and Ann (Griffen) 
Hagins of Butler Co., Pa. Born in Butler Co., Pa., 1849. 

Children: — 

Emma, Feb. 23, 1875. 


John Dean, Jan. 30, 1876. 

Helen, Sept. 23, 1878. 

Charles Edward, Feb. 5, 1887. 

Sanford, July 9, 1880. Member of Babbitt Association. 


Carrie Babbitt (Charles-Dean- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). 
Married Benjamin T. Chatham of Philadelphia, Pa. 
Children: — 





George Rodney Babbitt (George-Enoch- John-Benajah-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born June 27, 1842. Died June 29, 1912. 

George Rodney Babbitt^, son of George Babbitt** and his wife Celia 
Crane, was born in the Wm. S. Crane house next the bridge in Berkley, 
Mass., on June 27, 1842. His education was principally acquired in 
the Bridge district school of the town. In 1846 his father built and moved 
into a new house one hundred and fifty yards east of the Crane house. 
This was the home of George R. Babbitt^ during his boyhood. His 
schooling ended with the close of the district school in March 1859. 

His father's ambition was that his only son should learn some mer- 
cantile business, but the son wanted to learn a machinist trade. As he 
was less than seventeen years old, the son's choice was not considered. 
His father arranged with a prominent shoe and leather merchant in Taun- 
ton to employ his son and teach him the business. After an indifferent 
service of eighteen months, he was dismissed and the experiment of try- 
ing to make a merchant of a mechanic was abandoned as a failure. 

During this time he had boarded in Taunton away from home influences. 
Associations and habits were being formed that would have eventually 
made his life a failure. His father realized that a mistake had been made 
and that a disciplinary course was necessary. Consequently he was 
shipped as a boy before the mast on the large clipper ship "Sierra Nevada" 
bound from New York to San Francisco. The ship was owned by Ed- 


ward Mott Robinson, father of Hetty Green, He went and came back 
in the ship, the voyage taking eleven months, thus doubling Cape Horn 
twice before he was twenty. The discipline proved a success although 
it did not lessen his mechanical tastes and ambitions. After eighteen 
months of successful seafaring life, ending up as second mate of a full 
rigged ship, he gave up the sea. 

In April 1862, he came to Providence and commenced work in a 
machine shop at $4.00 per week. This was the first work he had ever 
done that he really liked. As a matter of course, he succeeded. Five 
years later, we find him foreman of the Harris-Corliss Engine Works, 
and in another five years he was promoted to the Superintendency of 
the Works, which position he held until March 31, 1891, when he re- 
signed. He had never served an apprenticeship, neither had he received 
a technical education, but he was more than an average mathematician, a 
good disciplinarian and organizer of help, which, combined with his me- 
chanical ability, industrious, frugal and temperate habits, resulted in a 
reasonable success. His natural mechanical ability was inherited from 
both father and mother. 

In 1892 he bought the American Oil Company of Providence, which 
up to that time had not been a financial success. It was not his ambition 
to become rich, but to acquire a modest competency. This he accom- 
plished almost unawares. He was so much engrossed in the work he 
loved that he had no time for the indulgence of extravagant fads. He 
was self reliant, a constant and resolute worker, often accomplishing 
what others said could not be done. In 1858 he joined the First Con- 
gregational Church of Berkley and according to his means, has been a 
liberal contributor to the support of Church work. He has taken a deep 
interest in the Babbitt Genealogy, even before the formation of our As- 
sociation, of which he is now President. He never sought public oflice, 
although he was for several years a member of the Town Council of Crans- 
ton, R. I. He is also President of the Babbitt Cemetery now incorporated 
as the Fox Cemetery in Berkley and takes a deep interest in its aflFairs. 
George R. Babbitt has been three times married and much of the credit 
of his success in life is due to his wives. They were all frugal and domes- 
tic caretakers, making his home a place of comfort and rest after the cares 
and perplexities of the day. During the past few years he has devoted 
some little time to yachting, and for two years 1905 and 1908, he was 
Commodore of the Edgewood Yacht Club. He is now (January 1912) 


2nd President or Babbitt Family Asso. 


living in Edgewood, a resident suburb of Providence, not in the enjoy- 
ment of the best heahh. He is able to have the oversight of his business 
interests surrounded with comforts made possible by the industry and 
frugality of his earlier years. As President of the Babbitt Association 
Mr. Babbitt rendered most efficient service. His forceful and conserva- 
tive leadership was needed to secure the publishing of the family his- 
tory and his dignified and kindly presence endeared him to all at the 
annual meetings. 

(The foregoing sketch was written by Mr. Babbitt himself, during 
his last illness.) 



The paper presented by Mr. Crane in memory of the late George Rod- 
ney Babbitt was as follows: 

"As one of the executive committee and at the suggestion of your sec- 
retary, I willingly voice the feelings of our members in an expression of 
heartfelt tribute to one who has endeared himself to his many associates 
and acquaintances in a life of prolonged activity, and in the capacity of 
presiding officer ever evinced his interest in the plans and purposes of 
this association. 

"George Rodney Babbitt of the seventh generation in the line of Ed- 
ward Babbitt, the first of the name in Taunton, was a son of George and 
Celia (French) Babbitt, and was born in Berkley, June 27, 1842. He 
received his early trainmg in the schools of his native place and in the 
Hermitage Home school at Fall River, and at an early age sought the 
experiences of adventure in a seafaring life. 

"In 1860 he sailed from New York in the Sierra Nevada, a full rigged 
ship belonging to Edward Mott Robinson, for a voyage to San Fran- 
cisco by way of Cape Horn, returning in the same ship and completing 
the voyage in about eleven months. 

"Later he became the second mate of the Maria Theresa, an old whaler, 
sailing from New Bedford as one of the "Stone Fleet," to be sunk off the 
harbor of Charleston or other ports of the South at the outbreak of the 
Civil War, to close the harbors to navigation. 

"In 1862 Mr. Babbitt entered the employ of the Burnside Rifle Works 
of Providence, and there remained till May, 1865, at the close of the 
war, when the establishment was refitted for the building of locomotives. 

With some experiences later in the oil fields of Pennsylvania Mr. Bab- 
bitt in 1866 entered the employ of WilHam A. Harris, the builder of the 


Harris-Corliss steam engine and for many years filled positions of re- 
sponsibility as machinist, foreman and superintendent. 

As a natural mechanic and without the usual course of apprenticeship 
he invented and patented several improvements on machinery, one of 
which was a piston packing for which he received a medal at the Cin- 
cinnati Industrial Exposition in 1894. 

In 1888 Mr. Babbitt was tendered the position of superintendent of 
the Heavy Ordinance Department of the U. S. Government at Washing- 
ton, which he declined, remaining with Mr. Harris till Nov. 31, 1891 
and thus completing a quarter of century in building and designing en- 
gines and displaying marked ingenuity in the work of speedy and per- 
manent repairs. 

Among his inventions was a releasing gear for the CorUss type of en- 
gine, and an extended piston. About twenty years ago Mr. Babbitt be- 
came a purchaser of an interest in the American Oil Company of Provi- 
dence which was incorporated in 1902, becoming president and treasurer, 
and holding these positions to the time of his death. 

Aside from these specific duties and occupations he was readily rec- 
ognized for his skill and ability as a consulting and mechanical engineer 
for large manufacturing establishments, some of his works receiving com- 
mendatory notice in the current mechanical pubhcations. 

He invented and patented an automatic barrel filler in 1894. 

One notable achievement relates to Mr. Babbitt's plan in floating an 
ocean liner. 

In May, 1899, he read in a New York paper an illustrated description 
that had been published of the steamship "Paris" of the American line 
which while en route to her foreign destination had met with a serious dis- 
aster. The illustration showed that the bow was elevated as if resting on 
the rocks. He wrote at once to the agent of the line, stating his views re- 
specting the manner in which the vessel could be saved. In seven weeks 
from the date of his letter the Paris had been lifted from the rocks and 
saved in precisely the way suggested by his letter of advice. 

Mr. Babbitt was a member of the town council of Cranston in 1888 and 
in 1896 was chosen as the president of that body, being re-elected to the 
position for five consecutive terms. 

He was an enthusiastic yachtsman and for the past two years had served 
as the commodore of the Edgewood Yacht Club. 


His boat Gypsy III is the one which towed the Sea Bird, Thomas 
Fleming Day's yawl, out of Narragansett Bay last year, when it sailed 
on its voyage to Rome; and upon its return Mr. Babbitt extended his 
greeting at Newport, and participated in the reception at the Rhode Island 
Yacht Club after towing it up the harbor. 

Mr. Babbitt was interested in the welfare of his native town, and his 
loyalty was frequently manifested in generous service. In the develop- 
ment of the work of the Babbitt Association he was eager for the publi- 
cation of the genealogical records of the family and contributed much to 
its speedy accomplishment. 

It is regretted that he was not permitted to witness the erection of 
the tablet of memorial upon the grave of his New England progenitor. 

Whereas: The Babbitt Association has suffered the loss of one of its 
honored members in the death of Mr. George Rodney Babbitt, which oc- 
curred on the 29th of June, 1912. 
Therefore, be it Resolved: 

That in appreciation of his long continued and valuable services in the 
ofhce of President of this Association and in recognition of those ad- 
mirable traits of character which endeared him unto his associates, the 
Babbitt Association in annual meeting assembled, hereby records its 
feelings of sorrow and bereavement occasioned by the death of one of its 
devoted members, who ever cherished its plans and purposes; cultivated 
its spirit of fellowship and friendship; and generously contributed to its 

Resolved: That a copy of these resolutions be sent by the secretary 
to the members of the afflicted family, accompanied with an expression 
of sympathy of the officers and members of the Association. 


Married (1st) Josephine C. Moffett, Dec. 24, 1864. Born Oct. 9, 1841, 
and died Feb. 23, 1870. 
One Child:— 
920 Samuel French, Nov. 29, 1867. 


Married (2nd) Angenette M. Blanchard, Nov. 13, 1872. Bom Oct. 
12, 1848, and died April 8, 1895. Daughter Marion, Nov. 18, 1876. 
Married (3rd) Mary P. Burgess, Jan. 25, 1899. 


Annie Jane (Enoch-Enoch- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). Born 
May 26, 1850. 

Married July 12, 1868, in Berkley, Mass., Albert Padelford, son of 
Ebenezer and Silence Padelford. Born 1843. 
Children: — 

Susie Williams, June 4, 1870. 
Mabel Esther, March 31 1874. 


Charles M. Babbitt (Luther-Peter- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). 
Resides in Bayboro, N. C. 
Dept. Revenue Collector, Raleigh, N. C. 

Married in 1871, Mary Elizabeth Whedbee, daughter of Jeremiah 
and Sarah Jane (Basright) Whedbee. 
Children: — 

Edgar Pugh, March 17, 1873; d. Aug. 27, 1873. 
Rufus Eugene, Aug. 15, 1874; d. July 29, 1879. 
Zebulon Vance, July 25, 1876. 
He has been engaged in newspaper and literary work in the 
South and is a deep student of Psychic Phenomena. Served 
in Philippines. Enlisted Feb. 28, 1901, in Goldsboro, N. C, 
and arrived in Philippine, May 1, 1901, and served xmtil Feb. 
26, 1904. He visited the various islands including Japan. 
Mr. Babbitt kept a record of scenes and events full of deep in- 
terest, and throwing much light on the hard life of the soldiers 
during the Philippine War. 
Pattie, May 21, 1880; d. Dec. 6, 1899, in Greensboro, N. C. 
Charles Allen, March 4, 1886. In wholesale grocery company, 

New Bern, N. C. 
Emeline, Oct. 28, 1890. A student at Trinity College, Durham, 
N. C. 



Emmeline Babbitt (Luther-Peter- John-Bena jah-Edward-Edward), . 
Bom Aug. 22, 1848. 
Lives in Bayboro, N. C. 
Married Wm. Hugh Sawyer. 
Children: — 

Walter, Jan. 1, 1868; d. Aug. 21, 1869. 

Estelle, Feb. 22, 1870; d. April 28, 1872. 

Claudia, Jan. 5, 187^; d. Oct. 4, 1873. 

William, May 8, 1875,; d. July 24, 1875. 


William Fremont Babbitt (William-Peter-John-Benajah-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born June 27, 1856, in Berkley, Mass. Died 1909, in Boston. 
Buried in Berkley. 

Married Aug. 17, 1875, Alice Marvell of Berkley, daughter of Dexter 
Children: — 

Alice Mabel, Aug. 23, 1876. Married Oct. 27, 1891, Lewis Fiske 

of North Attleboro, Mass. 
William Dexter, Aug. 6, 1878; married Sept. 17, 1902, Mary Grant, 
daughter of David and Annie (Robinson) Grant. Resides in 
Providence. A merchant. 


James Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Born Sept. 5, 1826, m Killingly, Conn. Died April 19, 1903. 

A blacksmith by trade. 

Mr. Babbitt was always one of his town's able and substantial citizens, 
and brought up his large family to become useful and successful after his 
own rugged ideas of industry and thrift. 


Married (1st) July 23, 1849, Amanda Arnold. Born May 22, 1831; 
died July 22, 1864. 
Children: — 

Edgar A., Jan. 16, 1851; d. Sept. 16, 1851. 

Addie E., Sept. 21, 1856. Married (1st) Walter Tucker. Married 

(2nd) Charles Rogers. No children. 
Susan L., April 28, 1860; d. Dec. 28, 1861. 
Twins died young. 
Married (2nd) Aug. 14, 1864, Julia A. Smith. Born May 5, 1851; 
died July 15, 1905. 
Children: — 

Eliza, Sept. 1, 1865. 
921 Captolia, Dec. 11, 1866. 
f922 James M., Oct. 14, 1868. 
:923 Cordelia, Oct. 14, 1870. 
^24 Fred P., March 30, 1872. 
•925 Amanda L., June 13, 1873. 

JuHa A., Oct. 19, 1875; d. Sept. 12, 1875. 

926 Charles H., Feb. 14, 1876. 

927 Edward S., May 29, 1877. 

928 Waker A., March 10, 1879. 

Christopher W., Aug. 13, 1880; d. AprU 19, 1881. 
Gertrude S., Feb. 23, 1882; died young. 

929 Arthur L., Jan. 10, 1884. 

Son, born and died Jan. 24, 1885. 


Henry E. Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom June 16, 1839. 

Resides in Thompson, Conn. A blacksmith. 
Married Nov. 1, 1870, Mrs. Sarah Davis. 
Children: — 

930 • Lucy. 



Silas L. Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward), 
Born March 18, 1841, in Gloucester, R. I. 
A carpenter. Resides in Danielson, Conn. 

Married June 3, 1866, Olive Torrey. Born June 5, 1847, daughter of 
Erastus and Sybel (AUton) Torrey. 
Children: — 
931 Eva Elizabeth, Dec. 19, 1867. 

Silas Newton, July 17, 1870; d. Dec. 16, 1911; m. April 24, 
1904, Eliza Reves. 


George E. Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born March 12, 1844, in Gloucester, R. I. 

Resides in Worcester, Mass.. A truckman by occupation. 
Married Ellen McCutchen, who died Dec. 26, 1909. 
932 NelHe. 


Allen T. Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Born April 3, 1846, in Gloucester, R. I, Died Nov. 1, 1911. 

Resided in Thompson, Conn. 

Served in Co. D., 18th Connecticut Regiment, Dec. 14, 1863- June 27, 
1865. Wounded at Snicker's Gap, Va., July 18, 1864. 

Married (1st) July 1868, Emily M. Mills. 
933 Emily, Aug. 16, 1869. 

Married (2nd) Dec. 20, 1877, Lillie N. Clemmens. 


Keziah Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward) , 
Born April 3, 1848, in Gloucester, R. I. 
Resides in Danielson, Conn. 
Married Eugene Graves. 


Children: — 

Lillian, married John McFarland. 
Evelyn, married Robert Brownley. 
Augustus, married Elizabeth Butler. 


Mary J. Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born April 30, 1850, in Gloucester, R. I. Died March 1877. 
Married Edgar Herrendeen. 

Minnie, Feb. 6, 1872; married Frank Blackmer. 


William Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Born April 30, 1852, in Gloucester, R. I. 
Resides in Providence, R. I. A hostler. 
Married Mrs. Annie Lee. 


Edward Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward- 
Edward). Born July 29, 1854, in Gloucester, R. I. 
A farmer in Thompson, Conn. 
Married Joanna Foley. 
934 Ella. 

Mary married Squires. 

Edward. — It is a remarkable fact that his name was borne by 
every one of his Babbitt Ancestors. 


Thomas Hathaway Babbitt (Seth-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward- 
Edward). Bom Dec. 2, 1827, in Killingly, Conn. 
Died Aug. 9, 1882, in Worcester, Mass. 


Married April 15, 1849, Mary Smith Boss, daughter of Stephen and 
Amy (Angell) Boss. Born Sept. 2, 1822. 
Children: — 

935 Angell Boss, Aug. 21, 1859. 


Edward Babbitt (Seth-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Born Nov. 3, 1835, in Killingly, now Putnam, Conn. Died Feb. 13, 1897. 

A blacksmith by trade. 

Married Nov. 20, 1856, Emily Fuller. Born 1837. Mrs. Babbitt re- 
sides in Putnam, Conn. 

Children: — Born in Putnam, Conn. 

936 William Manchester, Sept. 7, 1857. 

Seth, Feb. 8, 1861; m. Fannie F. Blake, Aug. 1, 1895. 

937 Emily Zeriah, Oct. 1, 1862. 

938 EUen Maria, Aug. 18, 1867. 

939 Richard Walter, May 19, 1869. 


Schuyler Babbitt (Roswell-Silas-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Born Feb. 20, 1856, in Gloucester, R. I. 
Resides in Putnam, Coim. An electrician. 

Married Feb. 3, 1879, Harriet Shippee, daughter of Augustus and 
Emily Reynolds, son of David Reynolds Jr. (See No. 123.) 
Children: — 

Elwen Addis, Jan. 16, 1881. 
Ada May, Oct. 15, 1883; married Fred Bedore. 
Malora Alice, July 2, 1891; married Arthur Noyes, Sept. 14, 1910, 
in Vernon, Vt. 

Daughter Marion Eliz., Aug. 21, 1912; d. Aug. 26, 1912. 
Howard W., Sept. 28, 1895. 
Grace-Evelyn, Aug. 12, 1898. 
Harold Augustus, May 1, 1900. 



Gaius Andrew Babbitt (Silas-Silas-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Bom Jan. 5, 1849, in Killingly, Conn. Died Dec. 27, 1906, in Killingly. 
A bricklayer and mason. Resided in Killingly. 
Married Oct. 27, 1872, Harriet Bates. 
Children : — 

840 Fred A., Nov. 10, 1873, in Putnam, Ct. 

Hollis, April 13, 1876 ;d. May 27, 1877, in Putnam, Conn. 
Herbert J., April 24, 1878, in Killingly. 

841 W. Scott, Oct. 25, 1880, in Danielson, Conn. 
C. Andrew, April 27, 1883. 

Carl C, Jan. 16, 1886, in Putnam, Conn. 
Lucius, April 7, 1888, in Putnam, Conn. 
Florence L., Oct. 5, 1890, in Killingly, Conn. 
Clifford, Feb. 15, 1892. 
Hazel, Sept. 18, 1895. 
Leroy N., Sept. 10, 1898. 


Sarah Agnes Babbitt (Silas- Silas-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Born Sept. 6, 1854, in Killingly, Conn. 

Resides in Putnam, Ct., on the farm her great grandfather Edward 
bought in 1772. Mrs. Burrill has taken a deep interest in her Babbitt 
ancestry and has pubUshed a pamphlet giving a complete list of the des- 
cendants of Edward*, for which the compilers of this book acknowledge 
the great help of such a large part of the family history. 
Married Dec. 14, 1872, George P. Burrill. 

Irving C, Dec. 8, 1873; married Marietta Sahsbury. 
Cora E., March 22, 1876; married Robert Shekleton. 

Reuben, Oct. 16, 1908. 
Bertha, May 20, 1910. 
Infant son, Aug. 21, 1878; died same day. 

George Mortimer, May 16, 1880; married Inez R. Harrington, 
f. U Jan. 23, 1909. Daughter Inez H., Sept. 17, 1911. 

Ella Ardelle, April 15, 1886. Married Adin E. Chapman, Feb. 
21, 1912. 



Ella Prudence Babbitt (Silas-Silas-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Born Oct. 7, 1857, in Putnam, Conn. 
Resided in Putnam, Conn. 
Died May 4, 1900. 

Married Oct. 8, 1875, Charles W. Baker. He died Sept. 1, 1911. 

Ada E., Dec. 1879. Deceased. 


Mary Tinkham Babbitt (Abijah-Isaac-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Nov. 11, 1816. Died April 14, 1900. 

Married Nov. 6, 1836, John Paull Newell (or Newhall), son of Chris- 
topher and Abigail (Sandford) Newell. Born May 31, 1812; died 
Dec. 18, 1891. 
Children: — 

CharlesHenry, 1837; d. 1837. 

Mary Frances, Dec. 1, 1838; married Sept. 8, 1859, Samuel H. 

Walker, son of Abiathar and Bathsheba (Babbitt) Walker. 

One daughter. Bertha Frances, born Jan. 3, 1868; married 

John H. Williams, June 30, 1892. He was born Nov. 25, 1859. 

See No. 544. 

Frank Pierce, Jan. 19, 1852. Unmarried. 


Isaac Babbitt (Abijah-Isaac-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born 
Feb. 27, 1820. Died Sept. 15, 1897. 

Married Sept. 20, 1840, Phoebe Haskins, daughter of Gideon and Amy 
(Paul) Haskins. Born March 13, 1817; died Aug. 2, 1867. 


942 James Gillespie, Aug. 24, 1843. 

943 Gideon Haskins, May 23, 1852. 

Alfred Dexter, Dec. 28, 1855; d. June 28, 1858. 

944 Caleb Dexter, Oct. 24, 1861. 



Jerome Babbitt (Abijah-Isaac-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born 
May 8, 1825. Died Dec. 30, 1885. 

Married Daphne A. Crane, daughter of WilHam S. and Daphne (French) 
Crane. Born April 2, 1828; died Sept. 30, 1895. 
945 Anna Crane, Sept. 14, 1852. 
Lizzie, 1862; d. Aug. 9, 1862. 
WilHam S., 1860; married March 29, 1884, Sarah S. Marvel, 

daughter of Dexter Marvel. She was born 1862. 
Frank Jerome. Graduate of Harvard Veterinary School, M. 
D. v., 1897. Veterinary Surgeon in Lynn, Mass. Married 
March 22, 1899, Shirley Holmes, daughter of Frank and 
Caroline Holmes of Lynn, Mass. 


Sally Babbitt (Abijah-Isaac-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born 
May 7, 1834. 
Lives in Providence, R. L 

Married Charles H. Cummings, Dec. 25, 1850, son of Howard and 

Abigail Cummings. He was born in 1829. 

Children: — 





Henry Lincoln Babbitt (Abijah-Isaac-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born June 30, 1837, in Berkley, Mass. 
A mariner by trade — sea captain. 

Married (1st) April 15, 1857, Isabella Briggs. Born Sept. 29, 1839, 
daughter of Simeon. She died Aug. 11, 1886. 
Children: — 

Henry, Dec. 11, 1858, in Berkley, Mass.; d. Nov. 24, 1909. 
Married Nov. 14, 1891, Jennie Greenhef Lanpher. No 
children. Lived in Everett, Mass. 


Myra Isabel, Sept. 2, 1861 ; married Feb. 23, 1887, John H. 

Church. No children. 
Emmons Wade, March 30, 1864; married June 4, 1890, Ger- 
trude M. Thurber, daughter of Benjamin F. and Mary. 
No children. 
Fred Lincoln, June 2, 1874, a sailor, married Aug. 21, 1895, 
Louise Hedge Simmons. No children. 
946 Clifton Fremont, Aug. 22, 1879. 

Married (2nd) Sept. 5, 1887, Sophia H. Bright, daughter of George 
and Mary Bright of Taunton, Mass. 

Married (3rd) June 9, 1898, Sarah E. (Walker) Morton. 


Adelaide W. Babbitt (Abijah-Isaac-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Born Jan. 15, 1841. 

Resides on West Weir Street, Taunton, Mass. 

Married July 10, 1867, Thomas Crannage of Berkley, Mass. 

Children: — 

Edward T., March 1869; married Annie Green of Taunton, Mass., 
May 1900. 

Child:— Miriam, July, 1901. 
Mabel H., Jan., 1874; married Paul Dean of Taunton, Mass., 
Jan., 1900. 
Children: — 

Merrall, Nov. 1900, died 1909. 
Lawrence, Aug., 1906. 


RoUin Herbert Babbitt (Adoniram-Isaac-Abijah-Edward-Edward- 
Edward). Born May 30, 1840, in Berkley, Mass. 

Mr. Babbitt resides in Berkley. He is a member of the Congregational 
Church of Berkley, and holds the prominent position in the church which 
his Babbitt ancestors have always held before him He has been treas- 
urer of the Babbitt Association since its founding. 


Mr. Babbitt has held many town offices: — School committee, Select- 
man, Representative 1888-89. 

Served three years in the Civil War. 

Married Nov. 27, 1870, Floretta A. Bailey, daughter of Charles F. and 
Sarah (Dean) Bailey. 
Children : — 

Emmeline Bailey, 1871; married Elmer Renches, son of Henry 
and Jane, of Fall River, Mass., in Nov. 17, 1897. She died 1899. 
Rollin Herbert, 1874; married Ethel L. Watts of Taunton, Mass. 
Charles Dean, 1877. 
Miriam Folsom, 1879. 
Floretta Adella, 1887. 


James H. Babbitt (Henry-Henry- Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Born June 17, 1820. 

A farmer in Colrain, Mass. His daughter now resides on his farm. 
Married May 30, 1850, Tryphena G. Harris, daughter of Beriah and 

Irene (Smith) Harris, of Colrain. 

Martha J., resides in Colrain, Mass. 


Mary Anna Babbitt (Henry-Henry- Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Bom Feb. 6, 1823. 
Died Sept., 1894. 

Married Joseph N. Brown of Whitingham, Vt., April 17, 1844. 
Children: — 


George S. Babbitt (David-Ebenezer-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Born in Freetown. 

Resided in Fall River and Somerset, Mass. 
Married Jan. 1, 1838, Betsey Bowen. 



Betsey Jane, 1842; d. Aug. 24, 1843. 

947 George W., 1845. 

Rebecca Jane, 1847; d. July 12, 1848, aged 1 year, 3 months, 

26 days. 
David Thomas, 1854. Married Dec. 27, 1880, Lena Calvert, 
daughter of James and Martha. Born 1862. 

Henry C, April 13, 1883; d. April 23, 1883. 



948 Charles H., 1857. Married (1st) Mary E. Calvert, Oct. 6, 1878. 

(Sister of Lena above) . 
Married (2nd) Gussie P. Cooper, April 3, 1886. She was born 
1865, in New York City to John C. and Martha Cooper. 
Their son David L., born June 26, 1889. 
Elizabeth A., 1858. Married Sept. 1, 1879, Joseph W. MiUs, 
born 1858 to Thomas and Betsey. Two children, Ellen and 
Sarah E., April 5, 1859; married Feb. 20, 1876, Wm. H. Tew 
in Fall River. 


David Babbitt (David-Ebenezer-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Born June 5, 1816. Died March 18, 1902. 
Lived in Assonet. A nail cutter by trade. 

Ran a grist and savmiill for forty years in Assonet, and died at his work. 
Married Mary Hall, daughter of George and Deborah (Shaw) Hall, 
in 1837. 

Rowena M., Feb. 18, 1840. Married April 17, 1869, George A. 

Brow, son of Benjamin and Sarah Brow. Married (2nd) David 

E. Pierce. 

EUzabeth C, Sept. 5, 1852. Married Oct. 12, 1883, Herbert A. 

Briggs, son of Matthew and Elizabeth Briggs of Dighton, Mass. 

Rebecca J., Aug. 16, 1850; d. Feb. 20, 1865, age 15 years, 6 months, 

in Freetown, Mass. 
Marianna, June 8, 1845. Resides in Assonet, Mass. 



Albert Babbitt (Ebenezer-Ebenezer-Abi jah-Edward-Edward-Edward) . 
Bom 1829. Died in Andersonville Prison during the Civil War. 

Married Jane F. Chase, June 20, 1852, in Freetown, Mass. She was 
born 1829, daughter of Seth and Lurania Chase 
Children: — 

Charles, d. Sept. 7, 1853, in Fall River. 

M. Ella, 1854. Married Nov. 28, 1873, George H. Hardman of 

Taunton, son of James and Mary Hardman. 
Anna E., March 18, 1855, in Fall River, Mass. 
Mary A., Feb. 3, 1857, in Fall River, Mass. 
Charles A., May 15, 1860, in Fall River, Mass. Married June 30, 

1883, Emma M. Staynor of Cambridge, Mass. 
Ida B., Nov. 21, 1861, in Fall River. Married Jan. 22, 1890, 
Robert Allen of Westport, Mass., (as his second wife) son of 
Charles and Lorinda P. Allen. 
Edwin A., July 8, 1864, in Westport, Mass. Married June 30, 
1891, Eleanor M. Rudd of Meriden, Conn. 


William Coe Babbitt (Ebenezer-Ebenezer-Abijah-Edward-Edward- 
Edward). Born 1834. Lived in Freetown, Mass. 

Married June 11, 1860, Elizabeth (McConnell) Gregory,* daughter of 
Watts and Mary McConnell of Tiverton, R. I. 
Children: — 

George W., Feb. 21, 1861; d. Aug. 11, 1861. 

Henrietta, Sept. 23, 1862; m. June 3, 1881, Charies F. Read, son 

of Furman and Susan Read. 
CaUie, 1865; d. Nov. 22, 1876. 
Bertha, July 18, 1866; m. April 7, 1884, William C. Allen, son of 

Wm. and Octavia Allen. 
WilHam G., Jan. 1869; d. July 30, 1869. 

Elizabeth, 1874; m. April 5, 1892, Herbert A. Manchester, son of 
Samuel and Margaret. 
*NoTE. — EHzabeth Gregory had a daughter, Frances E., who took the 
name of Babbitt after her mother's second marriage. She married July 
25, 1874, Henry N. Cash of Fall River. 




Ebenezer Babbitt (Ebenezer-Ebenezer-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Feb. 22, 1838. 

A sailor in his younger days. Still living; retired. 
Married Nov. 28, 1860, Mary McMillan. Bom April 19, 1838, daugh- 
ter of James and Ellen of Scotland. She died April 30, 1899. 
Children: — Born in Fall River. 

Ehiora, Nov. 1862; d. Sept., 1894. Married (1st) James Mace, 
Aug, 9, 1883. Married (2nd) James Anthony of Middle- 
town, R. I. One child, Russell A. 
949 Francis D., Nov. 22, 1866. 

Arthur Sylvester, May 25, 1868. Married June 4, 1889, Sarah 
Thorpe, daughter of Samuel and Betsey Thorpe. Resides 
in New Bedford, Mass. Three children: — Bessie, Raymond, 
Ebenezer, Jr., July 9, 1877. 'Married Elizabeth A. Fenton, 
June 6, 1900, daughter of Thomas and Annie M. (Whit- 
marsh) Fenton. Resides in Fall River, Mass. Two 
children: — Annie, Mildred. 


Edward Francis Babbitt (Ebenezer-Ebenezer-Abijah-Edward-Edward- 
Edward). Born Nov. 10, 1842. 
A policeman in Fall River. 

Married March 13, 1866, Imogene Wordell, daughter of Henry and 
Haimah Wordell. 
Children: — 

Mary G., bom in Fall River, Mass., July 24, 1873. Married Aug. 
24, 1890, George W. Simmons, son of Nathan and Annie of 
Buffalo, N. Y. He was born in 1867. 
Idelle M., Aug. 15, 1877, in Providence, R. I. Married Jan. 23, 
1895, Charles L. Foote, son of Lester and Myra (Wayland) 
Foote of Lowell, Mass. He was born in 1875. 
Imogene F., Oct. 27, 1879. Died young. 



Thomas Dean Babbitt (Thomas-Ebenezer-Abijah-Edward-Edward- 

Edward). Born Sept. 9, 1829, in Freetown, Mass. Died August 20, 1881. 

Married Jan. 1, 1857, Abigail Evans, daughter of Noah and Almira 

Evans of Freetown. She married (2nd) Nov. 20, 1886, Horace B. Horton. 


William Thomas, March 25, 1862; married April 26, 1893, Eva 

T. Goflf. One child, Lawrence A., Oct. 24, 1898. 
Frederick G., May 22, 1870; d. July 13, 1871. 
Emma A., Jan. 26, 1876. 


Oliver Babbitt (Henry-Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born 
Oct. 29, 1835. Died July 23, 1863. 

Resided in western N. Y. 

Married Mary A. Babbitt, daughter of Jos. Lake Babbitt No. 282. 
Born June 14, 1834; died Sept. 19, 1896. 

Children: — 

950 Myron E., July 19, 1859. 

951 Marshall O., April 10, 1861. 


Samuel E. Babbitt (Joseph-Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Bom July 23, 1829. Died Jan. 2, 1862. 

Resided in western N. Y. 

Married Amelia Babbitt, daughter of David Babbitt, No. 284. Born 
Jan. 16, 1836; died March 9, 1866. 

Children: — 

Stella, Oct. 1861. 


Willis Clare Babbitt (Joseph-Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Resides in Belmont, N. Y. 


Blacksmith and wagon maker. 

Married Ida Cornelius, daughter of Gabriel Cornelius. 

One child, Samuel Elery, in East Bradford, Pa. 


Francis B. Babbitt (Eben-Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 

Served in Co. B, 3rd Mo. Regiment. 

Resided in New York State, Monroe Co., later came to Mo. 

Married Nov. 2, 1865, Melissa J. Harris. 

Children: — 

Francis E., Aug. 12, 1866. 
952 Richard Wesley, July 10, 1869. 

Melvin W., March 1, 1872. 

Laura L., Dec. 30, 1874. 

Minnie V., Feb. 9, 1877. 

Robert B., Oct. 15, 1879; d. aged 15 days. 

Cornelius E., May 10, 1884. 

Anna E., June 2, 1888. 


David Osmer Babbitt (David-Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Born March 1, 1833, in Ontario Co., N. Y. Died Aug. 12, 1895, in 
Traverse, City, Mich. 

When four years of age his parents moved to Scio, N. Y., where he 
remained until he was twenty years of age. Thence he removed to Penn- 
sylvania and engaged in the lumber business. 

In 1864 he enUsted in Co. M, 21 st Peimsylvania Cavalry and served six 
months; and being wounded returned to Scio. In 1868 he came to 
Chicago and thence to Marengo, 111. In 1873 he located in Marinette, 
Wis., a foreman of the C. & N. W. R. R., and remained with the com- 
pany eighteen years, being transferred to Powers, Mich., in 1891. 

Married in Ward, N. Y., Jan. 4, 1866, Nancy Maria Chaffee. Born 
Oct. 7, 1850, She married (2nd) Stead. 
Children: — 
953 LilUan M., Feb. 14, 1867; married Wm. Elliott of Detroit, Mich. 


954 Minnie E., March, 1869; married (1st) Theodore Lvindeau. 

Married (2nd) Lotus Lambeau. 
Jynne, Feb., 1871; married John L. Quever, Resides inTacoma, 

955 William, 1873. Resides in Waxahachie, Texas. 


Merrick P. Babbitt (David-Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Bom July 15, 1839. 

Resides in Belmont, N. Y. 

Married Dec. 25, 1861, Elizabeth Brodje, born April 29, 1838. 


May, Feb. 5, 1863; married James W. Sabin, who was bom 
March 19, 1860, in Belmont, N. Y. 

956 AmeHa, Aug. 31, 1869. 

957 John, Sept. 13, 1872. 


Vernon Babbitt (David-Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). Bom 
Sept. 8, 1841. Died Nov. 1907. 
Resided near Canandaigua, N. Y. 
Married about 1871, Sabra Rogers. 
Children: — 





Enos Leicester Babbitt (Enos-Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Bom June 20, 1835. 

Resided near Canandaigua, N. Y. 

Died May 1, 1871. 

Married 1859, Martha Fingar. 

WiUiam, died young. 

Wamer. Lives with his mother in Bellona, Yates Co., N. Y. 



Margaret Loucia Babbitt (Enos-Enos-Abijah-Edwarcl-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born March 31, 1837. 
Resided near Canandaigua, N. Y. 
Married Nov. 22, 1858, Pierson Van Orman. 
Children: — 





Orson Lewis Babbitt (Enos-Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Bom Dec. 16, 1840. 

Served in Civil War. 

Enlisted Aug. 29, 1863, in Co. G, 33rd N. J. Regiment and served until 
May 26, 1865. 

Family all living in Canandaigua, N. Y. 

Married Feb. 4, 1872, Augusta Sonderman. 

Children: — 

Minnie, Oct. 28, 1884; married Miller. 


Lucia Ann Babbitt (Enos-Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Born May 22, 1845. 

Resided near Canandaigua, N. Y. 
Died Dec. 3, 1899. 

Married Edward K. Smith, June 6, 1867. 
Children: — 

Edward, died young. 

Carrie, died young. 

Nellie, married Beeman. 


Charles Babbitt (Abijah-Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). Born 
Oct. 23, 1841. 


Married May 29, 1869, Hannah Francisco. Born March 30, 1845. 

958 AUen, Feb. 17, 1870. 

959 Henry A., July 28, 1871. 


Elijah Babbitt (John C.-Joy-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Born 
June 6, 1818, in or near Buffalo. Died May, 1893, in New York City, 
and buried in Fahnouth, Mass. 

Mr. Babbitt was engaged in transport service during the Civil War, 
in company with his son George. They were at one time stationed in 
New Orleans, on the "Admiral Dupont." 

Married Phoebe Ann Baker. 

Born 1825; died 1899. 


960 George Herbert, June 7, 1843; d. May 22, 1880. Married 

(1st) Carrie Button. Married (2nd) Harriet Picard. No 


Boston Record — George Babbitt Mariner," son of Elijah 
and Phoebe married May 9, 1866, Caroline Button, 
daughter of Wm. and Mary of Wayne, Me. 
Ellen Caroline, 1845; d. Feb. 5, 1905. Married (1st) Jan.26, 

1868, Winslow Burgess. Married (2nd) Jacob Harris. 

Married (3rd) Wm. Kilbourne. No children. 
Charles C, Jime 7, 1852. Married (1st) Emily Price. Mar- 
ried (2nd) Helen Kaufman. 
Hattie L., Oct. 1855; d. Jan. 20, 1876; married Harvey Benoit 

(or Bennet). 
AlmiraG., Oct. 14, 1857; d. Feb. 4, 1873, in Plymouth, Mass. 

961 Bradford Baker, Aug. 18, 1859. 


John E. Babbitt (John- Joy-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). Bom 
June 6, 1828. Bied March 25, 1890, in Allegan, Mich. 

Was a lawyer and ofi&cer of Civil War. After the war was connected 


with the Commissary Department in St. Louis, Mo. 
Children: — 

Lyman H., a lawyer in Allegan, Mich. 


Elijah C. Babbitt (Elijah- Joy-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). 
Born March 16, 1839, in Boston, N. Y. Died July 15, 1907, in Rochester, 
N. Y. 

Was in 9th N. Y. Cavalry; six months in Libby Prison; in twenty-six 
Battles. Wounded several times. Served entire four years of War. 

Married Jan. 10, 1866, Melissa E. Locke, daughter of Myron and 
Eunice (Andrus) Locke. Born July 17, 1842; died Sept. 18, 1907, in 
Covington, N. Y. 
Children: — 

Charles William, Feb. 16, 1869. Resides in Rochester, N. Y. 
Jennie June, June 1, 1876; married June 6, 1900, Wm. H. Hadley, 
in Rochester, N. Y. 


Charles Joy Babbitt (Joy- Joy-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). 
Served in Co. D., 2nd Reg. Kentucky Cavalry with his brother Hiram. 
Died 1888. 

John W. 

Hiram Mason, married Ella Babbitt. See No. 625. They have 
one son, Charles Edward. 





Stephen Barlow Babbitt (Joy- Joy-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). 
Born Oct. 17, 1834. Died May 24, 1904. Buried in Cannelton, Ind. 

Enhsted in Union Army, Co. I, 27th Kentucky Infantry. Served four 
years. Was orderly Sergeant. 


Married Feb. 16, 1854, Martha Matilda Nichols. Born Feb. 4, 1835; 
died Sept. 26, 1900. 

John WilHam, Feb. 4, 1856; d. Aug. 21, 1861. 

Millard Fillmore, Oct. 26, 1857. 

Sarah Jane, Dec. 15, 1859; married Leof. 

Clara Belle, Jan. 7, 1862; d. March 26, 1869. 

962 Sylvester Sherman, Nov. 14, 1864. 

Mary Elizabeth, April 14, 1868; d. Aug. 11, 1869. 
Albert Walker, Feb. 17, 1870. 
Emma Viola, Dec. 15, 1872; married Coleman. 
Metta Pauline, March 1, 1875; d. Aug. 26, 1879. 


WiUiam Armitage Babbitt (Joy-Joy-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Dec. 25, 1831, in Warren Co., Pa. 
Removed to Kentucky in 1839. 
Resides in Litchfield, Ky. A farmer. 
Married Aug. 26, 1857, EUzabeth Allen of Grayson Co., Ky. 
Children: — All bom in Grayson Co., Ky. 

963 Mary E., July 31, 1858. 

964 John W., Dec. 11, 1860. 

965 Sarah F., July 18, 1863. 

966 Martha J., Nov. 5, 1865. 

967 Harriett E., March 20, 1868. 

968 Louisa C, Feb. 18, 1871. 
Two more died in infancy. 


Hiram Answorth Babbitt (Joy-Joy-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). 
Bom Jan. 22, 1841. 

Served in Civil War, Co. D., 2nd Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry. 

Enhsted Aug. 13, 1862, served three years, twenty-three days, till close 
of war. 

A farmer in Fordsville, Ky. 

Married (1st) America Smith, 1869. 

Children: — 

969 Joseph S., June 1, 1872. 


William H., 1873. Died in infancy. 

Ella, Aug. 10, 1874. Married Hiram Babbitt. See No. 622. 
Manolia, Nov. 24, 1877. Married Samuel Devarel. 
Two children: — Mary A., Arthur, 
Married (2nd) Vizella Ellen Basham, June 12, 1884. Born Dec. 13, 1859. 
John H., July 19, 1885. Married Cora Lloyd, Nov. 23, 1909. 
Hiram Logan, April 27, 1887. Married LHUa Petty, Feb. 2, 1910. 
Julia Ann, March 2, 1889. Married Olhe Basham, Dec. 20, 1905. 

Goldie, Nov. 12, 1907. 
011a, 1908. 
Debbia P., June 9, 1891. Married Oscar Stuart, Jan. 22, 1906. 

Delina, March 29, 1909. 
Sebert, March 12, 1910. 
Stephen F., Oct. 11, 1893. 

Claria, Sept. 9, 1897, She was killed in a tornado, June 9, 1909. 
Charles B., March 6, 1900. 
Sherman, Dec. 23, 1901. 


Samuel Ledyard Babbitt(Samuel-Nathaniel-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward- 
Edward). Bom 1831. Died 1898. 
Resided in Erie, Pa. 

Married Sarah Robinson; born 1833; died 1877. 
Children: — 

John Robinson, Oct, 25, 1855. Married Dec. 1876, Mary Dolan, 

daughter of Patrick and Mary Dolan. 
Elizabeth, 1857; died 1864. 
George Stone, 1865; died 1902. 


Emily C. Babbitt (Truman-Nathaniel-Simeon-Seth-Edward-Edward) 
Bom 1832 in Pultneyville, N. Y. Died May 6, 1902, in Ware, Mass. 


Married July 12, 1854, in Canaan, Conn., William Sherman of Ware, 
Mass., son of Roger^, and Ora (King) Sherman, (Wm.^-EzekieP,- Jona^- 
Benjamin--Phillip). Born Dec. 12, 1828. Died 1911. 
, Children: — 

Agnes M., May 6, 1856. Married Henry F. Marsh, 1876. 

Josephine E., March 6, 1858. Married Luther Carroll, 1877. 

Silas Cameron, Dec. 26, 1861. Resides in West Brookfield, Mass. 

John Jay, Sept. 7, 1864. Married Albertine Anderson, 1887. Re- 
sides in Fall River, Mass. 

TilHe E., AprU 22, 1868. Married Vernon B. Ober, 1890. 

David B., July 13, 1871. Resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Grace A., Aug. 21, 1875. 


WiUiam T. Sherman, 82, one of the oldest residents of "\\'are, died late 
Saturday night at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Agnes Marsh, on High 
Street, from general debihty. Mr. Sherman had been employed as a 
carpenter, but retired about twenty years ago, and of late years had been 
in feeble health. He was born in Canaan Corners, N. Y., the son of Roger 
S. and Ora King Sherman. He came to Ware about thirty-eight years 
ago. He was married in 1854 to Emily Babbitt at Canaan Corners. His 
wife died several years ago. He is survived by three daughters, Mrs. 
Agnes Marsh and Mrs. Tilhe E. Aber of Ware, and Mrs. Israel Brayton 
of Fall River; three sons. Dr. David Sherman of Brooklyn, J. J. Sherman 
of Fall River and Silas Sherman of West Brookfield, and one brother. 
Dr. Wesley Sherman of Brooklyn. The funeral will be held at 3 this 
afternoon from the home. Rev. E. W. Lutterman conducting the service. 
Burial u-ill be in Aspen Grove cemetery. 


Hamiah Jeanette Babbitt Kiimey (Simeon-Simeon-Simeon-Nathaniel- 
Edward-Edward). Born March 10, 1835, in Bethel, Vt. 

She was the oldest chUd of Simeon Augustus and Emily McKinstry 
Babbitt. She was educated with great care and her musical taste being 
prominent, she was given many advantages, especially in vocal music. 


She became a teacher of music and while engaged in that profession she 
met Mr. John Jacob Kinney, a lawyer of Jamestown, N. Y., whom she 
married April 23, 1861. She died June 25, 1867. 

In the obituary from the pen of her rector is portrayed her Christian 
character, scarcely developed when she was removed from earth. "Her 
death was peaceful. In her last moments, her husband overcome with 
grief, sought to receive from her one word or look; her Hps were paralyzed 
but she raised her eyes with a smile towards heaven and pointed her fingers 
upward. In the midst of life she enters into rest, the record of her Ufe 
summed up in mute Hps and heaven-pointed hand. So let us follow the 
Christian pathway, guileless and truthful till the open doors reveal our 
loved ones in Paradise." 


Emily Jenny Babbitt (Simeon-Simeon-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward- 
Edward). Born Oct. 7, 1839. 

She received the usual instruction of the pubhc schools and afterwards 
studied music and the language at Randolph Academy, Vt. She grad- 
uated from Mystic Hall Seminary, West Medford, Mass., in 1858. In 
1873 she went to Europe with her sister where they spent a year in the 
study of music and the languages in Milan, Italy. She was a teacher 
of music for many years, but is now spending her time with friends in the 
North and South. Miss Babbitt is the founder of the Babbitt Family Asso. 


Robert Augustus Babbitt (Simeon-Simeon-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward- 
Edward). Robert A. Babbitt was born Jan. 21, 1842. He graduated 
from the Albany Medical College in 1860, at the age of eighteen. In 
1861 he joined the 8th Connecticut Regiment of Volimteers as private 
and was appointed Hospital Steward. In 1862 he was appointed Super- 
intendent of the Hammond General Hospital in Beaufort, N. C. In 1863 
he was promoted Surgeon of the First North Carolina Union Volunteers, 
having headquarters in Washington. In 1864 he received the appoint- 
ment of Post Surgeon at Beaufort where his labors were too excessive. 
His health gave way and he contracted yellow fever from which he died 
Oct. 17, 1864. The Vermont State Journal speaks appreciatingly of his 
life: — "Though young in years, he proved himself eminently successful 
and efficient in his profession, and a faithful and devoted soldier of his 



Elbridge Harris Babbitt (Simeon-Simeon-Simeon-Natlianiel-Edward- 
Edward). Bom Jaii. 23, 1844. 

He attended the Military School, Norwich University, Vt., and 
while there he enlisted June 7, 1862, in the 17th U. S. Infantry as ser- 
geant with headquarters in Portland, Me. He soon went with his regi- 
ment to the Army of the Potomac at Harrison's Landing, Va. He was 
in the battle of Fredericksburg and was seriously woimded at Gettysburg, 
July 2, 1863, and was sent to a hospital in Philadelphia. In March, 1864, 
he joined his brother Robert in the North Carolina Union Vols, as Second 
Lieutenant. He was most of the time acting Adjutant and Assistant 
Adjutant General in the Department of North Carolina until the close 
of the war. 

Married in Jamestown, N. Y., Jime 2, 1867, Izora Estella Reese of 
Warren, Pa. She died Feb. 24, 1881. 
Children: — 

Emily McKinstry, Aug. 23, 1869. She married Arthur B. Smith 

of Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 12, 1891. 
Robert Augustus, Dec. 8, 1870. Married Jtme 18, 1900, Mary 

Armstrong of Washington, D. C. 
Izora Estelle, Feb. 26, 1873. Married Charles S. Gunn of Tolono, 

111., July 25, 1898. 
Elizabeth Anne, Sept. 16, 1877. Married Lesley McWhorter of 

Washington, D. C, Jan. 1, 1899. 
Lydia May, Dec. 4, 1879. Married Harry G. Tolson of Wash- 
ington, D. C, June 23, 1903. 
On Oct. 9, 1883, Mr. Babbitt was married to Miss Mary Elizabeth 
Boyce of Washington, Pa. They were married by the Rev. Dr. Leake 
in Allegheny City, Pa. 

The family removed to Washington, D. C, in Sept., 1892, where Mr. 
Babbitt was employed for several years in the War Department. 

At the beginning of the Spanish American War he entered the service 
and was coimected with the Quarter-master's Department until the close 
of the war. After a residence of one year at Porto Rico, to which point 
he had been assigned for duty, he returned to Washington. He is stUl 
active and energetic and looks forward to many years of usefulness. 



Mary Lucetta Babbitt Kinney (Simeon-Simeon-Simeon-Nathaniel- 
Nathaniel-Edward) . 

She was educated in music and the classics in Randolph Academy, Vt. 
She was married Oct. 16, 1866, to John Kendrick Kinney of Randolph, 
Vt. Their home was in Clinton, Iowa, for many years. 
Children: — 

Mary Kendrick bom July 4, 1868. Married Ira Brainard of 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Has one child, Martha Elizabeth, bom in 
Montpeher, Vt., April 6, 1890. Mrs. Kinney, with her daugh- 
ter and granddaughter, has resided in London, England, for 
several years. 
Hugh Skinner, Nov. 1, 1872. 


Elizabeth Anne Babbitt (Simeon- Simeon- Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward- 

Elizabeth Anne Babbitt Silverthorn was born June 10, 1848, in Bethel, 
Vermont. She received the usual pubHc school instruction at the Acad- 
emy, Randolph, Vt. After finishing her studies in the Academy, she 
went to Boston to study music, both vocal and instrumental, with private 
masters and in the New England Conservatory of Music. After con- 
tinued study, together with teaching and public performance, she went 
to Europe with her sister, where she studied music and the languages in 
Milan, Italy. Upon her return to America she located in Evansville, 
Indiana, singing in church and concert, and teaching extensively. 

Married Aug. 28, 1879, John Newton Silverthorne, Evansville, Ind., 
son of Henry and Elizabeth (McCracken) Silverthorne. Born Sept. 12, 
1821;diedAug. 18, 1883. 

Children: — 

Bessie, April 12, 1881, in Evansville, Ind. Resides in Montpeher, Vt. 


George Ashton Babbitt (Simeon-Simeon-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward- 
Edward). Born Dec. 30, 1852. 

He was educated in the public schools and at Randolph Academy, Vt. 
He chose the profession of medicine. After the usual course of study 


pursued at his home, he attended his first course of lectures at the Medi- 
cal College of Dartmouth. His second course he took at Long Island 
College, L. I., and graduated from that institution June 21, 1875. He 
was appointed House Surgeon at the hospital connected with the college 
for the year ending July 1, 1876. At that time he decided to locate in 
the West. He chose for his home the little mining town called A^'estern 
Star, Summit Co., Ohio. There he practiced for many years. 
Married June 18, 1892, Minnie E. Melville of Kent, Ohio. 
Children: — 

George Melville, June 7, 1883; d. Dec. 9, 1902. 
Louisa Emily, Aug. 2, 1886. 
Paul McKinstry, Dec. 13, 1889. 
In 1906 Dr. Babbitt removed to Cleveland, Ohio, where he intends to 
make his permanent home. 


Sarah Elizabeth Babbitt (Jonathan- Jonathan-Elijah-Nathaniel-Ed- 
ward-Edward) . Born Dec. 23, 1841. Died Feb. 11, 1899. 

Married May 1, 1866, in Dana, Mass., Joseph D. Lincoln, son of 
Thomas and Lucy. Born April 15, 1841 . 
Children: — 

Carrie, Jan. 31, 1868; d. Oct. 3, 1870. 
Florence, Oct. 9, 1872. 


Rinaldo Babbitt (Jonathan- Jonathan-Elijah-Nathaniel-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born July 27, 1851, in Dana, Mass., on the farm where three 
generations of his family had lived. 

Resides in Orange, Mass. Member of Babbitt Asso. 
Married April 25, 1882, Ella S. Stearns, daughter of Edward Stearns. 
Born Nov. 27, 1855. 
Children: — 

Una G., Jan. 1, 1888; married Sept. 18, 1907, Elbridge Goodwin. 
Roy S., March 9, 1895. 



Osman Babbitt (Rosselle- Jonathan-Eli jah-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward) . 
Born June 26, 1841. Died July 2, 1908. 
Married March 31, 1867, Julia A. Clark. 
Children: — 
970 Annie, May 19, 1870. 

Ruth E., Feb. 28, 1875; d. Oct. 4, 1877. 

Rosselle B., Oct. 19, 1880; d. March 10, 1882. 

Joel C, April 20, 1883; married Esther E. Potter, April 3, 1909. 

No children. He died Sept. 11, 1909. 
Julia M., March 11, 1888; married James R. McHue, Sept. 
16, 1906. 


Susan Babbitt (Rosselle- Jonathan-Eli jah-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward) . 
Born Jan. 12, 1843. 

Mrs. Dreher is an active member of the Babbitt Association and has 
given much help in the collection of records of her branch of the family. 
Resides in Oregon, Wis. 

Married Dec. 25, 1867, William H. Dreher. Died Jan. 8, 1885. 

Isaac W., Nov. 26, 1871, married Oct. 26, 1903, Mae Peterson. 
Velma, July 4, 1875; married April 9, 1901, Henry Matson. 

Helena, Sept. 29, 1902. 
Morris, Oct. 5, 1903. 
Bernice, Oct. 19, 1905. 
Robert, June 27, 1907. 
Infant daughter, Nov. 2, 1876; died same day. 


Byron Babbitt (Rosselle- Jonathan-Eli jah-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). 
Born Dec. 15, 1844. 

Married June 1, 1877, Marion Dick. 

Daisy E., Sept. 23, 1878; m. Wm. E. Canniff, AprH 29, 1907. 

CaUie, Jan. 11, 1882; m. Edward Bartz, Sept. 3, 1903. 

Clinton, Aug. 26, 1886; m. Esther Klaven, Nov. 2, 1908. 



Emily Babbitt (Rosselle-Jonathan-Elijah-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). 
Bom Aug. 19, 1847. 
Married July 10, 1873, Adolf Bielz. 

Nettie v., July 5, 1874. 

Albert, Feb. 26, 1876; married Martha Larsen, Nov. 6, 1895. 


Anna Babbitt (Rosselle- Jonathan-Elijah-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). 
Bom Jan. 19, 1859. 
Married Dec. 1, 1878, Peter Steury. 
Children: — 

George, Oct. 2, 1879; married July 24, 1909, VemaGoss. 
Barbara, Nov. 24, 1885; married March 16, 1905, Wm. Stober. 
One Child:— 

OUve Belle, March 14, 1906. 


Adela C. Babbitt (Massena- Jonathan-Elijah-Nathaniel-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Sept. 18, 1841, in Girard, Pa. 
Died March 27, 1876, in Girard, Pa. 
Married Jan. 1, 1859, in Girard, Pa., S. L. Mason. 

George, died in infancy. 

Clyde, died in twentieth year. 


Eric Babbitt (Massena- Jonathan-Elijah-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). 
Bom Sept. 2, 1847, in Girard, Pa. 

Married in Ediftboro, Pa., March 30, 1870, Ellen J. Francis. Bom 
May 15, 1849. 
Children: — 
971 Mary M., Feb. 28, 1871. 

Cora E., Oct. 24, 1882; married J. E. Greenslade, May 2, 1908. 




Frank Babbitt (Massena- Jonathan-Eli jah-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward) . 
Bom in Girard, Pa., Feb. 8, 1850. 

Married March 29, 1871, Louise M. Wright. 

Emma, April 13, 1873; d. Dec. 16, 1889. 


Asher Stevens Babbitt (Leander-James-Elijah-Nathaniel-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born April 9, 1836, in Clintonville, N. Y. Died Dec, 1888. 

Mr. Babbitt was an instructor in High Schools — also an inventor. He 
invented a platform rocker; also a baby carriage and chair. 

Married Emmeline Weston Jones of Jay, N. Y., in 1864, daughter 
of Lamson Jones. She was born in 1837 and is now Uving in South 
Pasadena, Cal. 


972 Ella Sophia, July 20, 1865. 

Mabel Sarah, March 23, 1867; d. March 21, 1876. 

973 William Albert, June 25, 1869. 

974 Adelaide Gertrude, Aug. 6, 1871. 

Alonson Jones, Dec. 16, 1872; d. Feb. 21, 1876. 

Jessie Ellen, Dec. 30, 1874. Resides in South Pasadena, Cal. 


Marion Sarah Babbitt (Leander- James-Elijah-Nathaniel-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Aug. 11, 1844, in Keeseville, N. Y. 
Resides in North Elba, N. Y. 

Married Samuel M, French, Sept. 11, 1864, in Ansable Forks, N. Y., 
son of Luman and Clara French. Born Sept. 14, 1833. Died Aug. 26, 1875. 
Children: — All born at the French Homestead in Frankhn, N. Y. 
EmmaLoretta, Oct. 6, 1865; d. Jan. 26, 1883. 
William Leander, Nov. 20, 1866. Resides in Plymouth, Mass. 
An electrical engineer. Married Gertrude Pine. One son — Roger. 
Frank A., March 5, 1868. Resides in Brookville, Mass. Married 
June 15, 1892, Emma Blanding of Putnam, Conn. 
Two children: — Frank, Raymond. 


Fred L., July 4, 1870. Resides in Somerville, Mass. An electrical 
engineer. Married June 27, 1898, Gertrude Bigelow of Keese- 
ville, N. Y. 
Three children — Gertrude, Herbert, Harold. 
Harry Isham, June 1, 1872. Resides in Campello, Mass. Mar- 
ried Dec. 5, 1895, in Whitman, Mass., Lena Kimball, daughter 
of David and Charlotte Kimball. 

Clark Kimball, Feb. 25, 1902. 
Alan Douglas, June 12, 1904. 
Henry George, April 26, 1874. Resides in Pordand, Ore. Mar- 
ried Jan. 5, 1906, Annie C. Thomas of Buffalo, N. Y. 
Children: — George, Wallace. 


Manfred Pire Babbitt (Leander- James-Elijah-Nathaniel-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom Feb. 2, 1847. 

He lived in Keeseville, Jay and Franklin Falls, N. Y. Resides in Barre 
Mass. A millwright and farmer. 

Married Aug. 16, 1868, Marion E. Weston, daughter of James and 
Olive Weston of Keeseville, N. Y. 
Children: — First two born in Keeseville, N. Y. 
Viola, Nov. 1869. 
Edgar A., April 17, 1873. Resides in Salmon River, N. Y. Served 

three years in Philippine War. Has three children. 
LUHan, Oct. 1875, in Jay, N. Y.; d. June 1882. 
Leander, April 16, 1876, in FrankHn Falls, N. Y. Resides in Barre, 
Mass. A farmer. 

Has three children: — Alfred, Ernest, Myrtle. 
George E., April 21, 1877. Resides in Albany, N. Y. A plumber 
for D. & H. R. R. 
Has one son, Robert. 
Harry, July 12, 1878. A ranchman in Montana. 
OUve, March 31, 1880; d. Oct. 1905. Married Watson Ferris of 
Jay, N. Y. 
Two children: — Ernest, Earl. 
Marion, May 10, 1881. Resides in Albany, N. Y. A tailoriste. 
Ernest, May 1882; d. Aug. 1882. 



Curtis Henry Babbitt (Leander-Elijah-Nathamel-Edward-Edward) . 
Born April 26, 1851. 

Resides in Lake Placid, N. Y. An electrical engineer. 
Married (1st) April 20, 1876, Carrie W. Woodruff, daughter of William 
and Maribah Woodruff. Born May 16, 1853. Died March 9, 1880. 

Lulu, June 7, 1877; d. Aug. 1877. 
Eva S., Oct. 22, 1878; d. Aug. 23, 1882. 
Married (2nd) May 8, 1886, Imogene Sebra, daughter of Benjamin 
and Mary Ann Sebra. Born May 8, 1863. 

Maud M., March 20, 1887; d. May 28, 1891. 
Metta M., Sept. 15, 1891. 


John D. Babbitt (Nathan-David-David-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). 
Born Dec. 10, 1835. 
Lives in Dale, N, Y. 

Married Emma Adella Chase, Nov. 24, 1859. Born Nov. 6, 1840. 
Children: — 

Reuben B., Oct. 4, 1860; d. June 27, 1878. Unmarried. 
Carrie, March 20, 1862. Unmarried in Dale , N. Y. 
Alta A., Dec. 10, 1863; d. Feb. 22, 1864. 
975 Grace A., Sept. 24, 1865. 
Sarah C, Oct. 22, 1870. 
Mary L., Nov. 17, 1873. Married Feb. 3, 1897, 

Lovell F. Smith. Lives in Dale, N. Y. 
Martha F., Nov. 17, 1873. Died in infancy, March . 

27, 1874. 
Henry C, Aug. 6, 1875. In 1872 was livmg in Buffalo, N. Y. 
Married Nora Kennedy, Sept. 17, 1903. She was born 
April 24, 1878. Son— Allan Dale, May 28, 1910. 


Fanny F., April 15, 1879. Married May 1, 1901, Dexter 
Burrett. Lives in Cleveland, O. Son — Ralph, born April 
30, 1902. 
Lloyd C, July 19, 1881. Unmarried; lives in Dale, N. Y. 
976 John J., May 10, 1869; d. Oct. 21, 1901. Conductor on 
Lehigh Valley R. R. for twelve years. Was accidentally 
killed. Married Aug. 15, 1894, Emma A. Kennedy, born 
April 17, 1872. Son— Roy T., July 27, 1895. 
Emma A., Feb. 4, 1886; d. Feb. 27, 1886. 


David Babbitt (Stephen-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born May 1794. Died March 17, 1867, aged 72 years, 10 months. 

Learned the shoe maker's trade. 

Moved from Otsego Co. to Rushford about 1838. Stayed one year 
in Pike, N. Y., on the way, where his brother lived. 

In personal appearance was strikingly like Thomas Jefiferson. 

David Babbitt, on the 13th of April, 1858, stated that he resided in 
Rushford, N. Y., and was 63 years old; that he was enlisted or drafted 
for service in War with Great Britain in Otsego, N. Y., on the 22nd of 
September, 1814, for three months and served seven weeks. He received 
Land Warrant No. 20565 for 120 acres of land. 


(From the Tovm History of Rushford, N. Y.) 
David Babbitt, a cavalier in the War of 1812, moved into Rushford 
in 1838, and occupies one hundred acres of the farm now owned by the 
Babbitt family. One his way from Otsego County he tarried a year in 
Pike, where live the descendants of Stephen Babbitt, the only relatives 
of the family by that name in this part of the state. His wife's maiden 
name was Lucy Shipman, which is all that is known of her family except 
that they were of Puritan lineage. 

One of his grandmothers, Rachel La Cry, is supposed to have been 
French and was certainly one of the Acadian refugees who were distribu- 
ted among the colonies. He never saw her only once and then for less 
than a half day, somewhere in the vicinity of Long Island Sound during 


the War of 1812. She gave him a pathetic, graphic and tragical account 
of the burning of their home; but her thoughts seemed to continually 
turn to the escape of two brothers while the good Puritans were coral- 
ling them at the water's edge to be forced aboard their ships, regardless 
of relationship, age or sect. Sbe also told him that some of his other 
ancestors were purely Scotch Irish. She was very gray or even white 
with large lustrous extremely black eyes, a characteristic which she alone 
transmitted to nearly half of her descendants of the next three generations. 

David was a confirmed rationalist; his wife equally as devout a church- 
woman. They had six children that grew to m.anhood and womanhood, 
three of each. The youngest son, Albert, was the first soldier from Alle- 
gany County who was actually shot in the Rebellion; some had died in 
the service before that. The youngest daughter also died young. David 
was six feet and one and one-half inches tall, twenty inches broad across 
the shoulders, and of proportionate weight; in his younger days a wrest- 
ler, a ball player and athlete. As a practical joke his brother Stephen 
wrote the name of Thomas Jefferson on one of David's pictures and pre- 
sented it to one of the Masonic Lodges of Wyoming County. Eight 
years later, when David visited the same lodge, the long arranged joke 
was first discovered. 

Nature undoubtedly mtended David Babbitt for a naturalist. Without 
question he was the acutest observer of natural phenomena of any resi- 
dent of the town of his time or since, and knew the peculiarities and dis- 
tinquishing characteristics, haunts, habits and names of a greater pro- 
portion of our insects, reptiles, animals and birds than any other person 
in this vicinity. He was familiar with the elementary principles of as- 
tronomy, locating the position of all the planets of our solar system, 
visible at any time of the year, as readily as ordinary people can the phases 
of the moon. Only a few years before his death he began a systematic 
study and investigation of the geological features of the foothills of the 
ancient Appalachians in this vicinity. 

Explanation of discoveries made since his day, hke the X-ray, radium 
and wireless telegraphy, when shelled out of their technical terms, are 
nothing more or less than his theory of a fourth state of matter, less com- 
plicated, perhaps, in its universal application to the imiverse. He hoped 
and beheved, but not with the assurance of certainty, that death was to 
relieve us of dependence upon matter in its cruder forms, by endowing 
us with senses acute enough to make use of it in its more refined forms. 


This belief was derived from a vast multitude of deductions from natural 
phenomena only. 

INIr. Babbitt was a very careful observer of people and believed that 
the great Iroquois Confederacy had displayed a wonderful capacity in 
organizing their league of different tribes. 

He was a shoemaker by trade but never worked at it except in incle- 
ment weather, and sometimes a Httle, evenings. His amusements were 
mostly confined to investigations of natural phenomena of some kind. 
Sundays he took his wife to church, returning for her. In the afternoon 
and evening he took long walks, mostly in the woods and along the banks 
of streams, sometimes but not often taking a gun vnth him, vnth which 
to secure specimens; but he never hunted for sport, although he was a 
perfectly accurate shot at eighty rods v^th the rifle. He almost invari- 
ably carried a newspaper or magazine with him, which he read at in- 
tervals through the day, while resting from work or waiting for anything. 

Some idea of his reading capacity may be formed from his boast that 
in just fifty weeks he read all of the first fifty volumes of the old Podonque 
school library, lacking only three of maldng the record consecutive, be- 
cause some one else had all that he had not already read on those weeks. 
The five volumes of RolLin's Ancient History or of a Josephus' Works 
were a fair average of their voluminousness. He had a very thorough 
and practical private instruction in all of the higher mathematics by 
George R. Perkins, who was preparing for pubHcation a series of text- 
books; paying for the same and earning additionally, first by pure copy 
work, then, observing that Perkins had many grammatical and spelling 
difificulties, (although he could readily solve any kind of a mathematical 
proposition, except the reading of his ovm writing) he suggested writing 
from dictation, which proved faster and better for them both. He was 
very methodical. Although he attended an old-fashioned district school, 
he made enough use of that to teach a select school in town, that would 
now be rated several grades higher than those which he attended. 

No amoimt of noise disturbed him in the least while reading, but touch 
his chair, book, candle, or especially the snuffers on the chair arm, and — 
well, there was considerable to it, with ulterior or posterior inferences, 
when the writer of this was a repenting "Kid." He died with as much 
confident assurance that a tallow candle gave a better light to read by 
than the brighter Ught of a kerosene lamp does, as he had of the final 
adoption of his hypothesis concerning geological climatic phenomena 
and the fourth state of matter. 


Married Lucy Shipman. Born 1794-5. Died June 3, 1873. Both 
buried in Podonque Cemetery, RusMord, N. Y. Lucy Shipman was a 
tailoress before her marriage. A remarkably bright woman. Her des- 
cendants delight to tell that at the fiftieth anniversary of the settlement 
of Rushford, she volimteered to roast the pig in the "real old-fashioned 
way," when she really had never done such a thing before. With her 
astonished husband's help it was a great success. 
Children: — 

Sally, 1820; d. Aug. 2, 1853, age 33 years, 10 months, 20 days. 
Married Lowell Farwell. He died Feb. 8, 1863, aged 37 years. 

Darius, Milo, Henry, Almeda, Florence. 

977 Horace, 1824. 

978 Wilham, 1828. 

Lemyra, 1833; d. March 13, 1858, aged 33 years, 2 months, 
20 days. A school teacher, graduate of Rushford Academy. 

Albert, 1835. Killed July 21, 1861, at Bull Run at almost 
the first volley of the attack. The first from Alleghany Co. 
to die in defence of his country. 

He was a remarkably handsome fellow, of splendid physique, 
genial and witty, of fine personality. He was quite a musi- 
cian and taught dancing. He was also talented in sketching 
and free hand drawing. 

He attended Rushford Academy. Enlisted May 13, 1861, 
Co. I, 27th N. Y. Infantry. 

Milo, resided in Syracuse, N. Y. 

979 Lucy Aim. 


Margaret Babbitt (Stephen-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Died about 1878, aged 80 years. 
Married Ira Dorr Bishop, of Delevan, N. Y. 

Dorcas, m. Harry Dow. 

Margaret, m. Harvey Alderman. 

Reuben, m. Mary Daggett. 

Palmyra, m. Nelson Daggett. 


Myanda, m. (1st) Crosby; (2nd) Hiram Webster. 
John, m. Helen Harmon. 
Sarah, m. Duty Hawkins. 
Amasa, m. Katurah Howell. 
Romelia, died, aged 14 years. 


Josiah Babbitt (Stephen-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom 1798. Died March 18, 1853. 

In 1820 ensign in 2nd Regiment of Infantry of Otsego Co., N. Y. 

Married 1820, Melinda Baker. 


Albert, 1821; d. Dec. 15, 1830. 

980 Chester, Oct. 2, 1823. 

981 Amanda, 1825. 

Sarah, 1827; d. May 3, 1828. 

982 Reuben, Sept. 27, 1837. 


Stephen Babbitt (Stephen-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . 
Born April 3, 1806, in Otsego, N. Y. Died March 19, 1857. 

Settled in Pike, Wyoming Co. His son Elias is now living in his 
old homestead. 

Married Nov. 14, 1829, Fannie Bhss, daughter of Eleazer and Clarissa 
(Boardman) Bliss. Bom Jan. 22, 1814, and died Nov. 19, 1896. 

Children: — 

983 Mary, Jan. 29, 1831. 

984 Leander, Jan. 6, 1833. 

985 Sylvester, Dec. 13, 1835. 

Stephen, Oct. 25, 1840; d. Aug. 6, 1843. 

986 Elias, Aug. 17, 1844. 

987 Eliza, Aug. 17, 1844. 

988 Frances Othelia, Sept. 4, 1848. 


Anna Babbitt (Warren-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . 
Born Sept. 14, 1797. Died Sept. 5, 1867, in Fly Creek, N. Y. 






Resided in Fly Creek, N. Y. 

Married Aug. 7, 1814, James Johnson. Born Oct. 20, 1788. Died 
April 10, 1846. 
Children: — 

Edward, May 19, 1815; d. Sept. 17, 1827. 

Infant son. May 18, 1817; d. May 18, 1817. 

Erastus H., Nov. 7, 1818; d. Oct. 31, 1838. 

Infant daughter. May 24, 1820; d. May 24, 1820. 

James H., Nov. 9, 1821; d. Feb. 26, 1896. Married VVaity 

Eldredge, Dec. 6, 1842. 
Charles, Feb. 5, 1824; d. Feb. 5, 1824. 
Eliza Ann, June 1, 1825; d. March 11, 1843. Married John 

R. Williams. 
Albert, July 7, 1828; d. Aug. 9, 1904. Married Lavona Hinds. 
Mary, Oct. 7, 1830; d. Jan. 8, 1901. Married James Van 
Horn, 1850. 

James H., April 3, 1852. 
Charles A., Feb. 23, 1856; d. Feb. 27, 1905. 
Anna, Dec. 13, 1858. Married Austin Leonard. 
Daniel, May 13, 1833; d. Sept. 3, 1861. Married Catherine Tuttle. 
Russell A., Sept. 30, 1839; d. Jan., 1903. A colonel in Civil War. 

Married Ellen Merrill. 
One other died in infancy. 


Clarissa Babbitt (Warren-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . 
Born Sept. 7, 1801. Died Feb. 11, 1848, in Fly Creek, N. Y. 
Resided in Fly Creek, N. Y. 
Married (1st) Thorpe. 

One child: — Earl, m. Abbie Steinburg. No children. 
Married (2nd) John Thompson. 

Children: — Sarah, m. Truman Ellin wood of Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Mr. Ellinwood conducted one of the first schools of Sten- 
ography in Brooklyn. Mrs. Ellinwood died in Brooklyn. 
They had a daughter Mamie, who died young. 
Eunice m. Elon Denio, of Auburn, N. Y. Mr. Denio died in Au- 
burn, N. Y, 1882, and his widow and children, Lettie and Carl- 
ton reside now in Los Angeles, Cal. Mr. Denio was a member 
of a manufacturing company in Auburn, N. Y. 


Daniel Babbitt (Warren-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom May 4, 1804, in Otsego, N. Y. Died March 14, 1884 aged 79 years. 
A shoemaker by trade in early years. In 1837 bought the farm in 
Otsego, N. Y., afterward occupied by his son Charles. 

Married (1st) Anna Woodward, daughter of Abijah Woodward, who 
died in 1844. 

Susan, March 30, 1827; d. Feb. 22, 1878; m. Dwight Chapman. 
Had one daughter, Nellie May, who married Ira Thompson. 
See No. 658. 

989 Andrew J. 

990 Warren. 

Charles, Dec. 2, 1834; m. Sarah Green, 1853. Learned the 
trade of carpenter and gave it up because of failure of his 
health. He then carried on his father's farm. Had son and 
daughter who both died young. Another son died aged 

Resides in Fly Creek, N. Y. 
Daniel, killed May 5, 1864, in Civil War, Co. F., N. Y.VoL, 
121 Regiment. Not married. 
Married (2nd) Catherine Popple. Born March 30, 1827, and died 
Feb. 22, 1878. 


Eunice Babbitt (Warren- Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward), 
Bom Jan. 29, 1807. Died Sept. 12, 1879. 
Resided in Fly Creek, N. Y. 


Married Daniel Carpenter, in Fly Creek, N. Y. 
Children: — 

Ervin, m. Jane Wheeler, in Fly Creek, N. Y. 
Children: — Clarence, Ada. 

Maria, m. Schuyler O'Brien. No children. 


Roswell Babbitt (Warren-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) 
Born March 29, 1813, in Otsego, N. Y. Died May 1899, in New Lisbon, 

A farmer. 

Married Ann Elizabeth Brown. Born in Fly Creek, Dec. 22, 1819; 
died March 29, 1903, in Onceonta, N. Y. 

Franklin Henry, May 5, 1842. Born in Otsego, N. Y.; m. 
Delia Trowbridge. Removed to Danville, 111. 

Blanche, April 24, 1863. 

Bertha, d. March 19, 1873. 

Harry D. 1871, of New York City. An electrician. 

991 Lucien Emory, April 30, 1844, in Exeter, N. Y. 

992 EUen Lydia, Aug. 29, 1847, m Otsego, N. Y. Charlotte, Aug. 2, 1849; m. Dwight Chapman, Had 
Sara Beth, born Oct. 9, 1886; died Jan. 18,1893. Resides 
in Auburn, N. Y. See No. 656. 

993 Otis H., March 19, 1854, in Otsego, N. Y. 

Grace May, Oct. 9, 1862, in Otsego, N. Y. ; m. Robert George, in 
New Lisbon, N. Y. No children. 


Semi Babbitt (David-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Oct. 5, 1788, m Cheshire, Mass. Died March 26, 1860, in Flemmg, 
N. Y. 

Settled in Otsego Co., N. Y. Afterward resided in Fleming, N.Y., 
where he died. 

In records of Secretary of States office in Albany, N. Y.,is recorded, 
"April 1, 1822, land in the mihtary tract in town of AureHus, Cayuga Co. 
is granted Semi Babbitt." He was probably in the War of 1812 to secure 
this Bounty Land. 


In 1820, he was Lieutenant of the 109th Regiment of Infantry of 
Cayuga Co., N. Y. 

Married March 13, 1789, Nancy Luther, who died Aug. 7, 1876. 
Children: — 

Franklin Luther, Dec. 2, 1812; d. April 9, 1859. 

C. Jeanette, Oct. 9, 1815; d. Nov. 12, 1896. 

David Huburt, March 1, 1817; son Edison in New York City. 

WilUam Harrison, Oct. 20, 1819; m. Harriet ( ). 

Children: — 
Mortimer C, May 27, 1822; d. April, 1894. 
Laura Ann, Feb. 26, 1824; d. July 25, 1825. 
Charies Henry, April 16, 1826; d. April 27, 1886. 
Children: — 

Hattie, m. Ira Vosburgh. Resides in Auburn, N. Y. 


William Babbitt (David-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Oct. 6, 1791, in Lanesboro, Mass. Died May 28, 1860, in Lanes- 
boro, Mass. 
A farmer. 

Married Hannah Piatt, daughter of Abiel and Rhoda Piatt. Died 
Sept. 1, 1847, aged 64 years. 

Piatt Delascus, born in Pittsfield, Mass. ; d. 1872, in Niagara Falls, 
N. Y. Married Clara Bowen, born March 20, 1820, who died 
in October, 1908, in East Auroro, N. Y. No children. 
Electa, m. Rule in Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Stephen Babbitt (David-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom June 8, 1798, in Lanesboro, Mass. 

Resided in Lanesboro, Mass. 

Died May 1, 1860. Drowned in Poutoosuc Lake. 

Married April 6, 1824, in Pownal, Vt., Salome Stalls, who died Dec. 
10, 1859, aged 71 years. 


One child: — 

George W., 1841; d. June 18, 1863, in Baton Rouge, La. Un- 
married. Was a soldier in 49th Regiment. 


David Lee Babbitt (Daniel-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Baptized Aug. 19, 1806. 

Was a farmer in Burton, N. B. 

Married Phoebe Babbitt, May 3, 1838. See No. 310. Born June 19, 
1819. Died Aug. 28, 1903. 

Children: — 

994 Dorothy, March 1, 1840. 

995 Mary Eliz., July 25, 1842. 

996 Frances Ameha, Nov. 29, 1844. 
Daniel S., April 22, 1847. Unmarried. 
Maria, died young. 

Henry Emerson, died young. 

997 Sarah Jane, April 27, 1854. 
John Smith, unmarried. 


Samuel Babbitt (Daniel-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward ). 
Bom May, 1814, on the Bay Chaleur. Died Dec, 1880. 

Mr. Babbitt was cashier of the Central Bank and later of the People's 
Bank of Frederickton, N. B. 

He was also an Alderman in Frederickton. 

Married Maria Nealon. 


998 Carohne. 

999 George Nealon. 

Isabel, unmarried. Resides in Frederickton, N. B. 
Annie, married George Lee. No children. 
David Lee married Miss Mae McLaughlin. No children. 
He is on the staff of the People's Bank in Frederickton. 
1000 John. 



John Babbitt (Daniel-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
A farmer in Burton, N. B. 
Married Hannah Wasson. 

1001 James. 

Thomas; unmarried. 
Frederick, unmarried. 
Eliza, uimiarried. 

1002 George Elkanah. 


Rebecca Yoeman Babbitt (Daniel-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Baptized Sept. 7, 1817. 
Married (1st) Kenney. 
One child: — 

Married (2nd) John Nicholson of Chatham, N. B. 
Children : — 



WilUam, married Annie Jones. 


Daniel, died young. 


Jessie, married Fitzpatrick. 

Rebecca, married Fowler. 


Archelaus Purdy Babbitt (David-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born 1809. Died March 2, 1858, aged 49 years, in 
Picton, Ont. 

Baptized April 5, 1811, in Frederickton, N. B. 

Removed to Picton, Ont., He had a tannery for some years in Wel- 
lington, a village near Picton. 

Married (1st) Rhoda Thorne (called "Sophie" on tombstone). Born 
1816. Died June 13, 1849. 


Children: — 

Phoebe EHzabeth, married Paul Leavens. 
Married (2nd) Matilda, daughter of Stephen Niles of Wellington, Ont. 
Born 1822. Died Dec. 15, 1858. 
Children: — 

Lydia, married John Stapleton, 


Richard Yoemans Babbitt (David-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Nov. 10, 1816, in Frederickton, N. B. Died March 25, 

Removed to Picton, Ont. from New Brunswick, with his father. Was 
a captain on the lakes and owned a number of boats, among them: 
"The Duke of Wellington." 
"The Free Trader." 
"The Mariam." 
"Sir Richard Peel." 
"Steamer Express." 
Married (1st) Mariam Niles, daughter of Stephen Niles. Born Jan. 16, 
1816 in Wellington, Ont. Died Nov. 5, 1862, in Picton. 

Sarah MatUda, Nov. 18, 1839. 
1003 Horatio Nelson, March 3, 1842. 

Jane Ann, July 11, 1844; d. Aug. 12, 1875. 
Arnold S., July 4, 1847. 

Lydia Adelia, Aug. 25, 1849; d. Jan. 10, 1881. 
Married (2nd) Catherine Palmer, March 2, 1863. 

Walter, Nov. 18, 1864; a doctor by profession; married May 
Bowman of St. Johns, N. B. Removed to Oregon where 
he died. Had one son. 
Richard Carrick, Sept. 24, 1866. Married Mayme Hoig of 
St. Louis, Mo . 
One son, Meredith. 

Mr. Babbitt is a Banker in Toronto, Ont., and resides in 
Oshawa, Ont. 



Daniel Perez Babbitt (David-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanali-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born 1823. (Tombstone says 1820). Died Dec. 25, 
1902, in Picton, Ont. 

He was a sailor on the Great Lakes on the boats of his brother Richard. 
In earlier years a school teacher. 
Married (1st) Amy Warren. 
Children: — 

Nancy 1856, married James H. Bradbier of Los Angeles, Cal., 

and died 1899. 
Fred, died young. 
Married (2nd) Lydia J. Born 1831 ; died 1896. 


Sarah Rebecca Babbitt (Da\ad-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 

Married William Nevens of Jemsey, Queens Co., N. B. 
Children: — 


David; drowned. Unmarried. 


Mary, married E. H. Babbitt, No. 672. 




Mary Susanna Babbitt (Samuel-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom June 29, 1828. 

Her husband was a meat dealer and contractor for meat supplies for 
the British Army. 

Married WilUam C. Godsoe of St. John, N. B. 

Dr. Charles P., a dentist, now resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Dr. Frank A., a dentist in St. John, N. B. A prominent Mason 
and K. P. 


(No, 393) 


(No. 190) 


(No. 191) 


Fred A., in laundry business in St. John, N. B. 

Ermance Gertrude, deceased. 


William C. 



Benjamin Samuel Babbitt (Samuel-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born May 29, 1830. 

He was proprietor of a general store in Gagetown, N. B. 
Married Jan. 7, 1858, Hannah Serin Smith. 

Serin Smith, June 19, 1859. Resides in Gagetown, N. B. Mar- 
ried Oct. 31, 1888, John R. Dunn, a lawyer in St. John and 
Gagetown, N. B. 

David Stanley, July 25, 1889. 
Ada, W., Feb. 5, 1892. 
Benj. Robert, Aug. 13, 1894. 
Frank Davies, Dec. 3, 1895. 
Ida May, Oct. 16, 1861; d. Oct. 11, 1864. 
Bessie, July 11, 1866; d. Jan. 1867. 
Charles Samuel, Oct. 26, 1868. Resides in Gagetown, N. B. 


Edvidn Hennigar Babbitt (Samuel-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born June 3, 1832. Died May 7, 1906, in Boston, Mass. 
One time Curator of Baptist Seminary of St. John, N. B. and later 
in the Paper business in Boston, Mass. Later a grocer in Boston, Mass. 

At the time of the Frazer River rush to British Columbia, he was one of 
those active in securing the estabhshment of the Provincial Government. 

Married Mary Nevens, daughter of Wm. and Sarah (Babbitt) Nevens. 
(No. 669). 



Maud, deceased. 
Dawn, deceased. 
Edwin Vancouver, I860. Married Nov. 19, 1887, Sarah J. Picot. 

Resides in Boston, Mass. 
Blanche E., married John J. Geddes of Boston, Mass., Jan. 7, 1896. 
Benjamin D., 1875; d. in Boston, Oct. 21, 1880. 


Rebecca Jane Babbitt (Samuel-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born May 11, 1835. 

Her husband is in the Custom's Service in St. John, N. B. 

Married Henry Gilbert Hunt. 


Bessie S., Aug. 8, 1863. Married June 12, 1889, Thomas Perkins 
of St. John. He is in the Hardware business. 

LiUian, Aug. 19, 1891. 
Bessie, Nov. 9, 1893. 
Kate Johnson, Nov. 26, 1867. Married Willard Cookson, a 
clothier of St. John, N. B. 

Hazel, Dec. 15, 1889. 
Ina, July 6, 1892. 
May, March 29, 1900. 
Donaldson, Oct. 21, 1868. A clothier in St. John. Married June 
2, 1891, Flora Everitt. 
Children: — 

Henry Everitt, April 19, 1894. 
Grace, Aug. 28, 1904. 


Elizabeth Ann Babbitt (Samuel-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Bom May 15, 1843. Died Nov. 14, 1894. 

Married Foster MacFarlane, a physician who practised in Fairville, 
N. B., St. John, N. B., and Boston, Mass. 



Bessie Foster, Aug. 31, 1868. Married F. W. Barbour, a dentist, 
in Frederickton, N. B. 
Children: — 

Roydon, April 6, 1896. 
Noel, May 14, 1900. 
William Godsoe, Dec. 28, 1870. 
A graduate of Acadia University with degree of B. A. and M. A., also 
a Post-Graduate student at Harvard and Columbia University. For a 
few years he was engaged in newspaper work in St. John, N. B., and Port 
of Spain, Trinidad, later New York. 

At present with Edwards & Deutch Lithographing Co. of Chicago. 
Mr. MacFarlane is the author of "New Brunswick Bibliography." He 
has been from the first an active worker in the Babbitt Association and 
has furnished the book with the almost entire mass of record of the Cana- 
dian Branch of the family. 

Edna Kenderine July 31, 1872. Married Wm. S. Rainnie. He 
died 1908. She resides in Toronto. 
One son, Gerald, Feb. 14, 1899. 
Florence May, resides in New York City. 

Sadie Wendell, married Nov. 1894, G. Harold Mitchell, an artist 
of N. Y. City. Mrs. Mitchell is also an artist, having studied 
at the Erie Pope School in Boston and the Chase School of N. Y. 
City. She is the creator of the "College Poster Girl," 


Thomas Emerson Babbitt (Thomas-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Dec. 28, 1828. 
Resides in Gibson, N. B. 
Married Sept. 6, 1848, Charlotte Banks. 
Children: — 

1004 Henry Benjamin, Aug. 20, 1851. 

1005 Thomas de Alva, Jan. 1853. 

Emma Jane, married Jesse Tabor. Had two sons, 
Amanda, 1861. Married April, 1890, Chesley Moore. She 
died April 20, 1902, leaving two sons. 



Robert Thorne Babbitt (Elkanah-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Sept. 27, 1833. Died Jan. 9, 1901. 

Robert Thorne Babbitt was born in Gagetown, Queens County, N. B., 
Sept. 27, 1831, and his whole life, with the exception of nine years spent 
in the adjoining parish of Canning, was spent in Gagetown. When five 
years old his father died, which sad loss was largely made up to him a 
few years later when his mother married Mr. Samuel Marble, a harness 
maker, from whom he learned that trade. This business he carried on for 
himself for twelve years. He then became a merchant and when the 
construction of the European and North American Railway was begun, 
he spent three years on it as Paymaster under Mr. E. R. Burpee. In 
1866 Mr. Babbitt was elected a member of the Provincial Legislature 
and in the following year became one of the actual leaders in the oppo- 
sition. He was re-elected in 1870 and in 1871 resigned to accept the 
office of Registrar of Deeds for his native county, which office he held 
until his death. Mr. Babbitt filled many other public offices including 
that of school trustee, Secretary-Treasurer of the municipality of Queens, 
Coroner, etc., and was ever ready to take upon himself the duties of citi- 
zenship. In pohtics he was an enthusiastic Liberal, ever working for the 
success of his party. In early life he united with the Baptist Church and 
was a liberal giver to all religious work. He was also a strong temperance 
advocate and was always willing to speak or help in any way that would 
benefit the cause of total abstinence, and for many years was a promi- 
nent figure on platforms at temperance meetings. He also took an active 
interest in the militia of the province and had risen from the ranks to be a 
lieutenant colonel. 

Mr. Babbitt died at his home in Gagetown, Jan. 9, 1901, from a sudden 
attack of pneumonia and was buried in the Baptist Cemetery at Upper 

Married July 6, 1854, Ella Lavinia Curry, daughter of John Curry. 
Born Oct. 25, 1833; died Dec. 15, 1874. 

1006 Ida Irene, Oct. 23, 1855. 

Lora Alma, Nov. 12, 1856; d. May 13, 1857. 

Charles Rupert, Sept. 26, 1858; married Mary Greaves. 


Gillis Havelock, Jan. 31, 1861. For thirteen years in office of 
Superintendent of Car Service of N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R. 
Afterward one of the auditors for the International Pa. Co. 
of N. Y. At present Secretary to the Governor in Edmon- 
ton, Canada. 

Annie Blanche, Sept. 17, 1863; married Hon. G. H. Bui yea, 
Lieut. Governor of Alberta. 
Married (2nd) Oct. 5, 1881, Jennie Bui yea, daughter of James A. 
Bulyea, Born July 4, 1854. 
Children: — 

Ella Pease, Oct. 18, 1882. 

Delia Winifred, July 1, 1884. 

Flossie, Oct. 6, 1885; d. Nov. 13, 1885. 

Edmund Percy, Dec. 2, 1888. 

Arthura Mabel, July 7, 1892. 


Sarah Elizabeth Babbitt (Elkanah-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born April 9, 1835. Died Oct. 3, 1890. 

Married 1868, Jacob White, son of John \\hite, of Cambridge, N. B. 
Born 1836. 
Children: — 

Arthur E., June 30, 1873. Resides in San Francisco, Cal. 
Charles Harry, June 23, 1875. Resides in San Francisco, Cal. 


William Babbitt (Henry-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . 
Born 1828. 

Married 1852, Alice Searles, daughter of Abraham Searles of Welling- 
ton, Ont. 

Wellington, 1853. Resides in Cleveland, O. 

Searles 1855. Resides in New York City. Married ( ) Niles. 

Mr. Babbitt and his son, Niles Babbitt, are importers of silks and laces. 



Samuel Babbitt (Henry-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Feb. 23, 1829. Died in Sacramento, Cal. 

Mr. Babbitt went to California during the rush to the gold fields in 1849. 
Married Elizabeth Gerow, daughter of John Gerow of Prince Edward 
Co., Ont. 
Children: — 

John Henry. 

Esther Jane, married George Flindall of Hillier, Ont. 


George Flindall. 


Elkanah Babbitt (Henry-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom 1837. 

Married Ellen Morden, daughter of James Morden of Redeursville, Ont. 




Albert Edward Babbitt (Henry-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Bom Feb. 28, 1847. 

Mr. Babbitt and his family hved for years in Hillier, Ont., but are now 
residents of Portland, Ore. 

Married Dec. 16, 1874, JuHet Miller, daughter of Oliver Miller of 
Smithfield, Ont. Born April 11, 1856. 
All born in Hillier, Ont. 
Children: — 

Elizabeth Anne, Nov. 1, 1875. 
Grace Boyer, March 22, 1877. 
1007 OHver Miller, Sept. 7, 1878. 

Clara Belle, Oct. 10, 1880; d. April 4, 1907. 
Garnet Montague, Aug. 14, 1890. 



Phoebe Babbitt (Henry-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born 1831. 

Married Isaac Gerow, son of John Gerow of Prince Edward Co., Ont. 
Children: — 




Seth, resides in Picton, Ont. 








Rhoda Babbitt (Henry-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Dec. 8, 1830. Died Jan. 4, 1883. 

:Married Charles Forshay, Feb. 4, 1852. He was born May 19, 1818. 
Died Nov. 27, 1893. 

Children: — All born in Prince Edward Co., Ontario. 

William Henry, Jan. 26, 1853. 

David Samuel, Oct. 4, 1854. Resides in Picton, Ont. 

George Bartlett, July 4, 1856. 

Philip Sidney, Feb. 27, 1858. 

Elkanah, April 15, 1861. 

Mary Elizabeth, Dec. 25, 1867. 

James Albert, Nov. 10, 1869. 


Ziba Babbitt (Ziba-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
May 16, 1782. Died May 17, 1834. 

Served in War of 1812. 

Lived in Taunton directly opposite the present Unitarian Church. 
Several of his children were born there. 


Married Oct. 30, 1803, Welthea Woodward, daughter of Ephraim and 
Welthea (Babbitt) No. 179. Born March 26, 1786; died Oct. 30, 1862. 
Children: — 

Ann, Jan. 21, 1805; m. Oliver Barney, June 2, 1822. 
One child:— Helen, Born Jan. 1, 1844. 

1008 Wealthy Emmeline, Feb. 15, 1807. 

Harriet, Aug. 8, 1809; m. March 25, 1830, Wm. Cooper of 
Taunton, Mass. 
Two children: — 

James H., Oct. 23, 1841. 
Harriet W., 1836. 
Bathsheba, Aug. 28, 1812; died in infancy. 

1009 Ardeha, Jan. 13, 1814. 

1010 Emerson, Feb. 13, 1816. 

1011 Elkanah A., Oct. 1, 1818; d. in Taunton, Aug. 13, 1889. Mar- 

ried Kate Barney. 
Elizabeth, April 21, 1821. Died young. 

1012 Elizabeth, June 18, 1823. 

Alfred B., July 29, 1828; d. April 5, 1901; m. April 5, 1860, 
AmeHa Cudworth, daughter of Joseph and Sally S. Cud- 

Alfred Babbitt invented a stockless anchor for sail boats 
and schooners; also hoists and blocks and other devices for 
sailing vessels. He was always interested in scientific work. 


Elkanah Babbitt (Ziba-Ebenezer- Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . 
Bom Oct. 25, 1784, in Taunton, Mass. 

Little is known of him. He left Taunton about 1810 and settled in 
New Jersey, where he probably died. 

Married Feb. 5, 1804, Hannah Reading, in Middleboro, Mass. Born 
1779. She died Feb. 18, 1859, in Middleboro, Mass. 
Children: — Born in Warren, R. I. 

Luther Reading, baptized Feb. 22, 1808; d. April 27, 1892, 
aged 88 years, 11 months, 6 days. 

1013 Ziba, baptized Feb. 22, 1808, in Warren, R. I. 

1014 Pilla, Nov. 7, 1812. 


Hannah R., d. Sept. 3, 1807, age 15 months and 21 days. 
(From Tyler Pt. Cemetery, Barrington, R. I.) 
Married 2nd in New Jersey. Wife not known. 

One Son: — Isaac, Dec. 14, 1816, in Vincentown, X. J.;d. 
Feb. 10, 1905. 
Had son, Charles E., Philadelphia, Pa., and one other. 


Charles Babbitt (Ziba-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Dec. 3, 1786, in Taunton, Mass. Died Aug. 13, 1854. 


Charles Babbitt, son of Ziba and Bathsheba (Luscomb) Babbitt, born 
December 3, 1786; died August 13, 1854, aged 67 years, 7 months, 10 
days. Married Abigail White (daughter of Cornelius White) January 
20, 1807. (Wife died October 25, 1846, aged 62 years, 8 months, 11 days. 

Was a Tauntonian, born, bred, educated, married, worked, lived and 
died there. Historians of the old town give him but little space in their 
writings, but I have found ample evidence that he was entitled to a con- 
spicuous place among the men who brought Taunton through the trying 
times of the first half of the last century. 

Mr. Babbitt was a genius. They say "he could do anything with tools 
and could make the tools to do it with." How he came by his knowledge 
I do not know, but that he was a scientific and skilful workman in metals 
of all kinds is beyond question. And so we find him in 1810, at the age 
of 23, so well established in business as a gold and silversmith, and such 
a master of his trade as to employ indentured apprentices and teach them 
the "mysteries of the art." Later he added watch and clock making 
and became a dealer in jewelry, fine tools and hardware, sporting goods 
and supplies. He was among the first, if not the first, to make percussion 
caps for the firearms that supplanted the old "flint locks" of former days, 
designing and building the machine which produced the copper shells. 
Many of the "Grandfather's clocks" so highly prized by collectors of 
antique furniture, bear the stamp "Charles Babbitt, Maker." 

About 1830, he invented a cast steel hone for putting a fine edge on 
razors, etc., which found a market throughout the United States of those 
days, and quite recently inquiry has been received for a quantity of 
"Spiral Drill Stocks, formerly made by Charles Babbitt," for export. 


As a "side line" he relieved suffering humanity by "pulling teeth," "fitting 
glasses," and "adjusting ear trumpets," and while his methods may not 
have satisfied the present laws concerning dentists, oculists and aurists, 
well enough to entitle him to professional certificates, I do not understand 
that the records show any serious results directly traceable to him. His 
store and workshop were models, containing everything which could be 
used in his various hnes of business, from the blacksmith's forge to the 
most delicate instrument in a watchmaker's kit, with a place for every- 
thing and everything in its place ; all as neat and clean as a well-kept par- 
lor, and woe be to kid that littered up or disturbed this systematic arrange- 
ment (I am now writing from memory of bitter experience.) But best 
of all, from a pecuniary standpoint, his business was a financial success, 
and in his later years he was accounted "well to do." So I conclude 
that the title "Jack at all trades and good at none" does not apply to him. 
He appears to have been good at whatever he undertook. 

Always true to Taunton, he invested his savings in Taunton enterprises, 
and we find his name among the original stockholders of manufacturing 
companies, banking institutions and at least one hotel company of his 
native town. He also invested quite largely in real estate and improved 
it by building substantial brick structures, one of which, on the south 
side of Main street, he occupied as a dwelling in the upper stories, with 
his store and workshop on the street floor. This building has since been 
remodelled and made into an up-to-date clothing house, but nearly oppo- 
site on the same street is another building containing two dwellings and 
store below, built by him in 1840, and still standing substantially as he 
planned it, owned and loyally kept by some of his descendants as a monu- 
ment to his thrift and skill as an architect. 

Beside his investments for pecuniary profit he was a liberal contributor 
to the construction and maintenance of two churches and many of the 
schemes for village improvements. We also find his name enrolled among 
those in "Training for the protection of the community in the troublous 
times preceding the War of 1812" and his record of promotion is as fol- 
lows: August 8, 1806, appointed Sergeant of Infantry, 3rd Regiment, 
2nd Brigade, 5th Division Massachusetts MiUtia. Warrant by Thomas 
Lincoln, Lieut. Colonel, November 19, 1806, appointed "Ensign" same 
regiment, commission by Caleb Strong, Governor, May 18, 1811; elected 
Lieutenant, same Regiment, commission by Elb ridge Gerry, Governor; 
April 18, 1812, resigned and honorably discharged, having served 


more than seven years in training and subject to call at any time. 

Soldier, skillful mechanic, inventor, successful business man, humani- 
tarian, capitalist, public spirited citizen, Christian gentleman, and father 
of two daughters and three husky sons, it would seem as if this man's 
name was entitled to a place in the History of the Babbitts. 

Mrs. Charles Babbitt was a capable, energetic woman of a cheerful 
disposition. A typical housewife and helpmeet of her day, who con- 
tributed her full share to the success of her husband. 

Married Jan. 20, 1807, Abigail White, daughter of Cornelius White. 
Born Feb. 14, 1784; died Oct. 25, 1846. 

Children: — 

1015 Sarah, July 4, 1808. 

1016 Mary, Oct. 30, 1810. 

1017 Charles Leonard, March 1, 1813. 

1018 James Howard, June 18, 1816. 

1019 George H., June 14, 1819. 


Bathsheba (Ziba-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Jan. 11, 1793, in Taunton. Died July 12, 1843. 

Married Robert Gofif, his second wife. Int. June 15, 1827. 

He died Sept. 5, 1864, aged 80 years, 8 months, 4 days. No children. 


Nancy Babbitt (Ziba-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
March 29, 1796. 

Resided in Taunton, Mass. 

Married May 26, 1816, Walker Baker, Jr. He married again (before 

1840), Margaret ( ). He died about 18.50. 

Children: — (All by first wife, perhaps). 








Abigail, married Lincoln. 
Betsey, married Gooding. 
Clarissa, married Townsend. 
Eunice, married Parish. 
( ) married Phillips. 

Isaac Babbitt (Ziba-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
July 26, 1799, in Taunton, Mass. Died May 26, 1862, at the McLean 
Asylum, Somerville, Mass. 

Mr, Babbitt was the inventor of the famous "Babbitt Metal." Although 
inventor of method of using soft metals for journals, his patents make no 
claim of the alloy, but simply the method of holding the metal in place. 
He was first a goldsmith and in 1824 made the first Britannia. He moved 
to Boston and while in the employ of the S. Boston Iron Works in 1839, 
he produced the invention which perpetrated his name. Congress granted 
him $20,000 reward. His invention was patented in foreign countries. 
His formula for Babbitt metal was: — 
4 Parts Copper. 
8 Parts Antimony. 
24 Parts Banca Tin. 

Later in life Mr. Babbitt engaged in Soap Manufacture. Finally his 
active mind gave way to overwork and long study. 

Married (1st) Sally Leonard, Oct. 31, 1820. She died May 2, 1829. 
Five children died in infancy. 

Married (2nd) Eliza Barney, Sept. 18, 1829, daughter of Isaac and 
Sally (Wood) Barney. Died April 30, 1891. 

Children: — 

1020 EUzabeth, Sept. 4, 1830. 

1021 Harriet Newell, March 30, 1834. 

1022 Sarah Leonard, July 25, 1836. 
Isaac, Jan. 6, 1844; d. May 5, 1909. 

Married (1st) May 17, 1881, in Boston, Mass., Mary A. 

Trainor, daughter of James. She was born 1857. 
Married (2nd) Feb. 7, 1901, Abbie Mills, daughter of James 

and Abby (Smith) Mills. Born Aug. 2, 1847. 

Inventor of Babbitt Metal. 



On the Mill River in Taunton stands the original Reed & Barton 
Britannia Plate establishment. This business was commenced more 
than half a century ago by Isaac Babbitt in Ballard's mill. 

Mr. Babbitt possessed considerable mechanical ability and cherished 
the idea of competing in the manufacture of numerous articles in Britan- 
nia ware, then imported from Europe. After satisfying himself that he 
could make the metal goods, he entered into co-partnership with Wm. 
Grossman. In 1824 Babbitt & Grossman produced the first articles made 
in the U. S. such as ink-stands, shaving boxes, cups, etc., furnishing stores 
with American goods. They received awards from numerous exhibitions 
for their success in competing with foreign manufactures even in a small 

In 1827 a brick manufactory was built by the firm on School Street 
(now Fayette Street). Henry G. Reed and Gharles Barton commenced 
their apprenticeship in the room of which Wm. Porter, now the veteran 
Britannia worker, was foreman. After a few years of unsuccessful ex- 
perimenting in attempting to compete with foreign manufacturers, the 
company disposed of their stock to former apprentices Reed & Barton. 

After leaving the Britannia Works, Mr, Babbitt was engaged for a 
number of years as Superintendent at Alger's Foundry and Ordnance 
Works in South Boston. He there produced the first brass cannon ever 
cast in the U. S. He was also the inventor of Babbitt Metal. He was 
a man of remarkable mechanical mind, who died from over activity of 
a prolific brain. 


Eliza Ann Babbitt (Ziba-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born about 1803. 

Resided in West Roxbury, Mass., where her husband was a mason 
and builder. 

Married July 23, 1832, Luther Bullock, son of Stephen and Mary 
(Kinsley) Bullock. Born June 2, 1810. 

Elizabeth Ann. 
Chauncey K. 
Mary L. 


Charles S. 
Helen A. 
Almira F. 
Hattie B. 

Fannie Babbitt (Ebenezer-Ebenezer Jacob-Elkanah-EIkanah-Edward) 
She was born in Taunton, Aug. 20, 1792; and married Dean Paull 
Nov. 26, 1812. She died in Taunton, May 15, 1872. 

Dean Paull died in Taunton, Dec. 15, 1873; 81 years, 11 months, 2 
days; bom in Berkley; son of Isaac and Ann, both born in Berkley. 
They had five children, as follows: — 

Mercy Gilbert Paull, born in Taunton, June 6, 1814. She died 
in Taunton, May 16, 1876. 

Married (1st) in 1832, Elihu Moulton. (Marriage intention 
issued Aug. 18, 1832, and gives him as "of Rehoboth.") 
He died Sept., 1841. 

Charles Gilbert Moulton, deceased. 
Henry D. Moulton, married Sarah E. 
Ann Margaret Moulton, married George Cook of 
Dorchester. Fanny Moulton, deceased. 
She married (2nd) Laughlin Rankin. He was bom in 
Prince Edward's Island. He died Feb. 12, 1885, aged 69 
Children: — 

WilUam Hector Rankin, Sept. 22, 1846. 
Frederick A. Rankin, Dec. 10, 1849; died in Provi- 
dence, R. I. John L. Rankin, Nov. 1850. 
Herbert E. Rankin, March 13, 1854; d. Dec. 6, 1855. 
George H. Rankin, Feb. 16, 1858; died in Provi- 
dence, June 18, 1899, and buried in Plain Bur>ing 
Ground, Taunton; unmarried 
Fanny Woodberry Paull, Feb. 29, 1816; d. May 9, 1899, in 

Taunton, aged 83 years, 2 months, 9 days. 
She married May, 1873, James L. Wilbur. He died March 9, 
1885; aged 71 years, 1 month, 11 days. No children. 


Lieut. Isaac Dean Paull, March 24, 1824. Died in Army in 1864. 
Lieut, of Co. F, 39th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers. 
Married Nov. 26, 1843, Almira Francis Cain. She was born 
in 1825 and died June 8, 1857, daughter of Reuben Cain. 

Isaac Dean Paull, Jr., born in Taunton, Feb. 26, 1844; d. 
Aug. 6, 1886. Married May 25, 1865, Emily E. Hatha- 
way, born in Taunton; daughter of Elkanah and Elvira 

Almira Francis Paull, Sept. 1, 1847; d. May 7, 1908; 
Catherine Crane Paull, Feb. 24, 1826. Is living in Taunton. 
Married Oct. 17, 1842, Marcus M. Chace of Taunton, son 
of Calvin and Sabra Chace. He was born Dec. 21, 1819, 
in Lakeville and died Sept. 19, 1873, in Taunton. 

George E. Chace, Jan. 2, 1845. 

Albert DeForest Chace, Aug. 10, 1849; d. July 30, 1900. 
Lepha T. Chace, July 4, 1851; d. May 30, 1870. 
Jane P. Chace, May 3, 1857; d. April 22, 1861. 
Fanny K. Chace, June 12, 1869; d. Oct. 21, 1881. 
Mary Jane Paull, Feb. 2, 1833. 

Married Jan. 4, 1860, William W. Swan. Both living in Taun- 

One child: — 

Harry Walter Swan, Nov. 10, 1876. He married Emma 
Valkert of New Jersey. They have one child, 
Elizabeth Paull Swan. 

Seth Cooper Babbitt (Ebenezer-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Sept. 9, 1797, in Taunton, Mass. Died 1840. 


Mr. Babbitt was a jeweler in Taunton, Mass. 

Married about 1816, Deborah H. Eldredge of Har^vich, Mass. Born 
1797, daughter of Polly Eldredge. Died in Boston, Jan. 6, 1882, aged 
84 years, 11 months. 


1023 Seth Cooper, Sept. 28, 1816. 

Polly E., married Lucius M. Williams, 1839. Died young. 
No children. 

1024 Mary Jane, Jan. 1825. 

1025 Henry, 1832. 
William, died young. 

1026 Betsey. 

Augusta, married Charles Alger. Resided in Chelsea, Mass. 

Son, Charles. 

Ebenezer Babbitt (Ebenezer-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born June 15, 1799. Died March 28, 1865. 
Resided in Taunton, Mass. 

Married Jan. 4, 1821, (?) Olive Paul, Born June 22, 1800. Died 
Dec. 27, 1870. 

Children: — (All born in Taunton). 

James W., March 29, 1820; d. Jan. 26, 1890. Married Nov. 
6, 1845, Sally Tisdale. Bom Aug. 17, 1818; died Nov. 2, 
1881. No children. 

1027 Ebenezer, Feb. 5, 1822. 

1028 Mary Cranston, Dec. 7, 1825. 

Edward P., July 21, 1828; d. April 24, 1880. Married Sept. 
26, 1867, Rachel Litde. Lived in Reboboth, Mass. 

1029 WilUam Louis, Oct. 9, 1830; d. May 1908. 

Melvin, June 17, 1833; d. May 27, 1858. Unmarried. 
Olive, March 28, 1836; d. March 7, 1901. Unmarried. 
Eliza, June 29, 1838; d. July 18, 1838. 


Deborah Babbitt (Ebenezer-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanab-Ed- 
ward). Born Oct. 26, 1803. Died Feb. 4, 1858, in Norton, Mass. 




Married March 29, 1829, Hiram Hodges, son of Capt. Seth and Lucy 
(Webber) Hodges. Brother of Simeon who married Emmeline Babbitt 
daughter of No. 227. 
Children: — 

Elizabeth J., June 21, 1830, married Eli C. Wood of Boston, Mass. 

Resides in Cottage City. 
John Hunt, April 8, 1832. Did not marry. 
Lucy Ann, Nov. 24, 1835; married (1st) Elijah Utley, (2nd) John 

H. Allen. 
Frank Hiram, March 10, 1840. Did not marry. 
Sarah Lane, Nov. 10, 1845; married Francis Dodge. Resides in 
Melrose, Mass. 


Sarah Babbitt (Jacob-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born July 4, 1790. Died June 2, 1875. 

Married (1st) Benjamin Bosworth. Born in 1787. Lost at sea in 
Brig. McPleasant, on passage from Charlestown to Havre, Dec. 1822. 

Married (2nd) Dec. 23, 1830, Scott Greene, son of Dr. Rowland and 
Susanna (Harris) Greene. Bom Aug. 20, 1793; died June 8, 1867. 


Jacob Babbitt (Jacob-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 

Born May 9, 1809, in Bristol, Mass. Died Dec. 23, 1862. 

Among the earlier possessions of the Babbitts was the farm situated 
on the shores of Mount Hope Bay, known as the Mount Pleasant Farm; 
more recently known as Hopeworth. It has been very much curtailed 
in size by sales, and now consists of only about sixty-five acres. The big 
elm, in front of the stone house (none more beautiful in New England), 
was planted in honor of Jacob Babbitt's birth. 

In what may be called the thickly settled part of the town of Bristol, 
Jacob Babbitt was heavily interested in real estate. Along the water 
front his holdings scattered from the south line of the Namquit mill, to 
the south line of the "down town" mill. He also owned what is known 
as the "Green lane" property, which is just to the north of what is now 
Bay View Avenue, and was then the extension of Wood street. 

Married Oct. 7, 1826, Abbie Eliza Briggs, daughter of Dr. Lemuel W. 
Briggs. Born Aug. 10, 1808. Died Sept. 1, 1882. 



1030 Benjamin Bosworth, 1827; d. Dec. 20, 1888. 

1031 Edward Spalding, July 20, 1829. 

1032 Sarah Scott, Jan. 1, 1831. 

Jacob Williams, d. Sept. 27, 1832, aged 10 weeks. 

Mary Abbey, married Samuel D. Green. He was commander 
of the famous "Monitor." 

Julia Eliza, unmarried. 

Elizabeth Bourne, baptized July 6, 1843; d. Nov. 9, 1844, 
aged 1 year, 8 months, 3 days. 

Jacob Williams, baptized July 6, 1843; d. Dec. 2, 1845, aged 
3 years, 11 months, 21 days. 
At the breaking out of the Civil War, Mr. Babbitt felt an earnest de- 
sire to engage personally in the contest. On the organization of the 10th 
(three months) Regiment Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry, in response 
to an urgent call from the Secretary of W^ar, Mr. Babbitt accepted the 
position of Major and served imtil the time of that regiment had nearly 
expired, when he accepted the same position in the 7th (three years) Reg. 
R, I. V. I. then being organized. He shared with his men the tedious 
duties of garrison life until ordered to join the 7th Rhode Island Regiment 
then in camp near Providence. Major Babbitt's commission for the 7th 
bears date Sept. 1, 1862, the day on which the Regiment was mustered 
into service. The regiment had scarcely left its camp near Washington 
for the front before it received its first "baptism of blood" before Fred- 
ericksburg, Dec. 13, 1862. So severe was the onset that Col. Zenas Bliss 
soon foimd himself deprived of his Staff except Major Babbitt, ammu- 
nition all gone, his men lying upon the ground protected only by a ridge 
three feet high. The whole plain in front was one sheet of flame belching 
forth from an entrenched stone wall, whilst a regiment less advanced was 
firing over his prostrate men. Orders came for one more attempt on this 
entrenchment in their front. In order to render obedience practicable 
and thus save the honor of the regiment, it was necessary that a request 
be sent to stop the fire from the rear. Upon Major Babbitt, now the sole 
surviving member of the Staff, devolved the duty of attempting the peril- 
ous mission, exposed to the deadly cross-fire of the enemy and friends. 
From the imdertaking of this mission not even the earnest dissuation of 
his commanding officer availed to turn him. Starting amidst the rain 
of bullets, he had taken only a few steps when a ball passed in at his 


shoulder and out at the other arm. His stalwart frame had made too 
conspicuous a mark in such a fire from the front and rear. Age and sub- 
sequent exposure proved too much for him, and from what at first was 
deemed not a serious wound, he died at the Mansion House Hospital, 
in Alexandria, Dec. 23, 1862. 

Jacob was educated at Partridge's military academy (the predecessor 
of West Point). Among his classmates were Major-General John B. 
Kershaw (of Confederate Army fame) of Camden, S. C. 

An interesting incident connected with his death was that they were 
both engaged on opposite sides of the celebrated stonewall at the Battle 
of Fredericksburg. 

He was a vestryman of St. Michael's church in Bristol, and was largely 
instrumental in the construction of the present edifice. 

He was also conspicuous, both in town and state affairs, a member of 
the legislature and of the fire department; vestryman in the church; deeply 
interested in the State military organization, and was also interested in 
yachting; he built and operated several fast yachts, for those days. 


John Haynes Babbitt (Elisha-Jacob-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom Nov. 6, 1806. 
Resided in Waterford, Vt. 

Married Mahala R. Morgan of Bridgewater, N. H. 

1033 John Jeremiah, Jan. 1, 1840. 

1034 Sarah Haynes, May 27, 1838. 

1035 Marcia Emily, Nov. 7, 1844. 

Ellen Mahala, Aug. 13, 1842; married Solomon Morton, in 

Waterford, Vt. 
Harrison, Sept. 22, 1846. Married in Salina, Mich., Diana 

Fellows. She died in Coventry, Vt., in 1892. He died 

April 13, 1909, at same town. No children. 
He was employed for some years in cotton mills in Lowell, 

Mass., and after 1892 was in the service of the Street R. R. 

Co. of Springfield, Mass., for seven years. A member of 

the Baptist church. A man of genial personality and great 



Abbie Emeline, Oct. 18, 1848. A life member of Babbitt As- 
sociation. Married Alexander Parker. Living in Albany, 
N. Y., and has daughter, Mary E., who married July 2, 
1900, Rev. Charles M. Sturgess, pastor of First M. E. church 
of Albany, N. Y. 
They have two daughters: — 

Helen Margery, July 3, 1903. 
Dorothy Myrtle, April 18, 1910. 


Ancil Chapman Babbitt (Elisha-Jacob-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born in Greensboro, Vt., Nov. 30, 1809. Died March 27, 1896, 
in Waterbury, Vt. 

Mr. Babbitt, when a young man, worked in Chatham, Conn., for two 
summers on a farm, where he had an aunt living. Returning to his home 
in Vermont, he traveled for five years selling silver spoons and other mer- 
chandise, engraving the spoons as he sold them, some of which are still 
to be found in many homes through the state. For five years he sold his 
merchandise from tin trunks, which were suspended over his shoulders 
by a strap. Two years later he procured a team and sold from what we 
now term, a peddler's cart. His reliability gave him a reputation that 
brought him a good business. 

He bought a farm in Greensboro and moved there, living in a log house 
through one season until he could build a new house. For two or three 
winters he taught school during the day and singing school evenings. 
He and his wife worked together to establish a good home and struggled 
with hmited means to increase their property. After some years of farm 
life he bought a store in the village of Greensboro, which burned before 
he could fill it with merchandise. This loss made it necessary for him 
to continue farming until the year 1849, when he again opened a store 
in the village for business which, from a small beginning was a continued 
success for twenty-five years. He also served as Town Clerk and Post- 
master for several years. Mr. and Mrs. Babbitt were members of the 
Congregational Church and always gave it their liberal and loyal support. 

Their home was a hospitable one, and nothing pleased Mrs. Babbitt 
better than to invite to her table, both old and young. Five children 


came into the home, the second a boy, Charles Johnson, dying at the 
age of lyo years, the others growing to maturity and forming homes of 
their own, and all following the mercantile business. In 1874 they moved 
to St. Johnsbury where Mr. Babbitt and his oldest son were in business 
together, principally dry goods for seven years, after which the son 
formed a partnership with his brother-in-law, Edgar Hunt. Mr. Bab- 
bitt continued in business in St. Johnsbury several years with his son- 
in-law, Albert Worcester, 

Mr. and Mrs. Babbitt were parents to be proud of, keeping young in 
appearance and looks. Mr. Babbitt hved to be 86 years of age and Mrs. 
Babbitt to be 91. Both erect in figure, courteous to each other, truly a 
gentleman and a lady of the old school. 

Married May 4, 1837, Sarah P. Willson, daughter of Otis and Mary 
(Parkhurst) Willson, in Royalston, Vt. Born Nov. 13, 1809, in Stock- 
bridge, Vt. Died Feb. 5, 1901. 

Children: — All born in Greensboro, Vt. 

1036 Lenora Willson, Nov. 18, 1839; d. May 5, 1902. 
Charles Johnson, Sept. 22, 1842; d. Feb. 13, 1844. 

1037 Julia Elizabeth, Dec. 22, 1844. 

1038 Henry Ancil, Jan. 13, 1849. 

1039 Sarah Alantha, Oct., 1851. 

Elnathan Gates Babbitt (Elisha-Jacob-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born Sept. 20, 1812. Died March 25, 1887, in Greensboro, Vt. 

Married Dec. 31, 1837, Phinette Glines, of Greensboro, Vt., daughter 
of Obadiah and Keziah (Blanchard) Glines, Bom in Canterbury, N. H., 
June 14, 1815. 

Children: — 

1040 Jane Johnston, Aug. 29, 1839. 

Frances Harriet, Nov. 29, 1843; married June 1, 1904, Lewis 
A. Jackson, son of Israel and Clarissa (Livermore) 
Jackson, No children. Reside in Greenboro, Vt. 

1041 Lewis Floridon, Sept. 17, 1850. 



Joshua Cutler Babbitt (Jacob-Jacob- Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom June 24, 1818. Died Nov. 1887, in Swanton, Vt. 

Was for years a boat captain on Lake Champlarn and Lake George. 
Was afterward at Rouse's Point as agent for Rutland & Bennington R. R. 
^Married Cordelia Brooks, daughter of Eleazer and Olive (Weeks) 
Brooks, in St. Albans, Vt. 

Sarah Robinson, died young. 
1042 Thomas Summer, Oct. 5, 1846. 

Sarah R., April 24, 1848; married Gehial Brooks, St. Albans, Vt. 
Harriet W., May 20, 1859; married Wilder Huntington of 

Montpelier, Vt. 
Frank M., deceased. 
Fred W., deceased. 


Mary Catherine Babbitt (Jacob-Jacob-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom June 19, 1825. 
Resides in St. Albans, Vt. 

Married March 19, 1848, Eleazer S. Brooks of St. Albans, son of 
Eleazer and Olive (Weed) Brooks. 

George, March 25, 1849; married Naomi Tichard. 

Sarah Ellen, July 20, 1850; married ( ) Bascomb. 

Mary P., April 9, 1852; married Seth C. Collins. 

Mattie Olive, Nov. 19, 1854; married Fred A. Collins. 

WiUiam, Aug. 15, 1858. 

Kate M., July 27, 1859. 

Ehner Dow, Oct. 12, 1862. 

Bertha Electa, Sept. 10, 1868. 


Sabra Babbitt ( Jacob- Jacob- Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Married Samuel Jenkins, of Brownington, Vt. 


Children: — 


William Scott Babbitt (Jacob- Jacob- Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Married Harriet Irish, of St. Albans, Vt. 

John, in Crown Point, Ind. 

Scott, in Crown Point, Ind. 

Lucia, in Crown Point, Ind. 

Sabra, lives in Grant Park, 111. 


Lysander Wilkin Babbitt (Wm. Jenks-Elijah-Jacob-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born January 31, 1812. Died October 4, 1885. 

Four times married (a) Caroline Teed, born February 28, 1815; died 
September 28, 1833 — no issue; (b) Mary Ellen Farmer, born May 4, 1817, 
died April 2, 1843 — three children; (c) Helena Schooler, born August 25, 
1821, died August 23, 1883— no issue; (d) Maria A. Toone, born May 9, 
1853 — no issue. 

Children: — 

Caroline, August 13, 1836; d. February 25, 1896. 
George, September 23, 1839; d. July 16, 1841. 
Charles Henry, March 8, 1843. 

Lysander Wilkin Babbitt was born in Ovid, Seneca County, New York. 
His father, William Jenks, was a soldier in the War of 1812, serving as a 
non-commissioned ofl&cer in Captain McCall's New York troop, attached 
to the command of Colonel Joseph Wilcox, in the army, under General 
William Henry Harrison, operating on the northern frontier and in Upper 
Canada. His grandfather, Elijah, was a soldier in the Revolutionary 
War; a lieutenant in the Rhode Island Line. Lysander learned the trade 
of gun-and-locksmith in Lockport, New York, near where his father 


had located when the region was a wilderness, at Gaines "on the ridge," 
Orleans County, New York. W^ile a young man he went to Cleveland, 
Ohio, where he engaged in business and made some of the rifles used, if 
he did not actually participate in the battles at "Point Pellee" and "Fight- 
ing Island," February 24 and 26, 1838, in what was known as the "Patriot 
War." During this latter year he removed to what was then "Flint Hills," 
now Burlington, Iowa, going via canal from Cleveland to Cincinnati; 
thence, by way of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to point of destination. 
When city or town organization was effected he was the first Recorder, 
in 1841. In the latter part of this year he resigned his official position 
and, with a small party went into the wilds of the then territory — only a 
strip of fifty miles in width along the Mississippi river having then been 
ceded by the Indians — on an expedition of hunting, trapping and explora- 
tion lasting several months, during which he kept notes; and on his return 
pubhshed a description of the country of the interior in the "Burlington 
Hawkeye," thefilesof which were soon afterward destroyed by fire. In 
1844 he removed to Marion County, Iowa, and was one of the organizers 
of that county having been appointed Clerk of the District Court and 
ex-officio Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners. The first seal 
of the county was made by him, being a small ingot of brass with proper 
inscription cut into the face, which is now in the possession of his ojily 
surviving child in Washington, D. C. In 1849 or 1850 he became part 
owner of a saw mill near Knoxville, the county seat of Marion Co., and 
improved the same by large additions in which were established grist 
and flouring mills and machinery for carding wool — the first brought 
into that section. He was also engaged in mercantile business, in a small 
way of course, exchanging necessary goods with the hardy pioneers for 
their produce, which consisted mainly of hides, pelts and furs, which had 
to be hauled by wagon — there being no transportation of other charac- 
ter at that time — to Burlington or Keokuk on the Mississippi for exchange; 
the wagons taking down the produce and returning with merchandise 
of different kinds suited to the trade of the locality. He twice represented 
Marion County in the State Legislature and was secretary of the first 
democratic State caucus held in Iowa City, December 5, and 6, 1848, 
which nominated for United States Senators, George W. Jones and Au- 
gustus C. Dodge. In 1853 he was appointed by President Pierce, Reg- 
ister of the United States District Land Office at Coimcil Bluffs, and re- 
moved to the latter place immediately after his appointment. He con- 



tinued in that position until in 1856, when he retired and entered upon a 
life of newspaper work as editor of the "Council Bluflfs Bugle," which he 
sold in 1870. He represented Pottawattamie County in the State Legis- 
lature, 1867-1868. After disposing of his newspaper interests he engaged 
in the mill and wood- working business; and in 1881 removed to Beebe Ar- 
kansas, where he died October 4, 1885. During the period of his resi- 
dence at Council Bluffs he was one of the progressive citizens, having 
erected two large brick store buildings and other business structures. 
He was engaged also in mercantile business at Council Bluffs during and 
after his occupancy of the position of register of the land office. On his 
farm immediately adjoining the city he made many experiments in fruit 
culture; unsuccessfully however, in the matter of apples and standard 
fruits, but with much success in the matter of small fruits, berries, grapes, 
etc. He also gave much time and attention to the breeding of domestic 
animals, and it was due to his efforts in a large degree that the stock of 
horses, cattle and hogs was greatly improved, he having expended large 
sums in the importation of thoroughbred stallions, donkeys, bulls and 
boars. In early life the subject of this sketch was a communicant and 
earnest worker in the Methodist Episcopal Church; later he became agnos- 
tic, discontinued communication with the church, though always a be- 
liever in the efficacy of its work for the accomplishment of moral uplifting 
of the people, and a generous contributor to its building and charity 
funds. In politics he was always an uncompromising democrat. He was 
opposed to the war for the prevention of secession of the southern states, 
believing that the breach might be better repaired by peaceful methods, 
though he was an earnest advocate of the xmion among the States and 
deprecated the action of the hotheads who sought the dissolution of that 
union. He was the candidate of his party for Lieutenant Governor, in 
1859, on the ticket headed by Hon. A. C. Dodge, and defeated. 

Charles H. Babbitt, surviving son of Lysander, was born in Burlington, 
Iowa, March 8, 1843. Was taken by his father into the interior of the 
State when an infant and afterward to Coimcil Bluffs, where he was edu- 
cated in the common schools, public and private. He learned the print- 
ing business in his father's office, and was associated with the latter in 
the publication of the Council Bluffs Bugle from 1864 to 1870, Decem- 
ber 19, 1863, he was married to Juliette M., daughter of Joseph and 
Susanne Younger. He was a member of the Third Iowa Volunteer Bat- 
tery Light Artillery during the War of the Rebellion. In 1874 he became 


employed in the Government Printing Office in Washington, D. C; was 
later employed in the General Land Office, and is now an attorney before 
the land department doing business exclusively in public land matters, 
having become a permanent resident of the national capital. Mr. and 
Mrs. Babbitt have no children. 


Amey A. Babbitt (William-Eli jah-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom Nov. 5, 1813. 
Married Oct. 15, 1835, Harlon Beach. 
Children: — 

Mary J. 

Orrin D. 





Jefferson Tefft Babbitt (William-Elijah- Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom March 22, 1816. Died March 25, 1907, in Albion, N. Y. 
Resided in western New York. 

Married June 8, 1842, Betsey Murdock, who died Feb. 6, 1891. 
Children: — 

1043 Henry J., Feb. 8, 1843. 

Helena J., May 9, 1845; d. April 12, 1857. 
Zulette A., April 14, 1847; d. June 1, 1864. 
Adellas D., Jime 9, 1849; married Juha B. Saunders. No 

1044 AmeHa M., June 22, 1851. 

1045 George M., April 3, 1853. 

1046 John C. Tremont, Nov. 9, 1854. 

Ira E., Aug. 7, 1856; d. March 30, 1887. 
Abraham L., Sept. 17, 1859; d. Nov., 1860. 

1047 Nelson C, June 1, 1862. 



Wainwright Babbitt (William-Elijah-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom Jan. 29, 1818. 

Married (1st). ( ) One child:— William J. 

Married (2nd). ( ) One child: — Charles A., lives in Albion, N. Y. 


Mary Willis Babbitt (Elijah-Elijah-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born 1850. Died 1895. 

Married Dec. 1881, Samuel Martin. Born 1829. Died 1899. 
Children: — 

Bertha Graham, Oct. 9, 1882. Married Oct. 8, 1902, John 
Elliott Bailey. A naval constructor of U. S. M. 
Mr. and Mrs. Bailey reside in Brooklyn, and have one son, 
John E. Bailey, Jr. Born Jan. 9, 1904. Mrs. Bailey is a 
member of the Babbitt Family Association. 
Samuel Babbitt, Oct. 28, 1886. Married April, 1911, Grace 
Vedder of Pasadena, Cal., where they now reside. 


Elias Babbitt (Stephen-Seth-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Jan. 11, 1788. Died Oct. 1, 1821. 

A blacksmith by trade. 

His will probated Oct. 5, 1821, mentions his mother and her brother, 
Elisha Beach. 

Married Nancy Millen, daughter of Robert Millen. Born Feb. 5, 1799. 
Died May 12, 1884. 


Mary Anna, April 18, 1818; d. Oct. 18, 1822. 
1048 Robert Millen, June 20, 1820. 



Phoebe Babbitt (Stephen-Seth-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom 
Dec. 19, 1791, in Mendham, N. J. Died 1847. 

Married Nov. 1, 1809, in Mendham, Stephen Dodd, son of Pannenius 
Dodd. Born April 28, 1784. 
Children: — 

Amzi, 1811; married Phebe De Witt. 
EHas, 1813. 

Josephus, 1815; married Sarah Ryan. 
George, 1817; married Mary Ryan. 

{Angeline, 1819; married Edmund Langston. 
Emmaline, 1819 ; married John Norris. 
Sarah, 1819; d. young. 

Stephen, 1821 ; married Cornelia Shear. 
Isaac Newton, 1822; married Catherine Winters. 
Jesse, 1824; married Lucinda Shepard. 
Phoebe, 1826; married Daniel Smith. 
Jemima, 1829; died young. 
Edward, 1831 ; married Mary Winters. 
John, 1834; married Eliza Myrick. 
JuUa A., 1836; married Abner Ball. 
Oliver, 1838. 


Moses Babbitt (Stephen-Seth-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward), Bom 
April 7, 1801. Died July 9, 1886. 

A blacksmith by trade. Resided in Mendham, N. J. 
Married March 17, 1824, Elizabeth Millen, daughter of Robert and 
Sarah (Wychofif) Millen. Born Feb. 17, 1805; died Oct. 10, 1883. 
1049 Amzi M., March 17, 1825. 

Sarah S., Jan. 31, 1828; d. Sept. 1, 1832. 
EHas M., April 1, 1830; d. Sept. 3, 1832. 
Jesse C, April 14, 1832; d. Sept. 15, 1843 or 1846. 
Mary Amanda, Jan. 22, 1834; m. Feb. 21, 1855, Robert Hock- 
enberg. No children. 


1050 Stephen C, May 6, 1836. 

Robert Millen, Nov. 12, 1838; m. Emma W. Bailey, 
Dec. 13, 1864. 

1051 Edward Payson, April 19, 1841. 

Sarah E., Dec. 21, 1845. Married Aaron Adams. No chil- 
dren living. 
Infant died Feb. 21, 1848. 


Phoebe Condit Babbitt (Amzi-Seth-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Sept. 22, 1808, in Mendham, N. J. Died Nov. 24, 1888. 
Married March 1, 1832, Reuben Haynes, of Strongsville, Ohio. 
Children: — All born in Strongsville, Ohio. 

Angelina Rosalia, Feb. 16, 1833. Resides in Oberlin, Ohio. 
Married Henry O. Swift, 1856. 

Louis Richard, 1857-1904. Had one son Donald. 
Frederick, 1860. Had one son. 

Clarence Franklin. Had three daughters: Dorothy, Helen, 
and Janet. 

George Henry, 1865. No children. 
Cora Letitia, 1868. Unmarried. 
Milton Babbitt, Dec. 9, 1834. Resided in Vernon, Minn., and 
Mankato, Minn. 
Married Oct. 14, 1858, Helen A. Bostwick. Born Nov. 18, 1838, 

in Toledo, Ohio. Died April 26, 1886, in Mankato, Minn. 
Children: — 

Charles Manley, Aug. 20, 1859; d. Sept. 18, 1859. 
Arthur Morton, Aug. 29, 1860; married Cynthia R. Smith. 
Manly Bostwick, April 5, 1865 ; married Elaine E. Hanf ord. 
Cora Haynes, Feb. 17, 1868; married Lewis H. Clark. 
Mabel, June 11, 1880. 
Phoebe Maria, Sept. 14, 1838. Married in Oberlin, Ohio, Jan. 3, 
1910, Daniel Ainsworth of Morristown, Arizona, where she now 


resides. To her the Babbitt Association is indebted for very 
complete records of her family, Mrs. Ainsworth was a loyal and 
deeply interested worker in the labor of compilation. 

Delos Reuben, April 25, 1841; m. CeHa Morgan, Nov. 18, 1875. 

Caroline WiUard, March 2, 1845; d. Nov. 3, 1902. 

Louis Condit, Feb. 7, 1852. Resides in East St. Louis, 111. 
Married Oct. 15, 1884, Aletha Garriott. Born Dec. 21, 1860. 

Children: — 
Delos Garriott, Feb. 20, 1887. 
Mildred, July 17, 1889. 


Caroline Babbitt (Amzi-Seth-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
June 20, 1810, in Mendham, N. J. Died May 29, 1843. 
Married Oct. 3, 1827, Gustavus Voda Willard. 

Julia Ann, 1828. 

Frances Esther, 1833. 

Lucretia Carolina, July, 1838. 

Franklin Babbitt. 


Maria Ball Babbitt (Amzi-Seth-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Feb. 28, 1817, in Mendham, N. J. Died July 8, 1888. 
Married Aug. 31, 1841, Rev. Edward H. Fairfield. 
Children: — 

Charles Grandison, Sept. 10, 1843. Resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Edward Henry, Aug. 28, 1845. 

Julia Maria, Aug. 15, 1847. Married Charles Hall of Dundee, III. 

Arthur Babbitt, Nov. 16, 1852, in Crete, Neb. 

Eugene, March 5, 1854. 



Nancy Day Babbitt (John M.-Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born June 17, 1817. Died Aug. 15, 1897. 

Married (1st) Dr. George A. Barnes, April 18, 1843. Born Nov. 18, 
1817; died Jan. 8, 1849. 
Children: — 

Juha Frances, May 19, 1844; d. Oct. 16, 1847 
Susan Howell, Aug. 12, 1845; d. Sept. 8, 1847. 
Susan Frances, Aug. 28, 1847; d. Feb. 3, 1851. 
Anna Maria, July 18, 1849; d. March 31, 1907; m. (1st) Barnes, 
m, (2nd) Norman R. Burghardt. Died Jan. 15, 1910, aged 
78 years, in South Orange, N. J. Their daughter, Lillian 
Burghardt, married April 16, 1911, Edward G. Stocker. 
Married (2nd) Dr. Anson A. Ransom. He died March 11, 1894, aged 
71 years. 

One Child:— 

Mary Millicent, Nov. 3, 1853. Married June 23, 1880, Frank 
Salisbury.Had five children. Died Nov. 25, 1909. 


Julia Ann Babbitt (John-Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Nov. 23, 1823. Died Oct. 30, 1888. 
Married June 15, 1850, Thomas S. Squire. 
Children: — 

Nettie Louisa, June 10, 1851 ; d. Jan. 3, 1864. 
John Babbitt, Feb. 14, 1856; married Katherine Peck. 
Children: — 
William James, Aug. 24, 1859; married Helena S. Cooke. 



Joseph S. Babbitt (William-Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born March 14, 1812. Died Jan. 1, 1897. 

Resided in Mendham, N. J. Four of his daughters are now living on 
the homestead. 

Married April 16, 1838, Mary Pierson Lindsley, daughter of Ebenezer 
and Phoebe (Byram) Lindsley. Born Feb. 22, 1816,; died Dec. 29, 1890. 
Children: — 

Augusta L., March 28, 1839. 

Lucretia, 1840; d. 1840. 

Frances E., Nov. 25, 1841 ; d. May 14, 1861. 

William L., Oct. 6, 1843. 

J. Van Cindren, Feb. 25, 1846; d. March 10, 1879. 

Samuel H., Oct. 2, 1847. 

Ebenezer C, Dec. 2, 1849. 

Mary J., Oct. 10, 1851. 

Kitty L., Aug. 14, 1853; d. Feb. 28, 1855. 

Leila H., June 29, 1855. 

Ellen Cornelia, Dec. 29, 1858. 


Sarah Babbitt (William-Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Aug. 1, 1818. Died Oct. 31, 1899. 

Married Dec. 31, 1850, Elihu Mockridge. Died Oct. 31, 1873. 
Children: — 

Joseph, June 4, 1852. 

Mariah, Dec. 25, 1853; d. Sept. 11, 1859. 

Joseph, Feb. 27, 1872; m. Margaret V. Gulick. Four children. 


Elizabeth Ann Babbitt (Darius-Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born Nov. 15, 1810, in Mendham, N. J. Died June 11, 1881. 

Married Sept. 1840, William Roberts Inslee, son of John and Catherine 
(Willis) Inslee, of Paterson, N. J. 


William Harvey, Oct. 6, 1841; d. July 24, 1898; m. Julia Ward 



Hughes. Born Jan. 22, 1845; died Dec. 18, 1909, daughter of 
George and Joanna. 
Catherine Speer, Sept. 22, 1843; d. Jan. 30, 1844. 
Edward Parsons, Feb. 24, 1846; m. Isabella Brooks August 2, 1884. 
One child: — 

Edward H., Sept. 15, 1885. 
Adalme WoodhuU Feb. 23, 1848. 

Married June 8, 1869, James Addison Thomson, son of James 
S. and LydiaWinans Thomson. Born Nov. 13, 1838. Died 
Jan. 7, 1899. Mrs. Thomson resides in Newark, N. J. 
Children: — 

Leonard Addison, Feb. 27, 1870. Resides in Newark, 
N. J. Mr. Thomson is a member of the Babbitt Asso- 
ciation and has been an active worker in gathering 
records of the New Jersey families for this book. 
Wm. Inslee, June 26, 1876. 

Nelle Foote, Sept. 25, 1878; married in Newark, April 
21, 1903, Henry L. Fenton, son of Aaron and Lydia 


Lewis T., Feb. 1, 1904. 
AddisonT., May 11, 1908. 


Charles Conkling Babbitt (Henry-Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born March 21, 1821, in Mendham, N. J. Died Feb. 17, 1899, 
in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Resided in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Married March 27, 1851, Jane EUzabeth Potter. Born July 7, 1833. 
Died March 30, 1903. 

Children: — 

1052 DeUa E., July 29, 1852. 

1053 James H., Feb. 20, 1854. 

1054 Jenny E., Oct. 14, 1859. 


Lydia Harris Babbitt (Henry-Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Jan. 22, 1827, in Mendham, N. J. 


Graduated from Mt. Holyoke College in 1848, the last year of Mary 
Lyons leadership, and was married and went to Turkey the same year. 
For thirteen years she and her husband labored as missionaries in Sal- 
onica and Smyrna. After this Mr. Dodd was put in charge of the Theo- 
logical Seminary in Marsovan. After less than three years' service he was 
stricken with cholera and died after but a few hours' illness. 

Mrs, Dodd returned to America the year following and educated her 
children here. She still resides in Montclair, N. J. 

Married Oct. 26, 1848, Edward Mills Dodd, son of Zopher and Jane 
(Cochran). Born June 22, 1824; died Aug. 19, 1865, in Marsovan, 
Children: — 

Hetty Maria, 1850; married Rev. Thomas Carter, in Montclair N. J. 
Jeanette, died young on Jan. 2, 1861. 

Isabelle Frances, 1857, in the American College, in Constanti- 
nople, Asia Minor. 
Rev. William SchaufHer Jan. 2, 1860; married Mary Louise Carter. 
Lives in Cesarea, Asia Minor. 


Amzi Babbitt (Henry-Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Feb. 11, 1831, in Mendham, N. J. Died June, 1883. 

He came South when 16 years of age, and after spending some time in 
Huntsville, Ala., settled in Aberdeen, Miss., and went into the grocery 
business, in which he was very successful, and before the outbreak of 
the Civil War had purchased a large plantation, stocked with over one 
hundred negroes and other personal property in proportion. At the 
outbreak of the Civil War he enUsted in the Aberdeen Company, 11th 
Mississippi Regiment, but only fought in one battle, first battle of Man- 
assas, when he was transferred to the Commissary Department of the Army 
of Northern Virginia, owing to his small stature and the weak condition 
of his health. He was afterwards sent west with Johnson's Army, and 
raised to the rank of Major. 

After the close of the war, penniless and without even transportation 
to his old home in Aberdeen, he started anew to mend his fortunes, and 
to help to rehabihtate the South. 

He removed shortly after the war to Okolona, Miss., where in conjunc- 
tion with other Aberdeen financiers, who furnished part of the capital 






Stock, he opened the first bank in Okalona, which at that time was an 
important inland cotton market. This bank he managed and directed 
to the time of his death, which occurred at Okalona in June 1883. 

As a business man he was well known throughout the South, and was 
a mason of high standing in the state at the time of his death, being Emi- 
nent Commander of the Knight Templar body at his home town. 

Married (1st) Bettie Marable, daughter of Dr. C. Marable. 

Married (2nd) Annie Marable, sister of above. 

Children: — By second wife; born in Okalona, Miss. 
George H., Jan. 21, 1877. 

1055 Theresa, 1878. 
Elizabeth, 1882. 
Phoebe, 1880; d. 1887. 

George H. Babbitt was educated in the public schools of Okalona, 
and was for a time Rural Letter Carrier. He afterward was employed 
in Government Service in Washington for several years until ill health 
compelled his return to the South. 

Since 1909 he has been City Collector of Okalona. 


William Squires (Henry-Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Nov. 10, 1835. Died March 6, 1884. 

Resided in Mendham, N. J. 

Married Abbey Elizabeth Mockridge, Sept. 15, 1859, daughter of Elihu 
and Lavinia (Norton) Mockridge. She was born Feb. 21, 1839. 

1056 Oscar Harris, Oct. 2, 1861. 

Dora Norton, Dec. 27, 1862 ; married Rev. George Kromer. 
*Elizabeth Ross, Oct. 21, 1864. 

Grace, Sept. 26, 1867; married Rev. Henry Hutchinson. 
Winifred, June 27, 1870; married Rev. William R. Blackie, 
of Ardsley, N. Y. 
Children: — 

William R., Jr., June 23, 1902. 
Oscar M., Sept. 29, 1905. 
*Miss Babbitt has easily been the most arduous worker of all who have 
assisted in preparing this book — sparing neither time or money to further 
its scope. She has twice given receptions to the Babbitts of New York 


City and of New Jersey, and ever an enthusiastic helper at the annual 
meeting. Miss Babbitt's profession is nursing, and lately she has secured 
possession of her family homestead in Mendham, N. Y., and has opened 
a Sanatorium for invalids and convalescents. That it will be most suc- 
cessful is assured under her management. 

Miss Babbitt has been a great traveler — ^have resided in Japan and 
India — besides visiting the European countries. 


William Matthews Babbitt (Daniel-Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Bom Aug. 28, 1821. Died Sept. 26, 1875. 

Major in Civil War. Paymaster in Army, Feb. 27, 1863. Resigned 
Oct. 26, 1863. 

Married Aug. 12, 1846, Frances Condit. Died July 25, 1889. 

Alice C. 
1057 Frank M., Feb. 6, 1852. 

Louisa Vermilye, Oct. 11, 1853. 
Rodman M., Nov. 19, 1856; d. March 24, 1881. 
Mary A., Oct. 11, 1857 (Andover, N. J.) 
William A., Nov. 18, 1859; married Beatrice Hubbard, 1891. 
Charles A., March 29, 1861 ; d. Feb. 1, 1866. 
Gertrude C, July 3, 1863; married (1st) Wilham Walton; 
(2nd) Arthur Hamilton. 


Phoebe Louise Babbitt (Daniel-Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born Sept. 30, 1828. Died Sept. 17, 1905-07. 

Married Feb. 3, 1853, Wilham Henry Vermilye. Died 1883. 
Children: — 

Daniel Babbitt, April 25, 1854. Resides in Sag Harbor, N. Y. 
married (1st) April 30, 1879, Mary C. Hohnes. Married (2nd) 
July 3, 1886, EUse Calam. 
Children: — 

WnUam M., April 6, 1880. 
Herbert N., Nov. 16, 1887. 
Katherine Holmes, July 16, 1856. 



Luther Babbitt ( Jacob- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah- Edward). Born 
Feb. 11, 1808. Died May 8, 1885. He withdrew from the Shakers and 
became a farmer near Lebanon, Ohio, where he died. 

Married 1840, Mary Duckworth, daughter of George Duckworth and 
Sarah (Corwin). Born Feb. 11, 1811, and died 1904. 
Children: — 

Wilham Henry, 1841 ; died young. 
Calvin, 1843 ; died young. ^ „ ^ 

George D., 1846. \ ^l^^d S^V' 

James M., 1848. Married Maria Thrasher. 
'\ 'Hfc"^v Charles L., married Clara Bauer. 

\/Jas. Edwin. " •' \^f^ ^^WaA-W 


Calvin Babbitt ( Jacob- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
August 4, 1809, in Greene, Pa. Died March 5, 1879. 

My father was Calvin Babbitt who was born in 1809, in Green 
Township, Perm., about twenty-five miles from Pittsburg. There were 
a number of his close relatives (brothers and uncles) who were Shakers 
and settled near Lebanon, Ohio. Calvin and his brother, Luther with- 
drew from that sect. Luther, the elder of the two, became a farmer and 
died in or near Lebanon, Ohio. Father became a large wholesale grocer 
in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was the Babbitt, of Babbitt, Good & Co., and 
head of Babbitt, Harkness & Co. of same city. When he died in 1879 
(March 5th) he was the oldest wholesale grocer there and universally 
loved and respected. I had a quarter interest in the later firm from 1867 
to 1879, when father being on his death bed, we bought out Harkness 
and closed the extensive business, and I came West to Colorado. 
Understand we have numerous relatives in IlUnois and from one of them 
(Job) I believe our branch was from eastern Pennsylvania, and previously 
from three New Jersey brother Babbitts. 



Father was the best man in my opinion (of course) that I have ever 
known, and being sensitive and withdrawing from the Shakers (and they 
were good people and citizens) I never asked him much about his pro- 
genitors. Mother was a small, gentle loving little woman, with blue eyes, 
always ready to sacrifice herself if she could assist or help any one. Her 
family name was Andress and she was born in Brighton, England about 
1817. She came to this country when only two years of age with sev- 
eral older brothers and sisters, who settled in Cincinnati in the early days 
and became prominent and influential citizens. 

Most of his relatives became Shakers, but he and his brother withdrew. 

He was very active in the work of the Sanitary Commission in Civil 

War and at times received at his home the wovmded soldiers — Job, James 

and Harrison Babbitt, his cousins — who were in a hospital in Cincinnati. 

He was a wholesale grocer in Cinciimati, Babbitt, Good & Co.; also 

member of Babbitt-Harkness & Co. 

Married (1st) Mary Darrow, May 10, 1840. No children. 
Married (2nd) Anne Andress, bom Jan. 9, 1816, in Brighton, Eng- 
land, daughter of Samuel and Anne (Palmer) Andress. Died Aug. 
14, 1894, in Cincinnati, O. 
Children: — 

Anne Elizabeth, March 20, 1841 ; married William N. Hobart, 1862. 
Resides in Cincinnati, O. 
Children: — 

James C, 1866. 
Lowell Fletcher, 1867. 
Anna, 1868. 

Everett Winslow, 1873; d. 1899. 
EUzabeth, 1875. 
*William Pitt, April 1, 1843. Resides in Denver, Col. 
Calvin, 1845; d. 1847. 
/^ Carrie Andress, Dec. 15, 185^^ married 1879, Julius B. Hargrave. 
V He died in 1902. 


Newell Hobart, 1880. 
Jos. Calvin, 1883. 
Julius B., 1884; d. 1886. 
Helen Holmes, 1887. 


Ruth, 1888. 
Donald Perry, 1894. 
Mary Ellen, July 22, 1847. 

Charles Edwin, Nov. 12, 1849. A member of Babbitt Association. 
A lawyer in Cincinnati. Married 1883, Ida Seymour. 
One Child:— Eliza, 1884. 
*William Pitt Babbitt enlisted at first call for troops in April, 1861. 
Served in Co. A, 6th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, for thirty-eight months 
and five days. A great part of this service was as Clerk at Division or 
Corps Headquarters. Member of the Babbitt Asso. 

Mr. Babbitt married Sept. 22, 1891, Mrs. Anna E. Steele. They re- 
side in Denver, Col., and have no children. 


Cynthia Babbitt (Daniel- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Died 
about 1890. 

Lived on a farm near St. Augustine, 111., until about 1870, when they 
moved to Iowa. Mr. Sweegle died soon after. 

During the Black Hawk War, at Canton, Fulton Co., 111., she, with 
other women, were moulding bullets. The story is told that one of the 
number proposed prayer as the Indians were near. Cynthia replied, 
"Under the circumstances, bullets were more efficient." 
Married John Sweegle. 
Children: — 

John, 1835; d. 1851. Drowned in Cedar Creek. 
Elizabeth, 1840; d. 1869. Married Henry Young. 
Lucinda, married William Terry. Lived in Iowa. 

One child: — Ivy. 
Sarah, married Thomas Woodman. Moved to Iowa. 
George, married Christina Bartlett (his cousin). 
*Warren Young was reared near St. Augustine, educated in Chicago 
Baptist Theological Seminary, and became a Baptist Missionary to Bur- 
mah about 1890. He returned in 1895 bringing home his wife and little 
daughter. Mrs. Young died soon and leaving his daughter he returned 
to the field, where he now is. 



Jacob Babbitt (Daniel- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
A farmer near St. Augustine until about 1865, when he settled in Iowa. 
A strong Democrat and a Southern sympathizer during the war. 
Married Nancy Sweegle. 

Silas lives in Iowa. 


John, ran away to war. Served in Illinois Regiment. Died in 
Libby Prison. 


Elizabeth, married Kaufmarm. 


Christina Babbitt (Daniel- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Married Wesley Abbott, a farmer near Canton, 111. 
Children: — 

Daniel, a lawyer in Canton, 111. 

Jacob, deceased. 


John, shoe dealer in Canton, III. 



Daniel Babbitt (Daniel- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Oct. 10, 1820. Died about 1898, in Franklin, la. 

A farmer near St. Augustine, 111., 1844^1868. Then moved to Iowa 
near Centreville. A farmer and stock raiser. 

Mr. Babbitt was self-educated, and for the frontier days unusually 
well read. After leaving their comfortable Illinois home they endured 
many of the hardships of pioneer life before they became well settled 
once more. He was a strong Democrat in politics. 

Married Mary Dorman in 1844. Still living. Resides with her 
youngest daughter. 

Children: — 
1058 Henry Freeland, Oct. 23, 1846. 


1059 Amanda, Dec. 7, 1845. 

1060 Jacob R., Aug. 14, 1856. 
John, deceased, aged 8 years. 
Marion, deceased, aged 21 years. 

1061 Florence, Sept. 23, 1858. 

1062 Aminda Belle, April 20, 1866. 
William, deceased in infancy. 
Richard, deceased in infancy. 


Sarah Babbitt (Job-Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 1804. 
Died 1856. 

Married James Ogden. 

Cyrus, married (1st) Mary Shively; (2nd) Elizabeth Crowell. 

Job, d. 1905 ; married Mary A. Terrey. 

Joseph, married Samantha (Babbitt) Dorman. See No. 741. 

Mary,married Jacob Dorman. 

Stephen, unmarried. 

James Harvey, married Sarah Carr. Resides in Omaha, Neb. 

Sarah, married Sidney Snare. Resides in Trinta, Col. 

WilUam Harrison, married Amanda Boiley. Resides in Murray, la. 

OHver, married Olive Hare. Resides in Murray, la. 


Stephen Babbitt (Job-Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
1806. Died 1864. 
Lived and died on his farm in St. Augustine, 111. A great hunter. 
Married Malinda Harrod. 
Children: — 

Elizabeth, married Jesse Powell. 
Children: — 


1063 William, 1833. 
Nancy, 1835; d. 1851. 

1064 James, 1836. 

Israel, 1839; d. 1862 in Paducah, Ky. Co. G, 50th 111. 
Melinda, 1841 ; married Jno Rankin, in Kansas City. 
Children: — 







1065 Stephen, Aug., 1843. 

1066 Hugh, Aug. 1843. 

Isaac, d. 1846, aged 11 months. 
Hulda, 1847; married James Biemer. 
Children: — 
Jeptha, 1847; married (1st) WildaDurfee. Married (2nd) Mary 
Wheeler Harper. 
Children: — By first wife. 

Gabriella, Charles, Silva. 
Children: — By second wife. 

Aaron, Russell, Orloff. Lives in St. Augustine, 111. 
Sanford, 1850. Married Margaret Thompson. 
Child:— Eva. 


Eleanor Babbitt (Job-Job-Isaac-Elkanah-EIkanah-Edward), Bom 
Dec. 19, 1808. 

Married James Cox, Knox Co., Ky., Oct. 14, 1829. He was born 
Jan. 11, 1807, and died Sept. 19, 1871. 

Children: — 

Ailcy, Dec. 4, 1830; d. Aug. 25, 1875. Married Hamilton Harrod. 



Elizabeth Harrod, married Elmer Brown. Lives near St. 
Augustine, 111. 
Blonde, Birdie. 

Nathan, R. R. engineer, in Rushville, 111; married Clara 

Ethel, Warren. 
Hallock married Lucy Jennings. Resides in Talequah, Okla. 
Children: — 

Lola, Lily, Cecil. 
Sharon married Annie Camp — a lawyer in Denver, Col. 
Children: — 

Sterling, Eleanor, Clifford, Annie. 
Nancy, Nov. 9, 1832; married Isaac Babbitt. No. 758. 
Nathan, Aug. 21, 1837; d. July 28, 1839. 
Lavinia, July 25, 1840. 
Lemon, March 4, 1843; d. Feb. 13, 1864. 
Sarah, Oct. 30, 1845; married Jeptha R. Harrod in 1871. 
Children: — 

Regina Eleanor, died young. 

Samuel Gleim, Professor in Eureka College. Bom 
Jan. 5, 1882. Professor Harrod has been an active 
helper in the preparation of the record of his branch 
of this family. 
Eliza, Sept. 6, 1850; d. Dec. 26, 1856. 


Jonathan Babbitt (Job-Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
March 13, 1811, in Fayette Co., Ohio. Died March 12, 1888. 

Lived and died on his farm near St, Augustine, 111. His farm adjoined 
those of his brother and sister. 

An active worker of Christian church. 

Married (1st) Parmelia Jennings. 

Married (2nd) Charlotte Randall (nee Ducolon.) No children. 

Married (3rd) Eliz. Evaline Taylor, born Sept., 1819; died Feb. 5, 1901. 


Children:— By (1st). 

Jonathan Parkinson, Oct. 9, 1833; d. June 3, 1870. Married 
Jennie Allender. 
Child: — Jonathan Edgar. 

1067 Job, Oct. 20, 1839. 

James Harrison, Aug. 16, 1841; married Zenaide Maillard. 
Parmelia Ann, Aug. 16, 1841 ; married Edgar Cutler. 

Wniiam E., 1858. 

Vella, 1862. 

Harrison, 1866. 

Inez, 1868. 
William Hansford, Jan. 16, 1844; married Miriam Swartz. 

Died Sept. 29, 1869. 
Mary Elizabeth, May 13, 1846; d. Nov. 2, 1864. 

1068 Ira Taylor, Feb. 24, 1849. 


James Babbitt (Job-Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom 
AprH 9, 1813. Died Jan. 1, 1893. 

Lived and died on his farm in St. Augustine, 111. A strong Republican 
and member of Christian church. 

Married Mary Ann Randall. Born April 11, 1818. Died Jan. 16, 1893. 

Children: — 

1069 Jonathan, Jr., Nov. 21, 1838; d. Dec. 19, 1895. 
Nancy, Dec. 5, 1839; d. April 4, 1840. 
Joseph, Dec. 3, 1844; d. Nov. 7, 1847. 

Thos. Jefiferson, Oct. 30, 1846; d. Oct. 10, 1847. 
Dehla, Feb. 1, 1840; married Woods CaUison, Winterset, Iowa. 
Children: — 






Sarah, June 16, 1849. 


1070 James, Dec. 22, 1842. 

Caroline, 1843; married Thomas Butler of Council Bluflfs, la. 
Children: — 

Fanny. , 




Eliza, March 28, 1847 ; married Allen H. Harrod, Marchl6,1876 . 

Silva, married William Smiley. 


Edwin, June 3, 1851. See No. 1061. 

1071 Azubin, Feb. 15, 1853. 

Wilford, Feb. 22, 1855; married Harriet Heston. 



Mary Addie, Dec. 9, 1858; d. March 23, 1878. 


Hugh Babbitt (Job-Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward).. Bom 1819. 

Served in Co. G, 50 III., in Civil War. 

Married Margaret Jones. (Her sister, Katherine, married Job No. 740.) 


1072 Phoebe, 1839. 

Charles Freeman, 1841; d. 1874; wounded in Battle of Frank- 
lin, Tenn., Co. I, 72 111., Civil War. 
Sarah, 1843; married Sidney Snare. Resides in Fruita, Col. 
Children: — 

Otis; died young. 
William Calvin, 1845; d. 1900. (Civil War). 


Luther, died young. 
Benjamin, 1847; died young. 
Harvey, 1849. Unmarried in LaGrange, Wyo. 
Thomas, 1860 ; married Lily Inman. Resides in Mitchell, Neb. 



Nancy, married Daniel Irons. Resides m Abingdon, 111. 
Children: — 

Leonard. Resides in Enid, Okla. 





Mary, 1858; unmarried. 


Job Babbitt (Job-Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom 1821. 

'ied 1857; 

, from injuries received while digging a well. 

A farmer near St. Augustine, 111. 


Katherine Jones. Sister of Margaret who married No. 739. 









Rachel, died young. 















Isaac Freeman Babbitt (Stephen- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward.) 
Died 1894. 

Isaac ran away from the Shaker settlement in Union Village when a 
boy, and lived with his uncle Job in Indiana, coming to Illinois where the 
rest of the family emigrated. 

Was a farmer near St. Augustine all his life. A justice in the early days. 
An active member of the Christian Church, and a man noticed for his 
even handed justice — sometimes when contrary to the letter of the law. 
Married (1st) Samantha Clarke, 1820; died 1847. Married (2nd) 
Elsie Phelps. 
Children: — 

Madison, married Lovica Goodenough. Settled in So. W. Mo. 
Children: — 

Samantha, married James Dorman. Married (2nd) Joseph, 
Ogden. See 734. 

1082 EHas. 

EHjah, died young — accidentally poisoned. 
Children: — By second wife. 

1083 George. 

Amelia, married Augustus Effland. Lives in London Mills, 111. 

Children: — 

Pearl. ) 

\ > Married brothers named Dunn. 
Maude. ) 


Amanda, d. 1893 ; married William Mills. 

Glenn married Josie Gray. 

Alwilda, married Lawson Mitchell. Resides in Beaver City, 
Children: — 





James Madison Babbitt (Stephen-Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom Oct. 6, 1811. Died Feb. 21, 1867. 

Married Eleanor Hall, Nov. 6, 1840. Born July 12, 1819. Died 
Jan. 8, 1904. 
Children: — 

John Calvin, Sept. 16, 1841. 

Thomas Hall, April 6, 1843. 

Ameha Anne, March 3, 1845; d. Feb. 11, 1864. 

Florence, Feb. 8, 1847. Married Madden, Consul to Smyrna. 

Child:— Fanny. 
Horace Greeley, Dec. 24, 1848; d. Oct. 31, 1908. 
Mary Frances, March 18, 1851 ; married Thompson. 
Benton Holcomb, August 28, 1855; with Alfred Peats Co., Chicago. 
Fanny Bolton, Feb. 20, 1858; married Kruger. 
Homer Freeman, April 18, 1860. 
James Madison, Jan. 30, 1853; d. April 13, 1853. 


Jesse Babbitt (Daniel-EIkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom 
Oct. 30, 1808. Died Sept. 4, 1855. Buried in Berkshire Valley, N. J. 
Lived in Berkshire Valley, N. J., where all his children were born. 
Married Harriet Dickerson. Born Sept. 27, 1826; died Jan. 28, 1855. 
Children: — 

Elizabeth, May 22, 1847; d. AprU 1, 1857. 

1084 Margaret, Oct. 13, 1848. 

1085 David, Sept. 13, 1850. 

Phoebe, Sept. 22, 1852; married George Hague. No children. 
George, Oct. 17, 1854; d. April 19, 1855. 


Mary Babbitt (Daniel-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Bom 
August 18, 1811. 

Resided in Dover, N. J. 


OF Bristol R. I. 7 R. I. Regt. U. S. Vols. Killed 

AT Battle of Fredericksburg, Va. Dec. 1862. 


Married James Devor; born April 27, 1807. 

Harriet, Sept. 13, 1830. 

Caroline, May 27, 1832. 

Catherine A., Oct. 12, 1833; married C. A. Thomas. 

Thomas, Aug. 2, 1835. Resides in South Orange, N. J. 

^Elizabeth, July 12, 1839; married Ira B. Dunham. She died 
Dec. 29, 1910. 

Phoebe R., April 27, 1841. 

William E. P., June 25, 1844. 

George S., May 25, 1849. 

Frank P., April 18, 1856. Resides in Cleveland, Ohio. 

*Funeral services of Mrs. Elizabeth M. Dunham, wife of Ira B. Dun- 
ham, were held in her late home, in Seymour Avenue, last Sunday after- 
noon. The services were conducted by the Rev. T. Aird Moffat, pastor 
of the First Congregational Jube Memorial Church, of which she was 
an active member. Mrs. Dunham was a daughter of James R. and Mary 
Babbit Devor, of Dover, N. J. She died at the age of seventy-one. She 
was married to Mr. Dunham fifty-one years ago. Their twenty-fifth 
and fiftieth wedding anniversaries were both pleasantly celebrated. Be- 
sides her husband, two daughters, Mrs. John M. Morgan and Mrs. Hugh 
T. Robertson; three grandchildren, Leslie and Thurman Morgan and 
Doris E. Robertson, and one great grandchild, Estelle Morgan, survive 
her. She also leaves two brothers, Thomas, H. and George Devor, and 
a sister, Mrs. Katherine Thomas, living in South Orange, and a brother, 
Frank Devor, in Cleveland, O. 


David Babbitt (Daniel-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . Born 
May 27, 1814, in Berkshire Valley, N. J. Died Aug. 25, 1891 in Newark, 

Mr. Babbitt resided in Berkshire Valley and worked on his father's 
farm until his marriage when he removed to Hilton, N. J., where he lived 
until April 1, 1861. He then moved into, what was at the time, the 
suburbs of Newark, now known as Bloomfield Ave., where his substan- 
tial farm house still stands in a thickly settled section of the city. 

Until 1862 Mr. Babbitt was a staunch Democrat, but the war and the 


treatment of the negroes completely changed his politics. At one time 
the home of a faithful negro employee, was surrounded by a mob, armed 
with every conceivable sort of weapon, and eager for a lynching. For- 
tunately the negro had been hidden by Mr. Babbitt in his hay mow in 
a barn at some distance from his house. The mob surrounded Mr. Bab- 
bitt's house, which so enraged him that he appeared on the scene with 
a pistol in each hand and ordered the mob to disperse — threatening to 
shoot the first one who entered his gate. He assured them that the negro 
was not in his house. Knowing Mr. Babbitt's fearlessness and deter- 
mination they dispersed. Next day a load of hay, with the negro con- 
cealed therein was driven to a place of safety. In 1868, Mr. Babbitt's 
farm was sold and cut into building lots and he lived a retired life until 
his death — at his home on High Street, in Newark. 

Married Jan. 24, 1847, Mary Baldwin, daughter of Cyrus and Mary 
(Baldwin) Baldwin. She was born Jan. 19, 1823. Died Feb. 11, 1897. 
Children: — 

JuHa A., March 22, 1848; d. May 10, 1864. 

Jesse, May 30, 1851. 

Milton H., Oct. 7, 1854; d. April 4, 1858. 

Emma, May 6, 1859. Member of Babbitt Association. 
Jesse and Emma Babbitt reside in Dayton, N. J., and are fruit growers. 


John Weir Babbitt (Seth-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom Nov. 10, 1820, in Berkshire Valley, N. J. Died July 1, 1909, in 
Morristown, N. J. 

His boyhood was passed in his father's log cabin in Berkshire Valley. 
Later he was employed in the construction of the Morris Canal where he 
contracted cholera and narrowly escaped death. He was also a farmer 
for some years. 

He was for a long time the mail carrier between Morristown and Som- 
erville, making three trips a week. Since 1881 he was constable of Mor- 
ristown, also serving as Overseer of the Poor. 

Mr. Babbitt had a keen memory of the old days and fortunately this 
book was benefited by his knowledge of the old families of Morris Co., 
by interviews held with him the year of his death. 


Mr. John W. Babbitt passed away with heart trouble and other diseases 


at his home in Sussex Ave., Morristown, N. J., on the first day of July, 
1909, in his eighty-ninth year. 

The story of his life reads like a romance, and there is not a farm house 
or scarcely a cowpath in Morris Coxmty that "Babbitt" as he was famil- 
iarly known, has not entered or trod. He comes from old Jersey stock and 
was born in Berkshire Valley, Morris County near Dover, on Nov. 10, 
1820, son of Hannah Wire and Seth Babbitt, a soldier of the War of 1812. 

He was brought up in a log cabin and at ten years of age his father 
died of cholera contracted while at work on the Morris Canal. His mother- 
finding it a hard struggle with a large family bound him out to Andrew 
K. Blake, who had a large farm near Kenvil, until he was 21 years of 
age. For faithful service he was to secure from Mr. Baker when of age, 
one yoke of oxen and six sheep. Mr. Baker had a large family of chil- 
dren and after John had worked hard all day, his closing duties were to 
milk eight cows and help take care of the children. The surrounding 
covintry was wild and thinly populated and our aged friend said the far- 
mers had to watch their sheep closely, for bears would frequently steal 
doT\Ti the mountam and carry off the lambs. 

When he became a young man he worked on Mr. Baker's farm in sum- 
mer and in winter carted iron ore from Mine Hill to the Canal, Berkshire 
Valley and Dover. He would handle 3500 pounds twice over per day 
and for this strenuous service received the sum of $8.00 per month. When 
twenty-three he helped the surveyors on the Morris Canal. In the good 
old days as a young swain, he went one evening to call on his young lady 
friend, and on his way he had to pass a dark swamp, when suddenly a 
wild-eyed animal sprung at his horse. The faster Babbitt galloped, 
the faster the animal went, and poor John and his horse were nigh ex - 
hausted and when the edge of the swamp was reached, the animal dis- 
appeared as if by magic. 

Mr. Babbitt worked on a farm in Mendham, N. J., after marriage and 
then he moved to Mt. Kemble Ave., and worked for Dr. Ebbin Wood- 
ruff of Morristown. He was then appointed a mail carrier between Mor- 
ristown and Somerville and made three trips a week for three years. He 
then moved a short distance from Morristown and lived eleven years on 
the farm of Mr. Samuel Jones. After this he moved in Morristown. 

In 1881 his- numerous frinds persuaded him to run for Constable and 
ever since has never failed of election. He was the oldest active con- 
stable and always proved faithful in New Jersey. He has also been Over- 


seer of the Poor. Since the days of Lincoln he has always voted the Re- 
publican ticket. Twenty-five years ago the wife of his youth died and 
after a period he married the widow Bradshaw of Brookside, who died 
on Mr. Babbitt's eighty-sixth birthday, which is remarkable. 

He is a living monument of activity and work to the young men at this 
age. He was a kind and good father and after his death we could hear 
them say on the streets, for he had a great many friends, "what a nice 
man Mr. Babbitt was." He was of the Methodist faith. 
Married (1st) Mary Ann Reger, of Succasunna, N. J. 
Children: — 

Sarah Francis, July 3, 1846. Married ( ) Sowers. 

Three children: — 

Mrs. Harry Vaughan. 
1086 Lemuel G., 1848. 
Edward Ira. 

Jane Elizabeth, Nov. 16, 1853. Married Edward Schenck. 
Children: — 

Mrs. Walter Leonard. 
Ella Josephine, March 1, 1856. Married Elijah Gregory. ' 

\^ Children: — 

Mrs. Wayne Emery. 
John, Married Elizabeth Crane. 

Richard E., Sept. 13, 1865. Married Louise Munson, resides 
in Boonton, N. J. 
Children: — 

Mrs. Merrill Brennan. 



Mary, married (1st) ( ) Butler; married (2nd) (- 

Married (2nd) Mrs. ( ) Bradshaw of Brookside, N. J. 


Rev. William Simpson Babbitt (Seth-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Bom March 11, 1827. Died June 21, 1908. 

Was a minister. Was pastor in Newark, N. J., until 1882 when he 
came to Bennings M. E. Church in Washington, D. C. His eye sight 
failing he left this church and became assistant pastor of Douglas Me- 
morial M. E. Church, which position he held until his death. 
Served in Civil War. 

Private in Co. B, 7th New Jersey Regiment. 
Later in Co. H., same Regiment, in 1862. 
August 24, 1864, enlisted in Battery D, First Artillery. 
Married May 22, 1852, Ann EUza Gardner. Born May 16, 1833, and 
died July 2, 1890. 

Eva C, April 25, 1855; married Augustus M. Laing, 1878. He 

died Oct. 21, 1904. Lives in Washington, D. C. 
They had two daughters: — 
Susie W. 
Estelle E. 
Married (2nd) Sept. 30, 1890, Ahce Hart Sanders. 
Children: — 

WilHam Franklin, Aug. 10, 1893. 
Mrs. Alice Babbitt is now living in Washington, D. C. 


Edward T. Babbitt (Seth-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Jan. 30, 1830. 

Mr. Babbitt resides in Newark, N. J. 


Married Julia A. Hoyt, daughter of George W. and Caroline (Nodine) 
Hoyt. Born April 4, 1838. 

George E., Oct. 10, 1859; d. Nov. 22, 1908. Married Anna D. 
Campbell. Wsls a physician. 


Lewis Babbitt (Silas-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Lived in Jefferson, N. J., in 1852. 
Married Elizabeth Belcher. 

Phoebe, married ( ) Post. 

Sarah, unmarried. 

Ella, married ( ) Post. 

Eliza, died aged 15 years. 

John, married ( ) Post. 



Amzi Babbitt (Silas-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Oct. 13, 1816, in Berkshire VaUey, N. J. Died June 15, 1882, in Burt 
Co., Nebraska. 
Lived in Rockaway, N. J., in 1854. 
Emigrated to Wisconsin in 1854; to Nebraska in 1857. 
Married Martha Dickinson. Born June 14, 1829; died March 1, 1895. 
1085 Francis E., Oct. 5, 1849. 

Mary E., Dec. 28, 1847; married Hall, in San Diego, Cal. 
George M., Oct. 27, 1851; d. Feb. 13, 1883. 
Caroline A., Aug. 5, 1853; d. May 7, 1882. 
Wilham H., July 23, 1859. Resides in Tacoma, Wash. 
Rose E., Jan. 10, 1861; married Marr, of Tekoma, Neb. 
Eliza E., March 27, 1862. 
Walter L., June 25, 1864, of Draper, S. D. 
Clarence E., Feb. 13, 1866, of Ft. Calhoun, Neb. 
Maud May, Sept. 30, 1867; married Langley, of San Ber- 
nardino, Cal. 


Jesse Amzi, July 16, 1869. 

Eunice Anna, Oct. 13, 1871 ; married Warner of Indian Agency, 
Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Fred Irvin, July 12, 1873, in Seattle, Washington. 


Stephen D. Babbitt (Silas-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
In 1840 in Jefferson, N. J. 
In 1852, in Rockaway, N. J. 

Later resided in Berkshire Valley, near Dover, N. J. 
April 11, 1843, Stephen and Mary joined Berkshire Valley Presbyterian 

Married (1st) Delilah Davenport. 

Married (2nd) Mary ( .) (1852 on deed.) 

Children: — 
1088 Sidney, 1835. 


Joseph Harvey Babbitt (David-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom Dec. 6, 1808, in Greene Co., Pa. Died June 8, 1884. 
Resided near Hopewell, Greene Co., Pa. 

Married (1st) Ehzabeth McClumphy, Feb. 19, 1829. Born Feb. 10 
1809. Died Oct. 14, 1848. 

Married (2nd) Mrs. Cinthia Saunders. She died after 1884. 

Mary, Oct. 30, 1829. Married Salem Lemmon. 

Rachel, Nov. 8, 1831. Married Jesse Stewart of Hundred, 

West Virginia. 
Sarah, Feb. 6, 1833. Married WilHam Dunn. 
Samuel, Jan. 30, 1834. Married Lucinda Hedge. 
Joseph Lazier, April 8, 1835. Married Sarah Hayes. Served 

in Civil War. 
Harrison, Oct. 14, 1836. Married Susan Ingraham, June, 
1857. Died in service in Civil War. 


Jonathan McClumphy, Aug. 1, 1838; d. Sept. 15, 1838. 
Lydia Margaret, March 14, 1841. Married Richard In- 

skeep, in 1861. 
Eliza Matilda, Sept. 25, 1842. Married Isaac Grandon, 1856. 
Two children: — 

David, 1858. 

Clara, 1860, who married William Cook. 
1089 James Harvey, March 21, 1845. 

Reason Wright, Sept. 24, 1847; d. Nov. 8, 1847. 


Milton Babbitt (David-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . Born 
Feb. 19, 1810, in Greene Co., Pa. Died Sept. 9, 1851, in Ognawka, 111. 
Removed to Illinois before 1851. 
Married Eliza Parkinson. 
Children: — 


Mary Anne. 






Leona, married Samuel Holmes. Mrs. Holmes is the only living 
member of this family. She resides in BriggsvUle, 111. 


Mahala Babbitt (David-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born March 4, 1811, in Greene Co., Pa. Died April 9, 1848. Buried in 
South Ten Mile Baptist Cemetery. 
Resided in Greene Co. 

Married John Smith of Center Township, in Greene Co., Pa. 
Julina, married James R. Little. 


Children : — 


James L. 

John A. 

Mary E. 



Mary, married David Banks. 


John W. 






Electa, married John Little. 






Adeline, married (1st) John Collins. 




Married (2nd) Saunders France. 

One son — Ross. 
William P., married Sarah Little. 







Matilda, married Addison Slayton. 






Nancy May 29, 1847; married William J. Gould. Resides in El 
Reno, Nebraska. 

Essie Morella. 


Clarence, married Julia A. Lane. 

Otis, married Minnie Sanders. 


William Harrison Babbitt (David-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born April 22, 1813, in Greene Co., Pa. Died May 20, 1855, 
in Waynesburg, Pa. 

In earlier married life a carpenter and mill-wright. Later he attended 
school in Greene Academy, Carmichaels, Pa., and then read law. At his 
death he was serving his second term as State's Attorney. Resided in 
Waynesburg, Pa. 

Inventor of the "side hill" plow known through the coimtry and thus 
linked the Babbitt name with another invention of great use to human- 
ity. He was a man universally respected and honored. His daughter, 
Mrs. Hughes, has in her possession the papers concerning the Patent of 
the "side hiH" plow as described by her father in detail. 

Married (1st) Matilda Vanatta in 1838. She died 1839. 

Married (2nd) Augusta Delamer Higinbotham in 1846. Bom June 
13, 1819, in Washington Co., Pa. Died March 4, 1897, in Waynes- 
burg, Pa., daughter of Uriah and Elizabeth Higinbotham. 


Children: — By first wife. 

Eliza, 1838; died 1860. Married David Bell in 1857. 

One child — Lucy, 1858. Married ( ) Brown. 

Children: — By second wife. 
Frank, 1848; d. 1849. 

Elizabeth, Jan. 26, 1850. Married April 22, 1869, John Swan 
Hughes. Born July 4, 1844, in Greene Co., Pa. Died Nov. 
29, 1909. Mrs. Hughes resides in Chipley, Fla. 
Mrs. Hughes attended Waynesburg, Pa., schools and college — 
after which she taught school for two years. Mr. Hughes 
was professor of Mathematics in Waynesboro College, of which 
he was a graduate in 1868. Later he was principal of Mt. Zion, 
111., Seminary, where they lived thirty-five years and where their 
children were born. Mrs. Hughes was assistant principal of 
Mt. Zion Seminary. Removed to Chipley, Fla., in 1905. 
Children: — 

Charles Babbitt, Jime 5, 1872. Resides in Chipley, Fla. 
Shirley, April 16, 1875; d. July 21, 1906. 
Rex McEowen, Nov. 26, 1876. Married Nov. 1904, Virgie 
Scott, daughter of Alex, and Katherine Scott. Born 
Dec. 23, 1879. 
Children: — 

Jay Lenoir, Oct. 8, 1905. 

Shirley lone, March 19, 1909. Resides in Mt. 
Zion, 111. 
Augusta, Sept. 10, 1878. Resides in Pensacola, Fla. 
Sarah, Sept. 23, 1851. Married Major William Owen Butler, 

Dec. 24, 1901. Resides in Chipley, Fla. 
John Gibson, May 18.53; d. March 1857. 

Isaac Newton, Dec. 24, 1854. Married April, 1881, Emma In- 
graham. Resides in Washington, Pa. 
Children: — 

Harrison I., July 19, 1883. 
Charles Newton, Oct. 22, 1886. 


Lucinda Babbitt (David- Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom Jan. 29, 1815, in Greene Co., Pa. 


Resided in Illinois for a time, but later removed to Kansas. Died in 
Hickory Plains, Ark. 
Married George Smith. 
Children: — 








Julina Babbitt (David-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Jan. 27, 1815, in Greene Co., Fla. Died Jan. 3, 1900, in Haskel, Kas. 

Resided for a v^^hile in Illinois. Afterward lived in Kansas and died 
in that State. 

Married John Huggans. 

David B. 

Catherine, married Homer Whipple. 

Lucinda, married John Waddlee. 




Sarah, married Washington Daniels. 

Clarissa, married David Cope. 

Maria, married Harvey Blood. 


Isaac Babbitt (David-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Sept. 12, 1820. Died Jan. 7, 1901. 

Resided in Abington, 111. 

Married Nancy Cox, daughter of James and Eleanor (Babbitt) Cox. 
Born Nov. 9, 1832. Died Nov. 10, 1910, at the home of her daughter in 
Oklahoma. (See No. 736.) 





Sarah Ellen; d. 1855. 


James Austin, 1857; d. 1905. 

Eliza Virginia, 1859-1862. 

Fanny, died in infancy, 1863. 


David Melvin. 


Lewis Addison. 





Nellie, 1871-1885. 



Ralph, died in infancy. 

Annie, died in infancy. 


Mary Babbitt (David-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Jan. 12, 1825, in Greene Co., Pa. Died Feb. 10, 1908. 
Resided in Abingdon, III., after 1869. 

Married Andrew J. Johnson in 1846. Died Sept. 26, 1884. 
Children: — 

James Madison, Jan. 25, 1847. Married Mattie Wood. Born 
Nov. 6, 1848. 

Milton, June 15, 1878. 
Anna, June 3, 1881. 
Mamie, Nov. 15, 1883. 
Rosa, July 18, 1885. 


Sarah Babbitt (David-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
July 9, 1829. Died Oct. 25, 1854. Buried in Hopewell, Greene Co., Pa. 
Married Harvey Johnson, Nov., 1849. Born Aug. 16, 1826. 
Children: — 

Benjamin L., Oct. 16, 1850; d. June 3, 1909. Married (1st) Nancy 

One son — Samuel 1873. 
Married (2nd) Emma Bebout. 
Two sons — Hustan, William. 


Sarah Frances, Nov. 28, 1851. Married Nov. 25, 1874, Abner 
J. McAfee. 
Children: — 

Jacob Harvey, Jan. 12, 1876. 
David H., Sept. 11, 1877. 

Married (1st) Ocia Piatte. Married (2nd) Eliz. M. ElUott. 
WilHam Dodd, Jan. 19, 1881. Married Anna Concklin. 
Jesse Benjamin, Nov. 1, 1882. 
Ahce EUz., Feb. 25, 1885. 

Emma V., Sept. 11, 1890. Married David Miller. 
Margaret Lydia, March 24, 1893. Married Walter Tucker. 
Isabel, Jan. 2, 1853; d. Oct. 31, 1853. 

Clara Alice, May 17, 1854. Married Dec. 28, 1883, William Near- 
ing. Resides in Chipley, Fla. 
Children: — 

Mary Elldora, Aug. 28, 1885. 
Archie Irving, Nov. 18, 1887. 
Wilson Leroy, Sept. 15, 1890. 
Freda Violet, July 14, 1896. 


Ehnina Babbitt (David-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born June 20, 1834. 
Resides in Abingdon, Illinois. 

Mrs. Lewis is the only surviving child of her father's large family. 
Married Simon Lewis, Sept. 6, 1854. Born Dec. 12, 1832. Died 
May 20, 1879. 
Children: — 

Henry Leroy, June 4, 1855; d. Oct. 2, 1859. 
Alvaretta, Oct. 22, 1856. Married J. M. Randall, Aug. 27, 1882. 
Son — James L., born Jvme 27, 1883, who married Bessie 
Lyttleton, June 19, 1910. 
Freeman Hudson, Nov. 22, 1858. Married Emma Curtis, April 

20, 1882. 

EvaUne, Nov. 6, 1861. Married Edward Epley, Jan. 12, 1879. 
John Maxwell, Sept. 11, 1863. Married Emma Haner, Jan. 8, 1891. 
William Newton, April 25, 1865. Married Rosa Randall, Jan. 

21, 1885. 


David Charles, April 20, 1867; d. April 1, 1911. Married Eliza 

Bosman, Jan. 26, 1892. Had daughter Ethel E. 
James Franklin, Nov. 15, 1870. Married Lulu Cline, Sept. 24, 1891. 
Nettie, April 26, 1869. Married Thomas WHes, Oct. 3, 1885. 


George W. Babbitt (James-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born June 3, 1832. Died June 1, 1872. 
Resided near Dover, N. J. 

Married Oct. 18, 1853, Mary E. Case, daughter of Johiel Case. Born 
June 21, 1837; died March 21, 1874. 
Children: — 

Alonzo, Oct. 25, 1855; married Nov. 26, 1885, Amanda Wood. 
Born Oct. 4, 1857. Resides in Jersey City, N. J. No children. 
Lora Frances, Sept. 12, 1857; d. Feb. 4, 1891. 
AdeHa, Dec. 12, 1863. 
William, April 9, 1866; d. reb. 3, 1898. 


Stephen Irvin Babbitt (James-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born June 1, 1834. Died March 6, 1883. 
Lived near Dover, N. J. 

Enlisted Aug. 4, 1862, in Co. B, 15th N. J. Regiment, in Civil War. 
Married Feb. 23, 1856, Amelia EHz. GuUck. 
Children: — 

Mary Adrena, married Henry Negles and lives in Newark, N. J. 

Anna May. 
George C. 
Herman T. ; has son Raymond. 
Eva Lena, married Angleman. 
Children: — 




James Elkanah Babbitt (James-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born Nov. 6, 1839. 
Resides in Newark, N. J. 
With the Morris Casket Co. 

Private and Corporal in Co. K, 7th N. J. Volunteer Infantry. Enlisted 
Oct. 2, 1861. Discharged July 7, 1863. 

Married Dec. 28, 1878, Mary C. Berry of Asbury, N. J. Born May 
19, 1847. Died Dec. 28, 1878, in Newark, N. J. 

Ceha Mary, April 8, 1878. Married Sept. 14, 1895, John Prit- 
chard, born Feb. 11, 1866. Resides in Newark, N. J. 
Children: — 

Lola M., July 22, 1896; d. Jan. 9, 1908. 
WiUiam P., April 15, 1898. 
John A., Jan. 26, 1902. * 
Arda V., July 12, 1905. 


Philo Babbitt (Asher-Isaac-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . 
Born Dec. 22, 1820. Died April 23, 1893. 

Was engaged in business for a time in South ville. Conn., but soon re- 
moved to New Haven where he became associated in business with the 
English family. He was also later in business in New York City, but 
held his residence in New Haven. He and his partner were the first 
makers of Worcestershire Sauce in this country. 

Married (1st) Matilda Glover, Nov. 14, 1846. Born 1825. Died 1853. 
One Child:— 

Matilda, July 11, 1853; married C. E. Crabbe, Dec. 13, 1893. No 
Married (2nd) Elizabeth Hannah English, Feb. 13, 1856. She was 
born Nov. 23, 1820. 
Children: — 

Edgar, Dec. 24, 1856; married Mary Gilkinson, April 31, 1884. 


Taken at the time of their wedding 1855. 





Edgar, 1885. 
Elizabeth, 1887. 
William G., 1894. 
Charles W., 1861. 


Isaac Babbitt (Asher-Isaac-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born April 22, 1831, in Brookfield, Conn. Died June 27, 1888, in 
Bridgewater, Conn. 

Mr. Babbitt had to begin life on his own resources, his father dying 
when he was but fourteen years old. He became an apprentice in car- 
pentering and housebuilding in New Haven and served four years. 

He married in New Haven and resided there a few years longer, and 
then bought a small farm in Bridgewater, where he spent the rest of his 
life, working at his trade. 

He was a member of the Connecticut Legislature in 1883. 

Married Nov. 7, 1855, Sarah Cole. Born 1833. Died 1898. 


1097 Eugene Howard, May 8, 1859, in Bridgewater, Conn. 

1098 Frank Cole, June 4, 1867, in Bridgewater. 


Lucy Lovina Babbitt (Alva-Isaac-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born Aug. 19, 1829. Died July 6, 1866. 
Married May 10, 1850, Rev. Larmon W. Abbott. 
Children: — 

Arietta M., July 21, 1856. Professor at Oberlin College. 
Cornelia E., Dec. 1, 1858; married Sept. 3, 1885, Mark Morris. 
Lives in Grand Rapids, Mich. 


Herbert S. Babbitt (John-Isaac-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom July 27, 1847. Died Sept. 31, 1878. 

Married Oct. 29, 1872, Harriet Augusta Camp, daughter of George 
Camp. Born Jan. 29, 1851 ; died Nov. 25, 1889. 


Children: — 
1099 Sara A., July 28, 1873. 

Arthur J., Sept. 21, 1875; d. Aug. 28, 1895. 


• Sarah A. Babbitt (David-William-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom Jan. 9, 1813, in Lanesboro, Mass. Died in 1903, in Kas- 
son, Minn. 

Resided in Amherst, Ohio. 

Married William F. Ringland, who died in 1874, in Chardon, O. 
Children: — Bom in Amherst, O. 
Two died in infancy. 
Augusta, died middle age; not married. 
Antoinette, died middle age; not married. 
Ella, married Tribby. 
Wilham David, June 19, 1839. 
Married (1st) 1863, Jane S. Taylor. Married (2nd) 1866,Amanda 
Matthews. Resides in Kasson, Minn. Two children. 


Solomon Malton Babbitt (David-WilUam-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born Aug. 27, 1823, in Austinburg, O. 

Resided in Oakland, Cal., where Mr. Babbitt died about 1907. Mrs. 
Babbitt still resides in Oakland, Cal. 

Married Dec. 10, 1845, Lucinda Balch, daughter of Stephen and Polly 
(Terrell) Balch. Bom Nov. 30, 1827, in Darien, N. Y. 
Children: — 

Mary, Nov. 22, 1846. 

Emma Grace, Nov. 6, 1849; d. April 19, 1864. 

Ella Florence, Dec. 1855; d. April 8, 1870. 

Harriet Adele, Aug. 10, 1863; married May 19, 1890, Edwin Owens. 

Walter L., Sept. 22, 1871; d. Aug. 4, 1872. 


David S. Babbitt (David-Wilham-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom 1821. 
Mr. and Mrs. Babbitt now reside in Elgin, 111. 


Married Dec. 10, 1845, Matilda Balch, daughter of Stephen and Polly 
(Terrell) Balch, of Covington, N. Y. Born Sept. 17, 1825. 
Children: — 

Lulu, Nov. 7, 1846; d. March 6, 1892. 

Addie, Sept. 16, 1848; married W. H. Chapman, in Elgin, III. 
1100 Jennie, July 4, 1857. 


Almon Whiting Babbitt (Ira-William-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Oct. 9, 1812, in Cheshire, Mass. Died Oct. 1856. 

He married in Kirtland, Ohio — then settled in Nauvoo, 111., where 
they lived a few years. Then they moved to Council Bluffs where he 
resided until about 1851, whence he finally settled in Salt Lake City. 

His death is thus related by his son Don Carlos Babbitt of Mesa City, 

"My father was killed by Indians on the old Mormon trail between 
the Missouri River and Utah. He was on his twenty-second trip. He 
was a great friend with all the Indians and felt as safe with them as with 
his neighbors at home, but they killed him, nevertheless, and it all came 
about by an Indian asking the overland stage driver for a piece of tobacco. 
The driver shot the Indian who lived long enough to reach his village 
and tell his people. An Indian claims one or more scalps for every one 
of their people killed, and my father being the first met paid the debt." 

Babbitt, Almon W., president of the Kirtland Stake of Zion, from 1841 
to 1843, was the son of Ira and Nancy Babbitt, and was born Oct. 1, 1813, 
in Berkshire County, Mass. He joined the Church at an early day, and 
is first mentioned in the history of Joseph Smith as a member of Zion's 
Camp in 1834. At the organization of the first quorum of Seventy, Feb. 
28, 1835, he was ordained a Seventy, under the hands of Joseph Smith 
and others. For traducing the character of the Prophet he had a hear- 
ing before the High Council in Kirtland, Dec. 28, 1835; he confessed his 
faults and was forgiven. Subsequently he filled a mission to Canada, 
from which he returned in 1838, leading a company of emigrating Saints 
to Missouri. After passing through the Missouri persecutions he fled 


to Illinois, and at a conference of the Church held in Quincy, III, May 4, 
1839, "Almon W. Babbitt, Erastus Snow and Robert B. Thompson were 
appointed a traveling committee to gather up and obtain all the libelous 
reports and pubUcations which had been circulated against the Church." 
At a general conference held at Commerce, Oct. 3, 1840, he was appointed 
a member of a committee to "organize Stakes" between Commerce and 
Kirtland. He was also appointed to preside over the Church in Kirtland 
with the privilege of chosing his own counselors. At a conference held 
in Kirtland, May 22, 1841, Elder Babbitt was elected president of "that 
Stake," with Lester Brooks and Zebedee Coltrin as his counselors. Hav- 
ing removed to Illinois, and located in Ramus, Hancock County, he was 
appointed the presiding Elder at that place, in March, 1843. He visited 
the Prophet Joseph in Carthage jaU on the day of the martyrdom and 
remained with the Twelve as against the claims of Sidney Rigdon and 
others. He rendered efficient legal service to the Church during the per- 
secutions and mobbings in Illinois, and when the Illinois legislature, in 
January, 1845, was discussing the unconditioned surrender of the Nauvoo 
city charter. Elder Babbitt was in Springfield laboring diligently as a 
lawyer in defending the rights of his people, but to no purpose; the char- 
ter was repealed. As a member of a committee appointed to formulate 
a petition to the Federal Government, in behalf of the Saints, we find 
Almon W. Babbitt's name attached to the historical document addressed 
to President James K. Polk, dated April 24, 1845. The petition, which 
was unheeded by the chief executive, asked for redress on behalf of a "dis- 
franchised and long afflicted people" and asked the president to assist 
the Saints to obtain a home where they could enjoy their "rights of con- 
science and religion immolested." After the departure of the Apostles 
into the wilderness, in February, 1846, the affairs of the Church in Nauvoo 
were left in charge of a committee, consisting of Almon W. Babbitt, Joseph 
L. Heywood and John S. Fullmer; and after the famous battle of Nauvoo, 
in September, 1846, these three men signed the treaty, by which the 
Saints agreed to surrender the city to the mob. Elder Babbitt came to 
the Valley in 1848, and when a memorial praying for Statehood had been 
prepared by the Saints, he was, by a joint vote of the "General Assembly 
of the State of Deseret," elected a delegate to Congress to convey the 
memorial to Washington. He left for that city in the fall of 1849, and 
arriving at the capital he "sought the earliest opportunity to present to 
Confess the public documents of which he was the bearer, as well as his 


own credentials as delegate from the Provisional State of Deseret;" but 
Congress would not permit Col. Babbitt to take a seat, and instead of 
granting Statehood, as prayed for, the Territory of Utah was created, in 
1850. Elder Babbitt returned to the Valley, and in 1853 he was appointed 
secretary of the Territory, which position he filled until his death. Oct. 
24, 1856, the report reached Salt Lake City that some of the Cheyeime 
Indians had killed some white people on the plains, among whom was 
Almon W. Babbitt; also that Mrs. Margetts and child were taken pris- 
oners by the Indians. "The savages on the plains," writes Orson F. 
Wliitney, "became hostile, attacking and robbing trains and killing trav- 
elers. Among the slain were several citizens of Utah, namely, Col. Almon 
W. Babbitt, (secretary of the Territory), Thomas Margette, James Cowdy 
and others. In April (1856) Secretary Babbitt left Salt Lake City for 
Washington on business connected with his office. He was accompanied 
across the plains by U. S. Marshal Heywood, Chief Justice Kenney and 
wife. Apostles Orson Pratt, George A. Smith, Ezra T. Benson, Erastus 
Snow and others. The Margetta-Cowdy party left Utah some time later. 
They were on their way back to England. In August, Secretary Bab- 
bitt's train, loaded with government property for Utah, was attacked 
and plundered by Cheyenne Indians, near Wood river, now in Nebraska. 
Of the four teamsters in charge, two were killed and one wounded. A 
Mrs. Wilson was wounded and carried away by the savages, who also 
killed her child. Col. Babbitt was not with his train at the time, but 
was killed by the Cheyeimes east of Fort Laramie, a few weeks later. 
For some time his fate was enshrouded in mystery, but it finally tran- 
spired that after leaving the frontier for the West he and his party were 
attacked and slain by some of the same tribe that had plundered his train 
and killed his teamsters." 
Col. Babbitt was never an Apostle of the Mormon Church. 

Married Nov. 23, 1833, Julia Hills Johnson. Born Nov. 9, 1808, in 
Westford, Vt; died about 1856, in Crescent City. 

David Homer, July 31, 1835; d. Nov. 29, 1836. Born in 
Kirtland, O. 
1101 Don Carlos, Aug. 15, 1843. 


Ann Caroline, Aug. 15, 1843; d. Oct. 24, 1844. Bom in Web- 
ster, 111. 

1102 Almon Whiting, Jan. 25, 1847. Born in Nauvoo, 111. 

Julia Ann, Dec. 27, 1849, in Nauvoo, 111. Married David 
Johnson. Resides in Mexico. 

1103 Nancy Maria, Sept. 7, 1854, in Salt Lake City. 


Ruby M. Babbitt (Zerah-Lemuel-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom Oct. 9, 1811. Died Dec. 5, 1900. 

Married March 25, 1835, in Norfolk, Conn., Truman H. Seymour. 
Born Dec. 30, 1809; d, Oct. 16, 1848. 
Children: — 

Jeannette, March 3, 1836; married Tuttle of Naugatuck, Conn. 
Zerah, Feb. 21, 1838; d. Dec. 5, 1872. 
EUza, June 1, 1841; d. May 29, 1905. 
IsabeUa, April 23, 1849; d. 1892. 


Ehza Babbitt (Zerah-Lemuel-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom Jan. 17, 1814. 

Married Nov. 12, 1834, Deacon James Humphrey of Norfolk, Conn. 
He died Feb. 4, 1882. 
Children: — 

Edward James, Aug. 6, 1836. Soldier in Civil War. Died in 

Newbern, N. C, April 22, 1862. Buried in Norfolk, Conn. 
WilUam Adams, March 17, 1841; married Maria M. Mills, 1866. 

Served in Civil War. 
John Dudley, May 27, 1842. Was twice married. Resides in 
New Britain, Conn. 
Married (1st.) Josephine Swathel. 
(2nd.) Florence Butler. 
Charles, Nov. 14, 1850; d. 1852. 

Frederick Garfield, Sept. 23, 1857; married Addie F. Thompson. 
Resides in Waterbury, Conn. 



Rebecca Babbitt (Zerah-Lemuel-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . 
Born (about 1817). Died Dec. 25, 1890, aged 73 years. 

Married Feb. 9, 1841, Jared Potter, of Norfolk, Conn., who died March 
8, 1888, aged 68 years. 

Ellen Rebecca, May 3, 1845; married Nov. 5, 1867, H. D. Pat- 
terson. Lives in Naugatuck, Conn. 

Charles W., Sept. 23, 1868; d. Aug. 22, 1871. 

Nellie L., Nov. 26, 1869; d. March 20, 1890. 

Lena May, Feb. 17, 1873; married Harry Bickersdale, 1907. 

Ernest D., Dec. 2, 1876. 


Edwin Lewis Babbitt (Amos-Lemuel-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah- Ed- 
ward). Born April 21, 1817, in New Marlboro, Mass. Died Dec. 31, 
1891, in Grand Valley, Pa. Buried in Panama, N. Y. 

He learned the Blacksmith trade and followed the rest of his family 
to Harmony, N. Y., where they had moved in 1835. 

He worked at his trade in Panama, N. Y., where he married. 

Married (1st) June 6, 1842, Elizabeth, daughter of Asahel Clark. Born 
Feb. 24, 1824; died July 3, 1849. One child:— 

1104 Arlouine G., Oct. 3, 1846, in Wrightsville, Pa. 

Married (2nd) April 1, 1852, Mary E., daughter of Albert Gleason. 
Bom June 8, 1828. 
Children: — 

Charles Wesley, Sept. 22, 1855 in Franklin, Pa. ; married Grace 
Reynolds. No children. 

1105 Joseph Leshe in Panama, N. Y. 

Minnie B,, Dec. 30, 1862, in Tidiout, Pa.; married (1st) Roy 
Hunter Feb. 20, 1883. Married (2nd) L. W. Harter, 
Nov. 14, 1901. 



William Amos Babbitt (Amos-Lemuel-Zephatiiali-Elkanali-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom March 24, 1819, in Norfolk, Comi. Died Sept. 28, 1891, 
in New Lexington, Perry Co., Ohio. 

Was educated in the District Schools and at Mayville Academy. He 
went West about 1842 or 1843, and worked at various employments, 
finally becoming conductor on the Miami R. R., which position he held 
seven years. He was afterward conductor on other railways, and finally 
became a superintendent in building roads. Great faithfulness charac- 
terized all his work. 
Married Kate Taylor, who died Dec. 29, 1909. 
Children: — 

Reuben, died yoimg. 

Minnie, married Williams. Resides in IndianapoHs, Ind. 
Alfarata, married Ingles. 


Reuben Hedges Babbitt (Amos-Lemuel- Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Bom Feb. 20, 1823, in Norfolk, Conn. Died Jan. 24, 1893. 

Settled in Harmony, N. Y., in 1835, with the rest of his family. At 
times he was employed on the farm, but mostly worked in saw mills near 
Wrightville, Pa., getting out lumber to run down the Alleghany and Ohio 
rivers. He made one trip to New Orleans on a flat boat. 

Married Maria Bowen, Sept. 20, 1854, who was bom Sept. 2, 1834. 
Still living in Corry, Pa. 
Children: — 

WiUiam Amos, born in Mina, N. Y; died aged 4 years. 

Curtis Monroe, bom in North Harmony, N. Y; died in infancy. 

LiUian Maria, Sept. 2, 1866; married W. J. Edwards. 




John Dunning Babbitt (Amos-Lemuel-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Jan. 17, 1824. Died Sept. 12, 1870. 

After his family settled in Harmony, N. Y., he was employed on the 
farm until he was twenty-one. Winters he attended school and he also 
took a course of study in Westfield, N. Y., Academy. He taught school 
in Eggleston and Sherman, N. Y. He afterward learned to make ambro- 
types and daguerreotypes, and followed this business until it was re- 
placed by modern photographs. He then sold out and became ticket 
agent in a R. R. Postoffice and held this position until his death. 

Married Jane Howard, March, 1860; born March 18, 1836; died Dec. 
14, 1880. 

Alton Howard, March 1, 1867; died young (Nov. 27, 1867). 
Amos William, Oct. 31, 1865; died young (Sept. 13, 1870). 
John Dunning, Jr., Sept. 12, 1870; married and lives inOil City, Pa. 
Has no children. Learned the moulder's trade in Corry, Pa. 


Charles O. Babbitt (Amos-Lemuel-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom March 18, 1833, in Colbrook, Conn. Died Oct. 23, 1900. 

Was left motherless at an early age and assumed her place in the house- 
hold duties for a long time. He was educated in Westfield, N. Y., 
Academy, and at the Academy in Girard, Pa. After his father's death 
he taught school winters and worked on farms summers. After his mar- 
riage he continued this same line of work until 1870 when he commenced 
to learn the drug business in Sherman, Pa. He worked three years here 
and in 1873, settled in Corry, Pa., and buying out the Drug store there, 
continued as propietor until his death. In his later years he was much 
interested in his Babbitt ancestry, which, however, he could never trace 
beyond his great grandfather. He collected a splendid record of Zeph- 
aniah Babbitt's descendants which was used to good purpose in com- 
piling this book. 

Married March 19, 1860, Susan Thayer, who is now living. She was 
born in Mina, N. Y. 


Children: — 

1106 Franklin Thayer, Feb. 27, 1863, in Mina, N. Y.; married 

Lillian Skidmore, June 30, 1886. 

Graduate of Corry H. S. and of Ann Arbor School of 
Pharmacy. A member of his father's Drug Co. 
Byron Fenner, April 4, 1874, in Corry, Pa.; married Nellie 
Bagnall, Nov. 4, 1901. She was bom in 1877, daughter 
of Thomas and Amelia. An attorney in St. Louis, Mo., 
and U. S. Commissioner. 


Amos L. Babbitt (John-Lemuel-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Oct. 26, 1830. Died April 7, 1906, in Winchester, Conn. 

Enlisted from Colchester, Conn. Served in Co. L, 1st Connecticut 
Heavy Artillery, Jan. 30, 1862-March 13, 1862. 

Lived in Tolland, Mass., 1864-1906. Then removed to Winchester, 

Married Sept. 6, 1854, Phoebe Sylvia Harvey, daughter of Franklin 

JohnT., 1855; d. 1862. 
Florence, 1857; d. 1862. 

Richard A., Aug. 30, 1865; married Dec. 26, 1905, Carrie 
Champlin, daughter of Frank Champlin. 

1107 Ralph L., Dec. 24, 1871. 


Myron Babbitt (Zenas-Samuel-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born April 4, 1834, in Pinckney, N. Y. Died April 13, 1899. 

In 1859 he moved to Rodman, N. Y., and was a resident there for forty 
years, until his death. 

Married in 1855, Mary E. Spencer. 


1108 LiUian, Jan. 9, 1858, in Henderson, N. Y. 

Lunette, Oct. 19, 1860, in Worth, N. Y; married June 5, 1887, 
George A. Odell. 

1109 Luella, July 8, 1867, at Rodman, N. Y 

1110 Hadley, July 2, 1872. 



Samuel Babbitt (Myron-Samuel-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom in 1837. Died in 1867. 
Married Lucy Alcom. 
Children: — 

Pamelia, 1861; d. 1862. 

Anna, 1862; d. 1884. 


Henry Babbitt (Myron-Samuel-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . 
Born in 1848. 

Married (1st) Ella Darling. 
Children: — 

Grace, 1881. 

Winnie, 1883; d. 1884. 

Maud, 1884; d. 1884. 
Married (2nd) Ella Porter. 
Children: — 

Nelson, 1889. 

Hattie, 1891; d. 1895. 

Ada, 1893; d. 1895. 
Married (3rd) Ada Smith. 


Albert Babbitt (Myron-Samuel-Zephaniah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom in 1850. Died in 1889. 
Married Kate Flynn. 
John, 1887. 
Mary, 1888. 



Lewis Babbitt (Ezra-Silas-Samuel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Dec. 30, 1823. Died Oct. 23, 1900, in Evanston, 111. 
Served in Co. E, 3rd CavaHer, Jan. 4-Sept. 23, 1864. 
Married (1st) in Quincy, Mass., Aug. 12, 1847, Elizabeth Allen, daugh- 
ter of Moses ai^ Mehitable Allen. Born July 23, 1819. Died Jmie 
21, 1859, in Worcester, Mass. 

George Allen, May 29, 1848; married in Worcester, Mass., July 
10, 1877, Frances Wright of Atlanta, Ga. In Chicago in 1909, 
a manufacturer. No children. 
Louisa Eliz., April 5, 1852; married (1st) Richardson. Married 

(2nd) Morton Kimball. Resides in Chicago, 111, 
Frank Wilham, Aug. 31, 1853. Resides in Richmond, Va. 
John L., May 19, 1859; d. Aug. 5, 1859. 
Married (2nd) Melinda Julia Spooner, in Worcester, Mass., March 
10, 1861. Died Aug. 18, 1901. Bom in Oalcham, Mass., 1828. 


Orlando Babbitt (Samuel-Stephen- Amariah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . 
Born near Boonville, N. Y. Died in Hermon, N. Y., Oct. 31, 1884, aged 
66 years. Dealer in Hve stock all his life. During the war dealt in 
army horses. Supervisor at Hermon. Democrat in politics. 

Mr. Babbitt was the original "Deacon Babbitt," under which title a 
book has been written by Edgar Blankman, bringing in many stories 
of his Yankee shrewdness and humor. His character is thus outlined 
in this book. 

"He was known far and near for his generous hospitality, charitable 
deeds and business sagacity. He was a man of decided opinions con- 
cerning the matter of right and wrong and always noted for strict integ- 
rity. He hated sham and would ridicule it in anybody, not excepting 
the clergy. Though not deeply religious, he was an ardent friend of 
education, a Uberal supporter of the district school and an advocate of 
Christianity embodied in the Golden Rule, yet hke all of us he had his 
weak points." 



One of the favorite stories concerning Deacon Babbitt's canny ways, 
was that of his trade in clocks. When Mr. Babbitt first came to town 
he was selling clocks and with each clock sold, he gave a guarantee that 
if it did not suit he would exchange it for another. He sold all but one 
of the time pieces, and when the first complaint came in made the prom- 
ised exchange. When the next complaint came he traded in the clock 
received from the first complainant and so on with all me successive dis- 
gruntled buyers, thus complying with the terms of the sale in every re- 
spect. In his horse and cow trades he seems to surpass David Harum 

Mr. Babbitt is depicted as a lover of nature and thoroughly filled with 
love of the Northern New York country where the scene of the story is 
laid and where his name and fame will be held in remembrance for many 
years to come. 

Married Elizabeth MacDonald, who died Oct. 11, 1855, aged 32 years, 
in Hermon, N. Y. 

George, May 16, 1846. Married Anna L. Cousins and lives in 
Hermon, N. Y. No children. 

George Babbitt, son of Orlando has many characteristics of his 
father. Both were generally recognized as our most brainy 
men. Both being Democrats in a very strong Republican 
town its Supervisor, and held nearly all town offices. George 
was conceded for years to be one of the best Assessors in the 
County, and at the State Assessors' meetings was always the 
one put forward to represent the district on the question of 
equalization. His judgment is sought on all questions, by his 
neighbors. His word is as good as a U. S. Bond, yet he is a 
little careful what he agrees to. He has been successful with 
this world's goods. He is liberal and one of the most accom- 
modating men you ever met. He is popular, and there is a 
good reason for it, for few around are not under obhgations to 
him for favors granted. All in all he is a man you can tie up 
to for years, and never be disappointed. (From a sketch 
submitted by a close friend.) 
Alden, 1848. Married Elizabeth Cassaw. He died Jan. 20, 1890, 

aged 42 years. No children. 
Frank, 1850. Married Kate Day and lives in Russell, N. Y. Has 
son, Charles. 


Eliza, 1855. Married Sylvester H. Risley. She died Nov. 2, 
1878. No children. 
Married (2nd) Mary J. Ayres. Had one daughter. 

Elizabeth, 1858. Died unmarried, Dec. 13, 1880, aged 22 years. 


Charles Babbitt (Samuel-Stephen- Amariah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 

When only eighteen years old he left home and was not heard from in 
years, finally returning a middle-aged man in comfortable circumstances, 
from Australia. He lived but one year in Australia. He was very liberal 
and generous with his surviving relatives and went to Hermon. N. Y., 
where he took courses to regain his lost education. His roving disposi- 
tion led him to California, where he was successful in mining. He was 
plaiming a trip to Africa when his life was cut short while in Juneau, 
Alaska. Mr. Babbitt never married. He was a 33rd degree Mason, 
taking the degree in London. 


Harriet Babbitt (Samuel-Stephen-Amariah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward.) 

Married Norman Malcolm, of Leyden, N. Y. 


Nellie, married John Wampfler, of Carthage, N. Y. 





Elizabeth Babbitt (Samuel - Stephen - Amariah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 

Married Theodore Fordham, of Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Children: — 


Watson, druggist in Spokane, Wash. 

Maitland, druggist in Spokane, Wash. 



Mary Louisa Babbitt (Charles-Stephen-Amariah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Nov. 8, 1839. 

Married Feb. 10, 1860, in Rock Island, III., Avery L. Scott, son of 
John and Cyrena Jackson Scott. Born April 10, 1834, in Vienna, N. Y. 
Died Dec. 14, 1873, in Osceola, Iowa. 

Frank Lester, Sept. 14, 1864. Married Eva Bryon, in Pre- 
emption, Illinois. 
Helen Louise, March 11, 1867. Married Edwin Warner, in Pre- 
emption, Illinois. 
Alice Lorena, Nov. 17, 1868, in Preemption, Illinois. 
Walter, Oct. 8, 1872, in Osceola, Iowa. 
Leonard, June 6, 1876, in Osceola, Iowa. 
George Babbitt, March 11, 1879, in Osceola, Iowa. 
Edward Webster, May 9, 1881, in Osceola, Iowa. 
Gertrude, Jan. 20, 1883, in Osceola, Iowa. 


Lucy Marion Babbitt (Charles-Stephen-Amariah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Feb. 10, 1845. 

Married Sept. 30, 1868, Simmons E. Chidester. 


Charles Clark, Jan. 21, 1870. Married Lottie E. Norton, daugh- 
ter of G. W. Norton. 


Mary Anna Babbitt (Stephen- Stephen- Amariah-Elkanah-Elkanah- Ed- 
ward). Born July 14, 1857, near Perrysburg, N, Y. 

Married Jan. 5, 1882, Charles E. Blodgett, son of Charles S. and Jane 
(Smith) Blodgett. 
Children: — 

Roy E., May 4, 1883; d. Aug. 11, 1884. 

Leroy, March 7, 1886. 

Lillian C, Jan. 30, 1892. 

Howard S., March 17, 1894. 

Evelyn V., Feb. 14, 1897. 



Katherine Babbitt ( Lovell - John-Reuben- Josiah-Elkanah-Edward ). 
Born Feb. 4, 1840. 

Her husband was a farmer, and stock dealer. They now reside in 
Columbus, Ohio. 

Married June 21, 1863, James Campbell. 
Children: — 

Victor Arnold, April 9, 1864. Married Bessie Makomsen. Two 

Maud, Aug. 16, 1868. Married Byron Palmer. Three children. 
NeUie, Feb. 20, 1876. Unmarried. 


Cyrus Byron Babbitt (Lovell-John-Reuben-Josiah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Dec. 14, 1841. 

Served in Civil War in 18th U. S. Regiment Infantry. He now resides 
in Kansas City, Mo. A house builder by trade. 

Married Feb. 2, 1864, Sarah Jane Johnston. 

1111 Francis Lovell, Nov. 15, 1864. 


Samuel Bascom Babbitt (Lovell-John-Reuben-Josiah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born April 29, 1844. 

Served ia the U. S. Signal Corps in the war. Was a clerk in a country 
store with his father-in-law until 1879, his wife having died a year before. 
He then went to Kansas, purchased a farm and with his brother Charles 
cultivated it. In 1889 was married to Parthenia Margarum whose fam- 
ily hved in Stockholm, New Jersey; going on the farm located in Clyde, 
Cloud Co., Kansas, (Charles having moved to another farm in Milton vale, 
same covmty) . In 1899 sold the farm and located in Worthington, Frank- 
lin County, Ohio. In Dec. 1904, was appointed Postmaster in Worthing- 
ton serving four years; because of faihng health resigned, turning the 
office over to his successor in Dec, 1909; is now Hving in Worthington 
without business. As a boy he attended the country district school dur- 
ing the winter terms, and in 1861 taught a three months' term in one of 



these districts; also in 1862 and 1863. Was also one of the Ohio squirrel 
hunters who went to Cincinnati in 1863 after John Morgan's raiders. 

Married (1st) Elizabeth Ann Johnston, June 7, 1868. Died June 7, 1878. 

Married (2nd) March 7, 1889, Parthenia Margarum. No children. 


Adrian Aridna Babbitt (Lovell- John-Reuben- Josiah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Nov. 16, 1846. 

Her husband was a merchant in New Albany, O. Was postmaster 
for some years. 

Mrs. Goodrich now resides with her daughters. 

Married Sept. 25, 1867, John Wesley Goodrich, born Sept. 25, 1830, 
to John and Fanny Goodrich. 
Children: — 

Nora Lee, Oct. 7, 1869. Married Merritt Rhodes. Three children. 
Frances Elise, April 19, 1875. Married Allen E. Beach. 
Carl Wesley, May 18, 1877. Unmarried. 


William Lovell Babbitt (Lovell- John-Reuben- Josiah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born June 28, 1848. 

Received his education in the country schools. In 1869 went to Kan- 
sas, and located a homestead in Republic Co., developing his farm and 
teaching school. 

Some years later he sold out and engaged in the hardware business 
in Milton vale Cloud Co., O., in which he was very successful. He is 
. now retired and is occupied in looking after his real estate buildings. 
Married Dec. 18, 1879, Clara Belle Spooner. 
Children: — 

Mary Gertrude, Jan. 6, 1881. 
Jessie, Feb. 16, 1885. 
William Lovell, Jr., Dec. 25, 1888. 
Harold Bascom, Aug. 12, 1891. 
Helen, Dec. 12, 1896. 



Charles Augustus Babbitt (Lovell-John-Reuben-Josiah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom Dec. 15, 1854. 

Educated in the public schools. Was for a time a school teacher. 

He removed to Kansas in 1879, and was a farmer in Clyde and Milton- 
vale until 1900. Now employed with the National Cash Register Co., 
of Columbus, Ohio. 

Married 1880, Roselle Strait. 

Children: — 

Agnes Lydia, July 26, 1889. 


Edward Calvin Babbitt (Lo veil- John-Reuben- Josiah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Dec. 30, 1858. 

Resides in Plain, Franklin Co., Ohio, in the house in which he was born. 

Married Martha Elmetta Taylor, June 2, 1885. 


Fred Taylor, Nov. 26, 1887. 

Edward Burr, Sept. 20, 1890. 

Mildred Martha, Oct. 3, 1900. 


William Miller Babbott (Miller-William- Jonathan-Benjamin-Elkanah- 

Mr. Babbott resides in New York City, being retired from active busi- 
ness. He is a notable student of socialistic and industrial problems and 
has spent his life in the study of the solution of these great questions. He 
is the author of several books and pamphlets, notably "The Barometer 
of Commercialism," a treatise which shows his mental caHbre and grasp 
of the subject. He has ever been an earnest advocate of sanitary food 
supplies, especially of mills, and he spent long periods in Europe visiting 
the most famous dairies and studying the principles of correct feeding 
of cattle and the conservation of farm soils. He early soimded the 
warning of the result of long continued depletion of the rich farms of 
the West and is perhaps the best equipped of anyone to suggest the proper 
remedial measures. 


He has also ever been a deeply interested worker in the compilation 
of this work, financially and in the securing of data, and is usually present 
at the annual meeting of the association. 


Frank Lusk Babbott (Miller- William- Jonathan-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born Aug. 14, 1854. Resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Frank L. Babbott was bom Aug. 14, 1854. He graduated from 
AmJierst College in 1878 with degree of A. B. and from Columbia Law 
School in 1889 with degree of LL.B. In 1903 he obtained from Amherst 
degree of M. A. From 1895 to 1902 he was a member of the Brooklyn 
Board of Education and from 1902 to 1904 Vice President of the New 
York Board of Education. He also held the following responsible posi- 
tions: — ^Trustee of Packer Collegiate Institute, Trustee of Brooklyn Y. 
W. C. A., Trustee of Brooklyn Public Library, Trustee of Brooklyn 
Savings Bank, and was also a member of the Board of Foreign Missions 
in the Presbyterian Church. He was also a member of the following 
clubs: — Century, GoHer, University, Alpha Delta Phi, City, Montauk, 
and Nassau Country Club. Was a Director of the Union Typewriter 
Co., and Trustee of the L. I. Loan & Trust Co., and United Shoe Machi- 
nery Co. Was author of "Classic English Order" pubUshed in 1902 
and "John Donnes poems" pubhshed in 1905. 

Mr. Babbott has been an unfailing helper in the preparation of this 
work. His financial help has been great and his interest in the work of 
compilation has been shown in every possible way. 
Married Feb. 18, 1886, Lydia Richardson Pratt, of Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Children: — 

Mary R. 

Frank L. 

Lydia P. 

Helen L. 


Reuben S. Babbitt (Curtis-William-Jonathan-Benjamin-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom 1824 near Paris, Oneida Co., N. Y. Died April 14, 1890. 
When 19 years old, settled in Michigan. 


Settled near Ypsilanti, Mich., in 1843. 

Married in 1846, in Ann Arbor, Mich., Mary Day. She died Dec. 24, 
1902, aged 74 years. 
Children: — 

Frank P., 1848. 
Lamotte, 1850. 

Archer C. 1853, in Onno, Wash., 1910. Resided a while in 
Spokane. Married in Grayling, Mich., June 28, 1878, to Elsie 
A. Atwood. 
Richard R., May 21, 1879. 
Harry L., April 14, 1881. 
Eunice M., April 2, 1886. 
Ralph H., April 27, 1893. 
Walter H., 1855. 
Reuben S., 1858. 
Homer M., 1862. 


Benjamm Miller Babbitt (Curtis-William-Jonathan-Benjamin-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born probably m Sangerfield, N. Y. Died Nov. 8, 1903. 

Resided in St. Charles, Illinois, at time of death. In 1849 resided in 
Gifford Centre, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

Married Lucy Ann Rowley, daughter of Erastus and Esther (Shat- 
tuck) Rowley. Born 1822. Died Dec. 13, 1902. 
Children: — 

Loesa, Jan. 3, 1843. 
1112 Althea Mariah, Oct. 23, 1844. 
Lewis Barton. 
Etta May. 


Nelson Babbitt (Dyer -Dyer - Jonathan - Benjamin - Edward - Edward). 
Born Feb. 28, 1822. Died March 20, 1897. 


Resided in Benson, Vt. 

Married (1st) Harriet Gates, Jan. 5, 1848, who died Jan. 5, 1858. 

Children: — 

1113 Don, Dec. 1, 1854. 

Melva, 1855. Died unmarried. 
Ellen, died in infancy. 
John, died in infancy. 

1114 Frank, Nov. 29, 1857. 

Married (2nd) Chloe Thomas, May 27, 1858, who died Dec. 24, 1906. 
Children: — 

Harriet, died aged 2 years. 

Nahum, d. Dec. 10, 1906, aged 44 years. Unmarried. 


Amos Phillips Babbitt (Dyer-Dyer- Jonathan-Benjamin-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born Nov. 30, 1823. Died Nov. 1, 1882. 

Resided in Castleton, Vt. 

Married Bedelia O'Neil. Born April 4, 1825, in West Meathe, Ireland. 
Came to America in 1841. Died Oct. 7, 1887. 

Children: — 

1115 Emery C, March 22, 1846; d. Feb. 26, 1862. 
Mary Adelle, Nov. 20, 1851. 

Frances M., June 15, 1853; d. May 22, 1862. 
Emma J., March 19, 1857; d. May 22, 1862. 

1116 Watson V., Aug. 1, 1859. 

1117 Frank A., Sept. 25, 1865. 


Oscar L. Babbitt (Dyer-D yer- Jonathan-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born June 3, 1838. Died Aug. 17, 1894. 

Resided in Castleton, Vt. 

Served in Co. I, 5th Vermont Volunteers, throughout the Civil War. 
Was twice wounded. 

Enhsted Aug. 26, 1861. Discharged July 10, 1865. 

Married Lucy Thayer, who died Jan. 18, 1880. 


Fred W., Dec. 20, 1874. 



Valorus M. Babbitt (Dyer-Dyer- Jonathan-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom March 7, 1840. 
Resided in Rutiand, Vt. 

Married March 26, 1867, Maria Smith. Bom April 13, 1846. 

Burton, April 25, 1868. 

Arthur L., AprH 23, 1870. 

Anna A., Jan. 23, 1872. 


Zeruah Jane Babbitt (D yer-Dyer- Jonathan-Ben j amin-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom Jan. 10, 1843. 
Resided in Benson, Vt. 

Married April 26, 1869, Weston B. Arnold, of Benson, Vt. Born 
June 29, 1839. 
Children: — 

Clara E., Oct. 6, 1871; married Samuel McClosky. 

Son— HoUis, bom Aug., 1909. 
Blanche M., Feb. 20, 1878; married Aug. 3, 1904, Jos. St. Clair, 

Daughter— Audrey, bom July 17, 1907. 
Alson B., Aug. 23, 1880. 
Ford W., Feb. 27, 1885. 


Leutheria Babbitt (Dyer-Dyer- Jonathan-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom June 1, 1846. 

Mrs. Johnson resides in Bomoseen, Vt., and the record of the descen- 
dants of Dyer Babbitt^ is due to her careful and thorough preparation. 

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are both great-grandchildren of John Johnson, 
whose daughter Jane married Dyer Babbitt, Sr. 

Married (1st) Seneca Field, Jr., March 22, 1870, who died May 3, 1873. 
Married (2nd) Dec. 6, 1877, Daniel T. Johnson. 
Children: — 

Hollis S., Feb. 14, 1879; married Feb. 27, 1906, Margaret Scholan, 
in WatervHet, N. Y. She was born July 14, 1881, and died 
Oct. 19, 1907, in Charlestown, S. C. 



William L. Babbitt (William L.-Dyer-Jonathan-Benjamin-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Oct. 9, 1831, in Castleton, Vt. 

Enlisted from Castleton, Vt., Aug. 16, 1861, in 1st N, H. Volunteer 
Light Battery. 

Killed in Battle Aug. 29, 1862, in Groveton, Va. Buried in Addison, Vt. 

Married May 23, 1859, Agnes (Phillips). Called Agnes (Jardine) on 
death registry of son, Charles, and on marriage slip. Called Phillips 
when Charles married. 

Born in Scotland in 1836. 

Children: — 
1118 Charles, 1861. 


Caroline J. Babbitt (Silas-Dyer- Jonathan-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward).j 
Born Aug. 25, 1835. 

Married (1st) Feb. 19, 1854, George Blauvelt. 

Ida G., Jan. 8, 1855; d. Jan. 28, 1856. 
Married (2nd) May 18, 1856, E. A. Graves. 
Children: — 

Herman A., March 13, 1859; d. May 3, 1882. 

Mary E., May, 1864; d. May 20, 1871. 

Cora A., July 9, 1866; d. Aug. 3, 1867. 

Royal A., May 25, 1875. 


Rebecca D. Babbitt (Silas-Dyer- Jonathan-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward) 
Born Jan. 1, 1837. 

Married Aug. 4, 1857, Ira B. Crandell. 

Mortimer L., May 18, 1858; d. May 9, 1863. 

Elmer E., Dec. 18, 1859. 

Alfred N., Aug. 14, 1864. 

Susan G., Jan. 4, 1868. 

Ira C, June 14, 1871. 



Zeruah A. Babbitt (Silas-Dyer- Jonathan-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Sept. 10, 1839. 

Married (1st) Oct. 10, 1860, H. B. Harris. 
Children: — 

KateL., Jan. 12,1864. 
Married (2nd) Oct. 8, 1867, Alphonso Harris. 

Ernest A., May 30, 1869. 
• Archie B., May 29, 1872. 

Newton Alfred, Jan. 23, 1874; d. April 1, 1875. 

LaroeL., Jan. 1, 1881. 


Phidelia A. Babbitt (Silas-Dyer- Jonathan-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born March 13, 1841. 
Married July 7, 1860, A. J. Barnes. 

Guiseppe P., July 7, 1861. 

Mabel I., May 27, 1864. 

Silas G., Feb. 18, 1866. 

Charles, Aug. 16, 1868. 

Jessie P., March 3, 1870; d. July 4, 1904; married Bert Maxion. 


Clarinda A. Babbitt (Silas-Dyer- Jonathan-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Dec. 16, 1842. 

Resides in Shinglehouse, Pa. 

Married June 13, 1865, Nelson Carlos Newton, son of Marshall and 
Prudence (Aylesworth) Newton. 


Ralph B., Feb. 28, 1869; d. Dec. 12, 1869. 


Ida Josephine Babbitt (Benjamin-Nathaniel- Jonathan-Ben jamin-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Resides in New York City. 



Married Dr. Frederick Erastus Hyde of New York City. Born 1846. 
Son of Edwin H. and Elizabeth Hyde. 
Children: — 
Benjamin Talbot Babbitt, Nov. 23, 1872. 


Mr. Hyde is descended from William Hyde who accompanied Rev. 
Thomas Hooker to Boston, 1663, in the ship Griffin, and removed later 
to Saybrook and Hartford, Conn. The intermediate generations were 
distinguished in military and public service. 

Mr. Hyde was his grandfather Babbitt's choice as his successor in carry- 
ing on the enormous business which he had created, and his whole train- 
ing was ever with that end in view. He received a mechanical and chem- 
ical education and received the benefits of world-wide travel and instruc- 
tion, until at the age of thirty four he assumed the presidency of the Babbitt 
Corporation. Under his guidance the immense plant at Babbitt, N. J., has 
been erected, where conditions were more favorable for manufacture 
and shipment than in New York City. Here, from six to eight thousand 
cases a day of washing preparations are made and Mr. Hyde has thor- 
oughly proved his fitness to assume the great responsibilities destined 
for him by his grandfather Babbitt. Besides his business, Mr. Hyde is 
interested in numerous social, educational and philanthropical interests. 

Married Jmie 1, 1910, Miss Edith Moore, daughter of James Moore 
of New York City. 


John L. Babbitt (David-Nathaniel-Jonathan-Benjamin-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born May 17, 1835. 


(From Wager's History of Oneida County). 
John Leroy Babbitt was born in Utica, N. Y., May 17, 1835. When a 
child he removed with his parents to Susquehanna County, Pa., where 
his father followed the occupation of peddler, which kept him from home 
the greater part of the time. His mother was a seamstress, and was em- 
ployed wherever she could find work for her needle; as a result, the boy, 


John L., was deprived of a permanent home, and lived about at different 
places and with different people, doing such light work as his age and 
strength permitted, and obtaining but little schooling. 

At the age of fifteen, in company with a cousin, he started West, cross- 
ing Lake Erie on the sidewheel steamer Mayflower from Buffalo to Mon- 
roe City, Mich. From the latter place he walked fourteen miles to an 
Indian settlement, where he obtained employment at farming and lum- 
bering. After a limited period at this labor he attended the Union School 
at Tecumseh, Lenawee County, Mich., and later applied himself to learn- 
ing the machinist trade at the same place. 

Having finished his course of instruction and practice in the machine 
shop, he was employed first by the Michigan Southern Railroad Company, 
then by the Terre Haute, Alton and St. Louis Railroad Company, and 
finally by the New York and Erie Company. In 1860 he went to New 
York City, where he became the chief engineer in the immense soap fac- 
tory of his imcle, B. T. Babbitt; here he remained for three years, and 
then accepted the position of chief engineer for the Glen Cove Starch 
Company, at Glen Cove, Long Island. For eleven years he satisfactorily 
filled this place, during which time he was appointed by the governor of 
the State, steam boiler inspector for that congressional district, compris- 
ing the counties of Queens, Suffolk, and Richmond. 

In the spring of 1874 Mr. Babbitt came to Whitesboro as superinten- 
dent of the Iron Works which his tmcle, B. T. Babbitt, has established 

Mr. Babbitt proved himself a usef\il citizen in the village of his adop- 
tion in every way and won the esteem and confidence of his fellow men. 
He served the village of Whitesboro as trustee for several terms, and as 
president for one term; he was trusteee of the United Society of Whites- 
town several years, also president, and for a short time deacon. In 1893 
he was chosen the first president of the Homestead Aid Association of 

Notwithstanding the disadvantages and hardships of his early life, 
and a lack of those opportunities which give to youth a hopeful view of 
the future, Mr. Babbitt proved his natural abilities by the sturdy energy 
and restless ambition to succeed which have characterized his career from 
boyhood to middle age. 

Mrs. Babbitt resides in Whitesboro, N. Y. 


Married June 2, 1869, Lorinda L. Potter, daughter of Buel G. and 
Lydia Potter. Born Dec. 21, 1836. 
Children: — 

WilUam T., Nov. 27, 1871; d. Aug. 2, 1872. 
Benjamin Talbot, Oct. 9, 1874. Cornell, 1897. 
A member of the Babbitt Family Association. 
Married Dec. 17, 1902, Elizabeth Enklemann. 
Three children: — 
Lois EUzabeth, Sept. 21, 1904. 
LueUa Mabel, March 28, 1906. 
' Benjamin Talbot, Aug. 8, 1908. 

Mr. Babbitt is a wire manufacturer. 


Charles H. Babbitt (Elkanah-Samuel-Elkanah-Benjamin-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born Nov. 1, 1817. Died Nov. 1, 1890. 

'. He was a miller; for many years ran a mill of his own in West 
Warren, Mass. 

Resided in Warsaw, N. Y., in 1846. 

Married in May, 1844, Julia Davis, of Peterboro, N. H. 


1119 Otis Lyman, Nov. 12, 1843, in Ware. 

1120 Benjamin Franklin. 

Charles Edwin; married Hay die ( .) Resides in Portland, 


Miles Elkanah, married Lucy E. Wood, July 14, 1886, daugh- 
ter of Harvey and Arm, in Brookfield, Mass. 

1121 Hiram Adelbert, 1864. 

Julia E., 1849; married Joel Marsh of Warren, Mass., March 
1, 1865, son of Marcus and AmeHa of Hardwick. 

Mary, married James Conley of Ware, Mass., Nov. 8, 1869, 
son of William and Mary Conley. 


Hannah Minerva Babbitt (Elkanah-Samuel-Elkanah-Benjamin-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born May 2, 1824. Died Feb. 14, 1909, in Hard- 
wick, Mass. 

Resided in Hardwick, Mass. 


Married James N. Brown of Hardwick, Sept. 26, 1847. 
Children: — 

James Clarence. 

Frederick Arthur. 

Hiram Lafayette. Resides in Ware, Mass. 

Clara Jane, deceased. 

Clara Minerva. Resides in Ware, Mass. 


Maro Foster Babbitt (Elkanah-Samuel-Elkanah-Benjamin-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Dec. 24, 1829; in Ware, Mass. Died March 18, 1896, 
in Minneapolis, Minn. 

Shoe maker in Athol, Mass. 

Mr. Babbitt learned his trade when a young man and earned a repu- 
tation for skillful work. He died in Minneapolis while visiting his daugh- 
ter, Mrs. Arnold, and was buried there. 

Married Jan. 10, 1851, Maria M. Smith, daughter of Orrin Smith. 
Born Feb. 20, 1832, in Westfield, Mass. Died Aug. 29, 1906. 

Children : — 

1122 Lucinda Ella, Sept. 30, 1853. 

Lizzie Dora, Dec. 19, 1855, in Ware; d. July 18, 1874. Un- 

1123 Elbridge Foster, Sept. 8, 1859. 

Cora Marie, Oct. 12, 1861, in Athol, Mass. 


Martha Jane Babbitt (Elkanah-Samuel-Elkanah-Benjamin-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Nov. 13, 1842. 
Resides in Athol, Mass. 

Married (1st) in 1859, James Smith. (Civil War Veteran). 

Frank Herbert, March 16, 1860. Resides in Worcester, Mass. 

George Williams, May 4, 1862 in Spencer, Ind. 

Fred Austin, Feb. 26, 1875; d. Nov. 10, 1875. 
Married (2nd) in 1888, Charles H. Parmenter. (Civil War Veteran). 
Died June 12, 1905. 



Blanche Inez, Aug. 8, 1889. 


Harriett Newell Babbitt (Lyman-Samuel-Elkanah-Benjamin-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Sept. 15, 1822. Died Aug. 28, 1900, in Warsaw, N. H. 
Married June 3, 1841, in Orangeville, N. Y., Alonzo Dunham, son of 
Simeon and Julia (Porter) Dunham. He died Oct. 9, 1869, in Johnson- 
burg, N. Y. 

George Franklin, July 20, 1847; d. 1863. Unmarried. 

Mary Juliette, Dec. 25, 1851. Married George C. Shattuck of 

Warsaw, N. Y. 
Herbert A., Oct. 5, 1860. Resides in Warsaw, N. Y. Unmarried. 


Edwin Lee Babbitt (Lyman-Samuel-Elkanah-Benjamin-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born 1830. Died 1863. 

Married June 30, 1860, in Warsaw, N. Y., Frances Jane Judd, daugh- 
ter of Charles Johnson and Jane Ann (Mosely) Judd. Born April 25, 1833. 

Children: — 

Harry Lee, Jan. 1862; d. Jan. 1863. 

Mrs. Frances Babbitt is now living at 835 Front Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Hathaway Benjamin Babbitt (Benjamin-Abel-Abel-Benjamin-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born Sept. 19, 1822, in Salem, N. Y. Died March 4, 
1900, in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

His father dying when he was young, he became a member of the Rich- 
mond family and received his education in New York and in the Wood- 
ward High School of Cincinnati, O. He was for a short time employed 
in his uncle's bank in Buffalo, N. Y., and then returned to Cincinnati 
where he lived until his death, with the exception of a few years. He 
was engaged in an extensive manufacturing business. Later he was a 
county official and for eight years. Circuit Court Clerk of Hamilton Co., 
Ohio. At the time of his death he was in the insurance business. 


Married Margeratta Bailey, 1849, daughter of Rev. Samuel Bailey of 
Philadelphia. Her brother was Dr. Gamaliel Bailey, a noted Abob'tion- 
ist. Died Nov. 9, 1887. 


1124 WilHam Henry, Jan. 27, 1855. 

1125 Dean Richmond (Rev.) Feb. 28, 1850. 
Alfred Stater, Dec. 12, 1852. 

He was a newspaper man in Cincinnati for several years at 
one time as editor of a Cincinnati Sunday paper. In 1887 
removed to Birmingham, Ala., where he continued his 
newspaper work. Was for a time Coroner of Jefferson 
County, Ala. He afterward returned to Cincinnati. Re- 
sides in Muskegon, Mich. 
Alice Mary, July 12, 1856. Married March 1899, Stuben 
Kent, as his second wife. No children. 


Francis Carlisle Babbitt (Lucius-Abel-Abel-Benjamin-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born 1836. Died 1906. 
Married Henrietta C. Purdy. 
Children: — 

Alice Adele, 1859; d. 1878. 

1126 Frank Purdy. 
Frances Ellen. 

Jennie Greeley; married Lawrence P. Hardy. 
Two children: — Helen and Genevieve. 
ComeUus Lynde; married Lucy Stuck, one child — Henrietta. 
Henrietta C, 1875; d. 1876. 
Bertha Maria. 
Grace Pearl. 


Mary Babbitt (CarUsle-Abel- Abel-Ben jamin-Elkanah- Edward). Born 
1837. Died 1909. 
Married W. F. Spruill. 


Children: — 

Callie, married Rev. Mr. Gaddis. 
Lena, married Dr. John Punton. 
William, married William Fausler. 
Jennie, married Lloyd Smith. 
Mary, married H, M. Glassco. 


Richard Babbitt (Carlisle-Abel- Abel-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward) 

Married Lizzie Hoiffman. 


Harriet, married Leslie Chesronn. 

Mary, married Mervin Chesronn. 

Maude, married John S. Palmer. 


Lulu. • 





Frank Crocker Babbitt (Isaac-Abel- Abel-Ben jamin-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Dec. 28, 1841, m Barnard, Vt. 
Married Mary Gorham. 

Frank Crocker. 

Isaac James. 










Lucy Amanda Babbitt (Isaac- Abel- Abel-Ben jamin-EIkanah-Edward). 
Born Dec. 30, 1843. 
Married Sabines Baird. 
Children: — 








Emmaline Babbitt (Isaac- James-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom Feb. 4, 1839. 

Mrs. King resides in Kingsville, Ohio, with her son, Leland. 
Married Feb. 16, 1859, Jerome E, King, of Kingsville, Ohio. He died 
March 31, 1904. 
Children: — 

Mabel A., March 1, 1860; married Louis Stanton, Oct. 1, 1879. 

She died Oct. 24, 1880. No children. 
Leland W., April 19, 1865; married Lucy A. Dotey. 
Children: — 



Livonia Perry Babbitt (Isaac-Isaac-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Sept. 20, 1828, in Dighton, Mass. 
Married June 29, 1845, Jos. W. King. 
Children: — 

Sarah L., married ( ) Leach. 

Addie F., married George N. Elmer. 

Louisa, married Ebenezer B. Gay. 





Lucretia Almedia (Isaac-Isaac-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom about 1830. 

Married Jan. 1, 1849, Isaac Newton Wheeler. 
One child: — 

Lucretia Ahnedia, Aug. 16, 1849. Married Charies O. Gay of 

Two children: — 

Louise, Sept. 8, 1868. Married B. E. Dary. 
Lillian, Sept. 9, 1877. Married Charies R. Richards. 


John Orrin Babbitt (Isaac-Isaac-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward) 
Bom April 21, 1835, in Dighton, Mass. Resides in Dighton, Mass. 
At one time a sailor — later a moulder and farmer. 
Member of executive committee of Babbitt Association. 
Married June 2, 1857, Martha M. Tripp, daughter of Liberty and 
Rachel Tripp. 
Children: — 
1127 John Wendall, Aug. 12, 1858. 

Orrin Russell, Aug. 12, 1858. Married Emmeline G. Pear- 
son (nee Lord) April 4, 1902, in Stonington, Conn., daugh- 
ter of James A. and Mary E. (Hill) Lord. Resides in Mer- 
rimac, Mass. A carpenter by trade. No children. 
Annie Maria, Aug. 3, 1875. Not married. With the H. L. 

Davis Co., Taunton, Mass. 
Charles Orville, Jan. 29, 1863; d. April 12, 1893. Unmarried. 
Alfred Warren, Aug. 9, 1867; d. April 4, 1891. Unmarried.. 


Isaac Newton Babbitt (Isaac-Isaac-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom 1830. 

He was a blacksmith in Dighton, Mass. 

Married (1st) Aug. 21, 1859, Mrs. Catherine B. (Gardner) Harrison 
Bom 1826-7 to Samuel B. and Sarah (Lake) Gardner of Rhode Island. 
She died Oct. 12, 1893, aged 66 years, 1 month. 


Married (2nd) Oct. 20, 1897, Almy Atwood, daughter of George B. 
and Caroline (Felton) Atwood. 


Mary Augusta Babbitt (James-Isaac-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Lived in Taxmton. 

Married Aug. 11, 1844, in Taunton, Mass., Harrison Lane. Born 
March 26, 1811. Son of Daniel and Anna (Danforth) Lane. 

Ellery, Jime 22, 1845, in Norton, Mass. 

Richard, Nov. 1, 1846, in Taunton, Mass.; d. 1864. 

JuHa A., Jan. 29, 1848. 


James Bradford Babbitt (James-Isaac-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom Nov. 10, 1827, in Berkley, Mass. 

Mr. Babbitt received his education in the schools of Taunton, Boston, 
Charlestown and Dighton. While attending the Bunker Hill school at 
Charlestown, he was a student under Mr. Bates, who was a noted instruc- 
tor, and who gave Mr. Babbitt the sound foundation for his subsequent 
scientific work. After his father's death he was for a time employed in 
a printing office in Boston, and later in a wholesale drug company. At 
the time of his marriage he owned a farm in Norfolk, Mass., where 
he Uved until 1875, engaged in his farm work and studying the phenomena 
of nature. This study he embodied in a book entitled "Theory of the 
Earth" pubhshed in 1875. After that date Mr. Babbitt removed to Digh- 
ton, Mass., to the farm where he now resides. Mr. Babbitt has given 
evidence of his continued study of his favorite science by the pubhcation 
in 1910 of another work entitled, "Physical History of the Earth," and 
his vigorous mind is still engaged in study. 

Mr. Babbitt had the following service in the Civil War. 
On the call for nine months' men, he enlisted in Co. B, 42nd Regiment, 
M. V. M., Col. Burrell. The regiment was sent with the Banks expe- 
dition to capture and hold Galveston, Texas. The regiment was divided 
and sent on separate boats. That with the Colonel and several com- 
panies reached Galveston, landed, and being unsupported, were captured 


by a superior force. The boat Co. B was on, an old and hardly seaworthy 
one, had to put in first at Port Royal and afterward at New Orleans. They 
were transferred to another boat and were ready to sail for Galveston 
when the news arrived of the capture of the Colonel and his men. Co. B 
remained at New Orleans doing guard duty and going on expeditions 
into the enemies' country for nearly a year, when they were sent home 
and mustered out, having seen but little actual fighting. 

Married June 15, 1864, Julia A. Steele, daughter of Rev. Eleazer and 
Eunice (Hodges) Steele of Bradford, N. H. 
Children: — Born in Wrentham, Mass. 

Henry Bradford, May 18, 1865. Married Carrrie Hall, Sept. 26, 
1888, in Cambridge, Mass. Resides in Hartford, Conn. 
A doctor. 
Helen Steele, July 3, 1867. Married April 4, 1888, Elmer Sher- 
man, of Boston. 
George Woodward, July 19, 1869. Resides in Hartford. 


Warren Morris Babbitt (James-Isaac-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born 1832. Served in Civil War. 

Assistant Surgeon 55 Massachusetts Regiment; also in 103 Regiment, 
U. S. Volunteer. 
Lives in Braintree, Mass. Is a retired physician. 
Married May 9, 1858, Celia Campbell, daughter of William Campbell, 
of North Wrentham. 
Children: — 

Mmnetta, May 1859. 

Henrietta C, Aug. 28, 1863. Married Feb. 5, 1885, Frederick 
W. Warburton of Pawtucket, R. I. 


James Horace Babbitt (James-Warren-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born March 27, 1851. Died July 11, 1886. 

Married Ellen A. Brown, June 8, 1882, in Boston, Mass., daughter of 

Frances and Bridget Brown. Died about 1886. 
Children: — 

Carrie M., June 27, 1886, in Boston. 



Isaac N. Babbitt (Isaac-Warren-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom Jan. 14, 1838. Died Feb. 13, 1903, in Fairhaven, Mass. 

Married Sept. 4, 1865, in Cambridge, Mass., Elizabeth Gibbs Ward, 
daughter of Samuel L. and Rachael (Gibbs) Ward. Born Dec. 27, 1841. 

Samuel Ward, July 1, 1866. Unmarried. 

Mary Rogers, Sept. 1, 1873; married Oct. 15, 1906, David J. Ben- 
edict, son of David M. and Julia (Osborn) Benedict. Bom 
Nov. 19, 1854. 


John Warren Babbitt (Isaac-Warren-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born Nov. 26, 1839. 

Served in Civil War — with splendid record. 

Resides in Fairhaven, Mass. 

Married (1st) Elizabeth Hall, Jan. 27, 1861, daughter of James and 
Abigail Hall. Born Oct. 20, 1843; died May 14, 1877. 

Children: — 

1128 Elizabeth A., AprU 2, 1862. 

Alice Warren, Nov. 26, 1866. Married June 3, 1890, Zenas 
Winsor son of Zenas and Lucia Winsor. Born Aug. 24, 
1854. No children. They live in Fairhaven, Mass. 

1129 Ellen M., Aug. 24, 1868. 

William Walter, July 7, 1872; steam fitter, Cambridge, Mass. 
Married (2nd) Mary F. Lake, Jan. 4, 1879, daughter of Jonathan and 
Mary Lake, and born Dec. 4, 1857. 

John, June 25, 1881. 
Married (3rd) Rose E. Breslow, Aug. 26, 1900. Born in Halifax, N. S., 
to James and Rose (McManus). 


Hiram Babbitt (Isaac- Warren-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). Bom 
ug. 7, 1842. 


Married Alvira E. Bowen, Dec. 13, 1866, daughter of Alva K. and Cyn- 
thia Bowen. She was born 1846. 
Children: — Bom in Somerset, Mass. 

Dora Parker, Jan. 24, 1872; d. Aug. 24, 1872. 
Myra E., June 20, 1883. 

Albert Kelley, June 8, 1873. Married Jan. 23, 1897, Clara A. 
Bowen of Somerset, Mass. 


Joseph M. Babbitt (Isaac-Warren-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom May 7, 1845. 

Married Fannie E. Cushing, Nov. 25, 1868, in Acushnet, Mass., 
daughter of Jeremiah Cushing. 


James Babbitt (Isaac - Warren - Elkanah - Joseph - Elkanah - Elkanah). 
Born Aug. 5, 1847. Resided in Fall River, Mass. 

Married Aug. 20, 1868, Isabel Hargraves, daughter of Robert and 
Elizabeth Hargraves of Fall River, Mass. 
Children: — 

Joseph W., June 29, 1870. Married Sept. 29, 1894,";: Mabel F. 

Guraey, daughter of Lysander C. Gumey. 
Isaac N., Feb. 19, 1872. Married Aug. 15, 1894, Eva F. Healey, 

daughter of Valentine and Phoebe (Dwelley) Healey. 
Oswell Bray, Nov. 20, 1876; d. Jan. 21, 1879. 
Grace, Dec. 25, 1883, in Fall River, Mass. Died in infancy. 
Grace I., Oct. 14, 1885, in Fall River, Mass. 


Sabra A. Babbitt (Isaac- Warren-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom March 12, 1850, in Dartmouth, Mass. 

Married Edwin W. Forrest, Sept. 25, 1872, son of Jesse and Martha 
(CoUins) Forrest. Bom in Truro, Oct. 18, 1848. 


Walter S., May 14, 1877; married Oct. 28, 1904, Lizzie Brown. 



Franklin Babbitt (Benjamin-Benjamin-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah-Ed- 

Rev. Franklin Babbitt was born in Saco, Maine, Sept. 25, 1829. He 
studied for the Episcopal ministry in N. Y. City and first located in 
Tarrytown, N. Y,, afterward moving across the river to Nyack. He 
was married about 1865 to Miss Emily LeLieu of N. Y. City by Bishop 
Potter in Trinity Church. His wife died about 1890. 

While in Tarrytown he was a warm personal friend of Washington 
Irving who collected the offering in his church. 

He is an unusually modest and unassuming man and his letter in reply 
to an urgent request for data relating to his early life and family was as 
follows: "In response to your letter I would say that I was baptised 
in Trinity church more than fifty years ago. Most of the other ques- 
tions I do not know or do not remember, therefore, please consider my 
previous answer final. There are too many private and personal things 
published and I never liked the idea of putting one's self before the world, 
or doing anything, that would have the least appearance of satisfying 
personal vanity." 

His church in Nyack appreciates his life work fully and although he has 
tried for many years to resign, they insist that he must hold the position 
of rector even if he is not able to work at all. 

The church sends him to Europe frequently and they are doing all 
in their power to make his few remaining years pleasant. 

(Copy of clipping from N. Y. World about 1890.) 
"On the last Sunday in May, the Grace Episcopal Church at Nyack- 
on-the-Hudson, was struck by lightning during the evening service. The 
bolt entered the building over the electric light wire wrecking the switch 
board, extinguishing the lights and filling the edifice with dancing flames. 
There was a panic. Women fainted and others started for the door, but 
encouraged by the rector the Rev. Franklin Babbitt, who was presiding 
at the organ, the boy choir marching to the chancel kept on singing the 
processional and the excitement was allayed." 


Charles Edward Babbitt (Benjamin-Ben jamin-Elkanah- Joseph-Elkanah- 


Charles Edward Babbitt was born in Saco, Me., August 3, 1831. Died 
April 12, 1911, in Chincoteague, Va. He ran away when but a lad and 
went to sea. After his first trip he returned home and worked in his 
father's brush factory in N. Y. City. He was married to Susan Dixon 
of New York in 1852. 

Soon after his marriage he went to Chincoteague Island, Va., and en- 
gaged in the oyster business. He owned and operated large oyster farms 
at this place. His wife Susan D. Babbitt died July 6, 1898. 
His children are as follows: — 

Catherine Montgomery Babbitt, born Oct. 7, 1855, in Lansing- 
burg, N. Y. Married March 3, 1880, to Mr. A. F. Matthews. 
They now live in Chincoteague, Va. Their children are: — 
Charles F. Matthews, born Jan. 22, 1881, in Chincoteague, 
Va. Married Aug. 17, 1908, in Philadelphia, to Miss 
Bessie Almeda Bell. They have one child, a daughter, 
Bessie Bell Matthews, born Nov. 13, 1909. Mr. Matthews 
is now cashier of the First National Bank in Berlin, Md. 
Gladys Matthews, born Feb. 19, 1885, in Chincoteague, Va. 
Is a teacher in the Chincoteague high school; is unmarried. 
Claude J. Matthews, born Feb. 21, 1887, in Chincoteague, Va. 
He is cashier of the Farmers' and Merchants' Bank in New 
Church, Va. Is unmarried. 
Mary Francis Babbitt, born Feb. 6, 1857, in Lansingburg, N. Y. 
Married Oct. 28, 1894, to Mr. WilKam J. Burton. They now 
live at Cape Charles, Va. No children. 
Charles Edward Babbitt, Jr., born Nov. 4, 1859, in Troy, N. Y. 
Lives at Chincoteague, Va. Is unmarried. 


Anna Cornelia Babbitt (Benjamin-Benjamin-Elkanah-Joseph-Elkanah- 
Edward), Daughter of Benjamin F. and Emma W. Gardiner Babbitt*. 

Anna Cornelia Babbitt (Weller) was born on the Gardiner homestead 
in the town of Tyrone, N. Y., Dec. 19, 1849. 

Attended school at Starkey Seminary, Yates Co., N. Y., from 1862 
to 1866, and Rutgers Female College in N. Y. City from 1866 to 1868. 

Taught music in Starkey Seminary from 1869 to 1871. 

Was Preceptress of Starkey Seminary from 1872 to 1873. 

Was married June 26, 1873, at Starkey Seminary to Newton Weller, 
who was one of the pioneer merchants in the village of Tyrone, N. Y. 


She lived in the village of Tyrone from 1873 to 1882, in which place 
her three children were bom. Lived in Dundee, N. Y., from 1882 to 
1890. In Geneva, N. Y., from 1890 to 1892. Is now living at Watkins, 
N. Y., where is located her permanent home. 
Her children are as follows: — 

Dr. Frankhn Babbitt Weller, bom in Tyrone, N. Y., July 18, 
1874. Is graduate of the University of Maryland, now prac- 
ticing dentistry at 239 West 103 St., N. Y. City. Was married 
Aug. 23, 1903, to Alice A. King, a daughter of Dr. George H. 
Kiag of Watkins, N. Y. No children. 
Emma Louise Weller, bom in Tyrone, N. Y., April 15, 1878. 
Is a graduate of Syracuse University and now is supervisor of 
music in the Dobbs Ferry, N. Y., High Schools. 
Laura Gardiner Weller, bom in Tyrone, N. Y., Sept. 15, 1880. 
Is a graduate of Syracuse University and is teaching the His- 
torical course in the Dobbs Ferry, N. Y., High Schools. 
*Mrs Newton Weller's mother, Emma Waterman Gardiner, was bom 
on the Gardiner homestead in T)Tone, N. Y., Feb. 25, 1821. She was 
the fifth child of a family of thirteen, born to David N. and Susaima Craw- 
ford Andrews Gardiner. Her parents traveled to this homestead from 
Rhode Island with an ox team and were considered more wealthy than 
their neighbors solely on account of their having one horse as a leader 
on this trip. 

Nicholas Gardiner, grandfather of Emma W., then owned the farm in 
Rhode Island, on which was located the original Narragansett Pier. 


Charles W. Babbitt (Welcome-Benjamin-Seth-Joseph-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom Dec. 25, 1842. 

Served in a New York Artillery Regiment in Civil War. 

Married (1st) Ellen A. Snow, Feb. 2, 1863, in Brookfield, Mass. She 
was bom in Newburyport, Mass. Died 1863, in North Brookfield, Mass. 

Married (2nd) LilHan E. Torrey, of Bethany, Pa. Born Aug. 17, 1859. 
Died Jan. 3, 1900. 

Children: — 

Ina T., Jan. 10, 1880. 
Elizabeth G., Dec. 5, 1881. 







Eugene C, Jan. 29, 1883. 
Grace Q., Nov. 9," 1885. 
Emma F., Nov. 4, 1889. 
Mary Q., Feb. 17, 1893. 
Kathryn E., March 29, 1895. 
Robert E., Nov. 4, 1897. 


AbbieL. Babbitt (William J.-Benjamin-Seth-Joseph-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Sept. 20, 1844. 

Married May 1, 1867, Benjamin Stevens. Born June 18, 1844, in 
Children: — 

Abbie R., Sept. 24, 1869. 
Edna M., June 13, 1872. 
Charles B., Oct. 31, 1875. 


Frank Bradley Babbitt (William-Samuel-Abiel-William-Erasmus-Ed- 
ward-Edward). Born March 27, 1862, in Lockport, N. Y. 

Is a sales agent of Brandon Wireless Battery Box. Lives in De- 
troit, Michigan. 

Married Nov. 12, 1885, Florence L. Powell, daughter of John Powell. 
Bom in Dayton, O. 

Florence P., July 8, 1891. 
Helen L., Oct. 4, 1893. 
Janet L., March 7, 1895. 


Anna Elizabeth Babbitt (Thomas S. -Samuel- Abiel- William-Erasmus- 
Edward-Edward). Born Oct. 23, 1851. 

Mrs. Darst resides in San Diego, Cal. She and her children are mem- 
bers of the Babbitt Family Association. 

Married Dec. 25, 1878, Charles W. Darst. Born Oct. 12, 1849; died 
Nov. 25, 1900. 


Children: — 

Catherine Babbitt, Sept. 8, 1882. 
Thomas Babbitt, Aug. 25, 1890. 
Susanna W., Aug. 29, 1894. 
Charles W., Sept. 7, 1896. 


Irving Babbitt (Edwin - Samuel - Abiel - William - Erasmus - Edward - 
Edward). Born Aug. 2, 1865, in Dayton, Ohio. 

He graduated from Harvard College with degree of A. B. in 1889. From 
1889 to 1891 he was professor of Latin and Greek in the College of Mon- 
tana. The following year he studied in Paris and in 1893 obtained degree 
of A. M. from Harvard. From 1893 to 1894 he was professor at Williams 
College and from 1894 to 1902 was professor of French. Since this time 
he has been assistant professor of French at Harvard. Is author of "Lit- 
erature and American College" and contributor to numerous magazines. 
Is member of Colonial Club. 

Married Jime 12, 1900, Dora May Drew, daughter of Edward Bangs 
and Anna (Davis) Drew. Born in Too Chow, China; her father Com- 
missioner of Chinese Customs. 

Children: — 

Esther, Oct. 2, 1901. 

Edward Sturges, June 12, 1903. 


Isaac Babbitt (James-Sarah-Erasmus-Simeon-Seth-Edward-Edward). 

Served in Civil War as musician in Co. H, 2nd N. J. Infantry Volunteer, 
May 29, 1861- June 21, 1864. 

Resides in Morristown, N. J. 

Married (1st) Nancy C. Dickerson, Dec. 26, 1860, m Danville, N. J., 
daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth (Doremus) Dickerson. Born March 
4, 1826. She died AprU 8, 1862, and is buried in Danville, N. J. 

Children: — 

Anna C, Feb. 5, 1862; d. Dec. 26, 1866. 

Married (2nd) Henrietta Yawger. 




Frederick E. Babbitt (Joseph W.-Elias-Erasmus-Simeon-Seth-Edward- 
Edward). Born Dec. 10, 1853. Resides in Newark, N. J. 
Married Mary Emily Yatman. Born May 9, 1854. 
Children: — 

Joseph Woodman, Aug. 3, 1877. 

At present at Princeton Theological Seminary in preparation 
for the ministry, recently a student at Columbia University. 

Mr. Babbitt is an orator and elocutionist of very high rank, 
having given notable readings in New York and in Western 
cities. He is especially good in Shakesperian roles and has 
now an enviable reputation in this field. 

He has been a devoted worker in the preparation of this work 
from its inception, and much credit is due him for the 
completeness of the New Jersey section of the book. 
Grace AmeHa, Feb. 27, 1879; married Frederick Sowers. 
Charles Andrew, Aug. 29, 1880; married Louisa Chapman. 

Daughter — Gladys. 
Fred EHas, Oct. 30, 1881 ; married Edna Daly. 
Amy Evelyn, July 10, 1887; married Charles Jennmgs. 

One son — James. 
Anna Virginia, June 13, 1889. Unmarried. 
Percy Wolfe, Jan. 23, 1896. 


Eugene Babbitt (Winslow W.-David-Daniel-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward- 
Edward.) Bom 1858. Resides in Medford, Mass. 

Married Feb. 19, 1880, in Boston, Mass., Mary Anna Gorham. Born 
1860, daughter of Benjamin D. and Frances Gorham. 


Eugene Leslie, Dec. 2, 1882. 


1130 Arthur Leon, Nov. 29, 1884. 

Chester EUwood, Oct. 2, 1889; d. July 20, 1900. 
George Edmond, Sept. 22, 1898. 


George R. Babbitt (George-David-David-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born June 18, 1865. 

Married Feb. 13, 1889, Mary M. Warner, daughter of Harlan P. and 
Lydia A. Gibson. Born Oct. 13, 1862. 

Grace W., Oct. 15, 1890; d. March 28, 1904. 
Flossie W., June 23, 1896. 
Lydia J., Jan. 16, 1899. 


Etta A. Babbitt (Byron C.-David-Daniel-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born May 7, 1860. 

Married May 24, 1885, Martin C. Huntley. Live in South London- 
berry, Vt. 
Children: — 

Lilla, married Ozno F. Hewes. 
Jeneona, married Jerome Nido (Nadeau). 


Mary Babbitt (Harvey- James- Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Bom May 31, 1853, in Attleboro, Mass. 
Married (1st) Dec. 9, 1870, Jacob S. Klebes of Attleboro, Mass. 
Children: — 

AUce Ardelia, Jan. 3, 1877. Married Edward G. Ashley of Ashley 

& Co., lumber dealers, Attleboro, Mass. 
Jacob Elmer, April 9, 1879. Married Margaret Lynch. A black- 
smith in Attleboro. 
Married (2nd) John J. Gibson, Sept. 5, 1905. No children. They 
reside in Southboro, Mass. 

Mrs. Gibson is superintendent of Congregational Sunday School Society, 
President of Ladies' Sewing Society and very active in social and bene- 
volent work. 



William Harvey Babbitt (Harvey- James-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward- 
Edward). Bom April 28, 1855, in Attleboro, Mass. 
A jeweler in Providence, R. I. 

Married (1st) Jan. 30, 1876, Sarah Louise Pratt. Born 1856 fin 
Dighton, Mass. 
Children: — Bom in Providence, R. I. 

Henry E., Nov. 1, 1877; d. Feb. 8, 1879. 

William A., Sept. 8, 1879; d. Jan. 30, 1905. 

Leon Everett, 1883. Was in Camden, N. J., 1904, 

Infant son d. Oct. 16, 1887. 
Married (2nd) Lillian Willard. 

Born 1868, in South Providence, R. I. 
One child:— Emma Harriett, Feb. 18, 1894. 


Almena Babbitt (John E.-James M.-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom Jan. 19, 1857. 

Married Jan. 21, 1891, in Central City, Neb., George Surbridge of 
Canton, O. 

John Babbitt, Dec. 11, 1891, in Yankton, S. D. 
Barbara Lillian, Nov. 22, 1893, in Central City. 
Charlotte Davis, Feb. 24, 1895, in Central City. 


Wade Edward Babbitt (John E.-James M.-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward- 
Edward). Bom Aug. 17, 1858. 

Married Nov. 20, 1891, Mary Peterson, in Central City, Iowa. 

Ruth, Nov. 28, 1892. 
Howell, Nov. 23, 1893. 
Donald, Aug. 9, 1895. 
Earl, Aug. 9, 1895. 



Ray T. Babbitt (Orrington-James-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born April 15, 1881. 
Married Oct. 16, 1901, Lillie Turner. 

Bemice, Oct. 31, 1902. 

Russell, July 26, 1908. 


Alma S. Babbitt (Orrington-John-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom Feb. 16, 1883. \ 

Married Jan. 1, 1900, John Kratz. 

Charles A., June 13, 1901. 


Stanley Babbitt (Orrington - James - Asa - Nathaniel - Seth - Edward - 
Edward). Born May 4, 1885. 
Married April 15, 1905, Ruth Kinsey. 
Children: — 

Opal, June 5, 1906. 
Lee, Nov. 19, 1907. 


Charles E. Babbitt (John - John - Asa - Isaac - Seth - Edward - Edward). 
Born 1855. 

Married (1st) Aug. 12, 1877, Sarah Wallace, daughter of Jos. and Eliz. 
(Fisk) Wallace. 

Married (2nd) May 29, 1898, Carrie Cooper, daughter of David and 
Nancy (Adams) Cooper. 

Child, Oct. 31, 1882, in Wilmot, N. H. 
Mabel, April 26, 1885; d. May 6, 1907. 



Jennie May Babbitt (Leonard-Isaac-Asa-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom Aug. 28, 1866, in Hancock, N. H. 

Married George H. Fairbanks. Bom May 10, 1862. 
Children: — 

Jennie May, Sept. 20, 1885. 

Ethel Walker, Nov. 23, 1887. 


Nora C. Babbitt ( John-John-Uri-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward ) 
Born Sept. 25, 1869. Resides in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Married Sept. 2, 1903, Francis D. Harsh, son of Philip and Belle 
Harsh. Born Sept. 12, 1872. 

Children: — 

Nancy Babbitt, July 2, 1904. 


Edwin D. Babbitt (Alden-Samuel-Uri-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Born Jan. 29, 1879, in Louisville, Ky. 

Lives in Yonkers, N. Y. 

Married Dec. 20, 1902, Beatrice Teresa Roan, of Worcester, Mass., 
daughter of Patrick Roan. 

Children: — 

Lelia Grace, May 28, 1904. 


William Arthur Babbitt (WilUam-Roswell-Ira-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward- 
Edward), Born March 11, 1855. 
Resides in Indianapolis, Ind. 

Married (1st) Dec. 16, 1880, Effie C. Clark of Greenwood, Ind. Died 
Jan. 9, 1893. 
Children: — 

Edna B., June 23, 1882. Married George Hinchman of Indian- 

apoHs, March 27, 1902. No children. 
Cora M., March 19, 1884. Married Bert L. Clark, May 12, 1906. 
No children. 


Hallie J., June 22, 1885; d. Feb. 28, 1897. 

Stella M., May 27, 1887. Married Aug. 4, 1904, Elmer Thorp. 
One child— Roy, born April 5, 1906. 

FeUx W., Feb. 14, 1889. 

Charles H., Nov. 1, 1891. 
Married (2nd) April 5, 1897, Gertrude Hawkins of IndianapoUs. 
Children: — 

Roy H., Aug. 14, 1898. 

Fred C, May 15, 1900. 

Kenneth G., Jan. 29, 1902. 

Dorothy Helen, June 30, 1903. 


Oscar Babbitt (John-Roswell-Ira-Nathaniel-Seth-Edward-Edward). 
Bom July 14, 1848. 

Married Dec. 24, 1872, Nancy Babbitt, daughter of William'. Bom 
Feb. 4, 1847. 

Curtis, Dec. 15, 1876. 

Mona, July 24, 1879; married Dec. 24, 1900, TheodorejRickey. 

Raymond, April 22, 1902. 
Viola, Aug. 21, 1904. 
Paul, Sept. 17, 1908. 
Leander, Oct. 10, 1891. 


Franklin^ Babbitt (John Robert Parker-Roswell-Isa-Nathaniel-Seth- 
Edward-Edward). Born May 9, 1856. 
Married Enrnia Cousins. 
Children: — 

Emma B., April 22, 1866. 

873 A 

Charles Darst Babbit (Charles-Charles-Thomas-Erasmus-Seth-Edward- 
Edward). Born Sept. 18, 1865. Resided in Natchez, Miss., until 1900. 

Dealer in real estate and Civil Engineer in Gueydan, La. 

Married May 1, 1889, Mattie L. Dunbar, daughter of Mrs. R. B. Dun- 
bar of Adams Co., Miss. 



Children: — 

James Ryan, June 25, 1891, in Natchez, Miss; d. March 26, 1894. 

Mattie Elinia, Jan. 14, 1893, in Natchez, Miss. 

Charles Dunbar, Feb. 23, 1895, in Natchez, Miss. 

Waher Winthrop, July 22, 1896, in Natchez, Miss. 

Louise, Nov. 5, 1899, in Natchez, Miss. ; d. June 12, 1904, in Guey- 

dan. La. 
Francis Bascom, Aug. 17, 1904, in Gueydan, La. 
Cora May, March 10, 1908, in Gueydan, La. 


J. W. Babbitt (Charles-Charles-Thomas-Erasmus-Seth-Edward-Edward) 

Mr. Babbitt is a Civil Engineer and Surveyor residing in Natchez, Miss. 

Mr. Babbitt was employed for about six years by the U. S. Engineering 
corps improving the Mississippi River, building levees, harbor improve- 
ments, etc., previous to the Spanish War. Soon after the destruction 
of the "Maine" he was ordered to Forts Jackson and St. Philip, near the 
mouth of the Mississippi River, where he assisted in laying mines and tor- 
pedoes to protect the river approaches to New Orleans. He resigned 
this commission to return to Natchez, where he enlisted in the 2nd Mis- 
sissippi Volunteer Infantry which was ordered to Florida to enter the 
7th Army Corps under General Fitzhugh Lee for service in the War with 
Spain. He did not see active service, as peace was declared and he re- 
turned to his former position with the U. S. Engineering Corps. Since 
his father's death he has resided in Natchez and has been in business for 


Frederick Herbert Babbitt (George H.- Joseph-Nathan-Nathan-Nathan- 
Edward-Edward). Born Nov. 23, 1859, in Keene, N. H. 

Mr. Babbitt is a paper manufacturer in Bellows Falls, Vt. 

Married Sept. 19, 1883, Kate E. Britton, of Hartland, Vt. 


Madeline B., May 8, 1885, in Bellows Falls, Vt. 


George H. Babbitt (George-Joseph-Nathan-Nathan-Nathan-Edward- 
Edward). Born Sept. 25, 1861, in Windsor, Vt. 

Pulp and paper manufacturer in Bellows Falls, Vt. 

Married May 18, 1887, Jennie M. Robertson, daughter of John and 
Nancy (Black) Robertson. Born in Putney, Vt. 



Frances Robertson, March 23, 1888, m Bellows Falls, Vt. 
Donald George, Nov. 5, 1891, in Bellows Falls, Vt. 
Virginia, Oct. 25, 1903, in Bellows Falls, Vt. 


Fannie Maria Babbitt (Clinton-Nathan-Nathan-Nathan-Nathan-Ed- 
ward-Edward). Born in Beloit, Wis., June 10, 1858. Died in Ashland, 
Wis., July 31, 1900. 
Married in Beloit, Wis. May 7, 1873, Rev. James D. Whitelaw. 

Mary Reed Whitelaw, Feb. 21, 1886, in Chicago, 111. Unmarried. 

Graduate University of Wisconsin ; a teacher. 
Margaret Babbitt Whitelaw, Feb. 16, 1899, in Beloit, Wis. 


Ahce Howe Babbitt (Clinton-Nathan-Nathan-Nathan-Nathan-Edward- 
Edward). Born Sept. 27, 1871, in Beloit, Wis. 

Attended Carleton College and University of Wisconsin. A student 
of Uterature and interested in women's club work and active in social 
and benevolent work. 

Married June 26, 1894, in Beloit, Wis., Freeman Ellsworth Lurton, 
born Sept. 5, 1870, in Skowhegan, Me., son of Thos. L. and Adelia (Cole- 
man) Lurton. 

Graduate of Carleton College, Northfield, Miim., 1894; also post-grad- 
uate of Universities of Chicago and Miimesota. Is an educator, having 
been principal in many schools in Minnesota and Wisconsin. At present 
superintendent of schools in Anoka, Minn., and the author of several 
books and educational papers. 


Malcolm Babbitt Lurton, Jtme 12, 1895. 
Ellsworth Douglas Lurton, June 29, 1897. 


Harriet A. Babbitt (Thomas-Levi-Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Ed- i 
ward). Born July 14, 1837. Died March 21, 1875, in Athol. 

Married April 12, 1860, in Worcester, Mass., Farwell F. Fay, son of 
Emerson Fay. He died May 12, 1888, in Boston. 


Carrie J., Oct. 4, 1864; d. Oct., 1887. Unmarried. 


WilHam E., Nov. 10, 1865. Married Arria E. Flint, Oct. 21, 1891, 
daughter of David and Clarissa (Greene) Flint. She was born 
Jan. 17, 1866. 

Edith, March 1, 1893. 
Arthur, Dec. 11, 1895. 
Mr. Fay is a broker in Boston. 
Herbert F., March 1875; d. Sept. 8, 1875. 


Lyman D wight Babbitt (George W.-Levi-Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward- 
Edward). Born Sept. 5, 1838. Died AprH 16, 1878. 

Married Harriet Carpenter, Dec. 15, 1869, daughter of Charles Car- 
penter of Rowe, Mass. 

Children: — 

1131 Albert Lyman, July 13, 1876. 


Nathan Willard (Isaac-Isaac-Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). 
Bom May 22, 1839. Died Dec. 2, 1899. 
Married (1st) in 1861, Lodicia Warner of Marlboro, Conn. 

Herbert Leon, died in infancy. 

Annie M., 1870 in Fitchburg. Died in Sept., 1908, in South 
Framingham, Mass. Married Sept. 6, 1888, Winifred H. 
Fay, son of John Fay. 
Children: — 




1132 Herman, May 7, 1862, in Fitchburg, Mass. 

Married (2nd) Fannie J. Griggs. Bom in Nanticoke, N. Y., 1855. 
She married George R. Greenwalt in Boston, Jime 28, 1900. 


Charles Albert Babbitt (Isaac-Isaac-Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward- 
Edward). Bom Feb. 22, 1849. Resides in Worcester, Mass. 

Married June 27, 1872, Georgiana L. Sweet, daughter of Charles E. 
and Carohne Sweet. Born June 27, 1850. 



Alice Maud, March 7, 1874; d. Aug. 9, 1874, in Cambridge, Mass. 
Helen Maud, Jan. 28, 1877; married Albert Merriam, Oct. 27, 

1909, in Fitchburg, son of WilUam and Anna. Born Oct. 21, 

1875. Reside in Worcester. 
Lewis Elmer, Feb. 16, 1879; d. Oct. 27, 1883. 


Clara Babbitt (Harrison-Isaac-Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). 
Bom in Worcester, Mass., June 5, 1849. 

' Married (1st) Nov. 30, 1882, Lanman Holcomb, son of James and 
Meriam Colt (Perkins) Holcomb of Granby, Conn. Born March 29, 
1822. Died Oct. 14, 1894, in Hartford, Conn. 
Children: — 

Frank Lanman, Sept. 29, 1885, in Hartford, Conn. Graduate of 

Mt. Hermon School, 1907. 
Kate Meriam, Nov. 22, 1888, in Hartford, Conn. Graduate of 
Linden Hall Seminary of Philadelphia, 1906. Mt. Holyoke 
College, 1910. 
Married (2nd) Dec. 8, 1897, Lucius Johnson of Hartford, Conn., son of 
John and Mary (Rowell) Johnson. Born in Newport, Me., June 15, 1845. 
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson now reside in Southern Pines, N. C. 


Edwin Converse Babbitt (Harrison-Isaac-Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Ed- 
ward-Edward). Born Nov. 26, 1850 in Worcester, Mass., Uving there 
xmtil he was fourteen years of age, then with parents moved to Barre, 
Mass. Worked at home and elsewhere farming until twenty years 
of age. Then learned the machinist trade in Fitchburg, Mass., Uving 
there, and working at his trade, for nineteen years. Entered the employ 
of the Willard Screen Plate Co., serving as superintendent for eleven 
years, then changing to the Union Screen Plate Co., where he is still 
employed as traveling salesman. 

A member of the RoUstone Congregational Church, "Charles W. Moore" 
Lodge of Masons, and "Jerusalem Commandery," Knights Templars, 
and "Aleppo Temple," A. A. O. N. M. S., Boston, Mass. 


Married Sept. 22, 1874, to Edith Adeline Foster, in Winthrop, Maine, 
daughter of Charles and Angelia (Parlin) Foster. 

Ida Marion Babbitt, the only child of Edwin C. and Edith A. Babbitt, 
was born July 2, 1875, in Fitchburg, Mass. Graduated from the Fitch- 
burg High School, 1894. Entered Bryant & Stratton Commercial 
College, 1894. Stenographer, at Simonds Manufacturing Co., Fitch- 
burg, Mass., for twelve years. Married Aug. 13, 1907, to S. P. Arnold, 
of N. Y. City, in Albany, N. Y. 

Children: — 

Edward Babbitt Arnold, born Jan. 8, 1909, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Foster Converse Arnold, born Aug. 28, 1910, in Freeport, N. Y. 

Residence at present time, Freeport, N. Y. 

Member of the RoUstone Congregational Church, Fitchburg, Mass 
Member of the order of the "Eastern Star," Fitchburg, Mass. 


Mary Alice Babbitt (Harrison-Isaac-Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward- 
Edward). Born Nov. 19, 1855, in Worcester, Mass. Resides in Fitch- 
burg, Mass. 

Married Nov. 30, 1882, WilKam C. Bradley, son of William and Mary 
Bradley. (William C. Bradley, died June 3, 1908). 
Children: — Born in Nashua, N. H. 

WilHam Elmer, April 28, 1884. A Railroad man, as was his father 
before him. 

Married Maude Brewer, of Fitchburg, Mass., April 8, 1908. 
One child was born, Eleanon AUce, Jan. 29, 1909. 
Milton Babbitt, Oct. 28, 1885; d. May 17, 1886. 
Lillian, Dec. 7, 1888. 
Mary Alice Bradley, Elmer and his wife, also the daughter Lillian 
Bradley, are members of the Methodist Church. 


Kate Maria Babbitt (Harrison-Isaac-Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward- 
Edward). Born Oct. 7, 1860, in Worcester, Mass. 


Married May 5, 1891, Hiram Newton Cudworth, son of Shadwick Nye 
and Marie (Keith) Cudworth. Born Nov. 28, 1859, in Sandwich, Mass. 
Children: — 

Maxilla Converse, May 21, 1893, in Worcester, Mass. 


Alfred Lincoln Babbitt (Harrison-Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Nov. 11, 1862. 
Resides in Barre, Mass. 

Married June 11, 1889, Margaret Elizabeth Condra. 

Alice Marilla, Oct. 26, 1890. Member of Babbitt Association. 

Catherine Frances, March 28, 1894. 

Harding Eugene, March 28, 1896. 


Caleb Henry Babbitt (Pliny-Isaac-Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Aug. 11, 1842, in Barre, Mass. Died 1885. 
Resided in Westminster, Mass. 
Married Dec. 24, 1862, Charlotte Maynard. 

Florence L., 1870. Married Oct. 1, 1890, Edward L. Howard. 

Mabel Lizzie, Nov. 4, 1875. Married Oct. 17, 1896, Walter F. Fox. 


Charles A. Babbitt (Phny-Isaac-Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Edward). 
Born in Barre, Mass., March 11, 1851. 

He attended the district schools of Barre and the Barre high school. 
He graduated at Westfield Normal school and began life as a school 
teacher. He was principal of the Academy at Londonberry, Vt., for 
two years, was principal of the West Denis, Mass., high school for two 
years, and then taught in the Boston evening schools for three years. 
He began the study of law while teaching in Boston, and having saved 
money enough for his purpose went to Dartmouth College, where he was 
graduated in 1879. He entered Boston University Law School, and 
after two years of study was admitted to the bar in Barnstable Coimty 
in 1882. 


He began the practice of law in Orange, Mass., where he remained 
for five years. He removed to Fitchburg, Mass., in 1888, and built up 
there a large practice. In poUtics Mr. Babbitt was a Democrat, and 
in spite of the fact that his was usually the minority party he was fre- 
quently honored in Fitchburg with positions of honor and trust. He was 
a member of the common council in 1897 and 1898, and was mayor of 
the city in 1901 and 1902. He gave the city an able administration, 
was thoroughly non-partisan and he won the esteem of his political oppo- 
nents as well as of his own supporters. He was made a Mason in Mt. 
Zion Lodge of Barre in 1872, and was an officer of the lodge. He was 
a member of Thomas Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, of Fitchburg. Mr. 
Babbitt died August 15, 1911. 

He married Addie Packard, daughter of Josiah Packard of Hudson, 
Mass., in March 30, 1883. 
Children: — 

Edith Deborah, graduate of Wellesley College, 1906. Married 
May 25, 1910, Isaac S. Hall of Medford, Mass., Yale, 1906. 
Daughter— Dora, May 22, 1911. 
Ina F., graduated from Wellesley, 1910. 


Lizzie Nichols Babbitt (Pliny-Isaac-Levi-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born April 17, 1856. 

Married Jan. 10, 1882, Harding Jenkins, of Barre, Mass. 
Children: — 

Ruth Lydia, June 10, 1884. Graduate of Wellesley, 1906. 
George Harding, Oct. 25, 1885. Graduate of Worcester Tech, 1909. 


Dwight Snellem Babbitt (Erasmus-Snell-Snellem-Nathan-Nathan-Ed- 
ward-Edward). Born Oct. 6, 1841, in Adams, Mass. 
He is a physician in Defiance, Ohio. 
Married Nov. 19, 1863, Augusta Bucholz. 
Children: — 

Ira Dallas, April 6, 1867. 

Erasmus F., Dec. 3, 1869. 

Dwight S., Feb. 25, 1872. 



Charles Albert Browne, Adaline (Babbitt) Browne (Snell-Snellem-Na- 
than-Nathan-Edward-Edward). Born July 17, 1842, in Adams, Mass., 
in the house where three generations of Brownes before him, had lived. 
He was educated in the public schools of Adams and Lanesboro, and 
at Drury Academy in North Adams. He also took a course in business 
practice at Comer's Business College in Boston. In 1860 he was em- 
ployed in Troy, N. Y., and witnessed the famous sacking of the Troy 
Times ofl&ce by mobs, who were incensed at its attitude toward the slavery 

Always of an inventive and mechanical disposition, the building of 
the Hoosac Tunnel near his father's farm furnished him with a field to 
exercise his ingenuity, and he invented the electric fuse as used to dis- 
charge explosives, his invention being the first ever brought of the kind. 
It resulted in a greatly increased rapidity of construction of not only the 
Hoosac Tunnel, but of all operations where blasting is required. For 
several years he was engaged in work in the Hoosac Tvmnel and in the 
manufacture of the fuses, which work was carried on in a small factory 
which he built near his home. 

In Nov. 1869, he lost his eyesight through the premature explosion of 
an experimental compound. He immediately went to Paris and con- 
sulted the best of oculists, but no help could be given. Returning home 
he continued the manufacture of the fuses until he sold his patents. After 
his father's death he continued to carry on the farm, but spent his last 
years in retirement. He was a man of remarkable ingenuity and a keen 
student of electricity. He had completed an electric dynamo independ- 
ently just as the same idea was discovered and patented by another. 
After his aflfliction he seemed to increase in mental brilliancy and he was 
ever busy with plans and experiments which might lead to further dis- 
coveries. He was never heard to complain of his great affiction, a splen- 
did story teller, and always keenly appreciative of a joke. He was ever 
interested in his ancestry and was dehghted when the Babbitt Association 
was formed with the expectation of their history being compiled. He was 
a member of the First Congregational Church of North Adams. In poli- 
tics, an Independent RepubHcan. 

Died June 15, 1907, in North Adams, Mass. 

Married June 9, 1869, Susan McCallum, daughter of Miller and Sarah 


(Arnold) McCallum. She was born Feb. 26, 1848. Died Nov. 1, 1911, 
in North Adams, Mass. 

They had five children, all born in North Adams and all graduates of 
Drury Academy. 

Charles Albert, Aug. 12, 1870. Graduate of Williams Col- 
lege, 1892. P. H. D. of Gottingen University of Germany. 
Chief Chemist of the Sugar Trade Laboratory of New- 
York City. He was for several years at the State Col- 
leges of Pennsylvania and Louisiana, and for a time in 
Washington, under Dr. Wiley. 
Frances Eliza, Aug. 31, 1872. Graduate of Smith College, 
1894. Now instructress in French at Erasmus High 
School, Brooklyn, N. Y. She has also taught at Drury 
High School in North Adams, and in Springfield, Mass. 
WilHam Bradford, May 7, 1875. For several years in 
Stationery Manufacturing business in Holyoke, Mass. 
Now manager of Blackinton Store Co., of Blackinton, 
Mass. Married June 10, 1912, Ruth, daughter of John 
and Delia (Archer) Blackinton. 
Sarah Arnold, May 2, 1877. Graduate of North Adams 
Normal School. Married Sept. 18, 1901, Clifford C. 
Haskins of North Adams. 
Children: — 

Frances Alden, May 21, 1902. 
Stuart Campbell, Feb. 26, 1904. 
Susan McCallum, April 8, 1907. 
Agnes Fleming, Nov. 13, 1881. At present secretary of 
Waterhouse & Howard Woolen Co., in New York City. 


Isaac Snell Browne (Son of 1304). Born Sept. 23, 1850, in Ches- 
hire, Mass. 

He was in company with his brother for some time in the manufacture 
of electric fuses and later engaged in musical and advertising enterprises. 
Since 1908, he has resided in New London, Conn., where he carries on an 
extensive business of advertising. 

Married Feb. 1, 1877, Elizabeth Tobin. Bom in England. 


Children: — All born in North Adams, Mass. 

Harry Clinton, Aug. 18, 1878. An actor of note, lately leading 
man in "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm," of the Lillian Russell 
Co. Now with Frances Starr in "The Case of Becky". Married 
Edith Jacklin. 

Helen Adaline, May 30, 1880. Married Dr. James White of 
North Adams, Mass. 

Helen, June 16, 1909. 
Elizabeth, Jan. 1, 1911. 

Isaac SneU, May 7, 1882; d. March 17, 1885. 

Mary Catherine, April 30, 1886. A gifted singer and musician, 
having studied in Boston and now organist and choir director 
in a New London Church. 

Margaret Elizabeth, Oct. 29, 1888. Married Oct. 1912, George 
Edgecombe of New York City. 

Edson Bradford, Dec. 31, 1890. In government employ in Wash- 
ington, D. C. 


Charles F. Babbitt (Nathan E.-Edward-Snellem-Nathan-Nathan-Ed- 
ward-Edward). Bom Jime 27, 1849, in Winchester, N. H. 

Has been superintendent of a Bridge Co., in St. Albans, Vt.; also in 
charge of the shops of the Berlin Bridge Construction Co. of Berlin, Ct. 

Mr. Babbitt divides his time with his children, residing part of the year 
with each. 

Married Dec. 25, 1873, in Windsor, Conn., Georgianna Adams. 
Children: — 
1133 Leroy, Feb. 7, 1875, in Springfield, Mass. 

Florence Evelyn, July 20, 1879, in Springfield, Mass. Married 

Roswell Harris Branson. Resides m Passaic, N. J. 
Clara May, Oct. 7, 1883, in Winsted, Conn. Married Hart 
Avery Stoddard. Resides in Germantown, Pa. 
Two children: — 



Aimis Almon Babbitt (William-Edward-Snellem-Nathan-Nathan-Ed- 
ward-Edward) . Born Feb. 6, 1850. Resides in Monson, Mass. 

Married July 4, 1871, Clara V. Fuller, daughter of Lewis Fuller, of 
Stamford, Vt. Born Oct. 24, 1850. Died Nov. 3, 1909. 

Rachel Vernet, July 8, 1872; d. Sept. 9, 1875. 
Lena Marcia, Oct. 17, 1874; married June 7, 1898, Charles L. 
Ricketts, son of Amos and Clara. Has daughter, Constance 
Lena, bom Nov. 10, 1899. Resides in Manchester, Conn. 
Musa Ahce, June 28, 1876; married Oct. 16, 1901, Henry Miller. 

Has daughter, Ruth, born Oct. 24, 1906. 
Rachel Clara, Feb. 5, 1881 ; married Sept. 30, 1903, Fred Ball. 
WilHam, May 16, 1887; d. April 17, 1909. 


Clarence M. Babbitt (William-Edward-Snellem-Nathan-Nathan-Ed- 
ward-Edward) . Born Oct. 3, 1853. Resides in Pasadena, Cal. 
Married Lilla Haskins, Jan. 11, 1877, in Adams, Mass. 
Children: — 

Bertha May, married Henry C. Tilden, Dec. 21, 1903. Have 

daughter, Mary Lilla. 
Beatrice, deceased. 

Blanche, married Feb. 28, 1911, Frank D. Kloeckner of Pasa- 
dena, Cal. 


Henry C. Babbitt (Samuel -Edward-Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward- 
Edward). Born Nov. 16, 1858. 

Is a chemist for Nerst Lamp Co., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Married Nov. 29, 1882, Lillian Marie Parks, daughter of Samuel A. 
and Marie (Reinhart) Parks. 
Children: — 

LilHan Marie, Nov. 10, 1883; d. July 19, 1885. 

Florence, June 29, 1885; d. July 30, 1885. 

Osman A., Sept. 10, 1887; d. Nov. 30, 1894. 

Vera Evans, April 7, 1889. 

Frankhn Evans, June 24, 1892. 



Mary Gertrude Babbitt (Henry-Edward-Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Ed- 
ward-Edward). Born July 2, 1851, in Holyoke, Mass. 

Lives in Chicago, 111. 

Married Feb. 28, 1878, in Columbus, O., Henry Delano Overdier, of 
Columbus, O. 

Children: — 

Henry Babbitt, Oct. 21, 1886, Chicago, lU. 


George H. T. Babbitt (Henry-Edward-Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Ed- 
ward-Edward). Born July 27, 1856, in Newark, Ohio. 

Mr. Babbitt was first named Sidney Smith, but in 1864 his father 
changed it to George H. Thomas from love and admiration of General 
Thomas, whose Aide-de-Camp he was. 

Graduate of Annapolis MUitary Academy. Cadet Engineer, 1873. 
Graduated Midshipman, Jime 21, 1875. Assistant Engineer, July 1, 1877. 

Mr. Babbitt had about seven years of sea service and four years of land 
service. He was for two years in the Mediterranean during the Russo- 
Turkish War. He also served four years with the North Atlantic Squad- 
ron visiting the West Indies and going north as far as Smith Strait in 1883 
on the unsuccessftil search for Dr. Greeley, his ship acting as convoy for 
the reHef ship Proteus and bringing back the survivors of that vessel which 
simk in Davis Strait. Mr. Babbitt settle in 1886, in Chicopee, as Private 
Secretary to C. H. Fish of the Chicopee Manufacturing Co., which posi- 
tion he held until 1904. Mr. Babbitt was instructor in manual training 
in Chicopee High School imtil 1910. y.^; 

Married Dec. 23, 1879, Luella C. Spaulding, daughter of Phineas and 
Fanny (Chamberlain) Spaulding, born March 18, 1855. See No. 538. 


Helen G., Nov. 15, 1880. 
Howards., June 30, 1891. 


Katherine S. Babbitt (Henry-Edward-Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Ed- 
ward-Edward). Born Jan. 22, 1860, in Newark, Ohio. 


Mrs. Albright is a member of the Babbitt Asso. 
Married July 27, 1881, in Boston, Mass., Charles E. Albright of Mans- 
field, Ohio. 
They reside in Columbus, Ohio. 

Henry B., Dec. 17, 1882. 

Aian R., Nov. 3, 1885. 

Lois, Aug. 19, 1893. 

Harriet, Nov. 14, 1895. 


Grace Babbitt (Henry-Edward-Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Aug. 5, 1869, in Columbus, Ohio. 
Resides in Marston's Mills, Mass. 

Married Sept. 17, 1895, Dr. J. H. Higgins, of Marston's Mills, Mass. 
Born 1870. 
Children: — 

Marjorie, Feb. 8, 1897. 

Roger, April 23, 1898. 

Katherine, Jan. 22, 1900. 

Priscilla, April 29, 1902. 

Donald, June 2, 1904. 


Elwood G. Babbitt (Henry-Edward-Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward- 
Edward). Bom Aug. 8, 1872, in Columbus, Ohio. 

Is Vice Consul General in Yokohoma, Japan. 

Mr. Babbitt is a member of the Babbitt Association and shown great 
interest in its work. 

Many correspondents have sent his name and address to the com- 
piler of this book, having met him in their travels and having enjoyed 
his hearty welcome to Japan. 

Married Sept. 17, 1900, in Nagasaki, Japan, Annie Walker. 




Edward F. Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward- 
Edward). Born July 15, 1868, in Columbus, Ohio. 

Married( ) Mitchell, born Aug. 20, 1866. 


Edward C, Aug. 20, 1891. 


Carrie Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom Sept. 6, 1870. 

Married John Seymour Sager, in 1894. 
Children: — 

Edward Lee, Aug. 28, 1895. 

Gertrude AHce, Feb. 24, 1897. 

Eldon Hamilton, Sept. 29, 1899. 

Flavia Jeannette, May 30, 1901. 

Reland Lawrence, April 17, 1903. 


Jessie Babbitt (Albion-Edward- Edward-Nathan-Nathan-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Sept. 17, 1868. 
Married John P. Houck. 




WilKam Nathaniel Babbitt (Gideon-Crocker-Gideon-Gideon-Benajah- 
Edward-Edward). Born March 23, 1865, in Dighton, Mass. 
Is a stove plate moulder. 

Married Jan. 21, 1886, Flora Smith, daughter of James and Lucinda 
Children: — 

Ethel, Aug. 20, 1887. 
Harold W., March 2, 1895. 



Gideon Albert Babbitt (Gideon-Crocker-Gideon-Gideon-Benajah-Ed- 
ward-Edward). Born 1860. 

Married Dec. 13, 1881, Clara Sisson, daughter of Sanford and Rebecca 
Sisson, of Dighton, Mass. 

Elizabeth, April 26, 1882. 
Belle Hope, July 13, 1883, in Somerset, Mass. 
Bertha, July 4, 1885, in Rehoboth, Mass. 
Earl Sisson, Jan. 7, 1895, in Rehoboth, Mass. 


Orrin Leonard Babbitt (Nathaniel-Crocker-Gideon-Gideon-Benajah- 
Edward-Edward). Born March 23, 1855. 

Is a jeweler. Resides in East Providence, R. I. 
Married Dec. 27, 1881, Grace D. Durfee, daughter of George W. and 
Martha Durfee. Born Dec. 24, 1859. 
Children: — Bom in East Providence, R. I. 

Orrin L., Oct. 3, 1882; married Nov. 16, 1905, Mary McCarthy, 

daughter of Thomas and Mary (Schultz) McCarthy. 
Martha Durfee, April 19, 1889. 


Martha I. Babbitt (Nathaniel-Crocker-Gideon-Gideon-Benajah-Ed- 
ward-Edward). Born Oct. 20, 1860. 

Married WilHam May, son of John F. and Mary A., of No. Dighton, 
Mass., Aug. 20, 1891. He was born 1845. 
Alton Elhs. 
Clinton Babbitt. 


William Crocker Babbitt ( William-Crocker- Gideon- Gideon-Benajah- 
Edward-Edward). Born in South Boston, Mass., June 6, 1860. 
Resides in Georgetown, Fla., U. S. Light House Service. 


Married Sept. 1, 1892, Edith Louise Warr, daughter of Aaron and Ann 
(Montgomery) Warr. Bom Jan. 30, 1868. Died Nov. 10, 1907, in 
Palatka, Fla. 

Louisa Montgomery, Jime 22, 1893. 

Carrie Frances, Nov. 30, 1894. 

Ethel, Dec. 21, 1895. 

WUUam Crocker, Nov. 10, 1897. 

Edward Everett, Jan. 23, 1899. 

Frederick Howard, Aug. 16, 1900. 


Dennis Babbitt (A very-Dean-Erasmus- John-Benajah-Edward-Edward). 
Born May 17, 1833, in Rutland, Mass. Died April 12, 1899, in Fitch- 
burg, Mass. 

Married Oct. 23, 1859, Mary C. Heald (nee Lowell). She died June 
3, 1890, aged 57 years. 

Children: — Bom in Fitchburg, Mass. 

CeHa M., Oct. 4, 1862; married Sept. 10, 1881, Walter D. Holman, 

son of David and Lucy. 
Frank O., Nov. 30, 1866; married Abbie J. Dunsive, Feb. 2, 1888. 
Etta F., married ( ) Cobb. 


Julia Asenath Babbitt (Charles L.-Dean-Erasmus-John-Benajah-Ed- 
ward-Edward). Born Aug. 17, 1846. 

Married May 29, 1866, in Barre, Mass., Samuel F. Smith, son of Samuel 
J. and Molly (Clark) Smith. 

Harold Babbitt, May 23, 1869; married June 15, 1894, Bertha 
Smith, of Worcester, Mass., daughter of Samuel L. and Ann 
(Satmders) Smith. Professor of Electrical Engineering in Wor- 
cester Polytechnic Institute. 


Benajah F. Babbitt (William-Benajah-Erasmus-John-Benajah-Ed- 
ward-Edward). Born in Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 25, 1848. 


(See No. 169) 


(No. 387) 


(No. 700) 


(No. 1023) 


Lives in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Married in 1871, Sarah Baughman. 


Agnes, 1872. 
1134 Laura, 1873. 


Carrie G. Coldren, (Betsey Coldren — Osmond — Dean — John — Benajah 
— Edward — Edward.) born January 28, 1849. Married December 18, 
1870, Frank H. Holt of Nebraska, farmer and member of Legislature 
who died November 5, 1891, in Beatrice, Neb. Said Frank H. and Carrie 
G. (Coldren) Holt had children:— (1) Annabel Hoh, born April 17, 

1872. Married to Thomas H. Fulton, resides in Chicago, 111.; 

(2) Katherine Burt Holt, bom April 6, 1877, resides in Denver, Col. ; (3) 
Arthur F. Hok, born February 14, 1881. Married February 3, 1909, to 
Grace Martin Parmelee, resides in Denver, Col.; (4) Elizabeth Carrie, 
born December 3, 1883. Married February 8, 1908, to Charles Frederick 
Moore, who died June 7, 1908, in Victor, Col. Child— Frederick Charles, 
born October 16, 1908, in Denver, Col.; (5) Frank Howes Holt, born 
November 12, 1885; died December 24, 1902, in Chicago, III; (6) Gen- 
evieve Holt, born February 9, 1891 ; died November 9, 1893. Said Carrie 
G. Holt, remarried February 7, 1898, to Fifield Holt Berry, in Chicago, 
111. Now resides in Denver, Col. 


Osmond Babbitt Coldren, (Betsey Coldren — Osmond — Dean — John 
— Benajah — Edward — Edward.) born December 22, 1850, farmer, resides 
in Northville, Mich. Married in Nebraska, March 18, 1874, EHzabeth 
Jackson. They had children: — (1) Hattie May Coldren, born January 
1, 1875; (2) Fannie Jane Coldren, born December 17, 1876; (3) Letha B. 
Coldren, born March 18, 1879; died December 17, 1900; (4) Lida Clark 
Coldren, born October 4, 1881. 


Fred G. Coldren, (Betsey Coldren — Osmond — Dean — John — Benajah 
Edward— Edward.) born Dec. 2, 1859. Married Dec. 11, 1884, in 
Bellefontaine, Ohio, Mrs. Mary F. Galbreath, who died in Washington, 
Dec. 19, 1910. 

Mr. Coldren graduated from University of Michigan in 1882, with 
the Degree of B. A. • 


In 1884, he received the Degree of Bachelor of Laws from Columbia 
University. He began practice in Washington, where he still resides 
and practices. 

From 1882-1886 Mr. Coldren was special agent in the Department of 
the Interior. He has also served as President of the Michigan State As- 
sociation of District of Columbia, and chairman of the Committee on 
PubHc Schools of the Business Men's Association of Washington, D. C, 
and chairman of the Public Library Committee of the Board of Trade. 
He is a member of the Playground Association of America, and of the 
Cosmos Club of Washington and the Columbia Coimtry Club of that 
city. He is also a member of the Babbitt Family Assocaition. 


Burt Coldren, (Betsey Coldren-Osmond-Dean-John-Benajah-Edward- 
Edward). Bom January 8, 1863. Married in Akron, Col., August 20, 
1890, to Mattie D. BoUer. They had children:— (1) Ruth, bom September 
14, 1891; (2) Harry George, born February 18, 1895; died December 6, 
1896; (3) Fred George, bom December 28, 1897; (4) Howard Burt, born 
January 21, 1899. Lumber merchant, resides in Denver, Col. 


Edmond H. Babbitt (WiUiam-Osmond-Dean-John-Benajah-Edward- 
Edward). Bom July, 1865, in MiimeapoUs, Minn. 
Resides in Jersey City, N. J. 
Married Sept. 4, 1887, Etta E. Bale. 

James Bale, July 9, 1890. 

WiUiam Dean, Nov. 15, 1891; d. March 27, 1892. 


Louie Anson Babbitt (Rufus-Gsmond-Dean-John-Benajah-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom Nov. 4, 1861, in Salem, Mich. 

For many years travelling agent for a manufacturing company of 
Northville, Mich. At present cashier of the State Savings Bank. 

Banker in Northville, Mich. 

President Board of Education. 


Treasurer of Globe Furniture Co. 

Married Oct. 25, 1888, Florence Starr Waid, daughter of Henry O. and 
Harriet Waid. 

Helen K., March 23, 1894; d. Oct. 29, 1894. 

Marion Lee, Sept. 30, 1895. 

Kurnal Hugh, April 14, 1898. 


Kurnal R. Babbitt (Rufus-Osmond-Dean-John-Benajah-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom Jime 25, 1864, in Salem, Mich. 

Graduated from Michigan State Normal School, 1884. He has been 
a High School principal; also employed in the Post Office Department 
in Washington. 

He studied law in Columbia University. In 1889 received the Degree 
of LL.B. 

Mr. Babbitt has received a splendid rank in his profession. After a 
residence in Colorado Springs, Cal., he is now in New York City. 

Married Dec. 4, 1895, in Houghton, Mich., Lucie M. Cullyford, of 
London, Eng., daughter of James and Caroline (Hill) Cullyford. 


Theodore, Feb. 17, 1897. 

Eleanor, Sept. 18, 1898. 

Genevieve Cullyford, April 22, 1900. 


Samuel French Babbitt (George-George-Enoch- John-Benajah-Edward- 
Edward). Born Nov. 29, 1867, in Providence, R. I. 

Secretary of American Oil Co., Providence, R. I. 

Mr. Babbitt was a member of the executive committee of the Babbitt 
Association, and an active worker in its behalf. In 1912, elected Presi- 
dent of the Babbitt Association — succeeding his father. 

Married Sept. 8, 1890, in Pawtuxet, R. I., Anna Laura Shurtleff, daugh- 
ter of Sylvanus C. and Laura (Gladding) Shurtleff. Bom May 16, J 869, 
in Providence, R. I. 

Son: — George Lauriston, Sept. 22, 1891. 



Captolia Babbitt (James-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom Dec. 11, 1866, in Killingly, Conn. 
Resides in Montville, Conn. 

Married Nov. 12, 1883, Charles Burgess, son of Jeremiah and Maria 
(Seamans) Burgess. 
Children: — First two born in Montville, Conn. 

Arthur E., Nov. 19, 1885; d. Feb. 14, 1888. 

Gertrude F., Sept. 16, 1889; married Feb. 23, 1907, Ralph Shaffer. 

Walter J., Oct. 15, 1897, in Cumberland, R. I. 

Vera M., Oct. 16, 1899, in Brooklyn, Conn. 


James M. Babbitt (James-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward- 
Edward). Born Oct. 14, 1868, in Thompson, Conn. 
A farmer ia Montville, Conn. 
Married Oct. 22, 1886, Sarah L. Johnson. 

WilHam E., June 20, 1888. 

CaptoKa E., Dec. 2, 1889. 

Lucy A., March 25, 1890; d. Aug. 23, 1890. 

Martha E., April 15, 1891; d. May 10, 1892. 

Albertus Z., July 17, 1893. 

Julius A., May 6, 1895. 

Welcome H., Oct. 6, 1896. 

Ida M., May 7, 1899; d. May 23, 1899. 


CordeUa Babbitt (James-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom Oct. 14, 1870, in Killingly, Conn. 
Resides in Valley Falls, R. I. 
Married March 17, 1889, George M. Enos. 
Children: — 

Infant, d. Oct. 14, 1889. Died young. 

Claude M., May 23, 1891. 

Raymond G, March 13, 1894. 

Laura M., July 30, 1899. 


Infant, d. Feb. 9, 1900. 

George E., Aug. 23, 1901 ; d. March 6, 1902. 

Frederick H., Dec. 7, 1906. 


Fred P. Babbitt (James-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom March 30, 1872, in Killingly, Conn. 
A woolen spinner in Hanover, Conn. 
Married Sept. 24, 1892, AmeHa Cloutier. 
Children: — 

Fred J., May 2, 1893. 

Edward E., May 20, 1895. 

Amelia M., Jan. 14, 1899. 

LillieD., Julys, 1900. 

Mary H., Sept. 13, 1902. 

George F., Sept. 25, 1904. 

Addie E., April 4, 1906. 

Infant July 27, 1907; died young. 

Infant March 27, 1908; died young. 


Amanda L. Babbitt (James-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward- 
Edward). Bom June 13, 1873. 4^^ ^ PM 
Resides in Springfield, Mass. 
Married March 11, 1893, William Dearden. 
Children: — 

Charles T., Oct. 25, 1893. 

Arthur H., Dec. 28, 1897; d. Aug. 19, 1898. 

Elsie A., Nov. 30, 1899; d. Feb. 14, 1900. 

WiUiam E., Jan. 6, 1900; d. April 18, 1900. 

Walter C, March 28, 1902. 

George M., June 7, 1905; d. Sept. 20, 1905. 

Robert M., Dec. 14, 1906;.d. March 11, 1907. 


Charles H. Babbitt (James-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward- 
Edward). Bom Feb. 14, 1876, in Killingly, Conn. 


Resides in Pawtucket, R. I., a jeweler. 
Married Dec. 20, 1894, Bridget Coffey. 
Children: — 

Charles H., Sept. 26, 1895. 

Two infants One bom Feb. 8, 1897, 

and one bom Aug. 26, 1903. Died young. 

Adaline E., April 4, 1905. 


Edward S. Babbitt (James-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward- 
Edward). Born May 29, 1877. 
A woolen weaver in Hanover, Conn. 
Married April 27, 1898, Helen Balkcome. 
Children: — 

Kenneth E., Dec. 14, 1899; d. April 10, 1900. 

Helen M., June 17, 1901. 

Edward J., June 6, 1904; d. Oct. 31, 1905. 


Walter A. Babbitt (James-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward- 
Edward). Bom March 10, 1879. 
Resides in Montville, Conn. 
Employed in Cotton Mills. 
Married Jime 4, 1898, Maggie A. Harrison. 

Peari T., April 18, 1899. 

Eari F., June 9, 1901. 

Annie B., Aug. 28, 1906. 


Arthur L. Babbitt (James-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward- 
Edward). Bom Jan. 10, 1884. 
Resides in Montville, Conn. 
Married Aug. 11, 1900, Lillie E. Famum. 
Children: — 

Arthur H., April 25, 1901. 

Leslie V., June 1, 1906. 



Lucy Babbitt (Henry-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Resides in Thompson, Conn. 
Married Nov. 17, 1899, Lewis Perry. 
Children: — 




Eva E. Babbitt (Silas-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom Dec. 19, 1867, in Putnam, Conn. Died March 23, 1893, in 
Danielson, Conn. 

Married Jvme 26, 1889, Frank Blackmar. He married (2nd) Minnie 

Had two children who died young. 


Nellie Babbitt (George-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born in Cranston, R. L 
Resides in Worcester, Mass. 
Married George Cooper. 
One Child:— 


Emily Babbitt (Allen-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Aug. 16, 1869. 
Resides in Thompson, Conn. 
Married May 14, 1898, Clifford Greene. 
One Child:— 

Lester Frederick. 


Ella Babbitt (Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom in KiUingly, Coim. 


Resides in Providence, R. I. 
Married James Garvey. 
Children: — 





Angell Boss Babbitt (Thomas-Seth-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward- 
Edward). Born Aug. 21, 1859. Resides in Media, Pa. 

A. B. Harvard University, 1883. Teacher of classics at De Lancey 

Married Sept. 2, 1884, Ida Luella Adams, daughter of John Q. and 
Annie- Adams. Bom May 11, 1860. 
Children: — 

Louis Angell, July 9, 1885. A. B. Harvard University, 1907. A. M. 

Harvard University, 1908. 
Ethel Adams, Aug. 20, 1887. 
Earle Oramel, Jan. 21, 1890. 
Walter Hathaway, Feb. 23, 1892. 
Clarence Stephen, Sept. 30, 1894. 


WilUam M. Babbitt (Edward-Seth-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward- 
Edward). Born Sept. 7, 1857, in Putnam, Conn. 
A machinist in Putnam, Conn. 

Married Feb. 21, 1879, Ellen L. Smith. Bom Feb. 21, 1845. Died 
May, 1909. 
Children: — 

Lorena E., May 11, 1880; married Jan. 3, 1902, Dr. John Evans 

of Norwich, Conn. 
William S., Feb. 26, 1882; d. Oct. 23, 1882. 
Wilfred Mason, May 19, 1883; married Edith Oatly, Jan. 8, 1912. 


Emily Z. Babbitt (Edward-Seth-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom Oct. 1, 1862, in Putnam, Conn. 


Resides in Putnam, Conn. 
Mr. Heath was foreman of foundry there. 
Married Aug. 18, 1887, Clarence Heath. 
Children: — Born in Putnam, Conn. 

Charlotte, June 21, 1891; deceased. 

Russell D., Feb. 6, 1893. 

LesHe, March 26, 1895. 

Frank, Oct. 7, 1898. 


Ellen M. Babbitt (Edward-Seth-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward) . Born Aug. 18, 1867, in Putnam, Conn. Resides in Meriden, Conn. 
Married Jime 17, 1887, Frederick J. Bradshaw. Born in England. 
He is with Meriden Britannia Co. 
Children: — 

Lena Ethel, May 14, 1888. 

Howard Babbitt, Jan. 16, 1891. 

Clarence E., Nov. 23, 1898. 


Richard Walter Babbitt (Edward-Seth-Edward-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward-Edward). Bom May 19, 1869, in Putnam, Conn. 
Member of association. 

Moulder, carpenter, architect and pattern maker. Now resident in 
Cristobal, Canal Zone. 

Married Jan. 11, 1892, Eleanor Sweet. 
Children: — 

Grace S., Dec. 2, 1892; d. Feb. 23, 1907. 
Adeline E., Oct. 3, 1894. 


Fred A. Babbitt (G. Andrew-Silas-Silas-Edward-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Nov. 10, 1873, in Putnam, Conn. 
A market gardener in West Gloucester, R. I. 
Married Oct. 9, 1897, Louisa Olson. Bom in Sweden. 


Children: — First five born in Worcester, Mass. 
Edith L., April 29, 1898; d. July 29, 1898. 
George F., March 30, 1900. 
Ethel v., March 14, 1902; d. Aug. 16, 1903. 
Albert C, Aug. 31, 1903. 
Arthur C, Aug. 31, 1903. 

Lucy Christina, Dec. 14, 1904, in Gloucester, R. I. 
Louis WilHam, Aug. 25, 1909, m Gloucester, R. I. 


W. Scott Babbitt (G. Andrew-Silas-Silas-Edward-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Oct. 25, 1880, in Danielson, Conn. 
Resides in Grafton, Mass. 
Married Feb. 26, 1906, Maude Peck Monroe. 

NeUie Adelaide, Oct. 31, 1906. 
Blanche EUzabeth, Sept. 5, 1908. 


James Gillespie B. Babbitt (Isaac-Abijah-Isaac-Abijah-Edward-Ed- 
ward-Edward). Bom in Berkley, Mass., Aug. 24, 1843. Died April 29, 
1886, in Kingston, Ont. 

Married Jan. 24, 1867, Mary E. Scott. 
Children: — 

Emma, Nov. 27, 1867; d. Aug. 17, 1868. 

Clarence, Sept. 27, 1869. 

WnUam A., May 13, 1874. 

Ernest L., Dec. 4, 1875. 

Rachael E., Nov. 13, 1880. 

Georgianna, April 27, 1880; d. May 4, 1880. 

Mary EUza, Nov. 5, 1881. 


Gideon Haskins Babbitt (Isaac-Abijah-Isaac-Abijah-Edward-Edward- 
Edward). Born May 23, 1852, in Berkley, Mass. 
A farmer in Berkley, Mass. 


Married Nov. 25, 1874, Lois William Hathaway, daughter of Henry 
and Rebecca Hathaway. 
Children: — 

Alton H., Jan. 29, 1876; d. Sept. 3, 1894. 

Joseph H., Jan. 29, 1879; married Edith Maguire, June 6, 1901. 

Edith R., Dec. 25, 1889. 

Ethel W., Aug. 5, 1893; d. Aug. 4, 1894. 

George Rodney, Jan. 7, 1896. 

Francis H., July 4, 1902. 


Caleb Dexter Babbitt (Isaac-Abijah-Isaac-Abijah-Edward-Edward- 
Edward). Bom Oct. 24, 1861. 

Married Nov. 14, 1881, Helena J. Briggs, daughter of Thomas and 
Lucinda Burt Cummings. 
Children: — 

Lawrence A., Jan. 13, 1881. 
Carrie, April 14, 1886. 
Herbert A., May 29, 1894. 
Ina Mae, Dec. 16, 1899. 


Anna Crane Babbitt (Jerome-Abijah-Isaac-Abijah-Edward-Edward- 
Edward). Bom Sept. 14, 1852, in Berkley, Mass. 

Married Jan. 9, 1873, Irving T. Whitmarsh, son of Francis and 
Emmeline Whitmarsh. They reside in Taunton, Mass. 

Angle M., Oct. 31, 1874; d. Aug. 17, 1875. 
Florence H., March 6, 1877; d. Aug. 7, 1877. 
Helen I., Dec. 4, 1880 

Edward F., Dec. 23, 1881. Married Phoebe Baker, daughter of 
William Baker and granddaughter of Andrew Baker and Phoebe 
Babbitt. See No. 267. 


Clifton Fremont Babbitt (Henry L.-Abijah-Isaac-Abijah-Edward-Ed- 
ward-Edward). Bom Aug. 22, 1879. 


Resides in Middleboro. 

Married June 18, 1902, Annie Woodward Marshall. 

One Child:— 

Harold M., Dec. 31, 1905. 


George W. Babbitt (George-David-Ebenezer-Abijah-Edward-Edward- 
Edward). Born 1845. 

A mariner. Resides in Fall River, Mass. 

Married Dec. 6, 1865, Dorothea Copeland. Born in England, daugh- 
ter of William and Mary Copeland. 

Children: — 

William F., Oct. 6, 1869, in Fall River, Mass. 


Charles H. Babbitt (George-David-Ebenezer-Abijah-Edward-Edward- 
Edward). Bom 1857. 
Resides in Assonet, Mass. 
Married (1st) Oct. 6, 1878, Mary E. Calvert. 

Married (2nd) April 3, 1886, Gussie P. Cooper. Bom 1865, in New 
York City, daughter of John C. and Martha Cooper. 

David L., Jupe 26, 1889. 








Francis D. (Ebenezer - Ebenezer - Abijah - Edward - Edward - Edward). 
Bom Nov. 22, 1866, in Fall River, Mass. Died Aug. 6, 1911, in West 
Brookfield, Mass. 


Francis D. Babbitt, 44, died at his home on Lake street early Sunday 
morning, after a lingering illness caused by tuberculosis. Mr. Babbitt 


was bom in Fall River, the son of Ebenezer and Mary (McMillan) 
Babbitt. Three years ago he moved his family from Dalton to West 
Brookfield. He leaves, besides his widow, two daughters, Blanche and 
Alice Babbitt, and a son, Harold Babbitt, all of West Brookfield, two 
brothers, Arthur S. of New Bedford and Ebenezer, Jr., of Fall River, 
and his father, Ebenezer Babbitt. Burial will take place in Fall River 

Married Jan. 2, 1890, Hannah Lacey, daughter of Lord and Elizabeth 


Harold F., Oct. 4, 1890. 
Blanche E., Aug. 11, 1893. 
Alice E., March 9, 1896. 


Myron E. Babbitt (Oliver-Henry-Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom July 19, 1859. 
Resides in Scio, N. Y. 

Married Katie ( ). 

Children: — 





Marshall O. Babbitt (Oliver-Henry-Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born AprU 10, 1861. 
Resides in Scio, N. Y. 

Married Mattie Simerson, born April 29, 1861. 

Charles O., Feb. 4, 1891. 


Richard Wesley Babbitt (Francis-Eben-Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward- 
Edward). Bom July 10, 1869. 

Mr. Babbitt is a farmer in Hastain, Mo. 
Married Oct. 9, 1892, Nancy H. Guertner. 



Homer Claude, July 20, 1893. 

Myrtle, Jan. 11, 1895; died same day. 

Amos McKinley, Jan. 10, 1896; d. April 15, 1899. 

Lucy Albina, Oct. 9, 1899. 

Mary Melissa, Jan. 29, 1902. 

Martha Evaline, Jan. 29, 1902. 

Joseph Emmitt, Jan. 19, 1905; d. Feb. 8, 1908. 

Clarence Rosco, July 10, 1907. 

Anna Marie, Oct. 13, 1909. 


LilHan Babbitt (David-David-Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Born Feb. 14, 1867, in Alleghany Co., N. Y. 
Resides in Detroit, Mich. 

Married in 1887, William Elliott of Oconto, Wis. 
Children: — Born in Oconto, Wis. 

Lloyd, March 17, 1889. 

Ora, Dec. 27, 1891; d. Jan., 1907. 

Calla Caroline, Aug. 27, 1895. 


Minnie Babbitt (David-David-Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward), 
Bom March, 1869, in Marengo, 111. 
Resides in Escanaba, Mich. 

Married (1st) Sept. 1888, Theodore Lundean. Bom Feb. 10, 1867. 
Died March 21, 1893, in Marinette, Wis. 
Children: — Born in Marinette, Wis. 

Lulu Mae, July 3, 1889. Married William S. Leach. 

David Babbitt, March 21, 1901. 

Theodore, Feb. 10, 1893; d. Feb. 21, 1893. 
Married (2nd) Louis Lambeau, April 25, 1898, in Marinette, Wis. 


William Babbitt! (David-David-Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Bom 1873, in Marinette, Wis. 


Resides in Waxahachie, Texas. 

This family have adopted the name of Stead. 

Children: — Born in Corsicania, Texas. 

Roy, 1903. 

Daniel, 1905. 

Esther, 1907. 


Amelia Babbitt (Merrick-David-Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Born Aug. 31, 1869. 

Resides in Westons Mills, N. Y. 
Married May 22, 1895, John C. Collins. 
Children: — 

Clyde Weston, June 24, 1898. 

John Elivyn, Dec. 1, 1905. 


John Babbitt (Merrick-David-Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward). 
Born Sept. 13, 1872. 

Resides in Belmont, N. Y. 

Married Jan 20, 1897, Adaline Hall, born April 25, 1872. 


Allen Babbitt (Charles- Abijah-Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Edward) . 
Born Feb. 17, 1870. 
Married Nov. 17, 1891, Maude Cook. Born Oct. 23, 1872. 

Donald, Jan. 20, 1906. 


Henry A. Babbitt (Charles-Abijah-Enos-Abijah-Edward-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born July 23, 1871. 

Married Dec. 20, 1901, Anna M. Dewey. Born Sept. 20, 1878. 

Charies Arden, March 22, 1903. 



George Herbert (Elijah-John C.-Joy-Simeon-Natlianiel-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born June 7, 1843. Died May 22, 1880. 
A Mariner. Lived in Falmouth and Plymouth, Mass. 
Married (1st) May 9, 1866, Caroline Button of Wayne, Me. Born 
1845. Died June 14, 1872, in Boston, daughter of William and Mary 


Mary E., July 28, 1867; d. July 21, 1869, in Boston, aged 1 year, 

11 months. 
Bora C, 1871; d. July 11, 1880, in Plymouth. 
Son, 1868; d. July 14, 1870, in Fahnouth, aged 2 years, 4 months. 
Married (2nd) Feb. 11, 1877, Harriet Picard, in Plymouth, Mass. Born 
1854, in Nova Scotia, daughter of Isaac and Charlotte Picard. -She mar- 
ried Arthur Forrest of Pl)anouth, 1883. No children. 


Bradford Baker Babbitt (Elijah-John-Joy-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward- 
Edward). Born in Falmouth, Mass., Aug. 18, 1859. 

Mr. Babbitt is a general contractor, carpenter and builder, in Hamil- 
ton Park, N. Y. 

Married Jime 30, 1886, Ida F. Sprague, daughter of Henry B. and 
Mary A. (Fish) Sprague. Born Jan. 30, 1855. 

Orland Wade, Feb. 28, 1889. 
Clyde Sprague, July 3, 1893. 
Amy Coranella, March 1, 1902. 


Sherman Sylvester Babbitt (Stephen-Joy-Joy-Simeon-Nathaniel-Ed- 
ward-Edward). Born Nov. 14, 1864, in Tobinsport, Ind. 
Is a letter carrier in St. Louis, Mo. 

Married Aug. 26, 1891, in Carmelton, Ind., Mary E. Lehman. 
Children: — 

John S., June 10, 1892. Salesman for Rice Stix B. G. Co., in 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Mary Elizabeth, Oct. 28, 1895. 
Bernice, May 1, 1901. 


(No. 503) 


(No. 561) (See No. 252) 



Mary E.Babbitt (William- Joy- Jo y-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). 
Bom July 31, 1858, in Grayson Co., Ky. 
Married (1st) Jan. 3, 1878, William White. Died July 17, 1880. 

J. Millard, Oct. 24, 1879. Married Isis Melton of Louisville, Ky. 

William E., Jan. 17, 1880. 
Married (2nd) Evan R. Dimn. 
Children: — 

Jennie B., Jan. 31, 1890. Married Adic Carter, Nov. 24, 1907. 

KatieG., July 21, 1892. 

One other died in infancy. 


John W. Babbitt (WiUiam A.- Joy- Joy-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Ed- 
Edward). Born Dec. 11, 1860, m Grayson Co., Ky. 
Married (1st) Jan. 6, 1881, Jennie B. Stover. Died May 21, 1889. 

1135 Annie E., May 25, 1884. 

1136 Charles W., Jan. 5, 1887. 
Married (2nd) Naomi Kiper. 
Children: — 

Stephen, May 15, 1891. 
George E., Dec. 16, 1892. 
DoUie E., June 25, 1894. 
James S., Aug. 13, 1899. 
Mary H., March 6, 1905. 


Sarah E.Babbitt (William- Joy- Joy-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Edward). 
Bom July 18, 1863, m Grayson Co., Ky. Died April 8, 1905. 
Married July 26, 1882, Wilham B. Dunn. 
Children: — 

Hattie I., Aug. 20, 1886. Married Henry W. Carter, in Duff, Ky. 
G. Arthur, Sept. 16, 1888. 


Sarah E., June 16, 1890. Married Harve Carter, Nov. 27, 1906. 
Thomas R., May 17, 1894. 
Grace A., Aug. 24, 1901, 
Two more died in infancy. 


Martha J. Babbitt (William-Joy-Joy-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom Nov. 5, 1865, in Grayson Co., Ky. 
Married J. H. Craig, Aug. 16, 1885. 
Children: — 

W. Erwin, Feb. 4, 1890. 

Annie E., Jan. 26, 1892. 

Helen A., Feb. 10, 1894. 

Mary A., March 9, 1896. 

Charles S., March 12, 1898. 

John A., July 26, 1901. 

Two more died yoimg. 


Harriett E. Babbitt (William- Joy- Joy-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom March 20, 1868, in Grayson Co., Ky. 
Married Jan. 16, 1889, Daniel W. Harrell. 
Children: — 

William T., Dec. 1, 1889. 

James W., March 31, 1892. 

L. Frankhn, Nov. 12, 1895. 

Maude E., June 25, 1898. 

C. Everett, Aug. 25, 1900. 

Chester L., Dec. 20, 1902. 

Archie A., July 15, 1906. 

One died young. 


Louisa C. Babbitt (William-Joy-Joy-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom Feb. 18, 1871, in Grayson Co. Ky. 
Married Jan. 10, 1888, James R. HarreU. 




W. Lawrence, teh. 13, 1889. 
Sarah T., May 19, 1891. 
John W., Jan. 30, 1894. 
Elsie M., Dec. 25, 1895. 
Esther I., June 24, 1900. 
Two others died in infancy. 


Joseph S. Babbitt (Hiram-Joy-Joy-Simeon-Nathaniel-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom June 1, 1872. 
Married July 29, 1898, Lora B. Westerfield. Died April 1907. 



Gertrude E. 


Annie Babbitt (Osman-Rosselle- Jonathan-Elijah-Nathaniel-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom May 19, 1870. Died Jan. 16, 1908. 
Married Dec. 23, 1889, Fielding P. Hanaway. 
Children: — 

Iva, Oct. 10, 1890; d. March 14, 1892. 

Ruth, April 17, 1893. 


Mary M. Babbitt (Eric-Massena- Jonathan-Elijah-Nathaniel-Edward- 
Edward). Born Feb. 28, 1871, in Girard, Pa. 
Married Dec. 21, 1897, in Girard, Pa., L. A. Battles. 
Children: — 

Lilhan J., Nov. 10, 1898. 

Gladys M., Feb. 28, 1902. 

Marjorie, Feb. 7, 1904. 

Two infants who died young. 



Ella Sophia Babbit (Asher-Leander-James-Elijah-Nathaniel-Edward- 
Edward). Bom July 20, 1865. 
Resides in Upper Monclair, N. J. 
Married Moses Nelson Baker. 
Children: — 

William Wright. 

Frederick Holmes. 





Rev. William Albert Babbit (Asher-Leander- James-Elijah-Nathaniel- 
Edward-Edward). Bom June 25, 1869. 
Congregational minister. Resides in Lockport, N. Y. 
Married Daisy Crane. 
Children: — 






Adelaide Babbit (Asher-Leander-James-Elijah-Nathaniel-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Born Aug. 6, 1871. 
Member of Babbitt Association. 

Married Aug. 29, 1900, Francis M. Pottenger, who was bom Sept. 27, 
1869. Mr. and Mrs. Pottiager are proprietors of the Pottenger Sana- 
torium, in Monrovia, Cal., which treats lung and throat diseases. 

Francis Marion, May 29, 1901. 
Robert Thomas, Aug. 3, 1904. 
Adelaide Marie, Jan. 15, 1908. 



Grace A. Babbitt (John-Nathan-David-David-Nathaniel-Edward-Ed- 
ward). Bom Sept. 24, 1865. 
Resides in Warsaw, N. Y. ♦ 

Married June 13, 1894, K. William Ashby. Bom 1860 in Canada. A 
carpenter by trade. 

H.Kenneth, July 31, 1897. 

Adelpha M., Feb. 7, 1899. 

Fannie F., Sept. 8, 1900; d. Sept. 10, 1901. 

Ruth G., Oct. 11,1901. 

Stanley E., Sept. 13, 1905. 

W. Keith, Sept. 17, 1906. 

Chester E., Aug. 2, 1908. 


John J. Babbitt (John D.-Nathan-David-David-Nathaniel-Edward- 
Edward). Bom May 10, 1868. Died Oct. 21, 1901. 

Mr. Babbitt was a conductor on the Lehigh Valley R. R. for twelve 
years. He was killed in an accident. 

Married Aug. 15, 1844, Emma, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Lynch) 
Kennedy. Bom April 17, 1872. 


Roy Thomas, July 27, 1895. Lives in Buffalo, N. Y. 


Horace Babbitt (David-Stephen-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward.) Born 1824. Died July 6, 1876 in Cooperstown, N. Y. 
He was a "teacher, farmer, lumber merchant and freethinker." 
Lived on his father's farm in Rushford to which he added much in 
acreage. His parents hved with him. The farm is now occupied by 
his son, Benjamin F. Babbitt. 

Married Oct. 21, 1852, Mary Louise Kellogg, who died Feb. 7, 1895. 
Children: — 
1137 Benjamin Franklin, Sept. 27, 1854. 

Martha Isabelle, Nov. 1, 1856; married Milo Thayer, Feb. 
23, 1881. Resides in Fillmore, N. Y. 


Children: — 

Almon, June 22, 1893. 
Lovina, Oct. 10, 1895. 
KezeID.,Dec. 22, 1897. 
Lovina Josephine, Dec. 5, 1860; married James Taylor of 
Turtle Point, Pa., Oct. 21, 1880. 
Children: — 

WiUard H., Feb. 2, 1882. 
Mray B., April 21, 1885. 
Milo T. , May 28, 1890 ; d. March 9, 1892. 
Martha H., April 16, 1894. 
Lynn J., June 15, 1896. 
Horace Babbitt, was bom in Cooperstown, Otsego Co., N. Y., coming 
to Rushford when a mere youth with his parents. His opportunities 
for obtaining an education were very Hmited in relative relations to 
present conditions — ^nearly three months winters in the district school 
of that period, supplemented by a couple of terms in a select school in 
Centerville, his father giving him whatever instruction he wanted in the 
higher mathematics. 

For even at the time the Rushford Academy was built there were no 
other rival educational institutions in the Appalachian foothills south 
of this county; and the whole territory drained by the upper Allegheny 
and its tributaries, was practically a wilderness, with a sHght educational 
opening in Meadville, Pa., and the eastern part of Cattaraugus. The 
Southern parts of Wyoming and Livingston Counties were equally des- 
titute of educational facihties and the only real rivalry in that class of 
schools came from Alfred in the extreme eastern part of this county; and 
by that time he was teaching select school himself, which business en- 
tirely terminated as Rushford was gradually surroimded with a cordon 
of nearby rival schools from every point of the compass which fairly 
threatened its very existence. 

He married Mary Louise Kellogg, also a school teacher, daughter 
of Joseph Kellogg (formally of Middlebury, N. Y.) and granddaughter 
of Rev. C)n'us Story (first M. E. Paster of Rushford) and very distantly 
related to the numerous other Kelloggs of this town according to the gen- 
ealogy of that family in the Old World and the New. She was a com- 
municant of the M. E. Church. Soon after their marriage, they made 
a deal with his parents for the family homestead, which he successfully 


managed as long as he lived, permanently adding to it three adjoining 
farms and secured others, reselling them after disposing of the timber, 
and managed the stumpage on several lots of what was then known as 
the Pine Woods. The building of the Genesee Valley Canal and the 
Plank Road through the Gorge Valley to Rushford (destroyed by the 
flood of 1864) opened a profitable outlet for all the pine and hemlock 
timber he could buy in that vicinity and he pursued the business vig- 

Once, in partnership with others, he loaded a large number of rafts with 
shorter timber and coarse lumber, took it through Genesee and Erie 
Canals to Troy and then had it towed by tug to New York and Baltimore, 
where it was sold. One eighty foot octagon tapering hewed spar selling 
for $700 in the latter city. Although the venture was not a financial 
failure, they could have realized greater profits by selling it along the 
Erie Canal. 

The pine in exportable amounts failing at the beginning of the Civil 
War, he extended his dealing in the hemlock to the mills on Rush, Craw- 
ford, Shongo, Houghton and Higgins Creeks, as well as Caneadea and 
Podonque. Soon after the war the building of the railroads from the 
State Line to Rochester and from Emporium to Buffalo with their laterals 
and tramways into the Pennsylvania foothills, opened a competition that 
could not be profitably met by the diminishing supplies in this vicinity; 
and to better develop his farming interests which had heretofore received 
only minor and secondary consideration and attention, he built the Bab- 
bitt Cheese Factory at Pratt's Mills, hiring it managed for a few years, 
and sold a half interest therein to George Hall. As the cheese factory busi- 
ness began to consolidate into combinations, they sold it into the Rush- 
ford combination a little while before his death; now it is a part of the 
Hoag combine. When it was built, there were no others nearer than Rush- 
ford and Centerville villages. 

He left two daughters and one son who resides on the homestead at 
Wesley station on the B. & S. R. R. Horace had very black hair and 
beard and dark eyes; was six feet tall, straight as a plumb line, rather sUm 
built and quick motioned, active and agile, jolly, jovial, witty and sar- 
castic; instantly answering pertinent questions with some terse epigram 
of caustic irony. He had a retentive memory and was recognized a cham- 
pion speller when spelling schools were a weekly occurrence; a lightning 
calculator in figuring, adding three and four columns at once, as fast as 


average people add one; knew the multiplication tables by heart up to 
the ninety-nines; and said to be the only man along the Genesee Valley 
Canal that could measure lumber as fast as all the men that could pos- 
sibly work along the length of the boat could load it. 

He was a keen observer, inveterate reader, effective impromptu speaker 
and impressive discourser in parliamentary usages, making a pronounced, 
directive impression upon all assemblages that he happened into. He held 
some minor local official positions requiring business ability only, but 
was not enough of a partisan for advancement in that direction. Despised 
"cant," feigning and hypocrisy in every form; was abstemiously temper- 
ate in habits and everything else, excepting business and work and speech; 
and did not pretend to be so good he could not or would not swear, — and 
did, when rare exigencies seemingly required or deserved it. 

He was strictly honest in all of his dealings at home and abroad and 
his word stood at par with all whom he dealt with; and said that he was 
"profoundly thankful that his word required no spiritual or other col- 
lateral security." He was well informed upon the historical and current 
events of this world and life, both sacred and profane, but insisted "that 
this world and life was rather more than enough for his fickle attention 
at once," and that he "did not propose to either manage or try others until 
he got into them, although he thought it was a right good thing for them 
that are certain they were born wrong, to be born again; and in excep- 
tional toughened cases several more times." 

He was exceedingly practical, neighborly, sociable and accommodating; 
and very Hberal, tolerant and charitable and respectful towards the opin- 
ions of all that differed with him, as he considered it their inherent pre- 
rogative. Although his health began failing with accelerating rapidity 
long before, his mental perceptions were not seriously impaired imtil 
three months before he died, without leaving a single enemy or traducer. 


William Babbitt (David-Stephen-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born 1828. Died Jan. 8, 1894. Buried in Fredonia, N. Y. 
A member of the N. Y. Dragoons in Civil War. Lost a limb in service. 
EnUsted Sept. 3, 1864, Co. H, 1st N. Y. Dragoons. 
In 1881, removed to Dunkirk, N. Y., where he died. 
Married Emeline Tarbell, of Rushford, N. Y. 


Children: — 

Charles S., Franklin ville, N. Y. 

Julia, married ( ) Boyer of Dunkirk. 

Mary, married ( ) Hawkins of Forestville, N. Y. 

Lillian, married ( ) Walter of Keeletteville, Pa. 


Lucy Ann Babbitt (David-Stephen-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Buried in Arcade, N. Y. 
Married Samuel Bellas. 

Gertrude, married Morse. 

Ida, married Vermillion. 


Chester Babbitt (Josiah-Stephen-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born in Hartwick, October 2, 1823. 

Mr. Babbitt obtained his education in his native town and continued 
to live there with his parents until 1850 when he went out into the world 
to see what Hfe had in store for him. He followed the gold-seekers of 
"49" to California, sailing from New York early in March and voyaging 
by the Isthmus of Panama to San Francisco, where he arrived in May. 
The great metropolis was then a tree of tents and there were no wharves 
or pubHc improvements of any kind. He went to the mountains, engaged 
in mining on Cahfomia soil for two years, and at the expiration of that 
time left San Francisco Harbor in the month of April in a vessel bound 
for Australia. He landed in Sidney, in July, visited the gold fields of 
that country and after a stay of fifteen months in the rough mining camps 
of that region turned his face homeward, well satisfied in his experience 
of roughing it far from the centers of civilization. He embarked on a 
vessel bound for Liverpool, whence he went to London, from that port 
sailing to Halifax, thence to Boston and from there by rail to Fort Plain. 
His father had died the year before and after returning he took up farm- 
ing on the old homestead which he operated until 1883. In that year 
he sold his property in that town and took up his residence in Kansas 
where he had an interest in 7,000 acres of land in Geary Coimty. He 
engaged extensively in farming and stock-raising in that region some 


six years. He preferred his old home, however, and went back to live 
quietly on the old farm, which was an attractive place of residence with 
its modem improvements, its neat, well-appointed, substantial buildings, 
its fertile, well-tilled fields and rich pastures stocked with fine stock. Mr. 
Babbitt's push and sagacity as a farmer and business acumen made him 
wealthy and he was one of the moneyed men of the town, whose public 
spirit being commensurate with his means all plans for local improve- 
ment met with his cordial approbation and material assistance. Per- 
sonally he was highly esteemed for his frank, friendly disposition and well 
known rectitude of character. He was a Democrat in politics and un- 
swerving in his allegiance to his party. 

Mr. Babbitt was married June 20, 1855, to Miss Mary Field, who was 
bom in Hartwick, October 19, 1826, springing from one of its early 
pioneer families. She died October 26, 1902. 

Mr. Babbitt died May. 25, 1909. No children. 


Amanda Babbitt (Josiah-Stephen-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born 1825. Died July 16, 1905. 
Married 1848, Amos Mathewson. 

Quincy, 1849; d. Feb. 24, 1894. Married Adda Hulbert. No 

AHce, July 3, 1851; married Julius Stillman. Five children. 
Cassius, Aug. 29, 1855 ; married Cora Irish. Three children. 
Frank, June 20, 1857. Not married. 


Reuben Babbitt (Josiah-Stephen-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Sept. 27, 1837. Died Dec. 29, 1896. 

Resided in Otsego, N. Y., until 1867, when he settled in De Ruyter, N. Y. 

Married Sept. 15, 1858, Emogene Field, daughter, of WilHam and 
Amorett (Yates) Field. Born June 22, 1838. 

Children: — 

1138 Herman Albert, Dec. 15, 1859. 

1139 Amber Melinda, Sept. 14, 1861 
Noyes Reuben, April 22, 1864. 


Noyes Babbitt bom April 22, 1864, in Otsego, N. Y. Educated 
in De Ruyter, N. Y. In 1883, removed to Kansas and engaged in 
ranching near Junction City. In 1886 he removed to Springfield, 
Mo., and learned the miller's trade, which he followed for ten years 
in Missouri and Ilhnois. In 1895 he went to Oregon and worked 
at mining and amalgamating for eight years very successfully. 

Mr. Babbitt is now a dealer in Men's Furnishings in St. John's, 
Ore., and has built up a large and successful trade through his 
reputation for fair deahng and honest business methods. 

1140 Clayton, July 1, 1866. 

George Van Ness, Sept. 9, 1868; d. July 11, 1881. 

1141 Orson Chester, Oct. 6, 1870. 

Channing Eugene, Nov. 26, 1872; married Mabel May 
McClellan, born Sept. 20, 1872. 
One child: — 

Robert McClellan, July 20, 1903; d. Aug. 1, 1903. 

1142 Grace Amorett, Feb. 6, 1875. 

Mabel Mary, July 31, 1877; married Charles Parker Monroe, 
May 31, 1908. 


Mary Babbitt (Stephen-Stephen-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Jan. 29, 1831. 
Living in Castile, N. Y. 
Married Charles Bates, Jan. 1, 1853. 

Fred, married (1st) Alice Hodge. (2nd) Esther Van Deusen. 

Fannie, married Lewis Pfajff. 


Leander Babbitt (Stephen-Stephen-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born Jan. 14, 1833, in Pike, N. Y. 

In 1856 removed to Michigan, and his occupation was driving team 
on the old plank road from Detroit to Lansing, drawing material for the 
first building of the Agricultural College. 


In 1857 purchased 80 acres in Williamson, Mich., and cleared it up 
for cultivation. 

Served in the Civil War and was in "Sherman's March to the Sea." 

In 1904 he sold his farm and is living in retirement in the village of 

Married Nov. 22, 1864, Helen Holcomb, of Williamston, Mich., daugh- 
ter of Samuel and Betsey (Daniels) Holcomb of Lockport, N. Y. 

1143 Emery Monroe, April 23, 1868. 

Nina, married 1896 Ed. Dakin and has one daughter, Thelma. 


Sylvester Babbitt (Stephen-Stephen-Elkanah-Elkanah-ELkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Bom Dec. 13, 1835. Died Nov. 1, 1900. 

Appointed acting third Assistant Engineer in U. S. Navy, April 18, 1863. 
Honorably discharged, 1865. His two sons reside in Wilhamson, Mich. 
Married (1st) Jane Burroughs. 


Lewis Sylvester, married Vema Sulfridge. 

EHas Monroe, married Bemice Dexter. 
Has daughter — ^Lydia. 
Married (2nd) Hattie Tryon, of WiUiamston, Mich. 


Elias Babbitt (Stephen-Stephen-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Bom Aug. 17, 1844. 

Resides in Pike, N. Y., in his father's homestead. 
Married Oct. 7, 1868, Juha O. Peck, of Castile, N. Y. 

Lida May, married Frank S. Mosher. 

Eliza Jane, married Charles A. Van Dyke. 


Eliza Babbitt (Stephen-Stephen-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Bom Aug. 17, 1844. 


Married Aug. 17, 1865, Miles W. Wells, of Fillmore, N. Y. 
Children: — 

William S., married Franc M. Rundell. 


Frances O. Babbitt (Stephen-Stephen-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Bom Sept. 4, 1848. 

Married April 8, 1868, Herbert Hildreth, of Fillmore, N. Y. 
Children: — 

George A., married Fannie Skiff. 

Hugh F. 


Andrew Babbitt (Daniel-Warren-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 

Married Jane Barrs. Now living in Oneanta, N. Y., with daughter, 
Mrs. Spencer. 
Children: — 

Anna, married Kron Spencer. 
Ella, married and died soon after. 


Warren Babbitt (Daniel- Warren-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 

Removed from Schuyler's Lake to Painesville, Ohio, and then to Con- 
neaut, Ohio, where he died. 

Married Alice Doty, daughter of George W. Doty, in Schuyler Lake, 
N. Y., about 1856. Born Oct. 22, 1838, daughter of George Washington 
and Katherine (Momnouth) Doty. 


1144 Hattie, Sept. 30, 1858. 

1145 Wilham, Oct. 11, 1865, in Painesville, O. 

Daniel, Sept. 27, 1872, in Painesville, O. Unmarried. 


Lucien E, Babbitt (Roswell-Warren-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born April 30, 1844. 


Resides in Oneonta, N. Y. 

Married Nov. 13, 1881, Sarah A. Verry. 


Frank A., Dec. 25, 1884; d. Sept. 25, 1886. 

Frederick D., Jan. 7, 1886; d. Sept. 23, 1886. 

Lorena E., Jan. 30, 1887. 

Charles H., Aug. 5, 1888. 

Harriet A., July 10, 1890. 

Amy L., July 30, 1892; d. Jan. 18, 1897. 

Morton L., Nov. 9, 1894. 

Marian E., July 4, 1896. 

Otis E., June 16, 1898. 

James F., April 17, 1900. 


Ellen Lydia Babbitt (Roswell-Warren-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born Aug. 29, 1847, in Otsego, N. Y. Died Aug. 24, 1908. 
Resided in Dixon, Illinois. 
Married Albert McKenney. 
Children: — 

Myrtle B., June 12, 1874, in Dixon, 111; married Howard Peasley. 

Burton Albert, March 29, 1880, in Dixon, 111. 


Otis H. Babbitt (Roswell-Warren-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanab-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born March 19, 1854, in Otsego, N. Y. 

Mr. Babbitt was educated in Baldwinsville Academy, graduating in 
1870, and in the Oswego State Normal School, from which he graduated 
in 1874. 

He was a teacher in the public schools for seven years and then took 
up the study of medicine in the New York Homeopathic Medical Hos- 
pital and College, receiving the Degree of M. D. in 1882. 

He was for six years Trustee of the town of Cooperstown and Presi- 
dent of the same for one year, also President of the Board of Education, 
of which he was a member six years. He is a member of numerous Med- 
ical Societies, some of which are the American Medical Association, the 


Homeopathic Medical Society of New York, the Auburn City Medical 
Society, Cayugo Co., Medical Society, etc., etc. 

Mr. Babbitt is a Republican in politics and a member of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church. He is also a Mason and an Odd Fellow. Mr. Bab- 
bitt was President of the New York State Sunday School Association 
for one year and is a member of its Executive Committee. 

His practice has mostly been in Auburn, N. Y., where he now resides. 

Married in Hartwick, N. Y., Oct. 23, 1878, Emma Wentworth Luce. 

One child: — 

Emma Blanche, Oct. 5, 1881. Married George Denman, Jime 
12, 1901. 


Dorothy Anne Babbitt (David-Daniel-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Bom March 1, 1839. 

Married Alexander Wisely, Oct. 28, 1858. Mr. Wisely is a surveyor 
by profession. 
Children: — 

Alice Lee, Oct. 1, 1859; married Edward McElvaney. 

Hedley V., Nov. 4, 1860. 
Arthur S., April 28, 1862, 
Fred W., Jan. 24, 1864; married Laura Currie. 
Julia B., March 5, 1874; married Merrill Neily. 
Children: — 

James Alfred, July 7, 1877, deceased; married Annie McGuire. 
Robert Fenwick, June 9, 1867. 
Margaret M., Nov. 10, 1865; married Richard McFadden. 


Children: — 


John A., Jan. 2, 1871. 
David Tilley, Jan. 4, 1876; deceased. 


Mary Babbitt (David-Daniel-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ellianah-Ed- 
Married Charles Cowperthwaite. 
Children: — 






Frances Amelia Babbitt (David-Daniel-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Bom Nov. 29, 1844. 
Resides in St. Johns, N. B. 

Married Nov. 14, 1866, Thomas Hoben. Born Aug. 26, 1839, eleventh 
child of Reuben and Rebecca (Hume) Hoben. Mr. Hoben is a railroad 

Margaret May, deceased. 

Helen Florence, married George H. Cobum. 

Has son — Hayward. 
Alice Maude, married Harry M. Hopper. 

Has son — ^Thomas. 
Arthur Lee, deceased. 

Rev. Thomas Allan, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Homilectics. 
A. B., University of New Brunswick, 1895; A. M., ibid., 1897; 
Newton Theological Institution, 1898; Ph.D., University of Chi- 
cago, 1901; pastor, m Waupun, Wis., 1901-4; director of Bap- 
tist Students' Gviild, University of Michigan, 1904-5; pastor, 
First Baptist Church, Detroit, Mich., 1905-8; Associate Pro- 
fessor of Homilectics, University of Chicago, 1908; author of 
"The Virgin Birth," "The Minister and the Boy," contributor 




to Theological and educational publications. 

Married May 21, 1901, Jessie Emma Lindsay. 

Lindsay, July 6, 1902. 
Frances, Oct. 2, 1903. 
Edward, Oct. 7, 1905. 
John, May 30, 1908. 
Frances Marie, married William R. Robinson. 
Children: — 


Sarah Jane Babbitt (David-Daniel-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Bom April 27, 1854. 

Married Henry Hoben, Sept. 15, 1880. 

Annie Courser, July 13, 1882; deceased. 
Edna Lee, May 29, 1881 ; married Edwin J. Miles. 
Harry Gilbert, July 14, 1884. 
Ralph De Blois, Oct. 24, 1892. 
AHce May, May 10, 1897. 


Caroline Babbitt (Samuel-Daniel-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 

Her husband was proprietor of the "Globe" in St. Johns, N. B., and 
a member of the Canadian Senate. 

Married John V. Ellis. 


William L., a physician in St. Johns. 


Margaret, married Arthur C. Calhoun. 

Frank B., married Minnie Baird. He is City editor of the St. 

John's Globe. 
Joseph N., a lawyer in Vancouver, B. C. 
John v., Jr., engaged in newspaper work in St. Johns; also in 



George Nealon Babbitt (Samuel-Daniel-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born March 17, 1842, in Frederickton, N. B., where he 
now resides. 

Mr. Babbitt is Deputy Receiver General of the Province of New Bruns- 
wick, and has seen almost fifty years of constant service in the Province. 
Married Nov. 5, 1868, Annie Littlehale Wetmore, daughter of Stephen 
P. and Sarah (Littlehale) Wetmore. 

George, April 29, 1870; married Annie McLaughlin. Is in the 

the service of the Bank of Nova Scotia. 
Sarah Frances, Jan. 4, 1872 ; married Lee Street of Boston, Mass. 
Bessie L., Jan. 18, 1874. Unmarried. 
Helen J., Oct. 8, 1875. Unmarried. 
Margaret, Oct. 18, 1876; married Allan Grimmer. 
Carrie E., Oct. 11, 1878; married Archie Mclnnes of Boston, Mass. 
Prudence L., June 20, 1880. 
Samuel W., Oct. 1, 1881. Unmarried. 
Charles, May 29, 1883. Unmarried. 
Jona Valentine, Sept. 6, 1884; deceased. 
Henry F., April 4, 1886; deceased. 
Archibald, Sept. 4, 1889. Unmarried. 


John Babbitt (Samuel-Daniel-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Married Margaret TurnbuU. 

Isabel, Harold. 



James Babbitt (John - Daniel - Daniel - Elkanah - Elkanah - Elkanah - 

Resides in Burton, N. B. 
Married Maretta Estabrooke. 





George Elkanah Babbitt (John-Daniel-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward) . 

Married Eliza Hoben. 

Helen E. 

Emma H. 

Ethel D. 


Horatio Nelson Babbitt (Richard-David-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born March 3, 1842, in Wellington, Ont. 

Ran away from school when yomig to become a sailor on the lakes. 

In April, 1863, left Picton, Ont., for California, sailing around the Cape 
from New York on the ship "Lone Star." Spent some time in the mines, 
where he was very successful. 

Is now a captain on the lakes. 

Married Jan. 3, 1875, Annetta Amelia Foster, daughter of WiUiam Fos- 
ter. Bom Feb. 14, 1855. 

1146 Mariam Ameha, May 25, 1878. 
Florence Mabel, March 26, 1881. 


Henry Benjamin (Thomas-Thomas-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Aug. 20, 1851. 


Mr. Babbitt is Postmaster in Gibson, N. B. 
Married Sept. 2, 1886, Grace Hillocks. 

Benjamin Harry, Aug. 21, 1887. 

WiUiam Le Baron, Dec. 30, 1888. 

Grace Scott, Dec. 2, 1890. 

Charlotte Marion, June 21, 1893. 

Thomas Emerson, June 18, 1895. 

Samuel HiUocks, July 30, 1897. 

Ralph Stewart, Nov. 19, 1899; d. Dec. 1907. 

Theo. De Alva, Aug. 18, 1902. 

Donald Hillocks, May 27, 1905. 


Thomas De Alva Babbitt (Thomas-Thomas-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Bom Jan. 1853. Died Dec, 1905. 
Married Jan. 1879, Louise Haines. 
Children: — 

Jennie, 1880; married 1909, W. K. Parlee. 



Bessie, 1891. 


Ida Irene Babbitt (Elkanah-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward), eldest child of Robert Thome Babbitt and Ella Lavinia Curry, 
was born in Canning, Queens County, N. B., Canada, Oct. 23, 1855. 
When she was one year old her parents moved to Upper Gagetown, N. B. 
The greater part of her life up to her nineteenth year was spent in school, 
first in the village where she Uved and later in the Baptist Seminary, 
Fredericton, N. B.. In 1874, her parents moved to Gagetown, the shire 
town of Queens County, N. B., and in December of that year her mother 
died leaving the daughter to fill her place as house-keeper and care-taker 
of the younger children. This position she filled until 1881, when her 
father married again after which she remained at home until her mar- 
riage with N. K. Simpson, a Free Baptist minister, Aug. 8, 1892. She 


accompanied her husband to his pastorate in Chepachet, R. I., where 
her only child, Marjorie Irene, was bom Dec. 19, 1894. In 1896, she 
went to Horton, Kansas, her husband having become pastor of the Free 
Baptist Church in that town and three years later a change of pastorate 
caused her to move to Anson, Sumner County, Kansas. In 1903, being 
threatened with a nervous breakdown, Mrs. Simpson went to British 
Columbia, locating in the Okanagan Valley in Summerland, where she 
remained three years. In the spring of 1906 Mr. Simpson received a 
call to return to Anson, Kan,, to become pastor for the second time and 
Mrs. Simpson's health being so much improved she accompanied her 
husband to his old field of labor where she is now living. 


Oliver Miller Babbitt (Albert-Henry-Daniel-Elkanah-Elkanah-Elka- 

nah-Edward). Born Sept. 7, 1878, in Hillier, Ont. 

Mr. Babbitt attended the common schools of Hillier and Brighton. 
Graduated from Belleville High School, 1899, and after a short period of 
mercantile life in Rochester, N. Y., and Chicago, entered Northwestern 
University, to study medicine. He graduated from the medical depart- 
ment of University of Oregon in 1906, and for a time served as chief resi- 
dent physician and surgeon of the Good Samaritan Hospital of Portland, 
Ore. Since 1906, has devoted himself to the practice of medicine and 
surgery in Portland. 

From 1900-1906, Mr. Babbitt was a director of the physical depart- 
ments of the Aurora, III, and Portland, Ore., Y. M. C. A. 

Mr. Babbitt is a life member of the Babbitt Family Association. 

Married Nov. 21, 1903, Agnes Louise Ray, daughter of Chauncy Ray. 

Children: — 

Oliver Miller, June 25, 1908; died same day. 
Juanita, May 28, 1909. 


Wealthy Em_meline (Ziba-Ziba-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born Feb. 15, 1805. 
Resided in Taunton, Mass. 
Married Dec. 6, 1825, Elias Strange. 


Children: — 

Elias W., married Eliza Pierce. 

Ella G. 
Emerson C, married Mary A. Tulley. 
Children: — 

Annie M. 
Charles E. 
Emmeline G., married George Huntley. 

Frederick, who married Mabel Banks. 


Ardeha Babbitt (Ziba-Ziba-Ebenezer- Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . 
Born Jan. 13, 1814, in Taunton, Mass. Died Feb. 15, 1905. 
Resided in Taunton, Mass. 

Married Albert Sweet, born Feb. 11, 1811, in Norton, Mass.; died 1876. 
Children: — 

Albert Sanford, July 22, 1833; d. April, 1897; married Ellen M. 

Eliza Ardelia, Oct. 2, 1836; married John O. WUmarth. 
Henry Jackson, April 19, 1839. Died young. 
Emily Jane, Sept. 25, 1841. Died young. 
Emily Warren, Feb. 11, 1843, in New Bedford, Mass. Living in 

Taunton, Mass. ; unmarried. 
Charles Herbert, Dec. 28, 1845. Married Patience Baker. 


Emerson Babbitt (Ziba-Ziba-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born Feb. 13, 1816. 

Resided in Taunton, Mass. 

Married Jan. 4, 1841, Catherine F. Crossman. Born 1823. Died 
Jan. 28, 1894. 



Charles E., 1842. Killed in battle, May 8, 1864. Married 
Charlotte Naylor, Feb. 15, 1862, daughter of Abraham 
Naylor of Boston. She afterward married Charles Dean, 
Sept. 23, 1868. 

Charles E. and Charlotte Babbitt had one daughter, Clara E., 
born 1862, who married Edwin Leonard of Taunton, 
AprU 27, 1883. 
1147 Everett F., 1847. 

Infant, d. Dec. 10, 1849. 
Alice J., d. June 6, 1861. 

WiUiam B., 1853. Married (1st) May 26, 1875, Mercy A. 
Woodward, daughter of WilHam and Martha. 

Married (2nd) July 27, 1887, Ellen Brennan of Taunton. 
George G., April 30, 1860; d. May 2, 1860. 
Frederick R., 1862. Married June 1, 1887, in Taunton, 

Emma R. Parker, daughter of George and Catherine. 
Hattie C, Sept. 22, 1866. Married Jan. 4, 1887, George 
Hathaway, son of George W. and Sarah A. Hathaway. 

Howard, Oct. 7, 1887. 
Ahce, July 4, 1889. 


Elkanah A. Babbitt (Ziba-Ziba-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Oct. 1, 1818. Died Aug. 13, 1889, in Taunton, Mass. 
Married Sept. 6, 1847, Caroline Barney of Boston, in Taunton, Mass., 
Children: — 

Florence H., Aug. 12, 1854. Married Dec. 26, 1883, Almond F. 

Townsend of Worcester, Mass. 
Carrie A., 1848. Married WUUam H. Brown, Jr., Dec. 25, 1868. 


Ehzabeth Babbitt (Ziba-Ziba-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born June 18, 1823. Died Jan. 27, 1907. 

Married Aug. 14, 1842, Learned J. Wilmarth, of Taunton, Mass. 


Children: — 

James E., May 19, 1845; married June 17, 1869, Harriet Gillette. 

Arthur, May 13, 1876. 
Harriet Sanford, Aug. 31, 1847; married Edwin Adelbert Dary, 
Jan. 27, 1869, son of Henry A. and Caroline Bosworth Dary. 
He died Aug. 9, 1906. Resides in Taunton. 

Mrs. Dary is a member of the executive conmiittee of the 
Babbitt Association and has been greatly interested in its work. 

Harriet Sanford, Dec. 8, 1871. 
Ellen J., Oct., 1849; married in 1870, Nathaniel Crossman. 
Henry. H. 
Ida W., June 17, 1864; married June 15, 1887, Andrew J. Pierce, 
son of Wilham and Elizabeth Burt Pierce. Resides in Taunton. 
Mrs. Pierce was secretary of the Babbitt Association for three 
years, and rendered efficient service in the work of starting the 


Ziba Babbitt (Elkanah-Ziba-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). (Baptized Feb. 22, 1808). 
Resided in Taunton, Mass. 

Married May 29, 1831, Wealthy Lmcob, daughter of David and 
Bethia (Dean). Born 1809. Died June 27, 1858, in Taunton, Mass., 
aged 49 years. 

David Dean, March 21, 1832; married Lucy A. Jordan, Aug. 18, 
1853. Served 1862-4 in Co. K, 4th Massachusetts, in Civil War. 
Bethia Lincoki, Sept. 20, 1834. Unmarried. 
CordeUa, March 22, 1841; married John W. Philhps, July 12, 

1859, son of John W. and Elvira. Had daughter, Florence. 
CorneHa, March 22, 1841. 

Joseph A., adopted April 8, 1859; married Feb. 24 1878, Ehza- 
beth A., daughter of Benjamin and Eliz. Eddy. 



Pilla (Pelatiah) Babbitt (Elkanah-Ziba-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born Nov. 7, 1812. Died Jan. 15, 1895. 

Married Sept. 5, 1831, Elijah Wilbur, of Taunton, Mass. Born Dec. 
25, 1801, to Apollos and Haiuiah (Wilbur) Wilbur of Raynham, Mass. 
Children: — 


Zibeon Wales. 

Josiah Dean. 

Sarah Jane. 

Elijah, May 16, 1845; married Lucy Knight. 

Mary Leonard, May 25, 1848; married Comehus Paul. 

Lieuphemia, married Eddy. 


Sarah Babbitt (Charles-Ziba-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born July 4, 1808, eldest child of Charles and Abigail Babbitt. 
"She was the most sedate and dignified of all the children. Left a widow 
at early middle age. She devoted her life to the rearing and care of hei 
dependent family, but never overlooking an opportunity to extend a 
helping hand to those less fortunate than herself, a trait in her character 
which seems to predominate in all the female descendants of Charles and 
Abigail." (Extract from a letter from a relative.) 
Died March 28, 1876. 

Married July 4, 1824, in Taimton, Mass., Ichabod Bosworth. Bom 
Sept. 1, 1802; died March 4, 1847. 
Children: — 

Charles Otis, Sept. 1, 1825. 
Abigail, Jan. 22, 1828; died June 4, 1828. 
Ichabod, March 15, 1829. Died Oct. 14, 1830. 
Sarah E., Jan. 16, 1832. 

Married (1st) John Brown, Feb. 16, 1851. He was killed in 
Civil War, 1863. 
Luella, married Charles D. White. 


Children: — 




Walter, married Lottie Macker. 

Flora, married Edward Barton. 


Married (2nd) William C. Tripp. Mrs. Tripp is a member 
of the Babbitt Association, and resides in Taunton. 
Abby, Jan. 29, 1835. 

Married Dec. 25, 1851, N. Everett Mason. 
Children: — 

Ida Everett, July 5, 1853; d. Sept. 7, 1854. 
Abbie Babbitt, Dec. 3, 1855; married Oct. 7, 1881, Frank 
M. Nichols of Taunton. Their daughter, Marion, born 
June 16, 1883, is a reader and elocutionist of great ability, 
and is widely known. 

Mrs. Mason is very proud of her Babbitt ancestry, and 
although unable to give active help in the labor of writing 
the family history, has nevertheless given great aid in the 
work because of her intimate knowledge and interest in 
her family history and in her remembrance of much that 
could not have been elsewhere found. She has ever shown 
her deep interest in the annual meetings and the name 
Babbitt is ever a pass word to secure her hearty welcome. 
Ichabod, Oct. 28, 1837; d. Sept. 27, 1879. 



Mary Leonard Babbitt (Charles-Ziba-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born Oct. 30, 1810. Second child of Charles and 
Abigail (White) Babbitt. "Aunt Mary" and "Uncle Lem." were certainly 
a jolly pair and the life of the social circle in which they moved. With 
a kindly word and "glad hand" for everybody, everybody was made 
happier by their presence. Well mated, they "pulled together" in the 


more serious walks of life, and were so successful as to be listed. among 
the large property owners of Taunton, with a fine residence on Winthrop 
street. And now the writer again "tumbles" to a reminiscent mood and 
keeps thinking ''How that couple could dance," and notwithstanding 
his near approach to the allotted age of man, he is almost inspired to 
attempt a "pigeon wing" himself. I think Mrs. Leonard must have 
taken after her mother. Somehow I am of the opinion that the "Spirit 
of Hilarity," which, from time to time, "crops out" in the descendants 
of Charles and Abigail, came from the \\Tiite side of the family. I am 
impressed with the idea that the Babbitts of old, were sedate in their dis- 

Mrs. Leonard died September 4, 1886. 

Married Oct. 6, 1831, Lemuel M. Leonard, of Taimton, Mass. Manu- 
ufacturer of stoves and hollow ware. Born Sept. 30, 1806. Died 
June 5, 1876. 
Children: — 

Mary Mason, Oct. 2, 1833. 

AmeHa Ellis, March 31, 1836. 

William Franklin, July 19, 1840. 

Abbie J., July 26, 1843; d. July 9, 1848. 


Charles Leonard Babbitt (Charles-Ziba-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born March 1, 1813, eldest son of Charles and Abigail 
Babbitt. He inherited his father's taste for mechanics, and after the 
completion of his education, joined him in the watch and jewelry busi- 
ness and after his father's death, continued the business in his own 
name, until he himself died. Of a genial disposition, kind hearted, with 
a keen sense of humor, and quick at repartee he readily became a favorite 
among his chosen circle of friends. In his later years he became a victim 
of rheumatism and sought relief in travel, by land and sea, in this country 
and abroad, but without avail. He was finally forced to give up, and 
for years was confined to his bed, unable to move without resistance, 
until his suffering was relieved by death, February 5, 1866. He was the 
last of his immediate family. All the others had gone before. 

With the passing of Charles L., the business, so well established by 
his father, passed also, first into the hands of new proprietors, then out 
of existence altogether. 


Married Dec. 26, 1836, Mary T. Ellis, who died September 27, 1859, 
aged 47 years. 

Charles ElUs, June 7, 1839. Died Aug. 23, 1839. 

Charles Henry, Oct. 1, 1840. Died Nov. 12, 1840. 

Edwin Grey, Sept. 20, 1841. Died June 23, 1860. 

Charles Brigham, March 16, 1847. Died July 22, 1847. 


James Howard Babbitt (Charles-Ziba-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born June 18, 1816. Died April 17, 1842. 

James Howard Babbitt, Sr., was the son of Charles Babbitt and be- 
came one of the firm of Charles Babbitt & Son. He was a noted 
mechanic and the model of the first fire engine used by the City of Taun- 
ton, made by him is carefully preserved by the city. 

Mr. Babbitt was one of the sixty original signers of the Cohannet Rifle 
Corps and his was the first name to be dropped from its roll by death, 
six years later. With two business friends he was taking a morning walk 
and chanced to visit the Weir bridge. A small sloop was just sailing 
for Providence and the three friends accepted the Captain's invitation 
to sail down as far as Dighton and return on another sloop or schooner 
boimd in from there. When off Hathaway's Point a boat (the only one 
on board) was lowered to set them ashore, but as the last one was being 
taken on, by a sudden lurch the small boat was upset. All were thrown 
into the water and Mr. Babbitt and one other were drowned. 

The "Taimton Whig" of that date said of him: — "He was respected 
for his probity and industry, esteemed for his virtues; and the community 
mourns his loss and indispensable ofiices. He possessed a mechanical 
genius rarely excelled which promised a future development of rare 
powers and skill." 

His fellow soldiers of the Cohannet Rifle Corps, under conmiand of 
Captain Cook attended his burial service under arms. 

Married May 7, 1838, Eliza C. Sweet." She was born April 16, 1820; 
died in 1852. 

Children: — 
1148 James Howard, Jr., Jan. 13, 1839. 

Charles Michael, Nov. 16, 1841 ; d. March 22, 1843. 



George Henry Babbitt (Charles-Ziba-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward), son of Charles and Abigail (White) Babbitt. Born June 
14, 1819. Died November 23, 1893, aged 74 years, 5 months, 9 days. 
Married in Rehoboth, Mass., December 7, 1840, Seraphine Sumner San- 
ford, daughter of Elijah Jones and Sarah Cushman (Sumner) Sanford. 
She was bom in Rehoboth, Nov. 20, 1821, and died in Taunton, Nov. 
10, 1901, aged 79 years, 9 months, 20 days. 

Mr. Babbitt, like his father, was a loyal Tauntonian and retained an 
active interest in the welfare of his native town during his entire life, but 
unlike his father and elder brothers he had no mechanical taste or skill, 
and so, after completing his education, in the schools of Taunton he be- 
came a dry goods merchant and continued in that business for a number 
of years. But mercantile business was not to his liking. He craved 
the "strenuous life" and was elected a constable in 1844 at a time when 
to be a town constable meant something, and many are the stories 
of "scraps" he was in while attempting to enforce the laws, (especially 
on "Cattle Show," "High Court," and "Election days") which have been 
handed down by men who knew him in those old days. 

So well did he discharge the duties of his office, however, that he at- 
tracted the attention of those higher in the official scale, and July 15, 
1851, he was appointed Coroner by Governor George S. Boutwell. 
August 2, 1851, he was appointed Deputy Sheriff by Lyman W. Dean of 
Attleborough, Sheriff. This office he held by successive appointments 
until March 6, 1855, when he was appointed Sheriff of the County of 
Bristol for five years by Governor Henry J. Gardner. By a change in 
the law in 1856, the office of Sheriff became an elective one and Mr. Bab- 
bitt was elected for a term of three years, commencing the following Jan- 
uary, and in 1859 he was again elected for a similar term, the certificate 
for his election being signed by Governor Nathaniel P. Banks. This 
term expired January, 1863, ending his career as Sheriff. 

On July 25, 1857, Mr. Babbitt was appointed, by Governor Gardner, 
a Commissioner to Qualify Public Officers. This appointment appears 
to have carried a life tenure, the appointee acting under it so long as he 
lived. He was appointed Justice of the Peace, by Governor Banks, 
April 10, 1860, for seven years and again appointed by Governor Gaston, 


January 28, 1875, for a like term. Becoming disssatisfied with the dis- 
tribution of the burden of taxation, he became an aspirant for the office 
of Assessor, and was elected in 1869 for three years, during which time 
he uncovered a large amount of property that had escaped the eyes of 
previous boards. A man of absolute integrity himself, he scorned 
hypocrisy in anybody. With full courage of his convictions he dis- 
charged the duties of his various trusts, impartially but \vithout regard 
to the feelings of those who might be hurt. Naturally, he made some 
bitter enemies, so that when in 1871, he became a candidate for mayor 
of Taunton he met with opposition so strong that his friends could not 
overcome it. But Mr. Babbitt was not only a good fighter, but a good 
loser and in 1872, he again became a candidate and was again defeated 
by a very small margin, but was persistent and in 1873, he won, taking 
his seat as Chief Magistrate, in January, 1874. He was his own suc- 
cessor in 1875 and 1876, with just enough opposition to make the elec- 
tions interesting. His administration of the city's affairs was in the same 
aggressive spirit which characterized the discharge of his duties in other 
offices he had held and, of course, some voters were disappointed, so that 
those opposed to him were reinforced to a number sufficient to defeat 
his re-election in 1876, and again, when he was induced to run, in 1877. 
At that time disheartened by the sickness and death of his oldest son and 
little grandson, he resolved to give up political hfe, and the next few years 
he devoted to his private affairs. For Mr. Babbitt, since 1850, in addition 
to his public work, had built a good clientage in the auction and com- 
mission business, had dealt quite largely in real estate, had built for him- 
seK a comfortable house with surrounding grounds, which at that time 
was regarded as one of the finest in the city; and, by profitable investments, 
had accumulated a competency upon which he could easily retire from 
active business whenever he chose. However he had been so long in 
contact with pubhc affairs that when the contact was broken he became 
restless and uneasy and quite late in Hfe he reopened the store which was 
the scene of his first business venture, and made for himself a "Head- 
quarters" where he could "do something," receive the friends of his active 
days, talk over the news of the day, criticize the acts of those in power 
and incidentally prod a delinquent office holder. And, so with wan- 
ing strength, which comes with increasing years he passed the time away 
until he no longer had the strength to go "down town," and then, when, 
to him, there was nothing more to live for, he died. 


Now, there are many men, once counted among his opponents, who will 
tell you that George H. Babbitt was the best pubhc officer that ever served 
the people of this community. 

Seraphine S., wife of George H. Babbitt, was a woman of cheerful dis- 
position, domestic in her habits, devoted to her family, but always con- 
siderate of those around her. Never a leader, but always an earnest 
participant in the rehgious, charitable and social affairs of the community 
she seemed to draw her greatest enjoyment in safe-guarding the comfort 
and happiness of others. A testimonial which the writer always hkes 
to recall, was a message entrusted to him, by an aged beneficiary of Mrs. 
Babbitt, in acknowledgment of some kindly act, It was this: "You 
tell your mother she's a real good woman,'' and so she was, in the broad- 
est sense the words can be used. This testimonial was frequently quoted 
in a jocular spirit during Mrs. Babbitt's life, but I'm sure the truthfulness 
of it would be heartily verified by all who knew her. Mrs. Babbitt lived 
to be within ten days of eighty years old, .and, to quote from an obituary 
pubHshed at the time of her death, she had "felt the bitterness of sorrow 
and the warmer pulses of joy and then rested," leaving "appreciative 
friends who recognized the glory there is in the domestic and womanly 
qualities which make up all that is best in wifehood and motherhood." 

Mr. and Mrs. Babbitt were the parents of four children: — 

1149 George Henry, Jr., Sept. 7, 1841. 

1150 Francis Sanford, Dec. 22, 1843. 

1151 Sarah Sumner, June 18, 1862. 
Charles, Sept. 29, 1849; d. Feb. 5, 1854. 


Elizabeth Babbitt (Isaac-Ziba-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born Sept. 4, 1830. 

Married (1st) in Roxbury, Mass., Nov. 3, 1851, WiUiam A. Allen of 
Cambridge, Mass., son of Andrew and Elizabeth Allen. 

Married (2nd) April 7, 1859, Benjamin W. Conant of Wobum, Mass. 
Born Dec. 29, 1835; died Aug. 2, 1881, son of Benjamin and EHzabeth 
(WTiite) Conant. 



Sarah Leonard Babbitt (Isaac-Ziba-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanali- 
Edward). Born July 25, 1836. 

Married Dec. 3, 1862, William Dana Seaver, son of William Dudley 
and Catherine (Hobbs) Seaver. Born Dec. 18, 1833; died March 17, 1903. 
One child: — 

Dudley Babbitt, Oct. 12, 1863; married Bloomie Pamonia Crook, 
June 30, 1897, daughter of Rodney and Matilda (Grant) Crook. 

Margaret, July 2, 1903. 


Harriet Newell Babbitt (Isaac-Ziba-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born March 30, 1834. Died March 18, 1866. 

Married Oct. 15, 1857, Francis Colburn, son of Orin and Mary Barney 
Colburn. Born Feb. 27, 1832; died Dec. 7, 1897. 
Children: — 

NelUe, Oct. 29, 1858. 

Alice, March 18, 1866; married Jas. Fairbanks, son of Sewall and 
Caroline (Blood) Fairbanks. 

Arthur Sewall, May 3, 1893. 


Seth Cooper Babbitt (Seth Cooper-Ebenezer-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah- 
Elkanah-Edward). Bom Sept. 28, 1816, in Taunton, Mass. Died 
Jan. 14, 1877, in Meriden, Conn. 

Resided in Taunton until 1839, when he removed to Dorchester, ^^ass. 
In 1844 he went to Albany, N. Y., where he resided seven years, going 
thence to Wallingford, Conn., where he lived thirteen years. Mr. 
Samuel Simpson had started the Britannia Ware business in that town 
and secured Mr. Babbitt to carry it on, which he did very successfully, 
being manager of many of the departments of the manufacture. When 
the shops were afterward moved to Meriden, Conn., Mr. Babbitt moved 
his family to that town and continued in the business as long as his age 
would permit. 



Married Sarah Lucas, born Nov. 7, 1814, in Kingston, Mass. Died 
July 23, 1882. 

Sarah Jane, Dec. 29, 1839, in Taunton, Mass; d. Aug. 23 
1890, in Taunton. Married George Jordan, of Taunton, 
Mass., May 20, 1866. 

1152 Helen Isabel, May 31, 1843, in Dorchester, Mass. 

Seth WilUam, Sept. 13, 1845, in Albany, N. Y. Has Seth 

Chfford and Phoebe Meryl. Married Marinda Clark. 
George Irvin, Oct. 9, 1847, in Albany, N. Y. Died young. 

1153 George FrankHn, Jan. 4, 1851. 

Emma, April 1, 1854, in WaUingford, Conn. 


Mary Jane Babbitt (Seth-Ebenezer-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Jan., 1825. Died Feb. 7, 1909. 
Married George Blood. 

George H., Aug. 22, 1849; married Susan Paine of Boston. 
Augusta M., Aug. 18, 1851; married Cyrus C. Randall. Resides 

in Dorchester, Mass. 
Clara J., Aug. 25, 1853. 

Mary Louisa, Nov. 4, 1855; married Edgar R. Farrin of Rich- 
mond, Me. 
Ella L., Feb. 5, 1858; married William H. Bird of Boston. 
Ida M., May 4, 1861; married Ephraim Wood of Boston. 
Cora, Nov. 3, 1864; married Henry F. Cook of Dorchester. 
Flora, Nov. 3, 1864; married (1st) Samuel Dalton; married (2nd) 
Robert Baxter of Boston. 


Henry H. Babbitt (Seth Cooper-Ebenezer-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah- 
Elkanah-Edward). Born in 1832, in Taunton, Mass. 

Resided in Providence, R. I. 

Married Jan. 4, 1854, Sarah Ellen Pearce, daughter of Isaac and Pene- 
lope (Horton) Pearce. Born July 30, 1834. She married 2nd Isaac Pettis. 


Children: — 

Nellie P., May 20, 1855; married Oct. 30, 1874, Charles W. Sher- 
man. He died Dec. 24, 1903. No children. 

Melissa A., July 11, 1866; married June 20, 1887, George Shep- 
ardson. Resides in Attleboro, Mass. 

Mary L., Sept. 16, 1900. 

Henry F., Feb., 1863; d. Dec. 1, 1863. 

Frank Henry, Aug. 5, 1869; married Feb., 1908, Eusebia Fisher. 

Fannie C, died young. 

One other died in infancy. 


Betsey Babbitt (Seth Cooper-Ebenezer-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elka- 

Resides in West Roxbury, Mass. 
Married Frank Witherell. 
Children: — 

W. O. 

Cora E. 


Ebenezer Babbitt (Ebenezer-Ebenezer-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born Feb. 5, 1822, in Taunton, Mass. Died May 27, 
1912, in Attleboro, Mass. Resided in Central Falls, R. I. 

Served in Navy in Civil War. Enlisted Nov. 5, 1863. 

Acting 3rd assistant engineer. 

Member of I. O. O. F. 

Married Sept. 26, 1844, Mary Jane WilHams, daughter of Benjamin 
and Fideha (Woodward) Williams, of Providence, R. I. Born Jan. 13, 
1824; died Dec. 21, 1905. 

1154 Albert F., July 1, 1846-7. 

Sarah, died, aged 10 months. 



Mary Cranston Babbitt (Ebenezer-Ebenezer-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah- 
Elkanah-Edward). Born Dec. 7, 1825. Died Oct. 10, 1907. 

Married Aug. 28, 1845, Isaac Warren Harlow. Born in Rehoboth, 
Aug. 31, 1823. Died Dec. 25, 1903. Lived in Central Falls, R. I. 

Mary A., May 21, 1846. 

Maria, April 4, 1850; d. Aug. 21, 1850. 

Walter Newton, June 11, 1857; d. July 19, 1857. 

IdaL., Feb. 21, 1861. 


William L. Babbitt (Ebenezer-Ebenezer-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born Oct. 9, 1830. Died May 24, 1908. 
A machinist by trade. 

Married June 16, 1860, Samantha A. Worden, daughter of Russell, 
and Louisa; bom Feb. 28, 1833, in Marlboro, Vt.; died July 14, 1905, 
in Pawtucket, R. I. 
Children: — 

Alfred W., Aug. 17, 1861; d. Jan. 12, 1862. 

WilUam L., April 15, 1863; married Sept. 16, 1886, Lizzie E. 

Schenck, daughter of Dennis and Kate. 
LilUan L., Aug. 15, 1865; married in May, 1894, John Ludgate, 

of Pawtucket, R. I. Died March 28, 1903. 
Ada C, Aug. 16, 1869; married Aug. 30, 1887, Peter H. Moley, 
son of James and Ellen. 


Benjamin Bosworth Babbitt (Jacob-Jacob-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah- 
Elkanah-Edward). Born in Bristol, Mass., in 1827. Died Dec. 20, 
1888, in Columbia, S, C. 


Was a clergyman of the Episcopal Church. From 1860 to 1869 he was 
settled in Andover, Mass., where he was rector of Christ's Church of that 
town. From thence he went to Columbia, S. C, where he occupied the 
office of president of the State University, at the same time filling the chair 
of professor of physics and natural sciences. While so occupied, he acted 
as chaplain of the United States army garrison in Columbia, and organ- 
ized the Episcopal missionary work among the colored people. 

While in Andover, Mass., he was largely instrumental in bringing about 
what was then known as the "graded school" system, which is the founda- 
tion of what is known as the public school system of Massachusetts. 

Married April 17, 1850, Mary Elizabeth Eaton, daughter of Charles 
F. Eaton. Born April 17, 1831, in Boston, Mass.; died March 28, 1879, 
in Columbia, S. C. 


1155 Charles Jacob, March 28, 1856. 

1156 Edward Miles. 


Edward Spalding Babbitt (Jacob- Jacob-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born July 20, 1829. Died Sept. 14, 1905. 

Mr. Babbitt was a member of the firm of Page, Briggs & Babbitt, metal 
importers of Boston. 

Later he removed to Bristol, R. I., and subsequently to Providence. 

Married Jan. 4, 1853, Arseha Morice, daughter of Daniel N. and Sarah 
(Lawless) Morice. Born in 1833. 

Children: — 

Arselia Morice, Sept. 12, 1856; d. Feb. 3, 1860. 
Sarah Arselia, June 1, 1866; d. June 9, 1875. 


Sarah Scott Babbitt (Jacob- Jacob-Ebenezer-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Jan. 1, 1831. Died July 28, 1889. 

Married Dr. Luther Martin. Born March 8, 1824; died March 6, 1897. 
Children: — 

Mary Nelson, March 4, 1861 ; d. Sept. 4, 1861. 

Abby, July 11, 1863; d. May 13, 1907. 

Chauncey E., Feb. 9, 1866; d. March 23, 1867. 



John Jeremiah Babbitt (John-Elisha-Jacob-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Jan. 1, 1840. 
Resides in Seattle, Washington. 

Married Oct. 1, 1859, Harriet A. Greenleaf, daughter of Stephen and 
Bethia (Church) Greenleaf. Born June 7, 1841. 

Ella Jane, married E. W. Albee. 

Fred S., married Mary (Bailey) Holmes. 


Sarah Haynes Babbitt (John-Elisha-Jacob-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born May 27, 1838. Died April 7, 1893, in Coventry, Vt. 
Married March 3, 1857, William Goodell. 
Children: — 

Albert, Dec. 11, 1860. 

George B., Nov. 5, 1864; d. May 26, 1876. 

Homer, March 9, 1875. 


Marcia Emily Babbitt (John H.-EKsha- Jacob- Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Bom Nov. 7, 1844, in Waterford, Vf. 

Married July 4, 1867, Lewis R. Carpenter, son of Nicholas and Hannah 
Carpenter. He was of Derby Line, Vt. 

Frank L., Feb. 1, 1875; married Bessie Stacy, Dec. 7, 1898. 


Leonora Wilson Babbitt (Ancil-Elisha- Jacob- Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Bom Nov. 18, 1839, in Greensboro, Vt. Died May 5, 1902, 
in St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

Married Albert Worcester. 

Sarah Emma, Nov. 27, 1861; d. May 25, 1889; married Rev. Carl 
Peterson, son of Earl Worcester, of St. Johnsbury, Vt. 



Julia Elizabeth Babbitt (Ancil-EHsha-Jacob-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Bom Dec. 22, 1844, in Greensboro, Vt. 
Resides in Bradford, Vt. 

Married Edgar Hunt, of Fairfax, Vt., son of Alonzo Hunt. 
Children: — 

Ancil Babbitt, May 22, 1869, in Fairfax, Vt.; married Gertrude 
Fay, daughter of Frank Fay. Resides in Lebanon, N. H. 
Children: — 
Eva Leonora, March 14, 1876, in East Hardwick, Vt.; married 
George A. Jenkins. Reside in Bradford, Vt. 


Henry Ancil Babbitt (Ancil-Elisha- Jacob- Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom Jan. 13, 1849, in Greensboro, Vt. 

Mr. Babbitt has always followed a mercantile life, at first in company 
with his father in Greensboro and St. Johnsbury, later in East Hardwick, 
and is at present manager of the Boston Bargain Store of Montpelier, 
Vt., and deals in china, silverware, stationery, dry goods, etc. 

He is a worthy successor of his father and exemplifies the same 

sturdy rugged honesty, which was so noteworthy in his father. He 

has ever taken a deep interest in the preparation of this book, and before 

its inception had already prepared a detailed record of his own branch 

of the family, which was of the greatest help in this work. 

Mr. Babbitt is a Vice-President of the Babbitt Association and has 
the regard of all who have met him by his quiet unassuming personality 
and friendly manner. 

Married Oct. 5, 1876, Abbie M. Stevens, daughter of J. Nelson and 
Rosanna (Huntington) Stevens, born May 7, 1848, in Greensboro, Vt. 
Died Aug. 5, 1892. 


Helen Stevens, March 26, 1879. Married Frank K. Griggs. Son 

Chandler Babbitt, born Dec. 6, 1909. 
JuUa Estelle, May 28, 1881; d. Sept. 8, 1899. 


Mrs. Babbitt was for a time teacher in the "Children's Home" in Balti- 
more, also taught in Aberdeen and Frederick, Md., and Williamsport, 
Pa. At this latter town she married Mr. Babbitt, whence they went to 
St. Johnsbury, Vt., to live. A devoted member of the Congregational 
Church, she was an active worker in all its work; in the choir, in its socie- 
ties, and as a helper and friend of the young people, she endeared herself 
to the whole community. She possessed a talent for painting, and for 
all work of an artistic nature. In the midst of ill-health and during 
affliction, her life was a sermon of cheerfulness and courage. 

The daughter Julia lived until past her eighteenth birthday. She in- 
herited her mother's sunny, mirthful disposition and was loved by all 
who knew her. To grace and loveliness of person were added refinement 
and Christian principle. Though not strong, she was active. Her skill 
and enjoyment of music were rare. To hear a piece played or sung was 
to know it and speak it when reaching home. When a very yoimg child 
she learned to whistle and was often asked to entertain visitors with this 
accomplishment (which it certainly was). While living in Waterbury 
she sang in the church choir when a very young girl. She united with 
the Congregational Church, at the age of twelve. 


Sarah Alantha Babbitt (Ancil-Elisha-Jacob-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Bom Oct., 1851, in Greensboro, Vt. 
Resides in Greensboro, Vt. 

Married June 14, 1875, Hugh M. Cuthbertson, of Greensboro, Vt. 
Children: — 

Henry Babbitt, Sept. 8, 1876. A railway engineer. Resides in 

Bridgeport, Conn. 
Archibald Bruce, June 14, 1882. Clerk in his father's store. 


Jane Johnston Babbitt (Elnathan-EUsha-Jacob-Jacob-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born Aug. 29, 1839, in Greensboro, Vt. 

In 1866, Mr. and Mrs. Blake removed to Kansas, where they now re- 
side in Parsons. 

Married Sept. 30, 1857, in Greensboro, Vt., George W. Blake, son of 
Henry and Joyce (Freeman) Blake. Born Aug. 26, 1834. They reside 
in Parsons, Kansas. 


Children: — 

Edna Amelia, Dec. 20, 1858; married April 18, 1883, Hiram Lucius 

Parmenter, of Northfield, Mass. Reside in Athol, Mass., and 

and have one son, Lawrence, born Aug. 23, 1890. 
Willis Alfred, Aug. 31, 1866; d. Sept., 1867. 
Piny White, Sept. 23, 1868; married Oct. 23, 1895, Mary K. 

Schwab, daughter of Frederick Schwab. They live in Parsons, 

Kansas, and have one daughter, Ruth. 
Lena Inez, Nov. 17, 1877; married in 1900, Otto Feese, in Parsons, 

Kansas. No children. 


Lewis Floridon Babbitt (Elnathan-Elisha- Jacob- Jacob-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born Sept. 17, 1850, in Greensboro, Vt. 
Resides in Northampton, Mass. 
In charge of State Hospital for the Insane. 

Married (1st) Oct., 1878, Leha E. Cutler, daughter of Joshua Obed 
and Sophia E. Cutler. 
Children: — 

Florence A., Oct. 13, 1884. 
Claire A., Jan. 12, 1886. 
Married (2nd) Aug. 23, 1892, Ellen S. Hancock, daughter of John M. 
and Eliza F. (Goss) Hancock. 
Children: — 

John Hancock, July 24, 1894. 
LeHa Phinette, June 28, 1898. 
Elizabeth F., Feb. 24, 1901 ; d. June 12, 1908. 


Thomas Sumner Babbitt (Joshua- Jacob-Jacob-Jacob-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born Oct. 5, 1846, in St. Albans, Vt. Died in Swanton, 
Vt, May 20, 1910. 

Married May 27, 1877, Florence Spears, daughter of A. A. Spears, of 

Children: — 

Bessie C, Dec. 3, 1879; married George Ranslow, 


Marion S., Jan. 16, 1883, in Swanton, Vt. 

Cutler A., Sept. 13, 1884, in Swanton, Vt. (Lives in West Somer- 

ville, Mass.) 
Inez S., Jan. 27, 1886, in Portland, Me., in 1907. 


Henry J. Babbitt (Je£ferson-William-Elijah-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Feb. 8, 1843. 
Resides in Albion, N. Y. 
Married Feb. 22, 1871, Louisa F. Millard. 
Children: — 

Clark Millard, July 8, 1878, in Carlton, N. Y. Married Jan. 27, 
1900, Lora Burt, daughter of Miles and Jane Burt. They have 
a son, Clark Millard, Jr., born March 27, 1906. Is a banker 
and broker in Buffalo, N. Y. 


Amelia M. Babbitt (Jefiferson-William-Elijah-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born June 22, 1851. 
Resides in Schenectady, N. Y. 
Married Bronson Chamberlain. 


Edna Rolfe (four children). 



George M. Babbitt (Jefiferson-WilUam-Elijah-Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born April 3, 1853, in Albion, N. Y. 
Residing in Davenport, Iowa. 

Married (1st) Nov. 26, 1879, in Albion, N. Y., Mary T. Finch, who 
died Aug. 5, 1896, in Humeston, la. 

Ray M., bom in Iowa, Sept. 29, 1883; married Jan. 29, 1907, 
Anna E. Schulmeister. 



Mabel Genevieve, Oct. 13, 1908. 
Branson, in Albion, N. Y., May 17, 1887; d. May 31, 1909. 
Married (2nd) Mrs. Anna M. Schulmeister, Sept. 3, 1900. 
Children: — 

Myrtle Irene, Dec. 5, 1904. 


J. C. Tremont Babbitt (Jefferson-William-Elijah- Jacob-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born Nov. 9, 1854. 
Resides in Gaines, N. Y. 
Married Satie Hoag. 





Nelson C. Babbitt (Jefferson-William-Elijah- Jacob-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born June 1, 1862. 
Resides in Albion, N. Y. 
Married Lena Billings. 





Robert Millen Babbitt (Elias-Stephen-Seth-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born June 20, 1820. Died April 29, 1885. 

A carriage maker by trade. 

Married April 16, 1843, Henrietta Marie JoUey, who died March 
27, 1899. 


1157 Sarah Millen, Nov. 18, 1845. 

1158 Robert Oscar Nov. 5. 1847; d. Dec. 31, 1903. 


1159 Mary Alice, Dec. 7, 1849. 

Frances Henrietta, June 5, 1854; d. June 3, 1877. 
Emma Louise, Feb. 5, 1857. Graduate of Mt. Holyoke Col- 
lege. For eighteen years principal in Morristown School. 

1160 Jane Elizabeth, Nov. 11, 1860. 


Amzi Babbitt (Moses-Stephen-Seth-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . 
Born March 17, 1825, in Mendham, N. J. Died Jan. 16, 1892. 

Married March 19, 1851, Elizabeth Menagh, born Nov. 10, 1827; died 
Jan. 18, 1896. 
Children: — 

Margaret Louise, d. Jan. 23, 1892, aged 39 years. 
Amzi Howard, d. May 14, 1869, aged 1 year. 

1161 Moses Fred, July 21, 1859. 

1162 Hugh Menagh, July 21, 1870. 


Stephen Babbitt (Moses-Stephen-Seth-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born May 6, 1836. Died July 29, 1898. 

Married March 12, 1862, Margaret Smith. Bom May 29, 1838; died 
Jan. 15, 1898. 


Stephen Eugene, married Florence Stiles. 

1163 Elizabeth. 

William Douglas, married Eva Van Ness, April 29, 1911. 

Anna, d. Sept. 8, 1866. 

Aaron, May 1, 1874; d. Feb., 1890. 


Edward Payson Babbitt (Moses-Stephen-Seth-Isaac-Elkanah-ELkanah- 
Edward). Born April 19, 1841, in Mendham, N. J. Died Dec. 20, 1907. 

Resided in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Married Nov. 25, 1868, Lydia Adams, daughter of John S. and Mary 
(Sturges) Adams. Born April 2, 1843, in New York City. 


Children: — 

Horace Convin, Nov. 24, 1869; d. Jan. 7, 1871. 
1164 Mary Eliz., Nov. 28, 1871. 

Edward Adams, April 14, 1874; d. March 1, 1903; married 

June 24, 1901, Mabel Wiles. 
Sarah Amanda, Aug. 24, 1877; married Clarence Powers Bill, 
Jan. 26, 1907. Resides in Cleveland, O. 


Delia E. Babbitt (Charles-Henry-Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom July 29, 1852. 

Married June 26, 1873, in Dover, Del, WiUiam F. Cooper. 
One child: — 

Louretta Cooper, who married Oct. 17, 1901, Merritt N. Willits 
of Dover, Del. He was born Nov. 9, 1875. 

Dorothy, June 11, 1906. 
Merritt N., Jan. 16, 1908. 


James Henry Babbitt (Charles-Henry-Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Feb. 20, 1854. Died April, 1909. 
Resided in Philadelphia, Pa. 
Married Amanda K. Potts. 

Harry P., Nov. 16, 1896, in Philadelphia, Pa. 


Jenny E. Babbitt (Charles-Henry-Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom Oct. 14, 1859. 

Married J^ug. 12, 1876, Charles W. Wright. He was bom Aug. 3, 
1857, in Felton, Del. 
One child: — 

Aima May Wright, who married Jvme 15, 1899, Chester B. Shaw, 
of Philadelphia, Pa. He was bom Nov. 24, 1874. 



Therese Babbitt (Amzi-Henry-Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . 

Married Otha Caven. 


Milton, 1889. 

George B., 1901. 

Charles A., 1903. 


Oscar Harris Babbitt (William-Henry-Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born Oct. 2, 1861. Died March 4, 1904. 

Married Laura Henrietta Cooper, Sept. 3, 1884, daughter of Nathan 
A. and Mary Henrietta (Leddel) Cooper. 
Children: — 

Henrietta Dora, Dec. 4, 1887. Died young, 
Ethel, Nov. 15, 1893; d. Dec. 4, 1893. 


Frank Matthews Babbitt (William-Daniel-Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elka- 
nah-Edward). Born Feb. 6, 1852. Died July 21, 1884. 

Married Dec. 30, 1874, Julia Smith, of Newton, N. J. Born March 
13, 1854. 

Children: — 

1165 Albert Condit, Aug. 9, 1875. 

AUce May, Oct. 10, 1877; d. Aug. 1, 1903. 

1166 Grace Louise, Sept. 5, 1880. 

Mary Frances, Aug. 14, 1882; d. Oct. 26, 1884. 
Mary Northrup, May 15, 1884. 


Henry Freeland Babbitt (Daniel-Daniel- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Bom Oct. 23, 1846. 

Resides in Conesville, Iowa. His farm is near the junction of the Iowa 
and Cedar rivers, and noted for its great production of water melons. 

Married Alida Pettit, July 6, 1870. She was bom Nov. 27, 1850. 


Children: — 

Fannie, April 9, 1871 ; married Edwin M. Stanton, x\pril 24, 1889. 
Reside in Nichols, la. 

Nathan, July 18, 1890. 
Eari, June 11, 1892. 
Lester, March 25, 1894. 
Vaughn, May 11, 1896. 
Marie, Jan. 24, 1898. 
Letha, May 11, 1900. 

Clarence, Jan. 13, 1907. 
NeUie, Sept. 6, 1875; married Jos. R. Guthrie. Reside in Lone 
Tree, la. 

Andrew, Aug. 20, 1895. 
Ahda, April 1, 1897. 
Isabel, June 12, 1899. 
Mary, Aug. 1, 1902. 
John, June 6, 1905. 
Ralph E., Aug. 17, 1873; married Cora Beatty. Resides in Cones- 
ville, la. 
Children: — 

Helen M., Jan. 28, 1902. 
MUdred A., July 23, 1906. 
Madge, July 21, 1881; married Cecil W. Bangs, superintendent 
of schools, in Paulina, la. 

Irma Grace, June 17, 1908. 
Glenn, March 26, 1883; manager of music store, in Montezuma, la. 
Lloyd H., June 24, 1888. 
Lazelle, Aug. 14, 1890. 
Vernon, March 17, 1893. 
Grace M., June 21, 1897. 


Amanda Babbitt (Daniel-Daniel- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Dec. 7, 1845. 


Lived for a time in Iowa and later in Nebraska. 

Married Sidney WilUams. Born Sept. 13, 1838; died Dec. 27, 1907. 


Fred, April 22, 1864; married Feb. 11, 1886, Sophronia Putnam. 
Reside in Oklahoma. 

S. Hollingworth, Sept. 29, 1898. 
Harry, Oct. 9, 1888. 
Cecil, Jan. 6, 1895. 
Fay, Oct. 30, 1896. 
Mary, Oct. 14, 1900. 
Byron, April 19, 1903. 
John, March 13, 1905. 
Herbert, May 25, 1908. 
Myrtle, Nov. 27, 1910. 
Charles, July 13, 1866; railroad contractor in Lincoln, Neb. 
Married Cora EUingsworth. 
Children: — 

Myrtle, March 27, 1888. 
NeUie, April 2, 1892. 
Hazel, Dec. 27, 1894. 
Clarence, June 25, 1874; married Jennie Johnson. Resides in 
Gothenberg, Neb. 

Helen, Aug. 25, 1903. 
Homer, July 18, 1905. 
Howard, Jan. 7, 1907. 
Sidney, Dec. 24, 1909. 
Nina, Jan. 28, 1880; married Hiram Ristine. Lives near Gothen- 
berg, Neb. 
Children: — 

Frances, Oct. 17, 1908. 
Ruth, Sept. 20, 1901. 
Ethel, Feb. 16, 1905. 
Dorothy, June 20, 1910. 
Cecil, Sept. 10, 1883 ; married Fred Doyle. Resides near Cozad, Neb. 
Children : — 

Mildred, March 3, 1910. 
Arthur, Feb. 11, 1911. 



Jacob R. Babbitt (Daniel-Daniel- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Aug. 14, 1856. 

Mr. and Mrs. Babbitt reside at present in Gainsboro, Sask,, Canada, 
where they have taken up wheat lands. Their children are still residing 
in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Married Sarah Holmes, a relative of Oliver Wendell Holmes, and 
who also has considerable poetic ability. 

Grace, June 22, 1881 ; married George D. Brewer, the noted lec- 
turer, resides in Girard, Kan. 
Ruth, Aug. 14, 1883, resides in PauUina, la. Graduate of Griimel 
College, teacher in High School. Married April 4, 1912, Arthur 
W. McBride. 
Ellie, May 22, 1886. ' Unmarried; resides in Des Moines, also a 

teacher in Des Moines. 
Marcia, April 29, 1891. Unmarried; resides in Des Moines. High 

School pupil in East Des Moines. 
Mary, July 10, 1893. Unmarried; resides in Des Moines. High 
School pupil in East Des Moines. 


Florence Babbitt (Daniel-Daniel- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . 
Bom Sept. 23, 1858. Died 1905. 
Resided in Franklin, Iowa. 
Married Harlan Marsh. 
Children: — 

Harry, June 9, 1882. 

Lester, Oct. 21, 1887. 

Mildred, Nov. 7, 1894. 

Marion, Nov. 20, 1896. 


Aminda Belle Babbitt (Daniel-Daniel-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) 
Bom April 10, 1866. 

Resides in Seymour, Iowa. 


Clergyman in the Protestant Episcopal Church. 

Eldest son of Maj. Jacob Babbitt. 


Married Ernest Coleman. Mr. Coleman is in the real estate business. 
Children: — 
Olive, Dec. 23, 1887; married James Highbarger, Court Bailiflf of 

Appanoose County, Iowa. 
Clellie, May 14, 1890. 
Ada, July 12, 1892. 
Lawrence, July 24, 1895. 
Carroll, June 1, 1904. 


William Babbitt (Stephen-Job-Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born 1833. 

Went to California, 1853, for twelve years. Came back to Illinois, 
and married and now lives in Beloit, Kansas. 
Married Kate Effland. 

Maggie, married Asa Holway. 
Jennie, married Harry Mehl. 

Stephen, married (1st) Grace Guptile; (2nd) Jennie Seacord. 


James Babbitt (Stephen- Job- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom 1836. 

Belonged to Co. G, 50th Illinois. 

Lives on his farm, near St. Augustine, 111. 

Married Adaline Davis. She died 1909. 



Marion, died young. 

Grant, married (1st) Mamie Smith; (2nd) May Jones , in Bush- 
nell, Illinois. 

Child — Marion (by first wife). 
Sherman, married Belle Babbitt. See 1094. 
Guy, married Cora Jennings 
Children: — 

Ray, in Lawton, Okla. 
Morton, married Eva Rowe. Resides in Abingdon, 111. 
Graduate of Moody Institute of Chicago. Is a singing 
* Children:— 

Stacey, died young. 
Clarice, died young. 
Nannie, married Robert Morgan. 


Stephen Babbitt (Stephen- Job- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born August 1843. 
A farmer near St. Augustine, 111. 
Served three years in 72nd Illinois Volimteer Infantry. 
Married Leona Thomas. 
Children: — 

Hubert, a real estate man in Galesburg, 111., married Mary 

Cutler. Child — Marjory. 
Neva, married Albert Poiset, in Aron, 111. 
Children: — 

Alexis, died young. 


Edith, married Peter Clark, in St. Augustine, III. 
Children: — 

Louise, died young. 




Hugh Babbitt (Stephen- Job- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Aug. 1843. 

Resides near Malvern, la. 

He and his twin brother, Stephen, are remarkably alike. 

Married Azuba Babbitt. See No. 738. 


Lena, married Miller Weeks. 


Minnie, married Ed. Cardiff. 

Glenn, married Clara Kermedy. 



Job Babbitt ( Jonathan- Job- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Oct. 20, 1839, in St. Augustine, 111. 

Civil War veteran; four years service, Co. C, 17th Illinois; also sergeant 
Co. A, 7th U. S. Vet., April 4, 1865-April 3, 1866. 

Mr. Babbitt was wounded at battle of Fort Donelson, Tenn. Served 
through siege of Vicksburg. His regiment was most conspicuous in 
service — serving in every battle from Belmont to Vicksburg. In all these 
battles Mr. Babbitt took active part. 

Mr. Babbitt has been a great worker in the compilation of his family 
record for this book. A RepubUcan in politics. Resides in Gretna, Neb. 

Married Esther Adeha Albro, June 15, 1874, daughter of Captain 
Alexander W. and Emily Albro of Galva, 111. She was born in 1850. 


Cora, June 13, 1875; married Axel F. Johnson, in St. Louis, Mo. 


Josephine E., Aug. 11, 1879; married Willis Strickline, in Gretna, 

Howard, 1907. 
Taylor, 1909. 
Harriet, April 3, 1884; Oelrichs, S. D. 
Agnes L., April 30, 1886; married John Leroy Nye. 


Ira T. Babbitt ( Jonathan- Job- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Bom Feb. 24, 1849. 

Mr. Babbitt invented the Babbitt chum and his business is in the in- 
terests of his invention. 

Married (1st) AHce Wallace. Died 1904.; (2nd) Mrs. Smith, 1905. 
Children: — 

Mary Elnora, 1871 ; married Charles Shiplett. 

Child— John. 
Minnie, 1873; d. 1904. 
Euphema Evaline, 1875; married John Anderson, of Spokane. 

Child— Wallace. 
Myrtle L., 1877; married (1st) Wilbur Shoop; (2nd) WiUiam 

Mogridge, of Spokane. 
Elizabeth E., 1880; married John Raymond, of Hillyard, Wash. 
Etna, 1883. Resides with her sister, Mrs. Anderson, in Spokane. 
Orlena W., 1885, in OUahoma. 
Jonathan Oscar, 1888, in Abingdon, 111. 


Jonathan Babbitt ( James- Job- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Nov. 21, 1838. Died Dec. 19, 1895. 
A farmer near St. Augustine, 111. 
Mr. Babbitt had a service in Union Army in Civil War. 
Married Rebecca Martz. 

Dell, married George Slater. 
Children: — 

June, of Avon, 111. 


Luella, d. 1909; married Peter Asquith. 

Child — Corinne. 
Arm, married Benjamin Steach. 
Children: — 

Robert, of Abingdon, 111. 
James, married Pearl Frizelle. 
Flora, died unmarried. 
Emma, d. 1908; married William EUener. 

Child— Charles. 
Fannie, married Challender. 
Children: — 


James Babbitt ( James- Job- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-EIkanah-Edward). Bom 
Dec. 22, 1842. 

Member of Co. G, 50th Illinois. 

A retired farmer. Resides in Galesburg, 111. 

Married Martha Cafferty. 


Edwin, married Nellie Perry, deceased. 
Children: — 


Edwin Babbitt ( James- Job- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed ward). 
Bom June 3, 1851. 


A farmer near St. Augustine, 111. 
Married Clara Johnson. 
Children: — 
Lavinia, married Glenn Aiken. Resides in Galesburg, 111. 

Child— Gladys. 
Mary, married Bert Barnes. Resides in Monmouth, 111. 

Child— Hurl. 
Emory, married Daun Spencer. Resides in Galesburg, 111. 

Child— Garnet. 
Homer, married Nora Anthony. Resides in St. Augustine, 111. 

Child — Clara Naomi. 


Phoebe Babbitt (Hugh- Job- Job'-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Born 
Married Robert Gathers, in Valley, Okla. 
Children: — 









John Babbitt (Job- Job- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . 
Resides in Westborough, Mo. 
Member of 50th Illinois, C. V. 
Married Elizabeth Abel. 



Irene, married Buckles. 


Jane Babbitt (Job-Job-Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Resides in Rulo, Nebraska. 
Married Charles Jones (her cousin). 





Anne Babbitt ( Job- Job- Job-Isaac- Elkanah-Elkanah- Edward). 
Resides in Albany, Mo. 
Married Alfred Smith, deceased. 
Children: — 


Minnie, married Henry Davis. 




Lucinda Babbitt (Job-Job-Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Resides in MinneapoUs, Minn. 
Married Miller Boosenberry. 
Children: — 











Rose Babbitt ( Job- Job- Job-Isaac- Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Died 
about 1880, in Pulo, Neb. 
Married John Manning. 
Children: — 





Harriet Babbitt (Job- Job- Job-Isaac- Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Married Thomas Jennings. 
Children: — 

Rufus, died in infancy. 

Delora, married Brooks. 

Cornelia, married Brooks. 

Kate, married John Quinn. 


May, married Alta Brown. 

Margaret, married Clyde Andrews. 



Job Babbitt (Job-Job-Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Died 
1908. Killed by train while moving household goods to New Mexico. 
Resided in Iowa City, la. 
Married Nancy Hill, his cousin. 
Children: — 





Counsellor at Law. Eldest son of Rev. Benjamin Bosworth Babbitt. 

First President or the Babbitt Family Association. 



Evaline Babbitt (Job-Job-Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Resides in Avon, 111. 
Married Henry Butler. 
Children: — 

Ida, married William Schultz. Resides near Avon, 111. 

Julia, married George Hoover. Resides in Mobile, Ala. 

Harry, married Leila Clayton. 

Nellie, married George Allen. Resides in Iowa. 



Ida Babbitt (Job-Job-Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). Died 
about 1895. 
Lived in Iowa City, Iowa. 
Married Levy Hill. 




Elias Babbitt (Isaac-Stephen- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah- Edward). 
Married (1st) Elizabeth Long. 
Married (2nd) Carrie Carpenter. 

William, married Ella Sharp. Daughter Silva, married Roy Mitchell. 


Samantha, married Sam Richardson. 





George Babbitt (Isaac-Stephen- Job-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) 
Married Caroline Mitchell. 



Howard, died young. 

Maude, married Reece Young. Resides in London Mills, 111. 
Daisy, married Jesse Smith, in St. Augustine, 111. 
Children: — 



Lena, married Ernest Swartz, in Abingdon, 111. 


Margaret Babbitt (Jesse-Daniel-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Bom Oct. 13, 1848. 

Married April 6, 1871, Charles W. Copeman. 
Mrs. Copeman resides in Hilton, N. J. 

Edith L., Feb. 19, 1872; married Edmund R. Halsy, 1903. 

Charlotte May, Jan. 20, 1874; married John L. Hurlburt, 1898. 

Harriet Ward, March 9, 1882. 


David Babbitt (Jesse-Daniel-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Born Sept. 13, 1850. Died Nov. 30, 1901. 
Married Annie Stone, deceased. 
Children: — 

Jesse, July 1882. 




Lemuel Babbitt (John-Seth-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward) . 
Born 1848. 

F. E. Babbitt, Roselle Plains, N. J. 



Francis E. Babbitt (Amzi-Silas-EIkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born Oct. 5, 1849. 
Resides in Florence, Neb. 

In 1866 enlisted in Co. G, 1st Nebraska Cavalry. Served 1 year, 
7 months, guarding U. S. Mail Service from Indians on the Great Desert. 

Myrtle, married Silas R. Brewster, in 1895. Live in Florence, 

Neb., and have two children. 
Percy, resides Benson, Neb. 
DeWitt, resides Lincoln, Neb. 
Emma, resides Florence, Neb. 


Sidney Babbitt (Stephen-Silas-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born 1835. Died Aug. 15, 1889. Buried in Rockaway. 
Served in Co. G, 40th N. J. Regiment, Civil War. 
Resided in Rockaway, N. J. 

Enlisted Feb. 14, 1865, and served till close of war. Discharged 
July 13, 1865. 

Married (1st) Aug. 15, 1857, Lucy Dougherty. Born Oct. 1, 1840. 
Died Oct. 19, 1867, daughter of Anthony and Mary (Beach) Dougherty. 

George, died young. 
CorneUa, married Herman Yawzer. 
Mary, married Francisco. 
Newton, died young. 
Married (2nd) Catherine Davenport, Oct. 2, 1870. Now resides in 
Dover, N. J. 
Children: — 

Sidney, Dec, 1874; d. March 14, 1882. 
Anne, May 30, 1875. 
Elizabeth, Oct. 27, 1883. 


James Harvey (Harvey-David-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 
ward). Born March 21, 1845. 


Married June 25, 1863, Lucy Hughes. Born AprH 5, 1843. Died 
June 19, 1910. 
Children: — 

Albert Lee, July 2, 1864; married Millie McKean. 

One son — James. 
William H., 1868; married Mattie lams. 

One daughter — Blanche Mae. 
John Henry, June 2, 1876. A photographer in Waynesburg, Pa. 
Married Lena May Shaffer, Nov. 27, 1901. 
Two children: — 

Larry Harold, March 9, 1903. 
Florence LuciUe, Aug. 3, 1905. 


Sarah Ellen Babbitt (Isaac-David-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born 1855. 
Married Nicodemus Mart. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mart have lived for about thirty-seven years in different 
parts of Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas. They recently removed to Big 
Cabin, Okla., where they and all their children reside except Oscar, 

Oscar, married NelKe Taggart, resides in Hendley, Neb. 


Charles, married Stella Odell. 

Edna, married Frank Mitchell. She died 1902. 

Effie, married Walter Hagen. 


James Austin Babbitt (Isaac-David-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah- 
Edward). Born 1857. Died 1905. 

Lived on a farm near St. Augustine, 111. After his death his family 
moved to Huron, S. D., in 1907. 
Married Telva Cushman, 1884. 












David Melvin Babbitt (Isaac-David-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanali-Elkanah- 
Edward). Lives on his father's homestead farm, near St. Augustine, 111. 
Married Cora Barnes. 
Children: — 

Lilhan Moron. 



Lewis Addison Babbitt (Isaac-David-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elka- 

A real estate man in Abingdon, 111. 

Married (1st) Ruth Austin, in 1887. She died shortly after. 

Married (2nd) Pearl Perdue. 


Forrest Addison. 


Belle Babbitt (Isaac-David- Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Edward). 
Married Sherman Babbitt. Son of 1064. 

They live on a farm near St. Augustine, 111. Mr. Babbitt is a cattle 


Pauline Babbitt (Isaac-David-Elkanah-Isaac-Elkanah-Elkanah-Ed- 

Reside in Abingdon, 111. 
Married Albert Clemens. 
Mr. Clemens is a traveling salesman.