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Cha5. C.l5ay\Min 








1500 to 1881. 




[the leader PKinTING C0MP/4NY] 










• • • • « 

• • • 

> • « • 1 1 

" - *■ • • • • 
• •* • • 


[Tin; EN(ii.isu 

f W I N - 

The Earl.^ ut Luiml^JUiLks, Euiilaud 

Ri(!huid. j.r roMnry BO^' 

Johu, ot (' inty liiu-kiVJ brother of Richard).. 

Dundridi.- ''id ii . 

Av'"- ;.! ^ . I>\ i;'- 

'1 i;» 

■ > (it) 

"tllK EsriOl t.VN CS AND TitKlU Df^cendants — 

Rich Hil ■ ■ Milfdid, ( oMucctifut. dcscendt'd from Rirlmrd. of Counly 

.;-J38, 8n-S16 

•lolnii, fii j;i-> oniniitoii. C.iiiiiti ticiil (brother ot Ricliard, of Milt'ord) . . . .339--'268 

•'"li"|i, (.1 1-2 orwich, L'oiiHcticut (related to Richard, of .Alilfonh '?G9-2!>6 

I ** 
■h'uL, ,,t5{\;;|fonl, Oi.M, , li.iii . 2i»7-4(>'J. 8H>-><37 

'I"i'iEi)ih\i • ' Miil'.iid I niiliiiil (tr'Hii I'.ik K- :i'id pidh.iiih- ili-,ii ndcd 

■ s 

frii]?v lii> liJiiii. Li 'Miiiiv lUicK.-i. JOo— lo5 

biinir! MdfiMd, otmectioit (hrolher ol riiiioihvi 

1(10-1:78, 837 

iccliciil, ;ii)<l Ihidley. Masbaclmsetts (liiolher of 

'7}»-(;i4. 838-8:39 

i-s:iclni>eH- iPr, (;s(l 
>;icliusetls ^)ellia|i i)riiiiirr.jl ll<ni\ 
I ( 'hcsb'r^Miiiiy, IVnnsyivaiiia . 

< hester t*o^y, Peiui.>ylvania (brother of FraneiM , i 

mily. Peiinsylvaiiia | brother of Francis) ," I l-7(iv 

nii\ Pi !Mi-\ !v iiii ' ''■'■■M. %iiiU.liii. I'll"!. Hid! 7(tl-7R 

( dULK-'Clli •'>■-• 

Connecticut . . 
Kentucky . . . 
New York. 

"^^ Vermont. 

Late Families from Eng-land or Ireland . . . 

Appendix — 

Bruen Family 

Hall Family 

Prentiss Family 

Kellogg Family. 
Miscellaneous Index 
Index of Baldwins 
Corrections and Additions 




FOR convenience, each first settler in America is numbered 1, although liis 
number maj'^ be different in the Englisli Une. Each descendant lias a perma- 
nent number, by obsijrvinii; which, any line is easily traced backward or forward. 
The number of tlie gencratiou follows the luuiic Thus, on page 100: Timothy 3 
Barnalias- Richard,^ uiL-au> that Timothy is of the tiiird generation and son of 
Barnabas who is son of Richard. 

Abbreviations have saved much labor: such as b., born; bapt., baptized; m., 
married; unm , unmarried; d., died, or deart; d. y., died young; ch., children, or 
child; dan., daughter, (tr daughters; and s., son, i)r sons. 

The plus mark (+) means, that furlhi-r im under Ihr number of tlie name to which 
the mark is attached appears a further account of its ttwner. 

No changes are made in tlatcs for nt:w or old style — dates being given as tJiey 
appear in the records. Names are spelled as they appear in the Family Records or 
elsewhere. TJie writer thinks it would have lieeii liellei' ti> uciier;illy ii'iluee ilient 1o 
a uniform s]ielling. 

The system of arrangement is, in substance, that of the "New England Historic 
Genealogical Society," of Boston. The changes are accidental, growing out of llie 
personal convenience of the writer in making his book. 





THIS is not the autlior's ideal genealoo-y. Tliat has innch 
fuller biographies and pictures of days gone hy. To leacli 
its highest value, a family history sliould he full enough to make 
one feel acquainted with his own ancestors and earlier times. 
Generally, especially in families of New England descent, that is 
quite possible. The writer will be glad to sl-c separate xol times 
of the lines given herein, and will cheerfully assist, as he may, 
such fuller attempts at the " Baldwin (tenealo«y." 

No one can know, as well as tlie author, the many errors of 
this book. In giving some accounts, collected froin uiiginal 
sources, of twenty-two thousand individuals, errors would be 
expected. An examination of other Genealogies teaches that 
they are inseparable from such work. Between the author, the 
copyist and the printer, many have occurred; but more in the 
thousands of letters giving information, and some even in 
records. The author has in mind a place where the town and 
church records and epitaphs disagree oftener than they agree, 
and not seldom there are three different dates. He feels con- 
siderable confidence that he is generally right in the lines of 
descent. It has been his rule to admit a descent only on what 
Avould be legal evidence in such matters, and he has not hesi- 
tated to express such doubts as too seldom appear in books of 

8 Preface. 

At the close of a task which has occupied too large a portion of 
his time for more than twenty 3'ears, and taken more of his money 
than he expects to see returned to him, he may be pardoned for 
sajing- that he is himself surprised at the amount of material he 
has collected, — very busy as he has been in the active prosecution 
of a laborious profession 

He cannot l)ut have a very kindh^ feeling for the name and 
his readers. The}' will be very largely indebted to George W. 
Baldwin, Esq., of Boston, (p. 280) for the excellent account of 
the English lines herein, which makes it easy for most of the 
name to trace their ancestry for nearly four hundred years. 

The descendants of the Pennsylvania lines are pretty certain 
to be indebted to Mr. Gilbert Cope, of West Chester, Chester 
County, Penu. 

Hon. John D. Baldwin, of Worcester, Mass., has nearly doubled 
the descendants of John, of Stonington. 

Rev. DwiGHT Baldwin, of Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands, Dr. 
Alvan Talcott, of Guilford, Conn., and Mr. Byron A. Baldwin, 
of Chicago, all deserve special mention. 

Other acknowledgments are made under biographies of in- 

Corrections or additions, sent to the author, will be noted on a 
copy to be deposited with the " Xew England Historic Gene- 
alogical Society," iu Boston, Mass., for the use of future genealo- 
gists of the family. 


12(>4 Euclid Avenue, 

Ci.KVELAMi, Ohio, 

June, 1881. 

The Name Baldwin 

Baldwin is an old name, and quite common as early as the 
Conquest of England. It appears in the roll of Battle Abliey. 
There was in England a Baldwin as early as 672 ; and every one 
knows of the Baldwins, Earls of Flanders, from the one cotempo- 
rary with Alfred the Great, and whose sou, Baldwin 2nd, married 
Elstruth, dan. of Alfred, to the Baldwin 5th, who m. the dau. 
of Kobort of Frauce, and whose dau. Matilda, m. AVilliam the 
Conqueror. Baldwin, Emperor of the East iu 1237, and of the 
Baldwins, Earls of Devonshire, called in JSTormandv Baiidoin des 
Riviers, and in England Baldwin de Tlsle. Baldwin of Redvers, 
the Earl, was the lirst to rebel against Stephan. 

1 am afi'aid the traditionary descent of divers Baldwins in Xcav 
England, from Devonshire, rests ou uo better ground than a fancy; 
that tlie early Baldwins, of Devonshire, were ancestors of a long 
line of the name. This was not so. 

Surnames, however, were not used in England until long after 
the Conquest. Camden observes, that he never could lind an 
hereditary name in England before the Conquest; that they were 
not settled among the common people till about the time of 
Edward 11., (1307 to 1329). Surnames were not from sire, but 
became superadded to the Christian name; so, that finding the 
name in the same locality, even at the Conquest, is no mark of con- 
nection. I believe Camden, in the above remarks, reall}' antedates 

Baldwin de Hampden, of the time of the Conquest, becomes 
plain John Hampden, the patriot of the English Revolution. 
Still it is not without interest that I have found the name so 
common. That the name was in Flanders, in i^ormandy, and 
perhaps elsewhere in France, is well known. 

Rev. E. C. Baldwin, of Brauford, Conn., tells us that a couple 
of Danes, informed him the name was a Danish one and common 
in that country. It exists as Balduin in Germany, and even in 


10 Baldwin Genealogy. 

my own city is a German — "August Baldwin." Near Cobleutz, 
on a stream flowing into the Rhine, is Baldwinstein — Baldwin 
stone — a castle and a town. 

In 1870, I was told at Floreace that the name was Italian, and 
common in that vicinity. Miss Strickland says, it is a fine old 
name of Saxon origin, and signifies "Bold AVinner." * 

Arthur, on Family Kames, says : "Baldwin (German). — The 
speedy conqueror, or victor; from Bald, quick or speedy, and win, 
an old word signifying victor, or conqueror, as: Beriwin, famous 
victor; Allwin, all-victorious," etc. Andersen also makes it the 
German Balde, from which Baldwin, bold in battle. 

The ancestors of a very large share of the Baldwins in the 
United States, lived in County Bucks, England, and the name 
seems to have been common there from a very early time. I have 
already alluded to Baldwin de Hampden, whom Lord Nugent, and 
Macaulay after him, says, was one of the Norman favorites of the 
Saxon king, Edward the Confessor. Hampden was and is in the 
same locality where, in after years, Baldwins were plenty. 

In Domesday Book appear also : Baldwin the son of Herluin, 
had, in King Edward's time, a vassal named Turgis, Avho held 
Slow in freehold ; at Domesday it was held by Robert Olgi and 
Robert Ivri. The same Baldwin also held lands in Gloucester- 
shire ; one of his vassals held lauds in Woughton Bucks, " half a 
hide." In Elesberie, Hundred, and in Esenberge— -EUesborough. 
(See map of part of Bucks herein.) " Osbert held of William, one 
hide and a half. There is land to two ploughs, and there are two 
oxen there with one villane. It was and is worth five shillings ; 
in King Edward's time, twenty shillmgs. Baldwin, a vassal of 
Archbishop Stigand's, held this manor and might sell it." The 
same Osbert holds Haddenam of William. "It answered for 
three hides. There is land to five ploughs. There are two in the 
desmesne, and four villanes have three ploughs. It is and was 
worth four pounds; in King Edward's time, one hundred shillings. 
Baldwin, a vassal of Archbishop Stigand's held the manor and 
might sell it." 

In King William's time (of Domesday Book), Baldwin holds a 
farm of William — two hides in Lamva Hundrech' "There is land 

* Its general prevalence very likely dates from the Crusades, and the then popular Baldwins. The name 
may first have been applied to such fortunate boldness as has given Mr. E. S. Baldwin, the present well 

known millionaire of San Frantisco,'the Hohriquet of " Baldwin, the Lucky." 

Early Baldwins of County Bucks, England. 

to one plough and a half, and they are three with one villane, an. 
one bordar meadow ior one plough. In the whole it is and wa 
worth twenty shillings. He, himself, held it in King Edward' 
time, and might sell it." 

In Mosleie Hundred, "Baldwin holds of William, in Cicelai 
(Chichley), three hides for one manor. I'here is land to three 
ploughs. There is one in the desmesne ; * and five villaues,t with 
four bordars, t have two ploughs. Meadow for one plough. 
Pannage || for one hundred hogs. It is and always was worth 
forty shillings. He, himself, held it in King Edward's time, and 
might sell it."' 

In Hard mead, seven and a half miles west of Chichley, " Bald- 
win holds of AVilliam, one hide for one manor. There is land to 
one plough, and it is there with three villanes. It is and was 
always worth one mark of silver. Three brothers held this manor ; 
one of these was the vassal of Tochi, and two the vassals of Bald- 
win ; and they might sell." 

In County Herts, in Brickenden: " Baldwin, a certain servant 
of the King's, holds three virgates hind to one plough, and pan- 
nage for forty hogs, and worth ten shillings. In King Edward's 
time held by three brothers." 

The name of Baldwin occasionally appears thereafter, but the 
connection, if any, is unknown. In 1198 Robert Fitz Baldwin 
has lands m Burton Bucks. Anno 1200 he has a line and re- 
covery of lands there from Walter Buistard. First year of King 
John he pays tax ^^ VI marc argent^'' six marks of silver; 1204 he 
suffers fine and recovery; 1254 John Baudwyn has lands in Bur- 
ton ; 1204 Michael Fitz Baldwin receives lands in Haremede, of 
John de Haremede, by fine and recovery; 1252 to 1272, John Le 
Parker and wife Agnes, and John Baldwin and wife Cecil, pay one 
mark and take the property of Gil. de Preston — Agnes and Cecil 
were perhaps his daughters; 1254 Henry de Preston, son and heir 
of Baldwin de Preston, pays homage. 

In Herts, in 1250, Baldwin, son of Baldwin le Fleming, pays a 
fine. In 1277, at an inquisition of the manors of Hathfeud, Adam 

* A desmesne, generally spelled demesne, or demain, was the manor house and the land adjacent which 
the Lord keeps in his own name. (Blackstone.) 

+ The villane was, in feudal law, one \vho held land bj- a base or servile tenure; as, for instance, usctul 

t I do not find bordar; but bord-lands were lands appropriated by the lord for the support of his table 
(Wright and Webster), and were the garden spots of the villanes. I 

II Pannage — the mast of oak or beech, which swine feed on in the woods. (Wright's Provincial Diet.) '■ 


Baldwin Genealogy. 

ialdwin appears. In Chutterbuck's Hertfordshire, is an agree- 
leut between Hugh Evesden, twenty-seventh Abbot of the mon- 
ster}'-, and the Burgesses of St. Albans, confirmed by Edward I., 
n his first year, 1272. It seems to be an agreement about bounds, 
and in one place they are described ^'- et de illenque tayiqae an grange 
Johan le Fls Richard Baldwyne, etde illenque par Touniandich tanque 
a Sopwelle, lane et de illenque tanque au croft Johan de Hampton." 
From 1342 to 1347, Ricard Baldwyne appears to own land abun- 
dantly in Herts; 1441 to 1445, John Baldewyn is rector of Layton 
Hundred of Edwintree. The patron, was the prior and convent 
St. Trinitv, London. 

[Built about 1250.] 

Eeturning to Bucks: in 1340, Henry is taxed at Little Missen- 
den. In the time of Edward III. (he reigned 1329 to 1377), 
Walter Baldwin and Gunneva his wife hold lands in Honeyborn ; 
1358 and 1362, John Baudwyn and Elizabeth his wife parted with 
lands held by the right of Elizabeth, in Nether Winchendon, by 
the usual process of fine and recovery. In 1429, John Baldwin, of 
Aylesbury, appears as party to a similar conversance. Five years 
after, Johannis Baldwyn appears in a list of "the gentry" of 
County Bucks, at Aylesbury, returned by the Commissioners, 12 
Henry VI. John Senior and John Junior were two out of three 
of the founders of the fraternity or brotherhood of the town of 
[Vylesbury, in 1429. 

Early Baldwins of County Bucks, England. 13 

Richard Baldwin died there September 21st, 1485, leaving as 
his next heir his brother John, who, August 11th, 1486, was six- 
teen years old and upwards. The issue of writ upon his death 
was made June 4th, I486. The age appears from a Chancery 
Inquisition, j^ost mortem, 1 Henry VII., taken August 11th, 1486, 
of which the following is a translation: 

Chancery Inquisition, Post ^Iortem, 
1 Henry 7, pt. "1, No. 120. 
11 Aug., 1486. 

Inquisition taken at Bokenyff uld , the County Buk, the eleventh day of August, in 
the first year of the reigu of King Henry the Seventh, before Ricliard Bulstrode, 
Esq're, Escheator of [our] Lord the King, in the aforesaid Countj% by virtue of the 
brief of the Lord King himself, directed to the same Escheator, and proved to this 
Inquisition, by oath of Thomas Garston, Thomas Jarnour, John Lorkyn, Thomas 
Knyght, John Aylewyn, .John Grove, John Davy, John Walter, Thomas Dunton, 
Richard Dene, William atte Lee and Edward Slj'le; who say, on their oath, that 
Richard Baldewyn, named in tlie said brief, was, on the day in which he died, seized 
in his domain as in fee of a certain manor with its appurtenances, in Aylesbury, in 
the aforesaid County, called Otterarflfee; and of one messuage forty and five acres of 
land [i.e. arable land], and ten acres of meadow in Aylesbury aforesaid, in the afore- 
said County, which are held of the Lord K'ng in Socage, by the service of pinching 
litter for the bed of the said Lord King, and straw and grass for adorning (or making- 
comfortable) the lodging (or guest chamber) of the said Lord King thrice in the year, 
if he should come thither, viz: in summer, grass [rushes?] for the aforesaid cause, 
and two wild geese; and in winter, straw and three eels; so that six wild geese, or 
nme eels, may be in the j'ear, if he should come hither thrice in the year. And the 
aforesaid Jurors say that the aforesaid manor land and meadow, with appurtenances, 
are worth per annum, in all revenue beyond the repayments, fifty shillings. And 
further the said .Jurors say, that the same Richard Baldewyn died seized of one 
messuage called le Crown forty and three acres of land and meadow, with appurte- 
nances, in Aylesbury aforesaid, which are held of Ihomas Lord Ormond Knight, by 
service of ten shillings and nine pence per annum, which messuage land and meadow 
are worth per annum, in all produce beyond repayments, sixtj* shillings and eight . 
pence. And further the said Jurors say, that the aforesaid Richard Baldewyn, on 
the day in which he died, was seized in his domain as in fee of one tenement, situate 
in Aylesbury aforesaid, between the messuage of William Chalfunt on one part, an', 
^he messuage of the late John Grove on the other part, which is held of the aforesaid 
Lord Ormond, by service of three shillings per annum, and that that tenement i. i 
worth per annum, in all produce beyond the repayments, six shillings and eight pence 
And further the said Jurors saj', that the aforesaid Richard Baldewyn held no otht 
or more lands or tenements from the said Lord the King, nor from any other, ■ 
domain or in service, on the day in which he died, in the aforesaid County. A 
further the aforesaid Jurors say, that the same Richard Baldewyn died in the day i 
St. Matthew last past (21 Sept., 1485); and that .John Baldewyn is his brother ar 
next heir, and is of the age of sixteen j^ears and more. 

In testimony of which both the Escheator aforesaid, and the aforesaid Jurors, h; 
aiHxed their seals to each part of this indented Inquisition. Given in the dav, pi; 

-'^-— I 


14 Baldwin Genealogy. ' 

This John Baldwin paid a relief upon this manor in 1492 (Madox 
Bar. Ang. 247), and is the same John named in a note to the iirst 
volume of Hume's History of England (p. 297 Harper's ed.), where 
he is erroneously assigned to the time of King Henry II., although 
Hume is right enough in the general use he makes ot it there as 
a note to a statement of the mode of living of Henry II., whose 
apartments were every day in winter covered with clean straw and 
hay, or in summer with green rushes or boughs, lest the gentlemen 
who paid court to him, and who could not, by reason of their great 
number, find a place at table, should soil their fine clothes by 
sitting on a dirty floor. 

This manor of Oterarsfee was originally granted by Henry II. 
to Roger, the King's minstrel, upon the same singular tenure, 
which is recited in a " confirmation " of the manor to Richard, son 
of Robert le Aylesbury, 1 Richard II. (1137), Cal. Rot. Pat. 199. 
The manor had then been in the continuous possession of the 
Aylesbury family since the grant. How the estate came to the 
Baldwins I do not know — possibly, but I think not likely, by 
descent; not unlikel}^ by marriage. The Aylesburys had arms, 
according to Camden, a cross argent in a field of azure; and the 
Baldwins do not seem to have had arms until some branches ob- 
tained them in later times. In 1542, John Baldwin paid subsidies 
on this manor. The most eminent Baldwin of Bucks was Sir John 
Baldwin, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas of England, 1536 to 
1546, when he died. His early history is not easily traced; and 
in fact, the diiferences and mistakes of writers as to his descent 
and descendants will illustrate the perils the genealogist encoun- 
ters. He is commonly said to be the son of William Baldwin, by 
his wife Agnes Dormer, daughter of William Dormer, of West 

The Dormers were an old and wealthy family, whose line con- 
tinued after and rose to an Earldom. Sir Robert, brother of 
Agnes, Sheriff" of Beds and Bucks, was knighted in 1527, and d. 
[■•-552. His son Robert, Baron as Lord Dormer, of W^enge, d. 1616. 
^is grandson Robert became Viscount of Ascot and Earl Caernar- 
on; killed 1643. His sister Elizabeth m. Somerset, Lord Her- 
ert and Marquis of Worcester. William, of West Wycombe, m. 

gnes, dau. of Sir John Lancelyn, a French knight; he died 1506. 

he account ordinarily received of Sir John is, as I have said, that 

> was son of William, who m. Agnes Dormer; but the account 


Sir John Baldwin. 15 

of Jolm, given iu one of the Ilarleian Mss. (No. 1533, Vol. 15), 
says he married a dau. of William Dormer. 

The will of William Dormer, dated 22 Sept., 150G, directed him 
to be buried in the chancel at West Wicombe, and gave his "dau. 
Johan Alburgh 10 marks, to my dau. Margeri Deane 10 marks, to 

my [daughter evidently omitted by the transcriber of the 

will] Agnes Baldwin 10 marks, and to William Baldwin, my 
godson, £10: to John Baldwin the younger 10 marks, to Alice 
Baldweyn 10 marks, to Richard Baldweyn 10 marks, to Pernell 
Colyngborne 10 marks, to John Dormer 10 marks, to Henry Hunt 
10 marks, to Lettice Dormer 10 marks; to Henry, son of Thomas 
Deane, 40s; to Agnes, my wife, £300; to sou Robert £800, and all 
my years to come in my farm of West Wicombe." His executors 
were his wife and son Robert ; overseers, John Baldwin the older, 
and John Colyngborne. The will was proved 7 Oct., 1506. The 
inquisition post mortem of Sir John (1546) shows he had a son 
William, who m. Mary Tryingham, and d. before that, leaving a 
widow but no issue; a dau. Agnes or Ann, who m. Robert Pack- 
iugton, mercer of London, and had a son Thomas, born about 
1523; a dau. Petronella or Parnell, who m. lirst Sir Thomas Ram- 
sey, and second Burlacy; she had a son John, born about 1528. 
Sir John also had a dau. Alice. A probable supposition would be 
that in the will of William Dormer, Sir John was John the elder. 
Agnes was his wife ; William the godson, the William who d. 
before 1546 ; Alice the dau. of Sir John and Richard and John Bald- 
win, perhaps children of Sir John, who died young. The error of 
making Sir John son of William, said to have m. Agnes Dormer, 
arose from an erroneous transcript of the Dormer will, in the 
Collin Peerage, more than a century ago. John Coh'ugborne, the 
other overseer, was a son-in-law, having married Parnell, daugh- 
ter of William Dormer. 

Mr. George W. Baldwin, of Boston, finds in the foreign and 
domestic papers, temp. Henry VIII., many entries relating to 
John Baldwyn : in commission of the peace for Bucks, 1509, 
1510 and 1512; in the commission for goal delivery, Southampton 
Castle, 1511; exempted from juries, 1515 and 1516. In an account 
in 1520 appears an item of fee to John Baldwin; same year tht 
name appears in the sherift* rolls, and in 1523 among the subsidy 
commissioners of Bucks. Sir John waS' appointed "Reader" a^ 
Lincoln 1516, and in 1530, when he was made Sergeant. H 

16 Baldiuin Genealogy. 

rose rapidly after that and became, as I have said, Chief Jus- 
tice in 1536. It is impossible to tell whether all those early 
entries relate to Sir John. It would seem unnecessary to spe- 
cially exempt him from jury duty, as he was a lawyer. His 
home seems to have been in Aylesbury. He was lord of the 
manor of Aylesbury. His office was very lucrative and he was 
very rich. In 1540 Henry VIII. granted him the home and site 
of Gray Friars, in Aylesbury. There was then a John the 
younger who was likely the one named in will of William Dormer. 
He had also granted him Missenden Abbey; and, in 1544, the fee 
of Dundridge which had fallen to the crown. He built the " new 
road" out of Aylesbury, and I believe the town hall (now pulled 
down). The new road was that leading to Wendover and Mis- 

The office held by Sir John was the most desirable in England. 
It was lower in dignity to the Chief Justice of King's Bench or 
Lord Chancellor, but in the days of Henry VIII. the chief judges 
of those courts had work to do that must have tormented them 
excessively. On the death of Sir John, Sir Edward Montague, 
then Chief Justice of King's Bench, solicited and obtained the 
office. Lord Campbell gives the following account: "The sudden 
death of Sir John Baldwin made vacant his office, which had now 
acc^uired the name of 'pillow,' from its allowing its possessor to 
be pat to sleep by the somnolent pleadings of the Sergeant, in 
conducting real actions without any excitement from criminal or 
political trials. Eor profit, it was superior to the Chief Justice- 
ship of the King's Bench; and most of those who had the good 
luck to lay their tripods upon it remained contented with it for 
life. Yet being inferior in rank, etiquette forbade the Chief 
Justice of England to accept it. But Montague, a few days after 
Baldwin's death, solicited and obtained the office. He was ap- 
pointed 6 :N'ov., 1546." 

His probable age would make it unlikely that he was grandson 

of William Dormer. Dormer died 1506, but probably not very 

old, as his brother. Sir Michael, was Sheriff of London 1529, 

Lord Mayor 1541, and died 20 Sept., 1545. Sir John had a 

grandson born as early as 1523. If Sir John, whose home was 

Vylesbury, was the John born in 1470, he was only fifty-three at 

he birth of this grandchild, and was even seventy-five at the 

Bath of Sir Michael in 1545. The genealogical situation is here 

Sir John Baldwin. 17 

quite iuteresting. In 1485 Richard dies, leaving his brother John 
as his heir. In 1506, William Dormer remembers Richard and 
John, and we shall find, further on, that Richard of Dundridge, in 
1552, dies leaving a brother John. The last Richard and John 
were ancestors to most of the Baldwins of America. 

Dundridge, which was granted to Sir John, and also the Braies 
which subsequently belonged in fee to the Richard branch, had 
belonged before to Sir John. It will be seen also that the Bald- 
wins of Dundridge descent took very kindly to the law as a pro- 
fession. I think the probability very great that Richard and 
John, who were living in 1552 when Richard died leaving a family 
of seven children, were nephews of Sir John. The fact that both 
families had considerable property, living close together, lends 
additional color to the supposition. 

Sir John died 24 Oct., 1545, as appears from Co.'s Inquisition 
post mortem, taken 22 Dec, 1546, (37 Henry VIII.) His next 
heirs were his grandchildren, Thomas Packington and John Bur- 
lacy. He left a large estate. The manor of Aylesbury at Domes- 
day survey included, besides Aylesbury and Walton, the parishes 
of Bierton, Boughton and Halcot, and belonged to the King until 
1204, when King John gave it to Geoffrey Fritz Piers, Earl of 
Essex. After several genei'ations, a Joan carried it by marriage 
to Theobald de Boteler ; with some generations intervening, it 
came to James (Butler), Earl of Ormond. Then came two James, 
Earls of Ormond; then Thomas, Earl of Ormand, d. 1515, from 
whom it came to his daughter. Lady Margaret Butler, who m. Sir 
William Boleyn, who d. 1505. Their son. Sir Thomas Boleyn 
(father of Ann), Earl of Wiltshire, sold it to Sir John Baldwin, 
from whom it went to the Packingtons. How completely the town 
was under the control of the Packingtons appears from a letter 
preserved among the Parliament returns of 14 Elizabeth, printed 
by Brayley and Britton (Beauties of England). I give it, it shows '' 
such a consciousness of owning a member of Parliament: 

" To all Christian people to ■whom this present witness shall come: I, Dame Doroth}' ., 
Packington, late wife of Sir John Packington, Knight, Lord and owner of the town ^' 
of Aylesbury, send greeting. Know ye me, the said Dorothy Packington, to have V, 
chosen, named and appointed my truly and well beloved Thomas Litchfield and 
George Burden, Esqr's, to be my burghers of my said town of Aylesbury; and what- 
ever the said Thomas Litchfield and George Burden, burgesses, shall do in the service 
of the Queen's Highness in that present Parliament to be held in Westminster, the 
8th of May next ensuing the date hereof, I, the said Dorothy Packington, do ratify 'fe 

18 Baldwin Genealogy. 

and approve to be of ray own act, as fully and wholly as if I were witness or present 
there. In witness whereof to these presents, I have hereunto set my seal, this 4th 
day of May, in the 14th year of the reign of my Sovereign Lady Elizabeth, by the 
grace of God, of England, France and Ireland, Queen," &c. 

Dugclall's Monasticon Anglicannm, Vol. 8, ]^. 1509, gives an 

account of the Convent of Gray Friars in Aylesbury, founded 

1387 by James, Earl of Ormond. It was surrendered to Henry 

VIII., and granted by him (1539) to Sir John, and became his 

country seat. The Packingtons lived there until the time of the 

great civil war, when it was so much injured that it was never 

afterward inhabited. The commissioners ot Henry found the 

monks very poor^ in debt, their garments very coarse, and very 

little stuff of household. So they only sold the glass windows, 

and their ornaments and utensils, leaving the house whole, only 

defacing the church. 



J^omrr ^Ji itrerjfr/ 

Map of Part of County Bucks, England, 


20 Baldwin Genealogy. 

Richard Baldwin, of County Bucks,, England, 


1. RICHARD BALDWIN, described as of "Donrigge," in the 
Parish of Aston Clinton, County of Bucks, yeoman, made his will 16 
Jany,, 6 Edward VI., that is 155f . In the body of the will his name 
is spelled "Bawldwyn" and "Baldwyn." The following is an ab- 
stract of the will, to be buried in the churchyard of Aston Clinton : 
"To daughter Alis, 20 marks when married; to daughter Agnes, 
£12 when 19 ; to daughters Cicely and Letise, each 10£ when 19 ; 
te son John, farm at Dungrove, in parish of Chesham, when 23, but 
if he die before that, to son Henry; to son Richard, my tenements 
in Cholesbury, and the lands belonging thereto, when 23: to wife 
Ellen and son Henry, the rents of his said houses and lands to- 
wards bringing up his children ; to Hughe Baldwin, his brother's 
son, £6 13s. -Id." He gave small bequests to his godchildren, 
tenants and servants; to his son Henry, ten silver spoons and a 
maser;* the rest of his personal estate, to his wife Ellen and 
son Henry equally, who are his executors. He makes the over- 
seers of his will, his brothers John Baldwin and John A^-puke. 
The will was proved in the Court of the Archdeaconry of Bucks 
Co , 21 Feby., 155f , by the executors named. 

The original will of his widow is among the records of that Court, 

but the date of probate is missing. The date of the will is 24th 

(month torn or eaten off), in the 8th year of Queen Elizabeth; 

The date then was the 24th of some month, from 24 Nov., 1565, 

o 24 Oct., 1566. The parish records at Aston, Clinton, begin 

aarriages 8 July, 1561; baptisms, 3 Dec, 1565; burials, 12 Eeby., 

560-1. The burial of Ellen does not there appear. She may 

ave lived with her son John and been buried at Chesham. She 

ay have been sister of John Apuke, named by her husband as 

other-in-law. If so, her family name is represented by the 

lern Pooke. 

* Maser. Wriyht says: "A bowl or g'ob'.et of wool." 

Richard, of County Bucks, England. 2 


In the name of God, Amen, the XYIth daj^ of January, in the sixt yere of the 
lioigue of o»" Souuraige L id King Edward the sixt, etc., I, Richard Baldwyu, of 
Dourigge, iu the parishe of Aston Clyuton, in the Counte of Bucks, yeoman, being 
sike in bod3% but hole in mynde, Lawde and prayse bee unto allniightie God, do ordevn, 
Constitute, declare and make this my present testament, conteyninge therein my last 
will. ffirst and principally, above all earthlj^ things, I do give, bequethe and 
recomend my soule unto allniightie God, my maker and Redemer, and mj' body to 
be buried m the Churchyard of Aston Clynton aforesayd. Item: I will that all .suche 
detts the w<-h I do owe vnlo anj- p son or p .sons of right be well and truly contented 
and payd. Item. I give unto the pourc men's box of Aston Clyuton iiii"'- Item: 1 
do give to Alls, my daughter, xxti marks sterling, to be payd at the tyme of her 
mariage. Item: I gyve to Agnes, my daughter, xii'i, to be payd when she cometh to 
the age of xix yeres. item; I will to Cicelly and Letise, my daughters, either of them, 
x'i. to be likewise payd to them when they come to the age of xix yeres; & yf it so 
forteyn that either of them do departe trome the worlde and die before this legacie 
be payd, then I will their parte to be equally divided betwyne the other sisters being 
alyve. Item: I will to John, vaj sonne, my farme at Dongrove, in the parishe of 
Chessara, wth all the landes to the same belonginge to hyme and to his heires forevei-, 
when he doth come'to the age of xxiii yeres; and if it so fortune that the sayd John 
do departe fi'om this worlde and die before he come to the sayd age without yssue, 
then I will the sayd farme to return to Henrj^, my sonne, and to his heirs forever. 
And also, I gyve to Kiel i aid, my soue, my ten 'ts in Cholesbury, with all lands be- 
longing to the same, with the re.^ydue of mj' yeres, the wch shall remaj^ne in my 
lease, the wch I hold of Master X pofer iVshetyld, gent., by indenture, the said ten'ts, 
w^ii their apptnces, to have to hyme and to his Eyres and assignes forever, when he 
shall come to the age of xxxiii yeres; and yf he fortune to departe this world and die 
before he shall come to the age of xxiii yeres without issue, then I will the sayd howse-^ 
and lands to remayn to the next heires. And in the meaue tyme, I gyve to Ellen, n 
wiffe, and to Henry, my sonne, the proffits of the Rents of my sayd howsses a 
lands towards the bringing up of my children jointly together. Item; I will 
Hewghe Baldwyn, my brother's sonne, vili xiiis iiiid-, to be paid to him wth in iiii yei 
after my decease. I will to every godchild that I have alyve iiiid. Item; I give 
every servant w-h bath dwelt wth me xii months, iiiiJ- Item ; I give to every 
tenants, iiii^- Item; I will to every of the children of John Straces, ever}^ of tl 
a yewe & a lambe. Item : I will that Henry, my sonne, shall have the lease ol 
farme in his custodie. wth out any lett or interruption of Ellyn, my wiffe. Ite 
will to Henry, my sonne, x sylver spones »& a maser. Item; I will that Ellyn, 
wiffe, & Henry, my sonne, shall have the occupation of my farme jointly toge 
during her lyffe, kepyng her selffe sole; & yf it so fortune that Ellyn, my wiff* 
marie, then I will that she shall avoyde & depart from the occupation of the ,' 
farme before the daj' of mariage, & then she to have lialfe the corn, cattail & / 

[sie] of the household stuffe at the sighte and payment of my overseers of th 
will ; & yf, in case that neade shall so require that this my testament in trul 
forminge be not like to be performed according to the true meanyng thereof, 
will that my overseers of this my present will shall have full Authoritie & p' 
staye such goodes & cattalles being upon the sayd farme, wth the appt'ces, U' 
due order be taken that this my will made be truly performed. The Resy' 
my goods & cattalles unbequeathed after my body buried & this my present 
fullilled, I gyve to Ellyn, my wife, & to Henry, my sonne, eqnally to \ i 


2 BaUhiiin Genealogy. 

l)etwyne them, whome I do constitute & my exec. & they to dispose for the health of 
my soule as they shall thinke best. Also, I do put in tru.ste my welbeloved brothers, 
John Baldwyne & John Apuke, to be my overseers of this my present will, & they 
to have for their labor, either of them, xs; thes witness Thomas Barnard, John Hut- 
low, Henry Byrche, Will'm Derely, wth dyvers others, being present. 


In the name of God, Amen. The xxvth day of [torn away], in the year of our Lord 
MvLXVi, and in the viiith yere of the Reigne of oure sovereign Lady Elizabeth by 
the Grace of God of England, France & L'eland, queue, defender of the flfaithe, etc.,, 
I, Elyu Baldwyn, of Donrig, in the p ish of xAston Clynton, in the couutie of Bucks, 
wedowe, being syck in body, but hole in mynde, th inkes therefor be vnto Almyghty 
God, do ordene and make this my present testament [torn away] my last wyll: tfirst 
and principally, above all erthely things, I give, bequethe & comend my soule unto 
Almighty God, my maker & redemer; and my body to be buried in the Churche 
yarjje of Aston Clynton aforesaid. Item : 1 give to the mother Churice of Lyncoln, 
iiJ- Item: I will to the Chancell of Aston Clynton, ii'i- Item: I will to the pore 
people of Aston Clynton, xii^'- Item; I will to the pore people of Cholesbury, xiid. 
Item: I give and bequethe to eovy [i.e. every] Godchylde of myne, iiiifi- Item: I 
gyve to eny childe's childe, iiiiti- Item. I give & bequethe to my daughters, Cecilye 
& Lettys, all those p cells of goods folowyng: that is to say, x paire of slietes, ii cur- 
tains ct iiii pillowe beres (pillow-case, Wright), one fustyan pillowe, a canvas pillowe, 
ii bolsters & iiii table napkins; in pewter, viii platters, iiii pewter dishes, one bason of 
1 pewter, a lattyne bason, and a chafying dyshe of lattyne (a mixed metal resembling 
[brass, Wright), a pott of brasse, a pan, ii posnetts (a small pot or skillet, Wright), 
nne chafer (sauce pan), xii kyttles wth ye covers, and a blanket, iiii coffers, a spitt, a 
pair of pott hoks, and a iron hanger over the tier. Item: [gone] Sylver pyn, and a 
fcaires of sylver hoks, all whiche p cells of goods above reiiersed I will ihat my [gone] 
all delyver onto my said ii • Doughteis, Cecilye & Lettyce, att the day of mariage 
me], equally devyded between them. Item: I will that if any of my saide ii. 
ighters dye before [gone] of ther mariage, that then ther pte or porcione to 
aayne onto the rest of ther systers, then [gone]. And further, I will that my said 
doughters shall take the advise and counsell of my cosyn, George Baldwyn, of the 
e, and other of ther brethern, in chosyng of their husbonds. And if they [gone] 
hem do refuse to be rulyd in chosying ther husbonds by the said George & other 
brethern then lyvyng, that then ther pte & porcion of Goodes by this my last 
"ci testament onto them bequethed to remayn onto the rest of my doughters then 
ig. Item: I gyve and bequethe unto Rychard Baldwyn and to Sjivester Bald- 
my son Henry Baldwyn's children, each of them, xiid. The Resydewe of all 
•oods & catalls unbequethed, my will performed [gone], I gj've onto John Bald- 
my son, whome I do make my sole executor of this my last will & testament. 
I do appoynte my son, Henry Baldwyn, to be my overseer of this my will and 
lent, desyryng him to se the same performed, and for his paynes I do gj've onto 
s- These witnesse George Baldwyn, Henry Baldwyn, Willm Putnam, Rychard 

y had children : 

Henry. -|- 

'^ohn. At the date of his father's will in 155f, he was not yet twenty-three 

1, and when he arrived at that age was to have the farm at Dongrove, in 

He was named as his mother's executor in 1565 or 1566, and as the 

Bichard, of County Bucks, England. 

overseer of the will of his brother Henry, dated 2d Jany., 1599 or 1600, but Mr. 
Chester finds no further trace of him, and feels certain he left no will, unless he 
went into some other part of the country and it was proved elsewhere. 

4. Richard. He was under twenty-three years old in 1552-'53, and was to have 
the tenements and lands in Cholesbury. He is not named in the wills after that of 
his father. Quere: Whether he was the Richard who resigned, in 1561, as vicar of 
Cropperly, Bucks County. 

Richard Baldwin, of Cholesbury, weaver, made his will, dated 
23 May, 1630, of w^hich the following is an abstract. He gives 
to his wife Isabell one-third of his goods and chattels; to his 
son Nathaniel, £10; to his son Joseph, when twenty-one, one- 
half acre of laud, called Hunt's Wick; to his daughter, Mary 
Pratt, 6s. 8d. ; to her dau. Mary two sheep, and to her other two 
children each a sheep; to his dau. Hannah =£13 6s 8d., and to his 
other daughters. Christian and Sarah, each £10 when twenty-one 
or married; all the rest to his son Timoth}-, who was his executor, 
and proved the will in the Court of the Archdeaconry of Bucks, 
16 May, 1633. 

In the name of God, amen. I, Richard Bauldwin, of Cholsbury, in the County of 
Bucks, weaver, being weake in body, but of p feet and good remembrance, blessed 
be God therefore, do make and ordayne this my last will and testament, in maner and 
forme following: First, I comitt myself, soule and body, into the hands of almighty 
God, &c. I give unto Isabell, my wife, one-third pte of all my goods, cattel, chattels 
and the like. Item : I give unto Nathaniel, my sonn, the sum of tenn pounds, to be 
pajd him wth in one yere next after my decease. Item: I give unto my sonn Joseph 
one meade platt called by the name of Hunt's Wicke, by estimacon half an acre, more 
or less, Ij'ing and adioyning to my cottage, y* John Dorrell now dwels in, for him to 
take possession of at his age of 21 yeres. Item : I give unto Mary Pratt, my daugh- 
ter, vis. v"id- Item, 1 give unto her daughter Mary two sheepe, and to her two other 
children each of them one sheepe. Item: I give unto Hanna, my daughter, xiiiLi. 
vis- viiid., and to my 2 other daughters. Christian and Sara, xii apiece, to be pd at the 
age of 21 yeres, or at the day of mariage. wch com frst. Item: I give to the pore oi 
Cholesbury xs-, and to the Church 3s- 4d. Item: 1 give unto Mr. Holl, the minister, 
xxs- Item: All the rest of my lands, goods, cattell, chattels, moveables, households, 
and whatsoever else myne is here unbequethed, I give unto Tjmiothy, myue eldest 
sonn, whom I make my full and whole executor to this my last will and testament. 
In witness whereof, I have hereunto sett my hand and scale, the 23 of December, 

Witness hereunto: /-« • xr N /T^ As, 

Richard Cripps ^/?~^C^ <^^ ' 2j C\y^d' ^^^V V^ 

Richard Baldwyn. (J Cy 

Although the last Eichard evidently could not have been the 
one who had the Cholesbury lands in 1552 or 1553, it seems not 
unlikely he was his son. Mr. Chester can find no traces of the 

Baldwin Genealogy. 

three sons, Timothy, Nathaniel and Joseph, after the probate in 
1633. He thinks there can be but little if any doubt that they are 
the ones who emigrated to New England, appearing in 1639 in 
Milford, Connecticut, with the other Baldwins from Aston Clin- 
ton. The Cholesbury register commences in 1583, and Mr. Ches- 
ter suggests an examination of it might perhaps clear up this 
matter. In 1870, I examined that register somewhat hastily to a 
period considerably after 1658, but failed to find anything of them 

Other children of Richard and Ellen were: 

5. Alice. Unmarried in 155|^. As she was not named in her mother's will, in 
156|^, she probablj' died and was buried at Aston Clinton before lo-|-2-. when the 
register commences. 

6. Agues. Unmarried and not 19 in 155|^. She married at Aston Clinton, 
18 Nov., 1566, William Grange, but lived less than four months, and was buried 
there 10 March, 1t6=. He remarried and was tinalW buried at Aston Clinton, 14 
Nov., 1582. In his nuncupative will, dated 26 Sept., 1582, he named his wife 
Isabell, and his sons Henry and Thomas, and made Henry Baldwin, his first wife's 
brother, his executor. 

7. Cieely. Unmarried in 155f , and in 1565 or 1566, not named in the will of 
her brother Henrj^ ^e^^- 

8. Lettice. Still unmarried in 1565 or 1566, but named in the will of her 

brother Henry, Iff |, as wife of Foster. In the will of her nephew, Robert 

Baldwin, son of her brother Henry, dated 22 March, 161f, she is mentioned as 
living in Tring, County Herts. 

2. HENRY 2 Richard \ He was his father's executor in 155|, 
and in 157| become owner in fee of Dundridge. His will, as 
"Henry Baldwin, of Dundridge, in the Parish of Aston Clinton, 
Co. Bucks, yeoman," was dated 2 Jany., Ifff. The will was 
proved at London, in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 2 
July, 1602, by Richard, his son and executor. He was buried at 
Aston Clinton, 1 June, 1602. In the New England Historical 
and Genealogical Register, for July, 1872, I published a brief 
synopsis of it from a copy I had then obtained. 


In the name of God, Amen. The second daye of Januarye, in the year of our 
Lord God one Thousand Ifive Hundred nynetj'e-nyne, and the two and fortieth j-eare of 
the Rayne of our Soveraigne Ladie Elizabeth by the Gi'ace of God of England, fFrauce 
and Ireland, Queene, Defender of the ffaythe. I. Henry Baldwin, of Dundridge, in 
the parish of Aston Clinton,. in the County of Buck, yoman, beinge of whole mynde 
and good and perfect memorie, laude be given to Almighty God, revoking and disan- 
nulling all other my former wills heretofore mede, doe meke, ordeyne, appoynte and 

Hiehavf, of Count)./ Bxch, Enr/land. 

declare this my last will am! testament, as well concerniiiu' the dispositiou ol al: 
lands, Tenements and Ileieditaments as of all and singular my goodes and diet, 
in manner and fforme flfoUowing: that is to say, ffirst comeud raj' sowle to Almi 
God. my maker and redeemer, and my bodie to be buried in decent sorte, accon 
to the discietinn of my executor, hereafter named. Item: I give and beqnethe \ 
the poore people of Aston Clinton, in the Conntie of Buck aforesayd, the sumnu 
Twentie shillings. Item: I give and bequeathe unto the poor people of ChoUesbi' 
Tweutie Shillings. Item: I give and bequeathe unto the poor people of WeudoA 
the somme of Twentie shillings. Item: I give and bequeathe unto the poor peop 
of Great Missenden three shillings, ffower pence. Item: I give unto Edmond Stoi 
hill, of Saint Leonard's, two shillings. Item: I give unto Thomas George, of Sain 
Leonards, twelve pence. Item: I give unto widow Tomkius, of Saint Leonards, two 
shillings. Item: I give unto Thomas Chapman, of Saint Leonards, twelve pence. 
Item : I give unto widdowe pratte, of Saint Leonards, t . elve pence. Item : I gwi 
and bequeathe unto John Baldwyn, my Sonne, all those my fow'er croftes or closes o 
ground, with ther appurtenances, situate, lyinge and being in Wendoverl in th 
countie of Buck, called or knowne by the name or names of Stybbings; to h^ive anc 
to howld the said croftes or closes, with ther appertenances, unto the same JohD 
Baldwyn, his heires and assignees, to the onelye propper use and behoofe of thiv same 
John Baldwyn, of his heires and assignees forever. Item: I give and bequeathe unto 
the sayd John Baldwyn, my sonne, Ten poundes, to be payd within one yeare next 
after my decease. Item: I give and bequeathe unto Robert Baldwin, my sonne, all 
those mj^ messuages. Lands, Tenements, Rents, reversions and hereditements, with 
all and singular their and ererie of their appurtenances, situate, lying and being in 
Flaundeu and Hempstead or elsewhere within the county of Herts; to have and to 
hold the sayd messuages, lands, tenements, rents, reversions and hereditaments, with 
all and singular t .eir and everie of their appurtenances, unto the sayd Robert 
Baldwyn, his heirs and assignees, to the propper use and behoofe of the same Robert 
Baldwin, and of his heires and assignees forever. Item: I give and bequeath unto 
the sayd Robert Baldwyn, my sonne, the somme of fortye pounds of good and lawfull 
moneye of England, to be payd unto him, his executors or assigns in manner and 
ifourme followinge: that is to say, that twentie powndes to be within one year next 
after my decease, and the other twentie poundes within one yeare next following. 
Item: I give and bequeathe unto Agnes, my daughter, the somme of one hundred 
poundes, of good and lawfull monej'e of England, to be paj'd unto the sayd Agues, 
her executors or assignees, at the daye of her marriage or within two j'eares next 
after my decease, which shall happen. I give and bequeathe unto James Bonas 
the somme of fEortye poundes, of good law^full money of England, to be payde unto 
Him in manner and forme ffollowing, viz: Twentie poundes thereof within sixe 
months next after my decease, and the other tw^enty powndes within eighteen months 
then next following. Item: I give and Ijequeathe unto Richard Baldwyn, mj' sonne, 
one cupboard, Twoe Tables, two fformes and all the stooles in the Hall, the Ii'on Barr 
in the Chimney in the Hall, and two of the Hangers over the ffyer there; the great 
spilt; the greatest cobj'erns (the irons which support the spit); a ^payr of andyearns 
in the parlor, with topps of brass, and the ffyer shovell and tonges sortable there- 
unto; the great pott, the great Brewery Cawderne with rings, the yettinge ffatt; 
the Towe feather bedes. whereon the same Richard lycth. with the boulsters, and 
I furniture thereunto belo'nginge; Twoe bedsteades standing in the servants' cham- 
ber; and the wool bedd, and all the furniture ludouging unto the same; the press 
in the loft; Twoe platters of the greater sorte, twoe platters of the second sorte, 


/ Baldwin Genealogy. 

twoe pewter dishes; a basin and ewer; all my armor and horsemyll, and all 
gs thereunto belonginge; sixe silver spoons and a maser. Item: I give and 
ieathe unto the said Richard Baldwyn all the glass and waynscott about the house 
•: the decease of Alice, my wife, and the table in the parlor. Item: I doe forgive 
son, Silvester Baldwyn, all the money that he oweth unto me, and I doe give unto 
said Silvester Baldwyn, my sonne, Ten Poundes, to be payd by my wiffe out of 
• porcon within one year next after my decease. Item: I give and bequeathe unto 
an Baldwyn and Henry Baldwyn, sonnes of my sonne Silvester, to each of them 
v^e shillings and eightpence. Item: I give unto Henry Bonas, sonne of Jaymea 
;onas, sixe shillings and eight pence. Item : I give unto Bartholomew Graveuye one 
"we and Lambe. Item: I give unto Robert Baldwyn, my late servant, twelve pence, 
.tern: I give unto cverie one of my god-children sixe pence. Item: I give and be- 
queathe unto my sister, Lettice Foster, the somme of Twentie shillings, of lawful] 
nocev of England. Item: I give and bequethe unto Thomas Kiuge, of Swanborne, 
"■enn s/iillings of lawfuU moneye of England. Item: I give and bequeathe unto 
lichardf Salter, my sonne-in-law, five ewe sheepe and five weathers; and whereas my 
sonne Kichard now hath, and taketh by the permission and sufferance of me the same 
Henry/ Baldwyn, the third part of the proffitt and comoditie arising, coming and 
being/of all and singular the corn, beest, sheepe, horses, cartes, cart gears, ploughes 
and plough geares, and all other the goodes and chattells whatsoever in, upon or 
about the mannor or ffarme of Dundridge, to his proper use and behoofe— the house- 
hold stuffe and Implements only excepted. I will that the said Richard shall 

and enjoye, to his propper use and behoof, the full, whole and first moyetye of all the 
same corne, beest, sheepe, horses, cartes, cartgears, ploughs and ploughgears afore- 
said, together with the household stuffe not before beqeathed, my debts being payd 
and funeral charges borne. And of this ray last will and testament I doe make my 
sayde son, Richard Baldwyn. my full and sole executor, and John Baldwyn, my 
brother, and John Adams, of Little Horwood, my overseers, and I doe give unto 
either of them, for their paynes therein to be taken, the somme of Twentie Shillings, 
of good and lavvfull money of England. 

In witness whereof, I have hereunto putte my hand and scale, the daye and yeare 
first above written. Henry Baldwyn. 

These bearing witness: Lewis Hall and Bartholomew, Gravenge, with others. 


In the name of God, Amen. The fourth day of June, in the yeare of or Lord 
God one thousand sixe hundred and twentie & two. I, Alice Baldwyn, of Donrig, 
in the p ishe of Aston Clynton, in the County of Bucks, widdow, being in p feet 
health and memorye (praise be given to God therefor), doe make and ordayne this my 
last will and testam*, Sin maner and forme followinge: ffirst, I comend my soul unto 
the heavenly protecion of the Almightye and ever-living God, and unto Jesus Christe, 
his onely sonne, and my only redeemer and Savior; and my body to be buried in the 
p ish church of Aston Clynton aforesaid, in some fitt and convenient place nere unto 
the buriall of my late husband, Henry Baldwin. Item: I doe give and bequeathe 
unto Richard Baldwyn, my sonne, Twentie Pounds, of lawfull English money, to be 
paid unto him within one yeare next after my decease. Item: I do give and bequeath 
unto Silvester Baldwyn, my sonne, twentie pounds, of lawful English monye, to be 
paid unto him within one yeare next after my decease; and if it happen the foresaid 
Silvester to departe this life before he shall receive his legacie of xx"-, to be paid as 

Bichard, of County Bucks, England. 

aforesaid, then I will that the said legacie of him so dying shall be equally devic. 
among his children then surviving. Item: I do give and bequeathe unto John Ba. 
win, my sonne, tvvtntie pounds, of lawfull English money, to be paid unto hi 
within one yeare next after my decease; and if it happen the foresaid John to depar 
this life before he shall receive his legacie of xx'i-. to be paid as aforesaid, then I w 
that the legacie of him so dying shall be equally divided amongst his childi-en tlh 
surviving. Item; I give and bequeath unto Marie Salter, my daughter, tenu 
poundes, of lawfull english money, to be paid unto her within one yeare next aftei 
my decease; and if it happen the foresaid Marie to departe this life before she shall 
receive her legacie of xii> to be paide as aforesaid, then I will that the said legacie of 
her so dying shall be equally divided amongst her children then surviving. Item: I 
do give and bequeathe unto the aforesaid Marie, my best gold ring and my best; 
gowne, to be delivered withiu one yeare next after my decease. Item: I do give ar- 
bequeath unto John Baldwyn, sonne of Silvester, xls-, of lawfull english m' 
Item: I do give and bequeath unto Henry Baldwin xl*-. of lawfull english 
Item: I do give and bequeath unto Silvester Baldwyn, the son of Silvester, . 
lawful english monye. Item: I do give and bequeath unto Richard Baldwin . 
lawful english monye. Item: I do give and bequeath unto William Bald wine i 
lawful englishe monye. Item: I do give and bequeath unto Alice Baldwyn xi 
lawful english monye. Item : I d give and bequeath unto Janne Baldwyn xls-, of la\ 
ensrlishe money; which said severall legacies, so bequeathed unto my sonne Silves 
children, I will shall be paid unto them within one yeare and a half next afte 
decease. Item: I do give and bequeath unto Richard Baldwyn xls-, of lawfull en 
monye. Item: I do give and bequeath unto John Baldwyn xls., of lawful e 
monye. Item: I do give and bequeath unto Marie Baldwyn xls., of lawfull er 
monye. Item: I do give and bequeath unto Annis Baldwyn xls., of lawfull en 
monye. Item: I do give and bequeath unto Martha Baldwyn xls-, of lawfull engiisiie 
monye; which said severall legacies so bequeathed unto my sonne John Baldwyn's 
children I will shall be paid unto them within one year and a halfe next after my 
decease. Item: I do give and bequeath unto Richard Salter xls-, of lawfull enolish 
monye. Item: I do give and bequeath unto Thomas Salter xls, of lawful english 
monj^e. Item: I do give and bequeath unto John Salter xls-, of lawful eudish 
monye. Item: I do give and bequeath unto David Salter xl*-, of lawfull Enfflish 
monj-e. Item: I do give and bequeath unto Susanah Salter xls-, of lawfull englishe 
monye. Item: I do give and bequeath unto Marie Salter xls., of lawfull englishe 
monye. Item: I do give and bequeath unto Sarah Salter xls-, of lawfull englishe 
monye; which said several legacies so bequeathed tmto my daughter Marie Salter's 
children I will shall be paid unto them within one yeare and a half next after my 
decease. I give and bequeath unto Henry Bonas tenn pounds of lawfull englislie 
monye. Item: I do give and bequeath unto James Bonas xls-, of lawfull englishe 
monye. Item: I do give and bequeath unto John Bonas five pounds, of lawfull 
englishe monye. Item: I do give and bequeath unto Christian Bonas fower pounds, 
of lawfull englishe monye. Item: I do give and bequeath unto Faith Bonas fower 
pounds, of lawful englishe monye. Item: I do eive and bequeath unto Marie Bonas 
fourteene pounds, of lawfull englishe monye. Item: I do give and bequeath unto 
Jane Bonas fower pounds, of lawfull englishe monye; which said severall legacies so 
bequeathed unto my daughter Jane's children I will shall be paid unto them within 
one yeare and a halfe next after my decease. Item: I do give and bequeath unto 
Henrie Stonehill, my sonne-iu-lawe xls-, of lawfull englishe monye. Item: I do give 
and bequeath unto Henrie Stonehill, Junr-, xls-, of lawfull englishe monye. Item: 


Baldwin Genealogy. 

give and bequeath uuto Jane Stoneliill xls-. of lawful! englishe monye. Item: 
lo give and bequeath uuto Auois Stouehill xls-, of lawfull englishe mouj-e; which 
I id several! legacies so bequeathed unto m_y sonne Henrie Rtouehiil and his children 
! vyill shall be paid unto them within a yeare and a halfe next after my decease. 
CO.: I do give and bequeath uuto Ann, the daughter of Robert Baldwin, my sonn, 
'■, of lawfull englishe monye, to be paid unto lier within a yeare and a halfe next 
iter my decease. Item: I do give and bequeath unto vnj brother, Thomas King, 
enn shillings, of lawfull monye, to be paid unto him within one yeare and a half next 
ifter my decease. Item: I do give and bequeath unto the children of Robert Kinge, 
ny brother, twenty shillings, of lawful englishe monye, to be equally divided amongst 
them, to be paid unto them within one year and a halfe next after my decease. Item: 
]; do give and bequeathe unto TViiliam King, the sonn of Thomas, tenn shillings, of 
n-ful englishe monye, to be paid unto him within a yeare and a half next after my 
se, if it be lawfully demanded. Item: I do give and bequeath unto m}- sister, 
Alouatogue, tenn shillings, of lawful! englislie monye, to be paid unto her 
one yeare and a halfe next after my decease. Item : I do give and bequeath 
very one of my servants, tliat shall be in mj' service at the tyme, vs., or els to 
one of tliem a sheepe, to be delivered uuto them within two months next after 
ecease. Item: I do give and bequeath to the poore people dwelling in Aston 
itou xxs., and to the poore people dweling in St. Leonard's, within the parish of 
<n Clyuton, xs-, and to the poore people of Cholesbury xxs-, to be distributed 
gst them at the discretion of my executors within two months next aftei* my 
;e; and I do give and bequeath for and towards the reparations of the parlshe 
leof Aston Clynton iiis- iiiid-, over and above the ordinarie duties, to be paid for in 
jout my f uneralls, to be paid within two mouthes next after my decease. Item : 
j'^.^'ve, and my will is, that all my householde slufe and implements of household 
whatsoever, not before bequeathed or given, shall be equally devided and parted 
amongst so many of mj' sonnes and daughters as shall happen to be alive at the time 
of m}- death ; Provided also, and my will is, that mine executors herein named shall 
pay unto everj- one of the said legatories according to my mynde herein expressed at 
the dayes and tymes before mentioned, their several! legacies and bequests; and that 
they so paying the same shall be from henceforth discharged and acquited of the 
same, and the legacies so being paid shalbe forever after barred and excluded from 
all accounts in lawe againste the said executors and administrators, anything herein 
conteyned to the contrary in anywise notwithstanding. All the rest of my goods and 
chattells not before bequeathed, my debts being paid, my legacies discharged, and 
my funerall orderly and fully performed, I give and bequeath unto the aforesaid 
Richard Baldwyn, Silvester Baldwyn. John Baldwyn and Marie Salter, my children 
equally to be divided amongst them or the survivors of them: Provided always, that 
whereas I, the said Alice Baldwin, and mj' said sonne, Richard Baldwin, do now 
inhabile and dwell together and occupie the mannorof Dundridge aforesaid Together, 
as well all and singular the comodities issuing and growing in from and uppon anj- 
of the grounds there, as also all other household goods and stufe not as yet divided, of 
whatever name, nature, qualitye, propertyes, sorte or kind soever, for quietnes sake, 
and that my legacies before given may, according to this^ my will, be paid and dis- 
charged, there is to that end a draught of agreements and covenantes made between 
me, the said Alice, and the said Richard Baldwyn, my soune, that a divisione of the 
Avhole may be equally made, whereby it may as well appeare howe and from whence 
all my said several! legacies shalbe paid, as allso what other my goods not bequeathed 
shall remayne to my said four children, Richard Baldw}^, Silvester Baldwyn, John 

Bichard, of County JBucks, England. 

Baldwvn and ^Marie Salter; aud yet further, my mind, desire and full meaning is, 
by these presents as farre as my naturall and hiwful power will extend, charge 
comand my said two sonues, Richard and John, whom herein I doe constitute 
executors; furtlier, my will is, that my executors do permite and suffer Silv 
Baldwyn aud Marie Salter to elect aud chose, within a coaveuient time after my dc 
two honest, discreet aud skillfull men to prize aud value my goods, vizt: ever\ 
them one man, over and above two other honest, skilfull men, to be chosen by 
said Richard and John, and to be joyned with the other two about the valuing ; 
prising of my said goods and chatlells; and that the prises by them fower so severa 
elected, sett dowue and prised, be, by all aud every my said children, allowed aL 
approved without any contradiccion, or anj" further suites and charges in the lawe. 
Item: I do constitute and ordayne my said sonns, Richard Baldwyn and John Bald- 
wyn, the executors of this my last will and testament; aud my trustie and wellbeloved 
friends in Christe, Richard Grippes, of St. Leonard's, Clarke and Richard Salter, Senr-. 
of Hemelhampsted, my supervisors and overseers ; and for their pains therein to be 
imploj^ed, I give to either of them vs-; aud if my said sonnes, Richard and John Bald- 
wyn, or either of them, shall refuse to be mine executors, aud will not prove this my 
testament, then I will, and by these presents I doe appoint and make Silvister Bakl- 
wynn, my sonne, and Richard Salter, my son-iu-lawe, the only executors of this my 
present Testament and last will, desiring them and every of them most heartylye 
whom it shall chiefly coucerne, to see the same in all poynts truly aud faithfully 
performed, fullfilled and kept according to my sincere mind herein expressed and 

In witness whereof, I, the said Alice Baldwyn, to these presents have sette my hand 
and scale (signed with -|-). Sealed and delyvered in the presence of us, Robert 
Childer (mark -|-), Jonas Newton (his mark E). 

In my article in tlie "Register," Henry was erroneously stated 
to be the son of a Sylvester. He left to the poor of Aston 
Clinton, 20s; of Cholesbury, 20s.; of Wendov^er 5s.; and of Great 
Missenden, 3s. 4d.; to Edmund Stonehill, of St. Leonard's, 28.; 
to Thomas George, of St. Leonard's, 2s.; to Thomas Chapman, 
of St. Leonard's, 12d.; to Widow Pratt, of St. Leonard's, 12d.: to 
son John, 4 croftes, in Wendover, called "Stybbings," £10; to 
his son Robert messuage lands and tenements, etc., in Fhmden, 
Hempstead aud elsewhere in Co. Herts, also =£40; to dau. Anne, 
£100; to James Bonas, £40; to son Richard sundry furniture, 
household stuft', &c., after the death of his wife: to son Sylvester, 
£10, besides what he owed, and to his sons, John and Henry, each 
6s. 8d.; to Henry, son of James Bonas, 6s. 8d.; to Bartholomew 
Gravenge, a ewe and lamb ; to Robert Baldwin, his late servant,^ 
12d.; to each godchild, 6d.; to sister Lettice Foster, 20s.; to Thomas 
King, of Swanborne, 10s.; to Richard Salter, his son-in-la\v, ten 
sheep; all the rest to his wife. His son Richard was his executor 
and his brother, John Baldwin, and George Adams, of Little 

Baldwin Genealoqii. 

rwood, were named as overseers. The original will of his widow 
36 is on file among the Records of the Court of Archdeaconry 
Bucks, in which it was proved. It is dated 4 June, 1522. She 
aed "Alice Baldwin," and is described as of Dundridge. She 
;ires to he buried in the parish church of Aston Clinton, near 
r late husband; gives to her sons, Richard, Sylvester and John, 
each; to her dau. Mary Salter, £10, her best gold ring, best 
jOwu, &c.; to the children of Sylvester, viz: John, Henry, Sylves- 
ter, Richard, William, Alice and Jane, each 40s.; to the children 
of her son John, viz: Richard, John, Mary, Agnes and Martha, 
each 40s.; to the children of her dau. Mary Salter, viz : Richard, 
Thomas, John, David, Susanna, Mary and Sarah, each 40s.; to 
the children of her dau. Jane Bonas, viz: Henry, James, John, 
Christian, Faith, Mary and Jane, each a sum varying from £4 to 
£10; to Henry Stonehill, my son-in-law, and his children, Henry, 
Jane and Agnes, each 40s.; to Anne, dan. of son Robert, 40s.; to 
brother Thomas King, 10s., and to his children, 20s.; to the chil- 
dren of brother Robert King, 20s.; to "William, son of Thomas 
King, 10s.; to sister Maria Montague, 10s. All the residue to be 
divided equally to her sons Richard, Sylvester and John, and dau. 
Mary Salter. It appears that she and her son Richard occupied 
the manor of Dundridge. She appointed her sons Richard and 
John her executors, and as overseers her friends Richard Cripps, 
of St. Leonard's, clerk, and Richard Salter, Sen., of Hemel Hemp- 
stead. If her sons named declined, her executors were to be her 
son Sylvester and her son-in-law, Richard Salter. 

The will was proved 14 Dec, 1626, by her son Richard only. 

- She was buried at Aston Clinton, 23 Nov., 1626. Her will is a 
model one, naming no doubt every living child and grandchild. 
Thomas and Robert King were no doubt her own brothers, and 
Montague may have been her own sister or sister-in-law. The 
first Richard Baldwin, the tenant of Dundridge, and his wife 
Ellen, both directed to be buried in the churchyard, she directs to 
be buried in the church, where she said her husband was also 

/buried, a significant mark between the tenant of a manor and the 
lord of it. 

The children of Henry and Alice, according to their wills, were: 

p. Richiird. Named iu liis grandmother's ^vill iu lo6;\ His fatlior's executor 
in 1(02; his brother liobert's in IGOti; and his mothe»'a in 1626. 

Richard, of County Bucks, England, 


Extracted from the principal Registry of Her Majesty's Court of Probate, in the Prerogative Cou 


In the iianie of God, Ameu. The eighteouth daie of February, in the eight y 
of the raigue of our Soveraigne Lord Charles hy the Grace of God of England, 1? 
land, France & Ireland, Kinge, Defender of the Faith, Ac, anno dni., 1632. 
Richard Baldwin, of Dun-Dridge, in the Parishe of Aston Clinton, in the Countic 
Bucks, Yeoman, beiuge .sicke in bodie, but of good & perfect remembrance, praj 
God therefore, doe make and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner as 
foUoweth: First, I comitt my soule unto allmightie God, mj^ Maker and Redeemer, 
beleeve nge the forgiveness of all my sinies through the death and passion of Jesus 
Christe. my lord, my onely and alone Saviour, my I)odie I comitt to the earth, to be 
buried in decent and christian sort by my Executor, touchinge my temporall estate, 
I give and bequeath unto Mr- Hall, now the minister of S*- Leonard's, vii-. to be paide 
within three moneths after my decease, Itm: I give and bequeath unto Henry Bald- 
win, Sonne of my brother Sylvester and my next heire, all that cloase of free laud 
called Braye'sPushe. with appurtenance, lyinge in the Parishes of greate Chesham and 
Wendover, to him and his heires forever, yeilding and paj'inge unto the poore people 
of St- Leonard's xxii- a ycare every yeare for the tearme of one hundred yeares, to be 
distributed on S*- Thomas' daie by the minister of S*- Leonard's and my heires. Itm: 
I give and bequeathe unto the saide Henry Baldwin xx'i- of money, to be paide unto 
Lim within six moneths after my decease, uppon condition that he, the saide Henry, 
shall suffer all those men wch have bought wood and timber of me quietlj' and peace- 
ably to fell, cut downe and carry awaj- the .same, and the mony that is behinde to be 
paide uuto my Executor for the discharge of my legacies in this will given. Itm: I 
give and bequeath unto the saide Henry Baldwin one coffer, with evidences concern- 
inge this Manner of Dundridge, and also the evidences concerniuge the chappell 
lande, and also one mault mill and one coslet and furniture, and furniture for one 
horse for service of the musters, and the tables and frames in the hall, with the formes, 
cubbord wainscott, benches and the armor in the said hall. Itm: I give unio the saide 
Henrj- the bedsteede in the new Chamber. Itm: I give, will and bequeath unto 
Christian, my well-beloved wife, all the Goods and household stuffe that is, or formerly 
hath used to be in my bed-chamber, except the best peice of plate. Itm: I give and 
bequeath uuto Christian, my wife aforesaide, halfe all mj' bedsteeds not bequeathed, 
and halfe all my bed-cloaihs, halfe all nwlinnen cloaths, halfe all my pewter and brasse, 
and half all the moveable goods in the dwellinge whatsoever unbequeathed, to 
be equally devided betweene the said Christian and ray Executor. Itm: 1 give and 
bequeath uuto the saide Christian twoe of my best bease. xx sheepe, three hoggs, all 
lay poultr}', one quarter of wheate, one quarter of malt, and my wearinge apparell. to 
be delivered imto her within tenu dales next after my decease; further more, my will 
and minde is that the saide Christian, my wife, xx'ie- pounds a yeare paide unto her 
yearely everj^ yeare duringe her naturall life by my next heire, for & in consideration 
of her estate and interest in my Manner of Dundridge; and also that she shall have'i 
sufficient howse-room and firewood. Itm: I give and bequeath unto .John Baldwin. 
ni}" Brother, xx^i-. and to .John Baldwin, his Sonne, xx'i-. all to be pnide within one 
yeare after iny decease; and the rest of my mony intheire handes shall be paide to my 
Executor. Itm: I give ct bequeath uLto Mary Salter, my sister, xl>- Itm: I give t*! 
bequeath unto .To'.iu Salter, and unto Davil Salter, and unto Mary Salter, and untc 
Sarah Salter, all beinge the children of Mary Salter, my -Sister aforesaide, to everyone 

Baldiciit Genealogy. 

them x'i-. nil which severall legacies of x'i- a peece bequeathed unto my Sister 
■y and her children I will shall be paide unto them within twoe yeares next after 
decease. Itm: I give and bequeathe unto Henry Bonus xxii-. and unto James 
as xii-. and unto Christian Bonus xxxii-; all wch legacies, bequeathed unto mj^ 
:;r Bouusses' Cliildren I will shall be paide unto tliera within one yeare after my 
?ase. Itm: I give and bequeath unto Mary Bonus, diughter of my Sister, Jane 
ms, one hundred pounds, to be paide unto her within one yeare after my decease, 
full payment of her grand mothers gifte, as also of lier mother's goods. Itm : I 

jive and bequeath unto Jane Bonus, Daughter of my Sister Jane, Fiftie pounds, to 
be paide unto her within twoe j'ears after my decease, in full payment of her grand- 
mother's gifte and also of her mother's goods. Itm: I give and bequeath unto Anne 
Br3"ant, Daughter of Robert Baldwin, my Brother, and unto Richard Bryant, her 
Sonne, all that tenement, with the appurtenances, beinge freeholde lying and beinge in 
^Yendover towne, to tlie saide Anne and her sonne Richard and their heires for ever, 
and fortie-eight pounds vji- eight pence in mony, to be paide within three moneths 
after my decease. Itm: I give and bequeath unto Henry Stonhill, sonne of Annie 
Stonhill, mj' Sister, xxx''-, to be paide unto him when he shall come to the age of 
xxji- yeares, and twentie acres of free land more or lesse in the parishe of Drayton 
Bechampe, to him the saide Henry and his heires for ever. Itm: I give and bequeath 
to Anne Stonhill, daughter of Anne Stonhill, my Sister, x'i-. to be paide within twoe 
yeares after my decease. Itm: I give and bequeath unto Richard Baldwin, sonne of 
Silvester Baldwin, my Brother, x'i-- to be paide witliin one yeare after my decease. 
Itm: I give and bequeath unto Willyam Baldwin, sonne of my brother Silvester, 
xi'-> to be paide within one yeare after my decease. Itm: I give and bequeath unto 
Richard Baldwin, Sonne of Silvester Baldwin, of Aston Clinton, xi'-. to be paide 
within one yeare after my decease. Itm: I give and beipieath every one of my 
Brothers' and Sisters' Chilldren that shall be liveing at my decease, I saie unto every 
one of them, fortie shillings, to be paide unto every one of them within one yeare 
after my decease. Itm: I give and bequeath unto Joane Chase, my wife's sister, 
fortie shillings, to be paide within one yeare after my decease. Itm: I give and 
bequeathe unto Willyam Darley one whole yeare's rent of that messuage wherein he 
now dwelleth; that is to saie, the next yeare after my decease he shall paie no rent. 
Itm: I give ifctequeath unto Joj^ce Bernard, widowe, xx^-. and to Silvester Tomkins, 
of St Leonard's, xxs-, and to John Tompkins, of the same parish, xxs-; and unto 
George Baldwin, of the same parish, xxs-. and unto Richard Gravener, of Buckland, 
xxs., and unto widowe Wilkius, of the same parishe, xxs-- and widowe Gourney, of 
the same parishe, xxs-, and Edward Springall, of the same parishe, xxs-. and to Rich- 
ard Arnoll, of the Parishe of Chesham, xxs-, and to his sister, Mary Garratt, xxs-, and 
to Jonas Xuton, of Cholesbuiy, xx*-, and to widowe Childe, of Harridge, xxs-, and to 
Robert Wilkins, of Buckland, xxs-, and to Shem Ginger, of St. Leonard's, xx-=- Itm: 
I give and bequeath unto the poore people of Aston Clinton xx*-, and to the poore 
people of St. Leonard's xxs-, and to the poore people of Cholesbury xxs-; all wch be- 
quests by me bequeathed, of xxs- a peece, I will shall be paide within three months 
after my decease. Itm: I give and bequeath unto every o:ie of my Servants that 
shall be in my service at the time of my death xs-, to be paide within one moueth after 

ny decease. Itm: I give and bequeath unto widowe Cocke, of St. Leonard's, xxs. 

'rovided alwaics, and my will and minde is, tliat all those legacies shall be paide in 

■ood and lawfull money of England, at the severall times appointed, by my Executor; 

md if any of those Children shall be untler age, then I will that theire legacies shall 
be paide unto tlie fathers of the said children at the time appointed, theire fathers 

Richard, of CoanUj Bucks, England. 33 

giving theire owne bonds unto my Executor for the true payment thereof to theire 
saide children at theire several] ages of xx^i yeares, by the shewiuge of the saide boud%, 
together with suflicient letters of attoinej' made by mj' saide Executor unto the saide 
children for the saveinge of the said bonds and to them delivered, shall be a sufficit nt 
discharge in lawe for my said Executor against Every of the saide children for his or 
theire legacie or legacies aforesaide respectively. Itm: All the rest and residue of all 
my goods and cattell and chattels not before bequeathed, my debts and legacies being 
paide, my fuuerall orderly performed and discharged, and this my will well and 
truly fultilled, I give unto Silvester Baldwin, of Aston Clinton, sonne of Silvester 
Baldwin, my Brother, whorae I make and ordaine my whole and sole Executor of this 
my last will aud testament. 

In witness Avhereof, I, the saide Richai'd Baldwin, have hereunto put my hande 
and seale the dale and j^eare first above written . Sealed, subscribed, pub- 
lished and declared in the presence of Willj'am Grange , Henry Stonhill. 

(Signed) Richard Baldwii^. 

His Avill as "Richard Baldwin, of Dun Dridge, in the Pai-ish of 
Aston Clinton, in the Conntie of Bucks, yeoman," is dated 18 
February, 163|. He gave to Mr. Hall, minister of St. Leonard's, 
£5; to Henry, son of his brother Sylvester and his next heir, a 
close called Bray's Bush, in Great Chesham and Wendover, paying 
to the poor of St. Leonard's 20s. yearly for one hundred yeafs; 
also £20, to allow those who had bought timber of testator to cut 
it down and carry it away; also one "coffer, with evidence con- 
cerning the manor of Dundridge," and also the evidence concern- 
ing the chapel lands; "also a malt-mill, a corslet and its furniture, 
the furniture for service of the musters, and the tables, frames, 
'forms, cupboard wainscot, benches and armor in the hall, and the 
'best bedstead in the new chamber;" to Christian, his wife, half of 
the bedsteads, bed-clothes linen, pewter, brass and other movable 
pods, to be equally divided between her and his executor, and 
Uso two of his best beastes, twenty sheep, three hogs, all his 
•oultry, and quarter of wheat, one of malt, all his clothing and 
'20 per annum, house room and firewood; to his brother John 
id his son John, £20 each — the balance of his money in their 
mds to be paid to his executor; to sister Mary Salter and her 
ildren, John, David, Mary and Sarah Salter, each £20; to the 
ildren of his sister Jane Bonus: to Henry, £20; to James, £10; 
ristian, £30 ; Mary, £100. £50 to Anne Bryant, dau. of brother 
bert, and to her son Richard a freehold tenement in Wendover; 
l> £48 6s. 8d. to Henry Stonehill, son of Sister Anne, £30 when 
and twenty acres of free land in Drayton Beauchamp: to Anne 


34 Baldwin Genealogy. 

Stonehill, dan. of Sister Anne, £10; to Kichard Baldwyn, son of 
brother Sylvester, £10; to William, son of brother Sylvester, £10; 
to Richard Baldwin, son of Sylvester Baldwin, of Aston Clinton, 
£10; to each of brother's and sister's children, living; at his death, 
40s.; to Joan Chasse, his wife's sister, 40s.; to William Darley, a 
yearly rent of the messuage where he lives; and after nineteen 
other legacies of 20s. each, including the poor of Aston Clinton, 
/ St. Leonard's and Cholesbury, and to each servant 10s., he devises 
the rest of his goods, &c., to Sylvester Baldwin, of Aston Clinton, 
son of his brother Sylvester, who was to be his executor. The 
will was proved in the Court of Archdeaconry, of Bucks, 29 Nov., 
1636, by Sylvester Baldwin, nephew and executor. 

This will was indirectly the means of connecting the family in 
New England with that of Bucks, through conveyances made in 
New England of interests devised under it by the executors of the 
executor, and recorded in New Haven Colony records. From one 
of these conveyances, dimly recorded, Mr. Savage said Sylvester, 
the executor, was son of Richard. Learning from copies of Aston 
Clinton records that the birth there appeared of Sylvester, son of 
Thomas, I thought Savage mistaken, and endeavored so find the 
will, for some time in vain, it not being at Doctor's Commons. It 
was finally found in Oxford, and I obtained a certified copy , 
through the kindness of Dr. Scott, then Master of Baliol College, ' 
and after Dean of Winchester. 

The will was the foundation of my article in the Register. The j 
result of the discovery of the will, as well as other experiences ' 
which appear herein, show the extreme and patient care required 
in such investigations. Our Sylvester proved to be son of neithei 
Richard, as he had been reported to be by Savage ; nor son oi 
Thomas, as appeared from the records of Astpn Clinton. The wil 
attests the very substantial condition of the testator. The legacie 
show him to have been possessed of considerable means, for the^ 
amounts must be multiplied by ten, and the bequests sutficientj 
show the character of the man. After handsomely rememberiij 
all his immediate relations, he did not forget his tenants, the po 
widows, and other poor in his neighborhood, and finally his s 
vants. That he was the owner of Dundridge, is amply proved 
his bequeathing to his heir "the cofi'er containing the evidenc 
that is, his title deeds. It was his father's before him, or joii 

Richard, of County Bucks, England. 3. 

with him, and they purchased it from the Pakington's, who had 
it from Sir John Baklwin. The statement in Lipscombe's History 
of Bucks, VoL 2, p. 96, that it ever belonged to Sylvester Bald- 
win, is theref )re an error — Lipscombe probably confounded Henry, 
son of Sylvester, with the father. 

Richard died childless, and was buried at Aston Clinton, 14 Oct., 1630. He m. at 

Cholesbur}', , 1592. Cliistian Touckfield, i.e. Tuckfield, who survived him, and 

made her will 16 Feb'y, 1641, describing herself of Dundridge, widow. The follow- 
ing is an abstract : 

Aged and weak — to kinsman John Grove, of Cheshara Boys, and Itis father Nehe- 
miah, my kinsman. €20 each; to Del)orah Weston, of Chesham, widow, two pair of 
sheets; to sister Joane Chace, £10; to kinsman Richard Arnold, a silver beaker, the 
same to go to his son at his death; to Richard Neale, who dwelt with my cousin 
Parrett, 10s. ; Kinsman Abraham Parrett, 10s. ; residue of goods, &c. , to my sister 
Joane Chace, her children, Jolin Grover, Mary Harris, Thomas Chace and Benaiah 
Chace, my kinsman Richard Arnold and my kinsman jNIary Parrett equall3\ Kinsman 
Richard Arnold and Thomas Chase to be joint executors, and William Grange over- 

The will was proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Bucks, 27 July, 1641, but her 
burial does not appear at Aston Clinton. 

10. Sylvester. 4- 

11. j"ohn.+ 

12. Robert. + 

13. Jane, m. .James Bonus. -|- 

14. Mary m. Richard Salter. -]- 

15. Agnes, bapt. July, 1579; m. Henry Stonehill.-|- 

10. SYLVESTER ^ Henry '^ Kichard, ^ through whom— his elder 
brother Richard having died childless — the line of the family 
continued. He was living at the date of his grandmother's will, 
lo6f ; at that of his mother's, 4 June, 1(322, but was evidently dead 
at that of Richard's, 18 Feby., 163|. There seems little room to 
doubt that he was the Sylvester who m. at Cholesbury, 28 Sept., 
1590, Jane Wells. The burial of his son George as son Sylvester, 
of Dundridge, appears in Cholesbury, 21 Nov., 1596. In the pedi- 
gree entered by his grandson, in the visitation of Buckingham- 
shire, 1669, he is called of " Milton, in Bedfordshire." There are 
two Miltons in that county. In Milton, Bryant, the name of 
Baldwin does not appear. In Milton, Ernest, near Bedford, his 
own name does not appear, but the marriage and burial of one of 
his daughters, and perhaps the burial of his eldest son. It seems 
likely the eldest son had settled in Milton, and that his father may 


j6 Baldtoin Gevealogy. 

have lived with him during the latter part of his life. It is pos- 
sible he died shortly before 163f , for there is a hiatus iu the burial 
register there, from 6 iSTov., 1632 to 1 May, 1634. The hiatus in 
Cholesbury extends from 1611 to 1669, He was no doubt dead by 
163f , the date of Kichard's will. ISTo will or administration is 
found of himself or his wife. His children, however, are happily 
identified by wills of his relatives and other records. 

16. George died young, and buried at Cliolesbury, 21 Nov., 1596. 

17. Jolin living l|^-g-|, but evidently dead at the date of his uncle's will, Feb'j-, 
163f, when his next brother Henry was named as his "next heir." There can be 
little doubt he was the John buried at .Milton Ernest, in Bedfordshire, 10 Feb'y, 
163^. He had resided there some years, for he signed the parish register as church 
warden for the year 1627, 1629 and 1630. No baptisms of children or burial of a 
wife appear. It is probable he died unmarried. He however made a will, for a 
minute of it appears in the calender of the Archdeaconry Court of Bedfordshire, 
now at Northampton, but the will itself has disappeared from iis proper bundle. 
It was likely returned to the executor after probate. 

18. Henry. -f 

19. Sylvester. -|- 

20. Richard. + 

21. William.+ 

22. .Jane, named in the will of her grandmother Alice, 4 .June, 1622, but of 
whom no more is known. 

23. Alice, named in her grandmother's will in 1622. From the will of her 
T)rother Henry, in 1661. it appears that one of the daughters m. .John Edwards. In 
the register of Milton Ernest appears the marriage, 4 May, 16^9, of .lohn Edwards 
and Alice Baldwin. The very next entry in the register is her burial. 6 July, same 
year. The children of John Edwards, named in the will of her brother Henry, 
were by a second wife, the eldest of whom were baptised at Milton Ernest in 1639. 

11. JOHX^ Henry^ Richard,^ evidently from the wills the third 
son of Henry and Alice Baldwin. His father left him in his will, 
in tII^, four crofts, (croft, a Saxon word meaning a small field 
near a dwelling, Webster), called "Stybbings," in AYendover, and 
he and his children were remembered in the will of his mother in 
1622. His brother Richard, in 163|, bequeathed him £20, equiva- 
lent to §1.000 at the present day, and he was living at the date of 
his son Richard's w^ill iu 1634. He left no will, but on the 14 
Oct., 1637, his widow Hannah was granted letters of administration 
from the Archdeaconry Court of Bucks. Pie was then des.oribed 
as late of Chesham, Co. Bucks. The bond was sio-aed bv her and 
John Baldwin, of Chesham, Mercer. 

Baldirin Genealogy. 

.ed and have been buried there himself. But there is absi 
-itely no trace of him after 1637. Of course, this is not positiv 
proof of his identity with John Baldwin, of Xorwich, but 
' present it as strongly suggestive." 

26. Mary. 

27. Agnes. 

28. Martha. 

These three are all named in the will of their grandmother 
Alice, in 1622. They evidently became — but in what order does 
not appear — the wives of Thomas Dudsbury, Thomas Ward and 
Thomas Butcher, named by their brother Richard as his brothers- 
in-law. They were very likely older than John, 

12. ROBERT 3 Henry -' Richard ^ He was evidently the fourth 
and youngest son of Henry and Alice Baldwin. To him were 
bequeathed messuages, lands and tenements in Flanden, Hemp- 
stead and elsewhere in Hertfordshire. His will, as of iN'orth 
Church Herts, yeoman, dated 22 March, 160|, was proved 1 April 
following by his brother Richard, his executor. He directed to be 
buried in the churchyard of North Church. He bequeathed 10s. 
to his aunt Lettice Foster, then of Tring, and named his brother 
Salter overseer of his will. He left small bequests to the poor of 
St. Leonard's and Cholesbury. The residue of his estate, which 
appears to have been small, he left equally to his wife Joane, and 
his daughter Anne. He evidently died very young, and this dau. 
Anne was his only child, and then an infant. She was living in 
163f as Anne Bryant, with a son Richard at date of will of Rich- 
ard, of Dundridge. 

29. Anna, m. Alexander Bryant. -f- 

13. JANE ^ Henry ^ Richard ^ m. James Bonus — so called gen- 
erally, but in the will of his father-in-law, Bonas. She was his 
wife in Ifft, but both were dead in 1622, leaving seven children : 

30. Henry, in l|-|7y, has 6s. 8d. from Iiis grandfather Baldwin. 

31. .James. 

32. John. 

33. Christian. 

34. Faith. 

35. Mary. 

36. .Jane. 


Richard, of County Backs, Englam 

Mr. Chester finds no further trace of Hannah. Their cl 
lumerated in the will of their grandmother Alice, in l(j22, wV^ 

24. Richard. His will, as citizen and girdler, at London, dated 9 June, ■r^ 
proved 23 July, 1684, in the Prerogative Court of Canterburj\ by two Lo'idoii\ 
friends, Henry Shaw and Hemy Poole. He seems to have been a youn'; man, 
certainly unmarried, just commencing business with a partner named George 
Thwaites; and he gives the ainouiit of his investment £270, of which he ^ave £120 
to his "dear father and mother;" £30 to his brother .John; sums of £1.5 to £30 to 
his brothers-in-law, Thomas Dudbury, Thomas Ward and Thomas Butcher; to his 
Uncle Richard a ring worth 20s. ; and 40s. to the poor of Chesham, where lie says 
lie was born. The rest of his bequests were to friends and servants in London. 

25. John, named in the wills of his grandmother, m 1622; Uncle Richard, 1683^, 
and brother Richard, 1634. 

Mr. Chester savs he sees no good reason why this son may not 
have been the emigrant, afterwards known as John Baldwin, of 
Xorwich, about whose early history so little is known, and nothing 
certainly. The traditions that have come down about him are so 
vague as to be practically valueless. He would have been own 
cousin of Sylvester, the emigrant, though doubtless much his 
junior, as he was a younger son of a still younger son. That he 
must have been very young in 1622, is evident from the fact that 
his elder brother had only just completed his apprenticeship, and 
engaged in business twelve 3'ears later. Other cousins, the Bry- 
ants and Stonehills of the same generation, appear to have also 
gone to New England about the same time. It seems probable 
that he was the "John Baldwin, mercer," who, with his mother, 
siffiied the " bond when she administered on his father's estate, in 
" 1637. If so, he must have only just commenced business, and 
" there is no reason why he may not have given this up, and gone 
" with his relations to l!^ew England. In favor of this theory is 
" the strong fact that no further trace of him can be found at 
" Chesham, nor elsewhere in this country. If not married until 
" 1653, as is said, he would then still have been comparatively a 
" young man, and probably not far from 35. Admitting that 
" John of ]!*s'orwich, did not go to Guilford in 1689 a mere child — 
" and on this point there is really no evidence whatever — there is 
'' no good reason why this John may not have been that emigrant ; , 
" Avhile in favor of it is his near relationship to the other emi- I 

'' grants of his name, and the fact of his disappearance here. It • 

" seems improbable that if he had continued as a mercer at dies- j^H 
" ham, he would not have married, had children baptised, and ' 

Richard, of County Bac/iS, England. F 

14. MARY =^ Henry 2 Richard 1 m. at Aston Clinton, 30 Jan'} 
159f , Richard Salter, very likely the son of Richard Salter, senior, 
named by Alice, widow of Henry-' as overseer of her will, while 
the son-in-law was alternate executor. Both were living 1G22, with 
seven children : 

37. Ricliard. 

88. Thomas. 

39. John, living 163f. 

40. David, living 163^. 

41. Susan a. 

42. Mary, living 163f. 

43. Sarah, living 1631. 

Each of these children, in 1622, had 40 shillings from their grand- 
mother. After 163f , Mr. Chester finds nothing of these, unless 
David was David Salter, of Agmondesham, Bucks Co., tanner, 
whose nuncupative will, made 11 April, 1669, was 6 proved Oct. 
following by his relict Sarah, sole legatee. 

15. AG^N'ES 3 Henry - Richard^- She is called Anne in the wiR 
of Richard, her brother, but Agnes in that of her mother, and J 
the parish register. She was baptised at Aston Clinton, July, 
1579. She married Henry Stonehill, and w^as dead in 1622, her 
husband three children surviving. 

44. Henry had from his uncle Kichard by his will, dated 168f, £30, and 20 
acres of free land in Drayton Beauchamp. He was probably the Henry Stonehill 
who emigrated to New England, settling with his relatives, Baldwins and Bryants, 
in Milford in 1639, and returning in 1646 to England, and it is said by Lambert to 

45. Jane perhaps died young, as not mentioned, in 163f, in the will of her 
Uncle Richard. 

46. Agnes. Probably the one called, in 163f , in the will of her Uncle Richard, 
Anne, and given £10. 

18. HEXRY ' Sylvester ^ Henry ^ Richard ^- He was living If^f 
to be mentioned in his grandfather's will. By the death of two 
elder brothers, he became next heir, as well as considerable lega- 
tee of his uncle Richard's will, 163f, proved 1636. He appears to 
have become a barrister-at-law, and was of Clifford's Inn, London. 
He married Mary, only daughter and heir of Edward Hurst, of 
Kingston-upon-Thames, Co. Surrey, where she was baptised, 28 
July, 1605. She died first. He afterwards lived at Guilford, Co. 


BaldLciii Genealogy. 

kirrey, and was buried in St. Mary's Chiircli, in that town. lie 
made his will 11 Sept., 1661, describing himself of Guilford, gen- 
tleman, as he had a right to do, being a barrister, though possessing 
no coat of arms. The following is a full abstract of his will: 

To the poor people of Guildford, £3; to Mr. Holland, minister 
there, for ray funeral sermon, £3; to the ministers of St. Leon- 
ard's and Aston Clinton, Co. Bucks, each 20s.; poor of St. Leon- 
ards, 40s. I release my brother William the debt to me owing, 
if any there be, and give to my nephew, William Baldwin, and 
his sister Margaret, each £20; and to my niece Markwick, £10. 
I release to Henry Edwards, and Alice his sister, the arrearages 
of my brother John Edward's account appearing to be due to me, 
they allowing the £15 I am to pay for binding the said Henry 
apprentice; niece Sarah, daughter of brother Richard Baldwyn, 
£20, and to her and her heirs the tenement at East End, in Flit- 
wick, Co. Bedford, devised to me by m}^ said brother Richard. 
To dan. Jane, all my child bed linen, and all my late wife's rings, 
cabinets, &c.; also £500 at her marriage. To Edward, my son, 
ludry household stufi", the goods in my chamber at Cliftbrd's Inn, 
sundry plate, &c.; to my grandchild, Elizabeth Baldwin, £100 

when 21. " I give to y*^ use of my brother Silvester, , or the 

issue of them shall be equally to be divided;" to the 

children of my kinsman, John Tories, equally, £60. I appoint as 
my executors Thomas my son, and Jane my daughter, my over- 
seers, to have the care of my estate until my son Thomas be 24, 
and my daughter Jane be 21 years of age. 

The will was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbur}^ 20 
March, 166|, by both executors. It is evident he originally de- 
signed leaving legacies to the children of his brother Sylvester, or 
their children if they were dead; but eventually changed his mind, 
perhaps because inconvenient to obtain them. The blanks were 
never filled. He signed his name Baldwyn. 

47. Edward. + 

48. Thomas. He made his will IG Jul}', 1676, signing Baldwin, describing 
himself as of Guildford, Co. Surry, Gentleman, which he was by right, as will 
appear hereafter. He left rings and other legacies to several friends; but the only 
bequests to his relations were : To Uncle William Baldwin, and his son William 
Baldwin, £100 each; all residue to his dear brother Edward, Esq., who was execu- 
tor. He directed to be buried in St. Marj-'s Parish, in Guildford, near his father. 
The will was proved 21 Feb'y, 167f 

49. Jane. Not mentioned in the will of her brother. 


jRichanJ, of Count n Back.^, Eniil.aiuL 

19. SYLVESTERS Sylvester ^Ulenry-^RieharcP- lie was tl 
emigrant to I^Tew England, who died on board ship Martin, Jun 
or Julv, 1G38. He is lirst mentioned in the will of his nneh 
Richard in 163|, as executor and residuary leii'atee — a hiij-h com- 
pliment to his nephew from a man of the property and apparent 
sense of Richard, especially as the next heir of Richard was a 

prosperous lawyer. He married Sarah , whose surname Hon 

John D. Baldwin, of Worcester, informed me long since, on the 
authority of Hon. Ralph D. Smith, of Guilford, Conn., was Brv 
aijt. Mr. Smith, a very high authority in early relationships ^/ 
Connecticut, could not some years after, on my visiting him in 
Guilford, give me his authority. The fact, however, will appear 
very probable, as the English relationship and acquaintance of the 
Bryants was then unknown, having been afterwards discovered 
by myself. They were married in England, and the following 
children were baptised to them in Aston Clinton, Bucks Co., 

50. Sarah, 22 Apl.. 1621, m. Beujamin Fenn, of Milford, Ct.4- 

51. Richard, 25 Aug., 1622, here in the 5th generation, but hereafter in this 
book as Richard, of Alilford, in the first generation, ancestor of a numerous 
family, -f- 

53. Mary, 28 Feb'y, 162f ; buried 3 Nov., 1625. 

53. Mary, 19 Feb'y. 162|^, m. 1st, Robert Plum, of Milford, Connecticut, and 
2nd, William East, of the same place. + 

54. Martha, 20 April, 1628. Neither she nor her children appear iii her motlier's 
very full will. I conclude she died unmarried. 

55. Samuel, 1 July, 1632; buried 4 Jan'y, 163^^. 

56. Elizabeth, 28 Jan'y., 163f, and buried three days after. 

57. John, 28 October, 1685, appears hereafter in this volume as John, of 
Stoningtou, Connecticut. -1- 

58. Ruth. Baptism not appearing, but her name in Sylvester's nuncupative 
will at Boston. She probably died young, as neither she nor representatives appear 
in her mother's very full will. 

At a Court of Assistants, held at Boston, the 4th of the 7th 
month, 1638, (4 Sept., 1G38,) 

" The will of Silvester Bauldwin was p'sented unto the Court, 
" and his wife Sarah and sonne Rich'd were allowed executors 
according to the will." (Mass. Records, Vol. 1, p. 23, marg. 226.) 
iMr. Savage gives the following account of this will: 

^•On the main ocean, bound for IST. E., his nuncupative will was 

ide 21 June, and proved 13 July, of that year, before Dept. Gov. 



Baldwin Genealogy. 

idley, by oaths of Chad Brown, Francis Bolt, James Weedeii 

id John Baldwin. The estate was good and provision liberal 

)r the six children, as well as the widow, to whom, with son 

vichard, our general court, 4 Se}>t. following, committed the ad- 


The six children are named as Kichard, Sarah, Mary, Martha, 

(uth and sou John. Savage supposes the witness, John Baldwin, 

be his son; but that could not be for want of age, and because 

" his interest therein. The Avitness likely was either John of 

^N \vich, or old John of Milford. 

I sought for this will or its record as long ago as 1860, but could 
not find it, nor could Mr. Savage for me, although he kindly left 
his residence with me and sought in the Probate and Secretary of 
State's office. I believe it to be in the latter office, or at least to 
have been there. The widow went with the emigrants to Xew 
Haven, and was the widow Baldwin enrolled among the first 
planters there, five in her family, and £300 in the list, and 
lots were afterward drawn in her right. She married, 1640^ 
John Astwood, of Milford, Connecticut, when her property was 
valued at £800, besides several parcels of land. John Astwood 
came m the spring of 1635, aged 26, a husbandman, from Stan- 
stead Abbey, Hertfordshire. He arrived in the Hopewell, Capt. 
William Bundoch. He settled at Roxbury, Mass., Avith his brother 
James. He was freeman there 3 March, 1636; removed to Mil- 
lord, 1639. 

Milford joined Is^ew Haven colony in 1643, and he was their 
representative at general court that and the next year, and perhaps 
after. In 1653 and 1654, he was chosen at general election Magis- 
trate for Milford, and as such Avas present at several general courts. 
He Avas a leading man in Milford, a local Magistrate-Captain — 
how does not appear. In 1649, he was a Commissioner in the 
general meeting of NeAv England Colonies, and again, 1653, with 
the Governor, Eaton. The same year, Avith the Governor, the 
Deputy and tAvo other Magistrates, he sat upon the case of Mis- 
tress Godmau, Avho complained that divers persons accused her ia^s 
a AA'itch. The Court thought she "hath unjustly called heither 
the severall p sons before named, being she can proA^e nothing 
against them, and that her cariage doth justly render her sus- 
pitious of wichcraft, av^i she herself in so many Avords confesseth, 




Richard, of Countij Baeks, England. A- 

therefore the Court wisheth her to look to her carriage hereafter,"' 
and gave her the wholesome "charge not to goe in an offensive 
way to folkes' homes in a rayling manner, as it seems she hath 
done, but that she keepe her place and meddle w^h her own 

October, 1053, he was appointed the representative for jSTew 
Haven Colony, in London; and a letter was agreed to be written 
for the General Court, to Mr. Hopkins, to interest him to assist 
Captain Astwood. It appears that he had business of his own 
there, very probably in connection with his brother's estate, Avho 
had just died in Koxbury, leaving property in England, and whose 
wife announced her intention to return to England. lie died in 
London, If his wife accompanied him, she returned, and died in 
ils'ovember, 1669, as her will, dated 9th of that month, was proved 
the 20th. Astwood had a former wife Martha, and likely childrer 
bv her, but none bv his second wife. Mrs. Astwood's will remem-" 
bers her daughter-in-law Hannah Freeman, wife of Stephen, and 
likely daughter of Captain Astwood. Her grandchildren, John 
Baldwin (son of John), Mary Woodruff (dau. of Mary Plumb), 
Silvanus Baldwin (son of Richard), Sarah Burwell (dau. of Sarah 
Fenn), Mehitable Fenn (w. of Benj., son of Sarah Fenn), Martha 
Xewton (dau. Sarah Fenn), dau. Elizabeth Baldwin, widow 
(widow of Richard), grandchildren; Sarah Riggs, Temperance and 
Mary Baldwin (all daughters of Richard); gr. grandchild Sarah 
Burwell (dau. Sarah Burwell) son John, dau. Mary J'lumb, grand- 
child Matthew Woodruff (husband of Mary). 


(New Haven Probate Rec, Vol. 1.) 

Milfortl, 9th of November, 1669. The last Avill uud testament of Mrs. Sarah Ast- 
wood, of Milford, widdow: 

I, Sarah Astwood, being in perfect memory, tlio weake in bod)^ doe now make in\ 
last will and testament in manner and form as followeth: 

Imprimis, I give unto nij'' daughter-in-law Hannah ffreeman, wife of Steplur 
f freeman, one payre of fine sheets, with seamings, that was formerly Capt. Astwood's. 
Item: I give unto my grandchild, John Baldwin, my cow and half ye calf which is ii 
Panivassett, and one pewter pot marked IB on the handle, and five yellow curtain- 
and ye vallance, and there iron rods and two pillow cases. Item: I give unto m, 
grandchild, Mary Woodruff, besides ye linnen which she hath already, fifteen pounds. : 
which she shall have liberty to choose of what she pleaseth, which is not in particulai 
given to any other. Item: I give unto ye Reverend pastor, Mr. Roger Newton 
twenty shillings. Item: I give unto my grandchild, Silvanus Baldwin, ye table an; 

4 Baldiirin Genealogy. 

jrm yt is at his mother's home. Item: I give unto mj^ grandchild, Sarah Burwell, 

ve shillings. Item: I give imto my gniudchild, Mehitabell ffenn, five shillings. 

em: 1 give unto my grandchild, Martiia JMewton, five shillings. Item: I give unto 

ly daughter, Elizabeth Baldwin, widdow, all my things which are at her home, not 

therwise disposed of, and one silver spoon. Item: I give unto my grandchild, 

tiatthew Woodrufi:, my great bible. Item: I give unto my son, John Baldwin, twenty 

shillings. Item: I give unto my grandchild, Sarah Riggs, one pewter platter, marked 

with S. B. Item: I give unto mj^ grandchild, Tempei-ance Baldwin, my best liatt. 

Item: I give unto uty grandchild, Mary Baldwin, my greenish (illegible) petticoats. 

Item: I give unto my great grandchild, Sarah Burwell, one pewter platter, marked w th 

S. Item: I give unto my dearly-beloved daugiiter, Mary Plumb, one booke, called 

"The Soule's Conflict," with all the rest of my goods and chattels, whom I make my 

whole and sole executrix; and I also desire and appoint my beloved brothers, Richard 

Piatt and Thomas Wheeler, to l)e the overseers, to see this my will fulfilled. 

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 9th day of Novem- 
ber, 16G9. Sarah Astwood (her S marke). [seal.] 

Sealed, signed and delivered in ye pve'nce of us. 
Richard Platt, 

Thomas -\- Wheeler (his marke), 
Samuel Eels. 

"The Soul's Conflict," named in the foregoing will, was written by that eminent 
Puritan divine. Rev. Richard Sibbs, D.D., Ma.ster of Catharine Hall, in Oxford, and 
l)reacher of Gray's Inn, London. I had a lively curiosity to know what book my 
ancestress left to her daughter, but got no light until I found that famous Isaak 
Walton, of angling memory, left by his will to one son " Sibbs, his ' Soule's Conflict,' 
and to another "Sibbs, his 'Bruised Reed.'" The first book of Sibbs I bought was 
entitled "Bowels Opened, or a Discoverj- of the Near and Dear Love Union and 
" Communion betwixt Christ and His Church, and consequently betwixt Him and 
'every Believing Soul; in several Sermons on the 4th, 5th and 6th Chapters of 
'■' Canticles." 

This book shows well the character of th*? man, wlnse love of God amounted to a 

passion. He felt in his soul all those strong eastern expressions of the Canticles 

s'hich cany little force to most. The next book was an old sermon, which, from the 

)M marks upon it. seems to have "been preached at our house " at various earlj'^ 

imes in New England. Sibbes became preacher at Gray's Inn Chapel in 1C18; in 

626, Master of Katharine Hall, Oxford; and from then to his death, in 1636, divided 

is time between the two places. " The Soule's Conflict and Victory over Itself hx 

Faith. Psalm c. XVI : ' Return unto thy rest, O mj' soul, for the Lord hath dealt 
' bountifull}' with thee,' " is a collection of sermons preached at Gray's Inn; and it 
■ very probable that Ricliard Baldwin, of Milford, while in the office of his uncle 
leury, in London, may have heard some of them. It is full of fervid, intelligent 
let}*, and the .selection of this book does credit to Mrs. Astwood. Neal's " Puritans '' 
lys he was " one of the most celebrated preachers of his time, well known in the 
earned world — a burning and a shining light. His works discover him to have been 
f a heavenly, evangelical spirit, the comforts of which he enjoyed at his death." 

The original edition of the book lies before me, printed 1635, almost as thick as it is 

ide, with a wide margin, and no doubt a fine book in its day. It has been reprinted 

'veral times, the finest reprint being the Pickering, of 1837. 

Bichard, of County JBiwks, England. 45 

20. RICHARD^ Sylvester 3 Henry ^ Richard^ was living in 
1622 and 1G3|, but was ap[)arently dead at the date of tlie will of 
his brother Henry, in IGOl. By his wife Phillippa, who was buried 
at Aston Clinton 30 July, 1G41, he had the following children, 
whose baptisms appear as follows in the records of that parish: 

59. Rebecca, 23 Juue, IGll. 

60. Alice, 22 Aug., 1613. 

61. John, lOFeb'y, 1614 

62. Jane, 12 April, 1618. 

63. Henry, 8 Feb'y, 162i. 

64. Sarah. 23d March, 152|. 

Mr. Chester finds no trace of these children, save that Sarah was 
named in the will of her uncle Henry, in 16(31. I think he was 
the Richard who m. in Aylesbury, in April, 1607, Phillipa Corb- 
man, as nearly as I can make out the name in the old record there. 
There was a Richard Baldwin in Braintree, Mass., in 1637. His 
name appears only in Winthrop's History of New England, vol. 2, 
p. 348. He Jiad a daughter Jane, of some age. He appears no 
more in Xew Encrland, and if he was this Richard, no doubt 
returned to England, where his wife died 1641. I should look to 
him soonest of any as the father of John of Billerica, and Henry 
of Woburn. John and Henry both married in "Woburn. They 
lived at some distance from each other, but Henry was witness to , 
John's will ill 1686. 

The Baldwins of Billerica, descendants of John, write: ''We 
always supposed John and Henry, of Woburn, were brothers." 
By tradition reduced to writing, of a great-grandson of John, he - 
came from Hertfordshire, which would seem to identify him with 
the locality of Baldwins in the adjoining parishes of Bucks and 
Herts. No assistance to this conjecture is derived from the names 
given by John and Henry to their respective children, which seem, 
however, to be taken largely from the Richardsons. 

21. AVILLIAM^ Sylvester^ Henrys Richard i- living 1622, 163t, . 
and at the date of the will of his nephew Thomas, son of Henry, 
16 July, 1676. 

65. William, living 1661 and 1676. 

66. Margaret, living 1061. 

67. Daughter, named 11 Sept., 1661, iu the will of her uncle Henry, as wife 
of Markwick. 

46 • Baldwin Genealogy. 

29. Ai^JSTE * Robert ^ Henry ^ Ricliard ^ m. Alexander Bryan, or 
Bryant. ^ 

In 168f, she is named in the Avill c.f her uncle Richard with her 
son Richard, and receives with him "all that tenement, with the 
appurtenances, being freeholde lying and being in Wendover 
towne, to the said Anne and her sonne Richard, and their heires 
forever, and fortie-eiglit pounds, eight pence, in mony, to be paid 
within three months after my decease." Alexander Bryan was 
son of Thomas Bryan, and baptised in Aylesbury, 29 Sept., 1002. 
where I accidentally found the entry in 1870. He had sisters bapt. 
there: Frances, 29 March, 1604; Mary, 19 April, 1606; Elizabeth, 
2 Kov., 160-. Alexander and his wife were among the tirst settlers 
of Milford, Conn., in 16o9. He was a man of great influence in 
the Colony of New Haven, and after the union with Connecticut, 
assistant from". 1668 to 1673. His wife died there 20 Feb'y, 1661, 
and he m. 2nd the widow of Samuel Fitch, the schoolmaster of 
Hartford, and d. there between 20 July and 6 Nov., 1679. He and 
his son Richard were prominent and leading merchants, engaged 
in domestic and foreign trade. Both in succession were the richest 
men in Milford, it is said. 

68. Ricliard, lived iu Milford. 

^icfta/td '^'^ya??7z^ 

By w. Mary, had Alexander, b. 1651; Mary aud Ilauuali, twius, b. 1654; Sarah, 
1657; Samuel, bapt. 1659; John, 1662, d. y. ; Abigail, 1664; Richard, 1666; Frances, 
1668; Sarah, 1670; Abigail again, .Jan'j-, 1671; d. num. 1698. He m., says Savage, 
1678, Elizabeth, widow of Richard Hollingvvoi'th, dau. of Miehael Powell, of Boston, 
aud had Elizabeth, b, 1679, aud Joseph, 1684; but 1 make him many, by Milf. 
Rec, Mary Wilmot, and sou Joseph b. 15 Jau'j% 1682. Mr. Savage thinks Alexan- 
der also had daughters. 

69. Susanna d. at Middletown, Conn., 1670, and 

70. .Joanna m. April, 1654, Owen Morgan, of New Haven; yet, iu another 
place he makes Owen Morgan m., iu 1650, widow Joan Biyau. 

In 1663, Alexander and his son Richard sold the property in 
"Wendover, being "four messiiaa'es or tenements." o-iven to Rich- 

Richard, of Crnndy Bucks, Eufjlcuul. 47 

ard, by the will of Richard Baldwin, to Edward Baldwin, ■' next 
named, of Beaconslield; Henry ^ Richard^' for £40. The original 
very quaint and characteristic deed is in my possession. "I'lie 
names of both are spelled indifferently Bryan or Bryant. It 
is labeled "Deed of Purchase, by Mr. E. JJaldwin. of the two 
houses at AVendover, with a tine upon it.'' 

47. EDWARD ■' Henry ' Sylvester^ Henry ^ Richard, ^ wlio was 
a bari'ister, and subsequently a Bencher of the Inner Temple, and 
eventually a ' ocice of the Peace, and of the Quorum in the County 
of Bucks, ile married Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Turfrej'', 
of London, who died before him and was buried at Beaconslield. 
Her mother, Susana, re-married his distant kinsman, Richard 
Baldwin, of Beaconsiield, who, in 16H1, bequeathed to him the 
capital messuage, &c., known as Wilton's, in Beaconsfield, which, 
with his other inherited estate, must have rendered him a man of 
considerable wealth, and given liim a decided position among the 
landed gentry of tlie County. In order to confirm this position, 
and place himself on a recognized social equality with his neigh- 
bors, he ap[)lied, the next year, for a grant of Arms, and on the 
19th of Dec, 16t)2, the then ,Clarenceucx,,King of Arms, granted 
to him and to his brother Thomas, and their descendants, the fol- 
lowing coat and crest: 

"Arms : Argent, a chevron ermines between 3 liazel sprigs vert. 
Crest : A squirrel sejant, or, holding a hazel sprig vert.*' 

This was a Grant, and not a Confirmation of arms; and it is onlv 
necessary to point out, that, if on that occasion he could have 
shown his descent from any family of Baldwin entitled to arms, 
the coat of that family would have been confirmfd to him as a 
matter of right. That he could not do so, is prima facie ^yvov ad. 
bv the fact that it was found necessarv to incur the infinitelv 
greater expense of an original grant. This completes, says Mr. 
Chester, my evidence and arguments against the possibility that 
the Baldwins of Aston Clinton descended from any heraldic family 
of the name, being the last in date, and the most important, though 
it precedes the other evidences to be found in the remaining por- 
tion of the narrative. On the occasion of the Herald's Visitation 

48 Baldwin Genealogn. 

of Bucks, in 1669, tins Edward Baldwin entered the following 

pedigree : 

Silvester Baldwin, 
of Milton in Com. Bed. 

Henry Baldwin. -Mary, da. of Edw. Hurst, 

of Kingston, and his sole heire. 

I ^^ ^ 1 1 

Edward Baldwin, -Eliz: da. of Rich. Thomas, Jane. 

Barrister of the Inner Temple, 
Justice of the Peace, & 
Quoium in Com. Buck. 

Turfrey, of Laudou. 2d sonne. 

1 1 1 2 ; 3 

Henry, sonne & Rich. Eliz: 
heire, aetat 6 

Ann. 1GG9. (Signed) Edw. Baldwin. 

The orio^inal is in the Colleo^e of Arms, 

Edward Baldwin made his will 29 May, 1691, describing himself 
as "a Bencher of the Inner Temple, London, now dwelling at my 
house at Wilton's, in the parish of Beaconsfield, Co. Bucks."' The 
following is a full abstract: 

" To be buried at the discretion of my eldest son Richard Bald- 
win, Esq. To the poor of Beaconsfield, £5. Whereas, by Inden- 
tures, dated 7 Xov., 1690, between me of the 1-*^ party; Thomas 
Colston, ' Esq., and Merchant London, and Elizabeth Monteth, 
widow, of the 2"^^ part ; and my said son, Richard Baldwin, of the 
3'''^ part ; I reserved certain powers, &c. I now appoint W"'- West- 
brooke, of Ferring, Co. Sussex, Esq.; William Hill, the younger, 
now of Beaconsfield, Co. Bucks, 3'eomau, and Elizabeth Mytton, 
my eldest daughter, wife of Richard Mytton, of Alderman bury, 
London, Gent., executors in trust of this my will — I direct that 
the sums named in said Indentures, as portions for my 3 sons and 
2 daughters, viz : Edward, Stephen and Thomas, Maria and Sarah, 
be paid to said sons at their respective ages of 21, and to said 
daughters at 21 or marriage — my said son Stephen to be paid 
£300, bequeathed to him by the wills of Sir. Stephen White, Kt., 
and Stephen AVhite, of London, Merchant, and my said daughter 
Sarah, to be paid £20, bequeathed her by her godmother, Mrs. 
White, of Hackney. I direct that all my said children, who were 
living at the death of my mother-in-law, Susanna Baldwin, widow, 
be paid by my son Richard, £10 each for a piece of plate ; to my 
daughter Baldwin, my eldest son's wife, my mohair bed, &c.; to 
my daughter Maria my diamond ring, which my wife gave me ; 

Richard, of County Bucks, England. 49 

to my beloved grandcbikl, Elizabeth Mytton, a ring, of 30 shillings 
value. My daughter Mytton, a good, dutiful child, desires rne to 
leave her nothing, so I give to her and her husband mourning 
only. I appoint my son Richard joint executor with those above 

The Avill was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 
1 Mch., 1(!9|, by the son of Richard, power being reserved to the 
other executors. 

The children of Edward Baldwin, by his wife Elizabeth Turfrey? 
were as follows : 

71. Henry, called son and heir in 16(i9, then aged 6 years. He matriculated at 
Oxford, from Mertou College, 30 May, 1679, aged IG, but took no degree. He died 
in his father's lifetime, and probably unmarried, certainly leaving no issue. 

72. Richard. + 

73. Edward, second surviving son in 1G91, not 21. 

74. Stephen, third surviving son in 1691. 

75. Thomas, fourth surviving son in 1691. 

76. Elizabeth, eldest daughter, and named in her grandfather's will in 1661. 
She became the second wife of Richard Mytton, of London, Gent., to whom she 
was married, at St. Bride's, Fleet Street, London, 7 Feb'y, 168|-. They had a child 
baptised at St. Mary, Aldermaubury, London, in 1692, and her husband wa-; l)iuied 
there 22 Feb. f&ff • 

77. 3Iaria, second daughter in 1691, unmarried and not 21. 

88. Sarah, third daughter in 1691, unmarried and not 21. Of the three youngest 
sons and two youngest daughters, says Mr. Chester, have discovered nothing later. 

50. SARAH -^ Sylvester ^ Sylvester ^ Henry ^ Richard, ^ bapt. 22 
April, 1G21, in Aston Clinton, Co. Bucks, England, came to jS'ew 
England no doubt with her parents on the ocean, June, 1638, 
in ship Martin. She married Hon. Benjamin Fenn, of Milford, 
Conn. ^ . ^ ^ 

He was first of Dorchester, and Savage says, perhaps came 
1630, in the Mary & John ; yet his name does not appear until 
1638, soon after which he removed to Milford. He was Representa- 
tive for Alilford 1653 ; an Assistant of that Colony 1654. He favored 
the union with Connecticut, and was an Assistant of the United 
Colony from 1665 to 1672, when he died. His estate was large, 

50 Baldwin Genealoj/jj. 

here and in England, Co. Bucks, valued at £600; rents due, £240, 
and this was by will given to Samuel, says Savage. He was likely 
from Aylesbury, as he seems to have had property there. Hardly 
any name appears more frequently than his in l^ew Haven Colo- 
nial Records, after 1653, in various public services. One of the 
earliest was to raise in silver if possible four pounds, to pay that 
amount borrowed by the Commissioners in Boston. He and Capt. 
Astwood were to treat w* Ensigne Bryan or James Roggers, and 
see "if they can get silver, or Beaver, or other pay, though with 
"good alloAvance, to answer these things; but if that amount 
" cannot bee, that then so much butter bee gott to cary into the 
" Bay as will sell for money to make up this some ; but if that will 
"not be procured, then so much of this some that come from 
" Guilford must be carried and sould as well as it can." In 1661 
and the next two years, he and the Governor were the chosen 
Commissioners for New Haven Colony. 

She died 29 April, 1663, and he married, 12 March, 1664, 
Susanna Ward. He d. 1672; will dated 14 Sept., and proved 14 
l^ov. His children bj^ his second wife were Samuel, Susanna and 
James. The Avidow's will, dated 9 Sept., 1674, shows she was 
about to go to England. She gives her property chiefly to James 
and Susanna, and refers to her aged mother, Susanna Wood or 
Ward, of Suckle}', in County Worcester. It is probable she did 
not return. 

79. Benjaniia Fena, bapt. 20 Sept., 1640, iu :\rilford. He removed to Guilford 
He married Mfliitable, dau. Jas])er Gunn, of Milford, and d. 1689, leaving the 
following children: Benjamin, Mary and .Joseph, all bapt. 1667; Sarah, bapt. 1668; 
Mehitable, Hannah and Martha, bapt. 1677; and Susanna. He died 1659.* 

80. Joseph Fenu, bapt. 20 Nov., 1642, of Norwich; died 1671, leaving no 
famil3^ He went to Guilford to be schoolmaster, but the negotiation fell through, 

'■ I am sorry I eannot give the succeeding' Fcnns more precisely. Benjamin above, bapt. 1667, was the 
Deacon Benjamin of Jlilford, whose will, dated 21 July, 1727, was presented (Xew Haven Probate Records 
7, p. 24,) by Capt. Benjamin Fenn, one of the executors. The testator remembers his granddaughter, 
Hannah Fenn, and his grandson, Benjamin Fenn, his son Benjamin Fenn, and his daughter Mehitable 
Piatt, vnie of .Joseph. Among other matters, is one-third of "my real estate lying in the town of Alsberv, in 
the Coimty of Bucks, within Old England, and one-third of the rents and profits now due." His tomb- 
stone in Milford says he d. Aug. 29, 1732, in his 71st year. His wife Sarah d. May 26, 1727, in her G4th year. 
The will of Capt. Benjamin Fenn of Milford, dated 31 May, 1763, was presented by Capt. Benjamin, e.vecutor. 
The testator remembered his wife Sarah; his dau. Hannah Johnson, wife of Seth; his great-granddaughter 
Sarah Fowler, dau. of his granddaughter, wife of Jonathan Fowler, late of Jlilford, to be paid to her 
when IS, or married. To his son Benjamin, and his oldest son Benjamin. To his son Benjamin, until 
his daughter, Sarah Prince Fenn, arrives at eighteen, and balance to his son Benjamin. The tombstone of 
Capt. Benjamin says he was many years a ruling elder in the ehurch; tiled Jan'y 10, 1770, at 80 year*. His 
"amiable consort" Sarah May 9, 1773, at 86 years. The next stone is Col. Benjamin Fenn died Feb'y 30, 
(how is this?) 1778, in his 58th year. \ext, Lieut. Benjamin Fenu died Oct. 27, 1780, in his 39th year. 

Richard, of County Buc/iS, EnghiiuL 51 

aud he died the same year. In KiTT. his brother Benjamiu couveyed to Tiioiuas 
Betts, Jr., the hou-ie aud h mse lot iu N )rwallc formerly Iteloiigiiisi' to him. 

81. Sarah Feun, bapt. April, 1045, m. Samuel Burwell, of Milford, who was 
bapt. 11 Oct,, 1640, son of John of that place. She had children: Sarah, 100:3. who 
had legacy, from her gr. grandmother Astwood, of a pewter platter, m:irked with 
S. ; Samuel, 1005, died soon; Samuel again, 1607; Joseph, 1070; ;in(l Jnlm. lO'Is, 
unless the last be son of Nathan Burwell. 

82. Mary PVun, bapt. 1647; in. Jan. 11, 167i^. William Leete, Jr., of Guilford, 
Conn., son of Governor Leete. He died June, 1087, aud she m. 2">i. Captain 
Stephen Bradley, of Guilford. She died 20 June, 1701. Captain Bradley was a very 
prominent man. fi-equeutly deputj', in command of troops, and employed in public 
negotiations. He had^ix children by his first wife, but none by his second, and died 
20 June, 1702; On the personal authority of the late Ralph D. Smith, I state that 
she was a very leading and prominent lady in Guilford. Her one daughter, l)y her 
first husband, Mary, m. l^t Aug. 1691, Hon. James Hooker (Judge), of Farmington 
and Guilford, Conn. He was son of Rev. Samuel Hooker, who was brother-in-law 
to Rev. Roger Newton. James died 12 March, 1740, aud his wife 5 Oct., 1752. 

83. Martha Fenu, bapt. 1050; m. 14 March, 1009, Samuel Newton, of Jlilford, 
Eusigu iu 1073, aud died 1708. He was born 20 Oct., 1040, sou Rev. Roger, by 
wife Mary, dau. Rev. Thomas Hooker. The}' had children: Martha, 1671, and 
Thomas, 1675. 

53. MAEY^ Sylvester^ Sylvester^ Henry- Richard^' bapt. iu 
Aston Clinton, County Bucks, England, 19 Feh"y, 162f, came to 
Milford, Conn., probably m 1(339, with her relatives. She m. 
Robert Plum, of Branford and Milford, who d., says Savage, 12 
May, 1655: but it appears, from isTew Haven Colonial Records, 
Vol. 1, p, 15, that his will, dated 25 July, 1655, was proved 17 
Dec, 1655, at Milford. The inventory was three hundred pounds, 
two shillings and five pence. The widow m. 1676, as his second 
wife, Sargeant William East, of Milford, and died 1708, having 
no children bv him. Her children bv Plum were: 

84. Mary, bapt. 1045, and m. 10 June, 1668, Matthew "Woodruff, of Farming, 
ton, son of Matthew Woodruff, an original settler there, and b. 1040: m. 10 June, 
1668. Their children were: ^Matthew, 1669; Mary, 1670; John, 1673; Sarah, 1074; 
Samuel, 1077; Elizabeth. 1079, m. John Shepard, and in 170|, of Milford; Hannah, 
lOSl — all livinir, in 1704, to take share of their mother in the estate of their grand- 
father. Matthew m., after death of ]Mary, a second wife, Sarah, dau. John North, 
and had children: Nathaniel, who settled in Litchtield, Conn. ; and Joseph, d. y.* 

A brief list of the AVoodruffs may not be witliout interest: 
1. MATTHEW WOODRUFF, one of the orife^inal 84 proprietors of Fanninjiton, Conn., ).-.i ■■.'.'> from 
Hartfurd, died there 10S2. His wife Hannah joined tlie uhurch there i Apl., Iti54. 

2. Jolm, 1042.+ 

3. Matthew, 1646.+ 

4. Hannali, 1648, ni. Se.vmour. 
ii. Klizabeth, 1652. 

6. Mary, 1654, bajit. 5 Nov. of that year. 

7. Samuel, 1661, removed to Southington, Conn. 

52 Baldwin Genealogy. 

85. John Plum, bapt. 1646. Savage says, erroueously, that he is the only one 
known to have left issue. .John was a man of distinction. He m., 24 Nov., 1668, 
Elizabeth Norton; and Savage names only children: Elizabeth, 1669; John, 1671; 
Mary, 1673; adding perhaps more. One more is Sarah, dau. Mr. John Plum, of 
Milford, who married, 25 Nov., 1702, Joseph Kellogg, of Norwalk, and had eh.: 
Ehzabeth, 5 Oct., 1703: Sarah. 5 Apl., 1706; Joseph, 26 Sept., 1707; Rachel, 15' 
July. 1710; Hannah 1 Aug., 1712. Mrs. K. died 17 Aug., 1712. and he m. 2nd, 
according to Hall's Norwalk, p. 204, same day, widow Mary Lyon, and had ch. : 
David, 28 Sept., 1715; Benjamin, 26 Sept., 1716. It is likely the same day is an 
error. The foregoing John, b. 1671. was of Milford; and in 1816, his wife Rachel, 
who was his administratrix, was chosen guardian of his eldest son John, whose 
adm. is granted, 1738, to his son Joseph, widow declining. In the same volume 
(5 N. H. Probate Rec), is estate Samuel, apparently son of Rachel, and whose wife 
is Mehitable. 

86. Robert Plum, b. 1648. (Vol. 3, p. 13, N. H. Prob. Rec, 27 Feb'y, 1 'Of, is 
the. inventory of his estate, as Mr. Robert Plum, of Milford.) 

87. Samuel Plum, b. 1650, d. y. 

88. Samuel Plum, b. 1653. 

89. Joseph Plum, b. 10 July, 1655. I had Ijelieved him to be the one. admin- 
istration on whose estate, of .Milford, was given 8 Apl., 1714 (N. H. Pro. Rec), to 
widow Su.sannah, with ch. : Su.sanna, ae. 12; Joseph, 10; Ann, 7; and Noah 5; but 
perhaps that was the Josepli who Savage says was the son of John, of New London, 
and removed to Milfonl abiut 1700 I agree with Mr. Savage, "that it seems 
impo.ssible to pick up all these Plums." 

2. JOHN WOODRUFF, b. about ie42, was of Farmington, and his will was proved ii ilaj , 1092. 

8. Marv, l(i67. 

9. John, 1069. 
10. Phebe, 1676. 
13. Joseph, 1679. 

12. Margaret, 1682. 

13. Abigail, 1684. 

3. MATTHEW WOODRUFF, b. 1640; bapt. in Farmington, May 16, 1658, in his 12th year. He m. Mary 
Plumb at Milford, Conn., 16 June, 1668. His first three ch. were born at Milford, the balance at Farming- 
ton. He died 1691. 

14. Matthew, 1 l^eb'v, 16o|-; died 17.51. 

15. Marv, 27 Dec, 1670. 

16. John, 1 Feb'y, 1072.-!- 

17. Sarah, 1074. 

18. Samuel, 1077. , 

19. Elizabeth, 1079, m. John Shepard, of Westfield, 

20. Hannah, 1681. 

21. Nathaniel, 108^, removed to Litchfield, Conn., and ancestor of Hon. Geo. C. ■S\oodruff, of 

that place. 

22. Joseph, 1689, died young. 

16. CAPT. JOHN WOODRUFF, of Milford, born 1 Feb y, 167^- His will, as Capt. John of Milford, is in 
New Haven Probate for 1726; and as per Milford Cemetery, he died 23 July, 1726, in his .53rd year. He 
remembers his wife Mary, and 

23. Mary. 

24. Sarah. 

25. Susanna. 

26. Anna. 

27. Anne. 

28. John.-f 

29. Jftsepb. 

He gave his daughters two hundred pounds each, advancement to be taken out. He has deeds from his 
brothers and sisters for *;00, in current country pay of the colony, to three cf them (1704), and other pay to 
others of lands from their uncle John Phnn by agreement, nnd uncle Robert Plum by will. 

lilchord, of Coanty Backs^ Enghiml. 53 

72. RICITATiP ^' Edward •• Henry ' Sylvester '^ Henry - Kichard ' 
was bom at Beaeonsfield, County Bucks, and matriculated at 
Oxford, from St. John's College, 20 May, 1(386, ae. 17. He was 
afterwards of the Inner Temple, London, He married at Stt 
Dionis Back Church, London, 20 Dec, 1090, Anne, dau. of JamGs 
Monteith, of St. Andrew's, Holboru, London, and of Saifron, 
Waldrou, County Essex, Gent., descended from the ancient Scot- 
tish family of that name. She was baptised at St. Andrew's. 
Holborn, 12 June, 1662. She survived her husband, but died 
before 20 Aug'., 1734, leaving no will that can be found, and very 
probably having remarried. Richard Baldwin made his will 8 
Dec, 1696, calling himself of Beaeonsfield, Esquire. The follow- 
ing is a full abstract : 

To be buried in the Chapel, appropriate to my own family, in 
the parish church of Beaeonsfield, near my late deceased father 
and mother. To the poor of Beaeonsfield, the place of my na- 
tivity, 50 shillings. To my wife, my chamber in the third staircase 
of Sir Robert Sayer's Buildings, in the Inner Temple, the furni- 
ture and goods there, and all my goods, plate, &c., in ni}^ house at 
Wilton's; and I appoint her my sole executrix, she to bring up my 
children, and see paid to them their legacies in the will of their 
good Aunt, Mrs. Elizabeth Mouteth, viz: to my daughter Ann, 
my son Ricliard and my daughter Elizabeth, each £500. 

28. JOHN WOODRUFF. Vol. 10, p. 499, of New Haven Probate Records, is the will of Captain Joiin o 
Milford again, dated 3 April. 1707; pro\ed 3 Mondaj .March, 17()S. 

30. John, oldest. 

31. .Samuel, 2d child. 

32. Enoch. 

33. Matthew, . 

34. Isaac. 

To Wife Sarah. 

3.5. Jonab, h. 1755, had a son Jonab, living May, 1S7S, in Broome county, N. V. , and a^'ed SO yearsf 

3(5. Benjamin. 

37. Hannijh, wife of Ste]ihen Piatt. 

38. .Abijjail, wife of Fitch Kiiuberly. 

39. Sarah Woodruff. 

40. Susannah Woodruff. 

41. Jenisha Woodruff. 

His wfe was Sarah Baldwin 4, dau. Thomas 3, Barnabas 2, Richard 1, and born 171.5, in Milford, Auere, 
from the order in which she is named whether she was his second. He had also a son 

42. David, left out of the "distribution and inheritance of reversion." 

It is further provided, that if anj' one tries to break up his will, that child has five shilling's, "as the law 
directs.'' John had considerable lands in Oxford. I learn from his descendants, that David "was made 
wealthy by an uncle named Plumb, who willed hiin a large estate. David died in Oxford, 31 Dec, 17Sli, 
aged 53. " He m. Esther Clark. TJiey had a dau. Content, m. Nehemiah Candee 4, Caleb 3, Samuel 2, 
Zaccheus 1, whose descendants will appear in a genealogy I am i^reparing of the Candees. 

ELIZABETH BALDWINS, Sylvanus 2, Richard 1, m. a Woodruff, but I have been unable to find what 
one. She was b. 29 March, 1673, and her father, in his wiU of 1727, leaves her all hi§ lands in Waterbury, 
and remembers her sons Svlvanus and Matthew. 

54 Baldwin Genealogy. 

The will was proved, in the Prerogative Court of Canterhiirj, 
21 March, 169|, hy the relict Anne. The children of Richard 
Baldwin, by his wife Anne Monteth were as follows: 

90. Ann, evidently eldest child, as named in her father's will, and in that of 
Mrs. Elizabeth Monteth (whom he mentioned), which was dated 22 Feb., 1694. She 
died unmarrie.'l, and letters of administration were granted, in the Prerogative Court 
of Canterbury, 20 Aug., 1734, to her brother and next of kin. Robert Monteth 
Baldwin, Esquire. 

91. Richard, who was living 22 Feb'y, 1694, and also at the date of his father's 
will ; but who probably died young, at all events without issue, as his younger 
brother possessed the family estate. 

93. Elizabeth, living at the date of her father's will, 8 Dec, 1696, but of whom 
I find nothing further. The youngest child was 

93. Robert Monteth Baldwin, Avho was evidently born after the date of his 
father's will. Mrs. Elizabeth Monteth, above named, was the widow of his mother's 
paternal uncle; and in her will, dated 22 Feb'y, 1694, left legacies of £500 each to 
the three children of Richard Baldwin and Anne Monteth. with the provision that 
if any of them died in their minority, or before maniage, their portions should go 
to any son of said James (see Richard) smd Anne Baldwin, who sh.oukl be baptised 
by the name of her dear deceased husband, Robert l\p)idit]i. He appeared to have 
outlived his brother and sisters, and to have died unmarried. 

The will of Robert Monteth Baldwiil, which is very short, was 
made 8 Sept., 1746, when he described himself as of the Middle 
Temple, London, Esqnire. He simply bequeathed all his estate, 
both real and personal, to his " cousin," John Canham, Esquire, and 
appointed him sole executor. Canham proved the will, in the Pre- 
rogative Court of Canterbury, 6 April, 1747. He may have been 
an actual cousin, son of one of his Aunts, Maria or Sarah; or the 
word "cousin" may have been used in the light oi' nephew, and he 
have been the son of the sister Elizabeth; or again, he may have 
been a relation on his mother's side. At all events, the estates of 
the direct line of Dundridge Baldwins appear to have descended 
to this Robert Monteth Baldwin, and he bequeathed them to his 
cousin John Canham, dying the last of his race. The very next 
year, 1748, according to Lipscombe (who wrongly calls him John 
Monteth Baldwin), this heir sold Bundridge and the other familj'- 
lands, and the name of Baldwin ceased to be connected with them, 
after an ownership of 170 years, and a previous tenantry of Dun- 
dridge making up two centuries. It was left for the younger 
branches of the Dundridge line to perpetuate their race in 
America, while the elder branch, which remained in Enghmd, 
faded out entirely in about a hundred years after the emigration. 

John Baldwin, of County Bucks., England, 


1. JOHN BALDWm,ofthe"Hayle," County Bucks, England, 
was named as the overseer of his bi^other liichard's will, in 155|. 
He made his own will 12 March, 156i, describing himself as of 
the Hayle, in the Parish of Wendover, County Bucks, yeoman. 
The following is an abstract of it: 

To each of my children's children, 4 pence. To Mcholas, my son, 
my houses and lands in Great Missenden and the Lee, and a tene- 
ment in Wendover. To Sylvester, my son, a grove called Lord's 
Grove, in Wendover, and lands in Aston Clinton called Pleadell's; 
and the same, after his death, to go to his son John and his heirs 
forever. To Richard, my son, £20. To Robert, my son, £10. To 
Thomas, my son, a horse worth 33s. 4d. To George, my son, all 
the residue of my estate, and he to be my executor; as overseer, 
my son Sylvester. The will was proved 2 March, 156f, in the 
Archdeaconry Court of Bucks, by the son George. His wife evi- 
dently died before he did. 

2. George.-f- 

3. Nicholas. -f 

4. Sylvester. -|- 

5. Richard. -j- 

6. Robert. Mr. Chester finds nothing of him after his fatlier's will of lo6i, and 
thinks he died young. 

7. Thomas, 

8r Hugh appears, in the will of the first Richard of Duudridge, as "Heughe 
Baldwyn, my brother's son." He is not named in John's will, and if he was his 
son, probablj' died young. As Richard named no other brother than John, it is 
likely Hugh was son of John. Richard may have had other brothers; but 3Ir. 
Chester can find no trace or suggestion of them in tlie wills, verv numerous, of 
Baldwins in Bucks or other parts of England. In the parish register of Aston 
Clinton appears the marriage of a Hugh Baldwin and Mary King, 24 Jan'y, 150 jj, and 
of this Hugh, Mr. Chester fimls no fiirtlicr trace. 

56 Baldicin Genealogy. 

There were other Baldwins, in Aston CliiUon and vicinity, mentioned as "ser- 
vants" and '"laborers," and not related to the Baldwins of Dundridg« and of the 
Hayle; and Mr. Chester thinks the married Hugh was one of these. As neither 
John the brother, nor any child of his, unless it be Hugh, is a legatee in the will of 
Eichard, it seems to me very probable that if Hugh was any son of John, he was 
the oldest and died young, and quite as probable that he was son of some other 
brother of Richard. John himself would not have beeii named in Richard's will, 
had he not happened to be selected as "overseer," and Richard may and very likely 
had other brothers and sisters. 

I have left Hugh in place as son of John, but with great doubt whether he 
belongs there, as, with this expression of my doubt, no one will be misled. 

2. GEORGE - John 1- evidently in 156f the eldest son, and so 
called in certain Chancery proceedings in 1590. He was called 
cousin (i.e. nephew) in 156f, in will of Ellen of Dundridge, and 
her two daughters were to be guided by him in their marriages. 
His will, as of the Hayle in Wendover, County Bucks, dated 10 
Feb'y, and proved 20 Mch., 157f, by his widow Avelyn, probably a 
sister of William Aystell, whom he called his brother, and named 
as overseer with his own brother Sylvester and his son Ralph. 
He names as his children: 

9. Ralph.+ 

10. James. 

11. Edmond.-f 

12. John. 

13. Hem-y. 

14. Michael. 

The other children than Ralph were apparently under age, and 
Mr. Chester does not iind what became of the others than Ralph 
and Edmond. 

3. NICHOLAS 2 John i- He had by his father's will, dated 
156i, lands at Great Missenden and the Lee, a tenement at Wen- 
dover, &c. It appears, by Chancery proceedings in 1591, that he 
married Agnes Fisher, widow of William, and by another suit, 
that he had by Fisher at least a son Thomas. He lived at Eddies- 
borough, County Bucks, where he made his will, 2 July. 1577, 
calling himself a yeoman, and directing to be buried in Eddies- 
borough churchyard. The original will, proved 24 April, 1581, 
by his brother Sylvester, is on file in the Archdeaconry Court of 
Bucks; but that part is torn away in which he enumerated his 

John, of County Bucks, England. oT 

cliildren, except Triainor and John. His other children are iden- 
tilied in other ways: 

lo. Johu.-|- 

16. Frauds. -|- 

17. Bartholemew.-|- 

18. Thomas. + 

19. Triamor. In the Cliancery proceeding in Jamiarj-, loDy, he is called the 
youngest son. He was executor of the m ills of his brothers Francis and Barthole. 
mew in 1639 and 1655, and then disappears altogether. The will of a Triamor 
Baldwin, of Loudon, was dated aud proved as late as 1729. He could not have 
been the Triamor above, born before 1581, but, evidently from the peculiar name, 
some connection. Hfi stjdes himself "gentleman," and left but one legitimate 
child, to whom he bequeathed considerable property in London. He provided 
handsomely for an illegitimate sou and daughter, called by his surname. He also 
left £100 to his brother William Baldwin, then living in or near New York; and 
£100 each to his nephews Triamor and William, sons of said William, his brother, 
and placed the nephew Triamor last in the jine of rem under to certain property 
(one-fourth of the old ]Marshalsea Prison, immortalized by Dickens), which he 

devised first to his illegitimate son Thomas Baldwin. 

Who William, in or near l^ew York, was, I do not know. He 
could not have been AYilliani of Bucks County, Penn., who was 
from Yorkshire. He may have been William of Stratford, Conn.; 
m. Ruth Brooks, 1688, but no son Triamor appears; aud possibly 
not William, though a William appeared afterward in Stratford, 
for whom I do not accoount otherwise. 

20. Winifred, who m. Everard Johnson. Both are named in the .ill cited, 
and living 1655, and she in 1661. 

4. SYLVESTER 2 Johni- He=^^ received from his father, by 
will dated 156i, certain lands in Aston Clinton, called Pleadell's. 
He was executor of his brother ISTicholas in 1581, and is frequently 
mentioned in the Chancery proceedings referred to. His lirst wife 
Agnes, the mother of his children, was buried at Aston Clinton, 31 
Dec, 1568. He m. 2d, Agnes Bacheler, widow (probably of Sylves- 
ter Bacheler, who was buried there 3 July, 1564). He was buried 
there himself 3 July, 1592. His will, as of St. Leonard's Parish, 
Aston Clinton, County Bucks, yeoman, dated 25 June, 1592, was 
proved 5 Oct., 1592, by his son Thomas, in the Archdeaconry 

* He is tlie Sylvester erroneously said, in my article in^the N. E. Hist. Gen'I Register, to be father of 
Henry of Dundridge, and m. Sarah Gelly. My information, deri^•ed from another (not Mr. Chester), as to 
the supposed conveyance from John to Sylvester, on his marriage with Sarah Gelly, I believe to be a myth; 
and the payment of taxes in 1579, was not by Sylvester and Henry, but hy Richard and Henry. 


58 Baldiuin Genealogy. 

Court of Bucks. The original is on file, and the following is an 

To the poor of Aston, 15s,; Wendover, 5s.; Cholesbury, 5s. To 
each grandchild, 6d. To Thomas Gurnye, a lamb. To Alice Bach- 
elor, of London, 10s,; Alice Hayle, a lamb; Henry and Sylvester 
Harvye, each a bullock. To Agnes, his wife, all his household 
stuff at his freehold house called Chambers, sundry beasts, corn, 
etc., all for her life; and at her death, the same to go to the six 
children of Triamor Harvye, which he had by his itrst wife. To 
Ihomas Stonell and his mother, each a lamb; all residue to son 
Thomas, who is his executor. The overseers are Henry and 
Ralph Baldwin, The will of his widow Agnes, as of St. Leon- 
ard's, dated 24 Jan'y, I59|, proved 18 November following in the 
same Court, by her son William Bachelor, left legacies to her 
children by her first husband, and names none but her children 
by her first husband, except her son-in-law Triamor Harvey, who 
was to dispense her charities to the poor. She directed to be 
buried at Aston Clinton; but in the register, copied under order 
of Council made in 1598, there is an entire blank for 1504. 

21, John, living at date of his grandfather's will, 1564, but evidently dead at 
that of his father in 1592. 

23. Avelyn, evidently the only daughter, and married Triamor Harvey. + 
S3. Thomas. + 

5. RICHARD^ John^- He is named in the will of his father, 
156|; in that of his brother Thomas, in 1570; then with a son 
Thomas; but neither have been identified. 

24. Thomas. 

7. THOMAS 2 John^- He did not long survive his father His 
will is dated 11 Oct., 1570, and the following is an abstract: 

I, Thomas Baldwin, of Pyvers, in the parish of Chesham, County 
Bucks, husbandman, &c. To Joane, my wife, the use of all my 
lauds in Chesham till John, my son, be 21. To Richard, my son, 
£20, to be raised out of my woods, to be sold by my brothers 
Richard Baldwin and John Tyndall. To my two daughters Joane 
and Amy, each £6. 1 3s. 4d. To Thomas Baldwin, my brother Rich- 
ard's son, a lamb. Residue to my wife Joane, and she to be my 
executrix; overseers, my brother George Baldwin and my cousin 

John, of Coantij Bucks, EiKjlaml. 59 

Henry Baldwin, of Dundridg-e. The will was proved in the Arch- 
deaconry Coiirt of Bucks, 16 Dec, 1570, by his widow; but I have 
no further account of her or the children. 


, John. 







9. RALPHS George 2 John 1= 27 Sept., 1611, he proved the 
nuncupative will of his daughter Rebecca, who died unm. May 
previous. She was described as of Wendover, and bequeathed to 
her father £100, he had promised her, w^hich was to be paid to her 
by her brother Henry Baldwin, and prayed him to be kind to her 
poor brother (probably another in distress). 

28. Henry. 

29. Ri'becca. 

30. . The brother in distress. 

11 . EDMUj^D^^ George - John ^- He received, under his father's 
will, in 157^, a tan house in Wendover. He was in the Chancerv 
of 158i, described as of Wendover, tanner. He appeared to have 
conveyed his property in Wendover, about a year and a half 
before, and is thought to be the Edmond Baldwin, of Chalfont, 
St. Peter's, County Bucks (fourteen miles from Wendover village), 
yeoman, whose will, dated 6 Jan'y, 162f, was proved 2 October, 
1621, by his w^idow Cicely. He named, as living sons, Thomas 
and Edmund, daughters Elizabeth Hodson and Anne Tibbie, also 
his son Ralph as dead. 

31. Thomas. 

32. Edmund 

£8. Elizabetli, m. Hodson. 

o4r. Anne, m. Tibbie. 

35. Ralph, dead before his father. 

15. JOHN 3 Nicholas- John,i of Edlesborough, County Bucks, 
yeoman, made his will, dated 9 Jan'y, 16|~^, proved in the Arch- 
deaconry Court of Bucks, 5 April following, by his son Ralph, to 
whom he left all his possessions, except 5 sliillings to his daughter 
Elizabeth Beaker. John's identity would be uncertain, save for 
law suits: 1586, describing himself of Edlesborowe, in a suit in 
Chancery, he says that John Baldwin, of the Hale, in the Parish 

60 Baldtrin Genealor/y. 

of Great Missenclen, yeoman, his grandfather was seized of land at 
Field End, in that Parish, and let the same to John Baldwin, of 
Chilton, at a rent of 26s. 8d; that John, of the Hale, demised the 
same to his son Nicholas, from whom the same descended to 
plaintiff as his son and heir; that the title deeds came into pos- 
session of Thomas Baldwin, of Field End, and by virtue of the 
same, Thomas entered into possession. Thomas, in the answer, 
savs John of Chilton was his father, and seized in fee of 
the property, and borrowed money of John of the Hayle, and 
conveyed the lands to him for forty years to pay a rent of 
26s. 8d; that by mistake, John of the Hale demised the same 
to John of Chilton, reserving the rent; that John of Chilton 
by his will made Alice, his wife, his executrix, who granted 
same to Thomas. Alice died 21 Elizabeth (1.579). In 1591, he 
brought a suit against his stepmother and cousin Ralph, alleging 
that Nicholas had granted lands in "VVendover derived from John 
of the Hale, for the advancement of his son in marriage with 
Agnes Fisher, to his elder brother George for term of years. 
Nicholas dying, his wife Agnes entered into possession, and was 
expelled by Ralph, claiming by inheritance from George, who 
had only a term of years; whereupon, Ralph and Agnes conspired 
to conceal from him the title deeds. 

One of the wisest things done bv the emigrants to NewEuHand, 
was' to institute the system of records for deeds, which saves 
much litigation and uncertainty in titles, and the universal good 
judgment they exhibited in that regard is remarkable. 

36. Ralph. 

37. Elizabeth, m. Beaker. 

16. FRANCIS 3 Nicholas'^ John. 1 He made his will 25 May, 
1639, describing himself as of Parish St. Mary le Strand, County 
Middlesex, "gentleman." From his living in London, and in the 
particular parish named, it is probable he was connected with one 
of the law courts or public offices in this vicinity, and therefore 
described himself as a "gentleman." 

He gives £200 each to his son John, "and the child in my wife's 
womb," when 21; their guardians to be his brothers Bartholomew 
and Triamor. If both children died before 21, £50 each to god-son 
Thomas Baldwin, god-daughter Sarah Baldwin, and the other 

John, of County Backs, JEi<gla/id. fil 

£300 equally among the children of his brothers, Thomas, Barthol- 
omew and Triamor. and sister AVinifred Johnson. To the poor 
of Edlesborough, where he was born, 40s. To his mother-in-law 
Elizabeth Hills, widow, 40s. To his brother-in-law Thomas Key- 
nolds, 40s. Executors to be wife Elizabeth and brother Triamor. 
The will was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 12 
June, 1639. His widow's will, dated 23 Jan'y, ]64i, was proved 
the next 4 Julv, bv her mother Elizabeth Hills. She directed to 
be buried near her husband, in the Parish Church of St. Marv le 
Strand, and left her property to her son John and daughter Eliza- 
beth. Mr. Chester can lind no further trace of the children. 

38. John. 

39. Elizabeth, born soon after 23 May, 1639. 

17. BARTHOLOMEW^Xicholas^ John.i In his will, dated 
10 May, 1655, he called himself of Weston Turville, County 
Bucks, "gentleman." The following is an abstract of his will: 

Whereas, by a former will, I made Robert, my son, full execu- 
tor, and ordained my lands at Wiugfleld, in Chalgrave, County 
Bedford, to be sold to pay debts, and fuliill the engagement for 
mj cousin Elizabeth Baldwin's portion (probably niece Elizabeth 
last named) ; but my said son Robert afterwards persuaded me 
to convey said lands to him for his preferment, &c., I now 
revoke said will, and appoint as my executors my brother Tria- 
mor Baldwin, and my son-in-law Robert Abdy, with power to 
sell my lands in Edlesborough and Weston Turville, County 
Bucks, for the payment of my debts and legacies. Of the 
residue of my estate, I give one-third to John, my son; one- 
third to my wife Mary for life, with remainder to John and 
Thomas, my sons, equally; to my son and daughter Abdy, £5; to 
my sister Johnson, 50 shillings. I will that Bartholomew, my 
son, enjoy Eastbury House, in Edlesborough. I appoint over- 
seers, my cousin Mr. Aske, and Mr. Hoi ton. Residue of person- 
ality to my executors and to my sons Robert, Bartholomew, John 
and Thomas equally. In a codicil, dated six days later (16 May, 
1655,) he gives "to my brother-in-law Everard Johnson, £5; to 
my sister Hannah Johnson and her son, my cousin (i.e. nephew), 
Thomas Baldwin, each 40 shillings. 

The will was proved 20 July, 1655, in the Prerogative Court of 
Canterbury, by his brother Triamor, power being reserved to 

62 Baldwin Genealogy. 

Robert Abdy, the other executor. His widow Mary, then of 
Parish of St. Paul's, Covent Garden, made a nuncupative will, 7 
Oct., 1666. Her legacies were : To Bartholomew Baldwin, Jr., £10 ; 
to Mary Bowles, £10; to my sister Baldwin's children, 50 shillings; 
to my sister Joanna, 20 shillings; to Elizabeth Bowles, 10 shil- 
lings ; to Sarah Leavern, 20 shillings ; to Bartholomew Baldwin, my 
son, the remainder of my annuity due me from my daughter-in- 
law Wells. Her son Bartholomew became administrator 25 April, 
1668. Bartholomew Baldwin was, in 1634, Clerk of the Faculties 
in the Court of Chancery (5 State Paper 388), and 26 July of that 
year, as of Weston Turville, was summoned to appear at the 
Office of Arms next term, to make proof of his Arras, and to 
enter his descent (same Volume, p. 160.) He did not do this, and 
was omitted in the visitation of 1634. 

40. Robert. + 

41. Daughter, m. Robert Abdy. 

42. BartholomeM'. 

43. John. 

44. Thomas. 

45. Margary, buried at Weston Turville, 13 Jan'y, 1624. 
43. William, buried at Weston Turville, 10 Dec, 1625 or 6. 

18. THOMAS 3 Nicholas ^ John.^ He was living is 1639, at the 
date of the will of his brother Francis, but was apparently dead 
in 1655, at the date of that of Bartholomew, leaving a widow 
Hannah and son 

47. Thomas. 

. 22. AYELYiT^ Sylvester- John. ^ She was evidently the only 
daughter of Sylvester, and married Triamor Harvey. Their mar- 
riage license, issued at the Registry of the Bishop of London, is 
dated 20 June, 1575. Both are described as of Parish St. Mary at 
Hill, in London. Whether a runaway match, or he was in business 
there and she in service, it is impossible to say. At all events, they 
returned to Aston Clinton, where four of the six children named 
in her father's will were baptised. She was buried there 23 Jan., 
158f, evidently dying shortly after the birth of her sixth child, 
baptized 6 same month, by her father's name. Her husband m. 
second time and had other children, and was finally buried there, 
15 June, 1621. I have not the names of the first five, but only 

53. Sylvester, bapt. 6 Jan'y, lo8f. 

John, of County Bucks, England. 03 

23. THOMAS ^ Sylvester - John. ^ He was his fatlier^s executor 

in 1592. He m. first Rebecca , the mother of most of his 

children, who was buried at Aston Clinton, 15 April, 1500, evi- 
dently dying in childbed of her sixth child and fifth son Sylvester. 
He married second at Aston Clinton, 6 July, 1590, Jane Hayle, 
less than three months after the death of his first wife. Such 
hasty second marriages were common enough, and in his case was 
quite necessar}^ he being left with six very young children, tmd 
no sister or female relative to whom he could turn for assistance. 
His second wife survived, and appears to have been buried at 
Aston Clinton, 2 Aug., 1628. He was buried there 9 Jan'y, 
16^. His will, as of St. Leonard's, in Aston Clinton, yeoman, 
was dated 25 Fe"b'y, 16f|. The abstract of his will follows: 

To be buried in Aston Clinton churchyard. To the poor there, 
10s.; to wife Jane, one-half my messuages, lands and tenements in 
Aston Clinton and Wendover for her life or widowhood, and one- 
third mv 2:oods and chattels. To my sons George, Richard and 
John and Sylvester, and my daughter Agnes Bowler, each 10 shil- 
lings. To Robert, my son, and Jane, my daughter, each £30, 
when 21 or married. To Samuel, my son, all my messuages, 
lands and tenements in Aston Clinton and Wendover, subject to 
my said wife's interest; also residue of personalty; he to be my 
executor. Overseers, my friends Robert Hayle and Henry Bar- 
nabye. The will was proved by the executor, in the Court of the 
Archdeaconry of Bucks, 27 Jan'y, lGi|. 

54. Samuel. 4- 

55. Georse, baptised 29 May. 1582.-}- 

56. Agnes, bapt. at Aston Clinton, 29 Dec, 1583; m. Bowler, and living 
IGyf , but no more is known. 

57. Richaid.-|- 

58. John, bapt. 15 Dec, 1588. -f- 

59. Sylvester, baptised at Aston Clinton, 14 April, 1590, living 16J|, but 
nothing fur: her known of him. 

60. Robert. 

61. Jane. 

40. ROBERT* Bartholomew ^ Nicholas ^ John.^ He made his 
will 29 Jan'y, 165^, calling himself of Whelpley Hill, in the Par- 
ish of Chesham, County Bucks, "gentleman." He left £10 to his 
mother, Mary Baldwin; to his wife Alice, his capital messuage 
at AVingfield in Chalgrave, County Bedford, until his daughter 

64 Baldwin Genealogy. 

should i-each the age of 21 or marry. His widow proved the will, 
25 May, 1658, in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. She re- 
married Thomas Wells, of Great Gadsden, County Herts (who d. 
9 Oct., 1686, and was buried there), and appears to have been dead 
at the date of the will of her mother-in-law, Mary Baldwin, 7 
Oct., 1666. 

63. Sarah, only child, d. in 1669, at the age of 15, and was buried in Bovingdon 
Church, Herts, with a monument still there. 

54. SAMUEL * Thomas ^ Sylvester ^ John,i j^jg father's heir and 
executor in 16,^^. He m. 17 Oct., 1622, Amy Bryan. His will, as 
of Aston Clinton, yeoman, was dated 8 Feb., IQH- He named 
first one child who was to have £30 when 21 or married. He 
confirmed to his brother George the lease of the home wherein he 
dwelt, to run 21 years from the death of his father Thomas. The 
overseers were l-»ichard BaldAvin, of Dundridge, and William 
Graves. His widow Amy proved the will 22 jS'ov., 1630. 

63. Frances. 

55. GEORGE* Thomas ^ Sylvester'^ John.^ baptised at Aston 
Clinton, 29 March, 1582. He'^made his will 13 Feby, 165f, de- 
scribing himself as of Agmondesham, County Bucks, gentleman. 
(This Avas the period of the Commonwealth.) He named Thomas 
as his eldest son and heir, and Ruth as his eldest daughter. He 
gave £250 each to his six younger children, naming them, and 
divided among them equally his lands of inheritance in Wendover, 
demised by his father Thomas to Samuel, and descended to George 
as next heir ma;le. All his children were under age, and the last 
six under 18. The widow Ruth proved the will, in the Preroga- 
tive Court of Canterbury, 25 Sept., 1656. 

64. Thomas. 

65. Ruth. 

66. George. 

67. Elizabeth. 

68. Mary. 

69. Sarah. 

70. Hannah. 

71. John. 

57. RICHARD* Thomas ^ Sylvester ^ John.^ He appears to 
have lived some time at Agmondesham, where, with his sou, he 

John, of County Bucks, England. 65 

was a brewer; but snbsequentl}^ at Beaconsiield, wbither tbe son 
also removed. He died there, and, according to tbe son's will, 
was buried in the churchvard. His daughter administered to liis 
estate, in the Court of Bucks, 7 June, 1(!45. The bond was only 
£200; but he had perhaps divided his estate before, as his son was 
evidently wealthy. 

7"2. Elizabeth, m. John Watkins.-j- 

73. Richard, lie made his will 5 Aug., 1601. calling himself of Beaconsfield, 
County Bucks, "gentleman." An abstract follows: To lie buried in Beacousfleld 
churchyard, where my father was buried. To my sister Elizabeth Watkins, an 
annuity of £10, and my brewhouse m Agmondesham for life, the reversion at her 
death to her eldest son John Watkuis. To John, son of said John Watkins, £300 
when 21. To Heniy Watkins, my sister's sou. £5, and £20 per annum for life. 
To Anne Merridue, my sister's grandchild, £100 when 21. To Elizabeth Baldwin, 
my sister's daughter, £5; and to all her children living at her death, or when she 
shall be fortj' j'ears of age, £200 among them. To my son-in law, Edward Baldwin. 
Esquire, anil Elizabetli his wife, each £5. To Thomas, my uncle, Mr. John Bald- 
win's son, £.5. To Richard Baldwin, my uncle's grandchild, £50 when 21. To his 
daughter Lane, £20; his daughter Clarke, £10; his daughter Mitchell, £20: and to 
my Aunt Baldwin, £10. To my cousin, Mrs. Isabell Day, £20. To my cousin, Mr. 
William Fisher's children, £50 equally, when 21. To my cousin, Mrs. Mary 
Reynolds, £20. To my cousin, Mrs. Rebecca Filpott, £20. To the children of my 
cousin, Mrs. Anne Roberts, deceased. £20. To my cousin, Mr. John Baldwin, of 
Harvill, £50. To my aunt, Mrs. Rebecca Appleby, £20. To my son-in-law, Mr. 
George Turfrey, £200. To my .said son-in-law, Mr. Edward Baldwin, and his heirs 
forever, my capital messuage, &c., called Wilton's, where I now dwell, in Beacons- 
field aforesaid (with other lands particularly described); also to him and mj' wife, 
the residue of all my personalty; and I appoiut them joint executors. 

The will was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 11 Dec, 1661, 
by said Edward Baldwin, the relict Susanna renouncing the execution thereof 
This Richard Baldwin's wife was Susanna, widow of Richard Turfrey, of London. 
Her daughter, Elizabeth Turfrey, was the wife of Edward Baldwin, Esq., Bencher 
of the Inner Temple, described in the former pnrt of this narrative as the Vth iu 
the descent of the Dundridge line. The relationship between this Richard and 
Edward had by this time become very distant; and* it is curious how the lattei thus 
became enriched by marrying the daughter of the wife of his childless kinsman. 

58. JOHX* Thomas =^ Sylvester"' John,^ baptised at Aston Clin- 
ton, 15 Dec, 1588, and named in his fathers will 161|-. His will, 
as of Chipping Wycombe, County Bucks, iron-monger; dated 2 
March, 16|f. was proved 12 Feb'y, lOdJ-, in the Arcbdeaconry 
Court of Bucks, by bis son Thomas. He named his wife Eliza- 
beth, and his other children : John Baldwin, of Harville ; Eliza- 
beth Lane, widow; Anne, wife of John Clarke; and Margary, 

66 Baldwin Genealogy. 

wife of Robert Mitchell. These are all named in the will of their 
cousin Richard. 

74. Thomas.4- 

75. John. 

76. Elizabeth, m. Lane. 

77. Anne m. John Clarke. 

78. Margary, m. Robert Mitchell. 

72. ELIZABETH 5 Richard 4 Thomas ^ Sylvester"^ John,i m. be- 
fore 1645, John Watkins, of Agmondesham, yeoman. She was 
living in 1661 with children and grandchildren. 

79. John, who, in 1661, had a son John. 

80. Henry. 

81. Elizabeth Baldwin, who, in 1661, had children, and was not forty years 
of ase. 


74. THOMAS^ John* Thomas 3 Sylvester 2 John. 1 He was, in 
166f, his father's executor; made his will 21 May, 1666, describing 
himself as of Chipping Wycombe, "hemp-dresser." He named 
his mother Elizabeth, his wife Mary, his son Richard and his 
daughter Mary, both under age. The original will is on file iu 
the Archdeaconry Court of Bucks. 

83. Richard. 
83. Marv. 


In 1870, I visited that portion of Buckinghamshire, England, 
formerly inhabited by my ancestors. The locality was so inter- 
esting to me, that some description of it ma}^ prove so to others. 

Aston Clinton was a quiet little parish, about four miles from 
Aylesbury, a county town. St. J-.eonard"s was a small church, or 
chapel, built in the old English style. 




Chapel of St- Leonard's, Buckinghamshire. 

Its walls were the same that my ancestors bad viewed before 
thev came to Xew Eno-land. The roof had been burned in the 
revolution of 1G40, and was replaced. Inside was a mural monu- 
ment to Samuel Baldwin, with the arms — three oak leaves slipped, 
and the inscription : " Within this chapel are deposited the remains 
'' of Mr. Samuel Baldwin, of the Parish of St. Paul, Covent Gar- 
" den, and of this hamlet, who died the 23 of March, 1760, in the 
" fJlst year of his age; and of Tryphene, his Avidow. who died the 

68 Baldwin Gei^ccdogy. 

" 23rd of April, 1780, in the 90th year of her age. They left two 
" children, Joseph and Susanna, hy the eldest of whom this is 
" erected to the memory of his parents." 

The chapel farm, formerly in the tenure of Sylvester Baldwin, 
lay directly across the street — a fine rolling, grass farm. There 
were no Baldwins in the vicinitv, but the Baldwin woods were at 
the other end of the farm. St. Leonard's is described, in 1842, by 
Lewis, as "a chapelry of Aston Clinton, one hundred and forty- 
seven inhabitants; living, a donative, £30. Patrons and impro- 
prietors. Sir J. D. King, Bart. The Chapel is endow^ed with 
lands producing £170 per annum." Before the dissolution of the 
Abbeys, it seems to have been supplied by Missenclen Abbey, a 
few miles ofl:'. "It is supposed," says Lipscomb (Hist, Bucks), to 
have been originally built on the site of an ancient hermitage, or 
cell, belonging to Missenden Abbey, and founded circa 1278." 
The chapel, after the dissolution of the Abbey, was disregarded 
until Queen Elizabeth granted its site, in 1586, to Edward 
Wymarke. "It being then in the tenure of Sylvester Baldwin, 
who also had other lands in the same parish, which the Queen 
had granted to Sir Edward Stanley, kn't. and his heirs, probably 
formerly belonging to a Chantry ;" but, in 1587, she further granted 
to Wil. Zipper and Robert Dawe, Esqrs. inter al. "the decayed 
" free chapel of St. Leonard's, a tenement called Chapel Farm, 
" and all lands thereunto belonging, in Astan Clinton and Wen- 
" dover, in the occupation of Sylvester Baldwin, tenendum, as of 
"the manor East Greenwich, by fealty;" only with the proviso 
that if, before the 22nd of ]^ov., 1 Eliz., any of the premises were 
not unjustly detained, then the grant to be void. 

It will have been noticed, that in the will of Richard of Dun- 
dridge, 1636, is bequeathed one coffer, containing evidences con- 
cerning chapel lauds. 

Dundridge: Dunriche, Bunrigge, Bunrig, says Lewis, a small 
hamlet. But more correctly, a single farm in St. Leonard's is a 
reputed manor, having no copy-hold belonging to it. It was 
probably separately called a manor, when the sergeantry of Paris 
was vested in the Montagues, in the reign of Edw. 3, or Rich- 
ard 2. 

Diindridge and its Vicinity. 


The descent of Dundridge is furnished me by that accomplished 
scholar, Geo. AV. Baldwin, whose assistance I have so frequently 
to acknowledge : 

Simon de Moutacute- 
d. 1316. 

f William de Mont Acutoet Elizabeth, Aston Clinton 

I I Manor, extent Wolveuham, acr' prati Wendover, 

"William de Montacute — Eliz. -\ unum messuage Dun rigge in Aston, unum messuage 

d. 1319-20, possessed | 100 acr. terr. & 2 gravi itm, (besides other lauds not 

of Dundridge. [iuBucks.) 1 Cal. Inq. p. m., 13 Edw. 11, p. 393. 

William de Montacute (cr. Earl of Salisbury)— , 
d. 1343. 

dau. of William Lord Grandison. 

John (2d son) — Margaret, dau. and heiress of Thos. Lord Monthermer. 
d. 1390. 

.John, Earl of Salisbury—. Maud (prob. 2d wife). 

succeed uncle as Earl. 
d. 1400. 

d. 1423. 

Thomas, Earl of Salisbury — Eleanor, sister and heir of Earl of Kent, 
d. 1428. 

Alice — Eichard Neville (cr. Earl of Salisbury.) 
1 d. 1460. 

Richard, Earl of Warwick — 
d. 1471. 

Isabel Neville- 

George Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence, 
bro. of Edw. iv. ; d. 1478. 

Margaret, Countess of Salisbury, 
beheaded 1541. 

The manor of Dundridge came to the crown on her attainder. 
In 1544, it was granted by Henry VIII. as the manor of Dunriche, 
alias During, parcel of the possession of said Margaret, with Stone- 
hill Grrove of live acres; Lady Grove, seven acres; Vie Grove, one 
acre: and woods of coppices, called Braies, fourteen acres; St. 
Mary coppices, four acres ; and other lands belonging to the same 
manor in Aston Clinton, Chcsham and Wendover, to Sir John 
Baldwin, his heirs and assigns. Several of the lands enumerated 
above will be recognized as occurring in the wills of the Baldwins 


Baldwin. Genealogy. 

of Dundriclge. The manor seems to have gone from Sir John to 
his daughter, Dorothy Pakington. She, as a widow, mortgaged 
it, in 1574, to Sir John Spencer. First March, 1577-8, John Pak- 
ington, son and heir of Dorothy, had license to alienate Dunrich 
and other lands to Henry and Richard Baldwin, two of the sons of 
the first Richard; and it remained in the family, as we have seen, 
until 1748. In 1870, when I visited it, it belonged to Rev. H. A. 
Jeffries, of Hawkhurst, near Staplehurst, Kent. It is in the parish 
of Aston Clinton, and almost or quite in sight of the chapel of 
St. Leonard's. 

The dwelling is of brick, large for farm purposes, and bordering 
a long, narrow common, extending from the higliAvay. Fifty 
years since, there was an ancient building there, of which I learned 
only that it was of good size and somewhat Elizabethan in style. 
Toward the common was a deep ditch freshly kept open, and 
called the moat." There were traces of its former continuation, 
extending in front and on the side next the highway. In the rear, 
the ditch — had there been one — would have been filled by the 
litter of the barnyard; and on the remaining side, I could detect 
no trace of it. The view here given of it is taken from the side 
last mentioned^ which is not the best point of vieAv: 

Dun BRIDGE lies much 
nearer Cholesbury than to 
the church at Aston Clin- 
ton, and the Baldwins of 
Dundridge appear to have 
been known there. The 
church at Cholesbury ap- 
pears old, and the Rev. Mr. 
Jester there took time from 
a pressing engagement, to 
show me close by the church 
the remains of an old en- 
campment, called I believe 
by Mr. Jester a Danish, but in Murraj^'s Hand Book a British 
camp. It is in good preservation, looking much like the best of 
our ancient works of the kind in America. Lewis calls it one of 
the finest Danish encampments in this kingdom, one mile in 
circumference, with ditch in some places thirty feet deep. About 
four miles from Aylesbury, and three from St. Leonard's, lies 



DundriiUje and its Vicinity. 71 

"Wendover, which recovered two members of Parliament through 
John Hampden, and was several times represented by him. A 
little beyond from St. Leonard's lies Great Hampden, the paternal 
home of Hampden, with its grand old avenue of beeches; so long, 
that one imagines the four thousand yeomen, who are said to have 
ridden to London in sympathy for the patriot, congregated about 
it. Hampden was buriedjiere, in 1643. In his will he remembers 
John Baldwin. 

A John Baldwin, of Wendover, seems to have been a man 
of some prominence. Lipscomb notices "a view of Franc Pledge, 
and Court Baron of John Baldwin, Esq., of Wendover, Baronie, 
there holden 11 May, 1652; Thomas Smith, Steward." Li 1660, 
he represented Wendover in Parliament; and as late as 7 -April, 
1671, there was another view of Frank Pledge before him. 

Lord INugent, in his Memorials of Hampden, says that Hampden 
had an intention to emigrate to New England: that "this project 
of emigration was defeated by an order of the King, in Council, 
dated 6 April, 1638, by which all masters and owners of ships 
were restrained from setting forth any vessels with passengers for 
America, without special license. The immediate effect of this 
monstrous edict is rendered remarkable by an event which has 
thrown over the whole an air of strange fatality. Eight shijDs, 
with respectable emigrants on board, were at this time lying in 
the Thames, bound for the new colony. In one of these had 
actually embarked, for their voyage across the Atlantic, two no 
less considerable persons than John Hampden and his kinsman, 
Oliver Cromwell." A special order was therefore issued detaining 
the vessels by name. Lord Nugent gives several references. His 
editor afiixes a note, that FovSter, in his "Statesmen of the Com- 
monwealth," has shown that there is not sufficient authority for 
the incident; but that Lord Nugent having offered no mark or 
modihcatiou, he allows it to stand. Hume (Yol. 5, p. 85) considers 
the fact beyond controversy. Southey, in his "Life of Cromwell," 
makes the emigrants bound for Saybrook, in Connecticut. It 
seems that, in the spring or early summer of 1638, numbers from 
the immediate vicinity of Hampden did emigrate, among whom 
Silvester, in ship Martin, died June 21. 

Among those in Xew Haven, Conn., in 1638, and Milford, in 
1639, from the vicinity, were the many Baldwins, the Bryants, 
Fenns, Stonehill, probably the Fowlers, and we cannot tell how 


Baldmn Genealogy. 

many otliers. The woods of Hampden end to the north upon the 
brow of a lofty hill, called Green Holly. In the side of this chalk 
hill is cut the "White Leaf Cross." It is about one hundred feet 
long by seventy wide, and made by cutting off the turf, leaving 
the bare chalk plainly visible for many miles. This monument is 
of very remote antiquity, supposed by Mr. Wise, in a learned 
letter to Browne Willis on the subject of Saxon Antiquities, to 
commemorate a victory of Edward, King of West Saxons over 
the Danes, early in the tenth century. "It appears, however," 
says Lord Nugent, "to have been intended as a memorial of the 
last battle of the Britons with Hengist and Ilorsa, which was 
fought over the extensive plains of Eisborough and Saunderton. 
The Saxon princes planted their victorious standards on this 
height, and on Bedlow Ridge adjoining, to recall their troops from 
the pursuit. 

This memorial probably seemed nearly as old to our aucesto 
in 1636, as it does to us to-day; and they gazed on it, as did 
and in all probability some of my ancestors assisted in making 
time out of mind ago. At Great Misseuden, Avhich is near Di 
dridge, are still the remains of the Abbe}', on a rising slope fi; 

Missenden Church. 

the road. It retains in its cloisters some scanty remains of the 
walls of a religious house, founded for Black Canons in 1133. 
I cannot give the date of Missenden Church. The authorities 
speak of it as very ancient. It is said the tower at the west end 

Dundridge and its Vicinity. 73 

was origiijally early Euglisli, and that almost every sncceecling- 
style of architecture appears ia the building. The oldest brass 
mentioned in Lipscomb is dated in 153G. 

It will be remembered that to the poor of Great Missendeu 
were £:ifts made in the Dundridi!:e wills. 

In all these old remains of antiquity, I fancied some memorials 
of the life of my ancestors. Indeed, in 1639, Alice Baldwin, as 
the last Abbess of Burnham Abbey, surrendered her house and 
received a pension of £13, 6s and 8d. My whole visit to Bucks 
county charmed me. Although no doubt very different from wliat 
it was in 1636, it is very diiferent from our own country. The 
quiet, picturesque places; the green grass everywhere, leaving no 
bare earth. The "navigable feeder," or canal, was a narrow, deep, 
clear stream, lined with trees and with grass to the water. The 
farms and estates were pleasant. These parishes lie upon the edge 
of Chilton Hills, and, in that, have pleasanter scenerj^ than many. 
They are fertile, being celebrated long ago as that pleasant vale 
'• of Aylesbury that walloweth in wealth." These lands, however, 
are not owned by the tenants in small pieces, as they used to be. 
Dundridge belonged to a non-resident, who had never seen it. 
I^ear by was an estate bought for investment by the Mercers 
Company. I think it was of London. Two of the Rothchilds 
had large estates near by, one of them owning the whole parish 
of Halton. The localit}^ was pleasant and healthy. While I was 
in Aj^lesbury, the Sabbath school children were out on a picnic. 
Hearing the noise of a return, I waited to see how the children 
looked, whom I felt sure mustbe stout little boys, from the shouting 
and joj^ous noises they made. I fancied my ancestors might have 
been, in childhood, something like these, save. Sunday-school 
picnics. But the return was of the little girls, stout, round and 
rosy, prospectively stout women, well fitted for severe life in a 
new land. 

I ought perhaps to say a word or two about the Baldwin Arms. 
It has been seen, hy the reader of the English genealogies, that 
the lines represented in America are not presumed to be entitled 
to them. Arms are in England hci-editary, and as much property 
as real estate for instance. The general ideas of Americans about 
Arms are very loose, and lead to such an engraving of seals and 
other matters as startles a conscientious scholar. The Arms of 
Sir John Baldwin appear, in Dugdale's " Origines Juridicales," as 



Baldwin Genealogy. 

three oak leaves slipped (in pairs). In Lipscomb, they are given 
as three oak leaves slipped, acorned proper (natnral color). These 
Arms appear, unacorned ia the Middle Temple, as Arms of Richard 
Baldwin; and upon the tomb of Samuel Baldwin, in St. Leonard's. 
The Arms granted in 1662, to Edward Baldwin, of AVilton, are 
described as " argent a chevron ermine, between three oak branches 
proper." The same Arms are used bv the Baldwins of County 
Cork, Ireland, who emigrated there temp. Elizabeth, and who 
probably came from County Bucks. It will be noticed, however, 
tliat if they emigrated as «arly as that, they could not have been 
descendants of Edward; and that, although the Baldwins of 
America, as far as known, are not entitled to any of these Arms, 
the ownership of them by other branches of grant, raises no 
presumption that there was no collateral consanguinity. 

The following is a cut of the Arms : three oak leaves slipped, 
unacorned, which appears in the St. Leonard Chapel. With it is 
the usual crest of the Baldwins of that vicinity, " a squirrel sejant," 
or a squirrel sitting, colored in gold. It is generally or always 
represented as holding a "sprig of hazel," or oak, sometimes 
acorned or unacorned. 


•?• LuKE_^flLDWIN ■'■■ 

There are in some of the Massachusetts lines of Baldwins, old 
representations of Arms. I present one obtained from Vermont, 
and having upon it the apparent fac similes of the signatures of 

Dundridge and its Vicinity. 


JetUitliiiu and Luke of tlie Henry of Woburii branch. The crest 
there is a grifhii, for which there seems to be no authority at all. 

These Arms may have been furnished by some irresponsible 
vender of arms in Boston, shortly after the Revolution, or obtained 
from books of heraldry. I have a drawing of the last Arms from 
George Baldwin, Esq., son of Loammi (Woburn branch), with a 
squirrel as the crest, holding an acorned oak branch. He is able 
to tell whence it came. His father obtained it in Xew York 
during the Revolution, and intended to have it engraved, but was 
driven from New York too soon. 

The Baldwins of Herts and Bucks, who Avere granted Arms in 
early times, had them quite similar to those of Sir John; and I 
confess I believe they had probably this reason for it, that they 
were collaterally related to him. 


From Burke's Eiicyolojjeilia of Herakhy, London, 1S44. 

Bawdewyn ( Ar. a bead lozengy or, betw. six lions rampant sa. 

or, - 
Bawdwen. ( Crent : A sceptre in pale or. 

Bawdwen. . .Or., a cross patonce gu., betw. four lozenges vert. 

Bawdwin. . . . Sa. , a bend, between six billets ar. 

Baavdwls (Shropshire.) Ar. , a saltire sa." 

B.\WDWYX . . .Or., a fesse betw. three water bougets gu. 

Bawdwyx . . .Az. , a star of sixteen points or. 

Baldwin (Wilton, Beaconsfield, Co. Bucks.) Ar., a chev. ermines, betw. three 

oak branches proper. 

Baldwin ...(Hunts.) Per pale az^ and or, a fleur de-lis, betw. three crescents 
counter changed. 

Baldwin .... (Stede Hill, Co. Kent,) Gu., a griffin segreant or. Crest: A lion 
rampant az. , holding in the paws a cross crosslet fitchee or. 

Baldwin .... (Shropshire.) Per pale ar. and sa., a lion counterchanged. 

BALDWIN . . i' (Didd.lebury Salop.) Descended from Roger Baldwyn, of Dodelebury, 
) living in 1390.) Arg., a saltire sa. Crest: On a mount vert., a cock- 

Baldwyn. . \ atrice ar., wattled, combed and beaked or., ducaily gorged, and lined 
^ of the last. 

Baldwin .... (Elsich and Stoke Castle. Salop, and Aqualate. ) As preceding. 

B.vLDWiN . . ..(Co. Cork, borne by Herbert Baldwin, M.D., of Cork, late its repre- 
sentative in Parliament.) Arg., a chev. erm., betw. three oak 
branches, ppr. quartering the ensigns of Herbert. Crest : A dove, 
with the olive branch ppr. Motto : Est voluntas Dei. 

Baldwin (Ljdand. Co. Lane.) Same as Baldwin Diddlebu;y Salop. Motto: Je 

n'oublierai pas. " 

Baldwin .... Ar. , six oak leaves in pairs, two in chief, and one in base vert, stalks 
sa., their points downward. Crest: A squirrel sejant oi". 

Baldwin . . . .Ar., a cbev. ermines, betw. three hazel springs vert. Crest: A squirrel 

sejant or., holding a hasel sprig vert. 
Baldwyn. . . .Bendy, of six ar. and gu., a chief or. 

'" (^y^)atJ/eado 

Plan of Early Milford, Connecticut. 

Richard Baldwin, of Milford, Conn 


1. RICHARD BALDWIN, of Milford, was son of 
Baldwin (who died 21 June, 1638, on the passage over from 
on ship Martin) ; and his wife, Sarah (Bryan) Baldwin. An 
He was baptised in the Parish Aston Clinton, Buckinghai 
England, 25 August, 1622, and probably born not long I 
He perhaps came with his father, or possibly earlier. He ^ 
not have been Richard, of Braintree, Mass., i^l 1637, as supp 
by Savage; as Richard, of Braintree, must have been much oK 
(See Henry, of Woburn.) He evidently had a good education . 
the times. His handwriting was as tine as I have seen in any ear. 


He frequently- appeared as attorney before the General Court 
at New Haven; and his arguments are so redolent of the shrewd, 
technical manner of the time, that it would seem as if he must 
have had some schooling in that manner. I think it not unlikely 
he was in some attorney's office, perhaps in London — a position 
the Baldwins of Bucks and Herts inclined to; influenced thereto 
perhaps by the eminent success of their probable kinsman. Sir 
John Baldwin, Chief Justice. He was probably in the office of 
his uncle Henry, a lawyer. This name appears upon the first 
page of Milford Records, 20 jSTov., 1639, among "those persons 
whose names are hereunder written are allowed to be Free 
Planters, having for the present liberty to act in the choyce of 
public officers for the carrying on of public affayers in this planta- 
tion." He was then in church fellowship, according to Lambert, 
yet he joined the church, 9 May, 1641. Among the names of the 
planters at Xew Llaven, in 1643 (X. II, Col. Rec, 91,) appears 
AVid. Baldwin, five in family, estate 800, &c. But at least ten 

78 Baldwin Genealogy. 

other names appear in the two lists, and in the Xew Haven list 
near together. Among them were fonr of the five judges first 
chosen in Millbrd. "• The power was settled in the church to 
choose persons out of themselves to divide the lands into lots as 
they shall have light from the word of God, and to take order for 
the timber." He m., after "5 Feb'y, 164f, Elizabeth Alsop, sister 
of Joseph,"' of New Haven, as at that date she joined the church 
in Milford m her maiden name. 

The location of his homestead appears in 1646, he being No. 2, 
three acres on the west side of the Wepawaug river, just north of 
the present residence of Selah Strong, Esq. On one side (No. 1, 
extreme north, on the west side of the river,) was his step-father, 
Capt. John Astwood; and on the other, Benjamin Fenn, also 
an eminent citizen, and who m. his sister. The same year, 31 
Dec-, young as he was, he was first of a committee of five appointed 
to equalize the lots then divided, "in the Oyster meadow, the 
Round meadow, the Calf-Pen meadow, the two Fresh meadows, 
Dreadfui Swamp meadow, the Beaver Pond meadow, and other 
parcels not 3'et disposed of." At the close of the next month (28 
Jan'y), it was ordered, "that the town do grant half of Beaver 
Pond meadow, which is unprised, unto Richard Baldwin and 
Thomas Tibbals, provided they drain it within six months next 
coming;" 20 May, 1647, he was granted his quarter division, "in 
the place where he desireth;'" 22 June, 1648, "his other quarter 
division," next to his former; 8 Jan'y, 1648, Baldwin and Tibbals 
had drained the swamp, and wanted the land (Beaver Pond), they 
held with the town, divided : the town gave them the upper end. 
In 1662, he had, with four others, grant of a marsh. His name 
frequently appears in many ways, and he was evidently an active, 
energetic, intelligent man of business. He was quite prominent 
in the settlement of Paugusset (Derb}^, Conn.) At Milford meet- 
ing, June 10, 1655, as Sarj't Baldwin, he was chosen, with Mr. 
Fenn, Ensign Bryan and fearj't East, to "treat and agree with the 
Indians, being tlie true proprietors for all or any part of the land 
purchased betwixt Pagasich k us that falls within our line; and 
what agreement they make, the town is to stand to it, according 
to the promises expressed." This was perhaps in response to 
an application, of which the Governor of New Haven Colony 
informed the General Court, 30 Mav, 1655, who said that Richard 

RichanU of MUford, Connecticut. 79 

Baldwin, if not some others of Milford, had bine av*'' liim, and 
desired liberty from y'' court to buy some land of y'' Indians 
about Pauguset; but the magistrate & deputies for Milford desired 
they might not have leave till they may more fully understand 
the minds of their toune, to whom they think it will be offensive 
if granted." The next October, Richard made a report to the court 
(1 New Haven Col. Rec, 156), to which the court made answer, 
*' receiving the place under the jurisdiction granting leave to be a 
small village,"" without being under New Haven or Milford. The 
court also "condescended" that the petitioners might buy land of 
the Indians. 3. They are willing that one among themselves, 
such as the court shall approve of, shall be intrusted with power 
and authoritie to call meetings, execute warrants, moderate in 
causes of difference, and take y® best course "he can to carry on 
things in an orderly and peaceable way." 4. Paugasset was to 
be free from rate for three years. "Richard Baldwin was now 
appointed to be y® man to carry on ye trust before mentioned; 
liee also now declared that they did intend to purchase large tracts 
of land of the Indians," &c. 28 May, 1656, the Paugasset business 
"was now againe in question," the magistrates and deputies for 
Milford objecting to it; and after many debates, it was suggested 
that the owners resign their claims to Milford, on being paid for 
the same. Richard Baldwin, for himself and the rest, wanted 
more accommodation at Milford, "so that the}' may subsist in a 
comfortable way to maintain stockes suitable to their families, 
and Milferd to pay what they had laid out. Millferd men replyed 
they had not where with all to doe it, &c. "In the time, the court 
advised both p'ties to peace," and Paugasset to cease until to see 
if the matter could be arranged. 27th, 3d month, 1657, the 
business was "againe revived," Richard Baldwin giving conditions 
in writing which the court thought reasonable, and "desire Mil- 
ferd and they may joyne in a loveing way; but if Milferd refuse, 
it is like Newhaven will accept them. 1st, They had liberty to 
buy Indians' land over jSTaugatuck River, and above them north- 
ward up into the cuntrye;" 2nd, Avere to bear their proportion 
of public service; 3rd, to be free from rates particularly concerning 
Milford paying "jurisdiction rates;" and to the ministrie at Mil- 
ferd, so long as they enjoye the same," and "there share towards 
the killino; of woulves and foxes," In 1659, the court seem to 

80 Baldirin Gemalor/i/. 

have been quite uncertain as to the prospect of Paugasset, pro- 
viding that if it "became not a village to the purposes formerly 
exprest by y*^ court, betwixt this and y® general court in May 
next, that the place shall be deserted in reference to settled habita- 
tion." 30 May, 1660 : " Sarjeant Baldwin informed that an Indian, 

called , the proprietor of the meadow called hogg's meadow, 

had bestowed the said meadow upon him; and the said Richard 
Baldwin desired that it might be an appendix to Paugasset, where 
some further preparations had been made this winter, by fencing, 
for the carrying it o to ^ village." Milford objected it would 
straiten them, "to w^* Sarjeant Baldwin answered, that he con- 
ceived it must fall one of these three ways, the meadow being his: 
1, that either it be an appendix to Paugasset; or 2nd, he being a 
planter at Milferd, he may enjoy it; or thirdl}', if Milferd have it, 
he may have a valuable consideration for it." The court expressed 
dissatisfaction that Paugasset was not in a "settled way." " Sar- 
jeant Baldwin pleaded that he was hindered by obstruction he 
had met with by ye ordinary at Milferd, and by sickuesse the last 

This deed is recorded (Col. Record of Lands, Vol. 1, p. 292), 
as follows: "At a meeting with Towtanimoe, Sagamore of Paw- 
gusset, together Avith some other Pagusset Indians, his subjects, at 
the house of Richard Baldwin, at Milford, March 2d, 1659-60, 
the sayd Sagamore did grant the meadow, known and denominated 
by the name of Hogg Meadow * * unto Richard Baldwin, * * * 
and doth farther promise and engage, that when the proprietors of 
Pawgussett shall there come to possesse and improve these property 
there, he will then sell and make over to them what other upland 
or meadow shall be for their convenience; and likewise doth 
ingage, in the meantime, not to make over, sell or dispose of any 
land * * '^- between the west branch of the Milferd Mill River and 
Patatuch River, east & west; and from the little river on the north 
side of Grassy Hill, and so northward unto the hither end of the 
place commonly called deare's delight, unto any other * * persons 
whatever," &c. Signed by Tawtanimoe, James, Chub, Succuseoge, 
Secochduneege, Sassanghsough and Wanwumpecun Indians. then 

By a deed dated 6 Sep., 1661, Tawtanimoe gave to Richard 
Baldwin "all the upland adjacent to Hogg's Meadow," "to begin 

Rivharil, of JlilJ'urd, Comiccdriit. 81 

at Milferd line on the south side; and the north side goeth up to 
the path which goeth from Pagassett to New Haven ; and the west 
side from Milferd line w^here the cartway now is that o^oeth over 
the Brooke which is on the north side of Grassy Hill; and so 
broad as it is there to Milford Mill River, the same bredth it is to 
runn from the sayd Mill Eiver at Pagassett path on the north side 
towards Pagassett: also all the great swamps that lyeth on the 
east side of the said Mill River, from Milford lyne northward and 
eastward unto the uttermost bounds of it."' This is signed by the 
marks of Towtanimoe, Younkitihue and Towhege, Indians present 
at the giving of the land. 

15 Sep., 1665, Ockenung, the sole and onely Sagamore ot 
Pagassett, with the assent of his subjects and his fellow pro- 
prietors, confirmed the grants formerly made, and granted them 
a new deed (Col. Rec. of Lands 1, 388; see Conn. Col. Rec. 
1665-1677, p. 51o). Richard was then dead; and we shall see, 
under his son Barnabas, what a curious history Hogg Meadow 
had. At tlie Court of Electors, held at Hartford, May 10, 1666, a 
committee was appointed to view these lands, and see what they 
were and whether fit for a township. The settlement went on, 
and in 1675 was named Derby. I do not believe Richard ever 
lived there. The first book of Derby is a small, meagre one. It 
shows: "Item: Mr. Goodyear, Mr. Wakeman, Mr. Gilbird, of 
Xew Haven, hath, bargained and sold to Richard Baldwin and, 
several others, of Milferd, a tract of land at a place called Paga- 
suck, and by their men, above named, put under jSTew Haven 
jurisdiction in the year 1655. The house lots are then drawn. 
Richard has one-half more than the others. He bought out Isaac 
Piatt, exchanged with Ebenezer Riggs, and at his death had 4i 
acres, instead of 2, which "all her living at Pagasuck" his widow 
sold to Mr. Alexander Bryan.* 

* Savag-e suggests that Richard Baldwin nia.N' have settled at Derby, but I do not think so. He was sick 
in Milford, 1659-'(i0; member for Milford KiO:^ to his death. His estate, as of Milford, was settled at Hartford. 
He was mentioned very frequently, and as of Milford. Paiigassett was likely a trading po^t. The first 
mention I find of it is in New Haven Col. Rec, 1642, where two men were watching at Pawgussett. In 
16-tC, a protest was received from the Dutch to "thee, Theopheles Eaten, Goveiior of the place called the 
Red Hills, in New Xetherland (but by the English called New Haven), against an establishment to draw 
and destroy trade near the Mauritius (Hudson) river.'' Answer was returned, that they h;ul lately built a 
small house upon the Pawgussett river, which they claimed to be within their own limits. Derb\', at the 
confluence of the Xaugatuck and the Housatonic, was a good place to draw trade, and likely by the river 
last named drew from the Hudson. Dr. O'Calaghan (N.Y. Col. Doc, Vol. 1, page 284,) says the post 
complained of was Springfield, Mass. I think this could not be. It was spoken of immediately after 
"Stanifert," and it was said the English of New Haven established the place. 

82 Baldicin Genealofjy. 

Richard Baldwin, in 1657, "propounded that he might hire of 
the jurisdiction the customs and excise of such wine and strong 
liquors as he should draw and sell hj retayle," for which he g^ve 
ten pounds a year. It seems that Ensign Brj^an had kept the 
ordinary, but growing tired of it, the town pitched upon another 
to succeed him; and, in 1656, the town had complained of him for 
breaking the court order in "selling strong water'' at a higher 
price than there allowed. Richard no doubt was a prudent, able 
man, and intended to sell strong water in a m-anner becoming a 
Puritan, and possibly not higher than the court allowed. 

It happened, however, in May, 1659, that John Heardman was 
complained of for being drunk and disorderl}'; and the marshall 
undertaking to arrest him, he "hitt his hatt o' the ground, and 
bid the marshal touch him if he durst (Col. Rec, p. 271). Heard- 
man thought they only had "3 or 4 quarts" for four persons, 
a y^h ye t-Qu^.t witnessed against as an excessive quantity for so 
small a company, w* y"^' court will consider of." Mr. Fenn said 
Mr. Heardman had friends who would speak for him. Being asked 
who, he named Sargent Baldwin ; but he now said y* sargent 
Baldwin had alwayes given him gcod counsell; to w^'^ it was said,^ 
had he given him more good counsell, and less liquors, it had 
been well. It afterward appeared that eleven men drank five 
pints, and "Baldwin desired that God would help him, while hee 
continues in that employment, to be more watchful," and that it 
happened while Richard was sick — the same sickness no doubt 
alluded to before. It appears that he was then keeping the 
ordinary: although it would seem now as if it was somewhat out 
of the centre of the town, unless he had changed location. 
Richard often appeared as attorney before the General Court of 
'New Haven, arguing in the manner of the day, rather technical 
for ours, but confining himself more to the case in hand, and with 
much less respect to hearsay evidence than was common in that 
day. At the General Court in June, 1654, it looked as if the 
designe against y^ Duch is like to goe on, and men were agreed 
on, of which Milford was to furnish tw^enfy-one. Richard was 
the one Ensign chosen for the colony. He was a member of the 
General Court for Milford, from May, 1662, to May, 1664, inclu- 
sive. In December, 1664, Milford liad broken " off from y« colony 
so y* neither magistrate or deputie attend the general meeting 

Richard^ of M'dford, Connecticut. 83 

The fact is, that by vote of the town, they had submitted them- 
selves to Coniiecticiit, 17 Xov., 1G(j4. At this meeting of the 
General Court, a committee, of whom Richard Baldwin was one, 
was appointed "fory*" consumating- of matters betwixt Conccticutt 
and us." They "were empowered and intrusted with the whole 
aiFayre" in p'paratory w^ay, communicating to y^ severall townes 
what they agree upon for their concurrence and coniirmation. 
Richard Baldwin had been unusually active and prominent for 
his age up to the union, which he favored in Milford. He died, 
however, 23d Jul}-, 1665, and his estate was presented at Hartford 
23 Sept., 1665. His eldest son received, as usual, a double portion. 
His youngest child, born after his death, was omitted altogether. 
His widow m. 2"^' in 1670, as his 2"'' wife, William Fowler,- Wil- 
liam.^- * 

Her second husband was b. in England; m., as early as 1645, 
Mary Tapp. He had, all by first wife, sons John, Jonathon, 
Mark, William ; and daus. Sarah ; Hannah, m. Daniel Buckingham ; 
Sarah m, John Smith; Mary; Deborah, m. Jere Lambert; Mercy, 
m. John Bills, of Lebanon, it is said. William Fowler was ^ 
leading, w^ealthy citizen in 1666; made lieutenant to "y^ train 
Band at Milferd," Deputy 1673, and same year one of the standing- 
council of war in the colony against the Dutch. In 1676, he was 
made captain. His will, dated Oct., 1682, proved 15 June,1683,pays 
a handsome tribute to his wife. He says : "//? primis, concerning 
my dear and loving wife, Elizabeth Fowler, my will concerning her, 
and as a token of my tender aifection to her (y* hath been a tender, 
dutiful and loving wife to me), I say that my will is (if it should 
please her to live with my children, to be a guide and help to 
them as a mother and head of a familv, I doe much desire it 
may be so), that she shall have the east end of my dwelling- 
house," &c. It appears, by New Haven Record, that she died 
July, 1688. 

After the death of Richard, his mother made the deed, a copy 
of which follows. It is found in the Records of the County 

''^ It is not known whence the Fowlers came. When in Bucks, England, in 1870, I found the name still 
in Aylesbun-, and that the family was in the vicinity before the emigration, with the given names common 
to the family here. I therefore thought it probable that the Fowlers were from that vicinity— a view 
atloptei by that high authority, Prof. William C. Fowler, of Durham, Conn. A search might make the 
connection. It is curious to note how far the intimacies and marriages of the Baldwins of this branch 
■were with families from Bucks. 

84 Baldwin Gciunloijij. , 

Court of New Haven, Vol. 1, page 3, and gave the first clue to the 
English connection : 

To all Christian people to whom these presents shall come: Sarah Baldwin, 
otherwise Astwood, now of New England, widdow% formerly wife of Silvester 
Baldwin, sometime of Aston Clinton, in ye County of Bucks, deceased, and after the 
wife of John Astwood, of Milford, in New England aforesaid, deceased,. ye surviving 
executrix of ye last w-ill and testam* of ye sd Silvester, send greeting: 

Whereas, Frances Cheyne, heretofore of Chesham Boys, in the county of Bucks, 
Esquire, by indenture bearing date the one & twentieth day of June, in ye ninth j^eare 
of ye Raigne of ye late King Charles, for & in consideracion of twenty pounds of 
Lawfull money of England, to himt)y Richard Baldwin, of St. Leonard's, in ye parish 
of Aston Clmton aforesaid, pd. hath demised, granted. Bargained, sould, & to farme 
Letten, unto ye s*i Richard Baldwin, all y* cottage or tenemt, with ye appurtenances, 
where Tompkins then dwelt, situate 6c being in ye parish of Aston Clinton, 

& also one little closse of Land, with the appurtenances, in Aston Clinton, contayuing by 
estimation one acre A: twentj'-five poles, be it more or less, adjoyneingto ye sd cottage 
or tenement, ic to ye Land of the before-named Richard Baldwin, Cidled Branfield on 
the one side, & to the Comon, or wast, called Si. Leonard's Comon on the north, & ■ 
also all houses. Edifices, Barns, Buildings, Stables, yards, orchards. Gardens, Comons, 
profitts tfc comodities to ye sd Cottage or Tenniment and closs, or both of y'"> belonging 
or appertaining; to have and to hold j-e sd Cottage, Tenniment & little Close of Land, 
& all & singular other the premises by the sd Indenture demised or granted, with 
their appurtenances, unto ye sd Richard Baldwin, his Executors & assignes, from 
ye day of ye Date of ye sd Indenture, unto ye full end & tearme, & lor & during the 
full time and tearme of one Tliousand years from thenceforth immediately ensucing, 
to be complete it ended w'ithout impeachment of wast, under and for ye yearly Rent 
of one pepper corne, as by the sd Indenture more at large appeareth; 

And whereas, the said Richard Baldwin afterward, by his last will & Testament in 
writing, bearing date the eighteenth day of February, in ye yeare of our Lord one 
Thousand six hundred & sixty «.t one, did nominate & appoint the sd Silvester 
Baldwin sole executor of sd last will ifc Testament, and alter died, l.\y meanes whereof 
the sd Silvester Baldwin deceased became possessed & interested of & in the sd cottage 
or tenniment &. Closs of Land, with ye appurtenances ; and afterwards he, ye sd Silvester 
Baldwin, hy his Last will and Testament in writing, made the one & twentieth day 
of June, in j-e yeare of our Lord one Thousand six hundred thirty & eight, nominated 
the sd Sarah & Richard Baldwin, the son, executors of his sd last will and Testament, 
by means whereof the sd Sarah & Richard Baldwin, since also deceased intestate, became 
possessed and interested of tt in the sd cottage or Tenniment &. closse of Land, with 
the appurtenances; 

Now witness these presents: That I, the sd Sarah Baldwin, otherwise Astwood, the 
relict & surviveing executrix of ye said Silvester, for & in consideration of the sume 
of , of lawful English money, to be in handpayd by Edward Baldwin, of 

Guilford, in ye County of Surrey, Gentleman, m}' kinsman, have granted. Bargained 
& sould, demised, assigned & sett over, & by these presents doe fuliy, ch-arly & 
absoluteh' Graunt, Bargaine it sell, demise, assigne & sett over unto the sd Edward 
Baldwin, the sd cottage or Tenniment Closs of Land ct premisses before mentioned to 
be demised, with the Appurtenances, «& the sd Indenture of Lease, & all my estate, 
teanure & Interest of, in A: to the sd Cottage or Tennim't Closs of land, Indenture of & premisses; 

Richard, of Milford, Connecticut. 85 

To Have and To Hold the s^i Cottage or Teunimeut, Closse of Laud & premisses 
before meutioued, to be liereby Bargained, sould or assigned, & the s'l mentioned 
indenture of Lease, to the stl Edward Baldwin, his Executors & Assignes, from hence- 
forth, for & dureiug all ye rest &: Residue of the s^i Tearme of one Thousand yeares, 
by the s^ Indenture of Lease graunted, yet to come «fe unexpired; and I, the s<i Sarah 
Baldwin, Alias Astwood, doe Covenant tt graunt, for me, my Executors & adminis- 
trators, to it with the s^i Edward Baldwin, his Executors & assignes by these presents, 
that the sJ Edward Baldwin, his Executors & assignes, sliall, or lawfully may, well & 
in peace, Have, hold & enjoy the sd Cottage or Teunim't, Closs of Land & premises 
before mentioned, to be hereby Graunted or assigned, with the appurtenances, for & 
dureing all ye rest & Residue of ye said Tearme of one Thousand yeares, by the 
s^i Indenture graunted, yet to come & unexpired, without anylett. trouble. Interruption 
or Contradiction of. or b}' me, the sd Sarah Baldwin, otherwise Astwood, or any other 
person or persons Lawfully Claymeing any Estate or interest of, in or to ye premisses, 
by, from or under me, except one Lease of ye premisses formerly made by the 
sJ Silvester Tompkins & Elizabeth, his then wife, for three-score yeares, if they, or 
either of them should soe long live, under and for ye yearly Rent of ten shillings, to 
be payd for the use of the poore of St. Leonard's. 

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and scale, the first day of October, 
in ye yeare of our Lord one Thousand six hundred sixty & six, and nineteenth yeare 
■of his Majesties' Reigne that now is, etc. 

Sealed & delivered in the presence of Sarah Astwood, 

Benjamin Fen, her s mark. 

Alexander Bryan. 

This is a true Record of the originall, examined and proved soe to be, per me, 

James Bishop, 

Clark of N. H. County. 

Ricliard had ehildreu :'^' 

2. Elizabeth, bapt. in Milford, Sept., 1644: m. Zachariah Burwell.-j- 

3. Sylvanus, bapt. 20 Nov., 1040. -|- 

4. Sarah, bapt. 1 April, 1649; m. Samuel Riggs.-|- 

5. Temperance, bapt. 29 June, 1651 ; m. Nathan Burwell.-f- 

6. Mary, bapt. 6 Nov., 1653; m. Daniel Comstock.-|- 

7. Theophilus, 26 Apl., 1659, in Ch. Rec. of New Haven entered bapt. 19 
Sept., 1658. The latter is probably wrong. -f- 

8. Zachariah, 22 Sept., 1660.+ 

9. Martha, 1 Ap'l, 1663; m. Samuel Nettletou. -f 
10. Barnabas, 1665.+ 

Eev. John Davenporte, in a letter to Governor John Winthrop, 
Jr., 20th, 2d month, 1658, (47 Mass. Hist. Coll., 494,) says: " Yonr 
letter to Sarjeant Baldwin my wife pnrposeth to convey to him 
by the first opportunity." It may be that some letters from him 
are in the Winthrop papers. 

' Mr. Savage's Genealogical Dictionary gives Richard a d. Marj-, bapt. 1643. This Mary was d. Timothy. 
He also gives him a son John, on no authority appitrently except that Mrs. Atwood left a grandson John. 
This grandson Savage also gives to John, Senior, of Milford. He belonged to John of Stonington. 

86 Baldwin Genealogy. 

2. ELIZABETH ^ Richard, ^ bapt. 1644; m., 18 Nov. 1663, Zach- 
ariali Bnrwell, and they removed to Newark, N. J., as early as 
1667. In 1711, she joins with her husband in a deed to Baranabas. 

It. John. 

13. Zachariah. 

13. Esther, m. Jonu Williamson. 

14. Elizabeth, m. James Clisbee, widow in 1711, when she conveys lands to 
her daughter Mary, wife Amos Whitman. 

Zachariah and his wife convey their property, in 1712, to their 
children, reserving the use to themselves. Zachariah owned the 
place on Broad street, afterward owned by that zealous antiqua- 
rian, to whom every JSTew Jersey genealogist owes so much, S. H. 
Cougar. Not many years ago was found there, in the building, 
a stone wdth his initials, Z. B.; and Mr. Cougar (lately deceased) 
supposed the rear'of his home (the oldest building in jSTew^ark) to 
be part of Mr. Burwell's house. Zachariah Burwell w^as s. John 
Burwell, the first of Milford who, with his wife Alice, emigrated 
from Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, in the locality of the 
Baldwins, and in the parish where some of them had held lands 
and resided. 

3. SYLYANUS ^ Richard, ^ bapt. in Milford, Ct., 20 Nov., 1646 : 
m., 20 Sept., 1671, Mildred Prudden; bapt. 14 May, 1653; d. of 
Rev. Peter Prudden,* first pastor of Milford. 

* Rev. Peter Prndden was the first pastor of Milford, until 1643 — an indej)endent colony, by the way. 
Cotton Mather's sketch of him is interesting- (Pnidentius: the Life of Mr. Peter Prudden): "I am sure, 
tiien, 'tis & blessed child of God whose name is now before us (Prudden shall we call him, or Prudent?), 
who besides his other excellent iiualities, was noted for a singular faculty to sweeten, compose and qualify 
exasperated spirits, and stop or heal all contentions; whence it was that his town of Milford enjoyed jjeace 
with truth all his days — withstanding some disposition to variance which afterward broke forth among 
them." There were then two famous churches gathereil in two days, one following upon the other — Mr. 
Davenport's and Mr. Pruden's — and this vrith one singular circumstance, that a mighty barn was the place 
wherein the duties of that solemnity were attended. The next year, Mr. Prudden, with his church, 
removed into Milford, where he lived many years, an example of piety, gravitij and hoiling zeal against the 
growing' evils of the times. Mather compliments his discretion ; says he provided comfortably for liis 
family, and "lived to be about SC.year of his age, and 'the 56 year of the present age,' when his death was 
felt by the colony as the fall of a pillar which made the whole fabric to shake." Like that of Piccart, now 
let Prudden be under this 


Dogmati non tantus fuit aiidltoribus idem, 
Exaniplo in vita jam quoque niorti praeit. 

Less on opinion than example bent, 

His hearers followed where their fathers went. 

His holy life their brightest precedent. 

Mather's Magnalia, Vol. 1, page 39G; ed. 1855. 

Richard, of Milford, Connecticut. 87 

She d. Jan'y, 171 :V. He d. ''the beginning of June, 1727/' 
His will is recorded in New Haven. His name is his grand- 
father's, with a Latin termination, as became the fashion of the 
day, and likely his father's London schooling. He is always 
called in the records, Lieut. Sylvanus, and his name occurs in the 
town records as often in places of trust or responsibility as any 
of the town. He was a very leading man. He was generally the 
"surveyor" in laying out town lands; 1674, he was on committee 
to determine bounds between Milford and Xew Haven; 1690, 
Lieut, for Dragoons for New Haven County. This was "for the 
framing and carrying on a war against our French and Indian 
enemies at Canada." From May, 1695, to Oct., 1699, he was 
generally Deputy for Milford. In 1685, he was an agent for Milford 
to buy a tract of land for the town of Milford from Conquepotana 
and Ahuntaway. 

29 Feb'j^, 1700, he was one of the agents to buy for the town a 
second tract from these and other Indians. The consideration 
was £15 in pay, and 15s. in silver. This land was the northwest 
part of Woodbridge, called, when laid ont in 1759, the Two Bit 
purchase, and described as being in Milford, north of Bladen's 
Brook, unto a brook called Lebanon Brook, one mile sixty rods 
east and west. It was held in trust for inhabitants of Milford, or 
those paying, by Bobert Treat, Esq., Mr. Thomas Clark, Mr. 
Samuel Buckingham, Sen., Lieut. Sylvanus Baldwin and Esq. 
George Clark. This deed was from Comikapay, Nauhautaway, 
Suckatash, Durkin, Wonenutacum, Pequit, Waranunton, Win- 
ahan and Waurasconut. signing by odd-looking marks. The next 
deed on Milford records is also from Indians, partly the same, 
dated 23 Feb'y, 1702, and there is added: " This may certify whom 
it may concern, that I, Sylvanus Baldwin, as an Interpreter, am 
full}'' satisfied that the Indians have sold the aforesaid lands, and 
signed this instrument with right understanding, as witness my 
hand." That he had skill in the Indian language, appears also 
in other instances. He is called in the church record, in 1686, 
Brother Sarjeant; but after that. Lieutenant. He was, in 1720, 
one of the patentee proprietors of Waterbury, but continued to 
reside and died in Milford. He was a man of large wealth. Only 

88 Baldwin Genealogy. 

two of his children survived him, and the most prominent of the 
•children of Richard has no descendants of his name. 

15. Elizabeth, 29 M'ch, 1673; m. Woodruff.+ 

16. Richard, 4 Dec, 1674; d. 11 Oct., 1703. 

17. Sarah, 15 Aug , 1677; d. 24 Sept., 1703. 

18. Sylvanus, 30 Nov., 1679; d. 20 Oct., 1703. 

19. Ebenezer, bapt. 4 Nov., 1684; no doubt d. y. 

20. Grace, bapt. 24 Jaa'y, 168f; d. Aug., 1690. 

21. Mildred, bapt. 23 Dec, 1688, aad d. apparently the same year. 

22. John, 26 M'ch, 1693; bapt. 27 Aug., 1693. + 

At his death, John was a bachelor; and Elizabeth, I doubt not, 
was living not very far far from Waterbury. He remembers in 
his will liberally Mary, w. of Daniel Munn, and I am inclined to 
think that they kept house for him. See further John. 

4. SATiAH- Richard, 1 bapt. 1 Ap'l, 1649, married Samuel 
Riggs, of Derby, Conn. His will, dated 13 iN'ov., 1732, proved 
2 May, 1734, gives his widow £80, and to his ch. and gr. ch. In 
1758, adm. was granted on his nn administered estate, all the ch. 
being dead. He and his descendants were prominent in Derby, 
and the name is abundant in the vicinity to this day. 

23. .John, of Derby, .Justice of the Peace acd Representative often, and 
Captain — a very leading man. He was dead before 1755, leaving ch. : Samuel ; 
Joseph;* Sarah, m. Daniel Humphrey;! Elizabeth, m. Daniel Holbrook; Eunice, 
m. John Wooster, then all living in Derby. .John Wooster d. Aug. 2, 1804, aged 
■84 years, and his w. Eunice, Nov. 17, 1799, aged 74 years. 

*.JOHN RIGGS. 1. Joseph, son of Captain John Riggs; m., Feb. 20, 1739, Mabel Johnson. His 
children were : 

2. Hannah, Dec. 21, 1740. 

3. John, April 10, 1742. 

4. Joseph, July 21, 1746. 

5. Samuel, Nov. 21, 1750; d. Sept. 21, 1766. 

6. Mabel again, May 5, 1759. 

3. JOHN, Esq., b. April 10, 1842; m. Elizabeth Hawkins. He d. June 13, 1814; and his widow d. 
Oct. 3, 1815. 

7. Son John, Dec. 22, 1771. 

7. JOHN, b. Dec. 22, 1771; m., Jan. 1, 1793, Mary, dau. Isaac and Hannah Beecher. He died Nov. 
14j 1855 ; and she Dec. 15, 1827, aged 53. His children were : 

8. Maria, May 7, 1793 ; d. June 4, 1813. 

9. Laura, May 7, 1795; m., Oct. 16, 1813, John Davis, and d. 1854. 

10. Mary, March 13, 1798; m., Oct. 27, 1816, John S. Moshier, and d. Feb. 9, 1877. 

11. John H., Jan. 6, 1801; d. Oct. 10, 1805. 

12. Lucinda, May 20, 1804; m., Nov. 21, 1823, Warren French, and d. March 20, 1876. 

13. Thira, Oct. 26, 1807 ; m. 1st, John Hunipher\- : 2nd, Joshua Kendall. 

14. John, Oct. 39, 1801. 

15. Harpin, Dec. 9, 1813. 

16. Henry, Jan. 15, 1816 ; in, .Mary Ann Bradley, and d. 1864. 

John ni. 2nd, .March 6, 1829, Betsey Hawkins, who was b. April 26, 1786 ; d. Julj- IS, 1847, 

Richard, of 3Iilford, Convecllcat. 89, 

24. Edward. His widow, iu June, 1713, was bis admia'x, late of Derby. She 
m. 3"*'. William Moss. There were three cli., of whom Grace m. Smith: Abigail 
m. Duraud & Hester. 

25. Elizabeth, m. Bassett, aud at least a s. Samuel. 

20. Sarah, in. Jonathan Lumm, of Derby, whose will, 3 Dec, 1756, proved 
Oct., 1758, remembers his w. Ruth, sons John, Jonathan, Joseph, heirs of Samuel; 

1.5. HARPIN RIGGS, b. Deo. 9, 1813; in., Ma.v IT, 1840, Harriet, dan. Hiram and Sarah Upson. 
His children were : 

17. Johu H., Apiil 5, 1841; m., May 17, 13C(i, Amelia Kennedj-, and ch.: 24. Alice Louisa, 
25. Lizzie Atwood. 26. John Harpin. 

18. Royal B., Oct. 6, 1844; m. Mary Dunn. 

19. Hiram U., Dec. 6, 1846; d. July 4, 18.52. 

20. Louisa B., Sept. 4, 1849; m., Nov. 24, i8(i9, Norman Sperry. 

21. Sarah M., June 5, 1852; m., Maj' 26, 1875, George A. James; child; 27. Florence H. 

22. Harriet, April 2, 18.56; m., Sept. 18, 1878, Joseph G. Redshaw, of Ansonia. 

23. Mary B., Feb. 4, 1859; ni., Nov. 7, 1878, Gilbert E. Osborne, of New Haven. 

t Sarah, dau. John Rigifs ; m, 1st, Nov. 22, 1732, John Bower, and had at least a dau. Sarah, b. Aug. 18, 
1736. Mr. Bower died 26 Jan'y, 173 J, and his widow m., April 18, 1739, Rev. Daniel Humphrej's, the 
clergyman at Derby. The following epitaph maj' be of interest : 

"The Rev. Daniel Humphreys died Sept. 2nd, 1787, in the 81st year of his age. For more than half a 
century he was the established minister of the first Society in this town. Mrs. Sarah Humphreys, the 
affectionate wife of his youth, and tlie tender companion of his advanced age, died Jul}' 29, 1787, just five 
weeks before him. 

'"The seasons thus, 

As ceaseless round a jarring world they roll, 

Still find them happy, and consenting spring 

Sheds her own rosy garlands on thfir heads. 

Till evening comes at last, serene and mild. 

When, after the long vernal day of life. 

Enamored more a^s more remembrance swells 

With many a proof recollected lo^e. 

Together down thej" sink in social sleep ; 

Together freed, their gentle spirits fly 

To scenes where love and bliss inunortal reign." 

What children she had by Rev. Mr. Humphreys I do not know, sa*e General David, born in Derby, 1752- 
General David Humphreys graduated at Yale, 1767, known as the "young bard of Yale." He entered the 
army in 1778 as captain. He was quickly made aid to General Patterson, and two years later, aid to General 
Washington, a position he held during the war. At Yorktown he received the English colors, and bore the 
despatches and colors to Congress. He was voted a sword, and Congress made him Lieutenant Colonel, 
dating back his commission. In 1784, he went to Europe with Kosciusko. In 1786, he returned, and was 
representative for Derby until appointed Colonel in the western service. He afterward lived with Wash- 
ington, until 1790, wlien he was appointed Minister to Portugal, which post he held seven years. He was 
then, until 1802, Minister to Spain. He married, 1797, a daughter of John Bulkly, an English merchant at 
Lisbon, of great wealth. He introduced merino sheep into the United States ; and in 1806, erected the 
first woollen mill in the United States, in that part of Derby named from him Humphreysville. He was 
celebrated as a poet, and wrote also a Life of General Putnam and several political pieces. Duychinck's 
Cj'clopedia has an account of his writings, as well as an autograph, and a poor portrait, and a better 
eugra\'ing of Humphreysville. See also Barber's Historical Collection of Connecticut. He was General of 
the Connecticut Militia in 1812, and L.L.D. (Brown, 1802.) 

90 Baldwin Genealogy. 

lieirs of Sarah Durand, Elizabeth w, Daniel Hull. He gives to Joseph his shoe- 
making and tanning tools. 

27. Hannah, m. Harger, of Stratford, and left ch. 

28. Ebenezer, d. before 1732, leaving eh., Ebenezer* and John, in Derby. 

5. TEMPERANCES Richard, ibapt. 1651, in Milforcl; m. 14 
June, 1673, ISatlian Barwell,t and continued to re.side in Milford. 
Nathan- was s. John,^ of Milford, and brother of Zachariah, who 
m. Elizabeth, sister of Temperance. 

29. Alice, bapt. 1676. 

30. Temperance, bapt. 1676. 

31. John, born 1678. 

32. Abigail, d. at Milford, 3 Sept., 1703. 

33. MarJ^ m. Samuel Marvin, and, 3 Dec, 1712, received deed from her 
father. All these of Milford. 

6, MARY- Richard,^ bapt. 6 Xov., 1653; m. Daniel Comstock. 
He is identified, and this marriage shown by a deed, 22 Xov., 
1711, to Barnabas, her brother. They are then described as of 
Lyme, Conn. They had children at least appearing in the town 
record : 

34. Marah, 4 April, 1685. 

35. Ann, 13 March, 168f. 

I learn no more, having engaged a search by the town clerk. 
He states than John Comstock had children born there, 1662 to 
1678. The name continues in Xorth Lyme. Mr. Savage does not 

- EBENEZER RIGGS, s. 8 Ebenezer; m., July 17, 1733, Rachel Peck, of WRterbury. Ch.: 

1. Rachel, May 31, 1734; d. -May 25, 1740. 

2. Esther, July 24, 1736. 

3. Ebenezer, Nov. 17, 1738 ; d. May 29, 1740. 

4. Rachel, Jan. 13, 1741. 

5. Lewis, July 25, 1743 ; d. August, 1751. 

6. Eunice, Oct. 14, 1745. 
7.' Ebenezer, Jan. 22, 1748. 

8. Jeremiah, Jul}' 1, 1750. 

9. Joseph, August 17, 1753. 

7. EBENEZER, s. Ebenezer, of Oxford ; m. Julia M. Davis, dau. Col. John Davis. Ch.: 

1. Lucinda, m. Henry Church, s. .Sheldon Church, of Seymour. 

2. Dewitt, unmarried. 

3. Homer, m. Mary E. Davis, of New Roehelle, N. Y., dau. Capt. Clark Davis, and resides in 
Washington, D. C. 

4. Bernice, m. Charles Meiggs, of Oxford ; and 

5. N. Clark. 

t The late R. D. Smith asked: "Did this Nathan Burwell go to Woodbury?" A query among his 

Richard, of Milford, Connectieui. 91 

mention this Daniel. In the Probate Records of New Haven 
appears, Aug., 1712, estate (small) of Daniel Comstock, late of 
North Guilford, to William Stone, Senior, of Guilford. 

7. TIIEOPHILUS 2 Richard, lb. in Milford, 26 Ap'l, 1659, as 
appears by its records, but said, in New Haven church records, to 
have been baptized Sept., 1658. It is supposed the last record is 
the one in error. He lived in Milford ; m., 8 Feb'y, 168f, Elizabeth 
Camptield; perhaps dau. of Thomas. He died before 22 June, 
1698, his estate being then appraised. His widow m., 6 Jan'v, 
170i, John Merwin. 

36. Martha, b. about 1690; m. Enos Camp.-j- 

37. Abigail, b. about 1694: m. .Joseph Peck.-f 

38. TheophiKLS, b. about )694.4- 

39. Hezekiah, b. about 1697. 

These four children were baptized 29 Sept., 1700; 15 April, 
1689, Theophilus conveys land (Milford Rec.) to his "brother-in- 
law, Joseph Piatt.'' Piatt m., 1680, Mary Kellogg. Quere: Was 
Elizabeth Camplield already a Avidow, and dau. of Daniel Kellogg? 

The youngest child (Hezekiah) was a weaver. He died unmar- 
ried, his will being dated 15 April, 1728; and he remembers his 
mother, Elizabeth Merwin ; eldest sister, Abigail Peck ; sister, 
Martha Camp ; Joseph Peck, eldest son of Abigail ; Enos, eldest 
son of Martha; and brother, Theophilus. In 1699, the widow had 
leave from the Assembly to convey land, contracted by her hus- 
band to John Newton, and for the most part paid for to her 
husband, to John Newton, the son: she having, under a previous 
act, conveyed it to the widow of Newton, and it having been set 
to the son. 

8. ZACHARIAH 2 Richard, lb. 22 Sept., 1660, in Milford, and 
remained there. He was generally called, in the record. Ser- 
geant; but in the entry of his death (Ch. Rec), 31 May, 1722, is 
dignified with the then valuable title of Mr. As Zachary, he was 
Auditor, 1696. He was Representative for Milford, 1705 to 1718 — 
fourteen sessions. He m., but perhaps for his second wife, and as 
early as 1687, Elizabeth, widow of Ezekiel Sanford^ of Milford. 
Savage makes her first husband s. Andrew,^ and d. 1685 or '86, 
and leave, perhaps, one child. She married, and her will, dated 

92 Baldioin Genealogy. 

22 May, 1732, was proved 6 April, 1733. She joined the church 
with her husband in 1693. 

40. Mary, bapt. 3 May, 1680; m., 20 June, 1704, Thomas Newton, of Milford. 

41. Zachariah.-(- 

42. Solomon. -|- 

43. Ebeuezer, bapt. 6 Aug., 1693.+ ' 

44. Elizabeth, bapt. 1 Jan'y, 169f ; m. .John Hine.+ 

45. Susanna, bapt. 15 Nov., 1696. In her mother'.s will, 1732, she is called 
Susanna Miles. Some Susaaa m., 2 Jan'y, 171^, John Burwell, of Milford. If this. 
Miles must have been 2nd husband. 

46. Stephen, 11 Oct., 1699, bapt. 31 Dec, 1699.+ 

47. Temperance, bapt. 13 June, 1703; m. Northrup, as appears by her mother's 

48. Sarah, 9 June, 1706, living and unm. in 1732; m. Charles Baldwin, 3 
Richard, 2 John, i 

49. Richard, 9 Sept., 1709; bapt. 10 Sept., 1709. + 

He made several conveyances to his children in his lifetime. 
His wife survived. By his will, among other devises, he gave his 
interest in Hogg meadow purchase to Zachariah ; to his sons, 
Stephen and Richard, his home lot (now Milford), and three- 
fourths of his interest there— a distribution not lived to, as 
Zachariah left Hogg meadow and lived in Stratford; Stephen and 
Richard lived on, or near it, and Ebeuezer went to New Milford. 

9. MARTHA-^Richard,ilAp'l, 1(363, in Milford; m, Samuel 
Nettleton.^^ 7 Xov., 1715, her brother, Lieut. Sylvanus, in her 
behalf as adm'x of her husband, "exhibited her return." They 
lived in Milford. 

50. Elizabeth, Oct., 1686. 

51. -John, 18 Sept., 1689. 

52. Samuel, 16 Dec, 1691. 

53. Nathan, 21 Jan'y, 169f. 

54. Martha, 28 Oct., 1697; m., before 1729, Freegift Coggeshall. 

55. Joseph, 16 Feb'y, 1700. 

56. Theophilus, 1 .June, 1703. 

57. Silvanus, 13 Oct., 1704. 

14 May, 1723, of these ch., John, Samuel, Joseph & Martha convey to Nathan 
their right in their father's estate. 

■* Samuel Nettletoii was no <loubt descended from Samuel, Senior, who tiied at Fairfield about 1655 or 
1656. His wife Maria d. 29 Oct., 165S (Branford Records). In these recorils appears inventory of his estate, 
taken at Fairfield. Hehadch. : John, (afterward of Killingworth); Martha, ni. John Uffoot, and in 1649 
lived at his father's, in Milford; Mary; Isabel, m. George Chatfield, of .Milford; Hannah, m. Thomas Smith, 
of Haddam; Sarah; Lettice; Samuel, who was adm'r, and removed to Milford. Samuel, in our text, was 
probably Samuel (3) Samuel (2) Samuel. (1) 

Bichard, of Jlilford, Connecticut. 93 

10. BARNABAS =^ Richard,! i^, i,;,;5^ .^f^^j, 03 July, in Miltbrd. 
His misfortunes commenced before his birth. He wa.s a po^^thu- 
mous child, and as the law then stood in Connecticut, was not enti- 
tled to, nor did he receive, in distribution, any share of the large 
estate of his father. lie m. I''*' Sarah, eldest dau. of Samuel 
Buckingham, of Milford, s. of Thomas, one of the first settlers. 
She was b. 8 Jan'y, 166i, and her mother was Sarah Baldwin, dau. 
Timothy, first settler at Milford, and m. 14 Dec, 1663. She died 
before 3 Dec, 1692, as appears from the will of her father of that 
date, wherein he remembers the husband, and oldest and youngest 
children (Thomas and Barnabas) of his deceased daughter. ^ Bar- 
nabus soon m. again, for 1 Jan'y, 169|, he and Mary his wife are 
received to full communion in Milford ch., and his first four 
children named below are baptized. 

His will, dated 5 May, 1740, and proved 19 Oct., 1741, gives his 
wife Abigail "twenty shillings, besides what is in her joynture.'' 
It has been singularly ditficult to get definite knowledge of the 
history of Barnabas. I have failed to find any record of his 
birth, any marriage or death; and I have also looked in vain for 
any record of the jointure in the records of Milford, Kew Haven 
and Derby. There were until 1850, on the farm occupied by him, 
many papers which were of much interest, and which would have 
probably told fully the story of his life. About that time, they 
were made into a bonfire in house-cleaning. In the absence of 
records, I sought his grave, which I found after some time in the 
cemetery in the west part of "Woodbridge, near Decby line. It is 
a slab, inscribed: "Here lyes the body of Mr. Barnabas Baldwin, 
aged 76 years; departed this life August y^ 22"''' 1741."' Born of 
a rich father, legitimate but no heir, I know not what life he led 
until 1711 or '12, whsn his brothers and sisters, by several con- 
veyances appearing on Milford records, conveyed to him "Hogg 
Meadow,'' reciting that this was done because he was not included 
in the distribution of Richard's estate, in 1665. He was then 
forty-five or forty-six years of age. Tliey only had half left to 
convey, for 23 May, 1720, Barnabas makes an agreement (6 Milf. 
Rec, 292), reciting, that whereas his father Richard, once of Mil- 
ford, did receive of Tantannomv, an Indian, a gift of that ti-act 
of land commonly known by the name of Hogg meadow purchase, 
partly in Milford and partly in Derby; and whereas my honored 
mother and eldest brother Sylvanus Baldwin sold half to Henry 

94 Baldwin Genealogy. 

Alien, and my mother and Allen agreed to make partition, and 
Allen sold to Roger Newton and John Hine, and Roger ISTewton's 
claim came to Fletcher N'ewton — then follows an agreement for 
partition, deed, &c. The partition was carried out, 1727, by sons 
of Barnabas, to whom their father had conveyed liberally of his 
property — one can but think — not wishing them to have the 
uncertain struggle his life must have been. 

This history has come down in tradition in Woodbridge. Dr. 
Goodsell, an aged and intelligent physician there twenty years 
ago, told me that Sylvanus (son of Barnabas) was born after his 
father's death, and left out of the inheritance — that his brothers 
and sisters, ashamed to leave him nothing, conveyed to him Hogg 
Meadow, then a swamp ; but as the country Avas cleared up, Syl- 
vanus was richest of all. I soon found that it could not be true 
of Sylvanus, but long after, by Milford records, that it was sub- 
stantially true of his father. Hogg Meadow, originally a swamp 
in the southwest part of AVoodbridge, is by far the best part of 
the township. 

The will of Barnabas does not mention Mary or Henry, but does 
mention the rest as "all my children." He leaves "to y® College 
at New Haven, fourty shillings." He was one of the grantees of 
the charter of Derby, and in 1738, one of the fifteen inhabitants 
of ^lilford incorporated, with others of New Haven, to make the 
parish of Amity. He was a Selectman of Milford, a collector of 
Rev. Samuel Andrews' rates, and, with Samuel Clark, Senior, an 
appraiser of Gov. Treat's estate, in 1710. In 2 Sept., 1688, he 
was, with his brother Theophilus, witness in Milford to a deed 
from Sylvanus to Zachariah. About 1(392, he had from Milford, 
on distribution, the 90th lot, nine- acres (M. Ree. 2, p. 72, and p. 
126.) 1 March, 169|, he conveys land to Joseph Peck, Jun'r, and 
William Fowler. He had children : 

58. Thomas, bapt. 1 Jan'y, 169f • + 

59. Barnabas, bapt. 1 Jan'j. 1691-+ 

60. Timothy, 1695: bapt. 1 .Tftu'y. 169|.+ 

61. ]Mary, bapt. 1 Jan'y, 169f ; d. before May, 1740, leaving no issue. 

62. Theophilus, bapt. 22 Oct., 1699. + 

63. Henry, bapt. 14 .Tune, 1702; died before May, 1740, leaving no issue. I 
have no doubt he was the one who graduated at Yale College, 1736, and is supposed, 
in the account kept thereof the alumni, to have died next year. He appears as 
deceased in the Yale catalogue of 1733. 

64. Sylvanus. 17 Sept., 1706; bapt. 15 Nov., 1706.+ 

JRichard, of MUford, Connecticut. 95 

15. ELIZABETH =^ Sjlvaniis 2 Richard/ bom 29 M'cL, 1673, 
iu Milford. She m. Woodruff, and has by lier father's will, dated 
3 May, 1727, all his lands in Waterbury. lie remembered also 
his grandsons. 

65. Sjivanus. 

66. Matthew. 

22. J0HN"=^Sylvanns2Richard,ib 26 M'ch, 1693, in Milford; 
was iinm. as late as 8 Sept., 1730, when as John, Senior, of Mil- 
ford, he conveyed land (half an acre) in Milford to Daniel Munn 
(see Sylvanus), in consideration of Munn having disbursed half 
the charge of building a dwelling on the land, "defeasible only 
upon condition that I, John Baldwin, do hereafter marry a wife," 
and "in 12 months after eifectually convey to Daniel Munn ^ 
acre of my hamlet." He married Sarah, dau. Daniel Stephens, of 
N'ew Haven; and 9 May, 1734, Munn quit-claimed the homestead 
to John. He joined the church 3 Sept., 1735. He left no children; 
and his will, dated June, 1757, proved July, 1758, gave his prop- 
erty to his wife Sarah, save what he gave to David Hecok. 26 
Nov., 1731, he conveyed to "Left. Geo. Clark, lands in the Two 
Bitt Purchase (IS". W. Woodbridge), the allotment of his brother 
Richard, deceased." 

36. MARTHA =^ Theophilus^ Richard,i b. in Milford about 
1690; m. Enos Camp, of Milford, whose will is dated 1768. 

67. Enos, eldest, settled in New Milford. 

68. Israel. 

69. Jonah. 

70. Abel. 

71. Martha, m. Nathaniel Camp. 
73. Elizabeth, ni. Jesse Smith. 

37. ABIGAIL 3 Theophilus-^ Richard, i born in Milford about 
1694; m., 14 Jan'y, 1704, Joseph Peck, of Milford until 1714; then 
removed to Newtown, Conn., where he was town clerk. 

73. Joseph, 2 Oct., 1707. 

74. Abigail, 24 June, 1709. (Peck genealogy says b. 32"d; d. 1720.) 

75. John, 28 March, 1713; d. in Newtown, 22 April, 1768. 

76. Mary, 39 Oct., 1715: d. 19 Nov., 1718. 

77. Elizabeth, 29 M'ch, 1717. 

78. Moses, 28 Dec, 1719. 

79. Mary, 18 May, 1721. 

80. Abigail, June 17^1732; m., 7 Nov., 1745, Vincent StiLson. 

96 B<il<hrhi Genealogy. 

38. TIIEOPHILUS ^ Theophiliis^ Richard, ^ b. in Milford, about 
1644; settled in New Milford among the first settlers; m. there, 5 
June, 1722, Jerusha Beecher; was admitted to New Milford ch. 19 
June, 1727 ; d. 1 Ma}', 1745. His widow m. David Noble, and d. 22 
Aug., 1790, aged 84 yrs. 11 mos. He was captain for many years, 
and doubtless the office was a responsible one in the serious 
troubles this frontier then had with the Indians. 

81. Jerusha, 23 Aug., 1723, joined ch. 7 M'ch, 174^. 

82. Elizabeth, 10 Sept., 1725; m., Feb'y, 175f, Samuel Comstock, of -New 
Milford. They resided iu New Milf. , and in 1782 moved out of the house of her 
brother Isaac, and it is thought removed to Middlefown, Ct. 

83. Theophilus, 16 .Jan'y, 1728. + 

84. Martha, 26 M'ch, 1730, m. Ithiel Stone.+ 

85. Hezekiah, 26 Sept.! 1732.+ 

86. Isaac, 17 Mch, 1735.+ 

87. Israel, 19 M'ch, 173y, s. of "Lieut."+ 

88. Asel. 27 June, 1739, son of "Capt."-{- 

89. David, 5 Dec, 1741. + 

90. Anne, 24 Nov., 1744; m. Reverius Stilson.-|- 

In 1738 and '39, affairs looked ominous in the colony as to war 
with France and Spain; and in November, 1738, Thophilus was 
made, by the Assembly, captain of the company or train band in 
New Milford; and from 1735 to 1741, he was member of the 
Assembly, seven sessions, at three of which he met, as his fellow 
in the Assembly, his second cousin, Theophilus Baldwin, of 

.41. ZACHARIAIP Zachariah-^ Richard, ^ m., in Milford, 25 
Aug., 1708, Sarah Marvin, or Merwin. He owned land in Water- 
bury, Conn. In 1710, he was accepted there as a bachelor 
proprietor, but soon sold out and returned to Milford. 22 June, 
1714, he purchased land in Stratford, Conn., of Ephraim Warner, 
and settled there 1723. He and wife deed to brother Samuel 
Merwin, the names Marvin and Merwin being then quite inter- 
changeable. He lived in that part of Stratford, now Huntington, 
at the close of his life, it is said, upon " Walnut Tree Hill.'" Oct., 
1723, upon his petition of Oronoque, in the township of Stratford, 
he had leave from the General Court to set up a ferry there, being 
about four miles north from Stratford Ferry, and received the 
right during the pleasure of the court. His death is recorded 
6 Nov., 1766, in the record of the Episcopal church in Huntington. 

Richard, of Jlllford, Connecticut. 07 

lie was earlier a member of the Episcopal church in Stratford, 
where his children were baptized. 

91. Zachariab, b. in Milford G Sept., 1T09; bapt. in Stratford 12 Aug., 1722.+ 

92. AbralKiin, bapt. 12 Aug., 1722. 

93. Isaac, bapt. 12 Aug., 1722. 

94. .Jacob, bapt. 12 Aug., 1722. + 

95. Sarah, bapt. 12 Aug., 1722; m., 10 Nov., 1737, John Mitchell, of Stratford. 

96. Israel, bapt. 12 Aug., 1722.+ 

97. Patience, bapt. July, 1726. 

42. S0L0M0X3 Zachariah^ Richard,Mived in Milford. He 
was a "cordwainer" (shoemaker). His brother Richard was, in 
1743, his adm'r. 

98. Anna, ni., 16 Dec, 1741, Amos Northnip, of New Milford.-}- 

99. Martha, minor in 1743, yet, in 1740, conveys to Abner Baldwin, 5 Dec, 
and also Uncle Stephen, 23 May, rights under her father and grandfather. 

100. Ester, minor in 1744. 

43. EBEK'EZER ^ Zaehariah '' Richard, ^ bapt. in Milford 6 Aug., 
1693. He settled in New Milford, Conn., among the first settlers. 
He and his wife Mary were admitted to the church there, 1 April, 

101. Mary, 11 Feb'y, 17ll; m. David Corastock.+ 

102. Ebenezer, 2 Dec. 1716; d. in New Milford, 28 May, 1739. 

103. Thankful, 18 April, 1719; m., 29 Feb'y, 174|, Ebenezer Buck, of New 

104. Susanna, 6 Feb'y, 172i. 

105. Simeon, 14 Jan'y, 1724. + 

106. Betsey, 9 Jan'y, 172^; m., 24 Oct., 1751, Thomas Brunson. 

107. Hannah, 30 Nov., 1730; d. 13 M'ch, 174J. 

108. Reuben, 24 April, 1734; d. 9 May, 1737. 

Ebenezer m. 2'"^' Mar}" Dalon, of Newtown. 

109. Phebe Dalon, d. 25 Apl, 1737. 

110. Phebe, 21 .June, 1738; m. .Joseph Lines. -j- 

44. ELIZABETH ^ Zaehariah ■' Richard,^ bapt. 21 Jan'y, 169|; 
m., 8 May, 171G, John nine,^ of Milford, John - Thomas, ^ b. 1G85. 
She d. July 1725; and hem., 2"'^> 31 Dec, 1725, Mehitable Waters, 
of Hartford. He d. 2(3 Feb'y, 1777. The following ch. received 
conveyance in 1737 and 1739, and were probably hers: 

111. Joseph. 

112. Jonathan. 

113. John. 

114. Benjamin. 

98 Baldvnn Genealogy. 

46. STEPHEN ^ Zachariah^ Richard, ^ bapt. in Milford, 31 Dec, 
1699 ; m., 15 Sept., 1730, Eunice Fowler, ot Milford, and continued 
to reside there. She d. 18 Oct., 1740, in her 48th year. He d. in 
March, 1788, according to Milf. Records, on the 29th, and accord- 
ing to his tombstone, the 30th. 

115. Elizabeth, bapt. 3 Oct., 1731; m. Treat.+ 

116. Isaac, bapt. 4 Nov., 1735.+ 

117. Solomon, bapt. 19 Feb'y, 173i.+ 

49. RICHARD 3*Zachariah 2 Richard,! b. in Milford, 10 Sept., 
1709. He was Richard, Junior, of Milford; R., Senior, being son 
of John, Senior, 26 March, 1733. He acquired, by deed from 
Stephen, the homestead left by their father to the two. 

1735, 28 Oct., he bought a farm in Xew Cheshire Parish 
(Cheshire, Conn.,) of Thomas Brooks, and the same year another 
of Stephen Osborn. He removed to Cheshire, and lived there 
until 22d Dec, 1752, when, in consideration of £3,600 money, old 
tenor, he conveyed the farm he lived on to Elnathan Beach. He 
removed to Dutchess county, N. Y., and of that county, in 1759, 
conveyed to his son Alexander, of Salisbury, Conn., his interest in 
the estate of his father Zachary. The records of the church in 
Cheshire, of the first pastor. Rev. Samuel Hall, are kept with 
great carelessness, and in a handwriting very remarkably bad, so 
that it tells little, but the AVallingford records tell something also. 

118. Alexander, 5 Aug., 1732, in Milford; in 1759, of Salisbury, Litchtield 
County, Conn.* 

119. Hannah, 3 M'ch, 173f , in Milford. 

120. Cibbel, bapt. M'ch, 1737, in Cheshire Parish. 

121. Sarah, b. 8 Oct., 1740 (Wallingford Records). 

122. Elizabeth, 20 Oct., 1742, in Cheshire Parish, town of Wallingford. 

123. Francis, b. July, 1748, Wallingford. 

124. Ann, bapt. 25 Aug., 1751, Cheshire Parish. 

125. Child, bapt. l)etween Dec, 1751, and June, 1752, in Cheshire; perhaps 
same as 

126. Mary, died 17 May, 1752, in Wallingford. 

58. THOMAS 3 Barnabas 2 Richard,! b. before 1692, in Milford, 
when he received from his grandfather Buckingham gift of land. 

* I have succeeded in tracing this line no farther. In the records of Saratoga county, N. Y., under date 
of 27 June, 1S12, is a petition by Peter D. Treehorne, of Ballston, g-uardian of Reuben Baldwin, under 21» 
and "the child and heir of Alexander, of Argyle, in Washington Co." The mother was also dead. I notice 
it because, as I now remember, these are the only instances of the name of Alexander. 

Richard, of M'dford, Connecticut. 99 

purchased of Lieut. Sylvauus. He m., 17 Jan'y, 17|4-, Jerusha 
Clark. He was a tailor, and lived in Milford township, though 
possibly that part of it now Woodbridge, when he received lands 
of his father, in 1720, in "Hogg Meadow;" and he had frequent 
deeds of land in the same vicinitv. He and his wife were admitted 
to full communion 19 June, 1714. He w^as Thomas, Senior, the 
Junior being Thomas ^ Richard- John '^■ 

127. Enoch, 29 Nov., 1713; d. y. 

128. Sarah, 29 Aug., 1715; m. John Woodiuff.+ 

129. Deborah, 25 Jan'y, 1716; ni. Samuel XeAvtou.4- 

130. Anna, bapt. 12 Ap'l, 1719; m. 1st. Richard Hollingsworth ; 2»'1> Jahleel 

131. Martha, bapt. 8 Dec., 1723; not unlikely m. Clark, and d. before 1773, as 
her father in his will, dated 12 Ap'l, 1770, proved j\Iarch, 1773, omits her, but 
mentions his gr. ch. Martha Clark. 

Is said, by his descendants of the Watertown branch, to have 
been deacon. 

59. BAR^'ABAS'^ Barnabas 2 Richard,! b. in Milford, as early 
as 1692; bapt. 7 Jan'y, 169f. He m., 13 Jan'y, 172f, Mehitable 
Beecher, of New Haven, Conn., widow of John Beecher. She 
was dau. of Thomas Tuttle, Jun., of Xew Haven, and b. 14 June, 
1699. She m. 1^*- John Beecher, 7 Dec, 1721, and had one s. 
John by her first husband. 

Barnabas settled in Xew Haven, buying out widow and heirs of 
Chatterton, but sold out again and returned to Milford, settling 
on Hogg Meadow, on lands conveyed him by his father, in 1720 
and 172|. Was Lieutenant Barnabas. 

132. Barnabas, 31 Aug., 1726, in New Haven. + 

133. Mehitable, 17 Dec, 1728; m. .lames Thompson. -f- 

134. Ester, 26 M'ch, 1731; m., 22 Dec, 1748, Benjamin Bull, (Milf. Rec.) 

135. Else, 20 Ap'l, 1733; d. Jan'y, 1813,* between 4 & 6, aged'80, and then 
called Alice. 

136. Temperance, 20 May, 1736; m. Samuel Baldwin. -f- 

137. Sarah, 16 March, 17*3^. 

138. Thomas, 10 July, 1742.+ 

139. Burwell, 11 July, 1745; d. in Woodbridge, Ct. (set off from Milford); 
17 Feb'y, 1823, uum. ' . 

In 1738, he was one of the fifteen from Milford, set oflf with 
others of New Haven, to form the Parish of Amity; and in 1742, 
one of the first members of the church there (now Woodljridge). 

100 Baldwin Genealogy. 

In 1742, as agent of the Society of Amity, he made memorial to the 
Legislature, praying Amit}- to have liberty to imbody into church 
estate; granted with leave of the neighboring churches. 1739, he 
was made ensign of the sixth company in Xew Haven; 1740, 
lieutenant; and 1749, he was made by the Assembly captain of the 
company for Amity. 

60. TIMOTHYS Barnabas 2 Richard, 1 b. 1695, in Milford,Conn.; 
d. 25 Nov., 1766. Lived and d. in that part of Milford now 
Woodbridge, or more likely in the east part of Derby adjoining — 
his land lying in both townships. He joined, 1742, in the forma- 
tion of the church at Amity (Woodbridge). He m. 1'*- 22 July, 
1719, Zurinah Johnson, of Derby, and 2"*^' Mabel. 

140. Timothy, 13 Dec, 1722.+ 

141. Andrew, 1 JM'ch, 1724.+ 

142. Mary, 10 Feb'y. 1726. 

144. Elizabeth, m. Jedediah Andrew.-|- 

145. Abiah, m., 28 Dec, 1763, Joel Alwater, of New Haven, living in 1768. 

146. Hannah, m. Thomas Mix. 

147. Enoch, 6 Oct., 1736. + 

148. Elijah, 11 Sept., 1740.-f- 

Elijah is, in 1777, adm'r of his mother Mabel; and as such, 
exhibits .the receipts of the other heirs, Hannah and Enoch, 
leading to the conclusion that the other children were by the first 

62. THEOPHILUS'^ Barnabas-^ Richard, ^bapt. 22 Oct., 1699; 
d. 1 Aug., 1784, aged 85. He was deacon in Society of Amity (now 
AVoodbridge), Conn., from 1743 until his death. His wife was 
named Dorothy. She d., says her tombstone, 10 Oct., 1790, aged 
eighty; but the church record says she d. Aug., 1790. 

149. Henry, 1734.+ 

150. Theophilus, 27Xov., 1735.+ 

151. Eunice, 26 Ap'l, 1738; m. .Jonathan Andrew. -f- 

152. Isaac, 18 April, 1740. Milford record calls him Israel, but that Isaac is 
the proper name appears from his father's will, and his after history.+ 

153. Alsop, 1 Feb'y, 174^.+ 

154. Mary, 28 Dec, 1743; m. Josiah Strong, of Southbury, Conn. No cli. 

155. Richard, bapt. 1 Dec, 1745. + 

Richard^ of 3Iilford, Connecticut. 101 

64. SYLVANUS ^ Barnabas '^ Richard, ^ b. 17 Sept., 1706, in that 
part of Milford, now Woodbridge, in the Hogg meadow tract: and 
the large, old-fashioned, two-story, square house built by him is 
still standing, and until lately occupied by his descendants. It is 
now vacant. 


f^^^^^^^aytu^ /let^c 

He m., 18 Ap'l, 1734, Mary, dau. of Francis French, of Derby, 
Conn. She was b. 6 Feb'y, 17||, and d. 1802. Her father was b. 
11 Nov., 1677; s. Francis French, one of the first settlers of Derb}^ 
who emigrated at the age of ten in ship "Defence," to Boston, in 
1635, with others of the name. Francis, Senior, d. 14 Feb., 169^, 
His wife, Lydia Bunnill, survived, and d. 7 Ap'l, 1708. She 
was dau. William, of !N'ew Haven, by w. Anna, dau. Benjamin 
TVilmot. Francis, Junior, m. Sept., 1703, Ann Bower, dau. Rev. 

/f V rb of Derbv, by Bridget, his w., dau. Anthony 

^/ Ihompson, ot JNew Haven. Kev. John Bow- 

ers was s. of George and Barbara, of Plymouth colony. Francis 
French, Jr., d. 11 Sept., 1751 ; his wife, 11 Jan'y. 174i. He is called, 
in Milford Records in 1739, " Serg't." 

Sylvanus, d. 2 Jan'y, 1785, and is buried in the cemetery in the 
southwest part of Woodbridge ; and his epitaph reads : " In memory 
of Mr. Sylvanus Baldwin, who d. Jan'y 2nd, 1785, in the 79th year 
of his age. A kind husband, a tender parent. He had a great 

102 Baldwin Genealogy. 

veneration for religion and morality." Next lies his wife: "In 
memory of Mary Baldwin, wife of Sylvanus Baldwin, who died 
March 29th, 1802, aged 90." 

156. Mary, 16 Oct., 1735; is said to have m. Dr. David Beebe, of Trumbull; 
1791, they are named as of Stratford, probably of the north part, now Trumbull, Ct. 

157. Dorcas, 18 Aug., 1738; m. Silas AliiDg.+ 

158. Elisha, 1 M'ch, 1741. + 

159. Sarah, 16 M'ch, 174f ; d. 23 Jan'y, 174f. 

160. Hezikiah, bapt. 14 Feb'y, 174f ; d. 2 M'ch, 174f. 

161. Sarah, 1 Feby, 174|; m. William Burrit.+ 

162. Charles, 8 May, 1751. + 

163. Hezikiah, 24 Aug., 1756.+ 

83. THEOPHILUS^ Theophilns^ Theophilus^ Richard, ^ b. in 
E'ew Milford, Conn., 16 June, 1728, and lived there until his death, 
1 M"ch, 1804. He m. l^*- 2 ISoy.. 1748, Mary Noble. He m. 2"<i> 
30 Dec, 1762, Eunice Noble, who d. March, 1778, leaving no 
children. He m. 3"'- Martha, widow Sherwood, who d. 20 M'ch, 
1828, aged 83, said to hav& been a native of Milford, Conn. He was 
a captain of militia, and was also in the Revolution. His last wife 
is said, by one of her descendants, to have had eight children, of 
whom three died young. 

164. Theophilus, d. before his father, leaving heirs. -|- 

165. Mary, m. 1st, Asahel Sherwood, and 2n(i, Thorp. -}- / 

166. Unia or Eunice, m. 1st, David Lockwood. and 2!«i. George Sherraan.-f- 

167. Annah, 11 M'ch, 1781; she m. Amos Clark, of New Milford. They 
removed to Hinesburgh, Vermont, where they died. They had no ch., save an 
adopted daughter. Amos Clark was uncle to Homer Clark, who m. Elvira,6 Eli, 5 
Theophilus. •* 

168. Martha, ra. Abel Gunn.+ 

169. Eli, about 1782.+ 

170. Son, buried Nov., 1783. (Narrative of Davis.) 

171. Daniel, 20 Nov., 1786.+ 

84. MARTHA^ Theophilus 3 Theophilus, 2 b. in New Milford, 
Conn., 26 March, 1730; m., 6 June, 1753, Ithiel Stone, and resided 
in the north part of New Milford. 

175. Julius, and perhaps others. 

85. HEZEKIAH ^ Theophilus ^ Theophilus,- b. in New Milford, 
Conn., 26 Sept., 1732. He m. Abigail Peet, 5 April, 1759. They 
had children in New MiJford. 

176. Jerusha, 9 Sept., 1760. 

177. Hezekiaii, 25 M'cli, 1762. 

Richard, of Milford, Connecticut. 103 

He is called, in the record of IsTew Milford, "Lieut/' lie was, 
by tradition. Lieutenant, in the French and Indian war, with 
Abercrombie, aVid said to have been at Crown Point and Ticonde- 
roga. His nephew Noble had a very large powder-horn, taken by 
him from the body of an Indian shot by him in that war. In 1795, 
he revisited NeAV Milford with his son-in-law, Mr. Fox, but my 
authority (Davis Narrative) is silent as to his residence. 

86. ISAACS Theophilus^'Theophilus,-^ b. in New Milford, 17 
M'ch, 1735; m., T. Rec. says, 2 Jan'y, 1765, Ch. Rec. says 28 Sept., 
1764, Hannah Davis, who was b. 9. June, 1742, They resided in 
New Milford, where he d. 16 Dec, 1811; she, 15 June, 1830. 

178. Pamele, 11 Nov., 1765; d. 2 Oct., 1766. 

179. Nathan Gaylord, 27 April, 1767.+ 

180. Hannah, 10 Aug., 1769. She joined the .sect of Jemima Wilkinson (Uni- 
versal Friend), went with her to New York State, and d. there unm.* 

181. Isaac, 10 June, 1771 ; d. 27 Feb'y, 1781. 

182. Patience, 3 July, 1773; d. unm. about 1825, at Noosuch Falls. 

183. Prudence, 3 July, 1773; m. Troop Murdock.-f- 

184. Martha, 6 Aug., 1775; m. Mr. Palmer, of Vermont. Returned to her 
father's house, and died there insane. 

185. Davis, 8 Aug., 1777. 4- 

186. Noble, 25 Dec, 1779.+ 

187. Elizabeth, 25 Jan'y, 1782. Davis calls her Eliza. Joined Baptist Church 
1814; m. Robertson Mumford, of Moukton, Addison county, Vt. Both d. there, 
leaving no ch. 

188. Lois, 11 M'ch, 1785; m. Charles Churchill. + 

Isaac was in the battle of Danbury, in the Revolution. 

87. ISRAEL^Theophilus^TheophiiuSj^b. in New Milford, 19 
M'ch, 173f, and continued to live there. He d. 16 M'ch, 1778, of 
small pox, and is buried in one corner of the cemetery by himself, 
as if his grave was infectious. He m., 25 Feb'y, 1761, Elizabeth 
Warner; and they joined Ch. 4 July, 1762. She d. 13 M'ch, 1811, 
in Hinesburgh, Vt., aged 73. 

189. Pamelia, 4 Oct., 1761; d. y. 

190. Daniel, 18 Ap'l, 1763; d. y. 

191. Edmond, 9 July, 1765: d. 28 Sept., 1766. 

192. Pamelia, 2 July, 1767; m. 1st, Reuben Gillett. 2ncl, Joseph Stearns. + 

* This denomination was a local one, called "Jemimaites," who settled in a body in Ontario county, N. Y., 
having sold their private estates, and moved there with their leader, named above. They were otherwise 
called the " Friends." (Barber's Hist. Coll., Conn.) 

104 Baldwin Genealogy. 

193. Daniel, 8 Nov., 1769. Davis' Narrative says: "1781, Daniel, who IFved 
with uncle Theophilus, came to work at our barn ; was taken sick ; d. 29th, in the 
13th year of his age. He was son of Israel, who d. three years before." 

194. Annis, 21 Ap'l, 1772; m. Milton Clark.+ ' ^ 

195. Edmond, 6 July, 1774. + 

196. Orange, 15 Nov., 1776. -f- 

Israel is said to have been in the Revohition. He was no doubt 
the Lieut, of Col. Silliman's regiment, appointed 14 June, 1776, to 
be marched directly to N'ew York and join the Continental array. 

88. ASSEL* Theophilus 3 Theophilus,'^ b. in New Milford, 27 
June, 1739; continued to live there; m., 13 Aug., 1766, Esther 
Baldwin, b. 30 Aug., 1746, of Kew Milford, dau. Samuel,* Serg't 
Samuel, ^ David, - Joseph.^ They joined Bapist Church in North- 
ville, 1816; settled in i^ew Milford, west of the village. 

197. Ann. 30 M'ch, 1767: d. 31 June, 1777. 

198. Sarah, 10 Jan'y, 1769; m. Cyrenus Stiisou.+ 

199. Esther, 15 Nov., 1770; m. Garland. + 

200. Joel, 32 Aug., 1772.+ 

201. Phebc, 11 July, 1774; m. Pelatiah Bailey.+ 
203. Asahel, 24 Ap'l, 1777. + 

203. Israel, 17 Oct.. 1779; d. 11 Sept., 1790. 

204. Lucretia, 3 June, 1783; m. Samuel Goodsell -|- 
305. Isaac, 16 June, 1787. + 

89. DAVID * Theophlilus ^ Theophilus,- b. 5 Dec, 1741, in :N'ew 
Milford. He was a Congregational clergyman. He is thought by 
some to have settled in New Jersey, in the vicinity of Dover, 
where his descendants are said to have been seen, not many years 
since. Rev. Burr Baldwin thinks he settled in Cattaraugus 
county, N. Y. 

90. ANNE* Theophilus 3 Theophilus, ^ b. 24 Nov., 1744, in 
New Milford; m., 6 Aug., 1767, Reverius Stilson, of New Milford, 

206. Son, 18 May, 1768; d. 30 Dgc, 1768. 

207. Polly, 17 M'ch, 1770. 

208. Anna, 9 Feb'y, 1772; m. Rev. Daniel Hine, of New Milford (Northville), 
last minister of the Separatist Church. She d. 3 Oct., 1851. 

209. Tamor, 23 Aug., 1774; d. 6 Sept., 1777. 

210. Nicanor, 3 May, 1776. 

211. Tamor, 17 M'ch, 1778. 

313. Urania, 14 Sept., 1781; m. Elihu Marsh, of New Milford. 
213. Aurelia, 23 May, 1783. 

Richard, of Mil/ord, Connecticut. 105 

91. Z ACHARIAH * Zachariali ^ Zacliariali ^ Richard, ^ b. in Xew 
Milford, 6 Sept., 1709; bapt. 12 Aug., 1722, in Episcopal Church in 
Stratford. The hite S. H. Congar, Esq., of Newark, N. J , sup- 
posed this to be the Zachariah who was of Parsippany (Hanover), 
New Jersey. That one is said to have died 17 Nov., 1755, aged 52 ; 
and Mr. Congar presumed some of the dates to be incorrect. This 
did not, in the outset, look probable to me ; but I am now inclined 
to think him the same — after a very thorough search. I can find 
no other Zachariah of any branch to match either. John Ogden, 
Esq., of Parsippany, writes me, in 1874, that one of the descend- 
ants of that branch, now deceased, told him "the original ones 
were Zachariah and Abraham, who came to this region to preach 
the Gospel to the Indians, and did so with great success." At that 
time, it was not known that the Zachariah I am now placing had 
a brother Abraham ; but a visit to Stratford and Huntington dis- 
closed that fact, that descendants of this branch, now in Hunt- 
ington (two quite old ladies), had never heard of Zachariah and 
Abraham, showing that they must either have died young or 
settled at quite a distance. While they were young men, and 
members of the church, the Rev. David Brainard, the zealous 
apostle to the Indians came to Huntington and studied theology 
with Rev. Jedediah Mills, of that church, and afterward preached 
to the Indians in New Jersey. James H. Woodruff, Esq., of 
Hanover, writes me that in the expense-book of the Rev. Jacob 
(Ireen, first pastor at Hanover and Parcippany, appears twice the 
name of Zachariah as furnishing board. The problem is one that 
has interested me much, but I have been disappointed in the 
paucity of information about the missionary efforts in New Jersey. 
Mr. Congar gives to Zachariah the following children, very likely 
not the onlv ones: 

214. Jacob, b. about 1733. -f 

215. Job, b. about 1738. + 

216. Silas, b. about 1749. + 

Azariah Crane, Jr., in 1733, grants three acres at the "Mountain 
Plantation," to his "well-beloved s. in 1. Zachariah Baldwin." 
The wife of Crane was Rebecca; and Rebecca, the wife of Zacha- 
riah Baldwin, was buried at Parsippany, 15 June, 1791, aged 84. 


106 Baldwin Genealogy. 

94. JACOB ^ Zacliariali^ Zacliari ah,- bapt. in Stratford, Conn., 
12 Aug., 1722, but b. probably several years before. He lived in 
Stratford, on Walnut Tree Hill, in that part of the town now 
Huntington; m., March, 1738, Sarah Merchant, widow of John. 
His ch. were bapt. in Episcopal Church. 

217. Elias, Feb'y, 1739.+ 

218. Hannah, Nov., 1742; thought to have d. y. 

219. Sarah, May, 1744; d. unm. 

220. Huldah, Se^:)!., 1747; thought to have d. y. 

221. Jacob, June, 1750; said to have d. y. 

96. ISRAEL^ Zachariah^ Zachariah,- bapt. in Stratford, Conn., 
12 Aug., 1722. The last named of children born, says his son 
David, in 1721. I am satisfied from several independent evidences, 
that he was the Israel who settled in Wolcott, Conn. By tradition 
in Huntington, he settled in that direction; the age corresponds; 
and by tradition in Wolcott, he came from the direction of Strat- 
ford, i.e. Milford, joining Stratford, his father being the ferryman 
between the two places. Lastly, I find no other Israel for this 
place, or other place for this Israel. He was not unlikely in Xew 
Haven for a while — is said to have m. 2"''' widow Chatterton, of 
Xew Haven, whose first husband was a ship carpenter, and worth 
considerable property. By his second w. he had a dan. 

222. Hannah, m. 12 Aug.. 1779, Judah Frisbee, who left a family which has 
the tradition as to wlience came Israel. Frisbie was b. 1744, and a leading man in 
Wolcott, leaving descendants. He was a soldier in the Revolution. 

Israel, m. ^'■''' in Wolcott, and had by his third marriage, 

223. David, b. 27 May, 1787, in Wolco«.+ 

Israel d. 13 jSTov,, 1805. Frisbie kept a journal, but^the informa- 
tion of the family is confused. He says, under date of April, 
1786, Mary Chatterton came to live with them. She d. 17 Oct., 
1825, aged 95. She is supposed to be sister of Israel's wife Hannah, 
who was then not likely widow Chatterton. Under date of 1783, 
he records the death of mother Baldwin, aged 80, more likely 
Israel's step-mother than his wnfe. He would hardly have m. 
after the death of a wife at 80, and had children. 

Richard, of 3I(l/ord, Connecticut. 107 

98. ANXA^ Solomon=^ Zachariah,- b. in Milford, Conn.; m,, 16 
Dec, 1741, Amos Xorthrup, of ISTew Milford, Conn. 

224. Solomon, 29 Dec, 1744. 

225. David, 27 Jan'y, 1746; living 1797. 

226. Lois, 17 Sept., 1748; m. Aljncr Benedict. 

227. Ann, 3 Ap'l, 1751; m. Nathaniel Ta^dor. 

228. Joel, 27 Jan'y, 1753. 

229. Amos. 

She was admitted to X. Milford Church, by letter from Amity, 
25 Aug., 1748. He joined church 19 Jan'y. 1757. His will is dated 
1 Oct., 1788; proved 2 July, 1790. His wife had the furniture of 
every kind and "my negro man Hary." He remembers his gr. 
ch. Thomas Groat, Amos and Sally, who were children of Amos, 
Jun'r. His dan. Anna got his "• negro wench, named Hagar." 

101. MARY^ Ebenezer^ Zachariah,^ b. 11 Feb'y, 171|, in Kew 
Milford; m., 20 January, 173|, David Comstock, of IsTew Milford, 
only s. of Jeremiah, of Milford, by w. Judith Mallory, and gr. s. 
of Thomas of Milford. In 1756, he was exe'r of his father. 

105. SIMEON^ Ebenezers Zachariah,.2 b. in Xew Milford, 14 
July (his son Eli says 24 July), 1724, and continued to reside 
there. He is said, by his descendants, to have been Commissary 
and Paymaster in the Revolution, and to have lost his property 
through Continental money, received for beef and provisions fur- 
nished the army. He was active in his service, acting for a time 
as collector of provisions and other taxes,'^ as a commissary for 
purchases, and in the care of families of drafted men. He was 
also injured, in his advancing years, by the fall of a tree, so that 
he was unable to do much to recuperate his fallen fortunes. He 
m. l*"*' 20 Dec, 1753, Mercy Bronson, who d. 15 June, 1763. He 
m. 2'«'> 4 Jan'y (31 Dec, says Eli,) 1764, Rebecca Buck, b. 18 
June, 1741. He d. 7 June, 1808, aged, town record says 86, family 
record says 88, but according to his entry of birth, it must have 
been less. 

* When Continental money had become worthless, and the people were well nigh disheartened, "Congress 
resolvetl, Feb'y 25, 1780, to call on the States for 3j)ecifif supplies — beef, flour, Indian corn, hay, salt, 
tobacco, rum, rice — those articles most needed for the use of the anny. These things were apportioned 
among the .States at stated prices, according to the natural advantages of e.ach — New England to furnish 
most of the rum ; and what is not a little remarkable, about four gallons of this popular beverage were 
required for each barrel of flour." (Historical Account of Connecticut Currency, by Henry Bronson, p. 124;) 

108 Baldwin Genealogy. 

230. Jonah, 26 Oct. , 1753 ; lived unm. , and d. aged—, in New Milf ord ; was noted 
as a teacher. Was in the war of the Revolution, it is said, as Quartermaster. He 
was, it is said, under Montgomery, at Quebec. 

231. Ebenezer, 1 Feb'y, 1755, says T. Rec. ; Fam. Rec. 21st.+ 

232. Mary, 12 Aug., 1756; m., but no ch. 

233. Lois, 11 Jan'y, 1758, says T. Rec. ; 13th says F. Rec. ; m. Philo Porter. -f 
2;f4. Sarah, 21 Sept., 1760, says T. Rec. ; 29th says F. Rec. 

235. Hannah, 12 M'ch, 1763; d. same day, T. Rec; F. Rec. says 7th, and d. in 

236. Amos, 31 Dec, 1764.+ 

237. Mercy, 22 Sept., 1767; d. unm. She was a teacher, and is said to have 
published a little Grammar for scholars. Hugh Getson, Esq., of Sherman, writes 
me, she lived there for many years ; taught thirty or more years, and was much 
respected. Member Cong. Ch., and d. 4 Dec, 1835, aged 68. 

238. Asa, 21 Ap'l, 1769.+ 

239. Eli, 22 May, 1777. + 

240. Rebecca, 27 M'ch, 1779; m. Beach Hungerf ord. + 

109. PHEBE ' Ebeuezer ^ Zachariali, '- b. in Xew Milford, Conn., 
21 June, 1738; m., 11 Sept., 1758, Joseph Lines, of tlie same place. 

241. Clarissa. 12 M'ch, 1759. 

242. Reuben, 21 Jan'y, .1761. 

243. Asunta, Jan'y, 1763; d. y. 

244. Daniel, 3 Jan'y, 1766. 

245. Philo, 15 Jan'y, 1769. 

Her husband d. 29 July, 1792. 

115. ELIZABETH* Stephen ^ Zachariah - Pvichard,i bapt. 3 Oct., 
1731, in Milford; m. Treat. She d. before 1778, leaving daus. : 

246. Elizabeth. 

247. Mary. 

248. Eunice. 

249. Sarah; dead before 1788. 

116. ISAAC 4 Stephen 3 Zachariah, 2 bapt. 4 Nov., 1735, in Mil- 
ford, Conn. Removed to Farmingtou, Conn., and died before 10 
Nov., 1770, leaving children : 

250. Elizabeth. 

251. Eunice. 

Remembered in their grandfather's will. 

117. SOLOMON 4 Stephen ^ Zachariah, 2 b. in Milford, 19 Feb'y, 
173i. His father's will, dated 10 Nov., 1770, proved April 1, 1788, 

Hichard, of Jlilford, Connectieat. 109 

gave him all bis father's lands in Milford, Conn., and all in Nor- 
walk, Conn.; provided he made certain payments to Elizabeth and 
Eunice, daus. of Isaac. His w. Philene d. in Milford, 23 April, 
1785, aged 46, of a fit. His will is dated 2 July, 1798, and he d. 
at Milford, -1 July, 1798. 

253. Infant dau„ d. 30 Oct., 1773. 

253. Eunice. 

He leaves to his son-in-law, Daniel Baldwin ^ (Isaac, ^ John, ^ 
Daniel,^ Daniel.- JS'atbaniel,^) and his children ; but whether Eunice 
was the dau. who m. Daniel, I know not. He lived at Burwell's 
Farms, some miles between Milford Village and Xew Haven. 
There is there a very handsome cove, and a convenient landing- 
place. Solomon's house commanded a view of it ; and, by tradition, 
he sorely annoyed tories who tried to use the cove for contraband 
trade with the enemy. He has, in a general way, a high revolu- 
tionary fame. I was sorry not to find papers, or more accurate or 
precise traditions. His descendants living are all young. His 
grandson was named Isaac Stillwater, said in memory of his being 
at that battle. 

128. SARAH ^ Thomas 3 Barnabas^ Eichard,i b. in Milford, 
Conn., 29 Aug., 1715; m. Capt. John Woodruff, s. Capt. John. 
His will is dated 1767; proved S""'^ Monday, March, 1768. She sur- 
vived, and was living in 1773. They resided in Milford. 

254. John. 

255. Samuel. 
25P. Enoch. 

257. Matthew. 

258. Isaac. 

259. Jonah. 

260. Benjamin. 

261. Hannah, m. Stephen Piatt. 

262. Abegail, m. Filch Kimberly. 
363. Sarah. 

264. Jerusha. 

265. David. (For descendants, see Candec Genealogy.) 

His son David was left out of the " distribution and inheritance 
of reversion." The Avill provides that if any one tries to break 
up the will, that child has five shillings, "as the law directs." He 
seems, by his inventory, to have had considerable land in Oxford, 

110 Baldwin Genealogy. 

129. DEBORAH * Thomas ^ Barnabas, 2 b. in Milford, Conn., 25 
Jan'y, 171.6; bapt. 25 Dec, 1716; m. Samuel Newton, of Milford. 
She d. before 1773, leaving children, whose names appear in the 
will of her husband, dated 1769. 

266. Eunice. 

267. Deborah. 

268. Samuel. 

269. Enoch. 
270.- Isaac. 

130. ANNA or ANN^ Thomas^ Barnabas, ^ b. in Milford, Conn., 
about 1717; bapt. 12 April, 1719; m., 16 June, 1735, Richard Hol- 
lingsworth, of Milford. He was a sea captain, and lost at sea, 

271. Daughter. 

272. Child. 

She m. 2'"!' about 1746, Jahleel Law, s. of Gov. Jonathan Law, 
of Milford. The}' are said to have lived on an eight-hundred-acre 
farm of Gov. Law, about a mile from Milford Church, and had 
children : 

273. Abigail. 

274. Andrew. 

275. William. 

Thence they removed to Cheshire, Conn., where she d. 1756, in 
her fortieth year. (Law Mss.) 

132. BARNABAS^ Barnabas ^^ Barnabas,^ b. in New Haven, 
Conn., 31 Aug., 1726. He m. Mary Turrell, of Milford, who d. 
15 Jan'y, 1803, aged 74, says the Cem. Rec; Fam. Rec. says 75. 
He lived in that part of Milford now Woodbridge. He d. 24. Dec, 
1804, and as usual the Cemetery and Family Records disagree 
as to his ao'e. 

276. Silas, 19 Oct., 1748; d. y. 

277. Mary, bapt. 10 Feb'y, 1751 ; d. y. 

278. Sarah, bapt. 3 June, 1753; probably d. y., as the descendants of this branch 
know nothing of her. 

279. ,Jared.+ 

280. Barnabas, 1760.+ 

281. Mary, 18 ]M arch, 1765; m. Ebenezer Beecher.-|- 

282. Ephraim, 1766.+ 

283. Silas, 1770.+ 

Richard, of Mllfonl, Connecticut. Ill 

He had, in accordance with the mild slavery at that time exist- 
ing in Connecticut, slaves, the deaths of two of which are recorded 
22"Feb'y, 1792, and 6 Jan'y, 1799, in the Church Records. 

133. MP]niTABLE^ Barnahas^ Barnabas,^ b. 17 Dec, 1728; m., 
6 March, 1751, James Thompson, of New Haven as his 2"^' wife. 

284. Elijah, 16 Dec, ITol. 

285. Hannah, 15 Jan'y, 1754. 

James Thompson m. 1***' 6 Feb'y,- 1744, Sarah Puuderson, and 
s. David, b. 28 May, 1747, d. 3 July, 1747. 

13(3. TEMPERANCE* Barnabas 3 Barnabas, 2 b. 20 May, 1736; 
m. Samuel Baldwin, of .Woodbridge, s. Samuel,^ Samuel,* Sam- 
uel, ^ Jonah," John,^ of Milford. 

286. Rhoda. 

287. Temperance. 

288. Nancy, d. unm. 

289. William. 

290. Daniel. < 

138. THOMAS* Barnabas^ Barnabas, ^ b. in that part of Milford 
now Woodbridge, 10 July, 1742 ; d. 24 July, 1833, says the Family 
Record. The tombstone and Church Record for once asrree in 
saying 14 July, 1834; but the other must be right, as adm. of his 
estate was granted 10 March, 1834. He m. 1'*' Eunice, who d. 18 
June, 1780, aged 33; 2'^^, Hannah, who d. 17, June, 1829, aged m. 

291. .James, bapt. 1 April, 1787; d. 17 Juh^ 1791. 

292. Elizabeth, bapt. 1 May, 1794; m. Glover Bassett.-j- 

293. George. + 

294. James Judson.-l- . 

295. Hettie. 

296. Eunice, dau. 1st wife; m. 1st, John Woodruff, and 2nd, Joseph Northrup.-f- 

140. TIMOTHY* Timothy ^ Barnabas,^ b. 13 Dec, 1722, in 
Derby, adjoining that part of Milford now Woodbridge; was, in 
1768, Captain Timotli3\ He lived in the same localit}-, and d. 22 
Dec, 1800, aged, says his tombstone, b}' error as usual, 81. Hem. 
Sarah Beecher, 15 Jan'}", 174i, who d. 1794, in her seventy-fourth 
year, as per Derby Records. 

297. Sarah, 11 Ap'l, 1746: m.. 10 Oct., 1764, Simeon Wheeler, of Derby, b. 
Ap'l 15, 1741, s. James and Sarah (Johnson) Wheeler. They had ch.; Ruth, Sept. 

112 Balchcin Genealogy. 

17, 1765, m. Dea. Bradford Steele, and d. 20 Feb'y, 1850; Nathan, m. Experience 
Washburn; Timothy; Sarah, m. Eli Sanford; David, d. Dec. 21, 1829, aged 53, unm. 
(The descendants of Dea. Steele are in Sharp's History of Seymour, Conn., p. 204-5.) 

298. Timothy, about 1749, lived in Derby; d. 30 Aug., 1822, aged 78 years 
according to Derby cemetery, 74 according to the T. Rec. He m. Sarah, dau. 
Murray Lester, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., who d. 21 Dec, 1812, aged 65, giving to 
her three sisters, Margaret Baldwin (w. Elijah bro. Timothy), Bertha Lester and 
Mary Marshall, and others, including her husband, who m, 2n'l. Charity Somers. 
He d., leaving widow, but no ch. In 1789, he was one of the signers of the paper 
organizing the Congregational Church, at Seymour, Conn. 

299. Thaddeus, 22 June, 1751.+ 

300. Anne, 24 Feb., 1757, m. Edmund Clark, of Derby, who, 24 May, 1785, 
bequeaths all his estate to his wife, making his fatherun-law his executor. 

He had his slave Peter bapt. 23 Dec., 1790. He was, 27 Dec, 
1779, committee for soldiers' families. 

141. ANDREW* Timothy 3 Barnabas, ^ b. 1 March, 1724, in 
Milford, Amity Parish; m. 1***- 23 May, 1753, Ann Merwin, who 
d. 7 Sept., 1759, in thirty-fifth year. He m. 2"''' Mary Hine, of 
Milford, 2(3 March, 1760. 

301. Miles. 22 Ap'l, 1754. + 

302. David, 10 Nov., 1755. + 

303. Ann, 3 Sept., 1758. 

304. Abigail, 20 Aug., 1760; d. Jan'y, 1800, 

305. Sarah, 4 Aug., 1763. 

306. Caly, 2 Sept., 1764 (Caroline). 

307. Eunice, 25 June, 1707; m., 16 Aug., 1780, Linus Beecher, of Wood- 
bridge, s. Eliphlet. 

144. ELIZABETH* Timothy ^ Barnabas,^ m. 18 Oct., 1746, Jedi- 
diah Andrews, of New Haven, Conn., as his 2"'' wife. He was b. 
26 April, 1708; s. Gideon. He m. l^*- Hannah Thomas, 23 Feb'y, 
1730, and had children: John, 20 May, 1731 ; Mary, 15 Jnne, 1733; 
Lydia, 16 Jan'y, 1735; Gideon, 2 March, 173-; Jedidiah, 1 May, 
1741 ; Hannah, 17 Oct., 1743. I do not know of any by the 2"*^ w. 

147. ENOCH* Timothy 3 Barnabas,-^ b. Oct., 1736, in Derby, 
Conn., where he continued to live. 

308. Huldah, 17 Feb'y, 1764, said to be only ch. by 1st w. ; m. Capt. Barnabas 
Baldwin, s. Barnabas*. Barnabas 3, Barnabas 2, Richard i- 

309. Enoch.4- 

310. Alexis, 1778.+ 

311. Amos, 1779.+ 

312. Parsons, 1782.+ 

Richard, of Jlilford, Connecticut. 113 

313. Susannnh, 1788; bapt. 24 May, 1789; d. (i Sept., 1794 

314. Infaut son, bapt. 1 June, 1794; d. 14 Sept., 1794. 

315. Abiah, about 1800; m. Clark Sperry.-|- 

316. Sarah Ester; ni. Laurin Peck.+ 

317. Erastus, bapt. 1786; d,, aged about 16 or 17, on Iward vessel returning' 
from the West Indies, where he had gone for recreation. 

148. ELIJAH* Timothy =5 Barnabas, ^ 1). in Derby, Conn., 11 
Sept., 1740; d. 18 March, 1816; his tombstone, diifering as usual 
from other records, says aged 78. He lived in Derby, and was a 
physician. He m. Margaret Lester, dau. Murray Lester, Esq., of 
Poughkeepsie, N, Y.; she d. 16 Aug., 1823, aged 79. Murray 
Lester was of an old and leading family at Poughkeepsie. 

318. Timothy, 1784 + 

319. Abigail Aiken, 1787; d. 16 Aug., 1794 

320. Margaret, d. unni. in Derby, in Oct., and about 1853. 

321. Mable, m. Abel Burritt.+ 

322. Sarah, m. Fitch Smith. + 

323. Murray L.+ 

149. HENRY* Theophilus^ Barnabas^ Richard, ^ b. 1734, iu 
Milford, Conn., Amity Parish, He m., 23 Feb'y, 1757, Lydia 
Botchford, of Milford (sister of Alice, w. of his brother Richard). 
He and his w. joined church in Amity, Feb'y, 1758. He d. 18 
Feb'y, 1801, aged 67; his will is dated 12 April, 1798; his wife 

324. Comford, 19 Dec, 1757; m. John Hine.+ 

325. Henry, 7 Aug., 1759.+ 

326. Cloe, 17 Jan'y, 1761 : m. Job Northrup.+ 

327. Anna, m. Charles Hine.+ 

150. THEOPHILUS* Theophilus^ Barnabas/^ b. in Milford, 
Parish of Amity, 27 Nov., 1735. He settled in Waterbury, Conn., 
Parish of Westbury, near Watertown. He was Ensign in the 
Revolution. He d. Jan'y 7, 1826. He m., 24 April, 1776, as 
appears from Waterbury Records, Sarah Strong, dau. Mr. Adino 
Strong, of Woodbury, or Southbury, says another authority. He 
had two wives; the name of the other I cannot tell. "When 'his 
will was made, his w. was Sarah, who is said to have had the two 
children, Eli and Cyrus. His will, dated 10 April, 1809, is proved 
14 Jan'y, 1826, and his children are remembered therein. 

114 Baldnnn Genealogy. 

328. Treat. + 

339. Leverett, m. Martha Seymour, of Paris, N. Y. ; settled in Perrysville, 

N. Y.; d. June, 1830. Had no cb. of his own; adopted A. S., son of Jared. 

330. Anor, 16 Feb'y, 1777.+ 

331. Truman, Nov., 1778. + 

332. Theophilus, 12 Nov., 1780.+ 

333. Jared, about 1782. + 

334. EIi.+ 

335. Cyrus, 5 Dec, 1787. + 

151. EUmCE^ Theophilus 3 Barnabas, 2 b. in Milford, Parisli of 
Amity, 26 April, 1738; m., 20 April, 1758, Jonathan Andrew. 

336. John. 

337. Eunice. 

338. Elizabeth. 

152. ISAAC 4 Theophilus 3 Barnabas,^ b. 1740, in Milford, Conn., 
Parish of Amity. He m., 24 Dec, 1766, Philene Pardee, of 
Derby. He lived, say his grandchildren, in Woodbridge (Amity), 
Bethlem and Derby, Conn. He d. 4 Jan'y, 1799; his w. Philene, 
July, 1826. He was one of the original signers, Nov. 3, 1789, 
of the paper organizing the Congregational Church, in Seymour 
(joining Woodbridge). He was a miller, killed by accident in his 
own ffrist mill, on the west side of the l^ausratuck, on Little Eiver. 
He was, says W. C. Sharpe of the Seymour Record, a devout and 
studious man, reading his Bible while his mill was running. 

339. Rachel, 30 Sept., 1767; d. aged about 19, unm. 

340. Sarah, 2 May, 1769; m., 1812, Amos Dormon, a widower with eh., but 
had none herself. 

341. Isaac, 24 Nov., 1770.+ 

342. Ellas, 16 Jan., 1773.+ 

343. Elizur.+ 

344. Eunice, m. Philo Terril.+ 

345. Lewis. 17 Nov., 1780. + 

346. Eliphlet, about 1785. + 

347. Lyman, 1 Aug., 1786.+ 

153. ALSOP^ Theophilus 3 Barnabas, 2 b. in Milford, Parish of 
Amity, 1 Feb'y, 174i. In 1773, was of " Westbury," a parish of 
Waterbury, Conn., now Watertown. He received by his father's 
will a farm there, and d. there 23 June, 1824. He m. P*' 13 Oct., 
1773, Elizabeth Sherman, dan. Amos, of Amity; she d. 7 Aug., 
1775, in her twenty-fourth year. He m. 2'< 16 Sept., 1778, Bath- 

Richar/I, of 3IiIford, Connecticut. 115 

sheba Stone, clan. Ebenezer, of AVoodburj; she d. 15 June, 1815, 
of bilious colic, aged 63. His only child was 

348. Amos, 2G March, 1775. + 

155. RICHARD^ Ihcophilus ^ Barnabas, '^ bapt. in Milford, 
Parish of Amity, 1 Dec, 1745, continued to live there (it becom- 
ing, in 1785, the town of Woodbridge), until his death, 2 April, 
1823. He was chosen, 80 June, 1791, Deacon in the church. He 
was prominent in the church and town, and a man of position and 
wealth. He m., 31 Oct., 1771, Alice Botchford, of Milford, sister 
of Lydia, w. of his brother Henry ; his 2"'^' w. Abiah d. 23 Oct., 
1805,*^ aged 58. His will, dated 29 Dec, 1815, proved 21 April, 
1828, makes liberal provision for his children in the various towns 
where they were located. 

340. Nehemiah, b. 1 Jan'y, 1770; d. y. 

350. Theopbilus, b. 21 July, 1772. + 

351. Adah. b. 9 Sept., 1773; m. Hickox.+ 

352. Ira, 5 Feb'y, 1775.-1- 

353. Hester, 31 Aug., 1777: d. 30 March, 1848, iu Woodbridge, uum.,aged 72, 
says the record, wrong as usual. 

354. Xehemiah, 1778. -|- 

355. David, 23 March, 1779. + 

356. Abuer, 24 Jau'y, 1781 -|- 

357. Abiah. 4 Nov., 1782: d. 1799 or 1800 (the records varying as usual), aged 
17 years, say the records. Tradition says she went to a ball dressed iu the manner 
of later days, ''beautifully, but nut warmly;" caught cold, and died four days after. 
The dress was an heirloom in the family of Ira. 

358. Jeremiah, 9 July, 1783: d. unm. 18 Dec, 18 J7. By his father's will, he 
had farm in Woodbridge, where he died. By his Avill, his property goes to his 
sister Ester (Hester) for life, and after her death to his brothers and the 1st Society 
of Woodbridge. 

157. DORCAS^ Sylvanus^ Barnabas, 2 b. 18 Aug., 1738, in Mil- 
ford, Conn.. Society of Amity; m. Silas Ailing, of Orano-e. 

359. Rebecca, m. Hull, and had ch., Algernon and Isaac. 

360. Amos, of Orange; ch.: Willis, of Orange; Bela, Sheldon and Albert. 

361. Edward, of Orange, had 11 or 12 ch., among whom was Zenas, who m. 
Sarah Harriet Baldwin; dau. Silas » Barnabas^ Barnabas 3 Barnabas 2 Richard. i 

362. Asa, m. Clarissa Umberfield, of Bethany; ch.: Ebenezer, of Orange (1874); 
Harriet, m. Wm. Treat, of Orange; Ester, m. Wm. Andrews, and is now dead; 
Chai-lotte H., m. Marcus Baldwin, s. Chauucey^ Thaddeuso Timothy* Timothy 3 
Barnabas -2 Richard, i 

363. Silas, of Orange, had two sons: David and Silas. 

364. Lewis, removed to Ohio; had two sons: Ethan, late of Twinsburgh, 
Summit county, and a leading citizen ; and Lewis. 

365. Anne, m. Mr. Gilbert, of New Haven. 

116 Baldwin Genealogy. 

158. ELISHA^ Svlvanus 3 Barnabas, 2 b. 1 March, 1741, at Mil- 
ford, Parish of Amity. The late Dr. Goodsell, of Woodbridge, an 
aged and very intelligent resident of Woodbridge, told nie, iu 
1856, that Elisha was lame, and taught the first school in that part 
of Woodbridge where he lived. His niece, the late Mrs. Harvey 
Riggs, informed me that he lost a leg, before marriage, by the 
falling of a tree. He m., 20 Oct., 1768, Jerusha Coe, of iSouthbim*, 
Conn., where he bought a farm. The following children appear 
to him upon Southbury Record : 

366. Polly, 27 Sept., 1769. 

367. Philo Ailing, 6 March, 1775.+ 

368. Anna, 19 Oct., 1776; d. 1 May, 1777. 

369. Anna, 1 May, 1778; m., 20 Dec, 1796, Abiud Lattin, of Southbury. 

By his father's will he had, over and above what he had already 
received (£20), twelve acres of land in New Haven, and Sylvanus^ 
right in the Susquehanna Purchase being one-half right. Elisha 
sold out his lands in Southbury, and he and his whole family 
disappear from Southbury. I have not, after many years' search ^ 
been able to find out where — tradition says to Tioga county, N.Y.; 
to Chenango county, X. Y.; and to Pennsylvania — possiblj' to try 
the right in Susquehanna Purchase, but not very likely, as he 
deeds in 1790 to A. H. .Wheeler, to son Philo in 1795. Philo 
deeds to Griswold in 1800; and Elisha and Philo join in several 
deeds in 1805. A brief account of the Susquehanna Purchase, 
and the romantic attempt to establish the jurisdiction of Con- 
necticut over a part of Pennsylvania, will be found under John, ^ 
Senior, of Milford, Josiah - Samuel ^ Caleb ^ Jared.^ Elisha bought, 
16 April, 1793, of William Preston, of Woodbury; Elisha is then 
described of Southbury. 

161. SARAH 4 Sylvanus^ Barnabas- Richard, ^ b. in Milford, 
Society of Amity, 1 Feb'y, 174|; m. William Burrit, of Derby, 
and they resided there and had ch. 

370. Daughter, m. Nehemiah Tyrrel, of Derby; living 1866. 

162. CHARLES^ Sylvanus^ Barnabas,- b. in Milford, Conn., 
Society of Amity, 8 May, 1751; bapt. 23 June, 1751. He m., 19 

Richard, of 3IUfo7-d, Connecticut. 117 

March, 1792, Susannah Hine/' of Stephen * of Woodhriclge, Am- 
brose 3 Stephen - Thomas.^ * 

lie was a man of standing in Woodbridge, and in the year of 
his m. was Selectman. His father by his will, dated 1779, proved 
10 Jan'y, 1785, gave to him eighteen acres of land east of the river, 
three-fonrths of his dwelling, the other one-fourth to Hezekiah, 
and all the remainder of his property, having made ample previous 
provisions for his other children, to Charles and Hezekiah. 
Charles and Hezekiah for a long time conducted farming in part- 
nership, upon a portion of the same premises w^hich came to 
Richard^ from Tawtanimo, the "Indian Sagamore;" and the 
records of AVoodbridge, in their further purchases in company, 
bear witness to their enterprise. He lived with his brother as a 
bachelor, and m. the half-sister of his brother's wife. 10 April, 
1800, he bought of A. Bray a farm of two hundred and seventy- 
three acres, in that part of Wallingford, Conn., now Meriden; 
and subsequently made some additions to it, so that it contained 
some three hundred acres. This farm lay upon the Quinipiac 
river, largely bottom, and considerable of it is now occupied by 
the large pond of the Meridan Cutlery Company. It was by far 
the best farm in the town of Meriden. His original dwelling was 
burned by accident, but the new dwelling still stands on the road 
to Hanover. He was an early Methodist, when to be one was 
very unfashionable; for people of seven ty-tive years ago had their 
fashions in all things, as well as now. He was converted, perhaps,, 
under the preaching of Jesse Lee, that early itinerant who preached 
occasionally in the vicinity of his early life; and records his affec- 
tion for this and the other early preacher, Freeborn Garretson, 
in the name of one of his children. He died in Meriden (town 

* Thomas Hine had a home-lot in Milford, 28 Jan'j", 1646. The name is spelled Hind, Hine, and some- 
times Hinde. He was an early proprietor at Derby, but it is doubtful if he lived there. He Ijought the 
right at "Pogasuck," of John Bunvell. He died in Milford, and by will, dated 1694, remembered, among 
several thildren, Stephen, b. 25 Oct., 1663. He had ten children at least. In Lamberfs History of New 
Haven Colony is a tradition of his having relieved an Indian, exposed on the marsh b}- the Mohawks. For 
this he was held in high regard by the neighboring Indians, who said that when Hine or his descendants 
died, the Great Spirit took them at once to his big wigwam. 

Stephen, (2) b. 1663, was a shoemaker. In 1741, he deeded to his son Ambrose (3) lands in Hogg Meadow. 

Ambrose m., 6 Feb'j', 1717, in Boston, Sarah , of that pl^ce. He lived in Milford, and his will was 

dated 6 Dec, 1749; proved Dec, 1750. His son Stephen (4) was born about 1721. Stephen (4) died in Wood- 
bridge, 11 Sept., 1791, aged 70; he m., 26 .Jan'v, 1744, Elizabeth Carrington, dau. .John, of Amity; she d. 20 
May, 1755. He m. 2nd, Patience, who d. 24 Dec, 1769, aged 41. He ni. 3rd, Susannah Smith, of Bethany, 
Conn. Snsannah was mother of Susannah, who m. Charles Baldwin. The mother survived her husband, 
and m., 17 April, 1794, Deacon Phinehas Peck, of Woodbridge, survived him, and d. in Meriden, Conn., 22 
Xov., ISIO, aged 74. 

118 Baldwin Genealogy. 

organized 1806), 17 July, 1818. His widow died in Masonville, 
Delaware county, i^. Y., 12 May, 1853. By liis will, he left a tract 
of land in Meriden to build a Methodist church, but the land was 
sold and money lost without eifecting its purpose; and the first 
Methodist church was built there not many years since. If the 
meeting-house was not built, the land was to be disposed of by 
the Quarterly Conference, Durham Circuit, or agent that the 
Conference may appoint, by sale or otherwise; and if sold, the 
interest of the avails was to be given to the traveling preachers of 
the Rhiubeck District, at the discretion of the Presiding Elder. 

371. Charles Wyllis, 4 Nov., 1792.+ 

372. Lucius. -f 

373. Vincent, 11 March, 1796; d. 3 Sept., 1818, unm. 

374. Susana, 30 Marcli, 1798; d. unm. 

375. Elias, 23 May, 1799. + 

376. Mary Ann, 20 Feb'y, 1801; m. Eliplialet Bailey.+ 

377. Jesse Garretson, 17 Marcli, 1804.+ 

378. Seymour Wesley, 29 June, 1807. + 

163. HEZEKIAH^ Sylvanus^ Barnabas,-^ b. in Milford, Society 
of Amity, 24 Aug., 1756. He m. 1 Jan'y, or June, as says Fam. 
Rec, 1782, Elizabeth Hine, dau. of Stephen, of Milford (Society 
of Amity), half-sister of w. of Charles. She was b. about 1754, 
dying 2 April, 1839, in her eighty-sixth year. He d. 6 ISTov., 1831, 
and as usual records difler; Ch. Rec. and tombstone putting his 
age at 75, Fam. Rec. at 85. He bought out his brother Charles' 
interest in their joint lands, save such as both sold to others, and 
lived and died on the old homstead ; his wife survived. 

379. Nathaniel, 13 Feb'y, 1783.+ 

380. Nancy, 23 Jan'y, 1786; m. Joseph Bradley. + 

381. Charity, 37 Oct., 1788; d. 31 Feb'y, 1847, unm. 
383. Hezeldah Harvey, 17 Feb'y, 1790. + 

383. Raymond, 3 April, 1793.+ 

384. Marcus, 10 Ap'l, 1794. + 

385. Betsey, 10 Ap'l, 1794; m. Joseph Harvey Riggs.+ 

386. Ester, 3 Jime, 1796; d. unm. 1873. 

387. Mary, 19 Aug., 1798; m. Jonathan Treat, Juu'r.+ 

164. THEOPHILUS ^ Theophilus * Theophilus ^ Theophilus '^ 
Richard.^ He lived in ITew Milford, Conn., and d. before 1798, 
when his father gives his ch. land near Bear Hill, in New Milford. 

388. Theophilus. + 

389. Hezekiah. d. unm. at home of brother Theophilus. 

Richard, of Milford, Connecticut. 119 

390. Isaac, weut to La Salle couuly, 111., about 1833; about 1842, to Wisconsin; 
about 1858, to Colorado and Utah; about 1803, back to La Salle county. 111., where 
he was, in 1874, still living. He is unm. , and I am informed much respected, an 
expert hunter and trapper, and almost a counterpart of Cooper's Leather Stocking. 

391. David. + 
393. Ebenezer.-j- 

393. Samuel. + 

394. EUany, m. Isaac Clark. + 

395. Susan, m. John Rogers. -j- 

165. MARY 5 Theophilus ' Tlieophilus,^ ^^j. ist, Asaliel Slier- 
wooclj and settled in Potsdam, N". Y. 

39G. Wells, and two other sons; all dead, but gr. eh. living. She m. 2"d. Thorpe, 
of Washington, Vt. ; no ch., and d. about 1814. 

166. EUOTCE5 TLeophilus^ Theopliilus,^ m. l«t. David Lock- 
wood, of J^ew Milford. 

399. Julia A., m. John Buel, of New Milford; settled at Hume, Chautauqua 
county, N. Y., and had two sons and two daughters; she d. Feb'y, 1871. 

400. Henrietta, m. Wing; lives (1874) in Franklinvillc, Chautauqua county, 
N. Y., and has ch. 

401. Matty, m. Bennett Dean, of Bristol, Vt.; d. 1863, no ch. 

Eunice m. 2"^' George Sherman, of Charlotte, Vt., by whom she 
had no ch. She d. Xov., 1861. 

168. MARTHA^ Theophilus^ Theophilus,^^ m. Abel Gunn, of 
!N^ew AJilford, Conn. 

403. Luud. 

403. Anor. 

404. Harriet. 

405. William, m. Benson, and thought to have ch. 

406. Henry, of New Milford, m. Caroline Gilford, and had ch. 

407. John, of New 3Iilford, m. 

169. ELI ^ Theophilus ' Theophilus,^ b. about 1782, in New Mil- 
ford, Conn. He m. Anna Gunn, about 1807, who was living 1873, 
in Vermillionville, 111.; he d. in K'ew Milford, 9 Oct., 1822, aged 40. 

408. Elvira, 34 Oct., 1808; m. Homer Clark. + 

409. George, 13 June, 1810. + 

410. Edgar, 39 June, 1815.+ 

411. Henry Myron. -j- 

413. Pdulina, m. AViUiam Way.+ 

Was militia captain, and as such out in the war of 1812, and 
said to be at New London. "Was justice of the peace. 

120 Baldwin Genealogy. 

174. DANIEL 5 Theopliilus^TheopMlus,=^b. 20 Nov., 1786, iu 
Xorthville village, New Milford, Conn. He m., 8 Nov., 1809, 
Susan Baldwin, of New Milford ; b. 29 Aug., 1794, and dau. John, '" 
of Mount Toms, in New Milford: Israel* Serg't Samuel^ David - 
Joseph.^ He was a Baptist minister. He resided in Northville, 
New Milford, until April, 1846, when he removed to Farm Eidge, 
La Salle county. 111,, where he d., Oct. 7, 1860. His wife d. there, 
23 Aug., 1854, says her son — a precious, pious, loving mother. 
A large proportion of Eev. Daniel's large family have been or are 
in the ministry. 

413. Matty, 6 Sept., 1811; m. Rev. John Higby.+ 

414. Lorette, 4 July, 1813; m. Moses G. Hariock.+ 

415. Caroline, 1 Ap'l, 1820; m. Rev. Erasmus K Jenks.-]- 

416. Marquis de la Fayette, 18 Aug., 1822.+ 

417. Normaud B., 23 Aug., 1824. + 

418. Jane, 17 Aug.. 1826; m. Elihu Howland.+ 

419. Diantha B., 28 Marcli, 1829; m. .Murray Kirkpatrick.+ 

420. Leander R., 2 .July, 1831. + 

421. John, 7 June, 1834; d. 16 Oct., 1854, while on a visit, in the same room 
where his mother was born. 

422. Amelia Maj-ette, 16 Aug., 1838; m. Charles D. Smith. 

I am told, by people in New Milford, that Rev. Daniel deserved 
that highest praise of being a "very good man." He d. 7 Oct., 
1860; his w. 23 Aug., 1854, at Farm Ridge, Illinois. 

179. NATHAN GAYLORD^ Isaac-* Theophilus,^ b. in New Mil- 
ford, Conn., 27 April, 1767; m. Chamberlain. Settled in Mouck- 
ton, Addison county, Yt.; d. 30 Aug., 1820. In 1790, he seems, 
from Davis Narrative, to have had a farm " west," in Freehold. 

423. Electa, 13 May. 1794; m. "Judge Work," of Huntmgton, Vt.; d. 25 
March, 1859; no ch. 

424. Isaac, 19 Maj% 1797; was a lawyer, and d. unm. 11 March, 1823. 

425. Roderick, 6 May, 1801.+ 

426. Emeliue, 3 Feb'y, 1803; m. Rev. John A. Avery. + 

183. PRUDENCE ^ Isaac ^ Theophilus, ^ b. in New Milford, 
Conn., 3 July, 1773; m. Troop Murdock, of Castleton, Yt. Both 
dead, leaving ch. : 

427. Henrietta, m. William Clark, and supposed to have living descendants. 

428. Sail}', m. William Cook, of Castleton. 

It appears, from the narrative of Davis that, in 1795, the twin- 
sister Patience went to live with Prudence, at Noosuck, New 
York State. 

Bichard, of Milford, Connecticut. 121 

185. DAVIS ^ Isaac ^ Thcophilus,^ b. in l^ew Milford, Conn., 
8 Aug., 1777; m., 3 Dec, 1809, Ann Richards, of Tyringham, now 
Monterey, Berkshire county, Mass., b. 1 July, 1786, and dau. 
Roswell" Jedediah ^ Jcdcdiah * Deacon Thomas^ John- Thomas 
Richards.^ lie settled there, and removed thence, in May, 1831, 
to Great Barrington, Mass.; he died there, 7 March, 1842, in the 
village of Van Dusenville. His widow resided there 7 Oct., 1873. 
He left quite an interesting narrative, several times quoted herein, 
dated Tyringham, 8 Aug., 1811. In the summer of 1782, he went 
to school to Miss Mercy Baldwin (before mentioned), at Captain 
Gunn's Chamber; in 1783, to Israel, Jun., of whose school he 
speaks highly. He went to "hatting" in 1795. He was Town 
Clerk of Tyringham, and held several other town oifices. 

439. Algernon Sidney, 2 March, 1811, grad. Williams College, 1836, and died 
unm. 1839. 

440. Irwin Dewitt, 21 Jau'y, 1815.+ 

441. Edmund, 11 Feb'y, 1817; d. unm. 14 Dec, 1838. 

442. Orrin, 15 Nov., 1820; 4 Oct., 1878, unm., and living with his mother and 

186. NOBLES Isaac* Theophilus,3b. in J^ew Milford, 25 Dec, 
1779, and lived and d. in the village of Xorthville, in that town. 
He m., 17 Sept., 1803, Mary Hinman, of Oxford, Conn., b. 26 Oct., 
1779, dau. Philo,'* b. 6 ITov., 1750, s. Ebenezer,^ of Stratford, b. 16 
Aug., 1717, s. Edward,- of Stratford, b. 1672, s. Sergeant Edward, ^ 
of Stratford. She joined the Baptist Church at Northville, at its 
formation in 1814; he, in 1819. 

443. Normand, 4 Sept., 1804; joined Baptist Church 1816, and d. 25 .Tan'y, 
1825, unm. 

444. Ehner, 8 March, 1806.+ 

445. Albert Noble, 28 Sept., 181 1.+ 

446. Harriet Eliza, 31 Aug., 1820; m. Frederick G. Bennett.+ 

188. LOIS •' Isaac* Theophikis,M). in Xew Milford, Conn., 11 
March, 1785; m. Charles Churchill, of Salisbury, Conn. They 
settled in Utica, N. Y., and are both dead. 

447. Elizabeth Pamela, unm. 

448. Cornelia M., m. William Barton, English by birth, who died not long 
since. Resided in Brooklyn. N. Y. Ch.; Charles Churchill and Lina. 


122 Baldwin Genealogu. 

192. PAMELIA^^ Israel* Theopliilus =^ b. in Xgav Milford, 2 
July, 1767; m., 14 May, 1787, ReulDeii Gillett, and settled in 
Nicholsville, KY. 

449. Elizabeth Warner, 11 March. 1789: d. 31 Dec, 1836. 

450. Daniel Baldwin, 21 June, 1791. 

451. Luthena Hart, 24 Jan., 1794. 

452. Rhoda Merrill, 10 Ap'l, 1796. 
433. Ursula Clark. 30 May, 1798. 

454. Peramah Baldwin, 1 Feb., 1801. 

455. Sally Maria, 4 Oct., 1803. 

456. Israel Jackson, 5 Feb'y, 1806. 

457. Annah Moriuda, 1 Sept.. 1808. 

458. Aminta Aunise, 18 Feb'y, 1811. 

459. Chidelsa Silva, 1 Aug., 1813. 

She m. 2"'^' Joseph Stearns, of Nicholsville, l^.Y., and d. 28 

Sept., 1867. 

194. AIn'NIS 5 Israel * Theophilus ^ b. in New Milford, 22 April, 
1772; m., 24 Nov., 1791, Milton Clark, b. 14 March, 1767; he d. 
1 Aug., 1822; she 3 May, 1824. They resided at Bristol, Conn., 
and after at Hinesburgh, Yt. 

460. Edmund Baldwin, 9 Oct.. 1793, at Bristol, Conn.; d. 18 Oct., 1852. 

461. Orange Baldwin, 29 May, 1796, at Bristol; d. 20 Dec, 1859. 

462. Jude, 18 May, 1798, Hinesburgh. Vt. ; resides (1873) in Xicholsville, K Y. 

463. Apphia, 2 March, 1802, at Hinesburgh: lives (1873) at ISTicholsville, N. Y. 

464. Ralsey, 25 M'ch, 1805, Hinesl)urgh; d. 31 M'ch, 1843, in Nicholsville, N.Y. 

465. Aurilla M., 27 July, 1811; d. 1863, in Eggleston, Muskegan county, Mich. 

195. EDMUND = Israel ' Theophilus, ^ b. in New Milford, Conn., 
6 July, 1774; 10 Oct., 1788, chooses Abel Q-unn to be his guardian; 
m., 10 March, 1795, Susannah Stone, of New Milford. Removed, 
in 1797, to Ilinesburg, Yt., was Representative there in 1814, 1815 
and 1816. He was Justice, and as such m. seventy-one couples. 

466. Laura, 24 Sept., 1795; m. Truman Hall. + 

467. Frederick Warner, b. Oct., 1797.+ 

468. Anny, 12 Dec, 1799; m. Burr D. Gray.+ 

469. William Stone, 11 M'ch, 1802.+ 

470. Harley McEwen, 4 Oct., 1804.+ 

471. Edmond, 17 Feb'y, 1807. + 

472. Milton Alonzo, 1 Oct., 1809; d. 12 Nov., 1831. 

473. Orlo Judson, 20 Dec, 1811.+ 

474. Daughter, 16 Aug., 1815; d. 31 Ausr., 1815. 

Richard, of 3Iilford, Connecticut. 123 

196. ORANGE 5 Israel* Theophilus, 3 b. 15 Nov., 1776, in New 
Milford, Conn. ; m. Betsey A. Gorham, of New Milford, b. 7 Nov., 
1776. Removed to Hinesburgh, Vt. 

475. Israel. 27 Oct., 1797. + 

476. [Daniel G., b. June, 1800; living (1873) in Dallas City, 111. 

477. Parmelia, 22 Nov., 1801; m. CliarlesBall ; living (187o) in Owalaska, Wis. 

478. Horace, 15 July, 1805. + 

479. George, 3 Jan'y, 1810. + 

198. SARAH 5 Assel * Theopliilus, ^ b. in New Milford, 10 Jan'y, 
1769; m. Cyrenus Stilson, of New Milford; b. 1772; d. 1846; she 
d. 1844. They settled in Meredith, in Western New York. 

480. Corrine, m., 1810, Medad .Johnson, of Meredith; both d. and left one s 
Henr3% of Binghampton, Broome county, N. Y. 

481. Clara, m. Horace Jones; both d.; had three ch., of whom one is Cyrenus, 
of Coudersport, Potter county, Penu. 

483. Sally, 1794; d. 1874; m. George Rowland; lived in Meredith, N. Y. Ch.: 
Cynthia, m. Frisbie Beardsly, Delhi, N. Y. ; Urania m. Bushrod Butts, Union, 111.; 
Huldah, m. James Smith.; Anna, m. Spencer Waterman; Esther, died; Hiram, of 
Oxford, Chanango countv, N. Y. ; Amanda, Albert, Charles, Isaac. 

483. Baldwin, of Ridge, Livingston county, N. Y. 

484. Lyman, of Jefferson, Greene county, Iowa. 

485. Edwin, of Newark, Wayne county, N. Y. 

486. Marcus, of Alden, Erie county, N. Y. 

487. Phebe, m. Nehemiah Whitney; d. and left ch. 

488. Esther, 1807; m., 1831, Henry Graham, of Delhi, Delaware county, N. Y., 
and has five ch,: Elmer, of High Point, Mo.; Edwin, of Delhi; Lyman, of West 
Meredith, N. Y.; Rosala, m. Edward Frisbie; Emeline, m. Lucius Grant, of Delhi, 

199. ESTHER ' Assel ' Theopliilus, ^ b. in New Milford, 15 Nov., 
1770; m. Garland; d. 6 Oct., 1802, at Dover, N. Y., leaving two 
dans. : 

489. Daughter, m. Phineas Hunt. 

490. Daughter, m. Herman Stone, who left one dau. living on Stilson Hill, 
North Franklin, Delaware county, N. Y., m. to Seneca Butts. 

200. J0.EL5 Assel ^Theopliilus, =^ b. in New Milford, 22 Aug., 
1772. He m. and settled in Meredith, N. Y., and d. Dec. 28, 1807. 

491. Anna, m. Peter Mallory, of Winona, Minn. ; there d. 1875. 

492. Hannah, b. 23 March, 1808; m. Almon Beecher.+ 

493. Laura, m. S. M. Smith, of Havanna, Schuyler county, N. Y. 

124 Baldicin Genealogy. 

201. PHEBE5 AsseP Theophilus,^ b. in ITew Milford, 11 July, 
1774; m. Pelatiah Bailey, perhaps of Sharon. 

494. Esthers. 

495. . Lucretia A. 

496. Betsey P., b. in Sharon, 1808. 

497. Joel W., living in 1874 at Merwinsville (now Gaylord's Bridge P. O.), New 
Milford, Conn.; m. Laura Marsh, b. in Vermont, 1809. Ch.: Mary W., 1835; James 
A., 1837, d. 1841; Andrew E., 1840, served three years in war, d. 1873; Susan M., 
1843; James E., 1843; Emily A., 1847. 

498. Tinman G. 

499. Edwin H. 

202. ASAHEL^ Assel^ Theophilus,^ b. 24 April, 1777, i-n New 
Milford, Conn.; m., 24 March, 1803, TryphenaBuck, of that place. 

500. Almon, b. 9 Jan'y, 1804.+ 

501. Elijah, b. 14 Ap'l, 1805. + 

503. Luna, b. 14 Dec, 1806; m. Nehemiah Bunnel, of Port Crane, Broome 
county, N. Y.-j- 

603. Orman (or Norman), b. 33 Dec, 1808. + 

504. Lucy Ann; b. 11 Jan'y, 1811; m. William Cooke.+ 

505. Sylvester, b. 8 Feb'y, 1813; d., aged 33, unm. 

506. Joel, b. 10 June, 1816.+ 

507. Ann, m. Mallory. 

204. LUCRETIA ^ Assel ' Theophilus,^ b. 3 June, 1782, in Xew 
Milford, Conn.; m. Samuel Goodsell. 

508. Uri B., d. 31 Sept.. 1833. 

509. Sarah J., 31 Oct., 1833; m. Dickinson, and had three ch.: Francis H. ; 
Willie E.; Ella A., lives (1874) in Kewanee. 111. 

205. ISAAC •'^ Assel* Theophilus,^ b. 16 June, 1787, in Kew 
Milford, Conn.; m., 12 K"ov., 1812, Amanda Drake, b. 25 July, 
1796, in :N'ew Milford. He lived in ^w :SIilford, Meredith, K Y., 
and IsTew Preston, Conn. He d. 11 April, 1845. 

510. Israel Henry, 27 March, 1813. + 

511. Phebe, 19 Ap'l. 1814; m. Austin Humiston.+ 

513. .loel, 3 July, 1815; d. 1 Sept., 1815. 

514. William Harmon, 24Dec, 1816.+ 

515. Hiram J.. 35 July, 1819.+ 

516. Infant, 37 July, 1833, in Meredith, N. Y.; d. 15 Aug., 1833. 

517. Infant, 10 Nov., 1834, in Meredith, N. Y\; d. 18 Nov.. 1834. 

518. Laura Ann, 35 Nov., 1835; m. Henry S. Gillette. -|- 

The widow m. 2"'i' Hitchcock, and lives (1874) in New Preston, 

Richard^ of 3filford, Connecticut. 125 

214. JACOBS Zachariah*Zacliariah3Zacliariali2 Richard,^ b. 
in Parsippaiiy (Hanover), Morris county, New Jersey, aud d. there, 
13 Oct., 1783, aged 50. lie was a physician. His w. Anne d. 
June, 1775, aged 36. 

519. Job. 

520. Jonas. 

521. Jene, about 1770; d. 23 March, 1801, aged 31. 

522. John.+ 

523. Zachariah. 

52-1. Sarah, m. Borue. 

525. Rebecca. 

526. Anna. 

527. Mary Anne. 

These ch. are all named in his will, as well as his brother Job. 
It is said by descendants that one of these sons settled in Orange 
county, N. Y., and had a son Stephen ; one had a son Jonas, who 
settled in Vevay, Ind. ; thence to Rising Sun, Ind., where he d. ; 
and a Philander, living at Cincinnati, nephew of John. One dau. 
m., it is said, Charles G. Stockton, a connection of Gov. Stockton, 
of New Jersey, and who visited John in 1825 or 1826. 

215. JOB^ Zachariah* Zachariah, ^ b., lived and d. in Hanover, 
Morris county. New Jersey. He d. 1 Dec., 1800, aged 62 yrs., 7 
mos. Ilis 1^* w. Phebe, d. 4 June, 1779, aged 89 yrs. ; his 2"*^ w. 
Hannah, March, 1828, aged 72 yrs. He is called, upon his tomb- 
stone, Elder. He mentions in his will his brother Silas, and 


Job, 1781. + 


James. + 




Abraham, b. 1776. + 


Stephen, about 1778. 














Susannah Morris. 


Phebe Roi^ers. 

216. SILAS ^ Zachariah* Zachariah,^ b., lived and d. in Hanover, 
Morris county. New Jersey. He d. 14 Sept., 1811, aged 62 yrs.; 

126 Baldwin Genealogy. 

Abigail bis w., 3 Aug., 1807, aged 53 yrs., 2 mos.; sbe was proba- 
bly bis 2"^ w., as bis will names bis w. Pbebe. He was Deacon, 
and bis will is dated 1795. 

541. Ephraim. 

542. Ebenezer. 

543. Silas. (Mr. Cougar's book says Stiles, but his Mss. says Silas. ) 

544. Rachel. 

545. Mary. 

546. Elenor. 

547. Nancy. 

548. Phebe. 

217. ELIAS^ Jacob*Zacbariab,3 b. 1739, in Stratford, Conn.; 
d. 23 Marcb, 1829, in a fit, in tbat part of Stratford now Hunt- 

549. Jacob, d. unm. 

550. Sarah, m. Walter Lake.-f- 

551. Elias.+ 

553. Hannah, d. num. 

553. Deborah, 1788; d. 9 Dec, 1789, aged 1 yr. 

554. .Iohn.+ 

555. Deborah, 39 Sept., 1790; m. James RichnK nd.-j- 

556. Huldah, 24 Ap'l, 1796; in 1876, unin., in Huntington, Conn. 

223. DAVID ^ Israel* Zacbariab, 3 b. 27 May, 1787, in \yolcott, 
Conn. He m., in Killingwortb, Conn., Cyntbia Snow; and, in 
1874, is still living in Cbester, Conn. Tbey bad cb. : 

557. Cynthia, b. 15 Sept., 1808. 

558. Mary Ann, b. 18 Sept., 1810; d. 4 Sept., 1851. 
.5.59. William Snow, b. 8 June, 1812; d. 28 May, 1822. 

560. Heman. b. 27 Sept., 1814. 

561. Emily, b. 19 March, 1817; d. 30 April, 1822. 

562. Augustus, b. 18 Dec, 1819; d. 2 April, 1822. 

563. Lucretia (twin), b. 25, Jan'y, 1822. 

564. Lucinda, b. 25 .Jan'y, 1822. 

565. William Augustus, b. 23 Feb'y, 1824. In Aug., 1878, he is a lawj-er in 
Chicago. There lie before me some very pleasing lines, addressed by him to his 
father on his ninety-first birthday, and which are sent me from a Nct^ England paper. 

566. Emily, b. 8 Oct., 1827. 

567. David Judson, b. 19 .June, 1830. 

568. Henry Austin, b. 19 July, 1832. 

One of tbe daus. m, Hon. Moses Culver, of Middletown, Conn., 
lawyer and Judge of Probate, and bas several cb., one of wbom 
(M. Eugene) graduated at Wesleyan University, in 1875. 

Richard, of 3Iilford, Connecticut. 127 

•231. EBENEZER^^ Simeon'^ Ebeuezer^ Zacliariah- Richard, ^ b. 
21 Feb'y, 1755, in New Milford; m., 18 April, 177(), Abiah Chap- 
man, who was b. 30 Sept., 1752. 

569. Charles, 2 April, 1775, in New Milford; d. y. 

570. Nathaniel, 3 Feb'y, 1779, in New Milford. + 

He then removed to Poiighkeepsie, X. Y., and d. there; where 
his w. also d., 1 Aug., 1804. 

571. .John B., 27 Dec, 1780: drowned 6 Aug., 1801. 

572. Sally, 23 Dec, 1782; d. 10 Oct., 1832. 

573. Charlotte, 8 Jan'y, 1785; d. unni. 

574. Araminta, 6 April, 1787; m. Gilbert Ketcham, a prominent man in 
Dutchess county, Colonel in the war of 1812, and many years Sheriflf; no ch. 

575. Henry Charles, 27 April, 1790.+ 

576. Fredericks., 18 Dec. 1792.+ 

577. Clarrisa, 8 Oct., 179-; m. William Kirby.-f- 

He was in the Revolution, as a Regimental Quarter Master. 

233. LOIS^ Simeon* Ebenezer,3 b. in N'ew Milford, Conn., 11 
July (her descendants say June 1**), 1758; m. Philo Porter, of that 
town, and d. there, 15 June, 1849. 

578. Nancj', m. John McGraw, of Roxbury, Conn.; both d. Ch. : .Tohu, d. ; 
Charles, in 1874, in De Ruyter, Madison county, N. Y.; Nancy, in Williamslmrgh, 
N.Y.; Mary, m. ,Iohn Barge, of New Haven, Conn.; Rebecca, m. George Hopkins, 
New Fairfield, Conn.; she is d., he not, and one ch., Aminta, m. Isaac Roe, of 

579. Marcia, m. David Fitch, of Boardman, Ohio, and had ch. : William, d, 
leaving family; Edward, has family in Williamsburgh, N. Y.; Lois Ann, m. Howell 
Smith, of Williamsburgh; and Sophia, Marcia, Maria Porter, Albert, David and 
Halsey all m., and last four thought to be in Williamsburgh, N. Y. 

580. Mar}', m. Hutchinson, and lived in Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. 
Ch.: Ferdinand, Frederick and Francis, of whom the last is .said to live in Ohio- 
and has been .Judge. 

581. Clarissa, m. Jame.s Ragvm, of Youngstown. Ohio; both d., but ch. living. 

582. Betsey Ann, b. 1800; 5 Dec, 1823, m. Minor Morehouse, of New Milford, 
Conn., b. 11 Aug., 1792; she d. 10 June, 1852. Ch.: Mortimer Bruce, 28 Sept., 
1824, d. unm. 5 May, 1849; Edward Fitch. 23 April, 1828; Amanda Jane (my 
informant), 6 May, 1832. Edward Filch m., 5 June, 1854, Bessie Ann Sherwood, 
b. 28 Oct., 1832, and has ch.: Cliarles Edward, 9 Aug., 1855; Lida Amanda, b. 11 
Feb'y, 1857. 

.583. Menander. m. Clara Sanford, sister of Joel, of Bridgewater; both are d. 
Ch. : Legrand. m.; Alphonso, d., leaving one ch.; Semantha, m. Stephen Saxton, 
of Westport, Conn., and has one child, William Henry: P. O. address Saugatuck. 

.584. Amanda, d. unm. in Boardman, Ohio. 

There is a tradition in I^ew Milford that in the Revolution, Lois 
was a teacher in Pawling, 'N.Y., and that friends coming to visit 

128 Baldwin Genealogy. 

her from New Milforcl, they all visited the meeting-house and 
found tories secreted in the belfry, who being discovered, robbed 
by force, among others, her brother-in-law, husband of Mary, who 
kept store there. 

236. AMOS "■ Simeon * Ebenezer,^ b. in Xew Milford, Conn., 31 
Dec, 1764; m., 24 Feb'y, 1789, Sally Hicks, gr. dau., it is said, of 
Benjamin Wing, who had a charter of the town of Queensborough, 
N. Y. : she was dau. Jacob llicks, the Quaker preacher, by w. 
Constant Wing, of Quaker Farms, in Queensborough; she d. in 
Boardman, Ohio, 23 Dec, 1850. He settled in Boardman, Ohio, 
not far from 1800. He served apprenticeship with his brother 
Ebenezer, at shoemaking, but was a large farmer. When a boy, 
was with his brother Jonah for a few weeks, in the army, as a 
Avaiter. He afterward established a shop for the manufacture of 
shoes for the army. 

585. Minerva, 5 Dec. 1789; m. Alida Rausom.-f- 

586. Jacob Hicks. 13 Oct., 1792.+ 

587. .John Murray, 3 March, 1795. + 
5^8. Asa, 20 Jan'y, 1798.+ 

589. Garry. + 

590. Eli.+ I 

591. Amanda C, ra. Ira Wood.-|- 

592. Ozro.+ 

593. Amander.-|- 

238. ASA 5 Simeon* Ebenezer, =^ b. in N'ew Milford, 21 April, 
1769; m. there, 8 July, 1798, Betsey Lewis. He went to Board- 
man, and m. 2'"^'' widow Turril; he d. thereabout 1837. He left no 
ch. ; his 2"*^ w. had two by a former husband. He was in IN'ew 
Milford a cooper, in Boardman a farmer. 

239. ELI 5 Simeon * Ebenezer, ^ b. in K'ew Milford, 22 May, 1777. 
At fourteen years of age, he was apprenticed to a cooper. After 
he became of age, he was a cooper in Connecticut. He also 
taught school and held some township offices. Li 1801, he entered 
into the employ of Elijah Boardman, of New Milford, his brother, 
and two or three others, who were proprietors of land in the Western 
Reserve. He was their general land agent in Boardman, Trum- 
bull county, Ohio, ^nd Palmyra, in I'ortage county, and several 
other places. He left Connecticut for Boardman, 15 April, 1801, 

Richard, of MUford, Connecticut. 129 

and arrived there May 1. He had a varied pioneer life, engaged 
in selling and superintending the settling and clearing of land. 
He superintended the survey and first settlement of Medina, in 
Medina county, Ohio. Mr. Boardman heing the principal pro- 
prietor of the town, he had experience in "keeping store," — 
milling. He had a sawmill in 1814, and continued in that busi- 
ness. In 1836, he established a carding, fulling and cloth-dressing 
mill. He was also busily engaged in various public interests, in 
surveying, care of estates, drawing contracts, &c. He m., 9 Oct., 
1805, Mary Mupert, b. 17 April, 178(3, in Delaware, dau. Jesse 
Mupert. He was a (Quaker, from near Philadelphia, who moved, 
after the Revolution, to Brownsville, Penn.; and in 1799, with his 
son-in-law Josiah Kobbins, to Youngstown. They settled (1800) 
in Youngstown, Ohio. Eli held many offices of townships — long 
Justice of the Peace; in 1804, Militia Captain, County Commis- 
sioner, J^ostmaster. With General Wad8worth,he fixed the seats 
of justice when the counties of Stark and Tuscarawas were estab- 
lished. He had been a Member of the House of Ohio once, and 
Senate three times ; when, in 1822, he was a candidate for Congress, 
but lost his election to Elisha Whittlese}" by sixty-six votes, there 
being three candidates. He stood highest in Trumbull and Port- 
age, second highest in Geauga, and third in Ashtabula. Whittlesey 
w^as second in Trumbull and Portage, third in Geauga, and second 
in Ashtabula, where a citizen of that county got the highest. It 
was singular. Whittlesey was elected without standing highest 
in the vote of any of the counties he represented. There were 
three other candidates, all together receiving about two-thirds as 
many votes as Whittlesey and Baldwin. He was thereafter elected 
twice to the House of the State, twice to the Senate. In 1828, was 
Associate Judge of Trumbull county ; in 1832, a delegate to the 
Baltimore Convention; in Nov., 1832, one of the Presidential 
Electors. He in Sept., 1811, shipped cheese to market, and was 
perhaps the pioneer in a commerce which has grown to be a large 
one in that part of the State where he lived. This sketch is mainly 
from a manuscript written in 1836, now in the archives of the 
Historical Society, at Cleveland. In 1836, he was the Democratic 
candidate for Governor of Ohio, and was defeated bv a small 
majority. He d. in Boardman, 3 Dec, 1841, so. quietly that his 
wife, rising at four, found him dead at six. His extensive works 

130 Baldwin Genealogy. 

were burned again in 1838. lie rebuilt tLe sawmill, flouring mill, 
carding and clothing works, and had them running When he died; 
but his losses, and the times of 1840, badly crippled his estate. His 
widow sold her dower for one thousand dollars, and with that 
bought a farm, upon which she settled, which is still in the family. 

594. Julia Ann, April, 1807; d. .June, 1842. 

595. Henry. .Jan'y, 1810; d. 1843, unm. In 1838, was Auditor of Trumbull 

596. Horace, 12 Dec, 1812. + 

597. Jesse, 9 April, 1815.+ 

598. William, 15 March, 181 7.+ 

599. Caroline, 3 June, 1820; lives in Youngstown, Ohio, with her brother 
Homer. Jesse makes her b. 5 July, 1819. 

600. Eli (twin), b. 3 Oct., 1822. + 

601. Mary, 3 Oct., 1822; m., li'68, Alexander Stewart Kyle, of Youngstown; 
no ch. Jesse makes these ch. b. 31 Oct., 1821. 

602. Homer, b. 12 Jan'y, 1825. + 

603. George S., 25 March, 1827.+ 

604. Matilda Henrietta, 17 April, 1829; m. and living (1877) in Helena Ark. 

240. REBECCA 5 Simeon^ Ebenezer,^ b. in New Milford,Conn., 
T. Rec. says 27, Fam. Rec. says 29 March, 1779; m. Beach Hunger- 
ford, of Sherman, Conn. 

605. Kebecca Jane, 25 March, 1802; m. Gideon Kirby. of Pawling, N. Y. Ch. : 
George, Quaker Hill, Dutchess county. N. Y., m. and has ch.. Captain in last war; 
Sarah, John, Charles and Clark. In 1836, she resided in Connecticut, a widow, 
with one of her ch. 

606. Caroline, 1 Dec, 1806; m. Revilla Fuller, of Sherman, and left sou 
Franklin, wholesale druggist iu Chicago; Jane, m. Edward Giddings, Presbyterian 
clergyman in Great Barrington, Mass. 

607. Charlotte Mary, 25 Nov., 1821 ; m., 2 Feb'y. 1839, Clark Kirby, of Pawling, 
brother of Gideon. Ch.: Caroline, m. George Miller, 82 Broad street. New York; 
Helen, m. William A. Taber, d., and she lives (1873) in Pawling, with her parents 
and Frances, unm. in 1873. 

279. JARED ^ Barnabas * Barnabas ^ Barnabas - Richard,^ b. in 
Society of Amity, afterward Woodbridge, Conn.; d. before Dec, 
1804 (date of his father's will, who remembered his ch. below). 
His widow m. Lazarus Clark, father of Andrew Clark, of Wood- 

608. Susan, m. Andrew Clark. -|- 

609. Harriet, m. George Kirtland, of Seymour, Conn ; got a divorce from him, 
and d. childless. 

Jared's widow was 2"^^ w. of Lazarus, who had children by his 

l«tw., at least Oliver, 27 April, 1783; Patty, 16 INov., 1785; and 


Hichard, of 3Illford, Connecticut. 131 

280. BARKABAS s Barnabas^ Barnabas, M). in Amity (now 
Woodbridge, Conn.), 1760. He d. 11 July, 1804. He m. Huldah, ^ 
b. 17 Feb'y, 1764, dau. Enoch* Timothy ^ Barnabas- Richard ;i she 
d. 15 Dec, 1801. He m. a 2"^ time. 

610. Child, d. 17 Aug., 1781. 

611. Amos, 1784; d. 8 Juue, 1817, aged 33, and estate to his four brothers beloio. 

612. Ailing, 1783; d. 30 June, 1821, aged 39, and estate to his three brothers: 

613. Major, June, 1787. + 

614. Chauncey, Aug., 1791. + 

615. Bela, 1804. + 

He Avas known as Captain Barnabas. 

281. MARY 5 Barnabas * Barnabas, =^ b. in Amity, 18 M'ch, 1765 ; 
m., 11 Dec, 1783, Ebenezer Beecher, of Woodbridge; both dead; 
lived in Woodbridge, Conn. 

616. Polly, 7 April, 1785; m. William Bcechcr, of Woodbridge. 

617. AVillis, 29 Nov., 1780; d. unm. South, 11 Jan'y, 1818. 
018. Sheldon, 14 March, 1789; d. unm. at the South. 

619. Ebenezer, 26 Juue, 1791; d. uum. South. 

620. Lucy Maria, 2 June, 1794; m., 1846, Deacon Samuel Bradley, of Clinton, 
K Y. 

621. Sophia, 15 Dec, 1796; m., 1822, Marcus Baldwin; m. 2»d, 1856, Edward 

622. Eliza, 2 Feb'y, 1799; m., 1819, Abraham Hemingw^ay; d. 26 Feb'y, 1863. 

282. EPHRAIM^ Barnabas 4 Barnabas, =^b. in Amity, 1766; m. 
Martha ISTewton, dau. Samuel, of Woodbridge. He was long- 
known as Captain Ephraim, and a leading man in that town. He 
d. 6 Juue, 1835, aged 68, of lung fever, at Hartford, where he was 
in attendance as Member of the Legislature of the State. His w. 
d. 23 Aug., 1826, aged 58. 

623. Polly, 17 Nov., 1783; m. Lewis Chatfield.+ 

624. Newton, bapt. 17 Nov., 1793; d. 16 March, 1794. 

625. Newton, b. 3 Dec, 1796.+ 

626. Barnabas H., 1800; d. Dec, 1803, aged 3 yrs. 

627. Cliild, d. 30 Dec. 1808. 

628. Mary Adeline, bapt. 7 June, 1812; m. Silas J. Peck.+ 

629. Nelson, d. when a child three years old, eating white lead for sugar. 

283. SILAS '^ Barnabas'' Barnabas,^ b. in Amity Parish (Milford), 

Conn., 1770; m. Mary , b. 12 June, 1774, d. 19 July, 1850. 

He d. April, 1808. 

132 Baldwin Genealogy. 

630. David R., 4 Aug., 1791. + 

631. Huldah, 2 July, 1793; m. Mark Speny.+ 

633. Betsey, 18 June, 1795; m. Rev. Samuel Newtou.-|- 

633. Mary, 26 Aug., 1797; ra. Reuben N. Beecher,+ 

634. Charlotte, 16 July, 1799; m. Amos Beecher.+ 

635. Silas, 5 July, 1801. + 

636. Sarah Harriet, 20 June, 1803; m, Zenas Ailing. -|- 

637. Lucy C, 2 Aug., 1805; m. Lyman rairchild.+ 

638. Minerva, 13 , 1808; m. John Easton.+ 

292. ELIZABETH 5 Thomas * Barnabas, ^ bapt. in Woodbridge, 
1 May, 1794; m., 9 Dec, 1819, Glover Bassett, of Derby, now 
Seymour, s. Abraham and (Mary), s. Samuel and Sarah, all of 
Derby. She was b. 17 Oct., 1793, and d. 1 Oct., 1838; and he m. 
2"'^'' Xancy Gilyard. 

639. Amos, 5 Oct., 1820; m. 11 Sept., 1845, Keiah H. Rowe, who d. 26 Oct. 
1873. He d. 31 Aug., 1862. Tlioy had ch.: 1. Frank G., 28 Sept., 1847; m.. 9 
Jan'y, 1878, Hattie L. St rrs. 2. Isaac H., 30 April, 1849; m., 31 Jau'y, 1869, Sarah 
Sanford. 3. Alice J., 30 April, 1851; m., 13 Sept., 1866, Robert Healy. 4. Mary 
E., 14 April, 1854; d. 2 Sept., 1874. 5. George A., 20 Dec. 1857; d. 15 Sept., 1858. 
6. Hattie K.. 10 Oct., 1860. 

640. Jane, 23 Oct., 1822; m. Willis B. Baldwin 6 Marcus 5 Hezekiah* Sylva- 
nus3 Barnabas 2 Richard, i and d. 8 Sept., 1949. 

■ 640+. Louisa, 6 July, 1825; d. 10 Feb'y, 1826. 

641. Elizabeth A., 4 April, 1829; d. unm. 17 May, 1853. 

642. James Harvey, 25 Oct., 1835; d. 22 Nov., 1872, unm. 
642*. William G., 8 May, 1844; d. 2 Dec, 1862. 

293. GEORGE 5 Thomas^ Barnabas, ^ settled in Huntington, 
Conn.; m. Mary Baldwin, dau. Enoch. 

643. Emeline, d. Jan'y, 1809, aged 1 yr., 7 mos. 

644. George Lewis, d. 7 Jan'y, 1828, aged 18. 

645. Mary, m. Amos Smith, s. Treat, of Woodbridge; lives in Seymour, Conn., 
with Mrs. William Hull. 

646. Laura, m. Merritt Woodruff. -)- 

647. Lucretia, m. Amos Thomas. + 

648. Lymau.+ 

6 Jr9. George, about 1824.+ 

650. Sarah Louisa, m. David Bartlett.-|- 

651. Elihu Frost. + 
653. Judson.-j- 

294. JAMES JUDSON^ Thomas * Barnabas,^ b. in Woodbridge, 
■Oct., 1796; m. 26 April, 1824, (Ch. Rec, differing as usual, says 
27), Eliza Baldwin, dau. Nathaniel. He is a well-known citizen 

Bichard, of Mtljord, Connectieut. 133 

of Woodbridge, and is still (1875) living with liis w., abont two 
miles from Derby, on the northerly part of the Hogg Meadow 

653. Charles Earl, 4 March. 1835; d. 13 Aug., 1827. 

654. Marcus Earl, 33 Nov., 1839. + 

655. Betsey Ann, 31 Sept., 1831. 

656. Susan Cornelia, 3 Nov., 1838; m. Henry Peck.-(- 

296. EUMCE^ Thomas^ Barnabas, =^b. in Amity, now Wood- 
bridge, Conn., 1770; d. 12 Aug., 1823; m. 1"*- John Woodruff, s. 
Matthew, of Orange. 

657. John, m. and had ch. in Orange; has s. Leo, in New Haven, Conn. 

658. Eunice. 

M. 2'"^' Joseph Northrop, s. of Job, of Sherman, Conn., and 
nephew of Isaac. 

659. Eunice, died. 

670. Anna. 

671. Keren Havock. 

673. Thomas J., in 1874, of Bethel. 

299. THADDEUS^ Timothy^ Timothy ^ Barnabas ^ Richard,^ b. 
27 June, 1751, in Derby, Conn. He lived in Derby, and d. 2 Jan'y, 
1819. His wife Lydia d. 10 Nov., 1804, in her fifty-iirst year. The 
late Dr. Goodsell thought she was a Tyrrell; but in the division 
of her husband's real estate, one piece is bounded by the heirs of 
Thaddeus Baldwin's land, which] came to them by their mother 
from her father, G-ideon Johnson, deceased. His intestate estate' 
was distributed to 

673. Chauncey, 1778. + 

674. David. + 

675. Sarah, d. 6 June, 1824, aged 47, says her tombstone. Her estate, intes. 
tate, went to Chancey, David and Lydia. 

676. Lydia. m. Kenney, but had no children; d. 37 June, 1854, aged 73. 

677. Ann Betsey, d. unm. before 1834. 

301. MILES 5 Andrew ^Timothy ,3 b. in Amity, in Milford, 22 
April, 1751. He removed thence to Watertown, Conn., with his 
father; thence (by family tradition) to Vermont. I have not been 
able to locate his descendants : the towns named were Canton and 
Whitehall, in Middlebury county, Cornwall and Whiting. He 
had at least three sons, who m. and had ch., it is said. Thus far 

134 Baldwin Genealogy. 

from information got in Watertown. By information from his 
descendants, I learn that the sons were : 

678. Miles, b. in Whiting, Addison county, Yt.-f- 

679. Jesse. + 

680. Andrew M. 

681. Truman. 

682. Treat, b. 1795. -f 

683. Abigail, m. Kimball. + 

684. Anna. 

685. Betsey. 

His wife's name was Betsey or Elizabeth. He d. in Vermont in 
1854; she in May, 1844. 

302. DAVIDS Andrew* Timothy, ^ b. in Milford (Society of 
Amity), 10 Nov., 1755. He removed with his father to Watertown, 
Conn., and d. there, 31 March, 1831. He m., 29 Feb'y, 1775, 
Martha Perkins, b. 10 Oct., 1757, and d. 6 Jan'y, 1838. He was 
Representative in 1816. 

686. Amos, 12 Dec., 1778.+ 

687. Treat, 3 or 13 .June, 1780.+ 

688. David, 25 April, 1782; lost a leg; d. unm. 31 Jan'y, 1804. 

689. Anne, 29 Feb'y, 1784; m. Herald Brown. + 

690. Martha, 26 Jan'y, 1786; m. Henry Skilton; d. 9 March, 1810; no oh. 

691. Huldah, 2 .Jan'y, 1789; d. 15 Nov., 1791. 

692. Andrew, 7 Nov., 1791; d. 3 Dec, 1813, unm. 

693. Truman, 17 June, 1763.+ 

694. Milo, 7 June, 1796. + 

695. Huldah. 29 March, 1799; m. Edward Hopkins.+ 

696. Julia. 

309. ENOCHS Enoch* Timothv,=^b. \^ Derby, Conn.; m., 1800, 
Lucy Downs, dau. Joseph and Rhoda, of Woodbridge. Was a 
a farmer. He moved to Batavia, N. Y., in 1809, and d. there 1815 ; 
she d. 1864.' 

697. Charles. + 

698. Nancy, m. and d. in Batavia, N. Y., leaving two ch., now living. 

699. Wealthy, d. in New York State; m. and leaving one ch. 

700. "Walter Brown, d. 

701. Elizabeth, m. Prelles; living, 1874, in Batavia, N. Y. 

702. Enoch, d. in Batavia: m. and leaving one ch. 

703. George, d. unm. in Buffalo, N. Y. 

310. ALEXIS ^^ Enoch * Timothy ,3 b. in Derby, 1778; lived in 
Woodbridge, Conn. 6 Dec, 1820, he is guardian, in New Haven 

Eh'hard, of Milford, Connecticut. 135 

Probate Court, of Walter Brown, minor ch. of his brother Enoch. 
He m. Comford Baldwin <> dau. Henry ■' Henry * Theophilus^ Bar- 
nabas"^ Richard.i He d. 1 Sept., 1821, aged 43; she, 4 Dec., 1857, 
aged 73. 

704. Darius, 6 May, 1804. + 

705. Parintha, 29 Dec, 1809; m., as his Sr^ w., Calvin Spony, of Woodbridge, 
s. of Ebenezer. He is now dead; no ch. ; she living (1876) in New Haven, Conn. 

311. AMOS 5 Enoch ^ Timothy,^ b. 1779; lived and d. in Wood- 
bridge, Conn. Was noted for his skill upon the violin ; m., 17 
Nov., 1799, Molly Down^, dau. Joseph, and sister of Lucy, w. of 
Enoch. Was some time upon the ocean, and said to be, in 1809, 
Steward on the ship which brought Henry Obookiah to this 
country. He d. 14 Oct., 1849, aged 70; his w. Mary d. 25 Sept., 
1851, aged 70. 

706. Charlotte, 1803; d. 31 Oct., 1820, aged 18, of typhus fever. 
706i. Jane, m. David Matthews. + 

707. Edwin, d. y. 

708. Grace, 1810; d. 11 Oct., 1820, aged 10, of typhus fever. 

709. Edwin. + 

710. Mary, m. Josiah Squires. -|- 

711. Charlotte, m. George Colburn; 2nd, George Hills. -|- 

312. PAESONS^ Enoch* Timothy ,3 b. 1782; lived in Baltimore, 
Md. Was a sea captain, in command of his own vessel. He d. 
in Fredericksham, Russia, Oct., 1842, from cold contracted by 

712. David, 1821. He resides (1876) in Baltimore, Md., unm. He has been 
for many years Treasurer of an old and very leading Savings Bank there, with 
deposits amounting to some eight millions of dollars. 

315. ABIAH^Enoch^'Iimothy,:^ b. 1800, in Woodbridge, m. 
Clark Sperry, of Woodbridge, b. 27 Oct., 1798, s. of Eliakim. He 
d. 14 Jan'y, 1863. 

713. Alexis Baldwin, b. 23 Jan'y, 1823; d. 19 Oct., 1856; m. Almira Bowers, 
of West Haven, one s. Charles living (1874) at Fair Haven. 

714. Charlotte, 7 Dec, 1823; m. David Thomas; no ch.; d. 19 May, 1853. 

715. Charles, 10 Sept., 1826; m. Mary Parker, and d. 15 Jan'y, 1856, leaving 
one ch. 

716. Elbert, born 20 Aug., 1828 ; left New Haven, Oct., 1850, to go to Macon, Ga. 

717. Catharine, 31 May, 1830; m. Abijah Lattimer of New York City, and d. 
38 April, 1861, of small pox, and only ch. d. at same time. 

136 Baldwin Genealogy. 

718. Bevel, 2 April, 1S32; d. 24 Oct., 1852, in rescuing a child from a fire. 

719. Mary C, 8 March, 1830; m. Charles F. Tuttle, in 1874, of New Haven. 

720. Sarah B., 10 Aug., 1837, of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

721. W. Wallace, 10 March, 1839; in 1874, of Fair Haven, Conn.; address, 340 
Chapel street, New Haven. 

722. Sophia E., 10 Jau'y, 1842. 

316. SARAH ESTERS Enoch ^ Timothy, ^ m., 24 Oct., 1815, 
Lauren Peck, of Woodbridge. They settled in East Bennington, 
Vt., and d, there. 

723. Serena, d. i 

724. William is a physician, residine in the West. 

725. Daughter, m. Amos Smith. 

318. TIMOTHY ^Elijah 4 Timothy, 3 b. 1787, in Derby, Conn.; 
d. there 1 Oct., 1870. Was a farmer on the homestead. His w. 
Abigail d. 5 June, 1819, aged 33. 

726. Murray L.. 7 Feb'y, 1807.+ 

727. Julia Ann; m., as his 2"J w., ]\Iicliael Ritner, who m. 1st, Abigail. 

728. Abigail, May, 1813; m. Michael Ritner. -|- 

729. Edward Curtiss.-f- < 

321. MABLE^ Elijah* Timothy,^ b. in Derby, Conn.; m. Abel 


730. Daughter, m. Sherman. 

731. Dauffhter, m. Rawson, of Huntington, Newtown, Conn. 

322. SARAH ^ Elijah* Timothy ,3 b. in Derby, Conn., and m. 
Fitch Smith, of that place. 

732. Hulet. 

733. Agustus. 

734. Sarah. 

735. Abby Grace. 

736. Caroline. 

737. Charlotte. 

738. Elijah. 

739. John, in 1874, living in Derby. 

740. Robert, in 1874, livmg uum. in New Haven. 

323. MURRAY LESTER 5 Elijah* Timothy ,3 b. in Derby; m. 
and d. before 2 Sept., 1816, and it is thought in Massachusetts. 
He liad removed from Derby. 

741. Marshal Jones. He is thought to have m. in Massachusetts, and one 
person thinks he removed to Ohio. 

742. Murray Leonard, d. uum., of yellow fever, in Baton Rouge. 

Richard, of Milford, Connecticut. 137 

In 1800, in Berkshire county, Mass., liis w. Relief is his adm'x, 
hite of Zoar; and in 1802, she is guardian of the two s. 

324. COMFORT^ Henry* Theophilus 3 Barnabas ^ Richard,^ b. 
in Milford, Society of Amity, 19 Dec, 1757; m. John Hine, of 
Orange, brother of Joseph. She d. before 1798. 

743. Lydia. 

744. Sally. 

745. Comfort . 

325. HEXRY ° Henry * Theophilus 2 Barnabas ^ Richard,^ b. in 
Milford, Society of Amity, Conn., 7 Aug., 1759; m. Sarah Allen, 
of Branford, who was b. 27 April, 1761. He lived in Woodbridge, 

746. Comfort, 4 .Jan'y, 1785; m. Alexis Baldwin.o s. Enoch^ Timothy 3 Bar- 
nabas- Richard 1 

747. Sarah, 11 June, 1787; m. Timothy Miller. + 

748. Martha, 11 Nov., 1789; m. Elias Babcock.-|- 

749. James Lewis, 9 May, 1790, twin.-j- 

750. Lucy, 9 May, 1790, twin; m. John Bessy. -f 

751. Alsup, 15 March, 1794.+ 

752. Laura Ann, 24 Nov., 1796; d. 19 April, 1873. 

753. Timothy Butler, Oct., "'798; went to Fredericksburgh, Va., in 1825 or 
1826, and believed to have d. in Baltimore, of cholera, unm. 

754. Isaac Stebbins, 17 July, 1800. + 

755. Allen, 27 Jan'y, 1803, at Hartland, Conn.+ 

326. CHLOE^ Henry* Theophilus^ Barnabas^ Richard,i b. 17 
Jan'y, 1761, in Milford, Conn., Society of Amity; m. Job ISTorth- 
rup ; had many ch. 

327. AK:N'A 5 Henry * Theophilus,^ b. in Milford, Conn., Society 
of Amity; m. Charles Hine, and settled in ~Sqw York State, and 
had many ch. among them. 

756. Willis. 

757. Anne. 

328. TREATS Theophilus* Theophilus,'^ b. inWaterbury, Conn., 
Society of Westbury ; living in 1826, when his father made his will. 
He m. Hannah Page, and settled in or near Paris, Oneida county, 
IS". Y., and had several s. and daus., among whom were: 

758. Hepsibah, 26 May, 1793. 

759. Sherman, 21 April, 1795. + 

760. Damaris, 3 Aug., 1797. 

761. Alanson, 27 Dec., 1802. 


138 Baldirin Genealogy. 

330. AXOR^ Theopbilus-' Theophilus,=^ b. 16 Feb'y, 1777, in 
Waterbury, Conn., Society of Westbiiry. He m., 20 Jan'y, 1802, 
Annis Minor, of Woodbury, says Betblehem Eecords; bis son 
says 18 Jan'y. Tliey settled in Milton, Litcbfield county. Conn., 
wbere be d., 15 Jan'y, 1830, aged 53. Sbe d. at Lockport, 111., 26 
Aug., 1838, aged 60. 

He is said to bave died by accident, a borse driving bim against 
a fence, a stake of wbicb penetrated bis bead. 

762. John H., 4 Nov., 1803. + 

763. Dotha, 23 Aug , 1807, m. Howell Cowles. + 

764. Betsey, d., aged 8 months. 

765. Betsey, 17 March, 1810; m. 22 Feb'y, 1832, Royal C. rox.+ 

766. Nancy, d. aged 2 yrs., 3 mos. 

767. Abigail S., 3 .July, 1817; m. Stiles C. Peck.+ 

Tbere was also an adopted cbild, Xancy B. Lucas. 

331. TRUMAN 5 Tbeopbilus-' Tbeopbilus,^ b. in Waterbury, 
Conn. (Westbury Society, now Watertown), in 1778; m. Nancy 
Brett, b. 1786, dau. Dr. Josbua Howard Brett, of Harpersfield, 
Delaware county, N. Y. Mrs. Brett was a Dunbar, from vicinity 
of Boston. He settled in Harpersfield. In Jan'y, 1811, be re- 
moved back to Watertown. Tbence be removed to Baraboo, 
Sauk county, Wis., wbere be d. 19 Marcb, 1871, aged 93 yrs. 4: 
mos. Sbe d. 17 Jan'y, 1859, aged 73. 

768. Howard Dunbar, 11 June, 1804.+ 

769. Anna Maria, 4 Sept., 1806; m. Reuben Warner. 

770. Sally, Feb'y, 1809, d. y. 

771. Martha, May, 1813; m. L. B. Seymour. + 

772. Theophilus, 27 March, 1817 or 1818. + 

773. Frederick Brett, 18 Dec, 1820. + 

774. Mary Sophia, d. 20 Nov., 1865; m. H. F. Seymour. + 

332. THEOPHILUS ^ Tbeopbilus ' Tbeopbilus,^ b. in tbat part 
of Waterbury, Conn., now Watertown, 12 Nov., 1780. He con- 
tinued to live tbere. Was a farmer. He m. l**- Racbel Foote, b. 
22 May, 1782, dau. Amos, of Watertown, He m. 2"'i> Rebecca 
Foote, sister of Racbael, in 1838, wbo in 1873 was living, aged 81,. 
on the old bomestead. He d. 26 April, 1858. 

775. Alma, 19 Jan'y, 1802; d. 5 Feb'y, 1819, of consumption. 

776. Sarah, Aug., 1805; d. Feb'y 1806. 

777. Julius Prime, 3 Oct., 1807. + 

Riehard, of Jlilford, Connecticut. 139 

77S. Anu, 3 Sept., 1809; m. Jesse Baldwin s. Thaddeus. 

779. Susan. 12 Dec, 1811. + 

780. .Tared Strong, 80 May, 1813.+ 

781. Sarah, 24 April, 1815; d. 39 July, 1819, of dropsy in the head. 

782. Benjamin, 4 Jan'y, 1818; d. 19 April, 1819. 

783. Alma Rebecca, 27 Feb'y, 1820; ni. Lyman Adams. + 

333. JARED "> Theophilus -^ TLeophiliis,^ b. about 1782, in 
"Watertown, Conn. Moved about 1800 to Oneida county, N. Y.; 

m. Dorcas Seymour, sister of Martha, wite of . lie d. 1812; 

she, 1843. 

784. Harriet, m. Thos. J. Whiting, Perryville, Medina county, N. Y. ; d. 1829, 
he, 1840. 

785. Abel Seymour, 1811. + 

334. ELI^ Theophilus* Theophilus,^ b. in that part of Waterbury 
now Watertown, but settled in the present limits of Waterbury ; 
m. Mary N"ettleton. dau. Joseph, of Watertown. 

786. Rosette, 1 Feb'y, 1808; m. Seymour Adams. + 

787. Eli K, 28 Dec, 1814. + 

788. Joseph, 4 Oct., 1816. + 

789. Mary Augusta, 23 Nov., 1817; d., unm., about 1837. 

335. CYRUS ^ Theophilus* Theophilus,^ b. in Watertown, 
Conn., 5 Dec, 1787; m. Nancy Hitchcock, dau. Eliakim, of Che- 
shire, Conn., who was b. 27 Oct., 1784, and d. 18(34. He is also 
dead. He settled in Cheshire, where he was chosen deacon in 
1820. He was a tailor. 

790. Alfred Strong, 17 Juno, 1815.4- 

791. Elizabeth Polly, 4 March, 1817; d. unm., 3 April, 1838. 

792. William Jared, 27 July, 1819. + 

793. Cyrus Hull, 15 Aug., 1822. + 

794. Edward Gift, 8 July, 1824; d. 13 Feb'y, 1825. 

341. ISAACS Isaac* Theophilus,^ b. 24 Nov., 1770, in Derby, 
Conn.; he m. Esther Roe, or Rowe. Pie had ear mark in Derby 
in 1795 ; but in 1803 had settled in Milton, Litchfield county. 
Conn., where he d. Aug. 4, 1858. 

795. Isaac, 25 Sept., 1800. + 

796. Nancy; m. Col. Isaac Morse, of Litchfield. No ch. Col. Morse was s. 
Isaac s. Amos Morse. He was an energetic farmer. Isaac Baldwin, last named, 
informs me that Amos had twelve s. and two daus. , all the s. being farmers ; that 
he gave each of them a load of wood to carry to Litchfield, each driving his own 
team; the father boasting that no other man in Litchfield could match that. My 
informant thinks (and no doubt rightly) that no one in the county could. 

140 Baldwin Genealogy. 

342. ELIAS s Isaac '^ Theopliiliis,2 b. in Derby, Conn., 16 Jan'j, 
1773; m. Eowena Howe, or Koe; settled in Sej'mour, Conn., and 
d. 1830. His w. d. before him. 

797. Isaac, said to live iu Woodbridge or AVestviile, aud to have a family; but 
I have failed to reach him. 

798. -John, about 1814. Was a "jolly rover," in the service of the United 
States. Went west long before the Kansas war. History not known. 

799. Rowena, about 1817; m. William Chipman. + 

343. ELIZUR ^ Isaac ^ Theophilus,^ b. in Derby, Conn. Settled 
in Salisbuiy, Conn., and m. there Sarah Clark. He moved to 
Exeter, jST. Y. He d. there, and the wife is at house of one of the 
children, in Unadilla, N. Y. 

800. Clark. 

801. Minerva, m. Rev. Lewis Ranstead, a Baptist clergyman, living (1874) in 
New York State, it is said. 

802. Harvey. + 

803. Maria. 

804. Allen. 

344. EUXICE •' Isaac ' Theophilus,^ b. in Derby, Conn. ; m. Philo 
Terril, and lived in Oxford, Conn. He d. 1827; she, March, 1833. 

805. Elizur. m., had ch., went to Nauvoo, and became a Mormon preacher. 

806. Leonard, d. y. 

807. Nancy, m. Mr. Gillett, of Humphreyville, and had ch. : Estella, Marietta, 
aud another, name unknown. 

808. Philo, in 1840, in New Haven; living there in 1873; m. Umberfleld, and 
has ch. 

809. Minerva, m. Mr. Oakes, of Rockport, in Cape Ann, Mass. Has two or 
three ch. She is supposed to be dead. 

810. Sarah, m. W. Upson, of Humphreyville, Conn. In 1855, was in New 
Britain, Conn.,, and had ch. 

345. LEWIS 5 Isaac *Theophilus,sb. in Derby, Conn.; m. l^'- 
Anna Maria Somers, b. May, 1788, and dan. Jonah and Mary 
(Hard) Somers, of Southbury, Conn.; she d. May, 1810.. 

811. AUetta, Sept., 1807. After the death of her mother, Alletta lived with 
her maternal gr. ijarents; m. Smith Clark. + 

Lewis m. 2°'^'' Lorinda Baldwin,^ of Oxford, Conn., dau. Stephen "^ 
James" Silas ^ James"* SamueP John- John,^ Sen., of Milford, and 
removed to ]!N"ew York City a few years after the second marriage. 

812. Albert L. , m. Delia Youngs. 

813. George W., said, in 1874, to have a shoe shop in New York. 

Richard, of Jlllfon/, Connecticut. 1-il 

Lewis had several other eh., whose names I get just as this goes 
to print, in January, 1880. They were 

Anu Maria, m. Edwiu llj'de, of New Haven. 
Mary, in. Thomas Cypher, of New York. 

Editha, m. Allen, of New ilaveu. 


346. ELTPHLET^ Isaac* Theophilus,^ b. in Derby, Conn., about 
1785; m., 1812, Rebecca Burritt, and settled' in that part of Derby 
now Birmingham. He was in war of 1812; held some office; d. 
of consumption. 

814. Sarah, 7 Nov., 1813; m. Daniel F. Beach. 

815. Harve\ , 24 May, 1816. + 

816. Eliphlet, 8 Sept., 1817, in Colebrook, Conn.; m. Marietta S. Chatficld, 
dau. Anson, of Oxford. They settled in Derby, and d. there; no ch. 

817. William Burritt, 28 Oct., 1820; m., 10 June, 18.50, Charlotte Smith, of 
Milford; b. 1833. He d. of consumption, 3 Dec, 1853; no ch. He was a locksmith. 

818. Julia Ann, 3 Nov., 1822; d. unm., 4 Sept , 1847, with consumption. 

819. Charles, 28 April, 1825; d. num., about 1864, with consumption. Was a 
cabinet maker. 

820. Lucius, 28 July, 1827; m. widow Piatt, born Laura Smith, of Milford, 
Conn. Was a painter; d. with consumption ; no cb. 

821. Mary, 12 Jan'y, 1830; living at Birmingham. Conn. 

822. Hiram, 19 Nov., 1832: d. with consumption, aged 15. 

347. LYMAX^^ Isaac -^Theophilus,3b. in Derby, 1 Aug., 1786; 
bapt. in Oxford, Conn., 5 Xov., 1786. He d. 3 July, 1869, at 
Monticello, N. Y. He m., 5 April, 1812, at Oxford, Conn., Xancy 
Candee,6 b. 13 Dec, 1790, dau. Moses ^ Caleb ^ Caleb ^ Captain 
Samuel - Zaccheus,Mvho settled in New Haven as early as 1670; 
she d. 27 July, 1875, in Youngsville, Sullivan county, X. Y. 

823. Julius Augustus. 20 Nov., 1814, at Southbury, Conn.+ 

824. Sarah Amanda, 13 Oct., 1816; m. >Ir. Cushman.-h 

725. Edwin Candee, 8 March, 1817, at Southbury, Conn. He is a physician in 
Baltimore, and m. To him I am much indebted for aid in the family genealogj^ 

826. Mary Ann, 16 :May, 1818, at 0.\'ford, Conu.; m. Nelson Huntingdon.-H 

827. Emily Maria, 23 Jan., 1S21. at Youngsville; m. Eleazor Olmsted. + 

828. Alvan Burr, 17 Sept., 1824, at Humphrej-sville, Coun.+ 

348. AMOS^ Alsop* Theophilus,3 b. in Watertown, Conn., 26 
March, 1775; m. Sarah Law. He lived in that part of Waterbury 
now Watertown, Conn. He was Representative in 1818. 

829. Alsop, 17 Nov., 1800. + 

14-2 Baldwin Genealogy. 

His w. was sister of William, of Cheshire, and a descendant of 
Jahleel and Ann Baldwin^ Law, dau. Thomas^ Barnabas ^ Eich- 
ard.i His will, dated 10 June, 1839, was proved 29 July, 1839. 
His w. survived. 

350. THEOPHILUS ^ Eichard^ Theophilus,^ b. in Milford, 
Conn., Amity Society, 21 July, 1772. He settled in Middlebury, 
Conn., and in 1823, received the farm from his father, which was 
bought of Amos Scott, with the buildings thereon. He m. Esther 

830. Amos, b. 8 July, 1800. + 

831. Isaac M., 27 Nov., .+ 

833. Maria, b. 33 July, 1798; m. Samuel Baldwin. + 

833. Esther, b. 31 3Iarch, 1803; m. Truman St. John,+ 

834. Horace, b. 13 April; d. y. 

835. Nancy Abia, 18 Dec, ; m. Jonathan Stiles. + 

He m. 2'"^' Polly Porter and had one ch. : 

836. Lewis W., b. 17 Feb'y, 1831.+ 

He m. 3''''' Milicent Porter, by whom he had no ch. His will, 
dated 21 Aug., 1839, was proved 6 Nov., 1839. He d. 21 Oct., 1839. 

351. ADA 5 Eichard ^ Theophilus,^^ b. in Amity Society, Milford, 
Conn., probably 21 July, 1772; m. Mr. Hickox, and had a 

837. Daughter. 

352. IEA5 Eichard^ Theophilus,^ b. in Amity Society, Milford, 
Conn., 5 Feb'y, 1775. He settled in ^ew Hartford, Conn., in 
1800, and by his father's will took, in 1823, all his lands there. 
He d. there, 19 Jan'y, 1832, of small pox. He m. Lydia Hotchkiss, 
of Woodbridge, dau. Deacon Hotchkiss, and sister of w. of Abner 
Baldwin, his brother. 

838. Noyes.+ 

839. Ira ]\Ierritt.+ 

840. Lydia Caroline; m. David Camp. + 

841. Sophia; m. .Jonathan Deming.+ 
843. Julius, 4 Oct., 1811. + 

843. Royal. + 

844. Harriet, living in Medina, O., in 1874, with her sister, Mrs. Demiug, unm. 

354. XEHEMIAH ^ Eichard * Theophilus,^ b. in Amity Society, 
in Milford, Conn., 1778. He m., April, 1803, Huldah Hine, dau. 

Blrhard, of Miff or d, Connecticat, 14-3 

Eeul)en, of Woodbridge, Conn., Amity. He removed to ITarwin- 
ton, Conn., where he d. 20 Dec, 1808, in liis tliirty-third year, as 
per tombstone. 

845. Julia, 27 .Tuly, 180."): in. Samuel Wilsou + 
84(5. Cornelia. 2:5 Dec. 1806; m. Sheldon Catlin.+ 

847. Nehemiah Addison, 23 Oct., 1808. + 

His w. survived. She was left an orphan at an early age, and 
then lived with Mr. Xewton, of Woodbridge, father of Sanmel, 
missionarv to the Indians. She was 2:nardian of the children. 
She m. 2"*^' Ephraim Barker, of Harwinton, s. of Eliasaph, of 
Plymouth, Conn., s. of Uzal; moved from Brauford, Conn., to 
Plymouth, about 1748, and had numerous descendants. She had 
bv her 2"'^ husband: 

Hart Barker, 7 Sept., 1812; in 1871, living in Harwinton, on the place once his 
stepfather's. It is to his courtesj^ that 1 am indebted for the quite complete knowl- 
edge of Nehemiah and his descendants. 

]Mabal Sophronia, 26 March, 1814. 

Huldah Selina, 18 Nov., 1816. 

Emily Jennet, 19 Jauy, 1820. 

Nelson, 13 June, 1824. All living in 1874. 

She d. 29 May, 1840. 

355. DAVII)-^ Richard^ Theophilus,3b. in Milford, Conn., So- 
ciety of Amity, 28 Xov., 1779. lie m., 1 Jan'y, 1807, Ruth 
Stanley, b. 19 Sept., 1784. She was of Berlin, Conn., and dau. 
Elijah and Elizabeth (Peck) Stanley. He settled in that part of 
Wallingford, Conn., now Cheshire. His father's will, dated 1815, 
gives him a farm in Middlebury, with buildings, bought of Abel 
Bassett, and all his lands in Cheshire Society, in Columbia. But 
David had some bad luck, and the codicil of 1817 makes less 
provision for him, as, since his misfortune, his father had " paid a 
good deal for him." They removed to Forest Lake Center, Sus- 
quehanna county. Pa., where they lived to a happy and prosperous 
old age, with a large and fortunate family. He. d. 10 Sept., 1857; 
his w., 2 Jan'y, 1869. 

848. Elvira, 31 Dec, 1807, in Woodliridgc; m. Luther Kallam. + 

849. Alonzo, 18 Oct., 1809, in Cheshire; d. 14 Aug., 1S35, unm. 
8."j0. Stanley. 31 Aug., 1811, in Cheshire; d. 16 Aug., 1833, unm. 

851. Bertha, 6 Sept.. 1813; m. Asor Warner. + 

852. Lovinia, 17 Sept., 1815; m. Frederick Brock. + 

853. William C, 2 July, 181 7.+ 

144 Baldwin Genedlogij. 

834. Elizabeth R, 26 June, 1819; m., 15 Jan'y, 1845, James Wylie. 
855. Adah B., 4 3Iarch, 1821; m. Thomas Peat.+ 
. 856. Henry J., 14 Jan'y, 1823. + 

857. Emeline C, 26 Aug., 1825; m. Nelson R. Cole.+ 

356. ABXER 5 Richard^ Theopliilus,^ b. in Milford, Conn., So- 
ciety of Amity, 1781. He lived in the same place which became, 
in 1786, the town of Woodbridge, named after the clergyman 
preaching there. He m., 1805, Eleanor Ilotchkiss, dan. Deacon 
Hotchkiss, of Woodbridge, though my informants differ whether 
Mr. Hotchkiss' name was Dana or Harvey. Abner d. 25 March, 
1863. She d. 4 Feb., 1860, aged 77; she was sister of the wife of 
his brother Ira. 

858. Emma, 10 Sept., 1806; m. ISToyes Thomas. + 

859. Thu-za, 21 April, 1808; m. James Stow.4- 

860. Abner Spencer, 16 Dec., 1810.+ 

861. Tamer Abiah, 2 Aug., 1813; m. Willuxm Plumb. + 

862. Rumanah, 4 Aug., 1815; d. 30 Oct., 1845, unm. 

863. Richard Hector, 9 July 1818. + 

864. Jeremiah Jeptha, 2 Sept., 1820; went South, and d. 1 Aug., 1872, in 
Georgia, unm. 

865. Miriam, 4 Nov., 1823; m. Samuel Fitch Sperry.+ 

866. Eleanor, 20 Feb'y, 1826; m. Samuel N. Beecher.+ 

867. Abigail, 19 Feb'y, 1828; m. Gilead Kimberly.+ 

367. PHILO ALLING^ Elisha* Svlvanus^ Barnabas ^ Richard,^ 
b. 6 March, 1775, in Southbury, Conn., and there m., 7 May, 1794, 
Eunice Mallory. 

868. Daughter, name illegible. 

869. Harvey, 19 March, 1797. 

371. CHARLES \VYLLIS» Charles^ Sylvanus,^ b. in Wood- 
bridge, Conn., 4 N"ov., 1792. His father settled in Meriden, Conn., 
soon after. He m. Sarah Stevens, 21 Nov., 1821, who was b. 7 
Dec, 1798. They settled in New Britain, where he was all his 
life a manufacturer. He was a leading member of the Methodist 
Church. He d. 12 Jan'y, 1856. His widow is (1875) living there. 

870. Charles Lucius, 18 Aug., 1822. + 

871. Amos Sherman, 29 June 1827. + 

872. Sarah E., 3 Dec, 1831; m. Henry M. Dates. + 

873. Jane Diantha, 12 Feb'y, 1837. 

Bh'/iord, of ^I'djord, Connecticut. 145 

372. LUCIUS '" Charles * Sylvaniis,^ brought up in Merideii, 
Conn.; m., 29 May, 1828, Maria Willard, b. 27 June, 1810, dau. 
Rev. Elijah AVillard, a Methodist preacher, tlien of Winchester, 
N. 11. 

874. Jeriisha .ALiria, 1 .Tunc, 1859; m. Thomas K. Small. + 

875. Lucius ]\Ionroe, 12 July, 1881; m. 14 March, 1854, Elleu Frances Chap- 
man, and in 1859 lived in Naugatucli, Conn. Farmer; no ch. 

876. Edwin Soule, 20 March, 1833; d. in Meriden, 1 Oct., 1833. 

877. Hcrvey Watson, 4 Aug., 1834. In 1874, a builder in Naugatuck, uum. 

878. Amelia Ann, 31 3Iarch 1836; m. George Walker. + 

879. Lewis Sheiwood, 3 Jan'y, 1838; d. 13 Jan'y, 1863, leaving a widow, but 
no cb. 

880. Esther Sophia, 22 :\rarcli, 1839; m. J. F. Brown. + 

881. Frances Adelaide, 16 Oct., 1840; m. Seth D. Bingham. + 

882. Henry Chalmers, 15 Sept., 1842; in 1878 a successful lawyer in Naugatuck, 

883. Celia -Josephine, 13 Oct., 1844; m. Emory Whitehead. + 

884. Matilda Augusta, 16 Sept., 1846; d. June, 1866. 

885. Albert Warren, 29 Sept., 1849; d, 19 Jan'y, 1868. 

886. Charles Willard, 24 Xov., 1851. Is a mason, and, 1874, living, unm., iu 

887. Eleanor Florence, 7 April, 1854; iu 1873 unm., and living in West Meri- 
den, Conn. 

375. ELIAS5 Charles^ Sylvanus,=^ b. 23 May, 1799; lived and d. 
in Meriden, Conn., on a portion of the homestead of his father, 
being the only son who remained there. He m., 7 Oct., 1821, 
Lodemia Hart. He died. He was a manufacturer, and unfor- 
tunate in being very deaf. 

888. Vincent L., 17 .June, 1833. + 

889. Elias W., 15 Sept., 1824; d. in childhood. 

890. Sarah E., 28 Aug., 1826; d. in childhood. 

891. Truman W., 20 Dec, 1828. Was in the 18th Connecticut Cavalry in all 
its campaigns. Was taken prisoner by the Confederates near the close of the war, 
confined in prison at Florence, Ala., and died soon after. 

892. Ellen R., 11 3Iarch, 1831; m. Alonzo Gallop. + 

893. Luther W., 25 Feb'y, 1834; m. 1858. Hannah Whitney, of Washington, 
Conn. Was three years in the last war. Resides, 1874, iu Naugatuck, Conn. 

894. Noah E., 1 Feb'y, 1836. + 

370. :srAEY AXN^ Charles^ Sylvanus,^ b. 20 Feb'y, 1801; m., 
10 April, 1823, Eliphlet Bailey, b. 30 April, 1800, s."^ Edward, of 
Haddam, Conn., and w., Amy Smith, both b. in Haddam. They 
settled in Masonville, N. Y., where, in 1875, they are both living. 

146 Baldwin Genealogy. 

895. Alfred, b. 20 Kov., 1824, in Meriden, Conn.; m. 29 Oct., 1846, Lucy A. 
Kueelaud, of Masonville, N. Y. Had one s. b. 11 Aug., 1864; d. 29 July. 1865. 

896. Jane C, 10 May, 1827, in Meriden; m. Jotham Davis, 20 June, 1850; one 
s., Morton, b. 20 July, 1853. 

897. Selden E., 24 Aug., 1829, at, Meredith, N. Y. ; m. Anne Hendricks, 16 
Aug. , 1855, in Gaines, Mich. ; have ch. : Mary, Ella, May, Emma, Marquis and 

898. Adelaide Maria, 1 May, 1832; d. 18 Dec, 1887. 

899. Charles Vincent, 12 Aprd, 1835; m. Harriet Hager, 1853. Ch. : Minnie 
A., 17 June, 1860, in Masonville, N. Y. : Charles Edward, 7 Feb'y, 1862; Frank 
Hager, 18 Feb'y, 1864; Mary E., 4 Jan'y, 1868; Seymour Baldwin, 15 Dec, 1870. 

900. Mary Adeline, 3 July, 1838, in Meredith, N. Y. ; m. Harlan Hendrick, b. 
Sept., 18 — ; s. Francis, b. 11 Feb'y, 1872. Living, 1874, in Gaines, Kent county-, 

901. Edward A., 17 Oct., 1841; d. 9 May, 1873. 

902. Harriet E., 30 Nov., 1844; d. 12 March, 1847. 

877. JESSE GARRETS0N5 Charles'^ Sylvaims,M3. 17 March, 
1804, in ]\Ieriden, Conn.; ra., 14 April, 1830, Lydia Rice, b. 5 
Feb., 1800, dan. Ezekiel, of Meriden. His name, from the two 
famons preachers, Jesse Lee and Freeborn Garretson, shows his 
father's predilection, and he has been all his life an active, zealous 
Christian; a Methodist, hut not sectarian in feeling. He was very 
active in the Anti-Slavery cause, when to be active required 
courage, and in 1835, was mobbed with Garrison, in his home at 
Middletown, Conn. He resolutely used none but free-labor goods, 
and outside of his regular business, kept such goods for others. 
He was a candidate on the Anti-Slavery ticket for Governor vf 
Connecticut. He has lived to see no more to he done for the 
Anti-Slavery cause. He has always been as strong an enemy to 
drunkenness, and in 1876 was the Prohibition candidate for Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut, a candidacy he had previously tilled, and 
thirty years after he was the Anti-Slavery candidate. 

He commenced business as a merchant and manufacturer of 
silver spoons, with his brother Seymour, in the little town of 
Oxford, Conn, — the sales being partly by peddlers sent around the 
country under the firm of J. & S. Baldwin. In 1832, they moved 
the business to Middletown, Conn. In 1835, Se^ymour moving- 
west, he continued the business, and then went into the profitable 
manufacture of plated ware. Being severely attacked by con- 
sumption, he resolutely gave up his business entirely and warred 
with the disease w^ith the same steady courage he has exhibited 
in politics, and in a few years was entirely recovered. In 1858, 

Richard, of 3Iilford, Connecticut. 147 

he became President of the Central Bank of Middletown, the 
stock of which, under his management, rose from |55 to ^105 per 
share, par being $75. He is still the President of the Central 
I^ational Bank. ]Ie has been also President of the People's In- 
surance Company of Middletown, an unambitious and successful 
institution since its foundation in 18(37. 

908. Mary Ann, 18 Feb., 1S81, iu Oxford, Conn. ; resides in Middletown, Conn., 
where she is noted for her musieal talent cultivated here ami abroad. She is 
wedded to the piano. 

904. Harriet Eice, 8 Oct., 1883, in ]\Iiddleton, Conn. She was a person of fine 
mind, excellent education, a good classical scholar, and a person of thorough, 
intelligent religious convictions. She was a teacher, from the desire to be useful. 
After the recent war she Avent South in that capacity to the freedmen, and fell a 
victim to the climate. She d. num. at Eufala, Ala., 28 March, 1870. 

905. Maria Antoinette, 22 Nov., 1835; d. num., July, 1861. She was a charm- 
ing person, with an excellent, well trained mind, and great and quick intelligence. 
She exhibited at times a high poetic temperament. She wrote seldom, but her 
minor pieces are worthy to live. She liked only the short ones, written spontan- 

906. Lydia Elizabeth. 10 Nov., 1837; d. 27 July. 1839. 

907. James Garretsou, 17 June, 1841. + 

908. Lydia Elizabeth, 24 May, 1844; d. 4 Oct., 1863. Her life, to quote a 
Middletown paper, was singularly adorned by an even, happy temper, her character 
was strong and harmonious. 

Mrs. Lydia Baldwin d. 18 May, 1876. Her life was one of very 
great usefulness and active charity. She seemed to the writer as 
goed a woman as he ever knew, and withal of an excellent good 
judgment in all matters of life: her kindness was beyond all 

382. .SEYMOUK WESLEY-- Charles^ Sylvanus,^ b.iuMeriden, 
Conn., 29 July, 1807. He was educated at district school, and at 
the Episcopal Academy at Cheshire, Conn. Some time before 
manhood, he commenced life as a Yankee peddler, lirst in the 
^STorth and then in the South. When twenty-one, he became a 
merchant in Oxford, Conn., with his brother Jesse as J. & S. 
Baldwin, selling goods there and sending out peddlers. They were 
also engaged in the manufacture of silver spoons. There he m., 
15 l^OY., 1881, Mary E. Candee,*^ dau. David ^^ David* Caleb =^ Sam- 
uel - Zaccheus.^ She was b. in Oxford, Conn., 2 Aug., 1818, and 
educated partly there and partly in New Haven. Her first ancestor 
was Zaccheus Cande, of New Haven, b. about 1640: m. 5 Dec, 

148 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1(370, at JSTewIIaven, Rebeckah Bristow, or Bristol, b. 4 Feb'y. 1650, 
dau. Henry, of that place. His son Samuel,- b. 24 July, 1678: m., 
28 April, 1703, Abigail Pineon, of '^qw Haven. She was dau. 
Thomas Pineon,- of Sudbury, 1661, thence to N^ew Haven, by w. 
Marj'. Thomas- was likely s. Xicholas,^ of Lynn, 1647. Caleb 
Cande,^ s. Capt. Samuel, was b. about 1722. He m. Lois Mallory 
and his s. David^ was b. 1747. He m., 5 Feb'y, 1772, Dinah Bristol, 
of West Haven, and lived in Oxford and Harwinton. Their s. 
David Candee'* wasbapt. 1782, who m. Hannah Catlin, dau. Abijah, 
of Harwinton, and their dau. was Mary E. 

Hannah Catlin was b. 13 Sept.', 1788. She was a descendant of 
Thomas Catlin,^ of Hartford, in 164|; his w. was Mary. His s. 
John Catlin- m. Mary Marshall, sister Thomas, of Hartford, and 
likely dau. Thomas, of Middletown. Their s. Samuel Catlin'^ was 
b. Nov. 4, 1673, and m. Elizabeth Norton,^ of Farmington, dau. 
John Norton,^^s. John- and Hannah (Clark) Xorton, s. Thomas^ 
and Grace, of Guilford. Their cli. Abijah Catlin, b. 1715, m. Cook ; 
and their s. Abijah Catlin m.. 24 Nov., 1774, Huldah AViard, and 
their 6*^ cli. was Hannah, who m. David Candee. Huldah Wiard 
was dau. of John, by w. Martha^ Xewell, m. 1755. Martha* was 
dau. John ^ and Elizabeth (Hawley) I^ewell, s. Samuel- and Mary 
(Hart) N^ewell. Mary Hart was dau. Thomas and Rebecca (Haw- 
kins, dau. Anthony) Hart. Samuel Xewell- was b. 1660, s. Thomas 
Xewell,^ hj w. Rebecca Olmsted, sister of John and Richard, and 
niece of James, in shi[) Lion, to Xew England, in 1632, and said 
to be from Suffolk. 

A fuller account of the Candees will be found in the genealoo^V 
of that family, by the author. 

In 1831, the firm of J. & S. Baldwin moved to ^[iddletown, 
Conn., and Sej'mour in Ma}', 1835, to Elyria, Lorain county, Ohio, 
Mr. Baldwin has been a man of great power of endurance, energy 
and ability in his business as amerchant. He adopted and insisted 
upon the one-price cash system, and, by the small margin at which 
his mercantile skill and system enabled«him to sell goods, has done 
much to enrich the countv where he has lived. His business has 
been very large for a country merchant. 

In 1847, having ac(|uired such a competence as he had fixed 
upon when he first went to Elyria, he returned to Meriden. He 
was there soon engaged in various business, being President of 

Richard, of 3Iilford, Connecticat. !1 

the Meriden Macliiue Coinpanj, the tirst President of the IIoi 
Bank, now Home National Bank, as well as a partner in a l>ai 
ing firm in Cleveland, Ohio. 

In 1856, he resigned the presidency of the Home Bank, ai 
retnrned to Eh'ria and his original business, his firm also esta 
lishing a branch store in Wellington, in the same county. Attl 
two stores, the sales reached over four hundred thousand dolln 
per annum, besides produce, in which a large business was don« 
p.aying cash, or goods at cash price, as the farmer preferred. Tl 
two firms continue under the name of Baldwin, Laundon & C 
in Wellino-ton, and Baldwin, Lersch & Co. in Elvria. Mr. Baldw. 
has been contented with modest profits; but, on the other banc 
has never done business at a loss. He has been a model merchant 
He still resides in Elyria, interested in business, but not giving il 
his own time, but at the present writing giving his time to th' 
building of a church, for which he has donated a fine lot, facing 
the public square. 

His 1** w., Mary Candee, d. 23 Sept., 1836, leaving two young 
ch. She is described as being a bright, intelligent young woman 
aged only twenty-three years at her death. He m. 2"*^' Sept., 1837 
/ Fidelia Hall, dan. Theophilus (M. D.) and Bertha (Merriam) Hall, 
of Meriden, Conn., b. 20 April, 1810, and still living. The writer 
takes this opportunity to testify to the sterling worth and great 
kindness of as good a stepmother as ever lived. For a further 
account of her ancestors, see Appendix. ~_ 

909. Charles Candee, -2 Dec, 1834. + 

910. David Candee, 28 Sept., 1836, is a verj' successful merchant in Elj-ira, 
firm late D. C. Baldwin & Co., now Baldwin, Lersch & Co. He m., 1 Maj', 1878, 
Josie Staub, b. in Circleville, Ohio, 19 Oct., 1852. She is dau. of Henry Staub, Avho 
was b. in Frankfort, Germany, 22 April, 1809, s. of Peter Staub, b. in Frankfort, 
23 May, 1779, who d. 22 March, 1822. The w. of Peter Staub was Margaret 
Guildner, b. in Shafheim, near Darmstadt, 34 Feb'y, 1781 ; she d. 25 Dec, 1825, in 
Frankfort. The w. of Ilenrj' Staub, and mother of Josie, was Hannah Mary 
Haines, b. in Ortenberg, Germany, 30 Sept., 1818, dau. Henry Karl Haines, who 
was b. in Wiesbaden, Dukedom Nassau, Germany, 4 March, 1777, and d. in Orten- 
berg. 7 April, 1828. His w. was Hannah Mary Eisner, b. in Ortenberg, 18 March, 
1780; d. in Baltimore, ^Ld., 12 May, 1844. Mrs. Baldwin's parents came to the 
United States in 1831 ; were m. 17 Maj% 1832, and her mother d. in Dayton, Ohi( 
28 April, 1854. 

He had a very brief experience in the late war, as Lieutenant of an Oh 
Company in the hundred days service, which however included, curiously enong 
a lively skirmish with the Confederates upon the farm hired by .John Brown, wh 
he first went to Virginia. 

Baldwin Genealogy. 

911. Joha Hall, 16 Aug., 188S; m., 10 July, 1S67, Sarah Elizabeth Spader, b. 

May, 1844, iu New York City, dau. John and Sarah Elizabeth Spader; she d. 5 

ov., 1878, in New Jersey. He m., 3 Dec, 1879, Ella E. Wing, b. in New York 

ity, 23 Aug., 1862. He is engaged in importing and selling at wholesale drug- 

ists' articles and brushes, at 167 Williana street, New York, firm (1880) of Baldwin 

; [Mitchell. He lives in Moutcliar, if. J. He has no children. 

912. YVilbur Rice, b. 12 Sept., 1841. + 

379. NATHANIEL ^ Ilezekiah ^ Sylvaiuis,^ b. 13 Feb'y, 1783, in 
'oodbridge, Conn., where be lived and d., as a farmer, upon the 
I ancestral tract given to the family by '' Tontonimo." He m., 
02, Snsan York, who d. 8 May, 1837, aged 58. He d. 1 Aug., 

;28, says the tombstone and Ch. Rec, which are wrong, however, 
1 saying he was 46 ; while differing as usual in Woodbridge, the 
'am. _Rec., in this instance wrong, makes his death in 1826, 

913. Stiles, bapt. Oct., 1803. + 

913i. Eliza Ann, 3 May, 1805; m., 2 April, 1824, Capt. James J. Baldwin, 5 s. 
Thomas •* Barnabas^ Barnabas 2 Richard. i 

914. Cornelia Ann, bapt. 2 Oct., 1807; m. Ezra Thompson. + 

915. Starr. + 

916. Garwood .AlilLs, bapt. 15 Oct., 1805. + 

917. Charles L., b. Aug., 1822. + 

918. Susan Emeline, entered in Ch. Rec. as Susan Caroline, bapt. 20 Oct., 
•1818; d. 11 Sept., 1824, aged 6 yrs., 9 mos., 9 days. 

919. Charity Jane, bapt. 22 Oct., 1820; d. 6 Sept., 1824, aged 4 yrs., 28 days. 

380. XANCY ^ Hezekiah ' Sylvanus,^ b. 22 July, 1785, in Wood- 
bridge, Conn.; m. 19 Dec, 1805, Joseph Bradley, b. 26 May, 1782,. 
in Bethany, Conn., where they resided. He d. 27 May, 1859; she^ 
10 April, 1871. 

920. Daughter, 14 Dec, 1806; d. .Jan'y, 1807. 

921. Elizur T., 4 Sept., 1808; d. 10 Nov., 1852. His w. resides (1873) in New 
Haven, Conn. 

922. Mary Ann, 25 Oct., 1810; ra. Isaac Hine, living in New Haven, Conn. 

923. Marcus W., 1 Nov., 1812, unni.; living in Prospect, or Bethany, near 
Prospect, Conn. 

924. Catharine E., 11 Dec, 1814; m. Henry A. Smith, in 1873, of 382 West 
Madison street, Chicago. 

925. Susan E., 30 Jan'y, 1817; lives unm. in Prospect, Conn. 

926. Betsej^ 18 March, 1819; d. unm.. May, 1852. 

927. Charity B., 3 April, 1821; is widow of Samuel French; lives in West 
laven, Conn.; no ch. 

928. Nancy, 12 May, 1823; d. 15 Sept., 1838. 

Richard, of Milford, Connecticut. 1 

929. Alalia A., 22 Jan'y, 182G; lives mini, in West Haven. 

930. Joseph L., 31 Nov., 1H28; d. March, 1829. 

9;}1. Charlotte B., 14 Feb., 1880; m. William Kimball, of Prospect, Conn. 
9;i2. Joseph L., 2:} 3Iarch, 1882; lives in New Haven, Conn. 

382. TIEZEKIAII HARVEY ^ Ilezekiah ^ Sylvanus,^ b. i 
AVoodbridge, Conn., 17 Feb'y, 1790. Graduated at Yale Collegf 
180(3. lie became a mannfacturiag cliemist in I^ew York City, , 
business quite profitable during the war of 1812, but much huri 
by the peace. He was generally known as Harvey, He m.. May 
1813, Polly, dau. Nathan Clark, of Woodbridge. He d. 13 Jan'y 
1826; she d. 8 Jan'y, 1828. He gave his w. "all my books, appa- 
ratus, tools and implements, and other property, trusting her to 
educate my children." 

988. Nathan Clark, b. Feb'y, 1814.+ 

984. Charlotte, 1816; living unm. (1878) in New Haven, with her aunt Mabel 
Clark, on Chapel street, opposite the College. 

383. RAYMOI^Ds Hezekiah^ Sylvanus,=^ b. 2 April, 1792, in 
Woodbridge, Conn., and lived there upon the old Tontonimo 
tract. He m. Martha Piatt, b. 23 May, 1796, dau. Asa and Martha, 
of Orange, Conn. He is said to have been Captain of a militia 
company at nineteen. He d. 21 May, 1835; she, 19 April, 1851. 

985. Hezekiah, 5 July, 1826; d. 28 Sept., 1846. 
936. Theodore Raymond, 22 Aug., 1829. + 

987. Constantia Helen, 4 Marcli, 1832. In 1878, living in Woodbridge, unm. 

988. Martha, 18 Sept., 1834; m. George Edwin Beecher. + 

384. MOSES 5 Hezekiah^ Sylvanus,^ b. 10 April, 1794, in Wood- 
bridge, Conn. He went to i^ew York to live with his brother 
Harvey, and succeeded to his business, but d. shortly after, 23 
Aug., 1831. He m. Sophia Beecher, dau. Ebenezer, of Wood- 
bridge. She survived him; m. Edward Hine; d. 10 May, 1874, 
aged 78 or 79. 

989. Willis Beecher, May, 1828, at New York. + 

940. Hezekiah Harvey, lo Dec, 1825. + 

941. 3Iarcus, Dec, 1827; d. 13 March, 1829. 

942. Marcus, July, 1880. + 

385. BETSEY ^ Hezekiah ^ Sylvanus,^ b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 
10 April, 1794 (twin); m., 8 Jan'y, 1818, Joseph Harvey Riggs, 

I Baldwin Genealogy. 

Derby, b. 1792, s. Capt. Joseph II. Riggs, of Derby; resided 
3re, where he was a farmer, She d. 10 May, 1874. 

943. Elizabeth, 1819; d. 1840, num. 

944. Dewitt, ISM; d. 1843. 

945. Charlotte, 1827; m., 1849, Simeon DeForest, b. iu Isew York City, s. 
Simeon. They live on the homestead, and have two s. : Henrj- Levison, 1851 ; 
Sterling, 1855. 

387. MARY ^ Hezekiah ^ Sylvanus,^ b. 19 Aug., 1798, in Wood- 
idge. Conn.; m. 18 April, 1822, Jonathan Treat, Jr., of Orange, 
onn. In 1873, were living there. 

946. Elizabeth; m. Wales Hiue, of Xew Haven, Conn. 

947. Mary. 

948. Ann. 

949. Stiles. 

388. THEOPHILUS ^ Theophilus 5 Theophilus ^ Theephilns^ 
Theophilus - Richard,^ b. in 'New Milford, Conn., and d. there ; 
m., 13 Feb'y, 1825, Rosannah McEwen. He was a farmer. 

950. George, b. 11 Dec, 1821. + 

951. Eobert Bruce, said to be living at Put-iu-Bay, Ohio, and four ch. 

952. Caroline, 1825; m. Michael Slade, of Kent, O; d., 1873, in Broadhead, 
Wis., aged 49, where her husband then lived. 

953. Mary, b. 15 Feb'y, 1826; m. -John L. Hunt.+ 

954. Elvira, d. unm. 

391. DAVID 6 Theophilus 5 Theophilus,^ b. in New Milford, 
Conn.; m. Crittenden, dau. Beriah Crittenden, of New Milford ; 
had three ch. before he left ]!^ew Milford. He lives, in 1873, it is 
said, in Broadhead, Green county, Wis. 

955. Eliza Ann. 

956. Ellen. 

957. Earl. 

958. Estaly. 

959. Carlos. 
959i. Ideley. 

I am told, in 1877, that David lives in Illinois. 

392. EBEiTEZERs Theophilus ^ Theophilus,* b. in ]S"ew Milford, 
Conn. Settled and d. in Dover, Dutchess county, IST. Y. 

960. William.+ 

960+. Sarah, m. Phelps Addis, and in 1873 liyes iu Norwalk, Conn. ; no th. 

961. David, 1839. + 

962. Charles; m., and lives, 1873, in Stepney, Conn.. 

IUchar<(, of Milford, Connectieut. 153 

393. SAMUEL 6 Theophilus^ Theopliiliis/ b. in New Milford, 
Conn.; living, Feb'y, 1877, in Broadliead, "Wis. 

963. John T., b. 29 Sept., 1837. 

964 Susan A., b. 1 Jau'y, 1840. 

965. Egbert D., b. 6 :May, 1842. 

966. Melissa, b. 17 Marcli, 1844. 

967. Alice L., b. 23 Nov., 1846. 

968. Curtis F., b. 10 Aug., 1850. 

969. Lillie J., b. 21 Sept., 1852. 

970. Isaac B., b. 7 Feb'y, 1855. 
All born in Connecticut. 

394. ELLAi^yc Theophilus' Theophiliis,^ b. in Xew Milford; 
m. Isaac Clark, cousin of Homer Clark, who m. Elvira Baldwin, 
dan. Eli '" Tbeophilus ^ Theopbilus ^ Theophilus - Kicbard.^ Tbey 
lived in the north part of xs'ew Milford, and are both dead. 

970^. Ellen. 

395. SUSA:^ g Theophilns ^ Theophilus,* b. in :N'ew Milford ; m. 
John Rogers, of Roxburj, Conn. Thej removed to Derby, Conn., 
and an extract from a Derby paper in regard to a family gathering 
at their place has reached me. The notice is quite complimentary, 
and states they have six grown up sons, five with their wives, all 
upright, independent men, and five members of the Methodist 
church. I am sorry to say that, after some effort, I have been 
unable to hear from that family, or to learn their names. 

408. ELVIRA « Eli^ Theophilus,* b. 24 Oct., 1808, in ^w 
Milford, Conn.; m., 14 Jan'y, 1828, Homer Clark, of Hinesburgh, 
Vt., adopted by Anah Baldwin Clark,'' dau. Theophilus * Theo- 
philus ^ Theophilus ^ Richard.^ 

971. Eli Baldwin, Hinesburgh, Vt.; m., but no ch. 

972. Paulina, dead. 

973. Caroline; m. 'Sh: Powell, and has six ch. and two gr. ch. (1873.) 

974. Erasmus Darwin, dead. 

975. Vienna, m. Read, of Addison, Vt. ; no. ch. 

976. Harriet. 

977. Martha Ann; m. Foote, and has a s. living in Charlotte, Vt. 

978. George Anson; ra., no ch, 

979. Jane Charity; m. Prindle, and has a s. living in Charlcstowu, MasSi 

980. Amos J. 

981. Bray ton Joseph. 

982. Mary Elvira. 

983. Flora Elsie, dead. 


154 Baldwin Genealogy. 

Homer Clark, the husband, was b. 27 Feb'y, 1803, s. Joseph 
and Patty Millard Clark, of Kew Milford. Joseph was brother of 
Amos, husband of Anah Baldwin Clark. 

409. GEORGE«Eli5Theophilus,^b. in I^ew Milford, 13 June, 
1810; m., 1 April, 1835, Abigail J. E'earing, b. in Otsego county, 
JS". Y., dau. Henry, a Revolutionary soldier, and his w., widow of 
John Baldwin, of Long Mountain, New Milford. 

In 1873, he lives in Bridgeport, Conn. 

984. Eli K, b. April, 1843; in 1873, unni., and living in Milwaukee, Wis. Was 
in 1st Connecticut Regiment in late war, and two years in the 6tli Connecticut 

98."). Charlotte Elizabeth, m. Rev. O. S. Tajior.^ 

986. Mar\'. d. num. 

987. Abby .Jane, 1839; at home, unm., in 1873. 

988. Eliza Virginia, ra. Dr. Joseph H. Grier, of Elizabeth, N. J. 

410. EDGAR <5 Eli '- Theophilus,* b. 29 June, 1815, in Thompson, 
Sullivan county, X. Y.; m., 26 January, 1846, Helen E. Calkins, 
b. 10 April, 1825, of Deer Park, III. They reside (1874) at Yer- 
millionville, town of Deer Park, La Salle county, 111. 

989. Amos C, 17 Aug., 1848. 

990. Maria, 31 Sept., 1850; m. Ira N. Read.+ 

991. Julia, 17 Nov., 1852. 
993. Lucy. 7 Nov., 1855. 

In 1875, all these ch. are unm. , and in Yermillionville, except Maria. 

411. HENRY MYRON « Eli '- Theophilus,* b. in New Milford, 
Conn. He m., 21 May, 1849, Mary Calkins, b. 21 April, 1833, 
dau. John "Wesley and Annis Calkins, of Ottawa, 111. He was a 
farmer at Deer Park, La Salle county. 111., where his widow and 
some of his ch. still live. He d. 11 May, 1870. 

993. Helen Elvira, 17 May, 1850; m., 21 Feb'y, 1868, George W. Pendleton, 
farmer at Deer Park. 

994. Annah Alida, 7 Aug., 1851, Teacher at Streator, La Salle county. 111. 

995. Eva Almedith, 15 July, 1853; m., 3 Jan'y, 1872, Joseph Tomliuson. 

996. James Henry, 16 April, 1855; d. 16 Aug., 1856. 

997. Willie Wesley, 19 April, 1857. Clerk at Manistee, Mich. 

998. Edwin Eli, 5 Dec, 1863. 

999. Ray Remington; 19 Feb'y, 1868. 

Richard, of Milford, Connecticut. 155 

■412. PAULINA^ Eli'^Theoplnlns,''b. in New Milford, Conn.; 
m., 19 March, 1850, William Way, s. Timothy and Hannah Way, 
of East Haven, Conn. They live (1873) in Orange, Conn. 

1000. Anna Elizabeth, 15 Oct., 1851; with parents. 

1001. Paulina, 21 Sept.. 1855; d. 26 Oct., 180:3. 

413. MATTY Daniel =^ Theophilus,* b. in New Milford, Conn., 
6 Sept., 1811 . m., 22 April, 1838, Rev. John Ilighy, in 1875, of 
Gardner, La Salle county. 111. 

1002. Sarah .lane, is a foreign missionary. 

1003. Carrie Elizabeth. Teacher in Chicago, 111. 
1004* John ; at home. 

1005. Amelia, d. 1866. 

414. LORETTE « Daniel ^ Theophilus,'^ b. in Northville, New 
Milford, Conn., 4 July, 1813. She m. Moses G. Hallock, of Con- 
necticut, 5 Sept., 1832; and in 1846, they went west with her 
father's family. She is dead. He lives at Farm Ridge, La Salle 
county, HI. 

1006. Catharine, dead. 

415. CAROLINE *5 Daniel ^ Theophilus,* b. in Northville, New 
Milford, Conn., 1 April, 1820. Was a graduate and teacher in the 
Charlestown (Mass.) Female Seminary; m., 6 Feb'y, 1846, Rev. 
Erasmus N. Jencks, of Massachusetts, a graduate of Brown L^ni- 
versity, and a Baptist preacher of ability. They sailed from New 
York to Macao, China, 27 June, 1846. They were located at 
Bangkok, Siam, as missionaries. Mrs. Jencks d. at sea, on her 
return for her health, 27 June, 1848, and was buried off Cape of 
Good Hope. Her husband is now a Baptist minister, at Norris- 
towu, Montgomery county, Penn. 

1007. William, b. in China. 

416. MARQUIS FAYETTE « Daniel "> Theophilus,^ b. in North- 
ville, New Milford, Conn., 18 Aug., 1822. He graduated from the 
Medical University of New York City, in 1850, and settled as a 
physician, first in Illinois, and afterward in Michigan, where he 
still resides, near Flint, in Geneseeville, Genesee county, Mich. 

156 Baldwin Genealogy. 

In 1863, he was appointed by the Governor to visit the army of 
the Potomac as State Surgeon. He stands high in his profession. 

1008. Daughter by 1st w., cl. infant, 20 Jan'y, IS-jO. 

1009. Curthon. 

1010. Theophilus. 

He has had four wives, of whom the 2"'' had no ch.; the S""^ sev- 
eraL who d. y. The 4*'' has the s. Theophilus. He m. Elizabeth 
E. Fargo, 6 Oct., 1847, who d. 20 Jan y, 1850. 

417. I^^ORMAN B.« Daniel^ Theophilus,^ b. 23 Aug., 1824, in 
Xew Milford, Conn. He graduated from Madison University, N'.Y., 
1846; m. 10 Sept., 1846, Miss Caroline E. Ambler, eldest dau. of 
Rev. E. C. Ambler, of Daubury, Conn. He settled in Nov., 1846, 
with the Baptist Church in Monticello, Sullivan county, N. Y.; in 
Aug., 1849, became pastor of the Bethesda Baptist Church, New 
York City, (now called the 53d Street Church, Dr. Pendleton pas- 
tor.) Being troubled with a bronchial aftection, and advised to 
remove from the salt air, he became, in Feb'y, 1854, pastor of the 
2nd Baptist Church, of Southwack, Philadelphia. The name of 
the church was soon changed to Calvary Baptist Church, which it 
still retains. 7 Oct., 1856, he went out from the church with a 
a colony of two hundred and twenty members, and organized the 
"Olivet Baptist Church," which church has been blessed with 
"very large ingathering." The eleven years he was in Philadel- 
phia, he baptized four hundred persons. In 1864, in failing health, 
he retired to a country home, in Montgomerytown, Montgomery 
county, Penn., where he still resides. He soon, however, took 
charge of a Baptist Church in North Wales Borough, and Nov., 
1868, of the old Montgomery Church, near his home. 

1011. Edward Furman, 23 Oct., 1847. + 

1012. Oscar Erasmus, 24 Nov., 1848. 

1013. William Flandran, 30 April, 1851; m., 27 May, 1872, Miss Mary Hill, of 
Flint, Mich., where he lives. 

1014. Norman Bristol, 3 June, 1853; m., winter of 1874-5, to Miss Emma A. 
Robinson, of Line Lexington, Montgomery county. Pa. He lives at Montgomery, 
in that county. Farmer. 

1015. Eva Caroline, 30 Aug., 1854; m. Benjamin Franklin Moyer.-j- 
101(5. Spencer Cone, 7 July, 1856. 

1017. Charles .Jacob, 5 Nov., 1858. 

1018. Frank Remington, 17 Jan'y, 1800; dead.' 

1019. Lewis Theophilus, 30 April, 1865. 

1020. Almira Amelia, 1 June, 1866. 

1021. Leander Wilbur, 19 May, 1870. 

Richard, of 3Ii.lfordy Connecticut. 157 

418. JAXE6 DauieP Theophilus/ b. in Xew Milford, Couii., 17 
Aug., 182(]: m., 14 Sept., 1842, Eliliu Howlaiid, of Connecticut. 
In 1846, settled in Deer Park, La Salle county. 111.; have 

1022. Infant s., b. 21 Dec, 1843; d. 22 Dec, 184.S. 

1028. Albert E., b. 22 Jan'y, 1845; m. 12 Oct., 1875, and lives in Farm Ridge, 
La Salle count}', 111. 

1024. Infant s., b. 31 Oct., 1847; d. 1 Nov., 1847. 

1025. Avelon N., b. 17 Nov., 1850. 

1026. Edward D.. b. 13 Oct., 1858. 

1027. Carlton H., b. 7 Oct., 1861 ; d. 31 .lan'y, 1873. 

1028. Howard N., b. 3 Oct., 1865. 

1029. .Judson C, b. 1 June, 1868. 

P. O. Maple Grove, at Deer Park. 

419. DIAXTHA B.« DanieP Theophilus,* b. in Xew Milford, 
Conn., 28 March, 1829. She m., 10 June, 1849, Murrey Kirkpat- 
rick, of Yermillionville, La Salle county. 111. He has a pottery. 

1030. Son, d. infant. 

1031. Baldwin. 

1032. Andrew, 

1033. Anna. 
10.34. S . 

1035. John. 

This family has the old family Bible. 

420. LEAXDERE.« DanieP Theophilus,^ b. in Xew Milford, 
2 July, 1831; m. in Illinois, 15 Sept., 1853, Miss Marian A. Moul- 
ton. Residence (1875), 1011 West Monroe street, Chicago, 111. 
He is a builder. 

1036. Dau., 7 Jan'y, 1856; d. infant. 

1037. Clarence William, b. 30 Dec, 1856. 

1038. Norman Stanley, b. 17 Dec, 1859; d, 29 Feb'y, 1872. 

1039. Cora ]May, b. 30 Nov., 1871. 

422. AMELIA MAYETTE^ DanieP Theophilus," b. in Xew 
Milford, Conn., 16 Aug., 1838. She m., 1862 or 1863, Charles D. 
Smith, of Racine, Wisconsin. He is foreman in a large Reaper 
and Thresher manufactory. 

1040. Dau., d. y. 

1041. Etta. 

1042. Marquis Fayette. 

158 Baldwin Genealogy. 

425. RODERICK « Katban G.^ Isaac ' Theophilus ^ Theophilus ^ 
Richarcl,^ b. 6 May, 1801; m., 22 Sept., 1834, Lydia Lawrence, of 
Monckton, Vt. Tbis m. appears in tbe Hyde genealogy, as being 
of Eli Roderick, and bis wife is said to be dan. of Dyer and 
Lucretia Peck Lawrence, wbo were m. about 1801. For tbe line 
fnrtber back, see Hyde Genealogy. Roderick lives, in 1874, on 
bis fatber's old place, in Monckton. 

1043. Henry R., 17 Feb'y, 1836; m., 13 Oct;, 1868, Mary Matthew. At time of 
my information (1873), was member of the legislature, and had no ch. ; and living 
in Monckton. 

1044. Edwin D., 10 April, 1837, living in 1873 unm., with Henry R. 

1045. Helen L., 28 Oct., 1838; m. George Burritt.+ 

1046. Harriet, 3 July, 1840; d. 9 Nov., 1864. 

1047. Jay, 16 May, 1842 (twin). Was m late war three years, in Gettysburgh 
and several other battles, and among the tirst to enter Richmond. 

1048. Jane, 16 May 1842; d. June, 1843. 

1049. Jane, 14 Sept., 1845: m. Charles Falby.+ 

1050. Albert Noble, 10 June, 1847. m. Rubie Kellogg, dau. Rev. J., of Monck- 
ton, 23 Feb'y, 1872. Lives, 1873, in Derby, Vt. 

1051. Guy L., 7 June, 1850. 

436. EMELmE « E"atban G.^ Isaac,M). 3 Feb'y, 1803; m. Rev. 
Jobn A. Avery, a Congregational clergyman. Sbe lives in Syra- 
cuse, N. Y., in Sept., 1875. 

1052. Fannie; m. Mr. Cobb, of Syracuse. 

1053. Henry; in 1873 was unm. and in the Oil Regions of Pennsylvania. Was, 
it is said, a General in the late war. 

440. IRWm DEWITT^Davis^Isaac,* b. 21 Jan'y, 1815; m., 
13 Oct., 1840, Clarissa S. Bootb, of Cbatbam, N". Y.; and in 1843, 
settled at Soutb Egremont, Mass. 

1054.- Sidney Irwin, 26 May, 1845: d. 11 Aug., 1871. 

1055. Charles Orrin, 1 Oct., 1851. 

1056. Alice A., 3 Nov., 1861. 

He was, in 1870 and 1871, Representative to tbe Massacbusetts 

444. ELMER « IS^oble 5 Isaac,'' b. 8 Marcb, 1800, at is^ortbville, 
New Milford, Conn. He m. 1^*- 15 Feb'y, 1831, Adeline Benson, 
dau. Harvey, of New Milford, Conn.; sbe d. 1837. 

1057. Harvey, .Jan'y, 1833; d. 1 Sept., 1834. 

1058. Mary Adeline; m. Riualdo Williams. He m. 2'"', Adaline Orville Field, 
of West Burkfield, Mass. 

Richard, of Jlilford, Connecticut. 159 

1059. Susan Orville, 30 June, 1845. 

1060. Xoble Orlando, :] Sept., 1S49. Lives in Farm Ridge, La Salle county, 
111. He ha.s been a member of the IllinoLs Senate. 

445. ALBERT Is'OBLEc Noble"' Isaac,-* b. in New Milford, 
Conu., 28 Sept., 1811. Still resides there (1874) in the village of 
North ville. He m,, 20 Oct., 1835, Harriet Elizabeth,^ dau. Jeremiah 
Baldwin,'' of New Milford, Jeremiah^ Jeremiah^ Daniel^ Daniel ^ 
Nathaniel.^ They both joined the Baptist Church, at Northville, 
1850. He is a leading man in New Milford, whose good sense 
aad integrity are mncli trusted. He is often selected for the care 
of estates and in other places of responsibility. He was repre- 
sentative four terms, between 1840 and 1851. 

1061. Francis Elmer, 1840; in 1873 unm. , and a lawyer in Bridgeport, Conn. 

446. HARRIET ELIZA ^ Noble ^ Isaac,-* b. in New Milford, 31 
Aug., 1820; m., 7 Oct.. 1845, Frederick G. Bennett, of New Mil- 

1062. Charlotte Baldwin, b. 14 Nov., 1846. 

1063. Willis Frederick, b. 1 Oct., 1848. 

Bennet, Senior and Junior, have a fine furniture store at New 
Milford. I am indebted to this pleasant family for a very agree- 
able visit and much information while I was in New Milford. 

466. LAURA6 Edmund^ Israel Theophilus^ Theophilus- Rich- 
ard,i b. in Hinesburgh, A^t., 24 Sept., 1795; m. Truman Hall; d. 6 
Dec, 1871, at Fort Wayne, Ind. 

1064. Caroline; rv. Staubro, lived at last account in Union City, Ind. 

1065. Emma. 

467. FREDERICK WARNER " Edmund'^ Israel,^ b. in Hines- 
burgh, Vt., 6 Oct., 1797; in 1874, still living there; ra. 1**' Amanda 
Bostwick, who d- 3 May, 1831. 

1066. Orpha Elvira, 24 Oct., 1823; d. 18 March, 1873, at Ilinesburgh, Vt. 

1067. Henry Kirk, 4 Aug., 1825. + 

1068. Erastus Bostwick, 19 July, 1827. + 

1069. Frederick Harley, 17 Feb'y, 1829. Graduated at University of Vermont 
m 1853. Representative 1808 and 1869; living, 1874, in Ilinesburgh. 

1070. Amanda Harriet. 2 March, 1831 ; d. June, 1831. 

Married 2"'i'Lucy E. Stanley, who d. Feb'y, 1836. 

1071. Stanley Warner, 19 April, 1833.+ 

1072. Lucy Amanda, 24 Feb'y, 1835; m. Timothy A. Wheeler.4- 

160 Baldwin Genealogy. 

Married S'''^' Sarah B. Bostwick. 

1073. Laura Elizabeth, 8 Oct., 1837; m. Harmon A. Beecher. 

1074. Edmuud Welch, 13 Nov., 1839. In 14th Vermout A^olunteers, and at 
battle of Gettysburgh. 1875, in Chicago, 111. 

1075. Gaylord Stone, 10 Feb'y, 1843; m., 23 April, 1873, Emma Wade, and in 
1875 resides in Stewardson, 111. 

1076. Sarah Eimice, 10 Dec, 1846, Hinesburgh, Vt. 

468. AMY « Edmund 5 Israel,-^ b. 12 Dec. 1799, in Hinesburgh, 
Vt.; m. Burr D. Graj, and settled first in Charlotte, Yt., but after 
in Coldwater, Mich., where she d. 12 March, 1870. 

1077. Susan Saloam, 21 Sept., 1820, in Charlotte, Vt.; lives, 1874, in Coldwater; 
m. Hadley. 

1078. Marion Amanda, 7 Oct., 1822, in Charlotte; living, 1874, in Coldwater, 
Mich. ; m. Green. 

1079. Edmoud Baldwin, 17 June, 1825; living, 1875, in Chicago, 111., (No. 8 
Langley St.); m. 9 Sept., 1854. Ch. : Maud, b. 20 Oct., 1856;. Matthew Burr, 18 
Oct., 1858: Edmuud, 10 May, 1864; Harry, 14 May, 1866, and George, 25 Nov., 

1080. Milton Alouzo, 2 April, 1829; living, 1875, in San Francisco. 

1081. Helen Jane, 7 July, 1831; living, 1874, in Constantine, Mich. 

1082. Orlo Burr, 7 April, 1834; living, 1875, in Turner, Dakota. 

1083. William Jerome, 14 May, 1837; d. 31 Aug., 1839. 

1084. Alfred Henry, 7 Oct., 1740; living, 1875, in Go.shen, Ind. 

469. WILLIAM STONE <^ Edmund ^ Israel,^ b. 11 March, 1802, 
in Hinesburgh, Yt; m. Sophia Bartlett, of Haverhill, Mass.; and 
his first two ch. were b. at Waterville, Yt.; the rest at Hinesburgh, 
Yt. He d. 29 Dec, 1857; she, 27 Nov., 1866. 

1085. Osgood McFarland, 14 May, 1827. + 

1086. Elvira A., 28 May, 1829; m. Alonzo H. Barker, of Vermont. + 

1087. Alonzo Milton, 23 Sept., 1831. + 

1088. James Bartlett, 25 March, 1834.+ 

1089. Lucy Ann, 13 June, 1836; m. Samuel Powell, and resides, 1875, in 
Poultney, Vt. No ch. 

1090. Judson A., 13 Aug., 1840; m.,2 May 1865, Nellie E. Barton, of Charlotte, 
Vt. In business in Brooklyn, N. Y., in Marcli, 1875, with no ch. 

470. IIARLEY McE WEN " Edmund ^ Israel,^ b. in Hinesburgh, 
Yt., 4 Oct., 1804; m. Eliza Sherman, and continued to reside in 
Hinesburgh, Yt. 

1091. Mary Eliza, 17 Jau'y, ; in 1874 in Hinesburgh, Vt. 

1092. Myron Harley, 16 Sept., 1829.+ 

1093. Edmuud, 23 May, 1831; d. 13 March, 1856, at Hinesburgh. 

1094. Susan Amanda, 13 Nov., 1833; in 1874 in Hinesburgh. 

1095. Sarah Jane, 25 May, 1837; in 1876 iu Morrison. 111. 

Richard^ of 3Iilford, Connecticut. 161 

1096. Nathan Gould Sherman, 26 Nov., 1843. In Uth Roginicnt Vermont 
Volunteers. In 1874 in Prophetstown, 111. 

1097. Orson Gaylord, 1:5 Dec. 1845; in 1874 in Prophetstown. 

1098. Frederick Warner, 3 May, 1849; in 1874 in Prophetstown. 

471. EDMUND « Edmund ^' Israel,* b. in Hiuesbiirgh, Yt., 17 
Feb'y, 1807; m. Polly Ann Alden. He lived first in Hinesburgh, 
and then in Lawrence, N. Y.; living (1875) in Woodstock, McHenrj 
coiintv, 111. 

1099. Melvin. B., 28 Jan'y, 1828.+ 

1100. Laura A., 16 May, 1830; d. 24 Oct., 1832. 

1101. Amy E., 2 Oct., 1832; in 1874 living in Woodstock, Vt. 

1102. Lyndon A., 17 Dec, 1835.+ 

1103. Alice M., 25 Jan'y, 1843, at Lawrence, N. Y, 

1104. Julia C, 32 July, 1846, at Potsdam, N. Y. 

1105. Arch C, 24 Sept., 1848, at Lawrence, K Y. ; d. 21 June, 1863. 

1106. Jude E., 1 Sept., 1850, at Lawrence, X. Y.; d. 30 March, 1852. 

1107. Grace S., 22 Feb'y, 1854, at Lawrence, N. Y.; living, 1874, at Wood- 
stock, Vt. 

473. ORLO JUDS0N6 Edmund ^'^ Israel,* b. in Hinesburgh, Yt., 
20 Dec, 1811 ; m. Polly Ann Sherman. 

1108. Leverett Sherman, 28 Oct., 1839, at Hinesburgh, Vt. : living, 1874, at 
Wiiidsor, 111. 

1109. Charles S., 1 Oct., 1845, at Shclburne, Vt. 

475. ISRAEL <^ Orange ^ Israel,* b. at Hinesburgh, Yt., 27 Oct., 
1797. He d. 7 Sept., 1872, in Hinesburgh; his w. Harriet, 29 Dec, 
1878, aged 74. 

1110. Eliza. 30 Nov., 1837; d. 14 April, 1839. 

1111. Olivia, 12 Dec, 1829; d. 3 March, 1836. 

1112. Electa A., 22 Dec, 1834; m. Foster, of Moriah. N. Y. 

1113. Bo.stwick J., 6 Oct., 1839, at Moriah, N. Y.+ 

478. HORACE '5 Orange ^ Israel,* b. 15 July, 1805, in Hines- 
burgh, Yt.; m., 22 IS^ov., 1836, Sarah J. Heath, of Weybridge, Yt., 
b. 3 March, 1820, in Middletown, Conn. In 1874,' they live in 
Huntington Centre, Yt. 

1114.. William AVallace, 7 Oct., 1837; m. 19 Nov., 1859, Esther Walker. In 
1874 no ch. 

1115. Sarah A., 22 July, 1839: m. H. W. Comstock.+ 

1116. Susan E., 33 Aug., 1841; m. Leonard B. Schofield, 12 Dec, 1868. No 
ch. (1874.) 

1117. Orange A., 9 Dec, 1843. + 

162 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1118. Mary E., 9 Dec, 1849; m. Calvin E. ChafEee.-{- 

1119. Horace E., 17 Feb'y, 1852.+ 

1120. Lucius E., 6 May, 1854 (twin). 

1121. Lucia E., 6 May, 1854. 

479. GEORGE^ Orange-^ Israel* Theopliilus^ Theophilus^ Rich- 
ard,^ b. in Hinesburgh, Vt., 3 Jan'y, 1810 ; m. Almira J. Keith, b- 
26 Sept., 1810, in Yergennes, Vt. 

1122. Betsey A., 4 Feb'y, 1886, in New Haven, Vt. ; m. Edwin Sumner, Fox- 
boro, Mass. 

1123. Oscar D. 2 Feb'y, 1838, in Bristol, Vt.+ 

1124. Ruth M,, 26 March, 1840: m. H. P. Palmer, New Haven, Vt. 

492. HANNAH ^ Joel ^ Assel * Theopbilus ^ Theophilus -^ Rich- 
ard,^ b. 22 March, 1808, in Meredith, Dehxware county, N. Y.; m. 
Almon Beecher, at New Milford, Conn., 31 March, 1829, who was 
b.'at Hinesburgh, Yt., 2 Sept., 1806, and d. 3 Sept., 1870, at Beaver 
Dam. He was s. of Lyman and Elizabeth (Stone) Beecher. She 
d. 27 Sept., 1874. 

1125. Truman G., b. at Hinesburgh, Vt., 21 May, 1831; m. 29 Sept., 1858, 
Minerva Brisco, b. 20 Feb"y, 1833, in Chenango county, N. Y., and hq,d tive 
eh. : Elmer L., b. 5 Dec, 1859; Mark A., b. 1 March, 1863; Nathan P., b. 27 .Jan'y, 
1865; Clara Jane, b. 26 June, 1870; Flora E., b. 25 Aug., 1872, all at Beaver Dam, 
K Y. 

1126. Harmon Sterling, b. 12 April, 1833, Chenango county, N. Y.; lives unm. 
in Placer county, Cal. (1875.) 

1127. Pane S., b. 19 Sept., 1835, at Dix, Chenango county, N. Y. ; m. Mark H. 
Irish, 6 July, 1872; d. 11 Sept., 1870, at Beaver Dam, N. Y., having no ch. 

500. ALMON '^ Asahel 5 Assel,* b. 9 Jan'y, 1804; resides (1875) 
in Epworth, Dubuque county, Iowa. 

1128. Samuel K., b. 12 Feb'y. 1833.+ 

1129. Cyrus S., b. 3 April, 1835. + 

1130. George O., b. 9 April, 1837+ 

1131. Myron T., b. 5 Aug., 1841. + 

1132. Mary E., b. 24 Nov., 1849. 

He m. Mary Emeline Tuttle of Meredith, 18 Dec, 1831. 

501. ELIJAH "^ AsaheP AsseV b. in New Milford, Conn. He 
joined the Baptist Church there in 1835; m. Sarah Munn, who 
joined the Church at the same time. He was a clergyman. The 

Bichard, of Milford, Connecticut. 168 

'^ew Milford people say he was a good man, and a very good 
preacher. He removed, about 1842 or 1843, to Butternuts, IST. Y. 

1133. Norman R. b. 26 Aug., 1831+ 

1134. Sarah, b. 7 .Tune, 1848; d. 1 March. 1849. 

1135. Flarriet, b. Aug., 1833; m. George Lee, of Pawpaw, Van Buren counfy, 
Mich., on the 8 Feb'y, 1854. 

His w. survives (1875) ; address, Mrs. Sarali M. Moon, Pawpaw, 
Mich. He removed from ISTew Milford to Butternuts, K. Y., north 
village, afterward known as Morris, and sometimes called Louis- 
ville. He lived there several years. He was a Baptist minister 
thirty years. lie d. 14 Oct., 1868, in Girard, Erie county, Penn. 

502. LU^A'' Asahel^ Assel,'^ b. in ^Sew Milford, Conn., 14 Dec, 
1806; m., 1829, Nehemiah Buruell, of Port Crane, Broome county, 
KY.; there in 1875. 

1136. Sarah Jane, b. 15 Aug., 1830; m. 5 Mar., 1856, Jerome Shaw, of Port- 
Crane, who is d. 

1137. Elmer, 15 Dec, 1833; m. 10 Oct.. 1860; lives in Port Crane. 

1138. Harriet Adelia, b. 12 ]\Iarch, 1837; m. 18 Sept., 1861, Silas June, and 
living, 1875, in Port Crane. 

1139. Elizabeth Maria, b. 13 Feb'y, 1839; in 1875 unm. 

503. 0RMAN6 AsaheP Assel,* b. in l^ew Milford, Conn., 23 
Dec, 1808; m. Polly Robinson, of Meredith, N.Y., who is d. He 
lives (1875) at Cortland, Cortland county, ]N". Y., as well as all 
his ch. 

1140. Mary. 

1141. Charles. 
1143. Eben. 

1143. Sanford. 

1144. James. 

1145. Esther. 

Some of these children are married. 

504. LUCY AKN6 Asahel ' Assel,^ b. in Xew Milford, 11 Jan'y, 
1811; m. William Cook, of Otsego; she d. about 1866, in Bing- 

1146. Electa, d. in 1870, at Cortland. 

506. JOEL *5 Asahel ^ Assel,* b. in 'New Milford, Conn., 10 June, 
1816, in Dec, 1875, living in Pawpaw, Mich.; m., 25 Oct., 1849, 

164 Baldwin Genealogy. 

Angeline Hill, in Huron county, Ohio. He lived in Ohio thirty 
years, where his ch. were all born. At least a part of his time he 
lived at Columbia, Lorain county, Ohio. 

• 1147. Judson, b. 1850; m. 

1148. Tryphena. 

1149. Lucy Lavinia. 

1150. Mary Amanda, b. 1862. 

510. ISRAEL HEN'RY^^ Isaac ^ Assel,'' b. 27 March, 1813, in 
Xew Miiford, Conn.; m., 17 Aug., 1835, Mercy Cogswell, of New 
Preston, Conn., b. 17 Oct.. 1815; lives (1875) in Catskill, Greene 
county, N. Y.; she d. 5 June, 1870. 

1151. Ellen Amanda, b. 3. June, 1837; d. 2 June, 1841. 

1152. George Henry, b. 7 Jan'y, 1841; d. 9 Dec, 1844. 

1153. Charles Milton, b. 15 Dec, 1842. + 

1154. Ellen Amanda, b. 10 March, 1845; m. G. F. Tolley.+ 

1155. Emma Rhoda, b. 25 Nov., 1847. 

1156. George Henry, b. 20 April, 1855; d. 26 March, 1864. 

511. PHEBE J.6 Isaac ^ Assel,^ b. 19 April, 1814 ; m., Dec, 1842, 
Austin Hummiston, of Meredith, X. Y., s. of SiJliman and Sarah 
Hummiston, of Mereditli, and formerly from New Haven, Conn. 

1157. Orlando, d. 1863. 

1158. Amanda, living, 1874, at home. 

514. WILLIAM HARMON ^ Isaac ^ Assel,* b. 24 Dec, 1816 ; m., 
11 April, 1843, Fidelia A. Thomson, b. 24 Dec, 1816. He d. 24 
Oct., 1862. 

1159. Lyman J., 28 March, 1844.+ 

515. HIRAM .1.6 Isaac °Assel,M). 25 July, 1819; m., 29 Sept., 
1850, Mary A. Barlow, b. 26 May, 1826;*^ lives (1874) in New 
Preston, Conn. 

1160. Lydia A. , 27 July, 1852. 

1161. Leslie J., 11 Sept., 1854. 

518. LAURA ANN 6 Isaac ^^ Assel,* b. 25 Nov., 1825; m. Henry 
S. Gillette, of New Preston, Conn. 

1162. Ellen A.; m. George Trowbridge, Ch.: Eddie and Carrie. 

1163. Otis E. ; m, Cornelia A. Bissell. One ch. : Willie. 

1164. George H. 

1165. Freddie H. 

1166. Charles B. 

Rkliard, of Mlljord, Connecticut. 165 

522. J0IIN6 Jacob-' Zachariali^ Zachariali^ Zachariali "^ Richard, i 
b. in Essex county, l!^. J.; was a blacksmith, lie manufactured 
scythes at Eaton's Mills, near Connelsville, Penn. He ra. there, 
and, in 1797 or 1798, moved to Hamilton county, Ohio, and laid 
out, it is said, the town of Springfield, now Springdale; thence to 
Lewisville, Henry county, Ind., and d. there. It is said that when 
young he went to live with an uncle, in Orange county, ^ST. Y. He 
m. Elizabeth Woodruff'. 

1167. Jacob, b. 16 Oct., 1797.+ 

1168. Nathaniel. + 

1169. Jesse W., b. 26 Aug., 1800.+ 

1170. Eliza, d. y. 

1171. Sarah; m. James Harris. 

528. JOB^ Job^ Zachariah,* b., lived and d. in Parsippany, 
Morris county, X. J.; d., says Mr. John Ogden, 1872, aged 71. 

1173. John L. Post office, Parsippany. 

1173. Edward E. Post office, Parsippany. 

1174. Walter. 

1175. Sarah. 

529. JAMES L.*^ Job ^ Zachariah,^ b. at Parsippany, i!^. J.; m. 
Eliza Colfax, dan. Gen. "William and Hester Schuyler Colfax. He 
was an M. D. 

1176. George Colfax, 1817. + 

1176+. Schuyler; in 1874, photographer at Kalamazoo, Mich. 

1177. Mary Williams; m. Rev. S. Graves, D.D. , at Grand Rapids, Mich., and 
in 1877 has four ch. 

1178. Eliza Colfax, 7 Nov., 1829; m. Henry Edwards Huntington, and d., 1868, 
at Minneapolis, Minn. He was b. 1 April, 1807; s. Matthias L., of Rome, N. Y. 
In 1860 was merchant in Chicago, 111. Huntington Family Book says she was dau. 
J. S., of Pompton, N. Y. 

531. ABRAHAM^ Job^ Zachariah,''b. in Essex county, KJ., 
1776. He m. Mary Proctor, of Long Green, Baltimore county, Md. 

1179. John H., b. 21 July, 1821. + 

1180. Jane, b. 1824. 

1181. Caleb C, b. 1831. 

532. STEPHEX« Job^ Zachariah,^ b. in Morris county, IST. J., 
about 1778; d, 1849, aged 71; m. Elizabeth, who d. May,' 1849, 

166 Baldwin Genealogy. 

aged 73, both in Hanover, Morris county, N. J., where thej lived. 
-He moved, about 1803, from Caldwell to Hanover. 

1182. Lydia Kitchell, b. 1802; m. John Young. -f 

1183. John, of Hanover; m., when over sixty years old, Eliza Crane, and d. 
1868or 18G9; no ch. 

1184. Julia Caroline; m. John C. Wilkinson. -(- 

1185. Sarah, m. David Anderson. -j- 

1186. Maria, m. Joseph Wilkinson. -|- 

1187. Ira.+ 

1188. Stephen Young. -[- 

1189. Aaron Grover, in 1873, in Eoseville, Newark, N. J. 

550. SARAH ^ Elias ^ Jacob ^ Zachariah ^ Zachariah ^ Richard, i 
b. in Huntington, Conn.; m. Walter Lake. 

1190. Phebe, m. Lucien Peck, of Newtown, Conn., who is dead. 

551. ELIAS ^ Elias ^ Jacob,^ b. in Huntington, Conn.; m. Polly 
Coon; d. in Plattsburgh, N. Y. 

1191. Mary Ann. 

1192. Elias. 

He had probably a dau. Sarah. 

554. JOHN^ Elias -^ Jacob,* b. in Huntington, Conn.; m., 17 Aug., 

1818, Sally Esther Mitchell. 

1193. Sarah, m. Lockwood Parker. -j- 

1194. Caroline, m. Columbus Hall of Huntington, Conn.; both living 1874; 
no ch. 

1195. William Henry, bapt. 31 Aug., 1837. + 
119G. George. + 

1197. Jane, m. Russell Hubbell.+ 

555. DEBORAH 6 Elias '^ Jacob,* b. 29 Sept., 1790; m. 13 :N'ov., 

1819, James Richmond, of Southbury, Conn. She is a widow, 
still living in Huntington, Conn. 

1198. James, living in the West. 

570. 1^ATHAOTEL<5 Ebenezer^ Simeon* Ebenezer^ Zachariah ^ 
Richard,^ b. 3 Feb'y, 1779, in Xew Milford, Conn.; m. Elizabeth 
Hawley, of Stratford, Conn. 

1199. Charlotte A., 1801, at Kinderhook, N. Y; m. George Arnold. + 

He d. in the war of 1812, His w. returned to Stratford, Conn. 

Bichard, of llilford, Connecticut. * 167 

575. HENRY CHARLES ^ Ebenezer ■' Simeon,'' b. 27 April, 
1790, in Pougbkeepsie, N. Y. Was generally called diaries. He 
went Soutb, is said to liave m. and had a 

1200. Daughter, d. without issue. 

576. FREDERICK S.« Ebenezer'' Simeon,^ b. 18 Dec., 1792, in 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; m. 

1201. Daughter. 

577. CLARISSA'' Ebenezer ^ Simeon,^ b. 8 Oct., 179-; d. 2 
Jan'y, 1866, in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. She m., 21 March, 1834, 
AVilliam Kirby. He d. 17 April, 1835. 

1202. John William, 12 Dec, 1834; d. 17 April, 1835. 

1203. Ann Eliza, 19 March, , who m. Dr. James G. Hillis, of Pough- 
keepsie, in April, 1874, when she was the only living gr. ch. of Ebenezer. Dr. 
Hillis was educated at West Point, was in all the battles of the Mexican war, and a 
part of the time as aid of Gen. Scott. 

585. MINERYA*' Amos ^Simeon,* b. 5 Dec, 1789; m. Abida 
Ransom, of Washington county, N. Y. In 1811, came to Ohio with 
her husband and brother. She d, soon after, leaving 

1204. James, believed, in 1874, to live in Pennsylvania. 

586. JACOB HICKS ^ Amos ' Simeon,^ b. 13 Oct., 1792. Settled 
in Kinsman, Trumbull county, Ohio, and there in Aug., 1875. He 
has been a man of position and influence. For fourteen years he 
was Auditor of Trumbull county. He m., 5 Sept., 1815, Florence 
AValier, dau. of David Waller, formerly of Litchfield, Conn., then 
of Palmyra, Portage count}^ Ohio ; she d. 22 April, 1869, aged 67. 

1205. Charles, 11 Aug., 1816. + 

1206. Hiram, 27 Sept., 181 7.+ 

1207. Adaliue, 4 Jan'y, 1819; m. George Parsons. + 

1208. Simeon, 17 April, 1821. + 

1209. Matilda, 2 Nov., 1833; m. Manuel Hover Adgate.4- 

1210. Emily. 9 April, 1834; m., 9 Xov.. 1847, James Hyde, of Farmington, 
Ohio; no ch. ; living there 1873. 

1211. Sarah M., 3 May, 1826; m., 1 July, 1847, William W. Gager. She d. 11 
Oct., 1851 ; no ch. 

1312. Julia E., 28 ^Lirch, 1838; m., 12 June, 1869, William B. Stanhope. 

1213. Rebecca, 9 ^lay, 1830; m. Isaac Meacham, Jr.-f- 

1314. Marcus T., 3 April, 1833.+ 

1315. Mary, 30 Oct., 1834; m. Asher D. Robinson. + 

1316. George, 7 July, 1836. + 

1317. Lewis W., 24 3Iarch, 1839, d. 1841. 

1218. Lucy W., 3 Sept., 1842; m. 3 Sept., 1868, H. G. Murdock. 

1G8 Baldwin Genealogy. 

587. JOHX MURRAY « Amos ^ Simeon,^ b. 3 March, 1795. In 
i^Tov., 1811, moved to Ohio, from Queensborough, Washington 
county, ]^. y.; m., 21 Aug., 1812, Sally Robbins, clau. Josiah, of 
Youngstown, Mahoning count}^, Ohio. Lived for a while in 
Boardman, Mahoning county, Ohio; was a carpenter and joiner in 
early days, but always owned a farm. Became, in 1814, a volun- 
teer for the war of 1812, and was discharged on the peace. "Was 
Major, of volunteer cavalry, and in 1831, Lieutenant Colonel. He 
then moved to Austinburgh, Ashtabula county, Ohio, where, in 
1874, he still lives. 

1219. Minerva A., 21 .July, 1818; m. Jared Blakesley.+ 

1220. Mary Ann, 21 Oct., 1820; m. Hezekiah (Nye?) 

1221. William W., 11 March. 1825.+ 

1223. Josiah M., 22 May, 1827.+ 

1224. Addisou Swift, 28 Aug., 1829; m. twice. Is an artist, and expected to 
go to Chicago in the fall of 1873. His brother, last named, says: "We have lost 
track of him." Twice married. 

1225. Caroline, 22 Oct., 1832; m. Rufus W. Payne. + 

1226. Alfred Franklin, 6 April, 183o.+ 

588. ASA 6 Amos ^ Simeon,-' b. 20 Jan'y, 1798 ; m., 18 Oct., 1818, 
Sally Murchant, b. 18 Oct., 1800. Settled in Boardman, Mahoning 
ceunty, Ohio. 

1227. Homer, 7 .July, 1819.+ 

1228. Mary, 15 April, 1823 (twin); m. James Blake.+ 

1229. Maria, 15 April, 1823; m. Alexander W. Bryson.-|- 

1230. Angeline, 24 .July, 1826; d. aged 6. 

589. GrARRY*^ Amos^ Simeon,* lixed in Boardman, Ohio; died 
about 1869, of cancer upon the jaw. He m. and had two ch.: 

1231. George, living, in 1874, on his father's farm, in Boardman, Ohio, and 
has had two s., one d. 

1232. Louise, m. Chauncy Andrews, of Youngstown, Ohio.-|- 

590. ELI*^ Amos^ Simeon,* d. 1869, at his home in Painesville^ 
Ohio. His widow, of 2"'' marriage, d. in the winter of 1874, in 
Cold Water, Michigan. 

1233. Maria, m. Dr. Hunt, of Washington, D. C. 

1234. James Henry, in the West. lieeping hotel in St. Louis until Sept., 1873; 
then sold out. 

1235. Horace, in Philadelphia; one ch. 

The following ch. are by his 2'"' marriage : 

1236. Carson, with Horace, 1874. 

1237. Albert, in railroad employ. . 

1238. Daughter. 

Richard, of Mil ford, Connecticut. 169 

591. AMAXDA C.« Amos-^ Simeon,^ m., Sept., 1828, Ira Wood. 
Lived in Boardman, Ohio, until 1848; then in Pahnyra, Portage 
county, Ohio, where he d. in 1850. She lives, in 1874, with her 
dan. in Anstinburg. 

12:J9. Harvey IT., 21 June, 1830. ' 

1240. Angle, 13 .^lay, 1841; m., 6 March, 1865, William llarley, of Austiu- 
burg, Ohio. 

592. OZIvO*^ Amos^ Simeon,^ m. Phebe Westover, of Palmyra, 
Portage county, Ohio, and lived in the vicinity for some time. He 
tinally removed to Cass county, Iowa, where he died. 

1241. Bruce, m. Sacket, of Talmadge, Portage county, Ohio; said to live in 
Denver, Col., but my letter to him was returned by the Postmaster. 

1243. Daughter, m. Sacket, brother of wife of Bruce. 

1243. Daughter. 

Both these daughters were said to live in Denver. 

598. AMANDER J.*^' Amos'^ Simeon,^ b. 1814, in Boardman, 
Ohio. Lives (1874) in Saybrook, Ashtabula county, Ohio; m. 
Eliza Slaven, of Boardman, Ohio, dau. Andrew and Mary Elizabeth 
Reed Slaven. 

1244. Sarah, ra. Samuel Pancost, of Paipesville, Ohio. In 1874, no ch. He 
is dry goods merchant in that place. 

1240. Andrew S., m. Ana M. Humphrey, dau. William H., of Ashtabula: her 
mother was a Bishop before m. Jan'y, 1874, have no ch. He is Captain on the 
lake, sailing his own vessel. 

1246. John A.+ 

1247. Amos E., d. in army at 18. 

1248. Addison A. ; in 1874, unm. and in Eureka, Kan. 

1249. Eugenia N. ; living, 1874, at home. 

590. HORACE'^ Eli ^ Simeon,-' b. in Boardman, Trumbull 
county, Ohio, 12 Dec, 1812. Was a very industrious farmer. In 
1864, he removed to Wapello, Iowa; and in 1874, to the southwest 
part of Kansas, where he d. 20 April, 1875. He m., 9 Oct., 1834, 
Miss Sarah Ann Schell, of Youngstowu, 0., who (1877) survives. 

1250. .Jefferson, b. 1835; drowned in Youngstown, in the summer of 1844. 

1251. Mary, b. about 1844 to 1846; m. in Iowa a Mr. Walker, from whom she 
separated, and now (1877) lives with her brother Eli. 

1252. Eli, b. about 1849; removed to Iowa about 1864; to Kansas, 1874, and 
back to Iowa in 1875, where he now (1877) lives. 

1253. Albert O., 1851 or 1852, in Boardman, Ohio. About 1870, returned from 
Iowa to Ohio. In 1875, I made his pleasant acquaintance in Cleveland, where he 
represented the Ohltown coal mine. In 1877, mining coal in Brazil, Ind., with his 
father-in-law, Daniel L. Smith, whose dau. Elizabeth he m. in 1874. 


170 BakUcin Gencalogjj. 

597. JESSE 6 Eli ^ Simeon,^ b. in Boardman, Ohio, 9 April, 1815. 
He resides (1S77) in Boardman, Ohio. From the age of twenty, 
he has been a very snccessliil miller. An old Democrat, he 
became an early Anti-Slavery man. By his able pen, and argu- 
ments on the stump, he has done much to change the politics 
of his county. In 1857, he was a member of the Legislature. 
He was heartily opposed, at the passage of the legal-tender act, to 
making it retrospective. This placed him for a time outside of 
politics, which is only now practically discussing the questions of 
iinance which he then advanced. He m., 24 Oct., 1844, Lucy A., 
dau. of Arthur Patrick, of Boardman, Ohio. They have lived 
since in Girard, Youngstown and Boardman, all in the circuit of 
a few miles, 

1254. Alice E., b. 14 April, 1847; iii., 1868, George T. Lewis. + 

1255. Daughter, b. 1852; d. 1853. 
125G. Son, b. 1857; d. infaut. 

59!^. WILLIAM '' Eli^ Simeon,^ b. in Boardman, Ohio, 15 M'ch, 
1817. He graduated with high honor at the College at Meadville, 
Penn. In 1839, he purchased and published, at Warren, Trumbull 
county, Ohio, the Trumbull Democrat. He m., 1840, Henrietta 
Atkins, of Meadville, Penn. He d. May or June, 1842. He was 
an able editor. 

1257. Sou, b. spring of 1842: d. soon after. 

GOO. ELI*^ Eli ■' Simeon,^ b. in Boardman, Ohio, 3 Oct., 1822, or, 
as another authority says, 31 Oct., 1821; m., 28 March, 1855, 
Laura Mariah Folsom, of Warren, Ohio. In Jan'y, 1877, living- 
near Xiles, Ohio. 

1258. Daughter, b. 3 Dec., 1855; d. infant. 

1259. Jesse Mupert, b. 15 June, 1857. 

1260. Eli Ulysses, b. 21 Jan'y, 1860; d. aged 4 yrs. 

1261. Cleopatra, b. 25 Dec, 18C3. 

1262. Daughter, b. 2 Feb'y, 1865; d. aged 3 weeks. 

1263. Laura, b. 13 Dec, 1872. 

602. HOMER 6 Eli ^ Simeon,* b. in Boardman, Ohio, 12 Jan'y, 
1825: m. at Girard, Ohio, 11 ISTov., 1847, Susan Rush. By her he 
had three ch., of whom only one is living (1877) : 

1264. William R., b. 30 Dec, 1852. 

Richard, of MUford, Connecticut. 171 

He m. •2'"'- 28 March. 1801, Laui-u, dau. Benjamin IST. Kobbins, 
of Warren, Obio. 

12«5. PIcnry. June, 18G8. 

1266. Bcujamiu G., Feb'y, 1871 or 1872. 

lu 1877, he is a miller in Niles, Ohio, with his brother George 
S., in a mill built b}^ his brother Jesse, where they manufacture 
the famous '' White Foam Flower," a great favorite in the market, 
and awarded at the Centennial Exposition, in 1870, a medal and 

603. GEORGE S.<5 Eli^ Simeon,-^ b. in Boardman, 0., 25 March, 
1827 ; m., 21 April, 1853, Hannah Gray Kyle, of Andover, Ohio^ 
In 1877, he is a miller at Mies, Ohio. 

1267. Julia H., b. 2 March, 1854. 

1268. Lida F., b. 12 June, 1855. 

1269. Charles IT., b. 26 Nov., 1858. 

1270. Hiram E.. b. 2 May, 1862. 

008. SUSAX'^ Jared'' Barnabas* Barnabas^ Barnabas- Rich- 
ard,^ b. in Woodbridge, Conn., it is said, in 1780 ; m. Capt. Andrew 
Clark, of Woodbridge, who d. 1804, aged 70; and in 1874, his 
wHdow was living there with her son Leonard, and said to be 
aged 88. 

1271. Lorenzo. 

1272. Leonard, living 1874, in Woodbridge, witli seven ch. 

1273. Susan. 

1274. Harriet. 

And, it .said, two others. 

613. MAJOR*' Barnabas^ Barnabas,* b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 
June, 1788. He m., 22 N'ov., 1810, Harriet Parsons, b. 9 March, 
1798, dau. Linus, of Woodbridge. He d. 10 Oct., 1831. She, in 
1874, is still living in Bethel, with her son Abraham S. They 
lived in Woodbridg-e. He served with honor in the war of 1812. 


1277. Betsey Jane, b. Oct., 1811; m. William Daniels. -f 

1278. Hart Barnabas, 15 April, 1814. + 

1279. Abraham L., 15 Feb'y, 1827. + 

014. CHAUJ^CEYe Barnabas'^ Barnabas,* b. Aug., 1791, in 
Woodbridge, Conn., he continued to live. He m., May, 

172 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1817, Eunice, b. 1789, dau. .Fosepli and Sarah Baldwin Hine. of 
Orange, Conn. He d. 25 Dec, 1861 ; she, 30 Sept., 1863. 

1280. Hiildah, 28 Jan'y, 1819; m. David Monsou.+ 

1281. Sarah Ann, 27 Oct., 1821; m. Daniel :Monson.+ 

1282. Parsons, 20 March, 1824,+ 

615. BELA'' Barnabas^ Barnabas,^ b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 
1804. Settled in JSTew Haven, Conn, He m. 1***' Betsey Hibbard. 
dau. Samuel of ]!^ew Haven; his ch. were all by her. He m. 2"''- a 
wife, who died in 1855, on the same day with her husband. 

1283. Samuel. 4- 

1284. Lois; m. Robert Bennett. + 

1285. Julia; m. B. T. Henry; lives in New Haven, Conn. 

1286. Mary; m. Ogden T. Bailey, of Middletown, Cond. 

1287. Oliver E. 

1288. Luther. 

1289. William. 

1290. Hannah. 

623. POLLY 6 Ephraim ^ Barnabas,-* b. 17 Nov., 1783, in Wood- 
bridge; is called by some Patty. She m. Lewds Chatiield, of 
Oxford, Conn. She is dead. 

1290^. John; d. unm. 

1291. Ann. 

1292. Hannah; d. num. 

1293. Henry. 

1294. Martha, m. Miles Baldwin, of Woodbridge; s. Philo and gr. s. Josiah, 
descendant of John, Senior, of Milford. Her ch. by him are dead, and she m. 2'itl> 
Daniel Upson, of Watertown. Ch. 1. Mary, m. Ingham of New Haven. 2. Au- 
gusta; m. Alfred Russell, of Orange, now of West Haven, and have two cli. 3. 
John, b. about 1856; living in Woodbridge, with his mother. 

624. NEWTOi^« Ephraim s Barnabas,* b. 13 Dec, 1796, in 
Woodbridge, Conn. Other record says May, 1796. He d. 12 
Feb'y, 1862. lie m. 1**- 24 June, 1818, Anna Maria ^N'ewton, dau. 
Enoch, of Woodbridge, who d. 4 Sept., 1824, aged 24. He m. 2'"'' 
Esther Stow, dau. Capt. Isaac, of Milford, 3 Nov., 1825; she d. 
23 Nov., 1840, aged 36. He m. 3'<^'' Susan Ford, of Westville, 
Conn., dau. Deacon Silas Ford; she d. Feb'y, 1871. 

1295. Charlotte Elizabeth, 1 March, 1821 ; d. 15 Oct., 1834. 
1296. Son, d. infant. 

1297. George Ephraim, 12 Oct., 1826. + . 

1298. Silas Clark, 24 Oct., 1827.+ 

1299. Isaac, 13 April, 1829. + 

1300. Julius, 21 May 1831. + 

Richard, of Mil ford, Connecticut. 17S 

1301. Elizivbcth ChnHotte, 25 , 1833; m., as his 1st w., George Beoclicr, of 

Woodbridge, s. Amos. She d. ; uo cli., and her liusband m. JIartha Baldwin, dau. 

1303. Charles, 11 Jan'y, 1830.+ 

1303. Esther Maria, 3 March, 1838; d. 6 July, 1862, num. 

1304. Xewton Stow, 23 Oct., 1840. + 

1305. Edward, 25 June, 1843. + 

1306. Robert, 4 Aug., 1849; in 1874 unni., living in New Haven, Conn., and 
real estate broker. 

028. MARY ADELIXE« Ephraim'" Barnabas,^ bapt. 7 Jau'y, 
1812, in Woodbridge, Conn.; m., 6 Jan'y, 18ol, Silas J. Peck, of 
Woodbridge, b. 1 Feb'v, 1808, s, Phinehas and Anna. 

1307. Earl, which is likely his middle name, as in Peck Genealogy he is called 
Phinehas E. ; m. Mary Skeels, of Seymour; lives, 1874, in Woodbridge, and has ch. ; 
Harriet, Helen, Charles and Addle. 

1308. Martha Ann; m. Marcus Earl Baldwin, (j' s. .James J. 5 Thomas 4 Barna- 
bas-^ Barnabas- Richard. ^ 

1309. Henrj-; m. Cornelia Baldwin, dau. James J., and sister of husband of 
Martha Ann. 

680. DAVID p.,'' Silas ^' Barnabas,^ b. 4 Aug., 1791, in Wood- 
bridge, Conn.; m. 1**- 12 Aug., 1812, Sally Xewton, dau. Poger 
and Mary (Peck) ils'ewton. of Woodbridge; she d. 8 May, 1813, 
aged 20. He m. 2"^'' 12 Oct., 1814 (Town Pec. says 1815), Lydia 
Peck. dan. Stephen, by 1** w. Jennette. He is living (1874) in 

1310. Sally Jennette, 1813; m. John Peck.+ 

1311. Orlando Fields, 2 Feb'y, 1817.+ 

1312. Elizur W., 30 Oct., 1819.+ 

1313. BeLsey Louisa, 5 June, 1821; m., as 2'iJ w., John Peck, wlio m. 1st her 
sister Sally. Xo ch. 

1314. Augustus, l.j July, 1836.+ 

631. HULDAH^ Silas •^Barnabas,Mx 2 July, 17!»3. in Wood- 
bridge. Conn. She m., 30 Aug., 1815, Mark Sperry, b. 5 Xov., 
1790, s. Samuel, of Woodbridge. He d. 19 Nov., 1846; she, 25 
Jan'y, 1867, in Westville, New Haven county. Conn. 

1315. Henrietta, b. 29 May, 1818; m. 24 Dec, 1839; d. in New Haven 19 Nov., 

1316. Samuel Xewton, b. 23 June, 1820; m. 25 Nov., 1842. 

1317. Silas Baldwin, b. 27 July, 1822; m. Dec, 1852. 

1318. Gay, b. 24 Oct., 1824; m. 2 May, 1874, resides. 1847, in Westville. 

1319. Mary Elizabeth, b. 25 Feb'y, 1827; d. 3 Oct. 

174 Baldidn Genealogy. 

My information is from William W. Sjierry, of AVestville, per- 
haps of the succeeding generation. 

632. BETSEY ^' Silas 5 Barnabas,^ b. 18 June, 1795, in Wood- 
bridge; m. 4 Jan'y, 1813, Eev. Samuel J^ewton, s. Samuel, of 
AVoodbridge. She d. May, 1821. He was b. 1 Jan"y, 1795; he 
d. 28 May, 1865, at Antonio, Texas. He went as missionary to 
the Osage Indians, and his w. d. on the way at Shawneetown, 111. 

1320. Malvina Ruth, 7 Jan'y, 1815; dead. 

1321. Charles Gordon, 25 Sept., 1816; m. for I'^t w. Mary Brstoll, of Milford; 
d. 7 Jan'y, 1872, at Dallas, Texas. 

633. MAPvY*^ Silas 5 Barnabas,^ b. 26 Aug., 1797; m., 3 Oct., 
1822, Eeubeu y. Beecher, s. of Ephraim, of Woodbridge; she d. 
12 Jan'y, 1870, aged 73. 

1322. John J. 

1323. Edward I. 

1324. Catharine ].. 

1325. Wells M. 

1326. Frances M. 

634. CHARLOTTE*^ Silas '^ Barnabas,^ b. in Woodbridge, 16 
July, 1799; m., 3 Oct., 1822, Amos Beecher, s. Enoch, of Wood- 
bridge. They still live there. 


Charles N. 




Elizabeth A, 


George E. 




Alonzo E. 


Franklin A. 


Jane V. 

635. SILAS " Silas ■' Barnabas,^ b. 5 July, 1801, in Woodbridge, 
Conn.; m., 27 March, 1828, Eliza E. ]S^ewton, dau. Jonah, of Wood- 
bridge. Jonah was brother of Roger, son of Enoch and Samuel, 
s. Samuel was cousin of Jonah. The ^ewtons were from Milford. 
He became a resident of New Haven, where, in 1877, he and his 
wife still live, in the enjoyment of a pleasant home and handsome 
competence. He was a dealer in boots and shoes, and after inter- 
ested in the dry goods trade, but long since retired. 

1335. Elbert I.+ 

1336. Eliza Newton; n^, Henry E. Hatcli.-j- 

1337. Alice Gertrude; m. John M. Richards. -|- 

1338. Adolphus Kirk. 

Riehard, of Milford, Connecticut. 175 

6:?6. SARAH HARRIET" Silas 5 Barnabas,^ b. 20 June, 180:3, 
111 Woodbriclgc; m., 2o March, 1828, Zciias Ailing, of Orange, s. 
of Edward Ailing. 

13;J9. Eugvniii ITaiTict; m. 14 Oct., 1852, Wm. 11. Plumnier, in 18711 living in 
Ansonia, Conn. 

1340. Dwight A. ; in 1873 living in Derby. 

637. LUCY C^ Silas 5 Barnabas,-' b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 2 
Aug., 1805; m., o March, I80I, Ljman Fairchild, s. John of 
Oxford, Conn.. Live (1873) in Woodbridge, Conn. 

1341. Mary, J. 
1343. Henry E. 

638. MINERVA*' Silas ^ Barnabas,^ b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 

13 , 1808; m., 2 Ang., 1837, John Easton. Settled in Half 

Day, 111., twentj-tive miles from Chicago. She d. 20 March, 1859. 
He is living. 

1343. Frances Elizal)eth, 15 March, 1841; m. 23 Oct.. 18GG, Jiulsou A. Mason, 
of Vernon, 111. 

1344. Cassius Baldwin, 24 May 1846; ni. 11 June, 1867, Ellen 0. Parsons, of 
Deerfield, 111., where, in 1874, they live. 

1345. Mary Adelaide, 15 Nov., 1849; m. 2 Xov., 1873, Royal M. Hubbard, of 
Longmont, Colorado, and live there. 

John Easton was s. of James, b. in Washington county, X. Y., 
who m. Jane More, of Glasgow^ Scotland. They were m. in 
Ticonderoga, X. Y., and lived in Putnam, N. Y. 

646. LAURA ^ George^ Thomas'^ Barnabas^ Barnabas- Rich- 
ard,^ b. in Woodbridge, Conn.; m, Merritt Woodruff, of Orange, 
and live (1874) in Woodbridge, Conn. 

1346. Clark; living in An^ouia, Conn. 

1347. Lewis; dead. 

1348. Dwight; living in Derby. 

1349. Susan Jane, 1834; d. 30 March, 1852, aged 16, of small-pox. 

1350. Mary Lucretia, 1835; d. 31 Jan'y, 1852, aged 17. 

1351. Garwood Mills; living in New Haven. 

647. LUCRETIA « George^ Thorn as,-^ b. in Woodbridge, Conn.; 
m. Gen. Amos Thomas, of W^oodbridge. 

1352. Elizabeth. 

1353. John, dead; ch. living, 1874, in Birmingliam. 

1354. Sarah. 

176 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1855. Charlotte, m. Muuson, of Hamden. 

1356. Grace, m. Lines. 

1357. William, in 1873, in Bridgeport, Conu. 

1358. Jane. 

648. LYMAX^ George"^ Thomas,* b. in Huntington, Conn.; m., 
31 May, 1$24, Maria Beach, dan. Capt. Thomas, of Woodbridge, 
or of Isaac. 

1359. No3'es, when last heard from, living in South Pass City, Wyoming Terri- 
tory, and six ch. 

1360. Grace, b. 32 April, 1831: m. John Chatfield.+ 

649. GEORGE « George = Thomas,* b. in Woodbridge, about 
1824. He lived in Derby, Conn., at." Fishing Place," near " Bald- 
Avin," a station on the J^augatnck Railroad. He m. Cynthia, b. 


1301. Martha, b. 29 July. 1849. 

650. SARAH LOUIS A 6 George^ Thomas,* b. in Huntington, 
Conn.: m. David Bartlett, of Huntington. She is dead. 

1362. Sarah, m. Tlitcher (V), of Orange. 
1362^. Elihu, d. of .small pox. 

651. ELIHU FROST « Georo-e '' Thomas.* b. in Huntington, 
Conn.; said, in 1873, to be living in California; m. and one ch. only : 

1363. Daughter. 

652. JUDSOX^' George 5 Thomas,* b. in Huntington, Conn.; m. 
Charity Blackman, of Huntington: d. in California; left children, 
it is said : 

13G4. Frederick. 

1 365. Gertrud«. 

654. MARCUSEARL" James J.^ Thomas,* b. in Woodbridge, 
Conn.; m., 2 Sept., 1852, Martha Ann Peck, dau. Silas and Mary 
Adeline (Baldwin) Peck,*' of Woodbridge. Marj^ A. B. Peck was 
dau. of Ephraim ^ Barnabas,* brother of Thomas,* above. He had, 
in 1873, been Town Clerk of Woodbridge twenty-two or twenty- 
three years, Representative, Justice of the Peace, &c. 

1366. Lida, 31 March, 1856. 

1367. Silas James, 3 Jan'y, 1858. 

1368. Henry Earl, 20 Nov., 1859. 

Richard, of Milford, Connecticut. 177 

G56. SUSAN CORNELIA" James J.'' Thomas,^ in. Henry I'eck, 
s. Silas and ^fary Adeline (Baldwin) Peck, of Woodln-idge, brother 
of the wife of Marcus Karl. 

i;}70. Newlou. 

1871. Siks. 

1872. Infant (Inuglilcr, not named in 1873. 

t;78. CHAUNCEY^ Thaddens^- Timothy^ Timothy '■' Barnabas '- 
Pvichard,^ b. in Derby, Conn., about 1778. Tie. d. 28 Oct., 1827, 
aged 49. Lucy, his wife, d. 17 Sept., 1828, aged 48. 

1378. Lucy Ann, m. Benliani Blakeslce; lives in Lj'ons, Iowa, in 1874. 

1374. Lj'clia, m. George A. Gorliam; living, 1874, in New Haven, Conn., on 
Green street. 

1375. Marcus. + 

G74. DAVID '■■Thadcleus"^ Timothy,^ b. in Derby, Conn.; lived 
and died there, 

1376. Burr Beeclier. + 

1877. Edward, d. in New Haven, and left a family. 

678. MILES '' Miles '> Andrew^ Timothy ^ Barnabas ^ Bicliard, ^ 
b. in Whitino', \t.: m. Elizabeth StowcU. 

1878. Warren, b. 28 Sept., 1812. + 

1379. Isaac S.. b. 181(5, in Whiting, Vt.+ 

1380. Orrin, dead; widow Susannah lives at " Spring Boro." 

(179. JESSE '''Miles •■ Andrew,* b. in Whiting, Yt.; d. 1845. 

1381. Alonzo.+ 

1882. Lueretia, b. 1S09; nu, 1829. Emerson Watts. + 

1388. Emeline, 1811; m. Albert Williams. + 
1384. Lucina, 1817; d. 1845, unm. 

<;80. ANDREW" ]^Iiles-^ Andrew,^' b. in Whiting, ^'t. 

188.'). Miranda, b. 1810; ni., about 1831. (.'hri.stopher Johnson; and d. about 
1S88, leaving no cli. 

1386. William H., 1818. + 

082. TREAT" Miles'^ Andrew,* b. 1795, in Whiting, Addison 
county, Yt.; m., 1821, Sophronia Glidden. 

1387. Truman W, 2 June, 1822. + 
1888. Lorenzo G., 25 June. 1828. 

1389. Milo, 9 Feb'y, 1825. + 
1890. Franklin B., d. 1882 
1.391. William W. 

1392. Sophronia L. 

178 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1398. Horace T., b. iii Sylvan, Mich., 16 Aug., 1836. 

1394. Charles O., 10 July, 1839. 

683. ABBY*5 Miles 5 Andrew,^ b. in Whiting, Yt.; m. Kimball. 
In 1877, there are living in Orlancl, Ind., four sons and three daugh- 
ters, one ot whom is 

1395. Augustus. 

686. AMOS *^ David -^ Andrew,^ b. in Wutertown, Conn., V2 Dec, 
1778. He m., 9 Jan'y, 1804, Elizabeth Bryan, b. 7 April, 1781, 
and dau. John, who moved from Prospect to Waterbury. He 
was, in 1818, Representative from Watertown, and was member 
of the Connecticut Constitutional Convention, He moved to 
]^orfolk, Conn., having in Watertown the reputation of a "good 
man." He d. 9 May, 1847 ; his widow, 80 Dec, 1851, then called, 
in the W^atertown Kecords, of Prospect, and carried to Norfolk 
to be buried. 

1396. Eliza, 10 Jau'y, 1805; m. Hemaa Oviatt.-h 

1397. David. 3 Sept., 1808; d. lo April, 1809. 

1398. .Julia, 17 April, 1809; ni. James Cowles.+ 

1399. Maria, 31 April, isil; d. 1 April, 1837. 

1400. AndreY^% 19 Sept., 1813. + 

1401. Dotha, 28 Dec, ISlo; d. 22 Oct., 1833. 
1403. Harvey, 12 Oct., 1818. + 

1403. Nancy, 2 Feb'y, 1821; d. 10 Sept., 1823. 

1404. Nancy Elizabeth, 37 Sept., 1833; m. Lucien Bi'onsou. -H 

1405. Amos P., 1 May. 1836. + 

687. TREAT •= David -^ Andrew,^ b. in Watertown, Conn., 13 
June, 1780, and continued to live there. He m., 20 April, 1808, 
Polly Hickox. He d. :> Dec, 1820. 

1406. Child. 1807; d. 9 Dec, 1813, of spotted fever, aged 6. 

1407. Fanny, m. 1st. Qzias Peck, and 3"J. Hiram Frencli.+ 

1408. David Perkins. 1813; m. Lydia Hickox, dau. Eleazer, of Burton. Ohio; 
in 1871, living in Bridgeport, Conn.; no ch. 

689. ANNE « David 5 Andrew,^ b. in Watertown, Conn., 29 
Feb'y, 1784; d. 20 Oct., 1841. She m. Herald Brown, of Beth- 
lehem, Conn., and had in all, it is said, eight daughters and sons. 
She and her husband are dead. 

1409. Alfred, dead. 

1410. David, dead. 

1411. Ilu'dah, living 1873: ni. Judd, who is d. 
1413. Sarah, m. Leonard Kilhv. 

Richard, of 3Iilford, Connecticut. 179' 

14121. ]\rartlm Prikius, G Feb'y, 1810. I learn I'njiu auotlier source, m., 18 
June, 1832, Edgar Nathaniel Kasson, b. Feb'y 19, 1799. Tie was a farmer in Beth- 
lehem, and they had eh.: Harriet A., d. y.; Harriet Louisa, 11 March, 1835, d. ~y 
Oct., 1846: :Mnrtha Josephine. 17 Nov., 1836, m.. 14 Nov., 1850, Charles N. Flowers, 
a farmer of Bethlehem, and have .several eh.; George Dixon, 21 Oct., 1838, d. 2 
:May.. 1865; Edgar Nathaniel, 20 Feb., 1841, m. 1 Oct., 1865, Evaliue Osborne, and 
had one dau. Carrie, b. 3 Oct., 1866. He d. 3 May, 1866. 

093. TRUMAN^ David -^ Andrew,-' b. in Watertowii, 17 June,. 
1793. He m., 4 Sept., 1816, Betsey S. Aspiuwall. He d. 20 Feb'y. 
1859. Plis widow was living in 1873. His homestead, where I 
visited his widow, in 1873, is the old mansion, which was the early 
home of John Trumbull, author of McFingal. It is a fine, 
old-fashioned, large, two-story double house, and kept up in 
nice shape, looking much pleasanter than the engraving of it in 
Duyckinck's "American Literature." 

1413. Amanda Eliza, 19 July, 1817; m. Curtis Judsou. + 

1414. Andrew Harvey, 31 Dec, 1818. + 

Betsey was dau. of Eleazer and Elizabeth (Steel) Aspinwall. 
He d. 23 Nov., 1804, aged 53; she, 4 May, 1832, aged 80. 

094. MILO " David ^^ Andrew,M^. in Watertown, Conn., 7 June, 
1790; was a farmer, residing in the north part of Watertown, 
where he d. 14 Feb'y, 1859. His wife, Xancy E.. d. 14 Jan'j', 
1848, aged 50 ; she was born in Woodbury. 

1415. Martha E., m. George Woodward. + 

1416. Huldah, m. Cliarles N. Allen. + 

1417. George Ransom, m. Sarah ]Mattoon, dau. Deacon David, of Watertown, 
and, 1873, residing in Waterbury, Conn. 

695. HULDAH 6 David '^ i\ndrew,M). in Watertown, Conn., 29 
March, 1799 ; m, Edward Hopkins, of Xorthfield (east of Litch- 
field), Conn. She d. 17 Oct., 1822, and was buried in the same 
cotfiu with lier son. 

1418. David B., Sept., 1821; d. 16 Oct., 1822, aged 13 mos. 

097. CHARLES « Enoch ^ Enoch ^ Timothy^ Barnabas'^ Rich- 
ard,i b. in Woodbridge ; m., 1823, Sophrona Crowell, dau. William 
and Martha Crowell, of Elba, Is". Y. He settled in Duplean, Clin- 
ton county, Mich., but, in 1874, removed to Xew Afilford. Portage- 
county, Ohio. 

180 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1419. Mary, m. Martin Cransou; d. before 1874, and one cli. in Nebraska. 

1420. Martha E,, m. Chapniiyi, of Rootstown (P. O. New Milford), Portage 
county, Ohio. 

1431. Lucy, m. Gleason, and 1874, living in Michigan. 

704. DARIUS « Alexis'^ Enoch,^ b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 6 
May, 1804. Was a blacksmith in Orange county; thence removed 
to jSTew Haven, Conn., where he still (1875) lives. He m. Thirza 
Dorman, dan. Amos, of Oxford, Conn., by his w. Hannah Bald- 
win,^ dau. Silas '" James * Samuel •' John - John,^ Senior, of Milford. 

1426. George A., 28 Jan'y, 1830. + 

1427. Charles A., 28 .Jan'y, 1832. + 

1428. Mary A., 12 Jan'y, 1834; m. George M. Harmon. + 

1429. Allen D., b. 20 Aug., 1836. + 

1430. William Henry, b. 1 Nov., 1841. + 

706^. JANE*' Amos^ Enoch,^ m. David Mathews, of Birmingham 
(Derby), Conn., a native of Scotland She is dead. 

1431. Daughtei', living. 

1432. Daughter, dead. 

709. EDWIN c Amos-^ Enoch,* living (1873) in Ansouia, Conn.; 
m. two wives, one of whom was Jane Hills, of Bethlehem. 

1433. Sou, dead. 

1434. Sou, dead. 

1435. Jane. 

1436. Mary. 

1437. Charlotte.- 

1438. Edwin. 

710. MARY ^^ Amos ■'^ Enoch,Mii. Josiah Squires, of Massachu- 
setts. She is now (1873) of Birmingham, Conn. 

1439. Sarah. 

711. CHARLOTTE •^ Amos >^ Enoch,* m. l'^*' George Colburn. 

1440. Son. 

1441. Daughter. 

Married 2"^'- George Hills, of Bethlehem, Conn. She now (1873) 
lives in Birmingham, Conn. 

1442. Sou. 

Richard, of Milford, Connecticut. 181 

726. MURRAY LESTER ^ Timothy ^ Elijah * Timothy =^ Barna- 
bas - Richard,^ h. in Derby, Conn., 7 Feb y, 1807; m. 1**> 13 Xov., 
1831, Sarah Abigail Tlnghes, clau. Roswell, of East Haven, Conn., 
who was son of Daniel, of the same place. She was b. 1 April, 
1813; d. 27 Jan'y, 1871. He m. 2'"»' 21 Sept., 1873, Miss Mary H. 
Rossitur, of Derby, Conn. He learned the shoemaker's trade, 
which he practiced in early life in Connecticut. He then went to 
!N'ewark, IN". J., to take charge of a shoe manufactory. The crash 
of 1837 closing the business, he went to Jersey City as a coal 
agent. Finding it necessary in his business, he built a tug to 
draw his boats of coal, said to be the first in 'New York harbor. 
He then went into the steamboat business, and accumulated a 
handsome fortune. He has retired to a fine, sightly place in East 
Haven, Conn., to enjoy it. 

1443. Edward Murray, 1 May, 1833; m., 14 Sept., 1871, Adelaide Eudora 
Lindley. He lives iu Fair Haven, Conn., and the "Trowbridge Genealogy" says 
he is in the United States Xavy. 

1444. Theodore Englebrecht, 14 July, 1836. + 

1445. Julia Ann; m. Joseph Thomas Perkins. + 

728. ABIGAIL*' Timothy^ Elijah,^ b. in Derby, Conn., May, 
1813; m. as his 1^* w. Michael Ritner, who liv^ed in Bloomfield, 
2Sr. J., said to be son of a Governor of Pennsylvania, of that name. 

1446. Joseph, m. ; living 1874. 

1447. Sophocles, dead. 

1448. Margaret, 1843; d. 1867. * 

She d., and Mr. Ritner m. her sister Julia Ann, and d. 7 Feb'y, 
1872, leaving her a widow, with no children. He was a railway 

729. EDWARD CURTIS « Timothy ^ Elijah,^ m. Cornelia St. 
John, and had but one ch.: 

1449. Murray L., thought, in 1874, to be keeping hotel with his father in Law- 
renceburgh, Ind. 

747. SARAH « Henry ^ Henry ^ Theophilus^ Barnabas ^ Rich- 
ard,^ b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 11 June, 1787; m. Timothy Miller, 
s. Dr. Miller, of Hartland. Resided in Pittsburgh, Penn., where 
he d. The family then removed to Louisville, Ky. 

1430. Sarah Allen, ra. 

1451. Orlando, m. 

1453. Timothy, d. in New Orleans, unm. 

1453. Marj% ni. 

182 Baldwin Genealogy. 

748. MARTHA 6 Henrys Henry ,^ b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 11 
^ov., 1789, m. Elias Babcock, of Sherburne, N. Y., who is long 
since dead. He was a merchant of some prominence. She was 
living in the fail of 1872, and had a family. 

1454. Charles W. 

1455. Child. 

749. JAMES LEWIS*' Henry ^' Henry,* b. in Woodbridge^ 
Conn., 9 May, 1790 (twin). He was known as Lewis. He m. 
iSusan Crumb, of New York City, and left eh., at least 

1456. Henry. 

1457. Daughter. 

750. LUCY*' Henry '" Henry,* b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 9 May, 
1790 (twin); m. John Bessy, in Montezuma, N. Y. Had several 
ch., and then moved to Michigan; at last settled in Wheatland, 
Wisconsin, where botli died. 

1458. Amanda. 

1459. Philip. 

1460. John. 

1461. Daughter, m. Palmer. 

1462. Daughter, m. 

1463. Charles. 

1464. Daughter, m. Fish. 

751. ALSUP, or ALS0P,6 Henrys Henry,* b. in Woodbridge, 
Conn., 15 March, 1794 (his own family Bible says 1795) ; m., 6 Oct., 
1816, Lydia Mitchell, of Coshocton, Sufiblk county, E". Y., who 
was b. 8 Feb'y, 1797, He settled in Litchfield, Bradford county, 
Peun., living there in 1874. 

1465. Polly, 17 Sept., 1818. 

1466. Patty, 13 March, 1820: d. 13 Dec, 1822. 

1467. Nathan, 8 June, 1824; m. and lives in Litchtield, Bradford county, Peun.; 
m. Susan Brown, who d. 3 April, 1870; has ch. 

1468. Sarah E., 1 March, 1826. 

1469. Lj^dia Jane, 9 Jan'y, 1828; m. and d. 

1470. Allen B., 21 May, 1829, m. and lives iu Litchfield; has ch. 

1471. Olive B., 7 May, 1833. 

1472. Hannah A., 10 July, 1834, dead. 

1473. Isaac P., 16 April, 1836; m. and iu Litchtield. 

All three of these sons were drafted in the late war. 

754. ISAAC STEBBIXS^HenryS Henry,* b. in Woodbridge, 
Conn., 17 July, 1800; m., 17 Sept., 1822, Alva Merwin, of Durham, 
Conn., b. 29 Oct., 1803. He lived in Durham, Conn., Norwich, 
N. Y., and finally died in Cromwell, Conn., of consumption. 

Rirhard, of Milford, CoitDectk-at. 183 

1474. ]Slaiy Elizabetli, 28 Dec, 1823, at Durham; m. James Macklock, a uative 
of Halifax. 

14?."). Lyman Merwin, 2 Fel)., 1827, at Durham; drowned 1 June, 1838. 

1470. Henry Mei"v\iu, 21 June, 1840, at Norwich, N. Y. ; enlisted, in Feb'y, 
1862. in Co. v., 7th Regiment New York V( lunteers. He Avas dangerously wounded 
in battle in Florida, removed to Beaufort to hospital, and some weeks after to his 
home, where he d. nine days after he arrived, 2 IMay, 1864. 

1477. Sarah Allen, 14 Feb'y, 1846, at Norwich, N. Y. In 1874, residing at 20 
Cedar street, Hartford, Conn. 

755. ALLEN ^ Henry -^ Henry,^ b. in Hartlaiid, Conn., 27 Jan'y., 
1803; m. Julia Hart, of Sherburne, 'N.Y. Lived liear Belvidere, 
Boone county. 111.; tbence to Crystal Lake, 111.; thence to Iowa. 

1478. Henry, thought to be m. 

759. SIIERMAX" Treat -^Theophilus^ Theophilus ^ Barnabas ^ 
Eichard,^ b. in Greene county, jST. Y.. 21 April, 1795; d. Sept., 
1847, in Essex, Clinton coiintv, Mich. 

1479. jMary, 1819; m. Sessions; living, 1877, in Lebanon, Clinton county, Mich. 

1480. Lodema, 1821; resides, 1877, in St. Johns, Mich. 

1481. William Treat, 1823. + 

All three born in Paris, Oneida county, jST. Y. 

1482. Hannah Melissa, b. 182-'), in Eaton, Madi.son county, N.Y. ; m. her cousin, 
3Ir. Kellogg, and d. 1867, in Michigan. 

1483. Emily, 1827, in "Weathei'stield, Wyoming county, N. Y. 

1484. Alanson, 1835; living, 1877, in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw counjy, Mich. 

■ 762. JOHN H. « Anor-^ Theophilus^ Theophilus"^ Barnabas^ 
Eichard,! b. in Milton, Conn., 4 Xov., 1803; in. 1^*' 14 Oct., 1827, 
Sally P. Burge; she d. 8 March, 1842. lie m. 2"'^' Eliza Hardy, 7 
July, 1842, at Joliet, 111.; she d. 16 April, 1848. lie m. 3«'. Ellen 
Y. Thomas, 6 April, 1850, at Joliet; she d. 18 Oct., 1860, aged 60. 
He is (1875) still living at Joliet. 

1485. Harvey B., 12 Sept,, 1828; in 1875, at Caledonia, Ringgold county, Iowa; 
m. and has six or seven cli. 

1486. Anor, d. num., aged 30. 

1487. Olive J., 22 June, 1831; ni., 1853, John Calvin Choate.+ 

1488. Henry, d. infant. 

763. D0THA6 Anor ^ Theophilus,* b. 23 Aug., 1807, in Milton, 
Litchfield county. Conn.; m., Oct., 1831, Howell Cowles, of Ply- 
mouth, Conn. She d. 1 Feb'y, 1843. 

1489. George, 2 Jan'y, 1833. 

1490. Dwight. 

They are living (1877) in Plymouth. 

184 Baldwin Genealogij. 

765. BETSEY" Aiior •'^ TheopMlus,^ b. in Milton, Litchfield 
county, Conn., 17 March, 1810; ra., 22 Feb'y, 1852, at Chittenango. 
:N'. Y., Royal C. Fox; living (1877) at Blue Island, Ind. 

1491. Almon Frauklin, b. at Perry ville, Madison county, N. Y., 19 Dec, 1832; 
m., 5 Aug., 1856, Louise Brown, at Chicago, 111., and in 1877 has five ch. : Iliram 
Franklin, b. 31 May, 1857, at Lyons, Iowa; Edgar Almon, b. 26 Oct., 1859, at 
Blue Island ; Olive, b. 19 June, 1863, at Carondolet, Mo. ; Louisa, 14 July, 1865, at 
Blue Island; Winnie, 9 ]\ larch, 1869, at Chicago, where her father lives, in 1877, 
and her mother d. 9 March, 1860. Almon m. 2'i'i. 27 Jan'y, 1873, Maria Louise 
Barlow, who d. 17 June, 1875. He m. 3i'i, 1 Dec, 1876, Delia Wise. 

1492. Annis Roxana. b. 9 June, 1834, at Chittenango, N. Y. ; in 1877 num. 

1492. Royal, 1 Aug., 1837, at Joliet, 111. ; in 1877 unm. 

1493. John Baldwin, 12 Feb'y, 1840, at Lockport 111.; m., Oct., 1867, Susie 
Perry, of Pawtucket, R.I. Ch. : Emily Perry, b. Oct., 1869, Arthur Benson, 
March, 1871; Bessie Baldwin, 16 March, 1874. Resides at Blue Island. 

1494. Edward, b. 30 Jan'y. 1842; d. infant. 

1495. George D., b. 30 Jany, 1842. 

1496. Gurdou Fo.\, b. 28 March, 1844; m. 1 July, 1872, Susie E. Campbell, of 
Joliet, and has one dau. Nellie, b. 23 Feb'y, 1874. 

767. ABIGAIL SCOFIELD « Anor ^ Theophilus,* b. in Goshen, 
Conn., 3 July, 1817; m. Stiles C. Peck, 26 Jan'y, 1837. In 1877. 
living at Monee, 111., with her son. 

1497. Virgil, b. 20 Oct., 1842; living, 1877, at >[ontgomery, Ala. n 

1498. Hubert, 27 Nov.. 1844; living, 1877, at Monee, 111. 

1499. Martha, b. 1 April, 1848. 

He was killed in a sawmill at Mound City, 111., 1 July, 1857, 
aged 44 yrs. 11 mos. 

768. HOWARD DUNBAR'' Truman ^' Theophilus,-' b. 10 Jan"y, 
1804, in Harpersfield, Delaware county, N. Y.; m., 21 Feb'y, 1827, 
Caroline McDonald, b. 16 Feb'y, 1808, in Watertown, Conn., and 
of Scotch descent. He lives, April, 1877, in Fond du Lac, Wis. 

1500. Dotha Cordelia, 27 Dec, 1827; m. and has four ch. ; two sons. 

1501. Sarah Maria, 6 March, 1830; m. and has six ch. 

1502. Truman Howard, 12 Aug., 1833; m. and has six ch. 

1503. Martha Ann, 18 March, 1836. 

1504. Cordelia, 18 Feb'y, 1838; m. and has four ch. 

1505. Lucy Jane, 30 Jan'y, 1840; d. 2 Feb'y, 1841. 

1506. Frederic, 12 March, 1842; m. and has two ch. 

1507. John Hanry. 22 Jan'y, 1844; d. 25 May, 1864. 

1508. Nancy Brett, 20 Sept., 1846; m. and has one ch. 

1509. Reuben Warren, 6 .Jan'y, 1849. 

Hic/nin/, ofJIilford, Connecticut. 185 

7t)9. AN:J^MARIA«Tmmaii^Theophilus,M). in Harpersfield, 
Delaware count}^ N. Y., 4 Sept., 180(!; m. Reuben Warner, of 
"Waterbury, Conn. They settled in Geneva, Ashtabula county, 
Ohio; and in 1874, the family are still there. Ch.: 

1511. Tnimau O. 

lol2. Nelson. 

1.j13. Ahiiiiiil, id. llirain Ijictl. 

771. MARTHA « Truman-^ Theophilus,^ b. May, 1813, in Water 

town, Conn.; m. Leverett B. Seymour, and in 1877, of JNashota, 

1514. Plu'Ite Ann. 

1515. Annie Maria. 
1510. :\rattie. 

1517. Xdlie A.. 

772. THEOPniLUS« Truman^ Theophilus,^ b. in Watertown, 
Conn., 27 March, 1818; m., 11 Aug., 1847, Jane Amelia Watrous, 
dau. Aaron, of Austinburg, Ashtabula county, Ohio. He resides 
(1874) in Oconomowoc, Waukesha count}^. Wis. 

1518. .lane HenrieUa, 19 Aug., 1848; m., 17 .June, 1866, Tliomas .T. Ilollaml, 
of Vassal-, Mich. She d. 16 Feb'y, 1867, with no ch. 

1519. Florence Autrusta, 1 March, 1851. 

1520. .Julia Finetta, 23 April, 1853; m. Ferris A. Spaiilding, 9 Jany, 1878, of 
Oconomowoc, Wis. 

773. FREDERICK BRETT" Truman ^ Theophilus,'* born in 
Watertown, Conn., 18 Dec, 1820; m., 9 Feb'y, 1843, Sarah A. 
Cowles, of Geneva, Ohio, dau. Joel G. and Sally Cowles. He re- 
sides (1874) in Baraboo, Sauk count}-, AVis. 

1521. Howard Henry, 25 Oct., 1843, in Geneva, Ohio; d. 25 June. 1863, in 
Baraboo. A soldier in 28rd I^eginient Wisconsin Volunteers. 

1522. I>eona Amelia, 23 Oct., 1847, at Geneva, Ohio; m. Aaron B. AVillit.+ 

1523. Martha Ellen, 7 April, 1S52; ni. .James Q. Haines. + 

774. MARY SOPHIA" Truman ^ Theophilus,-* m. IT. F. Sey- 
mour, and d. 20 ]Srov., 1865. 

1524. L. B. 

1525. Trunuui W., in 1877, in Na.shotali, Wis. 

1526. Louisa A., in 1877, of Waupaca, Wis. 

They had four other children, who are dead. 


186 Baldwin Genealogy. 

117. JULIUS PRIMES Theophiliis 5 Theopliilus,* b. in Water- 
town, Conn., 3 Oct., 1807. He m., 25 Dec, 1826, in Watertown, 
Alma Dutton,* b. 20 Dec, 1806, dau. Thomas ^ Thomas ^ Thomas. ^ 
She was sister of Hon. Henry Dotton, the distinguished Professor 
of Law at Yale College, United States Senator, and Governor in 
Connecticut. She d. 24 Sept., 1850. 

1527. George Dutton, 24 FelVy, 1828. 

1528. Benjamin .J., 13 Aug., 1830. 

1529. Lucy Ann, 6 Aug., 1834; ni. Raymond. 

All remembered, in 1856, in the will of their grandfather. He 
moved to Mendon, 111., about 1840, and m. a 2''^^ wife. 

778. A]S':S"cTheophilus^^ The()philus,*b. in Watertown, Conn., 
3 Sept., 1809; m. Jesse Baldwin, of WatertowUj s. of Thaddeus. 
They removed to Cheshire, Conn., where they reside in 1874. 

1530. Edward S., 1834; d. at Watertown, 16 Feby, 1835, aged 4 mos. 

1531. William Scovill. bapt. in AVatertowu, 17 .Tuiy, 1836. 

1532. George. • 

779. SUSAK'' Tlieophilus'' Thcophilus,-* b. inWatertov. n. Conn., 
12 Dec, 1811; m., 20 May, 1832, Sheldon Smith, of Thomaston, 
in Plymouth, Conn., s. John and Anna, of Derby, Conn. 

1533. Alfred Baldwin, 19 .Tune, 1834. 

1534. Ann Elizabetli, 11 Oc;t., 1840. 

1535. Charles Sheldon, 4 Sept., 1845. 

1536. .Tames Fanton, 1 Dec, 1836; d."6 Mar., 1837. 

1537. Elizabeth, 10 -Tune, 1838: d. 13 Nov., 1839. 

The first three ch., in 1873, are living in Thomaston. 

780. JARED STRONG *^ Theophilns '- Theophilus," b. in Water- 
town, Conn., 30 May, 1813 ; m., 1835, Amelia Flagg, dau. Jonah 
C. Flagg, of Cheshire, Conn., b. in 1817. In 1873 are living there. 

1538. Sarah, about 1836; m. .Toun French. + 

1539. .Tared, 1838. -h 

1540. .Tulia Amelia, 6 Dee., 1845; d. :\larcli, 1847. 

1541. Infant !<on, d. 1852. 

783. ALMA REBECCA ^ Theophilus'' Theophilns,'' b.inWater- 
town. Conn., 27 Feb'y, 1820, known as Rebecca; m. 17 Sept., 1840, 
L3^man Adams, of Waterbury, Conn., s. of Reuben and Hannah 
(Clark) Adams. She d. 31 Aug., 1872; he 23 April, 1856, aged 46. 

1542. Mary Lucretia, b. 17 Sept.. 1847; d. 29 Aug., 1849. 

1543. Frederick Lyman, b. 24 Oct., 1850; living 1874, in Waterburv. Conn. 

Michanl, of Milford, Connecticut. 187 

785. ABEL SEYMOUK (' Jared^ Theophilus,-' b. 1811, in Oneida 
county, N.Y. His father dying- when ho was a child, he was 
adopted by his nncle Leverett, who also m. the sister of his mother. 
This uncle had no children of his own. He was educated at IIo- 
bert College, Geneva, N. Y.. where he graduated in 1834. In 1830, 
he went to Michigan, upon the Geological Survey of that State. 
He studied medicine, and in 1838 received from his Alma Mater 
the degree of M. D. In June, 1838, he m. Eliza, dau. of Robert 
Scott, a highly educated Scotchman, agent of Sir William Poult- 
ney, owner of extensive grants of land in AYestern New York. He 
arrived in Florida 2 Dec, 1838; settled as a physician in Jackson- 
ville, in that State, and has (1875) resided there ever since. He is 
widely known and highly esteemed in Florida, for his ability and 
sterling character. He accumulated a handsome property. He 
assisted in building the tirst Railroad in the State, of which he was 
President. He was a surgeon in the Confederate army, and at the 
close of the war, Medical Director for Florida and South Georgia. 
He lost a large property by the war, and at its close returned to 
practice and to the improvement of his property, of wliich, in 
1874, were sixteen stores in Jacksonville. For the last six years — 
1868 to 1874 — he has been in the State Legislature, was President 
of the County Medical Society, and in Jan'y, 1874, the first Presi- 
dent of the State Medical Societv. 

1544. William Leverett, 1840. + 

His wife d. in 1856, and in 1866 he m. Mrs. E. M. Dall. 

1545. Edna SejTnour, 1871. 

786. ROSETTE «Eli5Theophilus,*b. in Watertown, Conn., 1 
Feb'y, 1808; m. Seymour Adams, first of Watertowii, and after- 
ward of AYaterburv, Conn. 

1546. 3[ary, 9 Oct., 1832, in Watertowu; ni. .John Yail, of Waterbury. 

1547. John Baldwin, 11 Sept., 1835, in Watertcnvn; d. in Waterlmry, 24 
June, 1848. 

1548. Eli, 2 April, 1841, in Watertown, in 1873, of Southbridge, Mass. 

1549. Ruth Augusta, 19 Dec., 1843, in Watertowu;'m. Joseph Clark, Waterbury. 

1550. Rosette, 17 March, 1849, in Waterbury; w\. Harry W. Dewey, of Water- 

1551. Joseph S., 2 May, 1852; d. 12 June, 1873. 

787. ELI NETTLET0Js"6 Eli^ Theophilus,* b. 28 Dec, 1814. 
He m., 14 March, 1843, Mary Bronson, dau. Isaac H. He lived in 

188 Baldwin Genealogy. 

Huntington, Conn., where he d. 8 Dec, 1867; his wife, 3 Feb'y, 
1868. He was a manufacturer. 

1552. Eli N., 21 Nov., 1849. + 

1553. Estella A., 30 .June, 1853; in 1873, nnm., at lionu-. 

788. JOSEPH^Eli-^Theophilus,^ b. 4 Oct., 1816. Living (1874) 
in Waterbury, Conn.; m. Cornelia Shelton, who is dead. 

1554. Josepii. 

1555. ^liiiy, (1. iinm. 

790. ALFRED STRONG ^ Cyrus ^ Theophilus,' b. 17 June, 
1815, in Cheshire, Conn., where he still resides; m. 1^*^' Cecelia W. 
Peck, 14 Oct., 1846, dau. Clement Peck, of Cheshire; she died 9 
June, 1847, aged 32, 

1556. Elizabeth Charlotte, 14 Aui;-., 1841; d. 22 March, 1844. 

1557. Edward Alfred, 16 May, 1845; d. 10 March, 1846. 

Married 2"^i- 17 Oct., 1849, Sarah 0. Ford, b. 1 July, 1826, dau. 
James M. and Hanoah Ford; she d. 28 June, 1864. 

1558. .lulia Emily, 16 Nov., 1850. 

1559. :\Iary Elizabeth, 19 Sept., 1852. 

1560. Ellen Ford, 28 Oct., 1855. . 

He m. 3«'- 12 Sept., 1865, Mary, sister of Sarah Ford. 

792. WILLIAM JARED ^ Cyrus '^ Theophilus,^ b. in Cheshire, 
Conn., 27 July, 1819; m, Mary Stone, dau. Samuel, of Kent, Conn. 
They still reside in Cheshire. 

1561. Sarah E., 13 Dec, 1849. 

1562. Cyj-u.s E., 9 Au"-., 1851. 

1563. Annie L., 25 July, 1853. 

1564. William S., 27 March, 1856. 

1565. Mary E., 24 Fel)., 1859. 

1566. George, 4 .June, 1861; d. infant. 

1567. Laura H., 4 Aug., 1862. 

793. CYRUS HFLL ^ Cyrus ^ Theophilus,* b. in Cheshire, 
Conn., 15 Aug., 1822. He m. Lydia E. Ford, of Ilamden, Conn., 
sister of the wife of his brother Alfred. He went South as a 
merchant, and settled in Columbia, S. C. The war found him 
there. His family came away with Sherman's army. He still 

lUchanl, of Mtlford, Connectieut. 189 

resides there with his family, and has been, since the war. United 
States Assessor, with his othce in Charleston. 

ir)68. Walter, b. about ISo.'). 

1569. Alfred, (load. 

1570. James M.. about lN(il. 

1571. Elizabeth, about ISd.j. 

1572. Cyrus, about 18(59. 

1573. Infant daue'liter. deceased. 

795. ISAAC *^ Isaac'' Isaac* Theophilus-^ Barnabas ^ Richard,^ 
b. 25 Sept., 1800, in Milton, Litchtield connty. Conn. He settled 
in Litchfield, where, in 1873, he still resided. lie m. Rachel 
Moore, who d. 4 Nov., 1845. 

1574. Henry, U Sept., 1824.+ 

1575. Betsey, 14 .July, 1826; m. Amos .Johnson. + 

1576. Esther, 12 .July, 1828; m. .James H. Osborn.+ 

1577. Lucinda. 30 July, 1830; m. Charles B. Webster. + 

1578. Jane, 19 Aug., 1832; m. William M. Webster. + 

1579. Mary Ann, 2 July, 1834; m. Austin Hine.+ 

1580. Clark, 18 Aug., 1836. + 

1581. Louisa, 6 Nov., 1838: m. 1st, 21 Feb'y, 1864. Luman Wadhams, and 
settled iu Southford, Conn. She m. 2nd, Rev. L. W. Abbott, 25 Dec., 1866. and 
my informant says, "takes care of the minister's children ;" whence I infer that they 
are perliaps ch. by a prior marriage. 

1582. George W.. 18 June, 1841. Enlisted at Hartford, Oct.. 1861, in the 8th 
Connecticut Volunteers. He was with Gen. Burnside in North Carolina, and made 
good record as a soldier. He d. at Newbern, N. C, 22 March, 1862. 

1583. Harriet Eliza, 11 Dec, 1847; m., 12 Oct., 1870, Edwin H. Wentworth, 
and settled in Bridgeport. Conn. There in .Tan'v, 1874. No ch. 

799. ROWEXA^ Elias^ Isaac,* b. about 1817, in Seymour, 
Conn.; m., 6 May, 1840, William Chipman, of Waterbnry. They 
moved to Watertown, and my informant says, "became rich" by 
furnishing milk to the city of Waterbury. They now (1874) 
reside iu Cheshire. 

1584. Jane E., 17 Sept., 1842. 

1585. Susan M., 25 Nov., 1845. 

1586. Timothy L., 14 June, 1850. 

1587. Sherman W., 2 Oct., 1852. 

802. HARVEY «Elizur 5 Isaac,* m., it is said Polly, Mather; 
lived and d. in Sherburne, Chenango county, X. Y. His widow 
m. John Reynolds, of Sherburne, as his 3'"'' wife, and, it is said, 
lives there in 1873. 

190 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1588. Cornelia, m. Dewitt Reynolds, s. of John Reynolds, and lives, it is said, 
in Sherburne. 

811. ALLETTA« Lewis ^ Isaac * b. Sept., 1.S07, in Derby; after 
1810, lived with her grand parents, John and Mary (Hard) Somers, 
of Sonthbiiry, Conn.; m., 26 Dec, 1830, Dr. Smith (Mark, s. Abel and 
Lois (Smith) Clark, of Milford, and b. 8 Sept., 1803. He is in the 
Derby Rec. called, at the time of marriage, of Litchheld. They 
lived however in Derby. He d. 10 April, 1870. 

1589. Huhert S., 28 Sept.. 1881; d. 17 (Jet., 1885. 

1590. .Tustina M., 24 Jidy, 1886; m., 21 Sept., 1856, Lyman H. Ford, b. 9 Sept., 
1829, dan. Lila Mary. 15 Feb'y, 1858. 

812. SARAH « Eliphlet-^ Isaac,* b. in Derby, Conn., 7 Nov., 1813; 
m. Daniel F. Beach. Lived in Hartland, Barkhamstead, Derby, 
Conn.; then in Pennsylvania; then in Derby, where Mr. Beach d. 
of disease contracted in the late war. 

1591. Erwin, in war. 

1592. Charles, in navy three years. 

815. HARVEY « Eliphlet ^ Isaac* Theophilus ^ Barnabas"^ 
Richard,^ b. 24 May, 1816, in Colebrook, Conn.; m., 31 Dec, 1845, 
widow Baldwin born Angelina Hawkins, b, 11 Dec, 1812. They 
lived first in Derby, and now (1874) in North Branford. He is a 

1598. Franklin Smith, 14 Oct., 1846; d. 16 Aug., 1849. 

1594. Benianun Franklin, 21 Aug., 1851. 

823. JULIUS AUGUSTL^S'i Lyman -^ Isaac,* b. 20 Nov., 1814, 
at Sonthbnry, Conn. Graduated at the Wesleyaiu University, 
Middletown, Conn., and became a Methodist clergyman. Is now 
(1874) residing at Beach Pond, Wayne county, Penn., where his 
last six ch. were b. He m., 21 May, 1857, Thomasine Spry, of 
Beach Pond, b. 14 June, 1835. 

1595. Aurelia Ann, 25 Feb'y, 1S58, ^\'ayue county, Penn. 

1596. Bethiah .Jane, 7 Aug., 1859, at Sterling, Wayne county, Penn. 

1597. Cornelius Augustus, 20 April, 1861. 

1599. Darius Erastus, 16 .Ivdy, 1868. 

1600. Edwin Candee, 21 .July, 1865. 

1601. Francis Tamblyn, 19 April, 1867. 

1602. Garner Terry, 7 Aug., 1870. 

1603. Harnionius Octavius, 11 .June, 1872. 

1604. Isabella Nancy, 28 June, 1874. 

1605. .Julius Lyman, 19 March, 1876. 

Richard, of JIIljor<I, Connecticut. li>l 

824. SARAH AMANDA « Lvmaii^ Isaac,^ b. 13 Oct., 1816: m. 
Mr. Cushman. 

1606. CTiistavus AdclbiTt, 1 July, 1841, at Berksliiro, Tioga comity, X. Y. ; d. 
22 Aug., 1863, at Clintnn. IViiii. 

She d. 14 May, 1867, at Aldenville, Clinton, Wayne Co., Penn. 

826. MARY ANN « Lyman '^ Isaac,^ b. 16 May, 1818, at Oxford, 
Conn.; m. 10 May, 1842, at Poughkcepsie, N. Y., Nelson Hunt- 
ington, of Monticello, N. Y., now of Mower City, or Brownsdale, 
Mower county, Minn. Mr. Huntington was s. Jared, of Thomp- 
son, N. Y., and b. 15 March, 1819. 

1607. Echvin Mortimer, T Aug., 1835, in Chelsea. ^lass. ; d. in Xenia. Ohio, 
2T Sept., 1856. 

1608. Lucius Watsou Clark, 7 July, 1849, in Xenia, Ohio; d. 27 June. 1872, in 
Dexter, Minn. 

1609. ]Mary Cornelia, 20 :May, 1853, in Xenia (twin). 

1610. Sarah Amelia, 20 May, 1853; d. at Clifton, Ohio, 18 ^[arcli, 1865. 

1611. Laura Eva, 16 Nov., 1854, in Xenia; d. 6 Nov., 1859, in Xenia. 

1612. Kosalie Candee, 15 Nov., 1858, in Xenia. 

The ancestry of ^fr. Huntington will be found in "The Hunt- 
ington Family," by Rev. E. Baldwin Huntington. 

827. E:MILY MARIA 6 Lyman ^ Isaac,* b. 23 Jan'y, 1821, at 
Humphreysville (Seymour), Conn.; m. 1**- 26 Aug., 1844, Eleasor 
Olmstead, of Monticello, N. Y., who was b. in Redding, Conn.. 23 
May, 1818, and d. 20 Oct., 1860. She m. 2"^'' Mr. Connelly, and 
lives (1874) in Youngsville, Sullivan county, N. Y. 

1613. Alice Rosalie, 24 ]\rarch, 1846, at Thomp.son, Sullivan county. X« Y. ; 
d. 15 Oct., 1860. 

1614. Oscar Candee, 21 Aug., 1848. 

828. ALYAN BURR^ Lyman ^ Isaac,* b. in Humphreysville 
(Seymour), Conn., 17 Sept., 1834. He m. in Bardstown, K\'., 19 
Nov., 1867, Amelia Louisa Barber, b. in Louisville, Ky., 26 Dec, 
1844. In Jan'y, 1877, he resides in Bardstown. 

1615. Mary Cecelia, 1). 22 Nov., 1869. 

1616. Alvan Barber, 1). 10 .Jan'y, 1872. 

1617. .John Lee, b. 22 July, 1874. 

1618. Nancy Martina, 4 Feb'y, 1870. 

192 Baldwin Genealogy. 

829. ALSOP « Amos '^ Alsop * Theopliilus^ Barnabas ^ Richard, ^ 
b. ill Watertowii, Conn., 17 Nov., 1800; m., lived and died in 

1619. Elizabeth, 5 April, 18'28: unm. in 1878, in Watertown. 

1620. William, 4 May, 1830; unm. in 1873, in Watertown. 

1621. Andrew, 30 Nov., 1834. + 

1622. Sarah, 16 March, 1838; m. David Doolittle.+ 

1623. Kaney, 4 Aug., 1841. 

830. AM0S6 TUeophilus'^ Richard* Theophilus^ Barnabas^ Rich- 
ard,^ b. in Middlebury, Conn.; m. Eliza Hawkins. His estate was 
settled in 1833, and she survived. 

1624. .Jeremiah, in 1860, was m. and has six ch., some forty miles from High 

1625. Mead, in 1860, m., but has no ch. 

1626. Sarah, m. Miles Merwin, of Milford, and d. in 1871 or 1872, leaving ch., 
one girl and tAvo boys. 

Jeremiah and Mead are said to have gone west with their 
mother, who m. 2'"'' Marcus Galpin, of High Forest, Olmstead 
county, Minn. 

831. ISAAC M.« Theophilus^ Richard,'* Middlebury, Conn. 
His will, dated 3 Sept., 1838, was proved 4 Feb'y, 1839. He was 
of Middlebury. He m. 1***' Maria, dau. Selleck Galpin. 

1627. George ^^^, in 14th Connecticut Regiment; wounded at Getty.sburgh, and 
d. in hospital at Baltimore. 

Maria d., and he m. 2"<'' Angeiine or Ann Hawkins, and had one 
daughter : 

♦ 1628. Mary .lane; d. y. 

832. MARIA'' Theophiltis^ Richard,* b. in Middlebury, Conn.; 
m. Samuel Baldwin,^ of Southbury, Conn., son of Elihu * JSTathair' 
David- Joseph.^ 

1629. Horace C., 3 .Tan"y, 1823, in Milford. 

1630. Henry I). 14 .June, 1825. 

They live (1874) in Southbury, edge of Middlebury. 

833. ESTHER •' Theophilus " Ricliard * b. in Middlebury, Conn.; 
m., about 1835, Truman St. flohn, of Southljury, Conn. She is 
now living there a widow. 

Richard, of Milford, Connecticut. 193 

Ki;!!. llcury, in business in Now Haven, Cimii.; ni. Ksllier (Jray. ol' that place, 
and has one cii., Carrie (1874). 

1683. Maria, ni. AValter Afwood. of Watertown ; now (1874) living- with liei' 
mother. She has a dan. Lillie. 

835. i^ANCY ABIA '' Theophilus ^ Richard/ m., about 1832, 
Jonatliau Stiles, of Soutlibury, Conn., wJiere they live in 1874. 

1083. Ransom B., m. Anna Stilhnan, of Bridueport, Conn. There in 1874, 
and has a furniture store. 

1684. Walter M., in 1874, unm., in Bridgeport. 

836. LEWIS W.« Theophilus^ Richard,* b. 17 Feb'y, 1821, in 
Middlebury, Conn., livino^ (1874) in that place; m., 6 June, 1844, 
Martha M. Brovvnsou, b. 26 Jan'y, 1826. 

1685. Emma. 1). 6 Aug., 1840; in 1875 unm. 

1036. Lucy M., I). 18 Aug., 1848; m. .James J). Wooster.4- 

Lewis W. lives (1876) on the old place in Middlebury, having 
built a new house over the old cellar of his father's house. 

838. Is'OYES^ Ira 5 Richard,'' b. in New Hartford, Conn.; m. 
dau. of Capt. John Spencer and (Hotchkiss) Spencer, his wife, of 
Burlington, Conn. Settled (1832) in Montville, Geauga county, 
Ohio, upon a large farm of wild land, which he subjected to 
cultivation. He d. about 1842 or 1843. His widow was living 
there in 1873. 

1687. RodmoudNoyes, lO.Tany. 1824.+ 

1688. Roland IIotehkiss.+ 

1639; Martha Elizabeth, m. Josei)h Brought()n.+ 

1640. Melissa Lydia, m. I'^t, Lysander King, and 2"d, Thomas C. Hart. + 

839. IRA MERRITT^' Ira^' Richard,* New Hartford, Conn. 
The Postmaster at Kensington, in Berlin, Conn., where he settled, 
informs me, in 1873, that he was drowned a few years ago. 

1641. Ira A., Post Office, West Meridcn, Conn. 

1642. Merritt Wells, 28 Oct,, 1884, at New Hartford. + 

1643. Antoinette R.. m. Samuel L. Norton. + 

1644. Delia Angeline, 16 May, 1S38, in New Hartford: m. Charles N. Ailing. + 

1645. Newton H., 19 April, 1842, in Berlin. + 

1646. Andrew Jackson. 9 May, 1845; in 1873 in Kensington. 

^Irs. Baldwin, in 1873, was living with her dau.. Mrs. Norton. 

194 Baldnnn Geiwaloyy. 

840. LYDIA CAROLI^^'E^^ Ira^ Richard,Mn New Miltord, 
Conn., is sometimes called Caroline L.; m. David Camp, of Wood- 
bridge, brother of Hannah Maria, w. of her brother Julius. She 
d. in 1833 or 1834, and Mr. Camp m. 2"'^ time, but d. soon. 

1647. Elizalifth Caroline, ni. George H. Spencer, of Red Jacket. Kansas, and 
have had two ch. : Bertha, dead; Isadore, living. 

841. SOPHIA^ Ira^ Richard,* m. Jonathan Deming, of Sandis- 
lield, Berkshire county, Mass., in 1873, of Medina, Medina 
county, Ohio. 

1648. Geraldine Sophia, 18 March, 1830; m., 1 Feby, 185.J, :\[ark Taylor, of 
Marcellus, Onondaga county, N. Y. ; in 1873, of Clevehuid, Ohio; no ch. 

842. JULIUS nra 5 Richard,* b. 4 Oct., 1811, in Xew Hartford, 
Conn.: m. 1*'- 23 Dec, 1838, Hannah Maria Camp, of Woodbridge. 

1649. Sou, dead. 

Married 2'«'' Clarissa, born 12 Jan'y, 1818, of Otis, Berkshire 
county, Mass. 

843. ROYAL« Ira ^ Richard,* b. in New Hartford, Conn.; m., 
1st, jviiss Mary Livingston, of Brunswick, Medina county, Ohio. 
He settled at Marietta, Ohio, where his wife and her child died at 
childbirth. He m. 2'"^- ^Irs. Ann Campbell, of St. Clairsville, Ohio ; 
then went to Parkersburgh, Va., where he was for many years a 
dry goods merchant. He was appointed by President Buchanan 
Indian Agent to the Kickapoo tribe in Kansas ; Post Office address, 
1871, Kennekuk, Atchinsou county, Kan. 

1650. Son, dead. 

1651. Daughter, living. 

He has an adopted son Leonidas. 

845. JULIA6 Nehemiah '- Richard,* b. in Harwinton, Conn., 27 
July, 1805. She m. Samuel Ailson, ofs Harwinton, and has three 

1652. Lewis; in 1871, of Nevastoga, Texas. 
1658. A]l)ert; in 1S71, of Harwinton. 

1654. Henry; in 1871, of Harwinton. , 

Richard, of MUfoni, ConnectkiU. 195 

846. CORNELIA « XelK'miali-^ Kichard,-' b. 28 Dec, 1806, in 
Harwinton, Conn.: m., 22 Oct., 1834, Shelden Catlin, of Harwin- 
ton, and snrvived him. He was s. Benjamin, of Harwinton. 

1655. Ellen Cornelia; in ISTl, of ll.iiwinton. 

1656. Simon Sheldon: in 1S71, at CliicaiiO, and in llie insurance Imsiuess. 

847. XEHEMIAH ADDISOX*^ Xehemiah^ Richard,-' b. 23 Oct., 
1808, in Harwinton, Conn. In 1823, his father being dead, he 
received from his grandfather Baldwin a farm and buildings in 
Harwinton. He m.. May, 1838, Cloe Wilson, and died 22 Feb y, 

1657. Cornelius Stevens, 6 Aug., 1840: d. 9 .Alareh, 1846. 

1658. Howard Wilson, Aug., 1842; living (1871) in Canton, Conn. 

848. ELVIRA^ David ^ Richard,* b. 31 Dec, 1807, in Wood- 
bridge ; m. 28 Jan'y, 1829, Luther Kallam. He d. May, 1837 ; she, 
4 Mav, 1836. 

1659. Fanny, 8 Feb'j% 1880; ni., 18 Aug., 1850, Henry Bowles. 

1660. Linus, 18 :March, 1832; m., 7 July, 1861, Kate Harris. 

1661. Edmund, 29 July, 1836. 

851. BERTHA « David ^ Richard,* b. 6 Sept., 1813, in Forest 
Lake Center, Susquehanna county, Penn.; m., 27 June, 1833, 
Azor Warner, who d. 26 May, 1868. 

1662. Ruth E., 19 July, 1835; m., 12 Feb'y, 1856, Edwin Taylor. 

1663. Stanley B., 6 Dec., 1837; m., April, 1867, Cynthia Cfirr. 

1664. Sewell, 29 Jan'y, 1840; m., 5 April, 1862. 3Iary Cole. 

1665. Asa, 25 Aug., 1842. 

1666. Miriam, 13 May, 1845. 

1667. Justus F., 28 April, 1848; m., 5 July, 1869, Ella Crowell. 

1668. Lavinia E., 8 Aug., 1854. 

852. LAVINIA « David ^ Richard,* b. in Forest Lake Centre, 
Penn., 17 Sept., 1815; m., 16 March, 1837, Frederick Brock. He 
d. 18 April, 1841; she, 23 April, 1842. 

1669. Francis C, 16 .Jan'y, 1838; d. 12 Sept., 1857. 

1670. Theresa C, 26 June, 1840; m., 26 .June, 1863, .John Benedict. She d. 28 
Dec, 1869. 

853. WILLIAM C.^^ David '° Richard,* b. in Forest Lake Centre, 
Penn., 2 July, 1817; m., 18 Sept. 1842, Phebe Sheldon. He d. 17 
Jan'y, 1857. 

196 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1671. Elvira C, 6 July, 1848; m., 38 Oct., 1867, Augustus Boihvell. 

1673. Wealthy A., 33 May, 1845; d. 10 July, 1845. 

1673. Laura A., 11 May, 1846; m., 30 April, 1866, Joseph Bishop. 

1674. Elizabeth, 16 Feb'y, 1853; d. 34 Feb'y, 1855. 

1675. Lillis, 5 June, 1855; d. 19 January, 1857. 

855. ADAH B.6David5Ricliard,4b. 4 March, 1821, in Forest 
Lake Centre, Penn.; m., 24 Feb'y, 1845, Thomas Peat. 

1676. Adelia, 4 Feb'y, 1846; m., 1864, Thomas Beaumont. 

1677. Stanley T., 33* June, 1847. 

1678. ' Arad G., 35 Nov., 1848: m., 3 July, 1869, Amelia Page. 

1679. Bertha, 4 Sept., 1850; m., 13 June, 1873, Edgar RoUes. 

1680. Charles S., 30 Feb'y, .1853. 

1681. U. Grant, 1 March' 1864. 

856. HEN'RYJ.'^ David ^ Richard,* b. in Forest Lake Centre, 
Penn., 14 Jan'y, 1823; ra., 30 Dec, 1852, Amanda Slyter. 

1683. Josephine E., 10 Dec, 1853; m., 34 Dec, 1873, i\[ortimer Robinson. 

1683. Albert, 10 May, 1855; d. Sept., 1856. 

1684. Flora A., 1 March, 1857. 

1685. Evaline, 18 July, 1859; d. 33 .Tany, 1865. 

1686. William II., 7 Nov., 1860. 

1687. Frank D., 5 Feb'y, 1863. 

1688. Charlotte, 19 Xov., 1S64. 

1689. Alfred S., 35 April, 1866. 

1690. Archie, 34 Dec, 1870. 

1691. Harriet E., 31 June, 1873. 

857. EMELmE C. « David ^ Richard,* b. 26 Aug., 1825, in 
Forest Lake Centre, Penn.; m., 4 March, 1853, Nelson R. Cole. 

. 1693. Lydia L., 17 Feb'y, 1854. 
1693. Alonzo B.. 8 April, 1865. 

858. EMMAc Abner^^ Richard,* b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 10 
Sept., 1806; m. ISToyes Thomas, of Woodbridge, and is, in 1873, 
his widow, residing there. 














Ann Jcnette. 




Neheniiah. " 

1703. Child, dead. 

Richard^ of Milford, Connecticut. 197 

859. TiriRZA'^Abner'^Richard/b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 21 
April, 1808; m. James Stow. He d. about 18.53; and she, in 
1873, lives in New Haven. 

1704. Sidney. 

170.1. Mary. 

1700. Grace. 

1707. Mareia. 

1708. George. 

1709. Daughter. 

860. ABNER SPENCER «Abnei-' Richard,* b. 16 Dec, 1810, 
in Woodbridge, Conn.; in 1873, living there, and known as Spen- 
cer; m., 26 May, 1833, Mary Ann Camp. 

1710. Delia. 

1711. Lydia K., 1814; d. 23 Oct., 1845, aged ?A. 

1712. Nancy. 
1718. Ira.+ 

1714. Alison, insane. 
171."). Everett. + 

171(). .John, m. Ellen, 7 dan. Parsons Baldwins Chauncey 5 Barnabas 4 Barna- 
bas 3 Barnabas 2 Richard;! in 1873, living with his father; no cli. 

1717. :Mary. 

1718. Emily, 1886; d. 17 May, 1838, aged 2. 

861. TAMER ABIAH<^ Abner'" Richard* b. 2 Auo-., 1813, in 
Woodbridge. By a fondness for middle names common in Wood- 
bridge, her name becomes at marriage Abiah Tamer ; m., .5 Oct., 
1831, William Plumb, of Milford, Conn. They are both dead. 

1719. Eliot, 

. 1720. Margaret. 

1721. Tamer. 

1722. Smith. 

1723. Willis. 

1724. Lonisa, dead. 

1725. Child, dead. 

1726. Child, dead; and perhaps more. 

863. RICHARD HECTOR -^ Abner ^ Richard,* b. in Wood- 
bridge, Conn., 9 July, 1818 ; m. Charlotte A., born in Woodbury, 
and d. in AV'atertown, Conn., 30 Sept., 1870, aged -1:7. He d. 1 
April, 1853. 

1727. Annah Adelaide, 1847; d. 3 Aug., 1847, aged 5 mos. 

1728. Hester, m. 3Ir. Perkins, and lives in Watertown, and has two ch. 

1729. Harriet, m. Mr. Williams. She is d. Moved away; has one ch. 

1730. Hector R., in 1873 unm., and living in New Haven. 

1731. .Tane. 

198 Baldwin Genealogy. 

865. MIRIAM6 Abner5Eicbard,n-). in Woodbriclge, Conn., 4 
j!^ov., 1813; m. Samuel Fitch Sperry, b. 1 Aug., 1822, s. Samuel 
and Pamelia Sperrj, of Woodbridge, and now living on the 
homestead of her parents. 

1782. George Samuel, 10 Jime, liS4S; d. 16 Sept., 1.S49. 

1733. Emma Likt. 31 May, 1850; d. 21 Oct., 1869. 

1734. Olive Eleiior, 19 31ay, 18ri9. 

1735. Pearl Baldwin, 39 Nov., 1863. 

866. ELENOK« Abner'^ Richard, M3. in Woodbridge, 20 Feb., 
1826; m., 8 Kov., 1846, Samuel N. Beecher, of Woodbridge, s. of 
Elihu and Huldah Beecher, of Woodbridge. They and their ch, 
lire livmjj: in Milford, 1874. 

1736. Frank, 6 Aug., 1847; m., 29 Jaii'y, 1874, INIary E. Hoyt. of Albany, N. Y. 

1737. Frederic S., 2 June. 1849; d. 18 July, 1850. " 

1738. Walter M.. 14 June, 1859. 

1739. Mattie L., 7 Aug., 1860. 

867. ABIGAIL ^ Abner '" Richard,^ b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 14 
Feb'y, 1828; m., 17 Oct., 1847, Gilead Kimberly, s. William and 
Ruth Ann Kimberly, of West Haven, Conn. In 1874, they live 
in Xepaug, Xew Hartford, Conn. 

1740. WillitunG., 24 July, 1848; m., 25 July, 1868, Laura Dennis. 

1741. Eleanor M.. 3 Sept., 1850; m.. 20 June, 1873, Harvey W. Daley. 

1742. Angelina R.. 5 .Tune, 1854. 

1743. Martha E., 16 June, 1859. 

1744. Augusta L., 13 Sept., 1862. 

1745. Abigail, 8 Feb\v, 1865; d. April. 1865. 

1746. Frederick A., 18 May, 1867. 

1747. Harry G., 18 April. 1870. 

870. CHARLES LUCIUS'^ Charles W. =^ Charles^ Sylvanus ^ 
Barnabas^ Richard,^ b. m New Britain, Conn., 18 Aug., 1822; m., 
24 Dec, 1848, Jennette Adelaide Sharpe, dau. George William 
Sharpe, from Birmingham, Eng., to JSTew Haven, Conn., and his 
w. Lydia (Dornian) Sharpe. 

1748. Mary Ella, 15 Oct., 1849; m., 17 September, 1873, Charles H. Bromley, 
of New Haven, s. Spencer, of the same city. 

1749. Charles Frederick, 2 ]Mai-ch, 1852. 

1750. Frank Henry, 11 Feb'y. 1854. 

1751. Louis Whittier, 3 April. I860. In 1880, student in Yale College. 

1752. Jessie Wilhiniene, 9 March, 1862. 

Richard, of 3Iilfon/, Connecticut. 199 

He was for some time a. manufacturer in New Britain, Conn., 
a,nd Representative to the Connecticut Legislature from tliat city. 
He is now (1877) a resident of J^Tew Haven, Conn., a member of 
the very extensive house of Sargent & Co. He has always been a 
leading and iniluential citizen. He several times held offices of 
trust in N^ew Haven, although his time is very much absorbed by 
his business. 

871. AMOS SHERMAN 6 Charles W. -^ Charles,* b. in New 
Britain, Conn., 29 June, 1827; m. Jane Augusta Barnes, dau. of 
Anson Barnes, of New Haven, Conn., in March, 18.57. Resided 
for some time in Branford, Conn., as a manufacturer. He then 
removed to Wabaunsee, Kansas, where he has a large farm. 

1753. Helen Augusta, 22 -July. 1858; d. (5 Xov., 1858. 

1754. Sherman Anson, 4 .July, 1860. 

1755. Lillian Augusta, 24 Nov., 1863. 

1756. .Tennie ^Vlary. 2 March, 1867. 

872. SARAH E.'' Charles W.^ Charles,* b. 3 Dec, 1831, in New 
Britain, Conn.; m. Henry M. Dates, of New Britain. 

1757. Alleua.Jane, 11 Sept., 1860. 

1758. Winifred Martin, 30 Sept., 1864: d. 20 April, 1867. 

1759. Henry Baldwin, 15 .July, 1869. 

1760. Bertha Stevens, 24 .Jan'y. 1872. 

874. JERUSH A MARIA '^Lucius 5 Charles* b. in Nangatuck, 
Conn., 1 June, 1829; m. Capt. Thomas K. Small, of North Truro, 

1761. .Joshua Thomas. 

1762. Edwin J^arkin. 

1763. Nellie Maria. 

1764. Alfred Monroe 

1765. Mabel Amelia. 

1766. Frederick Lincoln. 
1767. ' Matilda Augusta. 

1768. Willard Stanton. 

878. AMELIA ANN-^ Lucius^ Charles,* b. in Naugatuck, Conn., 
31 March, 1836; m. George Walker, of Boston, Mass. He is a 
stenographer by profession, and has, in 1873, a place in the Custom 
House. They reside at Levington, Mass. 

1769. Infant, d. v. 

200 Baldwin Genealogy. 

880. ESTHER SOPHIA*^ Lucius^ Charles,* b. in Kaugatuck, 

Conn., 22 March, 1839; m. J. F. Brown. They reside at Lynn, 

Mass., where he is the State Constable. He lost an arm at Gettys- 

1770. Willie. 

1771. Frank. 

1772. Philip. 

1773. Son, infant. 

881. FRANCES ADELAIDE «Lucins^Charles,MD. in Nauga- 
tuck. Conn,, 16 Oct., 1840; m., in 1874, Seth D. Bingham, of West 
Meriden, Conn. t 

1774. Daug-liter. 

1775. Daughter. 

1776. Son. 

883. CELIA JOSEPHIXE « Lncins "• Charles,* b. in Naugatnck, 
Conn., 13 Oct., 1844; m. Emory Whitehead, of West Meriden, 

1777. Riifus. 

888. VINCENT LUZERNE « Elias^ Charles* b. in Meriden, 
Conn,, 17 June, 1822. He is a phj^sician in Wallingford, Conn.; 
m. 1**' 1849, Eliza T. Davidson, of Wallingford. 

1778. Seymour G., 2 March, 1859. 

1779. Vincent M., 11 :\rarch. 1861. 

His wife d., and he m. 2"^'- 12 June, 1862, Lydia A. Talmadge, 
of Meriden. 

1780. .Julia E., 2 Dec , 1865. 

892. ELLEN R.*^ Elias^ Charles,* b. in Meriden, Conn., 11 
March, 1831; m., 1819, Alonzo Gallup, from Norwich, Conn. 
They settled in West Meriden, Conn., and have eh. 

894, NOAH E,6Elias 5 Charles,* b, 1 Feb'y, 1836, in Meriden, 
Conn.; m., in 1861, Marian Jones, He served two years iu the 
war. He lives in West Meriden, Conn. 

1781. Mary. 

1782. Virginia. 

Richard, of 3IUford, Connecticut. 201 

907. JAMES GARIlETSON« Jesse G.^ Charles,^ b. iti Middle- 
town, Conn., 17 June, 1840. After being a clerk in a grocery 
store, in Middletown, he established himself in Hartford, Conn., 
as a grocery merchant. His health failed, and ho sold out. A 
remarkable event is his recovery from the sickness which ensued. 
He had the consumption, and was confined to the house for more 
than two years, and for that length of time could not speak aloud. 
To those who knew w^ell his condition, his recovery seems won- 
derful. He is, like his father, a very patriotic and benevolent 
citizen, and Secretary or Treasurer of several benevolent enter- 
prises. He is residing at present in Middletown, Conn., engaged 
in business. 

1783. .James Gordou, b. 10 Oct. 1871. 

1784. Harriet Sill, b. 15 May, 1873. 

1785. Henry Sill, b. 16 Sept , 1874. 
178(>. Caroline Sill, b. 12 Dec, 1876. 

909. CHARLES CANDEE« Seymour W.^ Charles^ Sylvanus ^ 
Barnabas^ Richard,' b. in Middletown, Conn., 2 Dec, 1834. May, 
1835, his parents removed to Elyria, Lorain county, Ohio, w^here 
he lived until 1847, wiien his father returned for a while to Meri- 
den. Conn. He entered Wesley an LTniversity at Middletown, in 
1851, graduating with honor, Aug., 1855; and the same month, he 
entered the Law School of Harvard University, taking his law 
degree in 1857; the same year, commenced practice in Cleveland, 
Ohio, where he has been for more than twenty-three years, in the 
same office. In 18G1, he became partner with S. B. Prentiss, the 
senior of the firm, whose office he entered in Cleveland in 1857. 
His partner going on to the bench, he entered into partnership 
with his father-in-law, from New York City, and the firm became, 
in 1869, Prentiss, Baldwin & Ford, and is now Baldwin & Ford. 
He has been for several years President of the Cleveland Board of 
Underwriters, and Bank Director. He is very busy in his law prac- 
tice; but this book attests that he is drawn to other labor. He has 
been for a long time Corresponding Secretary of the Historical 
Society at Cleveland ; is a Trustee of the State Archseoloe'ical 
Society of Ohio; and Corresponding Member of the ISTew England 
Historic Genealogical Society, as well as of the Worcester Society 
of Antiquity. He m., Sept., 1862, Caroline Sophia,^ dau. Charles W. 


202 Baldwin Genealor/y. 

Prentiss,^ s. Samuel ' Samuel '' Samuel^ Jonas* Samuel^ Thomas - 
Thomas/ a lawyer of Xew York, resident of Brooklyn. A fuller 
account of her genealogy is in an Appendix. 

1787. Mary C'andec. b. 6 Jan'y, 1864. 

1788. Samuel Pix-ntiss, b. 26 Oct., 1868. 

1789. Seymour David, 1). 20 Xov., 1875; d. 17 Sept., 1878. 

912. WILBUR PvICE6 Seymour AV.^ Charles,* Elyria,Ohio. 
He m., 12 Sept., 1864, Eliza Almona Irvine, generally called Lida. 
He was a merchant in Elyria, Lorain county, Ohio; but, threat- 
ened with bronchial consumption, was obliged to remove to 
Minnesota. He resides in Fairabault, Minn. Pie is a farmer. 

1790. William Irvine, b. 18 April, 1868, and d. 26 July, 1871. 

Lida Irvine was b. 7 May, 1848, in Binghamptou, J^. Y., dau. 
of John Graves Irvine and wife Sophia Margaret Burrell, dau. of 
Aurora Burrell, b. 1788, in Waterbury, Yt., and wife Mary Irvine, 
b. 15 Feb'y, 1791, in K'orwalk, Conn.. 

913. STILES « Nathaniel -^ Hezekiah * Sylvanus ^ Barnabas ^ 
Bichard,Lbapt. Oct., 1803, in Woodbridge, Conn.; m., 2 June, 
1834, Mary Johnson, settled as a farmer in that part of Derby, 
Conn., now Ausonia. 

1791. Lauren. 

1792. Dwiglit Harrison. 

1793. Semautha Grace, m. Dyer, and lives at Derby Narrows. 

1794. Mary Gertrude. 

1795. Eliza Ann, says her aiuit, w. of Charles, while G. INF. .saj's Su.san. 

1796. Star, 

914. COimELIA ANN« Nathaniel ^ Hezekiah,^ bapt. in Wood- 
bridge, Conn., 2 Oct., 1807; m. Ezra Thompson, of Leon, Catta- 
raugus county, N. Y. 

1797. Jane Dewitt, of Rochester. X. Y. 
179H. Curtiss, of Leon. 

915. ITATHAmEL STARR « Nathaniel ' Hezekiah, * b. in 
Woodbridge, Conn., 23 Oct., 1812; lived in Derby, Conn., and of 
that place; m., 23d June, 1835, Emily Newell, of New Haven. 

Richard, of Milford, Connecticut. 203 

He was the Nathaniel S. whose death is entered 10 Dec, 1858, 
aged 46. 

1799. Elizabeth, d. 19 Jan'y, 1841, aged 2 yrs. 

1800. Xathanicl. in. and has two ch. 

1801. Mills, m. and has ch.; residing, some years since, at 239 Elm street, 
New Haven. 

1802. William. 

1803. ;Mary, twin to jVIartha. 

1804. Martha. 

1805. Manlius. 

1806. Elihu. 

1807. Susan, ni. Kane. 

1808. Georgian a. 

1809. Eva. 

916. GAR^VOOD MILLS ^ XathanieP Hezekiah,* bapt. 15 
Oct., 1815 ; resides (1875) in ]S"ew Haven, Conn., on Ehn street. 
He m., 16 Dec, 1850, Cornelia Benton, of Derby. 

1809^. Frances Estella. b. 24 Feb'y, 1852. 

1810. Cornelia L., b. 27 Nov., 1853. 

1811. Raymond Garwood, b. 30 Sept., 1857. 

1812. Frank E., b. 29 Jan'y, 1862. 

1813. Mary True, b. 14 Nov., 1863; d. 8 Nov., 1871. 

1814. Bessie, b. 1 Feb'y, 1873. ' 

917. CHARLES L.« Nathaniel'^ Hezekiah,* b. Aug., 1822; lives 
in New Haven, Conn., in 1875, at 25 Daggett street; m., 1845, 
Mary A. Beecher, sister of George, and dau. of Amos Beecher, 
who m. Charlotte Baldwin, dau. Silas. 

1815. Frederic Elton, b. 12 Sept., 1846. + 

1816. Ella -Jane, b. 23 Nov., 1850. 

1817. Ida May, b. 28 Feb'y, 1866. 

933. :N"ATHAN CLARK'' Hezekiah Harvey ^ Hezekiah,* b. in 
Woodbridge, Conn., Feb'y, 1814. He graduated at Yale Medical 
School; has been for many years a well-known physician of South 
Britain, Conn. He m. 1**- 31 Aug., 1844, Sarah Maria Mitchell, 
of South Britain, b. 11 Aug., 1824, dau. Mathew, of Washington, 
Conn. . 

1818. Mary Elizaljeth, about 1853. 

1819. HilllardW. 

204 BaltUcin Genealogy. 

He m. 2"''- 1864, Elizabeth Buckingham, b. 23 Aug., 1836, dan. 
Harman aud Anna (Wells). 

1820. C'liarlotte Elizabetli, b. 7 Oct., 1866. 
1831. Auna Maljel, b. 1869 or 1870. 

936. THEODORE RAYMOND « Raymond ^ Hezekiah,^ b. 22 
Aug., 1829; resides in Woodbridge, in the house built by his gr. 
grandfather Sylvanus. He m. Delia Baldwin," dau. Abner S. ^ 
Abner^ Richard^ Theophilus^ Barnabas- Richard,^ 1 Jan'y, 1852. 
She was b. 26 Mav, 1833. 

1822. Emily Martha, b. 23 July, 1853. 

1823. Eveline D., b. 26 Sept., 1855. 

1824. Raymond, b. 5 Sept., 1859; d. 19 April, 1860. 

1825. Raymond Hezekiah, b. 11 Feb'y, 1862. 

1826. Mary Ann, b. 1 May, 1864. 

1827. E.-^tella, b. 16 Nov.,i867. 

1828. Elizabeth. 

938. MARTHA « Raymond ^ Hezekiah,^ b. 13 Sept., 1834, in 
Woodbridge, Conn.; m., 4 July, 1858, George Edwin Beecher, s. 
Amos and Charlotte (Baldwin), brother of widow of Marcus and 
of Abio;ail, who m. Charles L. 

1829. Helen Maria, b. in New York City, 9 Nov., 1859. 

Her husband was b. in Woodbridge, 31 Aug., 1822; was in the 
late war. She lives in the place of her parents and grand parents. 

939. WILLIS BEECHER « Marcus ^' Hezekiah,* bapt. in Wood- 
bridge, Sept., 1823; residing (1873) in Ansonia, Conn.; m., 21 
Feb'y, 1847, Jane Bassett, of Ilumphreyville, dau. Glover and 
Elizabeth (Baldwin) Bassett. She d. 10 Sept., 1849; and he m. 
2"'*' 18 Aug., 1850, Amelia A. Huntley, dau. Albert, of Lyme, Conn. 

1830. Daughter, b. 7 Aug., 1848; m., Nov., 1870, William 11. .Jame.«, of 
An.sonia; 1873, no eh. 

1831. Lizzie, b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 4 Get., 1851; d. in Westville, 26 Aug., 

1832. AVulter, 1). 2 April, 1854, in Westville, Conn.; living, in 1874, in Ansonia,, 

1833. Willis H., b. 13 June, 1856, in We.stville; in 1874, was studying for a 
civil engineer. 

1834. Adelaide Sophia, b. 3 July, 1859, in Woodbridge. 

1835. Jannettc W., b.;.30 June, 1862. 

Willis B. has been a teacher. 

Richard, of 3Iilford, Connecticut. 205 

940. HEZEKIAII HATiVEYc Marcus ^ Hezeldali," h. 5 Dec, 
1825; m., Julia Maria Champliii, of Madison, Conn., dan. Chaun- 
cey and Mary Ann (Bay) Champlin, of South Lyme, Conn. He 
resides (1874) in ])erl)y. 

1836. ]\rarcii8, b. 80 Nov.. 1866. 

1837. .Tulia, 1). '26 Oct., 1868. 

942. MARCUS « Marcus ^ Hezekiah,* b. July, 1830; lives in 
Woodbridge, Conn. He m., 1857, Jane V. Beeelier, sister of 
George and Abigail. 

1838. Edward M., b. 1858. 

950. GEORGE W.ITheophiluslTheophilus-' Theopliilus^ The- 
opliilus^ Theophilus- Richard,^ b. in New Milford, Conn., 11 Dec, 
1821. He m., 24 June, 1843, Anna Curtis, of Cornwall, Conn., 
dau. Stephen and Naomi (Hungerford) Curtis, b. 5 June, 1827. 
Resided in Plymouth, Conn., in 1875. 

1839. ]\Iiucrva. 1). in Dover, N. Y.. 5 .lan'y, 184r); m. 1869. 

1840. Elvira, b. 11 March, 1846, in Fishkill, N. Y. 

1841. Harriet, 1). 16 Aug., 1847, in Washington; d. 27 Aug., 1859, in Warren. 

1842. Perry, b. 3 Aug.. 1849, in Washington; drowned in Plymouth, Conn., 
23 .July, 1870. 

1843. Augustine, b. 31 Dec., 1856, in Cornwall, Conn. 

1844. .Tay, b. 22 Aug., 1860, in Cornwall. 

1845. Hattie, 1). 20 Oct., 1862, in Cornwall: d. there, 15 Feb'y, 1865. 

953. MARY E." Theophilus« Theophilus,^' b. in Kew Milford, 
Conn.. 15 Feb'y, 1826. She m. John L. Hunt, b. 5 July, 1819, of 
New Milford, Conn. In 1875, they reside in Broadhead, Wis. 

1846. Albert, b. 4 Sept. ,.1846. 

1847. Wesley, b. 25 Sept., 1849. 

1848. Eva, b. 23 April. 1852. 

1849. Birdy, b. 7 Sept., 185(>. 

1850. .John, b. 29 Aug., 1862. 

1851. Bruce, b. 22 Dec., 1866; dead. 

1852. :\rary, b. lONov., 1867. 

955. WILLIAM" Ebenezer« Theophilus,'^ living (1875) in Nor- 
walk. Conn.; m., and has one 

1853. Child. 

961. DAVID" Ebenezer^' Thoophihis,-^ b. 1839: living (1870) 
in New Milford, Conn.; m. Jane Sherman, dau. Justin. 

1854. Carrie, b. Aug.,'lS71. 

206 Baldwin Genealogy. 

985. CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH ^ George ^ Eli ^ Theophilus * 
Theophilus^ Tbeopliiliis - Richard,^ m. Rev. 0. S. Taj'lor, of Kit- 
tanniug, Penn. 

18oo. Daughter, b. 1860. 

1856. Daughter. 

990. MARIA' Edgar ^ Eli,^ b. 27 Sept., 1850, in Vermillionville, 
La Salle county. 111 , m. Ira N. Read, 21 jSTov., 1872 ; live in Chan- 
dlerville, county, 111. 

1857. Frederic S., 1). about 1874. 

1011. EDWARD FURMAN' Norman B.^ DanieP Theophilus * 
Theophiluss Theophilus-^ Richard,^ b. 22 Oct., 1847, at 6 a.m., in 
Monticello, Sullivan county, N. Y. He m., 4 June, 1865, Ella 
Amelia Wheat, dau. Rev. A. C. Wheat (Baptist), former.y pastor 
of the Second Baptist Church, Philadelphia. They reside at No. 
527 Vine street, Philadelphia, Penn. He is of the firm of Stein- 
metz & Baldwin. 

1858. Carrie Wheat, 1). 4 Sept., 1866. 

1859. Edward, Ij. 8 Jau'J^ 1868; d. at twelve hours. 

1860. Rebecca Leslie, b. 12 April, 1869. 

1861. Priscilla Edna, 1). 2:3 .Tan'y, 1871. 

1862. Gertrude Josephine, b. 18 July, 1873. 
1868. Frank Ambler, 1). 15 ^larch, 1875. 

He is a lay preacher, preaching almost every Sabbath; a devoted 
and useful Christian.'^ 

1015. EVA CAROLINE ' Norman B.«^ Daniel,^' b. 30 Aug., 1854, 
in Philadelphia ; m., 12 June, 1872, at her father's residence, Col- 
mar, Montgomery county, Penn., to Benjamin Franklin Moyer, of 
Philadelphia. He is a merchant, residing in Columbia avenue, 

1864. Herl)ert Baldwin, 1). 15 March, 1878. 

1865. Walter Remington, b. 21 June, 1874. 

" 1045. HELEN L.' Roderick « Nathan G.^ Isaac ^ Theophilus =^ 
Theophilus ^ Richard,! b. in Monkton, Vt., 28 Oct., 1838; m., 3 

* My first application to him pleased me by the reply, which, without signature, contained only, "1 
Tim. 1 — 4." The verse reads: "Neither g-ive heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister 
(luestions rather than godly edifying, which is in faith." The letter-head indentified the writer. The 
father, Rev. Norman B., has taken great interest in the preparation of this account, more than once 
asking the blessing of Ood upon my effort. 

Richard, of 3IiIford, Connecticut. 207 

July, 1862, George Burritt, of Ilincsburirh, Vt., s. Daniel, of that 
place, and his w. Cornelia (Davenport) Burritt, dau. Levi, of 

180(5. Effic>. !). 24 Miircli, 18(55. 

1867. George, h. 1 Sept., 1871. 

1049. JAXE' Roderick « Xatban G.,-' b. in Moukton, Vt., 14 
Sept., 1845; m., 31 Dec, 1865, Charles Falby, of Monktou Ridge, 

1868. Fred. K., h. 7 Nov., 1866, twiu to 
18(39. Frank B., b. 7Xov., 1866. 

1870. Charles Henry, b. 9 Oct., 1868; d. 22 Sept., 1869. 

1871. Charles IT., b. 12 Aug., 1872; twin to 

1872. .Jennie Rowena, b. 12 Aug., 1872. 

Charles Falby was b. 25 Jan'}'-, 1840, s. Daniel and Mary (Sulli- 
van) Falby. 

1067. HENRY KIRK' Frederick W.« Edmond^ Israel The- 
ophilus=^ Theophilus- Richard,^ b. in Hinesburgh, Vt., 4 Aug., 
1825 ; m. Constance Cobb. They reside in Potsdam, N. Y. 

1873. Frederick Warner, b. 30 Nov., 1850. 

1874. :\rary Elizabeth, b. 29 April, 18:~)8. 

1875. Frank Henry, b. 19 .Time, 1862. 

1876. Charles Edmond, b. .July, 1867. 

1068. ERASTUS BOSTWICK" Frederick W.'^ Edmund,'^ b. 19 
July, 1827; m. Jane L. Boynton. In 1874, they reside in Chicago, 
in. The lirst three daughters were born in Hinesburgh, the last 
in Chicago. 

1877. Alice Amanda, b. 27 Nov., 1853; m. Charles V. L. Peters. + 

1878. Martha .Jane, b. 27 April, 1857. 

1879. Edgar Boyuton, b. 22 Nov., 18(52. 

1880. Nellie lio.-^alie, b. 26 .July, 1867; d. 19 .March, 1873. 

1071. STANLEY^ AVARNER" Frederick W.^^ Edmund ^ b. 19 
April, 1833, in Hinesburgh, Vt. He m. Ada A. ricknell. 

1881. .Jenza Maria, b. 2 .July, 1858; d. 17 Dec, 1859. 

1882. Ella 3Iary, b. 16 April, 1862. 

1883. Emma Orplia, 24 March, 1864. 

208 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1072. LUCY AMANDA ' Frederick W.^ Edmiind,^ b. 24 Feb'y, 
1835; m., 10 Oct., 1859, Timothy A. Wheeler, of Burlington, Yt. 

1884. Willis Stauley, li. 5 Feb"y, 1861 : d. 20 Feb'y, 1868. 

1885. Harry Curtis; b. 3 July, 1874. 

1073. LAURA ELIZABETH' Frederick W.^ Edmund,'"' b. in 
Hinesburgh, Yt., 8 Oct., 1837; m. Harmon A. Beecher, 8 Oct., 
1856. Resides (1875) in Hinesburgh. 

1886. Herbert Rollin, b. 4 July, 1857. 

1887. Anna Flora, b. 27 Jan'y, 1859. 

1085. OSGOOD McFARLAND' William S.« Edmund,-^ b. in 
Waterville, Yt., 14 May, 1827; living (1874) in Pana, 111. He m., 
29 Feb'y, 1852, Hannah Aurelia Atherton, b. in Weathersfield, 
Yt., 23 Sept., 1831. 

1888. Lillie Aima. b. 9 Oct.. 1855, in Illinois, and d. 7 March. 1857, in Char- 
lotte, Vt. 

1080. ELYIRA A.- William S.« Edmund,^ b. in Hinesburgh, 
Yt., 28 May, 1829: m. Alonzo H. Barker, of Charlotte, Yt., where 
they reside in 1875. 

1889. AVilliain O. 

1890. Ida. 

1891. Alonzo H. 

1087. ALONZO MILTON' AVilliam'' Edmund,^ b. in Hines- 
burgh, A^t., 23 Sept., 1831; m. Louisa Burton. Reside (1876) in 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1892. :\[iunie, b. July, 1864, in Chicago. 
1898. Alonzo M., b. -Tune, 1867. 

1894. Luther llubl)ell, b. July, 1869. 

1088. JAMES BARTLTT' William S.« Edmund,M3. in Hines- 
burgh, Yt., 25 March, 1834; living (1875) in St. Albans, Yt. He 
m. Helen Howard. 

1895. Carrie Louisa, b. 31 Aug., 1857. in Kutlaiul, Yt. 

1896. Susie Augusta, b. 26 Aug., 1862, in Saratoga, N. Y. 

1092. MYRON HAHLEY ^ ITarley« Edmund, ^^ b. in Hines- 
burgh, Yt., 16 Sept., 1829; m. Rhoda Ray. Living (1874) in 
Hinesburgh. Member of Yermont Legislature, 1864-^65. 

1897. Marion Eliza, b. 16 Dec, 1852. 

1898. Leo-rand Myron, b. 15 Dec, 1857. 

J-^ie/iard, of 3Iilford, Connecticut. 209 

1099. MELVm BYRON 7 Edmund ^ Edmund, M). 28 Jan'y, 
1828, in Ilinesburg'li, Vt.; m. Miss Waitie Z. Joslin, at Woodstock, 
McHenry county, III., 14 June, 1851. 

1899. Willis Melvin, h. l(i .lunc, 1856, in Woodstock, Vt. 

Melvin B. was Captain of an Illinois regiment, in the late war; 
Mayor of Elgin, where he lives (1875), and Postmaster, 

1102. LYXDEN A." Edmund^ Edmund,^ b. 17 Dec, 1835, in 
Nicholsville, St. Lawrence county, N. Y.; m., 17 Feb'y, 1857, in 
Chicago, 111., Miss Mary D. Joslj^n. 

1900. Annie Bessie, 1). 5 Feb'y, 1865. 

1901. llany I.ynden, b. 24 Feb'y, 1867. Living, 1875, in Elgin, III. 

1113. BOSTWICK J.' Edmund « Edmund,-^ b. 6 Oct., 1839, in 
Moriah, Essex county, N. Y.; m. Lois E. Pickett, and living there 
in 1874. 

1902. Ralph, b. S Sept.. 1871. 
1908. Son, b. 8 Feb'y, 1873. 

1115. SAP All A.' Horace '^ Orange '^ Israel ' Theophilus ^ The- 
ophilus^ Richard,! b. 22 July, 1839; m., 22 Oct., 1856, H. W. 
Comstock, of Huntington, Vt. 

1904. Carrie H., b. 20 Oct., 1858. 

1905. Lina E., b. 18 March, 1861. 

1906. Sarah E., b. 8 Oct., 1867. 

1907. Alice E., b. 14 Oct.. 1869. 

1117. ORANGE A." Horace*' Orange M). 9 Dec, 1843; m., 11 
Oct., 1865, Hattie Mason, of Huntington, Yt. 

1908. Cora, b. 14 Oct., 1866. 

1909. Ida C, b. 20 .Inly, 1868. 

1910. Willie, b. 20 Feb'y, 1871. 

1118. MARY' E.' Horace « Orange,"' b. 9 Dec, 1847; m., 29 
March, 1868, Calvin C. Chaffee, of Huntington, Vt. 

1911. Frankie C, b. 22 .March, 1869. 

1912. Horace B., b. 8 May, 1878. 

1119. HORACE E." Horace « Orange,^' b. 17 Feb'y, 1852 ; m., 14 
Dec, 1871, ]\Iary A. AYoodward. Reside in Huntington, Vt. 

1913. Sarah J., b. 3 Aug., 1872. 

1914. Wallace E., b. 20 Feb'y, 1874. 

210 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1123. OSCAR DANIEL ' George « Orange,^ b. 2 Feb'y, 1838, in 
Bristol, Vt.; m. Ruth Hoyt, b. 8 April, 1837, in Newark, N. Y. 
Live (1874) in Starksboro', Vt. 

1915. Fred. A., b. 4 May, 1860, in Shelburne, N. Y. 

1916. Walter N., 1). 27 Nov., 1870, m Starksboro'. 

1917. Helen M., b. 9 April, 1872. 

1128. SAMUEL R.' Almon ^ Asahel ^ Assel ^ Theophilus ^ The- 
ophilus-^ Richard,! b. 12 Feb'y, 1833. In 1875, residing in Dell 
Rapids, Minnehaha county, Dakotah. He m., 15 May, 1857, 
Arminda Jane Chase. Slie d. 20 Feb'y, 1863, and he m. 2"'^' 25 
Oct., 1866, Lizzie Ann Overman. 

191S. Mary Emma, b. 21 Nov., 1859; residing, 1875, in Epwortb, Dubuque 
count3^ Iowa. 

1919. Ida A., b. 14 Sept.. 1861. 

1920. Lottie L., b. 23 Nov., 1867. 

1921. -James A., b. May, 1878. 

1922. .Jennie L., b. 1874. 

1129. CYRUS L." Almon Asahel,^ b. 3 April, 1835; resident 
1875, in Farley, Dubuque county, Iowa; m., 2 March, 1859, Mary 
Ann Miller. 

1923. Ella A., b. 13 Oct., 1860. 

1924. Elliott 11., b. 26 Dec, 1863; d. 16 March, 1866. 

1925. Florence T., b. 7 Aug., 1867. 

1926. Herbert :\I., b. 8 Aug., 1870. 

1130. GEORGE O.' Almon *^ Asahel," b. 9 April, 1837. Resident 
(1875) in Epwortb, Dubuque county, Iowa. M., 1 June, 1859, 

Mary Adaliue'Roe, who d. 3 Oct., 1859, and he m. 2"'*' 10 May, 
1861, Maria Celista Thomson. 

1927. Addie E., b. 15 April, 1865. 

1928. Walter A., b. 1 April, 1870. 

1929. Carrie E.. b. 20 .July, 1871. 

1930. Gaylord T., b. 13 Aug., 1874. 

1131. MYRON T." Almon ^ Asahel,>" resident (1875) in Chicago, 
111.; m. Jan'y, 1865, Mary Cornelia Harvey. 

1931. George A., b. 28 Nov., 1865. 

1932. Frederick M., b. 15 Oct., 1867. 
19.33. Minnie L., b. 28 Sept., 1872. 

1934. Judson H., b. 19 Feb'y, 1875; d. 28 same month. 

Richard, of 31'djord,Coni)ecficut. 211 

1183. XORMAN RALPH" Elijah « Asahel,'^ b. in Sidney, Del- 
aware county, N. Y., 26 Aug., 1831 ; m., 22 Oct., 1856, Miss Louisa 
M. Mclntyre, in Venadilla, Otsego county, iN". Y. 

1985. Sarah Fidelia, b. 26 July, IB.")?: m.. 26 .Tvily, 1874. .lolm D. Scringer. 

1936. AsalK'l Elijah, li. 18 Dec, 1860, in Afton. Chenango county, N. Y. In 
1875, he lives in Breedsville, Van Buren covuity, Mich. 

1153. CHARLES MILTOX - Israel Henry « Isaac ^ Assel^'The- 
ophilus^ Theophilus- Ricliard,^ b. Dec, 1842, in Catskill, Green 
county, X. Y.; m. 5 Jan'y, 1859, Mary Lizzie Beckwith, b. 1 July, 
1846. She d. 10 May, 1873, and > he m. 2"'i' 16 Feb'y, 1875, Clara 
B. Hallock, b. 30 March, 1858. Live (1875) in Catskill. 

1937. Etta, 1). 26 Sept., 1869; d. 9 May, 1873. 

1938. Frank Clark, b, 25 Sept., 1871; d. 26 April, 1872. 

1939. Theodore Ashley, b. 27 April, 1873. 

1154. ELLEX AMAXDA" Israel Henry ^ Isaac,^ b. in Catskill, 
Green county, X. Y., 10 March, 1845 ; m., 20 April, 1868, George 
Frederick Tolley, b. 19 Feb'y, 1846. Live (1875) in Catskill. 

1940. Edith Baldwin, 1). 24 Oct., 1869. 
• 1941. Inez Blanche, b. 18 Nov., 1872. 

1159. LYMAX J." William H.^ Isaac ^ b. 28 March, 1844, and 
living, 1875, in Xew Preston, Conn. He m., 16 March, 1863, 
Elizabeth A. Wolcut. 

1942. Willie H., b. 28 May, 1866. 

1943. Ellen A., b. 20 Dec, 1871. 

1167. JACOB' John <^ Jacob ^ Zachariah^ Zachariah^ Zacha- 
riah "^ Richard,^ b. 16 Oct., 1797; either born in Hamilton county, 
Ohio, or removed when an infant. He d. 1829. He m. Catharine 


1944. Eliza, ni. Wagoner, in 1875, of Lebanon, Ohio. 

1945. Mary, m. St. John, of Lebanon, Ohio, in 1875. 

1946. Sarah .L, m. Reid, in 1875, of Blanciiester, Clinton county. Ohio. 

1947. Catharine, m. Cowan, in 1875, of Blanciiester. Clinton coimfy, Ohio. 

1948. Je.sse C, b. 3 May, 1817. + 

1949. James II., Eddersville, Warren county, Ohio. 

1168. XATHAXIEL7 John*^ Jacob,^ b. in Hamilton county, 
Ohio. He m., 4 Dec, 1822, Miss Sarah ^Miller. They lived in 
Champaign county, O., and have six ch., of whom three are boys. 

212 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1169. JESSE W.' John c Jacob,'^ b. in Hamilton county, Obio, 
22 Aug., 1800 ; m., 19 Aug., 1824, Eleanor Harris. In 1875, be 
resides in Cbicago. Has been Member of the Legislature, in 1873. 
Address (1876), No. 1135 State street, Cbicago, 111. I have a fine 
photograph of this couple and thirteen children, taken on the 
occasion of the golden wedding. This was the first time all the 
■children ever met. An account of the wedding will be found in 
the Chicago Tribune, Aug. 19 to 25, 1874. 

1950. Marion W., b. 23 Jau'y, 1826; m. Joseph Baird. Live atLewisville, Md., 
and have live ch., two boys and three girls, and two gv. children. 

1951. .John H., b. 11 Dec, 1827; d. 3 Feb'y. 1854. 

1952. Andrew J., b. 10 Nov., 1829; m. Miss Lavinia Curtiss; have a dau. and 
son. Live, 1876, in Cliicaiio. 

1958. .Jesse T., b. Sept., 1832; m. Miss Jennie Garret; liave one dau., and live, 
1876, at Franlvlin, Ind. 

1954. C. <)., 1). July, 1884; m. Miss Mary Williams. She is dead; no ch. 

1955. Oliver S., b. 26 Au,;--., 1836: m. Miss Bell. Live in Georgetown, 111., in 
1875; no ch. 

1956. .Julia Ellen, b. 29 July, 1888; m. Henry R. Snap; have a dau. and son- 
Live, 1875, in Georgetown, 111. 

1957. Laura Alice, b. 15 April, 1840; m. John Baird. Live at Hamilton, Ohio; 
no ch. ^ 

1958. Nathaniel B.; b. 22 Dec, 1843. 

1959. Ann Eliza, m. William A. Bailey; have a dau. and son. Live, 1876, at 
Hyde Park, near Chicago. She is an ]\I. D. from the Hahnnenian Medical College, 
of Chicago. 

1960. Mary Medora, b. 1 March, 1846; m., 1 :\[arch, 1870, Allen S. Barton. In 
1875, widow, and no ch. 

1961. Samuel Dexter, b. 17 Aug., 1848. Living, 1875, num., in Washington, Ind. 

1962. Edward A., b. 27 April, 1850; in 1875 unm., in Wa.shington, Ind. 

1963. Netty C. b. 11 July, 1855. 

1176. GEOEGE COLFAX" James L.« Job-' Zachariah* Zacha- 
ria^ Zachariah- Richard,^ b. 1817, in Pompton, X. J. Is the well 
known Baptist clergyman, of Troy, ]^. Y. He has received the 
degree of Doctor of Divinity, and written several books of repu- 
tation, among them, " The AVomen of the Bible," "The Model 
Prayer, Boston, 1871." He m. C. M. Jacob. 

1964. Charles .Jacob born 1841. + 

1965. George Colfax, b. 9 May, 1847; in. and has ch. Settled, 1878, in 
CheLsea, Mass. 

1966. Schuyler Colfax, b. 22 M-ax. 18—. 

1967. Mary Cynthia, b. 3 Oct., 1855. 

In Oct., 1877, he was pastor of the Third Street Baptist Chnrch, 
of Trov. 

Richard, of Jlliljord, Connecticut. 213 

1179. JOHN" II.' Abraham •^ Job,^ b. 21 July, 1821; m. Anne 
E. Brannan. Living, Feb., 187"), in Baltimore, Md. (109 Shester 
street, south.) 

■ 1968. Daughter, h. about 1848. 

1969. Robert, b. about ISM). 

1970. Jolm H., b. about 1854. 

1971. .James B., b. about 1856. 

In 1855 none m., and Robert living in Belpre, Ohio. 

1182. LYDIA KITCHELL7 Stephen 6 Job,'^b. 1802, in Cald- 
well, I^. J.; m. John Young. She d. 12 l^ov., 1872. They lived 
in Hanover, N. J. 

1972. Henry Ward, b. 4 March, 1829; m., 23 Dec., 1857, Charity Coulter, of 
Hudson, N. Y., and has, 1877, two ch., Howard E. and Henry M. Lives in 
Columbia, N. J. 

1973. Ilettie ]Maria, m., April, 1858, John L. Hedges, of Columl)ia, and has, 
1877, four ch. : Lizzie, Augusta, Edward and Frank. Live in Hanover, X. J. 

1974. Elizabeth, b. 7 Feb'y, 1839. Li 1877, living unm in Caldwell, N. J. 

1184. JULIA CAEOLINE - Stephen ^ .Job,'- m. John C.Wilkin- 
son, of Orange, N. J., and in 1877 has two living ch. 

1975. Phebe Ann, m. Benjamin Berry, and lives in New York State. 

1976. Emma, thought to have m. Elias Baldwin, of Newark, N. J., and in 
1877 resident in Roseville, of that city. 

1977. Stephanie, a very promising young man. Was a cavalryman from 
Ohio, under Sherman, and killed in Georgia. Other daughters d. y. 

1185. SARAH" Stephen 6 Job,^b. in Hanover, :N'. J.; m. David 
Anderson, of Danville, N. J.; d. 1875. In 1877, he lives in Clin- 
ton, Iowa. 

1978. Maria, m. James T. Vail, of Newark, who is dead; and she m. 2iiJ> Mr, 
Baldwin, of Bloomtield, N. J., and removed to Illinois. 

1979. Friscilla, m. Alfred Bryant, of Wayne county, N. Y. 

1980. Aaron, is m. 

1186. MARIA 7 Stephen « Job,^ b. in Hanover, K J.; m. Joseph 

Wilkinson, of Orange, N. J., who d. earlier than 1857. In 1877, 
she lives in East Orange, and her two eldest daus. with her. 

1981. John, lives in Southern Indiana. 

1982. Elizabeth C. 

1983. Mary Dunn. 

1984. Mira, m. S. L, Young, of Hanover, N. J. 

214 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1187. IRA ' Stephen*' Job.^ b. in Hanover, N. J.; m. Miss Erne- 
line Dobbins, of Caldwell, X. J.; d. about 1865. 

1985. Jolm lives, 1877, in Caldwell, N. J. 

1986. Harvey, a .splendid young man; d. in the army. 

1188. STEPHEX YOUNG" Stephen " Job,'^ Hanover, N. J.; 
m. Elizabeth Bott, of Whitehall, Morris county, N. J.; d. about 
I860, leaving many children. His widow m. Edward Mitchell, of 

1193. SAEAH " John « Elias ^ Jacob * Zachariah ^ Zachariah 2 
Richard,^ b. in Huntington, Conn. She m. Lockwood Parker, of 
Bridgeport, Conn. Both are dead. 

1987. Sarah, d. aged 18 jts. 

1195. WILLIAM HEN"RY" John « Elias,^ b. in Huntington, 
Conn., and bapt. 31 Aug., 1837; m., 9 Oct., 1853, Nancy Maria 
Laborie, dau. James Laborie. 

1988. William David, b. 8 Jan'y, 1855. 

1989. -Julius Alonzo, b. 25 Nov., 1861. 

1196. GEORGE' John'' Elias,^' b. in Huntington, Conn.; m. 
Mary Emily Laborie, dau. James, and sister of w. of his brother 

1990. Mary Eudora. 

1991. Earnest Lockwood, dead. 

1992. Hattie Koxaua, dead. 

1993. Hattie Estella. 

In 1874, he lives in "Ising Glass," Huntington, Conn. 

1197. JAXE " John ^ Elias,'^ b. in Huntington, Conn.; m. Russell 
Hubbell, of East Village, in Monroe, Conn. 

1994. Sarah Jane. 

1995. 3Iary Frances. 

1996. .John. 
1996*. Charles. 

1997. Bird. 

1199. CHARLOTTE A.' Nathaniel^ Ebenezer'^ Simeon* Eben- 
ezer'^ Zachariah- Richard,^ b. 1801 ; m., 1821, Josiah Hubbell, of 
Bridgeport, Conn. 

Ricliai'd^ of Milford, Connecticut. 215 

1998. Edward, ni. lU-tsey Dayton, of Heddiug, Conn. : no eh. 

1999. Jane Elizahctli. ni. II. Hurrcll. M. D.. of New Haven, Conn., and has eh. 

2000. .Maria, ni. H. '!". Curtiss, of Bridgeport, Conn. ;jio eh. To an aeeideiital 
meeting with tiiis pU'asant eoupU\ in Newtown, Conn., 1 am indebted for many 
particuhir.s of this family. 

2001. Walter, d. aged 19 yrs. 

3002. John Baldwin, m. Hawley, of Bridgei)ort, Conn.; has one eh. 

2008. Charlotte, 1). l.s:?9: m., 1867, George W. Arnold, a sou of E. F. Arnold, 
M. D., of Pawlings, Dutehess county, N. Y. Cli. : Kittj'; Hany, dead; Anna Gray; 
and Charlotte, dead. 

2004. Lewi.s Henry, iinm. in 1874. 

2005. Frances Ann, d. aged 7. 

1205. CHARLES' Jacob H/= Amos^ Simeon* Ebeuezer^ Zaeha- 
riah - Richard,^ b. in Kinsman, Trumbull county, Ohio, 11 Aug., 
1816; m., 9 Oct., 1839, Olive Jane Stanley, b. 12 July, 1822, dau. 
John Stanley. He removed to Maliaska count}', Iowa; thence to 
Lewis, Cass county, Iowa. Drowned, 23 July, 1858, in attempting 
to cross a small river near that place while iiooded. He was a 
farmer. His family, in 1874, are living there. 

3006. .John Stanley, b. 9 April, 1841. + 

2007. -Jaeol) Hicks, 1). 10 Nov., 1844. + 

2008. Sarah Elizal)etli, b. 19 May, 1850; m. E. P. Mills. + 
3009. E1)erdan, b. 6 Sept., 1853. In 1874, unm., at home, and 

2010. Charles Everett, b. 4 Dec, 1854. 

1206. HIRAM " Jacob H.<5 Amos,^ b. in Kinsman, Trumbull 
county, Ohio, 27 Sept., 1817; m., 8 Sept., 1861, Lucy, dau. Judge 
Reuben S. Clark ; moved to Bellefontaine, Logan county, Ohio, 
and commenced law^ practice ; moved to Columbus, and was clerk 
in Auditor of State's otttce until Mr. Chase became Secretary of 
the Treasury, when he went to Washington, into the Currency 
Bureau, and d. there, 5 Jan'y, 1867. 

2011. Daughter, m. Aaron Wentz, merchant in Warren, Trund)ull coimty, O., 
in 1873. 

2012. Daughter, m. B. F. Day, Lieutenant in the Navy; and in 1873, on board 
"Congress," in European waters, having been absent from his family three 3ears, 
who is with her mother and sister in Warren. 

2013. Hiram, b. about 1854; in 1873, in Warren. Has been clerk in Patent 
Office, and page in the House at Washington. 

1207. ADELINE' Jacob H.« Amos,M). in Kinsman, Trumbull 
county, Ohio, 4 Jan'y, 1819 ; m., 18 June, 1838, George Parsons, 
8. of George Parsons. She d. 26 Jan., 1863, at Champlin, Trum- 
bull county, Ohio. 

216 Baldicln Genealogy. 

2014. George, b. 9 Nov., 1840. Enlisted, when eighteen or nineteen, in the 
Company of Franklin E. Stone; went to Kentucky witli liis Company, and d. of 
measles, 10 Mart^h, 1863. 

2015. Adeline, h. 16 Dec., 1843. 

2016. Charles H., b. 13 Dec, 1846. 

2017. William B.. 1). 81 May, 1849. 

2018. Jacol) H., b. 14 June, 1852. 

All living (1874) with their father, near AVarren. 

1208. SIMEON " Jacob H.6 Amos,^ b. in Kinsman, Ohio, 17 April, 
1821 ; living (1874) in Fowler* Trumbull county, Ohio, as a farmer. 
He m., 19 Nov., 1869, Lucy Gates, dau. Bicharcl and Eliza Gates, 
of Hartford, Trumbull county, Ohio. 

3019. Charles R., b. 14 Sept., 1850; d. 10 Oct., 1851. 

2020. George L., b. 14 Oct., 1859. At the date of my information was four- 
teen, and weighed two hundred pounds. 

1209. MATILDA ' Jacob H.« Amos,^ b. in Kinsman, Ohio, 2 
Nov., 1822 ; m., 30 June, 1842, Manuel Hover Adgate, and in 1873 
living near Warren, (Hiio. 

2021. Daughter, m. Elisha Robbins. 

2022. Lewis H., b. 8 .June, 1845. 

2023. Carrie B., b. 18 Jan'y, 1848. 

2024. John H., b. 12 Oct., 1851. 
2035. Elora S., b. 19 May, 1854. 

3036. Charles L., b. 13 .Jan y, 1858. 

3037. Henry N., b. 17 Oct.,'l860; d. 17 March, 1861. 
2028. Louis H., b. 13 Sept., 1863. 

1213. REBECCA' Jacob H.c Amos,^ b. 9 May, 1830,'in Kinsman, 

Ohio ; m., 5 Jan'y, 1850, Isaac Meacham, Jun'r, of Kinsman. She 

d. 19 April, 1864, leaving ch.: 

3039. Charles. 
3030. Henry. 

Who, in 1873, are living with their father, at Kinsman, who has 
m. a S*"'' wife, but has no more ch. 

1214. MARCUS T.' Jacob 11.*^ Amos,^ b. 3 April, 1832, in Kins- 
man, Ohio. Was a carpenter and joiner. He was instantly killed 
by lightning, in Niles, 29 July, 1873. He m., 29 Sept., 1853, Betsy 
Miller, in Iowa, who d. leaving two daus., one twelve years old, 
the other six weeks. The two, in 1873, are at Grand River Insti- 
tute, Austinburgh, Ohio. 

2031. Daughter. 
3033. Daughter. 

Richard, of 3Ii/ford, Connecticut. 217 

He m. 2'"'' Pliebe Baldwin, sister of DaiMus, of Fowler, Trumbull 
county, Ohio, and returned to Iowa, where he lived two years. 
He then returned, when his 2'"^ w. died, leaving a 

2083. I)!iuu;lit(.'r, living in Fowler willi her iiiiiterual grandfather, Ephraini, of 
Fowler, Ohio. 

He then went to California, remained until the late war, when 
he enlisted as orderly serg-eant in the 1st California lieii'inient, 
served three yeai-s in New Mexico and Colorado; was discharged, 
paid off, and started for home; was robbed by guerrillas in Mis- 
souri, at Centralia, on the Hannibal and St. Joe Railroad. Soon 
after he returned, he enlisted in Veteran Reserve Corps, under 
Hancock, and served until the war closed; came home, and m. 
3"^' Jennie Drake, near Warren, who is now his widow, with 
tw^o small ch. 

1215. MARY ' Jacob H.« Amos,^ b. in Kinsman, Ohio, 20 Oct., 
1834 ; m., 31 Jan'y, 1855, Asher D. Robinson. She d. in Warren, 
Ohio, 24 May, 1863, and her husband soon after, in Pittsburgh, 

2034. :Mary. 
3035. Edwin. 

Living with their maternal grandfather. 

1216. GEORGE " Jacob H.<^ Amos,^ b. in Kinsman, Ohio, 7 July, 
1836; m., 1 Oct., 1861, Emma Le Suer, of Bolivar, Alleghany 
county, N. Y., dau. Eli and Fanny Le Suer, and sister of wife of 
Prof. James Marvin, of that county. He is partner with his father 
in a hardware store, connected with a foundry and plow manufac- 
tory, in Kinsman, Ohio. 

2036. Gertrude F., b. 9 May, 1864. 

2037. All)erl Le Suer, b. 29 Jiine, 1868. 

1219. MI.N'ERVA A.7 John M.6 Amos,Mi. in Boardman, Ohio, 
21 July, 1818; m., 27 Feb'y, 1838, Jared Blakesley. Living (1873) 
in Ashtabula county, Ohio. 

2038. Eugene, m. and has one son. 

2039. Irene, m. Henry Norton, and has one son and two daus., who live in 
Sturgis, Bi'anch county, Mich. 

Her son and son-in-law were both in the late war. 


218 Buldwin Genealogy. 

1220. MARY ANN'" John M.^' Amos/' b. in Boai-dman, Ohio, 
21 Oct., 1820; m., 10 May, 1842, Hezekiah Nye, of Windsor 
Ashtabula county, Ohio. 

2040. Son, d. aged 19. 

2041. Fraukliu M., ni. and has one son; living with his father. 

1221. AVILLIAM W." John M." Amos,'' b. in Boardman, Ohio, 
11 March, 1825 ; lives in Austinsburgh, Ashtabula county, Ohio, 
with his father; m. and had seven ch., live s. and two daus. 

2042. Mortimer, in. in Austinburgh village; has one sou and two daus. 

2043. Daughter L , in. Charles; and no family in 1873. 

1223. JOSIAH M.' John M.«Araos,''b. 'm Boardman, Ohio, 22 
May, 1827; living, in 1873, in Girard, Mich.; m. 1***- Lorano A. 
Brown, of East Trumbull, Ohio. He m. 2"'^- Alniira Wright, who 
d. 18G4, in Geneva, Ohio, leaving ch. 

2944. Ida 3Iay, b. 1859. 

2045. Edgar Lewis, b. 1861. 

He m. 3«'- Charlotte H. Lake, b. 12 May, 1827, in Genoa, Cayuga 
county, N. Y. 

1225. CAROLINE ^ John M.^ Amos,^ b. in Boardman, Ohio, 22 
Oct., 1832 ; m., 3 June, 1858, Rufus W. Payne, b. 3 June, 1832, s. 
Henry and Armenia (Wolcott) Payne, from Conn, to Austinburgh, 
Living (1873) in Austinburgh, Ashtabula county, Ohio. 

2046. Clayton L., b. 30 :\rarch, 1859. 

2047. Herbert E.. b. 5 Jan'y, 1801. 

2048. AlbaE., b. 5 April, 1863. 

2049. Merton B., b. 22 Sept , 1809. 

1226. ALERED FRANKLIN ' John M.« Amos,M). in Board- 
man, Ohio, 6 April, 1835, m., 22 Oct., 1858, Maria M. Tracy ; living 
(1873) at Tomaha, a railway station, in Munroe county, Wisconsin; 
Toma says Josiah M. 

2050. Daughter. 

2051. Daughter. 

Richard^ of Jlilford, Connecticut. 219 

1227. HOMER ' Asa'^ Amos/' b. in Boardman, Ohio, 7 July, 
1819. He d. 30 Oct., 1848. He m., 1 Jan'y, 1840, Lucy M. Gates, 
of Hartford, Trumbull county, Ohio. 

2()r)2. Danshter, b. 21 Sept., 1842; d. 25 May, 1848. 

2053. Willis, b. 12 Feb'y, 1845; m. but no ch. ; d. 20 :vray,1872. 

2054. Eusigu, b. 3 April, 1847; m. but uo ch. ; living, 18T3, iji Fowler, Trum- 
bull county, Ohio. 

1228. Mx\RY^ Asa^ Amos,'^ b. in Boardman, Ohio, 15 April, 
1823 ; m., 18 Feb'y, 1847, James Blake, and d. 3 Sept., 1873. The 
family live in Iowa. 

2055. Morris M., b. 4 Nov., 1847. 

2056. Homer E., b. 26 Sept., 1851. 

.1229. MARIA ' Asa '^ Amos/ b. in Boardman, Ohio, 15 April, 
1823; m., 10 June, 1845, Alexander W. Bryson, of Boardman, 
Ohio, where all her ch. were born. 


2057. Corrine, b. 19 Sept., 1846. 

2058. Sylvia, b. 4 Fe1)., 1848. 

2059. Augeline, b. 14 Dec, 1849. 

2060. Flora, b. 24 Aug., 1851; m. William . 

2061. Rosalia, b. 24 March, 1853; m. Crouse. and dau. Gertie b. 17, June, 1873. 

2062. Warren, b. 3 Feb'y, 1856. 
. 2063. Willis, b. 14 July, 1859. 

2064. Mary Bell. b. 2 May, 1863. 

1232. LOUISE' Garry 6 Amos, 5 b. in Boardman, Ohio; m. 
Chauncey H. Andrews, of Youngstown, Ohio. 

2065. Edith, b. about 1864. 

2066. -Julia, h. about 1871. 

C. H. Andrews was b. 2 Dec, 1823, in Vienna, Trumbull county, 
Ohio, s. i!^orman, from Hartford county. Conn. He early endeav- 
ored to open the coal mines of his vicinity. In 1857, he opened 
the Thornhill, which in nine years produced over half a million 
tons. He has been since ver^^ largely and successfully interested 
in coal mines, iron furnaces and railroads. In 1869, with Jay 
Gould and others, he built the JSTiles and jSTew Lisbon Railroad, 
thirty-liva miles ; and not long after, sold his one-third to James 
McHenry & Co. He has been prominent in other roads, in the 
vicinity, as well as in banking or other money enterprises. In 
1880, they reside at Youngstown, Mahoning county, Ohio. 

220 . Baldwin Genealogy. 

1246. JOIIX A.^ Amanda J.'' Amos,^ ra. Ann Eliza BroMai, of 
Akron. Live in Saybrook, Ashtabula county, O., and has four ch. 

1254. ALICE E.7 Jesse ^ Eli^ Simeon* Ebenezer^ Zachariah ^ 
Eichard/l), in Girard, Ohio, 14 April, 1849; m., 1868, George T. 

2067. Jesse E., b. 29 Aug., 1869. 

2068. Cora E., b. 12 June, 1872. 

1277. BETSY JANE^ Major*' Barnabas ^ Barnabas* Barnabas ^ 
Barnabas^ Pvichard,i b. 6 Oct., 1811 ; m., 9 Oct., 1836, Dr. Wiliiam 
Daniels, of Alleghany, N. Y. She d. at Windsor Locks, 11 Kov., 
1863. He is also dead. The two s. are living, 1873. 

2069. Milton H., of Jacksonville, Florida. 

2070. William L., of Danbury, Conn. 

2071. Daughter, dead. 

1278. HART BARNABAS ^ Major « Barnabas,^ b. in Wood- 
bridge, Conn., 15 April, 1814. He m., 6 May, 1835, Rebecca 
Barnum, of Danbury, Conn.; she was b. 25 Nov., 1813, and d. 5 
Jan'y, 1869. He settled, Ajiril, 1857, in Redwing, Minn., where 
he was living in 1874. He m , 16 Oct., 1873, Miss Carrie Halver- 
son, formerly of Norway. 

2072. Dwight ]Major, b. 26 Aug., lS^6.-t- 

2078. George William, b. 7 :May, 1888. In 1874, in Pa'iuling, nam. 

2074. Harriet xVurelia, b. 8 D^c, 1 ;39; m. Reuben B. Smith. + 

2075. Sanuiel Elliot, b. 6 April, 1848.+ 

2076. Elijah Barnum, b. 28 Sept., 1845; killed, 16 Jan'y, 1866, in a railway 
aceident on the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad. 

2077. Charles Allison, b. 14 Fel)'y, 1848; in 1873, in Redwing. 

1279. ABRAHAM LINES' Major « Barnabas, ^ b. 15 Feb'y, 
1827; living (1873) in Bethel, Conn., and his mother with hiin. 
He m., 9 April, 1861, Susan M. Abbott, of Danbury, Conn., who 
was b. 4 Se})t., 1837, in New Canaan, Conn. 

2078. Harriet, b. 11 Aug., 1868, in Danbury. 

2079. George W. b. 10 June, 1865, in Bethel. 

2080. Mary, b. 30 May, 1867. 
.2081. Martha, b. 29 .July, 1870. 

2082. Jennie, b. l4 Aug., 1872. 

Bichard, of 31 il ford, Coiwecticut. 221 

1280. ITULDAH - Channcey ^ Bariiabas,^ b. 28 Jan y, 1815 ; m., 
Sept., 1836, David Minison, s. George and Mary Miiuson, of Mil- 
ford, and livinii" (187"|) with him in Woodliridge, Conn. 

20S;i Sarah, in. Cliarlcs A'aiidcrcook, of Ansonia, wlici-c tlu-y live and liave 
two C'h. 

2084. Mary, ni. Janu's Hicc; livc-s in Woodbridge, and has oue oh. 

2085. David Hart, h. Oct., 1847: m., ^Marcb, 1872, Eunice E. Treat, of Great 
Hill Seymour. He is known as Hart; is a merchant on Broadway, in New Haven, 
Conn., 1873. 

1281. SARAH ANN - Channcey « Barnabas, ^ b. 27 Oct., 1821 ; 
m. Daniel Mnnson, brother of David last above. He is dead. I am 
indebted to her for considerable pains to assist me in an account 
of her family. ^ 

2086. Charles, b. 5 April, 1845; d. in army in the late war. 

1282. PARSONS ""Chauncey« Barnabas,'^ b. 20 March, 1824; 
m., 22 June, 1853, Mary Ann Crotton, dau. George. In 1873, live 
in Woodbridg3, Conn. 

2087. Ellen, b. 22 , 18oo: m., .Tune, 1872, John Baldwin,? of Woodbridge, 

s. Abner S.6 AbnerS Richard* TheophilusS Barnabas 2 Richard. ^ 

1283. SAMUEL H.' Bela« Barnabas,^ b. 27 April, 1816. In 
1875, of Whitneyville (Hamden), New Haven county. Conn.; P. 0. 
address, 260 Elm street, New Haven ; m. Mary Elizabeth Averst, 
dau. Barney and Ruth (Humiston) Averst. 

2088. Frederick A., b. lo May, 1838. + 

2089. Charles L., b. 1 Sept.,. 1842.+ 

2090. Mary, b. 28 Dec, 1846; m. Joseph D. Bradley. + 

2091. William D., b. 16 Feb'y, 1847. 

2092. R<)l)crt T., b. 6 Jan'y, 1848; m., 1 Jany, 1870: no ch. in 1875. 

2093. Martlia Eli/.a, b. 28 Fciry, lS.-)fl: m. June, 1873, John B. McQueen. 

1284. LOIS' Bela** Barnabas,"' b. in New Haven, Conn.; m. 
Robert Bennett, and d. 1848. 

2094. Edgar. 

2095. Emma, m. Austin Sturgis, in 1865, and in 1874 has two ch. 

1297. GEORGE EPHRAIM ' Newton « Ephraim ■' Barnabas^ 

^r Barnabas '^ Barnabas ^ Richard,^ b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 12 Oct., 

1826; m., 1 Jan'y, 1851, Mary Clark, of Orange, Conn., dau. of 

222 Baldwin Genealogy. ' 

Benjamin. He d. 1 Aug., 1872, in Woodbridge. She lives there 
on his father's homestead. 

2096. Bcnjaiuiu, b. 6 March, 1853. 

1298. SILAS CIARK7Newton<5Ephraim,^b. in Woodbridge, 
Conn., 24 Oct., 1827; m., 1**- Jan'y, 1851, Mary Treat, of Orange, 
dau. Jonathan and his w. Mary"^ (Baldwin) Treat., dau. Heze- 
kiah* Sylvanns'*^ Barnabas^ Richard.^ They live (1875) in Anso- 
uia, where he has a livery stable. iSTo oh. 

1299. ISAAC 7 E"ewton^ Ephraim,^ b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 
13 April, 1829 ; m,, 24 March, 1852, Ann Treat, sister of w. of his 
brother Silas. In 1875, live in Ansonia, and has fonr ch., all unm. 

2097. Addie. 

2098. Elizabeth. 

2099. .John. 

2100. Howard. 

1300. JULIUS " :Newton ^ Ephraim,^ b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 
21 May, 1831 ; m , 11 April, 1856, Nancy Baldwin,- dan. Abner 
S.^Abner^ Richard^ Theophilus^ Barnabas- Richard.^ Live in 
Woodbridge, in 1875. 

2101. Xewton. 

2102. Ephraim. 

1302. CHARLES ^ Newton ^ Ephraim, ^ b. in Woodbridge, 
Conn., 11 Jan'y, 1836 ; in., 21 Aug., 1856, Almira Sperry, dau. 
Calvin Sperry, of Woodbridge. He was divorced, went to Mas- 
sachusetts, m. second timo, and by his 2"'' w. has a 

2103. Daughter. 

Was in 27th Volunteer Connecticut Regiment, in the late war. 

1304. NEWTON STOW ^ Newton « Ephraim, ^ b. in Wood- 
bridge, 23 Oct., 1840; lives (1875) in Derby, Conn. He m., 27 
Nov., 1866, Elizabeth Pettitt, dau. Henry, of Derby. He was 
three years in the 7th Connecticut Regiment, in the late war, and 
promoted to Second Lieutenant. 

2104. Alice, b. 2 March, 1869. 

2105. Henry, b. 12 Jan'y, 1871. 

liichard, of Milford, Conneetieut. 223 

1305. EDWARD ^ Newton ^ Epliniim,-^ h. in Woodbridge, 
Conn., 25 June, 1843 ; m. Jane Strong, of Westville, New Haven 
county. Conn., and lives there in 1875. 

2106. Susie. 

1310. SALLIE JENNETTE' David K.^ Silas ^ Barnabas^ Bar- 
nabas ^ Barnabas - Richard, ^ b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 1813; m., 
26 May, 1834, John Peck, of Woodbridge, b. 20 Oct., 1810, s. 
Phinehas, and brother of Silas J. Peck. 

2107. Heleu F., b. (5 June, 1838; d. o May, 1842. 

2108. Helen F., b. o April, 1843; m. Walter B. Peck, of New Haven. She d. 
21 April, 1858, and iier luisl)and m. 2nii. Betsey Louisa, her sister, 1 Aug., 1859; 
no ch. 

1311. ORLANDO FIELDS^ David R.« Silas,^ b. in Woodbridge, 
Conn., 2 Feb'y, 1817; m., 1 April, 1840, Jane Darling. In 1875, 
is a farmer in Derby, Conn. 

2109. Noyes Darling, b. 7 April, 1848. 

2110. Franklin Fields, b. 11 Feb'y, 1850. 

1312. ELIZUR W.' David R.« Silas,'^ b. 30 Oct., 1819, in Wood- 
bridge, Conn.; m., 5 Oct., 1845, Ann E. Manville, of Woodbridge, 
dau.^Lyman. He d. 19 Feb'y, 1856. 

2111. Frederick Elizur, b. 26 March, 1849; m. and lives, in 1875, near Scran- 
ton, Penn. 

2112. Loyal Wells, lives in New Haven, 1875. 

1314. AUOUSTUS F." David R.« Silas, '^ b. in Woodbridge, 
Conn., 15 July, 1836 ; m., 16 Dec,, 1856, Eunice Chatfield, dan. 
Devine and her husband. He lives (1875) in Woodbridge, Conn. 

2113. Howard Rockwell, b. 5 March, 1858. 

2114. Franklin Augustus, b. 27 .June, 1855. 

2115. Jennie Louisa. 

1335. ELBERT IRVING' Silas IS' Silas,^ b. in New Haven, 
Conn., 13 May, 1829 ; m., 29 Aug., 1855, Jeanette Sterling, of 
Lima, Livingstone county, N. Y. In October, 1853, he removed to 
Cleveland, Ohio, in the retail dry goods business, his father being 
his partner. He has been very successful as a merchant, and the 
trade of the firm is now ver}' large, and the leading retail trade 
in the city, carrying a superior stock of fine goods. In 1868, his 


Baldwin Genealogy. 

firm erected the first fine store in Cleveland, at an expense of over 
one hundred thousand dollars. This example has been well fol- 
lowed, but Mr. Baldwin may be regarded as the pioneer in fine 
business buildino-s in Cleveland, 
the buildino-: 

Here follows an engraving of 

Mr. Baldwin, as a merchant, is remarkably systematic and able. 
K'othing goes by chance, but everything by direction. 

In 1880, the firm is composed of himself, his brother-in-law, 
Mr. Hatch (many years together), and three Juniors, one of whom 
is his son, Elbert Francis. Though having a just pride in his 
position as a merchant, Mr. Baldwin is besides a very intelli- 
gent^ cultivated gentleman, well read and traveled, and withal an 
excellent citizen. 

2116. Elbert Francis, h. 10 March. 1.S57. Admitted as partner in the businessi, 
Feb'y, 1880. 

2117. Ellen [Sterling, b. 28 May. 18(51: d. 21 lVI)"y, 1868. 

2118. Irving, b. 23".Tan'y, 1863. 

2119. Arthur Kirk. b. 29 Nov.. 1867. 

2120. Gertrude, b. 6 July, 1870. 

"'S^^j' A. K. E-1'- ■' -" 


Richard, of Mllford, Connecticut. 225 

133G. ELIZA-NEWTON' Silas L« Silas,^ b. in Xew Haven, 
Conn.: m., 16 Sept , 1857, Jlonry R. Hatch ; he was b. 8 Oct., 1831, 
at Grand Isle, Yt., s. Abijali, b. 171^8, and Abigail (Lyon) Hatch, b. 
1807. Abijah was s. Ebenezer Hatch and his w. Dennis, of Grand 
Isle, Vt.; and Abigail dan. Rev. Asa Lyon, who was in Goshen, 
Conn., settled in Vermont, and m. Mary ]N'ewell, of Charlotte, Vt. 
Mr. Hatch went to Cleveland, Ohio, in 1854. He, in 1877, is still 
there, and has been for a long time of the lirm of E. I. Baldwin 
& Co., the leading retail dry goods house of that city. 

3121. Alice Gertnule, b. 31 Jan'y, 1859. 

2122. Eddie Irvins: (twiu). b. 1 June, 1861 ; d, aged 5 or 6 wks. 

2123. Freddie Baldwin, b, June 1, 1861; d. aged 5 or 6 wks. 

2124. Cliarles Irving; d. aged 6 mos. 

2125. Anna Louisa, b. Aug., 1865. 

2126. Nettie Baldwin, d. aged 6 mos. 

1337. ALICE GERTRUDE - Silas I.'^ Silas,^ b. 13 Oct., 1835, in 
New Haven, Conn.; ra., 23 April, 1860, John M. Richards, b. 24 
Nov., 1834, s. William *^ John ■' John * John ^ Stephen 2 Paiil,i and 
living (1876) in West Haven, Conn. 

2127. Lida Gertrude, b. 14 April, 1861. 
2138. William Irving, b. 9 Oct., 1863. 
2129. Nettie Baldwin, b. 1 Sept.. 1865. 
3130. John Elbert, b. 27 March, 1867. 

2131. Harry Yan Dusen, b. 15 Fclt'y. 1869. 

1360. GRACE' Lyman « George'^ Thomas^ Barnabas^ Barna- 
bas'- Richard,^ b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 22^ April, 1831; m., 31 
Oct., 1847, John Chatiield, of Oxford, Conn. 

2132. Daughter, b. 28 April. 1856. 

1375. MARCUS" Channcey^ Thaddens^ Timothv* Timothv ^ 
Barnabas- Richard,^ b. in Derby, Conn.; lives (1875) in Derby. 
He m. Charlotte Ailing, dan. Asa,^ s. Silas and Dorcas* (Baldwin) 
Ailing. Dorcas was dan. Sylvanns^ Barnabas- Richard.^ He is a 
farmer in Derby. 

2133. Daughter, m. George Gorham, of New Haven. 
3134. Lucy, ni. .Jordan, a minister. 

2135. Roger S., m. and at home, in 1875. 

He is said to have another child. 

226 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1376. BURR BEECHER7 Davi.l « Thaddeus,^ b. in Derby, 
Conn. He ni. Antoinette, a widow of Bradley, who had by her 
first husband a son Henry T., b. 2 Jan'y, 1842; in 1874 of Seymour, 
Conn.; she was b. in Woodbridge, 12 June, 1820. 

2136. Joseph, b. 21 Dec,, 1847. 

2137. Grace E., b. 8 Nov., 18.j0; m. Devine, of Woodbridge. 

1378. WARKEiN"' Miles^ Miles ^ Andrew^ Timothy ^ Barnabas ^ 
Richard,^ b. in Whiting, Addison county, A^t., 28 Sept., 1812; m., 
1 March, 1835. The following ch. were b. in Crawford county, 
Penn. The family liv^e, March, 1877, in Waterloo, Blackhawk 
county, Iowa: 

2138. Elizabeth, b. 11 Feb'y, 1886. 
2189. Allen T., b. 15 March, 1888. 

2140. Lovina L., b. 5 .Time, 1840. 

2141. Sally M , b. 29 May, 1842. 

2142. Orrin M., b. 19 .Tunc, 1844. 

2143. Perry O.. b. 8- March, 1845. 

2144. Andrew M., b. 22 Aug., 1847. 

2145. Mary S., b. 27 May, 1849. 

1379. ISAAC S.' .Miles «Miles,sb. in Whiting, Vt., 1816; m. 
1839.^ Resides (1875) in Spring, Crawford county, Penn. Has had 
nine ch., of whom six are living, 

1381. AL0NZ0 7 Jesse 6 Miles,^ b. in Whiting, Vt.; in., 1838, 
Hannah Wing, of Rochester, Vt. 

2146. Mary, 1840; m. Wallace Doiid.+ 

2147. Edson A., 1845. 

2148. Charles S. W., 1850; in 1877, dentist in Yypsilauti, Mich. 

1382. LUCRETIA" Jesse « Miles,"^ b. in Whiting, Vt.; m., 1829, 
Emerson Watts, and in 1877, a widow, with a son. 

2149. Jonas, 45 yrs. old in 187-. 

1383. EMELINE ' Jesse^ Miles/' b. 1811 ; m., 1845, Albert AVil- 
liams, of Orwell, Vt. She d. 1865, and left two ch. 

2150. Lucina; d. 1871. 

2151. RoUin; in 1877, living in Orwell, Vt., aged about 25 yrs. 

Richard^ of Milford, Connecticut. 227 

1386. WILLI A?^[ 11.7 Andrew « Miles,=^ b. 1818, in Whiting, Vt. 
m., 1845, Mary Fish, and d. 1800. 

2152. .luliii M. : m.JHTO, John Stifknoy. lu 1877, she lives in AVhitiujr, Vt., 
on Ikt i^randt'athcr".'^ old j)hifO. 

2158. Andrew ]McTwin; m., no ch. ; d. Jan., 1877. 

1387. TRUMAN W." Treat •^ Miles,'^ b. in Whiting, Addison 
county, Vt., 2 June, 1822; m. in Slyvan, Washtenaw county, 
Mich., 16 Aug., 1846, to Mrs. Betsey Ann Fenn. 

2154. Alphonzo T., 1 Aug., 1847; d. 28 Feb'y, 1862. 

2155. Adelbert L., b. 22 May, 1850.+ 

1389. MILO" Treat «Miles,^b. in Whiting, Vt., 9 Feb "y, 1825 ; 
m., 1 Sept., 1847, Iluldah A. Fenn ; living (1877) in Chelsea, Mich. 

2156. Maiy Ariminta, 29 July, 1861. 

2157. Alma Maria, 14 Oct., 1864. 

1396. ELIZA' Amos "5 David ^^ Andrew^ Timothy ^ Barnabas ^ 
Richard,M3. in Watertown, Cpnn., 10 Jan'y, 1805; m., 10 Feb'y, 
1828, Ileman Oviatt, of Copley, Ohio. 

2158. Infant, d. in Goshen. 

2159. Nelson D., m. 1st. Melissa Van Norman; m. ■■^'"1 time, and lives in John- 
sonville, Tenn., 1874. 

2160. Andrew B., d. unm. 

2161. Limian, m. Grace Pratt, and lives in Brooklyn, Ohio. 

2162. Harvey B., d. unm. 

2163. Laura, m. George Swigart, of Copley. 

2164. Sanford. 

1398. JULIA 7 Amos<5 David,^ Watertown, Conn., 17 April, 
1809; m. James M. Cowles, of Norfolk, Conn. 

2165. Kcturah P., b. 1831; m. George B. French, of Watertown. 

2166. Elizabeth M., b. Aug., 1832; m. James K. Stillnian, of Iowa. 

2167. Dotha A., b. 1834; in 1874, unm. in Norfolk. 

2168. Joseph M., b. 1838; m. Sarah Walker; lives, 1874, in Norfolk. 

2169. Louisa F., b. 1842. 

2170. Loyal Baldwin, b. 1846. 

2171. William James, b. 1850. 

1400. ANDREW' Amos «David,5b. in Watertown, Conn., 19 
Sept., 1813; ra., 13 Sept., 1837, Louisa A. Phelps, dau. Daniel, of 
Norfolk. Removed to Copley, Ohio, where his ch. were born; 

228 Baldmn Genealogy. 

thence, in 1844, to Norfolk, Gonn.; thence, in 1848, to Watertown, 

3172. Truman P., b. 14 June, 1838. 

2173. Sarah Maria, b. 1 Jan'y, 1840. 

2174. Joseph Henry, b. 30 Jan'y, 1843; d. 21 Sept., 1850. His wife d. 31 
May, 1843. 

1402. HARVEY" Amos «I)avid,'^b. 12 Oct., 1818; m. April, 
1842 ; was a doctor, graduated at Yale Medical School ; m. Ester 
S. Starr, of Goshen, Conn.; dau. Truman and Ester (Nettleton) 
Starr, b. 14 i^ov., 1816. He lived in Goshen, Conn., where he d., 
26 Feb'y, 1859. 

2175. Lucy Starr, b. 26 May, 1843; d. 25 Aug., 1849. 

2176. Mary Elizabeth, b. 9 June, 1845; in 1874 unm., and living in New Haven, 
with her mother. 

1404. NANCY" ELIZABETH" Amos^ David,-^ b. 27 Sept., 1823; 
m., 26 Feb'y, 1850, Lucien Bronson, of Watertown ; in 1874, of 
"Waterbury, Conn. 

2177. Emma E., b. about 1853. 

2178. Homer Rcswell, d. y. 

2179. Arthur L.. b. about 1858. 

• ,3180. Nathaniel Richardson, say b. 1860. 
/2181. Nellie Louise, b. about 1864. 

1405. AMOS PERKINS " Amos « David,^ b. in Watertown, 
Conn., 1 May, 1826 ; ra. Caroline L. Bryan, then aged 19. He 
is a leading citizen of Watertown, Conn.; deacon in the First 
Church there. 

2182. Cornelia Frances, b. 1 March. 1854. 

2183. Helen E., 1). 17 Nov., 1855. 

2184. Lettie Louisa, b. 27 May, 1858. 

2185. Mary Eliza, Tj. 7 Aug. 1860. 

2186. Carrie Irene, b. 16 Jan'y, 1863. 

1407. FANNY' Treats David,^ b. in Watertown, Conn.; m. 
1'*' Ozias Peck, of Le Moyne, Ohio; 2"^*' Hi ram French, of Water- 
town, Conn. In 1873, living in North Watertown. 

3187. George B., of Watertown; m. Ketura P. Cowles. Ch. : Eugene C, 

Ellen M., Martha D., Minnie Q. and Wilbur H. 

2188. Martha M., dead. 

2189. 3Iarv S.. ni. Nathan B. Abbot, of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Richard, of llilford, Con n ecticut. 229 

2190. John II.. lives in CMicshiro, Conn.; ni. Sarah Bahlwin," dan, of .Tared 
S.C Tlieo]ihilus •"' Thcojihilns ■* Tiieophihis^ Barnabas- Hicliard.l 

Hiram French was b. Ebenezer, from Huntington. 

1113. AMANDA BLIZA" Truman « David,'^ b. in Watertown, 
Conn., 19 July, 1817; m. Curtiss Judson, then of Hartford, Conn., 
and afterward of Judson's Hotel, Xew York. 

3191. Emily A., b. 8 Jau'y, 1840. 

2193. .TuliaE., b. 11 July, 1842; m., 23 Dec, 1858, P. S. Bichenmeyer. 

1414. ANDREW HARVEY- Truman « David,^ b. in Water- 
town, Conn., 31 Dec, 1818; m.' Caroline Hamilton, 18 March, 
1841. They are, I believe, in 1874, of New York City. 

2193. Truman Hamilton, jj. 25 June, 1844. He m. L. L. Sage, of New Jersey, 
in 1873; has no ch., and is a lawyer, living in New Jersey, practicing in New York 

2194. Harris Judson, 1). 14 June, 1850; in 1873, of Hudson, ]\Iiuu. 

2195. Lucy Elizabeth, b. 12 April, 1852. 

2196. Infant son, d. 1842. 

1415. MARTHA E.' Milo« David,^ in Watertown; m. George 
Woodward, of Watertown, and in 1874 living there. 

2197. Charles Baldwin, b. about 1850; in 1874, in Watertown. 

1416. HULDA LOUISA 7 Milo ^ David, •'^ b. in Watertown, 
Conn.; m., 11 :Slarch, 1846, Charles N. Allen ; in 1873, of Water- 

2198. George P., b. about 1848. 

2199. Mary E., b. about 1849. 

2200. Henry D., d. 3 or 4 yrs. old. 

2201. Henrietta, b. about 1858. 

2202. Irene Louisa, b, al)out 1863. 

1426. GEORGE A. ^ Darius « Alexis -^ Enoch * Timothy ^ Barna- 
bas- Richard,^ b. in Orange, Conn., 28 Jan'y, 1830; living (1873) 
in New Haven, Conn. He m., 1851, Mary A. Catlin. 

2203. Su.san E., b. 28 Feb., 1852. 

2204. Charles B., h. 8 May, 1853. 

2205. Minnie B., 1). 19 Aug., 1856. 

2206. .lesse Emma, b. 31 Dec, 1857; d. 10 Jan'y, 1858. 

2207. Harry Hunter, b. 27 Nov., 1858. 

230 Baldwin Gefiealogy. 

2208. Edward B.. b. 20 June, 1860; d. 29 April, 1862. 

2209. GeoYge E., b. 11 Nov., 1861. 

2210. Mary A., b. 4 May, 1863. 

2211. Walter H., b. 15 July, 1864; d. 20 July, 1864. 

2212. Bertha J., b. 4 July, 1866; d. 18 July, 1866. 

1427. CHAELES A.' Darius ^ Alexis,^ b. in Orange, Conn., 28 
Jan'y, 1832 ; in 1873, a successful manufacturer (Harmon, Bald- 
win & Foy), in Kew Haven, Conn. He was sergeant in the 27tli 
Connecticut Eegiment, in the late war. He m., 3 Dec, 1863, 
Hannah Pitt Smith, of Lima, Delaware county, Penn. 

2213. Charlena Ilanuub, b. 13 Juue, 1865. 

2214. William Pitt, b. 12 May, 1867. 

2215. May Emma, b. 14 July, 1870; d. 17 July 1870. 

2216. Sherman Henry, b. 5 Sept., 1873. 

1 428. MARY A.' Darius ^ Alexis,^"" b. in Orange, Conn., 12 Jan'y , 
1834 ; m., 12 May, 1861, George M. Harmon, s. Marion Harmon 
of Worcester county, Mass. He was, in the late war. Captain of 
the 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery. He is, in 1873, of the firm 
of Harmon, Baldwin & Foy, large manufacturers of skirt sup- 
porters in New Haven. 

2217. George H. 

2218. Mary A. 

2219. William. 

2220. Frank. 

1429. ALLEN D.' Darius*^ Alexis,^ Orange, Conn., 26 Aug., 
1836; m., 7 Oct., 1862, Julia Treat, of Orange, b. 5 Aug., 1841, 
dau. William. Was Sergeant Companj^ G., 27th Connecticut Eegi- 
ment, in the late war. He lives (1874) in New Haven, Conn. 

2221. Frank W., b. 17 April, 1864. 

2222. Bertie H., b. 3 Aug., 1867. 

2223. Frederick D., 1). 7 Feb'y, 1870. 

1430. WILLIAM HENEY' Darius ^ Alexis,^ b. 7 Nov., 1841; 
m., 1861, Sarah Louisa Loper, of Long Island. He d. in New 
Haven, 6 Nov., 1867, where his family are. 

2224. Edward Sheraian, b. Jau'y, 1855: d. 29 Aug., 1873. 

2225. Fannie, b. 28 Oct., 1866. 

1444. THEODOEE ENGLEBEECHT ' Murray L.'' Timothy ^ 
Elijah* Timothy 3 Barnabas ^ Eichard,i b. 14 July, 1836; m. 30 

Bichard, of Milford, Connecticut. 231 

May, 1860, Antoinette S. Kossiter. He was an officer in the navy, 
and retired acting Captain. He is dead, and Lis ch. live "with his 

22'2(\. .luliii Aii,iiii>tii 3[ills, b. 22 April, 1861. 
2227. .Minnie Adeline KeynokLs b. 5 May, 1866. 

1445. JULIA AXX' Murray L.*^ Timothy,^^ m., 7 Oct., 1863, 
Joseph Thomas Perkins, a merchant of Brooklyn, N. Y., says the 
Trowbridge Genealogy. 

2238. Wilson, b. 1 Oct., 1871. 

1481. WILLIAM TREAT" Sherman '^ Treat ^ Theophilus* The- 
ophilus^ Barnabas- Richard,^ b. 6 March, 1823, in Paris, Oneida 
county, X. Y.; lives, Xov., 1877, in Matherton, Ionia county, ^lich., 
but soon after in Fenwick, ^[ontcalm county, Mich; m., 8 April, 
1849, Rebecca Russell, in Pittslield, Mich. 

2229. Emily :N[clissa, ni. Rev. William Stewart. 

William T. is a clero-yman. 

1487. OLIVE J.' John H.^ Anor-'^ Theophius^ Theophilus^ 
Barnabas - Richard,^ b. in Joliet, III., 22 June, 1831; m., 1853, 
John Calvin Choate, of Woodstock, 111., and still there, 1877. 

22;?0. Frank. 

2281. Susie. 

2232. Emma. 

2238. Flora. 

1522. LEOi^A AMELIA" Frederick B.'' Truman^ Theophilus * 
Theophilus^ Barnabas - Richard,^ b. 23 Oct., 1847, in Geneva, Ohio ; 
m., 22 Sept., 1868, Aaron B. Willett, of Baraboo, Wis. 

2234. Lennie Howard, twiu to 

2235. Laura Mary. 

2236. Frederick Slye. 

2237. Albert Henry. 

1523. MARTHA ELLEN ' Frederick B.« Truman,^ b. 7 April, 
1852; m., 23 Jan'y, 1872, James Q. Haines, of Baraboo, Wis. 

2238. Howard Wilbur. 

1538. SARAH' Jared S.^ Theophilus^ Theophilus* Theophi- 
lus^ Barnabas- Richard,^ b. in Cheshire, Conn., about 1836; m. 
John H. French, s. Willis; live in Cheshire next to her father in 

232 Baldwin Gevealogg. 

1874; have two ch. John H. French is s. Fanny Baldwin, dau. 
Treat *^ David ^ Andrew * Timothy ^ Barnabas ^ Eichard.^ 

2289. Willis B. 

2240. Infant son. 

1539. JARED FJ Jared S.^ Theophilus,^ b. in Woodbury, 10 
April, 1839; lives (1874) in Waterbury, Conn.; m., 30 May, 1860, 
in Watertown, Conn., Hattie E. Patterson, b. 9 Oct., 1837, in West 
Stockbridge, Mass., dau. Mark and Louisa Patterson. In 1874, 
living in Watertown. 

2241. Charles A., b. iu Cheshire, 2 April, 1863. 

1544. WILLIAM LEVERETT - Abel S.« Jared ^ Theophilus ^ 
Theophilus^ Barnabas- Richard,^ b. at Jacksonville, Florida, 18 
March, 1840 ; m., 12 Sept., 1866, Cornelia, dau. Dr. C. B. Coventry. 
He resides, April, 1876, in Utica, N. Y. I have the impression he 
is a physician. 

2242. Eliza Scott, b. 12 Dec, 1867. 
2248. Charles Coventry, b. 5 Nov., 1869. 

2244. Leverett Seymour, b. 11 April, 1878. 

1552. ELI N.' Eli K6 Eli ^ Theophilus ■• Theophilus ^ Barnabas ^ 
Richard,! b. 21 Nov., 1849, in Huntington ; resides (1874) in Hunt- 
ington, Conn., engaged in active business — an energetic, leading- 
man. He m. Harriet Adeline Moore, of Phiintield, N.J. 

2245. Jennie Mary, b. 11 Feb., 1874. 

1574. HENRY" Isaac*' Isaac^ Isaac ^ Theophilus ^ Barnabas- 
Richard,! b. 14 Sept., 1824, in Litchlield, Litchfield county. Conn. 
He m., 29 Oct., 1846, Mary M. Kilburn, and in 1871, is guardian 
to his three younger ch.; Litchfield Probate. 

2246. William H., b. 11 -Jmre, 1849; d. 3 Feb'y, 1861. 

2247. Edwin E., b. 14 May, 1852. 

2248. Emma R., b. 9 Dec, 1857. 

2249. Elmer E., b. 15 March, 1861. 

1575. BE rSEY ' Isaac "^ Isaac, ^ b. in Litchfield, Litchfield 
county, Conn., 14 July, 1826; m., 22 Sept., 1849, Amos Johnson, 
and settled in Wisconsin. 

2250. Ellen R., b. 8 Aug., 1849; d. 11 .Jan'y, 1870. 

2251. Lewis A., b. 19 Sept., 1853. 

2252. Luther F., b. 30 .July, 1859; d. 4 Aug., 1862. 
3253. Wesley B., b. 21 April, 1865. 

2254. George E. 

Richard, of Miljord, Connectieiit. 233 

1576. ESTHERS Isaac 6 Isaac,^ b. in Litclilield, Conn., 12 July, 
1828; m., 18 Oct., 1847, James H. Osborn, and remains in Litch- 

2255. Chauncoy J., b. 20 Dec, 1848. 

2256. Georsc H., b., 31 Aug., 1850. 

2257. Mary L., b. 25 .July, 1852; d. 8 July, 1855. 

2258. Ella M., b. 10 ^Iav, 1854. 

2259. Charles E., b. 2 March, 1857. 

2260. Louisa E., b. 6 Aug-., 1859. 

2261. William B., b. 13 Sept., 1861. 

2262. Nellie J., b. 24 Feb'y, 1863. 

2263. Ester, b. 14 Aug., 1864. 

1577. LUCINDA " Isaac ^ Isaac,^ h. in Litchfield, Conn., 30 Jnly, 
1830; m., 4 iN'ov., 1849, Charles B.Webster; d. at Litchfield, 24 
Jan'y, 1871. 

2264. Frederick C, b. 17 Oct., 1850. 

2265. Wilbur F., b. 3 Get., 1855. 

1578. JA^STE^ Isaac '^ Isaac ^ b. in Litchfield, Conn., 19 Aug. 
1832; m., 17 May, 1852, William M.Webster, of Litchfield. 

2266. William B., b. 26 .July, 1853. 

2267. Almond B., b. 21 March, 1857. 

2268. Bennie N., b. 8 Sept,, 1859; d, 1860. 

2269. Louisa R, b. 28 March, 1862. 

1579. MARY ANl^^ Isaac « Isaac,^ b. in Litchfield, Conn., 2 
July, 1834 ; m. Austin Hine ; setled in Southford, Conn. 

2270. Ida.L 

2271. Edna R. 

2272. Austin B. 

1580. CLARK 7 Isaac " Isaac,=' b. in Litchfield, Conn., 18 Aug., 
1836 ; m. Martha Van Orman, and setttled in Minnesota. 

2273. Maijgie L. 


162L ANDREW 7 Alsop« Amos^ Alsop^ Theophilus^ Barna- 
bas ^ Richard,^ b. in Watertown, Conn., 30 E'ov., 1834. In 1873, 
living in Watertown. He m. Sarah M. Warner. 

2274. Charles, b. about 1861, 

2275. Lottie, b. about 1807. 


234 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1622. SARAH EJ Alsop^ Amos/ b. in Watertown, Conn. 16 
March, 1838. She m. David Doolittle, of ^N'ew Britain, Conn., 
and in 1873, living there. 

3376. Willie Egbert, b. 30 Aug., 1858. 

2277. David Edward, b. 39 Dec, 1859. 

3278. Carrie Elizabeth, b. 26 March, 1862. 

2379. Elloise, b. 4 Aug,, 1864. 

2280. Bertha Adella, b. 13 April, 1869. 

1636. LUCY M.' Lewis W.^ Theophilus ^ Richard ' Theophilus'^ 
Barnabas^ Richard,^ b. in Middlebury, Conn., 18 Aug., 1848; m., 
Nov., 1866, James D. Wooster. 

2281. Minnie, b. 3 .June, 1870; d. May, 1878. 

He d. Feb'y, 1873,. aged 34; and she lives (1877) in Middlebury, 

1637. RODMOND j^OYES' N'ojes^ Ira^ Richard^ Theophi- 
lus ^ Barnabas ^ Richard,^ b. 10 Jan'y, 1824 ; living (1873) in >^orth 
Madison, Lake county, Ohio ; m, 4 Sept., 1845, Betsey E. Multer, 
of Huntsburg, Ohio. 

2382. Ellen .Josephine, b. 19 .Jul}-, 1846, in Moutville. 

2283. Harriet Adeline, b. 12 Aug., 1850. 

2384. William Henry, b. 23 April, 1855; d. 3 May, 1855. 

Was by trade tanner and currier; in 1877, a farmer. 

1638. ROLAND HOTCHKISS - Noyes « LV b. in New Hart- 
ford, Conn., 24 March, 1827 ; in 1873, living in Moutville, Geauga 

county, Ohio. He m. Miss Fannie , b. 27 Oct., 1827, of 

Thompson, Geauga county, Ohio. He was Captain in the 124th 
Ohio Regiment, in the late war. Is a stout, large man. 

2285. Williard E., b. 1 Jan'y, 1853. + 

2286. Eossie E., b. 2 Oct., 1855. 

2287. Roland E., b. 18 June, 1862, in Thompson. 

2288. Bertrand, b. 22 May, 1873, in Montville. 

1639. MARTHA ELIZABETH ^ Noyes « L-a, ^ b. in Connecti- 
cut ; m. Joseph Broughton, a farmer of Montville, Geauga county, 
Ohio, s. Rev. Job, of Thompson, there from England. She is 
dead (1873), and left ch. 

2289. Florence, m. Whitnej^ and has two ch. 

2290. Lizzie. 

Richard, of 3Iilford, Connecticut. 235 

Her husband was in the late war, in the regiment with his 
brother-in-law King. 

1640. MELISSA LYDIA" Noyes*^ Ira."^ She lived in Montville, 
Geauga county, Ohio. She m. Lysander King, of Chardon, in that 
county, who, in the late war, went through the South in Sher- 
man's famous march, and died in the hospital in Kew York. 

2291. May. living iu 1873. 

She m. 2»'i' Thomas C. Hart. 

2292. Son, d. infant. 

2293. Son, infant, in Feb'y, 1874. 

1642. MERRITT WELLS -Ira M.*^ Ira,^ b. in Xew Hartford, 
Conn., 23 Oct., 1834; m. Catharine Hall, iu Kew Haven, in 1873; 
lives in Berlin, Conn. Was a private, in the late war, in a Con- 
necticut regiment. 

2294. Rhoda Antoinette, b. 7 Oct., 1839, in Berlin. 

2295. Merritt Wells, b. Nov., 1861. 

1643. ANTOIXETTE R." L-a M.^ Ira,^ b. iu ]S^ew Hartford, 
Conn., 23 Aug., 1831 ; m., 25 Nov., 1847, Samuel L. Norton, and 
living, March, 1877, in South Meriden, Conn.; he was b. 26 Dec, 
1821, in Berlin, Conn. 

2296. Delia A., b. 11 Feb., 1847. 

2297. Sarah E., 5 Oct., 1851; d. 30 Nov., 1854. 

2298. Emma. 13 Aug., 1853; d. 4 April, 1854. 

2299. Royal S., 2 July, 1854. 

2300. M. L., 1 .Jan'y, 1856. 

2301. Luina F., 7 Sept., 1859. 

2302. William H., 19 Aug., 1861. 

2303. Birdscy B., 21 March, 1863. 

2304. Nettie E., 1 April, 1866. 

2305. Sarah A., 10 .Jan'y, 1868. 

2306. George W., 19 Oct., 1870; d. 30 Aug., 1871. 

1644. DELIA ANGELINE^ra M.^Ira^b. in New Hartford, 
Conn., 16 May, 1828 ; m., 29 April, 1849, Charles Noyes Ailing, 
b. 2 Feb'y, 1822, in Hamden, Conn.; iu 1873, in Berlin, Conn. 

2307. Charles Baldwin, b. 25 Feb'y, 1850, in Hamden. 

2308. Isaac Edward, b. 4 Dec, 1852, in Berlin. 

2309. Willard Ira. b. 27 March, 1855. 

2310. Angle Estella, b. 21 .Tune. 1864. 

2311. Bertha Grace, b. 17 Sept.. 1866. 

236 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1645. NE WTOX HENRY ^ Ira M.^ Ira,^ b. in Berlin, Conn., 19 
April, 1842; ra., 14 Feb'j, 1866, Ellen M. Ilurlburt, b. in Soutb- 
ington. Conn., 12 June, 1851. He was a private, in tbe late war, 
with bis brother Merritt. He lives (1873) in Berlin. 

2313. Ira Merritt, b. 23 Feb'y, 1868. 

2313. Newton AVells, b. 14 Sept., 1870. 

2314. George Hurlburt, b. 21 Feb'y, 1872. 

1713. IRA" Abner Spencer^ Abner^ Richard* Theophilus ^ Bar- 
nabas^ Richard,' b. in Woodbridge, Conn.; m. an Andrews, of 
Orange ; resides in Woodbridge, and has ch. 

1715. EVERETT 7 Abner^ Abner,^ b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 
and in 1874, living there with his father ; m. a lady of Ansonia, 
Conn., and is now divorced. He had one 

2315. Child, wlio is dead. 

1877. ALICE AMANDAs Erastns B.^ Frederick W.*^ Edmund ^ 
Israel ^ Theophilus ^ Theophilus ' Richard,^ b. in Hinesburgh, Vt., 
27 Nov., 1853 ; m. Charles V. L. Peters, of Chicago, and living 
there in 1875. 

2316. Nellie Anna, b. 2 Feb'y, 1875. 

1948. JESSE C.« Jacob 7 John« Jacob ^ Zachariab* Zachariah ^ 
Zachariah- Richard,M). 3 May, 1817, in Hamilton county, Ohio; 
m., 1841, in Hopkinsville, Warren county, Ohio, Susan Wood, b. 
24 Sept., 1820. In Dec, 1875, I have a letter from him, but not 
his residence. 

2317. Jacob M,, b. 3 Jan'y, 1842; d. 1863, in Tennessee, in the army. 

2318. Samuel V., b. 11 Fel/y, 1844; living, 1875, close to Lincoln, Logan 
covinty, 111. 

2319. Emily A., b. 11 March, 1846; d. 1863. 

2320. Thomas R., b. 11 Oct., 1849; living, 1875, in Lc'roy, 111. 

2321. David M., b. 29 June, 1851; living, 1875, in Blanchester, Clinton 
county, Ohio. 

2322. Louis A., b. 2 March, 1855; lives, 1875, near Lincoln, 111. 

2323. Jesse T., b. 14 Aug., 18o7; lives, 1875, near Lincoln, 111, 

2324. Susan M., b. 17 May, 1860; living, 1875, witli her father. 

2325. Martha J., b. 2 Sept., 1862; living, 1875, with lier father. 

1964. CHARLES JACOBS » George Colfax ^ James L.« Job '^ 
Zachariah * Zachariah ^ Zachariah -^ Richard,^ b. 10 Aug., 1841, in 

Richard, of Milford, Co7inccticut. 237 

Charlestowu, N. Y.; m., 3 Aug., 1870, Adelaide J. Fosdiek, of Gro- 
tou, Mass. He is a Baptist clergyman, in 187-), in Chelsea, Mass.; 
and in 1878, in Rochester, N. Y. lie was Adjutant in the 151st 
I^ew York Volunteers the last two years of the late war, and on 
duty at the siege of Charlestown, under Gilmore. 

2326. Jamcvs Fosdick, b. 29 April, 1871. 

2006. JOHN STANLEYsCharles^ Jacob H.*' Amos ^'Simeon* 
Ebenezers Zachariah-2 Richard,^ b. 9 April, 1841 ; living (1874) at 
Atlantic, Iowa. He is a farmer. He m., 9 April, 1863, H. F. 

2327. Charles, b. o Jau'y, 1867. 
2:328. Carrie, b. 20 Jau'y, 1868. 

2329. Thomas L., b. 25 March, 1869. 

2330. Mar.y, b. 20 June, 1871. 

2331. Edith (twin), b. 10 Jan'y, 1874. 

2332. Kate, b. 10 Jan'y, 1874. 

2007. JACOB HICKS s Charles 'Jacob H.,M). 10 Nov., 1844; 
d. 22 April, 1873, in Columbus, Texas. He was then Clerk of 
Colorado county, in that State. He was in service in the late war, 
as Clerk, three years and three months. He m. Mary E. Ilotch- 
kiss, who, in 1874, resides with her child in Columbus. 

2333. Ida, b. 14 Nov., 1871. 

2008. SARAH ELIZABETH^ Charles^ Jacob H.^ b. 19 May, 
1850 ; m. E. P. Mills, and lives (1874) in Lewis, Cass county, Iowa. 

2334. Harlow, b. 8 June, 1868. 

2072. DWIGHT MAJORS Hart B." Major ^^ Barnabas ^ Barna- 
bas ^ Barnabas ^ Barnabas - Richard,^ b. 26 Aug., 1836, in Wood- 
bridge, Conn.; in 1874, residing in Redwing, Minn. He m., 30 
Oct., 1860, Susan E. Holmes, of Connecticut. 

2335. Mary E., b. 31 Dec, 1861. 

2336. Sidney M., b. 6 :March. 1863. 

2337. Dwigiit Major, b. 27 May, 1867. 

2074. HARRIET AURELIA^ Hart B.^ Major," b. 3 Dec, 1839, 
in Woodbridge, Conn.; m., 21 Dec, 1862, Reuben B. Smitli, of 
Missouri, They live (1874) in Minneapolis, Minn. 

2338. Hattie, b. 4 Jau'y, 1864. 

238 ■ Baldwin Genealogy. 

2075. SAMUEL ELLIOT ^ Hart B.^ Major,*^ b. 6 April, 1843, in 
Woodbridge, Conn.; in 1874, resident of Redwing, Minn. He 
m,, 16 ]S[ov., 1864, Sarah Little, of Maine. 

2839. Frank E., b. 17 Sept., 1865. 

2340. May, b. 22 April, 1867. 

2341. Jennie R., b. 16 Sept., 1872. 

2088. FREDERICK A.^ Samuel H.^ Bela« Barnabas ^ Barna- 
bas* Barnabas 3 BarnabaB,^ Richard,^ b. 15 May, 1838; address, 
1875, New Haven, Conn.; m. 1851. 

2342. Daughter, b. 1861. 

2089. CHARLES L.^ Samuel H.^ Bela,*' b. 2 Sept., 1842 ; address, 
Kew Haven, Conn., in 1874. 

2343. Daughter, b. 1867. 

2090. MAY FRANCES^ Samuel H.^ BeV b. 22 Dec., 1845; 
m., Aug., 1862, Joseph D. Bradley, of New Haven. 

2344. Joseph P. 

2345. Charles. 

2346. Frederick. 

2347. Robert. ! 

2146. MARY« Alonzo" Jesse,<^ b. in Whiting, Vt., 1840; m., 
1858, Wallace Doud; in 1877, living in West Salisbury, Vt. 

2348. Carrie. 

2147. EDSON A.s Alonzo ' Jesse,^' b, in Whiting, Vt., 1845 ; m., 
1870, Annette Seeley, who d. 1875, and he m. 2'"^' 1876, Louisa 
Gibbs ; lives (1877) in Whiting, Vt. 

2349. Willie. 

2350. Nettie. 

2155. ADELBERT C.^ Truman W."^ Treat,^ b. in Sylvan, AVash- 
tenaw county, Mich., 22 May, 1850; m., 22 June, 1872, Effie Dixon. 
In 1877, living in Sylvan. 

2351. Angie Lena, 6 Jan'y, 1865. 

2352. Elsie Disile, 14 July, 1877. 

2285. WILLARD E.^ Roland Hotchkiss" Noyes^^ Ira^ Richard * 
Theophilus 3 Barnabas - Richard,^ b. 1 Jan'y, 1853, in Montville, 
Geauga county, Ohio ; m., 1 Jan'y, 1873, Miss Ella H. Cutts. 

2353. Bernard B., b. 15 Nov., 1876. 

John Baldwin, of Stonington, Connecticut, 


1. JOHN BALDWIN, of Stonington, Connecticut, was son of 
Sylvester, who died on the passage to America, 21 June, 1638, and 
brother of Richard, of Miiford. See ante page 41. His identity 
is established, beyond all question, by legal proceedings after the 
death of his f^on John. He was baptized in Parish Aston Clinton, 
County Bucks, England, 28 October, 1(335, and no doubt then quite 
young. Sylvester Baldwin's family being part of the " New Haven 
Company,"' removed to that place.* John was married to his 
first wife in 1656. According to the records, a home lot, of an 
acre and a half, was assigned to him, and he received other grants 
of land in Miiford. His first wife died in 1657, soon after the 
birth of her son John. Miss Calkins says his name appears in the 
New London records occasionally after 1654. His descendant, 
John D., of Worcester, says 1664. He was in Miiford in 1658, 
and one of the heroes of New London, who had the strife with 
men of Lyme, in 1671, about]the boundary line. On the 24th of 
July, 1672, he married Rebecca Palmer, daughter of the first Wal- 
ter Palmer, of Stonington, and young widow of Elisha Chees- 
borough. They settled in Stonington, where she owned a large 
tract of land. She outlived him about thirty years, and died 
May 2'"'' 1713. The children were: 

2. John, b. April I'S, 16o7; bapt. as an adult in StOTiiuirton, and d. in 1678, 
"while gone to England. As the record which eslablishes this fact proves the line, 
I add it. His grandmother, Mrs. Astwood, had remembered liim in her will, from 

* It has been generally supposed, that Mrs. Baldwin lived for some years in New Haven, her name, with 
family, being in the list of 1643; bnt see ante pajfes 77 and 7S, as to the New Haven and Miiford lists. 
She may have remained in New Haven until her, second marriage, as is thought by her descendant of this 
line, Hon. John D. Baldwin ; but I do not consider it proved. After her marriage to Astwood, the faniilj' 
no doubt lived in Miiford, next door to her son Richard Baldwin. 

240 Baldwin Genealogy. 

■wiiicli followed the facts of the record appearing iu the New Haveu County f 'oiirt 
Records, Vol. 2, page 89: 

"At a Court of Prohate, held in New Haven, Octob'r ye lOth day, 1T02. Present: 

Major Mosses Mansfield. 

" SiLVp:sTEii B.XLDWix, of Stonington, in / Esquire Judge ^ 
ye county of New London, appearing and J M.xltbie, f E.sqrs- Jusc- 
making application to this Court, for power j Jeremi.mi Osbokxe, [ Or norum. 
of administracon upon a certaiue legacy V John Alling, / 

l)equeatli('d to his brother, John Baldwin, in and hj the last will of Mi^s- Sarah Ast- 
wood, which said John Baldwin, by report of Mr. Plumb, of ]\Iilford, went to 
England about twenty -tive years since, and is supposed to be deceased. Upon w"ch 
ye court allows administracon of s'd legacy to the said Silvesf Baldwin, he having 
given sufReicnt bond for his faithful administration of the same according to law, 
and refund the estate if any other heir appeare." 

The legacy was made in 1679, and was a singular legacy to 
grant administration for twenty-three years after, but the estate 
had no doubt been sold, and this proceeding was to get the 

8. Rebecca, b. May 20, 1673; m., March 21. 1694, Elnathau Minor, son of 
Deacon Manassah Minor; she d. March 12, 1701. He was town Clerk of Stoning- 
ton. They had ch. : (9) Samuel, Dec. 12, 1694; (10) Manassah, Dec. 1, 1695; (11) 
Elnathan, Jan. 24, 1697; (12) Rebecca, Dec. 13, 1699. Deacon Manassah jVIinor 
was s. of Thomas ;ind Grace (dau. Walter Palmer), and was the first male child b. 
in New London. 

4. Mary, b. Feb. 24, 1675; m., Nov. 25, 1706, John Randall, of Stonington, 
as his 2nJ wife. Her ch. were: (13) Sarah, Nov. 10, 1707, d. Jan. 19, 1713; (14) 
Nathan; July 7, 1709; (15) Ichabod, Oct. 21, 1711; (16) Saraii; March 12, 1714, and 
d. Sept. 6, 1714; (17) Joseph, twin. June 2, and d. Jmie 21, 1715; (1$) Benjamin, 
June 2, 1715; (19) Rebecca, June 25, 1717; and (20) Jose])h. July 17, 1720. 

5. Sylvester, March 4, 1677. + 

6. Sarah, March, 1679; d. unm. 

7. Jane, April, 1681; d. before 1692. 
S. Theo])hilus, June, 1683. + 

John, the fatlier, died 19 August, 1683. Jolin Baklwin was in 
the famous ditference between New London and Lyme. A 
meadow at Black Point, claimed by both towns, had been 
reserved by each for the respective clergymen of the towns. The 
w^ar was in 1671. About thirty New London men, among whom 
were the leading persons in the town, went to mow the grass for 
their minister, and were met and resisted by a party from Lyme, 
there on a similar errand for tJuin minister. There was strife; 
and constables were there, and justices too, so that warrants and 

Johi}, of Sto)(ington, Connecticut. 241 

arrests were well mixed up with blows. A general melee took 
place, with no very great harm. The cooler heads finally agreed 
to let the law decide the matter, and " drank a dram together with 
some seeming friendship." Each party was indicted; and as no 
disinterested men could be found in that connty, they wcr-c tried 
at Hartford — twenty-one men of New London, and fifteen of 
L^'me. The town of oS^ew London was fined £lo, and Lyme £9. 

John Baldwin was complained of by a Lyme man for bruising 
him with a cudgel. President Dwight says the two towns agreed 
to submit it to a combat, two being selected by each, of whom 
the Lyme champions beat. This late appeal to "wager of battle" 
is dubious. 

5. SYLVESTER,-^ John,i b. in Stonington, Conn., March 4, 
1677, and remained there. He m. 1***- July 8, 170G, Lydia Minor, 
dau. of Deacon Manasseh Minor ; she d. aged 28, April 22, 1707, 
soon after the birth of a child, and he m. 2"«i' May 19, 1724, Eliza- 
beth Avery, of Xew London, who d. July 17, 1728. He d. in 
17o2, leaving a large estate. His inventory was £2,471. 

21. .Jolm, b. iiiul (1. April 18, 1707. 

23. Elizaljotli, July 6, 1725, in. ('apt. Thomas Prentice. + 

23. Mary, Sept. 26, 1726; m., 19 June, 1745, Humphrey Avery, Jr., of Preston, 
Conn., and d. in earl)' womanhood, leaving ch. : (35) Thoma.s, July 13, 1746; (36) 
Mary, April 19, 1748; (37) Humphrey, July 12, 1750; (38) Nathan, Oct. 24, 1751. 

8. THEOPHILUS-^ John^ b. in Stonington, Conn., June, 1683, 
and remained there. He m.. May 25, 1710, Priscilla Mason, 
dau. of Lieut. Daniel Mason, and grand daughter of the famous 
Capt. John Mason, It is through this marriage only that John 
Baldwin, of Stonington, has descendants who bear the family 

24. .John. b. July 12. 1711. + 

25. Pri.scilla, I). Nov. 17, 1713; ni.. Sept., 1731, Daniel Calkins, of Norwich, 
s. Hugh, 3 jrrandson of John.i She d. March 18, 1744. She had ch, : (47) Theophi- 
lus, May 8, 1733, d. Sept. 5, 1734: (48) Abigail, .Jan. 20, 1738; (49) Daniel, May 27, 
1740, d. Feb. 18, 1744; (50) Mary. April 3. 1743; and (51) Elizabeth, April 3, 1743. 
Daniel Calkins hud a 2n<i wife, and tive more ch., among whom was Priscilla. He 
d. Sept. 10, 1786. aged 84 years. 

26. Theophilus, Oct. 23, 1716.+ 

27. Sylvester, liapt. March 29. 1719. + 

His wife Priscilla d., and he m,, May 1, 1724, Jemima Powers, 
who d, 1733, He m. S'^- Oct. 18, 1733, Mrs. Elizabeth Hascall, of 

242 Baldwin Genealogy. 

Norwich ; but he had no other ch. He was a man of mark in 
the town, having character, ability, iutelbgeuce, wealth, and a 
remarkably sunny temper. He was the first Deacon of the North 
Church, in Stonington. Priscilla Mason, on her mother's side, 
was grand daughter, of Rev. Jeremiah Hobart, of Hingham, Mass., 
and her mother's name was Rebecca. 

22. ELIZABETH 3 Sylvester^ John,i b. in Stonington, Conn., 
July 6, 1725 ; m., Feb. 1, 1744, Capt. Thomas Prentice,* son of 
Samuel ^ Thomas ^ Capt. Thomas.^ He was b. Oct. 15, 1719, and 
d. March 3, 1783 ; she d. Dec. 21, 1777. They settled in the north- 
west part of Stonington, and had ch. 

28. Eunice, June 30, 1746: m. William Williams, and d. in 1770. (See Bin- 
ney's Prentiss Genealogy, page 188.) 

29. Rebecca, Sept. 30, 1748; d. .Julj^ 25, 1853. 

30. Elizabeth, -Tuly 35, 1751. 

31. Esther, .Jan. 14, 1754; d. Feb. 3, 1701. 
33. Mary, Sept. 3, 1756. 

33. Martha, Oct. 4, 1759. 

34. Thomas, Aug. ^25, 1765; m., April 17, 1789, Anna Downer. Children: 
1st, Sophia, 1791, m. Samuel Browning, and had three ch. : Charles D. ; William 
G., 1815; and Samuel P., 1833. 3nd, Thomas, 1793, d. 1847. 3rd, Charles, 1797; d. 
1843. 4th, Henry, 1802, a leading gentleman of North Stonington, with one 
living son, W. H. , b, 1833. 5th. Eliza Ann, 1804, m. Samuel Browning, and had 
three ch. : Alphonzo, 1838; Sophia P., 1831; and Charles A., 1835. 6th. William 
Robinson, 1807, a prominent merchant of Xew London, Conn. 

24. JOHN^^ Theophilus"^ John,^ b. in Stonington, Conn., July 
12, 1711 ; m., Feb. 6, 173G, Mary Clarke. " Theophilus Baldwin, 
Justice of the Peace," performed the ceremony. She d, Jan. 24 
1737, after the birth of a sou. He m. 2"^'' July 3, 1740, Eunice 
Spalding, of Plainfield, Conn., dau. of Thomas Spalding, and one 
of his twins (Andrew and Eunice), b. July 28, 1720. He appears 
in the record as Capt. John ; he d. 1762. His widow had a second 
husband; outlived him more than thirty years, and d. January, 
1819, aged 08 yrs. and 6 mos. 

39. John, Dec. 37, 1736; d. .Jan. 8, 1737. 

40. Mary, Feb. 9, 1741; m., Nov. 5, 1780, Stephen Frink, son of Andrew. 
They had ch. : (71) Stephen, Oct. 30, 1781; and (72) Eunice, March 4, 1784. 

41. Priscilla, b. May 20, 1743; m., Dec. 24, 1761, Hubbard Burroughs, .Jr., of 
Groton, and d. 1771. Her husb^pd had a 2i«l w., more ch.. and was killed at Fort 
Griswold, Sept. 6, 1781. Kerch, were: (74) Hubbard, March 34, 1763; (75) Seth, 
August, 1765, d. unm. ; (76) .John B.,'.Feb. 2, 1769; and (77) Ziba, May, 1771, d. 

John, of StomiKjton, Connecticut. 243 

42. Elizabeth, b. June 23, 1745: m., Xov. 24, 1765, Jesse Swan, of Stoninaton. 
Children: (78) Lucinda, Nov. IG, 17G6: (79)Ziba, Nov. 17, 1767; (80) Eunice, :March 
23, 1770; (81) Polly, April 3, 1775; (82) Nathaniel, Jan. 9, 1778; (83) John, Jan. 9, 
1778; (84) Priscilla, June 29, 1773; (85) Elizabeth, March 12, 1780; and (86) M;u-y, 
May 30. 1787. 

43. Eunice, Oct. 25, 1747; d. Aug. 23, 1766. 

44. Thomas, April 6. 1751; d. April 10, 1751. 

45. John. May 13, 1753. + 

46. Ziba, Feb. 16, 1755. + 

26. THEOPHILUS ^ Theophilus - Johii,i b. in Stonington, 
Conn., Oct. 23, 1716, and continued there. He m. I''*' Feb. 5, 1738, 
Sarah Lamb, of Stoniugton, who d. Aug. 20, 1763. He m. 2"^' 
Jan. 20, 1764, Elizabeth Billings, but had no ch. He settled in 
the north part of Stonington, and was prosperous and influential. 

52. Thankful, Jan. 26, 1739. m. Ichabod Brown. 

53. David, Aug. 17, 1741. + 

54. xVblgail, 3[ay 17, 1744; d. old and num. 

55. Sarah, Oct. 6, 1746; m. John Davis. 

56. Theophilus, Feb. 36, 1749; d. y. 

57. Jo.seph, Sept. 13, 1751. + 

58. Nathan, May 17, 1754; d. y. 

59. Asa, Dec. 17, 1756. + 

60. Lucy, Oct. 19, 1758; m. Randall Billinge. 

61. Rebecca, Oct. 35, 1761; d. unm. 

27. SYLVESTER 3 Theophilus •^John,ibapt. March 29, 1719, 
in Stonington, Conn., and d. there. He m. l**- Anna; as the Is'orth 
Stonington Ilecords say : " Sylvester Baldwin and his wife Anna 
were admitted to full connection, June 16, 1742." She d. child- 
less, October, 1754. He rn. 2'"^' Oct. 22, 1759, Bridgett Chesebro, 
of Stonington. He lived Urst in Preston, as a trader ; was swin- 
dled by his partner, and lived afterwards in the southeastern part 
of Stonington. He d. Oct. 12, 1795; his wife, Sept. 14, 1818, 
aged 79. 

63. Theophilus, Aug. 37, 1760; d. unm. 1781. 

63. Sylvester, Nov. 13, 1761. + 

64. William Dec. 12, 1763rd. Feb. 9, i;tJ5. 

65. Jonathan, Dec. 24, 1765. + 

66. Anna, June 37, 1768i m. Edward Chesebro. + 

67. Bridgett, .June 37, 1768; m. John Leray.+ 

68. Priscilla, Oct. 7, 1770; d. 1788. 

69. Amos, Jan. 3, 1773.+ 

70. Thomas, Dec. 7, 1775; d. in youth. 

244 Baldwin Genealogy. 

71. Pliebe, April 21, 1T78: lived in Stoaingtou. Conu., aud d. there, Oct. 3, 
1S61. She had two eh. : (154) Amos, 1801; and (155) Betsey, 1803, m., Xov. 23, 
1829, Charles Davis, of Stonington, and had two ch. : Betsey, Sept. 20, 1834. d. 
1852, and Charles F., Oct. 11, 1842. 

45. JOHIn' * John 3 Theopliilus -2 Jolin,^ b. May 12, 1752, in Sto- 
nington, Conn.; m., Jan. 23, 1772, Sarah Dennison; dan. John, of 
Stonington Conn., and gr. grand daughter of Capt. George. They 
settled on the homestead in Stonington. He was known as " Major 
John Baldwia." He was a thrifty, forcible, influential man. She 
d. June 19, 1813 ; he, Aug. 3, 1814, leaving a very large estate, 
most of which was divided among his s^ns, who did not keep it. 

87. .John, Oct. 28, 1772. + 

88. Eunice, March 16, 1775: m. Stephen Tucker. + 

89. Denui.son, March 25, 1778: d. unm. 

90. Andrew, Dec. 15, 1780. + 

91. Daniel, May 21, 1783. + 

92. Polly, Feb. 1, 1786: m. Stephen Friuk.+ 

93. George Washington, July 21, 1788. + 

94. Sarah, November, 1790; m., 1815, Thomas Holmes; d. in Fall River, Mass., 
in 1853. She had one ch. : (200) Dennison B., 1816. 

95. Nancy, October, 1793; d. in 1834, uum. 

46. ZIBA-* John^ Theophilus^ John,M:). in Stonington, Conn., 
Feb. 16, 1755 ; m., July 20, 1775, Amy Brown, of Preston, Conn. 
Lived in ;N"orth Stonington ; d. Sept. 27, 1803. His widow had a 
second husband, aud d. in Oneida county, X. Y., Dec. 29, 1827. 

•96. Thomas, May 3, 1777. + 

97. Amos, .June 4, 1779, -j- 

98. Turner, July 16, 1781. -h 

99. Hezekiah, Aug. 12, 1783. + 

100. Elisha, Aug. 11, 1786. + 

101. Alan.son, Oct. 15, 1788: d. imm. 

102. Asher, Dec. 9, 1791.+ 

103. Billings, Sept. 25. 1794. + 

104. Nathan, Aug. 13, 1797.+ 

105. Amy, Oct. 26, 1801; m., March 8, 1818, Ephraim Itandall, only child 
of her mother's second husband. Lives, 1875, in Oneida N. Y. He died early. 
They had a son: (265) Baldwin, 3Iarch 25, 1819: m., Jan. 21, 1838, F. Cordelia 
Palmer, who d. June 16, 1860; lie d. .June 25. 1851. They had two ch. : Olive C, 
Feb. 4, 1845, d. Aug. 25, 1847; and Mason B., Oct. 4, 1850, d. Sept. 11, 1851. 

53. DAVID * Theophilus ^ Theophilus '- John,i b. in Stonington, 
■Conn., Aug. 27, 1741 : m., Dec. 1, 1763, Phebe Billings, of Stoning- 

John, of Stonington, Connecticut. 245 

ton. Settled in North Stonington. They had five or six eh., -who 
d. in infancv, and 

106. Phebc, d. unm. 

107. Martha, 27 June, 1764. m. Brown. 

108. David, Aug. 5, 1766. + 

109. Tlu'ophilus, 1769; m. Pliilcna Holmes, of Stonington. Was a shipmaster. 
Settled in Pouirhkeepsie, X. Y. ; no ch. 

57. JOSEPH ^ Theophihis ^ Theophilus, ^ h. in Stonington, 
Conn., Sept. 13, 1751; m., 1771, Sabra Billings; lived in Lisbon, 

110. Elizabeth, 1772; m., Nov. 19, 1789, Thomas Holmes, of Stonington, and 
d. March 4, 1810. Children: (271) Thomas, Jan. 17, 1791 ; (272) David, Dec. 2, 1792; 
(273) Andrew B., 3Iarch 9, 1795; (274) Daniel, June 20, 1797; (275) Betsey, March 1, 
1800; (276) Sabra, Nov. 4, 1802; (277) Nelson, Feb. 14, 1805; (278) Albert S., Sept. 
7, 1807. 

111. Sally, b. 1774; m. Simeon Clark; both d. in Bozrah, Conn., as per authority 
of thedau. of Henry; leaving ch. : (279) Isaac, (280) John, (281) Betsey, and (282) 

112. Sabra, 1777; m. Daniel Thurston. 

113. Bridget, 1780; m, Robert Palmer, and lived in Norwich. They had one 
son : (283) Joseph, in 1877, residing in Cleveland, Ohio, and parent of two ch. : 
one, Charles W., died a few years ago, a very brilliant member of the Cleveland 
bar, leaving a w. and two ch. ; the other, J. Dwight, still resides in Cleveland. (284) 
Lj^diam. Whitney, and lives n"ear Cleveland ; (285) daughter, m. Carter, and resides 
in Preston, Conn. ; (286) Ab1)ie, unm. ; (287) William, residing in Preston. 

114. Joseph, 1784; d. unm. 

115. Andrew B., Jan. 2, 1788. + 

116. Henry, March 8, 1 790. -h 

59. ASA^ Theophilus^ Theophilus,- b. in Stonington, Conn., 
Dec. 17, 1756 ; m., 1783, Dolly Brown, dau. of Elder Simeon ; was 
a quiet man, of much worth ; settled in Stonington ; d. March 8, 
1841. His wife d. Sept, 8, 1853, aged 98 yrs. 

117. Dolly, d. January, 1866, aged 81, unm. 

118. Thankful, d. Nov. 29, 1846, aged 59, unm. 

119. Asa, d. May 19, 1862, aged 74, unm. 

120. Sally, d. Nov. 3, 1815, aged 24, unm. 

121. Simeon, d. Aug. 29, 1855, aged 61, unm. 

122. Nathan, March 18, 1797. + 

123. Betsey, Jan. 13, 1799; m., Sept. 26, 1847, Peny Kenyon. He d. Dec. 21, 
1851; she, Dec. 28, 1874; no ch. 

63'. SYLVESTER* Sylvester ^ Theophilus,^ b. in Stonington, 
Conn., ITov. 15, 1761. Was a shipmaster, and lived at Stonington 

246 Baldwin Genealogy. 

Point. He m. 1^^- Feb. 20, 1785, Rebecca Bryant; she d., leaving 
two ch., and he m. 2"^- Sarah Hewitt, in 1795, and was lost at sea 
the same year. 

124. Sylvester, Dec. 31, 1788.4- 

125. Theophilus, Dec. 12, 1789. He was, when j'oimg, forced bj' impressmeut 
to serve in a British, man-of-war, and d. in England. 

64. JONATHAIs^* Sylvester ^ Theophilns,^ b. in Stonington, 
Conn., Dec. 24, 1765 ; m., 1788, at Stonington, Lucy Slack. Re- 
moved, 1802, to Goshen, Conn., and in 1825 to Penfield, ^N". Y., 
where he d. September, 1829. His wife d. Jan. 16, 1844, in Keene, 
Coshocton county, Ohio. 

126. Diana, 1790; m. Nathaniel Baldwin,6 of New Marlborough, Mass., s. of 
Davids .JehieH Daniel 3 Jonathan2 Joseph. i 

127. William, Dec. 19, 1793,+ 

128. Thomas, February, 1797. + 

129. Zurviah, June 9, 1800; m. Isaac Braman. + 

130. John, September, 1802. + 

QQ. AjS'NA* Sylvester^ Theophilus,'- b. in Stonington, Conn., 
June 27, 1768 ; m., March 20, 1791, Edward Cheesebro, of Stoning- 
ton. He d. Jan. 20, 1826 ; she, Aug. 31, 1832. 

131. Bridget, Dec. 5, 1791. 

132. Rebecca, Sept. 3, 1793; m. her cousin Amos Baldwin, s. of Amos. 

133. Edward, Sept. 27, 1795; d. Sept. 9, 1803. 

134. Benjamin, June 30. 1798. 

135. Dudley, April 3, 1801. 

136. John, Oct. 20, 1803. ' ' 

137. Hiram, Aug. 30, 1806. 

138. Thomas, Nov. 23, 1809. 

139. Harriet A., July 5, 1811. 

140. A daughter, b. and d. 1797. '' 

67. BRIDGET ^ Sylvester ^ Theophilus, 2 b. in Stonington, 
'Conn., June 27, 1768; m., 1791, John Leray. Lived in ISTorth 
Stonington. He d.^April 12, 1834; she, Dec. 27, 1857. 

141. John, July 23, 1793. 

143. William J., Dec, 23, 1796. 

143. Dudley P., Feb. 23, 1798. 

144. Chesebro, .June 17, 1799; m. Mary Maria Baldwin; no ch. 

145. Eunice P., Sept. 20, 1802; m. Lyman M. Gray. 

146. Abigail, Oct. 23, 1804; m. Dudley Brown. 

147. Phebe Ann, 1806. 

148. Robert, April 22, 1809. 

149. Latham H., Aug. 11, 1811. 

All the children but three died young or unmarried. 

John, of Stonington, Connecticut. 247 

69. AMOS^ Sylvestei-^ Theopliilus,2 b. Jan. 2, 1773; m., Jan. 2, 
1793, Rebecca Palmer, and settled iti Groton, Conn. He d. Feb. 
22, 1841 ; she, Feb. 10, 1849. 

150. Amos. Oct. 29, 179:?.+ 

151. Rebecca, Aug. 15, 1795; ni., Juno 5, 1817, U. Williams; no eh. 

152. jMartha, June 9, 1797; m. F. Bradley, Oct. 2, 1829; no ch. 

153. Erastu.s, Dec. 27, 1800.+ 

87. JOHN ^ John ^ John ^ Theophilus - John ^ b. in Stonington, 
Conn., Oct. 28, 1772 ; m., Jan. 31, 1796, Abigail Boardman, of 
Griswold; she d. July 30, 1814, aged 35, and he m. 2"^- Mrs. Anna 
Eose, who d. in 1864, aged 81. He d. in 1858. 

156. Abigail, March 21, 1797; m. Henry Baldwins Joseph * Theophilus 3 The- 
ophilus- John.i of this line. 

157. John Adams, May 26, 1799; d. 1805. 

1.58. Betsey Mason, April 18, 1801; m., May 16, 1827, William A. Grant, of 
North Stonington. He d. June 15, 1860, aged 60. Their ch. were: (855) Xancy 
E., Aug. 19, 1828, d. Feb. 15, 1847; (356) William F., Nov. 9, 1830; has had four 
ch. : (357) 3Iary Ann, Nov. 4, 1837, has three ch. ; (358) Fannie, May 23, 1842, d. 
April 20, 1857. 

159. Lucy P., b. Nov. 13, 1803; m.. May 31, 1823, Isaac Swan; had four ch., 
and got a divorce from him, "with good reason," it is said — a legal presumption, if 
she got one; (359) Isaac A., Aug. 10, 1826, d. May 19, 1830; (360) John F., March 
11, 1830; (361) Isaac S., August, 1835: (362) Lucy A., Sept. 5, 1837. 

160. Eunice W., Sept. 26, 1806; m. ; no ch. 

161. B'eujaminF,, .Jan. 15, 1809; d. infant. 

162. Emily A., April 26, 1810; m. 1st, Nov. 16, 1826, John Smith Hewitt, and 
ond, Sept. 1, 1839, Russell Grithn; she d. Oct. 6, 1851; her ch. were: (363) Emily 
Angeline, .Jan. 31, 1828; (364) John Franklin, April 24, 1830; and (365) MaryE., 
Nov. 16, 1845. 

163. Sally Ann, June 1, 1814, m., September, 1839, George N. Griffing, 1875, 
living in Cheshire, Conn.. (366) George B., Sept. 1, 1843, killed in battle of Cedar 
Mountain; (367) John B., Sept. 2, 1845; (368) Sarah, 1848; (369) Bella, 1850; (370) 
Willie, 1853. 

88. EUNICE ^' John* ^ohn=^ b. in Stonington, Conn., March 16, 
1775 ; m., Jan. 17, 1793, Stephen Tucker, of Griswold, Conn. 

164. Erastus, Aug. 10, 1794. 

165. Lucy D., March 13, 1796. 

166. Wililiam. Dec. 3, 1798. 

167. Deunison B., Oct. 23, 1801. 

168. Edwin, Aug. 13, 1804. 

169. Esther, December, 1805. 

170. Sarah, September, 1807. 

171. Eunice, October, 1809. 

172. JohnB., Sept. 28, 1811. 

173. Charles. June, 1814. 

248 • Baldwin Genealogy. 

90. ANDREW 5 John * John,^ b. in Stonington, Conn., Dec. 15, 
1780; m., Nov. 22, 1801, Mary Boardman, of Griswold, sister of 
Abigail, who m. his brother John. . He d. in Brutus, N. Y., Sept. 
9,1820; his wife, Oct. 28, 1844. He was an unusually capable 
and enterprising man, with a genius for invention, which would 
have been heard of if he had lived longer. 

174. Andrew, Sept. 16, 1803; d. infant. 

175. Dennison, Sept. 16, 1802. + 

176. Mary Ann, Aug. 1, 1804; m. l**. Stewart Baldwin, and 3"d, Thomas G. 
Bryce. + 

177. William, Nov. 15, 1806; d. y. 

178. Daniel, Oct. 33, 1808. + 

179. Louisa, April 13, 1811; d. y. 

180. Sarah Almira, June 14, 1813; m. John Wetherly. + 

181. Avery Swan, July 31, 1815 d. y. 

183. Harriet Xewell, ^Nlay 3, 1818 ; m. Peter J. Becker. He d. Aug. 8, 1867. She 
lives, 1875, in Aul)urn, N. Y. Her ch. are: (398) Charles H., Nov. 3, 1838, d. Jan. 
17, 1843; (399) Daniel E., Aug. 6, 1840, m., April 5, 1865, Marietta Weatherly, and 
d. Oct. 36, 1871; (400) Gertrude L., Feb. 34, 1843, d. Aug. 10, 1861; (401) Lucretia 
31., .Jan. 33, 1844, d. y. ; (403) Sir Riley, July 36, 1845, d. 1848; (403) William H., 
Aug. 30, 1847, d. 1848; (404) Arthur E., Sept. 6, 1849; (405) George M., April 16, 

183. David Boardman, May 13, 1820. + 

91. DANIEL^ John* John,3b. in Stonington, Conn., May 21, 
1783; m. 1^*' April 22, 1804, Eunice Frink,^ dau. Mary (Baldwin) 
Frink,* dau. John^ Theophilus- John,^ of this line. She d. child- 
less, May 1, 1805, and he m. 2"^- Jan. 22, 1806, Lucy Boardman, 
who d. childless, Aug. 27, 1806. He m. S'-'L April 21, 1808, Hannah 
Stanton,*^ who had nine ch.; she was dau. of Capt. Nathaniel Stan- 
ton,^ of Groton, Conn., s. Nathaniel,* of Preston, s. Joseph,'^ of 
Stonington, Capt. John,^ of Stonington, s. tirst Thomas,^ of Ston- 
ington. Her mother was a lineal descendant of the iirst James 
Avery, of Groton. After 1816, they lived seven years in Che- 
nango county, ]Sr. Y., where the second four of their children were 
born. The Iirst four and the youngest wore b. in North Stonington, 
Conn. He d. Oct. 28, 1855 ; she d. March 19, 1877, aged 91 yrs. 
and 8 days. 

184. John Dennison, Sep . 28, 1809. + i 

185. Daniel Avery, July 3, 1811. + 

186. Sally Adaline, July 17, 1813; d. y. 

187. Nancy Adaline, April 37, 1815; m. Frederic P. Frink, and d. in New 
Loudon, childless, Oct. 31, 1867. 

188. Andrew, b. and d. April, 1817. 

John, oj- Stonin</ton, Connecticut. 249 

189. Mary Anno, May 8, 1818; m. Charles Dwight Smith. + 

190. Hannah, Oct. 9, 1820; d. y. 

191. Kobcrt Stanton, Aug. 21, 1822; drowned in Norwieli, Conn., June 3, 1838. 

192. Amy Avery, Sept. 9, 1825; m. James Boardman, of Norwich, Conn., and 
d. childless, July 30, 1866. 

92. POLLY= Johu^ Jobn, Stonington, Conn., Feb. 1,1786; 
m., in 1807, Stephen Frink,^ s. Mary (Baldwin) Frink,* dau. John ^ 
Theophihis ^ John,i ^f this line. He d. 1816 ; she, 1872. 

193. Stephen. 1807. 

194. Latham, 1809. 

195. Orrin, 1811. 

196. Eunice, 1814. 

93. GEORGE WASHINGTON ^ John^ John,^ Stonington, 
Conn., July 21, 1788 : m., Nov. 16, 1809, Mary C. Kinney. He 
was the unfortunate cause of great financial disaster to himself 
and his brothers. He went west in 1816 ; lived in Switzerland 
county, Ind.; d. in St. Louis, in 1846; his wife d. there in 1868, 
aged 77. They had twelve ch., of whom nine died young. The 
others were : 

197. Charles, June 19, 1813; d. unm. at Kichmoud, La., in 1842. 

198. Happy K., 1820; m., in 1843, Ruel J. Sterns. Lives, 1875, in St. Louis. 

199. Mary E., 1822; m., in 1843, Charles M. Blasdell. Lives, 1875, in St. Louis 

96. THOMx\S5Ziba^John,3 b. in Stonington, Conn., May 3 
1777; m., April 16, 1801, Nancy Spalding, dau. Dr. Asa, of 
Stonington, Conn.; lived in North Stonington, and d. there, July 
26, 1843. His wife d. Aug. 6, 1866. 

201. A sou, Feb. 3, 1802; d. unm. 

202. Nancy, Jan. 30, 1803; m. Amos Slieffield.+ 

203. Thomas J., Feb. 5, 1805; d. 1811. 

204. Almira, 3Iay 24, 1807; m., 1851, John Davis, of South New Berlin, N. Y., 
and d. childless in 1866. 

205. Thomas Horace, April 1, 1812. + 

206. Lucy Ann, Jan. 6, 1815; m. 1st, Oliver Briggs, and 2ii'i, Zalmon Bcdicut. + 

207. Amanda Juliet, Nov. 29, 1818; m. William II. Dorrance.+ 

208. Asa Spalding, June 27, 1821; d. 1821. 

209. Benjamin Franklin, Sept. 27, 1823. + 

97. AMOS-^ Ziba* John,^ b. in Stonington, Conn., June 4, 1779; 
m., May 2, 1807, Sally White, of Hartford, Conn. In 1816, he 
went from North Stonington to Bridgewater, N.Y., where he d. 


250 Baldunn Genealogy. 

310. Jolm Nicholas. Feb. 9. 1808. + 

211. Sally Eliza. Jau. 29, 1810; m., Oct. 13, 1841, Jolm Pareut, of Syracuse, 
N. Y. He d. Jau. 16, 1852; she d. Nov. 17, 1870. Children: (461) Ephraim Fuller, 
Feb. 28, 1843, m., Nov. 23, 1867, Eliza J. Dobsoii; (462) Mary Helen, May 8, 1847, 
d. April 13, 1849; (463) George E., Dec. 5, 1849. 

212. EmmaH., March 8, 1812; d. ISoo, unm. 

213. Giles Washington, Aug. 9, 1814. + 

214. Amos Brown, Aug. 13, 1816. + 

215. Mary F., March, 1819; d. 1842, unm. 

216. Jane S., May, 1821; d. 1851, unm. 

217. Emily Aurel'ia, Nov. 3, 1823; m., Feb. 24, 1847, Oliver S. Ford, of Syra- 
cuse. N. Y. In 1854. they removed thence to Rockford, 111., where she d. May 28, 
1858. In 1875, he is a prosperous grocer, in Kalamazoo, jNIich. Children: (468) 
Martin Amos, Nov. 13, 1848, m., April 27, 1870, 3Iary A. Jobe.s, of Rockford; (469) 
Franklin Henry, July 13, 1851, m.. May 12, 1875, Elizabeth Barker, of Alamo. 
Mich; (470) Sarah Aclisah. June 14, 1853, d. June 12, 1855; and (471) Emma Han- 
nah, June 12, 1855. 

218. Helen, March, 1826; d. 1846, unm. 

219. Clara, May, 1829. Is a Missionary in Burmali, and m. there. 

98. TIJKNER^'Ziba* Johi],3b. in Stonington, Conn., July 16, 
1781; m., 1805, Elizabeth Gray; cl. 1818, in Brooklyn, Conu. 
She d. Dec. 29, 1838. 

220. Eliza Ann, b. Dec. 4, 1806; m., Nov. 27, 1824, George W. Wheeler. They 
settled in Beloit, Wi.s. Their ch. are: (472) Eliza Ann, June 23, 1827, d. Dec. 2, 
1850; (473) George W., July 3, 1829, d. June 27, 1832; (474) Eugene, April 29, 1831, 
d. June 18, 1831; (475) Jane M., June 7, 1832, m., 3Iarch 20, 1854, T. D. Pooler; 
(476) DwightR., March 26, 1836, m.. June 12, 1866, Abbie Cutts; (477) Edward, 
Nov. 10, 1838, d. June 18, 1839; (478) George W., June 1, 1840, m., June. 1861, 
Margaret Read. 

221. John Pitts, 1808; d. 1820. 

222. Maria T., b. April 4, 1811; m.. Oct. 7, 1833, Saviliau Haley, and lives in 
New London, Conu. Children: (479) Ellen M., Nov. 6, 1834, m., April 7, 1858, 
Edward F. Powers; (480) Harriet B., Aug. 10, 1836; (481) Ann E., April 18, 1838, 
d. Oct. 27, 1842; (482) 3Iary E., 1840, d. March 5, 1843; (483) William B., Jan. 14, 
1843; (484) George S., May 25, 1846, d. July 2, 1856. 

223. Emily A., May 30, 1812; m. Edward Perry; no ch. 

224. William T.. Jan. 13. 181 4. -t- 

225. Giles H., Nov. 27, 1818.4- 

99. HEZEKIAH 5 Ziba * Jolin,3 b. in Stonington, Conn., Aug. 
12, 1783 ; m., March 22, 1812, Amanda Spalding, dau. Dr. Asa, of 
Stonington. He finally settled at New Baltimore, N. Y., where 
he and his sons have prospered as ship builders. 

226. Breed B., April 10, 1814.+ 

227. William N.. Sept. 15, 1815. + 

228. Henry S., Feb. 10, 1817. + 

229. Jedediah R., Sept. 5. 1818. + 

John, of Stonington, Connecticut. 251 

230. Alanson T.. June 5, 1820: m., 1846, :Shma Van Dalfsnu: no cli. 

231. Ashcr M.. March 13, 1822: in 187.-), unm. 

232. Amanda M., Oct. 25, 1824; d. IVIavcli 30, 1825. 

100. ELISIIA'^Ziba^ John,3b. in Stonington, Conn., Aug. 11, 
1786; m., 1808, Patty Spalding, dau. Dr. Asa, of Stonington. 
Settled in German, near Pitcher, N. Y. Was thrifty and pros- 

233. Liicj- Ann, b. Sept. 15. 1809; ui. Perez Hakes, and had ch: [5l6) Perez, 
(517) Amanda, (518) Elisha, (519) Riifus, (520) John S., (521) Altana L., (522) Debo- 
rah, (523) Libbie M. ; (524) William B. 

234. Melissa, b. Aug. 29, 1811, in German, now Pitcher, X. Y., and m. "Wil- 
liam Wildman. Children: (525) Charles U., May 1, 1830. d. .Jan. 20, 1868; (526) 
Mary, June 24, 1832; m. Arthur Brown; (527) Eli, Feb. 19. 1834, d. 1835; (528) 
Eunice, March 26, 1836, d. 1847: (529) Albert, Dec. 5, 1838; (530) John M., Aug. 
19, 1840, d. 1841; (531) -John R., Aug. 5, 1842: (532) Eli, ^Earch 26. 1845; (533) 31. 

. Wheeler, June 6, 1847, d. 1848; (534) Elijah, Sept. 6, 1849; (535) Elisha, Sept. 6, 
1849; and Martha E., Sept. 2, 1853. 

235. .Tohn,S.. Aug. 29, 1813.4- 

236. Eunice T., Sept. 12, 1810: m. 1st, Dec. 21, 1838, Erastus Stewart; he d. 
May 26, 1854. and she m. 2n'l, June 4. 1860, Roswell Crawford; no ch. 

237. Mary Ann, July 17, 1818; d. Xovember. 1822. 

238. Betsey, b. Oct, 23, 1821; m., Jan. 19. 1843, William Stewart, and had ch. : 
(543) Cordelia B., March 22, 1845, m. and d. in 1865; (544) Ellen Y., March 23, 
1847; m. W. Crawford; (545) Russell W. , Oct. 26, 1849; (546) Mary, Sept. 5, 1854; 
(547) Martha, Sept. 5, 1854; (548) Javianelia, .July 25, 1859; (549) Eddie B., Nov. 
12, 1862; d. 1864; (550) .Jennie, Jan. 1, 1866. 

239. George D., March 27, 1824; d. Sept. 17, 1849. 

240. Elisha E., July 16. 1826. -f- 

241. Amy R., Sept. 28, 1828; m. Benjamin F. Baldwin,6 her cousin, son of 
Thomas 5 Ziba.4 

242. Asa, Oct. 24, 1830. + 

243. Daniel S.. .Jime 17, 1833. -+- 

244. Martha, Dec. 5, 1835; d. Aug. 10, 1856. 

102. ASHER5 Ziba-* John,^ b. in Stonington, Conn., Dec. 9, 
1791 ; m., Nov. 13, 1814, Polly Morgan. They settled in Brook- 
field, ]Sr. Y., and prospered. She d. there, June 21, 1837: he, 
April 7, 1867. 

245. Infant, -b. Oct. 24, 1815, and d. soon. 

246. Polly M., Oct. 7, 1816; m., in 1841; no ch. 

247. Allen Asher, Aug. 31, 1818. + 

248. Sarah C, Dec. 12, 1820: m., March 23, 1847, Joshua Stanbro. lu 1875, 
she lives in South Brookfield. X. Y. She has ch. : (564) Frances J., Sept. 16, 1843, 
m. and d., leaving no ch. ; (565) Imogeue, June 27, 1851. m., Oct. 11, 1856, Cran- 
dall, and has no ch. ; Oscar D., March 24, 1867; and Ida F., Jan. 31, 1871. 

252 Bahhcin Genealogy. 

249. Infant, Oct. 3, 1822; d. soon. 

250. Elias J., Feb. 15, 1824; d. Dec. 15, 1847. 

251. Lois M., Feb. 4, 1826; d. Nov. 4, 1849. 

252. Amy E., Feb. 1, 1828; d. July 5, 1865. 

253. Albert A., Feb. 13, 1830; d. Oct. 8, 1838. 

254. Abigail F., May 9, 1832; m.. May 31, 1852, Albert Palmer; lives in Brook- 
field; no ch. 

255. Ann Eliza, April 27, 1837; d. July 7, 1850. 

103. BILLINGS^Ziba* John,3b. in Stoningtou, Coiiu., Sept. 
25, 1794; m., Jan. 1, 1815, Orla 0. Jones. She was of Bridge- 
water, jST. Y., where they lived until 1832; then in Watertown, 
N". Y., until 1845, when they settled in Hebron, Jefferson county, 
Wis. She d. Jan. 30, 1851 ; he, Kov. 20, 1869. 

256. Billings Henry, Oct. 20, 1815. + 

257. Orla Olive, Feb. 1, 1818; d. Aug. 8, 1844, unm. 

258. Dorothy Jones, m. .John Harrison, and had two ch.; (568) Lois A., Feb. 
24, 1848, d. Oct. 18, 1851; and (569) Orla A., Feb. 25, 1850, d. Oct. 13, 1851. 

259. Samuel Ziba. , 

260. Charles Darwin, July 22, 1824; d. Sept. 6, 1851. 

261. James Al)ial, .June 12, 1828.+ 

262. Louis Amanda, Nov. 13, 1831; d. Oct. 6, 1848. 

104. XATHAN''^ Ziba^ John,=^ b. Aug. 13, 1797, in Stonington, 
Conn.; m., Jan. 3, 1823, Betsey A. Bromley. He settled in Syra- 
cuse, N. Y., and has two daus.: 

263. Amy, Dec. 12, 1828; ra., Feb. 26, 1863, Thomas H. Lyons; lives in Syra- 
cuse; no ch. 

264. Adelle C, March 21, 1839; m. Jay H. Wilbur. 

108. DAVID 5 David ^ Theophilus^ Theophilus^ John,i b. in 
Stonington, Conn., Aug. 5, 1766; m., May 29, 1793, Susan Stew- 
art, of Griswold, Conn. Lived in North Stonington, and was a 
ship master. He d. Oct. 14, 1805; she, June 5, 1835, aged 61. 

266. Susan, March 2, 1794; m. Capt. Samuel Prentice. + 

267. Stewart, March 6, 1796.4- 

268. David, Mayo, 1798. + 

269. Wolcott, Oct. 20, 1801. + 

270. Benjamin F., Sept. 20, 1805; d. Jan. 6, 1806. 

115. AXDREW B.'^ Joseph ^ Theophilus,=^ b. in Lisbon, Conn., 
Jan. 2, 1788 ; m., Jan. 1, 1811, Betsey Hutchins, of Thompson, 
Conn., and settled in that town. She d. Jan. 1, 1853. 

John, of Stonwr/ton, Connecticut. 253 

288. CliarlcsH., Fd.. 11. lsi-2.4- 

289. iSarah D., July '21. 1811; in., Uc-tohcr, 1840, George A. CiandalU and her 
sou (596) Emmons M.. b. Feb. 24, 1844, m., Sept. 14, 1874, Phebe Gifford. 

290. George B., May 18, 1818: m, Rebecca G. Kamsdell, no eh. 

291. Lucy II., .Tan. 25, 1822: m.. ^Nlay Cy. 1845. Elijali Eddy. Children: (.597) 
Mary E., b. April 30, 1848, m. Samuel :\layuard; and (508) Andrew B., May 8, 
1851, m, Adelia S. Wood. 

292. Daniel H.. Feb. 17, 1824: d, July, 7, 1825. 

293. Katharine E.. July 6, 1829: unni. 

116. HEXRY^^ Joseph^ Tbeophilus/^ b. in Lisbon, Conn., M'ch 
8, 1790; m., Sept. 15, 1815, Abigail Baldwin,^ dan. John ^ Jobn * 
John 3 Theopbilus --John.^ Lived in Xorwicb, Conn., and d. there; 
Aug. 19, 1863. She d. in Brooklyn, K Y., Dec. 28, 1874. 

294. William Henry, May 28, 1816. + 

295. Mary Frances, Nov.* 1, 1821; m. 1st, William R. Crocker, and 2nd, J. W. 
Mitchell. + 

296. John Dennison, July 30, 1824: d. .June 10, 1836. 

297. Joseph Emerson, July 30 1824. + 

298. Lucius Edwin. Feb: 4, 1834. + 

122. :N'AT HAN 5 Joseph .t.Theophi]us,M:). in Stoningtou, Conn., 
March 18, 1797; m., 1819, Phebe Brown, dau. of Elder Simeon 
2ud. He settled in Brookfield, N. Y. 

299. Nathan W.. Sept. 9. 1830. + 

300. Phebe M., Sept. 2, 1821; d. May 31, 1865, uuni. 

301. AsaB., Jan. 3, 1824.+ 

392. Ruth S., Feb. 26, 1825; unm. in 1875. 

303. Simeon D., .Tune 12, 1827. + 

121. SYLVESTERS Sylvester* Sylvester ^ Theopbilus - John^' 
b. in Stonington, Conn., Dec. 21, 1788; m., in 1815, Esther Brown, 
and d. Aug. 6, 1822 ; she d. Feb. 19, 1845. 

304. Sylvester. Feb. 9, 1817. + 
395. I^oswell C, April 22, 1818. + 

306. iVIary Esther, Feb. 3. 1820; ui., in 1853, Latham Brightman, and lives at 
Key West. Florida. Ch. : (641) George, 1856. 

127. WILLIAM '" Jonathan* Sylvester,^ 1). in Stonington, Conn., 
Dec. 19, 1793; m., Feb. 19, 1817, Almy Smith, of New Marlboro, 
Mass., and settled in Keene, Coshocton county, Ohio. lie died 
March 18, 1867 ; she. May 2, 1867. 

307. William Smith. May 1818. -+- 

308. Lucy A.. July 28, 1821; m., Nov. 16. 1842, Rockwell Lawrence. They 
live in Keene, Coshocton county, Ohio. Ch. : (647) Clamenza A.. Jan. 7, 1844, d. 

254 Baldicin Genealogy. 

April 4, 1864; (648) Howard L., May, 1847, bi., in 1868, Florence Boyd, and has 
two ch. : Rockwell, 1). July 30, 1870, and Clamcnza A., d. Jan. 18, 1873. 
809.. Sylvester M., March 11, 1825. + 

310. Sally Celestia, March 19, 1827; m. Oct. 14, 1847, James Mirise, and had 
children: (653) Lorriu, March 12, 1853, and (654) Evy, 1857. 

311. Polly Maria, Dec. 5, 1885; d. 1837. 
812. Lorrin, b. and d. 3Iay 9, 1841. 

128. THOMAS ^ Jonathan " Sylvester,^ b. in Stouiugton, Conn., 
February, 1797; m., 1829, Elizabeth Gihuore, of Penfielcl, K. Y.j 
d. Dec. 23, 1841, in Sandisiield, Mass.; she d. July, 3, 1846. 

313. Merriman, 1881; d. y. 

814. Cornelia, ^Vlay 12, 1883. 

815. Elizabeth, b. May 12, 1888; m., 1855 or 1856, Peter Rote. They both d. 
in 1875, he in April, she in July, and left five ch. in Drydeu, Tompkins county, 
N. Y. : (655) Ellen, January, 1877; (656) Ida, 1860; (657) Adelbert, 1864; (658) 
Edw^ard, 1867; and (659) George, 1870. 

316. Mary .Jane, Nov. 29, 1840; m., July 1, 1863, J. F. Blake. Lives in Spring- 
field, Mass; no child. 

129. ZURVIAH 5 Jonathan * Sylvester,^ b. June 9, 1800, in 
Stonington, Conn.; m., Nov. 4, 1823, Isaac Braman. They settled 
in Penfield, Monroe county, oST. Y., where she was living in 1875. 
He d. April 10, 1864. 

317. Lucy, Sept. 18, 1824. 

318. Cynthia, Oct. 22, 1825. 

319. Harriet, :May 20, 1827. 

320. Jonathan, March 8, 1830. 

321. Isaac, Oct. 81, 1888; d. 1863. 

322. William, Aug. 12, 1835. 
• 828. Dudley, Nov. 17, 1887. 

324. Eunice, March 20, 1839. 

325. Dennison, Sept. 12, 1840. 

326. James H., Oct. 9, 1842. 

130. JOHNS Jonathan^ Sylvester,3b. gept., 1802; m., in 1833, 
Jane More, of Hudson, N. Y.; settled in Keene, Coshocton county, 
Ohio, and d. Oct. 3, 1847, " aged 45," his grave-stone says. 

327. Edgar, 1885; d. unm. 

328. William, 1837; d. infant. 

329. Angeline, 1839; m. William Bush in 1866; three ch. 

330. Caroline, Aug. 16, 1842. 

331. John, April 25, 1844. 

332. Dennison, 1845; d. infant. 
383. Almy, 1847, d. infant. 

Johu, of Stoni/igton, Connecticut. 255 

150. AMOS 5 Amos ^ Sylvester,=^ b. in Groton, Conn., Oct. 29, 
IIV'2 ; m., Jan, 9, 1817, his cousin Rebecca Chescbro, '" dan. Anna * 
(Baldwin) Chesebro, Sylvester-^ Theophilus- John ; ^ d. in Xorth 
Stonington, Conn., June 12, 1872; she d. 1873. 

334. :Maiy Maria, Oct. 13, 1817; m. Chescbro Lcray,5 Bridgctt-i (Baldwin) 
Leray Sylvester^ TlicophilusS Jolm;i uo eli. 

335. Phebe A., Feb. 13, 1819; d, y. 

336. Amos, Aug. 30, 1830; d. y. 

337. Lucy A., Sept. 28, 1822; m., Sept. 27, 1857, .Tames McLimou, and lives 
in Hanover, Conn. Children: (660) James Nelson, Aug. 6, 1868; (661) Andrew 

Turkington, Nov. 27, 1831; (632) Mary Ella, March 13, 1883; and (663) thomas 
Henry, Dec. 6, 1865. 

338. Nelson, Nov. 3, 1824. + 

339. Thomas C, Jan. 1, 1827. + 

340. Charles, Aug. 25, 1828; d. y. 

341. Betsey A., b. Dec. 16, 1829; m. George Gri.swold, of North Stonington, 
Conn., and lives there. Children: (673) George, d. y. ; (674)]Carry L., d. y. ; (675) 
Leonies, 1863. 

342. Paulina, Oct. 7, 1831 ; d. y. 

343. Erastus, June 23, 1833; d. y. 

153. ERASTUS ^Amos^Sylvester,M). in Groton, Conn., Dec. 
27, 1800; m., Jan. 28, 1821, Mary Reed, b. Aug. 19, 1800. Lived 
on the homestead in Groton, Conn.; was a prosperons farmer, and 
d. Aug. 13, 1874. 

344. MaryH., Feb. 1, 1822; ni., Oct. 16, 1845, ColUns Werdeu, and has (676) 
Charles, b. Aug. 18, 1849. 

345. Adeliza, Dec. 18, 1823; m. M. L. Chapman; no ch. 

346. Erastus P., March 6, 1826; d. unm. 1866. 

347. Martha A., Oct. 10, 1827; m., Oct. 4, 1848, Benjamin G. Hull. She d. 
April 21, 1859. Children : (677) Erastus G. ; (678) Charles E. ; .and (679) Joseph O. 

348. Amos B., Aug. 24, 1829; went to California, 1849, and is supposed to 
have d. there unm. 

349. Cynthia J., May 14, 1832; d. 1833. 

350. Frederic E.. June 18, 1834. + 

351. George W., Jan. 30, 1837. + 

352. Charles H., May 30, 1839; m., May 5, 1874, Mary E. Reed. 

353. Sarah E., Feb. 22, 1843. 

354. Georgiana G., May 28, 1846; m. Aug. 10, 1862, Myron Chapman, and d» 
Nov. 23, 1862. 

175. DENXISON 6 Andrew ' John,' b. Sept. 16, 1802 ; m., Aug. 
1, 1823, Sally Bawker. He d. in Auburn, N. Y., Sept. 7, 1866. 

371. Nancy C, June 19, 1826; m., April 16, 1844, Abram White, and lives in 
Auburn, N. Y. Children: (686) Mary, Feb. 7. 1846, d. Sept. 16, 1863; (687) Harriet 
B., May 12. 1848, m. A. J. Bulkley. 

256 Baldwin Genealogy. 

.373. William D., May 8, 1828, d. Aug. 14, 1850. 

373. Esther, Feb. 20, 1832; d. Marcb, 1853. 

374. Mary E., June 12, 1884; d. May 25. 1835. 

375. Harriet N,, Oct. 20, 1836; m., Aug. 28, 1856. John W. Hubbert, aud has 
two ch. : (688) Clara, Jan. 29, 1858; and (689) Duncan H., Nov. 27. 1859. 

376. James Kuiffen. June 18, 1838; m. ; no ch. 

377. Charles C, Feb. 16. 1843. + ' 

176. MARY ANIs^eAndrew^ John,*,!). Aug. 1, 1804: m. 1^*. 
July 4, 1821, Stewart Baldwin "David^ David* Theophiluss The- 
ophilus- Johii,^ of this line. She m. 2"^- March 14, 1839, Thomas 
G. Biyce. She lives in Wlieaton, 111. 

378. Susan. .June 23, 1822; d. April 18, 1825, 

379. Susan Maria, July 8, 1815; m. A. Preston: has two sons. 

380. ]\Iary Louisa. Aug. 27, 1827; m. Rev. George P. Kimball. 

381. Geoi-giana, Sept. 26, 1840; m. Rev. Darius Muller. 

178. DAXIEL^ Andrew^ John,M). Oct. 22, 1808; m. l«^ Feb. 
15, 1831, Caroline Davis, who d. Jan. 28, 1846. Hem. 2"'i.]S"ov. 
10, 1847, Ann H. Palmer. He settled in Buftalo, was very suc- 
cessful in business, and d. March 6, 1869. 

382. Francis M., Nov. 5, 1831; d. May 7, 1847. 

383. Frederic L., May 28, 1841; m., July 25. 1871, Alice OdellWoodruff, of 
Pulaski, N. Y. Does business in Chicago. 

384. C. Adella, Dec. 24, 1848; m., April 27. 1870, George Spence, of Roch- 
ester, N. Y. 

385. Alice G., Nov. 18. 18.52. 

386. Horace W., Feb. 1, 185.5. 
%7. GurdonG., May 28, 1857. 

388. Francis, ]\Iay 6, 18-59. 

180. SARAH ALMIRA*^ Andrew ^ John,* b. June 14, 1813; 
m., Nov. 11, 1831, John Wetherly, aud lives (1875) in Victory, 
Cayuga county, N". Y., "prosperous and wealthy." 

389. Addison B., Sept. 15, 1832; m.'Catliarine E. Harris. 

390. Sarah Jane, 1834; m. Stephen Holt. 

391. John C, 1837; m. Mary M. Bracket. 
393., Mary Eliza, 1839; d. 1858. 

393. Frances, July 20, 1842; m. David Wilson. 

394. Benjamin F., Sept. 8, 1845. 

395. Henry C, July 2, 1848. 

396. William S., May 0, 1851. 

397. Daniel B., March 6, 1854. 

John, of Stonington, Connecticut. 257 

183. DAVID BOAliDMANc Andrew^ John,* b. May 13, 1820; 
m., 1*^*' Nov. 22, 1842, Mary R. Ward, who d. June 19, 1850, and 
he m. 2"^i- Jan. 15, 1852, Frances G. Ward, who d. June 19, 1855; 
and he m. 3"^^' June 23, 1859, Mary Bromley, lie settled in Weeds- 
port, X. Y., "where has been very prosperous in business." 

406. Gtorge W., Sept 16, 1844. 

407. Limra. .July 28, 1848; d. Autr. 3. 1848. 

408. Edward A.. Sept. 23, 1849; d. June 17, 18r)0. 

409. Frederie W., Nov. 21. 1852. 

410. Nellie B., Sept. 4. 1860; d. Dec. 21. 1861. 

411. Jennie W., Sept. 23. 1862. 

184. JOH]S"DENKISOX«DanieP John,4b. Sept. 28, 1809, in 
North Stonington, Conn. He 
m., April 3, 1832, Lemira 
Hatheway, of Dighton, Mass., 
dau. of Capt. Ebenezer and 
Hope (Pierce) Hathaway. She was b. March 6, 1813. Having 
by his own efforts gained a liberal education, studied in the 
Divinity aud Law Schools, he received the degree of A. M. from 
Yale College. In 1833, he settled in North Branford, Conn., as a 
preacher, where he remained seven or eight years. He acquired 
the French and German languages, and by 1844 had given special 
attention to archaeology, and its bearing upon the current schemes 
of ancient history; wrote much for magazines and newspapers, 
and became editor of the '-Charter Oak,'' an Anti-Slavery news- 
paper in Hartford, and afterward of the ^''Commonwealth,'' piib- 
lished in Boston. In 1859, he became editor aud proprietor of the 
"Worcester Spy,'' one of the oldest papers in New England, 
which he still (in 1880) conducts with his sons. In 1863, he was 
elected to Congress, and twice re-elected. In 1847, he published 
"Raymond Hill,'' a small volume of poems; in 18(39, a work, 
" Pre-historic Nations ;" and in 1872, one on "Ancient America." 
The last two are published by Harper & Bros. The last is a very 
popular, useful aud sensible manual of American Archaeology, 
more popular in its subject than the first. 

This sketch is, in the main, taken from Appletou's Cj'clopedia. 
I am much indebted to Mr. Baldwin for this sketch of the de- 
scendants of John, of Stonington, substantially furnished by him, 
and twice as long as my own. 

258 Baldwin Genealogy. 

413. Ellen Frances, Jan. 19, 1833; d. March 10, 1854, in New Orleans, at the 
home of her aunt. She had made it certain, that if she had lived, she would have 
won a brilliant reputation in literature. 

413. John Stanton, Jan. 6, 1834. + 

414. Charles Clinton, May 4, 1835. + 

415. Mary Jane, May 6, 1836; d. Dec. 29, 1850. 

185. DAXIEL AVERY6 Daniel ^ John,-' b. July 2, 1811; m. 
1^*' May 23, 1835, Betsey Rogers, of Lyme, Conn. She d. April 17, 
1851, aged 37. He m. 2"^. May 22,* 1853, Amanda Colgrove, of 
Voluntown, Conn. He was well educated, and has made himself 
very intelligent. He lives in Xew London, and is a shipmaster, 
bui has given a part of his life to farming. 

416. Daniel Mather, Nov. 19, 1836; d. June 10, 1862. 

417. Hannah Stanton, April 18, 1839; d. July 13, 1840. 

418. Robert Stanton, b. and d. April 20, 1841. 

419. George Prentice, July 4, 1843: m. Emma Dickinson. 

420. Harriet Emma, Oct. 7, 1848; d. May 5, 1851. 

421. William James, Jan. 17, 1851. 

422. Frederic R., Feb. 14, 1855; d. Sept. 24, 1855. 

423. Francis, Oct. 11, 1858; d. July 20, 1860. 

424. Charles Clinton, March 1, 1860. 

425. Ellen Frances, Dec. 2, 1863. 

189. MARY ANKE ^ Daniel ^ John,* b. May 8, 1818 ; m., Nov. 
1, 1837, Charles D wight Smith, of Woodstock, Conn. She lives 
1878, in Worcester, Mass., and has had two ch. 

426. Ebenezer, Nov. 7, 1839; twice married. 

427. Hannah A., Sept. 16, 1845; m. Samuel Woodward, who does business in 
Quincy Market, Boston, and lias one child, Charles Smith, b. Sept. 16, 1868. 

202. I^ANCY^ Thomas 5 ZibaMohn^^ Theophilus^ John,i b. in 
North Stouington, Conn., Jan. 30, 1803; m., Feb. 22, 1823, Amos 
Sheffield, of Stonington. Lived in North Stonington. 

428. Ann Elizabeth, Nov. 30, 1823; m. William Downing. 

429. Amos Austin, Sept. 5, 1828; an Illinois farmer. 

430. Henry D., Dec. 28, 1830; d. Oct. 26, 1832. 

431. Charles S., Oct. 18, 1833; teacher in Missouri. 

432. Daniel Avery, Aug. 29, 1836; physician. 

433. Julia Judson, Jan. 8, 1839. 

434. Thomas B., July 7, 1841: d. 1844. 

435. George Horace, Feb. 19. 1844; mechanic. 

436. William Edwin, Feb. 20, 1846; lawyer. 

John , of Stonington, Connecticut. 259 

205.* THOMAS HORACE^ Thomas^ Ziba,^ b.iiii^orth Stoiiing- 
ton. Conn., April 1, 1812 ; m., May 27, 1847, Hannah E. Frink, of 
the same phice. Settled in Knowlesville, Orleans county, X. Y.; 
"prosperous and worthy." 

437. Saimifl Edwiu, March 3, 1848; tl. Xov. 29, 180.>, wliilo a .student iu 
Rochester University. 

438. Helen Louisa, Oct. 19, 1850. 

439. Edward Burt, March 15, 1870. 

206. LUCY ANX'^ Thomas ^ Ziba,^ b. in Xerth Stonington, 
Conn., Jan. 6, 1815; m. l'**- Oliver Briggs, of Duauesburg, X. Y., 
who d. 1848. She m. 2"''- 1850, Zalmon Bedient, and d. at Gilberts- 
ville, KY.. in 1865. 

440. 3Ielissa Briggs. 

441. Orhmdo Briggs. 

442. Phebe Briggs. 

443. Sumner Bedient. 

444. Ada Bedient. 

207. AMAIn^DA JULIET 6 Thomas ^ Ziba,^ b. in l^ovth Stoning- 
ton, Conn., Xov. 29, 1819 ; m., Xovember, 1840, William II. Dor- 
rance, of Lenox, X. Y., and d. at Albion, X. Y., May 20, 1860. 

445. "William Henry. ' 

446. Juliet B. 

447. George T. 

448. Mary. 

449. Frank. 

450. Silas Fish. 

451. Ada. 

209. BEXJAMIX FRAXKLIX*^ Thomas ^ Ziba,^ b. in Xorth 
Stonington, Conn., Sept. 27, 1823; m., March, 1848, his cousin 
Amy R. Baldwin*' Elisha^ Ziba.^ Lives (1875) near Knowlesville, 

452. Kate Amy, Sept. 18, 1850; m., Dec. 30, 1873, William Smith, 

453. Netty M., Xov. 29, 1852. 

454. Benjamin Franklin. Sept. 29, 1859. 

455. .Jennie M., Dec. 3, 1869. 

210. JOHX XICHOLASG Amos5Ziba,^b. Feb. 9, 1808; went 
to Maryland ; m., March 12, 1833, Eliza Jane Anderson, and d. 
1861, in Cecil county, Md. 

260 . ■ Baldwin Genealogy. 

456. John Nicholas, May 9, 1834; d. 1834. 

457. Emma A., April 4. 1836; d. Nov. 11, 1855. 

458. Louisa A.. March 26, 1837: d. Aug. 10, 1838. 

459. Dewitt Cliutou, June 9, 1838. + 

460. Cornelia Jane, Feb. 6, 1840; m., Jan. 5, 1865, Joseph Fisher. Lives in 
Pennsylvania; has one cli. : (708) Fannie Zilla, April 10, 1866. 

213. GILES WASHIXGTOXe Amos'^Ziba,M). Aug. 9, 1814; 
m., 1836, iu New Orleans, Charlotte Walker, aud settled near 
Houston, Texas. A Texas laud record shows that he received 
grants of land near that place. In 1849, he went to California, 
where he died. 

464. Henry, b. at Houston, Texas. 

214. AMOS BROWiTe Amos ^ Ziba, Vb. Aug. 13, 1816 ; m., Dec. 
5, 1844, Robenia B. Brown, of West Point, X. Y. Lives in Caze- 
novia, N. Y. 

465. Henry, Oct. 15, 1845. 

466. Giles v.. Dec. 6. 1846; d. Aug. 6, 1848. 

467. Frank F., March 18, 1858. 

224. WILLIAM T.6 Turner 5 Ziba,M). Jan. 13, 1814; m., Nov. 
16, 1834, Delia A. Crocker. Lives in Xew London, Conn. 

485. Elizabeth, April, 1839; d. May, 1839. 

486. William J., Nov. 28, 1841. 

487. Delia A., b. and d. March 1. 1844. 

488. George A., Nov. 9, 1848; d. Feb. 7, 1849. 

489. Anna F., Dec. 27, 1850; d. June 3, 1851. 

225. GILES H.^ Turner 5 Ziba,^ b. Nov. 27, 1818 ; m., March 24, 
1838, Temperance M. Eccleston. Lives in Stonington, Conn. 

490. William R., July, 1839; m., Oct. 13, 1873, Frances D. Thompson. 

491. Henry E., Dec. 14, 1842; m., March 3, 1872, Eunice L. Wilcox. 

492. Horace E., Jan. 7, 1845; d. April 11, 1846. 

493. Sidney F., Jan. 8, 1848. 

494. Maria E., May 24, 1853; m., July 4, 1871. William 11. Burdick. 

495. George I., Aug. 20, 1858. 

226. BREED B.« Hezekiah-^ Ziba,* b. April 10, 1814 ; m., Nov. 
1, 1837, Amanda Briggs. . Lives at New Baltimore, IS. Y. 

496. Alonzo M., Nov. 28, 1838. 

497. Melissa A., Feb. 5, 1840; m., July 8, 1863, Natliauiel G Pillsbury; has 
three ch. : (709) Genevia. Oct. 10. 1868; (710) Orris L., April 10. 1871; and (711) 
Georgia A., Aug. 14, 1873. 

John, of Stonin()ton, Connecticut. 261 

498. Cecelia P., July 13, 1843; d. July 9, 1844. 

499. Benjamin B., April 29, 1844; d. Aug. 1, 1850. 

500. Oscar F., April 30, 1846. + 

501. Pyreue C, Nov. 14, 1847. 

502; Mary A., Aug. 31, 1849; d. July 18, 1850. 

503. Maria S., Oct. 28, 1851. 

504. Emeline L., July 1, 1857. 

227. WILLIAM ^^.<^ Hezekiah ^ Ziba,^ b. Sept. 15, 1815 ; m. 1**- 
Sept. 27, 1837, Mahala Durfee. She d. May 7, 1842, and he m. 
2"^^' Jan. 5, 1843, Harriet Diirfee. 

505. Amanda M., Oct. 6, 1838; m. W. W. Raymond. Slic d. Feb. 26, 1870, 
leaving one ch. : (714), d. y. 

506. Phebe S., b. May 18, 1840; m. .Jolm Wilsie, and has ch. : (715) William 
F., Nov. 2, 1856; d. March 4, 1857: (716) Israel, Nov. 23, 1857, d. Sept. 1, 1858; 
(717) Mary E., April 1, 1861 ; (718) Minnie E. , Aug. 10, d. Aug. 17, 1862; (719) Jennie, 
Oct. 7, 1863, d. Jan. 29, 1864; (720) Mira, .Jan. 22, 1866; (721) Hattie, Feb. 29, 1869; 
(723) Carrie, May 13, 1871; (733) Erwin, Dec. 17, 1873. 

507. SophroniaM., Jan. 15. 1842. 

508. Mira B. December, 1843; m., 1871, Frank P. Hiudnian. 

509. William H., July 24, 1846; m., 1874, Kittle Vanbiu-gin. 

510. Hezekiah D., Jan. 11, 1849.+ 

511. Hattie D., Aug. 14, 1855; m., 1873, Newton B. Randall. 

228. HENRY S.« Hezekiah 5 Ziba,^b. Feb. 10, 1817; m., Jan. 
16, 1840, Eliza Ann White. Lives at :J^ew' Baltimore, N. Y. 

512. Augustus, :\[arch 24, 1841; d. May 4, 1845. 

513. Annie A., Aug. 27, 1846; m. Joel Nelson, and had a ch. : (726) Lillie E., 
April 25, 1868. 

514. Lorrin F., July 14, 1848; m., 1874, Kate Stevens. 


'^ 229.' JEDEDI AH « Hezekiah ^ Ziba,-^ b. Sept. 5, 1818 ; m., :N'ov. 

18, 1844, Emily Scott; she d. April 21, 1863. 

515. Sylvester S., July 24, 1845; d. April 25, 1871. 

235. JOHN S.6Elisha5Ziba,ni. Aug. 20, 1813; m., April 11, 
1841, Susan Hakes, who d. April 7, 1854. 

537. Arthur P., Nov. 25, 1843; m. ; no ch. 

538. Clara E., Jan. 18, 1844; m. AVilliani H. Darrance,7 s. Amauda J. (Bald- 
' win) Darrance, dau, Thomas 5 Ziba.^ 

539. Cora A., Jan. 31, 1847. 

540. EllaF., December, 1849; m. Dr. Phelps. 

541. Henry, Jan. 15,. 1853. 
543. William, April 1, 1854. 

262 Baldwin Genealogy. 

240. ELISHAE.6Elislia5Ziba,*b. July 16, 1826, in German, 
now Pitcher, N". Y.; m., Sept. 6, 1853, Melinda A. Reynolds. 

551. Verua E., May 8, 1855; m., 1871, T. Crosever. 

552. Eddie E., April 13, 1868. 

242. ASA^ Elisha ^ Ziba,* b. in German, now Pitcher, N". Y., Oct. 
24, 1830 ; m., June 7, 1855, Harriet M. Parks. 

553. Frank L., Nov. 6, 1856. , 

243. DA^EL S.<5 Elisha 5 Ziba,Mj. June 17, 1833, in German, 
new Pitcher, K Y.; m., May 19, 1856, Ellen E. Tinker. 

554. Libbie Elleu, Aug. 18, 1857. 

555. Cliarles Lester, Aug. 6. 1860, 

556. Freddie Stewart, May 15. 1863. 

557. George Dennisou, Aug. 39, 1864. 

558. Willie Emory, Nov. 19, 1865. 

559. Jennie E., Dec. 38. 1867; d. 1868. 

560. Flora Etta, June 25, 1869. 

561. Anna ^lay, Sept. 26, 1870. 
563. Bertha E., April 1, 1874. 

247. ALLEN" ASHER« Elisha^ Ziba,^ h. Aug. 31, 1818; m., 
Dec. 26, 1852, Clarissa Adell Ingraham. Lives in Brookfield, IS^.Y. 

563. Lillian M., May 9* 1858; m., Nov. 5, 1873, Milo L. Fisk. 

256. BILLINGS HENRY" Elisha^ Ziba.M). Oct. 20, 1815; m., 

Jan. 8, 1840, Laurinda Mills, of Adams, N. Y., and lives (1875) in 
Janesville, Wis. 

566. Alauson Darius, Sept. 10, 1840. + 

567. Franklin Henry, Dec. 30, 1843. + 

261. JAMES ABIAL^ Elisha^ Ziba,^ b. Junel2,1828, in Bridge- 
water, N. Y.; m. and has ch. 

570. .Junietta L.. Dec. 15, 1853. 

571. Cynthia L., Dec. 12, 1866. 

572. Roland W., April 27. 1868. 

573. Edwin H.. May 1, 1870. 

574. Ola S., July 28, 1871. 

575. Anton O., Sept., 39, 1873. 

576. Altimors, Oct. 13, 1876. 

266. SUS AX 6 David ^ David;* Theophilus ^ Theophilus '- John, i 
b. in North Stonington, March 2, 1794. She m., Nov. 27, 1844, 

John^ of Stoningfim, Connecticut. 2.63 

Capt. JSamuel H. Prentice," s. Asa*^ John^ tSamiieH Samuel -^ Thom- 
.as- Capt. Thomas.^ They lived in North Stonington. 

r)77. David N., Juno 28, 1807; m., April 37, 1846, Margaret Rutliboue. C'hil- 
drcu: Susau E., 1847; Dwight N., 1848. 

578. Samuel, Aug. 4, 1819; m., Dec. 31. 1849, Sophia P. Browuing. 

579. Paul P., Sept. 3, 1821; m. Amanda Ecclcstone. 

580. Alexander S., March 9, 1824; m., 1847, Pulsifer— John D. sa3'.s Sarah, and 
Prentiss Book says Maria. 

581. Dewitt C. July 30, 1830. 

583. Susan K., Sept. 3, 1834. 

267. STEWART « David ^ David, ^ h. iu Is^orth Stonington, 
Conn., March 6, 1796; m., Mary A. Baldwin ^ Andrew ^ John ^ 
John^^Theophilus^ John,i July 4, 1821. 

588. Susan, June 33, 1822; d. April 18, 1825. 

584. Susan Maria, July 8, 1835; m. A. Preston, and has two sons. 

585. ]VIary Louisa, Aug. 27, 1S27; m. Rev. George P. Kimball. He d. and she 
m.2 "J- See her record. 

268. DAYIDG David •'^David,M). in North Stonington, Conn., 
May 5, 1798 ; m., Feb. 13, 1823, Mary Brown. Settled in Preston, 
Conn.; as a trader, and was very prominent there in military and 
civil affairs; d. April 17, 1848 ; his wife, Jan. 2, 1865. 

586. Mary B., April 13, 1824; d. infant, 

587. David D., April 13, 1824; m. Belle F. Sturgis, of Providence, R. I., and 

lives in Preston. 

588. Susan E,, May 5, 1838; m. Thomas S. Wheeler. 

589. Lucy Maria, March 17, 1830^ m. Henry T. Loring. of St. Louis, Mo. She 
d. April 34. 1856; he, Jan. 27, 1871, 

590. Mary Ellen. Sept. 4, 1831 ; m. Samuel B. Wheeler. 

591. Charlotte W., Sept. 14, 1834; d. Aug. 28, 1854. 

269. W0LC0TT6 David-^ David,* b. in North Stonington, Conn., 
Oct. 20, 1801 ; was m. in Troy, N. Y., when past middle life, and 
d. in 1870. 

592. Myron, d. when sixteen j'ears old. 

593. A daughter, lived to marry. 

288. CHARLES H.^ Andrew B.^ Joseph* Theophilus^^ Theophi- 
lus^John,M). Feb. 11, 1812, in Thompson, Conn.; m., June 1, 
1838, Tryphena Potter. 

594. Daniel M., April 3, 1839; m . March, 1863, Eloise Lynde, who d. childless, 
and he m., Novemljer, 1874, Mary Bridgeway. 

595. Edward M., Sept. 36, 1843; d. Jan. 30, 1856. 

264 Baldwin Genealogy. 

294. WILLIAM HENRY « Ileiiry ^ Joseph," b. in Xorwich, 
Conn., May 28, 1^16 ; m., March 25, 1838, Sarah Douglass. Lives 
(1875) in Voluntown, Conn. 

599. William Avery, April 22, 1839. + 

600. Frances Helen, May 2, 1840. 

601. Henry Dennison, Oct. 27, 1841; d. Sept. 27, 1858. 

602. Lorenzo Dow, Feb. 12, 1848. 

603. Sarah Josephine, April 6, 1844; m,, July 4, 1866, Frank E. Gleasou, and 
has two eh. : (739) Gertie, 1867; (740) Gracie, 1869; and (741) Lena, 1872. 

604. ]Vrary E., July 24, 1845; d. Feb. 26. 1846. 

605. Andrew Emerson, May 27, 1847; m. Maria Hedrick; no ch. 

606. Thomas M., Sept. 22, 1848; d. July 6, 1864, in Audersonville Prison. 

607. Charles W., June 10, 1850; d. July 17, 1864. 

608. Anna M., June 6, 1852; d. July, 23, 1864. 

609. John Frank, Feb. 3, 1854. + 

610. Mary Louisa, April 15, 1855. 

611. Hattie Eva, July 23, 1858. 

295. MARY FRANCES 6 Henry '^ Joseph,^ b. Nov. 1, 1821, in 
Norwich, Conn.; ni,, Nov. 3, 1839, William R. Crocker, of Nor- 
wich, Conn. He was lost in the steamer Hungarian, Feb. 18, 1860, 
when returning from England, where he had secured patents on 
his cork-cutting machinery. 

612. Wiliiam B., June 26, 1841; d. Dec. 25, 1864. 

She m. 2-1. before Jan. 19, 1876, J. W. Mitchell, M. D., of New 

297. JOSEPH EMERSON*^ Henry ^ Joseph,^ b. in Norwich, 
Conn., July 30, 1824; m. Anna Maria Bigelow, dau. Deacon I'., 
of Dover, Mass. Lives in Brooklyn, N. Y., where, with his sister 
and his brother Lucius, he has a cork factory, using machinery 
invented by his sister's husband, Mr. Crocker, They have been 
very prosperous. Their store is on Fulton street. New York. 

613. Abbie E., Dec. 12, 1855; d. 

614. Frank E., Nov. 4, 1857. In .January, 1876, iu Columbia College, N. Y. 

615. Ellen F., May 1. 1860; d. May 5, 18*65. 

616. Clarence Adams, in January, 1876, "a babj'." 

298. LUCIUS EDWIN ^ Henry ^ Joseph,^ b. in Norwich, Conn., 
Feb. 4, 1834 ; m.. May 6, 1857, Harriet A. Spicer, dau. Capt. John, 
of Groton, Mass. He is engaged in the cork-cutting business, iu 
Brooklyn, N. Y., with his brother and sister. 

John, of Stoniuf/ton, Connecticnt. 265 

017. .Alaiy C'aToliiic, July 20, 1N,-)S; d. .^rmcli '2i\. ISiiO. 

618. Mary Caroline, April -21, 18G1. 

619. John Everett, June 24, 1866; d. July 20, 1867. 

620. Abbie Clarissa, May 14, 1868. 

621. Harriet, July 17, 1870. 

299. Ii[ATir AN W.« Nathan •'^Jo«epli,^b. in Brooklield, N.Y., 
Sept. 9, 1820 ; m. 1848, Susan Palmer. Lives in Brooklield, N. Y. 

>622. Deatte, Dec. 25, 1819; ui. William Place, and has ch.: (748) Olive E., 
March 10. 1868; (744) Ada 15.. June 8, 1870; and (74.")) Fi-ank, Feb. 29, 1872. 

62:j. Susan M., Oct. 19, 1851. 

624. Ellen R., Feb. 11, 1858. 

625. Venila B., Sept. 18, 1857; ni. Andrew Cron. 

626. Cynthia R., July 18, 1860; d. April 16, 1862. 

627. Edwin A., Feb. 18, 1864. 

628. Freddie W., Sept. 25, 1867. 

301. ASA B.« Nathan 5 Joseph,* b. Jan. 3, 1821; m. Dec. 29, 
1849, Elizabeth York. Lives in Brooklield, N. Y. 

629. Larerue A., March 22, 1851. 

680. Rodelia, Jan. 28, 1858. 

681. Oliver B., May 27, 1855. 

682. Jennie P., Sept. 15, 1864. 

303. SI.VIEOX D.« Nathan 5 Joseph,* b. in Brooklield, N. Y, 
June 12, 1827; m., May 8, 1866, Martha Coman, b. Feb. 26, 1836. 
He lives in Stonington, Conn. 

638. Phebe M., May 2, 1867. 

684. Ella, Aug. 2, 1869; d. Aug. 27, 1870. 

685. Grace, Sept. 16, 1878. 

304. SYLVESTER « Sylvester 5 Sylvester* Sylvester ^^ Theophi- 
lus"- John,i b. Feb. 9, 1817; m. Susan Holmes. Lives (1875)^ in 
Mvstic, Conn. 

686. 3[ary, 1851. 

687. Cliarlcs, 1S.58. 

305. ROSWELL C.« Sylvester^ Sylvester,* b. April 22,1818 ; m., 
1849, Hannah Miles; she d. May 2, 1872. He is a shipmaster. 

638. Ida, Feb. 17, 1851; d. Jan. 18. 1854. 
689. Sylvester, Aug. 6, 1856. 
640. Roswell B., Dec. 15, 1859. 


266 Baldwin Genealogy. 

307. WILLIAM SMITH ^ William ^ Jonathan* Sylvester ^ Tlie- 
ophilus- Jolin,^ b. in Keene, Coshocton county, Ohio, May 18, 
1818; m. l^t- Jan. 9, 1841, Amelia Gleason, b. Aug. 6, 1820, who 
d. June 24, 1851. He m. 2"'^' Oct. 23, 1851, Ursula X. Smith. He 
lives in Lathrop, Warren county, Iowa. 

643. George Oren, Jan. 17, 1842; d. April 29, 1860. 

648. William Sylvester, Dec. 8, 1848; d. July 22. 1859. 

644. Vashti Rosalind, Sept. 23, 1845; m., Oct. 25, 1868, Sylvester Hutchins; 
d. August, 1870, leaving one cli. : (746) Eva, b. and d. August, 1878. 

645. Erastus Byron, March 16, 1850; d. April 21, 1850. 

646. Harriet Amelia, June 14. 1^*51 ; m. Darius Morris, Sept. 4, 1870, and has 
ch. : (747) Burt, Dec. 25, 1871; (748) Oren Dexter, .July 10, 1874. 

309. SYLVESTER M.^ William ' Jonathan,* b. March 11, 1825 ; 
m., Oct. 5, 1868, his cousin Cornelia Baldwin, dau. of Thomas, 
Lives at Butler Centre, Butler county, Iowa. 

649. William Sherman, Dec. 9, 1869. 

650. Thomas Lloyd, June 25, 1871 ; d. Oct. 10, 1871. 

651. Maro Grant, Nov. 15, 1872. 

652. Almy, .March 8, 1875; d. April 4, 1875. 

■ 338. NELSON^" Amos '^ Amos,* b. in IS^'orth Stonington, Conn., 
'Nov. 3, 18:^4; m. l"**- April 8, 1847, Emeline Ransom, of Plymouth, 
Penn.; she d. Nov. 1, 1851. He m. 2"'^- June 4, 1854, Mary Eliza- 
beth Baldwin, b. in Gloucestershire, England, May 10, 1817. He 
lives in Waterford, Conn. 

664. Mary Emeline, Feb 28. 1848. 

665. Helena Elizabeth, Sept, 4, 1849. 
666 Amos Avery, Jan. 24. 1850. 

667. William Henry. April 4, 1855. 

668. Ella Maria, Sept. 7, 1856. 

669. Alice Rebecca, Dec. 24, 1858. 

670. Adeline Ginius, Sept, 29, 1861 

339. THOMAS C.'^ Amos ^ Amos,*~b. iu N'orth Stonington, Jan. 
1, 1827; m., Nov. 4, 1849, Mary Amelia Snedaker, of Haverstraw, 
N. Y.; she was b. April 18, 1831. 

671. Alsi (son), Sept. 15, 1850. 

672. Charlotte Emeline, Aug. 15, 1852; both in Haverstraw. 

350. FREDERIC E.^ Erastus ^ Amos,* b. in Groton, Conn., June 
18, 1834; m., April 3, 186-, Jane E. Hull. 

680. Mattie, July 3, 1863. 

John, of Stonington, Connecticut. . 267 

351. GEORGE W.'^Erastus^AmoSj^b. iu Groton, Conn., Jan. 
30, 1837; m., Marcli 28, 1859, Frances J. Dart. Lives in Groton, 

681. George O., Dec. 2, 1860. 

682. Charles H., Jan. 28, 1862. 

683. Mary A., July 6, 1864. 

684. Frances E., Feb. 4, 1867. 

685. Erastus E., Dec. 17, 1870. 

377. CHARLES C.'Dennison« Andrew,^ b. Feb. 16, 1843, in 
Auburn, N. Y.; m., Nov. 5, 1868, Augusta Thompson. 

690. Charles, Oct. 26, 1869. 

691. Emma, Sept. 9, 1872. 

413. JOHN STAXTOX" John D.*' DanieP John ^ John ^ The- 
ophilus- John,^ b. Jan. 6, 1834, iu Xew Haven, Conn.; m., Oct. 19, 
1863, Emil\' Brown, of Worcester, Mass. He lives (1878) in 
Worcester, Mass., and is with his father in the Worcester " Sj^yJ' 

692. Mary Eleanor, Xov. 2.5, 1864. 

693. Robert Stanton, Dec. 17, 1865. 

694. Alice Hatheway, Nov. 26, 1867. 

695. John Denuison, May 26, 1871. 

696. Emily Brown, March 27, 1878; d. May 24, 1874. 

697. Eosa'moud, Sept. 24, 1874; d. Sept. 2, 1876. 

698. Henry Brown, Aug., 9, 1877. 

414. CHARLES CLINTOX' John D.*^ Daniel,^ b. May 4, 1835, 
in Woodstock, Conn.; m., Oct. 1, 1868, Ella L. T. Peckham, dau. 
Dr. F. H. Peckham, of Providence, R. I. He lives (1878) in Wor- 
cester, Mass., and is with his father iu the Worcester Daily and 
Weekly ''Spy:' 

699. Katharine Torrey, July 17, 1869. 

700. Edith Ellen, Xov. 19, 1870. 

701. Grace Peckham, aiay 16, 1874. 

459. DEWITT CLIXTOX" John Xicholas« Amos^ Ziba^ John ^ 
Theophilus- John,^ b. June 9, 1838; m., 1859, Lucinda Spence. 
Lives in Cecil county, Md. 

702. John R., March 3, 1861. 

703. Mary Virginia, March 8, 1863. 

704. Henrietta, April 30, 1866. 

705. Harvey Lee, July 1, 1868. 

706. Joshua, April 17, 1871. 

707. Eliza Emma, Aug. 27, 1873. 

268 Baldwin Genealogy. \ 

500. OSCIR F." Breed B.« Hezekiali^ b. April 20, 1846, in NeW 
Baltimore, !N. Y,; m., April 2, 1868, Lizzie E. King. 

712. Oscar B., .Time 18, 1869. 
71.3. Jesse C, Oct. 24, 1871. 

510. HEZEKIAH D." William ^S^ Hezekiah,^ b. Jan. 11, 1849 ; 
m., Jan. 3, 1871, Cecilia Lapangh. 

724. Jennie, Dec. 24, 1871. 

725. Freddie, Aug. 21, 1873. 

566. ALAXSON DARIUS' Billings H.'^ Elisba^ Ziba^ John ^ 
Theophiliis -^ John,i b. Sept. 10, 1840 I'm., Sept. 10, 1863, Esther 
Jane Pitcher, of Watertown, X. Y. 

727. Willis II., Aug. 18, 1864. 

728. Flora M., Aug. 9, 1866. 

729. AdaL., April 20, 1868. 

730. Frank R., March 15, 1870. 

731. Albert Lawson. July 8, 1876. 

567. FRANKLIX HEXRY^ Billings H.^ Elisha,n). Dec. 30, 
1842; m., Xov. 22, 1863, Fanny Reitei% ©f Watertown, N. Y. 

732. Alice M., .Jan. 3, 1865. 

733. Cora A., April 7, 1868. 

734. Frankliu H., Dec. 4, 1873. 

599. WILLIAM AVERY ' AVilliam Henry ^ Henry ^ Joseph ^ 
Theophilns^.Theophihis^ John,ib. April 22, 1839; m., April 12, 
1864, Jane Swindells. 

735. Samuel Henry, April 1, 1865. 

736. Cliarles Stanley, June 3, 1867. 

737. Bernice Avery, Sept. 7, 1870. 

738. Mattie Eva, Oct. 14, 1873. 

609. JOHi^ FRAXK' William H.« Henry ,^^ b. Feb. 3, 1854 ; m., 
June 17, 1873, Emma Lewis, and has 

742. Florence D., b. 1874. 

John Baldwin, of Norwich, Connecticut, 


1. JOHX BALD^YIN■, of Xorwich, Conn., by a tradition of 
quite unusual value, came to the Xew World with some family in 
Milford related to him. The family with which he came was very 
likely that of Sylvester Baldwin, who died on board ship Martin, 
June 21, 1638, and whose son Richard settled in Milford. Mrs. 
Baldwin had lauds in New Haven, with five in her family, and he 
seems to be needed to make the number. He mav have been the 
John who testified to the nuncupative will of Sylvester. In all 
probability, the John on board the Martin was either John Senior, 
of Milford, or John, of Norwich. John, son of Sylvester, was 
incompetent by interest, and too young (three years old) to testify 
to a nuncupative will. 

Hon. John D. Baldwin, of Worcester, a descendant of John, son of 
Sylvester, stated in the New England Historical and Genealogical 
Register, for April, 1873, that the Family Bible origin ally belong- 
ing to Deacon Theophilus Baldwin, son of John, of Stonington, 
went to his son John, whose wife lived to l)e 104 years old, and 
lived in the familv of the father of John D. Baldwin until 1817. 
She had the old Bible, which, after her death the next year, went 
to the eldest uncle of John D., and was lost a few years after. 
About 1828, John D. wrote down several matters from the Bible. 
What he wrote is fairly pi'oved otherwise, and his aunt was no 
doubt correct in saying that the o;d Bible said that an orphan 
cousin ot John, of Stonington, came to America in the family of 
Sylvester Baldwin, remained in the famil}- until he was married, 
and settled in Norwich. The word was "cousin,'' which however 
at that time did not necessarily mean first cousin, but second 
cousin, or some other form of relationship not very distant. It 
often, in early times, meant nephew. 

270 Baldwin Genealogy. 

George W. Baldwin, Esq., of Boston, has been chiefly instru- 
mental in a very extensive searcli made in England lor Baldwin 
genealogy, the result of which appears herein. Mr. Chester has 
sought very perseveringly for John, of Is'orwich. He finds, among 
the English Johns, one who answers well the description of John, 
of Xorwich, and who seems extremely likely to have been him. 
He will be found in the preceding account ol Richard, of Bucks 
county, as John * John -^ Henry - Richard.^ The father, Jolin,^ died 
after June 9, 1634, and before Oct. 14, 1634. The son disappears 
in England. He was not own cousin to John, of Stonington, but 
own cousin to Sylvester, father of John, of iStonington. Sylvester, 
the father, was executor of the will of Richard, of Dundridge, 
under which John was a legatee. He was young in 1622, as his 
elder brother Richard had only then completed his apprenticeship, 
and ensrasred in business some time after. A further discussion of 
this will be found in its appropriate place, in the account of the 
English Baldwins. He was early in Guilford, Conn. While he 
lived in Guilford, he married Haunah Birchard, of that town, 
April 12, 1653. Savage says she was probably a daughter of 
Thomas. He removed, in 1660, to ^N'orwich, Conn., and was one 
of the thirty original proprietors of that town. The births of his 
three older children appear in Guilford. The others are not 
entered in Norwich. He was, in 1678, Constable, then an ofiice 
of trust and honor. 

2. John, b. Dec. 5, 1654. + 

3. Hannah, b. Oct. 6, 1656. 

4. Sarah, b. Nov. 25, 1658. 

5. Thomas, b. 1662. + 

6. Ebenezer, d. ; no issue. 

Of his death, there is no account. 

2. JOHI^' John,i b. in Guilford, Conn., Dec. 5, 1654; in early 
life went to Norwich, Conn., with his father. He m., 1680, Expe- 
rience Abell. He resided in Lebanon, Conn., and d. January, 1705. 
He was grantee there in 1695, one of the Selectmen in 1699, and 
Deacon in the Church when he died. 

7. Experience, b. Aug. 3, 1684. 

8. John, b. April 27, 1687. + 

9. :Hary, b. :\ray 3, 1692. 

10. Meh'itable, b. Aug. 27, 1695. 

11. Tabitha, b. April 2, 1699. 

John, of Norwich, Connecticut. 271 

A Tabitha m., Jan. 10, 1728, Samuel Brewster, of Lebanon, and 
had a dan. Mary, b. April 10, 1745, who m., 1762, Jonathan Strong, 
s. Stephen, of Lebanon. (See the numerous descendants in the 
Strong Genealogy, page 807 and after.) 

5. THOMAS-^ John,^b. in 1662; was of Norwich, Conn. He 
m., in 1684, Sarah Caulkins, dau. John, of Xew London and Nor- 
wich, and Sarah (Royce) Caulkins, dau. Robert Royce, of New 
London. John Caulkins was s. Hugh. She d. 1685, and he m 
2"*^' Abigail Lay, of Lyme, in 1602, who was one of the first per- 
sons who joined the Church in Norwich in 1700, after Mr. Wood- 
ward was installed. A very interesting view of the church is in 
Miss Caulkins' History of Norwich, page 129. He d. Sept. 16, 
1741, in the 80th year of his age. He was a farmer, and his farm 
lay, in 1687, "near Lebanon," then a name, but not a town. It 
was distant three miles from the town plat, aiid is in present 
Fitchville, town of Bozrah, Conn. 

12. Abigail, b. July 5, 1693; m. .JohaS John,' of Norwich, her cousin. 

13. Mary, b. .June 5, 1695; m. Birchard. 

14. Hannah, b. .Jan. 22, 1699; m. Backus. 

15. Thomas, b. June 15, 1701. + 

16. John, b. March 8, 1704. + 

17. Phebe, b. April 10, 1707; m. Post, of Hebron. 

18. Ebenezer, b. April 20, 1710.+ 

19. Jabez, b. Nov. 2, 1713; d. Dec. 15, 1737; num. 

Miss Caulkins speaks of his making a cross for his signature. 
This, however, was only in his old age, when afflicted with blind- 
ness. He wrote in earlier years, and there is no reason to suppose 
he had not the usual education of the day. Thus, in 1723, he 
signs his name in conveying to his son Thomas, but in 1733 
makes his mark. 

8. JOHN 3 John - John,i \^^ 1687, in Lebanon, Conn. He m. his 
cousin Abigail Baldwin"^ Thomas- John,^ of Norwich. 

20. .John, no issue. 

21. Benjamin. 4- 

22. Daniel. + 

23. Lucy. 

24. Dausjhter. 

272 Baldicin Genealogy. 

15. THOMAS 3 Thomas "- John,i b. in Norwich, Conu., June 15, 
1701. He m. Anna Bingham, May 5, 1730, and settled in that 
part of Norwich now Bozrah. 

25. Auna, b. Feb. 3, 1731; m. Bentley. 

26. Abigail, b. July 28, 1732: m. Jolm Hough, s. of Capt. .Tolin, Nov. 11, 
1753, and settled in Cauterbuiy, Conn. Mr. John Farmer, in 1828, said he was 
ancestor of Prof. Hough. 

37. Thomas, b. Oct. 11, 1734. -f 

28. Jemima, b, Aug. 9, 1736; m. Capt. David Hough. + 

29. Eunice, b. Sept. 20, 1738; m. Isham. 

30. Lydia, b. Oct. 19, 1741; m. Elijah Huntington. + 

31. Jabez, b. Jan. 18, 1743. + 

32. Eliphlet, b. April 3, 1747. + 

Thomas' wife survived him, and in. 2"*^' Oct. 24, 1785, Capt. 
John Hough, of New London. Capt. Hough d. Feb. 8, 1785. 
Dr. Franklin B. Hough, of Lowville, N. Y., writes me that Capt. 
John m. 1**' Hannah Dennison, who lived with him sixtv-four 
years (1718 to 1782), and that his 2"'' w. lived with him two years. 

16. JOHNS Thomas 2 John,i b. in Norwich, Conn., March 8, 
1704. He m., May 30, 1734, Lucy Metcalf, of Lebanon, Conn. 
From 1737 to 1739, he lived in Staflbrd, Conn. He lived after- 
wards in Manslield, Conn. He removed with his family to Han- 
over, N. H., where he died. He was a merchant, it is said. 

33. Rufus, March 16, 1735. + 

34. Elizabeth, b. 1737; m,, Sept. 12. 1758, John Hyde; no ch. 

35. Hannah, b. 1739; m. Wright. 

36. Lydia, m. Clark. 

37. Lucj', m. Bloss or Bliss. 

38. John, b. Aug. 28, 1749; d. unni. 

39. Jabez, b. Feb. 20, 1753; d. Aug. 6, 1753. 

40. Jabez, b. .Jan. 11, 1754; was in war of the Revolution. Settled in Brad- 
ford county, Penn., where he d., and has descendants still there, it is said. 

18. EBENEZERs Thomas'^ John,^ b. in Norwich, Conn., April 
20, 1710. He m., Oct. 10, 1738, Bethia Barker, then lately from 
Marshfield, Mass. He resided in Norwich, and d. 1794. Although 
Ebenezer was a good man, he seems, in those early puritanical 
times, to have bad a little trouble in youth. It appears, from Miss 
Caulkins' book, that in 1738 a charge was brought against Thomas 
Avery, Ebenezer Baldwin, Abial Marshall and David Bingham, 
single men, and boarders or sojourners in the town, that they 

John, of Norwich, Comiectieut. 273 

did eoiiveau and meet in company with sundry others, att y'^ house 
of William Waterman, y^ 4*'' day of June last, it being Sabbath 
evening."' Xo complaint was made of any disturbance or impro- 
priety of conduct; it was the bare fact of a social meeting on 
Sunday eveninj;, which was presented as contrary to law. He 
pleaded not guilty, and replied to the charge : 

" True it is, we did converse with the company, and att y-' time 
and place sett forth in y^ complaint, but he saith he is not guilty 
for these reasons: l**- That he is not a single person, as having an 
apprentice by indenture; 2"''- he is not a />ortrc/er, having y*^ care 
of a family; S''"-^' he is not a sojourner, as living in y® place where 
he was born and bred." 

" The Court is of opinion he is guilty, and fines him 5*- and costs. 
Appeal granted, to be heard in y*^ County Court.'' 

He was a leading and prominent man in his town, known as 
Captain, and tilling places of trust. Among others, he was first 
named of the Committee on the first and second Delaware pur- 
chases (east of the Wyoming settlements), it being quite the 
fashion of those days to speculate largely in real estate ; and in 
1768, even the town of Norwich voted to apply for a grant of 
twenty miles square of the colony (of Connecticut) lands lying 
west of the Susquehannah (Wyoming) purchase, with leave to buy 
the ''native right to said lands." 

41. Khoda, b. Aug. 3, 1739; m., ITaO, Jacob Witter, of Nonvich; no cli. 
43. Bethial. Dec. 4, 1741; d. Jan. 4, 1743. 

43. Bothia, b. March 30, 1743; d. Sel^t. 5, 1830. num. 

44. Ebenezer, b. July 3. 1745. (Rev.) Tutor iu Yale, and author of the Hi^^tor}- 
of Yale College; d. Oct. 1, 1776, at Daubury, C^onn., where he was settled in the 
ministry, and uum. "Though his career was painfully short."" says C'liBncellor 
Kent, "he had lived long enough to attract genera! notice, and the highest respect 
by his piety, liis learning, his judgment and his patriotism."" He was Chaplain 
in the army. Miss Caulkins errs in stating his death as in 1777. as is apparent by 
addition from her own text. 

45. Oliver, b. Dec, 3. 1747. + 

46. Elijah, b. Feb. 9, 1750; d. Jan. 16, i:51. 

47. Mary, b. April 1, 1753; m. Jabez (?olton, of Long Meadow, Mass. She d. 
July 14, 1839. She had ch. : (99) Rev. Simeon, of South Carolina, m. and had ch., 
(100) Elijah, m. and had ch., (101) Stephen, (103) jNlary, m. Fuller, and liad ch. 

48. Simeon, b. Dec. 14. 1761.4- 

Bethia d. Jan. 20. 1702, and he m. 2'"'' July 11, 17(34, Esther 
Bacchus, but had no ch. Like his father, he was blind in later 

274 Baldwin Genealogy. 

years. His epitaph says: '"In memory of Capt. Ebenezer Bald- 
win, who departed this life May 2"*^' 1792, aged 80 years. A 
reputable citizen, a kind husband, a tender parent, an amiable, 
cheerful neighbor, and a good man. Supported by Christian for- 
titude, he bore with singular philosophy the peculiar calamities 
of his life during nine years of blindness and infirmity, and the 
extreme pains of his hi'^t lingering sickness, in the sure hope of a 
long-wished-for eternity of happiness." 

21. BEXJAMm 4 John ^ John ^ John.i He disappeared, as did 
the rest of the family, from Lebanon, Conn. It is by no means 
certain, yet I think it very probable, that he was the Benjamin 
late of Loudon, Berkshire county, Mass., the administration of 
whose estate was granted July 5, 1787, to Benjamin of the same 
place. (See further 52 Samuel.) There was no distribution, or I 
might tell more of his children. 

49. Benjamin, 1758; oldest. + 

50. Jacob. See further as to the weak authority on whicli Jacob is given. + 

51. Asa, 1772. + 

53. Samuel, about 1760. + 

53. Daniel; in 1791 a minor, and Timothy Wliite his guardian. By tradition, 
he was the youngest of fourteen children. 

22. D A:N'IEL * John ^ John ^ John.i His father was b. 1687, and 
settled in Lebanon, Conn. Dec. 21, 1743, he was one of a Com- 
mittee in "Newent in Norwich," Conn., to make the Society rate. 
The family disappears from that vicinity; and after long search, I 
feel confident his children, if not himself, settled in Norwich, Vt., 
which town was owned and settled from this vicinity. A further 
discussion of this may be found under Daniel * Daniel -^ Benjamin ^ 

He was an original proprietor of Norwich, Vt., in 1761, and his 
orio^inal riffht, savs Rev. Mr. Slafter, must have been about live 
hundred acres drawn to him. Nov. 25, 1775, as of Norwich, he 
sells one hundred acres, the right of Elias Warner, to Sawyer, of 
Norwich, Conn. He sold Ebenezer Ball, of Lebanon, Conn., one 
hundred acres. Mr. Slafter, who was resident clergyman at Nor- 
wich, Vt., for some time, makes at Norwich, the brothers Daniel 
and Levi. Of these, I judge the oldest to be 

54. Levi. + 

John^ of Norwich, Connecticut. 275 

The tradition of the descendants of the next cliild give also 

o5. Dauii'l. 4- 
5(j. Elijah. 4- 
57. Seth Cogswell, b,, it is thought, in 1762. + 

By tradition of descendants (Daniel, of Montpelier), this Daniel 
came to Norwich from Connecticut, and was drowned in the Con- 
necticut river. 

27. THOMAS ' Thomas ^ Thomas ^ John,i b. 1734, in :N'orwich, 
Conn., in that part now Bozrah. He became a Surgeon in the Brit- 
ish army. He had tw^o children, who were brought up by their 
mother, Mary, who m. 2'"^- Ames or Eames. 

59. Thomas. + 

60. Mary. 

He served as Surgeon on the frontier, in the wg^rs against the 
French, and died, says Miss Caulkins, before he was thirty years 

28. JEMIMA* Thomas^ Thomas^ John,i b. Aug. 9, 1736, in 
Norwich, Conn. She m. Capt. David Hough, s. Jolin^ of New 
London. He d. July 8, 1708; she, Sept. 22, 1816. His children 
by her, all at Norvvicli, were: 

61. Bernice, b. March 3, 1765; d. March 25, 1766. 

62. Bernice, b. Sept. 20, 1766; m. and had ch. 

63. Thomas, b. Jvily 7, 1768; m. and had ch. 

64. Guy, b. Aug. 8, 1771; d. July 22, 1776. 

65. Sarah, b. May 27, 1773; m. and had ch. 

66. Frances, b. Oct. 10, 1776. 

67. Guy, b. Oct. 22, 1779. ; m. and liad ch. 

According to a letter of John Farmer, among the Worcester 
Mss., a child of Capt. David's, by his tirst wife, was Col. David, of 
Lebanon, N. H., a Councillor and Member of Congress from New 

30. LYDIA* Thomas 3 Thomas ^ John,i b. Oct. 19, 1741; m. 
Elijah Huntington, as his 2"'^ w. He w^as s. Isaac, of Bozrah, b. 
Dec. 21, 1734. Huntington Family Memorial says she w^as b. 1740. 
They settled in Bozrah. He m. l***- Dec. 19, 1764, Anne, dau. of Jo- 
seph and Mary Carew, wdio d. April 9, 1770. He was in the French 

276 Baldicin Genealogy. 

war, Member of tbe Legislature in 1791, &c. (See liis Memoir, 
page 94, Iliintingtoii Famil}^ Memorial, by bis accomplisbed 
grandson, Rev. E. Baldwin Huntington, of Stamford, Conn. His 
ch. by his first wife were : 

Auua, b. June 4, 1767; m. Capt. Oliver Fitch; and 
Isaac, b. Oct. 2, 1769: «1. .Tune 13, 1770. 

By his 2"^^ wife, he had : 

68. Rebecca, b. Jan. 11. 1772; m., Dec. 19, 1796, Ezra Latlirop. (For ch., see 
Huntington JMemorial, page 143.) 

69. Eunice, b. Dec. 28, 1773; d. 1802, unm. 

70. I.saac, b. Nov. 7, 1775; m., Nov. 27, 1807, Hannah Maple, who d. 1888, and 
he m. 2ih1, Mrs. Esther, widow of Dr. Scott, of Bozrah. (For ch., .'^ee Huntington 
Memorial, page 214.) 

71. Elijah, b. Dec. 10, 1777; m. 1st, 1803, Lueretia, dau. of Elisha Lefhugwell, 
and2n'i, 1821, Olive, dau. of Joshua Stark, of Bozrah. (Forch., see Huntington 
Memorial, page 315.) 

72. Wealthy, b. Jan. 8, 1780; m., 1807, Jo.seph W. Tracy, s. Jaredof Norwich, 
and has .several ch. Settled in New York City. (See Hunt. Mem., page 146.) 

73. Nehemiah, b. April 20, 1782, Deacon; m. 1st, Sept. 8, 1814, Nancy, dau. of 
ElLsha Leffiugwell, and sister of Lueretia. She d. Jiily 12, 1835, and he m. 2nd, 
Dec. 21, 1841, Anne, wid. of Jacob Hough, dau. of Timothy Hinckley, of Lebanon. 
He had four ch., all by his first wife. 

31. JABEZ ^ Thomas » Thomas ^ John,i b. Jan. 18, 1743, in that 
part of Norwich, Conn., now Bozrah. He m. Lydia Barker, of 
!N'orwich, Jan. 29, 1767. She was sister of Br. Barker, an eminent 
physician of New Haven, Conn. Jabez removed from Bozrah to 
Westfield, Mass. 

74. Jedediah, b. March 29, 1768; m., April 18, 1791, Miss Nabby .Jones, both 
of Norwich, Conn. He settled at Hanover, N. H., as a jeweler. 

75. Anne, b. Feb. 5, 1770; probabh^ d. y. ; not named in will. 

76. Abigail, b. Oct. 15, 1771; m. Elisha Searl, of East Hampton. 

77. John, b. Jan. 11, 1773; likely d. y. ; not named in will. 

78. Thomas, b. Dec. 17, 1775. 

79. Jabez, b. April 4, 1788 (1778?) in Norwich, Conn.+ 

80. Nancy, m. Reuben Harrison, of Westfield. 

81. Lydia. m. Lyman, and had at least a son (181) Jabez Baldwin, living not 
many years since. 

82i. Sally. 

Some of his children, and perhaps all, removed to New Hamp- 
shire. His will, dated April 10, 180(3, was proved Oct. 2, 1817. 
He was of Westfield. 

John, of Norunch, Connecticut. 277 

32. ELIPHLET^ Thomas^' Thomas^ John,^ b. April 3, 1747, in 
Norwich, Conn., in that part now Bozrah, where he continned to 
live. He m, Sybil Wood, b. 1757, daii. of Zebulon, of Norwich. 
He d. May 16, 1826 ; she, 1833. 

83. Octiivia. 

84. Rachel. 

85. Harriet. 

86. Thomas, 1). June 27, 17—,+ 

33. RUFUS* Johns Thomas 2 Jahn,! j^, -^^^ Norwich, Conn., 
March 16, 1735. He m. in Norwich, June 6, 1759, Eunice Leffing- 
well. He was for a while in Mansfield, Conn. 

87. Rufus, 1). June 27, 1760, iu Mansfield; d. without issue. 

88. Samuel, b. Nov. 8, 1762 (Noi-wich Record); moved to Hanover, N. H.', 
with his father; thence to Tioga count}-, Penn. ; thence to Bradford county, where, 
in 1876, it is said, some of his descendants remain, others moving west. 

89. Eunice, m. John Drew. 

90. Eleazur.+ 

91. Daughter, m. at Hanover, N. H., Mr. Davenport, and d. there, leaving a 
sou, (190) Col. Samuel, b. about 1798, who emigrated to Tioga county, Penn., where 
lie resides in 1876. 

Rufus moved, about 1800, to Tioga county, Penn., and his sons 
also. Eunice moved there from Maine about 1815. 

45. OLIVER * Ebenezer ^ Thomas - John,^ b. in Norwich, Conn., 
Dec. 2, 1747. He m., Nov. 5, 1767, Mercy Copp, of Norwich, and 
four children are entered to him on those records, where all w^ere 
born, I believe. 

92. Sarah, b. April 26, 1768; m. Doc. Harris. + 

98. Hhoda, b. Aug. 10, 1770; m. Fuller, and had cli. 

94. Dorothy, b. June 6, 1773; m. Culver, and had ch. 

95. Ebenezer, b. Nov. 26, 1775, in Bozrah, Conn.4- 

96. Oliver. + 

97. David, d. unm. 

98. Erastus, b. Jan. 1, 1784. + 

Oliver lived in that part of Norwich now Bozrah, on a farm 
which had belonged to his ancestors ever since its acquisition 
from the Indians. He was lame, and on that account enrolled, at 
Revolution, among the minute men, only to be called out in case 
of invasion. 

278 Baldwin Genealogy. 

48. SIMEOK" 4 Ebenezer ^ Thomas ^ John,i b. in Norwich, Conn., 
Dec. 14, 1701. At thirteen, he came under the tuition of his 
brother,' Rev. Ebenezer, of Danbury. A rumor having reached 
Danbury of the Battle of Bunker Hill, he was sent oa horseback 
tifteen miles to the clergyman of iTew Milford, to borrow a paper 
containing the account of it. On his return, the inhabitants 
assembled to hear it read. His brother d., in 1776, of exposure in 
the Revolution. In 1777, he entered Yale, and graduated in 1781, 
and was the last survivor of the class. When the British attacked 
ISTew Haven, he and a company of fellow students joined the 
forces to resist them at "Neck Bridge." In 1783, he became Tutor 
at Yale. In 1786, he was admitted to the bar. Four years after, 
he became Clerk of the United States Court, and continued an 
extensive practice in the State Court until 1803, when he became 
Representative in Congress. He declined a re-election in 1805. 
In 1806, he was appointed, by the Legislature, Judge of the Supreme 
Court of the State, and continued by annual appointment (then 
the custom) for eleven years. In 1822, he was President of the 
Farmington Canal; in 1826, Mayor of New Haven. He declined 
further public office, but practised law until within a few years of 
his death. He m., in 1787, Rebecca Sherman, dau. of the Hon. 
Roger Sherman. 

103. Rebecca, May 30. 1788; d. unm. in 1861. 

104. Eljenezer, 1790; d. 1837, uuin. ; a lawyer in Alliauy, iu profitable jsractice. 
He 'iva.'^ a Master in Chancery, Surrogate, Recorder, and Military Aid to Gov. Clin- 
ton. He returned to his father's house, and d. there, Jan. 26, 1837. 

lOo. Roger Sherman. 17, 1793. + 

106. Simeon, 1794; d. 1795. 

His wife Rebecca d. September, 1795, and he m. 2"'^- Elizabeth, 
sister of Rebecca, and widow of Sturgis Barr. 

107. Simeon, 1801. + 

108. Elizabeth, 1804; d. unm. 1822. 

109. Martha, 1808; d. 1809. 
no: Charles, b. 1805; d. 1807. 
111. Charles, b. 1810. 

49. BENJAMIN 5 Benjamin* John ^ John "^ John.i b. about 
1758, and the oldest son, was the Rev. Benjamin, of London, now 
Otis, Mass., adm. Sept. 4, 1810, "Clerk deceased," to Jairus Bar- 

John, of Norwich, Connecticut. 279 

ker, then of Otis. Distribution was made, in 1812, to the widow 
Eunice and to children. 

112. "William, settled in Ridirway. Orleans county, X. Y. 

113. Abigail, ni. Hiram Cruttemlou. lie d. before 1841, and in 1842 had a son 
in St. Louis ; trader in a paper warehouse. 

\U. Polly, in 181 1, above 14. 

115. Sally, June IC.iTOO; in 1811, above 14; m. 1st, Frary, and 2>iJ as 2"'l wife 
Ely Strong. 

IK). Betsey, b April 13, 1798, and all l)elow in 1811, under 14; m. Ely Strong. + 

117. Katharine. 

118. Benjamin. Bela Bancroft, of Granville, is guardian, June 3.j, 182C, to 
him, over 14, son and heir of Benjamin, late of Otis. 

119. Lucy. 

120. Orphana. 

Eev. Lewis White sajs," in his History of Sandisfield : "Having 
been useful in life, he was greatly lamented. During his ministry, 
there were several revivals, and two hundred and eleven added to 
the Church." He was ordained June 9, 1790, over the Second 
Baptist Church in Sandisfield, and d. July 24, 1811, aged 52. The 
wife before m. was Eunice Herrick. 

50. JACOB ^ Benjamin^ John.^' of Ballston, ]S". Y. Samuel, b. 
1794, told me that his father, Seth Cogswell, had a cousin Jacob 
at Ballston. By independent inquiries afterward made, I tind the 
Jacob here given, who is assigned to Benjamin with a quere, to 
preserve in proper connection the intormation given me. He m. 
Hannah Hull, dau. of Eliphlet and Huldah (Patchen) Hull, who 
settled, in 1771, in Ballston. Hull was from Connecticut. In 
the spring of 1792^ the Hulls emigrated again to Benton, Yates 
county, N. Y. Jacob and his wife settled in the north part of the 
Hull homstead, where both d. aged. 

121. Marj', m. "Wakeman Burr, of Ballston, X. Y., who bought the farm in 
Benton, Yates county, N. Y., formerlj^ of Salmon Hull. After the death of Mr. 
Burr, she moved to Italy, in the same county, with one of her sons, and died there. 
Her eh. : (220) Mary A., m. Lyman Griswold, of Italy; (221) George, unm. in 1872, 
a soldier in the late war; (222) Nelson, m. and in Italy in 1872; (223) Huldah, m. 
Simon Stevens and moved West; (224) Hannah; (225) .John. 

122. Daniel, 1787. + 

123. Alfred, about 1796. + 

124. Delorville, m. Lydia, dau. Nathaniel "Wheeler, and emigrated to Lake 
coimty. 111. 

125. Eliza, m. Sherwood S. Ball, of Penn Yan, where she d. ; no. ch. 

126. Emellne, m. Peter C. Anderson, and in 1872 they reside on the Hull Farm 
in Benton, Yates county, N. Y. Children: (231) Mary T.: (232) Isadore A.; (333) 
Charles A. 

127. Huldah, d. unm. 

280 Baldirin Genealogy. 

51. ASA^ Benjamin^ John,=^ b. 1772, in Loudon, Mass. He 
settled in Salisbury, Conn., and bad cb.: 

128. Dauiel, 1). 1802, in Salisbury, Coun.+ 

129. Silas, d. 1817. 

130. William, a. 1821. 
Vdl. Homau, d. about 1866. 
182. Laura, d. about 1833. 

133. Persa, m. Zilpali Hanchett, und living (1875), it is said, in Cortland Village, 
N. Y. , but I get no letter from her. 

52. SAMUEL ^ Benjamin ^ Jobn,^ b. about 1760. Moved about 
1810 to Granville, Licking county, Obio, and bad at least a son: 

134. Benjamin. 

January 6, 1806, he was Deacon at Sandisfield. 

In February, 1880, after writing the account of Samuel and his 
father, and having, after much labor, and two or three changes of 
opinion, placed Benjamin in this line, I am furnished by C. W. 
Bryant, Esq., of Granville, with extracts from a History of Gran- 
ville, by Rev. Jacob Little, D.D., published not far from 1850, in 
the ^^ Observer,'' of Hudson, Obio. 

In Granville, Feb. 17, 1823, Deacon Samuel Baldwin died, aged 
63 yrs. He was descended from a pious family in Lebanon, Conn. 
He removed to Otis, Mass., when he was five years old ; when 
thirteen, his father died, and he took care of the family till he was 
twenty-four. When converted, " he thought he could not live in 
a world so wicked, and meditated the life of a hermit." " He 
sometimes had such strong views of heavenly things as to take 
aAvay his strength." The Church at Otis had no pastor, elected 
him Deacon, and enjoyed a revival. He seems to have filled, in a 
great degree, the pastoral office. He removed to Granville, Lick- 
ing county, Obio, in 1810. In 1813, he was elected deacon. Very 
few people seemed to live so near to God, and his modest, unas- 
suming manners gave great eiiect to his prayers and exhortations. 
Sometimes, when praying for his children or the church, he would 
be so overcome as to stop. As be advanced in life, he grew in 
grace, yet he saw but one of a large family of cl\ildren the subject 
of grace. He often said, I leave them in the hands of God, who 
will do them no injury. Within ten years after his death, all pro- 
fessed their faith in Christ. He was sick for a long time with 
consumption. He requested his wife to tell him when he was 

John, of yoririch, Connecticut. 281 

dying, saying he feared it no more than going to sleep. When 
the time came, he was lying with the palm of his hand under one 
cheek. Some said, " How sweetly he sleeps ! " In a moment he 
was gone. All the family left Granville many years ago, and I 
have failed to trace them. 

54. LEVI^ Daniel "• John,^ came from Connecticut to JiTorwich, 
A"t. He m. Anna Waterman. 

135. IchabodiDec. 8, 1771; d. Aug. 17, 1775. 

136. Rebecca, Aug. 10, 1773; m. Dauiel Waterman, and lived in Orange, Vt. 

137. Daniel, April 17, 1776; d. unm. 

Dec. 10, 1777, he lived in Orange, Vt., and m. Knox. 

138. Mary, Dec. 28, 1781; m. Feb. 28, 1802, Ezekiel Goodrich, and lived in 

139. Samuel. .Tune 26, 1783. + 

140. Simon, June 26, 1783; m. Maria 3IcClelland; settled in Thetford, Vt., and 
tlien went West. 

* 141. Anna, April 22, 1785; m. Thomas Currier in Orange, and settled in Iowa. 

142. Bradford, Fclj, 24, 1787; d. June 30, 1790. 

143. .John, Dec. 11, 1788; m., Dec. 7, 1812, Minerva Grove, of Norwich, and 
died there. 

144. 3Iyra, Oct, 24, 1790; m. Stephen Clark, of Thetford, Vt. ; had daughters. 
He lived perhaps, at 3Iontpclier, Vt. 

145. Lyman, March 28, 1793; m. Olive Sea very, dau. Calvin and Mary (Howe) 
Seavery. Living a few j^ears ago, and has ch. 

His descendants, by tradition, give him also : 

146. .James, who, the Norwich Record says, m., Jan. 29, 1806, Laura (?) 

147. Nancy, who, by the Norwich Church Record, m., May 15, 1807, Andrew 

55. DANIEL ^^' Daniel^ John s John -^ John.i Settled with his 
father in ISTorwich, Vt. At Norwich, Oct. 12, 1775, he m. Hannah 
Havens, of Roy alto n, Vt. 

148. Bet,sey. 

149. Sylvauus, settled in Columbus, Ohio, and died there, leaving a family, it 
is said. Another says he settled in Truro ; probably Truro, 111. 

150. Hannah, m. (Norwich Rec.) .Jan. 1800, BeJijamin Kelly. 

151. Abel, settled in Clarkson, N. Y.+ 

152. Martha. 

153. Louisa. 

154. Daniel, b. Jail. 21, 1791. + 


282 Baldwin Genealogy. 

56. ELIJAH 5 DanieP John ^ John'^ John.^ Settled in Nor- 
wich, Vt., where he m. Jan. 31, 1783, Lydia ]!^ewton. 

155. Ezra, b. July 1, 1785. 

156. Lois, b. June 21, 1788; m. George Nye Johnson, s. of Capt. William 
Johnson, and lived in Salem, Vt. 

157. Dimmis, b. Dec. 18. 1791; m. David F. Slafter.+ 

158. John, b. April 31 1797. 

57. SETH COGSWELL 5 DanieH John,^ b., it is supposed, 
about 17(32. M. !«*• Nov. 22, 1789, Ruth White, who d. April 9, 
1805. He m. 2"'i' AbigTiil Kellogg, who d. April 24, 1818. Euth 
White was of Ballston, Saratoga county, N. Y., w^iere Seth C. 
settled. The history of Saratoga county says he was one of the 
early residents of Ballston, his pioneer home being the well known 
Col. Young farm ; that he was an active, useful citizen, filling im- 
portant public positions for many years. He was member of the 
Assembly, Sheriff and County Clerk in succession, holding the last 
position nine years. He settled in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1817. 

159. Thomas Pahner, b. Dec. 26, 1790. + 

160. Seth Cogswell, b. Nov. 24, 1792. + 

161. SamuelV., b. Sept. 22, 1794 + 

162. Charles Nicholas, b. Dec. 5, 1796. Lives, 1860, in Iowa. 

163. Edward, b. Jan. 12, 1799. + 

16-4. Ann Eliza, b. Sept. 21. 1800; m. James Strong. + 

165. Ann Olvira, b. Nov. 20, 1802; m. .John Doan, of East Cleveland, Ohio. 
She d. Feb. 25, 1821 ; no cli. He lives, 1874, in East Cleveland. 

166. Ruth Mary, b. March 3, 1805; m. Henry Cam]), who died, and she m. 
2"d; Robert Marsh, of Mexico, Mo., where she lives in 1874. Her ch. Avere all by 
her Isfc husband; a dau. m. Horatio Slade. In 1874, was of Euclid, Cuyahoga county, 
Ohio; and three sons reside in Dubuque, and one in New York City. 

167. Dudley, b. Aug. 23, 1809. + 

168. Abigail Caroline, b. Sept. 17. 1811; m. Rev. Mr. Wood. 

59. THOMAS'^ Thomas* Thomas ^ Thomas 2 John,i Rev. and 
D.D., b. in Bozrah, Conn., Dec. 23, 1753. His father died when 
he was young. His mother m. 2'"^' a " very worthy and pious man 
by the name of Eames, and removed to Canaan, IS". H. His mother, 
says the author of his memoir, was remarkable for talent, and a 
woman of eminent pietj'. He early read sermons in Canaan, and 
before he was thirty was elected to the General Court from that 
town. At the age of twenty-two, on the 22nd of September, 1775, 
he was m. to Miss Ruth Huntington, of Norwich, Conn., who died 
Feb. 11, 1812 ; they had six children. He m. 2'"i' Miss Margaret 
Duncan, of Haverhill, Mass., who survived him. He became an 

John, of Norioich, Connecticut. 2-83 

eminent Baptist clergyman. He was settled in Boston, Nov. 11, 
1790. He was in his ministry faithful, affectionate and devoted, 
and very successful. In 1803, he commenced the publication of 
the '•''American Baptist Magazine,'' of which he was sole, and then 
senior editor until his death. A controversial work, in answer 
to Rev. Samuel Worcester, is considered his ablest effort. In 
1803, he received the degree of D.D. at Union College. He was 
long Trustee of Brown University, and of Waterville College, 
Maine. He died while on a visit to Waterville, Aug. 28, 1824. 
He died almost instantly. " Spared the pain of death, and agonies 
of separation, he was not, for God took him." He was rather 
above the usual size, firmly built, and as he grew old inclined to 
corpulency. His countenance was dignified, mild and engaging ; 
his hair in later years white, so that his appearance was very 
venerable. A memoir, by Rev. Daniel Chessman, was published 
in Boston in 1826, eighty-four pages ; appended is a list of publi- 
cations, thirty-one sermons, and six other works. Miss Caulkins 
says the native vigor of his intellect was equal to all demands 
made upon it, and he exerted a powerful inHueuce in favor of his 

169. Sou, d. y. 
• 170. Sou, d. y. 

171. Daughter, d. aged 16. 

172. Sou,\i aged 21. 

173. Ruth, m. Holt, probably Bcujamiu, as his son iu 1835 is Junior, and had 
the ch. (278) Benjamin, (279) Mary, (280) Jerusha, and (281) Emeliue, who, in 1825, 
with their mother, were legatees of Rev. Thojnas. 

174. Daughter, m. Kelly; and her .son (282) Thomas Baldwin was, iu 1825, a 
legatee of her father. 

79. .JABEZ5.Jabez*Thomas,3 b.iuKorwich, Conn., April4,1788, 
(1778?). At an early age, he removed to Westfield, Mass.; thence 
to Hanover, l!^. H., to engage in the jewelry business with his 
brother Jedidah ; thence to Boston, where he was of the eminent 
firm of Baldwin & Jones, now Shreve, Crump & Low. The firm 
continued until the death of Mr. Baldwin. He was very fond of 
military life, and on duty on Washington Square when he took 
the fatal cold. He d. ]N"ovember, 1819. He m., September, 1804, 
Ann Briggs, only dau. of Thomas. His family, after his death, 
resided in Salem. 

175. Mary Ann, d. aged 14. 

176. Harriet, d. num. 

284 Baldwin Genealogy. 

177. Marianne, m., in 1831, George Wood, of Washington, D. C. She d, Dec. 
20, 1831, aged 22. Wood is the well-known author of "Peter Schlemihl." 

178. Augusta Maria, d. uum. 

179. Caroline. Living in Salem, Mass., unm. in 1876. 

180. Thomas, d. y. from fall from a carriage. 

86. THOMAS 5 Eliphlet^Thomas,3b. in Bozrah, Conn., June 
* 27, 17 — . He m. Sarah Backus, of Bozrah, dan. Oliver. He was 
living in 1858. She d. Aug. 15, 1854. 

182. Charles Backus, Oct. 3, 1811. + 

183. Jahoz Backus, b. Dec. 7, 1815. Living, 1858, unm. 

184. Marion Arabella, b. April 3, 1824. Living in 1858, and called, in Peck 
Genealogy, ]\Iartha A. 

• 185. Sarah Maria, b. Jan. 28, 1828; m. Sept. 17, 1856, Gerrard Gibbons Pitcher, 

b. June 18, 1821, and sou Daniel, of Lebanon, Conn. 

90. ELEAZUR= Rufus^ John 3 Thomas -^John,! moved about 
1800 from Bradford, Pa., to Lawrenceville, Tioga county, Pa.; m. 
Betsey Stevens, from Tolland, Conn. He d. 1831. 

186. Eunice, dead; m. Dyer Inscho; left two daus. and one son who are dead. 

187. Buel.+ 

188. Moses Stevens. + 

189. Thomas L.+ 

92. SARAH 5 Oliver * Ebenezer ^ Thomas "^ John,i b. in Nor- 
wich, Conn., April 26, 1768; m. Sept. 17, 1798, Benjamin Harris^ 
M.D., b. July 28, 1754, and son of Benjamin, of Norwich. They 
settled at Canaan, N. H.,and Preston, Conn. He d. Jan. 19,1822; 
she, April 30, 1 836. 

191. Elizabeth Johnson, b. Maj' 24, 1799. Living unm. in 1860, in Royalton, 
X. Y. 

192. Lydia Lathrop, b. Sept. 30, 1800; m. Jan. 19, 1829, Dudley Dennisou 
Williams, b. Feb. 19, 1800, s. of Peleg, of Stonington, Conn.' In 1860, living in 
Royalton, N. Y. 

193. Thomas Jefferson, b. July 19, 1802; M. D. ; d. Sept. 10, 1826, at Mobile, 
Ala. ; unm. 

95. EBEXEZER5 Oliver * Ebenezer ^ Thomas"^ Johu,^ b. in Boz- 
rah, Conn., Nov. 26, 1775. Sept. 6, 1781, the British under Arnold 
attacked and destroyed New London, and assaulted FortGriswold 
on the opposite side of the river. The men of the neighborhood 
rallied, but before their arrival the garrison had surrendered, only 
to be massacred by their captors. Ebenezer vividly recollected 

John, of Norwich, Connecticut. 285 

tlie event, Tlis father had arrived too late to take part in the 
combat, but the father of his future wife was among the slain ; 
and her mother, who had stationed herself on a rock in sight of 
the fort, witnessed the entire tragedy. Her tombstone in Yonkers, 
X. Y., is said to bear the inscription : " She was made a widow, at 
the surrender of Fort Griswold, b}' the traitor ArnoUl." He was 
a carpenter and builder. lu 1804:, he first visited Yonkers, to 
erect a spire upon a church, and remained there. There was no 
school. He was active in securing one, and his brother, Erastus, 
was the first teacher. At the breaking out of the second war with 
Great Britain, he was appointed Lieutenant of a company of rifle- 
men with the 12th Regiment. In March, 1814, he became Cap- 
tain, and in 1816, after the war was over, was promoted to be 
Major. He remained inactive business until he was over seventy. 
His last enterprise was the erection in Broadway of a block of 
brick buildings, known as " Baldwin's Block," and after the sale 
of this property he lived in retirement. 

An interesting sketch of Mr. Baldwin, two columns long, ap- 
peared in the Yonkers Statesman for Dec. 31, 1863. He m. 1**- 
Susannah, dau. of Ezekiel Bailey, killed at Fort Griswold. She 
d. 1836, at age of nearly sixty. He m. 2"'^' dau. of John Williams, 
who d. in 1862, at age of eighty-one. She lost at the fight at Fort 
Griswold her father, grandfather and three uncles. Ebenezer d. 
Dec. 24, 1863. 

194. Anson; b. :March 12. 1800, at "Bean Hill." near Norwich. Conn.+ 

195. Snsan, b. in Yonkers, X. Y. ; m. William C". Waring. -h 

196. Jane. b. in Yonkers; m. Alexander Smith. -h 

197. Ebenezer, b. in Yonkers. + 

96. OLIVERS Oliver^ Ebenezer,^ b. in Bozrah, Conn., and 
lived there. The Hyde genealogy gives him 

198. Harriet, m. Edward L. Rogers. 

98. ERASTUS 5 Oliver ^ Ebenezer,=^ b. Jan. 1, 1784 ; m. Catha- 
rine Morgan. Lived in New York City. He died there, Jan. 6, 
1841, and his wife died three days after. * 

199. Catharine. Living, March, 1877, in Yonkers, N. Y. 

105. ROGER SHERMAN^ Simeon ^ Ebenezer =^ Thomas ^ John, i 
b. in Xew Haven, Conn., January, 1793. He graduated at Yale, 

286 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1811 ; studied law at the celebrated Litchfield School, and com- 
menced practice in New Haven, where he continued to reside 
until his death, in 1863. In 1837 and 1838, he was chosen to the 
State Senate. In 1840'-41, he was Representative. In 1841, he 
was associated with John Quincy Adams, in the argument in the 
United States Supreme Court in the case of the Africans of the 
Amisted. In 1844 and 1845, he was Governor of Connecticut, 
and in 1847 was elected United States Senator, serving until 1851. 
He continued after that in his professional duties at JSfew Haven, 
recognized by the State as a lawyer of eminent ability. He m., 
October, 1820, Emily Perkins, dau. of Enoch Perkins, of Hartford, 
Conn.; she died 1874. 

200. Edward Law, d. July 5, 1848. 

201. Elizabeth Wooster, 1>. 1824; m., 1856, Prof. William D. Whituey.-t- 

202. Roger Sheriiiau, 1). 1826; graduated at Yale 1847; was a lawyer, and died 
in 1856, unm. 

203. Ebenezer Simeon, b. 1828; d. April 28, 1836. 

204. Henrietta Perkins, b. April 2, 1830; m., 1850, Dwiglit Foster. + 

205. George William, b. 1832; graduated at Yale, 1853. He is, in 1879, a law- 
yer in lucrative practice with his brother-in-law, Judge Foster, of Boston, and a 
bachelor. The readers of this book are under great obligations to him for his 
learning, skill, time and money used in the study of the English Baldwins, and are 
principally indebted to him for the account of them iTerein. — ^ 

206. Emily Frances, b. 1834; d. April 27, 1836. 

207. Ebenezer Charles, b. 1837; d. Dec, 1837. 
308. Simeon Enoch, b. 1840. + 

107. SIMEON-^ Simeon* Ebenezer,^ b. 1801, in New Haven, 
Conn. He settled in New York as a shipping merchant. He m. 
Oct. 7, 1830, Ann Mehitable DeForest, dau. of Lockwood DeFor- 
est. He d. 1873. 

209. Henry, b. 1832. + 

210. Simeon, h. 1836. -+- 

116. BETSEY 6 Benjamin 5 Benjamin * John ^ John ^ John,i b. 
April 13, 1798, in Otis, Mass.; m. Feb. 11, 1818, Ely Strong, b. 
March 15, 1795, s. Eleazer and Mary (Pratt, dau. Bernard, of San- 
disfield, Mass.) Strong ; Joel and Eunice (Bascom, dau. Daniel, of 
Lebanon and Mary Bliss Bascom, dau. of Rev. John Bliss, of He- 
bron); Eleazer and Abiah (Ingersoll) Strong; Jedidiah and Abiah 
(lugersoll, dau. John and Abigail Bascom Ingersoll, of Northamp- 
ton,) Strong; Jedidiah and Freedom (Woodward) Strong; Elder 
John and Abigail (Ford) Strong, of Northampton. 

John, of Norwich, Connecticut. 287 

•211. 3Iary Iivui", :\Iay 23. 1820; m. ^[arch 10. 1839, Porter Fuller, of Lowell, 
Mai^s. He d. 1854. Had uo th. 

312. Eleazer Horriek, June 26, 1821 ; m. April 5, 1843, Elizabeth E. Cowles- 
(dau. Asa F.. of East Hartford, Conn.) He beeame, in 1850, a paper manufaeturer 
in Cuyahoii-a Falls, Summit county, Ohio. Has ch. : l^t, ]\ray Catherine, June 20, 
1845; m. Feb. 14. 18(5(). Clinldu llogue, s. Moses, of Cuyahoga Falls, resides in 
Waterville, Marshall county, Kansas, and two ch. : Jenny INIary Hogue, Jan. 16, 
1867. and Frank Henry Hogue. Aug. 16, 1868. 2>"1, Benjamin Franklin, ^Fay 13, 
1847; in Missouri since 1868. S"!, Oscar Henry, May 20, 1851. 4th, Ednunid lieau- 
mont, March 3d, 1854; d. Sept. 27, 1858. 

213. Caroline, Feb. 12, 1823; m. 0.sgood Sawtelle, of Petersham, Mass. He 
d. about 1854. 

214. Daniel, 3Iay 21, 1824; m. Elizabeth Gabriel, of Suffield, Conn. She d. 
October, 1853, and he m. 2n(i, 1856, Elizabeth Ashcroft. Ch. by first wife: 1st, 
Clara Stockbridge, Oct. 9, 1849; 2'«l Eliza Jane, April 24, 1853. 

215. Lucy Ann, May 12, 1826; m. David Chapin, of Leyden, Mass. 

216. Asenath, Aug. 8, 1827; m. Mr. Wodice, of South Brookfield, Mass. 

217. S., Feb. 14, 1829; m. Mr Skinner, of Barre, Mass. 

218. Joel W., April 17, 1830. ILannibal, Mo. 

219. Benjamin Owen, Feb. 25, 1832, Plymouth, Mass; m. Dec. 9, 1855, Betsej^ 
Jane Chute, and had one child: C'harles Alexander Strong, June 23, 1858. 

Mrs. Betse}' d, Sept. 23, 1833, and her husband m. 2"''- Dee. 26, 
1833, widow Sally Frary, b. June 16, 1796, sister of Betsey. She 
had no ch., and d. Feb. 1, 1849, and he m. 3«^' Sept. 8, 1849, Caro- 
line 0. Sheldon. At the writing of the Strong genealogy, he was 
a farmer in Granville, Mass. 

122. DAIN'IEL^ Jacob^ Benjamin,Mn. Anna Peck, of Benton, 
and settled, 1813, at Italy Hill, Yates county, N. Y., where both 
died; he, in 1849, aged 57; she, in 1852, aged 58. 

226. Alfred. 

227. George, m. Mary Gorham, and lives, in 1872, in Gorham, N. Y. 

228. Amanda, m. O. Guernsey, of Jerusalem, and moved to California. 

229. Julia, m. Thomas Sanders, of Jerusalem, N. Y. (1872.) 

123. ALFRED^ Jacob ^ Benjamin.* He was a physician, and 
long a prominent citizen of Benton, Yates county, 'N. Y. He was 
a man of strict integrity, though noted for his disbelief in revealed 
religion. He m. Mary Jacobs, who left 

230. Mason L. + 

Alfred afterward m. jSTancy Whitehead, of Saratoga, X. Y., and 
d., 1865, in his 70th year. She survives. 

288 Baldwin Genealogy. 

128. DANIEL c Asa 5 Benjamm,M). 1802, in Salisbury, Coun.; 
m. Cornelia Devoe, and living, 1875, in Auburn, IST. Y. 

234. Leonard, b. 1838, in Washington, Penu. 

235. Edwin. I). 1847, in Jersey City, N. J. In 1875, a lawyer in Auburn, X.Y. 

139. SAMUEL e Levi^ Daniel* John^ John ^ John,i b. in Nor- 
wich, A^t., June 2t3, 1783; m. Currence Currier, of that place. 
Settled in Barre, Yt., and d. in 1868, aged 85. 

236. Bradford. 

337. Sauford, b. in Norwich, Nov. 22, 1810. + 

238. Daniel. + 

239. Simond. 

240. Samuel. 

241. Jerusha. 

242. Jane. 

243. Mary. 

244. Daughter, ni. John Cams, of Lima, Ohio. 

151. ABEL ^' Daniel ^ Daniel,^ b. in Norwich, Yt., and settled in 
Clarkson, N. Y. 

245. Laura Ann, m. Henr^- Rogers Selden, the well-known Judge of the New 
York Court of Appeal.'^. + 

154. DANIEL 6 DanieP Daniel,M3. in Norwich, Yt., July 21, 
1791 ; m., Jan. 3, 1820, at Hanover, N. H., Emily Wheelock, niece 
of President Ebenezer Wheelock, of Dartmouth College. He has 
resided for many years in Montpelier, \t., and was President for 
many j^ears of the Yermont Mutual Life Insurance Company. 

246. Edward Wheelock, dead; no ch. 

247. Emily Eliza, July 22, 1822; m. Charles Reed.+ 

248. Maria Malleville, May 24. 1824; m. M. D. Gi]man.+ 

249. Lucia Louisa, dead in 1873. 

250. Sarah Sabrina, dead in 1873. 

157. DIMMIS« Elijah ^^Daniel,M). Dec. 18, 1791, in Norwich, 

Yt.; m. Feb. 10, , David Frost Slafter * (Anthony ^ Moses '^ 

John 1), b. March 1, 1784, and d. May 31, 186(3 ; she d. Aug. 15, 

1819. He was cousin of the father of Rev. E. F. Slafter, of Boston, 
Secretary of the N. E. Genealogical Society, and to whom I am 
indebted for information of Norwich, Yt. He m. 2'"'' Jan. 18, 

1820, Emeline, dau. Kev. Timothv Richardson. 

7 7 ^j 

251. Dimmis Eveline, Dec. 12. 1812, d. April 28, 1830. 

252. Edmond Baldwin, 1815, d. Aug. 27, 1821. 

253. Chastina, Aug. 15, 1817, d. Aug. 28, 1821. 

John, of Norwich, Connecticut. 289 

159. THOMAS TALMER « Setli Cogswell '•> Daniel/ b. Dec. 26, 
1790. Settled in l^almyni, N. Y. He' m. 1818, Eleanor Cuyler, 
widow, whose lirst hnsband was killed at Sackett's Harbor in the 
war of 1812. She was of Palmyra. 

2o4. Ruth Mary; ni. and living (1874) in IJrooklyu, N. Y., with two ch., it is 

1(30. SETH C.« Seth Cogswell ^ Daniel,^ b. Nov. 24, 1792. Set- 
tled in Caldwell, IST. Y., and in 18(30 is said to be dead. He m. l^*- 
1811, Asenath S. Beach, dan. Zerah, of Ballston, IST. Y.; no ch. 
He m. 2'"'' Laura Hooker. He settled in Warrensburgh, Warren 
county, N. Y., and d. at Glens Falls, N. Y. 

255. Elizabeth. 

256. Maiy. 

These daus. m. two brothers Anderson, one of whom was John, and lived in 
Brooklju, N. Y., as a teacher. 

161. SAMUEL WHITE 6 Seth C.^ Daniel,* b. Sept. 22,1794. 
He m., Oct. 15, 1816, Lydia Miller, dau. Elisha, of Ballston, X. Y., 
who was born Oct. 16, 1794. He settled in East Cleveland, Cuya- 
hoga county, Ohio, where he died, 1876 or 1877. 

257. Ruth Harriet, b. Oct. 6, 1817, in Masonville, Delaware count}', N. Y.. 
and d. April 14, 1836. 

258. Julia Eliza, Sept. 9, 1826, in Masonville; m. Abner Tripp. -t- 

259. Dudley Miller, Sept. 31, 1835, (25?) at Masonville. In 1876, unm. and 

163. EDWARD 6 Seth C.-^ Daniel,* b. Jan. 12, 1799 ; d. Dec. 20, 
1843. He m., Jan. 14, 1820, Mercy P. Doaii, dau. of Kathaniel, 
and cousin of John, who m. Ann, his sister. He settled early in 
Cleveland, Cuyahoga county, Ohio, and was Sheriff there, and for 
several years County Treasurer. 

260. Ann Eliza, d. Aug. 15, 1826. 

261. Dewittt Clinton, m., Nov. 23, 1845, Laura May Wheeler. 

262. Seth Coffswell. 4- 


164. ANX ELIZAS Seth C. ^ Daniel,* b. in Ballston, K Y., 
Sept. 21, 1800 ; m., in Cleveland, Ohio, Sept. 19, 1819, James ^ 
Strong, b. 1784, s. Judge John H. ° and Elizabeth (Cary) Strong, 
of Euclid, in the same county, s. of Josiah*and Mary (Harris) 
Strong, Jonah ^ and Hannah (Fuller) Strong, Jonah- and Joanna 
(Gillett) Strong, John ^ and Elizabeth (Warring) Strong. Shed. 

290 Baldwin Genealogy. 

Marcli 11, 1827, and he m. 2"*^' Laura Miles, by whom he had three 
dans. He was Sherift' of Cuyahoga county. By his first wife, he 
had three children, who d. v., and 

263. Ann Olivia (says the Strong Genealogy; relatives say Lydia). Living 
iinni., 1874, in Olmsted Falls, Cuyahoga connty, Ohio. 

264. .James Harris. Living, 1874. in Berea, Cuyahoga county, Ohio. 

167. DUDLEY « Seth C.^ Daniel,* b. Aug. 23, 1809, in Ballston, 
i^. Y. When a mere lad, he came to Cleveland, and in course of 
time became clerk for Mr. Peter M. Weddell, a leading merchant, 
with whom he became a partner. Mr. Weddell died in 1847. 
Some time afterward, Mr. Baldwin commenced the manufacture 
of agricultural implements. About 1857, he retired from that 
business, owing to ill health. He still resides in Cleveland, a 
genial, kind, intelligent and enterprising gentleman, of well- 
deserved wealth. He has been somewhat prominent in business 
as Bank Director, and Director of the Cleveland and Mahoning 
Railroad. He is well characterized, in a book upon Cleveland, 
"as a man of quiet, unassuming manners and sterling worth." 
He m. Mary Hine, dau. of Homer Hine, of Youngstown, Ohio, an^ 
has children : 

270. Mary. 

271. Homer Hine, who was in nearly all the great battles of the late war, from 
Gaines' Mill to Grant's closing campaign. He d. June 11, 1870, a First Lieutenant 
in the oth Regiment United States Artillery. 

272. Anne Weddell, m. First Lieut. Thilo Auguste Schultze, of the United 
States Army, who was a distinguished young officer in the war, and died Oct. 5 
1874. They have a child, living with her in Cleveland. 

273. Peter Weddell. 

274. Henrietta, m. Gouveneur Morris, .Jr., of New York. 

275. Henry Wick. 

276. Dudley, .Jr. 

277. Sherman Finch, d. .June 15, 1875. 

182. CHARLES BACKUS « Thomas ^ Eliphlet * Thomas ^ 
Thomas"^ John,MD. Oct. 3, 1811. Settled in Bozrah, Conn.; m., 
Feb. 19, 1840, Frances D. Hough, dau. Guy and Hannah (Bailey) 
Hough, of Bozrah. He was living in 1858. 

283. Henry Thomas, b. .July 16, 1842. 

187. BUEL 6 Eleazur "> Rufus ^ John '^ Thomas "^ John.i Resides, 
1876, in Tioga, Tioga county, Penn. He m. Miss Charity C. 

John., of Norwich, Connecticut. 291 

284. Jenetto Betsey (now deceased); m. Hou. John J. Mitchell, now, 1877, 
Member of Congress. 

285. Sarah Cordelia. 

286. Frank Davenport, m. T. A. Lane, of Buffalo, N. Y. 

287. Eleazer (deceased); m. Jane Hull. 

288. Emily Blanche; m. Coburn. 

289. Buel Stevens. 

188. MOSES STEVENS 6 Eleazer^ Riifiis * Johii^ Thomas'^ 
Jobn,^ m. Miss Millisent II. Wylie. His laraily live, 1876, on the 
old homestead in Laurenceville, Tioga county, Penn. He is dead. 

290. Mary Elizabeth, M.D., a physician in Xew York City. 

291. Moses Stevens; m. Miss Seely. 

292. Kate Wylie. 

293. Dan. Wylie. 

294. Lucy Davenport. 

295. Lemuel Grant. 

189. THOMAS L.^ Eleazer ^ Rufus ' John ^ Thomas '^ John,i m. 
Miss Jerusha Baldwin De Pui, dau. Elijah, Esq. A direct 
descendant of the Hngenot De Pni, said to have settled at the 
Delaware Water Gap before Penn settled Philadelphia. Her 
mother was Eunice^ Thomas^ Isaac* John ^ Benjamin - Henry 

296. Thomas De Pui. 

297. Annie De Pni. 

298. Coleman Wickham, dead, 

299. Vine De Pui. 

300. Coleman W., dead. 

301. .TabinBush. 

302. Edward Maynard. 

303. Mp'a Maynard, deceased. 

304. Henry Louis. 

In 1877, he is a general merchant in Tioga, Pa. 

194. ANSON 6 Ebenezer 5 Oliver* Ebenezer^ Thomas ^ John,i 
b. March 12, 1800, at " Bean Hill," near Norwich, Conn. His 
father settled in Yonkers, N. Y. He m., in 1826, Armenia Pal- 
mer, dan. Alderman James and Elizabeth (Banks) Palmer, of N. 
Y., who d. 19 March, 1873, aged seventy-three. 

305. Janet, m. John T. Waring, of Yonkers. + 

306. Cornelia Anna, in 1876, unm. 

307. Julia, m. Ethan Flagg, of Yonkers. + 

308. Susan Elizabeth, m. Prof. Henry Martyn Baird. -h 

309. Hall Faile. + 

310. Eben, in 1876, unm., and of the firm of Hall & Baldwin, Commissioa 
Merchants, New York City. 

292 Baldwin Genealogy. 

195. SUSAN « Ebenezers Oliver* Ebeiiezer^ Thomas ^ John/ 
b. iu Yonkers, N.Y.; ra. William C. Waring; d. Dec. 28, 1855. 
Her family, in 1877, live in Yonkers. 

311. Armenia Baldwin, deceased. 

312. Chester Crosbj', deceased. 

313. Armenia Baldwin, d. 1856. 

314. Edna, m., 1873, Henry Grimwood ; in 1877, of New York City. 

315. William C, m., 1873, Ella Cooper. 

196. JANE*^ Ebenezers Oliver* Ebenezer^ Thomas^ John,i b. 
in Yonkers, K.Y.; m., Nov. 16, 1842, Alexander Smith, of the 
firm of Alexander Smith & Sons, carpet manufacturers. She died 
July 10, 1875. 

316. Eva, m., Feb. 4, 1869, William F. Cochran, and has ch. : Anna, Eleanor, 
Alexander, William F. 

317. Warren Baldwin. 

In 1877, all this family lived in Yonkers. Mr. Smith m. 2"^^' 
Oct. 12, 1876, Mary Lewen Bell. 

197. EBENEZER^ Ebenezer ^^ Oliver* Ebenezer ^ Thomas ^ 
John,^ b. iu Yonkers, N. Y.; m. Sarah Erwiu Cooper, and d. De- 
cember, 1871. 

318. William Bell. 
., 319. .Jane. 

201. ELIZABETH WOOSTER ^ Roger S.^' Simeon * Eben- 
ezer^ Thomas- John,^ b. in New Haven, Conn.; m. Prof. William 
Dwight Whitney, Ph.D., LL.D.; since 1854, Professor of Sanscrit 
in Yale College; the well-known author of "Language and the 
Study of Language," " Oriental and Linguistic Studies," as well 
as other learned works. He was b. Feb. 29, 1829 ; s. of Josiah D. 
and Sarah (Williston) Whitney. Graduated at Williams, 1845 ; m. 
Aug. 28, 1856. 

320. Edward Baldwin, Aug. 16, 1857. 

321. Williston Clapp, April 2, 1859; d. March 11, 1861. 

322. Marion Parker, Feb. 6, 1861, (by misprint in the Prescott Memorial, 

323. Roger Sherman Baldwin, Jan. 6, 1863; drowned while skating on Mill 
ri^er. New Haven, .Jan. 17, 1874. 

324. Emily Henrietta, Ang. 29, 1864. 
^25, Margaret Dwight, Nov. 19, 1866. 

(I am obliged to Dwight Genealogy for dates.) 

John, of Norwich, Connecticut, 293 

204. HENRIETTA TERKINS" Roger S.-^ Simeon * Ebonezer ^ 
Thomas- Joliu,^ b. April 2, 1830, in New Haven, Conn. She m., 
Aug. 20, 1850, Dwight Foster, of Boston, Mass., b. Dec. 13, 1828, 
son of Hon. Alfred Dwight Foster, of Worcester, Mass. He 
graduated at Yale in 1848. He was, in 1863 to 1866, Attorney 
General of Massachusetts, and for several years one of the Judges 
of the Supreme Court of the State. 

326. Alfred Dwight, April 37, 1852. Lawyer in Boston. 

327. Emily Baldwin, Feb. 17, 1854. 

328. Boge'r Sherman Baldwin, April 21, 1857. 

329. Mary Rebecca, May 6, 1859. 

330. Bnruside, May 7, 1861. 

331. Reginald. Jan. 2, 1863. 

332. Henrietta Baldwin, Aug. 8, 1865; d. Jan. 23, 1867. 

333. Elizabeth Skinner, Jan. 10, 1868. 

208. SIMEON ENOCH" Roger S.s Simeon^ Ebenezer^ Thomas ^ 
John,^ b. in New Haven, Conn., 1840 ; graduated at Yale College 
in 1861. He m., in 1865, Susan, dau. of Edmund and Harriet 
Winchester, of Boston. He is a leading lawyer in New Haven, 
Conn.; was one of the Commissioners who revised the Statutes of 
that State, author of the Connecticut Digest, and has been for 
years Professor in the Y^ale Law School — a very busy and efficient 

334. Florence Winchester, b. Jan. 3, 1868; d. Sept. 16, 1872. 

335. Roger Sherman, b. Jan. 17, 1869. 

336. Helen Harriet, b. Jan. 27, 1872. 

209. HENRY" Simeon s Simeon^ Ebenezer^ Thomas ^ John, ^ 
b. 1832. He m. Cornelia Hoskins, of Philadelphia, Pa. He 
•resides, 1875, in New Haven, Conn. 

337. Francis Hoskins, b. 1874. 

210. SIMEON*^ Simeon 5 Simeon^ Ebenezer^ Thomas "^ John, i 
b. in New York City, 1836. Graduated at New Y'ork University, 
1856; m. Mary Marvin, of Woodstock, N. B. He is a banker in 
New York City. 

338. Henry. 

339. Charles. 

340. Blanche. 

230. MASON L.7 Alfred « Jacob ^ Benjamin ' John ^ John ^ 
John;^ m. Catharine, dau. of Jacob Meserole, and resides (1872) 
on the homestead in Benton, Yates county, N. Y. He has been 

294 Baldwin Genealogy. 

Assistant U. S. Assessor several years, and is, in 1872, engaged in 
banking in Penn Yan. 

341. MaiyT. 

237. SANFORD " Samuel ^ Levi ^ Daniel * John ^ John ^ John,^ 
b. in Norwich, Vt., IN'ov. 22, 1810 ; m. Betsey Richardson, b. Oct. 
9, 1810, in Orange, Vt. He is living, in 1874, in Orange, Vt., and 
is a carpenter. 

342. Daughter, b. April 7, 1856, and d. Oct. 9, following. 

238. DANIEL " Samuel ^ Levi,^ b. in Norwich, Vt. He m. 
Hannah Smith, of Barre, and lived successively in Barre, Orange, 
Wolcot, Newport, Craftsbury. Living (1874) in Wolcot. 

343. Alger ,J., 1840; in 1874, Limaville (N. Wolcot), Yt. 
.844. Henry C, 1848. 

345. Abby Jane, 1850. 

346. Seymour L., 1853. 

245. LAURA ANNE' Samuel <5 Levi,M3. in Clarkson, N. Y. 
She m., Sept. 25, 1834, Henry Rogers Selden, b. Oct. 14, 1805, s. 
of Calvin, of Lvme. Conn. He settled in Rochester N. Y. as a 
lawyer, and has been very successful, and his wide ability is suit- 
ably acknowledged. He was for a while the well known reporter 
of the Court of Appeals of New York, Lieutenant-Governor of 
..New York, and Judge of the Court of Appeals of that State ; 
LL.D., Yale, 1858. 

347. Julia Clark, Sept. 24. 1835. 

348. Louisa, Oct. 27, 1837. 

349. Mary G., Aug. 22, 1839. 

350. Augusta, Sept. 36, 1841, d. .Tan. 1, 1843. 

351. Henry Baldwin, June 24, 1844, d. Aug. 29, 1845. 

352. George Baldwin, Sept. 14, 1846. 

353. Laura Augusta, Oct. 7, 1848; d. Aug. 25, 1850. 

354. Arthur Rogers. Oct. 5, 1850. 

355. Percy Lee,'' March 1, 1853, d. Oct. 2. 1857. 
356.' Jessie F. , July 2, 1855, d. Jan. 29, 1858. 

357. Samuel L., April, 1859. 

247. EMILY ELIZA' Daniel '^ Daniel ^ Daniel* John ^ John 2 
John, lb. in Moutpelier, Vt., July 22,1822; m., June 5, 1842, 
Charles Reed, a lawyer of that place, graduated at Dartmouth 
College in 1835, and died March 7, 1873. 

358. Charles Baldwin, Oct. 20, 1845; d. Sept. 28, 1847. 

359. Elizabeth Burnap, April 17, 1848; m., .Tune 27, 1871, Joel Haywood 
Lucia, a lawyer. In 1878, resident in Vergennes, Vt., and have three ch. : Daniel 

John, of Norwich., Connecticut. 295 

Baldwin, May 8, 1872; Kose Elizabeth, >Iay 29, 1874; and Emily Wheelock, July 
4, 1876. 

860. Emily Wheelock. Feb. 13. 1851; d. April 36, 1860. 

361. Sarah, Jan. 33, 1853; d. May 13, 1854. 

363. Maria Oilman, Dec. 3, 1855. 

248. MARIA MALLEYILLE ' Daniel*' Daniel/' b. in Mout- 
pelier, Vt., May 24, 1824; m., May 10, 1843, Marcus Davis Oilman, 
of that place. He was born in Calais, Vt., Jan. 28, 1820, son of 
John, of Gilmantou, X. H., son of Jonathan (and Susan Dudley, 
descendant of Gov. Thomas, of Massachusetts), descended from 
Edward Oilman, who came over in 1638, and settled in Hingham, 
Mass. In 1845, they settled in Chicago, where he was a merchant, 
until 1868. He is, in 1878, resident in Moutpeiier, Vt. He is 
Secretary of the Vermont Historical Society, and a member of 
several others. 

368. John Baldwin, July 5. 1847. He graduated at Harvard in 1868; imme- 
diately sailed for Germany, where he studied medieine and surgery; was Assistant 
Surgeon in the Franco-Prussian war, and complimented with the Iron Cross of the 
Emperor William, of Germany; returned, and commenced practice in Topeka, 
Kansas. In the winter of 1872-'73, he was tiiken down with varioloid, followed by 
pneumonia, and died at Montpelier, May 18, 1873. 

364. Emily Eliza, June 10, 1849; m., April 13, 1868, Rev. Henry Irving Cush- 
man. of Chicago, Avho settled, 1878, over the First Universalist Church of Provi- 
dence, R.I. Children: Ruth, May 39, 1870; RoT)ert, Sept. 18, 1873; Marcus 
Gilman, July 35, 1875; Earl Baldwin, May 5, 1878, d. 35 same month. 

365. Sarah Alice. March 31, 1851; d. March 19, 1853. 

366. Marcus Edward, June 26, 1853; d. Nov 9, 1853. 

258. JULIA ELIZA' Samuel W.« Seth C.-^ DanieP John ^ 
John^John,^ b. in Masonville, X. Y., Sept. 9, 1822 ; m. Abuer 
Tripp, a tailor. 

367. Libby Eunice, d. imm. 

368. Howard Lewis. In 1874, a doctor, in Aubvn-u, X. Y. 

In 1874, Mr, Tripp is living in Cleveland, (Jiiio. 

262. SETH COGSWELL" Edward « Seth C.=^ Daniel,^ b. in 
Cleveland, Ohio ; m. Helen Seymour, dau. of Alexander, of Cleve- 
land. He has filled various important business positions: as 
Superintendent of the Railroad at Escanaba, Wis.; and at present 
(1879) is Superintendent of the Cincinnati and Marietta Eailroad, 
and of the Vallev Railroad. He lives at Cleveland. 

369. Anne, m. William Liudsley, s. of Randolph Lindsley, of Meridon, Conn. ; 

in 1879, Superintendent of Railroad; resident at Escanaba. They have a 

dau. Helen. 

296 Baldwin Genealogy. 

370. Kate Lyon, m., Jan. 1, 1879, James Daliba, of Cleveland. 

371. Mary. 

372. Laura. 

305. JANET 7 Anson <5 Ebeuezer^ Oliver^ Ebenezer^ Thomas 2 
John,^ b. in Yonkers, N. Y.; m., June, 1850, John Thomas War- 
ing, of Yonkers ; in 1875, of the firm of J. T. Waring & Co., hat 

373. Arthur Baldwin. 

374. Grace, m., Oct. 5, 1875, Louis H. Roberts, Jr. 
370. .John Thomas; d. y. 

37(3. .John Thomas. 

377. Cornelia Baldwin. 

378. Pierre Crosby. 

379. Susan Baldwin. 

380. James Palmer. 

381. Anson Baldwin, d. y. 
383. Janet Baldwin. 

307. JULIA ^ Anson ^' Ebenezer^ Oliver* Ebenezer^ Thomas 2. 
Johni b. in Yonkers, N". Y.; m., March 7, 1854, Ethan FLagg, of 
that place ; in 1875, of the firm of Baldwin & Flagg, hat manu- 

383. Susan Baldwin, d. y. 

384. Marcia. 

385. Janet. 

386. Elizabeth Palmer. 

308. SUSAI:^ ELIZABETH ' Anson « Ebenezer ^ Oliver * Eben- 
ezer^ Thomas 2 John.^ b. in Yonkers, IT. Y.; m. Aug. 15, 1860, 
Henry Martyn Baird, Ph.D., Professor of Greek Language and 
Literature in the University of New York, third s. of Rev. Rob- 
ert Baird, D.D., and Fannie, his wife. 

387. Armenia Palmer. 

388. Fermine Du Buisson. 

389. Julia Flagg. 

390. Susan Baldwin, d. 1870. 

391. Henry ilartyn. 

392. Maraaret. 

309. HALL FAILE ^ Anson ^ Ebenezer ^ Oliver * Ebenezer-S 
Thomas "2 John,^ b. in Yonkers, K". Y. He is, in 1875, of the firm 
of Baldwin & Flagg, hat manufacturers. He m. Feb. 22, 1870, 
Susan Elizabeth Punchard, of Andover, Mass. 

393. Martha Prenchard. 

394. Anson. 

John Baldwin, of Milford, Connecticut, 


1. JOHN BALDWIN, Senior, of Milforcl, Conn., came to Con- 
necticut with the other Milford Baldwins, with the New Haven 
Company. His relationship to the other Baldwins cannot be 
determined with certainty. Mr. Savage says he was the son of 
Sylvester, the son of Richard. This cannot be, as will be seen in 
the account of John, of Stonington, It has been suggested that 
he might be the brother of Sylvester. It will be seen in the ac- 
count of the English family, iirst published by me in the "N. E. 
Historic Genealogical Register," in July, 1872, that Sylvester had 
a brother John, Sylvester, it will be remembered, died on the 
passage, in 1(J38, and his nuncupative will was testiiied to by John 
Baldwin. I am not personally conversant with the then law of 
testimony in Massachusetts, but have as high authority as Mr. 
William H, Whitmore for saying that John, the witness, could not 
have been John, son of Sylvester, on account of his interest. Nor 
could it well have been either him or John, of Norwich, on 
account of their tender years, making them hardly competent to 
remember a will, and very unlikely witnesses in a well tilled ship 
of grown and friendly people. 

It seems probable that John, the witness, was John, Senior, of 
Milford. I doubt whether he was John, the brother of Sylvester, 
for the reason that in the will of their grandfather he names his 
grand-children, John and Henry, sons of Sylvester, I conclude 
that John was probably the elder. If John was the elder, he must 
have died young, as in the will of the Uncle Richard he speaks of 
Henry as his next heir. He is more likely, I think, to have been 
a cousin of Sylvester, or, not unlikely, a nephew; in fact, his 
apparent age would hardly permit him to be a brother. 


298 Baldwin Genealogy. 

People then married young. Sylvester's son Richard was bap- 
tised 1622 ; John's four children were baptised 1648, and the old- 
est born, probably, about 1641, (Mr. Savage says, 1640.) The 
name of John Baldwin was very common in Bucks at ihat time. 
I presume it likely he will be found to be a nephew or cousin, for 
I believe the matter ma}' in the end be determined with reasonable 
certainty. That he was of Bucks county and some relative of 

«/ h V 

Sylvester I have little doubt. It may not be without interest that 
the names of his children, John, Samuel, George and Richard 
were common among the Baldwins of Bucks ; but there were so 
many Johns in Bucks that they are very difhcult to identity. 

In February, 1639, Milford was purchased of the Indians. The 
settlement Avas made during the year, and Nov. 29, 1639, the 
names of the "Free Planters" appears in the Milford records. 

The name of John Baldwin is one of those following after this 
list, as being a settler, but not a free planter. This was because 
he was not a church member. Milford was a religions community, 
or colony, for it was at first a separate settlement, with an inde- 
pendent government of its own. This government was organized 
November 20, when it was voted that the officers and voters should 
be church members. It was also voted " that they ^vould guide 
themselves in all their doings b}' the written word of God, till 
such time as a body of laws should be established." He, however, 
joined the church, March 19, 1648. He was buried in Milford, 
June 21, 1681. His first wife was named Mary, and by her he 
had children : 

2. Johu, b., says Savage, 1640, bapt. March 26, 1648. + 

3. .Josiah, b. 1642. + 

4. Samuel, b. 1645. He is not mentioned, nor any descendant, in the full 
will of his father, made in 1681. A Samuel, of Milford, was drowned in Fairfield, 
in 167:}, leaving a family in Milford, says tlie Worcester Mss., (letter of .Judge Sim- 
eon Baldwin.) He must be the Samuel whose estate was appraised at Milford, 1673, 
leaving a home lot sold by his widow to Alexander Bryan, as appears by Brj-an's 
will, dated July 22, 1679. That if he left children, they died without issue is shown 
by a deed in 1696 by his brother .Joseph as co4ieir of his father John, of Milford, 
deceased, of part of the estate of his brother Samuel, of Milford, deceased. Samuel 
was accepted to full commimion, June 25, 1671. After the baptismal entry of 1648, 
oppos'ite the name of Nathaniel, is the entry, "deceased Jan. 16, 1671 " (old style — 
new, 1672). It cannot mean Nathaniel, who survived his father, and had children 
as early as 1676. It must be by error placed one line too low, and be reallj' meant 
for Samuel. 

5. Nathaniel, b. 1648. + 

6. Elizabeth, bapt. July 19, 1649; m. Porter, but I cannot tell what one. 

7. Joseph, bapt. Nov. 9, 1651. + 

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 209 

He in. 2"''' Mary Briieii, of Peqnot, sister of Obadiab, and dau. 
John of Bruen Stapleford, Cheshire, England. (See Appendix.) 
She d, Sept. 2, 1670. 

8. Mary, bapt. Sept. 17, 1654. 

9. Sarah, b. Dec. 25, 1655. 

10. Abigail, b. Xov. 15, 1658; bapt. in New Haven, March 27, 1659; m. Samuel 
Baldwin 2 Xathaniel.i 

11. Obadiah, b. October, 1660. + 

12. George, b., it is said, 1662. + 

13. Hannah, b. Nov. 20, 1663; m., Jan. 17, 168^, Dr. .John Fiske 3 John, 2 of 
"Wenham, Mass., son of Phinehas Fiske, i of Salem. Dr. John resided in Wenliam 
for a time, where, says Savage, his children were born. According to Lambert, 
he settled in Milford in 1695. He was a physician there. Their ch. were: (61) 
Ebenezer, who joined the Church in Milford in 1714, and in 1719 was administrator 
to his father, exhibiting an act of the Assembly authorizing sale, etc. ; (62) John, 
(68) Phinehas, graduated at Yale College in 1704; Rev. (64) Benjamin, bapt. 1696. 
Ebenezer and John are placed, by Savage, as probable children of Dr. John. 

14. Richard, b. 2nd week of June, 1665. + 

I have found no authority for the dates of birth of the first four 
children: but the dates given by Mr. Savage are very probable, 
yet I think more probable than certain. The four were baptised 
March 26, 1648. John Baldwin's homestead was original lot No. 
13, in Milford, on the Avest side of the river, a little northwest of 
the Town Hall, on the premises now or lately occupied by Rev. 
Asa M. Train. 

His 2"*^ wife died Sept. 2, 1670, and he was buried June 21, 
1681. His will, dated May 24, 1681, gives to his eldest son John, 
sons Josiah, Il^athaniel and Joseph, dau. Elizabeth Porter, dau. 
Abigail Baldwin, two daus. Sarah and Hannah, son George, and 
sons Obadiah and Richard ; with provision, if either dies before 
marriage or unmarried. John Baldwin's descendants are very 
numerous, more so than any of the branches, unless it may be 

Savage savs this John removed to ]^ewark a vaar or two after 
1666, but returned to Milford. There were, in i!^ewark, John 
Sr. and John, Jr. Both remained there, one being John- John, ^ 
and the other John - ISTathauiel.^ In correction of errors, I may say 
further, that Mr. Cougar, in his unusually accurate book, says Eliza- 
beth married Peck. My own transcript from the Milford Records 
agrees with Savage, showing Porter, though with a mark indi- 
cating dimness of record. His heirs, Joseph, Obadiah, Sarah 
and Hannah, Nov. 11, 1691, submitted to the arbitration of the 

300 Baldwin Genealogy. 

" honored Deputy Governor Major Robert Treat, Mr, Daniel Buck- 
ingham and Samuel Eells," a difference as to "the articles in the 
inventory of John Baldwin, deceased." The decision was given, 
Richard consenting. 

2. JOHX 2 John,i bapt. in Milford, Conn., March 20, 1648, eldest 
of four, and no doubt born some years before ; Savage says 1640^ 
which I think must be a guess. The first few pages of the Milford 
record of births is gone. He was accepted to full communion, in 
Milford, Oct. 8, 1662. He m. Hannah Brewen, or Bruen, dau. of 
Obadiah, of New London, niece of his stepmother (see Appendix), 
Oct. 3, or 30, 1663. She d., and he m. 2"^'' before 1686, but I cannot 
tell when, Ruth Bottsford, dau. of Henry Bottsford, of Milford. 
He was John, Sen., of Newark, IST. J. Many descendants of the 
various lines in this volume are in New Jersey, whose ancestors 
were among the first settlers. 

The settlement w^as first broached, in 1661, by the Deputy Gov- 
ernor of New Haven Colony, Matthew Gilbert, a Milford man, who 
wrote to Governor Stuyvesant that " a Companie of considerable 
that came into N. E. that they might serve God w*^ a pure con- 
science, and enjoy such liberties and privileges, both Civill and 
Ecclesiasticall, as might best advantage unto" * * * "and they, 
being desirous to provide for their posterities, so as their outward 
comfortable subsistence and their soules' welfare might, in the 
use of suitable means through the blessing of the Almightj^, be 
obtained." A committee of Milford men had been appointed to 
treat and select land. This ended in the settlement of Newark, 
which was expected to be under the jurisdictiou of the Dutch. 
They were to enjoy many freedoms, being especially desirous 
"for the enlargement of the Kingdom of Christ Jesus in a congre- 
gational way." 

Their local laws "being found to concur with the Holy Scrip- 
tures," were to be confirmed; "but in dark and dubious matters, 
especially in witchcraft," people were not to be put to death with- 
out approval of the Director General and his Council. 

John Baldwin w^as of the Milford people who first settled New- 
ark in 1666, when the fundamental laws were shown to be in 
accordance with Scripture by the marginal references. 

See as to this interesting Colony, Vol. 6, N. J. Hist. Soc. (Town 
Record of Newerk), and Supplement containing W. W. White- 
hall's oration. 

John, of Milford, Connecticat. 301 

John Baldwin was one of four who bought " The Neck," in 1674, 
for which tliey were to pay the town £310. lie was a shoemaker. 
He was, in 1G79, a "sealer of leather." Jan. 1, 1682-'83, he was 
chosen at town meeting "to look that the Young People carry 
themselves orderly in times of Divine Worship." In 1678, "After 
lecture," it was voted to send letters about the expenses of the 
Neck. His will, dated 1702, names his children Sarah, Hannah, 
Elizabeth and John, by his 1** wife, and Samuel, Daniel, Joseph, 
Timothy, Elnathan, Nathaniel and Jonathan. Mr. Cougar infers 
from their ages not all children of Ruth. Likely Samuel was sou 
of 1** wife. 

l-j. Richard, b. in Milford, Dec. 24, 1666, as sou of Jolm, Jr., and no doubt d. y. 

16. Sarah. 

17. Hannah. 

18. Elizabeth. 

19. John.+ 

20. Samuel, b. about 1674. -f- 

21. Ruth, in., as 2nd wife, Eleazer Brueu,3 of Newark, N. J., s. of John, 2 s. 
of Obadiah Brueu.i Elcazer's will, 1711, names his children Eleazer, Obaditdi and 
Timothy. She d. in 1717, leaving Obadiah in the care of her brother Nathaniel, and 
Timothj^ with Jonathan, "to learn their trades," being seven years of age; (86) 
Eleazer, perhaps s. of 1** wife, m. Charity Gilbert, and had ch. : (87) Obadiah, b. 
in 1710, m. 1st. Dorca.s Brown, and 2'id, Hannah Wood, and hadch., he d. June 4, 
1774, aged 64; (88) Timothy, b. in 1710, m. Phebe Cantield, and had ch., he d. in 
1778, aged 68. (For a further account of descendants, see Settlement of Newark, 
N. J., Hist. Soc. 1866, Cougar's Genealogical Notices.) 

22. Joseph, b. in Newark, about 1680, and d. there, March 14, 1724. aged 44, 
iind called Mr. Ensign. His will names his ch. following and w. Elizabeth. By 
tradition, he m. a sister of the husband of his sister Ruth, dau. of John - Obadiah 
Bruen.i His ch. named were: (89) Joseph, (90) Abigail, (91) Elizabeth, (92) Sarah, 
find (93) Hannah. 

23. Elnathan. + 

24. Timothy, b. about 1687. + 

2o. Daniel, bapt. in Milford, April 11, 1689, as the son of "In-other .John, of 
Newark," and d. y. 

26. Nathaniel, b. about 1690.4- 

27. Jonathan, b. about 1691.4- 

3. JOSIAH^ John,M3apt. in Milford, Conn., March 20, 1648, 
probably born about 1644. He remained there, and m. June 25, 
1667, Mary Camp, perhaps dau. of Edward Camp, ot New Haven^ 
Conn., and b. there, April 21, 1652. He was received to full com- 
munion Jan. 30, 1671. He died about 1683, as Nov. 2, 1683, the 

302 Baldwin Genealogy. 

inventory of his estate was presented at New Haven. Mr. Savage 
says he left a wife and seven children, whose names he "sees not." 

28. Sarah, b. March 29, 1668. 

29. Mary, Sept. 14, 1670. 

30. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 19, 1672. 

31. Samuel, b. March 14, 1674.+ 

32. Josiah, b. March 21, 167^. 4- 

33. Remember, b. Feb. 29, 167 a. 


34. Child, on authority of Savage. 

His adminisratrix seems to have been his widow Mercy, yet she 
was mother of Josiah. Is the name of Mary and Mercy con- 

5. NATHANIEL-^ John,ibapt. in Milford, Conn., March 22, 
1648, and probably b. in 1647 or 1648. He was Nathaniel Cooper, 
of Milford, as Cooper had a division of land in 1677. He was in 
the lists of 1686 and 1712. Mr. Lambert says he removed, in 
1702, to "Cohansee;" and in 1704, Obadiah and Eichard speak of 
him as their brother, and gone to live there; but he soon after 
returned, as in 1705, ond several years after, he and Obadiah are 
for several years grave-diggers, their brother Richard being Sex- 
ton. In 1676, he drew a lot on the west side of Milford Kun. 
Aug. 31, 1717, his son Joseph is called s. of N. Cooper, lately of 
Milford, meaning, I presume, that Nathaniel was dead. In 1732, 
his son Nathaniel is called s. of "Left. N. B., deceased, distin- 
guished by being called Cooper. Nathaniel re.sided for a time in 
Stratford, where some of his children were for a time. His wife 
Sarah was admitted to Milford Church in October, 1681 ; he, July 
16,1682. She was no doubt Sarah, born about 1652 or 1653, dau. 
of Benjamin- and Wilmot his wife — David Phippen.^ She was 
born in Boston ; and as appears by the Boston records, she and her 
husband joined, July 4, 1697, in a deed, with her sister Sarah, 
w. of Benjamin Sherman, of Stratford, and Mary, w. of Nathaniel 
Sherman, of Stratford, and their husbands. 

85. Nathaniel, b. Sept. 6, 1676. Nov. 8, 1732, he makes the deed last men- 
tioned. He d. July 5, 1748, and adm. was granted July 13, 1748, to his nephew 
Jacob, bond £1,000, and his estate went to Samuel or his heirs, to Benjamin or his 
heirs, to Elizabeth, wife of Caleb Galpin, and to the estate of Joseph ; showing that 
he left at death no ch. Yet I find no other Nathaniel to have had dau. Mar3% b. 
July 12, 1714; Nathaniel, Jrme 13, 1715; Nathaniel again, Dec. 12, 171 «, although 
I have searched much. Perhaps they were ch. of tliLs Nathaniel, and d. y. 

36. Benjamin, bapt. in Milford, Jan. 26, 1681. + 

John., of Milford, Connecticut. 303 

. 37. Jolm, bapt. Nov. 5, 1683, ass. of brother N., of Stratford: d. iu Milford, 
and bis brother Natlianiel was his admin'r, Nov. 10, 1704 (Fairfield Probate), lie 
left uo ch. to take part of the estate of Nathaniel in 1748. 

38. Samuel, bapt. Nov. 29, 1685; probably d. y. 

39. Joseph, bapt. May 15, 1687. + 

40. Samuel, b. Jan. 14, 1689. + 

41. Elizabeth, bapt. Nov. 5, 1693; m. Caleb Galpin, of Stratford; there in 
1748. She was bapt. as dau. of brother N., Jr. 

7. JOSEPH-^ John/ bapt. in Milford, Conn., I^ov. 0, 1651. He 
m. Elizabeth Botsford, dau. of Elnathan Botsford, of Milford, 
who survived him. He joined the Church in 1691, and was 
excommunicated in 1692. I am afraid, from that to 1695, he fell 
somewhat from grace. Alarch 13, 1719, then of Xew Haven, he 
deeds to his sons Joseph and Ephraim. His nuncupative will 
was proved the same year by the oath of Elizabeth Baldwin, Sen. 

42. Elnathan, bapt. 1691. + 

43. Joseph. + 

44. Ephraim. + 

45. Elizabeth. 

46. Abigail, minor in 1719 and chose her brother Joseph as her guardian; m. 
her cousin Thomas Baldwins Richard 2 John.i 

47. Judali, minor in 1719; d. before .January, 1729, without issue, leaving the 
estate to his aunt Hannah Priugle. Was she not Hannah, dau. of Elnathan Bots- 
ford. A deed from him, in Derby, is dated July 4, 1726. 

Joseph may have had other daughters. 

11. OBADIAH-^ John,i b. in Milford, October, 1660. His wife 
Abigail was received to the Church there June 22, 1701, and was 
living, in 1741, to release dower. Obadiah in 1696, in the division 
with his brother Richard, has lands near Dreadful Swamp near 
Indian Hill, and New Meadow near Stratford river. He appears 
in Milford laud records to Feb. 27, 173i, but was dead by 173^. 

48. Mary, bapt. June 22, 1701; m. Peter Johnson, of Derby, Conn; there 
in 1741. 

49. Ebenezer, bapt. June 32, 1701; d. Aug. 26, 1740, in his 41st year (Milford 
Cemetery), and without issue, as appears by a deed Sept. 29, 1740. from his sisteis 
to Lazarus and Isaiah Gun,* for a consideration received from their father, 
Daniel Gun. , 

* The grantees in this deed were victims of the stern parental authority of old times. When young 

men, they visited "their girls" one Saturday night, and were severeh' whipped by their father on the 

following Monday, which shamed them so much that they withdrew from all company, and died unmarried. 

(Lambert Hist. New Haven Colony.) Their father seems to have granted them after kindness, possibly 

hearty regret of his former severity. 

304 Baldwin Genealogy. 

50. Mehitable, b. Feb. 25, 170|: m., April 13, 1726, Benjamin Bunnill, of 
Milford, and there in 1741. 

Obacliali was elected by the town, in 1705, to the responsible 
office "to look after the boys in the gallery." He conveys land, 
June 13, 1692, to Nicholas Camp, with the consent of his brothers 
Richard and Joseph. His widow living in 1741. 

12. GEORGE 2 John,M). in Milford, Conn., it is said, in 1662. 
He settled in Branford, Conn., as early as 1686, and joined the 
Church there in 1693. He m. Deborah Rose, dau. of Deacon 
Jonathan Rose, of Branford. He d. Oct. 26, 1728, and she sur- 
vived. He was a blacksmith, and like many of the trade in that 
day, held in high esteem. He was, before 1715, Deacon. He left 
a large estate. 

51. John, b. Jan. 13, 1090. + 

52. Phebe, b. Nov. 7, 1692; m., Oct. 26, 1713, Benjamin Bartholomew, of 
Branford, and had ch. there: (161) Mary, Sept. 17, 1714; (162) Gideon, Sept. 25. 
1716; (168) Phebe, Oct. 15, 1718; (164) Abner, Feb. 1, 1720; (165) Rachel. Aug. 31, 
1723; (166)Lydia, Sept. 8, 1725; (167) Benjamin, Feb. 1, 1728; and (168) Joseph, 
.June 26, 1731. 

53. Israel, b. Dec. 13, 1694. + 

54. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 20, 1697; m., Nov. 20, 1717, -Jonathan Butler. 
■ 55. Deborah, b. Dec. 27, 1699; m., Feb. 21, 172J, Edward Johnson. 

56. Martha, b. Jan. 13, 1702; m., Sept. 29, 1725, Josiah Butler. 

57. Daniel, 1). July 1, 1705, on a "Sabbath day, about sunrising. " + , 

58. Rebeckah, b. Oct. 28, 1707; m. Jan. 9, 173f, Natlian I.indsley. f^ Wfy^^ 

59. Noah, b. March 20, 1710. + 

60. Zillah, bapt. January, 1712; m., Feb. 16, 173|., Nathaniel Page, of Bran- 
ford. and had ch. : (192) Nathaniel, Dec. 29, 1737; (193) Noah, March 1, 17|9 ; (194) 
Jonathan, Sept. 23, 1743; and (195) Rebecca, March 20, 174A. 

A good share of the inhabitants of Branford are among the 
descendants of George, in male and female lines. 

14. RICHARD- John,^ born in Milford, second week of June, 
1665. Has sometimes been confounded with Richard, s. John, Jr., 
b. 1666. He was admitted to the church there Aug. 16, 1691. 
Anne, his wife, joined the church July 22, 1711, and d. May 28, 
1728, in sixty-second year, aitd called on the tombstone, " Mrs. 
Arney," w. to Richard. He was a " cordwainer " (shoemaker), 
and for many years sexton. His will is dated Dec. 25, 1742, and 
in the Probate Record he is dignified vrith the title of " Mr." He 
was a man of standing and means. 

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 305 

65. John, 1)apt, IfiOO, who d. jMaroh 19, 1694, "struck in the fore- 
head and broke hi.s skull." 

66. Thomas, bapt. March 27. 1692.+ 

67. John, bapt. April 14, 1695.+ 

68. Richard, bapt. June 27, 1697; d. before his father, and probably unm. 

69. Phinchas, bapt. iAIarch 1, 1700. + 

70. Jerjah, bapt. Jan. 19, 170^.+ 

71. Charles, bapt. Jan. 24, 1704. + 

72. Auiiustus. bapt. Feb. 22, 1706; d. before his father, and probabh' unm. 

73. Edward, bapt. Oct. 5, 1707. + 

His will gives bis homestead to his eldest son, and the remainder 
of his property to his iive sons, John, Phinehas, Charles, Jerjah 
and Edward. He had nine s. and no dans. 

19. JOHN^^ John- John,^ b. probably not far from 1670, and in 
ITewark, N. J. He was living April 2, 1743, and then had living 
and of age the following four children, who of Hanover and New- 
ark entered into bond in the sum of ,£200 to support him for life. 
(Dod papers — from papers left by Sam'l H. Congar.) 

74. Josiali.+ 

75. David. In 1743 was of Hanover, Morris county, N. J., and iu March. 
1778, (information of late careful and accurate John R. Burnett,) his four sons-in-law 
were compelled by the Court of Common Pleas of that county to pa}' each weeklj' 
for his support ten shillings, probablj' in depreciated currency. Tlie sons-in-law 
•were: Timothys Ward, of Newark, probably s. Caleb'- John Ward, Jr., of Newark; 
Nathaniel Dickerson, of Elizabeth, N. J. ; Walter Smith, of Elizabeth, and Silas 
Hathaway, of Pequonnock, N. J. 

76. Johu.+ 

77. Obadiah.+ 

20. SAMUEL 3 John •' John,i b. in Newark, N. J., about 1074 ; 
d. Nov. 24, 1734, aged 60. His will, dated the 22nd of that month, 
names his ch.: 

78. .James, b. March 6, 170f. + 

79. Samuel, b. about 1706. Settled in Morris, N. J. His will of 1764 names 
his son and son-in-law. His widow, Elizabeth, b. about 1717, d. 1781. Ch. were: 
(246) Elizabeth, b. 1730, d. Jan. 15, 1739, aged 8 yrs. 6 mos. ; (247) Samuel, and (248) 
a dau., m. Boyce Prudden. 

80. Stephen, b. about 1707. + 

81. Jeremiah. + 

82. Caleb. + 

83. Nehemiah. + 

84. Esther; m. Samuel Parkhurst. + 

85. Marv ; m. Noah Crane. + 

306 Baldwin Genealogy. 

23. ELNATHAN ^ John 2 John,i b. in Newark, K J., about 
1687 ;* m. Iveziah Pnulden,^ dau, of Rev. John,- of Newark, s. of 
Rev. Peter Prudden,^ of Milford, from Yorkshire, England. About 
1780, he moved to Hopewell (Pennington), Hunterdon county, 
N. J. His will was proved Aug., 1739, dated 1738. It names ch.: 

94. Moses, of Hopewell, Hunterdon county, N. J. His will, dated Jan. 5, 
1783, names his w. Maiy, brother Thomas, Keziah, w. .John Morgan, deceased; 
grandch. : .lames and Deborah Baldwin and ch. : (283) David, (384) Daniel, (285) 
Mary Hunt, (286) Elizabeth Titus and (287) Hannah Allen. 

95. Thomas, living in 1783. 

96. .Joseph, of Hopewell. His will (1770) names his av. Elizabeth and ch. : 
(288) Nathaniel, (289) Elizabeth, and (290) Jemmima. 

97. Elnathan. 

24. TIMOTHY ^ John ^ John,i b. in Newark, N. J., about 1687 ; 
d. there, Sept. 4, 1739, aged 52. Mr. Congar says he was ancestor. 
of the Baldwins of "Neck Gate." Eleanor, widow" of Timothy, 
died March 25, 1742, aged 43. 

98. Aaron, b. about 1719. + 

26. NATHANIELS John^John,! b. in Newark, N. J., about 
1690; d. in Newark, Aug, 10, 1750, aged 60. He m. 1**- Mary, dau. 
of Samuel Congar. She d. May 5, 1729, aged 26. His 2"*^ wife, 
Esther, survived him, and d. Oct. 24, 1763, aged 74. 

99. Elijah, b. about 1717. + 

100. Robert, b. about 1718. + 

101. Marj^ Lyon. 

102. Keziah, m. Crane, and had three cli. : (311) Samuel, (312) Timothy, and 
(813) Esther m. Riggs. 

103. Abigail, m. Crane, and had two ch. : (314) Elias, and (815) Joanna, who 
m. Vreeland. 

104. Abner, b. about 3Jay, 1726; d. Oct. 4, 1747, aged 21 yrs. 4 mos. 

105. .Jo.seph, b. about 1729. + 

106. Jonathan, b. about 1731. + 

107. Eunice, m. Beach, and had three ch. : (828) Nathaniel, who had a 

son Aaron; (329) Joseph, who had ch., Abner, .Jacob, Isaac and Abraham; and 
(830) Elias, w^ho had ch. , Ephraim, Caleb and David. 

108. Jane, m. Samuel Clizbie, of Newark, and had ch. : (881) James, (332) 
Samuel, (333) Joseph, (334) .Jonathan, (385) Rhoda, (886) Hannah, (887) Mary, 
(338) Rachel. 

27. JONATHANS John ^ John,i b. in Newark, N. J., about 
1691 ; d. there Aug. 9, 1726, aged 35. His will names children : 

109. Matthias, 1719. + 

John^ of M'dford, Connecticut. 307 

110. Joanna, m. Isaac Xutnian, son of James, who m. as his 2'"' wife, Saiali 
Pruddeu, but I do not know if she was the mother of Isaac. They settled iu 
Elizabethtown, N. J. He d. before 1760. She had ch. : (344) John, m. Tryplienia 
Baldwin, and had ch., Aaron, Ebenezer B. and Oliver; (345) Phebe; and (346) 

31. SAMUEL3 Josiab^ Jolin,ib. in Milford, Conn., March 14, 
167|. The Samuels have given me more trouble than any name 
but Nathaniel, much more than the numerous Johns. It is pleas- 
ant to liud the identity of this Samuel established, who died Jan. 
8, 173|, by the statement on his tombstone, in Milford, that he 
died in his 63d year. Some of the descendants of this Samuel 
make him son of Daniel^ Nathaniel,^ the one b. Dec. 26, 1673; but 
that Samuel was bapt, the same month, and iu the Church Record, 
it appears he died March 26, 1674, and Daniel had another Samuel 
bapt. March 6, 1684. He was, after 1711, Samuel, Sen. He was a 
wheelwright. He m. Eebecca Wilkinson,- b.l676,dau. of Edward ^ 
and Rebecca (Smith) Wilkinson, of'^VIilford; Rebecca Smith being 
dau. of Henry Smith, of Stamford. He and his w. and his eldest 
two ch. were bapt. Aug. 1, 1703. His will, dated Feb. 14, 1734,, 
mentions all his ch. who survived him. 

111. Samuel, b. Feb. 17, 1700.+ 

112. Rebeckah, b. Nov. 10, 1702; m. Phinehas Baldwin 3 Richard 2 John. 
Baldwin,! of Milford. 

113. Caleb, b. July 26, 1704. + 

114. Peleg, b. Feb. 18, 1708. +. 

115. .Joel, b. .July 11, 1711. + 

By his will he gives his son Samuel £140, and land at Chestnut 
Hill, so called, as well as other property, with his other three sons. 
He had previously liberally distributed by deeds. 

32. JOSIAH^ Josiah^John,^b. in Milford, Conn., March 21, 
167| ; was granted land in Derby, Conn., by the town, in 1699, 
where he resided for a while. He was for a time Town Treasurer. 
He m., Sept. 19, 1700, Mary Person (Pierson), of that place, who 
d. July 25, 1726. In 1702, he lived in Derby, as a blacksmith. 

116. Josiah, b. Sept. 17, 1701, say the Derby Records; the Killingworth 
Records say Sept. 1.+ 

117. Mary, b. Oct. 11, 170-; d. Oct. 28, 1703. 

118. Hezekiah, b. Aug. 20, 17—; d. Aug. 29, 1703. 

119. Jared, b. March 23, 1704; bapt. in 3Iilford, June 8, 1707; d. Nov. 6, 1707> 

120. Remember, b. Aug. 20, 1708; m., Feb. 3, 1732, Thomas Stevens. 

121. Hezekiah, b. Jan. 15, 1710; d. March 12, 171^. 

308 Baldwin Genealogy. 

122. ]\Iary, b. Jan. 16, ITll; m. Israel Turner, of Killingwortli, Conn., aud 
liad (367) Submit, b. there Dec. 21, 1749. 

123. ]Merc3% b. Jan. 10, 1714; m. Aug. 19, 1736, Philip Chatfield, of Killiug- 
T\-orth. Ch. :' (368) Sarah, Oct. 8, 1737; (369) Eleazer, Jan. 7, 1740, d. 21st same 
mouth; (370) Abigail, June 29, 1741, and (371) Stephen, Oct. 5, 1742. 

124. Abigail, b. June 5, 1716; m, July 6, 1741, Joseph Waterous, of Killing- 
worth, Conn., and had ch. : Elizabeth, April 24, 1742; James, Nov. 13, 1744; Sub- 
mit, March 3, 1746; John, Jan. 19, 174S; Hepzibah, Aug. 22, 1752; Josiah (twin), 
April 8, 1755; Eleazer, April 8, 1755, aud Asa, Nov. 13, 1757. 

He removed to Killingwortli, Conn., where 

125. Eleazer, wash. Aug. 31, 1717. + 

126. Daughter, Sept. 12,^1720. 

127. Caleb, b. May 2, 1723. + 

128. Hezekiah, b. Nov. 12, 1725, presumed to have d., as by trarlition Caleb 
had but one brother, Josiah, called " Capt. Sigh." 

His will, dated 1761, remembers his w, Elizabeth, and ch. Josiah, 
Mercy Chatfield, Abigail Waterous, and grandsons, sons Eleazer. 
He was a blacksmith (1722) of Killingworth. He conveyed to 
Samuel Baldwin, of Milford, his right in the " Indian Purchase." 

36. BENJAMIN 3 Nathaniel ^ John,i bapt. Milford, Jan. 26, 
1682; m. April 14, 1702, Sarah Sanford, of that place. Jan. 11, 
169|, he renewed the covenant in Stratford, Conn., but, Oct. 13, 
1706, his wife joined Milford church. 

129. Judith, b. July 14, 1702, Stratford Rec.) 

130. Abiah, b. Oct" 13, 1706, (Milford Rec.) 

He was of Stratford, Conn. In 1708, then of Stratford, was one 
of the proprietors of Durham, Conn. He seems to have been 
there for a short time, as, in 1710, he and his w. of Durham join 
with Saufords aud others in convejing land in Milford. It would 
appear from this deed that he m. Sarah Sanford,^ b. 1682, dau. of 
Samuel,- of Milford, s. of Thomas Sanford.^ He does not continue 
to appear in Durham, and I think he retui-ned to Milford,' and, 
perhaps m. 2'"^ time, Hester, and had ch., the name of only one of 
which I can give. 

131. Sarah, b. 1758. 

Jan. 19, 1761, the Selectmen of Milford make an indenture with 
Arthur Wooster, of Derby, by which they "have taken to I*ren- 
tice, and bound and put Sarah Baldwin, child and dau. of Hester 
Baldwin, relict of Benjamin Baldwin, late of Milford, deceased, 

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 309 

of 8 years 5 Apl. next, being very needy and poor, and already 
maintained, with her family and mother, by the town." Sarah 
"her master and mistress shall faithfully serve, their secrets keep, 
their lawful commands gladly obey; to them she shall do no 
damage, nor see it done by others ; nor play at unlawful games, 
nor absent herself from Servis ; but in all things behave herself as 
a faithful prentice ought to do." Wooster was bound to teach her 
to "read, knit, spin and sow, and all manner of work, business or 
learning, both of Religion and common business proper for such 
an apprentice." He was also bound to support her, and at the 
end of the term (ten years) furnish her two suits of apparel, 
"linnen and w^oollen, for all parts of her body suitable for her, 
and one good winter gown more, and a Bible." 

39. JOSEril 3 Nathaniel-^ John,ibapt. in Milford, Conn., May 
15, 1687; first Monday of March, 1753, adm. on his estate to his 
son Jacob, widow being under conservator, by order of Court. 
Nov. 2, 1716, as Joseph, Junior, with his wife Hannah, he deeds 
to Samuel, Senior, the other Joseph being his uncle. It appears, 
from a deed made by him in 1718, that he was, like his father, a 

133. Sarah, b. Jan. 10, ITlf. 

133. Hannah, b. April 10, 1716. 

134. Jacob, b. Jan. 20, 17U. + 

135. Justus, about 1727, was of Milford, Conn. He m. Martha Nettleton, 
Nov. 26, 1771; and Oct. 28, 1793, his w. Martha was exec, of his estate. His brother 
Jacob was made his residuary legatee. His wife's will was dated March 7, 1799. 

136. Phcbe, m. Warner. In 1799, the wife of her brother Justice died, leaving 
property to the grandchildren of this Phebe, deceased, to wit: Sarah, Laura and 
Phebe Hicock. 

He m., March 26, 1711, Hannah Briscoe. In 1717, as son of 
Nathaniel Cooper, " lately of Milford," he conveys land in Milford. 

40. SAMUEL 3 Nathaniel ^ John,i I3, i^ Milford, Conn., Jan. 14, 
1689. He continued to reside in Milford, but in the Society of 
Amity. He m. Rebecca. Nov. 2, 1742, he was one of the original 
members of the Society of Amity, and d. there, Jan. 21, 1764, and 
aged 75, as appears by his tombstone, in Woodbridge, Conn. This 
would seem to fix his identity. With the perverseness which 
belonged to his brothers, he left few records of his family history. 



10 Baldwin Genealogy. 

His will, dated Marcli 28, 1763, says that having before given his 
older children what he was capable of giving them, he now gives 
to his five younger children : Jabez, Levi, Rebecca, Eli and Joseph. 
He was Samuel, Sen., of Amity, in 1742, the other being Samuel * 
Samuel^ Josiah - John.^ He was likely the Samuel who, in 1722, 
received from his cousin, of Killingworth (Josiah), a deed of his 
rights in the Indian Purchase. I think he must be the Samuel 
who had, as per ISTew Haven Record: 

137. Anue, b. Nov. 29, 1736. 

138. Abigail, b. April 6, 1788. 

[Of whom Abigail may be one of the other children.] 

139. Jabez, living in 1763. 

140. Levi, living in 1763. 

[Hereafter, in this volume, will be found a Levi from Connecti- 
cut, to Vermont and Canada, who not unlikely was this one.] 

141. Rebecca, m., Oct. 16, 1764, Ricliard Speriy, of that part of Woodbridge, 
Coun., tlicn New Haven; slie was his 2nJ wife, the 1st being Abigail, dau. of Capt. 
Joel Northrup, m. Dec. 9, 1755, and d. May 23, 1764. Richard was, in 1755, called 
Jr. ; (400) Richard, b. Aug. 17, 1765. 

142. Joseph, bapt. in Amity, Jan. 8, 1744; d. y. 

143. Anne, bapt. .June 23, 1745; d. y. 

144. Eli, bapt. Feb. 14, 1747; d. y. 

145. Eli, bapt. Jan. 17, 1748. In 1773 was of New Haven, no doubt that part of 
Woodbridj;;e then New Haven. He must have been, I think, the Eli of Bethlehem, 
Conn., estate (1794) letters to Samuel. He left a wife, Doroth}-, and ch. : (401) 
Samuel, (402) Rebeckah, (403) Lucy, m. May 28, 1805, C. Minor; (404) Jabez, (405) 

Darius, (406) Aaron. Is it his widow who, as "widow B ," d. February, 1824, 

aged 74? 

146. Israel, bapt. .Jan.' 4, 1750, d. y. 

147. Joseph, bapt. March 8, 1752. In 1773 of Milford; d. in Bethlehem, Conn., 
Jan. 21, 1811, aged 59. His w. was received into the church there. May 6, 1792; d. 
there Jan., 1820, aged 69. Her estate in Woodbury Probate District went to (407) 
Leonard, (408) Keziali Benedict. 

March 1, 1773, the Sperrys, Eli and Joseph, convey to Joseph 
Beecher, having apparently waited for Joseph to be of age. Levi 
was executor of Joseph. Farther on in this volume will be found 
a query whether one of the older children was not Matthew. 

42. ELN ATHAJs" ^ Joseph ^ John,i bapt. in Milford, Conn., Oct. 
11, 1691; m. Oct. 25, 1716, Elizabeth Watson, dau. John Watson. 
He was in that part of IlTew Haven, Conn., now Woodbridge. 

John, of Milford, ConntcUcat. 311 

Had ear mark in New Haven in March, 172|. He had a farm at 
Chestnut Hill from his father. He deeded land of his wife's in 
174f, then both living. Like his father, he undertook to make a 
nuncupative will. 

148. Joliii, 1). July 6, 1717. + 

149. Jonah, b. Oct. 12, 1719. + 

150. Mary, h. April 28, 1722. 

Chestnut Hill was in that part of jSTew Haven now Woodbrido-e. 

43. JOSEPHS Joseph 2 John,i b. in Milibrd, Conn. In 1719, 
had an ear mark given him in New Haven, and had with Ephraim 
a deed from his father of land in Milford. He had his father's 
moveable estate. I do not know what became of him after. A 
Joseph, whom I cannot place, appeared in Saybrook, Conn., 
where he and his w. Sarah owned the covenant, 1740; had c-h. : 

151. Elisha, bapt. Aug. 24, 1742, d. Dec. 16, 1742. 
153. Sarah, bapt. July 8, 1744. 

153. Joseph, bapt. Juue 14, 1746. I thought at one time he might be Joseph, 
of Southbury; but I conclude J., of Southbury, to be Josephs Joseph- William. i 
of Stratford. 

44. EPHRAIM^ Joseph^ John,ib. in Milford, Conn. He has 
a deed from his father in 1719, and ear-mark in 1720. His father 
died in 1719. He and Joseph were to maintain his mother by his 
father's nuncupative will. I think he Avas Ephraim, of Bethlehem 
Conn.; d. Feb. 10, 1796, aged 95, and father of 

154. Ephraim, Jr., of Woodbury, whose estate in 1777 as Ephraim, Jr., went to 
his wife Sarah, and ch. : (423) Ephraim Warner, (424) Joseph, (425) Mary, and (426) 

51. JOHN 3 George ^ John,i b. in Branford, Conn., Jan. 13, 1090, 
and remaining there. He m., Oct. 26, 1713, Hannah Tyler, who 
survived him. His will, dated 1761, was proved Oct. 3, 1765. He 
had his father's lauds,- near the Mill (Mill Plain) ; joined the 
Church in 1714. 

155. Hannah, b. Kov. 7, 1714; m. March 9, 1732, EdAvard Barker. 

156. John, b. May 9, 1717. + 

157. Abigail, b. May 1, 1720. 

158. Samuel, bapt. Dec. 9, 1725. + 

159. Sarah, b. Sept. 3, 1728; m., Aug. 20. 1747, Jonathan Harrison. 

160. James, b. about 1731.+ 

312 Baldwin Geyiealogy. 

53. ISRAEL 3 George- John/ b. in Branford, Conn., Dec. 13, 
1694, and remained there. He m., Dec. 10, 1718, Dinah Butler. 
He was a husbandman. He joined the Church in 1715. He be- 
came Deacon prior to 1745. In 1748, and perhaps other years, he 
was Town Clerk, yet his Family Record has two more children 
than the Town Record. 

169. Mary, b. Sept. 6, 1719. 

170. Israel, b., says the Town Record, Dec. 21, 1721 ; while the Family Record, 
still in existence in North Branford, in an old account book, says Dec. 25.+ 

171. Aaron, b. Sept. 3, 1724.+ 

172. Dinah, b. Nov. 15, 1726; m., Feb. 13, 1749, Daniel Page,'of Branford, 
and had ch. : (465) Esther, Sept. 11, 1749, d. Sept. 10. 1751; (466) Dinah, jMarch 14, 
1752; (467) Esther, Oct. 10, 1754; (468) Daniel, Sept. 18, 1757; (469) Mary, Nov. 5, 


173. Tryphena, b. Aug. 12, 1729; d. Aug. 25, 1751. 

174. Deborah, b. Oct. 19, 1731; not in his will, and probably d. y. 

175. Joel, b. May 21, 1734: d. Feb. 13, 173-. 

176. .Joel, b. June 25, 1735; d. Aug. 5, 1735. 

177. Martha, b. Aug. 5, 1736. 

178. Samuel, b. Aug. 14, 1739. + 

179. Ephraim, b. Oct. 7, 1743. + 

He received from his father land at " Sibbes' Hill," in Branford. 
His will, dated Nov. 9, 1762, proved Aug, 20, 1765, remembered 
his wife, and all his children, except Deborah. 

57. DANIEL 3 George 2 John,i b. in Branford, Conn., July 1, 
1705. He m. 1**, Thankful ; she d. Jan. 23, 1754. May 23, 1754, 
he m. 2"''' Sarah Harrison, widow of Joseph Harrison, and b. Oct. 
4, 1706, dau, Stephen Foote, of Branford. He d. in Branford, 
Jan. 28, 1765. By division of his father's estate, he had land at 
"Sibbes' Hill,"' Branford. He was a husbandman. His wife sur- 
vived. His will is in Guilford Probate. 

180. Daniel, b. Oct. 18, 1731. + 

181. George, b. Sept. 9, 1733.+ 

182. Jacob, b. Jan. 7, 173|-; d. y. 

183. Thankful, b. June 29, 1738; m. Jan. 7, 1773, Joel Rose of Branford. 

184. Phebe, b. Dec. 7, 1740. 

185. Elizabeth, b. April 18, 1746. 

59. NOAH 3 George 2 John,i b. in Branford, Conn., March 20, 
1710; be m. March 21, 173f, Rebecca Frisbie. He lived in Bran- 
ford, and d. there Nov. 23, 1799, (Church Record says 24th,) of old 
age. His wife survived. 

John,of 31ilford, Connecticut. 313 

186. Kebecca, b. Maj- 20. 1734; m. May 19, 1757. Jolm Blakistoa, Jr., of 

187. Noah, b. Nov. 18, 1738. + 

188. Ebenezer, b. Sept. 38, 1741. + 

189. Luce, b. Feb. 19, 174f : m. July 4, 1765, Thomas Rose. 

190. Lydia, m. Nov. 19, 1761, Jouathau Foote. 

191. Abigail, b. Dec. 15, 1749; m. July 4, 1765, Brintuall Hall, of Wallingford, 
Coun. He is called in Davis' History of Wallingford, and more properl}', no doubt, 
Brentou Hall. He was s. Rev. Samuel and Ann (Law) Hall, of Cheshire, s. John 
and JIary (Lyman) Hall, s. Samuel and Hannah (Walker) Hail, s. John and Jane 
Hall. He was b. April 2, 1738; m. Feb. 18, 1762, Lament Collins, and settled in 
the east part of present ]\Ieriden, where he d. Nov. 25, 1820; Abigail d. May 5, 1837, 
By his 1st w. he had William Brentou, May 31, 1764, and l)y his 2"J- unless the date 
of her marriage is wrong, (501) Collins, Jan. 8, 1766, m. and ch. ; (502) Samuel, June 
10, 1768; (503) Lament, July 14, 1776; (504) Joab. 

66. THOMAS'^ Richard ^ Jolin,i b. in Milford, Conn., bapt. 
March 27, 1692; m. Jan. 7, 1724, Abigail Baldwin, who must have 
been, I think, dan. Joseph - John,^ minor in 1719. He was 
Thomas, Jr., of Milford, Thomas, Sr., being s. Barnabas- Richard. ^ 
Administration of his estate was given to his widow, March, 27, 

196. David, b. March 10, 172|;.d. June 21, 1789, aged 63, says Milford Reeord, 
and I find no further history. 

197. Abigail, b. Feb. 1, 1721. 

198. Eunice, bapt. Oct. 3, 1736. 

199. Ann. bapt. May 6, 1741. 

67. JOHN michard 2 Johu,i b. in Milford, Conn.; bapt. April 
14, 1695. He m., as appears by records of Branford, Conn., Oct. 
3, 1716, Joanna Goodrich, of that place ; and 2"'^'- Eleanor Barnes, 
dan. of Deacon Barnes, of Branford. John was his only child by 
his first wife. His identity is shown by a deed, in Milford Records, 
to his brother Phinehas (Yol. 10, page 166). He was John, Jr., 
John, Sen., being John ^ George ^ John,^ becoming afterwards 
John 2"^- The Branford Records are quite systematic about the 
Johns, as need be, when Johns "l«t>" "2"'^'" "3''^" and "4*^" were 
all doing business at one time. 

He lived in Northford Parish, in Branford, becoming a member 
of that Church, June 13, 1750. * He d. July 18, 1774, aged 79. His 
wife survived, and her estate was distributed by Probate Court, in 
Wallingford, Conn. 

200. John, b. Dec. 29, 1717.4- 

201. Richard, b. Oct. 17, 1721. + 


314 Baldwin Genealogy. 

203. Ann, b. Oct. 14, 1724; m. Samuel Howd, of Branford, and had at least 
(516) Edmund, who left ch., Edmund and Sylvester, Avho were devisees of her 
brother Phiuehas, in 1817. 

203. Abigail, b. July 1, 1726; probably d. y. 

204. Benjamin, b. July 15, 1728.+ 

205. Gideon, b. Aug. 3, 1730.+ 

206. Phinehas, b. Feb. 23, 173f ; remained in that part of Branford now North- 
ford, Avhere he w^as Deacon. He d. Jan. 10, 1817. He m., Sept. 6, 1759, Mary 
Harrison, of Branford, Avho d. May 30. 1760, aged 25; and he m., Jan. 7, 1761, 
3Iartha Peck, of Wallingford, who survived him. His estate went by will (Wal- 

I lingford Probate) to w. nephew Phinehas, s. late brother Gideon, two gi'andchildren 
of sister Anne, and to Amos, Jemima and Edward Jamison. 

207. Eleanor, b. March 29, 1735; m. Solomon Seward. 

208. Ebenezer, b. March 28, 1737; d. in Northtield, unm. Dec. 2, 1760. 

209. Hannah, b. June 8, 1739; m. Solomon Munson, perhaps as 2nd wife Solo- 
mon, of Wallingford. 

210. Dorothy, b. April 5, 1742. 

69. PHIXEHAS3 RicharcP John,i b. in Milford, Conn.; bapt. 
March 1, 1700. He remained there. He m., Aug. 25, 1727, 
Rebeckah Baldwin,* dan. Samuel ^ Josiah ' John,^ of Milford. He 
and his wife joined the Church June 29, 1729. His will, dated 
May 4, 1759, was proved July, 1768. His wife survived. 

211. Freelove, b. Dec. 5, 1728; bapt. June 29, 1729; m. Stephen Stow.+ 

212. Katharine, b. Nov. 1, 1731; m. Isaac Miller. + 

213. Phinehas, b. Nov. 6, 1733.+ 

Mr. George F. Tuttle states there was another dau. m. Harpin, 
who had a dau. m. Dickerson, who had a dau. m. Pond, and was 
mother of Lieut. Gov. Pond, of Milford. 

70. JERJAII^ Ricliard^ John,^ b. in Milford, Conn.; bapt. Jan. 
19, 170^. He was received to the Church there Oct. 17, 1741, with 
his wife (Ann, or is it Mary?) when his two dans, were baptized. 
Was she sister of Jonathan Ingersoll ? The children, in 1749-'50, 
held land in common with Jonathan Ingersoll. Jerjah's will, 
dated Aug. 16, 1748, was proved Aug. 24, 1748. He gave his son 
his looms and homestead, desiring him to remember his dans. 
Mary and Ann. His wife was apparently dead, and the children 
inherited the land from her held with Ingersoll, Aug. 4, 1752. 
Darius. Lobdell, of Litchfield, Conn., was guardian to Ann. His 
executor was his brother Charles. 

215. Ann, bapt. Oct. 17, 1741. 

216. Mary, bapt. Oct. 17, 1741. 

217. Jared.H- 

John^ of 3IiIford, Connecticut. 315 

71. CHARLES 3 Riebard'^ Jolin,M). in Milford, Comi.; bapt. 
Jan. 24, 170i; resided in Milford. He m., Aug. 6, 1730, Sarah 
Baldwin,^ b. June 9, 1706, as per Town Record, but Family Record 
says 1705, dau. Zachariah - Richard Baldwin.^ He was a tailor. 
He d. Jan. 31, 1783, remembering in his will his dans. Sarah and 
and Susannah, and s. Abraham. 

218. Sarali, b. April 2, 1731; bapt. May 18, 1735; d. y. 

219. Abraham, b. Feb. 18, 173|.+ 

220. Aune, b. Sept. 7, 1736; bapt. 12tli, same iiKJiitli; probably tl. y. She 
receives nothing from her father. 

221. Elijah, bapt. July 8, 1739; d. y. (Information of Iiis nephew.) 

222. Sarah, b. Sept. 17, 1741; bapt. 20th, same month; m. James Fenn. 

223. Susana, bapt. April 17, 1746; survived her fatlier. 

73. EDWARD 3 Richard"^ John,i b. in Milford, Conn.; bapt. 
Oct. 5, 1707. He m., Dec. 6, 1733, Elizabeth riine,=5 b. Nov. 17, 1712, 
dau. Samuel,- of ^Milford, Thomas Hine,^ of Milford. They joined 
the Church in Milford, April 5, 17^t- Rebecca, w. of Edward, 
joined the Church May 7, 1768. He d. April 4, 1778, of con- 
sumption, and the 19th of next month adm. was granted, on his 
insolvent estate, to Amos Baldwin, in right of his wife Sybill, 
dau. of deceased. 

224. Sybill, b. July 15, 1740; m. Amos Baldwin. 

225. Martha, b. Feb. 2, 174i. 

226. Elizabeth, b. July 2, 1750. 

74. JOSIAII* John =^ John Mohn.i He is mentioned, in 1761, 
in the Road Book of Rockaway, iST. J.; had been in Hanover, K. J. 
By tradition, he d. about 1800, aged 99 to 100, and had a son 
Thomas, who moved to Vermont, and took his aged father with 
him. I have found in several quarters trace of quite an emigra- 
tion from the vicinity of Hanover to Vermont. 

227. Thomas. + 

, 76. JOllW John 3 .John,2 of ITewark, jST. J. His will, in 1758, 
names his four daughters : 

232. Doreas. 

233. Joanna. 

234. Mary. 

235. Elizabeth. < 

According to a genealogical tree of Mr. Cougar's, he had also 

236. Joseph. + 

316 Baldwin Genealogy. 

77. OB ADIAH * John ^ John.^ My information about him is 
limited. He and liis wife Susan had 

237. Martin. Buried at Wbippany, N. J., 1742. 

He is mentioned in Rockaway Road Book, in 1761, and, by 
tradition of descendants, had a son 

238. Stephen. + 

78. JAMES* SamueP John,^ b. in iS'ewark, K J., March 6, 
170|. He m., Feb. 21, 1726, Deborah Porter, dau. Daniel Porter, 
of Waterbury, Conn. He is identified by the remarkably thought- 
fnl early Record of Waterbury, which generally, as in this instance, 
state whence came the settlers. His birth is taken from that 
Record. He settled at .Judd's Meadow, in "Waterbury, in 1727. 
Lived at Fulling Mill Brook, perhaps the brook where, a few 
years ago, I found one of his descendants in a fulling mill. In 
1740, he had a grist mill. He was a soldier in the French and 
Indian War, and Deputy in 1747 and 1748. He died in Derby, 
Conn., and owning property in each place.' 

239. Phebe, b. Dec. 25, 1727: m. Stephen Warner, of Waterbury, b. Sept. 
30, 1731. 

240. Silas, b. April 4, 1729. + 

241. Estlier, b. Oct. 14, 1731. 

242. James, b. Dec. 4, 1733. In 1758, lie was intestate, and his estate went to 
Iiis brotliers and sisters here nanaed. 

243. Prudence, b. April 27, 1736. 

244. Reuben, b. about 1740. + 

245. Jesse, on authority of hi.s gr. nephew Riley T. , left a family in Seymour, 
Nov. 11, 1763. Reuben is his adm'r, and he is called of Derby. Among his 
property was some at Fulling Mill Brook, Waterbury. He is said to have been in 
the old French War, as well as his father. 

80. STEPHEN^ Samuel ^ John,^ b. in Kewark, N. J., about 
1707. He was of Il^ewark. He m. Rebecca Ball,^ dau. Joseph, "^ 
of I^ewark, Edward Ball,^ of Branford, Conn., to Newark. He d. 
Oct. 30, 1783, aged 76. He was Deacon of the First Presbyterian 
Church in Newark, and one of the Trustees for that Church, under 
the will of his wife's uncle, Moses Ball. 

249. Hannah, b. 1733; d. May 2, 1735, aged one yr. and 6 mos. 

250. Joseph. + 

251. Daniel (one authority says David). Was he the Daniel whose relict died 
September 1, 1815, aged 89? 

John, oj- llilford, Connecticut. 317 

252. Stephen, was Deacon of the First Clun-ch of Newark. Epitaph: "Erected 
in memory of Deacon Stephen Baldwin, who departed this life in the hope of a 
blessed immortality, Feb. 1, 1810, in the 74th year of his age. 

"His oftlce made the Church his care; 
Her interest was his daily prayer ; 
In holy fear his days were led ; 
By faith he lived, in faith he died. 

Rest here, dear dust, till Jesus comes, and claims His favorite from the tomb.' 
His funeral sermon lies before me, (Newark, 1816,) by his pastor, James Richards, 
D.D., from the text: "Our friend Lazarus sleepeth." 

253. Rebecca. 

254. Susanna, m. Ward, of Newark, N. J., and had a son (583) Stephen, who 
had a son, J. Mortimer Ward. 

81 . JEREMIAH ' Samuel ^ Jolin;^ b. in Newark, and lived tliere ; 
m. as 2"^^ wife, Mehitable, who was mother of Methusaleh. He 
died about 1778. 

255. Methusaleh, b. Dec. 16, 1763. + 

256. Nehemiah S.. says Mr. Congar; though one of his Mss. pedigrees says 
Jeremiah. + 

257. David, used to visit Rev. Methusaleh, it is said. 

258. Jeremiah, is added in one of Mr. Cougar's charts. 

82. CALEB ^ Samuel ^ John ^ John,i b. in Newark, N. J., about 
1718. He d. April 20, 1775, aged 57, and was buried at Mendham, 
N. J.; m. Hannah, probably a Beach, as his will mentions a brother- 
in-law of that name. He according to his gravestone, "A pillar 
in this house of God, was taken out while green." The four ch. 
below survived him : 

259. Jabesh.+ 

260. Caleb, b. October, 1752. + 

261. Mary, b. July 9, 1744; m. Lcbbeus Dodd.-i- 

262. Phebe, b. in 1747; m. Rev. Thaddeus Dodd. + 

83. NEHEMIAH * Samuel ^ John,^ b. in New Jersey about 1722. 
He m. Mary Congar,^ dan. Jonathan,^ John Congar. ^-^ He died 
Nov. 28, 1765, aged 43, called Esquire, and his tombstone says: 

" He, crowned in honor, ruled in Church and State, 
With wisdom, faith and jvistice, truly great." 

* John Congar, in 1670, sold a meadow, and "he did deliver a twig and turf ol the same, declaring that 
he delivered that part in relation to the whole." I remember to have seen early instances of such passing 
of property in Connecticut, and am sorry I carmot tell where. This carries us back to the old forms of 
early law. 

318 Baldwin Genealogy. 

I am sorry I cannot tell more of him and Ills descendants. The 
children below, save Nehemiah, were named in his will : 

363. Nehemiah, b. about 1753; d. Nov. 20, 1765, aged 12. 

264. Isaac. 

265. Joel. 

266. Samuel. 

267. Jesse. Lived in New Jersey, and had (616) Jesse. 

268. Caleb. Lived in New Jersey, and had ch. : (617) Samuel, (618) Caleb, and 
(619) John. 

269. Hannah. 

270. Eunice. 

271. Sarah. 

272. Phebe. 

84. ESTHEK* Samuel ^ John,^ m. Samuel Parkhurst, of ^^ewark, 
N". J., s. Benjamin of Newark ; was buried the day before the 
British armv entered Newark, in 1776. He died in 1783. 

273. Stephen. Settled in Springfield, N. J., and had ch. 

274. Caleb, m. Lydia Lyon, who d. Aug. 15, 1785, aged 40. He d. Feb. 7, 
1817, aged 73. He had 2nd wife. Eunice Brown: d. October. 1778.* 

275. David, d. October, 1778, and had John, Samuel, David, and Mary, who 
m. Abner Woodruff. 

276. Samuel (Rev.), graduated at Princeton; d. at Blooming Grove, N. J., in 
early life, leaving ch. : Nathaniel and Way}'. 

* In possession of Lucius D. Baldwin, Esq., of Xewark, is a Genealogical Chart of the descendants of 
John, Sen., of Newark, made for him by Mr. Congur, containing his additions to his book, and also 
additions made by Mr. Baldwin, who has taken more pains than any other to complete it. As it is in Mss. 
and too valuable to be lost, I give these lines fuller than usual. 

I. CALEB PARKHURST, had children : 

1st. Henry L., who had ch.: Almira, m. William Garthwaite; Henry L., m. Antoinette Drake! 
and Hannah J.; m. the late Samuel H. Cons,^r, the noted genealogist. 

2nd. Jabez, who had a son William. 

3rd. Nehemiah. 

4th. John. 

5th. Samuel. 

6th. David. 

7th. Stephen, who had ch.: John, Samuel, Da\id, Abraham and Samuel Cynis. David, last 
named, had four sons : Herman, Abner W., Ward and Archibald. Abraham had Jonathan and Charles. 
The ch. of Caleb differ from Mr. Cougar's book. 

The Chart gives, as descendants of MARY CRANE, children as follows : 

1st. Esther, m. Joseph Baldwin, entered in its proper place. 

2nd. Sanuiel Crane, had Nathaniel and Duryea, twins ; C.vrus and H. Crane, twins ; Zena, m. A. 
Grover; Caleb L., and three daus. 

3rd. Joseph Crane, had Eliezer; Daniel, m. H. Crane; Noah, m. Grover; Nathaniel, Harrison, 
and fonr daus. 

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 319 

85. MAEY^ Samuel 3 Joliu,- m. Xoali Craue. 

277. Esther, m. Joseph Bakhviu,5 probablj' s. i^rou* Timothys jyim 2 Johu.i 

278. Samuel. 

279. Joseph C. 

280. Elizabeth, m. John R. Craue. 

281. Caleb C. 

282. Mehitable, m. Gen. "William Gould. 

[For the lines further, see Note.] 

98. A'AEON^ Timothy^ John,- of New Jersey, and I suppose 
of Xewark. He m. Dorcas Camp, and d. May 21, 1764, aged 45. 
His will was proved in 1765. His wife survived. 

291. Joseph. 

292. Justus. It appears by his will that he had Johu, Isaac, James, Jacob, 
David, Samuel, Charles, Sally, Elizabeth, Ann and Catharine. He had, also, Aaron, 
d. April 21, 1781, aged 7 mos., and Samuel, d. June 17, 1791, aged 7 ja's. 

293. Aaron. + 

294. Daughter, b. about 1738; m. 1st, Joshua Bruen,4 of Newark, N. J., son of 
John 3 John 2 Obadiah Bruen. i He d. Aug. 24, 1776, aged 38. They had ch. : (634) 
John, and (635) Esther; and .she m. 2utl, James Bruen. 

295. Martha, d. Sept. 24, 1748, aged 1 day. 

296. Timothy, d. Jan. 16, 1749, aged 19 days. 

4th. Elizabeth Crane, ni. John K. Crane ; had Marj% m. A. Canfieki ; Nehemiah, m. P. Jones; 
Henry ; Sarah, m. Stagg ; Hetty ; Nathaniel, m. N. Taylor. 

5th. Caleb Crane, had Gypsoni, ni. L. Crane; P , ni. Hedges; Zenas, ni. -M. Harrison ; Maria, 

Lydia, Steele and Betsey. 

€th. Mehitable Crane, m. Gen. William Gould, and had ch.: 

I. Mary, ni. Robert Baldwin, father of Lucius Da\id. 

n. Johnson N., m.'Elizabeth Reeves, and had a son Lucius D., wliohaJ ch.: Anne, George and 

Frank; a son William, m. Catharine E. : a son Stejihen, m. E. Gould ; and a son Edward. 
HI. Phebe Gould, ni. Moses F , and had ch.: Sarah, ni. E. Higgins, and Edward, m. H. 


IV. Betsey Gould, m. Dr. Abner Reeves. 

V. Stephen, d. y. 

VI. Emily Gould, d. imni. 

VII. Charlotte Gould, m. Joseph Harrison, and had ch. : Abl)y G. and Henry Kittridge. 
vin. Nathaniel Gould, m. Mary Ward. 

IX. Harriet, d. unm. 

X. William, m. Charlotte Ward. 
Ki. Stephen Gould, in. Sarah. 

The gentleman last named is President of the very consenative and successful "Americau Insurance 
Company*' of Newark. 

320 Baldwin Genealogy. 

99. ELIJAH 4 Nathaniel =^Jolin,2b. 1717,iat E^ewark, K J.; d. 
Jan. 8, 1766, aged 48 yrs. 3 mos. 13 days. His will names cli.: 

297. Nathaniel. -f- 

298. Elias. Was lie the Capt. Elias whose wife Mary d. Nov. 4, 1788, in her 
39th year, buried at Morristown, N. J. '? 

299. Cornelius, b. in Elizabeth, N. J. + 

300. Luther, according to Congar, had (650) Calvin W, 

301. Zaccheus, according to Congar's chart, had (651) Jeremiah, and (652) 

302. Jonathan, m. Hannah ; was of the first ch. in Newark, and had ch. ; 

Hannah, d. Dec. 25, 1790, aged 6 mos. and 12 days, and (654) Simeon. 

303. Phebe. 

304. Hannah. 

100. ROBERT* NathanieP John,^ b. about 1717, and likely 
twin to Elijah, of Orange, ]^. J. He d. iSTov. 16, 1772, aged 54. 
His will names his w. Eunice and ch. below: 

305. Abner, d. withovit issue. 

306. Caleb. 

307. Zadock, b. about 1752. + 

308. Matthias had (663) Caleb, m. Budd, and (664) Charlotte, m. Joseph Crane. 

309. Linus, b, about 1760; m. Crane, and had ch. : Rhoda, Joseph, .Justus, 
Robert, Elijah, Linus and Matthias. 

310. Mary. 

105. JOSEPH* :t^athaniel3 John,^ b. in Newark, N. J., about 
1729 ; d. Oct. 13, 1792, aged 63 yrs. 6 mos. He m. Eunice ;Coe, 
dau. Benjamin Coe, of Newark, who d. Aug. 24, 1801, aged 74 yrs. 
3 mos. 4 days. His will names his ch.: 

316. Mary, or the next 

317. Abby, m. and has, in 1875, a dau, in Newark, (672) Miss Catharine 

318. Eunice, d. unm. July 20, 1843, aged 75 >ts. 5 mos. 

319. Ezra, b. May 30, 1773. + 

106. JONATHAN* Nathaniel John,^ b. in Newark, N. J., about 
1731 ; m. Sarah Sargeant. He graduated at the College of New 
Jersey, and d. Nov. 28, 1816, aged 85 yrs. 6 mos. 6 days; his wife 
d. May 29, 1804, aged 68. 

320. Charles. Lawyer. 

321. William S. , according to Congar's chart, had Charles S. and William S. 

322. Siisan. 

323. Elizabeth Davidson, 

and four sons remembered, but not named in his will, and all unm. 
in 1816. 

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 321 

109. MATTHIAS ^ Jouatlinn - John,2 b. in Newark, N. J., abrut 
1719 ; was of Elizabethtown, N. J. He d. July 13, 1759, aged 40 ; 
and his tombstone says he was "a good neiglibor, a generous 
friend, an earnest promoter of the public good." He m. Sarah 
Dodd, dau. Isaac, of Bloomfield, ]^. J.; she was b. March 26, 1753, 
and d. March, 1838. She survived, and m. a King ; no ch. She 
was sister of Joanna, who m. Deacon Ichabod Baldwin. 

339. Isaac. 

340. Matthias. + 

341. Lucy, Jan. 31, 1770; m., Nov. 24, 1791, Nathaniel Dod, s. .Joshua 3 Ste- 
phen. 2 Lived in Bloomfield, N. J., and had (681) Bcthuel, Feb. 2, 1793, who went 
to Richmond, Va., and d. there, Aug. 32, 1817, unm.. (683) Matthias, Nov. 31, 
1794, a harness maker, d. xVpril 15, 1863; (683) Robert L., May 31, 1797, disappeared 
at the age of 27; (684) Alvin Harvey, June 30, 1803; (685) William Burton, June 29^ 
1806, d. Oct. 29, 1834. Lucy, the mother, d. April 3, 1842. 

343. Lydia, d. unm. 

One authority gives a son, 

343. William, had a son (686) Jonathan. 

111. SAMUEL^ Samuel 3 Josiah^ John,^ b. in Milford, Conn., 
Feb. 17, 170f . He m., Dec. 25, 1723, Mercy Allen, who d. 1790. In 
1737, he received a deed from his brothers. In 1742, he is Samuel 
B., Jr., of the Society of Amity, which afterwards became the town 
of Woodbridge, Conn.; Samuel B., Sen., being s. Nathaniel ^ 
John.^ In Milford, in 1724, he was "y« 3'''' of y*^ name," the others 
being his father and the one just named. His will is dated 1773, 
Society of Amity, Milford township, proved April 5, 1785, when 
it was the town of Woodbridge. His wife d. about 1790 or 1791 
(date gone), but identified as mother-in-law to Capt. Bradley. 

347. Mercy, b. Nov. 1, 1734; m., Feb. 13, 1744, Capt. Timothy Bradley, New 
• Haven, s. Benjamin and Martha (Tuttle) Bradley, of that place. Martha Tuttle 

was sister of Mehitable, wife of Barnabas^ Baldwin, Barnabas '-^ Richard. i They 
had ch.: (687) Eunice, May 3, 1746; (688) Silas, JiUy 26, 1748; (689) Mary, Aug. 5, 
1750; (690) David, Fel». 16, 1753. 

348. Cibil, Sibella or Sybil (all these forms appear), b. Nov. 23, 1738; m., Nov, 
4, 1748, Alexander Booth, of New Haven, Conn. 

349. Samuel, b. April 10, 1781. + 

By his will, he gives his son his shop, tools, &c., but survived 

113. CALEB ^ Samuel 3 Josiah,2 b. in Milford, Conn., July 26, 
1704. He m., Jan. 29, 17^5 ^n" Tibbals. It appears, by deeds 

322 Baldwin Genealogy. 

in Milford Eecords, that she wiis dau. Thomas Tibbals and Sarah 
his wife, who was dau. Nathaniel Briscoe or BristoL They both 
joined the Church in Milford, in 1741, He was Caleb, Jr., of 
JSTewtown, Conn., Caleb, Sen., being bapt. 1702, s. Daniel^ Daniel ^ 
Nathaniel.! His will, dated Dec. 20, 1763, proved April 2, 1782, 
remembers his wife, and ch., Jared, Ann, Thaddeus, Sarah and 

350. Jared, b. Jau. 30, 173i; bapt. in Milford, 1732. + 

351. Auu, b. Nov. 15, 1733; d. wiJ:hout issue after 1763, and prior to 1786, 
wlieu lier fatlier's estate was distributed. She m., Jan. 14, 1755, Benjamin Hawley, 
of Newl^erry. 

353. Thaddeus, b. Feb. 16, 173|; bapt. FeT). 32.+ 

353. Caleb, b. 1740, iu Newtown. He was of Danbury, Conn., where his will 
was proved, Nov. 21, 1794. He remembers his w. Martha, and his three younger 
ch. : (730) Mary, eldest, m. Dr. James Sanford, and d. before her father, who left 
nothing to her or her heirs, if any; (731) Cloe, m. Nathaniel Northrup; (733) Samuel, 
elder son and executor; (723) Philemon. 

354. Sarah, b. July 2, 1745. Her will iu Danbury Probate, Dec. 19, 1777, gives 
$5 each to Sarah and Anna, daus. Wait Northrup, and the balance to children of 
Ambrose, s. Matthew Baldwin. 

855. Matthew, b. April 18, 1748.+ 

114. PELEG * Samuel 3 Josiah,2b. in Milford, Conn., Feb. 13, 
1708. He remained in Milford, and d. 1797. He m. Abigail, who 
d. July 27, 1776, aged 62. She was perhaps Abigail Camp, as 
Feb. 7, 1743, they convey to brother Gideon Camp. 

356. Samuel, d. before .July 16, 1778, as his father's will of that date remembers 
the son and dau. of his son Samuel, deceased. The sou was bapt. 1754. 

357. Hiel, bapt. Oct. 19, 1735. + 

358. Philene, b. Oct. 21, 1739. 

359. Rebecca Clark. 

360. Solomon, is exec'r with Hiel, but iu 1791 he relinquishes the trust. 

In 1776, he was in Capt. Samuel Peck's Company, of Milford. 

115. JOEL 4 SamueP Josiah,^ b. in Milford, Conn., July 11, 
1711 ; m,, Dec. 26, 1734, Abigail Fenn. His estate was adminis- 
tered in August, 1771, and his wife survived. 

361. Susanna, b. May 18, 1736; m.. Dec. 16, 1753, Peter Hepl)urn, She died 
before August, 1771, leaving ch. : (739) Peter, (730) Susana, and (731) Abigail. 

362. Joel, b. May 25, 1739; bapt. June 24, 1741. but d. without issue before 1771. 

363. Parthena, m., July 26, 1765, Samuel Sanford. Jr. 

364. Ashl)el, bapt. March 31. 1751. + 



John, of Milford, Connecticut. 823 

116. JOSIAH* Joslah'* Josiah^ b. m Derby, Conn., Sept. 17, 
ITOl, which record I prefer to the date, in Killing-worth Record, 
Sept. 1. His father removed with his family to Killingworth, 
Con!i. He d. in Clinton, Conn., June, 1789, aged 88; his wife, 
April 2, 1789, aged 84. He m., Dec. 1, 1724, Mary Il^ettleton, 
who d. July 18, 1752, and he must have m. the 2'"' time. His adm'r 
was his son Josiah, and his estate thirty acres in the First Society 
of Killingworth (now Clinton). 

365. Mary, b. July 11, 1731. 

366. Josiah, b. Feb. 27, 1736. + 

He was called " Capt. Sigh," say the descendants of his brother, 
Capt. Caleb. By tradition, he m. 2"^^' Elizabeth Crane. 

125. ELEAZER4 Josiah ^ Josiah, ^ b. in Killingworth, Conn., 
Aug. -31, 1717. He m., Oct. 3, 1744, Experience Buell, and d. in 
Killingworth. Adm. was granted on his estate in 1753 ; inven- 
tory, £2,070. His wife survived many years, to be nearly a hundred 
years old, never used glasses, and retained her faculties very com- 

380. Jared, b. June 30, 1745, said to liave lived and died in Rutland countj% 
Vt. He m., but had no ch. ; was a farmer, and d. about 1839-'40. He -was a good 
Presbyterian, and liuilt liimself a church near his house. 

381. Frederick, b. Jan. 20, 1748. + 

383. Mary, b. April 20, 1750, called in Probate, Mercy; ra. Herman Spofford, 
of Rutland, Yt. She d. there. She had a dan. (750) Phebe, who m. 

383, Joel, b. June 13, 1752, said to have lived and died in Rutland county, Yt. ; 
had ch., and d. long before Jared, near whom he lived. 

By tradition, the two sons, other than Frederick, were in the 
Battle of Saratoga, at the surrender of Burgoyne. Just before the 
surrender of Burgoyne, their mother went on horseback from 
Saybrook to the American camp, laden with stockings, shirts and 
other articles of comfort for her children. Jared, her son, says: 
"A few days after her departure, the battle was fought, during 
which our guns became so heated by repeated tiring, that they 
were unfit for use, and the guns of the killed were picked up and 
used instead.'" 

127. CALEB * Josiah ^ Josiah,^ b. in Killingworth, Conn., May 
2, 1723. He m., April 16, 1761, at Killingworth, Jerusha Par- 
melee, b. Feb. 23, 1741, dau.Ezra and Jemima (Bushnell) Parmelee. 
He was a revolutionary soldier and Captain throughout the war. 

324 Baldwin Genealogy. 

He settled, soon after the war, in Clermont, N. H. He was of the 
2nd Connecticut Regiment, and retired Jan. 1, 1783, as appears 
by the Journal of Capt. Jonathan Heart, in possession of che 
Historical Society of Cleveland. 

384. Lois, b. Feb. 1, 1763, at Killingwortli ; m. Aml)rose Redfield.+ 

385. Eleazer, b. Oct. 21, 1764. + 

386. Dan or Daniel, b. Oct. 23, 1767, in Killingworth, Conn. ; settled with Ms 
father, in Clermont, N. H., and d. there, 1862, aged 95. It is said he had ch. : (764) 
Ezra, lawyer, and d. in Philadelphia some fifty years ago; (765) Orren, some ten 
years ago, 1866, was living in Nuckhannoch, Penn. ; (766) Lorenzo, d. in Cleremont, 
N. H., some fifty years ago; (767) Sophia; (768) Harriet; (769) Myranda ; (770) Polly; 
(771) Louisa; (772) Philene. 

387. Barbara, b. Oct. 19, 1769. 

388. Ezra, b. Sept. 5, 1771; with family, settled west about 1811. 

389. Jeru.sha, b. Aug. 9, 1774. 

390. Caleb, b. Aug. 9, 1776. + 

391. Philemon, b. Oct. 29, 1778. + 

392. Jemina, b. Sept. 9, 1780. 

Capt. Caleb is named in SaffelTs Revolutionary Records as in 
a list of ofKcers entitled to half-pay, commutation and bounty 
land, under early acts, as served to the end of the war. He and 
others of his relatives settled in New Hampshire and Vermont. 
He died, saj^s Saffell, in Cheshire county, N. H., Sept. 5, 1823. 
His descendants say Dec. 6. In 1787, [he moved from Killing- 
worth to Wilmington, Yt., and about ten years after to Cleremont. 

134. JACOB ' Joseph ^ i;rathaniel ^ John,i b. probably in Mil- 
ford, perhaps in Stratford, Jan. 20, 171|. He m. April 11, 1744, 
Rebecca Terril, dan. Samuel Terril, who, Sept. 25, 1756, left her 
£20. He d. in Bethlehem, Conn,, July 4, 1797; identity proved 
by his age and his children. His wife d. July 14, 1802, aged 76. 

393. Reuben, b. Sept. 28, 1746. 

394. Naomi, b. Nov. 6, 1747; d. Nov. 4, 1750. 

395. Lois, b. Sept. 14, 1750; m. Asa Dudley; living 1795. 

396. Naomi (the 2nd), bapt. April 22, 1752; m. Martain, and living 1795. 

397. Parmenas (son), bapt. Dec. 16, 1753; living 1795. 

398. Mary Naomi, bapt. June 12, 1757; not in her father's will, and likely d. y. 

148. JOHi^* Elnathan ^ Joseph - John,i b. in New Haven, Amity 
Parish, July 6, 1717. I think he was John, of Ridgetield, Conn. 
He m. Abigail Northrup, May 7, 1751 ; d. Xov. 9, 1809, and his 
wife in May or June, 1808. 

409. Abigail, b. June 13, 1752. 

410. Esther, b. Oct. 17, 1757; m. John Benedict, Jr.s +. 

J olm, of 3Iilf<yrd, Connecticut. 325 

149. JONAH * Eliiathau ^ Joseph^ b. in New Haven, Parish of 
Amity, Oct. 12, 1719 ; m., April 20, 1743, Mary Thompson, sister 
of James Thompson, Jr., of New Haven. Sept. 18, 1786, adm. of 
his estate was granted to Levi Ives, principal creditor, the two 
sons of the deceased desiring it. 

411. Jolm, b. Sept. 10, 1743. + 

413. CUloe, b. June 14, 1746. 

413. Auieie, b. July 14, 1753. 

414. Silas, b. March 9, 1757. Was he uot of Ridgefield, Conn. ? 

156. JOHN^ John ^ George- John,^ b. in Branford, Conn., May 
9, 1717. He was John 3'''^^' of Branford. Although there were 
four Johns in active life in Branford at once, they are carefully 
kept distinct in the Records, so that confusion is avoided. He m. 
Abigail AVardell, of Branford, April 20, 1740. Both owned the 
covenant there in 1751, at which time their three sons, then living, 
were bapt. Sept. 8. • 

427. Peter, b. Nov. 8, 1741; lived iu Branford; m. 1st, Sept. 13, 1767, Anna 
Johnson; 2nd, June g^ 1773; Mary; administration was gi'auted her June 18, 1776, 
and she m. 2nd, Thompson. His son (798) Simeon was bapt. Feb. 14. 1768. 

438. Simeon, b. Nov. 24, 1744. 
- 439. Levi, b. Sept. 23, 1747; d. June 20, 1750. 

430. John, b. Sept. 13, 1750. + 

431. Levi, b. June 30, 1753: m., Dec. 31, 1775, Sarah Olds; administration of 
his estate, as of Branford, was granted her, Dec. 17, 1777, and she d. May 19, 1778, 
in her 22nd year. Their son (809) Levi was b. Dec. 12, 1776. 

433. Abigail, b. Sept. 23, 1756, ; bapt. Oct. 31. 

158. SAMUEL ' John ^ George,^ bapt. Dec. 9, 1725, in Branford, 
Conn., and lived there; m., x\pril 15, 1746, Hannah Hoadley, and 
had ch.: 

433. Hannah, b. Nov. 20, 1746; m., 1773, Bartholomew Goodrich. 

434. Samuel, b. Sept. 20, 1748; d. Sept. 20, 1752. 

435. Sarah, b. Feb. 1, 1750; m. Archelaus Barker, of Branford, and had three 
ch., one of whom, living there in 1875, was (810) James, a Deacon. 

436. William, b. April 3, 1754, of Southington; m. Feb. 14, 1816, Cynthia 
Peck, of Wallingford. 

437. Samuel, l)apt. August, 1756; settled in Soutliiugton, Conn., and had at 
least the following two ch., who came to Branford to visit theu* cousin James 
Barker: (811) Marcus and (812) William, believed to be living, iu 1874, in New 
Haven, Conn. 

438. Ebenezer, b. Feb. 18, 1760. 

Deacon James Barker, his grandson, says that he and some of 
his family moved to Stonington, Conn. 


326 Baldwin Genealogy. 

160. JAMES ^ John 3 George,-^ b. in Branford, Conn., about 1731, 
and d. there, Sept. 27, 1811, aged 80. He m., May 23, 1783, Dee ire 
Parmelee, of Branford, who died, says her tombstone, Jan. 28, 1807, 
aged 76; but the Church Record says 1806, of apoplexy. The 
Church Record says he d. of old age, aged 82. He lived in that 
part of Branford towards ^N'orth Branford, and called, I believe, 
the Plains. He had a grist mill, as well as a farm. 

439. Zacclieus, b. .Jan. 9, 1754.4- 

440. Nicodemus, b. Aug. 4, 1755. + 

441. Sarah, b. Feb. 5, 1757; bapt. March 3; m., Oct. 3, 1776, Benjamin Tyler, 
of Branford. 

442. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 24, 1758. 

442*. Gamaliel, b. Jan. 31, 1760; m., Sept. 15, 1784, Mary Sheklou. He d. Jan. 
6, 1825, aged 65; his w. 1858, aged 92; no ch. Both joined the Church, 1793. 

443. Tabathi Cumi, bapt, March 13, 1763; d. Aug. 7, 1792, aged 29, of "putrid 
fever:" unm. 

444. Desire, bapt. Sept. 2, 1764; m., June 18, 1790, Jared Palmer. 

445. Rachel, bapt. Aug. 31, 1766; d. April 25, 1825, aged 58; unm. 

446. Joseph, bapt. July 3, 1768; d. Dec. 13, 1838, aged 70; no ch. 

He gave his property to Mary Maria McCoy, who was to give 
his sisters one Bible each. He and Gamaliel had one half of the 
grist mill. 

170. ISRAEL * Israel^ George,^ b. in Branford, Conn., Decem- 
ber, 1721; the Town Record says 21st, while a Family Record, in 
an old account book, says 25th. He remained in Branford, and 
was Israel, of Bear Place. He m., Dec. 27, 1744, Lydia Frisbie, 
and d. Aug. 2, 1767, aged 46 ; his wife d. Nov. 25, 1767, aged 48. 

447. Jacob, b. Oct. 2, 1746. In 1781, he convey.s land to his brother I.srael, 
describing himself as late of Branford, and then of Granville, Hampshire county, 
Mass. May 1, 1798, adm. is given of his estate there to his widow Lucy, and 
June 4, she is guardian, children: (824) Heman, b. about 1787; (825) Polly, about 
1789; (826) s. Dennis, about 1791; (827) Russell, about 1793; (828) Fanny, about 
1795; and (829) Lucy, about 1797. In this inventory, he is called Lieutenant. A 
division ot the estate was made April 20, 1813, and the widow" had then m. Joseph 
W. Seymour. 

448. Tryphenia. 

449. Lydia. Is she not the one who m., March 15, 1786, Elisha Scoville? 

450. Israel. + 

451. Heman. + 

171. Ai\ RON.! Israel George,2b. Sept. 3, 1724, in Branford, 
Conn., and remained there. He was Deacon in the Church there 
He m., 'Nov. 30, 1748, Sarah Frisbie. 

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 327 

452. Aaron (twiu to Moses), b. Doc. 17, 1749; d. 17tli next January. 

453. Moses (twin), b. Dec. 17, 1749. + 

454. Sarah, b. Dec. 17, 1751; m. Jacob Page, and both living in 1812. 

455. Tryphenia, 1). June 25, 1752; m. Reuben Lindsley, and both living, 1812. 

456. Aaron, b. Jan. 5, 1754, or Jan. 8, 1755. + 
. 457. Joseph, b. Dec. 26, 1758.+ 

458. Jonathan, Dec. 9, 1760. + 

459. Abigail, b. Dee. 27, 1763; m. Pitmaii Burt, and both living 1812. 

460. Mary, b. Jan. 18, 1766; m. Hezikiah Bassett, of Hamden, and both living 
in 1812. 

461. David, b. Aug. 25, 1769; d. y. 

462. Jerusha, b. July 22, 1771; d. 1774. 

463. Lament, 1). Feb. 13, 1774; m. Bela Parmelee. 

464. Jerusha, unm. in 1812. 

178. SAMUEL * Israel -^ George,- b. in Brauford, Conn ., Aug. 14, 
17-39 ; July 10, 1760, as Samuel, Jr., m. Lucy Iloadley, of Eraii- 
ford. His identity is proved by a deed the same year from his 
father, indexed to Samuel 2"''- His wife's estate was distributed 
in 1825. 

470. Tryphenia, b. Oct. 28, 1761; living, 1825. 

471. Deborah, b. July 29, 1763; living, 1825; ni. Tibbals, of Wallingford. 

472. Clarinda, b, Dec, 12, 1765; in 1825, w. Sherman Robinson, of New 
Haven, Conn. 

473. Samuel, b. March 7, 1768; m. Lois Palmer. He joined the Church as 
Samuel 3rd, 1799. In 1814, took a general letter of dismissal, and I know no 
more of. him. 

474. Lucy, b. April 13, 1772; living, 1825. 

475. Ammi, b. Dec. 5, 1776; as Benammi, m., Dec. 24, 1810, 3Iercy Hoadley. 
Adm,, 1823, to his brother Augustus. His sou (826) Edgar is said, in 1873, to be in 
East or Fair Haven. 

476. Benjamin, b. Sept. 2, 178i. + 

477. Augustus, -b. May 26, 1782. + 

478. Milla, in 1825, w. of Edward Lindsley, of Branford. 

479. Phebe, in 1825, w. of Benjamin L. Carter.- 

480. Lament. 

179. EPHRAIM * Israel ^ George,^ b. in Branford, Conn., Oct. 7, 
1743. Lived in North Branford. He m., March 18, 1774, Keziah 
Whedon . He removed to Simsbury, Hartford county, Conn., about 
1805, and d. there, 1818. 

481. Nancy, b. Sept. 17, 1774. 

482. Jemmy, or James, b. March 13, 1776. + 

483. Eunice, 1). Feb. 10, 1778, 

484. Jesse, b., says the Town Record, Sept. 16, 1780. + 

485. Martha, b. Deer 23, 1783. 

486. Isaac, died, it is said, a few years ago, leaving a son (888) James, living^ 
1874, in Fair Haven, Conn., and a daughter then living in Nortli Haven, Conn. 

328 Baldwin Genealogy. 

180. DANIEL 4 DanieP George,'^ b. in Brauford, Conn., Oct. 18, 
1731 ; m., Dec. 25, 1755, Theodosia Barker. 

487. Mabel, b. June 16, 1757. " 

488. Joel, b. July 16, 1759. + 

489. Linus, b. April 8, 1768. Adm. 1823 or 1832, to Jesse Linsley; uo cli. 

490. Daniel, b. Julj^ 12, 1766; went to New Hartford, near Utica, jST. Y., where 
lie lived to be quite old. He had but one son (897) Henry. 

491. Eunice, b. May 20, 1769. 

492. David, b. Aug. 12, 1772. ^ 

181. GEORGE 4 Daniel ^ George,^ b. in Branford, Conn., Sept. 9, 
1733. He ra., July 2, 1766, Hannah Frisbie, of Branford. His 
children were born in Branford, but he moved to Washington, 

493. Stephen, b. April 80, 1770.+ 

494. Hezikiah, b. May 4, 1771. + 

495. Khoda, b. Feb. 28 1772. 

496. Abigail (twin to Elizabeth), b. Nov. 4, 1774. 

497. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 4, 1774. 

187. :N'OAH^Is^oah3George,2b. in Branford, Conn., Nov. 18, 
1738 ; m., Jan. 12, 1763, Abigail Frisbie ; who both joined the 
Church the same year. He " died in y'^ army of New York, 2 Sept., 
1776." June 17, 1777, adm. was given to his wife, and estate to 
her and son 

498. Edward, b. 1768. + 

188. EBENEZER * Noah ^ George,^ b. in Branford, Conn., Sept. 

28, 1741. He m. Lydia Foote. He* returned from the Revolu- 
tionary Army, at New York, sick, and d. Feb. 3, 1777. His wife 

499. Ebenezer, March 21, 1771. He m., Sept. 3, 1793, Rebecca Higby, and 
settled in Wallingford, Conn. , perhaps in that part now Meriden. He had a son 
Alfred, b. July 7, 1798, and then disappears from the records. 

500. Abigail, b. July 17, 1772. 

200. JOHN * John ^ Richard '^ John,^ b. in Branford, Conn., Dec. 

29, 1717. He was John 4*'^' of Branford. He lived in that part 
now Northford. He m., March 18, 1741, Margary Tyler: she d. 
Dec. 27, 1751, and he m. Nov. 28, 1764, Lucy Tyler. The North- 
ford Record says his 1** wife d. 1750, aged 35. He was at New 
Haven, Conn., when Monday, July 5, 1779, the Fourth was cele- 
brating. That morning the British landed at West Haven, and 

John, of Mllford, Connecticut. 329 

marched into New Haven on the Westville road. Tliev were 
galled by militia, and seem to have been wantonly crnel. Dr. 
Daggett, then President of Yale, was taken prisoner. In his 
affidavit, he states he was wounded several times after his com- 
plete surrender. The number of Americans killed was twenty- 
seven, and wounded nineteen, the great number of killed being 
explained by many of them, already wounded, being killed with 
bayonets. Among the killed was this John Baldwin, of Branford. 
He m., S'''^' Catharine, who m. 2"'^' Sutliff; and in 1792, her dower 
was distributed to three of the children below and heirs of Am- 
brose. (Wallingford Eecords.) 

505. Margaiy, b. Feb. 9, 1743, is remembered by her grandfather, iu 1763, but 
in 1780 was dead. 

506. Elizabeth, b. May 13, 1743; m. Griffin, and living, 1792. 

507. Elihu, b. Jan. 21, 1745. + 

508. Lydia, b. Feb. 16, 1747; m. 1774, S. Rose; not in tlie distribution of 1780, 
bnt in that of 1792, as Lydia Bunnill. 

509. Ambrose, b. Oct. 29, 1750. + 

201. RICHARD ^ John 3 Richard,^ b. in Branford, Conn., Oct. 
17, 1721. He m. 1**- May 30, 1745, Eunice Bassett, of Milford, 
Conn. He m. 2"*^- Margaret, and he and 2"^^ wife joined the Church 
1761. He d. in Branford, Jan. 20, 1783. 

510. Eunice, bapt. March 2, 1746; d. y. 

511. Eunice, bapt. Dec. 10, 1747; d. y. 

512. Edward, b. Nov. 25, 1749; bapt. next day; d. J^ 

By his 2"'^ wife, he had 

513. William (twin), b. Oct. 4, 1760. Some old person in North Branford 
thinks he went to Norwich, Conn, (or is it William, s. Samuel, and m. Aurelia Ann?) 
and had three ch. : Imogene Augusta, Elizur C. and George. 

514. Edward (twin) b. Oct. 4, 1760. I know of his existence only by the 
Church Record of baptism, Jan. 3, 1762; he and William, twins. He no doubt d. y., 
as nothing is known of him by tradition or recollection. 

515. Margaret, bapt. Dec. 18, 1763. 

204. BENJAMIN * John ^ Richard, '- b. in Branford, Conn., July 
15, 1728. In 1763, was exec'r of his father. I do not trace him, 
unless he was Capt. Benjamin, of Branford, who m., April 27? 
1780, Lydia Branford ; and son 

517. Benjamin, b. Feb. 7, 1781. 


330 Baldwin Genealogy. 

- He m. 2"d, March 1, 1794, Elizabeth Hart, of Walliiigford, He 
m. 3'-'i> Feb. 11, 1796, Lois Moss, of Wallingford, and had ch.: 

518. Lois, Dec. 31, 1796. 

519. Juliana, b. March. 32, 1799. 

These children appear on the Wallingford Records. Entries in 
regard to this branch of the family (North Branford) frequently 
appearing in that record. I find a Lois Moss, dan. Solomon, b. 
in ^N"., Jan. 7, 1730, but it would seem quite improbable to be this. 

205. GIDEON 4 John3 Richard,MD. in Branford, Conn., Aug. 3, 
1730, was of the parish, now town of Northford, Conn. He died 
before 1817, leaving a son 

520. Pliinelias, b. 1768. He joined the Chiivch in Northford (north part of 
Branford), Feb. 26. 1797, and d. in 1832, aged 64. He m. Molly, who survived. 
He had ch. : (925) Gideon; (926) Chauncey, b. about 1795; estate derived from his 
Uncle Phinehas, Jan. 28, 1824, to the other three ch. : (927) Cloe, and (928) Elizabeth 
H., who m. Charles Smitli. 

211. FKEELOVE^ Phinehas ^ Richard,-Lb. in Milford, Conn., 
Dec. 5, 1728 ; m. Capt. Stephen Stow,^ of Milford. He was b. in 
Middletown, Conn., May 22, 1726, s. Deacon Samuel* and Esther 
(Mould) Stow. Esther Mould was dan. Hugh. Deacon Samuel * 
Stow was s. Thomas ^ and Bethia (Stocking) Stow, s. Thomas - and 
Mary (Cragg) Stow, from Roxbury, Mass., to Middletown, s. 
John^ and Elizabeth (Bigg) Stow, who came, in 1634, from Kent, 
England. Capt. Stephen was a mariner. He settled in Milford 
about 1750. His will, dated Jan. 27, 1777, gives the use of his 
estate to his widow until his youngest child is of age ; to Stephen, 
all his money and debt from Capt. Miles ; to son Jedidah, a watch 
and Gillette lot, and all the money he has or shall earn in the 
service of the United States. He d. Feb. 8, 1777, just twelve 
days after making the will, as follows: Jan. 1, 1777, a British 
Cartel ship landed at Milford two hundred sick soldiers from the 
Sugar House and Ship Prisons of New York. These miserable 
victims of inhuman incarceration were suffering with small-pox 
and other loathsome diseases ; and it was difficult, in those days 
of dreaded small-pox, to get nurses. Our hero volunteered for 
this service, and died of the disease. A soldiers' monument stands 
in Milford, erected to the forty-six soldiers, who died in Milford 
during January, 1777; and in 1872, the Legislature of Connecticut 

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 331 

resolved to have placed, on one side of this monument, an inscrip- 
tion to Mr. Stow. An inscription was selected, composed by 
George F. Tattle, one of his descendants, but in 1875 the fnnds 
had not been collected to cut it. 

521. Stepheu, b. 1753. (See Note.) 

522. Samuel, b. . (See Note.) 

523. Esther, m. Dea. Jolm Stone, of Soutbbiuy. (See Note.) 

524. Jedidah, b. 1757. (See Note.) 

525. John, b. 1760. (See Note.) 

526. William, m. Elizabeth BaUhvin, dau. Amos. She d. March 10, 1838; he, 
at Santa Cruz, Jan. 11, 1792. Had three ch. 

527. Phinehas, of Milford, m., Aug. 14, 1797, Mary Piatt, and d. 1811, leaving 
Marcus, who m., Feb. 18, 1834, Mary Baldwin, dau. of Beard; Luke, who d. unra. ; 
and Hannah Maria, who m., Oct. 18, 1835, Louis Ferris. 

The second volume of the Publications of the New Haven Colo- 
nial Historical Society, in an article by Thomas R. Trowbridge, Jr., 
gives the following sketch : 

"The house which has the reputation of being the most ancient 
in Milford, is the one known as the ' Stowe house,' standing on 
Wharf street, near the harbor. It was built at least as early as 
1689, of medium size, two stories, with a high garret, covered with 
a gable roof, and, as usual with houses of that period, it has a 
heavy oaken frame, and is so compactly put together that there is 
no reason why it should not stand many years to come. In this 
house lived, during the Revolutionary War, that sterling patriot, 
Stepheu Stow. 

" In December, 1776, shortly before night, there appeared off 
the harbor of Milford a British vessel, carrying at her foretop 'a 
iiag of truce.' Darkness increasing, she was not again seen. Near 
to the beach was the house of Capt. Isaac Miles (also an earnest 
patriot), who with his sons sitting before his fire, hearing unusual 
noises outside, opened the doors and found the yard tilled with a 
large number of wild, forlorn-looking creatures, in most deplorable 
condition, and suffering for want of food and clothing. 

" On that bitter winter night, they had been turned ashore, and 
left on the beach to shift for themselves. The sympathies of the 
Miles family and neighbors sheltered these released American 
prisoners for the night. In a day or two, they were removed to 
the Town Hall, which was prepared for them. In this building 
(still standing), the work of death at once commenced among 
these unfortunate men, who, stricken with fever, were so reduced 

332 Baldwin Genealogy. 

in strength that they easily fell victims to its virulence. Here it 
■was that the heroic work of Stephen Stow was done. Day and 
night his faithful ministrations to the sick and dying, and his 
unceasing, constant care of these men, was his sole occupation, 
till, becoming physically exhausted, he contracted the fever and 
fell a victim in his work of kindness, leaving a name to most 
should rank with John Howard's, who a little later gave up his 
life among the hospitals of Russia.* 

212. CATHARmE * Phinehas ^ Richard,^ b. about Nov. 1, 1731. 
(G. F. Tuttle has it 1730.) She m. Capt. Isaac Miles, of Milford. 

* STEPHEN STOWE, s. Stephen and Freelove, b. 1753; m. Mary Beardsley, and d. 1816. He had ch. 

1. Polly. 

2. Anthony, b. Feb. 8, 1775. 

3. Abigail, b. Oct. 8, 1781; m. November, 1803, James Jones, who d. June 27, 1805, and had 
one ch. : James Stow Jones, a banker at Griffin, Georgia. 

4. Stephen, b. Jan. 27, 17S9. 

5. Freelove, b. 1791; d. Sept. 4, 1854; m. Isaac H. Higby, who d. June 10, 1810; no issue. 

6. Catharine, m. Levi Nettleton, and had seven ch. 

1. Polly, m., 1791, Treat Davidson, and had ch.: 

Samuel, m. Catharine Camp. 

Maria, m. Hepburn. 

Charles, m. Lois Baldwin, dau. Amos. 

Jonah Treat. 

Susan, m. Elisha Hopkins Stow, her cousin, s. Samuel. 

Delia, m. Willis Bristol, of New Haven, Conn., and President of a Bank there. 

Betsej% m. Johnson Bristol, of New Haven, brother of Willis. 

Luke, m. his cousin's dau., Mary Stow, dau. Isaac, s. Jedidah. 

2. AsTHo.VY, b. Feb. 8, 1775; d. Nov. 20, 1866; m., Oct. 22, 1800, Sarah Bryan, sister of Oliver, of New 

Haven, who d. March 29, 1847. 

Marj-,-b. Sept. 6, 1801; m., May 9, 1827, Cyrus Turney, and had seven ch. 

Esther B., Feb. 27, 1803; m., Aug. 8, 1824, Nathan Baldwin, s. , and had four ch. She 

d. in New Haven, Sept. 17, 1875. 

E. Bryan, b. April 4, 1806; m., June 10, 1831, Susan Underwood, who d. 1867, had four ch. 

Abigail, b. Sept. 8, 1807; m., Nov. 19, 1834, Joshua Penniman, who d. 1850. She m. 2nd, 
her cousin James Stow Jones, s. Abigail, and had four ch. ; she d. and he m. 3rd. 

Anthony, b. Dec. 8, 1811; resides in New York; merchant; m., Aug. 9, 1838, Adelia T. Key, 
and had three ch. 

Sarah, b. April 7, 1815; m., June 15, 1840, William Ford, who d. Oct. 16, 1866. She d. Aug. 
17, 1848. Had a daughter, who m. about 1872. 

Catharine, b. Jan. 31, 1819; m., July 27, 1841, James De Martin, and had four ch. 

Caroline, b. March 4, 1822; d. Oct. 30, 1830, 

Thomas, b. June 11, 1826; d. Sept. 12, 1830, 

4. Spephbn, b Jan. 22, 1789; m., June 20, 1810, Harley Sage. 

Sarah M., b. Nov. 1-, ISll; m., Sept. 28, 1834, Isaac H. Brown, the well-known Sexton at 
Grace Church, New York C'itj'. 

Frederick, b. May 22, 1814; m., Oct. 9, 1837, Sarah Betsey Fairchild; resides in New York 
City, and has five ch. 

William D., b. June 12, 1816; d. aged 30, unni. 

John B., b. Oct. 31, 1818; d. Aug. 7, 1860; m., Sept. 28, 1834, Catliarine M. Simms; 2nd, 
Frances R. Simonton; had .six ch. 

George W., b. Aug. 23, 1821; m., March 17, 1842, Susan A. Fairchild, and had fi\e ch. 

Edwai-d, b. Dec. 25, 1823; m. Sarah F. Post. 

Frances, b. Dec. 14, 1827; d. March 15, 18C4; m., Oct. 3, 1854, David M. Ives, and had tvvoch. 

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 333 

528. Susan, m. Rev. Samuel Wales, b. March, 1748. Yale College, 1767; New 
Jersey College, 1784, S.T.D. ; Tutor of Yale, 1770. Pastor at Milford, and Chaplaiu 
in the Army, 1776 to 1781. Professor of Divinity, Yale, 1783 to 1794. Hon. M. 
Woodworth, Judge of the Supreme Coiirt, New York, said: "At this late day, I 
have a vivid recollection of Dr. Wales' sermons; and I can truly say, that of all 
that constitutes pulpit eloquence, I consider him as having been among the tinest 
specimens I have ever known." He died at New Haven, Feb. 18, 1794, having 
fallen into the fire in a fit. They had five ch. 1st. Catharine, m. Stephen Perkins 
Staples, of Stapleton, Staten Island (see Drake Biog. Diet.), who had two eh. : 
Samuel Wales and Catharine, Avho m. George Goddard, of Norwich, Conn., and d. 
Aug. 5, 1875. 2nd. Samuel, who d. Nov. 20, 1790, while a Junior in Yale College. 
3rd. John; Yale College, 1801; United States Senator from Delaware. 4th. Isaac 
Miles, Yale College. 1793; d. 1825. 5th. Leonard Eugene, Yale College, 1807; 
d. 1823. 

SAMUEL STOW, s. Stephen and Freelove, m. 1st, Oct. C, 1796, Sally Green; 2nd, Elizabeth Hopkins. 
He d. April, 1830. 

1. Elisha Hopkins, b. Jan. i, 1798; m., Oct. ■'i, 1S28, Susana Davidson. 

2. Martha, b. June 15, 1801; m. Samuel Beach, of Milford, and had ch.: Samuel (?) Stow, 
Louisa, Charlotte Martha, Mary, Charles, James W. Harney and George L. Calvin. 

3. William, b. Aug. 25, 1803; d. May 29, 1819. 

4. Louisa, b. June 6, 1806; in., Oct. 24, 1832, Elias Smith, and had seven ch. 

5. Sally Green, b. Jan. 24, 1809; m., Nov. 11, 1827, Joseph Smith, and had seven ch. 

6. Phinehas, b. March 20, 1812; was for many years Pastor of the Baptist Bethel or Sailors' 
Chapel, in Boston, Mass. He d. Nov. 14, 1S6S. He m. 1st, Emily; 2nd, Sept. 23, 1852, Aug\ista. 
dau. of Charles H. Pond, of Milford, (Sheriff of New Haven county, and Lieutenant-Governor of 
Connecticut.) She m. 2nd, Rev. H. A. Cook, his successor. 

ESTHER^STOW, dau. Stephen and Freelove; m., Sept. 11, 1785, Deacon John Stone, of Southbury, 

1. Esther, b. March 19, 1786; m. Rev. Bennet Tyler, b. July 6, 1783. Yale College, 1804. 
Pastor at Woodbury, Conn., ISOS to 1822. D.D., Miildleburj- College, 1823. President Dartmouth 
College, 1S22 to 1828. Pastor in Portland, Me., 1828 to 1834; and thence to[decease, in 1S58, President 
of the Theological Institute of Connecticut, and S.T.D. He had twelve ch., of whom Esther was 
1st wife of Prof. Cahin E. Stowe, D.D.; Edward, many years Cashier of the Suffolk Bank, Boston; 
Rev. J. E., of East Windsor Hill; Daughter, m. Rev. Phillip Greeley, Jr., of Boston; Daughter, m. 
Rev.' John Goddard; Daughter, m. Prof. Gale; Rev. Josiah, Missionary to So. Africa, and f\\e more. 

2. Stephen, b. Sept. 5, 1787. 

3. Marcus, b. Aug. 14, 1789. 

4. Sarah, b. Jan. 28, 1791. 

5. Almira, b. May 5, 1792; m. Burrows. 

6. Harvey, b. Nov. 20, 1794. 

7. Clarissa, b. July 18, 1797. 

8. Siloama, b. Jan. 28, 1801. 

9. John E., b. March 1, 1807. - 

JEDIDAH STOW, s. Stephen and Freelove, b. 1757, and d. Dec. 11, 1848. He was a soldier in the 
Revolution. He m. Sally Clark, who d. Dec. 11, 1843. 

1. Isaac, b. Aug. 10, 1781; m., Sept. 5, 1801, Mehitable Smith, and 2nd, Dec. 13, 1835, Harriet 
Bassett. He d. Nov. 18, 1835, and had Esther, b. July 29, 1804, who m., Nov. 3, 1825, Newton 
Baldwin; James, b. .\pril 10, 1806, m. Ferzy (Thirza) Baldwin, and had eight ch.; Isaac, b. March 
10, IsOfi, who m. Elizabeth Parmelce, ami had five ch.; Julia, b., July 30, 1813, ni. Horace Mallett, 
and had four ch.; Mary, b. Jan. 2, 1816, m. Luke Davidson, and had two ch.; and Charles, b. .\pril 
17, 1S20, m. Juliana Bishop, and had three ch. 

2. David, b. Feb. 21, 1784; m., Feb. 15, 1807, Susan, sister of Oliver Bryan, and had seven ch.: 
Susan, b. March 24, 1S09, m., Nov. 12, 1830, Samuel (?) Gunn, who d. Jan. 11, 1863, had five ch.: 
Delia, b. March 5, 1812, m., June 17, 1832, Curtis Judson, and had four ch.; Charlotte, b. April 14, 
1814, m., Oct. 28, 1832, Nathan Eells, and had two ch.; Esther .Maria, b. Oct. 2, 1810, m. Edmund 

334 Baldwin Genealogy. 

213. PHINEHAS* Phinehass Pvicliard,2 b. in Milford, Conn., 
]N"ov. 6, 1783, and continued there. He m. Sarah. He was Capt. 
Phinehas. He d. before April 13, 1777, when Capt. Miles was 
guardian to his sons. His widow m. Col. Edward Allen, of the 
2nd Connecticut Regiment. 

529. Pliinchas.b. 1751.+ 

530. Thaddeus, b. April 27, 1760. + 

531. Mebitable. b. Sept. 10, 1763. 

532. Catbariue, b. June 9, 1767. 

217. JARED4 Jerjah=^Richard,2b. in Milford, and his family 
seemed to have remained there, although I thought him to be the 

Hobart, and had three eh.; William, b. June 7, 1821, d. Dec. 23, 1852, unm.; David, b. Aug. 27, 
1823, m. Marietta Isaac, and had six ch.; Henry, b. Sept. 7, 1825, unm.; Oliver Bryan, b. Dec. 10, 
1807, m. Lois, and had three ch.: and Benjamin M., b. April 4, 1S30, m. R. Villa Isliel, and one ch. 

3. Martha, m. Camp. 

4. Sally, b. June 22, 1785; m. EInathan Baldwin. 

5. Nancy, b. March, 1790; m. William Piatt, and had seven ch. 

6. William, b. Sept. 21, 1794; m., Oct. 21, 1837, Betsy Baldwin. 

7. Sybel, b. April 3, 1799; m., Nov. 17, 1825, Clark Piatt, and had four ch. 

JOHN STOW, s. Stephen and Freelove, b. 1760; was in the Revolutionary Army. He d. June 29, 1839. 
He m., 1782, Sally Gillette, and had nine ch: 

1. Elisha, b. April 17, 1783. 

2. John, b. Jan. 27, 1787. 

3. Henry, b. Oct. 28, 1789; d. July 17, 1804. 

4. Frederiek, b. Nov. 26, 1791; d. May 17. 1792. 

5. Frederick, b. Aug. 26, 1793; m., Jan. 31, 1827, Lois Summers, and had ten ch. 

6. Nelson L., b. Sept. 21, 1795; m., Sept. 12, 1831, Martha Guiin; d. Nov. 13, 1831, in Columbia, 
S. C, and had one ch.: Sarah Nelson, b; 1S32. 

7. Cornelia, b. Jan. 17, 1798; d. May 8, 1837, unm. 

8. Versiah, b. July 2, 1802; living-, 1875, unm. in Middletown, Conn. 

1. Elisha, b. April 17, 1783; d. at sea on a wreck, July 20, 1851; m., Nov. 10, 1801, Hannah Northrop, 

and nine ch. 

George, b. May 30, 1802; d. March 13, 1870. 

Henry, b. Dec. 15, 1804; resident in New Haven, Conn. Deacon in the Baptist Church, and 
President of the Stow Association. He m. Lydia Webster; 2nd, Susan Follett, and has fourteen ch. 
Edward, b. Dec. 15, 1807; d. Oct. 29, 1847, unm. 

Susan, b. July 24, 1809; m., Oct. 25, 1822, Henry Beardsley, and had four ch. 
William Allen, b. Sept. 23, 1821; m. Ann Eliza, and had ten ch. 

Jane, b. April 22, 1813; m., Oct. 2, 1836, John Carrington, who d. September, 1868; four eh. 
Sarah, b. Nov. 12, 1814: d. 1839; m., Nov. 7, 1832, Jared Merwin. 
Frederick, b. April 20, 1817; m., June 6, 1841, Catharine Beers; no ch. 
George, b. May 3, 1819; d. South, in the late war. 
Sidney, b. June 30, 1824; d. Nov. 10, 1862; m. Al\ira Lawrence; had three ch. 

2. Jons Stow, b. Jan. 27, 1787; m., November, 1S08, Dorcas Morland; d. Jan. 26, 1869. 

Rebecca, m. Marvin Chapin. They kept for many years the justly famous Massasoit House, 
in Springfield, Mass., a blessing to travelers; had two sons and two daus. 
John, m. Mary Case. 
William, m. Hannah. 
Harriet, unm. 
Mary, m. Phelps. 
George, m. Sarah Ryder. 
Sarah, m. Shaw. 

John, of 3mford, Connecticut. 335 

Jared whose deatli is entered iu Milford, Conn., as died April 20^ 
1777, of sniall-pox, '-once of Milford." He m. Hannah Plant, of 

533. Jiux'd settled iu Betlik-licm, Couu., where, Oct. 10, 1800, he ra. S. L. 
Doolittle. He was a bhicksmith. He had ch. : Iiifaut, d. Aug. 1, 1804; Laura, ia 
1874 uum. iu Bethleheui; Euiilj'; Catharine; Noble, d. y. ; Benedict; Noble again; 
and an infant, d. July 2, 1820. 

534. Joel. + 

535. Jonathan, b. June 25, 1787. + 

536. Ethel. + 

537. Hannah, m. Jonah Bassett, of Milford. They are both dead, leaving ch. : 
(966) Martha, m. David Hand, of New York, and dead; (967) Hannah, m. Sauford, 
and dead; (968) Charlotte, m. Tucker, of New Haven, and dead; and (969) Jonah, 
living, 1874, in Milford. 

538. Polly, m. Richard Morris, of Milford. Both dead, leaving (970) Andrew 
(a son who settled and died in Talmadge, Ohio,) and other ch. 

The ages of his children shows he cannot be the one who died 
in 1777; and, by tradition, he was engaged in the whole Revolu- 
tionary War, and not home long enough to "make a crop of 

219. ABRAHAM* Charles ^ Richard,"^ b. in Milford, Conn., 
Feb. 18, 173f ; d. 1823, "aged considerably over eighty." He was 
a tailor, in Milford. He m. Sarah Beard, dau. of Joseph, of Mil- 
ford. He had the following ch. entered in his Family Record, in 
his account book : 

539. Sarah, b. Dec. 23, 1769; buried Dec. 20, 1770. 

540. Beard, b. June 9, 1771 ; bapt. 23rd of same month. + 

541. Sarah, b. Jan. 26, 1773; d. unm. about 1823. 

542. Comfort, b. Nov. 27, 1774; d. July 25, 1807, luim. 

543. Mary, b. Jan. 31, 1778, living unm. in 1818. 

544. Abigail Arnal, b. November, 1780; living in 1818. 

His wife d. Nov. 27, 1780, in childbed. In one place, his own 
birth is entered as Feb. 28th. 

227. THOMAS^ Josiah * John ^ John "^ John,i b. in Morris 
county, X. J.; removed thence to Vermont, and by tradition had 
children : 

545. Josiah, about 1740. + 

546. John. 

547. Lewis. 

548. Isaac. 

549. Jonathan, left Vermont many j'ears ago, then unm. 

550. Daughter. 
651. Dausrhter. 

336 Baldwin Genealogy. 

. 236. JOSEPH^Jolin^ John,3 according to Mr. Congar's Gene- 
alogical table, had 

553. John.+ 

553. Mary, m. Calvin Dodd. 

554. Joanna, m. David Riker. 

555. Elizabeth. 

556. Naomi, m. Noah Baldwin 6 Joseph 5 Stephen 4 Samuels .John 2 John.i 

557. Joseph. 

558. Caleb. + 

559. Esther, m. Wardell. 

560. Zenias, m. twice. 

501. Hannah, living, 1875, at Caldwell, N. J., unm. 

238. STEPHEN ^ Obadiah * Jolin,^ b. in Morris coiTnty, N. J.; 
emigrated to Vermont, and had ch.: 

563. Martin. 

563. Obadiah, b. it is said about 1773, in New Jersey, moved with his father 
to Bridport, Vt. ; settled in Crown Point, Essex county, N. Y., and had ch., one 
of whom, (997) Philo, is thought to have remained there. 

564. Stephen, who, it is said, may have one or two sons in Bridport, Vt. 

240. SILAS 5 James 4 Samuel ^ John ^ John,i b. in Waterbury, 
Conn., April 4, 1729 ; Oct. 21, 1760, then of Ridgefield, Conn. He 
was guardian to his brother Jesse. He m., Feb. 12, 1755, Mrs. 
Mary Plumb. He generally resided in Derby. He was a physi- 
cian. By the will of his father, June 6, 1760, he had land in 
Newark, and in the Susquehannah Purchase. 

565. Ziuiel (son), b. Jan. 6, 1758; d. without issue, and Amos Dorman was his 

566. Mary, b. in Ridgefield, June 10, 1759. 

567. .James. + 

568. Sarah, d. Jan. 1, 1774; m. Josepli Tomlinson; had a dau. Julia Ann, and- 
d., it is said, March 13, 1864. 

569. Hannah, b, March 10, 1766; m. Amos Dorman, of Oxford, Conn., and 
had at least a dau. (1000) Thirza, who m. Darius Baldwin 6 Alexis 5 Enoch 4 Timo- 
thy 3 Barnabas 2 Richard.i 

570. Eunice, b. Nov. 13. 1768. 

571. Jesse, b. Feb. 15, 1771.+ 
573. Silas, b. Aug. 35, 1774. + 

573. Deborah, b. Aug. 33, 1783; m. Ransford Riggs, of Derby, half brother 
of Harvey, of that place. 

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 337 

He died Nov. 19, 1813, as^ed 85.* By tradition, he was a sur- 
geon of celebrity, and served in the Revolutionary army. 

244. REUBEN ^ James ' Samuel,^ b. 1739. He lived in Derbv. 
He was in the list of Church members there in 1783, the old book 
being lost. He died there May 12, 1809, in his 70th year. His 
widow Catharine died 1814, aged 59. 

574. Df.vid, bapt. 1783; living in 1809. 

575. Daniel, bapt. 1783; living in 1809. 

576. Mamre, d. 1793, aged 11. 

577. Reuben, b. about 1784. + 

578. Isaac, d. May 1, 1796, aged 1 yr. 3 mos. 

250. JOSEPH 5 Stephen ^ Samuel, ^ b. in New Jersey. He set- 
tled in Caldwell, N. J. He m. Young, of Newark. 

579. John Young, b. Feb. 19, 1780; lived in Newark, N. J. ; m. Martha John- 
son, dau. Timothy, b. Dec. 8, 1783, in Essex county, N. J. Children: (1014) John 
Young, Aug. 3, 1813; (1015) Joseph Oscar, of New York City; and (1016) Alex- 
ander Richards, of San Francisco, C'al. 

580. Stephen. -H, 

581. Noah.-+- 

583. Sarah, m. Israel Beach, who was a merchant in Newark. 

255. METHUSELAH ^ Jeremiah ' Samuel,^ b. in Newark, N. J., 
Dec. 16, 1763, He was for nearly fifty years pastor of the Pres- 
byterian Church, at Scotchtown, Orange county, N. Y. He 
graduated at Queens' (now Rutgers') College in 1798 or 1788. 
He pursued his theological studies with Dr. McAVhorter, of New- 
ark. He m., May 4, 1802 or 1792, Jane Higgins, of Newark. 
She died not long after, giving birth to twins, son and daughter. 
This was at Pleasant Valley, Dutchess county, N. Y. He was 
settled next in Matherslield, New Windsor township. Orange 

" » '■ — -- — - — ■ ' 

* Barber's History of the Colony of Connecticut contains, from the "Connecticut Gazette" the following 
statement : 

Derby, February ISth, 1764. 

On the evening- of the 7th, there was a violent storm of hail and rain. The next morning after was ob- 
served a large breach in a hill on the west side of the old ri\'er, supposed to be occasioned by some subterra- 
nean wind or fire. "The breach was said to be twenty feet deep and one hundred thirteen long, and about 
sixty rods of land covered with the gravel and sand. Four trees, of one foot diameter, were carried one 
hundred and seventy -three feet, and supposed to be forced up forty feet. Some small stones stuck fast in a 
green tree." "A large, dry log, better than ten feet in diameter, was carried up so far in the air, that by 
the forceof the fall ene end of it stuck so fast in the ground that it kept the other end up. Tlie narrowest 
part of the breach is about thirt3" feet at the surface of the ground ; and the bottom of the breach is 
crooking, winding much like the streaks of lightning. The above account was taken by exact rule by ua." 


338 Baldtuin Genealogy. 

county, l!T. Y., wliere he m. a widow, Mrs. Juliana Evertson ; they 
had no children. He was installed pastor in Scotchtown, X. Y., 
in June, 1803, and remained pastor until his death, Feb. 4, 1847. 
Under his charge, a feeble band of believers became a strong 
Church, From January, 1805, to his death, there were added 
four hundred and twenty-seven members. This notice is sent me 
by Rev. Ralph Bull, of West Town, Orange county, N". Y., and 
taken mostly from an obituary in the " N'ew York Observer. There 
is an inaccuracy in dates, supplied partly by queries. 

584. Charles P., b. at Pleasant Valley, Dutchess county, N. Y., in 1793 or 
1803 ; m. twice. He had seven ch. by his first wife, one of whom, a daughter, m. 
Atlierton, and was living, 1874, in "Wyoming, Penn. ; and Harriet m., in 1841, 
William Horton Corwin. 

585. Jane Harriet, m. Hiram Parsons, and had several ch. 

256. NEIIEMIAH^ Jeremiah* SaraueP John^ John,i"ew- 
ark, K.J. From the chart of L. D. Baldwin, I give: 

586. Joseph. 

587. Jeremiah. I only know that Mr. Cougar's chart gives him a son (1036) 

588. John W. I know nothing of him, save, that the same chart gives him 
sons (1037) Jeremiah and (1038) Linus. 

259. JABESH or JABEZ^^ Caleb* Samuel, ^ b. in Mendham, 
IN". J.; settled in Washington county, Peiin. 

589. Caleb, graduated, at Washington College; buried in Amity, Washington 
county, Penn. 

590. Elam, graduated at Washington College. 

260. CALEBS Caleb* Samuel ,M3. October, 1752, in Mendham, 
N, J., aud removed to Washington, Penn., soon after the Revolu- 
tion, and finally to Youngstown, Ohio, in 1800. He died there, 
Feb. 19, 1810. He was there a Justice of the Peace, a leading 
man, much respected for his goodness. 

591. Eunice, m. Eliab Axtell; both dead, aud address of ch. unknown. They 
lived in Middlesex, Mercer county, Penn. 

593. Hannah, m. Henry Wick, -f- 

593. Phebe, m. Thomas Kirkpatrick, of Youngstown, Ohio, and had ch. : 
(1050) Polly; (1051) Amanda; (1053) Andrew; (1053) Betsey, m. John Kimmell, and 
supposed to be living in Youngstown in 1878. 

594. Stephen, m. Rebecca Rush; d. in Youngstown j^ears ago; hisch.. Amy 
and Calel), are said, in 1877, to live in Hancock county, Oliio. 

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 339 

SKo. Elizabotli, m. Andrew KirkjTjitrick, and had fli. : (1050) John, who has 
shortened his name to Kirk, and lives in Ciiicago; (1U57) Kain, of Cliicauo; and 
(1058) Thomas, of Coitsville, Ohio. 

590. Caleb, m. a lady who survived him and m. Kev. Mr. Barr, an early 

preacher on the Western Reserve. He was in the war of 1813; thouuht to have 

been a Major; died of camp fever, with which he was taken at Sandusky wheu 

en route for home. He had a dau. Rebecca, who m. but had no ch., was killed by 

- a locomotive about 1874, in San Francisco. 

597. Byrani, m. Susan Chamberlain, of Youngstown, where he lived and died. 
He had a dau. Ann. supposed to be living in Lima, Allen county, Ohio. 

598. Nehemiah, b. Oct. 34, 1797.4- 

599. Benjamin Pitney, b. in Youngstown, Ohio, March 24, 1803. 

He was a gunsmith; called out in the Revolution, but sent home 
to make o-uns. 


261. MARY 5 Caleb *Samuel,Mj. in Mendham, N. J., July 9, 
1744 ; ra., Jan. 5, 1764, Lebbeus Dod,^ of Mendham, b. Feb. 15, 
1739, s. Stephen^ Daniel ^ Stephen ^ Daniel.^ She d. April 9, 1810. 

000. Hannah, b. Oct. 10, 1704; d. Jan. 30, 1798. She m. 1st, Joel Gary, and 
gnd, William Leveridge ; no ch. 

601. Eunice, b. March 13, 1760; m., Jan. 13, 1793, Daniel Gary, b. April 13, 
1770, and had five ch. She d. Oct. 10, 1843; he, Dec. 33, 1840. 

603. Phebe, b. March 5, 1768; m., Jan. 9, 1794, Silas Ward; had a large 
family, and d. Sept. 23, 1831. 

003. Stephen, b. March 7, 1770; d. March 32, 1855; left a family iu Newark. 
He was, in 1844-5, Mayor of that city. 

604. Abner, b. March 30, 1773; d. Sept. 29, 1847; lived in Newark, and left a 

005. Rachel, b. Jan. 21, 1774; m. Francis Wood, and had ch. 

600. Mary. b. Dec. 30, 1775; m. Munn, in Ohio. 

007. Daniel, b. Sept. 8, 1778; m., in 1801, Nancy Squire. He was early 
engaged in building steamboat machinery. He was killed by the bursting of a 
steamboat boiler, in 1823. One son. Rev. Albert Baldwin Dod, D.D., was Professor 
of Mathematics, in Princeton College; another, Rev. Charles S. Dod, President of 
Jackson College, at Columbia, Tenu. ; a third. Rev. William Armstrong Dod, D.D., 
an Episcopal Rector in Princeton. 

608. Abigail, 1). Jan. 19, 1783; d. Nov. 25, 1809, aged 37, unm. 

609. Elizabeth, b. April 16, 1785; d. Nov. 23, 1808, aged 18, unm. 

Lebbeus Dod was Captain of Artillery, in the Revolution, but 
detailed to form an armory. He had the mechanical skill inherited 
by his sons. His son Daniel bought the right of the heirs of John 
Fitch, and with his partner Ogden had a celebrated controversy 
with Fulton. 

262. PHEBE 5 Caleb * Samuel,M3. in Mendham, K J.; she m., 
about 1773, Rev. Thaddeas Dod, b. March 9, 1740, brother of the 
husband of her sister Mary. He graduated at Princeton College, 

340 Baldwin Genealogy. 

m 1773, and became a Presbyterian clergyman at Ten Mile, or 
Amity, Washington county, Penn., where he died. May 20, 1793. 
She died Nov. 3, 1829. It is said that he was for a time Professor 
or Tutor of Mathematics, in Queen's, now Rutgers' College, in 
New Brunswick, N. J. 

610. Sarah, b. March 20, 1774, at Newark; m., 1791, David Morris, M.D., and 
d. December, 1823. 

611. Cephas, b. Aug. 18, 1776, at Mendham; d. about 1778. 

612. Cephas, b. at Ten Mile, Penn., Oct. 12, 1779; d. Jan. 16, 1858; was a 
a phj^sician and clergyman at Amity; m. and had ch. 

613. Hannah, b. Jan. 3, 1782; m. Jonas Condit, and had six ch. 

614. Mary, b. March 14, 1784; m. Joseph Riggs, and d. April 5, 1818. It is 
said her ch. d. y. 

615. Stephen Baldwin, b. Nov. 2, 1787; d. at Martinsburg, Knox county.. Ohio, 
Sept. 7, 1831, leaving a family. 

[For a fuller account of Thaddeus and Lebbeus Dod, and their 
descendants, see Dod Family Genealogy, from which volume this 
account is abridged.] 

293. AARON ^ Aaron ' Timothy .3 

633. Aaron. I only know that, according to Mr. Congar, he had a son (1072) 
John C. 

297. NATHANIELS Elijah* Nathaniel ^ John'^ John,^ b. in 
New Jersey. 

636. Jared R., b. about 1798, in Newark. + 

637. Charles, in 1875, living in Newark. 

638. Elizabeth, m. Smith, and living in Newark, in 1875. 

299. CORNELIUS 5 Elijah* Nathaniel,^ b. in Elizabethtown, 
N. J., in 1751. Graduated at Princeton College ; graduated in 
medicine, in Philadelphia, Penn. He settled in Winchester, Ya. 
He was a Surgeon in the army throughout the Revolutionary war. 
He died at Winchester, in 1827, aged 76 yrs. He was a most 
popular and skillful physician, and a polished gentleman of the 
highest character and social position. There have been numerous 
eminent gentlemen among his descendants, a part of whom de- 
scended from his dau., who m. Clarke Baldwin, are to be found 
under his descent. 

He married three times: 1**' Mary Briscoe, dau. of Col. Gerard 
Briscoe, of the vicinity of Winchester. Col. Briscoe had two 

John, of MUford, Connecticut. 341 

other dans.: Elizabeth, m. Judge Hugh Holmes, of Winchester; 
and Eleanor, m. Judge Archibald Stuart, of Staunton, Va., the 
lather of Hon. Alexander H. H. Stuart, formerly Member of Con- 
gress from Virginia, and Secretary of the Interior under President 
Fillmore. Mary d. Sept. 26, 1808, aged 41. He m. 2^'^' May, 1813, 
Mildred, dau. of Dr. Throgmorton, of Berry ville, Clarke county, 
"Va., by whom he had one dau.; she. d. September, 1816. He m. 
S""''' Miss Susan Prichard, of the vicinity of Winchester, who sur- 
vived him several years; they had no ch. 

639. Margaret, b. about 1785; m. Judge William Daniel. + 

640. Eliza C, m. Joseph Clarke BaldwiuJ s. Clarke 6 Daniel 5 James* Daniel 3 
Daniel 2 Nathaniel, i of Milford. 

641. Briscoe G., January, 1789.-f 

642. Cornelius E., b. 1791. + 

643. Robert T., b. 1793.+ 

644. Archibald S., b. 1797. + 

645. Hugh Holmes, a lawyer of fine talents : he died young in Winchester. 

646. Mary B., b. Nov. 16. 1800; m. William W. Donaghe.+ 

647. William Daniel, b. 1803. + 

648. Alexander G. , b. 1805. Educated at West Point, and a Lieutenant in the 
United States Army. His constitution, naturally delicate, was injured by study. 
He w'as unusually amiable and pious. He d. , aged 33, at Fort Towson, in Arkansas. 
His brother officers testified their regard for him l)y handsome marble monnment 
to his memory. He was unm. 

649. Cornelia, m. Rev. William H. Mitchell ; she d. , leaving a s. and two daus. 

307. ZADOC 5 Robert 4 Nathaniel,^ b. in ITew Jersey about 1752. 
He m. Mehitable Warner, of Orange, N^, J., and lived there. He 
was for a >jhort time in the Revolution, and received a pension to 
his death. 

655. Elijah. + 

656. Robert, about 1774. + 

657. Bethuel.+ 

658. Silas. + 

659. Calvin, lived and d. in Newark, N. J. ; m. thrice, the 2nd being to Mrs. 
Tuttle, and had a s. George, d. y. 

660. Elizabeth, m. Major William Stevens. + 

661. Sarah, m. Samuel Carr, of Newark, N. J. Both arc d.. leaving (1149) 
William, a Congregationalist minister, settled in Camlnldgeport, Mass., wiio m. 
Miss Noyes, and had three ch. 

319. EZRA'' Joseph^ is athaniel,'^ of Newark, IN". J.; he was b. 
May 30, 1773, and d, March 27, 1826 ; buried at Orange. His 
widow Lillis d. Feb. 24, 1831, aged 55 yrs. 11 mos. 6 days. 

342 Baldwin Genealogy. 

673. Daughter, m. Thomas P. Norris, a wealthy and prominent citizen of 
Newark. He d. and left ch. : (1148) Thomas, dead; (1149) Clara; and two daus., 
one of whom m. 

674. Joseph, m. Margaret; d. September, 1874; and his widow's address, in 

1874, is Danbury. (Is it Danbury, 111. ?) They had a s. Alexander Paradise, who m 

and had two sons, who are dead. They had three sons, and one dau. unm. and one 
dau. m. 

675. Daughter, m. Nathan Bowles, of Newark, a wealthy gentleman, who d, 
about 1872, leaving (1158) Ezra, thrice m. ; (1159) Townsend, m. ; (1160) Nathan, 
unm.; and (1161) Mary, m. Augusta Crane, of Morristown, N. J., a merchant. 

676. Daughter, m. Clapp. 

677. Esra, d. y. 

Ezra's father is said, by the widow of Joseph, to have died not 
far from 1795, and Joseph before his son had children ; so that for 
four generations there has been no grandfather living. 

340. MATTHIAS 5 Matthias^ Jonathan ^ John "^ John,i was, I 
presume, the father of 

680. Matthias W., Philadelphia, who was the founder of the Baldwin Loco, 
motive Works. 

349. SAMUEL^ Samuel^ Samuel,^ b. in that part of :N'ew Haven, 
Conn., now Woodbridge, April 10, 1731; m., Jan. 8, 1753, Abigail 
Humphreys, of ]^ew Haven, who d. ISTov. 9, 1753, in her 22nd year, 
buried in Woodbridge, and called the wife of Mr. Samuel. March 
29, 1759, his wife Temperance joined the Church in Amity; Dec. 8, 
1783, adm. of his estate was given her, but JM'ch 5, 1784, to Barnabas 
Baldwin, on unadministered estate. His 2'"^ wife Temperance* was 
dau. Barnabas Baldwin^ Barnabas- Richard.^ He is perhaps the 
Samuel whose death is recorded in Milford Record without date, 
but between April 4, 1778, and Feb. 5, 1780. He is said, by his 
grandson, to have been killed by the British while assisting in the 
defence of New Haven. 

691. Samuel, lived in Woodbridge, Conn., or its vicinity, and had ch. : Rhoda, 
who m. Orrin West, of Orange, Conn., and lived there in 1874; Temperance m. 
Bunnill, and, in 1874, lived in New Haven, Conn. ; Nancy, d. unm.; William; and 
Daniel. One of the sons is said to have gone to Stratford, Conn. 

692. Josiah, b. 1763. + 

693. Joel, b. in Woodbridge, 1772. + 

694. Asa, son of Samuel, in 1790, had for his guardian Richard Baldwin. In 
the distribution of his grandfather's estate, he is ctdlcd Axe. 

695. Abigail, d. unm. before Dec. 15, 1783, when her share went to the others. 

696. Rebcckah. 

697. Pliebe. 

Jolin, of Milford, Connecticut. 343 

350. JARED^ Caleb ^ Samuel,^ b. Jan. 30, 173^, in Milford^, 
Conn.; m., Sept. 18, 1753, Damaras Booth, of jN'ewtown, Conn., 
where his father settled when he was a child. In 1775, he has a 
deed from his parents, and is then of New Milford, Conn. 

698. Jarod, b. iu Newtown, Oct. 13, 17o4.+ 

699. Ami. 

700. Huldali, b. Marcb 20, 17-8; m. Keller, and had fourteen eh., of whom 
some lived iu Bridgeport, Conn. 

701. Sarah, 1). Dec. 4, 1759, iu New Milford. 

702. Prue, 1). Nov. 6, 1761; m. Jacob Allen; some of their ch. lived in Paines- 
ville, Ohio. 

703. Galn-iel, b. Jan. 29, 1766.+ 

704. Tibbals, b. Nov. 17, 17G8.+ 

705. Johu, b. Nov. 17, 1768. He m. Brinsraade, and settled iu AVeston, Conn., 
and had ch. : Eli, .Josiah, Brinsmade, Nathan; Lymau, 1). iu Westou, Conu., March 
29, 1802; Abel, Edwiu, Clarissa and Esther. 

706. Amos, b. Oct. 26, 1769, iu New Milford, Couu. He appears, iu 1796, 
among the taxables iu Plymouth, Luzerne county, Peuu., haviug gone there with 
his father. He afterwards settled (perhaps iu consequence of the Peunimite War) 
iu Pitcher, Cheuaugo county, N. Y., and d. there not far from 1855. In 1875, a 
child of his. Electa, was said to be still there. 

707. Luce, b. ^lay 3, 1773; m. Mack, and had ch. She m. 2"ii. Vosburg, and 
d. iu Wyoming county, Peuu. 

708. Jude.+ 

709. Priscilla. 

His grandson says he was in the Revolutionary army, and 
thought to be an officer. He moved from Connecticut not long 
after the Revolution, to Luzerne county, Penn. (Wyoming county), 
and settled on a large tract of land under title from the State of 
Connecticut. His wife died in 1816, in the Wyoming Valley, and 
he in 1817, at the residence of his son. Dr. Gabriel, in Connecticut. 

352. THADDEUS ^ Caleb ^ Samuel,^ b. in Milford, Conn., Feb. 
16, 173f ; m., July 15, 1762, Sarah. He bought land in the parish 
of Newberry, in New Milford. In his will, he is called of Brook- 
field. His will, dated Jan. 3, 1802, was proved July 27, 1815. 

710. Thaddeus ElmcT, b. April 9, 1764; not iu his father's will, and likely d. y. 

711. Lemuel, b. May 24, 1766; adm'r Nov, 9, 1816, is Joel 

712. Rube, b. May 30, 1769: m. Samuel A. Botsford, of Brooktield, Conn. 
She had ch. : Timothy E., iu 1874 living, paralyzed, iu Cohuubus, Ohio, who m. aud 
has a son; Sarah, m. Deacou Clark, of Skaneateles, N. Y., who had a sou living in 
1874, in Akron, Ohio ; and other ch. 

713. Jeru.sha, July 26, 1770; m. Wait Northrup, of Brooktield, Conn., and had 
ch. : Elmer, b. aud d. there; Anna, m. Capt. Charles llawley, of Brooktield, there 

344 Baldwin Genealogy. 

- in 1874; and a daughter, m. Hiram Fa irchild, of Brookfield. (Was slie Sarah, wlio 
with Anna was legatee of their great aiint Sarali?) 

714. Joel, b. Oct. 29, 1773, in that part of New Milford afterward Brookfield, 
where he continued to reside. He m. 1st, June 18, 1797, Mabel Sanford, of New 
Milford, and had eh.: (1230) Stanley Sanford; (1331) Samuel; (1333) Minerva, who 
m. Charles Briggs, and in 1874 lived in Brookfield, no ch. ; (1333) Mabel d. unm. ; 
and two ch., who d. y. He m. 3id, Tamer Smith, dau. George C. Smith, of Brook- 
field, by his w. Sarah. Joel had by her (1336) Catharine, who m. William Blynn; 
(1327) Thomas Smith, 1831; (1338) Mary Ann, in 1874 unm., in Haysville, Ohio; 
(1339) George C, d. unm. in New York City, aged 28 yrs.; (1230) Harriet; (1381) 
Edwin J. ; and (1332) Henry S. 

715. Isaac, b. Jan. 5, 1775. It is said he ran away to sea in his young days, 
but he returned and lived in Brookfield; his w. was Hannah. He had ch. : (1233) 
Eliza, m. William Bristoll, of Brookfield, and in 1874 was in New Milford with her 
son, who kept the hotel there ; (1234) Maria, m. Singer, of Danbury, and had many 

716. Sarah, b. March 3, 1777. m. John Northrup of Brookfield, brother of 
Wait, and had ch. : Lemuel, m. Keliogg, had three ch. ; Burr, m. Maria Benedict, 
and living, 1874, in Skaneateles, N. Y. ; Flora, m. a resident of Brookfield, said, in 
1874, to be living in Peekskill, N, Y. ; and Sarah Ann, d. aged about 35 yrs. 

717. Martha, b. .Tune 26, 1780; m. Lemuel Warner, of Brookfield, and had ch.: 
Solomon, there in 1874; Luzon, moved to Ohio; and Elmer, m. twice, and d. not 

- far from 1810, in New Milford, Conn. 

718. Solomon, b. Aug. 31. 1783, in Brookfield, Conn., where he lived, and d. 
Oct. 3, 1816; his brother Joel was his administrator. His nephew says he graduated 
at Yale College, and was a good geologist — I suppose he means for those days. He 
had a dau. Juliet, b. in 1814. 

719. Amarillis, m. Thaddeus Clark, of Oswego, N. Y., and was left a widow, 
with no ch. 

355. MATTHEW^' Caleb* Samuel ,3 b. in i^ewtoAvn, Conn., 
April 18, 1748, where he m., Feb. 12, 1778, Mary Northrup, and 
there were born : 

734. Ambrose, June 39, 1780, who m., January, 1808, Abigail Camp, and d. 
Sept. 13, 1816. His estate was administered in Danbury Probate Court. He had 
ch.: (1343) Mary Ann, Aug. 2, 1813: (1344) Isaac Ambrose, Jan. 3, 1814, d. June 11, 
1838; and (1245) Francis Treat, July 25, 181-. 

735. Eli, Nov. 30, 1783. + 

Rev. Burr calls him Deacon Matthew. 

357. HIEL or JEHIEL ^ Peleg* Samuel,^ bapt. in Milford, Conn., 
Oct. 19, 1735. He settled in Washington, Conn., and is the Jehiel 
said, ill Barber's History of Connecticut, to have d. there, 1831, 
in his 102nd year; he was probably, not so old. He is identitied 
by the independent knowledge of his descendants. 

738. Jehiel. -+- 

John, of M ({ford, Connecticut. 345 

364. ASHBELMoemSamuel,=^bapt. ill Milford, Conn., Marck 
31, 1751. In 1777, paid commutation there for not procuring a 
man for the Continental Army, accordino- to act of Con2:ress, to 
Lieut. Samuel Peck. He had ear mark in Milford, in 17l>4. By 
tradition of his descendants, he m. Deborah Tibbals, of Milford, 
and lived there until "after Jefferson's election as President," 
when he moved to Warren, Litchtield county, Conn. 

733. Jolm Tibbals. + 

733. Esther. 

734. Urania. 

735. Lulve. 

736. 3Iarli, m. Soplirouia "Waiigli, of Litchfield. South Farms, C'oiiu., who d. 
Nov. 7, 1877, at the home of her sou James, in Raciue, Wis., aged 86. Children : 
(1267) Lewis: (1268) Daughter, m. Browu; (1269) Samuel; (1270) James; (1271) 
Daughter, m. Smedley; (1272) Dwight H., of Ciuciunati: aud (1273) William H., of 
Xew York C'it}'. 

366. JOSIAH^^ Josiah* Josiah ^ Josiah- John,^ b. in Killing- 
vi^orth, Conn.; Feb. 27, 1736. He lived, after he m. Martha Stan- 
nard, in that part of the town now Westbrook, where he d. Dec. 
5, 1819, said to be aged 84 — as often happens, a little too old. He 
was, 1790, adm'r of his father, whose estate was thirty acres in 
Westbrook. I think he m. V^' Elizabeth Redfield, of Killing- 
worth, no ch.; aud 2'"^- Martha Stannard. 

737. Elizabeth, bapt. Dec. 27, 1795: m., as his 2n«i wife, Edward Deunisou, 
who m., as his 1st wife a sister of William H, Buell, Esq., of Clinton, to whom I 
am much indebted for information as to that vicinity. Denuison"s 1st Avife d. in 
1822; the 2'|«^' is living, October, 1877. Her ch. : Mary Ann, m. Hamlin, aud lives, 
1877, in Naples, Ontario county, N, Y. and George Miner, d. vmm. in California, 
about 1853. 

738. Dense, bapt. Sept 3. 1797; m. 1st, Simon Wilcox, Jr.. of North Killing 
worth, who d. about 1830; aud she m. 2nd, David Dowd, of Madison. She had, it 
is said, seven ch. by Wilcox, and one by Dowd. 

739. Josiah. bapt. Oct. 29, 1800; reported, about 1857, to be living in Green 
Bay, Wis. 

Josiah was private in the Frencli war, 1759, and made Captain 
by the Connecticut Legislature, in 1777. He was afterwards in 
command of Coast Guards. He was First Lieutenant in 1775, 
and served to the "northward," probably Tieonderoga. He is 
highly complimented for his loyalty, tact aud splendid address. 
He was a blacksmith ; occasionally practicing as a country 


346 Baldwin Gcnealoijy. 

381. FREDERICKS Eleazer^ Josiab,3 b. or bapt. Jan. 20, 1748, 
in Killingworth, Conn.; bad tbe following cb. baptized: 

740. Jolin, Oct. 30, 1768, impressed from a merchant ship upon a British man- 
of-war, and not lieard of afterwards, although souglit for. 

741. Catharine, .June 30, 1771, m. and d. early. Thought to have had no ch. 

742. Mary, June 19, 1774; m. 1st, Buell, 2>h1, John 3Iiller; she had one s. hy 
Buell, and lived and d. in Rutland, Vt. 

743. Sarah, Sept. 1, 1776; m. Johnson, and left one s. (1276) Timothy. 

744. Clarissa, Nov. 15, 1778; m. l^t. Ritchie, and 2"J, Benjamin Browuell, by 
whom she had (1277) Charles, the father of Francis E. Brownell, the avenger of 
Col. Ellsworth, and (1278) Edward. 

745. Frederick. In the War of 1812; in the New York ^lilitia; after that a 
lawyer; settled in Georgia, and became Agent of the Creek and Seminole Indians, 
about the time of their removal to the West. He d. about 1832 with yellow fever. 
He m. and left two sons, Lafayette, and another who remained South. 

746. 3Iatilda, d. y. 

747. Fanny, m. John Betts. + 

748. Goodrich, b. Dec. 23; 1804, in Clavarack, Columbia county, N. Y. -f 

749. Lucretia, b. July, 1807. m., Feb. 4, 1847, Peter Davidson; d., no issue. 
They lived at Palmyra, Lenawee county, Mich. She d. Jan. 15, 1876; he, April 
20, 1875. 

Frederick died April 30, 1825. He wa;? twice m.; by bis l^Hvife, 
he bad two s, and four daus.; and m. 2"^'' Lucretia Goodricb, b. 
about 1768, and d. Marcb 26, 1834, in Catskill, N. Y. Frederick 
was in tbe Revolution, serving in the ISTaval Department along the 
southern coast, and olf New York Harbor. 

384. LOIS^ Caleb ^Josiah,^ b. in Killingworth, Feb. 1, 1763; 
m., June 12, 1782, Ambrose Redtield, who d. June 30, 1830, and 
she in 1804, My account is from the Redtield Genealogy, which 
does not tell where they lived, but likely in New Hampshire, not 
far from Capt. Caleb. 

751. Heman, b. Sept. 13, 1783; d. unm., Feb. 12, 1810. 

752. Charles, b. Fel). 14, 1785, of Deny, N. H. ; m., 1814, Elizal)eth Adams. 

753. Jane, b. Feb. 21, 1787; m. Luther Keyser. 

754. Caleb, b. April 19, 1789, of Derry, N. H.; m., Sept. 4, 1817, Frances C. 

755. William, b. Oct. 30, 1792, of Canada; m. Susan Prentiss. 

756. Lucius, b. May 14, 1795. 

757. Ambrose A. ; b. May 12, 1799; d. May 28, 1813. 

758. Wyllis, b. Sept. 22, 1801, West Clermont, N. H. ; m. Martha G. Woods. 

385. ELEAZER5 Caleb ^ Josiah,^ b. in Killingw^orth, Conn., 
Oct. 21, 1764. He entered the Revolution as his father's servant; 

John, of M iff or (I, Connecticut. 347 

as soon as old Gnono:li, he was enrolled, and drew a pension to bis 
death, lie m., May 8, 1785, Jane Redtield, of Killingworth, Conn., 
b. Dec. 19, 1759, dau. George and Trial (Ward) liediield. They 
settled in Southern Ohio, in 1811. She d. in 1827. He lived in 
many ditt'erent places, being, according to his grandj^on Erostus, 
"a roving planet." 

759. Woostcr, b. Nov. 29, 1785; lived iu Hensoii, Vt., in a siiuiU liouse upon 
. the sliore of Lake Chaniplain, and had a hxvge family. 

760. Barbai-a, b. in Wilmington, Vt. 

761. Erastus, b. May 3, 1790.4- 

762. Philander, b. Aug. 31, 1792.+ 

763. Eleazer, b. Sept. 26, 1796.+ 

In 1785, he moved from Killingworth to Wilmington, V^t.; a 
vear or two after to Richmond, Mass.; thence to Killiiio:worth ; 
thence, in 1798, to Clermont, IST. H.; a few years after to ISTewport, 
!N". H.; thence to Croydon ; thence to Benson, Vt.; in 1819, to 
Rochester, !N". Y.; a few months after to Cincinnati. 

390. CALEBS Caleb ^Josiah,3b. Aug. 9, 1770, as a citizen of 
Killingworth, Conn.; settled in Clermont, ilT. H., with his father, 
and remained there, where he d. in 183G, aged 60 yrs. 

773. Sylvender. + 

774. Lysander. He d. in Southport, near Kenosha, Wis., and had ch. : (1312) 
Charles Lysander, in 1875, of Chicago; and (1313) Francis E. 

775. Orison, d. in Kenosha county. Wis. ; had three ch., two s. and one dau. 

776. William I., settled in Knowlesville, Orleans county, N. Y. In August, 
1843, he left.for the West, and is supposed to have been lost on a steamer. He had 
a son Oscar, who d. in the army, in 1864. 

777. Josiah R., 'living, 1875, in Lyndonville, Vt., and has two ch. : (1315) 
William Clarke, and (1316) Harriet J., m. A. C. Harvey, at St. Johnsbury, Vt., 
and live there. 

391. PHILEMON '•> Caleb ' Josiah,^ b. Oct. 9, 1778, iu Clermont, 
N. H. He was a miller and farmer, who settled at an early period 
on Flat street, and on what was afterwards the Weed Farm, in 
Penn Yau, Yates county, N. Y. He was a man of shrewd and 
pointed wit, noted for fun and joviality. The name, Penn Yan, is 
attributed to him. After long discussion of the name, he proposed 
"Pang Yang" as a compromise between the Pennsylvanians and 
Yankees. This proposal was not received with enthusiasm, but 
was tinally adopted. In Carey & Lee's Atlas, of 1822, the name 
is " Penyauk." While living at the foot of Cayuga Lake, he killed 

348 Baldwin Genealogy. 

one year tweuty-five bears, mostly in the lake while crossing, and 
many deer. He died about 1857. 

778. Asa. 

779. Philemon H. , several years Steamboat Captain on Cayuga Lake. 

780. Amos. 

781. Caleb. 

782. Rune. 

783. George. 

784. Mary, m. Chissom, and only child remaining, 1873, in the coimty of Yates. 

785. Sally Ann. 

786. Elizabeth. 

787. Esther. 

410. ESTHERS jol^^4 Elnathan^ Joseph ^ John,i b. Oct. 17, 
1707; m. John Benedict^ John* James '^ John- Thomas,^ b. March 
7, 1753. 

788. Josiali Baldwin, h. Nov. 6. 1773, who had by his grandfather Baldwin's 
will, 1809, lands in Ridgefield, and in Westchester count}', N. Y. He m., 1799. 
Esther Turrel, of New Milford, and his descendants will be found in the Benedict 

789. Abigail, b. Feb. 3, 1780; m. Samuel Hoyt, of New Canaan. 

790. Esther. 1). Oct. 2, 1787; m., Dec. 29, 1808, Matthias Hubbell. and died 
July 8, 1850. 

791. Sarah, b. Feb. 22, 1789; m. Abrani Nash, of Troy, and d. Dec. 31, 1862. 

792. Polly, b. Aug. 16. 1792; m., Nov. 30, 1831, Peletiah Richards, b. 1786, 
and d. Feb. 11, 1870, s. Peletiah, s. Dr. Samuel. She d. Dec. 13, 1868, and their 
only ch., Charles Benedict Richards, resides at Fort Dodge, Iowa, President of the 
Fu-st National Bank there. 

793. Katy, b. Aug. 7, 1795; d. March 20, 1804. 

411. JOHX= Jonah* Elnathan,^ b. in Amity Parish, Isqw Haven, 
Conn., Sept. 10, 1743 ; lived in Westville, New Haven ; lived on 
the "Old Baldwin Farm" there. 

794. Loammi, 1776. + 

795. William, said to have settled in Ohio at an early date, and raised a large 
family of boys. 

796. Daniel, d. in St. Croix, West Indies. 

797. Timothy, d. in New Haven. 

430. JOHN ' John * John,^ b. in Branford, Conn., Sept. 13, 1750, 
He m., Oct, 20, 1772, Alethea Hobart. In 1804, he was of Har- 
winton, and thence he removed to Deerfield, Mass., where he died 
Jan. 3, 1817. 

799. Jeremiah, b. March 4, 1774. He sailed from Branford, Oct. 17, 1796, 
and was lost at sea; unm. 

800. Edward, b. Oct. 18, 1776. + 

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 349 

801. Ircuo, b. March 3, 1T79; m. Sanuiel Frisbie. + 

802. Statira, b. Jan. 31, 1783; m. Aslier S. Boach.+ 
8('3. Augustus, b. April 20, 1784.+ 

804. Xancy, b. Nov. 28, 1786; m. Cook.+ 

805. Maria, b. Aug. 1, 1787; m. Anson Hungerford. 4- 

806. John, b. Jan. 18, 1793. He m. in Rome, Ga., and lived in that State 
many j-ears. He d. in New York City, Oct. 19, 1831 ; and his monument is in New 
Haven, erected by his w. Martha, of Monticello, Ga.; no ch. She m. 3"<l, Matthew 

807. Julia, b. Oct. 3, 1794; m. Nimms of South Deerlield, Mass., and had 
many ch., one of whom m. Bromley. 

808. Louisa, b. May 31, 1798; m. Anson Hungerford, of Harwinton, Conn., 
as his 2"^' wife, and had (1351) Sarah, who m. Ives, of Bristol, Conn., and living, 
1873; (1352) Henry, living .1873, in Harwinton; (1353) John, a jeweler in Newark, 
N. J. ; (1354) James, d. unm. ; (1355) Theodore, thought to be in Chicago; and 
one other. 

439. ZACCHEUS ^ James ' John,^ b. in Branford, Conn., Jan. 9, 
1754. He continued in Branford, where he was Deacon. He m. l**- 
Oct. 17, 1776, Sarah Bradtield, of Branford, who d. May 29, 1784; 
2"^!' Feb. 10, 1785, Hannah Sheldon, who d. Aug. 9, 1820 ; S''^' Nov. 
12, 1821, Mrs. Welthian Jones. He d., May ^23, 1831. He was 
elected Deacon Dec. 3, 1795, "with great unanimity." 

813. Samuel, b. Aug. 28, 1777. + 

814. Lucinda, b. July 23, 1779; d. Sept. 30, 1807. 

815. Timothy, bapt. Dec. 31, 1786. + 

816. Ammi, Aug. 34, 1788; m., Dec. 24, 1810, Mercy Hoadley, of Branford. 
He d. there Sept. 1, 1857, of apoplexy. He lived near Pine Orchard. In April, 
1866, Joel P. Lund was adm'r of his widow. Children: (1375) Eunice, May 32, 
1811, and d. leaving no ch ; (1376) Lucinda, Oct. 18, 1812, who m. David C. Bishop, 
of Branford; (1377) Serene Caroline, m. lst> James Harrison, and had one eh.; 
3nJ. .Joel P. Lund, and had one ch. ; (1378) .James Colvin, June 29, 1823, who d. 
April 24, 1826; and (1379) .James Colvin, 1826, who d. .July 19, 1844. 

817. Infant, d. Jan. 4, 1790. 

819. Betsey, bapt. March 10, 1795; m. Amaziah Hall. 

440. NICODEMUS ^ James ^ John,^ b. in Branford, Conn., Aug. 
4, 1755 ; m., June 9, 1778, Martha Harrison, whose mother before 
marriage was Mary Tyler. He d. there, June 9, 1799, of con- 


819. Mercy, b. Jan. 17, 1779. 

820. Tryphene, b. Jan. 29, 1781. 

821. James, b. April 33, 1782; living in 1799. 

822. William. + 

823. Infant, d. July 15, 1788. 

823*. Laura, added by report of her grandson, George R. Hoppen; m., in 1811, 
Willys Russell, and d. in 1827. 

350 Baldwin Genealogy. 

450. ISRAEL '• Israel* Israel,^ b. in Branford, Conn., aiid con- 
tinued there. Hem., Jan. 26, 1775, Elizabeth Hatch. By tradition, 
she was fifteen, and the match a runaway. He was a farmer and 
shoemaker, and fifty years Deacon in North Branford. He d. in 
New Haven, his will, dated June 30, 1829, being proved April 
14, 1831. 

830. Lj'dia, b. .July 21, 177o; m. Samuel Foote, and liei" ch. are in the Foote 
Genealogy, not now at m_y command. 

831. Josiah, b. June 21, 1778. + 

833. Israel, b. June 22, 1780. He resided in several plaees. Children : Lydia, 
m. 1st, Lyman Hall, and 2nd> Alcott, of North Haven; Mary. m. (says John R. 
Baldwin) Dick; Jedidiah (?) C. Carew; and Betsey, d. y. 

883. Eliada, b. July 1, 1783. + 

834. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 28, 1785; m. Sylvester Jones, M.D., of New Haven, 
Conn., and had six ch., four of whom were living in 1873; one, a dau., b. about 
1814, m, J. L. Gill, of West Haven. Conn., and is a widow since 1872. Dr. Jones 
m. 2'id, Assintha, sister of Elizabeth, but had no ch. by her. 

835. Elijah, b. Oct. 6, 1788. 

836. Micah, b. Nov. 2, 1790; he m. Hannah Wells, and settled in New Haven, 
where he built in York Square one of the well-known handsome residences. He 
d. childless. 

837. Miner, b. April 1, 1793; d. May 18, 1796. 

838. Simeon. 1). Oct. 11, 1795; d. num. 

839. Assinthy, b. March 31, 1798; m., as his 2'h1 wife, Sylvester Jones, M.D. ; 
no children. 

840. Wealthy, was b. Nov. 19, 1799; so called in the Town Record, l)ut in the 
will of her father. Wealthy Ann — a more probable name, though the other also 
occurs to another person, on a tombstone in Branford. 

841. Miner, b. Nov. 24, 1801. 

451. HEMAN^^ Israel* Israel,M3. in North Branford, Conn.; he 
m. Miss Irene Eussell, of North Branford, dau. Jonathan Russell, 
sister of Augustus, father of Miss Martha Russell, the writer, my 
informant. Heman moved to Whitestown, N. Y, and afterward to 
New Hartford, six miles from Utica, in that State. 

842. Jaco]).+ 

843. Heman, lived and d. in New Hartford, N. Y., where his widow still was 
in 1873. Children: Henry, supposed to live in Wisconsin; and Heman, who m. 
Miss Rathbun, of Oswego county, N. Y. 

844. Polly, living, 1873, in New Hartford, unni., with the widow of Heman. 

845. Augustus Russell, m. Miss Angler, of Mas.sachusetts, and settled in Lake 
county, Ohio, supposed in Painesville; said to l)e living in 1872, and to have a son 
and daughter. 

453. MOSES-' Aaron* Israel,3b. in Branford, Conn., Dec. 17, 
1749; he continued there. He m. !**• Lois Wheeler, who d. Feb. 
1(3, 1772; 2"'^' June 4, 1782, Mary Rotter; and 3'''- Lucretia. 

Job IK of 3L1 ford, Connecticut. 351 

846. Lois, b. Feb. 14, 1773; in., May 21, 1793, Peter Appels; and luid (1414) 
Silvia, who was b. :\Iay 29, 1796, in Brauford. 

847. Eli, b. Jan. 22, 1783. He had several eh., and llien removed to Ohio, 
(one authority says to Lorain eounty, and one to the northwol town in the State.) 
I tind no trace of him in Lorain, wliere I lived several years myself. Children: 
Giles, Oliver, Aaron, ISLaria and Minerva. 

848. Moses, b. Aug. /15, 1787, .settled in Bloomfield Geue.see county, N. Y., 
and had a son (1420) Charles. 

849. Aaron, .settled iu the State of New York (one says Bloomfield, Genesee 
county, and one says Orleans county), and had ch. : Lucy, who m. Downs in 
Genesee; Dwight;and Polly. 

850. Sally, m. Daniel Linslej', of Branford; and had cli. : (1424) Sophronia, b. 
June 30, 1793': (1425) Polly Hall, b. July 25, 1795. 

851. Lucretia, m. Northrop. 

852. Mary, m. Potter. 

853. Susan. 

854. George, bj- Srii wife (as likely others also), m. Betsey Harrison, of Bran- 
ford, who d. about 1867. Children: Thomas, b. about 1841, and d. July 4. 1859, 
aged 18; Edwin, d. unm. ; Susan (Did she marry Noah Foote, as one dau. is said 
to have done?) George "Walter, a blacksmith in Branford; John, Newton, Clifford, 
Harrison and Leonard. 

Administration on his estate was granted in Guilford, March 
24, 1823, to Eli. 

456. AAROX^ Aaron ^ Israel^ b. in Branford, Conn., January, 
1754 or 1755; he m. Temperance Fowler, and d. in Brauford, 
March 24, 1800. 

855. Clara, m. 1st, Samuel Foote, and 2111, IMr. Todd, of Massachusetts; iu 
1874, living in Branford village. 

856. Aaron. + 

857. "William, for a time, near North Brauford, Conn.; thence t > Granville or 
Blandford, Mass. ; no ch. Such is the account I get from Bi'anford. He owned 
covenant in Clinton (joining at Branford), Mav 15, 1785; and according to the 
Redlield Genealogy, m., Sept. 22, 1792, Lucy Pvedtield, and d. July 18. 1803. She 
d. aged 33, Oct. 80, 1804. Clara is called Clarissa, and there is added 

858. Lucy. 

457. JOSEPH 5 Aaron ^ Israel,^ 1). in Branford, Conn., Dec. 26, 
1758. He settled in Harwinton, Conn., after the birth of liis 
children. Adm. was, on his estate, Oct. 13, 1825, granted to John, 
and distribution to the children named below. He m , June 11, 
1781, Rosanna Malle^', who died, as appears from Harwinton 
Church Records, in 1843. Joseph was a blacksmith. 

859. Wyllis, b. March 10, 1783. + 

860. Erastus, b. in Branford, moved with his father to Harwinton, Conn . and 
in 1860 lived there on the "old homestead." His wife was named Electa. CUiildren : 

352 Baldwin Genealogy. 

(1451) Erastus, a "traveler;" (1452) Aaron, living, 1860, in the east part of Litclitield, 
Conn.; (1453) Samuel; (1454) George; (1455) Electa; and (1456) Joseph. The last 
four, in 1860, were in Harwinton. 

861. Joseph, 1798. In 1835, he joined the Church in Harwinton, and d. Feb- 
ruary, 1856, leaving a widow Pollj', who continued there. Of his children, (1457) 
Lyman, settled in Kansas; and (1458) Henry L., joined the Church in Harwinton 
in 1846, and settled in Kansas. It is said there are four other sons remaining in 

862. John, b. 1799. + 

863. Statira, m. Moss. 

458. JOXATIIAX ^ Aaron ^ Israel ,3 b. in Branford, Conn., Dec. 
9, 1760, and continued in Xorth Branford, in a house, in 1873, still 
occupied by his dau. Lydia. He m., Xov. 24, 1793, Keziah Rose. 
He d. Xov. 2, 1733 ; she d. Sept. 13, 1849, aged 85. 

864. Anson, b. July 9, 1794; d. Jan. 29, 1860. He was m., but had no ch. 
In Probate Record, in 1833, he is called Capt. Anson. 

865. Lydia, in 1873, living single and alone, in the old homestead, where she 
showed me the Family Record of Israel, b. 1694. 

476. BEN.JAMIX -^ Samuel^ IsraeP George- John,^ b. in Braiv 

ford, Sept. 2, 1780; lived in Xorth Branford. 

867. Lo Ammi, called by other authorities Benammi, and Ammi d. y. 

868. Beri, bapt. July 10, 1808; said, in 1873, to be a lawyer near Chicago, and 
by another to be a Judge. He m. Marietta Parmelee, dau. Rossiter Parmelee, of 

• Guilford. 

869. Giles T.+ 

870. LouLsa. 

871. Damaris. 

477. AUGUSTUS^ Samuel^ Israel,^ b. in North Branford, Conn., 
May 20, 1782, and lived there. He in.. May 4, 1808, Miss Sally 
Monroe, of Guilford, Conn. 

872. Jane Lucy, b. March 2, 1810; m., it is said, Moses Hall, of Wallingford, 
Conn., and living there in 1873. Another authority says William M. Hall. (Can it 
be William Mosely Hall, b. Feb. 11, 1806, in Wallingford?) 

873. William Augustus, b. Sept. 1, 1812; said to live in Franklin, near Vine- 
land, N. J. Lived in North Branford, Conn., until 1870. He m. Miss Merriman, 
of Meriden, and has a dau. m. and living West, 

482. JAMES ^ Ephraim^ Israel,^ b. in Branford, Conn,, March 
13, 1776; m. Philomela Bunnell. He remained there, and his 
estate. May 9, 1825, went to his wife and following named ch. 
(Guilford Probate.) 

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 353- 

874. Ilfinnah. 

875. Lucius, of Fair Haven, .slicniakor. has no sons. 

876. Heury, d. at sea, young. 

877. Allen, ran away and left w. and eh., sons and dans., at Fair Haven. 

878. George, of Fair Haven, ship liuilder. 

879. Rutli. 

484. JESSE "^ Epbraim* Israel,^ b. in Branford, Conn., Septem- 
ber, 1780; the Town Record says 16th, while his son says 8th. 
He m. Phebe Pardy (Pardee). He settled in Fowler, Mahoning 
county, Ohio, where he d. June, 1850 ; she, December, 1857. He 
lived for awhile, in business, in Vienna, Trumbull county, Ohio. 

880. Julius, b. Nov. 18, 1799. + 

881. Ephraim, b. April 9, 1802,+ 

883. Nancy, b. March 18, 1804, in Avon, Conn. : m. in Vienna, Ohio, perhaps 
in 1822, Allen C. Sutleff. Lives in Cedai', Johnson county, Iowa. 

883. Eunice, b. Jan. 20. 1806, in Sim.sbury, Conn. ; m. Hiram Beebe, in Vienna,. 
Ohio. and d. in Lynn county, Iowa. 

884. Decius, b. Feb. 6. 1808, in Simsbury, Conn.; ni. Arthusa Hurlburt; 
reside in Howland, Trumbull county, Ohio. 

885. Dennis, b. Jan. 28, 1810, in Simsbury, Conn. ; lives in Cedar, Johnson 
county, Iowa, * 

886. Phebe, b. Nov. 23. 1813; d. July 9, 1851; she m. Alanson Smith, in 
Vienna, Ohio. He survives in Fowler, TrnmbuU county, Ohio. 

887. Jesse Nelson, b. March 28, 1816, in Brooktield, Trumbull county, Ohio; 
m. Maria Scovill, of Vienna, Ohio, and, in 1873, lives there. 

488. JOEL 5 Daniel* Daniel ^ George- John,^ b. in Branford, 
Conn., July 16, 1759 ; he m,, April 28, 1783, Sarah Gorham, of 
Xew Haven. He had the followins: ch. in Branford. Went»with 
his familv to VVhitestown, N. Y., and then further w^est. 

890. Polly, b. Aug. 11, 1784. 

891. Benedict, b. Feb. 25, 1787. + 

892. Timothy Gorham, b. Dec. 14, 1788.+ 

893. Thankful, b. Oct. 11. 1792; d. aged 58. 

894. Sarah, b. Oct. 7, 1794; d. aged 70. 

895. Joel.+ 

896. Bronson.+ 

He is said to have been a Revolutionary soldier under Putnam, 
and a Christian. His sons were all farmers. 

492. DAyiD 5 Daniel* Daniel,3 b. in Branford, Conn., Aug. 12, 
1772; d. in North Branford, March 3, 1806. He m. Nancy, by 
"evidence," whatever that may mean; perhaps the mode of 

S54 Baldwin Genealogy. 

proving to the Town Clerk. He went, it is said, to Riga, N. Y., 
but returned with his family, save Charles. 

• 898. Eunice Parmelee, b. Dec. 15, 1801. 

899. Charles, b. Oct. 9, 1803; said to live in Michigan, and to be "very 

900. Peter, 1). Dec. 14, 1805; perhaps d. y., as John R. Baldwin's minutes do 
not show him. 

901. James. 
903. Sophronia. 

It is said one of the daus. m. Homer Chidsey, of Avon, Conn. 

493. STEPHEiS^s George* Daniel,^ b. in Branford, Conn., April 
30, 1770. He settled in Goshen, Conn., and his estate is in Litch- 
field Probate, 1811, w. Hannah and Isaac Wells adm'rs : distribution 
to w. and two ch. below. He Avas killed by the fall of a tree, 
while chopping it. His w. was Hannah Burgess. 

903. Edmund, b. about 1805; drowned in North Pond, near the family resi- 
dence in Goshen. 

904. Junius, b. Sept. 15, 1807. + 

He is identified for me by Rev. Samuel Orcutt, of Torrington, 
Conn., where the children settled. 

494. HEZIKIAII5 George * Daniel b. in Branford, Conn., May 
4, 1771. He settled in Washington, Conn., and in 1811 adm. was 
^iven to his wife Sally and only child. 

905. Stephen Smith, said to be a leading man in Sabbath Schools and other 
good works, in Washington, Conn. He has been mentioned several times to me as 
likely to give information as to the family; but my repeated letters have failed to 
bring an answer. 

498. ED WAPvD "^ Noah * Xoah ^ George ^ John,i b. in Branford, 
Conn., 1763 ; he lived in North Branford, Conn. He m.. May 20, 
1787, widow Desire Hegars, dau. Harrison ; she d. July 14, 1846, 
aged 99. He d. Oct. 4, 1823, of fever ; was buried in Pine Orchard 
Cemetery: "In memory of Capt. Edward Baldwin, who died Oct. 
21, 1823, aged 60. The memory of the just is blessed." 

906. Noali, b. 1787.+ 

907. Twin infants, d. Sept. 19, 1789. 

908. Twin infants, d. July 12, 1781. 

939. Abigail, m. Jesse Linsley; both d. before 1878. and their s. (1514) Samuel 
is then living in North Branford. 

910. Sally, m. 1st, Philo Harrison; and 2n'l. Jonathan Pvose, no ch., and 1873, 
widow living with John R. Baldwin. 

John, of 3Jilford, Connecticut. 355 

507. ELIIIU^ Jolui^ Johu=^ Richard 2 John,' b. in Braiiford, 
Conn., Jan. 21, 1745, and continued there. He m., Nov. 18, 1773, 
Abigail Kogers. His estate is distributed, in AVallingford Probate 
Record, to liis tive children. 

912. ]Mary, b. Oct. !(:<, 1174; ni. Dr. Ilcnian B. Brooks, and has. in 1874, it i.s 
said, a sou iiviiio- in Northford, Conn. 

913. Susaunali, b. March 9, 177G; m., April 10, lyil, Natlianiel T. Cook, of 
Northford. (Wallingford Church Records.) 

914. Eunice, b. Feb. 28, 1778. 

915. A])i.uail. b. Fel). 5, 1780: ni., Fel). 29. 1804, John Hall, of Walliugford, 
Conn. + 

916. Lydia, b. Sept. 11, 1783. 

509. AMBROSE ^ John * John, ^ b. in Branford, Conn., Oct. 29, 
1750. In 1783, he describes himself, in a deed, as of Wallingford, 
Conn., where, as Lieut. Ambrose, his estate was settled, June, 
1789 (£355). This branch of the family were of North Branford, 
and entries seem to be indiscriminately in the Records of Branford 
and Wallingford. His wife Sally, and Capt. Isaac Dart were his 
adm'rs. His wife was a Foot, whose mother, in 1775, was Mary 
Foot, of Branford. 

917. John, b. Feb. 14, 1771. 

918. Sally, b. Aug. 4, 1773. 

919. William, b. Jan. 24, 1780, Avho became, says John R. Baldwin, a noted 
physician in New York City. 

' 920. Lois, twin to Rebecca, b. Jan. 11, 1782; m., Feb. 6, 1804, Thaddeus 
FoAvler, of Guilford, Conn. 

921. Rebecca, tAvin, b. Jan. 11, 1782; m.. May 1, 1801, Caleb Finch, of North- 
ford, Conn. 

529. PHIXEHAS-'Phinehas^PhinehasS Richard ^ John,M3. in 
Milford, Conn., in 1751; he continued there, and d. as early as 

929. Phiuehas, b. 1783. + 

930. Mehitable, b. 1785; m. Enoch Clark, of Orange, Conn.; had scA'en s. and 
four daus. ; four grandsons in the late war. 

931. Phebe, b. 1788; m. Selah Steele. + 

932. Meritt, b. 1791; d. unm. 

933. Harriet, b. 1793; m. Charles Hubljell. of Stratford, Conn. She died, 
leaving two s. and three daus. 

934. Nehemiah, b. 1796; settled in Bethlehem, Conn. He is dead, and his w, 
survives in 1873. His tAvo daus. d. Avith consumption. 

935. Harvey, b. 1798; in 1873, living in North Corn Avail, Conn. ; no ch. 

936. Abigail, b. 1802; d. in 1872, unm. 

356 Baldwin Genealogy. 

530. THADDEUS5Phinehas*Pbineha8,3b. in Milford, Conn., 
April 27, 1760 ; lived in Milford ; m. Catharine, who d. Sept. 7, 
1833, aged 71. His will was proved April 21, 1825. 

937. Tliaddeus.+ 

938. Mehitable, d. unm. 

939. Louisa, living, 1874, in Milford; address, care Clarke Smith. 

940. Violette, m., March 25, 1824, Miles Davidson, of Milford, and had (1583) 
Samuel, and others. 

941. Mary Ann, m., Oct. 18, 1821, William Piatt, of Milford. Children: (1536) 
George, (1537) Albert, (1538) Laura, in 1873 all of Milford; (1539) Catharine, dead; 
(1540) Samuel, dead; and (1541) Louisa, who m. Wilmot. 

942. Samuel G., b. about 1794; d. unm. in Philadelphia, .July 22, 1822, aged 28. 

534. JOEL ^ Jared ^ Jerjah,^ b. in Milford, Conn., and continued 
there; he m. Sarah Ehodes. 

951. John. + 

952. Mary, m. Daniel Hine, of Milford, and supposed to have moved to Iowa. 
Said to have (1552) George, living in Stratford, Conn., a dau. and several other eh. 
in Iowa. 

953. Charles, m. He was killed in the 3Iexicau war, leaving ch. supposed to 
be living in New York City, where his widow removed. 

954. Joel, removed to Michigan, and lived, it is said, in Marshall, Cahoon 
county. He d., it is said, in California. Had two s. and two daus., the eldest son 
named John. 

955. Lucy, m. Munson Curtiss, of Stratford, Conn,, and had ch. : Carrie and 
Fannie, both imm. in 1874. 

956. .Tared, had several ch., of whom his eldest dau. m. a s. of Dennis Bristol!, 
of Milford ; a second dau. m. Prince, of Orange, whose first name is perhaps Noble. 
•Tared d. in Orange, leaving other ch. 

957. Charlotte, m. Isaac Hine, of Milford, Conn., and had ch. : Luke and 
Charlotte. (?) 

535. JOXATITAN-^ Jarod ^ Jerjah,^ b. in Milford, June 25, 
1787; when young, went to Bethlehem, 1801, and learned black- 
smithing of his brother Jared. He d. April 5, 1847. 

958. Albert, b. .Tan. 22, 1819; remained in Bethlehem; m. Abigail , and 

had a dau. Esther, who is dead, and ch. living: Esther, Myra, Dwight, Alice and 
Augusta H., who, in 1871, is my informant. 

959. Frederick, b. Nov. 23, 1821. 

960. Judson, m. Martha, and had three ch. 

961. Lewis, b. Sept. 28, 182- ; thought, l)y a relative in Milford, to have settled 
in Cincinnati. 

962. William, b. Feb. 13, 1827. 

536. ETHEL -^ Jared ^ Jerjah,^ b. in Milford, Conn., and con- 
tinued there; he m. Susan Ford. 

John, of 3Ii{fonl, Connecticut. 357 

963. Ethel P., m. Mary Smith, and lived iu Milford; he is dead, and she living 
in 1874; no ch. 

964. Lewis F., b. 1809.4- 

965. Susan Ann, b. 1817; m. Elliot W. Beach, of IMilfonl, s. John. In ls74, 
she survived him. Children: (1577) Oscar, m. Lsabell Potter, of New Haven, who 
d.. Icavinii- a dau. Emma, and (1578) Elliot W., who d. iu the army. unm. 

540. BEARD ^ Abraham ^ Charles =^ Richard ^ Johii,M). in Mil- 
ford, Conn., June 9, 1771 ; m. Sjbill, who was b. Aug. 21, 1777. 

973. Elijah, b. March 2, 1797.4- 

974. Charles, b. March 10, 1799. -h 

975. Amj', b. Feb. 14, 1801 ; m. Samuel "Woodruff Downes, of Milt'drd, as his 
1st wife, and had a dau. IMartha Ann, who m. Treat C. Botsford, and has ch. 

976. Joseph Beard, b Xov. 29, 1802. 

977. 3Iary. b. Jan. 2, 1805; m. Mark Stow. 4- 

978. Comfort, b. July 14, 1807: m.. May 5, 1887, Jouah Piatt, of Milford; 
living there in 1874, Children: Henry, m, a Miss Treat, and has three ch. 

979. William Clark, b. April 11, 1810. In 1874. living in New Haven: m., 
but no ch. 

980. Abigail Ann, b. Feb. 3, 1812; m. Samuel Woodruff Downes as his 2"J w. 
Thej- lived afterward but six weeks, died within fifteen hours of each other, and 
were buried in one grave. 

981. Abraham, b. June 8, 1815. He d. in New Haven. He m. and had ch. : 
(1596) Nellie, m. John Kennedy, of New York City; aud has several ch. ; (1597) 
Fannie, and (1598) Lizzie. 

982. Sybil, Elizabeth, b. Sept. 29, 1818; m, William Brotherton. In 1874, 
living in Milford. Children: Nathan d. y. ; and William B. , b. July 24, 1840: in 
1874, of Milford. 

983. Natliau Andrew, b. Aug. 17, 1821: d. Nov. 1, 1847, unm, 

545. JOSIAHf' Thomas^ Josiah * Johu -^ John - John/ b. in Xew 
Jersey, about 1740; removed to Bridport, Addison county, Vt.; 
said by his grandson Joseph to have been '•artiticer'' iu the Revo- 
lution ; moved, it is said, from Morris or Sussex county, N. J. 
(Morris county.) 

984. Thomas, b. iu New Jersey. Oct. 27. 1785. 4- 

985. James, b. 1787, aud his grandson thinks in Connecticut. Had three ch. 
in Vermont; then settled in Cayuga couuty, N. Y. ; theuce, iu 1834, to Lorain 
county, Ohio, where he lived iu 1836. He removed thence to Oakl.vnd county, 
Mich., wdiere he d. iu 1839; aged 74. He had five daus. and two son^; one (1610) 
Harrison, b. 1824, iu New York, m., in Oxford, Oakland county, Mich., in 1856, 
Martha Langworthy. He is a furniture dealer there, with two sous and a ilau. 

986. David. 

987. Madisou 

988. Ehoda, m. Vorce, of Port Byron, N. Y. 

989. Daughter, said to be living iu California. 

990. Daughter. 

Die 1, by tradition, in Mentz, Cayuga county, N. Y., about 1840, 
aged about 100 ; no doubt younger. 

358 Baldiciii Genealogy. 

552. JOHN J.^ Joseph ^ John ^ John^ John - Johii,^ according to 
Mr. Congar's Table, with Notes by. Mr. Edward F. Baldwin, of 
Newark, he m. l*^- May 28, 1805, Lydia, b. Aug. 13, 1779, dau. 
David Dodd, m. l"*- Keuben Dodd. She d. Feb. 10, i821, and he 
m. 2'"'' Sarah Dodd. 

991. Reuben D.+ 

992. .Joseph 11., of 3Ioutclaii', N. J. ; m. Lydia Muim; has no sons. 

993. Sarah D., m. Anthony D. Ball, now deceased, of Montclair, N. .J., widower 
of Aljljy E. 

994. Abby E. , deceased, m., as his !»* wife, Antliony D. Ball, of Montclair, N. .J. 

558. CALEB '^Joseph^Johu.^ 

995. Calvin S., deceased, leaving ch. : (1G20) Emmons, living, March, 1875, in 
Newburgh, N. Y. : and (1631) AlmanzaM., deceased. 

996. Alnuinaza M., nnm., in Montclair, N. J. 

567. JAMES ^ Silas -^ James ^ Samuel ^ John "^ John,i b. probably 
in Kidgefield, Conn., but early to Derby. On information of his 
nephew, I state that he d. in Seymour, Conn., leaving one or two 
sons and a dau. 

998. Stephen, settled in Oxford, Conn., near Seymour line, and had several ch. : 
one (1622) George, in 1874, lives near the line, in one town or the other. Stephen 
was a mason, but not the one who built the church in Watertown. 

999. Rinda, m. Lewis Baldwin. 

571. JESSE « Silas 5 James, ^ b. in Derby, Conn., Feb. 15, 1771. 
His nephew, Riley T., says he left a family in Seymour. I do not 
know of them, except that his daughter 

1001. Lucy m. 1st, Durand, and lived in New Haven. He d., and she m. 2"^U 
Oct. 12, 1831, Nehemiah H. Hoyt, of Hebron, N. Y., b. Feb. 25, 1808. + 

572. SILAS « Silas ^ James,^ b. in Derby, Conn., Aug. 25, 1774, 
or, says a descendant, 1775. He lived in that part of Derby called 
Humphreysville, now Seymour; m., Aug. 25, 1800, Tabitha Perry, 
b. .March 11,177(3, and d. March 4, 1861. He d. Feb. 27, 1855. 
He was a shoemaker. He celebrated his golden wedding in the 
same house without ever moving out of it. 

1002. Merrit Plumb, b. Dec. 2, 1802. + 

1003. Riley, b. Aug. 22, 1804. + 

1004. Nathan, b. April 16, 1805; d. April 20, 1805. 

1005. Orriu, April 30, 1806. + 

1006. .Jeannette, 1). March 11, 180S; m. .Lames Slieldon Greene. + 

Joh}^ of Illlford, Connecticut. 359 

1007. , Mariti, b. Dcf. ol, 1811; m. Jolm William Bassett, and live, 1877, in 
. Seymour, Conn. Children : Mary Minerva, d. y. ; Frances Maria, m. and has 
several ch. ; Wilbur ^I. ; \\'illiam Marcus, d. y. ; and Charles. 

1008. Rossette, b. March 27, 1814. m. Capf. Peter Ward Post, b. IMarch 4, 1790, 
who d. Dec. 21, 1859. They liad one ch., which d. aged a few liours, and one 
Alanson Brainard, b. May 28, 1854. 

1009. Mary Plunili, I). .luuc, 8, 1816; in 1873 unm. and living with Rossette ; is 
a dressmaker. 

1010. AValcs, b. April 4, 1820; m. Rebecca Dickermau. He d. in New Haven. 
Dee. 24 or 25, 1849 and his widow is in New Haven in 1877. Children: (16G5) 
Ellen Tabitha, m. ; and (1660) Charles Dickerman, m. 

577. KEUBEX^ Keubeii ^ James,^ b. in Derby, Conn., about 
1784. He was a joiner. He went to Winsted, Conn., about 1804 
or 1805, to superintend the finishing of the meeting house in the 
east village, and continued his residence in the Society until his 
death, Dec. 15, 1855, aged 79. He lived in the story-and-a-half 
frame house near the lake outlet. He m., July 13, 1807, Nancy 
Wheeler, b, Sept. 5, 1788, dau. Xathan. She died Feb. 7, 1854, 
aged 65. 

1011. Emeline, b. Sept. 20, 1808; m., Sept. 27, 1832, William F. Hatch, and 
d. Sept. 22, 1870. He was b. March 4, 1801, s. Capt. Moses, of Weathersfleld. He 
m. 2nd, Sept. 20, 1871 ; Lizzie M. Eells, and lives in Winsted. 

1012. Lyman, b. March 12, 1810; m., Nov. 30, 1837, Rebecca C. Mather, of 
INIiddletown, Conn. He lived in Winsted. Children: (1667) Sarah Gray, b. July 
16, 1852. 

1013. Matilda, b. Feb. 15, 1816; m. Miles Smith, who d. .July 27, 1851. He 
was b. July 6, 1817, s. Deacon Elisha, s. Capt. Zabina, from Goshen to Winsted. I 
suppose they live in Winsted. (1668) Martha Bertram, b. May 6, 1848; m., April 
23, 1872, King T. Sheldon. 

ISTathan Wheeler was s. Beiijamin, Sen., of Woodbury, and his 
wife, the mother of Nancy, was Mary, dau. Jesse Doolittle. 

580. STEPHEN "^ Joseph ■' Stephen,^ b. aud lived in Caldwell, 
N. .r. He m. Betsey Kitchell, dau. Obadiah Kitchell. 

1017. Lydia Kitchell, b. Feb. 8, 1802; m. John Young, of Columbia, Morris 
county. N. J. She is dead. Children : Elizabeth, d. y. ; Henry, Hettie and Elizabeth. 

1018. .John, b. Nov. 21, 1803; m. Eliza Crane; botli dead, leaving no ch. 

1019. Julia Caroline, b. April 2, 1806; m. Jolm C. Wilkin.son, of Newark; are 
both there in 1874. They have lost several ch., and have living PJiebe, Ann and 

1020. Sally, b. July 26, 1808; m. David Anderson, and removed to Clinton, 
Iowa, where she d. Nov. 3, 1874. Children: Maria, Priscilla and Aaron. 

1021. Maria, b. .Jan. 9, 1811; m. Josepli Wilkinson, a cousin of .John C. He 
is dead, but she living, 1874, in East Orange, N.J. Children: Elizabeth, John, 
Hannah, Maria and Mary. 

S60 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1023. Ira, b. Aug. 27, 1813: d. in hospital in the late war. Hem. Emeliue 
Dobbins, of Caldwell, and had ch. : (1681) John, living in Caldwell, and three dead, 
Harvey, Elizabeth and Esther. 

1033. Stephen Y., b. March 24, 1817. + 

1034. Aaron G., b. Aug. 18, 1830. + 

581. NOAH « Joseph ^ Stepheu,* b. and d. in Caldwell, N. J. He 
m. Naomi Baldwin,^ of Montclair, jS". J.; Joseph^ John^ John - 

1035. Joseph, 1874, in Caldwell, N. J. He m. Ann Eliza Harrison, dan. Henrj' 
W., of Wattsville, in the same town, and has ch. : Walton, Frank, Annie and Fred. 

1036. Caleb, Post Olfice address, Verona, N, J. He m. 1st, ]Malvina Potter, bj- 
whom he had Milton, Frank and ^lary. He m. 3n>i. Abbj' Swain, by whom he 
had no ch. 

1037. Oscar, called by another Noah O. ; living, 1874, in Caldwell, N. J. He 
m. Emily Gould, of Patterson, X. J., and has a son Edward. 

1038. Mixi-cus Y., 1874, in Caldwell. He m. Catharine Dobbins, and had a son 
•drowned in 1873. 

1039. Zenas, m., and had several ch. in California. 

1030. Elizabeth, m. Samuel O. Harrison. She is dead; he, living in Caldwelj 
1874, with two ch. 

1031. Hannah Maria, m. Samuel Dobbins, of Caldwell; and her dau. Mary 
Louisa ni. William Price, of that place. 

1033. Esther, in 1874, smgle, in Caldwell. 
1033. Louisa, in 1874, living unm. in Caldwell. 

592. HANNAH ^ Caleb ^ Caleb * Samuel ^ John ^ John,i b. ; 

m. Henry Wick, of Young.stown, Mahoning county, Ohio. He 
was s. of Lemuel and (Lupton) ^Yick, and is grandson of, as sup- 
posed. Job Wick, a family from Long Lsland, where Henry was 
born. He lived for a while in Ten Mile, afterward Amity, Wash- 
in2:ton countv, Penn., and settled in Youno;stown in 1804. He d. 
in 1845, and his wife in 1847 or 1849. He was a merchant in 
Young§town, and one of the richest men in the neighborhood. 
He invested largely in lands, whicli, by the development of coal, 
have brouo'ht lar<j:e sums to his children. 

1039. Caleb Baldwin, m. 1st, Rachel, dau. of Jared Kirtland, and had a son 
Henrj- Kirtland, who m. and had one dau. ; he d. a young man, and his widow m. 
Henry Morse, of Poland, Ohio. Caleb m. 3n<i, Delia Griffith, and had ch. : Caleb 
Baldwin ; Rachel, m. R. W. Tajior, lawyer, Cashier Mahoning Count}- Bank, State 
Auditor of Ohio, First Comptroller of the United States Treasury at Washington, 
d. in 1878; Henry Kirtland ; Hannah, m. Charles Ames, of Youngstown; Laura, 
imm. ; Charles, and Eliza. 

1040. Thomas, d. num., aged 30. 

104L Betse}-. m. Robert Leslie, of Youngstown; she d. soon after, and he m. 
the 2nd time. 

John, of 3Iilfo)-d, Connecticut. 361 

1042. LcmiK'l, m. Aim Jane DuttDii, dau. Dr. Charles Duttou, of Youngstown. 
He wa.s for many yetirs President of the City Bauk and City National Bank of 
Cleveland, Ohio. His eh. wen-: diaries D., m. Amy Byard, of Pittsburgh; his 
widow andch. now. 1876, reside in Philadelphia. Cynthia Dutton. m. C. S. Bissell, 
and resides in Cleveland, in one of the linest "palaces" of Euclid avenue. They 
have several eh., and a dau. died unm. 

1043. Henry, b. Feb. 18, 1807; ui., Dec. 10, 1828, Mary S. Hinc, dau. Homer 
Hiue, of Youngstown, from New Milford, Conn. ; and his w. Mary Skinner, dau. 
Capt. Abraham, of Paincsville, Ohio. Henry Wick has been for many years a 
prosperous banker of Cleveland, Ohio, for many years Director, and for some time 
Treasurer of the Bellefoutaine and Indiana Railroad. His children are: Henrietta 
Matilda, who m. Frederick Judd, a merchant in Flint, IVIich., and has ch. : Alfred 
Henry, a banker in Cleveland, m. Mary Tennis, dau. John, of Cleveland; Mary 
Helen, m. "William H. Corning, of Cleveland, and has ch. ; Florence, m. Dexter B. 
Chambers, of Cleveland, and has a ch. ; Dudley Baldwin, banker in Cleveland, m. 
Emma (Steele) Hill, widow, dau. Horace Steele, a banker of Painesville, Ohio; and 
Henry C, a member of his father's firm. 

1044. Hugh Brisou, m. Lucretia Winchell, of Y'oungstowu, b. in New Haven, 
Conn. He is a banker in Y'"oungstown, Conn. His ch. are: George, d. y. ; John 
C, m. Bouuell, and has ch. ; Lucretia, m. H. W. Scott Bonuell, of Y'oungstowu; 
Henry Y""., m. dau. Myron Arms, of Y'ouugstown; Emily, m. M. Bonnell. Hugh B. 
d. April, 1880. He was a very successful business man, and much esteemed. 

1045. Matilda, m. Dr. Thomas Luftou Bain, of Y'ovmgstowu, and left ch. ; 
Lycurgus G., m. and d., had no ch. ; and Thomas L., d. about 1875, and left ch. 

104S. John, lived and d. in Pittsburgh, leaving a widow Emily, who m. Arms, 
of Y'oungstown. He left ch. : William, living near Y'oungstowu ; James, John 
and Emily, all in Y'oungstown. 

1047. Mary Ann, m. William B. Foster, and he d. soou after; had no ch. 

1048. Thomas Lufton (2nd), m. Mar}' Foster, and lived in Youngstown. He 
had three ch. : Henry, Mary and Eliza, d. leaving issue. The widow m. Jesse 
Thornton, of Cleveland, Ohio. 

1049. Paul, of Y^ouugstowu, banker, m. Susan Bull, and hasch. : 1st, Mjtou; 
2nd, a dau. ; 3rd, George ; and one or two j-ounger. 

598. NEHEMIAH'5 Caleb ^ Caleb,^ b. in Wasbhigtoii county, 
Penn., Oct. 24, 1797; still, August, 1875, living in Council Blufts, 

1061. .John T.. b. in Washington coUuty, Penn.. Oct. 12, 1820; Vice President 
of the Pacilic National Bank, Council Bluffs. 

1062. Sarah T., b. July 1, 1822. 

1063. Caleb, b. April 3, 1824. He was appointed one of the Judges of the 
Court of Alabama Claims, and d. in Washington, 1877. He is described, in a 
Washington letter to the Cleveland iiferrtW, "as a geuial-soided man. weighing at 
least three hundred pounds, and whose face is as ruddy as a Baldwin apple," and 
withal as a man of decided ability. 

1064. Ruth Dodd, Sept. 2, 1829. 

All living save Caleb. 

362 Baldwin Genealogy. 

599. BENJAMIN PITNEY ^ Caleb ^ Caleb,^ b. in Youugstowru 
Mahoning county, Ohio, March 26, 1802. He m., July 5, 1822, 
Martha Panley. They live, 1875, in Newton Falls, Trumbull 
county, Ohio. 

1065. James Panle}^ XcAvtou, TrumljuU couuty, Ohio. 

1066. Linus Caleb, Pittsburgli, Peuu., 12 Smithfield street. 

1067. Lois Rebecca, b. April 28, 1833; m., ^Vlarcli 8, 1859, M. S. Dupree, of 
St. Louis, Gratiot county, Mich.; therein Deceiuber, 1875. Children: Charles C, 
b. March 21, 1861, in Milton; Scott M., April 3, 1863, at Jasper, Mich., and d. there, 
Aug. 30, 1867; Willie B., June 11, 1865; and Martha C, b. at Milton, Dec. 21, 1872. 

1068. Harriet, m. Alexander Pow; lives, 1875, in Salem, Columbiana comity. 

1069. Henrj^ Boyd, same place. 

1070. Nehemiah Scott, Milton, Mahoning county, Oliio. 

1071. Benjamin Pitney, same place. 

His wife died Jan. 2, 1871, and he m., Feb. 16, 1873, Mrs. M. S. 
Parmelee, and he has since resided at Newton Falls, He has, 
Nov. 15, 1875, twenty grandchildren. 

636. JARED R.<^ Nathaniel Elijah ^ Xathaniel-^ John'^ John,^ b. 
in Newark, N. J., about 1798; m. Miiy Baker, and settled in 
Jackson, Luzerne county, Penn., where he lived in 1875. His 
w-ife d. about 1845. 

1073. p. B. 

1074. A. J. 

1075. C. B. 

1076. E. B., b. 1838, youngest of eleven ch., it is said, of whom three d. infants, 
lie m. Lucinda Heilmer, dau. of the late Sanuiel Heilmer, of 3Iinersville, Schuyl- 
kill county, Penn. He lives, 1875, in Kingston,, in the same comity. Children: 
one d. infant, and a dau. living, 1875, in Wilkesbarre. 

1077. Matilda W. , m. Isaac Deremer, d. 1865. 

1078. Elizabeth J., m. L. Hakes, lately deceased, of Wilkesbarre, Penn.; she 
d. 1862; she left no ch. 

1079. Jeannette L., m. Samuel Wilkins, and living 1875. 

All but Mrs. Hakes had children, and some grandchildren. 

639. MARGARET « Cornelius 5 Elijah,-' b. about 1785, in Win- 
chester, Va.; she m., in 1804, Judge William Daniel, of Lynch- 
burg, Va., and died in 1826. 

1080. Mary Cornelia B., b. 1806, in Cuml)erland comity, Va. ; d. 1844, in 
Union Plill, Nelson couuty, Va. She m. Mayo Cabell, of that place, and had ch. : 
1st. Margaret Baldwin Cabell, b. 1827, m. Robert L. Brown, s. Gen. Brown, of 
Nelson, in 1853, and has seven ch. ; Roliert L., Cornelia B..^'William Cabell, Joseph 

John^ of Milford, Connecticut. 363 

.C, Elizabctli, Danirl ami Mayo Cabell, '^lul. William, Daniul, A.M., University 
of Virginia, Principal of the Normal High School, Nelson county, Va.; ni., 1854, 
Betty Nicholas Cabt'll, who d. in ISG.'j, leaving two ch., Annie and Mary. He m. 
3ik1, July, 1867, Maria Virginia Ellet, dan. Com. Charles Ellet, and has by her four 
ch. : Elvira D., Charles Ellet, William Daniel and Niza Ellet. 3rd. Joseph Car- 
ringtou Cabel, b. 1837; d. unm. in 1834; was Lieutenant in the Confederate army. 
4th. Cornelia M., b. 1839, m. Rev. Ferdinand ^lartin. Episcopal clergyman, at 
Perrysville, Clark ctmnty, Va., and lias eight ch. : Mayo Cabell, Charles Stuart, 
."\rargaret, Eliza, Cornelia, Briscoe, Alice, Annie Carringtou.'--5ith. _Stuart Cabell, 
b. 1842, m.. Miss Alice Boyd, of Nelson, who d. 186- with her tlifee'^^cfitrJi^l'<5t. 
Joseph and Alice; he was a Lieutenant in the Confederate army, and lost a leg- 
in battle. 

1081. William, b. 1808; d. 1873. 3Ie:nber of the Legislature, and Judge of 
the Supreme Com-t of Virginia; m., 1843, Sarah A. Warwick, dan. of John W. 
Warwick, of Lynchburg, who d. in 1843, leaving eh. : 1st. Col. John W., b. 1844: 
Member of the Legislature, and Adjutant of Early's Brigade, in the Confederate 
Army. 3nd. Sarah A., ni. , 186S, Daa P. Halsey, a ) eminent lawyer, of Richmond, 
Va., and has three ch., Caroline, Daniel a:id Julia. 

Col. John W. Daniel, m. Miss Julia Munell. dan. Dr. Munell, of Lynchburg, in 
1868, and has two daus., Jidia and Caroline. He was wounded several times, and 
is a cripple for life, using crutches. He is a distinguished lawyer, and author of 
the law book, "Daniel on Attachments," and that very leading work, "Daniel on 
Negotiable Instruments." In 1876, he is a Member of the Virginia Senate, and 
the nomination for the United States Senate by three votes. 

Judge William, m. 2»il. Miss Cabell, dan. Judge William H. Cabell, of the Court 
of Appeals of Virginia, who survives; no issue. 

1083. Eliza, b. in Cumberland; m. Lewis Cabell, Esq., of Lynchburg, Va., 
and d. in 1831 ; no ch. 

1083. Elvira Augusta, b. 1817; m., Oct. 31, 1838, Com. Charles Ellet, Jr., of 
Philadelphia, who d. June 29, 1862, leaving four ch. : 1st. Mary Virginia, b. Jan. 
24, 1839; m. William D. Cabell, June 9, 1867. 2nd. Charles Rivers, b. June 1, 
1843, in Philadelphia, and d. Oct. 31, 1863, in the United States Navy. 3rd. Cor- 
nelia Daniel, b. Oct. 2, 1849, in Wheeling; m. A. Moore, Jr., of Berry villle, Va., 
Sept. 10, 1873, and d. June 25, 1874. 4th. William Daniel, b. Aug. 4, 1854, iu 
Richmond, Va., and d. a student in Gottengen University, Germany, Nov. 24, 1874. 

1084. 3Iartha, b. in 1819; m. Judge Wood Bouldin, of the Supreme Court of 
Virginia. Children: 1st. Elvira Daniel. 2ad. Martha, m. Dr. Fleuraey, and has 
two ch., Mattie and Fanny. 3rd. Ann Lewis. 4th. Charles Ellet. ot'i. Briscoe 
Baldwin, Otli. Alice Haxall. 7th. Frank Deaue. 8th. Virginia Stcv.-art. 9tli. 

641. BRISCOE GERARD^Coraelms^ Elijah/ b. Jany, 1789, 
in Winchester, Va. Edacated at AYiiliain and Mary College; he 
studied law, and settled in Staunton, Va.; m, Mai'tha Brown, daii. 
of Chancellor John Brown, a lady of great vivacity and intelli- 
gence. He was frequently a Member of the Legislature, of the 
Constitutional Conventiou of 1830, and Judge of the Supreme 
Court of Appeals of Virginia, lie was, it is said, regarded as one 

364 Baldwin Genealogy. 

of the ablest Judges ever on that bench, and a man of great purity 
and generosity of character. He was also an eloquent advocate. 
He established, in 1839, a Law School in Staunton, which he 
conducted for several years with much success. His Lectures, 
comprising the whole body of common, statute and equity law, 
still exist in Mss. They were highly prized by his students, and 
he was often solicited to publish them. He was for many year's 
Presiding Judge of the Court of Appeals, and has been widely 
known through his masterly expositions of law contained in 
Grattan's Reports. He died May, 1862; his widow died January, 

1085. Frances, ni. Hon. Alexander H. H. Stuart. + 

1086. Mary, m. Col. James M. Rawson. + 

1087. John B., b. Jan. 11, 1820, near Staunton; m., Sept. 20, 1842, Miss Susan 
M. Peyton, dau. John H. Peyton, Esq., and d. without issue, Sept. 30, 1874. He was 
a graduate of the University of Virginia. At twenty-one, he commenced the practice 
of law in Staunton, Va., as partner of his brother-in-law, Hon. 'A. H. H. Stuai't. 
He soon achieved eminence as a law3-er and political debater. As soon as eligible 
by age, he became a Member of the House, aud of marked ability in del)ate. He was 
opposed to Secession; and in 1860, in favor of Bell and Everett, he commenced the 
canvas in Richmond. The Richmond papers characterized the speech as a " mas- 
terly and extraordinary effort." In the State Convention of 1861, he displayed 
"transcendant ability ■" in oppo.sition to Secession. He visited President Lincoln 
in behalf of the Union members. Secession being determined upon, he supported 
his State. He became Inspector General; then Colonel of the 52nd Va. Reg. ; then 
Member of the Confederate Congress. The debates of that body were .secret, but 
Baldwin is understood to have maintained his reputation. His speech against the 
suspension of Habeas Corj^us has often been described as one of the noblest 
defences of liberty ever pronounced in this coiuitry. After Lee's surrender, he 
took part in what is believed to have been the first meeting for the re-establishment 
of the government. He was Speaker of the next House of Delegates. He was 
afterward of marked influence in Conventions; and President of one, which, 
although he deeliued, nearly nominated him as Govei'nor. Although bold in his 
course, he seems to have been regarded with extraordinary affection bj- the people 
of Virginia, as " sans jieur et suns rep roclie." 

1088. Margaret, m. Dr. Chapman Johnson Stuart, and d. leaving one cli. (1734) 
Mary, who m. Capt. William L. Clarke, of "Winchester, Va., and has five ch. 

1089. Briscoe G., b. 1828; twin to James. Colonel; Chief of Ordinance in 
the Army of Northern Virginia; a laborious and al)le officer, highly approved bj- 
his commander. Gen. R. E. Lee. 

1090. James B., twin, b. in 1828; m. Miss Garber, dau. Mr. Albert T. Garber, 
of Staunton, A'a. Oct. 26, 1875, he was droAvued at Richmond, Va. He left a 
widow, but no ch. 

642. CORNELIUS E.« Cornelius ^ Elijah,-* b. 1791, in Winches- 
ter, Va. M.T). of the vicinity of Middletown, twelve miles south 

* John, of MUford, Connecticut. 365 

of AViiichester. He m. iS'ellie Hite, daii. of Major Isaac Hite, of 
Belle Grove, near Middletown, whose wife was the only sister of 
President Madison. Mr. Madison gave each of Dr. Baldwin's 
three daughters a handsome legacy. 

1091. Eleuer, m. 'Lewis Davidson, of Winchester, and moved to Missouri, 
where she d. leaving two cli. 

1092. Mary B., formerly a Missionary of the Protestant Episcopal Church, at 
Athen.s, Greece; now, 1875, in Jaffa. 

1093. Hite, M.D., formerly a Surgeon in the United States Navy; iu 1875, a 
jihysician near Middletown. 

1094. James, a farmer near Middletown; m. but has no ch. 

1095. Kobert, a Surgeon in the Confederate Army, and M.D. Children: (1735) 
Robert, a lawyer, and two daughters. 

1096. Ann, m. Mr. Hay, a lawyer, of Missouri, and d. leaving one ch. (1788) 
Baldwin; in 1875, United States Consul at Jaffa, in Turkey. 

643. ROBERT TIIOMASe Cornelius ^ Elijah/ b. in Winchester, 
Va., 1793. He was an eminent and successful physician in that 
place, and Surgeon in the War of 1812. He m. 1**- Sally Mackey, 
by whom he had children, who d. y. He m. 2"''- Portia Lee Hop- 
kins, dau. John and Cornelia (Lee) Hopkins. He died 1863, in 

1097. Cornelia Lee, m. John Peyton Clark, son of William J. Clark, of Win- 
chester. She d. near there, in 1869. Her ch. are: (1739) Portia Baldwin; (1740) 
Iraogene; (1741) John Peyton; and (1742) Robert Lawrence. 

1098. Mary Briscoe, m. Rev. John Mayo Pleasants Atkinson, iu 1875, President 
of Hampden Sidney College, Va. She d. in 1866, leaving two daus. : Portia Lee 
and Betty Carr, 

1099. Robert Thomas, b. 1840; unm. in 1875. 

1100. Daughter, d. y. 

1101. John Hopkins, b. in 1844. hi 1876, he is an adjuster of Insurance losses 
in Baltimore, 113 Rialto Building. I am obliged to him for a long and intelligent 

1102. Daughter, d. y. 

1103. William Ludwell, b. about 1848; unm. in 1875, and liveswith his mother 
in Alexandria, Va. 

1104. Daughter, d. y. 

Dr. Robert T. Baldwin was, it is said, a successful farmer, and 
wrote much and ably on the subject of agriculture. He was the 
author of what is called "The Shade Theory." 

644. ARCHIBALD STUART « Cornelius ^ Elijah,-* b. in Win- 
chester, Va., 1797. He m. Kitty Mackey, a sister of the wife of 
his brother Robert. He was an M.D., practicing at Winchester 

366 Baldwin Genealogy. 

with his brother Eobert; they were devotedly attached. He was 
President of the Valley Bank, and a Presidential Elector. 

1105. Mary, ni. Tidball, a lawyer of California; she has ch. : Susan and Willie. 

1106. Margaret, m. Robert AVhitehead, a lawyer, of Nelson Court House, Va. , 
and has live ch. 

1107. Catharine, m. Dr. S. S. Neil, of Frederick county, Va. She has four 
ch.: Kate, Annie. Mary and Sigismund. 

1108. Robert F., M.D.+ 

1109. JohuMackey, M.D.+ 

1110. Cornelius, an M.D. in Winchester. Va. He m. Miss Jones, dau. Mar- 
shall Jones, of New Orleans, who d., leaving one ch. (1759) Marshall. 

1111. Sallie. 

1112. Fannie. 

John H. calls him Alcxavdei^ Stuart. 

646. MARY B.^' Cornelius ■' Elijah," h. in Winchester, Va., ^ov. 
11, 1800; she m. William W. Donag-he, who died in Staunton in 
1872, where she lives in 1875, the sole survivor of her fathers 

1113. Margaret D., m. Rev. Dr. Rol)ert White, an eminent Presbyterian min- 
ister, author of " The Gospel its Own Witness;" in 1875, of Warrington, Va. She 
d., leaving four ch.: Mary, Robert, Arabella and Willie. Mary and Willie only 

1114. Briscoe Baldwin, M.D. ; m. Miss Brooks, dau. Robert S. Brooks. They 
have had six ch., of whom there survive Mary B. , Florence and Virginia. 

1115. Marj' A., unm. 

1116. Annie, m. Dr. Douglas Gray, of Harrisburg, Va., and have ten ch., of 
whom eight are living : Isabel, Douglas, Virginia, William, Henr3% Mary, Lockhart 
and Margaret. 

1117. William W., m. Miss Calahan, of Botetourt county, Va. He d. in 
Staunton in 1872, leaving four ch. : Ella, who m. Meade White, a lawyer, of Staun- 
ton, and has three ch. : Mary B., Eveiett, and Annie Gray. 

647. WILLIAM DAXIEL 6 Cornelius ^^Elijah,M). in Winches- 
ter, Va., 1803, M.D.; m. Miss Margaret Sowers, dau. of John C. 
Sowers, a wealthy merchant of Staunton, and died in Winchester 
in 1830. 

1118. Cornelia, m. Mayo Cabell. Children: William D., Stuart, Joseph; a 
daughter, who m. Robert Brown; and a daughter, who m. Rev. i\Ir. 3Iartin (?), an 
Episcopal clergyman. y^ ' " 

1119. Mary Julia, Principal and founder of the Augusta Female Seminary at 
Staunton, one of the largest and best schools in the South. 

Her father, as all the other Doctors Baldwin of this line, were 
graduates of the Medical Department of the University of Penn- 

Joloi, of 3HJfnriK (Connecticut. 367 

655. ELIJAH c Zadoc'' RobeiV Nathaniel ^ Jolm- JoliiuMj. in 
Xew Jersey; settled in Montville, Morris county, N.J,, and died 
there. He m. Ann Canipl)cll. 

1\2'6. Aarou, d. num.. in Montville. 

1124. Eilward (or is it Alfred?) lives in ]Montville, and lias cli. 

1125. Mar}-, ui. T. Condit, and has ch. : Ann; Edward, m. H. Mitchell; Elijah, 
Harriet and Isabella. 

656. ROBERT ^ Zadoc ^ Robert ' b. in New Jersey, about 1774 ; 
he in. Mary D. Gould, b. about 1780, and dau. of Gen. William D. 
Gould, of Caldwell, N. J. 

1126. Johnson G. + 

1127. Lucius D.. b. Sept. 4, 1815; still living, 1876, in Xewark, N. J. ; a single 
gentleman, of wealth and position, to whom I am indebted for attention and ser- 
vices in the matter of preparing the present work. He has filled various positions 
of trust, and been President of the City Council. 

1128. William W., d. num. 

1129. Phebe H., m. William II. Harris, of Montclair, N. J.+ 

1130. Hettie E., m. .J. Smith Crane. He d., and she lives, 1875, in Newark, 
N. .1. Children: ]\Iary, m. Dr. John Bromlej', of Newark, and d., leaving no ch. ; 
Sarah F., d. unm. ; ]\Iargaret C., d. unra. : and Anne. d. num. 

Some other children, who d. y. 

657. BETHUEL c Zadoc-' Robert,* b. in New Jersey; lived and 
died in Newark, N. J.; he m. Nancy A^anhouten. 

1131. Abby, d. unm. 

1132. Henry, settled in Mass., and had a family. 

1133. Elijah. 

1134. Phebe, m. Daniel Tompkins. Children: Watkins, m. A. M. Alison; 
Elizabeth, Frederick, Theodore and Phebe. 

1135. Elizabeth, m. D. Campliell. 

1136. Eobert. Children: Harriet and Emma. 

1137. William, m. ; lived in Newark. N. J., and has a family. 

1138. George, lived in Caldwell, N. J. ; had a wife, and s. and dau. 

1139. Harriet, m. W. Clark. 

658. SILAS <5 Zadoc ^ Robert * Nathaniel ^ John '- John,i lived in 
Newark, N. J.; m. Sarah , and had a son 

1140. John L., m. Elizabeth Powlas; said, in 1873, to be a merchant, living in 
Newark, with a son (1793) Silas. 

660. ELIZABETH'' Zadoc=' Robert,* b. in New Jersey; she m. 
Major "William Stephens, of Newark, an Englishman. 

368 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1142. Harriet, m. Dr. D. S. Ferrand, of Montville; she is living, 1874. but no 
ch. living. 

1143. Ann, m. James Newell, of Chicago; living, and has four s. ; two of her 
ch. are named Hemy Clay and Anna. 

1144. Eliza, m. E. N. Ball, of Newark, who is d. ; she and one dau. are living 
in 1874. 

1145. Henrietta, m. Munroe Howell, of Morris county. A prominent gentle- 
man, and one of the "proprietors of New Jersey;" living in the township of 
Roxbury, village of Troy. They have a s. Benjamin, and a dau. Molly, unm. 

692. JOSIAH« SamiieP Samuel,* b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 1763^ 
d. Dec. 19, 1829, aged QQ, in which statement the Church Records 
and tombstone accord; an nnusnal event in Woodbridge. He m., 
Nov. 7, 1786, Theresa Thomas, who survived, and died May 14^ 
1847, aged 81. 

1167. Maria, m., ]\Iay 6, 1819, Eli Ailing. 

1168. Philo.-t- 

1169. Julia, m. , Aug. 1, 1820, Isaac Buckingham, who was his adm'r, and 
wliose ch. were heirs, their mother being dead. 

1170. Amy, m. Smith. 

1171. Mary, bapt. Oct. 2, 1808; m. Cowell. 

693. JOEL« Samuel '' Samuel,* b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 1772 ; 
m., Nov. 6, 1797, Abigail G. Northrup, of that place. 

1172. Ezra, b. in Bristol, Conn., Nov. 5, 1798. + 

1173. Hiram, b. April, 1800. + 

1174. Betsey, b. March 17. 1802; m. Ely Johnson, of Lyons, N. Y. He d. 
about 1860; she, December, 1872. They had a ch. who d. infant, and Eli B., b. in 
1832, and d. in 1863. 

1175. Charlotte, b. .June 2, 1804; m., in 1826, Justus P. Hurd, of Bristol, Conn. 
In 1875, they live in Farmiugton, Ohio. Children: Eliza Ann, b. in Bristol, Jan. 
4, 1828, and Helen, b. in Fannington, Aug. 28, 1832, and d. in 1842. 

1176. Elmira, b. Aug. 30, 1806. She taught the High School in Lyons, N. Y., 
several sessions, giving universal satisfaction. She m., November, 1838, Rev, 
Daniel Gibbs, a graduate of Middlebury College, Vermont; and of Andover Theo- 
logical Seminary, then of Hartford, Vt. ; but in 1875, of Hartford, Conn. She d. 
at East Hartford, March 6, 1869, mucli lamented as one wlio had spent a useful life. 
They lost three ch. in infancy. 

1177. Isaac, b. Oct. 2, 1808; was a young man of promise. He entered Yale 
College with the ministry in view. His health failing, he left. He afterwards 
taught a High School in Lyons, N. Y., a few sessions, and d. January, 1835. 

698. JARED « Jared^ Caleb* Samuel ^ Josiah- John,i b. in A^ew- 
ton, Conn., Oct. 13, 1754. May 17, 1780, then of Xew Milford, 
Conn., he m. Rachel Barns. He settled in AVyoniing Valley, Penu., 
and in 1796, appears among the taxables of Plymouth, Luzerne 

Jo/)/?, of Mi If or d, Connecticut. 36^ 

1178. Jared, b. March 30, 1783. 

1179. Amasa, Fob. 8, 1784. He d. in Luzerne county, not far from 1846 to 
1851. I think he must be tlie Amasa Barns Baldwin, of Washington, Conn., minor 
in 1798, aged 14. (See Probate of Woodbury, Conn.) 

703. GABRIEL « JarecP Caleb,M). Jan. 29, 1766, in Newton, 
Conn. He studied with Dr. Williams, of Weston, Conn., in which 
town he settled as a physician. He spent a laborious life in his pro- 
fession, and died aged 60, of typhoid fever, a disease of which he 
is said to have cured hundreds. He m. a dau. of Deacon Burr, of 
Beading, Conn., who was brother of President Burr, of Princeton 

1180. Burr, b, Jan. 19, 1798.+ 

1181. Ann, m. Josiah Hall, a merchant, of Bridgeport, Conn., who d. aged 80, 
leaving no ch. 

1182. David, b. March 10, 1793. + 

1183. Stephen, d. aged 3 yrs. 

1184. Summers. In early life, he bought a large tract of laud in Western 
Pennsylvania, above Kittanuing. While down the Ohio River on business, he was 
taken sick at Pittsburgh, and d. suddenly; unm. 

1185. Charles, a physician, in Union, Monroe county. West Virginia, for forty 
years; retired from practice, aged about 70; d. Feb. 17, 1874. 

1186. Ira, d. in middle age, about 1864. He was a tanner and cim-ier, and 
then merchant on the Pennsylvania Railroad between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. 
He had eight children. 

1187. Alonzo, went to live with Summers, and d. in middle age, leaving ch. 

1188. James, was a physician, in Weston, now Easton, Conn. ; then in Strat- 
ford, Conn. In 1875, a physician in Danbury, and with his sons in the drug 

1189. Eliza, b. ;Ujout 1803 or 1804; m. a sea captain, and lived with her family 
in Bridgeport, Conn. 

1190. Morris W., lawyer in New Orleans; d. of yellow fever; no family. 

1191. Sarah M., m., as his 2"d wife, Wilkerson; and in 1875, living in Charles- 
town, Clark county, Ind. 

704. TIBBALS « Jared ^ Caleb,* b. in New Milford, Conn., Nov. 
17, 1768 ; m., Sept. 25, 1788, Sally Booth, of Southbury, Conn. 
He settled for a while in Brookfield, Conn.; but moved to Luzerne 
county, Penn.; and d. in Dallas, of that county, about 1818. 

1192. Laura, b. June 21, 1797; m., Jan. 31, 1818, Daniel Vosburgh, by whom 
she had eleven ch., of whom, 'in 1877, three survive. She writes me, D'_>c. 16, 1877, 
from Vosburgh, Wyoming county, Penn. Her husbixud d. July 17, 1836. Her s. 
Carlisle, in 1877, was of Meshoppen, Wyoming coimty, Penn. Her dau. Almira 
m. Giles Harding; 1877, in Vosburgh (Washington township). 

1193. Electa, m. Clark Bronson, and had a dau. Sally Ann, in Vosburgh. 

Laura and Electa were the survivors of eleven children. 

370 Baldwin Genealogy. 

708. JUDE 6 JarecP Caleb,M3. in Kew Milford, Conn.; but tLe 
date is worn out of the Records. It was June 14, 1775. He went 
to Wyoming Valley, Penn., with his father, and appears among 
the taxables in Plymouth, Luzerne county, Penn., in 1796. He 
m., about 1797, Eleanor Watson, in Wyoming Valley, where all 
his children were born. She was born March 22, 1782. He died 
in Luzerne county, June 19, 1821 ; his widow died at Lexington, 
Richland county, Ohio, Jan. 13, 1833. 

1204. Burr, Dec. 22, 1798. + 

1205. Almou, Oct. 15, 1800; d. Juue 1, 1821. 

1206. Abed, Feb. 4, 1802. + 

1207. Watson, Nov. 2, 1805. 

1208. Lewis J., June 14, 1809, and has a family of two cli. at West Unity, 
Williams county, Ohio, in 1875. 

1209. Ambrose, Jan. 10, 1811. + 

1210. Ehoda, April, 1813; d. Sept. 8, 1822. 

1211. Eleanor, Nov. 9, 1815; m. Ames Brown. + 

1212. David, Oct. 29, 1820; d. Aug. 12, 1822. 

725. ELI e Matthew '^ Caleb,4 b. in Brookfield, Conn., Nov. 20, 
1782, and lived there ; he m., Jan. 15, 1804, Lucy Sherman, b. 
IN'ov. 14, 1784, dau. Samuel Sherman, of Brookfield. He d. Feb. 
6, 1832, leaving issue. 

1246. Heman S , b. Dec. 6, 1803.+ 

1247. Philo, b. Nov. 7, 1807. + 

1248. Samuel, b. Oct. 6, 1809. + 

1249. Mary, b. Dec. 21, 1811: m. George Paster. 

1250. Matthew, b. Jan. 9, 1814; m., Aug. 15, 1837, Susan D. Woodbury, and 
had two daughters. 

1251. Lemuel H., b, -Jan. 20, 181-; m., Fel). 8, 1832; Anna Maria Middlebrook, 
of Bridgeport; no ch. 

1252. Lewis S., b. April 9, 1818: m. Caroline M. Webb, of Leroy, N. Y., 
and has a sou Jerome. 

1253. Isaac Palmer, b. Oct. 16, 1820. + 

1254. Eli, b. May 7, 1823. + 

1255. Elijah S., b. May 25, 1825. + 

728. JEHIEL '^ Jehiel '^ Peleg^ Samuel '■' Josialr^ John,i b. in Mil- 
ford, Conn.; m. Jane ISTorthrup, of the same y)lace, and settled in 
Washington, Conn. 

1256. Jane, m. Mr. Cabell, of New Preston, Comi. She removed to New York 
State, where her husband and two ch. died; Avhen she ret\u-ned to Wasliington, 
where she died. Two ch. d. y. : and a third, Julia, after the death of her mother, 
was adopted by Mr. Skinner; she m. Frank Broadwell, of Oswego, N. Y. He d., 
when she removed to Kalamazoo, Mich., and soon after to Iowa. 

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 871 

His 1"* wife died, and he m. Miss Swiiigston, of j^cw Preston 
(within the limits of Washington). 

1257. Julia, m. Lewis BaUhviii Xotllcton. of Wasliington, Conn., son of Daniel 
and his w. Eunice, dau. of Jercniiali I'.aldwin. They live, 1875, in Medina, Ohio. 

1258. Fowler. 4- 

Ile m. S''^' Lavina Hendricks, of Washington, and had one son 
and two daughters, name and fate unknown. 

732. JOim TIBBALS^' Ashbel^ Joel* Samuel ^ Josiahs John, ^ 
b. in Milford, Conn.; m. Catharine McArthur, of Milford. 

1262. Alvah. In 1875, of Palmyra, Portage county, Ohio, and has a son Jolin 
Tibbals, then a hardware mcrcliant in IMediua, Ohio. 

1263. John. 

1264. Urania. 

1265. Marquis. 

1266. Fanny. 

747. FAXXY^-»Frederick^ Eleazer,* m. John Betts, a printer. 
He died when their children were all small ; she died in St. Louis, 
Mo., about 1862. 

1281. Minerva, m. 1st, Dr. Rowley, and had George, living, 1877, in St. Louis; 
Georgiana, in 1877 num. and living in Georgetown, D. C. with her mothers 2'«1 
husband, Mr. Jayue, who is a Department Clerk at Washington. Minerva is dead. 

1282. John, d. uum. 

1283. George, d. iinm. 

1284. William, was a wholesale manufacturer of paints, oils and varnishes, in 
St. Louis. He m., and d. soon after his mother. He had two s. and three daus. ; 
the names of two are Julia and Lagrange. 

1285. Frederick, lives, 1877, in Jersey City; m. 2'h1. Elizabeth Broquard. He 
had sons Frederick and John and two daus. 

748. GOODRICH s Frederick^ Eleazer,* b. Dec. 23, 1804, in 
Clavarack, Columbia county, N. Y. In September, 1877, he lives 
in Freehold, Greene county, N. Y., with his dau. Emily. He m., 
Dec. 22, 1831, Dorcas Becker, b. June 22, 1806, in Freehold, Greene 
county, N. Y., dau. Garrett dnd Rebecca (Aker) Becker. Garrett 
was son of John and Margaret (Aker) Becker. They lived hrst 
in Catskill, N". Y., and in 1839 moved to Saugerties, Ulster county, 
N. Y.: in 1852, to Tecumseh, Mich.; afterward to Raisinville, 
Munroe county, Mich. He has been a farmer. 

1286. Emily, Feb. 15, 1833; m., Sept. 15, 1861, at East Durham. N. Y., Harry 
Bayley, b. April 12, 1835, of that place, s. Thomas and Mary (Daily) Bayley. Thomas, 
b. there May 1, 1790, Avas s. Cutting Bayley, from New Hampshire. Harry is a 

372 Baldxoin Genealogy. 

farmer; resident, 1877, at Freehold, Greene county, N. Y. Children: Hattie, Oct. 
24, 1864, and d. Nov. 15, 1869; Frank Baldwin, Oct. 13, 1866; and Frederick 
Goodrich, Dec. 23, 1870. 

1287. Julia Lucretia, b. Oct. 13, 1835; m. George Henry Greene. -(- 

1288. Mary Frances, b, Sept. 24, 1837; d. unm. 

1289. Garrett Romeyne, b. May 13, 1840. + 

1290. David Bennett, b. April 2, 1842. + 

1291. Margaret Lavinia, b. June 26, 1844; d. March 3, 1852. 

1292. Jennie Estella, b. Oct. 8, 1851; m. William Henry Blisel.+ 

761. ERASTUS6 Eleazer^ Caleb ^ Josiah"^ Josiah - John,Mj. in 
Killingworth, Conn., May 2, 1790. He m. Lucy Sprague Church, 
of Newport, N. H., and died there, Feb. 20, 1823 ; she, March 10, 
1837. They had seven ch,, of whom only three lived to grow up. 

1293. Henry Erastus, b. Dec. 19, 1815; m. Marcia L. Gilmore, of Newport; 
she d. a year after marriage. 

1294. Samuel Church, b. Sept. 15, 181 7,4- 

1295. James Pamielee, b. Sept. 6, 1821; d. at Lacouia, N. H., Jan. 20, 1862, 

702. PHILANDERS Eleazer^Caleb,* Killingworth, Conn., 
Aug. 31, 1792, In 1811, his father settled in Southern Ohio. He 
d. April 2, 1859. 

1296. Silas, living, in 1874, near Oxford, Ohio. 

1297. Harriet, m. Slack, and moved to Illinois. In 1874, a widow. 

1298. Jennie, m. Dooley, and, in 1874, living near Olive Branch, Clermont 
count3\ Ohio. 

1299. Philander, d. y. 

1300. Lavinia, d. y. 

1301. Hiram, d. y. 

763. ELEAZER6 Eleazer"^ Caleb,* b. in Killiugworth, Conn., 
Sept. 26, 1796 ; settled with his father in Southern Ohio. He lived 
in Cincinnati. He d. Aug. 17, 1836. 

1302. Carlos Sidnej% b. February, 1820, at Cincinnati. 

1303. Eli C, formerly Auditor of Hamilton county, Ohio. 

1304. Eleazer. 

1305. William, b. Jan. 19, 1829, and d. next day. 

773. SYLVENDEK« Caleb'' Caleb,* b. Nov. 27, 1803, in Cler- 
mont, N. H.; living, April, 1876, in East Troy, Wis.; m., Jan. 29, 
1828, Dimmis K. Jones, in Sharon, Vt., who d. July 22, 1832. He 
m. 2""' in Stanstead, Canada, April 25, 1833, Mrs. Mary C. Smith, 
who d. in Kenosha, Wis., June 14, 1860. He m. 3'-^i' May 27, 1867, 

John^ of lUilford, Connecticut. 373 

in Lyndon, Vt., Mrs. Helen M. Johnson. Plis cliildreii all bjMvife 
Mary C, 

1306. George S., b. in Stiinstcad, Canada, March 24, 1835; m. at Kenosha, 
"Wi!^., April 9. 1861, Nellie A. Merrill. In 1876. he lives there, and is in the busi- 
ness of Insurance. Children: Harry M., April 20, 1862, and Grace N., Dec. 14, 

1307. Charles S., d. in Pithole, Penn., some years before 1876, and left a sou 
Charles C, living, 1876, in Elkhorn, Wis. 

1308. Horace W., Chicago. 

1309. Gilbert H., in 1876, living in Chicago, 111., and a son Charles C. 

1310. Chauncej', dead. 

1311. James E., dead. 

794. LOAMMI or AMMI^ John ° Jonah ^ Elnathan ^ Joseph 2 
John,^ b. in Westville, New Haven, Conn., 1776, and lived there. 

1317. Henry Smith, 1817. In 1874, living in New Haven. He m. Martha Ann 
Wolcot, of Orange, Conn., and has ch. : Henry; Liba('?); Martha; Augenora, dead; 
Angenora, again; Charlotte, Emma and David Freegift, 18.50, of New Haven. 

1318. Leman ^Miles. 

1319. Silas D., .Jan. 15, 1821. Colonel of the 37th Illinois Regiment, in the 
late war. Living, 1875, in Chicago. His only living ch. is Robert Austin, b. Feb. 8, 
1866. It was his fortune to meet in battle a Confederate Regiment also commanded 
by a Silas Baldwin. 

1320. Henrietta. 

800. EDWAED« John ^ John ^ John ^ George- John,i b. in 
Branford, Conn., Oct. 18, 1776. He settled in Harwinton, Conn., 
where he is named in the Church Kecord as Edniond. He joined 
the Church in 1799. He m., Jan. 7, 1797, Hannah Stent, dau. of 
Eleazer Stent, of" Branford. 

1321. Jeremiah. 

1322. Edward went to Georgia, and d. leaving no ch. 

1323. Zeno, settled in Ohio. 

1324. Van Vetchen, d. in Kentucky, of consumption, leaving no familj-. 

1325. Samuel Augustus. 

1326. Sylvia, m. Skinner, of Harwinton, Conu., and settled in Ohio. 3Irs. 
Judge Rogers thinks his name was Aaron, and that he .settled near Hudson, Ohio. 

801. IREXE'5 John 5 John, ^ b. in Branford, Conn., March 3, 
1779 ; she m. Samuel Frisbie, of Branford. 

1327. Samuel, b. March 26, 1797: d. y. 

1328. James W., b. March 29, 1798. " He graduated at Yale. He lived near 
Newark, N. J., and had a large family, of whom two sous, James W. and Frank, 
are dry goods merchants in Detroit. 

374 Baldioin Genecdofjy. 

1329. Juclali, b. :May 28, 1800. lu 1873, whcu I got this acKOimt, his residence 
was in New Haven, but he was in Europe. He lias two daus. 

1330. Jeremiali, b. April 16, 1802; d. Tinni. about 1830, on board a steamer 
from Savannah to New York. 

•1331. Nancy Maria, b. Jan. 3, 1807; m. Lucius Hopkins, of New York City, 
formerly a wholesale merchant, and afterward President of the Importers' and 
Traders' Bank. Hs is now a merchant in New York. He has one dan. and three 

1332. Elizabeth, b. June 10, 1810; m. Eli F. Rogers, who was for many years 
Pix)bate Judge in Branford, Conn. Their son, Charles Henry, d., leaving a wife, 
I)ut no ch. 

1333. Samuel, was a merchant in Darlington, S. C. ; with no family. 

802. STATIKA'' Johir^ Johii,Mi. in Branford, Conn., Jan. 21, 
1782 ; she m. Asher S. Beach, of Branford, Jnly 20, 1800. 

1334. Willis, m. and has one ch. ^lary, living. 

1335. Hobart Stone, d. a few years since; he had daus. Frances and Helen, 
both dead. 

1336. Angelina, m. John Plant, living in Branford; husband dead. She had 
ten ch.. of whom four are living. 

1337. Polly, ra. William Plant; living a widow, has four s. and one dau. 

803. AUGUSTUS^ John^ John,Mj. in Branford, Conn., April 
20,1784; lie ni., Jane 31, 1809, Betsey Goodrich, of Branford. 
He settled in Deerlield, Mass. 

1338. James G., b. in 1810; d. July 10, 1832, and buried in Branford. 

1339. Elizabeth d., leaving no ch. 

1340. Alouzo, in 1873, living in South Deerfleld Mass., and has ch. : James 
and Elizabeth. 

804. :^AXCY« John 5 John,M). in Branford, Conn., Xov. 28, 
1786 ; she m. Cook, of Harwinton, Conn. 

1341. Emeline, m. Lieut. Gov. Morris Tyler, of New Haven, Conn,, and has 
two daughters. 

1342. Daughter. 

1343. Hol)ert, living. 1873, in Albany, N. Y. 

805. MARIA '^ John^ John,* b. in Branford, Conn., Aug. 1,. 
1787; she m. Anson Hnngerford, of Harwinton, Conn. 

1344. Nancy, m. William Heard, of Hartford, Conn. 

1345. Jeunette, m. Horace Averill, of NewMilford; in 1878, living in New 
York City. 

1346. Anson, d. leaving two sons. 

1347. Maria Catlin Wilson; of Harwinton, in 1873. 

1348. Charles, living in the South through the late war. 

1349. George. Residence, Columbus, Ga. ; he m. a ^liss Pond, of that State. 

Jolin^ of Clifford, Connecticut. 375- 

813. SAMUEL ^ Zaooheus '^ James * John '■^ George - Johii,i b. in 
Branford, Conn., Aug. 28, 1777. In 1800, his wife Flora (Wood- 
ruff) was received from tlie Church in Xorthington, Conn. In 
1814, he and his wife were dismissed from the Church, and 
removed to Cinciunati. He d. Aug. 22, 1840 ; she, June 6, 1862. 

13.')7. Almoud, b. Nov. 9, 1800. -f- 

1358. Sarah, b. April 30, 1803; m. House, and had eh.: Edwin, Post Office, 
■Richmond, Ohio; Edwin, dead; Llewellj-u, dead; Sarah Flora, of Richmond, Ohio. 

1859. Serene, b. Aug. 13, 1803; d. Sept. 3, 1806. 

1860. Joseph, b. 3Iay 30, 1805, of Carthage, Ohio.+ 
1361. Emily, b. Feb. 13, 1807. 

1363. Labeuius, b. Feb. IT, 1809; deceased; no ch. 

1363. Alathea, b. Jan. 34, 1811. 

1364. Arden, bapt. May 3, 1813; he m. and d. He was a carpenter. He had 
a s. who d. unra. ; and a dau. Flora Elizabeth, re^ideat in Nashua, N. H. 

1365. Serena, d. Aug. 10, 1864. 

1866. Nancy, m. Perin; lives in Batesville, Ark. 
136T. John, living in 1874. 

1368. James Harvey, is a painter; living, April 17, 1877, in Mooresfield or 
Moore's Hill, "SU., witli a s. Saiiiuel and two dans. 

1369. Samuel Davis, a noted Methodist preacher and D.D. He d. in Nashville, 
Teun., since the war. He strongly sympathized with the South. He was the 
author of the book called "Armageddon;" was a leading Southern clergyman. He 
had ch., who reside in Nashville. 

815. TIM0THY«Zaccheiis5 James,M3apt. in Branford, Conn., 
Dec. 31, 1786, and d. there, Oct. 16, 1872 ; he m., Oct. 21, 1819, 
Jerusha Tyler, who d. Sept. 1, 1864. 

1371. Joseph, b. Oct. 9, 1830; m. Harriet , who d. .Jan. 15, 1873, aged 45. 

In 1874, he lived in that part of Branford called Pine Orchard. Children: Ella 
Maria, d. Oct. 13, 1858, aged 3 yrs. 3 mos. 14 days; Henry D., in 1874, living with 
his father; and Mary, who joined the Church in 1851, and m. Frisbie. 

1373. Ephraim Rogers, b. June 34, 1833; d. Aug. 13, 1839. 

1373. Philemon, b. Juue 6, 1836; d. Aug. 33, 1856, unra. ; was a sea captain. 

1374. Mary Almena, b. May 31, 1838; living in 1856. 

822. WILLIAM *^ Xicodemus ° James,^ b. in Branford, Conn.; m. 
Charlotte Lindsley, of that place; and d. there, Sept. 22, 1866, of 

1380. James, b. Jidy 3, 1833. 

1381. Nancy, b. Sept. 3, 1834. 
1383. William, b. Aug. 36, 1836. 

1383. Sarah, b. Feb. 19, 1838. 

1384. George, b. Feb. 30, 1833. 

1385. Eliza .Jane, b. .June 13, 1835. 

1386. Elizur, b. July 38, 1837. 

1387. Charles, b. Oct. 14, 1841. 

All of Branford. 

:376 Baldwin Genealogy. 

831. JOSIAIP Israel 5 Israel,* b. in Branford, Conu., Jan. 21, 
1778 ; he lived in JSTorth Branford, after residence elsewhere. He 
m. Rhoda Carter, of Southington, and he and his wife joined the 
Church in Branford, in 1816. 

1388. George, b. in Russell, Mass., Aug. 23, 1803. 

1889. Henry Carter, b. in Russell, Mass., Aug. 18, 1805. + 

1390. Rhoda Ellen, b. in Southington, Conn., April 6, 1812. 

1391. Mary Ann, b. in Branford, Conn., March 5, 1814. 

His two children, Henry and Rhoda, were bapt. in Branford, 
in 1816. 

833. ELIADA'5IsraePIsrael,4b. in Branford, Conn., July 1, 
1783. He was a sea captain, and is said to have been captured 
with his vessel, by the British, in the War of 1812. He was m. 
thrice, and is said to have had sixteen children, of whom several 
d. y., one July 21, 1810, soon after birth. He m. l***' Betsey Page; 
2"^' Laura Thompson; and 3''^' Phebe Wing. 

139.1. Harriet Page, b. Sept. 18, 1807; m. Thaddeus Benedict, of Bridgeport. + 

1396. Susan E,, in 1875, unm. in Bridgeport, Conn. 

1397. William, in 1873, said to be living in Bridgeport, Conn. 

1398. Micha B., b. in Bridgeport, Conn., Feb. 2, 1834 + 

842. JACOB« Heman 5 Israel.* He lived and died in the "old 
place," in Xew Hartford, N". Y. He m. Tabitha Youlan. 

1405. Edward, of De Kalb, De Kalb county, 111.; m., but no ch. 

1406. Persis, m. ]\Ir. Mason, of Sequoit, adjoining New Hartford. 

1407. Andrew Youlan, in 1874, m. and in New Hartford, N. Y., with ch. : 
George, and Miss Russell thinks also Edward. 

1408. Julia, m. and went to Janesville, "Wis. 

1409. Frances, m. and lived at Wa.shington Mills, Oneida county, N. Y., and 
her mother with her. 

856. AARON *5 Aaron 5 Aaron, Md. in Branford, and lived, it is 
said, in Clinton, Conn.; m. Julia Parrel, a dau. of the 2"*^ wife of 
Sylvester Redfield, who was widow Parrel, of Guilford. 

1434. George. Mr. .John R. Baldwin, of Branford thinks he had ch. : Charles 
and Carrie. 

1435. Aaron. Mr. John R. Baldwin thinks he liad ch. : Joseph and Arthur. 

1436. Temperance, m. Timothy Fowler. 

1437. Clara. 

1438. Lucy. 

1439. William, was a shoemaker; came to Clinton after he was 21. 

John, of iMifford, Connecticut. 3.77 

Authorities quite ditfer about this Aaron, two making him a 
tailor, one iu New Haven and one in North Haven ; a third thinks 
he settled near Utica, N. Y. He certainly lived for a while in 
Clinton, Conn., and there from Branford, and is said to have been 
there a shoemaker. Perhaps the son was tlie tailor. 

859. WYLLIS*' Joseph^ Aaron,* b. in Branford, Conn., March 
1783. He went witli his father to Harwinton, Conn. He moved 
thence to Burdett, Tompkins county, X. Y. 

1440. Samuel G., b. Oct. 12, 1804, a lawyer iu Clevelaud, Ohio; m. luit uo cli. 

1441. Harvey, b. Dec. 5, 1807. + 

1442. Harrie't, b. April 4, 1809; d. 1826. 

1443. Willis, b. Oct. 12, 1810. + 

1444. Joseph M., b. June 12, 1812; m. 1840; a farmer living at Coesse, Whitley 
county, Ind. ; has a dau. Emily. 

1445. George, b. Jan. 22, 1814; d. uum, 1847; a soldier in the Mexican war. 

1446. Henry, b. July 19, 1815. + 

1447. Cyrus H., b. July 24, 1817. + 

1448. Julius A., b. June 10. 1819; m. 1845; lives, 1875, iu Fiudley, Ohio. He 
has a livery stable. He has six ch., of whom three are Horace, Cj'rus and George. 

1449. Rosanna M., b. June 28, 1821; m. Robert Burge; in 1858, a merchant at 
Bui'dette, N. Y. They have but one living ch., Hannah, who m. Mr. Howell, a 
wealthy merchant in Missouri, dead, and she lives in Burdette. 

1450. Horace J., b. Jan. 8, 1825, in Wat kins, K. Y. ; m., 1850; resides in Wat- 
kins, N. Y. : no ch. 

862. JOHN'^ Joseph 5 Aaron,* b. Oct. 13, 1799. He settled in 
Berea, Cuyahoga county, Ohio, in 1827. He was a pioneer in the 
grindstone business there, which has now developed, with other 
stone there, into a verv large trade. He accumulated in it a 
handsome property. He is a man very plain and economical in 
his personal habits, but of large generosity and great public 
spirit. He has given largely to the Baldwin University, located 
in Berea, and it is named from him. He felt quitfe interested in 
the early settlement of Kansas as a free State, and Baldwin City 
in Kansas is also named from him. 

1463. Milton, d. iu Kansas, aged 29. 

1464. Newton, d. in Berea, aged 19. 

1465. John, in 1875, living in Berea. 

Mr. Baldwin survives in 1880. 

869. GILES T.6 Ammi ^ Samuel,* moved from North Branford, 
Conn., to Branford; m. Emeline. He is dead. 


378 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1466. Siduey, of California. 

1467. Jerome N. 

1468. Grace E. 

1469. Giles Herbert, living, 1873, near depot, and called Herbert. 

1470. LydiaJ. 

1471. Sarah L. 
1473. Eugene B. 

These were all liviug Dec. 16, 1871. 

1473. Betsey, d. June 8, 1849. 

880. JULIUS 6 Jesse 5 Epliraim ^ Israel George- Jolin,Mj. in 
Soiithiijgtou, Conn., Nov. 13, 1799; m., in Vienna, Trumbull 
county, Ohio, Oct. 19, 1820, Lucy Ann Andrews, who was b. in 
Burlington, Hartford county. Conn., Fob. 12, 1802. His only 
child is 

1474. Lucius Andrews, b. Dec. 28, 1824; m. in Brookfield, Trumbull county 
Ohio. He lives in ]\Ioutville, Geauga county, Ohio, and has ch. ; (2039) Horace 
Nelson, (2040) Frank Hart, and (2041) Lucius Clayton. 

881. EPHRAIM^ Jesse^Ephraini,M3. in Southington, Conn., 
April 9,1802; m., June, 1820, in Brookfield, Trumbull county, 
Ohio, Calista Wheeler, b. Feb. 3, 1802. He resides, 1873, hi 
Fowler, Trumbull county, Ohio. 

1475. Lovina, b. May 5, 1821. 

1476. David, b. .luly 13, 1823; d. Oct 13, 1864. 

1477. Darius, b. Oct. 30, 18:4. 

1478. Lucy, b. .June 21, 1827. 

1479. Harriet, b. Oct. 8, 1829. 

1480. Phebe, b. March 5, 1832; d. Nov. 12 1869. 

1481. Ann, b. March 26, 1835. 

1482. Susan, b. April 4, 1838. 

1483. Henry, b. July 5, 1841. 

1484. Viola, b. Sept. 8, 1844. 

891. BENEDICT « Joel ^ BanieH Daniel ^ George-^ John,' b. in 
New Haven, Conn., Feb. 25, 1787; settled in Michigan, where ho 
is living, 1875. 

1485. Edwin, of Michigan. 

1486. S. Clark, b. in Chili, N. Y. ; of Michigan in 1875, and has two ch. 

1487. Charles A., of Michigan, b. 1825; living, 1875, in Michigan; has a uau. 
Eva, who, in 1875, is m. 

1488. Gorham, of Michigan. 
14!^9. Polly, m. Solomon Lower. 

1490. Philene, m. .Jo.seph Lower. 

1491. Lydia, living, 1875, in Missouri; m. F. C. Patterson. 

All the above children were born in Chili, N. Y. 

Juhn, of Milford, Connectieiit. 370 

1492. Xewtou, b. Oct. 22, 1835, iu Oakland county, :\licli. ; m., Jan. 17, 1857; 
lives, 1875, in Owasco, Mich,, and lia.s a dau. Maud, h. Aug. 17, 18(39. 

1493. Sarah, living, 1875, in Fairbank, Iowa. She in. F. A. Emmet. 

892. TIMOTHY GORIIAM^ Joel ■' Daniel,^ b. iu New Haven. 
Conn., Dec. 14, 1788. He d. in the State of New York, aged 75. 

1494. Elida, residing iu AVisconsin. 

1495. Eliza, of Wisconsin. 

1496. Chauucey, of Michigan. 

1497. Loretta, of Attica, N. Y. 

1498. Amos, of New York State. 

1499. George, of New York State. 

895. JOEL « Joel •'^ Daniel.^ He New York State, aged 63. 

1500. Truman, m. and living, 1875, in Attica, N. Y. 

1501. Lucy, in 1875, m. and living iu Belleviie, 31ich. 

1502. Hubbard, iu 1875, moved from Rochester, N. Y., to Dewitt, Mich. 

896. BRONSON^JoeP Daniel.^ 

1508. Nelson, of Michigan. 

1504. Minerva, of 3Iichlgan. 

904. JUNIUS'^ Stephen = George * Daniel =^ George- Johu,i b. in 
Goshen, Sept. 15, 1807; in 1844, living in Goshen. He settled in 
Torrington, and d. there, June 10, 1861, of typhoid fever. He m. 
Julia A. P., dau. Dennis Hallock, of Cairo, Greene county, N. Y., 
Sept. 14, 1828 ; she was b. Sept. 19, 1805. He was a farmer, and 
lived in North Goshen, Conn. 

1505. Eliza Hannah, b. Aug. 1, 1829; m., .Jau. 28, 1850, Daniel Kimberly, of 
Goshen, b. Dec. 21, 1836, s. Henry aud Silvia (Curtiss), of Go.shen. He enlisted in 
the late war, Aug. 28, 1861, for three years, aud before his time was out, re-enlisted 
for three years, was wounded, and d. in the hospital at Hampton, Va., July 5, 1864. 
Children: .Julia Silvia, Sept. 10, 1857, aud Carrie Sedalia, Feb. 8, 1861. 

1506. Lydia Lucedia, Sept. 29, 1832: d. .June 23, 1841. 

1507. .Junius Dudley, Dec. 5, 1835; d. -June 18, 1841. 

1508. Stephen John, June 15, 1833; d. June 8, 1841. 

These three died of scarlet fever. 

1509. Caroline J^ucretia, Nov. 13, 1840; d. Sept. 12, 1861. 

1510. .Juuius Dudley, Dec. 26, 1843; d. April 18, 1861. 

1511. .James Burgess, Sept. 14, 1846, iu Torrington, Conn.; m.. May 6, 1888. 
Martha E., dau. George Merrimau, of Litchrteld, Conn., and has ch. : Charles 
Hodges, June 25, 1870. aud Ralph Alerriman, June 17, 1874. 

906. NOAH« Edward s Noah^ Noah^George'^ John,i b. 1787, 
in Branford, Conn., and remained there. He m. Betsey Rogers, 

380 Baldwin Genealogy. 

dau. Abraham, of Brauforcl. He d. Nov. 24, 1835 ; she, March 
28, 1838, aged 49. 

1512. John Rogers. -}- 

1513. Silvia, m. David Beach, of Braiiford. and there in 1877. Children: 
Betsey, John H, and Frank Edward. Both bapt. ]May 6, 1832. 

919. ABIGAIL « Elihu ^ John ^ John ^ Richard- John,i b. in 
North Branford, Conn., July 5, 1780; m., Feb. 20, 1804. John 
Hall,of Wallingford, Conn., s. Giles ^ John^ John^ Samuel - John, ^ 
of New Haven. 

1515. Stanley, b. March 20, 1805. 

1516. Apollos, b. July 12, 1807. 

1517. Henry Franklin, b. June 28, 1809. 

She died, and he m. 2"^'Dencv Strono-, and had 

Dency Dwight, b. Aug 19, 1814. 
Elizur, b. Jan. 25. 1817. 
Adeline, b. June 2, 1820; d. Aug. 5, 1834. 
WolcoU, b. Oct. 30; d. Oct. 30.1834. 

929. PHINEHAS6 Phinehas^ Phinehas* Phinehas^ -Kichard ^ 
John,^ b. in Milford, Conn. 1783 ; he settled in Cornwall, Conn,, 
where he d. May 25, 1868, aged 84. His wife, Nancy Abigail, 
d. May 5, 1849, aged 55. 

1518. Samuel Rexford, b. Sept. 10, 1811. + 

1519. Infant, 1). Feb. 9, 1813; d. July 10, 1813. 

1520. Lydia Maria, 1.. Sept. 8, 1815. 

1521. Phinehas Riley, b. June 19, 1818; in 1874, in Cornwall. 

1522. Harriet Eliza/b. Jan. 30, 1821; d. Dec. 29, 1823. 

1523. John Franklin, b. April 29, 1823. 

1524. Sarah Elizabeth, Aug. 24, 1825. 

1525. Henry Woodruff, b. Jan. 10, 1828. 

1526. Infant, b. March 15, 1830; d. June 7. 1830. 

1527. Nancy Abigail, b. Aug. 16, 1833; d July 5, 1861. 

1528. Thaddeus Robert, b. .July 10, 1836. 

931. PHEBE 6 Phinehas '^ Phinehas,* b. in Milford, Conn., 1788 ; 
m., 1825, Selah Steele, of New Britain, Conn.; she d. in 1856. 

1529. Harvey, in 1873, a physician in West Winsted, Conn. ; m., in 1862, Mary 
Mather, a gr. dau. of John Cotton Mather; she d. in 1872. He has been a suceessful 
physician, a volunteer surgeon in some of the lieaviest battles of the war, twice 
State representative, twice State senator, and once postmaster. He graduated at 
New York Universitv, in 1847. 

Julin, of 3Iilford, Connecticut. 381 

937. THADDEUS « Tbaddeus ^ Phiuehas,* b. in Miltbrd, Conn , 
he ni. Ellon Curtiss, of Stratford ; both are d.oad. 

1533. Keziah, m. 1st, Albert ^lerwiu, ;md 2'»i. Kev. ^Ir. Waterbury. By Albert 
Merwin she had Baldwin, of Milford; aud Ellen, who m. and livis in Xew^ Jersey. 
Sjie had also ch. l)y Mr. Watorhnry. She is dead. 

951. .JOHJN'" JoeP Jared^ Jerjah^ Richard^ John,i b. in Mil- 
ford, Conn., and remained there. He m., Feb. 24, 1826, 

Sommers. He d. Sept. 6, 18 — ; she, Dec. 3, 18 — . 

1543. .James E., b. Oct. 24, 1837; he settled in Talmadge, Summit coimty, 
Ohio, where, in 1874, he was a manufacturer of carriages. He m. Hannah S. 
Wright, aud had ch. : (3062) Ellen, (3063) Mary Eliza, (3064) Frank Wright, (3065) 
Charles Arthur, (3066) Harriet, and (3067) an infant dau., in 1874. 

1543. Ann L., b. Oct. 30; m. Nathan Merwin, of Milford; there in 1874; has 
two ch. : Nelson aud Harry White. 

1544. Lucy A., b. July 11, 1833; d. May 18. 1855. 
1.545. Clarissa H., b. Dec. 7, 1835; d. Feb. 16, 1837. 

1546. 3Iary A., Dec. 7, 1837; m. Robert W. Clark, of Milford. Children: 
(3070) Mary Louisa, (3071) Georgiana; (3073) Clara Baldwin, and (2073) Ella. 

1547. John H., b. March 30, 1840; m. Mary Adele Bristoll, of Milford, and 
in December, 1874, lives there; no ch. 

1548. Clarissa F., b. Dec. 3, 1842; m. 3Ielville Curtiss, of Stratford; there in 
1874, and s. Robert Melville. 

1549. Rebecca P.. b. April 9, 1845; d. May 13, 1845. 

1550. Robert F., b. .June 16, 1847. 

1551. Frank R., b. Nov. 9, 1849: in 1874, unm. 

964. LEWIS F.« Ethel 5 Jared,M3. in Milford, Conn., in 1809, 
and living there in 1874, when I called upon him. He m. 1®*- Mary 
E. Fenn, dan, Daniel, of Milford. 

1574. Sherlon L., b. May, 1842; d. Nov. 11, 1842. 

1575. Sherlon L., b. February, 1844; m. Emily Plum, dau. David, of Milford; 
in 1874, lives in Bridgeport ; a boot and shoe dealer. Children: Lewis Palmer, b. 
1870; aud Alice, b. May 6, 1874. 

1576. Alice Maria, m. John W. Buckingham, of 3Iilford. Children: William 
A., b. in 1868; and Clinton Baldwin. 

His wife d. Sept. 18, 1853, aged 41 yrs., and he m. 2"'*' Lucy A. 
Palmer, dan. William, of Greentield, Mass., and no children. 

973. ELIJAH -^ Beard ^ Abraham* Charles ^ Richard ^ John,i b. 
in Milford, Conn., March 2, 1797; lived in Milford. He m., ISTov. 
22, 1826, Catharine Gunn. 

382 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1579. Joseph Buckingham, Ijapt. Sept. 7, 1828. 

1580. George Gunu, b. Jan. 16, and bapt. Jul.v 25, 1830; m., June, 1859, Kim- 
berly, of West Haven, Conn.; lives, 1877, in Sioux City, Iowa; no ch. Architect. 

1581. Elijah Clark, bapt. Aug, 4, 1833. + 

1583. Albertus, b. Nov. 8, 1835; d. y. 

1588. Kate, m. Curtiss, of Stratford or Huntington. Conn. 
1583i. Eva, d. y. 

974. CHAELES ^ Beard ' Abraham/ b. in Milford, Conn., 
March 10, 1799 ; he m., 1834, Charlotte Clark ; lived in Milford, 
where he and his wife died. 

1584. Charles, d. luim. 

1585. Angelina, in 1874, unm. 

1586. Celia, m. Tlielos Treat, of Orange, Conn., and has two ch. 

1587. Roger S., m. Angelina Frost, of Maine; in 1874, living in Milford; no ch. 

97(3. JOSEPH BEARD'= Beard^ Abraham,^ b. in Milford, Conn.; 
lives, 1874, in jNTew Haven. 

1589. Joseph C. + 

1590. Leonidas B. + 

1591. Child, d. y. 

977. MARY 6 Beard -^ Abraham,^ b. in Milford, Jan. 2, 1805; 
m. ^larcus Stow. 

1592. Mary, b. Nov. 11, 1834; m. Hezekiah Beardsley, and has one ch. Heze- 
kiah Beardsley was Ijrother of Charles, who m. Sarah, dau. Elnathan Baldwin. 

1593. Phiuehas, b. March 7, 1839; d. unm., JMarch 19, 1866, in the Federal 

1594. Luke, b. March 25, 1841; d. unm., 1862. 

984. THOMAS ' Josiah<^ Thomas ^' Josiah ' John ^ John- John, ^ 
b. in I^ew Jersey, Oct. 27, 1785 ; moving with his father, he settled 
in Bridport, Vt. He m., Feb. 25, 1815, in that State, Esther, b. 
there Jan. 4, 1794. He d., aged 83. His w. is living, 1877, with 

1601. Philo, b. Nov. 22, 1815; d. Feb. 23, 1816. 

1602. Hannibal, b. JMay 22, 1818; d. May 28, 1820. 

1603. Lucius, b. in Vermont, June 12, 1820; living, 1877, in Emmet. Paulding 
county, Ohio; m., Nov. 8, 1852. Children: George, June 26, 1854; Frederick, May 
22, 1857; Laura, Feb. 15, 1859; Thomas, Feb. 26.1861; Esther, Aug. 20. 1863; and 
Walter, Oct. 13, 1866. 

1604. Joseph H., b. in Vermont, Jan. 6, 1824; m. twice, 1st, Xov. 9, 1851, and 
2iHl, Dec. 3, 1865. Children: Henry F., March 13, 1854; William A., Jan. 2, 1859; 
Frank O., March 12, 1871; and Charles A., Dec. 26, 1873. 

1605. .Julia Avery, b. .June 8, 1826; dead. 

1606. Uriah, b. Feb. 20, 1828; dead. 

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 383 

991. REUBEN DJ John « Joseph '^ John ' John ^ John ^ John. ^ 
He m. Marin Frost. He is deceased. 

1()14. Chark'S E., in March, 1S75, uuin. in Aurora, Nevada. 

1615. Edward P., ni. Maiy E. JNIatlier, aud iu jMarch, 1875, residing in Newark, 
N. J. ; firm of E. F, and H. F. Baldwin. 443 Broad street. 

161G. John 11., m. Jennie Haliburton, and in March, 1875, residinaj iu New- 
ark, N. J. 

1617. Sarah M., iu 1875 num. 

1618. William H., in 1875 num. 

1619. Horace F., m., Belle F. Couckling; in March, 1875, residing in Newark 
with a .sou, Howard C". 

1001. LUCY ' Jesse ^ Silas,^ m. V^' Durand ; lived in New Haven, 
and had by him at least a 

1623. Daughter, subsequently adopted b}' her 2nA husliand. 

Mr. Durand died, and she m. 2'"i' Oct. 12, 1831, Nehemiah H. 
Hoyt, of Hebron, N. Y., b. Feb. 25, 1808. Children : 

1634. Sarah M., b. July 24, 1832; m. 1st, Oct. 10, 1852, George A. Lord; 2"tl, 
in 1863, a Mr. Lamb ; residence, New York aud New Haven. 

1625. Lucy A., b. March 6, 1834; m. 1st, Henry E. Hotchkiss; Sud, Feb. 1, 
1864, William Abrams; residence, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1626. Clarissa T., b. June 22, 1838; m., iu New Haven, Aug. 29, 1859, Perlin 
Warriner; residence, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1627. Susie ]\L, b. July 28. 1840; m.. Jau. 24, 1867, James H. Lee, of New 
Haven, Conn. 

1628. Nathaniel B., b. July 23, 1842; m. and in New York City. 

1629. N. Hardy, b. Oct. 2, 1844; m. aud in New Haven. 

1002. MERRITT PLUMB ^ Silas^ Silas,^ b. iu Derby, Conn., 
Dec. 3, 1802 ; m. 1^*' April 18, 1830, Eliza Peck, who d. June 21, 
1833 ; and he m. 2"'^- Mrs. Caroline Brown ; she d. Sept. 5, 1855 ; he, 
June 18, 1854. He was a saddler. 

1630. Frederick. Oct 5. 1832; d. Feb. 25, 1834. 

1631. Rosetta H., b. Nov. 12, 1838. 

1632. John Frederick, b. Aug. 15, 1840; d. April 22. 1843. 

1633. Edward Crocker, b. IVIay 20, 1842; d. Feb. 10, 1843. 

1634. Mary Ann, b. March 11,' 1844. 

1635. Stiles Smith, b. Feb. 25, 1846; d. Sept 8, 1849. 

1686. Josiah Frederick, b. Fel). 5, 1848; m., Dec. 27. 1876, Adelia Louisa 
Greeuleaf, b. Oct. 7, 1850, in "Surcoit," Oneida county, N. Y., dau. Joseph aud 
Frances (Greaudo, b. iu France,) Greeuleaf. He is a pattern maker, living. 1876, 
at 33 Elm street. New Haven. 

1003. RILEY ' Silas ^' Silas,^ b. in Derby, Conn., August, 1807, 
in that part now Seymour. He ra. Ann M., b. 1810. He resided. 

384 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1873, in Watertown, Conn., engaged in making and dyeing wool 
mats, perhaps on the same stream, "Fulling Mill Brook,'" where 
his gr. grandfather owned property. 

1637. Charles, b. 1830; m., Jan. 4, 1854, Martha M. French, of AVaterbury, 
Conn., then aged 22, who d. May 18, 1859, then of Naiigatuck. He m. 2nd, Cornelia 
Mears, and lives, 1874, in Naugatuck. Children: one d. April 7, 1859, aged 1 yr. ; 
Carrie 31. ; Florence, dead ; and by '2"ii wife, John. 

1638. Henry, m. Emily, who d. .June 1, 1863. In 1874, he lived in Middle- 
town, Conn. A mechanic. He has ch. : Frank, b. about 1847, in 1874 living in 
"Watertown; another son, and a daughter, b. Feb. 19, 1855, in Watertown. 

1639. Mary Ann m. Lucius Holt, and d. in childbed. Her s. Charles is living 
in 1877. 

1640. Maria, d. Jan. 31, 1860. 

1641. George, dead. 

1643. Alma, by 2nJ wife, and dead. 

1005. ORRIN'Silas^ SiLas,^ b. in Seymour, Conn., April 30, 
1806; he ra., January, 1831, in Lexington, Greene county, X. Y., 
Betsey Emeret Ford, b. there Aug. 11, 1812, dau. Joel (b. Oct. 3, 
1767,) and Mary (Ford,) b. May 31, 1772. lie lives, 1877, at Shan- 
dakin, Ulster county, I^. Y. 

1643. Silas, b. 3Iarch 16, 1834; m. Minerva Wolcot, and has the following ch., 
all b. in Lexington, Greene county, N. Y. : Annie, Lillie and Silas. 

1644. Elijah, b. Sept. 17, 1835; ni. Laura Hart. Children: Arie, Millie, Ber- 
tha and Ettie. 

1645. Jonathan, b. March 5, 1840. 

1646. Kiley, b. March 3, 1842; m.. May 1, 1867, in Phcenecia, tow^n of Shan- 
dakin, Ulster county, N. Y., Elizabeth Longyear, b. there Sept. 5. 1847, dau. Rev. 
(Baptist) Christopher and Melissa (Bishop) Longyear, of Saugerties, in that county. 
He is a lumberman, and lives at Shokan, in the same county. Children: George 
Artimau, .Jan. 12, 1870; Harry Christopher Longyear, Sept. 20, 1871; son (twin), 
Sept. 20, 1871, d. next day; Nellie May, Dec. 31, 1876, in Hunter, Greene county, 

1647. Mary O., b. March 1, 1844; m., March 4, 1868, John E. Van Housen, of 
Lexington, N. Y. She d. July 3, 1869, in Nebraska; no ch. 

1648. Rosette, June 5, 1846; d. March 25, 1854. 

1649. Lucinda, Oct. 3. 1849; m., Feb. 10, 1869, in Lexington, Greene county, 
N. Y., George Wesley Angle, b. Jan. 4, 1844, s. Peter and Doreas (Chapman) Angle, 
of that place. Children: Elvaretta Christina, Dec. 18, 1869; and Annie Electa, 
Aug. 26, 1874. 

1006. JEANNETTE' Silas6Silas,5b. March 11, 1808, in Sey- 
mour, New Haven county. Conn, (part of original Derby) ; m., 
Jan. 7, 1831, James Sheldon Greene,^ b. Feb. 25, 1800, in Cov- 
entry, R. I., son of Samuel and Barbary (Sheldon) Greene ^ 

f Mary 5 William^ Peter 3 John- ) , ^ , ^, . ...^ - . 
i Job' F.' James3 James = / J°'"' ' ''■ ^^b- «- 15^'6-'. - 

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 385 

England, and came to Rhode Island in 1638. James S. d. Nov. 
22, 1842, at Peqaonnock, Bridgeport, Conn. He was a farmer, 
but at the time of his death foreman in a cotton mill, and his 
death was caused by slipping on a plank in the mill. He broke 
several ribs, and died some days after. His widow is living, De- 
cember, 1877, in Derby, and her three unm. daus. with her. 

1652. Sarah Maria, b. Dec. 22, 1831; m., Jan. 81, 1850, Marcus Davis, b. Oct. 
9, 1820, at Great Hill, Derby; farmer; living there in 1877. Children: Virginia 
Jeannette,* b. Feb. 28, 1853, m. Henry Ephraim Smith; Lily Josephine, f b. April 
15, 1855, m. Charles Hull; Leonard Ausou, Sept. 28, 1856; Edward James, Sept. 7, 
1859; Henry Bradford, Sept. 16, 1861; Bernard :\Iarcus, Aug. 31, 1865; Carrie 
Augusta, Jime 10, 1868; and Jessie Annie, Aug. 22, 1872. 

1653. Mary Eliza, June 3, 1833; m., Oct. 6, 1858, William Smith, b. in Bir- 
mingham, Warwickshire, England, lives in Birmingham (Derby), Conn., and keeps 
a restaurant. Children: Frank Boyd, May 9, 1859; and Lavinia Eleanor, Aug. 12, 
1863, d. March 2. 1864. 

1654. Helen Frances, b. April 13, 1835. 

1655. Margaret Ann, Sept. 20, 1837. 

1656. Cornelia Brown, Feb. 29, 1840. 

1657. Jane Sheldon, Feb. 18, 1843; m., Aug. 16, 1866, Thomas Sterling, b. 
Oct. 6, 1844, in London, England. He is Secretary of the Burlock Shirt Manu- 
facturing Company, at Bridgeport, Conn., and lives there. Children: Jeannette 
Eleanor, Nov. 6, 1867. Jennie, Jan. 19, 1870; and Thomas, July 13, 1872. 

1023. STEPHEN Y.' Stephen ^ Joseph,^ b. March 24, 1817; he 
m. Sarah Eliabeth Bott, of Whitehall, N. J. He d. Nov. 17, 1865, 
and his family, 1874, was at Whitehall. His wife, in 1877, is Sarah 
E., Kitchell. 

1685. Marcus, b. Dec. 2, 1851 ; m. in 1871 ; living, in 1877, in Montville, Morris 
county, N. .1. ; has a dau. Bertha. 

1686. Amanda. 

1687. Eleanor. 

1688. Mary Emma. 

1689. Julia. 

1690. Frances. 

1691. Frederick C, b. Nov. 8, 1860. 

1692. Jesse, b. July 17, 1865. 

1693. Noah, killed in the late war. 

1694. William, killed in the late war. 

1695. Aaron, d. y. 

1696. Stephen, d. y. 

* Virginia Jeannette Davis, b. Feb. 2$, 1853; ni., .May IG, 1S72, Henry Ephvaini Smith, li. .Marfh 5, 1850, 
at Roik House Hill, in Derby; farmer there. Children: Berthe Jeannette, .\pril 10, IsTii, ci. June 1, 1S73; 
Cora Virginia, June 1, 1S74; Alice Florence, Oct. 13, 1S75; anil Sarah Ester, b. .April 24, 1S7S. 

+ Lilly Josephine Davis, b. April 15, 1855; m., Oct. 2, 1873, Charles Hull, b. June 5, 1835, in Derby. 
Children: Alfred James, June 10, 1875. and Mary Agnes, .April 12, 1878. 

386 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1024. AARON G." Stephen ^ Joseph '^ b. in Caldwell, N. J., Au,o:. 
18, 1820 ; he m., March 7, 1843, Elizabeth Crane, b. Aug. 13, 1818, 
dau. Cyrus Crane, son Samuel and Mary (Baldwin) Crane. 

1697. Sarah C'raue, b. March 13, 1844; m. George C. Chandler, of Orange, N. .1. 
There in 1874, with a s. Frank. 

1698. Ida Hannah JIariah, b. June 26, 1845; m. Charles S. Baldwin, of New- 
ark, N. J. (Mercer street), s. of Isaac E., and has two sous: Grover E. and Charles 

1699. Stephen, b. May 22, 1847; d. y. 

1700. Liicaspe Caroline, b. Sept. 17. 1852. 

1701. George P.. 1). April, 1855. 

1702. Jonah (twin), b. Feb. 4, 1858: d. y. 

1703. Silas Kitchell, b. Fel). 4, 1858. 

1704. Marcus Y., b. Dec. 13, 1862. 

1085. FRANCES" Briscoe G.« Cornelius =• Elijah ^ Nathaniel^ 
John - John,^ b. in Staunton, Va.; m. Hon. Alexander H. H. Stuart, 
an eminent Virginia lawyer and statesman, resident in Staunton. 
He was b, in Virginia; was repeatedly member of the Legislature ; 
member of Congress, 1841 to 1843 ; under President Fillmore, he 
was Secretary of the Interior Department. 

1731. Baldwin, d. aged 21, l)y the explosion of a steamboat, while on his way 
to New Orleans to be married. 
1723. Avigusta. 

1723. Martha, d. infant. 

1724. Marj', m. Dr. Hunter McGuire, of Richmond, Va., Professor in the 
Medical College there. He was iledical Director of Gen. Stonewall .Jackson's army, 
and an eminent physician. The,v have three ch. 

1725. Fanny, m. Rev. Dr. Atkinson, President of Hampden Sidney College, 
and d. in 1874, without issue. 

1726. Alexander H. H., came home in 1867, from the University of Virginia, 
to die of tj'phoid fever. 

1737. Susan, m. Rev, Robert Gibson, an Episcopal clergyman, of Richmond, 
Va., and has two ch. 
1728. Maggie. 
1739. Archibald, not grown in 1875. 

1086. MARY ^ Briscoe U.f' Cornelius,^), in Staunton, Va.; m. 
Col. James M. Ranson, of Jefferson county, W. Va.; she now lives 
near Charlestown, in that county. 

1730. Thomas D., a promising lawyer, of Staunton, Va. ; m. and has two ch. 

1731. Briscoe, ]\I.D., of Harper's Ferry, W. Va , (.Tolm H. says of Charles- 
town); m. 

1732. Mary, m. Col. (George?) H. Guy, an eminent lawyer, of Richmond, 
and has one ch, 

1733. James, 

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 387 

1108. ROBERT F." Archibald S.^ Cornelius,-' (-M.D.); m. Miss 
Carys Bartou. dau. of Hon. Richard W. Barton, formerly member 
of Congress for Virginia; and in 187G, is Superintendent of the 
Western Lunatic Asylum, in Staunton. He was a Colonel and 
Surgeon in the Confederate army. 

1751. Cary. 

1752. Kate. 

1753. Stuart. 

1754. Willie. 

1755. Robert. 

1756. John. 

1109. JOHXMACKIE' Archibalds.^' Cornelius,^ (M.D.); m. 
Miss Martha Barton, cousin to the wife of his brother Robert, and 
dau. of David Barton, M.D., of Winchester, and formerly member 
of Congress. He died in Staunton, in 1862. 

1757. John Stuart. 

1758. Maria. 

(C. C. calls the lirst child Stuart ; Robert F. calls him John.) 

1126. JOHNSON G.' Robert^' Zadoc,^ b. 1800, in Newark, K J., 
where he lived, and died June, 1870. He m. Jane Broadwell, of 
I^ewark, b. in 1803, and died March 14, 1874. 

1770. Robert, living iu Newark in 1S74; m. Anne Jerolomau, of Bellville. 
Children: Irene, Hester, Anna, Minnie, Fannie and Robert; iu 1874, all num. 

1771. Julia K., m. Minard E. Heddeu, who is dead. 

1772. Emily G., m., Sept. 7, 1853, S. S. Stevens, a prominent teacher of New- 
ton, N. J., where he lives in 1877. He "was from New Hampshire, and is Principal 
of the Collegiate Institute in Newton. Children: Mary Ida, July 10, 1854, and 
Samuel Hubbard, April 10, 1857. 

1773. Jane N. , m. Thomas S. Baldwin. s of Richmond. Va., s. Rev. Burr " 
Gabriel 6 Jared5 Caleb* Samuel 3 Josiahs John.i 

1774. Lucius H., of Virginia; a methodist preacher, with two ch. ; stationed, 
1874, in Academy, Pocahontas county. 

1775. .Johnson A., of New York City; m. Anna, and has no cli. 

1776. William L., m. Ruuyeou, of Ohio, father moved from Ohio to 
Newark. He lives in Newark, 1874, and has two daus. 

1129. PHEBE H.' Robert « Zadoc.^^ b. in Newark. N. J.; she m. 
William H. Harris, of Montclair, N. J. 

1777. Mary B . dead. 

1778. Frederick H., Colonel iu the army under Sherman. At present, 1876, 
. Secretary of the American Insurance Companj^, of Newark, N. J., a Company 

wliich has done a very successful fire business, and accumulated over $1,000,000. 

388 Baldwin Genealogy. 

He m. Lizzie Torrey, of Honesdale, Peun., and has cli. : Willie, Jeimie, and a 
daualiter unnamed when I saw liim last. 

1779. Mary C, num. 

1780. William J., m. Pliebe Baldwin, diiu. Joseph, of Moutclair. 

1781. France-s C. iinm. 
1783. Robert B. 

11(38. PHILO^Josiah•^ Sarnnel^ SamueH Samuel ^ Josiah- John •• 
b. ia Woodbrido^e, Conn. He is said to have ra. Polly (Molly?) 
Hine, dan. Joseph Hine, of Orauo-e. Woodbridge Church Records 
say she died April 20, 1882, aged 43; while the tombstone, with 
that perversity of difierence nsual in Woodbridge, says April 19, 
1832, aged 47, and named Mary. 

1794. Miles, m. Martha Chatfield,7 dau. Lewis and Patty (Baldwin) Chattield, 
of Oxford, Conn.. Patty was dau. Ephraim 5 Barnabas * Barnabas 3 Barnabas 2 
Richard Baldwin.! Children: Mary, Augusta and .John. She m. 2nii- Daniel 
Upson, of Watertown, Conn. 

1172. EZRA ■ Joel « Samuel,^ b. in Bristol, Conn., Xov. 5, 1798 ; 
he m., April 9, 1833, Mary H. Richards, b. in Soutli Deertield, 
Mass., Feb. 24, 1807. His children were born in Bristol. 

1795. Nathaniel Taylor, b. Oct. 8. 183o.+ 

1796. Abbie Ann, b. .June 1, 1837; d. .June 23, 1843. 

1797. Roxana, b. Feb. 16, 1840; d. .June 27, 1843. 

1798. Isaac Newton, b. April .5, 1841; d. June 27, 1843. 

1799. James R., b. July 3, 1843. He was killed June 1, 1864. in the battle of 
Cold Harbor. 

1800. John D., b. July 3, 1848. In September, 1875, resident in Hartford, 
Conn., and employed in the Mercantile National Bank since 1870. 

1801. Isaac Henry, b. July 4, 1850; d. Oct. 25, 1851. 

In 1875, Ezra resides in Winsted, Conn. 

1173. HIRAM " Joel '' Samuel,^ b. in Bristol, Conn., April, 1800 ; 
m., Feb. 15, 1832, Susan Htjdge, b. in Roxbury, Conn., Feb. 12, 
1806. He died in 1863. The widow is living, 1875, at Rocky 
Hill, Conn. 

1802. Margaret, d. aged 2 yrs. 

1803. Theodore, d. aged 17 yrs. 

1804. George, d. aged 4 yrs. 

1805. Sarah D., b. Nov. 4, 1845; in 1875, living with her mother. She gradu- 
ated at Mt. Holyoke, nnd has been a successful teacher. 

1180. BURR ^ Gabriel « Jared ^ Caleb ^ Samuel ^ Josiah - John, ^ 
b. in Weston, uow Easton, Conn., Jan. 19, 1789; (Rev.) Graduated 

John, of 3Iilford, Connecticut. 389 

at Yale College in 1819. He studied theology at Andover ; was 
first installed at Montrose, Penn. He was settled, second, at New 
Hartford, Conn.: third, at field, Mass.; and afterward in Mon- 
trose asrain. In 1874, he was livino; at Montrose. He m. !**> Nov. 
17, 1819, Porter: and 2"'^- Cornelia C, dau. of Jonathan . 

1813. Elizabeth Kceu, b. Aug. 29, 1821; m., Nov. 16, 1843, Rev. Eliphlet 
Whittlesey, of Salisbury, Coan. They went as Missiouaries to the Sandwich 
Islands. She resides, 1876, at Ehvood, Atlantic county, N. J. He was b. July 13, 
1816; graduated at Williams College in 1840, and Union Theological Seminary in 
1843; was s. Deacon Eliphlet and Martha (Strong), s. John and Mary (Beale), of 
Salisbury, Martha Strong was dau. Deacon Benajah and Lucy (Bish )p) Strong. 
(See D wight's Strong Genealogy for further lines. In 1866-7, they have no ch. 

1814. Thomas Scott, b. Maj^ 2, 1833. He resided in Richmond. Ya., and was 
killed there by the falling of the Court Room. He m. Jane N. (or Mary Ann) Bald- 
wiu,s dau. Johnson G." Robert 6 ZadocS Robert •* Nathaniel 3 John 2 Johu,i Aug. 
11. 1853; she lives in Richmond. 

1815. James, b. March 1, 1825. Lieutenant in the army, in the late war. In 
1873 unm., and living in Carson City, Nevada. 

1816. Samuel Mills, b. May 25, 1827; m., October, 1860, Clara Millard, then 
both of Knox county. Mo. (940 F. street, Washington, D. C.) Being a Uuiou man, 
and laboring for the election of Lincoln, he was compelled, in 1861, to leave Mis- 
souri, and settled in Washington. 

1817. Burr, b. Oct. 26, 1829. Frank Leslie's illustrated paper, of April 8' 
1871, gives the following account of Burr, accompanied with an excellent likeness: 


"On the mournfully long list of soldiers slain while fighting for the glory and 
honor of France, there is the name of an American, a soldier of taste, and it might 
also be said bj' profession, whose memorj" is very dear to a circle as large and influ- 
ential as ever greeted a genial gentleman. 

"During the retreat of the intrepid Bourbaki, toward the Swiss frontier. Col. 
Burr Porter, of Newark, N. J., who was serving as a staff officer, was shot in the 
breast while leading his command in a skirmish with the Prussians, shouting, but 
a few moments before being struck, while his sword described a circle over his 
head: 'I will show you how we fight in America!' His body was removed to the 
residence of the cure of the village, and, after being viewed by his brother officers, 
was interred with all the impressive ceremonies of the French army. 

"Col. Porter was a son of the Rev. Burr Baldwin, formerly Principal of the 
old Newark Academy, and when four years of age, was adopted b}' his uncle, 
P. H. Porter. Esq., with wliom he always lived. He pursued his scholastic educa- 
tion at Rutger's College, graduating in 1849. with the highest honors. 

"During the Crimean war, he went to Turkej' and was attached to Omar 
Pasha's Staff, and subsequently was made a "Bashaw," or Colonel of a regiment of 
Arabs. Here his braver}^ and natural military tact were put to severe tests. His 
command was an important one, and its duties developed the fine soldierly qualities 
of his nature. The best evidence of the high appreciatioa in which he was held 
b}' Omar Pasha, were the brilliant decorations conferred upon him, which literally 
covered his breast. After leaving Turkey, he spent several years in Paris and 

390 BaldiDiii Genealogy. 

Vienna, studying military engineering. Returning to America, lac resumed the 
legal profession till the outbreak of the civil war, when he became attached to 
Maj. Gen. Fremont's Staff, and served with him in Virginia until after the battle of 
Cross Keys. Upon the relief of Gen. Fremont, Col. Porter went to Massachusetts, 
where he had intimate personal relations with Gov. Andrew, who offered him his 
choice of ten regiments then forming at Readville, under the call of 1862. Accept- 
ing the Fortieth, he served with credit, and subsequently was transferred to the 
Third Massachusetts Cavalry, in which he remained until the close of the war. 

' ' Little can here be added to the testimony of the daily press, in praise of his 
important services, his rare intelligence, his genial disposition, and his elevated 
literary tastes. He was in very truth a representative American, progressive and 
liberal in his opinions, steadfast as a friend, and sensitive to a high degree. His 
writings were always seasonable in subject, and attractive in style, exhibiting a 
thoroughness of study, contideuce of expression, and clearness of description. 

"His affection for the French amounted to an enthusiasm, which disasters only 
increased, while he frequently expressed his expectations of the heroic fate that 
deprived France of a soldier as honest, and the world of a man as pure as ever 
lived. He left a wife, the daughter of Oliver Ditson, Esq., and one child." 

1818. Charles Porter, b. Dec. 18, 1831; d. in New Hartford, Conn., aged 3 
yrs. and 8 mos. 

1819. George Howard, b. Dec. 23, 1833, in New Hartford; living, 1874, in 
Washington, D. C, partner with S. M. in the book business. 

1820. 3Iargaret Sarah, b. in 1837, at Ashtield, Franklin county, Mass. ; m. 3Ir. 
Rufus Barret, of Groton^ Mass. He was, after the war. United States Assessor in 
Mississippi ; since that, lawyer at Okolona, 3Iiss. 

1182. DAVID 7 Gabriel « Jared,^ b. in Weston, Conn., March 10, 
1792; living, February, 1875, in Beverly, Washington county, 
Ohio. He m. Oct. 21, 1817, Lavinia, dan. of Samuel and Julia 
Wheeler, b. Dec. 17, 18 — . He was a tanner and currier many 
years ago, in Ohio, where he settled in 1820, and has a farm. 

1821. Charles, b. July 12, 1818. + 

1822. Julia Ann, b. June 9. 1820. 

1823. Mary, b. Aug. 11; 1823. 

1824. George Wheeler, b. July 25, 1825; d. February, 1861. 

1825. Harriet, b. March 20, 1827. 

1826. Lavinia Wheeler, b. Feb. 25, 1829. 

His wife died March 20, 1829, in Bridgeport, Conn. He m. 2"^'' 
Feb. 3, 1830, Eliza Auner Devoe, dan. David and Joanna (Piersou) 
Devoe, of Muskingum county, Ohio. 

1827. Eliza Bethia, b. April 18, 1832; d. May 16, 1832. 

1828. David, b. April 7, 1835. 

1829. Henry Clay, b. Feb. 16, 1838. 

111*7. LYMAN" ' John" Jared,^ b. March 27, 1802, at Weston, 
Conn. He m., Dec. 22, 1826, Nancy Booth, dan. Eben Booth, of 
Trumbull, Conn. 

Joltn^ of Milford, Connecticut. 391 

lsr)-2. Lncyria E. Wesson, h. Oct. ;U. 1S27: of Detroit, Mich. 
l,s."j;i Joanna B. Cook, 1». Dee. 21. 1'"^-^; of Brooklyn, L. 1. 
185-4. Celia M. Bugg, b. Feb. 20, 18:50; d. 1853, in Detroit, Mich. 

1855. Naomi F. Beebe, b. Nov. 23, 1832. She perished with her entire family, 
in the fall of 1871, at the Peslitigo ]irairic fire, in Wisconsin, with tlie exception of 
one child, Willie. 

1856. Emily L. Russell, b. Jan. 31, 183(3; of Detroit, Mich. 

1857. Harriet A. Butterfield, b. Sept. 30, 1837; of Detroit. 

1858. Mary E. Glover, 1). June 16, 1841; of Detroit. 

1859. Lymau Haydeu, b. April 18, 1844; m., Oct. 16, 1871, Julia AdeJe Strong, 
dau. John W. Strong, of Detroit. 

1830. John Albert, b. June 27, 1847; in 1875 uum. • 

1203. BURR" Jiuie^' Jai-ed,5 b. Dec, 22, 1798, in Plymouth, 
Lucerne county, Penii.; he m. Lucy Ann Trux, and lives, Sept. 1, 
1855, at West Unity, Williams county, Ohio. 

1861. Miry, m. Dunlap, of Butler county, Ind. 

1862. Burton, a Baptist clergyman. 

1863. Joseph, in 1877, of Ransom Centre, Hillsdale county, Mich. 
1834. Ambrose, in 1877, of Ransom Centre. 

1865. Lydia, m. Green. 

1205. ABED^ Jude*^ Jared,^ b. in Dallas, Luzerne county, Penn., 
Feb. 1,1803. He died in Fluntsville, in the same county, May 28, 
1854. He m. Philena Lewis, b. 1802, d. 18(30, dau. Rev. Griften 
and Hannah (Rogers) Lewis. Mr. Lewis was an eminent Baptist 

1866. Columbus Almon, d. infant. 

1867. Augustus Lewis, d. infant. 

' 1868. EvalineA., 1). 1827; d. April. 1847. 

1869. Columbus .J., b. July 5, 1831, in Luzerne county, Penn. + 

1870. Augusta E., b. Aug. 27, 1835; m., in 1856, Elisha Atherton, and lives, 
1877, in Shelby, Ohio; has one ch., Walter Abed, b. aliout 1858. 

1871. Griffin Lewis, b. Aug. 27, 1827. + 

1872. Ira Ambrose, b. Dec. 2, 1840; residence, California. Of his own accord, 
he dropped the name Ambrose and assumed Rollin, in admiration of the ancient 
historian. He was a soldier in the late war. After helping to drive Quantrell out 
of Kansas, he went to California, and has not been heard of afterward. 

It is said of Abed, that as a merchant, fanner and manufacturer, 
he acquired a competence in property, and a world of competence 
in the esteem of his fellow men. 

1233. WATS0X7 Jude« Jared,M). I^^ov. 2, 1805, in Plymouth, 
Luzerne county, Penn.; he m. Elmira Church. He settled in 
Wood county, Ohio. 

392 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1873. Byron, color V)earer, and killed at Franklin, Teuu., in storminu- a foi't. 
He was found to have rolled himself in the fliig, and died with both hands upon it. 
He was, it is said, a noble fellow. He left a widow, Avho m. his cousin Laurin J. 
Baldwin, and is again a widow. 

1874. Ed., of Weston, Wood county, Ohio; a successful business man. 

1208. AMBROSE' Jucle ^ Jared,^^ b. in Plymouth, Luzerne 
county, Penn., 1811 ; in 1832, settled with his mother, in Richland 
county, Ohio. In 1834, m. widow Elizabeth (Ayres) Taylor. The 
following children were born in Lexington, Ohio. He moved to 
De Soto, Johnson county, Kansas, in 1806. His wife died there 
in 1875; he surviving. 

1877. Eliza1)eth, 183o; d. y. 

1878. Almon H., 1837.4- ' 

1879. Laurin J. (twin), 1839; m., 1868, at Ottawa, Kan., .Jennie B. Short, and 
hid a dau. b. in 18(39. His wife d. in 1871: and he m., in 1874, Emeline Baldwin, 
widow of his cousin Byron, of Weston, Wood county, Ohio, where, in 1877, she 
lives a widow. 

1880. Lydia .J. (twin). 1839; d. y. 

1881. Aurelia E., 1841; m.. in 1864, Calvin N. Stevens, and settled in Bureau 
count}'. 111., but d. the next year. 

1882. Henry W., 1843 :,m., in 1870, Araminta Wiley, at Plattsmouth, N. B. 
He is a merchant at Ottawa, Kan. ; has a s. Ralph. 

1883. Sarah, 184o; d. y. 

1884. Abed B., 1846; in 187.") unm., and resides in Ottawa, Kan.; a merchant, 
and in partnership with Henry W. 

1210. ELEAN'OR' Jude'^Jared,^^ Nov. 9, 1815, in Plymouth, 
Luzerne county, Penn.; m. Amos Brown, and in 1875, living at 
Lehman, Luzerne count3', Penn. 

1885. Lovina, m. 3Iorris Lane. 

1886. Abed Jeremiah. 

1887. Henry J. 

1888. Timothy. 

1889. Elizal)eth. 

1890. Lephe Jane. 

1246. HEM AN S." Eli^ Matthew ^ Caleb* Samuel ^ Josiah ^ 
John,^ b. in Brookfield, Conn., Dec. 6, 1805; settled in New Mil- 
ford, Conn.; m. Elizabeth Lane, of Kent, Conn., on the 5th or 
15th of July, 1827. He m. a 2'"' wife. 

18in. Luziua, b. .June 21, 1834. 
1892. I^hilo, 1). Sept. 20, 1835. 

John, of 3Ii{ford, Connecticut. 393 

1247. PHILO"ElicMatthe\v,M). in Brookfield, Conn., Nov. 7, 
1807; m., April 10, 1838, Emily E. Winton, of Bridgeport. He 
resides in Brooklield. 

1893. Lucy, b. June 11, 183-4. 

1894. 3I;ny, h. Juue 1, 1836. 

1895. Anna :Maria, 1>. Nov. 18. 1838. 

1896. Wilbur, b. April 10. 1840: d. y. 

1897. Susan, b. Xov. 22, 1843. 

1248. SAMUEL' Eli '5 Mathew,M). Oct. G, 1809; is of Brook- 
field, Conn., and a tailor by trade. He m., Jan. 2, 1881, Susan E. 
Winton, of Bridgeport. 

1898. Elizabeth E., b. December, 1831. 

1899. James S., b. February, 1833. 

1900. Henry B. 

1901. Joanna B. , 
1902: Horatio, d. y. 

1903. WiliamE. 

1904. Jane C. 

1905. Emily. 

1253. ISAAC PALMER- Eli ^ Matthew,^ b. in Brooktield, 

Conn., Oct. 16, 1820; he m., April 16, 1848, Harriet , of 

Washington, Conn. He paid early attention to the Baldwin 
Genealogy.-^ In 18-55, I first examined in his possession, in New 
York, the Worcester Mss., having followed them from Worcester 
to Boston, thence to New York (vide Christopher Columbus Bald- 
win). In 1875, he resided at Manassas, Va. 

1909. .Julius P., b. Feb. 7, 1848. 

1910. Milton A., b. .Jan. 19, 1855. 

1254. ELI ' Eli « Matthew,^ b. in Brookfield, Conn., May 7, 1828 ; 
he m., Oct. 5, 1848, Abbie Louise Bacon, of Boston. In 1855, he 
was a merchant in Boston ; in 1875, a manufacturer in New York. 

1911. Arthur Lodge, b. Jan. 27, 1850. 

1912. Walter Sherman, b. April 14, 1854. 

1913. Margaret Pynchon, b. April 30, 1857. 

1914. Charles Bacon, b. June 2, 1864. 

' >Ir. Baldwin had extracts from the records of Aston Clinton, and it was partly in supposed support of 
his \ie\vs, as ditt'ering- from those of Mr. Savage (whose Mss. he had), that I conunenced the English 
investigation, which showed the Sylvester emigrant was not the son of Richard, as said Mr. Savage, or of 
Thomas, as said Mr. Baldwin, but of Sylvester. Mr. Isaac Palmer Baldwin deduced his own genealogy as 
follows: Eli(6), Matthew(5). Caleb(4), Saniuel(3), Daniel(2). Nathaniel (1). I have several times had 
occasion to differ from descendants in the early lines. This arises from the fact, that there were many 
cases in Milford of several of the sams name. I found it necessary to trace every line in full to identify 


394 Baldtvin Genealogy. 

He lived iu Boston from 1840 to 1874, and in 1875, resides at 
689 Lexington avenue, New York ; place of business, 138 Fulton 
street, New York. 

1255. ELIJAH S.^ Eli '^ Matthew,^ b. in Brooktield, Conn., May 
25, 1825 ; he m., Feb. 15, 1849, Jennie Richardson, of Halifax. In 
1875, he was the leading merchant of Faribault, Minn. In May, 
1880, he had retired from business in Faribault, and returned to 
Boston, Mass. 

1915. William Byron, b. March 20, 1851. 

1916. Alice L., b. .July 16, 1854. 

1917. Elijah Herbert, b. .June 15, 1859; d. 3Iarch 19, 1861. 

1918. Morton Griggs, b. .Jan. 7, 1866. 

1257. JULIA' Jehiel*^ Jehiel,^ m. Lewis Baldwin Nettleton, of 
Washiugton, Conn. In 1875, they live in Medina county, Ohio. 

1923. Edwin, m. Lucy Grosvenor, of Medina, lias a .'<. and dau., and lives in 
Colorado Springs, Col. 

1928. Hubert, m. Emeline Crowe, of Hinckley, Medina county, Ohio, and has 
four ch. He lives in ^ledina. 

1924. -Jane, m. George H. Logan, of Wasliington, Conn., where she resided 
in 187.5, and has four ch. : Lewis Manslield, Austria Amanda, .Julia Emily and 
Mary Ann. 

1925. Warren Fowler, m. Ellen Crowe, of Hinckley, half sister to Hul)ert's 
wife, and lives iu Medina, Ohio. 

1926. George Austin, m. ^lary E. I^arsons, of .Aledina; has one child named 
.Jesse, and lives in Medina. 

1927. Franklin, num., in Medina. 

1928. Austria, d. unm. 

1258. FOWLERS Jehiel«Jehiel,5b. in AYashington, Conn.; he ' 
m. Eliza Harris, of South Britain, Conn. He settled in Mount 
Vernon, Ohio. 

1929. David, m. and has one ch. ; in Arkansas. 

1930. Charles Fowler, for a long time a Detective in the United States Post 
Office Department, and now, 1876, Chief of the Secret Service Department of the 
United States at Washington. The "Cincinnati Commercial states, on "high 
authority," that his services had been most valuable, and that he had shown con- 
simimate ability. 

1931. Harriet, in 1875 unm. ; in Mount Vernon. 

1932. Margaret, in 1875 unm. ; in Mount Vernon. 

1933. Franklin, m. and at Mount Vernon ; has one ch. 

His wife died, and he m. 2'"'> a lady of Mount A^ernon, and they 
had a son 

1934. Lewis. 

He died in 1872, and his wife since. 

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 3i>5 

1287. JULIA LUCRETIA' Goodrich « Frederick,^ b. Oct. 13, 
1885; m., April 8, 1862, in EaisiuviUe, Mich., George Henry 
Greene, b. Oct. 12, 1836, at Grosse Isle, Wayne county, Mich., son 
of Augustus Weedon and Amy Jenkins (D.ivis) Greene. The 
Greenes'!^ were of the Rhode Island family. In 1863, they settled 
in Lansing, Mich. He is now, 1877, in the Auditor General's 
ottice, in Lansing. I am indebted to liim for a very clear and 
accurate account of this branch of the Baldwins. 

1939. .Jennie Baldwin, h. -March 19, 1865. 

■ 1289. GARRETT ROMEYNE' Goodrich « Fredei'ick,^ b. May 
13, 1840, in Saugerties, X. Y.; m.. May 10, 1867, in Fort Scott, 
Kan., Anna Eliza Johnson, b. Oct. 24, 1844, dau. George and 
Anna C. (Kepner) Johnson, formerly of Springlield, Ohio. Is an 
M.D. from Michigan University, and Bellevue Hospital Medical 
College, New York City; Assistant Surgeon in the 18th Michigan 
Infantry, in the late war. Since 1867, he has been United States 
Examining Surgeon. He is now, 1877, President of the Board of 
Education at Fort Scott. 

1940. Robert Konieyne, h. June 20, 186«. 

1941. George Goodrich, b. Sept. 9, 1872; d. Jan. 1(3, 1877. 
1943. Benjamin McDonald, b. Aug. 27, 1874; d. Jan. 13, 1877. 
1943. Frederick Garrett, b. July 24, 1877. 

1290. DAVID BENXETT 7 Goodrich*^ Frederick,^ b. April 2, 
1842, in Saugerties, N, Y.; m.. May 4, 1869, in Monroe, Alich., 
Martia Ann Wagner, b. April 24, 1847, in Bellefonte, Centre 
county, Penn., dau. William Penn and JS'ancy (Fishburne) Wagner 
(Van Wagner). He enlisted, Aug. 21, 1862, in the 5th Michigan 
Cavalry, was in many battles, and was taken prisoner, October, 
1863, on Meade's retreat from Culpepper. He was in Libby Prison, 
the Old Laundry, Pemberton's Tobacco Warehouse, Belle Island; 

*lst Generation. Robert Greene, of BjwriJjce Hill, Parish of Gillin^ham, Dorsetshire, Eng-., on the 
subsidy rolls, from 1543 to 1558. 

•2nd. Richard, d. 160S; will pro\e(l ilaj- 3, 1608. 

3rd. Richard. 

4th. John, b. Feb. 9, 159G-7; came to Boston in 1635, and to Rhode Island in 103S; d. in 1658. 

.5th. John, b. in 1620; d. Nov. 27, ITOS. | James, b. in 1626; d. April 27, 1691. 

6th. Peter, b. Feb. 8, 1654-5; d. Aug. 12, 1723. | James, b. June 1, 1659; d. March 12, 1712. 

7th. William, b. July 24, 1690; d. March 17, 1766. [ Foties, b. March 23, 1689^0; d. July 29, 17.')8. 

8th. Marcy, b. Oct. 31, 1725; d. April 8, 1300, m. Job, b. Aug-. 8, 1717; d. March 29, 1798. 

9tli. Stephen, b. .Jan. 9, 1757; d. Sept. 5, 1823; m. Sarah Chase. 

10th. Seneca, b. Nov. 14, 1782; d. Aug.-6, 1815; m. Nancy Peake. 

11th. Augustus Weedon, b. ilarch 13, 1813; living; m. Amy Jenkins Davis. 

12th. George Henry, b. Oct. 12, 1836; ni. Julia Lucretia Baldwin. 

396 Baldioin Genealogy. 

theuce, Marcli, 1864, to Andersouville, and there six months ; and 
after two months in two other prisons, lie was paroled, Nov. 19, 
1864. During the time, he suffered intensely from starvation and 
exposure and nearly lost his life. lie resides, 1877, in Lansing, 
and is traveling salesman for a wholesale house. 

1944. Julie ]May, b. Marcli 4. 1871. 

1945. Hemy Bennett, July 20, 1875: d. Aug. 27, 1875. 

1292. JEN'NIE ESTELLE7 Goodrich ^ Frederick,^ b. in Sau- 
gerties, IST. Y., Oct. 8, 1851 ; m., Aug. 4, 1875, in Lansing, William 
Henry Beisel, b. Aug. 4, 1844, in Monroe, Mich., son of Peter and 
Elizabeth (Stoddard) Beisel. He was in Company K., 18th Michi- 
gan Lifantry; lost his left arm at the battle of Athens, Sept. 24, 
1864; mustered out as Lieutenant, Jul}' 7, 1865. He is, 1877, a 
bookkeeper in a hardware store in Monroe, and LTnited States 
Custom House officer. 

1946. Eva Elizabeth, b. May 27, 1876. 

1947. George Henry, 1). May 30, 1878. 

1294. SAMUEL CHURCH - Erastus ^ Eleazer ^ Caleb * Josiah '^ 
Josiali^ Jolin,^ b. Sept. 15, 1817; m. Sarah S. Hatch, and died at 
Laconia, N. H., Dec. 3, 1861. She lives, 1877, at Newport, N. H. 

1948. Emma H., b. in Newport, N. H., July 17, 1843. 

1949. Lucy A., b. Nov. 2, 1845; m. G. W. IVIoore, of Goncord; living there 
in 1877. 

1950. Mason Hatch, b. Sept. 13, 1847, at Plymouth. Mas.s. 

1951. Marcia G., b. .July 18, 1849, at Plymouth, and d. April 26, 1864. 

1952. Frances, b. at Laconia, Oct. 5, 1852. 

1953. Arthur Henry, b. Oct. 14, 1854: now, 1877, at Deadwood, Dakota. 

1357. ALMOND P.^ Samuel^ Zaccheus^ James* John^ George '- 
John,ib. Nov. 9, 1800; d. in Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 16, 1870. 
He was a sign painter. He m., July 1, 1827, near Springfield, 
Ohio, Abigail Whittredge, dan. Joseph and Mary (Foster) Whit- 
tredge, of New Bedford, Mass., b. Feb. 23, 1806. 

1967. Ammi, 1). in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dec. 13, 1828.+ 

1968. Garoline Elizabeth, b. Aug. 28, 1831 ; Office. Dayton, Ky. 

1969. James Gallager, b. April 7, 1835. + 

1970. Theophilus Pitchie, b. Oct. 17, 1837. + 

1971. Mary Evelyn, b. May 11, 1842; ni.. June 12, 1864, Charles Henry Nash; 
living, 1876, at Lake Providence, La. Children; Charles Henry, b. in Cincinnati, 
May 10, 1867; and Carrol, b. at Longwood Plantation, CaroU Parish, La., July 
10, 1874. 

John, of Jlilford, Connecticut. 397 

1972. Sanih TsabcU, h. Aug. 1!), 1S44; m., July 11, 1872, William Alfred Guyon. 
They reside in Dayton, Ky. Children: Grace Eva, Aug. 15, 1873; and Eertha, 
Sept. 21, 1874. 

1300. JOSEPH " Samuel « Zaccbeus,^ b. May 30, 1805 ; in 1875, 
of Carthage, Ohio, just out of Cincinnati ; is a builder ; m., Octo- 
ber, 1836, Mary, dau. Peter Crossman. 

1977. Charles H., b. Aug. 2, 1837; m., April 11, 1867, Nellie, dau. Dr. Jerome 
Mudd. In 1877, bookkeeper for C. S. Rankin & Co., of Cincinnati. Children: 
Nellie G., Aug. 28, 1868; Carrie, Feb. 10, 1870; C. Joseph, Jan. 27, 1872; and Frank 
J., Feb. 3, 1875. 

1978. Mary L., b. Oct. 18, 1840. 

1979. Joseph L., b. June 13, 1842; d. June 9, 1843. 

1980. Florence J., b. May 19, 1844. 

1981. Joseph Ashland, June 12, 1846; m., September, 1875, Jessie, dau. Capt. 
George Rathljoue, and in 1877, clerk for the Victor Sewing Machine Company, 

1982. Walter, b. Sept. 1, 1848; in 1877, salesman for Rol)ert Clarke & Com- 
pany, of Cincinnati. 

1983. Clifford, Nov. 15, 1850; conductor of the Pullman Palace Car Company. 

1984. Samuel, Oct. 9, 1852; d. Jan. 8, 1853. 

1389. HE^RY CARTER" Josiah^ IsraeP IsraeP IsraeP George^ 
John,^ b. in Russell, Mass., Aug. 18, 1805 ; in 1874, living in 
i^orth Branford, Conn. 

1995. Henry T., m. in North Branford, and has a ch. : Earl D;iytou. 

1996. Cynthia, m. Virgil Rose, and in 1877, living in North Branford, Conn. 
Children: Lizzie H., dead; Levi H. ; and Fannie E. 

1997. .Jane, m. Theodore Palmer, of North Branford ; she d. there, leaving two 
ch. : Clarence E. and Jennie E. 

1395. HARRIET PAGE 7 Eliada^ Israel,^ b. Sept. 18, 1807, in 
JSTorth Branford, Conn.; m., March 23, 1834, Thaddeus Benedict " 
Charles*^ Thaddeus^ Thaddeus^ Thomas^ James"' Thomas Bene- 
dict.^ He was a merchant, and d. Sept. 1(3, 1866, at Bridgeport, 

1998. Thaddeus, b. .Jan. 3, 1835. 

1999. Arthur, b. May 15, 1836. 

. 2000. Charles A., b. April 22, 1838; m. Nov. 14, 1866, 3Iary E. Carpenter. 

This information is from the Benedict Genealo2:v, which calls 
Eliada "Eliud," but the Family and Branford Records generally 
call him Eliada. 

398 BaldiDin Genealogy. 

1398. MICIIA BJ Eliada" Israel, "^ b. in Bridgeport, Conn., Feb. 
2, 1834, 111 August, 1875, he resided in Stoneliam, Mass. He m. 
ill AVoburn, Mass., May 30, 1859, Joanna French. 

2001. Siinmd ,J., h. Oct. 31, 1860; d. June 12. 1869. 

2002. Susan C., 1). ]\[iireli 7. 1868; d. .hinc W), 1869. 
200:i Charles, h. Oct. 22, 1866. 

1441. HARVEY" Wylljs '' Joseph-' Aaron* Israel » George'^ 
Johii,^b. Dec. 5, 1807, in lEarwinton, Conn.; he m., 1834, Eliza- 
beth Edgington; he had ten cli.; lives, 1876, at or near Frederick- 
town, Knox county, Ohio. Law3'er, farmer, and of considerable 
property. There in Ma}', 1870. 

2010. Wyllis, (1. uiini. 

2011. iMaiy. 

2012. llarvcy, in. Miss Cable (V) Children: Clyde and Mildred. 

201 o. Thomas, ni. Clara Taylor, of Washington connty, dan. Lloyd. 


201"). Cyrus, d. unm. ' 

2016. Enunct, d unni. 

2017. f/il)!)ie. 

2018. .Jo.sepli, lawyer, at Frederickslown. 

1443. Willis" Wyllis" Joseph,-' b. in Ilarwinton, Conn., Oct. 12, 
1810; he m. widow Eliza Morris, of Burdett, N. Y.; she was 
Eliza Burge. 

2019. Maria, ni. William Polmcnler, of Ilartstown, Penn. 

2020. .Jane, m. J. Au])le, of Burdett, N. Y. 

2021. George, m. Miss Simms, and lives at Lyonsville, Crawford county, Penn. 

2022. Horace, m. Clara Harrington, of Waterloo, N. Y. ; resides, 1876, in 
Mount Vernon, Kno.x county, Ohio. .lane, of this family, has in her jiossession 
a (luarlo Bible, which, her brother informs me, was bought in London in the 
si.xleenth (probably in the seventeenth) century; bought by Sarah Perry from her; 
at death be(iueathed to .lane Hackings, afterward by bequest to .Jane Grej", then to 
William Hurge; then to Eliza, l)orn in the Isle of Wiglit, and brought to this coimtry 
in 18:50. 

^1446. H?:]STiY " Wyllis '' Joseph ^ b. July 19, 1815, in Ilarwin- 
ton, Conn.; m. in 1835. He resides in Watkins, Schuyler county, 
N. Y. He has retired from business, wliich was the management 
and ownership of boats. 

2024. William II., editor of the \\ aWkiws De)iiocmt. 

2025. George, fai-mcr. 

2026. Sylvester, farmer. 

2027. Robert, grocer. 

2028. Polk, a "navigator." 

2029. Marion, farmer. 
20.30. Frances, m. Ladow. 

John, of Milfonl, Connecticut. 399 

1447. CYRUS 11." WyHi8« Joseph/' 1.. in llarwii.tou, Conn., 
July 24, 1817: he in., in 1844, Mary P. Fairchihl, sister of Presi- 
dent Fairchild, of Oberlin Colleg-e. He graduated at ()l)Grrni, in 
1844. For ten years he was a Presbyterian minister, and si nee 
18(30 a lawyer of leisure. lie resides, 1876, in Dayton, Ohio. He 
was second in his class ; his wife first, and his children first in 
theirs, at Oberlin. 

2031. Willis, (I. ill the- arniy, in 1862. 

2032. j\Iary, in. Prof. A. .1. Cook, of Ihc Agricultural C!olk;go, Lansing, ."Nlic-ii. 

2033. .Tames T.. 1). in Orangeville, N. Y., Feb. 12, 1850. He gratluatcd at 
Oberlin 1870. In INTO, he is Professor of Materia jVIedica, in tlic ]\Iedieal College 
at Columbus, Ohio, lie m., Nov. 24, 1874, F. Delia Fineli, of Wellington. Oliio, 
and has one child, Austin Guj', b. Sept. 1, 187."). lie gi'aduateil at.lell'erson Medical 
College, Philadelphia, winning the first prize (one hundred dollar.s) in a class of one 
hundred and tifly-one. In 1875, he was Secretary of the State Medical Society, and 
in 187f), editor of the OIuo Mudiciil (viid Surgical Jouvaitl. 

2034. Cyrus G., graduated at Oberlin, in 1873; in 1875, was at Andovcr Theo- 
logical Seminary; and in 1876, at Ripon, Wis., unm., l)ut not bigoted as a bachelor. 

1512. JOHN" ROGERS ' Noah'' Edward'^ Noah* Noah =^ George ^ 
Johu,^ h. in Brauford, Conn., and in 1875, still living in the north 
part of the town. He is a very intelligent gentleman, to whom I 
am under many obligations for information of the Branford 
Baldwins, particular!}^ of North Branford and Northford. 

2050. George C., d. in llic army, aged 20. 

2051. Helen G. 

2052. Betsey li. 
20.53. David. 

In 1874, the three younger children were living with their 
father, unm. 

1518. SAMUEL REXFORD' Phinehas" Pliinehas-' Phinehas ' 
Phinehas'^ Richard- John,Mj. Sept. 10, 1811, in Cornwall, Litch- 
field count}'. Conn.; m. July 5, 1885 ; d. Feb. 30, 1875, in Cornwall. 

2057. -John Phinehas, b. ,Ian. 9, 1837; m. Dec. 1, 1870, and ch. b. in Cornwall: 
Rosa May, Oct. 14. 1871; Edward Kexfcn-d, Nov. 3, 1874; and Edith Jane. Nov. 
1{(. 1876." 

2058. Laura Mari.i, b. Aug. 2, 1842. 

2059. .Tulia Abigail, b. Ajiril 2G, 1845. 

1581. ELIJAH CLARK' Elijah ^^ Beard ^ Abraham * Charles =^ 
Richard- John,^ b. in Milford, Conn., Dec. 4, 1832; became a 
Presbyterian clergyman ; stationed, about 18G0, at Derby, and in 

400 Baldwin Genealogy. 

later years at Branford, Conn. He graduated at the Union Theo- 
logical Seminary, in i^ew York City, May, 1860. He m. l**- May 
1, 1856, Julia Childs, of Hartford. 

2079. .Julia Childs. 

He m. 2'"'' June 3, 1862, Fannie Marsh Hutchinson, of Crom- 
well, Conn. 

2080. Edward Robinson, b. at Bethel, Feb. 8, 1864. 

2081. Albertus Hutchinson, b. at Branford, Conn., Dec. 14,, 1865. 

2082. Ernest Hickok, b. May 19, 1869. 

2083. Elijah Warner, b. Sept. 28, 1872. 

He was installed at Branford, April 5, 1865, and continues there 
in 1880. 

1589. JOSEPH CLAEK^ Joseph B.<^ Beard,^ probably b. in 
New Haven, where his father lived in 1874. Joseph C. was then 
of the firm of James L. Harvey & Co., merchant in dye stuft's, 161 
Front street, i^ew York. He m. Jane Wood, of Xew York City. 

2084. William Wood, b. Oct. 1, 1862. 

2085. Harvey Bradley, b. February, 1867. 

2086. .Joseph Clark, b. April, 1871. 

1590. LEONIDAS BRADLEY ' Joseph B.^ Bcard,^ b. probably 
in iTcw Haven ; he became a clergyman (Episcopal), and in 1874, 
was living in Birmingham, Conn. He m., June 18, 1863, Annie 
M. Willard, dau. William I). Willard, of Middletown, Conn. 

2087. xUice Sarah, May 17, 1865. 

2088. Joseph Willard, Sept. 22, 1870. 

1795. NATHANIEL TAYLORS Ezra ^ Joel " SamueP Samuel ^ 
Samuel^ Josiah- John,^ b. Oct. 3, 1835, in Bristol, Conn.; m.. May 
17, 1855, Lucinda Terry, of Terrysville, Conn.; in 1875, he resides 
there as Secretary of the Malleable Iron Works. 

2l:J9. Susan, b. .July 6, 1859. 

2140. Richard, b. .Jan. 1, 1861. 

1821. CHAELES « David ^ Gabriel ^ Jared -^ Caleb ' Samuel ^ Jo- 
siah 2 John,i b_ j^^jy 12, 1818 ; he m. Sept. 28, 1844. In June, 1875, 
residing in Keosaugua, Van Buren county, Iowa. 

2141. William Wright, b. Sept. 28, 1845; m., Septeml)er, 1870, at Des ]Moiues, 
Iowa, Alice Tuttle, and has two ch. : Martin Tuttle, Feb. 26, 1873; and Rachel, Jidy 
29, 1874. He is, in 1875, a lawyer in Burlington, Iowa. 

John, of 3Iilfor</, Connecticut. 401 

2142. Lavinia. b. 1848; in. Kov. J. W. Cheney, of Troy, Davis county, Iowa, 
and liave one s. C'harlos. 

2143. Cliark'.'<, b. 1851; unm. ; attorney-at-law, Wapullo, Iowa. 

2144. Amy Lutie, b. 1853. 

2145. Julia C, b. 1855. 

2146. Son, fl. aged 14. 

2147. Son, d. infant. 

1869. COLUMBUS J.^ Abed" Jude^ JarecP Cale¥ Samuel ^ Jo- 
siah - John,^ b. in Liizerue county, Penii., July 5, 1831 ; m., June 28^ 
1859. Resides, 1877, in Norwalk, Ohio. In 1858, he was Clerk 
of the Court of Luzerne county; re-elected in 1861, with the help 
of the army vote, which was declared unconstitutional. lie was 
LTuited States Assistant Assessor several years. He was one of 
the founders of the Union or Loyal League, at first local and in 
Luzerne county, but soon national in its operations. 

2148. Nellie P., b. -July 5, 1860, in Wilkesbarre, Peun. 

2149. Louisa, b. Sept. 24, 1863, in Xorwalk, Ohio. 

2150. Eva A., b. Feb. 10, 1865, in Luzerne county, Penn. 

2151. Emma, b. Nov. 23, 1868, in Norwalk. 

2152. Lusena, b. Oct. 31, 1871, in St. Clair county, Mo. 

1871. GRIFFIN LEWIS s Abed ■Jude,«b. in Huntsville, Lu- 
zerne county, Penn., Aug. 27, 1837; m., June 25,1867, in the 
same countv, Anna D. Harrison. 

2153. Son, d unm. 

2154. Glenn Abed, b. Aug. 30, 1872, at hi.'^ parents' farm, "Pleasant View," 
Caroline county, Va. 

He was three years in the late war ; was a private and non- 
commissioned officer ill Company K., 7th Pennsylvania Reserves. 
His occupations have been mercantile, farming and lumbering. 
He resides, December, 1877, in Big Prairie, Wayne county, Ohio. 

1878. Almon H. ^ Ambrose ^ Jude *^ Jared ^ Caleb ^ Samuel ^ 
Josiaii- John,^ b. 1837; lives in Kansas; m., 1864, at Ottawa,. 
Franklin county, Kan., Martha E. Scott. He is a merchant, at 
Ottawa, Kan. 

2155. Ambrose, b. 1865. 

2156. Scott L., b. 1867. 

2157. Elfreida, b. 1869. 

2158. Almonia 31., b. 1871. 

402 Baldwin Genealogy. 

1967. AMMis Almond P." Samuel ^ Zacclieus^ James* Jolin ■' 
George"^ John, ^ b. in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dec. 13, 1828; m. in Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio, June 6, 1854, Mary Eliza Riddle. In 187(3, he 
resides in Cincinnati, and is Assistant Cashier of the Third Na- 
tional Bank, of that place. 

2161. Harry Wliittridge, b. July 7, 1855; m. Harriet, dau. William Wiswoll. 
His murder iu Cincinnati (found in the street) ,in ]\Iarch, 1879, caused much excite- 
ment there. Hs wife d. Jan. 29, 1880, leaving a posthumous ch., three months old. 

2162. Albert Le Compte, b. Oct. 26, 1858. 

1969. JAMES B.8 Almond P.^ Samuel,« b. in Cincinnati, Ohio, 
April 7, 1835 ; m. in Cincinnati, June 2, 1858, Lizzie Horton. 

2163. Luella, b. in Cincinnati, March 2, 1861; d. Feb. 12, 1869. 

2164. Jesse Gertrude, b. Oct. 2. 1865. 

In 1877, in a bank, in Warren, Ohio. 

1970. THEOPHILUS PITCIIIEs Almond P." Samuel,^' b. in 
Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 17, 1837; m., April 13, 1861, at Cincinnati, 
Clayanna M. Schultz. 

2165. Matilda Annette, b. Dec. 7, 1861. 


He m. 2"^!' May 9, 1867, Annette Schultz. 

2166. Conrad Jeffersou, b. May 26, 1874; d. Nov. 15, 1874. 

He resides, 1876, in Cincinnati, and is Toller in the Third Na- 
tional Bank. 

Timothy Baldwin, of Milford, Connecticut, 


1. TIMOTHY BALDWIN, of Milford, Conn., one of the lirst 
settlers, in 1639 ; joined the Church there in 1643, with Mary his 
wife, who died July 31, 1647. In 1640, " Itt is ordered (New 
Haven Colonial Records), that Tynio. Baldwin's lott shall have 
land laid to itt for 6 heads, and 500 I, and reserved for an elder." 
This was ordered, 1644-5, to be bought in by the tow^n. He was 
the eldest son of Eichard Baldwin, of Cholesbury, Buckingham- 
shire, England, whose will was made in 1633, and Timothy was 
executor. An account of Richard, and copy of the will, will be 
found in the early part of this volume, under Richard- Richard^- 
of Bucks county. That he was a brother of Nathaniel, appears 
from an entry from the long, narrow book of Milford Records, 
transcribed in 1700 by Richard Bryan, b}' order of the town. In 
this, it appears (page 118), "12 Dec, 1649, Timothy Baldwin 
bought of his brother Nathaniel one parcel of land." Timothy 
lived for a while in Guilford, Conn., about 1650, having married, 
March 5, 1645, Mary Mepham, widow of John, of Guilford. She 
was a relative of Gov. Fen wick, who married Frances Appleby, 
daughter of Sir Edward. About 1651 or 1652, they sold the 
Mepham property, and moved back to Milford. Her son John 
Mepham moved to Southampton, Long Island. She joined the 
Church in Milford, December, 1653. He died the night following 
Jan. 17, 1664. His widow then married Thomas Tapping, of 
Milford, the contract for the marriage being made Oct. 20, 1666. 
Tapping was a leading man. Captain, Representative and Assist- 
ant, who survived her and married, in 1678, a third wife, as she 

404 Baldwin Genealogy. 

had a third husband. It does not appear that she had any chil- 
dren by Tapping. Savage says, John Mepham was remembered 
in Timoth3'"s will. In 1656, he was witness to the will of Rev. 
Peter Prudden, of Milford. Timothy Baldwin's homestead was 
on the west side of Milford Main street, just south of where the 
IS". Y. & N. H. R. R. crosses the trestle work. 

2. 3Iary, bapt. April 2, 1648; m., Oct. 21, 1660, Beiijamiu Smith, s. William, 
of Huntingtou, L. I. She was Iniried Aug. 8, 1680, and he m. 2"'!. Sarah, Avidow 
of Eobert Houghton, dau. Gamaliel Pliippen, and was living in 1700. Her cli. 
were: Mary, 1662; Hannah, 1664; Benjamin, 1666; Abigail, 1638, d. soon; Timothy, 
1669; Sarah, 1671; and Samuel, 1678. 

3. Hannah, bapt. in August, 1644; m., as 2"d wife, Elnathan Botsford, s. 
Henry, of Milford, and b. Aug. 14, 1641. He lived there and had oh. by her; Esther, 
1668; Samuel, 1670; Mary, 1673; Joanna, 1674, d. before 1691; Henry. Joseph, 
Timothy, John, Hannah and Sarah. All but Joanna we.e named in his will, of 
Aug. 4, 1691. He m. 1st, Dec. 12, 1664, Elizabeth, dau. John Fletcher, and had 
only Elizabeth, 166o. 

4. Sarah, bapt. in August, 164.'5; m., Dec. 14, 1663, Samuel Buckingham, bapt. 
in 1641, s. Thomas, of Milford. Children: Sarah, Jan. 8, 1664; :\rary, Oct. 3, 1666, 
d. y. ; Samuel, Oct. 1, 1687, d. y. ; Samuel, Nov. 1, 1668; Hannah, March 27, 167o. 
buried May 2, 1671; Thomas, June 2o, 1672; Anne, .June 17, 1674, probably d. unm. ; 
Mary, March 13, 1676; Hester, May 4, 1677; and Ruth, bapt. May 16, 1681. 

5. Abigail, 1)apt. Dec. 29, 1650; d. 1660. 

6. Anne, b. .Tuly 1, 16oo; d. 21st, same month. 

7. Timothy, b. .June 12, 1608.+ 

7. TIMOTHY -^Timothy,! b. in Milford, June "12, 16j^8 : he d. 
there Dec. 8, 1703, and his wife Mary d. iS'ov. 27, 1703. He was 
Sergeant Timothy, of Milford. He was a farmer, as appears from 
a deed made by hira. 

35. Marie, bapt. Xov. 26, 1684. 

36. Billing, bapt. May 16, 1697. 

37. Timothy, bapt. Jan. 21, I'jjl^; d. February, 1-S"9 

•'' '■ ,00 -''700 

The account generally given of this Timothy has ended here, 
leavino- out Billinfi:. 

After considerable search of the Milford Records, I have been 
nuable to clear up satisfactorily the history. Timothy had aright 
in iSTew Milford, and in 1706, among the proprietors there was 
Billing, in the right of her father, Serg't Timothy, late of Milford, 
deceased. Jan. 19, 1719, (Milford Records C, page 74,) Billing 
Baldwin conveys to her brother-in-law, Samuel Camp, a tract or 
parcel of land, " formerly my honored father, Timothy Baldwin, 

Timothi/, of 3Iilfor(l, Connecticut. 405 

late of Milford," and since his death set to her. The same year 
she conveys to Xathaniel Fenn one-third of the right of her father 
in certain lands, looking as if she might be only one of three heirs. 
Samuel Camp, Jane 17, 1708, makes conveyances to his brothers, 
Daniel Baldwin (probably Daniel,- XathanieP) and Joseph Camp. 
If Timothy left a third heir, I do not think it was a son, as, after 
thorough and repeated search among all the early Baldwins of 
Connecticut, I find no male who could be heir of this Timothy. 
There mav have been a third daughter, whose identitv mav bo 
concealed by marriage. Perseverance in the Milford Keeord of 
deeds would likely disclose. In October, 1703, the General Court 
at Hartford appointed "Sergeant Timothie Baldwin "" one of the 
committee "for the regulation of the township purchased by the 
inhabitants of Milford, lying at Wiautonuck, they bearing the 
charges." A patent was just before provided for the town, to be 
named " Xew Milford." In October, 1(398, Sergeant Samuel Camp, 
was appointed Lieutenant of the 2nd Company in Milford. In 
1716, Samuel Camp was a proprietor of Durham. 

Nathaniel Baldwin, of M^lford, Connecticut, 


1. NATHANIEL BALDWHLN" was one of the first settlers of 
Milford, where he was a free planter," Nov. 29, 1639. He was 
probably the brother of Joseph, and was certainly the brother of 
Timothy, as, in 1650, he conveys land to his brother Timothy. 
(Milford Records.) The three settled in Milford together. I place 
Nathaniel second in the list beeanse such was the apparent order 
of ages of the children. Nathaniel was a cooper, and removed to 
Fairfield; he was there in 1641. He married Abigail Camp, who 
joined the Church at Milford, June 9, 161:4, and died there, 
March 22, 1648. He had children by her. 

3. .John, bapt. .June, 1644.-1- 

3. Daniel, bapt. June, 1644.-1- 

4. Nathaniel, bapt. January, 1645.-1- 

5. Abigail, bapt. March 19, 1648, and d., say.s Dr. Talcott, in 1668. 

He married 2"'"' Joanna Westcoat, widow of Richard, of Fair- 
field, Conn., and moved there, perhaps the second time. By her 
he had children. 

6. Sarah, 1). 1650. 

7. Deborah, b. 16.->2. 

8. Samuel, b. 1655.-1- 

Thus had I written before the report of Mr. Chester, from 
England, which leaves no reasonable doubt that Nathaniel was 
the second son of Richard, of Parish Cholesbury, Buckingham- 
shire, England, and brother of Timothy and Joseph. (See the 
discussion of the English part of this genealogy, under Richard^' 
of Bucks county, Richard.^ Ante page 23.) 

Sathanid, of 3Iilford, Connecticut. 407 

He died in 1G50, and the Proloate of his estate appears in Fair- 
tield. It is given to his ehlest son John, a donble share; to the 
three children of his last wife, eqnal to each other; and the chil- 
dren of the former wife, now living at Milford, are to have a share 
equal to the three. Mr. Savage, in his Genealogical Dictionary, 
makes his widow marry Thomas Skidmore ; but Mr. Byron A. 
Baldwin, a careful genealogist, descended of this line, states that 
she made a contract with Skidmore in res-ard to marriag-e, which 
was recorded, but did not marry him. She married S""^- George 
Abbott, of Fairfield, and died in 1682. Mrs. Baldwin, or " Good- 
w^ife Baldwin," was a witness in 1654, in so curious a lawsuit that 
I will mention it. "Knapp's wife" had been executed as a witch 
In Fairtield, and Roger Ludlow, of that town, had reported to 
Rev. John Davenport and others that Goodwife Staplies was a 
witch, and so reported by Mrs. Knajjp before her execution. 
Ludlow was a man of note, choseu Assistant in London, of Massa- 
chusetts Colony; in 1634, Deputy Governor of Connecticut ; from 
1651 to 1653, Commissioner of the United Colonies. Thomas 
Staphes, the husband, with courage sued Ludlow for the slander, 
and the case appears in full in the New Haven Colonial Records. 
Davenport had thought his letter testimony enough, but Ludlow 
requiring an oath, so Davenport " lookes at an oath in case of 
necessity for confirmation of truth, to end strife amoung men, as 
an ordinance of God, according to Heb. 6: 16; he thereupon 
declares as followeth." Thomas Shermington and Christopher 
Comstock and Goodwife Baldwin were all tot^ether at the Minor 
house, where Goodwife Knapp was ; and y'' said Goodwife Bald- 
win asked her whether she, the said Knapp, knew if any other 
(witch), and she said there were some or one that had received 
Lidian Gods, that were very bright. The said Baldwin asked her 
how she could tell, if she were not a witch hereself ; and she said 
the party told her so, and her husband was witness to it; and to 
this they were all sworn and doe depose." It appeared, by another 
witness, that Goodwife Baldwin then, in Knapp's prison, had said 
Knapp told her there was a woman in who would ' X'anged 

for a witch and clear the p^^'" -r^-a^ ~ the 

woman had told Knap] \: 

Indian, which are shii "• 

day." It appeared 1 ^ 

408 Baldwin Genealogy. 

Goodwife Staplies Avas the one, and received the shining Gods ; 
and the Indian told her, if she would keep them, she should be 
so big rich, all one God." In justice to Goody Staplies, it should 
perhaps be said, that Knapp admitted Staplies said she had given 
them back. The Court at Xew Haven mulcted Ludlow ten pounds 
for the slander, and live for the plaintiffs' cost. Ludlow had already 
taken steps to go into Vriginia, in disgust, it is said ; perhaps not 
desiring longer to live where his efforts against the heinous sin 
of witchcraft were not appreciated. 

An unusual number of the descendants of Nathaniel have been 
eminent, and the family generally of high respectability, lum- 
bers of his descendants have made substantial progress in tracing 
this family, among whom I may mention the late Lewis M. 
Norton, of Goshen, Conn. Dr. Talcott, of Guilford, Conn., and 
Byron A. Baldwin, Esq., of Chicago. The latter gentleman printed 
in the "New England Historical and Genealogical Register," for 
April, 1871, a partial Genealogy, entitled "Nathaniel Baldwin and 
one Line of his Descendants." The late Hon. Ralph D. Smith, 
of Guilford, had procured from various sources a list of descend- 
ants second only to that of Dr. Talcott. Mr. Smith says Nathaniel 
went to Branford to live, but soon left.* 

2. JOHN -2 Nathaniel,^ bapt. at Milford in 1644; m. there, Nov. 
19, 1663, Hannah, dau. Richard Osborne. He removed to Newark, 
N. J., and was there known as John, Jun., the senior being John, 
son of John, Sen., of Milford. Mr. Savage says he had a son, 
born in Milford, in 1665, perhaps Richard. There were so many 
Johns in Milford, (John,^ Sen.; John,"^ his son ; John,^ son of Na- 
thaniel ; John,^ brother of Richard, and John,Mn8 cousin,) that 
it is much easier to tell what children were left by the Johns, than 
with certainty what children they may have had die young. This 
John, or John, Jun., made his will, dated Dec. 25, 1688, at Newark, 
in the Government of New England, and Avhich remembers his 
son John, and dau., Hannah Ticheuor. 

9. f 1). in 1675. + ./ 

1^' 'u. .Idl' ' '• f" Tichenell, s. Martin, of New Haven. His 

^vi' ^•- 1). 1688, d. 1732, aged 44 yrs. 

ly," New Haven, 1838, makes th' 
th much search, found any des 
Nathaniel at that time with t. e 

Nathaniel, of 31ilford, Connecticut. 409 

He made his uncle William Camp and Setli Tompkins overseers 
of his estate, June 20, 1G91. The Justices of Newark were con- 
vened to "give their sense and approbation of what might be 
most suitable to the settling what land belonged to the heir." 

3. DAXIEL2 Nathaniel,! bapt. in Milford, Conn., 1644, and 
continued to reside there. He m., June 27, 1665, Elizabeth Bots- 
ford, dau. Henry, one of the original settlers of Milford. He and 
his wife joined the Church June 27, 1669. 

11. Dauiel. b. July 2, 1666, and d. the same mouth. 

12. Daniel, b. May 3. 1S68. + 

13. Elizabeth, b. April 24, 1670. 

14. Mary, b. August, 1672. and the entry of her birth states that she "is now 

15. Samuel, b. Dec. 26, 1673: d. March 26, 1674. 

16. Nathaniel, b. 3Iay 14, 1676; d. July 14, 1676. 

17. John, b. 3[arch2'6, 1679: l)apt. March 30, 1679. 

18. Samuel, Ijapt. March 6, 1684. 

Daniel, the father, is said to have died in 1711, but I have not 
the proof. 

4. NATHANIEL ^ Nathaniel,^ b. Jan. 2, 1645, in Milford ; bapt. 
in 1646. The Nathaniels of the second and third generations, in 
Milford, are more difficult to trace satisfactorily than any other 
name, and I have spent more time upon them. This Nathaniel 
was a weaver, and married, March 12, 167^, Hannah, dau. Henry 
Botchford, of Milford, sister to the wife of his brother Daniel. 
There was a second Nathaniel, cooper, who was the son of John, 
Sen.; but that Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel, was the weaver, ap- 
pears from the fact that Nathaniel, weaver, was also senior. He 
is supposed by some, among others the late R. D. Smith, to be the 
one said to have been killed in the Swamp fight of 1675. All 
agree that he married, as stated above, and was a weaver; yet, 
April 12, 1678, Henry Botchford conveys to his son-in-law, Na- 
thaniel, Sen. — and in the ancient book of deeds of Milford it is 
indexed to Nathaniel, weaver — a deed, May 20, 1678, to Nathaniel ; 
June 20, 1678, to Nathaniel, Sen.; and May 20, 1678, to Nathaniel, 
Sen., son-in-law to Henrv Botchford. He was made freeman in 
1671. His father-in-law made a will, dated July 1, 1685, remem- 
bering his "son-in-law, Nathaniel Baldwin, and the four children 


410 • Baldicin Genealogy. 

he bad by my dangbter Hannab." Tbese four cbildren were Ebza- 
betb, Hannab, Ester and Samuel : 

19. Elizabeth, b. June 9, 1673; she m. Stephen Pavmelee, of Milford, who, in 
1714, Avas of Newtown, Conn. He had at a son Noah, to whom, in 172 9, ]ie 
conveyed land. He perhaps had otlier cli. , and a sou or grandson was probably 
Stephen, of Newtown, who had a wife Betsey, and cliildren: Jehiel, 1742; Auor, 
1746; Lideah, 1748; Sibbel, 1750; Betty, Oct. 10, 1753; and wlio, by 2»'i wife 
Hannah, had Phebe, 1757; Hannah, 1759; and a daugliter, named Armiual, 1765. 

20. Hannah, July 11, 1674; bapt. July 12, as dau. of sister Hanuali Baldwin; 
m. Samuel Sanford, of 3Iilford. 

21. Ester, b. Nov. 14, 1676, as dau. Nathaniel, Sen. ; bapt. Nov. 19, 1676, and 
buried 21st, as dau. of "sister Avife of Nathaniel." 

23. Ester, b. :May 25, 1683, as dau. Nathuuiel, Sen. ; bapt. Dec. 19. 1686, as 
child of "sister Hannah, now deceased." She m. Samuel Sanford, of Newtown 
Conn. + 

23. Samuel, 1). Jan. 14, 1684 (5, New Style;) bapt. Dec. 19, 1686, as child of 
"sister Hannah, now deceased." He no doubt d. y. 

Natbaniel m. 2"'^' Martba, dau. David Mitchell, of Stratford ; she 
d. April, 1691. Oct. 14, 1GS8, Nathaniel, bis wife Martba and 
dau. Hannah were all admitted to Milford Church, and the same 
day were baptized. 

24. Daniel, Iwpt. Oct. 14, 1688, as sou of "Brother Nathaniel, weaver." He 
d. Jan. 6, 1711, as son (Town Record) of Nathaniel, Sen. 

I had given him a child, Samuel, b. Jan. 14, 168|, but he must 
have been the son of Nathaniel, cooper, as shown by sharing part 
of his estate, and age at death. In the list of 1686, our Nathaniel, 
as weaver, has £87; in 1712, as senior, he has £74 14s.; Jan. 22, 1676, 
he draws, as Nathaniel, a lot next to the Common, on the east side 
line fence, while Nathaniel, Jun., draws on the west side. In 1697, 
he is Surveyor. April 25, 1692, as weaver, he received a deed 
from Nathaniel, cooper. April 11, 1709, Samuel Sanford conveys 
to bis father, Nathaniel Baldwin, indexed to weaver; and January, 
1710, Nathaniel Baldwin, Sen., conveys to his son-in-law, Samuel 
Sanford, of Milford ; and in 1713, like deeds appear. His will, 
dated June 8, 1714, proved in New Haven Probate, June 22, 1714, 
gives to his present wife Elizabeth, which must be at least his 
3'''- To son, and dau. Elizabeth, and Stephen Parmelee, on con- 
dition of a payment to Samuel Sanford, of Newtown ; to his son 
Samuel Sanford, of Newtown; to his son Samuel Sanford, of Mi^ 
ford, who is sole executor. The mention of two Samuel Sanfoi ^ 

Nathaniel, of Miff or d, Connecticut. 

seemed sit first like a mistake ; but I subsequently found, in 
Milford Records, a deed from one to the other. 

8. SAMUEL-^ Nathaniel,! b. in Fairfield, Conn., 1G55 ; m. Abi- 
gail, b. Xov. 16, 1658, dau. John Baldwin, Sen., of Milford. He 
was a blacksmith, and was invited from Fairfield to Guilford, in 
1675, by a vote of the town of Guilford,* "to work upon his trade 
of smithing, upon trial "' The trade was then in high repute, as 
many Town Records show. I have met with numbers of instances 
of similar solicitation, of wealth acquired, and positions of honor 
filled by the "smith." The present one no doubt proved satisfac- 
tory upon trial, as he continued to reside in Guilford, accumulating 
a handsome property, and raising a hirge family to be prosperous 
and well married. We shall see that his grandson, a blacksmith, 
numbered among his children a Senator of the United States and 
Governor of Georgia, a Judge of the Supreme Court of the United 
States and the first Speaker of the Plouse in Ohio, while the daugh- 
ters were equally well mated. 

The town of Guilford granted him, July 15, 1676, half an acre 
upon the Green, opposite John Bishop's house, for his shop, "for 
his encouragement and accommodation of his trade," with the 
promise that if he left, it should return to the town, they paying 
for buildings, fences and orchard. lie died Jan. 12, 1696. The 
distribution was to his widow and eldest son, and to each of the 
others, being five in number. 

•2~). Abigail, h. Dec. U, 1078; m., June 24, 1697, .Joseph Starr, s. Comfort, of 
^liddletown, Conn., and b. Sept. 33, 1676. They lived at Middletowu. Children: 
.Joseph, Sept. 26, 1698; Daniel, .Jan. 18, 1701; Samnel, .Jan. 5, 1704; Thomas, Sept. 
14, 1706; Nathaniel, .June 19, 1709; Abigail, Oct. 16, 1711; Elizabeth, Xov. 11, 
1715; .Jehosaphat, Sept. 20, 1718; and Comfort, Oct. 20, 1722. 

26. Deborah, b. April 8, 1681; d. Dec. 5, 1681. 

37. Dorothy, b. Dec. 27, 1683; m.', September, 1708, Ziba Tryon, of Weatiiers- 
tield, Conn.. Children: James, July 26, 1709; Kowland, July 13, 1711; Dorothy, 
.July 1. 1713; and Oliver, Dec. to, 1715. 

28. Joanna, b. May 18, 1686; m. 1st, Samuel Rose, of Branford; 2"^. Sept. 13, 
1715, Ebenezer Frisl)ie, of Branford, and d. 3Iarcli 21, 1751. 

29. Samuel, b. Jan. 13, 1689.+ 

30. Timothy, b. April 14. 1691. + 

31. Nathaniel, b. Xov. 28, 1693. + 

■ Rev. Lyman Beecher alludes to this in his Autobiography. He thinks the Guilford setClers were gen- 
tlemen, "and not a merchant or inechanic among- them; and it was with much trouble and expense that 
the.v secured even a blacksmith." The trade of blacksmith was then \ery honorable; and no dojbt much 
more jjolitics of Church and State were discussed and settled at the village blacksmith shjp than on 
a farm. 

Baldwin Genealogy. 

His widow Abigail m. 2"*^' as his second wife, John Wadhams, 
of Weathersfield, who d. aged 63, June 30, 1718. She had chil- 
dren by her second husband. 

Mary, b. Aug. 2, 1698. 
Martha, b. June 22, 1701. 

9. JOHN ^ John ^ Nathaniel,^ lived in Newark, N. J.; he m. 
Lydia Harrison, b. in 1683, d. Feb. 11, 1738, aged 48. He d. Dec. 
21, 1732, aged 47. 

32. Sylvanus, b. 1712. + 

33. Ebenezer, b. 1724. + 

34. Jonas, b. 1725. + 

35. Hannah, m. Lyon. 

36. Moses, b. Nov. 5, 1732. + 

12. DANIEL 3 Daniel 2 Nathaniel,^ b. in Milford, Conn., March 
3, 1668. His name very often appears elsewhere in Milford Rec- 
ords as Sergeant Daniel. His wife Sarah joined the Church 
June 28, 1691 ; she d. Dec. 18, 1710. His will was dated March 8, 
1719, and proved May 2, 1725. He leaves to his sons Enos of 
Newtown, Nathan, John, James, Caleb and Jeremiah ; and as 
diligent search finds no trace of his other children, I conclude he 
probably survived them. 

38. Daniel, bapt. Oct. 5, 1690. 

39. Nathan, bapt. Nov. 23, 1691. + 

40. John, biipt. March 26, 1693.+ 

41. Gideon, bapt. April 14, 1695. 

42. James, bapt. Nov. 8, 1696. + 

43. Enos, bapt. Oct. 30, 1698. In 1719, he was of Newtown; Aug. 19, 1721, the 
inventory' there taken was presented at Fairfield, and his widow Dameras made 

44. Sarah, bapt. Nov. 17, 1700. 

45. Caleb, bapt. Nov. 29, 1702. + 

46. Jeremiah, b. September, 1706. + 

He perhaps in. Sarah Camp, as in 1708; Samuel Camp conveys 
to his brothers, Daniel Baldwin and Joseph Camp. 

22. ESTER 3 Nathaniel 2 Nathaniel,M). in Milford, Conn., May 
25, 1683; m. Samuel Sanford, who settled in Newtown, Conn. She 
had a brother-in-law of the same name, who remained in Milford 
at least after she left. In 1712, her husband had liberty from the 
inhabitants of Newtown (Potatuck), Conn., to put a grist-mill 

Nathaniel, of 3Iilfor(l, Connecticut. 413 

upon the Pond Brook. In 1714, he has a grant of land for his 
mill upon the Potatiiek Brook. 

48. Nathaniel, b. Dec. 3, 1702, in :N[ilford; d. April 14, 1768. 

49. Samuel, b. April 1, ^lilford Record says 1704, but Newton says April 1, 

1703, and makes him die 7, 17o8, aged 55. He had ch. at Newtown: Samuel, 

bapt. Aug. 17, 1745 or 1740;* and Hannah, d. 3Iarch 4, 1758, aged about 15. 

.50. Ester, b. Feb. 10, 1707. 

51. John. b. Oct. 17, 1709; d. ^Farch 17, 1793, aged 84, it is said, but in his 
84th year. He m. July 17, 1760, widow Abiah Dunning, and his s. John was b. in 
Newtown, March 33, 1762. 

.52. Daniel, b. Nov. 1, 1711. 

53, Job, b. Jan. 10, 1715. 

All the above were born in Milford. 

54, Hannah, b. June 6, 1717, in Newtown. 

55, Rachel, b. June 13, 1720; m., Dec. 6, 1739, Ebenezer Booth, and had ch. 
in Newtown, Conn.: Ann, 1742, d. 1748; Ebenezer, 1743; Elijah, 1745; "Asaiel," 
1747; Daniel, 1754; Amos, 1760; and Mary, 1762. Her husband d. Aug. 9, 1773, 
aged about 68. 

The homestead of Samuel, in Kewtown, remains. May, 1880, in 
the possession of his descendant, F. Sanford. 

29. SAMUEL^ Samuel-^ Kathaniel,M3. Jan. 13, 1689, in Guil- 
ford; he went to Branford, and thence, in 1734, to Litchtield. He 
m. 1**' March 14, 17}^, Elizabeth Frisbie, of Branford; 2"^. Jan. 8, 
1711, Lydia Sperry. He joined the Church in Branford in 1711 ; 
his wife Lvdia, in 1715. He became Deacon of the Church there. 
He and his wife are recommended, July 25, 1735, to the Church 
in Litchfield, Conn., and are marked as gone. 

69. Samuel, b. Jan. 4, 171f. 

70. David, Jan. 25, 1714- His father, in 1735, was recommended to the 
Church in Litchtield, Conn. ; and after much search among all the lines, I have bvit 
to suggest that he is very probalily David, of Cornwall, Conn., near Litchtield. 
Estate inventory, July 4, 1785, and distribution after to Isaac's heirs: David, 
Samuel, Stephen, Joseph, John, Asa, Anna, Sarah, 3Iary, Hannah, Elizabeth and 

71. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 13, 172^; bapt. March 24, 1722. 
73. Caleb, b. Feb. 27, 172|; bapt. May 3, 1724. + 

73. Ebenezer, b. Nov. 5, 1723, at night; bapt. Dec. 1, 1728. 

74. Rebecca, Dec. 16, 1729; bapt. June 23, 1734, as child of Deacon Samuel. 

* Samuel Sanford, bapt. in 1745 or 1746; m. and had ch. in Xewtown, Conn.: Avis, 1766; Isaac, 1768; 
Josiah, 1709, d. 17S0; Betty. 1771, ni. Mr. Deiinis; Sarah, 1773, m. Thomas Lyon; Joel, 177.i; Renah, 1777, 
died in 1779; Azubah, 17S1, m. .Andrew Winto.V; Artiiiisia, 1783, in. W. Winton; and Abigail, 1785; d. 1792. 

He m. 2nd. the widow of Elias Bristol (Cliarity Foster), and had: Ahiah, 1790; Josiah, 1793; and Philo 
1796. She had by Bristol: Anna, 1773; and Jerueha, 1776. He d. Nov. 26, 1817; she, November, 1825. 

414 Baldwin Genealogy. 

It will be seen that I have no account of t'liis Samuel at Litch- 
field, although some of his children appear to have settled in that 

30. TIMOTHY ^ Samuel ^ K^thanieh^'b. April 14, 1691, in Guil- 
ford, Conn.; m., Dec. 24, 1713, Bathsheba Stone, b. Aug. 10, 1605, 
dau. Samuel and Sarah (Taintor) Stone, of Guilford. He d. in 
Guilford, Aug. 4, 1757 ; his widow, July 20, 1776. In 1753, when 
administrator of his son Timothy, he is called Ensign. 

75. Timothy, b. July 27, 1714: d. March 2, 1720. 

76. Bathsheba, b. February, 1716; m., Oct. 22, 1735, Joseph Chidsey, of Guil- 
ford, b. Aug. 8, 1710, s. Joseph, of New Haven, Conn. He d. May 19, 1790; she, 
Sept. 15, 1792. Their ch. were: .Joseph, June 11, 1738; Lois, July 3, 1741, m. 
.July 2, 1760, John Bartlett; Samuel, Dec. 4, 1743; Asenath, July 15, 1746. m., July 
16, 1774, Selah Dudley. Jr.; Sarah, Aug. 24. 1748; Mary, Oct. 14. 1751. m.. Jan. 29, 
1779. Luther Dudley; and Nathan. March 4. 1755. 

77. .Michael, b. April 2, 1719. + 

78. Timothy, b. Oct. 29, 1721. + 

79. Abigail, b. March 5, 1724; m. Benjamin Rossitur. + 

80. Stephen, b. Aug. 10. 1726. + 

81. Elisha, b. April 6, 1729; d. May 9, 1729. 

82. Deborah, b. April 15. 1730; m. Samuel Russell. + 

83. Abraham, b. April 17, 1732; d. June 12, 1754. 

84. Sarah, 1). .July 24, 1735; m. Nathan Rossitur,+ 
S5. Mary. b. May 2. 1739; d. ^^lay 4, 1739. 

He was known as Ensign Timothy, Nov. 7,1757. His children, 
Michael and Stephen, are his executors. He had two rights (53rd) 
in Goshen, but never lived there, and his son Michael "settled his 

31. Is'ATHANIELs SamueP iTathaniel,^' b. K'ov. 28, 1693, in 
Guilford, Conn.; m., April 8, 1718, Elizabeth, dau. Isaac Parmelee, 
of Guilford ; removed from Guilford to Litchfield, Conn., in 1733; 
thence to Goshen, Conn., in 1739. He d, Oct. 18, 1760; his widow, 
March 14, 1786, aged 90. It appears, from the Guilford Records 
(1720), that he was a weaver. He was Deacon in the three towns 
where he resided. He bid off two shares (5%) in Goshen, July 14, 
1738, and in that year was one of the Proprietors" Committee for 
laying out the town. At the first Town Meeting, Dec. 6, 1739, he 
was one of the Selectmen; at the next. Moderator. At the first 
Proprietors' Meeting, he was chosen Treasurer; and after this, was 
continually engaged in public business. He was associated wit! 

JWithaniel, of Milfonl, Connecticut. 415 

his son-iu-law, Ebenezer Norton, in all the business of the Pro- 
prietors ; and the latter seems to have been his right-hand man, 
although it is reputed that he did not at iirst like the marriage 
which made them relatives. Goshen had no Representatives until 
1757; he was Representative in 1759 and 1760, the year of his 
death. He is said to have been unassuming in manners, a good 
citizen, and a meek and devoted Christian. His lands were in the 
north part of Goshen ; his frame house was on the west side of 
East street, a few rods southwest of the present brick house, near 
the road leadino^ from East street to Hart Hollow. His widow was 
blind for some time before she died. 

86. Xathaniel, b. April 4, 1720. 4- 

87. Elizabeth, b. 11, December, 172'3; m. Ebenezer Norton. -f- 

88. Sanuie], b. March IS, 172."3.+ 

89. Sarah, b. Jan. 4. 1728; m., Nov. 6, 1746, Nathaniel Stanley, Jun., and 
removed to Vermont. 

90. Brewin, b. Sept. 25. 1730: d Nov. 4, Hoi. 

91. Rachel, b. Sept. 24. 1733; m., Dec. 6, 17o3, Ives, of Wallingford. 

92. Amy, m. March 30, 17o6, William Stanley. 

93. Ann, b. Xwg. 14, 1736. 

94. Lucy, b. in 1741; in. .losiah Roj'ce of Goshen. 

He is called, in the Probate Records, Capt. isathaniel. 

32. SIL VANUS ' John ^ John "^ Xathaniel,^ of Xe\vark, X. J., b. 
in 1721 ; d. Dec. 4, 1799, aged 78. 

95. David, named in will. 

96. Silvanus, named in will. 

97. Hannah, named in will. 

98. Eunice, d. Maj' 5, 1754. 

99. Daughter, of Silvanus and Hannah; d. March 5, 1770, aged 2 yrs. 9 mos. 

33. EBE^^EZER* John^ John,"^ of Xewark, :N'. J., b. about 1724 ; 
d. Oct. 23, 1801, aged 77; was a Deacon. His will names: 

100. .Jotham.+ 

101. Annauias. 

102. Matthias. 

103. Jabez. 

104. Elizabeth. 

105. Temperance. 

106. Aliigail. 

107. Tryphena, m. John Xutman, of New Jersey, s. Isaac, of Elizabethtowu, 
N. J., who m. Joanna Baldwin. They had ch. : Aaron, Ebenezer B. and Oliver. 

416 Baldwin Genealogy. 

34. JOXAS^ John 3 John,^ of Newark, N. J., b. about 1725; 
m., Nov. 26, 1749, Elizabeth Thompson ; d. Xov. 14, 1800, aged 75. 

108. Moses. 

109. Lewis. Perhaps the Lewis wiio d. in 1796, aged 32. In the cemetery is 
John T., s. Lewis and Sarah, d. March 25, 1805, aged 27. 

110. Abigail. 

111. Hannali, m. Mr. Townley. 

112. Sarali, m. Mr. Lyon. 

113. Elizabetli, m. Mr. Crave. 

36. MOSES ^ John ^ John,"^ b. in Newark, N. J.; d. Xov. 5, 1732, 
and by his own memoranda, found amoug his loose papers, it 
appears that his birth was two months after his father died, and four 
years before his mother died. Mr. Baldwin goes on to say : "After 
the death of the latter, I lived about two years with my uncle 
Harrison ; after this, I lived with Amos Ball, my mother's uncle, 
till I was fifteen years of age, when God in His Providence, was 
pleased to remove him by death. After this, I put myself to learn 
a trade, which I pursued until I was nineteen years of age, when 
God gave me a greater sense of my lost state, and of the impor- 
tance of salvation than I had ever yet had. Upon this being, I 
resolved to seek God till I found Him through all." Here the 
writing ends. But Moses went to Princeton, being a graduate of 
the first class, 1757. He became a Presbyterian clergyman, and 
settled in Palmer, Mass., in 1761. He was invited, 1760, from 
Southold, L. I., on trial. He was thought to be not more than 
"half a Presbyterian," and there was some objection to his instal- 
lation on that account; but it took place June 17, 1761, and he 
remained minister of that Church until June 19, 1811. He con- 
tinued afterward in Palmer, and d. Nov. 2, 1813. He was a plain 
preacher, struggling hard with a poorly-paid salary. He had at 
the outset sixty pounds, and he bought of the town, for one hun- 
dred and fifty pounds, a farm of one hundred and fifty acres, "set 
apart for the ministers lot." He m. Rebecca Lee, b. March 10, 

114. Abigail Seymore, h. July 12, 1776; m. Mr. PLnnilton, and d. Jan. 16, 1840. 

115. Lydia, b. April 4, 1768; d. Sept. 3, 1775. 

116. Jolm, b. July 13, 1770.+ 

117. Daniel, b. Dec. 3, 1771; d. .June 3, 1792. 

118. Ezra Lee, 1). Nov. 20. 1773; d. Jan. 1, 1797. 

119. William, b. Jan. 19, 1776. + 

Nathaniel, of Mil ford, Connecticut. 417 

120. Boccft Lee, b. .luiu' 29, 1778; m. ^[cClanathnn, and d. in Palmer, Oct. 
2S, 1801. 

121. Polly, b. :\rarch 16, 1782; ni. 1st, Mr. Converse; 2ncl, Mr. Mason; living,. 
April 4, 1866, at Amherst, Mass. 

122. Moses, b. .March 28, 1787.+ 

39. ]N"ATIIAX^ Daniel ^ Daniel ^ Nathaniel,^ bapt. Nov. 23, 1691,. 
in Milford ; May 2, 1720, he is executor of his father, with John 
and James ; m. Elizabeth ; settled in Xewtown. His will is dated 
July 19, 1761 ; proved July 4, 1769. In 1739, he was made by the 
Legislature, Captain of the " 2"^ Company, or Trainband, in the 
town of Newtown." 

123. Nathan, eldest; iu 1761, he took in Newto-\vu, with Jabez, land given 
them by their father. 

124. Sarah, w. of Ather (Aslier) Wooster. 

125. Elizabeth, m., Dec. 1, 1748, Moses Peck, 5 of Newtown, s. Joseph, of 
Milford, and wife Abigail (Baldwin) Peck, dau. TheopliilusS Tlieophikis2 Richard 
Baldwin;! she d. Dec. 25, 1798. Children: Ruth, Oct. 30, 1749; Abel, .Jan. 25, 
1751; Euos, July 27, 1752; Ann, Feb. 6, 1754; Mary, June 28, 1755; "Cosiah," Aug. 
19, 1756; Hezekiah, Aug. 14, 1758; Caleb, Aug. 9, 1760; Betty, Jan. 11, 1762; Dan, 
.Tune 10, 1763; Lois, Jan. 26, 1765; Esther, Oct. 26, 1766; Sarah, April 26, 1768; 
Nathan, Sept. 15, 1769, d. Dec. 6, 1769; and Nathan, Oct. 11, 1771. 

126. Jabez.+ 

In 1756, he was executor of his brother Jamas, of Newtown. 

40. JOHN^Daniel^ Daniel,-^ bapt. March 26, 1693, in Milford, 
and continued there. He had ear-mark, in 1741, as John, Jun. 
His will was dated July 10, 1761 ; proved Sept. 17, 1761 ; and 
remembers his wife Mary. 

127. Sarah, m. .Jonathan Hine, s. John 3 John 2 Thomas,! of 3IiIford. 

128. Mary, m. Daniel Terrill, of New Milford. 

129. .John. 

130. Enos.+ 

131. Amos, b. about 1734. + 

132. Isaac, bapt. Dec. 11, 1737. + 

133. James, bapt. Aug. 1, 1741; d. y., as to Isaac, as the youngest, was given 
the reversion of the homestead in Milford. 

He was John, Jun., of Milford, John, Sen., being son of Sil- 
vanus and grandson of Richard. He was received to the Church 
in 173f, with his wife Mary; and April 4, 1736, his iirst five 
children were baptized. July 5, 1739, he conveys land partly 
held with the heirs of his brother Jeremiah. 

418 Baldwin Genealogy. 

42. JAMES^-Daniel^Daaielrbapt. in Alilford, Nov. 8, 1696; 
Jan. 17, IT^ij, he is received to the Church, with his wife Miriam. 

134. James, bapt. Nov. 17, 1719.+ 

135. Daniel, bapt. Sept. 16, 1725.4- 

136. Gideon, not of age in 1748. + 

His first two children were b. in Milford. He settled in New- 
town before 1746. His will, dated July 19. 1748, was proved Nov. 
8, 1756, at Danbury. He gave to his wife Miriam, and children 

45. CALEB 4 Daniel 3 Daniel,2 bapt. Nov. 29, 1702, in Milford. 
April 15, 1732, in consideration of one hundred and fifty pounds, in 
current bills of public credit, he conveys land, in Milford, to his 
brother Jeremiah. He settled in Newtown. His will, of Aug. 16, 
1779, appears in the Danbury Probate ; he remembers his wife 
Jerusha, and children named below. He d. March 9, 1772, aged 
70, of dropsy. He m. 1**- Mehitable, who d. Sept. 5, 1758, aged 
between 50 and 60. He m. 2"*^'' Feb. 8, 1759, Jerusha Daton, of 
Newtown. He was a leading citizen, and for many years Town 
Clerk ; he was succeeded in that office by his son, and it is said 
that the two held that office ninety yeai's. 

137. Daughter, b. Dec. 28, 1725; d. y. 

138. Ann, b. Sept. 18, 1727; m., June 19, 1745, Ephraim Bennett, of Newtown. 

139. CiUeb, b. Dec. 13, 1728. + 

140. Daniel, 1). Aug. 27, 1730; m„ .Jan. 1, 1753, Ann Bennett. Living. Dec. 
31, 1772, to receive a deed, with his brother, of the dower in his father's estate. 

141. Child, d. March, 1762, a few hours old. 

142. Jerusha, b. July 31, 1765. 

In 1740, he was made, by the General Assembly, Ensign of the 
1st Company of Newtown. He was afterward several times Mem- 
ber of the Assembly, from that town. 

46. JEREMIAH^ Daniel ^ Daniel,^ bapt. at Milford, Sept. 3, 
1706 ; was in Milford, 1732, and d. there a few years afterward, as 
his widow Hannah was, in January, 1734, guardian to his children, 
:and Aug. 1, 1737, his estate was administrated upon. His children 
were bapt. June 24, 1741, as children of widow Hannah. 

143. Jeremiah. + 

144. Andrew. + 

72. CALEB* Samuel 3 Samuel ,2 b. in Branford, Conn., July 27, 
172f . His fiither was dismissed to Litchfield, Conn., in 1735. He 

Nathaniel, of Milf or d, Connecticut. 410 

settled ill Danl)ui'v (parish of liidgobury), Conn., where he died, 
July 19, 17l»7, aged, it is said, about 7-3. lie was a Baptist. Widow 
Martha (probably his widow) d. June 2G, 1802, aged 70. 

158. Samuel. + 

159. Chloe, m , Nov. 5, 1772, Nathaniel Xortlirop, of Kidii'eljury. They moved 
away when Samuel her brother did. I am indebted for this line to George Brough- 
ton. Esq., in 1872, postmaster in "Ridgebury. 

77. MICHAEL* Timothy ^ Samuel,^ b. in Guilford, Conn., April 
2, 1719. His father owning land in Goshen, Conn., he went there 
to "settle his father's rights," by which is to be understood such 
settlement or use of the land as was necessary to prevent the 
lapsing of the grant. This caution doubtless did much to encour- 
age the surprising migration of earl}' times in Connecticut; and 
this book has repeated instances of settlements, sometimes not 
permanent, no doubt induced by this species of homestead law. 
Bj'ron A. Baldwin informs me that three years was necessary to 
this settlement. He returned before July 9, 1743, to Guilford. 
The lands of Timothy, thus settled, came afterward mostly to his 
son Stephen. He m. I''*' Dec. 7, 1749, Lucy Dudley, dau. "William 
and Kuth (Strong) Dudley, of Guilford ; she was b. March 29, 
1721, and d. June 2, 1758. He m. 2"^^' November, 1768, Theodora 
W^olcot, b. Nov. 4, 1746, dau. Josiah and Ruth (White) Wolcot, 
of Coventry, Conn. He removed to New Haven as early as 1775, 
to educate h\-. family. Judge Simeon Bildwin said he was a man'^ 
of " powerful, but uncultivated mind." He seems to have wished 
his children to be cultivated ; and it is seldom a man has such a 
family, of whom one Avas L^nited States Senator and Governor, one 
Judge of the United States Supreme Court, one speaker of the 
House in Ohio ; one daughter married Joel Barlow, and one Col. 
Bomford. The other children were highly respectable. He was 
a blacksmith, and a highly-respected descendant tells us that they 
are proud of the trade. This feeling, of the dignity of labor, is 

Michael died in 1787 ; adm., Oct. 12, 1787, to his sods Dudley 
and Abraham. At the invasion of New Haven, during the Revo- 
lutionary war, his house was on George street, facing College 
street. It is said to have been protected by a British officer in 
the expedition, who had been a paroled prisoner in the latest 
French war, and had in some way found a temporary home at 

420 Baldwin Genealogy. 

this house, then kept as a sort of country tavern. (Collections 
New Haven Colony History. Vol. 2, page 60.) 

166. Ruth, b. March 4, 1751; d. in 1755. 

167. Dudley, b. April 17, 1753. + 

168. Abraham, b. Nov. 22, 1754; graduated at Yale College iu 1772; Avas a 
tutor there from 1775 to 1779; was for a short time Chaplain in the Eevolution. 
He studied law, settled in Savannah, Ga., and was soon after a Member of the 
Legislature. He planned the University of Georgia, drew the Charter, got it 
adopted, and was for a while its President. He was a Member of the Continental 
Congress from 1785 to 1788, and a Member of the Unitjd States Constitutional Con- 
vention. From 1789 to 1799, he was a Representative in Congress; and from 1799 
to 1807, United States Senator. He d. March 4, 1807, unm. 

169. Ruth, b. Sept. 13, 1756; m., Jan. 26, 1781, the famous Jo 'I Barlow. He 
wash. 1755, in Reading, Conn., youngest of ten children. His father determined 
to send him to College, but died, leaving him barely sufficient to pay the expense. 
In 1774, he entered Dartmouth, but soon removed to Yale, graduating in 1778, 
delivering at commencement a poem, called "The Prospect of Peace," which was 
quite popular. The army was composed largely of reliiiious men, and there was 
much demand for Chaplains, so he served in that capacitj'. At the close of the war, 
he retired from the army and ministry together, and resumed the study of law at 
Hartford. He soon after, with Mr. Babcock, founded the "Hartford Mercury" a 
brilliant sheet. His poetical reputation was then so high that the General Associa- 
tion applied to him to prepare for its use a Psalmody. Some of his versifications 
were of ^riat beauty. This was used till the one prepared by President Dwight; 
the main reason for the change, it is said, being the report that Barlow had become 
tinctured with French views. In 1787, the "Vision of Columbus" was published, 
and he gave his attention to literature, being a very leading member of the "Club 
of Hartford Wits." Its paper, "Tlie Anarchiad," had considerable influence toward 
our present constitution. Shortly after, he went abroad as agent, in England and 
France, of "The Scioto Land Company," which promised great things to him as 
well as others. The managers of the Company were dishonest, and Barlow with- 
drew still poor. He remained abroad (1789), gaining a scanty living by his pen, 
and at last a reputation abroad. In 1795, he had business in the North of Europe, 
and returning, found a commission to Algiers. He negotiated treaties with Algiers, 
Tripoli and Tunis, and liberated many poor American sufferers. In 1797, he 
returned to Paris, and engaged in commerce, gaining a large fortune. In 1805, he 
returned with his wife to America, and settled in Washington, on ample grounds, 
laid out with exquisite taste, and with a fine house. " Kalorama " was a noted spot. 
In 1808, he published "The Columbiad .'' In 1811, he became Minister to France. 
The "Berlin and Milan decree" gave much trouble to this country, and Barlow 
wanted to see Napoleon in person. In Octoljer, 1812, he was invited to meet 
him at Wilna, in Poland. The exposure caused his death, Dec. 22, 1812, at 
Zai'nawica, in Poland. He was very happy whh his wife, who was a person of 
superior intellect, amiable, dignified, yet easy and graceful, and of unusal beauty. 
;My sketch of Mr. Barlow is drawn from an elegant article by one of his wife's 
collateral relatives, (Rev. A. C. Baldwin, of Hartford,) in the "Netc Englander," 
for 1878. The writer has there a letter, written in 1796, by Mr. Barlow to his wife, 
from. Algiers, when he thought his life uncertain. The letter is much too long to 
quote here, but is a beautiful tribute, alike honorable to the husband and wife. It 

Nathaniel, of Milford, Connecticut. 421 

displays the greatest love, respect and confidence, as well as an lionorable desire fur 
further li'ood, and trust in her to help in tliat. The letter is very touchin;:: in its 
sentiments. He gave her by his will all his i)roperty. She died ilay 30, 1818. 
They had no children. 

"iTO. Lucy. 1). May 22. 1758; d. Aug. 2, 1760. 

171. Lucy. I). 1770: d. unm. March, 1798, 

172. Wiliiani, b. March 3, 1772. + 

173. Michael, b. Aug. 26, 1774; graduated at Yale College, and settled at a 
very early da}', as a lawyer, at Chilicothe, Ohio, then the seat of government of 
Ohio. He was conspicuous for his al)ility. He was a Member of the Convention 
which formed the tirst Constitution, and Speaker of the First House of Representa- 
tives of the State. He died before middle life, and unmarried. 

174. Theodora, 1). 1777; d. March 30, 1814. 

175. Henry, b. Jan. 14, 1780. + 

176. Clarissa, b. November, 1782; m. Col. George Bomford, of Washington, 
D. C, and had ch. : George, James and Euth. 

177. Sail}', b. 1787; m. Edmond French, and had ch. : Rev. John and Edmond. 

78. TIMOTHY ' Timothy 3 Samuel,- b. in Guilford, Conn., Oct. 
29, 1721. He settled in North Guilford, where he d. in 1753. He 
m., Sept. 20, 1749, Sarah Morse, h. May 0, 1728, dau. Seth and 
Hannah (Faulkner) Morse, of Guilford. She survived, and in. 
2nd, ;f;j'ov. 19, 1755, Benjamin Rossitur, of Guilford, who m. 1**- Abi- 
gail, sister of Timothy. Her father was, about 1700, from Dedham, 
Mass., to Guilford. 

178. Timothy, b. Sept. 6, 1750. + 

179. Seth, b. Sept. 1, 1752; d. Oct. 13, 1756. 

-79. ABIGAIL^ Timothy^ Samuel,-^ Guilford, Conn., March 
5, 1724; she m., March 21,1751, Benjamin Rossitur,'^' of Guilford, 
Conn., b. Sept. 25, 1718, son of Xathaniel Rossitur. 

180. Bathsheba, b. Jan. 18, 1752: d. Oct. 10. 1770. 

181. Timothy, b. May 21, 1754; lived in Guilford. 

She died, Sept. 14, 1754, and her husband m. 2'"^- Nov. 19, 1755, 
Sarah Baldwin, widow of Timothv, brother of Abio:ail. He died, 
Sept. 27, 1796 ; she, Jan. 27, 1828, aged nearly 100. His children 
bv her were : 

Sarah, b. .Time 6, 1757; m., June 17, 1778, Theophilus Fowler. 
Lois, b. July 13, 1759; m., Nov. 18. 1778, Ebenezer Fowler. 
Benjamin (twin to Abigail), b. Nov. 21, 1762: d. July 5, 1764. 
Abigail (twin) b. Nov. 21, 1762: m. Juno 23, 1784, Ebenezer Russell. 

* In Lyman Beecher's Autobiographj", he is asked by Mrs. Stowe if there were any slaves in Nortli 
Guilford. He says: "Yes, a few: Darb, the fiddler, was a slave, belonged to old Mr. Ben. Rossitur. Darb 
came in one evening and played dancing- tunes after I was abed. Tiiere were about a dozen sla\es in North 
Guilford, bnt the slavery was very lenient. Old Priest Fowler's Moses was qyite the man of business; sent 
Johnny Fowler to College, and paid the bills, managed the farm, rang the church bell, and was factotum. 
He lived a slave because he was a king." 

422 Baldwin Genealogy. 

80. STEPHEX^ Timothy 3 Samiiel,^ b. in Guilford, Conn., Aug. 
10, 1726. He settled in Goshen, Conn., taking the bulk of his 
father's rights there, situated in the north and northeast part of 
the town. He m., Nov. 7, 1752, Freelove Collins, b. Nov. 30, 1732, 
dau. Daniel and Lois (Cornwall) Collins, of Goshen. She d. Dec. 
13, 1765 ; he, Jan. 27, 1766. This Stephen, says the late Lewis M. 
Norton, lived on East street, where his uncle Nathaniel did. He 
moved, says Byron A. Baldwin, to Goshen, between 1757 and 
November, 1762. It must have been at least as late as 1760, as, 
after his decease, his will of that date (Litchfield Probate) describes 
him as of (iruilford, and Freelove as his only daughter. In 1782, 
however, Abigail shared in the distribution, and as Freelove did 
not, nor her heirs, she no doubt died without issue. 

182. Dunk'l, 1). Aug. 26, ir.j:3.-t- 

188. Freelove, b. June 24. IToo; d. Avithout issue. 

184. Stephen, b. Dec. 14, 1758. + 

18.J. Elisha, b. Jan. 20, 1760. + 

186. Abigail, b. April 9, 1762; m., May 18, 1785, William Dudley, s. Medad 
and Mary (Fowler) Dudley, of Guilford b. Feb. 19, 1761. They lived in Litchfield, 
where he was a fanner. Their ch. were: Abigail, William; Augustus, killed by 

. the kick of a horse; and Collins. 

187. Augustus, b. Aug. 27, 1704. + 

' 82. DEBORAH * Timothy s Samuel,^ b. in Guilford, Conn., 
April 15, 1730 ; m., Marcli 28, 1753, Samuel Russell, of Branford, 
Conn., b. 1724, s. Samuel Russell, of the same place. She d. April 
18, 1811; he, Feb. 2, 1790. 

188. Samuel, b. Dec. 20, 1753; d. April 26, 1757. 

189. Abigail, b. June 8, 1756; m., Nov. 29, 1781, Jared Dudley. 

190. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 2.3, 1758; m., April 29, 1783, Ambrose Dudley, b. April 
1, 1757. He d. Jan. 10, 1826; she, July 15, 1834. Children: 1st. Russell, Jan. 29, 
1784; d. at sea Dec. 1, 1806. 2nd. Nabby, Oct. 21, 1788; m., Oct. 16, 1816, Daniel 
Fowler, who d. October, 1821; she m., Dec. 2, 1827, Deacon Benjamin Rossitur; 
she had one ch. d. unm. 3rd. Samuel William, July 16, 1800; m., 1833, Lucy Anu 
Chittenden, dau. David, of Guilford; he has been several times Member of the 
House,and, in 1869, Member of the Connecticiit Senate. He has six ch. : Charles 
Samuel, 1834, living in New Haven; Henry C, 1836, d. in the late war; Elizabetli 
R., 1838; James Ambrose, 1840, farmer in Guilford; George Chittenden, 1842, of 
North Guilford; and William Russell, 1849. 

191. Deborah, b. April 8, 1761; m., Jan. 31, 1792, William Russell. 

192. Samuel Smithson, Oct. 14, 1764; of Paris, Oneida county, N. Y. 

193. Timothy, b. March 28, 1767; of Guilford. 

194. Sarah, b. March 28, 1772; m., Jan. 1, 1800, Augu.stus Rose, 

Nathaniel^ oj Mil/oni, Connecticut. 42 S 

84. SARAH ' Timothy ^ Samuel,'-^ b. in Guilford, Coiiu., Feb. 24, 
1735; m., June 4, 1755, Nathaniel Rossitur, b. Oct. 31, 1730, son 
Xathaniel Rost^itur, of Guilford. lie removed to Richmond, Mass. 

195. Nathan, b. 1756; of Williamstown, Mass. 

196. Xoah, b. June 5, 1759: of Richmond, Mass. 

197. Abraham, 1). .Jan. 17, 1762; il. 19th, same montli. 

198. Sarah, b. Au--. 28, 1768; m. Uriah Betts. 

199. Abraliam. b. Oct. 20, 1765; of Richmond. 

200. Samnel. b. Feb. 26. 1768; d. .Jan. 21, 1856; of Great Barrington, Mass. 

201. Benjamin, -lune 22, 1771; of New York. 

202. Rebecca, b. June 20, 1774; m. Uriah Betts. 

86. XATHAXlEL*NathaniePSamnel,2b. in Guilford, Conn. 
April 4, 1720. His father removed to Litchtield in 1733, and to 
Goshen, Conn., in 1739, He remained there. He m. l^*- March 23. 
1752, Hannah Ives, dau. Benjamin Ives, Sen., of Goshen (East 
street). She d. April 9, 1762, and he m. 2"i' Nov. 30, 1763, Jedidah 
Bronson, dau. Cornelius, of Southbury. He d. of old age, March 
25, 1805, and his widow d. Ang. 8, 1808. 

203. Ruth, b. Oct 25, 1752; m. Daniel Miles. 
204 Hannah, b. Nov. 19, 1755; d. Feb. 1. 1758. 

205. Isaac, b. March 12, 1759. + 

206. Nathaniel, b. July 20, 1761. + 

207. Jedidah, b. May 9, 1765; d. 3Iay 8, 1767. 

87. ELIZABETH* Nathaniel Samuel,^ b. in Guilford, Conn., 
Dec. 11, 1722; she m., 1740, Ebenezer Norton, of Goshen, Conn.^ 
b. in Durham, Conn., Dec. 30, 1715, son of Samuel, of Guilford, and 
settled in Goshen in 1739. Mr. Norton was a very prominent 
citizen in Goshen ; he held various positions, such as Ensign, 
Captain, Colonel, Moderator of Town Meetings, Deacon of the 
Church, and was sent to the Legislature twenty-six times. His 
wife joined the Church young, and lived long an eminent example 
of what a Christian should be ; at her death, her posterity amounted 
to two hundred and eight, of whom three only were of the third 
generation ; she had nine children, all of whom were married. He 
d. March 15, 1785 ; she d. April 16, 1811. 

208. Miles, b. March 30, 1741 ; he had three wives, and eighteen ch. 

209. Aaron, b. March 19, 1743; went to East Bloomtield. In this, I have 
followed Dr. Talcott, though another authority gives Annie. 

424 Baldwin Genealogy. 

210. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 19, 1746; m., June 14, 1763, John Dowd. 

211. Ebenezer, b. Aug. 12, 1748.* 

212. Rachael, 1). June 26, 1752; m., JMarch 5, 1772, Amasa Cook. 

213. Marana, b. March 13, 1755; m., Nov. 24, 1774, Jonathan Bucll. 

214. Olive, b. Jan, 31, 1758; m., Nov. 13, 1777, Timothy Buell. 

215. Xathaniel, b. Dec. 21, 1760; m. Patty Beebe. 

216. Birdsey, b. June 30, 1763. 

88. SAMUEL^ KathanieP Samuel,^ Guilford, Conn., March 
18, 1725. His father settled in Goshen, Conn., in 1738, where he 
remained. He m. 1^*' Nov. 28, 1744, Mercy Stanley, who d. Jan. 
6, 1768, aged 42. He m. 2"*!' Jan. 11, 1769, Susannah Adams, ^ho 
d. April 10, 1807. He d. Oct. 22, 1804, say other authorities, but 
his grandson Ambrose says Feb. 22. The house where he lived 
was, in 1873, still standing, on the west side of East street, next 
north of the brick dwelling formerly owned by Capt. Matthew 
Smith. His Family Bible was, in 1874, still in existence, and in 
in possession of Ambrose Baldwin, Esq., of Jewitt, Chenango 
county, X. Y. 

217. Asahel, b. Oct. 5, 1745. + 

318. Timothy, b. Nov. 20, 1747; d. Jan. 20, 1768. 

219. Martha, b. Jan. 22, 1749; m. .Tabez Wright. 

220. Timothy, b. June 5, 1751 ; d. July 25, 1751. 

221. Brewin, b. Jan. 17, 1753. + 
232. Saimiel, b. May 25, 1755.+ 

223. Sj^bil, b. Nov. 30, 1757. 

224. Mercy, b. July 19, 1760; m. Ambrose Collins. + 

225. Hildah, b July 1, 1763; m. Abraham Humphrey. 

226. Lucy, b. Dec. 22, 1765; m. Jonathan Beach, of Goshen, Conn., and 
Lexington, Yt. 

227. Enos Stanley, b. Nov. 22, 1769. + 

* Ebenezer Norton, b. 1748, had eiyht children : 

1. Lucy. 

2. Sybil. 

3. Abraham. . 

4. Theodore. 

5. Lewis Mills, b. at Goshen, Dec. 22, 1783; m., Oct. 10, 1805, Laura Foote, b. Jan. 8, 1786, 
and d. Aug. 12, 1855. He d. April 30, 1860. The writer was, twenty years ago, indebted to him for 
an unusuallj' full letter of the Baldwin Genealog^y; 'and every descendant of Nathaniel Baldwin is 
much indebted to him for his faithful and intelligent investigation of their kinsmen. His "Records 
are still preserved in Goshen, in care of his son Edward Norton, Esq. 

6. Charity Maria, m. Horsford, and among her cliildren is Prof. Eben Norton Horsford, of 
Cambridge, Mass. 

7. Eben Augustus. 
S. Eliza D. 

Nathaniel, of 3Iilfo7\i, Connecticut. 425 

100. JOTIIAM •'^ Ebeuezer^ John ^ John 2 Nathaniel,^ h. in New- 
ark, x^. J., about 1769 : m. Matilda Ailing, of Newai-k, dan. John 
and Abigail Ailing, descendants of Samuel, of iN'ew Haven, Conn. 

228. Daugliter. 

229. Daughter. 

230. Julia, m. Gen. James Miller, of Newark, had several ch., and, in 1816, 
resided there as his AAidow. 

231. Ebenezer, h. in Newark, Nov. 15, 1797. + , 

116. JOHX^^ Moses" John,M3. in Palmer, Mass., Feb. 13, 1770; he 
m., July 25, 1796, Peggy Williams, dau. Rev. Xehemiah Williams, 
of Brimfield, Mass. He d. at Pawtucket, R. I., Oct. 16, 1826. 

236. Percy Haj-es, b. May 16, 1797, at Hartford, Conn. ; d. at Pawtucket, P. I., 
Aug. 16, 1835. 

237. John Center, h. 3[arch 29, 1800, at Danville, Yt. ; he d at Orange, N. J., 
April 21, 1870. lie m., April 3, 1828, Mrs. Louisa (Norton) Wait, who survived 
him. He was engaged in the silk business, in New York and Baltimore, and was a 
man of large wealth. The "New York Herald," of May 5, 1870, has quite a notice of 
the Probate of his will. His property was valued at $400,000. He gave to charities, 
at his death, all but $236,000; and is said to have given away, during his life, 

238. Mary Ann, b. in Brimtield. Mass., Nov. 30, 1798: m. David Le Favour. + 

239. Nehemiah W., b. in Danville, Yt., Dec. 15, 1801; d. at Pawtucket, R. I., 
Sept. 21, 1824. 

240. Charles P., b. in Danville, Yt., March 15, 1802.+ 

241. Rebecca Lee. b. in Danville, Nov. 20, 1804; d. iu Palmer, 3[ass., May 21, 


242. Eliza M., b. in Brimtield, June 24. 1806; m. Rev. George Taft.+ 

243. Martha E., b. in Palmer, Jan. 6, 1808; m. Emory Taunt, + 

244. Samuel Hopkins, b. in Palmer, Dec. 10, 1809. + 

245. Moses Harrison, b. iu Palmer, Jim. 7, 1811. + 

246. Henry Lee, b. in Coventry, R. I., Dec. 15, 1812; d. there, Aug. 16, 1813. 

247. Henry Porter, b. in Coventry, Feb. 22, 1814. + 

248. James Augustus, b. Dec. 31, 1815; m. 1st, Eliza Bliss, who d. childless. 
He m. 2nd, Mary Jane Ashlej-, of Providence, R. I. He lives, 1870, iu Springfield, 
Mass. His dau, Emma Louisa, b. 1843, d. in 1844. 

249. Harriet ^\., b. July 16, 1817; d. July 26, 1827. 

250. Harriet R., b. Sept. 12, 1818, at Pawtucket, R. I. ; m., March 7. 1843, 
Joseph B. Walton. Children: Henry Harrison, Aug. 29, 1844, at Honesdale, Wayne 
county, Penn., d. Feb. 20, 1846; Mary Eliza, Nov. 7, 1847, d. iu Baliol, County 
Yecheris, Canada East, m. Henry P. Baldwin, her cousin, s. Samuel Hopkins; 6 
Edith Frances, April 22, 1852, at High Fall, Ulster county, N. Y. ; and Charles 
AYallace, Feb. 12, 1855, at High Fall, N. Y. 

119. WILLIAM 5 Moses " John,3 b. in Palmer, Mass., Jan. 19, 
1776; he m. Betsey King, of Palmer, who d. there, Oct. 16, 1806. 


426 Baldicln Genealogy. 

His estate was settled at Springfield, Mass., and included one-half 
of his father's farm, subject to a life lease to his father. 

251. King, b. 1798; settled in Fayetteville, X. C. ; said to have d. there. 
2oU. Ezra, b. 1800; drowned in Georgia in 1828. 

252. William King, b. Jan. 30, 1801 ; settled in White Plains, N. Y., and in 1846 
removed to Sing Sing, N. Y., where, in January, 1880, his widow and three daus. 
reside. He d. many years ago. There is another dau. in Massachusetts, and a s. 

* Nelson, who, in January, 1880, is editorially connected with the " ^rie DtsjMic/i,' 
of Erie, Penn. ' 

253. John, b. 1803; m. Miss Sheerer, of Palmer. 

254. Joseph, b. about 1806, and living, 1880, in Mass. 

122. MOSES 5 Moses* John,3 b. in Pahiier, Mass., March 28, 
1787; remained in Palmer. His will, dated 1846, is proved in 
Springfield, Mass., February, 1847. 

265. .JohnF., b. 1817. 

266. Charles, b. 1820; has one dollar willed by his father. 

267. Mary, b. 1822; m. Wellman. 

268. Moses, m., 1817, Roxy Fink, of Palmer; he d. there, Sept. 18, 1846. 

126. JABEZ ' Nathan ' Daniel,^ of I^ewtown, Conn. He m., in 
1755, Mary Peck, of Newtown. He m. 2"^'' in 1770, Judith Brace. 

274. Heth, b. 1756; bapt. Oct. 31. 

275. Mary, b. 1757; m., Xov. 24, 1774, Clement Botsford, of Newtown, and I 
take the following from the Records of that place : He d. Jan. 25, 1824. Children : 
Lucinda, Jan, 7. 1776; Sally, Jan. 25, 1782; Mary Ann, Feb. 24, 1784; Hersey, 
May 14, 1788; Jabez Baldwin, June 29, 1792; Russell Bennett, May 7, 1794; and 
Lucia, Oct. 20, 1795, d. Dec. 5, 1796. 

276. Sarah, b. 1760. 

277. Bete, b. 1762; bapt. December, 1762. 

278. Anna, b. 1766. 

279. Lucinda, b. 1771. 

280. Daniel, b. 1775; l)apt. Dec. 28, 1775, in private. 

130. EXOS^^ John*Daniel,3b. in Milford, Conn.; removed to 
"Washington, Conn., before marriage ; m. Miss Elizabeth Hine. 
He lived on " Church Hill," in the southwest part of Washington. 
I am indebted to Rev. David E. Jones, of Roxbury, for the knowl- 
edge of his history, and to Probate Records. 

281. Enos. went to Genessee, N. Y., and d. before 1818, when his father made 
a codicil to his will, naming the following ch. : Daughter, m. Brinsmade; Amos, 
Lewis, Lucien or Luciua, Laura ; Nancy, who m. Scovill, .said to have kept hotel 
in Mount Morris, N. Y. ; and Silence, who m. Seymour. 

282. John. It is said he settled in Wolcotville, Litchticld county, Conn., and 
was Deacon of the Congregational Church there. Wolcotville is a village in Tor- 
rington, close by the Litchfield line, and John, in the Probate Records, is called of 

Nathaniel, of MiJford, Connecticut. 427 

LitclitiL'Ul. He m. Sarah, dau. Jolm M. Gun, wlio Ijy will (Litciifield Prol)ato, 12, 
240,) gives to Rufus, David, Samuel and Lewis, cli. of Deacon John IJaldwiu. 
Administration of his estate went, June 23, 1813, to his sou Samuel. John had eh. : 
John, Samuel, Isaac, Kufus; David (was he the one of Goshen, adm'r to Ruth, 
widow, in 1819?) Lewis; Sarah Ann; Phebe, not living in 1813; and Elizabeth, 
who m. Sheldon. In 1774, he conveys to Amos his cousin, (^Milford Records.) 
He then describes himself of Litchtield. 

283. Samuel. + 

284. Elizabeth, m. Bell before 1813. 

285. 3Iehitable. 

286. Mary, or Polly. 

287. Jane, m. Barnes before 1813. 

131. AMOS^ John^Daniel,3b. in Milford, Conn., about 1734; 
he continued to reside there, and d. June 24, 1785, of consump- 
tion, aged 51. He m., Sept. 20, 1756, Sybil Baldwin,* dau. of 
Edward 3 Richard-^ John,i b. in Milford, July 15, 1740. 

288. Edward, b. April 19, 17o9.+ 

289. Amos, b. Aug. 27, 1763. + 

290. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 30, 1767; m. William Stow.4- 

291. Abel, b. Sept. 8, 1771, probably d. y. 

292. Sybil, b. Aug. 25, 1773. 

The first four children were all baptised, Oct. 4, 1772. His will 
remembers all but Abel. 

132. ISAAC ^ John * Danie],^ b. in Milford, Conn.; bapt. Dec. 11, 
1737; m. Sarah. He d. March 29, 1791. 

293. Ann, m. Oviatt. 


Sarah, m. Foot 








Isaac. + 


Daniel. + 



134. JAMES ^ James* Daniel,^ b. in Xewtown, Conii.; bapt. 
Kov. 17, 1719; he d. in Xewtown, "in an instant, in a fit, aged 
about 53, 10*'' June, 1773."' He had a "negro man" die in 1770, 

aged 20. 

301. Abel, b. 1748. + 

135. DAXIEL^ James * Daniel, 3 b. in Xewtown, Conn.; bapt. 
Sept. 16, 1725. He m. 1**- May 2, 1752, Ann Towsey, of Xewtown, 
Conn., who d. June 6, 1757. He m. 2»<i' Sept. 20, 1759, Abigail 

428 Baldwin Genealogy. 

E'orthroiD ; she d. 1820 or 1821, in Sandgate, Vt., aged 73, it is 

302. Clark, 1). Nov. 27, 1752.+ 

303. Dauiel, b. Feb. 17, 1755. I find no other to be buried in Newtown, May 

23, 1819, aged 60, in tlie Records of the Episcopal Church — some error in date. 
The family saj' he died at NewtOAvu. 

304. Amos, b. Nov. 8, 1756. 

305. Mehitable, Jan. 17, 1759; m. McGuire. 

306. Ann, July 2, 1760; m., Oct. 2, 1782, Philo Norton, of Newtown, b. May 

24, 1762. He d at Tacapos, Texas. She then went to Washington, Penn. Chil- 
dren: Carlos Alonzo, Nov. 1, 1784; Maria, Sept. 31, 1786; Dauiel Sheldon, April 
10, 1788, .settled in Ohio; Julia Ann, Nov. 24, 1790; Sally, Sept. 23, 1792; Nancy, 
Feb. 19, 1795; and Leister Leroy, Jan. 23, 1797. 

307. Lueton, b. Dec. 8, 1761. + 

308. Hannah, March 24, 1762; d. July 19, 1766. 

309. Currents, b. Oct. 12, 1765; m. Daniel Skidmore. 

310. Ehoda, b. June 7, 1766; m. Heth Griffin. 

311. Ransford, b. Feb. 17, 1768. + 

312. Hannah, b. June 6, 1770; m. Asa W. Randall, in Connecticut: settled in 
Sandgate, Yt., where she d. Sept. 18, 1861. 

313. 3Iable, called, in distribution of the estate, Al)igail, twin to Polly, 1). 
Dec. 23, 1771; m. .John Northrop, of Newtown, Conn. 

314. Polly (twin), b. Dec. 23, 1771: m. John Skidmore; lived in Sandgate, 
Yt., and d. at her son's, at Seneca Falls, N. Y. 

The Family Bible of Daniel is still in existence, in Sandgate, 
Vt.; bnt it is difficult to completely reconcile its dates with those 
of Newtown Town Records. 

136. GIDEON" ^ James ^ Daniel,^ b. in Newtown, Conn.; hem., 
June 27, 1759, Ann Booth, dau. Abel Booth, of Newtowm. He d. 
of pleurisy, Feb. 3, 1773, aged about 44. He desires, at his death, 
his sons to be made equal one to the other, and one son to equal 
three daughters. His wife and father-in-law are executors, Init 
distribution was made, in 1782, to Abraham as only son, and 
daughters Ann and Abiah. 

315. Abraham, bapt. April 13, 1760. 

316. Ann. bapt. October, 1762. 

317. Abiah, bapt. Jan. 29, 1764. 

318. Amarillis, bapt. Oct. 12, 1766: d. y. 

319. Andrew, bapt. June 16, 1770; d. Oct. 12, 1773. 

Abraham, Ann and Abiah were living, in 1781, to take a legacy 
from their cousin Abraham. 

139. CALEBS Caleb ^Daniel,3b. in Newtown, Conn., Dec. 13, 
1728, and continued there ; he m., March 8, 1756, Naomi Hard, 
dau. Joseph Hard, of Newtown ; she d. Jan. 18, 1770, aged 37. 

Nathaniel, of 3Iilford, Connecticut. 429 

He was, at liis 1** marriacce, Lieut. Caleb, but was frequently 
known as Col. Caleb. He was prominent, a fine penman, and 
long Town Clerk. 

3-30. Abol, b. July 7, 1757; d. April IG, 1787. 

321. David, b. March 17, 1758.+ 

323. Isaac, b. Sept. 30, 1760. It appeals, by the Newtown Records, that he m., 
Oct. 10, 1782, Frances Kelley, and had ch. : Naomi, :\ray 20, 1784; and Sally, 
April 6, 1787. 

323. Elijah, b. ,Iau. 13, 1762. + 

324. John, b. Dec. 18, 1763. + 

325. Philo, b. Sept. 7, 1765. + 

326. Luciuda, b. .June 11, 1769; m. Luther Bulkley, and settled in Liberty, 
Sullivan county, N. Y. Children: Philo, d., leaving ch. ; Caleb, d. childless; and 
a daughter, who m. Mr. Young; and others. * 

He m. 2"^''Kov. 13, 177- Betty Betts, who cl. June 28, 1781. 

327. Caleb, b. Oct. 15, 1773. + 

He m. 3'"'^' Sept. 11, 1787, Anna Febriqiie, and d. Sept. 6, 1804, 
aged 75 yvs,. 3 mos. 18 days, as per Town Records. 

143. JEREMIAH ^ Jeremiah ' Daniel,^ b. in :Milford, Conn.; he 
removed to New ^Milford, Conn., where his will, dated May 21, 
1802, was proved, June 21, 1802. He remembers his wife Eunice, 
and six children named below. His grandchildren identify this 
Jeremiah, and say he m. a Miss Baldwin. 

328. David, b. Sept. 6, 1768. + 

329. .Jolin.+ 

330. Jeremiah. + 

331. Eunice, m. Daniel Nettleton, of New Milford. They settled in Wash- 
ington, Conn,. Daniel settled at Medina, Medina county, Ohio; his dau. m. Dr. 
Charles W. Babcock, of 3Iedina, grandson of Henry Baldwin, a descendant of 
Eichard, Samuel, Lyman and David, Medina, Ohio; Abigail, Polly and Nathan, 
Medina, Ohio. Lewis Baldwin, Medina, Ohio, m. Julia Baldwin, a descendant of 
Hiel or Jehiel. 

333. Polly, m. John Bronson, of "Waterbury, Conn. Children : Sarah Ann, d. 
unm. ; Eunice, Jeremiah, RoAvena, Martha, Henry and Betsej'. 

333. Hannah (one authority calls her Harriet), m. Stephen Crane, of New 
Milford Septeml»er, 1793. There were baptised, July 9, 1809, Susanna, Laura, 
Anna, Horace Baldwin, Henry Stephen, and Harriet, bapt. June 29, 1813; and 
Mary, bapt. Oct. 28, 1819. 

144. AXDREW '" Jeremiah ^ Daniel ^ b. in Milford, Conn.; was 
in the Revolutionary war, and the small Pocket Bible he car- 
ried is still with his grandson, James H. He m. Mary Hinds. 

334. Daniel, b. about 1775.-1- 

335. Andrew. 

336. Abel, settled in "Western New York. 

430 Baldioin Genealogy. 

337. Lucy, m. Edward Lake, of Grauville, Greene couuty, X. Y. ; had two 
sons and four daus. 

338. Hannah, m. Spence, of Grauville, Greene couutj', N. Y. 

339. Anna. m. Minor, of Vermont. 

There were possibly otlier sous. 

158. SAMUEL 5 Caleb ^ Samuel ^ Samuel ^ Nathaniel, ^ b. in 
Ridgebuiy Parish, Eidgeiield, Conn.; m., Dec. 9, 1772, Honnah 
ISTorthrop, sister of Nathaniel, who m. his sister Chloe. 

340. Samuel Smith, m., May 10, 1796, at Ridgebury, Sarah Camp, dau. Eev. 
Samuel, of that place. He had ch. : Philander, Sept. 15, 1798; Lucretia, Aug. 30, 
1800. He moved "West," and settled in Newburgh, Cuyahoga county, Ohio, on 
the farm now on JStna street, Cleveland, belonging to the heirs of Albert Slade. 
He had further ch. : Julia, Caroline, Sarah and Henry. The ch. live in Aurora 
and Bainbridge, Ohio, save Henry in Twinsburgh, Ohio. Samuel Smith was Sheriff 
in Cuyahoga covmty, from 1810 to 1813. 

341. Rebecca, m., Nov. 17, 1794, Samuel Price. 

342. James. (D. L. Wightman has heard Hannah speak of him.) 

343. Roxy, or Roxaua. (D. L. "NVightman never heard of her, and it is likely 
she d. y.) 

344. Rachel, m., Oct. 31, 1804, Reuben Avery, of Greenwich, Conn.; settled 
in Aurora, Portage county, Ohio; d. in 1873, said to be over 100; had ch. 

345. Eliakim.H- 

346. Hannah, of Aurora, Ohio, m. 1st, Samuel Tajdor, of Aurora, a cheese 
merchant, who was drowned in the Ohio river. The Baldwins of Aurora were 
earlj' in the cheese business, shipping it down the Ohio river, and the business was 
quite profitable. She has had by him two sous, d. y., and Hannah, drowned young 
on New Year's day, while sliding. She m. 2"J> as his second wife, John Wightman, 
of Newl)urgh, Cuyahoga county, Ohio, and had Fayette H., living in 1874, in 
Springfield, Mo., and his mother with him. She m. Gurdon Kent, as his .second 
wife, and had no ch. Her 2"ii husband, John "Wightman, had by his 1st -wife eight 
ch. : Deborah, John, Isaac, Lucj", David L. , (of Cleveland, late Sheriff of Cuyahoga 
coimty, and my informant.) Sherburn, Horace and Harriet. Gurdon Kent had by 
his 1st wife: a daughter, Maria, m. Robbins, of Solon, and living, in 1874, with her 
son-in-law, J. H. Rhodes, Esq., a lawyer, of Cleveland. Ohio; Orilla, m. Newberry, 
and lives, 1875, in Michigan; Gideon, living in Aurora, Ohio, m. Or.son Norton, of 
Solon; Huldali, m. ^lartin Bcntley, of Solon; Ermina, m. Augustus Pettibone, of 
Solon; and Martin, d, in Michigan, leaving a family. 

347. Henry. + 

348. Harvey. 4- 

349. Alanson.+ 

I think he must be the Samuel who moved to Ohio about 1800, 
settled in Aurora, Portage county, and had a son 

350. Caleb, drafted in the war of 1812, and d. in 1813. + 

167. DUDLEY 5 Michael^ Timothy ^ Samuel ^ Xathaniel,i b. 
April 17, 1753, iu Guilford, Conn. He graduated at Yale College 

Nathaniel, of 3filford, Connecticut. 431 

in 1777, his father then residing in iSTew Haven. He settled, as a 
lawyer, on Greentiehl Hill, Fairfield county, Conn., where he d., 
March 29, 1794. He m. fSally Bradley, who d. in 1800. He was, 
says Judge Simeon Baldwin, a lawyer of fair promise, and d. in 
-early practice. He had but one child: 

351. Abniham D., b. X\m-\\ 15, 1788. + 

His will, dated the day before he died, left one-half of his double 
portion from his father to the other heirs of his father. 

172. WILLIAM 5 Michael * Timothy,^ b. March 3, 1772, in Guil- 
ford, Conn. He lived in Xew Haven, Conn., where he m., May 8, 
1808, Anna Perrin, who d. Feb. 4, 1824, aged 58. He d. March 27, 

352. Havana Norton, b. Sept. 27, 1809, m., Dec. 26, 1831, Elford E. Jarmau, 
of New Haven, and d. March, 1866. 

353. Lucy T., b. May 15, 1811; m., Aug. 14, 1838, Mathew J. Gill)crt, living, 
1874, one authorit}' says, in St. Louis, Mo. , and Dr. Talcot in Columbus, Ohio. 

354. Michael, b. June 11, 1813; graduated in 1833, at Yale; d. at Natches, 
Miss., Oct. 19, 1839. 

355. Ann Clarina, b. April 1, 1813; m., Sept. 7, 1852, Rev. Edwin R. Gill)ert, 
of Wallingford, Conn. She d. August, 1864, with no children, and Mr. Gilbert 
m. again. 

356. William Barlow, b. Oct. 5, 1817; graduated at Yale, in 1837, an M.D. ; 
settled at Woodville, Miss., and d. there, Nov. 15, 1853. 

357. Ruth Elizabeth, b. Jan. 14, 1820; m. James Ferguson, of Columbus, O. 

358. James William, b. April 3, 1832. + 

359. Mary Ann, b. Feb. 1, 1825; d. August, 1871, unm. 

360. Abraham, b. Oct. 28, 1827; resides, in 1874, at Orange, N. J. 

175. HENTRY 5 MichaeP Timothy,^ b. in New Haven, Conn., 
Jan. 14, 1780. He graduated at Yale College in 1797. He m. 1^*- 
Marana Norton,^ b. April 6, 1784, dau. Nathaniel Norton,^ son of 
Elizabeth Baldwin* Nathaniel ^ Samuel^ Nathaniel.^ She d. Auo;. 
21, 1803, and he ra. 2"^^- Sally Elliott. He was, in College, chum 
to Lyman Beecher. He settled, as a lawyer, in Erie, Penn., and 
stories are there current of his great power. In 1829, he became 
Judge of the United States Supreme Court, holding the position 
until his death, in 1844. He held a high position as a Judge, and 
liis decisions are reported in a volume by himself. His 2'"^' wife 
was a daughter of Andrew Elliott, who laid out Erie. In his later 
years, he built an elegant residence at Meadville, Penn. He was 
member of Congress. 

361. Henry, b. July 27 or 29, 1803. + 

432 Baldwin Genealogy. 

178. TIMOTHY^ Timothy f. Timothy, ^ b. in Xorth Guilford, 
Sept. 6, 1750 ; m., Xov. 18, 1772, Olive Norton, dau. Charles and 
Mary (Gould) !N'orton, b. in Guilford, March 2, 1750. They lived 
in Guilford, where he d. March 25, 1818. She d. March 7, 1805, 
and he m. 2"^'' same year, Sarah, dau. Rev. Amos Fowler, of Guil- 
ford, widow of Russel Woodward; she d. in 1851, with no children. 

367. Timothy, b. Sept. 4, 1773; d. Xov. 12, 1774. 

368. Polly, b. May 23, 1775; m., Oct. 5,1798, Abraham Ros.situr, s. ISfathan 
and Sarah (Baldwin) Rossitm-, b. Oct. 20, 1765. They went to Richmond, Mass., 
where he d. July 23, 1851; she, March, 1859. Tlieir ch. were: Abigail, Sept. 
3, 1796, m. Josiah Picrsou; Polly, Aug. 3, 1798, m. :\[arcus ,J. Baruett; Abraham, 
Sept. 1, 1800; Samuel, March 9, 1804; Lucy, IVIarch 6, 1809, m. l*^t, .Joseph Stillson, 
and 2nd, Rev. .Jo.seph Hurlbut; Sarah Ann, .Jan. 6, 1810, d. Oct. 3, 1829; and Ben- 
jamin, Feb. 22, 1816, d. Sept. 8, 1818. 

369. Benjamin, b. Oct. 18, 1777. + 

370. Sally, b. Nov. 26, 1779; d. .Jan. 2, 1870, unm. 

371. Olive, b. :March 15, 1782; m., Nov. 3. 1804, Sherman Rossitur, b. April 20, 
1775, s. William. He settled at Clermont, N. H., and d. Oct. 2, 1838; she, about 
1863. They had ch. : AVilliam, Sept. 24, 1805; Timothy Baldwin, Sept. 18, 1807; 
Pomeroy Monroe, Dec. 4, 1810; Luzerne Sherman, Feb. 22, 1815; Chittenden, March 
22, 1817; Submit Chittenden, May 2, 1819 m., Sept. 21, 1851, Edmund Wheeler; 
Stephen Farley, Oct. 7, 1821; and Loretta C, .June 1, 1823, m., .June 1, 1847, 
William C. Tutherly. 

373. Anna Hull, b. Feb. 8, 1784; m. Abel Chittenden. -t- 

373. Lucy. b. .July 9, 1786; m., May 1, 1811, as his 2"J wife, Deacon Benjamin 
Hart, of Madison, Conn., b. Oct. 25, 1792, s. Benjamin. He d. .Jan. 4, 1852; she, 
Dec. 31, 1861. Children: Benjamin, Aug. 8, 1812, d. May 16, 1865; Baldwin, March 
12, 1815; and William Winthrop, March 19, 1817. 

374. Scth, b. Dec. 27; 1792; d. .Jan. 17, 1793. 

Mr. Baldwin's character is well illu.strated by an anecdote from 
Beecher's Autobiography. He says there was a Parish Meeting 
in North Guilford, to see about moving the school house; but 
they "quarreled and broke up in a row. It never would have 
been set straight if it hadn't been for an old neighbor, Tim Bald- 
win.'^ H. B. S. "Why what did he do ?" " Well, I'll tell you. Next 
morning, he said he wan't going to have any quarreling about that 
school house; so he yoked his oxen and Tim Rossitur's, and went 
down, and hitched on, 'whoa, haw Bright, gee up,' and dragged 
the school house along where he wanted it ; then he unhitched, 
and left it there, and there it stood; and when people found it 
was done, they stopped qnarreling." 

182. DANIEL 5 Stephen^ Timothy ^ Samuel- Nathaniel, ^ b. 
Aug. 26,1753, in Guilford, Conn ; settled in Goshen, Conn., where 

Nathaniel, of Milford^ Connecticut. 433 

he m., March 23, 1775, Lucy Hills, dim. Col. Medad Hills, of Go- 
shen ;■ she was b. April 15, 175G, and d. March 10, 1803. He d. 
in Goshen. 

37.J. Soth, 1). April e."), 177(3.+ 

376. Era.stus, 1). May 27, 1778. + 

377. Collins, b. April 80, 1780; d. unm. May 16, 1847. 

378. Freelove. b. Sept. 13, 1782; ni. .Tolm Griswold, of Goshen, and had oh.: 
Julia, d. unm. ; Sally, ra. Putnam Bailey, of Goshen, and had ch. ; Lucy and Jane, 
who, in 1874, lived unm. in Hartford, Conn.; and Collins. 

379. Infant, b. and d. Oct. 11, 1784. 

380. Infant, b. July 3, and d. July 7, 1785. 

381. Abigail, b. June 23, 1786; m. Theron S. Ludingdou, of Goshen; both d. 
there. He was a mercliant. They had ch. : Daniel, killed when a l)oy by a run- 
away horse; Theron, m. ]\Iiss Bailey, dau. Philo, and in 1874 living in Goshen, with 
ch. ; and Lucy, m. and settled in Georgia. 

382. Lucy, b. April 3, 1789: d. .July 10, 1791. 

383. Lucia, b. May 14, 1791; m. Birdsey Baldwin e BrewinS SamueH Nathan- 
iel 3 Samuel- Xathaniel.i 

384. Gustavus, February, 179.j; d. March 19, 179.). 

184. STEPHENS Stephen^ Timotliy,^ b. in Guilford, Coi>u., 
Dec. 13, 1758 ; settled in Goshen, Conn.; he m., Jan. 24, 1788, 
Susannah Adams, b. Jan. 22, 1769, dau. Abel Adams, of Win- 
chester, Conn. Both joined the Church, Sept. 15, 1709. She d. 
at Akron, Ohio, Sept. 29, 1848. He d. of consumption, May 21, 
1810. They lived in East street, Goshen. 

385. Augustus, b. Nov. 4, 1788. + 

386. Pomeroy, b. Oct. 16; 1790.+ 

387. Silas, b. June 9, 1792. + 

388. Frederick, b. March, 1794.+ 

389. Miles, b. May 24, 1796. + 

390. Harvey, b. Sept. 18, 1798. + 

391. Xorman C, b. .July 29, 1802. + 

392. Canjline A. 1). April 29, 1807; m. George Kirkham. + 

185. ELISHA-^ Stephen^ Timothy,3 b. in Guilford, Conn., Jan. 
20, 1760 ; he settled in Goshen, Conn., with his father, and lived 
in the north part of that town. He m. Clarissa Judd, of Litch- 
field; she d. Sept. 7, 1814, aged 45. He d. April 22, 1832, of 
dropsy in the breast. They were both buried in the East Street 
Cemetery, in Goshen. 

393. Orra, b. Nov. 26, 1788; m. Eber Bailey; she is called, in the Litchfield 
Probate Record, Anna. She has ch. : Elislia, wlio m. had ch. and d. ; Orra,.Lucre- 
tia, and another daughter. 

394. Rufus, b. Oct. 31, 1790. + 

434 Baldwin Genealogy. 


395. Abraham, b. May 7. 1792; graduated at Yale College, iu 1820; studied 
theology in Gosheu. and was licensed to preach, 1822, by the North Association of 
Litchfield county. His health was not good, and he continued feeble to the close of 
his life. He soon entered the service of the Vermont Missionary Society. In the 
summer of 1826, he took much interest in the religious condition of the French 
population of Canada, and he resolved to settle among them. He arrived in Mon- 
treal in June, 1826. where he d. Jul_y 12, 1826. He d. unm., peaceful and happy. 

396. Clarissa, b. in Goshen ; d. unm. in the Insane Retreat, at Hartford, Conn. , 
October, 1847. 

397. Horace, b. December, 1796. + 

398. "William, lived in Guilford. X. Y., as a merchant, m. 1st, Louisa Booth, 
and 2nJ. Catharine Humphrej', l)Oth of that place. 

399. Theron. b. July 21, 1801. + 

400. Elisha, b. Sept. 12, 1803. + 

187. AUGUSTUS 5 Stephen ^ Timothy ,3 b. in Goshen, Conn., 
-Aug. 27, 1787 ; he settled in Augusta, Ga., where he m., January, 
1799, widow Rebecca Cooke, of that place. He d. Nov. 23, 1807, 
-Principal of an Academy in Augusta. 

40o. Louisa, m. Dr. Alexander Cunningham, of Augusta. 
• 406. Augustus Collins. + 

407. William Hemy, d. unm. in New York City, in the summer of 1854. 

Augustus taught school in North Guilford ; among his pupils 
was Lyman Beecher, who, in his Autobiography, gives a satiric 
sketch of him. As a teacher, "he really took hold and gave us a 
start." (Vol. 1, page 33.) 

205. ISAACS Nathaniel* Nathaniel ^ Samuel ^ Nathaniel,^ b. in 
Goshen, Conn., March 12, 1759; he lived there, and Mr. Byron 
A. Baldwin says, "built the present house on the west side of the 
highway, on Joy mountain, near Goshen," where he lived thirteen 
years, when he bought the farm of Fisk Beach, of East street. 
He m., 1783, Lucy Lewis, dau. Ebenezer Lewis, Sen., of East 
street, Goshen. He d. March 7, 1830, of heart disease; she, June 
4, 1833, at the house of her son-in-law, in Winsted. 

408. Hannah Clarissa, b. March 12, 1784, m. Rev. James Beach. 4- 

206. NATHANIEL 5 Nathaniel* Nathaniel, ^ b. in Goshen, 
Conn., July 20, 1761 ; he m, Susan Sherman, dau. Eev. Josiah 
Sherman. " She was a woman of excellent Christian character 
.and patience." They lived many years in East Bloomfield, N. Y. 
She d. in Michigan, in 1833. 

JSathaniel, of 3Iil ford,, Connecticut. 485 

409. John. 

410. Sherman, liv^d in Bloomfield, X. Y. ; liad a wife and three ch. He d. by 
putting thenniz/lc of a loaded ,i:un tohisnioutii, and pulling tlie trigger with his foot. 

411. Martha. 

412. Susan. 

413. Zimri. 

217. ASAHEL^ SamueH Nathaniel,'^ b. in Goshen, Conn., Oct. 
5, 1745 ; he m. Patience Bronson, dau. Cornelius Bronson, of 
Southbiiry. She was sister of Jedidah, 2"^"^ wife of Nathaniel Bald- 
win ■* l!^athaniel^ Samuel- Nathaniel.^ He d. at Goshen, Conn., 
Aug. 16, 1775 ; she d. in Harwinton, Conn., Sept. 26, 1775. Adm. 
of his estate was given the widow, and an allowance was made for 
the support of his infant children. 

414. Jedidah m. as early as 1804, Thomas White, of Torrington, Conn., where 
both d. in 1847. They had ch. : Hiram J., m. Henrietta Smith, of Waterbury, 
Conn. ; Ann Eliza, m. William.Parmelee, s. Theodore and Eleanor, in 1858 residing 
in Ohio. 

415. Sibl)el, m., Oct. 18, 1792, Abijah Coe.+ 

416. Israel, d. aged 14 yrs. 

Asahel built his house on the west side of East street, and it 
was afterward occupied by Obed Humphrey. 

221. BREWIN 5 Samuel * Nathaniel, ^ b. in Goshen, Conn., Jan. 
17, 1753 ; he m., Aug. 13, 1772, Hannah Foote, b. Feb. 26, 1756, 
dau. Ebenezer Foote, of Cornwall, Conn. The}' continued in 
Goshen, where she d. June 10, 1823, aged 67. He d. Sept. 6, 1833. 

417. Mary Ann, b. Nov. 29, 1773; she is called, in the History of Winchester, 
and by B. A. Baldwin, "Marian." She m. Amos Tolles, of Colebrook, formerly 
of Durham, Greene county, JST. Y. He lived in Winsted until 1837, when he went 
to live at Barkhamsted with his daughter, and d. July 18, 1848, aged 80. His wife 
d. June 2, 1838. Children: Hannah, about 1793, m. Daniel Sage of Colebrook; 
Elisha, al)out 1794, m. Harriet Frisbie, of New Canaan, and d. in Winchester, July 
13, 1849; Hiley, 1796, d. South, unm. ; Lucia, 1798, m. Amasa Mallory, Jr., of 
New Hartford, Conn., and d. Dec. 17, 1834; Sylvia, October, 1801, m., May, 1826, 
William S. Boyd, of Hartford, Conn. ; and Mary, m. Amasa Mallory, Jr. 

418. Timothy, m. Rhoda Enos, and settled in Sandisfield, Berkshire county, 
Mass., where his ch. were born. He d. in Colebrook, Conn., July 12, 1817, where 
he then resided, though he still had property in Berkshire county, where adm. was 
granted. His Avife survived. He had ch. : Allen, or Alvin, m. Minerva Belden, of 
Sandisfield; Cyrus, went South and m. ; Hiram ni. Mary Sears, of Sandisfield, 
Mass.; Marj' Ann, m. Seth Bailey, s. Andrew; E1)en, went South; Asahel, settled 
in Illinois; George Richard, m. Anna Hoyt, of New York City; and Harriet. 

419. Asahel, b. Oct. 23. 1777; d. Dec. 7, 1777. 

420. Nancy, b. Jan. 25, 1779; d. April 12, 1849, at Goshen, unm. 

421. Jonatlian, b. April 17, 1781; d. Sept. 4. 1793. 

436 Baldwin Genealogy. 

423. Sylvester, b. Dec. 14, 1783; settled in Chenango, Broome county, N. Y. 
He in., Oct. 17, 1804, Candace Ives, dau. Lewis. He d. April 26, 1854. He had ch. : 
Caroline, ni. April 17, 1825; William McDonald; Betsey; Sidney; Jane; Marianne, 
m. Marcus Beardsley; Rachel, Juliet, Lucien, Samuel and Harriet. 

423. Birdsey, b. Feb. 3, 1786. + 

424. Betsey, b. May 8, 1788; m. Allen Maltbie, Nov. 11, 1811; d. Sept. 16, 
1853, at Chardon, Geauga county, Ohio. 

425. Anna R, b. FeV). 3, 1791. + 

426. Martha, b. 3Iay 9, 1793; m., Oct. 20, 1820, Halsey Biglow. She d. in 
Goshen, 3Iarch 16, 1826. Children: George, ]\Iary and Kobert. 

427. Jonathan F., b. Sept. 12, 1795. + 

428. Laura M.. b. Jan. 18, 1798; m., Feb. 11, 1823, Jesse Maltbie, and d. April 
19, 1829, leaving a sou Lorriu. 

222. SAMUEL^ Samuel^ Nathaniel,^ b. in Goshen, Conn., May 
25, 1755 ; m. Lncina Hill. He had a six mouths' service in the 
Revolutionary war. 

429. Asahel, b. March 31, 1782; d. .Jan. 27, 1812. 

430. Harvey, b. Jan. 26, 1784; d. April 9, 1812. 

431. Lydia, b. .Jan. 17, 1786; d. Jan. 5, 1788. 
^32. Lydia, b. July 25, 1788; d. April 26, 1826. 

433. Hilon (twin to Harlem), b. Dec. 27, 1790; said to be living, 1875, in 
McHenry county, 111. 

434. Harlem (twin), b. Dec. 27, 1790. + 

435. Wait Hill, b. Feb. 8, 1793; d. Sept. 10, 1836. 

436. Ambrose, 1). Jvme 1, 1795. + 

437. Lucy, b. June 16, 1797; d. Oct. 8, 1837. 

438. Orrin, b. Oct. 27, 1799; d. 1803. 

439. Ira C, b. April 11, 1802; m. Sarah Wheeler. 

224. MERCY 5 Samuel Nathaniel,Mj. in Goshen, Conn.,' July 
10, 1760; she ra. Ambrose Collins, b. March 28, 1756, son of Cyprian, 
of Litchfield, Conn., by his wife Asubah Gibbs, of Goshen. They 
settled at Goshen, where he d. Sept. 1, 1838; she, March 4, 1821. 
The Hyde Genealogy names her Mary, but my informants among 
her relatives, Mercy. 

440. Augustus, b. March 28, 1780; d. July 4, 1807, unm., in Chariestown, S. C. 

441. Anne, b. .July 23, 1782; m., Sept. 11, 1800, Ethan Walter, of Goshen, and 
had cli. 

442. Calvin, b. Dec. 10, 1783; m. Mary A. Wright, and settled in Parma, N. Y. 

443. Ambrose, b. Aug. 26, 1786; m. Ethe Hicock, and had a family in Goshen. 

444. Cyprian, b. June 25, 1788; m. Jeannettc Scoville, and had a family. 

445. Samuel Baldwin, b. April 17, 1790. 

446. Nerina, b. Sept. 6, 1792; d. unm. 1838. 

447. John Hyde, b. Oct. 26, 1794; m. Elizabeth W. AYashburn; settled in 
Boston, Mass. ; had ch. 

448. George Lewis, b. Sept. 8, 1796; d. unm. Oct. 18, 1817. 

449. Laura, b. July 2, 1799. 

Xathcniiel, of Milford, Connecticut. 437 

450. Clara :Mana. b. Sept. 4. 1801; probably in. ('hri>:toplior P. Whcek-r, of 
JVIiltoii, Conn. 

451. Freelove, b. April 1'2 1S04; m.. Xov. 2, 1826, Amasa W. Chaphi, and 
lived in Goshen and New York City, and had eh. 

227. E^OS STANLEYS Samuel^ Xatbaiiiel,^ b. iu Gosheu, 
Coim., i^ov. 22, 1769 ; he m., Oct. 28, 1780, Charlotte Bailey, b. 
June 17, 1774, dau. Andrew Bailey ; she d. at Mount Morris, IS". Y., 
in 1815. He m. 2""' June 11, 1820, Miss Sally Lake, who d. in 
Michigan, Dec. 9, 1837. He settled in Mount Morris, X. Y., where 
he d. Oct. 20, 1828. He was Captain of Militia in Connecticut, 
which srave hira that title to his death. He was called out in the 
war of 1812, but was in ao engagement. 

453. Remu.s, b. Oct. 5, 1791, in Goshen. 4- 

453. Snsannah, b. Oct. 4, 1793; ni. 1st, David Blanchard; 2'id. John Cnlver. + 

454. Lois, b. Xov. 8, 1795; m., Sept. 11, 1814, Benajah Butler, but is d., and 
had no ch. He d. Oct. 19, 1815. She went to Xe\v Orleans and notified her rela- 
tives that she was about to return ; she was never heard of after. 

455. Aui-elia, b. June 1, 1798; m. Chauncey Butler. + 

456. Augustus, b. June 7, 1801. + 

457. Almira, b. June 4, 18l3; ni., June 11, 1820, at Mount Morris, N. Y., 
Thomas L. Spafford. She d. March 3, 1848, at Manchester, 3Iich. His 2"'i wife 
Mary d. at Manchester, Jan. 13, 1871, aged 73. Their ch. were: Charlotte E. ni. 
F. M. Chapman, residence Chicago. 111. ; Lois; Andrew W.. of Amboy. 111. ; Emily, 
m. Scott; Sarah, m. and lives at Manchester; T. Frank; and Harriet Anna, m. 

458. Asahel, b. March 22, 1807.+ 

459. Emily, b. May 19, 1810, at Vernon, Oneida county. X. Y'. ; m. Andrew 
Spafford, March 23, 1828; she d. Aug. 1, 1862, leaving no ch. 

231. EBEN'EZER'5 Jotham^ Ebenezer* John^ John^ Xathau- 
iel,^ b. 'Nov. 15, 1797, in Xewark, K J.; settled Aug. 19, 1819, at 
IsTew Albany, Ind,; m., Dec. 7, 1820, Elizabeth Hess, b. Jan. 29, 
1798. They had ten children, of whom four are living in 1876 ; 
five died young. 

460. John Hess, b. Nov. 14, 1822. iu Charlestown. Clarke county, Ind. + 

461. James Miller, b. March 5, 1827. + 

402. Martha M., b. Aug. 2, 1829; m. Dr. Daniel Bjnfield. at Vernon, Ind. He 
d. of consumption, and had one child, d. y. She m. 2"J, Leland Payne, and was 
living with him in Franklin in 1876. They have had eight ch. ; four d., and two 
sons and two dans, are living. 

433. Elizabeth J., b. Feb. 4, 1832; m., Oct. 12, 1849. Joseph B. Newcomb; in 
1876, living in Liberty, Vernon county, Ind. Have had ch. ; one d. y. ; three sous 
and oue dau. living. 

464. Mary E., b. June 1, 1834; m., Dec. 5, 1859, Joseph F. Garshwiler; had a 
s:.who d, and a dau. In 1876, they live in Franklin, Ind. 

438 Baldwin Genealogy. 

Ebenezer and his wife are both living, 1876, in Franklin, Ind. 
He has been active as a merchant and miller since his lirst settle- 
ment in Indiana, and in Franklin since 1854. 

238. MARY ANN ^ John ^ Moses* John ^ John "^ Xathaniel,i b. 
at Brimfield, Mass., i^ov. 30, 1798 ; m. at Pawtucket, R. I.^ Nov. 
1, 1824, David Le Favour, b. in Marblehead, Mass., Nov. 1, 1799. 
They lived at Pawtucket, R. I. 

465. Edward, b. May 4, 1827, at Pawtucket, R. I. ; lie m., Sept. 8, 1817, Mary 
Drown Reed, who d. Oct. 16, 1858, leaving one s. John Edward, b. May 27, 1858, 
and he m. 2"'!. Nov. 11,1 868, at Bay City, Mich. , Martha W. Hutchinson. He lives in 
Detroit, where he has been an active citizen and business man. Children: John 
Edward, May 27, 1858; and Helen H., Nov. 30. 1870. 

466. Horace, b. Jan. 5, 1830; d. July 27, 1832. 

467. Mercy, b. April 22. 1833; d. Aug. 28, 1837. 

468. Heber, b. May 3, 1837. He entered, at the breaking out of the late war, 
in 1861, as Captain of the 5th Michigan Infantry; was wounded at the battle of 
"Williamsburg, on the McClellan advance from Yorktown toward Richmond. After 
his recovery, he was made Lieutenant-Colonel of the 22d Regiment of Michigan 
Volunteers, and then Colonel. At Chickamauga, he commanded a brigade and 
made a gallant tight, but was captured and sent a prisoner to Richmond. After his 
exchange, he returned to his brigade, where he continued to serve with much honor 
and credit to himself and his country till the close of the war. He was made a 
Brigadier-General just as the war was closing. He d. at Pawtucket, R. I., March, 

469. Latimer, b. July 28, 1841 ; d. at Jacksonville, Florida, of consumption, 
3Iarch 2. 1870. 

240. CHARLES PEABODY« John ^ Moses,* Danville, Yt., 
Nov. 15, 1802 ; he m., Oct. 22, 1833, at Sutton, Mass., Mary Ann 
Sibley. He was a merchant in New York. 

470. Jane Louisa, b. in Webster, Mass., Sept. 12, 1833. 

471. John, b. in Sutton, Mass., Sept. 5, 1835. 

472. Charles Edward, b. in Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 29, 1840. -f 

473. ]Mary Ann, b. in Brooklyn. Nov. 9, 1844. 

474. Frederick Harrison, b. in Brooklyn, Dec. 14, 1848. 

242. ELIZA M. ^ John ^ Moses,* b. June 20, 1806, at Brimfield, 
Mass.; m. at Pawtucket, R. I., May 27, 1831, Rev. George Taft, 
D.D.; he was b. in Mendou, Mass., Aug. 27, 1791 ; graduated at 
Brown University in 1815 ; became an Episcopal clergyman in 
1818; settled at Pawtucket from 1820 to his death, Dec. 11, 1869. 
He preached there over fifty 3'ears, commencing one year before 
his settlement. She d. Dec. 29, 1874. 

Nathaniel, of Milford, Connecticut. 439' 

475. Mary (fvvin to Maria), b. March 22, 1832; d. a few clays old. 

476. Maria (twin), b. March 22, 1832; d. a few days old. 

477. George Horn, b. Aug. 12, 1833; m., June 9, I^.IO, Mary Elizabeth Jones, 
and had foiu- ch. : Elizabetli B., George, Charles and Edward. 

478. Charies, b. April 3, 1835. 

479. Eliza Frances, b. Sept. 3, 1836; m., ^larch 28,1858, Evarts C; Tyler. 
Children: George M., Arthur B., Alfred E., Mary Eliza, and AYilUani N., Aug. 6, 
1868; d. Angust, 1869. 

480. Edward, b. 3Iay 31. 1840; m., March 21, 1861, Ellen J. Hawkins. They 
liad three ch. : Mary Ann, Clara Louisa and Frank Baldwin. 

243. MARTHA E.<^ John ^ Moses,^ b. in Palmer, Mass., Jan. 6^ 
1808 ; m., Oct. 14, 1828, at Pawtucket, R. I., by her brother-in-la-vv, 
Rev. George Taft, D.D., to Islw Emorv Taunt. Thev settled in 
Buffalo, X. Y., after the births of their children in Pawtucket. 
He d. March 1, 1869, in Buftalo. 

481. Eliza Goodhue, b. Aug. 20, 1829; m., Jan. 20, 1847, at Buffalo, to Ed- 
ward Bristol. 

482. James Ferdinand, b. April 17, 1831; m., .June 23, 1850, Eliza Seymore. 
They had two ch. b. at Biiifalo: Emory Herbert, April 13, 1851; and William E., 
Feb. 5, 1853. In 1859, Emory is in the United States Navy. 

483. Caroline Baldwin, b. Jan. 14, 1835; m., Dec. 3, 1855, .Jothan Sidway, of 
Buffalo, X. Y., and have four ch. : Caroline Gertrude, Sept. 26, 1856; .Jonathan 
Edwards, April 9, 1858; William Henry, March 7, 1860, and Kate Baldwin, April 
29, 1861. 

244. SAMUEL HOPKIXS « John ^ Moses,^ b. in Palmer, Mass., 
Dec. 10, 1809 ; m., July 8, 1838, at West Troy, X. Y., Sarah B. 
Wheeler. He d. Jan. 11, 1849, at Sandy Hill, X. Y., His children 
were born at Cohoes, X. Y. 

484. Charies Edward, b. April 13, 1839. + 

485. .James A., b. Nov. 5, 1840; d. Nov. 30, 1841. 

486. Catharine B., b. May 18, 1843. 

487. Henry P., b. Jan. 24, 1845; he m., June 7, 1871, his cousin Mary Eliza 
Walton, dau. Harriet R. He lived in Detroit, where he died not long after. It is, 
I believe, largely through his efforts that the information of his familj' here pre- 
sented is collected. 

245. :M0SES HARRIS0X« John^ Moses,^ b. in Palmer, Mass., 
Jan. 7, 1811 ; he m., Sept. 23, 1839, Martha Whittlesey, of Xew^ 
Haven, Conn., and settled in Portland, where he d. Jan. 23, 1862. 

488. Anna, b. Sept. 6, 1840. 

489. Helen Poricr, b. July 29, 1843; d. March 16, 1859, at St. Augustine, Florida. 

247. IIEXRYPORTER« John 5 Moses,'' b. in Coventry, R. I., 
Feb. 22, 1814; he m. l**- Harriet Day, of Rhode Island, who d. 

440 Baldwin Genealogy. 

Jan. 24, 1865. He m. 2"^- l^ov. 21, 1866, Sibyl Lambard, of Manac. 
He settled in Detroit, Mich., 1838. He has been a very pros- 
perous and widely-known merchant in Detroit. He has been 
President of the Second National Bank of Detroit since its begin- 
ning. He was for two years State Senator, and in 1869 and 1870 
Governor of Michigan, in which year he was re-elected for a second 
term. To this position, says the "Red Book" of Michigan, he 
brought a full store of general information, gathered from foreign 
travel and the study of men and books. He was a very popular 
Governor. His political career has been marked by high financial 
ability and excellent general sense. When he retired from the 
Governorship, in 1872, it was said that "in painstaking, vigilance, 
sterling good sense, genuine public spirit, thorough integrity and 
practical capacity, he had shown himself the peer of any of the 
illustrious Governors of the State." In I^ovember, 1879, he suc- 
ceeded the late Zachary Chandler as United States Senator from 

490. Daughter, d. infant. 

491. Frederick, d. infant. 

492. Emma, d. infant. 

493. Percy, b. Aug. 13, 1836. -h 

494. Sybil Farnliam, b. May 10, 1868. 

495. Katliariue .Johnson, b. October, 1869. 

496. Henry Porter, b. 1873; d. 1873. 

497. Marie Louise, b. at Paris, France, 1874. 

293. SAMUEL " Enos^ John,* b. in Washington, Conn. 

536. Samuel W.+ 

537. Herman. + 

538. Polly. 

298. ED WAKD ^ Amos^ John,* b. in Milford, Conn., April 19, 
1759, and continued there , he m. Summers. 

539. Abel, b. March 6, 1783. + 

530. Frances, b. Feb. 15. 1785. 

531. Hester, d. April 7, 1788. 

533. Alauson (twin to Lyman), b. Marqh 15, 1791.+- 

533. Lyman (twin), b. March 15, 1791. + 

534. Mark, b. March 7, 1796. + 

299. AMOS G Amos 5 John,* b. in Milford, Conn., Aug. 27, 1763, 
and continued there, where he d. Jan. 4, 1849, aged 85. His wife 
Ann was bapt. at the Second Church, in Milford, in 1798, but.m. 
some time before. 


NatJianiel, of MifforJ, Connecticut. 441 

535. lluklah. biipt. .May 6, ITOS; in. John Clark, of Milfonl, and had eh., who, 
witli the parents, were all deceased before my uuiuiry at Milfoi'd. iu 1874. 

536. Everett, bapt. May 6, 1798. + 

537. Amos, bajit. ]\Iay 6, 1798. + 

538. Nancy, bapt. May 6, 1798; m. Benjamin Smith, of IMilford, where l)oth 
were livini;- in 1874. Children: Luke. Everett Baldwin and Esther. 

539. Mary Esther. 

540. Charles. + 

541. .Maria Lovusa. b. Oct. 31, 1813; m. Charles Davidson, and in 1874 living 
on Higli street, Xcw Haven. Conn. Children: Charles, Henry and Herbert, all 
then liviuiT. 

290. ELIZABETIP Amos^^ John,M). in Milford, Conn., Aug. 
80, 1707; she m. William Stow, of Milford. (x\nte page 331.) She 
d. March 10, 1836; he, at Santa Cruz, West Indief^. 

542. Samuel, b. Oct. 3. 1785; m. 1st, Sept. 20, 1809, Abigail Baldwin, dau. Elihu. 
She d. May 26, 1844, and he m. 2"J, .Julia Lewis, who d. Oct. 8, 1865, and he, July 
5, 1870. 

543. Ehzabeth, b. April 8. 1788; m., March 2, 1807, Nehemiah Bristol, of 
]\Iilford. He was the Captain of a Liverpool packet mauj' years. They had ten 
ch. She d. July 23, 1844. 

544. Charlotte, b. >hu-ch 5. 1791; m., 1st- June 26, 1814, Uri Tuttle. of New 
Haven, Conn. Children: Charles, Oct. 3, 1815, d, num. Oct. 23, 1864; Jane. Jan. 5, 
1816, d. y. ; Chester Allen. October, 1819, d. y. ; Frances and Frederick (twins), Jan. 
28. 1821; Frances, m. Henry Howe, of Cincinnati, well known as the author of the 
Historical Collection of Ohio: Frederick, d. y. ; George Frederick, Oct. 28, 1832; 
and Chester Uri. June 7. 1825. To .Mr. George F. Tuttle, resident in New York, 
and an accomplished genealogist, I am much obliged for accounts of his line, the 
Stows and Bruens. 

298. ISAAC Isaac -^ John,^ b. and d. in Milford, Conn., where 
his will is dated, Dec. 3, 1822, and adm. July 24, 1823. 

545. Joel, b. 1795. + 

546. Isaac. + 

547. Sidney, said to be half brother to Joel and Isaac; m. in Milford, July 9. 
1815, Elizabeth Camp. He is d.. but in 1874, his widow lives on the homestead, in 
Lafayette street, Milford. Children: William; George, m. Emma Osborn, of Strat- 
ford, Conn., and lives, 1874. with his mother; Frank, Emnia and Robert. 

548. Hannah, m. John Rood, of .Milford; both are dead. They had ch. : Isaac, 
m..but had no ch., living, 1874, in Derby, Conn.; Jason, 1874, in Derby; John, 
1874, of Derby; Mary, m. Carpenter, and in 1874 had no ch ; and Laura, dead. 

299. DAXIEL '^ Isaac ^ John,"* b. in Milford, Conn. In 1791, he 
was guardian to his sisters Jane and Abigail. He m. daughter ^ 
of Solomon Baldwin * of Milford, Stephen^ Zachariah ^ Richard i- 
His lirst three children were remembered, 1798, in the will of 


442 Baldwin Genealogy. 

Solomon. (See Solomon.) He was their guardian, but is reputed 
not to have been as thrifty as his father-in-law. The situation of 
the place left them by Solomon, on Burwell Farms, Milford, is 

549. Isaac Stillwater, h. May 8, 1791. + 

550. Frederick, remaiued iu Milford, at Burwell Farm.s. He m. Euuice Barrett, 
sister of Susanuali, w. of Isaac. He had ch. : Sarah, d. aged 3 yrs. ; David Fred- 
erick, left Milford about 1854, and uot since heard from; Leman, d. of consumption, 
aged 14; and James Hiram, Ij. aljout 1889, in 1874 unm. and living iu the old- 
fashioned red homestead and keej^ing Ijachelor's hall. 

551. Elizabeth (Betsey), m. Mr. Johnson, of New Haven, and l)oth dead iu 
1874. Children: Clark, of New Haven, m. and had ch. ; Willis, of New Haven, 
m. and had ch. ; and Esther, m. Huggins, of New Haven. 

552. Jeremiah, b. in 3Iilford, 1808; m. Caroline H., 1). in Ellsworth. Me. He d. 
in New Bedford, Mass., Dec. 20, 1871, aged 68. Children: Ellen and Louisa, both. 
1874, of New Bedford; Gilbert, 1844, was wounded at Bull Run, and discharged 
iu consequence of it; in 1874, of South Boston, Mass. Jeremiah had l)y 2"J wife: 
Henry W., Oct. 10, 1847, and Caroline A., both, in 1874, of New Bedford; and 
Herbert, d. unm. H. W. .•^ays Jeremiali had a" brother in Rome, N.Y. ; two in 
Milford; a cousin iu New Haven; a nepliew William in Richmond; and a nephew 
George in Litchfield, where his mother was living iu 1874. 

553. Dennis, settled in Rome, N.Y., :uid had eight ch. 

301. ABEL^ James ^ James ^ Daniel ^ Daniel - Nathaniel,^ b. in 
Newtown, Conn., in 1748; ni,, Dec. 3, 1767, Rebekah Shepard, b. 
1746, dau. Timothy. The following children appear in Xewtowu 
Records. He and his wife joined the Church, Xov. 6, 1768. He 
d., it is said, about 1780. 

554. Amos, ))apt. Nov. 6, 1708. 

555. Huldah, bapt. March 17, 1771; d. June 12, 1774. 

556. Daniel, bapt. May 26, 1778. 

557. Huldah, bapt. June 11, 1775. 

302. CLARK" DaniePJames,M3. in Xewtown, Conn., Nov. 7, 
1752.; he m., April 2, 1775, Phedeme Prindle. His lirst ten chil- 
dren appear in Newtown Records. He removed afterward to West 
Stockbridge, Mass., and then to Lorain county, Ohio, near the 
mouth of Black river, where he d. on his farm about 1821. His 
wife d. Aug. 23, 1805. He and his wife were Episcopalians. 

558. Daniel Tousey, h. Jan. :.(», 1776: d. Nov. 20, 1786. 

559. Zada, b. July 8, 1777. 

500. Amos Glover, b. Jan. 22, 1779; became an Episcopalian clergyman, and 
d. iu Auburn, N.Y., about 1848, leaving no ch. 

561. Jo.^eph Clark, b. Sept. 1, 1780. + 

562. Phideme, b. Julv 15. 178-. 

yathanui, oj JlUford, Conncdicat. 443 

503. Cyrus Burwcll, b. Sept. 25, 1TS4; d. iinni. in Rockbridgx- couuty, V:»., 
August, 1855, at tlu- iKUise of his uophew, C. C, s. Joseph ('. 
oU. Philemou Priiidle, b. Fob. 21, 1786. + 
5(J5. Iluklah Ann, b. Fel». ID, 178;}, 
om. Daniel Tou.sey, b. Feb. 18, 1792. + 
5<)7. Lazarus Smith, b. Oet. 1:5, 179:1 

568. George, settled when quite yovuig near C'leveUuid, Ohio. In 181'J, he 
returned to Stoekbridge "to remove his parents." He d. of morbid typhus, suc- 
ceeding cholera, Sept. 5, 1834, having buried, a few days before, his wife and dau., 
who d. of cholera. He had two daus., of whom Eliza, 1). 1821, d. in 1834. 

569. Charles H., b. in Stoekbridge, Mass., March 19, 1802. He received a 
clas.sical education under Maj. Jared Curtiss. In Octol)er, 1819, when his father 
moved to Ohio, he went to Virginia, where, in his "Auto- Biographical Sketch,"' he 
says his brothers Joseph, Cyrus and Philemon had resided for many years, and were 
wealthy and higldy respected. He chose the profession of the law, and commenced 
practice in 1825, and soon after settled in Charleston, Kanawha county. He was 
an eloquent speaker, a close student, with a l)rilliant and acute mind, and in a few 
years had already accumulated a handsome property and a tine position. He was, 
says ^Ir. ilcComas, (M. C. from Virginia, 1835,) a popular counselor, an eloquent 
and able advocate, and a pleasant companion. He was an especial favorite with 
the people of Logan county, and therefore called the "Logan Chief." His tir^t 
printed production was a Fourth of July oration delivered in Winchester when he 
was twenty. In 1833, he was converted to the Methodist Church. He immediately 
gave up his profession and l)ecame a minister. He was an enthusiast, whose soul 
was in his work. He m. 1st, ^Ijss Elizal)eth Truslow, who d. soon after, leaving 
a daughter Mary Elizabeth, b. 1830, or January, 1831; m., Nov. 20, 1856, Thomas 
Patton, M.D , of Lewisburg, Greenbriar county, Va. 

He m. 2"fi. ]Miss Mary Jane, dau. Gen. Lewis, of Mason county, Va. ; she d. not 
long after, and m. 'd^d, March, 1837, Miss Ann Eliabeth Tavener. Their ch. were 
Charles Tavener and Thomas Tavener. His biographer says he loved each of his 
wives with a sincere, tender and pure love. He d. November, 1839. HisAvidow is 
living, 1875. The fourth edition of his biography was puljlished, 1874, in Cincinnati, 
Ohio, 314 pages, entitled "Conversion of a Skeptic, a Member of the Bar," by Kev. 
M. P. Gaddis, Sen. The volume shows strongly, the religious, ardent character 
of its subject, athou^h it is thought by his friends not to be properly ajipreciiitive 
in all respects. It is said that he was never properly a skeptic. 

Chai'les K., in hi.s "Autobiogi-apliical Sketches,"' says his mother 
"was a very piou.-^ woman and highly esteemed. His father was a 
farmer once in atliuent circumstances, but reduced by much sick-