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Babcock Genealogy 




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Whose faithful assistance has never faltered 

during the long, years which have been 

necessary to complete my task. I 

gratefully dedicate this 


The Author. 


THE compiler of this work has for more than thirty years 
given much to gathering Babcock family records, 
with at first no expectation of including more than the 
records of the descendants of his grandfathers, both of whom 
were Babcocks, though remotely related. As the work grew 
the idea of publishing developed, and for the past four years 
the most of his otherwise leisure time has been given to it. 

The work begins with James Badcock (Babcock), who set- 
tled in Portsmouth, R. L. in 1642, in Westerly, R. I.. 1662. and 
died there June 12, 1679. It includes records of about two 
thousand families, which can be traced with, certainty to the 
James Babcock referred to above. Some of these are of the 
eleventh generation of Babcocks in America. 

Records for this book have been collected from Westerly 
and other town records and from scores of published works, 
among the most valuable of which are: Colonial Records of 
Rhode Island and Connecticut. Arnold's Vital Records of 
Rhode Island. Wheeler's History of Stonington, Smith's Civil 
and Military Lists of Rhode Island, Town Meeting Records 
of Portsmouth. R. I.. Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth, and 
History of the Town of Plymouth, the last two by William T. 
Davis. Much the larger part have been gathered from family 
records never before published. 

The author has been assisted in this work by many, among 
whom should be mentioned Col. A. J.- Babcock, of Springfield. 
111., who for more than twenty years has been an enthusiastic 
collector of Babcock genealogy. He loaned the author all of 
his Babcock records, which included several hundred pages 
of manuscript, and has written, perhaps, hundreds of letters 
to the author and others in his efforts to make this volume a 
full and accurate genealogical record. 

Mr. A. Emerson Babcock, of Brighton, X. Y.. has spent 
much time, effort, and money in collecting records of the de- 
scendants of his progenitor, Isaiah Babcock, Sr., of the fifth 

vi Preface. 

generation. His records are included in this book, and arc 
published as prepared by him in the last part of the volume. 

Mr. Edwin Babcock, of Westerly, R. I., has for a genera- 
tion been collecting Babcock family records, and is considered 
authority on Babcock genealogy. By his kind permission the 
author has had free access to his records. 

Space forbids mentioning by name the hundreds who have 
given records of one or several families, but the author wishes 
to especially thank the following, who have given much help 
in collecting genealogical records: Rev. Charles 11. Babcock, 
D.D., Providence. R. I.; Mr. William 1'. Abbott, St. Paul. 
Minn.; Hon. Henry L. Green, Riverpoint, R. I.; the late Hon. 
Horatio Gates Jones. Philadelphia, Pa.; the late Rev. Rufus 
Babcock, D.D., Poughkcepsie, X. Y. ; Miss Mary Rodman, 
Groton, Conn.; the late Mr. Nathan Babcock, Westerly, 
R, F; Phche J. B. Wait, M.D.. New York City; Mrs. Julia 
M'. JB. Ambler, Chatham, N. Y. ; Rev. Theodore Babcock, 
D.D., Syracuse. X. Y. ; Mr. W. I. Babcock, New York City; 
Mrs. Pcrsis Gray, San Francisco, Cal. ; Mr. Stephen E. Ball- 
cock, South Rend. Ind.; Mrs. Judge Edward Thomas, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y.; Lucy A. Babcock, M.D., Alfred. X. Y.; Mr. 
Raymond E. Dodge, New York City: Miss Flora P Babcock, 
St. Paul, Minn.: Mr. Cyrus Henry Brown, Westerly. R. I.; 
Mrs. Mary A. Babcock, Phenix, R. F: Mrs. Mary Gooding, 
Los Angeles. Cab; Miss Margaret I. Van Patten, Westerly, 
R. F; Mrs. Prudence Carter, New York City; Mrs. Clara 
Babcock Wadsworth, Binghamton, X T . Y. : Mr. Charles IF 
Green, Alfred. X. Y. ; Mr. Daniel Balwock, Phenix, R. F; 
Miss Grace D. Wheeler, Stonington, Conn. 

For reasons given in the explanations, many dates found in 
this work may be questioned by some, although the author has 
taken great pains to verify dates and statements. Trusting that 
unavoidable errors will be excused if such be found, this work- 
is now submitted to the public. 

By Rev. Charles Henry P.abcock, D.D. 

THE Babcock Coat of Arms, which is u>c<\ as the fron- 
tispiece of this book, is from the Dictionary of 
American Family Antiquity. Jt is described in the 
language of Heraldry thus: He beareth Argent; three 
pale cocks on a Fesse cotised, gules. Crest, a cock's head. 
Motto, "Dcus spes men." Defined,* for the benefit 01 those 
unversed in Heraldry, the meaning" of these queer terms is as 
follows: Argent means silver, sometimes represented by 
white. Fesse cotised means a broad baud crossing- the shield 
horizontally in the middle between two narrow bands parallel 
to, and near, the Fesse. The Fesse is emblematic of the mili- 
tary girdle worn round the body over the armor. Gules means 
red. The crest is placed on the top of, or above, the shield, 
and the motto, or legend, is usually below it. Hence, ex- 
pressed in ordinary English, our coat of arms relates that 
The Babcock bears a white, or silver, shield with three pale 
cocks emblazoned on a broad red band, crossing the shield 
horizontally, with a narrow red band on each side of it; with 
a cock's head above, and a motto beneath the shield, which 
motto expresses the sentiment, God is my Hope. 

Attempting to trace this coat of arms to its origin, we dis- 
cover that it seems to be a composite, made of parts of several 
coats of arms of the same general family. Of this, however. 
we cannot be perfectly sine, because no modern book of Her- 
aldry may be supposed to contain all the multitude of devices 
of this sort which were stamped on ancient documents, copied 
in books and manuscripts now lost, and embossed on seals 
and surcoats of armor which have, apparently forever, dis- 
appeared. Some such or other undiscovered repository may 
yet reveal the original of our escutcheon, intact, in its present 
form. But, meantime, we must base our opinion only upon 
what we have been able to definitely ascertain after consid- 
erable research, the results of which are as follows. Accord- 
ing to the best available information there are four coats of 

* I'iiie Burke's'ArnuTy. 

viii Coat of Arms and family Origin, 

arms borne by different families of the Babcock — or rather 
Badcock— name in England, and ours, as presented in the 
frontispiece to this volume, is not one of them. One of the 
four pertains to the Badcocks of St. Winow, County Corn- 
wall; another is displayed by the family in Essex and .Mid- 
dlesex; a third is distinctive of the Devonshire branch, while 
the fourth is borne by Lieut. -Col. Lovell Benjamin Badcock, 
of Lincolnshire and Bucks. A fifth variety, moreover, is de- 
scribed hy Burke, hut is unlocated by him further than the 
general identification implied by attaching to it the name "Bad- 
cock." Our device resembling, and yet differing from, each 
one of these in some respect, seems, we repeat, a composite, 
which levied upon each of the five for its own composition. 
Thus, the argent or silver shield corresponds with the unlo- 
cated arms; the three pale cocks are found in the Cornwall 
arrangement; the gules, or red, is displayed in the color of 
the cocks in Essex-Middlesex and in Devonshire, and i.-i also 
found irj the shield color of the Lincolnshire and Lucks device. 
As for our crest, it appears to have been derived from the 
Devonshire version, which is a cock's head — or demi-cqek — 
colored gules, or red. Two other and entirely different crests 
are also used by the Badcocks in England — one a talbol in 
white, or silver, which surmounts the Lincolnshire- Lucks 
shield, and the other a stag between two branches of laurel, 
which distinguishes the Essex-Middlesex armor. Sable, or 
black, is introduced in coloring some parts of three of the 
above-mentioned arrangements, and appears, too. in some 
copies of our device as the color of the crest and of the scroll 
and motto. 

For the substance of these details we are indebted, 
mostly, to Burke's Heraldry; hut that encyclopedic and 
recondite compilation docs not enable us to trace the con- 
stituent parts of our armorial blend to their origin, nor 
does it enable us to determine the time of the adoption 
of them, severally, by the different county families who 
made them their own. While, therefore, the coat of arms 
we sport is seemingly a composite one. we are not. and 
so far as we know nobody is. informed as to when or why it 
was thus composed. Perhaps its composition was due to mar- 
riage, at different times in the remote past and within the 
family connection, which might have induced the individuals 
concerned to blend their armorial bearings while uniting their 
joys and dividing their sorrows. But if this be the true ex- 
planation of the composition in question no proof of it can be 

Coal of Anns and Family Origin. ix 

here produced, because, so far as we are able to decide, no 
such proof exists. Whenever and however our escutcheon 
acquired its present form, there were, at that unknown time, 
brought together in it symbols of ancient family life, which 
serve to remind us that that life readies in many directions, 
and a long way into the past of England. Mere conjectures 
upon this, as upon most subjects, arc worthless, based as they 
are upon no sustaining evidence. Indeed, there seems to be 
but one clear and positive statement which here may safely be 
made, and that is, that at any rate the coat of arms printed in 
this book has been long known, at least as a picture, in this 
country; for it is. in all essential particulars, the duplicate of 
a copy in the present writer's possession, the original of which 
hung, during said writer's early boyhood, in the dining room 
of his grandfather, John Babcock, of New Haven, Conn. 

And this last statement leads to the reflection that in the 
opinion of all good Americans coats of arms arc, in this coun- 
try, valuable only as pictures, anyway. They are looked upon 
by most of us as part of the worn-out trappings of a state of 
society which, so far as we are concerned, has passed away. 
To us' they are merely curious reminders of ancient and obso- 
lete standards for estimating human worth, and the sight of 
them nowadays, in our land, is apt to provoke either good- 
natured derision or contemptuous sneers. Well, so may it 
always be, in so far as it is necessary to the perpetuation of 
republican institutions. Nevertheless, coats of arms, in their 
palmy days, so far from being mere flauntings of pride of 
place, served a most serious, practical purpose. They saved 
many times, no doubt, valuable human lives. For, in those 
old days when men went into battle clad from head to foot in 
armor, with faces completely concealed by the closed visors 
of their steel helmets, there was no way of recognizing a war- 
rior thus accoutered save by his coat of arms. This was so 
called because of the fact that it was embroidered on the sur- 
coat, or "camisc," made of leather or silk, or other stuff, which 
was worn over the armor, in full view. Seeing this symbol of 
rank and leadership in the midst of an affray, friends would 
rally to support the wearer of it. while foes, if victorious, 
would spare that wearer's life for the sake of making a valu- 
able prisoner. It is said that the last of the De Clares owed 
his death in the battle of Bannockburn to his having neglected 
to wear his coat of arms, by which he might have been recog- 
nized and his life saved for captivity. And so. doubtless, 
many another good man and true was killed, on other battle- 

x Coat of /Inns and Family Origin. 

fields, and many another spared, because of the absence, or the 
presence, on his surcoat of the heraldic emblem, which told, or 
failed to tell, who he was for the information of friends and 

But, beyond this humane, though incidental, service ren- 
dered by the coat of arms, its blazonry as a family distinction 
tended to emphasize that individuality of being and of doing, 
which is so necessary to progress and prosperity in human 
life. Individuality stamps itself, for good or evil, on the 
world's history, strive to submerge it in the community as we 
may. Judah with his lion, and the old Romans with their 
eagles, sought by those emblems to indicate the possession of 
Strength and swiftness in doing what was conceived by them 
to be right in ethical and social ways. When Fudah's lion 
reared his head, righteousness was declared, as becoming a 
nation. Where the Roman eagles were uplifted, there law and 
order was proclaimed to all the world. And. similarly, the 
adoption of a distinctive armory, with crest and legend, more 
or less descriptive of individual qualities, or deeds, was the 
declaration of a personality distinct and separate, because it 
was connected with, and pledged to, a certain line of conduct 
worthy of remembrance with pride. 

Coats of arms were not granted, or assumed, save for cause 
worthy of perpetuation. Such insignia, from being personal 
at the first, soon became hereditary, subject to the rules and 
laws which governed the descent of titles and property. Fam- 
ilies in the legitimate possession of such devices traced thereby 
connection with the name and fame of their ancestors, and 
were thus stimulated, in their individual membership, to be 
worthy of the blood they shared with those who, in olden 
times, had done something worth while. If there is anything 
in this consideration which is morally stimulating to the Bab- 
cocks of our day. then our coat of arms is not quite useless — 
it has not come down to us in vain. Our escutcheon suggests 
a somewhat belligerent character, it must be confessed. Three 
fighting cocks on a fiery background, with a head of the same 
game bird lustily crowing as a crest, do not altogether bode 

for peace. 'Tis true the cocks are pale, but paleness in a 
fighter sometimes denotes great determination. If the content 
of our shield is indeed indicative of our ancestral or our actual 
temperament, let us, under the encouragement of our motto, 
hope that the fighting was, and is. always done on the right 
side. Without victories, of one sort or another, the world 
could not go on. Our weapons now must be of the moral and 

Coat of Arms and Family Origin xi 

intellectual sort. The crossbow and the mace, the battle-ax 
and the shield have passed, and forever, out of our hands. No 
cainise, or surcoat, bearing argent with three pale cocks on a 
fesse gules will ever grace our shoulders as we fight, for those 
tokens of a fighter have long since gone the way of outworn 
garments. Sic transit gloria nuuuli. But there arc other 
glories to win, in another kind of warfare. Let us take la-art 
of grace, even though some portion of our ancestral ward- 
robe has gone into the inevitable ragbag which Time holds, 
always open, for the reception of things unfit for present use. 
From what has now been said it goes without saying that 
the Babcock family is of English — perhaps we may say of 
Saxon — origin. .Precisely when and where in England it 
originated it is impossible now to ascertain. J fence the amount 
of credence to be given to the assertion" that it was founded 
A. D. 449 by a Saxon warrior in the ranks of Hengist and 
Horsa, who came with a Saxon army to succor the English 
against the Picts and Scots, must be determined by each reader 
for himself. Wherever it originated, the family— judging by 
the name — is numerous in the United Kingdom; representa- 
tives of it being found in Cornwall, Devonshire, Lincolnshire, 
Middlesex, and Essex, but found, seemingly, most numerous 
in Essex. The name Badcock — probably pronounced "Badco" 
— may have been of Saxon origin, for the family may be pro- 
visionally traced to residence in Essex County at the time of 
the Norman Conquest. The word "provisionally" is used 
advisedly here, and the proviso attaches to the reliability of 
the following statement. It is saidf that a certain Sir William 
Seager narrated, as a result of his visit to Essex County in 
1612, that Sir Richard Badcock was the nineteenth in descent 
from the first holder of the family mansion there. If we ac- 
cept this statement and allow a century to represent the lives 
of three generations, then six centuries must have elapsed be- 
tween Sir Richard and his eighteenth ancestor, who, conse- 
quents, lived early in the eleventh century — the century of 
the Norman Conquest. It is hereupon conjectured that while 
the Badcocks were among the Saxon settlers in England they 
had no family name or seat in a formal way until Richard 
Badcock's ancestor permanently located, as aforesaid, in the 
eleventh century, at Wivenhoe, Essex County, near the sea. 
It is alleged,* upon the authority of a reference to Wright's 
History of Essex, that the Badcock mansion which was occu- 

• American Family Antiquity, vol. iii, p 1 , 1. 

i Ibid.: also I Unman, Puritan Settlers, pp. 9/, i<y>. 

xii Coat of Arms and Family Origin. 

pied by Sir Richard in Wivenhoe was still standing there in 
1850; but, as neither volume nor page in Wright's big work 
is quoted, the reference cannot conveniently be verified. 

The foregoing sketch of our ancestry in England is given — 
in the absence of documentary corroboration— for precisely 
what it is worth, and having by this gentle word of warning 
justified ourselves, we gingerly proceed along our somewhat 
uncertain way. We arc about to try to get the family' across 
from England to New England, and the only means available 
for our purpose seems to be "family tradition." Xow, tradi- 
tion is unwritten history, and if it be genuine and authentic it 
is just as good as written history, which, notwithstanding its 
supposed superiority, has itself been defined as the most de- 
lightful of fictions. Now, it may be fiction and, it may be fact. 
but it is certainly tradition that the first Badcock to come 
from England to our America was one James, alleged to be 
a younger brother of that Sir Richard Badcock who, in Sir 
William Seager's time, lived at Wivenhoe in Essex. The fact 
that there were Badcocks at Wivenhoe, at all, is, indeed, held 
up to doubt. A list of persons of that name born at Wivenhoe 
is, 'tis true, given in Hinman's Puritan Settlers of the Colony 
of Connecticut;* but a gentleman who is, we believe, a Dab- 
cock by maternal descent writes (• that in 1863 he visited 
Wivenhoe and examined the parish register in the church 
there without finding a single entry of the Badcock name. In 
producing this testimony it may be said that perhaps the gen- 
tleman's search was not sufficiently thorough, and we ought 
to add that not far from Wivenhoe — probably a mile or two — 
there is a locality named Wivenhoe Cross.:;: about which we 
know nothing, and which possibly may have been confused 
by the preservers of our tradition, with the first-named place. 
At all events, that the family abounded, and. at a very early 
time nourished, in Essex County, is beyond reasonable ques- 
tion. The county was settled and named by the Saxons who 
divided this district of England and erected it into a king- 
dom. § Formerly, and for long, it was considered unusually 
meager in its historical remains, but later discoveries have 
shown it to be quite rich in that particular. Incidental, and 
therefore most valuable, references in its history prove the 
presence of the P»adrock people there as early, presumably, as 
the twelfth century. In the parish of Abberton, or Adbur- 

* p. 106. 

tW, S. Appleton, A.M., in NVw England Genealogical Society Reports vol. xix. p. 215. 
} I'idt ninp of Essex County in Wriglit's l-'.s-,ex. J Wright's K&sex, vol. i, p. 1, fT. 

Coat of sinus and Family Origin. xiil 

ton — -which extends eastward from Layer tie hi JIaye, four 
and one half miles from Colchester and fifty-five miles from 

London — in Essex, there is, a quarter of a mile northwest 
from the church, a manor house of Badcocks* which is sup- 
posed to be the estate which belonged to one Alice le Des- 
penser, daughter and heiress of Philip Bassett, at the time of 
her decease in 12K1. The land of this manor house appears 
to have been given by Thomas VVhot and John Henny to St. 
Botolph's pii«>ry in Colchester in [398.* J low those gentle- 
men became possessed of the land does not appear. Later, in 
1523, Thomas Springe died possessed of the manor of Adbur- 
ton called Badcocks;* still later Thomas, Lord Audeley, had 
this estate, as had also, his nephew, Thomas Audeley, Esq., 
who died in 1572; and yet later it passed through several 
hands to the ownership of Francis Canning, Esq.* This is 
pretty circumstantial and reliable, and although the property 
mentioned evidently passed out of the family holding previous 
to 1281, it shows the antiquity of the Badcocks as residents 
of Essex County. 

Again, at East Thorp — which is a village name of Saxon 
derivation — there is confirmatory evidence of the ancient resi- 
dence of the Badcock people in Essex in the existence there 
of a manor of Badcocks, which at one time belonged to the 
Tey family and later came to a family by the name of Shep- 
herd, j- But East Thorp is not Wivenhoe, and Abberton is 
not Wivenhoe, and we are assured, as above, that the name 
Badcock is not in the Wivenhoe parish register. Nevertheless, 
"family tradition" has it that at Wivenhoe lived — born about 
1580 — a younger brother of Sir Richard, named James Bad- 
cock, a clergyman of the Church of England, of Puritanical 
persuasion, who became an exile in 1620 to Leyden, Holland, 
for the sake of religious liberty, and sailing thence, with 
others landed in New England — some say at Plymouth, 
Mass. — in 1623, thus becoming the founder of the family in 
this country.;;: Whatever doubt, or denial, there may be of the 
truth of this tradition arises, presumably, in the first place, 
because the tradition is entirely unsupported by documentary 
evidence. There are no passenger lists of ships arriving at 
Plymouth in 1623, or in 1 624; no deeds, or land apportion- 
ments; no mention of election, or of appointment, to local 
civil, or military offices or duties; no wills or other probate 

* Wright's F.-^cv, vol. ii, p. 732. t //•/</., vol. i. p. 390, 

i Dictionary of American Family Antiquity, vol. iii, p. 199; also Hinman, Puritan Settlers, 
c 'c., p. I06. 

xiv Coat of Arms and Lamily Origin. 

papers; no references in contemporaneous literature^in 

short, there is nothing in the shape of discovered records to 
show that James Badcock, aforesaid, landed in [623, as tradi- 
tion relates, at Plymouth, or elsewhere, in Massachusetts. On 
the contrary, there are circumstances and also records, which 
tend to impair, and for some minds to destroy, the trustworthi- 
ness of said tradition. What those circumstances and facts 
of record are may easily be learned by reading the pages fol- 
lowing - , in the body of this book, for it does not fall within the 
scope of this Preface to relate, or to comment upon them. 
One remark, however, we may permit ourselves, which 
is that there can be no slightest doubt that a man named 
James Badcock was living, in the year 1642, at Portsmouth, 
R. I. Who was this man? Was he the traditionary James 
said to have been born in Essex, England, about ] 580 and to 
have landed in America in 1623? This man himself, upon 
one occasion, in an affidavit, made it certain that he was born 
in 1611-12. Was he, then, a son of that reputed Plymouth 
James, or was he, possibly, a nephew or other relative? 

The man who is able to successfully reply to these queries 
has a most enthusiastic welcome awaiting him at the hands 
of many good, and would-be grateful, people. It is an in- 
tricate and a difficult question — the question as to precisely 
where, and by whom, the Badcock connection was made be- 
tween old England and our Xew England shores — "and who- 
ever deals with it is entitled to his own conclusion. Fortu- 
nately for himself, the writer of this article is not called upon 
to settle this question, but he may commend it to the earnest 
consideration of the reader of these lines. Entered upon with 
interest and pursued with fidelity, we arc confident this ques- 
tion would provide occupation during active life and even 
afford food for thought during declining years. But of one 
thing herewith connected we may be sure. James Badcock 
was in Portsmouth, R. I., in 1642. I low he came to be there, 
and how long he had at that time been in this country, we do 
not know. To him those of us who are concerned in this vol- 
ume trace our origin in this land. And as he evidently did not 
spring out of the earth in Portsmouth, or fall from the sky 
there, and as he said he was born in 161 1-12 — and, therefore, 
not born in this country — it is pretty plain that he came here 
from England, and there is strong presumptive evidence that 
Essex County was the region of his birth. 

The solid ground of fact, therefore, upon which at last we 
stand may be indicated in about two words: r. Our branch 

Coat of Anns and Family Origin. xv 

of the Babcock folk came from old England to New England 
early in the seventeenth century — certainly prior to 1642. 
2. We share with the English Badcocks a coat of arms which 
helps to show that, as a family, we have lived long enough in 

the world to know how to live wisely and, therefore, well. 
The point of this last observation, as the renowned Cap'll 
Ed'ard Cuttle might remark, lies in the application of it. 
What more ought we to say? Farewell! 
New York, July i, 1903. 



Babcock Coat of Arms (Frontispiece) 

Stephen Babcock ' 

Tomb of Captain James Babcock .* lo 

Tomb of George and Elizabeth Babcock 20 

Home of James, Jr., and Sarah (Vose) Babcock 28 

Mrs. Hannah (Stanton) Babcock 32 

Dr. Joshua Babcock (Chief Justice) 36 

House Built by 1 >r. Joshua Babcock 44 

Tomb of Oliver and Anna Babcock : 4^ 

Colonel Harry Babcock 64 

Adam Babcock 68 

Mrs. Abigail (Smith) Babcock 80 

Tomb of Captain Oliver Babcock 106 

Home of Hon. Daniel Babcock 1 1 - 

Stephen Babcock 128 

Samuel Babcock 14° 

Mrs. Polly (Babcock) Morgan I 54 

Asher Miner Babcock 168 

Rev. Rufus Babcock, D.D 1 84 

Daniel Babcock 1 9 2 

Jacob D. Babcock 1 94- 

Oliver Babcock 200 

Phoebe (Babcock) Babcock 206 

S. Willard Babcock 208 

Elder Daniel Babcock 212 

Mrs. Elisabeth Smith (Babcock) Lathrop 216 

Mrs. Abigail S. (Babcock) Blake 220 

Oliver Babcock 226 

Elias Babcock 238 

Sarah Taylor Cranor 240 


xviii Illustrations. 

> .. i 

(Catherine Taylor Cranor 2 4- 

Samuel Babcocl ' 2 44 

John Babcock 2 5 2 

Rev. Deodatus Babcock, D.l > 2 54 

Edwin Babcocl; '•' • -5 r> 

E. Howard Babcock. D.D.S., M.D 2 5 s 

George II. Babcock 3°° 

Mrs. Emily E. (Babcock) Watts 334 

George Avery Babcock 33° 

Judge William H. Potter 34o 

Nathan Babcock. 34- 

Amanda (Babcock) Greene 34^ 

Daniel Babcock 34^ 

Henry S. Ambler 35° 

Colonel Andrew Jackson Babcock 35" 

Sarah Otis Babcock 3 6 4 

Elisha Gardner Babcock 37° 

Albert Franklin Babcock 3 8 4 

Joseph Alonzo Babcock 4°° 

Rev. Oscar Babcock • 4°4 

Herman A. Babcock 4°6 

Henry Holmes Babcock 4'° 

George O. Babcock 4 ■ - 

Theodore II. Babcock 4 2 4 

Silver Tankard Owned by Mrs. Emma (Babcock) Horton 44^> 

Dr. W. Wayne Babcock, Jr 45 6 

John Babcock 464 

Daniel A. Langworthy, M.D 5°4 

George M. Moulton 47 8 

Charles Henry Babcock 5 ' 4 

Rev. De Grand Delos Babcock 5 > 6 

Langdon Babcock 5 ' 8 

Henry Ernest Babcock 5 22 

Frederick H. Babcock 5 2 4 

Rev. Charles II. Babcock. D.I) 5 26 

James Leland Babcock 53^ 



ANY readers of this volume may he surprised to 

find that dates and incidents pertaining to James 
Babcock, the first immigrant ancestor of the Babcock 

family, as well as records of his children, differ from records 
which the) have long believed to be tine. The reason is not 
difficult to find, in 184.4 Mr. Sidney Babcock, of New 
Haven, Conn., printed a leaflet containing the Babcock coat 
of arms, and certain Babcock family records which he stales 
were copied from records prepared by Albert Wells, of Pal- 
myra, N. Y. This leaflet must have been sent out in great 
numbers, as the author of this volume has learned of it from 
many parts of the country. 

In American Family Antiquity, published in 1881 by Albert 
Wells, the dates and incidents found in the leaflet referred to 
are essentially repeated. A catalogue of the First Puritan 
Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut, published by P. P. 
Hinman, 1846, contains virtually the same Babcock records as 
those given by Wells. In 1852 Hinman published another 
volume of the same name, in which his Babcock records are re- 
peated and enlarged, and at the end of these records he states 
"Communicated by Wells;" hence it appears that Wells was 
responsible for Babcock records published by Hinman. 

Well-authenticated historical facts show that their dates and 
statements of incidents arc wrong. While Wells and Hinman 
differ slightly as to details, the general statements given by 
them are about as follows: James Babcock, born in England 
1580, removed to Leyden, Holland, in 1620, and in 1023 em- 

t barked in the ship Anne and arrived at Plymouth, Mass., in 

July, 1623, where he lived the residue of his life and died. 
At the time of his immigration he had four children, James, 
John, Job. and Mary, who were born in England from 1612 
to 1620, and were brought over with their father. He was 
married again about 1650 in Plymouth, and had one son, 

I Joseph. James, the first. Job, the third, and Mary, the fourth, 



remained with their father in Plymouth. Joseph, the fifth, 
removed to Connecticut, near Saybrook, where he made settle- 
ment. John Babcock, the second son, removed with a number 
of others about the year 164S into that part of Rhode Island 
now called Westerly, where the company began a settlement 
and named the place. Here he remained the residue oi his 
life and died July 19, 1719, aged over one hundred years, lie- 
left ten children at the time of his death.. ( End of statements 
from Wells and 1 Unman. ) 

While we are forced to admit that we have no knowledge as 
to the exact dale when James Badcock came to America, it is 
certain that he did not come in the ship Anne and that he did 
not settle in Plymouth. In August, 1902, the author <>t this 
volume searched carefully in the library of Plymouth for 
records that might indicate thai James Badcock came t<> Amer- 
ica in the ship Anne or that he lived in Plymouth, but found 
no trace of any such record. In the History ol the [own of 
Plymouth, by William T. Davis (former President of the. Pil- 
grim Society), published in [885, is the following statement: 
"No passenger list of the Anne and the Little James, which 
arrived July and August, 1023, has been preserved; hut unless 
some died before the division of lands in 1024. a list is given 
which must approximate to accuracy.'* In this list the name 
of Badcock or Babcock does not appear, hence it is evident 
that James Badcock did not cume to America in the ship Anne. 
Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth, by William T. Davis, pub- 
lished in 1899, contains a genealogical register of all Plymouth 
families, including all the births and marriages to the present 
generation. The author in his preface says. "It is believed to 
contain nearly every name connected with Plymouth before 
the present century." The name Badcock or Babcock is not 
found among his settlers of Plymouth: hence it is safe to con- 
clude that the statement so often repeated, that James Badcock 
settled in Plymouth, is not true. Records in this book will 
show that James. Sr., was horn in i6r2; that he was in Ports- 
mouth, R. 1.. [642, where he resided for about twenty years: 
that March. [661-2, he removed to that part of Rhode Island 
which was later named Westerly, where he spent the re- 
mainder of his life and died there June 12. [679. It is not 
true that "he married his second wife in Plymouth about 
1650." His first wife. Sarah, was living in Westerly in 1665, 
and joined with her husband in deeding land owned by them 
in Portsmouth. James Badcock by his Inst wife. Sarah, did 
have four children, James. John. Job, and Mary, as stated by 

Introduction. xxl 

Wells, but it is not true that they "were born in England from 

the year l6l2 to 1620," neither is it true thai James, Job, and 
Mary settled with their father in Plymouth. Records of these 
children found in this volume will show that they all settled 
in W'cstcrl v, R. I., where each married, had children, and died 

It is true that one of James Badcock's children by his second 
wife, Elizabeth, was named Joseph, but it is not true that he 
was born about 1050 in Plymouth, nor that he settled near 
Saybrook, Conn, lie was born in Westerly about 1670, as 
is shown by his father's will and inventory, and settled in 
Stonington, Conn, (which town joins Westerly, R. I.), where 
he spent the remainder of his life. ( See records of 6 Joseph.) 
A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New Eng- 
land, published in i860 by James Savage (former President 
of the Massachusetts Historical Society, and Editor of VVin- 
throp's History of Xew England), contains the following: 
"Strange is the combination of errors in Ilinman, that one 
James Babcock who went to Leyden in Holland, 1620, joined 
the friends of Robinson, came in the Anne 1623 to Plymouth. 
. Now we know that no passenger of this name came in 
that ship, and I have a very strong reason, after much inquiry, 
to doubt that any such man lived in the colony during its 
earliest forty years." 

In the same volume Mr. Savage also states that James Bab- 
cock gave evidence in 1670 that his own age was fifty-eight 
years^ that his sons James and John were twenty-nine and 
twenty-six years respectively. From this statement it will be 
observed that James. Sr.. was born in 1612. that his son James 
was born in 1641 and John in 1644. 

The following quotation is taken from the History of 
Stonington, published in IQOO by Judge Richard A. Wheeler: 
"Tames Babcock. bom in 1612. who was the first progenitor 
of the Babcock family of Westerly and the region round about, 
first appears in Portsmouth in 1642. . . . During the year 
1670 he gave testimony, calling his age fifty-eight years, his 
son James twenty-nine, and his son John twenty-six." 

In reply to an inquiry by the author of this volume. Judge 
Wheeler wrote Sept. 29, 1900. that he was well acquainted 
with Mr. Savage in i860, and that Mr. Savage informed him 
that his authority for the testimony given by James Babcock 
as to his age and that of his sons was unquestionable. J. ( >. 
Austin in his Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island, pub- 
lished in 1887, p. 8, states the following of James Babcock, 

xxii Introduction. 

Sr. : "June iS, 1670, he was warned by warrant from the 
Commissioners of Connecticut to appear before them to make 
answer for seizure of three Connecticut men on a warrant 
issued by Tobias Sanders. Jle was released on bail, lie gave 
testimony this year, calling his age fifty-eight years, hi 
James twenty nine, and his son John twenty-six years." From 
the records of James Badcock in this volume it will be seen that 
in 1670, during a controversy between Rhode Island and Con- 
necticut as to the boundary line between the two colonies, 
James Badcock was arrested in Westerly by Connecticut au- 
thorities and taken June 23 to Stonington for trial. The orig- 
inal records of that trial have not heen found by the author of 
this book - , but it is believed the evidence ot James IJudeock us 
to his age and that of his suns, referred to by Savage, \\ heeler, 
and Austin, was taken ;it this trial. 

The following statement is taken from Family of Babcocks 
of Milton, Mass.. by William S. Appleton, A.M., [865: "The 
Babcock family has heen so unfortunate as to he honored with 
an elaborate traditional pedigree more richly furnished with 
mistakes than is usual even in such. It may be read at length 
in Hinman's First Puritan Settlers of Connecticut, pp. 9.; and 
106, and has justly excited the indignation of Mr. Savage. The 
long list of births supposed to have happened in England and 
Dorchester, Mass., is certainly wrong. Two years ago I ex- 
amined the register of the Church of Wivenhoe, England, and 
none of them can lie found there, nor did 1 sec a single entry 
of the name of Bahcock." 

By Col. Andrew J. Babcock. * 

MANY persons whose surname is Babcock in searching 
for their ear])- ancestors have, unfortunately, fallen in 
with the records prepared by Mr. Royal Hinman, in 
his First Puritan Settlers of Connecticut, and the statements 
of Mr. Albert Wells. 

In l88l 1 first saw their writings, and with many others 
believed them implicitly, but after the most diligent and care- 
ful research I am convinced Ihcrc is but little truth in the 
writings <>f cither Minman or Wells concerning the Babcock 
family. I would advise all of our name who are interested in 
their earthly origin not to credit the writings of Wells and 
Minman, for they are certainly fabrications. Hinman states: 
"James, the first of the name known in Xew England, 
was an Episcopal clergyman, and settled in the rectory of 
Wivenhoc, Essex County, England. Jle went to Leyden, 
Holland, for the purpose of embarking for America, and. per- 
suading others to unite with him, and actually became one of 
the 'Puritan Fathers.' . . . James was born at Wivenhoc, Essex 
County, England, in 1580. . . . came to New England in the 
ship Anne, and landed at Plymouth in July. 1623, and after- 
ward removed to Dorchester, Mass. (now Milton), where he 
resided the remainder of his life." 

Mr. Hinman then gives the children of James as follows: 
James. Jr., born ]6i6; John, born 1618; Job. born 1G20; 
Alary, born 1621. Tie states that James. Jr., married at Dor- 
chester about 1637, and had children (gives the names of four- 
teen). Now, there was no James Babcock came in the ship 
Anne in 1623. or in any ship which reached Plymouth later. 
His removal to Dorchester, Mass.. where he resided the re- 
mainder of his life, the marriage of his son James, Jr.. at 
Dorchester, 1637. to Jeanne . the birth to them of four- 
teen children, have no foundation in fact whatever. The true 
history of this James, Jr., is entirely different from the above. 

Now comes Mr. Albert Wells, who in 1S44 compiled a 
record of the early P>abcocks in this country, which many of 
us have seen, read, and believed until, by a personal investiga- 

xxiv 1 Unman and Wells Babcock Records. 

tion, we found it was devoid of truth. Mr. Wells states nearly 
the same as Mr. Hinman. Which was first out, we know not, 

but it looks very much as if one copied from the other. 

Mr. Wells recites the ship Anne. Plymouth, [623, tale, and 
that '"James Badcock lived in Plymouth the residue of his life. 
... At the time of his immigration he brought four children, 
James, John. Job, and Mary, who were horn in England from 
the years 1612 to 1620. . . . James, the first child. Job, the 
third, and Mary, the fourth, remained with their father in 
Plymouth. . . . John Babcock, the second son, removed about 
1648, to that part of Rhode Island now called Westerly. . . . 
died there July 19, 1719, aged over one hundred years." 

In 1889 we made a trip to Plymouth, the chief reason for 
going being to substantiate Hinman's and Wells's statements 

• and examined every document likely to impart information 

iupon this subject, but found nothing whatever. Since then 
we have read several of the histories of the Pilgrims and of 
Plymouth, and are much impressed with Baylies's History of 
Plymouth Colony. Boston, 1830. From it we learn the ships 
Anne and the Little James arrived at Plymouth in July and 
August. 1623. The Anne brought sixty immigrants, some of 
whom were the wives and children of those already there. 
Nothing has been found to show that anv Badcock or Babcock 
came on either ship. From a record of the division of cattle 
which occurred on the 27th of May. 1027. it is believed that 

i every family and person in the town can he ascertained, and 

the town was at that time the colony. No person named Bad- 
cock or Babcock "appears in that record. Again, on p. 264, 
vol. i, Baylies's History, is a catalogue of names of all persons 

!in the colony, hut the name Badcock or Babcock does not ap- 
pear among- them. 
The names of the first settlers of the towns of Duxbury. 
Scituate, Taunton, Sandwich. Barnstable. Yarmouth, etc.. all 
in Plymouth Colony, have been examined, and the name Bad- 
cock or Babcock does not appear upon any of the early records 
of these towns. The first date we find the name of Badcock 
or Babcock in records of Plymouth Colony is Nov. 27. 1685. 
Benjamin Badcock. et ai. all of New Dartmouth (New Bed- 
ford), are defendants in a suit of law brought by William 
Woods ct <;/. to recover damages for land alleged to have been 
purchased by Wood ct al. of Woosamquin and Waumesetta. 
Case again heard Mar. 2. 1686. The Court grants a nonsuit. 
Again, we find the name Return Badcock among the names 
of the proprietors of Dartmouth in the confirmatory (\c(:d of 

Hinman and Wells Babcock Records. xxv 

William Bradford, Dcpt. Gov. of the Colony, and executed 
Nov. 13, 1094. 

We now know that Benjamin and Return Badcock were of 
Milton Mass., set off from Dorchester in [662. It appears 
quite evident there was no James Badcock who came to Plym- 
outh in the- ship Anne [623, and no settlers of an early date, 
surnamed Badcock, in Plymouth, nor in the Colony of Plym- 
outh. The first official information we find of James Badcock 
he is admitted an inhabitant of Portsmouth, 1\. I., Feb. 25. 
1642. That he was related to Robert and George Badcock 
of Dorchester, Mass., later of Milton (set off from Dorches- 
ter), we believe there is no doubt. They may have hcen 
brothers. We have examined all the lists of immigrants who 
came to this country from [600 to j 700 that we could find, 
and failed to find mention of either of the above. We are of 
the opinion they came between the years [630 and [640. 

Soon after James Badcock removed from Portsmouth to 
Westerly he with others became involved in the dispute with 
Connecticut relating to the boundary hue; Connecticut claim- 
ing jurisdiction east of Pawcatuck River. June 17, 1070. 
Tobias Sanders, Justice of the Peace in Westerly, R. [., is- 
sued a warrant "To James Badcock, constituted constable to 
serve this Warrant.'' lie was required to apprehend any per- 
son "that shall presume to exercise any authority in this juris- 
diction if it be not duly derived from the authority to whom we 
doe belong, and bring them before me .and Mr. John Crandell 
forwith." He was further directed to "Favle not at your 

On this warrant our first immigrant ancestor, James Cad- 
cock, arrested and brought in John Frinck. Benjamin Palmer, 
and Thomas Ball. Whereupon a warrant was issued by the 
Connecticut authorities to Marshall Cheesbrough "to forwith 
go over the River Pawcatuck to those people that are there 
planted, and to warne Tobias Sanders and James Badcock, 
Senr., personally to appear before us at Mr. Stanton's house 
or Capt. Gookin's house to make answer for their seizing, de- 
taining, and unjustly molesting John Frink constable, Benj. 
Palmer, and Thomas Ball." June 18, T670. Tobias Sanders, 
James Badcock, Sr.. and Samuel Brown, all of Westerly, were 
arrested on this warrant, and placed on bond of one hundred 
pounds each. 

It was probably at the hearing of this case that Tames Cad- 
cock gave testimony, under oath, calling his age fifty-eight 
years, his son James. Jr., twenty-nine, and his son John twenty- 

Ixxvi ' Hintnan and Wells Babcock Records. 

six years. This testimony under oath establishes, beyond a 
shadow of doubt, the year of his birth to be 1612, his son 
James, Jr., 1641, and his son John, 1644. His first four chil- 
dren were born in Portsmouth, R. I. At fill events, that was 
where the parents of James and John were then living. 

In 1623 James Baclcock was eleven yens of age. It will, 
for obvious reasons, be readily seen that he brought no chil- 
dren with him from England, as claimed bv Messrs. I Human 
and Wells. His son John died early in 1685 at Westerly, aged 
forty-one years, and not July ]<;, 1719. aged over one hundred 
years, as given by Wells. 

In conclusion. I will add that these records have led many 
of the Babcock family astray and given untold annoyance to 
the genealogist to explain away the delusion they labored un- 
der, caused by the erroneous records of Royal R. I Human, of 
Connecticut, and Albeit Wells, of Palmyra, X. Y. 

Springfield. 111., Feb. 4, 1903. 


So much space lias already been given to controverting the 

I Wells history that the author of this volume would drop the 

discussion were it not that Wells' early dates and incidents arc- 
so misleading, and so many have believed them, that facts de- 
mand that his errors and inconsistencies be further shown. 

Wells, in his pamphlet containing Babcock history and coat 
of arms, claims that John, the son of James, was born in Eng- 
land, between 1612 and iojo. Again, in American Family 
Antiquity, he states that John Babcock settled in Westerly 
1648, was a brother of James, Sr., and that he was born about 
1625. Then follows the story of love and elopement, reference 
to which is made in the records of John Babcock in this volume. 
He then says, "There have been contradictions of this romance, 
but they come from persons who could not make the John born 
1644 old enough for the elopement story." 

Town Records of Westerly. Colonial Records of Rhode 
Island, and Colonial Records of Connecticut make it perfectly 
sure that among the early settlers in Westerly there was but 
"//(• John Babcock. and that he was a son of James the immi- 
grant. Hence it will be seen that Wells has <;ivcn three dif- 
ferent dates for the birth of John Balxrock the son of James — 
namely, about 1615, 1625, and 1044. It will be seen from 
the records of John Babcock, mentioned above, that he with 

Ilinman and Wells Babcock Records xxvii 

his father and others first settled in Westerly in March, 

1661-2; hence the statement of Wells that John settled in 
Westerly in 1648 cannot be true. 

The further quotations from Wells will all he taken from his 
American Family Antiquity. 

lie says, "It 'is further stated that John Babcock owred 
nearly all of Westerly and a portion of South Kingston, K. J." 
The truth is, all of the present township of Westerly was 
bought from the Indians by the Misquamicut Company. (See 
copy of the company's deed in Westerly and Its Witnesses.) 
John Babcock in common with other members of the company 
received an apportionment of land. (See records of John 
Babcock in this book.) No record has been found showing 
that he owned land in South Kingston. 

Wells stales, "John Babcock and others signed an agree- 
ment to allow bounty in Misquamokuck (Westerly) on Sat- 
urday, 22d of Feb., 1662. (R. 1. I list. Collections, vol. iii, 
p. 260.)" 

The above quotation by Wells is wrong and misleading. 
The names of James and John Badcock do occur in the book 
and page quoted by Wells, but it is with reference to a meeting 
held at Newport Feb. 22. 1661-2, at which eighteen men were 
selected to go and abide at Misquamicut. (See records of 
John Babcock.) 

Wells says, "In the list of inhabitants in Westerly, in the 
W. T. R., book i, p. 2, dated May 18, 1669, the name of John 
Babcock and his son John may be found." 

In the book and on the page referred to is a list of the free- 
men of Westerly. Among them were four Badcocks, and only 
four, namely, James, Sr., James. Jr., John, and Job. There is 
no reference to a John Badcock, Jr. 

Wells gives the date of birth of the eldest of John's children 
at 1650, and the youngest at 1675. and places the births of 
the remaining eight children at intervals between these two 
dates. These dates are all wrong, and much too early: for 
instance, he says, "George was born 1663.'' George Babcock 
I and his wife were buried in South Kingston. R. I., in what 

was formerly known as the Babcock burying ground, but is 
now known as the Tucker burying ground, and is about four 
miles from the railroad station at Kingston. In the summer 
of 1900 the^e graves were visited by the author of this l>ook, 
and the gravestones were found in a good state of preserva- 
k tion. From George's monument was copied the following: 

"He departed this life May the 1st., A. D. 1756, in ye 83d. 

xxviii Hinman and W 'ells Babcock Records. 

year of his age." This record shows that George Babcock 
was born in 1073, or ten years later than the dale given by 

Again, Wells slates that "Robert was horn 1670. Joseph 
1672, and Oliver JO75." Jn another place lie slates that Rob- 
ert, Joseph, and Oliver chose "our beloved brother James to 
be our guardian, at Westerly, 21st of April, 1698." (W. T. R., 
vol. ii, p. 170.; The last of his two quotations is correct. If 
the dates of birth given of these three hoys were also correct. 
it would follow that when they chose their guardian Roljert 
was twenty- eight years old, Joseph twenty-six, and Oliver 
twenty-three; but such a conclusion is absurd, hence it is cer- 
tain that the dates of birth as given by Wells for this family 
are all wrong. 

While the records of this volume are of the descendants of 
James Badcock, who it is believed was the first of that family 
to settle in this country, it is well known that there were two 
brothers George and Robert Badcock who settled in Dorches- 
ter (now Milton), Mass., about the year 1650. In a work 
by William S. Appleton, A.M., 1865, called Appleton's Bad- 
cock Family, or Family of Badcocks of Milton, Mass.. the 
author, referring to George and Robert Badcock, says: "While 
I cannot prove that they were related to James Babcock, born 
about 1612, of Newport 1642. and of Westerly 1661 (1662), 
1 have no doubt of the fact. They were probably his brothers. 
John, a son of James, named two children George and Robert, 
and a great-grandson of James, Sr., went to Milton (where 
his presumed cousins lived) for a wife, Sarah Yose." 

In a note on the margin of Appleton's work is the follow- 
ing: "James Babcock, of Stonington, m. June 12, 1706, Sarali 
Vose. (Milton Town Records.)" 

A daughter of Robert of Dorchester, named Elizabeth, and 
two of his granddaughters, named Hannah and Mary, mar- 
ried in Milton men also named Vose. The Massachusetts 
Badcocks had become very numerous by 1700. (See The New 
ling. Gen. and Hist. Reg. for 1S65, vol. xix, p. 215, and fol- 
lowing' - pages.) 

Appleton's Badcock Family of Milton. Mass., contains 
records of many families who sprang from George and Robert 
and settled in Massachusetts and Connecticut. 

A History of Ancient Windham, Conn., by William L. 
Weaver, 1864. contains records of many families who de- 
scended from George and Robert Badcock of Milton. 


A number found .'it the left of a child's name is repeated 
where that name appears as the head of a family. 

The generation is indicated by an exponent placed alter the 
Christian name, thus: John- Babcock means John Babcock 
of the second generation. 

After the name of the parents of the head of a family there 
follow in parentheses the names of the ancestors in genealog- 
ical order. 

Until after the death of James, Sr., 1679, the family name 
was spelled Badcock, or Badcocke; since the death of John, 
Sr., 1685, it has been spelled Babcock. 

Much the larger part of the records in this book were ob- 
tained from family Bibles, and in multitudes of cases different 
members of the same family have given different dates for the 
same event, hence errors in dates are unavoidable. In one 
case the date of the same death was found in the family Bible. 
upon the town records, and on the gravestone to be different 
in each case, no two agreeing. 

The spelling of surnames has undergone many changes, and 
in numerous cases members of the same family spell their 
names differently. It seems certain that the Babcocks of this 
country sprang from the Badcocks of England, and in that 
country the name has undergone further changes, as at present 
some of the family have changed the name to Badco, and 
others to Budco. 


By the Julian calendar, or old style. Xew Year's Day was 
the 25th of March, March being the first month in the year. 
September, October, November, and December were, as their 
names imply, the seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth months of 
the year. By the Gregorian calendar or new style, which was 
introduced 1582 Xew Year's Day was changed to Jan. 1. 
Great Britain did not fully adopt the new style until Septem- 
ber, 1752, but prior to that date, commencing about 1700, 
used both old and new style, or double dating. For example: 
Capt. James Babcock died Jan. 17, 1730, old style, or Jan. 17, 
*737« ncw style, and is written Jan. 17, 1736-7, 


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bap. baptized. 

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dau. daughter. 

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AAxijJmi SQxIwh)^ 

Compiler of tliis book. 

Page 3-i-S. 

The Babcock Genealogy 

1. James 1 BadCOCK, b. 1612, probably in Essex County, 
England; d. June 12, 1679; m. (1) Sarah, who d. 1G05 
or later; m. (2) 1669 (?) Elizabeth; she m. (2) Sept. 22, 
1679, William Johnson and settled in Stonington. Conn. 

A myth often repeated ami published by writers, who prob- 
ably believed it true, stales that James came to this country in 
the ship Anne, ete. (See Introduction.) From the Early Rec- 
ords of the Town of Portsmouth, edited by the State Libra- 
rian, under direction of the Rhode Island Legislature, pub- 
lished 1901, and from Colonial Records of Rhode Island, the 
account of James Badcock's first twenty years in Rhode Island 
was copied. His residence for that period was in Portsmouth. 
and the records of that town show that his name was spelled 
in various ways, probably according to the fancy of the clerk 
of the town meeting, namely, Badcock, Badeooke, Badcocke, 
and Badcook. 

For the first forty years the surname of James and his sons 
was usually written Badcock. In the Probate records of John 
Badcock's estate the name is spelled Babcock, and at that time 
that spelling seems to have been adopted by the family. The 
Massachusetts branch of the family appear to have adopted 
the new spelling still later. 

The English descendants of the family from which James 
undoubtedly sprang still retain the name Badcock. In Feb., 
1900, Mr. Jasper C. Badcock, who was Comptroller of the 
London Postal Service, expressed the opinion that he and the 
American Babcocks sprang from the same source. 

James Badcock was admitted an inhabitant of the "towne" 
of Portsmouth Feb. 25, 1642. At that time no one was al- 
lowed to "build or plant" without first having been voted at 
town meeting an inhabitant. At a town meeting held Oct. :. 
1642, James Badcock and Richard M<~>ns were ordered "to 
look up all the amies in the Towne within the month above 
writ," and "to mend any which were defective for use." Own- 
ers were to forfeit five shillings if they failed to bring the arms 

2 The Babcock Genealogy. 

in time. At the same meeting- ten acres of land were ordered 
to be "laide out to James Badcock at the first brooke, next the 
footpath eastward." The land is described as "lying Toward 
the head of said brooke." (C. R. of K. I.) 

About this time there must have been a threatening of war 
in the air, as every man was ordered to have "four pounds of 
shot and two pounds of powder lying by him in readiness by 
the 24th of this month, and to be in readiness to assemble at the 
beat of the drum." (P. R.) James Badcock was made a free- 
man July 10, 1648, and was appointed a member of a large 
committee "for the tryall of the general officers." Dec. 2S, 
1648, it was granted "to have four acres added to his house 
lot." He was chosen a juryman Nov. 21, 1649, June, 1053. 
Aug. 11, 1656, March 2, 1C57, and Oct., 1661. lie was chosen 
an assessor Feb. 19, 1650. (P. R.) 

May 2, 1650, James Badcock with five others was ordered 
by the "General Courte, all excuses set aparte, to mende and 
make all locks, stocks, and pieces which by order from the 
warden of each towne shall be presented to them." If this 
duty was not performed a penalty of £10 was levied, and men 
who failed to bring in their arms forfeited 10s. each. 

In 1655 his name appears in the "Roulc of ye Freemen" of 
Portsmouth. ( C. R. of R. I.) 

James P.adcock was appointed an appraiser of the estate of 
John Wood, May 7, 1655. April S, 1656, James and seven 
others were "appointed to go o^er to the mayne to treat with 
the Indian Sachems to inform them of the mynd of the towne, 
that they come not upon the Island but according to order 
given." Jan. 6, 1657, "James Badcock and John Sanford are 
again authorized to meet with Newport men according to for- 
mer order." James Badcock and six others were chosen a 
committee to meet with committees appointed from other 

Nov. 30. 1657, James and four others were "appointed to 
apportion land to those that want land." (P. R.) He re- 
ceived a grant of eight acres of land. He was a member of the 
General Court of Commissioners of Rhode Island for Ports- 
mouth in 1657. T65S. and 1059. (C. R. of R. I.) 

James Badcock was appointed with others to lay out high- 
ways. Dec. 27. 1660. and May it. i(^6t. he was appointed to 
settle disputed land lxiundarics. Aug. 8. 1661. he was one of 
a coroner s jury. 

James Badcock moved to Westerly in Mar.. 1662. but the 
last record which refers to him in Portsmouth is dated Dec. 19, 

The Babcock Genealogy. 3 

1662. At this time reference is made to a committee which 
was previously appointed to lay out certain lands, and this 
committee, or the larger part of them, were ordered to restore 
to William Wilbor three quarters of an acre of land which the 
committee had previously taken from him in their official work. 
james Badcock was one of this committee, and as he is referred 
to as James Badcock, Sr., it is probable that James, Jr., 
who had reached his majority that year, was then living in 

June 29, 1660, a tract of land, estimated to he twenty miles 
by ten miles, known as Misquamicut, afterward Westerly, was 
purchased from the Indian chief Sosoa, by a company headed 
by William Vaugn. This company, numbering sixty or more. 
was organized at Newport, R. I. The purchasers well knew 
that in 1658 the Massachusetts colony claimed this tract, call- 
ing it a part of Sonthertown and adding it to Suffolk County, 
Boston being the county seat. Aug. 27, 1061, the company 
appealed to the Colonial Assembly of Rhode Island for assist- 
ance in defending their purchase against "adversaries which 
by a species of intrusion are seeking to make inroads upon our 
privilege of colonics jurisdiction." (C. R. of R. I.) 

From Col. of R. I. Hist. Soc, published 1835, vol. iii. pp. 
257-261, the following is taken: "Aug. 31, 1661, all pur- 
chasers were ordered by the trustees to meet at Cabel (Caleb) 
Carrs, at Newport, to go to Squamucuck." Two weeks later. 
Sept. 15, the company was at "Misquamicut," and a certain part 
of the tract was apportioned by lot. The number of James 
Badcock's lot was $2. At the time of this visit arrangements 
were made for a temporary occupancy of the land. The com- 
pany was divided into small parties, each party to stay upon 
the land for a certain number of weeks. Anyone who refused 
to serve bad to provide a substitute or pay a fine. Nov. 1. 
1661, Tobias Sanders. Robert Runlet (Burdick), and Joseph 
Clark were arrested upon the land by the authority of Massa- 
chusetts. Sanders and Burdick were taken to Boston, where 
they were lined forty pounds each and imprisoned '"until their 
fines should be paid, and until each should give security in 
t'100 for his future good conduct." Nov. 12, r66l, the number 
of trustees for the "Squamicuck" purchase was increased from 
eight to eighteen. Two of the names added were James Bad- 
cock and John Badcock. 

I he following Mar.. 1661-2, the company made their first 
permanent settlement at Misquamicut (Westerly). For de- 
tails of the preparation and starting for their new home, see 

4 The Babcock Genealogy. 

records of 3 John 2 Badcock. It will be observed that the name 
of the company in the carl)- records was spelled in several dif- 
ferent ways. 

Before starting from Newport the company named James 
Badcock and four others who were appointed and "commis- 
sionated to act for ns as to the managing of our affairs at 
Misquamucock who are to discourse and answer to any that 
shall come to debate matters with them. They or any two of 
them, to forewarn any whatsoever either to build or sow, mow 
or fall timber upon that tract of land." (End of quotation 
from Col. of R. I. 1 list. Soc.) 

In 1662 Connecticut laid claim to the tract, and did not en- 
tirely relinquish her claim until 1728. Soon after arriving at 
Misquamicut disputes arose with Connecticut authorities about 
the boundary line. These disputes led to arrests, imprison 
ments, fines, appeals, and the appointment of commissions be- 
tween the two colonics. 

Mar. 18, ]f>(').\, James Badcock petitioned the General Court 
(Assembly), sitting at Newport, for protection "against such 
riotous actings as are done and committed by the men of 
Southertown against him.'' (Southertown being in Connecti- 
cut.) The court requested the Governor and Deputy Governor 
to send a letter to the government of Connecticut "to see what 
they will say by way of answer to such riotous acting as are 
done and committed by the men of Southertown against the 
said Badcock." (C. R. of R. 1., vol. ii, pp. 32-34.) In 1605 
James sold his dwelling house, barn, orchard, etc., in Ports- 
mouth, R. I., to Thomas Fish for fifty pounds; his wife. 
Sarah, giving her consent. James, Tr.. witnessed the deed. 

It appears that in May, 1667, James Badcock with a com- 
pany of men drove the Pequot Indians from planting ground 
claimed by the Indians, located on the Misquamicut purchase 
east of the Pawcatuck River. May 18, 1667, Harmon Garret 
(alias Wequascooke. chief of the Pequots) petitioner! the Cien- 
eral Court of Connecticut, praying ''that such men as wear hats 
and clothes like Englishmen, hut have dealt with us like 
wolves and hears, may he called to account." At a Connecticut 
court held at Wick ford ( which is now in R. 1.). June 21, if>-o. 
James Badcock was charged by Mr. Gookin. of Cambridge, 
Ma^s.. with driving Harmon Garret and his Indians (tenants 
of Gookin) from their land. (All of the alx>ve is from Pub- 
lic Records of the Colony of Connecticut, hook 1665-78, pp. 

Westerly was incorporated May, 1669, at which time there 

The Babcock Genealogy. 5 

were twenty- four freemen in the town, four of whom were 
Badcocks, viz., James and his three sons, James, John, and 
Job. i W. and \\.) Westerly then comprised the present 
towns of Westerly, Qiarlestown, Hopkinton, and Richmond. 

On June 17, 1670, James Badcock, Sr., by virtue of a war- 
rant issued by Tobias Sanders, arrested three Connecticut men. 
John Frink, Benjamin Palmer, and Thomas Bell, who had 
crossed into Rhode Island to summon the Westerly men to 
appear before a certain court to be held in Connecticut. Said 
Frink was sent to Rhode Island Jail. The next day Mr. Bad- 
cock was arrested by officers from Connecticut and placed 
under a bond of £100 to "personally appear and surrender 
himself to Nehemga Palmer, Constable of Stonington, pro 
tempore. Wednesday morning next by six of the clock." 

Tobias Sanders and Thomas Stanton became his bonds- 
men, each for £50. (C. R. of R. 1., vol. ii, pp. 319, 320.) 
Col. A. J. Babcock, of Springfield, 111., says: "We take it for 
granted that bright and early 'six of the clock,' on the morn- 
ing of June 23, 1670, Badcock was there ready to answer all 
charges of the adverse faction; but it appears they were not 
ready to prove these charges. The case was continued until 
June of the next year, Badcock giving a bond in the sum of 
£20 to appear at the County Court in New London. Conn." 

The details of these arrests, counter-arrests, bonds, and 
trials are repeated substantially as here stated in Public Rec- 
ords of the Colony of Connecticut. 1665-78, p. 553. 

June 23, 1670, is supposed to have been the date that James. 
Sr., made affidavit to the ages of himself and his two sons. 
(See Preface in this volume.) 

May 18, 1671, James Badcock and John Badcock are re- 
corded as renewing their allegiance to Rhode Island and the 
king; most of the inhabitants, including James, Jr., and Job 
Badcock. having- renewed their allegiance the previous day. 
(C. R. of R. I., vol. ii. pp. 388, 389.) 

James in his fifty-ninth year, 1678, was baptized by Elder 
William Hiscox, and united with the Seventh Day Baptist 
church of Newport and Westerly. (R. I. Hist. Soc. vol. hi. ) 

That James owned land in Westerly is proved by Westerly 
Town Records, book i. p. 06. These records show that April 
17. 1691. "Joseph Babcock of Stonington relinquished to hi- 
brother James Babcock, of Westerly, for a consideration, his 
claim to land belonging to their father, the late James Bab- 
cock of Westerly, ami lying on the east side of the Pawcatuck 

6 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Uc declared his last will and testament l<> his sons John and 
Job, June 12, i(>j<), and they appeared Sept. 17, 1^7*;. before 
the Governor of Rhode Island at a court held at Westerly, 

and "being- solemnly engaged" testified to the truth of their 
father's will as he verbally gave it to them. The will is re- 
corded in vol. i, J. and Evidence, in the office of the Secretary 
of State, Providence, R. I. A copy of the will is printed in 
the appendix of this volume. 

Among" the several legacies named in the will, he "be- 
queathed unto his son Joseph all his housing and lands for 
him, the said Joseph Badcock to take unto his possession when 
he shall attain to the age of twenty-one years." 

The following extract from the will shows that James had 
three children by his second wife: "lie willed and declared 
that all the remaining" part of his estate, beside what he hath 
herein bequeathed, he did give unto his wife. Elizabeth Bad- 
cock, for the maintenance and bringing up of the three chil- 
dren he had by his second wife." 

Accompanying the records of the will and inventory is the 
following, which shows that his eldest child by the second wife 
was born about 1670: "An inventory of the estate of James 
Badcock, Sr., deceased in June last, 1679, in Stonington, with- 
out a will, leaving a widow with three children, the eldest a 
son about nine years old." 

These glimpses of an interesting- life show that James Bad- 
cock (Babcock), .Sr., was a man of sterling integrity and of 
strong convictions. He was respected by his neighbors, hon- 
ored and trusted as a citizen, and ready to serve the commu- 
nity in whatever capacity he was appointed. 

Children by his first wife: 

2 James, 1 b. 1641; m. Jane Broun. s^ 

3 John, b. 1644; m. Mary Lawton. 

"4 Job, b. 1646 (?) ; m. Jane Crandall. 

5 Mary, b. 1648 (?); in. William Champlin. 

Children by his second wife: 

6 Joseph, b. 1670 (?); m. (1) Dorothy Key; in. (2) Mrs. Hannah 
Nathaniel, date of birth unknown. J. O. Austin says he d. Jan. 2, 

Elizabeth, date of birth unknown. In the History of Fir-t Church 
of Stonington, by R. A. Wheeler, is the following: "Sept. 14. 
169J, Elizabeth Babcock, daughter-in-law (stepdaughter) of Wil- 
liam Johnson, baptized by Rev. Janice Noyes, Pastor of First 
Stonington Church." 

The Babcock Genealogy. 7 

2. James 2 Badcock, Jk., son of James and Sarah Badcock, 
b. Portsmouth, R. I. (?), [64] (see statement of his 
father); d. Westerly, now Woodville, R. I., 1698; m. Jane, 
dau. of Nicholas Brown. She d. 1719 (?). James was a 
blacksmith and a farmer in that part of Westerly which is now 
Woodville, Hopkinton, R. I., where he manufactured iron 
from bug ore and from black sand gathered upon the sea- 

About 1875 or 1880 Thomas A. Edison manufactured iron 
of a peculiar quality from ore gathered from the seashore in 
the same vicinity. 

Fifty years ago Woodville was known as the "Lower Iron 
Works," though no iron had been manufactured there within 
the memory of the oldest inhabitant. James and his wife, 
Jane, were in 1692 members of the S. D. LI. Church of New- 
port and Westerly. K. 1. 

In 1665 James was witness to a deed by which his father 
conveyed to Thomas Fish orchard, dwelling house, etc., in 

May 18, 1669, he and his brothers John and Job were, made 
freemen by the Legislature; the same date James received title 
to a town lot in Westerly, No. 35. The same year he received 
another town lot, Xo. 48. (Westerly Records.) 

May 17, 1671, upon petition, it was ordered by the court that 
the inhabitants of Westerly be called upon "To sec how they 
stand as to their fidelity to his Majestic and this Colony." 

Records show that James Badcock, Jr., constable, had been 
directed to "warn in" the inhabitants of Westerly to appear at 
this court, but he, probably fearing the Connecticut authorities. 
did not obey the injunction. The General Constable (Henry 
Palmer) was ordered to bring "said James Badcock before this 

He appeared, and with others renewed his allegiance. After 
King Philip's War was over, Sept. 17, 1679, the oath of alle- 
giance was again taken by the inhabitants of Westerly. Among 
them were James, John, ami Job Badcock. James was chosen 
Deputy to the General Assembly March 15, 1681-2, March 15. 
1683-4, and October, 1692. (Westerly Records.) 

Dec. 13, 16S7, James Badcock was a member of the Grand 
Jury. He was chosen a Selectman for the years ensuing. May, 
1688, and May, 1689. He was chosen a Town Councilman 
July 2, 1693. 

Nov. 16, 1694, his wife, Jane, had a legacy of Cio from her 
father. In 1696 James was chosen Town Councilman. lie died 

8 The Babcock Genealogy. 

intestate, 1698, and by the law of primogeniture the real estate 
went to his oldest son, James. The inventory of his personal 
property, amounting to 697 8d, was dated Jan. 10, l6c$g. An 
agreement was made l>v the widow and children as to the dis- 
tribution of the property. ( Sec Austin, p. 8.) 

The will of Jane (Brown) Badcock, widow of James, is 
dated April 30, 1718. and proved Feb. 4, 1719- Executor, son 
James, blacksmith. (Austin.) 

Children : 

7 James, 5 m. . 

Sarah, in. James Lewis, son of John Lewis. They settled in Exeter, 

R. I. She d. 1740. 
Jane, in. at Richmond, 1606 (?), Israel Lewis, brother of James. 

They were married hy Tobias Saunders, Justice. One child of 

record, Jane. 
Mary, m. George Brown. 
Hannah, m. Roger Larkin. 
Elizabeth, m. Daniel Lewis, brother of James. She d. 1716. One 

child of record, Elisha. 

3. John- Badcock, second son. of James, Sr., and Sarah 
Badcock, b. Portsmouth, R. 1., 1644 (his father made oath 
to the age of his son 1670 — see records of James in Pref- 
ace) ; d. Westerly, R. I., 1085; m. Mary Lawton, dan. of 
George and Elizabeth (Hazard) Lawton, of Portsmouth. 
Mary m. (2) Apr. 21, 1698, Erasmus Babbitt (Wheeler), 
and d. Westerly, Nov. 8, 1711. For records of her parents, 
see Appendix. 

Tradition says that John and his wife, Mary, eloped from 
Newport, settled upon the east bank of the Pawcatuck River, 
on Massatuxet Cove (near what is now Avondale, town of 
Westerly, R. I.), with no neighbors but the friendly Indians, 
and that they were not discovered by their parents for several 
years. Much poetry and romance have been written upon this 
tradition, but as no history has been found to establish it as 
a fact, and as authentic records seem clearly to disprove the 
statement, we must class the elopement story as fiction. 

Rhode Island Historical Society Records, vol. hi. .pp. J^J- 
261. published 1S35. gives a detailed account of the formation 
of the Misquamicut Company, of its purchase of Misquamicut, 
or what is now Westerly and three other adjoining towns, and 
of its first permanent settlement. Mar.. [661-2. 

At a meeting of the company held at Newport, Jan. 20. 
1661-2, the following action was taken: "It is agreed that 
some shall be appointed to survey the tract of land at Misquami- 
cut and take a plat of the circumference thereof, and that also 

> \ 

The Babcock Genealogy. 9 

a sufficient party shall go along with the surveyor or surveyors 
thereof, to abide upon the said land to hold possession thereof, 
in the beginning of March next ensuing." 

On page 260 is found this quotation: "At a meeting of the 
company held the next mouth, Feb. 22, 1661-2, eighteen per- 
sons were selected to go the following March and abide at 
Misquamicut, to he there till November next, and that £5 he 
allowed to every man." James Badcock, Sr., and John 1'. ad- 
cock were two of the eighteen selected. At the same meeting, 
"It was ordered that the vessel and all provisions he fitted to 
go away — of March next, and all men that are to go he ready 
against that day." The foregoing shows that John Badcock 
I and his father were, members of the Misquamicut Company 

formed at Newport, and that they went from there to Mis- 
quamicut (Westerly), with the fust permanent settlers. At 
that time he, John, was about eighteen years of age. 

John Badcock received from the company an apportionment 
of -land the same as other settlers. The Town Records of 
Westerly show that in 1669 John Badcock was given the 
twenty-seventh lot. It is certain that he settled in Westerly on 
the banks of the I'awcatuck River, near what is now Avonda'c, 
R. I., and that his oldest son, James, inherited and occupied 
the homestead. Some of the homestead land has never passed 
from the ownership of the descendants of John, as the widow 
of Ezra Babcock, son of Daniel and Nancy (Babcock) Bab- 
cock, owns and occupies a house at Avondale, R. I., which, it 
is claimed, stands upon the same lot on which John and Mary 
(Lavvton) Badcock built their first home. 

The following is taken from Colonial Records of Rhode 
Island, vol. ii, p. -2^8: "The names of such as inhabit Mis- 
quamicut, who have formerly presented their names to he made 
free of the colony, doe now againe [present them] to this pres- 
ent Asscmhly [that is. the Colonial Legislature] setting the 
, 28th of Oct., 1668, and are admitted." Among the names are 

James Badcock, Jr.. John Badcock. and Job Badcock. 

The Colony of Rhode Island. evidently fearing that Connect- 
icut was alienating certain settlers of Westerly, "ordered by 
the court. May 17. 1671. that the several inhabitants bee called 
on to see how they stand as to their fidelity to his Majesties 
and this Colony." (C. R. of R. I., vol. ii, p. 388.) Among 
the twenty-two who appeared were James Badcock, Jr., and 
Job Badcock. "James Badcock. Sr.. and John Badcock, who 
yesterday did not attend, did this morning make their personal 
appearance, and did promise to stand faithful to their former 

io The Babcock Genealogy. 

engagements, both to his Majesty and this Colony." (C. K. 
of R. J., vol. ii, pp. 389, 390. ) 

"About that time King Philip's War broke out, and the 

treachery and cruelty of the Indians was such that most of the 
pioneers of Westerly were obliged to flee from their homes 
and take refuge on the island of Rhode Island. No delegate 
from the town appears in the General Assembly for five years." 
(W. and W.) 

The following is taken from Early History of Rhode Island, 
vol. ii, p. 256, by Richman, published 1902: "At the end of 
King Philip's War the Rhode Island occupants of Narragan- 
sett were pretty nearly all upon the island of Rhode Island, 
whither they had tied for their lives. But by Sept. and Oct., 
1676, they had begun to return to their abandoned lands and 
to rebuild their ruined houses and barns.'' 

From the lime of its settlement by the Misquamicut Com- 
pany, Westerly was claimed by both Rhode island and Con- 
necticut, "and Connecticut did not relinquish her claim to the 
town until ifjS. 

1 nc indications are that when the war broke out John Pad- 
cock and his family remained in their home in Westerly, which 
was across the river from Connecticut, and as he could have 
no protection from Rhode Island sought the protection of Con- 
necticut. Tradition says that John volunteered with the Con- 
necticut Militia, which was organized for protection against 
the Indians; that in King Philip's War he was with the Con- 
necticut Militia in the "Great Swamp Fight," Dec. 19, 1075. 
and that his son Elihu was born at that time. 

In vol. i, Xarragansett Historical Register, is an article by 
Judge Richard A. Wheeler, author of History of Stonington, 
giving names of the Connecticut volunteers in King Philip's 
War who received bounty land from the Colony of Connecticut. 
Among the names of the Stonington Militia appears that of 
John Babcock. 

Voluntown records show that "bounty land which was set 
off to John Babcock, deceased, was conveyed Apr. 14. 1749. 
by Oliver Babcock (youngest son of John) to John Dickinson, 
of Stonington." 

"John Badcock was propounded a freeman of the Colony of 
Connecticut May T4. 1670. and later was admitted a freeman. 7 ' 
(C. R. of Conn., book 1665-7S.) This must have occurred 
during King Philip's War, while John was a lone settler in 

After King Philip's War was over, and the white settlers of 

The Babcock Genealogy. 1 1 

Westerly had returned to their homes, the Colony of Rhode 
Island must have resumed its jurisdiction over Westerly, for 
John Badcock was elected, by the General Court of Rhode 
Island, Conservator of the Peace for Westerly, June 12, [678. 

(C. R. of R. ]., vol. iii, pp. J O-13.) 

Sept. 17, j 679, "The inhabitants of Westerly being by war- 
rant required to appear at this Court to give the oath of al- 
legiance to his Majesty, and of fidelity to his Majesty's author- 
ity, for this Colony," John Badcock and thirty-two others, in- 
cluding his brothers James and Job, appeared and took the 
oath. (C. R. of R. I., vol. iii, pp. (>8, 09.) This event occurred 
three months after the death of his father. 

John Badcock was Deputy from Westerly to the Colonial 
Legislature in 1082 and JO84. (C. I\. of R. 1., vol. iii. pp. 
107, 150.) The exact date of his death has not been ascer- 
tained, but it probably occurred in .May or June, 1085. lie 
died intestate and a will disposing of his estate was made by 
the Town Council, June 25. 1685. In the Appendix of this 
volume can be found a copy of the- will, also the inventory of 
the personal property, dated June 4, 1085, which amounted to 
^79° 3 S «» ;ill( l was the largest recorded in the town for many 
years. By the law of primogeniture the oldest son, James, re- 
ceived all the real estate, one half of which he conveyed by deed 
to his mother, June 26, 1685. A copy of the de^\ will be found 
in the Appendix. 

By the will the widow received one third of the personal 
property, the remaining two thirds being divided equally among 
the nine younger children. Mary, the widow of John, was by 
the Town Council, made executrix of the will, and guardian 
of the minor children, which included all except James. 

When the will of James Badcock, Sr., was written. June 12. 
1679, tne first syllable of the family name was written Bad, 
and had been so written up to that time. Six vears later, when 
the will of John Babcock was made by the Town Council of 
Westerly, June 26. 1685, the first syllabic was spelled Bab, and 
has been so spelled ever since. 

Mary Babcock made an agreement December 26. 1689, with 
John Fairfield and wife to maintain them in meat, drink, cloth- 
ing, etc., they binding themselves to her in all their estate to 
he entirely hers. (W. T. R., vol. ii. p. 129.) Dec 2 f>, 1696. 
she deeded to her son George, for love, etc., one hundred and 
six acres of land. (W. T. R.) 

Children all born in Westerly — their names are mentioned 
HI the will in the order here given. While the dates of birth 

12 The Babcock Genealogy. 

are not given exactly, they arc believed to be approximately 
correct : 

X James, 1 1). \«k\ ( ?) ; m. ( i ) Elizabeth : m (2) Content Maxson. 

Ann, b. 1 fK >s ( ?). 

Mary, b. K/17 (?). In Mass. Gen. Hist. Society's Works, vol, i\, 
is found the marriage in Taunton of Mary Babcock and John 
Macombcr, Sr., Jan 7, 1685 6. This may have been Mary, daugh- 
ter of John and Mary Lawton Babcock. 
9 John, b. 1669 (?); in. 18 Mary Champlin. 

10 Job, b. 1671 ( ?) ; in. Deborah . 

11 George, b. 1673; m. Elizabeth Hall. 

12 Elihu, b., tradition says, the 'May df the Great Swamp Fight," 

Doc. 10, 1675. limn. 

13 Robert, 1). 107.x (?); in. Lydia Crandall. 

14 Joseph, b. 1681 (?); in. Rebecca Stanton. 

15 Oliver, 1). 1 OS.5 ( ?) ; in. (1) Susanna Clark; m. (2) Pcborah 


4. Job 2 Badcock, third sou of James, Sr., and Sarah Bad- 
cock, b. Portsmouth, R. 1.. 1646 (?); d. Westerly. 1 7 1 S ; 

111., at Westerly, Jane Crandall, dan. of Rev. John Crandall, a 

5. D. B. minister. She d. Westerly. 1715 (?). 
Job Badcock settled at Westerly. R. J. He owned a black- 
smith shop and a grist mill on the Pawcatuck River. He was 
made a freeman May 18, 1669. He took the oath of allegiance 
May 17, 1071, and again Sept. 17, 1679. He was elected Con- 
stable of Westerly Oct., 1680, and Feb. 15, 1693. His wife, 
Jane, had a deed of one hundred acres of land made to her by 
Samuel Lewis, and Job Babcock, husband of said Jane, de- 
clared that he had given his wife full power to purchase the 
land. May 24, 1703, he bought land of the Sachem Ninecraft 
for £6. lie deeded to his son Job, lor love, etc., one hundred 
and ten acres Oct. 3 c 1706. 

In 1678 Job and his wife were members of the S. I). B. 
Church of Newport, and Westerly. R. 1. ; Job Badcock, Indian 
interpreter, 1680. (Newport Hist. Register, vol. vii, p. 39.) 

Job Badcock with bis brother John received verbally the will 
of their father, James Badcock, June 12, 1079. (See copy of 
will in Appendix.) By the will. Job received all his father's 
"smith tools of what sort or kind he died possessed.** 

Job Babcock made his will Mar. 26. 17 15: d. 17 18; will 
proven Apr. 7, 17 18. son John executor. He gave to his sons 
Job and Benjamin and to daughters Jane. Sarah. Mary, Eliza- 
beth, and Mercy one shilling each; "to daughter Hannah a 
feather bed, pewter, and rest of household stuff; to son John 
my now dwelling house, grist mill, etc., and all that is due 
after payment of debts and legacies." 

The Babcock Genealogy. 13 


job, b. . 

John, b. . 

Benjamin, b. . 

Jane, b. — — ; m. Braman. 

Sarah, b. ; in. James Hall. 

Mary, l>. ; in. Tanner. 

Elizabeth, l>. ; m. Brand. 

Hannah, b. ; unm. when her father's will was written. 

16 Mercy, 8 b. ; m. Daniel Stanton. 

5. MARY 2 BADCOCK, fourth child <>f James, Sr., and Sarah 

Badcock, b. Portsmouth, R. [., [648 (?); d. Westerly, 

17.17; m - Capt. William Champlin, s<>n of Jeffrey Champlin, 

I). Rhode Island, L654, d. 1715. 

The following was copied from the will <>f her father, James 
Badcock, Sr. : "lie bequeathed one cow to be delivered unto 
his daughter, Mary Champlin. 

William Champlin was Justice of the Peace for Westerly : he 
was also Deputy for Westerly at the General Assembly, 1690, 
'91, '96, '98-, '99. 1 700, '03, '05. '06. '08. 'io, '12. At a town 
meeting held Apr. 7, 1709, he was "voted to have a grant of 
one hundred acres" of land, and was empowered to agree with 
Ninecraft, sachem, for '"a perpetual high road to the salt water 
from Queen's Rhoade." 

For further records of Mary (Badcock) Champlin. wife of 
William, see records of her son William. 

Children, born in Westerly : 

17 William, 3 b. ; m. Mary Clark. 

18 Mary, m. her cousin Capt. John Babcock. (See his records.) 

19 Ann. in. Samuel Clark. 

6. Joseph 2 Babcock, son of James. Sr.. and second wife, 
Elizabeth Babcock, b. Westerly or Stonington, 1670: set- 
tled in N. Stonington, where he d. 1762. (S. T. R.) He m. 

(1) Apr. 3, 1696. Dorothy Key. d. Dec. 14, 1727. She was 
admitted to the Stonington church May 11, 1707. and was 
recommended to membership in the X. Stonington church Apr. 
9. 1727. Joseph m. (2) Jan. I, 1729. Mrs. Hannah Coates. It 
is probable she was the widow of William Coates. of Stoning- 
ton, Conn., to whom she was m. June 9, 1714. and by whom 
she had four children. If so. her maiden name was Hannah 
Bill. (Wheeler.) Joseph's farm was in or near the present 
village of Milltown, Conn. 

A town meeting authorized by the Governor and Council of 
Connecticut was held at the home of Joseph Babcock, of Ston- 

j 4 The Babcock Genealogy. 

ington, Jan. iS, 1720-1. (Sec C. R. of Conn., 1717-1725, 
p. 229.) 

Mar. 29, j 74 1. Joseph Babcock was baptized and "gave his 
concent to the covenant of Grace and was admitted to the 
N. Stonington Congregational Church." (N. Ston. Ch. R.) 

Tlie following is taken from Ins father, James Babcock's, 
will: "He bequeathed unto his son Joseph all his housing and 
lands for him the said Joseph to take unto his possession when 
he shall attain unto the age of twenty one yrs." 

The will of Joseph Babcock, dated Oct. 13, 1700. admitted 
to probate Apr. 13, 1762, recorded in office of county clerk in 
New London, Conn., hook II, pp. 104-6, mentions "well- 
beloved wife Hannah Ba1x:ock, daughters Dorothy Jones and 
Abigail Billings, my only son John Babcock yet surviving, 
granddaughter Mary Baljcock, dan. of my son Joseph Babcock, 
deceased." Nominates and appoints son. John Babcock, with 
his mother to administer the estate. 

Child by first wife : 

Elizabeth, b. Stonington, Jan. 20! ify8; m Sept. 305 1714, Elisha, 
son of John and Abigail (Checsebrough) Avery, b. 1694. 

Children by second wife: 

Dorothy, b. Feb. 2, 1730; in. Mr. Jones. By the will of her 
father she as Dorothy Jones is given a portion of hi-- farm. 
20 Abigail, 3 b. April 20, 1 73 r : m. Christopher Billings. 
2\ Joseph, b. Oct. 15. 17.33 ; m. Mrs. Mary Bently. 

John, b. Jan. 26, 1736; no record of marriage. 

7. James 3 Babcock, son of James, Jr., and Jane (Brown) 
Babcock (James 1st), b. Westerly, lie inherited from 

his father his blacksmith's tools and a heifer, and, by law, the 
real estate. His mother d. 1 7 1 9. The executor of her will 
was her son James, blacksmith. To James's sons, Peter and 
William, she gave two beds. To "James's three sons, rest of 
household stuff," and to her ''son James the rest of her per- 
sonal property." We have no record of the wife of James 

James Babcock, Jr.. was admitted a freeman Feb. 13, 1689- 
90. He was chosen a constable for Westerly June 5, 1690; 
same day chosen sergeant. (W. T. R.) 

8. James 3 Babcock, better known as Capt. James, eldest 
child of John and Alary (Lawton) Babcock flames 1st). 

1). Westerly. R. I., 1663 ( ?) : d. there Jan. 17. 1736-7. 1 le was 
buried in the Babcock burying ground at Massatuxct, which is 

The Babcock Genealogy. 15 

upon the east side of the road, about midway between Westerly 
and Watch Hill. His grave is covered by a horizontal tablet, 
six feet long and four feet wide, and is about three feet above 
the surface of the ground. The inscription upon the tablet is 
as follows: "In memory of Capt. James Babcock, who died 
January ye 17th, 1736, in ye year of his age. Having 

been in his life of extensive charity and beneficence and not 
wholly silent at his death." The year of his age has been, by 
time or vandalism, completely obliterated. 

John Babcock, father of Capt. James, when eighteen years 
of age, went, Mar., 1662; to Westerly with the first company 
of permanent settlers. (See records of John.) 

Tradition says that James was the first white male child born 
in Misquamicut (Westerly). Presuming this to be true. James 
was no doubt born in 1602 or 1663. He m. (1) 1687 ( ? )> 
tradition says, Elizabeth Saunders, dan. of Tobias Saunders. 
Another tradition says her name was Elizabeth Babbit, dau. 
of Erasmus Babbit. Upon her tombstone, which is near her 
husband's grave, is inscribed the following: "Here lieth in- 
terred ye body of Elizabeth, ye wife of Cap. James Babcock, 
died March ye 3rd, 1 730-1, in the G9U1 year of her age." She 
was probably a year or more older than her husband. 

James m. (2) in Westerly, by Theodoty Rhodes, Justice, 
July 7, 1 73 1, Content, eldest child of Jonathan and Content 
(Rogers) Maxson, b. at Westerly Jan. 28, 170S-9. She was 
in the twenty-third year of her age. 

June 22, 1 73 1 (fifteen days before his second marriage), he 
signed a "Covenant made and contracted betweene Capt. James 
Babcock of Westerly yeoman, and Content Maxson daughter 
to Jona. Maxson," viz.; "I ye sd. Babcock do hereby covenant 
with sd. Content that on condition shee doth take me as her 
husband and doth outlive me I do oblige my heirs to pay her 
within 3 years after my decease £100 currant Money in Lieu 
of her right to her thirds. — On these terms Content is willing 
and satisfied to be married." (W. T. R., 17 19, p. 26.) 

Content m. (2) Dec. 22, 1742. William Iliscox (widower), 
son of Thomas and Bethia (Clark) Hiscox, by whom she had 
four children. 

Capt. James, being the eldest son. was by the English law of 
primogeniture heir to all the real estate of his father. "With a 
devotion to his mother worthy of all praise." he surrendered 
to his "loving and natural mother. Mary Babcock." one half 
of all the real estate left by his father, "to have and enjoy and 
to dispose of as she shall see it meet during the time of her life 

j 6 The Babcock Genealogy. 

or after her decease, provided she shall dispose of it unto my 
father's male children." The contract was dated June 26, 1(1X5. 
(W. T. R., book i, j>. 65.) Copy of contract in Appendix. 

In public records he is often referred to as 'James, the 
widow's son." 

Apr. 22, 1686, he was made a freeman at Westerly. At a 
town meeting held Mar. 28, 1692, land was voted to each of 
twenty-five citizens, among whom were "James Babcock, the 
widow's son," and Job Babcock. They received one hundred 
acres each. In 1692 James united with the S. D. B. Church 
of Newport and Westerly. When the Westerly branch (which 
now exists as the First S. D. B. Church of Hopkinton) became 
an independent body, in 1708. he was a constituent member 
and continued a member until his death, as is shown by an item 
in his will, as follows: "1 give and bequeath unto the Church 
of Christ in Westerly, unto which I belong, keeping ye Seventh 
Day Sabbath, one hundred pounds in money, etc." 

His title and rank of Captain came from his being commis- 
sioned Captain of Militia in Westerly, R. I., date unknown but 
prior to 1690. 

Apr. 1, 1698, Elihu, Robert, Joseph, and Oliver chose their 
brother James Babcock to be their guardian. (W. T. R.) 
This was twenty days before their mother m. Erasmus 
Babbitt. At the time of her first husband's death she was 
appointed guardian to the minor children, which included all 
the children except James, the eldest. 

Apr. 5, 1698, James deeded land to his brother John (W. 
T. R.) Mar. 11, 1699, James and John, "for brotherly love." 
etc., deeded to their brother Oliver "certain land commodious 
and convenient to dwelling house, which was formerly our 
father John Babcock's, and also land that was formerly our 
father-in-law (i. e., stepfather) Erasmus Babbitt's, said land 
to be Oliver's at decease of our mother, Mary Babbitt." 

For many years Capt. James was Town Treasurer; was 
Town Councilman 1690, '93. and '95; was often Moderator 
at town meetings, and for the years 1701. '06, '07, '08, '09. 
and '16 he represented Westerly in the Legislature of the 
Colony of Rhode Island, held at Newport. 

Nov. 4, 1704. James and John deeded certain lands to their 
mother, Mary (Babcock) Babbitt. Oct. in. 1715, Capt. Tames 
Babcock and his wife, Elizabeth. s< >1< 1 for £300 sterling two 
hundred acres of land, bounded south by the salt pond and the 
ocean and on the east by John Babcock's land. 

In 1715 the colony was desirous of establishing a credit 

*4| V/ ,-* 

i -■.... 




■;..■'■■• . • - • 



From a photograph taken 1902. 

Page 15- 

The Babcock Genealogy. 17 

currency which should circulate as money. To this end the 
Colonial Legislature, held al Newport, July 5, 1715, passed an 
act providing for the loaning without interest to certain citi- 
zens, in severalty, £30,000 in currency or hills of credit. On 
Monday, Oct. io, 1715. Capt. James Babcock borrowed £300 
of this currency, payable in five years. The security he gave 
was a mortgage upon a certain two-hundred-acre tract of land. 
This mortgage was paid ofl three years after his death by the 
administrator of the estate, his son Joshua, who oil Mar. 16, 
1739, settled the claim by paying to the colony £60, twenty 
per cent of the currency borrowed. The mortgage above re- 
ferred to is a very long and carefully worded document, and is 
recorded in Westerly Records, hook i, pp. 168, 169. Among 
the man) - who gave similar mortgages to the colony was George 
Babcock, a brother of James. In 1717 he was Justice of Peace 
for Westerly. 

Feb. 7, 1717-8, Thomas (lark and wife, Elizabeth, having 
received "3 tracts of land by deed" from Capt. James Babcock 
(father of Elizabeth), "do thankfully acknowledge and except 
the same in full of our portion of our father's estate.'' (\V. T. 
R., 1719, p. 130.) 

Capt. James's last will, written Jan. 9. 1736-7, eight days 
before his death, was entered for probate Jan. 31, 173O-7. A 
copy can be found in the Appendix to this volume. By his will 
he gave to his children and grandchildren eight or ten farms, 
comprising some two thousand acres of land, each farm care- 
fully bounded. He provided that his infant son James should 
receive a college education; and also that in case his wife 
should marry again the three younger children should be taken 
from her and brought up by his executor, their half-brother 
Joshua. Another clause provides that if the widow should 
refuse to abide by the terms of the will her three children 
should receive from his estate only twenty shillings each. The 
family burying ground is reserved from his farm, '"for a bury- 
ing place of my relations and as many others as they shall see 
cause to except of." Xo doubt his parents and grandparents 
were buried upon the same grounds. It has been said of Capt. 
James Babcock that he was as good as he was rich, a true 
philanthropist who lived for Clod and his fellow-men. 

Children of Capt. James and Kluabcth : 

■22 Janus.' b. Westerly, Dec. 23, 1688; m. Sarah Vo<e. 

23 Elizabeth, b. Feb. H, 1691 ; in. Elder Thomas (.'lark. 

24 Samuel, b. Feb. 15. 1697; m. Ann Pendleton. 

25 Daniel, b. Apr. 23. 1699; in. Abigail Thompson. 

i8 The Babcock Genealogy. 

26 Anna, b. Nov. 29, ]~u! ; in. Elder Joseph Clark. 
Sarah, b. Dec. 13, 1704; <J. Nov. 13, 1705. 

27 Joshua, b. May 17, 1707; in. (1) Hannah Stanton; in. (2) Ann 


Children of Capt. James and Content, all horn in Westerly: 

28 Ann, l>. Mar. 30, 1732; in. Simon Rhodes. 

29 Col. Janus, I). Nov. 1, 1734; in. (1) Sarah Stanton; in. (2) Joanna 


30 Jonathan, b. Oct. 11, 17^0; m. Esther Hazard. 

9. Capt. John 3 Babcock, son of John and Mary (Lawton) 
Babcock (James 1st), h. Westerly. K. 1., 1669 ( ?) ; was 
admitted a freeman Feb. 13. 1689 (W T. R.);*'d. Westerly. 
Mar. 28, 1746; m. 1700 ( ?) his cousin, Mary Champlm. sec- 
ond child of William and Mary (Babcock) Champlin. They 
lived about two miles east of Pawcatuck Bridge, Westerly, 
on what is now the Post Road. Later the house was a hotel 
kept by Sylvester Gavitt. 

John Babcock was chosen in 1691 to assist in surveying the 
town lands. In [695 he was chosen a fence viewer, lie was 
Tax Assessor for the years 1697-99. In 1699 he was Town 
Councilman; Town Clerk, Apr. 26, 1700; appointed Probate 
Clerk, Aug., 1700, and served one year; was with others 
chosen a rate maker Mar. 22. 1703. He was Captain of Mili- 
tia for the years 1709. '11, '15, '18, '19, '20. '21. ^t,. (Smith.) 
He served as Town Clerk from 1706 to 1732. when he was suc- 
ceeded by his son William. He served as Deputy for the town 
of Westerlv in the General Assemhlv in the years 1695. 1702. 
'13, '15. '17, '18. '20. '2^ '24. '25, '26. (R. 1. Col. Rec, 
vol. iv. ) He was Justice of the Peace for Westerly from 1730 
to 1737. (Smith.) 

May 19. 1710. John Babcock and Robert Babcock with ten 
others bought from the colony a tract of land containing 2.684 
acres, known as the "Maxson purchase." John and his wife, 
Mar)', "quit claim, Jan. 18. 1715-16. unto William Champlain 
all manner of action, suits, hills, bonds, debts, etc.. on account 
of any legacy, sum or sums of money due us out of our deceased 
father, William Champlain's. estate." (W. T. K., lxx)k i. 
p. 102.) 

John T.abcock's will, written Feb. 10. 1745-6. about five 
weeks before his death, is found in the W. T. R., book i i, p. 
53. A copy is found in this volume. ( See Appendix.) 

Children, horn in Westerly : 

John. 1). May .}, 1701 ; d. July 10, 1710. num. 

31 Ichabod,* b. Nov. 21, 1703; in. Jemima Babcock. 

. The Babcock Genealogy. 19 

j 32 Stephen, b. May 2, 1706, m. Anna Thompson. 

33 William, b. Apr. 15, [708; m. Sarah Dcnison. 

34 Amy, 1). Feb. N, 1712-3; m. Ezekiel Gavttt. 
Mary. b. July 23, 1710; m. Bcnj. Randall. 

Ami, b. Sept. 1.}, 17-M. Not being mcnlioncd in ber father's will, 
she probably died young. 


10. Job 3 Babcock, son of John and Mary (Law ton) Bab- 
cock (James ist), 1). Westerly, R. 1.,' 1671 ( ?) ; d. S. 
Kingston between the date of his will. Aug. 23, 1754. and 

probate of will. Feb. 10. 1755. Mem. 1695 (?) Deborah . 

She d. before her husband. 

The first Town Council of S. Kingston, elected in I7 2 3« con- 
sisted of Job Babcock and five others. (N. II. R., vol. vii, 
p. 241.) 

In May, 1727, Job Babcock was chosen Deputy from S. 
Kingston to the General Court of Rhode Island. (('. R. of 

IR. ]., vol. iv, p. 385.) In June, 1J-J, he was appointed pro- 
thonotary. (C. R. of R.I., vol. iv. p. 390. ) 
"Feb., 1712, in a lawsuit between John Knight and Job Bab- 
cock about some Narragansett land, an appeal was allowed to 
Great Britain." (Potter's Early History of Narragansett, p. 
12, also C. R. of R. 1., pp. 138, 139.) 

"In 1 73 1 Jol} conveyed to each of his sons. Job, Samuel, and 
John, certain lands respectively." ( S. K. T. R.. Xo. 3.) 

The will of Job Babcock, dated Aug. 22, 1754. proved Feb. 
10, 1755, and recorded in Probate Book Xo. 5. page 7. wife is 
not named. She probably died earlier. Sons mentioned arc 
Job, Samuel. John (executor) ; daughters. Mary Stanton. De- 
borah Hoxie; grandsons. Job son of Samuel. Daniel Stanton, 
Job son of Job; granddaughter, Isabel Tefft. 

Children : 

35 Job,* b. 1607 (?); m. CO Elizabeth Hull; m. (_•) .Mary . 

36 Samuel, b. ; m. Bethiah . 

37 John, b. ; m. (i) Sarab Segar ; m. (2) Jemima Reynolds. 

Mary, b. ; m. Stanton. 

38 Deborah. 4 b. ; m. Joseph Hoxie. 

Abigail, b. ; m. John Segar, of South Kingston. 

*1« George 3 Babcock, son of John and Mary (Lawton) 

Babcock (James ist). b. Westerly. R. [., 1073; d. 
S. Kingston, R. I., May 1. 1750. in the eighty-third year of 
his age; m. Nov. 28, 1694, Elizabeth, dan. of Ilenrv and 
Content Hall, of Kingston, d. S. Kingston, May X, \jt >j, in 
the ninety-first year of her asre. 

20 The Babcock Genealogy. 

George Babcock's mark for his cattle was recorded in West- 
erly; May, ]()()(). In December of the same year he received 
from his mother a deed of a tract of land in Westerly. Dec. 

31, 1706, he resided in Kingston and sold land to his brother 
James in Westerly. (W. T. R., book i.) 

In June, 1707. he was baptized by Elder William Hiscox 
and united with the S. D. I J. Church of Newport and Westerly. 
R. ]., in which church for the rest of his life he was a promi- 
nent member, and by his will left a legacy of £300 for his 
church. A few weeks later. July JO, his wife joined the same 
church. (S. ]). B. Memorial.) 

June J<S, 1709, he with twenty-six others Ixnight from the 
Colony of Rhode Island a large tract of land in Kingston and 
Westerly known as the "Shannock Purchase." His part of the 
purchase was laid out in Westerly on the south side of Shan- 
nock llill and extended west to the Pawcituck River, in what 
was afterward Hopkinton and Richmond. His son Hezekiali 
settled on the part in Hopkinton, and had at least eight hundred 
acres. His son Elisha settled on the part tint was afterward 
Richmond. In 1715 George Babcock and others assisted in 
circulating Rhode Island colonial money. Sec details in rec- 
ords of Capt. James Babcock, a brother of George. He served 
as Deputy to the Legislature in 1716 and 1721. 

He was for many years Justice of the Peace' and was often 
called upon to perform marriage ceremonies, lie and his wife 
were buried upon their own farm in a plot formerly known as 
the "Babcock Burying Ground." It is about five miles from 
the Kingston R. R. Station, and is still used as a cemetery, is 
inclosed by a neat iron fence. The farm was sold in 1790 by 
Gideon Babcock, grandson of George and son of David, to 
Joshua Tucker, and the cemetery is now known as the "Tucker 
Burying- Ground." Near by i> a body of water formerly known 
as Babcock's Pond, now called Tucker's Pond. The place was 
visited in the summer of 1000 by the writer and his brother. 
Mr. Nathan Babcock, of Westerly. The graves of George 
Babcock and his wife were each covered with slate stone slabs 
about five and one half feet long by two and one half feet wide 
and five inches thick, lying horizontal, and on foundations ?•> 
that they were about one foot from the ground. The letters 
were much worn and overgrown with mo>s. but were finally 

The two graves are side by side, about three feet apart, and 
the stones differ only in their inscriptions. The writing upon 
the husband's stone consists of eleven lines, as follows: 



S i 

■ ■ 

. Si -.., . 







■ ■ 









•• • ' 


H > 1 • *' ' < ) \ ! 


The Babcock Genealogy. 21 

In Memory 


the Seventh Day Baptist Church, 


their Children Were Members 




THE 1ST, A. ]). I756, IN YE 83 YEAR 

of his Age. 

A notice of the death of Mrs. Baljcock, written from S. 
Kingston, appeared in the Boston Evening Post two weeks 
after her death, May 24, 1762. Among other tilings it states 
that "She has left 8 children, 61 grandchildren; in all 140 
descendants, which whole nnmher live in this colony except 
one granddaughter, and her children." 

A tradition often repeated states that soon after the mar- 
riage of George and Elizabeth Hall Babcock he threw a long 
rope over his dwelling house; he remained at one end of the 
rope, while his wife, Elizabeth, went as requested to the other 
side of the house and tried to pull the rope over, hut without 
success. George called out, "Pull, Betty, pull harder!" Again 
she struggled, hut with no hctter results than before. George 
then called for her to come to him; the two, taking hold of 
the same end of the rope, easily pulled it over the house. The 
lesson taught was that when husband and wife pull apart no 
satisfactory results can he reached, hut when both pull to- 
gether everything is easy. 

George Balxrock by his will, dated Nov. 13, 1750. probated 
and recorded in S. Kingston. R. I., May 10, 1750. gives away 
a number of farms, a large amount of personal property, in- 
cluding thousands of pounds in money. To his wife he gave 
various personal property, including "my negro gall Peg." 
To his son David he gave the homestead farm, a negro man 
named "Bristo," a negro woman named "Geney," anil ap- 
points David as executor of his will. Xo reference to his son 
Jonathan is found in the will. (Will published in Appendix.) 

Children : 

39 Mary,* b. Sept. 20. 1695; ni. Thomas Potter, Jr. 

40 George, Jr.. 1>. Apr. 0. i6gg; m. Susanna lVtter. 

41 David, b. Dec. 22, 1700: in. Dorcas Brown. 

42 Jonathan, b. Mar. 22. 1702-?; m. Elizabeth . 

Elizabeth, b. Mar. 10, 1705; m. Edward Sanders. (Wheeler.) 

22 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Abigail, 1>. Feb. (\ 1707; 111. (by Christopher Allen, Justice, Apr. 29, 

1 7ji ) Benjamin Hall, of Portsmouth, K. I. 
Ruth, b. Mar. 14, i7(x;; in. (\>y Christopher Alien, Justice) Caleb 

Hill, of Prudence Island, R. L, Feb. 25, 1730-1. 

43 Eunice, b. Jan. 13, 1712-3; in. Silas ( Iieeiiuian. 

44 lle/ekiali, li. Mar. 25, 17)5(1; in. Mary I'ackhain. 

45 Elisha, 1>. May iX, 1 7 1 x ; in. Elizabeth Perry. 

12. Elihu 3 Babcock, son of John and Mary (Lawton) Bab- 
cock (James ist), b. about 1075. Tradition says his birth 

occurred at the time of the "Swamp fight," Dec. 19, 1075, 
King Philip's War. 

He was of limited mental capacity, which misfortune tradi- 
tion also predicates upon the personal alarms his mother, 
Mary, suffered from an accidental meeting with a hostile In- 
dian the summer preceding his birth. 

He was original in speech and manner. His remarks were 
sometimes more emphatic than elegant. One summer day he 
tied a brush harrow to a bull's tail and turned the animal 
into a field of wheat. His riotous mirth as the enraged bull 
ran through the ripening grain was a measure of his mind. 
and the mischief done a fair exponent of his deeds. 

The date of his death is not known, but he was living when 
about seventy years of age. 

Forty years after the death of his father, his six surviving 
brothers, who always treated him with kindness and respect, 
entered into an agreement providing for his care and support. 
This compact was signed at Westerly, "february the 2d day 
in ye 12 year of the Regn of King George, Anno Domini, 
1725-6," by his six brothers. James, John. Job, George. Jo- 
seph, and Oliver, and three witnesses, and was recorded upon 
the town records of Westerly. The compact will be found in 
the Appendix of this volume. 

13. Robert 3 Babcock, son of John and Mary (Lawton) 
Babcock (James 1st), b. Westerly, 167S ( ?) ; d. Aug. 

27, 1 7 1 9 ; m. 1701, Lydia Crandall, dan. of Rev. Joseph 
Crandall. Robert and his wife, Lydia, were in Sept., 1712, 
members of the S. D. B. Church of Westerly. The church is 
now known as the First Hopkinton S. D. B. Church, and is 
at Ashaway. R. I. Apr. 21. 1698, Robert with his brothers 
Elihu, Joseph, and Oliver chose their brother Capt. Tames as 
guardian. About a year later. Mar. 4, 1609. Robert Babcock 
was made a freeman. This shows that he was a minor in 
1698, but had reached his majority in 1699; hence the above 
date of his birth must lie correct. lie bought land in West- 

The Babcock Genealogy. 23 

erly of Job Babcock, Jr., Jan. 6, 1706-7, and in 1 7 10 with 
others bought from Rhode Island the Maxson Purchase. Sec 
the biography of Ins brother John. 

His will, which was dated Aug. 26, 1719, proved Sept. J, 
1719 (W. T. R.), states: "Being very sick in body but of 
perfect mind and memory, I give and bequeath all my per- 
sonal property to beloved wife Lydia." lie mentions by name 
all his children except the youngest, Remember, who was bom 
six months after her father's death. 

Robert Babcock's death was caused by a murderous assault 
committed by one John Ross, and his will was evidently writ- 
ten upon his deathbed. The day following his death. Aug. 
28, 1719, Joseph Stanton, Justice of Westerly, wrote to Gov. 
Cranston at Newport giving a report of the jury of inquest 
on the body of Robert Babcock. 

The following is an exact copy of the letter, taken from the 
original, which in Aug., 1900, was owned by Dr. George D. 
Stanton, of Stonington; 

"Westerly August the 28th day 17 19, Honnored Sur these 
with grief com to Inform Your Homier that yesterday Rob- 
ert babcock of this town departed this life and it is to be 
feared that the cans of his deth came by abuse or hurt that 
he Rescvcd. Sur the Jury of Inquest have sat on him and 
viewed the outward and Inward part of his body and they 
find his body brused and his blader broked. 

"Sur it is suspected that John Ross of Westerly Ts the 
man that hath dun the hurt and committed the fact and 1 am 
informed that he is gone out of this town In a bote of Mr. 
Christopher Champlin's bound for Newport the bote hath 
tow masts the man hath often bin att newport and is know- 

"Sur I nede not In struct your Honnor butt hope that If 
lie be at newport you in your wisdom will take care that the 
said Ross be secured: Sur I humbly pray your advice con- 
earning- the premeses and wather the Evidences ought to be 
bound over to Cort before the Ross be Taken: no more at 
prcsant but Remain 

"Your most humble sarvant, 

"Josrcrii Stanton", Justice." 

Children : 

Mary. b. Aug. 31. 1702. 
46 Lydia. 4 b. Nov. 1. 1703; in. Roger F.lderton. 

Robert, b. May 8, 1706: admitted a freeman Feb.. 1729-30. By his 
fatber's will he received all the real e-tate ; was to have one half 

24 The Babcock Genealogy. 

of it at twenty-one years of age, the other half when ln> mother 
should die or marry. T. Barber states that Robert settled in 
East Greenwich, had seven children, was there in 1774. 

Klilm, 1). June 5, 170N. 
Sarah, 1>. Mar. lS, 1710. 
Patience, I). Dec. 23, 1711. 

Simeon, 1». Oct. 17. 1714. T. Barber says m. Abigail Hudson, Oct. 5, 
i7.V»; moved t" Coventry, Conn.; d. Nov. 30, 1751. 

47 Ezekiel, 1>. June ->_', 1716; m. Eunice Billings. 
Joseph, 1>. Apr. <), 171X. 

Remember, l>. Feb. 11, 1720. 

14. Joseph 8 Babcock, son of John and Mary (Law ton) 

(James 1st), 1). Westerly, 1681 ( ?) ; d. Feb., 1741-2; 
m. Rebecca, dan. of Joseph and Hannah (Lord) Stanton, b. 
Apr., 1678, (1. July 5. 1747. 

Apr. 21, 1698, Joseph, a minor, chose Capt. James Bab- 
cock, his brother, to be his guardian. Jan. 9, 1706-7, Joseph 
deeded one hundred acres of land in Westerly to Robert. Stan- 
ton. He deeded land to his brother, Robert Babcock, Aug. 
31, 1710. His will, which was written Sept. 6, 1741, con- 
tains the following: "I give and bequeath unto Rebecca, my 
beloved wife ye use of my negro man, named Primus, during 
her natural life, and after her decease to my son Joseph, his 
heirs and assigns forever." 

The said Primus was valued in the inventory at £150. The 
will was probated Feb. 22, 1741-2. and Rebecca, the widow, 
was appointed executrix. (W. T. R.) 

Joseph, Jr., was appointed administrator for the estate of 
his mother, Rebecca. July 27, 1747. (W. T. R.) 

Children : 

Rebecca, b. ; d. July 15. 1747; m. Mr. Ingraham. 

Ann. b. ; m. Enos. 

48 Jemima,' b. ; m. 31 Icliabod* Babcock (ber cousin). Sec his 


49 Joseph, b. ; m. Susanna Thompson. 

15. Col. Oliver 3 Babcock, sen of John and Mary (Law- 
ton) Babcock (James 1st), b. Westerly. R. J.. 1083 (?) ; 

d. Oct. (?), 1773: rn. (1) Jan.. 1704-5. Susanna, dau. of 
Joseph and Beth i ah (Hubbard) Clark, and sister to Rev. 
Thomas Clark, who married Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. James 
Babcock. Susanna b. Westerly, Aug. 31. 1683. She joined 
the S. D. 1». Church at Newport, July, 1707. At that time the 
Newport Church had a branch at Westerly. Oliver m. (2) 
Dec. 2, 1761, Deborah Knowles. She had no children. 

Oliver was a minor. Apr. 21, 1698, at which time he chose 
his brother, Capt. James, as guardian. 

• . The Babcock Genealogy. 25 

On Nov. 25, 1715, Oliver gave a mortgage on one hundred 
and thirty acres of land for .Lioo currency, which he borrowed 

from the Colony of Rhode Island, without interest. A month 
earlier his brother James had borrowed £300 under similar 
conditions, fully described in his biography. 

Oliver was admitted a freeman May J, 1710. lie was Dep- 
uty from Westerly to the General Assembly in 1730, '34, '37, 
'38, '52. (C R. of K. I., vol. v.) For a large part of his 
life public records refer to him as "C6L Oliver Babcock." At 
a meeting of the General Assembly held at Warwick, R. J.. 

Ion the second Monday of Aug., 1735, Capt. Oliver Babcock 
was appointed one of a committee "for creating a new harbor 
in Westerly by turning the Pawcatuck River into the largest 
salt pond along the Westerly shore, so that said pond would 
•♦ become a very commodious and navigable harbor, and would 

likewise be very convenient for the catching and making of 
codfish." The proposed work was no doubt found to be im- 
practicable, as it was never performed. 

The same year he was a commissioner to lay out twenty 
acres of land upon which to build an Indian meetinghouse in 
Westerly. Was also one of the commissioners to build a 

I bridge across the Pawcatuck River at Westerly. (W. and W., 

P- 1 39-) 
Mar. 19, 1757, Hopkinton was set oft' from Westerly, and 
Col. Oliver Babcock's home was in the new town. He was 
probably ninety years old at the time of his death in 1773. 
Apr. 14, 1749, Oliver Babcock, of Westerly, conveyed lands 
f in Voluntown to John Dixon, of Stonington, Conn. Said land 

was laid out to John Babcock, father of Col. Oliver, who was 
one of the Connecticut volunteers in the Narragansett War. 
^ Col. Oliver's will was dated Dec. 3. 1761, and was proved 

and recorded in Hopkinton Nov. 1, 1773. It mentions wife 
Deborah, daughters Susanna Heche and Mary Cobb, sons 
Thomas, Nathan, Oliver, Simeon, Joseph. John. lie appoints 
his sons Simeon, Oliver, John, and Joseph to be the executors 
of his will. 

Children, all by first wife: 

Susanna, b. Sept. 20. 1705: m. James (?), son of Samuel and 
Elizabeth (Rogers) Bccbe, 1). Oct. 10. 1710. (Ropers Genealogy. ) 

50 Thomas, 4 b. Mar. 7. 1710; m. (1) Mary Davidson 1. ?); (2) Judith 


51 Mary. 1>. Feb. 8, 1712-;?; in. Henry Cobb. 
Nathan, 1>. Oct. 12, 1715. 

52 Simeon, b. Sept. 27. 1 71 7; m. Sarah Gardner. 
John, b. May 12, 1720. 

26 Tlic Babcock Genealogy. 

53 Oliver, Jr., b. Sept. i6, i7-'j; m. Patience Pendleton. 

54 Joseph, I). Oct. 18, i7-'(>; m. Anna Harris. 

(Dates of birth found A. V. R.) 

16. Mercy 3 Babcock, dau. of Job and Jane (Crandall) Bab- 
cock (James ist). b. Westerly, K. I.; m. .'it Westerly. 

Capt. Daniel Stanton, son of Joseph and Charity ( Brown) 
Stanton, b. Westerly, Apr. I, 1694. lie m. (2) Elizabeth, 
dan. of George and Charity Bacon, of Westerly. 

By the will <>f her father, proved in Westerly, Apr. ly. 
I7l8, she received one shilling. (From Stanton Genealogy.) 

Child of Mercy Babcock Stanton: 

Daniel, 4 Jr. b. ; m. Mary Wilcox. 

17. William 8 Cham pun, son of Capt. William and Mary 2 
(Babcock) Champlin (James ist), b. ; d. 17.-17; 

m. Jan. l8, [699-1700, Mary ("lark, dan. of Joseph and 
Bethiah (Hubbard) Clark, b. Dec. 27, 1680. d. 1700. 

He was made a freeman of Westerly in 1700, and June 25, 
1707, he was chosen "Rattcmaker" (i. e., assessor). His 
wife "Mary (Clark) Champlin was baptized, and under lay- 
ing on of hands was admitted into the [S. D. B.] Church the 
1 oth of the 5th month, 1708." 

Jan. 18, 171C), he made an agreement with Mary (Babcock) 
Champlin (his mother), Capt. John Babcock, and Samuel 
Clark, and their wives, in which he agreed to maintain his 
mother as long- as she pleased to live with him, to pay her 
£200 down and £10 annually, and make over to her two beds 
and other household goods in lieu of her dower; also to pay 
£100 to brother-in-law John Babcock and wife Mary, and 
brother-in law Samuel Clark and wife Ann. 

His will, dated Aug. 3. 1747. probated Dec. 21;, r 747. ap- 
points sou William executor. Among other provisions his 
executor is bidden "to care for my ancient mother if she out- 
lives me." 

Children : 

William, b. May 31. 1702. 
Jeffrey, b. Mar. (>, 1704. 

Joseph, b. . 

Samuel, b. . 

Joshua. 1). . 

James, h. . 

Susannah, b. ; Hi. Stanton. 

The foregoing records taken chiefly from Clarke Genealogy 
by Cyrus Clark Van Deventer. 


The Babcock Genealogy. 27 

19. Ann 3 Champlin, dau. of Capt. William and Mary 

(Babcock) Champlin (James 1st), ni. Jan. 19, 16 
Samuel, son of Joseph, Jr., and Bethiah (Hubbard) Clark, 
1). Sept. 29, 1(172. 
Children : 

I Samuel, 1). Jan., 1699-1700. 

Mary, 1>. Nov. 27, 1701. 
Bethiah, 1>. Aug. 2<>. 1705. 
Joseph, 1). Aug. 29, 1705. 
Ann. 1). Sept. 3, 1707. 
William, b. May 21, 1709. 
James, b. Jan. _'o, 1710-1. 

(Joshua, b. Sept. 22, 1712. 
Amos, b. Nov. 14, 171.1. 
Simeon, b. Apr. 7, 1716. 
Christopher, b, Oct. 26, 1717. 

20. Abigail, 8 Babcock, dau. of Joseph and Hannah 
(Coates) Babcock (James 1st), b. Stonington, Conn., 

Apr. 20, 1731 ; m. Christopher, son of Lieut. Ebenezer and 
Phebe (Denison) Billings, of Stonington, b. there Feb. 10, 

1723. She was his second wife. 
Children : 

Anna, b. Aug. 26, 1759. 
Jolni, b. Apr. 8, 1761. 
Joseph, b. Apr. 18, 176.3. 
Jonas, b. Feb. 15, 1765. 

21. Joseph^ Babcock. son of Joseph and second wife, Han- 
nah (Coates) Babcock (James 1st), b. Oct. 15, 1733, 

was a Revolutionary soldier; m. Dec. 28, 1755, Mrs. Mary 

It is evident from the following clause of the will of Joseph 
Babcock, Sr., that Joseph, Jr., was deceased prior to the date 
of the will, 1760. The will mentions "granddaughter, Mary 
Babcock, dau. of my son Joseph Babcock, deceased." 


Mary, b. Jan. 8, 1757. 

22. James 4 Bakcock. Jr., son of Capt. James and Elizabeth 
Babcock (John. James ist"). b. Westerly, Dec. 23. 1688; 

d. Stonington, now X. Stonington, Conn., Apr. 9. 1731 ; m. in 
Milton. Mass., June 12, 1700, by Mr. Peter Thatcher, pastor, 
Sarah Yose. dau. of Edward ami Abigail Vose, b. Milton, 
Aug. 30. 1684. d. in X. Stonington, Conn.. Dec. 25, 1758. 
Her father, Edward Vose, was b. in England in 1636, and 

28 The Babcock Genealogy. 

d. in Milton, Mass., Jan. _'<), [716. Abigail, the mother of 
Sarah Vose, d. in Milton, May i«x, 17 1 _\ aged sixty-five 
years. Her grandfather, Robert Vose, 1>. in Lancaster. 
England, about 1599, came to America with his three sons, 
Edward, Thomas, and Henry, and bought land in Milton, 
Mass., July 1 3, [654. 

James and his wife, Sarah, settled upon a farm in that part 
of Stonington, Conn., which is now Pendleton Hill, X. Ston- 
ington. It was owned by his father. Capt. James I'.abcock. 
and was afterward found to lie partly in Stonington and 
partly in VoluntOWll. Much of the land was retained in the 
family for more than a hundred and fifty years. James and 
wife, Sarah, joined Stonington Church (Congregational), 
Rev. James Noycs, pastor, Au°;. 8, 170s, and left with others 
to form the X. Stonington Church. 1727. Records of births, 
deaths, and baptisms found on town and church records. 

James d. in the forty-third year of his age, and was buried 
on the farm, upon which he lived; later his widow, children, 
and grandchildren were buried near him. The burying ground 
having - become overgrown with bushes and briars, and being 
in a desolate, neglected spot remote from the highway, Col. 
Andrew J. P.ahcock, of Spring-field, 111., and the writer, in the 
fall of 1900, caused the graves of James and his wife, their 
sons Oliver and Timothy, and their wives, to be removed to a 
well-kept cemetery near the Pendleton Hill meetinghouse, 
which was about a half mile from the original burying ground. 

All of these bodies were found to be in a measure preserved, 
although one of them had lain in the ground about one hun- 
dred and seventy years. Ten years previous to this removal 
the graves of Capt. Oliver Babcock. grandson of James and 
Sarah, and that of Oliver's brother Joshua and wife had been 
removed to the same cemetery, at Pendleton Hill. 

Children : 

55 James, 6 b. May 29, 170S; m. Phebe Swan. 

56 Nathaniel, b. Mar. 6, 1709-10; m, Sarah Billings. 

57 Elias, b. Feb. jo, 1711-2; in. Anna Plumb. 

Sarah, baptized Jan. 11. 1714: birth not recorded on Stonington 
records, hut baptism recorded en church records. 
5S Elizabeth, b. Aug. 25, 17m; m. John Davidson. 
Martha, h. Mar.. 1 7 1 7 : d. Apr. 18. 1717. 

59 Isaiah, h. Jan. 20. 1710: in. Elizabeth Plumb. The records of 

the descendants of [saiali will appear in this volume carefully pre- 
pared by Mr. A. Emerson Babcock of Brighton, X. Y. 

60 Oliver, b, July 27, 1720; in. Anna Avery. 
6t Grace, b. Dec. 31, 172J; in. Samuel Plumb. 

62 Timothy, 1>. Oct. i_\ 1724; m. u) Lois Billings; m. (2) Thankful 

►-- <-l 



a c/i 

I ■ )5 O 

r "a W 

.a o 

- H 


I 5 * 

< -a - 


k ! * 






\. <* 



The Babcock Genealogy. 29 

23. Elizabeth 4 Babcock, dan. of Capt. James and Eliza- 
beth Babcock (John, James ist), 1>. Westerly, Feb. 8, 

1691, in. 1710 (?), Elder Thomas (lark, son of Joseph and 
Bethiah ( Hubbard) Clark, b. Westerly, Mar. 17, 1686, and d. 

there Nov. 26, iy(>/. 

For the last seventeen years of his life he was assistant pas- 
tor of the S. 1). B. Church in Westerly, now the First S. D. J'>. 
Church of 1 lopkinton. 

Elder Thomas Clark was buried in the Clark burying 
ground in Westerly, near the hank of the Pawcatuck River, 
about half a mile above the "meetinghouse bridge." Later 
his remains were removed to the site formerly occupied by the 
"meetinghouse" in which he preached, and his name is in- 
scribed upon "The Ministers' Monument," erected in 1899 
upon the same site. 

Children, recorded in Westerly: 

Sarah, 1>. May 11, 171.'; m. Nov. 26, 17.?°, Westerly, K. 1., Edward 

Thomas, 1>. Mar. 4. 1715: in. May J7, 1740. Thankful Violet. By 
the will of his grandfather, Capt. James Babcock, he received a 
tract of land. 
v 63 Joshua, ' b. Apr. 26. 1717; m. Hannah Cottrell. 

/ James, b. Mar. 3, i7_>o. 

Joseph, b. Oct. 10, 1728; m. June 16, 1752, Deborah Pcndclton. 

24. Samuel 4 Babcock, son of Capt. James and Elizabeth 
Babcock (John. James 1st), b. Westerly, Feb. 15, 1697; 

111. May 15, 1723, Ann, dan. of Caleb Pendleton, bap. Aug. 22. 

!1703- (Mass. Genealogical and Historical Society, vol. xv.) 
Samuel was admitted freeman in Westerly, Oct., 1721. 15y 
his father's will he received two hundred acres of land, being 
' a part of the homestead farm in Westerly. 

Children, all horn and recorded in Westerly: 

64 Nathan,* b. Nov. 25, i7_>o; m. (1) Deborah Stafford; in. (_') Eliza- 
beth Brown; m. (3) Anne Lewis: m. (4) Dorcas Bahcock. 
i 65 Elizabeth, 1>. May 0. 1729; m. John Burdick. 

66 Samuel, Jr., 1>. May 16, 17/n : in. Mary Smith. 
Andrew, b. Apr. 12, 1733. 
Silas, b. Dec. 31. 1735. 
Thankful, b. 1736; in. Caleb Barber of Richmond, R. I. 

25. Daniel 4 Babcock, son of Capt. James and Elizabeth 
Babcock (John. James i^t). h. Westerly, Apr. 23, 1699, 

d. Westerly, 1740; inventory recorded Sept. 1. 1740; m. 
1723 (?). Abigail Thompson, h. Jan. 1. 1701, dan. of Isaac 
and Mary (Holmes) Thompson, lie was made a freeman 
Oct., 1721. 


The Babcock Genealogy. 

By liis father's will, he received a farm of two hundred 
acres, a lot one hundred feet wide on the Pawcatuck River, 

and certain personal property. 

Children, recorded on Westerly Records: 

67 Isaac, 1 i>. Apr. _'_i, 1724; m. Mary Wordcn. 

68 William. I>. Mar. ii, 17J5-6; in. Patience Cottrell. 

69 Joshua, h. Dec. 7. \jjX; in. Sarah Berry. 

70 Elizabeth, l>. Jan. 13, 17.50-1 ; m. Nathan Smith. 

71 James, 1). Juno 2, 17.5.?; m. Mary Satterlee. 
Daniel. 1). Mar. 14. 1735 

72 Elkanah, b. Aug. 21, 17.^; m. Esther Crandall. 

These births were entered on p. 74 of W. T. I\.. Dec. 17. 
1738, by William Babcock, Town Clerk. 

26. Anna 4 Babcock, dan. of Capt. James and Elizabeth 
Babcock (John, James 1st), h. Westerly, Nov. 29, 1701 ; 

d. May [3, 1731 : m. (1) about 1717. to Elder Joseph (lark, 
Jr.,, son of Joseph and Bethiah (Hubbard) Clark (and brother 
of Elder Thomas Clark, who m. Elizabeth, eldest daughter 
of Capt. James Babcock). Elder Joseph Clark was b. at 
Westerly, R. I., Apr. 14, 1670. d. Westerly. 1719. He was 
an assistant elder in Westerly S. 1). B. Church. 

His burial, the removal of his grave, and the inscription of 
his name upon "The Ministers' Monument" was the same as 
that of his brother Thomas, and is fully described in the rec- 
ords of Thomas. 

Joseph's first wife was Dorothy Maxson. 

Anna (Babcock) Clark m. (2) Mar. 23, 1731 (two months 
before her death), Silas Greenman. 

By her first husband she had one son, Elisha 5 Clark, b. Nov. 
17, 1718, m. Mary Totter (?). 

27. Dr. Joshua 4 Babcock, son of Capt. James and Elizateth 
Babcock (John, James 1st), b. Westerly. May 17. 1707: 

d. Westerly, Apr. 1, 1783; m. (1) Aug". 11, 1735. Hannah, 
dan. of Joseph Stanton (granddaughter of Thomas Stanton. 
Sr., who was an Indian interpreter), b. Stonington. 1714, d. 
Sept. 19. iyy$: m. (2) May 28. 1780, Ann. dan. of Elder John 
and Tacy ( Rogers) Maxson, ^\ Newport. (She was a great- 
granddaughter of Elder John Maxson, 1>. 1638. who was the 
first white child born on the island of Rhode Island, and who 
was the first pastor <^i the S. D. B. Church of Westerly, R. I.) 
Ann Babcock d. Aug. 25, 1812, aged seventy-one years. She 
was buried in what is now the First Hopkinton Cemetery. Her 
grave is a few rods northwest of "The Ministers' Monument." 

The Babcock Genealogy. 31 

Joshua Babcock graduated at Yale College in the class ol 
17J4, and was the first graduate of this college from Rhode 

Island. Soon after his graduation he began the study of medi- 
cine and surgery in Boston, and about 1730 went to London 
to attend the hospitals there. On his return he settled in 
Westerly (being admitted a freeman of the colony Apr. 
30, 1734), and for nearly twenty-five years practiced his 
profession extensively. I Ic also opened a retail country store, 
which it is said did as much business as any like establish- 
ment between Boston and New York, and thus increased his 
already large estate, lie represented his town in the Colonial 
Legislature in the years 1740, "47, '49, '52, '58, '59. 73- 7 (> - 
and '78, serving- repeatedly as Speaker. 

He was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Colony 
from May, 1747, to May, 1749, and from May, 1750, to May, 
1764. In this capacity he pronounced the sentence of death 
upon Thomas Carter for the murder of Jackson, lie was one 
of the original corporators of Brown University, in 1764, and 
continued on the Board of Fellows until his death. He is 
recorded in the History of the University as a Seventh Day 
Baptist. He was connected with that Church early in life. 
but later became a Unitarian in his religious belief. 

The large and elegant mansion which he owned is still 
standing (1903) upon Quarry Hill in the village of Westerly. 

Benjamin Franklin, when on his official tours through the 
country as Postmaster-General, frequently made Dr. Bab- 
cock's house his resting place. Tradition says that the favorite 
sport of the two men was catching blackfish from the ocean, 
a few miles from Dr. Babcock's house, at a place then called 
Noycs Rocks, now known as Weckapaug. The place is still 
a favorite fishing ground. 

Dr. Franklin established the first j>ost office in the town 
in 1776, and appointed Dr. Babcock Postmaster. The re- 
ceipts of the office for this year were i!r 3s. S</. Prior to the 
Revolution the nearest post office was New London, Conn., 
twenty miles distant. 

It is said that George Washington when passing between 
New York and Boston stopped more than once at the home 
of Dr. Joshua. 

Before the Revolution Dr. Babcock was closely identified 
with the colonists who expressed dissatisfaction with the tyr- 
anny of Great Britain and who demanded greater liberty for 
the people. He was one of the signers of the Declaration of 
Independence passed by the Legislature of Rhode Island more 

32 The Babcock Genealogy. 

than two months prior to [uly 4, 1770. (Arnold's 'Hist, of 
R. I.) 
/" In May, 1775, Joshua Babcock was appointed to carry pro 
ceedings of the Rhode Island Assembly to Connecticut. In 
Nov., 1775. by Act of the General Assembly of Rhode Island. 
he was appointed Major General of the Colony's forces. This 
position he held until Dec, 1770. when he was appointed as 
a member of the Council of War. lie was reappointed to the 
latter position in the years 1778 and J 779. 

The Rhode Island records of Revolutionary times show that 
no man was more active in the service of his country, or held 
more responsible positions, than did Dr. Joshua Babcock. A 
history of his remarkable career and merits would fill an in- 
teresting volume. 

His remains were buried near the graves of his parents in 
the ancient Babcock burial ground of Westerly. A large and 
finely sculptured tablet covers his grave. The inscription is 
as follows : 

This Stone 
covers the mortal part 



of Westerly, 

Who died April i, 1783, 

Aged j$ years. 
His ability and integrity 


In the discharge of several 
Important offices of trust, 






He was eminent 

In his profession ; 
As a Christian, 


Polite and engaging; 

as a husband and father, 

Master and friend, 

Worthy of imitation. 


>„ • c 

' . 





(Wife of Joshua Babcock). 


From a portrait by J. Blackburn, of London. 1757. owned by 
Miss Mary E. Pray, of Dover, N. II. 

Page 30. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 33 

Children, recorded in Westerly: 

73 Col. Henry, 6 b. May 2$, 1730; in. Mary Stanton. 

74 Luke, 1). July 6, 173S; m. Grace Isaacs. 

75 Adam, 1). Sept. -7, 1740; m. (\), Abigail Smith; m. (2) Martha 
1 [ubbard. 

76 Hannah, 1). J:m. 22, 1742-3; m. John Bonrs. 

77 Prances Nancy, b. May 11, 174=;; in. Commodore Dudley Saltonstall. 
Paul, b. Dee. s, 174S. ' 
Amelia, l>. Aim-. 10. 1751. 
Sarah (Sally), h. Oct. 1 8, 1753. 
Harriet, h. May iX. 1756. 

28. ANNE 4 Babcock, dan. of Capt. James and Content ( Max- 
son) Babcock (John. James 1st). I>. Westerly, .Mar. 30, 
1732; (1. Stonington, Nov. 7, 176.x; m. at Westerly, Dee. 15. 
1756, Capt. Simon Rhodes, probably son of William and 
Sarah (Mansfield) Rhodes. William was a mariner of New- 
port, R. I. Ann Babcock's great-grandson, Hon. Henry L. 
Green, of River Point, R. L, says Anne was m. at Trinity 
Church, Newport, R. I. Capt. Simon Rhodes was b. Jan. 24, 
1716, d. Apr. 22, 1784. He was a graduate of Yale College 
in the Class of 1737. He m. (2), Aug. 27. 1769, Martha 

(Babcock, dan. of George, Jr., and Susanna (Potter) Babcock. 
Anne and her husband settled in Stonington alxntt a mile 
west of the village of Westerly, on land which she and her 
brother Jonathan inherited from their father by his will. The 
contract of division between Capt. Rhodes, his wife Ann, and 
her brother Jonathan is dated July 9. 1759, and is found in 
1 Stonington records. 

Capt. Simon Rhodes, his wife, and four of their children 
were baptized in the Stonington Congregational Church. 

Children, recorded in Stonington : 


James, b. Stonington, Xov. 4, 1757; d. July 15, 1761. 

78 Mary,' b. Dec. n, 1758; 111. Lieut. Robert Ropers. 

79 Simon, b. June 22. 1700; m. Sally Woodbridge. 

80 Henry, h. Apr. 25, 17O2; m. Foster. 

1 Anne. h. Sept. 18, 1761 ; d. Feb. 9, 1789; in. Benjamin Hunting, of 

I Long Island. Xov. 6. 1784. 

81 Abigail, b. Oct. 27, 1768; m. Col. Job Greene. 

29. Col. James 4 Babcock, son of Capt. James and Content 

(Maxson) Balxrock (John, James 1st), h. Westerly. 

[ R. I., Nov. 1, 1734: d. Westerly, Sept., [781, of camp fever 

contracted while serving in the army: m. (1) Dec. 2, 1754. 

Sarah Stanton, dan. of Joseph and Hester (Gallup) Stanton. 

h. in Stonington. 1719. (Wheeler.) James m. (2) at Stoning- 


34 The Babcock Genealogy. 

ton, Aug. -j, ij ( >i), Joanna McDowell, dau. of James and 
Lucy (Stanton) McDowell. She d. 1820, aged eighty- 
four (?). 

James, was but little more than two years old when his 

father died. His father made ample provision for him in his 
will. That instrument provided that Dr. Joshua (his halt- 
brother), the executor, should also be guardian to the minor 
children: "My said Exec. Shall take my said son James when 
he shall arrive at the age of live years & put him to school 
& when he is qualified ye Enter ye College then to Enter 
him into the college there to be educated until he he commis- 
sioned twice according to custom." 

This provision of the will was faithfully executed. "Son 
James" graduated at Yale College. Class of 175-', at the age 
of eighteen years. Later he was educated as a medical doc- 
tor, studying with Dr. Joshua. 

He was admitted a freeman in May, 1757. lie represented 
Westerly in the General Assembly in the years 1762, '64, '". 
'78. He was Major of the Kings County Militia Regiment 
in 1764. '66, '68, and in '74 and '/^ was its Lieutenant Col- 
onel, lie was a Baptist, and for many years prior to his death 
was clerk of the so-called Hill Church in Westerly. 

Prior to and during- the Revolutionary War town meeting- 
were frequently, sometimes monthly, held in Westerly. Rec- 
ords show that Col. James Babcock was a prominent factor in 
all these meetings. 

That the intense patriotism of its citizens was manifest is 
proven by the fact that a Declaration of Independence was 
passed by the Rhode Island Legislature, receiving the unan- 
imous vote of the Upper House and fifty-four out of sixty in 
the House of Deputies, two months before the passage of the 
famous Declaration of Independence, July 4. 1770. Westerly 
was then represented by Joseph Noyes and Joshua Babc<x:k. 
a brother of Col. James. 

The following items were taken from town meeting report-: 

At a town meeting of the inhabitants of Westcrlv held 
Feb. 2, 1774 (which was the largest ever held in town), very 
patriotic resolutions were adopted without a dissenting vote 
expressing their sentiments regarding the manifest usurpation 
and oppression oi the colonies by the mother country. 

Major James Babcock and his brother Joshua were two ol 
a committee of five appointed at this meeting "to correspond 
with all other committees appointed by any town in this or 
other colonies; and the committee is directed to give the 


The Babcocfc Genealogy. 35 

closest attention to everything which concerns the liberties oi 
America; ;m<l if any tea, subject to a duty, should he im- 
ported into this town, or anything else attempted injurious to 
liberty, the committee is directed and empowered to call a 
special town meeting forthwith that such measures may he- 
taken as the public safety may require." 

At a town meeting held Sept. 18, 1770, Col. Joseph Xoves 
and Col. James Babcock were appointed a committee with 
power "tt) purchase or impress into the service blankets, arms. 
etc. Idie men were to be equipped as aforesaid, ami supplied 
with two days' rations, by 1 _> of the clock to-morrow." 

At a town meeting held Nov. 29, 1776, voted that Col. 
James Babcock and Joseph Crandall be appointed to go to the 
island of Rhode Island according to the Act of the General 

June 3. 1777. Col. James Babcock chosen Captain of the 
Train of Artillery. ( W. and \V.) 

His will, dated Sept. 17. 1781. was offered for probate the 
eighth of the following month, and was recorded in Westerly. 
By its terms he disposed of his homestead farm in Westerly, 
and of a farm in Stonington, which appears to have been 
owned by his then living wife. Joanna. In order to provide 
money for his debts and funeral charges, his will directs that 
"my Negro man Humphrey, one of my best cows, my oxen, 
horse, and sheep ... be sold." Among other legacies to his 
wife, Joanna, he gave "my Negro woman Chloe and my best 

Children, dates recorded in W. T. R. : 

82 Amelia, 6 b. 1755; m. Nathan Pendleton. 

83 Simon. 1). Feb. 27. 1758; m. Hannah Champlin. 

Sarah, b. Mar. 25. 1704; in. Sylvester Gavilt. --on of Benijah and 
Lois (Pendleton) Gavitt^ She d. June [6. 1787. Had one child, 
Lois, 1). Nov. 8, 1783; m* Sherman Barber. 

Children of second wife, Joanna: 

84 Joanna, b. June 10. 1770; in. Joseph Wilbur. Jr. 
j antes, b. Dee. 10. 1771 ; d. unm. 

Fzra, b. May 13. 1773: d. unm. 

Charlotte, b. Nov. 30. ] 775 ; d. unm. 

Ann (Nancy), b. Dee. i<j, 177S; in. 215 Capt. Daniel Babeock. 

30. Jonathan 4 Babcock, son of Capt. James and ('Con- 
tent Maxson) Babcock (John, James 1 si ) , b. Westerly. 
Oct. 11, 1730; lost at sea in a passage from Stonington, 
Conn., to his home in Boston. 17^7; m. 1753. Esther, dan. of 

36 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Gov. Robert Hazzard. She was b. Dec. 7, 1 73-. d. Mar. 25, 
1831. Esther Hazzard's grandfather, Jonathan Nichols, was 
Deputy Governor of Rhode Island at the tune of his death, 
in iy$7- Her great-grandfather Nichols was Deputy Gov- 
ernor when he died, J/-'/. Her great-great-grandparents, 
Thomas and Hannah Nichols, emigrated from Wales to the 
island of Barbados, and soon afterward, about 1050, they 
emigrated to Rhode Island. 

Jonathan Babcock was about three months old when his 
father died, lie graduated from Yale College in 1755, was 
a Lieutenant in [756. Hazzard Genealogy says he was a 
Captain in the English army and distinguished himself in 
the French and Indian War, and that he was with Gen. 
Wolfe, under Gen. Amherst, at the taking of Louisburg 1 , July 

Jared Star Babcock, of 2083 hifth Avenue, a great-grand- 
son of Jonathan, wrote (1902) that Jonathan was Lieutenant 
Colonel at the siege of Louisburg, and that he has a copy of 
Jonathan's commission as Lieutenant in the Provincial troops 

raised to cooperate with the royal troops in the expedition 
against Plattsburg, and that he has the diploma (A.B.) given 
by Yale College to Jonathan in 1755. 

Soon after the close of the war Jonathan with his family 
removed to Boston, where he was engaged in business. Me 
was amply provided for by his father's will. Among other 
legacies he received a two-thirds interest in a large farm about 
a mile west of Westerlv village. The farm was afterward 
known as the Simon Rhodes farm. His half-brother, Dr. 
Joshua Babcock, was his guardian. 

Children : 

Esther, 1). June 23. 1759: 111. Nathan Brand. 

85 Jonathan.* I). May 30, 1761 : in. Ruth Rodman. 

86 Robert II.. I>. Dec. 13. 1763; m. Mary Hazzard.' 
Hannah, 1). Feb. 1 1. 1766. 

31. Ichabod 4 Babcock. son oi Capt. John and Mary 
(Champlin) Babcock (John. James rst), b. Westerly. 
R. L. Nov. J 1. 170^; m. Dec. 1. [731, his cousin. 4S Jemima 4 
Babcock, dan. of Joseph and Rebecca (Stanton) Babcock. 
Jemima's father. Joseph, was son of John and Mary (Lawton) 
Babcock (James ist). Ichabod was appointed administrator 
of his mother's estate Nov. 25, 1700. In July. [768, Ichabod 
r.abcock and his wife. Jemima, were members of the S. D. B. 
Church in Westerly, now Ashaway, R. I. (A. V. R., vol. x.) 





DR. JOSHUA BABCOCK (Chief Justice). 
1 707-1783. 

From a portrait by J. Blackburn, of London. 1757- owned 
Rev. S. S. Mathews, D.D., Danielson, Conn. 


Page 3 

The Babcock Genealogy. 37 

Ichabod Babcock, Sr., was Lieutenant First Company West- 
erly Militia 1734-36. (Smith.; 
Children : 

87 Ichabod, 1 Jr., I>. Dec. 12, 1731 ; in. Esther Stanton. 
Mary, l>. May 9, 17.U; ni. Joseph Davis, 

88 Joseph, I). Feb. .?. 1735-6; m. (11 Hannah Champlin; in. (2) Han 

nah Ross. 

89 John, I). July 27, 1739; (1. Oct. 27. i;'^; m. Lucy . 

32. Stephen 4 Babcock, better known as Elder Stephen, son 

of Capt. John and Mary (Champlin) Baljcock (John, 

James 1st), b. in Westerly, May 2, [706; d. Westerly, Dec. 

22, 1775; m. Oct. J 2, 1726, Anna. dan. of Isaac and Mary 
Thompson, b. Westerly, Sept. 4, 1707. Shed. Westerly, l\. [., 
Jan. 10, 1775. Stephen was made a freeman Feb., 1729- 
30; was a justice of the Peace 1735-38, and is often referred 
to as Justice Stephen Babcock. 

Records of the First Congregational Church of Stonington 
show that he and his wife were members ^\ that church before 
they became members of Elder Parks Presbyterian Church 
of Westerly, May 5. 1742. J le was a deacon in the Elder 
Parks Church. 

About 1750 a religious sect known as the Xew Lights had 
Sprung up. Their doctrines seemed to have been embraced 
by Stephen, as he withdrew from Elder Parks Church, was 
rebaptized, and on Apr. 5. 1750, a meeting was held at his 
house, at which "The Church of Christ in Stonington and 
Westerly in Union" was organi/.cd and he was ordained its 
first pastor. This church remained a distinct organization for 
nearly a hundred years, and when its members were finally 
scattered many of them united witli the Baptist Church, others 
with the Christian Church, in the village of Westerly. 

In the early part of Elder Stephen's pastorate, a church 
edifice was erected which was afterward known as the Bab- 
cock Meetinghouse, as its first four pastors were Babcocks. 
The house was standing in 1900, upon a high hill, not far 
from "the Dr. Joshua Babcock house.'* It is often called "the 
Hill Meetinghouse." 

During his pastorate the Xew Light churches became very 
numerous in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and parts ^\ Massa- 
chusetts, and Elder Stephen Babcock seems to have been one 
of their most distinguished pastors. lie continued to serve 
his church as pastor until his death. Ins service covering a 
period of about twenty-five years, llis son Elder Oliver suc- 
ceeded him as pastor. 

38 1 he Subcode Genealogy. 

Children, records partly from A. V. K., partly from family 
records : 

John, I). July [0, 1727; in. Mar. 8, 1753, Abigail rearce of 

Richmond ( ? ). 
Anna. I>. Jan. 30, 1729; m. Westerly, Jan. 18, 1749-50, Joseph Davis. 

She d. Ann. ii, 1750; left a child 4 days old. 

90 Mary," !>. Nov. 12, 17.^0; in. Joseph Davis. 
Lucy, 1). Dec. 8, 17.?-': d. young. 

Lucretia, l> Nov. 2, 17.14; m. Westerly, July 21, 1757. James* Bab- 
cock. Jlc was a son of 55 James and Phebe (.Swan) Babcock, of 

Stephen, l>. Sept. i. 1736; m. Aug. 21, 1766, Prudence (?). dan, of 
Amos and Martha (Gallup) Deri i son, 1>. Stonington, Mar. 20. 
1748. "May, 1777. the Assembly of Conn, appointed Stephen, Jr., to 
be Justice of the Peace for the County of New London. He was 
reappointed May, 1778." (State of Conn., I>y Hoadley. ) 

91 Rev. Oliver, b. July 27, 1738; m. Sylvia Belcher. 

Amey, 1>. July 19. 1740. ( 

Thankful, I). Nov. 17. 1747; d. Apr. 29, 1749. 
Thankful, b, Apr. [3, 1750. 

33. William 4 BABCOCK, son of Capt. John and Mary 
(Champlin) Babcock (John, James ist). b. Westerly. 
R. I., Apr. 15, 1708; d. Westerly, Jan. 15, 1750-51; m. at 
Seabrook (now Saybrook), Conn., Aug. ii, 1730. Sarali 
Denison, eldest child of Samuel and Mary (Minor) Denison, 
b. Stonington, Conn., Jan. 6. 17 10. She m. (2) Stephen 
Chalker, or Chancer, of Saybrook, Conn., and was his foutli 
wife. Stephen Chalker's will, dated 1773, mentions daughter, 
Mehitable Babcock. wife of Christopher Babcock. of Westerly. 

John Babcock, William's father, held the office of Town 
Clerk from William's boyhood until 1732. at which time he 
resigned, and William was elected to the office and continued 
to hold the office until his death, about twenty years. He was 
a farmer, and was a freeman in 1735. It is presumed he was 
the William Babcock that represented Westerly in the General 
Assembly of Rhode Island in the year 1744. lie was a 
Justice of the Peace. 

The will of William Babcock, dated Jan. 4. 1750-51, eleven 
days before his death, was proved and ordered recorded in 
Westerly. Feb. 4. 1750-51. The will directs that the west 
half of the farm be sold to pay debts and legacies. It also 
states. "1 give ami bequeath unto my dear and beloved wife 
the use ami profit of all the Remainder of my estate for the 
bringing up of my small children, until my small sons be lit 
to go to trades.'' T<> s<>ns Joshua and Christopher he gives 
"all the remaining part of my homestead farm, equally to be 
devided between them." lie gives to s<>n Phineas when he 

The Babcock Genealogy. 39 

becomes of age £100, (o 1)e paid by son Joshua; also gives 
£100 lu son Samuel, when of age, to be paid by son Christo- 
pher. He gives to son Elias "that Lott of land that was given 
me by my uncle James Babcock." 1 le gives legacies to daugh- 
ters Sarah and Mercy, also gives "a Silver Cane unto James 
and Jonathan and Anne Babcock, the children of Capt. James 
Babcock, deceased." This cane was doubtless the one that 
William received by will from his uncle Capt. James Babcock. 

Rev. Thomas Barber's mother, Eunice (Babcock) Barber, 
from childhood lived with her grandparents, Christopher and 
Mehitable (Chalker) Babcock. Elder Barber wrote: "Sarah 
(Denison) Babcock and her second husband Stephen Chalker 
lived upon her Westerly homestead farm until her eldest liv- 
ing son Christopher had reached his majority, and had mar- 
ried his stepsister Mehitable Chalker. Then the parents left 
the Westerly farm and removed to Saybrook, taking with them 
Sarah's two youngest living children, and remained in Say- 
brook the rest of their earthly life. The young couple Christo- 
pher and Mehitable from that time on owned and occupied the 
Westerly homestead farm.'' 

Children, b. Westerly : 

William, b. May M. i/.n ; d. Feb. 5, 1750- 1. It is believed the 
date of his death though taken from W. T. R... is wrong, for his 
father's will hears an earlier date than the death of his son. The 
will mentions all the children except William. Had he been living 
at that time his name no doubt would have been mentioned in his 
father's will. 

Joshua, b. Dec. 2. 1732; d. 1752, unm. 

92 Christopher, 6 b. Sept. 12, 1734; m. Mehitable Chalker. 
Sarah, b. Oct. 17, 17.^6; m. Robert Thompson, of Westerly. 
Elijah, h. July 19, 173ft; d. young. 

Elias. b. July 28. 17.40. 
Phineas, b. Sept. 18, 1742; d. unm. 

Mary (or Mercy), b. July 14, 1745; m. Hon. Samuel Denison. of 
Saybrook. Conn. 

93 Samuel, b. Sept. .}. 1747; 111. Rachel Conklin. 

Mayflower Records of Sarah (Dexisox) Babcock. wife 
of William Babcock (Capt. John, John, James est). 

The following records prove that Sarah Denison Babcock. 
wife of William Babcock, descended from passengers of the 
Mayflower; also from Capt. John Gorham, a celebrated In- 
dian fighter; also from Capt. George Denison, who won a 
reputation in England as a soldier and after coming to this 
country became a very celebrated Captain in King Philip's 
and other Indian wars. 

John I lowland, b. T592. came to America in the Mayflower 

40 The Babcock Genealogy. 

in 1620 with the family of Gov. John Carver, lie m. Eliza- 
beth Tilly ami (1. in [673. Elizabeth Tilly, wife of John I low- 
land. 1). 1607, came to America in the Mayflower in 1620 with 
her parents, John Tilly and wife, and d. in 1687. 

Desire I lowland, daughter of John and Elizabeth Tilly 

} lowland, 1> , m. in [643 Capt. John Gorham. Capt. 

John Gorham, son of Ralph Gorham, of Plymouth, was 1>. in 
England, baptized at Benefield, Northamptonshire, Jan. 28, 
1021-j, came to America, and in 1643 m. Desire Ilowland. In 
1675 he was Captain of the second expedition sent from Yar- 
mouth, Mass., to Narragansett, and his name is in a list of 
soldiers that were present in the country's service and went to 
Mount Hope against the Indians, lied. 107(1. (Authority 
to this point Austin's One Hundred and Six Allied l-'amilies. 
and corrolx>rated by Savage in his Genealogical Dictionary of 
New England, also by Wheeler in his History of Stonington.) 

Mercy Gorham, daughter of Capt. John and Desire Ilow- 
land Gorham, 1>. Jan. 20, 1659, m. George Denison, Ir.. and 
d. Sept. _'4, 1725. George Denison. Jr., fourth child of Capt. 
George and Ann (Borodell) Denison, b. at Xew London, 
Conn., 1053, was reared in Stonington, Conn., his parents 
having removed there the year after his birth. As stated 
above, he 111. Mercy Gorham, by whom he had eight children. 
He d. Dec. 27, 1711. 

Samuel, fourth child of George. Jr., and Mercy (Gorham) 
Denison, 1>. [685 in Stonington, Conn., baptized there 1080. 
m. Mrs. Mary (Lay) Miner, by whom he had ten children. 
The Inst four were b. in Stonington. Conn., the remaining sj\ 
in Saybrook, Conn. The wife of Samuel was the widow of 
Christopher Miner. 

Sarah (Denison) Babcock, eldest child of Samuel and Mary 
(Lay) (Miner) Denison. 1>. in Stonington. Conn.. Jan. 6, 
1710, reared at Saybrook, Conn., m. ( 1 ). at Saybrook, Conn., 
by Rev. Hezekiah Marthcr, Aug. 11. 1730. William Babcock, 
by whom she had nine children; m. (2) Xov. 5, 1753, Ste- 
phen Chalker, or Chancer, of Sayhrook. Conn. 

(Authority for the aljove, from George. Jr.. and Mercy 
[Gorham] Denison to Sarah [Denison] Babcock inclusive, is 
J. O. Austin's Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island and 
Wheeler's History of Stonington.) 

The following history of Capt. George Denison. the great- 
grandfather of Sarah Denison Balxrock, was taken from His- 
tory of Stonington, Conn., by Judge Richard A. Wheeler: 

Capt. George Denison. yonngest son of William Denison 

The Babcock Genealogy. 41 

.-Hid wife Margaret (Chandler) Monde, 1). in England, bap- 
tized at Stratford, England, Dec. 10, 1020, went with his 
parents to New England 1631, and settled at Roxbury, Mass. 
Later his parents d. there. Jn 164(1 he in. at Roxbury Bridget 
Thompson, daughter of John Thompson (gentleman of Cres- 
ton, Northamptonshire, England), and wife Alice. Brid- 
get was b. Sept. 1 1, 1622, d. 1643, leaving two daughters. 
The same year alter his wife's death Capt. George Denison 
returned to England and for more than a year served in the 
British Army. He was at the battle of York, or Marston 
Moor, where he did good service and was afterward taken 
prisoner. After his release he married a second wife, Miss 
Ann Borodell, and with her returned to Xew England in the 
year 1645, and settled for a time at Roxbury, Mass. In 1651 
he removed with, his family to Xew London. Conn. Jn 1652 
the town of Xew London granted him two hundred acres of 
land in the Pequot-se-pbs valley, at Mystic, Conn., upon which 
he subsequently built him a dwelling house (May 3, 1663, it 
was raised), wherein he and his family made their permanent 
home. The records of Massachusetts and Connecticut show 
that Capt. George Denison was not only distinguished as a 
civilian, but became, with the exception of Maj. John Mason, 
the most distinguished soldier of Connecticut in her early 
history. Capt. George Denison was Captain of Xew London 
County forces in King Philip's War, and was with Capt. John 
Mason, Jr., under Maj. Robert Treat, in the great Swamp 
fight. Dec. 19. 1675. He also served the next year in command 
of the forces raised by him as Provo-Marshal, and pursued 
the remnant of the Xarragansett and Wampanaug Indians, 
and succeeded in defeating them and capturing the Indian 
chief, Canonchet, who was brought to Stonington, and on his 
refusal to make peace with the English was shot. He assisted 
as Magistrate to enable the Pequot chiefs designated by the 
English to control the remnants of the Pequots. He was as- 
sistant and Deputy from Stonington to the General Court for 
fifteen sessions. lie d. at Hartford, Conn.. Oct. 24. 1694. 
and his widow d. Sept. 26, 1712. aged ninety-seven years. 
Their graves may be found in the Elm Grove Cemetery at 
Mystic. Conn. 

Admiral George Dewey, the hero of Manila, traces his an- 
cestry to this Capt. George Denison the distinguished Indian 

By Capt. Denison's will, dated Nov. 20. 1693, he gave away 
many hundred acres of land and much other property. 

42 The Babcock Genealogy. 

One iegacy given his son, George, was one hall o\ a trad 
of one thousand acres of land near Norwich, which land was 
given him, Capt. George, as a legacy by Joshua the son o\ 
Uncas, the same time Mohegan sachem. The son George was 

also given two Indian servants, a young man and woman, 
together with a considerable stock of neat cattle, horses, slurp. 
and swine. The will further states, "1 give to my son John 
my great sword and the gauntlet which 1 wore in the wars of 
England; 1 also give him a silver SpOOll of ten .shillings, 
marked *G. and A.' 1 give to my son George twenty shillings 
in silver or a cntlas or rapier." 

Much property was given to his son William. One legacy 
reads. "1 give unto my son William Denison my rapier and 
broad buff belt, and tin cartridge box, which 1 used in the 
Indian wars, together with my long carbine, which belt and 
sword I used in the same service." William was also given 
two Indian servants as follows. "John, whom 1 bought oi the 
county, and his son Job. who was born in my house." 

To' William was given five hundred acres of land, being 
one half of an allotment at Windham, •'which is a part of a 
legacy given me by Joshua son of Uncas. the same time 
sachem of Mohegan. as may more fully appear on the court 
Records at New London." 

34. Amy 4 Babcock, dan. of Capt. John and Mary (Champ- 
lin) Babcock (John. James ist). b. Westerly, Feb. 8, 
1712-3; m. Aug. 9. 1732, Ezekiel Gavin. 

He and his wife were constituent members of Fdder Farks 
Presbyterian Chinch, organized in Westerly May 5, 1742. 
Ezekiel was ordained as a deacon. One of the entries upon 
the old records of their chinch is as follows: "Lords Day De- 
cember ye 2th 1753 — We judge it worthy the Lord and be- 
coming "his People to place in our Public Records Ye Signal 
appearance in his Power and Grace in Answer to our Prayers, 
in Blessing a field of corn of Deacon Ezekiel Gavit's which 
was planted with a foreign sort of corn not natural to onr Soil, 
which beyond all expectation and Hope yielded a good crop 
of Corn." etc. (W. and W.) 

Children (from A. V. R., Westerly): 

Elijah, 1.. May 28, 1734- 

John, b. July 13, 17.VJ. 

William, b. Nov. II, 1/37- 

Amy, 1>. Dec. 1. I739; m. Nov. 12. 1780, lSoI<aac Babcock. 

Ezekiel. b. June 15. 1741; m. Mar. 22, i;<>7. 178 Phcbe Babcock. 

Hannah, h. Alar. 8. i74- > "3- 

The Babcock Genealogy. 43 


Lucy. b. Dec. 5, 1744. 
Elijah, 1>. Jan. 6, 1746. 
Ichabud, I). Oct. 30, 17.50. 

35. Job 4 Babcock, son of Job and Delx>rah Babcock 
(John, James ist), b. 1097 | ?»; m. ( 1 ) Oct. 10, 1717. 

Elizabeth J lull (North Kingston Record); m. (2) Mary 

, name mentioned in his will. When in 17-3 the town of 

Kingston was divided Job Baljcock, Jr.'s, house was left in X. 
Kingston, near its southern line, dividing it from S. Kings- 
ton "lie was Justice of the Peace for S. Kingston 175^- 
60. lie was Ensign (might have been Job 3d) in Second 
Company of S. Kingston Militia, Capt. Nathaniel llelnie, 
Commander, 1758." (Smith.) 

Job's will recorded Mar. 13, 1775, in S. Kingston, men- 
tions children Job, Deborah, Isabel, and Hannah, grandchil- 
dren "Paul Babcock, son of Hannah .Armstrong-, Ann J'ab- 
cock, dan. of Hannah Armstrong." 

In 1756 Job and his wife sold certain lands to Joseph 

Children : 

(j\ Josiah, 6 b. 17.20 (?) ; 111. Miss Maraw, "an Irish lady of culture." 
Job, 1). ; in. South Kingston, Nov. 20, 174S, Susanna Hopkins. 

"Job Babcock of Exeter, Lieut. Militia, 1759, Capt. 1700." 

Deborah, b. ; m. (will says) Naac Moon, Records in Exeter 

say Asa Moon, Aug. 13, 1758. 

Isabel, h. ; 111. South King-ton, Nov. II, 176.?, James Slcadman. 

Hannah, b. ; m. Michael Armstrong. 

36. Samuel 4 Babcock, sort of Job and Deborah Babcock 
(John, James 1st), b. S. Kingston, name found in his 

father's will; m. Bethiah . By his father's will, recorded 

S. Kingston Feb. 10, 1755, he received a iegacy. He and his 
wife sold certain lands in 1755 to his brother Job. ( S. Kings- 
ton Records.) Samuel d. intestate. Peleg Brown was ap- 
pointed his administrator. An inventory of his property was 
taken at the house of John Babcock Dec. 7. [805. Samuel 
was Justice of the Peace, S. Kingston, in 1744-7; Ensign, 
1735-6. (Smith.) 

Children, recorded in S. Kingston (A. Y. R.) : 

Mary. b. Dec. 18, 1721 ; m. Richard Ra-s. 

95 Jonathan. 1 b. Nov. 20. 172,}; m. Lydia Lee. 
Samuel, Jr.. b. Nov. 5. 1725: in. Ian. iS. 1748. Elizabeth Cottrell. 

Had two children. Samuel and Elizabeth. He was Ensign in 
S. Kingston Militia 1750-1. 

96 John, b. Jan. 27, 1727-X; in. Lydia . 

44 The Babcock Genealogy. 

97 Job, b. Jan. jo, [729-30; in. Susanna Champlin. 

98 Simeon, b. Jan. 6, 17.1,1 .2; m. Elizabeth Cahoon. 

99 James, b. June 14, iy.i\; m. Sarah Sheldon. 
joo Joseph, b. Oct. 4, J 7^7 ; in. Sarah Wait. 

37. John 4 Babcock, son of Job and Deborah Babcock 
(John, James 1st), 1>. in S. Kingston; (1. about Nov. I, 
1763; 111. (i) Sarah Segar; m. (2) -Mar. 17. 1747, in S. 
Kingston, Jemima Reynolds (A. V. R.). That Jemima after- 
ward married John Sheldon is proved from the following 
items of S. Kingston records: '"May 20. 1775. John Balxrock 
(no doubt son of John deceased) bought of John Sheldon 
and Jemima his wife (formerly the wife of John Babcock) 
certain devises and bequests (under the will of her former 
husband, said John Babcock), for 60 pds." 

In 1731 John Babcock received certain lands by deed from 
his father. Job Babcock. By the will of Job Babcock, proved 
Feb. io, 1755. certain lands were conveyed to son John who 
was named as executor to the will. 

John Babcock bought of Job and Deborah Babcock (pre- 
sumably his parents) one hundred and sixty acres .Mar. 28. 
1733. John Babcock quitclaimed to brother Job certain 
lands June 17, 1741. John Babcock and Sarah, his wife, sold 
to Nathan Tanner one hundred and sixty acres June 30. 1741. 

S. Kingston records show that in 1761 John Ba1>cock deeded 
land in S. Kingston to his sons. John. Samuel, Jonathan, 
Gideon, and Joseph. By his will, dated Oct. 13. 1703. pro- 
bated Nov. 4, 1703. son John executor and residuary legatee, 
he gives to his wife. Jemima. £1.000. old tenor, and certain 
other legacies, including use of parts of dwelling house for her 
' use and "my small children." lie also gives legacies to his 
son Jonathan. John, Gideon, Joseph, and Ichabod, and refers 
to land that formerly belonged to "my son Samuel, deceased." 
lie gives legacies to his daughter Sarah Langworthy and 
her daughter Mary, to his grandsons Benjamin Langworthy 
and John Babcock. to his granddaughters Elizabeth and Sarah. 

From the foregoing it appears that by his first wife he had 
five children, as follows (dates of birth unknown) : 

101 John. 6 1». 1740 C); in. Mehitablc Sheldon. 

102 Jonathan, b. : 111. Amcy Clarke 

Samuel, died prior to date of will. 

103 Sarah, b. 17,^7 (?): m. Amos Langworthy. 

104 Ichabod, b. 1745 (?); m. Amy Card. 

Children by second wife (dates given A. V. R.) : 

r — ~^*\ 

... :, jlfc*± A > 

l - v 

, , ■ ■ 
ft' »' 

- ? i *i rr 






The house is located on Quarry Hill. Westerly, R. I., 

and is still in good repair. Page 30. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 45 

105 Gideon, l>. Apr. 2K, 175.7; in. Hannah . 

Joseph, b. Aug 19. 17.V). 

Mary, h. Feb. 4, 1702. 

38. Deborah 4 Babcock, dau. of Job and Deborah Babcock 

(John, James 1st), b. S. Kingston; in. Oct. -7. 1728, 
Joseph Hoxie, b. [696. They settled in Richmond, l\. 1. Their 
children are recorded in Richmond, as follows (A. V. R.j : 

Joseph, b. May 15. 172';; d. Apr. 15, 1S15. 

J oh, h. May _M, 17.0- 

Mary, b. Sept. 10. I7.U- 

Jeremiah, l>. Nov. 8, 17.15. 

John, h. Jan. 22, 17.17. 

Thomas, b. May 25, 1740. 

Samuel, b. 1 >ec. 25, 1742. 

Simeon, h. July 31, 1745. 

Elijah, b. Oct.'.). 1748. 

39. Mary 4 Babcock, dan. of George and Elizabeth (Hall) 
Babcock (John, James ist), 1). Westerly. R. J.. Sept. 20. 

1695; d.ate of death not found: m. Mar. jq. 1717. Thomas 
Potter. Jr., sun of Thomas and Susanna (Tripp) 1 'otter, of 
N. Kingston, R. I., 1). Feb. 8, 1695, d. in Hopkinton, Jan. 8, 
1773, buried near Woodville, R. I. Remains of husband and 
wife removed about a hundred years later by Judge William 
II. Potter, of Mystic, Conn., to First Hopkinton Cemtcry, 
near Potter Hill, R. I. Thomas. Jr., m. (2) Judith Rogers, 
b. 1712, d. 1805. 

Children, born in Hopkinton. 

Susanna, b. Feh. 20, 171R-9. 

Themas, h. Sept. 14. 1720; d. 17 jo. 

Jonathan, h. 1723: 111. Jan. 18. 174K. Mary West. 

Mary. b. ; in. Elisha Clark. 

Elizabeth, 1). Jan. 29. 1727: m. Isaac Saunders; moved to Peters- 
burp. N. Y. 

106 George,* h. Jan. 3, i7.n-2: m. Content Maxson. 
Stephen, b. ; m. Sept. 2. 1756, Sarah Sheldon. 

(For further record of the descendants of Mary Babcock 
Potter, see part iv o\ the History and Genealogies of the Pot- 
ter families in America, by Charles Edward 1 'otter.) 

40. George 4 Babcock, Jr., son of George and Elizabeth 

(Hall) Babcock (John. James rst), b. Westerly, Apr. 
Q, 1699, d. Hopkinton, R. I.. 1707. aged sixty-eight years; m. 

N. Kingston, Dec. 20. 1721. Susanna Potter, dan. of John and 
Sarah (Wilson) Potter, b. X. Kingston, Sept. 17, 1704. d. 
Hopkinton, date unknown. 

George, Jr., was admitted a freeman Feh., lyjy-S. 

46 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children, b. in that pari of Westerly which is now Hopkin- 
ton, R. I. (W. T. R.) : 

107 Elizabeth,* b. Westerly, Jan. 25, 1725-6; m. John Burdick. 

108 George, b. Dec. 2<), 17-7; m. Mehitable Wheeler. 

109 Martha, l>. Dec. 8, 1729; m. (1) Capt. Simon Rhodes; (2) Col. 

James Rhodes. 
Susanna. I). Mar. 16, 1711-2: m. (by William Babcock, Justice, 
Nov. 3, 1748) Bcnj. Clark ( ?). 
no Christopher, b. Feb. 27, 1736-7; m. Martha ferry. 

111 Samuel, b. May 30, 1730; m. Ruth Babcock 

112 Hezckiah, b. May 30, 17.1'); m. Martha lloxie. 

113 Rowse, h. Apr. 29, 1746; m. Ruth Maxson. 

41. David 4 Babcock, son of George and Elizabeth (Hall) 
Babcock (John. James 1st), b. Westerly, R. I.. Dec. 22, 
1700; d. S. Kingston, Mar., 1783; m., by liis father, George 
Babcock, Justice. Feb. 24, 1730. Dorcas, datt. of Daniel and 
Dorcas (Gardner) Brown, of Westerly, b. May 23, 1713. d. 
S. Kingston, Dec. 18, )7*>X. At the time of his marriage it 
is probable that his home was in S. Kingston, and that he con- 
tinned to live there through life. Records of four children are 
found in Westerly. His will mentions ten children. 

The will of David Babcock, dated Apr. 10, 1782, probated 
and recorded at S. Kingston, R. 1.. Mar. 10, 1783, gives to 
his wife much personal property, including; two negro women 
named "I'hylis" and "Coocoo;" gives personal property to 
eacli of his four daughters, Ruth Babcock, Dorcas Babcock. 
Mary Denison, and Miriam Watson; gives a farm and other 
property to each of his five living sons, David. Jonathan. Gid- 
eon, Abijah, and Asa: to his grandson Benedict, eldest son 
of his deceased son Benedict, a farm; also mentions two 
brothers of Benedict, Jr., namely, Gardner and Denison. and 
three sisters, Sarah. Mary, and Frances. The will appoints 
son Gideon as executor. 

From the first clause of the will there is reserved from the 
"household plate" given to his wife "my silver tankard." By 
the second clause of the will, in addition to real estate given 
to "my beloved son David." is given "my silver tankard herein 
before reserved out of the plate given my wife." The tankard 
has been handed down in the family, and is now owned by 
Mrs. Emma Babcock Morton, of Chicago, and daughter of 
548 George Babcock and Emily I Brown) Babcock. (For pic- 
ture oi tankard, see records of Mrs. llorton.) 

Children, all 1>. S. Kingston: 

114 David. 5 b. Apr. 10. 1734: m. Sarah Perry. 

115 Jonathan, b. Nov. 10. 1735: m. Susanna Terry. 

116 Benedict, b. Oct. 21, 1737; m. Mary Thompson. 

The Babcock Genealogy. A7 

Ruth, Ij. May 28, 1739; m. her cousin 111 Samuel Babcock. 
Abijah, l>. Jan. <<. 1741. 

117 Gideon, b. July 2, 1744 ; m. Mary Qiesebrough. 

Dorcas, b. Mar. i.j, 1745; m. 64 Nathan Babcock. (Sec his records.) 

118 Mary. b. Sept. 27, 1747; in. Joseph Denison. 
Asa, b. . 

Miriam, 1). . 

42. Jonathan 4 Babcock, son of George and Elizabeth 

(Hall) Babcock (John, James ist), b. Westerly (?), 

Mar. 22, 1702-3; m. Elizabeth -. It may be possible that 

one of his children was Mary Babcock, recorded upon the S. 
Kingston Records, b. Sept. 1, 1724; m. Aug. 8, 17.15. to Rich- 
ard Boss, of Charlestown, b. Feb. 26, 1724. 

119 Jonathan,' I). ; in. Phebe Perkins. (Tradition.) 

43. Eunice 4 Babcock, dan. of George and Elizabeth (Hall) 

Babcock (John, James Est), b. S. Kingston (?), Jan. 13, 

1712-3; m. May io, 1737, Capt. Silas Greenman, of Stoning- 

ton, Conn. She was his third wife. (Records of the marriage 

and their children found ill Wheeler's History of Stonington.) 

Children : 

{Catherine, b. Apr. 22, 1738. 
Abigail, b. Aug. 15, 1740. 
Anna, b. Jan. 30, 1742. 
Elizabeth, b. Nov. 5, 1744. 

44. Hezekiah 4 Babcock, ninth child of George and Eliza- 
beth (Hall) Babcock (John, James 1st), 1>. S. Kings- 
ton (?), Mar. 25, 1715-6; d. 1798; m. at Newport, Jan. 3, 
1739-40, by Daniel Gould, Justice, Mary Peckham. She d. 
1796, aged eighty. 

He was a freeman May 2, 1738. was a representative of 
S. Kingston 1761, Moderator of town meeting 1764-5, Town 
Councilman 1769-71, Justice of the Peace 1740-6. 

(Records of children obtained from Mr. Edwin Babcock, of 
Westerly, R. I. Some of the children found on S. Kingston 
records ; probably all were born there.) 

Children : 

Caleb, b. Dec. 7. 1740; d. July 10, 1741. 

120 Peleg W.,* b. Apr. iS, 1742; d. June 7. 182S; in. bis cousin, Lucy 

Eunice b. Feb. n, 1744: d. Aug. 13, [844. 

121 Caleb, b. Nov. jS. 1745: m. Waite Peckham. 
George, b. Mar. 2. 17 17; d. unin. 

Augustus, b. Xui 25, 1740; d. Jan. 11, 1753. 

48 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Joseph, b. Jan. 28, 175.2. d. Sept. 26, 1776, unm. 

Mary, b. Aug. 20, 1754; <1. Mar. 9, 1807; m. Joseph Pcckham, 

May 25, 177.1. 
Augustus, b. Feb. 0. 1757; drowned May, 179^; m. (1) Mary, dau. 

of Joseph Browning; m. (2) Sarah Slocum. He served as Capt. 

of Militia in S. Kingston, 1794-5. (Smith.) 

45. Elisha 4 Bahcock, son of George and Elizabeth (Hall) 
Babcock (John, James 1st), b. May 18, [718, S. Kings- 
ton; m. July 4, i/4-i, Richmond, R. J., Elizabeth, dau. of 

Samuel and Susanna ( Hazzard) Perry, 1). Nov. 3, 1719. Her 
sister Sarah m. David Babcock, a nephew of Elisha. 

Elisha settled in Richmond, R. J., on a farm of three hun- 
dred and fifty acres, which he received by deed of gift from 
his father in 1751, it being part of the "Shannock Purchase." 
lie was Justice of the Peace from 1753 to 1759, also 1775. 

Jn j 768 Elisha was a member of the Westerly S. D. B. 
Church, S. D. B. Memorial. 

In Sept., 17S7, it was voted that Elisha Bahcock, of Rich- 
mond, he paid one quarter part of his claim against the State, 
that being the same rate that others had been paid. 

Children : 

122 Simeon,* b. May 31, 17.15; ni. Mary Perry. 

Eunice, b. Richmond, R. I., July 2S, 1746; m. Mar. 6, 1771, 
Nathaniel, son of Jonathan Clark, of Charlestown. 

Elizabeth, b. Richmond, Sept. 23, 1747; in. Daniel Greene. 

Elisha, h. Richmond, Dec. 17, 174S; d. at sea, unm. 

Alice, b. Richmond, May 29, 1750; m. Nov. 24. 1773, Michael John- 
son, of East Greenwich. 

Sarah, b. Richmond, Apr. 23, 1742; unm. 

Susanna, b. Richmond, Feb. 1, 1754: m. William Champlin. 

Deliverance, b. Richmond, May 9, 1755; m. Elijah Kimball. 

123 Ruth, b. 1757; m. Simeon Perry. 

124 Jesse, b. Apr. 19, 1759: m. Hannah Cross. 

Maribah, b. ; m. Russel Crandell. 

Lydia, b. Mar. 11, 1763; m. Alfred Hurlburt. 

46. Lydia 4 Babcock, dau. of Robert and Lydia Babcock 
(John. James 1st), b. Westerly. R. I.. Nov. 3. 1703. m. 
by her uncle, John Babcock, Justice, Westerly, Sept. 20, 1722, 
Roger Elderton. 

Records of children, found in A. V. R. : 

Joseph,* b. Jan. f>, 1723. 
Robert, b. Mar. 12. 1724. 
Bridget, b. Mar. 27. 1726. 
Mary. b. Apr. 10, 1 72S. 
Sarah, b. Jan. 8, 1732. 
Lydia, b. Dee. 10. 173" 
Joseph, 2d, b. Jan. 10. 1744-5. 









U ; A 

From a photograph taken 190: 

Page 55- 

The Babcock Genealogy. 49 

47. Ezekiel* Babcock, son of Robert and Lydia (Crandall) 
Babcock (John, James rst), b. Westerly, June 22, 1716; 
m. Oct. 26, 17^0, by Elder John Maxson, Eunice Billings, 
dau. of James and Alary (Hewitt) Billings, b. Stonington, 
Conn., Aug. 17. 1 721. Marriage recorded in Westerly; rec- 
ords of wife and children from History of Stonington by 

Nathan Hinckley, husband of Mary Babcock, was brother 
lo the wives of Robert and David Babcock. Wheeler states 
that the sons of this Babcock family settled in New York 
State in 1794. 

Children : 

EHhu, I-. July 8. 1741; m. Elizabeth Jefferies Aug. 28, 1766. Elihu 
and his brother Robert served in the Revolution, six months on 
frigate Trumbull, under Capt. Saltoustall. 

Mary. b. 1744; m. Stonington, Sept. 8, 1776, Nathan Hinckley, 
sixth child of Samuel and second win-, Mary (Wyatt) Hinckley, 
b. Feb. _'.v 174^. 
]^5 David, 8 b. Feb. _'. 1745: m. Mary Hinckley. 

Martha, b. ; in. Dec. 24. 1773. Nathaniel Eclls. eldest son of 

Rev. Nathaniel and tir^t wife, Mercy Cushing Eells, 1>. Stoning- 
ton. May '). 1735. 

126 Robert, b. Sept. 17. 1753; m. Stonington, Feb. 27, 1780, Grace 


49. Joseph 4 Babcock, Jr., youngest child of Joseph and Re- 
becca (Stanton) Babcock, b. Westerly; m. Dec. 9, 1730. 
Susanna Thompson, dau. of Isaac and Mary Thompson, of 
Westerly, b. Nov. 25, 1713. 

By the will of Joseph's father, entered in Westerly, Feb. 22, 
1 74 1 -2, he was to receive after the death of his mother, the 
negro man Primus. Joseph was appointed administrator for 
the estate of his mother, July 2j, 1747. 

Oct., 1733. Joseph Babcock, Jr., of Westerly, was made a 
freeman by the General Court of Rhode Island. (C. R. of 
R. I., vol. iv.) 

Children, from Westerly Records: 

Hosanna, b. ; d. young. 

Prudence, h. Oct. 22, \ji,2; in. Jan. 0. 1755. to William Saunders. Jr. 

Found no record of children. 
Joseph, h. Dec. 9, 17.34; d. young. 
Jesse. 1). Apr. 3. 1737: m. (by Ichabod Babcock, Justice) Mar. 8, 

1763, to Abigail, dau. of Henry and Abigail Mulkins, b. Oct. 15. 

1741. (A. V. R. ) X<> record of children. 
Hannah, b. Jan. 27. 1739-40. 
Joseph. It. Jan. 9, 1741-j; in. Mary . 

127 Rebecca.* b. Apr. 14. 1744: m. Champlain Lanpheare. 

128 Joshua, b. Oct. 5, 1747; in. Nancy Hawkins. 
I2Q Ann. h. June iS. 174'); m. William West. 

Ichabod, b. June 10. 1751. 


jo The Babcock Genealogy. 

50. THOMAS* BABCOCK, Si., son of Col. Oliver and Susan- 
na (Clark) Babcock, 1). Westerly, now Hopkinton, 

R. I., Mar. y, 1710; d. ; m. (1) Mary Davidson (':). 

Early records of Shrewsbury Church mention "Ruth Bab- 
cock, wife of Thomas Babcock." He m. (2) Judith, dau. of 
Rev. John and Elizabeth (Maxson) Davis, b. Apr. 7, 1731, in 

Westerly. He settled first in Westerly, R. I., or Stonington, 
Conn., where he was a ship carpenter. Prior to 1752 he re- 
moved with his family to Squam, Monmouth Co., X. ]., where 
there was a S. 1). B. settlement and church near the ocean. 
Church records show that the last Sabbath in Feb., 1752. 
Thomas Babcock and Thomas Davis were chosen deacons of 
the Shrewsbury S. 1). B. Church. 

The latest mention of Thomas Babcock, Sr.. in the Shrews- 
bury Church records is 1785. The name of Judith Babcock 
occurs the same date. In New Jersey he manufactured salt 
from sea water. 

Children by first wife: 

130 Mary," b. — —', ni. Simeon Maxson. 
Simeon, 1). . 

Children by second wife: 

Experience, 1>. ; m. John, son of Rev. William Davinson. 

Elizabeth, b. ; in. Henry McLafferty, who in 1707 was Pastor 

of the S. 1). B. Church at Piscataway, N. J. 

131 Thomas, b. l r eh. 12, 1759; m. Martha Davis. 
Ainey. b. ; num. 

51. Mary 4 Babcock, dau. of Col. Oliver and Susanna 
(Clark) Babcock, b. Westerly, now Hopkinton, Feb. 8. 

17 1 2-3; d. Stonington, Conn., prior to 1768; m. about 1732 or 
1733, Henry Cobb, son of Henry, Jr., and Lois (Hallet) Cobb. 
b. Stonington, Conn., Apr. 15. 1710. He m. (2) Mar. 2, 
1768, Prudence Champlin. 

Children, b. in Stonington, Conn. : 

Nathan, b. June 12, 1734; d. i8o.S- 

Susanna, b. Nov. 10. 1735: m. (i) Oct. 15, 1760. Azariah Stan- 
ton; m. (2) 1774. Jeremiah Tenney. 

Lois, b. Oct. 24. 1737; m. Nov. 26, 1761, Acors Sheffield. 

Mary, l». Feb. is, 1740; in. Ian. -'4. 17U). Thomas Noyes; she d. 

Ebenezer, b. Mar. 30. 1742. 

Oliver, h. Mar. 13. 1744. 

Elkanah, b. Mar. o, 1746. 

Eunice, b. Aug .*• 1 74^ : m. Apr. IT, 177.^ Sylvester Pendleton. 

Sarah, b. Sept. 30. 1750; m. Feb. 14. 1771. Andrew Brown, 

Anne, b. Jan. 4, 1756; m. Ward. (Wheeler.) 

The Babcock Genealogy. 51 

52. Simeon* Babcock, son of Col. Oliver and Susanna 

I (Clark) Babcock (John, James 1st), b. Westerly, now 

Hopkinton, R. I., Sept. -'7, 1717; m. at Hopkinton, Oct. 3, 
1743, Sarah Gardner, b. Apr. 0. 1725. (A. V. R.) 
In Probate records of Hopkinton, [796, the will of Simeon 
Babcock is found. The will mentions MUh Jeremiah. Jason, 
Lucas, and Jonathan, and daughters Eunice Landphere, Lucy 
Randal, Dorcas Ticft, Lydia Maxson, and Hannah Burdick. 
Wife Sarah has use of property during her life with son Jona- 
than as executor. 
Children : 

Eunice, b. Oct. 3, 1744. 
132 Jeremiah,* b. May 10. 174(1; 111. Susannah Rogers. 
Thomas, b. July 21, 1748. 
» Lucy, 1>. Jan. 1 1, 1750. 

Dorcas, b. I >cc. 1. 1753. 

i 132a Jason, I). July 0. 1 75' > ; in. Mar\ . 

Lydia, 1>. June jo. 1750. 
Hannah, b. Apr. 28, 1762. 
Lucas, b. Apr. 24, 1765. 

Jonathan, b. Apr. 18, \ji>H; m. Priscilla Wheeler (?), of Stonington. 
He sold liis father's homestead in 1797 to Joseph Maxson. 

53. Olivlr, 4 Jr., son of Col. Oliver and Susanna (Clark) 
Babcock (John, James ist), b. Sept. 16, 1722, in that 

part of Westerly set off Mar. 19, 1758, and now called Hop- 
kinton; d. in Leyden, Mass.. Feb. 24. 1806; m. at Westerly, 
, J744 (?)- Patience Pendleton, dan. of Joseph and Sarah 

(Worden) Pendleton, b. in Westerly, June 13, 1726, d. in 
Leyden, Mass. Date of removal from Hopkinton, K. I., to 
Leyden. Mass., not known, but many of his children lived for 
a time in Leyden. 

Extensive records of the descendants of the above-named 
parents will appear in this volume. Many of them were. 
through years of effort, collected by Asher Miner Babcock. 
He was the son of Ezra and Saberah (Stillman) Babcock, and 
grandson of Oliver. Jr.. and Patience (Pendleton) Babcock. 

The records above mentioned were loaned to the writer by 
the family of the late George 11. Babcock, of Plainfield, X. J. 
He was son of Asher Miner Babcock, and assisted his father 
in collecting- the records. 

Children, b. Hopkint< >n : 

133 Oliver, 6 b. June ^S, 1746: in. Tacy Maxson. 

134 Peleg, 1). Oct. 4. 1748; in Lucy Maxson. 
*35 Susanna, b. June _>;. 1750; in. Mr. Fen. 

136 Deborah, h. Apr. 11. 17?-': m. Nathaniel Stillman. 

Lucy, h. J 754 ; in. Benjamin Baker, of Hopkinton, R. I. No children. 

52 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Sarah, b. Apr.' 27, 1756; m. Philemon Stcadman and lived in 

Leydcn, Mass. 
Mary. b. June n, i7;>8; m. Benjamin Baker; lncd in Leydcn, Ma>s. 

No children. 
Ruth, b. Apr. JO, 1760; m. James Keuyon. 
Clarke, b. lune 10, 17(1-' ; lived and d. at Winfield, X. V. ; m. 


137 Ruhannah, b. May 16, 1764; 111. Edward Dcnison. 

138 Capt. Paul, li. May 18, [766; m. Hannah Burdick. 

139 Ezra, !>. Sept. 16, 17'"): in. Sabcrali Stillman. 

140 Capt. Luke, l>. Aug. 6, 177-'; m. Betsey Main. 

54. Capt. Joseph, 4 son of Col. Oliver and Susanna (Clark) 
Babcock (John, James Est), 1>. Westerly, now Hopkin- 

ton, Oct. iS. 1726; <1. Leyden (?), Mass.. Jan. 24, 1796; m. 
Sept. 6, 1757, Anna Harris, of Colchester, Conn., b. Get. 17. 
1730, d. June 14. 1805; moved lo Leyden, Mass.. 1770. He 
was Lieutenant in Hopkinton Militia in 1761, Captain 1702, 
'63, '64, '66. (Smith.) 

Nov. 16, 1761, Col. Oliver Babcock deeded to bis son Jo- 
seph Babcock "for and in consideration of tbe Natural Love 
and affection which 1 bear unto my son Joseph Babcock eighty 
acres, dwelling bouse." (Hopkinton T. R., book- i, p. 374.) 

In 1762 Oliver Babcock, Jr., deeded land to his brother 
Joseph. (Hopkinton T. R.. book i. p. $y^.) Joseph was one 
of the executors named in bis father's will. 

Children : 

Annie, h. Nov. 26. 1758; unm. 

141 Polly (Mary), b. Nov. 17, i7'»o; in. David Denison, of Leyden, 

Mass.; d. Feb. 15. 181 7. 

142 Harris, h. March 15. 176.}; 111. Sally Newell. 

143 Lieut. Joseph, b. July 29, 1765; 111. Jane Wallace. 
Fanny, b. Dec. 17, 1767; d. unm. 

144 Darius, b. June 17. 1770: 111. Louisa Bcebe. 

Allah, h. Sept. 5, 1774 (first letter of name ohlitcratcdj. 

55. James, 8 son of James. Jr.. and Sarah (Yose) Babcock 

(James. John. James 1st), b. Stonington, now X. Ston- 
ington. May 29. 170S; bap. Stonington, Aug. 1. 1708; m. at 
Stonington, by Justice Palmer S. Clark. May 7. 1730. Pbebe 
Swan. May 13, 1733. be joined tbe X. Stonington Church 
at Milltown. 

By tbe will of bis grandfather, Capt. James Balxrock, of 
Westerly, dated Jan. 9. 1730. be received two certain tracts 
of land in Westerly, each containing one bundled acres. This 
land be sold. Oct. 15, 1741. to Stephen Balrcock, of Westerly. 
In tbe i\ca.\ be. James. is mentioned as residing in Stoning- 
ton, Conn. It is believed that be lived on what is now known 

The Babcock Genealogy. 53 

as the Daniel Brown Farm on the Stonington road, midway 
between Westerly and Stonington. 
Children (Wheeler) : 

j.15 Phebe,' b. May 2. i;.u ; m. Rttfus Palmer. 

Sarah, b. Feb. 12, 1733. 

James, b. Feb. 22, 1735; bap. 1735; m. July 21, 1757. Lucretia 1 
Babcock, dan. of 32 Mid. Stephen and Anna (.Thompson) Bab- 
cock, nf Westerly, 1>. Nov. _\ 17.^.). (A. V. R.) 

Elias, l>. Dec. 16, 1736. Jn N. Y. in the Revolution, p. 18. the name 
Elias Babcock appears among the enlisted nun in Col. ilun-c Van 
Schaick's First Regiment of the Line. 
146 Abel, 1>. Apr. 28, 17.V;; ni. (1) Hannah Lewi-; in. (2) Elizabeth 

Martha, l>. Feb. 22, 1741; hap. June 7, 17.11. 

56. Capt. Nathaniel, 5 son of James, Jr., and Sarah (Vose) 
Babcock (James, John, James ist), 1). X. Stonington, 
Conn.. Mar. 6, ijon-io; bap. Stonington, Mar. 6, 1710; 
joined X. Stonington Congregational Church 1738; d. be- 
fore Oct., 1772; m. Nov. 20, 1733. Sarah Billings, of Pres- 
ton, Conn., 1). 1715. d. Petersburg, X. V., Feb. 25, 1794. 

Mar. 13, 1735-6, he bought for €300, of John Gallup and 
John Dixon, the west half of the farm previously deeded to 
him by his grandfather, a survey having shown that part of 
the farm lay in Vbluntown, hence Capt. fames had no good 
title to it. 

Feb. 25, 1760, Nathaniel Babcock conveyed to his son Na- 
thaniel, Jr., "the east part of the land the granter now lives 
on. in Vbluntown, bounded on the south by Stonington land." 

The second Thursday of Oct.. 1772. the General Assembly 
of Connecticut authorized Nathaniel Babcock and Sarah Bab- 
cock, joint administrators of the estate of the late Capt. Na- 
thaniel Babcock, to sell forty and one half acres of land. Mar. 
2 5' I 773» tnc land was sold to Elias Babcock. The following 
day Elias Babcock sold the same land to Nathaniel Babcock, Jr. 

Nathaniel was commissioned Ensign in Connecticut Mili- 
tia in 1740. Captain 1750. by the General Assembly of Con- 
necticut. (Book 1735-43. p. 291. C. R. of Conn.) 

Children (Records gathered from town records of Stoning- 
ton, deeds, and records of X. Stonington Church. Dates from 
records prepared by Nathaniel Babcock, Sr.) : 

147 Nathaniel.* Jr., b. Tan. 24. 1735; m. Mary Larrison. 

Jonas, b. Feb. _m. 17.^7: d. Oct. 15. 175? The following was copied 
from a journal left by Nathaniel Babcock. Sr. : "June, the Qth 
day. 1755. my well-bclovcd -"ii Jonas Babcock left home, ami 
June Ti he set out for Norwich (CO and Crown Point, and 
Sept. 5 he arrived at Lake George, and the 8th of the month they 

54 The Babcock Genealogy. 

had a battle with the- French and Indians; 24th. of Sept. he was 
taken sick. The 4th <>f Oct. he left Lake George and tame to 
Albany. Jle died Oct. 15, about 2 o'clock at night, being in the 
icjth year of his age. Oct. t8, 1755, I gol to Albany in four days 
to sec my son's grave and fetch his clothes, which almost broke 
my heart. I was gone eight days and half from home." 
Sarah, b. Apr. iN, 1 7j<> ; d. Peter burg, N. V. (?», Aug. 27, 1 7<»_* : 
in. Joseph Hcwett. They had a son Joseph and a daughter Polly, 
who in. Caleb Bentley, of Berlin, X. Y. 

148 Lucy, 1). Feb. i2, 1742; 111. Benjamin Randall. 

Comfort, b. July 3, 17.40; m. (1; Apr. 4, 1765, Wells (?); 

111. (2) Stephen Hull. 

Amy, h. Apr. 14, 1749; d. Genesee Co., X. Y.. Jan. 18, 1826. 

149 Reuben, b. Mar. j, 175^; m. Hannah Hendricks. 

57. EliaS c BABCOCK, son of James, Jr., and Sarah (Vose) 
Babcock (James, John, James 1st), h. Stonington, Conn.. 
Feb. 20, 1711-2; hap. Stonington, May 18, [712; d. X. Ca- 
naan, Conn., Feb. 7, 1705: m. Nov. IO, 1737.. Anna, dan. of 
George and Prudence (Richardson) Plumb ( ?), b. 1714: d. 
N. Canaan. Conn., Nov. 19, 1807. Jle joined the N. Stoning- 
ton Church June 5. 1738, and later he belonged to a religious 
sect known as the Separatists. Between 1750 and 1775 there 
were many Separatist churches in Rhode Island, Connecticut, 
and in central and western Massachusetts. 

The following clause is quoted from the will of his grand- 
father, Capt. James Babcock: "My Will is that in case my 
grandson Elias Babcock shall loose his land (that I give him 
by Deed of Gift) by ye Voluntown men, then I give him the 
one half of the 240 acres to be Equally Divided Between him 
and Isiah, to them, their heirs & assigns forever." 

In 1775 Elias removed with his family to N. Canaan. Conn., 
where he and wife spent the remainder of their lives. They 
had eight children, four of whom died in infancy and four 
lived to adult age. 

Rev. Rufus Babcock, D.D.. b. 1798. d. 1875, was a grand- 
son of the above-mentioned Elias. He gave much time and 
attention to collecting Babcock genealogy. The writer met 
and received from him. in 1870, certain Babcock records. Af- 
ter Dr. Babcock's death his son-in-law, the Hon. Horatio 
Gates Jones, of Philadelphia (since deceased), prepared for 
the writer, from the records and papers of Dr. Babcock, a 
large part of the records of the descendants of Elias Babcock. 
found in this volume. We believe these records to be correct. 

Children : 

Elias, h. July 5. i7.iS; d. young. 

150 Elijah, 4 b. Au^. 15. 1739; m. Sarah Brown. 

151 Anna. b. July 5, 1743; m. Henry Stevens. 

i 'J he Babcock Genealogy. 55 

Nancy, b. Apr. 4, 1746; d. young; l>ap. June I, i74 n - 
Lydia, b. Dec. 9, 175-2 ; m. Jahc/. Recti. No issue. She d. May 14, 
152 Rufus, 1». Apr. 22, 175H; m. (1) Zeruiah Moses; in. (2) Mercy 
Stephen and one other child; d. young. 

58. Elizabeth, 8 dan. of James, Jr., and Sarah (Vose) Bab- 
cock (James, John, James ist), b. Stonington, Conn., 
Aug-. 25, 1715, "about one of ye clock in ye morning being 
Thursday;" hap. by Rev. James Noyes, Pastor of the Ston- 
ington Church, Aug. 28, 1715. She was m. Feb. 5, 1736, to 
John Davidson, It is presumed they owned and lived on a 
farm close by the farms of their brothers in X. Stonington, 
as the will of her grandfather, Capt. James Babcock, mentions 
land in N. Stonington that he had sold "unto my grandson 
in law Davidson." No record of their children is found. 

60. Oliver 5 Babcock, son of James, Jr., and Sarah 
(Vose) Babcock (James, John, James tst), b. Stoning- 
ton, Conn, (now Pendleton Hill. X. Stonington), July jy, 
1720; d. N. Stonington, Sept. 2^, 177*', ni. Mar. 6, 1740, 
Anna Avery, third child of Lieut. William and first wife, 
Anna (Richardson) Avery, b. X. Stonington. bap. Apr. 5, 
1724, d. Feb. 7, 1803. in the 80th year of her age. Her father, 
b. 1687, was son of John and Abigail ( Checsebrough) Avery. 
John, 1). 1654, was son of Capt. James Avery, b. England 
1620, came to America with his father. Christopher Avery, 
and settled at Poquonoc, in the town of Groton, Conn., where 
he owned a large tract of land. He was very celebrated both 
in civil and military life. In King Philip's War he com- 
manded a companv of friendly Indians. A monument erected 
to his memory by the Avery family stands upon the site of his 
former dwelling house. It is near the Stonington R. I\., sev- 
eral miles east of Xew London. Conn. 

These records were taken from Wheeler's Hist, of Stoning- 
ton, which contains an extended account of the family. 

From Mr. Elroy Avery, of 657 Woodland Hills Avenue. 
Cleveland, O.. we learn that nine of the brothers and half 
brothers of Anna Avery were in colonial military service be- 
fore or in the Revolutionary War, or both, and that four of 
them died in service. 

Oliver Babcock and his wife. Anna, were buried in 
the "Babcock Burying Ground," Pendleton Hill. His grave- 
stone is marked as follows: "In memory of Oliver Bab- 
cock, who died Sept. 25, 1 771 , age 51 yrs." Later the 

56 The Babcock Genealogy. 

remains of Oliver and his wife were removed to the 
Pendleton J Mil Cemetery. For details of removal, sec records 
of James Babcock, Jr., father of Oliver. 

The will of Capt. James Babcock, of Westerly, provided 
that his grandsons Oliver and Timothy were to have the home- 
stead farm at the death of their mother Sarah (Vose) Bab- 
cock, "to he divided equally between them for quantity and 
quality. " 

Oliver built his house about eighty rods south of the old 
homestead, on the land inherited from his grandfather. 

July 0, 1771. he bought of Solomon Avery, for I' 100, one 
hundred and fifty acres of land in Voluntown, "'hounded on 
the south by the Stonington line and on the east by Oliver 
lutbeock's land."' 

Feb. 27, 1770. Job Babcock conveyed sixty acres of land to 
Oliver Babcock of Stonington for tjz,. and Mar. 12, 1771, 
Oliver sold the said land to Rev. Wait Palmer for t'8o. 

Mar. 3, 1741, Oliver and Anna Babcock were baptized by 
Joseph Fish, Pastor, and joined the X. Stonington Congrega- 
tional Church. 

Oliver and Anna had twelve children, three of whom, viz., 
Rufus, Charles, and Elias, d. young". 

Children : 

153 Oliver," b. Jan. 22, 1740; m. Mercy Kinney. 

154 Joshua, b. June 5, 174.?; m. Elizabeth Palmer. 

155 Anne. b. July 15. 1745; in. (1) Sanford Langworthy; m. (2) 

Anthony Rhodes. 

156 William A., b. Mar. ,^i. 1747; in. Lueretia Davis. 

157 Gersham, b. Nov. 9, 175J: in. Chine Davis. 

158 Altana. b. Jan. 14. 1755: m. John Langworthy. 

159 Christopher, l>. Jan. 28, 1757; m. folly Benedict. 

160 Elizabeth, b. Jan. 15. 1759; m. John Foot. 

161 Daniel, b. Aug. 31, 1762; ;n. Content Potter. 

61. Grace 8 Babcock, dan. of James. Jr., and Sarah (Vose) 
Babcock ' (James, John, James ist). b. Dec. 31. 17.22. 
Pendleton Hill. X. Stonington, Conn., d. Sept. 2. 1785; in. 
Aug - . 16, 173& Samuel Plumb, son of George and Prudence 
(Richardson) Plumb (?). b. Oct. 4. 17 1 _>. Stonington (?), 
Conn., lived there till 1792. d. Sept. 5. 1799. 

Her grandfather, Capt. James, who in his will forgot none 
of the children of his "son James deceased," provided for 
Grace as follows: "I give and Bequeath unto my grand- 
daughter Grace, the Daughter of my Son James, \^cc(\. fifty 
pounds in money to he pd. to her by my Execd. When She- 
Arrives at the full age of Twenty years, or at Ye day of Mar- 


The Babcock Genealogy. 57 

riage Which Shall first Happen." It will be noticed that she 
married before she "arrived at the full age" of sixteen years. 
Records of children from Plumb Genealogy; all b. in 
Stonington : 

Grace, 1). Apr. -"), [739; m. David Palmer. 

Twins (not named), I). Apr. 14. » 74 > : (l 5amc <la >- . .. ... 

George, b. May 28, 1742; d. Oct. _'. 1765. in Oswego, N. Y. Was 
in the French and Indian War from 1 75 7 to i7 r >3- 

Sarah, b. Inly 10, 1741; in. John SalTord. 

Samuel, b. Aug. 14, 1746; m. (1) Lucy Layton, and removed to 
Vermont ; m. (2) . 

James b. Sept. jo, 1748; d. Halifax, Vt., July i-'. 18271 m. (1) 
Lydia SalTord; m. (2) Phebe Miner; m. (3) Eunice Miner, and 
removed to Vt. 1708. Had sixteen children, twelve born in Ston- 
ington, four in Vt. Was a Revolutionary soldier. 

Elizabeth, b. Jan. 23, 1750-1; m. Christopher Clark, Dec. 18, 1771. 
in R. I. 

Prudence, b. Ma\ 11. 175.^; d. Sept. 6, 1 7 54 - 

Joseph, h. July _'. I7=,5: was twice married. Eleven children. Re- 
moved to Castleton. Vt., then to Westfield, N. Y.; d. in Castle- 
ton, Vt. Was at Fort Griswold when the massacre occurred; 

Mary, b. July 17. 1757; m. Sands Perkins, in R. I. 

Nathaniel." b. Apr. 4, 17^0; m. Aug. 17- I78l, Anna I -aim worthy. 
and settled in Brownsville. N. Y. Nathaniel was a Revolutionary 
soldier from Apr.. 1777. to Apr.. 177S 

David, b. Mar. 6. 1763; d. Mar. 17. 1704. 

Temperance, b. May 1. 1705; m. Robert Peckham. 

62. Timothy, 5 youngest son of James. Jr., and Sarah 
(Vose) Babcock (James, John. James ist), b. at the 
homestead on Pendleton Hill. Conn.. Oct. 12, 1724, "about 
9 or 10 of ye clock, afternoon being Munday" (S. T. R.) : d. 
there Dec. 3, 1705: m. ( 1) Lois Billings, dan. of James and 
Mary (Hewitt) Billings. Shed. Oct. 14. 1 75 r> - m - ( 2 ) Nor " 
wich, Conn.. Oct. 20. 1757. by Peter Powers, Pastor. Thank- 
ful Read. dan. of John and Lydia (Caswell) Read, of Nor- 
wich, Conn., b. Oct. 31, [725. 

Timothv owned and occupied the old homestead. By the 
will of his grandfather, Capt. James Babcock, the homestead 
farm was to he divided equally, "for quantity and quality," 
between Oliver and Timothy at the death of their mother, 
Sarah (Vose) Babcock. 

Dec. 20, 1740. Timothy received by (\c<2^\ from his mother 
fifty acres of land in Voluntown, hounded on the south by 
Nathaniel Babcock 's land and otherwise carefully bounded on 
all sides. This may have been a part of the homestead which 
was to he hers during life. Feb. 1 r. 1753. she deeded to her 
son Timothv "in consideration of ye sum or annual payments 
of £85 old tenor," a "parcel of land," etc. There is no doubt 

58 The Babcock Genealogy. 

that this deed conveyed that part of the homestead farm which 
by the will of Capt. James was hers during life and at her 
death was to be Timothy's. 

Timothy was a farmer and a merchant, having a country 
store adjoining his house. The house st<>od partly in Volun- 
town and partly in X. Stonington. Jt was destroyed by fire 
in 1880, was rebuilt, and was again destroyed by fire in 1901. 

His will bears date Mar. 3, 1770, nineteen years prior to 
his death. It provides that his wife shall have the use of the 
property during her life, or until she should again marry. His 
five girls and four boys are mentioned in this will. J lis eldest 
son, Timothy, is named as sole executor. 

Children : 

Lois, b. Apr. 18, 1746; in. Oliver Clark. Jan. 7, 1797. Oliver Clark 
and wife, Lois, gave a receipt for £5 sterling to Timothy Bab- 
cock, the executor, for the legacy received from her honored 
father, Timothy Babcock. 

162 Timothy," b, Aug. 22. 1747: m. Esther Billings. 

Jesse, b. Mar. 29, 1750. '".May 16. 1796, Timothy Babcock, of Af- 
ford, Conn., and Jesse Babcock, of Stonington, Conn., for £300 
conveyed to Amos Crandall, one half part of all the real estate 
with buildings thereon of their father Timothy Babcock, deceased, 
partly in Stonington and partly in Vbluntown." 

163 Grace, b. Sept. 4, 1753; m. Samuel Plumb, Jr. 

Desire, b. May 17, 1756; m. Vose Palmer, probably son of William 
and Phebe (Darrow) Palmer, b. Oct. 9. 1754. "Dec. 5. 1795, 
John Babcock, brother of Desire, conveyed to Vose Palmer, for 
£100, all his interest in the real estate of his father. Timothy 
Babcock. This occurred two days after the death of Timothy. 
The year following, June 16, Vose Palmer and wife. Desire, con- 
veyed the property bought of John, to Amos Crandall, of Volun- 
town, for £135. Later Vose Palmer and wife sold the farm on 
which they lived and moved west," which in those days meant 
the State of New York. 

Children of second wife, b. in X. Stonington: 

Sarah, b. Jan. 20. 1761; m. Jan. 22. 1702. Stanton Campbell, of 
Voluntown. Town records show that on Feb. 23. 1793. James 
Babcock, conveyed any interest which lie might have in his 
father's property, to Stanton Campbell, his brother-in-law, for 
£30, and on Feb. 1. 1796, Stanton Campbell conveyed this interest, 
which the deed reads was "<mc fourth of the whole real estate 
Timothy Babcock died possessed of." to Amos Crandall for £3°- 

Anne, h. Mar. 20, 1763. She with her sister received by her father's 
will certain personal property. 

164 John. b. July 20. 1705: m. Louisa Gihuore. 

1165 James, b. July 5. 1770: m. (it Sarah Budlong; m. (2^ Dolly 
Scott; m. (3) Prudence Waters; m. (4) Lois Hibbard. 
The records of Timothy Babcock and his descendants found 
in this volume were supplied by Col. Andrew Jackson Bab- 
cock, son of Robert and Lucy (Blackmail) Babcock, and great 

The Babcock Genealogy. 59 

grandson of Timothy and Thankful (Read) Babcock. For 
further history sec Col. Babcock's records. 

63. Joshua 6 Clark, son of Elder Thomas and Elizabeth 

(Babcock) Clark (James, John. James 1st), b. Westerly, 
Apr. 2(), 1717; d. Hopkinton, R. I., Mar. 8, 1793: m. )73- s . 
Hannah Cottrell, b. J 7 [9, d. Nov. 4, [808. Settled in that part 
of Westerly which is now Hopkinton, R. I. In the early part 
of his life he was Justice of the Peace, and by virtue of his 
office solemnized marriages, lie represented Westerly in the 
Colonial Legislature in 1753, '54. '.S ( »: represented Hopkinton 
•/ at its incorporation in 1757, also in 175S and 1766. 

He was one of the original incorporators of Brown Univer- 
sity, was ordained an elder of what is now the First S. D. J'». 
\ Church of Hopkinton, May, 1708. For the last twenty-live 

years of his life he was pastor of that church. During his 
ministry three hundred and ninety-live members were added 
to the church. 

His remains were interred in the Clark burying ground, 
which is on the west bank of the Pawcatuck River a half mile 
above the ''meeting-house" bridge. His remains were after- 
ward removed and reinterred in the First Hopkinton Ceme- 
tery upon the spot formerly occupied by the "meetinghouse" 
in which he so long- preached. His name is recorded upon 
"The Ministers' Monument," erected there in 1899. 

His eighth child, Elder Henry Clark, m. Dec. 5, 1 77C), 
Catherine Pendleton, dau. of Sylvester (?) and Anna (?) 
Pendleton, of Westerly, b. Mar. 13, 1757. Elder Henry Clark 
was for many years pastor of the S. D. B. Church of Brook- 

! field, N. Y. In iqoj Mr. Cyrus Clark Van Deventer, of King- 

man, Kan., published a book called Ancestors and Descend- 
ants of Rev. Henry Clark and Wife, Catherine Pendleton. 
r Children, all recorded in Hopkinton (see A. Y. R.) : 


Pbincas." b. Feb. 23, 1740. 
Josbua, b. Aug. 17, 1741. 
Ethan, b. Mar. 7, 1745. 
Hannah, b. May 4, 1747. 
Thomas, b. June io, 1740. 
Elizabeth, b. Nov. 14. 1751. 
Arnold, b. Mar. 17, 1754. 
Henry, b. Dec. 2. 1756. 
Willett, b. Oct. 20. 1750. 
Nathan, b. Feb. 7. 1762. 
Jol) Bennett, b. May 13, 17('>;. 

64. Col. Nathan 8 Babcock, son of Samuel and Ann Pendle- 
ton) Babcock (James, John, James 1st), b. Westerly, 

6o The Babcock Genealogy. 

K. I., Nov. 25, [726; (1. Westerly, Jan. 24, 1804 (date from 
gravestone in Babcock burying ground); 111. (1) May i<j, 
J 748, Deborah Stafford, of Warwick, l>. 171N. d. Xov. 28, 
1763; m. (2) Westerly, May 20, 1704. Elizabeth Brown, of 
Stonington; <l. Apr. 23, 1770. in her fifty-first year (record 
from gravestone); in. (3) Aug. 26, 1779, Nancy (or Anne) 
Lewis, dau. of Nathaniel Lewis, of Hopkinton; m. (4) Feb. 
6, 1782, Dorcas Babcock, dan. of 41 David and Dorcas 
(Brown) Babcock, of S. Kingston. R. I., b. Mar. 14. 1745. 

Col. Nathan Babcock represented Westerly in the Rhode 
Island General Assembly 1700-1. lie was appointed by the 
General Assembly in May, 1761, Colonel of Kings County 
Regiment of Militia. (C. R. of R. I., vol. vi.) He was Jus- 
tice of the Peace in 1755. 

The town of Westerly. Feb. 12. 1770, voted that "the two 
field pieces ordered by the General Assembly to be deposited 
in this town be stationed near the sea on the land of Nathan 
Babcock, 2d Esq., and to be used on any sudden invasion as 
need requires." 

June 3, 1777, Nathan Babcock was appointed one of a com- 
mittee of three to secure materials for an "Amunition Cart." 

It is noticed that Oliver Babcock. youngest son of John and 
Mary (Lawton) Babcock had a son Nathan, b. Oct. 12. 1715. 
It is possible that some of the records above given apply to him. 

Children, all b. in Westerly (see A. V. R.) : 

166 Thomas," b. July 29. 1749; 111. Sarah Warcman. 

Benjamin, b. Apr. 7, 1751 ; m. Desire Billings, of Stonington, 
Feh. 4, 1779. Emigrated to Pa. 

167 Anna, b. Nov. 9, 1752; m. Rowland Champlain. 
Mercy, h. Oct. 12. 1754; d. young. 

Samuel, b. Mar. 22, 1757; m. May 22, 1779, Lucy Wilcox. Re- 
moved to Brookfield. X. V. 

Nathan, b. June 10. 1759. Tie is supposed to have hcen one of eight 
men drowned off Point Judith by the upsetting of a boat. They 
were on their way to join Sullivan's expedition at Newport. 

Children of Nathan and second wife: 

168 Andrew. !>. Apr. 6. 1765: m. Bathsheha Pendleton. 

169 Jonathan, b. Dec. 14. 1766; m. Elizabeth Adam.-. 

Elizabeth, b. Westerly. Oct. 30. 1768; m. Sept. 21. 1801, John Wil- 
bur, of Brookfield, X. V. 

170 Charles. !>. Aug. 23. 1770: m. Tacy Langworthy. 

171 Deborah, b. Aug. 16, 1772; m. George Pendleton. 

Child of Nathan and third wife: 
Mercy, h. July 21, 17S0. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 61 

Children of Nathan and fourth wife: 

172 Nathan, 1>. Oct. 30, 1783; m. Patty Barber. 
17J David, I). Aug. i(>, 17R4 ; m. Fanny Tifft. 

Dorcas, 1>. Apr. 20, 1786; d. iK<*o; m. Nathan Barber, Jr., s<m vi 
Nathan and Mary I Pendleton) Barber. 

Asa, b. Feb. -'5, 1788. 

65. Elizabeth 5 , dan. of Samuel and Ann (Pendleton) Bab- 
cock, 1). Westerly, R. 1., May (>. ijj'j. There was an- 
other Elizabeth Babcock contemporary with the above, dan. of 
Daniel and Abigail Babcock, b. Jan. 13, j 730-1. Which 
one of the two Elizabeths married John Burdick we cannot 

Elizabeth Babcock and John Burdick were m. in Westerly, 
Dec. i, 1750, by William Hern, Justice. John Burdick, son 
of Hubbard ( ?) and Burdick was 1>. May 19. 172 1. 

Children, 1». in Westerly, R. 1. (A. V. R.) :' 

Maxson, b. Jan. 22, 1752. 
Thompson, b. Sept. 1, 175.3. 
Anno, b. Feb. 2. 1755. 
John, b. Sept. 20, 1756. 
Paul, 1). Oct. 24, 1759. 
Abigail, b. Nov. 22. 17OI. 
Sarah, b. Sept. 7. 1763. 
Frances, b. Mar. 29, 1765. 

66. Samuel 5 Babcock, Jr., second son of Samuel and Ann 
(Pendleton) Babcock (James, John, James 1st), b. 

Westerly, R. I., May 16, 1 73 1 ; d. there Mar. 23. 1813; m. 
Westerly, Jan. 23, 1755. Mary Smith, dan. of Benoni and 
Ruth (Pendleton) Smith, b. Westerly. Oct. 2. 1733. d. West- 
erly, May I. 1822. Both were buried in the Masatuxet (Bab- 
cock) burying- ground. Westerly, and have inscribed stones. 

On Oct. 2, 1777, three boats, each containing seven men. 

were fitted out in Westerly to join Sullivan's expedition on 

the island of Rhode Island. In passing Point Judith in the 

) night, when the sea was very rough, two of the boats were 

1 capsized, and of the fourteen men thrown into the sea eight 

) were drowned. So far as known, their names were William 

Babcock. Nathan Babcock, Nathan Babcock, Joseph Hall, Zel>- 

ulon Pendleton, Isaac Pendleton, and Bigelow. The first 

two, William and Nathan Babcock. were the eldest sons of 
Samuel. Jr., and Mary Smith Babcock. Their third son. Paul, 
was among the number thrown into the sea but was rescued. 
The second Nathan drowned was son of Col. Nathan. West- 
erly and Its Witnesses, by Dennison, contains an interesting 
account of the accident. 

62 The Babcock Getiealogy. 

Children : 

William, b. Dec. 22, 1755 ; drowned Oct. 2, 1 777- 
Nathan, b. Mar. 5, 1758; drowned Oct. 2, 1 777- 

174 Paul." b. Mar. 30, 1760; m Charlotte Crandall. 
Fanny, 1>. Jan. 25, 1762; unm. 

175 Silas, 1). Apr. 10, 17O4; m. Mercy Kenyon. 

176 fared, b. Feb. n. 1766; m. 111 Martha Lewis; m. (2) Amy Lewis. 

177 Thankful, b. Feb. 15. 17^; '"• James Crandall. 
Zebul on, b. Mar. 2. 1770. 

Ruth, i). Dec. [4, 177'- 

Mary (Tolly), b. Mav 20, 1773; unm. 

Anna, b. Nov. 20, 1776; d. 1859; m. in Hopkinton, Mar. 22, 1818, 

Peleg Babcock. 
Hannah, b. Feb. II, 1/79- 7 

67. Isaac Babcock, son of Daniel and Abigail (Thomp- 
son) Babcock (James. John, James 1st), b. Westerly. 
R. I., Apr. 24, 1724; m. at Stonington, Conn., \pr. 17. i7-4 f '- 
Mary, dan. of Jonah and Rebecca ( Prentice) Warden, b. Bos- 
ton, England. Isaac was made a freeman May 6, 1746. He 
was Justice of Westerly 1763-4. 
Children, recorded in Westerly : 

178 Phebe.* b. July 24, 1748; m. Ezekiel Gavitt, Jr. 

179 John Prentice, b. Oct. 4. 1750; m. Anna Gavitt. 

180 Isaac, b. Jan. 15. 1754: > n - Amy Gavitt. 

181 Mary, b. Mar. 11, 1757 ; m. Peleg Ross, Jr. 

182 Amos, b. Aug, 1. 175'K m. Mary Babcock. 
Rebecca, b. Oct. 2r, 1761. 

Rhoda, b. Aug. 2t. 17O4. in Westerly, d. Norwich. N. Y.. Dec. 20. 
1852; m. (I) Mar. 31, 1788. George, son of Ezekiel and Mary 
(Brian) Gavitt, b. Westerly, Oct. 28, 1766; m. (2) Oct. 20. 1810. 
Nathan Pendleton, whose first wife was Amelia, dau. of Col. 
Janus Babcock. He d. Norwich. N. V.. Jan. 26. 1S41. 

Judah, b. July 13. 17^'). Was a lawyer. Went to England to ob- 
tain money claimed by the family but failed in his efforts. 

183 Jesse, D. June 10. 1 70S : m. Hannah Thompson. 
Abigail, twin to Jesse, b. June 16, 1768. 

184 Joshua, b. June 23. 1770; m. Ruth Greene. 

Hannah, twin to Joshua, b. June 27,. 1770; m. Denison Avery. 

68. William 8 Babcock, second son of Daniel and Abigail 
( Thompson") Babcock (James. John, James ist), 1). 
Westerly, K. 1.. Mar. i i. [725-6; m. by William Babcock, Jus- 
tice, Jan. 28. 1749, Patience Cottrell. He was Justice of the 
Peace for Westerly 1769-70. 
Children, born in Westerly: 

185 William.' b. Feb. 2j,. 1750: m. Penelope . 

186 Anna. b. Mar. 20. 1753; m. Robert Thompson. 
Esther, b. Jan. 2. 1755. 

Eunice, b. Feb. 2,},. 1757. 
Hannah, b. May 29, 1763. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 63 

69. Joshua, 8 third son of Daniel and Abigail (Thompson) 
Babcock (James, John, James 1st), b. Westerly, R. 1., 

Dec. 7, 1728; m. Jan. 10, 17S4. Sarah Berry. 
Children (W. T. K.) : 

Susannah, l>. Jan. 11, 1755. 
Richard, b. Feb. io, 1750. 
Daniel, b. Sept. io, 1757. 

70. ELIZABETH 6 BABCOCK, only dan. of Daniel and Abigail 

(Thompson) Babcock (James. John, James 1st), b. 
Westerly, Jan. 13, 1730-1; d. Nov. 12, 1760; m. Sept. io, 
1754, Nathan Smith, son of Benoni and Ruth (Pendleton) 
Smith, of Westerly, b. Feb. iS, 1732-3. 

Children : 


Joseph, b. June 15. t 755- 
J William, b. Mar. 18, 1757. 

Joshua, b. May 6, 1759. 

71. James, 5 fifth child of Daniel and Abigail (Thompson) 
Babcock (James, John, James 1st), b. June 2, 1733; in. 

Mary Satterlee. 
Children : 

187 James,* b. July 31, 1753; 111. Jan. 26, 1777, Sarah Ross. 

188 Daniel, b. Feb. 25, 1755; 111. Hannah Burdick. 

189 Henry, b. June 23, 1757, Prudence Gavitt. 
Mary, b. Sept. 22, 17O1. 
Content, b. Mar. 19, 1764. 
Barrodell, b. Jan. 19, 1766; m. in Hopkinton, Mar. 24, 1701, John 

Tanner, son of John and Mary Tanner, b. Aug. 27, 1766. (A. 

V. R.) 
Lois, b. May 20, i7('>8; m. Mar. 3, 1704, in Hopkinton, Stephen 

Tanner, son of John and Mary Tanner, b. Dec. 14, 1760 

(A. V. R.) 
Patience, b. Dec. 25, 1770. 
Gideon, b. Apr. 30, 1773. 

72. EUlcr Elkanah, 6 son of Daniel and Abigail (Thomp- 
son) Babcock (James. John, James 1st). 1>. Westerly, 

I R. I., Aug. 21, 173S; d. Westerly. June 27. 1821; m. Mar. 

14. 1762. Esther Crandall, dan. of John, Jr.. and Esther Cran- 
dall, of Westerly. She d. Oct. 2, 1831, in her ninety-second 

Elkanah Babcock was Captain oi Westerly Militia in 1770. 
Justice of the Peace in 1774. "In July, 17S0, he was appointed 
recruiting officer for the army from the town of Westerly." 
(C. R. of R. I., vol. ix.) By a vote of the town of Westerly, 
June 8, 1777, a military company was organized with Elka- 


64 The Babcock Genealogy. 

nah Babcock Captain. Elkanah was the third pastor (all 
Babcocks) of the "Hill Church*' of Westerly. He was or- 
dained Apr. J/, 1787. For a portion of his life he was in- 
clined to the theory of Universalism. After his return from 
a Western trip, he again preached his early faith. 

Both Elder Elkanah and his wife Esther were buried in 
the so-called Babcock ground, "a spot in the open pasture, 
about two hundred yards south of the Robinson Frazer house 
and near the railroad." (W. and VV.) 

Children, b. in Westerly (A. V. R.) : 


Melinda, b. Feb. 25, 1763; m. May 16, 1791. Walter Brand, of 

190 Joshua,' b. May 8, 1766; 111. Nancy CrainJall. 

191 Delight, 1). Feb. S. 17UX; m. Lemuel Vose. 

192 Amelia, 1>. .Mar. 5. 1770; m. Amos Stanton. 
Bradley, b. May [4, 177-'; d. young. 

193 Rev. Luke, 1>. May 1. 1774; m. Desire Frink. 
Hannah, b. May 28. 1777- 

194 Chauncey, b. Nov. 28, i77<j; m. Prudence Stanton. 

195 Lodowick, 1). Jan. 27. 17S1 ; in. Mary Davis. 

196 Esther, 1). Apr. a 1784: m. Stephen Smith. 

Elder Elkanah, Jr., I>. June 29. 1786; m. Demsey Stanton. 

73. Col. Henry 5 Babcock (Col. Harry), eldest son of the 
Hon. Joshua and Hannah (Stanton) Babcock (James. 
John, James 1st), b, Westerly, R. 1., May 25. 1736; d. Ston- 
ington, Oct. 7, 1800 (date of death of Henry and wife from 
gravestones); m. at Stonington, Dec. 2, 1764. Mary Stanton. 
dau. of Robert and Anna Stanton, of Stonington, b. Nov. 8. 
1741 (record of Mary by Wheeler) ; d. Apr. 19. 1818. 

Henry Babcock entered Yale College when he was twelve 
years old, and was graduated at the head of his class in 175-'. 
at the age of sixteen. Records show that Oct. 14. 1751. lie 
was bap. and united with the First Baptist Church in Boston. 
In 1788 he united with the First Ecclesiastical Society of Ston- 
ington, by letter from the First Baptist Church of Boston. 

In 1755 he was Captain of a Westerly company raised to 
join the British forces against the French at Crown Point; 
served in Col. Harris's Regiment. In 1750 he was Major: 
1757. Lieutenant Colonel. In 1758 he was Colonel of a Rhode 
Island Regiment of one thousand men. which inarched again-! 
the French at Ticonderoga. In the engagement one hundred 
and ten of his men were killed or wounded, and he was 
wounded in the knee by a musket ball. In 1759 he served un- 
der Gen. Amherst, by whom he was publicly thanked, in the 
taking of Ticonderoga without the loss of a man. He had 





> * * J- t* " • 


1736- 1800. 

From a portrait by J. Blackburn, of London, 175'). owned l>y 

W. Irving Babcock, New York City. Page 64. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 65 

then served with distinguished In mors in five campaigns 
against the French. (An extended account of his military 
career can be found in the C. K. of li. I.) 

iin ) 76 1 he visited England, where he was treated with great 
respect, lie was introduced t<> the Queen, and it is said that 
instead of kissing her hand, as was the custom <>f people in his 
rank, he boldly kissed her cheek, remarking that Mich was the 
"mark of politeness in America." The correctness of this 
statement is doubted. A portion of the time while there he 
served as an engineer at the Woolwich Arsenal, and the train- 
ing gained there proved of great service to him in the War 
of the Revolution. 

Soon alter his return to America he married, settled upon 
his farm in the town 01 Stomngton, upon the 1'awcatuck 
River, a mile below the village of Westerly, R. I., and com- 
menced the practice of law. When the struggle against the 
mother country commenced, he was a stanch patriot, i le was 
appointed by the Rhode Island Legislature commander oi'-ttic 
forces at Newport. Here he displayed the skill acquired * at 
Woolwich, England. On an open beach he, by his own firing, 
with an eighteen-pounder, drove off a British man-of-war. 

In 1777 he had a severe tit of sickness which so affected his 
mind that he newer entirely recovered. 

It is said that "Col. Henry Balxrock was a man of fine 
physique, accomplished manners, commanding" voice, and an 
eloquent speaker." 

He died Oct. 7, 1800, and was buried in the family burying 
ground on his own farm. The writer in igoo visited the 
grave. The well-kept burying ground, surrounded by a hand- 
some wall, is near the west hank of the Pawcatuck River, 
about a mile below the village of Westerly, and near the Clark 
thread mills. In this cemetery are the graves of Col. Bab- 
coek, his wife, and many of their descendants. 

Children, b. in Stonington: 

Benjamin Franklin, Ik Nov. <k i 70s : d. Julv 27. 1781. 
197 Major Paul," b. Mar. 13, 1768; m. (1) Nancy Bell; in. (2) Lucy 

19S Dudley, b. Jan. 7. 1770; m. Ann (Nancy) Wright. 

Capt. Joshua, b. Oct. 25. 177- : d. at sea, Mar., 1798, on voyage 
from Havana to Hamburg ("dale from gravestone). 
199 Hannah, 1>. Nov. 30, 177.1; in. Joseph Denison Phelps. 

174. Rev. Luke 8 Babcock, son of Dr. Joshua and Hannah 
(Stanton) Balxrock (James, John, James 1st), b. West- 
erly. July o, 1738; d. at Phillipsburg (?), X. Y.. Feb. 18, 


66 The Babcock Genealogy. 

1777; m. 1770 ( ?), Grace, dau. of and Mary (Run; 

Isaacs, 1). June 15, 17.43. Her lather was a converted Jew 
from Hamburg, Germany, who m., at Fairfield, Conn., Mar. 
7, 1725, Mary Kumsey, b. 1705. d. Jan. r6, 1770. Husband 
and wife were buried at Norwalk, Conn. Grace was a cousin 
of Judge Isaacs, of Connecticut. 

Luke Bateock graduated at Vale College, class of 1755. In 
1774 King's College, New York City, conferred upon him the 
degree of A.M. lie was ordained an Episcopal clergyman by 
the Bishop of London, England, and appointed to a mission 
in Westchester, X. V. 

While his father and brothers were stanch patriots, Rev. 
Luke at the breaking out of the War of the Revolution was 
an ardent supporter of the king and the Church of England. 
In Apr., 1775, a large number of Loyalists assembled at White 
Plains and adopted the following Protest: "We the subscrib- 
ers, freeholders and inhabitants of Westchester, having as- 
sembled at the White Plains in consequence of certain adver- 
tisements, do now declare that we met here to declare our 
honest abhorrence of all unlawful congresses and committees. 
and that we are determined, at the hazard of our lives and 
properties, to support the King and Constitution; and that 
we acknowledge no Representatives but the General Assembly, 
to whose wisdom and integrity we submit the guardianship 
of our rights, liberties, and privileges." 

The fourth name affixed to this document was that of Rev. 
Luke Babcock, while the third was that of Rev. Samuel Sea- 
bury, afterward Bishop Seabury. the lust Bishop of the Epis- 
copal Church in the United States. 

The allegiance of the Rev. Messrs. Seabury and Pjabcock to 
the kino- of Great Britain was so offensive to the Whigs that 
a party from Hartford and Xew Haven, Oct., 1770, seized 
the two gentlemen, probably at their homes in Westchester 
County. Mr. Seabury was lodged in jail in Xew Haven, but 
soon afterward was liberated by Gov. Trumbull, of Connecti- 
cut. Mr. Babcock was imprisoned in Hartford. Why Gov. 
Trumbull did not liberate him does not appear. lie remained 
in prison at Hartford until the following February, when his 
health failed and he was ordered to remove within the lines 
of the British army. "He reached his homo in Phillipsburg, 
N. V., in a raging fever and delirious, and died Feb. iS. 1 777- 
in the thirty-ninth year of his age. His remains were de- 
posited in the family vault of the Van Cortlands." Bishop 
Seabury said. "I know not a more excellent man." 

The Babcock Genealogy. 67 

Children (as given by Wells) : 

I Frederick, l>. Aug. 10, 1771. 

Courtland, b. 1773. 

Harriet, b. 1775; in. (1) Gilbert Saltonstall; m. (2) Marvin Wait, 
Esq., 1805. 

75. Adam Babcock, son of Dr. Joshua and Hannah (Stan- 
ton) Babcock (James, John. James 1st), b. Westerly, 
Sept. 27, 17.40; (1. Boston, 1817; 111. (1) at New Haven, 
Conn., J76.1 (?), Abigail Smith, d. Dec. 16, 1777. aged 33 

(years; m. (2) .Mar. 23, J 77<j, Martha Hubbard, dau. of 
Daniel Hubbard, of Boston, hap. June 18, 1758, and d. Bos- 
ton, [837 ( ?). (Some of the records of births, marriages, 
and deaths in this family were taken from a work written by 
Albert Wells.) 

Adam Babcock seems to have settled first in New Haven, 
where he was a merchant and an extensive ship owner, and 
during the Revolutionary War owned and fitted out one or 
more privateers. Wells says that for nine years he lived in 
Calcutta; later in life he settled in Boston, where he d. He 
and his brother Harry were as zealous in the cause of the colo- 
nics as their brother Luke was ardent in the cause of the king. 

From official records of Connecticut in the War of the Rev- 
olution the following is gathered: 

Adam Babcock with others signed notes amounting to l*8io, 
the money to be used for fitting out an expedition against 
Ticonderoga, but in the meantime the fort was taken by Col. 
Ethan Allen. The money was afterward refunded by the 
General Assembly of Rhode Island. 

Dec. 14. 1775. the General Assembly of Connecticut, held 
at New Haven, gave Adam Babcock, of New Haven, permis- 
sion to export five thousand pounds of cheese to North Caro- 
lina to defray the expense of a voyage there, to recover his 
debt for the sale of a brigantine there sold, provided he should 
procure a quantity of rice for the use of the army. 

Apr. 2<), 1776, the Council of Safety or Committee of War 
permitted Adam Babcock to purchase two hundred pounds of 
gunpower for his privateer then fitting out. and Col. fitch was 
authorized, if necessary, to lend Mr. Babcock powder from the 
colony's stores. 

May, 1770. Adam Babcock and others were licensed to erect 
a powder mill at New Haven. 

Oct. 22, ^77^- "Adam Babcock & Co. were permitted to ex- 
port to Rhode Island 60 barrels of salt beef for their 

C8 The Babcock Genealogy. 

"Voted i" sell Adam Babcock & Co. two cannons and car- 
riages taken on board ship Gnineanion, and brought in by 
Capt. Harding to New London." 

In session Apr. 22, 1777. Adam Babcock was allowed to 
purchase of Col. Porter ten four-pound cannons and six swiv- 
els with shot for them. June [3, 1777. he was directed t'» 
receive at Bedford, in Massachusetts, lifts barrels of pork and 
beef, property of the State of Connecticut, for the ship Fanny, 
in return for articles furnished several privateers of Con- 
necticut. June 1, 1777, Adam Babcock furnished the State of 
Connecticut for the use of the Continental battalions eight 
bales of woolen cloth, and two bales of blankets, also sixteen 
bales woolen cloth to be transported to the clothier general. 
In 1777 he sold to Rhode Island cloth for six hundred suits 
of clothes for Continental soldiers. (C. R. of R. 1., vol. viii.) 

Adam Babcock, of New Haven, was the original complain- 
ant in the celebrated "Leather breeches suit" against Phineas 
Stanton. Jr., of Stonington. The breeches in controversy were 
worth thirteen shillings. This suit and others growing from 
it were continued in the courts for nine years. The final 
result was in favor of Stanton, who said the case had cost 
him $2,000 more than he received. A pamphlet, consisting of 
]6S pages, descriptive of the case was published. (Stanton 
Genealogy by William A. Stanton. Ph.D., D.D., pp. 45-52.) 

Children (as given by Wells) by first wife: 

2qo William Smith, 8 b. Nov. 15, 1764; in. Elisabeth Merrill. 

Joshua, b. 1770; d. i7<)o on a voyage to Calcutta with his father. 

Another record says lie died at "Nonftcur," Franco, Jan., 1791, 

of smallpox. 
A son, b. 1773. 

Children by second wife 

Eliza, b. Feb. 21, 1780; d. in Boston, May 9. 1870; in. Nathaniel 

Martlia Hubbard, b. Apr. 7. 1781 ; in. (ij G. Higginson; m. (2) 

his brother, James Higginson. 
Mary Green, b. July, 1782 ; in. John Gore. 1805. t 

Henry. 1>. Apr. t, 1784. Settled on the island of Bourbon, in. there. 

and had three children, \ w. : (a) Henry, 1 b. 1S10 ( ?) : d. imm. 

1830 (?). (b) Eliza, b. 1812 (?); m. 1832. (c) Louisa, b. 

1815 (?): was num. in 1848. 
201 Francis, b. May <>. 17S6: m. Alice VVyer. 

Louisa, b. Dec. 6, 1791; (?); d. Boston, 1824, num. 

76. Hannah 6 Babcock, fourth child of the Hon. Joshua 

and Hannah (Stanton) Babcock (James. John, James 
1st), b. Westerly, R. [., Jan. jj, [742-3; m. at Westerly, 1770. 


1740- 181 7. 
From a portrait by Copley, o! London, owned by Rev. Edwin A. 

Blake. Ph.D., D.D., of Boston, Mas?. Page 67. 

The Babcock Genealogy. f >9 

John Bours, of Newport, R. I. Settled at Newport, where she 
lived the remainder of her lifetime. 
Children, 1>. at Newport: 

Ann.'i, 1). 1 77 1 ( ?). 
Peter, b. 1773 (?)■ 

77. Frances 8 Babcock, dan. of Dr. Joshua and Hannah 
(Stanton) Babcock (James. John, James isl), b. Wcst- 

1 erly, May ii, 17-15; d. New London, Conn., Oct., [787; in. 

Westerly, Dee., 1765, Capt. Dudley Saltonstall, son of Gov. 
Guidon and Rebecca (Winthrop) Saltonstall, b. New London, 
Conn., Sept. 8, 1738, d. in West Indies, 1790. 

In early life Capt. Saltonstall made numerous voyages in 
mercantile pursuits. In the Revolutionary War lie attained 
the rank of Commodore. We first find him in command of 
f the ship Trumbull, twenty-eight guns. Apr. 19, 1777. he fell 

in with two armed transports off New York. After a smart 
action he captured both the transports, with their stores of 
value on hoard. In this affair the English suffered severely, 
and the Trumbull herself lost seven men and eight wounded. 
In 1779 his ship was the Warren, thirty-two guns. 

The same year he had command of the .American licet in 
the disastrous Penobscot expedition. The unfortunate issue <>f 
that expedition was attributed to unforeseen obstacles and the 
insufficiency of the force, and not to any want of skill or 
bravery in the commander. He was. however, blamed for the 
disaster, lie afterward commanded the privateer Minerva, 
and among the prizes taken was the Hannah, a merchant ship 
of London bound for Xcw York, having the most valuable 
cargo sent to America during the war. 

Children, b. in Xcw London. Conn.: 

Hannah, b. 1767; m. Joseph Wallcy, a native of England who 

settled in Canandaigua, X. Y. 
Dudley, b. 1771 ; graduated at Vale, settled in the South. 
Thomas, b. 177-': d. in West Indies 1795. 
Frances, b. 17(H). 

Catherine, b. . 

Maviha. h. . 

Joshua, h. ; in. Abbic, dan. of Thomas Lewis, of Farmington, 


78. Mary 6 Rhodes, dan. of Simon and Anne (Babcock) 

Rhodes (James, John, James 1st), b. Stonington, Conn., 
Dec. it. 1758; m. Apr. 2, 1780. Lieut. Robert Rogers, of 
Newport, son of William Rogers, a merchant of Newport. 

jo The Babcock Genealogy. 

Robert Rogers graduated from Rhode Island College, after- 
ward Brown University, in 1775; served as Second and First 
Lieutenant in the Continental army until the close of the War 
of Independence, and then adopted teaching as a profession, 
first in Coventry am! afterward in his native town, Newport, 
R. I. lie was noted as being one of the foremost educators 
of his time; was a Fellow and Trustee of Rhode Island Col- 
lege (Brown University) for many years, and was Secretary, 
Treasurer, and Librarian of Redwood Library, Newport, from 
1788 to his death, in 1835. J lis son, William Sandford Rog- 
ers, became wealthy, and by his will, probated in 1870. be- 
queathed $50,000 to Brown University to found the Newport 
Rogers Professorship of Chemistry, in honor of his father and 
uncle William Rogers, Jr.. both of whom were graduates of 
Brown University. 

Children : 

William S., b. ; d. 1870. 

Anne, l>. — — ; m. John Allston, brother of Washington Allston, 

the celebrated painter. 

79. Simon 5 Rhodes, third child of Simon and Anne (Bab- 
cock) Rhodes (James, John, James 1st), b Stonington, 

Conn., June 22, 1700; d. Feb. 8. 1844; m. at Hartford. 
Conn., Jan. 14. j 790, Sally Woodbridgc, dan. of Dr. Dudley 
and Sarah (Sheldon) Woodbridgc, of Hartford, Conn., b. 
June 28, 1767; d. Feb. 9, 1855. 
Children : 

Nancy, b. Sept. 6. i/<)o; d. num. Feb. 8. 1871. 
Dudley, b. Mar. 8, ijo~\ d. Oct. 18, at Zanesville, O. 
Lucy, b. Jan. 12, 1794; d. unm. Mar. 7. 1S71. 
Sally, b. Aug. 8, 1801 : d. Aug. 28, 1801. 

Simon Henry, b. Jan. 1. 1803; tl Oct. 13. 1S77; m. Bridget Palmer 
at Stonington, Jan. 7, 1 828. 

80. Henry 5 Rhodes, fourth child of Simon and Anne (Dab- 
cock) Rhodes (James, John, James 1st), b Stonington, 

Apr. 25, 1 762; d. Jan. 7, [848; m. Foster, settled, at 

Southampton. L. I. One of his sons. Foster" Rhodes, was a 
noted shipbuilder, and was employed in that capacity in the 
navies of .Great Britain and Turkey. 

81. Abigail 8 Rhodes, sixth child of Simon and Anne 

(Babcock) Rhodes (lame-. John, James 1st), b. Ston- 
ington, Conn.. Oct. 2- . 1708; d. Warwick. R. I.. Apr. 18. 
1845; m. at Newport, R. I. ('"). Nov. 29, 1785. Col. Job 
Greene, son of Col. Christopher and Anne (Jappitt) Greene, 

The Babcock Genealogy. 7 1 

b. Warwick. R. I.. Nov. [9, [759, d. Warwick, Aug. 23, [808. 
Abigail was bap. at Stonington, Aug. 20, iy ( «). 

Children, all h. at Warwick, R. J. (records given by Hon. 
Henry L. Greene, of Riverpoint, R. 1., son of Simon Henry I : 

Christopher, 1». ; d. at St. Stephen's Parish, S. C. Nov. 6, 1825; 

111.. Charlcstown, S. ('.. Dec. 26, 1815, Mary Ann Lehrc, dan. of Dr. 

William and Ann (Miller) Lchre, b. Charlcstown, S. C, July 7. 

1793. d. July 1, 1828. 
Susanna, b. ; d. Warwick. R. I., Nov. 15. 1869; 111. at War 

wick, June 10, iKoo. Lowell Spalding, son of Philip and Thankful 

(Waterman) Spalding, b. Plain field, N. II., Nov. 24, 17.^0, d. 

Jan. 12, 1853. 
Mary Ann, Ij. ; d. Warwick, R. I.. Jan. .30. [849; m. at 

Warwick. Feb. 21, 1813, Aimer M. Warrenson, b. VVilbraham, 

Mass., Apr. 15, 17X7, d. Feb. 1, 1816. 
Simon Henry, b. ; d. at Warwick. Apr. 26, 1885; in. at 

Providence, K. I., Mar. 22, 1822, Caroline C. dan. of Edward 

and Susan (Potter) Aborn, b. Providence, R. I., Feb. 13, 1802, 
I d. Mar. 29, [829. 

; . 82. Amelia, 5 eldest daughter of Col. James and Sarah 

(Stanton) Babcock (James. John. James 1st), b. West- 
erly, R. 1., 1755: d. Norwich, X. V.. Sept. j;, 1814; m. Jan. 
22, 1775. to Nathan Pendleton, son of Col. William and Mary 
(Cheesbrough) Pendleton, of Westerly, b. there Apr. 2, 1754, 
(1. Norwich. N. Y., Jan. 26. 1S41. Nathan Pendleton m. (2) 

I in Westerly, Oct. jo. 1816, Rhoda (Babcock) Gavitt. dan. of 

67 Isaac. Sr., and Mary (Worden) Babcock, and widow of 
George Gavitt, of Westerly. She was b. at Westerly. Aug. 21, 
1764; d. at Norwich. N. Y.. Dec. JO, 1852. Nathan with his 
wife and seven of the children removed from Pendleton I Jill, 
Conn., to Norwich. N. V.. about 1800. Five of the children 
remained in Connecticut for a time. 

) Children of Nathan and first wife: 

Amelia, b. Oct. jo. 1775; unm. 

Sally, b. Aug. 13, 1777; in. 369 Dca. John 1 Langworthy. 
202 Nathan, b. June 1, 1779; m. Phebc Cole. 

Isaac, b. Jan. 16, 1781 ; 111. (1) Bridget Stanton; 111. (_>) Mary 

1 Keturab, b. Dec. 5. 1782; in. Charles Randall, son of John Randall. 

Had sons Pelcg 1 and Simeon, 1 and one daughter, Amelia, 1 who 

never married. 
Charlotte, b. Oct. J4. 1784: in. Christopher Brown. 
Molly (Mary), b. Dec. 16, 178(1; m. Charles Randall, husband of 

her deceased sister Keturah. 
Catherine, b. July 22. 17S0: m. ; d. in Oxford, N'. V. 
Simeon, b. Feb 7, 1792; d. young. 
Simeon, l>. July 30, 1793; unm. 

William, b. — -; m. (1) Betsey Pettct; m. (2) Rhoda Wade. 
Pclcg, b. Mar. jo. \J')X; in. Lucy Babcock. of Mystic, Conn. Lived 

and died in Norwich, X. Y. 

J2 The Babcock Genealogy. 

83. Simon 5 Babcock, second child of Col. James and Sarah 
(Stanton) Babcock (James, John. James i>u, h. West- 
erly, Feb. -'/, 1758; d. at Columbia, Tolland County, Conn., 
Apr., 1851; m. at Westerly, Apr. 6, iy^<>), Hannah Champ- 
lin, d. Dec. 13, 1831. 

Simon Babcock was a soldier in the war of the Revolution, 
enlisted as a private in Capt. Samuel Prentice's Stonington 
Company of Col. Parsons's 6th Connecticut Continental 
Regiment. The regiment took post at Roxbury, Mass., in 
Gen. Spencer's Brigade, and remained until the expiration of 
term of service, Dec. 10, 1775. 

We next find Simon Babcock a Sergeant in Capt. Amos 
Green's Company, Col. Joseph Xoyes's Regiment; service 
from Dec. 5, 1770, to Jan. 8, J 777 — thirty-five days; also 
Ensign on pay roll for twenty-nine days' service at S. Kings- 
ton; reported discharged at Charlestown, l\. 1. 

lie was a Revolutionary Pensioner under the Act of Con- 
gress of 1832; was then a resident of Columbia, Tolland 
County, Conn. Under the census of 1840, he is recorded as a 
resident of Columbia. 

The following records of his children were taken from His- 
tory of Ancient Windham, Conn., by Weaver, published in 
1864, which slates that some of the children were b. in West- 
erly, others in Stonington, Preston, Franklin, and the young- 
est in Lebanon, Conn. : 

84. Joanna, 6 fourth child of Col. James and first by his sec- 
ond wife, Joanna (McDowell) Babcock (James, John. 
James 1st), b. Westerly. June 10. 1770; m. June, C\ 1700, 
Capt. Joseph Wilbur, )\\, son of Joseph and Sarah Wilbur, b. 
Westerly, June 14. 17^7. 
Children (A. V. K.) : 

Simon, b. Apr. 28, 17S1. 
John C, I). Sept. 13, 1782. 

203 James, b. June jo. 1784; m. Mary Champlin. 
Hannah, b. Dec. 13, 1785. 
Sally. 1). Dee. JO, 17^7. 
Aurelia. b. Sept. 3. 17X9. 
Thankful, b. June 6, 1791. 

204 Stanton, 1>. Dec. jo, 1793; in. (1) Maria Robertson; m. (2) Almira 

Nancy, 1>. Sept. 27. 170.;. 
William, 1». July 30, 1797. 
Gcorpc \V., h. Mar. 29, 1709 (?). 

Christopher, 1>. Mar. j. t8or, . 

Mariette, b. Sept. 30, 1S02. 
Betsy, b. 1S04. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 73 

Joanna, b. Oct. iN, 1790. 
. Ethan, b. Jan. 20, 1 r-j-*. 
Sally, b. Jan. 22, 1793. 
Mar>- Ann, b. Apr. 17. 1795, 
Celia, b. Aug. 17, 1707. 
Charlotte, b. Nov. 2, 1800. 

85. Jonathan, 8 Jr., son of Jonathan and Esther (Hazzard) 

Babcock (James, John, James 1st), 1). May 30, 1761 
(Wheeler); m. Jan. _'<;. 1795, Ruth, dau. of Benjamin and 
Hannah (Xiles) Rodman, of S. Kingston, k. I., b. there Aug". 
12, i/f>3, d. S. Kingston, Dee. 16. 1795. Ruth Rodman was 
brought up in the village afterward called Peacedale, in the 
old house which stood on the site of Mr. John Uax/.ard's man- 
sion house. Ruth was one of the six daughters of Benjamin 
Rodman. Tradition says that a gentleman who had been a 
great traveler, was asked, "What is the most beautiful sight 
you have ever seen in your travels?" and his answer was, "The 
six beautiful daughters <>f Benjamin Rodman." They were 
not only beautiful in person, but were gifted with good voices 
and sang delightfully. Jonathan belonged to the Society of 
Children : 

Ruth Hannah, h. Nov. 25, 1705 (three weeks before the death of 
her mother); m. Solomon Harley. 

)> 86. Robert Hazzard 5 Babcock, third child and second son 

of Jonathan and Esther (Hazzard) Babcock (James, 
John, James ist), b. at Stonington, Conn.. Dec. 13. 17^3 
(Wheeler); d. Xew York City, Dec. 8, 1848; m. at Point 
Judith, R. 1., Oct. 3, 1793. Mary, dau. of Stephen and Sarah 
(Nichols) Hazzard, and granddaughter of Deputy Gov. Jona- 
than Nichols. She was b. at S. Kingston, R. I., Sept. -'8, 
1764; d. at Xew York City, Aug. 26, 1851. Robert was En- 
sign in S. Kingston Militia 170,-2-4. (Smith.) 
Children : 

205 Jared Star." b. May 14. 1705: in. Dicdama Douglass. 
Sarali Ann, b. Sept. 7. 1707. at Stcphcntown, N. Y. ; d. Hoboken, 

N. J., May 2, 1S77; m. June. [833, at Stephenlown, X. Y.. John 
Witliey. b. Apr. 30, 1795, at S.uxl Lake. N. Y.. son of Henry 
and Esther (Uimmoek) Withey. Had four children, who died 
in infancy. 

206 Esther, b. July _•''>. 1790; m. Rohert Tift. 
2v? Nicholas Hazzard, 1>. Apr. 17. 1801 ; in. Martha M. Hamlin. 

Twins. 1). 1803; (1. in infancy. 

87. [ciiabod" Babcock, Jr.. lust child of Ichabod and 

Jemima (Babcock) Babcock (John, John, James ist). b. 
Westerly, R. 1., Dec. 12, 1731; d. Westerly (?), Aug-. _>.?. 

74 The Babcock Genealogy. 

1801, 111. Mar. 17, [756, Esther, dan. of Col. Joseph and Mary 
(Chaniplin) Stanton, of Charlestown, R. I.. 1). Now 23, 1741, 
(1. Westerly, Nov. 17. [813. 

Ichalxxl, Jr., was Ensign of a company raised in Westerly, 

]\. I., in 1755. of which Henry Babcock, of Joshua, was Cap- 
tain, and attached to Col. Christopher Harris's Rhode Island 
Regiment tor the capture of Crown Point. They marched to 

Lake George, where they joined the forces under Sir William 

lie was made a freeman in 1757. ( C. R. of R. 1., vol. ix.) 
lie was Justice of the Peace for Westerly in 1761, '62, '65. 
(Smith.) lie was cornet in Capt. Georsre Thurston's Com- 
pany in 1 st Battalion of Militia in the County of Kings, R. I., 
troop of horse in 17S0. 

During the Revolutionary War. May. 1777, Ichabod was 
paid £2 i.|.s\ "for carrying express from Westerly to Little 
Rest Mill in S. Kingston, and from there to Providence." 

Records dated Oct.. [778, show that Ichabod Babcock, Jr., 
Nathan Babcock, and six others represented to the Rhode 
Island Colonial Legislature that their boats were taken, Oct., 
1777, by Gen. Cornell, of the United States Army for the 
intended expedition against the enemy on the island of Rhode 
Island, that the boats were lost off Point Judith, and that "their 
families depended chiefly on the advantages accruing from 
their use in fishing." It was voted by the Legislature that a 
committee consisting of Brig.-Gen. Cornell. Col. Parsons Grey. 
and Maj. Thomas Sheffield be appointed to ascertain the 
amount to be paid to each for damages sustained. Dec. 1778, 
Ichabod and Nathan P-abcock were each allowed 1*40 for the 
loss of their boats. (C. R. of R. P. vol. viii.) 

Children, b. Westerly (the first four children, Esther, Jo- 
seph, Lodowick, and Esther, d. young) : : 

208 Ichabod,' b. Jan. 15. 1758; 111. Dorcas IToxic. ' 

209 Lucy, 1). Apr. 25. 171*0: m. Christopher Crandall. 

210 Joseph, b. Apr. 1. [762; in. Sarah' Babcock. 

Mary, b. Apr. 8, 1 7O5 : m. 223 William Babcock. (Sec his 

21 I Lodowick, I). Feb. 18, 17O7; in. Lydia Wight. 

Augustus, b. Jan. 30. 1769; m. Oct. 13. 1702 or 1796, Rachel Reed. 

Capt. John. b. Sept. 1. 177J : d. Oct. \<). 1798; in. Aug. 22, 17961 

Rebecca Wilts, He was a sea captain; d. of yellow fiver. 
Hannah, b. hilv 2, 1770: d. Apr. iS. 1 7<>S ; m. Apr. H). 17'/). Pardon 

Baker ( ?'). 
F.sthcr. 1). July iS. 177S: m. Aug. 21. 1796. John Sherwood. 
21 j Anstice. b. Feb. -*.s. 17H0; 111. Joseph Goodrich. 
Stephen. No. 1. <1. in infancy. 
Stephen, No. 2. d. in infancy. 


The Bab cock Genealogy. 75 

88. Joseph 5 Badcock, son of [chalxxl and Jemima (Bal> 

cock) Balxrock (John, John, James rst), b. Westerly, Feb. 

3i l 735~6> ll - Mar. or Apr., 1804 | ?); m. 1 1 ) Mar. 31, 1765, 

Hannah, dan. of Samuel and Hannah (Clark) Champlin, b. 
S. Kingston, Dec. 9, 1747, d. Westerly, R. I., [767. Joseph 
in. (2) 1771 (?), Hannah, dau. of John and Hannah Ross, of 

Westerly, K. [., b. Apr. 21, 17a! 1 ;. 

Joseph Babcock, Jr., was appointed by Westerly Town 
Council administrator on his father's estate. Apr. 30, [804. 

I The first wife, Hannah Champlin, had hut one child, viz. : 

Hannah, b. Jan. 2, 1767; m. at Westerly, Nov, 17, 171/-. Arnold 
West, son of James and Susanna West, 1>. Sept. n, 1762. 

By his second wife Joseph had ten children. Their records 

were obtained principally from family Bibles. Those of John, 

Thankful, Daniel, and Molly are no doubt correct, as they were 

} gathered from many of their children and grandchildren. 

(Records of Elilm were obtained from one of his children and 
from his grandchildren. Those of the other children were 
gathered from the relative's above mentioned and from public 
records, and are approximately correct. A question mark will 
follow doubtful dates. 
l] 213 Joseph," b. 1772 (?); ni. Keturah Gavitt. 

214 John, h. Nov. 19. 1773: in. Damarias Crandall. 
Thankful, 1>. 1775 (?); m. 227 Phineas" Babcock, of Christopher 

and Mchitable. (Sec his records.) 

215 Daniel, b. Sept. jo. 1777; ni. Nancy Babcock. 
Molly, li. 177S (?); in. 228 Asa" Babcock. (Sec his records.) 

216 James, 1>. 17S0 (?); m. Hannah Rhodes 

217 Oliver. 1). [782 (?); in. Eunice Haskins. 
Edward, 1>. 17S4 ( ?l ; <1. young. 

21S Elihu, 1.. 1786 (?); m. Celia Wilbur. 

219 George, b. 1 7S7 ; m. Mary Gavitt. 

Ichabod, b. 1789 ( ?) ; d. at Sandusky, O.. 1869; in. (1) Lois 
Greeman; in. (2) at Sandusky, Lois Laurens. Settled firsl 
Allegany, Co.. X. Y., later removed to Sandu.-ky, O. Had 

89. John. 5 son of Ichabod and Jemima (Babcock) Babcock 
(John, John. James ;st ). b. Westerly, July 27, 1739; (1. 

Oct. 27, 1798; 111. Lucy . 

Children. 1,. in Westerly (A. V. R.) : 

Lucy, h. Aug. 14. 1705. 
Jeremiah, b. Dec. 28, 1707. 

John. 1). Jan. 13. 17ft); in. by Elder Jo-din. Jan. 10. 1790, Anna 
Maxson, dau. of Jonathan, of Richmond. 

yG The Babcock Genealogy. 

90. Mary, dau. of Elder Stephen and Anna (Thompson) 
Babcock (John, John, James ist), b. Westerly, R. J.. 

Nov. 12, 1730; m. at S. Kingston, Jan. 10, 1753, Joseph 
Davis, son of William l)avis. Mary was his second wife; 
his first wife was Anna Bal)COCk, sister of Mary, in. Jan. 10. 
1749. Joseph and Anna had one child, Anna. b. Aug. 7, 1750. 
Children of Mary and [oseph Davis, b. in Westerly: 

Henry, 1). Oct. 15, 175.4. 
Lucretia, 1>. Sept. 20, 1 75^>. 

Mary, b. Aug. 21, 1758. * 

Joseph, 1>. Aug. 27, \j<<n. 

Lucy, 1). Nov. 7. 1763. 

Ephraim, b. Sept. 12, 1765. 

Lydia, b. June 7, 17(17. 

Aiih'v, 1). Mar. <>, 1710. 

Clarke, l». Feb. 23, 1771- 

91. Rev. Oliver, son of Elder Stephen and Anna (Thomp- 
son) Balxrock (John, John, James ist), b. Westerly. 
July 27, 1738; (1. Feb. 13, 1784; m. July 2, [761, Sylvia (Sil- 
vestre) Belcher, dan. of John Belcher, of Westerly. 

Rev. Oliver Babcock was a man of uncommon ability and 
unflinching integrity. lie stood high in the community, both 
as a minister of the Gospel and a statesman. In 1768-9 he 
was Captain in the Westerly Militia. 

In 1770 he represented Westerly in the Colonial Legisla- 
ture. In 1776 he was Justice of the Peace for Westerly. At 
the death of his father. Rev. Stephen, Oliver was called to 
succeed him as pastor of the Hill Church, being ordained to 
that office Sept. 18, 177^. which position he continued to hold 
until his death. 

It will be observed that his pastorate covered the period of 
the Revolutionary War. He was not only beloved by the mem- 
bers of his church, but his encouragement and aid of patriot 
soldiers and his untiring efforts on behalf of their widows and 
orphans, endeared him to all. He d. in the forty-sixth year 
of his age. lie had a family of eight children. "His widow, 
Sylvia Babcock, was so eminent for piety and ability as to win 
the appellation of 'Elder Sylvia.' She supplied the pulpit, 
zealously cared for the church, which often met at her house, 
until a successor to her husband was chosen." (W. and W.) 
She was succeeded by Elkanah Babcock, who was ordained 
Apr. t8. 17S7, and who-;c records are found on a previous page 
in this volume. 

Rev. T. Barber says Elder Elkanah was succeeded by Elder 
Jesse Babcock'. making four Babcocks in succession that were 

The Babcock Genealogy. 77 

pastors of the Hill Church exclusive of the service of Elder 

Dennison, in Westerly and Its Witnesses, says: "Eld. 
Jesse Babcock was ordained an evangelist in [802. lie died 
May 26, 1844, aged seventy-six. lie was the last pastor of 
the Wilcox Church." 

Children of Rev. Oliver and Sylvia (Belcher) Babcock, as 
recorded by Rev. T. Barber; all b. in Westerly: 

J. .lni, li. Mar. f>, 1762; <!. Oct.. 1782. 

Elizabeth, l>. Jan. 20. 1764; 111. N'ov. 7, 1 7S1 , William Blackington. 
220 Arnold," 1>. Dec. 22. 17(15: in. Lucy Davis. 

Joshua, 1». Jan. 8, 1771 ; 111. 1792. 

Jason, 1>. Mar. 7. 1774. 

22! Stephen, b. July 26, 1777; in. . 

222 Oliver, Jr., 1>. Mar. 29, 1780; 111. Anna Ilcarlt. 

Anna, b. 17S2. 

92. CHRISTOPHER, 5 son of William and Sarah (Denison) 
Babcock (John, John, James 1st), b. Westerly, R. I., 
Sept. 12, 1734; d. Smyrna. X. Y., Mar. [5, 1S15, and was 
buried there. No stone was erected by his grave, but years 
later his son Stephen had a gravestone placed for him beside 
the grave of his wife Mchitable. in Westerly. 

Christopher, 111. 1754. his stepsister Mchitable Chalkcr 
(sometimes written Chaucer, or Chalkens), b. in Saybrook, 
i Conn., Sept. 9. 1733. d. in Westerly, R. ]., June 8. 18 10 (date 

taken from gravestone). She was buried in the Babcock or 
Massatuxet burying ground near Avondale, R. I. About 1884 
her remains, with those of her son Stephen and his wife, 
Phebe, were removed from the neglected spot where they were 
first buried, to the First Hopkinton Cemetery, near Potter Hill, 
R. I. This removal was directed by Phebe Babcock. grand- 
daughter of Mchitable, dan. of Stephen and wife of Oliver 
Babcock. Phebe's remains were afterward interred in the 
adjoining lot. 

The father of Mchitable (Chalkcr) Babcock was Stephen 
Chalker, b. Saybrook. Conn., July 19, 1707. He was of the 
fourth generation from Gen. Alexander Chalker. who was one 
of the original proprietors of the town of Saybrook, Conn., and 
was killed in the Xarragaiwtt War. (Chapman Genealogy.) 
Mehitable's mother was Mchitable Chapman, b. Nov. 17, 1705, 
clau. of Capt. Samuel Chapman. 

Stephen Chalker and Mchitable Chapman were m. Dec. 14. 
17J7. An item in Stephen's will, dated 1773. mentions daugh- 
ter Mchitable Babcock, wife of Christopher Babcock. 

78 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Christopher Babcock owned and occupied a farm near the 
seashore in the town of Westerly. He was admitted a free- 
man by the General Assembly of Rhode Island, May. 175.S. 
(C. R. of l\. I.) He was Justice >>\ the Peace \<>r Westerly 
in 1769, '7<j. '83. (Smith.) In \y(>j Christopher Babcock 
was Lieutenanl in Capt. Champlain's Train Band, Westerly 
Militia. (R. I. Hist. Mag., vol. vi. ) In 1813, three years 
after the death of his wife, he sold to his youngest son. Asa. 
sixty acres of hind for Si. 000. (W. T. 1\. ) The same year 
Asa sold the land and moved to Smyrna. X. Y. Christopher 
evidently went with him. for he d. at the home of Ins son Asa 
in Smyrna, Mar. 1 5, iSi 5. 

Children : 

223 William," 1>. Dec. 10. 1755; 111. Mary B.ibcock. 

Amy. i). Jmii. 12. 1757; m. Mr. Coffin, from Block [stand, settled 

in the State of New York. 
Joshua. 1). Mar. 15, 1759; -1. Westerly. R. ).. Oct., 1786 

224 Christopher, Jr., b. July- 26. 1701: in. Polly IWirdick. 

Sarah. Ii. Mar. 10, 17(13; ni - U) 210 Joseph' Babcock; in. (2) 

Thomas Grant. 
Eunice, h. Dee. 28, 1764. 

225 Jeremiah, 1». Nov. 23, 170(1: m. Amy Angel. 
Asa. 1). July 6, [768; d. Apr.. 1777. 
Wealthy, b. June 12. 177°'. d. June. [772. 

226 Stephen, b. Feb. 27. 1772 ; m. Phcbc Burch. 

Elias, 1). Oct. 26, 1773; d at sea, Apr. i7<;j. when returning from 
the West Indies. 

227 Phineas, b. Feb. i.j, 1770 : m. (1) Thankful Babcock; m. (2) 

Miss Huntington. 

228 Asa, b. Oct. 7, 1777; m. (1) Molly Babcock; in. (2) Elizabeth 


93. Samuel, 5 son of William and Sarah (Denison) Bab- 
cock (John, John. James ist), b. Sept. 4, 1747, at West- 
erly, R. I. Moved in early lx>yhood with his mother and step- 
father (Stephen Chalker) to Saybrook, his mother's birth- 
place; d. there [828, aged eighty-one years; m. at Saybrook, 
Sept., 177^. Rachel Conklin. 

Children, h. in Saybrook (records from family Bible) : 

Phebc. h. June 26. 1774; m. Rev. Asa Bushnell. Settled at Wet 

Hartland, Conn. 
Rachel, b. Aug. 11. 1 77" ; m. Stevens. Settled 111 Oswego 

Co.. N. Y. 
Fanny, b. Aug. 11. 1779; m. Daniel Griswold; d. at Essex, Conn. 
Elizabeth, b. Nov. 21, 1781; in. Basset, of Sag Harbor. 

Loner Island 
Lucrctia, b. Sept 11. 1 7S4 ; m. Davison. Resided at Saybrook. 

229 Samuel." Jr.. h. .Mar. 20, 17SS; in. (l) Hannah Miller; m. (2) 

Jane Corwcll. 

230 William Christopher, b. Aug. 7, 170°: '"• Betsy Parmlee, 


The Babcock Genealogy. 79 

!94. Josiah" Babcock, eldest son of Job, Jr., and Elizaljetli 
(Hull) Babcock (Job, John, James isl), l>. Westerly, 
R. [., 1720 ( ?) ; 111. 1745 ( ?), Miss Maraw, "a notable young 
I Irish lady." 

As the name of Josiall does not appear in bis father's will, 
it is probable he was not living when the will was written, and 
that he d. between 17^9. the date of birth of hi- youngest child, 
and 1775. the date of probate of his father's will. Family 
I records from two different sources state that Josiah was the 

eldest son of Job, Jr. In 1 74 j Josiah removed from Rhode 
Island to Mansfield, Conn. 

Children, b. presumably at Mansfield, Conn.: 

231 John,' 1>. Aug. 26, 1746; m. Lydia Woodward. 
Irene, 1>. July i. 174S. 
Josiali, Jr.. b..Apr. 18, 1750. 
I Eunice, !>. Jul)- iS, 175^. 

David, ii. Sept. i.j. 1753. 
Deliverance, l>. July 13, 1755. 
Betty, 1>. Mar. 2<;. 1757. 
Mary. 1). May [8, [759. 
Jesse, 1). Mar. 29. 1 761. 
lluldah. b. June 18, 1763. 
Richard, b. Feb. 14. 1765. 
Samuel. 1). July 24, 1767. 
Justus, h. July 31, 1769. 

Records of Josiah given by Rev. Theodore Babcock'. D.D.. 
Dean of St. Andrew's Divinity School. Syracuse, X. Y. 

95. JONATHAN, son of Samuel and P.ethiah Babcock 

(Job, John, James 1st), b. S. Kingston, Now 26, 1723; 

d ; m. at S. Kingston, Nov. 26, 1749. Lydia Lee. 

Children, b. in Exeter: 

Mercy, b. Oct. 14. 1750. 

Mary. b. Oct. 15, 1751 ; d. Nov. 17. 1751. 

John, 1). ; d. Mar. 30, 1710. 

96. John, 8 son of Samuel and P.ethiah Babcock (Job, 

John. James [St), b. S. Kingston, Jan. 27, 1727-8; d. 

Exeter. R. 1.. Mar. 30. 1760. (A. V. R., S. Kingston, R. I.. 
qivc his birth June 27, T7J7-S. but that is an impossible dale. 
Substituting January for June, the date agrees with age at 
time of death as recorded in Exeter, R. I.) lie m. Lydia 

. and settled in Exeter. R. 1. 

It is probable that Lydia, the widow of John, married a 
second time, as Exeter town records show that foscpli Hollo- 
way m. Lydia Babcock, Oct. 11, 1761. One of the children 

80 The Babcock Genealogy. 

of Joseph and Lydin Holloway was named John Waite, b. 
Exeter, June is, [765; was killed Sept. 7. 177';. by ;i cannon 
ball while contending for the rights of hi-* country on board 
the privateer ship-of-\var Gen. Mifiin, Capt. George Waite 
Babcock commanding. 

Children of fohn ami Lydia Balxrock, as recorded in 

232 Capt. George Waite" Babcock, b. Jan. 25, 1751 ; m. Susanna 


Samuel, 1>. Jan. 1, 1754; d. Feb ->). 1 757- * 

Sarah, b. lulv 17, 1756. 

John. I». Nov. 28, 1758. 

Samuel, b. Oct. 19, \~<<o\ m. Mary Holloway (?). Fr<>m Massa- 
chusetts Record; of Soldiers and Sailors, Wai of the Revolution, 
the following quotation is taken: "Samuel Babcock, Gunner 
of the ship General Milnn, commanded 1>> (apt. George Waite 
Babcock." Description and list of officers and crew dated Sept. 
9, 17S0. "Age 19 yrs., Complexion light, Residence Mas--." 

97. Jon, 5 son of Samuel and Bethiah Balxrock (Job, 

John, James isi), b. S. Kingston, Jan. 20, [729-30; m. 

Susanna, dan. of JefTery and Mary (Northrup) Champlin, 
h. Exeter, Jan. 1 , 1731. 

Oiildren, b. in S. Kingston: 

Champlin. b. Oct. 10, 1752. 
Elizabeth, h. Feb. 27. 1755 (?). 

98. Simeon, 5 son of Samuel and Bethiah Babcock 

(Job, John, James 1st), b. S. Kingston, Jan. 6, 1731-2; 

m. Apr. 19, 1750, Elizabeth Cahoon, of Warwick. 

Simeon Babcock lived in Exeter in 1774, and bought land 
of his brother Samuel in S. Kingston. Simeon and many oi 
his descendants were Baptists. His first two children were 
born in S. Kingston, the remaining six probably in Exe- 
ter, R. I. 

Children, as recorded by Rev. T. Barber: 

Stephen, b. July io. 1751. 
Rethiah, b. Dec. 1, i7.;_\ 

Samuel, b. 17^1 : m. Elizabeth, clan, of Nicholas Cottrcll, of West- 
erly, R. 1. 
Elizabeth, b. 1 750 : m A. Browning. Went West. 

233 John," b. 17.V); <!. Mar. 1. 1S07; m. Mary Hccfcrman. 

234 Simeon, Jr.. h. May i.j. I/OO; ni. Rboda Smith. 
Elihu, b. 17')^ : d. young. 

William, li. I/64. 

99. Tames, 5 son of Samuel and Bethiah Babcock (T°l). 

John, James 1st), b. S. Kingston, June kj. 1734; m. 

■ x 




(Wife of Adam Babcock). 

1 744- 1/77 

From a portrait by Copley, of London, owned by Rev. Edwin / 

Rlake. Ph.D., D.D., of Boston, Mass 

rage 67. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 81 

at S. Kingston, Jan. 31, [754, Sarah Sheldon, dail. of Isaac 

Children, l>. in Exeter. 

James, l>. Juno 22, 1755. It is presumed this family removed lo 
N. Y. State. Col. History of New York, vol. jcv, contains 
records as follows: ''James Bahcock horn in R. J., age -'<> yrs. ; 
trade cordwaincr, enlisted in (apt. Denton's Co., 3d Rcgt. of 
N. Y., at Goshen, Orange Co., July 7- i/75- ' 

Sarah, 1>. Aug. to, 1750. 

Mary, I). Aug. 4. 1 75«- 

* 100. Joseph, 5 son of Samuel ami Bcthiah Babcock 

(Job, John, James ist). 1». Oct. 4, 1737; m. Feb. 9. 
1758, Sarah, dan. of John Wail. 
Children, b. in Exeter, R. 1. : 

Elizabeth, 1>. Nov. 29, 175S. 
Joseph, 1). Mar. _>y, 1768. 

101. John 5 Bahcock, son of John and first wife, Sarah 
(Segar) Babcock (Job, John, James ist), b. S. Kings- 
ton, probably about 1740; m. Feb. 14. 1 7 ( > 5 , in S. Kingston. 

Mchitable Sheldon, dan. of John and Elizabeth Sheldon, l>. 
July jo. 1746. 

In 1761 John Babcock received from his lather land by deed. 
By his father's will, dated Oct. 3, 1703. probated Nov. 4, 176$, 
he was executor and residuary legatee. 

"John Babcock mortgages to Benj. Reynolds 75 1-2 acres 
hounded southerly by lands hclon^iiiL;' to Gideon Bahcock and 
Joseph Bahcock' sons of John Babcock deceased, for ^07 kjs. 
in/. 3/. April 10, 177-'." (Recorded S. K. R.. No. 7, p. 95.) 

"John and Mehitable Babcock sold Henry Marchant 75 1-2 
acres, being the same premises devised to John by his father 
John Babcock in his will.'' (Recorded in L. E., hook No. 7, 
p. 285.) 

"John Bahcock, bought of John Sheldon and Jemima, Ins 
wife, formerly the wife of John Babcock, certain devises and 
bequests under the will of her former husband, said John Bab- 
L cock for 60 pounds. May 20. 1775. " ( Recorded in L. E.) 

After the close of the Revolutionary War John Bahcock 
with his brother Ichabod removed from Rhode Island to 
Alburg, Vt. John had daughters who married and had fami- 
lies, but no records of his children are published in this hook. 

Mr. Henry Bahcock. of Si. Alhans. Yt.. states that John 

!was buried in Alburg, Vt., and that the following inscription 
is upon his gravestone: "In memory ol John Bahcock, who 
v departed this life Aug. 10, 1822, aged 82 yrs." 



The Babcock Genealogy. 

102. Jonathan Babcock, son of John and Sarah (Segar) 

Babcock (Job, John, James est), 1>. ; m. Mar. 

5, 1755. Amy Clarke, datt. of Simeon and [Elizabeth (San 
ford) Clarke, b. in Richmond, K. I., Aug. 23, 1737. Jona- 
than received by deed from his father in i7<>i .1 tract oi land 
in S. Kingston. By his lather's will, probated Nov. 4. 1763, 
lie received two specific tracts of land. Jonathan was Lieuten- 
ant of Militia of S. Kingston 1750. (Smith.) 
Children, b. S. Kingston (A. Y. K.) : 

Sarah, 1>. Oct. 30. 1755. 
John, 1). Aug. is, 1757. 
Elizabeth, 1>. Nov. 28, [760. 
Amir, 1>. July 2. 170?. 
Thankful, b. Feb. 15. 1766. 
Segar, b. May 8, i7<«j. 


103. Sarah. 5 dan. of John and Sarah (Segar) Balxrock 
(Joh, John, James 1st), b. 1737 ( ?) ; d. Oct. 22, 1797, 
aged about sixty years; m. Feb. 15. 1758, Amos Langworthy, 
son of Thomas and Content (Sanford) Langworthy, of PIop- 
kinton, b. Nov. 12, 1733; d. Aug. 9, 1818. Their home was 
that part of the Langworthy Purchase located in Hopkinton, 
R. I., ahont one mile west of Hopkinton City, so-called. 

Two brothers of Amos Langworthy, namely, Sanford 
and John, m. daughters of Oliver and Anna ( Avery) Babcock. 

Children : 

Mary, b. Nov. 28, 1758; d. Oct. 18, 1771. 

Benjamin, 1). Feb. 29, 1760; d. Apr. 23. 1826; m. (1) Eleanor 
Kcnyon, had four children; m. (2) Mr-;. Patience Pcckhain 
Bcntly, no issue; m. (3) Hannah Kenynn, had ihrce children. 
Benjamin was a farmer, in the town of Hopkinton; was prom- 
inent as a military man, serving for many years as Captain of 
a military company, and was familiarly known as Capt. Benja- 
min Langworthy. 

Anna. b. Sept. 8, 1761; d. Oct. R, 1S30: m. Perry Maxson. moved 
to N. Y. State: had eight children She visited her old home 
hut once after marriage. 

Sarah, h. July 25, 170.?: d. July 27. lStCi. 

Amos. Jr.. b. Mar. 2, 1765; (1. July 17. iS,<o. 

Content, b. Jan. 21, 1707; d. Apr. 22, 1774. 

Thomas, b. Dee. 17. 1 7' >S : d. June 17. 1812. 

Mary. b. Aug. _>6. 1770; d. Apr. 27. 1836. 

Alice, b. June 26. 1 ~7_r : d. Apr. 3. 1S50. 

Elizabeth. I>. Mar. o. 1774: d. Jan. 14. is j< > 

Jnhn, b. Feb. .I. 177'); d. Apr. 6, 1777. 

John Hahcck. 1'. May 5. T77X; d. Nov. 17. 1815. 

Sanford. b. Dec. iS, 1782; d. Mar 20, 18/ig. 

Mary. Alice, Kli/aheih. Amy. and Sarah .ill remained unmarrie<l. 
and lived and died at the old homestead. 


The Babcock Genealogy. 83 

104. Ichabod 5 Babcock, St., son of John and Sarah (Se- 
gar) Babcock (Job, John, James [st),b. S. Kingston, R. 

I., 1745 (?)|d. Allan-. \ L, Apr. 30, [813:111., Rhode Island. 
Amy (family records say Amy Card), dan. of a sea captain. 

From his father's will, dated Oct. [3, [763, recorded in 
S. Kingston, i^ found the following: "1 give to my beloved 
son Ichabod Babcock one hundred acres of land.'" Boundaries 
are given and then follows: '*So as to make the hundred 
acres, said land lie in ye town of Richman-town.*' He also 
gives Ichabod one silver spoon. ( S. K. Records.) 

Apr. jo, 1707, [chabod and Amy Babcock bought land of 
Jonathan Babcock. 

May jo, 177c [chabod Bal>cock sold land t<> George Tefft. 

Nov. J7. 1771, Ichabod Babcock bought land of George and 
Mary Tefft. 

Nov. 27, 1771. [chabod and Amy Babcock sold land to 
Phineas Kenyi m. 

"Apr. 7, 177s, Ichabod and Amy Babcock now residing 
in Charlestown, R. ].. sold certain lands, lying partly in S. 
Kingston and Charlestown, to Job Card, and personal estate 
of which Jiih Card died seized and possessed, consideration 
$1,150." Jt is presumed that the land and personal estate 
above referred to was inherited by Ann Card Babcock from 
her father, fob Card, Sr., and that she sold it to her brother 
Job Card. Jr. 

The following is from Council Records of S. Kingston: 
"April 13, 1773. voted that [chabod Babcock have a certificate 
to Richmond for himself, wife and children." 

About the close of the Revolutionary War Ichabod Babcock 
with his motherless children removed from Rhode Island to 
Alburg, \'t. At the same time his brother John and family 
removed to the same place. 

Children, all b. in Rhode Island: 

Hannah. 1). Nov. 13, [766; d. Alburg. Yt.. Apr. 4. 1836; m. 


Sarah, b. Dee. 6. 1768; d. Hoosick, X. Y.. Apr.. 1814; m. Samuel 
2 35 Job," b. May r8, 1771 : m. Einclinc Pike. 

Amy, I). July 26, 177-4 : d. near Albany: m. ii) Thomas Andrews; 
111. (_'") Samuel Sweet. 
2^6 Icha1>od, b. June 5, 1777: in. Sarah Pike. 

Elsey, b. May 19, 1782; (I. Bcckmantown, X. V.; m. John Dawson. 

105. Gideon, 8 son of John and second wife, Jemima (Rey- 
nolds) Balxrock (Job. John. James 1st). 1>. S. Kingston, 

Apr. 28, 1757; m. Hannah . 

8.4 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children, b. in S. Kingston, K. 1.: 

Amie, b. Dec. 27, 1777. 
John, b. Feb. 1, 1780. 
Samuel, l>. Mar. 22, 1782. 
Henry, 1). Aug. ,5, 1784. 
Hannah, b. July i, 17X0. 
Charles, b. July 24, 1701. # 

Lydia, b. Aug. 12, 1795. 

106. George 6 Potter, son of Thomas and Mary (Babcock) 
Potter (George, John, James 1st), 1). in that part of 
Westerly, K. J., which is now Hopkinton, Jan. 3, [731-2; d. 
at his home. Potter Hill, R. I., Aug. 29, 1794; m. Sept. [8, 
1754, Content Maxson, dan. of Rev. Joseph Maxson and Be- 
thiah, his wife. George I 'otter's wife, Content Maxson, was 
b. in Westerly (or Stonington), 1733. d. at Potter Hill, R. ]., 
Oct. 9, 1815, aged eighty-two. 

When George Potter was first married he settled on the 
homestead farm, near VVoodville, R. I., which he afterward 
inherited. In Jan., 1775, he bought a grist-mill, fulling-mill, 
saw-mill, and several other buildings, together with the water 
power, at what has since been known a^ Potter Hill. R. I. In 
addition to his manufactories, he built several coasting vessels, 
most of the work being done at Rotter Hill; the vessels were 
then taken apart, transported to Westerly, where they were 
set up, finished, and launched. George, his wife, and all his 
children, as well as his progenitors for two generations were 
S. D. Baptists. 

Children, h. in Hopkinton, K. T. : 

Mary. 1). May 30, 1755: d. Sept. 10, 1793; in. Julm, sun of John 

George, 1>. Feb. 10, 1757; d. 1801 ; m. Apr. 20, 1780. Mary, dau. 

of Benjamin Stillman. 
Joseph, b. Feb. 6, 175'): d. Dec. 14. 1822; in. Apr. 7, 1784, Phelie, 

dau. of Thomas and Sarah Wells, 
Hannah, b. Mar. q. 1761 ; m. Amos, son of Torrey Maxson. 
Susan, b. Mar. 18, 1763; d. Dec. 20, 1825; m. (1) Nov. 29. 

1781, Samuel, sun of Joseph Wells; in. (2) June 10, iSo_\ Isaac, 

son of Isaac and Martha Potter Saunders. 
Content, b. May 25, 1765; d. Sept. 14. 1850; m. Apr. 18. 1784, 

Hen. Daniel Babcock, son of Oliver. 
Lydia, b. Oct. 10. 1766; d. June 15. 1843; in. Dec. 17. 1795. Jo- 
seph. 1). 1771, son of Sylvanus Maxson. 
Col. Nathan, b. May 31, !7<x): d. Aug. 25, 1825 ; in. Lucy, dau. 

of Ezckicl and Hannah Rogers. 
Lucy, b. Oct. 10, 1771 ; d. Jan. 28, 1807; in. ( 1 ) John Barber; 

m. (2) Feb. 12, 1 707. Rogers Crandall, b. 1771, son of Pliiueas 

and Grace Crandall. 
Elizabeth, b. Sept. 19, 1775: d. Aug. 2. 1853; in. Nov. 17. 1795. 

Elisha, son of Nathan Lamlphere, b. 1773. d. 1820. 

r 2 

The Babcock Genealogy. &5 

(For further records of this family, see Potter Genealogy, 
part iv, by Diaries Edward I 'otter.) 

107. Elizabeth 8 Babcock, dau. of George and Susanna 
(Totter) Babcock (George, John, James ist), b. West- 
erly, Jan. 25, 1725-6; 111. at Westerly, Dec. l, 1750. John 
Burdick, son' of Hubbard and Hannah (Maxson) Burdick, b. 
May 19, [721, d. Mar., [790. 
Children, b. ill Westerly : 

Maxson, b. Jan. 22, 1752. 

Thompson, 1>. Sept. 1, 1753; m. Tabitha Wilcox. 

Anno, l>. Feb. 2, 175s; m. Simeon Bromley. 

John, I). Sept. 20, 1756; m. Sept. 23, 1779, Elizabeth Beers. 

Paul, I). Oct. 24, 1759. 

Abigail, 1>. Nov. 22, 1761; m. Nov. 20. 1783, Amos Chapman. 

Sarah, l>. Sept. 7, 1703; m. 1785. Reuben Maim-. 

Frances, 1). Mar. 29, 1705; in. Lyman Maine. 

Hannah, 1). ; m. -Mar. 4, 1 792, Robert Brown. 

108. George, 6 son of George, Jr., and Susanna (Totter) 

Babcock (George, John, James [St), h. Westerly, R. 1.. 

Dec. 29, 1727; m. at Stonington, Conn., June 26, 1751, Me- 

hitable, dau. of Thomas and Mary (Miner) Wheeler, 1>. Sept. 

5. I73 1 - 

In 1777 Newport was in the hands of the British, and the 

Gaines Weekly Mercury, published Apr. 14. 1777- was, as will 

f be seen from the following, controlled by the British or Tories: 

"Last Thursday a party of rebels, under the command of 

one George Balxrock, came into the house of Mr. Charles Slo- 

cumb, at North Kingston, R. 1. Jlis son, coming to die door, 

was immediately collared by one of the banditti. Young Slo- 

cumb clenched with him. and would soon have made him re- 

ipent his rashness, had it nut been for the interference of the 
rest of the gang. His father, seeing the scuffle, came out of 
the house to interfere in behalf of his son, when the infamous 
K Babcock discharged a pistol at him. The ball entered a little 

below the heart and he died in about three hours. Not content 
' v with the misery they had already occasioned to this unhappy 

L family, they took both his sons, and dragged them before their 

Assembly, who in their clemency permitted them to return 
under a strong guard to attend the funeral of their murdered 
father. The mourning relatives were accordingly escorted to 
I* the grave by this unfeeling clan, who immediately nn their 

. return home carried both the young men to Providence jail. 

I This unparalleled barbarity is said to be occasioned by the 

l' information of some villain that has escaped from .Newport. 


The Babcock Genealogy 

"Every breasl susceptible of the miseries of its fellow crea- 
tures must feel for this unhappy family— a husband murdered. 

a number of orphans deprived of him to whom they were wont 
to look up for support; and, to complete the tragic scene, two 
sons, whose presence at home miglll in some measure have 
alleviated the loss of their parent, are likewise torn from their 
wives, expecting soon to share the same cruel tale. And all 
of this performed by men who have decorated their standard 
with the specious names of Liberty and Justice. 
Children, 1>. in S. Kingston : 

George, 1.. Sept. 22, i75?- Removed to Connecticut. 
Lucy, 1). Dee. 15, 1751; m. her cousin 120 Pclcg VV., son ot Uezekian 

Cyrus, h. Dee. 1 1, 1756. 
Epliraim, I). May 19, 175& 
Susannah, I). May i<). [760. 
Mary. h. Jan. 17. 1767. 
Frederick, Ij. Sept. 10. 1771 
Thomas Wheeler, 1). Aug. 13, 177.V 

109. Martha, 5 third child of George, Jr.. and Susanna (rot- 
ter) Babcock (George, John. James ist), b. Westerly, 
R. I., Dec. 8, 1 729; d. Mar. 30, [809; m. ( 1 ) Aug. 22, 1769, 

Capt. Simon Rhodes, of Stonington, Conn. She was Ins sec- 
ond wife. Capt. Simon d. Apr. 22. 1784, aged sixty-nine. 
They had one child : 

George, b. Stonington, Conn., July 30, 1771; <'■ Stonington, May 3. 


Capt. Rhodcs's first wife was Anne Babcock, dan. of Capt. 
Tames and Content Maxson Babcock. 

Martha m. (2) Col. James Rhodes, of Westerly. May [2, 
1800. lie (1. rune 21, [806, aged seventy-five years. 

110. Christopher, 5 son of George, Jr., and Susanna (Tot- 
ter) Babcock (George, John. James [st), b. in Hopkin- 
ton. R. 1.. Feb. -7. [736-7; d. Charlcstown, R. 1.. July 28, 
1803; m. Martha Perry, of S. Kingston. 

In !7<>r Christopher Balxrock was Lieutenant of the second 
company of militia in Rhode Island, lie was (according to 
R. 1. Hist. Mag., vol. vi. p. 280) with Col. Barton in the cap- 
ture of Gen. Prescott on. the night ol July 5, 1777. 

Both Christopher and his wife were large in stature. A 
tradition states that he weighed four hundred pounds and Ins 
wife three hundred pounds. He was of a jovial disposition, 


. « 

TJie Babcock Genealogy. 


and many stories are told of his practical jokes. The census «>t 
Charlcstown in the Colony of Rhode Island, taken 1774. shows 
that the family of Christopher Babcock consisted as follows: 

"Whites, 1 male above sixteen. 

Whites, 1 male under sixteen. 

Whites, 2 females above sixteen. 

Whites, 1 female under sixteen. 

Blacks, 5. Total, 10." 
Children : 

237 Christopher,' Jr., b. Hopkinton, Sept. 1, 1750; m. P<'lly Pottc/. 

238 Martha, !). Jan. 18, i;<>i ; m. George Hazard, Jr. 

Mary (or Mollie), b. Jan. 1. \j(>.\: in. Licnt.-Gen. Joscpli Stanton, 
sun of Augustus mill Eunice (Cramlall) Stanton, b. i7<'<> ("-). 
She <1. Sept. (>. 1X17. No children. 

Hannah, b. Apr. 25, 17(1(1 ; m. Gov. Joseph Wilcox, of Charlcstown. 

111. Capt. Samuel Babcock, son of George, Jr., and Su- 
sanna (Totter) Babcock (George, John. James i-t), b. 

Westerly, R. 1.. May 30, 17^0; d. Apr. 7, 1S07; m. \J<><). his 
cousin. Ruth, dan. of .^1 David and Dorcas (Brown) Babcock, 
1). S. Kingston, i jy). 

"Jan., 177'). Samuel Balicock was allowed C9 12s. for valu- 
ing the negro slaves enlisting into Col. Greene's Reg." (C 
R. of R. I., vol. viii. ) 

"Primus Babcock, the Revolutionary soldier, was a slaw* 
of Samuel Babcock, of Hopkinton, valued at i jo pounds." 
(Narragansett Historical Register.) 

Samuel and Ruth Babcock were members of the Westerly 
S. D. P». Church in 1786. 

Children, recorded in Hopkinton. R. I. (A. V. R.) : 

Ruth, 1). Jan. 10. 1771; d. Oct. 16. 1 Sjj ; 111. (1) John Gardner; 

in. (2) Elcazor Brown. 
Miriam, 1). Scut, id, 177-': d. Apr. 26, [850, num. 
Samuel, b. Oct. 10. 1775; d. Sept. 19, 1853; m. Lydia Davis, d. 

Brookfield, X. Y.. Mar. 4, 1X70, age 87. 
George Rhodes, b. May 23, 1778; d. Jan 3. 1850, unin. 
Martha, b. June 29, 1780; d. Mar. 3, r863; 111. Nathan Clark. 
Beriah, b. July 6, 17SJ ; <1. Sept. 7. [866, num. 

112. Hezekiah, 3 son of George, Jr., and Susanna (rotter) 
Babcock (George, John. James ist), b. Westerly, May 

30. 1739; m. Dec i_\ i7<><). Martha Iloxie, b. Sept. (■>. 1754. 
Hezekiah was a farmer and owned eight hundred acres of land 
in the town ^\ Hopkinton. lie was Justice of the Peace for 
Hopkinton in 1770. (Smith.) In July, [/So, he was ap- 
pointed hy the General Assembly of Rhode Island for the town 
of Hopkinton to procure blankets for the use of soldiers during 

88 The Babcock Genealogy. 

the War of the Revolution. In May, 1785, he was paid hy the 
State £13 2s. "for boarding and nursing a sick soldier belong- 
ing to the State battalion. 

Children (births taken from A. V. R. ; marriages from rec- 
ords of Edwin Babcock, of Westerly, R. 1.) : 

239 Hezckiah,' !j. Nov. 25, 1770; m. Mary Brown. A 
Rowland, b. Sept, 17, 177.?; ra. (1) Jan. 12, 1707, Mi White; 

in. (2) Mrs. Mary (Babcock) Babcock, widow of his brother 
Luke. No children. He was Capt of Hopkinton Militia 1 707-0, 
Justice of the Peace for Richmond 1800 5, and Justice fur Hop- 
kinton 1811-7. 

Luke, b. Apr. 16, 177.8; in. Mary A. Babcock, dau. of 237Chris- 
tophcr," Jr., and Polly (Potter) Babcock, of Qiarlcstown, K. I., 
b. Middle town, R. I., Jan. 22, 178.^; No children. "He was 
Ensign in Hopkinton Militia 1800, I. nut. in 1801-2." (Smith.) *■ 

Susanna, b. May 2, 1780; in. Peter Coilgdon. 

240 Martha, h. Aug. 30, 17X1; in. Sanford Noyes. 

Dorcas, b. Mar. 13, 1785; in. ( 1 ) Lllery White; in. (2) Benedict 
Eld ridge. 

113. Rowse/' son of George, Jr., and Susanna (Potter) Bab- 
cock (George, John, James ] >t ) , b. Westerly, R. 1., 
Apr. 29, 1746; d. June 13. 1801; 111. Mar., 1769, Ruth Max- 
son, dan. of Capt. John and Martha l'rosser (Lewis) Max- 
son, b. Hopkinton, R. J., Jan. 31, 1747. d. May 3, 1813. Both 
Rowse and his wife are buried in the "River Bend Cemetery," 
Westerly, R. 1. Inscribed stones mark their graves. 

Rowse Babcock was a prominent business man. lie re- 
moved from Hopkinton to Westerly about 17S1, and opened 
a store on the hill, cast of the village of Westerly, and near the 
store and post office of Dr. Joshua Babcock, who, as previously 
stated, was first postmaster of Westerly. Afterward he moved 
into the village, though in 1800 it contained no more than fif- 
teen residences. 

In October, 1785. the General Assembly of Rhode Island 
granted the petition of Messrs. Rowse Babcock, Walter White. 
Thomas Noyes, and Oliver Davis to establish a lottery for 
raising the sum of $4,000 for the purpose of clearing the shoals 
and bars in the Pawcatuck River. 

The third bank in the State of Rhode Island was the Wash- 
ington Bank in Westerly, chartered at the June session of the 
General Assembly in 1S00. Rowse Babcock was chosen first 
director and subsequently president of the bank, filling that 
position until Ins death, m 1S01. 

"Rowse Balxrock was Justice for Hopkinton in the years 
I 775- '77- '7 s - '?')• "8o, '81." (Smith.) He represented West- 
erly in the Legislature 1793-9. 


The Babcock Genealogy. 89 

Children : 

Rhoda, 1). Westerly, R. I.. Dec. 17. [769; d. Aug. 29, ittn ; m. at 

Stoninglon, Conn., Jan. 6, 17')"), Gen. William Williams. 
Rowsc, I). Feb. 27. 1771 ; d. young. 

241 Rowse,* Jr., b. May 12, 177.^; m. Hannah Brown. 

242 Elizabeth, l>. Mar. 14, 1775; d. July 1, 1846; 111. Jan. 13, 1799, 

Joseph Noycs. 
Marllia. b. May 2, 1777; «•• young. 

243 Benjamin, 1>. Sept. _'. 1779; m. Ann (Nancy) Wilcox. 

Sally, b. Apr. 6, 1782; d. Feb. 27, 1841 ; m. Jeremiah Thurston. 
Nancy (or Anne), !>. May 15. ] jX( > ; d. Oct. 23, 1855; in. at 

Stonington, Conn., Dec. _*.}. 1804, Gen. William Williams, whose 

first wife was her deceased sister Rhoda. 

114.' David, Jr., son of David and Dorcas (Brown) 1 ialj 
cock (George, John, James ist), b. Apr. 10, 173.}. at 
S. Kingston; m. at Charlestown, by Benjamin Hoxic, Justice, 
Mar. 30. 1757. Sarah Perry, dau. of Samuel and Susanna 
(Hazzard) Perry, b. at Charlestown, Feb. 16 or Mar. 30, 
1738. Her sister m. Elisha Babcock, uncle of David. 

David, Jr., was admitted a freeman of X. Kingston May. 
] 75^- (C. R. of R. I., vol. v.) lie was a sailor, and late in 
life removed to Otsego County. X. Y., with his sons. ''In 
1758 he was Ensign in Capt. John Wilson's Company of Mi- 
litia, S. Kingston." (Smith.) 

Children : 

244 David, 8 b. May 17. 176b; m. Sarah Bcardsley. 
Sarah, 1>. Aug. 14. 1762. 
Elizabeth, b. July 20, 1764. 
Benjamin, b. June 7, 17G6. 
Edward, b. Sept. iS. 1769. 
Paul, b. Apr. 9, 1 77 1. 
Simeon, b. June 10, 1773. 
Daniel, b. June 28, 1775. 
Joshua, b. Aug. 4, 1779. 

115. Jonathan, 5 son of David and Dorcas (Brown) Bab- 
cock (George, John. James ist), b. S. Kingston. R. I., 
Nov. 19, 1735: d. Granville. Mass.; m. at Charlestown. R. I.. 
Feb. 10, 1759, Susanna Perry, dau. of Samuel and Susanna 
(Hazzard) Perry, b. Mar. 25, 1742. Two of her sisters. 
Elizabeth and Sarah, m. respectively Elisha Babcock and Da- 
vid Babcock. 

Jonathan was admitted a freeman of S. Kingston. Mav. 
1759. lie with his family removed to Granville, Mas<.. in 
1775. On the 29th of Nov. 1774. the Sons of Liberty met at 
the house of Jonathan Babcock, innkeeper in the western part 
of S. Kingston, and erected a liherty pole eighty-five feet in 

<jo The Babcock Genealogy. 

height, about four miles from Little Rest (Kingston Hill.) 
"Jonathan Babcock, son of David, Captain of Militia, S. Kings- 
ton, 1761, '65, '66." (Smith. ) 

Children, probably b. in S. Kingston and Westerly: 

Susan, b. ; m. Seth Parsons. 

Dorcas, b. ; m. George Lamlphcrc. 

Jonathan, b. — — ; lived and died in Caniillus, N. Y. 
2.|5 Perry II.," b. 1766; in. Cynthia lliseox. 

Ethan, b. ; d. in N. Y. State. No children. 

Sylvester, b. ; d. num. 

116. Benedict, 5 sun of David ami Dorcas (Brown) Bab- 
cock (George, John, James 1st), 1). Westerly, Oct. 21, 

! 737; ( '- ! m - Mar. 2, 1763, Mary Thompson, dau. of 

Capt. Joshua and Sarah (Stanton) Thompson, of Westerly, 
R. 1.. J.. Apr. 17, 1741 (?) (A. V. R.). 

Child : 

2.46 Denison," 1>. Feb. 18, 1777; m. (1) Fanny Marsh; in. (2) Desire 
Eldridgc; m. (3) Lucy Bishop. 


From the will of David Balxock, father of Benedict, Sr., 
dated Apr. 10. 1782, is the following: "1 give and devise 
unto my beloved grandson Benedict Babcock, eldest son of my 
son Benedict Babcock, deceased, lift)' acres of land." The will 
then directs that Benedict pay to his two brothers Gardner and 
Denison each ten silver dollars, and to his three sisters, Sarah, 
Mary, and Frances, each live silver dollars. 

117. Gideon, 8 son of David and Dorcas (Brown) Babcock 

(George, John, James 1st), b. S. Kingston, July -' 
1744; (1. South Brookficld, X. Y.; m. at Stonington, Conn. 
June 27, 177^. Mary, dan. of Amos and Mary Chesebrough 
b. 1755; d. S. Brookfield, Feb. 5. 1843. 

Gideon was Lieutenant in S. Kingston Militia ^jy^-y. He 
was Justice 1795-9. (Smith.) lie was executor to his 
father's will, lie first settled in S. Kingston, hut in [799 re- 
move?! to S. Brookfield, X. Y.. where he took up a section of 
land, six hundred and forty acres, and built a gristmill, saw- 
mill, distilling plant, potash works, and a store, so that each 
son would have some occupation that would keep him from 
the sea; hut three ol his sons went to sea, and two were 
drowned. In [902 one of the mills was in operation, ami a 
small settlement still has the name of "Balxiock Mills." A 
grandson Gideon resides on the old farm. 



The Babcock Genealogy. 91 

Children, all l>. in Rhode Island except the youngest : 

2.J7 Gideon,' 1>. Nov. 22, 1777; m. Sarah Saycr. 

Amos, b. Oct. 31, 1770; l"-i at sea. 
_>.|N Richard, Ij. April 19, 17S1 : m. Mary ('. I'erry. 

Mary, l>. Jan. 21, 1783; in. Caloin Guitian. 

Henry, 1>. Nov. 21, 1784; 1" 1 al sea 
240 Asa, b. Nov. jo. 17^'); in. Elizabeth Noycs: 

Nancy. 1>. Sept. 10. 1 7SS ; <1. young. 

Elizabeth, b. Oct. 23, 1790; m I >r. A. Blanchard. Their dan., 
Mary Elizabeth, in. May 25, [841, William P. Lyndc. 

Frances, b. Jan. 8, 1794; m. Norman Guitcon. 

Abigail, b. May 23, 1796; d. 1799. 

Corrington, 1). Brookficld, Apr. 18, [802; d. 1878; m. Fanny 

118. Mary, 5 dau. of David and Dorcas (Brown) Baljcock 
(George, John, James isl), 1). in S. Kingston, K. I., 

Sept. 2y, 1717; d. Dec. [5, 1798; m. Oct. to, 1765, Joseph, 
son of William and Hannah (Burrows) Dcnison, h. Stoning- 
ton. Feb. 24, 1735, d. Stonington, Conn., Nov. 15, 1785. 
Children : 

Mary, b. April 16, 1 707 ; m. Nathan Smith. 

Hannah, b. Oct. 0, 1768; in. Stephen Brown. 

Dorcas, b. Aug. 0, 1770; m. Benjamin Eclls. 

Amy, b. Nov. 4. 1771 ; m. Paul Rhodes. 

Sarah, b. Dec. [4, 177.?: m. Thomas Butler. 

Abigail, b. Feb. 18, 1770; m. Oliver Cobb. 

Joseph, h. Feb. i_\ 177^. 

Betsey, b. June 19, 1780; m. Peter Crary. 

Samuel, b. Sept. 19. 17.^2. 

Charles, 1>. Feb. iC, 1 7S5 ; m. Rebecca Sherwood. 

119. Jonathan, 5 son of Jonathan and Elizabeth Babcock 
(George, John, James i st ) , m. Phebe Perkins. 


250 Jonathan Perkins." b. Oct. 10. 1784; m. Elizabeth Wright. 

120. Peleg W., 5 son of Ile/.ekiah and Mary (Peckham) Bab- 
cock (George, John. James 1st), b. Apr. iS. 1742; d. 

June 7, 1826; m. his cousin. Lucy Babcock, dan. of [ 08 George 
and Mehitable (Wheeler) Balx:ock, 1». Dec. 15. 1754. d. June 
7. 1S26. In 1765 he was Lieutenant 1st S. Kingston Com- 
pany; in 17^8. Captain. (Smith.) lie belonged to the So- 
ciety of Friends. 
Children : 

Mehitable, h. Sept. 23, 1770: d. Sept. 16. 1820, unm. 

Esther II.. b. May 24. 177-'; d. Apr. 21. 1819; m. Robert Hazard. 

251 rdcg," b. July 14, 1774; (1. May 20, 1845; m. Sarah Putter. 

Q)2 'The Babcock Genealogy. 

George P., b. Oct. 19, 177^; d. Oct. i j. [844; m. Amy Green. IK 
was Ensign in S. Kingston Militia 1802-3, Lieut. 1804-5, Capt. 
1806-7 10 - (Smith.) 

Lucy, 1). Dec. 2, 1778; (1. Apr. 14, 1813, unm. 

Mary, b. Mar. 22, 17X1 ; d. Mar. j<>, 1834, untn. 

252 Joseph P., 1 i>. Jan. 17. 17^; in. 11 > Sarah Potter; m. (j) Waite 

Segar; m. (3) Feb. 15. 1824, Hannah Babcock. 
Hezckinh, k Mar. 15, 17X5; unm. 

Susan P., I). Jan. jj, i 7S7 ; d. May 3, 1824 ; in. John 15. Perry. 
Waite, b. Jan. 22, 17X7; unm. 

253 Ethan, b. Aug. 7. 17X0; m. Elizabeth Kenyon. 

254 Charles II.. b. Mar. 14, 170-.'; in. Manila Paine. 
Benjamin, b. Apr. 29, 1794; unm. 

Abigail, 1'. Oct. jo, 171)5; d. June 7, [855, unm. 
Francis II., I>. Sept. 5. )7<>^; d. Feb. [8, 1850, unm. 

121. Caleb, 6 son of Hezekiah and Mary (Peckham) P.ab- 
ock (George, John, James ist), b. S. Kingston, Nov. 
28, 1745; (1. S. Kingston, [826; 111. at S. Kingston, Oct. 5. 
1782. Waite Peckham, of Middletown, R. I., She <1. Apr. 12, 
1830, aged seventy-five, at S. Kingston. 

]n the Revolutionary War Caleb was a member of Col. Ells- 
worth's Regiment. In 177C) the pay due him was t'14 i$s. ^</. 

Children : 

122. SlMEON, 6 son of Elisha and Elizabeth (Perry) Bab- 
cock (George, John, James 1st), b. May 31. 1745; d. 
Richmond, R. I.. Sept. 21. 1806; m. at Hopkinton, R. T.. Tan. 
7. 1 77°< Mary Perry, his cousin, dan. of Simeon and Penelope 
(Kenyon) Perry, b. Sept. ]8. 17^0. d. Richmond, July 20. 

Children, b. in Richmond: 

256 Elisha.' b. May 17. 1774: m. Huldah Green. 
Penelope, 1>. ; d. young. 

Penelope. 1). — ; m. Sheffield Rathbon. 

257 Sinuon, 1>. Mar. 12, 1782; m Mary Green. 

255 Hezckiah,* b. Jan. 3. 1784; m. Dorcas Peckham. 

Mary, b. Sep). 23, 1785; d. Sept. 7, 1S60; m. Samuel Hathaway, of 

Fair Haven, Mass. j 

Josei)h. 1). Dec. 7, 1787; (1. 1859; m. Abby Hazard, of Newport, 

R. I. 
Hannah, b. Sept. 18, 1789; d. Sept. 27. 1876, unm. 
Guliehua, h. Oct. 12, 1791 ; d. Apr. 3. 1847 ; m. Capt. Sylvester 

R. Hazard, of Newport, R. I.; d. 1875, aged Si. 
John M.. h. Oct. 11, 1703: (1. June 12, [824, on the coast of Africa. 

He was chief mate of the brig Paragon, of Boston. 
Susanna, b. Sept. 29, 1798; d. 1700 
Adam, b. Mar. 15. 1800; d. Nov. 16, 1822. unm. 
Alice, b. May 9, 1802; d. Dec. 18. 1824; m. George Wagner Hull. 

of Block Island. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 93 

258 Samuel Perry, 1). Jan. 5, 1 7S5 : m. Susanna ("lark. 

Elizabeth, b. — — ; d. in New Shorcham, K. I., aged 90 yeai . unm. 

Ann, b. ; d. in New Shorehain, R. I., aged <>• years; in. 

Josiah Peckham. 
359 James, b. Oct., 1794; m. (1) Martha Card; m. (2) Elizabeth 

123. Ruth, 6 dan. of Elisha and Elizabeth (Perry) Babcock 
(George, John, James ist), b. 1757: d. 1823; 111. Sim- 
con, son of Simeon and Penelope (Kenyon) Perry, b. 1758, 
\ d. 1838. lie was her cousin. 

Children : 

Simeon, b. . 

*- Elisha, b. 

Elijah, b. Mar. 22, 1790; m. Eliza Uurlbnt. 

Lydia, b. . 

Eliza, 1). . 

Ruth, b. . 

Susan, b. . 

124. Jesse, 5 son of Elisha and • Elizabeth (Perry) Babcock 

(George, John. James ist), b. Richmond, R. I., Apr. 19. 
1759; d. Shannock, R. I., Jan. 17, 1837; m. Hannah Cross, b. 
Mar. 20, 1760, cl. Shannock, May 25, 1835. 
Children, b. at Shannock: 

Phebe, b. ; d. Mar. r, 1865; m. Peckham Green. 

260 Jesse, b. Apr. 7, 1785; m. Sally Sheffield. 

Anna, b. Feb. 23. 1789; d. Carolina, R. I.. Feb. 7. 1874. unm. 
Elizabeth, 1). Mar. 16, 1791 ; d. in Indiana; m. Mr. Sheffield, b. 
Sept. 13, 1795. 

261 George, 1). May 31, 1793: m. Nancy Perry. 
Joseph, b. June 7, 1705; d. . Ohio, unm. 

Mary, b. May 14. \7<)7 \ d. Carolina, R. I.; m. 577 Simeon 7 Bab- 
cock, of Elisha. 
David, b. Sept. 26, 17')'); m. and settled in Ohio. 
Perry, b. Apr. 18. 1803; m. and settled in Ohio. 

262 Ruth, b. July 7. 1805; in. Richard Chapped. 

125. David, 5 son of Ezekiel and Eunice (Billings) Babcock 
(Robert. John, James ist). b. Stonington, Conn., Feb. 

2, 1745; d. Worcester, Otsego County. X. Y.. Nov. 6, 1820; 
m. at Stonington, Mar. i_\ 1767, Mary Hinckley, b. Stoning- 
ton, July 8. 1750. (1. at Worcester. Mar. 5. 1838. 

David with his family and two brothers removed from Ston- 
ington to Worcester. Otsego County, X. V. lie was a Rev- 
olutionary soldier and served in Capt. Samuel Prentice's Ston- 
ington Company of Col. Parsons's (>th Connecticut Continental 

94 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children, 1>. in Stonington: 

263 Darius,' b. May 13, ij<*r, m. . 

26.J David. Jr., !>. Feb. 28, 1770; m. — — . 

265 Henry, I). Jul) 29, 1771 ; in. Anna Bull. 

266 Robert, I). July <>, i77.r, in. Sail) Gallup. 

Gurdon, b. Oct. <>. 1775; d. Feb. 6. 1800, num. He was engaged 
to be married, and being obliged to pass through Albany, where 
smallpox was raging, they knew n>> other way than i<>v him t>> 
have it before he went, so he was inoculated, and died >>( small- 
pox in 1800. He left $18 t<> hi> sister Polly for her to buy a string 
of k<>U1 beads, with the request thai they should descend to the 
olilcst daughter, and so on down. 1 

267 Polly. 1). Apr. 22, 1778; in. Rev. Elisha Morgan. 

268 Dudley, b. Apr. 29, 178-0; m. Abigail Littell. 

269 Frederick, l>. June 16, 178-'; m. Fanny Gallup. 

270 Mcrritt, l>. Sept. 18, 1784; in. Olive Dickerson. 

271 Fanny, 1». July 5, 1787; ni. Amos Gill. 
Franklin, b. Dec. 15, 1789; d. young, end mini. 

126. Robert, 6 son of Ezekiel and Eunice (Hillings) Bab- 
cock (Robert, John, James i^t), b. Stonington, Conn., 

Sept. 17. 1753; (I. Albany, X. V.. Dec. 22, 1832; m. at Ston- 
ington, Feb. J7. 1780, Grace Hinckley, dan. of Samuel and 
Mary (Wyatt) Hinckley, b. Stonington, Conn., Sept. [4, i7<'>o. 

Robert removed with his family and two brothers, Elilui and 
David, to the State of New York. 1704, according to Wheeler 
in History of Stonington; others say 1803. In the Revolu- 
tionary War he served six months on the frigate Trumbull, 
under Capt. Saltonstall. , 

Children : • v " 

Lticrctia, 1>. 1780 (?); d. Worcester, X. Y. ; m. Vincent Freeman. 

272 Sarah," b. Aug. 22, 17SJ; m. Philip Duel. 

Polly, h. June 29, 1784; d. in the West; in. Philip Burlingham. 
Robert, b. Aug. 12, 17S0; d. Schenectady, X. Y. ; in. Esther 

Patty, b. Sept. 6. 1788; d. in the West. 
Betsey, h. Dec. S, 1790; d. near New York City; m. Reuben 

Holden. , 

273 Russcl, 1). Feh. i. 1703; in. Sarah Fuller. 
Phehe, b. May iS, 1705: d. in Peoria, 111.; in. John Brown. • 
Matilda, b. Mar. id, 1798; d. Union, Broome Co., X. Y. ; m. Isaac 

Lucy, b. Nov. 11. 1S01 ; d. Richmondville, X. Y. ; m. Samuel 

127. REBECCA, 8 child of Joseph. Jr., and Susanna (Thomp- 
son) Babcock (Joseph, John. James ist). 1>. Apr. 14. 

1744; m. Mar. (). 177J. Champlin Lanpheare. 
Children : 

Joshua, h. Mar. 5. 1774. 
Joseph, b. Oct. .*. 1775 
Stephen, b. Aug. 16, 177S. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 95 

Prentice, b, July n, 1781, 
Rebecca, b. May 5, 1784. 
Polly, I). Jan. 1 1, 1786. 

128. Joshua, 6 son of Joseph and Susanna (Thompson) Bab- 
cock (Joseph, John, James ist), I). Westerly, R. I.. Oct. 

5, 1 7-17 ; in. Nancy Hawkins. 
7 The following is taken From Spirit of '76 in Rhode Island, 

by Benjamin ( !o\vell : 

I "Joshua BalKock, private in ("apt. Arnold's Co., Col. Lip 

pel's Reg., Sept.. 177(1; again in 17S0. Joshna Babcock, < apt. 
Enlisted in both cases in R. I." 

274 Joshua,* l>. Oct [6, 1774; m. Elizabeth Frazicr. 

Joseph, 1). . 

Hannah, 1). . 

129. Ann, 5 dan. of Joseph, Jr., and Susanna (Thompson) 
Babcock (Joseph, John, James 1st), 1>. June r8, 17-p); 

/ m. at Westerly, Now i, iyj2, William, son of Timothy West. 

Children, b. Westerly (A. V. R.) : 

Sarah, b. , 1773. 

Timothy, 1). June 22, 1774. 
} Prudence, 1). Aug. 19, 1775. 

I Jesse, b. May. 31. 1770. 

Joseph, 1). .May 8, 1781. 
Jesse. 1). Oct. 9, 1783. 
Nancv, b. May 4. \~X^. 
y William, b. Feb. 24, [787. 

Asa, 1). Feb. 18, 1789. 
George, b. Feb. 18, 1789. 

130. Mary, 5 dan. ol I homas, Sr., and Mary (Davidson) 
• Babcock (Oliver, John, James tst), b. Shrewsbury (?), 

j N. J. ; m. Simeon Maxson. 

1 Children : 

Nathan, b. - 

Joseph, h. — 
William, h. 
Thomas, b. • 

\ Moshurc, b. 

x Simeon, b. - 

I James, b. — 

George, 1>. - 
h.lrn. 1». — 
R«lh, I). — 
Susannah, 1> 

281 James, h. Ant:. 12. 1/7^: m. rhila Coddington. 

There were also three daughters, each of whom married in Ash- 
ford, Conn. (T. Barber's records.) 

132a. Jason,"' son of Simeon and Sarah (Gardner) Babcock 
(Oliver, John, James ist), 1>. July <j. 1750; d. [an. 19, 

1842; 111. Mary . b. 1762, d. [817. 


281a Benjamin.' b. Feb. S. 1782; m. (1) Polly Reynolds; 111. (,2) Han- 
nah Reynolds. 

96 The Babcock Genealogy. 

131. Thomas, Jr., son of Thomas ami Judith (Maxson) 
Babcock (Oliver, John, James ist), b. Monmouth 

County, X. J., Feb. 12, 1759; d. Greene County, ()., Feb. 3, 
1X25; m. (i) in Monmouth County, X. J.. [781 ( ?), Martha, 
youngest dau. of William and lacy (Crandall) Davis, b. 
Squam, X. J., Aug. 15, 1760, d. in Shelby County, ( )., Jan. 2, 
1854. She m. (2), after 1825, John Smally. 

Thomas moved from New Jersey to Monongahela County, 
VV. Va., in [789. lie then moved to Salem, \Y\ \'a., thence 
to two different places in Ohio. Each of these four homes were 
comparatively in the wilderness, with wild beasts and wild In- 
dians for neighbors. At one place they settled twelve miles 
from any white settlers. [ 

Thomas was hap. Dee. 13. [786, at Shrewsbury, X. J. He 
was deacon of the Little Bethel (Mad River) S. D. B. Church 
of Greene County, 0. 

Children : 

275 Nancy Anna," 1). 1782; 111. .Samuel Davis. 

276 Rev. Simeon, b. Sept. 13, 1784; m. (i)' Charity Maxson; m. (2) 

Elizabeth Stout. 
Oliver, 1). 1786 (?); d. young. 

277 William, b. Jan. 26, 1789; 111. Mary Loofhoro. 

Judith, h. 1792 (?); m. Cornelius Sutton. Had seven children. 
Thomas, b. 1794 : d. in War of 1S12. unm. 
27R Jacob, h. Apr. 26. 1797: m. Lydia Maxson. 

279 Joel, b. Apr. 20, I79<>; m. Amy Greene. J 

280 John, h. Mar. 16, 1802; m. (1) Sarah Searl ; in. (2) Elizabeth 

Hardman. . . _»..•» s .- - 

132. JEREMIAH, 8 son of Simeon and Sarah (Gardner) Bab- 
cock (Oliver. John, James ist). b. in Westerly, R. [., 

now Hopkinton, May 16, 1740; m. Susannah Rogers. Settled 
first in Voluntown, Conn.; a few years later removed to Ash- 
ford. Conn., and late in life removed with his only son. James, 
to Wales, Mass., where he died. » 

Children : 


The Babcock Genealogy. 97 

133. Oliver," son of Oliver, Jr., and Patience (Pendleton) 
Babcock (Oliver, John, James rst),b. Hopkinton, R. I.. 
[iine 28, [746; d. Leyden, Mass.. Sept. 11. 1806 or '09; m. 
July 18, j 7^ »7, Tacy, dan. of Samuel and Ruth ( Rogers) Max- 
son, b. Feb. 13, 1751. (I. Leonards vi He, X. Y. 

The will of Oliver Babcock, 3d, dated at Leyden, Mass., 
Sept. 5, 1806, mentions his wife Tacy and his seven sons and 
three daughters, the names given in order of ages. His home- 
stead farm at Leyden, containing one hundred and sixty acre-. 
he gave to his wife during her life and at her death to his 
youngest son Ezra, llis sons Ethan, Oliver, and Joseph had 
each previously received their share. On the same day the 
will signed he deeded to each of his sons I'lhneas and 
Nathan a tract of land. To his son lle/ehiah he gave a farm 
of two hundred acres lying in Brookfield, X. Y. To each of 
his three daughters he gave $200. 

Children : 

282 Ethan,' b. Nov. 4, 1771; m. O) Polly Fen; m. (2) Phcbc White. 
28,} Oliver, 1). Oct. 4, 1773; 111. Luranna Foster. 

284 Joseph, Ii. Jan. 1, 1776; 111. Sally Bahcock. 

285 Phincas, b. June, 1777; in. Sarah Fen. 

286 Lois, 1). Apr. 30, 1770: m. Patten Fitch. 

287 Nathan, b. Mar. i, 1782; in. 0) Huldah Burdick; m. (2) Polly 

Palmer; tn. (3") Vashti Cheesbrough. 

288 Hezckiah, !>. July 17. i7- x O m. Nancy Burdick. 
Patty (Martha), b. 1786; in. Lemuel Palmer. 

285 Susan, 1). Aug. 28, 178S; tn. Billings Palmer. 
290 Ezra, 1). Aug. 18, 1794; m. Hannah Brusie. 

Most of Oliver ^d's children settled in Brookfield, Madison 
County, X. Y., when the country was new. There they lived 
and died. Most of the above dates were taken from tomb- 
stones at Brookfield. 

134. Peleg, 8 son of Oliver. Jr., and Patience (Pendleton) 
Babcock (Oliver. John, James 1st), b. Hopkinton. R. I., 
I Oct. 4, 174S; m. (1) Dec. 14. 1769, Lucy, dan. of Samuel 

, and Ruth Maxson, 1». Aug". 27. 1751. d. July 5, 1775; m. (2) 

Jan. 18, 1770, Ruth, sister of first wife, b. Mar. 5, 1747. 
I Children: 

Maxson, b. Oct. 20. 1770: m. Sept. 5. 17^)0. Experience Brown. 
291 Pcleg, Jr.," 1). May 20. 1 77- : m. Patty Morgan. 
^ Polly, ii. 1774; d. Mar. 16. 1806; in. George Dcnison. 

[ Children by second wife: 

2qj Solomon (Oca). !». Sept. 2, 1776; m. Amy Morgan. 
Lucy. 1). Aug. 5, 177 s ; «'. '793i i'" m - 

98 The Bah cock Genealogy. 

2Q3 John. I). July 26, 1780; in. (1) Phcbc Wilber; in. (2) Betsy 

Luke, I.. I'M.. 2i, 1782; <1. Feb., 1784. 
291 Tabcr, 1>. Apr. 30, 1784; 111. Anna Stcdman. 

fared, 1>. Feb. 26, 178O; in. (1) Sus;in Clapp; m. (2) Eliza Gapp. 

Benjamin, b. Feb. 6, 1788; m. Lydia . 

135. Susanna, clan, of Oliver, Jr., and Patience (Pendle- 
ton) Babcock (Oliver, John, James ist), l>. Hopkinton, 

R. I., June 25, l 75°t m - Mr. Fen; lived near Fort Edward, 

C hiidren : 

Polly, b. 1774; (1. 1808; 111. Jan. 13, l8oO, her cousin, 282 Ethan' 

Sally Fen, l>. Dec, 1770; d. Mar. S. 1X56; m. her cousin, 28s Phineas' 


William, 1). . 

Martha, 1>. ; m. Mr. Veddcr. 

John, h. . 

136. Deborah, 5 dan. of Oliver, Jr.. and Patience (Pendle- 
ton) Babcock (Oliver, John, James ist), b. Hopkinton, 

R. I.. Apr. ti, 1752; m. at Westerly, R. 1., Feb. 26, 1777, 
Nathaniel Stilhnan, b. May 29, 1753. lie was drowned in 
Air. Burdick's mill pond, Pawcatnck River, Apr. 7, 1804. 
Children : 

Nancy, b. Oct. 31, 1777; m. Daniel Truman; lived Newport, N. Y. 

Sarah (Polly), b. Aug. 27, 1779; d. July 30, 1845; m. Lyman Berry. 
b. 1780, d. Jan. 29. 1817. 

Desire, b. Oct. 3, 1781; 111. Isaiah YVilber. 

Nathaniel, Jr.. 1>. Sept. 24, 1783. 

Oliver Davis, b. Aug. 28. 17X5; m. Ruth Burdick. 

Benjamin, b. July 1, 1780; m. at Westerly, Susan Burdick. 

Ezra. b. July 1, 1789; m. Polly Newberry, and lived in New- 
port, N. Y. 

Ruhannah, b. July 11. 1791 : m. Isaac B. Taylor. 

Jarvis. b. Westerly, R. 1., Aug. 2S, 1791; d. Aug. 4, 1881; m. Miss 

137. RuHANNAH, 6 dan. of Oliver. Jr., and Patience (Pendle- 
ton) Babcock (Oliver, John, James ist). b. Hopkin- 
ton, R. I., May 16, 1704; m. Edward Denison, of Stoning- 
ton. They settled in Leyden, Mass. 

Children : 

Amy, b. : m. Philemon. Jr., son of Philemon and Sally (Bab- 
cock) Steadman. 

Eunice, b. ; m. Samuel Cole. 

Ruhannah, b. ; m. VVbcaton Talbot. 

Edward, b. . 

Desire, h. ; m. IV. Smith. 

Ahnira, b. : d. num. 

George Washington, h. ; d. unm. 


The Babcock Genealogy. 99 

138. Capt. Paul, 8 sou of Oliver, Jr., and Patience (Pendle- 
ton) Babcock (Oliver, John, James ist), b. Hopkinton, 

R. I., Mav l8, 1766; «1. Scott, N. Y., Jan. 24, 1840; ill. Jan. jo, 
1788, Hannah Burdick, b. July 21, 1772, d. Scott, X. Y., Aug. 
27, 1845. After living for a time at Leyclen, Mass., they re- 
moved to Scott, X. Y., about 1813. 

Tradition says Capt. Paul was a teamster in the last years 
of the War for Independence. Jle was afterward Captain in 
the militia. 
Children : 

Hannah, b. Jan. 10, 1789; d. in Leydcn, Mass., [809; in. Nehenriah 

Paul, Jr.. I>. May 31, 1791 ; d. Scott, N. Y., June 16, 1836; m. Bar- 
bara Burdick, his cousin. She d. Aug. 7, 1846, aged 55. 

295 Silas," b. Apr. 22. 1793; in. (1) Clarrisa Palmer; in. (2) Polly 


296 Russel, 1). June 11. 1795; m. Lucinda Maxson. 

297 Sally, b. Ink 1 4, [797; 111. Capt. Jesse Burdick. 

29S Minard V.. b. June 15. '7'./;; "i. (.1) Maria Taylor; in. (2) 
Sophia Bennett. 

299 Henry (Harry), b. Scott, X. Y., Aug. 28, l8oi ; 111. his cousin, 

Harriet Babcock. 

300 Elder Rouse, b. July 27, 1803; in. (i) Lucinda Gilbert; 111. (2) 
. Maria Coon. 

Adaline, b. Sept. 11, 1805; m. Zoriaster Clark. 
Cynthia, b. Sept. 16, 1809; m. William Fowler. 

301 Hulda, b. Dec. 31, 1811 ; in. Dr. William Truman. 

302 George Washington, b. July 19. 1^14 : m. Lavina Eddy. 

303 Martin W'., b. May 4, 1817; in. Mary Kenyoii Maxson. 

139. Ezra, 5 son of Oliver. Jr.. and Patience (Pendleton) 
Babcock (Oliver. John. James 1st), b. Hopkinton, R. I., 

Sept. id, 1769; d. Scott. X. V.. July 16, 1844; m. Oct. jo, 
1791, Saberah, dan. of Deacon Joseph and Eunice Stillman, b. 
Hopkinton, K. I., Oct. 28. 1771, d. Scott. X. Y.. Apr. 19. [865. 

Ezra and wife moved from Hopkinton. R. I., to Leyden or 
Colerain, Mass., in 1798, thence to Scott, X. Y.. in 1812. 

Children : 

304 Ezra," Jr.. b. July <7- >7°— m - Lucinda Shcpherdson. 

305 Ephraim Stillman. b. Aug. 20. 1704: m. Amy Crandall. 
-506 Saberah, b. July 3. 1796; in. Peter Knapp. 

307 Asher Miner, b. June 16, t7" s : m. (i) Mary Eleanor Stillman; 

m. (2) Prudence Cleveland. 

308 Abel. b. Apr. [2. 1800; ill. Lucy Ann Huntington. 
^09 Daniel, b. fan. 23, 1802; m. Almira Burdick. 

310 Bciiah L., b. Jan. 29, 1804: m. Clarrissa Babcock. 

Lydia, b. Nov. 30. 1805; in. 672 Luke P. Balicock. 
in Jerome Ripley, b. Oct. 30. |S<, " : m - Emily McDaniels. 
312 Hiram, b. June 16, 1K10; m. 1. 1 ) Survilla Barber; m. (2) Tacy 

^n Lauren Hotchkiss, b. June ,v>. 1S12: m. Lucy Ann Maxson. 

Phebe Babcock, b. Aug. 7. 1815; in. Dec. 11. 1834. Alonzo D. C. 
Barber, b. Mar. 15, l8lO, d. Scott. X. Y.. June 3, 1870. 

ioo The Babcock Genealogy. 

140. " Capt. Luke, 6 son of Oliver, Jr.. ami Patience (Pendle- 
ton) Babcock (Oliver, John, James ist), b. Aug. 6, 

1772; d. Scott, N. V., Dec. 11, 1844; m - '795- Betsey, dan. 
of Amos and Abigail Bro\yn Main. b. May 3. 1777, d. Oct. 6, 
1864, in Friendship, N. V. 
Cliildren : 

Betsey, b. Mar. 10, 1 7<>7 ; d. Lcyden, Mass., Mar. i, 1819. unui. 

314 Raymond Perry," 1). A[)r. 19, 17'jo; m. (1) Olive Dcuison; in. (2) 

Phebe Ann Camp. 
Luke, b Aug. 19, 1801; (1. Friendship, N. V.. Sept. 22, 1869; m. 

1831 Eliza Dyer. b. 1804, d. .Mar. 20, [882. No children. 
Silas Halsey, 1). Dec. 1. 1803; d. Stonington, Dec. 1, 1828, unm. 

315 Ira Leonard (M.D.), b. Apr. 1, 1800; in. UJ Nancy Arnold; in. 

(2) Alice Seaton. 

316 Eunice P.. b. Mar. 22, 1808: in. John IV Cottrell. 

317 Simon Milton, b. May 21, 1X10; in. Celia Kcllog. 

Sophia King. b. Feb. 2, 1818; d. Scot:, N. V., May 21, 1843, unm. 

318 Henry Dcuison, b. Aug. 2, 1812; in Anna Woodward. 

319 Daniel Braton, b. Oct. 31, 1X14; in. (1) Miss Smith ; in. (_>) 

Juliette Colton ; in. (3) Juliette Utter. 

320 Lucy Elvira, b. Nov. 7, 1S22; in. Dr. James Crocker Sibley. 

141. MARY, 8 dan. of Joseph and Anna (Harris) Babcock 

(Oliver, John, James ist), b. Nov. 7. 1700. d. Lcyden, 
Mass., Feb. 15, 1 S 1 7 ; m. David, son of David and Keziah 
(Smith) Denison, b. Stonington, Conn., Mar. 16, 1761. 
Cliildren : 

David, b. April 5, 1780. 

Mary, b. Jan. 30, 1782. 

Clarissa, b. Jan. 23, 1784; m. Ezra Conable. 

Charles II.. b. Mar. 5. 17S0; m. Sarah Billings. 

Nancy, b. Apr. 29, 1789; d. young. 

Desire, b. Apr. 14, 1791 ; d. Oct., 1867. 

Elizabeth, b. July 23. 1794. 

Joseph, b. Dec. 23, 1796. 

Sophronia, b. Mar. 23, 1799: in. J. Bndington. 

142. Harris, 5 son of Capt. Joseph and Anna (Harris) Bab- 
cock (Oliver, John. James 1st), b. "Mar. 15. 1763; (1. 

Guilford, Vt., Apr. 25, 1S42; m. Sally Newell, b. Feb. 22. 
1 77 1, d. Guilford, Vt. 
Children : 

321 Henry,' b. Nov. 2, 1792; m. Elvina L. Baker. 
Charles, b. Dec. o, 1704: m. and d. in Guilford, Vt. Had three 

children. M.trcia, Elvina, Nancy. 
Sally, b. Guilford, Mass.. Aug. 10. I7<>6; d. Lcyden. Mass.; m. at 
Guilford, Stephen Dorrel. Had two children, Harris, m. Miss 
Darling, and Mary, in. Mr. Newcomb. 

322 George W.. b. May' 10. 1798; m. Lucy Witt. 
2,2^ Nancy N., b. June 7, 1802; in. Amsi Wright. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 101 

32*4 Thomas J., 1>. May 18, 1804; m. Louise Newell. 

325 John Wesley, b. Aug. jo, 1808; m. Harriet Shattuck. 

Mary A., b. Feb. 26, 1X13; d. Feb. 17, 1X15. 

143. Lieut. Joseph, 6 son of Capt. Joseph and Annie (Harris) 
Babcock (Oliver, John, James 1st), b. July 29, 17G5, 

at Colchester, Conn.; d. Leyden, Mass., Oct. 23, 1843; m - 
Colerain, Mass., Jan. 26, 1792, Jane Wallace, dau. of James 
and Mary (McClellan) Wallace, b. Colerain, Mass., Mar. 26, 
177 1, d. Leyden, Mass.. Apr. 24, [835. 
Children, b. in Leyden, Mass. : 

326 Joseph,* b. Aug. 28. 1792; m. Eliza Curtis. 
James, b. Mar. 20. 1794; d. Leyden, 1864, until. 

$27 Jane, b. May 3. 1796 ; in. Joseph Corbet. 

328 Hugh Wallace, b. July [8, 1798; m. Sarah Stone. 

329 Mary, b. Dec. 9, 1X00; in. George Riddell. 

330 Arminda, b. May 20. 1804; m. Gawn Riddell. 

Lorenzo, b. Apr. 29, 1X06; d. at Halifax, Vt. : m. Halifax. Lucy 
Ann, dau. of Ebcn and Miranda I Mines) Clark, b. at Halifax. 
Had one son. who settled in the West. 

William, b. May 10, 1X09; d. Whitingham, Vt. ; m. Ci) Dcerfield, 
Mass., Climena Sheldon; m. (2) Electia Alexander. 

331 Lydia, b. Oct. 27, iXii; m. (, 1 ) John Bell; in. (2) Stephen Dorrcll. 

144. Darius, 5 son of Capt. Joseph and Anna (Harris) Bab- 
cock (Oliver, John, James 1st), b. June 17, 1770; d. 

McDonough, X. Y., Mar. 14, 1844; m. Louisa Bebee. She d. 
McDonough, X. Y. 

Darius was elected Commissioner of Highways in the town 
of McDonough, Mar. 4. 1817. 
Children : 

Louisa, b. 179X; d. Mar. 14. 1863. 

Experience, b. . 

Harriet, b. . 

Emelinc, b. . 

Mark, b. Sept. 15, 1815; d. 1891. unm. 

332 Alonzo," b. Oct. 16, 1816; in. Mercy Gillette. 
Melissa, b. Aug. 6. 1X19; d. 1871 ; m. G. Walker. 

333 Sehvin, b. Feb. 12. 1821 ; m. (1) 'Salina Bowers; m. (2) Ellen 

Darwin, b. July 28. 1822; d. 1874. No descendants. 
Lucinda. b. Aug. 30. 1X24: d. Norwich, 1850; m. James Isbell. 

334 Simon, b. July 29, 1S26; in. Caroline Wheeler. 

145. Phebe, dan. of James and Phebe (Swan) Babcock 
(James, James, John, James tst), b. Stonington, Conn., 

May 2. 1731; hap. 1733; m. at Stonington, Conn., Feb. 15. 
1749, Rufus, son of Daniel and Margaret (Smith) Palmer. 
b. Stonington, Oct. 7. 171 3. 

102 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children : 

Welthie, b. Sept. jo, 1749. 
Sarah, 1). Juno 2, 175 1. 
Kcturiah, l>. Jan. 27, 1753. 
James, b. Aug. 2, 1754. 
Jonas, b. Jan. 19, 1759. 

Records from Palmer Genealogy. 

146. Abel," son of James and Phebe (Swan) Babcock 
(James, James, John, James 1st), b. Stonington, Conn., 
Apr. 28, 1739: m. (1) 1762, Hannah Lewis; m. (2) Eliza- 
beth Williams, of Stonington. Abel was bap. Aug. 12, 1739. 
Children by first wife, br Stonington : 

Hannah, b. 1763; m. Gideon Wilbur. Settled in Hopkinton, R. I. 
Gideon Wilbur was expelled from the "Quaker meeting" of 
Hopkinton for marrying out of the "Meeting." Their daughter 
Hannah m. Benjamin Bentley, Sr., and settled near the sea- 
shore, in the town of Westerly. R. I. 

Lucy, b. 1765; m. Stonington, William Davis. They settled at 
Brookfield, N. V., and one of their daughters, Sally Davis, m. 
her cousin, Elnathan W. Babcock. son of Peleg. 
335 Peleg. 7 b. Mar. 15, 1767; m. (.1) Elizabeth Wells; in. (2) Emma 

Children by second wife, b. Stonington : 

336 Mulford, b. 1775; m. Anna Miner. 

337 Abel, b. May 3. 1780; m. Sarah Cheney. 

Elihu, b. ; m. Esther Cobb. 

Sands, b. . 

Phebe, b. ; m. Adam Rathbun. 

147. Nathaniel, 6 Jr., son of Nathaniel and Sarah (Bill- 
ings) Babcock (James, James. John, James 1st), b. 
Stonington, Conn. ( ?), Jan. 24. 1735; bap. Sept. 14. 1735: d. 
Stonington, Apr. 19, 181 3. Buried in Union Cemetery, near 
the Minor Meetinghouse. X. Stonington. (Date of death taken 
from gravestones.) He m. Dec. 1, 1756, Mary. dau. of 
Thomas and Mary (Landphear) Larrisnn, b. X. Stonington, 
Conn., 1 74 1. d. Oct. 15, 1801. They lived for a time at Can- 
terbury, Conn., later settled on the Larrison farm. X. Ston- 
ington, Conn., where he and his wife died. 

"Feb. 25, 1760. Nathaniel Babcock, Sr.. conveyed to his 
son Nathaniel land where the grantor now lives in Voluntown 
bounded on the south by Stonington land." 

"June 14, 1772, Nathaniel Babcock, of Stonington. con- 
veyed to Amos Babcock, of Voluntown, land bounded west 

The Babcock Genealogy. 103 

upon • land which belonged to Capt. Nathaniel deceased." 
(Copied from Voluntown Records.) 

May, 1778, Nathaniel Babcock, of Canterbury, Windham 
County, administrator of the estate of Nathaniel Babcock, Sr., 
deceased, was given permission to sell land in Voluntown be- 
longing to the estate, sufficient to pay the debts of the estate. 
(From Records of Connecticut by Hoadley.) 

Nathaniel was living in Canterbury as late as 1798. 

Children : 

Jonas, b. 1757. Died in army at Valley Forge, in the Revolu- 
tionary War. 
Mary, 1). 1759; m. Stonington, Conn., Sept. 8. 1776, Nathaniel 
Hinckley. (Wheeler says Nathaniel, son of Samuel and Mary 
Wyatt Hinckley.) 
338 Stephen. 7 h. 1765; m. (r) Mercy Hinckley; m. (2) Elizabeth 
Stuart; m. (3) Mercy Davis. 

148. Lucy, dan. of Nathaniel and Sarah (Billings) Bab- 
cock (James, Janies, John, James 1st), b. Stonington, 

Conn., Feb. 12, 174J ; d. Berlin, N. Y., Mar. 9, 1824; m. 
Benjamin Randall, d. June 17, 1816. 
Children, order of births not known : 

Ichabod, b. . 

Nathaniel, h. . 

Benjamin, Jr., b. ; d. June 23, 1847; m. Sarah . She d. 

Dec. 30, 1817. lie was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. 

Stephen, b. . 

Eunice, b. ; m. Sanford Hewit. She d. Sept. 27, 1829. 

Sally, b. ; d. Dec. 20, 1829; m. Luke Hull. 

Lucy, b. . 

Elenor, b. . 

Lois, b. — — . 

Betsy, b. . 

Abigail, b. . 

149. Reuben. son of Nathaniel and Sarah (Billings) Bab- 
cock (James, James, John. Janies 1st), b. Alar. 2, 1758, 

Stonington, Conn.; d. E. Poestenkill, N. Y., Feb. 24. 1849; 
m. Mar. 6, 1788. Hannah, dau. of Moses or Reuben Hendricks, 
b. Petersburg, N. Y., Apr. 4, 1763. d. E. roestenkill, N. Y., 
Mar. 7, 1849. 

Reuben Babcock served in the Revolutionary War as a pri- 
vate and sergeant in the Continental Army. The Troy Budget 
of Sept., 1900, had an account of the discovery of old records 
in the courthouse, dated 1840. including a list of pensioned 
Revolutionary soldiers then ( 1840) living in the County of 
Rensselaer. Among them were the names of Reuben Bab- 

io4 The Babcock Genealogy. 

cock, Sandlake (that part now called E. Poestenkill), and 

Moses Hendricks, Berlin, same county. 

After the Revolution Reuben returned to Stonington or Vol- 
untown, for the following- record is found: "Reuben Babcock, 
of Voluntown, conveyed to Anna Langworthy, of Stonington, 
for twenty-five pounds, land lying partly in Voluntown and 
partly in Stonington." 

Sept. 20, 1783, he conveyed to Anna Langworthy for £30 
his whole right, title, and interest in his part, as he said, "of 
my honored mother's thirds in the real estate of my honored 
father, Cap!:. Nathaniel Babcock, as set off by the probate 
court of Plainfielcl, Ct." In the same sale he conveyed the 
whole of the share of said thirds "which i bought of -Mr. Ste- 
phen Hull, Jr., and Comfort Hull, his wife, being one fifth 
part of said thirds of the real estate of my said father lying in 
three lots containing by estimation 25 acres." 

Reuben Babcock left Stonington Oct. 16. 17S6, and came 
to New York State. After marriage he bought a farm near 
Petersburg, N. Y., and Nov., 1790. purchased another in that 
part of Sandlake now called E. Poestenkill, where he lived the 
rest of his life. i 

Children : * 

339 Reuben, 1 Jr., b. Oct. 24, 1789; m. Susanna Gould. 

340 Nathaniel, b. Apr. 15. 1701 ; m. Polly Blivin. 

341 Sarah, b. June J3, 1794: m. Ophir Gould. 

Jonas, b. Apr. 7, 1796, Petersburg: d. Hartland, N. V.. Oct. 31. 
1835. Children were Polly. Rachel. Riley, Emily, Alfred, and 
Leroy, who lived in Kendall. X. Y.. until his death recently. 

342 Polly, b. Dec. 25, 1797; m. James Murray. 

343 Rufus, b. Aug. 23. 1S00; in. Elma E. Walker. 
Infant daughter, b. Apr. 22, 1806; d. same day. 

150. Capt. Elijah. son of Elias and Anna (Plumb) Bab- 
cock (James, James, John. James 1st), b. N. Stoning- 
ton, Conn., Aug. 15, 1739; d. Sept. 12. 1778; m. at N. Ston- 
ington, Nov. 5, 1 76 1, Mrs. Sarah Brown, b. 1736, d. Apr. 23. 
1784. He was bap. Sept. 30. 1739. 

In New York in the Revolution, p. 61, Capt. Elijah Bab- 
cock is referred to as a member of Col. Ethan Allen's Regi- 
ment of "Green Mountain Boys." Connecticut War of the 
Revolution states that Elijah Babcock was with the party that 
went from Connecticut to effect the capture of Fort Ticon- 
dcroga May, 1775. receiving £20 for said duty. In proceecl- 
ings of the Assembly of Connecticut. May, 1779. reference is 
made to Capt. Elijah Babcock. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 105 

Children : 

344 Esther, 7 1). Jan. 3, 1763; in. Daniel Hutchinson. 

345 Elias, b. Feb. -'4. 17'M; m. Hannah Barber. 
Moses, b. June 19, [768. Believed to have been living and unm. 

in 1848. 

346 Silas, b. May [8, i/7«; m. Rachel Allen. 

347 Paul, b. May l8, 1770; m. Mabel Hatch. 

348 Ichabod, b. Mar. 3, 177-': na. Esther Spraguc. 
340. Lydia, b. 1774; m. Or. Sylvanus Church. 
350 Sally, b. 177(1; m. James Rood. 

Elijah, b. 1778; in. Experience Coburn. Settled in Middlctown, \ t. 

151. Anna, dau. of Elias and Anna (Plumb) Babcock 
(James, James, John, James ist), b. July 5, 1743. Ston- 

ington, Conn.; d. N. Canaan, Conn.; m. June 17, 177$, Henry 
Stevens, N. Canaan, b. 1747, d. Feb. II, 1825, X. Canaan. 
She was bap. Aug. 14, J-743- 

Ezra, b. May 20, 1782; m. l8ll, Wealthy Williams. 

152. Rufus, 8 son of Elias and Anna (Plumb) Dabcock 
(James. James, John. James ist), b. N. Stonington, 

Conn., Apr. 22, 1758; m. (1) May 24, 1781. Zerniah Moses, 
b. Apr. 24, 1763; (1. Oct. 22, 181 1. She was dan. of Capt. 
Timothy and Thankful Moses; m. (2) Mercy Brousmaid. 
She survived her husband, but had no children. 

During- the Revolutionary War Rufus was called out to 
serve several times, as a soldier, and was in the company of 
his father-in-law. In 1783 he was bap. by Rev. Joshua Moses, 
and joined the Baptist Church in Sandisfield, Mass., by which 
church some years later he was licensed to preach, lie gath- 
ered a Baptist Church in North Colebrook. Conn., and in 1794 
was ordained as its pastor, being the first minister in that town. 
He served this church until he was seventy-three years old, 
with good success, about rive hundred members having been 
added to it during his pastorate. After his resignation he con- 
tinued to preach to that church and in vacant parishes, but 
refused to become a pastor. One who knew him well said; 
"Without any great advantages of early culture, without 
fluency of speech or any of the graces of an orator, he had such 
native soundness and vigor of mind coupled with good sense 
and industry that he was highly and deservedly esteemed, not 
only in his own communion but by intelligent and learned min- 
isters of other denominations." 

His autobiography is in the Baptist Memorial, vol. i. p. 
[ 3°9, and in Spraguc's Baptist Pulpit, p. 387. 

106 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children : 

Timothy, b. -Mar. u, 1783; d. at North Colcbrook, Conn , 1837; 
m. ^lay 26, 1803, Christiana Smith, of North Colcbrook. No 
issue. They adopted as a son their nephew, Timothy E. Bab- 
coek, when he was eleven months old, son of their brother, Cyrus 
G. ; Christiana survived her husband many years, and died at 
North Colebrook. 

351 Cyrus Giles, 7 b. Jan. 27, 17X0: m. Mrs. Amarilla (Cowles) Hawley. 

352 Rev. Rufus, b. Sept. 18, 1798; m. Olivia B. Smith. 

153. Capt. OLIVER, eldest son of Oliver and Anna (Avery) 
Babcock (James, James, John, James 1st), b. Stoning- 

ton, Conn., Jan. 22, 1741 ; hap. May 3, 1741 ; d. at his home 
in Stonington, Jan. 25, 1777; m. Sept. 3, 1767, Mercy Kinney, 
of Preston, Conn., h. July 12, 1751. She m. (2) in Stoning- 
ton, Apr. 5, 1778, Nathan Brown, and lived there until 1700, 
when with their six children they removed to Brookfield, N. V., 
where she d. Oct. 21, 1844. 

He was in the Continental Army in the War of the Revolu- 
tion. His first commission was that of Ensign, May 1, 1775, 
in Capt. Samuel Parsons's Company of Stonington in Col. 
Parsons's 6th Connecticut Continental Regiment. He was on 
duty with his regiment at New London, Conn., until June 17. 
1775, when they were ordered by the Governor's Counsel to 
the Boston camps. There the regiment took post at Roxbury 
Heights in Gen. Spencer's Brigade and remained until the ex- 
piration of service, Dec. 10, 1775. In the meantime he was 
promoted from Ensign to First Lieutenant, commissioned July 
1, 1775. He reentered the army Jan. 1, 1776. as First Lieu- 
tenant in Col. Samuel Parsons's Continental Regiment as re- 
organized for 1776. He served with his regiment at the siege 
of Boston in the winter of 1776, after which the 10th Regi- 
ment marched under Washington to New London, where by 
vessels they proceeded to New York. They continued in the 
vicinity of New York from Apr. till the close of the year; as- 
sisted in fortifying the city; ordered Aug. 24. 1776, to the 
lines around Brooklyn; engaged in the battle of Long Island, 
Aug. 27, and in the retreat from Long Island, Aug. 29, 1776. 
He was detailed to Lieut. -Col. Thomas Knowlton's Rangers 
in Sept., 1.776. He was taken prisoner by the British at the 
little of Fort Washington 011 the Hudson, Nov. 16, 1776. 
Tradition says he was greatly opposed to the surrender of the 
fort, and that he broke his sword across a cannon, declaring 
that it should never be surrendered to the hated British. While 
a prisoner he was confined in the British prison ship Glascow. 
He was exchanged and left New York early in Jan., 1777. 

^s, ^» i ■■*■ j 


illi^i .... • ! J 

! : , Ai ••■■■. x v>. • ■ ■ I 

. '1 . } '■ } ^^ V \ft I 




From a photograph taken ioo. 

Page 106. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 107 

The following appeared in the Connecticut Gazette of Feb. 
14, 1777: "On the 25th of Jan., 1777. died Lieut. Oliver Bab- 
cock, of Stonington, in the thirty-sixth year of his age. He 
returned home from imprisonment in New York on the eighth 
of the month, and was taken sick with smallpox the twelfth, 
of which distemper he died, leaving a disconsolate widow and 
three small children." 

He was promoted to a Captaincy for his bravery in the dis- 
astrous retreat from Brooklyn. 

A special report from the U. S. War Department, dated 
July 13, 1900, is as follows: "The records of this office show 
that one Oliver Babcock served as 2nd Lieut, in the 6th Conn. 
Reg., Revolutionary War." 

His name is iirst borne on a return of officers in Gen. Spen- 
cer's brigade about Sept. 20. 1775. without remarks, and it 
last appears on a return with remarks showing that he was 
appointed First Lieutenant Nov. 9. 1775, an ^ tna * ^ ie was 
taken prisoner at Fort Washington Nov. 16, 1776. 

Daniel Babcock, youngest brother of Capt. Oliver and grand- 
father of the writer, referring to the exchange of his brother 
and other prisoners, dictated, Apr. 5, 1845, me following: 
"The prisoners were taken from New York to New London in 
a vessel. Soon after passing through Hellgate a man broken 
out with smallpox was brought up from the hold of the vessel 
and made to circulate among the prisoners, with the deliberate 
intention of giving that disease to the homeward-bound pris- 
oners and to their friends." 

At a meeting in Connecticut of the Governor and Council 
of Safety, Feb. 1, 1777, Daniel Allen is appointed Captain of 
a company in Col. Durkec's Regiment instead of Oliver Bab- 
cock. deceased. (Hoadly. ) 

Children : 

Mercy, b. Dec. 10, 1768; d. Feb. 27, 1777. 
353 Abigail, 7 b. Stonington, Conn., Oct. II, 1770; m Jabish Brown. 
Elizabetb, b. Nov. 15, 1772; d. Mar. ,4, 1777. 

Tradition says that the death of the two young children, who 
died about a month later than their father, was caused by 
smallpox contracted from their father. 

154. Joshua," son of Oliver and Anna (Avery) Babcock 
(James, James. John. James 1st), b. N. Stonington, 
Conn., June 5. 1743. d. X. Stonington. Oct. 1. 1810. m. Sept. 
3. 1772, Elizabeth, dan. of John and Elizabeth Palmer, of Lis- 
bon, Conn., b. Mar. 5, 1750; d. N. Stonington, Nov. 7. 1S18. 


The Babcock Genealogy, 

Joshua was a farmer and a merchant. For about thirty 
years he was deacon of the Baptist Church at Pendleton Hill, 
Conn., and for about twenty-seven years Justice of the Peace, 
and by virtue of his office solemnized many marriages. 

Children, b. in N. Stonington : 

354 Joshua, 7 1>. Feb. 2. 1774; m. Eunice Brown. 

355 Asa, 1). Nov. 0, 1775; m. Catherine Robbins. 

356 Oliver, 1). Jan. 20. 1778; m. Polly Randall. 

357 Elizabeth, 1). May 4. 1780; in. Pclcg Brown. 

358 Martin. I). Mar. 20, 1783; m. Eunice Robbins. 
Cyrus, 1). Jan. 10, 17X5; d. June 20. 1786. 

359 Charles, b. June 21, 17X7; in. Nancy Pratt. 

360 Henry, 1). Feb. 14, i7<)o; in. Dolly Stanton. 
Ashcr, b. May 25, 1792; d. Feb. 1, 171/). 

155. Anne/ 5 dau. of Oliver and Anna (Avery) Babcock 
(James, James, John, James 1st), b. July 15, 1745; d. 
Bridgewater, N. V., Oct. 12, 1838; m. (1) 1703, Sanford, 
son of Thomas and Content (Sanford) Langworthy, b. Oct. 
30, 1738, d. at about forty-six years of age, at Pendleton Hill. 
He was a member of the S. D. B. Church, Rockville branch, 
Hopkinton. She m. (2) Maj. Anthony Rhodes, a Revolu- 
tionary soldier, b. , d. May 25, 1843. After marriage he 

removed to Bridgewater, N. Y. 
Children by first husband : 

Anna, b. Nov. 7, 1764; m. Nathaniel Palmer. Settled in N. V. 

Content, b. May 2, 1766; m. Jeremiah Main. Settled in N. Y. 


Sanford, b. ; m. : d., leaving three sons. 

Altana, b. Aug. 24. 1700: m. John YV. Brown, and lived in Canada. 

Oliver, b. ; d. Genesee, X. V.. leaving one son. 

Mercy Langworthy. b. ; in. (1) John Collins, of Stonington. 

Conn., and settled in Ohio; m. (2) Mr. Nbyes; he d. and she in. 

(3) Sanford. She d. in Ohio with son Sanford L. Collins. 

Children by second husband : 

Amy, b. ; m. Rodney Randalls, and settled in N. Winneld. 

N. Y. Had 5 children. 
Avery, b. 1790. P.ridgewater, N. Y. : m. Settled in Bridgewater. 
Had 5 children. 

156. Capt. William Avery Babcock. son of Oliver and 
Anna (Avery) Babcock (James. James. John, James 
1st), b. N. Stonington, Conn.. Mar. 31, 1747; d. Chat- 
ham, N. Y., Sept. 21, 1829. He was buried in the Bab- 
cock family burying ground, about a mile from the house of 

The Babcock Genealogy. 109 

Senator Henry S. Ambler, of Chatham, N. Y., near the road 
leading to New Concord. He m. Lucretia Davis, dan. of Capt. 
John and Sarah ( Beebe) Davis. ( For military record of Capt. 
John, see records of Chloe, wife of Gersham Babcock.) Lu- 
cretia was 1). at Sharon, Conn., Feb. II, 1757, d. at Chatham 
Center, N. Y., Nov. 26, 1819. 

Deacon Daniel Babcock, grandfather of the writer, referring 
to his brother Capt. William Avery Babcock, Apr. 5, 1845, 
said, "William served in the Revolutionary Army, and was 
engaged in the capture of Burgoyne." Joshua Babcock, a 
nephew of Capt. William, said that lie was Ensign in the Rev- 
olutionary War and later a Captain of Militia. 

In Apr., 1777, a party of eleven "Householders" apparently 
from Columbia Count)', commanded by Capt. Martin Beebc, 
rode to Albany, "to do all in their power for the defense of 
America in general and New York State in particular, fear- 
ing lest timely assistance for the defense of the city and stores 
should fail." They arrived on the 17th inst. Their bill, which 
covered only their expenses, was sent to the committee asking 
for £6 I&y. Among the eleven persons were "Sergt. Will. 
Babcock" and his wife's father, "Lieut. John Davis." (New 
York in the Revolution, Supplement, p. 139.) ' 

On p. 203 of the same book is a list of persons who received 
Land Bounty Rights for services or willingness to serve in 
defense of the frontiers of the State. The name of William 
Babcock is found in this list. 

Capt. William Avery Babcock was a farmer and owned 
much land. He was the boss carpenter at the building of the 
Spencertown Presbyterian Church, which is still standing. 
New Lebanon, N. Y., records state that he was elected As- 
sessor for the years 1787, '88, '90, '92, and Fence Viewer for 
the year 1791. 

Children : 

361 Anne, 7 b. Nov. 5, 1773; d. at Chatham. N. Y. ; m. Ebenezer Cady. 
Sally, b. June 6, 1776. d. Oct. 20, 1777. 

William, b. June 6, 1776; d. July 11, 181 2, Chatham, N. Y. 

Sally, b. May 23. 1778; d. Aug. 2(3, 1S61. 

Cynthia, h. Feb. 20. 1781 ; d. Jan. 10, 1857: 

Lucinda, b. Apr. 23, 1783; d. i860. 

Ruth Gregory, b. Mar. 31, 1785; d. June 13, 181 1. 

362 John Davis, b. Apr. 30. 1789; m. Jane Moorhouse. 
Altana. b. Nov. 1, 1795. 

157. Capt. Gersiiam. son of Oliver and Anna (Avery) Bab- 
cock (James, James, John, James 1st), b. N. Stoning- 
ton, Conn., Nov. 9, 1752; d. Columbia County, N. Y., Feb. 17. 

no The Babcock Genealogy. 

1815. ITc, his wife, and son Daniel were all buried in the 
cemetery at New Concord, X. Y., where engraved marble 
tombstones mark their graves. lie m. Chloe Davis, b. 
1761, and settled in Austerlitz, X. Y. 

From War Department records, Washington, D. C, July 14, 
1900: "The records show that one Gersham Babcock, rank 
not mentioned, served in Capt. Hezekiah Baldwin's Company, 
2d New York Regiment, commanded by Col. Goose Van 
Schaick, Revolutionary War. His name appears on a roll 
dated at Fort George, Oct. 13, 1775, with remarks. Enlisted 
July 30-17. On command." 

From Xew York in the Revolution, p. 29, we find that the 
service of Gersham Babcock above referred to was in the 2d » 

Regiment of the line; that is, the regiment was in the U. S. 
service under Gen. Washington. From New York in the Rev- 
olution, Supplement, p. 2^7, we find that Gersham Babcock 
of the Albany Company Militia, 17th Regiment, had land 
bounty rights. Deacon Daniel Babcock. brother of Gersham, 
said, Apr. 5, 1845, that Gersham was Sergeant in the Revolu- 
tionary Army and was at the taking of Burgoyne. His nephew 
Joshua, who was about forty years old when Gersham died, 
said of him that he was Captain of a uniformed company and 
was celebrated for his military tactics. 

Gersham Babcock was a Free Mason, and joined in 178S at 
Canaan Corners, N. Y., Unity Lodge, No. 9, F. & A. M. 

Chloe Davis, wife of Capt. Gersham. and dau. of Capt. John 
and Sarah Beebe Davis, sister of Lucretia, wife of William 
Babcock, brother of Gersham, was b. in Sharon, Conn., Sept. 9, 
1761, d. Columbia County, N. Y.. July 13. 181 5. 

Military record of Capt. John Davis is as follows: 

First. His commission from Sir Harry Moore, Bart., Gov- 
ernor of New York, as Second Lieutenant in the British Mili- 
tia, dated Sept. 25, 1768. 

Second. Another commission from Sir William Trvon, 
Governor of New York, as Second Lieutenant in the British 
Militia, dated July 18. 1772. 

Third. He is commissioned as Captain from the State 
of New York "by the Grace of God free and independent." 
dated June 18, 1778. "in the second year of our inde- 

The original three commissions of Capt. ]ohn Davis, or 
copies of them, were owned in Nov., 1901. by II. M. Spence, 
member of the firm of Spence & Smith, office 19-21 Citizens' 
Bank Building, Parkersburg. W. Va. 


The Babcock Genealogy. 1 1 1 

Children : 

Daniel, b. 1779 ( ?) ; d. Apr. 12, 1R14, leaving no issue. 

363 Avery, 7 b. Jan is. 178 1 ; ,,,. Lydia Darrow. 

364 Lucretia, b. 1785; in. Dea. Edward Palmer. 

365 Chloe, 1). Apr. 13. 1789; m. Ezekiel Burgess. 
306 Sarah, b. Feb, 1. 179- : m. Elisha Briggs. 

367 John. 1>. Dec. 7, 1795 ; in. Mary B. Burg. 

368 Kosweil, b. June, 1799; in. Christiana Groat. 

158. Altana, clau. of Oliver and Anna (Avery) Babcock 
(James, James, John, James 1st), b. Jan. 14, 1755; d. 

Apr. 7, 1840; m. Dec. 30, 1772, John Langworthy; d. Feb., 
1825. They settled in X. Stonington, Conn., near Clark's 
Falls, where all their children were born and reared. 

Abigail, b. June 17, 1774; d. Mar. 12, 1841, unm. 

369 John, 1 b. Apr. 1, 1776; m. Sarah Pendleton. 
Joshua, b. 177S; d. when 3 weeks old. 

Elizabeth, b. Jin. 23. 1780'; d. Maiden, N. Y., Feb., 1870; m. in 
North Stonington, by her uncle, Joshua Babcock, Sept. 24. 1797, 
Sylvanus Maxson, I). Feb. 16. 1775. They settled in West- 
erly, where their two sons ami six daughters were born. In 
1819 the family removed to Malden-on-the-1 ludson, N. V. 

Asa, b.. May 4. 17X2: d. in Little Genesee, N. V., Aug., 186S: m. 
(1) Pbebe Thurston, who died leaving no is-ue; m. (2) Ruth 
Crandall. Had eleven children. They settled in Little Gene- 
see, N. Y. 

370 Content, b. Oct. 2. 1788; m. Dea. Daniel Lewis. 

159. Dr. Christopher, son of Oliver and Anna (Avery) 
Babcock (James, James, John, James 1st), b. X. Ston- 
ington, Conn., Jan. 28, 1757; d. Tiverton. R. L, Nov. 2. 1780; 
m. 1778 (?), Polly Benedict, of Danbury. Conn., d. 1S02. 

The following- records are taken from Hollister's History of 
Connecticut, vol. ii, p. 266: "At the age of eighteen years 
Dr. Christopher Babcock was commissioned as a surgeon in 
the army of the United Colonies, and immediately joined the 
troops under Gen. Schuyler. During the severe sickness 
among Wooster's troops at Danbury Gen. Washington made 
a requisition upon Schuyler for a surgeon to be sent to the aid 
of the sufferers. Dr. Babcock was selected for this service, 
and was received by Wooster with great cordiality, who soon 
became his warm personal friend. The Gencrai placed the 
young physician in charge of the hospital, where he remained 
until the town was destroyed by the enemy. His residence was 
in the family of Thaddeus Benedict. Esq., a prominent lawyer 
of the place, whose daughter he married. 

"When Gen. Wooster followed the retreating British troops 
from Danbury to Ridgefield he was accompanied by Surgeon 

112 The Babcock Genealogy. ( 

Babcock, who was the only Continental surgeon present and 

who first informed the dying General his wound was mortal. 

He assisted in conveying him to the house in which he died, 

where he was joined by Dr. Turner and other physicians. In 5 

the year following Dr. Babcock was placed in charge of the 

hospital at Fort Arnold, West Point. f. 

"During the autumn of 1780 he was sent to the army hos- 
pitals at Newport and Tiverton, R. I., where the dysentery was 
raging violently among the American and French troops. 

"His labors and exposures were excessive, and he was seized 
with the disease of the camp and died very suddenly, Nov. 2, 
1780. His only child, William, was about six months old at the 
death of his father. To him while yet a child a beautifully 
wrought medal was given by sundry citizens of Danbury ac- 
companied by a resolution expressive of respect for the charac- 
ter, patriotism, and public service of his father." 

The U. S. War Department, under date of July 13, 1900, 
furnished the following records: 

"Christopher Babcock served as S. M. in the Hospital Dept. 
of Conn., Rev. War. His name appears on an account 
dated at office of Army Account Feb. 7, 1 789, with remarks. 
Commencement of pay Oct. 19, 1777. Time of service. 
2-2-1 1." 

Child : 

371 William Avery, 7 b. Apr. 15, 17S0; m. Abigail Cook. 


160. Elizabeth, dau. of Oliver and Anna (Avery) Bab- 
cock (James, James, John, James 1st), b. Jan. 15, 1759: 
d. Vernon Center, N. Y., Apr. 10, 1832; m. 1785, John Foot, 
of New Concord, N. Y. For the last eight years of her life 
she was blind. 
Children : 

Zilpha, b. ; d. in old age, unm. 

Oliver, b. . 

Avery, b. 

Jobn, b. . 

Epbraim, b. . 

Clarrisa, b. . 

Scla, b. . 

Altana, b. ; d. young. 

Daniel B., b. 

161. Hon. Daniel, son Oliver and Anna (Avcrv) Babcock 

(James, James, John, James 1st), b. N. Stoning! on. 

Conn., Aug. 31, 1702, the youngest of nine children. I lis 


1 -z 
i - 

U 2 



II r 

ii 85 

' a C 
s n 


» ■ ' , ■ ! — ' 7 iiy ". ' . ' J ' ," v 1 - i f 



' 'V- $&&£$ 

\m\/l - ^H 

— i_ 

The Babcock Genealogy. i J 3 

father died when he was nine years of age and for the next 
five years his home and that of his mother was with his eldest 
brother, Joshua, on the homestead farm. At fourteen he was 
apprenticed to Elder Henry Clark, who was a blacksmith and 
operated iron works at what is now Woodville, in Hopkin- 
ton, R. I. When Fort Griswold, at Groton, Conn., was be- 
sieged by the British the young man started with others to 
assist the garrison, but on reaching Mystic, Conn., they learned 
that the garrison had surrendered. "He and his comrades 
'wept like children' at not being able to render assistance." ( S. 
S. Griswold's History of Hopkinton, p. S3, 1876.) From other 
sources we learn that he drove an ox team from Hopkinton to 
New London, a distance of twenty-live miles, with provisions 
for the army and did other home guard duty along the Rhode 
Island shore, but never asked for a pension. Serving out his 
apprenticeship he began business as a blacksmith at Potter 
Hill, R. 1., where he m. Apr. 8, 1784. Content'' 1 Potter, dan. 
of 106 George and Content Maxson Potter, and after six years 
he removed to Hopkinton. now Ashaway, where the remainder 
of his life was spent. He was a man highly esteemed both in 
the church and community, a member of the First S. D. B. 
Church of Hopkinton. he served his church as deacon for 
about fifty-eight years, and as chorister for almost fifty years. 
He was a deacon in the truest sense, his home being always 
open to the poor and needy. Alive to whatever was helpful 
to individual character, we find him one of the first pioneers 
for total abstinence in Rhode Island. He was a devout Chris- 
tian, and a true gentleman of the old school. 

For forty-six years he was Justice of the Peace, for nine 
years, 1807-16, he was a member of the Upper House of the 
State, elected by general prox and carried with him the suf- 
frage of all parties, retaining the office by unanimous vote. 
For ten years he was Judge of the County Court of Washing- 
ton County, and several times represented his town in the 
Lower House of the Legislature. Becoming widely known, he 
was called near and far as arbiter and counselor in difficult 
cases, in both Church and State. He was an intimate friend 
and counselor of Governors Fcnner, Knight, and others; was 
a friend and relative of Rufus Babcock, D.D., and was loved 
and honored by all. His brothers Capt. Oliver and Dr. Chris- 
topher were distinguished officers in the Revolutionary War. 
He died at Ashaway. R. I.. Sept. 18, 1846. 

Reference is made to "Hon. Daniel Babcock" in Rhode 
Island Biographical Cyclopedia of Representative Men, in 


163. Grace," dan. of Timothy and Lois (Billings) BalKpck 

(James, James. John, James ist). 1>. at the old Babcock 


114 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Westerly and Its Witnesses, and by William Henry Potter in 
Narragansett Weekly, Jan. 3, 1862. To these sources we are 
indebted for much of the above sketch. 

Content Totter Babcock, wife of lion. Daniel, was bom at 
Potter Hill, R. 1.. May 25, 1705. and died at Ashaway, R. I.. \ 

Sept. 14, 1850. She was a descendant of James Babcock, who 

was horn in England in 1612 and m. Elizabeth . Their 

son John m. Mary Lawton; John's son George m. Elizabeth 
Hall. George's dan. Mary Babcock, 1>. Westerly, R. I.. Sept. 
20, 1^95, m. Thomas Potter, who was b. at N. Kingston, R. I., 
Feb. S, \C)CjC). Their son 10O George was the father of Content 
Potter Babcock. lie was b. at Westerly, now Hopkinton, p 

R. I., Jan. 3, 1732, and m. Content Maxson, Sept. [8, 1754. 
They settled at Potter Hill. R. I. 

Children : 

y]2 Daniel, 7 b. Dec. 16, 1784; m. Ann Almy. 
2,72, Betsy, b. Feb. 21, 17X7; in. George Irish. 

374 Jacob 1)., 1). Jan. jo, 1789; m. Elizabeth Almy 

375 Nancy (Ann), b. May 9, 1701 ; 111. Col. Henry Potter. 

George Potter, b. Nov. 4. 1705, Hopkinton. Was a merchant in 
New York, where he died Sept. 29, 1825; in. at Hopkinton. R. I., 
Apr. ig, 1825, Sarah Babcock, dan. of 239 Hezekiah and Mary 
(Brown) Babcock, b. Hopkinton, K. 1., Mar. 29, 1804; d. Wind- 
ham, Conn., June 1. 1876. She m. (2) at Windham. Conn., 
Frederick Campbell, by whom she had a number of children. 
George had no children. 

376 Oliver, b. Dec. 12, 1797: m. Phebe Babcock. 
277 Lncy. b. Jan. 24, 1S01 ; m. David Almy. 
378 Mary, b. Nov. 2. 1807; m. Peleg Saunders. 

Emily, b. June 14, 1810. Hopkinton (Ashaway), R. I.; d. Asha- 
way, May 22, 1890, unm. j 

162. Timothy, Jr.. son of Timothy and Lois (Billings) 
Babcock (James, James, John, James ist). b. in X. 
Stonington, Conn.. Aug. 22. 1747; d. in Ashford, Conn.; m. 
Esther Billings, of Stonington (?). Their first child was b. 
in Stonington, the remaining five in Ashford, Conn. 

Children : 1 

Billings, b. Aug. 4, 1771. Living in Akron, O.. 1844. 
Daughter, b. ; m. Hutchins. Lived in Vermont. 

379 Timothy. 7 b. 1777: m. Martha Bugbee. 

380 Archibald, b. Mar. X, 17X0; m. (1) Hannah Richards; m. (2) 

Elizabeth Wyman, 

Achsash, b. ; m. Thomas Aspinwall. Lived in Mansfield. 

Conn. It is said the Aspinwalls introduced the silk culture into * 

Mansfield, near the close of the eighteenth ccnturv. 

381 Thomas Palmer, b. Nov. 26, 1793; m. Emily Roice. 


The Babcock Genealogy. 115 

homestead, N. Stonington, Conn.. Sept. 4, 1753; m. Stoning- 
ton, Conn., Feb. 28, 1771. Samuel Plumb, Jr., her full cousin, 
lie was the sixth child of Samuel and ( Irace ( Balwrock) Plumb, 
b. Stonington, Aug. 1 |, 1740. Removed to Vermont, where 
he d. [820 (?). Most of Ins family in. and settled in 
Children : 

Sarah Plumb, 1). — — ; 111 — — Sunnier. 

Grace Plumb, 1). ; m. Samuel Campbell. 

Samuel Plumb, l>. 177S (?)■ m. Elizabeth Baldwin, d. 1S14. 
Green Plumb, h. Sept. 29, 1780: m. Melinda Richardson, d. 1854. 

Lois Plumb. I). . Was a cripple; num. 

Philura Plumb, b. ; m. Blake. 

164. John, son of Timothy, Sr., and Thankful (Read) Bab- 
cock (James, James. John, James 1st), 1>. X. Stoning- 
ton, Conn., July _'6, 1703; d. Apr. 24. 1S06; m. at X. 
Stonington, Oct. 18. 17S7. Louisa, dan. of Robert and Sarah 
Gilmore, of Keene, X. 11.. 1>. there June 30. 1704, d. in \V. 
Quincy, Mass., at the residence' of her youngest son, Robert 
Gilmore Babcock, Mar. 21, 1844. Her remains are buried in 
lot No. 15 of the Hall Cemetery. \Y. Quincy, Mass. A head- 
stone with the word "Grandmother" marks the spot. 

Her father, Robert Gilmore, during the War of the Revolu- 
tion, was loyal to the king of England, lie had the courage 
of his convictions, and dearly it cost him. lie was by the Gen- 
eral Assemblv of Xew Hampshire arrested, confined in jail. 
his estate confiscated, and finally he was banished from the 
State. The history in full of his tribulations can be found in 
the State papers of New Hampshire. 

The date of birth of John Babcock appears upon the Stoning- 
ton town records as July 26, 1706. 

Children, b. in Stonington and Pomfret, Conn.: 

382 John Read. 7 b. July (?) 28. 1788; m. Eliza Ely. 

383 Louisa Miner, b. Dec. 17, 1789; m. Jesse Drown. 

384 Robert Gilmore. b. Feb. 29. 1792; m. (1) Sally Otis; m. (2) 

Lucy Blackmail. 

165. James, son of Timothy and Thankful (Read) Bab- 
cock (James. James. John, James 1st), b. at the old Bab- 
cock homestead, X. Stonington, Conn.. July 5, 1 770 : d. Alex- 
andria, X. V., [S54: m. ( 1 ) at X. Stonington. May 15. 1791. 
Sarah Budlong, of Voluntown, d. Sherburne. X. V.. Feb. -'4, 
1809: m. (2) Dec. 10. 1S09, Hi illy Scott, d. Sept. 10. 1S14. 
no issue; m. (3) at Hamilton, X. V.. Feb. 8, 1815, Prudence 

n6 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Waters, (I. Sherburne, Dec. 27, [825; in. (4) at Sherburne, 
Nov. 5, 1S26, Lois Hibbard, d. Alexandria, X. Y., 1845, n0 

Feb. 23, 1793. James Babcock sold his interest in his father's 
estate to his brother-in-law, Stanton Campbell. . About 1798 
he removed from N. Stonington, Conn., to Sherburne, X. Y. 
It is very probable that he removed from Sherburne to Ham- 
ilton, X. Y., about 181 1 ; later moved back to Sherburne; 
then removed to Alexandria, where several of his children were 
living in 1832. 

Children by first wife (fust three b. at N. Stonington, others 

at Sherburne. X. Y.) : j 


Sarah, b. July 4, 170.?; in. Bradshaw. Lived and died in 

Michigan. No children. 

385 Daniel,' h. July 14. 1704; in. Harriet Page. 

386 Lydia, b. May J, 1797; m. Horace Craine. 

387 Nancy, b. Apr. 28, [799; in. - — - Parmeter. 

388 Polly, b. May 5, 1801; m.. William Ho lines. 

389 Rectina, b. May 9, 1803; m. Solomon Porter. 

390 Rhodes, b. Apr. 30, 1805; m. Melisia Thorn. 
Joseph, b. May 13, 1807; d. Alexandria, July 27. 1K71 ; in. Expe- 
rience George, dan. of Page George, of Alexandria. They 
adopted a child, which they called Rhodes Babcock; d. at 2 
years of age. 

391 Philena, b. Feb. 18, 1809; m. Donning. 

Children by third wife: 

Orra Maria, b. Nov. 2r, 1815; d. Hamilton, N. Y., May 4, 1877; 
111. Collins. No issue. f 

392 Ora, b. June 16, 1S17; m. Catherine Derosic. 

393 Orrin, b. Apr. 6, 1819; m. Elmira Babcock. / 

166. Thomas, 6 son of Nathan and Deborah (Stafford) Bab- 
cock (Samuel, James, John, James 1st), b. Westerly. 

R. I., June 29, 1749. The town records of Warwick. R. I., 
show that Thomas Babcock of Westerly and Sarah Wareman. 
dau. of Capt. John, deceased, of Coventry, were m. by Elder 
Charles Holden, Nov. 3. 1774. It is probable the above 
Thomas Babcock was the son of Nathan. One son onlv is re- 
corded upon the town records of Warwick, R. I., as being; born 
to them : 

Thomas, b. Mar. 20, 1778. 

167. Anna, 8 dau. of Nathan and Deljorah (Stafford) Bab- 
cock (Samuel, James. John. James 1st), b. Westerly. 

R. I., Nov. 9. 1752. d. ; m. May 10, 1777, Rowland, son 

of William Champlain. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 117 

"Children : 

Hannah, b. Oct. 31, 1770; d. Apr. 18, 1780. 
Nathan, 1>. Sept. 7, 1780. 
Jeffrey, h. Aug. 27, 1783. 

168. Andrew, son of Nathan and Elizabeth (Brown) Bab- 
cock (Samuel, James, John, James 1st), b. Apr. 6, 1705. 

at Westerly; d. Oct." 29. 1817; m. at Westerly, Bathsheba, 
dan. of Simeon and Mercy (Palmer) Pendleton, b. July 13, 
1763, Westerly, d. Mar. 10. 1854. 

Andrew Babcock left a large estate in Westerly, and in his 
will mentions his sisters Deborah Pendleton, Nancy Ann Cham- 
plain, wife of Rowland, Dorcas Barter, wife of Nathan Bar- 
ber, Jr., Lucy and Nancy Babcock, daughters of his brother 
Samuel, deceased. Andrew, son of his brother Charles, and 
John, son of his late brother Thomas. He made his brother 
Charles his executor. 

169. Jonathan, son of Nathan and Elizal>eth (Brown) 
Babcock (Samuel. James. John, James 1st), b. West- 
erly, R. I., Dec. 14, 1760; was thrown from his wagon in 
Brookfield, N. Y., and killed, Aug. 4, 1831 ; m. Elizabeth 
Adams, of Norwich, Conn., 1794. In 1807 removed to Brook- 
field, N. Y. 

Children : 

394 Jonathan,' 1). Sept. 13. 1705; m. Mary E. Bahcock. 

Harry, 1>. Mar. 11, 1797. Went South. 

Betsey, h. June 20, 1709; d. young. 

Nancy, h. Jan. 24, 1801 ; m. Nathaniel Greene, of Brookfield, N. Y. ; 
d. soon after. 

Elory, h. ; d. young. 

Phebe, b. ; m. Ruel Keith. 

David, b. 1808; d. 1825. 

Elisa, h. ; in. Isaiah Holmes: res. 1880 Huron, Dak. 

Bathsheha, b. ; unin. ; d. in Syracuse. 

Harriet, h. ; unm. ; d. in Syracuse. Oct. 11. 1901. 

Mary, b. ; m. Edward Bartlct. She d. Aug. 25, 1890, at Ver- 
milion, N. Y. 

Hannah, b. ; unm.; d. at Syracuse, N. Y. 

170. Charles/' son of Nathan and Elizabeth (Brown) Bab- 
cock (Samuel. James. John, James 1st), b. Westerly, 

R. I., Aug. 23. 1770; d. Brookfield. N. Y.. Feb. 23, 1834; 
m. Jan. 1, 1792. Tacy. dan. of Samuel and Mercy (Saunders) 
Langworthy, b. Hopkinton, R. I.. July 1, 1773, d. June 17. 
1838. in Brookfield. 

Tradition savs they were the second white family in Brook- 
field, N. Y. 

ii8 . The Babcock Gencalogx 


Children : 

395 Charles, 1 1>. Aug. 28, ir')-*; m. Martha Gardner. 

396 Jonathan, b. July _>o. 171)4; in. Julia T. Chesehrough. 

Tacy, 1>. Nov. 14. 171/). Brookrteld. X. Y. : d. at Verona, N. Y., 
Sept. 6, 1852; m. at Brookficld, N. V.. July 18, 1X44, [chabod 
Williams. No -children. 

397 Samuel, 1». July 7. 1710; m. Hannah William-. f 
Welcome, b. Alar. 30. 1S01. Brookficld, N. Y ; d. at Danielsonville. 

Conn., July 18. 1868; in (1) Apr. 4. [831, I'li/a Scott; in. (>) 
Apr. 6, 1842, Mary Ann Wood; d. Dec, 1894. No children. 

398 Andrew, b. Oct. 28. [803; in. Orvilla Bailey. 

399 Henry C, b. Oct. 1 }. iSoq ; m. Temperance Burdick. 

Martha, b. Brookficld. N. Y., Oct. 29. 1X07; d. Oct. iX, 1872; m. 

Brookficld, X. Y.. Nov. J7. 1843, Abel G. Lewis. Had one son. / 

who married, and had a family. 
Horace, b. Brookficld. N. Y., Jan. 31, 1X10; d. Any. 11, 1811. 

400 Ellcry, 1>. Nov. 27, 1811; m. Fanny Burdick. 

401 Albert, 1). July 6. 1X14; in. Orletta S. Green. } 

171. Deborah, 6 dan. of Nathan and Elizabeth (Brown) 
Babcock (Samuel, James, John, James 1st), b. Aug". (6, 

1772, Westerly, R. 1.. d. Warren, Pa.,' Mar. 16, 1836; m. Oet. 
25, 1792. George, son of John and Sebra (Thompson) Pendle- 
ton, of Westerly, b. there July 24. 1768, d. Apr. 3, 1814. 
Children : 

Deborah, b. Oct. 23. 1793. 
George, b. June 30, 1795. 

172. Nathan, son of Nathan and Dorcas (Babcock) Bab- 
cock (Samuel, James, John, James 1st), b. Westerly. 

R. I., Oct. 30, 1783; m. Mar. iS. 1S05. Patty, dan. of Peleg 
Barber. He removed with his family to Pennsylvania. 
Children : 


Frank, b. Jan. 17. 1X00 ( ? ) . * 

William, b. 1X07 (?). ' 

Eliza, 1). 1808 ( ?). 

Nathan, 1>. 1S10 ( ?). • ( 

Martha. 1). 1X12 ( ?). ' 

Isaac, b. 1814 ( ?). 

Sherman, b. 1816 ( ?). 

173. David, son of Nathan and Dorcas (Babcock) Babcock 

(Samuel, James. John. James 1st), b. Westerly, K. I.. 
Aug. i(). 17S4; (1. Leonards vi lie, X. Y.. Aug. 22. 1863; in. 
Westerly. R. [., Apr. 7. [807, Fanny, dan. of John and Mary 
TilTt. b. Westerly. R. [., Mar. 29, 17SS. ,1. Brookfield, X. V., 
Sept. 21, 1S42. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 119 

Children : 

401 David F.,' 1>. Sept. _m. 1809; m. Maria York. 

403 John, I). Dec. i(j, iXio; m. ( i _) Sarali (jreennian ; m. (_') Lorett 


174. Paul, son of Samuel, Jr., and Mary (Smith) Babcock 
(Samuel, James, John, James 1st), b. Westerly. Mar. 30. 

1760; d. Westerly, Apr. 21, 1845; m. Nov. 30, 1780. Char- 
lotte, dau. of James and Damarius (Kenyon) Crandall. of 
Richmond. She was half-sister to Damarius Crandall, wife of 
John Babcock. She was b. Westerly, May 10, 1704. d. June 
20, J843. Doth were buried in the ancient Babcock burial 
ground in Westerly, R. I., and have inscribed gravestones, 
from which the dates of their deaths were copied. Paul Bab- 
cock was a Revolutionary pensioner in 1840. . 

It is believed that Raul Babcock was one of the fourteen 
that capsized off Point Judith en route from Westerly to rein- 
force Gen. Sullivan in 1777. and who by a merciful Providence 
was saved. The report of the Committee to the Rhode Island 
General Assembly includes the following (see C. R. of R. I.) : 

"Articles belonging to Raul Babcock, one gun, one hat, one 
shoe and brass buckle, all at 6 pounds 3 shillings." 

Children, b. Westerly : 

404 Charlotte,' b. Sept. 15, 1781 ; m. Augustus Crandall, Jr. 

405 Damarius, li. Oct. 14. 17X3: m. Nathan Burch. 

406 Mary, b. May 2, 17X7; m. Kenyon Crandall. 

407 Paul, I). June 3. 1791 ; 111. Amy Clark. 
Hannah, b. Jan. lu, 1800; d. Mar. 31, 1S48. 

175. Silas, 8 son of Samuel and Mary (Smith) Babcock 

(Samuel, James, John, James 1st), b. Westerly, R. I., 

Apr. 10, 1764. d. Sept. 23, 1819; m. at Richmond. R. I.. 

Jan. 18. 1787. Mercy, dau. of John and Elizabeth (Webster) 

Kenyon, Richmond, R. I., b. Oct. 29, 1763. d. Sept. 2T,, 1819. 

Children : 

Samuel, l>. Preston, Conn., Oct. i<». 17N7; d. 1863. 
Silas, 1). Westerly, Aug. 9, 1789; d. young. 
Silas, b. ; d. young. 

176. Jared, son of Samuel and Mary (Smith) Babcock 

(Samuel, James. John. James 1st). 1>. Westerly. R. I.. 
Feb. 11. 1766; d. Charlestown. R. I.. Dec. 8, 1842: m. (1) 
Hopkinton. R. I.. Oct. 2^. 1781). Martha, dau. of Deacon 
Daniel and Amey (Clark) Lewis, 1>. FTopkinton, R. I.. Nov. 
29. i77°- (1 - Nov. 26, 1826: m. (2) June 2^, 1830. Charles- 
town, R. I.. Amy Lewis, 1>. 1773. d. June 1. 1S4J. No children 
by second marriage. 

120 . The Babcock Genealogy. 

Jared was Lieutenant of Militia in 1795 for Westerly. He 

was Justice for Westerly in 1817. (Smith.) Jared and his 
wives and children were buried in what is now the first IIop- 
kinton Cemetery, near Potter Hill, R. I. 
Children : 

Martha, b. Aug. 8, 1790. 
408 Jarcd,' i>. Aug. 8, ]~i)2) in. Lois Ross. 
Clark, b. May 21, 1796; d. Jan. 8, 1827. 

177. Thankful, dau. of Samuel and Mary (Smith) Bab- 
cock (Samuel. James, John, fames 1st), b. Westerly, 
R. I., Feb. 15, 1768; d. Brookfield, X. Y., Sept. 24, 1843; 
m. James, son of James and Dnmarius (Kenyon) Crandall, d. 
Persia, X. Y., Sept. 12, 1842, aged seventy-six. Thankful 
was his second wife. They settled at Brookfield, X. Y. 
Children : 

Charlotte, b. Apr. 24, 1794; in. Barton Brand. 
Hannah, b. Jan. 25, 1796; m. Dr. Darius Chapin. 

Paul K., b. Aug. 10, 1799; m. Nancy Nichols. 

Rev. Samuel, b. Feb. 8, iSoj; d. , Apr. 28, 1836; in. Lorindc 

William, b. Aug. 8, 1806; m. Nancy 1 (Ann) Babcock. 
Mary, b. Dec. II, 1808; d, Dec. 19. 1834. 


Hannah, b. 1769; d. Feb. 7, 1826. 

179. John Prentice, son of Isaac, and Mary (Worden) 
Babcock (Daniel, James, John. James 1st), b. Westerly, 
R. I., Oct. 4, 1750; d. Sept. 6. 1 78 1 : m. Mar. 15, 1778, Anna, 
dau. of William and Anna (Gavitt) Gavin, b. Dec. 29, 1761. 
John Prentice was a soldier in the War of the Revolution, 
and lost his life at the battle of Fort Griswold, Conn. ]\\ a 
work The Battle of Groton Heights, by Charles Allvn. New 
London, Conn., 1882. is the following: "In the old burving 
ground at Burnett's Corners in Groton is found the following 
epitaph of John P. Babcock: 'In memory of John P. Babcock, 
who together with a small party of Americans in Fort Gris- 

178. Phebe, dau. of Isaac and Mary (Worden) Babcock 
(Daniel, James, John, James 1st), b. Westerly, R. I., 
July 24, 1748; d. June 7, 1836; m. Mar. 22. 1767, Deacon 
Ezekiel, son of Ezekiel and 34 Amy (Babcock) Gavitt, b. June 
15, 1 74 1, d. Sept. 12, 1825. Both buried in the Gavitt burying 
ground near Quarry Hill, Westerly, R. I. 

Ezekiel was deacon in the Hill Church, town of Westerlv. 

Child : 

The Babcock Genealogy. 121 

wold withstood an assault made by a detachment of British 
troops until being - overcome by superior numbers. He was 
massacred Sept. 6, 17X1, age 30 yrs.' " 

Mr. Allyn in his work gives a list of all who were left 
widows by the battle, and on p. 135 is found the following: 
"Anna Babcock, widow of John Prentice, clothier, was left 
with two small children and small real estate, not much more 
than enough to pay the debts." 

Child: ' 

409 Stanton Prentice, 7 b. Dec. 15, 1778; m. Lucy Crary. 

180. Isaac, son of Isaac and Mary (Worden) Babcock 
(Daniel, James, John, James 1st), b. Westerly, Jan. 15, 
1754; d. Groton, Conn., Aug. 31, 1811; m. Nov. 12, 17S0, 
Amy, dan. of Deacon Ezekiel and 34 Amy (Babcock) Gavitt, 
b. Westerly, July 27, 1864. d. Dimock, Pa., Aug. 17. 1849. 

Isaac Babcock removed from Westerly to Groton, Conn., 
where he bought a farm and built a large house, "a 
mansion for those days," on the bank or near the Thames 
River. This land and several adjoining farms have since been 
purchased by the United States for a Navy Yard. 

Revolutionary record of Isaac, Jr., given by one of his de- 
scendants, states that he enlisted in Westerly in Capt. Pendle- 
ton's Company of Col. Joseph Noyes's Regiment, and served 
for two years. On the 5th of Sept.. 1781, there came a rap 
at his door and a shout. "The British are landing." He kissed 
his wife, who was just then in labor with her first child, seized 
his gun and started for his regiment. The wife fainted and 
the child died. 

Years after the death of her husband the widow of Isaac 
Babcock sold her property in Groton, Conn., and with her 
family removed to Dimock. Pa., and settled on a farm. Her 
son Isaac owned the adjoining farm. In 1836 she sold land to 
Stanton Babcock in Westerly, R. I., that she had received by 
will from her brother Ezekiel Gavitt. 

Children : 

Lucy, b. Mar. 10. 1783; d. i860; in. Perkins. 

Sarah, b. Apr. 18. 1785; d. 1S70. 

John Prentice. 1>. Preston, Conn.. Oct. 13, 17S7. 

410 Isaac, 7 b. Dec. 25, 1789; 111. Lucretia Gardner. 
Mary, b. Groton, Conn.. May 31, 1704. 

Dcnison Avery, b. Groton, Conn.. Feb. 28. 1702; m. Keziah 

Smith. She in. (2) D. R. Stoddard, and settled in Groton. 
Gordon, b. Groton. Conn.. June 2. !7<>o. 

411 Ezekiel, b. May 22, 1798; in. Lydia Gardner. 

122 The Babcock Genealogy. 

41 2 Prances Mitchell, l>. Nov. 12, 17^): m. Parncll l r .1y. 

Phebe, b. Groton, A]>r. 24, [802; 111. and settled in Diraock, Pa. 
Garinda, b. Groton, Mar j;. 1805; m. and settled in Harford, Pa. 

181. Mary, 6 dau. of Isaac and Mary (Wordert) Ba1>cock 

(Daniel. James, J<>lm, James 1st), 1). Westerly, Mar. 1 1, 
1757; in. Dec. _\ 1781. I'eleg, son of Peleg and Hannah 
(Lewis) Ross, b. Mar. 29, 1701. 
Children . 

Prentice Babcock, 1>. June _•_'. 1782, in Westerly. 
Mary, b. June _*S, 17S4, in llopkintou. 
Anne, 1). Oct. _•<>, 1 jSf >. in Volant wn, Conn. 
Peleg, 1). May 27, 1789, in Westerly. 
Isaac, h. May 12, 1793. in Sheffield, Mass. 

182. AiMos ,: son of Isaac and Mary (VVordcn) Babcock 

(Daniel, James, John, James 1st), b. Westerly, Aug. i, 
1759, m. Dec. 2, 1781. Mary Babcock. 

"In 1776 Amos Babcock was a Revolutionary soldier in 
Capt. Arnold's Company, Col. Lippit's Reg"." (Spirit of '76 
in Rhode Island, by Benjamin Cornell.) 

Children : 

Charlotte, 1>. Nov. 4. 1784. 
Amos, Jr., 1>. Mar. 30, 1790. 
Anne, b. Apr. 1, 1793. 

183. JkssfV' son of Isaac and Mary (Worden) Babcock 

(Daniel, James, John, James 1st), Westerly, R. I., 
June 16, 1708; d. Fulton, X. Y., May 26, 1844; m. at West- 
erly, R. I., June 23, 1 /8<>. Hannah, dau. of Isaac Thompson, 
1). Westerly, [769, d. Fulton, X. Y., 1851. 

June 23. i8o_\ he was ordained Elder, and succeeded Elder 
Elkanah Babcock as fourth and last Babcock pastor of the old 
"Hill Church." "During the latter part of his ministry a per- 
son asked a memher of the church. "Who leads your meetings 
now?' and was answered. 'Nobodv deads, but Elder lessc 
drives.' " (W. and W. ) 

Late in life he removed to Fulton. X'. V., where, with his 
children, he spent the remainder of his days. 

Children, b. in Westerly: 

Hannah, 1>. Sept. 22. i7<>o: d. Nashville. Tenn.; m. Elder Ferguson. 

Betsey, h. Oct. 7. 1792; d. Sept. 3. 1865. Pultun, N. Y. : in. West- 
erly, Jan. .}. 1813, Joseph, son uf Samuel and Submit (Palmer) 
Chcsebrough, 1>. Ian. 21, 1782. 

Mary. I). Oct. S, 1704 ; .1. Phetnix, N. V.. Oct. 14, 18X5; m. Ful- 
ton, N. V., Leman Carncs. 



The Babcock Genealogy. 123 

Rhoda, 1». Mar. 7 [798; d. Milwaukee, Wis.; m. Fulton, X Y., 

Harvey Canner. 
Lucy. b. July 31, i.Xoo; d. Westerly; in. Paul Bradford, of 

Phebe, l>. Sept. .?, [802; d. Milwaukee, Wis.; m. Fulton, George 


413 Jesse,' 1). Aug. 31, 1806; in. Emetine Thompson. 

Lydia, b. Feb. 8, 1809; d. Feb. 8. 1832, in Fulton, N. V. : m. Oliver 

Ahhy, 1>. June 21, [8li; <1. Fulton, Dec. [4, 1853; m. Fulton, Hiram 

John C, i>. July 1. 1814; d Fujton, 1886; in. Fulton, Eliza, dan. 

of Roger Nelson, of Fulton. 

184. Joshua, son of Isaac and Man- (Worclen) Babcock 

(Daniel, James, John, James rst), b. Westerly, R. L, 
June 23, 1770; m. Mar. 11. 1792, Ruth Greene. 
Children. 1>. in Westerly : 

Oliver, 1) Dec. 21, 1702. 
Silvia, I). Aug. 19, 1704. 
Ephraim, b. Mar. 15. i7')<>. 
Lodowick, I). Feb. 14. 1798. 
Thankful, 1>. Feb. 1, 1N00. 

185. William, 1 '' son of William and Patience (Cnttrcll) 
Babcock (Daniel. James. John. James 1st), b. West- 
erly, Feb. 23, 1750; m. Penelope . 

Children, l>. in Westerly (A. V. R.) : 

Nancy, b. Jan. 27, 1775: in. William Blivan. 

414 John, 7 b. Oct. 14. 17S0; m. Catherine Rhenhart. 
Sylvester, 1>. July 10. [783. 

Jesse, b. Oct. 1. 1785. 
Daniel, b. July 10. 1788; limn. 
Clark, h. Sept. 28, 1700. 
Eunice, b. Dec. 17. 1793. 

186. ANNA, dan. of William and Patience (Cottrell) Bab- 
cock (Daniel. James. John, James 1st), b. Westerly. 

R. I.. Mar. 26, 1753: m. Mar. iS. 1773. at Westerly. Robert, 
son of Elias and Thankful (Stanton*) Thompson, of Westerly. 
b. May 21. 1752. (A. V. R.) 

Robert, h. Mar. 28, 1778. 

187. James, son of James and Mary (Satterlee) Babcock 

(Daniel. James. John, James i<t). b. Westerly. R. [., 
July 31, 1753: d. Rrookficld, X. Y. : m. Jan. 20, 1777. Sarah, 
dan. of John and Hannah (Saunders) Ross, of Westerly, b. 
Aug. 28. 175 1. 

124 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children : 

Hannah, b. Sept. 3, 1777; m. Richard Berry (?). 

415 Jesse, 1 b. May 20, 17S4; in. Prudence Whitford. 

Martlia, b. Mar. 30, 17N); d. Cleveland, O. ; in. James Lewis. 
Abigail, b. July 20, I7.X<>; m. Wilson. 

416 Joshua, b. Mar. 20, 1793; in. (1) Betsy Dorman; m. (2) Lena 


Nancy, b. I&tt; m. John P. Hall (?). 

191. Delight, 6 dau. of Elder Elkanah and Esther (Cran- 
dall) Babcock (Daniel. James. John. James 1st), b. 



188. DANIEL, son of James and Mary (Satterlee) Hancock 

(Daniel, James, John, James tst), l>. in Westerly. R. I., 
Feb. 25, 1755; m. Mar. 1. 1 7- S 4 , Hannah Burdick. She and 
her twin sister Desire were youngest children of Peter and 
Esther (Gavitt) Burdick, 1>. Apr. jo. [768. f 

Children, b. Westerly, R. f. (A. V. K.) : 

Hannah, b. Feb. 12, 17S5. 

417 Elder Daniel, 1 1). Nov. 17. 1786 ; m. (1) Lois Potter; m. (2) 

Deborah Teft. 
Hannah, b. Stonington, Mar. 30. 1789; m. William Hamilton. 

418 James, b. Jan. 16, 1791 ; m. Esther Fish. 
Lee, 1). Jan. 26, 1795. 
Desire, b. Feb. 21, 1797. 

189. Henry, son of James and Mary (Satterlee) Babcock 

(Daniel, James, John. James ist), b. Westerly, June 23. 
l 7S7> m - Aug. 4, 1778, Prudence, dan. of Hezekiah Gavitt, of 
Westerly : 
Children : 

419 Henry, 7 b. July 22, 1779; m. Fanny West. 

420 James, b. Oct. 16, 17S1 ; m. Mary Nugent. 
Ezekiel, b. Oct. 22, 1783. 

421 Asa, b. Apr. 26, 1786; m. Mary Gavitt. 

Nancy, b. Oct. 17, 17!^; m. Mar. 31. 1S05. Wc-tcrly. William, 
son of John and Anna (Rathbone) Thompson, b. Mar. 19, i7(>o. 
No record of children found. 

Joshua, b. Apr. 18, 1791 ; d. Jan.. 1704. 

Hannah, b. Sept. 18, 1794; m. (1) Sims; m. (2) David Rath- 
bun. No record of children. ' 

Sarah, b. July 17, 1796; m. (1) Nathan Thompson; m. (2) 
Sheldon Clark. 

190. Joshua," son of Elkanah and Esther (Crandall) Bab- 
cock (Daniel. James. John, James ist), b. Westerly. 

R. I., May 8. 1708; d. Aug. 2. 1S02; m. Dec. 13, 1S01. 
Nancy, dan. of John Crandall. 
Child : 


The Babcock Genealogy. 125 

Westerly, R. I., Feb. S, 1768: 111. Mar. 13. 1704, Lemuel Vose, 
son of Joshua and Mary Vose, b. Westerly, Dec. 2, 1707. 
Children : 

422 Lemuel, 1 Jr., b. Oct. o, i7</>; in. Mary A. States. 

Sophia, I). Oct. 8, 1799; in. Westerly, Oct. 21, 1814, Stephen Wil- 
cox, Jr. 
Charles, b. Feb. 6, l.So7. 

192. Amelia, 6 dan. of Elder Elkanali and Esther (Crandall) 

Babcock (Daniel, James, John, James 1st), b. Westerly, 
R. I., Mar. 5, 1770; d. Jan. 7, 1844; m. Amos, son of John 
and Susanna (Champlain) Stanton, b. Mar. 25, 1768, in Ston- 
ington, Conn.; d. there, June 8, 1S41. 
Children, b. in Stonington: 

Amelia Stanton, b. Nov. 2, 1792; m. Samuel Hiscox, her cousin. 
Lived in New York City. 

Lodowick, b. Jan. 28, 1705; 111. Hannah, dau. of Dea. John Stanton. 

Susan, b. Aug. \j, 1708; m. Russel Bentley, of North Stonington. 

Sophronia, b. June. 1801 ; m. Saxton Maine, of Stonington. 

Amos, b. July 22. 1804; m. Triphcna Brown. 

Avery, b. Sept. 21, 1806; d. May 22. 1827, 1111m. 

Caroline, b. Oct. 19. 1810: in. Feb. 28, 18.^2, Samuel, son of Ste- 
phen and Marcy (Hinckley) Babcock. b. 1798, in Stonington. 

Hosea, b. Dec. 25, 1815; m. Mary E. Thompson. 

193. Rev. Luke, c son of Elder Elkanah and Esther (Cran- 
dall) Babcock (Daniel, James, John. James 1st), b. 

Westerly, k. I., May 1, 1774; d. Mar. 26, 1851 ; m. 1796 (?), 
Desire Frink, of Stonington. b. July 7, 1772, d. Pharsalia. 
N. Y., Mar. 26, 1851. 

About 1800 Luke Babcock bought and located on three hun- 
dred acres of land at Norwich, \\ Y.. but later sold out and 
settled at what he believed a more healthy location at Pharsa- 
lia, N. Y., where he again bought three hundred acres of 
land, upon which he spent the remainder of his days. Upon 
his new location he built a house and barn, and later erected 
a weaving shop (where his daughters manufactured all kinds 
of cloth), a blacksmith shop, a cider mill, a turning lathe, and 
a saw mill. TTe made friends with the Oneida Indians who 
were his neighbors, and with his gun helped to rid the sur- 
rounding country of wolves and bears. 

lie was an excellent Bible scholar and for many vcars was 
Justice of the Peace, and as such his decisions were seldom re- 
versed, lie. like his father, was for many vears a devout Bap- 
tist, and used to preach and conduct funerals all over the coun- 
try. Later, to use his own words, he "outgrew his Baptist 

126 The Babcock Genealogy. 

faith and became a Universalist," t<> which belief he adhered 
through the remainder <>i his life 

Children : 

Hannah, b. . Stonington; d Pharsalia, N. Y., unm. 

Delight, 1). . Stonington. At the age of 26 m. Joshua Frink; 

(1. Oct. 0. 1875. aged 78. 

423 Prentice, 1 b. : in. Thankful Raluck. 

4_'.| Desire, b. ; in. Samuel Lord. 

4^5 Paul, I). 1805; in Adelaide Wallace. 

Franco, b. . Pharsalia; d. young. 

426 Nancy, 1>. Sept. 20. 1809; m. Nathaniel I>. Peck. 

Phebe, b. Pharsalia. 1811; d. June 18, 1S77 ; m. 1K35, William 
S. Nye, of Pharsalia. 

194. Chauncey," son of Rev. Elkanah and Esther (Stan- 
ton) Babcock (Daniel. James, John. James 1st), b. 

Westerly, R. I.. Nov. 28, 177U; in. Prudence Stanton. 
Children, b. in Westerly. R. I. ( ?) : 

427 Elkanah, 1 b. Dec. 11. 1804; m. Nancy Maxson. 

Mary. b. ; in. Clark JaniCS. Lived and died in Voluntown, 


428 Stanton, b. Feb. 8, 1812; in. Sarah J. White. 

Rebecca, h. ; m. Samuel (J . lie was lost at sea. No 

issue. She d. Feb. 14, 18S8. 
Benjamin, b. : in. Harriet Walker. Settled in Westerly. R. I 

Has six children. 
John. h. ; d. Westerly. 1899; 111. Mary Bidgood. 

195. Lodowick, 6 son of Elkanah and Esther (Crandall) 

Babcock (Daniel, fames, fohn, lames 1st), b. fan. J7, 
1781. Westerly. R. 1.; d. N. Pharsalia. N. Y.; m. Mary Davis, 
Dec. 13. 1 801. (From X. Stonington Records.) 

Children : 

4^9 Mary 7 (Polly), b. Oct. 30. 1803: m. Ahner Tucker. 

Thankful, b. July 15. LC05; 111. 423 Prentice Babcock, son of Elder 

Luke Babcock. 
Melissa, b. Nov. 23, 1S07. 
Lodouick. b. June 27. 1S09. 
Khnicc, b. Apr. 15. l8ll. 
Stanton, b. Mar. 20. 1813. 
Emma, b. Aug. 22, 1S15. 

196. Esther, 8 dan. of Rev. Elkanah and Esther (Crandall) 

Babcock (Daniel. James. John, James 1st), b. Westerly. 
R. I., .Apr. <j. 1784; d. Feb. 17. 1 833. 

It is believed she was the Esther Ralnrock whose marnagfe 
and children arc recorded upon the Westerly records as fol- 
lows: "Esther Babcock and Stephen Smith m. X. Stonington, 
Sept. 6, 1807." 



The /hi he oih Genealogy. 12 7 

"Children : 

Stephen. I). Aug. 10, [808. 
Esther Babcock, b. Mar. 7, 1S10. 
David, b. Dec. 8, 1811. 
Maw !•".. b. May 10. 1 -'1 1 
Martha H.. 1*. Sept. 27, 1816. 
Elizabeth M., b. June 7. 1818. 
Charles V.. b. Oct. 31, 1819. 
William ().. b. Sept. 1. 1821. 
Harriet N.. 1>. June 5, [823. 

197. Maj. Paul," son of Col. Henry and Mary (Stanton) 
Babcock (Joshua, James, John, James rst), b. Mar. 13, 
1768. at Pawcatuck (Stonington), Conn.; d. Mar. 14, 1839, 
at Stonington; m. (1) Apr. _>. 1789, Nancy, dau. of-Mftf. 
John Bell, of Stonington, h. Sept. 30, [767, d. Nov. 1. 1803; 
m. (2) Apr. 15, [804, Lucy, dau. of Capt. Joseph and Mary 
(Stanton) Bell, b. Mar. to, 1784, d. Stonington, Feb. 8, .1S4C,. _ . 
He was a farmer. 

Records of Maj. Paul Babcock and nearly all his descend- 
ants were prepared in 1902 by his grandson, W.I. Babcock, <>t 
New York, son of Capt. David Balxrock. 

Children, b. at Stonington : 

430 Benjamin Franklin. 7 1). Feb. 3, I/Qo; m. Marie Eclls. 

Mary Ann. b. Apr. 3. 1792; d. Aug. 3. 1X15: m. Oct. 6. 1813. Rev. 

David Sherman. No children. 
Dudley, b. May 10, i7<M : d. Nov. 17. 1794- at Stonington. 
Joshua, b. May n, 1796; d. Sept. I, 1818. 
Henry, b. Oct. 4. ^7'/)- d. May 15. 1834; m Dec. 3. 1828, Anna 

C. Smith. No children. 
Nancy Bell. b. Mar. 5. 1802; d. Dec. 22, 1845: m. July 3. 1822, 

William R. Palmer, son of Amos Palmer. No children. 

Children by second wife: 

431 Courtland, b. Mar. 25, 1806; m. Elizabeth Carry. 

432 Giles, b. Jan. 8, 1808; m. Ann E. Dcnison. 

Eliza Thompson, b. Feb. 13. 1810; d. Apr. 12. 1872, at Stonington; 
m. Dec. 7. 1826, Capt. Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel and Mercy 
(Brown) Palmer, b. Aug. 8, I7<»- 

433 Abby E.. b. Sept. 4. 181 1 ; m. (1) Jedediah Leeds; m. (2) Rev. 

John Beattic. > 

434 George W.. b. Oct. 26, 1813; m. (11 Louise Boucher; m. (2) 

Adele Catonct; m. (3) Maria Shute. 
4^5 Lucv Bell. b. Mar. 30, 1815; m. Giles Ward. 
436 Robert Stanton, b. Feb. 8. 1818; m. Emily Hall. 
4^7 Mary Ann, b. Apr. 1. 1821; m. John Brcckcnridgc. 
438 Capt" David Sherman, b. Aug. 12. 1S22: in. Charlotta Noycs. 
Hannah, b. June 6, 1825; d. Aug. 8, 1828. 

198. Dudley,? son of Col. Henry and Mary (Stanton) P.ah- 
cock (Joshua, James. John, James 1st), b. Stonington, 

Conn.. Jan. 7. 1770:" d. ; m. Westerly. R. I., Jan. 15. 

i28 The Babcock Genealogy. 

\ycfC), Ann Wright, of Stonington. Stanton Genealogy says 
she was of Newport, R. I. 


439 Francis Ann,' h. Stonington, Oct. 20, 1790! »>• PMneas Stanton, 
Apr. 6, 1826. 
Dudley \V., 1). Westerly, Jan. 5, 1802. 
Paul, l>. Wotcrly, Feb. II, 1K05. 

199. HANNAH, 6 dan. of Col. Henry and Mary (Stanton) 
Babcock (Joshua, James, John, James 1st). 1>. Stoning- 
ton, Conn.. Nov. 30. 1773; d. Nov. 2. 1N42; in. Sept. 30, 
1792, Joseph Denison, son of Dr. Charles and Hannah Deni- 
son Phelps, b. Stonington, May 16, 1769, d. Aug. 8, 1809. f 

Children : 

200. Rev. William Smith, 6 son of Adam and Abigail 
(Smith) Babcock (Joshua. James, John. James 1st), 
b. New Haven. Conn., Nov. 15, 1704: d. Barrington, N. H. ; 
m. at Fisher's Field, N. H., Jan. 8, 1809, Elisabeth Merrill, b. 
Newburg, X. II., d. Ipswich. Mass. 

William Smith Babcock's life till manhood was spent at his 
father's home, Boston. Converted to Christianity from Deism 
about a dozen years after graduation from Yale College, he 
was ordained to the Christian ministry at Springfield, Vt., 
Aug. 12, 1801. Scholarly, energetic, and deeply spiritual, he 
devoted his life to a persistent and self-denying effort to se- 
cure a union of all true Christians. With propriety claimed as 
a founder of the Freewill Baptist denomination, fourteen vol- 
umes of his journals still existing show that it was not his in- 
tention to found a new denomination. t He was far ahead of 
his time. 

Biography written by his grandson, Rev. S. S. Mathews, of 
Danielson, Conn. 

Children : 

Joshua, b. ; d. in infancy. 

Joshua Merrill, b. Springfield, Vt„ Mar.. 1812; d. Oct. 8, 1881, 

at Barnstead, N. H.; m. Barnstead. Mar. 1835, Panthca P., 

dau. of and Rebecca (Proctor) Bunker, l>. Barnstead, Dec. 

8, 1815; d. Barnstead. Jan. 15. i8g8. Had no children. He was 

a manufacturer of woolen goods. 


Hannah, h. June 24, 1793; m. Jan. 28. [813, Thomas Noyes. 
Charles, h. Oct. 13, 1795. Lost on the steamer Lexington, which 

was burned in Long Island Sound, [840; m. .Ann Hammond, of 

Newport, R. I. 
Martha, b. Feb. 2, 1798; d. Oct. 20, 1834. 
Nancy, b. Mar. 25. 1800; d. ; m. Feb. 10, 1820. James \V., 

son of Thomas and Lydia (Rogers) Noyes, b. Stonington, Dec. 

22, 1784. 



i 772- 1852. 

Page 138. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 129 

440 Elisabeth 1 Smith, b. Dec. 9, 1X17; m. (1) Rev. S. S. Mathews; 

111. (2) M. C. Lathrop. 

441 Abigail Stanton, b. July 5, 1819; 111. Samuel Blake. 
William Smith, b. ; d. in infancy. 

Adam, b. ; <J. in infancy. 

201. Francis, 11 son of Adam and Martha (Hubbard) Bab- 
cock (Joshua, James, [olin, James 1st), 1>. Westerly, 

May 6, 17S6; d. May 23, [833; 111. Boston, Mass., Sept. 16, 
i8(K), .Mice, dau. of Edward Wycr, of 1 5< 'St« m. 

Alxwt 1815 he removed {<> Woburn, Mass., where he lived 
until about 1827, when lie removed t<> Rochester, X. V. In 
1830 lie removed to New York City. On the [6th of Dec.. 
1832. he sailed from New York as Supercargo of brig Teras, 
bound for the coast of Africa, and died on hoard the vessel. 

Records of Francis Babcock from American Family An- 
tiquity, by Albert Wells. 

Children : 

442 Francis Henry, 7 b. Boston. Mass., Feb. 14. l8ll. 
Alice Wyer, l>. Boston, Mass., Mar. 11. 1X14. 

Maria Ann, b. Woburn, Mass., Feb. 12, r8l6; d. Nov. -'J, 1854, unm. 
Louisa Babcock. h. Woburn, Mass., Dec. 30, 1X17. 

443 William, h. Feb. 25, 1820; in. Kate Babcock. 

444 Emily W., b. Oct. 30. 1821; in. Henry W. Howell. 
Eleanor, b. July 25, 1X2.}; d. June 2<). 1870, unm. 

445 Frederick A., h. July 5. 1825; m. Caroline Kiddle. 

Edward C, b. Rochester, N. V.. Aug. 21, 1828; d. unm., Dec. 30, 

202. Nathan Pendleton, son of Nathan and Amelia 
(Babcock) Pendleton (James. James, John, James ist). 

b. Stonington, Conn.. June i, 1779: d. ; m. Oct. 6, 

1803, Phebe Cole, of Stonington, b. Feb., 1786. They lived 
on Pendleton Hill, now N. Stonington. 
Children b. in Stonington : 

Nathan S.. b. Jan. 11, 1805. 

Richard Cb., b. Jan. 12. 1807. 

Enocb B., b. Sept. 5, 1808; in. Mary, dau. of Andrew and Weltbian 

(Palmer) Chapman. 
Phebe F... b. A up. 30. 1810. 
Hewitt C. b. May 27, 1812. 
William P., b. Apr. 5, 1814. 
Sally A., b. Mav 23, 1816. 
Susan A., b. Mar. 18. 1818. 
Nancy M.. b. Mar. 1. 1820. 
James M., b. Jan. 10, 1S22. 
Lydia F., b. Apr. 4. 1824. 
Keturiab C. b. May 13. 1X27. (Wheeler.) 

203. James, 6 son of Simon and Hannah (Champlain) Pah- 
cock (James, James, John, James ist), b. June 20, 

130 • The Babcock Genealogy. 

1784; m. Mary Champlain, of Windham, Conn. Settled in 
S. Coventry, Conn. 

This family is extinct, the father, mother, and all the chil- 
dren dying of consumption. They arc all buried in the family 
burying" ground near where they lived, Flanders District, Cov- 
entry, Conn. 

Children : 

Mary Ann, b. . 

James S., 1). ; graduated at Yale College, was a teacher at 

the South some years ; d. at the age of 2,$. 

Charles 1.. h. . 

Lucy D., b. Oct. 7. 1822; d. Westerly, R. I.. Nov, 4 ; iS-45: was the > 

first wife of Ezra Babcock. of Capt. Daniel, of Westerly. 
Sally F., b. . 

Records from History of Ancient Windham, by William 

204. Stanton," son of Simon and Hannah (Champlain) 
Babcock (James, James, John. James ist), b. Dec. 20, 
1793; d. Mansfield, Conn.. May 29, 1826; m. (1) Maria Rob- 
ertson; m. (2) Mar. 14, 1826. Almira Barrows, of Mans- 
field. Settled first in Coventry, but removed later to Mansfield, 

Children bv first wife: 


James M.. b. Feb. 14, 1820. Has been twice married. Settled in 

Tolland, Conn. 
Gurdon Y., b. June 19. 1822; d. Lebanon. Conn.. Aug. 30. 1846. 
Horatio B., b. Feb. 6. 1S24. Settled in Cambridge-port, Masv. 
Daniel R., b. Aug. 27, 1825, Mansfield; d. Columbia, Conn., June 

29, 1829. 

Child by second wife: 

Mariah L., b. ; m. John Perkins. Settled in Willimantic, Conn. 

Records from History of Ancient Windham, by William 

205. Jared Star. son of Robert Hazzard and Mary 
(Hazzard) Babcock (Jonathan, James, John. James 
ist), b. S. Kingston. R. I.. May 14. 1705; d. Tittsfield, 111., 
Oct. 16, 1838; m. Stephcntown. X. Y.. Dec. 27, 1817, 
Diedama, dan. of Benjamin and Louis (Mackay) Douglass, 
b. Stephcntown. May 7, 1800, d. Chicago, 111., Nov. iS, 


The Babcock Genealogy. 131 

Children : 

Benjamin Douglas, l>. Apr. Q, l8lOJ d. Apr. 10, 1819. 
Jane Ann, b. June 19, 1820; <!. Chicago Sept. 6, i860. 

446 Robert Fulton, 1 1>. May 30, 1822; m. Mary Gtlman. 

447 Louis, 1). May 4, 1 S_'4 ; in. Jehail Parkcs. 

Myron Wirt, b. Sept. 11, 1832; <i. New York City, Sept. 12, 1833. 

206. Esther,'** dau. of Robert Hazzard and Mary (Haz- 
zard) Babcock (Jonathan, James, John, James 1st), b. 

Stephentown, X. Y., July 26, 1799; c '- Hoboken, X. J., Nov. 
1, 1880; m. Stephentown, X. V., May, 1825, Robert, son of 
Joseph and Sarah (Potter) Tift, b. Stephentown, June 28, 
1803, d. Nassau, X. Y. 
Children : 

Mary Lawton, b. Stephentown. N. Y., June I, 1826. 

Alana. b. Stephentown, X. Y., Apr. 4, 1X28; d. Nassau, N. Y., 

Mar. 20, 1892. 
Martha Maria, b. Stephentown, N. Y., Sept. 27, 1831. 
Sarah Ann, 1). Newark, N. J., June t8, 1835; d. Stephentown, July 

14. 1851. 
Esther, b. Stephentown, Oct. 2, ; d. New York City, June 26, 

Arlinc Emelinc, b. Aug. 14, 1843; res. Nassau, N. Y. 

207. Nicholas Hazzard, 6 son of Robert Hazzard and Mary 

(Hazzard) Babcock (Jonathan, James. John, James 
1st), b. Stephentown. X. Y., Apr. 17. 1801 ; d. New York 
City, Aug. 14, 1865; m. Beekman, X. Y.. Nov., 1831. Martha 
Maria, dan. of Salmon and Margaret (Vandeburg) Hamlin. 
b. Beekman, N. Y., Jan. 8, 181 1, d. New York City, Aug - . 30, 

Children : 

448 Nicholas Hazzard. 7 b. Nov. 18, 1832; in. Mary Ottignom. 
Hamlin, b. Newark, N. J., Sept. 20. 1834; res. Fordham Heights, 

New York City; m. New S'ork. Feb. 2. 1886. Jennie Whcaton, 
h. Hartford Conn., dau. of Noah and Amelia (Ball) Whcaton. 
No children. 

449 Jared Star. h. May 2. 1838: m. Mary Lowrcy. 

Almira Simpson, 1>. New Ynrk City, July 22, 1843; res. 215 W. 

135th St., New York: num. 
Helen Vandeburg, 1>. New York City. May 20. 1845; res. 215 \V. 

135th St.. New York; mini. 
Emma Lorraine, b. New York City, Mar. 27, 1848; d. New York 

City, Mar. 2. 1808. unm. 
Maria, b. New York City, May 13, 1850; res. 215 W. 135th St., 

New York ; unm. 

208. Ichabod, son of Ichabod and Esther (Stanton) Bab- 
cock (Ichabod, John. John. James 1st), b. Westerly, 

R. I., Jan. 15, 1758; d. Gales Ferry. Conn.; m. May 26, 1782, 
Dorcas Hoxie. She d. at Gales Ferrv, Conn. 


1^2 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Ichabod was a Revolutionary soldier and pensioner living at 
Ledyard, Conn., in 1840. (U. S. Revolutionary Pension 

Children : 

Peleg, b. . Lived in Iowa. 

Ephraim, h. 

Gideon, 1>. . 

Marlborough, b . 

John, 1). . 

Luke, 1). • ; num. 

Joseph, 1). . 

450 Ichabod, 1 I). June J-'. 1785; m. Sarah Clarke. 

Mary Ann, h. ; in. George Wells; d. Plainheld, N. J. 

Caroline, h. ; in. Stephen Grey. 

Hannah, 1>. ; m. Bills. 

209. Lucy, 6 dan. of Ichabod and Esther (Stanton) Babcock 
(Ichabod. John, John, James 1st), b. Westerly, R. I., 

Apr. 25, 1760; (1. ; 111. Apr. 17. 1777. Christopher Cran- 

dall, son of James and Damarins (Kenyon) Crandall, b. Sept. > 

1, 1755, Westerly. \ 

Children : / 

Pardon. L. Jan. 8. 1778, Westerly; m. Esther, dau. of Hezekiah 

and Prudence (Johnson) Carpenter, of Hopkinton. 
Prudence, b. Oct. 29, 1779. 

210. Joseph, son of Ichabod and Esther (Stanton) Bab- 
cock (Ichabod, John. John. James 1st ) . b. Westerly. 

R. I., Apr. 1, 1762; d. of smallpox Dec. 26. 1796; m. Aug. 
10, 1782, at Westerly, Sarah. dan. of 92 Christopher and 
Mehitable (Chalker) Babcock. b. Westerly, Mar. 10. 1763, d. 
1825 (?). She m. (2) Thomas Grant, by whom she had one 
son. Thomas Grant. Jr. She settled with her second husband 
in New York State. 

Children : <* 

451 Joshua. 1 b. Oct. 14. 1783; m. Clarissa Crandall. » 

452 Sarah, b. May 3, 1785: m. Russcl Dewey. ^ 

453 Eunice, b. July 16. 1786; in. Thomas Barber. 
Hannah, b. Sept. 9. 17S7; m. in the State of New York. 
Esther, b. July 6, 17.X9: m. in the State of New York. 

454 Joseph, b. June .}. 1702; m. Abby Owens. 

Polly, b. Feb. 28. 1794; m. Stebbins. No issue. . 

John, b. 1796. 


211. Lodowick. son of Ichalxxl and Esther (Stanton) Bab- 
cock (Ichabod, John. John. James istV b. Westerly, 
Eeb. 18, 1767; d. Lebanon Springs, X. Y.. Aug. 28. 1828: 
m. Preston, Conn., Eeb. 24, 1791, Lydia, dan. of Jabcz and 

The Babcock Genealogy. 1 33 

Sarah (Lord) Wight, b. Preston, May 28, 1770, d. Lebanon 
Springs, Mar. 4, 1805. 

Children, b. in Lebanon Springs, X. Y. : 

Hampton C, b. June 1, 1702; d. Lebanon, N. Y., 1849; m. Mary 

Mannering. Had four daughters. 
Lydia, b. 1704; d. June 2, iji;4. 

455 Jabez Wight,' 1). Sept. 11. 1 7* >s : m. Rebecca Conk. 

456 Emily, b. Dec. 22, 17^7; m. Rev. Gardner Hayden. 

457 Lodowick S., Jr.. 1>. Nov. 18, i7o<); in. (1) Mary Babcock; m. (2) 

Sarali Perry. 
George, 1>. Jan. 22, 1S01 ; d. Sept., 1857, of heart disease; m. Han- 
nah Rich. Removed in 1833 to Brantford, Canada. 

458 Lydia Esther, 1>. Ai)r. 27, 1816; in. Alfred Wilders. 

212. Anstice, 6 dan. of Ichabod and Esther (Stanton) Bab- 
cock (Ichabod, John, John, James 1st), b. Westerly. 

R. L, Feb. 25, 1780; d. Oct. 3, 1846; m. Sept. 29, 1803, 
Joseph Goodrich. 
Children : 

Joseph A., h. , 1S04; d. Oct. 30. 1834. 

Hannah A., h. Oct. 13, 1805; in. Oct. 5. 1826, Dr. John Whiteside; 

d. May 26, 1845. 
Rebecca S., 1). Feb. 25, 1807; d. June 1, 1857; m. Oct. 5, 1826, 

John Sherwin. 
John B., b. Dec. 26, 180S; d. Feb., 1833. 
Honora, b. Oct. 15, 1810; d. June 18, 1840; m. Oct. 15, 1829, 

Elbridge Fein. 
Esther Mary, b. Nov. 5. 1S12; d. Jan. 26, 1840; m. June 25, 1S34, 

Joseph Crane. 
Rachel Emily, b. May n, 1814; m. Jan. 5, 1832, Michael Fletcher. 
Zebulon, b. Mar. 4. 1816. Lived at Marengo, 111. 
Revanna. b. Jan. 18, 1818. 
George \V., b. Nov. 27, 1820; m. Feb. 3, 1841, Mary Feneck. 

213. Joseph, Jr., son of Joseph and Hannah (Ross) Bab- 
cock (Ichabod, John, John, James 1st), b. Westerly, 

R. I., 1772 (?); d. Westerly, Apr. \j, 183 1; m. May 10. 
1803. Ketnrah, dan. of Capt. John and Desire (Wiicox) 
Gavitt, of Westerly, R. I., b. Dec. 8, 1778; d. Apr. 17, 1829. 
(A.V. R.) 

Joseph, Jr., was appointed by \\ estcrly Town Council ad- 
ministrator for his father's estate. Apr. 30, 1804. Me was 
a farmer. In 1799 he was appointed Ensign in the Westerly 

Children, b. in Westerly : 

Desire, b. ; d. young. 

Hannah, b. ; d. young. 

Desire, b. Dec. 19, 1806; d. July 21, 1838. num. 
Thankful, b. Sept. 2J,, 1808; d. Feb. 28, 1841, unm. 


The Babcock Genealogy. 

Sarah, b. Aur. 31, 1S12; d. 1866; id. Aug. io, 1844, G. \V. Foster. 

He d. 1865. aged 40. 
Ann, b. Jan. 11, 1N14; d. Dee. 24. 182N. unm. 
John. h. July 24, 1816; d. aged 16. 

459 Rhoda,' b. July 25, 1K20; m. Dr. L A. Palmer. 

214. John, son of Joseph and Hannah (Ross) Babcock 
(Ichabod, John, John, James 1st), b. Westerly, k. I., 
Nov. 19, 1773; d. Persia, X. V., Sept. io. 1851; m. West- 
erly, R. I., Dec. 4, 1794, Damarius, dan. of James and Eliza- 
beth (Chase) Crandall, b. Charlestown, R. I., July 20, 177'), 
d. Persia, X. V. Damarius was half-sister to Charlotte Cran- 
dall, who m. Paul Babcock. 

John with his family removed from Westerly to Brookfield, 
N. Y., soon after 1796; about 1831 moved to Persia, X. Y., 
where he died. When a young man he taught school; later 
he was a contractor, and still later a farmer. 

Children : 

460 John C., T b. Feb. 18, 1790; m. Achsah Palmer. 

461 Hannah, b. Apr. 23, 1798; in. Hosea Brown. 

Ira, b. . Went from home young, was not heard of again. 

462 Fliza, b. ; m. Hosea Whilford. 

463 Oliver C. b. June 8, 1807; m. Emma Langworthy. 

464 George, b. June 10, 1810; 111. Alinira Ruth Brown. 
Frank, b. ; in. Betsy Knapp. Xo children. 

215. Capt. Daniel, son of Joseph and Hannah (Ross) Bab- 
cock (Ichabod, John, John, James 1st), b. West- 
erly, R. I., Sept, 20, 1777; d. Westerly, i860; m. Westerly, 
Oct. 29. 1801, Nancy/' dan. of 29 Col. James and Joanna ( Mc- 
Dowell) Babcock. b. Westerly, Dec. 19. 1778. d. Westerly. He 
was at one time a sea captain, later a farmer in Westerlv. In 
1 82 1 he was Captain in the Westerlv Militia. (Smith.) 
Children, b. in Westerly : 

465 Nancy. 7 b. Nov. 29. 1803; m. John Hall. 
Finory, b. Feb. 6. 1806; d. June jo. 1892, unm. 

466 Oliver, b. June 26. 1N11; m. Martha Dickens. 
Joseph, b. Dec. 24. 1813; d. May 12. 1892, unm. 

467 Fzra. b. Jan. 16, 1816; m. Eunice Palmer. 

216. James,* son of Joseph and Hannah (Ross) Babcock 

(Ichabod, John, John, James rst), b. Westerly, R. I.. 

1780 (?); d. Westerly, Oct. 1*5. 1810; m. at Westerly, R. I.. 

May 6, 1802. Hannah, dan. of Col. Joseph and Rhodes. 

She m. (2) Xoyes Palmer and removed to Brookfield. X. Y. 


The Babcock Genealogy. x 35 

Children, b. at Westerly : 

468 Tames Rhodes, 1 b. Aug. 16. 1S04; m. Amelia Barnutn. 
Joseph, b. July 31, 1806; tn. Sarah A. McNeil 

Hannah, b. ; <1. young. 

Elizabeth, b. ; d. young. 

217. OLIVER, son of Joseph and Hannah (Ross) Babcock 

(Ichabod, John, John, James 1st), b. Westerly, 
1782 (?); d. Sandusky, O., 1843(F); m. Eunice llaskins. 

Settled as a farmer in Allegany County, X. V., later removed 
to Sandusky, O. 

Children, as recorded by Thomas Barber : 

Joseph, b. in Steuben Co., N. Y.J d. in Oak Harbor. O. : in. Alfred. 

N Y., Sarah, dan. of Jesse and Prudence (Whitford) Babcock, 

b. Alfred. N. Y. 

Roswell, b. . 

Ira, b. ; m. Miss Lanphere, of Townsend, O. 

Daniel, b. . 

John, b. . 

Hannah, b. . 

Oliver, b. . 

Henry, b. . 

218. Eliiiu, 6 son of Joseph and Hannah (Ross) Babcock 

(Ichabod, John, John. James 1st), b. Westerly, 
1786 (?); d. — -; m. Westerly or Stonington, Jan. 17, 
1814, Celia, dau. of Joseph and Joanna Wilbur, b. Westerly, 
Aug. 17, 1797. 

Eliiiu, b. . 

469 Thankful,' b. July 27, 1818; in. Darius Salterlee. 
Ira, b. . 

470 Avilda, b. Nov. 10, 1821 : m. Robert Hemphill. 

John Lcander, b. ; uniu. 

Dow, b. . 

471 Celia, h. Nov. 5, 18.27; m. Benjamin Van Buskirk. 

Albert, b. . 

James L.. b. . Res. Alfred Station, 1902. 

Mary Ann, b. ; m. Elijah Lewis. One son, Morton, res. Little 

Genesee. Elijah, 1901. res. in Little Genesee, N. Y. 
Ichabod, b. . 

219. Gf-OKGE, g son of Joseph and Hannah fRoss) Babcock 

(Ichabod, John, John, James 1st), b. Westerly, R. I.. 
1787; d. Hudson, X. Y., 1836; m - Westerly, Apr. 11, 181 1. 
Mary. dau. of Col. John and Desire (Wilcox) Gavitt, b. West- 
erly, May 7, 1705; d. Hudson, Jan., 1862. He first settled in 
Westerly, but afterward removed to Hudson. 
Children : 

Susan, b. Westerly. Feb. 11, 1812; res. 1902, 214 State St., Albany, 
N. Y. ; unm. 

1 36 The Babcock Genealogy. 

472 Hannah, ' l>. May 31, 1S17; m Lemuel Hopkins. 

George, L>. Mar. 22, [820; <1 Sacramento, Cal., Nov. 10, 1853, unm. 
47j Daniel Lee, l>. Aug. -.'-'. 1822; m. Margaret Schuyler. 

John Courtland, l>. Apr. in. 1824; d. Nov.. iooi, Albany, N. V. ; 
m. 1898, Margaret Schuyler Babcock, widow of brother Daniel. 

474 Claudius, b. ; in. Harriet Guthrie. 

220. Arnold," son of Rev. Oliver and Sylvia (Belcher) Bab- 
cock (Stephen. John. John, James 1 st ) . h. Dec. 22, 1765; 

m. Jan. 17, 1790, Lucy, dan. of Rev. Joseph Davis, of Westerly. 
Children, as recorded by Rev. T. Barber: 

Oliver, b. Dec. 21, 179.-'. 
Sylvia, b. Aug. 19, 1794. 
Ephraim, b. Mar. 15. 1796. 
I.odowick, 1). Feb. 1.}. [708. 
Thankful, b. Feb. 16, 1800. 

221. Stki'IIKN, 6 son of Rev. Oliver and Sylvia (Belcher) 
Babcock (Stephen. John, John, James 1st), b. Westerly, 

R. I., July 26, 1777; m. . 

Children, as recorded by Rev. T. Barber: 

Stephen, b. 1707; m. Miss Scott. 
George, b. 1K00. 
Willard. b. ; d. 1862. 

475 Milton, 7 b. Aug. 15, 1804; m. Lydia Bowen. 

Sarah, b. ; 111. Mr. Fuller. Settled at Rehoboth, Mass. 

Orinda, b. . 

Peace, b. . 

Louisa, b. . 

Eliza, b. . 


222. OLIVER, 6 Jr., son of Rev. Oliver and Sylvia (Belcher) 
Babcock (Stephen, John, John, James 1st), b. West- 
erly, Mar. _'<), [780; m. Anna Ileartt. at Ithaca. X. Y., Oct. 
19, 1804. lie died at Troy, X. V. She was b. at Troy, Jan. 
23, 1783, d. at Troy. July 27, [832. 

Children : 

476 Edward. 7 b. Sept. 7, 1805; m. Arminia Eldridge. 

Emily, b. Feb. 29. 1808; d. Evansville, Ind. ; m. Apr. 20, 1831, 

Peter Sharp. | 

477 Elizabeth, b. Dec. 28, 1810; in. John TTafT. 1 

478 Charles, b. Dec. 10, iSu; m. Amelia Hopkins. 

479 Elisha S., b. Aug. 10. 1814; in. .Agnes Davidson. 

Ann II., b. Sept. 13, 1816; in. Apr. n. 1837, Rev. Cornelius 
Edgar. D.D. She d. Eastern Pennsylvania, 1890. He d. 1884. 

Mary F... b. Nov. 7, 1820; d. Detroit, Mich.; in. Mar. 7, 1X43, 
William Edgar. 

480 Henry O., b. July 20, 1822; m. Mary Houser. 

223. WILLIAM, 6 son of Christopher and Mehitable (Chalker) 
Babcock (William, John. John, James ist), b. West- 

The Babcock Genealogy. 137 

crly, K. I.. Dec. JO. 1755; d. Lebanon Springs, N. Y. ; m. 
Westerly, Sept. 8, 17N1 ( ?), Mary, <lau. of 87 Ichabod, Jr., 
and Sarah (Stanton) Babcock, b. Westerly, Apr. 8, 1765. 
They settled first in Westerly, but removed later to Lebanon 
Springs, N. Y. He was a farmer. 

Children, first two b. Westerly, others in Lebanon Springs, 
N. Y.: 

William, b. Nov. 22, i;8_>. 

Wealthy, b. June 15, 1784. 

Christopher, b. ; m. Lebanon Springs, N. Y., Polly Monroe. 

Moved West. 

Stanton, b. ; d. Lebanon, unni. 

Alinira, b. ; in. Major E. Tanner. Lived in Catsktll, later 

moved West. 

Lucy, b. ; m. Capt. Dudley. Settled in Hudson, N. V. 

Mary, b. ; m. George Rich. Settled in Lebanon, N. Y. Their 

son, William, m. and settled at P v ittsfield, Mass.; d. July, [898. 

Had two sons. Dr. W. B. Rich, of' Boston, and Waiter I. Rich, 

of Pittsfield, Mass. 

224. Christopher, son of Christopher and Mehitable 

(Chalker) Babcock (William, John, John, James 1st), 
b. Westerly, R. L, July 26, 1761 ; d. Albany, N. Y. ; m. West- 
erly, 1783, Polly, dan. of Oliver and Susannah Burdick, b. 
Westerly, Nov. 9, 1761, d. Coeymans, X. Y., Sept. 2, 1828. 

He settled at Coeymans on the Hudson, twelve miles south 
of Albany. He was a farmer and school-teacher, and held 
various town offices, and was clerk of the school board in 181 3. 
He was a member of First Baptist Church of Albany. Tradi- 
tion says he observed the Seventh Day Sabbath. In Apr., 1794, 
while his brother Stephen was visiting at the home of Christo- 
pher, the two brothers received a letter from their parents in 
Rhode Island announcing the death of their brother Elias, who 
had just died at sea. The letter was full of tender sympathy 
and Christian resignation, and was signed "Your loving 
parents, Christopher and Mehitable." In 1900 the letter was 
in the possession of a descendant of the family. Miss Mary L. 
Burdick. 382 Hamilton Street. Albany, N. Y. In 1836, with 
his granddaughter Mary Van Antwerp, he made an extended 
visit at the home of his brother Stephen Babcock, in Stoning- 
ton. Conn. 

The family burying ground is on the estate of ''Old Dr. 
Fredenburgh of Coeymans, not far from the Albany boat 

From records obtained from the U. S. Pension Department. 
Nov., 1902, the following facts arc gleaned: Christopher 

138 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Babcock enlisted as a private in the Revolutionary Army at 
four different times in Westerly, R. I., first for one year, in 
l 777 or '7&i m Capt. Chainplin's Company. Other dates of 
his enlistment not given. Second enlistment for one month 
in Capt. Stillman's Company, Col. Stanton's Regiment. Third 
enlistment for one month, officers not stated. Fourth enlist- 
ment for one year in Capt. Maxson's Company in Col. Kim- 
ball's Regiment. He was in the battle of Butts Hill. He 
applied for a pension Sept. _><;. [832. He then resided in 
Albany, X. V., and was seventy-one years old. Tension was 
granted. i 

Children, b. at Coeymans, X. Y. : 

Mehitable, b. Feb. 23, 1784; d. Aug. 17. 1784. 

Mehitable. 2d, b. May 14. 1785: d. Sept. 11. 1807. 
Polly, I). Nov. 2, 1786; d. Sept. 25. 1812 t.'». unni. , 

481 Stfsan, 1 1). Jan. 20, 17S8; 111. Cornelius Van Antwerp. 
Elizabeth, b. Aug. 26. i7<)o; d. June 26. i7 ( *>- 

482 Elizabeth, b. May 2, 1799; m. Gouge B. Lisbce. 

225. Jeremiah, 8 son of Christopher and Mehitable (Chalker) 
"Babcock (William, John, John, James 1st), b. Westerly. 
R. I., Nov. 23, 1766; d. Champion. X. Y., Apr. 9, 1847; m. 
Jan. 5, 1792, Amy, dau. of William Angell; d. Champion, 
Feb. 17, 1835. About 1835 was living in the Black River 
country, and visited at his brother Stephen's home in 

Children : k 

483 Christopher,' b. Oct. 13, 1792; m. (1) Susan Crandall ; 111. (2) 

Janctte McNeil. 

484 Elias, b. Aug. 20. 1704; m. Sarali Angel. t 

485 Josbua A., b. Feb. 10, 1796; 111. Laura Holmes. 

Drusilla, b. Sept. 2, 171)7: d. : in. Nov. 10, 1814, James R. , 

Perigo. Moved to Illinois, where sbe died. 

James, 1st, b. Feb. 5. 1799; d. young. » 

486 Ambrose, b. Dec. 2, 1800: m. Huldah Babcock. ^ 
James. 2d, b. Feb. 24. 1803; d. young. . 

487 Jeremiah, b. Nov. 0. 1S04; m. Julia Frances. 

Amy, b. Madison Co., N. 'V., Nov. 23, 1806; d. Champion. N. V., 
Mar. 24. 18)4; in. May 27, 1824, Benazah Lewis. Lived in Den- 
mark, N. Y. 

488 William, b. Sept. 2, 1809; m. Roxey Lewis. 

226. Stephen. sou of Christopher and Mehitable ("Chalker) 
Babcock (William. John, John, James 1st), b. Westerly, 
R. I.. Feb. 27. 177-'; d. Stonington, Conn.. Mar. 22, 1852; 
m. Westerly. Mar. 22. 1801, Phcbe, dau. of Henry and Mary 
(Irish) Burch, b. Stonington, Nov. 22, 1774. d. Stonington. 
Nov. 10, 1837. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 139 

Stephen Babcock was a man of clear judgment and strict 
integrity, which gained for him the confidence of the commu- 
nity in which he lived. When differences arose between his 

townspeople and a private settlement was desired lie was often 
chosen as arbiter. His quiet, gentlemanly manner, .always in 
evidence, showed best in his own household, where his cheerful- 
ness and politeness radiated an atmosphere of refinement and 
good fellowship. 

He was studious as a hoy and scholarly as a man. though 
entirely self-educated. When young he taught district school 
at $0 a month; at the same time he gave private instruction in 
penmanship, bookkeeping, navigation, and surveying, and con- 
tinued to give lessons in these branches until mature years were 
upon him. He was an .astronomer, and for his own satisfac- 
tion was author of several almanacs. He was a farmer, and 
at the time of his death resided upon his own farm on Walnut 
Hill, Stonington, Conn. He belonged to no Church, hut was 
a constant reader of the Bihle. 

For records of graves of Stephen and Phche. see records 
of his parents, Christopher and Mehitable. 

Children : 

Phcbe, b. Mar. 5, 1802; m. 376 Oliver 7 Babcock. 

489 Stephen, 1 l>. May 10. 1S04; m. Mary Burch. 

490 Elias, b. Mar. 19, 1806; m. Lucrctia Davis. 

Natlian. b. Stonington, Conn., July 27, 1K0S; d. Stonington, Dec. 

II, 1814. 
Amanda, b. Stonington, Conn.. Nov. 29, 1810; d. Stonington, Sept. 

19, 1812. 


227. Phineas, son of Christopher and Mehitable (Chalkcr) 
Bal>cock (William. John. John. James 1st), h. Westerly, 
R. I., Feb. 14, 1776; d. North East. Pa., July 12, 1844. His 
death was caused by an injury received by the explosion of a 
cannon that he was assisting to fire July 4. He m. ( 1 ) West- 
erly, Nov. 2S, 1801, Thankful," dau. of 88 Joseph and Hannah 

(Ross) Babcock. b. 1775 (?), d. ; m. (2) North Mast. 

Pa.. Miss Huntington. 

He settled first in Westerly, later removed to r.rookfield. 
N. Y., and still later to North blast. Pa. 

Children, first seven b. in Westerly : 

Avilda, I). Aug. I. 1802: d. Apr. 21. 1S20. unm. 
401 Phineas,* Jr., b. Sept. 24. 1S04: in. Esther Cole. 

492 Cbristoplier D., b. Jan. 2. 1S0O: in. Louisa Cole. 
Mary. 1>. Oct. 2. 1S07: d. unm. 
Hannah, b. Mar. 31. 1811; d. unm. 

493 Nancy (Ann), 1>. Nov. 15. 1812; m. William Crandall. 

140 . The Babcock Genealogy. 

4<M J'^cpb I'.. I). Sept. 5, 1X14; m. Mary Cole. 

Thankful, 1>. Smyrna. N. V., Oct. 3, 1816; d. ; m. (1) Scth 

Colo; m. (2) Charles Haven. 

Children by second wife: 

Aslier, b. Sept. 23. 1825 ; d. Jan. 26, 1826. 

Harriet, 1>. North East, Pa., Nov. 10, 1827; m. Henry Skcllie. 

Abel, b. North East, l'a.. Hie. i<;. 1828; res. (i'»o) Vrooman, l\i. ; 

m. (1) Jane rainier; 111. (2) Henrietta Borland. 
Lucy, b. North East, Pa., Sept. 18, 1X11 ; m. Call Tolwcll. 

228. Asa,* son of Christopher and Mehitablc (Chalkcr) I'.ah- 
cock (William, John, John, James ist), b. Westerly, 

R. I., Oct. 7, 1777; d. Champion, X. Y., Dec, 26, 1851 ; m. 
(1) Westerly, Jan. 16, 1800, Molly, dan. of 88 Joseph and 
Hannah (Ross) Babcock, b. Westerly, Mar. 2, 1778; d. Ike. 
31, 1802, at Westerly; m. (2) Hopkinton, R. I., Dec. 19, 1805, 
Elizabeth, dan. of Thomas and Mary (Barney) Barber, of 
Hopkinton, b. Oct. 17, 1779. d. Pitcher, N. V., Dec. 3, 1823. 

Asa removed from Westerly to Smyrna, X. Y. "Asa Bab- 
cock was Lieut, of Westerly Militia in 1802." (Smith.) 

Child by first wife: \ 

Caroline Babcock, b. Sept. iX, 1X01 ; d. Canton, N. Y., May, 1X74; 
m. Joscpli Brooks. No children. 

Children by second wife: 

495 Thomas B., T b. Sept. 24, 1806; m. Abigail Wentworth. 

496 George, b. Oct. 27, 1S07; m. Mary Richards. 

497 Mary, 1>. Feb. .3, 1K09; 111. Isaac Burdick. 

49X Asa, b. Jan. 3. 1S11; 111. Cleniantine Webster. 

499 Elizabeth, b. June 28, 1813; in. Allen Prentice. 

500 Christopher, b. Dee. 14. 1814; m. (1) Rebecca Sinitb ; in. (2) 

Harriet Button; m. (3) Sarah Chase. 
Amy, b. Smyrna, May 27. 1816; <J. May 20, 1.S17. t 

501 Amy, 2d, b. Sept. 7, [818; m. Alonzo Burdick. r* 

502 William A., b. Nov. 19, 1820; m. Harriet Pclton. 

229. SAMUEL, 8 eldest son of Samuel 'and Rachel (Conklin) \ 
Babcock (William. John. John, James ist), b. in Sav- 

brook, Conn., Mar. 20, 1788; d. Middletown, Conn., Mar. 14, 
1857; m. (1) Mar. 31, 1811, Hannah Miller, h. Mar. 8, 1793] 
(1. Middletown, Jan. ir, 1821; m. (2) Aug. 15. 1821. Middle- 
town. Jane Cornwell. b. Mar. is. 1803, d. Middletown May 4 
1881. ' 

He settled at Saybrook. Conn. He was Revenue Collector at 
the port of Saybrook under President Pierce, and held other 
important offices. 










Page 140. 

The Babcuck Genealogy. 141 

Children by first wife, b. Middletown: 

503 Sarah Ann.' I>. Jan. 20, 1812; m. Oliver B. Bebce. 

504 Elizabeth, b. May 22, [813; m. William Taylor. 

505 Jam-, I). May 15. 1815 ; 111. ( i. r a (i Icll 

506 Hannah, b. Apr. g, 1817; m. William Chapman. 

507 Charles, 1). Oct. 5, 1818; m. (1) Maria S. Bonfrey; in. (2) 

Lavina Goodrich. 

508 Maria, b. Aug. 13, 1820; in. Joseph Bacon. 

Children by second wife, b. Middletown: 

509 Samuel, b. Feb. 18, 1822; m. (1) Ellen L. Harlbut; rn. (2) Ellen 

M. Carter. 
Henry, h. June. 2. 1824; d. Aug. 1. 1866, until. 
Franklin, b. Jan. 15. 1N26; d. Oct. 6, 1805; ni. Ariics Hunter. 

510 Edward, b. Nov. 17, 1828; in. Anna H. M. Crane. 
Mary. b. Nov. 21, 1830; res. Middletown, Conn., unm. 
Emily, b. Dee. 4, 1832; d. July 17, 1834. 

William, b. Sept. 18, 1835; d. Dec., 1X57. unm. 

Frederick, b. Jan. 18, 1837; m. Mi>s Martin; res. Middletown, 

John, b. Sept. 27, 1840; d. Sept. 30, 1842. 

230. William Ciiristopiikk, son of Samuel and Rachel 
(Conklin) Babcock (William. John, John, James ist), 
b. in Saybrook, Conn.. Aug. 7, 1700; d. June 6, 1863; m. 
Betsy, dan. of Samuel Parmlee, Aug. 15, 1820. and settled 
at Saybrook, on the homestead. She d. Apr. 12, 1876. 
Children : 

Rachel A., b. Jan. 23. 1822; m. Alfred Skinner. 

William R. b. Dec. 15. 1823; m. Sarah Adams, of New York; 

res. at Albion. Wis. He was a dentist. 
Cynthia N.. b. Nov.. 1825; m. Gurdcn L. Tucker, of Essex, Conn. 
Sarah J., b. Mar. 31. 1828; d. Jan. 26. 1878. unm. 

511 Samuel E., ; b. Jan. 25, 1831; m. Miss Austin. 

512 George F., b. May 10, 1833; m. Cornelia S. Mings. 

231. Jonx, c son of Josiah and (Maraw) Babcock 

(Job, Job. John, James ist), b. Mansfield. Conn., Aug. 
26, 1746; d. Coventry. Conn.. Jan. 21, 1815; m. Coventry, 
Conn., Oct. 7. 1779, Lydia, dan. of Nathaniel and Elizabeth 
Woodward, b. Coventry, Aug. 19, 1754, d. Coventry. May 19, 

John Babcock had nine children; records of only six given; 
all b. Coventry, Conn. : 

Hannah, b. 1780: <l. Faycttevillc, N. Y.. Dec. 28, 1844; m. S. Car- 
penter. Had one son. Sand-. 

Lydia. b. Mar. 5. 17S2; d. Fayctteville, N. V.. Nov 2 18/14' m 
Manlius. N. V., Feb. 21. 18.16, Col. T.-hn Sprague. h. Milton' 
N. V, Mar. 2. 1779; d. Fayetteville, May 30. 1S61. No children 

142 The Babcoch Genealogy. 

513 John,' b. Apr., 1786; m. Sally Chamberlain. 

Dianthc, 1). 17S8, d. Coventry; hi. Coventry, — - Loomis. Settled 
on the ul't Babcock homestead in Coventry. Had four suns and 
four daughters. 

14 Deodatus, l>. June 19, 1790; nv Mary 1 line. 

Betsy, b. 1792; d. Fayetteville, N. Y., Sept. 22, 1845, unm. 


232. Capt. George VVaite, 6 eldest child of John and Lydia 
Babcock (Samuel, Job, John, James 1st), b. Exeter, 

R. I., Jan. 25, 1751; m. Feb. 21, 1771, Susanna, dau. of 
Simeon Fowler. But one child of record, namely, George 
Waite Babcock, Jr.. b. Exeter, R. I., May 1 1, 1778. 

In 1776 George Waite Babcock, Sr., was Captain of the 

Newtown Rangers, an independent company in Kingston, 
R. I., chartered by the Colonial Legislature to guard the shore 
in that part of the colony. (See C. R. of R. I., vol. viii, p. 
196.) Sept. 14, 1779. commanding the privateer Gen. Mit'tin, 
he fell in with and captured the British store-ship Elephant; 
two days later, after an obstinate engagement, he captured, off 
the Irish coast, the British privateer Tartar, having twenty-six 
guns and one hundred and twenty men — thirty of her full com- 
plement of men having been previously detached to man prizes 
that were captured by the Tartar. (From History of Rhode 
Island, by Rev. Edward Peterson.) 

'1 he description of Capt. George Waite Babcock. Com- 
mander of the Gen. Miffin, found in Massachusetts Records of 
Soldiers "and Sailors, War of the Revolution, under date of 
Boston, Sept. 9, 1780, is as follows: "Capt. George Babcock, 
age 29 years, Complexion light. Stature 5 ft. 10 inches. Resi- 
dence Massachusetts." \n the descriptive list of the same ship 
is also found the following: "Samuel Babcock. Gunner, Age 

19 years. Complexion light. Residence Massachusetts. The 
above Samuel was a brother of Capt. George." In the same 
l>ook is found that, on petitions, the following commissions 
were granted, by the Council, to Capt. George Waite Bab- 
cock : June 11, 1781, Commander of the. Privateer Venus; May 
27, 1782, Commander of the schooner Hero Privateer. 

The foregoing are extracts from records compiled by Col. 
A. J. Babcock, of Springfield. 111. Additional records ( from 
Smith's Civil and Military List of Rhode Island, vol. ii) : In 
1776 he was master of the sloop Diamond, of Providence and 
Newport. 60 tons. 6 guns. 40 men. Same year Captain of the 
sloop Favorite, 74 tons, 10 guns. 10 swivels. 70 men. In Dec, 
1777, he was Captain of the ship Marlborough, Providence, 

20 guns, 125 men. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 143 

233. Jon\ r ,° son of Simeon and Elizabeth (Cahoon) Bab- 
cock (Samuel, Job, John, James 1st), 1>. S. Kingston 

1759; ( '- M ar - ] < l ^ Q 7'$ ni - l 790, Mary Heeferman, of X. 
Kingston, b. May 25, [766, <1. Jan. 1. 1847. 

At his death John left his wife, Mary, with seven children, 
mostly young. One child was bom five months after John's 

Children, as recorded by Rev. T. Barber: 

Samuel, 1). Mar. 11, 1701 ; d. Oct. 26, 18(4. 

Elizabeth, twin to Samuel, b. Mar. 11, 1791; d. Oct., 1868. 

John, b. Sept. II, 1705; d. Nov., 1863. 

Lydia, 1». Apr. 1. 1798. 

Benjamin Wait, b. Dec. 22. 1800; d. Feb. 16, 1861. 

Roman, 1). Mar. 6, 1803; d. July, 1867. 

Alfred, b. Apr. 15, 1805; d. Mar. 16, 1 S7 1 ; m. Laura Davis. 

Edwin, b. July 21, 1807; d. Jan. 14, 1862. 

234. Simeon, Jr., son of Simeon and Elizabeth (Cahoon) 
Babcock (Samuel, Job. John, James 1st), b. S. Kingston, 

R. I., May 14, 1760; m. Rhoda Smith, of Washington County, 
R. I., May 18, 1782; had 9 children, b. in Rhode Island. In 
advanced life moved to Onondaga County, N. Y. ; was a cord- 
wainer. lie d. Kingsbury, X. Y., May 15, 1824; wife d. 
Feb. 7, 1837. 
Children : 

515 Samuel, 1 b. Apr. 8. 1783; m. ( 1) Pbcbe Couch; m. (2) Rachel 

Burhite; m. (3) Annie M. Thompson. 

516 John, b. Apr. 18. 1785; m. Marian Stone. 

517 Simeon, 3d, b. Sept. iS, 1787; m. (1) Clarissa Clough ; m. (2) 

Lydia Smith; m. (3) Liberty Furman. 

518 Stephen, b. Oct. 24, 1789; m. Sophia Carnahan. 

Elisha S., b. Mar. 16. 1792; m. Sarah A. Corbit, June 6, 1815. 
No issue. 

519 Elizabeth C. 1). Apr. 28. 1704: m. Oliver Frink. Jan., 1818. 

520 Bethiah, b. Sept. 1, 1706; m. Jesse Bartlett. 1817. 

521 William, b. Sept. 7, I7<>8; m. l'crley Hunt, Sept. 20, 1822. 
Rhoda, b. Sept. 3, 1803 ; d. young. 

235. Job, son of Ichabod and Amy (Card) Babcock (John. 
Job, John, James 1st), b. §. Kingston, R. I., May i8, 

1771; d. Alburg, Vt, Nov. n. 1855; m. Alburg, July 12, 
1805. Emeline, dau. of Ezra and Mary (Garlic) Tike. b. Lanes- 
boro, N. Y., Apr. 17. 1790, d. Alburg, Jan. 23, 1802. When 
young emigrated with his father from Rhode Island to 
Alburg, Vt. 

Children, b. in Alburg: 

Hiram, b. June IQ. 1807: d. Alburg. Jan. 21. 1857. nnm. 
Jonathan. I). July 27. 1809; d. Alburg, Mar. II. 1810. 

522 Job. 7 b. Sept. 4. 181 1 : m. in Eliza J. McGregor; m. (2) Mrs. 

Catherine Davis; m. (3) Mrs. Mary McMaster. 

144 The Babcock Genealogy. 

523 Ichabod, b. Aug. 28, 1813; m. (1) Sally Reynolds; m. (2) Mer- 

sula Sowler. 
Amy, b. Dec. 31, 1815; <1. Plattsburg, Mar. 14. i.^m; m. Alburg, 
Feb. 8, 1838, James Sweet. Had two children, who d. young. 

524 Thomas, b. July 22. 1818; in. Saphronia harrow. 

525 Emeline, b. Dec. i<;. 1820; m. Waller D. Darrow. 

526 Ezra, b. June 20, 1823; m. (1) Julia Spoon; m. (2) Louisa Weston. 

527 Mary, I). July 12. 1825; in. Elish.i McGregor. 
John, b. May 20. 1829; d. Milbronk, Out., Apr. 17, 1855. num. 
Parmelia Ann, b. Aug. 3. 1K34; d. Alburg, Feb. 14, 1870, unm. 

236. Ichabod, son of Ichabod and Amy (Card) Babcock 
(John, Job, John. James 1st). 1). Rhode Island, June 5. 

1777; (1. Alburg, Vt., Nov., 1821 ; m. at Alburg, Sarah, dan. 
of Kzra and Mary (Garlie) Pike. 1>. Lanesboro, N. V., Mar. 
31, 1788; d. Alburg, July id, 1865. She m. (2) June. (825, 
Walter Darrow. When young [chabocl, Jr., emigrated with 
his father from Rhode Island to Alburg, Yt. 
Children, b. in Alburg : 

528 Mary,' b. Apr. 2, 1804: m. Janice McElroy. 

529 Ichabod, 1>. Mar. io. 1805; in. Emily Boardman. 

530 Amy, b. 1808; m. Samuel Gibbs. 
Job, b. ; m. (1) Drusilla Robinson, and bad two children. 

Married again, and went to Australia; when returning home 
stopped in California, where he fell from a building, and was 
Sarah, b. ; d. in infancy. 

531 Lucy, b. May 25. 1815; m. Joseph Gossclin. 

532 James, b. Mar. 20, 1818; m. (1) Lovey Roberts; m. (2) Mrs. 

Esther Harrison. 

237. Christopher, son of Christopher and Martha (Perry) 
Babcock (George, George. John. James 1st), b. Hop- 

kinton, R. I.. Sept. 1, 1759: d. Westerly, R. I., July 28, 1803; 
m. June 16, 1782, Polly Potter. lie was Ensign in Charles- 
town, R. I., Militia in 1777; Lieutenant 1779-81. (Smith.) 
Children : 

Mary Ann, b. Middlctown. R. I.. Jan. 22. 1783; m. (1) Luke Bab- 
cock; m. (2) Rowland Br,!. cock. <on< of II2Hezekuth and Martha 
(Hoxic) Rahcock. No children by either husband. 

533 James, 7 b. Nov. 10. 17S4; m. Lois Ross. 

Martha, b. Chirlestown. R. I.. Aug. 2t. 1786; d. Oct. 27, 1803. 

Christopher. 3d. b. Charlestown. R. I.. May 23. 1788; m. . 

Had a daughter. Mary Elizabeth, who died in Hopkinton, late in 
. life. Was blind large part of her life. 
Elizabeth, b. Westerly. R. I.. Dec. 8 1700. 
Benjamin Perry, b. Westerly, Dec. 8, 1702. 
Charles, h. Westerly. Aim. S. 1704. 
Susanna, b. Westerly, Feb. 10. 1799; d. Oct. 27, 1S03. 

238. Martha," dan. of Christopher and Martha ( Pcrrv) 
P>ahcoek (George. George. John, James 1st), b. Charles- 
town, R. I.. Jan. 18, 1761 ; m. George, Jr., son of George and 


The Dabcock Genealogy. 145 

Martha (Wanton) Hazard. George Hazard, Si., was once 
Mayor of Newport. 
Children : 

Sally, 1). June 14, 1780; in. David Lark in. 

534 Martha, 1 I). Jan. 25, 1782; m. Marlborough Stanton. 
Brcnton, b. Jan. is. ir^t; m Ann <i. Gulds, of Bristol. 
George C, 1). July 4, 1 7S7 ; m. Eliza Butler. 

239. HEZEKIAH, n son of Hezekiah and Martha (Hoxie) 
Babcock (George, George, John, James 1st), 1>. Hop- 

kinton. R. I.. Nov. 25, 1770; d. Dec. 17, [845; 111. Mar. 21, 
1803. Mary Brown, 1>. July (>. 1773. d. Mar. 3, 1757. Hezekiah 
Babcock was Brigade Inspector for Washington County, R. I.. 

from 1 79^ to 1804, and Justice for S. Kingston 1818-32. 
Children : 

Sally, b. Mar. 20. 1S04; m. (1) George Potter Babcock; 111. (2) 

Frederick Campbell. 

Hezekiali, !). Dec. 24. 1805; d. Dec. 20. 1834, unni. 

535 George.' 1). Jan. 4. 1808; in. Mary Ilinnian. 

536 Court land, b. Jan. 20. 1S10: m. Clarissa Chapin. 

Mary, l>. June 14, 1812; d. Sept. 7, 1881 ; in. George Finley. 
Hannah, b. Nov. 4. 1S14; d. Sept. 4. 1S65; m. Lucian Clarke. 

240. Martha, dan. of Hezekiah and Martha (Hoxie) Rab- 
cock (George, George. John, James 1st), b. Hopkinton. 

R. I., Aug. 30. 1781; d. — ; m. Westerly, R. I., Feb. 2, 

iSoo, Sanford Xoyes. (A. V. R.) 
Children : 

Anna Maria, b. Westerly, Jan. 6, 1801. 
Sanford. b. Westerly. Jan. o, 1S02. 
Lydia R., I). Westerly. Sept. 1. 1804. 
Patty, b. Hopkinton, Mar. II, 1K06. 

241. Rowse, 8 son of Rowsc and Ruth (Maxson) Babcock 

(George, George. John. James 1st), b. Westerly R. I., 
May 12, 1773; d. Apr. 21. 1841; m. S. Kingston. Jan. 13. 
1801, Hannah R., dan. of George and Hannah (Robinson) 
Brown, of S. Kingston, b. S. Kingston, Oct.. 1785, d. West- 
erly, July 29. 1872. "lie was Public Notary, Washington 
County, R. I., in 180 1-2." (Smith.) 
Children, b. in Westerly : 

Rowsc, b. Oct. 29. 1S01 : d. May 4. 1S02. 

Rowse, b. May 4, 1803; d. Westerly, Mar. f>. 1S7J; m. Providence. 
Apr. 27. 1852, Mary Townsend. 1>. Newport. R. I.. Mar.. 1821 : 
d. Westerly. May 14. 1808. In 1825 lie was Brigade Quartermas- 
ter of Washington Co.. R. I., and in 1X33 Justice, Westerly 
(Smith's Civil, etc.) Was a Manufacturer and President of 
Phenix Rank. No is>ue. 



i^O The Babcock Genealogy. 

537 Rannah, 1 1>. Nov. 4. 1805; m. Oliver Wells. 

538 Martha, l>. Sept. 18, iS-<7; m. Thomas P. Stanton. 

243. Benjamin, son of Rouse and Ruth (Maxson) Bab- 
cock (George, George, John. James 1st), b. Westerly, 
Sept. 2, 1779; d. July 10, 181 5; m. Charlestown, R. I.. Jan. 
26, 1806. Anna (Nancy), dan. of Col. Edward Wilcox, of 
Children : 

544 Benjamin. 7 Jr.. 1). Apr. 25. 1807; m. Susan Mannering. 

545 Edward Wilcox, b. Sept. I, 1810; m. Martha Cross. 


539 Harriet, b. Oct. 5. 1809; m. Horatio Campbell. 
"540 Sally Ann. b. Jan. 27, 1812; 111. Joint G. Pierce. 

541 Rev. William R.. 1>. Mar. 28, [814; m. Catherine Pearce. 
Albert. 1>. Sept. (>. 1816; d. June 16, 183I. 

542 Edwin, 1>. Apr. 8, 1819; m. Olivia S. Cady. 

543 Horace, b. Auk 4. 1822; m. (1) Abby J. Cross; ni. (2) Harriet 

H. Cross. 

242. ELIZABETH," dan. of Rowse and Ruth (Maxson) Bab- 
cock (George, George, John, James 1st), b. Mar. 14. 
1775; d. July 1. 1846; m. Jan. 13. 1799, Joseph Xoycs, b. 
May 9, 1758. 

Children : 

Eliza, b. July 2. 1800; d. Sept. 18, 1S85; rh. Sylvester Robinson. 

Rhoda, b. Jan. 4. 1X02; d. 1802. 

Rhoda, b. Jan. 3, 1803: d. Apr. 23, 1847. 

Rowse, b. Feb. 2. 1805 ; d. Sept. 1, 1829. ^ 

Charles, b. Feb. n. 1807: d. Aug. 17. 1879. . 

Ruth, P... b. Mar. 19, 1809; d. Aug. 19, 1861. 

Benjamin, b. Jan. 14. 1811; d. Sept. 20, 1X43; m. Eunice Miner. 

Courtland. b. Dec. 6. 1813; d. Apr. 6, 188— ; m. Susan Kinf 


244. David, son of David and Sarah (Perry) Babcock 
(David, George, John, James ist). b. S. Kingston, R. I.. 

May 17. 1760; d. Nov. 17. 1831 : m. at Sharon, Conn., Sarah, 
dan. of John and Dclx>rah ( Knickerbocker) Beardsley. b. 
Sharon, Conn., Sept. 2, 1765, d. Ames. X. V.. 1856. Family 
records say he was a Revolutionary soldier. 
Children : 

David, b. Sharon. Feb. 10. 1704: d. Ithaca. \\ V. ; m. Eliza Sayres. 

d. Utica. Had two sons, David and Charles; both d. as young 

Sarah, b. White-tone. N. Y.. Jan. 16, 1796; d. 1878, or '79; m. 

Robert Britrt;-. 
Maria, b. Marcy, N. V.. Feb. 10. 1800; d. Ames. 1866; m. 

Tiffany. Had two children, Sarah and Henrietta, both married. 

and live al Ames. V V. 

546 John. 7 b. Feb. 10, 1803; m. Martha Rand. 

547 Jesse, b. Oct. 16, 1805; m. Mana Morgan. , 

548 George, b. May 3. 1810; m. Emily Brown. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 147 

245. PERRY II., ,; son of Jonathan and Susanna (Perry) 
Babcock (David. George, John, James 1st), b. 17^0; d. 

Ravenna, O.. Nov. 28, [833; in. at Granville, Mass., Cynthia, 

dan. of and Hazard Hiscox, b Granville, Mass., [768, 

(I. Ravenna, O., Aug. 3, 1829. Perry moved with his parents 
from Rhode Island to Granville in 1J75. He removed in 1818 
to Ravenna, O. 

Children, b. in Granville: 

"j 549 Ahnon, 1 b. Nov. 19. 1788; ni. Mary Collins. 

550 Edmund, b. May _*S, 1793; m. Lcura Bates. 

551 Sally M., I). April _>o, 1798; m. William Stinal't. 
Sylvester, b. ; d. Franklin, O ; m. Hleetra Bostwick. 

552 Cynthia M., b. 1804; m. (i) Alexander Frazer; in. (2) Waite 

Ethan Allen, b. May 17, 1810: d. Feb. 14. 1877, Ravenna, O. ; in. 
Feb. 22, 1834, at Ravenna, Harriet Robinson. 

246. Denison, 6 son of Benedict and Mary (Thompson) Bab- 
cock (David, George, John. James ist), b. S. Kings- 
ton (?), R. I.. Feb. 18, IJJJ: d. New Hartford, X. Y. ; m. 
(1) Fanny Marsh; m. (2) Desire Eldridge; m. (3) Lucy 

Children by first wife: 

553 George Denison,' b. Jan. 21, 1818; in. Elizabeth Clarke. 
Harry, b. 1S20; d. Jan. 30, 1845. 

Child by second wife: 

Desire Eldridge, b. 1824; d. Feb., 1848, at New Hartford, N. Y. ; 
m. Dr. J. S. May. 

247. Gideon Chesebrough, 6 son of Gideon and Mary 
(Chesebrough) Babcock (David, George, John, James 

ist), b. S. Kingston, R. I., Nov. 22, 1777; d. New York, June 
30, 1809; buried at Newport, R. I.; m. at Newport, Apr. 22, 
1803, Sarah, dau. of Capt. Benjamin and Sarah (James) 
Sayer, b. Newport, Julv 1. 1776, d. New Woodstock, 
N. Y. 

After his marriage Gideon C. Babcock removed from Taun- 
ton, Mass., to Boston, where he became a wholesale merchant. 
He owned many vessels which sailed between Boston and the 
West Indies. He made two trips to Dcmcrara; on the second 
trip was captured by French privateers, but slipped away in 
the night and reached port, where he exchanged his goods for 
a fine cargo. On his homeward trip he was again taken by 
privateers and stripped of everything and then allowed to go 

148 The Babcock Genealogy. 

on his way. He died soon after reaching home, from exposure 
and injuries received from the privateers. Rev. Or. Patton 
in writing of him spoke of his noble character and of the high 

regard in which he was held by his fellow-citizens. 

Children : 

249. Asa, son of Gideon and Mary (Chesebrough) Babcock 
(David, George, John. James 1st), b. S. Kingston. R. I., 
Nov. 29, 1786; d. Truxton, X. Y., Sept. 23, 1S60; m. Rrook- 
field, N. Y., Jan. 5, 1S12. Elizabeth, dau. of John and Elizabeth 
(Stanton) Noyes. b. Stonington, Conn., Nov. 27, 1792, d. 
Syracuse, N. Y., July 30, 1866. 
Children : 

559 Elizabeth H., 7 b. July 17. 1814; m. (1) George Stone; m. (2) 

Robert Niven. 
Richard, b. Truxton. N. Y., 1815; d. unin. 

560 Mary, b. May 8, 1817; m. (1) Charles Lynde; m. (2) Edward 


561 Clara, b. Apr. 5, 1819: m. Amos Westcott. 

562 Edward H.. b. Jan. 12, 1822; m. (1) Rhoda Trobridge ; in. (2) 

Catherine Lvndc. 

554 Gideon C., 7 b. Feb. 17, 1804; in. Phebc Noyes. 
Sarah, b. Boston, ; d. in infancy. 

555 Mary Ann, b. Nov. 27, 1808; in. Stephen Collins. 

248. Richard, sou of Gideon and Mary (Chesebrough) 
Babcock (David, George, John, James ist), b. S. Kings- 
ton, R. 1., Apr. 19, 1781; d. S. Brookfield, N. Y., Mar. 17, 
1866; in. Rome, X. Y., Dec. 14, 1S15. Mary Christopher, dau. 
of Hazard and Abigail Perry, b. S. Brookfield, d. S. Brookfield, 
Jan. 1, 1866. Mary was first cousin to Commodore Oliver 
Hazard Perry, and they both lived with their grandfather, 
Judge Freeman Perry, of S. Kingston, R. I. 
Children : 

556 Harry C., 7 b. May 13, 1817; in. Harriet Crandall. 

Frances, b. Truxton, N. Y. ; d. Waterloo, la., 1876; in. 18.42, Wil- 
liam Hammond. 

Richard C, b. Truxton. Nov. 25, 1819; d. Aug. 7, 1849; m. Dec. 
17, 1845, Crandall. 

557 Abigail, b. Dec. 17, 1821 ; m. J. H. Sarle. 

Elizabeth, b. Truxton; d. Sept. 10. 1N82. unm. • 

Hazard, b. S. Brookfield, Dec. 1. 1824; res. (1002) S. Brookfield; 

m. Shirland, 111.. Sept. 30, 1X74, Villa Macomber. 
Sarah Saver, b. Truxton, July 28, 1827; d. Aug. 7, 1S67, unm. 

558 Gideon Perry, b. Oct. 18, 1820; m. Lydia Macomber. 

John Milton.' b. Truxton. N. Y Feb. 3. 1832; res. (1902) Shirland, 

111.; m. July 22, 1851. Betsey Pope. 
Calvin G., b. Truxton. Jan. 7, 1835; res. (1902) Newport, N. Y. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 149 

John Noyes, b. Truxton, May |6, 1828; d. Syracuse, N. Y., Oct. 
24, 1894; m. (1) Sarah Barnes; m. (2) May 16, 1870, Mary. 
dati. of Henry and Phebe (Dickinson) Gififord. No children. 

563 Henry. 1). Feb. 14, 1 S3 1 ; m. Emily Maltbic. 
Frances Julia, h Truxton, N. Y., Feb. 0, 1834; d. Chicago, 111., 

Oct. 7, 1806; in. Truxton, Augustus Hardy. 

250. Jonathan Perkins, 8 son of Jonathan and Phebe 
(Perkins) Babcock (Jonathan, George, John, James 

1st), I). Charlestown, R. I.. Oct. 19, 1784; d. Ashaway, R. I., 
Mar. 23, 1875; 111. Elizabeth Wright, of Hopkinton, R. [., b. 
j Nov. 15, 1781, (1. Hopkinton. Aug. 25. 1 856. 

Children, b. in Hopkinton* 

Daniel N.. b. Apr. 10. 1812; d. Jewett City, Conn., Nov. 8, 180S. 

564 George A., 7 b. Dec. 26. 1813; 111. (1) Abby Ann Brown; 111. ( _■ ) 

Mrs. Thankful Burdick. 
Jonathan G., b. June -'J, [816; d. Hopkinton. 
John M., b. Apr. 1, 1819; d. Dec. 2X, 1841. 
' * 5"5 Stephen \V., b. Feb. 20, 1822; in. Mercy Barber. 

Phebe M., b. Aug. 19, 1825. 

251. Peleg, son of Peleg and Lucy (Babcock) Babcock 
(Hezekiah, George, John, James 1st), b. S. Kingston, 

R. I., July 14, 1774;. d. S. Kingston, May 20, 1845; ni - S. 
Kingston, Nov. 14, 1S18, Sarah, dan. of Rowse Potter, b. 
S. Kingston, Feb., 1794, d. S. Kingston, May, [854. He was 
Justice for S. Kingston 1802, '19. '20. (Smith.) 
Children, b. in S. Kingston : 

566 Hannah, 7 b. Sept. 9. 1820: in. Cornell Peckham. 

567 Esther H., b. Dec. 15, 1821 ; m. Thomas Gould. 
Martha E., b. Sept. 13, 1823; m. 502 Edmund 7 Babcock. 

568 Peleg F., b. Oct. 3, 1825; m. Mary Sherman. 

Rowse Potter, b. June 14. 18J7; d. Stonington. Aug. 30. 1800; m. 
May 2, l86l, Pawcatuck, Conn.. Mary Nancy, dau. of Charles and 
1 Lovisa (Brown) Babcock. b. Groton, Conn., Apr. 17, 1842; res. 

(1902) Stonington, Conn. No children. 

569 Charles H.. b. Feb. 14. 1832; m. (1) Jane B. Segar; m. (2) 

Mary E. James. 

570 George \\\, b. May 18. 1838; m. Anna Ennis. 

252. Joseph P., fi son of Peleg and Lucy (Babcock) Babcock 

(Hezekiah, George, John, James 1st), b. S. Kingston, 
R. I.. Jan. 17, 1783; d. June [3, 1809; m. (1) Apr. 19. 1812. 
Sarah \Y., dau. of George Potter, of S. Kingston, d. Feb. 3. 
1813; m. (2) Apr. o. 1815. W'aite T. Segar, d. Nov. 28, 1821 ; 
m. (3) Hannah P., dau. of Ephraim Babcock, of S. Kingston, 
d. Oct. 5, 1856. 
Child by fust wife: 

Henry, b. 1813; d. young. 

150 The -Babcock Genealogy. 

Children by second wife: 

Benjamin S u 1>. [817; m. Elizabeth Clark. 
Rebecca, b. Aug. 18, 1819- 

571 Henry \V., 7 I). Sept. 9. 1821 ; m. . 

Waite, 1). [824. 
Sarah, b.' 1826. 
John, b. Nov., 1836. 

253. Ethan, son of Pelcg and Lucy (Babcock) Babcock 
(Hezekiah, George, John, James- 1st), b. S. Kingston, 

R. I., Aug. 7, 1789; d. Charlcstown, R. L. Aug. 8, [836; 
m. at Charlestown, Aug. 26, 1827, Elizabeth T., dau. of James 
and Mary (Terry) Kenyon, b. Charlestown, Aug. 28, [809, 
d. Charlestown. 

Children, b. in Charlestown: 

Joseph Tripp, b. June 7. 1S29; d. Charlestown, Aug. 10, I&44- 
Adeline, b. Aug. 2, 1830; d. Charlestown. Oct. 15. 1865; ni - 

Charlestown, Dec. 1. 1850, Asa, son of Rol)crt and Susanna 

(Church) Noyes, b. S. Kingston. 
Lucy Elizabeth, 1>. Apr. 3, 1833; d. Charlestown, Oct. 16, 1834. 

572 George F., 7 b. Oct. 4. 1835; m. May Cahoonc. 

254. Charles," son of Peleg and Lucy (Babcock) Babcock 

(Hezekiah, George, John, James 1st), b. S. Kingston, 

R. L, Mar. 14. 1792; d. E. Greenwich. R. I.. Sept. 13. 1868; 

m. Martha S.. dau. of John S. Paine, b. Block Island, d. 

E. Greenwich, R. I., Aug. 26, 1875. 

Children : 

Edward Paine, h. ; d. June. 1892. 

James C, h. ; d. Mobile, Ala.. Nov., 1S70. 

Esther H., h. ; d. East Greenwich. R. 1.. Oct. 4. i«S6i, unm. 

John Paine. 7 b. Apr. 28, 1832; d. Westerly. R. I.. Oct. 25. 1802; 
m. Westerly, R. I.. July 24. [866. Sarah Brown Stillman; one 
child, Martha Paine" Babcock; res. 1903. W. Broad St., West- 
erly. R. I. 

Nancy D., b. ; res. E. Greenwich. R. I.; unm. 

Francis A., b. : res. E. Greenwich. R. I.: unm. 

Phebe Paine, b. East Greenwich. R. I.; res. ( \<K>2) Marlboro St.. 
East Greenwich. R. I.; m. at East Greenwich. Albert M.. son 
of Lyman Bailey, d. Providence, Oct. 10. 187O. He was a police- 
man at Providence, R. I. 

255. Hii/.i-.KiAH, son of Caleb and Waite (Peckham) Bab- 
cock (Hezekiah. George. John. James ist). b. S. Kings- 
ton. R. I., Jan. 3, 1784: el. S. Kingston. Mar. 4. 1870; m. 
S. Kingston, Jan. 28. 1813. Dorcas, dau. of William and 
Merc} ( Berry) Beckham, d. Oct. 22, 1859, aged seventy-three. 
Hezekiah was a tanner by trade. He was a director of the 
National Bank and also of the Savings Bank of Wakefield. 
R. L, and was Town Treasurer for many years. He belonged 
to the Society of Friends. He had a wonderfully retentive 


The Babcock Genealogy. 151 

memory; could late in life repeat whole pages of Shakespeare 

and of history. 
Children : 

Dorcas, b. Feb. 23, 1816; res. (1901) Wakefield, R. I.; unm. 
William P., I). Apr. _-x, 1818: d. Napoli, N. V. ; m. Feb. 2, 1840. 
Sarah M. Woodmansec. 
573 Hezckiah, 1 b. Oct. 31, 1820; in. Hannafa Hazard. 

Adam, b. Dec. 24, 1822; d. Providence, R. I.. Oct. 26, iS?-' i "<• 
July 3, 1870. Mary. dan. of Daniel and Mary (Reynolds) Buf- 
fington, of Pcrryvillc, R. I.; res. De Blois Ave., Newport, R. I. 
I 574 John, b. May 23, 1831 ; in. Mary Perry. 

256. ELISHA, son of Simeon and Mary (Perry) Babcock 
(Elisha, George, John, James ist), b, Richmond. .R. I.. 
May 17, 1774; d. Sept. 14, 1859; m. Huldah, dau. of Daniel 
and Elizabeth (Babcock) Green. (Elizabeth, mother of Hul- 
dah. was dan. of Elisha and Elizabeth Perry Babcock.) llul- 

[ dah was b. Feb. 2, 1775. d. Dec. 1, 1868. 

r ' Children: 

575 Daniel.' b. May 18, 1706; m. Mary Wilcox. 

576 Mary. b. Sept. 23, 1798: m. Robert Palmer. 
Elizabeth, b. Jnnc 9, 1800; d. 1X50. unm. 

577 Simeon, b. Mar. 5, 1S02 ; m. Mary'' Babcock. 

Elisha, b. Feb. 14, 1804; d. at sea, on a fibbing trip to Green 
I Island. 

Penelope, b. Jan. 31. [809; d. ; m. Isaac Davis. Had a num- 
ber of children ; all d. young. 

Samuel, b. July .15, 1N10; rn. Adams. Settled in Brooklyn. 

y Had children. 

Rutb. b. Dec. 24, l8li; d. Providence. R. I., June 16. 1895 : m. 
J Israel Robinson. Settled in Connecticut. lie died at Mans- 

field, Conn.. Feb. 24, l&ft. No children. 

578 Hoxic, b. July 24. 1813; m. (1) Elizabeth White; m. (2) 


! Huldah, b. : m. Israel Robinson. No children. 

Charles, b. 1818; d. Nov. 1, 1841, unm. 

r 257. SlMEON,* son of Simeon and Mary (Perry) Babcock 

I (Elisha, George. John, James ist). b. Richmond. R. [., 

Mar. 12, 1782; drowned at Charlestown Beach. Richmond, 
Sept. 7, 1843; m. Man - , dau. of Thomas and Mary ( Peck- 
am) Green, d. Richmond. Mar. 18, '1865. 
! Children, b. in Richmond: 

Mary, b. Oct. 3, 1807; d. Richmond, R. I.. Oct. 21, 1890; m. 
Solomon Hoxie. 
' 579 Simeon, 7 b. Apr. 6. 1S10: m. Mary Coe. 

Ann. b. May _m. 1812: in. Stephen Hoxic. 
Caroline, b. Feb. 2;?. 1815; m. Rodman Kcnyon. 
Sarah Perry, b. Jan. 2, 1818; d. Charlestown, R. 1.. Aug. 21, 1850; 
m. Stephen Bates. 
580 Almira, 1). May 21, 1822; m. Warren Lillibritlgc 
\ Frances M.. b. Sept. 24. 1825; res. (1002) Hopkinton, R. I.; m. 

Hiram Tanner. 

15- The Babcock Genealogy. 

581 Martha E.. I>. Jan ii, 1828; m. George Thayer. 

Benjamin F M b. June 11, 1832; res. (.1903) Caroline, R. I.; m. 
Richmond, June 10, 1859, Susan, dau. of Stephen and Susan 
(Kcnyon) Crandall, !>. Charlcstown, R. I., Sept. 29, 1839. 

258. Samuel Perry, son of Simeon and Mary ( Perry) 
Babcock (Elisha, George, |<>hn. James 1st), b. Rich- 
mond, R. I., Jan. 5. 1785; d. E. Haddam, Conn., May 5, [860; 

m. Rielnnond, 1812, Susanna, dan. of Rouse and Ruth ( Boss) 
Clark, b. Sept. 25. 1795. d. June 1, 1870. lie first settled 
in Colchester, Conn., later removed to II. Haddam, Conn.; was 
a ship carpenter. 
Children : 

582 Mary Ann, 1 b. Feb. 22. 1815; in. Albert D. Northam. 

583 Charles, b. 1816; in. Elizabeth Gillette. _ 

584 Josephine, I). Nov. 20. 1S20; m. Scldon Gillette. 

Phcbc Tripp, b. Colchester, Conn., Feb. 17. 1824; d- Smithfield, 

N. C, June 2, 1900; in. 1848, Col. W. II. Morning. She went 
South in 1844. 
Ellen Susan, b. Colchester, Mar. 7, 1831. Lived in East Haddam 
and Providence. 

585 Dwight Samuel, b. Jan. 6, 1835; in. Laura E. Cone. 

259. Jamf.s, son of Simeon and Mary (Perry) Pabcock 

(Elisha, George. John, James 1st), b. Richmond, R. I., 
Oct., 1794; settled first in Hopkinton, R. P; d. Westerly, R. I., 
Jan. 22, 1852; m. (1) Martha Card; m. (2) Elizabeth, dan. 
of Nathan and Elizabeth ( Burdick) Davis, b. N. Stonington, 
Conn.. May 19. 1806, d. Pawcatnck, Conn., Jan. 2j, 1901. 
Child of first wife : 

586 James, Jr., T b. Feb. 15, 1821 ; m. Sarah A. Lewis. 

Children of second wife: 

Mary E., b. Hopkinton. R. I., Jan. 13, 1S30; living (1901) West- 
erly, R. I. unm. 

Susannah T., b. Hopkinton, Mar. 20. 1835; d. Jan., 1852, in 

587 William Davis, b. Hopkinton. Nov. 1, 1838; in. Sarah M. Taylor. 
Sarah A., b. Hopkinton. Oct. 24. 1840; m. Pawcatuck, Conn.. Jan.. 

1861, Orville M. Briggs. son of Caleb and Ruth Briggs, b. Smith- 
field. R. 1.. Aug. 17, 1840; both living (.1001) Westerly, R. I. 
No children. 

588 Henry L., b. Hopkinton. R. I.. Dec. 5, 1842; m. (1) Josephine 

Barber; in. (2) Ida E. Sisson. 

589 Angeline Rosctta A., b. Pawcatuck. Conn., Oct. 19, 1851; m. Charles 

E. Emmons. 

260. Jesse, 8 son of Jesse and Hannah ( Cross) Babcock 
(Elisha, George, John. James 1st), b. Richmond, R. P, 

The Babcuck Genealogy. 153 

Apr*. 7, 1785; d. Kingston, R. I.. Aug. 19, 1859; m. New 
Shoreham, R. I., Mar. 7. *8u, Sally 1., dan. of Edmund and 
Susannah (Perry) Sheffield, b. New Shoreham, Feb. 26, 

1786, d. Kingston, Feb. 19, 1868. 

Children : 

590 John,' 1). Aug. 17, 181 1 ; m. (1) Lydia C. Wightman; m. (2) 

Wealthy M. Crandall. 
Harriot, b. Qiarlestown, func 8, 1813; d. Charlestown, Mar. jo, 

591 Susan, b. Mar. 5, 1815; in. John Kcnyon. • 

* 592 Edmund, b. Oct. 2. 1816; m. Martha Babcock. 

I Mary Ann, b. Charlestown, R. I., Aug. 15, 1819; d. Charlestown, 

Aug. 19, 1S20. 
593 Hannah, b. Juno 5. 182J; in. George Whipple. 
594 Maria, b. Doc. 6, 1824; m. George Crandall. 

595 Catherine, 1>. Juno in, 1827; m. Pclcg Wightman. 

596 Dutec, b. July 27, 1829: in. Theresa Hall. 

!> 231. GEORGE, son of Jesse and Hannah (Cross) Babcock 

(Elisha, George. John. James ist), b. Charlestown, 
R. I., May 31, 1793; d. in Killingly, Conn., Feb. 27, i860; 
m. Nancy Terry, b. Richmond, K. I., Sept. 13, 1795, d. Kill- 
| ingly, Mar. 27, 1873. 

I Children : 

597 Edward, 7 b. Oct. I. 1815; m. Harriot Graves. 
Hannah Ann. b. May 14, 1S19; in. Erastus Young. No children, 
f-. Lois, b. Aug. 5, 1823; d. Shannock, K. 1. ; in. George W. Cross. 

i No children. 

59S Albert, b. Mar. 25. 1827; d. ; in. Frances Pierce. 

599 Harriot Ann, b. Oct. 24, 1830; in. Alfred Boswell. 

600 Elizabeth, b. May 25, 1833; m. (0 William Boswell; m. (2) 

Thomas Wilson. 
David J., b. Jan. 27. 1836; res. (1001) Moostip. Conn. ; in. Amanda 

Tanner. She d. Jan., 1887. They had one child, Emma; m. 

I Elliot. 

f George Gilbert, b. Apr. 1. 1S40: d. Qneco, Conn.; in. Maretta 

Town son. They had one son, Walter. 

262. Ruth, 6 dan. of Jesse and Hannah (Cross) Babcock; 
(Elisha, George. John, James ist), b. Shannock. R. I.. 

j July 7, 1805; d. Richmond. R. I.,' Oct. 10, 1886; m . Rich- 

mond, Mar. 12, 1848, Richard Chappell, b. S. Kingston, 
f Nov. 16, 1794, d. Richmond, R. I., Apr. 9, 1878. 

Child : 

601 Mary Hortei^e, 7 b. Dec. 16, 1849; in. Edward K. James. 

263. Darius. son of David and Mary (Hinckley) Babcock 

(Ezekiel. Robert. John. James ist). h. May 13. 1769; 
> d. Oct. 17. 1 83 1 ; m. -. 

154 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children : 

Darius, Jr., b. 1791 ( ?)• 

Betsey, b. 170.3 (?). 

David, 1). 1794 ( ?). » 

Susan, !). 1796 ( ?). 

Perry, b. 1797 (?)■ • 

Abigail, b. ij'/'j {'■)■ 

Daniel, b. . 

Polly, b. . 

264. DAVID, 6 Jr., son of David and Mary (Hinckley) Bab- 
cock (Ezekiel, Robert, John, James 1st), b. Feb. 28, 

1770; d. Feb. 21, ; m. . 

Children : 

David, b. . 

Susan, b. . 

265. Henry, son of David and Mary (Hinckley) Babcock 

(Ezekiel, Robert, John, James 1st), b. July 29, 1771 ; 
d. Aug. 2, 1824; m. Annie, dan. of Charles and Annie Bull, 
b. Feb. 24, 1 77 1, d. Camden, X. V., May 8, 1863. 
Children : 

Henry, b. May 30, i~</>; d. May 17, 181.3, uniu 

602 Oliver, 7 1). Dec. ,}o. 1798; m. Elizabeth Ingalls. 

603 Gurdon, b. Feb. _>.?, 1N01 ; in. Ahnira Starkweather. 

604 Merritt, l>. Aug. 5. 1804; in. Martha Wells. 

605 Anna, b. Jan. I, (809; in. John Clemons. 

606 James, b. Aug. 30, 181 1; in. Nancy Lackey. 

266. Robert. son of David and Mary (Hinckley) Babcock 

(Ezekiel, Robert, John, James 1st), b. Stonington, 
Conn.. July 6, 177^ ; d. Decatur, X. Y.. Apr. 4, [862; m. 
Sally Gallup, of Gallupville, N. V., b. Sept. 30, 1774, d. Deca- 
tur, N. Y., Nov. 27. 1852. 
Children : 

607 Silas, 7 b. Oct. 6, \7c16: in. Polly Champion. 
Sally, b. Jan. 9, 1798; d. Aug. M\ 1798. 

608 Hannah, 1>. Nov. g. 1800; m. Moses Pettie. 

609 Maria, b. Nov. 7, 1805; in. Joel Champlin. 

610 Lois. 1). Dec. 17. iftio; m. Silas Brewster. 

611 Elias, 1>. May 22, 1812: m. Jane Thurber. 

612 Nathan, b. June 23, 1S14; m. Luis Thurber. 

267. Polly." dau. of David and Mary (Hinckley) Babcock 

(Ezekiel, Robert. John, James Est), b. Stonington, 

Conn., Apr. 22, 1778; d. X. Adams. X. Y.. Aug., 1858: m. 
at Berne, Albany County. X. Y.. Sept. 21, 1800. Rev. Elisha 
Morgan, b. Lyme, Conn.. June 13. 1779, d. Oct. 30, 1866. 

1 7/8- 1 858. 

Page 154- 

The Babcock Genealogy. 155 

*Rcv. Elishn Morgan was a Baptist minister and farmer; 
preached in Jefferson County, X. Y., more than fifty years. 
Polly was very pious, wrote well, mostly religious rhymes. 
She received a string of gold beads referred to in records of 
her brother Gurdon Babcock. In religious zeal she threw them 
in the collection basket at church, otherwise they would to-day 
belong to Mrs. Lucy Eames Blount. (Sec her records.) 

Children : 

Lucy. b. Jan. 31, 1S04 ; d. same day. 

Elijah W.. b. May 15, 1805; in. Lucy Stowc. lie moved to Ann 

Arbor, Mich., where he practiced law, became very rich, and 

died at about 86 year-;. His wife survived him some time. No 

David Henry, b. May 31, 1807; d. Sept. 4, 1874; m. Elizabeth 

Merrick. David lived in Illinois, had several children. 

613 Lucy Celia, 7 h. June 22, 1811; m. Lovclt Karnes. 

268. Dudley, son of David and Mary (Hinckley) Babcock 
(Ezekiel, Robert, John, James 1st), b. Stonington, 

Conn., Apr. 29, 1780; d. ; m. 1808, Abigail Littcll. 

Children : 

David, b. . 

614 Enos,' h. Nov. 21, 1819; m. Luanda Lovdell. 
Levi. b. . 

615 Eli, b. Apr. 23, 1S24; m. Dolly Woodin. 

269. Frederick, 8 son of David and Mary (Hinckley) Bab- 
cock (Ezekiel, Robert. John, James 1st), b. Stonington, 
Conn., June 16, 1782; d. ; m. Fanny Gallup. 

Children : 

616 Oliver, 7 h. 1804 (?); m. Maria Barton. 
Sophronia, b. . 

270. MERRITT, 6 son of David and Mary (Hinckley) Bab- 
cock (Ezekiel. Robert, John, James 1st), b. Stonington, 

Conn., Sept. iS. 1784; d. ; m. Olive Dickinson. 

Children : 

617 Amos, 7 b. Nov. 26. 1806; m. Mary Card. 

618 Abel, b. Apr. 23, 1817; m. (1) Eliza Snyder; m. (2) Mary Purdy. 

619 Simeon, b. May 25, 1820; in. Sarali Ilolden. 

271. FANNY,* dau. of David and Mary (Hinckley) Babcock 

(Ezekiel. Robert. John. James 1st), b. Stonington. 

Conn., July 5. 1 7S7 : d. ; m. Amos Gill. 

Children : 

John. b. . 

Harriet, b. . 

156 The Babcock Genealogy. 

272. Sarah, 8 dait. of Robert and Grace ( Hinckley) Babcock 
(Ezekiel, Robert, John, James 1st), b. Aug. 22, 1782; 

d. ; m. Philip Duel: 

Children : 


Charles Duel, 1). ; d. Omaha, Neb. 

620 Sarah C., 7 h. ; in Isaac Born. 

Lucy Ann, I). . 

Cletncnia, l». . 

Harriot, 1). . 

Joseph, b. . Lived at Farmington, 111. 


273. Russel, son of Robert and Grace (Hinckley) Babcock 

(Ezekiel. Robert. John. James 1st). 1>. Berne, X. Y., 
Feb. 1, 1793; d. Richmondville, X. Y., Mar. 2, 1871; m. 
Sarah, dan. of Samuel and (Wellington) Fuller, b. Rich- 
mondville, Nov. 3. 1 7<;4, d. Richmondville, Mar. 13, 1854. 
Children, b. in Richmondville: 

Samuel Fuller, b. Apr. 23, 1816; (1. Saugcrties, N. Y., Nov. 11, 
1847, unm. 

621 Robert, 7 1). Nov. 15. 1818; in. Lucy McKinley. 

622 Eloisc Corrina, b. Oct. 11. 1823; in. Harvey Waldorf. 

John J., b. Jan. 22, 1833; res. (lOOl) East Worcester, N. Y. 

274. Joshua. son of Joshua and Nancy (Hawkins) Bab- 
cock (Joseph, Joseph, John, James ist), b. West- 
erly (?). R. I., Oct. 16. 1774; d. Bethlehem Center. X. V., 
May 22, 1852: m. at Bethlehem, X. Y.. Elizabeth, dan. of 
William and Mary (McClure) Erazier, b. Ireland. Feb. 20. 
1775, d. Bethlehem. Aug. 26. 1843. 

Children, b. in Bethlehem : 

Hiram, b. Feb. 18. 1802; d. Bethlehem, N. Y.. Aug. 21. 1883. unm. 
David, b. Mar. 5. 1804; d. Bethlehem, Mar. 24, 1864; m. Salem. 

Mass., Eliza Glover. 
Joshua Frazier. b. Aug. 23, i8of>: d. Bethlehem. Sept. 23. 1S73. unm. 
Mary Ann. b. Sept. 13. 1808; d. Bethlehem, Feb. 1. 1885. unm. 

623 William. 7 L. Oct. 11, 1811 ; m. Ann Wilson. 

624 John. b. June 10. 1814; m. Hester Van Derzec. 
Robert, b. Apr. 24, 1817; d. Bethlehem; Dec. 7. 1N02. unm. 

625 Henry, b. July 8, 1820; in. (1) Rachel McGill : m. (2) Margaret 

Elizabeth, b. Feb. Q. 1823; d. Bethlehem. Feb. 17. K)0i, unm. 
James Leonard, b. Dec. 15. 1825; d. Albany. Feb. 13, 1881 ; m. 

Albany, N. Y.. Mary, dau. of Cornelius Vosburgh, b. Albany. 

275. Nancy Ann, dau. of Thomas. Jr.. and Martha (Da- 
vis) Rabcock (Thomas, Oliver. John. James ist). b. in 

Squam, X. J., 1782 (?); d. Jackson Center, O. ; m. Samuel 
C, son of Rev. Jacob ami Mary Davis. 


The Babcock Genealogy. *57 

Children : 

Daniel, I). ; tn. Ruth Randall. 

Jeptha, 1.. Clark Co.. ().. [an. i. 1816; m. Dark Co., June 30. i»J7. 
Eliza Jane. dau. of George and Amy Daus, b. m West Virginia, 

May 5, 1S17. 

Jacob, b. ; m. Ann Lippcncott. 

Francis, b. ; m. Vienna Richardson. 

James A., b. ; m. Jane McClnre. 

Kane), b. ; m. McClary. 

Thomas, b. ; m. Betsy Moore. No children. 

276. Rev. Simeon, sun of Thomas, Jr.. and Martha (Davis) 
Babcock (Thomas, Oliver. John, James 1st), b. Squam, 
N. J., Sept. 13, 1784; (1. Jan. 14, 1K70, at Jackson Center, O. ; 
ni. (!) Harrison County" Va., Oct. 6, 1803, Charity, dau. of 
Ephraim and Elizabeth (Davis) Maxson, b. Harrison County, 
d. Nov. 26. 1835; m. (2) Mar. 16, 1*37. Mrs. Elizabeth D. 
Stout, widow of Milton Stout and dan. of Moses Hoflfman. 
Children by first wife:,' b. Salem. W. Va.. 1804; m. (1) Amanda Searl ; m. (2) 
Mary Forsythc; m. (3) wid. Jemima McBurney. 

627 Gean, b. 1814; m. Joseph Furrow. 

628 Maxson, b. May 5, 1S17 ; m. (i) Phiottata Davis; m. (2) Mrs. 
Isabell Tarpcnning. 

Children by second wife: 

629 Elizabeth Martha, b. Jan. 16. 1838; m. Curtis Lippcncott. 

630 Simeon Hoffman, b. Jan. 21, 1841: m. Elizabeth McCormick. 
Milton Stout, b. Dec. 2, 184.2; m. (l) 1 m - ( 2 ) ■ 

277. William.' 1 son of Thomas. Jr., and Martha (Davis) 
Babcock (Thomas, Oliver, John. James 1st), b. Jan. 26, 

1789; d. in Jackson Center. O., Oct. 11. 1847; m. ( 1 ) ; 

m. (2) Rebecca, dau. of Jacob and Man- (Davis) Loofboro; 
m. (3) Arsentha (Davis), widow of Dudley Hughes and dau. 
of William and Elizabeth (Johnson) Davis. 
Children by first wife: 

Martha, b ; m William Lippcncott. son of Samuel and Amy 

(Maxson) Lippcncott. Had one child. Mary Ann. 
Mary Ann, b. ; m. "Runa" Jones. 

Children by second wife: 

611 Prisdlla, 1 b. Clark Co.. O. ; m. Lemon Lippcncott. 

632 Davis, b. Dec. 15. 1819; m. (1) Lmelinc Saver; m. (2) Anna 

6}3 Jacob H., b. Apr.. i8_v: m. Elizabeth Davis. 
634 Rebecca, b. Clark Co., O. ; m. Lewis Brandenburg. 


158 The Babcuck Genealogy. 

Children by third wife: 

635 Emily, b. ; m. (1) James Hum; m. (2) John A. Lippcncott. 

636 Simeon, b. ; m. Amy Van Horn. 

637 Anna, b. ; m. Abel Davis. 

638 Azariab, b. ; m. Julia Ann Colwell. 

Enos, b. ; m. Ruah A. Hague. 

Silas, b. ; in. Elizabeth Furrow. 

278. Jacob, 6 sen of Thomas. Jr., and Martha (Davis) Bab- 
cock (Thomas, Oliver, John, James istj, b. Salem, 

\V. Va., Apr. 26, 1797: d. Northampton, ().. Jan. 2, 1835; m. 
May 22, 181 7, Lydia, dan. of Jesse and Sarah (Sutton) Max- 
son, b. Dec. 4, 1799. 
Children : 

639 Nancy 7 (Anna), b. Apr. 6, 1818; in. John Lippcncott. 

Jeptha, b. Mar. 16. 1820; m. Lavina, dau. of Jacob and Sarab Davis. 

640 'Hannah, b. Juno 30, 1822; in. Ezckicl P. Davis. 

Martha, b. Apr. 22. 1S25; m. John Livingston. No children. 
Julia Ann. b. June 3, [828; in. William Staley. 

641 John, b. Dec. 2. 1830; 111. (1) Jemima G. Lippcncott; in. (2) Mrs. 

Frank A. Patterson. 

642 Cornelius Sutton, b. Apr. 2, 18^3; in. ( 1 ) Rachel Maxson ; m. (2) 


643 Jacob, b. Feb. 17, 1835; 111. (1) Lydia Maxson; in. (2) Isabell 


279. Joel C.,' ; son of Thomas. Jr., and Martha (Davis) Bab- 
cock (Thomas, Oliver, John. James 1st), b. Harrison 

County, Ya., Apr. 20, 1799; d. Oct. II, 1867, Richardson 
County, Neb.; m. in Clark County, O., Dec. 25. 1824, Amy, 
dan. of Joshua and Esther (Styles) Greene, b. Mar. I, 1807, 
d. Jan. 2y. 1879. 
Children : 


644 Joshua Greene. 7 b. Nov. 2j;. 1825; in. Charlotte T. Lippcncott. 

645 John Smally, b. Aug. 12, 1828; in. (1) Eliza Lippcncott; m. (2) 

Sarah F. Randolph. 

646 Esther, b. Feb.. 1830; in. John Furrow. 

Uriali Martin, b. Clark Co.. O.. Aug. 20. 1S37; d. at Alfred. N. V.. 
June 9, iooo; in. Jackson Co., O.. Rebecca Lucinda, dau. of 
Calvin and Lydia (Maxson) Davis, b. Jackson Co., O., July 2;. 
1838. Address 188 Rhode Island St.. Buffalo, X. V. (1902). 
One son, Willie Orville. 

647 Samuel Davis, b. Aug. 13. 1830: in. Mary S. F. Randolph. 
Joel Jay, b. Feb. 22. 1S41 ; d. num. 

Jesse, b. Mar. S. 184J. Was killed in the United States service, at 
the battle of Vicksburg, May 24. 1S63. 

648 Benjamin Thomas, b. Feb. 2j. 1848; in. Mariah Avers. 

280. John, son of Thomas. Jr., and Martha (Davis) Bab- 
cock (Thomas, Oliver, John, James 1st), b. May 16, 


The Babcock Genealogy. 1 59 

1802; (I. at Welton, [a., Mar. 3, [872; m. (1) Dec. 5. 1822, 
Betsy, dan. of Timothy and Sarah Searl, I). June 26, 1805, d. 
Nov. 27, 1825; in. (j) Mar. 13, 1828, Elizabeth Hardman, b. 
Mar. 14, [806, d. Dec. 28, 1878. 
Child by first wile: 

649 Thomas,' b. Aug. 22. I&23; m. (1) Jane Hill; m. (2) Mrs. Mary 
(Stewart) Terry. 

Children by second wife: 

650 Margaret, 1). May 24. 1S29; m. Lewis Sayer. 
C51 Sarah, 1). Nov. 26, 1831 ; m. Lcvcn Hurley. 

652 Demsa, l>. Nov. 9, 1833; m. Henry K. Morris. 

653 Martha, b. May 26, [836; in. John Ii. Van Horn. 
James Owen h. Oct. 30. 1838; in. Alnhra Van Horn. 
Peter Hardman, 1>. 1841; d. in U. S. Army during Civil War. 

654 Nkandcr Wilson, h July 30, [844; m. Louisa Jane Davis. 
. Alexander Campbell, b. 1848; d. 1851-. 

Lewis Hurley, 1). near Defiance, O.. Sept. i', 1850. Resides O902) 
Gowrie, la.; m. Wellon, la.. Nov. 1. 1871, Rocelia C, dan. of 
William C. and Mary (Stearns) Davis, h. near Sullivan, bid.. 
May 30, 1852. They had one son, Dtlos O., b. Nov. 26, 1873, m. 
at Gowrie, la.. May 31, 1898, Florence May, dan. of Scldon M. 
and Ella (Doud) Clans, b. May 31, iX,So, at Dcs Moines, la. 

281. James, son of Jeremiah and Susannah (Rogers) Bab- 
«, cock (Simeon, Oliver, John. James 1st), b. Westerly 

R. I. (now Hopkinton), Aug. 12, 1770; d. Feb. 20. 1853. 
* Monmouth, 111. In early life he removed with his parents to 

Voluntown. Conn., thence to Ashford, Conn., where three of 
his sisters married, and later removed to Wales. Mass.. where 
his father died. James m. Phila, dan. of Rev. Elijah Codcling- 
ton, a P>aptist minister who preached at Wales. Mass., for 
nearly fifty years. Phila Coddington Babcock d. Dec. 25, 

I 1858.' 

Children : 

655 Elijah. 7 b. Jan. 16. 1802; m. Cynthia- Weld. 

Sally, b. : d. Monmouth, 111.. May 24. 1X77. aped 71 years, unm. 

Georpe. h. at Wales. 1815 ; res. (1902) Monmouth, 111. 

Betsey,' h. ; m. John Smith. 

Mary, h. ; m. Sylvanus G. Shaw. 

650 Palace, h. ; m. Harrison F. Fay. 

281a. Benjamin," son of Jason and Mary Babcock (Simeon. 
Oliver. John. James 1st), b. Feb. S. 1782; d. Sept. 13, 

1869; m. (1) Polly Reynolds, no children; m. (2) Hannah 
Reynolds, b. Mar. 14. 1784, d. Feb. 7, 1854. 

i6o The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children : 

William J., b. i8ll. 
656" Nelson, 1 b. Feb. 13, 1813; m. Catharine Potter. 

Amy, b. . 

Minerva, I). . 

Oliver, 1). Apr. 21, 1821 ; d. Dec. 8, 1855. 
Chester, 1>. . 

282. Ethan,* son of Oliver and Tacy (Maxson) Babcock 

(Oliver, Oliver, John, James 1st), 1). probably in Ley- 
den. Mass., Nov. 4. 1 77 1 ; d. Brookfield, X. V.. Apr. 8, 1859; 
ni. (1) Leyden, Mass., Jan. 13, [800, Mary (Polly), dan. of 
135 Susanna (Babcock) Fen, !>. 1774. d. in Brookfield, X. Y.. 
1807, leaving two children ; m. (2) at Brookfield, Phebe, dau. 
of Godfrey White, b. June 18, 17SS. d. Brookfield, Mar. [8, 
1872, leaving seven children. 

In the latter part of Apr., 1799. Ethan Babcock accompanied 
by David Gates set out on foot from Leyden, Mass.. and after 
enduring many privations arrived at VV. Winfield, where they 
rested several days. Here they purchased a yoke of oxen, a 
cow, and some provisions, with which on the 25th of May they 
started for Brookfield. Their progress through the woods was 
necessarily slow, and it was nearly night before they reached 
their destination, the Beaver Creek Valley, where Oliver Bab- 
cock, father of Ethan, had previously purchased the mill site 
on the stream in the north part of Brookfield, together with 
two lots which now include the east half of the village, the 
north and south road running through it for some distance 
being the lot line. Not having time to erect a shelter, they 
felled a basswood tree, split it open, and lay upon it until morn- 
ing. They were the first to locate on the site of Brookfield. 
and this was the first tree cut in its vicinity. The next day 
they built a cabin and commenced clearing the land. Game l>e- 
ing plentiful, they had no lack of food. They very soon began 
the manufacture of potash, which they carried in tubs on the 
back of oxen to Winfield. They continued clearing the land 
and making potash during the summer, and in the fall Mr. 
Babcock returned to Massachusetts and married -Marv Fen. 
The next spring, with his bride and a yoke of oxen, he re- 
turned to Brookfield, completed the log house he had partly 
built the year before, and there established his home. 

He was the first hotel keeper in the village of Brookfield in 
the opening years of the nineteenth century, and at the same 
time conducted his well-chosen farm adjacent thereto with 
marked success. (History of Madison County.) 

The Babcock Genealogy. i6i 

Children of first wife, b. Brookfield: 

Harriet, 1). 1X03; m. her father's cousin, aoaHenry 1 (Harry) 

Orrissa, b, 181)5; d. 1825. 

Children of second wife, 1>. Brookfield: 

657 Mary, 7 1>. 1814 ; m. Samuel Woodworth. 
Madison, b. 1816; m. Ann White. Moved lo Beaver Dam, Wis. 
Hcrrick, 1>. 1818; m. Dclihah Mclntyre (?). 
Eveline, 1>. 1820. Living | 1001 ) in Brookfield, iinm. 

Oliver, l>. [822; m. Kate Woodworth; d. leaving no children. 
► Melissa, b. 1824; d. Brookfield. N. V.. May 5, 1900. 

658 Joseph, 1). Sept. 19, 1826; m. Mary M. Whitaker. 

283. Oliver, 8 son of Oliver and Tacy (Maxson) Babcock 
(Oliver, Oliver, John, James ist), b. probably in Ley- 
den, Mass., Oct. 4. 1773: d. Brookfield, X. V.. Sept.. 1856; 
m. Leyden, Nov. 27, 1797. Lorana, dan. of Ezra Foster, b. 
Leyden, Sept. 8, 1777, d. Brookfield, 1862. 

'Children, b. Brookfield, X. Y. : 

650 Cynthia, 1 b. 179S; m. 1817 (?),. James Denison. 

660 Lorana, 1). May. 1800; in. Hosea B. Clark. 

66 1 Oliver, 5th, b. l802; in. Electa Burdick 

284. Joseph, son of Oliver and Tacy (Maxson) Babcock 
(Oliver, Oliver, John, James ist), b. Westerly, R. I.. 

Jan. i, 1776; d. ; m. in 1800, Sarah, dan. of Nathan 

Babcock (?). Removed to Leyden, Mass., where he lived 
seven years; went thence to Norwich, X. Y. ; later removed 
to Brookfield, X. V., where he spent the remainder of his life, 
j . Children : 

662 Julia, 7 b. Jan. 2.}. 1801 : m. Clark Brown. 

Rawson, 1>. Dec. 17, 1802; in. Mary Foot; 1829, moved to \Yi>- 

Laurence, b. Nov. 3, 1804. Fanner at Brookfield, N. V. ; d. 

1890 ( ?). unm. 

663 Leroy. b. Apr. 23, 1804 ; in. Sally Markham. 

285. Phineas," son of Oliver and Tacy (Maxson) Babcock 
(Oliver, Oliver. John, James ist), b. June. 1777; d. 

Brookfield, X. Y. : m. Apr. 12. 1807. Sarah Fen. dan. of 
135 Susanna (Babcock) Fen. b. Dec.. 177'). d. Mar. S, 1858. 
Children, b. in Brookfield : 

Minard, b. : d. Brookfield; m. Dorcas . 

Belinda, b. ; m. Bill Lewis. 

Charlotta, 1). : d. Preston, N'. Y. : m. Robert Davis. 

Maria, b. ; d. Brookfield: in. Joseph Denison. 

66.} Al/ina. 7 1>. Apr. 2. 1818: in. Darwin Crandall. 

Alfred, 1>. ; d. Shcrhurn, N. Y. ; in. Harriet Pcllon. 

Leonard, b. ; d. Brookfield: m. Elmira Burdick. 

William, b. ; m. Catharine Hill. 



Huldah, b. May 2. 1806; m. 486 Ambrose Babcock. 

665 Nathan, 7 b. Aug. 25, 1S07; d. Aug. 7, 1882; m. Fannie YValrath. 

162 The Babcock Genealogy. 

28G. Lois, dau. of Oliver and Tacy (Maxson) Balxrock 
(Oliver, Oliver, John, James i>t). 1). Leydcn, Mass., 
Apr. 30, 1779; (1. Brookfield, X. Y., May 13. [859; 111. Lev- 
den, 1798, Patten, son of Lemuel and Phebe Fitch, l>. Connect- 
icut, Aug. 31, 1 775. d. Brookfield, Oct. 3. 1861. 
Children : 

Arnnuul Fitch, 1). Mar. 15, 1801 ; r|. Nov. 12, 1820. 
Patten, 1). June 18, 1803; <1. Oct. 20, iS</>; in. Polly Carke. Six 

Philemon Fitch, 1>. Apr. 23. [805; d Aug. 4. 1820 
Tacy, I). Apr. 10 1X07; in. May 31, 1875, Edmund Livcrmore, in 

Independence, N. Y. Five children. 
Nathaniel, b. Aug. 7, 1809; d. 1811. 
Lodcma, b. 1813; d. May 29, 1813. 
James M.. b. Mar. 13. 181 1; m. Eliza Williams. Six children. * 

Now living v i°oo )• 
Lavinda, b. Aug., 1X14; d. Feb., 1891; m. 1833, Sylvanus Moore. 
Elliot G., h. May 4. 1X17; in. Oct 13, iS v v>. Sal.rina Drown. Four 
1 i children. 

Julius C, b. Feb. 27, 1810; m. CO Grace York; m. (2) Harriet. 

He died Feb. 4. 1807. Four children. 
Susannah C, b. Nov. 21, 1821; d. Apr. 27, 1900; m. 667 Oliver 1 


287. Nathan, son of Oliver and Tacy (Maxson) Babcock 

(Oliver, Oliver, John, James 1st), b. Mar. 1. 1782; d. 

Dec. 10, 1866, Brookfield, N. V. ; m. (1) Scott, X. Y.. Dec. 

22, 1803, Huldah Burdick, b. June 21, 1784, d. Feb. 9. 1810; 
m. (2) Dec. 16, 1810, Polly Palmer, h. June 12, 1790. d. Aug. 

23, 1818, at Brookfield; m. (3) Aug. 23, 1827, at Brookfield, 
Vashti, dau. of Nathan and Bridget (Stanton) Chesebro, 
b. Stonington, Nov. 10. 1792, d. P>rookiicld, July 24, 1856. 

Children by first wife: 

Children by third wife: 

Ellen, b. June 14. 1828; d. Dec. 16. 1833. 

Juliette, h. Feb. 7, 1830; res. ( kk>2) Brookfield, N. Y., unm. 

Sherwood, h. Sept. 2S, 1831 : d. Mar. I, 1888, unm. 

Patten Fitch, b. Apr. 21, 1834; unm. 

288. Hezekiah, 6 son of Oliver and Tacy (Maxson) Bab- 
cock (Oliver. Oliver. John, James 1st), b. Leyden, 
Mass., July 17. 1784; d. Brookfield, X. V.. Nov. jH, 1862; 
m. Mar. 11, 1806. Nancy, dau. of Henry and Judith (Maxson) 
Burdick, b. July 18. 1786, d. July 17. '1858. * 


The Babcock Genealogy. 163 

Children, b. in Brookfield: 

Hezekiah, b. ; m. Amanda Clarke. He d in Leonardsvillc, 

Feb. 4, 1871, aged 67. Had one dan., Malvina, m. Graham; 

both dead. No children. 

Laurinda, b. ; d. young. 

666 Henry,' b. Jan. 9, 1809; m. (i) Angeline Langworthy; m. (2) 

(Eunice Newell. 
Nancy, b. ; m. Silvanus Barmy. They bad one dau., Sarah 
M.. ami res. Scott, N. Y. ; in. Mi. Richardson. 
Leandcr, b. ; m. Roxanna Williams. 

Lodcma, b. ; d. July 7. 1893; in. (i) Silvanus Barney; m. (2) 

1 Joseph Miller. 

667 Oliver P., b. Mar. 6. 1817; in. Susannah C. Fitch. 

Horace, b. ; d. Aug. 11, i8<;j. unm. 

Barbara, b. Mar. I. 1821 ; d. June 30, 1885, unin. 

v Louis, b. July 21, 1824; re-^. (1001) in Brookfield; unm. 

668 Joseph T.. b. Oct 9, 1827; in. (1) Harriet Colvin; in. (2) Cather- 
ine Hilts. 

Tacy, b. Feb. 5, 1831 ; d. Apr. 6. 1837. 

289. Susan, c dau. of Oliver and Tacy (Maxson) Babcock 
(Oliver, Oliver. John. James 1st), b. Leyden, Mass., 

Aug. 28, 1788; d. Tully. X. Y.. Mar. 2, 1866; m. Brookfield, 
N. Y., Feb. 2y, 1806, Billings Palmer, b. Stonington, Conn., 
Feb. 26, 1779, d. Brookfield, Oct. 9, 1849. 
Children : 

Emilv L., b. Sherburn, Dec. 2;. 181 1; d. Milton, Wis., Jan. 31, 

1878; m. Sept. 18, 1830. William Wells. 
Lcander, b. Brookfield. X. Y.. May 20. 1814; d. McGrawville, 

N. Y., Apr. 28. 1878: m. Phebe Pierce. 
Julia Ann, b. Brookfield. X. Y.. Aug. 9. 1816; d. Dec. 19, 1887; 

m. Jan. 11, 1849. H. M. Denison. 
Henry M., b. Brookfield. X. Y., Dec. 4, 1818; d. Syracuse, Apr. 14, 

1866; m. Miss Adams. 
Arminda F., b. Feb. 12. 1821 : d. Springfield, N. Y., Mar. 20, 

1895; m. Feb. 13, 1841. A. J. Adams. 
Harriet M.. b. Brookfield. X. Y.. Aug. 10, 1823: d. Fox Lake, Wis., 

May 5. 1803: in. O. X. Groton. 
Huldah B., b. Feb. 20, 1826; m. A. Cately ; res. (1901) at Tullv, 

N. Y. 
Adaline C. b. Nov. 24. 1828; m. Nov. 24, 1846, William Blanding 
Tacy L., b. Jan. 4. 18,33; m. Nov. 24, 1840, Frank Vail ; res. 

(1901) at Tully, X. Y. 

290. Ezra, son of Oliver and Tacy (Maxson) Bal>cock 
(Olivcr, Oliver, John. James ist). b. Aug. 18, 1794; 

d. Nov. 9, 1879; m - Hannah Brusie. Moved to New York 

Children : 

Laura, b. 1815; m. Benjamin Groton; d. Apr., 1845. 

Koxa, b. . 

Henry. 1). 1822; d. Sept. l->, 1879. 

Gilbert, b. . 

John, b. . 



164 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Sophronia, 1j. . 

Cynthia, 1». . 

Hannah, b. . 

291. PELEG, 8 sen of Pole- and Lucy (Maxsoil) Babcock 

(Oliver, Oliver, John, James 1st), 1). Hopkinton, K. I., 
May 29, 1772; (1. New York State, prior to 18-7; m. Martha 
Morgan, d. Ithaca. Peleg lived tor a time in Genesee County. 
Children : 

660. Peleg, 1 b. Apr. u, 1799; m. (1) Rosetta Nicliols; m. (2) Malinda 

McCart. T 

Harrictte, 1). . Lived :.t Oxford. Mich. 

670 Amanda, !>. July _•_•. 1819; in. Charles Watson. 

671 Nathan, 1>. ; in. Ruby Foster. 

Jonathan, 1>. ; d. young. 

David, b. ; d. young. 

Dina, b. . Lived at Ithaca, X. Y. 

Moses and Lber. b. . 

Huldah and Chloe, b. ; both d. voting. 


292. Deacon Solomon, son of Peleg and Ruth (Maxson) 

Babcock (Oliver, Oliver, John, James 1st), b. Westerly, 

Sept. 2, 1776; d. ; rn. 1803, Amy Morgan. He was 

deacon in First S. D. B. Church. Scott, X. Y. 
Children : 

672 Luke P., 7 b. Jan. _\S. 1805; m. Lydia Babcock. 
Morgan, b. 1806: m. Maria Purdy. 

Ross, b. 1800; m. Lydia Wells. Settled in Stephentown, 111. 

673 Ralph, 1). Doc. 1. 1810; 111. A/ubali Dodge. 
Anson b. 1813: m. Harriet Price. 
Cornelius, b. 1815; d. young. 

Cornelia, b. 1816. y 

Ira, b. 1818; d. 1902; m. Abigail CurtK 

674 Frederick, b. Mar. 20. [820; m. Mary Kelley. 
Chaiincey, b. 1822; d. 184.4. 

Curtis, b. 1824; d. Gaha, III.; 111. Dorana Randall 


293. John, son of Peleg- and Ruth (Maxson) Hancock 

(Oliver, Oliver, John, James 1st), b. July 26, 17S0, 

lived when young at Leyden, Mass.: d. in Manston, Wis., 
Nov. 28, 1865; m. (1) Nov. r; v 1803, Phebe Wilbur, d. May 

29, 181 1, in the thirty-first year of her age. They settled iii 

Spafford, Cortland County, X. Y. John m. (2) 'in Leyden 
Mass., Feb. 23. 1S12. Betsy Bullfinch. 
Children by first wife: 

Nancy, b. Nov. 22. 180.,: m. Spafford. N. V.. John Manes; d. 
Rattle Creek. Mich., leaving three children. Solomon. Wellcome 
and Henry. 

675 -Mm Wilbur. 7 b. Jan. 30. 1S07: m. Ann Davis 

Ithainer Day. b. Sept. 23, 1808. Settled at Rockford, III 
Hiram, b. Dec. 3, 1810; d. Dec. 28, 1810. 

The Rabcock Genealogy. 165 

Children by second wife: 

Eliza, b. Feb. 25, 1813; m. Seymour Grinnclt. 

676 Joseph, li. Oct. 17, 1 s 1 _| ; in. Mr . (.'.inline S. Laraway. 
Lucy, 1). Dec. 15. [818, Spafford, N. Y.', na. John Grinnel, of 

Albion, N. Y. She died in Orleans Co., N. Y., leaving two sons, 
Jolui and 1 [alscy. 

294. Taber, son of Peleg and Ruth (Maxson) Babcock 
(Oliver, Oliver. John, James ist), b. Apr. 30, [784; 

d. Oct. 8, [845; 111. Leyden, Mass., May 8, [806, Anna 

Children : 

677 Horace S.,' b Mar. 8, 1807 ; 111. Sainanilia Crofoot. 

678 Anna M.. b. Nov. 29, 1808; 111. Rev. James Ross Burdick. 
Mary, b. Apr. 1, 1812 
Lucy, I). May 24 1814. 
Harriet, 1). Feb. 18, 1816. 
Laura, b. Aug. 24, 1818. 
Adena C, I). July 20. 1820. 
Peleg, b. Dec. 20, 1823; d. Feb. 15. 1850, unm. 

295. SlLAS, fl son of Cant. Paul and Hannah (Burdick) 
Babcock (Oliver. Oliver. John, James ist). b. Apr. jj, 

1793; d. Scott, X. Y., Nov. 8, 1861 ; m. (i) 1812, Clarissa, 

dau. of Walter rainier, of Stonington, Conn., !>. , d. Apr. 

20, 1827; m. (2) 1828, Mary Vbsburg, Scott, N. V.. d. Feb. 
9, 1880, aged seventy-eight. 
t Children : 

fAransa, b. Aug. 14, 1813; bookkeeper. 
Leroy, b. Feb. 17, 1815: d. Nov. 5. 1847. 
ff Mary, 1). Sept. 6. 1816; d. young. 

Edward I)., I). Mir. 29, 1S1S; in. Julia Silencer. 
Ann Maria, b. Mar. 31, 1820. 
Caroline, b. Sept. 25, 1822. 
, Eli. b. Dec. 0. 1824.' 

(Clarissa, b. Apr. 8. 1827. 
Melissa, b. Apr. 12. 1829. 
Burdct, b. Dec. 12, 1830. 


296. Russel, son of Paul and Hannah (Burdick) Pahcock 

(Oliver, Oliver, John, James 1st), b. Leyden. Mass.. 

June 11. 1795 ;d. Scio, X. Y.. July 1 1. 1870; m. Luanda, dau. 

[ of Paul Maxson, b. Westerly, P. 1., 1791, d. Scio. Sept. 3, 


Children : 

f* 679 Nelson. 1 b. June 25. 18 \6; m. Lucy Lee. 

680 Pardon, b. Oct. 21. 1820: in. Clarissa Benjamin. 

68r ErastUS. 1.. Aug. 21. 1818; m. Dorlc~ki Perkins. 

Manville. b. : d. [805. 

> 682 William, b. Dec. 8. 1829; "m. Viole! Hazzard. 

683 Diaries, b. Apr. 13, 1832; m. Caroline Lee. 

1 66 The Babcock Genealogy. 

297. Sally/ 1 dau. of Paul and Hannah (Burdick) Babcock 

(Oliver, Oliver, J«»hn. James ist), I). Scott, X. Y., July 
14, 1797; (I. Scott, Apr. 26, 1X76; in. Scott, May 4. 1 is 1 7 . 
Capt. Jesse Burdick, b. Scott, Aug. 18, 1794. d. Scott, Sept. 12, 

Children : 

Roxanna, l>. Apr. 25. 1820; d. Apr. 17, 1900; m. Jan. 16, 1842, 

E. II. Potter. 
Jesse A., b. July i, 1X30; d. California, 1877; m. Oct. 10, 1857, 

Jennie A Oliver. Had 3 children. 

684 Curtis K., T 1>. Nov. Q, 1832; in. I Cm ma Biers. 

685 Duanc D., b. July 1, 1837; m. Emily J". Babcock. 

298. MiNARD, 8 son of Capt. Paul and Hannah (Burdick) 
Babcock (Oliver, Oliver. John, James ist), 1». Scott. 

June 15, 1799; d. Union Springs, X. Y.. July 24. 1870; m. 

(1) Jair. 28, 1819, Mary Ann lay lor. h. Sept. 20. 1799; m. 

(2) Aug. 4, 1832. Sophie, dau. of Eri Bennett, b. ; «i. 

Union Springs, 1878 or '79. 

Children by first wife: 

686 Marsend, 1 b. May 6, 1820; m. Charlotta Mills. 

687 Miranda, b. June 2, 1822; in. Dew it t Colony. 
Abigail, b. Jan. 8, 1824. 

Andrew, b. Dec. 30, 1825; d. Aug. 26, 1852; in. Helen Rogers. 

La Mott, b. Aug. 4. 1828. 

Alonzo, b. Mar. 16, 1830. > 

Child by second wife: 

688 Harriet E.. b. Oct. 5, 1834; m. Joshua Hoagland. > 

299. Henry, . son of Capt. Paul and Hannah (Burdick) 
Babcock (Oliver, Oliver. John, James ist), b. Scott. 

N. Y., Aug. 28, 1801 ; d. Brookfield, N. Y., Apr. 1. 1S72: m. 
Brook-field, July. 1821. Harriet. 7 dau. of 282 Ethan Andrew 
and Polly (Fen) Babcock, b. Brookfield, 1803. d. Brookfield, 
Nov., 1874. Henry (or Harry, as he was called) owned a 
farm on Beaver Hill, near Brookfield/ For a number of years 
he had a stage route between Brookfield and Bridgewater. 
Children, h. in Brookfield: 

6S9 Vermcda Elvira. 7 b. 1823: in. Jerry Crnndall. 

600 Orissa Angeiine. b. iX2<>; m. (i) Morris E. Brown; in. (2) 

Robert Atkinson. 

601 Ethan Andrew, b. Aug. ,lo. 1828; m. Olive Brusie. 

692 Harriet Electa, b. March 29. 1831 : 111. Edmund L Palmer. 
Emerancy, l>. 1835; ni. Stafford Williams. Have no children. Liv- 

• ing (Jan.. lOOl) Brookfield, X. Y. 

693 Adelbert Henry, b. Aug. 4. 1840; in. Li/7ie Bell Atkinson. 


The Babcock Genealogy. 167 

306. Elder ROWSE, 6 sou of Paul and Hannah (Burdick) 
Babcock (Oliver, Oliver, John, James [st), 1>. Leydcn, 
Mass., July 27, [803; d. Cedar Rapids, la.. Mar. 20. 1863; 
m. (1) Jan. 27, 1825. Luanda Gilbert, 1>. Greene, X. Y.. May 
4, 1804, (1. Clarence. X. Y.. Feb. 15. 1 S 5 5 ; m. (2) Aug. 2, 
1855, Maria Coon. Elder Rowse was a S. D. B. preacher. 
Children : 

Lorenzo, 1). Scott. Nov. 13, 1825; d. Wellsville, Nov. 15, 1863; in. 
Wellsville, N. Y.. Mar. 13, 1848, Eleanor Voorhis. 

694 Franklin, 7 b. May 12, 1828; in. Kate Howe. 

695 Rodolphus, I). -\'<>v. 8, 1831 ; m. Mary E. Schermerhorn. 
Norman, b. July 15, 1834; d. Scott. Dec. 10. 1835. 
Arinoe, l>. Scott, N. V.. Oct. 18, 1836; d. Iowa. July 13. 1885; m. 

Clarence, N. Y„ Sept. 18, 1855, Henry Clarke. He res. (190O 
454 Elm St.. Buffalo, N. V. Sun of Henry and Deborah Car- 
penter Clarke. 

696 Laura E., b. Oct. 7. [839; m. Lyman Clarke. 
Eknira, b. Richburg, June 7, 1843; res. (1901) Los Angeles, Cal ; 

in. (1) Andrew^: m. 1 _• I Squires. 

Mary I... b. Hebron, Pa., Mar. 18, 184O; res. (1901) 60 Bishop St., 

East Olcan. N. V. ; m. (1) Putnam; m. (2) Nathaniel 


301. Huldah, dau. of Capt. Paul and Hannah (Burdick) 
Babcock (Oliver, Oliver, John, James 1st), b. Scott, 

N. Y., Dec. 31, 1 8 1 1 ; d. De Punter, X. Y., May 16, 1879; 
I m. vScott, Apr. 22, 1834, Dr. William M. Truman. 

Children : 

Josephine, b. Otselic, N. Y., Aug. 26, 1836; m. Hamilton Whiting. 

h Abbv Eloise. b. Scott, N. Y., Sept. 11. 1839; m. William \. Moore. 

J Mar'v E., b. Wirt. X. V.. May 25, 1844: d. Oct. 27, [862. 

AdeJbert W., b. Wirt, N. V.. Aug. 8. 1846; res. ( 1001 ) 388 Plym- 
outh Ave.. Rochester, X. V. ; m. Hinsdale, Augusta Salesbury, b. 
I Dec. 12, 1843- 

302. George Washington, 6 son of Paul and Hannah (Bur- 
dick) Babcock (Oliver, Oliver. John. James 1st), 1>. 

Scott. X. Y., July 19, 1814; d. Cortland. X. Y.. Dec. 2. 1899; 
m. Nov. 2^. 1844, Lavina Eddy, b. Sept. 22, 1824, d. Cort- 
land, Jan. 4, 1897. 
Children : 

Sylvester, b. July 21. 1846. 
Adelia. b. Apr. 2~. 1850. 

697 Adclbcrt, 1 b. Apr. 13. 1852; m. Emma A. Carter. 

698 Ida. b. July 13. 1855; m. Frank Rue. 
Cora, b. Apr. o. 1 S 5 < > ; d. Apr. _'0. 186^. 
Willie, b. Feb. _>o. 1862; <1 June 30. iSoj. 
Fanny May. b. Oct. 15, 1866; d. Aug. 2, [867. 
Jennie, b. Feb. 5, 1870. 

168 The Babcock Genealogy. 

303. Martin Wilcox, 8 son of Capt. Paul and Hannah (Bur- 
dick) Babcock (Oliver, Oliver, John, James ist), b. 

in Scott, Cortland County, X. Y.. May 4, 1817; <1. Alfred 
N. Y., May 8, [891 : 111. Little Genesee, X. Y.. Nov. 17, [842, 
Mar\- Kenyon, oldest dau. of David and Mary (Kenyonj Max- 
son, 1). Richmond, R. I.. June 2, [825. Living, Dec, \>joo, at 
Alfred, X. Y. They had three children. 

Martin Wilcox Babcock was an officer in the artillery in 
the militia of New York State prior to [840. Later was a 
peace advocate, ami the first abolitionist in the town of (jenesee, 
where he was many years trustee of public schools, and seven 
times elected Town Clerk. 

Children : 

690 Dcwane Dec, 7 l>. Aug. 27, 1844; m. (\) Frances E. Heard; m. (_») 
Villie HotHikiss. 

700 Forest M.. I>. Little Genesee, N. Y.. Mar. 14. 1X46; Oft (1) Fronie 

H. Marvin; m. (2) Henrietta Averill. 

701 Mary Viola, b. Nile, N. Y., Oct. [6, 1840; m. Alpheus U. Kenyon. 


304. Ezra,' 1 Jr., son of Ezra and. Saberah (Stillman) Bab- 
cock (Oliver, Oliver, John, James ist). 1). Westerly, 

R. 1., July 17. 1792; d. Scott. X. Y.. Feb. 2, 1878; m. Cole- 
rain, Mass.. Feb. o, 1818, Luciuda, dan. of Joseph and Serviah 
(Parker) Shepardson, b. Leyden, Mass., Dec. 12, 1795, d. 
Scott, Mar. 4, 1883. J 

Children : 

702 Alfred B., 7 b. Dec. 17, t8lQ; in. Amy Giles. 

703 Lucy Almeda, b. Dec. 4, 1824; in. Dolphin Burdick. 

704 William Henry. 1). Apr. 14. 1830; in. Sarah Burdick. 

Serviah. 1). Oct. 24, [832: in. Leamler Babcock, son of 312 Hiram 
and Tacy Frink Bahcock. 

305. Ephraim Stillman, son of Ezra ami Saberah 
(Stillman) Babcock (Oliver. Oliver, John, James ist), 

b. Scott, Aug. _'o. 1794; d. Sc<>tt. X. Y.. Dec, 1832; m. Jan.. 
1817. Amy Wilcox Crandall (sister of Cider Lucius Crandall), 

b. Rhode Island. Mar. 4, 1800. d. Milton, Wis., Apr. 1, [853. 
She was dan, of Oliver Chase and Abigail (West) Crandall. 
Children : 

Edwin, 1>. Scott. May 27, 1818; d. Sett. X. Y.. Aug. 16, 1818. 
Joseph Stillman. b. Scott. July 18, 1819; <l. Scott. X. V Sent 8 

Eunice S., 1). July jo. 1821 : d. Orleans, Neb., Nov. 20, 1881 ; m. 

Sept. 10. 1S40. Leonard Wind worth, .1. 1891. 
Saloma, h. Sept. 21. 1823: d. Milton, Wis., Feb. 13. 185s; m. 

Apr., 1844, Ezekiel Frink. 








1798-1890. Page 169. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 169 

Hawley Maxson, 1>. May io, 1825; d. Aug. 31, 1834. 

705 Esther \'..' I). July _'o, lSj.N; m. CliaS. A. Stillin:m. 
Saberah, l>. Aug. 13, 1830; d. Milton. Wis., Nov. n, 1857; in. 

1855, Elijah Carr. 

306. Saberau," dau. of Ezra and Saberah (Stillman) Bab- 
cock (Oliver, Oliver, John, James 1st), b. Hopkinton, 

R. I., July 3, 1796: d. Scott, X. Y., Apr. jo. 1872; 111. Feb. 26, 
181 5, Peter Knapp, 1). Feb. 4, 1791, d. Mar. 24, 1875. 
Children : 

Stephen, b. Jan. 17. 1N16; m. Elizabeth Smith. 

Uretta, b. Oct. I, 1 -S 1 7 ; m. Henry 1- Burdick. 

Sally Ann. I>. Feb. [6, 1820; m. William F. Davis. 

Asher, b. May 6, 1822; d. Utica, Wis.. Sept. -'5, 1^7; m. Amy 

James Riley, 1>. Apr. _'<). iSj;; m. Caroline Knorr. 
Saberah M., b. Dec. 14. 1827! 
Ezra Babcock, b. Feb. 26. 1830; res. Skancatelcs, N. Y. ; m. Loretta 

Epenetus, b. Aug. 13, [833; m. Nancy Vandenburg. 
Clarence, b. Apr. 22, 183d; 111. Oliva Barber. 

307. Asher Miner," son of Ezra and Saberah (Stillman) 
Babcock (Oliver. Oliver. John, James 1st), b. Lev- 
den, Mass., June 16. 1 79N ; d. Westerly. R. L, Aug. Jj. 180,0; 
m. (1) Unadilla Forks, Jan. i, [829, Mary E., dau. of Deacon 
Ethan and Tolly Lewis Stillman. b. Unadilla Forks, May 19, 
1806, d. Westerly. Sept. 10. 1846; m. (2) Adams, X. Y.. 
Oet. 21, 1847, Prudence C. dau. of Elihu and Prudence Cleve- 
land, b. Adams, X. Y., July 16, 181 1, d. Sept. 17, 1885. 

Children : 

Edgar Henry. 1. Unadilla Forks, Sept. 8. 1830; d. Westerly, R. I , 
May 21,, 1850. 

706 George H.. 7 b. June 17. 1832; m. (1) Lucy A. Stillman; m. (2) 

Harriet M. Clark: m. (3) Eliza Lua Clark; 111. (4) Eugenia L. 
I Lewis. 

Mary Elizabeth, b. Scott, N. Y.. May 27, 1834; rcs - (1901) Santa 
• Rosa, Cal. 

Frances Gertrude, b. Homer, N. Y., Oct. 25, 18^5; d. Homer, 
\ N. Y., Feb. 28, 1S44. 

707 Celia A.. 1). Apr. 3, [838; m. Ray Clarke. 

70S Harriet E.. b. Aug. 15, 1S40; m. 'William L. Burke. 

Melvin, b. Homer, Jan. 19, 1844; d. Stonington, Conn.. Sept. 19, 

Boy. b. Aug. 27. 1846; d. Sept. 1. 1846. 
709 Herbert A., b. July 5, 1848; m. Fannie E. Watrous. 

308. Abel, 6 son of Ezra and Saberah (Stillman) Babcock: 
(Oliver. Oliver. John. James ist), b. Leyden, Mass.. 

Aj>r. 12, 1S00; d. Milton, Wis., Jan. 13, 188 1 ; m. Apr. 14. 
1821, Scott. X. Y., Lucy Ann Huntington, b. Feb. 25, 1803, 
d. Milton, Wis.. Oct. ^/i^jj. 



170 , The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children : 

Lm-v Ann, b. Homer, N T . Y., Jan. 12, 1822; res. (1901) Grand 

Marsh, Wis.; m. Oct. 18, 1841, Horace Atkins, b. Grand Marsh, 

July 23, 1816. No children. 
Aurora, b. Mar. 30, 1824; d. Milton. Wis., Oct. 23, 1865; m. 

Oct. 25, 1863, Lcandcr Allen, 1). Feb. 24. 1825. 
Philena, t>. Apr. 30, 1826; res. ( mam ) Nlilton Junction, Wis.; m. 

Mar. 20, 1846, Ethan Lee Burdick, b. Mar. 18, 1822. No children. 

710 Harriet,' h. July 21, 1829; in. Stillnian Burdick. 

Abel, h. Nov. 4. 1831; d. Oct. 20, [857; m. Lorctta Brown. 
Angcline, b. Jan. 14, 1834; d. May 14, 1854. Berlin, Wis.; m. 

Walter Brown. 
Margerite, b. Feb. 20. 1836; d. Milton, Wis, Nov. 30, 1855,. 
Lydia, b. Apr. 30, 1838; res. (1901) Lebanon, Ore.; in. George R. 


711 Edwin, b. Nov. 10, 1840; in. Sophia Kimball. 

712 Artimesia. b. Jan. 3, 1844; in. Ellis Mendcnhall. » 
Gillespie, 1>. Dee. 5. 1845; d. Aug. 19, 1847. 

713 Ezra S., b. Jan. 3, 1851 ; m. Azclia Castle. 

309. Daniel, 6 son of Ezra and Sabcrah (Stillnian) Babcock 
(Oliver, Oliver, John, James 1st), b. Colerain, Mass., 

Jan. 23, 1802; d. Scott, N. Y., July 31. 1878; 111. Jan. 26, 
1826, Ahnira. dan. of Henry and Almira Burdick, b. Scott, 
Sept. 23, 1805, d. Scott, Mar. jo. 1879. 
Children : 

Daniel Austin, b. Scott, N. Y., Apr. 21, 1827; d. Scott. May 29, 

1877; m. May 8. 1854, Mary A., dan. of Paul and Clark, 

b. Scott. Nov. 22, 1829; (1. Scott, Nov. ii, 1884. Had one 

Dcnison, 1). Scott. N. Y., July 30, 1820; d. Port Byron, N. Y., 
Apr. 25, 1880; 111. Nov. 2$, 1858, Louisa A. Carmen. 

Almira A., b. Sept. 30, 1831': d. Oct. 7. 183.V 

Sarah M.. b. Scott, N. Y.. Sept. 0. 1834; d. Scott, Mar. 16. 1859; 
m. Scott, Jan. 1, 1851. Leonard Mowry. 

Zemira O., b. Feb. 16. 1837: d. Mar. 25, i860; m. Edwin Burdick. 
He res. ( 1901 ) at Scott, N. Y. 

714 Jared. 1 b. Jan. 16. 1841 ; m. Mary Clarke. 

715 Franklin D., b. Dec. 26, 1845; in. Marion Jones. 

310. Bertaii, 6 son of Ezra and Saberah (Stillnian) Babcock 
(Oliver, Oliver. John. James 1st), b. Leyden, Mass., 

Jan. 29, 1804; d. Scott. X. V.. Aug.* 28, 1852; in. Dec. 13. 
1825, Clarissa Babcock, b. Apr. 12, 1806, d. Milton, Wis., 
Jan. 24, [880. 

Children, b. Scott. X. Y. : 

Babv girl. b. Oct. 30. 1826: d. 1826. 

Rosctta, b. \ug. 13, 1828; d. Westerly, R. I.. Oct. 13. 1851. 

Maranda M.. b. Nov. 2. 1833; d. Westerly, R. I.. Oct. 18. 1851. 
Phebe Irene, b. Apr. 9, 1838; m. Apr. 12, 1856, Elery Burdick, b. 

Nov. 16. 1832. 
Alvira, b. May 24. 1843; d. Scott. N. Y., Nov.. 1843. 
Orison Potter, b. 1845; d. Scott, N. Y., Oct., 1846. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 171 

311. Jerome Ripley, son of Ezra and Sal>crah (Stillman) 
Babcock (Oliver, Oliver. John, James 1st), 1). Leyden, 

Mass., Oct. 30, 1807; d. Scott, X. V., June I, 1867; m. Scott. 
Dec. 31, 1840, Emily McDaniels, 1>. Oct. 17, 1819. d. Scott, 
May 1, 1896. 

Children, b. Scott: 

Emily F., b. Nov. 21, 184 1 ; in. 683 Dunne D. Burdick. 

Sarah, b. Mar. 3, 1845; res. (1901) Pontiac, Midi.; in. 1869, Wil- 
liam Daily. 

Alice M. 1). Sept. _'5. 1847; res. (1901) Scott, X. Y. ; m. Scott. 
Austin Broun. 

Porter S., b. May 10. 1852; d. Scott, July 9. 1S73. 

Henrietta C. 1>. Oct. 13, 1855; in. Scott. Apr. *il, 1888, Clayton 
C.j son of E. R. Clark. I>. Nile, N. Y., Feb. 23. 1854. No children. 

716 Lizzie M .,' b. Mar. 31, [859; m. Byron S. Town send. 
Hattie M., b. Aug. 18, 1862; d. Scott, N. V.. Nov. 17, 1868. 

312. )Iikam, c son of Ezra and Saberah (Stillman) Babcock 
(Oliver, Oliver, John, James 1st), b. June 16, 1810; d. 

Homer, N. Y., Apr. 29. 1894; m. (1) Jan. 5, 1831. Survilla 

Barber, b. 1812, d. Feb. 11. 1834; m. (2) Mar. 10. 1835. 

Tacy, dan. of Jonas and Molly ( Barber) Frink, b. Scott, X. Y.. 

Feb. 26, 1819, (1. Scott, June 29, 1S93. 

Children by first wife: 

Teresa, b. 1831 ; d. 1850; m. Lewis Jones. 

Leander, b. Sept. I, 1833; m. Scrviah Babcock, dau. of 304 Ezra 

Children by second wife: 

Henry C. b. Apr. 2^, 1836: m. Climena Ingersol. 

717 Lucy, 7 b. Oct. 31. 1839; m. Clayton Atwater. 
I Ephraim S.. b. Dec. 19. 1842: d. June X. 1858. 

Anneda Elizabeth, b. Scott. Sept. 11. 1844; in. Scott. Dec. 10. 1865. 
Frank Hammond, sou of Nathan Hammond, b. Mar. 13. 1S46. 

718 William Nelson, b. Mar. 27, L V J7: m. Olive Babcock. 

1 Albert Willis, b. Jan. 3. 1850; m. Florence Skellie. dau. of James 

( Skellie. 

\ 719 Edgar Lucius, b. Sept. II, 1855; m. Julia Dibble. 

Myron Grove, b. Scott, Nov. 8, 185K; m. Lillie Henry; both d. 
) at Scott, N. Y. 

f 313. Lauren H. fi Babcock, soirof Ezra and Saberah (Still- 

man) Babcock (Oliver. Oliver, John, James), 1). June 
30, 181 2; d. at De Ruyter, X. Y.. Mar. 5. 1891 ; m. Feb. 13, 
1835. Lucy A. Maxson, b. Feb. 1 1, 1814. 
Children : 

Louis, b. July 10. 1836; d. young. 

Emma L., b. July 20. 1838; d. young. 

Aurila, b. Aug. 21, 1841 ; in. Fayette Robinson. 

Sarah Ann. b. July 21, 1S44; in. Frank Fellers. 

Howard F., b. July 20, 1847; d. young. 

Edwin, b. Jan. 28. 1S51 ; d. De Ruyter, Nov. 1, 1878. 

172 The Babcock Genealogy. 

314. Raymond 6 Babcock, son of (apt. Luke and Betsy 

(Main) Babcock (Oliver, Oliver, John, James), b. Hop- 
kinton, R. L, Apr. 19, [799; cl Scott, X. V., Jan. [8, [877; 
m. (1) Fabius, X. V.. 1823, Olive Denison, b. Fabius, d. 

Scott, Mar. [3, 1847; in. (2) Phebe A. Cam]). 
Children by first wife, b. Scott: 

Lucy L.. 1). Nov. 15, 1824; d. Fountain, Minn.. July 24. 1892; m. 

Feb., 1844, Scott, N. Y. 

Washington Brown, b. ; d. Feb. 23. 1893. 

Andrew J., b. Nov. 28, 1827; m. Homer, N. Y.. Lydia Barber. 
George P., b. Sept., 1831 ; d. Wisconsin. 1853; m. Addic Jones. 
Henry W„ b. Jan. 27. 1836; d. Atbol, S. Dak., Jan. 1, lOOl ; m. 

Kendall. Wis., Mar. ii, 1897, Odessa Hess. 
720 Adclia E.,' b. Nov. 27. 1841 ; m. Wesley Hathaway. 
Olive J., 1>. Jan. 30, 1847 ; m. 718 W. N. Babcock. 

Child by second wife: 

Sarah, b. Scott, Sept., 1848; d. Scott. June 3, 1852. 

315. Dr. [ra Leonard Babcock, son of Luke and Betsy 

(Main) Babcock (Oliver, Oliver. John, James), b. Ley- 
den, Mass., Apr. 1, 1806; cl. Norwalk, (3., Mar. 21, r888; m. 
(1)' Scott, X. V., Oct. 1, [829, Nancy, dan. of James and 
Mary (Foster) Arnold, b. Scott. Feb. 2, 1811, cl. Norwalk, 
Jan. 5, 1883: m. (2) Alice Seaton. 
Children by first wife: 

721 Elizabeth M.. 7 b. June 13, 1830; m. John D. Cheney. 

Harriet Newell. 1>. Salem. Ore.. July 14. 184I ; d. Toledo. O., 
May 5. 1889; m. Norwalk. C).. June. 1862, Henry Royce. 

722 Marv L', b. Oct. 6. 1846; m. Robert Ross. 

721 John Franklin, b. Oct. 18, [850; m. Ida Templar. 

Ann Eliza, h. Bath, N. Y., Mar. 22, 1S54; d. Norwalk. O., Sept. 25. 

316. Eunice 6 Babcock, dan. of Luke and Betsy (Main) 

Babcock (Oliver. Oliver. John. James), b. Leyden, 
Mass., Mar. 22. 1808; d. Alfred. X. Y.. Dec. 18, 1809; m. 
Scott, X. Y., Dec. 21, 1827. John Boardman, son of Capt. 
Daniel and Marv (Saunders) Cottrell,' b. Westerly. R. I.. July 
3, 1802, cl. Richburg. X. V.. Jan. 27, 1873. Eunice removed 
to Scott. X. V.. when about twelve years of age. 
Children : 

Eliza A. Jenette. b. Scott. N. Y. Jan. 22. 1820:. d. Bolivar. N. Y . : 

m Wirt. N. Y.. Sept. 14. 1848, Benjamin Kenyon, b. Potter 

Hill. R. I .. Apr. S. 1823. 
Mary. b. Scott. July 7. 1831 ; d. Wisconsin, Feb. 18, 1862; m. Wirt. 

N. V., A. Hamilton Slain 
Frances A., b. Scott. Jan. 17. 1833; d. Alfred. N. Y.. Sept. 15. 180S; 

m. Wirt. Charles M. Marvin. 

The Bdbcock Genealogy. 


Emma L., 1>. Scott, Jan, 21, 1836; res. 1902, Madison, Wis.; m. 

Wirt, A. 1 [amilton Main. 
Cclia Theresa, b. Scott. May 4, 1838; <1. Oct. 18, 1862, num. 
Augusta Cordelia, b. Scott, Sept. 1 j. 1840; res. 190--, New York 

City; in. Wirt, Samuel Carter, deceased. 
Hun. Albert Boardmau, b. Wirt, Nov. jo. 1842; res. 1002, Alfred, 

N. V.; in. Friendship, N. V., Isabclle, dau. of George and Anna 

(Sherman) Coon. b. Friendship, Sept. 17, 1847. 

724 Ira Lee,' b. Mar. 7, [846; in. Angel ia Dye. 

George E., b. Wirt, Feb. -'.?. 1X40; res. 1902, Topcka, Kan.; in. 

Friendship, N. "* '., I illie, dau. of Dr. Jaino and Maria Pitts. No 

Florence A.. I). Wirt. Oct. 5, 1S5 1 ; res. 1902, IMainfield, N. J.; in. 

Belmont, N. Y., John 1'. Moshcr. 

317. Simon" Babcock, son of Luke and Betsy (Main) Bab- 
cock (Oliver, Oliver, John, James), 1>. Leyden, Mass., 

May 21, 1810: (I. Friendship, X. Y.. Mar. jo. r8So; m. Scotl, 
N. Y., Jan. 21, 1839, Celia, dau. of Alvan and Sylvia (Stowe) 
Kellogg, b. Scott, Nov. 12, 1819; res. 1002, Franklin, Pa. 
Children : 

725 Burton. 7 1). Oct. 28. [839; in. Helen Morris. 

726 Amelia, 1). Scott. N. Y.. Mar. 20, 1S41 ; in. Charles Howard. 

Inez, 1). Scott, N. Y.. Aug. 4, 1846; d. Friendship, N. Y.. Dec. 22, 
1878; m. Friendship, Feb., 1869, Lucius, son of Orris and Eunice 
(Corbin) Rew. Children: Etta, b. Feb. 13. 1870, res. Franklin, 
Ind. ; Ida. b. Feb. 1. 1875. 

727 Charles, b. July 27, 1848; in. Ellen Park. 
Edmund J., b. ; res. Friendship. N. Y. 

Mctta E., b. Nov. 2S, 1853; m. 728 Joseph Sibley. (See his records.) 

318. Henry Denison Babcock. son of Luke and Betsy 
(Main) Babcock (Oliver, Oliver. John. James), b. Ley- 
den, Mass.,- Aug. 2, 1S12; d. Binghamton, X. Y.. Oct. 2, 
1898; m. Scott. X. Y.. Dec. 11. 1834, Anna. dau. of Henry 
and Annie (Miller) Woodward, b. Cazenovia, X. Y., Mar. 
28. 1815; res. Friendship, X. Y. 

Children : 

Charles, b. Aup. 25. 1850; d. Friendship, N. Y. 
Deforest, b. Friendship, Feb. 18, 1854. 

319. Dr. Daniel Brayton 7 Babcock, son of Capt. Luke and 
Betsy (Main) Babcock (Oliver. Oliver. John. James). 

b. Leyden. Mass., Oct. 31, 1814: d. Friendship. X. Y.. Mar. S. 
1887; m. (i) Avoca, X. Y., 1840, Eunice, dau. of Daniel and 

Mary (Peck) Smith, b. . d. Friendship. Feb.. 1847; m. 

(2) Julia Landphere. no children ; m. (3) June 16, 1868. Mrs. 
Juliette (Major) Utter, b. Hornellsville, X ; . Y., May 1, 1830; 
res. 1 90 1, Albany, X. Y. 

174 The Babcuck Genealogy, 

Children by first wife: 

Orscn M., 1>. Friendship; d. young. 

Eunice Eleanor, b. Friendship, Nov. 24, 1844; r * -s - '9°'. Slingcr- 
land, N. ¥*.; m. Friendship, Jan. 29, 1866, Charles D., sou <,{ 
Stephen and Martha (A. I. mis) Hammond, b. Rushford, N. Y., 
Mar. 1, 1844, res. Slingcrland. No children. 

Children by third wife: 

Brayton Raymond, b. Ceres, Pa., Apr. 15, 1869; res. 1901, Slingcr- 
land, N. V. ; unm. 

Claude II., b. Friendship, May 31, 1873. He is a train dispatcher 
for the D. & H. Railway, Albany; a member of Troop A, N. V. 

N. G. ; res. 1901, Albany, N. Y. 

320. Lucy Elvira" Babcock, dan. of Capt. Luke and Betsy 
(Main) Babcock (Oliver, Oliver, John, James), b. Cole- 
rain, Mass... Nov. 7. 1822; res. Apr. 2. 1901, Franklin. Pa.; 
m. (i ) Wirt. X. V.. Oct. 8, [845, Dr. Joseph C. son of Abijah 
and Lucy (Macy) Sibley, b. Concord, X. II., Dee. 19, [817, 
d. Colden, X. II.'. Mar. ij, 1866; in. (2) 1872 (?), Rev. Ezra 
F. Crane. 

Children by first husband : 

Ann Adelaide, b. Friendship. N. Y.. July 5, 1846; res. 1901. Frank- 
lin, Pa. ; 111. Springfield. N. Y., Charles, son (if Simon and Chris- 
tine Miller, b. Alsace, France, res. 1001. Franklin. Pa. 

728 Joseph Crocker. 7 b. Feb. 18, 1850; m. Metta E. Babcock. 

729 Edwin II.. b. Feb. 12, 1857: m. Jessie A. Williams. 

Mary Eleanor, b. Springfield, N. Y.. Mar., 1S64 ; d. Franklin, Pa., 
Apr., 1881, unm. 

Child by second husband : 

730 Fanny, b. May 5, 1873; m. Albert Logan. 

321. Henry 6 Babcock, son of Harris and Sally (Xcwell) 
Babcock (Joseph. Oliver. John, James), b. Guilford, 

Vt, Nov. 2, ij<)2; d. Guilford. Jan. 1, 1873: in. Guilford, 

Sept. 9, 1829. Elvira L.. dan. of Capt Feter and (Davis) 

Baker, b. Guilford, Aug. 17, 1810, d. 1 Montague, Mass., Sept. 
24, 1 886. 
Children : 

731 Amanda, 7 b. Oct. 23. 1830: m. Clark Stark. 

Ellen L., b. Leyden, Mass., Feb. 25. 1835: d. Sept.. i860: m. 

Mar. 15, 1856, L. Hunt. He was b. Guilford, Vt., res. 1901, 

Richard B., b. Leyden, Mass.. Apr. 6, 1837; d. Guilford, Jan. 29, 

Lura, b. Guilford, July 22. 1842: res. 1001. Montague, Mass.: m. 

Brattleboro, Vt., Apr. 24. 1861, Jason, son of Joseph Mann, b. 

July 17, 1838, res. 1901, Montague, Mass. No children. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 175 

322. George Babcock, son of Harris and Sally (Newell) 
Babcock (Joseph, Oliver, John. James), h. May 19, 

1798; cl. ; in. Luc) Witt. 


John \\ r ., 1). ; settled in Giicopee, Mass., m. twice. Had 


Addison, b. . Was a bridge builder. 

Mary Ann, b. ; in. twice. No children. 

Minerva, b. ; unm. 

323. Nancy" Babcock, dan. of Harris and Sally (Newell) 
Babcock (Joseph, Oliver, John, James), h. June 7. 1802; 

(1. Providence, K. I.; m. Am/.i Wright. Settled in Providence, 

f R. 1. 

Children : 

Nancy Wright, b. ; unm. 

Loomis; Charles. 

Mary. b. ; m. Chaffee. No children. 


324. Thomas Jefferson Babcock, son of Harris and Sally 
(Newell) Babcock (Joseph, Oliver, John, James), 1>. 

Guilford, Vt., May iS. 1804; cl. Oriskany Falls, X. V., May, 
1892; m. Guilford, 1825, Louise, dan. of Jabez and Lydia 
(Palmer) New ell, b. Vermont, 1802, d. Augusta Center, 
N. Y., Feb. 23. 1857. 

Children, b. Augusta. X. Y. : 

l^ Andrew, b. 1826: d. 1851 ; m. . No children. 

1732 Mahlon, 7 b. Feb. 20, 1830; in. Harriet Yeaton. 
Julia Ann, b. Dec. 2;, 1831; res. uyoi, Oriskany Falls, N. Y. ; m. 
Augusta, N. Y., 1858. 
Irving Sperry, b. ; d. Oriskany Falls. Feb., 1900; in. . 
No children. 
1733 Austin II., b. 1835; m. Laura Wade. 
734 John W.. h. Aug. 3, 1838; in. Abbie L. Bngg. 

Josephine L., b. 184 1 ; d. Rome, N. Y. ; m. 1867, Ephraim Fhillips. 
L No children. 

Albert L., b. Mar. 18, 1S43; d. Rome, N. Y., 1868; m. . No 


325. John Wesley 6 Babcock, son of Harris and Sally 
(Newell) Babcock (Joseph. Oliver, John. James), b. 

Guilford, Yt., Aug. 30, 1808; d. ; m. Harriet Shattuck. 

Children : 

Francis, b. ; res. 1901, Holyoke, Mass. 

Ella. b. ; m. . No children. 

Hattie, b. : d. ; m. Mr. Eaton. 

Carrie; Edward; Willie; Wendell. 


176 The Babcock Genealogy. 

326. Joseph" Babcock, son of Joseph and Jane (Wallace) 
Babcock (Joseph, Oliver, John. James), b. Leyden, 

Mass., Aug: "287 r/cjs ; d. ; in. Cahaba; Ala., Kliza Cur- 

tiss. Soon after leaving college lie went South, married the 
daughter of a Southern planter and settled at Cahaba, Ala. 
His sons were all in the Southern army except William, who 
was deaf. 
Children : 

Joseph, 1). ; shot at the battle of Cold Harbor. 

Joel, 1). ; res. 1900. Sclma, Ala. 

Henry C, 1). ; d. in Army Hospital. 


John, h. ; wounded but survived; res. 1900, Sclma, Ala. 

Annie; Octava. » 

Mary. res. Sclma. 

327. JanE* r>.\r.cocK. dan. of Joseph and Jane (Wallace) 
Babcock (Joseph, Oliver, John. James), 1). Leyden, 

Mass., May 3. 1790, d. Canisteo, X. V., Mar. 1. 1 880; m. 
Joseph Corbett, b. Whitingham, Vt., d. Hartsville, X. Y.. Jan. 
1 1, 1849. 

735 Mary, 7 b. Dec. 31, 1838; m. Samuel Burdick. 

328. Hugh Wallace" Babcock, son of Joseph and Jane 
(Wallace) Babcock (Joseph. Oliver. John. James), b. 

Leyden, Mass., July [8, [798; d. W. Leyden, Mass.. Feb. 11. 
1854; m. Guilford', Vt., Sept. 21. 1820. Sarah, dau. of Mat- 
thew and Hannah (Earns) Stone, b. at Sudbury. Mass., Oct. 
! 5i T 797< d. Iosco, Minn., Feb. 8, 1890. 

Children: , 

736 Joseph Hugh, 1 h. July 14. 1821 ; m. Eliza Ann Hosley. 
Sarah Ahnira. b. Aug. 24, 1822: d. Mar. 2. 1832. 

737 Jane Maria, h. May 25. 1825; m. Joseph Tilton Moulton. 

738 Charles Kollin. b. Oct. j;. 1X27: m. (1) Maria Stoue; m. (2) 

Mareia Wing. 
Hannah Annie, h. July 30. 1S20: d. W'atervillc. Minn.. Sept.. 1000: 
m. Saratoga. X. Y.. May 11. [850. Lewis S.. son of David and 
Elizahcth Stoue: res. 1001, Watcrville. Minn. 

739 Mary E., b. Apr. 29. 1S32; m. (1) Myron S. Sheldon; m. (2) 
Samuel A. Miner. 

740 John Matthews. 1>. Nov. .20. 1834; m. (1) Alzina Stoue; m. (2) 
Mary Angeline Robinson. 

329. M.\Rv r - P.akcock. dau. of Joseph and Jane (Wallace) 
Babcock (Joseph. Oliver, John. James), b. Colerain, 

Mass., Dec. 9, 1800; d. Canisteo. X. V.. July 8, 18S0; m. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 


Colcrain, 1S22. George Riddell, 1>. Colerain, Jan. 12, [796, «1. 
Canisteo, July 26, i«S.(5. 
Children : 

741 George, 1 b. Aug. 30, 182.5; m. (1) Carrie ShurtlilT; 111. (2) Mary 

Mary L. r b. Colerain, I'd). -7, lK_>7; d. Canisteo, N. Y., Apr. 26, 

Harriet, b. Colerain, Dec. 27, 1828; d. CanistCO, Mar. 10, 1885. 

742 Lorenzo, b, Apr. j^,, [831 ; in. Caroline F. . 

743 Le Roy, l). Sept. n, 1833; in. Emma L. Pratt 

744 William, 1). Feb. 21, 1836; in. Helen Jones. 
Lemuel, 1>. Canisteo, Mar. 6, 1839; (1. Aug. 26, 1868. 

Joseph, 1). Canisteo, Feb. 26, 1842; in. Oct. II, 1871, Agnes L. ; 

res. 1900, Howard, N. V.; address Hornellsvillc, X. Y. No 

330. ARMINDA BABCOCK, dan. of Joseph and Jane (Wal- 
lace) Babcock (Joseph, Oliver, John, James), b. Lev- 
den, Mass., May 20, 1804; d. Leyden, June, [889, m. (lawn 
Riddell. Had nine children, all born in Colerain, Mass.; three 
d. young. In 190 1 had but one living descendant, namely, 
Mrs. Caroline Wheeler, Whitingham, Yt. 

Children : 

William; John; Sophronia; Elizabeth; Ann; Mary. 

331. Lydia* Babcock, dau. of Joseph and Jane (Wallace) 
Babcock (Joseph, Oliver, John, James), h. Leyden, 

Mass., Oct. 2y, 1811 ; d. Greenfield, Mass.; m. (1) Leyden, 

John A., son of Walter and Bell, b. Colerain, Mass., d. 

Leyden; m. (2) Stephen Dorrill. 
Children : 

John A., h. Colerain. Mass., July 1, 1837; res. 1000. 407 Columbus 
Ave., Boston, Mass. ; m. Boston. Jane Williams. 

William L., b. Colcrain. Jan. 5, 1839; d. Leyden, Mass.; m. Bos- 
ton, Ruth Purdy. 

Nancy F., b. Colerain. Jan. 25. 1841 ; res. 1001, Guilford, Vt. ; m. 
Boston. Walter White. 

Charles, h. Colerain. Dec. 9. 184;; res. Greenfield; m. Brattlehoro. 
Vt.. Ruth Purdy Bell. 

Jane, b. Colerain. Jan.. 1848; d. young. 

745 Ellen D.. : b. Oct. 0. 1851 ; m. George Williams. 

Esther E.. b. Colerain. Mar. 18, 1853; d. Leyden, Mass., 1876; m. 

Leyden. Mass., Israel Purdy, of Boston. 
Cora J., h. Leyden. Oct. 24. 1855; res. 1001. Greenfield. Mass.: in 

Guilford, Vt., Edward Tracy, of Greenfield. 

332. Alon/.o" Babcock, son of Darius and Louisa (Bccbc) 
Babcock (Joseph. Oliver. John. James), h. Oct. 16, 

1S16; d. Pharsalia, X. Y.. Nov. 13, 1881; m. Mercy Ann. 
dau. of Nathan Gillett, b. Nov. I, 1823; res. 1901, 51 South 
Broad St., Norwich, X. Y. 


1 78 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children, 1>. at Pharsaha: 

Alonzo D., 1). June 29, 1841. Disappeared July. 1857. 

Henry H., b. Aug. 25, 1842; re 1001, Washington, J). C; unm. 

746 Frances C.,' b. Mar. 14. 1844; in. Wilson Lucas. 

Ransom ]•... b. Aug. 18, 1845 ; d. Allcntown, Pa., July 24, 18^.4. 
Josiah, 1). Sept. 2, 1847; d. Oct. 22, 1S4.S. 

Ansil, b. June i.|, 1850; d. Pharsalia, Feb. 21, 1K90; in. Nettie, 
dan. of Musl's Franklin. 

747 Rose Etta, 1>. July 11. (853; m. Silas Clarke. 

Nathan E., 1). June 10. 1854. Killed in Custer's Battle by Sitting 
Hull, June 25, 1876; num. 

748 Adelbert, b. Apr. 5. 1856; m. Addie M. Ford. 

Homer B., b. Apr. 6, 1858; res. 1901, Pharsalia, N. V.; m. Hattie 

Lora W., b. Sept. 7. i860; res. IOOI, Pharsalia; m. Myra Lawson. 
George, b. Aug. 11. 1861 ; res. 1901, Norwich, N. V. ; m. Libbie ^ 

Lillian F., b. Dec. 14, 1862; d. Brookficld, N. V.. July 2, 1889. 
Mary A., b. Sept. 13. 1864; res. 1901, Norwich, N. V. ; m. Byron 

B. Tucker. 
Hattie L., b. Feb. 13. 1866; d. Pharsalia, N. Y. 

333. Selwin Babcock, son of Darius and Louisa (Beebe) 
Babcock (Joseph, Oliver, John, James), 1). Feb. 12, 
1821 ; d. June 22, 1896; in. ( 1) Jan. 15, 1848, Salina Bow- 
ers, (1. Feb., 1868; m. (2) Ellen Prentice. 

Child by first marriage : 

Lina M., b. Syracuse. N. V.. Feb. 10. 1868; res. 1901. 2630 Douglas 
St., Philadelphia. Pa.: m. Bingham ton, N. Y '., July 15, 1800, 
Howard R. Proper. Has one son, Howard. 

334. Simon Bolivar Babcock, son of Darius and Louisa 

(Beebe) Babcock (Joseph, Oliver, John, James), b. 
McDonough, X. Y., July 29. 1826; res. 1901. Northbridge 
Center, Mass.; m. Worcester, Mass., Aug. 2, 1849, Caroline 
E., dan. of A. and Deidamia (Forbush) Wheeler, h. Sterling, 
Mass., Dec. 18. 1824, d. Northbridge Center, July 19, 1896. 
Children : 

Clara E.. b. Northbridge Center. Jan. 16. 1854; d. Mar. 20. 1854. 
Emily L., h. Nov. 27. 1855 ; res. IOOI, Northbridge Center: m. 

Nov. 29, 1899, George F., son of Elijah and Lucinda (Winter) 


335. Peleg 7 Bap.cock. son of Abel and Hannah (Lewis) 
Bahcock (James. James, James. John. James), 1>. Ston- 

ington, Conn., Mar. 15. 1707; d. Ashaway, R. L. Sept. 28. 
1858; m. (1) Hopkinton, R. I.. June 18. 1789, Elixaheth, 
dau. of .Jonathan and Amey Wells, 1>. Feb. 11. 17^0. d. Ches- 
ter. Mass.. Nov. 8. 1817. Had eight children. Peleg m. (2) 
Westerly. R. I.. Mar. 22, 18 1 8, Anna, dan. of Samuel, Jr., and 

The Babcock Genealogy. 179 

Mary (Smith) Babcock, 1). Westerly, Nov. 20, 1776, d. West- 
erly, Aug. 29, 1858. No children. 

Peleg Babcock was a farmer in Stonington, Conn., in Ches- 
ter, Mass., and later owned and occupied a farm on the Paw- 
catttck River, near Avondalc, R. I. lie was Captain of Hop- 
kinton Militia in 1800 and 1808. (Smith.) 

Children : 

749 Elnathan Wells," !). Sept. 30, ij>>o; m. Sally Davis. 
Hannah W., b. .May 30, 1792; d. May _><;. |8_>8; 111. Horace Smith. 

750 Mary, 1,. Jan. 9, 1 794 ; m. Oct. 28, 1813, Joseph Putter, of Potter 
Hill, R. I. 

Fanny, b. Nov. 5. 1700; d. Wisconsin, Nov. 28, 1869; m. Dec. 25, 
1817, Elder Daniel Coon, l>. Jan. 9, 1792, d. Ashaway, R. I.. May 
27, 1858. He was a S. D. B. minister and for many vears served 
the First Hopkinton S. I). B. Church. No children.' 

Lucy, 1>. Mar. ir, 1799; d. 1X17. unm. 

751 Pc!c£, Jr.. h. Apr. 7. 1S01 ; m. (i) Luciuda Brown; m. (2) Emily 

Abel, b. Dec. 5. 1S07; d. Oct. 8. 1826. unm. 

752 Elizabeth, b. Oct. 31, 1811; m. Dr. Francis Murphy. 

336. Mulford 7 Babcock, son of Abel and Elizabeth (Wil- 
liams) Babcock (James, James, James, John, James), 

b. Stonington, Conn., 1775; d. Franklin. Conn., Sept. 12, 
1847; m- Anna, dan. of Capt. Daniel Miner, b. Bozrah, Conn., 
d. Sept. 20, 1848. 
Children : 

753 William Mulford," b. 1800: m. Palmyra Den-more. 

Sarah L.. b. ; m. X. Stonington, Conn., Hiram Clark. 

Weltha, 1). ; in. Jed Huntington. 

Betsey E., b. ; 111. Cook. 

754 Perry G.. b. Feb. 28. 1812; m. (1) Eunice Wilcox; m. (2) Eliza 

Sands, b. ; unm. 

755 John R.. b. ; m. Caroline Rouse. 

Lucy H., b. ; m. Hopkinton, John H. SUson. Has three 


337. Abel' BABCOCK, son of Abel and Elizabeth (Williams) 
Babcock (James. James. James. John, James), b. May 

3, 1780; m. Sarah Cheney, of Norwich, Conn. 
Children : 

Lucy, b. - ; drowned in her nineteenth year. 

Abel : Fitch ; Raymond. 

Camden H.. b. : in. (1) Nancy E. : had one child; in. (2) 

Jane Sheldon, of Sufficld. Conn. 
«* James; Elizabeth: Sarah; Ami; Lucy; Peleg. 

338. Stephen 7 Babcock, s<>n of Nathaniel. Tr.. and Mary 
(Larrison) Babcock (Nathaniel. James, fames. John, 

James), b. N. Stonington, {\mn., 1765; d. N. Stonington, 


180 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Aug. 30, 1845; ni - (0 l 79° (?)■ Mercy Hinckley, b. 1771, 
el. Oct. 22, 1802; m. (2) Elizabeth Stuart, of Voluntown, 

Conn., d. Jan. 19, 1807, aged 29; 111. (3) Mercy, dan. of Dill 
Davis, of Preston, Conn., d. Sept. 26, 1854. He was a 
fanner, lived in X. Stonington. 
Children by Inst wife: 

756 Eunice, 1 1>. i7<ji : m. Ethan Crandall. 

757 Stephen, I). 179.?: '"• Emma Bcntlcy. 

758 Samuel II.. !>. 17<)>; in. Caroline Stanton. 

759 Henry, b. Jan. 19, 1S00; in. Mary Ross. 

Child by second wife: 

760 Elizabeth S., b. Dec. 28, 1806; m. Cyrus W. Brown. # 

Children by third wife: 

Nathaniel S., b. Mar. 7, 1813; d. Feb. 27, 189.4, unm. 

Charles, b. ; unm. 

Mercy Ann, b. Dec. 8, 1815; d. Sept. 20, 1845; in. Thomas M. 
Brown. Had four sons. 

761 John Davis, 1). Feb. 5. 1818; m. Harriet D. Bcntley. 

762 Jonas L., b. Mar. 1. 1820; in. Abby C. Stanton. 

763 William Stuart, b. Mar. 20, 1822; m. Frances E. Maine. 


339. Reuben 7 Babcock, Jr., son of Reuben and Hannah 
(Hendricks) Babcock (Nathaniel, James, James. John, 
Tames), b. Petersburg. X. Y., Oct. 24. 1789; d. E. Pembroke, 
X. Y., Feb. 15, 1877'; m. E. Poestenkill. X. Y.. Nov. 25. 1810, 
Susanna Moore Gould, b. Woodstock, Conn., May 22, 1790, 
d. E. Pembroke, Aug. 30. i860. 

Reuben was Sergeant in the Militia in 1809, and two years 
later was made a Lieutenant. He became a Captain Feb.. 
1812. Two months later the "War of 1812" was declared. 
In Jan.. 181 3. he was appointed brevet Captain by Governor 
Daniel D. Tompkins for the purpose of raising a uniformed 
rifle company. In this he was successful and received a Cap- 
tain's commission Mar., 1814. In July following, however, 
his company stood a draft for active service at the front. Not 
being among' the number drawn, he volunteered to g'o as a 
substitute. He served as First Lieutenant until the close of 
the war. For his military service he received, about i860, a 
land warrant for one hundred and sixty acres of land. 

Capt. Babcock some years later became a contractor and 
builder in Troy. X. Y., where he erected among other build- 
ings a large mill, which was standing a few years ago. near the 
State dam. In 1833 he removed with his family from Troy to 
Pembroke, where he bonght a farm and also carried on the 

The Babcock Genealogy. 181 

business of contractor and builder, until lie was appointed post- 
master at E. Pembroke. This office he held over eight years, 
and although a strong Democrat was one of the first to buy 

a Union flag and unfurl it at the breaking out en' the Cicil War. 
Children : 

764 Eliza," b. 1 8 1 1 ; in. Walter Ives. 

765 Cynthia, l>. Dec. 3. iSi_> ; m. Chester Brockway. 

766 Harry, l>. Jan. 14, 1815; m. (u Fanny Fonda; m. (2) Calista 

Fordham; m. (3) Christine Fonda. 

Samantha J., b. E. Poestcnkill, Feb. 1, 1 S 1 7 ; m. Lyman P. Griffin, at 
Troy, N. V. No children. Toward the close of tlie Civil War 
she became a nurse in the Union army and was placed in charge 
of the hospital in New Orleans; d. \u£. 3. 1 869. 

William Eaton, b. Nov 27, 1818; res. 1902, E. Pembroke, X. Y. ; 
unm. He commenced business a- a contractor ami builder, and 
erected many large buildings in his town. He then took up the 
business of building wooden bridges, which he followed fifteen 
years. In 1870 he became the owner of a custom and merchant 
flouring mill at E. Pembroke. Since retiring from that business, 
farming has been his principal occupation. 

Twin hoys, b. Grafton, X. Y.. Nov. 28, 182b; d. Dec. 30, 1820. 

767 Lucy, b. Mar. 15, [822; m. Ebenczcr Allen. 
76S Mary, b. Jan. 18, 1824; m. William Sears. 

769 Amanda Melvina. b. Nov. o. 1825; m. Samuel Loomis, 

770 Sarah Anna. b. Dec. 21, 1829; m. Elias E. Dodge. 

771 Charles, b. Oct. 31, 1S32 ; m. Maria L. Schcrmerhorn. 

340. Nathaniel 7 Babcock, son of Reuben and Hannah 
(Hendricks) Babcock (Nathaniel, James, James, John. 

James), b. Petersburg, X. Y., Apr. 15. 1791 ; d. Sept. 15, 
1843; m. Dec. 24, 1S20, Sally, dan. of John Bliven, of Peters- 
burg, b. Dec. 28, 1799. Nathaniel served in the War of 1S12 
for three months, being- stationed near New York. 
Children ; 

771a John. s h. Poestcnkill. X. Y., Feb. 2, 1821 ; m. Sept. 15, 1845, Lucy 

Matthew, b. Xov. 6, 1822; d. Sept. 20. 1897; m. Mahala. dau. 

of William Morgan. 
Sally J., b. Aug. 20. 1825; d. Mar.. 1801 ; m. July 4. 1843, William 

Cooper, d. Poestcnkill. Oct. 7. 1898. 
Lorella. b. Feb. 29. 1828; m. bee. 25. 1840. John Cooper. Had a 

son John, who res. \(>02, at GLoversvillc. X. V. 
Mary A., b. Aug. 16. 1831 ; m. George, son of Pclep: Ilorton. 
Barbara Maria, b. Xov. 24, 1834; m. Pelcg Ilorton. Jr. 
Reuben, b. May 22. 1838; m. Altha. dau. of Loren and Patty Hull. 
Batbsbeba. b. Nov. 10, 1S44; m. William Adams. 

341. Sarah 7 Babcock, dau. of Reuben and Hannah (Hen- 
dricks) Babcock ( Nathaniel, James. James, John, 

James), b. Petersburg, X. V., June 23, 1704; d. Beaver Cen- 
ter, Pa.. Mar. 20, 1873; m. Ophir Gould, d. E. Pembroke. 
The family removed Aug. 29. 1840, from Rensselaer County 
to E. Pembroke. X. V. 

1 82 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children : 

Mary, I). Sept., 1831. 

Andrew J., I>. Apr. jo. 1833. 

Sarahetta and Maryetta, twins, 1>. Oct. 5. 1835. 

Ruth, 1). ; in. Orlando Horton. 

Sally, b. Apr. 29, 1839; d. [855. 
Judediah; William; Zeno. 

342. Polly 7 Babcock, dau. of Reuben and Hannah ( Hen- 
dricks) Babcock (Nathaniel, James. James, John, 

James), 1). E. Poestenkill, X. Y., Dec. 25, 170,7; d. Michigan, 
1863; m. Poestenkill, [832, James 11. Murray, of E. Poesten- 
kill. Polly went to E. Pembroke early in the fifties, and later 
removed to Michigan. 

Delia D., b. May 26, 1833; m. (1) . lived in Michigan; m. (2) 

Warden; res, Teach Belt, Mich. (?.). 

Child, b. Aug. 24, [834; d. 1X^4. 
Nancy, b. Oct. 5. 1835; d. 1838. 

343. Rufus 7 Babcock, son of Reuben and Hannah (Hen- 
dricks) Babcock (Nathaniel, James, James. John, 

James), b. E. Poestenkill, N. Y., Aug. 23, 1800; d. E. Poesten- 
kill, 1888; m. Dec. 25, 1838, Elma E. Walker, h. June 10, 
1822, d. 1885. • 
Children : 

Erastus, b. Sept. 25, 1S39; m. Corean Bailey. Had two daughters 
and a son. 

Lucyett, b. May 17. 1S44: m. Isaiah C. Horton; removed to Mich- 
igan heforc the Civil War. 

Hannah, h. Aug. 18. 1S47; d. 1879; m. Strunk. Had one son. 

Horace, h. Aug. 5, 1850; d. iinni., in Poestenkill about 1878. 

344. Esther 7 Babcock. dau. of Elijah and Sarah (Brown) 
Bahcock (Elias, James. James. John. James), b. Jan. 3, 

1763; d. Apr., 1840; m. Daniel Hutchinson, of Jericho, \'t. 
Children : 

Alice, h. ; m. Deacon Abel. 

David, b. ; m. Polly Curtis. 

Sophia; Ruby; Eliza; Nancy; Mary. 

345. Elias 7 Bakcock, son of Elijah and Sarah (Brown) 
Bahcock (Elias. James. James. John, James), b. Stou- 

ington, Conn.. Feb. 24. 17^4; d. [836; m. Hannah Barber, 
of Connecticut. 

Elias with his hrother Ichabod moved in 1788 from Canaan, 
Conn., to Poultney, Vt.. and settled in Einel Hollow on a farm 
he bought of Philip Howe, which he paid fur in part with 
cattle which he drove from Connecticut. In the early part of 


The Babcock Genealogy. i&3 

his life he was an active citizen, and rendered efficient service 
in sustaining the Congregational Church. He: did the stone 
work free of charge in the present Congregational Chinch 
edifice of Poultney. 

Hannah, b. ; d. i860. 

772 Stevens," b. Feb. -', 1802; 111. Mary Hi Mott. 

Harry, b. ; d. 1837. Left one sun, Harry C, b. 1S36, settled 

in Arkansas, was living in 1878. 
Anna, b. ; d. 1869. 

346. Silas 7 Babcock, son of Elijah and Sarah (Brown) 
Babcock (Elias, James. James, John, fames), b. May 

18, 1770; (1. Wayne. ().. Aug. 10. 1843; m * ^ ar " ]C) ' l 797> 
Rachel, dan. of Dr. Elisha Allen. 1). Apr. 4. 1778. d. Sept. 28, 
1834; m. (j) May 11, 1835, Charity Brainerd. 
Children : 

773 Daphcne,' b. Feb. 22. 1798; m. Robert French. 
Anna, b. Mar. 13. 1800; in. 1841, lames Davidson. 

774 Hiram A., b. 1802; m. Eliza 1'. Andrews. 

Eveline, b. Feb. 1. 1805; m. David Babcock, son of 347 Paul. 
Orville, b. 1807; m. (841, Sophia Avery. Grud. 1841 at College. 
Rachel Allen, b. iSckj. 

775 Daniel H., b. Dee. 17, 1810; m. (1) Amanda Avery; m. (2) Abby 

L. Blackmail. 

776 Sarali T., b. Jan. 17, 1812; m. James Gibson. 

347. Paul 7 Babcock, son of Elijah and Sarah (Brown) 
Babcock (Elias. James. James. John, James), b. May 

18, 1770; d. May 12, 1839, at Jericho. \"t. ; m. Mable Hatch. 
moved to Essex, Vt, thence to Jericho. She was b. at Jeri- 
cho, May, I/J3, d. at Jericho, Sept. 30, 1S42. 

Lyman, b. Mar. 3. 1798; d. 1833, unm. 

Ann, b. Mar. 11, 1800; d. Feb. 8. 1875, a * N. Brookfield, Mass., 

777 Horace. 1 b. Mar. 22. 1802; m. Sarah Reynolds. 

778 Selah, b. July 23, 1804; m. Prudence Buxton. 

779 Julius, b. Dec. 16, 1806; m. (1) Miriam Moulton ; m. (2) Charlotte 


780 Submit, b. Oct. 30. 1808: m. Asa Moulton. 

David, b. Apr. 23. 1812; d. Unionville. O. ; m. (i) his cousin Emc- 
line, dau. of 346 Silas Babcock. of Wayne, 0. : m. (2) Amy 

Warner, of Madison, O. ; m. (3) Sarah , of S. Plymouth, 


781 Rufus, b. Sept. 3, [814; m. Lucinda Tcttie. 

348. Ichabod 7 Babcock, son of Elijah and Sarah (Brown) 
Babcock (Elias, James. James. John. James), b. X. 

Stonington, Conn.. Mar. 3, 177-': d. 1 8_i 6 ; m. 1794. Esther 

184 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Ichabod with liis brother Elias moved from Canaan, Conn., 
to Poultney, Vt., about 1788; settled in West Village; was 
a hatter by vocation, and was for many years Justice of the 
J 'eace. 

Children : 

Lydia, b. 1705 ( ?)• 

Pauline, b. 1707 ( ?). 

William, b. 1 >< ;< j ( ? ) ; moved to Wisconsin about 1840. 

Edwin, b. 1801 (?). 

Caroline, b. 1803. 

George, b. 1805 ( ?). 

349. Lydia' Babcock, dan. of Elijah and Sarah (Brown) 
Babcock (Elias, James, James, John, James), b. 1774; 

d. ; m. (1) Dr. Sylvanus Chinch; m. (2) Esq. Whipple. 

No issue by second marriage. 
Children by first husband : 

Betsey, b. ; m. Harvey Newcombe. Had one son. 

Sylvanus, b. . 

Lucinda, b. ; in. Meacham. 

So|)bronia, b. ; m. Uriel Smith. Had five children. 

Lydia, b. ; m. Hiram Todd. 

350. Sally 7 Babcock, dan. of Elijah ami Sarah (Brown) 
Babcock (Elias, James, James, John, James), b. 1776; 

d. 1804; m. James Rood. Settled in Roodsville, 111. 

Levi, b. ; in. Laura A. Phillips. 

Launcelot, b. ; m. Ann D. Newton. 

Ann, b. ; in. James Graves. 

Lydia, b. ; in. Solomon Smith. 

Albert ]., b. — : m. Hope Townsend. 
Sarah, b. ; in. William Smith. 

351. Cyrus Gills" Babcock, son of Elder Rufus and 
Zeruiah (Moses) Babcock (Elias, James. James. John. 

James), b. Jan. 27, 178Q: d. N. Colebrook, Conn., Mar. 6. 
181 7 : m. Mar., 1812, Mrs. Amarilla Hawley, d. Apr. 12, 
1826. lie was a graduate from Brown University, and was 
called as pastor to the Baptist Church of Xew Bedford, Mass., 
but declined on account of ill health. 
Children : 

7S2 Timothy Erastus," b. Oct. 16, 1812. Adopted by his uncle Timothy; 
m. Alice Wheeler. 
Daniel Sharp. !>. 1X14 ; d. young. 
783 Cyrus Giles, b. May, 1817; m. Maria Kellogg. 

352. Rev. Rufus 7 Babcock. D.D., son of Elder Rufus and 
Zerniah (Moses) Babcock (Elias, James. James. John, 



Page 184. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 185 

James), 1). X. Colebrook, Conn., Sept. 18. 1798; d. Salem, 

Mass., May 4, 1875, while on a visit to his old church, for 
which he had a special and tender regard; m. Barrington, 
R. J., May u, 1824, Olivia Bicknell, dau. of Nathaniel and 
Wait (Mauran) Smith, b. Barrington, Sept., 1800, d. at 
Poughkeepsie, X. Y., Nov. i, 1876. The maternal grand- 
parents of Mrs. Babcock were Capt. Charles Joseph Mauran, 
of Italy, and Olivia Bicknell Mauran. 

Rev. RuftlS Babcock was coin cited in early life, joined the 
Colebrook Baptist Church, of which his father was pastor; 
graduated from Brown University in [821. He was one of 
the first tutors of Columbian College, Washington, 1). C. (now 
Columbian University) ; was ordained pastor of the First Bap- 
tist Church of Poughkeepsie, X. Y.. in 1824. Later he became 
pastor of the First Baptist Church of Salem, Mass.. as col- 
league of Rev. Lucius Holies, D.D. In 1833 nc was called to 
the Presidency of Waterville College, Maine (now Colby L T ni- 
versity), and while there Bowdoin College, Maine, conferred 
on him the degree of D.D. There is a fine oil portrait of him 
in the Art Gallery of Colby University. The severe climate 
compelled him to leave Waterville, and in [837 he became pas- 
tor of the Spruce Street Baptist Church. Philadelphia, where 
he remained until 1840. lie then returned to Poughkeepsie 
as pastor of his first charge, and remained until 1843, when he 
was chosen Corresponding Secretary of the American and 
Foreign Bible Society. Dec, 1846, he became pastor of a 
j Baptist Church in Xew Bedford. Mass., and remained until 

1850. Dr. Babcock was for some time engaged in the Pennsyl- 
vania Colonization Society, the American Sunday School 
Union, and a second time Corresponding Secretary of the 
American and Foreign Bible Society located in New York. 
He was also pastor of the Baptist Church of Paterson, N. J., 
and of the Central Baptist Church of Poughkeepsie. 

During the last few years of his life he was not settled as 
pastor, but preached as his father before him had done, for 
vacant churches, usually making an annual pilgrimage to the 
Colebrook Church, and one severe winter he preached to them 
statedly, being desirous, as he said, to build up again the 
church which his venerated father had founded. Dr. Babcock 
\ was a devotedly pious man. beloved by all who knew him. and 

was never happier than when doing good. lie was a learned 
divine, a ready writer, and the author of several works, the 
most extended being the life of Rev. John Mason Peck, D.D. 
He was the founder and for four years one of the editors of 



1 86 The Babcock Genealogy. 

The Baptist Memorial. In [828 was made a Trustee oi Brown 
University and so continued during his life. 

He lived in Poughkeepsie in his later life, and was a warm 
personal friend of Matthew Vassal", the founder of Vassar 
College, Poughkeepsie, and assisted him in preparing plans for 
his large charity, lie was a trustee of Vassar College from 
its organization until his death. While living in Poughkcepsie 
he was accustomed to spend the month of August at Barring- 
ton, R. L, the birthplace of his wife. Both he and his wile 
are buried in the cemetery at Poughkeepsie. 


784 Caroline Elizabeth,* 1). Feb. 10, 1825; m. Hon. Horatio Gates Junes. 

785 Emily Eddy, b. Aug. 3. 1826; m. George H. Swift. 
780 Harriet S., b. Sept. 20, 1831 ; m. James II. Weeks. 

353. Abigail 7 Babcock, dan. of Capt. Oliver and Mercy 
(Kinney) BabeQck (Oliver, James, James, John, 

James), b. Stonington, Conn., Oct. 11, 1770; d. Brookfield, 
N. Y., July 18. 1851 ; m. Stonington, by her uncle Joshua Bab- 
cock, Justice, Jan. 31, 1788, to Jabish Brown. June 7, 1794, 
the family removed to Brookfield; they went in an ox cart, 
'and were seventeen days on the road. She d. July iS, 1843. 
Children : 

Susanna, I). Jan. 7, i"<X>; d. Brookfield, June 6, i860; m. Jan. 3, 
l8ll, David Hinckley. 

Catharine, b. June 2. 179-'; d. Brookfield. Mar. 30, 1881 ; m. Noah 
Brown, Jan. 31, 181 1. 

Betsey, b. Mar. 2, 17')^: d. Brookfield. Apr. 20, 1839; 111. Elidia 
Randall. Oct. 13. 1813. 

Abigail, h. Dec. 12. 170S: d. Kdgerton, Wis., Jan. 13, 1865; m. 
Ephraim Palmer. June 5. [823. 

Lois, b. Mar. 12. 1801 ; d. Brookfield, Feb. 12, 1854; m. Nathan 
Birch, Mar. 17. 1842. 
787 Jabish," Jr.. b. Apr. 3, 1806; m. Selina Davis. 

Temperance, b. Dec. 3. l8li; d. Brookfield, Sept. 5, 1841; m. Na- 
than Birch, Jan. 24, 1832. 

354. Joshua 7 Babcock, son of Joshua and Elizabeth (Pal- 
mer) Babcock (Oliver. James, James. John, James), 

b. Stonington, Conn.. Feb. 2, 1774: d. Unadilla Forks. X. Y., 
Oct. 9, 1857: m. Stonington, Dec. 20. 1799, Eunice, dau. of 
Christopher and Margaret (Holmes) Brown, b. Stonington, 
Dec. 2. 17S0, d. Unadilla Forks, Sept. 6, [855. Moved to the 
town of Paris. Oneida County. \". Y.. in li^or. 

lie held many public offices, the gift of the people; was for 
many years Justice of Peace, served as County Judge, and was 
twice a member of the Legislature (about) 1 821 -1823. 


The Babcock Genealogy. 187 

Children : 

788 Elizabeth Palmer,* b. July n, 1804; m. Ephraim P.. Crumb. 

789 Henry li.. b. Nov. 28, 1806; m. (1) Tammison Rogers; m. (2) 
J Catherine G. Rowcll; m. (3) Laura N. Huntley; m. u) Mary 

J. Penny. 

790 Eunice Evangeline, 1). Mar. 2, l8l2\ m. Rowland Gardner. 
Lucy Palmer, b. July 19, 1817; unm. 

791 Joshua Franklin, b. Sept. 9, 1823; in. Elizabeth Bassett. 

355. Asa 7 BABCOCK, son of Joshua and Elizabeth (Palmer) 

Babcock (Oliver, James, James. John, James), b. X. 
Stonington, Conn., Nov. 6, 1775; d. Bridgewater, X. Y, Aug. 
3, 1824; m. Catherine Robbins. 

Asa settled, 1797, in Oneida County. The place was called 
for him, Babcock Hill. 

Children : 

Augustus, 1). ; unm. 

792 Elizabeth," b. ; m. S. H. Reynolds. 

793 Leander, b. Mar. 1, 1S11; m. Ellen Bronson. 
Loren, b. ; unm. 

356. Oliver 7 Babcock, son of Joshua and Elizabeth (Palm- 
er) Babcock (Oliver. James, James, John, James), 

b. N. Stonington, Conn.. Jan. 20, 1778; d. Bridgewater, 
N. Y., Oct. 23, 1866; m. Voluntown, Conn.. Mar. 3, 1803, 
Polly Randall, b. Pendleton Hill, Conn., June, 1782, d. 
Bridgewater, July, 1845. Settled at Bridgewater, N. V., in 

Children : 

794 Oliver, 8 b. Sept. 7. 180V. m. Sarah Brown. 

795 Maria, b. Babcock Hill, Jan. 15, 1804; m Albert Burke. 

796 Clarissa, b. Apr. 9. 1809; m. S. II. Reynolds. 

797 Peleg. b. Sept. 10. 1 S 1 3 ; m. Cornelia Scott 

357. Elizabeth 7 Babcock, dan. of Joshua and Elizabeth 
(Palmer) Babcock (Oliver, James. James. John, 
James), b. X. Stonington, Conn..' May 4. 1780; d. Bridge- 
water, X. Y.. Jan. 2. 1 87 1 ; m. Oct. 19, 1800, Peleg. son of 

Amos and Brown, of Preston. Conn., b. Mar. 23, 1775. 

d. Bridgewater. Oct. 3. 1860. She made two trips on horse- 
back from Stonington. Conn., to Oneida County. X. Y.. one 
prior to and one after her marriage, after which she and her 
husband settled at Balxrock Hill for their future home. 
Children : 

708 Charles Babcock." b. Oct. 24. 1802: m. Catherine Mabbett 
799 Amos II.. b. Apr. 26, 1805; m. Susan Munroe. 

1 88 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Franklin. I). Sept. I, 1807; d. Oct. 5, [889, unm. 

800 Lorenzo S., b. June 6. 1809; m. (j) Elizabeth C Brainard; m. (2) 

Laura B. Birdseye. 

358. Martin 7 Babcock, son of Joshua and Elizabeth (Palm- 
er) Babcock (Oliver, James, James, John, James), b. 

N. Stonington, Conn.. Mar. 20, 1783. <1. Britlgewater, X. ¥., 
Dec. 22, 1867; m. Aug., 1821, Eunice Robbins, b. Vbluntown, 

Conn., Sept. 29. 1797, d. Bridgewater, Apr. 19, 1878. 
Children : 

801 Elizabeth G.," b. Juno 2. 1822; m. Giles Scott. 

802 Clark Hinckley, b. Nov. 0, 1823; in. (1) Kate Shields Cole; in. (2) 

Amelia Cole. 

803 Catherine A., b. Sept. 6, 1826; in. Bryan Scott. 
Henry R., b. Oct. 23, 1K2S; unm. 

804 Keziah G., b. Nov. 13, 1831 ; in. Jerome J. Budlong. 

359. Dr. Charles 7 Babcock, son of Joshua and Elizabeth 
(Palmer) Babcock (Oliver, James. James. John, 

James), b. X. Stonington, Conn.. June 21, 1787; d. New Hart- 
ford, N. Y., July 4/1850; m. New Hartford, by Rev. D. D. 

Norton, Tan. 5,' 1813. Nancy, dan. of Peleg Bill and 

Pratt, b. Paris, N. Y., May 1, 1793, d. Utica, N. \\, Apr. 18, 

Charles Babcock was a doctor who settled in New Hartford 
about 1812, where he devoted his lite to his profession, gain- 
ing the confidence and love of the entire community. 

When in 1814 the militia was called on for war duty Dr. 
Babcock volunteered as surgeon and was detailed to go to 
Sackett's Harbor, where he served faithfully for many months. 

He with his sister and four brothers inaugurated an annual 
family dinner called "The Babcock Party," which was con- 
tinued long after all the originators had passed away. The 
custom is still kept up. known as ''The Cousins' Party." 

He was active in Church and misMonary work, beloved as 
husband and father and left an imperishable memory in the 
hearts of his friends. His wife. Nancy Pratt Babcock. sur- 
vived her husband over forty years, dying at the age of nearly 
ninetv-eight. She was a descendant of John Alden, of the 
Mayflower; was affable, obliging, and affectionate, a fine con- 
versationalist, and a woman possessed of unusual physical and 
mental powers. 

Children : 

805 Bill Tratt." h. Mar. 20, 1814; unm. 

806 William R.. b. Apr. 10. 1816: m. Myra Marsh. 

807 Mary Curtis, b. Mar. 11. 1S20; in. Henry G. Abbott. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 189 

360. Henry 7 Babcock, son of Joshua and Elizabeth (Palm- 
er) Babcock (Oliver, James. James, John, James), b. 

N. Stonington, Conn., Feb. 14, J 790;' d. N. Stonington, July 
4, 1858; m. Feb. IO, l8ll, Dolly (Dorothy), dau. of Ama- 
riah and Dorothy (Whipple) Stanton, b. N. Stonington, Feb. 
14, 1787, d. N. Stonington, Nov. 16, 1865. 

Henry remained upon the old homestead until death, having 
inherited the property. 

Children, b. N. Stonington: 

Charles Henry, b. Apr. 28, 1813; d. Jewett City, Cunn., Apr. 4, 
1903, unm. 

808 William Avery." b. Sept. 4, 1817; m. Harriett dates. 

809 Betsey A., 1>. June 21, 1819; in. Benjamin Palmer. 

810 Mercy Amelia, b. Mar. 19. 1821 ; m. George Henry Lewis. 

811 Irving Franklin, b. Sept. 28, [823; tn. Sarah M. Tracy. 
Mary A., b. Dec. 4, 1825; unm. 

812 Nancy A., b. Mar. 4, 1828; m. B. P. Parks. 

361. Anne 7 Baucock, dau. of Capt William A. and Lucretia 
(Davis) Babcock (Oliver. James, James, John, Tames), 

b. Nov. 5, 1773; d. Chatham. N. Y., May 7, 1852; in. Apr. 
28, 1790, Ebenezer Cady, b. Chatham, Apr. 4, 1771, d. May 5, 
1859. She was his second wife. 
Children : 

Alpheus, 1). Oct. 21. 1791; (1. Jan., 1865; 111. (1) Jan. 10, 1813, 
Eunice Caulkins; m. (2) Nov. 19. 1817. Pattey Ann Chambers. 

Harriet, b. Oct. 10, 1792; d. Feb. 22, 1869; m. Mar. 31, 1814, 
William Bailey. 

Sophia, b. Oct. 25, 1794; d. Feb. 4, 1809. 

William, b. Jan. 18. 1797: d. Michigan, June, 1850; m. Apr. 20, 
1S20, Betsey Tompkins d. Dec. 1850. 

Nelson, b. Jan. 24. 1799; d. Aug. 2. 1868; m. Apr. 3, 1828, Eliza 
V Merritt, d. Michigan, Aug. 31. [854. 

/ Dexter, b. Sept. 4. 1S02; d. Oct. 20. 1805. 

IWinthrop, b. Sept. 23. 1804: d. July 22. 1820. 
Ebenezer. b. Oct. 7. 1806: d. Oct. 13, 1800. 
George W., b. Feb. 8, 1808: d. Chatham. N. Y.. Mav 4, 1898; m. 
(1) Sept. 17, 1S34. Pernilla Hamilton, d. Sept. 12, 1841 ; m. (2) 
Dec. 20. 1843. Sally Noyes, d. Nov. 19, 1892. His dau. m. George 
Morris, res. 1902. Chatham. N. Y. 
Sally, b. July 20. 1S10: d. Lee. Mass.. July 13, 1850; m. Mar. 23. 

1830. Marshall Foot. 
John B.. b. Sept. 20. 1813; d. Michigan, Oct. 31, 1347; m. Jan. 5. 
1836, Susan Merritt. 

362. John Davis 7 Babcock, son of William A. and Lucretia 

(Davis) Babcock (Oliver, James. James. John, lames), 

b. Chatham. N. V.. Apr. 30. 178.): d. Alden, X. V.. Jan. 2^. 

r 1865; m. Chatham, Jane, dau. of David and Jane (Belding) 

Morehouse, b. Chatham. Apr. 2. 1780, d. Buffalo, N. Y., 

Apr. 5, 1847. He was a farmer. 


The Babcuck Gcncaloiiw 

Children, b. in Chatham: 

813 Louise," 1). Oct. 8, [808; in. Burden Catlin. 
Harry, l>. Nov. 1. 1810; <1. Feb. 14, 1832, untn. 
William Avery, b. Oct. 4. l8ll ; d. May i_\ l8l2. 

814 Mariettc B., b. Apr. 4. 1 s 1 _i ; m. William Lyman. 
Jane Ann. b. Oct. 14. 1815; <l. young. 

815 George I'.. 1>. Dec. (». 1819; m. Soloma Frceland. 

816 Jane Ann, b. Mar. 26, iSji ; m Edmund Cadwell. 
Lucinda, b. Apr. 5, 1822; d. Oct., 1825. 
William, l>. Nov. 5, 1825; d. young, unm. 

Altana, b. Nov. 5, 1825; m. Thomas Nelson, of Poestenkill, N. V. 

817 David, I). May 10, [829; in. Sarah E. Van Tine. 

818 Emily L\, 1). Sept. 8, 1831 ; m. Joseph C. Watt-. 

363. Avery 7 Babcock, son of Gcrshani and Chloe ( Davis) 

Babcock (Oliver, James. James, John, James), 1>. Co- 
lumbia County, X. Y., Jan. [8, 1781; d. Lysandcr, X. Y., 
Apr. 25, 1866; m. Columbia County, Oct. 18, 1S01, Lydia 
Darrow, of Columbia County, 1>. Feb. 17, 1784, <l. May 14. 
1861. They removed in [822 from Columbia County to Ly- 
sander, X. Y. Their remains arc buried in the Baldwinsville 
Cemetery, near their home. 
Children : 

819 Allen, 8 b. Aug. 24, 1802; m. . 

820 Cynthia, b. Sept. _'4. [804; in. Edwin Corning. 

821 Russel, h. Dec. 0. 1806; m. Susan Ouderkirk. 

822 Chloc, h. Feb. 27. 1810; in. Nelson Dunham. 

823 Harry, b. May 17, 1S11; m. Catherine Goff. 
John, I). Oct. 30. 1813; (1. Mar. 6, 1819. 

824 Ahram. b. Jan. 4. 1816; m. Eliza S. Newton. 

825 Gesham A., b. July 22. [818; m. Caroline Runnels. 

826 Edwin M.. b. May 20, 1826: m. (1) Catherine Bellinger; m. (2) 

Sarah Bahcock ; m. (3) Mrs. Catherine E. Martin Bahcock. 

364. Lucretia 7 Bahcock, dan. of Gersham and Chloe (Da- 
vis) Babcock (Oliver, James. James. John, Tames), b. 
Columbia County, N. Y.. 1785: d. Penfield, O.. Jan. 29. 1802; 
m. Feb. 14, 1804. Deacon Edward Palmer, d. Jan. 5, 1858. 
They lived in Columbia County until about 1830, when they 
removed to Fen field. O. 
Children : 

Harriet S., b. Sept. 24. 180.;; d. Aug. 16. 1834 

of Andrew and Sarah CHurllmt) Lovejoy. 
Giles E.. b. Sept. 20. 1807. 
Charles B.. b. July o. 1810; d. Apr. 2^, 1X63. 
Sarah A.. 1). Jan. 10. 1817. 
Peyton R., b. Mar. 15. 1820: d. July 14. 1864. 

m. John W., son 

365. Chloe 7 BABCOCK, dan. of Gersham and Chloe (Davis) 
P>abcock (Oliver, James. James, John, James), b. Aus- 

The Babcock Genealogy. 191 

tcrlitz, X. Y., Apr. [3, 17Sfr.fl. Lysander, X. Y., June 6, 1843; 
111. Sept. 13, i.X 10. Ezekiel LJurgess, i\. July, 1865. Soon after 
marriage they removed from Columbia County, X. Y., to 
Cortland County, X. Y. In 1836 they again removed to 
Children : 

827 Edwin E.," I> Jan. 19, 1812; m. (1) Diantha Hibbard; m. (2) 
Carrie Temple. 

Eleazer D., I>. Jan. 11. 1817; d. young. 

William V., b. Apr. 3. i.Xji ; ,1. Apr.. 1874; in. Jan. 4, 1848. Mary 
E. King. Tbey lia<l two children, Edward E. and Maggie. 

828 Prudence, 1). June 11, [825; in. Russet Carter. 

366. Sarah 7 Babcock, dan. of Gersham and Chine (Davis) 
Babcock (Oliver. James, James. John, James), b. Co- 
lumbia County, X. Y., Feb. 1, 1792; d. Apr. [3, 1874, at 
Johnstown, X. Y. ; m. May 3, 1821, Klisha Briggs, of 
Children : 

Garrett E., b. May 17. 1823; d. Jan. iS. 1806; m. Almira Dillen- 

beck. She d. Dec. 12, 1870. 
Thomas R., 1>. Dec. 24. 1824; d. Nov. 18. 1889; in. Rachel , b. 

May 25, 1829: d. Aug. 31, 1885. 
William A., b. Oct. 24. 1826; d. Dec. 27. 1852; in Eleanor Dorn. 

829 Delevan," b. Oct. 14. 1828; m. Almira Dockstadcr. 

Charles E., b. Apr. 24. 1831; m. (1) Julia Earling; m. (2) Sabra 

Mary E., b. Nov. 12. 1832; m. Charles M. Knox. 
Daniel Cady. b. Jan. 14. 1836. Settled at Malta. X. V. Was at one 

time a member of the New York Legislature. 

367. Jonx 7 Babcock. son of Gersham and Chloe (Davis) 

Babcock (Oliver. James. James. John, James), b. Co- 
lumbia County. X. Y.. Dec. 7. 1705: d. Troy, X. V., 18^2; 
m. Jan. 1. 1818. Mary B. Burg, b. Chatham. X. Y.. June 6, 
1797. d. Hudson, X. Y., Feb. 28, 1836. 
Children : 

Mary T., b. Oct. 5. 1820; m. Oct. 5, 1S47, Edward Smith. 

830 Eliza," h. Apr. 20. 1822; in. James Cleveland. 
Chloc. b. Mar. 16. 1824: d. July 2. 1826. 
Cynthia, b. Jan. 2.^ 1826: d. July 8, 1827. 

831 George A., b. July 4. 1828; m. Lucy Chescbro. 

368. Roswhll 7 Babcock. son of Gersham and Chloc (Da- 
vis) Babcock (Oliver, James, James. John. Tames), b. 

Canaan. X. V.. June. 1799; d. Franklin, X. V., Oct! 24, 18^2; 
m. Feb. 28. 1819, Christiana, dan. of Jacob Groat, Chatham. 
N. V.. b. 1802, (1. Franklin. X. Y., 1888. She m. (2) I Tarry 

19- . The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children : 

Martha, 1). Oct. 28, 1S..-0, Chatham, X. ¥.; d. Avon, N. Y.. Apr. 16 
1899; m. New Britain, Conn., Jan. 21, 1837, Jacob I. Miller, of 
New Britain. Settled at Avon. Had two children, Charlie and 

832 George L.," I>. June 7, 1X24 ; m. Catherine E. Butler. 

833 Sidney, b. Aug. 25, 1825; m. Maria Huhbell. 

Eveline, I). Hudson, N. V., July 21, 1828; d. 1856; m. George 

Darling. Had two sous; both are dead. 
Aaron, b. Ghent, N. V., Feb. 7, 1833; d. Oct., 1XX4; ni. Amelia 

Brown, of Deposit, N. V. No children. 
Jacob, b. New Britain, Conn.. Sept. 11, 1836; d. Aug. 28, 1841. 

834 Edward, b. July 7, 1830; in. Fanny I. Teed. 

835 Giles M., b. July 20, 1843; 111. (1) Agnes M. Lcacli ; m. (2) Eliza 

J. Cannon. 

836 Julia A., b. Jan. 11, 1847; m. Stephen Millichamp. 

369. Deacon John 7 Langwokthy, son of John and Altana 

(Babcock) Langworthy (Oliver. James, James, John, 
James), b. Stonington, Conn., Apr. i, 1776; d. Alfred, X. Y., 
June 5. 1850; m. Nov. 29. 1798, Sarah, dan. of Nathan and 
Amelia (Babcock) Pendleton, b. X. Stonington, Aug. 13. 
1777, d. Apr. 7, 1 85 1. 

He was Deacon in the S. D. B. Church at Ilopkinton. 
R. I. He removed to Alfred. X. Y., late in life, where he was 
also made Deacon. 

Children, b. X. Stonington: 

836a John Avery,' b. Dec. 27, 1790; m. (1) Eliza Lewis; m. (2) Mary 

Thomas, b. Mar. 20, 1802; d. July, 1828. 
836b William P., b. Mar. 20. 1802; m. Susan Stillman. 

Charles D., b. Feb. 25, 1804: d. June 9, 1876; m. Aug. 17, 1829, 

Susan Saunders. 
Rev. Isaac P.. b. Jan. 19, 1806; d. Jan. 5, 1&89; m. Aug. 8, 1842. 

Sarah Williams. 
Asa Albert, b. Mar. 17. 1808; d. May 23, 1845; m. Jan. 1, 1839. 

Eunice Stillman. 
Benjamin P., b. May 7, 1810: d. Nov. 7, 1895; m. Ci) Apr. 11, 

1833. Amy Lewis; m. (2) 841 Eliza Irish; m. (3) Dec. 25, 1S77. 

Maria Wells. 
Nathan Henry, b. Oct. 17, 1812; d. May 28, 1889; m. Feb. 20, 1837. 

Elizabeth Carr. 
Sarah A., b. \\c. 1. 1814; d. Mar. 27, 1844; m. Mar. 27, 1837. 

Albert Palmer. 
Altana, b. Apr. 8, 1S17; d. Apr. 2, 184 1 ; m. Sept. 20, 1839. Alfred 

James B.. b. June 23. 1819; m. Mar. 20. 1843, Martha Stillman. 

370. Content 7 Langworthy, flan, of John and Altana 
(Babcock) Langworthy (Oliver. James, fames, [ohn, 

James), h. Oct. 2. 1788, at Pendleton Hill" (X. Ston- 
ington. Conn A. d. in Westerly. R. I., at the home of her son- 

: - 

- f- 


1784- i ^74- 

Page 193. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 193 

in-law, Rev. A. B. Burdick, 187^; m. June 1. [823, Deacon 
Daniel Lewis, of Hopkinton, R. 1. She was Ins second wife. 

Children : 

Sarah Content, 1). July 6, iSj.j; m. Mar. 13. [859, Rev. A. IJ. Bur- 
dick, a S. D. B. minister. 

Abby Altana. i). Jan. 18, 1830; in. May 26, 1859, David Bliss, of 
Allegany County, \. V. 

371. William Avery 7 Babcock, son of Christopher and 
Polly (Benedict) Babcock (Oliver, James, James, John, 

James), b. Danbury, Conn., Apr. 15. 17&0; d. New Haven. 
Conn., May 30, 1814; m. Danlniry, Jan.-^i- 1802, Abigail, 
dan. of Samuel and Rebecca ( Dickinson) Cooke, b. Danbury. 
Nov. 13, 1779. d. New Haven, June 26, 1871. 

William Avery Babcock was a soldier in the War of 18 12 
and was advanced to the rank of Colonel, lie was stricken 
with apoplexy and fell from his horse while at the head of his 
battalion on the Xew Haven Green. He was carried into the 
Courthouse, where half an hour later he died. 

He was one of the pioneers for the introduction and manu- 
facturing of soft felt hats in this country, owning a large fac- 
tory at Bethel, Conn. In [808 he removed his family and 
factory to New Haven, Conn. 

Children : 

837 Avery C." b. Dec. 8, 1802; 111. (1) Eliza A. Brown; m. (2) Mary 

A. Hodley. 

838 Christopher, b. Dec. 2. 1S04: 111. Jane M. Rose. 
William Henry, b. Feb. 27. 1S07; d. in infancy. 

839 James Fairchild. b. July Q. lStxi; in. Catherine A. Mills. 

Ann Maria, b. Xew Haven. Conn., July 7. 1S11 ; d. New York City; 

m. New Haven. Bennett Fouler. They had one son. Charles 

Jane A., h. New Haven. Conn., May 8. 1813; d. May 9, 1815. 

372. Daniel 7 Barcock, son of Daniel and Content (Pot- 
ter) Babcock (Oliver. James, James, John. James), 

b. Potter Hill. R. I.. Dec. 10, "178.]; d. Potter Hill, Apr. 2. 
1874: m. Portsmouth, R. I.. Oct. 19. 1S16, Ann, dan. of 
Pelep; and Hannah (Cory) Almy. b. Portsmouth, Nov. 3, 
17S7. d. Potter Hill. Feb. 14. 1873. 

He was a blacksmith and probably learned his trade in his 
father's shop. In 1803 he was working at Washington Fac- 
tory, R. I., and in 1815 was in business at Potter II ill in the 
shop which he bought about that time. Tn 1824 or '25 he took 
into partnership his brother Oliver, and the two were asso- 
ciated in business until 1867. when the partnership was termi- 

194 The Babcock Genealogy. 

nated, the business closed, and the shop, which had been sold 
to E. and 11. Babcock, was turn down. 

In 1807 he was Ensign in the Westerly Militia, ami in 1808 
Lieutenant in the same company, and in [842 served as a law 
and order volunteer in the Dorr rebellion. In 1816, '17. and 
'29 he was Justice of the Peace, and in [821, '23, '39. and '40 
he represented his town in the State Legislature. 

Children : 

Hannah Ahny, b. Potter Hill. Oct. 13, 1819; d. Potter Hill, May 3, 
1X53, num. 

840 Mary Ann." 1). Sept. n. 1831 ; in. ( 1 ) Charles N. Crandall; m. (2) 

Dr. John H. Merrill. 

373. Betsy 7 Babcock, dau. of Daniel and Content (Potter) 
Babcock (Oliver, James, fames. John, fames), 1>. Pot- 
ter Hill, R. L, Feb. 2i, 1787; d. Hopkinton (Ashaway), R. I., 

June 4, 1858; m. Hopkinton, Nov. 25. 1807, George, son 
of Benjamin and Martha ( I rish ) Irish, b. Newport, R. I., 
Oct. I, 1786. d. Ashaway, Apr.. 19, 1869. He m. (2) 
Sally (Potter), widow of Philip Fenner; m. (3) Martha Bab- 
cock, widow. 

George Irish when young learned the blacksmith trade of 
Daniel Babcock, whose daughter he afterward married; later 
became a farmer on a hired farm in X. Stonington; still later 
settled upon his own farm in Hopkinton. 

Children : 

841 Eliza, 9 b. N. Stonington. Conn., Nov. 24, 1808; m. Benjamin Frank- 

lin Langworthy. 

842 George. Jr., b. N. Stonington. Feb. 7, 1810; m. (1) Maria Potter; 

ni. (2) Mary S. Adam-;. 

843 Rev. James Reed. b. N. Stonington, Dec. 18, 1811 ; m. (1) Char- 

lotte C. Babcock; m. (2) Eliza Green Browning. 
Emeline M.. b. N. Stonington. May 2;?. 1815: d. New London. 
Conn.. Sept. 9. 1851 : m. at Hopkinton. R. I. .Mar.. 1838, Thomas. 
son of Abel and Temperance (Avery) Avery, b. N. Stonington, 
July 16, 1 80S. d. at Brattleboro, Vt.. Sept. 8. 1883. Nn children. 

844 Daniel B., b. N. Stonington. Feb. 0. 1S1S: m. Mary Babcock. 

845 Lucy Ann. b. June 7. 1S10: m. Deacon Matthew S. Kenyon. 

846 Mary C. b. N. Stonington. Sept. 27. 1821 : m. Albert C. Greene. 

847 Oliver B., b. N. Stonington, Aug. 12, 1826; m. Sarah Anthony. 

374. Jacob Davis 7 Babcock. son of Daniel and Content 

(Totter) Babcock (Oliver. James. James. John, James). 
b. Totter Hill, R. T.. Jan. 20. 1780: d. Ashaway. R. I., Tunc 
17. 1867: m. Portsmouth, R. T.. Apr. 19. 1825. Elizabeth. 
dau. of Peleg and Hannah (Cory) Almv. b. Portsmouth, 
Apr. 23. 1803: d. Ashaway. Apr. 17. 1884. 

In his early manhood he taught school, but in 18 10 went 

„*-» . — 





Page 194. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 195 

foi* four years to Coventry, R. I., to learn the machinist's 
trade, hut in 1812, while setting up machinery in Massachu- 
setts, he was induced to go "nut West" to Schenectady, X. Y., 
to establish a machine shop. Shortly thereafter the war broke 
out, and Mr. Babcock enlisted in Col. Philetus Swift's Regi- 
ment "to go when called," hut was never called into the field, 
lie remained in Schenectady eight years, making many friends, 
among whom was Dr. Eliphalet Nott, President of Union Col- 
lege. He constructed the first town clock in that city which 
remained in use until i860. In 1820 he went to Cornwall, 
N. V., to start machinery which he had built, and remained 
there to superintend the mill. 

In 1825 he purchased a half interest in a carding mill at 
Ashaway, R. 1., and removed there, where he spent the rest 
of his life as a manufacturer, miller, and country merchant. 
He was one of the pioneers in total abstinence, and so zealous 
•was he in advocating teetotalism that in derision his neighbors 
called the place Temperance Hollow. 

Mr. Babcock with Miss Sally. Knowles organized the first 
Sabbath school in the town, although the pastor disapproved 
the measure. He also was one of the first to enlist in the cause 
of freedom to the blacks, becoming a pronounced Abolitionist 
when that meant ostracism, and even danger to life and prop- 
erty. But his zeal and influence gained friends for the cause, 
and his house became the "depot for the underground rail- 
road." Seven times he was nominated for Lieutenant-Governor 
on the Abolition ticket, not anticipating election, but simply to 
show his faith in his principles. One of the most beautiful 
events in his life occurred when Mr. Lincoln's Emancipation 
Proclamation on Jan. 1. 1863, liberated four million of slaves. 
After midnight of Dec. 31 his neighbors came in a body to 
congratulate him on the great event which was so near to his 
heart, calling him from his bed with drums and music. He 
spoke to them eloquently and feelingly, saying among other 
things, "My joy is that 1 have lived to see this day. which until 
lately I never expected to see. I must leave the rest to you 
younger men." 

Jacob Babcock was Justice for Hopkinton 183 1, '33, '38. 
He was Ensign in Hopkinton Militia in 181 1-12. (Smith.) 

Children : 

848 Harriet/ b. Mar. 5. 1826: m. John Cundall. 

Goorpc. I). Ashawav, R. I.. July 5. 1828 ; d. Ashaway. Aug. 12. t8?o. 
Mary Almv. l>. Ashaway, R. I., Aug. 14, 1831; d. Ashaway, Oct. 7, 
183 1. 

\<jG The Babcock Genealogy. 

Ptlcg A., b. Ashaway, k. I.. Sept. 7, 18.5-'; d. Ashaway, Aug. 3, 

849 Sarah Antoinette. !>. Apr. 25, 1836; m. (1) 826E«win Babcock; m. 

(2) William M. Humphrey. 
Jacob D., b. Ashaway, k. I., Jan. 29, 1839; <J. Ashaway, Mar. 1, 

850 John J., b. Apr. 14, [842; in. Marion B. Devoll. 

375. Nancy 7 (Ann) Babcock, clau. of Daniel and Content 
(Potter) Babcock (Oliver, James, James, John, James), 
b. Hopkinton, R. I.. .May 9. 1791"; il. Potter Hill, R. L, Nov. 
20, [868; m. Hopkinton. Nov. 12, 1812, Col. Henry, son of 
Joseph and Phebe (Wells) Potter, b. Potter Hill, Mar. 12, 
1790, (1. YVaterford, Conn., Nov. 22, 1864. 

851 William H„* b. Aug. 26, 1816; m. Bridget Rathbun. 

852 Phoebe A., b. Mar. 22, 1823; m. Thomas Carey Potter. 


376. Oliver 7 Babcock, son of Daniel and Content (Potter) 
Babcock (Oliver, James, James, John. James), b. Hop- 
kinton, R. I., Dec. 12, "1 7<>-. d. Potter Hill, R. L, Sept. 9. 
1869; m. Stonington, Conn., Jan. it. [824, Phebe, 7 dan. of 
226 Stephen 6 and Phehe ( P.nrc'h ) P.ahcoek. 1). Westerly, R. I., 
Mar. 5, 1802. d. Potter Hill. Oct. 15. 1886. 

Educated in the schools of his native town, with their limita- 
tions, he supplemented his schooling with good reading, of 
which he was very fond all his life, and which served him. like 
many another, in good stead for more liberal opportunities 
in school. As a young man he taught singing school during 
winter evenings, and was an excellent choir singer, having 
acted as chorister in his church for about twenty-five years. 

When only twelve years of ao-e he was baptized and united 
with the First S. D. B. Church of Hopkinton, with which he 
remained a member during the rest of his life. He always 
showed a deep interest in the schools of his neighborhood 
and for many years acted as school trustee, hiring the teachers 
and always making them welcome guests in his home at a time 
when "boarding around" was the method of taking care of 
the teachers during the school terms. 

He served his town as Justice of the Feace. Assessor of 
Taxes, and in various other capacities. By his efforts the Pot- 
ter Hill post office was established, and he was the first post- 
master. Tie was always faith ful to whatever trust was im- 
posed upon him. honoring the position rather than being hon- 
ored by it. 

About 182-I lie entered into partnership with his eldest 

The Babcock Genealogy. 197 

brother, Daniel, for the manufacture of edged tools at Potter 

Hill, K. I., and the nana- of 1 ). Babcock & Co. UpOIl any tool 
was always a sign of real excellence. The partnership eon- 
tinned about forty years, when the water power was sold to 
the factory owners at Potter Hill. 

In June, [842, when the Dorr war occurred in Rhode Island 
and the State government was threatened. Mr. Babcock, as 
Sergeant, "shouldered his musket" and with his brother Daniel 
and his own son Nathan, then a young man less than eighteen 
years of age, went to Providence in the company of Capt 
William Potter, 3d Regiment, 3d Brigade of State Volunteers, 
to fight, if need he, for "law and order;" but no lighting oc- 
curred. His youngest son, the author of this book, remembers 
well the bright flintlock musket which his father brought home 
from this campaign. 

Mr. Babcock was eminently a social, genial man. fond of his 
family and friends, devoted to his Church, a temperance re- 
former among the fust of his town, and an enthusiast in the 
cause of antislavery, though not an adherent of the Aboli- 
tion Party. He was an all-around broad-minded man. Pre- 
vious to his marriage he settled at Potter Hill. R. L, where 
the remainder of his life was spent. His widow, who survived 
him seventeen years, lived in the same house for sixty-two 
years. "He was Justice of the Peace of Westerly in 1843, 
'46, '47. '48." (Smith.) 

Children, b. at Potter Hill. R. T. : 

853 Nathan." b. Nov. 10. 18-24 ; m. Phchc Johnson. 
Phcbe Maria, b. Feb. 20. 1826: d. Potter Hill. R. I.. May 18, 1833. 

854 Amanda, b. Oct. jo, 1827; in. Thomas R. Green. 

855 Daniel. 1). Dee. 4. i8jN; 111. (, 1 ) Phehe Stillman; m. (2) Mary A. 

856 Ann Elizabeth, b. Jan. 7. 1831 : m. Charles A. Fenmer. 

857 Stephen, b. Dee. 22. 1S32; m. Mrv Henrietta Van Patten Taylor. 

858 Lucy Almv. b. Sept. 17. 1X34; unin. 
Martha lane. b. Dee. 8, 1836; <1. Oct. 31. 1S37. 

859 Phebe Jane. b. Sept. 30. 1838; m. William B. Wait. 
Cynthia Cogswell, b. May 28, 1X41:, d. Apr. 25. 1842. 

860 Julia Maria, b. Apr. 13. 1843; 111. Henry S. Ambler. 

377. Lucy' BABCOCK, dan. of Daniel and Content ( Potter) 

Babcock (Oliver. James, James. John. James), b. Hop- 

kinton. R. I.. Jan. 24. 1801 : d. Portsmouth, R. I.. Aug. 8, 

1853; m. Hopkinton, Dec. 20. 1819, David, son of Pe- 

leg and Hannah (Cory) Almv. b. Portsmouth. May 13, 
1704. d. Portsmouth, Aug. 2. 1X72. Settled at Portsmouth. 
R. I., on their own farm, where all their children were born 
and reared. 

1 98 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children : 

861 Elizabeth," b. Sept. 26, iS_>o; m. Horatio Alonzo Stone. 

862 Lucy Maria, b. Aug. 3. 1824; m. Andrew Jackson Cory. 

863 Harriet Wayland, !». May i<>. 1832; m. Elijah Anthony. 
Daniel, b. Apr. [8, 1837 ; unm. 

864 Altana Frances, b. Mar. 12. 1843; in. William C. Chase. 

The above Daniel owns and occupies the family homestead, at Ports- 
mouth, R. I., 1903. 

378. Mary 7 Babcock, dan. of Daniel and Content (rotten 
Babcock (Oliver, James, James, John, James), 1). Hop- 

kinton, R. I., Nov. 2, 1806, or '07; d. Potter Hill, R. 1., Jan. 
l8. I&83; m. Hopkinton, Jan. 15, [839, Peleg, son of Clark 
and Sally (Rogers) Saunders, b. Potter Hill. Mar. 9, 1809, 
d. Providence, R. I.. Jan. 16, 1889. 

Peleg - Saunders was a ship carpenter; settled at Mystic, 
Conn., where for many years he worked at his trade; later 
owned and occupied a home at Potter Hill, and worked a por- 
tion of the time at ship building in Westerly, R. I. 

Children : 

Ann Amelia, b. Mystic. Conn., Oct. 31, 1840; d. Hopkinton, R. I, 

June 8, 1843. 
Georpc, h. Hopkinton, K. I., May 3, 1844; d. Hopkinton, Feh. 8, 

1847. t . 

865 Ella B., 8 h. May 1, 1S51 ; m. Wellington L. Lewis. 

379. Timothy 7 Babcock, son of Timothy and Esther (Bill- 
ings) Babcock (Timothy, James. James, John. James), 

b. in Ashford, Conn., in 1777; m. Nov. 13, 1806, Martha, 
dau. of Ames and Martha (Woodward) Bugbee. He d. 
Ware, Mass., Dec. 15, 182S. 

In 1815 he moved from Ashford. Conn., to Ware, Mass.. 
where he owned and cultivated a farm of two hundred and 
sixty acres. He also owned and kept a tavern stand on the 
main road between Boston and Albany, which he purchased, 
it is said, of his brother Archibald. In 1836 the heirs sold the 
homestead farm and tavern stand in Ware and all went West. 
• going by the Ohio River to Cairo. '111., thence up the Missis- 
sippi River to St. Louis, where the winter of 1836-7 was 
spent. In the following spring they removed to Hamilton 
Township, Rock Island County. 111. They were the pioneers 
of that township, and their descendants still reside there. 

Martha ( 'Bugbee) Babcock. widow of Timothy, d. in Hamp- 
ton Township, 111.. Sept. 17, 1849. aged sixty-five. 

Children : 

866 Esther Palmer." b. Sept. 11. 1807; m. (1) Hinckley Andrews; m. 
(2) Aaron Gould. 

The Dabcock Genealogy. 199 

867 Martha Woodard, b. Jan. 9, 1X11; m. Lemuel Andrews. 
808 Julia Mana. b. Oct. 13, 1813; in. David Hawcs. 

869 Timothy Alphcus, b. Mar. 25, 1816; m. Amanda McNeil. 

870 Francis Bugbee, 1). May 1, 1819; unm. 

871 John Elias, b. Dec. 18,1821; m Eliza Wells. 
Stephen Fielder, b. Nov. 17. 1825; d. Nov. -'4. 1825. 

872 George Mills, b. Aug. 10, 1828; in. Helen Negus. 

380. AKC]iir..\i.i> 7 BABCOCK, son of Timothy and Esther 
(Billings) Babcock (Timothy, James. James, John, 

James), b. Ash ford. Conn.. Mar. 8, 1780; d. Charlestown, 
Mass., Aug. 10, 1862; m. (i) Hannah, dan. of Thaddeus and 
Mary (Coburn) Richards, b. Ashford, Conn.. Aug.. 1785, d. 
Feb. 17, 1817; m. (2) 1818, Elizabeth, dan. of Xehemiah 
and Susannah (Stearns) W'yman. of YVbburn, Mass., b. Mcd- 
ford, Mass., Jan. 6, 1796, d. Jan 27, [859. 

Archibald settled first in Ashford or Mansfield, Conn., 
thence removed to Ware, Mass., where he kept a tavern on the 
main road from Boston to Albany. He later sold the tavern 
to his brother Timothy and removed to Boston, and finally to 
Charlestown. lie owned much real estate on Bunker Hill and 
vicinity. At his death he left to the city of Charlestown 
$3,000, the income of which was to be used to furnish music 
on the 4th of July and 17th of June; also $3,000 for same 
purpose to town of Ashford. Conn., his native town, and also 
$3,000 toward a public library in same place. 

The remains of himself, of his two wives, and a number of 
his children are interred in a burying ground near Bunker 
Hill, Charlestown, where a granite monument of elaborate 
design marks the place. His marriages, children, etc., can be 
found in Wyman's Charlestown Genealogies and Estates. 

Children by first wife: 

873 Archibald 1).." 1>. Dec. 13, 1808; in. Fanny Richards. 
Elbridge, b. Ware, Mass.. Tune i. 1811; d. 1815. 
Hannah R.. h. : d. Nov. 7. 1815. 

Thaddeus, b. Boston. Mass., May 11, 1813; d. Nov. 21, 1818. 
Maria, b. Mar. 26. 1815; d. Oct. 30. 1833. 
Hannah, b. Feb. 8, 1817; d. Mar. 29. 1817. 

Children, by second wife: 

Elizabeth Wyman, b. Dec. 13. 1818; d. ; m. 1840. Ahijah 

Wyman, son of Ahijah and Martha (Story) Hovcy. She was a 
widow in 1889. 

Esther Ann. 1». — ; d. Sept. 28, 1821. 

Isaac \V., b. ; d. Aug. 4. [826. 

381. Thomas Palmer 7 Babcock, son of Timothy and Es- 
ther (Billing) Babcock f Timothy, James, lames. John, 

James), b. in Ashford, Conn.. Nov. 26, 1793: d. Owensboro, 


The Babcock Genealogy, 

Ky. r 1848; m. Emily Roice, b. Wellington, Conn., d. Onon- 
daga, X. Y., [827. 
Children, b. Ashford : 

Dwight, 1). 1815; <J. New Orleans, 1848. 

874 Sanford," l>. Oct. 15. 1X17; m. Adeline J. Green. 

875 Palmer, b. Aug, 12, 1819; <1. ; m. (.1) Lucenia Case; m. (2) 

Mr\ Henry. 

876 Jasper. 1) 1821 : m. in New York State in 1844. 

Emily, b. Apr., 1823; d. ; m. Charles McCarthy, New Vork. 

No issue. 

382. John Read' Babcock, son of John and Louisa (Gil- 
more) Babcock (Timothy, James, James. John, James), 

b. X. Stonington, Conn., Jan. 28, 1788; d. Carbondale, Pa., 
Oct. 15. 1836; m. Nov. 1, 1815, Eliza, dan. of Zelophehad 
Ely, of Lyme, Conn., b. Lyme, 179S, d. J 835. 
Children : 

877 Jacob Ely/ b! Oct. 28, 1817; in. Lucy Lathrop. 

878 Elizabeth Sterling, b. July 24. 1820; m. Jan. i, 1843, Andrew 


879 Louisa Gilmore, b. Dec. 15, i8jr ; in. (1) Samuel W. Spencer; m. 

(2) James G. Packer. 
Lyman Robert, b. Pennsylvania, Sept. 25. 1823: d. Sept. 26. 1826. 

880 Charles March, l>. Pennsylvania, Dec. 22, 1X25 ; m. Clara D. Connor. 

881 John Read. Jr.. b. Pennsylvania. Apr. 1. 1828; m. Betsy Warner. 

882 Lucy Amanda, b. Pennsylvania, Nov. 5, 1830; m. Oct. 14, 1852, 

George C. Brundage. 
Samuel Benjamin. b. Carbondale, Pa., Feb. 21. 1833; d. Salt Lake 
City. Mar.. 1S77. He served as a scout under Gen. Rosccrans in 
the War of the Rebellion. 

883 James Thomas, b. Pennsylvania, Feb. 4, 1835; m. Julia A. Mason. 

383. Louisa Miner 7 Babcock, dan. of John and Louisa 

(Gilmore) Bahcock (Timothy, James. James, John, 
James), 1>. Dec. 17. 1789; d. Hopkinton, R. I., Sept. n. [870; 
m. Oct. 13, 1815, Jesse Brown. 1). Brooklyn, Conn., Aug. 1, 
1790, d. Hopkinton. July 2J, 1869. 
Children, b. Hopkinton: 

Son, b. July 13. 1817; d. same day. 

Maria Louisa, b. Apr. 10. 1819; d. Oct. 0, 1810. 

Son. b. May 20. 1820; d. same day. • 

884 Adeline Hester*, 1». Nov. 5. 1821 : m. Dennis S. Wilbur. 
Eliza Averill, b. Jan. 10. 1823: d. Apr. 7, 1833. 

885 Jesse, b. July 10. 1824; m. (1) Malvina Newsbury ; m. (2) Mrs. 

Susan West. 
Mary Ann, b. Mar. 30. 1826; d. Feb. 4. 1841. 

384. Robert Gilmore 1 Babcock, s<>n of John and Louisa 
(Gilmore) Bafxrock (Timothy. James, lames. John. 

James), b. Pomfret, Conn., Feb. _'<;. [792; d. : m. (r) 

Boston, Aug. 3. 1817. Sally Otis. b. Roxbury, Mass.. May 15, 

i 797- i 869. 

Page 196. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 201 

1798, <1. Sept. 25, [819; in. (j) Dorchester, Mass.. Apr. 25, 
1822, Lucy, dau. of Unite and Jerusha (Glover) Blackman, 
b. Dorchester, )\\nv io, 1803. tl. Mihrankee, Wis., June 10, 
1875, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Louisa G. Bol- 
ton. She was buried in her father's tomb in Dorchester. 

In the War of 1812 Roljert was a privateer's man on board 
the American privateer Prince de Neufchatel. Oct. 11, 1814, 
his vessel had a bloody hut victorious engagement with the 
British frigate Endymion. A thrilling account of this en- 
gagement is given by Roosevelt in his Naval War of 1812. In 
1815 Mr. Babcock was taken prisoner by the British and con- 
fined in Dartmoor until the close of the war. 

He was a skillful blacksmith. He obtained the contract in 
1843 f° r tnc n "° n doors and shutters for Bunker Hill Monu- 
ment. He invented a machine for making horse shoes, and 
patented the same Feb. 24, 1851. 

Children by second wife: 

Jerusha Glover. 1>. Roxbury, Mass., May _>, 1824; d. Aug. ->6, 1826; 
m. George La Fayette, b. Roxbury, Mass.. May 2, 18^4; <1. Nov. 
25, 1848. 

886 Louisa Gilmorc," 1>. Oct. 7. 1827; in. G. W. Bolton. 

887 Andrew Jackson, 1.. July [2, 1830; 111. Harriet Palmer. 

888 Lucy Blackmail, 1>. Sept. 8. 1X7,2; m. Henry Fobes. 

889 Sarah Otis. 1>. Apr. 22, lS.vj; unm. 
Josephine Augusta, h. Ncponsct Village, Dorchester, Mar. 11, 1836; 

d. Mar. 1. 1850. 

890 Rohcrt Gilmorc, Jr.. b. June 27. 183S: m. Lizzie Young. 
Elizabeth Averil. 1>. Quincy. Mass.. July 6. 1842: d. young. 
John Read. h. Quincy, Mass.. Jul v 6, 1S42: d. Apr. 24, 1865. 

f Solomon Willard, b. Quincy. M.>s.. Dec. 13. 1844: res. 1902. S. 

Boston, Mass.: m. 1868. Louise J., dau. of Samuel and Eliza 
Rhodes, of Fall River. No issue. 

I 385. Daniel 7 Babcock, son of James and Sarah (Budlong) 

Babcock (Timothy, James. James. John. James), b. X. 

Stonington, Conn.. July 14, 1794; d. Alexandria, X. V., Aug. 

» 26, 1S75; m. Harriet, dau. of George Page, d. Oct. 2, 1S72, 

aged seventy-two. 

Daniel and his sister Polly were the first of this Babcock 
\ family to settle in Alexandria, X. V. 

Children : 

891 Angelinc.' b. Dec. 16, i8_m ; m. John P. Hibbard. 

892 Thankful, b. Pec. _"). 1823: m. William II. Curtis. 
Ehnira, b. ; m. Orin P.abcock. 

386. Lydia' Babcock, dau. of James and Sarah (Budlong) 

Babcock (Timothy, James. James. John, James), b. X. 
Stonington, Conn., May 2. 1797: d. Portsmouth. O. : m. 
Horace Craine. 

202 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children : 

Lydia, b. ; m. Beatie; Melissa; Horace. 

387. Nancy 7 Babcock, dau. of James and Sarah (Budlong) 
Babcock (Timothy, James, James, John. James), b. 

Sherburne. X. V., Apr. 28, 1799; d. Erie, Pa., Nov. 22, 1822; 

m. Parmeter. 

Children : 

Had a daughter, now (lQ02) living at Eric. 
Oliver; a Judge at Elkhart, Ind. 

388. Polly 7 Babcock, dan. of James and Sarah (Budlong) 

Babcock (Timothy, James. James, John, James), b. 
Sherburne, X. Y., May 5. 1S01 ; d. Alexandria, X. Y., July 
26, KS84; m. Dec., 1S22, William Holmes, b. Oct. 19, iySj, 
d. Alexandria, Apr. 26, 1866. 

He was a soldier in the War of 1K12, and was wounded in 
the battle of Queenstown Heights. They settled in 1822 at 
Alexandria, X. Y. 

Children, b. Alexandria: 

893 Sarah B.," b. Sept. 13. i8j6; m. John Burdick. 

Lois B., 1). June 28, i8j8; m. Dec. 26, 1848, Daniel Reynolds. They 
had ten children. 
895 Mary E., h. Sept. 15. 1831 ; in. Daniel Ebblie. 

Harriet E., h. Nov. 27, 1839; in. Dec. 31, 1X59. Zera Wakefield. 
Lived in Watcrtown : had seven children, all of whom died but 
one, Ida, who m. Waller Woodward ; res. Great Bend, N. V. 

389. Rectina 7 Babcock, dau. of Tames and Sarah (Bud- 
long) Babcock (Timothy. James, James. John. James), 

b. Sherburne, X". Y.. May 9, 1803: lived and died in Steuben 
Valley. X. Y. ; m. Solomon Porter. 

George, b. ; d. young. 

Sarah, h. ; in. (i) Hawkins; m. (2) George Hunt. Had 

four children. 

Mary, h. ; m. Ball, now deceased. 

Emily, b. ; m. ■ Ball, now deceased. 

390. Rhodes Reed 7 Babcock. son of James and Sarah 
(Budlong) Babcock (Timothy, James. James, John, 

James), b. Sherburne, X. Y.. Apr. 30, 1805: d. Alexandria. 
N. Y.. Aug. 20. 1885: m. Alexandria. July 26, 1S32, Melissa, 
dau. of Richard and Betsy (Leonard) Thorn, b. Feb., 1815. 
Rhodes Balicock moved from Sherburne in 1824 to what is 
now known as Barnes Settlement. Alexandria. X T . Y. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 203 

Children, b. at Alexandria : 

898 Nancy Jane/ 1). Sept. i<>. 1833; m. (1) Augustus Caprins; m. (2) 

William McGrann. 

899 James Richard, b. Sept. 17, 1835; m. (1) Lucretia Evans; m. (-2) 

Josephine Luther. 

900 John Rhodes, b. Oct. 26, [837; m. Mary A. Loan. 

901 Betsy Caroline, b. May 4. i« s -l<>; "i. (1) Ledsmar Randel; m. (2) 

George Barden. 

902 William Reed, b. Apr. 23, [842; m. (1) Julia Johnson; m. (2) 

Polly Hill. 
Hiram Wcstlcy, b. Apr. 10. 1X44; d. July 14. I&45- 
901 Joseph Hill, b. May 14. 1847; "i. Martha J. Dollings. 

904 Daniel Franklin, b. Sept. 30, 1849; m. Annie S. Dickey. 

905 Lillic Melissa, b. Jan. 23. 1856; m. Edward D. Derrick. 

391. Philena 7 Babcock, dau. of James and Sarah (Bud- 
long) Babcock (Timothy, James, James. John, James), 

b. Sherburne, X. Y., Feb. rS, 1809; m. Giles Downing. Lived 
with her son in Galesburg, HI. 


392. Ora 7 Babcock, son of James and Prudence (Walters) 

Babcock ( Timothy. James. James. John, James), b. 
June 16, 1S17; d. Marquette, Mich.; m. Alexandria, X. Y., 
Catherine Derosie. 

Ora Babcock was a soldier in a New York regiment in the 
Civil War. lie was a competent teacher, and lived for many 
years in Oswego, X. Y. 

Children : 

Eunice, b. 1857 (?): m. John Former, of Oswego, d. soon after. 
Hattie, b. 1874; m. Marshall; res. 1902, Syracuse, X. V. 

393. ORRIN 7 Bakcock. son of James and Prudence (Wal- 
ters) Babcock (Timothy, James, James. John, James), 

b. Hamilton, X. Y.. Apr. 6. 1819; d. Alexandria. Apr. 7. 
1883; m. Elmira Babcock, dau. of his half-brother Daniel. Or- 
rin lived at Fairfax. Va., until after the Civil War. when he 
moved to Alexandria. 
Children : 

La Mott, deceased; Dewitt, deceased. 

394. Jo x ati tax 7 BABCOCK, Jr., son of Jonathan and Eliza- 
beth (Adams') Babcock ( Nathan, Samuel, James. John. 

James), b. Westerly, R. I.. Sept. 13, 1705; d. Brookficld. 
X. Y.. Dec. 21. 1852; m. Plainfield. X. Y.. Mary (Polly), 
dau. of Pern' C. Clark, d. Plainfield. Aug. 31, 1830. 

Julia C, b. Feb. io, 1X3 1 ; <1. Hamilton, \. V.. July 19. 1900, imm 
Charles Felix, b. May 2. 1833; d. Chicago, 111.. Jan. 27. 1XX2; 



204 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children : 

906 Morris,' 1>. Aug. 14. [820; m. Elizabeth Brand. 

907 Mary, l>. Jan. .?, 1823; in. Milton W. St. John. 
Sophia, b. Feb., 1X26; <1. Aug. 9, [856. 

395. Charles 1 Babcock, son of Charles and Lacy (Lang- 
worthy) Babcock (Nathan, Samuel, James, John, 

James), b. Westerly, R. I., Aug. 28, 1 79 2 ; d. Aug. 29, 1830; 

m. Aug. 15, 1816, Martha Gardner, b. , d. Onarga Hill, 

Aitj^". 26, 1868 or '69. 
Children : 

008 Kli/.a Ann," b. Oct. 8, 1X17; m. Francis Utter. 

909 Elisha, b, Apr. 23. 1X19; m. Jane Clark. 

910 Horace, b. Sept. 1,3. iXjj ; m. Sarah M. Dc Show. 

Samuel Stcnnctt, i>. May 28, 1826. > 

396. JONATHAN' BABCOCK, son of Charles and lacy (Lang- 
worthy) Babcock (Nathan, Samuel. James, John, 

James), 1>. Westerly R. I.. July 20, 1794; d. Brookfielcl, X. Y., 
May 28, 1864; m. (1) Norwich, Conn.. Aug. 12, 1821, Julia 
T., dan. of Perry and Julia (Thompson) Chesebrough, 1>. Nor- 
wich, Nov. 9, 1800. d. Brookfield, Feb., 1831; m. (2) Feb., 
1S32, Caroline L. Chesebrough, sister of first wife, b. Nor- 
wich, Apr. 15, i8o_\ d. Brookfield, Feb., 1891. 
Children, b. Brookfield : 

Cornelia, b. Mar. 23. 1823; d. Brookfield, Mar. 12, 1842, tinm. 


West Union, la.. Dec. 10. 1X74, Anna A. Rogers. She res. 1902, 
West Union. 

911 Hamden R.." 1>. July X. 1835; m. Adelia D. Beebe. 

George Hubbard, h. Dec. 23. 1X41; d. Hamilton, N. V., Aug. 14. 
1897, unm. 

397. Samuel Langwortity 7 Babcock, son of Charles and 
Tacy (Langworthy) Balicock (Nathan. Samuel, James. 
. Tohn, Tames), b. Brookfield, X. Y.. July 7, T 7<)<): d. Adams. 
N. Y., Apr. 18, 1872; m. (1) Brookfield, Nov. 3, 1826, Han- 
nah Williams, b. , d. July 4. [830; m. (2) Apr. 5, [831, 

Almyra, dan. of Samuel and Polly (Stillman) Burdick, 1>. 
Brookfield. I r el>. 12. 181 1, d. Nortonville, Kan., Nov. m. 188;. 
Children by second wife: 

Hannah, b. Brookfield, N. V.. May 13, 1832; d. Adams, N. V., 
June 22. 1853. 

912 Herbert K.. s b. Sept. 28, 1833; m. Lua Card. 

Angeline, b. Brookfield, Nov. 12, 1835; re^. 1902, Nbrthville, Kan.; 


The Babcock Genealogy. 


gr3 Sophronia B., b. June 20. 1837: in. Oliver Davis. 

914 Osman, l>. Dec. 30, 1830: in. Harriet Landphcre. 

Charles O, l>. Adams, Mar. 6, 1841; d. Fort Carrol, I). C, July 31, 

915 Cornelia, b. Jan. 18, 1S44; in. John G. Spicer. 
91C Malone S., b. July 16, 1849; m. Amy F. Green. 

398. Andrew 7 Babcock, si mi of Charles and Tacy (Lang- 
worthy) Babcock- (Nathan, Samuel, James, John, 
James), 1>. Oct. 28, 1803: (I. Kankakee, 111.. Nov. 17, i860; 
m. 1830, Orilla, dan. of Rev. Elias Bailey, b. New York, Dec. 
10, 1810, d. Kankakee. 
Children, b. Brookfiekl, X. Y. : 

917 Norman, 1 b. Apr. 17. 1831: in. Emogenc Bardcen. 

Elmer, 1>. June [2, 18 }6: d. West Winfield, N. Y.. Sept. 10, 1890. 
Dwight I.. 1). Feb. 22, 1845; (1. 1888, Kankakee, 111. 
Flora, b. Sept. 12. 1849. 

918 Florence O., b. Apr. 10, 1852; m. Herbert II. Wilcox. 

399. Henry C. 7 Babcock, son of Charles and Tacy (Lang- 
worthy) I.ahcock (Nathan, Samuel, James, John, 

James), b. Brookfiekl, X. Y., Oct. 13. 1805: d. Albion, Wis., 
Jan. 8, 1884; m. De Rnyter. X. Y., Nov. 1*6, 18^., Temper- 
ance, dan. of William and Anna (Coon) Burdick, b. Albion, 
Wis., Nov. 15. [811, d. Jan. 10, 1900. 
Children, b. Brookfiekl: 

Charles W.. b. May 15. 1833; d. Brookfield. Feb. 8, 1834. 

919 Emilus W., H b. Jan. q. 1835; in. Marie E. Brown. 

920 Henry De Los. b. Aug. 30. 1837: in. Sarah F. Reynolds. 

921 Lorene F.. b. May 24. 1841 : m. Ir\incr Winnek. 
Cornelia, b. Oct. 28, 1S44: d. Albion. Wis., Nov. 27. 1864. 
Tacy M., b. Apr. 2, [846: d. De Rnyter, X. V.. May 20. 1847. 
Martha V., b. Nov. 15, 184c); <1. Albion, Wis.. May 25. 1882. 

922 Frances D.. b. June 4, 1852; in. Nathan Kelley. 

400. Elery 7 Babcock, son of Charles and Tacy (Lang- 
worthy) Balrcock (Nathan, Samuel. James. John, 

James), b. Brookfiekl, N. Y.. Nov. 27. 7811 ; d. Albion, Wis., 
May 4. 1865; ni. Clarksville, X. Y.. Mar. 13, [833, Fanny, 

dan. of Amos and Catherine (Clark) Burdick, b. Clarksville, 
Mar. 13, 1814. d. Albion, Apr. 24, 1891. 
Children, b. Brookfield: 

Catherine, b. Jan. 6. 1834: res. !<>02, Albion. Wis. 

Emma L., 1>. Aug. 16. 1836; res. 1902, Minneapolis, Minn.; m. 

Albion, Wis.. VV. D. Hillyer. 
Hermon. b. Apr. 0. 1839; '1. Milton, Wis., Oct. 2. 1892; tn. Char- 
lotte Odcll. 
Florus VV.. 1). Jan. 22, 1842: res. 1002. Sparta. Wis. 
9-J3 Charles I.," b. May u, 1850; in. Clara J. Wilcox. 

206 The Babcock Genealogy. 

40k Albert 7 Babcock, son of Charles and Tacy (Lang- 

. worthy) Babcock (Nathan, Samuel, fames, John, 

James), I). Brookficld, X. Y., July 6, [814; d. Adams Center' 

N. V., May 8, 1884; m. Verona, X. V., Feb. 20, [845, Sophro^ 

nia ()., dan. of Caleb and Susan (Williams) Green, b. 
Verona, Feb. 14. 1816, d. Adams Center, Mar. 7, 1890. 

Albert Babcock at one time was a merchant, later owned a 
large flouring mill at Rome, X. V., which was destroyed by 

Children : 

Charles, b. 1846, Brookficld; res. Adams Center, X. V.; m. Adams 

Center, Ella Williams. 
Hamilton, b. 1848. Brookficld; res. 1902, Watertown, N. V.; m 

Lee, N. V.. Nellie Putman. 

924 Orletta A./ b. July iS. 1X49; m. Orville Potter. 

925 Mary A., b. July 20. 1853; m. Morris Mcrriman. 
George N., b. Verona. 1855; d. Verona, uuin. 
Irving, b. Verona, 1858; num. 

402. David 7 Babcock, son of David and Fanny (Tifft) 
Babcock (Nathan, Samuel, James, John. James), b. 

Westerly. R. I.. Sept. 21, 1S09; d. Mason City, la.; m. Maria 
York. d. California. 
Children : 

925a William," b. Oct. 2. 1843; m. Emma Ingraham. 
Frank; Candacc ; Sarah; Fannie. 

403. John 7 Babcock, son of David and Fanny (Tifft) Bab- 
cock (Nathan, Samuel. James. John, fames), b. Lot- 
tery Village, near Westerly. R. I., Dec. 16, 1810; d. Leonards- 
ville. N. Y., Oct.. 1804; m. (1) Leonardsville, Mar. i. 1841, 
Sarah M.. dan. of Reynolds and Sarah (Clark) Greenman, b. 
Edmcston, N. Y.. Dec. 19. 181S. d. Leonardsville. Dec. 12, 
1877; m. (2) Lorett Coon. 

Child : 

926 Henry Dwight," b. June 24, 1845; m. Nancy Brown. 

404. Ciiarlotti: 7 Babcock. dan. of Paul and Charlotte 
(Crandall) Babcock (Samuel. Samuel, Tames. John, 

James), b. Westerly, R. L. Sept. 15. 1781 ; d. Brookfield, 
N. Y., Feb. 22. 1844; m. Sept. 17. tSo % ;, Westerly, Augustus, 

son of Augustus and Thankful (Saunders) Crandall, b. ; 

d. Oct. o. 1847. Brookfield. 
Children, b. Brookfield: 

Welcome, b. Mar. 28. 1811; d. Walworth, Wis., Feb., 1889; m. 
Aug. 26, 1830, Emily Douse. 

••// -^ ■•■..• 


1802-1886. Page 196. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 207 

Damarius, b. ; m. Gardner Cnnn. 

Jarcd, I). Nov. 4. [814; d. Brookficld, Apr. 5, 1893; m. d> Alzina, 

clan, of Josiali Mason; m. (2) Corey. Two children by 

each wife. 
Jerry, l>. Nov. 4, 1814; 111. (i) Tolly Palmer, (1. Oct. JO, 1855 ; m. 

(2) 689 Vermeda Babcock. 

Fidelia, b. ; in. July 10, 1836, John Br< \\n. 

Phebe, 1>. ; 111. Feb. 4. 1K40, Silas Burdick, of W. Genesee. 

Cyntliia, b. ; m. Charles Coon. 

405. Damarius 1 Babcock, dan. of Paul and Charlotte 
(Crandall) Babcock (Samuel, Samuel, James, John, 
I James), b. Westerly, R. 1., (Xt. 14, 17X3; d. Brookfiekl, X. V., 

Sept. 30. [869; m. Westerly, Dec. _'_», 1X03, Nathan, son of 
Henry and Mary ( Irish) Burch, b. Stonington, Conn., fan. in, 
1781, d. Brookfiekl, June 16, 1858. 

In the winter of ] 805-0 they moved from Stonington, Conn., 
on an ox-sled to Brookfiekl; X. V., where their live children 

Iwho lived to adult lite were all horn, married, and died. 
While living in Connecticut the wife observed the seventh 
day and the husband the first day of the week as the Sabbath. 
The first week after reaching their new home the husband 

I observed his wife knitting on her Sabbath. In response to 

questions from her husband she said that she had decided to 
leave her Sabbath and observe his. He replied, 'Tut up your 
work, and we will both observe your Sabbath," which they 
continued to do the remainder of their lives, as did also 
I their children and grandchildren. 


Damarius, b. Apr. 13, 1805; d. May 7. 1805. 
I Nathan, b. May 23. 1806: d. Nov. 8. 1849; m. d) Jan. 24. 1832, 

Temperance, dau. of Jabish and Abigail (Babcock) Brown, b. 

Dec. 3. 181 1. el. Brookfiekl. N. Y.. Sept. =;. 184 1 ; m. (2) her sis- 

ter, Lois, 1). Mar. 12, 1801. <I. BrookfieKl. X. Y.. Feb. 12, [854. 
I Paul, b. Sept. 15. 180.8; (1. An?. 28, 1800; in. Jan 13, 1835, Cynthia. 

dau. of Judge Elisha and Betsy (Brown) Randall, d. Nov io 

Charlotte, b. Mar. 23. 1812; d. Apr. 18. 1842; m. Oct. 24, 1833. 

Dewitt, son of Samuel II. and Olive (Brown) Coon, d. June \o 
) 1895. 

John Henry, h. June 3. 1815: d. Apr. 2.^. 1000: m. Nov. 17. i8}6. 

Phebe. dau. of David and Susannah (Brown) Hinckley, h Fulv 

31. »88s. ' 

v Mary Burch. b. June 10. 1810: d. Sept. 24. 1858; m. Dec. 30. 1841. 

Silas, son of William and Hannah (Clarke) YVhitford, h. 1810! 

d. Jan. 30. 1892. 


I 406. Mary 1 Babcock, dan. of Paul and Charlotte (Cran- 

dall) Babcock (Samuel. Samuel. Tames, John, Tames). 
b. May 2. 1787; d. Feb. 8, 1880; m. Sept. 17, 1803, Kenyonj 

208 The Babcock Genealogy. 

son of Augustus and Thankful (Saunders) Crandall. They 
settled in Brookfield, X. V. 
Children : 

Jared B., 1). July 22, iSii. 

Enoch, 1). June _7. 1813 ; m. Jan. 30. 1834, Parmclia Williams. 
Mary Ann, l>. Sept. _•, 1815; in. June 1. 1835, Koswell I'. Douse. 
Naury i'».. I). Apr. 8, 1818; in. May 10. 1839, Herman Hull. 
William Henry, l>. July -'7, 1N20; in. Nov. 10, 1842, Anna Brand, d. 

June 12, \X')J. 
Charlotta 1'.., 1>. Aug. 17, 1822; d. Sept. 19. 1842. 

Thankful. I». . 

Alniira Jane. 1>. Feb. 6. 1827; 111. Feb. 13, 1845, Roswell Brand, d. 

July 4, 1867. 
Martin Louis, 1). May 20, 1829; d. . 

407. Paul 7 Babcock, son of Paul and Charlotte (Crandall) 
Babcock (Samuel, Samuel. James, John, James), b. 

June 3, 1791 ; d. Sept. 19. [872; m. Sept. 5. 181 1, Amy, dan. 
of Job Clark, of Hopkinton. 

He owned and occupied a farm near Lottery Village, West- 
erly, and was Justice of Peace [819, '21, '35, and '48. "He 
was Ensign in Hopkinton Militia in 1813, Lieutenant in 18 14. 
Captain 1810-17." (Smith.) 

Children : 

Mary A., b. May 21, 1812; d. June 24, 1861 ; m. Sept. 22, 1842. 

Benjamin Champlain. 
Charlotte, 1). May 30, 1816: m. 843 Rev. J. R. Iri>h. 
Taul Clark, b. Aug. 22, 1828; d. young. 

408. Jared 7 Babcock. Jr., son of Jared and Martha (Lewis) 
Babcock (Samuel, Samuel. James. John, James), b. 

Aug. 8, 1792; d. Charlestown. R. 1.. Jan. 1. 18J7; m. Hopkin- 
ton, R. 1.. Mar. 6, 18 17. Lois, dan. of Elias and Elizabeth 
(Browning) Lewis, b. Hopkinton, Mar. 2j, 1793, d. Ashaway. 
Feb. 18. 1852. 
Children : 

927 Samuel F.." b. Mar. 7, 1818; m. Susan M. Berry. 

928 Welcome B.. b. Nov. 22. 1810; m. Ma,ry Rogers. 

929 Daniel L.. b. June 10, 1822; m. Martha Champlin. 

930 Elias L., b. Dec. 8, 1824; m. Martha J. Chipman. 

409. Stanton Prentice" Babcock, son of John Prentice 

and Anna (Gavitt) Balxrock (Isaac. Daniel, James. 
John, James), b. Westerly, R. 1.. Dec. 15, 1778; d. Salina, 
X. V.. Apr. 7. 1856; in. Lucy Crary, b. June 15, 1770. d. [864. 
Stanton l.abcock settled on a farm in the town of Groton, 
Conn., on the turnpike, six miles east of Xew London. Conn., 
where his children were born. He tended a gristmill. He was 





M>M — w - ■ . ... . 


Page 201. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 209 

a deacon in a Baptist Chinch. He removed to Salina, \. Y., 
about [844. 
Children : 

931 John Prentice," 1>. May 24, 1802; in. (1) Miss Avers; m. (2) Aim 


Lucy Ann, l>. Nov. 2, 1803; in. Pel eg Pendleton; lived mar Nor- 
wich, N. Y. Had a large family of children; one of her sons. 
Isaac, was Attorney at Law and was one time Mayor of Sioux 
City, la. 

Frances, b. Dec. 21. [805; m. Daniel Morgan. No children. 

932 Mary, h. Die. 5. 1X07; m. Ilndlin Fish. 

933 Ahhy Eliza, h. Apr. 22, 1X17: m. Abel Hinckley. 
Edwin, b. Nov. 20, 1822. 

410. Isaac 7 Babcock, son of Isaac and Amy (Gavitt) Bab- 
cock (Isaac, Daniel, James, John, James), b. Groton, 

Conn.. Dec, 25, 1789; d. ; m. Lucretia Gardner. They 

settled on a farm, adjoining his mother's farm at Dimock, Pa. 
Children : 

Sally, b. ; d. Apr. 9. 1897, iinm. 

Henry b. ; d. Mar. 17. 1X07. until. 

George, b. ; d. Dimock. Pa. 

Gurdon, b. ; d. Scranton, Pa. 

William, h. ; d. Dimock. Pa. 

Thomas, b. ; d. Dimock, Pa. 

Philander, b. : moved West; killed by a prairie fire. 

Ann; res. 1902, Dimock. Pa.: m. Frank Newton. He d. Dec. 

Charles; res. 1902, Dimock. Pa. 

411. Ezekiel 7 Babcock, son of Isaac and Amy (Gavitt; 
Babcock (Isaac. Daniel. James. John. James), b. Gro- 
ton, Conn.. May 22, 1798; d. Bridgewater, Pa., 1822; m. 
Lydia, dan. of Jonathan Gardner, b. Gales Ferry, Conn., d. 
Bridgewater, Jan. 1, 1891. 

Children, b. at Bridgewater: 

Mary Ann, h. May 5, 1S24; d. Kirksville; m. Bridgewater, John J. 

Gardner, b. Dec. 7. 1825; d. Binghamton, N. Y., May 17, 1899; m. 
Amanda Carpenter. 

Alyn, h. Sept. 13, 1X27; d. Hawley, Pa.; m. Bridgewater, Chloe 
934 Lucy," b. July 5, 1829; m. Luther Moore. 

Laura, h. July 5, 1X29; res. 1002, Pawling, N. Y. ; m. Montrose. 
S. P. Lon^street. 

Gillson, h. Sept. 5. 1831 : d. . 

Ellen A.. 1). Itvc. iX. 1833; res. jqo2. Binghamton, N. V. 

Eunice, b. June to. 1837; res Pawling N. Y. : m. 1857, Rev. Robert 
Hunt, h. Liberty, N. V. Children: Eugene; Eunice; J. E. ; Pres- 
ton, and Robert. 

Amy. b. June 10. 1837. 

Phehe and Mason, twins; d. . 


210 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Willis E. B., b. Oct. 8, 1839; in. Florila Sweet 

Love, b. June 11, [843; d. . 

Dove, twin to preceding; m. Edwin D^rr, of Binghamton, X. Y. 

412. Francis Mitchell' Babcock, son of Isaac and Amy 
(Gavitt) Babcock (Isaac, Daniel, James, John, James), 

b. Groton, Conn.. Nov. 12, 1799; d. Rockford, III., Feb. 8, 
1873; in. Brooklyn, Pa., Mar. _>, 1825. Paroel, dan. of Zelo- 
phehad Fly, b. Aug. 13. i8o_>, d. Dec, 1886. They settled first 
in Tunkhannock, Pa., then in Dimock, Pa., later in Rockford, 
111., 1856. 
Children : 

Isaac, b. Oct. 12, 1825, Dimock, Pa.; res. 1901, at Brooklyn, Pa. 

Priscilla, b. Tunkhannock, Pa., Apr. 4, 1831; res. i'»oi. Crucll, Vt. ; 
in. (1) Nov. 24, 1857, Joseph I'". Crosby, merchant, Rockford, 111.. 
d. May 11, 1861; no issue; in. (2) June 16, 1N70, Dr. George, son 
of Ephraim and Hannah (Gibbs) Bliss; practiced medicine in 
Poultney more than forty years, d. Apr. io, 1890. No children. 

936 Noyes Eliab," b. Dimock, Pa., Jan. <s, 1833; m. Harriet Crosby. 

937 Amy Elizabeth, b. Jan. 19, 1S35 ; m. George Goodsell. 
Lyman Francis, b. May 24, 1838; m.. Mary Stevens. 

413. Jesse 7 Babcock, son of Rev. Jesse and Hannah 

(Thompson) Babcock (Isaac, Daniel, James, John. 
James), b. Westerly. R. I., Aug. 31. 1806; d. Fulton, X. V.. 
Feb. 12, i860; m. Westerly. 1831, Emeline, dan. of John and 
Bridget (Berry) Thompson, b. Westerly, May 17, 1S09, d. 
Fulton, Nov. 3, 1899. 
Children : 

938 Leeman B.. 8 b. Oct. 30. 1833; m. Harriet Vose. 

939 Courtney F., b. Mar. 9, 1846; m. Cecilia Kennedy. 

414. John C. 7 Babcock, son of William and Penelope Bab- 
cock (William, Daniel. Tames. John, James), b. West- 
erly, R. I., Oct. 14, 1780 ( A. V. R. ). d. Persia, X. Y.. Mar. 12, 
1850,; m. Catherine, dan. of William and Dolly Rheinhardt. 
b. New York State. Nov. 14. 1792. d. New York, May 1, 1838. 

Children: » 

Louisa, b. Jan. 26. 1S14: d. Gowanda. Aug. 21. 1891, unm. 

940 Koanna." b. Apr. 11. 1816; m. Norman H. Allen. 
John R . h. Jan. 27, 1819; d. Persia. June 21, 1868, unm. 

941 Horace, b. Apr. 12, 1825; m. Mary Locke. 

415. Jesse 1 Babcock, son of James and Sarah (Ross) Bab- 
cock (Tames. Daniel, James, John. Tames), b. Westerly, 

R. I., May 20, 1784: d. Westfield. N. Y., Mar. 1. 1808; m. 
Alfred, X. Y., Prudence, dan. of Jesse and Rnbic (Green- 

The Babcock Genealogy. 211 

man), b. Brookfield, N. Y., 1805, d. Mina, X. Y., 

Feb., 1864. 

Children, b. Alfred: 

Sarah, b. ; in. Joseph Babcock. 

Joshua YV.. 1). Sept. 7. iSjs; res. 1902. Wcstfield, N. Y. 

Kuc C, I). ; d. Apr., 1866 or '67, Wcstfield, N. V.; m. New 

York, Dudley McHcnry. 
Emma H.. b. — — ; d. May, 1X07, Westfield, imm. 
William D. C, b. ; d. 1870 uiim. 

416. Joshua 7 Babcock, son of James and Sarah (K<>->) 
Babcock (James, Daniel, James, John, James), b. West- 
erly, R. 1., Mar. "20. 1793; d. Westfield, X. Y., Dec. 8. 1878; 
m.'(i) Betsy Dorman, d. Westfield, X. Y., Dec. 20, 1820; 111. 
(2) Magdalene . 

Children : 

942 Jared Ross," b. Dec. 18, 1820; in. Adelia M. Mann. 
Henry Ross. 

417. Elder Daniel 7 Babcock, son of Daniel and Hannah 

(Burdick) Babcock (James. Daniel, James, John, 
James), b. Westerly. K. 1., Nov. 17. 1780; d. Milton, Wis., 
Oct. 26, 1868; 111. (1) New Berlin, X Y., Jan. 21, 1809. Lois, 
dan. of Clark Potter, b. near Westerly, Mar. [6, 1789, d. 
Johnstown, Wis., Aug. 25. 1846; m. (2) Almond, N. Y., 
May 13, 1847, Deborah, dan. of Jesse and Susanna (Saun- 
ders) Teft. b. Exeter, R. 1.. Aug. 6. 1807. d. Milton, Jan. 27, 
1892. No children by second marriage. 

When a boy he removed with his parents to Brookfield. 
N. Y.. where later he was baptized and united with the S. D. 
B. Church of that town. Soon after his marriage he settled 
in Batavia. X. Y. In 181 5 he removed to Alfred. X. Y. In 
1816 he was ordained a Deacon of the S. D. B. Church, a year 
later licensed to preach, and Sept. 16. 1824. was ordained a 
S. D. B. minister. He preached in Alfred and surrounding 
towns far and near. About 18^0 he removed to Milton. Wis.. 
where he spent the remainder of his life, having no pastoral 
charge after 1838. 

Children, first three born at Batavia. rest at Alfred: 

Lucy, b. Nov. 12. 1800: d. Batavia. Dec. 11. 1800. 

Lucv A.. 1). June 22. 1811: d. Milton. \Vi<.. Sept. 6, 1800: 111. Alfred, 

Mar. 26. 1820. Oran. son of Joshua Vincent, b. Brookfield, Nov. 4, 

1807. d. Milton. Jan. 21. 1893. X" children. 

943 Hannah R.' 1>. Dec. 8. 1813; m. Samuel Hamilton. 
Patty, b. Jan. it. 1817: d. Alfred. Mar. 12. 1817. 

944 Daniel C. b. Apr. 2. 1818; in. Amorilla Collins. 

945 Lois M.. b. June 2, 1S20; in. Stepbcn Maxson. 

212 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Miry, I). Jan.. 1823; (1. Alfred. Jan., 1823. 
940 Tacy A.. I>. Nov. 30, 1823; m. Benjamin Collins. 

Susan P., I). July 10. 1825; <l. Albion. Wis., Apr. uj, 1X47 ; m. 
Johnstown, Wis.. Israel F. Burdick. 

947 Annie G., b. Jan. 2, i82g: in. Christopher Vincent. 
Samuel K., b. June 15, 1831 ; d. Johnstown, Dec. 21, 1841. 

418. James 7 Babcock, son of Daniel and Hannah (Burdick) 
Babcock (James, Daniel, (aims. John, James), b. West- 
erly, K. L, Jan. 16, 1791 ; <1. Unatlilla Forks, X. Y.. Jan. 19, 
1842; m. New York State, Dee. 24, 1811, Esther, dan. of 

Thomas and Hannah (Spicer) Fish, b. ; d. Albion, Wis., 


Martha P., 1). ; d. Oxford. Wis.; m. Silas Tracy. 

James W., b. ; m. Lorcma Oatlcy. Was a Presbyterian minister. 

Hannah S., b. ; d. Scutt, N. V. ; in. Plainficld, N. V., George 

M. Fjisbee. 

948 Thomas E./ b. June 16. 1817; m. (D H. M. Wells; in. (2) Eliza 


949 Hiram W., b. June _m. [8iq: m. Catherine M. Wells. 
050 William Fish, b. Jan. 16. 1824; in. Lydia T. Burdick. 
951 Daniel Lee, b. Jan. 25, 1826; in. Wealthy Burdick. 

Amos Sattcrlec, b. Georgetown, N. Y., Feb. j6, 1828; d. 1900 (?), 

Albion, Wis ; m. (1) Anna : in. (2) Mrs. Brown. 

Albert S., b. 1830; d. San Jose, Cal. ; m. Stella Bunda. 
Esther E., b. Unadilla Forks, N. V. ; m. Daniel Maxson. 

420. James 7 Babcock. son of Henry and Prudence (Gavitt) 
Babcock (James. Daniel. James, John. James), b. Oct. 
16, 1 78 1 ; d. Lenox, Mass.. r866 ( ?) : ni. Mary. dan. of Capt. 
Nugent, who fought in the battle of Bennington, Yt., d. Lenox, 

Children : 

Mary. h. . Westerly. 

953 Henry," b. Westerly. 1S07; m. Jane Xorthrup. 


419. Harry 7 Babcock, son of Henry and Prudence (Gavitt) 
Babcock (James, Daniel. James. John. James), b. July 
22, 1779; d. Westerly. R. I., 1836 (?); m. Fanny, dan. of 
Timothy and Fanny (Thompson) West, b. 1782 (?), d. Dec. 
12, i860. 
Children : 

952 Charles/ b. Apr. _>6. 1812; m. Louisa Brown. 

Ezekiel, b. ; d. Feb. 13, 1843; m. Mary Lee. 

Harriet, b. ; d. young. 

Rhoda, b. : m. Westerly, 184;,. Matthew Barber. I 

Mary. b. Oct. 10. 1818; res. Union St.. Westerly. R. I. 

Martha, b. ; m. Charles Champlin. 

Susan, b. ; in. George Barber. He res. Westerly, R. I. 

Sarah, b. ; m. George Kenyon. He d. Westerly. , 



» *, 



■ ■ 



1 786-1868. 

Page 211. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 213 

Kli/a, 1). ; Lucy; John. 

954 Kliliu, I). Feb. 13, 1815; in. Sarah Know Irs. 

955 James, b. July 21, 1818; m. Martha Rockwood. 
Namy, b. ; in. Rodney Root. Children live in Lenox. Mass. 

421. Asa 7 BABCOCK, son of Henry and Prudence (Gavitt) 
Babcock (James, Daniel, James, John, James), b. West- 
erly, R. J., Apr. 26, [786; (1. Churchville, X. Y., Sept. 4. 
1869; m. Westerly, Sept. 1 2, [813, Mary, <ian. of George and 
Abigail (Hiscox) Gavitt, b. Westerly, Mar. if>, 17.X7, d. 
Churchville, Aug. 21, 1857. 

Children : 

956 Lorenzo D.. s b. Oct. 0. 1814; 111. Lydia Palmer. 

957 George G., b. June X. 1X16; in. Mrs. Jane Northrup Hal. cock. 

958 Abigail, 1>. July 16, 1X1X; in. (1) Daniel Rogers; in. (2) Abram 

Emelinc, b. ; res. 1002, Rochester, Mich.; m. George Webster. 

Julia, 1). ; id. Bradford Tibbie. 

Laura, b. ; m. William North. 

422. Lemuel 7 Vose, son of Lemuel and Delight (Babcock) 

Vosc (Elkanah, Daniel. James, John, James), b. Oct. 9, 

1796; d. ; m. Dec. 29, [825, Mai) A. States, of Stoning- 

ton. Conn. 
Children : 

Lemuel, b. Westerly, Oct. 2. 1X28. 
Eliza S., b. Westerly, Aug. 7, 1832. 

423. Prentice' Babcock, son of Rev. Luke and Desire 
(Frink) Babcock (Elkanah, Daniel, James, John. 

James), b. Pharsaha. X. V. : d. ; m. (1) Thankful, dan. 

of 195 Lodowick and Mary (Davis) Babcock, b. fuly 15, 1805, 
d. Lawson, Mo., 1S97 (?). Thankful I'abcock m. (2) Wil- 
liam Prytne. Had one son, William Pryme, settled in 

Richard, b. . 

424. Desire 7 Babcock. dan. of Rev. Luke and Desire 
(Frink) Babcock (Elkanah, Daniel. James. John. 

James), b. Pharsalia; d. Lincklaen, X. V.; m. Samuel Lord. 

Sherburne Lord; res. 1902, Little York. X. Y. 

425. Capt. P.\r 1. Randall' Babcock, son of Rev. Luke and 
Desire (Frink) Babcock (Elkanah, Daniel. James. John, 


214 The Babcock Genealogy. 

James), 1). Pharsalia, X. Y., [805; d. Pharsalia; m. Adelaide 
Wallace, 1>. Preston, Conn., Sept. 13, 1811. He was a fanner 
and a Captain of Militia. She m. (2) Charles Clarke (the 
father-in-law of her son Francis). She <1. Eiornellsville, 
N. Y., Oct. 29, 1890. 

959 Francis C." b. Dec. 5. 1831 ; m. Elizabeth Clarke. 

960 Devolson, 1>. Oct. [3, 1833; m. Mary Browning. 
Casper \V. R., 1). C)ct. 6, 1835; d. Sun Prairie, Wis.; m. Sun Prairie, 

Sarali Joins, b. Vermont, d. Sun Prairie. 

961 James N., I>. Feb. 13, iN}-; m. Isabcllc Spaulding. 
Elizabeth S., b. .May 1, 1839; in. Judson, son of Charles Clarke. 

One son. Devolson, and a dan, Mrs. Blyn Nates. 
Benjamin P., b. June 12, 1845; d. young. 

426. NANCY 7 BABCOCK, dan. of Rev. "Luke and Desire 
(Frink) Babcock (Elkanah, Daniel, James, John. 

James), b. Pharsalia, N. Y., Sej)t. 29, 1809; d. Feb. iS. 

1885; m. Sept. 24, 1828, Nathaniel 1'.. Peck, of Armenia, X. Y. 
Children : 

By field; Mary. 

427. Elkanah 7 Hancock, son of Channccy and Prudence 
(Stanton) Babcock (Elkanah, Daniel, James, John. 

James), b. Westerly, R. I., Dec. 1 1, 1804; d. Utica, Wis.. May 
18. i88j - : m. Nancy Maxson, d. Utica, Wis., Oct., 18^0. 

Nathan; Thaddeus; Helen; Orlando; Frances Truman. 

George Perry, b. ; in. Liberty Prairie. Wis.. Rozina Ryan. 

Horace M., b. Apr.. 1840; d. Otonna, Minn.; 111. Utica, Wis., Dora 


Erzula O.. b. ; m. Frank Cottrell. 

Elizabeth Ruth. b. May _'S. 1844; d. Mankato. Minn.; in. Utica, 

Wis.. Alfred Perry. 
Lavina L.. b. ; res. 1902. Lake City. Wash.; m. Alfred Perry. 

962 Harriet," b. Oct. 10, 1848; in. Stephen Hibbard. 

428. Stanton 7 Babcock, son of Channccy and Prudence 
(Stanton) Babcock (Elkanah, Daniel. James. John. 

James), b. Feb. 8. 1812; d. July. 1899; m - Nov. 29. 1849. 
Sarali J., dan. of Thomas and Susan ( Dring) White. 
Children : 

Horace Greeley, b. Oct. 22. 1S50: d. Oct. 28. 1850. 

Samuel Gavin, b. Oct. S. 1851; m. Wc. 25. 1K76. Abhy Green Miller. 

of Niantie. R. I. He is Rector of Christ Church at Hyde Park. 

Walter, b. Sept. 28. 1853; m. (1) Carrie D. Wally. of Xiantic. R I.. 

Aug., 1873, d. Nov. 22. 1875; in. (2) Christine Hoddie. of Attle- 

boro, Mass., Feb. 9, 1877. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 


• Eva, !). July 25, 1S55; (I. F,b.. 1857. 
Horace Greeley, b. Nov. 27. 1858. 

Oscar Scarle, I). Apr. 13. 1861 ; m. Jan. 4. 1883, Mary A. Janice, 
of Scranton, Pa.; res. 1902, Providence, R. I. 

963 George Henry,' b. June n. 1863; in. Minnie G. Clarke. 

Eva Stanton, b. Salem. Mass., June 27, 1866; m. Clarence E. Brown- 
ing, Oct 7, 1891 ; res. 1902, Manhasset, L. I. 

429. Mary' (Polly) Babcock, dau. of Lodowick and Mary 
(Davis) Babcock (Elkanah, Daniel, James, John, 

James), b. Oct. 30, 1803; <1. X. Piiarsalia, X. Y., Sept. 19, 
1895; m. Norwich, X. Y., Abner Tucker, b. Rhode Island, d. 

N. Piiarsalia, Mar. 12, 1876. 

964 Abner," b. Jan. 3, 1831 ; in. Laura Luther. 

430. Benjamin Franklin 7 Babcock, son of Maj. Paul and 
Nancy (Bell) Babcock (Harry, Joshua, James, John, 

James), b. Stonington, Conn.. Feb. 3. 1790; d. July 21, 1829, 
of yellow fever on board the ship Talma on a passage from 
New Orleans to New York; m. Apr. 6. 18 13, Maria, dau. of 
Benjamin and Dorcas Eclls and niece of the Rev. Nathaniel 
Eells, b. Stonington, Sept. 22, 1790, d. New York, Nov. 6, 
1852, at the home of her son. 
Children : 

965 Benjamin Franklin.'' b. June 6. 1814; in. (1) Phebe A. Swan; m. 

(2) Maria A. Bicknell. 

966 Maria E., b. Jan. 21, 1816: in James Dcveril Moore. 

967 Partbenia Pardon, b. Jan. 12. 1S17: m. William R. Babcock. 
Joshua, b. New York. Feb. i8. i8jo: d. Nov. ;n. 1821. 

968 Samuel D., b. May 16, 1822; m. Elizabeth C. Franklin 

969 Charles H.. b. Jan. 3, 1825; m. Cornelia Franklin. 
James Minor, b. Sept. 10. 1826; d. Feb. 26, 1827. 
Infant son, b. and d. at New York, 1828. 

431. Courtland 7 Babcock, son of Maj. Paul and Lucy 
(Bell) Babcock (Harry. Joshua. James. John, fames). 
b. Stonington, Conn., Mar. 25. 1806, d. Brooklyn, X. Y.. Feb. 
10, 1853; m. Philadelphia. Pa.. May 3. 1834. Elizabeth, dau. 
of Charles Cany, b. Philadelphia, Feb. 13, 1812, d. Stoning- 
ton, Apr. 7, 1884. 
Children : 

970 Louise. 1 b. Mav 18, 1835; m. d) Edmund D. Stanton; m. (2) 

William H. TillinRhast. 

971 Georgia, h May 18. 1N37: m. Charles P. Williams, 

972 Courtland G . b. ; m. Mary WoodmfT. 

973 Harry SahnnstaH, b. Nov. 30. 1 S47 : m. Evctena Denisnn. 
Amelia, b. July 23, 1853; d. New York, Jan. 23. 1803, until. 

2i6 The Babcock Genealogy. 

432. • Giles 1 Babcock, son of Maj. Paul and Lucy (Bell) 
Babcock (Harry, Joshua, James, John, James), l». Ston- 
ington, Conn., Jan. 8, 1808; <1. Stonington, Mar. 4, 1862; m. 
Stonington, Oct. 1, 1832, Ann E. Denison, b. Stonington, Aug. 

18, 181. j, (1. Stonington, June 20, 1890. 
Children : 

97.I Anna," b. Nov. 15, 1837; in. Samuel Wood. 

975 Giles, l>. Sept. 3, 1S40; m. Sarali Smith. 

976 Jolm I'.., b. Feb. 7, [843; m. Blaudina Stanton. 

977 Mary D., b. June 5, 1846; in. Ephraim William-. 
Lucy 1UI1, I). Mar. 28, 1849; res. 1902, in Stonington, Conn.; m. 

June II, 18X4, Stiles, son of Stiles Stanton, l<. Dec. 10, 1849, <J. 
Stonington, Feb., 1888; was State Senator, No children. 

978 Nathaniel 1 'aimer, h. Dec. 28, 1851 ; m. Caroline McCinnis. 
Stephen T., b. Sept. 2, 1S54; (1. Nov. 17, 1890, unm. 

433. Abby Eldredge 7 Babcock, dan. of Maj. Paul and Lucy 

(Bell) Babcock (Harry, Joshua, James, John, lames), 
b. Sept. 4. [811 ; (1. 1887 ( ?) ;' m. ( i ) Nov. 13, 1833, Jedediah 
Leeds, of New Orleans; m. (2) Rev. John lie-attic. 
Children by first husband : 

Paul Babcock, b. ; d. in Louisiana; in. Sarah Avery; res. 

1902, at Avery Island, La. No children. 



Child by second husband : 

John B., b. ; d. in Shrcvcnort, La., 1901 (?). 

434. George \Y. 7 Babcock, son of Maj. Paul and Lucy 
(Bell) Babcock (Harry, Joshua, James, John, James). 

b. Oct. 26, 1S13; d. New Orleans, La., Feb. 11, 1874: m. (1) 
New Orleans, Mar. 10. 1842, Louise Boucher; m. (2) New- 
Orleans, Apr. 24, 1855. Adele Catonel, b. July 22, 1825, d. 
Feb. 4. i860; m. (3) New Orleans. Sept. 26, 1861, Maria 
Shute, b. Dec. 28, 1829. Res. 1902, New Orleans. 
Children : 

979 Mary A.,* b. Dec. 0. 1844; m. Charles Leverich. 
Henry Boucher, b. June 28, 1N40; d. Apr. z6, 1N47. 
Eugene, b. Nov. 20. 1847; d. Dec. .?. 1S47. 

Louise Boucher, b. July 24, 1841); res. looj. in New Orleans, unm. 
Locadic, b. July 5. 1851; rev iqo_\ in New Orleans; unm. 
George, b. Dec. 9. 1852; d. July 24. 1853. 

435. Lucy Bell 1 Babcock. dan. of Maj. Paul and Lucy 
(Bell) Babcock (Harry. Joshua. James. John. James), 

b. Mar. 30. 1815; res. 1002. Saybrook, Conn.; m. \)cc 22. 
18^6, Giles F. Ward, b. Oct. 24, 181 2, d. Saybrook, Feb. 2~, 


Page 218. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 217 

* Children: 

Giles, b. Feb. 22, 1845; (I. Virginia, Jan. _>s, 1865, from an accidental 

980 Lucy Bell/ b. Apr. 4, 1.S47; m . Joseph Hayden. 

436. Robert Stanton 7 Babcock, son of Maj. Paul and 
Lucy (Bell) Babcock (Harry, Joshua, James, John, 

James), 1). Stonington, Conn., Feb. 8, [818; d. Kalamazoo, 
Mich., Apr. 20, 1S85; m. Saybrook, Conn.. Sept. n, [850, 
Emily M., dan. of William and Mary T. (Harris) Hall, b. 
New York Citv, Dec. 1, 1831 ; res. 1002 in Washington, 
D. C. 

Children : 

981 Robert Hall," b. July 26. 1851; m. Lizzie Weston. 

982 Courtland, b. Sept. 24, 1855; in. (1) .Mane Sleight; m. (2) Bertha 

Eliza Palmer, l>. May 15, 1857; n^ rgos, at Parker House, Boston, 

Mass.; in. Sept. [I, 1880, at Kalamazoo, Midi., Robert Bruce 
Martin. No children. 

437. Mary Ann 7 Babcock, dau. of Maj. Paul and Lucy 
(Bell) Babcock (Harry, Joshua, James, John, James)', 

b. Apr. 1, [821 : d. Hartford. Conn., Apr. 12. [891 ; m. Sept 

1, 1840, Rev. John Breckenridge, of Kentucky, b. , d. 

1 84 1. 
Child : 

Agatha, b. July 13, 184 1 ; d. Oct. 30, 1882. 

438. Capt. David Sherman 7 Babcock, son of Maj. Paul and 
Lucy (Bell) Babcock (Harry. Joshua, James, John, 

James), b. Stonington, Conn., Aug. 12, 1822: killed by a 
moving car while crossing the railroad at Stonington Borough, 

Conn., on a dark evening, Aug. 24. 1885; m . Brooklyn, X. Y.. 
May 28. 1850. by Rev. Richard Storrs, to Charlotta A., young- 
est dau. of Joseph and Eunice (Chesebrough) Moves, of Ston- 
ington, 1). Apr. 3, 1826; res. 1002. New York Citv. 

Capt. David Babcock at an earjy age manifested a desire for 
a seafaring life, and made his first voyage when sixteen years 
of ap;e. At the age of twenty-five he commanded a ship on a 
voyage to Lima. Tern. TTe made many fast and famous vov- 
ages, and cruised all over the world, engaging more especially 
in China and EurojKan trade. TTe commanded for several 
years the famous clipper ship Young America, in which he 
sailed three times around the world, his wife accompanying 
him. At the breaking oul of the Civil War he was offered a 
position on the staff of Brig.-Gen. Silas Casey, and also the 

2i 8 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Lieutenant-Colonelcy of the Naval Brigade forming in New 

York, but he declined buth offers, believing lie could be of more 
service to bis country in bis original profession than in a new 
and untried one. lie entered the service at the first <>i the 

war and continued to the end. commanding a number of dif- 
ferent ships, including the Illinois, which was fitted up with an 
iron prow and sent to Hampton Roads to watch for the ex- 
pected Merrimac, which never came out but once and then re- 
turned to Norfolk and was blown up by her friends. At one 
time he received a letter of thanks from Admiral Dupont fur 
his exhibition of skill and seamanship. 

In 1879 ne llcl<1 tllc ° ,|1CC °* President of the Pacific Mail 
Steamship Company. At the time of his death he was J 'resi- 
dent of the Stonington and Providence line of steamers, and 
Vice President and General Manager of the New York, Provi- 
dence, and Boston R. R. 

Children : 

983 Ellen Watkins" Babcock, 1>. Feb. i. 1851; in. William R. Brown. 
Lnln, b. Dec. 4. 1853, at Honolulu, Sandwich Islands; d. June 3, 

1854, at Saybrook, Conn. 
Edith, 1). Apr. 25, 1855, at Shanghai, China; d. Oct. 19, 1855, on 

the American ship Young America, in the Indian Ocean. 
David Sherman, h. Sept. 21, 1856, on ship Young America, in harbor 

of Hong Kong, China; res. 1002. in White Plains. N. Y. : num. 

984 Washington Irving. 8 1). Sept. 20. 1858; m. Grace W. Kernochan. 
98s William R., b. Nov. }. i860; m. Jennie Rider. 

986 Philip S.. h. May 31.' 1863; m. Lilly Clark. 
Joseph Moves, b. Stonington, Conn., May 22, 1865; res. 1902, in 

New York ; unm. 

987 Raymond, b. Oct. 18, 1S68; in. Florence Locke. 

439. Frances Ann 7 Bahcock. dan. of Dudley and Ann 
(Wright) Babcock (Harry. Joshua, James. John, 

James), b. Oct. 20. 1709: m. Westerly. R. I., Phineas, son of 
Samuel Stanton, b. Stonington, Conn., Dec. 17, 1795, d. New 
Orleans. La., Mar., 1839. 

Edwin, b. Stonington. Conn.. Mar. 15, [835; res. 1002. Brooklyn, 
N. Y. ; m. July 17, 1862, Emma \Y. Stark, of New Orleans. 

440. Elisabeth Smith 7 Bahcock. dan. of Rev. William 
S. and Elisabetb (Merrill") Babcock (Adam. Joshua, 

James. John, James), b. Barrington, X. IT.. Dec. 0. 181 7; res. 
1903. Dover, X. IT.: m. ( 1 ) Barnstead. X. TT.. Mar. 27. 1836, 
Rev. Samuel Sherberne. son of John and Nancy (F.aton) 
Mathews, b. London, X. IT.. Tan. 7. i8i<">. d. Rochester. X. TT.. 
Sept. 5, 18.17; m. (2) Feb. 23. 1853. Dr. M. C. Lathrop, who 

The Babcock Genealogy. 219 

was a surgeon l\ S. A. in the Civil War and was at one time 
President of a New Hampshire Medical Society. 
Children : 

987a William Smith Babcock," b. May 8. 1837; re^. 1903, at 3638 Lake 
Ave., Chicago, 111.; in. Flora E. Swain. 
John Sherbcrne, 1>. London. X. H., Mar. 21, 1839; d. 1839. 
Martha Ann. b. London, Apr. [8, 1841 ; d. Duct. X. II.. Nov. 5. 
1900; in. Dover. June i. 1870, Dr. Thomas Jefferson, son of Maj! 
Moses and Lydia W. Pray, b. Lebanon, Me., Sept. 2, 1819, d. 
Dover, X. II., Dec. <>. 1888. Dr. Tray was in the Legislature from 
Dover in 1858 ami '59. He was President, 1880, of the New 
Hampshire Medical Society. They had one daughter, Mary Eliza- 
beth, b. Dover, Jan. 17, 1.S73; res. Dover, X. II., with her grand- 

987b Mary Elisabeth, b. Oct. 15, 1843; res. kjoj, Clear Lake, la.; m. 
Willard A. Burnap. 
John Wesky, 1>. Salisbury, Mass., Sept. 19. 1845; d. New Iheria, 
La., Apr. 5, l.Son. He served in the Civil War; was a Lieutenant. 

988 Samuel Sherbcrne, h. June 3, 1847; m. Anna E. Wright. 

441. Abigail 7 Bahcock, dan. of William S. and Elisabeth 
(Merrill) Babcock (Adam. Joshua, James, John, 
James), b. Barrington, X. II., July 6, 1819; d. Brooklyn, 
Oct. \2, 1895: m. Barrington, June 3, 1838, Samuel Blake, b. 
Harrington, Sept. if>, 1814, d. Ipswich, Mass., Jan. 15, 1890. 
Children : 

Dr. Charles Wesley, h. Pittsfield. Feb. 18, 1841 ; res. 1901, Xew- 
buryport, Mass.; m. Ipswich. Mass., Sept. iq. 1864, Hannah Ellen. 
dau. of Capt. P. II. and E. S. (Wise) Condon, h. Ipswich. June 
9. 1846. Fie has one daughter, Gertrude II.. h. Ipswich, Jan. 2, 
1866; res. 1903. Newbnryport. 

Rev. Edwin A., h. Pittsfield, X. II.. July 10. 1847: res. nyi^, at 
57 Rutland St.. Boston, Mass ; m . New Haven. Conn., July 10, 
1873, Amanda H., dau. of I). W. Tinkham. b. Endfield, Mass., 
May 28, 1851. Xo children. He is Pastor of the Tremont Street 
M. E. Church. Boston. 


442. Francis Henry 7 Babcock, sou of Francis and Alice 
(Wyer) Balicock ( Adam. Joshua. James. John, James). 
b. Boston, Mass., Feb. 14. 1811; d. Xew York City, Feb. 7. 
1S62; m. New York City. Dec. 0. 1841, Rebecca, dan. of Ben- 
jamin B. Howell, of Xew York 

He moved with his parents when a small child from Boston 
to Wobnrn, Mass.. thence in 1827 to Rochester. X. Y. In 
iS^o he removed to Xew York City, which continued to he 
his home until his death. He had nine children, eight of whom 
d. in infancy. 


Francis Howell, b. Xew York City, Sept. ■?, 1842; d Elizabeth N T 
Oct. 9, 1S66. ' 

220 The Babcock Genealogy. 

443. William 7 Rabcock, son of Francis and Alice- (Wyer) 
Babcock (Adam, Joshua, James, John, James), b, Bos- 
ton, Mass., Feb. 25, 1820; d. San Francisco, after [882; in. 
New York City, Oct. 15, [850, his second cousin. Kate Ducr, 
dan. of Henry Babcock, d. San Francisco, Aug. 3, 1879. 

When sixteen years of age he entered the Counting Room 
of Messrs. Davis, Brooks & Co., of New York City. From 
1845 to '49 he conducted the business of the company in New 
Orleans, lie removed in [852 to San Francisco, where for 
two years he again conducted the business of Davis, Brooks 
& Co. of Xew York. In [854 he entered the management of 
the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, remaining with that 
company until [862. In 1864 he became President of the 
Spring Valley Water Company of San Francisco, and held 
the office until 1875. When he assumed the presidency (^i that 
company they were delivering to the city of San Francisco 
about five or six hundred thousand gallons per (.lay. Under his 
management the supply was increased to twelve million gal- 
lons per day, with provisions for an uninterrupted supply at 
that rate during long droughts, which are frequent in Cali- 
fornia. In i860 he entered the firm of Alsop & Co., In 1871 
the firm name was changed to Parrot & Co., Mr. P.abcock still 
continuing a partner in the business. 

He was President of the Chamber of Commerce of San 
Francisco for the years 1874, '75. '80, '81. He was a vestry- 
man in the Protestant Episcopal Church of the Trinity in San 
Francisco. In politics he was a Republican. 

Children : 

989 William,* b. New Orleans La., Auer. 12. 1851 ; m. Helena Kimball. 

990 Alice Wycr, 1). Dee. 25, [852; in. Charles Brijjliam. 
Edward Courtland, It. San Francisco, Jan. 30. 1X5'); d. Jan. 31, 1856. 
Harry, b. San Francisco, Oct. 12. 1S57; re-. 1881, San Francisco. 
Kate Ducr, b. San Francisco, Dec. 24. 1859; res. 18S1, San Fran- 

444. Emily Wilson 7 Babcock. dan. of Francis and Alice 

(Wyer) P>al>cock (Adam. Joshua. James. John, James), 
b. Wobttrn, Mass.. Oct. 30, 1821; m. Xew York City. Dec. 3, 
1851. Henry \\\. sou of Benjamin Howell, of Xew York. 

After marriage she removed to Baltimore, Md., hut returned 
to Xew York City in 1861. In 1865 removed to Elizabeth, 
N. ]., where she was living in iSSi. 

Children : 

Francis Rabcock. b. Xew York. Oct. 8. 1852; res. 1881, St. Paul, 


, ; 

. » 




] 1819-1895. Page 219. 

The Babcock Genealogy, 

22 I 

Edward, l>. Baltimore, Md., May 15, 1855; res. 1881, New York 

Henry Wilson, b. Baltimore, June 17, 185'j; res. 1881, in New York 


445. Frederick Adam 7 Babcock, son of Francis and Alice 

(Wyer) Balicock ('Adam, Joshua. James, John, James), 

1). Woblirn, M;iss.. July 5, [825; res. r88l, Elizabeth, X. ].; 

m. New York, Jan. 17, 1849, Caroline, dan. of Edward Riddle. 

Children : 

Eliza, 1). Brooklyn, \ T . Y.. 1850; d young. 
George EI., I). Brooklyn, [tine, 185— ( ?), 
Edward B.. h. Brooklyn. 185.4 I ?). 
Frederick, 1>. Harlem, X. Y.. 1856. 
Caroline, b. Elizabeth, X. J., 1858. 
Eleanor, b. Elizabeth, i860. 


446. Robert Fulton 7 Babcock, son of Jarcd Star and 
Diedama (Douglas) Babcock (Robert, Jonathan, 
James, John, James), 1). Stephentown, X. Y., May 30. 18.22; 
m. Barry, 111.. Jan. 15. [849, Mary Sapronia, dan. of Daniel 
and Mary (Siller) Gilman, 1). Newburyport, Mass., Feb. 7, 
1829; res. 1 901, Anderson, Jiul. 
Children : 

Douglas, 1). Pike Comity. III.. Dec. 21, 1840; d. Rock. 111. 

Ella Jane, I). Oct. 17, 1852; d. Kansas, Dec. 20, 1883; in. Milan, III., 
Charles Seward. 

Edith Lois. h. Jan. 3, 1855: d. Pike County. 111.. Mar.. 1855. 

Flora Grace, b. Jan. ,}o. 1857; d. Mar. 4. 1878. Illinois. 

Emile Clymenia, b. May 18, 1859; d. Kansas, Dec. 6. 1878. 

Robert Gilman, b. Oct. 8, [861 : res. 1001. at 1710 Xical Ave, An- 
derson. III.; m. Yates Center, Kin., May. dau. of George and 
Sarah (Grambell) Hadlcy, \>. Illinois. Aug. 19, 1862; res. 1901, 
Anderson. III. 

Mary Diedama. h. Oct. 4. 1863; d. Kansas, Dec. 1806; m. Eugene 
A. Sawyer: he res. IQ0I, Shorey, Kan. 

Clara Frances, b. Apr. 4. 1867: res. 1901, at gi6 5th St.. Anderson, 
III.; m. Greensburg, Kan.. Frank, son of Allen Richwine, b. Per- 
kinsville, Ind.; res. 1901, Anderson, 111. 

Daniel Jared, b. Nov. 14, 1868; d. Colorado, Oct. J4, 1890. 

447. Lois Douglas 7 Babcock, dan. of fared Star ami Die- 
dama (Douglas) Balx'ock (Robert. Jonathan. James. 
John, James), h. Stephentown. N. Y., May 4. 1824: res. 1001. 
122 Ashland Boulevard. Chicasro. ill.; m. Pittsfield, 111.. Oct.. 
1848. Jahiel, son of Norman Parkcs, b. Athens. O., Aug. 2, 
1826, d. Lebanon, 111.. Apr. 20, 1856. 
Children, d. voting: 

Tcressa E. ; Mary; Robert J.: Anna D. 

222 The Babcock Genealogy. 

448. "Nicholas Hazzard 7 BABCOCK, son of Nicholas Haz- 
zard and Martha (Hamlin) Babcock (Robert, Jona- 
than, fames, John, James), b. New York City, Nov. 18, 1832, 
d. New York City, July 30, 1896; m. New York City, Mar. 13, 
1867. Mary Frances, dau. of Pierre M. and Lucy (Canfield) 
Ottignon, b. New York City, July 4, 1843; res. 1902, 1982 
Webster Ave., New York City. 
Children, b. New Yurk City : 

Edward Whitiman, b. Jan. 6. [868; d. Aug. -'• 1868. 

Francis Nicholas b. Mar. 6, 1869; res. 1902, at 1982 Webster Ave, 

New York City. 
Edward Whitiman, b. Jan. (>, 1X71 ; res. 190-', at VVCDSter Ave, 

New York City. 
Frederick Stanton, b. Mar. 2, 1X73; res. 1902, at Webster Ave., New 

York City. 
Arthur C, b. Jan 3, 1X75; d. Dec. 4. 1X80. 
Nicholas Hazzard, b. Mar. 2, 1S7X; res. 1002, at 19R2 Webster Ave., 

New York City. 
Walter, b. May iX. 1880; d. Aug. 28. 1881. 
Albert P., b. Aug. 20, 18X2; res. 10O-', at 19X2 Webster Ave., New 

York Cit y- o *», u 

Mary F.. b. Aug. 10, 18X7; res. 1902, at 1982 Webster Ave., New 
York City. 

449. Jared Star 7 Babcock, son of Nicholas Hazzard and 
Martha (Hamlin) Babcock ( Robert. Jonathan. James, 

John, James), b. Newark, N. J., May 2. 1838; res. 1902. at 
208} Fifth Ave.. New York City: m. New York City, Nov. 
6, 1867, Mary. dan. of John and Mary Scott (Peck) Lowrey, 
b. New' York' City, Feb.' 14. 1841 ; res. 1902, New York City. 
Children, all b. New York City : 

Mary Lowrey, b. Aug. 19, 1868: res. 1002. New York City: unm. 
Frederick Stanton, b. Jan. X. 1X71 ; d. June 27, 1X71, in New York 

Mabel, b. July 1, 1X72: d. May 18. 18X8. at New York. 
Harry Vandeburgh, b. Nov. 1, 1874; res. New York City. 

450. Ichabod 7 Babcock. son of Tchabod and Dorcas 
(Hoxie) Babcock (Ichabod, . Ichabod, John, John. 

James), b. Gales Ferry, Conn.. June 22. 1785; d. Andover, 
N. Y., May 26, 1865; m. Leonardsville, N. Y.. Oct. 22. 1816. 
Sarah, dait. of Stephen and Susannah (Totter) Clarke, b. 
Leonardsville. Feb. 2, 1796. d. Andover. N. Y.. May 4. 1871. 

Ichabod Babcock was in the War of 181 2. and received a 
land warrant of one hundred and sixty acres in the West. 

Children : 

Sarah M.. b. Oct. 22. 181 7; d. Sackets Harbor, Oct., 1880; in. 


Nelson Clarke. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 223 

991 Amanda M." b. Feb. 10, iX\<>, m. (1) Matthew Stillman; m. (2) 
George Ruscl>ush. 

992 Gideon Hoxie, I). Nov. 18, 1822; m Lydia Campbell. 
Alanson Clarke, 1>. Aug. 24, 1826; res. 1902, Little Genesee, N'. Y. 

993 Caroline Dorcas, b. July 28, 1834; m. (1) James Young; m. (2) 
Asa Maxson. 

451. Joshua 7 Babcock, son of Joseph and Sarah (Babcock) 
Babcock (Ichabod, [cha1x)d, fohn, John, lames), b. 

Westerly, K. [., Oct. 14, 1783; d. S. New Berlin, X. V., Aug. 
18, 1828; 111. Mar. 17, 1808, Clarissa, dau. of Archibald and 
Susanna (Maxson) Crandall, b. Hopkinton, R. I., Dec. 2, 
1788, d. Nov. 28, [864. 
Children : 

Albert, b. Apr. 2, 1S00; d. young. 
Mary, b. Dec. 30, i8jo; d. young. 

994 Adaline S., s Ik Feb. 5. 1812; in. Dec. 31, 1839. Frederick Phelps. 
095 Albert F., 1). Jan. 22. 1X14; in. Dee. 23. 1832, Ann Alinira Crandall. 

996 William Deloss, b. Oct. 26, 1X17; in. Cornelia Rockwell. 
Susan, b. June 12, 1819; d. Mar. 3, 1838. 
Harriet, b. June 5. 1X21; d. July 1. 1862; m. 1839, Nelson Crandall. 

son of Lodowick and Susan (Crippen) Crandall. d. Sept. 28, 1870. 

997 Mary L., b. Apr. 2, 1826; m. German Potter. 

452. Sarah 7 Babcock, dau. of Joseph and Sarah (Babcock) 
Babcock (Ichabod, Ichabod, John, John, James), b. May 

3, 1785; d. Dec. 3, 183 1 ; m. 1808, Russel Dewey, of Hancock, 

Children : 

Sarah, m. Clarke; Jerusha ; Hannah, m. Ferguson; Jo- 
seph ; John. 

A 453. Eunice 7 Babcock, dau. of Joseph and Sarah ( Bab- 

j cock) Babcock (Ichabod. Ichabod, fohn, fohn, fames), 

j b. Westerly. R. I.. July 16, 1786: d. Sheffield. Mass.. July 11. 

1869: m. Westerly, May 25. 1808 (?), Thomas, son of Peleg 
and Isabel (Sherman) Barber, b. Hopkinton, R. I., Oct. 24. 
1 J/83, d. Granville, Mass.. Dec. n. 1840. 

Children, all but the last b. Westerly: 

99R Thomas." b. June 4. 1809; m. Sarah Stanton. 
999 Sarah, b. Nov. 17. 1810: m. B. N. Burch. 

Phcbe. b. Apr. 27. 1X12; d. Salisbury, Conn.. Jan. 6. 1870; m. Mar- 
tin Decker. 

Joseph, b. Jan. to. 1X14: d. Inn 27. 1880; in. Ann Drake. 

Eunice, b. Oct. if>. 1819; d. Dec 20. 1 s_j t . num. 

1000 William D.. b. Apr. 27. |Nji ; ni. Helen Taft. 
Caroline, b. Mar. 28. 1823; d. Ore Hill. Conn., Feb. 2T. i8f»T. unm. 

1001 Silvan, b. Salisbury. Conn.. July 4. 182(1; m. Thomas Peckham. 

224 The Babcock Genealogy. 

454.- Joseph Stanton 7 Babcock, son of Joseph and Sarah 
.(Babcock) Babcock (Ichabod, Ichabod, John, John, 
James), 1). W'cstcrl), R. I., June 3, 179-'; d. Cannonville, 
N. V., Feb. 5, 1855; m. Cannonville, .May ro, [827, Abbj*, 
dan. of John and Olive QKillburn) Owens. When young 
Joseph lived for a time with his maternal uncle, Christopher 
Babcock, at Coeymans, X. Y. 
Children, b. at Cannonville: 

John Henry, 1). Oct. 2. 1K29; killed on the Corning & Blossburg 
Railroad, Jan. 9, 1868; m. Corning. X. Y.. May 15. 1865. Marj 
A. Hallenbcck. He served through the Civil War in the 36th 
Regiment, N. Y. Infantry, and when disciiargcd from the army 
settled in Corning, N. V. No children. 

1002 Helen Adclia," 1). May 22. 1831 ; m. Ezra YV. Gillette. 

1003 Joseph Alonzo, b. Mar. o, 1833; in. Elizabeth M. Burdick. 
Sarali Amelia, b. Feb. 23, 1835; d. Oct. 1. 1836. 

1004 Sarah Amelia, b. Nov. 20, [837; in. Shepard C. Smith. 

1005 Olive Cclcstia, b. Nov. 8, 1845; m. Whiting G. Pomeroy. 

455. Jabez Wight 7 Babcock, son of Lbclowick and Lydia 

(Wight) Babcock (Ichabod, Ichahod, John, John. 
James), b. Lebanon Springs, X. Y., Sept. n. 1795; d. Leb- 
anon Springs, Aug. 1, 1869; m. Rebecca, dan. of Joel and 
Rebecca (Hart) Cook. b. Wallingford, Conn.. Apr. 5, 179S, 
d. Lebanon Springs, Sept. 20, [846. 

Jabez W. served his town as Supervisor and Town Clerk. 
He was in the War of 18 12. 

Children, b. at Lebanon Springs: 

Jabez Cook, b. June 17. 1821 ; d. Lebanon Springs. Jan. 24. 1847; m. 

Lebanon Springs, Mar. 24. 18(4. Lavim Jinks. No children, 
loof) Harriet Rebecca." b. Feb. 26, [824: m. Edmund Harrison. 
1007 William H., b. July 1. 1S26: m. Penelope Andrews. 

George Frederick, b. Sept. 14. 1829: res. rgoi. New York City; m. 

Pittsfield. Ma^.. Oct. 17. 1863. Helen Rogers. 
Lucy Maria. I). Apr. 11. 1832: res. rgoi, at 124 K. Housatonic St.. 

Pittsfield. Mass.; m. Lebanon Springs. Oct. 20. 1851. Henry, son 

of Nathan and Sophia (Berelette) Richardson, m. Belchertown. 

Mass.. Jan. 25, 1826: res. 1901, Pittsfield. Mass. 
Emma. b. July 20. 1837: res. 1901, 30 W. Clifford St.. Providence. 

R. I. 
Anna, twin to Emma: res. 1901. 124' E. Housatonic St.. Pittsfield. 
Kitty M.. h. Lebanon Springs, N. Y.. Nov. 10. 1S40: res. ioor. at 

242 Baltic St.. Brooklyn. N. Y. ; m. New York City. Apr. 10. 1802. 

John S. Ferris, b. Scotland. Apr. 21. 1837; res.' Brooklyn. No 


456. Emily 7 Babcock, dan. of Lodowick and Lydia 
(Wight) Babcock (Ichalxxl. Ichalxxl, John. John. 

James). 1). Lebanon Springs, X". Y.. Dec. 22. 1707: d. : 

m. New Lebanon, X. V., May 2y, 18 jo. Rev. Gardner Hayden. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 



George L., I). Egrcmont, Mass., Nov. 22, [823; m, Feb 

Mary J. SI iter. 

Mary Emily, l>. Egrcmont, Mass., Aug. 6, 1827; m. Peter Wctscl, 
Lydia, b. Oct. 24, 1829; m. Feb. 24, 1848, Charles Baker. 

Helen I.., I>. June 20, 1^.54. 

Edwin \V., 1). Dee. _m, lS.i.s; ni. Cornelia Bryan. 

Thomas Alfred, b. Brunswick, June 16, 1840. 


Lodowick Stanton' Babcock, son of Lodowick and 

Lydia (Wight) Babcock (Ichabod, [chalxxl, John, John, 

James), 1). Lebanon Springs, X. V., Nov. 18, 1799; d. Sept. 

19, 1858; m. (1 ) Mary Babcock, d. Sept.. 1822; in. (2) May 

5, 1828, Sarah R. Perry. 


Mary, h. ; m. James Hotchcss, of Plainficld, X. J. 

458. Lydia Esther 7 Babcock, dan. of Lodowick and Lydia 

(Wight) Babcock (lchabocf; Ichaftod, John, John, 

James), b. Lebanon Springs, X. Y., Apr. 2~ [816; res. 1900, 
205 Lawrence St., Flushing, L. I.; m. Nov. 9, 1835, Alfred 
M., son of Col. Josiah and Susan (Carlton) Wilder, b. Rindge, 
N. II., Apr. 17, 1804. 

June 25, 1900, the author of this book called on Mrs. 
Wilder, and though she was eighty-four years of age her mind 
was clear and memory good. 

Children : 

Emma C. 1). Brunswick. N. Y.. Oct. 8. 1836; d. June 11. 1837. 

Emma C. 1>. Brooklyn, X. Y.. Aug. 18. [838; res. iqoo. at 205 Lau- 
rence St.. Flushing, L. I.: m. Brooklyn. Oct. 26. 1859, Thomas 
L. Bonscll, of Portage Fort. Canada. (1. New York City, Feb, 22. 
1890. They had six children. 

Ella H.. !». Brooklyn. X. V.. Dec. 6, 1S40. 

Alfred M., 1). Brooklyn. X. Y.. May 19. 1S44; ni. Jersey City. June 
10, 1886, Anna G. Addis. He is a merchant in New York City. 

459. Rhoda 7 Babcock, dan. of Joseph, Jr., and Keturah 
(Gavitt) Babcock (Josei)h. IchalxKl, John, John, 

James), b. Westerly. R. L. July 25, 1820: res. i9or. Provi- 
dence, R. I.: m. Jan. 28. 1845, Dr. L. A. Talnicr. of X. Ston- 
ington, d. Westerly. Aug. 1. 1878. They had seven children; 
four of the seven d. prior to 1880. 
Children : 

Fred M.D., b. 

Frank G., b. 

d. 1000: Harriet, d. toot. 
res. loot. Providence. R. I. 

460. Jon\ C. 7 Baijcock. son of John and Damarius CCrau- 
dall) Babcock (Joseph. Tchabod. John, John, James), 

226 The Babcock Genealogy. 

b. Westerly, R. J., Feb. [8, 1796; d. Toledo, C). ; m. Achsah 

John C. went with his family to Toledo, ()., and helped to 
lay out the city, and died there. His father, John Babcock, 
went to Ohio and brought the widow and children home with 
him and cared for them until the children reached adult life. 

Children : 

1007a William P.," b. Sept. 15. 1825; ni. Elizabeth Poe. 
1008 John, I). Mar. 25, 1832; m. Elizabeth Doughty. 
iooy Noyes, I). Apr. 11. 1834; ni. Mary A. Burrcll. 
Jane, I). — ; 111. Morrison; Ma rah. 

461. Hannah' Babcock, dan. of John and Damarius (Cran- 

clall) Babcock (Joseph, Ichabod. John, John, James), 
b. Stonington, Conn., Apr. 23, [798; d. Villanova, X. V.. May 
23, 1866; m. Madison County. X. Y., Feb. 20. 1823, Hosea, 
son of Luther Drown, b. Brookfiekl, X. Y., Apr. 7, 1798, d. 
Villanova, Aug'. 5, 1872. 
Children : 

Ira, 1). Dec. 8, 1823. 

Franklin L.. b. Mar. 17, 1827; d. 

Esther, 1). Apr. 30, i8_»<). 

George A., I). Aug- I, 1 831. 

Rebecca, b. Nov. 4. 1833. 

Eliza W.. b. Aug. 22. 1836. 

Milo and Merton I... twins, b. May 17. 1839. 

Hosea J., b. Aug. 6, 1841. 

462. Eliza 7 Babcock, dau. of John and Damarius (Cran- 
cln.ll ) Babcock (Joseph. Ichabod, John, John, James), 

b. ; m. Hosea Whitford. 


Eliza, b. ; m. Clark Whitford. No children. 

463. Oliver Ciiasi: 7 Babcock. son of John and Damarius 
(Crandall) Babcock (Joseph, Ichabod, John. John. 
James), b. Brookfiekl, X. V.. June S. 1807; d. Persia, X. V.. 
Dec. 22, 1886: m. Brookfield, Nov. 10. 1827. Emma. dau. of 
Joseph and Persis (Cotton) Langworthv, b. Bridgewater, 
N. Y.. Jan. 18. 1800, d. Persia. May 30. 1892. Moved in 1828 
from Brookfield to Persia with oxen and sled, being fourteen 
days on the road. Tie was a Deacon in the S. D. B. Church 
from t8^o to 1854. 

Children. 1». Persia, X. V.: 

fioio Marion Francis," b. Dec. 8. i8_>8: m. Avilda Babcock. * 

Damarius. b. July 22. 1830; d. Persia. July 23. 1848, unin. 


Page 227. 

77((' Babcock Genealogy, 


ion Henry, b. June i, 1832; m. Dora Bristol. 

iou Ainu r 1.., I). Dec. 11. 1833; m. ( >i -a Rich. 

1013 Albert A., I>. Apr. i<». 1835; in. Rosalthc Randall. 

1014 Cyrus, 1). Mar. 31, 1837; m. Emma Saw 

Achsah, b. A ]»r. 5. 1841; m. Milton M. Bnrnliam, at E. Jordan, 
Midi.. JmI> >). 1884; res. 1002, I-'.. Jordan, Midi. No children. 

1015 Julia, I). Feb. -7, '843; m. Milton M. liuruhatn. 
ioi() Calista Ellen, b. Jan. 25, 1845; m. John S. Philbrick. 

1017 George C, 1). May 27, 1848; in. (ij Emma Snyder; m. (2) Olive 


464. Rev. George (..'." Babcock, sou of John and Damarius 
(Crandall) Babcock (Joseph. Ichabod, John, John. 

James), b. Brookfickl, X. Y., June [O, 1810; d. North Lonp, 
Neb., July 14. 1818; in. Brookfield, Apr., 1834, Almira Ruth, 
dan. <»f Amos Brown, 1). Brookfield, Sept. 26, 1812, d. Brook- 
field, Mo., Mar. 5. 1869. 

Rev. George C. Babcock was ordained to the S. ]). B. min- 
istry at Berlin, Wis., Sept. 28, 1855, uas pastor of tin: church 
at Dakota and Berlin, Wis., also of the Brookfield, Mo., 
church; was a good Bible scholar and a ^uud historian for his 

Children : 

1018 Rev. Oscar. s b. Mar. 15, 1835; 111. (1) June 1. l.^S. Metta Bristol ; 

m. (2) Hattic Payne: in. (3) Mrs. Adaline J. Preston. 

1019 Delia, b. Jan. 0. 1838; 111. Henry Chase. 

1019a Heman A., b. May 10. 1H42: res. 1902. Lincoln, Neb.; m. Rctta 
Bristol. He is a lawyer and General Agent of the Equitable Lite 
Insurance Company for Iowa. 

465. NANCY 7 Babcock, dan. of Daniel and Nancy (Bab- 
cock) Babcock (Joseph, Ichabod, John. John, James), 

b. Westerly, Nov. 29, 1803; d. Avondale, R. I., Aug. 31, 1S91 ; 
m. Sept. 3, 1826, John P. Hall. 
Children, b. in Westerly : 

Eunice A., b. Apr. 23, 1828; res. 1902, Rochester, N. Y. ; m. Albert 

John p.. b. Oct. ,v 1829: res. 1002. Westerly. R I.: 111. Mary Gavitt. 
Maria P., b. Apr. 14. 1832; res. 1902, Westerly, R. I.; m. George 

Daniel C, 1). Sept. 10, 1840; res. 1902, Westerly, R. I.; m. Nancy 

Lyman P., b. ; res. 1902, Springfield. Mass.; m. Lucy Dickens. 

466. Oliver 7 Babcock, son of Daniel and Nancy CP>abenck) 
Babcock (Joseph, Ichabod, John, John, James), b. West- 
erly, June 26, iNit: d. Westerly, R. I.. Oct. 22, [900; m. 

Mar.. 18^7. Martha, dan. of Tristam and Hannah (Ross) 
Dickens, b. Sept. 9. 18 17. d. Avondale, R. T.. Mar. io. 1888. 
Oliver Babcock was for many years Captain of a whale ship 

--- - 

228 77k? Babcock Genealogy. 

which sailed from Stonington, Conn. He was a man hi; 
respected by all who knew him. 

1020 Tristani I'..' b. Dec. 10, 1K42; m. Qiarlottc Irish. 
Nancy, b. Sept. 20, 1852, Avondale; res. 1902, EL Greenwich, K. J.; 

m. Westerly, Aug. -<>■ 1884, }>An\ Tourjce, b. X. King-tun, Feb. 27, 
1848. No children. 

1021 James Oliver, b. Dec. 5, 1859; in. Louise Austin. 
Daniel Courtland, b. Aug. 14 1863: res. 1902, Avondale, R. I.; m. 

Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec. 10, 1896, Margaret Slillmau Burke, b. 
Brooklyn, Mar. (>, 1868; res. igo2, Avondale. No children. 

4G7. Ezra 7 Babcock, son of Daniel and Nancy (Babcock) 
Babcock (Joseph, Ichahod. John. John, James), 1>. Jan. 
16, 1816; d. Westerly. R. 1.. Dec. 31, 1898; m. (1) Lucy, 
clan, of James and Mary Babcock, of Coventry, Conn., b. Oct. 
7. 1822, d. Nov. 4, 1845; m. (2) Stonington, Conn.. Dec 12, 
1855. Eunice I 7 .., dan. of Frederick and Lucy (Burdick) Palm- 
er, h. Stonington, Aug. 9, 1833; res. 1902, Westerly. 
Children : 

1022 Frederick," b. Jan. 27. 1858; in. A. Elizabeth Chapman. 
Hannah, b. Stonington, Auk. 24, i8(>o. 

1023 Charlotte, b. June 20, 1865; in. Austin H. Keyes. 

468. James Rhodes 7 Babcock, son of James and Hannah 

(Rhodes) Babcock (Joseph, Ichahod. T<»hn. John, 
James), b. Westerly. R. I.. An- 16, 1804: d. Pekin, 111..' Dec. 
29, 1863; m. Dec. 27, 1829, Amelia J. Barnum, of Trnmans- 
burg, N. Y. 

He settled first at Freemont. Ilk. about 1837, later removed 
to Pekin, 111. Tie held the office of County Treasurer for six- 
teen successive years. 

Children : 

Joseph P. ; d. young : James. 

1024 George," b. Mar. 24, 1842; m. Caroline Amesbury. 

469. Thankful 7 Babcock, dan. of Elihtt and Celia (Wil- 
bur) Babcock (Joseph, Ichahod. John. John, Tames). 

b. July 27. 1818; d. Wells Crossing, Hornellsvillc, N. Y.. 
July 7, 187.4: m. Alfred. X. Y.. Aug. ^n. 18:54. Darins Sat- 
terlcc. h. Berlin, X. Y., Mar. 22. 1817.' d. Dansville, X. Y., 
Mar. T2, 1885. 
Children : 

Celia Thankful, b. Hornellsvillc N. V. June 7. 1837; '' Alfred. 
N. Y., Mar. 1. 18^.2: m. HornclIsvi1l«\ May 4. 1854, Chester R. 
Shaw, son of Remington and Tacy (Burdick) Shaw. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 229 

Emma, b. Horncllsvillc. Dec. 16, 1X4?; d. Hornellsville, Oct. 17, 

1025 Julia A , 1). Dec. i.j, 1845; m. Cyrenus I'. Ormsby. 
Amelia A., b. Alfred, Aug. J. lN.iv: res. 1902, Alfred, X. Y. ; m. 

Alfred, Aug. 17, 1867, Isaac II.. son of Hiram and Emily (Porter) 
Burdick, I). Hartsvillc, X. Y.. Dec. 10. 1846; res. 1902, Alfred. 
William, b. Horncllsvillc, Aug. 27. 1N54; res. 1902, Ulysses, Pa.; 
m. Whitesville, Auk 24. 1889, Edna L., dan. of Samuel and Lydia 
(Coff) While. I.. Whitesville. Apr. .}, 1K70. One child, Dean 
Babcock Satterlee, b. May H>, 1902. 

470. Avilda 7 Babcock, dau. of Elihu and Celia (Wilbur) 
Babcock (Joseph, Ichabod, John, John, James), b. Al- 
fred, X. Y, Nov. JO, iSji ; d. May 4, 1884; m. Alfred, \Kc. 

25, 1S39, Robert, son of James and Sally (Morrison) Hemp- 
hill. J Ic was a fanner. 

Children : 

Adrian, b. Hartsvillc, Feb. 5. iS.jr; m. Alfred, X. V., Sept 1, 1850, 

Verona Monroe. 
Silvia, b. Alfred. X. Y.. Oct. 23. 1842: m. Wcllsvillc. X. Y.. Jan. 1. 

1S66. Joseph W., son of fames and Olive (Brown) Cooper. 
Ellen, b. Alfred, X. Y., July 22, 1844 : d. Hartsvillc. X. Y.. Dec. 4. 

1864; m. Almond. X. Y., Jilnc 6. 1862. Joseph W. Cooper. 
Elizabeth, b. Hartsvillc, X. V., July 29, 1846; m. (1) Almond, 

N. Y., Aug., 1867, Leonard Bcckwith; m. (2) Alfred, X. Y., 

Jan. 1, 1891, Albert Sherman. 
James, b. Alfred. X. Y.. Oct. 22. 1S4S; m. Alfred, X. Y., Dec. 25, 

1867, Arphclia Gavitt. 
Betsey A., b. Hartsvillc, X. Y., Sept. 22, 1850; living 1901, Alfred, 

N. Y. ; unm. 
Ruth, b. Hartsvillc. May 8, 1853; res. 1901. Alfred Station. X. Y. ; 

m. Alfred. X. Y.. Nov. 26, 1X71). Harley Sherman, b. Apr. 28. 1849. 
Sarah, b. Alfred. X. Y.. Apr. 23, [855; re>. 1901, Diamond City. 

Mont.; m. Hartsvillc. Alexander Watson. 
Martha, b. Hartsvillc. Aug. 4. 1X57; d. Hartsvillc. Jan. 15. i860. 

471. Celia 7 Babcock, dan. of Elihu and Celia (Wilbur) 
Babcock (Joseph, Icbabod, John, John, James), b. Nov. 

5. 1827; d. Hornellsvillc. X. Y„ Mar. 20. 1804: m. Hartsvillc. 
N. Y., Apr. 5. 184c), Benjamin Van Buskirk, b. Romulus, May 

26, 1812, d. Hartsville, Jan. 21, 1S66. 
Children : 

Eliza Jane. b. Dec. 21. 1850: res. 1901. Glcnwood Springs. Col.; m. 
\ Milo X. Edwards. No children. 

1026 Benjamin S.." b. July 26, 1852: m. Eva R. Cook. 

1027 Emcline. b. Mar. 7. 1854; m. Herbert Edwards. 

472. Hannah' Rahcock. dan. of George and Mary (Ga- 
vitt) Babcock (Joseph, Icbabod, John. John. Tames), b. West- 
erly. R. T.. May3T, 1817; d. Albany, X. Y., Apr. 5. 1899: m. 

Hudson. X. Y.. Am;. 2^. 1841;. Lemuel Hopkins, b. Hudson, 
N. Y., Apr. 15. 1820. d. Albany. X. Y. 


230 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children : 

1028 Susan Babcock," b. June 29, 1844; ra. Samuel Munson. 

Mary Gavitt, b. Hudson; <1. . 

Jane Rose, b. Pouglikccpsie, N. V. ; res. 1902, Albany, N. Y.; m. 

George E. Gorhain. 
Lemuel J., I). Puugbkccpsic, N. Y. ; m. Sarah Devlin. 
Annie P., b. Poughkcepsie ; res. 1902, Boston, Mass; m. Edwin 

473. Daniel Lee' Babcock, son of George and Mary 
(Gavitt) Babcock (Joseph, Ichabod, John, John. 
James). 1). Hudson, X. Y., Aug. 22, 1822; d. Albany. X. Y., 
Feb. 17, [88S; m. Albany, Aug. 2, 1858, Margaret \\. dau. 
of Thomas and Ellen Bradford Schuyler, b. Albany, Jan. iS, 
i8.|0, d. Albany, Dec. 7, 1899. She in. (2) 1898, John Court- 
land Babcock, brother of Daniel Lee. 

Children, first b. in Poughkccpsic, rest in Albany: 

Courtland Schuyler, 1>. May iS. 1859; res. 1902, Troy, N. Y.; m. 

Margaret J. C)li\er. No children. 
Ellen R, b. Dec. 25, i860; res. 1002. Sackets Harbor, N. Y. ; num. 
Susan Bell, 1). June 1. 1862; res. i<>o_', Brooklyn, N. Y.; in. Sept. 17, 

1890, Leland Chubb. 

...1. !>..... « 1. 1.... ,.. .C'/-.,,. ... 'W' :i l ; , T TT..l n ^« 


IOJQ Hannah Ross," b. Jan. 21, [869; m. William J. TIalpen. 
1030 Margaret M., 1>. Oct. iS. 1N70; in. J. \'. Williams. 

Mary CI., b. Aug. 9. 1872; res. 1002, at 139 W. 841I1 St., New York 

City; unm. 
Clara Louise, b. May 10, 1875 ; res. 1902. New Glasgow, Va. ; in. 
Chatham Center, Mar. 1, 1896, John J. Williams. 

474. Cl.vudius 7 Hancock, son of George and Mary (Gavitt) 
Babcock (Joseph. Ichabod, John. John. James), b. 

— — ; d. Key West, Fla., Feb. 1, 1877; m. Harriet Guthrie, 

b. . res. Key West. Fla. lie was a naval officer. 

Children : 

Mary Gavitt: George Lee. b. Mar.. 1869; Claude. I). Dec, 1872; 
Harriet, b. Dec. 1875. 

475. Milton ' Babcock, son of Stephen and Babcock 

(Oliver. Stephen, John, John, James). 1>. Aug. 15. 1804; 
m. June 3, 1832. Lydia, dan. of John Bowen, of Attleboro, 
Mass. , 

Children : 

Henry, b. Taunton, Mass.. Apr. 28. 1834; m. Miss King. He was 
a naval offieer in the War of the Rebellion, commanded a number 
of sloops of war; in 1882 he was hoss nailer at Wheeling, VV. Va. 

George, b. Mar. 8. [836: d. Jan. 26. 1873. unm. lb- also served in 
the navy during the War of the Rebellion. 

Mary Scott, b. Aug. 17. 1838; in. ("apt. Clement. Had twelve chil- 
dren; eldest in 1S82 was editor of the Daily Xcws. New Bedford 

The Babcock Genealogy. 231 

476. Edward 1 Babcock, son of Oliver. Jr., and Anna 
(Ileum) Babcock (Oliver, Stephen, John, John, 

James), b. Sept. 7. [805; d. Oct. 28, 1876; m. J)ee. 9, [828, 
Arminia Eldridge, d. Dec. jy, 1876. 
Children : 

Augustus E., 1). Apr. 23, 1834; d. Aug. 15, 1N67. 

Stephen Eldridge, b. Mar. 3, 1837; in. June 30, 1874, . Is a 

Civil Engineer; res. 1903, Utica, X. Y. 

477. Elizabeth 7 Babcock, datt. of Oliver and Anna 
(Heartt) Babcock (Oliver, Stephen. John, John, 

James), b. Utica, X. Y.. Dee. 28, t8lO; d. Kalamazoo, Mich., 
Apr. 18, 1X9 1 ; m. Troy. X. Y.. Aug. 25, 1834. John, son of 
Jacob and Elizabeth Haft", b. New York City, 1808, d. Evans- 
ville, J ml., Nov. 24, 1850. 

Children : 


Anna. 1). New York; in. Evansville, In'!.. William II. Wales. 

1031 Elizabeth W .." b. Dec. n, 1838; m. George Kidder. 
Jacob, 1). Evansville; res. 1902, Cripple Creek, Colo.; m. Agnes 

Mary Babcock Hall, 1). Evansville; d. Fort Wayne, Ind. ; m. C. W. 


C. Josephine, b. ; d. Evansville; m. L. Coran. 

Edward, b. -; res. 1902. Omaha, Neb. 

Emily, twin to Edward; res. 1902, Kalamazoo, Mich.; unm. 

478. CHARLES 7 BABCOCK, son of Oliver and Anna (Heartt) 
Babcock (Oliver. Stephen, John. John. James), b. 

^Utica, N. Y., Dec. 10. 1812; d. Evansville. End., July 22, 
1894; m. Evansville. Dec. 15, 1842. Amelia, dan. of Edward 
and Mary (Stuart) Hopkins, b. Evansville; res. 1902, 

Children, b. Evansville: 

1032 Mary V., 1 b. ; m. Henry Gooding. 

Edward O., h. ; m. Jessie Goodlet. No children; res. 1902, 


Amelia Gertrude, b. : res. 1002, Evansville. 

Annie Heartt, b. ; res. 1902. at 1 18 Putnam St.. New Haven. 


Charles Clinton, h. ; rc<. T<X)2. Evansville. Ind. 

William S.. 1). ; re-. I0O2, New Haven. Conn. 

Ruby Grace, b. ; res. 1902, Chicago. 111.; m. Evansville, Ind., 

Dwight W. Ball. 

479. Elisha SPURR 7 Babcock, son of Oliver and Anna 
(Heartt) Balrcock (Oliver. Stephen. John. John. 

I James), h. Utica, X. Y.. Aug". 10. 1814: d. Coronadn, Cal., 

y Apr. 2, 1890: m. Madison, Ind., May 28, 1844, Agnes Suther- 

482. Elizabeth 7 Babcock, dan. of Christopher and Polly 

(Burdick) Baljcock (Christopher, William. John. John, 

James), b. May 2, i7ot): m. Rev. Georije Brown Lisbee, a 

232 The Babcock Genealogy. 

land Davidson, b. Wick, Scotland; res. 1902, 948 Grand Ave., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

Children, 1). Hvunsville, Ind.: 

IO33 Oliver," 1>. ; m Mary G. Hodge. 

Louisa, 1). ; (I. Evansvillc. 

103.} Elisha S.. I*. May 1, 1849; in. Isabel Graham. 

Dr. William 1).. b. Mar. 29, 1851 ; re--. 1902, Los Angeles, Cal.; in. 
(l) Harriet Mclntirc; m. Iji Los Angeles, Cal.. Jan. 30, 1901, 
Catherine Casey. He graduated from a medical school in 1878. 
Holds the degree of Master of Arts from Lafayette College, 
Laston, Pa. Or. Babcock holds the chair of Professor of Dis- 
eases of Ear, Nose, and Throat in the College of Medicine, Uni- 
versity of Southern California; is also Secretary of the College. 

Alexander K.. b. ; res. 1902, Evansville, Ind.'; unm. 

Cornelius, b. ; d. Evansville, num. 

Amelia, b. ; d. Evansville; John, d. Evansville. 

480. Henry Oliver 7 Babcock, son of Oliver and Anna 
(Heartt) Babcock (Oliver, Stephen, John, John, 
James), b. Troy. X. Y., July 20, [823; d. Evansville, Ind., 
Sept. 10, [879; m. Jefferson ville, Intl., June 8, [848, .Mary E., 
dan. of Christian and Sarah (Fisher) Houser, b. Cincinnati, 
O., Feb. 15, 1831 ; res. 1902, Evansville, Ind. 
Children, b. Evansville: 

Annie II., b. ; d. Evansville. 1851. 

Henry H., 1). ; d. Evansville. Ind, 1894; m. Orange. N. J., 

1877. Annie E. Maghce; res. 1902, Orange, N. J., b. Evansville. 

1035 Mary K.." b. ; m. Harry Veatch. 

1036 Lucy A., b. ; m. James T. Walker. 

Elwood F., b. ; d. 1858. 

Morgan, b. ; res. 1002, Evansville. Ind.; m. Delia, dau. of 

George Beal. 

Howard L.. b. : res. 1902. at J90 1-2 S. Clark St., Chicago, 111. 

Sarah Maud, b. ; d. Evansville, 1S67. 

Agnes E.. b. ; d. Evansville. [873. 

1037 Guilford Carlile, b. ; m. Alida Si. Kelsey. 


481. Srs.vN 7 BABCOCK, dan. of Christopher and Tolly (Blir- 
dick) Babcock ( Christopher, William. John, John. 
James), b. Jan. 20, 1788; m. Cornelius Van Antwerp. 

Cornelius Van Antwerp was at one time Sheriff of Albany 
County, and in 1840 was connected with the Custom House in 
New York Citv. 


1038 Mary E.,' 1). June 29, 1815; m. George N. Burdick. 




The Babcock Genealogy. 253 

Universalist, who preached the first sermon on Universalism 
ever given in Albany. 
Children : 

George, (1. young; Dudley, d. young. 

1039 Mary Elizabeth,' l>. ; m. William Updyke. 

483. Christopher 7 Babcock, son of Jeremiah and Amy 
(Angel) Babcock (Christopher, William, John, John, 

James), 1). Oct. [3, 170-': d. Champion, N. Y., June 29, 1869; 
m. (1) June 5, 1815, Susan Crandall, d. Feb. 29, 1844; in. 
(2) Janette McNeil. 

Child : 

Mary A., b. l8l5; d. Dec. 17, 1835. 

484. Elias 7 BABCOCK, son of Jeremiah and Amy (Angel) 
Babcock (Christopher, William, John, John, James), l>. 

Aug. 20. 1794; d. Champion, X. Y.. Mar. 11, [859; m. Apr. 
27, 1817, Sarah Angel, b. Feb. 27, 1799, d. Champion, X. V.. 
Jan. 26, 1 881. 

Children, b. Champion : 

1040 Hiram,* b. Sept. 13, r8i8; m. Ann J. Pcnficld. 

1041 Eunice, 1>. Sept. 23, 1825; in. Joseph M. Gardner. 

Horatio D., b. Oct. 29, 1840: res. iooj. Deer River, N. Y. : m. Peer 
River, Mary. dau. of William Bedell, b. Deer River, 1840; res. 
1902, Deer River, N. Y. No children. 

1485. Joshua Angel 7 Babcock, son of Jeremiah and Amy 
(Angel) Babcock (Christopher, William. John, John. 
James), b. Hamilton, X. V.. Feb. 10. 1796; d. Felts Mills, 
/ N. Y., Mar. 23, 1843; m - Hamilton, July 24, 1820, Laura, 

dan. of Chandler Holmes, b. Hartland, Vt., Sept. 2, 1793, d. 
f Felts Mills, X. V., Dec. 29, 1845. 

[ Children : 

1042 Henry IT. , s 1). Mar. 28, 1821 : in. Eliza Wheeler. 
Amv, 1). : d. in infancy. 

1043 Perky J., 1). Aug. 31, 1826; m. (1) Sarah Furness; in. (2) Helen 
M. Green. 

Martha L., 1». June 3, 1828; d. Aup. 12. 1829. 

1044 George D.. b. Oct. 0, 1834; m. Mary O'Neill. 

486. Ambrose S. t Babcock, son of Jeremiah and Amy 
(Angel) Babcock (Christopher. William. John. John. 
V Tames), b. Hamilton, X. Y., Dee. 2. 1800; d. Champion. 

N. Y.. Dec. 28, 1891; m. Brookfield, X. Y., Mar. t), 1825, 
' Huldah. dan. of 287 Nathan and Huldah (Burdick) Babcock, 
h. Brookheld, May 2, 1806, d. Champion, Jan. 11, [899. 


234 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children, b. Champion: 

Albert Oscar, b. July 4, 1826; res. 1902, Carthage, X. Y. ; m. Cham- 
pion, N. ¥., Eliza, dau. of Noah McNitt, l>. Brookline, \'i. ; re>. 
iqoj, Carthage. 
1045 Adclia R.." 1>. Jul) 7, 1829; m. Orvillc Cutler. 
1040 Maria A., b. Feb. _■.?, 1835; m. Marcus Coughlin. 

1047 Althca J., b. July 11, 1838; in. Obed W. Pierce. 

487. Jeremiah 1 Babcock, Jr., son of Jeremiah and Amy 

(Angel) Babcock (Christopher, William, John. John, 
James), b. Nov. 9, 1804; d. Carthage, X. Y.. Aug. 13, [886; 
ni. Felts Mills. Dec. 7, 1820, Julia, dan. of Jason and Betsey 
(Merrill) Frances, b. Hartford, Conn., Dec. 31, 1803, d. Car- 
thage, X. V., Sept. 3, 1885. 
Children : 

1048 Austin A.." I). Sept. 11, iKj7; in. Arcelia Crittenton 

Adclia, 1). ; <I. young. 

Adclia Julia, b. May 25, 1830; d. Felts Mills. N. Y.. Mar. .20, i«S4; 

in. Felts Mills. May, 1847, Henry Mniin. d. July. 1853. 
James, Jr.. b. Oct. 28, 1832; d. N. Y.. Dec. 15. i860. 
Wilbur V., b. May l6, 1835; d. Cartilage. Pec. 22. 1861 ; m. June. 

1858, Lora Rice, b. llernion, N. Y., Feb. 1, 1841, d. Hermon, 

Sept., 1862. 
J049 Harriet E., b. Jan. 5. 1838; 111. John. Brown. 
Eldridge J., b. Aug. 21, 1840; d. Feb. 23. 1843. 
Andrew, b. July 17. 1842; d. Feb. 19. 1^4,^. 
Elmer E., b. Aug. 8, 1844; d. Petersburg, \'a., Mar. 31, 1865. 

488. Wiliam P. 7 Babcock, son of Jeremiah and Amy (An- 
gel) Babcock (Christopher. William. John. John. 

James), b. Sept. 2, 1809; d. near Champion, X. V., Apr. 12, 
1875; m. Roxey Lewis. 
Children : 

William; Augustus; Lysander; Elizur. 

489. Stephen 7 Babcock, son of Stephen and Phebe 
(Burcli) Babcock (Christopher. William, John, John, 

James), b. Hopkinton, 1\. I.. May 10. 1804; d. Simsbury, 
Conn., Jan. 22. [856: m. Salisbury, Mar. 20, 183 1. Mary, dau. 
of Thomas and Susanna i Pendleton) Burch, b. Goshen, Conn.. 
Apr. 22, 1807. d. Simsbury, Nov. 22, 1891. He was a farmer, 
settled first in Stonington, Conn., later removed to the north- 
west part of Connecticut. 

Susan Mary. b. Stonington, Conn.. Apr. 21, 1832; m. Simsbury, 
Conn.. Feb. 14. 1862. Henry J.. son of Roswell F. and Hot-ov 
(Case) Noble, b. Hartford. Conn., Oct 20, 1819, d. Simsbury, 
Conn., Apr. 13, 1900. No children. He was a farmer. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 235 

Phebe Maria. I). Westerly, K. I., Mar. 28, 1834; d. Stonington, 

Con 11., Oct. >>. 1838. 
Stephen, b. Stonington, Conn., Feb. 17, 1837; d. Simsbury, Conn., 

Sept! 17. 1858. 

1050 Phebe Catherine," b. Mar. 29, 1839; m. Jamea Hunt. 

1051 Sarah Maria, b. Dec. 14. 1.^41 ; in. Apollas Wilcox. 

Thomas Henry, b. Salisbury, Conn., Oct. 30, 1H44; d. Salisbury, 
Oct. 2, 1849. 

490. Eu as 7 Babcock, son of Stephen and Phebe (Burch) 
Babcock (Christopher, William, John, John, James), b. 

Stonington, Conn., Mar. 19, 1806; d. Stonington, Mar. 19, 
1881; m. Stonington, Dec. 1. 1836, Lncretia Davis, dan. of 
Clark and Mar}- (Miner) Davis, b. Stonington, June 22, 1817. 
lie was a farmer, living on several hired farms in Stonington, 
including his father's farm on Walnut Hill, about two miles 
from Milltown. For the last twenty years of his life he was a 
merchant at Stonington Borough. 
Children : 

Mary Lncretia. b. Stonington, Conn., Dec. 22, 1837; d. Stonington, 
Aug. 4. 1838, 

1052 Lncretia Maria," b. Oct. 12, i83<>; m. Samuel II. Chesebro. 

1053 Elias, Jr., I). Nov. 24, 1843; in. Alice 1). Ilancox. 

491. Phineas 7 Babcock, son of Phineas and Thankful 

(Babcock) Babcock (Christopher, William. John, John. 
James), b. Westerly. R. I.. Sept. 24. 1804; d. California, Dec, 
1856; m. North East, Pa., Feb. 5, 1830, Esther Cole, dan. of 
James and Delilah ( Brown) Cole, b. North East, Jan. 9, 1813, 
d. North East, Nov. 24, 1849. He went to California in 1852. 
Children : 

Avilda, h. Dec. 3, 1833; m. 1010 Marion Bahcock. 

1054 Delilah, 1 b. Nov. 8. 1835: m. Harley Adams. 

I John C, b. North East, Pa., Oct. 14. 1837; drowned May 2, 1849, 

{ North East : until. 

Phineas, b. North East. Pa., Dec. 17. 1839: d. Libby Prison. Rich- 
mond, Va.. Mar. 10. 1864. Enlisted Aug. 9, 1862, taken prisoner, 
a 1864 ; num. 

1055 Seth. h. Mar. 22. 1844: in. Sarah Ann Ilite. 

1056 Sarah J., b. July 4. 1845: m. Ebenezer Skellie. 

1057 Winficld S.. b. June 1, 1847: m. Florence A. Sherman. 

492. Christopher Denisox 7 Babcock, son of Phineas and 
Thankful (Babcock) Babcock (Christopher. William. 
John, John. James), b. Westerly. R. I.. Jan. 2. 1806; d. North 
East. Pa.. June 21. 1870: m. North East. Mar. 6, 1838, Louisa, 
dan. of James and Delilah (Brown) Cole. b. North East. Apr. 
6, 1822. d. North East. Apr. 23. 1891. He was a farmer at 
North East. Pa. 

2$G The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children : 

1058 Delilah R.," b. Apr. 4. 1 s_j 1 ; m. (1) Charles Brown; m. (2) James 

Mary 1)., b. Persia, X. Y . Jul> 24, 1843; d. North East, Pa., 
Nov. 7, 1865, uiim. 

1059 William, b. Feb. «)■ 1846; 111. Harriet Archer. 
Warren Cole, b. Persia, X. Y., Mar. 30, 1S5 1 ; res. 1901, Knapps 

Creek ; unin. 

1060 Julia Louise, b. Nov. 10, 1856; in. (1.) Stephen W. Baker; in. (2) 

John B. Currie. 

493. Nancy 7 (Ann) Babcock, dau. of Phincas and Thank- 
ful (Babcock) Babcock (Christopher, William. John, 

John, James), b. Westerly, R. I.. Nov. 15. 1812; d. Linn 
County, Mo., 1874; m. Brookficld, N. V., William,' son of 

James and 177 Thankful (Babcock) Crandall. They settled 
first in Persia, X. Y., moved thence to Wisconsin, and later 
to Nebraska. 

Children, the first eight horn in Cattaraugus Count}-. N. Y.. 
the others in Wisconsin: 

Mary, b. 1834; res. 1000, Brookficld, Mo.; m. Brookficld. N. Y., 
1854. Matthew McConnick, d. 1891. 

Lorcnda, b. Aug., 1835; res. iooo, North Loup, Neb.; m. Wau- 
shara County, Wis.. June 14, 1857, FTcnry Thorngatc. 

James Herbert, b. 1837. He was Sergeant Co. E, Missouri, of the 
Iron Brigade, and was killed in the battle of Gainesville, Va., 
Aug. 28, 1862. 

Samuel I'.., b. 1839; res. Apr., 1000, Brookficld, Mo. 

Porter, h. 1841 ; res. 1000. North Loup, Xel>. 

Arloiena. b. 1844; res. [900. North Loup, Neb.; m. George T. 

Angclia, b. 1846; res. 1900. North Loup. Neb.; in. Mosier. 

Devills I'., 1). 1852; res. hxki. Stockton, Kan. 

Josephine, b. 1850; res. 1900, 135 S. Tenth St., Denver, Col.; in. 

494. Joseph Page 7 Babcock, son of Phineas and Thankful 
(Babcock) Babcock (Christopher, William. John. John. 

James), b. Westerly. R. I.. Sept. 5. 1814; d. lone. Cal.. Feb. 
if), 1899; m. North East. Pa., Dec. 10, 1840, Mary B., dan. 
of Tames and Delilah Cole. b. North East, May 23. 1819. d. 
Des Moines. la.. Sept. 3, 1805. 
Children : 

1061 Annie E.,' b. Oet. 3, 1842: m Wilbur F.aston. 

1062 Lovilla. b. Oct. 7. 1847; m. H. Allen Titus. 

495. Thomas Barber 7 BABCOCK, son of Asa and FJizaheth 
(Barber) Babcock (Christopher, William. John. John, 

James), h. Westerly, R. I.. Sept. 24, 1806; d. Earlville, N. Y.. 
Dec. 11. 1871; m. Eaton, X. Y., Jan. 5. 1843. Abigail, dan. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 


of Biuret and Rebecca VVentworth, b. Georgetown, N. Y., 

Apr. 12, 1810, (1. Randallsville, X. Y., Mar. 13, 1886. 
Children : 

1063 Henry C." 1). Dec. _m, [843; m. Dora Beach. 

William K, b. July 31, 1845; res. igoo, Poolville, N. Y.; unm. 

1064 Mary A., 1). Feb. -'4. 1N47; in. Adclberl A. Stone. 
10O5 Janus, b. June 24, 1850; in. Ida L. Peck. 

Charles E., b. Jan. 18, 1^52; res. 1900, Lebanon, N. V. 

496. George \V. 7 Babcock, son of Asa and Elizabeth (Bar- 
ber) Babcock (Christopher, William, John, John, 
James), b. Westerly, R. I.. Oct. 27, 1807; d. Vesper, X. Y., 
Dec. 4, 1885. buried at Tully, X. Y.; m. Norwich, Conn., Oct. 
28, 1834, Mary King, dau. of Stephen 15. and Mary (Gordon) 
Richards, b. Saco, Maine. July 15. 1816, d. Onondaga Hill, 
Jan. 31, 189 — , buried at Tully, X. Y. 
Children : 

1066 George W., s b. Dec. 23, 1835; in. Ella A. Robinson. 

1067 William S., 1). Sept. _'7, [837; 111. Sarah C. Allen. 

1068 Duanc Perry, b. May 19, 1841; in. Rosalie Wickliam. 

1069 Mary Ellen, b. Mar. 26, 1843; in. Rev. D. W. Sherman. 

Amy J.. 1>. Worcester, Mass., Oct. 16, 1846; d. Leonardsville, N. V.. 
Apr. 12. 1862. 

1070 Lucinda, b. June 1, 1848; m. (1) Elias Rowland; m. (2) Charles 

W. Smith. 
Wilbur F., b. June 1, 1857; d. Leonardsville, Sept. 20, 1S58. 


497. Mary L. 7 Babcock, dan. of Asa and Elizabeth (Bar- 
ber) Babcock '(Christopher, William, John, John, 
James), b. Westerly, R. I., Feb. 3. 1809: d. Pawcatuck, Conn., 
Sept. 1, 1866; m. Smyrna, X. V., Isaac Burdick, b. Hopkin- 
ton. R. I., Aug. 2$. 1808. (1. Westerly, Mar. 29. 1878. 
Children : 

Elizabeth M.. b. Mar.. 1835; m. 1003 Joseph Alonzo Babcock. 

Isaac F., b. Hopkinton. R. I.. Aug. 1. 1836; in. Westerly, Oct. 8. 
1872, Ann F. Hiscox, of Charlcstown. R. I. He served in 
the Civil War in 1st Regiment Rhode Island Cavalry. Has two 
children: res. i<k>o. Westerly. R. I. 

Edward II.. b. Hopkinton, July 4. 1838: res. 1000. Westerly. R. I.: 
m. Jersey Citv. N. J.. Sept. jS. 1865, Sarah A., dau. of Daniel and 
Ann E. Mosher. b. New Market, N". J. He served in the Civil 
War in 9th Regiment, Rhode Island Infantry, lias three children. 

Benjamin Babcock, b. Hopkinton. Mar. 11, 1840; d. Pawcatuck. 
May 2,v 1863. 

Thomas T.. b. Hopkinton, R. I., Feb. f», 1842: re^. nxx>. S. Brook- 
field, N. Y.; m. Bridgewatcr. X. Y.. July 24. 1873. Harriet Y . 
dau. of Roswell and Mary Crandall House. He served in the Civil 
War. oth Regiment, Rhode Island Infantry. Has four children. 

Catharine E., b. in Hopkinton, R. I., Jan. 4. 1844; d. Pawcatuck. 
Conn., Apr. 23, 1863. 

238 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Martha Caroline, b. Hopkinton, May 12 1845; d. Alfred, N. V., 
May, 1K7.?; in. Pawcatuck, Conn., John M.. son of Daniel 1'. 
and Ann E, Mosher, Oct. 6, ik<>j. after John M. had enlisted in 
the army in the 26th Regiment Connecticut Infantry. She left two 

Soloman Carpenter, 1>. Rivef Point, R. [., Jan 31, 1S47 ; living May, 
j(>x), in Westerly, R. I.; m. in Stonington Borough, Conn., May 
3, 1882, Hannah C, dan. of Orin and Hannah (Hancox) Duty. 
Has three children. 

George Noycs, I). Pawcatuck, Conn.. Mar. 29, i*v>; '"""• lived 
at Potter Hill, K. I.: m. Potter Hill. Ada, dau. of Henry and 
Jeanncttc (Potter) Langwofthy, b. Sept. u, 1872. Have one 
child, Henry L. 

Hannah Mchitable Chaucer, b. Pawcatuck, Conn., Nov. 5, 1S50; 
d. July 6, 1851. 

Annie Marie, b. Pawcatuck, Conn., Aug. 15, 1852; d. Dec. 26, 1K52. 

498. Asa 7 Babcock, sou of Asa and Elizabeth (Barber) 
Babcock (Christopher, William. John, John, James), 

b. Westerly, R. I., Jan. 3, 1811 ; d. Leonardsville, X. V.. July 
18, 1891 ; m. Leonardsville, Feb. 2. 1833, Clemantinc, <lrm. of 
James and Nancy (Owen) Webster, 1>. Burlington, X. Y., June 
25. 18 10, d. Leonardsville, June 1, 1898. 
Children, b. Leonardsville: 

Elizabeth Babcock. b. Aug. 21, i8.}6; res. igoo, Leonardsville. X. Y ; 
m. Leonardsville, Jan. 1, [878, Henry C, son of Cor wall and 

Nancy (Wilcox) St. John, b. Leonardsville, June 30, 1826. No 

1071 James W., 1 b. Aug. 22, 1838: 111. Helen Clark. 

Caroline, b. Dec. 4, [839; d. Leonardsville. Oct. 1. 1S70. untn. 
Sarah A., b. Aug. 5, 1848; d. Leonardsville, N. V., Dec. 8, 1883. 

499. Elizabeth 7 Babcock, dan. of Asa and Elizabeth (Bar- 
ber) Babcock (Christopher, William, John, John, 

James), b. Westerly, R. I.. Inne 28, 1813: d. Adams Center, 
N. Y., Apr. 20, [892; m. Persia. X. Y.. Dec. 22. 1831, Allen. 
son of Ira and Abigail (Allen) Prentice, b. Worthington, 
Mass.. Tan. 11, 1806, d. Dakota, Wis.. Jan. 9, 1872. 
Children : 

Hannah E., b. Persia, N. V.. Sept. 24, 183J: res. tooo. Oconomo- 
woc, Wis.: in. Dakota. Wis., Sept. 26, 1856, William J.. -<m of 
William and Priscilla (Whittaker) Rosccrans, b. Wayland, N. V., 
Aug. 16. 1828. 

Marv A., b. Persia. N. V.. May jo. 1835; d. Persia, Feb. u. 1837. 

Alpheus John. b. Persia. July 21, 1836: d. Persia. June 21, 1838. 

1072 Asa B.,' I). July jo. 183S; m. (1) Marion Greene: m. (2) Mary 

A. Greene. 

Nathan Barber, 1> Persia. N. Y. Jan. 26. 1840: m. Richfonl. Wis., 
Oct. 10, 1867. Ellen K.. dan. of Silas and Eliza (Farrand) Rist, 
b, Dec. jo. 1846. In Feb., IQOO, he was employed in the Pen-ion 
Office. Washington. D. C. 

Ira B., b. Persia, N. Y.. July jo, [842; d. Persia, Mar. 19, 1845. 





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Page 235. 


The Babcock Genealogy. 239 

Amy Jane, l>. Johnstown, Wis., Apr. 13, 1846; d. Dakota. Wis., 

July o, 1865. 
William A.. 1>. July o, 1851 ; in. 1242 Nancy C. Babcock. 

Christopher John 7 Babcock, son of Asa and Eliza- 
beth (Barber) Babcock (Christopher, William, John, 

John, James). 1>. Smyrna, X. Y., Dec. 14, 1 <S 1 4 ; <1. S. Day- 
ton, N. Y., Jan. 1, 1894; m. ( 1 ) Smith Mills, X. Y.. Nov. 
10, 1838, Rebecca Ann Smith, I). Dec. 22, 1S17. <1. Apr. 11, 
1843, No children by first marriage. He m. (2) Madison, 
N. Y., Nov. 5. 1844, Harriet, dan. of Richard and Amelia 
(Sims) Button, 1>. Erieville, X. Y.. Apr. 1. 1820, d. Irving, 
N. Y., Sept. jo, rS6l ; m. (3) Irving, X. Y., Mrs. Sarah A. 
Chase, dan. of William and Orpha Rawlett, b. E. Hamburg, 
X T . Y.. Apr. jij, 1 S _> 7 ; res. 1000, Balcom, X. Y. No children 
by third marriage. 

Children l>y second wife: 

1073 Louise," 1>. Nov. 12, 1845; m. (1) Mr. Bowen; m. (2) Francis 


1074 Willis A.. 1). May 1. 1852; m. Barbara F. Clark. 

1075 Frank P., I>. Oct. 8, 1X54; m. Frances Redman. 

1076 Mernion, l>. June 6, 1856; in. (1) Viroqua Ames; m. (2.) Lina 


501. Amy 7 Babcock, dan. of Asa and Elizabeth (Barber) 

Babcock (Christopher, William. John. John. James), b. 
Truxton, X. Y., Sept. 7. 1818; d. Persia. X." Y., Feb., 1837; 
m. Alonzo, son of Silas Burdick. 

Child : 

V George Whitford, b. Persia, Cattaraugus County. N. Y.. Jan. ifi. 

• 1837. When five weeks old his mother died, and he was reared 

in the family of Hosea Whitford. and took the name of hi- foo- 
ter parents — Whitford. In the fall of 1861 he enlisted in the 85th 
Regiment. New York State Volunteers, several months later dis- 
charged on account of sickness. About a year later he reen listed 
in the 1st New York Veteran Cavalry ami served until the close 
of the war. In 1866 he in., at Little Genesee. N\ Y.. Marian 

t A., dau. of Willoughby and Caroline Jaques, b. Little Genesee, 

1848. They have three daughters. In D<.*:., 1899, this family 

I lived in Vinton, la. 

502. William A. 7 Babcock, son of Asa and Elizabeth (Bar- 
ber) Babcock (Christopher. William. John, fohn, 
James), b. Truxton, X. Y.. Nov. 19. 1820: res. iqoo. Leon- 
ardsvillc. X. Y.; m. Leonardsville, Sept. <), 1840, Harriet, 
dan. of William and Lucy (Webster) Pelton, b. Feb. 22. iXjj. 
Children : 

Mary. l>. Leonardsville, N. Y., Sent. 17. 1847: m. Leonardsville. 
Feb. i. 1873, Calvin Burch, h. Rrookfield. Jan. 14. 1850. No 

240 The Babcock Genealogy. 

'Charles 1\, l>. Lconardsvillc, Oct. 0, 1856; d. Lconardsvillc, July 5 
1077 Harriet,' b. Jan. 24, 1864; m. Mcrton II. Brown. 

503. Sarah Ann" Babcock, dau. of Samuel and Hannah 

(Miller) Babcock (Samuel, William, John, J 
James), b. Middletown, Conn., Jan. jo, 1 «S 1 _? ; d. Woostcr, 
().. Apr. jj, iS<>5; 111. Middletown, Sept. 30, 1832, Oliver 
Barber Becl)e, l>. New London, Conn., Oct. 17, 1807, d. Cuya- 
hoga Falls, O., Sept. 1. [886. 
Children, b. Cuyahoga Falls: 

Jane, b. Sept. 8. 1833; <1. Mar. 3. 1836. 
May E., I). Apr. 22. 1835; il. Sept. 3, iX',7. 
107S William O.," I) July 24, 1838; tn. Fanny A. Sill. 
Robert Goodcll, 1). May Q, 1X42; d. Nov. 10. 1842. 

504. Elizabeth' Babcock, dan. of Samuel and Hannah 
(Miller) R'lbcock (Samuel, William, John, John, 
James), b. Middletown, Conn., May 22, I S f 3 ; d. Fayette- 
ville, N. C, Apr. 11, 1S65; m. Fayetteville, 1838, William 
Taylor, b. Manchester, England, Oct. 18, 1810, d. Fayetteville, 
July, 1877. 

Children, b. Fayetteville: 

William T., b. ; <1. Fayetteville, 1881; m. Oct., 1866, Edith 


Sarah, b. Sept. 15. 1844: m. Nov. 27, 1872, John S. Cranor; d. 
Wilkesboro, N. C, May 22, 1902. Mrs. Cranor was a woman 
of rare endowments, a blessing to her family and the community 
in which she lived. In early life she made a profession of reli- 
gion, and became a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church 
and adorned her profession by a most devoted Christian life. 
Children, b. Wilkesboro: {Catherine Taylor, l>. Apr. 22. 1874: 
Hugh Armfield, b. Nov. 20. 1875; Edith Josephine, b. Mar. 6, 
1877; William Taylor, b. July 24. 1N7S: Sarah Elizabeth, h. 
Jan. 6, 1880, m. Nov. 19. 1902, William II. McElwee; Fannie 
Susan, b. Oct. 12. 1881 ; John Samuel, b. Apr. 25, 1883; Frank 
Taylor, b. Apr. 6, 1885; Charles Moses, b. Jan. 28, 1887. 

Laura, b. ; res. 1902. Chattanooga. Tcnn. ; m. Sept.. 1865. C. 

C. McMurry. 

Elizabeth. 1). ; res. 1002. Durham. N. C. 

1079 Charles C," b. Dec. 2?,. 1X47: m. Elizabeth Richards. 

George S.. b. ; d. Dec. 27. 1897; m. Mary Wilbor. 

James K., b. ; d. Apr.. [883. 

Frank II., b. ; d. Jan. 27, 1892; in. Agnes Cornish. 

505. Jane 1 Babcock, dau. of Samuel and TTannah (Miller) 
Babcock (Samuel. William. John. John, James), b. 
Middletown. Conn.. May 15. 1815; re^. i<)02. Liberty St.. 
Middletown; m. Middletown, Jan. 24, 1836, Cera Goodell, l>. 
Glastonbury, Conn., July 25, i8of>. d. Middletown, Dec. 18, 






1844- 1902. Page 240. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 241 

Children, b. Middlctown: 

Gertrude S., h. Apr. 26, IS ^7 ; res. ICJ02, Middlctown; in. Aug. 17, 

1856, William C. Bowcn. 
George D., 1>. Dec. 5. 1830; d. Middlctown, Dec. 9, 1901; in. Bing- 

hamton, N. Y., Julia Shields. 
Robert, !>. Oct. 6, 1S41 ; d. Middlctown, Apr. 22, 1842. 
Gustavus, b. Apr. 20. 1843. Left home when 16 year-, old. 
Jane, b. July 2i, 1845 ; res. 1902, Mcridcn, Conn.; m. Middlctown, 

Oct. 7, 1868, Clarence H., son of Otis and Esther (Hubbard) 

Fisk, 1). Meriden, Nov. 15, 1842. They have one child, Louis Fisk. 

1080 Lucy C.," h. Dec. 10, 1847; m. George A. Church. 
Clara, b. July 4, 1851 ; d. Sept., 1851. 

506. Hannah 7 Babcock, clau. of Samuel and Hannah 
(Miller) Babcock (Samuel. William. John. John, 

James), b. Middletown, Conn.. Apr. 9, 1817; d. Middlctown, 
Dec. 22, 1894; m. Middletown. Oct. jo. 1833. William Chap- 
man, 1). Pittsfield, Mass., Feb. 28, 1813. 
Children, 1>. Middlctown: 

1081 William II.," b. Aug. 10. 1834; m. (1) Sarah C. Brooks; m. (2) 
Eliza Brooks. 

Samuel. I). May 19. 1838, d. young; Samuel, b. 1840. d. young. 
Emma M., h. Aug. i, 1842; res. 1902, Middletown. 

507. Charles 7 Babcock, son of Samuel and Hannah 
(Miller") Babcock (Samuel, William. John. John, 

James), b. Higganum, Conn.. Oct. 5, [818; d. Hillsdale. 
N. Y., Apr. 20. 1894: m. ( 1 ) Maria S. Bonfoey; m. (2) Sims- 
hury. Conn.. May 28. 1848, Lavina. dan. of Chaunccy and 
Amy L. (Case) Goodrich, b. Bloomfield, Conn., Feh. 10, 1816, 
d. Hartford. Conn., Mar. 13, 1890. 
Child by first wife : 

» Asabel Carlos, b. July 15. 1843. 

1 Child by second marriage: 

\ 1082 Maria I.., 8 b. Feb. 13. 1849; m. Myron Thompson. 

508. Maria 7 Rarcock. dau. of Samuel and Hannah (Miller) 
Babcock (Samuel. William. John. John. Tames), b. 

Middletown, Conn., Aug. 13. 1820; d. Middletown. Nov. 20, 
1S42; m. Middletown. July 0. 1837, Joseph Bacon, b. Middle- 
*town. Oct. 22. 1817, <1. Middletown, Sept. 14. 1859. 
Children, b, Middletown: 


Adelaide. 1) ; d. Middletown. 1838. 

Sarah E. b. Apr. 25, 1840; d. Middlctown, Jan. r6. 1854 

1083 Joseph Edgar," b. Feh. II. 1S42; m. Helen Mann. 


242 The Babcock Genealogy. 

509-. Samuel 7 Babcock, son of Samuel and Jane (Corn- 
well) Babcock (Samuel, William, John, John, James), 
b. Middletown, Conn., Feb. 18, [822; <1. Middletown, Oct. 12, 
1892; m. (1) Feb. 19. 1844, Ellen L., dau. of James and Lucy 
Hurlbut, I). Eiaddam, Conn., Aug. .'<;, 1822, d. May 18, i860; 
111. (2) Apr. 23, [862, Ellen M., dau. of Benjamin and Maria 
(Savage) Carter, b. Middletown, Jan. 6, J84J; res. Middle- 

Samuel was Postmaster at Middletown under Presidents 
Pierce and Buchanan, lie was also Collector of LT. S. Inter- 
nal Revenue under President Andrew Johnson, and was after- 
ward Mayor of the city of Middletown, President of the Con- 
necticut Valley Railroad Company, and President of Middle- 
town Savings Bank, lie was largely interested in the manu- 
facture of locks at Middletown. 

Children by first marriage: 

1084 Theodore," l>. Jan. 20, 1845; m. (1) Nellie Granger; in. (2) Cather- 

ine Wilson. 
Iconise M.. 1). July 6, 1846; d. young. 

1085 Arthur II., b. Mar. 20, 1840; in. Esther Brewer. 
Fredrick S., h. Sept. 16, 1853; d. May, 1863. 
Charles, b. Oct. 18, 1855. 

Children by second marriage: 

1086 Samuel, b. Nov. 1, 1863; m. Ellen Johnson. 
Elizaheth L., b. Oct. 22, 1879; d. Mar. 30, 1880. 

510. Edward 7 Babcock. son of Samuel and Jane (Corn- 
well) Babcock (Samuel, William, John, John, James), 

b. Middletown, Conn.. Nov. 17, 1828; res. 1902. Paxton, 111.; 
m. Wall Township, 111.. May 1, 1866, Anna H., dau. of A. M. 
and Anna E. (Miller) Crane, b. Newark, X. J., May 11, 1S45; 
res. Paxton, 111. He served in a Missouri cavalry regiment 
during the Civil War. 
Children, b. Wall: 

Annie, b. May 18. 1867: res. 1902. Buckley. 111.; m. Buckley. B. E. 

Morgan, son of S. S. Morgan; rev Buckley. 
Mary, b. Apr. 12. 1870: d. Aug. 4. 1S72. 
Eliza, b. June 11. 1872: rev 1902. Paxton. 111. 
Augustus, b. Dec. 2, 187.3; res. 1002. Paxton, 111. 
Jane C. h. Oct. 19. 1876: res. 1002. Paxton. III. 
Edward S.. b. Sept. 15. 1870: res. 1902, Paxton, III. 
William, h. Mar. 12. 1882; res. 1902. Paxton, III. 

511. Samuel E.' Babcock. son of William Christopher and 
Betsy (Tarmlee) Babcock (Samuel, William. John, 

John. James), b. Jan. 25, 1831, Saybrook, Conn.: m. dau. of 
Austin Merret. of Southampton, L. I. Lived Center Brook, 


Page 240. 


The Babcock Genealogy. 243 

Children : 

William !•:.. b. Sept. 18, [856; m. Julia Adams, E. Bloomfield, N. Y. 

Fredrick M.. b. Sept. 4, [858. 

Samuel P., I). Nov. 5. i860; d. young. 

George A , 1). Jan. 4, 1865. 

Sarah A., 1>. Nov. 6, iK<>7. 

Mary E., I). May 5, 1K70. 

Nettie (.',., b. Jam 23, 1873. 

512. George Frederick 7 Babcock, son of William Christo- 
pher and Betsy (Parmlce) Babcock (Samuel, Wil- 
liam, John, John. James), b. Saybrook, Conn.. May 10, 1833; 
m. Mar. 29, 1856, Cornelia S., dan. of Joseph and Elizabeth 

Children : 

Ida Kstellc, b. Feb. 21, 1857; d. young. 
Frank Etton, b. Nov. 3. 1858; d. young. 
Wilbcrl L., 1». May 21. 1864. 

Edgar C, b. Jan. 17, 1868; d. young. 
Jennie M., 1). January 31, 1869. 
Nettie G., b. July 24. 1X74 ; d. young. 
Lucy M., b. Apr. 20, 1879, 

513. John 7 J>abcock, son of John and Lydia (Woodward) 
Babcock (Josiah, Job, Job, John, James). 1>. Coventry. 

Conn., Apr. 1S, 1786; d. New Haven, Conn.. June 16, 1839; 
m. Hartford. Conn., 181 3. Sally Chamberlain, b, Fairhaven, 
Conn., Apr. 2, 1789. d. New Haven, June 12, 1863. 
Children, b. New Haven: 

1087 Harriet Matilda." h. Feb. 11. 1814: in. Edward P. Camp. 

1088 John Newton, b. May 18. iSif>; m. Charlotte Bromley. 
•> Sarah Maria, b. May iX. 1816; d. Apr. 5, 1X17. 

1089 Henry Chamberlain, b. Apr. 15. 1818; in. (1) Maria Warner; in. 

(2) Mrs. Mary E. Thompson Wells. 
Mary Julia, b. May ?r. 1822; d. Chicago. Mar. 11. 1X70. unin. 
} Sarah Jane. b. May 18. 1824; res. 1002. Oak Park. 111.; in. Port 

I Chester. N. Y.. Douglas W. Coan. Tie d. 1002. 

1090 Elizahcth Stella. 1). Sept. 5. 1826; m. Henry Thomas Hart. 
1091 Frances Theresa, b. May !.}. iSjo: m. Frederick Van Dcnhurg. 
Emily Lydia. b. Apr. 20, 1833; d. New Haven. Sept. 20. 1849. 

514. Rev. Deodatus 7 Babcock, D.D.. son of John and Lydia 
(Woodward) Babcock (Josiah, Job. Job. John. James), 

b. Coventry, Conn.. June 10. 1790: d. Ballston Spa, X. Y.. 
Feb. 2, 1876; m. Cairo. X. V.. May 14. 182 1, Mary, dan. of 
Isaac and Rhoda ( WriirhO Tline. b. Cairo. June 10, 1794. d. 
Ballston Spa. Feb. 27. 1866. 

(Dr. Babcock received his early education from the public 
schools in Connecticut. IK- became a teacher and followed this 
vocation, more or less, all his after vcars, and became noted 
as an educator, opening sncccssfnl schools in Greene County, 

244 2 he Babcock Genealogy. 

N. V., Manlius 1814-19, Ballston Spa [826-46, and later 

in Troy. At Manlius lie began studying for the min- 
istry of the Episcopal Church, receiving Deacon's orders 

Nov. k>, 1819, from JSishop Ilohart, and Priest's orders 
at Buffalo, X. V., Aug. _'-'. 1821. He united his calling to 
the ministry in faithful pastorship to his service as instructor. 
Ilis longest rectorship was that of Christ's Church, Ballston' 
Spa, extending from May, 1824, to Oct., [846. He passed in 
peace the remaining years of his life, honored and revered by 
all who knew him. as a Christian teacher and faithful pastor. 
He received his degree of D.D. from Hobart College, 1848. 

1092 Theodore," I). May 23, 1822; m. Elizabeth Nash. * 
George, b. Buffalo, N. Y.. May 1. [824; <1. Troy, X. V.. Dec. 3, 

1X9.?; m. Troy, Apr. 25, 1848, Jane' Amelia, dau. of Harry and 
Rcnah (Brown) Betts, 1). Troy, Mar. 11. 1826; res. 1902, Troy. 
He had one dau.. Julia, who in. Harry Aid en. 

1093 John Henry, b. Aug. 11. 1826; in. Margaret A. Pierce. 

Charles, h. Ballston Spa. N. '* ., Mar. j<>, i.s_"j; m. Garrisons, N. Y., 
Ai)r. 14. [853, Elizabeth Ann., dau. of Richard and Mary (Perry) 
Upjohn, 1). Martins. July II, 1N30.: res. [903, Ithaca. N. Y. Xo 
children. He is a retired Episcopal clergyman, and is (1903) 
Professor of Architecture in Cornell University. 

Mary Jane, b. Ballston Spa, July 28, 1831 ; d. Ballston Spa, Jan. 10, 

1094 Edward Davis. 1>. Ballston Spa, Mar. 29. 1.S34 ; in. Philadelphia, 

Sarali V. Dan forth. 
Cynthia H., b. Ballston Spa, Sept. 13, 183S ; res. 1903, Ithaca, N. Y. 

515. Samuel 7 Babcock, son of Simeon and Rhoda 
(Smith) Babcock (Simeon. Samuel, fob, John. lames), 
b. Bath, X. Y.. Apr. 8. 1783; d. Eldora, fa.. Sept. 18, 1880; 
m. (1) Aug. 18, 1805. Phebe Couch, d. Geneva, X. Y.. Mar.. 
t8_?6; m. (2) Rachel, dau. of Walter and Katherine (Magee) 
Burhite, b. Herkimer County, X. Y., Jan. 12, 1800, d. Mil- 
waukee, Wis...,. Oct. 8, 1864; m. (3) Annie M. Thompson. No 
children by last marriage. Date of Samuel's birth from old 
family Bible; date on liis gravestone wrong. 

Samuel Babcock at one time kept a "Temperance Hotel" at 
Waterloo, X. Y. He resided in the following places: Geneva, 
Waterloo, Bath. Avoca, X. Y.. in the Counties of Tioga and 
Mercer, Pa., Milwaukee, Wis., Dundee, Mich., and Eldora. 
la. It is not certain that he lived in the above named places 
in order named. 

Children by first wife: 

1095 Naomi, 8 h. July 27. [808; in. Simeon Fnrman. 
ioo/> Rhoda I>. May 8, iSiTI m. D.miel F. Ellsworth. 
1007 Samuel, I). May 1 \. 1813; m. Emily Frink. 

1098 Aaron C, b. Oct. 2ft 1815; in. Matildc Mendell. 


1822- 1892. 

Page 242. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 



1090 Elizabeth C, b. Oct, ro, 1S17 ; m. Daniel Furman. 
noo Bcthiah, 1> Dec. 14, 1819; m. Edward Smith. 

Hannah P., b. Feb. 26, iSjj; <l. Sept. 19, 1880; m. James II. Chap 
man. Settled in Trumbull County, < ->lii<>. 

Children by second wife: 

1101 Henry C, l>. Sept. 17. 1828; m. [antha Hurlbut. 

Walter Scott, b. Babcock Hill, near Bath, X. V.. Feb. u. 1X30. He 

was Capt. Co. B, 1st Wisconsin Hy. Artillery; promoted i" 
Lieutenant Colonel, 12th I'. S. Hy. Artillery, mustered out at 
close of war. He was a lumber merchant; unm. 
Stephen Van Rcnsalcr, b. Babcock Hill. X Y.. Apr. 18. 1831; d. 

Chicago. III.. June 22, 1888; m. (i) .Milwaukee. Wis., Josephine 

; 111. (2) Milwaukee. June 14. 1S82, Lucinda. dan. of 

Joshua and Polly (Palmitcr) Decker, b. June r6. 1850; n s. 1902, 
at 3121 Indiana Ave., Chicago, 111. Xo children. 

1102 Simeon, 1). July 1. 18.32; in. Sarah Reynolds. 

Robert R., b. Tioga County, Pa., Oct. 2s, 1833; d. Vernon Center, 

()., Mar. 14, 1846. 
Maria Jane, b. County, Pa., July 27, 1835; d. Vernon Center, 

O., Mar. 11, 1840. 

1 103 Hettie Ann (Hattic), b. Sept. 19, 1S41 ; m. Samuel Martin. 

516. John 7 Babcock, son of Simeon and Rlioda (Smilli) 

Babcock (Simeon, Samuel. Job, John. James), b. 
Onondaga County, X. V., Apr. 18, 1785; rl. Dundee, Mich.; 
m. Dec. 23, 1807 (?), Marium, dau. of Samuel and Fanny 
(Moore) Stone, d. Dundee. Mich. 

About 1837 John Babcock removed to Dundee. Mich., 
where he resided the rest of his life. 

Children : 

Eliza, b. Jan. 16, 1800: d. 1R90: m. Seymour Porter. 

Laura M.. b. July 31. [810; d. Mar.. 1S50; m. Arnold Kinney. 

1104 Titus/ I). June 20. 1S1 1 : m. Maria Daily. 

1105 John S.. b. June ,}0. 1813; m. Jane Fleming. 

David. I.. Mar. 13, 1815; d. Feb. 2. 1X52; m. Elisabeth Miller. They 

had two children. George ami Marium. 
Rhoda, b. Mar. 11. 1S17; d. Nov. 15. 1859; m. Daniel E. Buck. 
Daniel II.. b. Mar. 15, 1819; d. June 7. 1896; m. Harriet Du Bois. 
Elisha S.. h. Mar. 2$. 1821 ; d. Feb., 1841. 
Clarissa, b. Mar. 7. [823; d. Feb., 1841. 
James L.. h. Feb. 24. 1826; m. Mar.. 1854, Mary Humphry. 
Peter II.. b. Aug. X. 1S2S: res. i<x>2. Dundee. Mich. 
Mary P.. b. May, 1832: d. Mar. 17, 1S72; 111. Dundee. 1S66, Daniel 


517. Simkox 7 Babcock. son of Simeon and Rhoda (Smith) 
Babcock (Simeon. Samuel. Job, John, James), b. Sept. 

18. 1787: d. Iowa. July 27. 1855; m. ('1) Westerly. Mar. u. 
1809. Clarissa Clough, d. Apr. 17. l8n; m. (2) Jan. 13. 18 13. 
Lydia Smith. b. Jan. 18. 1703: m. (3) Feb. 1 2, 1835. Liberty. 
dau. of William and Mary (Waldorf) Furman. b. Gaines. 
Pa., 1807. d. Desoto. Wis., Jan.. 1889. No children by first 

246 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children by second wife: 

1107 Oliver," b. Nov. 19, 1813; m. Elizabeth Frink. 
Bettie, b. Sept. 5. 1817; m. A. W. Chapin, Dec, 1834. 

1 108 Olive, b. Nov, 9, 1819; m. John W. Sawyer. 

1 109 Simeon, b. Apr. 3, i8jo; m. Sarah, J. Gower. 

1110 Enos, b. Nov. 16, 1K23 ; m. Abbey J. Huylcr. 

Harry Willis, b. Mar. 4, 1825; m. Sept. 25, 184X, Roxanna Briggs. 

1 11 1 Sarah, b. Apr. 30, 1827; in. Anson Warren. 
Lydia Ann, b. July 3, 1830; drowned June, 1832. 

Children by third wife: 

William Henry II.. b. Mar. 11. 183S; <1. Feb., 1862. uiun. 
Marlha. b. June 15, 1840; in. May 1. 1855, Smith Caney. 
Samuel, b. June [O, 1S42; .1. Oct. "20. 1862. 

11 12 Betsy Ann. b. Oct. 1. 1846; in. William Green. 

1 1 13 John 1)., b. Sept. 17. 1851 ; m. Rosia Green. 
Adalaid, b. Jan., 1855; d. young. 

518. Stephen 7 Babcock, son of Simeon and Rlioda 

(Smith) Babcock (Simeon, Samuel, Job, John, 
James), b. Oct. 24. [789; d. Mar., 1871 ; m. Steuben County, 
N. Y., Sophia Carnahan. 
Children : 

1 1 14 Andrew,' b. May 24, 1825; m. (1) Ianthe A. Carriel; m. (2) Mary- 

Thadeus S. ; Naomi Jane. 

519. Elizabeth 7 Babcock, dan. of Simeon and Rhoda 
(Smith) Babcock (Simeon, Samuel, Job, John, 

James), b. Apr. 28, 1794: d. Michigan, July 4, 1849; m. Jan. 
6, 181 8. in Michigan, her fust cousin, Oliver Frink, b. Feb., 
1790, d. June, 1862. 
Children : 

Emily, b. Oct. 29, 1818; d. Apr. 5. 1S07; m. Samuel W. Babcock. 
Daphine B., b. ; d. Nov. 26, 1889; Lemuel; Simeon; Laura. 

520. Betiiiaii 7 Babcock, dan. of Simeon and Rhoda 
(Smith) Babcock (Simeon. Samuel. Job, John, James), 

b. Sept. 1. 1796: d. Aug. 24. 1862: m. 1817, Jesse Bartlett, 
b. Mar., 1790, d. Aug. 14, 1863. 
Child : 

Jessie, b. ; m. Charles M. Brown. 

521. William 7 Babcock, son of Simeon and Rhoda 

(Smith) Babcock (Simeon. Samuel. Job. John. 
James), b. Livingston County, X. Y.. Sept. 7, 1798; d. El- 
dora, In.. July 8. 1890; m. Bath. N. V.. Sept.. 1822. Perlie. 
dan. of Ezekiel and Lovina (Thayer) Hunt, b. Bennington, 
Vt.. Sept. 8, 1802. d. Eldora, Sept." 28, 1880. 



The Babcock Genealogy. ^A7 

'Children : 

ii 15 lUicl Hunt," I., func 18, 1823; in. Crissy Decker. 

Christiana, l>. Oct. 10, 1824; d. Hornellsville, N. Y.; m. Tioga, Pa., 

George Aldrich, <1. Bath, X. Y. 
Amasa, I). Bath, N. Y.. June 5, 1826. 
Eunice Lovina, I. Bath, Jan. 28, 1828; n>. Tioga, 1842, Horace W. 

Merrick. They res. i'K>-', Eldora, la. 
Eliza, b. Dec. 25, 1830; d. 1836. 
William W., b. Oct. 14, 1834; res. 1902, Pullman, Neb.; m. Eldora, 

Dec. 26, [866, Catherine Rhodes. 
Rhoda P., 1>. 1»«'<:. 2, 1839; res. 1902, Eldora, la.; m. Eldora, Oct. 

24, i860, William Ibath. 

522. Job 7 Babcock, Jr., son of Job and Emeline (Pike) 
Babcock (Ichabod, John. Job, John. James), b. Al- 
burgh, Vt., Sept. 4, i8n; d. Burke, X. V.. May 20, 1895; 
m. (1) Alburgh, Mar. [4, 1835, Eliza Jane. dau. of John and 
Deborah (Hoxie) McGregor, b. Alburgh, Feb. 8, 1814, d. 
Alburgh, Apr. 1. [874; m. (2) Bangor, X. Y.. Dee. 14. 1875, 
Mrs. Catherine Davis, sister of first wife. b. Alburgh, Dec. 
8, 1818, d. Alburgh; Sept. 29. 1876; in. (3) Burke, X. V., 
June 2, 1881, Mrs. Mary McMasler. 
Children by first wife, b. Alburgh: 

Deborah Ann, b. Nov. 19. 1837; d. North Bangor, N. Y., Dec. 7, 

187.1; m. Alburgh, (Jet. 15. 1867, George Gibbs. 
Job Harrison, b. June 5. 1X40: d. Nov. 8. 1840. 

11 16 William Henry," 1>. June 21. 1843; m. Celia Kinsley. 
Thomas, b. Jan. 11, 1846; d. Alburgh, Nov. 7, 1874. ut.m. 

.523. Ichabod 7 BabcoCk, son of Job and Emeline (Pike) 
Babcock (Ichabod, John, Job. John. James), b. Al- 
burgh, Vt.. Aug. 2S. 1813; d. Sutton. Quebec, Feb. 1. 1872; 
m. (1) Isle La Motte, Mar. 5. 1839. Sally Reynolds, b. Al- 
burgh; 111. (2) Alburgh. Mar. 1. 1842, Mersula. dau. of 
David Sowles, d. West Brome, Quebec. 
Children by second wife: 

Ichabod, b. Alburgh, Dec. 0. 1842: <1. Alburgh, May 7. i860. 

1 1 17 Philver L.," b. Oct. 20. 1S4O: m. Sarah Jane Bright. 

Albert Butler, b. Alburgh, Feb. 20, 1852; d. Sutton, Quebec, Feb. 2. 

11 18 Sarah Aseneth. b. Alburgh. Oct. 20. 1856: m. Ransom J. Parsons. 

1 1 19 Emma S., b. Sept. 12. 1858; m. Lewis H. Lovejoy. 

524. Thomas 7 Babcock, son of Job and Emeline (Pike) 
Babcock ( Ichabod. John. Job. John. James), b. Alburgh, 
Vt.. July 22. 1818: d. Andersonvillc, Ga., Nov. 4, 1864; m. 
Alburgh. Mar. 23. 1847. Saphronia, dau. of \\ r altcr and Sally 
(Matthews) Darrow, b. Alburgh, Feb. 25, 1819, d. Boston, 
Mass., Dec. 14, 1897. 


The Babcock Genealogy. 

Thqmas Babcock was a Sergeant in Company K, nth Ver- 
mont Volunteers, in the Civil War. 
Children, b. Alburgh : 

1120 Henry, 1 l>. May 21, 184K; m. Adelc C. Stiles. 

Cynthia Evelyn, 1). Sept. 15. 1849; re-. igoa, Washington, K.m.; m. 

Alburgh, Apr. 11, 1867, J. Morse, -'>n of Edwin ami Delia 

(White) Land. .11, b. Hero, Vt.. Nov. 17, 18.44. 
Agnes E., b. Oct. 26, 1854; d. Alburgh, Apr. 17, 1856. 
Thomas, 1>. May 1. 1857; d. Alburgh, May 4, 1857. 

1121 Perrin Dwight, b. Jan. 25, i8(k>; m. Ella L. Barnes. 

1122 Leslie W., b. Oct. s, 1801 ; in. Carrie A. Chcsebrough. 

525. Emeline 7 Babcock, dan. of Job and Emelinc (Pike) 
Babcock (Ichabod, John, Job, John. James), b. Al- 
burgh, Vt., Dec. 10, 1820; d. Alburgh, Mar. 23, 1853; m. 
Alburgh, Dec. 29, 1842, Walter, son of Walter and Sally 
(Matthews) Harrow, b. Alburgh, Aug. 11, 1817; res. 1902, 
Cresco, la. 


Wesley, d. ; Emeline; Frances. 

Job, b. ; m. ; res. 1902, Cresco, la. 

526. Ezra' Babcock, son of Job and Emeline (Pike) Bab- 
cock (Ichabod, John. Job, John, James), b. Alburgh, 

Vt., June 20. 1823; d. Ogdensburg, X. Y., Mar. 25, 1899; 
m. (1) Alburgh, Ian. 1. 1851, fulia, dan. of Orange Spoon, 
d. Burke, N. Y., Nov., 1865; m. (2) Belmont, X. V., Feb. 9, 
1867, Louisa Weston; res. 1902, Oshawa, Ontario. 
Children, b. Alburgh: 

Amy. b. Feb. 24, 1852; m. Burke, N. Y., Dec. 18, 1872; M." G. 

1 123 John Wesley,* h. Nov. 25. 185.}; m. Augusta Dickie. 

Mary Ann. b. Aug. 10. 1857; res. h)02. Malone, X. Y. ; m. Burke, 
N. Y., Feb. 1. 1000. Putnam W. Hutchins. No children. 

1124 William Austin, b. Aug. 11, 1800: m. Carrie F. Williamson. 
Il-?5 Elizabeth, b. Sept. 13, 1862; m. George II. Williamson. 

527. Mary 7 Babcock, dau. of Job and Emeline (Pike) Bab- 
cock (Ichabod, John, Job, John, James), b. Alburgh, 

Vt., July 12, 1825; d. Plattsburg, Mar. 3, 1875; m. Alburgh, 
Mar. 24. 1846, Elisha, son of Daniel McGregor, b. Alburgh, 
1820, d. Plattsburg, X. V.. Alar.. 1S63. 
Children, b. Plattsburg: 

Mary Ann. b. Dec. 11, 1847; m. Plattsburg, Sept. 15. 1JV14. Charles 

Calkins. He d. Aug. 10. i8<><). She re<. i<ki2. at 9 Fagle Street. 
Newburyport, Mass. Has three children. 
Daniel, h. Oct. 14. 1840: res, 190.2. Lexington. Neb.; m. Leadville, 

Col., Lida Silver. Has four children. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 249 

Emeline, b. Jan. 20, iSs?; res. i<x)2, Plattsburg, N. V. ; m. Josiah 
Hewitt, Feb. 26, 1880, b. Peru, N. Y., 1850. 

James, 1». Aug. 14, 1854; n>. 1902, Plattsburg, N. Y ; m. Platts- 
burg, Sept. _'5. 1895, Nettie E. Hull, I). Mar. 9, 1867. 

Erne, 1). Feb. 5. 1857; unm. ; n-s. 1902, Plattsburg. 

Elisha Elmer, b. .May [4, 1859; unm.; re-.. J<J02, Chester. N. H. 

Alice, b. Feb. 18, 1861 ; res. 1902, Plattsburg, N. Y. 

L. Gertrude, l>. Mar. 14. 1863; re-. i</>_\ at 144 High St.. New- 
buryport, Mass.; m. William G. Fisher. Has three children. 

528. Mary' Babcock, dau. of Ichabod and Sarah (Pike) 
Babcock (Ichabod, John, Job, John, James), b. Al- 

burgh, Vt., Apr. 2, [804; d. Alburgh, Apr. 12, 1872; m. Sept. 
3, 1821, James Mc Kirov, b. Ireland. 
Children : 

Catherine; James; Barnard; Lucy; Marianah; William. 

529. Ichabod 7 Babcock, son of Ichabod and Sarah (Pike) 
Babcock (Ichabod, John, Job, John, James), b. Al- 

burgh, Vt, Mar. 10, 1S05: d. South Hero. Vt., Nov. 25, 
1836; m. South Hero. Dec. 18. 1828, Emily Boardman. 
Children, b. Alburgh : 

1 126 Joseph Carlton," b. Oct. 15, 1829; m. (1) Jane Rose; m. (2) 

Mahala Sherwood. 
Deborah, b. June 11. 183 1 ; d. E. Troy, Wis.. May 8, 1898; m. E. 

Troy. July 5, 1853, Washington C. Keats. She had three children, 

Frank, Clara. Willis. 
Orplia L.. b. Aug. 12, 1833; res. 1902. Troy Center, Wis.; m. ( 1 ) 

Troy, Wis., Sept. 25. 1851, Geo. H. Taylor; in. ( _• ) Palmyra, 

Aug. 22, 1874, Charles VVatkins. Has one son, George W. Taylor. 


530. Amy 7 Babcock. dau. of Ichabod and Sarah (Pike) 
Babcock (Ichabod. John, Job, John, Tames), b. Al- 
burgh, Vt., 1808; d. N. Bangor, N. Y., Apr. 8, 1S62; m. 
Alburgh, Jan. 10, 1825, Samuel Gibbs. 

Children : 


John ; George ; James. 

531. Lucy 7 Babcock, dau. of Ichabod and Sarah (Pike) 
Babcock (Ichabod, John. Job. John. James), b. Al- 
burgh. Vt., May 25, 1815; d. Alburgh, Aug. 15. 1873: m. 
Alburgh. Tul v }. [850, Joseph Gosselin, b. Bethlehem, X. Y., 
J d. Alburgh, Vt 

Children, b. Alburgh Center: 

Sarah, b. Mar. 22. 1851 ; res. 1902. Springfield. Mo. ; m. Humboldt, 
j la., Samuel Rogers. 

L . Cecilia A., b. Dec. 22, 1854; d. Isle La Motte ; m. James Ritchie. 


The Babcock Genealogy, 

532. . James 7 Babcock, son of Ichabod and Sarah (Pike) 
Babcock (Ichabod, John, Job, John, James), b. Al- 
burgh, Yt., Mar. 20, [818; d. Center, Wis., June 29, [865; 
m. (1) Alburgh, Lovey Roberts, b. Fairfax, Yt. ( ?), Apr. 22, 
1814, (1. July 29, [860; in. (2) Wisconsin, Feb. l8, l86l, 
Mrs. Esther 1 [arrison. 

Children by lirst marriage: 

Susan M., 1>. July 29, 184.*; d. Sept. o, 1843. 
Charles B., 1). Aug, 11, 1845; res. 1902, Center, Wis, 

Susan P., I*. Feb. 22, 1848; d. Sept. 17, iS^q. 

Justina, 1). Aug. 26, 1850; res. [902, Center, Wis.; m. Jan. 3, 1877, 

Eli Crall. 
James W., I). Jan. iS. 1852; in. Oct. 24. 1X76. Mary McGhec. 
Leroy J., b. Oct. 2, 1854: m. June 29, 1876. Libbic Thomas. 
Marian, b. Feb. 19, 1857; res. i(y02, St. l'atil, Minn.; in. Dec. i5, 

1881, J. W. Roberts. 




Children by second marriage 

Nellie S., b. Mar. 12, 1862 
Willie G., b. Mar. 6, 1864. 

in. Nov.' 24, t88z, John Fisher. 

533. James 7 Babcock, son of Christopher and Polly (Pot- 
ter) Babcock (Christopher, George, George, John, 
James), b. Westerly, K. I.. Nov. 10. 1784; d. Cheektowaga, 
N. Y., Dec.. 1859; m. Westerly. Lois, dan. of James and 
Esther (Burdick) Ross, b. Westerly. Apr. 30, 1790, d. Cheek- 
towaga. N. Y., Oct. 15, 1871. 
Children : 

1127 Christopher.'' I). ; m. Lucy Valentine. 

Martha, b. Westerly: <1. young. 
I12S James Ross. h. July _'o. 1K17; m. Ruth Phillips. 

1129 Benjamin, b. : m. Susan Darner. 

Edwin, h. Cohocton, NT. Y. ; d. Buffalo, N. Y., Aug. 28. iX<)4, unm. 
Mary Elizabeth, b. Cohocton; res. 1902, at 174 Whitney Place, 

Buffalo, N. Y. ; unm. 
Esther Jane, h. ; d. young. 

1130 William C, h. 1827 (?); m. Lucy Burton. 

534. Martha 7 Hazard, dan. of George and Martha (Bab- 
cock) Hazard (Christopher, George, George, John, 
James), b. Charlestown, R. I.. Jan. 25, 1782; d. Apr. 11, 
i860; m. Marlborough, son of Augustus and Eunice (Cran- 
dall) Stanton, b. Westerly. R. I., 1779. d. Dec. 21, 1835. 
Children, b. Charlestown : 

Albert W.. h. 1807; d. Dec. 24. [8»',. mini. 
1131 George.* b. Jan. 24. iS<x): m. (t) Catherine Sand-; m. (2) Sarah 
M. Brown; in. (3) Briilyet Babcock Browning. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 251 

535. Georgi: 7 Babcock, son of Hezekiah and Mary 

(Brown) Babcock (Hezekiah, George, George, John, 

James), !). Jan. 4, 1808; d. Nov., 1887; m. Apr., 1850, 

I Mary llinman. 

Children : 
Myra C, b. Feb. 10. 1851; living May, 1897. 

Mary Augusta, b. (Jet. _-. 1852; <l. June -'4. 1854. 
Mela, I). Apr. 21, 1855; living, i^<;7- 
Martha Louise, b. Mar. 9, 1858; d. July 3, 1863. 
Clara Georgia, b. Dec, 29, i860; living, 1S07. 

George Grant, b. June 8, 1864; d. . 

Josephine, h. Sept. I, 1S07 ; living, iS<>7. 

536. CouRTLAND 7 Babcock, son of Hezekiah and Mary 
(Brown) Babcock (Hezekiah, George, George, John, 

James), b. Jan. 29, 1810; d. Mar. 7, 1883; m. Clarissa 
Chapin, of Willimantic, Conn. 
Children : 

Henry Harrison, b. Apr. 8, 184 1 ; living May, 1897. 
Courllaml, b. Apr. 13. 1845; ni. Mar. 3, itt>7- 
Hezekiah, b. May 3'- i«47 : d. Jan. _'_', 1858. 
Herman Chapin, h. Oct. <>. 1853; living, in 1897. 
Brainaril C, b. Apr. y, 1850; d. Aug. 16. 1865. 

537. Hannah Brown 7 Babcock, dan. of Rowse, Jr., and 
Hannah (Brown) Babcock (Rowse, George, George, 

John, James), b. Westerly, R. 1.. Nov. 4. 1805; d. Westerly, 

July 30, 1879; m. Westerly. Nov. 29. 1825. Oliver D., son 

( of George and Lydia Dodge' Wells, b. Westerly, Sept. 2, 1802, 

d. Westerly, Oct'. 5. 1888. 


Hannah Babcock Wells, b. Aug. 20. 1826; re*. 1000, Westerly, 
R. I.; 111. Westerly. Sept. i, 1852. Edwin R., son of George Brown, 
of S. Kingston. R. I. 

538. Martha 7 Babcock, dan. of Rowse, Jr., and Hannah 
(Brown) Babcock (Rowse, George, George, John, 

James), b. Westerly. R. I.. Sept. 18, 1807; d. New York 
City, Apr. 24, 1864: m. Oct. 25, 1827, Thomas Falmer 
Stanton, b. Stonington, Conn. 
Children : 

Thomas Nelson, d. unm. ; Albert; Walter. 

539. Harriet 7 Babcock, dan. of Rowse, Jr.. and Hannah 

(Brown) Babcock (Rowse, George. George, John. 

James), b. Westerly. R. I., Oct. 5. 1809; d. Providence, R. I.. 

252 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Aug. 28, [884; in. Sept. 8, 1840, Horatio X.. son of Win- 
throp Campbell, b. Voluntown, Conn., Mar. 13, 1815, d. Provi- 
dence, Mar., 1899. 
Chi Id rcii : 

Harriet Stewart, 1>. Mar. n, [848; res. igoo, Providence. 
Horatio Nelson, b. Aug. 7. 1851; res. iyoo. Providence; m. Mary 

Sarah Augusta, 1). Mar. 24, 1841 ; d. Jan. 28, 1861, uuni. 
John Leverctt, b. Mar. 2, 1845; res. 1900, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
William Balicock, b. Dec. II, 1847; d. June 6, 1849. 

541. Rev. William Robinson 7 Babcock, son of Rowse, 
Jr., and Hannah (Brown) Babcock (Rowse, George, 

George, John, James), h. Westerly, R. I., Mar. 28, 1 8 1 4 ; d. 
Philadelphia, Pa., June 22, [899; 111. Newport, R. I., Oct. 6, 
1840, Catherine A., dan. of Duty J. Pearce, b. Newport, R. I., 
May 3, 1816, d. New York City, Mar. 23. 1894. 

"He was a Brigade Inspector for Washington County, 
1834." (Smith.) 

Children : 

540. Sally Ann 7 BABCOCK, dan. of Rowse, Jr., and Hannah 

(Brown) Babcock (Rowse, George, George, John, 

James), b. Westerly, R. 1., Jan. j; \ [812; d. Westerly, Jan. 

10, 1881; m. June 1, 1840. Dr. John G. Pierce, b. Lebanon, 

Conn., d. Westerly. 
Children : 

Ann Brown, b. June 26. 184 1 ; d. March 24. 1000; m. Oct. 14. 1864. 
John P. Poland, h. Oct. 14. 1836; d. Aug. 8. 1898. Colonel of 
U. S. Infantry and Brigadier General of Volunteers. 

Emma. b. Apr. 26, 1845; d. Aug. 7, 1868; m. Apr. 23, 1867, Alonzo 
P. Howard. 

Catherine, b. June 21, 1847; d. Aug. 26. 1848. 

542. Edwin 7 Babcock, son of Rowse. Jr.. and Hannah 
(Brown) Babcock (Rowse. George. George, John, 
James). 1). Westerly. R. I.. Apr. 8. 1819; res. 1900, Westerly; 
m. Xew York City. Apr. 21, 1845. Olivia S.. dau. of Ebcnezcr 
and Elizabeth (Smith) Cady, b. Fredericksburg, Ya., Nov. 
27, 1821. 

"Edwin Babcock. Brigade Inspector for Washington 
County. R. P. 1838-9." (Smith.) lie was, 1900, President 
of the Phenix National Bank, Westerly, R. P 

Children : 

Eli7aheth Cady. b. Westerly. Aug. 21. 1846; res. 1900. Westerly; 













From an oil portrait. Page 243. 


The Babcock Genealogy. 253 

'1132 Albert," 1). Dec. 5. i8.j.N; m. Sarah Johnson. 

John Cady, b. Apr. u, 1854; d. Oswego, X. Y., July 20, 1K70. 

543. Horace 7 Babcock, s<>n of Rowse, Jr., and Hannah 
(Brown) Babcock (Rowse, George, George, John, 

James), I'. Westerly, R. I.. Aug. 4, 1822; d. Westerly, May 
27, 1883; in. (1) Westerly, Sept. 11. 1843, Abby j., dan. 
of George D. and Abby (Hinckley) Cross, b. Westerly, R. J., 
Nov. 8. 1824, d. Westerly, Nov. 29, 1859; m. (2) Dee. 18, 
i860, Harriet B., sister of first wife, b. Jan. 8, 1838; res. 
1900, Westerly, R. I. 
Children by first wife: 

1133 Rowse,'' b. Aug. 30, \X-\A- »!■ Kate Munger. 
Abby, b. Westerly, Dec. 8, [846; res. [goo, Westerly, K. I.; unm. 
Martha Stanton, b. Westerly, Oct J. 1848; in. Westerly. Oct. 12, 

1870, Edmund, son of Rodman MouUon. Both res. 1000, Provi- 
dence, R. I. No children. 

1134 Hannah, b. Nov. 7, 1850; in. Rev. William M. Groton. 

1135 Horace Hobert, b. Mar. 2<), 1854 ; in. Abby J. Cross. 

Children by second wife: 

Jane, b. Dec. 5. 1861 ; d. Feb. _'4, 1865. 

Mary Townsend, b. Mar. 26, iS^>7 ; re-. IOOO, Westerly; m. Feb. 27, 

1889, Dr. Edwin R., son of Dr. Edwin and (Brown) Lewis. 

No children. 

544. Benjamin 7 Babcock. Jr., son of Benjamin and Nancy 
(Wilcox) Babcock (Rowse, George, George, John. 

James), b. Apr. 25, 1807; d. Jan. 29. 1874; m. New York 
City, May 19. 1835, Susan Mannering. 
Children : 

Cordelia L., b. Mar., 1837. 

Benjamin, b. ; d. Feb.. 1842. 

Henry, b. ; d. Nov., 1867. 

545. Edward Wilcox 7 Babcock. son of Benjamin and 
Nancy (Wilcox) Babcock (Rowse, George, George, 

John. James), b. Sept. 1. 1810: d. Westerly, Dec. 18, 1857; 
m. Westerly, Nov. 27, 1833. Martha B.. dan. of John and 
Mary Cross, b. Westerly, Oct. 2. 1814. d. Apr. 27. 1873. 

He was a merchant of Westerly, at Nos. 10-14 Main Street ; 
was chosen a vestryman of Christ's Chinch "at the first elec- 
tion of officers in 1836," and was a member of the Rhode 
Island Legislature in 1841. 

Mrs. Babcock was in ^JS memorialized by an endowment 
for the High School o\ Westerly, R. T.. of Si. 000. known as 
the "Martha C. Babcock Memorial." The endowment pro- 

254 The Babcock Genealogy. 

vides-that the annual income shall be divided into three cer- 
tain parts and paid to the three students who shall present the 
best three essays on subjects previously announced by the 
school Principal. The endowmenl proves a continual incen- 
tive to good work among the pupils of the school. 
Children : 

Harriet, !>. June 30, 1836; d. Aug. 30, 1836. 

Edward Wilcox, 1). June <>, 1852; res. Troy, N. Y. ; in. at Church 
of the Heavenly Rest, New York City, Oct. 9, 1890, Fanny Ball 
Star. No children. He is an Episcopal clergyman; graduated 
from Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass., in [870, Brown Univer- 
sity in 1X74, and Berkeley Divinity School, Middlctown, Conn., in 
1870. He is rector, kkh, of the Holy Cross Church, Tro\, N. Y. 

546. John 7 Babcock, son of David and Sarah ( Beardsley) 
Babcock (David. David, George, [ohn, lames), b. 

Utica, N. Y.. Feb. io. 1803; d. Willoughby, O., Sept. 3, 1888; 
in. Martha O., dan. of Ebenezer and Dorothy (Rice) Rand. 
b. Montague, Mass., Dec. 20, 181 o, d. Willoughby, Apr. 3, 

Children, b. Willoughby: 

1 136 Augusta, 9 b. Feb. 13. 1836; ni. Chauncey Wicker. 
George, b. Nov. 5, i8.?7. 
Harriet, b. Aug. 5. 1843; d. Willoughby, Jan. 9, 1871 ; m. Chicago, 

Jan. 1, 1867, Henry Moore. 
John, b. Oct. 12, 18s ?; d. California. Apr. 13, 1874. unin. 

547. Jesse 1 Babcock. son of David and Sarah (Beardsley) 
Babcock (David, David. GeOrge, John, Tories ). b. 

Marcy, X. Y., Oct. 16, 1805: d. Dexter. N. Y., Dec. 8, 1885; 
m. New Hartford, X. Y., Sept. 26, 1831, Maria Morgan, d. 
Dexter, June 14, 18^4. 

1137 Mary," b. Sept. 22. 18^2: m. Joseph G. Smith. 

David, b. Dexter. N. Y., Jan. 4. 18.^4: d. Hot Springs. Ark.. Mar. 
28. 1899; m. 1872. Sarah, dau. of Timothy Strong. She res. 1002, 
Fond du Lac. Wis. 

Elizabeth, b. May 31. 1836; res. 1002. San Francisco, Cal. ; m. Dex- 
ter, N. Y„ 1859. Sandford E. Hcrrick. 

George, b. Jan. 3. 1844: d. Dexter, 1879. 

1 138 William, b. June 29, 1848; m. Mary Rlake. 

548. George 7 Babcock. son of David and Sarah (Beards- 
lev) Babcock (David. David. George, John. James), b. 

Deersfield, X. Y.. May 3. 1810; d. Waupun, Wis., Oct.. 1877; 
111. X T e\v York, June 1, 1845, Emily, dau. of Deliverance and 
Mary (Hyde) Brown, l>. Vermont, Sept., 1S12, d. Waupun, 
Mar. 21, . 


1790-1876. P^gc ^43- 

The Babcock Genealogy. 255 


1139 Emma,* l>. Apr. 2, 184^1; m. Horace E. Horton. 

549. Almon 1 Babcock, s< >n of Perry and Cynthia (Hickox) 
Babcock (Jonathan, David, George, John, James), 

h. Granville, Mass., Nov. i<;. 1788; d. Rootstown, O., May 4, 

1850; m. Rootstown, Dec. 25, [814, Mary, dan. of Roljert 

and Chloe (Wadsworth) Collins, l>. Hartford, Conn., Aug. 15, 

1789, d. Rootstown, May 28, 1859. 

In June, 1810, Almon went from \V. Granville, Mass., to 

Ohio as a nieinher of the Charlcstown Land Company to look 

after his father's land. 

Children : 


1140 Perry H. f " b. Jan. -23, 1816; in. (1) Marie Hurd; in. (2) Caroline 
^ Baldwin. 

' John, h. Ravenna, ()., Dee. 25, 1819; <l. Dec. 22. 1822. at Ravenna. 

Mary Ann, !>. Mar. 12. iXj2; res. rg02, Ravenna. O. 

1 141 Albert. 1>. Sept. 12. 1824; in. Betsey Avery. 
Eliza, I). Au^. 4. 1827; d. Aug. 10. 1861 ; m. Apr. 24. 1853, Dr. 

Stephen Miller, b. Amherst, Mass.; <1. Feb. 2, 1854. Had one 
daughter, who d. young. 

550. Edmund 7 Babcock, son of Perry and Cynthia (Hi- 
ckox) Babcock (Jonathan. David, George, John. 

James), b. Granville, Mass.. May 28, 1793; d. Ravenna, O., 
Sept. 9, 1871 : in. Granville, May 10. 1815, Leura, dan. of 
James and Abigail (Burt) Bates, b. Hartland, Conn., Jan. 13, 
1795, d. Ravenna, Aug. 12, 1866. 
Children : 

(Abigail Cornelia, b. Granville. Mass., Sept. 20. 1817; d. Ravenna, 
May 12, 1877; m. (1) Ravenna, Nov. 19, 1839. Julius Hotch- 
V kiss; m. (2) John McClur. 

Betsey Maria, b. Ravenna, Oct. 1, 1818; res. 1902, Ravenna: m. 

Ravenna, Aug. 8. 1850; Nelson son of John Ward; d. Ravenna, 

Nov. 26, 1900. 

Sarah M., b. Ravenna. Aug. 26. 1820: d. CKngc. la.. Feb. 12, 1887; 

I ni. Ravenna. July 4. 1X40. William H. Williamson. 

\ David Bates, b. Ravenna. Sept. 17. 1S22: m. Fagle Prairie, Wis., 

(Maria, dau. of Henry Knapp, b. Eagle Prairie. 
1142 Emeline F., 9 b. Oct. 28. 1X24; m. William L. Coolman. 
1143 Harriet C. b. Jan. 8, 1827: m. (1) Luke Sawyer: m. (2) Jackson 
D. Carrington. 
1 144 Fthan Elijah, b. Dec. 18. 1828: m. Mary Tombs. 

Charles Killboune, b. Apr. 6, 1831; d. Ravenna, Sept. 7. 1832. 

{ 551. SALLY M. 7 BABCOCK, dan. of Terry and Cynthia (Ili- 

1' ckox) Babcock (Jonathan, David, George, John, 

•A James), b. Granville. Mass., Apr. 20. 1798: d. Ravenna, O., 

f 1863; m. Ravenna, 1820, William Stinaff, b. Connecticut, 

j 1787, d. Kent, O. 

2$() The Babcock Genealogy. 

.Children, 1>. Ravenna : 

Maria, b. 1821 ; unm. 

Henry William, l>. 1823; d. Kent, 0. : m. (1) Kent. Lydia Button; 
in. (2) Ravenna, Marctta Loomis; m. (3) Austinburg, (1 
Mrs. Emily 1'liin; m. (4) Greenville. Pa., Mr--. Ellen Whitney., 

Sylvanus Perry, b. 1828; res. 1902, Kent, O. ; m. Jan. 1, 1851, 
Kent, Mary L., dan. of David and Mary Parnham Day. 

552. Cynthia M. 7 Babcock, dau. of Perry and Cynthia 
(Hickox) Babcock (Jonathan, David. George, John. 

James), b. Granville, Mass., [804; d. Rose Hill, Ja., Nov. 7, 
1878; m. (1) Alexander Frazer; m. (2) Ravenna, 0., Jan. 
9, 1831, Waite Hickox, l>. Litchfield County, Conn., Oct. 20, 
1790, d. Ravenna. .May 16, 1845. 
Children, b. Ravenna : 

Stephen, b. Nov. 27, 1831 ; res. 1902, Union Mills. la.; in. Kent, 0., 

1863, Dorliska Sapp. 
Scth, b. Dec. 20, 1834; res. 1902. Rose Hill; unm. 
Chauncey, b. Oct. 20, 1837; res. 1902, at 450 G St.. Washington, 

D. C. ; in. New Haven, Conn., 1867, Lucy Bryant. 
Henry, b. Mar. JO, 1841 ; d. Rose Hill, May 11, 1898, unm. 

553. George Denison 7 Babcock, son of Denison and Fanny 

(Marsh) Babcock (Benedict, David, George, John. 
James), 1). New Hartford, X. Y., Jan. 21, 181 8; d. New 
Hartford, May 6. 1874; 111. New Hartford, Oct. 1,-1843, 
Elizabeth, dan. of George and Sarah (Morton) Clark, h. 
Milan, X. Y., Jan. 2j, 1821 ; res. 1902, at 833 Genesee St.. 
Utica, X. Y. 

Children, b. New Hartford: 

Fanny, b. July 19. 1S44 ; d. Sept. 20, 1840. at New Hartford. 
Alice, 1). Oct. 25. 1846; d. young. 
Albert, twin to Alice, d. Mar. 10. 1847. 
George H.. b. \\-c. 1848; (1. Sept. 16. 1850. 
Mary Elizabeth, b. Oct. 7. 1851 ; <1. Jan. 8. 1852. 
1145 Clara X.," b. Oct. 31, 1865; in. Frank C. Ogden. 

554. GlDEON Chesebrough 7 Babcock. son of Gideon and 
Sarah (Saver) Babcock (Gideon. David. George, John. 

James), b. Boston. Mass.. Feb. 17. 1804; d. Homer, X. Y.. 
May 19. 1866; m. McLean, X. Y.. Apr. 8. 1827. Phebe, dan. 
of Capt. "John and Elizabeth (Stanton) Noyes, 1). McLean. 
N. Y., Feb. 14. 1805. d. Homer, May 21/1868. In 1809 
he removed to Brook-field, X. Y. 
Children : 

Sarah Sayrc, b. : res. 1902. Niagara Falls, N. Y. ; m. Concord. 

N. C., Jan. 5. 1853, George L. Gibson. Had two children, both 
d. young. 



Page 252. 



The Babcock Genealogy. 257 

Edith M., 1>. ; d. Aug. 8, 1880; m. Homer, N. Y.. Sept. 7, 

1854, Edward I Thurbcr. 
Gideon Chesebrough ; d. young. 
Lois Noyes, b. ; d. May i8, 1882; m. Homer, Dec. i6, 1858, 

David H. Hammond. IIa<l one child, d. young. 
Mary Elizabeth, h. — ; d. Feb. [4, 1879; m. Homer, Sept. 12, 

1865, Alburtus Webb. 

Sophronia M.. I>. ; m. Homer, Apr. 8, 1K7.1. George W. Payne. 

1140 Alice C.,' b. ■ — •; in. John Winslow Trolt. 

555. Mary Ann 7 Babcock, clan, of Gideon and Sarah 
(Sayer) Babcock (Gideon, David. George, John, 

James), 1). Boston, Mass., Nov. 27, [808; d. Rochester, 

Minn., Nov. _\ [901 ; m. S. Brookfield, X. V., Jan. 1, 1827, 

Stephen Perry Collins, b. Brookfield (?), 1800 (?). 

Children : 

Gideon Babcock, b. New Woodstock, N. Y. ; d. Manitowoc, Wis.; 

m. Rachel Piatt. 
Norman (i . b. New Woodstock; res. 1902, San Diego, Tex. 

1147 Mary A.," b. May 5, 18.52; in. Harrison W. Garrett. 

556. Harry Chesebrough 7 Babcock, son of Richard and 
Mary C. (Perry) Babcock (Gideon, David, George, 

John, James), b. May 13, 1817; d. Newport, X. Y., Mar. 30, 
1892;* m. 1844, Harriet M., dan. of Saunders and Polly 
(Maxson) Crandall, 1). June 10, 1824, d. Mar. 28, 1885. 
Children : 

1148 Frank H., 1 b. Dec. 7. 1851 ; m. Nancy Burdick. 

Frederick, b. ; d. young; Irving, b. ; d. young. 

557. Abigail Perry 7 Babcock, dan. of Richard and Mary 

(Perry) Babcock (Gideon. David, George, John, 
James), b. Truxton, X. Y., Dec. 1;. 1821; res. 1002, New 
Berlin, N. V. ; m. S. Brookfield, X. V.. May 14, 1845, Jor- 
dan, son. of Thomas Sarle. b. New Berlin, Nov. 22, 181 7, d. 
New Berlin, Mar. 26, 1900. 
Children, b. New Berlin : 

Thomas H., b. 1850; res. 1002, Rochester, N. Y. ; m. 1875, Lihhie 

Ida Florence, b. 1854. res. H)02. New Berlin. N. Y. : in. New Ber- 
lin, 1878, Lewis G. Brown. Has one son. Lewis, h. June 3, 1893. 

Willis Clayton, b. 1858; res. 1902, Corning, Cal. ; m. S. New Berlin, 
N. Y., Grace Warren. 

Alice Caroline, b. 1863; res. 1902, Oneonta, N. Y. ; m. New Berlin, 
1884, Otto L. Nichols. 

* 558. Gideon Perry 7 Babcock, son of Richard and Mary 

(Perry) Babcock (Gideon, David, George, John. 

James), b. S. Brookfield, X. Y., Oct. 18. 1829; res. 1902, 

258 The Babcock Genealogy. 

S. Brookfield; m. Western vi He, X. Y., Dec. 19, 1861, Lydia, 
dau. of Abiel and Harriet (Felton) Macomber, l>. Western, 
N. Y., (1. S. Brookfielcl, Nov. 15. 1886. 
Children : 

Charles, 1). Sept. 8, 1864; res. 1902, Berkley, Cal. 

Harriette Ann. b. July n, [866; m. Walter I. Sweet. 

Corrington Milton, l>. June 8, 1876; res. 1902, Oneida Castle, X. V.; 
m. Aug. 30, 1899, Maud Watson, dau. <>f James and Eliza Wat- 
son. No children. 

Frances Myra, b. Oct. 13, 1877. 

559. Elizabeth II. 7 Babcock, dau. of Asa and Elizabeth 

(Noyes) Babcock (Gideon, David, George, John, 

James), 1). Brookfield, X. Y., July 17, 1814; d. Syracuse, 

N. V.. Dec. 1, 1889; m. (1) George Stone; 111. (2) Robert 
J. Niven, b. Peek-skill. X. Y., Feb. jo, 1814, d. Southampton, 
England, Nov. 24, 1885. 
Children, h. Montrose, Pa.: 

Charlotte Elizabeth, b. . ; res. 1902, Paris, France; m. Pari-, 

Paul dc Sers. No children. 

William Hegan, b. ; d. Jan. 25, 1804; m. Syracuse, N. Y., 

Amelia . No children. 

1149 Eliza," b. ; m. William A. McKinney. 

560. Mary 7 Babcock, dau. of Asa and Elizabeth (Noyes) 
Babcock (Gideon, David, George, John, Tames), b. 
Truxton, N. Y.. May 8. 1817; d. Brooklyn, X. V.. May 9. 
1882; m. ( 1 ) Aug. 6, 1839, Charles, son of T. and Eliza 
(Warren) Lynde, b. Apr. 7, 18 10. lie died at the burning 
of the steamer Erie, on Lake Erie. Aug. 12. 1841. at which 
time more than one hundred lives were lost. The only woman 
among the thirty passengers saved was Mary Babcock Lynde. 
She m. (2) Syracuse. X. Y.. Feb. 4. 1846, Edward Bartlett 
Wicks, b. Paris. X. Y., Aug-. 9. i8o> d. Svracusc. X. Y.. 
Feb. 3. 1872. 

Child by first husband: 

Charles J. Lynde. b. Apr. 21, 1842; d. July 23, 1843. 

561. Ct.ara 7 Babcock, dau. of Asa and Elizabeth (Noyes) 
Babcock (Gideon, David, George. John, James), b. 


Children, by second husband, b. Svracusc: 

FJlen P.. h. Oct. 10, 1846; d. Feb. 21. 1848. 

Edward P... b. Jan. 16. t8 4 8 : ,1. July 8. 1840. 

1 150 Frederick- S.." 1>. Apr. 25. 1851 ; in. Lily M. Doane. 

Edward Bartlett. b. Apr. 28, 1856; res. 1002. Salt Lake City, Utah; 

— -- » *.~ " .>- 





...... ...... ^^ ■ Si* ,„■ ., ,.w, «.,■.! ...«« ihin ..»H 


Page 259. 

The Babcock Genealogy, 259 

Truxton, X. V., Apr. 5, [819; d. Syracuse, X. V., Aug. 16, 
1855; 111. Truxton, X. Y., July 14, [842, Dr. Amos Wcscott, 

d. Syracuse, X. Y., July 5, 1873. He 111. (2) Harriet Nash, 
and had a family of children. 
Children : 

Watts, b. ; d. young; Catherine. 

1 151 Edward Noyes," b. Sept. 27, [846; m. Jane Dows. 

562. Edward 1 Babcock, son of Asa and Elizabeth (Noyes) 

Babcock (Gideon, David. George, John. James), b. 
Truxton, X. Y., Jan. [2, 1822; d. Brooklyn, X. V., May 2, 
1882; m. (1) Truxton, Aug., 1843, Rhoda Ann, dan. of 
William and Mary (Stuart) Trobridge, b. Truxton, Mar. 3, 
1822, d. Dec. 8, 1848; 111. (2) Sept. 15, 1853. Catherine Cyn- 
i thia, dau. of Charles and Cynthia (Thompson) Lynde, b. 

Homer, X. Y., Sept. 15, 1829. 
Children by first wife: 

Charles, b. ; d. in infancy. 

1 152 Mary Elizabeth," b. July -'4, 1848; m. Judge Edward Beers Thunias. 

Children, by second wife: 

1153 Charles L., 1>. Mar. 23, 1X5$: m. Hester Wortendyke. 
Franecs, b. Brooklyn. Feb. 18, 1859; d. Brooklyn, May 27, 1890; 

m. Nov. 30. 1889, John Oscar Ball. No children. 

1154 Augusta YV.. b. Nov. 4. 1861 ; m. (1) Cyrus Porter Smith; m. (2) 
James A. Ostrum. 

1 1 55 Edward Howard, b. Oct. 29. 1863; in. Alice Talbot. 
Watts, b. Sept. 21. 1865; d. Brooklyn. Nov. 6. 1865. 
Catherine, b. Nov. 10, 1809; d. Brooklyn, May 31, 1887. 

-. 563. Henry 7 Bahcock, son of Asa and Elizabeth (Noyes) 

Babcock (Gideon, David, George, John. James), b. 

/ Truxton. X. Y., Feb. 14, 183 1; d. Syracuse. X. Y., Oct. 5, 

1899; m. Syracuse. X. Y., Sept. 15, 1857, Emily Marie, dau. 

of Rev. Ebenezcr. D.D.. and Mary A." (Davis) Maltbie. b. 

Clinton, X. Y., Feb. 9, 1836, d. Syracuse. Mar. 11, 1895. 
2 Children : 

' 1 156 Rev. Maltbie D.. 1 b. Aug. 3. 1858; m. Katherine E. Tallman. 

/ 1 157 Howard N., b. Oct. 7. i860: m. Caroline Lathrop. 

Clara Emily, b. Sept. 5. 1865: in. Harry II. Wadsworth : res. 

1902. 195 Front St.. Binghamton, N. Y. 
Henry Town-end. 1>. Mar. 30. 1872; re-. 1002. at 309 McBride St., 
I Syracu-c. X. Y. 

A Mary Elizabeth, b. Feb. 1. 1874: res. 1002. at 340 W. 57th St.. X Y ; 

> in. Syracuse, Sept. 5, 1895. Charles, son "f Thomas ami Harriet 

f. (Este) Slmk-s. b. Cleveland. O.. June 6. t868 No children. 

I Ann Tredwell, b. Feb. 2. 1878; res. 1002. 3 Colonial Place, Pitts- 

burg, Pa. 

260 The Babcock Genealogy. 

564. George A. 7 Babcock, son of Jonathan and Elizabeth 
(Wright) Bahcock (Jonathan, Jonathan, George, John, 

James), b. Hopkinton, l\. [., Doc. _•<>. 1813; living 1901, 
Ashaway, K. I.; m. | 1 ) Mar. i. [840, Abby Ann Brown, d. 
Ashaway, Oct., [852; m. (2) Mar. 5, 1853, Ashaway, Mrs. 
Thankful L. Burclick. 
Children by first w ife : 

Eliza A., b. in Rockville, R. I., ; d. 1841. 

Hannah Abby, b. Jan. j$, 1S.J3; m. Russcl Maxson. 
Mary Ann, b. Ashaway, Aug., 185J ; d. i860. 

Child l>v second wife : 


1158 Alice L., s 1). Apr. 4, 1856; in. John (i. Campbell. 

565. Stephen 7 Babcock, son of Jonathan and Elizabeth 
(Wright) Babcock (Jonathan, Jonathan. George, John, 

James), h. Hopkinton, K. 1.. Feb. 20, [822; d. Hope Valley, 
R. I., Sept. 12, 1898; m. Richmond, R. I.. Jan. 1, [855, 
Mercy, dan. of John and Mercy (Moore) Barber, b. Rich- 
mond, Apr. 2, 1830; res. 1902, Hope Valley, R. I. 
Children, h. Hope Valley: 

Mercy, b. ; 111. William J. Rrap. 

Susan Ann. b. — — -; res. i<joj. Hope Valley. 
Phebe Maria, b. ; res. iyoj, Ilope Valley. 

566. Hannah IT. 7 Babcock, dan. of Peleg and Sarah (Tot- 
ter) Bahcock (Peleg, Hezekiah, George, John, James), 

b. S. Kingston, R. I., Sept. 9, 1820; d. June, 1862; m. Cornell 
Child : 

Sarah, b. ; in. Juhn Whcaton ; res. 1002, Lebanon, Conn. 

567. Esther 7 Bahcock. dan. of Peleg and Sarah (Potter) 
Bahcock (Peleg. Hezekiah, George, John, Tames), h. 

S. Kingston. R. I.. Dec. 15, 1821; d. S. Kingston. Sept. 30. 
1862; in. S. Kingston. Apr. to. 1830. Thomas A. Gould, 
b. S. Kingston, Oct. 11. 1S19, d. S. Kingston. June 4, 1898. 
Children : 

Charles Horace, b. Mnv 5. 184.1: rc<. 1002. Gould, R. I.; in. Dec. 
26. 187S, Sti^an T. Nichols, b. June 6. 1853. 

Pc!c£ Edmund, b. : d. in infancy. 

Clarence A.. 1>. : m. Sarah E. Pendleton. » 

1 159 Susan Mcllissa." b. Apr. 22, 1851; m. Rowland R. Gardner. 

568. Peleg F. 7 Bahcock. son of Peleg and Sarah (Potter) 
Bahcock (Peleg, Hezekiah, George, John, James), b. 


The Babcock Genealogy. 261 

S. Kingston, Oct. 3, [825; res. 1902, E. Greenwich, R. J.; m. 
Dec. 29, 1856, Mary F., dan. of Niles and Fanny (Burdick) 

Sherman, b. R. L, Mar. 15, 1835. 
Children : 

Franklin Niles, 1>. Aug. 13, 1858; res. 1902, Providence, R. L; m. 

June 22, 1899, Mrs. Elizabeth (Lapham) Treat, dan. of Enos 

and Abbie (Austin) Lapham. No children. 
Clarence Vernon, b. Sept. 16, 1861 ; d. Mar. 21, 1901 ; m. June 20, 

1889, Mr:-.. Sarah (Wcedcn) Bennett, dau. of Elam and Hannah 

(Spencer) Wceden. No children. 
Mary C, l>. Ike. n, 1X05; res. 1902, E. Greenwich, R. I. 
Rouse Potter, 1). Mar. 28, 1868; d. Jan. 25, J.S75. 

569. Charles Hazard 7 Babcock, son of Peleg and Sarah 
(Potter) Babcock (Peleg, Hezekiah, George, John, 
James), b. S. Kingston, R. I., Feb. 14, 1832; res. 1902, S. 
Kingston; m. (1) Perryville, R. I., Aug. 15, 1858, Jane B., 
dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth (Tucker) Segar; m. (2) Apr. 
23, 1888, Mary Elizabeth James. 
Child by first wife: 

Sarah Jane, b. S. Kingston, R. I., May 8, i860; d. Sept. 20, 
1885; m. Albert Wright. Had one son, Charles Albert, b. May 10, 

Child by second wife : 
Mina Ethel, b. Mar. 4. 1889. 

570. George Washington 7 Babcock, son of Peleg and 
Sarah (Potter) Babcock (Peleg. Hezekiah, George, 

John, Tames), b. S. Kingston. R. I.. May 18. 1838; res. 1902, 
Wakefield, P. I.; m. S. Kingston. Nov. 14. 1858. Anna Ennis, 
b. Rhode Island, 1851. d. Wakefield. Nov. 17, 1881. 
J Child : 

Nellie R.. b. Westerly: res. 1902. Providence. R. I.; m. Wakefield, 
Henry C. Mitchell, b. E. Greenwich. 

571. Henry \Y. t Babcock, son of Joseph P. and Waite T. 
4* (Segar) Babcock (Peleg. Hezekiah, George, John, 

James), b. Sept. 9. 1821 : m. . 

l' Children : 

1 Waite. 1). : in. William Steadman. 
Sarah, b. ; was unm. in 1882. 
John D., 1). ; in. Mary Segar. 

ft- 572. George Frankun 7 Babcock, son of Ethan and Eliza- 

! both (Ken\-on) P.abeoik (Peleg. Hezekiah, George. 

John, James), b. Charlcstown, R. T.. Oct. 4. 1835; res. 1902, 

262 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Carolina, R. [.; in. Providence, l\. I., Mar. 19, 1868, Mary 
Jang dan. of Henry and Harriet Cahoone, b. Bristol, R. I., 

A[)v. 1 3, 1842, (1. Carolina, Nov. uj, 1888. 
Children : 

1160 S. Franklin," b. Dec. 16, [870; tn. Annie Watson. 

Henry Ethan, b. June, 1S7.?; re>. 1901, Carolina, R. I.: m. Caro- 
lina, June 21, [899, Jessie K.. dau. of William and Harriet ( At- 
wood) Collins, b. VVoodvillc, R. I., .May jo, 1875. No chil- 
dren (1901). 

1 161 Edward, b. .May 19, 1X76; in. Carrie Collins. 

573. Hezekiah 7 Babcock, Jr., son of Hezekiah and Dorcas 
(Peckham) Babcock (Caleb, Hezekiah, George, John, 

James), 1). S. Kingston, R. I.. Oct. 31. 1820; d. S. Kingston, 
Oct. 6, 1863. While- working in a gristmill at S. Kingston he 
was caught in the gear of the mill and killed; m. S. Kingston, 
Oct. 6, [844, Hannah, dau. of Richard and Mary (Peckham) 
Hazard, 1>. S. Kingston, Oct.. 1826. She m. (2) Jonathan 
Allen; res. 1901. S. Kingston. 
Children : 

1162 George Hazard." I). Aug. 10. 1845; m. Alice Houser. 

Mary Dorcas, b. S. Kingston, July 5. [848; res. 1901. Wakefield. 
R. I.; 111. S. Kingston. \)vc. 22. 1K68, George P., son of George 
and Martha (Conghiin) Sherman. 

574. John 7 Babcock, son of Hezekiah and Dorcas (Peck- 
ham) Babcock (Caleb. Hezekiah, George, John, 

James), b. S. Kingston. R. I.. Mar. 2^, 18^1 ; res. 1901. 
Wakefield, R. I.; m. Sept. 23, 1856, Mary P., dan. of William 
S. and Lois Perry, of S. Kingston. 

Mr. Babcock was a Director of the Wakefield National 
Bank from 1854 to 1882. In 1870 he was elected President 
of the Wakefield Institution for Savings, which position he 
held for many years. He has several times been a member of 
the State Legislature. 

Children : 

Lois Elma. b. Sept-6. 1857: res. 1901. Fair Haven, Mass.; m. 1886. 
Thomas Tripp. 

1 163 John ]•:.." b. Oct. 7. 1858; m. Marjorie Rodman. 

William H., b. Dec. 15, 1864; res. ioor, Wakefield, R. I.; unm. 

575. Daniel 7 Babcock, son of F.lisha and Huldah (Green) 
Babcock (Simeon, Elisha, George, John. James), b. 

Charlestown, R. T.. May 18, 1700; <1. Aug. 23, 1832; m. 

Mary, dau. of Huldah (Sherman) Wilcox, b. Charlestown. 
R. I., Aug. 11, 1 80 1, d. Dec. 30, 1 84 1. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 




Children : 

1164 Daniel S.." b. Sept. [6, 1821; in. Henrietta P. Keeney. 
John S., I>. Oct. 1 -i. 1823; (I. Westerly. Oct. 14, 1848. 

1165 Huldah, I). Apr. 2(6, 1826; in. Amos Taylor. 

Matilda, b. Feb. 7. 1829; res. [901, New London, Conn.; in. Perry 
Hoxie, son of Solomon and Mary (Babcock) Hoxie. 

576. Mary 1 Babcock, dau. of Elislia and Huldah (Green) 
Babcock (Simeon. Elisha, George, John. James), b. 

Charlestown, R. I.. Sept. 23, 1798; m. Robert Palmer. He 

was a farmer: lived in X. Stonington, Conn. 
Children : 

Robert; Elislia; Terry G. ; D wight R. 

577. Simeon 7 Babcock, son of Elisha and Huldah (Green) 
Babcock (Simeon. Elisha, George, John, James), b. 

Charlestown, R. [., Mar. 5. 1802; d. Charlestown, R. 1.. July 
7, 1875; m. Mary, dau. of 124 Jesse and Hannah (Cross) 
Babcock, b. Richmond, R. I.. May 14, 1797, d. Charlestown, 
R. I., Apr. 23, 1870. 
Children, b. Hopkinton: 

David and Ruth, b. ; d. young. 

1166 Joseph H. f " h. Sept. 15. 1832; m. .Mary Barhcr. 
Horace, b. July 11, 1837 ; d. Feb. 27, 1892; m. Mary E. Fry. 

578. Hoxie 7 Babcock, son of Elisha and Huldah (Green) 
Babcock (Simeon, Elisha, George, John. James), b. 

July 24, 1813; d. X. Stonington, Oct. 29. 1883; m. ( 1 ) Nov. 
19, 1837, Elizabeth, dau. of Charles and Elizabeth (Perry) 

White, d. Mar. 16. J 877; m. (2) Chescbrough. 


1 167 Mary Elizabeth,' b. Sept. 20. 1838; in. Edward Cundall. 

Horace YY\, b. N. Stonington, Sept. 10. 1840; d. N. Stonington, 
Aug. 28. 1848. 

T.eroy. b. N. Stonington. Sept. 17. 1842: d. Apr. II, 1843. 

liGS Henry E., b. Aug. 18. [846; m. Hannah Ellen Maine. 

Harriet L., h. X. Stonington. Aug. 20. [848; d. Jan. 10. 1870. 

1 169 Ruth C, b. Nov. 1. l8v>; in. Leonard E. Bell. 
Sarah E.. b. Aug. 1. 1853; d. Sent. 18. 1X54. 

1170 Ella L.. 1). Apr. 16. 1857: m. Elisha Chcsebro. 
Percy Hazzard, b. Apr. 14. 1850; d. Aug. 14, 1862. 

579. Sim lion" Babcock, son of Simeon and Mary (dreen) 
Babcock (Simeon. Elisha, Ceor^c. John, James), b. 
Richmond, R. T.. Apr. 6. 1810: d. Block Island, R. I., May 22, 
1874 ; m. Block Island. Mary, dau. of Benjamin T. and 
Martha (Rodman) Coe. b. Block Island, d. Block Island, Oct. 
5. iS94- 

264 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children, 1>. New Shoreham: 

John Coc, b. ; d. Stonington, May S, 1855. 

Mary Elizabeth, b. Aug. 25, 1834; m. Feb. 23, 1856, Edward Haw 
Luanda, b. Jan. 27, 1839; m. Newport, Jan. 4, 1856, lunik- Van- 

Samuel, b. Nov. 28, [841; d. Feb. 27. 1863. 
Almira Green, b. Feb. 15, 1844; m. Apr. io, 186s, James Durfee. 

1171 Benjamin Simeon,' b. Oct. 27, 1846; "i. Sallie Sprague. 

Anna R., 1>. Feb. 26, 1851; m. New Shoreham, (1) William Lills- 

field; in. (j) Amos Mitchell. 
Perry Clark, b. July 2, 1837; d. New Shoreham, Oct. 26, 1837. 

580. Almira 7 Babcock, dan. of Simeon and Mary (Green) 
Babcock (Simeon, Elisha, George, John, James), b. 

Richmond, R. I., May 21, 1822; res. [902, Providence, R. L; 
in. June 3, [844, Warren Lillibridge, b. Dec. 15, 1817, d. 
Exeter. R. I., Sept. 6, 1855. 

Amy D., b. Oct. 16, 1850. 

581. Martha Elizabeth 7 Babcock, dan. of Simeon and 
Mary (Green) Babcock (Simeon, Elisha, George, 

John, James), b. Richmond, R. I., Jan. II, 1828; res. 
1902, Hopkinton, R. I.: m. Richmond, Jan. 1, 1846, George 
K., son of Russel and Elizabeth (Kenyon) Thayer, b. Hop- 
kinton. June 29, 1S23. 
Children : 

1172 Mary E.." b. Mar. 11. 1847; m. Edwin Robinson Allen. 

Sara'b Perry Babcock. b. X. Stonington. Conn.. May 11. 1850; res. 
1902. Westerly. R. I.: m. Pleasantvillc, Pa., Sept. 18. 1K77. Edwin 
S. Holdridgc, b. N. Stonington. Feb., 1842; d. Westerly, Apr. 20, 

582. Mary Ann 7 Babcock, dan. of Samuel and Susanna 
(Clark) Babcock (Simeon. Elisha, George. John, 

James), b. Colchester, Conn., Feb. 22, 1815; d. Dec. 20. 
1889; m. Albert Day Northam, d. Dec. 16, 1859. 
Cliildren : 

Jane, b. : d. young. 

1 173 Julia Marie." b. t8,i6; in. Richard Meader. 

Mary America, b. Apr. 2, iSjo: .1. Apr. 5. l8oi ; m. Henry Hobbs. 

1 174 Ellen Caroline. I). Dec -'.<. 1842: m. Edwin Parker. 

1 175 Emma Eloisc, 1>. Oct. 21, 1844; m. l>r. Joseph Rose 
Florence, b. . 

Edgar Russel, b. Nov. 12. [848. Merchant at Raleigh. N. C. 
Ida, b. . 

1176 France?, b. 1852; m. William Philip Norwood. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 265 

583. Charles 1 Babcock, son of Samuel and Susanna 
(Clark) Babcock (Simeon, Elisha, George, John, 

James), b. 1816; m. May 21, 1836, Elizabeth Gillette. 
Children : 

Ellen; Jennie; Monroe, tn. Sarah Wfley, bad children, Minnie and 

584. JOSEPHINE 7 Badcock, dan. of Samuel and Susanna 

(Clark) Babcock (Simeon, Elisha, George, John. 
James), b. Nov. 20, 1820; d. Feb. 10, 1 S77 ; m. Aug. 28, 

183S, Selden Gillette. 
Children : 

1178 Charles,* b. July 15, 1840; m. Emma Laing. 

Asa Oscar, b. .Mar. 7. 1845; <!. New Orleans, La., May 8, 1863. 
Dwight, 1). July II, 1848; in. Mar. 27, 1X77. Jennie Babcock. 
Scldcn Lord, I). July _•.?, 1X55; in. Miss Graham. 

585. Dwight Samuel 7 Babcock, son of Samuel and Su- 
sanna (Clark) Babcock (Simeon. Elisha, George, John. 

James), b. Colchester, Conn., Jan. 6, 1835; res. 1900. 54 
Wesley Ave., Providence, R. I. ; m. E. Haddam, Conn.. Mar. 
) 23, 1858, Laura Ellen, dan. of George and Sophia (Tyler) 

Cone, b. E. Haddam, Sept. 6, 1835. 

He lias been a music teacher most of his life; business in 

Children : 

j 179 Laura J..' b. June 25, 1863: in. William E. Webster. 
Dwight Samuel. 1>. — — ; d. young. 

Frank Wilson, 1>. E. Haddam, Apr. S, 1873; res. 1900, Providence; 
m. Feh., 1000, Sadie Burns. 

586. James 7 Babcock, son of James and Martha (Card) 
Babcock (Simeon, Elisha. George, John, Tames), b. 

Feb. 15, 1821; d. Westerly, R. L, Sept. 13, 1885;' m . West- 
erly, Feb. 5. [843, Sarah A., dan. of Pardon and Susan (Peck- 
ham) Lewis, h. Westerly, Ian. 16, 1820; d. Westerly, Nov. 8, 

James Babcock was Lieutenant in the Civil War; was in 
the first battle of Bull Run. 

Children, b. Westerly: 

Pardon T... 1> Nov. 17. 1846; d. Worcester, 1895; m. Westerly, 

Lizzie Taylor. 
James B.. b. Nov. 25, 1848: d. Westerly, 1840. 
Julia F... !>. Apr. .'7. 1851; res. igo2, Nfoosup, Conn.; m. Westerly. 

T. E. Maine. 
Clark, b. July 7. 1855: d. Westerly: m. Westerly, Louisa Clark. 
Jessie F.. h. June 4. 1858; re-. I002, Moosup, Conn. 


The Babcock Genealogy, 

1180 James Bumside,' 1>. Mar. 21, iftn ; m. (1) Hattic Phillip*; m. (_>; 

Alice Musgravc. 

587. William I). 7 BABCOCK, son of James and Elizabeth 
(Davis) Babcock (Simeon, Elisha, George, John, 

James), b. rlopkinton, R. I., Nov. 1, 1838; res. 1902, West- 
erly, R. [.; m. Westerly, Oct. 2, 1862, Sarah Maria, dan. 

of J. D. and Lydia (Taft) Taylor, 1>. Grafton, Mass., July 1, 
1845, <L Westerly, Mar. 22, [895. 

William J). Babcock was a carpenter and stair builder. 

Children, b. Stonington : 

Elmer !'., 1>. ; m. Westerly, Ida May Chapman, b. Westerly; 

both n-s. 1902, Westerly. 

Betsey Wilbur, b. ; res. 1902, Westerly, R I 

Viola M.. I). ; res. 1902, Hope Valley, R. I.; m. Westerly, 

Gcoige Henry, son of George 1.. Burdick, b. Hopkintou. 
Mary Ethel, b. ; res. 1902, Westerly, R. I. 

588. Henry I.. 7 Babcock, son of James and Elizabeth (Da- 
vis) Babcock (Simeon. Elisha. George, John, James). 

b. Hopkinton, R. I., Dec. 5. 1X42; d. Alfred. \\ V., Mar. [2, 
1878; m. (1) Westerly. R. I.. Dec. 5, 1807, Josephine, dau. 
of George and Mary Ann (l>oss) Barber, b. Westerly, R. I., 
Feb. 8/1846, d. Alfred. X. V.. Jan.. 1878; m. (2)' Alfred. 
N. Y., Dec. 5, 1878. Ida E., dan. of Alonzo and Patience 
(Allen) Sisson, b. Alfred. X. Y., Sept. 17. 1850. She res. 
1902, Westerly, R. I., and m. (2) Mar. 14, 1894, 1302 Abel 

Children by first wife: 

1 181 Gertrude E.,'' b. June 16, 1870: m. Frank B. French. 
Walter O.. b. Alfred. 1N74: d. Alfred. 1S78. 

Bourdan A., b. Alfred, Julv 23, 1877; m. Stonington, June 1901, 
Mablc . 

Child by second wife: 

Frank Earle, b. Jan., 1881. 

589. Angeune Rosette 7 Babcock, dan. of James and 
Elizabeth (Davis) Babcock (Samuel, Elisha, Georjje, 

John. James), b. Westerly. R. T. (Pawcatuck, Conn.). Oct. 
19. 1851 ; res. [902, Moodns. Conn.; m. Westerly (Pawca- 
tuck). Sept. 17. 1874. Charles Emmons. 
Children : 

Julius Ely, b. Kfnndus, Conn.. Oct. 22, 1877; res. 190.2. Westerly. 

Tie was a machinist. 
Sarah Elizabeth, b. Moodus, Conn., Sept. 17. 1881; res. 1002, Moo- 

dti<. Conn 
Caroline E.. b. Jan. 6. 1880; res. iooj, Moodus. Conn. 

The Babcock Genealogy. ~^7 

590. John Perry 1 Babcock, son of Jesse and Sally (Shef- 
field) Babcock (Jesse, Elisha, George, John. James), b. 

New Shoreham, R. 1.. Aug. 17. i8n ; d. Mystic, Conn., Jan. 

20, (868; in. ( 1 ) X. Kingston, Sept. 3. 1838, Lydia Case, dan. 
of Benjamin and Patience (Allen) Wightman, b. X. Kingston, 
Apr. 4, 1812, (1. Wickford, R. I.. Aug. 29, [850; m. (2) June 

21, 1855, Wealthy M., dau. of Ethan and Eunice (Babcock) 
Crandall, 1>. Sept. 23, [820, d. June 7, 1878. 

Children : 

Melissa Jane, 1). N T . Kingston, Aug. 27, 1839; res. 1902, Wickford. 

R. I. ; num. 
Jesse, h. N. Kingston, July 10, 1843; d. Wickford, May 28, 1846. 

591. Susan Sheffield 7 Babcock, dan. of Jesse and Sally 
(Sheffield) Babcock (Jesse. Elisha, George, John. 

James), 1). Charlestown, R. 1.. Mar. 5, 1815; d. Providence, 
R. 1., May 15. 1869; in. Kingston Hill. R. 1., Jonathan C. 
Kcnyon, b. Qiarlestown, R. I.. Inlv 17. 1812, d. Providence, 
Dec' 21. 1898. 

Children, b. Providence : 

Benjamin Franklin, b. : res. uk>2. Providence. R. I. 

1182 William Clark,* b. Jan. 21. 1S43; in. Mary L. Seavcr. 
Nancy, b. Sept. iX. 1S4.J. 
Edward, b. May 5. 1846. 
Sarah, b. Nov., 1840. 
Isabell, b. Apr., 185S. 

592. Edmund 7 Babcock, son of Jesse and Sally (Sheffield) 
Babcock (Jesse. Elisha, George, John, James), b. 

Charlestown. R. I.". Oct. 2. 1816; d. Wakefield, R. I., Feb. 14. 
* 1881 : m. Kingston, R. I.. May 1. 1843. Martha E., dan. of 

I 251 Pelcp; and Sarah (Totter) Babcock, b. S. Kingston, Sept. 

/ 13, 1823; res. 1902, Groton. Conn. 

Children : 

51183 Susan Harriet." b. \*ov. 30. 1844: in. Charles H. Briggs. 
1184 Jes^e Peleg, b. Nov. 24. 1845; m. Ellen Gardner. 

1185 Herbert Whipple, b. Aug. 27. 1S48: in. (1) Martha Brown; m. 
-J ■ (2) Harriet Lewis. 

1186 James Edmund, b. Feb. 12. 1851 : in. Sarah C. Talhnan. 

.'■ 1187 Sarah Elizabeth, b. Apr. iS. 1854; m. John B. Rodman. 

Maria Esther, b. Wickford. R. I . Apr. ii. 1858: res. iqo2, W.^t- 

terly. R. I.; m. Westerly, Nov. 15. 1900. Charles II., son of 
Stephen Kenyan, b. Hopkinton, Jan. 13. 1842. 

593. Hannah Peckham 1 Babcock, dan. of Jesse and Sally 
• ( >- (Sheffield") Babcock (Jesse. Elisha, George. John. 
J James), b. Qiarlestown, I\. J.. June 5. 1822: d. Providence. 

R. I., Apr. 13, 1881 : m. Kingston, R. I., Oct. 10. 1848, 

268 The Babcock Genealogy. 

George Arnold Whipple-, 1>. X. Providence, Apr. i8, 1825; 
res. 1902, Providence, K. 1. 
Qiildren : 

1 188 George Edward," 1>. Sept. -•. 1850; rn. .Miry Gardiner. 

daw turd Bernon, b. Atllcboro, Mass., Aug. ~'i, 1857; d. Attleboro, 

July IJ, 185.S. 

594. Maria 1 Babcock, dan. of Jesse and Sally (Sheffield) 
Babcock (Jesse, Elisha, George, John, James), b. 

Charlestown, R. I., Dec. 6, [824; (I. Jan. 14, 1856; in. Kings- 
ton, R. !.. Oct. 1. 1845, George X.. son of George and Thank- 
ful Crandall, l». Charlestown; res. 1902, Attleboro, Mass. 

595. Catherine Weedin 7 Babcock, dau. of Jesse and 
Sally (Sheffield) Babcock (Jesse, Elisha, George, 

John, James), l>. Charlestown, R. [., June 10, 1827; res. 1902, 
Wickford, R. 1.; m. VVickford, Jan. j_\ 1857, Pelcg \\'., son 
of Theodore and Mary ( Weedin) VVightnian, b. Wickford, 
Nov. 4, 1831, d. Wickford, Feb. 19, [898. 
Children, 1>. Wickford: 

11S9 Sarah Maria," I). May i8, i860; m. Thomas J. Pierce. 

Milton J., 1). Sept. _'4, 186] ; re-. 1902, Wickford, R. I. 
Mary Weedin, b. Aug. 28. 1865; res. !</>_>, Wickford, R. I. 
Alfred K., b. Mar. 31. 1S71; res. 1902, Wickford, R. I. 

596. Dutee Jerald Pierce 7 Babcock, son of Jesse and Sally 
(Sheffield) Babcock (Jesse, Elisha, George, John. 

James), b. Charlestown. R. I.. July 27, [829; d. E. Greenwich, 
R. I., July 24, [889; m. E. Greenwich, June 30, 1859, Theresa 
Slocum, dan. of Slocum and Charlotte (Gardiner) Hall, 1>. 
N. Kingston, Nov. 25, 1830, d. E. Greenwich, Aug. 20, 1877. 

1 190 Charlotte Hall,' b. July 23, 1861 ; m. George A. White. 

597. Edward Perry' Babcock, son of George and Nancy 
(Perry) Babcock (Jesse, Elisha, George. John, James), 
b. Richmond, R. I., Oct. r. 1S15: m. New Lebanon, June 8, 
1844, Harriet, dan. of Leonard and Nancy (Harris) Graves, 
b. July 31, 1825. Both res. 1902, E. Chatham, X T . Y. 
Children : 

Susan Esther, b. Greenbush, N. V.. Jan. 1. 1848; d. E. Chatham. 

Oct. 2. 1K62. 
Ellen II.. b. Worcester. Mass.. Oct. 14. 1851 ; d. East Chatham. 

Sept T.O, 1802. 
1 101 Perry G.." b. Pec. 20. 1853; m. Augusta Boice. 

Juliet, h. Plainficld, Conn.. Jan. 4. 1856; il East Chatham, Sept. 25, 


The Babcock Genealogy. 269 

55)8. Albert 1 Babcock, son of George and Nancy (Perry) 
Babcock (Jesse, Elisha, George, John, James), 1>. Kill- 

ingly, Conn., Mar. 25, 1.X27; d. Sterling, Conn.; m. Frances 
Children : 

David, b. . 

1193 Ellen V..," b. Feb. 24, 1859; m. (1) Leonard Burdick; m. (2) 
Ainory Kcblcr. 

George P., 1>. ; m. Addie Carr. 

1193 Edward, 1>. July 4. 1867; m. Ettic Winchester. 

Frank, b. ; res. 1902, Sterling, Conn.; in. Sarah Chapman. 

John, 1). ; res. 190.'. Sterling, Conn. 

Albert, b. ; rc<. 1002, Sterling, Conn.; m. Nellie Wilcox. 

Nancy, 1>. ; d. Sterling, Conn., May 5, 1900; m. Nathan Carr. 

Frances, b. ; res. 1902, Sterling, Conn. 

599. Harriet Ann 7 Babcock, dan. of George and Nancy 
(Perry) Babcock (Jesse. Elisha, George, John, James), 

b. Oct. 24, 1830; m. Alfred Boswell. 
Children : 

Susan, l> : m. Waller Kers. 

Adclbert, l>. ; res. u)r>2. Providence, R. I. Has two children. 

George, b. ; mini. ; res. 1902, Donnclsonvillc, Conn. 

600. Elizabeth 7 Barcock, dan. of George and Nancy 
(Perry) Babcock (Jesse. Elisha, George. John. Tames), 

b. Charlestown, R. T.. May 25. 183;,; d. S. Killingly, Conn., 

Sept. 5, 1898; m. (1) Sterling. Conn.. Tan. 30. 1852* William 
S. Boswell, 1). Foster. R. I.. Aug. 6. 1823. d/s. Killingly, Feb. 

(20, 1878; m. (2) Thomas Wilson. 
Children : 

Ella Josephine, b. S. Killingly, Nov. 30. 1858; res. 1902. S. Kill- 
\ inply: m. Foster. R. I.. Dec. 24. 1870. Eugene Shippie, b. S. Kill- 

ingly. Dec. 30. 1857. 
/ Jennie Ann. b. Feb. 21. 1868: m George F. Curtis. 

I William Henry, h. S Killingly, Oct. 13. 1872; res. 1902. S. Kill- 

ingly; m. S. Killingly. Oct. 20. 1.897. Eva Dawlcy. 

\ 601. Mary TTortfxsi: 7 Chappell, dan. of Richard and 

Ruth fP.ahcock) Chappell (Jc>$c. Elisha, George. John, 
James), b. Shannock TTill (Richmond), R. T.. Dec. 16, 1840: 
res. 1002. Kenyon, R. T. : m. Richmond. Sept. 4. 1877. Ed- 
ward K.. son of George \V. and Sarah (Saunders) Tames, b. 
Exeter. R. T.. Oct. 18, 1830. d. Kenyon, Oct. 29, 1901. 
Children : 

270 The Babcock Genealogy. 

602. Oliver 1 Babcock, son of Henry and Anna (Bull) Bab- 
cock (David, Ezekiel, Robert, John, James), l>. Berne, 
Albany County, X. V., Dec. 30, 1 798 ; j. Richland, X. Y., 
Jan. [4, 1883; in. Worcester, X. Y., Jan. 30, [823, Elizabeth 
(Betsey), dan. of Philip \V. and Elizabeth (Blake) Ingalls, 
b. in Swasey, Mass., June 1, 1801, d. Richland, X. V., Nov. 1, 

Oliver carried on the business of cloth-dressing and wool- 
carding in Femwood, Newfane, and Oswego, X. V. lie was 
a Baptist. 

Children : 

1 194 Mary Ann.'' 1). Nov. 20, 1824; m. Davis J. Cross. 

1 195 Amanda O.. 1). Sept. j;. iS_>o; m. Ephraim M. Averill. 
Diana F., I>. June 15. 1828; m. James N. Bradford. She d. Hans- 

boro, Minn.. Oct. i, 1872. No children. 

1196 Philip Eugene, !>. July 5. [831 ; in. Polly S. Parish. 

1197 Harriet Louise, b. July 27, 1838; in. Allien Stowell. 

Children : 

Ocdcn. 1). Apr. 16. 18J7. 
Oliver, 1). Apr. 15, 1S29. 

603. GuROO.V Baiu'dck, son of Henry and Anna (Bull) 
Babcock (David, Ezekiel, Robert. John, James), b. 

Berne, Albany County, X. Y., Feb. 23, iSoi ; d. Sun Prairie, 
Wis., Mar. 23, [887; m. Worcester. X. Y.. Aug. 3, 1824. 
Almira, dan. of Amos and Elizabeth (Benjamin) Stark- 
weather, b. Jan. 6, 1805, at Canaan, X. Y., d. Sunburv, O., 
Oct. 19, 1880. 
Children : 

Henry Gurdon, b. May 14. 1825; d. Asheville, X. C. Feb. 5. 1884; 

m. Washington, D. C, Oct. 29, 1861, Mary Van Buskirk. No 

Phehe Ann. b. Apr. 5, 1827; -1. Worcester, N. Y., May 12. 1829. 
119S Oliver Morrell." 1>. Apr. i~. 1830; in. Lidie B. Yamall. 

Lucinda Florida, b. Camden. X. Y.. Sept. 17. 1832. Living 1900. 

Sunbury. O. ; in. July 6. 1866, John Knox. No children. 
James S.. b. Newfane, N. V. July 19. 1835: d. Columbus. Wis.. 

Dec. 26, 1864. unm. 
Sophronia Almira. b. Newfane. N. Y., Jan. ,}o. 1S40: d. Sunbury. 

O., Oct. 1. 1896; m. Aug. 10. [862, John Ditmas. Had one son. 

Morrell C. living 1000. at Berkshire, Delaware County, O. 
1199 Alonzo Nelson, b. Sept. 13, 1842; m. Evaline Carris. 

George Riley, b. Julv 25, 1848; drowned at Columbus, Wis., July 26, 


604. Merritt 7 Babcock, son of Henry and Anna (Bull) 

Babcock (David. Ezekiel, Robert. John, James), b. 
Aug. S. 1804; m. 1821, Martha Wells. Lived in Camden. 
N. Y.. in 1885. 


The Babcock Genealogy. 271 

Samuel, l). < >ct. 30, 1830. 
Henry, b. Nov. <i. 1832. 

James, I). .\u", 30, iN.ts. 

Olive, I). Sept. 8, 1836; m. Mar. 4, 1863, Abiah Whitmore. Lived 

1880, at Camden, X. Y. 
Silas, 1). Aug. 12, 1838. 
Susan, b. Jan. 12, 1843. 
Mcrritt, b. Apr. 10, 1N45. 

605. Anna Fidelia 1 Babco< k, dau. of Henry and Anna 
(Bull) Babcock (David, Ezckicl, Robert, John, James), 

1). Otsego County, X. Y.. Jan. 1, [809; d. Circleville, O., 
Sept. (). 1853; in. Williamstown, X. Y., May 28, 1829, John 
demons, 1). Williamstown, net. 17. 1804, d. Circleville, Apr. 

3, i859. 

Children : 

V Infant, I). June 1, ]8j$o. 

{ 1200 Fidelia Ann," !>. June 17, 1831 : in. Ira Proscus. 

John, l>. Sept. 18, 1833. 
Harry B., 1>. Cleveland, O., Nov. 22, 1836; res. 1902, Circleville. O. ; 

m. Circleville, Maria Stover. 
Charles, b. Dec. H>. 1838; <!. Aug. 22, 1839. 
\ Cynthia Ann, 1). Circleville. Dec. _'i>. 1843; res. 1902, Taylorvillc, O. ; 

/ m. Sunbury, O., Emery Holmes. 

1201 Sarah Ann. b. Apr. 20. 1846; in. Albert R. King. 

Ira II.. b. Circleville, ().. July 17. 1850; in. Taylorville, Oct., 1876, 

Margaret Zimmerman. 
Willie, b. Circleville, Dec. 5, 1853; d. Circleville, Apr. 9, 1854. 

606. James 1 Babcock, son of Henry and Anna (Bull) Bab- 
cock (David, Ezekiel, Robert, John. James), 1>. Aug. 

30, 1811; d. 185.;: m. Nancy Lackey. 
Children : 

Mercy; William: res. 1000. Niles, Mich. 
Annie; res. 1902, Niles, Mich. 

607. Silas 7 Bahcock. son of Robert and Sally ( Gallup) 
Babcock (David, Ezekiel, Robert. John, James), b. De- 
catur. X. V.. Oct. 6. 1790; d. Mar. 26, 1875; m. Polly 

Children : 

John Rohert. b. : m. Annis Ferguson, of Otsego County; d. 

Otsepn County, 1850. Was a teacher of much merit. 
Sarah Elizabeth, b. Was a woman of literary ability; d. mini. 

608. Hannah 1 Babcock. dau. of Robert and Sally (Gal- 
lup) Babcock (David, Ezekiel. Robert. John. James), 

b. Nov. 9 1S00: d. Oct. 22. 1870; m. Moses Tettic. 

272 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children : 

Nathan, d. 1853; Caroline; Minnie. 

609. Maria 1 Babcock, dan. of Robert and Sally (Gallup) 
Babcock (David, Ezekiel, Robert, John, James), I). 

Nov. 7, 1805; d. Stark \i lie, X. Y., Jan. 2 1 , 1X0,0; in. Joel 
Champion : 

Children (all married, d. without issue) : 

Oscar; Byron; Dclisa. 

610. Lois 1 Babcock, dan. of Robert and Sally (Gallup) Bab- 
cock (David, Ezekiel, Robert, John, James), b. Deca- 
tur, X. Y., Dee. 17. [810; d. Worcester, X. V., Sept. 3, [884; 

m. E. Worcester. X. Y., Mar. 2, 1842 (?), Silas Brewster, 
Jr., 1). in town of Wight, X. Y., July 29, 1803, d. in town of 
Wight, June [3, 185 1. 
Children, 1>. Wight : 

A son, 1). Mar. 13, 1843; d. Mar. 14, 1R43. 
1202 Sarah 15.," I>. June id. 1844; in. Chester Jaycox. 
120,} Anna, b. Feb. 25, 1846; m. Samuel F. Ames. 

1204 Wayne, b. Feb. 20, 1850; m. Cora L. Rose. 

611. ELIAS 1 BABCOCK, son of Robert and Sally (Gallup) 
Babcock (David, Ezekiel, Robert. John, James). 1>. 

Berne, X. Y., May 22, 1812; d. E. Worcester. X. Y., Sept. 
2y, 1890; m. E. Worcester. Oct. 1. 1840, Jane Ann. dan. of 
Samuel and Elizabeth (Hull) Thurber, b. Westford, May 10, 
1820; res. 1902, Davenport. X. Y. 
Children, b. Decatur, X. Y. : 

1205 William Wayne,* b. Jan. 11. [842; m. Sarah Jane P.utler. 

Nelson Eugene, 1». Sept. 12, 1X44; in. Onconta, N. Y., Sept. 12, 
1866, Sophina Rich. 

1206 Maria Josephine, 1». Jan. 23, 1 S4 7 ; m. John A. Griffin. 
Julian. 1). Dee. 14. [849; d. Decatur, N. Y.. Jan. 14. [853. 

1207 Mary Elizabeth, b. Apr. 24. 1852; m. William A. Winters. 
Robert David. 1). Ian. 3. 1855; m. E. Worcester, X. Y., Sept. 12, 

1882, Maggie Pratt. 
Charlie, b. July 27. 1857; d. Decatur. N. Y., Feb. TO. 1858. 

1208 Cora Lois, b. Oct. 31, i860; m. Everett Lockwood Carpenter. 

612. Nathan 7 Babcock, son of Robert and Sally (Gallup) 
Babcock (David. Ezekiel, Robert. John, fames), b. 

Berne (?), X. Y.. June 23, [814; d. Warnerville. X. Y.. July 
23. 1892; m. Cherry Valley, X. Y.. Dec. _»<). 1841. Lois Anna, 
dan. of Samuel and Klixabcth (Dull) Thurber. b. Westford, 
N. Y., July 23, [822; res. [902, Xorthport, X. Y. 


The Babcock Genealogy. 273 

Children : 

1200 Mary Jam-,'' l>. Oct. 3, 1844; m. Horatio G. Ca -. 
i_'io Jackson, 1). July u. [848; m. Emclinc L Smith. 
\2ii George, b. Feb. s, 1859; m. Sarah A. Sanford. 

613. Lucy (\ 7 Morgan, dau. of Rev. Elisha and Polly | Bab- 

Icock) Morgan (David, Ezekicl, Robert, John, James), 
1). June 22, [8] 1 ; d. Kalamazoo, Mich., June 14. 1900; 111. 
N. Adams, X. Y., May 23, 1835, Lovelt Raines, 1>. Rutland, 
N. Y., Sept. -22, [810, <1. Kalamazoo, Mali., Sept. (», 1863. 
Children. 1>. Kalamazoo : 

Elisha I). I). May 23, 1836; res. 1902, Watertown, N. V.; m. Evans- 
villc, Ind., June i^. 1862, Mary. dau. of Judge L. A. and Caro- 
line (Johnson) Robinson, l>. Logansport, Ind.; d. Watertown, 
July ). 1898. 
m 1212 Lucia Augusta." h. Jiinc 7. 1^41; m. Henry F. Blount. 

Frederick William. 1>. Nov. 19, i8-U; d. Watertown. Apr. 20, 1883. 

Alfred, b. Feb. 6. 1846; res. 1902, Kalamazoo, Mich.; m. July 28, 
187.?. Harriet Case. 

Judson, 1>. May 18, 1848; d. Dee. 15, 1857. 

Gardner T.. b. Mar. 10, 1851 ; res. 1902, Cincinnati, O. ; in. June 1. 
l88l, Fannie Vinton. 

Charles Bridge, 1). June 8, 1853; res. 1002, St. Louis, Mo.; 111. 
Mary Schmuckcr. 

Ellen Dorcas, I>. Sept. 22, 1854; res. 1002. Chicago, 111.; m. Kala- 
mazoo, Mich., Dec, 1X7,5, Christian De GralT. 

614. Enos J. 7 Babcock, son of Dudley and Abigail (Littell) 

Babcock (David. Ezekiel, Robert, John. James). 1>. 
Richmondville. X. Y.. Nov. 21, 1819; d. Holley, Mich.. Dec. 
20, 189] ; m. Decatur. X. Y.. 1846, Lucinda, dau. of John M. 
and Sally (Warner) Goodell, b. Decatur. Sept. 24, 1S21, d. 
Choconut Center. X. Y.. May 16, 1S86. 

1213 Charles W.," b. July 16, 1847; m. Emily Sperry. 

615. Eli L. 7 Babcock, son of Dudley and Abigail (Littell) 
Babcock (David. Ezekiel, Robert, John, James), b. 

Richmondville. X. Y.. Apr. 23, 1824; d. Decatur, X. Y.. Dec. 
23, 1873; m. Decatur. Aug. 17. [853, Dollv S., dau. of Riley 

T. and (Flint) VVoodin, b. Decatur. X. Y., Oct. 17. 

1830; res. 1901, Decatur, X. Y. 
Children, b. Decatur: 

1214 Emory J.,* b. Tune 20. 1855; m. (1) Lovila Murry; m. (2) Hattie 

Anna M.. b. Mar. 23, 1856; res. 1901, Decatur. X. Y. : m. Luther 

J. Shetland. Has one child. 
Delevan. b. Any. .V 1S5S; num.: rc~ loot. Decatur. X. V. 

1215 Frank Earnest, l». Sept. 12. 1863; m. Elsie Mae Preston. 

274 The Babcock Genealogy. 

616. Oliver 7 Badcock, son of Frederick and Fanny (Gal- 
lup) Babcock (David, Ezekiel, Robert, John, James), 

b. ]8o.|; m. \h-c. 27, 18-7, -Maria Barton. 
Children : 

Salome, b. Oct. 13, 1830; m. Henry Carpenter. No issue. 
Matilda, b. Dec. o, 1831 ; d. 1857; m. John Wexderby. No issue. 

Lydia, l>. ; m. Samuel Carpenter. 

Amanda, b. Mar. 20, 1837; d. Mar. 31, 1S45. 
Sarah, b. July El, 1S43 ; d. young. 

617. Amos 7 Babcock, son of Meritt and Olive (Dickinson) 
Babcock (David, Ezekiel, Robert, John, James), 1). 

Nov. 26, 1806; d. Jan. 10, 1877; m. Mary Card. 
Children: <. 

Tames, b. Aug. 21, 1834; d. young. 

Edwin, b. Oct. 6, 1837; d. in the army, Oct. 7, 1S64. 

Daniel, b. Julv 2, 1839. 

Olive, b. July 17. 1841 ; d! Dec. 8, 1846. 

618. Abel 7 Babcock. son of Meritt and Olive (Dickinson) 
Babcock (David, Ezekiel, Robert, John. James), b. 

Apr. 23, 1817; m. (1) Eliza Snyder; m. (2) Mary Purdy. 
Abel Babcock was a preacher. 
Child by first wife: 

Peter, b. Dec. 3, 1842; d. young. 

619. Simeon 7 Babcock, son of Meritt and Olive (Dickin- 
son) Babcock (David, Ezekiel, Robert, John, James), 

b. May 25, 1820: m. Sarah Ilolden. 
Children : 

Silas; Robert; Oliver. 

620. Sarah C.~ Duel, dan. of Philip and Sarah (Babcock) 
Duel (Robert. Ezekiel, Robert. John. James), b. : 

d. Worcester. X. Y.; m. Worcester. Isaac Born, b. Worcester. 
d. Decatur. X. V. 
Children : 

Chas. P., b. ; res. 1001. Peoria. Til. 

Tacy Ann. b. — -: res. i<x)i. Council RlufTs. la. 
1216 Nathan \V.." b. Feb. 14. 1834; m. Rhoda 1 lad-ell. 

621. Robert 7 Babcock, son of Rnssel and Sarah (Fuller) 
Babcock (Robert, Ezekiel, Robert. John, James), b. 

Richmondvillc. Nov. 15. 1818; d. Lockport, X. Y.. Dec. 28, 
1 89 1 : m. Berne. X. V., Lucy McKinley. 


The Babcock Genealogy. 275 

Children : 

Ophelia; Euphcinia. 

622. ELOISE CORKINA 7 BADCOCK, dan. of RllSSel and Sarah 
(Fuller) Babcock | Robert, Ezekiel, Robert, John, 

James), 1). Richmondville, X. ¥., Oct. 11, [823; d. E. Wor- 
cester, X. V., May 22, [892; m. Richmondville, X. Y.. Jan. 2, 
1849, Harvey Waldorf, 1>. Richmondville, Feb. 3, 1821, d. 
E. Worcester, Nov. 29, 1900. 
Children : 

1217 Minerva," b. Nov. 4. 1850- m. Rev. J. Jones. 

1218 Berlin Harvey. 1). Dee. 20. 1853; in. Helen Trcadwcll. 

1219 Alice Fluise, b. July"27, [859; in. Fayette Howard Barnes. 

623. William 7 Babcock, son of Joshua ami Elizabeth (Fra- 
zier) Babcock (Joshua, Joseph, Joseph, John, James), 

b. Bethlehem, X. V.. Oct. n, i8ii; d. Bethlehem, Jan. 25, 
1886; in. Albany. X. Y., Nov. [6, 1870, Anna Mary, dan. 
of Dr. John and Mary (Van Buren) Wilson, b. Albany, Feb. 
5, 1838; res. LQQ2, Selkirk, X. Y. 
Children, b. Bethlehem: 

Mary, b. May 18. 1872; res. 1902. Selkirk. N. Y. : m. Bethlehem, 
Nov. 21, 1894, Francis, sun of John and Marie (Leedings) Wag- 
oner, b. Colby, Mass., Feb. 1. 1858. 

Martha Frazier, b. May 7, 1874; res. 1902, Bedford. N. V.; mini, 

Helen, b. Sept. 25, 1875 ; res. 1902, at 65 N. Pearl St., Albany, 
N. Y. ; unm. 

Harriet Frances, b. Nov. 29, [876 res. nx)2. Cedar Hill. N. Y. ; in. 
Palmer H., son of Stephen and Lucy Barnes, b. Cedar Hill, 
Dec. 24, 1869. 

624. John 7 Babcock, son of Joshua and Elizabeth (Fra- 
zier) Babcock (Joshua, Joseph. Joseph. John. James), 

b. Bethlehem, X. Y.. June i»). 1814; d. Bethlehem, Mar. 13, 
i8/(>; m. Bethlehem. June 28, 1842. Hester, dan. of Cornelius 
and Maria (Van Bergen) Van Derzee, b. Bethlehem, Feb. 17, 
1822; res. 10,02. Bethlehem. 
Children, b. Bethlehem: 

1220 Elizabeth Fra/ier." b. Oct. I. 1843; m. John F. Shafer. 

1221 Maria Van Berpen, 1>. July 25, 1845: m. Thomas H. Fcarey. 
Cornelius Van Bergen, b. July 7. 1847: <l. Bethlehem. Feb. 26. 1848. 
Hester, b. Mar. 27, 1849: res. 1002, S<.mh Bethlehem. N'. Y. : m. 

Bethlehem. Feb. 2. iS-S^, Vecder, -on of David and Eliza Van 
Mary Aim. b. Dec. 10. 1851: d. 1854. 

1222 John. b. Julv 4. 1S55 : in. Annie Scharbnte. 

1223 Robert, b. Dec. 2, 1857; m. Maria Witbcck. 

276 The Babcock Genealogy. 

625. Henry Ostrum 1 Babcock, son of Joshua and Eliza- 
beth (Frazier) Babcock (Joshua, Joseph, Joseph, John, 

James). 1). Bethlehem Center. X. Y.. July 8, 1820; d. Albany, 
N. Y., Apr. 26, 1874; m. I 1 ) Bethlehem Center. Rachel, dau. 
of John VV. and Rachel (Frazier) McGill, b. Bethlehem, d. 
Bethlehem; m. (2) Albany, .Mar. _•(», [856, Margaret, dan. 
of William and Jean (Campbell) Moore, 1>. Albany, Dee. 9, 
1828-, d. Albany. Mar. 26, [870. 
Children by fust wife, I). Bethlehem: 

1224 Anna.'' b. Mar. 22, [846; in. J. C. Moore. 

1225 James, b. May 3, [848; m. Eleanor Clark. 

Children by second wife: 

Margaret J., I>. Albany, Aug. 22, 1858} res. 1902, Glenntont. N. Y.; 
in. Albany, N. Y.. Mar. 25, 1 902, John, sou of John and Catherine 
(Wilbur) Patterson, b. Chemung, 111.. July io, 1857. 

Joshua, 1). Feb. 22, 1861 ; res. i<x>_', at 124 Morton St., Albany, 
N. Y.; in. Albany, 1 SX4 . Anna James. 

1226 Elizabeth, b. Oct. 31, 1862; m. James Hunter. 

626. Jesse' BABCOCK, son of Rev. Simeon and Charity 

(Maxson) Babcock (Thomas, Thomas, Oliver. John, 
James), h. Salem. Va.. 1804; d. Humboldt. Xeb. : m. (1) 
Amanda Searl ; m. ( _' ) Mary. dau. oi Deacon John Forsythe; 
m. (3) wid. Jemima McBurney. 
Children bv first wife: 

Mary, b. ; in. Jesse Furrow. 

Second, b. ; d. in infancy. 

Child by second wife: 

Oliver Perry, b. ; d. in U. S. Army during the Civil War. 

Children by third wife: 

Adolphus, b. 1856: m. Isadnre. dau. of 636 Simeon and Amy (Van 

Horn) Babcock; res. 1902, Alfred. X. V. 
Loren R.. b. 1858; m. "Dosia" Lippencott. 

Rosa. b. : m. Henry S., son of Dudley and Minerva (Van 

Horn) Hughes. 

627. Gean 7 BABCOCK, dau. of Rev. Simeon and Elizabeth 
(Hoffman) Babcock (Thomas, Thomas, Oliver, John, 
James), b. 1814; d. Northampton, O., Nov., 1851 ; m. Jesse 
Furrow, b. 1805, d. 1865. 
Children : 

Lavina F., b. ; d. in Cole County, 111., 1883; in. James J. 


Simeon, b. : d. in Champaign County. O. 

William, b. . 

Jacob IV. b. Aug. 26. 1833; in. Elizabeth, dau. of John and Mary 

(Davis) Knight. 

The DabcocU Genealogy. 277 

Charity, b. . 

Jesse B, Jefferson, 1). Aug. 25. 1838; m. Nov. 12, 1803, Amanda 
C. Kyle, tl. Wintersct, la.. Feb. 7, 1898. 

Joseph, b. ; res. 1902, Toledo, la. 

Joshua B., b. — — ; d. 1895. 

1227 Melissa Gcan," b. Nov. 2. 1850; m. Adam Jajnieson. 

628. Rev. Maxson 7 Babcock, sou of Rev. Simeon and 
Charity (Maxson) Babcock (Thomas, Thomas, Oliver, 

John, James), b. Clark County, O., May 5, 1817; d. Garwin, 
la., Apr. 8, 1891; m. (1) Sept. 1, 1835, Phiothata, dan. of 
James and Elizahetli Davis, I). Feb. 2, 1813, (1. Dec. 20, 1-882; 
m. (2) Nov. i v }, [884, Mrs. Isabel] (Hill) Tarpening, dan. 
of James, Jr., and Deborah (Davis) i J ill. 
Children by first wife: 

1228 Bethucl Church,' b. Oct. 28, 184 1 ; m. Phebe Ann Moyer. 

Granville Saver, b. Apr. 29, 184G; d. Milton, Wis.; in. in Tama 
County, la.. Harriet E. Bishop. Her res. 1002, Milton, Wis. There 
were six others; all died in early life. 

629. Elizabeth Martha 7 Babcock, dati. of Rev. Simeon 
and Elizabeth (Hoffman) Babcock (Thomas, Thomas, 

Oliver, John, James), b. Northampton, O., Jan. if>, 1838; m. 
Jackson Center, O., Jan. 16, 1856, Curtis, son of Samuel and 
Hannah (Maxson) Lippcncott ; res. 1902, Maple wood, O. 

Charlotte Temple, b. ; m. James M., son of John and Mary 

(Davis) Knight; res. 1002. Catawba, Blaine Comity. Ok. T. 

Darwin C. !>. — — ; m. Kvaline. dan. of Lewis and Sarah (Fur- 
row) Van Horn. lie is a S. D. B. minister; res. 1902, Sugar 
Camp, W. Va. 

Jesse M., b. ; m. Mary Alvanettie, dan. of James and Elizabeth 

(Randall) Knight. 

Clara L.. b. ; d. May 13. 1899; m. Apr. 4. 1R80, John Groves; 

res. 1902, Maplewood, O. 

Charity G., b. ; d. Aug. 25. 1800. 

Samuel I)., b. , Jackson Center, O. 

Laverna ; Simeon. 

1229 Perry B., 8 b. ; m. Rebecca Sly. 

630. Rev. SlMEON Hoffman' 7 Babcock, son of Rev. Sim- 
eon and Elizabeth (Hoffman) Babcock (Thomas, 

Thomas, Oliver, John, James), b. near Northampton, O., 
Jan. 21. 1 84 1 ; m. Jackson Center. Feb. 21, 1861, Elizabeth, 
dan. of Valentine and Anna (Clayton) McCormick. b. Shelby 
County. O., June 29, 1S42; res. Albion, Wis. 

Children : 

Lillian F... b. Feb. 26. 1862; d. July 12. 1862. 

Emcnetta Jane. b. July tS. 1864; res. Edgorton. Wis.; m. Albion, 
Wis., Oct. 28. 1885, Dc Florence Whitford; res. Edgerton, Wis. 

2j& The Babcock Genealogy. 

Milton James, b. Shelby County, July 5. 1867; res. Albion, Wi 
in. Albion., Dec. 26, 1804, luhtli B., dau. of Stephen R. and Har- 
riet (Greene) Potter, b. All i, Oct., 1875. 

Orissa Estclla, l>. Shelby County, July 25, 1870; res. Milton. Wis. ; 
in. Walworth, Wis., Nov. 15. 1X94. Mark L., son of Jeremiah 

Louis A., 1). Albion, W'b . Mar. o, 1^7;?: res. Albion, Wi-.: m. 
Hammond, La., Aug., [896, Lcttie, dau. of II B. and Emma 
(Brown) Landphere, l>. Aug., [875; res. \>k>2. Milton, Wis. 

Abbie Ida, b. Albion, Apr. 8, [87S; res. Albion. 

Le»tcr Dwight, b. Albion, Dec. 27, 1880; d. Mar. 2, 1882. 

C31. Priscilla 7 Babcock, dan. of William and Rebecca 
(Loofboro) Babcock (Thomas, Thomas. Oliver, John, 
James), h. Clark County, (). : m. Lemon Lippencott, son of 
Samuel, Sr., and Amy (Maxson) Lippencott. 

Children : 

Henry, I). -; m. Martha Davis. 

Robinson, 1>. ; m. Rebecca l).i\is. dau. of Jcptha and Matilda 

(Loofboro) Davis. 
Cynthia, b. 1S.41 ; m. George W., son of Calvin and Lydia (Max on) 
Davis, 1>. Clark County. [836. They had the following children: 
Herbert M.. Alice (.).. Elnora \Y\, .Erasius, Willie. Clara E. 

Cinderella, b. , Clark County; 111. Lorenzo Dow, sun of John 

and Mary (Davis) Knight. 

Orfah L., 1). ; in. John Shoultz. 

Jackson, b. ; d. unni. 

Indiana, b. — — -; ni. Christopher Bogard. 

Maria, b. ; m. John W., son of Jcptha and Matilda (Loofhoro) 


Sebathial ; Alice. 

Senianthia. h. ; m. Francis Marion, son of Brooks and Mariah 

Ann (Howell) Akcrs. One dau.. Lora. 

C32. Davis 7 Babcock, son of William and Rebecca (Loof- 
boro) Babcock (Thomas. Thomas. Oliver. John, 
James), b. Clark County. 0., Dec. 15. iSiq: d. Jackson 
Center. June 13, tqoi : m. ( t ) Aug, 18, 1846, Emaline, dan. 
of Solomon and Lydia (Davis) Saver, d. Jackson Center, O.. 
1885; m. (2) Anna Deihcrt. 
Children by first wife : 

633. Jacob IT. 7 Babcock, son of William and Rebecca 
(Loofboro) Babcock (Thomas. Thomas. Oliver. John. 
James), b. Clark County. O.. Apr. 14. 1822; res. 1002. Tack- 
son Center. O. ; m. Jackson Center, Jan. 12. 1849. Elizabeth. 
datl. of Jeptha and Matilda (Loofboro) Davis, b. Clark- 
County. Aug. 28, 1832, d. Jackson Center. Feb. 2. [880. 
Children : 

R .. h. Mar. R. 1850; res. Jackson Center; in. George M. F., 

son of John and Charlotte Davis Randolph. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 279 

Thyatima, b. Aug. 26, 1859; res. 1902, Jackson Center, 0. ; m. 

James A. son of Dudley and Minerva (Van Horn) Hughes, 1). 

Apr. 4, 1849. 
Athalia, b. Sept. 5. i860; re-. 1902, Ja«k-<-n Center, 0. ; m. Lyar 

C., son of Luther and Jane (Morri i Davis. 
Emma, b. Feb. i.j. 1866; res. 1902, Jackson Center; in. (1) Albert 

Cargill; in. (j) Apr. .}. 1893, Schlosser. 

Qeophas, b. Jackson Center. Nov. 24, 1876J res. 1902, Jackson 

Center; in. Sept. 28, 1897, Sidney, 0., Clara Way. 

634. Rebecca 7 Babcock, dau. of William and Rebecca 
(Loofboro) Babcock (Thomas, Thomas, Oliver, John, 

James), b. Clark County. O. ; m. Lewis, sou of Samuel liran- 
denburg, d. 1809. 
Children : 

Lucetta ; Belle, in. George Snyder. 

635. Emily 7 Babcock, dau. of William and Asencth (Da- 
vis) Babcock (Thomas, Thomas, Oliver, John, James), 

b. ; m.(i) James Hunt; m. (2) John A., son of Ephraim 


Children by first husband: 

William, b. : d. in U. S. service during Civil War. 

David, b. ; d. nnin. ; Silas; Luanda ; May; Malinda. 

636. Simeon 7 Babcock, son of William and Aseneth (Da- 
vis) Babcock (Thomas, Thomas, Oliver. John. James), 

b. ; m. Jan. 1, 1845, Amy. dau. of William and Mary 

(Davis) Van Horn. b. Oct. 10. 1826, d. May 1, 1S97, Milton 
Junction, Wis. He d. Sept. 23. 1876. 
Children : 

1230 John Albert," 1). Aug. 12. 1S50; 111. Nancy Lippencott. 

Isadore, 1>. ; m. Adolphus, son 626 Jesse and Jemima McBurney 

Jesse; Wilber Teressa ; Joseph Sobrina. 

637. Anna 7 BABCOCK, dau. of William and Aseneth (Da- 
vis) Balxxxrk (Thomas. Thomas. Oliver. John. James), 

b. : m. Abel, son of Rev. John and Pcrmilla (Maxson) 

Davis,. b. July 28, 1^25: d. Nov". 1, 1S69. 
Children : 

Percilla. b. . 

John M.. b. Aug. iS. 1850: m Dec. 12. 1S70. Nancy A. Moots, b. 
July 25, 1850. Children: Josephine, Hester I... Isaac S.. Alfred, 
Rosa. Minnie. Mav. Pearl. Nellie Eva. Cora 1'.. 

Isaac, b. ; m. Victoria, <lau. of Eli and Delila F. (Randolph) 


280 The Babcock Genealogy. 

638. Azariah 7 Babcock, son of William and Aseneth (Da- 
vis) Babcock (Thomas, Thomas, Oliver, John, James), 

b. ; m. Julia Ann Cohvell. 


David, 1). ; in. Lydia Ann. dan. of Calvin ami Lydia (Maxson) 

Davis, I). Jackson Center, < >., Dec. 4. 1S47 ; d. Feb. 24, 1885, in 
Logan County. No children. He is a Seventh-day Adventi>t 

Ephraim, b. , d. young; Eli, d. young. 

639. Nancy Anna 7 Babcock, dan. of Jacob and Lydia 
(Maxson) Babcock (Thomas, Thomas, Oliver, John, 

James), b. Apr. 6, 1818; m. John, son of Samuel and Amy 
(Maxson) Lippencott. 

Children : 

Lydia ; Jacob. 

Susan Madelia, 1). Milton, Wis., Oct. 3, 1851 ; in. Pawnee City, 
Neb., Dec. i, 1869, Joel B., son of 045 John S. and Eliza (Lip- 
pencott) Babcock, b. Shelby County. O.. Mar. 25, 1849. Children: 
Leah A., Gertrude, Ennictta, Edwin, Grace, August, Dcssic. 

640. Hannah 7 Babcock, dan. of Jacob and Lydia (Max- 
son) Babcock (Thomas, Thomas, Oliver, John, James 1. 

b. June 30, 1822; m. 1841, Ezekiel P., son of Milton and 
Elizabeth (Hoffman) Davis. 
Children : 

Sarah and Jay 1... b. ; d. young. 

Mary Louisa, !>. Apr. 20. 1848; in. Nov. 5, 1865, Israel L.. son of 

Luther and Jane 1 Morris) Davis, b. near Jackson Center. O.. May 

22, 1843. Children: Otis C,.. b. 1866; Milton E., b. 1869; Arthur 

W., b. 1876; Harrold S.. b. 1887. 
Moses Ira, b. ; m. Ida E., dan. of Dudley and M. (Van Horn) 

Hughes. He is a fanner; res. Jackson Center, O. * 

Charity, b. ; d. young. 

Evaline A., b. Lake View, O.. June 20. 1857: m. June, 1877. William 

L.. son of Job Van Horn: res. Lake View. (). 
Jennie F.hnira. 1). Jackson Center. O.. Oct. 20. 18/11 ; <I. Sept. 22, 

1898, Jackson Center: m. Cassilts S.. son of Joint Wade and 

Maria (Lippencott) Davis, b. Jackson Center, Oct. 25, 1863; res. 

Jackson Center, O. 

641. John 7 Babcock, son of Jacob and Lydia (Maxson) 
Babcock (Thomas. Thomas. Oliver. John. James), b. 
Clark County. O.. Pec. 2. [830; m. ( 1 ) Jackson Center. O.. 
Mar., 1850. Jemima, dan. of Samuel and Hannah (Maxson) 
Lippencott. b. Clark County, O.. Mar. it. lft$2, d. Humboldt. 
Neb.. Feb. 8. 1888; m. (2) Mrs. Frank A. Patterson. 

Children by first wife: -* 

Sarah Ann. b. Milton. Wis.: in. Sept. 28. 1875. Thomas Wool- 
strom ; res. Milton Junction, Wis. 

The Babcock Genealogy. . 281 

Ernest Franklin, b. Nov. 8, 1858; num. 

Walter V.. b. Mar. 27, i860; unm. 

Martha Lillian, b. Sept. 15. 1862. Milton Wis.; m. Humboldt, Neb., 
July 5, 1879, Oscar S. Babcock, son of 645 John S. and Sarah 1\ 
(Randolph) Babcock, l». Jackson Center, (J., Mar. 13, 1853; res. 
1902, Nortonville, Kan. 

Martin Van Burcn, b. Apr. 26, 1867; unm. 

Mary Eliza May. b. May 13, itt*); unm. 

Ella Rosemond, b. Apr. 6, 1S71 ; unm. 

642. Cornelius Sutton' Babcock, son of Jacob and Lydia 

(Maxson) Babcock (Thomas, Thomas, Oliver, John, 
James), 1). Northampton, O., Apr. 2, 1833; m. Clark County, 
"1850, Rachel, dau. of Sutton and Vienna Maxson, 1). Clark 

County, O., Oct. 6, [835, d. Dayton. O. ; m. (2) Miss 

Wren; res. [899, Jordan, End. 
Children : 

John R., b. ; ni. Rebecca E. Trobridge. 

Vianna, b. ; m. William Trobridge. 

Sarah Isabcll, b. ; m. William Allen. 

Martha Ellen, b. Jackson Center; d. Apr. a, 1885; m. 1884, Richard 

Lydia Jane, b. ; ni. Frank Allen. 

Rosa Leah. b. June 6, 1876 in. Charles Taylor. 
Lizzie A., b. Sept. 6, 1882. 
Maggie Delia, b. Sept. 28, 1886. 

643. Jacob 7 Babcock, son of Jacob and Lydia C Maxson) 
Babcock (Thomas. Thomas. Oliver, John. James), b. 

Clark County, O.. Feb. 17, 1835; res. Gentry, Ark.. k;oj: m. 
(1) at Jackson Center, O., Feb. 20, 1855. Lydia. dau. of Dea- 
con Jac. D. and Anna (Bond) Maxson; m. (2) Wei ton, la., 
Mav 15, 18^8. Isabcll. dau. of Uriah and Viana Davis, b. Feb., 


Child by first wife: 

Wilhelmina. b. May 3. 185(1; m. John Corlette. 

Children by second wife: 

Alvira F.. b. Feb. 13, 1863: m. Ira Bond. 

Olive Lucy. b. Aug. i-J. 1807: m. A. Jay Van Horn. 
Eleanor L., b. June 29, 1877; unm. 

644. Joshua Greene 7 Babcock, son of Joel C. and Amy 
(Greene) Babcock (Thomas, Thomas. Oliver. John. 

James), b. Clark County. O., Nov. _\}. [825: m. Tunc 24, 
1848. Charlotte T.. dau. of Samuel. Jr.. and Hannah (Max- 
son) Lippcncott, b. Jan. 26, [827, d. Lake View. Cal., Feb. 26, 


Children : 

The Babcock Genealogy. 

Louisa, 1). 1851; d. 1853. 

Julius Todd, I). Shelby ( ounty, O.. Feb., 1853; m. Nortonvillc, Kan, 

Feb. 4. 1881, Sarah Pcttj ; two children, Roy, b. Apr. 8, 1SS1, 

and Ruth, b. Nov. j.5. 1X85. 
Horace. Greeley, b. 1854; d. 1873. 
L. C.| b. Jan. .5, 1857; in. Tristam Bond. 
Cassius Clay, I). Humboldt, Neb., Nov. 1. i860; m. Erne, dau. of 

Joseph and Rebecca (Davis) Simpkins. No children. 
Lama R., 1). Humboldt, Neb.. May 21, 1863; m. Wilbcr Babcock. 
Rocna M., b. Humboldt, Neb., Feb. 25, 18G5; d. 1890 (?); m. 

Luther, son of Dennis and Lydia (Furrow J Ayres. 
Uri Curtis, 1). 1867 ; d. 1884. 
Curtis L., b. 1870; d. 1889. 


John S. Babcock, son of Joel C. and Amy (Greene) 
Babcock (Thomas, Thomas. Oliver, John. James), b. 
Clark County, O., Aug. 12. [828; cl. Xortonville, Kan., Sept. 
28, 1898; m. (1) June 24, 1848, Eliza, dan. of Samuel and 
Hannah (Maxson) Lippcncott, b. Aug. 15, [830; m. (2) 
Mar. 12, ] 8s r , Sarah 1\, dan. of Samuel Randolph, 1). Salem. 
W. Va., Dec. 22, 1826, d. Feb. 11. 1898. 
Child by first wife : 

Joel B., b. Mar. 25, 1849; in. Susan M., Jan. of John and 639 Nancy 

(Babcock ) Lippcncott. 

Children by second wife: 

Eliza L.. b. Dec. .25. 1851 ; m. Thomas C. Davis. 

Oscar Scott, b. Mar. 13, 1853; in. Martha, dan. of 641 John and Je- 
mima (Lippcncott) Babcock. 

Adassa F.. b. July 7. 1854; m. Gerrit S. Maxson. 

Lysander, b. 1855; d. 1857. 

Clementina, b. 1857; d. 1857. 

Walter 15.. b. 1858; d. [859. 

Ida May, b. 1859; d. i860. 

Oliver }.. b. 1861 ; d. 1862. 

Areno Isabelle, b. Feb. 21, 1W14: d. Sept. 12, 1887; m. Apr. 5. 1885, 
William, son of James and Mary (Davis) Kennedy, b. Stokes. O. 
Sept. 21. 1858. One child. Sylvia B. Kennedy, b. Apr. 12, 1887. 

Ai A., b. June 3, [865; in. Laura Whitney. 

Colfax S.. b. July 25. 1867: in Sept. 27, 1897, Addie. dan. of Nor- 
man and Lucy (Stillman) Maxson, b. Feb. 22. 1866; res. ii^o^. 
Nortonvillc. Kan. 

646. ESTHER 7 BABCOCK, dan. of Joel C. and Amy (Greene) 
Babcock (Thomas, Thomas. Oliver, John. James), b. 
Feb.. 1830: d. May 10. 1857; m. Aug. 17. 1848. John, son of 
William and Elizabeth (Maxson) Furrow, b. Mar. 3, 1827. 
Children : 

Anna Olive; Thomas; Albert. 

Rosina P.. b. : in. Charles J. son of Charles and Mary Ann 

(Thorngatc) Rood. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 283 

647. Samuel Davis 1 Babcock, son ol Joel and Amy 
(Greene) Babcock (Thomas, Thomas, Oliver, John, 
James), l>. Clark County, O., Aug. 13, 1839; m. .May 16, 
1866, Mary Salina F., dau. of John and Charlotte F. (Da- 
vis) Randolph, b. Oct. 31, [849. 
Children : 

! George L., b. Jackson Center, O . June 20. 1867; d. Aug. 29, 1809. 

John R., h. Jackson Center, < ).. Feb. 16, [869. 
Ira P., b, Humboldt, Neb., May _•<>. 1871. 

(Ezra 11., li. Jackson Center, Oct. 13, 1875. 
Theodore R., b. Auglaize County, O., Dec. 17, 1878. 

648. Benjamin Thomas 7 Babcock, son of Joel C. and 
Amy (Greene) Babcock (Thomas. Thomas, Oliver, 

John, James), b. Clark County. ()., Feb. 27. [848; m. Mariah, 
dan. of Dennis and Lydia (Furrow) Ayres. 

Children : 

Martin; Lillie; William; Albert; Robert; Bessie; Jesse. 

649. Thomas 7 Babcock, son of John and Betsy (Scarl) 
Babcock (Thomas. Thomas, Oliver. John. James), h. 

Defiance, O.. Aug. 22, 1823; d. Welton, la., 1863; m. (1) 
Jackson Center, O., June 3, 1843, Jane. dan. of Joshua Hill, b. 

May 27. 1823. d. Feb. 1. 1 S 5 7 : m. (2) Sept. 15. 1858, Mrs. 
Mary (Stewart) Terry, d. Hammond. La., Nov. 2, 1S96. 
Children by first wife : 

Elizabeth, b. Apr. 24, 1S44: 111. Nov., 1859, James R.. son of Job 
and Prudence (Davis) Van Horn. Children: Minnie and Leon. 
Res. Boulder. Col. 

John Hill, b. Nov. 16. 1846; m. Metta Platts. 

Charlotte I)., b. Jan. 10. 1848, Shelby County, O. ; res. Bonldcr, 
Col.; in. Welt. .11. la.. Apr. 8, 1S71. Albert L. Clark, son of Rich- 
ard and Isabel (Davis) Clark, b. Milton, Wis.. 1846 (?); res. 

Peter Owen, b. Jan. 15. [854; d. 1884. Moscow, Idaho; m. Ida 

650. Margaret' Bahcock. dan. of John and Elizabeth 
(Hardman) Babcock (Thomas. Thomas. Oliver, John. 

James), b. May 24. 1829: m. May 20. 1845. Lewis, son of 
Solomon and Lydia (Davis) Saver. She res. Welton. la. 
Children : 

Moses, b. July 8. 1846; m. Hewitt. la.. Aug. 2.}. 1867; Mary M. 
dau. of Benjamin and Lydia Ann < Baker) Clement, b. Port lef- 
ferson. O.. Aur ii, ts47- Children: George O., b. 186.1 (?); 
Jesse A., b. 1869; Walter, b. Farina, 111. Oct. 14. 1873; d. 
North Loup. \\'1>.. Oct. 2\. 1888; Jennie B., 1> Farina. June ;?. 
1875. in. Nov. 2;?. iKo_>. Charles L Hurly; Alpha D.. b. North 
Loup. Aug. 4. 1888. d. Sept. iS. 1890. 

284 The Babcock Genealogy. 

John, 1). ; in. (!) Martlia Hardman; in. (2) . Children: 

Anna ami Orplia. 

Delila, 1>. ; m. Thomas Gilbert. Children: Vena and James. 

Dcniza, b. ; m. Henry Clayton. 

Sarah, h. ; 111 Frank Axrington. Children: Edwin, Clyde, 

Olin, Fay. 

Rosa, h. ; m. David Arrington, One child. Karl. 

Euphrema, b. ; m. Bccchcr, son of John and Susan (Forsythe) 

Loofboro, 1). May 4, 1862. One child, Dwight. 
Rev. Charles, b. ; m. Mabel Clark; re-, n/)-'. Hammond, La. 

651. Sarah' Hancock, dau. ol John and Elizabeth (Hard- 
man) Babcock (Thomas, Thomas, Oliver, John, 
James), b. Clark County, ( )., Nov. 26, [831; in. Defi- 
ance, O., fuly 7, 1850, L. Hurley, b. Ohio, Juno 7, 1824, d. 
Welton, la., Oct. 6, 1872. 

Children: » 

652. Demsa 7 Babcock, dan. of John and Elizabeth (Hard- 
man) Babcock (Thomas. Thomas. Oliver. John, 
James), b. Nov. 9. 1833; d. Aug. 25. i860; m. Henry 
K. Morris. 
Children : 

John ; James ; Louisa. 

Lewis Alexander, b. Ohio, May 27, 1851 ; 111. ( 1 > Delmar, la.. Mar. 

13. 1873, Sylvia E., dau. of Orville C. and Clarissa E Bailey, b. 

Ft. Ann, N. Y., June .18, 1854. Children: Orville A., b. North 

Loup, Neb., 1871; Oliver, b. Welton, la., July iq, 1876; Bertha A . 

b. Welton. Oct. 19, 1878; Clarissa May. b. Welton, June 28, 1881. 
Mary Elizabeth, b. Nov. 2.?, 1852; m. Sept. 6, 1873, N. George, son 

of Benjamin Clement. Children: Guy, Clara, and Ada. 
John Gilbert, h. Aug. 31, 1854; in. Aug. 5, 1876, Athalia A., dau. of 

Ai and Amaranda (Loofboro) Van Horn. 
James Hardman, b. Welton, Dec. 21, 1850; m. May 15, 1S76, 

Mary A. fierce. 
Theodore Sipher, b. near Welton. Dec. 17. 1858; m. Garwin, la., 

Dec. 25, [88o, Eva M.. dan. of Dennis and Jane Davis. 
Dcniza Calista, b. Welton. [860; d. 1862. 
Charles Frecmont, h. near Welton. Dec. 29. i860; m. Feb. 12. 1882. 

Emma L. Mullett. 
Ulysses Grant, b. near Welton. Apr. 4, 1865; '"• Mar. 10, 1889, 

Angie Brown. 
Maleta Alice, b. near Welton. Nov. 14. 1868; d. Mar. 26, 1803; m. 

May 28, 1887, Christopher Columbus Van Horn, son of Ai and 

Amaranda (Loofboro) Van Horn. 


653. Martha 7 BABCOCK, dau. of John and Elizabeth (Hard- 
man) Babcock (Thomas, Thomas, Oliver, John. 
Tames), b. May 26, 18^6; m. Apr. 8. iS^r>, John B., son of 

* * . * 

Bernard and Elizabeth (Davis) Van Horn. Both res. 1902, 
Welton, Ta. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 285 


Sylvanus D., b. . 

Joseph Judson, l). . 

! Ulysses Sherman, b. ; m. Lucy, dau. of Jesse ami Mary (Bab- 

cock) Furrow. 

Clara Lorcna, b. ; in. I. (mi. ml A.. ^< m of Marion and Malinda 

(Davis) Van Horn, b. Oct. 7, 11X70. 

Ruth, I). . 

Lizzie, b. ; in. John, son oi James and Elizabeth (Randall; 

! Knight. 

654. NlCANDER Wilson 7 Babcock, son <>f John and Eliza- 
4 beth (Hardman) Babcock (Thomas, Thomas, Oliver, 

John, James), b. Shelby County, O., July 30, 18^4; res. 1902, 
North Loup, Neb.; m. Welton, la., Sent. 22, 1866, Louise 
f Jane, dan. of William C. and Mary (Steam) Davis, b. Sulli- 

van, la., Dee.. 1S47. 
Children : 

Winnie Ethel, b. Dec. 11. 1867; res. 1902, North Loup; m. Dec. 27, 

1888, Sherman Clement. 
Carrie Elnora. b. May 22, 1870; res. 1002, North Loup; in. Apr. 9, 

1891, Orel Van 1 lorn. 
Walter Orel, b. 1872; d. Mar. 17, 1885. 
Rolla Orvil, July _>S. 1875; res. 1902, North Loup, Neb.; m. Nov. 

26, 1900, F.stella Green. 
Eunice, b. Feb. 1. 1877; d. Sept. 16, 1S77. 
Ray, b. June, 1886; d. Aug., 1888. 

655. Elijah Connixcrox 7 Babcock, son of James and 
Phila (Coddington) Babcock (Jeremiah. Simeon, Oli- 
ver. John. James), b. Wales. Mass., Jan. 16, 1802: d. Mon- 
mouth, 111., Feb. 16. 1884: m. Brimfield, Mass.. Jan.. 1822, 
Cynthia, dan. of Benjamin Draper and Persis (Wicker) Weld, 
b. Brimfield. Aug. 29, 1800. d. Monmouth. Sept. 29. 1878. 

Elijah Babcock. in the early forties, removed from Wales, 
Mass.. to Monmouth. 111., and established a general merchan- 
dise store in which his sons. John and Draper, were associated 
with him. He was a leading member of the Baptist Church 
in his town. 

Children, b. Wales, Mass. : 

1231 John." b. Apr. 7, 1826; m. Lorinda Munger. 

1232 Persis, I). July 0. 1824: in. Wyatl Stapp. 
Draper, b. Dee. l. 1828; res. |Q02, Monmouth. 111.; m. Monmouth. 

Dec. 22. 1852. Mary Elliott. 

Mary. 1). May 22. iS?o; rl. Monmouth, 111.. Jan. .j. 1801.; m. Mon- 
mouth. Oct. 18. iS'.io. A/ro Patterson. 

Kate. b. Oct 0, 18.17; res. 1902, Monmouth. 111.; m. Monmouth, 
1862, Alex. Holt. 

286 The Babcock Genealogy. 

656. Palace 7 Babcock, dau. of James and Phila (Codding- 
ton) Babcock (Jeremiah, Simeon, Oliver, John, 

James), b. ; d. Southbridge, Mass., i8j;2 ; m. Harrison 


Child : 

George H., b. Wales. Mass.. Feb. 8, 1836; res. \<jo2, Galcsburg, 111. 

656a. Nelson 1 Babcock, s<>n oi Benjamin and Hannah 

(Reynolds) Babcock (Jason, Simeon, Oliver, John, 
James), b. Petersburg, X. Y., Feb. 13. 1813; d. Hoosick, 
N. Y., Dec. 4, 1893; m. Catharine A. J 'otter, b. Dee. 28, 181 5, 
d. Dee. 3, 1880. 
Children : 

Mary A., b. Oct. 10, [837; d. 1863; in. Charles A. Brown. 
Charles P., h. 1843; d. 1853. 

William 1'., b. Hoosick, July 30, 185S; 111. June -.'_>, 1887. Jessie 
Helen Pratt, of Hoosick, b. Apr. 2, 1861. No children. They re? 

1902, Hoosick, N. Y. 

657. Mary 7 Babcock, dan. of Ethan and Polly (Fen) 
Babcock (Oliver, Oliver, Oliver, John, James), b. 

Brookfield, X. Y., 1814; d. 1900 ( ?) ; m. Samuel 
\\ r ood\vorth. •• . • 

Children : 

George, b. ; m. Sarah Hills. 

Daughter, b. ; in. James Brown, of Hudson, N. V. 

658. Joseph II. 7 Babcock, son of Ethan and Polly (Fen) 
Babcock (Oliver, Oliver. Oliver, John. James), b. 

Brookfield, X. Y., Sept. 19, 1826; d. Beaver Dam. Wis.. June 
21, 1899: m. Beaver Dam. Sept. 2r. i8_|<). Mary M., dan. of 
Robert and Mary II. (Cheney) Whitaker, b. Saxonville, 
Mass., Sept. 25, 1831; res. 1902, Beaver Dam. 
Children, 1). Beaver Dam: 

Mary J., h. ; m. F. R.. sou of E. R. ami Martha (Hamilton) 

Hoyt. b. Reaver Dam. Rub res. 1002, Reaver Dam. 

C. F. Rabcock. b. : d. Reaver Dam, 1862, num. 

Agnes L.. b. ; d. Reaver Ham. 1850. unm. 

B. F. R. Rabcock. b. July 4. [864; res. 1002, Reaver Dam. Wis. 

659. Cvxthia 7 Babcock, dan. of Oliver and Lorana (Fos- 
ter) Babcock (Oliver. Oliver. Oliver. John, James), b. 

Brookfield, X. Y., 1708: d. Brookfield, 1842; m. about 1817. 

James Denison. 
Children : 

Harriet, b. Rrookfield. N. Y.. 1818; living loni. Clinton. la.; m. 
(1) Chauncy Gillette; m. (2) Mr. Stiles. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 2 &7 

Fidelia, b. Brookficld, \. Y., t8ao; d. Morrisvillc, N. V. ; m. Lucius 
P., son of Joseph ami listhcr (LanphcrcJ Clark. 

Olivia, 1>. Brookficld, 1822; <l. Brookficld; m. Allen Greene. 

C)rrin B., 1>. Brookficld, 1824; d. Brookficld, 1900; m. Arlonc, dau. 
of George Langworthy. 

Vashti, b. Brookficld, 1827; m. ;ui<l d. in Iowa. 

Jennette, 1>. Brookficld, 1829; d. Brookficld; m. John T., son of 
Ethan and Clarissa Stillman. 

James Ray, b. Brookficld; d. [900; m. Miss Elliot 

660. Lorana 7 Babcock, dau. of Oliver and Lorana (Fos- 
ter) Babcock (Oliver, Oliver, Oliver, John, Janus), b. 

Brookfiekl, X. Y.. May, [800; d. I '.rook licit 1, i867;m. Brook- 
field, Hosea 15.. son of Samuel and Chloe (Maxson) Clark, 

1). Westerly, R. 1., Nov., 1797. 
Children : 

R. Lc Roy, 1). Brookficld, 1818; d. 1889; m. Angclinc, dau. of 

Jeremy Crandall. 
John D., b. Brookficld, N. V.. Aug. 1820: d. Portsmouth, R. T.. 

1892; m. Portsmouth, Eleanor, dau. of Gardner ami (Bur- 

den) Thomas. 
La Fayette, b. Brookfield, Sept. 0. 1822; res. i«x>2. Oneida. N. Y. ; 

m. Charlotte, dau. of Richard and Anna (Rogers) Sherman. 

1233 Albert M..M). Dee. 16. 1824; in. Phebc Gorton. 

Barhara M., 1>. Brookfield, X. Y., Ai>r. 4. 1K27; res. 1901, Clayville; 

m. George W. Holman. 
E. Antoinette, b. Brookfield, X. Y.. Aug., 1X29; d. at Sanquoit, 

Jan., 1894. 
II. Moran, 1). Brookficld: res. iqoi. Brookfield; m. Lucinda. dau. 

of Mo- 1 es and (Hill) Johnson. 

Norman L., b. Brookfield: re<. igoi, Brookfield. X. Y. ; m. Damare. 

dau. of Paul and Randall Burch. 

661. Oliver 7 Barcock, son of Oliver and Lorana (Foster) 
Babcock (Oliver, Oliver. Oliver. John, James). 1>. 

Brookfield. N. V.. 1802; d. Brookfield; m. Lecta, dan. of 
Ashel and Desire (Palmer) Burdick, 1). Brookfield. Sept. 12, 
1804, d. Brookfield, Apr. 10, 1900. 
Children : 

1234 Joseph Julian, b. Sept. 19. 1826; ni. (1) Esther Coggshell ; m. 

(2) Sarah Burwell. 

12 35 Asael Luther, h. May 9. 182S; m. Harriet Brusie. 

662. Julia 7 Babcock, dan. of Joseph and Sarah (Babcock) 
Bahcock (Oliver. Oliver, Oliver. John, Tames), b. Lex- 
den. Mass.. Jan. 23, 1801 ; d. Oneida. X. Y.. Mar. 30, 1880; 
m. Brookfield, 1820, Clark Brown, b. Rhode Island. Feb. 23, 
1796, (1. Oneida Castle, X. Y.. June 23, 1872. 

Children (first two born at Brookfield, others at Morrisville. 

Edwin, b. March 26. 1821; m. July, [841, Marv Wells, d. Titus- 
ville. Pa., Dee. 7. l88l. 

665. Nathan' Babcock, son of Nathan and Huldah (Bur- 
dick) Babcock (Oliver. Oliver, Oliver. John. James). 
b. Brook-field. X. V.. Aug. 25. 1807; d. Little Falls, N. V.. 
Aug. 7, [882; in. Little Falls, Mar. 26, 1843, Fannie, dan. of 
George and Eva (Seber) Walrocl, b. Little Falls, Apr. 30. 
1824! d. Little Falls. Feb. 4. 1807. 
Children, b. Little Falls: 

1238 Alice J.." b. May 18. 1848; m. John France. 

Washington I'.. 1). Dec. 28, 1846. Enlisted in 1862. in 121st Regi- 
ment. Co. II. X. V S. V., 6 Corps. Wounded at Fredericksburg, 
May 3. 1863; (I. May 4. 1863. 

1239 Edward II., I). June 26, 1850; in. Mary Hall. 

288 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Lceman, 1>. May 7, 1822; d. young. 

Julia M., I). Feb. [6, 1824; d. young. 

Adelia I'.. I). Mar. 28, 1826; 111. Calvin, SOn of Joseph Wells, I). 

June 8, 1823; d. Sept. id, 1896, Oneida ' astle, N. V. 
Harvey, 1). June 15, 1829; 111. Verona, X. Y.. Mary Gardner; d. 

Oneida Castle, juin-, 1885. 
A. Marrila, b. Oct. 11, 1831; m. Jerome Carskaden; res. 1901, in 

Le Roy, li. Dee. _'.), 1833; m. Cclestia Buxton; res. 1901, 3255 

Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. 
S. Maria, l>. Apr. 11, 1838; 111. Daniel Lewis, May 17, 1871; rev 

1901, Sandy Creek, X. V. 
F. Rosalie, l>. June 28, 1840; in. George Forbes, Dec. 24, [862; res. 

1901, Oneida, X. V. 

663. Le Roy 1 Babcock, son of Joseph and Sarah (Bab- 
cock) Babcock (Oliver, Oliver, Oliver, John, James), 

b. Leyden, Mass., Apr. 23, [804; d. LJtica, N. Y.. July 9, 
188] ; m. Richfield, X. Y., 1850 or "51, Sally Ann Markham. 
Children : 

Ann, b. ; res. 1901, Rcdbank, X. J.; in. Utica, N. Y., 1892, 

Orrin Curry. Xo children. 
Julia, h. Brookfield; res. 1901, Utica', X. Y. ; unm. 

1236 Ida E.," b. June 12, 1857; m. Edgar Luce. 

664. Alzina 7 Babcock, dan. of Phineas and Sarah (Fen) 
Babcock (Oliver, Oliver, Oliver. John, lames), b. 

Brookfield, N. Y., Apr. 2, 1818; d. Leonardsville, X. Y., 
Aug. 21, 1888; m. Brookfield, Darwin Crandall, b. Brookfield. 

Children : 

Sarah Adalaide, b. . 

1237 Irving Alexander," b. Aug. 5, 1848; m. Algcrose Higlev. 
Arthur William, b. Leonardsville, 1854; res. 1001, West Winfield, 

X. V.; in. Cooperstown, Phcbe Adams. 
Alice May. b. Leonardsville, X. Y.. 1856: res. IOOI, Division St.. 
Plaiulicld. X. J.; 111. Leonardsville. De Valois, son of Milton and 
Mary (Babcock) St. John, b. Leonardsville. 



The Babcock Genealogy. 289 

12.40 William, b. May 21, 1853; m. Nancy Dyslin. 

Iluldali, 1). 1854; d. 1880; in. 1879, William Miller. No children. 

Eve L, li. Dec. 31, 1856; d. 1858. 
1241 George N., b. Mar. 31, 1859; m. Fanny Cross. 

Orvis, 1). Feb. _'5, 1861 ; d. Aug. 13, 1861. 

!666. Henry Burdick 7 Babcock, son of Hezekiali and 
Nancy (Blirdick) Babcock (Oliver, Oliver, Oliver, 
John, James), I). Jan. 9, [809; d. Berlin, N. Y^., .Apr. 19, [891 ; 
m. (1) Brookfield, \. Y.. Aug. 26, 1844, Angelinc, dan. of 
Elias and Martha (Mills) Langworthy, 1>. Brookfield, d. Ber- 
lin, Wis., Sept., [864; m. (2) Eunice Newell. 
* Children: 

1242 Nancy C., s 1>. May 6, [845; 111. William Allen Prentice. 

Emogetvc Mariah, b. Berlin, Wis., Sept. 6, 1856; d. Berlin, Sept., 
1883; in. Berlin, Albert, son of Henry Payne. 

667. Oliver 7 Babcock, son of Hezekiali and Nancy (Bur- 
dick) Babcock (Oliver, Oliver, Oliver, John, James). 

b. Brookfield, N. Y.. Mar. 6, 1817; d. Mar. 27, 187(1; m - ^'°' ) - 
3. 1846, Susannah, dan. of Patten and 286 Lois (Babcock) 

Fitch, b. Nov. 3, 1821, d. Apr. 2, 1900. 
Children : 

Roselie C, b. Dec. 3, 1849; d. young. 
Marcclla E., b. Oct. 12. 1851 ; unm. 

Annette B., 1). Nov. 14, 1855; m. Jan. 12, 1881, Barton Stillman; 
res. 1901, Brookfield. No children. 

668. Joseph T. 7 Bahcock, son of Hezekiali and Nancy 
(Burdick") Babcock (Oliver, Oliver, Oliver. John, 

James), h. Brookfield, X. Y.. Oct. 9. 1827: res. 1901, Nor- 
way Ridge, Wis.; m. (1) Utica, X. ¥., Harriet Colvin; m. 
(2) New Lisbon, Wis.. Nov. 14. 1861, Catherine, dau. of 
Lawrence and Nancy Hilts, b. St. Catherine, Canada, Sept. 8, 


Children : 

Nancy. 1). Sept. 2, 1862: d. Sept. 14. 1863. 

Cora Ellen, b. Mar. 2. [865; d. New Lisbon, N. V., Aug. 23. 1805. 

Maud, b. Berlin. Wis.. Feb. 24. iSoq; res. 1001. Norway Ridge, 
Wis.; m. Aug. 17. 1800. Lawrence, sun of Daniel and Hannah 
(Spade) Cook. b. Feb.. 1861. 

Ceorpc Albert, b. Berlin, Wis., Jan. 25. 1^72: res. ioor. Norwav 
Ridge, Wis.; m. Oct. iS. 1900, Myrtle, dau. of Del ford and C>ra 

William Horace, b Norway Ridge, Sept. 1?. 1874: res. iqot. Nor- 
way Ridge; in Dec. 24, 1000. Annie, dau. of Eli and Mary 
(Murphy) Grimshaw. 


290 The Babcock Genealogy. 

669. Peleg' Babcock, son of Peleg and Martha (Morgan) 
Babcock (Peleg, Oliver, Oliver, John, James), I). Apr. 

12, 1799; d. Makando, III.: in. (i) New York State, Ro- 
setta Nichols; m. (2) Tippecanoe, Ind., Malinda, dau. of 

Edward McCart, l>. Chillicothe, ( ).. July 10, ; d. Jasper 

County, Ind., July 6, [856. 

Peleg Babcock moved to Indiana in 1827; was then living 
with his first wife, Rosetta Nichols. 

Children by first wife : 
Rosetta; Helen. 

Children 1))' second wife: 

Martha; Anna; May; Edward; Frank W.. m. Maria Potter; James 
M., in. Viola Cox; Wesley; Charles; William; Henry E. 

670. Amanda 7 Babcock, dau. of Peleg and Martha (Mor- 
gan) Babcock (Peleg, Oliver, Oliver, John, Janus), b. 

Ithaca. X. Y., July 22, [819; d. Rensselaer, Ind., May 8, 1868; 
m. Delphi, Ind., Nov. 24, 1837. Charles M. Watson, b. Vir- 
ginia, July 4. [809, d. Rensselaer, Ind., Feb. 14, 1877. 
Children : 

1243 Henry H., e b. July 10, 1840; in. Mary Shortridge. 

James F., b. Pittsburg, Ind.; d. Sept. 10. 1897; m. Kate Ritchey, 

b. Feb. I. 1S67; rev 1901. Rensselaer, Ind. 
Charles Spears, 1). Pittsburg; d. 

1244 Elizabeth A., b. June 12, 184^; in. William II. Gwin. 

671. Nathan 7 BABCOCK, son of Peleg and Martha (Mor- 
gan) Babcock (Peleg. Oliver, Oliver. John, James), b. 

Cortland County, N. Y.; d. Rensselaer, Ind., Sept. 10, 1S74; 
m. Cortland County, Ruby Foster, d. Rensselaer, Ind., Oct. 
5» 1859. 
Children : 

Harriette, b. New York State; d. Rensselaer, Ind., 1895; m. Henry 

Bruce; d. Rensselaer. iS<k). 
Annette, b. New York State. : d. Rensselaer; m. Jesse Elston. 

1245 Augustus Dorr," b. ; m. Abigail IlitT. 

1246 James, b. Aug. 1. 1834; in. Ellen Price. 
Charles, b. Rensselaer; Dwight; Peleg. 
William, b. Rensselaer; res. 1901, Rensselaer. 

672. Like IV BABCOCK, sou of Deacon Solomon and Amy 
(Morgan) Babcock (Peleg, Oliver, Oliver. John. 

James), b. Scott. X. Y.. Jan. 28, [805; d. Milton. Wis.. 
Sept. 14. 1878; m. Scott. 1824, Lydia, dau. of [39 Ezra and 
Saberah (Stillman) Bal>cock, 1>. New York State. Nov. 30. 
1805, (1. Kasson, Minn.. Jan. 26, 1888. 


The Babcock Genealogy. 291 

Luke P. Babcock was an undertaker ami cabinetmaker be- 
fore removing to Milton, Wis. ; lie was there a grocer and kept 
a restaurant. 

Children : 

1247 Ellen A., 1) Aug. 21, 1825; m. James M. Saunders. 

1248 Anna, 1). (827; in. Isaac II. Smith. 

1249 Erwin Luke, b. June 28, 1829; in. Delia M. Sweet. 

1250 Edwin S.. I). July to, 1831; tn. (i) Mr^. Isabcllc Maxson; m. (2) 
Susan M. Mooney. 

Susan. 1). Scott, \. Y., 1833; d. Kasson, Minn., June 1, 1893; m - 
New York State. William Reese. 

1251 O.-ear A., b. June 13, 1838; m. Lauraett Malt by. 
Elsie, I). New York Stale; d. Milton Junction, Wis., Apr. 5, 1872., 

Bethucl, 1). New York State; d. young. 
Franklin, b. ; d. young. 

673. Ralph 7 Babcock, son of Deacon Solomon and Amy 

(Morgan) Babcock ( Peleg, Oliver, Oliver, John, 

James), b. Tully, X. V.. Dec. r, 1810; d. Elroy, Wis., 

Sept. 19, 1897; m. near Chicago, 111.. Mar. 9, 1836, Azubah, 

dau. of William and Matilda (Lyon) Dodge, b. Brandon, Vt., 
Mar. 14, i Si 8; res. 1901, Elroy. 

Ralph Babcock served three years in the Civil War in the 
20th Regiment of Wisconsin. He was a farmer. 

Children : 

1252 Oscar Almeron,* l>. Mar. 13, 1837 : m. Philena L. Douglass. 
Elsie A., b. Dec. 19, 1840: res. 1901, Hampton, la.; m. Walter H. 

Hoxie. Has ten children. 
Elgen Eugene, b. Sept. 21, 1S42; res. 1901, Elroy, Wis. 

1 674. Frederick 7 Babcock, son of Deacon Solomon and 

Amy (Morgan) Babcock (Peleg, Oliver. Oliver, John. 

James), b. Scott. X. V.. Mar. 29. 1820; d. Hillsborough. 

Wis., Nov. 4. 1877; m. Scott. Mar. 16. 1852. Mary M.. dau. 

of James and Eleanor (Gardner) Kelley. b. Verona, X. Y., 
s Feb. 3, 1833; res. 1901. Enterprise. Miss. 

J Children : 

\ 1253 Omer A.." 1>. July o. 1853: m. Emma Potter. 

William Wirt. b. Hillsborough, Wis., Oct. 3. 1856; d. Oct. 12. 1864. 
Ida Elnora, b. Hillsborough. Aug. 21. 1870; res. 1901, Enterpri-e, 

675. John Wilbur' Babcock, son of John and Phelie ("Wil- 
bur) Babcock (Peleg. Oliver. Oliver, John. James), b. 
i Barry, X. V.. Jan. 30. 181)7; d. Greenfield, Pa.. Apr. 18, 

1882: m. Greenfield, Nov. 24. 1841, Ann. dau. of Isaiah Da- 
vis, b. Vermont, Jan. 2y, 1821, d. Greenfield, Sept. 2^, 1SS1. 


292 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children : 

Ithamer, b. Greenfield; res. i<*'i. North East, Pa.; m. North Eat, 
Lucy, dau. of Austin ;ii)d M.iry (Bird) Allen. 

1254 Phcbc Ann," b. Sept. |. 1847; in. Elijali P. Davis. 
Mary, b. Aug. 29, 1851 ; d. North East, Sept. -'<>. 1852. 

Alice, b. Sept. -'(», 1855; res. 1901, Buffalo, N. V. ; m. Watsburgh, 


Eva, 1>. June 2, 1858; d. Mar. 14. [859. 

Dell, b. Greenfield, Pa., Nov. 15. 1864; res. 1001, Hornby, Pa.; m. 

Irving, son of William Smith, b. Greenfield. 

676. Joseph 1 Babcock, son of John and Betsy (Bulfinch) 
Babcock (Peleg, Oliver, < Hiver, John, James), b. Spaf- 

fonl. X. V., Oct. 17. 1814; settled in Battle Creek, Mich.; 111. 
Battle Creek, Oct. 26, 1845, Mrs. Caroline S. Laraway, b. 

Ovid, X. Y., Sept. [4, 1X24/ 
Children, h. Battle Creek: 

Frank J., b. July 30, 1847. 

Corolis, 1). July 21, 1X4.;. 

Viola I., 1). June 28, 1852. 

Isatlore, b. June 28, 1852; d. Sept. 26, 1852. 

Lucy Luclla, b. Nov. 3, 1857. 

677. Horace Steadman 7 Babcock, son of Taber and Anna 
(Steadman) Babcock (Peleg, Oliver, Oliver. John, 

James), b. Mar. 8. 1807; m. June 2^, 1833, Sainantha Crofoot, 

of Homer, N. Y. 
Children : 

1255 Almcron, 8 b. July 4. 1834 ; m. Sarah Cobb. 
Celia, b. May 10, 1838; m. Elias Gibbs. 

Isaac b Apr 14, 1844; m. May, 1808, Lavina Bean, of Homer, 

N. Y. 
Horace, b. Nov. 20, 1851; d. Sept. 20. 1873. 
George, b. May 31, 1854; m. Nov. 27, 1877. Emma Cummins, of 

Sprague, N. Y. 

678. Anna M. t Babcock, dan. of Taber and Anna (Stead- 
man) Babcock (Peleg, Oliver. Oliver. John. James), b. 

.Leyden, Mass., Nov. 20. 1808; d. Oakland. Cak, Nov. 30. 
1880: m. 1828, Rev. James Ross, son of Henry and Lydia 
(Crandall) Burdick, b. June 29, 1707, d. Syracuse, Feb. S. 

Rev. James R. Burdick graduated at Brown University in 
1822. He was Principal of the Capitol Hill Seminary. Wash- 
ington, D. C, his wife also being a teacher in the same insti- 
tution. Later he was ordained a Baptist minister, and was 
pastor of chinches at Tioga and YVilkcsbarre. Pa., and Owego 
and Ithaca. N. Y. Failing in health, he retired to Onondaga 

The Babcock Genealogy. 293 

Hill, where he died. His widow passed the remainder of her 
life with her daughter, Mrs. llattie Shorkley, at Oakland, 

Children : 

Anna M., b. Sept. 25, 1829; d. in infancy. 

James Tabor, b. Mar. 29, 1831 ; 111. Oct. 22, 1855, EUinda Tiffany. 

Lydia Ann. \>. Apr. 19. 1833; d. Syracuse, 1866. 

Henry Day. I.. Aug. 18, 1835; in Apr. 28, 1868, Sarah A. Corey. 

William Pendleton, b. May 8, 1838; in. Mandane Elliott. 

Harriet Roxana, l>. June 7. [841 ; in. Aug. .1. 1S70, Allen Shorkley. 

Mary Cornelia, b. Aug. 27. 1844; d. 1864. 

Helen Augusta, b. Dee. 25, 1846; m. Aug. ?,, 1K72, Alonzo Crawford. 

John I\, b. Sept. 25, 1849; m. Mar. 16, 1882, Carrie Hibbard. 

Maria M., b. July 15, 1852. 

679. Nelson 7 Bahcock, son of Russel and Lucinda (Max- 
I son) Babcock (Paul, Oliver, Oliver, John, James), b. 

Scott. X. Y., June 25, 1816; d. Adams Center, X. V., Aug. 
27, 1864; m. Adams Center, Dec. if>, 1837, Lucy, dan. of 
Angel and Eunice Lee. b. Adams, Mar. 28, 1813, d. Adams 
\ Center, Nov. 18, 1886. 

Children : 

f Leafy Lucretia, b. Scott, N. V.. Oct. 14. 1838; res. 1901. Amster- 

dam, N. V. ; m. Adam- Center, Apr., 1861, Ephraim Crosby, b. 
Amsterdam, Feb. 10. 1838. 

1256 Willis A.." I). June in. 1840: m. Harriet Overton. 

1257 Lucinda A.. 1>. Aug. 23. 1S42; in. Daniel S. Greene. 

Albert Russel, b. Adams Center. X. V.. Jan. 1. 184;; res. 1901, 
Adams Center. N. V. : m. Adams Center. Apr. 24. 187.}. Flora 
A., dan. of John and Dorcas (Vars) Conn, b. Adams Center. 
Mar. 5, 1850. d. Adams Center. Mar. 20. 1901. 

680. Pardon 7 Babcock, son of Russel and Lucinda (Max- 
son) Babcock | Paul, Oliver. Oliver. John, James), b. Oct. 

21, 1820; d. Watertown, X. Y.. Dec 30, 1895; m. Feb. 2. 
1843, Clarissa Benjamin, 1). Oct. 20, 1820, d. S. Brook-field, 
N. Y., Feb. 23, 1S96. 
Children : 

Frances V.. b. Adams Center. July 22. 1844: res. 1001. Chicago 
Heights, Chicago; 111. (1) Adams Center, July 8, 1862, Stillman 
Whitford, son of Maxson Whitford; m. (2) Mr. Amelsbury, d. 

Farina. 111. 

1258 Lizzie M.." b. Aug. 20, i860; in. Condon L. Maxson. 

681. Erastus 7 Babcock, son of Russel and Lucinda (Max- 
son) Babcock (Paul, Oliver. Oliver. John, James), b. 

Aug. 21, 1818; <1. Wirt. X. Y.. Oct. [6, 1863: m. Wirt, June 
9, 1S42, Doroleski R., dau. of Samuel and Phila (Trumbel) 

2Q-4 The Babcock Genealogy, 

Perkins, 1). Spafford, X. V., May <>, [823; res. 1901, Block- 
ville, X. V. 

Children : 

1259 Gurdon,' 1>. Apr. 15. 1843; m. Freclove Wright 

Emory i)., I). Bolivar, X. Y. Oct. 31. 1847; d. Emonton, Bi 
Columbia; m. Cuba, X. V.. Lydia, dau. of Liman and Clarissa 
(Welch) Keller, d. Cuba, X Y., 1001. 

1260 Emma 1>.. b. Oct. f, [848; m. Calvin P. Stanton. 

1261 Samuel R., I). Oct. 31, 1852; m. Ettie M. Smith. 

Archibald, 1). Win. X. Y.. Nov. 3, 1854; res. 1901, Randolph, X. Y. ; 
m. Cambridgcport, Mass., Oct. 7. 1884, Emma I... dau. of William 
11. and Cclia (. 1 liikor > Parmcntcr, l>. Troy, X. Y., June 1, 1867. 

682. William 7 Babcock, son of Russel and Lucinda (Max- 
son) Babcock (Paul, Oliver, Oliver, John. James), b. 

Scott, X. V., Dec. 8. 1829; res. 10,01. Allentown, X. Y.; m. 
Allentown, Violet, dan. of David and Violet Hazard, d. Al- 
lentown, Jan. 12, 1893. 
Children : 

1262 Frank," b. Sept. 23, 1856; m. Lillic Barnes. 

1263 Leora, b. Sept. jj, iS'>S; m. Milton Ca?c. 
Willie, b. ; d. July 23. 1884. 

683. Charles H. 7 Bahcock. son of Russel and Lucinda 

(Maxson) Babcock (Paul, Oliver, Oliver, John, 
James), 1). Scott. X. Y., Apr. 13, 1832; d. Adams Cen- 
ter, A11 ;. 10, 1894; m. Lyons Corners, X. Y.. Caroline, dau. 
of Benjamin F. Lee. b. Adams Center, June 13, 1840, d. Ad- 
ams Center. Mar. 19, 1887. 

1264 Benjamin C," b. Aug. 3, 1866; m. Minnie Bass. 

684. Cruris E. 7 Burdick, son of Capt. Tcsse and Sallv 
(Babcock) Burdick (Paul. Oliver," Oliver. John. 
James), b. Nov. 9. 1832; d. Brooklyn. X. V., Jan. 6, 
188^: m. Oct. 17. 1 86 1, Emma Biers. 
Child : 

Jessie L.. b. 

m. Edwin Gladwin, of Brooklyn, X. Y. No 

685. Duane D. 7 Burdick, son o\ Capt. Jesse and Sally 
Babcock) Burdick (Paul. Oliver, Oliver. John. James), 
b. Scott, X. Y., July 1. 1837; d. E. Saginaw, Mich., Nov. 23. 
1889; m. Scott. X. Y.. Oct. 10, 1859. Emily F., dan. of 
311 Jerome Ripley 7 and Emily (McDaniels) Babcock, b. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 29S 

Scott, Nov. 2i, 1X41 ; res. 1901, 119 Sheridan Ave., Saginaw, 

Children : 

Dan, b. ; d. in infancy. 

1265 Harlcy Bond.' b. June 14, 1S03; m. Grace Green. 

686. Marsend 7 Badcock, son of Miiiard and Mary A. 
(Taylor) Babcock ( Paul, Oliver, Oliver, John, James), 

b. May 6, 1820; m. Apr. [6, [845, Giarlotta Mills. 
Child : 

Mary Elizabeth, b. Feb. 25. 18^6. 

687. Maranda 7 Babcock, dan. of Minard and Mary (Tay- 
lor) Babcock (Paul, Oliver. Oliver, John, James), b. 

k June 2, 1S22; m. Jan. 6, [845, De Witt Colony. 


Arthur La Mutt. b. Sept. 16. 1846. 

688. Harriet 7 Babcock, dan. of Minard and Sophia (Ben- 
nett) Babcock (Paul, Oliver. Oliver, John. James), b. 

Oct. 5, 1834; d. Middletown, X. V., Oct. 7. 1900; m. Union 
Springs, X. V.. Aug. 25. 1851. Joshua M. Hoagland, b. Apr. 
5, 1830, d. Moravia, X. Y.. Apr. 5, 1885. 
Children, b. Union Springs: 

Alice Sophia, b. ; d. young. 

Sarali Jane. 1). : d. voting. 

1266 Mary L., b. Sept. 10. 1858; m. William II. Bell. 
William A., b. ; res. IQOI, Auburn, N. V.; m. Union Springs 

Nettie J. Richardson. 
Anna C, b. ; res. 1901. Bayonne, N. J. ; in. C. D. Rice. 


689. VeRMEDA 7 Babcock, dan. of Henry (Harry) and 
Harriet (Babcock) Babcock (Paul, Oliver. Oliver. 

John, James), b. Brookfield, X. Y.. 1823; d. Columbus, X. Y.. 
1892; m. Brookfield, Jerry, -en of Augustus, Jr.. and 404 Char- 
lotte (Babcock) Crandall. Vermeda's mother. Harriet Bab- 
cock, was daughter of Ethan and Polly (Fen) Babcock. 

Harriet Angclia. b. June 10. 1858: tn. Brookfield. X. Y.. Feb. 13. 
1878, Akin Washburn, d. Brookfield, Sep;. _•, 1S79. 

690. ORISSA A. 7 BABCOCK, dan. of Henry and Harriet (Bab- 
cock) Balrcock (Paul, Oliver, Oliver, John. James). 1>. 

Brookfield. X. Y.. 1826: d. Romeo. Mich.: m. (1) Brook- 
field, X. Y.. Morris K. Brown, d. Brookfield, X. Y. ; m. (2) 

Detroit. Mich.. Robert Atkinson, d. Romeo. Mich. 

296 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children : 

1267 Harriet A." Brown, b. ; m. John Brown. 

Chas. II., I». ; res. igoi, Brookfield, N. Y.; m. (1) Alice Ho I 

lcr; in. (2) Minnie Chirk. Had one son, Ira. 

691. Ethan Andrew 7 Badcock, son of Henry and Harriet 

(Babcock) Babcock (Paul, Oliver, Oliver, John, 

James), 1>. Brookfield, X. Y.. Aug. 30, 1828; d. Utica, 

N. Y., Nov. 13, 1892; in. Sangerfield, X. Y., Aug. 29, 1854. 

Olive, dan. of Robert and Ketura ( Eglcston) Brusie, b. Aug. 

io, 1830; res. [901, Oriskany Falls, X. V. 

Children : 


1268 Erving O.,' I,. July 29, i8ss; m. Mary F.. Dye. 
George E., 1>. Brookfield, X. Y., Ian. 28, 1862. 

Arlocnc O., b. Brookfield, X. Y.. Jan. 25, [867; <!. Port Lcydcn, X. Y.. 
Sept. 22, 189-}; ni. Utica, X. Y., Dec. 17, 1884, Thuinas Williams; 
res. 1901, Lyons Falls. X. Y. 

1269 Jessie Bell, 1>. Feb. 14. 1N70; m. Michael M. Connor. 

692. Harriet Electa 7 Babcock, dan. of Henry and Har- 
riet (Babcock) Babcock (Paul, Oliver, Oliver. John, 

James), b. Brookfield, X. Y.. Mar. 29, 1831; m. Brookfield, 
N. Y., Mav 4, [860, Edmund L. Falmer. They res. 1901, 
26 Stone St., Oneida. X. Y. 
Children, b. Brookfield: 

Albert E., b. Jan. 3. 1862; re-. 1901, Oneida, N. Y. ; m. Rochester, 

N. Y., Dec. 10. 1881, Clara Emery. 
Herbert II.. b. Apr. 4. 1864; r^. 1901, Utica, X. Y. ; in. Rochester, 

N. Y., Apr. 7, iSS,x. Maggie Hone. 
Carrie I., b. June 30, 1865; d. Brookfield, N. Y., Sept. 19, 1865. 

693. ADELBERT Henry 7 BABCOCK, son of Henry and Har- 
riet (Babcock) Babcock (Paul, Oliver. Oliver. John. 

James), b. W. Winfield, X. Y.. Aug. 4. 1S40; res. 1902, 
Brookfield, X. Y.; m. Almont, Mich.. May 17. 1868, Lizzie 
Bell, dan. of Robert and Jane ( McCntchron) Atkinson, b. 
London, Ontario, Apr. 10. 1850. » 

Adelbert Babcock was, [902, Detroit Manager of the Phoe- 
nix Life Insurance Company of Hartford, Conn. 

Children : 

Jennie Maud. b. Brookfield, X Y.. Dec 16. 1871: m. Detroit. Mich.. 

Apr. 27. 1891, Dr. George I . -"'.1 of Daniel Dakin. They re<. 

10O2, Detroit, and have one child. I.ncile Maud. 
Bessie II., b. Wc 29. 1879; re-. 1002, Washington, D. C. ; m. Nov. 

8. 1000. John VV. Hunt. 
Mabel Florence, b. Nov. 19. 1881 ; in. June, 1902, Walter Haves, of 


The Babcock Genealogy. 297 

694. Franklin 1 Babcock, son of Elder Rowse and Lu- 
anda (Gilbert) Babcock (Paul, Oliver, Oliver, John, 

I James), b. Scott, X. Y.. May [2, 1828; d. Chicago, 111., Jan. 

30, 1S92; in. Alden, X. Y., Sept. 18, 1 S55, Katherinc C, 
dan. of John and Sarah (Cutter) Howe, b. Williamstown, 
Yt., July _'5, 1828, (1. Chicago, 111., Jan. 2, 1890. 
Children : 

1270 Fred," b. Oct. 28, i860; m. Elizabeth M. Porter. 

1271 Forrest Frank, b. Apr. 30, 1867 ; m. Blanche S. Sturtcvant. 

695. Rodolphus' Babcock, son of Rowse and Lucinda 
t (Gilbert) Babcock (Paul, Oliver, Oliver, John, 

James), b. Scott, X. Y., Nov. 8, [831 ; res. [902, Mason City, 
la.; m. Galva, 111., Nov. 22, 1857, Mary E., dan. of Jeremiah 
[ and Harriet (Swift) Scherinci horn, b. S. Worcester, X. Y., 

Time 6, 1837. 

\ 1272 Willie A.," 1). May 23, 1861 : m. Henrietta Roden. 

Artliur P., b. Mason City, la., Mar. 14, 1876. 

696. Laura Elnora 7 Babcock, dan. of Elder Rowse and 
Lucinda (Gilbert) Babcock ( Rani, Oliver. Oliver, John. 

James), b. Scott, X. Y., Oct. 7, i^.vj; res. 1902, \Y. Chicago, 
111.; m. Clarence, X. Y., Sept. [8, 1855, Lyman C, son of 
Henry and Deborah (Carpenter) Clark, b. Daricn, X T . Y., 
June 10, 1833, d. W. Chicago, 111.. Feb. 15. 1901. 
Children : 

Altie F.. 1). Prince Albert, Canada. Mar. 26. 1S57 ; res. 1002. West 
Chicago. III.; in. West Chicago, Charles F... son of Augustus and 
Caroline (Avard) Norris, 1>. Rome, X. Y.. Feb. 6. 1853. 

Clarence, b. Prince Albert. Canada. Mar. 26, 1857; <!. Mar. 27. 1857. 

Clara L., b. Prince Albert, Canada. Aug. 4. 1859: d. Aug. 4. 1859. 

Emma II.. b. Prince Albert Canada. Jan. 22. 1862; d. Dec. 28. 1863. 

Charles H., b. Prince Albert, Canada. July g, 1S66; d. Nov. 2. 

Ella Laura, b. Davenport. la.. Nov. 10. |SY>8: re<. 1902. West Chi- 
cago, III.; in. Turner. 111.. Sept. 30, [890, Emory B., son of Clark 
and Louisa (McChesney) Holme-, b. Oswego, N. V.. June 1. 1861. 

Lulu Pauline, b. Turner. III.. July 31, 1880; re-. 1 •>< >_». West Chicago, 
111.; in. West Chicago. Jan. I, 1001. William S.. son of James 
and Sarah (Smith) Henry, b. Watscka. 111., Mar. 24, 1878. 

697. Adelbert Oscar 7 P.abcock. son of George W. and 
Lavina (Eddy) Babcock (Paul, Oliver. Oliver, John, 

James), b. Spafford. X. Y.. Apr. [3, 1852; res. 1902, Mil- 
waukee. Wis.: m. Auburn. X". Y.. Feb. if). 1S72, Emma A., 
dan. of George Carter, b. Jersey City, X. J., July 7. 185 1, d. 
Chicago. 111., June 9, 1S91. 

298 The Babcock Genealogy. 


Frank, I). Auburn, X. Y., 1873; d. young. 

Bertram, b. Sayre, Pa., A |>i .. 1874; res. i<k>_\ Vlict St.. Milwaukee, 

Wis.; in. Sept. i-'. is<x >. Julia. dau. of Henry Kowalskey. 
Pearlie, b. Chicago, III.; d. Chicago, 111. 

698. Ida 7 Babcock, dan. of George and Lavina (Eddy) 
Babcock (Paul, Oliver, Oliver, John, James), b. Ho- 
mer, X. V., July 13, 1855; res. 1902, 49 Clinton Ave., Cort- 
land, N. Y.; m. Dec. 26, 1877, Frank H. Rice. 
Children : 

Lizzie E., 1). Dec. s, 1878; d. Dec. 14, 1883. 
Harry, b. Nov. 7. 1882; d. Aug. 22, 1883. 
Edith M., b. Aug. 22. [884; d. Oct. 22, ifrjo. 
Florence, b. June =;. 1886. 
Alice, b. Nov. 2, 1888. 
Mary, b. Nov. 16, 1891. 

699. Dewane D. 7 Babcock, son of Martin W. and Mary 
Kenyon (Maxson) Babcock (Paul. Oliver, Oliver, 
John, James), b. Genesee, X. Y.. Aug. 27, 1844; res. 1900, 
1 37 Warren Ave., Milwaukee, Wis.; m. (1) Chicago, ill.. 
Jan. 8, 1868, Frances Ellen, dan. of Deming S. and Sarah 
(Mosher) Heard, b. Binghamton, X. Y., June 21, 1844; d. S. 
Dansville, X. Y., Aug. 2, 1881; m. (2) Potter, X. Y.. Mar. 
24, 1882, Villie. dan. of Phelps and Gabrilla (Miner) Hotch- 
kiss, b. Prattsburg, X. V.. Aug. 13, 1842. 

Dewane D. Babcock was principal of various seminaries 
and graded schools, and twice served as conductor of County 
Teachers' Institutes in Iowa. He declined the supcrintend- 
ency of the public schools of Canajoharie, X. V., and an ap- 
pointment as conductor of County Institutes of the State of 
New York. He served in the United States Navy from 1864 
to 1865. 

Children by first wife: 

•1273 Paul Heard." b. June 11. 1872 ; m. Helen Roberts. , 

1274 Faith Ellen, b. Aug. .4. 1X74: 111. Charles Sunnier Kent. 

David Dewane. b, in Lc Claire, fa., Jan. 12. 1877. In Dec. 1000. 
was traveling salesman for a Dental Mfg. Co.. in Buffalo, N. Y. : 

Garrison, I). Cazenovia, X. Y.. July 21, 1870. During the Spanish- 
American War enlisted in the Navy as Assistant Electrician on 
cruiser Buffalo. Was promoted to Electrician and given charge 
of the largest Flash-Light in the service. Later was Electrician in 
the Navy at Manila. Dec, looo, \.i> President of the Electricians' 
Union of Milwaukee. Wis.; res. i<>o!. 137 Warren St., Milwaukee. 

Frances Heard. I>. S. Dansville, X. Y., Aug. 2. 1881. the day her 
mother d. ; res. 1901, Alfred, N. Y. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 299 

Child by second wife : 

Stunner Hotchkiss, b. Wayland, N. Y., May 20, 1883. 

700. Forest M. 7 Babcock, son of Martin and Mary (Max- 

Ison) Babcock (Paul, Oliver, Oliver, John, James), b. 
Little Genesee, X. Y.. Mar. 14, 1846; res. [901, Alfred, 
N. V.; 111. (1) Alfred, X. Y., July 20, [872, Fronie II.. dan. of 
Charles and Jane (Knight) Marvin, b. Altg. Q, 1842, d. J'.el- 

Imont, X. Y.. Sept. 10. [878; m. (2) Belmont, X. Y., Dec. 3, 
1879, Henrietta, dan. of Julius and Mary (Richardson) 
9 Averill, b. Belmont, Sept. 14. [860. 

Children by second marriage: 

Marion, l>. Alfred, X. Y '.. June 7. 1881 ; d. Belmont, Apr. 27, 1RS3. 
Florence, b. Belmont, N. Y., Apr. 27, 1883. 

701. Mary Viola 7 Babcock, dan. of Martin and Mary 
(Maxson) Babcock (Paul, Oliver, Oliver, John, 

James), b. Nile. X. Y., Oct. 16, 1849: m. Alfred. X. Y., 
Aug. 30, 1873, Prof. Alpheus B., son of Edwin and Cordelia 
(Bnrdick) Kenyon, b. Totter Hill, R. I., Aug. 2, 1850. Both 
res. 1 90 1, Alfred. 
Children, b. Alfred: 

Grace, b. July 3. 1R74 : d. June 9. 1882. 
Dora. 1). Oct. 6. 1876; res. 1001. Alfred, N. Y. 
^ Agnes, b. Oct. 26, 1886; res. 1901, Alfred. N. Y. 


702. Alfred Bennett 7 Babcock, son of Ezra and Lucinda 
I (Shepardson) Babcock (Ezra, Oliver. Oliver, John, 

James), b. Scott. X. Y.. Dec. 17. 1819; d. Newark, 
N. J., Aug. 19. 1879; m. New Market. X. J.. Sept. 7. 1S4S, 
Amy A. Giles, dan. of John and Sarah (Morse) Giles, b. 

• New Market. Feb. 8, 1829; res. 1901, Brooklyn. X. Y. 

Children : 

Albert Leslie, b. New Market. N. J.. May 12. 1852: res. 1901. New 

* Market. X. J.: in. Newark. X. J.. Apr. (>. 1880. Dora. dan. of 
diaries and Margaret (Malcoin) Clark, b. Newark, Nov. 16. 1858. 

1 No children. 

1275 William Alfred/ b. Feb. 19, 1858: m. Lida R. Doane. 

703. Lucy Almeda 7 Babcock, dan. of Ezra and Lucinda 
(Shepardson) Balnrock (Ezra, Oliver, Oliver. John. 

• James"), b. Scott. X. Y., Dec. 14. 1824; d. Scott, X. Y., Apr. 

27, 1896: m. Sett. Apr. 5. 1845. Dolphin D. Burdick, b. 
Truxton, X. Y., June 22, 1825, d. Scott, X. Y., 1901. 


300 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children, 1). Scott : 

Lillte A., I). Oct. .}. 1857; in. Lincklaen, X. Y.. Aug. 12, 1 
George, son of George and Abigail (Fenn) Fox, b. Ledyard, 

N. V., Mar. 27, 1833; res. 1902, bcott, X. Y. 
Alfred Russel, 1>. Dec. 15, 1859; m. Scott, Jan. 1. 1K.S0, Ella M.. 

dau. of Warren and Jane (Prill) Kcnyon, I). Scott, Apr. 7, 1862; 

both res. 1002, Scott, X Y. 
Howard (i., 1>. May 9. 1S05 ; (I. Scott. June 5. 1874. 

704. William Henry 1 Babcock, son of Ezra and Lucinda 

(Shepardson) Babcock (Ezra, Oliver, Oliver, John, 
James), 1>. New York State, Apr. i.j. 1830; m. Scott, June 
30, 1853, Sarah A., dan. of Paul and Deborah (Spraguc) 
Burdick, 1). Scott, X. Y., |nne 16, 1831. Both res. 1902, Ho- 
mer, N. Y. 
Children : 

1276 Josephine A.," b. Apr. 30, 1857; m. Adelbcrt Eastman. 

Laura Ella, b. Homer, X. Y. Dec. 23, 1863; address i<x>-. Library 
of Congress, Washington, 1). C. ; unm. 

Kathcrinc Chittenden, b. Homer, X. Y., .Mar. 13, 1869; res. uyo2, 
21 Fifth Ave. New York City: in. Homer, X. Y., Sept. 26, 1899, 
Enrico Thomey Cavalleris, 1). Alba, 'Italy, June 15. 1S54. 

705. Esther X .' Babcock, dan. of Ephraim S. and Amy 
W. (Crandall) Babcock (Ezra, Oliver, Oliver. John, 

James), b. Scott. X. Y.. July 20, 1828; d. Westerly, R. 1.. 
Mar. iS, [853; in. Westerly. Oct. 21, 1 846, Charles A., son 
of Adam and Lydia (Spaulcling) Stillman. b. Westerly, Jan. 
30, 1825; res. 1902, Westerly, R. I. 
Children : 

George E., b. De Ruyter. N. \'.\ res. 1902. Plainfield, X. J.; m. 

Westerly. Carrie Powers. 
Luen, 1>. Westerly, K.. I. ; res. 1002. Westerly; m. Hattic Mitchell. 

706. George IP 7 P».\r.cocK, son of Asher M. and Mary E. 
(Stillman) Babcock (Ezra. Oliver. Oliver. John. 

James). 1>. Unadilla Porks, X. Y., pine 17. 1832; d. 
Plainfield. X. J.. Dec. 16, 1803: m. (1) Watch Hill, R. I.. 
Sept. 28. 1852, Lucy Adelia, dan. of. Adam and Mary 
(Spaulding) Stillman, b. Westerly. R. I., Jan. 28. 1833. ''• 
May 20. 186] : m. (2) Sept. 25, 1862, Harriet M. Clarke, b. 
Ma'r. 31, 1834. d. Plainfield, X. P. Mar. 5, 1881 ; m. (3) 
Brooklyn. X. Y.. Feb. 14. 1883, Eliza Lua, dan. of Job B. 
and Emily (Pardee) Clark, b. Scott, X. V. Apr. 0, T84 1. d. 
Plainfield, X. P. Mar. 21. 1891 : m. ('4) Apr. 11. 1893, Euge- 
nia Louisa, dan. of Nathan K. and Louisa (Langworthv) 
Lewis. 1). Hopkinton, R. P. Mar. 2<), 1847; res. 1002. Plain- 
field, X. p 





■.. • ■ ■ 


Page 300. 

The Habcock Genealogy. 301 

Mr. Babcock was in the widest sense a self-made man. 
With but few opportunities for an education except such as 
were found in the public schools <>t' his boyhood, he ranked 
among the educated men of the country. He was I 'resident 
of the School Board of his own city, was President of the 
Board of Trustees of Alfred University, was one of the regu- 
lar lecturers of Cornell University, and was for a time Presi- 
dent of the large and influential organization known as the 
"American Society of Mechanical Engineers." 

He was a thorough representative of the best type of suc- 
cessful business men. From a hoy he showed remarkable 
mechanical ability, and his inventive genius resulted in giving 
to the world about one hundred patents. At the time of his 
death he was President of the "Babcock & Wilcox Company," 
organized with a capital of $1,000,000 for the manufacture 
of "Patent Water-tube Steam Boilers," and the company is 
still doing an extensive business both in Europe and America. 

He not only gave strict attention to the many lines of his 
own business affairs, but also found time to take a leading 
part in the various public interests of the day. especially in 
the line of education and the general uplifting of his fellow- 
men. After achieving financial success he was a generous 
patron of deserving charities, and by his will he left about 
$200,000 for public benefactions, including $70,000 for Al- 
fred University and £50,000 for Milton College, lie was by 
faith and practice a Seventh Day Baptist. 

Children : 

George Lna^on. b. Tan. 7, 1885; res. nyo2, Plainfield, X. J. 
Herman Edgar, b. July 9, 1886; d. Aug. 6, 1886. 

707. Celia Annette 7 Babcock. dan. of Asher M. and 

Mary E. (Stillman) Babcock (Ezra. Oliver. Oliver, 
John. James), b. Scott. X. Y.. Apr. 3, 1838: res. 1002. Santa 
Rosa, Cab; m. Westerly. R. I.. Dec. 31. 1863, Ray P.. son of 
Paul and Mary (Perkins) Clark, b. Scott, Aug. 21, 1S38, d. 
Santa Rosa, June 13. 1901. 
Children : 

\ Mary Eleanor. 1). Scott. N. Y.. Sept. 1. 1865; rc<; T<xi2. Santa Rosa. 

!Cal.: m. Santa Rosa. Nov. 27. 1898. Dr. Frederick IX. <on of Rev. 
Daniel Weblcy. b. London, England, Mar. 26, 1861. 
Frances Gcrtrinle. b. Nov. 23, 1S70; re?, iooj, Santa Rosa. Cal. 

708. Harriet Eugenia 7 Babcock, dan. of Asher M. and 
Mary E. (Stillman) Babcock (Ezra, Oliver. Oliver. 


302 The Babcock Genealogy. 

John, James), b. Homer, X. Y., Aug. 15, [840; res. [902, 
Brooklyn, X. Y.; m. Apr. 11, [865, William L. Burke, b. 
.May 25, 1829, d. Brooklyn, June, [901. 
Children : 

Margaret S., 1). Mar. 6, 1866. 

Orsamus M., b. Feb. 7. 1868; d. July 22, 1868. 

Eleanor R . b. Jan. 10, 1870. 

Caroline A., 1). May 31, 1S71. 

Gertrude S.. 1>. July 29, 1872; d. Aug.. 1872. 

George William, b. Nov. 2, 1S74; d. July 22, 1875. 

Mabel M. f b. Nov. 2, 1X74. 

William L., b. July 3, [876. 

George B., b. Aug. 18, 1878. f 

709. Herbert Alberti 7 Babcock, son of Asher M. and 
Mary "E. (Stillman) Babcock (Ezra, Oliver, Oliver, 

John, James), b. Westerly, R. [., July 5, 1848; res. 1902, 
Westerly, R. I.; m. Stonington ( Pawcatuck), Conn.. June 23, 
1875. Fanny E., dau. of Elias and Mary (Dickinson) Wat- 
rous, 1). Stonington, Conn., Sept. 14. 1854. 

Mary Esther, b. Stonington, Conn., July 27, 1880; m. Oct. 10, 1900, 
Elisba C. Burdick. 

710. Harriet 7 Babcock, dau. of Abel and Lucy (Hunt- 
ington) Babcock (Ezra, Oliver. Oliver, John. James), 

b. Greenfield. Pa., July 21, [829; m. Lima, Wis., Apr. 19, 
1849, George S.. son of G. S. and Dianna (Macomber) Bur- 
dick, b. Alfred, X. Y., Apr. 18. 1827. Both res. 1902. Mil- 
ton, Wis. 
Children : 

Dr. Justin II.. b. Lima. Dec. 29. 1851 : res. 1002. Milton. Wi<. : m. 
fi) Uttca, Wis., Aug. v>. 1X82. Fannie E., dau. of Daniel and 
Lucy Coon. b. Utica, Wis., Dec. 29. 1861 ; d. Milton, Nov. 2a 
1896; m. (2) Watch Hill, R. I., Sept. I. 1898. Clara E.. dau. of 
Jams and Clara (Langworthy) Stillman, b. Potter Hill, R. I.. 
Jan. 6. 1869; res. 1902. Milton. Wis. 

Clifford R., b. Milton, July 14. 1858; d. Nov. 9. 1858. , 

711. Edwin P. 7 Babcock, son of Abel and Lucy (Hunting- 
ton) Babcock (Ezra, Oliver. Oliver, John, James), b. 

Eric County. Pa.. Nov. 10. 1840: res. 190J. Clinton. Wis.; 
m. Clinton. Oct. 25, 1863, Sophia M. Kimball, b. Burlington, 
Vt.. Eeb. 18. 1845*. d. Clinton, Sept. 9, 1899. 

Ruth A.. 1). Milton. Wis.. July 17. 1864: res. 1902, Clinton, Wis.; 
m. Clinton, June 5, 1890, Deon B. Smith. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 303 

Charles S., 1). Milton, Oct. 24, 1866; m. Ginton, June 10. 1890, 

Cora V. Isham. 
Eldon 11., 1). July jX, [869; res. row, Ginton. 
Milton John, b. Parkersburg, la., Sept. 18, 1872; res. 1902, Clinton. 
Mary II.. b. Sept. 17. 1875; res. 1902, Clinton. 
Julia J., I). Sept. 2, 1878; res. i<«>_\ Clinton. 
Fred, l>. Feb. 16, 1882; res. roo2, ( I in ton. 
Eva, 1). Clinton, Oct. 22, 1880; (I. Aug. jo, 1887. 

712. Artimesia Mendeniiall 7 Babcock, dau. of Abel and 
Lucy (Huntington) Babcock (Ezra, Oliver, Oliver, 

John, James), h. Lima. Wis., Jan. 3, 1844; rcs - 'S)° 2 « Water- 
town, Wis.; m. Milton, Wis., Oct. 18, 1 Sf >_>, Ellis A., son of 
Abner and Martha (Manvill) Mendeniiall, b. liunting, Pa., 

Sept. 7, 1840. 
Children : 

Elmira, b. Clinton, Wis.. Mar. 28, 1869; d. Oct. 6, 1895; m. June, 
1889, Alviu Stanton. 

Mattic A., I). Milton, Wis, Dec, 1X73; rcs. 1902. Milton; m. Water- 
town, Harold Bitrdick. 

Ellis A.. 1). Walertown, May 16, 1876; rcs. 1902, Green Bay, Wis.; 
in. Huldah 1'iper. 

Lcc Chester, b. Watertown, Dec. 13, 1X80. 

713. Ezra Stillman 7 Babcock, son of Abel and Lucy 
(Huntington) Babcock (Ezra, Oliver, Oliver, John, 

James), b. Lima. Wis.. Jan. 3, 1851; res. 1902. Milton, 
Wis.; m. Milton. Aug. 4. 1871, F. Azelia, dan. of Asher and 
Louisa (Bishop) Castle, b. Whitewater. Wis., Jan. 19, 1852. 
Children, b. Milton: 

Edwin A., b. July 9. 1872; rcs. 1902. Milton. 

I Ernest, h. May 9. 1X74; res. i<K>2, Milton. 

Elston I).. 1). Apr. it. 1X76; res. [Q02. Milton. 
Louis. 1). Mar. 30, 1878; rcs. 1902. Milton. 
Lillian V.. 1). May 9. 1883; res. 1902, Milton. 
Mina C, b. May 29, 1X90; rcs. 1902, Milton. 

\ 714. Jared K. 7 Babcock. son of Daniel and Almira (Bur- 

I dick) Bahcock (Ezra. Oliver, Oliver. John, James), b. 

\ Scott, X. V.. Jan. 10. 1841 ; res. 1902. Homer, N. Y. ; m. 

Homer. Nov. 7, i860, Mary, dan. of Elmer and Theresa 

Clark, b. Scott, X. Y. 


1277 Addie May," 1>. Feb. 2~, 1X74; m. Mcrton Whiting. 

1 715. Dr. Franklin Duane 7 Babcock, son of Daniel and 

Almira ( Burdick) Babcock | Ezra, Oliver. Oliver. John, 

James), b. Scott. X. Y., Dec. 26. 1845; res. 1902, Morrisville, 

304 1 he Babcock Genealogy. 

M. Evelyn, b. Moravia, N. Y., Feb. 8, 1882; res. 1902, Ithaca. 

N. Y. ; 111. Scott. May 19, [868, Miriam, <lau. of Rev. William 
M. and Elizabeth (Postlewait) Jones, (Rev. William M. 
Jones was first missionary to llavti, later S. J). B. missionary 

to Jerusalem, and later pastor of the Mill van! S. 1). B. Church 
in London, England, where he died.) She was b. Island of 
Uayti, Apr. 2j, 1N45. 
Children : 

Archer, b. Scott, Feb. \C>, 1870; res. n»o-'. E. Genesee St., Syracuse. 

N. Y. ; 111. Nov. 21, 1894, Newton, Mass., Jane 0., dau.'of Richard 

and Jane B. (Drake) llarwood, l». Newton. 
Elizabeth T., b. Morrisvillc, N. Y., Dec. 14, 1SS3; res. iyos, Morris- 


716. Lizzie M.' Babcock, dan. of Jerome Ripley and Emily 
(McDaniels) Babcock (Ezra, Oliver, Oliver, John, 

James), b. Scott, N. Y.. Mar. 31, 1859; m. Scott, X. Y." Jan. 
11, 1879, Byron S., son of Vernon Townsend, b. Moravia, 
N. Y. Both res. 1902, Ithaca, X. Y. 

717. Lucy Euretta 7 Babcock, dan. of Hiram and Tacy 

(Frink) Babcock (Ezra, Oliver, Oliver, John. 
James), b. Scott, N. Y., Oct. 31. 1839; res. 1902, Ho- 
mer. X. Y. ; m. Homer, Nov. 7, i860, J. Clayton, son of Jo- 
seph and Lucy (Brown) Atwater, b. Scott, X. Y., Mar. 8, 
18^7. d. Homer, N. Y., Apr. 22, 1901. 
Child : 

Fred Clayton, b. Homer, Nov. 11, 1861 ; res. Homer. 

718. William Nelson 7 Bap.cock, son of Hiram and Tacy 

(Frink) Babcock (Ezra, Oliver, Oliver. John, 
James), b. Scott, X. Y., Mar. 27. 1847; res. 1902. Scott: 
m. Scott, Nov. 13, 1807, Olive Jenette, dan. of 314 Raymond 
and Olive (Denison) Babcock. b. Scott, Jan. 30, 1847. 
Children : 

George R., b. Scott. Mar. 28. 1K70; d. Scott. Oct. 26. 1877. 
Miriam G., b. Scott, Oct. 14, 1874; res. 1902, Scott; unm. 


719. Edgar L. 7 Bap.cock, son of Hiram and Tacy (Frink") 
Babcock (Ezra, Oliver, Oliver, John. James), b. Scott, 
X. Y.. Sept. 11. 1855; res. 1002. Amherst. Minn.: m. Am- 
herst, May 2. 1880, Julia A., dan. of Orrin and Mary (John- 
son) Dibble, b. Newbnrg, Minn.. Feb. 20, 1862. 


The Unix ock Genealogy. 305 

Children : 

Effie E., b. Amherst, Mar. n. 18S1 ; n.-^. i</j_', Amherst. 
Clayton E., b. Aug. 8, 1 886; res. 1902, Amherst. 

720. ADELIA K. 7 Babcock, dan. of Raymond and Olive 
(Denison) Babcock (Luke, Oliver, Oliver, John, 

James),!). Scott, X. Y.. Nov. -?j. [841; res. [902, Foun- 
tain, Minn.; m. Virgil, X. V., Apr. 3, l86l, Wesley Hatha- 
way, d. Mason, Mich., Aug. 4, 1 S75. 
Children : 

Marion I.., 1>. Ma^on, Midi. Nov. 12, 1872; 111. Fountain. Minn., 

Leo S., son of O. \V., b. Scott, N. Y., Feb. 14, 1865; both 

res. 190.?. Fountain. 
Raymond Wesley, l». Mason, Midi.. Aug. 10. 1875: res. Fountain. 

Minn.; in. Fountain, Sept. _\ 1896, Esther L., dau. of 1). D. Far- 

rell, 1). Fountain, Sept. 10, 1875. 

721. Elizabeth M. 7 Babcock, dan. of Dr. Ira L. and 
Nancy (Arnold) Babcock (Luke, Oliver, Oliver, John, 

James), h. Scott, X. Y., June 13, 1830; res. 1902, Norwalk, 
O. ; m. Homer, X. Y., Mar. 23, [848, John D., son of Oliver 
• and Rebecca Cheney, b. Ovid. X. Y., Sept. 8, 1825. 
Children : 

Mary R., 1). Scott, July 28. 1849; res. 1002, Toledo, O. ; m. Adrain. 
Miss., Sept. 23, 1867, YV. \V., son of Jesse and Sarah (Phillips') 
Wetmore, b. Hartford, O., Sept., 1843: d. June 24. 1898. 

S. Evelyn, b. Norwalk, O.. Oct. 2. 1862; re<. 1002. Friendship, 
N. Y. ; m. Norwalk, Oct. 1, 1883, Fred C. Milkin. 

722. Mary L. 7 Babcock. dan. of Dr. Ira L. and Nancy 
(Arnold) Babcock (Luke. Oliver, Oliver, John, 

James), 1). Scott, N. Y., Oct. 6, 1846; res. 1902, Ilen- 
sel, N. D. ; m. Norwalk, O., Oct. 24. 1867. Robert W\, son of 
Ebenezer and Jane (Walker) Ross, b. Savannah, O., Oct. 15, 
Children : 

Otis I... h. Savannah. O.. Tan. II. 1S60: res. too. 1 . Crystal. N. D. : 
m. Grafton. N. I).. Mar 14. 189.3. Martha A., dau. of John and 
Elizabeth (Austin) Livingston, b. Canada. Nov. 28. 1868. 

Howard O.. b. Norwalk, Apr. 2j, 1875; d. Aug. 28, 1875. 

723. John* Franklin 7 Babcock, son of Dr. Tra L. and 
Nancy (Arnold) Balwrock (Luke, Oliver. C)livcr, John, 

James), b. Bath. X. Y.. On. iS. [850; res. [902, Sugar Creek. 
Pa.; m. Norwalk, O.. Dec. 10. 1S72. Ida, dan. of James and 
Jane (Flansburg) Templar, b. Bronson, O., Nov. 2, 1856. 

306 Thr Babcock Genealogy. 

Children, b. Hartland, O.: 

1278 Janus," I). Nov. 8 i^;.<; in. Cora Norton 
Maud A., b. Sept. 20, 1875; res. !<*>_>. Franklin, Pa.; m. Frank- 
lin, Frank, son of Robert and Phclx (Stacey) Bedford, b. 1N74. 

Bertha B., 1j. Nov. ii, 1878; d. 1X4,7 

Ira L., b. Dec. 5, 1881 ; res. 1902, Franklin, Pa. ; num. 

Ethel L., b. Jan. 4, 1883; res, 1902, Franklin, I 'a. 

Jennie, b. June 15, 1886, 

Edith, b. Oct. 20, 1889. 

Clarence S., b. May _•.;, 1893. 

724. Rev. Ira Lee 7 Cottrell, son of John and Eunice (Bab- 
cock) Cottrell (Luke, Oliver, Oliver, John, James), b. 

Richburg, N. Y., Mar. 7, [846; res. 1 902, Leonards vi lie, 
N. V.; m. Richburg, Alar. 29, 1871, Angelia, dan. of John 
and Susan (Crandall) Dye, b. Ceres, \. Y., Dec. 14, 1848, d. 
Shiloh, N. J., May 3, 1897. 
Children : 

1279 John Boardman," b. Sept. 10, 1873; m. Julia Randolph. 
Royal Lee, b. Alfred, X. Y . [875; rev 1902, Brooklyn, X. V. 
Herbert L., b. Alfred. X. Y., 1878; res. 1902, Alfred, X. Y. 

Arthur Montrose, b. Ashaway, R. I.; res. 190..', Alfred. X. Y. 

725. Burton M. 7 Babcock. son of Simon and Celia (Kel- 
logg) Babcock (Luke, Oliver, Oliver, John, James), h. 

Scott, N. V.. Oct. 28. 1839; d. Binghamton, N. Y., Mar. 23, 
1899; m. Binghamton, Helen E., dan. of Lewis and Julia 
(Collier) Morris, b. Morris, X. Y., Dec. 4. 1844, d. Bingham- 
ton, July 29. 1886. 

Children, b. Binghamton, except one: 

Lewis M.. b. Oct. 27. 1870; d. Binghamton, Oct. 31, 18S1. 
Frederick M.. b. New York City, Dec 16. 1872; d. New York City. 
Feb. 23. 1873. 

1280 Charles Ik," b. Mar. 7. 1874; m. Adeline Metzgar. 
Julia L.. b. Feb. 16. 1877; d. Binghamton. Feb. [8, 1877. 
Harriette E., b. Jan. 10, 1870: re-. 1902, Binghamton, X. Y. ; nnm. 

726. Amelia 7 Babcock, dan. of Simon and Celia (Kellogg) 
Babcock (Luke. Oliver, Oliver, John. James), b. Scott. 

N. Y., Mar. 20. 1841 : res. 1902, Kent. O. ; m. Friendship, 
N. Y.. Charles Howard. 

Harriet, b. 1862; m. B. Frank Drake; res. 1902, Friendship, X. Y. 

They have two children. 
Nora. b. 1867: in. Milton Knerfel; rc<. 1902. Kent. O. They have 

two children. 

Nina, b. 1871 ; in. Charles Powers. She d. Kent, O . Mar.. 1002. 

727. Charles Henry 7 Babcock, son of Simon and Celia 
(Kellogg) Babcock (Luke. Oliver, Oliver, John, 

The Bab cock Genealogy. 307 

James), b. Cazenovia, X. Y., June- -7, 1848; res. 1902, 
Lafayette, hid.; m. Lafayette, June io, 1889, Ella, dau. of 
James and Eliza Parks, b. Dec. 15, 1800. 

Children, b. Lafayette 

Joseph P., b. 1893, d. young; Burton, 1>. 1895, d. young; Charles, 
b. 1899. 

728. lion. Joseph C. 7 Sibley, son of Dr. Joseph C. and Lucy 
Elvira (Babcock) Sibley 1 Luke, Oliver, Oliver. John, 

James),!). Friendship, X. Y.. Feb. 18, 1850; res. [902, Frank- 
lin, Pa.; m. Wellsville, X. Y.. Mar. 17, 1870, Metta E.. dan. 
of 319 Simon 7 and Celia (Kellogg) Babcock, b. Friendship, 
Nov. 28, [853.. 

Joseph C. Sibley is an oil refiner. He was first elected as 

I member of Congress as a Democrat from the Erie-Crawford 

district; second was elected as a Democrat from his home dis- 
trict, including Warren County; was reelected for his present 
term from the same district as a Republican. 
Children : 

Josephine, b. Friendship, Jan. in. 187,',; res. 1002. Franklin, Pa.; in. 

Franklin, Mar. 17. 1897, William E. Heathcote. 
Celia, b. Franklin. Sept. 10. 1S74; re>. iqoj. Franklin; 111. Franklin, 

June 5, 1001 : William M.. son of Alexander and Mary (McBride) 

Wilson, b. Nov. 15, 1870. 

729. Edwin Henry 7 Sibley, A.M., son of Dr. Joseph and 
Lucy Elvira (Babcock) Sibley (Luke, Oliver, Oliver. 

John, James), b. Bath, X. Y.. Feb. 12, 1857; res. 1902, Frank- 
lin, Pa.; m. Dunkirk, X. Y., Dec. 23. 1884, Jessie A., dau. 
of Richard and Maria (Thompson) Williams, b. Xew Ha- 
ven. O., Apr. 29, 1863. d. Franklin, Pa., Apr. 2. 1901. 
Children, b. Franklin: 

Edna, b. Dec. 23, 1885 : res. 190J. Franklin. Pa. 
Joseph C. b. Jan. 27, 1888; res. 1902. Franklin. Pa. 
Jeanettc, b. Mar. 23, 1889; res. 1902, Franklin, Pa. 

730. Fanny L. 7 Crank, dau. of Rev. Ezra F. and Lucy 
Elvira (Babcock) Crane (Luke. Oliver, Oliver. John. 

James), b. Elmira, X. Y.. May 5, 1873; d. Franklin, Pa.; m 
Albert F. Logan. 

Charles Miller Logan, b. . 

731. Amanda M. 7 Bahcock, dau. of Henry and Elvina 
(Baker) Babcock (Harris, Joseph, Oliver, John, James), 

308 The Babcock Genealogy. 

b. Guilford, Vi., Oct. 23, [830; res. 1902. Brattleboro, Vt. ; 
m. Brattleboro, Aug. 29, 1850, Clark, .son of Daniel and 
Esther Stark, b. Guilford, Apr. u, 1 8^5, d. Brattleboro, 
Mar. 1 6, 1893. 
Children, b. Guilford : 

Williard, b. July io, 1S51 ; <l Brattleboro, Feb. 8, i^n: m. New- 
port, N. 11.. Mar. 17. 1872, Edith M.. <!;iu. of Hiram and Marictte 
(Jackson) Fletcher, 1). Newport, N. II., Aug. -'-'. 1859; res. 1902, 

Minnie A., 1). Oct. 27, 1858; 111. Brattleboro, Dec. 30, 1880, Dwight 

732. Mahi.ox I'almf.u 7 Babcock, son of Thomas J. and 
Louise (Newell) Babcock (Harris. Joseph. Oliver. 
John, James), b. Oriskany halls, V Y., Feb. jo, 1830; d. 
Brooklyn, X. Y.. Oct. [I, [898; m. New York City, Sept. 18, 
i860, Harriet A., dau. of James and Amelia (Arnold) Yeaton, 
b. New York. 

Children, b. New York City: 

Frank, b. ; res. 1902, at 210 Ninth St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. : num. 

Carrie A., b. ; res. 1902, at Dover, N. J.: m. (1) Dec. 16, 

1886. Frank B. Wood; in. (2) Dec, 1002, William Chamberlain. 
Ella A., b. 1864; res. 1002. Dover, X. J.: in. (1) Aug., 1893, 

William Sullivan; m. (2) 1899, \riliur Losey. 
Fanny J., b. 1867; res. k/jj. at 210 Ninth St.. Brooklyn; unm. 
Albert, b. 1869; res. 1902. at 210 Ninth St., Brooklyn; unm. 
Harry," b. 1S75 ; res. 1902. at 520 Fourth Ave.. Brooklyn, N. Y.; m. 

Oct., IJJOI, Annie Duff, of Canada. They have one child, Harry." 
William; Walter; Estelle, b. 1886; d. 

733. Austin H. 7 Babcock. son of Thomas J. and Louise 

(Newell) Babcock (Harris, Joseph Oliver, John. 

James), b. Augusta, X. Y., [835; res. U)02. Oriskany 

"Falls. N. Y.; m. E. Hamilton, X. Y., Mar. 23, 1857, Laura 

C.,- dau. of Jarcd Wade. 

Children : 

1281 Lillian E., 1 b. June 16, 1858: m. Alphonso Kimbrick. 

1282 Irness Eugene, b. May 2^. 1861 : m. Gertrude Rohl. 
Bir^e L., b. Oronoco, Minn.. 1864. 
Willis Austin, b. Henryville. Minn.. Nov.. 1869; res. 1902, at 1568 

Edgerton St., St. Paul. Minn. 

734. John Wesley 7 Babcock, son o\ Thomas J. and Lou- 
ise (Newell) Babcock (Harris. Joseph. Oliver. John. 

James), b. Augusta ("enter. X. Y.. Aug. 3, 1838; res. 
IQ02, Minneapolis. Minn.: m. Bemardstdn, Mass., Mar. 1. 
18591 Abbie L.. dau. of Henry and Lueretia (Johnson) Bagg, 
I). Waterloo, 111., Apr. 7, 1840, d. Minneapolis, July 22, 1901. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 



1283 Henry K," I). Jan. is, i860; in. Martha A Palmer. 

1284 Charles, l>. Aug. .?, 1862; m. Leoline Booth. 

Alice M., b. Douglass, Minn.. Apr. 7. 1X0.4 ; d. Oronoco, Minn., 

Oct. 1, 1865. 
Nellie, 1). Oronoco, Feb. 2 j, 1866; -1. Dodge Center, Minn., Jan. 1, 


1285 John Wesley, b. Aug. 3, 1868; m. Susie Kees. 

Fred R., I). Pine Island, Minn., Mar. 26, 1872; d. Minneapolis, 

Dec. 14, 1892. 
Burt E., I). Pine Man. I. Dec. 11, 1X7.1: •' Apr. 4, 1874. 
Luella A., I). Pine Island, Feb. 12. 1875; d. Sent., 1876. 

1286 Estellc May, 1). May 13, 1878; in. Samuel C. Yeaton. 

735. Mary E. 7 Corbett, dan. of Joseph and Jane (Babcock) 
Corbelt (Joseph, Joseph, Oliver, John, James), b. Mas- 
sachusetts, Dec. 31, 1838; res. [902, Alfred Station, X. Y.\ 
m. Hartsville, X. Y., Feb. 18, [864, Samuel I'., sop. of Wel- 
come and Prudence (Pettibone) Burdick, b. Alfred. X. Y., 
Nov. 30, 1838. 

Children, b. Alfred Station: 

Welcome F., 1>. Nov. t8, 1864; res. 1902. Alfred; in. Alfred, 1890, 

Mina, dau. of Allien and Susan (Burdick) Westcott. 
Jane, l>. Oct. 14. 1870; d. Alfred, May iS. i<>oi : m. Alfred, Jan. 19, 

1890, Milo, son of Milo and Lydia (Lang worthy) Palmer, b. 

Alfred: res. 1902, Alfred Station. 
Lee Roy, b. Sept. 25. 1871 ; res. 1902. Alfred Station: m. Andover, 

Oct. 25, 1890, Rachel Slocum, 1>. Andover. 
Arlton, b. Dec. 8, 1880; res. 1902, Alfred Station; imtn. 

736. Joseph Hugh 7 Babcock, son of Hugh Wallace and 
Sarah (Stone) Babcock (Joseph, Joseph. Oliver, John, 

James), b. Levden. Mass., July 4. 182 1 ; d. New Corydon, 
Intl., Mar. 15, 1848; m. Aug. 6, 1840. Eliza Ann. dau. of 
Celah and Annie (Blanchard) Hosley, b. Woodford. Vt., Jan., 
1820, d. North Adams. Mass., Jan. 6. 1S50. 
Children : 

1287 Sarah Eliza', b. Sept. t,o. 1844: m. Elhripe Myron Hayncs. 

Louisa Anna. b. New Corydon. Ind., Dec. 9, 1846; d. North Adams, 
Mass., May 21, 1849. 

737. Jane Maria 7 Babcock, dau. of Hugh Wallace and 
Sarah (Stone) Babcock (Joseph, Joseph. Oliver. John. 
James), b. Levden, Mass., May 25, 1N25: d. Taunton. Mass., 
Apr. 19. 1857; m. Lowell. Mass.. Apr. 12. 1846. Joseph Til- 
ton, son of Joseph Tilton and Betsy (Sanhurn) Monlton, b. 
Augusta, Me.. Aug. 2j, 1820; d. Aug. 30. 1896. 

3io The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children : 

Charles Tilton, b. Waltham, Mass., Apr. 2, 1848; d. Klgin, III., 
Oct. 30, 1877, unm. 

1288 George M./ l>. Mar. 15, 1851 ; m. Anna Florence Garland. 

738. Charles Rollin 7 Babcock, son of Hugh Wallace and 
Sarah (Stone) Babcock (Joseph, Joseph, Oliver, John, 

James), 1). Halifax. Vt., Oct. 27, 1827; d. Faribault, Minn., 
Feb. 23, 1864; in. ( 1 ) Saratoga Springs, N. Y.. Maria, dau. 
of David and Kli/aheih (Crosier) Stowe, b. Halifax, d. Wa- 
tcrville, Minn.. Aug., [862; m. (2) Faribault, Oct. 30, 1863, 
Mama Wing. 

Children by first wife: 

1289 Sarah Elizabeth," 1). May 0. 1852; m. Frank Leon Brainard. 

1290 Ella Maria, b. Ian. 24. 1854; in. Frank Douglass Hyde. 
Adaline, b. Waterville, Feb. 7. 1857; d. Waterville, Feb. 7. 1857. 
Adalaide, twin to Adaline, d. young. 

Mary Etta, b. Waterville, Feb. 28, 1859; d. Waterville, May 15. 
1885; 111. St. Paul. Minn.. Oct. 25, 1881, Charles A. Gray. 

Child by second wife : 

1291 Charles J., b. July 17, 1864; m. Helen Murray. 

739. Mary Ellen 7 Babcock, dan. of Hugh Wallace and 
Sarah (Stone) Babcock (Joseph, Joseph, Oliver. John, 

]ames). b. Leyden. Mass.. Apr. 29, 1832; res. 1900. Water- 
ville, Minn.; 'm. (1) North Adams. Mass.. Dec. 25, 1853. 
Myron S., son of Dr. Hiram and Lydia (Balam) Sheldon, b. 
Monroe, Aug. 21, 1831, d. Waterville. Jan. _> 1 . 1865; m. (2) 
Milton, Minn.. Feb. 23, 1869, Samuel A., son of Henry \V. 
and Mary B. (Williams) Miner, b. Colerain, Mass.. Feb. 8, 
1843, d. Mar. 2, 1901. 

Children by first husband : 

Inez Imogene, b. Iosco, Minn.. Sept. 17, 1857; d. Iosco, Apr. 19. 

18 s<). 
Edwin Ruthwin, b. Iosco. Feb. 22. i860; d. Iosco, Sept. 15. 1865. 
Ida Bell. h. Blooming Grove, Minn.. Mar. 18. 1862; res. 1900. 

Waterville; in. Waterville. June 18. 1S00. Silas Edward, son of 

Gould and Julane Grove r. "h. Rochester, Minn.. Nov. 18, 1855. 

They have four children. 
Arthur Myron, b. Iosco. Mar. 25. 1864; res. 1000. Waterville; in. 

Waterville. Apr. 4. 1889. Ada Esther, dan. of Byron and Victoria 

Williams, b. Crane Creek. Minn.. Oct. 20. 1869. They have five 


740. John Matthews' Babcock, son of Hugh Wallace and 
Sarah (Stone) Babcock (Joseph, Joseph, Oliver. John. 

Tames), b. Leyden, Mass.. Nov. jo, [834; d. Portland. Ore., 

The Babcock Genealogy. 3 11 

Dec. 18, 1890; in. (i) Colerain, Mass., Alzina Stowe, d. 
Waterville, Minn.. [862; m. (2) Faribault, Minn., Dec 23, 
1866, Mary Angeline Robinson; res. 1900, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Children : 

Cora Alma l> Faribault, June 15. 1870. 
Charles Hugh, l>. Faribault, Apr. <>, 1N74. 

Winnifred E., b. Faribault, Feb. i 1877; m. Nov. 13, 1895, Guy S. 

741. Dr. George 1 Riddell, son of George and Mary (Bab- 
cock) Riddell (Joseph, Joseph, Oliver, John, James), b. 

»' • Colerain, Mass., Aug. 30, 1823; <1. Canisteo, X. Y.. Dec. 26, 
1885; m. (1) Canisteo, Apr. 2, [854, Carrie Shurtliff, d. June 
4, 1864; 111. (2) Aug. 28, 1865, Mary Warner. 

George Riddell graduated at the University of New Y<>rk 
J Mar. 10, 1855; practiced medicine at Canisteo until 1878, 

, when lie removed to Bradford, Pa. 

Children, b. Canisteo, X. Y. : 

Chester, b. Feh. 14. 1855; (1. Aug. 17, 1855. 

Lizzie L., b. Apr. 1 1. 1856. 

Sarah, b. Jan. 10, 1859; d. Mar. 20, 187.'. 

742. Lorenzo B. 7 Riddell, s<>n of George and Mary (Bab- 
cock) Riddell (Joseph, Joseph. Oliver, John, James), b. 

\ Colerain, Mass., Apr. 25, [831 : res. 1002, Hallock, Minn.; m. 

i Canisteo. X. Y.. July 4, 1855, Caroline F. . 

jT Children: 

Helen, b. May 27. 185'): d. 

(Lemuel C, b. Canisteo, Dec. 1868. 
Laura E., b. Canisteo. July 15, 1871. 
Lewis, b. . 

743. Dr. Le Roy 7 Riddell, son of George and Mary (P.ab- 
cock) Riddell (Joseph. Joseph, Oliver. John, James), b. 

Colerain, Mass., Sept. 11. [833: res. 1002. Canisteo, X. Y.; 
m. Canisteo, Dec. 17. 1863, Emma L., dau. of Hiram and 
Elmira Pratt, h. New Woodstock, X. Y.. Feh. 1, 1833, d. Can- 
isteo, Apr. 26, 1901. He graduated at the University of New 
York in 1863, and has practiced medicine in Canisteo since 
that date. 

Children, b. Canisteo: 

Hiram P.. 1>. Oct. jo. 1804 ; rl. Canisteo, Apr. 18. 1886. num. 
John. b. Jan. 14. 1866; d. Canisteo. Dec. 10. 1803, unm. 

Carrie Elmira, b. Nov. u. 1868: res. tqoj. Rush City. Minn : m. 

Canisteo. June 27. i8 v n8. |)r. Alva J. Stone, lias two sons. 
Harriet, b. Dee. 4 1874; res. iooj. Canisteo; m. Canisteo, Apr. 21, 

1807, Gay YV. Hall. Has two children. 

2,12 The Babcock Genealogy. 

744. William 7 Riddell, son of George and Mary (Bab 
cock) Riddell (Joseph, Joseph, Oliver, John, James), 

I). Colcrain, Mass., Feb. 2i, [.836; res. 1902, Canisteo, X. V.; 
in. Avoca, X. Y., Mar. 26, [867, Helen C., dau. of David 
Jones. 1). Avoca. June 10, 18-44. 
Children : 

Hettie M., b. Oct. 5. 1868; res. kjo2, Canisteo. 
George II., 1>. Jan. 31, 1870; rev 1902, Canisteo. 

Sara, b. Aug. 9, 1870; res. 190J, Canisteo. 


745. Ellen A. 7 Bell, dau. of John and Lydia (Babcock) 

]>cll (Joseph, Joseph, Oliver, John. James), b. Heath, 
Mass., Oct. 9, 1851 ; res. 1902, Leyden, Mass.; 111. Guilford, 
Vt., Dec. 29, 1S69. George E., son of David and Sarah (Dean) 
Williams, b. Stanford, Vt., June 3, 1 85 1 . 
Children : 

Nellie M., 1). Leyden. Nov. 2, 1870; res. 1902. Greenfield, Mas?. ; 

tn. Greenfield, Arthur, son of Brainard and Ellen (Boyd) Cro- 

maek, b. Colerain. Mass. 
Walter, 1). Leyden, Nov. n. 1872. 
Alvah, b. Leyden, Nov. 27, 1876;. d. 1S77. 
Leon, b. Leyden, Mar. 20, 1879. 
Ethel, b. Greenfield, Aug. 14, 1887. 

746. Frances Ciiarlotta 7 Babcock, dau. of Alonzo and 
Mercy (Gillette) Babcock (Darius, Joseph, Oliver, 

John, James). 1). Pharsalia, X. Y., Mar. 14, 1844; res. 
1902, Norwich, X. Y.; m. Morrisville, X. Y.. Nov. 22, 1866, 
Wilson AY., son of William and Phebe (Scarriot) Lucas, b. 
Smyrna. N. Y., Apr. 14. 1842. 
Children, b. Randallsvillc : 

Lillie May, b. : res. [902, Norwich, N. Y. : m. Oneida. N. Y.. 

May 14, 1901, William, son of Edwin and Rosa (Gadshy) Haight. 
Bertha F., b. : res. 10x52. Plymouth, N. Y. ; in. Oxford. N. V.. 

June 20, 1898, William, son of Henry Hall, d. Fulton, N. Y., 

Sept. 1, 1898. 


747. Rose Etta 7 Babcock, dau. of Alonzo and Mercy Ann 
(Gillette) Babcock (Darius, Joseph. Oliver, John, 

Tames), b. McDonough, X. Y.. lulv 11. 185^; res. 1902, 
Oneida. X. Y. ; m. Earlville, X. Y.. Nov. 14/1873, Silas M. 
Children : 

Archie A., b. Sangcrficld, N V. : res. tooj, Oneida. N. V. 

Bernie S.. b. Bridgcwatcr. N. Y. 

Freddie, h. Bridgcwatcr; res. 1002. Watkins. 

Caroline, b. Oneida; res. 1902. Watkins. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 313 

748. Adelbert 7 Babcock. son of Aloiizo and Mercy Ann 

(Gillette) Babcock (Darius, Joseph, Oliver, John, 
James), b. Pharsalia, \. Y., Apr. 5. 1856; res. 1902, Pool- 
ville, N. V.; m. Brookfield, X. Y., Aug. 20, [882, Addie M., 

dan. of Isaac and .Mary (Guthrie) Ford, b. Madison, X. Y., 
June 22, 1864. 
Children : 

Hattic G., 1). Brookfield, Mar. i.j. 1887; res. 1902, Poolvillc, N. Y. 

Howard, I). Poolvillc, May 7, J.^/;. 

Warren D., 1j. Binghamton, X. Y., May 25, 1900. 

749. Elnatiian Wells 8 Babcock, son of Peleg and Eliza- 
beth (Wells) Babcock (Abel. James, James. James, 

John, James), b. Hopkinton, R. I.. Sept. 30, 1790; d. Ash- 
away, R. I., Feb. 26, [858; m. Brookfield, X. Y., Feb. 3, 
1814, Sally (his cousin), dan. of William and Lucy (Dab- 
cock) Davis, 1). Stonington, Conn., Apr. 17, 1794, d. Ash- 
away, R. I., Sept. 7, 1857. 

"EInathan Babcock was Captain of the Hopkinton Militia 
in 1815-16. He was Justice for Hopkinton in 1820 and 1844." 

Children, b. Hopkinton: 

1292 Lucy M.,° 1). May 9, 1815; m. Lebbeus M. Cottrcll. 

Elizabeth, b. Feb. 6. 1818; res. 1002, Hornellsvillc, N. Y. ; unm. 
Mary. b. Apr. 7. 1820: m. 844 Daniel Irish. 
Lydia P., b. Apr. 30. i8_>_>: d. Mar. 1. 1837. 
Sally Ann. b. Feb. 3. 1X30; <I. Nov. 3, 1864. unm. 
William D., b. May 23, 1832; d. Oct! 3. 1833. 

750. Mary 8 Babcock, dau. of Peleg and Elizabeth (Wells) 
Babcock (Abel. James. James. James, John. James), b. 

Hopkinton. R. I.. Jan. 9. 1704: d. Potter Hill, R. I.. Sept. 29. 
1862; m. Oct. 28. 1813, Joseph . son of Joseph and Phcbe 
(Wells) Potter, b. Potter Hill, Aug. 4. 1787. d. Potter Hill, 
Mar. 4. 1880. 

He and his brother. Thomas W.. were partners in business 
at Potter Hill, where they for many years owned and operated 
a cotton factory, fulling-mill and grist-mill, and at the same 
time had a country store. 

Children : 

Julia, b. Jan 0. 1815: d. May 6. 1826. 

Gcorpe. b. Jan. 12. 1823; d. Feb. 17. 1832, unm. 

Lucy, b. Nov. 11, i8jq; <1. young. 

751. Peleg 8 Babcock, Jr.. son of Peleg and Elizabeth 

(Wells) P.abcock (Abel, fames, James, James, John, 

314 The Babcock Genealogy. 

James), 1). Rhode Island, Apr. 7, 1801 ; d. I)e Ruylcr, \. V., 
May (>, [858; in. ( 1) Luanda Brown, l>. July 21, (804, d. 
Little Genesee, X. Y.. Feb. 2, 1841 ; m. (-') Emily Nichols. 
Children by first wife: 

1203 Fanny,* l>. Nov. 4. 1826; in. James Grccnman. 

1294 Daniel I'.., 1>. July u. 1828; in. Hannah Witter. 

1295 Elizabeth A., 1> Aug. 27. 1830; m. Caleb Lewis. 

Ann Elizabeth, l>. Little Genesee, N. Y., Aug. 27, 1830; d. VV. Cicne- 
sce, N. V., Feb. 15, 1889; m. Luke, son of Pelcg Maxson, 1>. Hop- 
kinton, R. L; res. i<x>j. W.cckapung, K. 1. No children. 

Harriet Newell, 1>. Aug. 27, rK.t.r. d. Oct. 3, [847. 

Mary Esther, b. Oct. 2$, 1835; res. 1902, Fern Hill, Tacoma, Wash.; 
m. Mason Holmes. 

Alan son A., b. Little Genesee, N. Y., Jan. 3, 1838; <J. Genesee, 
Jan. 20, 1841. 

1296 Elnathan Wells, 1>. Aug. 24, 1X40; m. Eva Ilarter. 


752. Elizabeth Ann 8 Babcock, dan. of Peleg and Eliza- 
beth (Wells) Babcock (Abel, James. James, James, 

John, James), b. Chester, Mass., Oct. 31, 181 1 : d. Pawcatuck, 
Conn., July 4, 1883; m. Westerly, I\. I., Feb. 27, 1831, Dr. 
Francis Murphy, b. Oct. 31, 1808, d. Pawcatuck, Nov. 9, 1880. 

Ann Maria, b. Newport. R. I.. Oct. 2, 1S35 ; <1. Bridgeport, Conn., 

June i-j, 1899; in. Westerly. R. I.. Sept. 26, 1S51, Courtland West. 
Julia Ann. 1>. Newport. May l8, 1837; d. New York City. Jan. 12, 

1901 ; in. Westerly, R. 1.. Jan. 17. 1858, Benjamin F. Burdick. 
Harriet P., b. Westerly. Mar. i<). [839; d. Westerly, Jan. 16, 1902; 

in. Westerly, Dec. 31, 1856, Thomas J. Noyes. 
William F., b. Westerly, R. I.. Nov. 27, 1840; d. Westerly, Jan. 2, 

William P., I). Westerly. Mar. 27. 1X44; d. Westerly, Oct. 10. 1800; 

in. (1) Bridgeport, Conn.. Sept. 20. 1S70. Sophia Savage; in. (2) 

Westerly. Feb., 1878. Mary Landphcre. 
Mary Elizabeth. I>. Westerly, Feb. 21. 1846; res. u)02, Trenton, 

N. J. ; m. (1) Westerly. May 23. f868, Samuel Moyle; m. (2) 

Bridgeport. Conn.. Mar. 12. 1880, Robert E. Peterson. 
Feleg R., b. Westerly, Jan i<>, [849; d. Bridgeport, Dec. 12, 1872; 

111. New York City. \)vc. 29, [868, Minnie Crant. 
1297 Oscar F.,° b. June 21, 1851 ; 111. Ann E. Chapman. 

753. William Mulford 8 Babcock, son of Mulford ami 

Anna (Miner) Balxrock (Abel, James, James. Tames. 
John. James"), b. Apr. 18. 1800; d. Anderson. Ind., Mar. 31. 
1878; m. Burlingfton, N. Y., Dee. 31, 1828, Palmyra, dan. of 
Eri and Polly (Joice) Densmore, b. Burlington, Apr. 24, 
1809, d. Mexico, X. Y.. Sept. (>. [837. 
Children : 

Mary A.. 1>. De Ruyter. N. Y.. May 28. 1830: res. 1902. Wecds- 
port. N. Y.: m. Weed-port, Dec. 10. i860, Alonzo L. Putnam, b. 
Brutus, N. Y., Oct. 2. 182V 


The Babcock Genealogy. 3 ! 5 

Eri D., 1). De Ruyter, X. Y., Sept. 2i, 1831 ; res. 1902, Harbor 

Springs, Mich.; m. Vermilion, N. Y., Feb. *, 1K55. Catherine 
i2y8 John \V.." !). July 17, 1833; m. Julia A. Sherman. 

1299 Henry M., l». Aug. 19, 1836; in. Ruby M. Juice. 

754. Perry (i. K Babcock, son of Mulford and Anna Mi- 
ner) Babcock (Abel, James, James, James. John. 

James), b. Feb. 28, [812; <1. Scriba, X. V., Aug. -'9, 

1892; m. (i) Mar. 16, 1837, Eunice Wilcox, b. Westerly, 

^ R. I., May 25, 1815, d. Sept. 11. [840; m. (_>) Westerly, 

1841, Eliza, dan. of Nathaniel Sheffield, 1>. Westerly, Nov. 1 1, 

I 1818, (1. Scriba, Aug. 21, 1873. 

In 1856 Perry with his family removed from Stonington, 
Conn., to Scriba. 
Child by first wife: 

1300 William P.,* b. Sept. 11, 1839; in. Cecilia Davis. 

Children by second wife: 

1301 Edward, b. Jan. 30, [842; in. Hettie Hynds. 
Abel, b. Westerly, R. I., June 19, 1N43; d. young. 

1302 Abel, b. Dec. li, 1844; m. (1) Ella Baker; 111. (2) Mrs. Ida (Sis- 
son) Babcock. 

Sans, b. Westerly, Aug. 14, 1846; d. young. 
Martha E.. b. Westerly, Dec. 30, 1849; d. young. 
Frances, b. Westerly, Feb. 22. 1851; d. Scriba, X. Y. 1877; m. 
Fayette Forward. No children. 

1303 Geo. S., b. Sept. 5. 1852: in. Ida Daniels. 
Arthur, b. Stonington, Conn., Feb. 27, 1854; res. 1902, Oswego, 

N. Y. ; unm. 
Thomas \\\, b. Scriba, June 15, 1855; res. 1002. New Haven, N. Y. ; 

m. Scriba, 1887, Cora Farmer. 
Mary J., b. Aug. 2<), 1864; res. 1902, Stonington; m. Westerly, 


755. John R. 8 Hancock, son of Mulford and Anna (Miner) 
Babcock (Abel. James. James. James, John. James), b. 

Preston, Conn.: d. Oneco, Conn.. May 26, 1900; m. Caroline 
Rouse, d. Washington, R. I., 1890. 
Children : 

Samuel T., b. . 

John S., b. ; res. 100.2. Bristol, Soldiers' Hume. 

Thomas W.. b. ; res. 1902, Summit. 

Susan, b. Voluntown: d. Cranston, 1SS4. 

James, b. ; d. Centervillc. 

Sarah, b. ; d. Centervillc. 1858. 

756. Eunice 8 Hancock, dan. of Stephen and Mercy (Hinck- 
ley) P.abcock (Nathaniel, Nathaniel. James. James. 

Tohn, Tames), b. 1791: d. Aug., 1877; m. Ethan Crandall. of 
•Potter Hill. R. T. 

310 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children : 

Wealthy, 1>. Sept. 2,1, [820; d. June 7. 1878; m. (1) June 21, r 
John )'.. sen of Jesse Babcock, Jr., I>. Aug. 17, 1811, d. Mj 
Conn.. Jan. 20, 1868; m. (2) Charles 1'. Gallup. 

Nancy M. ; Carrie. 


757. Stephen 8 Babcock, Jr., son of Stephen and Mercy 
(Hinckley) Babcock (Nathaniel, Nathaniel, James, 

Janus. John, James), b. i7 ( ). : >: d. Nov. 10. 1870; m. Dec. _>}, 
1818 (?), Emma Bentley, d. Jan. 14, 1870, aged 80. He was 
a fanner in Stonington, Conn. 

Mary Ann, b. June 15. 1820; d. Mar. 24. 1802; m. Edwin P. Berry. 

Stephen L., 1>. [822; d. Jan. 28, 1824. 

Lucy G., b. Mar. 9. 1825; d. Aug. 30, 1827. 

Frank \V., b. Nov. 5. 1827; d. May 31, 1893. 

1304 Ira B., u b. July 24, 1830; 111. Maria li. Green. 

758. Samuel Hinckley 8 Babcock, son of Stephen and 
Mercy (Hinckley) Babcock (Nathaniel, Nathaniel, 

James. James, John, James), b. X. Stonington, Conn., 1798; 
d. N. Stonington, Apr. 3, 1S77: m. Feb. 28, 1S32. Caroline 
S., dau. of Amos and Amelia ( Babcock) Stanton, of N. Ston- 
ington, h. Oct. 19, [808, d. Jan. 1 1, 1867. 

Samuel lived in N. Stonington; was a farmer. 

Children, b. X. Stonington ( from Stanton Genealogy and 
Family Records) : 

130s Samuel Avcrv," b. Dec. 29. 18^2: m. Mary J. Barber. 
Daniel H., b. July 2. 1834: d. Nov. 28, 1857. 
Horace S.. b. June, 1837; res. 1002. Westerly, R. T. ; unm. 

Albert Clinton, b. Dec. 12. 1S40. Enlisted in the 21 st Rcpimcnt, 
Connecticut Volunteers; d. New Haven Hospital, Jan. 31, 1S63. 

759. Henry 8 Babcock. son of Stephen and Mercy (Hinck- 
ley) Babcock (Nathaniel, Nathaniel, James. James. 

John, James), b. Jan. 19, 1800: d. Sept. 16, 1875; m. Feb. 
4, 1839, Mary Ross, of Westerly, R. I. 


Mary Estber, b. ; m. and res. 1902, New York City. 

760. Elizabeth Stuart 8 Bakcopk. dan. of Stephen and 
Elizabeth (Stuart) Babcock (Nathaniel, Nathaniel. 

James, James, John. James), b. Dec. 28, 1806; d. X'. Ston- 
ington, Sept. 22. 1880: m. Dec. 2t. iS_'f>. Cyrus \V. Brown. 
Jr.. 1). Mar. 11. 1806, d. Nov. 27. 1875. 

Cyras \Y. Brown was a farmer, a wool merchant, and Inner 

The Babcock Genealogy. 3*7 

and seller of poultry in Boston. He was a Deacon, and much 
respected by the townspeople in X. Stonington. 

Children : 

1306 Emily E.,' b. Jan. l6, 1828; 111. Thomas VV. Winder. 

1307 Cyrus Henry, l>. Nov. 24, 1829; m. Sarah C. Maxson. 

1308 Louise A., b. Mar. 21, [832; in. Dr. E. R. Lewi-. 

1309 Gideon, b. Aug. 3, 1834; in. (1; -Mary L. Hollis; m. (2) Martha 
C. Hollis. 

1310 Benadam Williams, b. Apr. 4. 1836; m. Almira McGlaflm. 

131 1 Thomas, 1>. June 28, 1838; in. Mary Colby. 
John B., 1). Feb. 3, 1841, N. Stonington; m. Oct, 5. '865. Lavina 

*» Richardson, of Windsor, Conn.; res. Westerly, R. I. They had 

I three children. 

Sarah E., b. May 23, 1843; in. Nov. 29, 1863, Allen Barber, of 
\\\>terlv. They had one son. 
William S., 1). July 11, 1845; in. Dec. 27, 1870, Carrie Colby. They 

have three children. 
James S., b. Mar. 2, 1S4S; m. Apr. 29, 1S72. Mary E. Bray ton, of 
Westerly. One child. 

761. John 1).* BABCOCK, son of Stephen and Mercy (Davis) 
Babcock (Nathaniel, Nathaniel, James, James, John, 

James), b. Feb. 5. 1818; d. Jan. 11. 1887; m. (1) Jan. 5, 

1843, Harriet 1). Bentley, d. Jan. 31, ; m. (2) Eunice 

A. Maine. 

Children by first wife: 

Susan IT., b. Oct. 21, 184;; res. 1002. Old Mystic. Conn. 

John R., b. Tunc 17. 1848; res. 1902. Old Mystic, Conn.; m. Mar. 19, 

1896, Martha Eliza Chipman. They have one daughter, Emily, 

b. Nov. 2, 1899. 

Children by second wife: 

1312 William, 1 b. July 14. 1855; m. Mary E. Burdick. 

Wealthy l r .., b. Feb. 24. 1858; d. Oct. 5. 1880. 
Betsey A., b. Feb. 24. 1861 ; d. 1863. 

Abhy L., b. Mar. 26. 1865; m. May 22. 1890, Wallace A. Phillips; 
res. 1902, Bridgeport, Conn. 

762. Jonas Larrison 8 Babcock, son of Stephen and Mercy 
(Davis) Babcock (Nathaniel, Nathaniel, James. James, 

John. James), b. Mar. 1, i8jo; d. Apr. 21, 1855: m. Abby 
C. Stanton, of Stonington, Conn., h. Mar. i. 1S22, d. Nov. 12, 


Edwin Lewis, h. Sept. 5. 1843: d. Apr. 8, 1849. 

763. William Stuart 8 Babcock, son <>f Stephen and 
Mercy (Davis) Babcock (Nathaniel, Nathaniel. James, 

James. John, James"), b. Mar. 20, 1822; d. May 8. 1899; m. 
Oct. 4. 1859, Frances E. Maine, b. June 15. 1840. 

•7 1 8 The Babcock Genealogy. 


1313 William P.,* 1>. Feb. 5, 1862; in. Carrie A. Green. 

1314 Nellie !•".. I). July 28, 1865; m. George L Bradford. 

1315 Anna E., b. Ian. id. 1867; in. Nathan Exelcy. 

1316 Stephen B., b. Feb. 6, 1870; m. Birdie M. Kenyon. 

1317 Callie M., b. Nov. 16, [871; m. Albert Exeley. 

764. Eliza 8 Babcock, dau. of Reuben and Susanna (Gould) 
Babcock (Reuben, Nathaniel, James, James, John, 

James). 1). E. Poestenkill, X. Y., 1811; d. Locki>ort, X. V., 
May 14, [88] ; m. E. Poestenkill, Dec 31, 1829, Walter Ives, 
b. Mar. 8, 1809, d. Lockport, June l8, 1S78. They lived in 
Lockport, N. V. 

Children : 

Warren Ashley, b. Dec. 6. 1830; res. 1902, Lockport, N. Y. : ra. (1) 
Nov. 22, 1851, Lucy Richards; 111. (_•) Frances Van Wic. He 
had three children by his second wife. He enlisted in the Union 
Army in 1K02. and served until the end of the Civil War, 15th 
New' York Volunteers. Is engaged in the Insurance business. 

Amanda Jane. h. ; 111. Horatio Wells. She d. Lockport, 

1858 (?) or 1868 (?). 

1318 Lewis C," b. Oct. 26, 1833; in. Martha A. Bixler. 
Cynthia, Harry, and John d. young. 

765. CYNTHIA 8 Babcock, dan. of Reuben and Susanna 

(Gould) Babcock (Reuben. Nathaniel. James, James, 
John, James), b. E. Poestenkill. X. Y., Dec. 3, 1812; d. Troy, 
N. Y." Apr. 13. 1896; m. June 6, 1S35. Chester Brockway, 
of Troy. N. Y., d. Apr. 1. 1874. 
Children : 

Sarah Frances, b. Nov. 1. 1839; res. 1902, Eighth Ave. and South 
St., Trov. N. Y. : unm. 

1319 Alhert E., 8 h. May 0. 1842; res. Troy, N. Y. : m. Amaryllis Myers. 

1320 Emma, h. Dec. 7. 1844; '"• Robert Hatchman. 

766. HARRY 8 BABCOCK, son of Reuben and Susanna (Gould) 
Babcock (Reuben. Nathaniel, James. James. John, 

James) b. E. Poestenkill. X. Y.. Jan. 14. 1815; d. Devil's 
Lake. Mich.. Nov. 2Q. iqoj, buried* Brooklyn. Mich: m. (0 
Mar.. 1835, Fanny Fonda: m. (2) July. 1844. Calista, dau. 
of Hezekiah and 'Betsey (Blodgett) Fordham, b. Nov. 21. 
1818. d. Brooklyn. Mich.. Jan. 29, 1875; m. (3) Christine 

Harry lived in E. Pembroke, N. Y.. until 1874, when he 
removed to a farm at Brooklyn, Mich. 

Child by first wife: 

1321 John Lester,' b. Jan. 15. 1839; m. Fanny Pcard. 

The Babcotk Genealogy. 319 

Children by second wife: 

Emily, b. May 18, iSis; res. 1902, Brooklyn, Mich; in. James 

i3_»j Eliza Jane, I). June is, 1R49; res. i<*>-'. Devil's Lake, Mich.; in. 
I Jeremiah Wilsey. 

Charles Reuben, Ij. Dec. 13, 1852. Is a farmer, res. 1902, at Custer, 

Mich. ; in. E. A. 1 limond. 
Robert, l>. May 21, 1855; res. 1902, Brooklyn, Mich. He is a 
fanner; in. Mary Dcrcmier. 

767. Lucy 8 Babcock, dan. of Reuben and Susanna (Gould) 
» Babcock ( Reul)cn, Nathaniel, James. James, John, 
j James), 1). E. Poestenkill, X. V., Mar. 15, [822; res. [902, 

Batavia, X. Y. ; m. Ebenczer, son of )«>lm Allen. 

Nancy Jane. 1). Jan. 22, i8|i>; <1. ; m. East Pembroke, N. Y.. June 8, 
1859. Jacob T. Arnold, lie res. 1002, Rochester, N. V. Their 
children are Lillian and Flora; res. 1902, Rochester. 

John Thomas, b. Dee. 2, iS|_' ; res. i<»oj. Mast Pembroke; m. Me- 
lissa Seeley. Children: Eva, h. 1872, d. 1X75; Charles l>. Nov. 16, 
\ 1884. 

Susan," h. Apr. 15, [845; res. i<)o_\ Batavia, N. V. : in. Sept. 8. 
1868, Dr. Lucius B. Parmelec. h. Nov. 16, 1840. They had four 
children: Alice,"' who in. William P. Curtis; Lucius; Edith; 
and Porter. 

768. Mary 8 Babcock, dan. of Reuben and Susanna (Gould) 
Babcock (Reuben, Nathaniel, James, James, John, 

James), b. E. Poestenkill, X. Y.. Jan. 18, 1824; d. Sept. 
II, 1890; m. Troy, N. Y., July 4. 1847, William A. Seers. 

James, b. June 20, 1848; res. 1903, at 19x54 Seventh Ave., Troy, 

N. Y. 
Ransom, b. ; res. 1903. Troy, N. Y. ; m. June 21, 1869, Kate 

Bigelow. No children. 
Ella Moore, b. 1864 ( ? ) ; m. Mar. 4. 1886, William O. Ives. They 

have five children. 

769. Amanda Melvina 8 Babcock, dan. of Reuben and Su- 
sanna (Gould) Babcock (Reuben. Nathaniel, James, 

James. John. James"), b. E. Poestenkill, N. Y., Nov. 9, 1825; 
res. 1903. E. Pembroke. X. Y. ; m. Clarence. X*. Y.. May 15, 
1844, Samuel Loom is, b. Cicero. N. Y.. Nov. 20, 1820, d. E. 
Pembroke, Dec. 17, 1902. 
Children : 

Cyrus C. b. Feb. 23. 1846: d. 1846. 

Herbert W.. b. July 26. 1848: d 1851. 

Eugene Sandford." b. Feb. 26, 1852; d. Potsdam, N. Y.. Jan. 18. 
1870; m. Lima. N. Y.. Dec. 22. 1873, Delia A. Channel). Thev 
had one (laughter. Mabel," m. Verne L. Shepard, of Lima, N. Y. 

;2o The Babcock Genealogy. 

Charles Raymond," b. May 2, 1858; ie^ i«*u. Sherburne, N. Y.; r 
July 5, 1892, Kate M. Shotwcll, Elba, N. Y. Have one 

. Charles, 111 who i> Principal of the High School at Sherburne. 

Clara Volctta," b. June 20, 1863; res. 1903, E. Pembroke, X. V.; 
in. Daniel S. Wilkinson. They have one child, Florence. 1 * 

770. Sarah Ann 8 Babcock, dau. of Reuben and Susanna 
(Gould) Babcock (Reuben, Nathaniel, James, James, 
John, fames), b. Sand Lake, X. V.. Dec. 21, 1829; res. 1903, 
4 Ball Place, Watervliet, X. Y\; m. Troy, Dec. 31, 1848, Elias 
E., son of John and Sarah (Weaver) Dodge, 1>. Pownal, Vt., 
Feb. 28, 1826, d. Troy, N. Y., Dec. 17, 1879. 
Children, b. Troy : 

Elias Eaton, l> Sept. 2. 1852; d. Dec. 20, 1852. 
1323 Raymond Eadic,* I). Feb. 24. 1854; m. Harriet Payne. 

Elli< Reuben," b. Aug. 25, 1856; res. 1903, New York City; m. (1) 
Albany, Sept. 23, 1879, Lucy, dau. of John and Emma ((jrav) Max- 
well, i>. Delhi, N. V.. Apr. 7. 1856, d. Troy. Feb. 8, 1887. .No 
children. M. (2) I'm held, June 26, 1889, Almcda, dau. of John 
and Helen (Thayer) Webster, l>. Chatham. N. V.. Aug. 17, 1859. 
They have two children, Helen Edna," b. Oct. 7, lXoo, and Leroy 
\V., b. June 24. 1892. 

Charles E., b. June 8, 1863; d. Troy. Mar. 2. 1870. 

Clara May, b. Oct. 1. 1864; res. 1903. Watervliet. N. Y. ; 111. Sept. 
]6, 1883, Charles T., son of Charles and Sarah (Saunders) Clark, 
b. Troy, Mar. 5, 1863. No children living. 


771. Charles 8 Babcock, son of Reuben and Susanna 

(Gould) Babcock (Reuben, Nathaniel, James. James. 
John, James), b. Troy, X. Y.. Oct. 31. 1832; d. Salt Lake 
City, Utah, Apr. 17, 1903; m. Maria Louise Schermerhorn, 
b. 183 1 (?), d. Dec. 1902. 

Charles Babcock was a Jeweler for forty years in Troy. 
N. Y., and for a large part of that period was city official 
time keeper. 

Children : 

Charles Edward. - ' b. Feb. 8, 1856: res. 1003. Watervliet. X. Y. : m. 

Brooklyn, May 17. 1844, Annie M. Silvey. They have one son. 

William, h. Sept., 1857: res. 1003. Watervliet. X. Y. ; num. 
Charlotte, h. Feb. 5. 1861 : d. Mar. 4. i8< 5 

Jennie G.. b. July 18. 1804: res. 1903, Watervliet. X. Y. : unm. 
Mary, b. Sept. 18, 1868; d. Watervliet. X. Y.. Aug. 16, 1901. 
Frederick, b. July 20. 1872: res. 1903, Troy, X. Y. ; m. Troy, Feb. 

14, 189.3. Gcorganna Odell, b. Troy. Xo children. 

772. Stevens 8 r.AitcocK. son of Elias and Hannah (Bar- 
ber) Babcock (Elijah, Elias, James. James. John. 

James), b. E. Poultney, Yt.. Feb. 2. 1802; d. Hampton, X. V.. 

Apr. 14, 1884; m. Fairha\en. Yt.. Feb. 10. 1832, Mary A.. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 3 21 

dan. of Elias and Betsy (Whipple) Hi Mott, 1). Fairhaven, 
Vt., Aug. 13, 1808, d. VVoburn,, Feb., 1899. 


1 1324 Cornelius L.,' 1). Mar. .j. 1833; m. (1) Hattie Weaver; m. (2) 

Lama Burroughs, 

Francis K., I>. Sept. 4. 1839; d. Fairhaven, \'t., Aug. 15. i860. 

George C, b. Ocl. -\ 1842. Killed at the Battle of the Wilderness. 
May 5, 1864. Hi- was Lieutenant <>! C<>. F, (>ih Regiment Volun- 
teers, enlisted Sept. i<>. 1861, at Rutland, Vt. 

Mary 1'., I>. Poultney, Auj; 8, 1851 ; res. HJ03. North Wohurn, Mass. 

773. Daphene 8 Babcock, dan. of Silas and Rachel (Allen) 
Babcock (Elijah, Elias, James. James. John. James), 

1). Feb. 22, 1798; d. 1816; m. Apr. 20. 1815, Robert French. 

Cynthia,* 1>. ; m. Rezin Chcbondy. Hail one daughter, Nancy."' 

774. Rev. Hiram 8 Babcock, son of Silas and Rachel (Al- 
len) Babcock (Elijah, Elias, James. James, John. 

James), b. Essex, Vt., Apr. 14. 1802; m. Nov. l6, 1837, 
Eliza, dan. of Calvin Andrews, d. July 22, [871. 

Rev. Hiram moved with his father to Wayne. O. He 
graduated at Middlebury College, Vt., 1833. In 1836 he 
graduated from the Lane Theological Seminary; was ordained 
to preach Oct. 7, 1841. his first pastorate being Oil Creek, Pa. 

Children : 

Lyman Beecher, b. May 18. 1843; d. Dec. 25. 1862. 
1325 Silas Allen," 1>. May 23. 1845: m. Martha Brainard. 

Anna E.. b. ; d. young. 

Daniel, b. July 23. 1840: d. young. 

Clara E.. b. Nov. 25. 1853; in. Des Moines, la.. Sept. 13. 1882, John 
II. Goldman. 

775. Rev. Daniel 8 Bap.cock, son of Silas and Rachel (Al- 
len) Babcock ( Elijah, Elias. James. James. John. 

James), 1). Wayne. O.. Dec. 17. 1810; d. \Y. Townsend, Vt.. 
1875; m. (1) Apr. 8. 1840. Amanda Avery, of Boston; m. 
(2) Abbie L. Blackmail, of Plymouth, Mass. : res. 1903, 

He graduated at college. Aug. 24. 1836. (It is supposed in 
Ohio.) Graduated at Andover Theological Seminary. Massa- 
chusetts. Sept. 4. 1839; was ordained a Congregational min- 
ister Nov. 7. 1839. He preached for thirty-four years. Among 
other places, at Talmouth, Plymouth, and lastly at Townsend. 

No children by either marriage. 

322 The Babcock Genealogy. 

776. Sarah T. 8 Babcock, dau. of Silas and Rachel (Allen) 
Babcock (Elijah, Elias, James, James, John, James), 
b. Jan. 17, [812; in. Oct. 5. 1842, James Gibson. 

Children : 

Eveline M., b. 

; (1. 1845 ; Amanda ; I liram. 

777. Horace 8 Babcock, son of Paul and Mable (Hatch) 
Babcock ( Elijah, Elias, James, James, John, James), 1>. 

Essex, Yt., Mar. 22, 1802; m. Sarah Reynolds; res. Jericho, 
Vt. Was a farmer. 
Children : 

Henry, 1». Juno 1, 1K41 ; d. Jericho. 
Hiram, b. Sept. 15, 1 845; d. Jericho. 

778. Selah 8 Babcock, son of Paul and Mable (Hatch) 
Babcock (Elijah, Elias, James, James, John, James), h. 

Jericho, Vt., July 23, 1804; d. Jericho, Sept. 18, 18X0; m. 
Oct. 13, 1842, Prudence, dan. of Daniel and Lydia (Case) 
Buxton, 1). Westford, Vt., June 11. 1815. He was a farmer 
at Jericho. 
Children : 

Reuben, b. June 30, 1843; d. Fairfax. Ya.. Jan. 29. 1863. 

1326 Adclia." b. July 20, 1845; m. Russcl D. Johnson. 
Julia, b. Mar. 19, 1850; d. Jericho, Nov. II, 1892. 

779. Julius 8 Babcock, son of Paul and Mable (Hatch) 
Babcock (Elijah, Elias, James, James. John. James). 

b. Jericho. Yt.. Dec. iC>, 1806; d. X. Brook-field, Mass., 1893; 
m. (1) N. Brookfield, 1833. Miriam Moulton, b. New Hamp- 
shire, 1806. d. N. Brookfield, Dec. 13. 184s; m. (2) Charlotte 
Ball, of Holden, Mass.. b. 1804. d. X. Brookfield. Oct. 13. 
1873. Julius was a manufacturer of shoes. 
Children : 

Mary,* b. Jan. 3. 1835; m. Edward Kermpton, of Westnort, Mass.; 
res. 1902, North Brookfield, Mass. Had one child. Ellen F., 1 " who 
m. Adrian Miller; res. Palmer. Mass. Has <\x children. 

1327 Rev. Edwin,* b. Aug. 10, 1838; m. Caroline Gifford. 

Lydia, h. Feb., 1N41 ; m. David Peuery ; res. Canterbury, Conn.; d. 
Canterbury, 1S92. 

780. Submit 8 Babcock, dan. of Paul and Mable (Hatch) 
Babcock (Elijah, Elias, Tames. Tames. John. Tames), 

b. Oct. 30, 1808; d. Spencer. Mass.. Feb. 22. 1875; m. Asa 

The Babcock Genealogy. 3-3 

Child : 

Charlotta, 1 b. N. Brookfield, Mass., May 8, 1846; d. Spencer, Mass., 
A[>r. i.j, 1891; in May 8, 1870, Charles P. Barton, l>. Oakham, 
Mass., June 18, 1846. They had two children, Charles 11 ..'" b. Apr. 
7, 187.J, res. 1903, Spencer, Mass., num.; Rosella, b. Sept. _', 
1877, res. 1903, Spencer, Mass. 

781. Rufus 8 Babcock, son of Paul and Mable (Hatch) 
Babcock ( Elijah, Elias, James, James, John, James), 1). 

Jericho, \'t., Sept. 3, [814; d. X. Brookfield, Mass., Feb. 10, 
j 1875; m. Oct., 1836, Luanda Pettie, b. May 2, [815, d. X. 

Brookfield, fitly 30, [890. Thev settled at X. Brookfield. 
Children, b. N. Brookfield: 

1328 Roswcll Halch." b. Mar. 25, 1838; m. Estella Dean. 

1329 Caroline, l>. Oct. 10, 1X40: m. (1) Charles Sumner; m. (2) Ben- 

jamin Barnes. 

1330 Jt>!m, I). Aug. 13, iS.jS ; m. Evelyn Bowen. 

782. Timothy Erastus 8 Babcock, son of Cyrus G. and 
Amarilla (Hawley) Babcock (Rufus. Elias, James, 

James, John, James), b. Oct. 16, 181 J ; m. Dec., 18 }8, Alice 
M. Wheeler. 

He was adopted at an early age by his uncle, Timothy 

Children : 

Laura C, b. Dec. 18, 1840. 
Emily M., b. Apr., 1842. 

783. Cyrus Giles 8 Babcock, son of Cyrus G. and Ama- 
rilla (Hawley) Babcock (Rufus. Elias. James. James. John, 
James), b. Colebrook. May. 181 7: d. Colebrook, Dec. 13. 
1843: m. Sherman. Conn., Xov.. 1838. Maria, dan. of Jesse 
and Amanda Kellogg, b. Sherman. May 26, 1816, d. Sherman, 
Oct. 29. 1853. 

Children : 

1331 Aniarilli-. b. May 1. 1840; m. Philip Smith. 

1332 Emily A., h. Sept. 15, 1842; m. George Hungcrford. 

784. Caroline Elizabeth Vassar 8 Bap.cock. dan. of Rev. 
Dr. Rufus and Olivia (Smith) Babcock (Rufus. Elias, 

James, James. John. James 1. b. Barrington. R. T.. Feb. 10. 
1825; d. Philadelphia, Da.. Mar. 7. i8Sq; m. Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y. (by her father), May 2j. 1852. Hon. Horatio Gates 
Jones, son of Rev. Dr. Horatio Gates and Deborah (Lever- 
ing) Jones, b. Ro.\borou'j;h. Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 9, 1822. 
d. Philadelphia, Mar. 13. 1893. 

324 The Babcock Genealogy* 

Caroline E. V. Babcock was educated chiefly by her father, 
and xt Is* > attended ;i young ladies' seminary at Philadelphia 
and finished under Miss Lydia Booth, of Poughkeepsie, X. Y., 
the accomplished niece of Matthew Vassar, founder <>i \'as- 
sar College. While her father was pastor in Philadelphia 
Miss Babcock met Eloratio Gates Junes. 

Mr. Jones graduated at the University of Pennsylvania 
i8.ii, was a member of the Philadelphia Bar, President of the 
Webster Society of Philadelphia, Vice President Historical 
Society of Pennsylvania, a member of the American Antiqua- 
rian Society, Honorary Fellow of the Royal Historical So- 
ciety of Great Britain. Was elected as a Republican to the 
Senate of Pennsylvania in [874, and held the office continu- 
ously (by reelections) for eight years. 

Both he and his wife were members of the Baptist Church. 
They had no children. Mr. Jones was the author of sev- 
eral Historical Works, wrote a number of articles for Dr. 
Sprague's Baptist Pulpit, and published a Genealogy of the 
Levering Family. While in the Legislature he earnestly ad- 
vocated the repeal of the Sunday law of 1799, which makes 
it possible for designing people to have persons who helieve 
the seventh day is the Sabbath punished for working on Sun- 
day. He prepared from documents and memoranda collected 
by his father-in-law the larger part of the records of the de- 
scendants of Elias Babcock (his wife's great grandfather) 
that appear in this volume. 

785. Emily Eddy 8 Baucock. dan. of Rev. Dr. Rufus and 
Olivia (Smith) Babcock (Rufus. Elias. James, James, 

John, James), b. Poughkeepsie, X. V., Aug. 3. 1826; d. Nov., 
1845 : m. Feb., 1844, George II. Swift, of the Poughkeepsie 
(N. Y.) Bank. 

She was educated with her sister Caroline, and was a young 
ladv of high intellectual attainments. 
• Child: 

Rufus Eddy Swift, b. ; d. soon after attaining his majority, 


786. Harriet Shepard 8 Babcock, dan. of Rev. Dr. Rufus 
and Olivia (Smith) Babcock (Rufus. Elias. James. 

James, John. James), h. Salem. M;i«„ Sept. 26, 1831: m. (by 
her father. Rev. Rufus Babcock, D.I). ). Poughkeepsie, X. Y., 
June 28, 1806, James Henry Weeks, h. Hackensack, X. J.. 
Dec. 22, 1822. Miss Babcock was educated chiefly at New 

The Babcock Genealogy. 325 

Bedford, Mass. Mr. Weeks was a lawyer of Poughkeepsie, 
X. V. Jle represented Dutchess County in the New York 
Assembly in 1853. 


Caroline Babcock Weeks, 1> Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Elizabeth Mauran Weeks, b. at Poughkeepsie. 

787. Jabish 8 Brown, Jr., son of Jabish and Abigail (Bab- 
cock) Brown (Oliver, Oliver, James, James, John, 

James), b. Brookficld, X. Y., Apr. 3, [806; d. Leonardsville, 
N. V., Mar. 5, [862; m. Brookficld, Sept. 23, 1830, Selma. 
dan. of John and Lydia (Taylor) Davis, b. Brookficld, Mar. 
8, 1807, d. Bridgewater, Apr. 23, [883. 
Children, b. Leonardsville, N. Y. : 

1333 Sophronia \.,' J b. May 18, 1833; m. Henry P>. Booth. 

Harriet E., I). Oct. 8, 1834; d. Columbus, N. V.. \Kc. 22, 1868; m. 
Leonardsville, Dec. 2.X. 1S57, Fuller P. King, b. Unadilla Fork-., 
d. Columbus, Dec. 6, 1868. 

Fidelia 1)., b. Aug. -26, 1838; d. Leonardsville, Feb. 10, iX<;o: m. 
Leonardsville. Oct. 28, 1862, Frank Champlin, b. Mystic Bridge, 
Conn., 1825, d. Greenmanvillc, Conn., Oct. 8, 1S7J. Had one child. 

George Taylor, b. Feb. -'4. 1^4-' ; res. \1y02, Leonardsville. N. V.; 
m. Bridgewater. X. Y., Dec. 4, 1873, Emily D. Douse, b. Brook- 
field, N. V. They have four children, Harriet, Edna, Myra, and 

788. Elizabeth Palmer 8 Babcock, dan. of Joshua and 
Eunice (Brown) Babcock (Joshua, Oliver, James, 

James, John, Tames), b. Paris, X. Y., July II, 1804; d. Una- 
dilla Forks. X. V.. Oct. 20. [889; m. Unadilla Forks, Mar. 
10, 1825, Ephraim Crumb, b. Stephentown, X. Y., June 22, 
1800. d. Unadilla Forks, Feb. 26, 1850. 

Eunice Elizabeth, b. Oct. 28. 1827; d. Apr. 13, 1850. unm. 

Lucius Henry, b. July 4. 1831 ; unm. 

Maria Louise, b. May 0, 1833; d. June ,}o. i!sV>o. unm. 

Lucy Eleanor, b. Apr. [2, 1836; num. 

Mary Angeline. b. Apr. to. 1840; unm. 

Franklin Everett, b. Oct. 29, 1843; num. 

Wallace E., b. Dec. 17, 1846; unm. 

789. Henry H. 8 Bakcock, son of Joshua and Eunice 
(Brown) Babcock (Joshua, Oliver. James, James. 

John, James), b. X. Bridgewater, X. Y., Nov. 28, 1806: d. 
Unadilla Forks, X. Y.. Apr. 26, 1887; m. (' 1 ) Massachusetts, 
May 10. 1831, Tarnmison W. Rogers; m. (2) Hamilton, 
X. V.. May 4, 1840. Catherine 0. Powell: m. (3) Plainfield, 
X. Y.. Apr. _>5. 1850. P.inra VV. Huntley; m. (4) Unadilla 
Forks. X. Y.. Jan. 29, 1807, Mary Jennie Penney. 

326 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children by first wife : 

Helen, b. Mar. 12. 1832; d. aged 15 years. 

1334 Juliet," 1). Feb. 5, 1835; m. George Strickland. 

1335 Alary Tammison, l>. Oct. .?, i.s.s7; m. \Y. L. Bassett. 
133d H. Lee, b. Jan. 11, 1840; 111. Elizabeth Chapman. 

Child by second wife: 

Ella C, b. Sept. 6, 1848; m. Sept. 1, [870, Clark Brown. No issue. 

Children by third wife : 

Herbert Huntley, b. May 15. 1854; num. 
James Joshua, b. Nov. 9, 1859; d. young. 
Fannie, b. July 6, 1864; d. young. 

Child by fourth wife : 
Laura, b. Oct. I, 1873. 

790. Eunice Evangeline 8 Babcock, dan. of Joshua and 
Etinicc (Brown) Babcock (Joshua, Oliver, James, 
James, John, James), h. Plainfiekl, X. Y.. Mar. 2, 1812; d. 
Syracuse, X. V., Sept. 14, 1852; m. Unadilla Forks, X. Y., 
Rowland Gardner. 

Victor, b. ; d. aged 21 ; m. Georgia Taylor. No issue. 

Charles and Jane ; d. young. 

791. Joshua Franklin 8 Babcock, son of Joshua and Eu- 
nice (Brown) Babcock (Joshua, Oliver, James, James, 

John, James), b. Unadilla Forks. X. Y., Sept. 9. 1823; res. 
1902, Plainfiekl, N. Y. ; m. Kendall. X. Y., Dec. 11, 185 1. 
Elizabeth Bassett. 

In 1902 he was still a prominent promoter of the Babcock 
annual gathering, known as the Babcock Cousins Party, held 
during Christmas week. The custom has been kept up for 
more than fifty years, and is participated in by many of the 
families from far and near. 

Children : 

Mary Eva. b. Mar. 13, 1853: imm. 
Irving, b. Jinn- 28, 1855; d. Mar. 20. 18(13. 
Eunice Cornelia, b. Aug. 8. 1858; d. Sent. _m. 1863. 
Edith May. b. July 17. 1864; d. Apr. 28, 1867. 
Victor, b. July 4. 1 866; unm. 

792. Elizabeth 8 Babcock, dau. of Asa and Catherine 

(Robbins) Balxrock (Joshua. Oliver. James. James. 

John. James), h. ; m. S. II. Reynolds: d. Galesburg, 

X. Y.. Jan. 19. 1869. 


The Babcock Genealogy. 3-7 


Elizabeth, b. ; m. Charles S. Rcnt<m. 

793. LEANDER 8 BABCOCK, sou of Asa and Catherine ( Rob- 
bins) Babcock (Joshua, Oliver, James, James. John, 

James), 1). Paris, X. Y., Mar. i, ittii; d. Richfield Springs, 
N. Y., Aug. l8, [864; m. Oswego, X. Y., June. 1837, Ellen, 

dan. of Alvin and Mary (O'Connor) Bronson, h. Oswego, 
i8j 6, d. Oswego, June 21. 1 SS7. 

Leander Babcock graduated from Union College, Schenec- 
tady, X. Y., in 1830. Studied law under Mr. Crafts, of Utica, 
!N. Y. ; was admitted to the bar in [834, ami settled at Os- 
wegO, X. Y. He was chosen District Attorney for Oswego 
County in [840-3. In Mar., 1850, was elected Mayor of Os- 
wego. In Nov., 1850, was elected member of the Thirty- 
second United States Congress from the Twenty-third District 
of New York, and was one of the youngest members of that 
Congress, lie was President of the Board <>f Education in 
1853 and again in 1855. lie was a man above reproach, hon- 
ored by all his fellow citizens, and left to his family the herit- 
age of a spotless name. 

Children : 

1337 Bronson.* 1). Oct. 18. 1838; m. Cecelia Lewis. 

1338 Catherine, l>. Aug. 17. 1840; m. Allien E. 1 la-tings. 
Mary. 1). June i(\ iS_)_': d. June 21, 1889, num. 
Edward. 1>. May iS. 1S44: d. Sept., 1845. 

1339 William A.. I>. Mar. ,^0. [850: in. Blanche Aldenhoff. 
Cliarles Leander. b. May 21, 1856. Address, care of Coal Companies, 

Equitable Building, St. Louis, Mo.; unm. 

1340 John L.. 1). Sept. 10. 1859; m. Elizabeth Merrill. 

794. Oliver R. s Babcock, son of Oliver and Tolly (Ran- 
dall) Babcock (Joshua. Oliver, lames, James. John. 

James), b. Babcock Hill". X. Y.. Sept. 17.' 1805: d. Xcw Hart- 
ford, X. Y.. May 10. 1879; m. Bridgewater, X. Y., Sept. 23. 
1830, Sarah., dan. of Dennison and Polly (Robbins) Brown, 
b. Mar. 25, 1805. 
Children : 

Mary R.. h. Mar. 11. 18.32; d. New Hartford. N. V.. Feb. 13. 1877; 
m. (1) Benjamin F. Joslyn: m. (2) Porter S. Huntley. No i<-ue. 

1341 Sophronia.* h. Inlv 10. 1833: m. Walter S Hurd. 

1342 George K . h. June 18, 1836: m. Alice Cnollidge. 

• 3-13 Charles M.. 1>. June 6, 1841; m Maggie McChesncy. 

795. Maria 8 Babcock, dan. of Oliver and Tolly (Randall) 
Babcock (Joshua, Oliver. James. James, John, James). 


The Babcock Genealogy, 

b. Babcock Hill, X. Y., Jan. 15, 1804; m. Oct. -7, 1827, Al- 
bert G. Burke; res. 1902, Batavia, 111. 
Children : 

Ellen M.. I>. Jan. _'3. 1831 ; num. 

1344 Albert G.," b. Jan. 8, 1833; m, Clara Booth. 
Olivia, b. Oct. 5, 1K34; (I. Feb., 1838. 

796. Clarissa 8 Babcock, tlau. of Oliver and Polly (Ran- 
dall) Babcock (Joshua, Oliver, fames, lames, John, 
James), b. Paris, X. Y.. Apr. 9, [809; d. Babcock Hill, X. Y.; 
m. S. 11. Reynolds, d. Galesburg, ill., Jan. 19, 1869. 
Children : 

1345 Leander,' 1). Aug. 23, 1837; m. Sarah B. Turner. 
Sarah 13., b. May 15, 1S40; d. Mar. 9, 1885, num. 

797. Peleg Brown 8 Babcock, son of Oliver and Polly 

(Randall) Babcock (Joshua, Oliver, fames, James. 
John, James), b. Babcock Hill, X. Y., Sept. 10, 1813; d. 
Babcock Hill, Apr. 2, 1857; m. Jan.. 1843, Cornelia Scott. 

At the time of his death Peleg Babcock was member of the 
New York State Legislature. 


1346 Stephen Moulton,* 1). Oct. 22, 1843; m. May C. Crandall. 

1347 Litin Boyd, b. May 26, 1850; m. Minnie Ellsworth. 

798. Charles B. s Brown, son of Peleg and Elizabeth (Bab- 
cock) Brown (Joshua, Oliver, James, James, John, 

James), b. Bridgewater, X. Y.. Oct. 24, 1802; d. New Hart- 
ford, X. Y., Oct. 28, 1889; m. Bridgewater, 1830, Catherine 
Mabbett, b. Bridgewater, Oct. 23, 1808, d. Unadilla Forks, 
N. Y., June 12, i860. 
Children : 

1348 Lee C,' b. Dec. 15, 1832; m. Martha Babcock. 
134Q Emily, b. Jan. 31, 1835; m. Edwin Aiken. 

1350 Cora II., b. Apr. 16, 1838; m. J. Morris Cliilds. 

799. Amos H. a Brown, son of Peleg and Elizabeth (Bab- 
cock) Brown (Joshua. Oliver, James. James. John, 

James), 1>. Bridgewater, X. Y.. Apr. jC». 1805; d. Brooklyn. 
N. Y., Jan. 26, r88o; m. Dresden, O.. Apr. g. [829, Susan 
Monroe, b. Zancsville, O., Feb. 2, 181 2, d. Zanesville, July 16, 

Children : 

Lewis, b. July 11, 1832: d. Oct., 1837. 
Franklin, I>. Jan. 12, 1835; d. Aug. 16, 1S36. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 329 

1351 Henry, 1 b. Mar. 25, 18.57; m. (1) Mary M. Cox; ra. (2) Mary W. 
Mary Elizabeth, b. Sept 15. 1839; d. Nov. 9, 1851. 
135a Joseph M., b. Oct. 5, 1842; m. (.1) Anna Price; m. (.-') Blanche 

K. Seaman. 
Alice A., b. Mar. 2, ] S.j 5 ; num. 

1353 Ella S., 1>. Apr. 21, 1849; m. Charles II. Abbott. 

Annie S., b. Nov. 3, 185-'; m. Lowell M. Dyer. 

800. Lorenzo S. 8 Brown, son of Peleg and Elizabeth ( Bab- 
cock) Brown (Joshua, Oliver, James, James, John, 

James), 1). Bridgewater, X. Y., June 6, [809; d. Bridge- 
water, Jan. 3, 1891 ; m. (i) Litchfield, X. Y., Jan. id, 1839, 
Eli/.abeth C. Brainard; m. (2) Saquoit, X. Y., Nov., 1857, 
Laura M. Birdsey. 

Children by first wife: 

1354 Clara, 9 b. Mar. 14. [842 ; in. Timothy E. Wilcox. 
Arthur, b. Sept. 20, 1845 ; ni. Florence Shaw. 

1355 Susan, b. June (1, [848; in. Adclbert Rhodes. 
Grace, b. May 26, 1850; d. Apr. 17, 1X51. 

801. Elizabeth G. s Babcock, dan. of Martin and Eunice 
(Robbins) Babcock (Joshua, Oliver. James, James, 

John, James), b. Bridgewater, X. Y., June 2, [822; d. Bridge- 
water, July 22, 1892; m. Mar., 1844, Giles Scott, b. Oct. 13, 
1 818, d. Mar. 6, 1892. 

I Children : 

'357 Loren K.. b. Nov. 24. 1846; m. Clara Ferris. 
Washington, b. Apr. 8, 1849; m. Alice Robbins. 

802. Clark Hinckley 8 Babcock, son of Martin and Eu- 
nice (Robbins) Babcock (Joshua, Oliver, James, James, 

John. James), b. Bridgewater, N. Y., Nov. 9. 1823; d. Bridge- 
water; m. ( 1 ) Mar. 24, 186S. Kate S. Cole; m. (2) Nov. 14, 

1 1877, Amelia Cole. 

1 Child bv first wife: 

135S May K., 9 b. Mar. 17, 1800; 111. Fred. J. Ludeman. 

803. Catherine A. s Babcock, dau. of Martin and Eunice 
(Robbins) Babcock (Joshua. Oliver. James. James, 

John, James), b. Bridgewater, X. Y., Sept. 6, 1826; d. Nov. 
2, 1885; m. Sept.. 1849, Bryan Scott. 

Nellie. 9 b. July 7. 1850: d. Nov. 4, 1881 : m. Oct. 5. 1870. Homer W. 
Seals. Lived at L'tica, N. Y. No children, 


330 The Babcock Genealogy. 

804. Ki.zi.Mi G. 8 Babcock, dau. of Martin and Eunice 
(Robbins) Babcock (Joshua, Oliver, James, James, 

John, fames), b. Bridgewater, X. Y., Nov. 13. 1831 ; m. Feb. 
"15, 185}, Jerome J. Budlong, l>. Oct. jo, 1830, d. July 21, 

1359 Jennie 1..." I«. Dec. -'4. 1853; m. Willis Hoyt. 

1360 Florence F., 1>. Nov. 21, 1855; m. Charles A. Doud. 
iV'i Elizabeth, l>. Nov. 2, 1858; m. Fred W. Lister. 
136a Irving J., b. Sept. 7. 1868; m. A. la M. Titus. 

805. fudge B. Pratt* Babcock, son of Or. Charles and 
Nancy (Pratt) Babcock (Joshua, Oliver, James, James, 

John, lames), b. Mar. 29, [814; d. Sept. 24, 1893, unm. 
Judge Babcock entered Hamilton College when eighteen 

years old. hut graduated from Union College in 1835. He 
studied law with a firm in I'tica. X. Y.. where he was admitted 
to the bar. In 1847 he settled in Livingston County, 111., 
where in 1852 he was elected County Judge, serving three 
years in an efficient manner. He was of a retiring disposition, 
and of noble and generous qualities, and aided many humane 
and charitable projects with the wealth he acquired. 

806. William R. s Baucock. son of Charles and Nancy 
(Pratt) Babcock (Joshua. Oliver. James. James. John, 

Tames), b. New Hartford, X. Y., Apr. 10. 1816; d. Esmen 
Township, 111.. Sept. 11. [866; m. New Hartford, July 15, 
1845, Myra P.. dau. of Horace Marsh, b. Kirkland, X. V., 
Mar. i2.*i8_>8. 
Children : 

1363 Marv.° 1). Jan. 6. 1S4X; m. T<>1m Hossack. < 
Charles, b. Mar. 21. 1851 : d. Oet. o. 1855. 

Helen M.. b. Sept. 13. [856; .1. Nov. 29, 1850. 

1364 Ella, 1). Apr. _>=;. r86o: m. Fred N. Hossack. 

William, b. Mar. 17. 1S63; d. Sept. 24. 1S06. 

807. Mary Curtis 8 Babcock, dan. of Charles and Nancy 
(Pratt) Babcock (Joshua. Oliver. James. James. John. 

James), b. Xew Hartford. X. V.. Mar. 11. 1820; d. I'tica. 
N. V.. Jan. 1. 1894: m. Xew Hartford. Oct. 9, 1844. Henry 
Green Abbott, son of Paul Abbott, b. Lowville, X. Y.. July 29, 
1818. d. Ctica. X. V.. Jan. 17. 1896. 

She was a woman given to good works, having been otn- 
ciallv connected with public philanthropies as manager and 
visitor for many years. She was an active member of the 
Presbvterian Church; a devoted daughter, wife, and mother. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 33 * 

Her husband was an active business man. having been lo- 
cated in cities both Mast and West. In Chicago his establish- 
ment was destroyed by the great fire of 1X70. The latter part 
!of his life was spent in I'tica, X. Y.. where he is described as 
a gentleman and a Christian. 
Children, first two born Syracuse, X. V., others Utica, 
N. Y-: 

Charles Babcock, b. Nov. 25, 1845; d. Syracuse, N. Y.. July 7, 1846. 

1365 Thomas Allien, 1 l>. June 16, 1847; m. Emma Van Nostrand. 

!Mary Ella. I). Julv 31, 1840; igoi, lived in Ulica; num. 
Jane Hulbut, b. Nov. jj- 1852; 1901, lived in Utica; unm. 
William Pratt,"b. Maj 24, 1856; in. Mary. dau. of Austin Eastman. 
William is a merchant and manufacturer in St. Paul, Minn. Ik- 
is a graduate of Cornell University. 
Henry J.. 1>. Mar. 20, 1858; d. I'tica, N. Y.. July 31, 1863. 

808. William Avery 8 Babcock, son of Henry mid Dolly 
(Stanton) Babcock (Joshua, Oliver. James. James, 

John, James), b. X. Stonington, Conn.. Sept. 4. 1817; d. 
Onarga Hill. Ml.. Apr. 7, 1875; m. X. Stonington, Apr. 14, 
1845. I Harriet Coates. 
Child : 

1366 Georgiana,' b. Aug. 23. 1846; m. Ezra Durham. 

809. Betsey A. 8 Babcock, dan. of Henry and Dolly (Stan- 
ton) Babcock (Joshua, Oliver. James. James, John. 

I James), b. X. Stonington, Conn.. June 21. 1819: d. Jersey 

City, X. J.. Dec. 1. 1871; m. Pendleton Hill. Conn.. July 1. 
1838, Benjamin Palmer, 1>. Voluntown, Conn., 1813, d. Lis- 
j bon, Conn.. July 14, 1873. 

Children : 

i 1367 Benjamin H..° b. Tan. 8. 1840; m. Eliza Brown. 

Amos F.,*b. Oct. 18. 184J: .1. June 6. 1870; m. Helm Porter. Had 
a son. Charles. 1 " who d. young. 
1368 James B.. h. Aug. 6, 1X44; m. Abbey Morgan, 
l Mary E.. b. Nov. 8. 1X4(1; d. Dee. JO. 1870. unm. 

' Endora, b. May 10. 1849; d. June 6. 1871. 

n6o Charles, h. Nov. 6. iS^i : in. Julia Morgan. 
Clara E., b. Dee. 28, 1858; unm. 

I 810. Mercy Amelia 8 Babcock, dau. of Henry and Dolly 

(Stanton) Babcock (Joshua. Oliver. James. James. 

John, lames'), b. X. Stonington, Conn.. Mar. 19, [821; m. 

I Pendleton Hill. Feb. 14, 1847. George Henry, son of Beriah 

Lewis, h. X. Stonington. 

Children : 

Ada, h. Nov 14. 18 \J. 

George, b. Feb. 8. 1840; d. Sept. 15. 1864. 

33 2 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Julia, I). Mar. 30, 1851 ; <1. Feb. IS, I"-''-}. 

1370 Mary K.," b. June n, 1854; in. George II. Heche. 

1371 Horace G., b. Sept. -'8, 1.S57; in. Carrie Kenyon. 

811. Irving Franklin 8 Babcock, son of Henry and Dolly 
(Stanton) Babcock (Joshua, Oliver, James, James, 
John, James), 1). Stonington, Conn., Sept. 28, 1823; 111. Aug. 
icS, 1803, Sarah X., dan. of Douglas and Sarah (Barnes) 
Tracey, b. Griswold, Conn., Mar. 9, 1843. 

1372 Mali el, J b. Sept. 3, 1864; m. Herbert Clifford. 

1373 Jennie, b. Mar. 3, 1866; m. Albert L. Thompson. 

1374 M. Kate, b. Dee. 17, 1S70; in. Henry J. Wheeler. 
Charles, b. Sept. 15, 1872; m. Idelle Richardson, Mar. 18, 1896; 

res. 1901, Jewctt City, Conn. 
Martba, b. Nov. 5. 1876; in. Edward Briggs, Aug. 18, 1898. 
George, b. Feb. 7, iS^Xj; res. IOOI, Westerly, R. L; unin. 

812. Nancy A. 8 Babcock, dan. of Henry and Dolly (Stan-' 
ton) Babcock (Joshua, Oliver, James, James, John, 

James), b. X. Stonington, Conn., Mar. 4, 1828; m. Pendle- 
ton Hill, Conn., Jan. 2, 1854. B. P., son of Israel Parks, b. 
N. Stonington, 1813, d. Jersey City, X. J., July 19, 1873. 
Children : 

Ada, b. Apr. 22. 1855. 
Cora, b. Apr. 10, i860. 

813. Louisa 8 Barcock, dan. of John Davis and Jane (More- 
house) Babcock (William A., Oliver. James. James. 

John, lames), b. Spencertown, X. Y., Oct. 8. 1808; d. Alden, 
N. V.." Nov. 15, 1886; m. Evans, X. Y., Jan. 26, 1826. Bur- 
den Catlin. b. Maryland. X. Y., Dec. II, 1799, d. Alden. 
N. Y., Apr., 1 89 1. 
Children : 

Lewis, b. 1827; res. 1001. Alden. X. Y. ; m. Alden. (1) Sarah 
Norris; in. (2) {Catherine Bixby. 

1375 Eliza J..* b. Aug. 18, 1828; 111. Newell Skinner. 

John M.. b. 1831; 111. (1) Meda IYnnel; m. (2) Elizabeth Colbraitb. 
Caroline, b. 1833; d. 1901. 
Marietta, b 1835; d. [853. 

1376 Julia Ann. b. June (>. 1 837; m. Henry H. Angel. 
Laura, b. iS}q: in. Alden. Sept. fi. 1850, Robert N'eel. 
Melissa, b. 1X4^; .1. Feb. 7. 184S. 

Manila, b. 1845; d. Feb. 9. 1848. * 

814. Marietta P>. r Babcock, dan. of John Davis and Jane 
(Morehouse) Babcock (William A.. Oliver. James, 

James, John. James). 1>. Chatham, X. Y.. Apr. 4, 18 14: d. 


The Babcock Genealogy. 333 

Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 7, [889; in. Buffalo, Oct. 9, [836, Wil- 
liam E., son of Nathan and Jane (Van Valcr) Lyman, b. New 
York City, July 9. 1814; res. njuo, 389 Franklin Si., Buffalo. 
Children, b. Buffalo : 

Emma C, 1). ; mini. 

Cornelius M.. I>. Jan. 28, 1842; m. Buffalo, N. V.. Oct. 10, 1862, 

Helen I- Washburn. 
Carlton M., b. Jan. 21, 1840; in. Mary \ r . Lyons, of Adams, N. Y. 

(Mary Josephine, li. Nov. 10. 1852; until, 
Marion Justin, twin to preceding; d. Feb. 24, 1808. 
815. GEORGE 8 BABCOCK, son of John Davis and Jane (More- 
house) Babcock ('William A., Oliver, James, James, 
« John, James), 1). Chatham, X. V., Dee. 16, 1819; d. Princess 

Anne, \'a., Apr. j(>, 1N80; m. Dec. 12, 1850, Solona, dau. of 
, Jonathan and Sophronia Freelancl. 

At the age of seventeen enlisted in the U. S. Army, was 
on recruiting service in New York, and in the frontier with 
13th U. S. Infantry until the breaking out of the Mexican 
War, when he entered the _'d U. S. Artillery, and was in every 
engagement but one. In the Civil War, 1861 to 1805. he 
served in the 23d X'ew York Volunteer Infantry, and after 
the war settled at Norfolk, Va. 
Children : 

Julius A.,' 1). Hudson. Mich.. Feb. jo. 1S5.3; m. Oct. 26. 1882, Mary 
E. Bradbrook; res. 1901, Norfolk, Va. They have three chil- 
dren: Grace, 10 b. Nov. 7, 1887; Walter, b. Sept. 29, 1890; Jesse, 
b. Dec. 10. 1895. 
I John Lyman." b. Leslie. Mich.. Feb. 21. 1856; res. 1901. Norfolk, 

Va. ; m. Mar. 4. [877, Adclia (Carson) Skelton. of Princess Anne, 
Va. Children, b. at Princess Anne: Minnie."' b. An?. 6, 1878; 
George L.. b. Nov. 5, 1880, d. 1 8f;.^ : Vinton S.. b. July 22. 1895. 

Jane E., b. Leslie. Mich. July 10. 18^0: d. Ian. n. [894; m. Na- 
thaniel Kcllv. of reckskill. N. Y. Two children, both d. 

Lillic S..' I). Elmira. N. V.. Mar. 21, 1865; m. Nov. 28, 1889. Joseph 
J. Wispell. of Woodstock. N. V. Children: Bessie, b. Nov. 28, 
1800; Edna E., b. Oct. 6, 1896. 

816. Jane Ann 8 Babcock, dau. of John Davis and Jane 
(Morehouse) Babcock (William A.. Oliver, James, 
James, John. James), b. Chatham, X. V., Mar. 26. 1821 ; d. 
Adrian. Mich., Aug. 15, 1899; m. Buffalo, X". Y., Sept. 7, 
1842, Edward J. Cad well. b. Granby, Conn.. Feb. 2, 1819, 
d. Seneca. Mich.. Jan. 0. 1871. 
Children : 

Edmond Austin, 1>. Buffalo. Jan. ,\, 1844; d. Hudson, Mich., July 27, 
1377 George B..° b. Feb. 15. 184S; m. Susan Page. 

334 It' 1 ' Babcock Genealogy. 

817. David Morehouse 8 Babcock, son of John Davi 

Jane (Morehouse) Babcock (William A., Oliver, 
James, James, John, James), l>. Java, X. V. (?), May in, 
1829; d. New York City, May 1. 1874; m. New York 
May 10, 1851, Sarah E. Van Tine, 1>. New York City, Xov. 
24, 1827, el. Mehose, X. Y.. May 15, [890. 
Children, 1>. New York City: 

1378 Horace Edstrom." 1>. Jan 30, 1852; m. Sarah !•'.. Todd. 

1379 Henrietta Watt, b. Aug. 29, 1X53; in. J< >lm II Crookcs. 

Malissa Lyman, b. Dec. i.j. 1859; d. New N < >x k City, July 29, i860 
Amelia Morehouse, 1>. Jan. 26, 1861. 

Emma Cornelia, I). Apr. 20, 1863; d. New York City, May 1- 
Alicc Norwood, b. Jan. 1, [86S; d. New York' City, Apr. 15. 1869. 
Minnie Sparling, 1>. May, 1870; (1. New York City, Apr. 4, 1X71. 

818. Emily E. 8 Babcock, dan. of John Davis and Jane 
(Morehouse) Babcock (William A.. Oliver, James. 

James, John, James), 1>. Evans, X. Y.. Sept. 8, [83J ; d. Ann 
Arbor, Mich., Feb. <>, [896; m. Ann Arbor, Joseph C. 
Watts, 1). Gresham, Norfolk County, England, Apr. 4. 1S30; 
came to America in [830. Went to Ann Arbor in 1847, where 
he was in the jewelry business until 1894. 
Children, b. Ann Arbor : 

Dr. Virginia J., b. June 20, 1853; d. lulv 23, 1891. 

Julia C. b. Sept. 10, 1855; (1. Dec. 25, 1875. 

Carrie L., b. June 4, 1858; res. 1900, 331 it. Liberty St.. Ann Arbor. 

Herbert Clarence, b. May 9, TS71 ; m. Great Bend, Pa.. Nov. 8. 
1899, Claris*a, dau. of Porter C. Burns. Herbert is an optician. 
living Feb., 1900, 127 S. Salina St., Syracuse. 

Harry Howard, b. May 9, 1871. Optician. Feb., 1900, living in Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 

819. Allen 8 Babcock, son of Avery and Lydia (Darrow) 
Babcock (Gersham. Oliver. James. James. John, 

James), b. Columbia County, X*. Y.. Aug". 24. 1802; d. Xov. 

22, 1835; m. ; d. early, leaving two children, who were 

brought up by their grandparents. 

Children : 

Charles, b. Jnly 28, iS_>7; d Hinsmanville, X. Y., July 5, [899, unm. 
• Amanda, b. 1831 ; d. 1851. unm. 

820. CYNTHIA 8 Babcock, dan. of Avery and Lydia (Har- 
row) BalKock (Gersham, Oliver, James, James, John. 

James"), b. Columbia County, X. Y.. Sept. 24. 1804; d. Hast- 
ings, X'. V.. Oct.. ; 111. May 26. [826, Edwin Corning, 

of Columbia County, X. V.. b. Mar. 16. 1798. d. Mar. 2?, 
1874. They removed to Hastings soon after marriage. 





r 4 







1831-1896. Fage 33,4 ' 

The Babcock Genealogy. 335 

Children : 

1380 John," I). Julv 28, 1827; m. Elizabeth Crump. 

I Avery, b. Apr. 16, 1831; settled in Cicero, N. V. ; was a farmer; 

1381 Erasmus, b. June (>. 1834; m. Mary K. Thurston. 

Garissa, b. Aug, <;. 1830; d. Sept. 20, 1861; m; had no children. 

821. Russell 8 Babcock, son of Avery and Lydia (Harrow) 
Babcock (Gersham, Oliver, James, James, John, 

James), b. Canaan, X. Y., Dee. 6, 1806; d. Lysander, 
N. V., Feb. 4, [860; m. Apr. 9, 1836, Susan Ouderkirk, 1>. 
Nov. 20, 1810, d. Lysander, X. Y., Mar. 28, 1854. 
Children : 

Theodore, h. May o. 18 — ; res. 1899, Glovcrsville, X. V. A business 
man ; mini. 

1382 Orlando," 1). ; 111. Candis L. Taylor. 

1383 lunula J., b. Oct. 26, 1840; m. Aaron IJndi. 

Lydia, h. Aug. l8, 1842; d. Aug. 31, njoo; m. 1863, John Van- 

veichtcn. Settled at Glovcrsville. No issue. 
Albert, 1>. . Settled at Waverly, la. Deals in horses: num. 

822. ClILOE 8 Babcock, dan. of Avery and Lydia (Harrow) 
Babcock (Gersham, Oliver, James, James. John, 

James), b. Columbia County, N. Y., Feb. 2j, 18 10; d. 
Apr. 14, 1845; m. Lysander, X. Y., Jan. 24, 1834, Nelson, son 
of Nelson and Lucy (Cogswell) Dunham, b. Greenville, 
N. Y., June 20, 1807. d. Little Utica, X. Y., Mar. 10, 1887. 

Cynthia, h. Anp. 2, 1836; m. Azariah Tenbrook. They settled at 
Little Utica, N. V. 

823. Harry H. s Babcock, son of Avery and Lydia (Dar- 
row) Babcock (Gersham. Oliver. James, James, John. 

James), b. May 17. 181 1: d. May, 1891 ; m. Oct. 21, 1835, 
Catherine Goft. 
Children : 

Eliza, h. 1837; m. 1862. Edward Dunston. Settled at, 
N. Y. Has children. 

1384 John D." h. Sept. 24. 1838: 111. Marietta P.etts. 
'3^5 William Henry, b. 1S40 ( ? ) ; m. Catherine Martin. 

Chloc. h. 1841 ( ? ) : d niiin. 
1386 Corydon, b. 1842 (?); m. Martha Pelton. 
• . Joel, b. 1844 ( ?) ; d. num. 

Mary. b. 1845 (?); d. nnm. 

824. A BR AM 8 Babcock, son of Avery and Lydia (Harrow) 
Babcock (Gersham. Oliver. James. James. John. 

James), b. Canaan. X'. Y., Jan. 4. [816; d. Syracuse, 

336 The Babcock Genealogy. 

N. V., Oct. 1, 1884; 111. Fond du Lac, Wis., June 21, 
1846, Eliza S., dau. <>i' Seline and Margarel (Edgerton) 
Newton, I). Greenwich, Mass., Dec. 8, 1828; res. 1899, 2112 
Seventh Ave., Seattle, Wash. 
Children : 

Selinc A., b. Hannibal, N. V., Oct. (>, [848; res. 1899, 3024 Fifth 
Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.; m. VVorthington, Ind., Dec. 21, 1880, 
Flora J). Mondy, b. Wingate, Intl., Apr. 28, 1859. No children. 

1387 Cora M.," 1). Aug. -•-•, 1851 ; in. Charles A. Vanderhoof. 

Charles Edwin, 1>. Victory, X. Y., June 21, 1854; d. Syracuse, N. Y.. 
Feb. 25, 1872. 

1388 Thomas A., 1>. Jan. 18, 1857; m. Minnie Carpenter. 

Sarah, b. Little Utica, X. V.. Dec. 7, 1859; m. Syracuse, X. V., 

Dec. 30, 1880, Arthur Marvin. 
Lillie S., b. Little Utica, Nov. 12, ; d. New York City, May 14. 

Mary A., b. Lysandcr, X. V., Aug. 23, 1804; d. New York City, 

July 31, 1888. 
Anna I., b. Lysandcr, Apr. 25. 1866; d. Cicero, N. Y., Feb. 27, 1869. 
Fred N., b. Cicero, X. Y., Dec. 4, ; d. Cicero, Mar. 5, 1K69. 

825. Gersiiam Avery 8 BABC0CK,son of Avery and Lydia 

(Darrow) Babcock (Gersham, Oliver, James. James. 
John, James), b. Columbia County, X. Y., July 22, 1818; d. 
Sept. 23, 185 1 ; in. Apr. 4. 1842, Caroline Runnels, b. 1820, 
(1. Apr. 23, 1851. 
Children : 

Delia, b. 1 84 3 : d. May 10. 1851. 
Wallace, b. 1846; d. May 21, 1850. 

1389 "Walter." b. Nov. 10. 1848; in. (1) Lovina B. Hair; m. (2) Mary 

A. Bird. 

826. Edwin M. 8 P-ahcock, son of Avery and Lydia ( Dar- 
row) Babcock (Gersham, Oliver, James, James, John, 

James), b. Chatham, X. Y., May 26. 1826; d. Lvsander. 
N. Y.. Dec. 5. 1888; m. (1) Aug. 8, 1847. Catherine.' dau. of 
Richard Bellinger, d. June 5, 1840; m. (2) Sarah, dau. of 
374jacoh D. and Eliza (Almy) Babcock; m. (3) Catherine 
E. (Martin) Babcock, widow of 1385 William Henry 

Children by first wife : 

Richard,' b. Lysandcr; m. 1885. Has two children. Edwin." b. 
1888. and Theodore, b. 1891. Richard Babcock was ( i H> >« > » pro- 
prietor of "The Jefferson," cor. Salina and Jefferson St-- . Syra- 
cuse. X. Y. 

Mary. b. Lysandcr, May. 1840: m. Lysander. Apr., 1885. Reuben 
Scripture. Had one child, who d. young. She rev 1899, Sandy 
Creek, N. Y. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 337 

827. Edward E. 8 Burgess, son of Ezekiel and Chloe (Bab- 
cock) Burgess (Gersham, Oliver, James, James, John, 

James), b. Jan. 10. [812; m. (1) Dianthe Hibbard; m. (2) 

Jan., 1863, Carrie Temple. 
Children by second wife: 

Harriet, l>. Apr. i, 1864. 
Francos, I). May, 1 866. 

Mary, I). 1868. 

828. Prudence Davis" Burgess, dan. of Ezekiel and Chloe 
(Babcock) Burgess (Gersham, Oliver, James, James, 

John, James). 1>. June 11. 1825; m. June 10, 1847, Knssel 
Carter : 
Children : 

Chloe E., I). Lysandcr, X. Y.. May 1. 1847; m. Fulton, X. V., Dec. 

18, 187,}, G. H. Hallock. They have three daughters. 
Annie M., I). Lysandcr, Dec. 7, 1X49; unm. ; res. 1903, New York 


829. Delevan IjARcock s Briggs, son of Klislia and Sarah 
(Babcock) Briggs (Gersham, Oliver, James, James, 

John, James), b. Johnstown. X. Y.. Oct. 14. 1828; res. 1902. 
Fonda, N. Y. ; m. Fonda, Dec. iS, 1851, Almira, dan. of John 
and Phcebe (Dillinbeck) Doxstader, b. Fonda, Nov. 1, 1831. 
Children, b. Fonda : 

William A., I). Oct. 23. 1852; res. 1902. Fonda; m. St. Johnsvillc. 

Sept. 5, 1877. Jessie, dau. of Sidney and Anna (Tefft) Smith, 
\ b. Mar. 12. '1856. 

Phoebe B., 1>. Aug. 15. 1855: m. Fonda. May 25. 1881, Alfred, son 

of Cornelius and Sarah ( Harrow ) Norton, b. Rome. X. Y., Jan. 

31, 1851 ; res. I0j02, at 240 X. Main St.. Gloversville, X. Y. 
Henry !•"., b. Nov. 6, 1857; res. 1002. Fonda. 
I John K.. h. Aug. 18. 1859; res. 1902. Fonda. 

Edward T.. b. Mar. 6. [86i ; re^. iooj. Fonda. 

Carrie E., h. Mar. 27. 1868; res. 1902, Johnstown; m. Fonda, June 

26, 1895, Thomas J. Barclay. 

830. Eliza 8 Bap.cock. dan. of John and Mary (Bnrg) Bab- 
cock (Gersham. Oliver. James, James. John, James), b. 

Apr. 20. 1822: m. Sept. 24. 1840. James Cleveland. Settled 
in Bridgeport, Conn. 
i Children : 


1390 James II.. b. Sept. 30. 1841 ; m. Julia Berkley. 
John, b. Sept. .*o. i. v '4.i: d. July 13. 1853, 

1391 Mary F. b. Sept. 10. 1845; m. William J. Wheeler. 
George. 1>. Oct. 25, 1S47: m. Estcllc Beach. 

William B., b. Oct. 20. 1841; ; m. and settled in the Highlands, X. C. 

338 The Babcock Genealogy. 

831. George A. s Babcock, son of John and .Mary (Burg) 
Babcock (Gersham, Oliver, James, James, John, 

James), b. Troy, X. V., July 4, [828; d. Westerly, k. I , 
Aug. 19, 1900; 111. Stonington, Conn., Jan. 14, 1856, Lucy, 
dau. of Gilbert and Lucy (Stanton) Chesebro, I). Stonington, 
Dec. 9, 1837. 

Children, b. Westerly : 

Lula, b. Aug. IS, 1 Sr. 1 ; res. 1002, Westerly; in. Sept. 2. 1899, Henry 
K., son of Thomas and Jane (Bradford) Scgar, b. Westerly, 
Nov. 30. 1859. No children. 

George I-., b. 1 tec. 1 1. 1865. 

Annie B., 1>. Dec. 11, iS<*j; in. Westerly, Amos, son of Atnos and 
Prudence (.Chapin) Collins. 

832. George L. 8 Babcock, son of Roswell and Christiana 
(Groat) Babcock (Gersham, Oliver, James, James, 

John, James), b. Hudson, X. Y.. June 7, 1824; m. June 4, 
1851, Catherine E. Butler, of Deposit, N. Y. 
Children : 

1392 Charles E.,* b. Oct. 13. 1856; m. Ida Barton. 

George A.," b. Deposit, Aug. ?. 1869;, d. Winson, N. Y.. Oct. 14. 
1897; in. Nov.. 1887, Abby C. Chafce; res. ioo-, Winson. Chil- 
dren: Earl C., 10 h. Winson, Feb. 16, 1892; Leigh A., b. Winches- 
ter, N. Y., Apr. 8, 1896. 

833. Sidney S. 8 Babcock, son of Roswell and Christiana 
(Groat) Babcock (Gersham, Oliver, James, James, 

John, James), b. Hudson, N. Y.. Aug. 25. 182^; m. Maria 
Hubbell. Settled at Franklin, N. Y. 

Simon, b. . 

Alice, b. — ; m. George Birdsall. 
Carrie, b. ; in. Cherry. 

834. EDWARD A. 8 Babcock, son of Roswell and Christiana 
(Groat) Babcock' (Gersham. Oliver. James, James, 

John, James), b. Stockport, X. Y.. July 7. 1839; res. 1S99. 
Deposit, X. Y. : m. Deposit. Nov. 2?, 1861, Fanny I., dau. of 
Lebbeus and Letitia (rae;c) Teed. 

In 1861 he enlisted in the 89th Regiment, New York State 
Volunteers; served in Burnside's Corps and elsewhere for 
two years, lie was Orderly Sergeant <>f his company. In 
1899 was a contractor and builder at Deposit, X'. Y. 

Children : 

Bertha ]...* b. Centervillc. N. Y.. Tune 20. 1864: in. Oct. 6. 1885. 

N. C. Oakley. They had one child. Edward." b. Aug. 13, 1886. 
Pearl, b. Deposit, June 18, 1872; d. Apr., 1878. 



• N 


1S2S-1900. Page 33R. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 339 

835. Giles M. s Babcock, sou of Roswell and Christiana 
(Groat) Babcock (Gersham, Oliver. James, James, 

John, James), b. Franklin, X. V., July 20, 1843; (1 - 1 m - 

(1) Jan. 6, 1865, Agnes, dau. of Rev. I). F. and Levanthia 
Leach, 1). Ten Mile River, X. V., Dee. 29, [844, d. July 6, 
1875; m. (2) Eliza J., dau. of Philip and Elizabeth Cannon, 
b. Monticello, X. Y., Apr. 2_j. 1846. 
Children by first wife : 

Eva B., I). Franklin. .May 1. [867; m. Jtilv 2t, 1897, Peter F., son 

of Agnes L. Van Noy, b. Aug. 13, [878. 
Arthur Leslie, b. Mecklenburg Comity, Va., Jan. 12, 1S71 ; m. Oct. 

23, 1898, Susie A., dau. of J. W. Simpkins, of Magnolia Farm, 

Lunenburg County, Va. 
Frederick VV\, b. Deposit, X. V., Dee. 20. 1872; m. Dec. 28, 189S, 

Anna E., dau. of William 1!. Nctherland. 

Children by second wife: 

Homer C. 1). June 11. [880. 

Kenneth J-:., b. Sept. 29. 1N.S5; ,]. at Deposit. Ian. 16. 18S6. 

Darton L, b. Oct. 25. 1886. 

Rauldon K., b. Philadelphia, Pa., Apr. 13, 1890. 

836. Julia A. s Babcock, dan. of Roswell and Christiana 
(Groat) Babcock (Gersham, Oliver. James. James. 
John, James), b. Franklin, X. Y.. Jan. 11. 1847; m. Avon, 
N. Y., Dec. 20. 1866, Stephen \Y.. son of Joseph and Cather- 
ine Millichamp, b. St. Clair. Mich., Sept. 23, 1S43; res - 1902, 
1936 G Street, San Diego, Cal. 
Children, b. at Rochester, X. Y. : 

Lucy W„ 1). Aug. 30, 1868; res. 1902, San Diego; m. San Diego, 

Samuel Eldrcdge. 
Charles IT., b. Dee. 21, 1871; d. El Faso, Tex.. Sept. 13. 1891 
Catherine F... b. Oct. 7. 1870: res. 1002. Fruit Vale. Cal.; m. San 

Diego. June 2.J. 1000. Roderick L. Gould. 
Helen E., b. Feb. 13. 1889. 

836a. Deacon John Avery 8 Langworthy, son of John and 
Sarah (Pendleton) Langworthy, of John and Altana 
(Babcock) Langworthy (Oliver. James. James. John, Tames), 
b. N. Stonington, Conn., Dec. 27. 1700: d. Little Genesee. 
N. Y r ., July 27. 1894; m. (1) Eliza, dan. of Deacon Daniel 
and Sarah Lewis, b. Aug. 7. iSon. d. 1857 (?) • m ( ■>) Mary 

He was a farmer, and a deacon of the Little Genesee S D 
B. Church. 

Children : 

Sarah Elizabeth, b. May 18. 1828: re- 
Scpt., 1856, Dr. George H. Taylor. 

1003, Lincoln, Xeb. ; m. 

3^o The Babcock Genealogy. 

1393 Daniel Avery," b. Jan. 3, 1832; m. Sarah P. Cooke. 

Ralph, I). Jan. ,}(>, 1837; 111. Sept. 10, 1868, Louise Paterson. 

Olin, l> Apr. J4. 1842; (1. July 7, 1864, mini 

Emetine, b. 1 S^ 7 ( ?) j d. 1874 (,?); in. Oct. 4, 1K71, Frank 

Lucretia M., b. 1852; res. Little Genesee; unm. 

83Gb. William P. 8 Langworthy, son <>f John and Sarah 
(Pendleton) Langworthy, of John and Altana (Bab- 
cock) Langworthy (Oliver, James, James, John. James), b. 
Mar. jo, [802; (1. [889; m. Sept. 14. 1826, Susan Stillman, 
b. Dec. 29, 1803, d. May 27, 1 894. 
Children : 

Harriet Add la, !>. Aug. 10. 1827; in Frank R. WcstCOtt. 

Eliza Albino, b. Sept. u. 1829; d. July _>4, iN<;7, unm. 

Horace 1). May ,}u. 1832; m. Jane McPherson. 

Sarah Louise, b. Aug. 22, 1834; d. 1899; m. Oct. -'5, 1865, Safford 

Edmund Francis, b. Nov. -'4. 1836; d. Nov. 22. 1858, unm. 

Altana Maria, b. June 26, 18.V)', d. Aug. 19, lNoj; 111. Sept. 8, 1S77, 
Dr. John D. Kenyon. 

Isaac Maxson," b. Aug. 2(5, [843; res. 1903, Alfred. N. Y.; in. Jan. 
11. i8(>^, Ruth Sherman Place, h. Feb. 21, 1845. They have two 
children, Clarence I 7 .., 1 " b. Mar. 27. 1870, in. Sarah A. Marvel, 
Nov. 25, iS<)i, and Susie May. b. June lS, [878. 

Leslie Pendleton, b. June 8, [848. 

837. Avery Cook 8 Babcock, son of William Avery and 
Abigail (Cook) Habcock (Christopher, Oliver, James. 

James, John. James). 1>. Danbury, Conn., Dec. 8. 1802; d. 
Brooklyn. X. Y.. Mar. 14, 186] : m. ( 1 ) New Haven, Conn., 
Oct. 11, 1824, Eliza A., dan. of Stephen and Elizabeth (Chat- 
terton) Brown, b. Augusta, Ga., May 13, 1804. d. New Ha- 
ven, Apr. 21, 1841 ; m. (2) New Haven, Nov. 22, 1843. Mary 
Ann Hoadley, 1>. New Haven, 1804. d. July 9, 1850. 

Avery was prominently engaged in the clothing business at 
New Haven. 

Children by first wife: 

Jane A., h. Feb. 18. i8_>64 res. i<)oo. 55th St.. Brooklyn, X. Y. : m. 
Danbury, Dec. 17. 1862, William F. Chichester, of Brooklyn. 
No issue. 
M94 William Avery." h. Jan. jo. 1829; m. Eliza Hulpz. 
1305 James A., b. May 16, 1831 : m. Ida A. Gates. 
130/) Stephen, b. Mar. 7. 1833; m. Kate B. Brown. 
Elizabeth C b. Anr. 3. [835; d. Apr. 20. 1836. 
1397 Elizabeth C. b. Nov. II, 18.^8; m. Frank H. Smith. 

Child by second wife: 

Rebecca Mil ford, b. June 6, 1849; d. Mar. 15, 1850. 

838. Christopher S. 8 Babcock, son of William A. and 
Abigail (Cook) Babcock (Christopher, Oliver, James, 

^ 1 



1816-1SS7. Page 346- 

The Babcock Genealogy. 341 

James, John, James), 1>. New Haven, Conn., Dec 2, 1804; d. 
New Haven, Feb. 1$, 1854; m. New Haven, June 18, 1828, 
Jane M. Rose, b. May 7, 1809; res. 19CX), New Haven. 

Christopher made many improvements in the rubber shoe 
business, and was associated for a time with Charles Good- 
year. They had one daughter, Maria. 

839. James Fairciiild" Babcock, son of William A. and 
Abigail (Cook) Babcock (Christopher, Oliver, James, 

James, John, James), b. New Haven, Conn., July 9. 1809; d. 
New Haven, June iS, 1874; m. Apr. 29, 1833, Catherine 
Ann, dan. of Frederick and Susan (Grant) Mills, b. New 
Haven, Mar. 21, 1814. d. Xew Haven, Aug. 15, 1877. 

James F. Babcock founded and edited for man)- years the 
New Haven Daily Palladium, at that lime the leading news- 
paper of Connecticut, lie retired from the editorship and 
ownership of that paper in 1865. Having studied law 
some years previous, he entered the legal profession, where he 
highly distinguished himself, lie became the Judge of the 
County Court, and held that position until his death. While 
trying a vexatious and complicated case i>i arson he was 
stricken with paralysis and fell from his chair in the presence 
of the court, and without a moment's notice passed "to that 
undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns." 
On this very spot his father, the Colonel, breathed his last. 
when carried by the soldiers into the courthouse, fifty-eight 
\ years before, though not in the same building, as a new one 

had been erected. 

Children, b. New Haven: 

Cornelia F... b. Jan. ;?o. 18.^4 : d. Feb. 2G. 1835. 

Catharine Ann. b. Dec. 28. 1835; d. Jan. 28. 1836. 

Evalina Peck. 1>. Nov. 23. 1836; d. Aug. .70. 1854. 

Mary Elizabeth, !>. July 22. 1839; d. Dec. 29, [865; m. K. Haven. 

Conn.. Oct. 18, 1865, William Clark Wittemore, of New York 
\ City. No issue. 

James Mills. 1,. June 1. 184?: d. Feb. 22. 1802. 

Lucy Fredricka. b. June 17. 1850: d. Oct. 17. 1851. 

Frederick William, b. May 14. 1853; living July. u*oo. at 50 Rri^lit 

St.. New Haven: m. New Haven, Aug. 3. 1875, Amy Eliza, dau. 

of Hannibal ami Keziah Preston. No children. 

840. Mary Ann 8 Bap.cock, dan. of Daniel and Ann (Almy) 
\ Babcock (Daniel. Oliver, lames. James. John. Tames 1. 

b. Potter Hill, R. I.. Sent. ii. 1831; m. fi) Totter Hill, 

R. I.. Sept. 12. 18^, Charles X.. son of John and Salic 

I (Pendleton) Crandali. b. 1831, d. Potter Hill. Mar. 8. 1857, 

no children; m. (2) Totter Hill. May 6. 1861. Dr. John H.. 

342 The Babcock Genealogy. 

son of Henry Ambrose and Abigail (Hill) Merrill, b. Nor- 
way, Me., fan. % 1834, d. Potter Hill, July 4, 1893 

1398 John J.," b. Nov. 14, i86x ; m. M. Leona Burdick. 

. Eliza 8 Irish, dan. of George and Betsy (Babcock) 
Irish (Daniel, Oliver, James, James. John, James;, h. 
N. Stonington, Conn., Nov. 24, [808; d. Alfred (\\.ww 
N. V., Dee. 26, 1870; m. X. Stonington, Aug. 24, [835, Dea- 
con Benjamin Franklin, son of John and Sarah (Pendleton) 
Langworthy, b. X. Stonington, May 7. 1S10, d. Alfred Center, 
Nov. 7, 1895. 
Children : 

1399 George D u 1> May 0. [839; m. Aim Lockhart Karr. 

1400 Mary Emma, b. May -7- 1840; in. Charles E. 1'. Noyes. 

1401 John Franklin, 1> Apr. 5. 1X47 ; 111. Maria Louise Stillman. 

1402 William Isaac, 1». May 1-. 1851; >"• Odessa Maijchard. 

1403 Daniel Babcock, 1>. July [3, 1852; m. C. Elizabeth Day. 

842. George 8 Irish. Jr., son of George and Betsy (Babcock) 
Irish (Daniel, Oliver, James, James. John, James), 1>. 
N. Stonington, Conn.. Feb. 7. [810; d. VV. Genesee, X. Y., 
Tune 1. 1888; m. (1 ) Hopkinton, K. I.. June 5. 1837, Maria. 
dau. of Benjamin and Eliza (Green) Potter, b. Hopkinton. 
Sept, 20. 1810, d. W. Genesee, Oct. 3. 1844; m. (2) Genesee, 
Dec. 27, 1845, Mary S., dau. of John and Avon L. (Brown) 
Adams, b. Prattsburg, X. Y., Nov. 29, [823, d. Centralia, 111., 
Feb. 2. 1889. 

Children by first wife : 

1404 Edgar Walton,' 1>. Mar 25, 1838; m. (1) Charlotte E. Max^on; 

m. (2) Helen E. Coon. 
Sarah Elizabeth, b. W. Genesee, Nov. 19. 1839; d. W. Genesee. Apr. 

22, 1840. 
George Hadwin. 1>. W. Genesee, Nov. iq. 184 i: d. Andersonville 

Prison. Georgia. Aug. 2. 1864. unni. 

1405 Sarah Maria, b. July 24. 1843; m. Z. Stanley Totter. 

Children by second wife: 

( 1 ) James II. Norton 



1824- 1902. 

Page 346. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 343 

1408 Myron 11., I>. JuK 4, 1S55 ; m. Ellen A. Crandall. 

Flora Belle,* l». VV. Genesee, Aug. 8, 1861; m. Friend hip. N. Y., 

I Jan. 1. 1881, Henry, s< «n of James and Ordelia (Blakley) 

Crandall, b. Brookfield, Mar. 4. [858. They rc^. Farmington, 
Conn. Child: Ruth Ellen, 1 ", 1>. Nov. 7. 1884. 
Albcrtine Sicinway," b. W. Genesee, Mar. io, 1864; rc\ Gucydan, 
La.; in. Hinsdale, N. Y.. Dec. 1, 1S7S, Emmet, son of William 
and Jane A. (Curtis) Slocuni, 1). Leydcn, X. Y.. Apr. 14, 1858. 
They have three children: Leslie \).." b. Nov. 30, 1879; Edgar 

K., b. Aug. -'O, 1888; Lloyd 11., b. Nov. 20, 1895. 

843. Rev. James Reed 8 Irish, D.D., son of George and 
Betsy (Babcock) Irish (Daniel, Oliver, James, James, 

John, lames), b. X. Stonington, Conn., Dee. 18, 1811; d. 
Rock-vi*lle, R. I.. Mar. 3. 189] : m. (1) Westerly. R. I., Aug. 
26, 1839, Charlotte, dan of 407 Rani and Amy (Clark) Bab- 
cock, b. Westerly. May 30, 1816, d. De Ruytcr. X. Y., June 
24, 1861; m. (2) Hopkinton, July 3, i8oj, Mrs. Eliza 
(Green) Browning, dan. of Job and Fanny Green, b. Rich- 
mond, R. I., Jan. jo, i8i_\ d. Rockville, Jan. 21, 1893. 
Children : 

Amy Elizabeth, b. Alfred. N. V.. Mar. 19. 1841; res. 1903. Syra- 
cuse, N. Y.; m. Alfred, Mar. jS. [866, Thomas J., son of Jere- 
miah and Mary (Prosscr) Place, h. Alfred, Feb. 14. 1843. 

Charlotte J., b. Oct. 28, [843; m. io2oTristam Babcock. 

James O'Connell, b. De Ruvter, Aug. 2, LS47 ; d. Rockville, R. I., 

Mary Emelinc, b. De Ruvler, Sept. 14, iSs 1 ; d. De Ruvter, Apr. 24. 
185 2. 

1409 Miranda F..° b. Jan. 23. 1854; m. George N. Crandall. 
Paul.'' b. De Ruvter. Mar. 1. 1856; m. Rockville. Mar. 14. 1S7N. 

Lydia. dan. of Gersham P. and Mary E. (Tabor) Johnson. 1>. 
Richmond, Nov. 8, [860 Children: Charles, b. June, 1870; James 
G.. b. July 25. 1881, d. 1882; Arthur, b. June. 1SX5; George C, b. 
Apr. 20, 1888. 

844. Deacon Daniel Babcock 8 Irish, son of George and 
Betsy (Babcock) Irish ( Daniel, Oliver, James. James. 

John, James), b. X'. Stonington, Conn.. Feb. 9. 1818; d. 
Farina. 111., Apr. 16, i8q6; m. Hopkinton, R. I.. Jan. 28, 
1843. Mary. dan. of 749 Klnathan W. and Sally (Davis) Bab- 
cock, b. Hopkinton, Apr. 7, 1820. 
Children : 

1410 William* Balicock. b. Tune 20, 1846: m. Amy F.. Potter. 
Henry TV." b. Westerly. Tan. to. 1852: res. Farina. Ill : m. ( D 

Nov. 17. 1881. Eva R.. dau. of Or. Elnathan and Sarah (Wright") 
Bond, b Milton. \Vi<.. Aug. 21. 1856. d. Farina. Jan. 2S. 1885: 
m. (2) Milton. Tan. 18. 1892 Marv T.. dau. of Horace and Maud 
R. fPlatts) Haven, h. South Bend. Ind.. Sent. 17. 1855. Chil- 
dren: Harry." b. Aug. 7, 1883; Edith, b. Sept. 22. 1884! 

847. Deacon Oliver B. 8 Irish, son of George and Betsy 
(Babcock) Irish (Daniel. Oliver, James, James, John, 

James), b. X. Stonington, Conn., Aug. 12, 1826; m. Chelsea, 
Mass., Apr. 25, 1854, Sarah, dan. of Joseph and Ruth (Hath- 
away) Anthony, b. Middletown, R. I., Nov. 28, 1832. Both 
res. 1902, Farina, 111. 
Children : 

Edward A.. 1>. Ashaway, R. I., Oct. 17, 1855: d. Sept., 1857. 

Joseph Herman,' b. Ashaway, Mar. 4. 1857: res. Farina, 111.: m. 
Farina. Sept. 7. 1802, Ethel, dan. of Dr. Arnold and Carrie Ran- 
dolph Davis, b. Farina, June }, 1808. Child: Flaine, 1 " b. Dec. S, 

Wilfred A., b. Portsmouth, R. I.. July 31. i860; d. Ashaway, Apr. 
8. 1 86 1. 

Alice W., h. Ashaway, Mar. 27. 1865; d. Farina, Aug. 24. 1866. 

Albert II., b. Ashaway. Mar. 27, 1865; d. Farina. Oct. 18. 1866. 

848. Harriett Elizabeth 8 Babcock, dan. of Jacob Davis 

and Fli/abcth (Almy) Babcock (Daniel, Oliver, James, 
James. John. James), !>. Cornwall. X. Y.. Mar. 5. 1826; res. 
1902. Potter Hill, R. 1.: m. Ashaway. R. I.. Nov. 28. 1847, 
John, son of Isaac and Flixabcth (Wallace) Cundall, b. Ash- 
away, Feb. 25. 181 7, d. Ashaway, Feb. 4, 1S91. 

3>j4 The Babcock Genealogy. 

845. Lucy Ann 8 Irish, dan. of George and Betsy (Bab- 
cock) Irish (Daniel, Oliver, James, James, John, 

James), b. X. Stonington, Conn., June 7. 1819; d. Ashaway, 

R. 1., Mar. 26, [885; in. Ashaway, Mar. 9, 1851, Deacon Mat- 
thew S., son of Simon and Mary (Brightman) Kenyon, b. 
Hopkinton, R. 1., Aug. 2$, 1811; res. 1902, Ashaway. 
Children : 

Matthew Herbert, b. Nov. 13. 1853 ; res. IQ02, Ashaway; unm. 
Abbey E., b. Oct. 20, 1855; res. J902, Ashaway; unm. 

846. Mary Content 8 Irish, dan. of George and Betsy 

(Babcock) Irish (Daniel, Oliver, James. James, John, 
James), b. X. Stonington, Conn.. Sept. 2j, 1821; res. 1902, 
Ashaway, R. I.; m. Hopkinton, R. J.. Oct. 8. 1843, Albert C, 
son of Benjamin and Sarah A. (Baker) Green, b. Phenix, 
R. I., Mai - . 28, 1822, d. Hopkinton, Aug. 20, 1852. 
Children : 

Henry A., b. Pawcatuck, Conn., Apr. 3, '1845; d. Pawcatuck, Oct. 

8, 1848. 
Mary E., b. Pawcatuck, Aug. 2, 1846; d. Hopkinton, R. I., June 25, 


Avery, b. Pawcatuck, Nov. 21. 1848; d. Pawcatuck. Dec. 22, 1848. 
141 1 Thomas H.,° b. Pawcatuck, July 6. 1850; m. Martha A. Bergen. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 345 

Children, fust and last 1>. Ashaway, others Mystic, Conn.: 

Emetine Almy, b. Sept. 5, 1848; d. Ashaway. Oct., 1848. 

Hannah Almy, l>. July 29, 1851; res. 1902, Potter Hill; m Ash- 
away, Nov. 15. 1880, Daniel A., son of Amos B. and lluldah 
(Babcock) Taylor, I.. Stilhnanvillc, Conn., Apr. 22, 1852; d. 
Westerly, Jan.. \<)<x>. No children. 

Frank Constant/ l> June 18. 1853; res. 1902, Greenwich. R. I.; m. 
Block Island, R. I.. Apr. 14. 1880, Effic A., dau. of Nicholas and 
Eliza Millikcn Ball, b. New Shorcham, Nov. 28, 1855. Child: 
Helen H..'" b. Sept. 6, 1896, 

Jacob D.," I). Apr. 29, 1856; m. Charlotta A., dan. <>i Jirah and 
Nancy Palmer Gray, l>. Potter Hill. May 20. 1858; divorced; 
in. Milwaukee, Wis., July 7. 1894. Carrie E., dan. of Travton and 
Velvis (Cahill) Davis, b. Markesan. Wis., Mar. 19, 1862. No 

Elizabeth" (called Hess or Bessie), b. Mar. 3, 1867; res. 1902. Peace 
St., Providence. R. I.; in. Westerly. Oct. 3, 1885, Charley son 
of Job and Abigail (Gardner! Taylor, b. Ashaway. Children: 

I Byron C., 1 " 1). 18X7 ; Clarence, b. Apr. 11, 1888, d. Ashaway, Aug. 

30, 1888. 

849. Sarah Antoinette 8 Babcock, dau. of Jacob and 

Elizabeth (Almy) Babcock (Daniel. Oliver. James. 
James, John. James), b. Ashaway. R. I.. Apr. 25, 1836; d. 
Ashaway, Oct. 21, 1887; m. (1) Lysander, X. Y., Dec. 14, 
1854, 826 Kdvvin, son of Avery and Lydia (Darrow) IJab- 
cock, b. Lysander, May 7. 1826, d. Lysander. Dec. 5. [888; 
divorced; m. (2) Ashaway. Dec. 14. [863, William M., son 
of William and Liicinda Humphrey, b. Lima. X. Y., May, 
1830, d. New York City. Mar. 12, 1890. No children. 
Children by first husband : 

Freddie, h. Lysander. July 25, 1856: d. Ashaway. Oct. 16. 1858. 
Clara, b. Lysander, Aug. 28, 1857; d. Ashaway. Oct. 14, [858. 

850. John Jacob 8 Babcock, son of Jacob D. and Elizabeth 
(Almy) Babcock (Daniel. Oliver, James. James, John, 

James), b. Ashaway, R. I.. Apr. 14. 184.'; res. Ashaway: m. 
Westerly, R. I.. Dec. 7. [869, Marion B., dau. of David S. 
and Mary (Taylor) Devoll, b. Westerly, Dec. 21, 1844, d. 
Ashaway, Apr. 10. 1884. 
Children, b. Ashaway : 

Amy L..° b. Mar. 12, 1S72: in. Ashaway. Nov. 23. 1801. Alvcn E., 
son of Eden I), and Annis f Andrews^ Shaw. b. Wales. Ma--. 
Aug. 20. 1862. Child: Harold F.dcn." 1 I). Ashaway. Apr. .;. 180.1. 

Jacob D.." I.. Jan. 10. 1875: in. Brooklyn. X. Y. Dec. 21, t8o6, 
Milliccnt, dan. of John and Martha fllarpinl Wood. I> Brussels, 
Ontario, Mav 17. 1S76. Child: Marion Braidfoot." b. Nov. }, 

Daniel Clark, b. Oct 27. 1876: res. i.yij. Alfred. N Y. : unm. 

Clara Elizabeth, b. Jan. jo. 1880; res. 1902, Potter Hill, R. I. 

346 The Babcock Genealogy. 

851. Judge William Henry 8 Potter, son of Col. Henry 

and Nancy (Ann) (Babcock) Potter (Daniel, Oliver, 
James, James, John, James), b. Potter Hill. R. L, Aug. 26, 
1816; (1. Mystic, Conn., Mar. 28, 1 S.S- ; m. Mystic, Apr. 12, 
1842, Bridget, dau. of Capt. Elisha and Lucretia (Packer) 
Rathbun, b. Mystic, Apr. u. 1824, d. Mystic, Jan. 24, 1 899. 
Children, l>. Mystic River, Conn. 

Calista Vinton,' b. Feb. 28, 1843; res. i<><>2, Norwich, Conn; ni. 
Mystic River, May 28, 1878, Seneca, ^<mi of Asalicl and Lydia 
M. (Handy) Thresher, 1». Swansea, Mass., Apr. 8, 1832. Chil- 
dren: Annie JIavward,'" b. -Mar. 12, iSjt^, Mabel S., 1). Sept. 22, 

1412 Annie B.,° b. Sept. 12, 1846; m. Horace Walworth Fish. 

852. Phcebe A xn s Potter, dan. of Col. Henry and Nancy 
(Ann) (Babcock) Potter (Daniel, Oliver, James, 

James, John, James), b. Waterford, Conn., Mar. 22, [823; 
d. Waterford, May 31, 1803; m. Waterford. Sept. 9, 1844, 

Thomas Carey, son of Thomas and Prudence (Latham) Tot- 
ter, b. New London, Conn., Apr. 13, 1822, d. New London, 
Aug. 27, 1849. 

1413 Thomas Wells,* b. June 27, 1846; m. (1) Ellen Culver; in. (2) 

Nellie M. Smith. * 

853. Nathan 8 Babcock, son of Oliver and Phebe (Bab- 
cock) Babcock (Daniel. Oliver. James. James. John. 

James.), b. Potter Hill, K. I.. Nov. 19, 1824; d. Westerly, 
R. I. (Pawcatuck), May 31, 1902; m. Mar. 2. 1847. Phebe 
W., dan. of Kay and Esther ( Rnssel) Johnson, of Phenix, 
R. I., b. Washington, R. I.. Sept. 20. 1826, d. Westerly (Paw- 
catuck), Apr. 14, 1 89 t . 

When eighteen years of age Mr. Babcock entered the em- 
ploy of the Landphere Machine Company, at Phenix, R. I.. 
where as apprentice, journeyman, and subcontractor he con- 
tinued for thirteen years. In 1855 he entered into partnership 
with Calvert R. Cottrell, under the firm name of Cottrell & 
Babcock, at Pawcatuck, Conn., where at first they built textile 
machinery and later printing presses. In 1880. when the busi- 
ness was employ in cf two hundred men. he sold out to his part- 
ner and retired. Two years later he organized the Balwrock 
Printing Press Manufacturing Company, at New London, 
Conn., which under his management came lo be one of the 
most prominent manufactories *•>( printing machinery in Amer- 
ica. The business is still continued (1903) with his nephew. 



- 3i ■. 

V : - 


1827- 1887. Page 347. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 347 

George P. Fcnner, President and Treasurer, and his brother, 
Daniel Babcock, Secretary. 

In his early manhood he was a Whig, becoming a Repub- 
lican at the organization of that party, but later as a Prohibi- 
tionist he exercised a powerful influence in the cause of tem- 
Iperancc, which was very dear to his heart, and fur which he 
never considered any sacrifice too great. He was honored by 
being made candidate for Lieutenant Governor of his State 
upon the Prohibition ticket for a number 01 years. Was a 
member of the State Committee of that party, and in his own 
town did valiant service in the cause of no license. 

(Active in local school matters, he was largely instrumental 
in raising the standard of the schools in Ins district, and in 
the building: of largre and commodious school houses. Every 
Christmas tor years he rcsrularly sent a <jitt to every scholar 
in the school, and each member of every graduating class 
received some appropriate gift from his hand. 

For years he taught a class of boys in a Loyal Temperance 

Legion, and in this connection organized an anti-tobacco 

league which met regularly at his home; and the scientific 

. teaching given them resulted in keeping many young men from 

i using tobacco. Believing in the equality of the sexes, he never 

lost an opportunity to record himself upon the side of wom- 
an's suffrage and when school suffrage was given to the 
women of his town his horses were busy on election days car- 

Irying women voters to and from the polls. 
At the age of seventeen he united with the First S. D. B. 
Church of Hopkinton, R. I., retaining his membership with 
and continuing his support of this church through life. 
Children : 

Hannah Ahny. b. Phenix. Mar. u. 1855; res. 1903. Westerly. 
Clara Jane, I). Westerly, Aug. 14. 1859; d. Westerly, Mar. 2, 1863. 

854. AMANDA 8 Baucock, dan. of Oliver and Phebe (Bab- 
cock) Babcock (Daniel. Oliver. Tames, fames, John. 
James), b. Potter Hill. R. L. Oct. 20. 1827; d. Potter* I Till. 
July 15, 1887; m. Potter Hill. Nov. 23, 1858. Thomas R.. 
son of Benjamin and Grace (Rogers') Greene, b. TTopkinton, 
R. L, Dec. 10, t8oo. d. Hopkinton. Dec. 27. 1873. 
Children, b. TTopkinton : 

Daniel B..' 1) Pel). 2=;. 1861 : d. Westerly. R. T.. Apr. 24. 1804: m. 
Westerly. Mar. 2;. 1886. Pliehe A., dan. of George A. and Anne 
F. (Rnrdick^ Holland, b. S. Kingston. R. I.. Mar. r6. 1807. They 
have one child. Howard Arnold." b. Westerly, Oct. 7. 1887. 

Charles Henry, b. Mar. II, 1866; res. 1003. at Alfred, N. Y. ; nnin. 

3-jS The Babcock Genealogy. 

855. Daniel 8 Babcock, son of Oliver and Phebe (Babcock) 
Babcock (Daniel, Oliver, James, James, John, James), 

L>. Potter Hill, R. L, Dec. 4, i8j8; res. 1903, Phenix, R. I.; 
m. (1) Westerly, Nov. 1, 185-% Phebe E., dan. of Jonathan 
and Phebe (Carr) Stilhnan, b. Voluntown, Conn., Aug. 11, 
1830, d. Phenix, Jan. 16, 1857; m. (2) Westerly, Apr. i_>, 
1866, Mary A. Stillman, sister of first wife, b. Connecticut, 
May i , 1 S.j 1. No children. 

F01 ten years Daniel [jabcock was a member of the Town 
Council of his town, a part of the time being President of the 
Board, and for two terms represented Ins town in the lower 
house of the Legislature. He was a valuable director of both 
the National and Savings Banks of his town, and is a director 
of the Phenix Trust Company. Many have found in him a 
trusted counselor and friend. When eighteen years of age he 
learned the machinist's trade in Westerly, and in 185,:; settled 
in Phenix, where for thirty years he had charge of a depart- 
ment in the shop of the Landphere Machine Company. Since 
188.J he has been connected with the Babcock Printing Press 
Manufacturing Company, of New London, Conn., and at 
present (1903) is Secretary of the company. At fourteen 
years of age he was baptized and united with the First S. D. 
B. Church of Hopkinton, R. 1., of which he is still a member. 

856. Ann Elizabeth 8 Babcock, dan. of Oliver and Phebe 

(Babcock) Babcock (Daniel, Oliver, James, James, 
John, James), b. Potter Hill. P. P, Jan. 7, 1831 ; d. Mystic 
River, Conn., Apr. 2, [859; m. Potter 1 1 ill. Apr. 2, 1853. 
Charles A., son of Philip and Sally (Potter) Fenner, b. Po- 
land, X. Y.. Sept. 16, 1820, d. Providence, R. I., June [3, 

Children : 

Philip, 1). Jan. 18, 1854; d. Jan. 24, 1854. 

Mary, b. Jan. iS. [854; d. Feb. 1. 1854. 
1414 George Potter," 1>. June 5, 1855; m. Annie C. Smith. 

857. Stephen 8 Babcock, author of The Babcock Geneal- 
ogy; son of Oliver and Phebe (Babcock) Babcock 

(Daniel. Oliver, James. James, John. James), b. Potter Hill. 
R. I., ])i:c. 22. 1832- rc-s. 1003. 344 West Thirty-third Street. 
New York City: m. Washin.sfton, D. C. July 10. 1878. Hen- 
rietta Van Patten (widow of Jolm H. Taylor, of Amsterdam, 
X. Y. ), and dan. of Adam C. and Maria (Groot) Van Patten, 
b. Glenville, X. Y.. Sept. 25. 1840. 


/ ' ' ) 


ff • 

\ ■'... 

^ / 


Page 348. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 349 

From .'in injury received when sixteen years of age Mr. 
Babcock's sight became impaired and gradually diminished 
until at the age of nineteen he became totally blind. In 1853 
he entered, as a pupil, the New York School for the Blind, 
New York City, and in 1 S 5 - began to teach in the same school, 
which now (1903) employs a corps of twenty teachers, Mr. 
Babcock being the principal teacher, which position he has 
held since 1857. He directed the construction of the lust 
raised dissected maps for the blind, which he afterward im- 
proved and perfected, furnishing a complete set for his own 
school, and other >ets for Institutions for the Blind in Ku- 
rope and America. I lis style of maps is still the standard, and 
is used in all schools for the blind. For sixteen years he was 
Treasurer of the American Association of Instructors lor the 
Blind. He has for many years been Trustee and Treasurer 
of the First S. 1). T>. Church of New York City, of which he 
is a member. He is First Vice President of the American 
Sabbath Tract Society, and a Trustee of the S. 1). B. Me- 
morial Board. In [902 he received from Alfred University 
the honorary degree of A.M. 


Phebc Marin, b. Potter 11 ill. Aug. 11, 1879; d. New York City, 
Nov. 1. 1885. 
Mrs. Babcock had one sun. by her first husband, Ralph Vorhces Tay- 
lor, b. Amsterdam, N. V.. Dec [6, 1SO9; d. at his mother's home in New 
York City, Jan. 24. 1S93. unm. 

858. Lucy Almy 8 Babcock, M.D., dan. of Oliver and Phebe 
(Babcock) Babcock (Daniel. Oliver, James, James, 

John, James), b. Totter Hill. K. 1.. Sept. 17. [834. 

Dr. Babcock graduated at the New York Medical College 

and Hospital for Women. New York City, and for fifteen years 

thereafter practiced medicine in Westerly. R. 1. Later she 

sojourned in Alfred. X. Y. She is by faith and practice a 

, Seventh Day Baptist. 

859. Phebe Jane 8 Babcock, M.D.. dau. of Oliver and 
Phebe (Babcock) Balxrock (Daniel. Oliver. James. 

James, John. James), b. Potter Hill. R. I.. Sept. 30, 1838: 
res. 1003. 412 Ninth Avenue. Xew York City; m. Totter Hill. 
Oct. 27. 1803. William B., son of Christopher and Betsy G. 
(Bell) Wait/b. Amsterdam. X. Y.. Mar. 25, [839. 

Dr. Wait was educated in the public schools of her town and 
later at Alfred Universitv, Alfred. X. Y.. from which she re- 
ceived the degree of A.B. in i860 and A.M. in 1869. She 

35° The Babcock Genealogy. 

taughl for a time in country schools, and later for four years 
was a teacher in the School for the Blind, New York Citv. 
Taking up the study of medicine, she received the degree of 
M.D. from the New York Medical College and Hospital for 
Women in [871, and after two years' postgraduate Study she 
received the diploma of the New York Ophthalmic Hospital 
College. After having served one year (1875) as lecturer 
to the Chair of Obstetrics in the College for Women, she was 
in 1880, appointed Professor of the Chair, which position she 
held for eighteen years, eight years of the time being Presi- 
dent of the Faculty and Dean of the College. She also served 
her alma mater as a member of the Hospital Staff for many 
years, and was for eight years its Chairman. 

She is a member of the New York State and New York 
County Homeopathic Medical Societies, the American Insti- 
tute of Homeopath)-, the American Obstetrical Society, a 
member of the Consulting Staff of the Memorial Hospital, 
Brooklyn, an Examiner in Lunacy, and has served the Alumni 
Association of her college as President and in other official 

In philanthropic and sociologic work she is President of 
the Society for Promoting the Welfare of the Ensane, Presi- 
dent of a local Woman's Christian Temperance Union, Vice 
President of the New York Legislative League, member of 
the New York Equal Suffrage League, and has served as Man- 
ager of the New York Baptist Home for the Aged and Presi- 
dent of the New York County Woman's Christian Temper- 
ance Union. 

Having retired from college and hospital activities in 1898. 
she has since given some time to literary and club work, and 
is an active member of both "Phalo" and "Sorosis." 

She is a member of the First S. D. B. Church of New York 

Children, b. New York City: 

1415 Lucy Boll.' h. May 11, 1865: m. Frank Rattles 

Fanny Stone, b. Aim. 18. 1866: d. New York Citv. Mar. 17. iSSi. 

Mary Elizabeth, b. Apr. 10. 1868; d. New York Citv. Feb. 17. 1879. 

Phebe Ann. b. Sept. 23. 1870: d. Potter Hill. R. T.. May jo. 1871. 

William Roll. b. July 13. 1872; res. 100.1. 412 Ninth Ave. New 
York: unm. T^ a lawyer. 

Oliver Babcock. Mil, b. July 13, 1872; res. 1230 S. 57th St.. Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. : unm. 

Amelia, b. May 10. 1875: <1. New York City. Tan. 28, 1886. 

860. Julia Maria 8 Babcock, dan. of Oliver and TMienc 
(Babcock) Babcock (Daniel, Oliver, James. James. 


Page 350- 

The Babcock Genealogy. 351 

[ohn, James), b. Potter Hill, R. I., Apr. [3, 1843; res. [903, 
Chatham, X. Y.; m. Potter Hill, Sept. 27, [864, Henry S. 
Ambler, son of John anil Eliza (Nestelle) Ambler, b. New 

York City, June 30, 1836. 

She was educated at the I lopkillton Academy, a school char- 
tered by members of the First Hopkinton S. J). B. Church 
and conducted under their patronage for many years. In 1862 
she taught the English branches and music at Passaic, X. J. 

In 1864 she was married t<> Henry S. Ambler, of New 
York City, and went to Pleasants ("<>unty, VV. \'a. Later they 
lived in New York City, and in 1873 removed to their present 
residence in Chatham. They have tour SOUS and one daughter. 

I She is a life member of the Woman's Christian Temperance 

Union of New York State, a member of the New York State 
v Woman's Suffrage Association, and of the New York State 

Grange. In [892 she organized the Woman's Christian Tem- 
perance Union of Spenccrtown, X. Y., and has served as its 
President to the present time ( 1903). Cater, with others, she 
organized the Woman's Christian Temperance Union at Aus- 
terlitz, X. Y., and together with these two Societies she is 
acknowledge a strong factor in making and maintaining a 
public sentiment which has prevented the licensed sale of liquor 
in the town of Austerlitz for twelve successive years. 

She is a charter member of Austerlitz Patrons of Hus- 
bandry (819), and for three years served this Society as lec- 
turer; for three years was President of the Columbia County 
Woman's Christian Temperance Union, but resigned both 
these offices on account of poor health. 

In 1855 she joined the First S. D. B. Church of Hopkin- 
i ton, R. 1., and is now a member of the bust S. D. B. Church 

I of New York City. 

Senator Henry S. Ambler (husband of Julia M. [Babcock] 
Ambler) descended from ancestors on his father's side who 
came from England about 162$, while those on his mother's 
side came from Prussia. Leaving their mother country on 
account of religious persecution and taking onlv what they 
could carry in their hands, they lied by night to Holland, anil 
from thence sailed to Xew Amsterdam (afterward New 
York), among the early Dutch settlers of that place. 

Mr. Ambler was educated at the Mount Washington Col- 
legiate Institute and the City Institute of Xew York, and grad- 
uating from the latter in 1853 he immediately accepted a posi- 
tion as bookkeeper at the Morgan Iron Works. 

In 1856, on account of impaired health, he left the city for 

352 The Babcock Genealogy. 

his father's farm in the town of Austcrlitz, Columbia County. 
X. Y.. where he remained until 1861, engaging in agricultural 


In Dec. i86i, Mr. Ambler became agent and steward for 
the New York Institution for the Blind, New York City, and 
filled this position until Sept., [864, when he married and went 
to Pleasants Count), \V. Va. Returning to New York City 
in [866, he opened a mercantile business in the line oi dairy 
produce. In [873 he purchased his father's farm ami engaged 
somewhat in stock raising until [888, when he retired from 
mercantile business, wishing to devote his entire attention to 

Politically he is a Republican, and as such represented his 
town in the Columbia County Board <<i Supervisors lor ten 
years. In 1896 he was appointed Assistant Commissioner of 
Agriculture, and took charge of the third division of the State 
of Xew York, retaining this position until 1898, when he re- 
signed to take his seat in the State Senate, to which he had 
been elected from the Twenty-fourth District. He was re- 
elected in 1900, and received 20.367 votes to 14,296 cast for 
his Democratic opponent. Again re-elected in 1902, he still 
(1903) represents his district. 

Since entering the Senate he has served continuously as 
Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture, and is the leading 
represent at ive in the Legislature of the farmers' organizations. 
His zealous and constant efforts to further their interests have 
given him prominence throughout the entire State. Me has 
been a relentless opponent of the present proposed plan of en- 
larging the Erie Canal, because he has believed the project 
would be detrimental to the interests of the farmers of the 
State, and his position has been strenuously supported by the 
New York State Grange, which is a powerful nonpartisan or- 
ganization comprising 62.000 members, among whom he is 
highly popular by reason of his devoted and efficient service 
in their behalf. He is also author of. and has had enacted into 
law. many bills which greatly benefit dairymen and farmers. 

Mr. Ambler believes in woman's suffrage, and is ever ready 
to present bills for the Equal Suffrage Association, and works 
persistently for their passage regardless of strong opposition. 

He is actively identified with other agricultural societies of 
the State, as well as with the Grange. He is Vice President 
of the State bair Association, Vice President of the State 
Farmers' League. Vice President of the State Farmers' Con- 
gress, and has been successively appointed by Governors Mor- 

The Babcock Genealogy. 353 

ton, Black, Roosevelt, and Odcll to represent the State at the 
annual sessions of the National Farmers' Congress. 
Children, first two b. Potter Hill, the others b. Chatham: 

Henry Babcock, b. Mar. 23, 1866; res. 1903, Chatham; m. West- 
erly, R. I.. Sept. -7. 1894, Edna, dau. <>i James and Sarah F. 
i (Lewis) Barber, I.. Westerly. He graduated Alar., 1888, from 

tin- American Vetcrinar) College, New York City. 
John Edgar, Ml).. I.. July 24, 1K71 ; res. 1903, at 134 E. [Oth St., 
New York City; limn, Graduated May, 1893, at tin- New York 
Homeopathic Medical College, New York City. 
Nathan Babcock, l>. May 29, 1876; res. IQ03, at 134 I'".. 19th St., 
New York City; unm. Graduated June. moo. at Columbia Uni- 
versity, New York City, as Electrical Engineer. 
Elenora, l>. Oct. n, 1880; res. 1903, Chatham. June. 1903, finished 

her third year in Vassar College. 
Stephen Babcock, b. Dec. 13. 1888; res. 1903. Chatham. 

861. Elizabeth 8, dau. of David and Lucy (Babcock) 
Almv (Daniel, Oliver, James. James, John, James). 1). 
Hopkinton, R. I. (Ashaway), Sept. 26, 1820; d. Phenix, 
R. I., Sept. 4. [848; m. Portsmouth, R. I.. Nov. 10. 1 S47, 
Horatio Alonzo, son of Nathan and Cilda ( Mattcrson) Stone. 
b. Coventry, R. I., Sept. 30. 1X14, d. Phenix, Mar. 13, 1872. 

1416 Elizabeth Ahm," b. Aug. 24, 1848; m. John J. Bellows. 

862. Lucy Maria 8 Almv. dau. of David and Lucy (Rib- 
cock) Almy (Daniel. Oliver, James. James. John, 
James), b. Portsmouth, R. 1.. Aug. 3. 1824; d. New York 
City, .Apr. 11. 1891 : m. Portsmouth. Apr. 28, 1845. Andrew 
i Jackson, son of Andrew and Jane (Seaberry) Cory, 1>. Tiver- 

ton, R. I.. Sept. 17. 1817, d. Jamestown. R. 1.. May 30. 1SS7. 
Children : 

1417 Maria Elizabeth.' b. July 6. 1840; m. Abram A. Brown. 

George A., b. Portsmouth, Dec. 2, 1851 ; d. Jersey City, X. J., 
) Feb. •?.}. 1882. 

Alfred R., b. Portsmouth. June jo. 1854: d. Newport. Jan. 10, 1858. 

1418 Lucy Jane. b. Jan. 3. 1856; ni. Thomas Giles Carr. 

Alfred Richards, 1 b. Jamestown, Mar. 27. 1861 : res. iooj. James- 
town; in. Jamestown. Oct. 25, 1892, Elizabeth, dau. of John J. 
and Gertrude (Stanhope) Watson, b. Jamestown, Sent 15 1871 
. Child: Alfred R.," I>. Oct. 6 1893. 

Nancy S..* 1>. Jamestown. Jan. 2. 1863: res. 1902. 67 Lutheran St.. 
Newburg, X. Y. : m, Jamestown. Nov. 14. 1895, Gc< .rye J., son 
of Gurdon P.. ami Esther (Fate) Barnes, 1>. Montgomery. N. Y - ., 
Mar. 22. 1865. Glild: Cornelia Andes."' h. Newburg May 12 

Cornelia Meade, l> Jamestown, Feb. 25, 1865; m. Oct. 24. 1880, 
Lionel II.. son nf William V anil Miriam F. (Clark) Champlin] 
b. S. Kingston. R. I., July 26, 1863. 


354 The Babcock Genealogy. 

863. Harriet Wayland" Almy, dau. of David and Lucy 
(Babcock) Almy i Daniel, Oliver, James, James, John. 

James), b. E'ortsmouth, R. [., May i6, [832; d. Jamestown, 
R. [., Apr. 25, [894; in. Newport, K. 1.. Dee. 20, 1855, Elijah, 
son of George and Margaret 1 I Lathaway ) Anthony, b. Mid- 
dletown, k. I.. May 28, 1835, res. 1902, Jamestown. 
Children : 

Louis Wayland. 9 I>. Portsmouth, Dec. >>. 1856; res. 1002, James- 
town; in Newport, Apr. 27. 1893. Maud I... dau. of Henry R. 
and Sarah E. (McDonald) St. Clair, l>. Newport, Sept. 30, 1872. 
They have two children, hoth h. in Jamestown; Ledyard," b. 
May 9, 1894, and Elijah, l>. Feb. 25. 1897. 

Hannah Maria," b. Middletown. Dec. 14. 1858; res. 1902, at Cali- 
fornia Ave.. Providence, R. I.; m. Jamestown. Mar. 4. 1! 
Henry 1... son of Daniel and Lydia (Cutter) Smith, h. Wick- 
ford, R. I.. July o. 1858. Children. 1>. Providence: Dalton An- 
thony," b. Apr 26, 1897; Wayland Almy. b. Oct. 24. 1808. 

George David," b. Jamestown. Oct. 23. iS'o: re>. \iy02, Jamestown; 
tn. S. Dartmouth. Mass.. Jan. 4, 1887. Emma, dau. of Charles 
Frederick and Almira (Weeks) Cushman, b. S. Dartmouth, Aug. 
17, 1861. Children, b. Jamestown: Alma." h. May 9, 1890; Mil- 
dred, h. Apr. 7. 1892; Doris, b. Sept. 26, 1897. 

Frederick." b. Jamestown, Dec. 7. 1S/12: res. 1902, Jamestown; ni. 
Portsmouth, R. I , Nov 7. 1889. Sarah Louise, dau. of Henry 
and Louise (Sherman) Anthony, b. Portsmouth, Jan. 1, 1867. 
Children, b. Jamestown: Kathryn," 1 b. Aug. 4. 1890; Marguerita, 
1). May 14. 1892. 

Abraham Lincoln." b. Jamestown, Apr. 3, 1S65 ; d. Jamestown, 
July 31, 1807. 

Margret,' b. Jamestown. June 28. 18^7: res. 1002. Jamestown; in. 
Jamestown. May 2. 1887. Adolphus Clark, son of William Hazard 
and Ann Elizabeth (Clark) Knowles, b. Jamestown. June 22. 
1863. Children, b. Jamestown: Ruth Hathaway. 10 b. Feb. 27, 
1888; Foster Sherman, b. Aug. 23. 1889; Kenneth Hopkins, b. 
Mar. 29. ifsVji ; Beulah Anthony, b. July 2. 1892; Harriet, b. 
Apr. 17. 1807. 

Elijah. Jr., b. Jamestown, Jan. 30. 1873; d. Jamestown, Feb. 18, 

864. Ai.taxa Frances 8 Almy, dan. of David and Lucy 
(Babcock) Almy (Daniel. Oliver. James. James. John, 

James), b. Portsmouth, R. I.. Mar. 12. 1S43; d. Dee. <). 1900: 
m. Portsmouth, Nov. 20. [863, William C. son of Philip B. 
and Sarah E. (Cook") Chase. 1>. Portsmouth, Sept. 10, 1840, 
d. Providence, R. I., Dec. 1, 1901.. 
Children : 

Earnest." b. Portsmouth. Oct. 0. 18A4; res. 1002. .105 Potter Ave.. 
Providence: m. Providence. Aiic. 18. r8go. Alice R., dau. of 
Thomas and Emma (Sladel Jollie. b. Providence. Dec 3. 1865. 
d. Providence. Feb. 7. 1807. Children, b. Providence: Harold 
Ahnv" 1 h. Anr. 23, 1802: d. Apr. 24. 1892; Howland C. b. July 
30, 1893, d. Jan. 11. 1894. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 355 

Walter Weyland,* l>. Providence, l>cc. 15, 1866; res. 1903, _".i Pine 
St., Providence; m. Providence, Oct. 14. 1891, Florence E., dau. 
of William E. and Emma iBuffiington) Green 1). Providence, 
July 6, 1868. Child, Edith 1." b. Providence, Mar. 12, 1893, d. 
Mar. 17, 1893. 

865. Ella B. 8 Saunders, dau. of Peleg and Mary (Bab- 
cock) Saunders (Daniel, Oliver, James, James, John, 
James), l>. Potter Hill, R. I.. May 1. 1851; d. Providence, 
R. I.. Oct. jo. 1901 : m. I 'utter Hill, Jan. 5, 1882, Wellington 
L., son of Denison and Susan A. I Bishop) Lewis, b. Provi- 
dence, Apr. 5, 1856; res. John-town, R. 1. 
Children : 

Leverrier, b. Potter Hill. Oct. n>. 1882. 

Susan M., b. Olncyvillc, R. 1.. July 25, 1884; d. Olncyvillc, July 26, 

Denison Peleg, 1). Olncyville, Aug. 15, 1SS5; d. July -7. 1886. 

866. Esther Palmer" Babcock, dan. of Timothy and Mar- 
tha (Bugbee) Babcock (Timothy, Timothy, James, 
James, John, lames), b. Ashford, Conn.. Sept. 11, 1807; d. 
Ware, Mass.. May 3, [838; m. (1) Ware, Mass.. [830, Hinck- 
ley, son of Aaron Andrews, d. 1833 (?). He was a farmer. 
They had one son. now in the West. She m. (j) Dec., 1835, 
Aaron Gould, a farmer. Two children were b. to them. 

867. Martha Woodward 8 Babcock, dau. of Timothy and 
Martha (Bugbee) Babcock (Timothy. Timothy. James, 

James, John, James), b. Ashford. Conn.. Jan. 9, 1811; d. 
Rock Island, 111., Feb. 9. 1848: m. Ware, Mass.. Lemuel An- 
drews, a cousin of Esther's husband. They went West in 1830 
and settled in Rock Island. Mr. Andrews was Sheriff of Rock- 
Island County for many years. They had two daughters. 

868. Julia Maria 8 Babcock, dau. of Timothy and Martha 

(Bugbee) Babcock (Timothy, Timothy. James. James. 
John, James), b. Ashford. Conn., Oct. T3. 1813; d. Galena, 
111., Sept. 15, 1870; m. Ware. Mass.. Nov. 27, 183T. David 
Hawcs. b. Enfield, Mass.. 1810. Removed West with the Bab- 
cock family in 1836. 

Mr. Ilawcs has been Sheriff of Rock Island Count v. 111., 
and was (1895) in his eight v-sixth year Justice of the 
Peace and Coroner in the city of Rock Island. Of their large 
family, but two are now living", one of which. Charles W. 
Hawes, b. Mar. 7. 1841. is Chief Clerk in the office of Modern 
Woodmen of America, of the State of Illinois, at Fulton, 111. 

35° The Babcock Genealogy. 

8G9. Timothy Alpheus 8 Babcock, son of Timothy and 
Martha (Bugbee) Babcock (Timothy, Timothy, James, 
James, John, James), b. Wan', Mass., Mar. 25, 1816; d. Rock 
Island, 111., Irh. 21, [880; 111. Feb. 24, J« s -|°> Amanda Mc- 
Neil, d. Rock Island, ( >ct. 22, [891. 

lie owned and operated a farm in 1 lampion Township, III., 
also owned a tannery in Rock Island and later converted it in- 
to an iron foundry. In [849 he with his brothers Francis and 
George made the journey from Illinois to California overland, 
with two OX teams. lie returned in 185] to his farm, and 
later sold it to his brother George and started a wholesale gro- 
cery st( ire in Rock Island. 

Children, h. Hampton Township, 111.: 

Jane, 1). Sept. 11, 1841; m. George Dodd. 

William, I). .May 12, [845; d. Aug. 31, i. v '/0. * 

Frank, l>. Juno 19, lS^S; mini. 
Homer, !>. July 16, 1852; <1. Aug. -'o, 1855. 
Crept:, b. Aug. 7. 1854: d. Sent. 11. 1X5.1. 
Timothy Alphcus, Jr.. b. Jan. 4, [861 ; d. Oct. 1885. 
William and Timothy Alpbeus, Jr.. were both in. and had children. 
Both d. in Hampton Township, of consumption. 

870. Francis Buc.iu-ik* Baiscock. son of Timothy and Mar- 
tha (Bugbee) Babcock (Timothy, Timothy, James, 

James/John, James), b. Ware, Mass., May I, 1819; d. Cali- 
fornia, 1 )ec, 1 S57. 

He went West with the family in 1836, and worked on a 
farm in Hampton Township, 111., until 1847; then, in com- 
pany with Lemuel Andrews, his brother-in-law, went into the 
business of general merchandising in Rock Island. In [849 
he, with his brothers Timothy and George, made the journey 
overland to California, where he was very successful, leaving 
an estate, real and personal, valued at $40,000; unm. 

871. John Elias 8 Babcock, son of Timothy and Martha 

(Bugbee) Babcock (Timothy, Timothy, James. James. 
John. James), h. Ware. Mass., Dec. 18, 182 1 ; d. Watertown, 
111., Sept. 24. 1S9S; m. Eliza Wells, of Hampton Town- 
ship. 111. 

He settled in 1837 on Section 28. Hampton Township, near 
Watertown, and there with his own hands and l>v hard work- 
developed one of the finest pieces of agricultural and stock- 
raising property in Illinois. Tie retired from active life a 
few years ap;o after having become one of the most successful 
and prosperous farmers in the country. He was a jovial and 
pleasant man. and his company was much enjoyed by the Rock 

-"-" — —•»■ 




Page 361. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 357 

Island County Pioneer Society, of which he was a prominent 
Children, b. Hampton Township: 

K;ili>li Miner,' l>. July 29, iMo; in. 1885, Louisa, dau. of Thomas 
G. Silvis, He was .1 fanner in Black Hawk Township, III. Had 
three children: Milton, 1 " Ethel, John. 

John Earnest, b. Mar. 15, 1862; m. June. 1893, [da Putnam, of 
Carthage, .Mo. Has one child, Maurice, 1>. 1894. 

George Merrill, l>. Hampton Township, Apr. 13, 1864; a-. 1896, 
Rock Island, 111.; 111. Feb., [893, Harriet, dan. of William Jack- 
son, of Rock Island. No children, 1896. He if a dentist, and 
also engaged in real estate business. 

Lillian Louisa, 1>. Hampton Township, Oct. 27, 1866; m. Feb. [4, 
1895, Sherman Arcnschild, of Iowa. Thcj ro. Eldcn, Ja. She- 
was a teacher. 

Martha M., b. Oct 3. 1869; d. 1896. 

f872. George Mills 8 Babcock, son of Timothy and Martha 
(Bngbee) Babcock (Timothy, Timothy, James, James, 

John, James), 1>. Ware. Mass., Aug. 10, 1828; d. Rock Island. 
111., 1880; m. Helen Negus, of Rock Island. 
» He moved with his family in 1837 to Illinois. In 1849 he 

removed with his brothers Timothy and Francis to California, 
where he engaged in mining, herding, etc. About 1852 he re- 
turned to Rock Island, and conducted a large grain business. 
He had three children, who grew to adult life and married. 

873. Archibald Dorrence 8 Babcock, son of Archibald 
j and Hannah (Richard) Babcock (Timothy, Timothy, 

James, James. John. James), b. Mansfield. Conn.. Dec. 13, 
1808; d. Boston, Mass.; m. May 19. 1835. Fannie Fidelia 
\ Richards, of Montague, Mass.. b. Aug. 11, 1807. 

Children, b. Boston : 

Charles Thaddcus, h. June 6. 1837; d. Boston, Nov. 20. 1862. 
1419 James Francis." b. Feb. 23, 1844; m. (1) Mary P. Crosby: in. (2) 
Marion B. Alden. 

874. SANFORD 8 Babcock, son of Thomas and Emily (Roice) 
^ Babcock (Timothy. Timothy. James. Tames. John, 

James), b. Ashford. Conn.. Oct. 15, '1817; d. Evergreen, Colo., 
July 4. 1899; m. 1843. Adeline J. (been, of Rochester. X. Y. 

He was a dentist in Springfield, 111., having practiced his 
profession there for thirty-five years. 

Children : 

Jasper, b. : ro<. too_\ Fvcrcrrcni. Tie served in Battery C. 2d 

Regiment, Lieht Artillery, and nl-o on the staff of Mai. -Can. 
John A. McCcrnard. War of the RcJwllion. Fie m. a grand- 
daughter of Licut.-Gov. Dougherty, of Illinois. Now lives in 
Everpreen. Jefferson Conntv. Colo. 


35N The Babcock Genealogy. 

William N., b. ; n.. Miss Mash, of California. Is now (1902) 

General Western Freight Agent of the Delaware, Lackawanna & 
Western Railway; rev i<>>_', at 10.? Adams St., Chicago. 

875. Palmer" Babcock, son of Thomas and Emily (Roice) 
Babcock (Timothy, Timothy, James, James, John, 

James), b. Ashford, Conn., Aug. 12, 1819; res. 1902, Raleigh, 

N. C. ; 111. ( 1 ) Onondaga, X. Y., Lucenia Case; m. (2; Mrs. 
Henry, of Raleigh. 

lie is a dentist, and has practiced his profession in Raleigh 
for many years, lie had three children: Dwight, Sandford, 

and Palmer. 


876. Jasper" Babcock, son of Thomas and Emily (Roice) 

Babcock (Timothy, Timothy, James, James, John, 
James) J). Ashford, Conn, 1821 ; m. New York State in [844. 
He has been a railroad contractor. Of late years has heen 
a resident of the State of Nevada; was two terms Secretary 
of State for Nevada. Records of none of his children have 
been gathered. One. a daughter, is an actress, stage name 
"Eleanor Barray." 

877. Jacob Ely* Babcock, son of John Reed and Eliza 

(Ely) Babcock (John. Timothy, James. James, John, 
James), b. Brooklyn, Pa.. Oct. 28, 1817; d. Hazleton, Pa., 
Jan. 2, [896; m. 1 844, Lucy Maria Lathrop, b. May 2, 1821. 
d. Hazleton. Mar. 21, 1897. 

In early life he learned the printer's trade and worked at 
Quincy, Mass.; later he taught school at Qnincy. hut finally 
settled' in Pennsylvania. 

Children : 

Leonard L.. 1). 1845; m. Hazelton. Pa., l866, Mrs. Priscilla (Train- 
er) Gilbraith. He enlisted in Co. F. 147th Pennsylvania Volun- 
teer Infantry. War of the Rebellion, Aug., 1862. lie was in the 
battles of Chanccllorsvillc, Gettysburg, Lookout Mountain, and 
in all the battles and skirmishes in which the regiment took part 
until the close of the war. 

Lyman R.. b. \$A7- ' 

Marv E.. h. 1840; d. 1872; ni. William II. Davis. 

Charles R„ b. Dec. 2n. 1851: d. 1853. 

Emma P., b. May >). i8s5; d. 1857. 

Ada L . h. Jan io. 1858. 

Son, d. young. 

Francis F... b. Feb., 1861 ; d. young. 

878. Elizabeth Sterling 8 Babcock, dan. of John Read 
and Eliza (Ely) Babcock (John, T-imothy, James. 

James, John, James), b. Brooklyn, Pa., July 24, 1820; res. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 

1902, Factoryville, Pa.; m. Jan. 1, [843, Andrew, 
beus and Fanny (Ely) Rogers, of Brooklyn. He 
and stock dealei . 

Children, l>. Brooklyn, Pa. : 

Fanny E., b. Aug. 12, 1844; m. Dec. 26, 1884. Frcdc 

res. 1902, Factoryville, Pa. Tliey have three s 

Charles L., I). \h-c 9, 1852; res. 1902, Mil ford, Pa.; 

1891, Etta Stanton. One child, dau. 
Willie J., I). X<»v. 27, 1861; in. Nov. 27, 1888, Marthi 

res. 1902, Factoryville. They have two children. 
Lillie May, b. Nov. 27. 1861; m. Nov. 27, 1888, Wal 

190.', Brooklyn, Pa. They have oik- daughter. 

s< mi 
is a 


of Leb- 

« > 1 1 — 


1 E. 


Lindscy ; 
and two 

Nov. 25, 

Lind cy ; 

Ely; res. 

879. Louisa Gilmore 8 Babcock, dau. of John Read and 
Eliza (Ely) Babcock (John. Timothy, James, James, 

John, James), b. Brooklyn, Pa., Dec 15. 1821; m. (1) 1842, 
Samuel VV. Spencer, b. Brooklyn, Nov. 24, 1820, d. Janesville, 
Wis., Dec. 9, [864; m. (2) James G. Packer, d. Brooklyn, 
Pa., 1871. No issue by the last marriage. 
Children by first husband, b. Janesville: 

Charles II.. b. 1846; <1. Janesville, 1870; m. Addie E. Reed. One 

Frank 11.," b. Jan. 2, 1851; m. Omaha, Nch., June 15. 1873. Sadie 
C. Wood. 1). Pekin. 111.. June 15, 1851. Four children: Charles 
Henry, 1 " Lily May. Frank Lyman, and Arthur Leroy. 

Mary L., b. 1858. Taught school, Brooklyn, Pa.' 

880. Charles Marsh 8 Babcock, son of John Read and 
Eliza (Ely) Babcock (John. Timothy, James. James. 

John, James), b. Carbondale. Pa.. Dec. 22. 1825; d. Janes- 
ville, Cal. : m. Nov. 2^, 1856, Clara Davis Connor, of Mattel] 
Chunk, Pa., b. Jan. 25. 1835, d. Aug. 10, 1861. 

He was by profession a civil engineer; served in the Engi- 
neer Corps of the army in the Civil War and ranked as Cap- 
tain, lie removed to California in 1805. 

Children : 

Josephine. 1>. Nov. ". 1857. Lived in Mauch Chunk. 
Margaret, b. llu^. 30. i860; d. l86l. 

881. John Read 8 Babcock, son of John Read and Eliza 

(Ely) Balicock (John, Timothy. James. James. John, 
James), b. Brooklyn, Pa., Apr. t. 1828; m. Betsey Warner, 
Dec. 31. 1857. 

TTe removed t<> Illinois s<>nn after marriage, and settled on 
a farm four miles from Wilmington, where all their children 
were born. He is now deceased. 

Frank Howard. 1>. Wisconsin, Aug. 21, 1863; res. 190J, Hillyard, 

Wash.: in. Nov., 180/), Alice Golden. 
Carrie Elizabeth, b. Nov. 7. 1877. 

360 The Babcock Genealogy. 


Robert Eugene, b. Nov. 8, 1858. 

Laura Kent, l>. Apr. J5. 1861; 1^ a school teacher. 

Elizabeth, l>. Mar. 31, 1863. 

Mary Ella, b. Feb. 22, 1865. 

Emma Louisa, I). Feb. 1. 1867. 

Clara Jane, I). Jan. 6, i860. 

George Read, i>. Dec. 2, 1871. 

Charles Arthur, 1). Mar. 2d, 1874. 

John Atherlon, b. Dec. 3, [876. 

Bertha Lillian. 1>. Feb. 21, 1880. 

882. Lucy Amanda 8 Babcock, dan. of John Read and Eliza 
(Ely) Babcock (John, Timothy, James. James, John, 

James). 1>. Carbondale, Pa., Nov. 5. 1830; m. Oct. 14, 1852, 
George Clinton Brundage, b. Unionvillc, Apr. 3, 1829. 

Mr. Brundage is a farmer, and lives at S. Gibson, Pa. 

Eva Louisa,' b. S. Gibson, Pa.. Sept. 14, 185.?; m. May <>, 1875, 
Maurice Gardiner. Three children: Nellie Lcona, 1 " Ilarry Ho- 
mer, Grace Emma. 

Mary Ella, h. Dec. 27, 1868. 

883. James Thomas 8 Babcock, son of John Read and Eliza 

(Ely) Babcock (John. Timothy, James. James, John. 
James), b. Carbondale, Pa., Feb. 4, 1835: res. tooj. Minne- 
apolis. Minn.; m. Little Falls, Wis.. Jan. 31, 1861, Julia A., 
dan. of Tsaae and Adeline (Gates) Mason, b. Oct. 20, 1840, 
d. Minneapolis. July 6, 1892. 
Children : 

884. ADELINE H. 8 BROWN, dan. of Jesse and Louisa M. 
(Babcock) Brown (John. Timothy. James. James. 
John. James), b. Hopkinton, R. I.. Nov. 5. 1821 ; d. May 22, 
1892; m. 1842. Dennis S. Wilbur, of Hopkinton. 
Children, b. Hopkinton : 

Louisa T., b. Am:. 21. 184.^: res. iqo_\ Farina, 111.; in. Peter 
Switzcr. They have six children. 

Charles D< >rr. b. Dec. 14. 1844. He was a recruit in the 62d Illi- 
nois Volunteers. War <>f the Rebellion; d. at Camp Cutler, near 
Springfield. 111. Mar. 18. 1864; i^ buried in the Camp Dutler 
National Cemetery. 

Jesse W., h. Aug. 5. 1R47. 

Mary 1''.. 1>. July 14. 1850: d. Nov. IO, 1870. 

Daughter, b. : d. voung 

Edwin, h. Am*. jf>. iS;;: .1. Oct. 14. 1856. 

John G . h. \<>v. 15. 1857: res. [902, Irwin. Col.; m., and had 
one child. 

The Babcock Genealogy. 


885. Jesse 8 Brown, Jr., son of Jesse and Louisa M. (Bab- 
cock) Brown (John, Timothy, James, James. John, 

James), b. Hopkinton, R. [., July id. 1824; <1. : m. I 1 ) June 
jj, 1851, Malvina Newbury, of Westerly, R. I.; m. (2) Aug. 
27, 1859, Mrs. Susan West, (1. Sept. 26, 1S73 ; m. (3 ) May, 
1S74, . 

In the War of the Rebellion he served as a soldier in Com- 
pany C, 2 1 st Regiment, Connecticut Volunteers. The com- 
pany was raised in X. Stonington and Yoluntown. 

Children by first wife: 

George Thompson, 1>. June 23, 1852. 
Frederic Newbury, b. Apr. 19, 1854. 

Louisa Malvina, 1>. June -'. 1856. 
Helen Mabel, b. Aug. 24, 1858. 

Children by second wife: 

Gcorgcanna, b. Aug. 23, i860. 

Jesse Shubal, b. Apr. _\ 1862; d. Apr. 14, 1864. 

He had three children by third wife. 

886. Louisa 8 Gilmore, dan. of Robert Gilmore and Lucy 
(Blackmail) Babcock (John, Timothy. James. James, 

John, James), b. Dover. X. 11.. Oct. 7, 1827; m. Holden, 
Mass., Apr. 4, 1855. George W., son of John and Olive (Bige- 
low) Bolton, b. Oct. 21, 1828. 

Children, b. W. Boylston, Mass., an] Milwaukee: 

Esther Vreeland, 1>. Jan. 13. 1856. 

Sarah Estellc Bigclow, !>. Apr. 11. 1858. lias taught school in Mil- 
waukee many years; unni. 

Alma Louisa, b. July [8. i860; «1. Apr. 4, 1868 

Frances Everett Barnard, b. : m. Apr. J4. i8<io. Fred W. Snell. 

He d. May 19, 1896. Two children: Altliea F., b. Apr. 5, 1891, 
and Fred C, b. Aug. 23, 18*14. 

George Albert, b. Apr. 29, 1866; d. Mar. 1. 1868. 

Gertrude, b. June 5, 1873; d. June 29, 1881. 

887. Col. Andrew Jackson 8 Babcock, son of Robert 
Gilmore and Lucy (Blackman) Babcock (John. Tim- 
othy, lames. James. John, Jennies), b. Dorchester, Mass.. July 
12, 1830; res. \<)OT,. Sprinsjfield, 111.: m. Concord, X. II., 
Feb. 25. 1852 (by Rev, John Moor. Pastor of the LTniver- 
salist Church). Harriet Ann. dan. of Wesley Caleb and Sarah 
(Abbot) Palmer, b. Hopkinton. X. H.. May 10. 1832. 

As is shown in the Preface of this volume. Col. Babcock 
has rendered great assistance to the author in the preparation 

362 The Babcock Genealogy. 

of this work. Jn Aug., [901, he loaned to the writer two hun- 
dred and fifty-two legal cap pages <>t" manuscript, written by 
himself. lie gathered and compiled nearly all the records of 
his great-grandfather, Timothy Babcock, and for the past four 
years lias sent to the author frequent and voluminous commu- 
nications containing the results of his genealogical researches. 

When nineteen years of age he joined the Lowell Mechanic 
Phalanx, 5th Regiment, Massachusetts Militia. He was three 
years a member, and was a well-drilled soldier. Later Gen. 
Benjamin F. Butler was Major and afterward Lieutenant-Col- 
onel of the same regiment. In [856 he moved to Springfield, 
111. Two years later he joined as a private the military com- 
pany then organized, called the Springfield Grays. He rose 
in rank from step to step, until in i8f>i he was First Lieutenant 
of the company. At the breaking out of the war he enlisted, 
Apr. in, [86i, under the first call for three-months' men. and 
was mustered into service Apr. 25. 1861, as Captain of Com- 
pany I, 7th Illinois Infantry, by ("apt. John Lope, who was 
later Gen. Pope. The Seventh was the first Illinois regiment 
mustered into service, but was called the 7th to keep intact 
the six regiments that Illinois furnished in the Mexican War. 

At the expiration of the term of enlistment he with his com- 
pany was mustered out of service near Cairo, 111., and the 
same day, July 25, 1861, he was rcmustered into service for 
three years as Lieutenant-Colonel of the Seventh Illinois In- 
fantry. Although he ranked as Lieutenant-Colonel, he com- 
manded his regiment almost from the start, and was in com- 
mand during the three days' battle at Fort Donelson, Feb. 13- 
15. 1862, and on the 25th of Mar.. 1862. for gallant and mer- 
itorious service rendered at Fort Donelson, was commissioned 
Colonel of the regiment. 

When the war broke out Col. Babcock, his wife, and two 
children lived in Springfield, where he was in business. He 
hired a man to conduct his business, and left for the war. 
After nearly two years of service, sickness in his family ami 
business affairs demanded his immediate attention at home. 
He then offered his resignation from the army, which was re- 
turned indorsed. "Owincr to the exigencies of the service the 
resignation of Col. Babcock cannot be accepted. U. S. Grant. 
Maf.-Genl." His resignation was repeated from time to lime. 
and was finallv accented in Mar.. 1863. The following resolu- 
tions dated Mar. iS. 1863. were unanimously adopted by the 
officers and men of his regiment, and were published in the 
newspapers of that period ; 


The Babcock Genealogy. 363 

"The Resignation of Col. A. J. Babcock — Testimonial 
prom ins Companions in Arms. 

"Corinth, Miss., March 18, 1863. 

"At a meeting of the officers and men of the 7th Regiment 
of Illinois Infantry Volunteers, held on the 17th hist., were 
unanimously adopted the following preamble and resolutions: 

"Whereas, Col. Andrew I Bal>cock has resigned his commission a-; Col- 
onel of the 7th regiment of Illinois Infantry Volunteers, and wc the officers 
and men of the 7th. having been long under his command, both appreciate 
his worth and deeply regret his separation from m; lie it 

"Resolved, That in Col. A. J. Babcock the State of Illinois and the army 
of the United States have losi a brave, competent, and meritorious officer. 

"Resolved. That wc, who have for nearly two years been associated 
with him in his duties in the garrison and in the field, through many 
toilsome marches, and in the hard-fought battles of Donclson and Corinth. 
bear witness that he has proved himself a most daring, discreet, and 
loyal leader; and that in the execution of his office, as well as his per- 
sonal bearing, he has won not only the confidence and respect, but also 
the esteem and affection, of all under his command. 

"Resolved, That Col. Babcock, from the hist organization of the first 
regiment of Illinois, from the opening of the war to the present date, 
has proved himself before us. as a commander, most efficient; as a man 
and a brother in arms, at once just, genial, and generous. Wc sincerely 
hope and trust that his affairs may again permit the government to avail 
itself of his invaluable services in the laid: and should such be the case, 
it will he our highest happiness to he again associated with him in the 
service of our common country. 

"Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions he sent to Col. Babcock, 
and to the Springfield Journal, Chicago Tribune, and St. Louis Democrat. 
"R. L. Metcalfe, Surgeon 7th Illinois Infantry. President. 
"J. ROBINSON, Adjutant, Secretary." 

Children : 

1420 Susan Louisa.* b. Oct. 5. 1852; m. Z. Dayton Graham. 

Charles Andrew, b. Springfield, Nov. 10. 1856; res. 1903, Spring- 
field ; 1111111. 

Lucy Blackmail, b. Springfield, Mar. 30. 1850: d. Apr. 12. 1859. 

George Shepherd, b. Springfield. Feb. 8, 1866; res. Springfield; 
m. Dec. 4. [888, Mary. dau. of Henry and Nellie (Biody) Bugg. 
No issue. 

1421 James Clayton, b. Sept. 2. 1868; m. Bertha Pease. 

Robert Gil more, b. Springfield. Sept. II. 1S71 ; d. Oct. 29. 1871. 

888. Lucy Blackman 8 Babcock, dan. of Rohcrt Gilmore 
and Lucy (Blackman) Balrcock (John, Timothy, 

James, James, John. James), b. Cape Cod. Mass.. Sept. 8, 
1832; d. Dorchester, Mass.. Mar. (). 1890: m. Dorchester, 
Dee. 14. 1851, Henry Fol>es, b. Dorchester, Aujj. 19, 1821, d. 
Dorchester. June 21. !$<)<). Both are buried in Mount Hope 
Cemetery, Roxbury, Mass. 

364 The Babcock Genealogy. 

Children, 1>. Dorchester: 

Frank Pierce, b. Oct. i.|, 1852; d. May 6, 1853 

Lucy Otis !). Auk 23, 1854; <!. Nov. [8, 1858. 

Walter Henry, l>. June _■_-. 1857; «l. Sept. 10, 1858. 

Sarah Alien, b. Dec. -'<>. 1858. 

Mary Louise, 1>. Sept. 8, i860. 

Willard Henry, b. Jan. 20, 1862; m. May 18, 1902. One child, 1j. 

Maiden, Mass., July id, uyoy 
Harriet Carlton, b. Jan. 1. 1864. 
Emily Frances, l>. Dec. -'5. 1865. 

Katharine Gilmore, b. Jan. 6, 1868. 

Elizabeth Rabcock, b. June 25, 1X70: d. Aug. 11. 1875. 

Alice," b. Mar. 15, [873; res. Kosindalc, lloston, Mass.; m. Dor- 
chester, Sept., iS>j<). Warren II. Glcason. She was a teacher in 
the public schools of Dorchester. Child: Allen Gleason,'" 1>. 1000. 


889. Sarah Otis 8 Babcock, dan. of Robert Gilmore and 
Lucy (Blackmail) Babcock (John, Timothy, James, 

James, John, James), 1). Apr. 22, 1834, in a house which for- 
merly stood near the entrance of the old cemetery upon the 
south corner, in Milton, Mass. 

In the spring of 1837 ncr parents with their family removed 
to Quincy, Mass.. living in the black post house on Common 
Street, called so from the cedar posts painted black which sup- 
ported the front veranda. She first attended a little private 
school kept by a Miss Nightengale, and later the public school. 
About the year 1845 the family removed to S. Boston, and 
Sarah attended the Hawes School, from which she graduated 
at the age of thirteen. 

At seventeen years of age she began to teach in the public 
schools of Roxbury, Mass.. a work which with slight inter- 
mission was continued for a period of forty years. .About 
this time she went to James Freeman Clarke's Church, and 
here probably was laid the foundation for a long life of men- 
tal activity of a rare quality. The year following her work 
and life in Roxbury she became a member of the Parker Fra- 
ternity. She here received impressions which stimulated her 
character in the direction of the most advanced thought and 
action, adding to the natural intensity of her character mate- 
rial which gave color to her whole future. 

About this time the rigors of the Xew England climate left 
their mark upon her. and a change was nccessarv. She went 
alone to what seemed then the great West. Chicago, to build 
new fortunes, taking with her the inheritance of Xew Eng- 
land history and thought, detestation of slavery, and a strong 
love of home. She secured a position as teacher in the North 
Rolling Mill District, and at the close of her long work in 


1834-1901. Fage 364. 

67 25 *