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.. Koorriah .. 




Rowlands* Table Waters may be set on 
any table, for they have served Vice- 
Royalty for forty- five years. Let your 
guests enjoy the finest Waters obtainable. 


CoHi Sodawater 
Dry Cingerale 
LitKia. Etr^ 
Agentt for 
Koofnah Spa 


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HE launching of this biographical 
new ground in the "Who's Who" type 
of publication. For the democratic 
range of its personnel I offer no 
apology. I have assembled together 
thus compactly "thumb-nail" records 
of the public and sporting associa- 
tions of nearly 1,100 personalities of this district of 
Greater Ballarat. 

Ballarat district citizens and "sports" are as pro- 
gressive as those of any other center. Men and women 
of both types have individually and collectively helped 
to build up this picturesque and progressive city and 
environs. And while thus proving qualities of good 
citizenship they have enhanced their own prestige in one 
or other of the realms of art, science, commerce or in 
manual industry, in healthy honest sport or in religious 
and philanthropic endeavor, in legislative halls and civic 
chambers or on more sanguinary fields of battle ; in the 
preservation of life and property ur in the healing of the 
sick and the relief of the indigent and infirm. 

I am pleased to be able to add my publication to the 
historical records of this community, believing it to be a 
useful compendium of information of public service, 
family history, etc., of most of the leading local men and 
women of the time and of the district, many of whom 

have gone further afield than their native heath in search 
of fame and fortune. Having regard to the likelihood of 
the future historians of Ballarat drawing upon this store 
of information I have endeavoured to be accurate in the 
compilation of the records. 

It should be clearly understood that the records are 
not auto-biographical. Indeed in many cases I have 
relied entirely on my own knowledge of men and matters 
during a journalistic career of nearly 20 years without 
calling upon the subject concerned for the requisite facts. 
Comment has been avoided as far as possible, the author 
preferring to allow facts to speak for themselves, and any 
semblance of comment is absolutely my own unless 
where otherwise specified and for which the subject 
concerned is in no way responsible. The book is not a 
series of life stories — simply a record of facts, and I anv 
grateful to my many fellow citizens for their consent to 
the use in the manner shown of their names and associa- 
tions. Subscription is payment for the book itself 
and not for an appearance therein. 

I trust that " Citizens and Sports " — the first of its 
kind launched in Ballarat — will breast the tide of popular 
approval and enjoy a just measure of public appreciation 
and support, and, finally, that all the subjects concerned 
will "live as long as they want and never want as long 
as they live." 



July 3l8t, 1916 

[To his contemporary comradest of the daily press of Ballarat 
who may desire to draw from its stores, the author cordially 
dedicates his work with an expression of hope that their efforts to 
reflect or enlarge upon the virtues of those herein immortalised may 
be facilitated by a reference to its pages ] 


dj CO OS ,. t 












Bag Maker 
Rulers, &c. 


i z 


; a. 





A. ft P. 

Agric. and Pastoral 








. Adjudicator 








. Agric. High School 


. Associate Incorp. Ins- 

titute of A/ct. 


. Aust. Imperial Forces 


. Aust. Infantry Regi- 



. Aust. Light Horse 





A.M.C. . 

Army Medical Corps 


Aust. Natives Associa- 





Ancient Order of For- 



Appointed — ment 


. Apprenticed 




, Articled, Artillery 


. Army Service Corps 


. Associate — ed — tion 


Assisted — ant 


. A.ssoc. Trin. Coll. Lond. 






. Australia — n 




. Attended 




Aust. Women's Natio- 

nal l>eague 


Aust. Workers' Union 




Bachelor of Arts 








battalion: batting 




Bowling Club 










Brit. Med. Association 




Brigade — ler 


Britain, British 




Bachelor of Surgery 


Ball. I'nited Friendly 











Cathedral: Catholic 

C. B. ■. 

Christian Bros' School 


CrUket Club 


Cros.s Country Cham- 



Christian Endeavour; 

Civil Engineer 


Church of Eng. Men'ii 









Co. or Coy. 





Cym. — 



den. ■. 


























P. ft PelL 











P.M.E A. 

P.B.C.S. . 

P.B. Hort. 

Center, Central 



champion — ship 


Charities; Charitable 


County; Company 

Colonist; Colonel; Col- 

College; Collegian 

Committee; Commer- 
cial; Commodore 

Commission; Commls 

Conducted; Conductor 

Conference — s 

Continent; Contingent; 

Clerk of Petty Sessions 



Cvmrodorion (Welsh) 

Catholic Young Men's 



denominational school 

deputy; deputation 


diocese: diocesan 





Division — al 



Education — al — ed 

electric light 

elected, -oral, -oratCi — 

elocutionist — ary 


England: English 

engine — eer 

entered; entrance 






experiment: experience 



Football Association 

Fire Brigade 


Football Club 



Federation; Federal 



P\.otball League 

Fed. Mine Employees 
. Fellow Uoyal Coll. Sur- 

T<V11. Boval Oeol. Soc. 
SCO. Follow Royal Horti- 
cultural Society 




r.B^ Met. Soc. Fell. Royal Metereo- 


. Doctor of Medicine 

logical Society- 


mechanic — s — al 






Golf Club 


. meterologist; raeteoro- 


grand daughter 

ligical; metropolis 


Geologist; Geological 






. manager 


Girls' Friendly Society 


Mutual Improvement 







mining; minister 




. militia, military 


Grand Master 


Mbr. Legislative As- 


gold mining 







grandson and gfraromar 


. mounted 



. musical 




. municipal 




. North 

licp. or hcpr. 

handicap — per 






. New South "Wales 


head office 


, New Zealand 




, Officer; Official 




Officer Commanding 






head quarters 



s. a. 

High School 


Organist; Organiser 


head teacher 






Political Lab. Councii 




Political Lab. League 




Past Grand 




Police Magistrate; Post 



Master; Past Master 




Presbyt. Men's Assoc. 




Proprietor; Proprietary 


Independent Order of 


provincial; provisional 





inspector — al 




institute; institutions 




instructor; instruction 




Independent Order of 


Public Service; Public 








Justice of Peace 





Q. or Q'land 

. Queensland 


Licensed Auditor of 


Quarter Master 



Quarter Master Sgt. 








Rowing Association 


Labor — ite 


Rowing Club; Roman 


Lie. Associated Board 









registered; registrar 


Liberal ; Library 


represented — tative 


licentiate; licensee 


retired; returned 







Bt. Bevd. . 

Right Reverend 






Bachelor of Laws 


South Australia 






Lie. Trin. Coll. Lend. 










Secondary; Secretary 


long service 








Master of Arts 









S. S. 

State School 


Bachelor of Medicine 


Street and Saint 








Sun. Sch. 

Sunday School 






Turf Club 

Th. I.. 

Licentiate Theology 




transfer — red 



T. ft I^. CL . 

Trades & Labor CI. 






United States of Ame- 





Vic. Amat. Ath. Assoc. 


Vic. Ath. League 


Vic. Band Association 

V. D. 

Vol. Decoration of Col. 

Auxiliary Forces 

awarded to officers 

for long service 

Vic. Victoria 

V. I. of S. . Vic. Inst, of Sees. 

V.Ii. of V. . Vic. League of Victoria. 

VOL , volunteer; voluntary 

V.P. , Vice President 

V.M.B. . Victorian Mtd. Rifles 

v. Bys. . Victorian Railways 

Whelp. , Warrenheip 

■Wend. . Wendouree 

W'mere Windermere 

W.M. , Worshipful Master 

W.O. . Warrant Officer 

Y.C. . Yacht Club 

T.M.C.A. . Young Men's Christian 

Y.M.C. Young Men's Club 

jrrs. . years 


THE Compiler tenders his best thanks to the Ballarat Progress 
Association and to Messrs Baxter & Stubbs, Printers, for the 
loan of blocks of early Ballarat ; to the City and Town Councils 
for subsidising the reproduction of the views of present-day 
Ballarat City and Town, and to the secretaries of various Public 
Institutions for information relating to past and present-day 
office-bearers. Messrs. Campbell, Wilson Propty. Ltd., Artiuts 
and Engravers executed the majority of the blocks required in 
this publication. 






Ballarat and District 

Citizens and Sports 




/lb. fts. /ibcCallum 


A biographical gallery of 'Who's Who" in public, political, official, judicial, 
patriotic, naval, military, charitable, professional, scientific, artistic, journalistic, 
ecclesiastical, religious, temperance, industrial, clerical, mercantile, commercial, 
aerial, scholastic, social club, musical, dramatic, friendly society, fraternal, 
athletic and sporting life, with Ballarat associations, pastor present. 

"Sooner or later lome pa$$age$ of ettryone't romatie* 
mu$t be vrritUn either in teordt or aftiong" 

—Long/eUow's "Uyperion" 

Printed for the McCallum Presa and Publishing Company 


TULLOCH & KING, Propy. Ltd, 








''Citizens & Sports" 

'Men at some times are masters of their fates" 


ACXEBOXr, Fred J.; b Port Melb; s of 
Gil Acheson; attracted to bush in 
early youth and engaged at shear- 
ing; fdtion mbr A.W.U. '86; estab 
temporary h.q. of A.W.U. at Den- 
iliquin (N.S.W.) during big shearers' 
strike; met. agent "00; V.P. and 
assist, sec. and occasionally acting 
sec. Vlc.-Rlverlna branch A.W.U. 
Ball.; rep. of A.W.U. on Melb. and 
Ball. Eight Hours Com. sec. Ball. 
P.L.C. '06. 

ACHESOH, Wm. Xorrln; J.P.; b 
I)nimskalla (Ire) '37; arr Melb '55; 
assist, at Melb. Public Lib. and later 
bus. mgr. Ebenezer Syme's quartz 
battery at Mt. Egerton and battery 
at Golden Pt. owned by an Hano- 
verian count and Spanish eng.; 
later sec co-op min. cos. Brown 
Hill. White Flat and Canadian Hill; 
legal mgr. successively of Bonshaw 
G.M. Co. (received gold watch from 
employees for "impartial treat- 
ment" '68): floated S. Scotchman's, 
Prince Patrick, Mariners & Sloane's 
G.M. Cos. Stawell; later att. to 
B'fort interests; In more recent 
times legal mgr. of Band & Loch, 
Prince of Wales, Birthday Tunnel & 
Cent. Plateau, etc. Cos.; gaz J. P. 
about '86: ex-pres. Hosp. com.; treas 
for many years: Pres. Mech. Inst. 
•5 A '04: vicar's warden and ex- 
Bee, ft treas. Christ Ch. Cath.: l.g. 
Hosp. & Orph; V.P. and ex-pres. 
Art Gall CI. 

ACTOK, ITomian Beardsworth; s. of L 

Hy. Acton (col. of 50's; for many 
yrs. sec. Bungaree shire) ; b. Leigh 
Creek '76; educ. Leigh Creek SS. 
and Sch. of Mines, Ball.; asst. sec. 
B'gee sblre '90-12; sec. and rate 
collector Shire of Rlpon (Beaufort), 
since *12: hen. sec. B'fort Golf Club, 
treaa. Patriotic Brass Band, hon. 
sec. B'fort Belgian & Patriotic 
Fund committees and also of Mech- 
anics' Institute. 

AZBBETT. Cr. David K.; b. Scarsdale 
'64: s of Richard Aisbett (coach- 
builder and prop. Aisbett Royal 
Mall line of coaches and col. of '67): 
educ. Scarsdale S.S.; ent. Browns 
and Scarsdale Bor. CI. '02: mayor '0« 
-7 and '12-'13 (bor. Jubilee yr.), 
trustee Free Lib; V.P. Scarsdale 
Old Boy's Assoc: mbr S.S. com; old 
Bd, of Advice; V.P. Berringa dist. 
S.S. Assoc.; mbr. Presbyt. Church 
Board and Choir 

AZiOXE, Iilent. Bobert ▲.; b. Ball. '62- 
s. of 1 John Algie (col. of '54); 
ecluc. Martin's den. sch.; rose from 
pte. to sgt. of 3rd batt. Ball.: later 
«f,V, Instr.: Joined Instr. staff Vic. 
Milit Forces '85; became Warrant 
Officer '94: obt. comm. 1914 and app. 
brigade major 7th L. H. Brig., dofnjr 
temp, duty as staff officer Royal 
Park Training Camp '15-16; wd. 
have received promotion some yrs. 
a^o but for severe accident at 
v\endouree camp which placed him 
on health leave for lengthy period: 


was one of selected troops for rep. 
of Vic. at 1. Queen Victoria's Jubi- 
lee celebrations, London '97; atten- 
ded at Windsor Castle by command 
of Queen and received in audience, 
sent to London again in '98 by Vic. 
Defence Dept. for special training 
and qual. for machine gun and 
musketry cert, at Hythe sch.; also 
obt. mtd. inf. gym. and cavalry 
cert.; inspected Waterloo and other 
famous battlefields in tour of Bel- 
gium, Egypt, Spain, Italy, France 
up to Franco-German frontier; ser- 
ved in Sth. African w^ar of '00-2 
•with 3rd Vic. Cont. and Rhodesian 
Field Force and one of flying col- 
umn, made up of Aust. L.H. Cana- 
dian Art. and Imp. Yeomanry at 
relief of Mafeking, (Queen's and 
King's medals and bars). 
AXmIbAXI, Vincent B.; b Bendigo '74; s 
of Jas. Allan (building contractor); 
educ. Humffray-st. and Mt. Plea- 
sant S.S.; three yrs. In Govt. Min- 
ing Survey Office and prospected 
through Gippsland and West. Aust. 
with varying success; returned 
Ball. 1900 and engaged in commer- 
cial department local newspapers 
now organiser of "The Star" adver- 
islng dept.; resuscitated Ball. Fish 
Protection Society and Anglers' 
Club (reputed to be now the strong- 
est org. of kind in Aust.) ; hon. sec. I 
since '03; assist. In formation of 
piscatorial cluts In various parts of 
the State and advised State Fisher- 
ies Dept. on many occasions; mbr. 
exec. Ball. Fish Acclimatisation 
Soc; one of hon. sees. Red Cross 
Aquatic Carnival '16. 
AI.I.CHIN, Alf. r.; b. Oxford (Eng.) ; 
'42; s. of 1. Chas. Allchin (pioneer 
saddled of Ball.); arr. Aust. with 
parents, '53; settled in Ball., '55; 
walked overland from Portland to 
Castlemaine, '53 witnessing native 
corroboree en route; mbr. firm of 
Allchin & Morrell (now Allchin 
Bros. Prop. Ltd.), manufrs. of bags, 
leggings and footballs, and distrib. 
in all Aust. States; first capt. Sebas. 
F.B.; first pres. old and existing 
Ball. Fish Prot. Soc. & Ang. Club; 
v.p. Ball. Fish Acclimatisation Soc; 
mbr. old Vol. Rangers, and att. 
memorable "wet" Werribee camp: 
active mbr. old Royal Lib. League 
(protectionist), and keen follower 
of politics. 
A^BTOXr, Arthnr; M.A.; b. Warrnam- 
bool, '63 s. of G. D. Alston, (col. of 
53); educ. Hawthorn G.S.; M.A. of 
Melb. Univ.. '84; 2nd Master Haw- 
thorn G.S., '84; and Ball. Coll., '86; 
H.M. Colac G.S., '02; 2nd master 
King's Coll., Goulburn, '07; sen. 
master Ball. Coll. since 1912; ex- 
c&pt. and ex-hon. sec. Ball C.C; 
present hon. sec. Cent. B.C., and 
«J?i?i-^Ji£;.^^-^; settled Syd. 1916. 
AKDEBSOir, David; b Ball. E. '72; a 
of 1. John Anderson (of V. Rys.) ; 
educ. HumCfray-st. S.S. and Bains 

H.S.; (dux and matric '87); mging 
a/ct. R. Tunbridge & Sons, Propty: 
mbr, Y.M.C.A. Bd. six yrs.; one of 
fdrs. Sun. Sch. Cricket Assoc '90; 
sec. 5 yrs.; pres, 3 yrs.; V.P., N. 
City C.C; trustee and treas. Ebe- 
nezer Presbyt. Ch.; pres. Ebenezer 
branch P.M. A.; mbr. Publicity Com. 
"Forward Ballarat" movement. 

AVBEBSON, Geo. McAllester; b 
Albert Park '83; s. of Geo. Ander- 
son; a/ct. "Evg. Echo" since '13: 
first pres. Ball, division Fed. Clerk's 
Un. of Aust. '15-16; rep. G'long T. 
& L. CI. on Ball. T. & L. CI., '15: 
fdtion. mbr. St. And. branch of 
P.M. A,; ex-hon. sec St. Andrew's 
Y.M.C.; mbr. City A.N.A. 

AVDfiBSOXr, i;t.-CoL Thos.; O.C. 9th 
& 19th A L.H.. Ball. '03-13; rose from 
ranks of V.M.R. to Major; O.C. 
troops transports to war zone on 
act, serYlce, '15-16; prom. Lt-Col.: 
educ Ball. Coll.; m'ging a/ct. Ball. 
Hardware Co. for many yrs.; V.P. 
Ball. Old Coll. Assoc; dir. sev. Q.M 

Co 8. 

^^^^^BOV, Thos. Craig; b. Smea- 
ton, '70; s. of 1. Wm. Anderson (pio- 
neer grazier and miller) ; educ Ball 
Coll.; principal of firm of S. G. Val- 
entine & Co., stock & station sales- 
^®5: Ly^r^t., Ball, since '03; mbr. 
Ho*?^ ^T 9-= P*®- to capt. in old 3rd. 
batt. Inf.; now on off. reserve: 

a,l^^Bli?°'"- ^'''^^- •^3>= <^^^ Coi: 

•*-?J°=»SO»:. ,"?■*"«»; to. Inglewood, 
62 s. of Arth. Anderson (col. since 
61), educ. Eaglehawk Den. School; 
assoc with father In farming on 
Murray border for sev. years; set- 
tled Ball., '85; and for 26 years In 
charge Sales Dept. of Gas Works: 
playing mbr. for many years of 
Prout s band; secty. for term; seven 
yrs. with Militia band; mbr. V.B A 
STk^ Qf^^i W.M Ball. Mas. Lodge; 
mbr St. John's Pres. Ch. Bd.; teach 
ILii" S""- Sch.; ex-pres. St. John's 
Fellowship Assoc, and ex-pres. B. 
Fellowship Union. 

■*■'f^**^^.^'o'^°^" Edward; b. Durham 
(Eng.) 48; grocer, tea, wine and 
spirit merch., c/r. Sturt and Drum- 
mond sts.. Ball, since '80 (in premi- 
OnnufJ?^"^*^** /'■°'?l,-'^5 by Irvine 
coulter) ; ident. with same class of 
business past 53 yrs.: commencing 
at Lemlnster (Eng.) at age of 
15, spent some time at New York 
and San Francisco, before coming 
to Aust.: one of oldest mbrs. of 
• iS^Ar-L^^U."^ ^^"to, president 1905-6 
ANQWIK, Benjamin; s. of 1. Ben. 
Angwln (formerly of St. Justs 
(Cornwall) who arr. Aust. In '65 
tt°J"a 9^"^ornIa after crossinR 
U.S.A. from New York as a road- 
^i?L ?"° ■"'ho '^^^ for many yrs. 
shift boss at old Koh-i-noor mine) : 
"l 5^U: ^^^c- Cox's sch. mbr. com. 
^*f*^ ^^^i "Star" since '82; assoc 
with Neil-st. Meth. Ch. and Sch. 
since boyhood, ex church & society 


steward, now sec. Ch. Trust, for 
25 yrs. supt. sec or tr. tn Sun. 
Sch.; first capt. old Galatea (now 
Ball. Imp.) F.C., formed '73; one 
time Sec. Excelsior Juv. I.O.R. 
AVTCIiIFF£, Qeo. Henderson; b. 
Fyansford, '59; s. of 1. Geo. AntclifTe 
(b. Notts., Eng., '23; col. of '52; 
walked from Perth to Coolgardie at 
age of 70) ; educ. Roseinblum's and 
Cent. S.S., Dimelow's Coll. & Bain's 
H.S.; 4 yrs. Dimboola; Joined staff 
Ball. Trustees, etc., Co. at incep- 
tion in '87; a/c for some yrs.; now 
securities clerk; playing mbr. old 
Ball. C.C.; played against sev. Eng. 
elevens; fielded for Cleverly and 
Pateman, winners of Challenge 
single wicket match agst. Bennett 
& Hunt, many yrs. ago; played with 
Ball. C.C. at Hobart about '76 (then 
a youth of 17 yrs.) ; one of fdrs. 
and first champ. Ball. G.C., '96; mbr. 
com. sev. yrs.; one of earliest to 
play lacrosse in Ball; mbr. old City 
Tennis Club; for seven yrs. leading 
back of Alberts, and later Ball. P. 
C. ; mbr. com. sev. yrs.; one of 
earliest mbrs. City A.N.A. 
AVTCUFFE, TliOB. M.; b. Ball.; educ. 
Roseinblum's Sch., Bain's H.S. and 
Dimelow's Coll.; successively clerk 
for J. A. Chalk, min. agent; confld. 
mgr. and partner 1. Thos. Stoddart, 
sharebroker, Lydiard-st.; on own 
a/c since '95; mbr. Ball Stock Exch. 
and sev. local inst.; playing mbr. 
Ball. F.C. and BalL CC. (four cen- 
turies different seasons) ; played 
against four Eing. elevens; special 
medal for all-round play against 
Steele's Eng. XI.; many batting & 
fielding trophies; one of earliest 
lacrosse players in Ball.; mbr. old 
City Tennis Club; mbr. first com. 
Ball. G.C.; champ., '98; mbr. Cent. 
B.C. sines 1901; runner-up jun. 
champ, '02; pennant rink capt. since 
•09; club champ. '03, '07 '08, '14, '16; 
pres. trophy, '03, '04 & '07 ; Cuthbert 
trophy, 08; Thompson trophy, '09; 
rep. assoc. player; runner-up B.B.A. 
champ. '05 & '16; champ. '13; sev. 
times In semi-finals; leader B.B.A. 
champ, rink, '07 and '14; prize daffo- 
dil grower; amat. champ, of Melb., 
'07 and '14; sev. times and existing 
Ball. Amat. Champ.; winner Buck- 
land, Higgins, O'Loughlin cups, '08 
and '18: Snow. Cant. Tunbridge and 
rtarr (I>ond.) trophies. '09 and '13. 
AVBTTM, Hon. Anstla A.; M.L..C.; J.P.; 
b. Wlnchelsea, '65; s. of 1. Thos. 
Austin (of Barwon Park Est., Wln- 
chelsea): educ. O'long O.S. ; grazier 
and farmer, Narundel Est., Elaine; 
mbr Legis. CI. since '10 (succeeded 
1. Sir Henrv Wrlxon): mbr. B'yong- 
Shlre CI. since '07; ra«. J.P. about 
•80: mbr. G'long OS. and Ladies' 
Bch cIs.; mbr. Ball. Trustees, Exec.. 
etc.. Company's Board. 
AtrSTXH, Cr. Herbert A.; J.P.: b. OIm- 
tonbury (Eng.), '62; ■. of 1. Thos. 

Austin; educ. Geelong G.S.; grazier, 
Narmbool Est., Elaine; mbr. B'yong. 
Shire CI. since '88; sev. times pres.; 
mbr. G'long City CI. since '07; 
mayor, •11-'12; gaz. J.P. '89; pres. 
old Hardie's Hill Agric. Soc, for 10 
yrs.; rep. Southern Shires on Bd- of 
Health since '99. 
AITSTIK, Jos. P., b. London, '57; s. of 
1. John Austin (foreman Rennie's 
Fdy., London) ; arr. Aust. with par- 
ents in infancy; educ. private and 
State S.; joined Educ. Dept. "75; as 
teacher and stationed at Sale. Deni- 
son, Baxunah. Bendigo, Ball. (Pleas- 
ant-st. 1890-1911): H. T. of Wen- 
douree since 1911; mbr. com. S. S. 
Teachers' Union; oflicer of ,5th 
batt. Cadets (Lieut, to Capt, and 
Adjut); hon. sec. and mgr. Ball. 
Exhib. Choir. '96; later mgr. S. S. 
Sports Assoc, and S. S. Ath. Assoc; 
org. S. S. cricket and f-ball pennant 
AUSTZH, Alyce; L.A.B., L.T.C.L.; b. 
Bendigo; d. of above; educ. Pleas- 
ant-st. S.S. (Ball.); passed exam, all 
stages of Royal Acad, of Music, 
Lond., and Trin. Coll., Lond.; gain- 
ing dip. L.A.B., '08; A.T.C.L., '09; 
L.T.C.L. '10; highest marks for Vic 
In Trin. Coll. Intermed.; youngest 
student at time to hold two dip- 
lomas; won vocal scholarship, Mar- 
shall Hall Conservatorium. '12; 
amat. theatrical for two yrs; toured 
Australasia and India with Joseph 
Blascheck as Australian "Margaret 
Cooper," 1914-'16; winner many 
prizes at mus. comp.. Ball, and else- 
AXrSTZir, Ida P.; L.A.B.. L.T.C.L.; b. 
Ball.; d. of J. F. Austin; educ. 
Pleasant-8t. S.S.; pianiste since 5 
yrs. of age; winner sev. prizes Ball, 
(three gold medals) and other 
comp.; at ten yrs. won lower dlv. 
cert, with honors; later higher div., 
Intermed.. advanced and final, with 
L.A.B. dip.. '14; awarded special 
cert, of Royal Acad, for going 
through all stages with honors; 
matrlc. in music, Melb. Univ. Con- 
serv.. '08; A.T.C.L.. '12: L.T.C.L., 
•14 (highest marks for Vic); later 
took part in sev. operas with Misa 
Malyon at Marshall Hall Conserva- 
torium: accomp. Miss Clarice Mal- 
yon's operatic club; vocal student 
Miss Malyon's Melb. studio. 
ATSHT, Prank Alex.; b. Brown Hill 
'75: 8. of 1. Wm. Avent (who arr. 
N.Z. from Devon in early 50's and 
was In Ball, for Eureka Stockade of 
which was an eye witness In '54, 
becoming a pioneer builder of gold- 
field); educ Brown Hill S.S., master 
builder and contractor since '9*; 
built some of finest In dis- 
trict; pres. Master Builders' and 
Contractors' Assoc. '12-13; sec. and 
P.O. of Wend. Lodge G.U.O.O.F.: 
aleo P. DIst. G. and was O.M. of 
Order In Vic. '14-15, mbr. vestry St. 


John's Ang. Ch.; mbr. Ball. North 
Rec. Club; mbr. exec. Ball. North 
Progress Association. 

BAXI^zrr, Alt. Jas.; b. Wattle Farm, 
Mt. Rowan, '67; s. of 1. Wm. Bailey 
(b. '37, and pioneer pastoralist, 
sportsman, and min. co. investor) ; 
educ. Dimelow's Coll. (Ball.), and 
G'long G.S.; later admitted to Vic. 
bar, and mbr. legal firm of Bailey, 
Wynne & Coldham, '97-'10; active 
cricketer for 20 yrs. ; rep. bowler & 
batsman in all local teams against 
International & inter-State elevens; 
past office-bearer Ball C.C.; rep. 
oarsman at coll., and unbeaten in 
"head of river" contests while row- 
ing with Geelong G.S.; later mbr. & 
str. Wend. R.C.; ex-capt. Ball. F.C; 
ex-capt. G'long G.S. f. & c. teams; 
one of oldest mbrs. Wend. Tennis 
Club; pres. since '10; mbr. and ex- 
pres. Ball. G.C.; champ., '12 & '15; 
mbr. Diocesan Cath. Bd. 

BAIIiX:-?, Walter I^ewls; b. Ball., '69; 
8. of 1. Thos. Bailey (pioneer min. 
investor) ; g.s. of 1. Walter Craig 
(of Craig's Hotel, and one-time 
noted sportsman, owner of Nimble- 
foot, Melb. Cup winner '70) ; educ. 
Ball. Coll; visited Broken Hill in 
early youth, when that now famous 
silver field had but one windlass 
shaft: remained there 5 yrs.; later 
moved to W. Aust.; rep. of E. Row- 
lands, Ltd., since '03; pres. Old Coll. 
club, '15; active mbr. Ball, R.C., 
Ban. F.C. and Ball. City C.C. in past 
yrs.; mbr. Cent. & Wend. B. clubs; 
mbr. Ball. Turf Club Committee. 

BAZ&JD, Cr. Jolm.; J.P.; s. of 1. Robert 
Baird; b. Ayrshire (Scot.), '(50; arr. 
Aust. with parents, '70; educ. Blow- 
hard S.S. and Ball. Coll.; mbr. Ball. 
Shire CI. since 1900; pres., '07; gaz. 
J.P. '05; one of fdrs. Learmonth 
Mas. Lodge; first W.M., '95; sec. 
since '14; P.J.G.W. of Vic; ex- 
pres. Mech. Inst.; elder and treas. 
L'month Presbyt. Ch.; v.-p. Ball. 
A- & P. CI., and rep. on Vic. Cham- 
ber of Agric. since '05; rep. Vic. 
Sheep Breeders' Assoc, at Nat. S.B. 
Conf. Liverpool (Eng.), '10. 

BAIBS, Major Matthew; M.L.A.; 
mbr. for Ball. West; b. L'month, 
'79; s. of 1. Robert Baird; educ. 
L'month S.S.; served 4th Vic. Con- 
tingent (S. African war. '01), which 
hunted De Wet through Cape Col- 
ony for sev. months (clasps. Rhod- 
esia and Cape Col) ;ret, Vic. '02; att. 
Univ. Coll., Ball, (matrlc, '04) ; art. 
to bro. Robert, and admitted to Vic. 
bar, '10; mbr. firm of Baird & 
Baird, barr. & sol., Lyd.-st.. S., 
since '10; M.L.A. for Ball. W. since 
Nov. '11; ret. with increased major- 
ity, 14; mbr. Special Com. on Hous- 
ing: joined 7th A.LR. as lieut., '10; 
capt. '13: passed for major. '14: 
capt. 23rd batt. A.LF.. Gallipoli 
campaign and promoted on field 

'15-'16; pres. Ball branch S. 
African Sold. Assoc, '12; mbr. Sold. 
Statue Memorial Com, since '10; 
pres. L'month A.N.A., '05; pres. 
Ball. City A.N.A., '13; pres. Ball. 
Choral Union, '15; v.-p. City Band 
since '13; mbr. sev. debating soc. 
and teams, and successful debater 
and orator. South St. Soc; m. Ruby, 
d. of G. K. Coutts, J.P. 

BAIBD, Robert; s. of 1. Robert Baird; 
b. L'month, '70; educ. Blowhard 
S.S. and Ball. Coll.; articled to Mit- 
chell, Nevett & Robinson; and ad- 
mitted to Vic. bar as barr. & sol., 
'98; standing counsel in Ball, for 
Shops & Factories Dept., and Soc. 
for Prevention of Cruelty to Ani- 
mals; elder St. And. Kirk since '07; 
treas. St. And. Sun. sch., and mbr. 
Cent. S.S. committee. 

BAKEB, Chaa.; b. Ball. E., '82; s. of 
Wm. Baker; educ. Humffray-st. S.S. 
and St. Pat. Coll.; rep. footballer & 
cricketer; ex-capt. St. Kilda & Vic. 
elevens; rep. Vict. agst. Eng., S. 
Aust., N.S.W. & Tas.; scored 109 for 
Ball, against N.S.W. ; 76 & 66 agst. 
Elng. ; runner-up for three seasons; 
batting average St. Kilda C.C; win- 
ner batting avge. New Ball. Golden 
City & Vic. C.C; coach St. Patrick's 
Coll. C.C; in football, rep. Vic. 
agst. S. Aust., and Ball. agst. N.Z., 
Vic. & Bgo. leagues; capt. S. Ball. 
F.C, '14. 

BAKEB, Edwin; b. Staffordshire 
(Eng.), '49; arr. Ball., '64; Vic. Rys. 
service, '75-'ll; one of prom. Ry. 
Emp. Carnival for Orph.: first pres., 
'02-'05; l.g. Orph., and "The Baker'' 
summer-house erected in grounds in 
recognition of services; mbr. Orph. 
Com. since '06; pres., '12; W.M. Or- 
ion Mas. Lodge, '83; a life mbr.; 
P.J.G.D. of Vic; P.M. Ball. Mark 
Lodge; pres. Ironworkers' and Poly- 
technic assoc, •15-'16; pres. Ball. fe. 
Rifle Club. 

BAIiFOTTB, Ja«.; b. Eaglehawk, '62: 
s. of 1. Jas. Balfour (sgt. of old 
"Black Watch," who arr. Aust. with 
29th Highlanders in 40's); educ. 
Eaglehawk S.S.; goods checker 
Ball. W. Ry. Station since '89; on« 
of fdrs. Ry. Amb. Corps, Ball.; hon. 
Instr. & demonstrator since '00; 
mbr. Ry. Carnival Com.; l.g. Orph.; 
Oond. Amb. Class for recruits going 
on active service in order to fit them 
for aid work, '15. 

BAIiliHATTSEN, Herman; b. Ball.. 
69; s. of 1. Louis Ballhausen (pion- 
eer battery prop.); educ. Ball. Coll.; 
Joined Union Bank service. Ball., 
^■^ . ^/^ N^t- Bank, Premantlo 
(W.A.), '96; ret. Vic, '00; assist, 
sec. Ball. Benev. Asylum, '01-'O8: 
mbr. bd. since '15; hon. sec. Charity 
Sunday Com. since '03; inaug. Char- 
ity Saty. '09; and since annually 
org. collections; l.g. Hosp., Benev. 
AOrph. Asylums In recognition of 
Charity Sun. labors; treas. Ball. R. 


C, '02-'05; pres. Mech. Inst. Com. 
•14-'15; also assist, org. of Red 
Cross, etc.. collections. 
BAMBRZCX, Barry; b. Camperdown, 
and settled in Ball, with father in 
early youth; educ. St. Patrick's 
Coll.; prominent society entertainer; 
successful humorist, Irish comedian 
and ventriloquist, starring with 
"Tango Teddy" ; mbr com. St. Pat- 
rick's O.C. Assoc; assist, sec. Ball. 
Handball Club, and winner Vic. & 
S.A- pairs and singles h'ball champ., 
'07 (unbeaten) ; unchallenged cham. 
of Aust., '08; champ, of St. Patrick's 
Coll., 'OS-'OS; won handicap tourna- 
ment from 25 pts. bhd. scr. (record 
back mark in Vic); successful ped- 
estrian (100 to 440 yds.);flrst Ball, 
rep. in Vic. amat. billiard champ.. 
Melb., '09; but beaten by current 
champion; won St. Pat. club tourna- 
ment, '08; claims unfinished practice 
break of 1,000 (anchor stroke), '08 
(vide "Ball. Star." Oct. 15. '08): met 
A. Jones, of Melb., for open champ, 
of Ball., '09; Jones won, and ne- 
gotiations for second match sug- 
gested by H Bambrick fell through; 
H. B. later recognised champ, of 
Ball.; partnered A. E. Williams 
(English bllliardist) in Vic. tour. 
*11 : and played with sev. noted 
blUiardist.s in exhib. games. j 

BABAOWAITATH, 'Wm.; Dip. Geol.; 
8. of Wm. Baragwanath (mining | 
surveyor); b. Durham Lead, '78; 
educ. S.S.; Vic. Coll. & S. of Mines;! 
where gained dip. in geol.; art. 
Robert Allan, and later ent. Geol. 
Survey Branch of Vic. Mines Dent., 
•97; stationed Walhalla, Castle- 
maine. Woods Point and Ball., since 
•06: now sen. field geol. in charge 
Ball, mining dist. g.s. party; holds 
field geol. ('07), land & surveying 
('02), and mln. surveying ('03) 
cert.; assist, field geol., 'OS-'O?; sen. 
field geol., '15; mbr. Surveyors' Inst, 
and Aust. Inst, of Min. Eing.; con- 
trib. freely to Dept. records, and 
reports on most gold fields of Vic. 
published hy Dept. 

BASCI^AT, Henry, ex-Gov. Ball Gaol ; 
s of Ja.«i. Barclay, b Kilmore '63; 
]oine<l Penal Department. Pentrldge 
as warder '84; sen. warder Bendlgo 
•94; gov. H.M. prison Sale '99; gov. 
H.M. prison. Ball. '13: gov. H.M. 
prison. Geelong. '15: hon. sec. Sale 
Presby. Ch. 'O.^-lS; mbr. com. Ebe- 
nezer Pres. Ch.. Ball. '13; A.D. 
Drnjds Lodge, .Sf\le 'H. 

BABKEB. O«o. Hendersoii; b Ball. 
'64: s. of 1. Chas. Barker (Cltv aud); 
•due. Ball. Coll.: 15 vrs. n/ct. ex- 
perience under father: 12 yrs. on 
Bank of Australasia staff and pio- 
neered the Bank at Broken Hill; 
nelng mbr. of first staff there; mbr. 
Inst. Incorp. A/ct.: lie Govt, andl- 
tor: legal mgr. Britannia. Golden 
Reefs and Eganstown G.M. Co.'s; 

hon. sec. Queen Vic. Statue com. '97 
one time active mbr. City R.C. 
BABBBB, John Martin, J.P.; b BalL 
'64; s of 1. Chas. Barker (City audi- 
tor); educ. Ball. Coll.; mbr. Ball. 
Stock Exch. since '01; aud. Ball. 
Ang. diocese and leading mining 
COS.; pres. Aust. Inst. A/c. since 
'13; treas. City Free Library; pres. 
'08 dir. Ball. Bank Co.; pres. IIosp. 
•07-8; also l.g.; pres. Cent. B. C. 
'06-7; mbr. City CI. '99-14; mayor 
1904-5 and 1911-12; rep. on Water 
Comm. four terms; app. Govt. mbr. 
of comm. '13-14; propounded scheme 
for helping Govt, to finance build- 
ing of Ry. workshops, Ball., during 
mayoral term '12; CI. offered to pay i 
per cent. int. on outlay of £40,()00 
for period of 10 yrs.; pres. Soldiers' 
Statue com.; acting <5ity treas. 1915; 
trustee Newington A.N.A. 
BABKBB, Dr. Walter Herb.; B.A. 
Cantab. M.A. (Melb.); M.R.C.S, 
(Eng.); L.R.C.P. and L.M. (Edln.): 
b London, s of Samuel Barker, M.D.; 
of Brighton (Eng.); educ. Brighton 
Coll. (Eng.); Clare Coll. Camb.: 
mbr. med. staff St. Bartholomew 
Hosp. (Lon.); med. off. Hants* 
County Asylum; arr. Aust. '87; now 
sen. supt. Vict. Lunacy Dept., sta- 
tioned Ararat and Kew as med. 
supt. Hosp. for Insane, now med. 
off. Wend. Hosp. for Insane, Receiv- 
ing House, and H.M. prison, Ball., 
hon. consultant mentaPl dis. BalL 
Hosp.; stroked Clare Coll. eight; 
mbr. Old Brlghtonians (Eng.) 
Assoc; served 2nd battn. Royal 
Sussex Regt. (Terrlt.); now O.C. 
70th battln. Senior Cadets, Ball.; 
retired capt. of R.A.A.M.C; V.P. 
Ball. Yacht Club; mbr. Ball. Golf 
Club: publications — Mental Disea- 
ses (Cassels & Co.). 
BABBES. F.W.; b Learmonth 1S62: 
s of Thos. C. Barnes, mbr. firm of 
Barnes & Son, undertakers, L'month 
for many years, purchased businefus 
of Jordan & Tippett. Ball. '13; now 
trading as P. W. Barnes & Son: 
W.M. L'month Mas. Lodge 1908; ex 
pres. L'month A.N.A. ; ex -pres. Pub- 
lic Library and mbr. Hall com.; ex- 
mbr. com. Presby. Ch. and ex- 
teacher In Sun. School: enthusiast 
In bow ls, cricket and Tball. 
BABVES, Ueut. Bonglas; b L'month 
1.S90, s of above: educ. Learmonth 
R.S., and C. of B.G.S., Ball.: mbr. 
firm of P. W. Barnes & Son, under- 
takers and embalmers: Joined 7th 
Regt. Ball, as pte. '08; corp. 'lO; 
lleut. G Coy. 71 st City of Ball. 
Rifles '12: CO. Signalling Corps 
•12; CO. Mobilisation Depot, Ball., 
Aug. '14: on active service Galli- 
poll campaign with 23rd battn. Srd 
Kxn. Porre as signalling and com- 
mimlcatlon officor, '15: wounded In 
action In Prenoh campaign. and In- 
valided to England; hon. seo. 



Ball. Presby. Fellowship Union and 
St. Andrew's branch, assist, sec. St. 
Andrew's Y.M.S., before leaving for 
front, tnbr. City A.N.A. and St. 
John's Mas. Lodge. 

BABXCES, Senator Jolin, b Hamilton, 
S.A., '68; farming, shearing and 
mining pursuits from early youth, 
and became identified with indust. 
unionism as mbr. Barrier Miners 
Union (Broken Hill), later shearer s 
org. and shed rep. (9 yrs.); polit. 
org. A.W.U. '09-11, sec. Vlct-River 
Ina branch (h.o. Ball.) 1911-13; 
Pres. '14; mbr. Austn. Exec, 1913; 
elected C'wealth Senate for Vic. '13; 
ret. head of poll (double dissn.) 
1914; ex-pres. Ball. P.L..C.; V.P. 
P.L.C. of Vic. '15; dir. "Evg. Echo;" 
mbr. Fed. Prices Adjustment Board 

BABBOW, Pred.; b '61; s of 1. W. H. 
Barrow; educ. Cox's Sch.; mbr. 
South-st. Deb. Soc. since Inception; 
also ex-pres.; pres. Ironworker's & 
Polytechnic Assoc. '11-12; sec. Cent. since '11; mbr. Dioc. Synod 
and Sch. Bd. and mbr. exec. C. of E. 
M.S.; one of first students Ball. Art 
Sch.; mbr. St. Paul's vestry, ex-mbr. 
All Saints' vestry; Ball. rep. on 
CI. of Master Masons Assoc, of Vic. ; 
mbr. firm of Barrow & Son, monu- 
mental masons. 

BAZTEB, Bobert Wilson; b. Old 
Meldrum, Aberdeenshire (Scot.), 
'50; educ. Glas. Acad., and at Lond.; 
three yrs. service on Com. Bank 
of Scot., at Newburgh, Fife; arr. 
Aust., '74; settling at Stawell; be- 
came gen. mgr. "Pleas. Creek 
News" (then a daily); later estab. 
"Stawell Times"; arr. Ball., '97; 
estab. firm of R. W. Baxter & Co., 
gen. printers & publishers, & prop, 
the "Star" and other journals. 

BAZTEB, Oeorgte S.; s. of above; b. 
Stawell, '84; educ. Stawell S.S., Har- 
vard Coll., Stawell, & Gren. Coll., 
Ball.; mbr. of firm of Baxter and 
Stubbs, printers & publishers (es- 
tab. '05); mgr. of printing branch; 
also mbr. firm of R. W. Baxter & 
Co.. proprs. "The Star"; mbr. St. 
Andrew's Kirk Board. 

BEACHAM, Edward, b. Clunes '68; s. 
of John Beacham, educ. Clunes S.S.; 
for 11 yrs. resident of Allendale: 
settled Ball. '03; lie. Corner, Beac- 
ham's and Unicom hotels successi- 
vely; first pres. Golden Pt. A prade 
F.C.; pres. Golden Pt. Sen. F.C. 9 
yrs., elected life patron '12; pres. 
Ball. Jun. F. Assoc, sev. yrs.; pres. 
C. grade F. Assoc, since '13; mbr. 
Gun Club com. sev. yrs.; winner 
sev. heps, and In sev. big divides: 
one of fdrs. Ball. East B.C., pres. 
'09-10; v.-p. Ball, branch Licensed 
Victuallers' Association. 

BEATTMOKT, Alice; d. of 1. L. P. 
Cutter; b. London; arr. Aust. in 
childhood; educ. Quinlan's Ladles' 
Coll. Ball, and musically by 1. Mrs. 

W, Little; m. Jas. Beaumont (of 
H.M. Customs, Sth. Aust. who died 
few yrs. later) ; reg. tr. piano and 
organ, 1007 Malr st.. Ball.; ident. 
with musical life of Ball, since 
girlhood; at age of 14 yrs. was hon. 
planlste of fine art concerts in early 
days of Mech. Inst.; one of first 
mbrs. Ball, branch A.W.N.L., also 
mbr. com.; promoted successful 
Belgian Relief fund and Cres. Hosp. 
concerts 1915; assisted in many 
public charit. and church efforts 
throughout district without regard 
to denomination. 
BECKMAXr, Zusp. Hy. CbaB.; b. Ball. 
'56; s. of 1. Hy. L. Beckman (col. of 
early 50's, settling first at Melb. & 
two vrs. later at Ball., in height of 

fold digging boom; built first crush- 
ng mill at Golden Pt.); educ. Low- 
ther's Sch.; joined Vic. police force 
'80; transf. mtd. branch. Ball. 41 
yrs.; Yandoit 10 yrs.; also Clerk of 
Courts; opened Brown Hill P.S. 
July '94; highly complimented by 
Judge Casey, for work in a cattle- 
stealing case; prom. sen. const. 
'99; trans. Ball. N.; prom. 2nd class 
sgt.; then took charge Ball. City.; 
prom. 1st class sgt. '09; sub. Insp. 
'11; transf. Russel-st. thence to 
Warrnambool '13; prom. insp. '15; 
retired '16; received public tokens 
of appreciation at Yandoit, Brown 
Hill, Ball. N. & Ball. City: deeply 
interested in Sun. sch. work at all 
places named, and supt. Sun sch. at 
Yandoit, Neil-st. and N. Carlton; 
trained children for Sun. sch. anniv. 
over 20 yrs.; ex-conductor of Ch. 
choirs at Brown Hill, Nell-st., N. 
Carlton and Wbool; ex-mbr. of 
Ball. Orpheus Male Choir; chm. of 
Choral Tjnion; mbr. of other kind- 
red soc. in comp. work at Ball., 
Sydney, Toowoomba and L'ceston. 
and successful in male quartettes, 
being acceptable tenor, also in con- 
cert work. 
BEGOS, Hon. Theodore; M.L.C., J.P.: 
b. '59; s. of 1. Francis Beggs, of 
Eurambeen Estate, col. of '50); 
educ. ptely.; resided at Eurambeen 
since Infancy; grazier and pro- 

Erietor Eurambeen est.; elected to 
.egis. CI. of Vic. as one of mbrs. 
Nelson prov., '10; re-elected unop- 
posed, '16; mbr. (& past pres.) Rip- 
onshire CI. for 22 yrs.; retiring few 
yrs. ago; mbr. Cls. of Ball, and 
Beaufort-Stockyard Hill A. & P. 
societies; mbr. CI. of Pastoralists' 
Assoc, of Victoria. 

BEZTK, Capt. Duncan; b. Ball. '90; s. 
of Duncan Beith (Vic Rys.): 
educ. Macarthur-st. and HumfEray- 
st. S.S.; joined Vic. Rys. as jun. 
clerk '05; clerk in h.o. Melb. '13-15 
pte. to Lieut. In 7th A.I.R.; on ac- 
tive service Gallipoli and France as 
Capt. 23rd batt. A.I.F. '15-16: supt. 
of Ry. Amb. Corps, Ball. '11-13; 
treas. Sandrlngham Tennis Club, 

BEITH, Intent. Gordon; b. Ball. '94* 


s. of Duncan Beith (of Vic. Rys., 
Ball.) ; educ. Macarthur and Hum- 
ffray-sts. S.S.; clerical staff Ball. D. 
T.S. office Vic. Rys.; served in sen 
cadets and one of first quota transf. 
to Citizen Forces '12; later lieut. 
70th Inf. Regt. ; enlisted for active 
service '15 (had to go to Sydney 
before overcoming medical objec- 
tions) ; took part in Gallipoli opera- 
tions serving in front trenches at 
Lone Pine; severely wounded and 
invalided home. 
B2&Xi, Alexander; b. Scarsdale '66; s. 
of 1. Robert Bell (col. of early 50's, 
who estab. store at Scarsdale in 
early mining period and who foun- 
ded firm of R. Bell & Sons, grocers, 
wine and spirit merchs., Lydiard- 
st., Ball, in '90); educ. Scarsdale 
S.S. and Ball. Coll; now carrying on | 
bus. of Alex. Bell & Son, Lyd.-st.; 
partner father in estab. Bailarat bus ; 
mbr. Ball. com. of Scarsdale Old 
Boys' Assoc; W.M. Orion Mas. 
Lodge '01; now treas.; P.S.G.D. of 
Vic; mbr. cl. of Ball. Elmp. & Pro- 
ducers' Assoc; an old time racing 
cyclist, winner numerous events at 
Ball. Melb. and other centers from 
back marks; clubs^-Old Col. and 
BEIiIi, Cr. Alex.; b. Dumfermline, 
(Scot.) '50, arr. Vic. early youth; 
educ. Carisbrook S.S.; identified 
with grocery business 50 yrs. ago 
and traded at Ball. South for sev- 
eral yrs., then retiring; later estab. 
as auct. and share broker; mbr. firm 
of Bell, Lambert & Co., now Bell, 
Lambert & Nixon; mbr. Stock Elxch. 
■ince '92; mbr. City Cl. '91-99; and 
a^ln since '10; mayor '96-7; served 
one term on Water Commission; 
existing chairman Ball. Woollen 
Mill Co., and visited EIng. In Coy's 
Interests '14; dir. Britannia Q.M. 
and Ball. Land Mortgage Co's since 
inception; chairman old Horse 
Tramway Co.; pres. Queen Statue 
Com. and mbr. Bums and Moore 
Statue Com.; g.m. St. Andrew's 
Order (defunct) *77; trustee Ball, 
branch A.M. A. for many yrs.; one 
of oldest mbrs. South-st. Debating 
Society: mbr. Cl. Old Col. Assoc; 
W.M. Yarrowee Masonic Lodge 
'08-9; mbr. Benev. Asylum com.; 
pres. City B.C. '96-7; clubs — Com. 
a nd O ld Col. 
BSraZTT, Alfred, 8 of Alfred Ben- 
nett (pioneer of Ball, dint.) b. 
Scarsdale '63; educ. Lowther's Sch. 
(Errard-«t.) Ball.; ent. Vic. Postal 
Dept. as teleg. messenger '77; sta- 
tioned Ball. (4 yr«.); teleifraphlst 
Cent. Exch. Melb. (3 yrs.): Bendlgo, 
(3 yrs.); Maryborough (one yr.); 
sen. tele». Ball. (sev. yrs.): p.m. 
Ararat (4 yrs.). inspecting branch 
Bendigo di«t. (3 yrs.); p.m. Ball. 
15: mbr. special com. to Investi- 
rate teleg. systems of C'wealth 'IB; 
M-pres, Ararat O. C; and Identmed 

various local bodies whilst In Ara* 
BEHZTETT, Xiient Cyril, s of above; b 
Ball. '94; educ. Urquhart-st., Wen- 
douree and Ararat S.S.; pte. and 
corp. Vol. Sen. Cadets, corp. 71st 
battn. Sen. Cadets, 2nd lieut '12; 
lieut. '13; area oflJcer, '15; vol. for 
active service with A.I.F., but In- 
valided during training. 
BENNETT, I,t-Col. Alf. Wllton; V.D.; 
b Ball. '66; mbr. firm of W. Ben- 
nett & Sons, watchmakers and jew- 
ellers, Bridge-st. (estab. by father 
. '62); ed. Gren. Coll.; pres. BalL 
City R.C.; Regatta Assoc, and Ball. 
Dist. Rifle Club Union; ex-pres. 
Ball. Rifle Club (now V.P.): Ball. 
Exhb. comm. ; ex-sec. and ex-pres. 
Ball. Swimming Club; p.m. Yarra- 
wee Mas. Lodge; l.g. Mas. Homes, 
Melb. and Old Soldiers' Home, Drys- 
dale; treas. Soldiers' Statue Memo- 
rial Fund; official timekeeper Ball, 
and Miners' T.C. and Eight Hours 
Anniv. Sports; V.P. East Ball. H.C; 
joined 3rd battn. Inf. as pte. '83; 
filled all ranks up to major, gaining 
comn. rank '85; lieut-col. 7th A.I.R. 
•07; unattached '12; O.C. 18th Bri- 
gade '15; capt. victorious 7th Rgt. 
in Schumacher Empire Shooting 
Comp. '08; and in all Ballhausen 
Shield home and home matches with 
British Guard teams; ex-pres. 7th 
Rept. Rifle Club: CO. batt. A.I.F. 
operations In France, '15-16. 
BENNETT, Supt. Bobt. K., b Barra- 
bool Hills, nr. Geelong '56; Joined 
Police Force '76, attached many 
stations, extending to n. s., e. and 
w. limits of State; was at Merino 
when Kelly bushrangers broke 
away, and spent six months with 
search party; prom. sen. const, at 
Wycheproof, sgt. at Baimsdale, 
sub-insp. Fltzroy, supt. Warrnam- 
bool, and transf. to cbarpe of Ball, 
police dist. '13; awarded cert, of 
merit, decorated by Lady Tennyson 
with R.H.S. medal for saving life 
of drowning child at B'dale. at risk 
of own life. 
BENOXT. Clias. S.; b Ball. '59; s of 
C. G. Benoit, educ. Holden's Plea- 
sant-st. S.S.; Iron moulder Munro'a 
agric. Imp. works; Alfredton, for 
many yrs.; with G. Williams estab. 
"Sun" fdry, Malr-st.. 1903, distribu- 
ting "Sun" grates, flreolaces (cop- 
per frames) etc. in all States of 
C'wealth; one of promoters and 
mbr. flr.«»t board of G. Munro Propty. 
I-td. (1911). agrlc. imp. manufrs. 
BBBBT, Cr. Andrew B.; b Mary- 
borough; s of 1. Andrew Perry (for 
many yrs. registrar Ball. S. of 
Mines); educ. Pall. Coll.; mbr Ball. 
"Star" composing staff until '89 
when joined J. L. Ander.«<on In estab. 
printing and bookbinding bus. of 
Berry. Anderson & Co.; published 
"Sporting World" every Sat. for 
past 25 yrs.; now Berry, Anderson 



Prop. Ltd.; playing mbr. Bail. F.C. 
12 yrs.; sec. and pres. 18 yrs.; pres. 
Ball. F. J^ssoc. since '07; mbr. Inves- 
tig. Com.; one of fdrs. City B.C.; 
pres. '03-4; champ. '13-14; rink capt. 
tor 16 yrs.; ex-pres. B.B.A., now 
mbr. exec, and selection com.; capt. 
rep. rinks in annual inter Assoc, 
matches; pres. City Lib. '98; mbr. 
com. Miners' T.C. for 12 yrs; V.P. 
Wend. R.C., Ball. Harr. Club and 
Ball. Y.C., the sen. mbr. Orion Mas. 
Lodge, mbr. Art Gall. CI.; l.g Benev. 
Asylum; mbr. City CI. since '14; 
visited Europe and U.S.A. on bus. 
and pleasure '12-13, and played for 
N.S.W. agst. London Bowling Club. 

BBSST, Henry B.; .F.V.I.S. s of 
above; b Ball. '84; educ. Ball. Coll.; 
mbr. firm Berry, Anderson & Co. 
Pty. Ltd., printers and publishers; 
In 1910 toured Grt. Britain and U. 
S.A. to study modern printing me- 
thods; hon. sec. Ball. Yacht Club 
since '13; mbr. Progress Assoc; one 
of fdrs. Ball, branch of Vic. Inst, of 
Secretaries, elected Fell, of V.L of 
S. '15. 

8EBBT, B«nj. s of 1. Sir Graham 
Berry, K.C.M.G. (ex-premier of 
Vic.) b Prahran, educ. G'long G.S.; 
State Treasury dept. since youth: 
at G'long, Melb. B'go and Ball, re- 
ceiving paymaster at latter two 
centers; transf. Ball. '10. 

BSBBT, Kate; b. Melb.: educ. Glen- 
ferrle H. S.: m Benj. Berry '87; re- 
sident B'go '89-10; actively interes- 
ted in politics; Joined B'go branch 
A.W.N.L.; pres. 3 yrs.; .sec. 2 yrs: 
and for 8 yrs. hon. org.; settled 
Ball. '10, org. sec. Ball. A.W.N.L. 
for Ball. Fed. elect., mbr. Cent. CI., 
sec. Ball, elect, com. since '13; ac- 
tive and forceful campaigner and 
platform speaker; by invitation 
toured Tasmania on behalf of A. 
W.N.L. for State election '12: hon. 
sec. for Ball, of Empire Trade De- 
fence Association. 

BEBBTMAN, Boy; b Ball. '95; s of 
John Berryman, g.s. of John Stew- 
art; educ. Pleasant-st. S..S.: associa- 
ted with firm of John Stewart & 
Co., produce merch.: V.-Capt. Wend. 
Rec. Tennis Club 1914; milit ex- 
perience with jun Cadets, senior 
Cadets (sgt. 71 A battn.); trans- 
ferred Citizen Forces as corp. mac- 
hine gun section 71st City of Ball. 
Inf. '13; Corp. 1st A.S.C.. Ball. '14; 
on active service in European war. 

BTTSEMEBES, Prank; b Dunedin (N. 
Z.) '67; s of Wm. J. Besemeres 
(pioneer literateur scholar and 
press contrib ("Quince"): settled 
Ball. dist. with parents in child- 
hood; educ. Cres. S.S.; "Speedv" 
auct. 67 Lyd-st. N., since '14; thrice 
nres. South-st. Soc. and mhr. since 
'81: pres. City A.N. A. '97. also mbr. 
building com.; active advocate of 
Federation of States; mbr. Queen 

Carnival Competitions Committee. 
I BEST, Bev. Joseph; Th. L.; s. of 1. Cr. 
Hv. Best, J.P., (of Grt. Western & 
pioneer of West. Vic); b. Great 
Western '80; educ. Stawell S. of M. 
and St. Aidan's Theol. Coll., Ball.; 
ord. deacon '04; priest '08; vicar St. 
Aidan's, Berringa, 05; St. George's. 
Nhill, '07; St. Paul's. Linton, ^12; 
and St. John's, Ball. N. '15; vol. for 
active service in great war; capt.- 
chaplain 39th Ballarat Battn. 

BZBBY, Cr. Wm. K.; b. Ball. '75; B. of 
Thos. Bibby (col. of '52); educ. In- 
vermay S.S.; farmer of Invermay; 
ent. Bungaree Shire CI. '07; mbr. 
finance com.; mbr. St. James (Ner- 
rina) Ang. Church com.; mbr. Ball. 
N. Rec. Club and Invermay S.S. 

BZCKSBTON, Brlff. Hy. Xi.; b London; 
s of Wm. Bickerton (stockbroker); 
grad. Lond. Training Coll. of Sal- 
vation Army, for seven yrs. educ. 
officer Fed. Training Coll., Melb.; 
successively cadet, lleut, capt, en- 
sign, ad jut. staff capt, major and 
brig, in N.S.W., N.Z., Queensland, 
(Provincial CO.); and Vic, has 
served as pte. sec. to Comm. McKie 
& Chief Sec. Peart; app. brig, and 
div. commander Ball. div. (West 
Vic.) Feb. '15. 

BZCKETT, Ja«. Xillhincll, J.P.; b. 
near Girvan, (Scot.) '26; arr. Melb. 
'49; spent ensuing five yrs. varied 
experiences on Vic. and N.S.W. gold 
diggings and sheep runs; closely 
associated with Ball, and B'yong 
goldfields in early '50's, mbr. first 
B'yong mining court; '56; elected 
to Ball. Mining Bd. '62; chairman 
'68; and during term received H.R. 
H. Duke of Edinburgh; clerk '74 till 
'14; (when mine was abolished); 
was legal mgr. many min. co's of 
Ball, and dist.; one of fdrs. Ball. S. 
of Mines, '70; mbr. CI. and V.P. for 
many yrs.; one of earliest J.'sP. of 
Ball.; early mbr. Old Col. Assoc; 
pres. Mech. Inst. '83, '93 and '01; 
hon. sec. Burns and Moore Statue 
com., mbr. com. and l.g. Ball Orph. 
since '94; pres. 1900; and mbr. CI. 
Fine Art (^allery for many yrs. 

BIBSS, Tred 7.: b. Ball. 'S4; s. of John 
Birss: educ. Urq-st. S.S.; pres. City 
branch A.N.A. '13: mbr. com. Miners 
T.C; and com. Christ Ch. Y.M.C; 
V.P. Ball. Harr. Club; mbr. Orion 
Mas. Lodge; first sec Sun. Sch. F* 
ball Assoc. '05; first sec. St. An- 
drews F.C. '05: sec Fridav F. Assoc 
'08-13: sec. Soldiers Hill F.C. '08; 
tobacconist, etc.. Lyd-st. N. 

B^ACSMAK, Capt. Iiyle Anbrey, s. of 
Wm. Blackman: b. Miner's Rest '90; 
educ. Miners' S.S.. Ball. Cent. 
S.S. and Gren. Coll. (ent. schol.); 
assist. Sec. and A/ct Grand Natio- 
nal Eisteddfod. Ball, for sev. yrs.; 
hon. sec. Ball. N. Tennis Club: 
joined 7th A.T.R. as 2nd lieut '12; 
later of 71st Regt.; comm. as lieut. 



m A I F. Egyptian & Gallipoll cam- 
naiens '14. '15; prom. capt. on ser- 
vice- participated Ismalia skirmish 
landing at Gaba Tepe & battles of 
Cape Helles; invalided to Eug. lat- 
ter part of 1915. ^ , ^ ,„„„ 

BZ.A»:z^T, Cp. John C; b Berringa, 
•62: s of H. Blakely (coL of early 
•50'8): educ. Berringa, S.S.; farmer 
and grazier of Managh Vale. Ber- 
ringa; mbr. Grenville Shire CI. 
since '93; pres. "99-00 and '08-9; mbr. 
Berringa R.C. Ch. com. and assoc. 
■with other district institutions. 

BIiANCHFIXIiO, S«n. Const., Rich- 
ard; b Bfort '57; s of Pierce 
Blanchfleld; joined Vic. Police 
Force '85; sen. const. '96; stationed 
successively Melb., Carlton, Stawell 
Ball. City; in charge Redan since 
•12; iron quoit thrower of long 
standing; champ, of Victoria since 
1910; since unchallenged; champ, of 
Ball. '08-9; keen cricketer for many 
yrs.; capt. Stawell C.C. '90-01; (batt. 
avge. several yrs. and occasionally 
bowl, avge) ; played for Stawell 
agst Stoddart's Eng. Eleven: also 
plavefl in Maryborough dist. cricket. 

BZiSiSASD, Major Zvle: b. Lanca- 
shire (Eng.) "^78; s. of W. H. Ble- 
zard; arr. N.Z. at age of 7, and 
later resided at W. Maltland (N.S 
W.): settled Ball. '95; joined old 
3rd batt. Inf. as pte.; served In Sth. 
African war as pte. of 3rd Vic. 
mtd. cont.; (Queen's medal with 
five bars) ; wounded at Fauresmlth 
and Inval. home: comm. as lieut. 
7th A.I.F. Ball. '04; and Vic. Ran- 
gers, Echuca since '07: capt. '10: 
E Coy. comdr. of 67th Inf. '15-14; on 
outbreak of European war enlisted 
for active service and was comdr. 
of D. Coy. 7th batt. A.I.F. in Galli- 
poll campaign, taking part in opera- 
tions at Ismalia and landing at An- 
xac, when he was severely wounded 
and later invalided home: prom, 
mjr. and app. second in command 
of 7th batt. while on service; since 
given camp dutioa In Victoria. 

BIiZOHT, John Ambros*. J. P.: b. Ply- 
mouth (Eng.) '49; arr. Melb. with 
parents '52: settled Ball. '55, per- 
manently '78: educ. Specimen Hill 
Sch.: accompanied father on trip 
to FVig. '80: Joined father In busi- 
ness as Blight & Son, estate, fin. A 
comm. agents at Lydlard-«t. 8.: 
sportsman in younger days: mbr. 
Hunt Club, rode New Babylon to 
second position (after falling) In 
flrst Old Eng. Steeplechase at How- 
ling Forest; followed the hounds 
and took part In many nmat. steeple 
chases: mbr. Old P. of Wales Light 
Horse for 15 yrs.: winner many 
prizes for swordsmanship and rid- 
ing; frequent performer as come- 
dian In aid of charities; amat. 
walker and ped. and won many 
•vents: keen rifle shot and won 
Nursery Stakes V.R.A. mtg. '79 (400 

comp.); first sec. (hon.) Miners T.C.: 
sec. Lai Lai T.C. 21 yrs.; sec. Lie 
Vict. Assoc, and Her Majesty s 
Theatre propty. 12 yrs.; pres. City 
F. Lib. com. '93 and '04; now V.P. 
and trustee; trustee Old Col. Assoc; 
pres. for sev. yrs. past; hon. aud. 
Old Colonists' Club, Benevolent 
Asylum and Orphanage; gazetted 
J.P. '12; mging dir. Ball. Advertis- 
ing Co.; m. May, d of 1. Isaac Jones, 
of Carngham. _, 

BiaOKT, John White; b Mt. Pleas- 
ant '57; s of Peter Blight (the old- 
est identity of Mt. Pleasant), educ. 
Mt. Pleas. Nat. S.; app. jun. teacher 
Mt. Pleas. S.S. '73 (at inception of 
State Educat. system) : later at 
Cent. S.S. and successively h.t. at 
Mt. Pleas. B'yong, Queen-st. (Ball.) 
Humffray-st Ball. E.; last named 
since '15; treas. S.S. Teachers Club; 
cond. several S.S. choirs at public 
functions; cond. Lyd.-st. Meth. Sun 
Sch, choir; old time cricketer, 
(played agst. Spofforth's first Aust. 
XI.): rink capt. Cent. B.C. and mbr. 
Ball. Liedertafel. 

BOOTCOMB, Thos.; J.P.; b. Glamor- 
ganshire (S. Wales) '29; app. fore- 
man of pattern makers at Llansatt 
Engine foundry before completing 
apprenticeship; arr. Aust. '54; and 
estab. diggers' supply store at Hard 
Hills, bringing iron and timber 
from Melb. per bullock dray; was 
In Ball, on occasion Eureka Stock- 
ade Dec. 3, '54; helped to bury fallen 
soldiers and diggers on that evgr. 
and procured screen for Capt. Wise 
who was mortally wounded In leg: 
ent. Phoenix fdry as fifth man '55; 
few months later app. mgr., ret, 
•10; on closing of fdry. (which had 
supplied Vic. Govt, with 356 engines 
dating from Mch. •73); one of oldest 
justices of peace in Vic; one of 
Idrs. Welsh Cong. ch. •se; mbr. and 
office bearer Ball. Cong. Ch., Daw- 
son-st. since '60; mbr. Exhlb. Comm. 
since '78: ex-pres. 

BOZiTON. Thos. B.; b. Ball. '75; s. of 
E. H. Bolton: educ. Cent. S.S., a/ct. 
for Brokenshire and Coltman, witb 
which firm assoc. since '90; mbr. 
Loyal Vic. Lodge M.U.I.O.O.F.; P.O. 
and sec. since '03; G.M. Ball. dist. 
•07; pres. Juv. Ix>dge '11: sec. Ball. 
Total Abstin. Soc: aud. B.U.F.S. 

BOXiTOW. 3;t.-OoI. Wm. Xlnsey: TJD.; 
h. Cheshire (Eng.) '61: s. of John 
Hammersley Bolton. (15 yrs. service 
with Cheshire Yeomanry), arr. 
Aust. '69: edtic. CIufTs s. Cheshire; 
Darlington (Vic.) and S. of Mines, 
Syd.; public works Insp. at Bgo and 
Ball, for 25 yrs.: mbr. Ball. 8. of 
Mines CI.: served Southern Rifles 
Prahran and Syd. Art., vol. for 
Soudan Exped. but being raw re- 
cruit was not ncfepterl; mobilised 
with V.M.R. during maritime strike; 
lleut. 3rd batt. inf. Ball. '91; capt. 



•»7: major 7th A.I.R. '03; lieut-col. 
•10; O.C. 70th Regt. '12; in charge 
officers' team at inaug. of C'wealth 
8yd. '00; won officers teams shoot- 
ing match; mobilised for defence of 
Heads, Q'Cliff Aug. '14; C.O:^ 8th 
batt. 1st A.I.F. Egyptian and Gal- 
Upoli campaigrns '14-15; led batt. 
to Ismalla to repel Turks Feb. '15; 
landed at Gaba Tepe Apl '15; as- 
sault of Achi Baba (Cape Helles) 
Apl-May '15; CO. Hosp. ship "Bal- 
laj^t" Aug. *15; on furlough; O.C. 
Ball. Training Depot, Oct. '15; 
Club — Commercial. 

BOirsS, Oeorgina Maria ("Mona 
Marie," poetess); b. Lond. '48; d. of 
1. John Tickner, arr. Melb. '57; re- 
sided Ararat, Ampitheatre, Moon- 
ambel. Lamplough and Lands- 
borough diggings in early times; 
assist, teacher Indust. Sch. Prince's 
Bridge, Melb. '68; prom, to G'long 
and Ball. S.S. '69; m. 1. "Wm. Bones, 
auct. and est. agent. Ball. '73; pro- 
lific writer of poems and verses for 
publication in book form and for 
dally press of Ball., G'long, B'go, 
and other centres; and for "Aus- 
tralasian" "Every Lady's Journal," 
"Advocate," "Syd. Mail," "Otago 
Witness" and "Public Opinion" 
(U.S.A.) ; four books of prose and 
verse published; letters of appro 
elation from 1. Queen Victoria, 
Queen Alexandria (when princess). 
Duchess of Albany, and Earl of 
H opet oun, and many others. 

BOOTH, Eliza Hangen; L.L.C.M.; b. 
Ball. d. of John F. Booth (piano 
tuner) ; educ. Cent, and Macarthur 
St. S.S.; teacher of music (piano 
and theory) "Merton," Drummond- 
st. N. ; obt. L.L.C.M. and won local 
book prize for highest pts. in Ball.: 
successful teacher, her pupils hav- 
ing won distinction certificates of 
Assoc. Bd. and L.C.M. book prize: 
hon. asst. pianist Ball. Choral 
Union '15: frequently assisted local 
and district charity, etc. concerts; 
mbr. com. Macarthur-st. Old Scho- 
lars* Association. 

BOOTH, Norman; b Ball. '76; s of 1. 
Wm. H. Booth (fdr. of firm of 
Macleod and Booth, stock, & station 
agents) ; educ. Bain's H.S. and Ball. 
Coll.: assoc. with firm of Macleod 
& Booth for 16 yrs, latterly as 
auct.; mbr. A.& P. CI., Old Col. Club, 
pres. '14-15: life mbr. Old Col. As- 
soc; mbr. Wendouree R.C.; sec. and 
treas, 6 years; now V.P.; del. Reg- 
atta Assoc; sec. old Ball. Rowing 

BOBWICK, Peter; b. Orkney Isl. '41; 
drove mail coach Stromness to Kirk- 
wall in boyhood; aboard whaler 
True Love through Arctic regions 
(to near where explorer Franklin's 
remains discovered) '60; later voy- 
aged twice to Arctic and after much 
exp. of N. American waters sailed 
for Aust' 62; and joined trader that 
conveyed the first locomotive to 

N.Z.; later joined gold rushes In 
Vic. and settled Ball. '81; mbr. Ball. 
Stock Exch. for 35 prs.; mbr. sev. 
mining co. bds. and supporter var- 
ious public Institutions. 

BOSHEB, Clias.; b. Wend. '75; s. of L 
David Bosher; educ. Wend. S.S.; 
in Water Supply service since about 
'90; foreman in charge of reticula- 
tion system since '07, also sole 
charge of Commission's works for 
two yrs. period pending appoint- 
ment of consult, eng.; received 
framed complimentary letter from 
Ball. F.B. Dem. Com. for services 
In supervising water supply for 
demonstration at Ball. '15; ex-tr. 
Wend. Meth. Sun. Sch.; one of fdrs. 
ex-pres. and ex-sec. Wend. C.E. 
Soc, also mbr. C.E. Union exec; 
ex-pres. Brown Hill C.E. Soc, ex- 
Sun. Sch. tr. and trustee of Brown 
Hill Meth. Ch.; keen cricketer for 
sev. yrs. and ex-sec. Wend. Meth. 
Sun. Sch. Cricket Club. 

BOSHEB, David ThOL; b. Wend. '67; 
s. of 1. David Bosher; educ. Wend. 
S.S. and Gren. Coll.; A/ct and Aud.; 
Aud. N. Woah Hawp, New Nor- 
manby Last Chance & N. Hope G. 
M. Cos.; A/ct. Vic. United G.M. 
Co.; first Sec. Ball. Mineowners 
Assoc, wh. merged into Ball, branch 
Vic. Chamber of Mines; still Sec; 
Aud. Ball. City A.N.A, for about 10 
yrs.; now acting sec; active mbr. 
old Wend. C.C. (won bowling avge 
sev. yrs.) : and Wend. Sun Sch. C.C. 
hon. sec. Wend. Meth. S.S. about 25 
yrs.; mbr. Ball. N. Rec. Club; hon. 
treas. & ex-aud. & com.; jun. cham- 
pion one year. 

BOSHEB, Fred. Arthnr; s. of 1. David 
Bosher; b. Wend.; educ. Wend. S.S. 
and Sch. of Mines; for many yrs. 
mgr. of 1. father's bus. of produce 
and wood mercht.; now sole prop.; 
fdtion mbr. old Wend. Drum & Fife 
band '96; from pte. to sgt. of old 
3rd batt. militia and 7th Regt.; one 
of reps, at C'wealth Inaugural 
celebration Syd., '00; crack rifle 
shot, won poss. cert, at 500 yds.; 
later served 9th A.L.H. and fdtn. 
mbr. No. 3 Mtd. Bearer Co., A.A.M. 
C. (now Field Amb.) being Regt. 
No. 1 ; ranking as staff sgt. and sgl.- 
mjr. ; ex -hon. sec Alfredton M.I. A. 
and ex-treas. Wend. M.I. A.: one of 
fdrs. Wend. F.B. and mbr. Citizens* 
com. that estab. same; mbr. St. 
Matthew's vestry and choir; cpt. 
Wend. S.S. committee. 

BOSSEirCB, Wm. T.; b Ball.; s of 1. 
W. H. Bossence; tailor and outfitter 
76 Bridge-st., org. Barkly-st. Meth. 
Ch. since '91; treas. since '02; mbr. 
ch-trust and circuit steward; org. 
B'yong Mas. Lodge; barit-soloist; 
frequently heard on behalf of 
charit., etc., objects; settled Melb., 

BOirBKB, Jobn Patrick; s. of Richard 
Bourke (pioneer farmer, of Clark's 
Hill); b Ball. '72; educ. C.B.S., Ball. 



W. ; rep. of Hy. Leggo, W. Kenna 
and Ball. Brewing Co. in turn; mbr. 
Ball. R.C. for 26 years., held every 
office from com. to capt. in 22 yrs.' 
membership, coached regatta crews 
and champ, pairs and in recog. of 
services elected life hon mbr. '15; 
mbr. Regatta Assoc. Com. 20 yrs.; 
mbr. B. R. C. famous tug-of-war 
team who won 22 pulls; V.P. Ball. 
F.C. and playing mbr. two seasons; 
one of promoters Ball. amat. boxing 
and wrestling tourney; one of fdrs. 
St. P. Social Club; pres. '15; ex-pres. 
C.Y.M.S. and mbr. St. P. Fest. com. 

BOtTBTZIAD, Wm.; org. and choir 
master St. And. Kirk, Ball, since 
'87; cond. St. And. Ch. B'fort. since 
•10; org. Orion Mas. Lodge since 
'89; W.M. '99; org. St. John's Mas. 
Lodge and Tarroweo Royal Arch 
Chapter since '93; also org. Ball. 
Mark Lodge; P.O. Org. of Vic. 
(app. by G.M. Lord Brassey) since 
1897; P.G. Dir. of Ceremonies. 
1916; V.P. Lyric Orch. Soc; l.g. 
Benev. Asylum; b Abergynolwyn 
(N. Wales) '66; s. of 1. Wm. Bou- 
Btead (loco aupt. Talyllon Ry.) ; 
educ. Towyn Acad, and Lond. Org. 
Sch. and Internat. Coll. of Music; 
arr. Aust. and settled Ball. '86; 
cond. winning choir chief choral 
comp. Ball. Eisteddfod '98 and '90; 
cond. Ball, and Dlst. Ch. Choir 
Union (formed for Improvement of 
ch. music) '92-6; cond. Ball. Mus. 
Soc. for contest purposes '90-6; 
which won sev. prizes; adjud. sev. 
comp. at Ball, and other parts of 

BBADBT, John Kngta; s. of Walter 
Bradby, b. Ball. '76; educ. 
HumfCray-st. S.S.; mbr. firm of J. 
Ounn & Co., wholesale fruiterers; 
one of fdrs. Vic. B.C. Ball. E., pres. 
1911-13; rink capt. 1913-15; ex- 
playing mbr. and V.P. Ball. Imp 
F.C; V.P. Vic. F.C; V.P. Vic. CC 
mbr. Ball. Trotting Club; and mbr. 
Ball. Mas. Lodge. 

BBASBT, Walter; b Ball. E. '80; a of 
Walter Bradby, educ. HumfTray-st. 
S.S.; mbr. firm Gunn & Co., Tdtlon 
mbr. and later V.P. and pres. ('11- 
12), of Ball. E. B.C.; V.P. Ball. Imp. 
F.C. '11-13; pres. 1913-14; pres 
Ball. Pog and Poultry Soc. sev yrs.; 
S.W. nail. Masonic Lodge. 

BBAS70BD, Wm. b G'long '.^1; 8 of 
1. Wm. Bradford (col. of '49, who 
■ettled with family at Ball. '51. be- 
fore Golden Pt. lead discovered): 
educ. Pope's and Cox's Sch.. Sold. 
Hill, practical miner for many yrs.; 
later consulting mining expert; 
contrlb. to Ball, press under nom 
de plume "Crush.'; also "Anst. MIn. 
Standard": author of "Indicator 
series on gold mining" (Illustrated) 
and by authority of State Mines 
Dept. wrote 12 Illustrated "Bulle- 
tins on Vic. Mines": composed pat- 
riotic aonc "British Liberty" for 

S.S.; mgr. at various periods of 
Rhy's F'hold; N. Parker's and Bull- 
arook (also battery mgr.), mines; 
at age of 33 became comp. track 
cyclist on high machine and later 
safety "bikes" and won sev. heps. 
from back marks. 

BBADI.ET, Bgbert C; b. Syd.. '86; s. 
of Chas. Bradley, of Bathurst, 
(Eng.); educ Parkslde P.S.. Adel.; 
and ptely.; after bus. exp. Joined 
Adel. T.M.C.A staff, as sec. of so- 
cial membership and billiard corns., 
& chm. Sun. afternoon Bible class; 
an expert amat. boxer & wrestler, 
and for period acting instr. boxing 
& wresthng classes of Adel. Y.M.C. 
A.; mbr. staff (premier) basket-ball 
team, & winner graceful swimming 
champ.; assist, gen. sec. Adel., '13; 
gen. sec. Ball. Y.M.C.A., •14-'15; 
mgr. Y.M.C.A. canteen, A.I.F. camp. 
Ball., Aug-Nov., '15; then transf. to 
Adel. camp; recreations — billiards, 
draughts and chess 

BBAWir, Hon. Fred., J.P.; M.L.C.; 
mbr. for Wellington prov. since '07; 
mayor of Ball. City; b. Cres., '57; s^ 
of 1. Jas. Brawn; educ. Cres. Q.S.; 
stock broker for 25 yrs.; now farmer 
& grazier, Dowllng Forest; ex-vice 
chm. Ball Stock Exch.; mbr. City 
CI. since '04; mayor '07-'08, & '15- 
'16; mbr. Royal Comm. on Closer 
Settlement & Housing Comm.; Govt, 
rep & chm. Ball. Water Comm. since 
'08; pres. Hosp. Com., '14-'15; ex- 
pres. & now v.-p. Ball. T.C; v.-p. & 
steward Ball. T.C; v.-p. Ball. A.H.S. 
CI.: mbr. A. & P. CI.; chm. Com- 
mon mgrs.; v.p. Wend. R.C; v.p. 
Choral Union; pres. Ball. Recruit- 
ing Committee '15-16. 

BRAT, John; b. Ball.. '61; s. of Cald- 
er Bray (one time champ. Cornish 
wrestler, and col. of early '50's); 
educ. Cox's and Hogg's sch.; estab. 
coach building business, Armstrong- 
st., N., Ball., '01; apprent. L. E. 
Cutter, Ball., and for 15 yrs. at 
Pickles' carr. works, Melb. ; well- 
known vocalist, and mbr. Lyd.-st, 
Meth. Ch. Choir since ,98; & assoc. 
with sev. Ball. & met. comp. choirs: 
champ, footballer of '80's; known aa 
"Fleetfoot," playing mbr. of "Rough 
& Ready" & Galatea F.C, and one 
of fdrs. Ball. Imp. F.C: one of sen. 
mbrs. Ball. Mas. Lodge: mbr. Ex- 
celsior Tent, I.O.R.; l.g. Hosp. 

BXAZSHOH, Wm.; b. Shropshire 
(Scot.) "32: art. architect & surv., 
Birmingham, 10 yrs.: arr. Aust. '67; 
draughtsman City of Melb. 3 yrs.; 
later built Ball. Cattle Yards, '62; 
and then estab. Cattle Yards Inn; 
practi.oed as architect until recent 
vrs. : designed many public, etc., 
Duildings A Ry. triJclclng yds.; first 
prizeman for Flemlngton Sheep and 
Cattle Yds.; followed Ball, hounds, 
and mbr. old Hunt Club: flag-stew- 
ard old Ball. Coursing Club; bred 
sev. crack hounds Sc jumpers, and 



closely assoc. with 1. Adam Lindsay 
Gordon, the poet, in many a country 
chase; hen. treas. A. & P. Soc. 
BBAZEirOB, Major John Alex. Smyth; 

s. of above; b. Ball., '77; educ. Alf- 
redton S.S. & Ball. Coll.; practised 
as architect with father sev. yrs.; 
Sec. Ball. A. & P. Soc. since '04; l.g. 
Orph.; pte. V.M.R., '97; Lieut., '03; 
Capt. 19th A.L,H., '05; Adjut., '04; 
mbr. champ Lloyd-Lindsay team, 
rep. old V.M.R.: Q.-M. 19th A.L.H., 
•09; Area Officer Sen. Cadets, '11-'13; 
first CO. 18th A.S.C., Ball., '14-'15; 
O.C. the A.S.C. on active service in 
the great war in France, '16. 

B&AZZilTOB, Major Wm.; b. Ball. '88; 
s. of Wm. Brazenor; educ. Pleasant- 
st. S.S.; a/ct. Water Comm. sev. yrs. 
ex-hon. sec. St. And. Y.M.C. ; v.-p. 
71st City of Ball. Inf. Rifle Club; 
hon. sec. Cent. C.C, '10-'12; pte 7th 
A.I.R., '08; Capt. & AdJut., '12-'13; 
Area OfEcer, Sen. Cadets, '13-'15; 
Capt. 23rd Batt. A.I.F.. on active 
service Gallipoli and French cam- 
paipTii s '1 5-16; prom, major on field. 

BBEHEZnr, JohB; s. of John J. Bre- 
heny; b. G'long, '95; educ. C.B. S., 
Adel. ; brewer-in-charge Brehenv 
Brothers & Kenna's W'heip, 
Brewery ("B.K." ale); mbr. of well- 
known Aust. family of brewers 
(numbering 12) ; probably the lar- 
gest brewing family in the world; 
like other mbrs. of family, a keen 
handballer; has rep. Vic. & S.A. 
teams in inter-State matches. 

BBEBlfAZr, Chas. Herbert; b. Ball. 
'81; s. of 1. Constable Brennan (of 
Vic. police; col. of '54); educ. Cent. 
S.S.; ident. with J. Thomas' supply 
store, Sturt st., since '98; mgr. since 
'09; one of earliest mbrs. E. Ball. 
Harriers Club; winner first 2 J mile 
club race; ex-capt. and ex-pres. ; 
rep. on Ball, center, V.A.A.A.; v- 
pres. of center; mbr, St. Patrick's 

BBEW, Capt. Henry, F.Z.S., P.R.S.A., 
F.R.A.O.A., F.R.C.I.; b. Liverpool 
(Eng.), '63; s. of 1. Richard Brew; 
educ. March Taylor's G.S.; arr Aust. 
'85; settled Ball., '01; pte. 1st Lan- 
cashire Vol. Art., B. battery; & later 
of Field Art., Vic, and 3rd batt. 
Milit., Ball.; Lieut. A.I.R., '05; Capt., 
'09; do.. 70th Inf. '12; O.C. 70th Inf., 
•15; transport duty to war zone, 
*16; mbr. Schumacher Cup winning 
team, '08; hon. pastor St. David's 
Ch., Eyre-st.; pres. Ball. Royal Soc. 
of St. George; v.-p. Ironworkers' & 
Polytech. Assoc; Insp. of Public 
"Works. Ball., since '13; Fell. Zool. 
(Lond.) Royal Col. Inst, and Royal 
Aust. Ornithol. Union. 

BBlBaES, Bear-Admiral Walter B..; 
of "Tra walla" estate. Tra walla: F. 
R.G.S.: .T.P.; b. Lond. '43: s. of 1. 
John Bridges: ent. H.M. Navv as i 
Cadet, '56: attached to H.M.S. Vic- 
tory, and later H.M.S. Royal Albert 
flagship of Admiral Lord Lyons), ' 

Medit. station; reached Crimea 
about close of war; served on Aust. 
Station, '71-80; Comdr. of H.M.S.'s 
Wolvereine and Ganges; ret. after 
30 yrs. service, '86; m. d. of John 
Wilson, of Woodlands. '80; acquired 
Trawalla estate (Vic), '87; pastor- 
alist and sheep breeder, winning 
many prizes with Merinos; gaz. J.P., 
'87; ex-cr. and ex-pres, Ripon Shire; 
v.-p. Ball. A. & P. Soc; mbr. cl. Vic. 
Emp. Fed.: mbr. Ball. Synod, Cath. 
Chapter, bd. of Electors, and rej>. on 
Gen. & Prov. Synod; l.g. Ball. Hosp., 
Benev. Asylum and Orphanage. 

BBXBB, Carolina Ann*, b. G'long; 
educ. at Lamlngton (Eng.) ; ret. 
Aust., '79; m. Hy. Brlnd at Ball., '81; 
mbr. com. Ball. Female Refuge, '02; 
one of fdrs. Ladles' Art Assoc, '90; 
v.-p. '07; pres., '10; mbr. com. V. L. 
of Vic; mbr. Red Cross Soc. and 
Christ Ch. Workers' Guild; pres. 
Christ Ch. Decorators' Guild; v.p. 
Ball, branch Friendly Union of 
Soldiers' Wives and Mothers. 

BBIBD, Major Eric; s. of above; b. 
Ball., '84; educ. Ball. ColI.;mbr. firm 
H. Brind & Co., Ltd., distillers and 
maltsters; 2nd Lieut. 7th A.I.R., '11; 
Lieut. & Adjut. 70th Inf., '13; Capt. 
& Adjut.23rd Batt. 3rd A.I.F., on ac- 
tive service Gallipoli campaigfn, '15; 
also operations In France, 1916; 
v.-p. 70th Inf. Rifle Club; active 
mbr. Wend. R.C.. 14 yrs (grained sen, 
rank); hon. sec, '08-'13; mbr. Vic. 
Eight at Syd., '11; public vocalist, & 
mbr. Ball. Liedertafel. 

BBIBD, Iiient. Edwin Francis; b. 
Ball. '76: s. of 1. Hy. Brind; educ. 
Ball. Coll. and Sch. of Mines: qual. 
assayer; pastoral pursuits at Ter- 
rowinnie (N.S.W.) later opal digg- 
ing at White Cliffs (N.S.W.) ; later 
at Brind's distillery, Dunnstown; 
mgr. of Bundaberg (Q.) distillery 
'15-16; for some yrs. active mbr. of 
Wend. R.C. and later S. Ball, and 
Ball. F.C.; enlisted for active Fer- 
vlce and obt. comm. as lleut. miners' 
corps A. I. P. for service abroad '16. 

BBIRD, Uoyd; b. Ball., '82; s. of I. 
Hy. Brind; educ. Ball. Coll. & S. of 
Mines (Chem. course) : assoc. with 
H Brind & Co., distillers & malt- 
sters many yrs.; now mgng. dir. 
Brind & Co.. Prop., Ltd.; co-treas. 
Ball. Red Cross Soc; & hon. org. 
special day collections: mbr. Red 
Cross Carnival *■ Aquatic Carnival 
corns.; hon. org. Wattle Day collec- 
tions & Belgian Relief Fund; hon. 
sec. & dux ('15) Amb. Assoc. First 
Aid Class; mbr. Christ Ch. Cath. 
Vestry; ex-hon. sec & ex-cant. Ball. 
F.C. ; ex-hon. sec. Ball. Handball 
Club; active mbr. Wend. R.C. sev. 
yrs.; now patron; mbr. Entertain- 
ment com. "Forward Pallaraf* 

BBITTAIH, John; F.R.A.S.: F.R.C.T.; 
b. Pyle, Glamorganshire, Wales. '60; 
arr. Aust. with parents, '70; educ. 
S.S. and S. of Mines; late lect. in as- 



tronomy, S. of Mines; now supt. of 
Mun. Observatory, Mt. Pleas.; and 
Mun. Valuer, Ball. E. ; 16 yrs. ser- 
vice as pte & N.C.O. old 3rd Batt.. & 
7th A.I.R.; well-known writer and 
lecturer on astronomy and micros- 
copy; author of "Plain Science 
Tsdks," " Science Notes," and " As- 
tronomy for the Month " ; active 
mbr. Meth. Local Preachers' Assoc; 
v.p. S. of M. Field Naturalists Club; 
hon. sec. Ball. E. Recruiting Com- 
mittee; Recreations — photography, 
microscopy, and scientific literature. 

BSOXENSHISE, Ja«. Job; b. Wor- 
cester (Eng.), '52; s. of 1. Jas. Bro- 
kenshire; educ. ptely. & evg. class- 
es; one of earliest students S. of 
Mines, Ball.; arr. Aust with parents 
•when child; settling Ball.; jun. clerk 
to 1 Sam. Walker, sharebroker and 
F. M. Claxton, est. agent; and like 
latter became mayor of City; mbr. 
firm Brokenshire & Coltman, est. 
agents & auct., since '82; mbr. City 
CI. since '96; mayor, '01-'02; '06-'07; 
and '13-' 14; during terms received 
three Gov.-Gen.'s in Ball.; on behalf 
of Soldiers' Statue Com., prest'd 
Prince (now King) George with gol- 
den trowel to lay statue idtion. stone 
'01; mbr. S. of Mines and Art Gall. 
Cls.; sen. supt. Lyd.-st. Meth. Sun. 
8ch. 16 yrs., also treas.; trustee of 
Sch. sev. yrs.; ex-pres. Band of 
Hope; P.C.R. Excelsior Tent, I.O.R.; 
mbr. com. Ball. Aux. Brit. & Foreign 
Bible Soc; ex-sec. and ex-pres. Ball. 
C.C; capt. Ball, teams agst. three 
Eng. XI.; v.-p. N. City C.C; ex- 
pres. Y.M.C.A.; v.-p. Soldiers' Hill 
B.C.; pres. Ball, Choral Soc. sev. 
yrs.; one of fdrs. Sun. Sch. Cricket 
Assoc; resided Ligar-st., Ball. N. 
for 58 years. 

BBOOKS, Wm.; b. Ball., '75; s. of 1. 
John Brooks; educ. Cent. S.S.; one 
of fdrs. Ball. Butchers' Union; first 
sec, 'ST-'IS: one of fdrs. Fed. Meat 
Indust. Employees' Union., '04; Fed. 
trustee & del. to Fed. conf.; att. 
strike conf., '14; org. sec. for Vic 
since '13; B.B.U. del. on Ball. T. & 
It. CI.; pres. Ball. Trades and 
Labor Council and Eight Hours' 
Com.. '03-'04; Employees' rep. on 
Butchers' Wages Bd., '00-15; one of 
fdrs. Ball. Hare & Hounds. '93; 
winner h mile hep. '94; later mbr. E. 
Ball. Harr. Club, and del on Ball. 
Centre V.A.A.A.; pres. Newlngton 
A.N.A.. '03; sec feall. City F.B., '01- 
11; treas. '12-13: treas. Ball. F.B. 
Demonstration. '08; ex-sec. Kyong 
Masonic Lodge; mbr. Ball. Mark 
Lodge; and V.A.L.; l.g. Ball. Hosp., 
Benev. Asylum and Orph.: mbr. dep. 
to Vic Premier to protest agst. en- 
forced closing of Pnoenix Foundry, 

BBOOK, Or. AlMc; J.P.; b. Mt. Pleas., 
'€1: s. of 1. Geo. Broom (ool. of 'B8. 
and pioneer builder of Ball; built 
R.C. Bishops' Palace A St. Allptus' 
R.C. Cb.. Ball B.); educ. Mt. Pleaa. 

S.S.; settled Cres., '81; building 
& contracting sev yrs.; assisted in 
erection Prim. Meth. Ch.; estab. as 
mon. sculptor & mason, '93; mbr. 
Creswlck Bor. CI. since '06; mayor, 
'11; gaz. J.P., '11; ex-pres. Creswick 
A.N.A.; mbr. Cres. Hosp. Com. and 
St. John's Ang Ch. Com. 

BBOPH7, John; b. Redan, '57; s. of 1. 
Dan. Brophy (M.L.A., Ball. E., '77- 
83, and mayor City, '75-'76); educ. 
St. Patrick's Coll., Melb. & Bain's 
H.S., Ball.; matric & entered Civil 
Service; later Commercial B., Ball., 
and E.S.A. Bank, Adel. and Melb.; 
joined firm of Brophy, Foley & Co., 
produce merch., succeeding to fath- 
er's interest and partnering 1. R. S. 
Foley, and later Tim. Foley, & ex- 
tending branches to Melb. & country 
districts; playing mbr. Ball, and 
Norwood (S.A.) F.C.; rep. S.A. in 
inter-State matches Adel. & Melb.; 
one of fdtn. mbrs. City R.C; pres. 
for sev. yrs. 

BBOVOH, James C; W.O. (2nd class); 
b. Lancashire (Eng.), '47; s. of 1. 
Wm. Brough (col. of '53, & pioneer 
of Eight Hours' Movement in Vic); 
arr. Aust., '53; settled Ball., '59; 
Joined Vol. Milit. Forces, '73 (pte. & 
Corp.); later col.-sgt. Militia Inf.; 
Joined Perm. Staff, '85; (the first 
militia sgt. to pass exam) ; served 
as drill instructor 17 yrs.; ret. '02, 
after 30 yrs. service; hon. drill 
Instr. Ball. F.B. since '89; (winners 
15 1st, 4 2nd, and 3 3rd discip- 
line prizes) ; discipline Judge C class 
brig., F.B. Dem., since '99; City 
mun. officer since '02; hon. drill 
Instr. Citizens' Home Defence Corps, 
'15-16; hon. gym. instr. Orph. (win- 
ners many comp. displays) '03-12; 
instr. 3rd Batt. gym. club sev. vrs. ; 
l.g. Orph.; took part in first Eight 
Hours Day procession in Melb.: 
keen angler and mbr. Ball. Anglers 

BBOUOK, Warrant Officer Wm. The*. 
s. of above; b. Gong Gong '79; educ. 
Pootilla. Queen st. and Humffray 
St. (Ball. E.) S.S.; ins. sgt. in old 
5th batt. Jun. cadets; from bugler 
to corp. In 3rd batt. Inf.; served 
Sth. African campaigm '99-01; 
Queen's medal with two bars — 
"Orange F.S. and S. Africa,"; took 
part in Pink Hill battle and present 
at Magersfontein affair; later took 
course in phys. drill and gym. at 
Aldershot (Eng.) ret. to Vict, and 
Joined police force '02; served 13| 
yrs. In force; enlisted for active 
service European war: and appt. 
Regt. Sgt. MJr. 39th batt. 10th Inf. 
brig. A.I.F. : later Warrant Officer; 
for some time drill instr. Ball, and 
Gren. Coll.; mbr. 3rd Batt. Gym. 
club and g>'m. instr. Ball. E. Sch. 
of Art. for time: keen rifle shot, for 
sev. yrs. a "back marker"; mbr. 
numerous winning teams & winner 
sev. trophies: winner club swing- 
ing champ. Ball.BxhIb. '96. 



SBOWXr. Geo. Alex.; b. Elaine, '68; s. 
of Geo. Brown (Vic. Rys., & col. of 
'52); educ. Elaine S.S.; ent service 
Broadbent Bros. & Co. (estab. '55), 
as clerk in Hamilton office, '86; 
opened Coleraine office as mgr., '86; 
later mgrr. Avoca & Horsham offices; 
prop, interest, '01; settled Ball., '07 
as prop, controlling 25 branches; ex- 
pres. & ex-starter Horsham T.C.; 
sev. yrs. sec. Horsham branch A.N. 
A.; P.M. Horsham Mas. Lodge; Ball, 
dir. Lond. & Lancashire Ins. Co.; 
mbr. com. Ball. N. Rec. Club. (Obit, 
during compilation of book). 

BBOWir, Hy. A. C; b. Cape Clear. 
'71; s. of 1. Thos. Brown (col. of '52 
and pioneer baker and storekeeper 
of Cape Clear) ; educ. Cape Clear 
S.S.; joined Vic. (now C'wealth.) P. 
& T Service as asst. line repairer, 
'90; later line foreman and line ins- 
pector; served 18 yrs. in under- 
grounding of metrop. teleph. wires; 
now off. In charge of teleph. and 
teleg. construction work, Ball, and 
N.W. dist.; ex-pres. Northcote Hor- 
tic. Soc. ; mbr. com. Ball. Hortic. 
Soc; won many prizes at Ball, and 
dlst. hortic. shows for various ex- 
hib.. chiefly of sweet peas; also 
prize veget. grower; ex-supt. West 
Melb., N'cote and Ball. Baptist Sun- 
day Schools. 

BBOWir, Bob«rt A.; s. of Daniel 
Brown; b. Melb.; educ. Cox's C.S., 
Soldiers' Hill and C.C.G.S.; settled 
Ball, in early youth; builder & con- 
tractor for many yrs.; erected City 

. courthouse, '03; A.M.P. building 
abattoirs ('14), S. African Soldiers' 
Statue, and other public works; W. 
M. Ball. Mas. Lodge, '09; visited S. 
Africa, '95, and attached to Royal 
Engineers for special service in 
Natal & Transvaal during Boer war, 
1900-'02; mbr. com. Ball. Master 
Builders' Assoc. 

BBOWN, Wm.; b. Bunker's Hill; educ. 
B.H.S.S. and Ball. Sch of Mines; 
with W. L. Carnegie estab. firm of 
W. Brown & Co., cycle and motor 
builders, Sturt-st., Ball.; one time 
champ, cyclist of Ball.; W.M. St. 
John's Mas. Lodge, '13; now Dir. of 
Cer.; one of fdtion. mbrs. & hcpr.. 
Ball. Motor Cycling Club; first capt. 
Ball. Bicycle Cub, 1900. 

BBOWNE, Dodwell Henry; b. Wel- 
lington (N.Z.), '60; arr. Vic, '60; 
practical miner since '66; expert In 
alluvial; has managed mines In all 
leading Vic. fields, viz., Smeaton, 
Ballarat, Maryborough, Ararat, 
jRutherglen; one of pioneers of 
State coal mine, Wonthaggi, '09; 
for some time assoc. with Bewick, 
Moreing & Co.; mbr. mine mgrs. 
assoc. and Aust. Inst. Min. Eng; 
has reported on leading fields of the 
btate for coy. promoters. 

BBOWNE, triyMes It; s. of Jas. U. 
Browne (of Daylesford); b. D'ford, 

'70; educ. Coomoora S.S.; h.t. sev. 
State sch., and transf. to Alfredton 
Observation School; inaug. training 
sch., '08; h.m. new Training Coll., 
Melb., '15; sent forward 500 train- 
ees for State teaching service whilst 
at Alfredton; one of prom, and off. 
bearers Ball. Teachers' Club; mbr. 
Ball. City A.N.A.. and St. John's 
Mas. Lodge; and patron Golden Pt. 

BUCKAJTAJr, Jas.; b. Ball. E., '77; s. 
of James Buchanan; educ. S.S. and 
Ball. Univ. Coll.; ent. office of Geo. 
Buchanan (uncle), sharebroker, '97; 
mbr. Ball. Stock Exch. since '01; 
mbr. Melb. Stock Exch. since April, 
'15; W.M., Yarrowee Mas. Lodge, 
'12; mbr. com. Ball. City R.C. many 
yrs.; mbr. Wend. Rec. Club; ex- 
pres. Buffalo Club; Club — Commer- 
cl al. 

Birx^EV, Arthur A.; M.A.; b. Geelong, 
'54; s. of 1. James Buley (who was 
assoc. with some of earliest build- 
ing enterprises of Ball dist., incl. 
Benev. Asj-lum and Union Bank); 
educ. Gren. Coll.; dux & matric. '68; 
M.A., Melb. Univ. (1st class.honors) 
mbr. staff Gren. Coll., two periods; 
principal, '80-'10; then app. staff 
Ball. A.H.S.; trans. Melb. H.S., '12; 
pte. 3rd batt. Inf., when estab., '84; 
given commission, '85; capt. & CO. 
A Coy., '94; reserve '98; one of first 
10 shots of batt. top scorer & best 
average Inter-batt. match, Syd.; en- 
couraged rifle shooting at Gren. 
Coll., team from Coll. (trained by 
S.M. Brough), winning South-st. So- 
ciety's Cadet Comp., and taking Sir 
H. Cuthbert Shield three yrs. In 
succession for all-round effective- 
ness; educated many well-known 
men, incl. Chief Justice Nicholls, 
<T?s>' Judges Eagleson & Wasley 
(Vic), and B. O'Dowd, poet, litera- 
teur and librarian; succeeded father 
as mbr. Aust. Exhib. Coram.; ex- 
trustee and circ. steward Lyd.-st. 
Meth. Ch.; ex-supt. Sun. Sch.; sec. 
L.P. assoc (30 yrs.); on preaching 
plan for 40 vears. 

BUI.Z.US, Walter H.; b. Ball., '78; van 
prop, for many yrs.; served South 
African war with 5th Vic Cont.- 
w-ounded at Wilmaransrust (night 
attack); S. African medal with five 
clasps; (Cape Col., Orange Riv., Col.. 
Trans., and 1901-2); "verv good" 
discharge; ret. Ball., '02; fdr? and 
q'^^L ^®9- P^"- branch S. African 
Soldiers Assoc; v.-p. S. African 
Soldiers' Assoc, of Aust.. 1913-14; 
mbr. Vict, exec; sec. Soldiers' Stat- 
Mem. Com.; pres. Newington branch 
'^w'^-^^1' "^--P- I5all. South P.L.C: 
enlisted for active service with 
A T.P., but invalided and discharged 

»4£I«L^1^- 'W'eeks' training. * 

^^**??' S^"- »y-5 b. Cres., '75: s. of 
^- G- ^unce; educ. Cres. S.S. and 
Cres. G.S.; mbr. Ball. Stock Exch. 



Blnce '97; mgr. Ball, business of F. 
\V. Hoist, sharebroker, since on, 
assoc. with sev. sporting institu- 
tions for many years; was sec. ajad 
cant., and now v.-p. Ball. City «•*-•: 
and sec and treas. Ball. Regatta 
Assoc, for three yrs.; sec. ^Ball. 
amat. boxing & wrestling contests; 
ex-playing mbr. Ball. Imp. F.C., and 
' ex-mbr. Ball. City F.B., successfully 
comp. at annual dems.;was sec. of 
Venetian Water Carnival at Lake 
Wend. hon. sec. Citizens' Home De- 
fence League, '15-16; mbr. Com. 
Ball. Stock ETxchange. 
BTTNTXira, «x-Cr Q«o..; b. Talbot, 
'68; settled Ball, as auct. & comm. 
agent, '90; now State land assessor 
and valuer, and agent for Guardian 
and Col. Mutual Life Assoc; mbr. 
Ball. B. Town CI., 'Oe-'OS; Town 
valuer, '11-'12; pres. City A.N.A. '96; 
ex-pres. Ball, centre V.A.A.A.; Ball. 
Hifle Club, V.B.A., and East Ball. 
Harr. club. 
BTTBOE8S, Alfred AnsHistaa; b. Bal- 
moral, '65; s. of Fred. Burgess; educ 
Connewirricoo S.S., and privately; 
S.S. tr. in charge of Nangeela, Tel- 
angatuk. Delegate River, Noradjuha 
and Caramut, 'gO-'OS; followed pas- 
toral and farming pursuits for some 
yrs., and later building enterprises 
with bro.; settled Ball., '14; enthus. 
rifle shot for 32 yrs; at times mbr. 
Harrow, Chetwynd, Nareen, Pigeon 
Ponds, Casterton, Noradjuha (capt) 
Warmambool, Northcote (v.-p.), 
Collingwood, and now Ball. (com. & 
hcpr.) rifle clubs; formed Border 
Club of Snowy River men, 1900; sec 
of eev. clubs; mbr. winning Vic 
team CTwealth match, Adel. (top 
scorer, 49 out of 50. 900 yds.); Gor- 
don Highlanders' Match, and 5th In 
King's Prize. '08; well up in King's 
Prize, Vic. N.S.W. and Tas. R. A. 
matches; won V.R.A. clasp, Colling- 
wood. '13; V.R.A. Medal & Champ.. 
Ball. R. Union, '09; scored 64 "bulls" 
out of 55 shots, 500 yds., at Norad- 
juha: recognised exponent of rifle 
shooting and successful teams 
coach; hon. coach Ball. Rifle Club 
nnd patriotic bodies; rink rapt, and 
treas. Ball. R.C.; mbr. Ball. com. 
T<adv Hennessy's Patriotic League. 
BtTRXOW. Con.; b Kent (Eng.) ^57: 
s of 1. Thomas Burrow (who fought 
\^lth Grenadier Guards in battle of 
Alma, Crimean war); drummer 
Grenadier Guards at age of 11; ac- 
companied Guards to Egyptian cam- 
paign under Gen. woisely and 
Arabl Pasha '82; present at battle of 
Tcl-el-Kebir and occupation of 
Cairo (Egyptian medal and clanp; 
Khedive bronze medal): Instructlo- 
nnl Bgt.-mlr. Vic. mlllt. forces chiefly 
with 3rd batt. Ball. •«4-l; ret. Eng. 
find completed 21 yrs.' service with 
Oren. Ou&rdM* xatired with rank of 

Col. Sgt. '8-9; l.s. medal; rejoined 
3rd batt. Ball, as sgt. '89; later Col. 
Sgt.; went on reserve few yrs. later; 
best shot in batt. '92-3, 1900-2 best 
shot Vic. Milit. Forces '92-3; rep. 
batt. in inter-State matches with 
success; later lie. Robin Hood. 
Union and Wheat Sheaf hotels, 
chief steward Royal Mlllt, Coll. 
Duntroon, Canberra, portion of '12; 
master and sec. Ball. Benev. Asy- 
lum since '12; also l.g.; one of fdrs. 
later sec. and now mbr. CI. of 
Royal Soc. of 6t. George; one of 
fdrs. and ex-pres. 3rd batt. club; 
mbr. Progress Assoc, com.; mbr. 
Citizens' Recruit com. '16; and Fed. 
Recruit com. '16; hon. drill Instr. 
Citizens' Home Defence Corps '15- 
16: mbr. Ball. com. Lady Hennes- 
sv s Patriotic League. 

BUHBOW, Sgt. Arthur Alfred; s of 
Con. Burrow, b Ball. Joined 7th Inf. 
Regt. Ball, as pte. and qualified for 
com. rank of 2nd lieut. ; but did not 
accept; on active service with 8th 
batt. Ist. Aust. Exp. force 1914-15 
with rank of platoon sgt. 

BXTBBOW, Iiient. Sydney, s of Con. 
Burrow, b Vic. Barracks Melb., '86; 
bugler 3rd batt. Ball. '97; Joined 
Vic. Garrison Art. in later yrs. and 
attended Sch. of Gunnery, Syd. and 
app. Sgt. MJr. of Ascot Vale and 
later Camperdown areas under new 
defence scheme of cumpulsory 
training '10-14; on active service 
firstly as Sgt. MJr. Signallers' Corps 
7th batt. 1st A.I.F.; prom. Reg. 
Quarter Master Sgt. at Egypt Jan. 
1915; transferred to Grenadier 
Guards April 1915 with comm. as 
Lieut. '15. 

BirBBOWES, Major Herbert O. ▲. S.; 
h. S. Melb. ^82; s. of 1. Dr. Wm. O'D. 
Burrowes (col. of 50's) ; g.s. of Rev. 
John Burrowes, 1st Ang. clergyman 
of Brighton (Tas.) and of I. Phillip 
Emmett, asst. Controller-General of 
Convicts in early days of Tasmania: 
educ. Yarra Park S.S., Richmond: 
mbr. staff Coles Book Arcade and 
Robertson & Co., Melb. for sev. yra. 
hon. librarian Ch. of Eng. (S.8.. 
Melb.; pte. in 2nd batt. Inf. '02-7: 
comm. as 2nd lieut. 6th A.I.R., 
Melb. '07; capt. '11; later capt. of 
«3rd and 56th Inf.; area ofllcer for 
some yrs.. also mbr. of A. and I. 
staff; enlisted for active service a« 
capt. of 39th Ballarat regt. lOtb 
brig. A.T.F. '16: later prom. mjr. and 
seoond in command. 

CASST, Wm.; b Ball. '94; a of Jas. 
Caddy: left for S. Africa with par- 
ents '98. educ. Germiston S.S., and 
rburgh Univ.: capt. Caled. C.C. 
Germiston '07-11: best bat. av^e. 89 
for 27 Inn.; highest score In sen. 
cricket 19«; mbr. S. City (Ball.) 
C.C. '12-16: helped his teams to win 
five cups: Joined 30th A.M.C.. Ball., 
as pte. '12: on active service Galll- 
poll and French campaigns with No. 



6 Field Amb. A.I.F., '15-16. 
CAIBNS, Mary Alice; wife of I. Rev. 
Dr. T. R. Cairns (pastor St. And- 
rew's Kirk, Ball. '85-13); settled 
Ball. '85; mbr. Female Refuge com. 
since '85; four times pres.; mbr. 
Ladies' Benevo. Clothing Soc. com. 
for sev. vrs.; pres. St. Andrew's 
branch and V.P. Vic. Exec, of Pres- 
byt. Womens' Missionary Union of 
Vic. sev. yrs.; pres. League of 
CAZBNS, Bev. P. Waters; b Glasgow, 
s of Capt. Andrew Cairns (mariner) 
educ. Glas. P.S. and Divinity Hall, 
and Lond. Soc. of Arts; brought up 
in Estab. Church of Scot., but after 
commercial career ent. Baptist 
ministry; arr. Aust. '85; first pastor 
Bundaberg Bap. Church; remaining 
there 3 yrs.; later Warrnambool 3 
yrs.; S. Tarra, 4 yrs.; Burnie (Tas.) 
3 yrs.; Perth, 6 yrs.; Vic.-st., Ball. 
E., 1915; V.P. Bap. Union of W.A. 
'13; pres. '14; ex-pres. Foreign and 
Home Mission com.; ex-chairman 
Bap. Clergy Training Coll, Perth. 
CA^ZiOW, Major Andrew £.; vet. sur- 
geon; b Ramsey, (Isle of Man where 
ancestors long settled) '67; s of 
Thos. Callow (who travelled U.S.A., 
India, China (during Civil War) and 
settled at Brighton, Melb. in 50's)-. 
educ. Melb. G.S.; for some yrs. 
active ch. and temp, worker, athlete 
horseman and agrlc. (amat. gar- 
dener) and won first and all minor 
prizes at Cheltenham champ, 
ploughing mtg. at age of 17 yrs.; 
also won principal and other events 
at Manx Assoc. Sports mtg.. Aspen- 
dale '90; passed Vet. Bds. first 
exam, (distinction) '90; and final 
(credit) '92; practised prof. Brigh- 
ton 2 yrs.; settled Ball. '96; bring- 
ing best credentials of Vet. Bd. and 
Coll. and commendation of Vic. 
Govt.; mbr. cl. and vet. surgeon of 
A. & P. Soc; v.s. to B'beet and 
Bungaree T.C.; pte. in V.M.R. In 
•98 to major in *13 of 19th A.L.H.,; 
O.C. Vet. Corps during visit of 
Prince (now King, George) '02; Re- 
mount Off. during S. African War 
•99-02; m. Ethel, d of Nat. Cooke, 
CAMSBON, Dngrald; s. of Ewan 
Cameron (early pioneer of Linton) ; 
b. G'long '54; educ. Linton G.S., and 
Nat. S.; builder, paymaster, Linton 
and Scarsdale ry. works '89; settled 
Ball. '91; City Clerk of Works and 
ass't eng. '99; health off. '12; acting 
asst. City Clerk '15-16; rep. Scots 
Ch. on Ball. Presbyt. sev. yrs.; mbr. 
Cl. of Churches; sec. Presbyt. Lay 
preachers' Assoc; elder Scots Ch.; 
Sun. Sch tr. for 42 yrs.; at Linton 
a nd B all. 
CAMPBEIiiL, Arch, Brown, M.B.. B.S.; 
b '73; comm. as capt. A.A.M.C. Ball. 
'10; major 1913; O.C. 30th Light 
Horse Field Amb. 1915; also med. 

officer 70a batt. Ball, training area; 
pres. Ball. Red Cross Soc, 1915; 
rep. Ball, cricketer, against Eng- 
lish, Sth. African, eto., elevens; 
as bowler and batsman; one of best 
perf. agst. Sth. Africans; ex-capt. 
Ball, and Cent. C.C; exam. & lect. 
Ballarat Ambulance Association. 
CAMPBSIi&, Chas. E.; with F. S. B. 
Wilson, estab. firm of Campbell, 
Wilson, Propty. Ltd., photo engra- 
vers and commercial artists, Lon- 
don Bank Chambers '10; b. Ball., s. 
of Edward E. Campbell; (col. of 
early '50's); educ. Macarthur St. 
S.S.; Gren. Coll. & S. of Mines; 
mbr. S. of Mines staff as instruc- 
tor in photography since about '00.* 
for some time held comn. In 3r4 
Batt. Inf.. Ball. '01-3. 

CAMPBEIi^, Henry Arch.; b Mait- 
land, N.S.W. '60; s of Walter Camp- 
bell (principal of Newtown, Scars- 
dale Sch. ) educ. by father, visited 
Eng. '77-83, where studied for and 
passed public service exam.; on re- 
turn to Ball, was 7 yrs. each with 
Hon. R. T. Vale, bookseller, etc., and 
W. Little, auct. etc.; & 14 yrs. rep. 
Ball. Trustees etc Co.; sec. Ball. 
Cemetery Trust since '13; hon. sec. 
Ball. Aux. B. & F. Bible Soc; elder 
and session clerk and for some time 
on managing com. Ebenezer Presby, 
Ch.; for 32 yrs. assoc. with Sun. 
Sch. as teacher and supt. ; 32 yrs. 
in choir (9 yrs. hon. cond.); mbr. 
Ebenezer C.C. for 15 yrs.; sec. sev. 

CAMFBBKXi, HaL; b Ball. '75; s of J. 
M. Campbell, (botanist and curator 
and early col.); educ. Cent. S. Ball, 
and King's Coll., Melb; dir. J. C. 
Williamson operatic and dramatic 
co's.; toured East with Janet Wal- 
dorf Shak. Co. and U.S.A. with 
Marie Cahill and Aborn operatic 
co.'s revisited Aust. with J. C. Wil- 
liamson Coy.; wrote ballets and 
incidental music for "Jack & JlU' 
and cond. chorus; wrote music var- 
ious Julius Knight co's.; composed 
music and book of opera "Rajah of 
Bhong" prod, at Great Northern 
Theatre, Chica,go, for 4 vrs.' run; 
composed and written 230 songs 
and ballads, later mus. dir. Coli- 
seum, Ball, and breeder and exhibi- 
tor magpie pigeons and writer on 
"pigeonlc" lore. Judged at sev. 
shows and enthusiast in bird nature 

CAMPIOILZ, Don.; D.C.M.: b. Piggo- 
reet; educ. Piggoreet S.S.; mbr. of 
well-known Piggoreet family: sor- 
of J. L. Campigli, now of W'mstown; ser- 
ved in European war as pte. in Sth 
batt. A.I.F.; one of earliest to vol- 
unteer, took part in landing and 
early operations at Gallipoli; awar- 
ded Di.stinguished Conduct medal 
"for gallantry in twice carrying in 
wounded men, under heavy fire on 



landing Apl. 25, '15; later wounded 
ana invalided home. ^ ^ .,, . 

CAKXTON. Edwin J.; b. Deniliquin, 
•63; educ. D'quin S.S. and Bennetts 
Acad. Latrobe. (Tas.) apprent. to 
Albury '-Banner" later mbr. Laun- 
ceston "Examiner" composing start 
2 yrs.; Melb. "Dally Telegraph 10 
yrs.; Ball. "Courier" since 93; 
reader since '10; one of fdrs. r^. 
Tas Typo. Soc; pres. Ball, branch 
Typo. Soc. '00-10; "Father" of 
"Courier" "Chapel" '00-10; rep. of 
Soc. at three conf.: official umpire 
Sen. Dist. Cricket Assoc, for some 
yrs. past, and old time enthusiastic 
cricketer. ^ , . 

CAJNTNON, Edwin J.; s. of above; b. 
Ball. '95; educ. C.B. s. Skipton-st.; 
winner black and white drawing 
Aust. Indust. Exhlb.. Ball. 13-14; 
assist, teacher Ball. West Tech. Art 
Sch. and following com. art course 
at Ball. W. T.A.S. when vol. for ac- 
tive service; awarded Vic. sen. 
tech. schol. (to be exercised at close 
of war) '15; sketch artist and cari- 
caturist Ball. "Star" until July '15; 
served with sen. cadets and later 
71st Inf. Regt.; on active service 
with A.I.F. from July '15. 

CABIiYOK, Tlio«. 8.; b. Collin gwood. 
s. of 1. C. Carlyon (col. of .ol): 
educ. Echuca S.S.; settled Ball, as 
licensee Carlyon's hotel '96; licen- 
eee Wood's (now Carlyon's) hotel, 
c/r. Spencer and Bourke-sts., Melb. 
Eince '14; reconstructed hotel 15; 
an active oarsman for many yrs., 
firstly as mbr. Echuca East R.C.. 
won amat. champ, sculls of Vic. 96; 
ex-mbr. and patron BalL Regatta 
Assoc, and supporter local rowing 
clubs; also v. p. Ball. Imp. F.C. and 
ex-mbr. com. Mlner.s' Turf Club; 
owner of "Brown Hawk," Waterloo 
Cup winner, 1916. 

CAXMXCKAEIi, S«T. Oftnon Jonn 
CunpbcU; b. Glas. (Scot.); s. of 1. 
John Carmlchael, ironmaster; educ. 
Glas. H.S., and Andersonian Univ.; 
and Moore Theol. Coll. Syd.; ord. 
deacon '85; priest *90: curate St. 
Mark's. Brown Hill '88-92; vicar 
St. John's, Sold. Hill '93-06: vicar 
of Portland since '06; rural dean of 
Ball. '01; canon '02; rep. on Gen. & 
Prov. Svnod and Bd. of Electors; 
ch-np. to H M. Aust. Navy since '07. 

OABKZCKAEI^, John Orahain; b. On 
tarlo (Canada), '53; s. of 1. Dugnld 
Carmlchael (who emigrated from 
Scot, to Canada In early 40'8) arr. 
Aust. '84: settled Ball. '95; agrlc. 

fmrsults in Canada for sev. yrs.: 
ater took up photography and 
came to Aust. in interests Canadian 
publishing firm, now following 

Shotqr., enlarging, etc., 512 Letth 
t.. Redan; originally a Presbyt. 
now active worker in Methodlnm. 
mbr. Sklpton St. (Ball.) Ch.: mbr. 
trust !"ev. yrs.; hon. sec. for 5 yrs ; 
supt. Bun. Sch. '07-16; mbr. Ball. 
W. circuit Local Preachers' Assoc; 

ex-pres. Sklpton St. C. E. Soc. and 
e.^c-pres. (2 yrs.) Ball. C.E. Union. 

CAKNEOXE, 'Wm. Iianglands; b For- 
farshire (Scot.); arr. Aust. '86; 
varied experiences on silver, lead 
and goldftelds of Aust.; stockbroker 
Brok. Hill '87-90; later at W. Tas.; 
and B'go; mbr. Ball. Stock Exch. 
since '95; mbr. com. sev. yrs.; mbr. 
firm W. Brown & Co., motor and 
cvcle builders and eng.; 8 Sturt-st.; 
ex-capt. and mbr. com. Ball. G.C.; 
and winner sev. club heps.; W.M. 
St. John's Mas. Lodge. 

CASBOIiIii Joseph; b. Kent. 1833: 
settled Aust. in infancy with father 
who was tailor of 21st Royal Fusil- 
iers and who accompanied convict 
guard to Tas.; arr. Hobart. after 
eventful voyage '34: settled G'long 
'45; joined gold rush at Hiscock s ^-| 
(B'yong) '51; later amongst earliest "^ 
diggers at Ball.; after following 
other rushes settled Ball. & entered 
service of Water Comm., '63; later 
became foreman and retired '08: 
was pioneer bandsman of G'long & 
later of Ball Hill. 

CABSTAIBS, Cr. Jas. Leslie; J.P.; b. 
Fife (Scot.) '61; arr. Aust. '80; pas- 
toral pursuits In Queensland for 
many yrs.; still holding interest 
therein; mgr. of Carngham Est. for 
Capt. P. Russell '02-7 and again 
since '14; mbr. Ripon Shire CI. since 
*14; gaz. J.P. of Queensland about 25 
or 30 yrs. ago; mbr. Linton-Sklpton 
Railway Trust. 

CABTEB, Cr. Fred Eow»rd; b Broom- 
field '74; s of 1. L. R. Carter (col. of 
'51; discoverer of gold at Broom- 
field Gully; later grazier, of Scale 
Park, Clunes) ; educ. N. Clunes S.S.; 
settled Whittlesea for some yrs.; 
purchased Springhead Estate, Dean 
•12; mbr. Whittlesea Shire CI. '07- 
12; elected Creswlck Shire CI. '15; 
mbr. Ball. A. & P. CI.; served S. 
African war 1900-1 with 4th Vic. 
contingent; Queen's and King's 
medals (five clasps). 

CABirHEW, Wm. J.; J.P.; b. Dover, 
(Eng) '74; s of John Carthew (eng. 
of Ball.); educ. Cent. S.S.; butcher 
Sklpton and Drummond-sts since 
'95: gaz. J.P. '10; one of fdrs. Ball. 
Trott. Club, pres. '15-17; l.g. Orph^ 

CATES, S.A.; prof, golfer; b Ball. '81; 
8 of Wm. Cates (col. of early 'SO's); 
educ. Alfredton S.S. and Plea8.-.««t. 
S.S.. Ball.; green keeper and later 
prof, golfer of Ball. G.C. since '03; 
Importer of golfing material; broke 
record of Ball, rinks (71) thrice 
during '14: scoring 69. 67, and 64; 
won N. DIst. champ, at Kyneton, 
open champ. Woodend and prof. 
niatcli Ynrra Yarra '13. 

CATBOV, Uent. Joseph B. T.; s. of 
Wm. Catron (nat. of Ball., now mbr. 
teaching staff HumfTrav-st., S.S9., 
Ball. R); b. Kllmore '91; educ. 
Swanston St. S.S.. G'long: won 
amat. cham. G'long & West. dIst. 
boxing and wrestlhiK (in both 



depts) '10; ex-v-capt. G'long Guild 
Harr. Club, rep. Christ Church H. 
C. in 10 mile C.C.C. '08; ex-mbr. 
G'long F.B. and rep. brisrade at 
four demonst. eained sen. rank In 
pairs in Corio Bay RC; first pres. 
of "Anzac" R.C. (1st div. A.I.F.): 
awarded Royal Life Saving Soc. 
cert, and bronze medal; ex-amat. 
champ, skater; for some yrs. held 
world s record; millt. career extends 
back to jun. cadets; later Iteut. sen. 
cadets ("Old Blues") '7-10, capt. & 
2nd in command 69th batt. Sen. 
cadets (Nat. service) '10-12; 2nd 
lieut. 70th Ball. Inf. '12-14; on 
mobilisation of forces for defence, 
Aug. '14, was in charge of armed 
euard of Col. ammun. works, Melb ; 
lieut. 8th Batt. A.I.F. Gallipoll 
campaign '14-'15; at defence of Is- 
malia, landing at Anzac (off, in 
charge of disembarkation of 8th 
Batt. and portion of 7th Batt.) ; 
assault on Krithia (battle of Achl 
Baba) ; wounded while in charge of 
platoon of Ballarat boys; invalided 
to Eng.; for some time ad jut. of 
Anzac base depot at Weymouth, 
jEng.); ret. to Aust. on furlough 
Mch. '16; later joined reinforce- 
ments of 8th Batt. A.I.F. 

CAUSON, Wm. Jas.; b. Smyth esdale 
'78; s. of 1. Jas. Causon; educ. 
Smythesdale S.S.; Ball. dlst. tra- 
velling rep. of Mitchell & Co., agric. 
etc. implement manufrs. of W. 
Footscray; P.G. and ex-Sec. of 
Smythesdale Lodge M.U.I.O.O.F. 
also P.G.M. of Bail, dlst.- pte. ad- 
dress, "Aberfeldie," 402 Wend, 

CHAUCEBS, Bev. OhM. H. E.; Th.L.; 
s of Cr. Edward Chalmers (four 
times mayor of Talbot) ; b Talbot; 
educ. Talbot S.S. and St. Aidan's 
Theol. Coll. Ball. (Th. L. 2nd class); 
won comp. ent. exam. '10; winner 
Winter-Cooke reading prize '11; 
second do. '12; reader in charge 
Koroit, Carisbrook and Forrest; 
ord. deacon '13; priest '14; curate, 
Casterton '13-14; vicar St. Matt- 
hew's Wend, and bursar and assist, 
lect. St. Aidan's Theol. Coll. since 
'14; ex-hon, sec. Talbot Rifle Club, 
F.B., C.C. and F.C.; capt. St. Aidan's 
Tennis team; chap. Wend. Hosp. for 
Insane: mbr. Wend. Rec. Club. 

CHA1SBZ:SI;aIK, Edwin C; b Ball. E. 
'73; s of 1. Fl W. G. Chamberlain; 
educ. Queen-st. S.S. and Vic. Coll.; 
assist, sec. Benev. Asylum sev. yrs.; 
a/ct. for 1. Jos. Cowley, ironfounder 
'05; sec. and one of principals Cow- 
ley & Co., Prop. Ltd., builders of 
State ry. trucks & Cowley boilers, 
latter being distrlb. in South Seas 
and throughout Aust., V.P. Golden 
Pt. F.C.- one of fdrs. and mbr. first 
com. Ball, branch Vic. Inst, of Sees, 
mbr. Ball. Munitions com. 

E. '76: s of 1. E. W. G. Chamberlain; 

educ. Queen-st. S.S., Vic. Coll. and 
S. of M. (where obtained Govt. cert, 
for bookkeeping at age of 16); for 
some yrs. mgr. branch of P.W. & 
Co., carriers; now co-prop, and 
mgr. firm of Phillips & Chamber- 
lain, produce merchs. (estab. early 
'60's) ; succeeded father on Orph. 
com.; sec. sev. return mayoral balls. 
Ball. E.; one of fdrs. and first V.P. 
of St. Paul's Y.M.C. 

CSAMFIOH, John; b Cornwall '41; s 
of 1. James Champion ( a Cornish 
mine captain), arr. Aust. '62, mine 
contracting and shaft sinking for 
some yrs.; later mgr. Haddon, De 
Murska, Lone Hand, Hepburn Est., 
Smeaton Reserve, Midas Consols 
mines in turn; ret. '91; mbr. sev. 
G.M. CO. bds., Hepburn Est., Berry 
No. 1., Grand Duke, Duke United, 
Hepburn Ext., Prince of Wales and 
Bonshaw, Speedwell, Band & Loch 
and Woah Hawp No. 1, also Morn- 
ing Star, Brilliant and other West- 
ralian mines; no fatal accident oc- 
curred at any time during his re- 
gime as mgr; sole survivor original 
Ball, party of mine contractors; ac- 
tive mbr. Pleasant-st. Meth. Ch. and 
teacher of Bible class since '64. 

CHAMPZOXr, Cr. "W. J.; b. Mt. Pleas. 
Ball. E. '66; s. of 1. H. Champion 
(col. of early 50's, a pioneer digger 
and later orchardist) ; educ. Mt. 
Pleas. S.S.; assoc. drapery business 
for many yrs.; connected with Pat- 
terson, I..aing & Bruce, wholesale 
softgoodsmen for many vrs. Melb. 
and Ball., later with John Snow 
& Co. of Ball. & J. J. Liston 
and Co., taking over latter business 
at Clunes '01; mbr. Clunes Bor. CI. 
since '14; mbr. Water Comm. and 
Progress Assoc; pres. Clunes F.C. 
'15; mbr. Hosp. com.; P.C.R. Morn- 
ing Star Tent I.O.R.: jun. supt. 
Clunes Meth. Sun. Sch. since '10: 
also treas.; supt. Clunes Jun. C.E. 

CEAKDIiEB, Wm. Hy.; b Croydon 
(Eng.) '62; arr. Aust. '74; after pas- 
toral pursuits in N.S.W.; studied 
architecture and commenced prac- 
tice Melb. about '85; later toured 
Europe to gain modern ideas of 
architecture; practised three vrs. 
In Sth. Africa and settled Ball. ^99; 
mbr. firm R. M. West, Chandler & 
Co.,; later of Barlow, Molloy and 
Chandler, architects and Doepel & 
Chandler, auct. and gen. comm. 
agents; designed T.M.C.A. hall. 
Coliseum. St. Peter's Hall, and St. 
Aidan s Coll. and manv residences; 
sworn valuator and lie. auctioneer; 
pres. South-st. Soc. '06: lav canon, 
mbr. Ang. Syn. and Cath. Chapter, 
mbr. Royal Arch Chapter, mbr. 
Cent. Bowl. Club, keen amat. theatri- 
and oflSclal valuator of Ball, dio- 
cese, warden St. Peter's Ch.; hon. 
treM. Belgian Relief Fund '14-15; 
W.M. Tarrowee Mas. Lodge, '13-14; 



cal, assisted in leading local opera- 
tic and dram, productions for past 
15 yrs.; "Pooh Bah" (Mikado); 
"Strephen," (lolanthe); "Pippo," 
(La Mascotte"); "Henri," (Les 
Cloches de Cornville"); with Mrs. 
Russell Coldham promoted very 
successful dram, entertainment in 
aid of Red Cross, '15. 

CHAPlCAir, Bobert £.; b W. Maitland 
(N.S.W.) s of Rev. Robert Chap- 
man (Anglican) educ, St. John's G. 
S., Newcastle; Bank of N.S.W. ser- 
vice since '68; served at h.q. and 
various branches, mgr. Ball, branch 
since '92; one of oldest mbrs. Ball. 
G.C., hon. sec. for 10 yrs.; mbr. 
com. sev. yrs. and pres. 4 yrs., mbr. 
Ball. Angr. Synod, Cath. Chapter, 
trustee of Ball. Dioc. and mbr. Dioc. 
CI. Pin. Com. and Superannuation 
Fund — Club. Ballarat. 

CKATHAK, Jolin; M.L..A. for Gren- 
ville since '13; mbr. Royal Comm. 
on Closer Settlement; one of far- 
mer's reps, on Advisory com. of 
Vic. Wheat Comm.; b. Napoleons. 
'66; 8 of 1. Jas. Chatham (col. of 
•56); educ. Napoleon S.S.; successi- 
vely woodcarter, saw-miller, ry. 
navvy, ry. contractor, (on Bacchus 
Marsh — Ballan & Birregurra — For- 
rest sections) ; mln. contractor at 
Rokewood, Pitfleld and farming and 
orcharding since '02; pioneer wheat 
grower of Western Plains; mbr. 
Rok e woo d A.N.A. and P.L.Ij. 

CXXBVnCBE, Capt. Bob«rt Oordon: 
Chevalier Legion of Honor; s. of 
1. Robert Cnirnslde. of Carran- 
ballac est., near Sklpton; mbr. 
Hampden Shire CI. sev. yrs.; parti- 
cipated Gallipoli campaign as Staff 
Officer to Major-Gen. Sir W. T. 
Bridges; O.C. Aust. Imp. Forces, 
and later A.D.C. to Lieut.-Gen. Sir 
Wm. Birdwood (Com. -in-Chief 
" Ansae " division) ; Gallipoli and 
French campaigns, '15-16; decora- 
ted by French (fovt. with Legion of 
Honor In recognition of special 
services to French arms during 
Franco-British evacuation of Pen- 

CXSZSTT, Wm. ▲. b Ball. '66; s of 1. 
navld Christy; educ. DImelow's 
Coll.; assist, father as mln. and 
elect, registrar Ball. W. '85-89, 
succeeding to these positions on 
father's death '89: ex- V.C. and capt. 
of Ball. F.C.; ex-sec. and treas. 
Ball. C.C. and active playing mbr.; 
top scorer for rep. Ball, team agst. 
Shaw and Llllywhite's Eng. eleven, 
and sucoe.isful all round player In 
Inter city matches: rink capt. Cent. 
B.C., since '12; active mbr. Ball. 
G.C; P.M. Tarrowee Mas. Tx>dge: 
P.G.J.D. of Vic; P.M. Mark Lodge; 
mbr. St. Pfter's vestry. 

CIbAMK. Cr. Xenry; J P.: b. Ball. '62; 
n of Thos. Clark, educ. Sebas. 8.8. ; 
butcher at Albert-st. Sebas. for 
many yrs.; mbr. Sebas. Bor. 01. 

since '90; mayor '95, '02, '14; W.M. 
Sebas. Mas. Lodge 1900; sec. since 
•03;ex-foreman Sebas. F.B.; one of 
fdrs. and pres. (1914) Sebas. Old 
Boys' Assoc.; life patron Sebas. 
Cambrian Soc. and Sebas. C.C. and 
supporter of other sporting clubs. 

CIiAHX, I^awxence; b. Dumfermline, 
(Scot.) '31; col. of early 60'8; tpis 
associated with 1. bro. Robert Clnk 
J.P. at the establishment of •he 
"Courier" In June '67; for many yrs. 
collector; one of earliest mbrs. of 
Cent. B. C. and City R.C. 

CImj^SX, IKorton S.; b Beechworth '66 
s.of John Sitch Clark) educ. Beech. 
G.S.; Joined Crown Law Dept. '72; 
stationed Beechworth, Ball., . then 
relieving for Ave yrs.; Ball. G'long 
and Ball.; Clerk of Petty Sessions, 
deputy sheriff, prothonotory, clerk 
of warden courts for Ball, dist: 
comm. for taking affidavits Vic. and 
N.S.W.; fdtn. mbr. and promoter 
Ball. City A.N.A. '76; the senior 
mbr Orion Masonic Lodge; W.M. 
•81 hon. sec. old Albion F.C. Ball. 

C&ABK, Thos. Wm. b G'long dist. '49 
s of 1. Thos. Clark (one of first 
mbrs. Cres. Road Bd. and later of 
Cres. Shire CI.; also one of first 
mbrs. Upper Yarra Shire CI. & twice 
pres.); educ. Flinders S.S., G'long; 
mbr. A.M.P. staff '75-15; mgr. Ball, 
branch since '89-15; ex-sec. and ex- 
treas and occupied other offices 
Neil-st. Meth. Ch.; Sun. Sch. tr. for 
over 45 yrs.; P.C.R. Excelsior Tent 
I.O.R., treas. Ball. No-Licence Lea- 
gue, '15; mbr. com. Ball. Aux. Brit, 
and Foreign Bible Soc. 

OI.ABK, Cr. Wm. Ben.; J.P.; b Wheip 
'72; s of Wm. Clark (early identity 
of dist.); educ. Wheip S.S. and 
Bain's H.S., Ball.; farmer and grra- 
zler of Dunnstown; rate coll. B'yong 
Shire '02-8; mbr. B'yong Shire CI. 
•08; pres. '14-15; contested Wheip 
State seat as Liberal '12and '14; 
gaz. J.P. •IS; mbr. A. & P. CI.; trus- 
tee Dunnstown Mech. Inst.; V.P. 
Lai Lai T.C.; mbr. Bungaree T.C.; 
com. and steward Wallace T.C. 

CI^ABKB, Bcv. Adam; Town and City 
missionary: b W'bool 'SO; s of 
Daniel Clarke (artist) ; educ. Wbool 
S.S. and Lawson's Coll.; ent. on 
evangelical work '01; spent one yr. 
as touring evangelist Meth. Ch. Ss 
minister In charge at N. Brisbane 
for 7 yrs.; then resumed evangeli- 
cal work In Vic. and S.A.; Ball, mis- 
sionary since '14; supt. Canadian 
Home Ball. E. ; hon. sec. CltlxeneC 
ITnernplovment Relief Fund, '15. 

OXbARKB, Cr. John; J.P.; b Aberdeen- 
shire (Scot.) '36; arr. Aust. with 
father (David Clarke one of the 
earliest mgrs. Langl Kal Ral Els* 
tate and later co-prop. Buangor 
Fstate) in 40's; during this period 
had stirring encountor with bush- 
ranger who attacked homestead; 
purchased Piggoreet W. estate. '65; 



B successful grazier; mbr. Gren. 
Shire CI. since '70; six times pres.; 
gaz. J.P. '70; elder Linton Pres. Ch. 
and rep. on Ball. Presbyt. for 
many yrs. 

C£ARX£, David; s. of above; b. Emu 
Hill; educ. Ball, and Gren. Coll.; 
first prov. winner Supreme Court 
Judges' £50 prize at final exam, 
barr. and sol. '96; practised Lyd.-st. 
Ball, since '96, pres. Ball. Law Inst. 
•14-15; mbr. Ball. G.C. for 20 yrs.; 
open champ. '03, '04, '05, and '09; 
won Flinders G.C. open champ, and 
gold medal; keen horticulturist and 
V.P. Ball. Hort. Soc; grazier and 

V mbr. A. & P. CI. 

ClMHaa, Geo. Wm. F.R.V.I.A.; b. Ball. 
'70; s of 1. Thos Clegg (col. of early 
50's and pioneer merch.) ; educ. Ball. 
Coll.; art. to Tappin & Gilbert, ar- 
chitects '85; practised with Wm. 
Miller '98-14 (for firm's record see 
W. Miller's biog.); now mbr. firm 
Clegg & Morrow; Instructor in 
architecture and building construc- 
tion Ball. S. of Mines; Fellow Royal 
Vic. Inst. Architects. 

CZiSa'a', Joi. Wm. b G'long '83; s of 
Wm. Clegg; educ. Cent. S.S. and 
Vic. Coll., Ball.; wholesale saddler 
and collar maker. Ball.; capt. Ball. 
Swimming Club (8 yrs.); in 1904, 
2nd in Vic. J-mile champ.; 1905 
champ, of Ball, all distances; i-mile 
Vic. champ. 2nd }-mile, 3rd |-mile 
and one mile Aust. champ, to B. B. 
Kiernan); first Victorian to gain 
Aust. standard time cert. 1906 1st 
Vic. J-mile and mile champ, (re- 
cords) 2nd i-mile (stand, cert.); 

1907 ■ 2nd each Vic. mile, J-mlle, 
500 yds.; 300 yds.; and 220 yds. 

1908 1st }-mile and 220 yds champ, 
of Brit. Columbia, and 1st in team 
squadron champ.: 1911 2nd Vic. 5- 
mile champ.; mbr. Ball. Harrier 
Club sev. yrs., now V.P. ; won sev. 
club c.c. and road races; finished 
first in Vic. 5 mile C.C.C. 1904; but 
owing to following wrong trail was 
disqualified; runner-up lightweight 
amat. boxing champ, of Ball. '06; 
beaten in semi-finals Vic. champ., 
Melb. '06: between 1902-8 won over 
20 medals and numerous trophies in 
running and swimming handicaps. 

CXiOSE, Capt. Chap. Wm. Neigon; b 
Limerick (Ire.): '77; s. of Jame.s 
Close of Limerick; educ. St. Mun- 
chin's Coll. (Lim.) & All Hallow's, 
(Dub.); ord. priest '01. arr. Aust. 
same year, and app. to St. Patrick's 
Cath. Ball.; administrator St. Ali- 
pin's parish Ball. E. '10-15; mbr. St. 
Patrick's Day Fest. com.; capt. 
chap. A.I.F. on active service Euro- 
pean war '15-16. 

CliOTZ, CliaB. Jt; b Ball. '72; educ. 
Pleas-st. S.S.: hairdresser and to- 
bacconist, Sturt-st.. Ball, since '95; 
mbr. Ball. City F.B. since '94; ex- 
app. officer and now treas; mbr. sev. 
victorious comp. teams; mbr. Old 

Ball. Gym. Club, one of fdrs. Ball. 
Harrier Club; V.P. E. Ball. Harr. 
Club; also life patron; v.-pres. and 
hon. hcpr. Ball. Local Center 
V.A.A.A. and Eight Hours' Day 
Sports; C.R. Excelsior Tent, I.O.R., 
COCKSAXr, John Bflnnie; b. Maxwel- 
ton-st.. Paisley (Scot) '46; col of 
'52; with sister the oldest surviving 
resident of B'fort district; shep- 
herd boy on Goldsmith's (later 
Simpson's) Trawalla station '52-4; 
worked Waterloo diggings '54; back 
at Trawalla diggings also Fiery 
Creek rush '55-7, Jock's Gully '58; 
later followed various grades of 
manual labor from bullock-driving 
to carrying and contracting; erected 
Ball.-Stawell teleg. line '85; for 18 
yrs. agent leading daily newspapers 
now pastoral interests; one of first 
attendants Prim. Meth. Ch. and 

I Sch. (father was one of promoters 
building scheme) ; one of promo- 
ters new ch. building scheme; 
one of fdrs. B'fort Thistle Club, 
(chief '08), Mas. lodge; Lodge No. 
88, L.O.L & Progress Tent, I.O.R., 
an active Liberal campaigner for 
many years. 
CODE, Percy; s of E. T. Code (con- 
ductor Code's Melb. band) b Melb. 
'88; musician since age of 8 (violin 
& piano) commenced study of cor- 
net under father '99; won sop. cor- 
net solo contest Ball. '08 and '09; 
Launceston '10; champ, cornetist of 
Aust. '10; principal trumpeter Mar- 
shall Hall orch., Melb., some yrs.; 
toured world with Besses o' th' 
Barn Band as solo cornetist '11, 
completed mus. studies in Eng.; 
cond. City of Ball. Band since 1912, 
(won B grade band contest Ball. 
'12, '13, '14); cond. Ball. Orph. and 
City Bands at 1914 contests, winn-' 
ing 5 out of 6 possible first prizes; 
reg. adjud. all band assoc. of 
C'wealth; composed and arranged 
sev. brass band numbers; coached 
Maryborough (Q.) naval band, 
champ, of Q'land: cond. Ball. Choral 
Union; bandmaster Ballarat Infan- 
try Band '15-16. 
COaai^Air, Chas.; b. Ball. '84: ?. of 
1. Jas. Coghlan, J.P.: educ. C.B. s. 
Ball. W. and St. P. Coll.: pastoral 
pursuits for many yrs.; after spend- 
ing some time at Tanco station (N. 
S.W.) became farmer and grazier 
at Ceres, Learmonth, '01 ; owner of 
several well-known racehorses and 
also trained numerous winners 
carrying own colors; mbr. of nearly 
all district turf clubs: also mbr. 
com. of Ball, and B'beet Coursing 

COOHZiAXr. Jas. Joseph s of 1. Jas. 
Coghlan. J.P., (pioneer brewer of 
Ball.); b W'heip; educ. C.B. s. Ball.; 
ex-pres. B'yong Shire CI.; pres. 
Whelp C.C; mbr. Ball. T.C.; 
Miners' T. C; Lai Lai T.C.; also 
served as steward and on com. ; mbr. 



Old Ball. Hunt Club com.; dir. Ball. 
Brewing Co. 

COSHIiAK, JasiMr; s. of 1. J. Coghlan, 
J.P.; b Ball.; '88; educ. St. P. Coll., 
Ball, and Mentone Coll., Melb.; dir. 
Ball. Brewing Co.; with brothers 
owned Four Flush, Chester Maid, 
Central Green, Silver Voice and 
other well-known race horses; V.P, 
and ex-treas. S. Ball. F.C.; V.P. 
B'beet Coursing Club, for sev. yrs.; 
mbr. com. & steward Ballarat T.C. ; 
treas. and steward B'beet T.C. and 
Picnic T.C; 3rd in Syd. to Melb. 
motor car reliability trial '12; and 
successful in other motor contests; 
patron various sporting clubs; mbr. 
Red Cross Carnival com.; amateur 
theatrical; enlisted for active ser- 
vice European war. appointed to 
Motor Transport column, A.I.F., 

COQUJbAX, Cr. Oswald; mbr. Ball. 
Shire CI. since '14; s. of 1. J. Cogh- 
lan. J.P.; b Ball. '86; educ. C.B.s., 
Ball, and Mentone Coll., Melb.; far- 
mer and grazier. Miners Rest; pres. 
Miners Rest Tennis Club; pres. 
Ball. & B'beet Picnic T.C; mbr. 
com. Ball. T. C; mbr. com. and 
steward B'beet T.C; successful 
amat. rider at Picnic T.C. mtgs. ; 
mbr. of well-known family of sports 
and part owner sev. racehorses. 

COHEH, Harry; b. Melb. '57; s. of L 
Joe Cohen (col. of '52); educ. St. 
Peter's Sch. E. Melb.; settled Ball. 
'77, ident. with hotel business in 
Lyd. St. since taking over Grand 
Hotel licence In '77; mgr. Cosmo- 
politan Hotel adjoining since early 
90's; mbr. Ball. B.C. since about 
'05; mbr. com., an A pennant player 
In sev. premier teams; also mbr. 
nearly all rep. B.B.A, rinks, mbr. 
champ, rink '16; runner-up '15; mbr. 
H. L. Pobjoy's rink, winner Ball. E. 
e.l. tourn. '16; mbr. com. of Ball. 
Hebrew cong. and Philanthropic 
Soc. for sev. yrs.; pres. Ball. Imp. 
F.C for second term. 

COl^DHAlg, rrancis BnaMlI: s of 
John Coldham, (grazier. Grassdale 
Est., and earlv Identity of Western 
dlst.); b Hamilton; educ. Ham. Coll. 
Brighton G.S. (dux '8») and Melb. 
Univ. (won Supreme Court Judges' 
exhibition and £.'iO prize at the final 
exam. '96); took trip to Eng. ; and 
admitted to Vic. bar '97: with Hon. 
Agar Wynne ft A. J. Bailey estab. 
legal firm of Bailey, Wynne & Cold- 
ham. Ball. '97; practised alone since 
1910; active lib. politician and cam- 
paigner, selected lib. candidate for 
Ball. Fed. seat '14: chairman Red 
Cross Ctrnlval com. and Sold. Camp 
Comforts com.: mbr. com. Wend. 
Tennis Club; Champ. '07, '08, and 
•11-'12: mbr. A. A P. CI.: V.P. City 
Free Lib. com.; mbr. Wend. R.C. 
■ev. yrs. (sen. rank): pres. Ball. 
O.C.. "IR-H; mbr. ritv Recruiting 
com.; mbr. Ball. T.C. com.; mbr. 
BalL com. Lady Hennessy's League. 

COXiEBSOOK, Bev. Canon Tbos. Alwc. 

b Reading (Eng.) '66; s of 1. Aid, 
G. W. Colebrook, of Reading), educ. 
Clewer's sch., Windsor), arr. Aust. 
'85; assoc. with Ball. dist. Journal- 
ism for few yrs.; then took holy 
orders, studied St. Aldan's C.T. 
Coll.; ord. deacon '03; priest '05; 
during coll. course was student 
mlni.ster at H.T. ch., Sebas., and St. 
Stephen's, Ball. E., and became 
priest In charge; as. comm. for 
Cath. Fund, raised £15,000 cash, '06- 
9; vicar St. Paul's Ball. F. since '10; 
canon '14; hon. sec. Home Miss. 
Fund exec, since ordination and 
worked hard to augment fund; freq. 
engaged on dep. work in many cen- 
ters of dioc. ; mbr. most of dioc. 
bds. and corns.; ed. "Church Chroni- 
cle" for some time; mbr. Ball. 
Public Lib. com.; mbr. exec. C.E. 
M.S.; chap. St. John's Mas. Lodge 
and grand chap, of Vic; active sup- 
porter Ball. Amat. Boxing & Wrest- 
ling Assoc; mbr. exec. Ball. E., Red 
Cross Soc. and mbr. Town Recruit- 
ing exec; appointed vicar of Cam- 
l)erdo\vn 1916. 

COIiZ:s, Chas. J.; s of Chas. Coles 
(merch. of Melb.); b St. Kllda '68: 
educ. Melb. G.S.; wool auctioneer 
for Tounghusband, Row & Co. for 
7 yrs.; and with W. J. Pullum took 
over as going concern business of 
O'Farrell & Sons, stock and station 
agents and live stock salesmen, 
(wh. was estab. in Ball, in IS 58) in 
'96: mbr. A. & P. CI.: Miners T.C. 
(steward sev. yrs.). Ball T.C; Club 

COIiTMAH. Wm.; J.P.; b. Leicester- 
shire (Eng.) '43; arr. Aust. '57: 
settled Ball. "64, and later engaged 
on old "Evening Post" as a/c : then 
app. to office staff of Hon. J. Camp- 
bell; mbr. firm Brokenshire & Colt- 
man, auct. & est. agents since '82: 
gaz. J. P. *89; P.M. Prime of Wales 
Mas. I..odge; and D.G.A. Dir. Cer.: 
P.M. Ball. Mark Lodge; pres. old 
Blue Ribbon Union: chairman 
Cemetery Trust, P.D.C.R. I.O.R. of 
Victoria; P.C.R. and ex-sec. Excel- 
sior Tent I.O.R. ; mbr. Benev. Asy- 
lum com. for nearly 30 yrs.: pres. 
,98; l.g. Benev. Asylum & Hosp.; 
circuit steward Ball. W. Meth. cir- 
cuit; rep. Lydlard St. Ch. at annual 
and general conf.: ex-pres. Local 
Preachers' Assoc„ Vic: ex-ch.ilrman 
Ball, branch: V.P. Ball. No Licence 
League '15: V.P. Ball. Aux. Brit. * 
Foreign Bible Soc: rink capt. Cent. 
B.C.; pres. '00-1: mbr. B.B.A. champ. 
rink (Cent. B.C.) '03-4; V.P. Art 
f Jnllerv. 

OOI.TMAir. Wm. T. ("W. to W.") 8 of 
above: b Ball. '68; educ. Cent.. Mac- 
arthur-Bt. and Mt. Pleas. S.S. (W. H. 
Nlcholl's matrlc cla»«); Indentured 
to carpentering and contracting 
trade under 1. Jas. Buley; subse- 
quently his foreman; estab. as tint- 



ber merch. c/r. Cres. Rd. and Dove- 
ton-st., 1902; and installed unique 
Bysteni in contracting, supplying 
buildings of various kinds many 
parts of Vic; treas. South-St. Soc. 
(Grand Nat. Eisteddfod.): specially 
Interested in physical culture and 
calisthenics, Inducing S.S. Soc. to 
make same prominent in annual 
carnival; was strong factor In 
building of Coliseum; fdr. and ex- 
pres. Lydiard-st. Meth. Y.M.C, and 
fdr. and first pres. Lydiard-st Ins- 
titute; one of fdrs. and mbr. Infor- 
mation committee of "Forward 
Ballarat" movement; active spirit 
In promoting railway extension 
and other public movements ; 
mbr. Ball. Recruiting com.; P.M. 
Prince of Wales Mas. Lodge, per- 
forming mbr. Liedertafel for sev. 
yrs. ; travelled extensively Aust. 
States and N.Z. ; recreations — bowls, 
motoring and travel. 

COMMONS,Fred W.; b Linton, '60; 
educ. Parkin's s.; visited Eng. for 
experience in monumental sculp- 
turing '76; and on returning Ball, 
estab. business at c/r. Webster-st. 
and Cres.-rd.; fdr. and first sec. old 
Chamber of Commerce; W.M. Orion 
Mas. Lodge. '94; later sec.and treas. 
for 17 yrs.; app. P.S.G.D., ex-capt. 
and life mbr. Ball. R.C.; ex-capt. 
Ball. Rifle Club; successful .shot, 
•winner Queen's badges at Sydney 
and Melb. ; mbr. Vic. inter-State 
team at Syd. and winner aggregate 
honors of N.S."W^ Rifle Assoc. '98. 
, COMMONS, Mario, s of above; mbr. 
firm Commons & Sons, monumental 
sculptors, Cres.-rd.; b Ball. '90; 
educ. Ball. Coll.; mbr. staff Com. 
Bank, at Ball, and Beulah before 
joining firm named; active mbr. and 
coach Ball. R.C.; sculling champ, of 
Ball. (2 yrs.); one of fdrs. and for 
some time capt. Jeparit R.C. and 
largely instrumental in popularis- 
ing rowing in the Wimmera; V.P. 
Ball. Harr. Club. 

COMBIE, Allan; b Ball. '77; s of John 
Comrie (City herdsman for past 52 
yrs.); educ. "Wend. S.S.; mbr. K Co. 
V.M.R. for 17 yrs.; latterly squad- 
ron major, mbr. of team that won 
many mtd. comp. at Ball., Melb. and 
other Vic. centers; won single and 
aggreg. champ. Maryborough '95; 
ex-piper and mbr. CI. Caled. Soc: 
winner many piping contests at 
various Highland gatherings; judge 
of piping at Hamilton since '06; and 
at other centers. 

CONI.OK, Sev. Michael; b. Co. Sllgo, 
(Ire.) 'S5; s. of 1. Michael Conlon 
(of Sligo); educ. Summer Hill sch. 
Sligo, and All Hallow's Coll. Dub- 
lin; ord. priest by Most Rev. Dr. 
Donnelly at Dublin '11; arr. Aust. 
and attached to St. Patrick's Cath- 
edral parish Ball, since Nov. '11; 
chaplain Benev. Asylum, Wend. 
Hosp. for Insane, and Nazareth 

House, Spiritual Director Women's 
branch Sacred Heart Sodality; mbr. 
St. P. club, has excelled in almost 
all depts. of athletics; was one of 
foremost athletts of All Hallow's 
Coll.; won aggregate of all compe- 
titions 4 yrs. in succession; a 
champ, at weight putting (Irish 
rules) jumping and running; and 
generally unbeaten at putting the 
16 or 281b. shot; beaten on tape by 
Jos. Lee, (champ, sprinter of Lei- 
Mster) '07; mbr. All Hallow's Coll. 
P.C. (Brit. Assoc, rules); capt. 2 
yrs.; active mbr. Michael Davltfs 
Ol d I rish League while in Ireland. 

COOKE, Bobert John, J. P.; b Ball. '78: 
s of ex-cr. David Cooke, J.P. (one 
time mayor of City) ; educ. Gren. 
Coll.; assoc. with firm of D. Cooke 
& Co., auct. and est. agents; and 
later with Maddern, Cooke & Ck).; 
and estab. firm of Cooke & Co. '14; 
mbr. com. South-st. Soc. since '05; 
V.P. '07-8; pres. '11-12; gaz. J.P. '15; 
app. land tax valuer '12; one of 
fdrs. and first sec. Lyd-st. Y.M.C; 
identified with various sporting 
organisations, inc. Ball. Yacht, City 
Rowing and Ball. Hare & Hounds 
clubs; held comm. in 7th A.I.R. 

COBBZT, John Boyd; A.I.A.V.; 
(final exam.) '15; mbr. Ball, branch 
I.I.A.V. ; public a/ct., aud. and sec; 
sec. City A.N.A. since '04; also mbr. 
Building com.; hon. sec, Macarthur- 
st. S.S., com. since '14; assist, hon. 
sec. Belgan Relief Fund: mbr. com. 
City Free Lib. and Soldier's Hill 
B.C.; b Ball. '83; s of 1. A. H. Cor- 
bet; educ. Cent. S.S.; joined A.I.F. 
fo r ac tive service 1916 

COBXTBH^IiE, Thoa. C; b Fitzroy, '52; 
s of Thos. Corneille, (of Irish (Con- 
stabulary, who settled Vic. on its 
separation from N.S.W.); educ. 
Twiningr's Acad., Hawthorn; an 
actor in early life; assoc. with Rlg- 
nold, Creswick, Darrell and other 
actors and tragedians in sev. tours 
Of Aust. and N.Z. ; subsequently 
teacher of eloc. in N.Z. and later in 
Ball. ; frequent performer for charit. 
and other objects; old time contrib. 
to "Punch", etc.; one of fdrs. of 
Scarsdale branch F.M.E.A.; sec. two 

COTTOW, Thou. Wm.; b Derby (Eng.) 
'65; followed fugitive journalism in 
Eng. before coming to Aust. in '87; 
joined literary staff of "Age" and in 
'92 accepted literary post in Ball. 
"Courier"; sub-ed. '97 and editor 
'02 in succession to Col. R. B. Wil- 
liams; and has since closely applied 
himself to his responsibilities. 

COTTG^E, G-eo. Hy.; b. Maryborough 
'57; s. of 1. John Vail Cougle (a pio- 
neer of Clunes, Maryborough, etc. 
mining fields and later farmer and 
grazier) : educ. Clunes S.S. and 
Clunes as. (Rev. T. M. B. Phillips, 
M.L.A.) ; draper, Havelock St. Beau- 



fort, since '82; P.M. and treas. Fiery 
Creek Maa. Lodire, also G. Steward 
about '0<; P.M. B'fort Mark Lodge; 
trustee B'fort A.N. A., mbr. Red 
Cross Band com.; ez-treas. Mech. j 
Inst.; mbr. B'fort Presbyt. Ch. Bd. 
COinbTSB, Xajor Oxaluun; s. of 
Irvine Coulter; b. Ball. '79; educ. 
Gren. Coll.; a/ct. & aud. sev. dist. 
min COS.; served Sth. African war 
•99-01 as pte. 1st Vic. Cont. (Queen's 
medal and clasps) ; rejoined 3rd 
Batt. Ball.; as lieut. '01; lieut. 7th 
A.I.R. '03; capt. '05; adjut. for term; 
area officer (national service) '10- 
12; Gallipoli and Elgyptian cam- 
paigns '14-16 (inc. Ismalia skirmish 
landing at Gaba Tepe, assaults on 
Achi Baba and Krithia, etc., prom, 
mjr. on field; acting lieut-col. com- 
manding portion of 1915-16 and 
during evacuation of peninsula; ex- 
capt. Ball. City R.C. and ex-mbr. 
com. and playing mbr. Ball. F.C. 
COUI.TEB. Major X^mUs J.; s. of Ir- 
vineCoulter; b. Ball. '89; educ. Ball. 
Coll. and Sch. of Mines (dip. S.M. 
B.); filled appointments at Cather- 
ine Reef mine B'go and later at Mt. 
Lyell mines (Tas.) as draughtsman 
and eng. : presented with colors of 
Mt. Lyell coy. for bravery in res- 
cue work on occasion of disaster 
few yrs. ago; mbr. Aust. Inst, of 
Min. Eng.; took part in operations 
In France during Eiuropean war as 
rnjr. of Miners' Corps A.I.F.; obt. 
comm. shortly after enlisting; later 
became capt. and mjr. on service, 
holding coy. command and second- 
in-command of corps. 
COXmnrBT, Xsjor O. ▲.: L.L.M.. 
R.C.P. & S.. Edin.; & L.F.P.S., Glas.; 
J.P.; b. Cmalne; s. of 1. T. W. 
Courtney (early resident of C'malno 
and principal of Assoc. Training 
school); educated Assoc. Train- 
ing sch.; Melb. G.S., Melb. Univ.. & 
Coll. of Surgeons. Edin.; practised 
at L'month since '95; gaz. J.P. 1912: 
Ident. with nearly all public and 
■porting instit. of L'month. inc. 
Rifle Club: ex-pres. Ball. Dist. 
Rifle Club Union; military enthus- 
iast slnre boyhood, joining vol 
forces before cadets corps establi- 
shed, later in cadet corps, 5 yrs 
with Vic. Garr. Artillery, Rifle 
Club movement, one of pioneers 
L'month detachment Vic. Mtd. 
Rifles; joining ranks, subsequently 
troop and squadron leader; comm. 
as 2nd lieut. 9th L. Horse '04; lieut. 
•05; capt. '08; c.o. 19th L H. 'l2-15: 
app, mjr. and squadron leader in 
4th L.H. Brig. A.I.P. In Gallipoli 
campaign 'J.l: nerved four months 
in flring line: then invalide<1 to Kng. 
and later app. to mod. .staff Aust. 
camp at Weymouth (Bnar.) for 
short p eriod, ret. to Aust. 1916. 
COmrra, 0«o. Xsltli. J.P.; H Mont- 
rose (Scot.) '37; educ. Montrose 
Acad.; arr. Aust. (Champion of the 
Seas maiden voyage) '58: estab. as 
march, c/r. Sturt and Doveton-sta., 

Ball. '57; ret. about '95; gaz. J.P. 
about '85; one of oldest Justices in 
Ball.; hon. rep. Society for Preven- 
tion Cruelty to Animals; pres. old 
Ball. Orch. Soc. (cond. A. T. Tur- 
ner) ; one of the fdrs. of the old 
Ball. Traders' Assoc; mbr. of 
Benev. Asylum com. since '78; (the 
oldest mbr. of com.) ; ex-mbr. St. 
Andrew's Kirk Bd. 
COWAXU>, Albert Clarence; s of 
Albert Coward; b Ball. '93; educ. 
Humffray-st. S.S.; treas. F'ball 
Umpires' Assoc. '13; mbr. St. Paul's 
Tennis Club; runner-up assoc. open 
gents' doubles '15; on active service 
with No. 6 Field Amb. Corps, 6th 
Brig. A.I.F.. Gallipoli campaign 'IB- 
COWDB^Xi, Oec; s of Thos. Cowdell, 
b Wolverhampton (Eng.) and arr. 
Aust. with parents at age of 6; 
settling in Ball.; educ. St. Paul's 
d.s., and Dimelow's Coll.; identified 
with drapery bus. in Ball, for manv 
yrs.; firstly with H. & C. E. Smith. 
Ebchib. Mart, Ball. E.. and for 22 
yrs. with H. Davles & Co.; mbr. 
firm of Cowdell. Tonner & Ellis 
(C.T. & E. corner) since SepL 1910; 
was sec. Ball. Lodge I.O.O.F. '86-01 ; 
and actively interested in Order in 
later yrs. 
COWIiZT, Balph, &.; s of 1. Jos. Cow- 
ley, rfdr. of Cowley's Eureka Eng. 
works, now Cowley's Prop. Ltd.) 
'90; b Ball. '83; mgr. Cowley's fdy. 
'08-14; one of fdrs., rink capt. and 
mbr. com. Vic. B.(5.; pres. Golden 
Pt. F.C. '13-14; ex-pres. Cowlev's 
C.C. (premiers); mbr. Ball. Rifle 
Club com. for sev. yrs.; l.g. Benev. 
Asylum; owner of Rathfarnham, 
Vic. Grand National Hurdle win- 
ner (trained by H. J. Smerdon, and 
ridden by A. A. Martinez) '15. 
COX, rrank; s of Francis Cox (pio- 
neer farmer of Minens' Rest); b 
Miners' Rest '82; educ. Miners' Rest 
S.S. and Gren. Coll. Ball.; chief 
agent Com. Union Ins. Soc. for 
Loarmonth, Miners' Rest. Waubra, 
and Windermere; V.P. Windermere 
A.N.A., 1904; sec. since '05; sec. 
Cemet. Trust; sec. Miners' Rest C.C. 
(sev. yrs.); registrar of births, 
marr. and deaths; well-known dist. 
vocalist and frequent performer for 
charity, and other purposes; mbr. 
Lyd.-st. Meth. choir. 
COX, Wm.; s of Wm. Cox (pioneer 
digger); one of earliest white 
natives of Ball.; b. 'SZ: grocer, etc, 
r/r. HumfTray and Wills-sts., Ball. 
E. for 4 3 yrs. (24 yrs. with brothers 
Lakeland who estab. the business) ; 
l.g. Benev. Asylum: one of earliest 
members of Ball. CItv A.N.A. (24th 
on membership list); W.M. St. 
John's Mas. I.,odge '14. 
COX. Wm. H.; s of above; b Ball. '80; 
educ. HumfTray-st. S.S.: assoc. with 
father's grocery business for manv 
yrs.; one of fdrs. Ball, branch 



Grocers' Employees' Union, pres. 
'14; country rep. of Union on Gro- 
cer's Wages lioard since '09; mbr. 
Ball. E. branch A.N.A. 

CRASSOCK, Jolm; b Smythesdale '57 
s of 1. Chas. Craddock, (pioneer 
blacksmith of Smythesdale and 
col. of "53); educ. Scarsdale C.S. ; 
mbr. Ball. Stock Exch. since '90; 
mbr. Exch. com. for sev. yrs. past; 
sec. Ball. com. of Scarsdale Old 
Boy's Assoc; mbr. Ball. Lodge 

CBAia, rr*d.; b Kingrston '82; s of 
John Craig; educ. Kingston S.S.; 
gunner Royal Aust. Art. Q'clifl '01- 
4; joined Vic. Police Force '04; 
transferred plain clothes criminal 
Investigation dept. 1911; stationed 
at Ball. City for sev. yrs.; pres. 
Kingston, A.N.A. '00; (then only 18 
yrs. of age and youngest pres. in 
the Assoc); hon. sec. Ball. & Dist. 
Home Defence Assoc. '15. 

CBAVEN, Geo. 'W.; b. Malvern, '55: ». 
of Sept. Craven, C.E. (col. of 50); 
settled Ball., '60; educ. Roseinb- 
bloom's Nat. S. ; for 31 yrs. forward- 
ing clerk for B. B. & Co., carriers; 
joined Pioneer Lodge, I.O.O.F,, '89; 
later P.G. ; chm. Finance com., and 
dispensary del.; continuing in office 
since '91; ex-pres. B.U.F.S. Disp.; 
ex-pres. Ball. Ironworkers' and 
Polytech. Society. 

CBAWrOBB. Bobert; s. of 1. A. Craw- 
ford (one of Ball, pioneer drapers, 
and original propr. of premises now 
occupied by John Snow & Co., Ltd.) ; 
b. Castlemaine: educ. Ball. Coll (dux 
'81); mbr. firm Crawford, Dowllng 
& Seymour (formerly Hepburn, 
Dowling & Crawford), stock & sta- 
tion etc, agents; rink capt. A pen- 
nant, Cent. B.C.; winner sev. Club 
heps., and runner-up Club Champ.. 
•11-'12; mbr. B.B.A. champ, rink '13- 
'14; mbr. St. Andrew's Kirk Ed.; 
mbr. cl. Ball. Caled. Soc 

CBEBD Or. John; b. Smythesdale '68; 
s. of 1. Edwin Creed (col. of early 
60's) ; mbr. of firm of Creed Bros.. 
prod, merch. & chaffcutters of 
Scarsdale, estah. bv father S- uncle 
(the 1. Cr. Creed) in earlv fiO's; 
mbr. Smythes. Bor. Cl. 1005-15; 
also ex-mayor; mbr. Gren. Shire Cl. 
since shire absorbed bor. '15; ex- 
pres. Smythe.s. A.C., Mech. Inst., & 
T.C.; now trustee of Mech. Inst.; 
lieut. Smythes. F.B. for many yrs. 
(l.s. me'lal) ; active sport !n youn- 
ger day.s. 

CBOCXSB, Cr. Geo.; J.P.; the senior 
master draper of Ball.; estab. in 
bus. '63: and at Hall of Commerce 
since '77: mbr. City Cl. since '05: 
mayor •12-'13: mbr. Water Comm., 
'11-'13; gaz. J.P.. '14; b. Somerset- 
shire (Eng.), '49; s. of 1. Robert 
Crocker; revisited Eng. for 70th an- 
niver.sary wedding of parents fwho 
received congrratulatlons of King 
Edward VII., and who became cen- 

tenarians), '04; one of oldest mbrs. 
Ball. Lletlertafel; now v.p. ; mbr. cl. 
Ball. A.H.S.; v.-p. Ball. Royal Soc. 
of St. George; lay canon Ball. Anf;. 
dloc; mbr. syn. for St. Peter's Ch.; 
trustee & sen. dioc. cr.; mbr. bds. 
of nominators & electors; Ch. war- 
den & treas., St. Peter's Ch.; mbr. 
Ch. choir many yrs.; l.g. Hosp. and 
mbr of C. of E. G.S. Cl. 

CBOCXEB, Edwin; s of above; b. 
Ball., '79; ©due Gren. Coll.; mgr. 
Hall of Commerce drapery empori- 
um; undertook business & pleasure 
tour of Grt. Britain, the Continent 
& U.S.A., '10; vestryman St. Peter's 
Ang. Ch.; mbr. Ch. choir & other 
comp. choirs; mbr. Ball. Rifle Club. 

CBOSSXiEY. Z.«sUe; b. Ball. '08: s. of 
1. John Crossley; educ. Cent. S.S.: 
for some yrs. mgr. of carrying ana 
forwarding business of John Crobe- 
lev; gained sen. rank in eights as 
mi»r. of Ball. Rowing Club, also 
mbr. of com.; played league f'ball 
with Golden Pt. F.C.; also keen 
cricketer; served in war as corp. of 
8th batt. A.I.F., took part In Ismalia 
affair and landing at Gallipoli; 
wounded on landing and invalided 
to England. 

CBOSTEWAITE, Cr. Daniel, J.P.; b. 
Cumberland (Eng.) '51; arr. Vic. '59 
settled at Italian Gully with par- 
ents: educ. Italian Gully sch.; estab. 
as gen. merch. & storekeeper at 
Italian Gully (now conducted by 
Crosthwaite Bros.), mbr. Scarsdale 
Bor. Cl. sine '04, mavor '08; now 
mbr. Gren. Shire Cl.; gaz. J.P. '09; 
active mbr. Scarsdale Meth. Ch., 
filled various ofllces, and for 10 yrs. 
circuit steward of Scarsdale: for 51 
yrs. scholar, tr. and supt. Sun. Sch. 
actively ident. with various local 
movements; has resided same loca- 
lity for 57 vrs. 

CBOUGE-Z-, James; b. Ball. E.. '71; s, 
of 1. Jas. Crougey (col. of '53, left 
C'malne for Ball, on Eureka Day, 
'54); boot maker, Vic-st. for many 
yrs.; mbr. Ball. E. A.N.A.; pres. '98; 
assist, sec. since '99; rep. on B.U. 
F.S. Disp.; mbr. Ball. F. Brig, for 14 
yrs.; 4 yrs. foreman: mbr. several 
dem. teams & rep. brigade at Laun- 
ceston. '02; ex-playing mbr and ex- 
capt. Ball. F.C.; took part in mem- 
orial match with C'wood; one of pro- 
moters Sun. Sch C.A.; capt. Barkly- 
st. Meth. C.C. (pennant winners) 
sev. yrs.; took 10 wks. for 11 runs 
ag.«t. Magpie (all clean howled); 
highest scorer 125 n.o. in Sun. Sch. 
Assoc, and for Ball. dist. cricket in 
.sea.son '94-5; aud. Vic. Band Assoc. 
CBUMP, S. Im.; principal Clarendon 
Ladies' Coll., Ball, since '03: d. of 1. 
Rev. J. Crump. Meth. Min. of N.Z.; 
b. Auckland; trained for teaching at 
Chrlstchurch and Dunedin Normal 
schools: .special studv of music 
under Robert Porter, of Wellington, 
and Herr Karl Schmidt, of Auck. 
Univ.; later on teaching staffs. 



Meth. Lad. Coll.. Melb.. and Bris- 
bane Girls' G.S. ; principal Clarendon 
Coll., '03; and St. Andrew's Presbyt. 
Girls' Coll., '12: pres. Ball. Women's 
Branch Lib. Party; sec. Ladies' 
Parsonage Com. of Lyd.-st. Meth. 
Ch.; sec. Ball. Y.W.C.A. sev. yrs.; 
mbr. Women's Exec. Recruiting Com 

CSUICF, Eva.; b. Nelson, (N.Z.); d. of 
Rev. J. Crump: matric. from Meth. 
Ladies' Coll., Melb. (honors in Eng. 
& French): teaching exp. in N.Z. & 
Vict.; now v.-principal Clarendon 
Ladies' Coll., Ball.:sec .Ball. Dist. 
Nursing Soc; treas. Ball. Women's 
Branch of Lib. Party. 

CBWP, Ida; M.A.; b. Oamaru (N.Z.); 
d. of Rev. J. Crump; educ. Nelson 
Girls' Coll. (on an Educ. Bd.'s Schol- 
arship); won three yrs. Univ. Jun. 
Schol., and took B.A. degree & w^on 
the Tinllne Sen. Schol. awarded bv 
N.Z. Univ. for English; and passed 
M.A. degree, taking 1st class honors 
in modern lang. ; settled Ball., '04; 
now on staff (jlarendon Coll. 

CBVXP, Mabel; M.A.; A.T.C.L.; b. 
New Plymouth (N.Z.); d. of Rev. J. 
Crump: educ. Meth. Lad. Coll., Melb. 
(matric); Arts course at Auckland 
Univ.; M.A. of N.Z. Univ. (honors in 
botany>; teaching & coaching exo. 
in Auckland & Melb.; special study 
of music, and Assoc. Trin. Coll., 
Lond.; on teaching staff Clarendon 

CTTBHOW, i;e«Iie; L.L.C.M.: s. of W. 
E. Cumow; b. Ball., '87; educ. 
Humffray-st. S.S.; mus. career since 
10 yrs.; prize winner piano comp. at 
Melb., Ball. & G'long; chorister at 
early age: Lie. Lond. Coll. of Mus. 
(high marks) "07; org. & choir mas- 
ter Neil-st. Meth Ch., 'lO-'lS; org. & 
choir master St. Peter's Ch. of Eng. 
& Lyd.-st Meth. Inst, since '15; 
given numerous successful org. re- 
citals: accomp. Choral Union (win- 
ners £1200 cash & valuable shields. 
Ball. & Syd.) ; accomp. & solo pianist 
for leading prof, artists visiting 
Ball.; highly spoken of by 1. Prof. 
Peterson (one time adjud. at Ball.), 
and Prof. Moore, exam. R. Acad, of 
Mus.; cond. Ball. Mus. Soc, win- 
ners 2nd class Choral Contest at 
Ball.. '14. 

CUmvoW, Stanlay; L.A.B.; s. of W. 
R. Curnow: b. Ball. E., '90; educ 
Queen-st. & HumfTray-st . S.S.: 
gained Assoc. Bd.'s adv. cert, with 
honors for Aust. In violin, '09; Lie. 
1910; won numerous prUes for vio- 
lin playing at Ball.. Cr'long & Melb.. 
(open class); mbr. Lyric Orch. Soc 
A Lledertafel Orch.: dept. mgr. and 
buyer. H. navies A Co.. Prop.. Ltd. 

CXnurOW, Tho«.; b. Cornwall, '65; 
arr. Aust. with parents when child: 
Joined Kihif. Dept. service, and sta- 
tioned at Glenrowan. '7<5; few yrs. 
later transferred to Ball., as assist. 
at Cent., Humffray-«t., and latterly 

Urq.-st. S.S.; ret. '15; W.M. St. 
John's Mas. Lodge, '87; treas. Ball. 
City F.B. (under vol. system, and 
later when Country F.B. Bd. took 
brig, over); was sec. for sev. yrs.; 
recipient of State grants totalling 
£1000 in recognition of his act or 
warning and stopping train con- 
veying police to Glenrowan (on 
learning that portion of rlv. line had 
been removed by one of Kellys') to 
capture the Kelly gang of bush- 
rangers, 'X(t. 

CT7KTIS, Edwin Samuel; s. of I. 
Edwin Curtis (J. P. and one time Cr. 
of Ball. E., and col. of '52); educ. 
St. Paul's S.S.; produce merch. for 
many years; ret. '06; sec. Master 
Bakers' Assoc, 6 yrs.; sec. Master 
Grocers' Assoc, since '10: active 
cricketer for many yrs.; mbr. CMty 
Wesley. Peel-st. Meth. & Ball. C.C: 
mbr. Lyd.-st. Meth. Ch. Choir for 25 
yrs.: and mbr. various corap. choirs 
during same period; active mbr. 
Soldier.s' Hill B.C. 

CVBHIHa, ex-Cr. Thos.; J.P.: b. Ltake 
Goldsmith. '«>9: s. of 1. Cr. Hugh 
Cushing, of Ripon Shire; educ. Lake 
Goldsmith S.S.; propr. drapery ba».. 
Albert-st., Cres., since '01; mbr. 
Cres. Bor. CI. for 6 yrs.; ex-pres. 
Cres. Hosp.; Cres. A.N.A.; and mbr. 
Cres Cemet Trust; gaz. J. P., '14; 
mbr. Cres. B.C. Com. 

CVTHBEBT, John Keaden; s. of 1. 
Sir Henry Cuthbert. K.C.M.G. (one 
of pioneer sol. of Ball.; and mbr. of 
sev. Vic. Cabinets): b. Ball., '84; 
educ. Ball. Coll.; sec. Cent. Bowl. 
Club, '07; pres., 'lO-'ll; pres. S. 
Ball. P.C, '07; playing mbr. for 3 
seasons: l.-g. Orph. 

CVTHBEBTSOir, Cr. Jaa.; b. New- 
castle-on-Tyne (Eng.) '46; a. of 1. 
Geo. Cuthbertson (who assisted 
Robert Stephenson to build the 
"Rocket" the first locomotive on 
the Liverpool-Manchester r.v.. which 
won first prize of £500 for the best 
loco, engine Oct. 15, 1829; and who 
on arrival in Ball. In early 60*a 
erected the first steam engine on 
the Frenchman's Load (Sebastoiwl 
Hill) for claim No. S5>: ednr. 
Price's sch.. Scotchmans; farmer ft 
grazier of "Tyne" farm Raglan ft 
also of "I..ake View." Nerrin Ner- 
rln: also threshing machine propr. 
and mining prospector an-l invew- 
tor: mbr. RIpon Shire CI. since 'If: 
filled nearly all offices In B'fort 
Metho dlft Church. 

C17TTSB, :Lawrenoe 8.; b. Ball. '8S; 
s. of 1. L. E. Cutter (col. of early 
SO's, and foremnn for W. Moriran. 
fdr. of coarhhullding works. Lyd.- 
st.. S., '5.1: later mbr. firm Cutter A 
I>ever. * later I.,. E. Cutter, built 
Cohb ft Co.'s Leviathan co-ich; prire 
exhibitor Interna*. Exhib.. '6«-'«7- 
and Centennial ExhIb.. 'SS); now 
carrying on business with brothers; 



pioneer builders of motor car bodies 
in Ball.. '06; mbr. Old Col. Assoc. & 
Club, and old time mbr. Ball. R.C.; 
trustee N. Star Lodge, M.U.I.O.O.F. 

CVTTEX, Meg. XC Im.; a. of above; b. 
Hall., '91; educ. Pleas.-st. S.S.. Ball. 
A.H.S. and Tech. Art Sch.; was 
jun. teacher S.S. Miners Rest; mbr. 
Teaching Staff Tech. Art S., one of 
first teachers Jun. Tech. Sch.; fdr. 
& first sec. A.H.S. Old Students' 
Reunion Com.; sec. A.H.S. sports 
sev. yrs. ; sporting contributor to 
"Sporting World." 

CTTTTBB, Alf. B.; b. Ball. '70; s. of 1. 
L. E. Cutter; mbr. of firm and bus 
rep. L. B. Cutter & Sons; ex-pres. 
Ball. Master Coachbuilders' Assoc, 
and Country Employers' rep. on 
Wages Bd, since '10; old mbr. Ball. 
Rifle Club, and winner sev. trophies; 
hon. treas. Lledertafel since '08: 
taken part as principal barit. in lead- 
ing operatic & oratorio productions 
— " Captaine Robert" ("Tambour 
Major"); "Les Marquiss" ("Les 
Cloches de Cornville"); "Lord 
Mount Ararat" ( " lolanthe " ) ; 
champ, barit.. Ball. Comp., '9S; won 
apgrregate for barit. solo 2 yrs. in 
succession; has sung frequently for 
charity; served com. Ball. R.C.; ex- 
pres. Old Col. Club, and mbr. O.C. 
Assoc; mbr. City B.C., and pennant 
player; l.-g. Hosp.; mbr. S. of Mines 

C17TTEB, Cha». P.; b. Ball.. '69; s. of 
1. L. E. Cutter; educ. Armstrong's 
Sen. Cadets (old blues). '08; corp. 
Sch., Dana-st., and St. Paul's S.S.; 
mgr. paint shop, L. E. Cutter and 
Sons; mbr. Ball. R.C., and kept 
Club's fleet of boats In repair for 
many yrs.; patron Imp. F.C. 

SAXE, Capt. Traak JolinBon; O.C. 
Permanent Guard, Domain. Melb.; 
served in Gallipoli campalgrn as 
Capt. of 8th Batt. A.I.F.. at defence 
of Ismalia, landing at Gaba Teoe 
with 1st A.I.F., and assault on Achi 
Baba, Apl.-May. '15; invalided home 
Sept., '15; held comm. in Citizen 
Forces since '01; for many years 
mging. clerk for 1. H. S. Barrett, 
barr. & sol.. Ball. 

SAXTOir, Wali«T A.; b. Ball, (on site 
of St. Paul's Churchyard), '64; s. of 
1. W^. H. Dalton (fdtn. mbr. & officer 
of St. Paul's Ch. of E.; one of earli- 
est mbrs. Ball. F.B., Pioneer Lodge, 
I.O.O.F. ; previous to which was 
master mariner) ; educ. St. Paul's 
S.S.; served in Vol. Rifle Rangers & 
3rd Batt. Inf.; pres. Ball. E. elec- 
toral cl. of P.L.C.; pres. Ball. P.L.C.: 
mbr. Eureka Stockade Com.; spent 
some years in N.Z. 

Z>.m;T0H, Uent. Vorman A.; b. Ball., 
•93; s. of W. A. Dalton; educ. Eu- 
reka-st. S.S. and privately; Joined 
and later lieut. Sen. Cadets (nation- 
al service) ; trans. Citizen Forces as 
rorp., and prom. 2nd lieut. 70th Inf., 
Feb., '14;O.C. Reg. depot, 70th Inf. 

on mobilisation of forces for home 
defence in early stages of war, Aug. 
•14; app. 2nd lieut., 8th Batt. First 
A.I.F., Sept., '14; participated Is- 
malia defence, Feb., '15; landing at 
Gaba Tepe, Gallipoli campaign. In 
April; assault on Achl Baba (Cape 
Helles) May; prom. 1st lieut. on 
field; invalided home on furlough, 
Aug.-Nov., '15; assist adjut.. Ball. 
Training Camp, Dec, '15; pres. Ball. 
Returned Soldiers' Club '15-16; offi- 
cer in charge Enlisting Depot, Ball, 
and reinstated in A.I. P. for further 
service abroad, 1916. 

DAX.TOV, Cr. Peter; J.P.; b. Smythes- 
dale '62; s. of 1. John Dalton; educ. 
Smythes. Cath. Sch. & later S.S,; 
succeeded father in bus. as boot- 
maker, Smythesdale; mbr. Gren. 
Shire Cl. (as one of the mbrs. of 
the absorbed Bor. of Smythesdale) 
'15-16; treas. of Smythes. Bor. for 
about 10 yrs.; gaz. J.P. '06; treas. 
Smythes. A.C. & Cemet. Trust; ex- 
treas. Public Lib. Com.; mbr. 
Smythes. F.B. for 33 yrs. (l.s. medal 
and clasps) ; for many yrs. hon. 
sec; sev. yrs. Ball. "Courier" cpt. 

OAXTOXr, Bev. Canon Wm.; s. of 
Thos. Dalton, of Isleworth (Eng.); 
b. '57; educ. Isleworth Church Sch., 
Ealing Deanery G.S., Peterborough 
Training Coll. for Church School- 
masters; asst. Master in Newark- 
on-Trent Church Day Schools, later 
Head Master Callington and Bere 
Regis Church Schools; arr., 
'86; residing first at Maldon; later 
Stipendiary Reader, Upper King 
River District, Dioc. of Melb.; Ord. 
Deacon, '91; Priest, '92, by Bishop 
of Melb.; Minister of Numurkah, 
'91-'95; Vicar of Ballina, N.S.W., '95; 
Vicar of Gunnedah,- N.S.W., '01; Vi- 
car of St. Arnaud, '04; Stawell. '10; 
St John's, Ball., '11-'15: Rural Dean 
Richmond River, N.S.W.. '99-'19O0: 
Rural Dean. Tamworth. N.S.W.: '02- 
'04; Rural Dean, St. Arnaud, '04-'10: 
Canon of Grafton and Armidale, '98; 
Canon of Ball., '13; Exam. Chap, to 
Bishop of Ball. '11; mbr. dioc. cl. of 
Ball.; ret. from parish work at end 
of '14, retaining Chaplaincy, etc., 
and supplying temporary parish 
duty where required; mbr. exec. 
Ball. C.E.M.S.; address. Hill Crest, 


SAXCT, Jo«.; b Hamilton '60; mbr. 
Ball. City F.B. many yrs.; regular 
mbr. dem. teams (winners Y coupl- 
ing and alarm and disabled hose 
and ladder & alarm & rush. Dayles- 
ford, '88; hose eights, hose and 1., 
Ararat, hose eights, h. & 1. and Y 
coup.. Ball., hose eights h. & 1. 
Davlesford, '89; won ladder race 
Christ Church, N.Z. '86; won impor- 
tant open prof. heps. '80-6; Inc. 
Wimmera half-mile, '81; Mary- 
borough hep., St. P. Day hep.. Ball, 
and Trades hep. Ball. '84, H.A.C.B.S. 
hep. '85; Sheff., Trades & Firemens' 



heps., sen. F'ball hep. Melb. C.C. "S*. 
and many other events; rink capt. 
Ball. City B.C., '14-16; Jun. champ. 
"13; mbr. S. Ball. F.C. for some yrs. 

BAJUC, Wm. J.; b Mt. Prospect '61 s 
of Daniel Dark; educ. St. Paul's s. 
Ball. E. ; tobacconist, etc., Brldge-st., 
Ball., since '90; rabr. Ball. F.B. since 
'82; apparatus off. and later fore- 
man since '87; I.s. medal with 
clasps; winner over 50 medals and 
trophies at F.B. dem. and ath. 
sports (inc. Snow cup for double 
stream event) ; patron and suppor- 
ter various sporting clubs. 

3>ABZ.INa, Alfred; b Ball. £3.. s of 1. 
Francis Darling (one time carrier 
in employ B.B. & Co. and estab. 
carrying business of F. Darling in 
'94) ; educ. Humffray-st. S.S. and 
Gren. Coll.; estab. business of A. 
Darling & Co., carriers and for- 
warding agents '07; h.q. in Ball., 
with agencies in nearly all parts of 
world; capt. Gren. Coll. F. & C. 
teams; playing mbr. Imperial F.C. 
'98-08; ex-mbr. Waverley Friday 
C.C; and capt. North City 2nd XI., 
'10-12; treas. North City Senior 
C.C; mbr. Black Hill S.S. Com.; 
Loyal Ball. Lodge MiU.I.O.O.F.; 
Ball. City A.N.A. and Ball. B.C.; on 
active service with A.I.F. '15-16. 

BATE, Jolm Bdward Tracy, M.A.; b. 
Ball. '82: s of 1. E. P. Date (for 
many years identified with teaching 
prof, in Ball, originally of Christ 
Church School, later State educa- 
tionalist and latterly principal 
Vedette Coll.); educ. by father; 
matric. '97; B.A. Melb. Univ. 1903; 
M.A. 1907, principal Vedette Coll. 
1907-11; mbr. staff Ball. A.H.Sch. 

X>AVBT, AUrad; b. Ball. '82; s. of 1. 
W. H. Davey. (col. of early 60's); 
educ. Macarthur-st. s.s.; in Elect. 
Supply Coys, service as motorman 
■inco '04; previously in horse car 
coys, service; one of fdrs. and 
first hon. sec. and at present sec. 
of Ball. Division Fed. Tramway 
Employees Assoc.: rep. of Div. on 
Fed. Arbitration Ct. and on Refer- 
ence Bd. for disputes; fought In S. 
African war as trooper In Marquis 
of Tullarbardine's 2nd Scottish 
Horee (for Colonials) wounded In 
action; Queen's medal with five bars 
(Cape Col.. Orange F. State. Natal, 
8th. A frica and Transvaal). 

»AT«Y, Jas. Kenry; b Ball.; a of 
W. W. Davey, (col. of '«5); educ. 
Hawthorn S.S.; became mgr. and 
later prop, business of H. P. Ste- 
vens, manufacturing furrier. Stiirt 
at.. Pall. '11; well-known public 
humorist and society entertainer- 
winner of many prizes at comp. at 
Ball, and other centers; winner 
humorous song at Ball. '08-09-10; 
prof, engagements with Eng. Pier- 
rots and other touring Co's; fre- 
quent performer for charitable, 
patriotic and other purposes. 

BAYST, Jolm, b Miners' Rest '74: s of 
Patrick Davey (col. of early '50's); 
educ. Miners' Rest S.S. and St. P. 
Coll.; licensee Commercial hotel. 
Armstrong-st., N. since '06; hon. 
sec S. Ball. F. C for 3 yrs.; del. on 
Ball. F.L. (6 yrs); sec. Lai Lai T.C. 
s ince '09. 

BAYXEB, Alfred; b. Mt. Macedon 
summit '65; s of Chas. Da vies 
(early col.); settled Ball. '09, builder 
and Inventor; designer and paten- 
tee of device for decanting and 
measuring oils and other liquids: 
semi septic mlddenstead, portable 
starting gates; adjustable gate 
hinge; safety petrol holder; ink & 
bottling decanters, bowlers' mea- 
sure, propless clothes lines, liquid 
measure, anti-fly screen, etc.; pro- 
moter Davies patent syndicate, 520 
Macarthur-st., Ball. N.; mbr. Ball. 
Welsh Cymrodorion. 

BAVUBS, Bavld 'Wm. ; b Carisbrook : s. 
of Isaac Davies (of Carmarthen R. 
Wales) ; arr. Ball. In early youth 
Joined Gas. Co's. service as Jun. 
clerk '80; sec. '14; general mgrr., 
'15; ident. with choral societies 
from youth, cond. Welsh* Choir, 
Sebast. for 15 yrs.; cond. Ball. Or- 
pheus male choir with suroess at 
Ball., Melb., and other Eisteddfods; 
first cond. Ball. Choral Union; treas. 
St. Andrew's branch P.M. A.; musi- 
cal Judge Sebas. Cambrian Soc. 
comp., and at Ball, and Stawell 
FHsteddfods; first chairman Plea- 
sant-st. S.S. com. 

BAVIES, Cr. Qeo.; J.P.; b. Melb., '52; 
s of Geo. Davies (pioneer settler in 
Vic.) ; prop. Invermay Dairy, mbr. 
Bungaree Shire CI. since '90; thrice 
pres.; chairman Invermay S.S. com. 
and mbr. of old Bd. of Advice; V.P. 
and later pres. old Soldier's HID 

BATZB8, Harry; s of 1. Harry Davies 
(fdr. of firm of H. Davies & Co 
later H. Davies & Co. Prop. Ltd.) 
the Big Store, Sturt-st.; educ. Ball. 
Coll.; dir. of H. Davies & Co. Prop, 
mbr. Wend. R.C com. sev. yrs.; 
n ow p atron; l.g. Ball. Orph. 

BAVZBS, Cr. Jaa. J. P.; farmer and 
grazier, of Valley farm, Napoleons; 
mbr. B'yong Shire CI. since about 
•86; twice pres.; also J. P.; P.O. Old 
Wellington Lodge I.O.O.F., also P. 
Dlst. G.M. ; first sec. Cong. Sunday 
sch. Napoleons: b. Llanover (Wales) 
'46; 8. of 1. Cr. J. Davies, earliest 
settler of Dog Trap Creek (now 
Napoleons) ; arr. with parents In 
early 60's: e<luc. Hastle's sch. 
B'yong.; witnessed some of earliest 
gold rushes and took part in Kitty'* 

BATXB8, John; h Talbot '64: s of I. 
Henry Davies, educ. Talbot s.; mbr. 
Talbot Bor. CI. '88-'94. mayor '93-94; 
and estab. bakery business Eureka - 
St. '94; pres. Ball. B. A.N.A. 'O.S: 
mbr. BalL Mas. Lodge, elder Talbot 



Pres. Ch. '86-'94; elder St. John's 
Pres. Ch.. Ball. E. since 1900; pres. 
St. John's Fellowship Assoc, sev. 

3DAWSON, Fred; s of Wm. Dawson 
(pioneer trader of Ball, and fdr. W. 
Dawson Propty. Ltd., ironmongery 
merchs. ); b Ball. '63; educ. Gren. 
Coll.; mbr. firm W. Dawson Propty. 
ex-mbr. Imp. F.C.. City R.C. (sen. 
rank) and Wend. C.C; rinlc capt. 
and mbr. com. Ball. B.C.; hon. sec 
Ball. C.E. Union, 7 yrs.; pres. Burn- 
bank-st Meth. C.E. Soc, and sen. 
class leader in Sun. Sch. 

SAWSOR. Arcb.; b Ball. '71; s of 1. 
Wm. Dawson, educ. Ball, and Gren. 
Coll.; dir. W. Dawson Prop. Ltd.: 
ex-mbr. Wend. R. C; mbr. Ball. R. 
C; mbr. three Vic. eight crews (won 
Aust. champ, twice) ; rowed eight 
times in Vic. eight-oared champ, 
•won thrice; mbr. 15 winning sen. 
eight events and str. of 11 winning 
crews; mbr. two winning sen. pair 
and one sen. four crews and sev. 
minor events; mbr. Ball. Imp F.C., 
15 yrs., won sev. trophies; ex-mbr. 
"Wend. & North City C.C. and won 
batting avge. sev. yrs. in Jun. 
cricket; won sev. college, Eight 
Hours Day and A.N.A. foot races, 
and numerous swimming races from 
under 10 to under 18 yrs.; won 
under 16 yrs. (club medal) and 
second under 18 yrs. at opening of 
Town Baths. 

DAWSON, "Walter S.; mgr. of W. 
Dawson Prop. Ltd.; hardware 
merch.; b Ball. '69; s of 1. Wm. Daw- 
son, educ. Gren. Coll.; capt. of Coll. 
c. and f. clubs; playing mbr. Ball. 
Imp. F.C. 14 yrs.: ex-capt. v.c. and 
com.; now v.p.; mbr. eight rep. lea- 
gue teams, capt. comb. Friday 
Assoc, teams, ex-mbr. Wend,. Bali. 
City, Grocers (capt.), Lexton (capt) 
& N. City (vice-capt.) C.C; mbr. 
sev. rep. Ball, teams agst. inter- 
national and interstate elevens; has 
rowed with City, Wend, and Ball. 
R.C, rowed bow in six Vic. champ, 
eights, also mbr. Ball. Club, win- 
ners of Grand Challenge Cup Eight 
at first and second Henley-on-Yarra 
regattas '04 '05; champ, sculler of 
Vic. '94; selected to rep. Vic. in 
Aust. Sculling Champ, at Brisbane 
•05: but rowed in eight oared champ. 
Instead; owing to bus. reasons de- 
clined eight invitations in other 
yrs. to row in Vic. boat; coached 
Ball. R.C. since '95; now capt.; 
coached Vic. eight in Aust. champ, 
at Perth '06: winner numerous 
swimmine- races. 

DAWSOir, John Alex,; J.P.; M.I.E.E.. 
b '63: s of 1. ex-sgt. Dawson (Vic. 
pol. force, now resident G'long) ; 
educ. S.S. and private tuition; in 
elect, branch Vic. Telegraph ser- 
vice '78-88; dept. lect. on telegraphy 
at G'long and on staff Gordon Coll. | 
<3 yrs.); later chair, of elect, eng. 

S. of Mines, Ball. '91-96; supervis- 
ing eng. at erection of first electric 
lighting plant, Ball. '95; mainly 
Instrumental in formation (in Lon- 
don of Melb., Adelaide and Gee- 
long electric lighting cos., '96-99; 
faz. J.P. '06; floated Electric Hyd. 
luicing Co., Snake Valley in Ball, 
and Melb.; and managing dir. and 
chief elect, eng. for 5 yrs.; pio- 
neered wolfram industry in Linton 
dist.; now farmer and grazier of 
Carngham and Pltfield Plains; ad- 
dress Coniston Park, Carngham. 

SEANE, Chas. Maalen; b Lond. '71: s. 
of Dr. C M. Deane (of Mathinna, 
Tas., formerly of G'long) ; educ. 
G'long Coll. and S. of Mines, Ball, 
(cert, assaying metall. and chem.): 
resident South Sea Island '90-95; 
later chemist for Ashcroft's sul- 
phide process. Cockle's Creek (N.S. 
W.); and mgr. Hans Irvine's cya- 
nide plant; gen. metallurgist Ball. 
S. of Mines staff; '98-11; now licen- 
sed auct. and property salesman for 
David Walker, Sturt- st.,; hon. sec. 
Ball. North Rec. Club 5 yrs.; treas. 
3 yrs.; capt. A rink sev. yrs.; later 
V.P.; ex-mbr. Ball. Lledertafel, 
various Ball. comp. choirs, St. 
John's and St. Paul's C of B. 
choirs; P.G. North Star, M.U.I.O.O. 
F.; mbr. C of E.M.S. 

SEEBZiS, Uflut. Col. Artliar Vincent; 
b. Ball. '79; s. of 1. Jos. Deeble (pio- 
neer of Ball.) ; educ. Macarthur-st. 
S.S., Miss Kennedy B.A. (Malric 
class); later B.A. (at 21 yrs.), and 
M.A. (at 26 yrs.) of Melb. Univ.; 
joined Vic. teaching service in early 
manliood and later master Gordon 
Coll., G'long, and first principal 
Essendon H.S. just before war 
broke out; comm. as 2nd lieut. 10th 
A.L.H. '10; lieut. 11th A.L.H. '12; 
capt. 29th A.L.H. '12; comm. as 
major 8th batt. L.H. Brig, of A I.F. 
on active service, Gallipoli cam- 
paign '16; led 2nd line in famous 
charge of Turkish position at Lone- 
some Pine, Aug. 8, '15; described as 
one of most gallant charges in his- 
tory; prom, lieut. col. on service; 
afterwards invalided to Eng. on 
furlough and later rejoined A. I.F. 
for further service as batt. com- 
mander 1916. 

DZ:EBI;e, Geo. E.; b. Ball. '77; s. of 1. 
Jos. Deeble (col. of early 50's. who 
estab. business in Bourke St., Melb. 
but on discovery of gold at BalL 
moved to this center, opening dra- 
pery warehouse at old Exhibition 
Mart site Ball. E.; later at site of 
City Hall, selling property to the 
newly estab. Borough of Ball. W. 
(now City of Ball.); and finally on 
site of Bank of Vic, Lyd. St., re- 
tiring from business on selling out 
to Bank) ; educ. Macarthur St. S.S., 
and Bain's H.S.; in Bank of Vic. 
service for 3 yrs.; later with Cam- 
eron & Sutherland (machinery 
merchs.), estab. on own a/c as 



mach. merch. at Lyd. St. N. '11; 
auditor sev. min. coys.; mbr. Ball. 
City R.C. sev. yrs. ; for many yrs. 
a keen bandsman, played with 3rd 
Batt. Militia Band (hon, sec). Ball. 
City a nd Prout's Ball, bands. 

9BWZSTON, Chaa. £.; mging. dir 
Doveton Mill Co., b. Yorkshire 
(Elng.); arr. Aust. '74; settled Ball., 
•80; ent. Doveton Mill, Ball., as jun- 
ior, '84: became mgingr- dir., 1900; 
co-founder & partner with brother 
H. B., of firm of Denniston & Co., 
Propty. Ltd., clothing manufrs., 
Melb. : one of fdrs. Ball. North Rec. 
Club (bowls and tennis), ,96; pres., 
•09-10; ex-sec. & treas.; now v.-p. ; 
rink capt. and rep. in sev. assoc. 
champs.; club champ., '99-'02-'05; 
runner-up Ball 4-"bowl champ., 'li- 
skippered champ, rinks, '09,-'12-'13 
and '15; runner-up, '06; ex-capt. Gol- 
den City Cyc. Club, and City R.C; 
hon. sec. Automobile Club. 

nZOKZHSOV, Ez-Cr. Thos.; J.P.; b. 
Sebastopol, '81; (s. of 1. ex-cr. and 
mayor Dickenson); grazier, Sebas., 
mbr. Sebas. Borough CI., '06-'15; 
mayor, '13; gaa. J.P. '09; v.-p. Min- 
ers T.C. ; mbr. Ball. T.C.; mbr. com. 
& steward B'beet & B'yong T.C; 
pres. Sebas. Y.M.C, '13; pres. Sebas. 
Tenni.=! Club, '15; life patron Cam- 
brian Soc. ; 

OZCKU:. Jolm; J.P.: b. Stirling, '52; 
s. of Wm. and Janet Dickie (pioneer 
settlers in district) ; arr. Aust. with 
parents, '54; landed Portland: sett- 
led Miners' Rest, '55; educ. Miners' 
Rest, Windermere and Dowllng For- 
est S.S.; farmer and grazier; mbr. 
Ball, shire CI., 9 yrs.; pres., '11; gaz. 
J.P., '02; elder B'beet Presby. Ch.; 
mbr. Learmonth Cemetery Trust; 
mbr. CI. Ball. A. & P. Soc, and 
L'mon th B.C. 

mXMXXK, Cr. Win.; b. B'yong, '77: s. 
of Patrick Dineen (early colonist), 
and g.s. of Gecn-ge Innes, (one of 
earliest gold discoverers) ; educ. 
B'yong S.S.; mbr. B'yong Shire CI. 
since 14; farmer, B'yong. 

BZTTT, Jas. ■.; b. Co. Derry (Ire.) 
'84; s. of 1. John Ditty (merch. and 
farmer), arr. Aust. about '56; Joined 
commercial staff of Maglll & Cogh- 
lan, brewers. Ball. '61; later with 
TuUoch & McLaren, and Coghlan & 
Tulloch (Ball. Firewing Co.), ret. in 
1912 after 50 yrs.' service as tra- 
veller: now settled St. Kilda; an all 
round sport and supporter of nearly 
every sporting club of dist.; v. p. 
I.AI Lai T.C, mbr. Ball. T.C; v.p. 
Ball. Fish Accllm. Society and v.p. 
Ball. Anglers' Club, for many yrs. 
mbr. Ball. Gun Club and Commer- 
cial Club; v.p. Ball. Bowling Club 
sev. ynt.; one of oldest mbrs. Cent: 
B.C. now mbr. St. Kllda B.C., l.g. 
Benev. Asylum: recreations chiefly 
bowling and angling. 

Z>OBPX:&, ZdiaoBd: b. Ball.. '57: 8. of 
1. Fred. Doepel; entd. Smith Wynne 

& Morrison's mining office in '69 • 
later with J. R. Pascoe, and a/ct. 
Cuthbert, Wynne, Morrow & Must, 
for 26 years; mbr. firm Doepel and 
Chandler, house, land, comm. and in- 
surance agents since '04; Ball. sees. 
National Mutual Life Assoc. & Com- 
mercial Union Insurance Co.; P.M. 
Tarrowee Mas. Lodge and P.J.G.L). 
of Vic; P.M. Mark Lodge, and P.P. 
Royal Arch Chapter; pres. Mech. 
Inst., '11; fdtn. mbr. Lledertafel: & 
mbr. Hosp. Com.; hon. treas. Queen 
Carnival for Red Cross, etc, 1916. 

OOUaiiAS, Cr. John S.; b. Roxburgh- 
shire (Scot.), '34; arr. Aust., '54: 
settled Ball., '55; and since resided 
in this district; estab. Roxburgh 
"Model" Dairy Farm, Smythe's-rd., 
under style J. S. Douglas & Sons; 
ret. from active business '98; and 
residing at Quambi, Ball.; mbr. 
Grenville Shire CI. since '90; pres. 
five terms; has sat on Ball. 
City p.c bench at times; ex -mbr. 
Ball. Benev. Asylum Bd.; Old Col. 
Assoc; A. & P. CI. and Caled Soc: 
elder St. Andrew's Kirk since '03; 
l.g. Ball. Hosp.; m. Jane, d. of Thos. 
Telfer, of Cherrytree, '62; club — Old 
Colon ists. 

DOWSSI.I., Capt. Frank P.; b. Ho- 
bart; educ. Hutchins' S.; joined 
E. S. & A. Bank service at Syd., '84; 
mgr. of various branches In N.S.W. 
and Vic. since '90; mgr. Ball, branch 
since '12; joined Ist A.L.H. (N.S.W. 
Lancers) at Syd. as 2nd Lieut,, '05; 
Lieut., '07; Capt. & CO. 56th Batt. 
Sen. Cadets, '10-'12; Capt. 70th Ball. 
Inf. Reg., '15; called up for duty at 
Ball. Training Camp for active ser- 
vice trainees, Oct, '15; keen rifle 
shot for many yrs.; mbr. Ball. G.C; 
Club — Ballarat. 

BOWIiINO, Jennie Orae-me; d of Dr. 
Wm. Thom.son, of R. Yarra; b. S. 
Yarra; educ. Mrs. Tripp's Ladies* 
Coll., Toorak; m. 1. Ben. Dowllng, 
'77; settled Ball. '86; one of fdrs. 
and first treas. Ladies' Art Assoc, 
later v.p. and pres.; one of fdrp. 
Ball, branch A.W.N.L., now v.p. of 
branch and hon. sec. of A.W.N.L. 
Club; hon. sec Childrens' Home 
(Ball. E.) since '08; mbr. exec. Ball. 
Red Society; also mbr. Red 
Cros.s Carnival committee. 

DOWXZarO, Orae-me; s. of 1. Ben. 
Dowling, and g.s. of 1. Hon. T. Dow- 
llng. M.L.C. of Jellalabad Est., Dar- 
lington. Vic: b. Kortnong, Camper- 
down, '80: educ Ball. Coll.; mbr. & 
auct. of firm of Crawford. Dowllng 
& Seymour, stock & station sales- 
men: pte. 3rd batt Inf., '97; Lieut.. 
•00; Capt. 7th Regt., '03; Res. of OfT., 
'10: capt. G.C. 'ir>-'l«; ex-capt. Ball. 
P.C: mbr. Ball. Coll. CI. and Old 
Coll. CI., and A. & P. CI. 

SOWV, Slohard Hy.; C.P.S. at Cren- 
wlck since '09; Joined Crown Law 
Dept. '88: served In Titles ofllre. 
Melb., and later as clerk of eta; 



comm. for taking? affldavitB in Vic; 
cpt. Creswick S.S. com.; hon. sec. 
Cres. Aux. B. & F. Bible Soc; supt. 
Cres. Meth. Sun. Sch.; ex-pres. and 
ex-hon. sec. Cres. Hort. Soc; hon. 
sec. Cres. Recruiting com.; hon. sec. 
Cres. S.S. Swimming Basin move- 
ment; b. Padstow, (Cornwall) '69; 
8. of 1. Rev. R. Down, (Meth. minis- 
ter of many yrs.' service In Vic); 
educated Ballarat College. 

SOWXrSB, Tliot. W.; b. Bayswater 
(Eng.), '54; arr. Aust. In early 
youth; manufacturing chemist since 
•80; foreman W. Cornell's laboratory 
•89-' 92; also traveller; estab. firm of 
T. Downer & Co., cordial and condi- 
ment manufacturers, Sebas., about 
'93; an expert in limelight pictures, 
tableaux and cinematography for 30 
yrs.; revisited Eng. some yrs. ago, 
and procured electric plant to estab. 
permanent cinema theaters in Ball., 
but was forestalled by another; was 
the first Ball. dist. resident to enter 
cinema picture bus.; mgr. Bathe's 
Pictures Ltd. In recent years. 

SOWKEB, Tom.; b. Sebas., "77; s. of 
Thos. Downer; educ. Sebas. S.S.; 
mbr. firm of T. Downer & Co. for 
some yrs.; now cordial maker for 
Eureka Brewing Co.; one of fdrs. 
and first sec. Sebas. Choral Soc; 
P.C.R. Sebastopol Tent I.O.R.; ex- 
jun. supt. Juvenile Tent, and ex- 
mbr. Ball. Dist. CI. of Juv. Tents; 
treas. Sebas. Meth. Ch. Trust; mbr. 
com. Mech. Inst, and Y.M.C. sev. 
vrs. ; patron Sebas. C.C. 

SOWiriNO, Wm. J.; b. Ball., '82: 8. of 
John Downing (early col. of Have- 
lock-st.); educ. Black Hill & Humf- 
fray-st. S.S., and privately by Miss 
Kennedy, B.A.; mbr. Ball, staff Nat. 
Bank. '00-'03; Bank of Africa staff. 
Capetown & Bulawayo; during past 
10 yrs. has been trading, big game 
hunting and contracting in Rhod- 
esia and the Congo, and North of 
the Zambesi; toured Grt. Brit., the 
Cont., U.S.A. and Canada In '06; re- 
visited Ball., '14-'15. 

SSEW, Wm. Albert; b. Ball.. '75; s. 
of Wm. Drew (pioneer builder); 
educ. Lowther's S., Errard & Urq - 
sts. ; hotel broker & comm. agent, 
Armstrong-st., N., since '01; valuer 
of hotels before Licenses Reduction 
Bd.; pres. Ball. City B.C., 'lO-'ll; 
pennant player for sev. yrs. 

D&nnffAir, Cedrlc; s. of I. J. F. 
Drinnan (mgr. of Titanga station, 
nr. Lismore); b. Camperdown, '88; 
educ. Skipton S. S.; clerk in Ball, 
office of A.W.U. , since '11: first 
hon. sec. of Ball, division of Fed. 
Clerks' Un. of Aust.: Un. del. on 
T. & L. CI.. & Eight Hours* Day 

SBtTWMOITD, Jaa.; mgr. Co-op. Dis- 
tribution Soc, Ltd.;l). Ball. '67: b. 
of Peter Drummond (col. of '52 and 
now 87 yrs. of age); educ.Cox's 8.; 

20 yrs. at Phoenix fdry.; one of 
promoters, first sec. and now mgr. 
of Co-op. Distrib. Soc, Ltd. (foun- 
ded '96); pres. Lyd.-st. M.I. A., '06; 
first sec. Humffray-st. S.S. Com. (es- 
tab. '11); l.g. and mbr. Benev Asy- 
lum Com. since .09; v.-p. '13; pres., 
'14-'16; l.g. Orph.; mbr. session St. 
Andrew's Kirk; mbr. com. Ball. N. 
Rec. Club. 

DtrBB£BX;iV, Benjamin J.; b. Chel- 
tenham Eng) ; arr. Vic. with par- 
ents; late firm of Dubberlln & Co., 
boot manufrs.; agent A.M. P. Ins. 
Soc. since '08; now manager of 
Hans Irvine's wine saloon, Sturt 
street; a keen militiaman and 
first-class rifle shot for many yrs.; 
Joined old Vol. Drum & Fife Band, 
'65; later assoc. with 3rd battn. Inf. 
as sen. sgt. at its inception in '83; 
next Coy. Sgt.-Mjr. & Q.M.S. of 3rd 
battn. and 7th Regt., and ret. '12, 
with hon. rank of warrant officer; 
best shot in 3rd. battn., '91-'92; won 
N.R.A champ, medal (later Queen's 
prize) ; tied for Queen's prize an- 
other year, and in later yrs. second 
and third to Queen's prize winner; 
mbr. 7th Reg. team which won Em- 
pire contest, '08; and mbr. Ball- 
hausen Shield winning teams, '05- 
'08; winner many Vic. and inter- 
State matches; P.M. Ball. Mas. 

DtrsUST, Major John C. W.; b. Ball.. 
'72; s. of 1. David Dudley (coL of 
'54, and for 30 yrs. on Vic Rys.) ; 
educ. Central & Mt. Pleas. S.S. (W. 
H. NIcholls & T. Gray) ; joined Ball. 
City mun. staff '88; later assist. City- 
clerk; sec. G'long Harbor Trust. '10- 
'14; sec. Metrop. Fire Brig. Bd., '14- 
'16; joined 3rd batt. Inf. as pte. '00: 
Lieut. 7th A.I.R. and later Capt. and 
Major; 2nd In command 70th Regt., 
G'long, •12-'14; O.C. 56th and 53rd 
Inf. Regts. •14-'15; Assist Q.M. Gen. 
of Vic, '15; keen rifle shot, & mbr. 
7th A.I.R. team, winners of Schu- 
macher Empire Cup, '08; and Ball- 
hausen Shield comp., with Imp. 
Guards regts., '05-*08; top scorer '06; 
top scorer inter-Reg. match (5th, 
6th. 7th and 8th Regts) : active cric- 
keter for 12 yrs.; mbr. Ball, team v. 
Stoddart's Eng. Eleven; successful 
vocalist, and mbr. sev. winning 
choirs at Ball, and Toow^oomba Eis- 

Dt7F7, Bavld; Insp. of Factories; s. of 
Robert Duff; b. Carlton; educ. 
Carlton S.S. and Model S.: succes- 
sively assoc. with State Educ, Chief 
Sec, and Factories Departments; 
Insp. of Factories, Ball., since '02; 
now in charge of Ball, dist.; pres. 
Carlton A.N.A., '93; pres. Newington 
A.N.,\., '04; now assist, sec; del. at 

21 A.N.A Conf. as rep. of Carlton & 
Newington branches: pres. Ball. Ex- 
hib. Com., '14; del. Vic. Band Assoc, 
for Colllngwood Band since '02; 
pres., '10; sec. Ball. Choral Union 



since '13; managed trips to Laun- 
ceston comps., '14-'15-'16; life mbr. 
Carlton C. & F. Club. 

SUFTT, &ev. B«niard; b. Ballyduff, 
CO. Longford, Ireland, '84; educ. St. 
Mary's Classicai School, Moyne, and 
All Hallows Coll.. Dublin; ord. 
priest and arr. Ball., '10; attached to 
St. Alipius' Ch., Ball. E.; attends 
churches at B'yong, Napoleons and 
Hardies' Hill; chap. Convent of 
Mercy, Ballarat E. 

nxnm, Cr. J. n.; J.P.; b. Devonshire 
(Eng.); arr. Aust., '66; mbr. Town 
CI.. Ball. B., since '87; four times 
mayor: rep. BalL E. in Legis. As- 
sembly, '91-4; sev. terms as Water 
Commr.; v.p. 8. of Mines CI.; l.g. & 
ex-pres. Benev, Asylum; l.g. &. ex- 
pres. Orphanage; ex-chairman Ball. 
E, Bd. of Advice, dir. sev. mining 
co.'s in past yrs., and supporter 
various sporting clubs; W.M. Orion 
Mas. Lodge, '88; P.S.G.D. of Vic; 
first pres. Ball. Ei B.C., 'OS-'OS. 

Jiim, Jolm N.; s. of above; b. Dev- 
onshire (Eng. , '63: arr. Aust., '66; 
educ. Dimsey's P.S., Golden Point, 
and Central S.S.; joined Vic. Rys. 
service, '84; guard since '89; one of 
promoters Ry. Carnival for Orph.; 
2nd pres., '05; now treas.; made l.g. 
of Orph., with Mrs. Dunn, in recog- 
nition of services rendered; pres. 
Orph., '10; pres. Guards & Shunters 
Society. 'lO-'ll; v.-p. Ball, branch 
Rys. Inst.; com. V.R. Union; mbr. 
Orion Mas. Lodge; Ball. B.C.; Can- 
adian Rifle Club; vestryman St 
Paul's Ang. Church. 

Bxnnr, .Qii*Mii«: l.l.c.m.; d. of 

above; b. Ball. E.; teacher of music 
since '11: A.L.C.M., '12; L.L.C.M.. 
,13; org. St. Paul's Sun. School since 
'l2; trained choirs for production of 
sev. successful cantatas; teacher 
St. Paul's Sun. Sch. since '12; and 
mbr. St. Paul's Ch. Choir; m. J. C. 
Marchant of Sydney. 1915. 

STOSTAXr, The*.; b. Ball. E., '69; b. 
of 1. John Dunstan (col. of '54); 
educ. Golden Point S.S.; leather and 
rrlndery merch., Bridge-st., Ball. E., 
since '00; one of fdrs. Ball. E. B.C.. 
'04; rink capt. and mbr. com.: club 
champ.. '07 and '09; two yrs.; runner 
up three yrs.; B.B.A. rink capt.; 
mbr. R.n.A. champ, rink one year. 

DVrVBTAn, Iiient. Wm.; V.C: b. Ball., 
'95; s. of W. J. Dunstan: educ. Gol- 
den Pt. S.S.; clerk at Snows Ltd.; 
Lieut. Sen. Cadet 70th Batt.: passed 
for Capt.; transf. to Citiien Forces 
as Lieut. 70th Regt.. '14; on active 
service. European war with 7th 
batt.. 6th reinf., aa Coy. Sgt.-MaJ.; 
awarded Victoria Cross for brilliant 
Mrvic* In holdinc. with Lieut. Tubb 
and L.-Corp. Burton, a trench 
against a stronv body of Turks in 
the battle of of Lone Pine Ridge. 
Oalllpoli, Aug.. 191B;wounded ft ret, 
home invalided: Joint hon. sec Ret, 
Soldiers' Club; tnbr. Ball. B. A.N.A. 

ar ea offi cer Ball. 1916. 

BXTTHXE, John B.; b. Launceston; a. 
of 1. Alex. Duthie; educated 
Armstrongs and McFarlane's S. 
Ball.; joined staff of H. Brind and 
Co., distillers and maltsters, as jun. 
clerk, '82; now sec Brind Propty.. 
Ltd.; one of fdrs. and for 20 years 
pres. and now life mbr. of Ball. 
Harriers' Club; pres. Ball, centre 
V.A.AA. sev. yrs.; hon. sec. Bt, 
Andrew's Sun. Sch. for about S5 
yrs.; mbr. com. Ball. F.C. for 18 
yrs.; now life mbr. of club; hon. 
sec. Ball. N. Rec Club for some 
yrs.; retiring 1915 to take pree.; 
leade.'- B.B.A. champ, rink, '15; mbr. 
exec. Ball. B. Assoc. 

EAKXiT, Jaa.; b. Swords (Ire.), '82: 
s. of Peter Early (hotel keeper and 
farmer); educ. Nat. Bd. Sch., and 
Trin. Coll.; at age of 17 won Schol. 
Exhib. worth £20, and passed law 
exam.. Trin. Coll., with merit; won 
Vic. Memorial prize, and admitted 
to practise at King's Inns, Dublin; 
after practising at Dublin sev yrs.. 
left to settle in Ball., '12; admitted 
to practise as barr. & sol. in Vic, 
'15; DOW practising at corner or 
Dana & Doveton-sts., Ball. ; hon. sec. 
Nazareth House and St. Joseph's 
Home Benefit Com.; mbr. Red Cross 
Carnival Com.; chief ranger Ball. 
Irish Nat. Foresters'; mbr. of Grand 
Lodge judicial com.; mbr. C.Y.M.S. 
com., and St. Vincent de Paul soc; 
published " Treatise on Workers' 
Compensation Act," '15. 

SAMLrr, Peter; b. Dublin, '69; s. of L 
Peter Early; arr. Aust., '89; settled 
in Ball, as hotel broker, ins. & com. 
agent, Doveton-st. S^ '00: chief 
agent Batavia Sea & Fire Ins. co.; 
first sec. Ball. Lie. Vic Association: 
agent A.M. P. Soc; mbr. Nazareth 
House and St. Joseph's Home Com.; 
St. Patrick's Day Com.; I.N.F., and 
Miners* T.C. ; varied experiences be- 
fore settling in Ballarat. 

EASOV. Cr. Ofeo.r J.P.; s. of 1. Cr. G. 
Flason (col. of '56); b. Scotsbum. 
•65; educ. B'yong S S.., Roseinblum's 
(Ball.), and Scotsbum S.S.; farmer 
and gr'tiier of Scotsbum for manv 
yrs.; mbr. B'yonf Shire CI. since 
'00; twice pres.; mbr. B'yong Bor. 
CI., '12-15; gaz. J.P. '03; ex-pres. 
B'yonrr Old Boys* Assoc; dlr. 
B'yong Butter Co.; mbr. com. Lai 
Lai & B'yong T.C. (steward); Ball. 
A. ft P. CI.: Scotsbum S.S. Com.; 
vestryman Holy Trin. Ch.: success- 
ful breeder & exhibitor light blood 
stn<k l.fc. n.ill. Hosp. 

rSDIHOTOir, Annie Elizabeth: d. of 
I. H. O. Eddlngton. (of "The Gum«." 
Penshurst. and Bnllanpelch estate): 

f. d. of 1 Capt. John Eddlngton (of 
st Royals); b. Penshurst; educ 
Ball. c5oll.: Dioc Rec. of Olrlw* 
Friendly Soc. slnc^ '95; Ball. rep. on 
G.FS. prov. cl.; one of promotera 
O.F.S. Lodge and Home. Lyons-at.: 



nibr. Dloc. Dd. of Missions, Dioc.Sch. 
Bd., and Home Mission exec; active 
worker In St. John's parish move- 
ments; hon. sec. Ladies' Worlc Par- 
ty; assiit. sec, Ball. Bran. Red .Soc. 

Z:2>J)Y, Jolxn Novell; b. Delmorton, 
N.S.W.). '77; s of 1. James Eddy 
mine mgr. and one time Cr. of Hall. 
E.) ;educ. Humffray-st. S.S. and Wil- 
son's Univ. Coll.; assist, lib. r>all. 
Public Library in early youth; lib. 
'98-1915; collector for Ball. Hosp. 
•15; W.M., Ball. Mas. Lodge, '04; sec. 
since '06; one of fdrs. and auditor 
Victoria B.C.; champ. (2 yrs.); once 
runner-up; mbr. Ball. K. Red Cross 
Soc. Exec. , „ 

ZiDOAB, Cr. Arch Aitken; b. Scars- 
dale, '68; s. of 1. J. Edgar (second 
Town Clerk of Brown's & Scarsdale 
Bor., and col. of '55); educ. Scars- 
dale SS.; mbr. Bor. CI. since '95; 
mayor '05-'06, '09-'10, and in '15; 
when borough merged into Shlre of 
Grenville; pres. Scarsdale A.N.A., 
'02- mbr. com. Old Boys' Assoc; 
corn. Scarsdale T.C., and trustee of 
race course; com. Relief Fund, old 
Bd. of Advice, and Presby. Ch. com. 
and choir. , ^ ,, « , 

BSOAK, John James; b. Ball., s. of L 
John Edgar; educ. Scarsdale S.S ; 
one of pioneers of Apollo Bay For- 
est; ret. to Scarsdale, '90; and car- 
ried on business until '11, when re- 
tired; mbr. Brown's & Scarsdale 
Bor CI. for sev. yrs; ex-mayor; ex- 
mbr. Relief Fund, Lib. Com., and 
Scarsdale T.C. Com.; promoter and 
dir. sev. mining co. s.; mbr. Ban. 
Stock Exch. since '11. now mbr. 
com.: mbr. Ball. Com. Scarsdale Old 
Boys' Association. , ^ „ „.n.^ 

EBSAX.1^, -^m. Edward; b. Hamilton. 
'96^ s of \Vm. Fred Edsall (of Vic. 
Rv's.'Warrenheip); educ. Dorcas-st. 
S.S., Sth. Melb. and Ptely.;, mbr. 
commercial staff "Evg. Echo. Ball., 
ident. with sen. cadets at inaug. of 
national service '10; transf. citizen 
forces '14: O.R. Sgt. of <Oth Regc. 
on mobilisation o? troops on out- 
break of war 14; O.R. »gt. loifi 
brflade H'qrs '15; and later milit 
staS clerk at Vic Barracks Melb ; 
vol. for active service ■16 and pro- 
ceeded to war zone with 39th Baiia- 
rat batt. A.I.F. as O.R. Sgt. clerk. 

EDWARDS, John S.; b. Liverpool 
(En?.):Rardener to Lord Egerton, 
Tatton Park. Cheshire; Eferl Harr- 
ington. Elbaston Castle. Derbyshire, 
Thos. Stewart Gladstone. Dunferm- 
Ine (Scot.): and Col. Wilson, St. 
Michael's Liverpool: cuj'?V°J^ ^!:"t 
E Mun. Gardens snce '91; the first 
to introduce chrysanthemum grow- 
ing in Ball., when at R. U. Nlcholls 
nurserv-f one of if not the Arst to 
lay cafpet bedding in Ball., making 
special dismay for visit Prince (now 
"Klne"> George; W.M., Ball. Mas. 
Lodlc. '^2; P G.J.D. of Vic; mbr. cl. 
Rayf Soc. St. George; vestryman 
St. Paul's Ang. Ch.; mbr. Ball. B.C.; 
mbr. com- Hort. Soc. sev. yrs. 

£3^I.INOSSXr, Major Geo.; b. Sebas.: 
educ. Urq.-st. S.S. and Melb. Univ. 
(Dip. Educ.);s. of 1. Lawrence El- 
lingsen, of Sebas.; ent. Educ. Dept., 
'83; stationed Ball., Waubra, Gipp.s- 
land and Beaufort district schs.; re- 
turning to old school, Urq.-st., as 
drst male assist., '11; prize essayist 
Ball, comp.; joined Vic. Rangecs. 
Ararat, as pte . '99: Sgt.. 'GO; 2nd 
Lieut.. '04; Lieut.. '06; 7th AI.P... 
11; 70th Inf., Julv, '12; Capt., Aug., 
•12; Major, '15; CO. 70th Inf., '15: 
CO. Ball. Active Service Training 
Depot short period. '15. 

EIiIiIOTT, Colonel Karold Edward; 
b. W. Charlton '78; s. of 1. Thos. 
Elliott (mining investor, later of 
"Elsinore," Ball.); educ. Ball. Coll. 
(dux '97); and Melb. Univ.; qual. 
as barrister and solicitor of Vic. 
Sup. Court '07; practising at North- 
cote since '09; served Sth. African 
war in ranks of Vic. Cont.; opera- 
tions in Rhodesia, Orange River 
Colony, Transvaal and Cape Colony, 
King's and Queen's medals and Dis- 
tinguished Conduct Medal for con- 
spicuous gallantry in an engage- 
ment with Gen. De Wets commando, 
near Colesburg; comm. as lleut. 
5th A.I.R. Melb. '04; cant. '09; adJut. 
•10-11; mjr. €0th Inf. Melb. 'l2; 
o.c. 58th Inf. Reg. Melb. 13-14; 
lieut. col. commanding 7th batt. 1st 
A.I.F. in Gallipoli operations from 
landing at Anzac '15; wounded in 
action; and temporarily out of ac- 
tion; colonel in command of 15th 
Inf. Brigade during operations in 
France 1916. 

EI.I.IOTT, Fercival D. F.; s. of 1. 
Hv Francis Elliott (first native- 
boVn mayor of City, 1900); b. Ball., 
'81- educ. Urq.-st. S.S. and St. P. 
Coll.; mbr firm of Elliott & Magill 
Prop., Ltd.. maltsters; treas. Wend. 
R.C (3 yrs.); hon. sec. since '14; 
senior oarsman; treas. Regatta As- 
soc. 6 yrs.; playinsr mbr. Ball. F.C ; 
v.-c since '13; playing mbr. Kal- 
goorlie V.C, '05; and Boulder Star 
F.C, '06; mbr. Red Cross Carnival 
Com. and A^quatic Carnival Com. 

EX^IiZS, Cr. Tom. W.; b. New York 
(U.S. -A..): educ. Gillespie's S., Edin- 
burgh- travelled continent exten- 
sively, and arr. in Aust., '08; spent 
two vrs. in Q'land.; settled Cres.. 
'10; purchasing bakery bus. at N. 
Cres.. and taking over Q'land. Ins. 
Arency; elected tc Cres. Bor. Cl.. 
'13; clerk of courso Cres. T.C; mbr. 
Cres. B.C., and Coursing Club; 
served in Westmoreland and Cum- 
berland Imp. Yeomanry and Royal 
15ucks. Inf. , , ,,„ , 

EZiIiIS, Wm.; arr. Adel., '49, from 
Sancreed, Cornwall (where born in 
•44): arr. Ball, diggings, '53: Castle- 
maine, '62; later Brown's field. 
Ball, again. '68; working at New- 
ington. Band & Albion. No. 3; Park; 
Winter's Freehold (shift boss); 
Stawell (shift boss) Band of Hope 



Deep lead, mines, Stawell; ret. 
Ball. '7S, and became mbr. Stock 
•Oxch.; mbr. com. for sev. yrs.; 
supt. Pleas.-st. Meth. Sun. Sch.. IS 
yrs.; first identitted with Sch in '68: 
teacher and later class leader for 28 
yrs.- trustee Pleaf.-.-st. Meth. Ch. ; 
dir. sev. G.M. co.'s of Ball. & dist- 
rict; m Ellen Curnow, d. of 1. Thos. 
Cumow, '72. 

SXiIiZS, Wm., e. s. of above: b. Ball., 
'74- educ rieasant-st. S.S.; assoc. 
with H. Davles & Co., drapers, as 
salesman; later with Craig, Wil- 
liamson & Thomas; and country rep. 
H. Davi.^s & Co.; mbr. firm Cowdell, 
Tonner & ElliS; drapers, etc., cr. of 
Bridge & Grenvii!e-sts. since '10; 
P.G. Ball. Lodge G.U.O.O.F.; mbr. 
Ball. R.C. sev. yrs.- mbr. Pleas.-st. 
Meth. Ch. Choir since boyhood (solo 

CZiSWOBTn, Cr. Wm.; s. of 1. ex-Cr 
.T. R. i:!f worth; b. Ball. E.. '71; educ. 
Eurwka-st. S.S. and Ball. Coll.; 
propr. buplness of J. R. Elsworth & 
Sons, fertilisers and flock manufrs., 
jisill. E.; elected to Town CI. of 
Ball. E. Aug. 15: pres. Ball. E. 
A.N.A., '03; mbr. Red Cross Carnival 
com.; mbr. exec. Ball. E. Red Cross 
Foe; mbr. Ball. F.C. many yrs : 
mbr. com. and del. on Ball. F.league; 
life mbr. league; hon. sec. Ball. 
R.C. 4 yrs.; hon. aec. Regatta Assoc 
19 yrs.: v. -p. since '12; life mbr. 
assoc. since '10; senior oarsman. 

ETAHS, art. C; b. Miners' Rest, '64; 
s. of Edward Evans, farmer; educ. 
Miners' Rest S.S.; joined Vic. Art. 
•83; Joined Vic. police force '84; sen- 
ronst., 05; sg*., '12; stationed in 
turn at Portland, Gt. Western (off. 
In charge) 4 J yrs.; Ball. North (in 
charge) 4i yrs ; Ball. North (In 
cnarge) 8 yrs. Foot«cray (in charge) 
'15; ey-hon. sec. IV)rtland B.C.- 
leader Ball. N. Rec. Club A pennant 
rink, '12-'14; ex-soc. Gt. Western 
rlf.e club. 

EVAHS, David; s of 1. W. D. Evans, 
of Glamorganshire. S. Wales; b. S. 
Wales. '62; arr. Aust., '63; educ. 
Wattys S.. Sebas.; grocer, wine & 
npirit mo!rch., cr. Lvons & Eyre-sts., 
■Incft 1900; W.M., St. John's Mas 
T.odge, '05; mbr com. Ball. B.C., 10 
■"•rs.; now v. -p.; mbr. B.B.A. champ, 
rink, '02-'03: mbr. Dloc. Cath. Bd.; 
parishioners' warden Christ Ch . 
Ca»h.: tr., treas. nnd sec. of Sun. 
Sch. for 21 yrs.; acting supt. for 
)eriod; rep Sklpton Band on V.B.A. 

£TA?ra, Cr. Hnffb; s. of Gershom 
Evnn^ (dist. pioneer); b. Happy 
Valley, 'd*: mbr. firm H. EVans & 
Ton, undertakers & embalmers, 
Maln-st., L'all. E. since '12; A under- 
takers & Ironmongers, Egerton, 
Blnce '95: mbr. Ballan Shire Ci. since 
'04; mbr. Egerton rec. reserve and 
cemetcrv trusts; P.M. Egerton Mas. 
I odge, and mbr. Egerton Tent. 

ETAVS, Jolia, •. of I. Wm. Evans, 

(who arr. Sebas. from S. Wales in 
•64); b. Sebas. '74; educ. Sebas. S.S.; 
for some yrs. mgr. Austin's Sebas, 
Jam Factory; now identified with 
Ball. Jam Coy. Ltd.; mbr. Sebas. 
F.B. since about '00; served app. off. 
and foreman, lieut since '09; mbr. 
numerous dem. teams; pres. Sebas. 
branch A.N.A. about '00; sec. since 
'01; also ex -hon, sec, Sebas. C.C.; 
assist, sec. Sebas. Old Boys' Assoc; 
auditor old Mechanics' Institute. 

EVANS, Bobert Hy.; b. G'long, '58; 8. 
of 1. Geo. Evans (for sev. yrs. "Town 
Clerk of N. Melb.); educ. N. Melb 
G.S.; principal in firm of R. H. 
Evans & Co., general storekeepers, 
and merchants, Rokewood since '94; 
eptab. by late W. H. White in '56): 
trustee Rokewood public gardens 
and actively identified with various 
movements for benefit of district. 

EVEBAIiIi, -Wm. J.; s. of W. J. 
Everall; b Ball., '72; educ. Urq.-st. 
S.S.; saddler, Pee'.-st. N., Ball. E.; 
served 3rd Batt. Inf. Ball., pte. to 
.?gt.; with 1st & 5th Vic. Cont. In S. 
African war, '99-'02; severely 
wounded at Waggon Drift; awarded 
S. African medal with five clasps; 
one of fdrs. S. African Soldiers' 
Asooc, Ball, branch 

SWIN8. Joalali; b. Lond., '41; emp. 
at father's publishing and book- 
selling business at Paternoster-rd. 
before setting out for Aust. In '61 : 
estab. business as bookseller and 
stationer, old Theatre Royal build- 
ings, Sturt-st, Ball., in early sixties; 
later removed to 111, Sturt-st.; one 
of oldest mbrs. Baptist Ch., Dawson- 
st.; serving as deacon and treas., 
and teacher in Sun. Sch. for many 
yrs.' N.O. Loyal Ball. Lodg*. 
M.U.I.O.O.P., '80; revisited places in 
London and Canterbury (where 
oduc), '10. 

SWIirS, Alf. B.; s. of above; b. Ball.. 
'TO; educ. Bain's H.S. ; and since 
Identified with father's business, 
latterly as mgr.; mbr. Progress As- 
soc, since '13; pres., '15: sec. Baptist 
C.E Soc and pres. Baptist C.C. 
tnremiers) 'lO-'ll): deacon Baptist 
Ch. for many yrs . and chairman A: 
leader of Y.M. class sev. yrs.; dir. 
y.M.C.A.; chairman of intermediate 
dept. & of special com. (religious 
work); active worker in varlou.s 
other departments of T.M.C.A.: 
mbr. EkUic. com. "Forward Balla- 
rat" movement. 

E\7ZN8, Iiient. K«rb*rt; s. of Joslah 
Kwins; b. Ball., '74; educ. Bain's 
HS.; assoc. with father In bus. 
since '95- Lieut. Sen. Cadets on In- 
n\nr. of National service, '11; transf. 
70th Inf., Citizens' Forces, '14; at- 
tached to training camps, 'IB; adJut. 
'15-16; vol. for active service IS; 
b»it rejected by med. bd.: fdn. mbt. 
Y.M.C.A. tennis club; v.-p. '11; mbr 
Y.M.C.A. _ 

ETBXS. CIuutIm; b. Bath (Iter): ^ 



of Charles Eyres; arr. Vict, with 
parents. '53; Joined Ball. Bankng j 
Co.'s service as jun. clerk on the es- 
tablishment of the bank, '65; assist, 
mrrr., '85* and mg:r., '91; ret from 
active service, '15 after participat- 
ing in Jubilee of bank; choir- 
ma«^ter and org., Lyd.-st. Meth Ch. 
choir for 48 yrs.; app- hon. org., '13; 
ali,o mbr. Church Trust; mbr. Art 
Gallery CI.; hon. aud. Ball. Aux. 
B. & F Bible Soc; v.-p. Lyric Orch. 

FAXBi;iS, Walter Jolm; b. Lexton; s. 
of W. Falrlle. J. P.; educ. Lexton S. 
S ; .Coined Educ. Dopt. service, '87; 
stationed successively at S. Melb., 
Chnrlton (h.t.), Murrudoc (h.t.), 
Invermav (h.t.), Pleas.-st. Ball. 
(Ist assist.), Casterton (h.t.), and 
Erown H'.U, Ball. B. (h.t.); one of 
fdrs. Ball, branch Vic. Teachers' 
Union and Club: first hon. sec. 
branch ; later treas , v.-p. & pres. ; 
mbr. Vic. exec. sev. yrs.; v.-p. '15; 
hon. sec. Teachers' Hort. Soc, '09- 
•12; pres. Ball. City A.N.A., '07; del. 
sev. conforence.s; hon. sec. City 
branch build, com., '12-'13; J.W.. 
Tarrowee Mas. Lodge, '14; pres. 
Scots' Y.M.C: mbr. Educ. com. 
"Forward Ballarat" movement. 

rABOKEB, Thoi. G.; b. Ball., '67; S. 
of Jas. Fargher (col. of '62); educ. 
Uro.-st. S.S.- builder & contractor, 
Bradshaw-st,. Ball. E.; mbr. Ball. 
Rifle Club since '90; hon. sec. 4 yrs.; 
capt., '12-'13; v -p., '15; sev. visits 
to S. Africa; one of top scorers for 
Witwatersrand Rifles team, winners 
Hamilton Cup at Transvaal Bisley, 
•05; won pros, match, N.S.W. W. 
Dist. Rifle Assoc, Bathurst, with 
record score for Martini-Henri 
rifle in Assoc. Hatches — 35, 500 yds.. 
34, 600 yds. fposs. 70); one of 
Queen's 30, V R.A mtg., Williams- 
town, '00- W.M. Ball. Mas. Lodge. 
•15-'16; riibr. Ball. E. Men's Red 
Cress Soc. Fxec. , , 

FABMEB. Geo.' b. Ball., 54; s. of 1. 
John Farmer* succeeded father in 
control of ham curing bus., Ball. E , 
•79; since cultivated extensive ex- 
port trade in Eastern and Oriental 
countries and in all Aust. States; 
gold medallist of several ex- 
hibit, in London, & champion ham 
curer of Cwealth at Syd, '07-15; 
and Melb., '05-14; won first prize for 
hams and export bacon at Aust. 
Manufactures' Exhib., Melb. '07; 
fdtn. mbr. Ball. City A.N.A.; pres. 

FABisEB, Jiunes; b. Magpie, '57; s. 
of 1. John Farmer (pioneer bacon & 
ham curer); educ. Finlay's & Hur- 
ley's C.S.; mbr. firm of G. and J. 
Farmer until '90; pres. Ball. Gun 
Club; a keen sportsman; mbr. com. 
and steward Miners' T.C.; mbr. 
com. and steward Ball. Trotting 
Club; mbr. Ball. T.C.; CHubs— Old 
col. and Buffalo. _ , , 

TAMKEIti; Edwin 7o«.: b. Scarsdale, 
'64; B. of Thos Farrell (coL of '62); 

educ Scarsdale S.S.; Joined Vic. 
Rys., '84; clerical staff; (clerk in 
loco, office, Pall., since '91); W.M. 
Yarrowee Ma«. Lodge, '06-'07; now 
sec; P.J.G.D. of Vic. since '13; pres. 
City branch A.N.A.. '97; mbr. build- 
ing com.; pres Ball, branch BalL 
branch Rys. Inst.; del. St. Kilda 
band, V.B.A.* and mbr. exec. ; mbr. 
com. Ball. B.C.; Ball. com. Scars- 
dale Old Boys' Assoc; mbr. Ry. 
Carnival com.- 1 g. Hospital. 

TAXIJ.IM, Thos. Geo., b. Ball. W.. '79; 
s. of G. T. Faull (mine mgr.); educ. 
Urq.-st. S.S.; salesman for W. H. 
Jones, boot warehouseman, Bridge- 
st., '96-' 10; then succeeding to pro- 
prietorship; hon. sec. E. Ball. Harr. 
Club. '04-'05; capt., '06-'07; winner 
2J mile hep. and club champ., '05; 
mbr. Ball, centre (V.A.A.A.) exec; 
hon. sec. Ball Yacht Club, '13-'14; 
capt., '14-'16; hon. sec. Ball. E. 
Swimming Club, '08; mbr. BalL 
Mas. Lodge and Ball. R.C. 

rSEBT, Cr. Jas.; J.P.; pres. of Ball, 
shire; b. Windermere, '68; s. of 1. 
Cr. M. Feery; educ. Windermere S. 
S.; farmer of Windermere; mbr. 
Ball. Shire CI. since '99; pres., '06 & 
'15; gaz. J.P., '06; one of fdrs. 
B'beet & W'mcre T.C.; pres. & stew- 
ard for sev yrs.; one of fdrs. & ex- 
pres. of Wmere branch A.N. A.; v.-p. 
B'beet Coursiner Club; one of fdrs. 
and mgr. B'beet and W^mere Farm- 
ers' Co-op. Soc; mbr. com. Lear- 
month R.C. Church. 

rSNXnBB .Chas.; B.Sc; Dip. Educ; 
F.G.S.;Science Principal Ball. S. of 
Mines; b. Talbot, '84; s. of John 
Fenner (of Mt. Greenoch); educ. 
Dunach S.S.; mbr, Talbot "Leader" 
composing staff sev. yrs.; Educ. 
Dept. service from '01, at Rocky 
Lead, & in Portland dist.; later obt. 
cert. & Diploma Educ. at Teachers' 
Training Coll, Melb.; during science 
course at Melb Univ. gained exhib. 
In geol. & biol.; 1st class final hon- 
ors in geol., also Kernot Research 
Schol. & B.Sc. degree, '13; later 
head master Mansfield A.H.S., '13: 
lect. on geol. & mineralogy, S. of 
Mines, Ball.. '14; Science Principal 
since '15; first pres. Ball. Science 
Soc, '15; author of "Physiography 
of Mansfield District"; "Occurrence 
of Quartz in Basalt"; (Roy. Soc. of 
Vic; elected fellow Geol. Soc. Lend. 'IS; 
'^ \-.p, S. of M. Students' Assoc; pres Sch. 
Field Naturalists' Club. 

FENTON, Wm.; b. Newtown (Tas.), 
'50; arr. Ball., '67; now foreman of 
smithy at Cowley's iron works; sole 
survivor of fdrs. of Ironworkers' & 
Polytechnic Assoc, (founded '82); 
mbr. S. of Mines cl.: cpt. Ball. B. 
School Bd. of Advice for 28 yrs., un- 
til board abolished; organising an- 
nual excursion each year; P. C. 
Ranger old A.O.F. (disbanded '11); 
active campaigner in politics; one 
of fdrs. old Loyal Lib. league; see. 



of old Educ. Defence league. 

PEBOT780N, James; Govt, auditor; b. 
Sebas. ; educ. Whatty's Sch. Sebas. 
and Fitzroy S.S.; s. of 1. Thos. Fer- 
sruson (col. of '57 and first rate col- 
lector and revenue officer of Bor. of 
Sebas.); joined Vic. P. & Telep. ser- 
vice '79; transf. to State audit office 
'94; one of fdrs. Sebas. Old Boys' 
Assoc; pres. '14; G.M. Protestant 
Alliance Friendly Society of Aus- 
tralasia '08-11; ex- v.p. and ex-sec. 
of Federal CI. of Alliance. 

TXOQIB, Bamr«l XSmest; s. of 1. 
Samuel Fijfgis: educ. Victor's Gren. 
Coll. and S of Mines; mging:. eng. 
Ball. Gas Co. many yrs. ; gen. mgr 
•13-'15; mging. dir. Col. Gas Co., 
Melb., from '15; visited Engr. to grain 
ideas for modernising Ball. Gas 
Works, 'IS; mbr. S. of Mines cl. for 
many yrs.; pres. Mech. Inst., '12: 
mbr. Cent. B.C.; champ., '05, '09 and 
'11; dlst. champ, of champions, '05: 
No. 3 in champ rink, '07; old time 
mbr. Ball. C.C., & one of best known 
cricketers; coached by T. Wills and 
S. Cosstick famous ground bowlers, 
and Midwinter, the famous inter- 
national; held bowling avge. of club 
many yrs.; played with rep. teams 
against Bligh's Shaw & Lillywhite's 
Eng. & Aust. Elevens; mbr. St. And- 
rew's Kirk choir many yrs., and 
leader of Girls' Sun. Sch. Bible 
Class; a well-known concert basso: 
keen horticulturist and bulb grower, 
and one of earliest to experiment 
with success in color photography. 

noOXS, Wm. Harold; b. Dalston 
(Eng.), '46; n. of 1. Samuel Figgis 
(rtrst sec. Ball. Gas Co.; app. '60); 
arr. Aust. with parents, '52; Ball., 
'60; Joined Ball. Gas Co.'s service 
'61; succeeded father as mgr. & sec. 
of Co., '79; retired '14; one of oldest 
mbrs. Congregational Ch.; deacon 
& sec, and Sun. Sch. supt. for many 
yrs.; treas. Ball. Aux. B. & F. Bible 
So«.; first capt. "Evening Star" C.C.: 
'65; one of oldest mbrs. Ball. C.C: 
scored 97 not out for second eleven 
when lad of 15; scored 53 (highest) 
agst. Grace's Eng. eleven, '71; old 
time mbr. Ball. F.C.; one of oldest 
mbrs., v.-p. and life patron. Ball. 
B.C.; active pennant player; trustee 
Ball. Female Refuge. 

nHSZ.AT, Idunt. Cluui.; s. of 1. David 
FIndlay; b. Echuca '82; settled Ball. 
In childhood; educ Pleas. St. S.S. 
Ball.; Joined 3rd batt. Inf. and rose 
to rank of sgt. In 7th A.I.R.; comm. 
as 2nd lleut. and CO. of M. gun sec- 
tion, 70th Inf. Regt. '14; 2nd lleut. 
and m. gun section commander 8th 
batt. A.T.F. l8t Inf. brigade Oalll- 
poli and Egyptian campaigns '14-16; 
took part in Ismalla skirmish. In- 
vasion of Turkey, participated in 
flrst landing at Ansae; assault 
on Achl Baba; after three mos. on 
fighting front was prom, to rank 
of Ist lleut. and attached to brig. 

staff with charge of 17 gun sections 
then invalided to Eng. for sev. mos.; 
ret. to front '16; P.G. Wend. Lodge 
G.U.O.O.F.; has played f'ball with 
sev. teams; favorite tenor soloist, 
freq. heard for charit. and other 
purposes; mbr. Scots ch. choir and Choral Society. 

FZKI.AYSOir, John A.; b. G'long, '60; 
s. of Wm. Finlayson; educ. (box's 
Sch., Ball.; mbr. "The Star" publish- 
ing staff since '73; publisher since 
'95; for 50 yrs. assoc. with Neil-st. 
Meth. Ch. & Sun. Sch.; mbr. trust 
and ex-circuit steward; supt. Sun. 
Sch.; one of fdrs. Ball. Imp. F.C.; 
playing mbr. for many yrs.; mbr. 
Ball. N. Rec. Club; rink capt. since 
'14; jun. champ., '13-'14; runner-up 
sen. champ., '14-'15. 

rmijATSOir, Wm. OoTan; b. Wood- 
stock, Canada, '55; s. of Wm. Fin- 
layson (col. of '62); arr. Ball, at age 
of 7, and educ. Ball. Coll.; after soft 
goods experience, Fllnders-l., Melb., 
est. bus. of Insurance & est. agent. 
Ball.; promoter and flrst mgr. Ball. 
Land Mortgage Co., '87; which coy. 
has paid regular dividends since in- 
ception; still mgr,; mbr City CL, 
'98-'01; pres. City Free Lib. four 
terms; mbr. com. & v.-p. Hort. Soc. 
sev. yrs.; pres. Ball. Hosp. Com., 
'09-10; one time mbr. Ball. R.C.; 
mbr. Com. Club com.; mbr. Aust. 
Ins t of Incorp. A/cts. 

FUUjATSOIT, ned.; s. of above; b. 
Ball., '80; educ. S.S. and Bain's H.S. 
(matric. '94) ; law student and clerk, 
Salter & Pinkerton's office 8 yrs.; 
assist, mgr. Land Mortgage Co. 
since '08; mbr com. Ball. F.(?.; hon. 
sec, '07-'09; hon. sec. Ball. R.C.; 
mbr. for 8 yrs.; hon. sec. St. And- 
rew's C.C; mbr. com. & playing mbr. 
N. City C.C (district cricket), '10- 
•12; mbr. City Band com., and del. 
for S. Melb. band on V.B.A.; sec. 
City Free Lib. since '08. 

FZSKBSr, Arch- J.; J.P.; pres. of 
B'yong shire; b. Lai Lai, '66; s. of L 
A. Fisken, J.P. (of Lai Lai estate, 
col. since '40; and flrst chairman of 
B'yong Road Bd. prior to estab. of 
municipality) ; educ. Radley Coll. 
(Eng.), and Magdalen Coll., Oxford 
Univ. (Eng.); grazier, Lai Lai es- 
tate; mbr. B'yong Shire Cl. since 
'94; pres., '97. '04 and '15 (In which 
year borough of B'yong was ab- 
sorbed by Shire); mbr. cl. Ball. A. 
& P. Soc; chairman B'yong Recruit- 
ing exec; breeder and exhibitor of 
prize Clydesdale and Arab horses. 
Club — TJall.Tiat. 

FITCHES, O«o. H.; Insp. of mines; b. 
Amherst; s. of 1. Hy. Fitches; Identi- 
fied with mining since 10 yrs. ofage, 
and later took mining course at S. 
of Mines; engr. & mgr. Indicator & 
Sulieman mines. Ball., '80; later 
eng. driver In charge Lord Harry, 
eng. driver Band & Albion, pitman, 
and later eng. driver & mgr. South 
Star, Sebas.; State insp of mine* 



elnce '99;P.M. Sebas. Mas. Lodge, 
and P.M. Ball. Mark Lodge, and P.P. 
Royal Arch Chapter; mbr. Sch. of 
Mines cl. 

riTZasBAIiB, David; b. Glenorchy. 
'64; s. of 1. D. K. Fitzgerald (col. of 
'54, per the ship Marcipoli, and one 
of earliest ret. officers of Kara Kara 
electorate); educ. Stawell d.s. ; far- 
ming and grazing pursuits, N.W. 
district sev. yrs. ; settled Ball. '10; 
mgr. Ball, office of Mitchell Bros. & 
White, auct. and gen. comm. agents, 
and chief agents Yorkshire Ins. Co. 
since '11; hon. sec. Glenorchy T.C. 
for 17 yrs.; mbr. Nazareth House 
Ben. com.; and St. P. Fest. com. 

P£X:ay, Wm. Hy.; b. Ball., '70; s. of 
1. W. H. Fleay; educ. Pleas.-st. S.S. 
and Ball. Coll.; apprent. and later 
partner of 1. E. Towl pioneer chem. 
and druggist of Ball.) ; estab. phar- 
macy on own account, '07; one of 
country reps, on Pharmacy Bd. of 
Vic; hon. sec. Citizens' Camp Hill 
<Sturt-st.) Improvement Fund com., 
'14; mbr. S. of Mines cl. ; mbr. 
Macarthur-st. S.S. com., and Citi- 
zens' Unemployed Relief com. 

riiESUNO, Bobert Winning-; b. Cole- 
raine (Ire.), '69; arr. Ball. '95; prop. 
K. M. Goodfellow & Co., cordial, 
etc., manufrs. '9G-'16; v.-commo- 
dore Ball. Yacht Club for sev. yrs., 
and skippered "Humming Bird" in 
•winning sev. dist. yacht races; won 
15-mile hep. at Colac three yrs. in 
succession; credited to be the first 
motor car owner in Ball., and the 
first to introduce motor delivery 

rXETCHEB, ThOB. Moore; s. of 1. J. 
T. Fletcher (col. of '56); b. Ball. 
'76; educ. Macarthur S.S. and S. of 
Mines; consulting mining expert & 
mech. mining eng. for past 20 yrs.; 
mbr. Institutes of mech. min. eng. 
of Mexico and of Seattle (N. Ame- 
rica), has visited nearly every min- 
ing field extant; one of earliest at 
Coolgardie W.A. ('95), and Klon- 
dykc, N. America ('97) rushes; mbr. 
of Pioneer Assoc, of each centre, 
also located at Corderillas (S. Am- 
erica) and Mexico fields for some 
yrs.; mining adviser of Pres. Por- 
flerod Diaz of Republic of Mexico 
for some time; now mbr. of firm of 
FletcTier & Cox, consulting mining, 
etc. engineers of 14 Queen Vic. st., 
Uondon; one of earliest to fly at 

' Hendon aerodrome (Eng.); served 
S. African War with Field Intelli- 
gence corps '01-2 (King's & Queen's 
medals with bars) ; later mbr. Field 
Intelligence corps, Pretoria; during 

' Chilian and Mexican revolutions 
•was capt. of guard of British lega- 
tion; one of pioneer mbrs. of Ball. 
Harrier Club and mbr. winning 
C.C.C. teams and won sev. club and 
open heps.; revisits Ballarat fre- 
quently. „, , 

TI^OHM. Chas.; s. of 1. Lewis Flohm; 
b. Liverpool (Eng.); arr. Aust. with 
parents in early youth ; mbr. & mgr. 

firm of L. Flohm & Sons, drapers 
and Importers, Lyd.-st. N.; mbr. 
com. Hebrew Congregation many 
yrs..; hon. aud. Jewish Philanth- 
ropic Soc; W.M. Sebas. Mas. Lodge, 
'93-'95; P.G.D.C. of Vic. since '89; 
P.J.G.W. of Vic. since '10; mbr. 
Mas. Bd. of Gen. Purposes for 13 
yrs.; v.-p. '05; leader Ball. Lyric 
Orch., *05-'l[>: also mbr. com.; leader 
Liedertafel Orch.; champ, of Ball. 
Gym., '89: recreation — the violin. 

TOXmHY, Most Bev. Daniel, D.D.; 
Roman Catholic Bishop of Ball.- b, 
Co. Cork (Ire.) '65; educ. Fermoy 
Seminary and Maynooth Coll. (tak- 
ing full ecclesiastical course) ; ord. 
'89; shortly afterwards came to 
Aust. at request of late Bishop 
Moore and attached Ball, diocese; 
succcssivly assist, priest at Hamil- 
ton and Bungaree, and priest in 
charge at Nhill, Cres., Terang; ir- 
removable pastor of last named 
parish; for some yrs. a Diocesan 
examiner; app. Bishop of Ball. 1916. 

FOIiEY, Timothy; b. Ball., '67; s. of 
1. Timothy Foley (col. since '54); 
educ. St. Paul's S.S. and St. Alipius' 
C.S.; jun. clerk with P. W. & Co., & 
later Joined firm of Brophy, Foley 
& Co., produce salesmen, Mair-st.; 
succeeded 1. bro. R. S. Foley as 
auct.; now partner of John Brophy; 
sec. Bungaree T. C. 9 yrs.; assist, 
sec. Ball. T.C. 11 yrs.; and Miners' 
T.C. 11 yrs.; now aud.; mbr. St. 
P. Fest. com., and ex-pres. St. P. 

rovi.XES, Cr. Chai.; s. of 1. Chas. 
Foulkes (one of earliest residents 
of G'long); b. G'long '56; educ. 
Evansford sch.; farmer and grazier, 
Talbot rd. Clunes; mbr. Clunes Bor. 
Cl. and Water Trust since '12; mbr. 
I.O.R. for many yrs.; firstly at 
Coghill's Creek and latterly of 
Morning Star Tent, Clunes; ex-cir- 
cuit steward, Clunes Meth. Ch. and 
supt. of Sunday School; also local 

FBANX, Albert; b. Castlemaine '63; 
settled Ball, in boyhood ; later farm- 
ing and coach building pursuits at 
Coghill's Creek for 36 yrs.; and was 
mbr. of School Bd. of Advice and. 
Presbyt. Ch. Bd. for sev. yrs.; Ball, 
dist. rep. of Mitchell & Co. Propty. 
Ltd. agric. implement manufrs. of 
W. Footscray since '12; also agent 
for Wischer Aust. Manures, depot 
Doveton Street, North. 

7BANKIiIN, Cr. Wm. Herbert; mayor 
of Sebastopol; b. Sebas., '65; educ. 
Sebas. S.S.; master baker, Sebas., 
since '03; mbr. Sebas. Bor. Cl. since 
'94; mayor, '01 & '08; pres. Master 
Baker.s' Assoc, '12; ex-pres. Sebas. 
Free Lib. com.; life patron Sebas. 
Cambrian Soc. 

rBASEB, Alex.; b. G'long, *53; educ. 
Roseinblum's Sch.; mbr. Ball. E. 
Mun. Staff, '67-'05; rate collector, 
'75-'90; Town clerk, 'gO-'OS; sec. and 
treas. Ball. Water Comm. since '05; 
sec. joint City & Town Cls. Tarro- 



wee Channel Works Com., for con- 
struction of channel and concrete 
bridge at Grant-st. (cost £34,000); 
8upt. St. Andrew's Sun. Sch., & elder 
of Kirk; treas. Hort. Soc. sev. yrs.; 
Lieut, of 3rd Batt. Inf. sev. yrs.; 
hon. sec. Batt. Gym. Club, '95-8; 
treas. and dir Y.M.C.A.; mbr. Cem. 
Trust, and mbr. com. Ball. Auxiliary 
Brit. & Foreign Bible Soc. 

rSASSB, Jolin; J.P.; b. Timor, '58; s. 
of 1. Jas. Fraser; printer & rubber 
stamp manufr., Albert-st., Ball., 
since '85; mbr. Benev. Asylum Bd.; 
firaz. J.P. '13; hon. sec. Master Prin- 
ters' Assoc, since '95; hon. sec. St. 
Patrick's Hall committee. 

TBESMAir, Cr. Wm.; b. Cornwall, 
'49; arr. Vic, '68; mbr. State Teach- 
ing service at Omeo, Avoca, Cole- 
ralne; ret. "10, and settled B'yong; 
mbr. B'yong Bor. CI. since '13; mbr. 
B'yong S.S. com.; Recruiting exec, 
A Lib. com.; P.M. Wannon Masonic 

7BXCKE, TvA.; b. Ball., '65; s. of 1. 
Henry Fricke (col. of '55); educ. 
Humflfray-st. S.S. and Bain's H.S.; 
publishing agent of "The Star" for 
many yrs.; became missioner of 
Kanaka Mission at Bundaberg (Q.), 
•96-'02; land and estate agent, I.iyd.- 
«t.. Ball., '03; one of fdrs. & actively 
identified Vict.-st. Baptist Ch. and 
Sun. Sch. since Inception In '03; l.g. 
Vic. Blind .Asylum: mbr. Cent. B.C. 

OABBUTT, John Harrison; .s of 1. 
Major John Garbutt (principal Ball. 
Coll.. '77-*09); educ Ball. Coll (dux 
'99) ;auct. & comm. agent, Doveton- 
st., N. ; well-known cricketer for 
sev. yrs.. from College to .senior 
cricket; held record score of 112 for 
colleges; was the first to score 
double centuiy (212) on City Oval; 
then a nihr Hall. City Sen. C.C. 

OABSZITEB, Jaa. Moriion; MB., Ch. 
B.; D.l'.H.; b. Cres.; s. of 1. Wm. 
Gardiner (col. of early '50's, and 
pioneer of Cres.) : educ G'long Coll., 
Melb. Univ. (M.D., Ch.B., '9.5-6), & 
Camb. Univ. (Dip. in Public Health, 
•00); res. surgeon Ball. Hosp., '00-2; 
practising at Ball, since '02; Health 
Ofllcer Town of Ball. K.; med. offi- 
cer Ball. Benev. Asylum; Club, Ball. 

OATXB, Archie Beymoor; b. Ball. E. 
'83: s. of Hy. F. Gates (of Peel st.. 
Ball, E.; col. of 'C8; settling in 
Ball); g.s. ef 1. Hy. Gates (of Brigh- 
ton, Eng., who chartered the snip 
"Sir Isaac Newton" and brought to 
Vic. one of the first aerated waters 
plant (sold to Rowlands & Lewis) 
also confeftionery plant & machin- 
ery for pumping gravels pits of I'all. 
E., site of Brlage st.); educ. Hum- 
ffrav 8t. 8.S. : for 11 yrs. on staffs 
of K. M. West & Co. & Doepel & 
Chandler: estab. firm of A.S. Gates 
and Co., Albert st.. Ball. W. house: 
est. and comm. agents, '07; dist sec. 
Cent. Ins. Coy.; rep. of B'go Far- 
mers' and CItixens' Trustees Coy.; 
and of Nat. Miit. Life Assoc: comm. 
for taking affadivlts and declara- 

tions (Evidence Act); pres. Iron- 
workers & Polytechnic Assoc. '05-6; 
pres. Ball. E. A.N. A. '06-7; from pte. 
to sgt. in old 3rd batt. and 7th reg. 
inf., later lieut. of sen. Cadets (Na- 
tional Service), successful rifle 

GATES, Harry G.; b. Ball.. '64: st. of 
1. Robert Gates (contractor) ; educ. 
Macarthur-st. S.S. ; mbr. firm R, 
Gates & Son, builders & contractors; 
pres. Builders' & Contractors' Assoc. 
'15; joined 3rd Batt. Inf., '85 (during 
Russian war scare) ; became col.- 
sgt., reg. sgt. mjr., and Q.M.. with 
hon rank of lieut.; ret. after 27 yrs. 
service, '12; awarded 1. s. medal, '05; 
best shot of Batt., '95-6; and of B. 
Co. sev. times; mbr. Schumacher 
<iup winning team (score 102) '08; 
and sev. other winning teams, inc. 
Ballhau.sen shield (top scorer '03 * 
'05; in Queen's 30 one yr.; accepted 
for home service as supply officer 
A.S.C. Pt. Melb. camp '^15; and at 
Ballarat camp, 1916; rank of lieut. 

GEKT, Jolm; A.F.I.A.; L.I.A.V.; 
Town Clerk of Ball. East; b. Ball. EL 
'76; s. of 1. Robert Gent; educ. 
Queen-st. and St. Paul's S.S., and 
Gren. and Univ. Coll. (matric '93); 
Joined Town Mun. Staff as Jun. clerk 
•90; assist, rate coll., '93; Town 
Clerk since '05; qual. for Mun. 
Clerks' cert., '05; Assoc. Fed. Inst. 
A/ct. and Lie Incorp. Inst. A/ct, 
Vic; hon. sec & treas. Ball. East 
Men's Red Cross Soc; ex-hon. sec 
Ball. C.C; one of fdrs., ex-sec. and 
now v.-p. Vic B.C.; champ., '15; 
AV.M. Ball. Mas. Lodge. '11; P.O. 
Pioneer Lodge, I.O.O.F.; mbr. Pub. 
Lib. com.; hon. sec. Town Recruit- 
ing com. 

GENT, Wm. Hy.; b. Ball. E.; s. of T. 
Robert Gent; educ. Queen-st. S.S.; 
tailor and outfitter, 313 Sturt-st., 
since '95; pres. South-st. Soc., '04; 
v.-p. & treas. Ball, branch People's 
Lib. Partv: mbr. cent, exec: v.-p. ft 
del. on Ball. F.L. of Golden Pt. F.C.; 
hon. sec and treas. old Britannia 
(later R. Ball.) C.C; v.-p. Ball. Rifl» 
Club: W.M. St. John's Mas. Lodgew 
'07; pres. B.ill. A.N..\.. '9?; hon. 
sec Y.M.C.A. National Appeal com- 
mlttpp 1916. 

GEORGE. Cr. Henry B.; mbr. Town 
CI. of Hall. E. for 10 years: mbr. 
Water Comm.; mbr. B'yong Bor. CI., 
'00-4; hon. sec Ball. Lib. com.; hon. 
trea.s. Female Home; member of 
exec Ball. B. Red Cross Soc; mbr. 
Vic B.C.; b. Redruth, Cornwall: 8. 
of Sampson George (col. of early 
60's: now in 9l8t year): aasoc. Bait, 
office of Ijond. * Lancashire Ins. 
Co., since '85: Ball, dist mgr. most 

of tbnt pprind. 

GEOBGE, Wm. Box; J.P.: b. Ball.. 
•r.8; H. of James George (pioneer of 
O'long) : educ Roselnhlum's S., Ball. 
E.; grazier nt Cardigan for many 
vrs.: gnr.. J.P. '05: mbr. Bungaree 
Shire CL for 18 yr8.;twlce pres.; 



mbr. Ball. A. & P. CI.; and trustee 
Lyd.-st. Meth Ch. 
OXEBCK, Constalile 3. W.; b. Melb. 

'63; joined police force, '88 at Melb., 
and stationed Ball, many yrs.; 
watchhouse keeper since '09; has de- 
clined promotion to avoid removal 
from Ball.; one of leading oarsmen 
of Vic. for many yrs.; rowed 6 in 

: -winning Vic. eight (Williamstown) 
at Adelaide, '87; the first year in 
which "manual labor" oarsmen were 
eligible to compete; str. Wend, 
champ, four at Melb. '88; str. winn- 
ing sen. eights at Colac, '88; Ball., 
G'Tong. '89; Ball. & G'long. '90; win- 
ning Summers' Chall. Cup; previ- 
ously str. numerous maiden & jun. 
crews of Yarra Yarra and Harbor 
Trust, and rowed 6 for W'stown.; 
stroked 15 winning crews, & rowed 
6 in six winning crews; won maiden 
sculls at Ball., '85; mbr. famous 
Harbor Trust Battery, Garr. Art. 
tug-of-war team, winners at Melb., 
•85, '86, '87; Bgo., '86; S. Melb., '87; 
winning champ, challenge match & 
£50; ex-mbr. and drill Instr. Foots- 
cray Vol. F.B., and Wstown Vol. 
Garr. Art., and later Corp. Harbor 
Trust Battery at inception. 

OZIiBSBT, Wm. J.; b. Newcastle (N. 
S.W.) '80; s. of 1. Jas. Gilbert, set- 
tled Ball, in childhood: educ. Cent. 
S.S. & Vic. Coll.; m'ging a/ct. J. G. 
Bingham stock & share broker sev. 
yrs.; later mbr. firm of J.G. Bing- 
ham & Co., 18 Lyd. St. N.* elected 
mbr. Ball. Stock Exchange '13; act- 
ing Sec. since '15; also Sec. Ball. 
Mining Exchange Coy. Ltd. 

OXIiKAN, B,ev. John; b. G'long, '58; s. 
of 1. James Gillan (col. of '55); 
educ. Leigh Road den. s., Inverleigh, 
and Flinders S.S., G'long; Ormond 
Coll., Melb. Univ., for some time 
tr. of Vic. Educ. Dept. ;ord. minister 
Presbyt. Ch. of Vic, '89; immediate- 
ly became Presbyt. Missionary at 
New Hebrides; ret. '13; helped to 
bring about change in Cannibal 
island from absolute heathenism & 
cannibalism to Christianity, & wit- 
nessed growth of mission station 
from staff of three missioners to 
settlement of five mission stations 
and, roughly, 2,000 worshippers; m. 
Minnie Baton, d. of 1. Dr. J. G. Pa- 
ton (pioneer miss.), '90; inducted 
pastor of B'yong Presbyt. Ch., '14; 
translated Gospel of St. Matthew to 
Nallicolo (native) tongue '15. 

GIiASSON, John; b. Cornwall (Eng.), 
'57: s. of 1. John Glasson (col. of 
'67) arr, Aust., '67; ent. Educ. Dept. 
service as teacher Brown Hill S.S., 
•74; later at Oldham's N.S.; ret. '76; 
later on staff of Oddie's Bank, and 
of W. Little's house & land agency; 

' became sec. Ball. Trustees, Exec. & 
Agency Co., Ltd., '89; mgr., '03 (on 
death of 1. mgr., J. Noble Wilson, 
J.P.) ; active mbr. Cent. B.C. for 
many yrs.; pres., '05-'06; club 

champ., '10-13; B.B.A, champ., '05; 
runner-up, '12; capt. B.B.A. champ, 
rink, 1900 & '14; pres. B.B.A., '13- 
'14; chairman B.B.A. match com.; 
mbr. Orph. Com. since '05; pres., '09: 
also l.g. 

QImSW, Wm. Tlioinpion; b. Banagher 
(Ire.), '36; arr. Ball., '53; merch., 
Main-st., Ball, E., '60-'67; then ret.; 
l.g. and sen. mbr. Orph. com., mbr. 
since '70; pres. '89; sen. mbr. and 
for many yrs. treas. Yarrowee Mas. 
Lodge; sen. mbr. Ball. Pub. liib. 

aOOCH, Wm.; b. M«lb., '59; educ. Ball. 
Coll.; mbr. Ball. Stock Elxch. since 
'90; vice-chairman sev. yrs.; chair- 
man since '15; treas. Old Col. As- 
soc; all-round athlete and sport 
since boyhood in swimming, bicyc- 
ling, cricket, billiards, golf & bowls; 
active mbc. Ball. G.C.; second in 100 
miles bicycle road race to Streatham 
and back, '83; "Argus" agent for 
Ball, dist., succeeding 1. father, who 
undertook agency 50 yrs. ago; Club: 
Old Colonist. 

OOBE, Wm. Ky.; C.E.; b. Kingston, s. 
of 1. Hon. H. Gore, M.L C. (first 
eng. of Cres. Shire & later mbr. for 
Wellington prov. in Legis CI. of 
Vic. & pioneer Investor of famous 
Spring Hill alluvial mines) ; educ. 
Cres. G.S.; after three yrs.' station 
life at Yawong Springs est. St. 
Arnaud, succeeded father as sec. & 
eng. of Cres. Shire; also eng. of 
Newstead Shire since '05; hon. en- 
listing officer of Cres. Shire & hon. 
sec. Recruiting Com.; enthus. fol- 
lower of open coursing for many 
yrs.; with father part owner of 
Gitana; winner Waterloo Cup '77; 
& Good News, winner W'loo Cup 
'89; hon. judge Cres., Kingston Se 
Ascot Coursing Clubs; enthus. 
cricketer many years. 

aoWEB, J. W.; b. Happy Valley, '76; 
s. of 1. John (Jower; educ. Cent. S.S., 
Ball.; mbr. firm of F. & J. W. Gow- 
er, builders & contractors, Mair-st., 
for 11 yrs.; now sole propr. ; built 
Y.M.C.A. Hall, Art Sch., St. And- 
rew's Presbyt. branch Ch.; Coghill's 
Creek Presbyt. Ch. and St. Pat.'s 
Club Hall; pres. Newington A.N. A., 
■11; W.M., St. John's Mas. Lodge, 
'15-'16: mbr. S. of Mines CI. 

OBAHAM, Arthur; b. C'maine '78; 3. 
of Arthur Graham (col. of '53; for 
many yrs. in State Water Supply 
Dept.); educ. C'maine S.S. and H.S. ; 
after 5 yrs. in S.S. teaching service 
took up journalism, joining staff of 
C'maine "Leader"; mbr. Ball. "Cour- 
ier" reporting staff since '08; pres. 
C'maine branch A.N.A. '04; fdtion. 
mbr. Ball. Press Assoc (later Ball. 
District Aust. Journalists Assoc.) ; 
active mbr. Ball. Bowling Club; 
club champion '16; runner-up '12, 
runner-up N. West Dist Champ. 
(Bendigo-Castlemaine) '07. 

OBAHAM, Esther FoUard; d. of 1. J. 
W. Graham, J.P. (one of earliest 



col., and founder and treas. for 31 
yrs. of City Free Lib., pres. '80-'04) ; 
b. Magpie; educ. Cox's S.; app. lib- 
rarian City Free Lib. in succession 
to 1. James Vallins. 

OBAHAK, 3%».; a. of I. Robert Gra- 
ham (who with bro. Wm. founded 
boot factory at B'yong, '56, and sub- 
sequently with A. C. Davies estab. 
tannery at B'yong.; and later estab. 
boot factory & warehouse, Arm- 
strong-st., Ball) ; mbr. Bank of 
Vic. staff, 1891-6; mbr. firm of R. 
Graham & Sons, boot factors; pres. 
B'yong A.N.A., '01; W.M., B'yong. 
Mas. Lodge, '07-'08, & 'IS-'IS; dir. 
Lai Lai Firebrick Co. and Ball 
Furniture Co.; mbr. St. Andrew's 
Kirk Board. 

OBAHAM, Wm.; s. of 1. Robert Gra- 
ham (as above described) ; b. 
B'yong., '76; educ. B'yong S.S. and 
Vic. (Joll.; mbr. of firm of R. Gra- 
ham & Son, boot manufrs.; mbr. 
Ball. Progress Assoc. Com.; jun. 
v.-p. Ball. Employers* Assoc; mbr. 
Information Com. of "Forward 
Ballarat" movement. 

OBAHAK, John Alexander; s. of 1. 
Wm. Graham (of Cres. pioneer In- 
vestor, one of four owners of noted 
Carter & Brawn's mine which led 
to opening up of famous Spring 
Hill Leads, probably the richest 
deep alluvial in world; also share- 
holder and dir. of sev. mines, and 
subsequently of other successful 
companies throughout State); b. 
Cres. dist.; educ. Cres. by Samuel 
Fiddian, M.A.; Wrangler, Scholar 
and Fellow of St. Johns' Cambridge, 
(Eng.): irtimately a.ssoc. with mln. 
Industry and dir. of companies in 
Vic. and other States; also largely 
Interested in property and land, and 
Investment companies; travelled 
considerably various parts of the 
world; twice rep. Cres. at annual 
conf. of People's Party In Melb. ; 
mbr. Confid. Sub-com. of Cres. Rec- 
ruiting Com.; author of "Early 
Creswick" (historical). 

QBAVT, W. B.; b. Teesdale, '73; a. of 
1. Rd. Grant; of Golf Hill station, 
Teesdale, where boundary rider for 
many yr.**., like father and g-father; 
educ. Teesdale and Bamganle, 
champ, pigeon shot of Aust. for sev. 
yrs.: has won C'weaKh pigeon, star- 
ling and sparrow champs; Vic. ditto 
also won numerous gun club 
champs, and other stakes altogether 
won 29 champs., beat "Gundntrai" In 
notable challenge match £200 aside 
about '95; mbr. nearly all Aust. gun 

OKAT. rrmO.; A.T A.V.; b. Ball.; s. of 
I. Wm. Gray; lie. shorthand writer 
by Supreme Court: obtained Pit- 
man's Shorthand teachers' diploma, 
1900; Assoc Tnrorp. Inst, of A/ots., 
•18: aud. Rnll. CI. I.I.A.V.; sec. Ex- 
celsior Tent. I.O.R.. since '05; li- 
brarian Ironworkers' * Polvtechnir 
Assoc. : ex-8«c. Ball. Harriers' Club 

and Ball, centre V.A.A.A. 

O&AT, Cr. ThOB. H. E.; J.P.; b. Llver- 
pool '50; arr. Vic. '57; educ. Cres. 
C.S.; painter and paperhanger, Cres- 
wick, since '78; mbr. Cres. Bor. CI., 
since '03; mayor '13-14; also mbr. 
Finance com.; gaz. J.P. '14; served 
eight terms as N.G. Cres, lodge 
M.U.I.O.O.F.; office bearer Cres. 
Meth. Ch. for many yrs.; supt. Sun. 
Sch. 12 yrs.; mbr. ch. choir for 30 
yrs., inc. lengthy term as hon. con- 
ductor; also ident. with other choral 
societie.s; sec. Excelsior division 
Sons of Temp. Order 6 yrs.; treas. 
Sir Geo. White Tent I.O.R. and 
supt. and treas. Juv. Tent. 

OBA-SXINQ, ex-Cr. Blchard; J.P.; b. 
Melb. '43; settled Lexton with par- 
ents '48; for sev. yrs. conducted 
carrying business estab. by father 
in early '50's, later gen. storekeeper 
and in latter yrs. grazier; gaz. J.P. 
about '90; later mbr. Lexton Shire 
CI. for three terms, twice pres.; 
chairman Waubra-Lexton Ry. Ex- 
tension League and persistent ad- 
vocate of line to link up and de- 
velop the mining and timber re- 
sources of dist.; pres. Mech. Inst., 
pres. & treas. Lexton T.C. ; trean. 
St. Mary's Ang. Ch.; chm. Cemet. 
Trust; m. Jane, d. of Wm. Miller 
(one of earliest settlers of dist. & 
fdr. of Pyrenees store and Bum- 
bank Inn. 

OBEEN, Bt. Bev. Arthnr Vlncsnt; 
LL.D., Univ. of Melb., (Trin Coll.) 
B.A. (Scho. and 1st cl. Hist, and PoL 
Econ.) '79; Bowen and Bromby 
Prizes. '80; M.A., '83; late Wlgram 
Allen Sch. of Univ. of Syd., LL.B., 
85; L.D., '87; ad eund. LL.D. Univ. 
of Melb, '87; d, '80: p. '81 Melb. con- 
s.?crated 1st May, '94, In Melb. 
Cathdl. by Bps. Ball.. Melb.; Adel.; 
Newc. ; Riv. ; and Goul., as Bishop 
of Grafton and Armidale; installed 
at Ball., Dec. 6. 1900; ret. '15; ap- 
pointed Canon St. Paul's Cath., 
Melb., '16: previously curate St. 
And., Brighton. & St. Peter's, Melb., 
•SO-'S.'i; Vicar Holy Trin., Maldon. 
•85-'88: St. Martin's, Hawksburn, '89 
St. Paul's. G'lone. '89-90; Archdea- 
con of Rail, and Vicar of Christ Ch. 
Pro. -Cath., '90-94: then Exam. Chap, 
to Bishop of Ball.. '91-94: Sen. Bp. 
of Aust. nt retirement; b. Albury. 
Surrey (Eng.). '57: s. of 1. Rev. 
Saml. Dutton Green (one time Vicar 
of Colac): m. Matilda, d. of 1. Ven. 
J. K. Tucker, Archd. of Beechworth 
A Sale: Moorhouse lert.. Melb., sine* 
'10: publications — " Ephesian Can- 
onical Writings." '10; "Aust. Ser. 
mons." '14. 

OBEEir, B«v. Walter; M.A.; Dip. 
Educ: b. Mnldon, '87: a. of above; 
educ Pan. Coll.. Brighton G.S., Hat- 
field Hnll. Durham (Eng.) Univ. 
(taking MA. degree & dip. of educ) 
* Wells' Theol. Coll. (P»ig.): ret to 
Vic. '11: sen. curate Holy Trin., 
Kew; chap. Ch. of Enr G.S., Ball.. 



and sub-warden St. Aidan's Theol. 
Coll., Ball., '12-15; app. capt. chap. 
6th Brigade A.I.F., on active ser- 
vice, European war, '15-'16; m. Vera, 
only d. of J. Gale Pottingen, of Kew, 
'13; played In Univ. c. f. and t. 
teams, and active mbr. and a lead- 
ing batsman Ball. C.C.; the third of 
three generations of clergy all 
identified with Ball diocese, being 
g. a. of 1. Rev. S. D. Green, Vicar of 

CBXSV, Jobn C. S.; b. Hobart. '62; s. 
of John C. Green; arr. in Ball, in 
early youth; educ. Cox's & Martin's 
S.; mun. contractor & asphalter &c., 
312 Windermere-st., S.. Ball., and 
Drumconda, G'long West; one of 
earliest mbrs. Ball. Mas. Lodge; W. 
M., '98; trustee & lect. Master for 
many yrs. ; one of first insp. of lodge 
workings app. by G.M., '10; mbr. 
G'long Mark Lodge; P.P. Yarrowee 
Boyal Arch Chapter; pres. City B. 
C, '08-'09; leader of pennant rink 
sev. yrs.; P.D.C.T. of Indep. Order 
Good Templars; mbr. com. Total 
Abstinence Soc. 

GBEENFIEI^D, Uent.-Col. Alex. Ksc- 
kay, V.D.; J.P.; b. Berwick (Scot.), 
'39; art. to C. D. Colville, solicitor, 
2 yrs.; arr. Vic, '57; and present at 
gold rushes at Ararat and Pleasant 
Creek; later station life, Western 
Port; ent. London Chartered Bank 
service, Melb., '59; a/ct. Ball, branch 
'60-'66; then estab. firm of A. M. 
Greenfield & Co.; pte. Ball. Rangers, 
'81; adjut. and major 3rd. Batt. 
Inf., '84; llent.-col & O.C., '89-'94; 
capt. first team of riflemen to Eng. 
and U.S.A., '76; gaz. J.P., '90; first 
capt. Ball. F.C. ; successful athlete 
and champion jumper; mbr. Ball. 
•r.C. since '70; pres. for many yrs.- 
past; pres. A. & P. Soc. since '05; 
pres. Ball. Club since '03; chairman 
P. W. & Co., Ltd., and Brind & Co., 
Ltd.; mbr. Old Ball Hunt Club; ex- 
mbr. Orph. Com.; pres. Ball Citi- 
zens' Home Defence Corps, '15. 

Glt£Z:N7Iz:i>0, Angus Mackay; s. of 
above; b Ball,. '75; educ. Ball. Coll. 
and G'long G.S.: mbr. firm of A. M. 
Greenfield & Co.; all-round amat. 
athlete; mbr. Ball. Harr. Club since 
Inception, '91; pres., '13; mbr. of 
team that won 10-mile C.C.C. of 
Vic, '96, '9S, and '99; pole vault 
champ of Vic, and second in long 
jump, high Jump and weight putting 
champ, '96: 2nd, weight putting 
champ, of Vic, '97; weight putting 
and pole vault champ, of Vic, '99; 
half-mile and 10-mIle amat. cycling 
champ, of \U8t. at Brisbane. '99; 
and one mile champ, of Aust. at 
Melb., '99; 2n'1 in pole vault champ. 
of Aust.. PrLsbane, '99- weight- 
pytting champ, of Vic. and also 
Ball. *08 and again in '09 when ret. 
from athletics; high jumn of Ball. 
Coll. (5ft. Sin.) and Colleee Cup I 
winner, '91; Geelong G.S. cup win-' 

ner. '93; ex-captain and playing 
mbr. Ball. F.C, '91—9; excepting 
period '92-'4, when played with Gee- 
long F.C; mbr. Wend. R.C. sev. yrs.; 
gained sen. rank, and in winning 
sight at Ball. & Barwon; mbr. Ball. 
Coll. cl. and ex-pres. Old Coll. As- 
soc; closely identified with new 
College building movement, '13; v.p. 
Ball. Trotting Club Committee. 

OBZBBIiX:, Fred.; b. Ball. '92; s. of 
Wm. Gribble; educ. Pleas.-st. S.S.; 
served in Gallipoli campaign with 
8th batt. 1st Div., A.I.F. as corp. and 
later sgt.; took part in operations 
at Ismalia landing at Gaba Tepe & 
battles of Cape Helles; later invali- 
ded home; attended school sgts. 
class at Duntroon Royal Milit, Coll. 
and quallfor comm. rank and posted 
to Ball, camp of reinforcements for 
further service abroad; active mbr. 
Ballarat Rowing Club. 

ORIBBIiE, Bobert John; M.A.; LL.6.; 
s. of 1. E. V. Gribble; b. Ball., '72; 
educ. Ball. Coll. (dux, '86), & Qren. 
Coll. (dux '87); Queen's Coll. (Melb. 
Univ.), taking first-class final hon- 
ors and dividing schol. in logic and 
philos., and final honors In law); 
admitted to Vic. bar, '96; since prac- 
tised at Lyd.-st., S., Ball.; standing 
counsel for Town Cl. of Ball B. and 
Bor. of Creswick; mbr. com. Ball. 
Pub. Lib.; one of fdrs. Ball. East 
B.C.; ex-mbr. Cent. B.C.; mbr. exec. 
Ball.^rat East Red Cros.s Society. 

OBIF7ITH, John J.; mging dir. of E. 
Rowlands & Co., Ltd. Ball, business; 
s. of Griffith Griffith; b. Barmouth 
(N. Wales), '79; educ. Barmouth G. 
S. and Newington Coll. Syd.: settled 
Ball., '12; one of fdrs. and pres. 
Ball. Cymrodorion; office-bearer 
Yarrowee Mas Lodge; v. -p. BalL N. 
C.C; one of fdrs. Wend. Rec. Club; 
mbr. com & rink capt. bowling team 
'14-'15; mbr. Cent. B.C. and Ball. 
G.C; mbr. Red Cross Carnival com.: 
pres. St. Andrew's branch P.M.A.; 
mbr. exec. Citizens' Home Defence 
I/eague; life patron Sebas. Cambrian 
Soc: mbr. Information com. of 
"Forward Ballarat" movement. 

QBOSE, Artliur; b. Creswick, '65; s. 
of 1. Thos. Grose: educ. Cres. S.S.; 
sec. A.M.A. of Vic. & Tas., 5 yrs.; 
sec. Cres. branch Gen. Lab. Union 
(merged into A.W.U.), 2 yrs.: spent 
1891-2 in W.A. as a/ct. of Scottish 
Westralla Co.; later prop. & editor 
Cres. "Record," and afterwards 
with Cres. "Advertiser"; subse- 
quently comm. agent and rate coll. 
Bor. of Creswick since '10: confi- 
dential clerk to W. G. Spence (ex- 
C'wealth P.M.-G.) during shearers' 
big strike: mbr. Cres. B.C.: club 
champ., '14-15: mbr. Cres. Recruit- 
ing com.: sec. Ores. A.N. A. 
GBOSB, Walter Bolitlio; b. Cres., '63; 
s. of 1. Thos. Grose f pioneer of early 
'50's, and assoc. with earliest dist. 
mining enterprises) ; educ. D.S., 
Cres.; for some yrs. ed. and mgr.. 



and later co-prop, of " Cres. Adver- 
tiser"; subsequently estab. auct. & 
agency bus. at Cres.; mbr. Cres. 
Bor. CI., 'Se-'SS; and again since '12; 
mayor, '94; rep. Cres. in Vic. Legis. 
Assembly, '90-' 00 (losing seat on re- 
duction of electorates owing to Fed- 
eration of States); whilst in Parlt. 
was mbr. Royal Commissions on 
State Po*ests, Local Govt, and Old 
Age Pensions, Rys. Standing Com., 
and Select Com. on Ry. m'gement; 
mbr. Country F.B. Bd. since '01; 
twice pres.; ex-pres. and sen. mbr. 
of Cres. Hosp. Com; P.M. Cres. 
Havilah Mas. Lodge; ex-pres. Cres. 
branch A.N. A.; P.G.. Loyal P. of 
Wales Lodge, M.U.I. O.O.F.; sec. 
Victoria Free Lib. Com. (wh. se- 
cured present building to commem- 
orate Q. V. Jubilee, '87). 

GBOVX:, John W.; b. Ball. E. '66; s. of 
1. E. Grove (col. of early 50's); 
educ. St. Paul's S.S.: propr. Anglers' 
depot hairdressing and tobacconist 
bus. 303 Malr St.; one of fdrs. of 
Ball. Anglers' Club (estab. about 
1900) treas. since about '05; v. pres. 
and treas. Ball. Fiish Acclimatipa- 
tion Soc; an ardent and successful 
angler for many yrs. past. 

OBOWCOTT, Cha». W.; b. Mt. Pleas- 
ant; s. of 1. C. C. Growcott (for 30 
yrs. collector Town CI. and Water 
Comm. and col. of '53): educ. Mt. 
Pleas. S.S.; mbr. firm Titheridge & 
Growcott, house, land & est. agents; 
rep. United Ins. Co.; lie. auct.; State 
Land Tax Assessor; sworn valuator 
under Transfer of Land Act; treas. 
Town & City Mission, and Canadian 
Home: mbr. Benev. Asvlum Com.: 
Mt. Pleas. Meth. Ch. trust: Ball. 
Public I>lb. Com.: Ball. Mas. Lodge; 
fdtn. mbr. Ball. E. B.C. 

OVIiX^ABT, Robert M.; b. Ball. '67: s. 
of James Oullan (col. of '53); educ. 
Lowther's S. ; assoc. with Allchin 
& Morrell, later Allchin Bros., sadd- 
lers, bag makers & leather workers 
for many yrs.; mbr. of firm of All- 
chin Bros. Prop. Ltd., since '14; mgr. 
of leather work branch; old time 
playing mbr. S. Ball. F.C; Pioneer 
and Ebenezer C.C. ; capt. latter club 
for sev yrs.; one of earliest mbrs. 
City branch A.N.A. ; elder Ebenezer 
Presbyt. Ch., and tr. in Sun. Sch. 
for 30 yr.s. 

OUXBZ.ETOir. »t. B«T. Mazwsll 
Koiufray lflaxw«U-: I>.D.. M.A. 
(Camb.); 3rd Ang. Bp. of Hall.: b. 
•72: educ. St. feter's Coll. (Camb.) 
and Well's Theol. Coll.: ord. d. '95; 
p. '96; asst. curate Pucklechurch 
with Abflon. Oloiicestprshire, '06-9S; 
Vicar of Coleme, Wilts. '98-02: 
Rector of Colerne, Wilts. '02-OS; 
Vicar of Chippenham and Rector 
of Tythorton I^ucas. Wilts. '05; 
Rector of Hardenhurst On plural- 
ity). '08: hf-n. Canon of Bristol '10; 
Rural Dean of Chippenham, '12; 
Chaplain to Mayor and Corporation 

of Chippenham, '05; Chap, to High 
Sheriff of Wilts. '10-11; Chap, to 
High Sheriff of Wilts '12-13; (ihap. 
to Chippenham Workhouse, '11, also 
various exec, positions in dioc. &c.. 
organisations; chm. of com. of 
Colerne Ch. Sch. mgrs. '98-05; chm 
of Chippenham Ch. Sch. mers. '05; 
chm. of Wilts County CI. Sen. mgrs. 
'06; Governor of Fishponds, (joll. 
for Elem. Sch. trs. for Dioc. of 
Gloucester and Bristol, '13; Gov. of 
Wilts County Sec. Sch. Chlp'hm. '12; 
mbr. of Chippenham Bd. of Guar- 
dians, 11 yrs.; mbr. of Chippenham 
Rural Dist. CI. 11 j'rs; vice-chm. of 
Wilts County Poor Law Assoc. 2 
yrs.; vice-pres. Chippenham Cot- 
tage Hosp. 11 yrs.; app. Bp. of Ball. 

axrkir^ Wmiam T.; s. of Cr. W. Gunn, 
J.P. (first white native of Bgo. dist., 
and old time champ, athlete) ; b. 
Kangaroo Flat: reared Ravwood; 
educ. Raywood S.S., & St. Killian's 
Coll.; Ball. dist. rep. Yorkshire Fire 
Ins. Co.; ex-mbr. Bendlgo C.C, and 
Sandhurst F.C; settled Ball., 1910; 
pres. St. Alipius Y.M.C.; mbr. Vic- 
toria B.C., A, pennant, and later 
capt. B. rink. 

lOUTHEII., EmU; MB.. Ch. B.: b. 

I Daylesword, '67; s. of Emil Guthell 
(col of '63); educ. All Saints' Q.S.. 

I St. Kilda, and Melb. G.S.: M.B. and 
Ch.B. of Melb. Univ., '89; ex-resi- 
dent surgeon Eye & Ear Hospital. 
Melb.; settled Ball., '90: practising 
eye. ear, nose and throat; hon. ocu- 
list to Benev. Asylum and Orph.; 
leet. on botany and materia medica, 
S. of Mines; rep. Pliarmacy Coll., 
Melb.; lleut. 3rd Inf. Batt., '91; org. 
St. Paul's Ch., Ball. El, 5 yrs.; St. 
Patrick's Cath.. 2 yrs.; mbr. Lyric 
orch.; local sec. Univ. Conserv. Mus.: 
hon. mbr. Citv A.N.A. 

aUTTMAKV. Catherine Jnlla Watt; 
settled Ball, with parents In in- 
fancy: d. of R. H. Watt-Carlington 
(one of earliest registered survey- 
ors. City of Adel.: col. of '49) ; educ. 
parents' S.; app. pupil teacher. Vic. 
Educ. Service, '70; stationed Humf- 
fray-st. T.S.; m. 1. H. Guttmann '84; 
one of fdrs. and first sec. (1900-'04) 
Ladles' Art As.soc. ; pres. for 5 yrs.; 
first pres. Vic. League of Vic, Ball.; 
one of fdrs. Ball. A.W.N.L., '04; 
pres. Melb. Exec, about '06; hon 
sec. City Croquet Club, '00: mbr 
com. Ladies' Clothing Soc; hon. sec 
Benev. Asyl. Carnival com., '11; 
Orph. and Benev. Asylum; one of 
active workers for Queen Victoria 
Ward. Ball. Hosp.: Insp. Infant LIf« 
Boarded-out Children: homes of 
adoption; probation homes; servlcw 
homes, etc., throughout Western 

KAOBB, Arthnx Wm.; J.P.: b. Happy 
Va11e.v. '65; a. of 1. Rudolf Hag«r: 
educ. C.B.'n. Ball. W.; wine, spirit 
and prov. roerch., Bridge-st., since 



'85; gaz. J.P., '08; l.g. and pres. 
Benev. Asylum, '06—7; pres. Orph., 
•06-7; v.-p. St. P. Old Coll. Assoc; 
pres. Master Grocers' Assoc, '09; 
for 25 yrs. sec. Licensed Grocers' 
Assoc; mbr. Cemetery Trust & St. 
P. Day Festival committee. 

HAOEB, Clirls.; b. Smythe's-rd., '70; 
s. of Rudolf Hager; educ. C.B.'s S.; 
licensee Criterion Hotel since '99; 
pres. Friday F. Assoc, '08; life hon. 
mbr. Wend, and City R.C. for ser- 
vices rendered; mbr. Ball. R.C. for 
27 yrs., and treas, for 7 yrs.: pres. 
gen. & works corns., & steward 
Miners' T.C. ; clerk scales and com. 
Ball. T.C; clerk of scales B'beet & 
B'yong T.C; Judge, com. & steward, 
Wallace T.C; pres. Ball, branch 
Lie. Victuallers' Association of 

KAnrss, Thorn. KaxweU; b. New 
Norfolk (Tas.), '54; s. of John 
Haines (of Bushy Park Farm, New 
Norfolk, & early identity of Tas.) ; 
settled Cres., '82, as licensee Ameri- 
can hotel; mbr. Cres. Bor. CI. '99- 
'09; pres. & steward Cres. T.C. since 
"14; P.M., Cres. Havilah Mas. Lodge; 
ex-sec Cres. Coursing Club; mbr. 
Ballarat Miners' T.C. 

BAISMAK, E.; b. Melb., '58; s. of 
Charles Haisman; arr. Ball, when 
an infant on the opening of rail- 
way; educ. Lee's Nat. S.; tailor and 
oatfltter, 610 Sturt-st., since '83; 
now Haisman & Son; mbr. defunct 
Soldiers' Hill F.B.; capt., '90-3; until 
Country F.B. Bd. took over brig- 
ades; old time supporter Ball. Imp. 

KAXB, Edfirar B.; b. B'yong., '77; s. 
of 1. Geo. A. Hale (sec. & eng. B'yong 
Shire for 30 yrs.) ;educ. B'yong. S.S., 

• and Ball. S. of Mines; assist clerk 
B'yong Shire '05-10; Shire sec since 
•10; succeeding his 1. father on lat- 
ter's death: aud. & ex-pres. B'yong 
A-N.A. ; lion. sec. & treas., B'yong. 
Old Boys' Assoc; ex-hon. sec 
B'yong C.E.M.S.; hon sec. Recruit, 

BAXil., Alex.; b. Ball. '73; s. of 1. Ben. 
Hall fcol. of '62); educ. Cent. S.S. 
and Pleas, st. S.S.; bootmaker, 613 
Sturt St., since '03; an active oars- 
man for 17 yrs., retiring about '07; 
mbr. Ball. R.C. and rep. club In Vic 
eight-oared champ. '99 and '04, 
(champions each year) ; also mbr. 
Vic. crew that won Aust. eight- 
oared champ at Brisbane '99; mbr. 
numerous winning sen. eights be- 
tween '96 and '06; mbr. 3rd batt. 
and 7th regt. inf. sev. yrs.; mbr. 
numerous victorious shooting 
teams; old time successful track 
and road cyclist. 

HAT.Ti, Henry J,; b. Lond., '46; educ. 
Dr. Birkleck's Sch.; S. Kensington 
Art Sch.; was chorister in St. Paul's 
Cath., Lond.; spent 7 yrs, as por- 
trait painter with Thos. Fossey, 

Lond.; portrait & landscape painter 
at Maidstone, Kent, 11 yrs.; arr. 
Ball., and joined Ball. E. Art Sch. 
staff as mech. & archit. drawing in- 
structor; app. Instructor drawing & 
painting, geometry & building con- 
struction, S. of Mines, '85; one of 
fdrs. and mbr. cl. of Ball. Art Gal- 
lery; W.M., Orion Mas. Lodge, '93; 
later P.S.G.D. Grand Lodge of Vic; 
P. C Ranger, old A.O.F.; P. Arch, 
U.A.O.D., Maidstone, Kent, where 
order originated; ex-sgt. Royal 
West Kents. 

BASE, Frances IL (nee Coram) ; m. I. 
Fred. Ham (barr. & solicitor, & son 
of 1. Hon. D. Ham, M.L.C.);'99; one 
of fdrs. & mbr. first com. Ball, 
Creche; mbr. Children's Home com.; 
mbr. com. Ball, branch A.W.N.L.; 
mbr. Ladies' exec. Ball. Recruiting 
Com.; first sec. Soldiers' Comforts 
Fund; first treas. Ball, branch Red 
Cross Soc, and Sick and Wounded 
Soldiers' Fund; mbr. Ball. com. 
Lady Hei.nessy's Patriotic League. 

HAMBIiY, James; b. Illogan (Corn- 
wall), '44; tin mining pursuits for 
some yrs. before coming to Aust. in 
'67; followed gold mining. Ball., 
Stawell, Ararat; settled Ball., '79; 
dir. of old Chalks No. 3, Smeaton 
Reserve, and of Langi Logan Cent- 
ral Co.'s; now mining investor; 
senior trustee of Pleasant-st. Meth. 
Ch.; ex-supt. Sun. Sch.; ex-supt. 
Lyd.-st. Jun. Sun. Sch.; served two 
terms as Circuit Steward, Ball. W. 
Meth. Circuit; off. visitor of Meth. 
Sun. Schs. in Ball. W. circuit; ex- 
treas. Ball. Cl. of Churches: mbr. 
Ladies' Coll. Conf. Com., app. by 
Meth. conf.; mbr. Ball. Stock Exch. 
since '79. 

HAMES, Ernest Chas.; b. Ball., '77; 
educ. Urq.-st. S.S., and musically by 
Geo. Herbert &. 1. Herr Brunn; 
'celloist & piano tuner, 12 Drum- 
mond-st., N. ; org. Pleas. -st. Meth. 
Ch. Choir, '03-9; later org. Congreg. 
Church Choir; mbr. Lyric Orch. 
Soc. many yrs.; mbr. com.; accom- 
panist St P. Boys' Juv. Comp. choir, 
(Ball, champ. 3 yrs); prize winner 
Austral (Bgo.) Comp. for vocal and 
instrumental compositions, " If we 
only knew," and "The angel and the 
gift," and songs, "Songs of Day," 
and "A thought of you," and "Ro- 
mance" ('cello and piano). 

HANNAB, Cr. Daniel B.; b. Vite Vite 
'71; s. of 1. Jas. Hannah (col. of 
'52 and pioneer farmer and grazier 
of "Lamonde," Stockyard Hill) : 
educ. Stockyard Hill S.S. : farmer 
and grazier, "Warrawong, Stock- 
yard Hill: mbr. Ripon Shire Cl. 
since 1910; pres. '14-15; ex pres. 
B'fort Athletic club, ex pres. B*fort 
A. & P. Soc.-'; mbr. B'fort Mech. 
Inst, com.: hon. sec. Stockyard Hill 
Presbyt. Ch. since '01; hon sec. 



Stockyard Hill coursing: club and 
capt. Stockyard Hill F.C. for sev. 
yrs.; mbr. Linton-Skipton Railway 

HAVDromS Henry C; b. Melb. '59; 
8. of 1. Chas. Handford: (col. of 
early 'SO's); educ. St. Paul's Ch. of 
Ener. G.S., Melb.;for many yrs. 
assoc. with Swallow & Ariell, lat- 
terly as agent at Ball, for sev. yrv*.. 
retiring '97; one of fdrs. Soldiers' 
Hill B.C., pres. '10-11; rink capt. 
No. 2 team; trustee Old Col. Assoc. 

HAVSEH, z;anrits; J.P.: b. Kolding, 
Denmark, '«3; arr. Aust.. '86; spent 
9 yrs. on Broken Hill silver field, & 
later B'go gold field; Associate 
Bgo. S. of Mines (Metall & Assay- 
ers' cert, and Min. Mgr. cert); later 
mgr. Mt. Doran. Reward and Duke 
of Athol mines , Meredith ; mgr. 
Birthday Tunnel, Berringa, since 
•04; gaz. J.P., '14; pres. Berringa 
Prog. Assoc, and pres. Berringa 
Belgian and Red Cross Funds; be- 
fore leaving Denmark was Lieut, in 
Danish Imp. Artillery, and during 
Austro-German and Danish war his 
parents accommodated 500 enemy 

KASSIHO. Bob«rt; s. of 1. Cr. Thos. 
Harding (one of earliest settlers of 
B'beet., and laid out racecourse) ; b. 
B'beet, '71; educ. Windermere S.S.; 
farmer & grazier, Windermere; one 
of fdrs. & ex-pres. >Vmere A.N.A.; 
now mbr. com.; v.-p. B'beet T.C.; 
steward W'mere A.N.A. sports and 
races; mbr Ballarat A. & P. CI., 
and originator and mgr. annual 
sheep dog trials of Society. 

HABDT, Z.lent-Col. Charlaa K. W.; 
M.B.B.S.. Melb.; V.D.; b. Maldon. 
'61; 3. of 1. Dr. Hardy; hon. med. 
officer Ball. Hosp. & Orph., many 
yrs.; Capt. Vol. Millt. Forces. '83; 
later Surgeon-Capt. 3rd Batt. Inf.; 
Brevet-Major CO. of A.A.M.C, '04; 
Major, "06; Lleut.-Col., '11; CO. No. 
6 Field Amb.. A.I.F., Galllpoll and 
Eg>'ptian campaigns, 'IS-'lfi; prom, 
asst. dir. of med. services, 5th Dlv. 
for operations In France, '16; first 

Srea. Ball. Red Cross Soc, '14-'15; 
rst pres. Ball Women's Amb. 
Assoc; hon. lect. & exam. Amb. 
Assoc: pres. Mech. Inst, com., '00: 
l.g. Hosp.; mbr. Ang. DIoc. CI. and 
various sub-corn.; mbr. Ch. of Kng. 
O.8. CI., Bd. of Educ, and Christ 
Ch. pro-Cath. Bd.; ex-pres. Ball. 
Choral Vnlon. 
HASOT, Sdward; b. Hartlepool, Dng.. 
'52; arr. Aust. with parents, '56; 
educ. Mt. Egerton S.S. : pract. miner 
alnce '69; mgd. O.G. Consolid., Bgo, 
Mercury. Caxton & Royal Stand. A 
Mt. Vic mines (Tas.), Hidden 
Treasure ft Contino (N.Q.). Dnlxoll- 
Buchanan, Woah Hawp Canton. VJc 
Utd., Llanberrls No. 2. New Nor- 
manby A Britannia Utd. (Ball.); 
New Mllo Sliding Rook copper. S.A.: 

pres. BalL Min. Mgrs. Assoc, '07, 
and '14; mbr. Ball. Lodge M.U. 
I.O.O.F., since '70; also P.G. 

HAJtE, Bobert Victor; b. Ball.; s. of 
W. J. Hare (col. of '58); educ. 
Urq.-st. S.S.; joined service of Hud> 
dart. Parker & Co., Ltd., ship own- 
ers and colliery prop., as jun. clerk. 
'96; transf. Melb. & G'long branches 
in later yrs.; mgr. at Ball, since '04; 
and joint mgr. Howard Smith Ltd., 
since '13; hon. sec. Ball. City R.C., 
2 yrs.; hon. sec. Building fund; hon. 
sec. Soldiers' Hill B.C., '14-'15; also 
rink capt.; mbr. exec. B.B.A. 

BABBIDOE, Cr. Chas. Alfred Mloli«Il 
mbr. Smjthes. Bor. CI. '09-15, now 
one of Bor. reps, on Gren. Shlre CI.; 
Mayor of Bor. '13-14; chairman 
Smythes. S.S. Com.; V.P. Smythes. 
Ath. Club; ex-pres Smythes. Mech. 
Inst.; mbr. Ball, branch Mine Mgrs.' 
Assoc; b. Stanley (ne^r Beech- 
worth) '69; s. of 1. C. W V. Har- 
ridge (an early pioneer of Beech- 
worth dlst.); educ. Stanley S.S. ; for 
some yrs. assoc. with dredging in- 
dustry of Canadian (Ball E.) and 
Cres. & since '06 mgr. of Electro- 
Hyd. Russell's Flat & Arr>'le dred- 
ges In Smythes-Snake Valley dis- 

HAJtKTS, Tlio«.; b. Corlndhap, '74; s. 
of Cha.s. Harris (col. of '53, and one 
of earliest lie gold diggers) ; educ. 
Corlndhap S.S. and Gren. Coll. (ent. 
& cont. schol. winner) ; pres. Ball. 
East A.N.A., '08; pres. Buffalo Club. 
'01; hon. sec. since '03; mbr. A.N.A. 
deb. team; hon. sec. Ball. Cricket 
Assoc, '09-'ll; hon sec. Soldiers* 
Camp Comforts Com. since '15; 
hon. sec. Mayoress' Patriotic Fund; 
supt. C'wealth Mlllt. Canteen, Ball., 
'15-'16; hon. sec. Waverley C.C. sev. 
yrs.; rink capt., Ball. B.C.; mbr. 
Ball. com. Lady Hennessy's Patri- 
otic League. 

SABBZB, Tbomaa Owen; b. Bucks. 
(Eng.), '72; educ. Wesleyan Day 
Sch., Bucks.; app. to B. North and 
Sons, of West Wycombe (Bucks.), 
cabinet makers; gained exp. in lead- 
ing furniture manufactories of 
Eng.. from Improver to foreman ft 
mgr.; arr. Melb. under engagement 
to Buckley & Nunn, as draughtsman 
•11; mgr. Ball. Furniture Co. since 
'14; mbr. com. Ball. B.C.; mbr. 
B'yong Mas. Lodge. 
KAJUUS, Walter Wm.; P.M.. coroner 
and warden I^all. dist.; s. of Walter 
H. Harri.s: educ. S.S. and Athen- 
aem Sch.. Melb. (matrlc); for some 
time on metrop. pres.s: Joined Crown 
I>aw Dept. '81: served as deposition 
clerk in various courts, later vari- 
ously clerk of ct.**.. receiver and 
paymaster: Old Age Pensions 
Commr. at metrop. and prov. cen- 
ters; qual. for p.m. '93; elevated 
to bench '07; stationed at Sale and 
Dandenong, prom, to BalL 1916; 



chm. various Indust. Wages Bds. ; 
a frequent contrib. to press on lejral 
topics; has drafted forms of de- 
cisions and orders for use of jus- 
tices and otliers and has adapted all 
various forms of oaths, affirma- 
tions and declarations used in the 
courts for general use and re- 
ference: an expert shorthand writer. 
BABSISON, Charles W.; b. G'long; 
arr. Ball., 'C5; assist, father in Ball. 
East; estab. as tailor & outfitter, 
Sturt-st., '78; one time champ, run- 
ner & hurdler; won his first hurdle 
race, scr., '75; at Smythesdale also 
won 600 yds. steeple (ten hurdles 
& two 22ft. water jumps) ; also won 
120 yds. at Ararat from scr., '77; 
won altogether 60 events; v.-p. and 
judge, Hort. Soc. ; treas. Gun Club; 
pres. Ball. Poultry Soc; ex-pres. & 
mbr. orig. com. U.P.S. Disp.; mbr. 
cl. Royal Soc. of St. George. 

BASKXSOir, James; b. Scarsdale, '80; 
s. of J. R. Harrison; educ. Mac- 
arthur-st. S.S., and S. of Mines 
(mech. drawing); assist, father at 
Albert foundry; apprent. enp. and 
mech. drawing; later foreman Union 
& Albert foundries; bus. rep. "Even- 
ing Echo" '13-15; pres. T. & L.. Cl. 
•00 '05 & '13; treas. *14-15; pres. Ball. 
P.L.C., '13-'14; treas., '14-'15; sec. 
Ball. Amalg. Soc. Eng '04-'14; con- 
tested Ball. E. electorate, '14; App.- 
officer Ball. F.B., '10-'14; mbr. Ball 
R.C., and successful oarsman for 
sev. years; sec. Ball, branch Tram- 
ways Emp. Un., '13-'15; sec. Gas 
Workers' Un., '14-'lo; first sec. Tex- 
tile Workeis' Un., '15; took part in 
first One Big Union Conf., G'long, 
'15; Sgt. Grenade Corps, on active 
service with the A.I.F., European 
war, '15-'16; one of designers of 
A-H-D hand grenade (bomb) for 
use in war. 

S/ABBXSON, Wm.; b. Preston (Lan- 
cashire) '30; ident. with cotton and 
woollen Industry since early youth; 
successively with Horrocks & Mil- 
lers (now Crudens), calico manufrs. 
Haslem Bros., woollen millers Pres- 
ton (Eng.) and since '79 with 
Castlemaine (Vic.) 3 yr.s.; & Ball, 
woollen mill cos., now one of oldest 
spinners at Sunnyside; mbr. Amalg. 
Minders & Spinners Assoc, Preston 
and later Sec. Ball. Mill Operatives 
Un., holding various offices at inter- 
vals for over 25 yrs. past; del. on 
Ball. T. & L. Cl. for many yrs.; also 
operatives' rep. on Wages Bd.; ex- 
pres. & ex-treas. Ball. T. & L. Cl.: 
mbr. Aust. Trades Congress at 
Ball. '91; ex-pres. B.U.F.S. Disp. 
com.; P.C.R. and Conf. delegate Mt. 
Pleas. Tent, I.O.R. ; ex-pre.s. Aust. 
Tndust. Exhib. Com.; ex-pres. Soiith 
St. Lit & Deb. Soc; also a keen 
cricketer and one of leading mbrs. 
Run. Sch. C.A. several years, life gov. 
Ballarat Benevolent Asylum 

KABT, Henry C; b. Byaduck, '75; m. 
of Wm. Hart, of St. Kilda; educ. 
S.S.; joined Educ. Dept. as Jun. tr., 
'90; charge of Nine Mile Tank S.S., 
'94; Glenlee, '96; Mirboo and Mirboo 
S., '97; Beremboke, '99; Pootilla, '01; 
Scotchman's Lead, '12; Longwood, 
•15; resided Ball., •05-'12; sec. first 
A.N.A. Social Club; pres. Barkly-Bt. 
Social & Literary Guild, and mbr, 
debating team: pres. Barkly-st. C.C. 
2yrs.; pres. Ball. E. A.N.A., '09; sec. 
5th class Teachers' Assoc, '10 
(merged into Ball, branch Vic. T.U., 
'11); sec. Amalg. Soc. & del. exec, 
com. Vic. S.S.T.U.; v.-p. Vic. T.U., 
'14; pres., '15; worked hard for 
"Trained Nurses" scheme for A.N.A. 
members (in addition to medical at- 
tendance) ; was the first advocate 
of All-Australian idea for Ben. 
Jahn "Zoo"; pres. of combined 
Ball. A.N.A. amalgamation com.; 
and mbr A.N.A. draughts team. 
HAST, Prof. The*. S. M.A., Bach. C.B. 
b. Caulfield, '71; s. of John Hart; & 
earliest lawyers of Melb.) ; educ. 
Melb. Univ.; prof, of geology and 
g.s. of 1. Sir Geo. Stephen (one of 
botany, Ball. S. of Mines, &. curator 
of museum, '96-'13; ex-sec. Ball. 
Science Soc; first principal of Sch. 
of Forestry, Cres... (estab. '10); 
settled in Melbourne, 1916; author 
of several geol. and botanical 
publications & papers for Royal 
Soc. of Vic, and Vic. Naturalists* 
Soc, viz.: "Inflammability of coast- 
al Scrub," "Bedrock Structure of 
West. Vic." "Geol. of Main Divide" 
(for Brit. Assoc. Congress) ; & "Some 
Coastal Plants — their shelter value 
and fire danger"; sec. Sebas. Cong. 
Ch. for many yrs.; later mbr. Ball. 
Ch.; ex-pres. Ball. C.E. Union. 
HABVET, Clarice; d. of 1. John Lyell 
Harvey; educ. Cent. S.S. and Conv. 
of Mercy, Ball. E.; typiste & steno- 
grapher, J. J. Goller & Co. since '09; 
one of fdrs. & first pres. City of 
Ball. Band Ladies' Club (estab, '15); 
pres. Ball, branch A.W.A., '15; con- 
vener & mbr. Women's Recruiting 
Campaign Com.; one of fdrs. and 
first sec. of Ladies' Rifle club; reg. 
tr. of muR. by Melb. Univ. Conserv. 
EABVSY, Bichard; J.P.; b. G'long, 
'55; settled Ball. '64; educ. Hogg's 
Sch.; coach builder at Brougham-st., 
Ball. N., since '76; gaz. J.P. '07; 
regular attendant Ball. E. bench; 
also consenting justice for marriage 
of minors, '12; received public pre- 
sentation of 20 guineas and large 
Bible when boy of 14, for bravery 
in rescuing two yoimger sisters 
from his father's home when it was 
afire. 14/9/'6S; he "broke open the 
front door and nobly rescued his 
two little sisters from a terrible 
death," vide fly-leaf of gift Bible; 
chairman Ball. N. Citizens' Ry. 
Workshops Advocacy Com., '10; sec 



Ball. N. Citizens' North Ry. Station 
Advoc. Com., '08; pres. Sold. Hill 
Brass Band, 98; keen follower 
parity, and mun. politics; cliairman 
sev. candidates' com.; P. Worthy 
Patriarch Sons of Temperance Soc. ; 
assoc. with Neil-st. Math. Ch. and 
Sun. Sch. for 52 yrs.; one of oldest 
trustees; on Ball. E. Circuit Local 
Preachers' plan for 40 yrs.; pres. 
Ball. N. Progress Association. 

lUkaaJSU; Frank Boxy; b. Wend., 
'67; s. of 1. George Hassell, & neph- 
ew of 1. Thos. Bury ("Tom Touch- 
stone") ; educ. Wendouree and Mac- 
arthur-street S.S.; mbr. firm 
of Hassell & Rogers, builders and 
contractors, Armstrong-st., Sth., 
Ball.; sec. Builders' & Joiners' 
Trades Union, 'SS-'Sl; sec. Master 
Builders' Assoc, '08; sec. AVend. 
M.I.A., '85; active mbr. Wend. C.C. 
and Ball. North F.C.; mbr. AVend. 
R.C. famous "Snipes" eight un- 
beaten sev. yrs. & Vic. champ., '94); 
pres. City A.N.A., '98; del. Bairns- 
dale conf., '04; trustee 3 yrs.; mbr. 
building com. & branch del. on 
B.U.F.S. Disp.; president Ball.U. F. 
S. Di.spensary '14; sec. Ball. Brlclt 
& Tile Co.; fdtn. mbr. Wend. Rec. 
club; hon. sec, '14-'16; mbr. exec. 
Ball. B.A.; hon. sec. St. John's C of 
E., and later Vicar's warden and 
Synod rep.; mbr. Tarrowee Mas. 
Lodge; first v.-p. Macarthur-st. S.S. 
Old Schol. Assoc, '15. 

BATmxCK, Arch.; b. Scarsdale, '63; 
s. of Arch. Hatrick (col. since '55); 
educ. Redan S.S.; builder & con- 
tractor, Nichol.son-st., Ball. N., since 
'85; erected Golden Point Meth. & 
Vlctoria-st. Baptist Churches, East- 
ern Station Hotel, Ac; pres. Ball. 
Master Guilders' Assoc, '14-'15; 
capt. Ball. Rifle Club (2 yrs.); ex- 
mbr. S. of Mines CI. 

EAWXSB, James; b. Somersetshire 
(Eng.), '64; arr. Q'land, '85; settled 
Vic, '91; & emp. in nearly all Ball, 
mines until '11; elected mbr. com. 
Ball, branch Miners' Assoc, '96; 
pres., '07; pres. A.M.A. of Vic and 
Tas., '11; rep. miners' on wages bd. 
at Inception, in '01; retired from 
mining In '11; now assist, ranger of 
Water Comm.; P.O. Loyal Ball. 
Lodge, M.U.I.O.O.F.; W.M., Tarro- 
vt'ee Ma.s. Lodge, '14-'15. 

EBnrSS, Barnard T.; s. of B. Heinze; 
b. '94; educ. St. Pat. Coll., Ball.; 
obt. L.A.B. at age of 16; open 
champ, violin sect.. Ball. comp. '11; 
won ent. schol Melb. Univ. Conserv. 
under Prof. Felix Gade, '12; awar- 
ded Clark© schol. at Royal Coll. of 
Music Lond. (tenable 3 yrs.), '13; 
commenced studies under Slgnor 
Revardl; made successful public 
Rppearr\nce at Belgian Relief Con- 
cert (Soot.), May 2l8t. '15; aban- 
doned studies, Sept. '15, to vol. for 

active service witli British forces 
in France; obt. Comm. as Lieut, in 
Royal Garrison Artillerv gun sect. 

KBIiZ^ABD, Isaac; b. Ball. E., '64; s. 
of 1. John Hellard (one time Church 
Officer of Lyd.-st. Meth. Ch.); educ. 
Roseinblum's S., Humffray-st.; dept. 
mgr. at Croclver's Hall of Commerce 
for 26 yrs.; rep. bowler of Ball, for 
many yrs.; once champ, and once 
runner-up, and winner sev. hdcps. 
Ball. B.C.; champ. City B.C., 'OO-'Ol; 
champ. B.B.A., '99-'00; runner-up 
'07-'08; at present rink capt.. Ball. 
Club; playing mbr. Ball. Drapers' 
C.C. for several years. 

KENDBBSOXr, Cr. Chas. T.; b. 
Miners' Rest; farmer and grazier. 
Weatherboard; ent. Ball. Shire CI., 
'14; hon. sec. B' beet & AV'^' mere Presb. 
Ch.; mbr. Ball. A. & P. CI.; one of 
fdrs. B'beet & W'mere Farmers' Co- 
op. Assoc; frequent exhibitor prize 
Clyde.Tlalo stock. 

EENOEBSON, Septimus Clias.; s. 
of 1. Francis C. Henderson (school- 
master); b. Bgo., '82; educ. Ross' 
Creek, AA'^aurn Ponds and Pootilla 
S.S.; settled Ball. '95; mgr. Williamg 
the Shoemen's headquarters, Bridge- 
st.„ since '09; supt. Barkly-st. Meth. 
Sun. Sch. since '11; sec. Barkly-st. 
Meth. Ch. Trust; pres. Barkly-st. 
C.E. Soc. since '10; instructor Bark- 
ly-st. athletic and gym. club since 
'02; instructor St. Paul's gym. club, 
'10-'14; instructor St. John's (Sold- 
iers' Hill) and St. Andrew's gym. 
club, '12-'13; hon. gen. sec. Ball. 
y.M.C.A. for some time; also in- 
structor T.M.C.A. gym. class. 

HEZnirEBBT, Bev. Fatber James; b. 
AVaterford (Ire.), '79; s. of Richard 
Hennebry; educ. C.B. Preparatory 
Coll. and St. John's Eccles. Coll, 
AA'aterford: ord. by Bishop Sheehan 
at AVaterford Cath. and left for 
Aust. '05; parish priest at Koroit. 
Ararat, AVatchem, Maryborough: & 
assist, priest St. Patrick's Cath., 
Pall., with oversight of L'month., 
Waubra & Miners' Rest districts: 
appointed priest in charge St. 
Allplus'. Ball. E., '15; spiritual dlr. 
St. P. Y.M.C. and Ladle.s' Sarrei 
Heart Soc; mbr. St. P. Day F<>st. 
Com.; Capt.-Chap. C wealth Mllit. 
Forces; Ladles' H.A.C.B.S., St. P. 
Coll., and AA'end. Hosp. for Insane. 

HBSriiE'S', Uent. Bobart P.; b. 
Ball. K.. '81; s. of Harry Henley; 
educ. Queen-st. and Cent. S.S.; pte. 
3rd. Batt. Inf., '02; and later 7th 
A.I.R.; gunner R. A. Garr. Art., 
Brisbane, '10; Instr. staff and stafT- 
s^t.-nijr. '12; later posted to Gymple 
Maryborough. Mt. Morgan and Too- 
woomba (Q.); transf. to Ball, as 
S.S.M of 30th A.M.C.: temp, at- 
tached No. 6 Field Amb. Corps, 
Broadmeadows, '15; and A.M.C. 
I Ball. Training Camp, '16-'16: capt. 



instr. staff C.C. & F.C., and R. A. G. 
Art. F.C., Brisbane, •12-'13; mbr. 
Vic. CO., Ball.. 'H-'15; sterling bat.; 
mbr. Pioneer Lodge, I.O.O.F.; and 
Naval and Milit. Mas. Lodge, Bris- 
bane; comm. as lieut. & Q.M. 3rd 
Casualty Clearing Hosp. for active 
service, 1916. 

BSFWOBTK, Sgt. 7r«d.; s. of Fred. 
Hepworth; b. Clunes, '94; educ. 
Clunes S.S. and Ball. A.H.S.; pte. 
30th A.M.C., Ball., '12; Staff-sgt. & 
later Reg.-sgt.-mjr., '14; Transport 
Sgt. on active service with No. 6 
Field Amb.. 3rd. A.I.F., Gallipoli & 
Egypt, campaigns, '15-'16; mbr. S. 
City C.C, and All Saints' Tennis 

JIEBBEBT, Cbas. E.; b. Ball. '71; s. 
of 1. H. C. Herbert; educ. Pleas, st. 
S.S.; a/ct for Crawford, Dowling & 
Seymour, stock salesmen; fdtion 
mbr. ex capt. and hcpr. and now v. 
p. of Ball. Harrier club; mbr. of 
team that won Cohen shield in 10 
mile C.C.C. of Vic. '96, '98 and '99; 
won individual C.C.C. of Vic. '94, 
'96 (new Aust. record — 59m, 5 b.) ; 
and '99; 2nd in '95 and 5th in '93, 
Three Mile Track Champ, of Aust. 
at Melb. '93 (new Aust. record for 
two and three miles) ; Three Mile 
Track Champ, of Vic. '94 and '96; 
2nd in '97; held record for two miles 
for a time "92; won first Inter-State 
Five Mile C.C.C. at Syd. '94; 2nd in 
three mile test race between Melb. 
and Syd. H. Clubs '94; won Ball. H. 
C. first Five Mile Novice Hep. '93, 
and the first and second Five Mile 
Sealed Heps. '96 and '97; estab. new 
record for course — 26m. 53s. '96; 
won numerous other club and open 
contests; for some yrs. hcpr. and 
now v. p. Ball. Center V.A.A.A. and 
mbr. of boxing and wrestling tour- 
nament sub. com.; mbr. City R.C. 
sev. yrs.; v. p. Ball. Imp. F.C.; for 
some yrs. cent, umpire F'ball Lea- 
gue: mbr. Pleasant st. Old Boys' 
Association Committee. 

BEBBEBT, Georsre; b. Ball.; s. of 
Daniel Herbert (col. of '54 & pioneer 
florist); educ. Martin's Sch.; tr. of 
piano, and organ, and harmony, &c.; 
mbr. of firm of G. & F Herbert, 
piano and music sellers, Sturt-st.: 
art. pupil to A. T. Turner; later vis. 
Eng., and stud, at Royal Acad, of 
Mus., Lond.; cond. of Ball. Lieder- 
tafel and other mus. soc; org. St. 
John's and St. Paul's Ang. Churches 
for many yrs.; at present org. 
Tarrowee Mas. Lodge, Ball., and 
org. & choir master St. Andrew's, 
Brighton; and examiner for Vic, 
Coll. of Mus., Lond.; official ac- 
comp. South St. Soc. Eisteddfod; has 
produced many grand and comic 
operas, and accompanied for leading 
visiting solo artists; l.g. Hosp., 
Benev. A.sylum and Orph. 

BEBBEBT, Harold B.; b. Ball., '92; 
s. of above; educ. Ball. Coll., Ball. 
Tech. Art. Sch. and Swinburne 

Coll., Glenferrie; assist. Govt. Art 
Insp., Melb., '11-'14; then became de- 
signer for sev. leading metropolitan 
manufacturing, etc., firms; now sen. 
master. Tech. Art Sch., Ball. W.; 
one of prom, and mbr. com. Tech. 
Art. Sch. Students' Reunion, 'IB; 
prize taker Ball. Ladies' Art. Assoc, 
and Melb. A.N.A. Exhib., for best 
all-round work, and special prize for 
designing; held successful exhib. of 
water colors, etc., Melb., which ex- 
cited favorable comment, Nov., '15. 

KEBBEBT, H. Z*.: s. of 1. H. C. Her- 
bert; b. Ball. '79; educ. Pleas, st. 
S.S.; for 22 yrs. past with J. B. An- 
drews, merch. Sturt-st., active mbr. 
E. Ball, and later Ball. Harrier 
clubs, winner E.B.H. 5-mile hep. in 
27 mln. 53 sees. '01; 2nd do. '00; 
won lO-mile B div. champ. Vic.'OO; 
mbr. Ball. H.C. lO-mile team win- 
ners Coldham-Cohen Shield 10-mile 
C.C.C. of Vic '96 and '99, 4th In B- 
mile C.C.C. of Vic '01: took part in 
relay despatch carrying run bet. 
Ball, and Melb. 24/5/'98 (run In 
snow storm) ; hon. sec. Ball. Local 
Center of V.A.A.A. '02; mbr. Ball. 
City R.C. and coxswain in '90, when 
seven wins were secured; also mbr. 
old Ball. Gymnastic Club. 

HEBMAB, rrank; mbr. firm of J. J. 
Goller & Co., wine & spirit merch. 
(estab, '55); b. Canadian, '55; s. of • 
Gabriel Herman; joined staff of 
Goller & Co., as Jun. clerk, '74, later 
attaining propriet. interest; mbr. 
com. Hosp. since '98: pres., '06-7; 
dir. Ball. Banking Co.: Gas Co.; 
Trustees, etc. Co.; Eureka T. C. & 
T. Co.; Brind & Co., Ltd.: and sev. 
g.m, co.'s; mbr. S. of Mines CI.; 
mbr. finance com. "Forward Ballar- 
at" movement. 

KEBMAN, Frank O.; s. of above; b. 
Ball., '94; educ. Ball. A.H.S. an<S 
G'long Coll.; (str. Coll. eight In 
head of river races) ; mbr. Aust. 
Mtd. Cadet Corps on tour of Great 
Britain & Continent, '14-'15, war 
breaking out whilst in Eng. volun- 
teered and served six months in 
home defence; ret. Ball., April, '15; 
Joined Army Service CJorps, fifth 
Exp. Force on active service, Oct., 

KEBMAN, Arnold Olovar; b. Ball. '97; 
s. of Frank Herman; educ. Ball. 
Coll. and Scotch Coll., Melb.; mbr. 
Aust. Mtd. Cadet Corps on tour Grt. 
Britain and Continent, '14-'15; 
served six months in home defence 
at outbreak of war; ret Ball., April, 

HZCXET, Uent. Wm.; b. Ball.: s. of I. 
Jas. Hickey; educ. St. P. Coll. Ball.: 

?roceeded to Canada '13: enlisted 
or active service in European war 
at Ontario: joined ranks of Cana- 
dian Exped. force '15; underwent 
final course of training in Eng.; 
took part in operations in France 
early part of '16; wounded in ac- 



tion and invalided to England;! 
for some yrs. active athlete, beijig i 
mbr. Ball. Handball club, Ball. R. 
C; mbr. com. and str. winning sen. 
four, etc.; also cyclist and foot- 
SlOanrS, Most. B«T. Jo««pb; Cath. 
Bishop of Ball.; b. Moyvore, Co. 
Westmeath (Ire.), '39; educ at St. 
Finian's Seminary. Navan, and St. 
P. Col., Maynooth (prizeman In 
theol. and eccles. history) ; class- 
fellows, Archbishops Carr & Walsh; 
ord. priest and app. curate in Tulla- 
more, King's Co., in '63; pres. and 
prof, of St. Finian's Seminary '67- 
*84; parish priest of Castletown Del- 
vin, '84; while there was pres. of the 
National League during stormy days 
of "Plan of Campaign, and remem- 
bers with pride his " limited part " 
in securing from local landlord im- 
portant concessions in favor of an 
oppressively taxed peasantry; chosen 
by Holy See as aux. bishop of Syd., 
and coadjutor to Cardinal Moran as 
Bishop of Antifelle, March. '89; 
bishop of Rockhampton '99-'05; 
bishop of Ball.. '05-15; celebrated 

?;olden jubilee of priesthood & silver 
ubilee of episcopate, '14; St. Jo- 
seph's Home built and St. John of 
God Hosp. estab. during recent 
yrs. [The compiler regrets that 
the Bishop died during compilation 

of book]. 

RIU&, Iiizzle; b. Ball.; d. of 1. John 
Hill; educ. Macarthur-st. S.S. (merit 
cert, at 10 yrs.); obt. Educ. Dept. 
cert, of competency, and also phys. 
culture and gym. cert.; Educ. Dept. 
service since '01; Jun. tr. Macarthur- 
st. S.S., and later h.t. Kinglake S.S.. 
and assist, tr. Humffray-st. S.S.; 
mbr. com. Macarthur-st. S.S. Old 
Schol. Assoc; successful trainer of 
S.S. teams in choral action songs, 
phys. culture, folk games, etc., 
comp. at Ball, and other centres for 
several yrs. past; cond. champ, 
team at Ball., '11 (four prizes for 
four events); Launceston, '12 (thr«>e 
firsts, inc. choral, and one second); 
comd. choirs and teams at sev. sch. 
displays; also tr. in St. John's Ang. 
Sun. Sch.. and cond. choirs in sev. 

RIXX.. Or. W. ».; J.P.; b. Ball., '58; 
8. of 1. A. Hill from Olas.) ;mbr. firm 
of Hill &. Grose, auct. &, furniture 
salesmen; mbr. City CI. since '05; 
mayor. '09-'10 A '16-17: water comr. 
•09-'ll; gas. J.P. '12; first pres., &. 
since '81, sec. of South-st. Debating 
•oc: gen. sec. Grand National Eis- 
teddfod of Australasia since '90-. 
active debater and prise winner in 
younger days; hon. sec. St. And- 
rew's Kirk for over 20 yrs.; v. -p. 
Orph. Com., '15; sec. Ball. Lleder- 
tafel, '8S-'97; l.g. Benev. Asylum; 
mbr. 8. of Mines Cl., and Caled. 
800. Cl.: mbr. AM.B. Advisory 

Council; originated idea of Ball. 
Tourist Bureau, 1916; mbr. Ehiter- 
tainment com. of "Forward Ballar- 

■ at" movement; hon. sec. Queen 
Carnival for Red Cross, etc., 1916. 

KOAI>Z.I:t, CUss. Arch.; M.Sc; b. 
Melb.. '87; s. of Abel Hoadley, 
(manufr.. Melb.) ; educ. Wesley 
Coll., Queen's Coll.. Melb. Univ. '10; 
courses — min. eng., science, and ge- 
ol.; winner of Caroline Kay s'ship 
(Univ.); member Mawson Antarctic 
exped. as geologist at Western base^ 
Queen Mary land, '11-'13; volun- 
teered to Join the Australian ex- 
pedition for relief of section of 
Shackleton exploring party, '16; lect. 
& demonst. science & physics, S. of 
M., Ball., since '14; hon. sec Ball. 
Science Soc, '15; mbr. com. Wend. 
Tennis Club; principal Footscray 
Jun. Tech. School '16. 

HOAXS, Cr. Wzo.; mayor of Ball. E.; 
b. Ball. E., '64; s. of Geo. Hoare 
(col. of '54); educ. Stock's Sch.; 
mbr. firm of Buchanan & Hoare, 
machy., etc., merchants; mbr. Ball. 
E. Town Cl. since '08; mayor, '15- 
'16; pres. Ball. E. B.C., '14-'15; pres. 
Golden Pt. C.C, 4 yrs.; pres. Ball. 
Cricket Assoc, 3 yrs.; pres. Old 
Golden Gate C.C; mbr. Orph. Com.; 
dlr. sev. Ball, and dist. min. co's. 
bds.; mbr. Exhib. comm.; pres. BalL 
E. Men's Red Cross Soc; & chair- 
man Town Recruiting exec. 

HOBAV. Male: L.T.C.L.: L.A.B.; b. 
Waubra: d of Edmund Butler; educ 
Loreto Convent and East Melb. Con- 
serv. of Mus.; tr. of muc, eloc, and 
dram, art; reg. prim, and sec. tr. of 
mus.; L.A.B. '08; A.T.C.L. (honors) 
•11; L.T.C.L. '13; 2nd eloc. cham.. 
Christ Church (N.Z.) Exhib. comp. 
V.P. Ball. Mus. Trs. Assoc; has 
appeared in casts at Repertoire 
Theatre, Melb; pupils have won 
first prizes past four yrs. at South- 
st. Soc. comp., also Jun. eloc. and 
vocal champ, and have passed Con- 
serv and Royal Acad, exams, m. 
Lieut. D. J. rtoban, A.I.F., 1915. 

KOOAW, Sdmond JoHh; M.L.A.; mbr. 
for Whelp; s. of Jeremiah Hogan; 
b. Wallace, '84; educ. Ormond R.C. 
Sch.; agric pursuits till '04: then 
undertook industrial organisation; 
while a timber worker on W.A. 
gold fields, org. the Goldfields Fire- 
wood Workers' Un.. at Kurramla, 
Lakeside, and Kurrawang: rep. un. 
at sev. negotiations on industrial 
matters with firewood cos.: sec 
Kurrawang F. W. Un., '12-'13; and 
whilst visiting Vic was nominated 
by Labor party for vacant Whelp 
seat In Lerls. Assembly, and was 
returned, Feb. 28, '13; re-elected. 
14; mbr. Vic. Royal Comm. on 
Fruit and Vegetable Industry; sec. 
Lands and Agrlc. Com. of Labor 
Party; was for sev. yrs. champ, 
caber tosser, weight putter it ham- 
mer thrower of W.A.; keen student 



of rural indust. problems. 
HOIJI.WAV, Cr. Thos. Tuke; b. Ball. 

5b; s. or 1. John Hollway (col. of 
early 50's); educ. Ball. Coll.: now 
principal of ttrm of J. H. & Sons, 
wholesale & retail manuf. tinsmiths 
etc.; mbr. City CI. .since "05; mayor 

10-11, mbr. water comm. '09-11; & 
•15-17; pres. Ball. N. Rec. Club '11- 
12; now V.P.; pres. Mech. Inst. '08- 
9; 15-16; treas. and l.g:. Orph.; pres. 
05; ex-pres. Exhib. comm. Old Col. 
Assoc, and Club Ball. Rowing 
Assoc, and Wend. R.C.; umpire Bali 

Sebas. Cambrian JIus. Soc; pres, 
08-9; now treas.; piPs. Sebas. Mus. 
hoc, 14-13; pres. Free Lib., '12: 
pres. Old Hoys' Arsoc, '12. 
nOBAN, Andrew; h. Co. Clare (Ire), 
60; s. of 1. Pat Horan; arr. Aust. 
with parents '6?: educ. Gren. Coll 
(matric); jun. tr. Queen-st. SS.; 
later h.t. at Wimmera, Blakeville, 
Linton and Sebaf : ex-sec. Blake- 
ville Free Lib.; ex-pres. Linton Free 
Lib.; capt. Linton Rifle Club, and 
pres. Linton Tenni.s Club sev. vrs • 

regatta many yr.?.; one of senr. I served in Gordons and Egerton de 

mbrs. City A.N.A.: and Yarrowee .^l^'i'^^"* V.M.R. 

" ' - - ^^ KOBE, Samuel J.; b Fitzroy, '77; s. 

of Rutus Hore (q pioneer band 
musician of Melb.); prop. Lime and 

Mas. Lodge, v.p. Liedertafel; ex 
v.p. Imp. F.C.; treas. Macarthur-st. 
old pchol. com.; v.-p. Ball. North 
Progress Association. 
HOX^ST, Pred. W.; b. Sebas., 'G8; s. of 
Arnold Hoist (pioneer miner of dist- 
rict) ; educ. White's Sch., Redan; a 
practical miner in early manhood; 
later of Vic. Rys. loco, branch; 
commenced stock-broking '93 (dur- 
ing Steiglitz boom) ; mbr. Ball. ! 
Stock Fxch. since '93; mbr. Melb. 
S.E. since '08; chairman Central 
Plat Co. since '02; dir. other 
min. cos. and floated many cos. in 
Vic. and W.A.; Introduced idea of 
distributing -free plans of min. 
fields, and issues monthly guide to 
mining and investment stocks; pre.«. 
Sebas. Old Boys' Association. 
BOX^T, XiewiB v.; b. B'go '77; s. of T. 
Holt (col. of 50's and for many vrs 
loco, engineer of Vic Rvs) ; educ. 
Sale Coll.; joined Savings Bank ser- i 
vice '97; stationed various branches I 
and a/ct. Ball, staff '10-13; mgr. I 
Bairnsdale branch '13-15; ret. to I 
Ball, as a/ct. '15; active mbr. Cent. 
Bowling Club, Ball.; ex-pennant 
rink capt. and most successful skip- 
per '12-13; mbr. sev. rep. rinks in 
champ, and other matches; runner- 
up club champ. '12-13; pres. Elstern- 
wick and Caulfield branch A.N.A. 
'07; ex-mbr. Metropolitan com. of 
HOOSEN, Edwd.; b. Mold (N. Wales), 
'47; worked in lead mines of Nth. 
Wales, and arr. .\ust., '69; sup- 
porter of mining investments at 
Pleasant Creek (Stawell), Ararat, 
Maryborough, McCgllum's Creek, 
Allendale and Sebas.; shareholder in 
Sloane's & Scotchman's G.M. Co. 
since '75; dir since '00; settled 
Sebas., '02 (thougl. closely identi- 
fied with Bor. prior to that yr.) ; 
ex-pres. and patron Sebas. Mus. 
Soc: mbr. com. Sobas. Eisteddfod 
sev. yrs. ; ex-mod. of Welsh Presbyt. 
Ch. of Vic; sen. deacon (iarmel 
Welsh Ch., Sebas.; treas. Cymrod- 
HOPKINS, Cr. John; b. Sebas., '70; s. 
of 1. Morgan Hopkins (of Cardiff, 
S. Wales; col. of e.-^rlv '60's): educ. 
Sebas. S.S.; butcher, Albert-st., Se- 
bas., since '00; ent. Sebas. Bor. CI. 
•05; mayor. •12.'13; one of fdrs. 

Cement Stores, Ball.. '03-'15: rep. 
Ball, cricketer; c?pt. Cent. C.C, '13- 
•14: mbr. com. and selection com. 
Ball. C.C; has rep. Ball. agst. Inter- 
national, and Inter-City 
elevens; scored first century in dis- 
trict cricket. 
HOSXZXr, John Albert: b. Ball., '67; 
s.of Tho?<. HoT-kin (col. of '52); 
educ. Cox's Sch.; apprent. F. W. 
Niven & Co., printers; later fore- 
man; one of prom and dir. Ball. 
Litho and Printing Prop. Co., Ltd.; 
for many yrs. playing mbr. and v.- 
capt. Imp. F.C.; a cricketer for 34 
yrs. past; successively mbr. Wend., 
Ball. City, North City C.C; capt. 
City C.C 3 yns.: mbr. com. N. City 
C.C; first in Wend club to score a 
century, '96; tr. Macarthur-st. and 
M'end. Sun. Sch , mbr. com. Mac- 
arthur-st. S.S. Old Schol. Assoc. 
EOSXIN, Bichard H.; b. Golden Pt.. 
(N.S.W.), '78; arr. Ball., '90; leader 
old 3rd Batt. gym. club.; later instr. 
Skipton-st., Humffray-st. & Golden 
Pt. (Ball. E.) gym. clubs; success- 
ful instr. Golden Pt. comp teams, 
winners numerous prizes, inc. Colt- 
man Cup, at South-st. Soc, comp.; 
also of Golden Pt. Ladies' teams, 
winners sev. prizes; now phys dir. 
Y.M.C.A.: mbr. 7th A.I.R. rifl« 
teams (Schumacher Cup winners, 
'08, & Ballhausen Shield winners); 
top scorer, '04; also mbr. Ball. Rifle 
club; won sev. matches, inc. V.R.A. 
medal, two-match aggregate. 
ROWABTH, TlUle; h Ball.; educ. 
Fan's p.s.; and musically by Miss 
Bunce (d. of Dr. Bunce), C. H. Rus- 
sell, Elsie Hall and Sig. de Beau- 
puis, Melb.: winner open piano solo 
I3all. Eistedd. ; passed Assoc Bd.'s 
first exam, in Ball.; the first Ball, 
student to enter Molb. Univ. Con- 
serv.; org. the Cecil Fraser (her 
protege) concerts in Ball.; coached 
winners of over 100 prizes at Ball., 
B'go., G'long, etc., comp.; address, 
Albert-st., Ballarat. 
HUDSON, Bobert Artlinr; s. of Thos. 
Hudson ( one of **arliest munic val- 
uers of Ball. E.). b Ball., '60; educ. 
St. Paul's S.S.; estab. business of 



plumber and gasfitter and elec. eng., 
Victoria & Humtrav-sts. Ball., '90; 
electrified Her Majesty's Theatre, 
'97; St. Joseph's Home, '13; Mech. 
Inst.. '15; one of fdrs. and hon. sec. 
Vic. B.C. "IS-'lc- for many yrs. 
mbr. Ball. B.C. 
R170HES, Cr. David: .T.P.; b. Glam- 
organ.shire (W.^lf?), '34; sailed for 
U.S.A., '51; mininrr pursuits there 
till '57; mining at Ball., '58-'62; 
estab as merch in Sebas., retiring 
•90: mbr. Sebas Ror. CI. since '69; 
mayor six term.-., gaz. J.P., '70; 
life patron Sebas. Cambrian Soc. ; 
shareholder New Imp G.M. Co. over 
50 yrs.: chairman Cn. many yrs.; 
l.g. Ball. Benev, Asylum; pres. Se- 
bas. Free I>ib. sev yro. ; deacon Bap- 
tist Tabernacle and Sun. Sch. 
supt. 45 yrs.: chn'rnian Sebas. Sch. 
Bd. of Advice 15 yrs. 

RVOHES, Thos.! b. Sebas., '64; s. of 
above: educ. Sebf's. S.S. and Bain's 
H.S.; mbr. firm T. Hughes & Sons 
(est. by father), grocers & merch.; 
capt. Sebas. F.B 9 yr.s.: (KS. medal 
& 3 clasps, 30 yrs. service) ; ex-pres. 
Country F.B. Assoc: trustee Free 
Lib. and Y.M.C.: trustee Meth. Ch.; 
patron Sebas. F.C. • ex- sec. Sebas. 

HuicrrBAY, Basaon Bowlsnds ; 
Chief Petty Officer; s. of Howard 
Rowlands Humffray (of Vic. Rys.) 
and .s. of 1. Hon. John Basson 
Humffray, (first mbr. for Ball, in 
old Vic. Legis. CI.) one of five 
Koldfleld reps.; first mbr. for Ball. 
W. (Grenville) in first reformed 
Legis. Assembly; first Minister of 
Mines; died '91): b. Ball. '88; educ. 
Macarthur-st. S.S. & Sch. of Mines; 
mbr. staff of Ronaldson Bros., and 
Tlppett (eng. dept.); vol. for naval 
service in war 16; app. engine- 
room artlclfer with rank of (J.P.O. 
In Royal Aust. Navy (qual. by 
exam); light-weight amat. champ. 
boxer of Ball. '09; amat. champ. 
sculler of Ball. '14; active mbr. of 
Wend. R.C. for 12 yrs. past, firstly 
as cox, later str., coach, one of 
selectors, and mbr. gen. com.; 
rained sen. rank and in sev. winni- 
fng pairs and fours; str. Ronaldson 
Bros. & Tipnett's crews for three 
yrs. ('13, '14 and '15), in winning 
Walker (Tup Industrial Crews Com- 
petition outright; mbr. Ball. Re- 
gatta .-\.':sociatlon. 

HUMPHBET8. WllUivm T.; J.P.: b. 
Ball., "oS; 8. of 1. Thomas Humph- 
reys (col. of '66) • educ. Bain's H.S.. 
and Stocks' Bch.: for many yrs. 
mging. clerk for 1 Hon. D. Ham, 
M.L.C.: mbr. of Stock Exch.: vice- 
chairman for 3 vr,3 : later chairman; 
cas. J.P., '07: dir. Pal). Banking Co., 
Gas Co., aud. Ball. Trustees Co.; 
traas. City and Town Mission sev. 
yrs.; stock brok»r & a/ct.. Lyd.-st. ; 
l.g. Benev. Asylur>: mbr, 8. of Mines 

ZUMPKBIES, Albert W.; b. Melb., 
'79; s. of W. Hurrphiies (Vic. Rys.); 
educ. Port Melb. S.S.; mbr. staff 
Buttons Prop. .-^ince '00; transf. 
Ball, branch as warehouse mgr., '02; 
well-known publi« entertainer (solo 
barit. & pianist): won numerous 
prizes at comp. : 'ending soprano St. 
John's C. of E. (Melb.) choir, '93-6) ; 
Melb.; ent. Educ. Pept. as student 
mbr. Melb. Philhsrni-inic Soc. choir 
1900-4; hon. sec. Ball. East B.C.; '11- 
'14; olub champ 'i:]-'l4; hon. sec 
Golden Point S S Ccm., since '14; 
org. Ball. Mas. Lcdgrt 
HVITT, Very Hev. Cornelias J.; B.A.: 
C.S.S.R. (Cong, of Most Holy Re- 
deemer) ; Rector, Redemptorlsts' 
Monastery, Wend.; b Co. Limerick 
(Ire.); educ. Mungiet Coll. Limer- 
ick, and All Hallows Coll., Dublin; 
B.A. of Royal Irish Univ., Dublin; 
joined Redempto,-ist<i' Order in Ire- 
land, and after (llljng sev. appoint- 
ments in Eng. and Ireland, reached 
Aust., '92; rector Redemptorists' 
Monastery, Perth, for some yrs., and 
now in second term as Rector of 
Wend. Monastery; important ad- 
ditions and improvements to Wend. 
Monastery, including erection of 
beautiful chapel effected during his 
RTTHTEB, Capt Alex.; A.S.A.A. 
(Eng.): b. B.ill.- s of 1. Alex. Hun- 
ter, J. P. (early picneer) ; educ. Gren. 
Coll.; public a/ct. & est. agent. Arna- 
strong-st.. Ball since '97; Govt. 
Mun. Aud.: lie. aud. under Coy's 
Act; 2nd-Lleut 7th A.I.R.. '04; 
Lieut., '05; Capt., '08; 2nd in com- 
mand 70th Regt., '15; detailed for 
special duty on hvime .service during 
war, '14-15; mbr. B'yong Bor. CI. 
since '08; mayor, ■14-'15; chairman 
B'yong Recruiting Com., and other 
patriotic moveTr-ont.*-; addressed— 
Ball, and B'yong 
KT7B£irr, Thos.; Tnpp of Ball. No. 1 
Sch. Dist., since April, '13; b. Ceres 
(G'long), '64: s. of 1. John Hurley 
(col. of '55)- e;^ue. Flinders S.3., 
G'long, and Teacher.^' Train. Coll., 
in training under G. F. Link, at 
Mentone, '82; stationed successively 
at Lurg, Benalla, Rverton, Elm- 
hurst, (sen. ma5*er h.s. : first head- 
master Bendigo h.s., '06-7; then app. 
inspector Western IMstrict & Ball.; 
ex-pres. Teachers' Union of Vic, Se 
helped to secure ♦he abolition of old 
results system, and the broadenins^ 
of school programme; mbr cl. Royal 
Soc. of St. George, and cl. Sch, of 
WLVauvr, John; b. Heath cote: educ. 
H-cote SS.: settled Ball., '08. as 
mgr. of Ball. Butter Factory (Hol- 
densen — Neilson Propty.); with 
which firm he has been assoc. 21 
years; pres fit Vincent de Paul's 
Soc. St, Allplus' branch: v.-p. St. 
Alipius' Hall Com. and choir; mbr. 



com. St. P Day Fest.; ex-pres. and 
ex-sec. Heathccre and Kyabram 
H.A.C.B.S , and ex-pres. Kyabram 
T.C.; keen follower at open cours- 

XSVTKO, Mnrdooh; C.E.; b. Ball. '59: 
s. of 1. Robert Irving: (col. of '52 & 
pioneer min. investor) ; educ. Low- 
ther's sch. and Ball. Coll.; later 
studied civil eng. ; tor seven yr.s. 
eng. oi." sewerage works under Melb. 
and Metrop. Bd. of Works; later 
sec. and eng. of Shires of Birchip 
and Yarrawonga; sec, eng., etc., of 
Shire of Ball, since '13; v.p. I.iear- 
month Bowling club; v. capt I^ear- 
month Rifle club; organist Lear- 
month Masonic Lodge; composer 
and writer of sone " Austra- 
lia's Federal Banner"; invented and 
patented improved peep sight for 
rifles, combining wind gauge and 
the Vernier elevator, providing a 
simple means of adjustment to 
overcome sudden changes of light 
and variations of wind: (approved 
by V ictorian Rifle Association). 

TBWIxr, Walter James.; s. of 1. Wm. 
Irwin (pioneer of Ball.; I'see of Star 
hotel. Ball. E, '52- during Eureka 
riot era, and where papers and re- 
ports relating to stockade were 
burned; first I'see Provincial hotel); 
b. Ball., '70; educ. Ball. Coll.; Joined 
Bank of Vict. strfE at Ball, as jun. 
clerk; now accountant. 

JACK>, Francis; b. Brighton (Eng.), 
'34; arr. '60, and estab. boot 
bus. in Skipton-st Ball., and later 
Bridge & Sturt-sts. fnow carried on 
by gs., Francis Suttfn); one of the 
oldest mbrs. Cent. BC; pres., '04-5; 
life mbr. Old Col. Assoc; mbr. Meth. 
Ch for 60 yrs.; trusteo Lyd.-st. Ch.; 
re- visited Eng., '90-2; and m. Jane, 
<1. of Capt. Stephen Tregarthen, of 
Penzance, Cornv,-ill. shortly after. 

^TAIEES, Sev. M C; vicar of St. 
Peter's C. of E.; Capt.-Chap. of 
C'wealth Milit. Forces: b. Launces- 
ton *77; s of C. H James; educ. 
L'ceston H.S.; ord. deacon, '01; 
priest, '02. by Bishop Green; curate 
of Ararat, '02-3: Encumbent, Talbot, 
•03-6; Merino, '06- 11; vicar. Caster- 
ton, •11-'12; St. Peter's, Ball., since 
'13; chaplain on H.M. transport to 
Egypt with A.I.F. '15; rural dean, 
Hamilton. '11; Ball. Sth. '13; Chap. 
Yarrowee Mas. Lodge & Ball. Benev. 
Asylum since '13; mbr. Dioc. CI., St. 
Aidan's Theol. Coll.. & C. of B. G.S. 
Councils. . , 

JAMIESON, Uent. Boy; s. of James 
.Tamieson; b. Ball., '95; educ. Ball. 
Coll.; Capt. Coll. R.C; Lieut. Ball. 
Sen. Cadets, '13; visited Grt. Brit., 
Europe and U.S.A. with Austn. Mtd. 
Cadets, ■14-,15; was in Eng. when 
European war broke out; on Imperi- 
al service for six mos.; ret. Aust., 
May, '15; on active service with Sth 
Brigade 6th A.I.F., European cam- 
paign. 1915-'16. 

JAlCL£SON, Samnel; b. Ball., '56; s. of 
1. Sam. Jamieson; educ. Lowther's 
Sch.; merchant tailor, Bridge-st. for 
many yrs.; one of earliest mbrs. 
Bulch's Model Band (now City of 
Ball. Band); hon. sec. sev. yrs.; 
pres. V.B.A., '08; sec. since '09; N.G. 
Ball. Lodge. M.U.I.O.O.F., '99 & '12; 
G.M. Ball, dist., '10; ex-pres. Ball. 
U.F.S. D\sn>. Com.; hon. sec. Eben- 
ezer Presbyt. Ch. for 20 yrs.; also 
Sun. Sch. tr.; W.M. St. John's Mas. 
Lodge, '11 (jubilee yr.) ; mbr. com. 
and ex-hon. sec. Ball. B.C.; Lg. 
Orph.; lie. auctioneer '16, 

JAXrssir, John William; b. Talbot '70; 
s. of Carl Jansen (col. of early 50's) ; 
educ. Talbot S.S.and Maryborough 
G.S.; mbr. staff of Harry Davies & 
<io., drapers, for 23 yrs.; for some 
time dept. mgr.; mbr. firm J. & R. 
Jansen, drapers & clothiers, 321 
Sturt-st.; pres. Softgoods Quad. 
Club; mbr. Vic. Softgoods Assoc; 
Ball. B.C.. Ball. R.(5., and City 

JEBB, Cr. Charles W.; J.P.; b. Cres. 
'69; s. of 1. Cr. J. T. Jebb, J.P. (col. 
of '56); educ. Cres. S.S. and G.S.. & 
King's Coll., Melb.; prop, drapery 
business, Albert-st., Cres. (est. by 
father in '50's) ; mbr. Cres. Bor. CI. 
since '02; mayor '08, and '14-'16); 
gaz. J.P. '13; mbr. Lib. Com.; Sess- 
ion Clerk St. Andrew's Presbyt. Ch. 

JEI.BABT, Thos., J.P.; gs. of 1. John 
Jelbart (a pioneer of Methodism, & 
contemp. of John Wesley) ; b. near 
Penzance (Corn.), '48; arr. Aust., 
'69; estab. agric. imp. manufact. at 
Casterton; supplying Muntham sta- 
' tion for Edward Henty (Victoria's 
first settler); later built the first 
business in Goroke, and then opened 
business in Natimuk, where de- 
signed and patented Jelbart' s Wool 
Press, and laid foundation of firm of 
Jelbart Bros., oil eng. & oil tractor 
makers, Ball.; mbr. Lowan Shire CI. 
for sev. yrs.; gaz. J.P., '86; mbr. 
Ball. War Munitions Com. 

JOBSOSr, Brig. Gen. Alex.; b. Clunes 
•75; s. of 1. Chris Jobson (early Vic. 
col. and later sugar planter of 
Q'land) ; a/ct. of A.M.P. Soc, Melb. 
office tor sev. yrs.; later prof. a/ct. 
and actuary Syd. firm 1902; also 
financial writer to Syd. press and 
investment authority; m. Ruth, d. 
of 1. Judge McFarland of N.S.W. 
District Court; pte. in Scott. Regt. 
'98: lieut '99; capt. '02; lieut. N.S.W. 
Scott. Rifles '03; capt. N.S.W. Scott 
Rifles Regt. '03; milit. adjut, '06-7 
and '08-11; lieut. col. and o.c. 34th 
Inf. Svfl., '13-15; vol. for active ser- 
vice 'i5; prom. brig. gen. and given 
command of 9th T)rig. A.I.P. for 
service in European war zone 16: 

JOBSOW, Jeanle; M.A.; b. Newstead; 
d. of C. Jobson (early col. & sugar 
planter) : grad. from Train. Coll., 
Melb.; M.A., Melb. Univ.; Educ. 
Dept. service since '88; stationed at 



Ball, and Melb.; sen. tr. Ball. Cont. 
Sch., '07, and High Sch. since '10; 
supt. St. Andrew's junior Sun. Sch.; 
pres. A.H.S. Ladies' Com.; mbr. 
Women's Exec, Recruiting com. 
JOHN, Morgan B.; b. S. Wales, '41; 
arr. Aust., '70; joined Phoenix Fdry. 
staff, '72; foreman brass shop; later 
estab. firm of M. B. John, brass 
founders & engineers, '97; Medallist 
Ball. Exhib., 1900; contractor Coun- 
try F.B. Bd.; distrib. brass wear 
throughout Aust.; one of prom, and 
principal shareholder & dir. Cow- 
ley's Ltd. (contractors to Victorian 
Ck>vt.) ; mbr. com. old Ball. Welsh 
Eisteddfod; one of fdrs. Ball. Welsh 
Cym., '10; cond. St. John's Presbyt. 
Ch. choir. '81-'92; ex-tr. in Sun, Sch.; 
and elder of Ch.; mbr. Ball. War 
Munitions Com. 
70Sar, K. W. B.; s. of M. 6. John; b. 
Ball., '79; educ. SS. and Gren. Coll.; 
mbr. of firm M. B. John, brass foun- 
ders & eng.; mbr. Ball. Exhib. Com. 
since '13; mbr. building sub-com.; 
Country Ehnployers' rep on Brass 
Workers' Wages Bd. since '12; mbr. 
firm Cowlev's Prop. Ltd. 
JOHNS, Humphrey; b. Ball E., *68; s. 
of H. C. Johns (col. of '52); educ 
Golden Pt. S.3., Swanston-st. S.S. 
(G'long). & Gren. Coll., Ball.; and S. 
of Mines; in Gas Co. service since 
'83: successively Jun. clerk, col- 
lector and a/ct.; fdtn mbr. Soldiers' 
Hill B.C.; rink capt. for some yrs.; 
sec, •12-'13: sec. North Star Lodge, 
M.U.I. O.O.F., since '04; old time 
playing mbr. Ball. F.C. and Ball. 
C.C; hon. aud.. Town and City 
Mission. _ 

70HH80H, wmi»m Henry; b. Ball., 
'70: s. of William Johnson; educ 
Macarthur-st. S.S.; tr. of music 
(piano & singing; mbr. St. John's 
Ang. Ch. choir, and at Intervals 
conductor; produced sev. successful 
cantatas: mbr. of vestry and of C. 
of E. M.S.; address. 606 Lyd.-st., N. 
JOHES, Alf. Hy.; b. Dunedin (N.Z.); 
s. of 1. Edward J. Jones (col. of '53, 
and one of earliest auct. of G'long) ; 
educ. G'long H.S. & Flinders Sch.. 
G'long; took over Ball, agency or 
Swallow & Arlell, wholesale bis- 
cuit manufrs. & confectioners, '05; 
pres. Newington A.N.A., '09; CO. 
Ball. Naval Cadet Corps, '09-'10; 
when disbanded on account of intro- 
duj-tlon compulsory military service 
J0VX8, ZT«a K.; s. of H. C. Jones 
(col. of '54); b. Mt. Pleas.. '84; educ. 
Mt. Pleas. S.8.; Ball. rep. of Manu- 
facturers' Agency, Ltd., since '07; 
one of fdrs., mbr. com. & del. B.F. 
League for Golden Pt. F.C; mbr. 
com. Oolden Pt. C.C. since Inception, 
'10; prea. A grade F. League. 
90WMB, Or. loha Xdmniid; J. P.; b. 
Sebas., '70; s. of William Jones; 
educ Bebas. B.8., merchant, Albert- 
«t., Sebas.. since '98; mbr. Sebaa. 
Bor. CL since '96; mayor. '02 ft '10; 

gaz. J.P. '07; first pres. Sebas. Old 
Boys' Assoc, '10; first chairman 
Sebas. S.S. Com.; mbr. Ball. A.H.S. 
CI. and of farm, com.; ex-pres. & ex- 
hon. sec. Sebas. C.C; treas. Sebas. 
Free Lib.; hon. sec. Zion Ch., and 
supt. Sun. Sch. for 20 yrs.; G.M., 
M.U.I.O.O.F., Ball, dist., '08; life 
patron Sebas. Cambrian Soc. 
JOXTBS, J. Hutton; propr. Hutton & 
Co. jewellers; b. Daylesford '72; s. 
of 1. O. H. Jones (engineer) ; assoc. 
for more than 30 yrs. past with 
business of Hutton & Co., Sturt St. 
(estab. by 1. uncle H. F. Hutton, 
over half-century ago) official time- 
keeper various local institutions & 
donor numerous Hutton Cups for 
various public objects; mbr. com. 
Old Ball. Swimming Club, boxing 
and wrestling com. & Cent. Tennis 
Club; mbr. Ball. Anglers, Yacht. 
Golf, & City & Wend. R. Clubs & 
Ball. Fish Acclimatisation Soc. com. 
pte. address, "Belvedere," Wendou- 
ree Parade. 
JONES, John Stanley; s. of Isaac R. 
Jones; b. Allendale, *87; well-known 
bass vocalist; educ. Cent. & Urq.-st. 
and musically by T. L. Middle- 
ton, Clarice Malyon & E. J. Dunlop; 
toured Aust. with Royal Middies* 
Co., '11-'13; New Follies Co.. '14; 
Steele-Paynes, '15; mus. dir. Red & 
White Minstrels. Ball., '15; has 
taken part in leading local operatic 
& dramatic prod. ; winner sev. prizes 
Ball. & Launceston vocal comp.; ex- 
com. City A.N.A. 
JONSS, Vere Chas.; s. of 1. Thomas 
Jones: b. Wallan Wallan '79; 
settled Ball., '90; eng. Geo. Far- 
mer's ham and bacon curing works: 
designed and supervised erection of 
new factory and installation of pro- 
ducer, gas plants, electric jgener- 
ating and driving plants & refriger- 
ating equipment, '14; N.G. Pioneer 
Lodge LO.O.F., '01; P.D.D.G.M. 
Ball, dist., '12; one of fdrs. of Eur- 
eka Stockade beautificatlon com., & 
first hon. sec. 
JOBBAN, James Albert; b. Devon- 
shire, '58; s. of John Jordan (col. of 
•69); succeeded H. & C E. Smith 
prop. Old Exhib. drapery mart. Ball. 
E. : 84-9: assist, sec. and a/ct. Aust. 
Exhib., Ball., '90-1; later sec. H. V. 
McKay Harvester Co. (two yrs.); 
valuer Ball. E. Town CI. (two yrs.): 
Town Clerk B'yong Bor. CI. '94-'15: 
Rate Collector of Shire of B'yong 
for Ti vrs.: trustee B'yong Lodge. 
M.U.I.O.O.F. : hon. sec. B'yong Pub. 
lAh.. Recruiting & Patriotic roms. 
JOBOAV, Wm. Wooldrldge; b. Devon 
(Bng.) '61; s. of 1. John Jordan: 
arr. Aust. In childhood; educ. at 
Clunes and later at Lowthor's sch., 
Ball.; ident. with building and con- 
tracting trade for 20 yrs, and later 
mbr. firm of Jordan & TIppett, un- 
dertakers. Armstrong-st. for 20 yrs.: 
retiring '13; ex-v.p. Builders' and 



Cont. Assoc; ex-pres. Ball. City | 
Boiling: Club; pres. Ball. Fish 
Acclim. Soc. for two terms, also 
hon. architect and life hon. mbr.; 
ex-mbr. com. Ball. Angle'-s' Club,; 
P.G. Excelsior lorlge G.UO.O.F.; P 
M. Star of East lodge L..O.L,.; mbr. 
Ball. Old Col. Assoc, revisited 
birthplace in Eng. '13; present ad- 
dress. 505 Royal pde. Royal Park. 

XUDX:, Thos. M.; b. Scotchman's I^ead, 
■"5; educ. Scarsdale S.S. and Melb. 
Working Men's College; practical 
miner for 20 yrs. ; one of fdrs. 
Scarsdale branch F.M.E.A.; pre.s. 
Vic & Tas Miners' Assoc, '12; later 
Vic. State pres. & org.; State sec, 
Vic, since '13; Ret. Officer for Fed. 
exec, ballot, Vic; mbr. Vic. G.M. 
Wages Bd.; actively ident. with P. 
Labor movement since inception; 
successively connected with Pitfield, 
Berringa, Newtown & Ball. P.L.L. ; 
ex-sec Newtown P.L.L., & Scars- 
dale T.C.; treas. Ball, branch F.M. 

JTTZiES, "WilUam; b. Cres., '59; s. of 
William Juler; settled Ball., '71; 
assoc. grocery business for many 
yrs.: identified with City and Town 
Mission since '75; sec. Sun. Sch. 12 
yrs.; mbr. Mission CI.; fdtion mbr., 
com. and for some time hon sec. 
Canadian Home, Ball. B. 

KAT, WiUlain; b. Richmond, '69; s. of 
1. N. Kay (pioneer dyer of Ball.); 
educ Cent. S.S.; carrying on busi- 
ness at cr. Sturt & Raglan-sts. since 
father's death; an enthusiastic 
cricketer for many yrs.; assoc. with 
Beaconsfield (capt.), Alma, Soldiers' 
Hill, and "Sporting World" (pre- 
miers, 1894-6) C.C; ex. hon. sec. 
old Friday A division assoc; ex- 
pres. Friday B division assoc; ex- 
chairman old 1st rate cricket as- 
soc; regular umpire in sen. cricket 
for many yrs.; umpired Ball. v. 
Warnei's Eng. Eleven (twice); 
Ball. v. Darling's Aust. Eleven; 
Ball. v. S. Africans; in matches 
with N.S.W. and S. Aust.; and in 
nearly all deciding matches in sen. 
cricket; ex-mbr. Ball Rifle Club, & 
winner sev. club matches; mbr. 
Ball. Anglers' Club, and City B.C. 

KSAZ^T, ez-FoUce Sgrt. John Chat.; 
b. Tipperary (Ire.), '54; arr. Aust., 
'76, and joined Vic. Garr. Art.; 
joined police force, '77; stationed 
Russell-st., Melb., for 21 yrs.; 
chiefly office duties; on occasion of 
maritime strike of '90, was placed 
in charge of 200 police drawn from 
country districts and assembled for 
emergency; and before dissembling 
they presented him with gold watch 
and chain as token of esteem; Chief 
Sec. also wrote letter of thanks; 
promoted sen-const., '98, & stationed 
at Yea; 2nd-class sgt., '03: Ist-class 
sgt., '13; stationed Ball. E., '02-'] 4; 
then ret. on pension; v.-p. Police & 
Postal Charities com.; l.g. Ball. 
Orph. for services rendered; ex-com. 

St. AliiHus' R. Church. 

XEAXr, John; b. Dean. '73; s. of I. 
John Kean (farmer); educ. Dean 
S.S. ; Vic. cpt. Sydney "Worker," 
1905-10; sec. Ball. T. & L. CI. and 
Eight Hrs Com since '10; sec. Ball. 
P.L..C. since '11; sec. Ball. Fed. La- 
bor Campaign CI. since '12; mbr. 
cent. exec. P.L.L. of Vic.;mbr. Ball. 
S. of Mines CI.; assist, hon. sec. Un- 
employed Fund Com., '15; trustee 
Vic-Riverina branch A.W.U. 

KliZTH, John; b. Smythesdale, '81; s. 
of Jos. Keith; educ. Smythes. S.S. 
and Vic. Coll.; for some yrs. busi- 
ness rep. "Evening Echo" ; mbr. pub- 
lishing dept. & collector of "Cour- 
ier" since '13; sec. Ball. Caled. Soc. 
since '13; one of fdrs. & first sec. 
Ball Kennel Club; sec. Christ Ch. 
Deb. Club, '02-'ll; assist, sec Red 
Cross Carnival Com., '15; mbr. Ball, 
com Lady Hennessy's Patriotic 

KEIiI^Y, DaTld Patterson; b. Ball.. 
'70; s. of 1. Daniel Kelly (who arr. 
Aust. from Glasgow, '54; was in 
Ball, on Eureka Day, '54; and was 
pioneer builder) after business ex- 
perience joined Royal Bank, Melb., 
'90; in charge various departments 
at h.o. during past 20 yrs.; latterly 
officer in charge Securities depart- 
ment: app, mgr. Ball, branch, 1915. 

KHImImTT, ailbert Q.; b. Ball.; s. of 1. 
James Kelly (one of fdrs. of firm of 
Kelly & Preston, agric implement 
manuf., est. '54) ; now carrying on 
business with brothers Geo W. & 
John J.; patentees Kelly Header 
(up-to-date harvester); pres. City- 
branch A.N.A., '15; mbr. A. & P. 
CI.; and for 11 j-rs. on com. of 
Christ Ch. Y.M.C.; mbr. Red Cross 
Carnival Com. 

KEImImT, Matthew Francis; M.B.; 
Ch.E.; practised sev yrs. at Echuca, & 
identified with numerous local pub- 
lic and sporting institutions; settled 
Ball. '10: Health Officer Ball. City; 
pres. Ball, div Brit. Med. Assoc; 
hon. med. off. Ball. Orph.; mbr. com. 
& steward Ball. T.C.; mbr. St. Pat- 
rick's Day Fest. Com.; mbr. Cent. 
Bowling Club. 

XEIiSAIiIi, John Colvin; b. B'yong; 
educ. Ball. Coll.; mbr. staff Lond. 
Bank of Aust., '85-'95; ret. owing to 
ill-health when a/ct. at Talbot; rep. 
Canadian firm in Tas., and spent 
two vrs in Cape Col., Transvaal and 
Natal; later visiting Grt. Brit.; ret. 
to Ball., 1900, and estab. as gen. 
comm. agent & sec, 106 Lyd.-st. N.; 
pte. address, 40 Pleas. -St.. S.; mgr. 
Aust. Indust. Exhib., Ball., '13-'14: 
sec. Country Emp. & Prod. Assoc, 
now Ball. Emp. & Producers' Assoc. 
Ball. Coll. CI.. St. And. Kirk; ex-sec. 
Ball. People's Party: P.M. and sec. 
B'yong Mas Lodge, and P.J.G.D. of 
Vic; mbr. first com. Ball, branch 
Vict. Inst, of Secretaries; pres, 
Newington A.N.A., "05; local rep. 
Q'land Ins. Co.; Vic State Ins. Co.; 



Anelo-Swiss Milk Co.; sec. and mgr. 
BaUarat Tourist Bureau; hon. sec, 
and mbr. Legis. com. "Forward Bal- 
larat" movement. 

KEMFSOIT, Cr. A. fi.; b. Clunes; a. of 
1. reter Kempson (who arr. from 
IJirmingham '58; and opened first 
denom. or common sch., on site of 
S. Clunes S.S. '59; was li.t. of S.S. 
for manv vrs. and retired") ; educ. S. 
Clunes S.S. and by father; mbr. 
Clunes Bor. CI. since '06; mayor and 
ohm. of Water Comm. '10-11; sec. 
Clunes F.B. since '95; also sec. 
Clunes Coursing club, Boxing Day 
sports and T.C.; pres. of Angling 
assoc. ; v.p. Clunes Bowling club; 
sporting contrib. ("Pakeha") of 
Clunes "Guardian"; registrar of 
births and deaths, tyler Clunes 
Masonic Lodge. 

XEHVSDT. ClxarlM K.; s. of James 
Kennedy; b. Ball E., '82; educ. Gol- 
den Pt. S.S., and Vic Coll.; joined 
P. W. & Co.. as clerk, '05; served in 
various branches, and Ball. mgr. 
since '09; W.M. Orion Mas. Lodge 
•14-'15 (jubilee yr.) ; one of fdrs., 
mbr. com. and assist, starter Ball. 
Trot. Club f formed '12). 

XSWEDT, a»o.; F. R. Met. Soc: b. 
Manlv (N.S.W.); settled Ball., '87; 
eng. driver Berry mines; later at 
Cardigan Prop, mine at time of dis- 
aster, '02; a close student of meteor- 
olog>', and met. expert of Ball. 
"Courier" since '95; C wealth Met. 
observer. Ball. dlst. ; elected Fellow 
Royal Met. Soc, '11; bad air being 
closely allied to meteorology, he be- 
came interested In latter whilst em- 
ployed as min. eng. driving; one of 
fdris. New Ball. C.C. (formed to cre- 
ate sen. comp. In earlv '90's) ; first 
capt.; capt. S. City C.C. for some 
yrs., and rep. player against inter- 
national, etc., teams; reliable all- 
round player; v. -p. Ball, branch 
Ama)g. Kntjine Drivers' Association 

KEZnnSDT, Jolm; farmer and grazier, 
of "IJarnfleld," Miner's R*>st: 8. of 1. 
Allan Kennedy (who arr. Aust. 
from Inverness (Scot.) 'S2; b. 
Miner's Rest in a tent on property 
inherited from father: educ. Min- 
er's Rest S.8.; mbr. Ball. Shire CI. 
*87-93; pres. Miner's Rest Ceme- 
tery trust: ex-pres. Mech. In««t. : ex- 
champ, ploughman being unbeaten 
in slngli- and double furrow comp. 
In Ball. dlst. six yrs. in succession; 
also winner reaper * b'.nder trla1«> 
In leading comp. in VIr . N.S.W., 
S.A. & Ta». for several vcnrs. 

XSmrSBT. Jo«B BUxabetb; R.A. 
of Melb. Univ.: d. of 1. Ja». Kennedy 
(contractor) ; educ. I.,oreto Convent, 
T?all.: conducted Univ. Matric. and 
PS. classes, Mech. Inst.. Ball., for 
«ev. yrs.: npp. to Ball. /\.H.S. staff. 
'11; pres. Women's branch Amb. As- 
soc.: mbr. Ball. O.C 
KEHKEDT. Mftrtlii; b. Ball.. 'CS; g. of 
1. .TnmpH Konnody (plon'^fr contrac- 
tor and mbr. of firm of Flshburn, 

Morton & Kennedy, Ry. Govt. Con- 
tractors, etc.; col. of early '50's.); 
educ. C. B. Sch. (matric. '82); mbr. 
lit. staff and sporting rep. of the 
"Star" since '04; one of fdrs. and 
first treas. of the Ball. Press Assoc: 
mbr. Ball, branch Aust. Journal- 
ists' Assoc; one of fdrs. and first 
capt. Ball. Handball Club; part- 
nered Joe Garvey in the pairs chalL 
champ, contest, Sydney, '04; rep. 
Vic. in pairs champ., Adel. ; capt 
C.Y.M.S. team for sev. yrs.; playing 
mbr. Ball. Imp. F.C. '89-'90; mbr. 
Ball, centre V.A.A.A. boxing and 
wrestling tournament com. 

KENNEDY, Cr. TliOB., J.P.; b. Garris- 
town, Dublin (Ire), •37;arr. Vic, '59; 
grazier. Fin gal Park, Linton, for 45 
yrs.; mbr. Hampden Shire CI. for 6 
vrs., and resigned seat; mbr. Gren- 
ville Shire CI since '92; pres.. '9«. 
'02, '09 and '14; J.P. and chairman 
Linton bench; chairman Linton 
Cem. Trust; pres. Linton Free Lib.; 
strong advocate Newtown-Beeac & 
Linton-Skipton rys. _ ^ , ^ 

XENNEI.I.'Sr, Very B«v. Patrick; ad- 
ministrator St. Patrick's Cath.. 
Ball.: b. Listowel, Co. Kerry (Ire.), 
'69; educ Mungret Coll., Limerick, 
and All Hallows Coll., Dublin; 
assoc. with Ball. Dioc since '93; 
stationed successively Ball., Ararat, 
Hamilton, Clunes, and again at 
Ball, as administrator of St. P. 
Cath. since '12; for some time spir- 
itual dir. Ball. C.Y.M.S. and Hlb. 
Soc; v.-p. St. P. Day Fest. com.: 
mbr. Hosp. Com. & Benev. Asylum 
Com. since '13; mbr. Ball. Recruit- 
ing committee. , .. ,t v 

KE WHY , Arthur; b. Newmarket (Ire.) 
•46: s. of 1. Arthur Kenny (nursery- 
man and farmer); arr. Vic, «2; 
with Thos. Lang, nurseryman, 3 
yrs.; appointed farm & garden rngr. 
of BaUarat Orphanage '(fi supt. Sa; 
and sec, '00: also l.g.; mbr A. & P. 
CI. ex-v.-p. Hort. Sec; W.M.. Ball. 
Masonic Lodge. '97; now treas.; 
P.G.J. n. of Victoria. 

KERS, Alfred Ernest CamplMll; s. of 
1. Arch. Kerr; b. Ball., '67; educ. 
Urq.-st. S.S. & Gren. Coll. (.schol- 
winner): Lie Surv. of Mines: ap- 
prent. Phoenix Foundry.all depart- 
ments (7 vrs.); later assist, eng. to 
Geo. Richards (7 yrs.); app. lect. on 
eng. & mech. drawing, S. of Mines; 
now consult, eng., and eng. of sev. 
minincr cos.; superv. eng of Bew- 
ick. Morelng & Co. (Moolort); Govt. 
Insp. of boilers; life mbr. Inst of 
Mech. Eng. Lond.; toured Europe. 
U..S.A. and S. .Vfrlca, for special ob- 
servation of min. eng. methods. 
1900-1; W.M. Orion Mas. Lodge. '0.1; 
and P.M. Mark Lodge: one of oldest 
mhrs. Ball. Caled. Soc; pres. '14; 
mbr. com. & rink capt.. Cent. B.C.; 
1 g. Hosp. 

BSB, Cr. DaTld; J.P.; b. Ayrshire 
rScot ). '47: arr. Aunt, with parents. 
'52; settled B'yong, '54; mbr. Legi«i. 



Assembly, '94-04; mbr. Royal Comm. 
on Forestry; mbr. B'yong Bor. CI. 
since "SO; the "Father" of the Coun- 
cil; six times mayor; gaz. J.P., '80; 
mbr. B'yong Lodge, M.U.I. O.O.F. 
since '72; P.G.; also G.M., Ball, dist., 
'88; mbr. com. Presbyt. Ch.; ex-pres. 
Lib. Com. ; dir. Ball. Woollen Mill & 
Lands Mortgage Cos.; l.g. Ball. 
Husp. : mbr cT. Ball. Old Col. Assoc ; 
pres B'vong Old Boys' Assoc. 

X£KB, Ja«.; b. Evansford. '72; s. of 1. 
Wm. Kerr (pioneer farmer; of 
Evansford and col. of '51); educ. 
Mt. Beckworth S.S.; in provision 
business for many yrs. at FUm- 
hurst and later at Ball, where set- 
tled in '95; mgr. for R. & T. Dixon, 
general produce merchs., Doveton- 
st. N. Ball, since '14; fdtion. mbr. 
and on first com. of Ball. Trot club 
for six yrs., hon. sec. Grocers' F.C. 
(premiers 4 yrs.). 

KUBCE, Frank T.; s. of 1. Thomas 
Kierce; b. Ball., '67; educ. C. B. Sch., 
Ball. West (one of first pupils) ; 
rep. of R. M. Goodfellow & Co., 
cordial manufrs., since '96; became 
mbr. of firm of Kierce & Ratcliffe, 
trading as R. M. Goodfellow & Co.; 
'16; sec. St. P. Fest., '94-'16; sec. 
C.Y.M.S., '95-'10; a successful 
organiser and sec. of sev. charity 
efforts; pres. Ball, branch H.A.C. 
B.S., '96; mbr. Nazareth House 
benefit com., and supporter of sev. 
sporting institutions. 

XIISBI^, Cr. Oeortre; b. Devonshire; 
mavor of Sebas., '13-'14; ent. cl.. 
'08; P.C.R. Star of Sebas. Tent, 
I.O.R.; life patron Sebas. Cambrian Socty. 

XIFT, Thos.; b. Swansea, S. Wales, 
"55; educ. Lowther's Sch.; arr. Ball, 
with parents as a boy; one of oldest 
sign writers & decorators in Ball.; 
for 40 yrs. master painter and deco- 
rator; now principal of firm of Kift 
& Son; renovated by contract Christ 
Ch. Pro Cath.; St. Peter's & St. 
John's Ch; Old Col. Hall; Ball, and 
dist. Masonic halls; ex-sec. Con- 
tractors' Assoc; ex-pres. & ex-sec. 
Masters' Assoc; sec. & pres. old 
Painters' Union; for 34 yrs. mbr. 
Liedertafel. lib, & mbr. com.; for 37 
yrs. in Lyd.-st Meth. Choir, & mbr. 
various comp. choirs. 

KING, Alex. M.; member firm of 
Tullock & King Propty. Ltd., print- 
ers and publishers, Lydiard Street, 
North, Ballarat. since 1902; son of 
George Johnstone King (early 
resident of Ballarat) ; born Ballarat, 
1876; educated Geelong West State 
School: captain Geelong West Foot- 
ball Club, 1894-1898; member Gee- 
long Football Club (League), 1898- 
1899: ex-hon. secretary Corio Bay 
Rowing Club: settled in Ballarat, 
1902; ex-captain & ex-hon. secretary 
Ballarat Football Club; vice-captain 
& ex-hon. secretary & treasurer 
Ballarat Rowing Club; president 
Ballarat North C Grade Football 
Club; Joint hon. secretary Red Cross 

Aquatic Carnival; member Red 
Cross Carnival Committee; vice- 
president Ballarat Harriers' Club: 
pres. & coach Senior Cadet K. C, premiers 
'09, premiers and champions '11 ; hon. aud. 
Master Priuters' Assoc. & Regattta As»oc. 
delegate Ballarat Football League. 

XZXrO, Alfred Emeit; b. I. of Wight. 
'65; son of Robert King, of Newport 
(I. of Wight); arr. Aust., '86; 
settled Ball., '89; managing costs 
clerk for firm of Cuthbert, Morrow 
& Must, and 1. Fred. Ham, till lat- 
ter' s decease, '12, as managing law 
clerk for 1. F. Ham, prepared briefs 
in many notable civil and criminal 
cases: one of prom, and rep. of the 
Grt. Sthn. Ballarat G.M. Estate, & 
twice visited Eng. in its interests, 
and induced Vic. Govt, to carry 
special Act of Parliament, which 
gave security of tenure to mining 
lease holders. 

KING, Cbas. J.; ed. of "The Echo"; 
s. of C. King (col. of '53) ; b. Castle- 
maine, '69; journalist since '90; 
gained metrop. experience, & joined 
reporting staff of the "Ball. Star," 
'98: app. ed. "Evening Eteho," '09; 
first hon. sec. & org. Ball. Boy 
Scouts; hon. sec. King Edward VII. 
memorial pavilion, '11; Naval Cad- 
ets Citizens' com., '08; Shoppee Me- 
morial, '13; Belgian Relief Fund '14; 
Unemployed Relief Fund, '15; mbr. 
Red Cross Carnival Com.; v. -p. Ball. 
Choral Union; served in Militia Inf., 
Melb. : contrib. verse & short stories 
to "Aust. Journal" and other peri- 
odicals; author of "Tales from the 
Mines," "The real thing," "In the 
teeth of his luck," and "John Re- 
gaud," etc.; "Blotter" (sec) of Ball. 
Beta Bond (lit. inst) ; hon. sec. Sol- 
diers' Billy Fund '15. 

KXZTG, Francis; b. Ball., '89; s. of T. 
J. King: educ. Macarthur-st. S.S. & 
S. of Mines (general course): app. 
Ball. E. Tech. Art Sch. as tr. of 
wood work, 'lO-'ll; toured Europe, 
Grt. Brit, U.S.A. and Sth. Africa. 
'12-'13: studied at Lond. Univ.. head 
centre Arts & Crafts; and Naas 
Seminarium, Sweden; the first Aus- 
tralian to attend woodwork, gym. 
and games at latter inst., '12; att. 
Turnfest Leipsic, '13; app 3rd mas- 
ter Ball. Jun. Tech. Sch., '14; phys. 
dir. Y.M.C.A., *11-'12: for some time 
instructor Town Mission, Neil-st. Se 
St. Andrew's Gvm. clubs. 

ZIzrzrEAB, Georsre; b. Glendaruel, '63; 
s. of Geo. Kinnear; rep. Bgo. and 
Castlemaine T. & L. Cls. on Ball. T. 
& L. Cl.; assist, sec. Ball. T. & L. 
Cl.. & Ball. W. Elect. Cl. of P.L.L.; 
treas. C.^mpaign Cl. & Ball. P.L.C. 
Central Com.: first treas. Ball, 
branch Fed. Clerks' Un.: ret. off 
Ball. W. selection ballot: inaug. 
Rural Workers' Union at Donald. 

KIBBT, Major John J.; s. of Patrick 
Kirbv: b. Ball.. '74; educ. Bunker's 
Hill S.R., and St. P. Coll.; in Educ. 
Department service Queen Street, 



S.S. ; then relieving staff, Camper- 
down, Avoca Portland; now H.T. 
Miners' Rest S.S.; Joined 7th Regt. 
as 2nd Lieut., '08; Lieut.. '10; Capt., 
'11; Major, '15; Adjut. 71st Inf., '13- 
'13; offered command, Aug. '15; but 
accepted post of Area Officer of 70th 
Senior Cadets. 

X2BX, Cr. Job. W.,; b. Newtown '73; 
s.of 1. Hugh Kirk (col of early 60's) 
educ. Smythes. S.S.; carrying on 
bus. of blacksmith estab. by 1. 
father in early days of Newtown & 
later at Smythes. 40 yrs. ago; mbr. 
Smythes. Bor. CI. '11-15; now one 
of Bor. reps, on Gren. Shire CI.; ex- 
tr*as. Smythes. F.B.; mbr. com. 
Smythe.sdale Athletic Club. 

XZBJtFATBICK, John KalUand; b. 
Brighton, '62; s. of Wm. M. Kirk- 
Patrick; educ. Ch. of E. G.S. & Melb. 
Univ.; qualified as barr. & sol., '90; 
practised at Bairnsdale, Korum- 
bu rra: and at Ball, since '12. 

KXBTON, Hon. Joaepli Wm.: J.P. for 
State of Vic; exec. cr. of Vic; Hon. 
mbr. of Irvine Govt, of '02-3 and 
acting min. of Educ; entered Vic 
Legi.4. Assembly as mbr. for Ball. 
W. '89; and with exception of short 
periods held seat until '09; of 14 
elections was ret. 11 times; res. 
seat in Govt, to take chair of Ball. 
Water Comm. '03; was originator 
of Old Age Pensions; being cnm. of 
Royal Comm. on Pensions, and ad- 
vocated and secured special provis- 
ion for miners: sd. to be the first 
Britisher to push Old Age pensions 
scheme to fruition: was first Aust. 
to formulate scheme for Invalid 
pensions; ml)r. of sev. other Royal 
Comm. inc. two on Factories' legis- 
lation and one for Abolition of 
Sweating, initiated crusade agst. 
Ry. free pass abuse and chm. of 
Select Com. that abolished same and 
saved State considerable sum; was 
one of earliest advocates of Federa- 
tion of Aust. States and rep. A.N. A. 
In Federation Campaign in other 
States; b. Ball. '61; s. of 1. Samuel 
Kirton; educ. Oldham's sch.; one of 
earliest mbrs. South Street Debat- 
ing Soc. ; ex-pres. of Ball. City A. 
N..\.; ex-chief pres. A.N. A. of Vic 
cor,) settled Melbourne 1911. 

XZTCHSir, Jo*. ▼•l«ntlnfl; L.G.A.: b. 
Q'long, '63; s. of Thos. Kitchen; 
settled Ball., '85; rep. Temp. & Gen. 
Life Assoc: sec. Ball. Prot. Alliance 
Mince '92; aud. Vic Prot. All. since 
•97: Lie. Govt. Aud. since "97; mbr. 
Ball. W. Circuit Local Preachers' 
Assoc, of Vic since '89; sec. Ball, 
branch since '93; v.-p. of Vic, '13; 
pres., '14: trustee Cent. Fund since 
09; press, cpt. Ball. W. circuit since 
•00; mbr. first Ball. T.M.C.A., '87; 
business mgr. "Ball. Methodist" '03- 
'15; active worker Lyd.-st. Meth. 
Ch. & Sun. Sch., since '85: active 
pulpit worker throughout: mbr. St. 
John's Mas. Lodge since *91 ; W.M., 
•08-7: sec. since '13; l.g. Freemasons 
Charlt. Soc. of Vic; m. Ida J., d. of 

1. Richard Hosklng, of Gong Gong, 
and niece of late Martin Hosklng, 
first Town Missionary. 

XX(JiAX.S, Robert E.; b. Cres., '79; s. 
of 1. Robert Kneale; assoc. with 
Cres. and Ararat press, and later 
Joined the "Ball. Courier" lit. staff, 
'06; app. sub-ed.. '10; pres. Cres. 
branch A.N.A., '60; del. at conf.; 
pres. Ararat branch, '03; actively 
identified with sev. Cres. & Ararat 
public & sport Instit.; fdtion. mbr. 
Ballarat district A.J.A. 

XtAISI^W, Capt. Wm.; b. Lancashire 
(Eng.), '51; s. of 1. Dan. Laidlaw 
(who died at age of 94, '15); arr. 
Aust. in infancy; educ. Humffray- 
st. S.S. (Ball. E.) ; one of first pupils 
enrolled; Joined Educ. Dept., '70; 
stationed mostly Humffray-st., 
Wllliamstown, and Macarthur-st. 
Ball. W.) Sch.; ret. '11; mbr. 3rd 
Vic Rangers from '78; later Lieut. 
3rd Batt. Inf., '84; ret. with rank of 
Capt., '99; also comm. Sch. Cadets; 
one of oldest mbrs. Ball. P.B ; 
Joined '73; sec. for sev. yrs.; 
official starter at 32 annual demon* 
stratlons (missing only 1 yr.); and 
started over 5.000 events. 

£AKE, I^ela; b. Ball.; d. of Robert 
Lake: educ. Conv. of Mercy, B.El; 
teacher eloc. & dramatic art; Oxford 
Chambers. Lyd.-st., since '10; has 
taken part in leading local dram. 
productions for sev. yrs. past; most 
successful roles: — "Dora" ("Great 
Atonement"; "Ann Chute" ("Colleen 
Bawn"); "Eileen' ("Eileen"); and 
"Mary Hope" ("British Born"); suc- 
cessful comp.. Ball. & dlst corap. In 
recent yrs.; frequent perf. for 
charitable objects. 

IiAXB, James; b. Glasgow, '36; arr. 
Aust., '52: one of earliest diggers of 
Ball, field; worked on White Flat 
diggings; later with Koh-i-noor, A 
Band of Hope, as working share- 
holder; sec of old Koh-i-noor syn- 
dicate; mbr. of old Royal Stork 
Exrh., Ball.; and still mbr. Ball. 
Stock Exch., one of fdtion mbra. 
Old Col. Association 

^ABKIVB, Trancis Jas.j b. Ball., '8S; 
8 of 1 John Larklns (V. Rys.): eduo. 
Macarthur-st. S.S.; grocer & prov. 
merch., cr. Vic. & Queen-sts., BalL 
E., since '10; Identified with amat. 
& later prof, athletics for about IS 
yrs.; ex-capt. Ball. Harrier Club, A 
rep. BbII. In Vic amat. champs., 100 
and 200 yd."*., about 1900; but un- 
succc.««sfiil: won sev. amat. events 
and about 30 prof, events at various 
Vic mtgs.; mbr. Ball. F.B. since 
'06. and rep brigade at every annual 
dem.; mbr. numerous winning 
teams; winner sev. reel races. Bait 

JbAXTD'B'B, 0«o.; b. Rupanyup, 75; s. 
of Geo. Lauder (early col.):eduo. 
Rupanyup S.S.; lie Royal Hotol, 
Rupanyup, 11 yrs.; & George HotoL 
Ball., since '12; mbr. com. Mlneri^ 



T.C; and B'beet T.C.; mbr. Ball. T. 
C, & com. Trot. Club; patron Sth. 
Ball. F.C.; coursing and turf en- 
thusiast, and supporter various 

KAUBENS, Oeo.: s. of John Laurens; 
b. Port Melb., '76; emp. Perth Elec- 
tric Tramway Co., '03-5; with 
Electric Supply Co. of Vic. since 
•05, as mains supdt.; drove the 
first electric tram-car in Bgo., '05, 
and the first like car in Ball., '06; 
sec. S. Ball. F.C. since '14; sec. 
Tramways Social Club, '08-'10; sec. 
Ball. City Anglers' Club since '13; 
mbr. F.B. Dem. Com., '13; Ball City 
F.B., apparatus officer. 

^AVAKS, John, J.P.; s. of Thomas 
Lavars; educ. Miners' Rest S.S.; 
practical miner since '92; active 
mbr. of Ball, branch Miners* Assoc, 
since '94; held almost every posi- 
tion in branch to pres. in '01; del. 
at conf. sev. yrs. ; v.-p. of Fed. 
Exec. F.M.E.A., '14-'15; mbr. Ball. 
Hosp. Com.; gaz. J.P., '14; P.G. 
Wend. Lodge, G.U.O.O.F.; sec. Burn- 
bank-st. Meth. Sun. Sch. since '05. 

ImA.'WV, James; s. of 1. Thos. H. 
Lawn; b. Ball. E., '80; educ. Golden 
Ft. SS. ; succeeded 1. father as sec 
of Ball, branch F.M.E.A., '13-'14; 
served S. African war with first 
contingent, '99-00; (Queen's medal 
five bars; for operations in Orange 
Free State, Cape. Col., J'burg, Bel- 
fast and Diamond Hill) ; pte. in 
3rd Batt., 3 yrs.; v.-p., S. African 
Soldiers' Assoc, '13; succeeded 
father as mbr. of Benevolent Asy- 
lum Com. '12; capt. Golden Point 
F.C, '09-'10; ex-playing mbr. S. 
Ball. F.C; ex-capt Golden Point & 
Cowl ey's CC 

XiAWBIE, Allan; s. of 1. Thos. Law- 
rie, b. Wend., '94; educ. Wend. S.S.; 
joined No 30 A.M.C, Ball., '12; 
Corp., '15; corp. in No. 6 Field Amb. 
on active service with A.I.F., 
Gallipoli campaign, '15-'16; fdtion. 
memb. Wend. Rec. Club, '12; capt. 
of Tennis, '14-'15; fdtion mbr. 
Wend. F.B., '13; sec, '15; mbr. 
Milit Club Com., and Y.M.C.A. 

]&AWBZZ:, Emmerson; b. Wend. 'S7: s. 
of 1. Thos. Lawrie; educ. Wend. S.S.; 
building experience for sev. yrs.; 
architect of Ball. Brewing Co. since 
'13; mbr. Wend. Row. Club since 
'09; (novice to senior rank); joined 
Ball R.C '12; str. champ, pair of 
Vic. 2 yrs., 1913-14; str. 13 winning 
sen. pairs (a record) ; str. winning 
sen. eight at Ball.; invited to Join 
Victorian eight 1914, but had to de- 
cline for business reasons; mbr. 
com. Ball. R.C. 

l^AWBIE, John; b Ball. '72; s of John 
Lawrie; educ. Wend. S.S.; builder 
and contractor; joined 3rd Batt. 
Inf. as pte. '96, served S. African 
campaign with 2nd Vict. cont. 1900- 
01, S. African medal with five clasps 
— Belfast, Diamond Hill, Johannes- 

burgh, Orange F.S. and Cape Col.; 
joined 7th A.I.R. Ball. '01 and re- 
tired '06, with rank of sgt.; mbr. 
Wend. R.C. '92-99 (gained sen. rank) 
one of fdrs and first foreman Wend. 
F.B. ; and mbr. com Master Builders 
and Contractors' Association, 

X.AZABUS, Major JnUns; C.E.; s. of 1. 
Samuel Lazarus; desc. on maternal 
side of long line of army officers — 
the Cassidy's; b. Tullamarine, Vic, 
'61; educated locally, and at Melb. 
Univ.; lie. surv. min. eng. ; eng. of 
roads and bridges, water supply, & 
cert. mun. clerk; S.S. tr. for some 
yrs.; practised as Govt. min. surv., 
B'yong, '98-'03; and later at Ball.; 
assist, eng. Prahran. '90; Town 
surv., N. Melb., '92-'95; eng. Dun- 
munkle Shire, '10-'12; sec, eng., 
valuer & treas., Bungaree Shire, 
•12-'15; Lieut. 3rd Batt. Inf., '01; 
Capt. 7th A.I.R., '05; Adjut. '06-10; 
mjr. since '10;CO. of 70th Inf., '14- 
15; CO. 6th Reinforcements, 7th 
Batt., A.I.F., on active service, Gal- 
lipoli '15-16; m. Eva Maud Bans- 
grove, of Maryborough, 1S98. 

^AZABUS, Major Marc; V.D.; b. E. 
Melb., '66: s. of 1. Isaac Lazarus; 
educ. Wesley Coll. (dux in classics 
and lang.); and Melb. Univ. (approx. 
access, for Walter Powell schol.) : 
qual. as barr. & sol., '88; practising 
Lyd.-st., Ball., and Melb.; standing 
counsel for Russian Consul; pte., 
Univ. Rifles, '83; Lieut. 1st Batt. 
Inf., '85; Capt., '90; Capt. 70th Regt., 
Ball., '15; pres. BpII. Law Assoc: 
ex-pres. City Free Library: ex- 
mbr. Ho.sp. Com. ; pres. Ball. Boxin^t 
& Wrestling Tourn. Com. : v.-p. Ball, 
centre V.A.A.A.; trustee Newington 
A.N. A.; l.g. Benev. Asylum; comm. 
for taking affidavits: m. Ruby, d. of 
I. David Braham (pioneer sol. of 
Vic), '93. 

XESEBMAN, Cr. Xiazaras; s. of I. 
Chas. Lederman; b. I^all.. '65; estab. 
as ladies' and gent's hairdresser & 
specialist, Sturt-st., Ball., '89; mbr. 
Ball. City CI. since '11; pres. Ball. 
Benev. Asylum, '07; treas., '12; one 
of the fdrs. and later pres. Ball. 
Handball Club; one of oldest mbrs. 
of City B.C.; pres., '04-5: pres. B.B. 
A., '07: gym. trainer Ball. F.C: and 
one of the first in Aust. to train 
footballers by proper system of 
gym. training: assist, instr. old 
Ball. Gymnasium some yrs.: one of 
fdrs. Ball. Prog. Assoc; mbr. City 
Recruiting Exec. 

ImHH, Cr. Colman; J. P.: b. '58: s. of 
John Lee (centenarian. Sept. 2, 
'15; and col. of early 50's) ; educ. 
Pootllla S.S.; mbr. Bungaree Shire 
CI. since '07: pres. '11; pres. "Wall- 
ace Public Hall Com.; v. p. Wallace 
R.C: patron Bungaree T.C 

JmSH, Harry; b. Maryborough. '65; s. 
of 1. Botham Lee (col. of '54); ent. 
sec. Ry. Amb. Corps; sec. Ball. Dist. 
Ry. service as clerk, '88; now chief 



clerk in office of Dist. Supt., Ball.; 
St. John's Amb. Assoc; demons- 
trator to various Ladies' classes; 
mbr. Y.M.C.A. bd.; gen. sec. Lyd.-st. 
Meth Sun Sch. & Inst.; supt. Ball. 
Dist. Jun. C.E. Societies: mbr. com. 
Ball, branch Vic. Rys. Inst.; capt. 
Y.M.C.A. tennis club, and del. of 

liSAX, Cr. Blohard, J.P. ; mayor of 
Bor. of Clunes since '14: re-elected 
'15; mbr. of CI. since '10: eaz. J.P. 
'14; b. Clunes '75; s. of John Lean 
(col. of early 50's and pioneer dig- 
ger) ; educ. Clunes S.S.; carrying on 
bus. of prod, merch., Talbot Rd., 
Clunes, since '98; pres Climes 
Bowling club since '14; pres. Clunes 
C.C. since '14; chm. & treas. Clunes 
Patriotic and Belgian funds: chm. 
Recruiting com.: also enlisting 
officer ; mbr. Loyal Clunes Lodge 
M.U.I.O.O.F. since '93: P.G. and P. 
Dist. G.M.; chm. of Clunes Water 

XEISHMAXr, Cr. John; J.P.; b. Stir- 
ling (Scot.), '3(5; farming & grazing 
pursuits since early youth; was on 
Lord Dunmore's est. 2 yrs. ; arrived 
G'long, Oct. 19, '55 (when first sod 
of G'long Ry. station was turned; 
walked from Geelong to Lear- 
month: executed contract work for 
various farmers for sev. yrs.; propr 
of Werewingath estate,, Kingston 
since '60; mbr. Creswicl< Shire CI.; 
since '67; sev. times pres.; gaz. J.P. 
•85; mbr. Ball. A. & P. CI.: breeder 
and prize exhibitor of sheep and 
horses; dlr. Birthday Tunnel and 
Williams' Fancy G.M. Co.'s since 
inception; chairman B. T. Co.; one 
of five pioneer prospectors and dis- 
covers .of famous Berry alluvial 
sy stem . 

KEKZH, Em««t Wm.; s. of 1. Wm. 
Leniln (pioneer of Stawell): educ. 
Clarence Coll., Stawell: settled Ball., 
'98; mgr. Coghlan, Bo.ise & Co., 
stock salesmen, since '08; executor 
A principal trustee estate of late 
W. J. Coghlan, since '14; rink capt. 
ft mhr. com. Ball. North Rec. Club, 
'14-"15; mbr. Wend. R.C., and Citv 
branch A N.A. 

^Zmcz:. Oco. a.; b. N. Melb., '91; f. 
of .Arthur Lemke; educ. Middle-park 
S.S.: settled Ball., '11; successful 
barit. vocalist: champ. Ball. comp.. 
and winner aggreg. medal (7 first 
prizes): also champ, and aggregate 
winner, Kyneton (6 firsts). '14; mlir. 
Ball. Choral Soc. (champ.), * mhr. 
Com.; ex-capt. Hawthorn Wattle 
Jjma, K. p.; evangelist Ch. of Christ, 
Ball.: b. near MInvip, '72; s. of Wm. 
Hy. Leng (col. of '53) farming pur- 
suits till '99: home missloner Ch. of 
Christ, West WImmera. 8 vrs. : 
Castlemalne , 3 yrs.; evangelist In 
charge of Maryborough, 3} yrs.; and 
Ball, since '13: capt. Marvborough 
C.C. (premiers), •11-'12; prea. Ball. 
No-Llcense League. 

I^ENTOZr, Itient. Boy Mandevlllfl: b. 

Nailswerth (S.A.) '88; 3rd s. of Rev. 
S. Lenton (Congreg. clergyman of 
S..A.); educ. Norwood H.S.; Joined 
10th A.I.R. Adel. as pte. '05: app. to 
instr. staff '10; stationed success- 
ively Derwent Regt. (Tas.); 7th 
Regt. Ball. 18th brig, head-ars. Ball, 
and 71st City of Ball. Regt.; ex- 
hon. sec. Regt. Rifle club: ex-rabp. 
Adel. Boys' Inst. & Adel. Y.M.C.A. & 
succe.ssful in amat. cycling, swim- 
ming and aquatics; comm. as lieut. 
39th Ball. batt. on active service '16 
m. Daisy, d. of Hon. A. A. Kirk- 
patrick. (M.L.A. and ex-Agent Gene- 
ral of S.A.) who was presented at 
first court of King George V. and 
Queen Mary after coronation, dur- 
ing residence in Eng. with her 
fath er. 

Tt'E'TT, Cr. Abraliam; J.P. : s. of Jo- 
seph Levy (col. of '55): educ. St. 
Paul's S.S. and Ball. Coll.; whole- 
sale fruit merch.. Ball. E., since '89; 
ent. Town CI., '02; mayor '09 (first 
Ball. E. native to become mayor of 
Town): ex-mbr. Water Comm.; Ret. 
Officer \Vellington Prov., Legis. CI.; 
also Ball. E. electorate, Legis. As- 
sembly, siuce '11; rep. of Town CI. 
on Ball. E. Pub. Lib.; one of fdrs. 
of Ball. E. branch A.N. A.: pres. '05 
del. sev. conf., gaz. J.P., '04; pres. 
Hosp., '15-'16: pres. Benev. Asylum, 
'13; pre.s. Orph., '03; mbr. Cemetery 
trust; ex-pres. Hebrew Cong, and 
Philanthropic Soc: trustee Syna- 
gogue: dlr. Pathes Ltd.: ex-pres. 
East Ilall. H.C.; mbr. Ball. E. Re- 
cruiting Exec; mbr. exec Ball E3. 
Red Cross Soc; ex-pre.s. Ball. Cen- 
ter "V..\.A.A. ; ex-pres. Ball. E. Swim- 
ming Club; v.p. Queen Carnival for 
Red Cross and Hospital. 1916; 
married Minnie, d. of 1. Rabbi Gold- 
reich. '97. 

KEWIS, Very Rev. Jnlins; Dean of 
Ball., since Feb., '15; b. Lond.; 
educ. Moore Coll.. N.S.W. ; ord. dea- 
con, '75; priest. '77. at Ball.; curate, 
Hamilton, '76-'79: Portland. '79-'8l; 
Christ Ch. Cath.. Ball., '81-'S4; vicar 
Maryborough: '84-'.S8: canon Christ 
Ch. Cath., Ball.. '87-'88: incumbent 
St. Jude'.«», Melb.. '88-'97: vicar of 
Tamworth (N.S.W.) , •97-'02: sub- 
dearon and deacon St. Peter's Cath., 
Armldnle (N.S.W.). '02: archdeacon 
of Armldale. '02-'] 5; translated to 
Ball, as artlng-vlcar of Christ Ch. 

TmUVTIS Cr. i;«w1b; J.P. of "Pin« 
Vlev." Mortchup: mbr. Ripon Shire 
CI. since '07: pres. 'lO-ll; j.p. <iince 
'11: mbr. Linton-Sklpton Rv. Trust: 
pres. Carngham branch Peoples' 
Partv and deleg. at Conf.; elder 
Canigbnm Prosbyt. Ch. and rep. on 
Pall. Preehvtery: v. p. Carngham 
Hort RorlPty: chm. first S S. com. 
at Mortrhup: h. .Snake V.illev. '6^: 
(on dnv that H.M.S. Nelson vtsitM 
Port Phinin); 8. of 1. Hv T..ewia 
( of '."iS; a pioneer dlcrirer of 
Pall, and an eve witness of Eureka 
Stockade of '54 and subsequently 



pastoralist of "Pine View," Mort- 
cbup) ; educ. SnaJ^e Valley S.S.; 
mbr. Lewis Bros, pastoralists, etc. 

^XDSIABD, Cliaa. Jaa.; s. of John 
Liddiard (one of pioneer legal 
mgrrs. of Ball.); b. Ball.; educ. St. 
Peter's Sch. & Gren. Coll.; mbr. City 
niun. staff for many yrs.; one of 
fdrs. of old Wend. R.C.; treas. for 
many yrs.; ex-treas. Ball. Rifle 
Club, and keen and successful shot; 
one of fdrs. old Ball. Dog & Poultry 
Boc.; served five yrs. in 3rd Batt. 
Militia: G.M. Ball. Dist. M.U.I.O.O.F. 
•96; mbr. cl. Roy. Soc. St. George. 

XaaVBJXE, Artbnr ICelvlUe; b Ball. 
'89; s of A. E. Lilburne; educ. Cent. 
S.S., Gren. coll. (matric), and Tech. 
Art Sch. (Educ. Dept. Schol. win- 
ner) ; app. jun. tr. Tech. Art Sch. 
and sen. master & vice principal '11; 
app. art master "Training Sch. Carl- 
ton, '15; rep. cricl<eter for sev. yrs.; 
mbr. Ball. C.C. and played agst. S. 
Africa and Vic. (best bowling 
avge.); playing mbr. Ball. F.C. 
(three seasons) ; ex hon. sec. Cent. 

XXKIjINOSTOirz:, Sanlel; b. London, 
1826; arr. Tas. '42, as mbr. of band 
of 99th Imp. Regt., which served 
as guard of convict ship; later did 
duty with Regt. at Parramatta (N. 
B,W.) where Govt. House then situ- 
ated; joined Tas. Postal Dept. '54; 
Vic. Postal Dept. '56; was the first 
Ballarat postman, '.57; is father of 
five s. and five d. and grandfather 
of 57 and g.g.f. of 37 children; liv- 
ing retired at 8 Boyle-st., Ball. E . 
for many yrs. past. 

KXHORAIC, Sgt. Harry Thos.; s. of 
Steph. Lingham; b Ball. '93; educ. 
Pleas. -St. S.S.; joined 30th A.M.C. 
as pte. '10; Corp. '11; sgt. '14; on 
active service Gallipoli and French 
campaign with No. 6 Field Amb. '14- 
16; mbr. T.M.C.A. and Wend. R.C. 

1UVOHAM, Jchn Orabam; b Ball. '66; 
s of 1. Stephen Lingham; educ. Mac- 
arthur-st. S.S.; apprent. City botani- 
cal gardens until '92; toured hort. 
and hot. gardens of Grt. Brit, and 
Cont. '92-3; foreman Ball. Clty'bot. 
irardens '93; curator, '01-13; at re- 
quest Geelong City Cl. designed 
Johnstone Park Gardens (G'long); 
now seedsman and consulting hort. 
Armstrong-st. N.; supt. Neil-st. 
Meth. Sun. S. '94-'02; supt. Wen- 
douree Meth. Sun. S. '02-14; chair- 
man Wend. S.S. com. '10-13; W.M. 
St. John's Ma.s. Lodge '13-14. visited 
100 lodges during term of ofllce; 
pres. Wend. Jubilee F.C. '98; pres. 
Neil-st. C.C. '94; contested City Cl. 
(N. ward) 1913 and 1914: first pres. 
Macarthur-st. S.S. old Scholars' 
Assoc. '15: v.-p. Ball. North Pro- 
gress A.=.«ocation. 

UTl'liE. vrilUam, J.P. : b. Cumber- 
land (Eng.) '39; arr. Vic. '51; educ. 
Nat. sch. G'long & Melb. Univ.; 
emp. H.M. Customs and mere. 

houses, G'long; later joined staff of 
Oddle's Bank, Ball. '59; later estab. 
as auct., est. & finance agent, Lyd- 
st; ent City Cl. '83; mayor '89; inst. 
Arbor Day, Vic. Park, '90; and on 
behalf of Queen Victoria planted an 
Eng. oak; gaz. J.P. '81; first Ball, 
rep. on Bd. of Public Health '85; one 
of fdrs. Cent. B.C.: pres. '89-90; 
long-time mbr. and office-bearer 
Lyd.-st. Meth. Ch.; patron of arts, 
inc. picture and music, and head of 
well-known Little family of musi- 
cians; his collection of oil studies 
one of finest in provinces; mbr. Art 
Gallery Cl. since inception; P. M. 
Yarrowee Mas. Lodge and Mark 
Lodges; P.G.J.W. of Vic; P.P. 
Royal Arch Chapter; rep. of Grand 
Lodge of Liberia; publications: 
"Ballarafs Birth in 1837"; "Ball- 
arat's Jubilee in 1887"; "Ballarafs 
Real Estate" and over 200 sonnets, 
ex-hon. sec. Town & City Mission; 
l.g. Old Col. As-soc. 

UTTX^E, wmiaxn C; s of above; b. 
Ball.; educ. Ball. Coil. & S of Mines; 
mbr. firm of W. Little & Co., auct.. 
house, land, estate and finance 
agents; Govt. auct. for Ball, and 
dist.; at age of 12 won inter, honors 
of Tonic-Sol-Fa Coll. (youngest on 
record; succesively hon. org. of Neil 
St Meth. Ch.; org. St. John's Ang. 
Ch., and Cong. Ch.; D.M.S. Vic. 
(theory and organ honors); champ. 
Cent. B.C., 1900 ;-l; runner-up Assoc, 
champ., '99-00; active mbr. since '91; 
m. Bess ie, d. of Geo. Crocker, J.P. 

^OCKTEB, Major Ormonde, H. S.; b. 
London, '71; s. of Sir Norman Lock- 
yer; educ. Coventry G.S.; on Royal 
Navy Reserve for 8 yrs.; arr. Aust., 
'98; m. Louie, d. of Thos. Edwards 
(metallurgist), mbr. firm of T. Ed- 
wards & Co., ore reduction works, 
Sebas. & Bgo.; resigned rank of 
lieut., unattached, Vic. Navy Re- 
serve to take command of 71st batt. 
Sen. Cadets on inaug. of Comp, 
Training in Australia '10. Club — 

JiOVQ, Adam Wllberforce; b. Glen- 
park, '75; s. of 1 Adam Long (ex- 
S.S. tr. & landowner); educ. Glen- 
park & Mt. Pleas. S.S., Univ. Coll.; 
and Melb. Univ. (honorman in law); 
art. to Daniel Wilkie, Melb.; qual. as 
barr. & solic, '01; practising at Lyd. 
St., Ball.; sol. to Bungaree Shire; 
sec. Ball Law Assoc, 4 yrs.; sec. Old 
Ball. Dram. & Mus. Soc; mbr. Hort. 
Soc; Ball. Golf and North Bowl, 
Clubs: m. Beryl Florence, d. of 1. 
Geo. Hewett, of Gong Gong, '14. 

£ONa, Thos. P.; b. Ball.. '62; s of Jas. 
Long. J.P. (who estab. firm of Jas. 
Long & Sons, biscuit manufrs. and 
confectioners, Vic-st., Ball., '54); 
educ Bain's H.S.; dir. J. Long and 
Sons Prop. Ltd.; one of fdrs. Ball. 
E. A.N.A.; 2nd pres, '87: one of 
fdrs. Newington A.N. A., pres., '02; 
mbr. Benev. Asylum Com.; pres. '10; 



mbr. Hoep. Com. since '12. 

]U>in>SXr, ex-Cr. Kobert; b. Cherry- 
tree; s. of Andrew Louden (old Se- 
bas. identity); mbr. Brown's and 
Scarsdale Bor. CI., '09-'14; mayor, 
'13-'14; ex-sec. St. John's C. of Eng. 
& Y.M.C: P.G. Scarsdale Lodge 
M.U.I.O.O.F.; settled Gaffney's Crk., 

3jOWZ, Pater; Curator of Water Re- 
serves: b. Galashiels (Scot.), '42; 
apprent. gardener on Duke of Dev- 
onshire's est; arr. Aust., '60; prac- 
tical gardener at Hawthorn sev. 
yrs. ; later mgr. Frogmore nursery, 
G'long, & R. U. Nicholls' nursery. 
Ball.; curator Water Reserves since 
'92; a keen cricketer since youth; 
good bat, & wkt. keeper: capt. 
W'help. CC. sev. yrs.; v.-p. Ball. 
Hort. Soc. sev. yrs.; hon. sec. St. 
Mark's (Brown Hill) Ang. Ch.; mbr. 
Vestry & of Dioc. CI.; mbr. Ball. 
Mas. Lodge. 

IiVDBSOOX, Cliai. 8.; b. Avoca; s. 
of Geo. Ludbrook; educ. Barkly-st. 
D.S. and Golden Point S.S.; builder 
& contractor since '88 (chiefly Govt, 
contracts) ; built Ch. of Eng. G. S., 
Ball.: Redan R.C. Chapel; remodel- 
led Her Majesty's Theatre; Cent., 
Golden Point, Eureka-st. & Macar- 
thur-st. S. Schools; rebuilt Ball. 
Agric. High School (destroyed by 
fire '15); pres. Mast. Builders' 
Assoc, '14; mbr. St. Paul's Vestry 
for 30 yrs; Ch. warden since '09; 
mbr. Dioc. Cath. Bd.; playing mbr. 
of Vic. Bowling Club; mbr. exec. 
Ball. R. Red Cross Soc. 

ZiUOBBOOK, Geo. Henry; s. of Geo. 
Ludbrook; b. Geelong, '55; educ. 
Finlay's Sch., Ball. E.; builder and 
contractor, undertaker and embalm- 
er, Peel-st., N.; Joined V.M.R. aa 

gte., '90; adv. to rank of Coy. 
gt.-MJr., and retired with rank of 
Q^.S.; first mtd. rifleman to receive 
L..S. medal (20 yrs.); P.G. Pioneer 
Lodge, I.O.O.F.; l.g. Orph. and Ben- 
ev. Asylum 
XiUSBBOOK, K. O.j s. of above: b. 
Ball E., 89: educ. Humffray-st. S.S.; 
Joined 9th A.L.H. as Corp., '06; 
transf. to 70th Sen. Cadets as Lieut. 
•11; on active service, Gallipoli and 
French campaigns with 6th Field 
Amb., 'IS-'IS; mbr. Com. Ball. E. 
A.N.A., •14-';15; capt. St. Paul's F. 
C. '00: capt. Christ Ch. F.C.. '10; mhr 
Ck>lden Point Pen. F.C., '12; del. St. 
Paul's Y.M.C. Deb. Soc. Absoc. '14- 

XiXrOO. AUred; b. Bristol <Kng.) '51; 
8. or 1. Samuel Lugg (col. of '53): 
arr. Aust. with parents and when 
lad witnessed departure from Melb. 
of Bourke & Wills' exploring expe- 
dition; milling, niln. cng. * smithy 
pursuits .Rlnce early youth: mhr. 
old Kail. Rangers from '68; keen 
polltican In his time, holding adv. 
radical liberal views; under banner 
of Progressive Liberal League and 

in Reform interest, contested Ball. 
B. electorate many yrs. ago; local 
preacher at Egerton and later Ball. 
E. ; and for some yrs. office-bearer 
Barkly-st. Meth. Ch.; active in 
Band of Hope movement, one of 
first mbrs. Vic. B. of Hope Union, 
(his father opened the first mtg. or 
Union in Fitzroy) ; P.C.R. of I.O.R. 
and for some time sec. Egerton 
Tent, LO.R. 

i;Y0NS, Chas. C; major of Ball. Red 
Cro.^s Society and fdr and head of 
men's branch since Inception in '14; 
branch has supplied troops with 
many cases of useful surgical ac- 
cessories, etc.: has made a success 
of tobacco culture at farm in Ball. 
South: awarded 1st prize at big 
Fruit and Floral carnival, Melb. '12; 
his products favorably reported on 
by experts; b. Ball. '79; s. of Thos. 
Lyons (col. of '."Su and pioneer pain- 
ter and paperhanger, of Skipton-st) ; 
educ. Central S.S. 

Z^TOXrS, Jas.; b. Ball., '60: s. of I. 
Jas. Lyons (shift boss. Old Great 
Ext., Band of Hope, etc., mines); 
educ. Spring's den. sch.; mbr. 
firm Lyons & White, tailors & out- 
fitters, Bridge-st., since '98; clerk of 
scales, mbr. com., and. since '05, sec. 
Miners' T.C.; Judge, Ballan and Lai 
Lai T.C. ; clerk of scales, and later 
handlcapper Bungaree 'Turf Club; 
first sec. Albion Imp. (later S. Ball.) 
F.C; capt. and playing mbr. several 
yrs.; later pres.. and now life hon. 
mbr.: club's first del. on Ball. P. 
League; mbr. St. P. Day Fest. Com., 
and mgr. annual race mtg.; l.g. 
Renev. Asvlum. 

1CACBONAI.D, Wm. B. O.; b. Ball., 
•84; s. of W. B. Macdonald. (printer 
& stationer Lyd.-st., S.); educ. Cent. 
S.S.; assoc. with father's business 
sev. yrs.; winner of Colonial 
comp. promoted by "British Printer^' 
(open to all printers in British do- 
minions) for best example of dis- 
play printing, ^07; one of fdrs. and 
first sec. Caled. Soc. pipe band; 
treas. Master Printers' Assoc: mbr. 
City A.N. A., now v.-p.; ex-treas. B.B. 
Harr. Club; hon. sec St John's 
Presbyt. Sun. Sch.; ex-pres. St. 
Jo hn's YM.C . 

XACKEVBZS, Or. Alex.; b. Ball. B.; 
s. of 1. Alex. MacKensie: educ. 
Eureka-st. S.S.; grocer and Iron- 
monger, Brldg«-8t., '06-'15: mbr. 
Ball. E. Town CI. since '04 ; mayor 
'11: during mayoralty endeavoured 
to launch Orchard Scheme for util- 
ising waste land in Town: served 
term on Water Comm.; pre.««. Caled. 
Soc: one of fdrs. & first pres. plpo 
band: trustee and mbr. bd. of at. 
.Tohn's Presbyt. Ch.: supt. and sec. 
S»>n. Sch.: ex-pre». Presbyt. Fellow- 
ship Assoc: pro.s. Ball. E. A.N.A., 
•90; pres. Exhib. Comm.. '12: ex- 
pres. Ball. Plumbers' Union; mbr. 
com. Ball. Aux. B. & F. Bible Soc; 
mbr. exec. Ball. E. Red Cross Soc. 



JULCIbHOU, Jolin; b. Isle of Raasay, 
(Scot.). '42; s of 1. John MacLeod 
(of Raasay, capt. of Home Guards 
Yeomanry; ship owner & merchant; 
and direct descendant of Clan Mac 
Leod); arr. Aust. '54; and few yrs. 
later estab. In business as merch., 
cr. Sturt & Ascot-sts.; & now head 
of wholesale distributing firm of 
John Macleod Propty. Ltd.; Lyd.- 
st.; with Hon. T. D. Wanliss one of 
prom. Ball. Trustees, Ebcecrs., etc., 
Co., '90; chm. for sev. yrs.; dir. Land 
Mortgage and Gas. Co.'s; sole sur- 
viving mbr. of Old Ball. Building 
Soc. ; vice-president Ball. Hosp. 
Com.; pres Benev Asylum Com., '01; 
l.g. Orph.; mbr. Art Gallery 01.; 
trustee and one of fdrs. Wend. Rec. 
Club; mbr. Cent. B.C.; ardent chor- 
alist and vocalist for many yrs.; 
has sung freely for public & charit. 
objects; mbr original Philharmonic 
Soc, and later of Liedertafel and of 
St. Andrew's Kirk choir; mbr. St. 
Andrew's Kirk Bd for sev. yrs.; 
sen. elder; revisited Grt. Brit., etc., 

aCADDEXr, Cr. Wm. Albert; b. Mag- 
pie, '60; s. of 1. John Madden; educ. 
Mt. Clear, Mt. Pleas., Sebas. and 
Cent (Ball.) S.S.; hair dresser and 
tobacconist, Albert-st., Sebas., since 
•90; mbr. Sebas. Bor. CI. '02-'13; 
mayor, '08-'09; ret. to make pro- 
longed visit to pearling grounds off 
Broome, W.A. ; returned, May, '15; 
re-elected to CI., Oct., '15; first pres. 
Sebas Y.M.C., '08; life patron Sebas. 
Cambrian Soc. 

IKASSEBN, Sichard; b. Ball., '60; s. 
of 1. Richard Maddern; educ. Mt. 
Pleas. S.S., Flinders S.S. Geelong, 
and Cent. "iTraining Inst., Melb. ; be- 
came m'ging a/ct. for 1. David 
Cooke, '82; became mbr. firm of D. 
Cooke & Co., auct., etc., '88; now 
R. Maddern & Sons; F.F.I.A.; one of 
original mbrs. South-st. Deb. Soc. 
('79); sev. times pres.; chairman of 
Ball Bank. Co.; dir. Gas. Co.; pres. 
S. of Mines CI., '10-'13; mbr. Art 
Gallery CI.; ex-mbr. Hosp. & Benev. 
Asylum Com.; l.g. Orph. & Benev. 
Asylum; pres. Cent. B.C., '07- 
-08; aud. sev public inst. ; trustee 
Newington A.N. A. 

IKABSEN, Bev. Alfred; b. Mary- 
borough, '64; s. of 1. H. Madsen; 
educ. Maryborough S.S. and Suther- 
land's G.S.; served 5 yrs. with "W. 
H. Warton, solicitor; became pro- 
bationer of Prim Meth. Ch.; 4 yrs. 
In Ball.; ordained '86 (one of the 
youngest ministers ordained) ; sta- 
tioned successively, Murtoa, Laun- 
ceston. Ores., Burwood, Eaglehawk, 
Malvern, Hamilton, Ball., Burwood. 
L'ceston; trans, to G'long at time of 
union of Meth. Churches; later Al- 
bert Park, Clifton Hill & Ball. W. 
since '13; sec. Prim Meth Conf., '93; 
pres., '96; chairman G'long & Ball. 

Synod, •14-'15; sec. Meth. Conf., '15; 
elected pres. at 1916 conference; 
m. Mary, d. of 1. Francis Anderson, 
of Woodlands, Moonambel, '90; 
publications — " The Question of 
Baptism," and " Reply to Rev. 
Father (now Bishop) (jleary on 'The 
Orange Society ' " ; sub-ed. " The 
Spectator," '11-'14; ed, "The Senti- 
nel" (off. org. of L.O.L.), '07-'14; 1. 
rI of Ball. Benev. Asylum. 

VLAQUmTm, Alex.; s. of 1. Alex. Maglll 
(one of fdrs. of Magill & Coghlan, 
brewers); b. Whelp, '62; educ. 
W'heip Sch.. C.B. Sch., Ball., and 
St. P. Coll., Melb.: farming pursuits 
15 yrs., in N.E. dist.; mbr. firm of 
Elliott & Magill, maltsters. Ball. 
(formed into Prop. Co. Ltd., '14); 
since '97; one of oldest mbrs. of 
City B.C.; pres., '06-'07; rink capt. 
sev. yrs.; mbr. B.B.A. champ, rink, 
'04-'05; pres.. Miners' T.C., '15; mbr. 
com. B'beet T.C., and mbr. Ball. 
T.C.; v.p. Ball. Trot. Club; one of 
fdrs. and ex-pres. Ball. Handball 
Club; playing mbr. S. Ball. F.C. sev. 
yrs.; v.-p. St. P. Old Coll. Assoc. 

IKAHEB, John; b. Wend., '69; s. of 
John Maher; educ. C.B. Sch., Ball. 
"W.; track foreman Electric Supply 
Co. since '95; mbr. Wend. R.C. since 
'85; previously steered winning 
crews; gained sen. rank; rowed bow 
in winning crew in champ, four in 
'94; champ, eight, '94; and winning 
Vic. crew in Interstate race, '94; 
won about 30 regatta events; capt. 
and mbr. com. of Wend. R.C. sev. 
yrs.; and in recent yrs successfully 
coached club crews; also coach St. 
P. Coll. crews; playing mbr. and ex- 
capt. Ball. Imp. F.C. for 18 yrs.: 
retired '09; now mbr. com.; mbr. all 
rep. League teams while following 
game; and champ, goalklcker of 
League; batting avge. Electric Sup- 
plv C.C., '08. 

MAIiTOir, Edwin E.; b. Ball., '76; s. 
of W. H. Malyon (who estab. phar- 
macy in Sturt-st. in '55, and later 
discovered ligmolllene, a special 
skin preparation) ; has managed 
pharmacy since father's demise in 
'11; educ. Pleas.-st. S.S. and Ball. 
Coll.; three yrs. exp. with Felton, 
Grimwade & Co (wholesale firm); 
vice-commodore Ball. Yacht Club, 
'13-'15; rear-commodore. '15-'16; 
successfully skippered sev boat.s, 
inc. Spindrift (later the Cre-scent) : 
winner Hutton Cup, '04; built and 
sailed the AraAva, winner Taylor 
Cup, '13; mbr City A.N. A. & Yarr. 
Mas. Lodge; Club — Old Coll., Ball. & 
C.T.A., Melb. 

MANXr, Major Thd.; b. Sydney, '46; 
s. of .1 S. F. Mann (early col.) ; educ. 
C. of Eng. G.S., Melb., and Melb. 
Univ.; barr. & sol.; mbr. firm of 
Pearson & Mann, since '84; admit- 
ted to practise, "76; comm. for tak- 
ing affidavits, N.S.W. and Q'land.; 



settled Ball., '67; many yrs. military 
service, commencing with Southern 
Kifles, Prahran; Lieut. Vol. Rang- 
ers, Ball., '73-'83; Capt. & Adjut. 
3rd Inf.; Major & CO. Ball detach- 
ment V.M.R,; retired '96; playing 
mbr. Ball. F.C., '74-'75; gained sen. 
rank as mbr. Ball. R.C. 
XAjrxr, zaent. Frank De Conrcey; s. 
of above; b. Ball.; educ. St. Pat. 
Coll.; articled to Pearson & Mann, 
barristers & solicitors,; qual. to 

ftractise about 1910; later practised 
n Melb.; for sev. yrs. active mbr. 
Ball. F.C. and Wend. R.C; enlisted 
for active service in European war 
'15; passed through officers sch. & 
obt. comni. in 10th brig. A.I.F. for 
service abroad, 1916. 

MABZ, Joseph; b. Ball., '76; s. of 1. 
John Mark (col. of early '50's); 
educ. Mt. Pleas. S.S.; mbr. staff 
Harry Davies & Co. Prop. Ltd. 
since '03; Wimmera dist. traveller 
■>nce '08; one of hon. sees, of Lyd.- 
st. Meth. Sun. Sch. for 14 yrs.; also 
leader of Comrades' Class for some 
vrs.; pres. of Y.M.C. for some yrs., 
"and twice pres. of old Lyd.-st. 

MABSK, ez-Capt. J. T.; b. Lend., '50; 
s. of 1. W. H. Marsh; arr. Aust. in 
infancy; educ. at Adel., and settled 
Ball., '63; assoc. with hat making 
trade since '65; hatter to 1. Lord 
Hopetoun (Gov.-General), '90; treas. 
and later capt. City F.B.; l.s medal 
(35 yrs); supt St John's Ang. Sun 
Sch. for many yrs.; one of few sur- 
viving early mbrs. St. John's ves- 
try; \V.M. St. John's Mas. Lodge, 
•8!i; v.-p. Ball. Rifle Club. '15. 

MAB8HAXI«, Josepb; b. Southport 
(Eng.), '89; s. of Robert Marshall 
(contractor); educ. S'port P.S. and 
privately; Jun., and later conveyan- 
cing, clerk In solicitor's office; after- 
ward.s joined reporting staff of 
Southport "Visitor" (5 yrs.); cert, 
shorthand writer; arr. W. Aust., '12; 
ed. Bunhury "Herald" for year; 
Joined reporting staff Ball. " Star." 
'IS; mbr Ball, branch Aust. Journal- 
ists' Assoc, and St. John's Presbyt. 
T.M.C., and deb team; ex-mbr. Nat. 
Union of Journalists, Eng., & S'port 

IUUKTZi;&, rred. J., J.P.: F.R.H.S.; 
s. of 1. W. J. H. Martell, of Lond., 
and later of Q'long; tr. in Educ. 
Dept, '69-'75; drawing master Ball. 
dIst., •75-'93; elected mbr. Sch. of 
Mines CI., '80; later v.-p.; director 
and registrar. '95-'14; now vocation- 
al ofncer; one of fdrs. Art CJallery, 
and for some time Oovt. rep. on CI.: 
cx-pres. original Teachers' Union of 
Vic; ex-pres. Amat. Photog. Assoc; 
ex-sec and ex-pres. Science Soc; 
gOM. J. P., '13; mbr. Hort. Soc. com. 
•ev. yrs.; Fellow of Royal Hort. 
Soc. of FIng.; ex-pres. Progress 
Assoc; now v.-p.: v.-p. Ball. Poultry 
ft Dog Soc; pres. South -st. Soc. 

'14; mbr. Art Gallery CL; mbr. Cora- 
petitions com. of Queen Carnival. 

MAKTSIi]^, Florence; d. of 1. L. E. 
Cutter; b. Melb.; educ. Beazley's p.s. 
(Hall.) and jLiOwther's p.s. (lialh); 
trainee of Educ. Dept. and latfer 
asst. tr. Ballan S.S.; m. t\ J. Mar- 
tell at Ball. "78; ident. with many 
charit. movements; org. Hosp. ball 
which realised about £1,000, and re- 
ceived appointment as l.g. ; joint 
hon. sec Queen Victoria Women's 
ward. Ball. Hosp. '99; later org. 
Orph. poster ball; one of fdrs Ball, 
branch, A.W.N.L.; and of Ball, 
branch Women's Lib. League; now 
v. p. W.L.L. ; V. p. Ball. dist. Nurs- 
ing soc: one of fdrs. Ladies' Art 

MABTZ:x;ii, Dr. Harold K. F.; L.R.C. 
P.. L.F.P.S.; J. P.; s. of above; b. 
Ball. '80; educ. Pleas-st. S.S., Gren. 
Coll., Miss Kennedy's B.A. classes 
and Sch. of Mines (studying mat- 
eria medica and chem. under 1. Dr. 
Usher) ; apprent. to J. W. Scott, 
chemist: later spent some time at 
South Sea Islands as assayer for 
party prospecting for copper; later 
studied at Durham. Edin. and 
Glas. Univ. taking degrees; med. 
officer Stirling Hosp. for Insane 
and emigrant ships to New York, 
Montreal and Melb.; practised at 
Hillgrove. N.S.W.. also res. surgeon 
Hillgrove Hosp.; later (Quarantine 
officer Thursday Island and Sydney 
and med officer at Kurri Kurri (N. 
S.W.) Hosp.; gaz. J.P. 1914: enlisted 
for active service on outbreak of 
war and app. to New Guinea ex- 
pedition: present at taking of Ra- 
noul, and mbr. of force that chased 
Germans into interior of mainland, 
acting P.M.O. at Raboul Hosp.; ret. 
to Sydney in charge of prisoners 
of war '15; later med. ofncer Sey- 
mour camp; now practising at 
MABTIzr, Sdgrar; ex-Police Supt.; b. 
Spring Hill (nr. Cres.), '55; s. of 1. 
Jas. Martin (grazier, of Mt. Fyans, 
Streatham; who was b. Tas. '28); 
g.s. of 1. Jas. Martin (sallsmaster 
for Crown Colony of Van Pieman's 
Land — later Tas.): educ. Spring Hill 
& Mt. Prospect Sch.; Joined Garr. 
Art.. Melb.. '76; police force. '78; 
stationed chiefly in Ball. & dlst.; 
bocamc supt. at Ball.. '14; & given 
command of G'long dist., '14-'15; 
retired and settled Ball., '15; re- 
rre atlon s, bowl.«», cycling & music 
MABTXV, Jas.; b. Castlemaine, '62; 
8. of 1. Thos. Martin (col. of early 
50'8) ; educ. C'malne S.S.: ident. 
with prov. press many yrs.; at 
C'malne. 24 yrs.; "Argus" rep.. 15 
yrs.; mbr. lit. staff "The Age," 
Melb., 2 yrs.; ed. Horsham "Times" 
2 yr.s.; mbr. Ball. "Courier" staft 
6 yrs: printer & stationer. Peel-st., 
Ball R. since '13: ident with Mas. 
A Oddfellows In past yrs.; del. 
Shepparton Band on Vic Band As- 
soc.; mbr. Doll. E. A.N.A. 



KASTZN, John; b. Hale (En^.), '59; 
arr. Aust.. '65; educ. Stawell S.S.; 
foreman Williams' steam hammer 
works, Ball.; estab. eng. works and 
smithy (Ry Govt, contractors), 
Humffray-8t., Ball. E.; supplied 
^ates Ball. E. bot. gurdens; P.O. 
tower top section; Ball. W. Ry. 
station gates; mbr. Ball, lodge 
I.O.O.F., since '81; N.G., '84; app to 
Grand Lodge, '97; G.M., 1906; and 
Inst. Lodges at Daylesford, W8r- 
racknabeal, and Ararat; also Re- 
becca female lodge. Ball.; sec. Re- 
becca lodge since '11; sec. Soc. Hall 
Com. since '05; ex-pres. U.F.S. 
Disp. com.; trustee Barkly-st. Meth. 
Ch.; ex-supt. Sun. Sch.; sec. Old 
Bible Christian Ch.. Humflfray-st. 

ICABTZN, John; b. Ball., '65; s. of 1. 
David Martin; educ. Mt. Pleas. S.S., 
& Training Coll., Melb.; Educ. Dept. 
service since '83; successively at S. 
Boort, Springvale, Bunker's Hill 
(h.t.); Urq.-st., Ball,; Cent. (1st 
assist); and B'yong (h.t.); v.-p. 
Ball, branch Teachers' Union, '13; 
assist, sec. Ball. S.S. Ath. Assoc, 
'10; ex-capt. and ex-hon. sec. Ball. 
East B.C.; now rink capt. North 
Rec. Club; ex-lieut. Jun. Cadets; 
mbr. St. John's Presbyt. choir; and 
Ball. Mas. Lodge. 

aCASTZN, Michael; C.E.; s. of 1. Cr. 
John Martin, of Ross' Creek and 
Sebas.; educ. C.B. Sch., and St. P. 
Coll., Ball.; art. to 1. John Lynch, 
C.E., '94; assist, eng. Mildura Irrig. 
Trust, 'gV-'OO; later eng. State 
Water Supply; unemployed work 
construction, Birchip; also eng. at 
Trawool reservoir, and two yrs. at 
Fed. Capital site; Govt. min. surv.. 
Ball, dist., since '12; eng. & surv., 
Gren. Shire CI., since '13; acting- 
eng. Bungaree Shire CI., '15-'16; | 
cert, land & min. surv., mun. surv., 
and hyd. eng.; mbr. cl Vic. section 
and mbr Fed. cl. of Inst, of Local 
Govt. Ehig. of Aust.; v.-p, St. P. 
Old Coll Assoc. 
BCATRES, Henry; J.P.; arr. Aust., 
'80; thrice mayor of Sebas.; ex- 
pres. Mech. Inst.; mbr Ball. Cemet. 
Trust; P.G. Steward of Mas. Lodge 
of Vic; conducted bakery business 
at Sebas. for 36 yrs.; identified with 
many public movements. 
aCATTHEWS, Major ZiesU« W.; b. 
Maryborough, '88; s. of J. D. Matth- 
ews; educ. Amherst & Ararat S.S.: 
and S. of Mines, Ball. (c. eng. 
course) ; In Educ. Dept. service, '06- 
•10; stationed at Pleas.-st., Ball., 
Beaufort and Ararat; 2nd Lieut. 
Vic Rangers, Ararat. '07: Lieut. 
'OS; Capt, '11; trans. 73rd Inf., '12; 
area officer, Boulder City, W.A., '12; 
Ball., '13-'14; on active service in 
Gallipoli & French campaigns with 
23rd Batt., A.I.EIF., 'IB-'lS; prom. 
Major on field. 
XAVOKAK, Oeorg*: C.E.; b. Plggor- 

eet, '6o; s. of 1. VVm. Maughan (one 
time mgr. Madame Berry G.M. Co.. 
and pioneer min. mgr. of col.) ; 
educ. Piggoreet S.S. & Cres. G.S.; 
lie land surv., '83; consulting min. 
eng. & surv., sev. min. co.'s; arbi- 
trator between New Jubilee G.M. 
C. and miners as to whether certain 
drive was incline drive or rise. '13; 
Town clerk, eng. & surv. of Cres. 
Bor. since '94; cons. eng. & surv.. 
Town of Ball. E., since '13; one time 
sec. and shire eng. of Mt. Franklin 
Shire and Daylesford Borough. 
MAWSON, Sdward; b. Bradford. 
(England), '49; enlisted 19th Foot 
infantry) as pte, '67; joined Regt. 
at Rawl Pindee (Punjaub, India) 
'68; took part in punitive exped. to 
Black Mountain tribes, '68: ret Eng. 
'72; served various home garrisons, 
and stationed again in India with 
2nd Princess of Wales' Own York- 
shire Regt., '74-'77; served in Home 
garrisons till Feb., '89; retired with 
rank of warrant officer on pension: 
arr. Aust. April, '89; & app. Instruct. 
Castlemaine 2 yrs.; trs. Ball, with 
rank of W.O. '92; ret. '1911; app. to 
Provost staff of CTwealth Forces '12 
comm. as hon. lieut. '15; completed 
47i yrs. milit. service — 22i yrs. 
Imp. and 25 yrs. Colonial; awarded 
medals for l.s. and good conduct In 
Imp. forces and for l.s. and good 
conduct and meritorious service 
Col. forces. 
MAT, Wm. Job. s. of Chas. May, of 
Ball. W.; b. Ball., '90: educ. Pleas.- 
st. S.S.; joined 7th A.I.R., '10; vol. 
and accepted for active service with 
No. 6 Field Amb., 3rd Exped. Force, 
but invalided home after sev. week.s' 
training owing to accident; ex-treas. 
Essex F.C., and ex-mbr. Hopetoun 
McASAM, Wm. Jas.; b. Melb. '82; s. 
of Alex McAdam; educ. Macarthur 
St. S.S.; fdr. and first sec. Ball. 
branch Bread Carters' Un.; '11-16: 
pres. State Cl. of Fed. Bread Car- 
ters' Un. of Aust.; ex-treas and 
asst. sec. Ball. Carters' & Drivers' 
Un.; del. on Ball. T. & L. Cl. of C. 
& D. Un.; and now of Bread Carters' 
Un.; mbr. Ball, district electoral 
els. (Fed. & State), of P.L.L.; ex- 
hon. sec Ball. North and Soldiers 
Hill P.L.L; sec. Ball, branches of 
Mun. Emp., Textile Workers' and 
Implement Makers Unions; keen 
cricketer and footballer, ex. sec. 
Ball. N. F. C. (2nd rate) and 2nd 
Rate F'ball Association. 
McCAZ;z.trM, Malcolm; b. Ball. R, '54; 
s. of 1. John Arch. McCallum (one 
of pioneers of Ball.) ;educ. Finlay'a 
Sch.; identified with boot trade in 
Ball, for 40 yrs.; for sev. yrs. mbr. 
of firm of Scott & McCallum; di- 
rected Aust. & N.Z. tour of McCal- 
lum Family of Soc. Entertainers, 
•08-'10: now gen. mgr. of Brisbane 
Theatres of Wests, Ltd.; one of 
fdrs. Ball. Masonic Lodge; sec. for 



20 yrs., and now the sen. mbr.; 
pres. Ball. Shop "B.4.9." (before 
nine) movement; served Vol. Rang- 
ers. Ball., '79-*83; mbr. old Vol. 
drum & fife band; pte. to col.-sgt. 
of 3rd Battn.; pres. 3rd. Batt. club; 
mbr Batt. Rifle Team at Adel., '87; 
hon. sec. St. John's Presbyt. Ch., 12 
yrs.; sec. Excelsior Tent, I.O.R., 
'91-3; hon. sec. second Philharmonic 
See; and mbr. various comp. choirs. 

KcCAIiIiITlC, Malcolm lKontarn«; h. 
Ball., '76; s. of above; educ. Humf- 
fi-ay-st. S.S. and Vic. Coll.; joined 
"Courier" lit. staff, '99; resigned to 
join "Evg. Echo'' staff, ^12-' 16: 
cpt. of Melb. "Herald" since '04; 
first hon. sec. St. John's Presbyt. 
CC, '93-4; one of fdrs. Jun. Sun. Sch 
Cricket Assoc, '93; one of fdrs. & 
later vice-capt East Ball. Harr. 
Club; hon sec Ball. Harr. Club, 
•01-'03; v.-p. since '04; assist, sec. 
Ball E. A.N. A., •98-'99; founder & 
first hon sec, and later v.-p. & rink 
capt. No. 2 team of Wend. Rec 
Club, •12-'16; one of fdrs. Wend. 
F.B., and mbr. citizens' com. that 
estab. same, '13; one of fdrs. and 
first v.-p. Ball. Press Assoc, '10; 
pres. Ball. dist. Aust. Journalists' 
Assoc, '13; one of fdrs. and first 
v.-p.. Ball. Tennis Assoc, '14; mbr. 
Ballarat City branch of A.N.A.; 
claims to be the oldest of second 
generation of Ball, natives whose 
both parents were born here; 
author of " Ballarat Citizens and 
Sports", estab. the McCallum Pub- 
llshinir Coy., 1916; pte. address: 
"Rosaarden," Wendouree, Ballarat, 
telephone 349. 

aCcCAZiXilTlC, John Azch.; s. of 1. John 
Aroh. MrCallum; b Ball. *60; educ. 
Finlay's Sch.; assoc. with boot trade 
for 40 yrs.; for some time mgr. for 
1. Wm. Scott; and prop. Reliable 
boot store, 87, Brldge-st., since '06; 
one of oldest workers In connection 
•with Sunday services at Societies' 
Hall; supt. Sun. Sch. since '96. 

2CcCAI>I.UlC Clem.; s. of above; educ. 
fiiii7irrr:iv-st. S.S. and Mt. Pleas. S 
S.; pte. in 8th batt. 1st A.I.P. on 
Rctive service Gallipoli and French 
campaigns '14-16; one of earliest to 
volunteer; took part in Ismalia 
•klrmish Feb. 'l.'J; landed at Anzac 
Gallipoli, Apl. 'l.''i; took part In at- 
tack on Achl Baba and subsequent 
engagements and served In trenches 
until evacuation of Gallipoli Dec. 
'15 (with exception of short fur- 
lough at L.emno8) : Invalided to 
Egypt but rejoined batt. in French 
campalrn, 1916, (his bro. Corp. Aus- 
tin McCallum was killed in action 
at Gallipoli, May 8. 1915). 

McOOWnu, Vhoa. John; b. Belfast 
(Ire.) '51; arr. Aust. and settled 
Ball. '68; educ. Kent's Sch Ball. B.. 
Joined V. Rys. rolling stock branch 
'^74, retired '12: stncA pmctlslng ae 
engineer 116 Will St. B.E.: cert. 

eng. by Bd. of Examiners; mbr. 
Ball. Old. Col. Assoc , also l.|t.: 
W.M. St. John's Mas. Lodge '96; P. J.G.D. of Vic. ; S W. BaiL 
Mark Lodge and Dist. Dep. G. Dir. 
of Cer. ; mbr. Arbitration com. of 
Ball. Lodge M.U.I.O.O.F.; club — 
Old Col. 

KcCOKNEIiXi, Walter Bobert; b. BalL 
E.. '70; educ. St. Paul's S.S.; sig- 
nalling staff Vic. Rys., •89-'94; 
house, land & property agent, Lyd.- 
St. S., since '04; agent sev. ins. cc's: 
pres. Ballarat East A.N.A. '05: ex- 
pres. Ball, branch Amalg. Soc of 
Ry. Emp.; ex-steward Vic. Rys. 
Mutual Benefit Soc; pres. Sold- 
iers' Hill B.C., '13-'14; one of pro- 
moters, first sec. and now dir. of 
Ball. Furniture Co.; mbr. Meth. Li. 
P. Society; sec. Ball. Indust. Exhlb.. 
'06; sec. Aust. Manufactures Bx- 
hib., '07, and Ball. Exhlb., '09. 

XcCONXTOH, Edgar J. ▲.; Dip. Min. 
Enein^ A.I.M.E.; b. Hobarf s. of E:. 
T. Mc(:onnon: educ. Hutchins' Sch, 
Hobart, and Ball. S. of Mines, ob- 
taining dip. of mln. eng., '01; and 
assoc. cert., '04; joined S. of M. 
staff as demonstrator on eng., '04; 
lect. on mech. eng., '12: chairman 
Trade Board of School '16; v.-p. S. 
of M. Students Assoc, one of fdrs. 
T.M.C.A. Tennis Club; hon. sec. 
since '04; one of fdrs. and v.-p. 
Ball, and dist. Tennis Assoc, '13; 
mbr. Y.M.C.A. Bd. since '05; hon. 
sec. since '08; chairman junior dept. 
elected Assoc, of Mech. Engineers. 
London, 1916. 

KcDOVAI.9. Alex. Evan; s. of 1. ex- 
mayor J. G, McDonald, J.P.; b. 
Happy Valley; educ. Gren. Coll.; 
joined father in business as mon. 
sculptor, '85; now m'ging bus. for 
estate; mbr. Hosp. Com. since 
father's demise in '01; also l.-g.; 
pres., '08-'09: now v.-p.; mbr. St. 
John's Mas. Lodge since '83; W.M., 
•90; app. P.S.G.D. of Vic. by Lord 
Brassey (G.M.), '93; G. Jun. War- 
den, '14; v.-p. St. Andrew's Kirk 

XonOXTAXS, Beede; b. Ball.; d. of I. 
Cr. J. G. McDonald; hon. sec. 
Ladles' Art Assoc, since '05; man- 
aged Annual Art Exhibition; pro- 
moter and hon. sec. Wattle Day 
celebration for charities; one of 
fdrs. and first hon. sec. Ball, branch 
Vic. League of Vic, since '10; one 
of fdrs. and first hon. sec. Ball. 
branch Red Cross Soc; mbr. Wom- 
en's Exec. Ball. Recruiting Com.; 
org. and managed prov. tour of 
concert coy. in aid of Wounded 
Soldiers' Fund, '15; l.g. Hosp. and 
Orph. : Red Cross Queen, Queen Carn'l Me 

VcSOBAZD, Jolm; M.A.; Melb. 
Univ.; b. Isle of Skye (Scot.); arr. 
Aust. early youth: educ. by 1. J. 
H. Pope and J. Lowther, ft special 
classes BalL Coll.; mbr. State 



teaching service from '69 till 'OS; 
on start Urq.-st. and Cent. S.S., 
and later h.t. Urq.-st & HumfEray- 
-st. S.S. ; has prepared many suc- 
cessful candidates for Univ. schol. 
& exhib., and civil service exams.: 
conducted Ball. S.S. choir, Melb. 
ETxhib., '94; assoc. with St. John's 
& St. Andrew's Ch. choirs for over 
half century; one time cond. St. 
Andrew's Kirk choir; v.-p. Lyric 
Orch. Soc. 
McDONAIiD, Hon. John Tonng-; 
M.L.C; J. P.; b. Leith (Scot.), '37; 
with five brothers arr. in Aust., 
'55; mining pursuits for few yrs. : 
and estab. business of plumbing & 
slating, Sturt-st., '59; retired about 
'87; gaz. J. P. about '88; mbr. Vic. 
Legis. CI., Wellington prov., since 
'98; hon. minister Bent Govt., 'OS; 
chairman Gas Co. Bd.; dir. Trus- 
tees Exec, etc., Co.; one of earliest 
mbrs. City F.B. ; l.g. and ex-mbr. 
com. Benev. Asylum; l.g. Orph. ; 
ex-pres. Caled. Soc; ex-pres. Com. 
Club; pres. Mech. Inst., '96 & '06: 
mbr. S. of Mines CI.; first pres. 
City B.C., '95-6. 
IKcDONAXD, S.S.-UJr. Wm. Iieslie; 
b. Clunes, '87; s. of J. G. McDon- 
ald (h.t. Clunes S.S., 18 yrs., and 
one of earliest mbrs. Vol. Milit. 
Forces) ; educ. Tooronga-rd. S.S. 
(E, Malvern), and Work. Men's 
Coll.; after teaching and bus. exp. 
Joined Aust. Signal. Corps, '06; 
joined Instruc. Staff, Ball, area, 
71B., '10; instruct, of A.H.S. team I 
that won 18th brigade & was third 
In No. 3 district (Vic.) champ., 
'13; Vic. champions & runners-up 
C'wealth champ, at Brisbane. '14; 
and won A. grade Cadet champ., 
South-st. Ball, carnival, •13-'14; 
drum-mjr. Caled Soc. Pipe Band, 
'14: and drilled band for pipe band 
contest (top pts. for di-ill), '14. 
MCGOI.DBXCK, Harry; b. Snake 
Valley, '69; s. of 1. John McGold- 
rick; educ. Armstrong's Cent. Sch., 
Ball., & Mt. Pleas. S.S.; theatrical 
agent and turf club sec; Lynn's 
Chambers, Lyd-st., S.; In earlier 
times was touring mgr. for L. J. 
Lohr, Steel e-Paynes, McAdoo's 
Minstrels, etc.; ret. to Ball., '95; 
since assoc. with Her Majesty's 
theatre; rep. of Ben. J. Fuller, 
vaudeville mgr.; sec. Ball., B'yong 
and B'beet T. Clubs, Windermere 
A.N.A. race mtgs., and Ball. Trot. 
Club; one time playing mbr. Ball. 
F.C.. and S. Imp. C.C. 
XcGOWAN. Arthnr Gerald; M.B.; 
Ch.B.; b. Ball.; s. of 1. Sam. McGow- 
an (an early principal of firm of 
Broadbent Bros. & Coy.) ; educ. 
Ball. Coll. & Melb Univ. fqual. as 
above, '97); practising Drummond- 
st., N. Ball.; C'wealth Med. Officer 
for Ball, dist.; also Med. Officer of 
Ball. Benev. Asylum; Club, Ballarat 
KcOOWAK, John Ja».; s. of 1. Sam.' 

McGowan (sev. yrs. head of firm of 
Broadbent Bros. & Co.); b. Ball.; 
educ. Ball. Coll.; art. to 1. Sir Hy. 
Cuthbert, and in '92 admitted to 
practise as barr. & sol.; now prac- 
tising Lyd.-st., S.; trea.s. Ball. 
Coll. CI., and in that capacity act- 
ively identified with building fund 
of new Coll., '12-'13; treas. St. An- 
drew's Kirk; mbr Kirk choir for 
many yrs.; mbr. Hosp. Com.; ex- 
pres. Ball. Law Assoc; comm. for 
taking affidavits; mbr. Art Gallery 

McG&ATE, David; J.P.; b. North of 
Ire., '49; arr. Aust., '51; one of old 
time mayors of Bor. of Browns & 
Scarsdale; estab. gen. store Allen- 
dale, '84; gaz. J.P., '87; mbr. Cres- 
wick Shire CI., '85-'00; twice pres.: 
chairman Allendale prospecting 
Com.; treas. & ex-pres. Allendale 
Mech. Inst.; fdr. and for many yrs. 
past pres. of Allenaale Relief Fd.; 
has mastered Esperanto language. 

McGBATH, David Charles, M.P.; b. 
Newtown, '72; s. of above; educ. 
Newtown S.S. & Cres. G.S.; store- 
keeping at Clementston for sev. 
yrs.; removed to Pitfleld, '00, and 
opened store; elected member for 
Grenville, Vic. Assembly, June, '04, 
and became strong advocate of 
abolition of royalty, and of min. 
reform, including ventilation; mbr. 
of special commtees that enquired 
into tied houses, and the Col. Mut. 
Ass. Coy's affairs; resigned Gren- 
ville seat, Feb., '13, to contest Ball. 
Fed. seat, for which he was re- 
turned. May 31st, '13; & re-elected 
Sep. '14; with increased majority; 
was suspended by Speaker John- 
son for rest of session on Nov. 11, 
'13, for criticising the Speaker out- 
side the House, and declining to 
apologise; but suspension removed 
next session; was sec. Allendale 
A.N. A. for many yrs., and claims 
record for having introduced the 
greatest no. of new mbrs (700); 
one of fdrs. of Hollybush Social 
Democratic Club, '02; v.-c. & cham- 
pion rover South Ball. F.C. in 
"nineties"; sec. Hollybush branch 
U.A.O.D., '01; mbr Cent. Exec. 
P.L.C., '13; enlisted for active ser- 
vice European war 1916. 

HcOBEGOB, John Thompaoii; b'. 

Ball. E., '77; s. of Alex. McGregor; 
mbr. firm of A. McGregor & Sons, 
house & machinery removers; educ. 
Queen-st. S.S.; fdn. mbr. Caled. Soc. 
Pipe Band, '08; later band sgt. ; v.- 
p., Caled. Soc. CI.; W.M. Ball. Mas. 
Lodge, '12; mbr. bd. of St. John's 
Presbyt Ch.; fdtion mbr. St. John's 
C.C. and East Ball. Harr. Club. 
UcGBEOOB, Hon. Bobert; M.L.A.; 
Mbr. for Ball. E. in Legis. Assem- 
bly of Vic. since '94; b. Ball. E., 
'53; s. of 1. Chas. McGregor; educ. 
Eureka-st. S.S., & resided in same 
neighbourhood since boyhood; mer- 



chant, '82-'93; now gen. comm. 
agent: contested Ball. E- lor Vic. Legis. 
Assembly, "91; elected "94; hon. membr 
Peacock Govt., '01-2; accompanied 
Prince (now Kins) George to N.Z. 
as official rep. of Vic. Govt., '01; 
mbr Royal Comm. on Perishable 
Products; deputy chairman of 
Legis. Assembly, and mbr. sev. 
House ComT. pres. City A.N.A., 
'86, hon. mbr. Ball. E. A.N. A.; 
snpt. Golden Point Meth. Sun. Sch. many 
yrs.; mbr. Mech. Inst. Com.; v. -p. East Ball 
Harr. C; pres. Ball. Lyric Orch. Society 

KcZTXB, Samnel; s. of 1. Kenneth 
Mclver; b. Talbot, '64; arr. Ball. [ 
few yrs. later; educ. Mt. Pleasant I 
8.S.; stove, oven, etc., manufac- j 
turer, Lyd.-st., N.; designer and! 
patentee Mclver camp oven; suc- 
cessful trial at Milit. Camp, Ball., 1 
'15; pres. Ball. E. branch A.N.A., 
•03; mbr. Ball.F.B. under old voL 
system, and sec. Ball. F.B. Club | 
(exclu.sively composed of survivors j 
of old brigade) for many yrs.; 
strong advocate of mun. amalga- 
mation in Ball., and as such con- 
tested Ball. EL Town CI. seat. '11; i 
v.-p. Greater Ball. I.ieague: v. -pros. ! 
Aust. Manufactures Exhibition, '07. 

UcnrTTBi:, TUomas Hewman; b. ! 
Belfn^t, '46; s. of Head Constable 
James Mclntyre; Joined Irish Con- 
stabulary. '63; soon afterwards 
transferred to military police; on 
reaching Aust. few yrs. later, be- 
came school teacher: but joined , 
Vic. police force. '69; was stationed 
In N.E. dlst. during raids of Kelly 
bushrangers, '78; sole survivor of 
police party of four surprised and 
attacked by the bushrangers on 
Oct. 28. '78; Sgt. Kenne^ly & Con- 
stables Rcanlon & Lonlgaii being 
murdered; escaped on horseback, 
after being di.xarmed and seeing 
two comrades shot dead; received 
State pension a little later for ser- 
vices renrlered; In charge of Wend, 
powder magnr-ine for pa«t l.S yrs; wrote 
"Tru e Nar rative of Kelly Bushrangers" 

IToKZinEIi:, Donald; J. P.; b. Moray- 
shire fScot.), '33; 8. of Donald 
McKenzle; arr. Aust., '54; settled 
Camgham as farmer and graxler, 
'58; resident Ball, since '88; mbr. 
flrst Road Bd. of Riponshire; later 
mbr. RIpon Shire CI.; pres. '85; 
gas. J.P., '85; active Liberal cam- 
paigner for many yrs.; chairman 
of com. for sev. Lib. candidates; 
elected elder Camgham Presbyt. 
Ch., '66; now elder, St. Andrew's 
Kirk; rep. on liall. Presbytery for 
nearly 50 yrs.; now hon. treas.; rep. 
■•v. congregations on Presbyt. As- 
■emblv of Vic; l.g. Benev. Asylum 
and Ho«p. : v.-p. Ball. Caled. 8oc. ; 
supt. St. An''rew's b'-nnch Sun 
Sch. slMce 'S!>: pres. Pall. Cltv 
RC. '07-«; P.D.fS.M. of M.U.T.O.O.F.: 
ex-Bihr Camgham *nd Rstl. Kille Chib«: 
m. Mary McKachnrn. of Argyle KScot.) 61 

McKEKZIi:, Oeorge; b. Ball., '64; s. 
of 1. John McKenzie (pioneer mbr. 
of Ball. Stock Exch.); educ. Low- 
ther's Sch (Errard-st.) ; lie. Royal 
Mail Hotel, Sebas.; playing mbr. 
Ball. Imp. F.C. for many yrs.; sev. 
yrs. capt.; del. on Ball. F. League 
for many yrs.; life hon. mbr. for 
services rendered; also capt. of 
assoc. teams in inter-league mat- 
ches; l.g. Benev. Asylum; one of 
earliest mbrs. City A.N.A.; old time 
mbr. Wend. C.C; one time active, 
and now hon., mbr. Ball. City P.B. 

KcKENZn:, Pearl; d. of J. B. 
McKenzie; b. L' month; educ. Humf- 
fray-st. S.S., Ball.; record of many 
successes at Ball. G'long, L'ceston, 
etc., comp. in eloc. & musical sec- 
tions; obt. poss. 100 pts. in under 
14 yrs. piano comp. at G'long; won 
open piano event at Stawell. & jun. 
eloc. champion q.t L'ceston, -t 
yrs.; third grand aggreg. elor. 
champ., Ball., '15; trained & cond. 
Imperial team for action songs — 
one 1st, two 2nd., Ball.. '11; 1st. 
'12; 2nd, '13; & 1st & 2nd at Laun- 
ceston, '14; also won humorous song comp 
on occasions, & one of most successful all 
round como. at Ballarat for several years 

ICcXISSOCK, Senator Andrew ITelaon : 
b. I'.all., '75; s. of 1. John McKissock 
(early resident of Ball., b. Adel.. 
'41); educ. St. Paul's S.S.; apprent. 
to F. W. Niven, printer; M.L.A. for 
Ball. W., '09-'ll, in Labor interest: 
unseated '11; contested C'wealth 
Senate, '13; elected to Senate, '14: 
rep. Typo. Union on T. & L. CT. 
since '00; twice pre.s. T. & L. CT.. 
* Eight Hours' Com.: marshal o** 
Eight Hours' procession; pres. Vlc- 
Rlverlna branch .\.W.U.. '07--13: 
v.-p., 'ir>: pres. Ball, branch Tram 
Emp. Fed. & Elect. Workers* Un : 
ex-pres. Ball. P.L.C. ex-mbr. Cent 
Exec: P.G.M. N. Star Lodge, M.I'. 
I.O.O.F., mbr. Urq.-st. S.S. com.; 
v.-p. Choral Union: served tn 
3rd Battn Mllltla. and on visltfnr 

5. Africa, '93, fought in Matabelo 
war, and present at relief of Bula- 
wayo, and acted as scout under 
col. (uow Mjr.-Gen.) Sir R. B. Powel; pab» 
licly welcomed back to Ballarat. "96 

K0I.EAH, John C. J.; b. Avoca, rri; 
8. of Jas. K. McLean (of E:dln.) : 
educ. AvocJi S.S. : arr. Ball, as local 
rep. of r>. & W. Murray (softgoodp- 
men), '95; previously rep. L. St«r- 
en."<on A. Sons, Ltd. at G'long an-' 
Ball.; actively Ident. with musical 
circles In Ball.: mbr. Liedertafel 
com.; taken part in sev. operatic, 
etc., productions; mbr. vartouN 
comp. choirs; mbr. Caled. Soc. CI.. 

6. musical dir. : mbr. com. St. An- 
drew's branch P.M. A., mbr. St. Andrew'"* 
Kirk Bd.: mbr. Cent. B. C; patron City B-nrt 

Ifel^EISX, John Vre; s. of Wm. 
.^J|•I,«»lsh (inino mgr.): b. Scarsdalc. 
'70: educ Trunk Lead & Bunker^' 
Hill S.S.: est. & comm. agent, LytJ- 



St., Ball., since '07; agent City 
Mutual Life Assoc, and Alliance 
Fire Ins. Co.; treas. Ball. B.C., 
•11-'15; mbr. Ball. El A.N.A.; sec. 
old Waverley C.C. sev. yrs.; one of 
fdrs., and later sec. & treas. Buf- 
falo Club; ex-mbr. Ball. C.C. com.; 
sec. Mining Mgr.s.' As.soc. since '15. 
McBCANAMinr, Snpt. Patrick: b. Ball. 
'64, s. of 1. Michael McManamny 
(an early col. and first licensee of 
Mack's Hotel, Vlc-st., Ball. E); 
educ. C.B.S. Ball. W.; Joined police 
force '87; & six mos. later transf. 
to C.I. branch; reaching rank of 
agt. detective; ret. to uniformed 

f»olice with rank of sub- insp. '10, 
ater Inspector and supt., for some 
time supt. of C.I. branch, Melb.; 
app. supt. of Ball, police dist. '16: 
many yrs. engaged on nearly all 
Important crime investigations of 
Victoria: one of earliest mbrs. Ball. 
City A.N.A. and of Wend. B.C. also 
playing mbr. Ball. Imp. F.C. for 

sev. yrs. , , „ ,, 

XcMANAMXnr, Tlioc. Francis: b. Ball. 
E. '76; s. of 1. Jas, McManamny 
(col. of early 50's and pioneer wine 
and spirit merch.) ; nephew of 1. 
Most Rev. Dr. Moore (2nd R.C. Bp. 
of Ball.) and bro. of 1. Very Rev. 
Dr. McManamny; and cousin of 
Supt. McManamny: educ. Jesuit 
Coll. Adel.; and Holy Ghost (now 
St. Patrick's) Coll. Ball.; was the 
first scholar of latter coll. enrolled; 
v.p. St. P. Coll. Old Boys' Assoc; 
pastoral pursuits in N.S.W. sev. 
yrs. and succeeded to family in- 
terest in Mack's Hotel, Ball. E. 
(which has been held by family for 
over fiO vrs.) '11; now sole propr.; 
pres. Vic! B.C. '13-14; patron S. Ball 
F.C; mbr. Ball. Miners' T.C. and 
Ballarat Trotting club 

T5CMAKAMKY, Margraret (Macrgie); 
d. of 1. Rd. Sherlock; educ Con v. of 
Mercy, Ball. E.: and musically by 
Chevalier De Fittipaldi; teacher of 
vocal music and voice production, 
etc. for about 20 yr.s.; 5, Bond-st., 
Ball. E.; mbr. Ball. Liedertafel, & 
principal soprano for many yrs.; 
leading lady in numerous grand & 
comic opera productions, notably, 
"Maritana," Bohemian Girl," "Gir- 
ofle, Girofla." "Golden Legend," 
" The Rose Maiden," and various 
oratorios; principal soloist & org. 
St. Alipiu.s' R.C. Ch.. 'OO-'IO; princi- 
pal soloLst St. P. Cath., since '10; 
gold medallist old Ball Eisteddfod; 
and winner soprano solo sev. yrs. 
in succession at South-st. Society's 
eomp.; a favorite on nearly every 
concert platform in Western Vic 

•tXcVaT.I.AH, David; b. Ball., '78; s. 
of John McMillan (a survivor 
of oriRinal merh staff of the 
"Courier"); apprent to 1. C. Boyd 
(pioneer printer of Ball.); assist.- 
printer "Kvg. Echo" since '10; del. 
of Typo. Union on T. & L. CI. since 
'09, & Eight Hours* Com. since '0.5; 

first sec. Ball. E. P.L.C.; sec and 
del. Golden Pt.F.C. (before club 
Joined League) ; sec. Golden Ft. 
A grade F.C; treas. A grade F. 
Assoc, at inception; played cricket 
with Grocers' Friday Club, Eben- 
ezer Sun. Sch. Team, and Burnie 
( Tas ^ C C 

McXTEU, James Alex.; b. Mary- 
borough, '62; s. of 1. Sam. McNeil 
(ex sea capt.); wood merch.. Ball. 
E. Rv. Station, since '80; mbr. Ball. 
E. Town CI., 'OO-'ll; mayor 'lO-'ll; 
served term on Water Comm.; one 
of promoters Co-operative Distrib. 
Soc; dir. sev. yrs.; one of fdrs. & 
first pres. Greater Ball. League; & 
strong advocate of mun. amalga- 
mation; after adverse vote recorded 
by ratepayers of Ball.. E., in '02, he 
resigned seat in CI. as protest, but 
was returned unopposed as straight- 
out amalgamationist; unseated '11; 
mbr Single Tax League of Vic. and 
Ball. A.H.S. CI.; one of fdrs. and 
first hon. sec. (3 yrs.) Decentral- 
isation League of Vic, estab. '12. 
KcirEXI.Ii, John; b. MiUicent (S.A.): 
arr. Vic, '95; shearing, min. and 
farm, pursuits for many yrs.; later 
A.W.U. organiser; contested Glen- 
elg seat Legis. Assembly, '06; re- 
sumed org. for Vic-Riverina dipt. 
(6 yrs.); later app. sec. Charleville 
(Q.) branch A.W.U. , and contested 
Dalby seat; app. sec. Vic-Riverina 
diat. at Ball.. '13; v.-p. Ball. P.L.C.; 
pres. Ball. T. & L. CL; dir. "Evg^ 
Echo" Coy. 
McPHAXl^, Jolm; b. Argyleshlre 
(Scot.), '44; s. of 1. Alex. McPhall 
(min. eng.) ; arr., '54; thrice 
re-visited Scot.; Jockey, cross- 
country rider and horse trainer. 
Ball. & dist., for 30 j'rs.; numerous 
winning mounts; rode Reindeer, 3- 
mile steeple, Flemin^ton. '69: Hot- 
spur, Flemington Hurdle, '70-'71; 

I trained Simpleton, Hans Breltman. 

I successful Steeplers; rode & trainod 

I successful horses for 1. R. Orr, W. 
Bailey, Andrew Chirnside, and self; 
followed bookmaking for many yr.«., 
and in recent yrs. has been the of- 
ficial superviser of bookmakers on 
various Aust. courses. 
KoTAOOABT, Ebanazer B.; b. Gins. 
(Scot.), '51; arr. Aust. with parent". 
'54: educ. N. Melb. G.S., & Fitzroy 
Public Sch.; seafaring between 
Singapore. Java, Siam, China. Japan 
N.Z. & W.A., '67-'72; clerk Vic. 
Rys., '72; station master, '77; teleg. 
insp., '85; later station master at 
Bendigo and Seymour, and Dist. 
Traffic Supt., Maryborough, '97; 
Ball.. '02-'10: ret. on a/c falling 
health; during regime at Ball, 
placed Ry. Picnic day business on 
satisfactory basis; almoner Yarro- 
wee Mas. Lodge. 
KEAOAN, Kathleen; Dip. Univ.; 
L.A.B.; b. Ball,; mus. staff, Conv. 



of Mercy, Ball. E., since '95; suc- 
cessful comp. violin and piano 
events, Ball, comp., for sev. yrs.; 
won three scholarships at Melb. 
Univ. Conserv.; also Edward Goll 
scholarship, Marshall Hall Con- 
serv.; accomplished pianiste, and 
official accomp. Ball, competitions. 

KESWEI^Xi, Chas.; b. L' month '73; s. 
of 1. John Medwell; educ. L'month 
S.S.; produce dealer, L'month since 
about '95; one of earliest mbrs. 
L'month branch A.N.A.; pres. '95; 
secty. '95-12; W.M. L'month Mas. 
Lodge '15; pres. Public Library 
com. '15; pres. L'month B.C. '15; 
mbr. Presbyt. Ch. Bd.; an active 
for ce i n various institutions. 

KSBWSKK, Cr. Slohard !•.; b. 
L'month, '66; s. of 1. John Medwell 
(early Identity); educ. L'month 
S.S.; produce merch. for many yrs.; 
mbr. Ball. Shire CI. since '10; one 
of fdrs. L'month A.N. A.; active 
mbr. Mech. Inst., Mas. Lodgre, and 
Bowling Club. 

VaiVXIES, Jas. M.L.A.; J.P.; mbr. for 
Lowan in Vic. Legris. Assembly 
since '06; succeeding Mr. (now Sir) 
W. H. Irvine; K.C., who res. seat; 
was the selected Liberal candidate; 
previously contested the seat in 
opp. to the then ret. mbr. Mr. J. 
Stanley; since re-elected without 
opposition; mbr. of Finance com. of 
House; mbr. Royal Comm. on Hous- 
ing, '14-16; mbr. Vic. Bd. of Abori- 
gines;' ex-mbr. Vic. Com. on Vacci- 
nation; ex-mbr. Dimboola Shire CI. 
(17 yrs.): thrice pres.; b. Ball.; s. of 
1. Robert Menzies (col. of '54; pio- 
neer storekeeper and merch. of 
Ball.) ; educ. Lowther's and Menzie's 
den. schs.; after business exp. in 
Ball. 8ettle<l in Jeparlt as merch. 
'93; latterly agrlc. pursuits, near 

KXSXJV, SolMrt 8.; b. Sebas., '62; 
8. of Thos. Merlin (col. of '53); one 
of fdrs. Ball. P.L.C.; pres. Ball. Sth. 
P.L.L., '13-'14; one of fdrs. Ball, 
branch of Fed. Carters' & Drivers' 
Un. ; pres., '15; mbr. of first C. & 
D. Wages Bd. (3 yrs.); att. every 
conf. of Un., inc. Federal Conf. at 
Brisbane, '14; !«ec. G'long branch 
C. ft D. Un., •14-'1B; rep. Ball, 
branch on T. ft L. CI. for term; 
collector '"Evg. Elcho" since '15; 
mbr. Sebas. Old Boys' Association. 

KESTOH, Wm. b. E. Melb. '71; s. of 
1. Alex. Meston (col. of early 60'8) : 
educ. Albert Park pte. sch. and 
Scotch Coll. Melb.; Joined Bank of 
N.8.W. staff Melb. '88: attached 
h.o. sev. yrs.; became a/ct. at P.all. 
branch '13: prom. mgr. at Creswii-k 
'14; mbr. Cres. Recruiting and Pat- 
riotic committees, also mbr. Bel- 
gian Relief com.; mbr. Llbrar>- 
com. treas. Cres. Hosp., Benev. Soc- 
iety. Coorrtng and T.C.. acting hon. 
sec. Cres. Rowling and Tennis 

aCBBS. Xtimat. CNo. VlBaeek; M.B.; 

s. of Geo. Merz; b. Prahran, '91; 
educ. Humffray-st. S.S., Ball., and 
Gren. Coll. (ent. schol. dux) and 
jun. and jun. and sen. P.S. 
exam.; won exhib. prize of £200, 
tenable at Melb. Univ.; took M.B. 
degree, Aug., '14; obt. Comm. 2nd 
Lieut. Univ. Rifles, '13; Lieut, and 
Instr. C wealth Aviation Corps, '14; 
served New Guinea campaign, '14- 
'15; Persian Gulf operations, Jul> 
& Aug., '15. (The compiler regrets 
that Lieut. Merz was killed in ac- 
tion near Busra, Aug. '15; being 
attacked by Arabs upon aeroplane 
falling through engine failure). 

XOIDOX^ETOZr, Clarice; d. of 1. W. 
H. Malyon, (pioneer chemist of 
Ball.); m. Thos. Leslie Middleton; 
educ. Queen's Coll., Ball.; after pre- 
liminary mus. and dram, study, 
accepted lengthy engagement with 
J. C. Williamson Dramatic Coy.. 
Aust. and N.Z, tour, •99-'00; won 
ent. scholarship Marshall-Hall Con- 
serv. of Mus., Melb., '01; won sev. 
continuance scholarships in ensu- 
ing six yrs.; appeared with fellow- 
students in opera as " Hansel " 
"Hansel & Greta"), His Majesty's 
Melb.: performed at sev. student?' 
recitals, and as soloist at Melb. 
Town Hall; gave successful public 
recital as "Dame Page" In "Merry 
Wives of Wind.sor," at Her Majes- 
ty's, Ball., under auspices Citizens' 
com.; later estab. operatic class. 
Ball., and with students produced 
sev. operettas — "Sylvia," "Nautical 
Knot" and "Bui Bui"; toured Grt. 
Brit, and Cont. in '13-' 15 for adv 
study of music in all branches, 
hearing leading artists of the time: 
app. teaching staff, Melb. Univ. 
Con.«?erv. (vocal music), '15. 

XZBBIiSTOir, Wm. Henry; pres. P. 
of .Mines CI. since '13; pres. Art 
Gall. CI. since '14; pres. Progress 
Assoc, '10-'12; treas. Fed. Progress 
Assoc, of Vic, since '12; mbr. Ang 
Synod & Dioc. CI.; Cath. Bd.: buil- 
ding & fin. com.; fdtn. mbr. Ch. of 
Eng. G.S. CI.; hon. sec. All Saintp' 
Ang Ch., sev. yrs.; b. Wedderburn. 
•64; 8. of 1. Bdwd. C. Middleton 
(col. of '50); educ. Russell's den. 
Sch., B'yong.; mbr. firm of Middle- 
ton ft Morris since '88; now sole 
prop.; plumber & gasfltter, ano 
patentee Crescent Air Petrol Oa?- 
machine; mbr. Educ. com. "Forward 
Ballarat" movement; v.p. Ball. Em- 
ployers* Assoc; pres. Vic. Tech. 
Sch. .\ssoclatlon. 

MX2>DZi£TOIf, ZiMlle Jaa.; s. or 
above; h. Mall.. 'iU; educ. Ball. G.S. 
and Sch. of Mines; (grad. mln. eng. 
ft surv., '10); assist, mun. eng. 
City of Ball., 'll-'l.'.; lecturer on 
mathematics and demonstrator Irt 
phvslcs, .S. of Mines; Lieut. 7th 
A,t.R., '10.'12; one of fdrs. La- 
crosse Club, '12; hon. sec. Wend. 



Tennis Club; one of promoters & 
first hon. sec. Ball. Tennis Assoc. 
sports master Sch. of Mines. 

miiliEXl, Bobert; b. Waratah (Tas.>, 
•S4; settled Cres. dlst., '98; joined 
Cres. P.Li.C., '04; pres. '06; sec. 
Bince '07; one of fdrs. Ball. Fed. 
Campaign Labor CI.; v.-p. '12; 
pres. since '13; sec. Allendale 
electorate Labor CI. since '14; 
country employees' rep. on Fuel. 
Fodder & ChaCEcutters' Wages Bd. 
since '12 

XCXX.X.E&, Bobert Jas.; s. of John 
Miller, of Co. Tyrone (Ire.) ; b. Ball., 
'63; undertaker & embalmer, Arm- 
strong-st., S., since '00; pres. Vic. 
Band Assoc. '13; del. Rush worth 
Band. •05-'14; Brighton Band, '14- 
•15; old time mbr. and supporter 
Prout's Band; pres., 'lO-'lS; treas., 
•13-14; N.G. Pioneer Lodge, I.O.O.F., 
•07; D.D.G.M. Ball, dist., '12; P. 
Arch, Coronation Lodge, U.A.O.D., 
'11; assist, .sec. & press cpt. 
Ancient Briton Lodge. U.A.O.D.. 
•11; mbr. Ball. UuF.S. Disp. 
Com.; trea-s. South-st. Deb. Soc. 
sev. yrs.; mbr. City & Newington 
A.N. A.; active mbr. Ironworkers' 
Assoc, sev. yrs.; mbr. exec. Worn- 
out riliners' Sustentation Fund, & 
active worker various charitable 
movements; mbr. S. Ball. F.C. ; 
patron Golden Pt. F.C; promoter 
and supporter sev. dist. min. co.'s. 

XCII.I.Z:B, Thos. Craig; s. of 1. Alex. 
Miller, J. P. (early col., and fdr. of 
firm of Alex. Miller & Sons, tailors 
& outfitters, Bridge-st.); educ. I 
Bain's H.S.; mgr. Alex. Miller and 
Sons' emporium: pres. Ball. Hosp., 
•13-'14; l.g. & pres. Orph., '11-'12; 
W.M., St. John's Mas. Lodge, '97; 
P.J.G.W.. Grand Lodge of Vic; 
mbr. Bd. of General Purposes; l.g. 
Masonic Homes; one of fdrs. & ex- 
pres. of Ball. Caled. Soc; pres. 
slech. Inst., '10; mbr. Art Gallery 

iaiI.I.EB, Wm.; s. of 1. Alex. Miller, 
J.P.: b. Ball., '73; educ. Bain's H.S. 
(dux, '90) ; art. to 1. Jas. Piper, 
architect: Joined Geo. W. Clegg in 
firm of Clegg & Miller, architects, 
'95; retired to take post of sec, 
Pureka Terra Cotta & Tile Co. (of 
which one of promoters) ; with G. 
W. Clegg designed Queen Victoria 
Women s Ward of Ball. Hosp., 
Orph., and other public buildings 
In Ball. & W. dist. ; 3rd prize winner 
for design for Auckland Town Hall; 
3rd prize winner Aust. design for 
Queen Victoria Hosp., Melb.; design 
accepted, '02; one of fdrs. & v.-p. 
Ball. Harr. Club; v.-p. & ex-hcpr. 
Ball. Center V.A.A.A.: rep. mbr. of 
club in half-mile to 10-mile and 
other champ.s. for 10 yrs.; third 
place in 50-mile walk (to 25-mlle 
post from Melb. Haymarket and re- 
, turn), Apl. 30, '96. in lOi hours- 

mbr. exec. Amat. Boxing & Wrest- 
ling; fdr. & first hon. sec. Soldiers* 
Hill B.C.; pres., '11-'12; winner 
pres. trophy, '15; discovered prac- 
ticability of utilising abandoned 
slum heaps for manufacture lo- 
cally of terra cotta ware, now 
specialised by Eureka T. C. & T. 
Company; mbr. Public Utilities 
com. of "Forward Ballarat" move- 

KZIiX^S, Cliaa. J.; b. C'maine '64; s. of 
1. J. W. Mills (who wrote and pub- 
lished "The Lays of Wendouree" 
(book of poems) about '80; col. of 
'54); educ. Cox's sch. Ball. N.; 
builder, contractor and carpenter. 
Chancery Lane, Ball. W., for many 
yrs. as mbr. firm of Mills & Son, 
now sole principal; contracting in 
Sth. Africa '96-9 and '03-7; for some 
yrs. mbr. Wanderers' orch and 
Milit. Band (Johannesburg) the 
leading org. of kind in Africa; 
playing clarionet instrument; also 
idtion. mbr. Ball. Lyric orch.; 3rd 
batt. mint, band. Curlew orch, etc., 
for many yrs.; mbr. Ball. Master 
Builder.*?' and Contractors' Assoc; 
and fdtion, mbr. Wend. B.C. 

MITCHEI.1^, CUve I.eslia; s. of Wm 
Thos. Alitchell; b. Broadford' '96; 
educ. Broadford S.S. & Ball. A.H.S.; 
in Union Bank service '12-'15; ptc. 
70th Regt., '13; sgt., '14; on active 
service with No. 6 Field Amb., 3rd 
A.I.F., GalUpoli and French cam- 
paigns, '15-'16; mbr. St. Paul's 
Tennis Club, and runner-up Ball. 
Assoc, open gents' doubles, '15. 

KXTCUEX.!^, Sgt. Frederick Allan; h. 
Wend., '94: s. of Fred. Mitchell; 
educ. Wend. S.S.; joined No. 30 
A.M.C., Ball., '12: staff-sgt., '15; on 
active service Egyptian, GalUpoli 
and French campaigns with No. 8 
Field Amb., 3rd A.I.F., '15-'16: 
fdtion. mbr. Wend. Rec. Club; hon. 
sec. Tennis Club, '13-14; fdtion mbr. 
Wend. F.B.: mbr. Milit. Club and 

JtlTCHEI.Ii, Edward J.; b. Ball., '77: 
educ. Bain's H.S.: joined staff Pall. 
Tru.<5tee.«, Exec, &c Co. as junior 
clerk, '94; later securities clerk: 
sec. since '09; treas. Ball. Golf 
Club., '12-'14; now mbr. com.; mbr. 
Cent. B.C.; one of fdrs. and first 
pres. Ball, branch of Vic. Inst, of 
Sees.; mbr. Ball. com. Lady Hen-'s Patriotic League 

KITCHEI.2^, Capt. Henry; V.D.; b. 
Chatham (Eng.), '52; arr. Vic, '54; 
Ball., '57; with Educ. Dept. for 46 
yrs.: retiring '12; for 31 yrs. tr. at 
Mt. Clear; hon. sec. Ball. Teachers' 
Club: pte. in old Vic. Rancrers. '70; 
later in 3rd Batt. Inf.: retiring with 
rank of Capt. & Q.-M.; & awarded 
Volunteer Decoration. 

MZTCHEX.!., Major Jas. Thoi.; M.B. 
& Ch.M. Aberdeen, and M.D.. Melb. 
T'niv.: M.R.C.S., Eng.; medical off. 
C'v/ealth Mint. Forces, attached 
A.I.F., '15; supt. Convalescent Re»t 



Home for sick and wounded Sol- 
diers, Clifton Springs. '16; b. Adel., 
'56; s. of 1. T. J. Mitchell, banker 
(col. of '38); hon. consult, surgeon 
& phys. Ball. Hosp., many yrs.; 1. 
g. Hosp.; W.M. Yarrowee Mas. 
Lodge, 'OO-'Ol: v.-p. Y.M.C.A., '12- 
'15; ex-supt. Lyd.-st. Meth. Inst.; 
ex-pres. Royal Soc. of St. George; 
ex-pres. Ball. div. B.M.A.; v.-p. & 
ex-pres. Lyric Orch. Soc.; expres. & ex-rink 
capt. Cent. B.C. pres. Ball. Mus. Soc. 
XZTCHSXiXi, uc-Cr. Jamei; J.P.; 
farmer & grrazier, Windermere; b. 
Waubra, '58; s. of 1. Cr. J. Mitchell 
early Identity); gaz. J.P., '05; ent- 
ered Ball. Shire CI. '98; twice pres.; 
vol. retired '15; chairman Cardigan 
S.S. Com.; mbr. com. Windermere 
Mech lust.; mbr. Ball. A. 4 P. CI.; frequent 
exhibitor stock at dist. shows & prize taker 
acZTCHX:i.lM Blcliard; a. of 1. R. S. 
Mitchell; b. near Newcastle (Eng.) 
'52; arr. Aust. '61; settled Ball, 
educ. Stallard's Ball. G.S. & Gren. 
Coll.; a roamer in nearly all States 
of Aust. for about 23 yrs.; perman- 
ently settling down about 1900; v. 
pres. Ball. Gun club and winner 
numerous trophy stakes; mbr. Ball. 
Anglers' club and Fish Acclim. 
Soc. com.; mbr. Cent. B.C. and lea- 
der in pennant rinks for sev. vrs.; 
life subscriber Ball. Hosp.: life 
mbr. Mech. Inst.: mbr. CI. of Ball. 
Old Col. Assoc, club — Old Col.,; re- 
cre ation n: angtini;, shootini; and bowl 
BUTCHSI^^, Thoa.; s. of 1. Richard 
S. Mitchell one of earliest resi- 
dents of Ball.: col. of '52; died '06; 
owner of Mitchell's buildings — 
Snow's, etc.): b. Newcastle (Eng.), 
'50: educ. Stallard's G.S. and Gren. 
Coll., Ball.; managed father's Inter- 
ests many yrs.; one of fdrs. & mbr. 
com. Ball. Angler."?' Club; mbr. com. 
of Ball. Fl.ih Acclimatisation Soc.; 
mbr. old Sparrow Club com.; won 
Kynoch trophy, '94; l.g. Hosp. & 
Orph; Receations — Ashing, shoot- 
ing & gardening; address. Blythe- 
w ood. C reswlck Road, 
XITCXZIiIi, B«ub«n; s. of above: b. 
Ttall.. '94; educ. Macarthur-st S.S. 
& nate.V Vedette Coll.: cadet on 
H.M.S. Psyche at age of 15; later 
on H.M.S. Challenger: mbr. of team 
of Challenger that obtained world's 
record score of 6 hits. 6 rounds, in 
28 sees. — the best 12-pounder per- 
formance In light quick-nrlng gun 
laying test, Hobart. Dec. '11; vis- 
ited ESng., and studied at submarine 
Coll., Oosport, (Eng). passing ex- 
am, for gunnery torpedo work; 
awarded three "very good" cert., 
scoring 298 out of poss. 300 pts.; 
posted to H.M. Aust. submarine 
A.K.2. 'IS; ret. to Aust.. July. '14; 
and called to active service. Oerm. 
New Guinea operations, Aug.: 
present at taking of Rabaul, etc., 
Sept.: later served In Dardanelles 
campaign, and trans, to H.M.S. 
Adamant, munition ship. June, '!!>■ 

I later attached to Italian submarine 
I and now serving on Brit, submarine 
MONTAGUE, David J.; b. Hereford- 
I shire (Kng.); (both parents musl- 
I cal; mother a fine singer); started 
pianoforte at 12 yrs. under parish 
I organist; later studied harmony & 
I counterpoint under successful 
I composer; approaching manhood, 
continued studies in London in 
I vocal, violin, piano, harmony, 
c'point, etc., under leading masters 
of continent; then followed suc- 
cessful career as concert & operatic 
singer (leading basso in opera 
coy.) ; subsequently settled BalL, 
and here and elsewhere became suc- 
cessful Ch. org. & choirmaster, and 
conductor of choral societies, orch., brass 
& military bands. * adjudicator of comps. 

KOONET, Jas. Tbos.; b. Cape Clear; 
s. of 1. Wm. Mooney; educ. Cape 
Clear S.S. & Gren. Coll.; clerk in 
office of uncle, 1. J, P. Roberts, & 
later joined Vic. Rys. signalling 
branch, '89; stationed Queensclifl, 
Wheip, Ball. W. & E.; hon. sec. 
people 8 services at Alfred Hall '99: 
inaug. Pleasant Sun. Afternoon, 
Aug., '99; successively addressed by 
leading Statesmen of the time: 
pres. Ball. City branch A.N.A., '04; 
one of fdrs., in '01, and hon. sec- 
Sun. Sch. Choristers (successful at 
leading prov. comp., winning 11 
choral champ.); hon. sec. Ball. 
Y.M.C A., and rep. It at conf. at 
Adel.. '02; Syd., '03; mbr, of bd. 
for many yrs.; inaug. Y.M.C.A. 
tent at B'beet camp (one of first in 
Aust.), '03; org. sec. of teams of 
100 young men in Y.M.C.A. building 
fund campaign. '07; founder of 
Y.M.C.A. Tennis Club, '04; one of 
fdrs. Ball. Choral soc. (champions 
sev. occasions) mgd trip to "Too- 
woomba (Q.) Eisteddfod of So- 
ciety's choir of 70 voices (winning 
all big events), '07; the founder 
Choral Union (champ.. Ball., '10): 
and organised successful trips of 
85-volce choirs to Syd., 'lO-'ll 
(champ.. '11); ex-v.p., now chair- 
man of com.;sec. Ball. Lledertafel: 
org. numerous efforts on behalf of 
charities, raising altogether many 
hundreds of pds.; life governor 
Orphanage & Hosp. ; pres. Ball. Rxhib. com 
& chairman mus. com of four exhibs.: mbr. 
Queen Cam ival Cotnpet'ns com.; m Maud 
Ross, of .Summet Hill. Svd. '11 
MOOSE, Rev. Alex. Henderson; B.A.; 
pastor of .Scot.s" Ch.: s. of 1. ReT. 
A. M. Moore (minister of Reformed 
Presbyt. Ch., G'long, for 39 vrs.); 
b. O'long; educ G'long Coll. (under 
1. Dr. Geo. Morrison); teacher at 
Gren. Coll.. Ball.; Caulfield G.S., 
and O'long Coll. studied Melb. 
Univ.. and took B.A. degree. '90; 
studle<I theology Ormond Coll. or- 
dained first minister Presbvt. Ch., 
W. Perth. '98: first clerk. Presbv- 
tery of Perth: acting pastor St. 
And. Kirk. Ball.. '03; callAd t9 



Scots' Ch.. Ball. N.. Dec, '03; Mod. 
Ball. Presbytery, '11; clerk, •14-'16; 
first lect. Normal Coll. for Sun. 
Sch. Teachers, '05-'09; ores. Ball. 
W. Schools' Religious Instruction 
League; has for sev. yrs. given 
Bible lessons, Macarthur-st. and 
Black Hill S.S. 

X70BAK John; s. of 1 Lawrence 
Moran'; b. Kyneton; educ. Ball. Coll. 
.ind Bains. H.S.; mbr. firm of Mac- 
leod & Booth, stock & station 
salesmen. Ball.; for some time 
auct.: pres. Ball.. Commercial Club 
'15-16; for sev. yrs. treas Ball. 
Rowing Club; auditor Ball. A. & P. 
Society; hon. aud. B'beet T.C.: ex- 
aud. Miners' T. C. 

MOBAH, Thoa. 7.; b. Clunes, '65; s. 
of 1. Sgt. Laurence Moran (Vic. 
Police) ; educ. Learmonth S.S., and 
Jennings' P.S., Ball.; rep. Ball. 
Hardware Coy. since '89; mbr. 
C.T.A.; mbr. Ball. R.C. for 30 yrs.; 
ex-v.-p. & com.; ex-mbr. Regatta 
Assn.; starter at annual regattas 
since '90; mbr. S. Ball. F.C.; com. 
for sev. yrs.; ex-pres. Ball. E. 
Harrier Club; v.-p. Ball. Center 
V.A.A.A; ex-com. Miners' T.C.; 
dir. Birthday Tunnel, Ajax, Ajax. 
Cent., Nuggety Ajax, & N. Hope 
G.M. Co.'s; mbr. Ball. A. & P. CI.; 
Clubs — Com. (ex-pres.); O.C.A., & 
C.T., and Stock Exch., Melb: 

MOBET, Jas. Mattliew; mtd. Cons- 
table; b. B'go, '72; s. of 1. Samuel 
Morey (mine mgr.); joined P. Force 
'96; resigned to serve in S. African 
war with 3rd. Vic. Cont., '00; re- 
turned 18 mos. later and selected as 
one of returned soldiers to rep. 
Vic. at Coronation of King Edward 
VII.; been stationed Ball. 4i yrs.; 
pree. Newington A.N.A., '15; mbr. 
branch debating team; active mbr. 
Numurkah F.B. for 10 yrs., and 
regularly competed at demonstra- 

IZOBOAXr, Walter M.; s. of 1. S. J. 
Morgan (Ball, pioneer); b. Ball., 
'71; educ. Cent. S.S.; estab. Sports 
Depot, 6 Armstrong-st., N., '00; 
enlisted for military service '15, 
corp. clerk at Ball, Training depot; 
champ. Ball. B.C., '13; mbr. B.B.A. 
champ, rink (Ball.), '10-11 & '16; mbr. 
unbeaten Vic. rink agst. Tas., N.S. 
W. & Q., at Brisbane,^13; mbr Ball, 
rink, runners-up Aust. Champ, at 
Melb., '13; rep. cricketer 25 yrs.; ret. 
'15; joined Britannia C.C, '90; one 
of fdrs. Sun. Sch. Assoc, '91; mbr. 
Brit. 1st XI., '92-3; and with suc- 
cessive not-out scores aggregated 
400 before his first wicket fell; 
scored 98 at Daylesford and 90 at 
Rocky Lead, being offered 10/6 to 
retire, which he did, but declined 
the half-guinea; joined Ball. C.C, 
'94; scored 452 for avge. of 90.4, & 
took 40 wkts. for 4.8 runs per wkt., 

, '96-7; avged. 105.7 runs per wkt.. 

'97-8; scored four cent. In eight 
inn. of two matches (vide "Wis- 
den's Annual") in Friday cricket; 
and aggregated 1573 runs for avge. 
of 72 runs in all Friday & Sat. 
matches, '05-6; highest scores, 240 
agst. Ball. A. team, in '98; and 235 
n.o. agst. New Ball. '02-3; one of 
prom. dist. cricket '10; and avged. 
47 for 23 inn., and took 142 wkts. 
for 13.9 per wkt. in five seasons; 
altogether scored between 90 & 100 
cent, in cricketing career; scored 
36 for Vic. agst. Tas.; 135 agst. 
Vic. on M.C.C. ground; 66 agst. 
Eng. XI.; frequently capt. Ball. 
teams agst. international & other 
elevens; capt. of local teams sev. 
times, and hon. sec. North City 
C.C; champ. Ball. G.C., '01, '02, '06. 
'08, '10. '11. '13 & '14; amat. record 
of links, 151 (2 rds.), '10; open 
champ. Stawell, M'borough, B'fort, 
& Ararat, '14; mbr. champ, choir of 
Ball. Eisteddfod, 5 yrs. in succes- 

j sion; and also of winning quartet 
& trio; mbr. Liedertafel and St. 

I Andrew's choirs since '95. 

JMOBKBIi]^, Q.-K.8. 090. Hy.; s. of 
Samuel Morrell; b. Ball. W., '85; 
educ. Pleas-st. S.S.; pte 7th A.I.R., 
'04; sgt., '07; col.-sgt., '09; R.Q.M.S. 
70th regt. '13; on active service as 
Q.M.S. 23rd batt. A.I.F. in Gallipoli 
& French campgrns, '15-16; hon. sec. 
70th A.I.R. Sgts.' Mess, '13; first 
assist, sec. 70th Regt. Rifle Club; 
mbr. sev. successful rifle teams; 
ex-mbr. City F.B. ; one of fdrs. and 
first lieut. Wend. F.B., '13; sec. 
'14; ex-mbr. Enterprise F.C; later 
Jun. F. Assoc, umpire for eight yrs. 
MOBBBZ.1^, Wm. Hy.; b. Ball.; tea & 
prov. merch., Armstrong-st., N., 
since '96; rink capt. & mbr. com., 
Ball. N. Rec. Club sev. yrs.; club 
champ., '05-6, '11-12, & '13-'14; capt. 
rink into B.B.A. semi-final '14-'15; 
B.B.A. champ, rink, '08-9; mbr. 
Scots Ch. Bd. ; sec. & treas. Grocers' 
C.C, sev yrs.; treas. Master Gro- 
cers' Assoc; ex-capt. Old Princess 
F.C; one time champ, athlete old 
Ball. g>m.: l.g. Benev. Asylum. 
MOBBIS, Chas.; J.P.; b. Lond., '48; 
arr. Aust. with father (C Morris, 
of Bermondsey), '54; educ. St. 
Stephen's, Richmond; settled Ball., 
'67; estab. business in Sturt-st., 
'69; later Bridge-st.; estab. whole- 
sale box making industry, Lyd.-st., 
Ball., '00; mging. dir. Morris Manu- 
facturing Co. (with which is Identi- 
fied the Morris & Walker Propty. 
Ltd.); mbr. Excelsior Tent, I.O.R., 
since '67; C.R., '90; D.C.R., '72: 
gaz. J.P., 88; elder & rep. of Ch. of 
Christ, Dawson-st., & chairman of 
cong. ; reg for celebration of 
marriages, '88; m. Miss B. Wynne 
(sec. Excelsior Female Tent, I.O.R.), 



KOBBZ8, Herbert; s. of above; b. 
Ball. '77: educ. Cent. S.S.; qualified 
pharmacist: assist, dispenser. Melb. 
Disp., '03-'10: mgr. Ball. U.F.S. 
Dlsp. since '10: trustee Ch. of 
Christ, Ball.: treas. Sun. Sch.: mbr. 
Y.M.C.A. Tennis Club. 

KOKBZS, Cbaa. Bowen; s. of I. Sam- 
uel Morris (merch. of Ball. E.): 
bro. of F. P. Morris, hymn writer, 
Daylesford. and cousin of Madame 
Ada Crossley Muecke) ; b. Ball. E., 
'79; educ. Queen-st. S.S.ktr of org. 
& piano; org. Neil-st. Meth. Ch., 
'02-'06: org. & choirmaster Congre- 
gational Ch., '06-'08: org. & choir- 
master, Scots Ch. since '09. 

KOBBIS, Jolm; b. Ball. W., '75; s. 
of Wm. Morris; mbr. firm W. Morris 
& Sons, mon. sculptors, Creswick- 
rd.. since '08; cond. United Meth. 
Ch. choir, Peel-st.. Ball., •94-'05; 
Daylesford Presbyt. Ch. cholr.'OS- 
'08; produced "Gondoliers" & "The 
Sorcerer" comic operas, Dayles- 
ford. '07 and '08; cond. Bap. Ch. 
choir, Dawson-st., '08-'10: & Elben- 
exer Ch. choir since '14; cond. 
Choral Union since '13; won second 
Choral contest, Ball, contests. '14; 
2nd at Launceston. '14; champ, 
choir of Tas., '15. 

KOBBXSST, John E.; b. Redan, '81; 
educ. C.B. Sch., Ball. W.; mbr. 
teaching sUff C.B. Coll., Kalgoor- 
lie, WA., '07; St. P. Coll., BalL, 
since '04 (excepting break of one 
yr. when in Kalgoorlie) ; active 
mbr. S. Ball. F.C., 12 yrs.; ex-capt.. ' 
v.-c. & sec; capt. Rys. F.C. (W.A. 
Goldflelds Assoc), '07; and also 
capt. Assoc, team, '07; coached St. 
P. Coll. & C.B. Coll. teamsj. which 
were defeated but once; sec. St. P. 
Coll. sports com.; sec. Ball. Christy 
Minstrel Coy.: active in charitable 
efforts: mbr. St. P. Day Fest. Com., 
A St. P. Old Coll. Assoc Com.; mbr. 
Ball. Handball Club for sev. yrs.; 
wide exp. amat. theatricals, and 
toured Vic. A Tas. with Whidburn 
Dram. Coy.; hon. dlr. Ball. Dram. 
Coy. for sev. yrs., and well-known 
comedian on Ball. & dlst. concert 
platforms: hon. stage mgr. St. P. 
Day Fe^t.. Red Cros.^ Carnival and 
N'nrareth Hoiiwe beiieflt dramas. 
KOBBXSOir. Malor WlUiMn; M.A., 
M.D.. Glaa. & Melb. Univ.; b. Elgin 
(Scot.). '66; resident surgeon Ball. 
Hosp. '85; mbr. Hon. Medical staff 
many yrs.: app. l.g. In recognition 
of services; mbr. Art Gallery CI.; 
mbr. St. And. Kirk Bd.: hon. major 
.X.M.C. reserve since *09: mbr. Ball. 
''oil. n.: Cluh— nallarat. 
XOBBOW. Hugh Oordoa; m. of I. 
Hugh Wilson Morrow (of Cuthbert. 
Morrow & Must): b. Boll.. '85; ednc. 
Ball. Coll. A Ormond Coll. (Melb. 
Univ.): admitted to Vic. Bar. '07; 
practising aa barr. A aol. at Ball. 

since '07; mbr. Arm of Cuthbert. 
Morrow & Must.; sol. for City of 
Ball.: mbr. Ball. Coll. CI.: enlisted 
active service, 39th Ball. Batt., 'IS. 
MOBBOW, Wm. ObM.; b. Ball.. '74; 
s. of Henry Morrow (pioneer min. 
investor, and col. of 50's) ; educ. 
Macarthur-st. S.S., Univ. Coll., and 
S. of Mines; at latter Institution 
was pupil in architecture of Q. W. 
Clegg, his present partner In firm 
of Clegg & Morrow, Col. Mutual 
Chambers, Lyd.-at.; was a building 
contractor for some yrs.; ex-rink 
capt. & mbr Soldiers' Hill B.C.; 
active mbr. of competitive choirs 
of Choral Society, Choral Union and 
other choral Institutions, & soloist: 
mbr. City F. Lib. com. 

XOBSXEAO, Ueut. CoL Leslie Ja«.; 
b. Ball. '89: s. of 1. Wm. Morshead: 
educ. Mt. Pleas. S.S. and Teachers' 
Training Coll.; served in Educ. 
Dept. tin 1912; later tr. at Armadale 
Ch. of Eng. Coll. 15 mos.: and waa 
master at Melb G.S. when war de- 
clared in Aug. '14: enlisted for ac- 
tive service and went to Egypt with 
2nd. batt. 1st brig. A.I.F.; prom, 
capt. Jan. '15; and major June 15 
on field: took part in invasion of 
Galllpoli landing at Anzac, Battle 
of Oaba Tepe, May 8, '15; defence 
of .\nzac Mav 18; Lone Pine charg« 
Aug. 8, etc.: led first line in charge; 
mentioned in despatches by Gen. 
Sir Ian Hamilton for "excellent 
work In maintaining and consolid- 
ating the left flank of the 2nd batt. 
wh. was persistently attacked with 
machine guns rifles and bombs, but 
was maintained throughout. By 
MJr. Mor.shead's example and ac- 
tions he rallied the men and kept 
them at their posts when demorali- 
sed by heavv casualties from bombs 
and his actions effectually kept the 
enemv at bav and prevented a break 
through the line, thus alloMrtng the 
3rd batt. to move forward and gain 
a depth of about 50 or 60 yds"; sub- 
sequently Invalided to Eng. and 
thence to -Vust.; prom. Lieut. Col. 
and CO. 3Srd batt. of new Aust. 
division for further .service 'Ifi; 
(one of youngest colonels In Brit- 
ish nrmv). 

MOBSHSAD, Wm. Bennleou; b. Rh''- 
ola, '7.S: s. of 1. Wm. Mor.shead (col. 
of '52, who arr. in Ball, in srold dig- 
ging era and was an eye-wUnesa of 
Eureka stockade of '54. but not a 
participant: he was a mbr. of i 
partv that mlnffd on site of present 
stork exchanKe); educ. Mt. Pleas - 
S..S.: Identified with soft goods an-l 
tailoring bus. for sev. yr.s. prior to 
establishing tailoring and outfitt- 
ing .uiil la<Ues" ro.stumlerlng empor- 
Itim at T, nrld«re-st.. In 1908. 

MOBTOH, X>lent.-CoL Geo. r.; b. Ball. 
E., '81: educ. Cent. S.S. and Oren. 
Coll.; Jun, mun. clerk. City haP. 
•99: rate collector, '01; assist Cltv 
clerk. '10: appointed acting cltv 
clerk 1915; passed mun. clerks' 



exam., '09; pte. 3rd Batt. Inf., '99; 
agt., '00; Lieut. 7th Regt.. '04; 
Capt.. '09; Major, '11; O.C. 71st City 
of Ball. Inf.. '12; Lieut.-Col., '13 
(youngest in C'wealth at time) ; 
O.C. 23rd Batt. 3rd A.I.F., on active 
service, '15; but Invalided home 
from Egypt, following severe Ill- 
ness & operation; signalling officer 
7th Regt., '05; shooting capt. of 
coy. which won V.R.A. plates comp., 
•04; mbr. 7th A.I.R. that won Schu- 
macher Empire Cup, '08; ex-pres. 
71st Regt. Rifle Club; v.-p. City 
R.C.; P.M. Ball. Lodge. M.U.I.O.O.F.; 
hon. sec. Ball. City Recreation exec. 
'16; office-bearer Yarrowee Mas. 
Lodge and Soldier.s' Hill B.C. 

KOBTOir. Mabel !•. B.; b. Ball.; 
fl. of George Punshon; for some yrs 
teacher or music (piano & vocal, 
counterpoint, harmony, etc.); 
"Azalea," Seymnur-st. : educ. musi- 
cally at Marsha] I -Hall Conserv. of 
Mus., Melb.; w'rner piano schol. 
three yrs. in succession; studied 
singing, piano, harmony & counter- 
point; hon. pianiste Ladies' Art 
Assoc, since '09; selected by Assoc. 
to educ. its schol. winners; ap- 
peared with success at Conserv. 
students' recitals, Melb.; gave 
three public recitals — one operatic 
("Lucie de Lammermoor." "Mar- 
guerite" in "Faust," and " De 
Freyscitz"), and two pianoforte — 
at Her Majesty's Theatre, Ball.; 
also sung with success on concert 
platform, & solo pianiste & ac- 
companiste; m. Lieut.-Col. Morton, 
April, 1916. 

KO-XXE, David; b. Ball., '65; s. of 
Thos. Moyle (col. since early 50's) ; 
educ. Oldham's and Armstrong's 
Sch.; tailor & outfitter, 306 Sturt- 
st., since '03; ex-supt. Jun. Div. 
Lyd.-st. Meth Inst.; now sen. supt.; 
v.-p. of Inst., •12-'13; v.-p. 
Y.M.C.; pres. Ball, branch Local 
Preachers' As.soc, '03; mbr. Lvd.- 
st. Meth. Ch. Trust. (Obit., 1916). 

SIOTXiE, Wm. Chas.; b. B'go., '79; s. 
of John Moyle; educ. S. Aust. S.S.; 
held responsible position with York- 
shire Ins. Co. sev. yrs.; mgr. Ball, 
branch Ins. Office of Aust., Ltd. 
since '11; mbr. St. Andrew's Kirk 
Bd.; hon. sec. St. Andrew's branch 
P.M. A.; mbr. of CI. of P.M.A. of 
Vic; one of fdrs. & first v.-p. Ball, 
branch of People's Party, elected 
pres., 1916; also member cent- 
ral exec; sec. Ball. conf. of Lib. 
•14-'15; mbr. Queen's Carnival com- 
petitions committee 

UCTTIK, John Wzo.; b. Melb., '81; s. of 
Richard Muir, (chiropodist of 
Melb., and later Ball.): educ. Humf- 
fray and Pleas.-sts. S.S.; mgr, for W. 
F. Coltman, timber merch.; pres. 
International Correspondence Sch. 
Students' Assoc, since '11; ex-pres. 
Sk. ex-treas. Lyd.-st. Y.M.C.; one of 

fdrs., and treas. & rink capt. (No. 
2 team) Wend. Rec. Club; mbr. 
com. Ball. Hort. Soc; enthusiastic 
horticulturist & successful exhib- 
itor; office-bearer Yarrowee Mas. 
Lodge; one time gym. instructor of 
Ball. E. Art School, Black Hill. 
Town Mission, & Ladies' 
gym. clubs; mbr. com. and convener 
Publicity com. of "Forward Ballar- 
at" movement; first hon. sec. Pleas. - 
St. S.S. Old Boys' Association. 

MVIB, Uent. David; b. Ball. educ. 
Cent. S.S.; active mbr. Ball. R.C. 
for sev. yrs. also mbr com; mbr. 
com. Ball. F.C.; fought in Euro- 
pean war as non. comm. off. with 
8th batt. 1st div., A.I.F., took part 
in Ismalia skirmish and operations 
in Gallipoli, from landing until eva- 
cuation '15; later French campaign, 
'16: prom, lieut. whilst on service. 

UTTX^CAHir, &ev. Michael; b. Tralee. 
Co. Kerry (Ire.) 'S3; educ. the Sem- 
inary, Tralee; and All Hallows Coll. 
Dublin; ord. by Most Rev. Dr. 
O'Connor, June '06; arr. Aust. Nov. 
'06; officiated for short period at 
Swan Hill and for 15 months at 
Warracknabeal ; transf. to Ball, 
diocese (St. Alipius parish Ball. E.) 
'08-11: pte. sec. late Bishop Higgins 
'11-15; address, "The Palace," Pal- 

MTTXrsO, John; b. Forfarshire 
(Scot.), May. '29; seafaring until 
36 yrs. old; was passenger on S.S. 
London, which foundered in Bay oJ 
Biscay with 220 souls aboard, Jan. 
11th, '66; with others he took to 
the only boat that lived in a high 
sea and cold rough weather, and 
drifted for 24 hrs.; rescued by 
Italian barque, and landed at Fal- 
mouth; gave evidence at Marine 
Court's enquiry, and came out to 
Vic. in S.S. "Great Britain," sett- 
ling in Ball., '68; believed to be the 
last of shipwrecked party. G. V. 
Brooke, famous actor, went down 
in same ship. 

MXnrTS, Edward Jas.; B.C.E. b. 
Woodend '70; s. of 1. Joseph Muntz 
(who arr. Vic. from Co. Down N. 
Ire. '62); educ. Wesley Coll. and 
Melb. Univ.; grad. Bach. Civil Eng. 
'94; asst. eng. Shire of Waranga and 
later eng.-ln-charge of works 
Echuca and Waranga Water Trust: 
had charge of irrigation channel 
works for supplying Elchuca village 
settlement '98-9; sec. and eng. Shlr«? 
of Lowan (Nhill) '99-00; eng. Shire 
of Ripon (Beaufort), since '00; also 
shire treas.; acting eng. Lexton 
Shire '16; ex pres. B'fort A.N.A.: 
mbr. Cemetery Trust: P.M. and sec. 
Fiery Creek Mas. Lodge and P.S.G. 
D. of Vic; P.M. and sec. Beaufort 
Mark Lodge and G.J.W. of Vic; P. 
P. Royal Arch (Yarrowee Chapter) : 
mbr. vestry B'fort Ang. church, 
also hon. lay reader; hon. sec. 
Roaufort C.E.M.S. 

MVKFHY, Bead; ex-P.M., Warden & 
Coroner of Ball, dist.; e. s. of 



1. Hon. H. M. Murphy, M.L.C. 
(pioneer legislator); inventor of 
Victoria torpedo, favorably report- 
ed on by experts; purchased by 
coy., which paid the inventor £500 
per annum for a period, but 
which failed to sell rights to Imp. 
(iovt. on account of the tremendous 
expense involved in substituting 
the Victoria for the existing tor- 
pedo; author of "Beyond the Ice" 
(a philosophical novel, which 
claimed to be the only practical 
scheme of Socialism which rewards 
individual effort, and adequately 
provides for every member of the 
community) ; and "The Blakely 
Trage<ly" (written in London, and 
depicting the awful ravages of 
social evils). 

XnTBPKT, W. X.; J.P.; b. Ball. '66; s 
of 1. John Murphy (col. of early 
MO's; sec. old Meredith Road Bd. & 
later of shire and whose wife 
landed Aust. '40) ; educ. Holy Ghost 
(later St. P.) Coll. Ball.; opened 
drapery bus. at Boolara (S. Glpps- 
land) '85; mbr. first Morwell Shire 
CI. about '90); gaz, J.P. '93; mbr. 
Meredith Shire CI. '97-9; ret. to 
Ball, about '00 as rep. of soft goods 
houses, now agent for Makower, 
McBeath & Co.. J. F. & H. Roberts. 
Jos. Pickles & Sons, J. C. Rice, etc., 
pres. St. P. Club (for third time); 
hon. sec. St. P. parochial Debt 
Union, and Ball, branch Aust. 
Catholic Fed.; ex-hon sec. St. P. 
branch St. Vincent de Paul Soc. ; 
rink capt. Cent. B.C.; for many yrs. 
keen cricketer and one of leading 
bat«men and bowlers of old City & 
Ball. C.C. (one of fdrs. of former 

1CT7BXAT, Actum; b. Ayrshire, near 
Hums' mon. (Scot.), '37; arr. Aust., 
'fil; m. John Paul Murray (later 
Cr.. Ball. City, & J.P.). '61: settled 
on station near Murray River for 
many yrs.; resided Ball, since early 
'SO's; for some yrs. Bible reader at 
Hosp. & Benev. Asylum; mbr. 
Mothers' Com., and Boarded-out 
Children's Com.: founded Women's 
Prayer Union, '84; pres. for many 
yrs.; organised & promoted bran- 
ches throughout district: founded 
Murray Memorial Chinese Mission. 
& built mission halls, OoldenPolnt 
(during gold rush). Mnln Road & 
Little Bendigo; main supporter of 
these missions: also founded and 
with help of friends in Ball., built 
leper wards at Champa. Bombay 
& Chandoja (India) ; and has helped 
leper missions in China, Japan and 
Corea; for sev. yrs. on ladles' 
Clothing Com.; l.g. Benev. Asylum. 

irUBBAT, Sngeale; d. of 1. J. H. 
N'anjreelen (who arr. Vic. Amster- 
dam '.SZ); also of French descent on 
maternal side: b. and educ In Vic; 
m. Eric 8. I* Murray at Scots, ch.. 

Melb. '77; settled Ball. '87; for 29 
yrs. past an active worker on be- 
half of Ladies* Benev. Clothing 
soc; ex-pres. and hon. secty since 
about 1900, mbr. com. Female 
Home for sev. yrs.; one of fdtion. 
mbs. Ladies' Art Assoc; mbr. exec. 
Queen Victoria Womens' Ward 
(Ball. Hosp.) fund '99; and later 
pres. Charities carnival: nominated 
for Hosp. l.g. but declined; active 
worker Orph. Jubilee fair '16; hon. 
sec. Soldiers' Club '16; mbr. Red 
Cross carnival com. and com. Ball. 
branch. Vic. League of Victoria. 

mrST, Philip Wm.; b. Portland, '59; 
s. of 1. Thos. Must (early col. and 
merch.); educ. G'long Coll.; mbr. 
legal firm of Cuthbert, Morrow & 
Must, and sole survivor of original 
firm of Cuthbert, Wynne. Morrow 
& Must (1887): Notary Public & 
Comm. for taking affidavits in 
Aust. States & Fiji; Advocate of 
Ang. Diocese of Ball.; mbr. Synod 
for St. Stephen's, Portland; mbr. 
Dloc. CI. & Finance Com.: Cath. 
Bd. & C. of Vlng. G.S CI.: ParlBh- 
ioners' Wardc... Christ Ch. pro- 
Cath.; for -30 yrs. m^: . ot Melb. 
C.C; keen cricketer & footballer at 

XTANSCAWSN, Walter J.; b. Ball. 
'92; s. of Richard Nanscawen (mgr. 
R. Graham & Son's boot factory); 
educ. C.B. Sch., Skipton-st. ; ledger 
keeper Ball. Brewing Co. since '09; 
pre.s. Ball. C.Y.M.S., '14; treas. S. 
Ball. F.C., '14; sec. St. P. Social 
Club; sec. & playing mbr. S. City 
F.C.; playing mbr. & ex-sec. S. City 
C.C; com. St. Vincent de Paul Soc.; 
aud. Ball. H.A.C.B.S. 

VAPIiSB, Tlioa. Clias.; b. Bungaree, 
'.">9; s. of 1. Chas. Naples (of Mavi.s 
Bush Farm, Dean) ; educ. Clunes T. 
S.; qual. for State teaching service, 
but preferred farming pursuits; In 
later yrs. undertook shipping horses 
between Aust. & India. Java, Maur- 
itius. Sumatra. Penang, Sth Africa 
& China; as result of practical ex- 
perience in horse buying, was ap- 
pointed remount agent of C'wealth 
Defence Dept. after outbreak of 
war. '14-'15; taking remounts to 
war zone. 1916; m. TiUie, d. of 1. 
Jos. <:urthoy8. J.P., '90. 

VASE. Cr. Albert Zi.; J.P.; mbr. Ore*. 
Shire CI. since '97; twice pres.; pres. 
UlUna Mech. Inst.; pres. National 
Coursing Club and Cres. Coursing 
Club; patron and follower of open 
coursing; mbr. Smeaton Cemetery 
Trust; b. UUlna '69: s. of 1. O. L. 
Naae. (col. of '52) ; educ. Ball. Coll. 
succeeded I. father as propr. Clo- 
ven Hill estate, Ulllna. 

arBTTXJS, John Im., J.P.: b. St. Acnes. 
Cornwall, '45; local mln. & bus. pur- 
suits tin '66: arr. Ball.. '67; Joined 
father & bros. as battery grating 
manufrs. : later mbr. firm of Nettle 
Bros.; re-vlsited Enc-. '9$; ret. 



BalL, '97; P.G.W.P. Sons of Temp, 
order; supt. Barkly-st. Meth. Sun. 
Sch. for 12 yrs.; trustee Barkly-st. 
Ch. and class leader Neil-st. Meth. 
Sun. Sch.; gaz. J.P.. '12 (Obit. '16). 

xrsVETT, Horatio Arthnr; b. London, 
'49; matrlc. Lond. Univ., '65; arr. 
Melb., Sept., '66; articled to Alfred 
Mitchell, solicitor. Ball., & admitted 
to practise as solicitor; at once be- 
coming' mbr. firm of Randall, Mit- 
chell & Nevett, '72; practised in 
Ball, until present day; son, Arthur 
H., admitted to partnership, '07; 
Arm now Nevett & Nevett; Notary 
Public & Comm. for taking affi- 
davits in all States of C'wealth & 
High Court of Aust.; Parity, agent 
State of Vic; Chancellor of Ang. 
Dioc. of Bal. since '07; one of reps. 
In Synod; mbr. Dioc. CI., Bd. of 
Electors, & various other bds. ; 
Dloc. Trustee; l.g. & mbr. Hosp. 
Com. since '07. 

VETETT, EllsalMth; m. Horatio 
Arthur Nevett; foundress Child- 
ren's Home. Ball. B., '98; pres. 
since inception; fdtn. mbr. & first 
& existing pres. Ball, branch 
A.W.N.L..; pres. A.W.N.L. Club; 
v.-p. Cent. Exec. A.W.N.L. for term; 
hon. treas.. Queen Victoria Memori- 
al Women's Ward, Ball. Hosp., '99; 
probationer State Neg. Child. Dept.; 
mbr. Ladies' Exec. Ball. Recruiting 

irZTETT, Arthur Esreward; s. of 
above; b. Ball.; educ. Ball. Coll. & 
G'long G.S.; articled to father and 
admitted to practise as barrister 
& solicitor, '02; mbr. firm of Nevett 
& Nevett since '07; mbr. com. 
Wend. Tennis Club for many yrs.; 
club champ, sev. yrs.; one of fdrs. 
& first pres. present Tennis Assoc, 
'13; active mbr. & ex-v.-c. & treas. 
Wend. R.C. for lengthy period; one 
of fdrs. & first com Wend. Rec. 
Club, '12-*13; mbr. Ball. Prog. Assoc 
com.; v.-p. Old Coll. Assoc; mbr. 
Ball. Old Collegians Assoc. CI, 

JSBTXXmI.JI, TliOB., J.P.; b. Co. Galway 
(Ire.). '42; arr. Aust., '65; farming 
pursuits at Clark's Hill since '68; 
mbr. Bungaree Shire CI., '79-'99; 
also ex-pres. ; gaz. J. P.; hon. treas. 
R.C. Ch., Clark's Hill, sev. yrs. 

VSnXiXiX:, mchael; s. of Thomas 
Neville, J.P.; b. Clark's Hill, 
•83; educ Pootilla S.S. & St. P. 
Coll. (matric '99); 12 yrs. service 
In Nat. Bank; mgr. Wallace Butter 
Factory (Ball, depot), since '08; 
mbr Nazareth House Com.; office- 
bearer Wallace Race Club; mbr. St. 
P. T.M.C. & Wend. Rec Club; and 
ex-mbr. Essendon A.N.A. and De- 

bating Club; hon. sec. Ball, branch 
St. P. Old. Coll. Assoc 

VSWTON, Michael; b. Limerick, 
(Ire.), '51; s. of 1. W. M. Newton; 
Station exp. at Mt. Gambler (S.A.) 
for sev. yrs.; licensee Brophy's 
(later Newton's) hotel, Sturt-st., 
Ball., '84-14; one of earliest mbrs. 
Miners' T.C.; steward & starter 
from Inception for 27 yrs.; also 
of B'gee, B'beet, Wallace & B'yong 
T.C. (9 yrs.); Ball. T.C.; since '00; 
ex-pres. Miners' T.C; v.-p. B'beet 
T.C; mbr. A. & P. CI.; Gun Club. 
& B'beet Coursing Club com.; mgr. 
& starter St. P. Fest. Races; mbr. 
old Ball. Hunt Club; supporter of 
various sporting & athletic inst.; 
mbr. Red Cross Carnival Com.; 
l.g. Hosp. & Orph. 

mOS, Syd.; s. of Jas. Nice; b. Ball. 
E.. '88; educ. Golden Pt. S.S., and 
later commercially; ledger keeper 
for A. M. Greenfield & Co.; one of 
fdrs. St. Paul's Tennis Club, '04; 
sec, '05; one of fdrs. & first sec. 
of second Tennis Assoc, & assisted 
to estab. present Assoc in 'IS; 
hcpr. & mbr. exec; mbr. St. Paul's 

irzCHOI^ZiS, Geo. Hy.; s. of 1. R. U. 

Nlcholls (pioneer Ball. hort. & col. 
of '56); b. Ball., '71; educ. Bain's 
H.S.; mgr. of R. U. Nlcholls & Co.'s 
depot. Armstrong-st. N.; vicar's 
warden & treas. St. John's Ch. of 
Eng. since '07; mbr. Dioc. Home 
Miss. Exec, & Bd. of Missions; & 
supplementary mbr. of Prov. Syn- 
od; mbr. Hort. Soc com. sev. yrs; 
constant & succe.ssful exhib., hort. 
sections. Ball. & other dist. agric. & 
hort. shows for many yrs.; In 
younger days was successful ped- 
estrian and rider of high bicycle. 

XrzCKO^Z^S, Percy :L.; b. Somerset- 
shire (Eng), '75; s. of 1. Jos. Nlch- 
olls; arr. Aust. & settled Ball., '89; 
assoc. with "Ball. Star" since '93. 
firstly as Jun. clerk, later as mgr. 
& co-prop.; mbr. of firm of R. W. 
Baxter & Co. since '09; for many 
yrs. actively connected with de- 
bating soc. in Pall.; one of prom. & 
first Premier of Societies' "Parlia- 
ment; mbr. & ex-chm. Pleas.-st. 
S.S. Com.; hon. treas. Citizens' 
Home Defence Assoc; mbr. City 
Free Lib. Com.; hon. aud. Hort. 

NZCHOZ.Z.S, Wm. J.; b. Clunes, '71; 
s. of W. H. Nicholls (col. of early 
'50's); educ. Clunes S.S. & private- 
ly; connected with Clunes "Guar- 
dian," Murchison (W.A.) "Times," 
Pitfleld "Banner" (co-prop.), & Ber- 
ringa "Herald" (prop. & ed.) ; C.P.S. 
at Berringa since '12; Comm. for 
taking affidavits; sec. Berringa 
Prog. Assoc; ex-pres. Berringa 
A.N.A.; official reporter Leigh Shire 



Cl., and sev. institutions in Ber- 
ringa dist. ; pres. Berringra & Scars- 
dale Diat. S.S. Com. Assoc. 

VZCKO^SOV, Alexander; Sub-In- 
spector of Police; b. Melb., '62; 
reared on father's farm at Raglan 
W.; Joined police force, '83; sta- 
tioned Ball. E. & Sebas.; in charee 
of Wend., 'U4; & recommended for 
special promotion for facing: and 
arresting an armed man at Parade 
hotel, and highly commended by 
Justice Sir Hartley Williams at 
trial; awarded police valor badge, 
one of the earliest recipients; was 
shot at four times in the encounter, 
but only slightly wounded; pro- 
moted S.C., '02; charge of Beaufort, 
'04; 2nd class Sgt., '09; charge Ball. 
City station. 'Il-'IS; 1st class Sgt., 
'12; sub-inspector, '16; pres. Ball. 
E. A.N.A., '01; Beaufort A.N.A., 'OS; 
& Newington (Ball.) A.N.A., '15- 
'16; del. at eight conf.; W.M. Fiery 
Creek Mas. Lodge, B'fort, '10; twice 
chief of B'fort Thistle Club; elder 
B'fort Presbyt. Ch., '07; and of St. 
Andrew's Kirk, Ball., '13-'16; mbr. 
Ball Presbytery three yrs. ; mbr. 
Newington A.N.A. deb. team. '13- 
'16; l.g. Hosp. & Benev. Asylum; 
mbr. Red Cross Carnival Com. 

XnCROIiSOir, Alfred E.; b. Ball.; s. 
of 1. William Nicholls; educ. Rose- 
iiiblums & Lowther's 3ch.; builder 
& contractor for 25 yrs.; exec, con- 
tracts throughout Western Dist.; 
W.M. Ball. Mas. Lodge, '08; W.M. 
Ball. Mark Lodge. '15-'16; served In 
3rd Batt. Millt.; ret. with rank of 
Sgt.; toured Grt. Brit. & cent., 

VXZOV, Wm-; F.LA.A., A.I.A.V.: 
mbr. nrm of Bell, Lambert & Nixon, 
auct. & gen. comm. agents & a/cts., 
ainee '10; formerly a/ct. for Cuth- 
bert. Morrow & Must, solicitors; b. 
Goulbum dist.; s. of Allan Nixon. & 
g.a. of John Allan (one of earliest 
residents of G'long); lie. auditor: 
Fellow Aust. Inst. Incorp. A/cts., 
A Assoc. Incorp. Inst, of A/cts., 
Vic; one of fdrs. & pres. Ball, 
branch I.I.A.V.. '14-16; aud. S. of 
Mines Cl.; I.I.A.V. ; and sev. sport- 
Inst.: mbr. com. Commercial Club. 

VOACK, Cr. Xy.; b. B'yong. '65; s. of 
Hy. Noack (col. of '49); educ. 
B'yong & Scotsburn S.S.; mgr. 
B'yong Butter Factory since "93; 
mbr. & ex-mayor B'yong Bor. Cl.; 
cpt. B'yong S.S. Com.; P.C.R. Gari- 
baldi Tent. I.O.R. 

iroaTXOOTT, Oapt. John; b. Cres. 
'90: «. of John Northcott (merch. 
Lyd.-8t. N. Ball): educ. Dean S.S. 
and by A. A. Bulev. M.A.: after 
cadet training at Colac Joined Light 
Horse at Ball, and app. Htaff-sgt. 
9th A.L.H.. Ball.; became 2nd lieut 
9th A.L.H., '08: lleut. '10: adjut. 
•10-11; cnpt. '11; app. to Admin, ic 
Instr. atafC as lleat. '12; attac- 

hed to 6th millt. dist. (Tas.) for 
gen. instr. duties '12; prom. capt. 
passed for major; and app. adJut. 
'14; capt. of 3rd L.H. brig. A.I.F.. 
Gallipoli campaign '14-15; took part 
in first landing at Anzac and woun- 
ded in four places on April '26. sec- 
ond day of invasion of Turkey, dur- 
ing Turks' counter attack: invali- 
ded to Eng. and ret. Vic. Dec. '15; 
app. to staff Royal milit. coll., Dun- 
troon '16. 

irOBTSCOTT, Or. "Wm. Palmer; J.P.; 
b. Devonshire (EThg.), '50; arr. 
Aust., '68; boot merch., Cres., since 
'72; mbr. Cres. Bor. Cl. since '83; 
five times mayor; ex-pres. Cres. 
Hosp. & Mech. Inst.; P.M., Cres. 
Havilah Mas. Lodge; P.J.G.W. of 
Vic; P.P. Yarrowe© Royal Arch 
Chapter; treas. P. of Wales Lodge. 
M.U.I.O.O.F. since '85; G.M., '81; 
treas. Cres. branch Miners' Assoc, 
since '90; supt. Meth. Sun. Sch. 
since '75; pres. Cres. B.C., '13-'15; 
ex-pres. & now treas. Cres. Patri- 
otic Fund. 

ircxnf, Cr. Walter; b. Chepstowe; s. 
of Ja.s. Nunn (col. of early '50*s; 
now living ret. in Eng.) : farmer & 
grazier, of Fairlie, Haddon: mbr. 
Gren. Shire Cl. since '11: chairman 
& treas. Haddon S.S. Com.: mbr. 
Carngham & Snake Valley T.C., & 
supporter dist. sporting institutions. 

VXnnr, Wm. Oatee; s. of Chas. Nunn 
(of Tungamah) : Joined Crown Law 
Dept., '88: transf. to Ball., '01, as 
assist. C.P.S.; sen. assist. Clerk of 
Courts; assist. Registrar of County 
Ct. since '08; also C.P.S. at Sebas- 
topol; comm. for taking affidavits; 
one of fdrs. & first pres. Urq.-st. 
S.S. Committee, 

OAXXa, Oeo. Sgt.; b. Ball., '68; s. of 
1. James Oakes: educ. Humflfray-st. 
S.S.; 28 yrs. military service, peace 
& active: successively pte. Ball. 
Rangers, '7S-'81: at bombardment of 
Alexandria, under Lord Beresford, 
•82: MarrlrkvlUe (N.S.W.) Vol., '83; 
with N.S.W. Cont. through Soudan 
campaign, '84 (medals and clasps) : 
pte. 3rd Battn. Militia. Ball.. '85: 
with Dr. (now Sir L. S.) Jameson 
in S. .\frican raid. '95-6; later pte. 
7th Inf. Regt., Ball.: scoutmaster 
Ball. Boy Scouts; vol. sev. times 
for active service In European war 
of •14-'16: served as Sgt. of Army 
Corps at Queenscllff on mobilisa- 
tion of troop.s for defensive pur- 
poses: the first Ball, native to fight 
for the Empire. 

O'BAT, Patrick; mglng. dir. P. O'Dav 
Prop. Ltd.; gen merch.. of Bungaree 
& Fllnders-Pt... Melb; b. Ball.. '63: 
8. of I. Pat. O'Day (col. of '50): 
educ. Carey's Sch.. Ball. E.. anrt 
Brown Hill .S.S.; mbr. firm of P. & 
T. O'Day, storekeepers. Brown Hill, 
•80-'90: estab. as gen merch. at 
Bungareo since '90; Prop. Co. reg. 



•15; mbr. Bungaree Shire CI. for 15 
vrs.; thrice pres. 

OSGEBS, Cr. Sichard; s. of Richard 
Odgers; b. Linton, '60; educ. Nap- 
oleons S.S.; grrazier. Magpie; mbr. 
B'yong Shire CI. since '04; pres. '12: 
mbr. Sebas. Bor. Council 14-16 
chairman Sebas. S.S. Com.; dir. 
Meth. Ch. Trust; life patron Sebas. 
Ch. Trust; life patron Sebas. Cam- 
Cambrian Society. 

OSIiXTM, Tlios. a.; b. Ball., '72; educ. 
Mt. Pleas. S.S.; mbr. Ball. Water 
Comm. staff since '87; active mbr. 
& hon. treas. Ball. Golf Club; hon. 
sec. Citizen's Recruiting Com., '15, 
& Fed. Recruiting Campaign for 
Ball. City, '16; active mbr. Ball. C. 
C. & Ball. E. Tennis Club for some 
yrs.; mbr. Ball. com. Lady Hen- 
ne.ssv's Pat"iotic League. 

OOIEB, Thou.; b. Clunes, '75; s. of 
Nicholas Ogier; educ. Macarthur-st. 
S.S., Ball.; tailor & outfitter, Sturt- 
st.. Ball. West; spent sev. yrs. in 
W.A.; Joined Boeder branch A.N. A., 
•05; and Ball. Ci^ branch, '12; pres. 
& conf del., '14; acting assist, sec- 
retary '16-'17; fdtn. mbr. and first 
capt. JEast Ball. Harr. Club; suc- 
cessful amateur and, later, prof, 
spr inter . 

OQTCVTB, «z-Cr. Jolm; J.P.; b. 
B'yong; mbr. B'yong Bor. CI. for 9 
yrs.; mayor one term; graz. J.P. 
about '10; also dep. coroner; v. -p. 
B'yong Old Boys' Assoc, mining 
prospector & investor; one of earli- 
est on Boulder (W.A.) field, & built 
the first house in Boulder City. 

OIiSEH, Xajor Olof J,.; V.D.; b. 
Ball., '63; s. of 1. O. S. Olden (col. 
of '53 & mbr. Ball. Stock Exch.) ; 
educ. Mt. Pleas. S.S. & S. of Mines 
metall. course) ; for some yrs. mbr. 
teaching staff Ball. Coll. (science 
Tnaster); later public gold assaver; 
served in old Metrop. Rifles, Sub- 
marine Eng., & Mtd. Rifles; Lieut. 
3rd Inf. Battn., Ball.. '95; Capt., '01; 
Capt. 7th A.I.R.. '03: Major. '11; 
sen. major 70th Inf., '12; area oflfi- 
cer, Korumburra, '11-'15; transport 
cluty, European war, '15-'16; for 
some yrs. v. -capt. Ball. T.C.. and 
tnbr. St. And. Kirk, Christ Ch. & 
T.leder tafel choirs. 

OXIVBB, Jas.; mbr. firm of Oliver & 
Stevens, boot manufrs. since '87; 
b. Ball.. '60; s. of 1. John Oliver; 
efluc, Watty's Sch., Sebas.; mbr. 
City A.N.A. since '85; pres., '05; 
mbr. building com. & del Sheppar- 
ton conf.; W.M. Orion Mas. Lodge, 
'15-16; mbr. Aust. Tndust. Exhib. 
comm.. Ball., since '07; pres. '13-14; 
treas. Aust. Manuf. Exhib. '06; pres. 
Ball. U.F.S. Disp. Bd.. '15-16; mbr. 
Benev. Asylum Com., Ball. Citv 
B.C.; Urq.-Rt. S.S. Com.; & v.-p. 
Y.M.C.A. Bd. 

OBB. James Albert (Bert); s. of 1. 
Robert Orr, (pioneer farrier of Ball. 

and col. of early nO's) ; educ. Cent. 
S.S. and Bal.. Coll. and three yrs. 
course on anatomy and pathology 
of the hoof with A. B. Callow (vet. 
surgeon) ; succeeded 1. father as 
farrier at Vic. lane. Ball. W.; one 
of two fdrs. Ball. Trotting Club; 
mbr. of com. and clerk of course; 
has ridden numerous winners of 
hep. trots; invented and patented 
collapsible portable combination 
tent Shd hammock for use of con- 
valescent soldler.s '15; favorably re- 
ported on by military officers. 

08B0BNE, John H.; M.A.; LL.B.; 
s. of 1. John Osborne (of Cres.-rd., 
Ball. W.; col. of '55); educ. Macar- 
thur-st. S.S.; & S. of Mines; M.A. 
of Melb. Univ., '90; LL.B., '92; ad- 
mitted to Vic. bar, '98, but has not 
practised prof.; Joined Educ.Dept, 
•81; h.t., Broomfield S.S., '07-'08: 
later on staff of Warrnambool and 
Sale H.S., & h.t. Campbell's Creek 
B.S.; principal (the first) Colac A. 
H.S.; '11-14; h.t. Cent. S.S.. Ball- 
since '14; ret. to Primary sch. at 
own request. 

OWBir, Hngli Jones; b. Sebas.; 
educ. Sebas. S.S.; s. of 1. Hugh J. 
Owen; mbr. Welsh Ch. (Arm- 
strong-st.) choir many yrs.; mbr. 
numerous successful quartet, etc., 
parties at Ball. & other comp. ; suc- 
cessful bass soloist at Ball., (j'long 
& Toowoomba comp.; mbr. Ball. 
Choral Soc. & Union choirs (In 
champ, contests) ; hon. choir mas- 
ter Bumbank-st. Meth. Choir; and 
ex-assist, choir master Welsh 
Choir; played Softgoods Assoc, 
cricket, & best Assoc, bowler (2 

OWBN, Owen Henry; b. Egerton, '78: 
e. of 1. Hugh J. Owen; educ. Sebas. 
& Cent. S.S.; photographer since 
'95; estab. bus. at Sturt-st.. '03; a 
successful basso vocalist: mbr. 
sev. winning quartets, etc.. Ball. & 
other comp.; mbr. sev. successful 
comp. choirs; mbr. & deputy-cond. 
Welsh Ch. choir, & leader annlv. 
choir; mbr. St. David's sch. & choir: 
deacon of Ch., and mbr. com. and 
supt. of Sun. Sch.; V.G. Pioneer 
Lodge, I.O.O.F.: active cricketer in 
Sun. Sch. & Friday Assoc. 

FAIiMEB. Wm,; b. Ball. E., '57; s. of 
1. John Palmer (pioneer slipper 
manufr.); educ. Flnlay's Sch., BalL 
E.; boot & slipper manufr. for many 
yrs.: collector Benev. Asylum since 
1913; Wor. Master Buninyong 
Mas. Lodge, '11; mbr. Ball. F.C.. 
'85-'12; a life mbr.; umpire in inter- 
national & sen. cricket matches for 
B.C.C. for many yrs.; one of earli- 
est mbrs. Vic. Band Assoc, as del 
of Richmond City Band; rep. of 
City Council on the City of Ballarat 
Band Com.; mbr. City A^N.A. since 
•85; mbr. Ball. B.C. since "10; mbr. 
St. Pau l's Ang. vestry. 

PABKnr, Capt. Tom; J.P.; mbr. 



Cres. Shire CI.; pres., 'OS-'OS; b. 
'70; educ. G'long G.S. (won School 
Cup. '88-'89); and str. Vic. School 
crew in first inter-Col. eight-oared 
race agst. N.S.W. crew on Bar- 
won, 'S8; also str, Vic. crew on 
Parramatta — N.S.W. — '89; rowed 6 
In Vic. crew in inter-Col. champ, 
eight-oared race, '91; capt. G'long 
F.C.; '91; rep. Vic. agst. S.A. at 
Adel., '91; served with Vic. cont. 
In S. African war 'OO-'Ol; severely 
wounded at Haartebeestfontein, 
Feb. 16th, '01; and invalided to 
England; Queen's & King's medals 
with six bars; owner of Pendennls, 
winner of coursing Derby '09; en- 
thusiastic mtr. Cres. Coursing Club. 

PABHEI^^b, Jolm; b. San Francisco, 
'53; arr. Aust '57; boot maker and 
corn specialist; Doveton-st., N.; 52 
yrs. in the boot trade; sole surviv- 
ing mbr. & ex-pres., of the original 
Y.M.C.A. in Ball.; mbr. present Bd. 
and leader of boys' club; closely 
assoc. with 1. Martin Hosking 
(first Town Miss'y), in preaching 
and social work.; sec. York-st. 
Ch.; and York-st. Sun. Sch. for sev. 
yrs.; mbr. Christian Brass Band, 
ft Y.M.C.A.. orchestra; and choir- 
master of ToT^Ti Mission choir dur- 
ing late '70"s. 

PABCO, Sichard; b. Cres., '62; s. of 
1. Anthony rasc<» (col. of '54, and 
In that year estab. building, con- 
tracting & undertaking bu.s. at 
Cres.) ; educ. Cres. Nat. Sch. and 
Cres. (iS.; carried on business of 
A. Pasco & Son, Albert-st., Cres., 
since father's death in '04; mbr. 
Cres. Hosp. Com.; capt. Cres. F.B. 
for 3 yrs.; mbr. Cres. Havilab 
Mas. I.odge. 

FATEBSOn, Bavid MdCnrtri* ; b. 
Ball. W., '73; s. of 1. John I'aterson 
(pioneer contractor, & col. of '52); 
sec. Old Col. Assoc. & Club: ex- 
capt., treas. & sec. Ball. Yacht 
Club sev. yrs.; now v.-p.; skipper 
Humming Bird & other successful 
boats; won at Colac & Albert Park 
with Cynthia; hon. aud. Caled. 
Soc.; actively identified with choral 
societies for sev. yrs.; mbr, Lieder- 
tafel & Choial ITnion committee. 

PATBBSOV, U«ut. Wm. Joha: s. of 
John raterson (native of Ball.) and 
g.B. of 1. John Paterson (who fought 
with diggers in Eureka Stockade); 
b. Wbool'S?; educ. W'bool S.S. and 
Coll. and later Melb. Univ. (Teach- 
er's course) ; joined Educ. Dept. as 
jun. teacher '12; mbr. Ball. Jun. 
Tech. sch. staff '13-'15; enlLited for 
active service and ouai. at military 
sch. ngts. clasa exam, for comm 
rank; obt. comm. June '16. '»rn'. 
posted to 4th Reinforcements 39th 
Ballarat hatt. for service in France: 
ex-lleut. 71 A batt. .Senior Cndeth: 
winner 220 yds. amnt. champ, of 
Vic. '09; 440 yds. amnt. champ, of 

Vic. and 440 yds. Inter-'Varsity 
champion 1910. 

VAXJImIm, Thos. M.; s. of 1. Edwin 
Paull; b. Ball, E., '59; educ, Gren. 
Coll.; mging. clerk for Nevett & 
Nevett (barr. & sol.) ; fdtion mbr. 
Ball. E. A.N.A., '86; first aud.; 
treas., '87; pres., '88; sec. since '93; 
conf. del. five times; W.M. Ball. 
Lodge, 'OO-'Ol; l.g. Ball. Hosp. 

PEACOCK, Hozu Sir Alex. Jas.; 
K.C.M.G., M.L.A.; Premier of Vic; 
b. Cres., '61; s. of 1. Jas. Hy. Pea- 
cock (early col. of Cres.); educ. 
Cres, G.S.; one of fdrs. Cres, brancb 
A.N.A. ; sec, for 20 yrs,; later pres. 
of branch and thrice Chief Pres, of 
Assoc; Trustee Cent. Fund; M,L>.A. 
for Allendale (formerly Clunes & 
Allendale) since '89; hon. min, '90- 
-92; Mln. of Educ, & P.M.G., '92-3; 
Chief Sec & Min of Educ, '94-99; 
Chief Sec. & Min of Labor. '00-01; 
Premier, Feb., 01; — June, '02; and 
during latter term Prince (now 
King) George visited Melb.; in- 
vested K.C.M.G., '02; Chief Sec. 
'07-8; Min. of Educ, & Labor, '13- 
'14; Premier & Treas. since '14; one 
of framers of C'wealth Constitu- 
tion, '97-8; "father" of Vic. Shop? 
& Factories' Act; G,M, Mas. Order 
of Vic, '00-5; P.M. Cres. Havilah 
Lodge; dir. & legal mgr. many 
leading g. m. cc's; ex-pres. Legal 
Mgrs.' Inst, of Vic; mbr. Ball. 
Ang. Gen & Prov. Synods; m. Millie, 
d. of 1. J. B. Holden, of Pt, Fairy. 
'01; pres, BaParat Queen Carnival - 
address: Parlt., Melb.; pte. 
address: "Glemsford " Creswick. 

PEADY, Ez-Cx-. Jos. Hy.; b Sebas. 'r>9; 
s of 1. Jas. D. ready (an early col.): 
master butcher ^eel-st. for many 
yrs.; mbr. Ball. E Town CI. '90-02; 
mayor '98; ex-mbr. Water Comm; 
gaz. J.P. '91: Tviwn valuer for s«»v. 
yrs.; W.M. Ball. Ma.s. Lodge 'fl.l; 
State collector Ball. Orph. since '06; 
pres. '97. 

PEASCE, Cr. Zsaiah; J.P.: b, Cornwall 
'4 4, arr. Aust. '61; per s.s. "Ort. 
Britain," (which brought out 
Eng. cricket team) ; in '73. estnb. 
with brother James and Wm. Tlio- 
mas a public battery at Canadians 
(now known as Pearce Bros, bat- 
tery) and took over Queen Vic. 
lease and later promoted N. Woah 
Hawp and New Normanby O.M. 
Co.'s; mbr. Ball. F. Town CI. since 
•88; mayor '93-4. '01-2 (during wh, 
term Prince (now Ring) (^eorga 
visited Ball.); '08-9. & '14-15; Govt, 
rep. on Water Comm, since '94; gas. 
J.P. '92- mbr. Orph. com, since '94: 
pres. '99; mbr, Benev. Asylum com. 
since '06; ex-v.-p. : mbr. Ball. Lib. 
com.; ex-prcM. Ball. C.C. and Ball. 
B.C.; mhr. R. of .Mines CI. for sev. 
yrs.: ex-nres. Exhlb. c€>mm. : patron 
Golden Pt. K.C. and Ball. E. B.C.; 
revisited England 1890, 



PEASCE, Xt. Jon. Wm.: s. of above; 
b. Ball.; educ. Golden Pt. S..S 
Geelong College and Ballarat School 
of Mines; assist, mgr. N. Woah 
Hawp mine sev. yrs.; on active ser- 
vice Gallipoli and French cam- 
pai^s as L.ieut 21st Batt. A.I.F.. 
15; was aboard transport "South- 
land when torpedoed in Aegean 
Sea, & mentioned in orders for re- 
maining on ship & leading aux. 
vol. party of stokers to stokehole 
in order to drive ship at maximum 
speed to nearest land; also took 
part in French campaign 1916. 

PZABCE, Jas. b Sunnyside, Ball. C: 
s of 1. Jas. Pearce (one of fdrs. of 
Pearce Bros., battery & pioneer 
mine mgr.); educ. Lowther's Sch., 
Bain's U.S., & Dimelow's Coll.; 
mining investor & co. prop. Pearces' 
battery mbr. Meth. Ch. Trust; 
pres. Y.M.C.A. since '13; mbr. cl. 
Vic. Chamber of Mines; mbr. Hosp. 
Com., since '04; pres. 'lO-'ll. 

FEABCE, John; b. Cornwall, '53; arr. 
Aust. with parents in infancy; prac- 
tical miner for many yrs.; mgr. 
New Normanby mine since'87; supt. 
N. Woah Hawp mine for sev. yrs. 
past; pres. Mine Managers' Assoc, 
•11; old time enthusiastic cricketer. 

PEASCE, Wm. John; s. of 1. Andrew 
Pearce (mine mgr.); b. Ball. W.; 
educ. Pleas.-st. S.S. & S. of Mines 
<cert. assay. & chem.); mgr. First 
Chance mine, '03; & Last Chance 
mine (of which 1. father w^as mgr. 
for many yrs.) since '09; treas. 
Ball, branch Mine Mgrs* Assoc, *08; 
pres. '13; treas. & ex-pres. Buffalo 
club; successful cultivator & ex- 
liib. of daffodils, hyacinths, etc.; 
■with bros. Jas. & Chas. has bred 
prize poultry since youth; prize- 
taker leading met. & prov. shows 
in all classes of birds for many yrs.; 
one of the foremost prizetakers in 
the States; Buff Orpington strain 
famous through C'wealth, 

PEA&8E, Cr. Bichard; J.P;. mbr. City 
Cl. since '99; mayor, '03-4; '08-9; 
'14-15; sev. terms on Water Comm.; 
mbr. B'yong Forest Trust; gaz. 
J.P., '95; b. Launceston, Cornwall, 
*36; farming pursuits till 20 yrs. of 
age; then m. Ann Bray, & sailed for 
Aust.; arr. May '56; drove to Ball., 
& engaged at diggings for six yrs.; 
then «stab. store in Skipton-st.; 
since which time has been in con- 
stant occupation: founder of first 
Sun. Sch. at Cabbage-tree, near 
Cr«8., in 'SO's. 

VBAMSOn, John Byrne; b. Portland; 
s. of John Pearson (of Lond.. earlv 
rol. of Vic); educ. St. Stephen's 
Richmond, & Gren. Coll., Ball.; ad- 
mitted to Vic. bar, '83; practised 
as barr. & sol. with C. M. Watson, 
T>avid Madden & later Thos. Mann, 
B.A., successively; mbr. firm Pear- 
son & Mann, Lyd.-st., Ball.; Comm. 

for taking affidavits of Victoria & 
Q'land; mbr. Ball. Hosp. Com. since 
•96; pres. '03-4; pres. Mech. Inst. 
Com. '09-10 & '16-17; ex-pres. Ball. 
Dist. Law Assoc; ex-pres. Ball. 
Club. & Ball. City C.C; treas. & 
steward Ball. T.C.; counsel for 
Ball. & Miners' T.C.; mbr. investi- 
gation com. Ball. F. League; l.g. 
Benev. Asylum; frequent visitor to 
P>aHtern & Oriental climes. 
PEABSON, 8. W. H.; b. Ball.; s. of 1. 
R. Pearson (b. Tas., '33) ; educ. 
Cent. & Mt. Pleas. S.S.; one of pro- 
moters Ball. Litho. & Printing Co.; 
ret. to estab. chief agency for T. 
Cook & Son, shipping agents; and 
United Ins. Coy., '08; pres. South- 
st. Soc, '10-11; Ball. & dist. sec 
M.U.I.O.O.F.. since '08; Dist. G.M., 
•03-4; mbr. Vic. bd. of dir., '05-7; 
twice N.G. Hand of Friendship 
Lodge; pres. Juv. Lodge, '12; pres. 
Ball. Town & City Mission, '14-15; 
now hon. sec; hon. sec. Lyd.-st. 
Meth. Sun. Sch. '03-13; formerly 
lib.; supt. since '13; pres. U.F.S. 
Disp. Com., '00; sec since '02; hon. 
sec. Lyd.-st M.I.A. for 15 yrs • 
mbr Lyd.-st. Meth. Ch Trust; one 
of prom. Co.op. Distrib. Societv: 
chairman '04-14; l.g. Ball. Orph.: 
mbr. Red Cross Carnival Com., & 
pres. Lyd.-st. Men's branch of Red 

S*"?®^.,, **^^-^ ^^^- exec. United 
Friendly Societies of Victoria. 

PEABT. John J.; B.A.: b. Smythes- 
dale; s. of 1. Robert Peart (col. 
since '50's); educ. Campbell's Sch 
Scarsdale; B.A. of Melb. Univ.; .suc- 
cessively stationed at Golden Lake 
(h.t.). Castlemaine, Cathcart (h.t.). 
Majorca (h.t), St Arnaud (assist. 
":* •^/,.¥*'"y**°''*^"e^h (h.t.), & Pleas.- 
?> ,/\*-^' tran.sf. G'long. '16; pres. 
Bail-*''"^"^^ Vic. Teachers' Union. 
14-15; mbr. of Cent. Exec; cond. 
Pleas.-st. Meth. Ch. Choir, '12-14- 
also cond. Sun. Sch Anniv. Choir' 
cond. S.S. choirs in sev. musical 
productions, notably "Holiday Con- 
cert" & "Flowers of the Forest." at 
Her Majesty's theatre; mbr. Wes- 
ley & Meth. Ladies' Coll. conf. com- 

PENSEB, Cland; b. B'vong, '60- s 
of 1. Claud Pender (settled Scars- 
dale. '1.2); Town Clerk of Scars- 

ntn ^l?'',^ '"ii\ «.^«° C.P.S.; mbr. 
Ball. Mining Bd., '89-'14; sev. times 
chairman; ex-chairman Scarsdale 
a.*^/i' Vc • ?' AfJvice; .sec. Scarsdale 
l^Pu'J^t^^- J"-"'- * ^^'^■' Scarsdall 
r^? i^^ifi,""''-, * Smythcsdale Ath- 
letic Club; mbr. com. Scarsdale Old 
Boys Assoc. 

claimed to be the first white girl 

n i wn^ i°," Yuille's pastoral run 
5-1-40; 11 yis. before gold dis- 
covered In Vict.; d. of 1 Franrifl 
Magill (who was' a shepherd imior- 



ted by pioneer pastoralist, Yuille) ; 
taken to G'long 12 months later & 
there educ; ret to Ball, at age of 
15; m. 1. Wm. Penhalluriack at Ball. 
25-8-'57, reared 5 sons 7 drs.; has 
40 g. children and 10 g.g. children; 
now residing with son Thos., 16 
Otway St., B.E., has recollections 
of many aboriginal ceremonials and 

PEVKAX^H^ITBIACK, Francia; b. Ball. 
E., '61; s. of above; educ. Eu- 
reka-st. S.S. and Bagshaw's (1st 
class cert, bookkeeper) ; estab. bus. 
of plumber, gasfltter, etc., P.O. place, 
Ball. E., '85; mbr. Ball. E. Town 
CI., '06-'15; mayor, 'IZ-'IS; ex-mbr. 
Water Coram.; one of fdrs. & mbr. 
com. Vic. B.C.; one of fdrs. Eureka 
Stockade Beautiflcation Com.; rep. 
of Town CI. on Ball. K. Pub. Lib.; 
mbr. Aust. Exhib. Comm., Ball.; 
mbr. Barkly-st. Meth Ch. Trust; 
mbr. M.U.I.O.O.F. for 40 yrs. 

7SWET, Howard; s. of 1. James 
Penney; b. Ball. '78; educ. Plcas.-st. 

6 Urq.-st. S.S.; mbr. & mgr. firm 
of Penney & Sons, wool & skin buy- 
ers; served in K. Coy. V.M.R. as 
pte. for 9 yrs.; then Joined No. 4 
Army Med. Corps as Corp., & prom. 
8gt.; mbr. famous K. Co. V.M.R. 
team that won many Lloyd-Lindsay 
&. other mtd. contests in Melb. & 
other parts of Vic; mbr. Ball. F.C. 

7 yrs.: ex-v.-capt. ; com. and sel. 
com., & one of leading goalkickers; 
ml#r. iiall. Trott. Club committee. 

PSBJCIH8, Wm.; b. G'long, '57; mbr. 
composing staff Ball. "Courier," 
"92; printer & publisher since '10; 
mbr. Ball. P.B. since '81; later ap- 
paratus officer; one of fdtion mbrs. 
old .Albion Imp. F.C. (now 8. Ball.); 
player for sev. yrs.; also active 
cricketer; winner of sev. Sheffield 
heps, on pedest. track: mbr. City 
B.C.; champ, rink of Fl.B.A., '04-'05. 

FXSIiAH, Bev. Plero* Jolia; b. G'long 
'90; s. of Pierce Phelan (col. of 
early SO's) ; e<luc. Cent. Coll. G'long 
and theologically at Manly Coif 
(N.S.W.); ord. 'l3: app. to Koroit 
and later to St. Patrick's cathedral 
parish. Ball., acting chaplain Ball, 
mint, ramp, '15-1«; spiritual direc- 
tor Holy Family Confraternitv, 
chaplain St. Patrick's Coll. atid 
Benev. Asylum; an inter-collegiate 
footballer, and keen golfer and 
tpriniK plavcr. 

VXZX.X.IP8, ' Cr. Joha rraaola; J.P.; 
mbr. Clunes Bor. CI. since '88; ser- 
ved four terras as mayor; gax. J.P. 
'13; V. pres. Clunes A. & P. soc; 
mbr. old sch. Bd. of Advice; actively 
Ident. with various local movements 
for many yrs. past; b. Cornwall '46: 
arr. Vic. 't2: m. of 1. J. F. Phillips 
fwho waa imported by Port Phillip 
O.M. Coy. In '51 as an exp. miner 
and who was an eye-witness of 
Eureka stockade. Ball.); resided 
Talbot for 13 yrs.; settled Clunes 

"76; engaged for many yrs. in con- 
ducting puddling machine for min- 
ers; and later became timber con- 
tr.ictor"Hnd wood merchant. 

P HTT i I i IP S, Tlios.; b. Launceston 
(Cornwall), '33; arr. Aust., '49; 
settled Cres., '53; one of fdrs. & now 
father of Miners' Assoc, of Vic; 
twice branch pres.; trustee for Vic. 
'88-'13; treas. for Vic. of F.MJ3.A. 
since '06; regularly attended 
annual conf. for many yrs.; was 
"black-listed" at sev. dlst. minea 
on a/c of unionistic activity, & for 
time was compelled to seek work 
in Tas.; steward of N. Cres. Meth. 

VUSImUIPS, Chaa. C; J.P.; b. St. 
Ives (Cornwall), '45; arr. Ball, with 
father. Robert Phillips (one of pi- 
oneer gold diggers), '51; minins 
pursuits for 18 yrs.; h.t. Rocky 
Lead S.S. for 34 yrs.; gaz. J.P., '07; 
sec. Smeaton A. & P. Soc. since '08; 
pres. Rocky Lead Public Hall; sec. 
St. George's Ch. of Eng. 

P HIT . T i IP S, Iiiaut. Wm.; b. Ball., '68; 
s. of 1. Wm. Phillips (col. of early 
60's); educ. Watty's Sch., Sebaa.; 
Joined postal service as carrier, 
*80; trans, to mall room as sorter 
'89; now one of sen. sorters; Joined 
old 3rd Batt of Vol.. '78, as pte.; 
pte. to sgt. in Srd Batt. Inf.: col- 
sgt. 7th A.I.R.; Q.-M. Sgt. to Q.-M. 
70th Inf., with comm. of Lieut.: 
called do duty G'long camp '16-1«: 
pres. 3rd Batt. Club; P.G. * trustee 
Sebas. Lodge. M.U.I.O.O.F.; (3.M. 
Ball, dist., '95; mbr. vestry St. 
John's Ang. Ch. 

VHII.I.XPS, Bgt. Wm. Jaa. Portoa; «. 
of above; b. Sebas. '85; educ. Mac- 
arthur-8t. S.S.; non-comm. off. of 
3rd batt. Inf. for 6 vrs. ; served a» 
A.B. in Imp. Navy '07-12; on active 
service as sgt. of A.I.F. 'l.=i-16; was 
active mbr of Ball. Choral Soc. for 
som e yrs. 

FHZZ^POT, Bam.; b. Ball. E.. '73; s. 
of 1. S. Phllpot (col. since '72): ap- 
prenticed to 1. John Twentyman. 
tailor) : estab. bus. on own a/c at 
8 Peel-st. N.. '03: military & civ- 
ilian tailor; official tailor for supply 
of uniforms to officers & non-com. 
officers of H.M. forces, & to oflH- 
cers of Salvation Army: installed 
electrically driven sewing machine 
plant, '11; patron Ball F.C; mbr. 
Military Club com.; mbr. Ball. R. 
br anch A.N.A. 

rarXESTOV. rrank; b. Ball.. '68; a. 
of 1. Wm. Plnkerton (pioneer min. 
investor); educ. Ball. Coll.: art. to 
Hon. Agar Wynne; admitted to 
practise as barr. & sol., '85; mbr. 
firm Salter & Pinkerton (estab. 'it) 
•H5; practising on own a/c since 'M: 
Comm. for taking affidavits in Vie. 
A N.8.W.; aol. to various insUto- 
tions; I.g. Benev. Asylum. 



VXTTA&D, Cr. Alf. J.; J.P.; b. Ball.; 
educ. Armstrong's (Cent.) S.; mbr. 
firm J. A. rittard & Son, Bridge, 
Sturt & Lyd.-sts., boot warehouse- 
men; gaz. J.P., '03; mbr. Town CI., 
Ball. F., since '08; mayor, '13; ex- 
mbr. Water Comm.; rep. of CI. on 
Alfred Hall Com.; pres. Benev. 
Asylum, '14-15; pres. Orph. '15-16; 
pres. Ball. E. A.N.A.. '02; mbr. 
Ball. Public Lib. Com.; Church- 
warden St. Paul's Ang. Ch.; mbr. 
Diocesan Home Miss. Exec; chair- 
man Unemployed Relief Fund; v.-p. 
Town & City Mission CI.; mbr. 
exec. Ball. E. Red Cross Soc; mbr. 
Entertainment com., "Forward Bal- 
larat" movement; m. Alice, d. of 
Cr. G. Crocker, J.P., '95. 

VOBJOT, Harry I,.; b. Wallingford 
(Eng.). '58; s. of Wm. Pobjoy (col. 
of early '50's); successively lie. of 
Pavilion Hotel (Eastern Oval), 
Southern Cross. Unicorn & Golden 
City hotels; rink capt. (A penn- 
ant) Ball. B.C.; thrice club champ ; 
B.B.A. champ, of champ., '03-'04, 
•O7-'08, '14-'15; runner-up '13-'14; 
mbr. B.B.A. champ, rink. '02 & '15: 
capt. Ball E. e. 1. tourn. winning rink 
*16; one of capts. Ball, team that 
won Marks & Chalk shields out- 
right; old mbr. Ball. C.C; mbr. of 
sev. rep. teams that met Eng. & 
other first-class elevens; for sev. 
yrs. held the batting avge. of B. 
C.C, scored 100 for B.C.C. agst. S. 
Tas. at Hobart about '76 (then 
youth of 18); B.C.C. score 182; 
enthusiast in coursing many yrs. 
ago: divided Waterloo Purse with 
"Picanninny" about 25 yrs. ago. 

Z'OIiSON, Major Angnt Sntherland 
Murray; B.A.; principal of Ball. 
Coll.; b. Oamaru (N.Z.), '69; s. of 
Angus Poison of "Balruddcry," N. 
Otago (formerly of Vic); educ. 
Otago Boys' H.S., & N.Z. Univ.; 
winner sev. sch. prizes & exhib.; 
four schol.; B.A. of N.Z. Univ.; 
first place in Dominion Civil Service 
exam.; Major of N.Z. milit. forces 
reserve; hon. v.-p. of Navy League 
of Grt. Brit., in recognition of ser- 
vices rendered to League policy in 
N.Z.; elder St. Andrew's Kirk, Ball.; 
mbr. Ball. Y.M.C A. Bd.: chairman 
Ball, branch Soudan United Mission, 
& of local advisory com. Aust. Stu- 
dents' Christian Union; mbr. Ball. 
Caled. Soc. CI.; spent 26 yrs. on 
sec. sch. staffs in N.Z.; 17 yrs. with 
Napier Boys' H.S. (six yrs. 2nd mas- 
ter & eleven yrs. principal) ; re- 
moval from which to Ball. Coll., in 
'13, keenly regretted: m. Jessie, d. 
of 1. T.'m. Strachan, Dunedin; mgr. 
& ed. of "Scindian" (Napier H. S. 
paper) ; and of "The Minervan," 
(Bail. Coll. Jubilee paper); also 
wrote sev. sch. songs. 

POKTEB, Wm.; b. Wangaratta, '67; 
s. of Wm. Porter (col. since '50's) ; 

educ. Castlemaine S.S.; arr. Ball., 
'87; dept. mgr. at sev. local drapery 
emporiums; mgr. of Wolf Flegel- 
taub's wholesale & retail drapery 
warehouse since ,07; also executor 
of est.; v.-p. Ball. Anglers' Club; 
mbr. com. Fish Acclimatisation 
Soc; & com. old Sparrow Club; a 
keen angler & sport. 

POTXTTON, Cr. David; b. lUabarook, 
'76; s. of Alex. Poynton (col. of 
'50's); grazier & fal-mer "The Wat- 
tles," Illabarook; educ. Illabarook 
S.S. ; mbr. Gren. Shire CI, since '06; 
pres., '08; contested Gren. seat In 
Legis. Assembly in Lib. interest, 
'14; pres, Illabarook Rokewood 
Junction & Pitfleld T.C.; mbr. 
Miners' T.C. & I'barook S.S. Com. 

FOTSEB, Oeo. Emery; completed 434 
yrs. service in Educ. Dept. '16; b. 
Cres. '54; s. of I. Matthew Poyser 
(of Ponder's End, London; col. <•( 
'53 and pioneer of Cres.); educ. 
Cres. Meth. s. ; qual. by exanu at 
C'maine for teacher, mbr. staff B'k'» 
S.S. '73-76: h.t. Pannoomilloo '76-8;*: 
Srd assist, at Urq.-st., (Ball.) '90- 
04; h.t. Spring Mt. '04-9; h.t. Bald 
Hills '09-16; then retiring; holrlu 
Dept. cert, of competency as ti-. ; 
also for drill and phvs. culture; hon 
sec. Ball. S.S. Trs. Union for 5 yr^.; 
.sec of first Vic. Trs. Congress nt 
Ball, about '95: circuit steward El- 
more Meth. circuit (10 yrs.); a 
Meth local preacher for over 30 
yrs.; ex-supt. Eyre-st. Prim. Meth. 
Sun. sch. (8 yrs.); active spirit in 
Band of Hope movement for maiiv 
yrs.: ex-pres. and playing mbr. Eyre 
St. Sun. sch. C.C. and with four sons 
playing mbr. Baptist C.C. sev. sea- 

FBENDEBGAST, Cr. Thoa.; s... of 
Thos. Prendergast (col. of 60's); 
b. Newlyn, '71; educ. Newlyn and 
Cres. S.S., & C.B. S.. Ball.; mbr. 
Bungaree Shire CI. since '00; pres. 
'06-'07 & '14-'15; mbr. Ball. A. & P. 
CI.; & mbr. com. Eurgaree T.C; 
mbr. com. & steward Wallace T.C; 
farmer, Clark's Hill 

PBICE, Edward Hargr^aavea; mging. 
dir. of E. Lucas & Co Prop. Ltd.; 
wholesale clothing manufrs., Dove- 
ton-st., S.. Ball.; b. Ball., '78; s. of 
1. John Price & of EVanor Lucps 
(who founded firm of E. Lucas & 
Co., in '78, commencing with one 
machine; firm now employs 500 
per.sons, and distributes in all 
States of C'wealth); l.g. & mbr. 
com. Ball. Benev. Asylum; v.p. 
Indust. Exhib. Comm.; mbr. Infor- 
mation com. "Forward Ballarat" 

FBZDKAM, Sydney Herbert; supt. 
Ball. Mun. Abattoirs: b. Fleming- 
ton, '84: s. of Alf Pridham 
(wholesale butcher, of Rtelb.) ; suc- 
cessively meat insp. of State Agric. 
Dept., Melb. : meat inpp. of Cent. 
Bd. of Health, Melb.; in.sp. & chief 



meat insp. Shire of Oakleigh and 
Mulgrave; and since '13 supt. Ball. 
Abattoirs, & chief meat insp. of 
nail. dist. municipalities; advised 
on construction and equipment of 
Ball. Abattoirs. 
PBIirOXiE, Fercival John; M.I.M.K., 
M.I.E.E.; b. Lond.; educ. Sch. of 
Elect. Eng., Lond.; apprent. loco, 
shops of Dubs & Co.. Glas.; & later 
app. by Prof. Forbes on research 
work, and assisted him to perfect 
his electricity meter; at age of 20 
mgr. Drake & Gorham's Birming- 
ham works; later assist, eng. Brush 
Coy., & charge of h.o. Worcester 
Lancaster & St. Luke's e.L con- 
tracts; invented surface contact 
system of tramways ("Pringle & 
Kent") to reduce large number of 
magnets & automatic appliances, 
which met with wide approval; 
eng. in charge of Brush Coy.'s 
Wandsworth district e.l. contract, 
supervising erection of £200,000 
plant. & carrying out many import- 
ant works at Sheffield. Hudders- 
fleld & Leicester; app. similar post 
under the Midland E.P. Corp. (the 
pioneer power Coy.) '00; & super- 
vised erection extensive plant, sub- 
stations, etc., & had charge of 
starting of Wolverh?rapton Dist. 
e.p. Tram System; app. Bor. elect. 
eng.& tramways mgr. to Burton- 
on-Trent Corporation. '03; invented 
improved method of carting trolley 
standards, safety overhead cross- 
ing with spring points a two-blade 
tramway track cleaner, device for 
automaticfilly tcstinp tension of 
trolley booms, a trolley wire oar, 
ensuring smooth running with cir- 
cular wire, the "Pringle" grove 
skid emergency brake: mbr. exec, 
cl. & of special brake com. of Light 
Rys. Assoc. Eng, '09-'Jl; gen. mgr. 
& eng. of E.S. Co. of Vic (which 
controls e.l. & p. estp.b. & tram- 
ways at Ball.. B'go.. Coolgardie) 
since '11; also consult, eng. & as- 
sessor to Met. Tramway Bd.. '16: 
pres. Ball. Employers' Association; 
mbr. irtilities com. of "Forward 
Hallarat" movement. 

rKOCTXB, TlxoB.; b. Devon (Eng.). 
'52; arr. Aust., '75; min. pursuits 
for 35 yrs. ; two yrs. In N.Z. ; then 
app. eng. old City of Ball., & also 
emp. at Band & Albion Co.'s mines 
in late 'TO's; later mgr. Duke S., 
Duke N. and Grand Duke mines 
(Maryborough dist); 10 yrs. as 
consult, eng.. &, ret. to Ball, to mge. 
Star of Kast mine. "OO-'OS; dlr. of 
sev. min. co.'s; mbr. Christ Ch. 
Pro. Cath. Vestry 

VmOVT, Arthnr; b. Ball . '72: a. of 1. 
Pnmufl Pi out (ff'r. of Prout's Ball. 
Hras.s Hand, which originated in 
Eng.. and was translated to Ball. 
'54; 12 players sailinp together for 

Aust.); educ. HumfEray-st. S.S.; 
joined Prout's Band at age of six 
yrs.; succeeded father as conductor 
'94; also bandmaster for sev. yrs. 
of 3rd Batt. Inf.. 7th A.I.R.. 70th 
Regt, and Orphanage bands, and 
visiting bandmaster of Beaufort. 
Berringa. Linton. Lear month and 
St. Joseph's Home bands; has won 
scores of prizes with Prout's Band 
In Ball. & other centers; mostly 
quicksteps; but numerous selec- 
tions; also won at Tasmania with 
Berringa band; held rank of War- 
rant-Offlcer at ret.: keen rifle shot. 
& mbr. 7th Regt. Schumacher Cup 
team. '08; l.g. Ball. Orph. 

PBTOS, Cr. Jo«. b. Sebas., '66; 8. of 
John Pryor (early col.); educ. 
Garibaldi Sch.; mun. contractor 
since '90; rink capt.. Ball. East B. 
C; pres.. 'IS-'IG; mbr. Ball. City 
A.N.A. since '85; contested Ball. E. 
Town Cl. seat, '15. elected Aug. 1916 

PBTOS, Uvat. Wm.; s. of above; b. 
! Ball. E.. "94; educ. Ml Pleas. S.S. 
St S. of Mines( «?chol. winner. '07); 
mbr. Ball. E. mun. staff. '08-'15: 
assist. Town Clerk since '12; Vic. 
S.S. rifle shooting champ., '08; hon. 
sec. Golden Pt. Jun. P.C. '13-'15; 
after jun. & sen cadet training, 
joined A.L.H. machine gun section 
as pte.. '12: on nc^ive service with 
21st Batt. 3rd A.I F.. Gallipoli and 
Egyptian campaigns, '15-'16: prom, 
sgt. on service; and passed for 
comm. rank at the Royal milit. 
coll., Duntroon, 1916. 

FiriilitrM, Walter Jas.; b. Lond.. '66: 
s. of Geo. Pullum; educ. The Priory. 
N. Lond.; arr. Aust., '?6; mbr. Arm 
Coles & Pullum. Stock & station 
salesmen & auct., since '96; (succ. 
to O'Farrell & Son, esUb. '58); 
first hon. sec. .V'.cxandra Croquet 
Club; mbr. com & v.-p. Hort. Soc.; 
mbr. vestry St. Pete»-'3 Ang. Ch.: 
mbr. St. Peter'y C.E.M.S.; mbr. 
exec. Citizens' Home Defence Corps 
mbr. Finance com. "Forward B»l- 
larat" movement. 

FTTKDVE, Uent. Valentlna Crofton; 
8. of 1. T. W. Purdue (pioneer of 
Ball.); b. Ball.. '82; educ. Pleas.-st. 
S.S. & Univ. Coll.; mbr. firm Pur- 
due & Son, saddlers, specially ca- 
tering for hunters & jockej's; one of 
two rdrs. and mbr. com. Trot Club; 
starter Ball. Trotting Club. & Cressy 
T.C. : clerk of course for sev. yrs. 
of Ball. Miners' & B'beet T.C; suc- 
cessful amat. rider; one of first 
mbrs. No. 30 A.M.C: sgt.-mjr. and 
later lleut. & O.C. Ball, detachment 
Army Service Corps, '14-'16: posted 
to Ball, active service training 
depot; Sept., '15; mbr. Ball. Harr. 
Club: since '00; hon.sec. A treaa.. 
& Inter pres., '14-'15: del. on Ball, 
center VJUA.A.; v.-p. since '14: 
2nd in 440 yds. hurdles champ, of 



vie, & 3rd in 120 yds. hurdles 
champ, of Vic. '09. 

QUINZfAN, Cr. Mlcha«l; b. Warren- 
heip, '61; s. of Stephen Quinlan (re- 
tired farmer of Warrenheip, and 
col. of "54); educ. Leigh Creek S.S.; 
mbr. Bungaree Shire CI. since "10. 

BA2H, William; b. Kirkcudbrightshire 
(Scot.), "39 ; assoc. with drapery 
trade for 57 yrs.; arr. Aust., '62; 
settled L'month, '64; C.P.S. since 
'69; "Courier" cpt. since '68; reg. 
of vital statistics since '74; one of 
fdrs., ex-pres. & hon. sec. L'month 
B.C.; first pres. Ball. B. Assoc. '94- 
'95; trustee & hon. sec. Mech. Inst.; 
sec. & treas. Cemetery Trust; Chap. 
& P.M. L'month Mas. Lodge; hon. 
sec. L'month Presbyt. Ch. since '65; 
supt., & for many yrs. tr. in Sun. 
Sch.; treas. Ball. Presbytery for 
some yrs; Govt., mun. & coy. aud. 
since '92; l.g. Ball. Benev. Asylum; 
toured Brit. Isles & Cont., '13. 

BAMAGX:, Wallace Wm.; b. Ball., 
'60; s. of 1. Adam Ramage; educ. 
Roseinbluni's Molloy's & Watty's 
Nat. Sch.; boot maker & repairer, 
Main-st., Ball. E.; first, sec. Mas- 
ter Bootmakers' etc., Assoc, since 
'11; mbr. com. & lib. Ball. Lieder- 
tafel since '96; taken part In sev. 
operatic performances; mbr. Sebas. 
Mus. See. ; mbr. first S.S. choir 
(formed to sing before H.R.H. Duke 
of Edinburgh, when visiting Ball., 
'67); pres. Ball. E. A.N.A., '93; one 
of fdrs. & first assist, sec. Vic. 
Band Assoc; sen. v.-p. ; del. Beau- 
fort Town Band; life subscriber 
Ball. Hosp.; mbr. com. Ball. B.C 

BAMSAT, Sobert Xamllton; s. of 1. 
J. C. Ramsay; b. Ball., '86; educ. 
Urq.-st. S.S. & Ball. Coll. (matrlc); 
art. to H. G. Troup (barr. & sol.), 
'06; admitted to bar, '11; practising 
as barr. & sol., Lyd.-st., since '11; 
sec. Ball. Law Assoc, since '14; 
originator of Dist. cricket in Ball.; 
first sec. Ball. Dist. Cricket Assoc: 
sec S. City C.C. since '11; one of 
fdrs. & first sec. Ball. Lacrosse 
Club, '11.'12. 

BAVKXITE, Iiient. Col. Bobert; D.S.O.: 
b. Chatham, Kent (Eng.) '68; s. of 
1. Wm. Hy. Rankine; JIP.; educ. Sir 
•Tos. William.son's sch., Rochester, 
(Kent) ; .served in 1st. vol. batt of 
Hampshire Regt., Aldershot; arr. 
Aust. 1900; lleut. 2nd batt. Inf., 
Melb. '01; capt. 6th A.I.R. '06 &nd 
of Vic Scottish Regt. '08; mjr. '11; 
mjr. 52nd Inf. '12: militia ad<ut. 
'05-8; area officer Elsternwick UO- 
14: mjr. of 14th bait. 4th brig. A. 
I.P. in Egyptian and Galfipoli 
campaigns '^14-15: took part in op- 
erations at I.smalia, landing at An- 
nac Apl. 25 'l.'S; battle of Gaba Tepe 
decorated by H.M. King George V. 
(personally) with D.S.O. for "gal- 
lantly leading an assault resulting 
In the capture of a most important 

post on night of 26th-27th April "15 
during operations near Gaba Tepe 
and subsequently holding that posi- 
tion against repeated attacks for 
five days without relief" — vide 
"Military Journal"; also mentioned 
in despatches by Gen. Sir Ian 
Hamilton; later invalided to Eng. 
and subsequently ret. to Aust.; 
prom, lieut. col. and app. CO. 39th 
Ball. batt. 10th brig. A.rF. for fur- 
ther service abroad 1916; pte. add- 
ress, Dunmore, Avoca Av., St. 
BATCZ^ZFFE, Lieut. Herbert X: b. 
Ball. '89; s. of 1. Wm. Ratcliffe: 
educ. Univ. Coll., Ball.; for some 
yrs. asst. Registrar Ang. Bishops 
Registry, Ball.; and later a/ct. to 
Archbishop of Syd.; a successful 
concert baritone In Ball., Melb., and 
Syd. and left for Eng. in Apl. 1914 
to study at Royal Acad, of Music, 
Lond.; broke off studies to enlist 
for active service, '15; obt. comm. 
In 11th batt. Royal Fusilers; after 
undergoing training for 10 mos.; 
served in Egypt as mbr. of Head 
qrs. staff of 34th brig, of Field 
Artillery and A.D.C. to Gen. com- 
manding, also acting as brig, cen- 
sor; later participated French cam- 
BATCXiIFFS. Wm.; b. Haddon, '87; 8- 
of 1. Thos. Ratcliffe (native of 
Ball.) and g.s. of 1. Wm. Ratcliffe 
(pioneer of (janadlan goldfield. Ball. 
E.); educ. Haddon S.S. and C.l:. 
Sch.. Ball. W.; foreman of R. M. 
Goodfellow's cordial factory s*v. 
yrs.; now mbr. firm of Kierce and 
Ratcliffe, trading as R. M. Goon- 
fellow & Co. Bridge-st. ; sec. and ex- 
pres. Ball. No. 2 branch H.A.C.B.S : 
hon. treas. Nazareth House Benefit 
com.; mbr. St. Pat. club: hon. sec. 
managing com. of annual commun- 
ion breakfast of Catholic men of 
BAWOSTS, Qeo.; s. of 1. Zaoh. 
Raworth: b. Miners' Rest, '60; 
educ Wend. S.S. ; estab. music 
warehouse & agency, Allan & Co., 
Ltd., at Bridge-st., '11; choir cond. 
& Sun. Sch. tr.. Wend. Meth. Ch. for 
many yrs.; mbr. old Soldiers' Hill 
Drum & Fife Band. & Citv branch 
A.N. A.; an active cricketer since 
youth, and still "not out"; mbr. old 
Wend. C.C, & later with North 
City C.C; active mbr. Wend., City 
& Ball. R.C. many yrs.; gaining 
sen. rank. 
BEAD, Quartermaster Fred. 9.; b. 
Ball., '73; s. of 1. B. D. Reid (col. 
of '63); educ. Wend. & Macarthur- 
st. S.S.; Inspector Ball. Gas Co. 
sev. yrs.: pte. to sgt. 3rd Batt. Inf., 
Ball.: col.-sgt. 7th Inf. Regt: Q.M.- 
sgt. & later lieut (Feb., '13) and 
Q.M. 71st Regt. (July, '13): keen 
rifle shot; v.-p. 7l8t Regt. Rifle 
Club; mbr. team that won Schu- 
macher Empire Cup, "08 (scored 
'99; mbr. detachment at inaus. 



C wealth at Sydney, 1900; Q.M. Ball, 
depot for active service training, 
•15; sec. sgts.' mess, '12-13; sec. 
officers' mess, '15. 

BSZS, Clias. Johnrtoa*; J.P.; mgr. 
Bank of Vic, Ball.; b. Croydon 
(Eng.), '46; s. of Jas. Reid (merch... 
Lond.); educ. Christ's Hosp. Sch., 
Newgate-st., (Lond.); accountancy 
exp. in L.ond-;arr. Aust, '68; Joined 
Bank of Vic. as clerk in head office, 
•69; a/ct. Rush worth branch '72; 
mgr. Murchison, '73; Avoca, '83; St. 
Arnaud, '86; Ball., '02; gaz. J.P., 
'74; P.M., St. Arnaud Mas. Lodge: 
l.g. Vic. Blind Asylum; Club — Com- 

BSZS, William David; for some yrs. 
mging. clerk for J. W. Trumble 
(barr. & sol.), NhiU; now mging. 
clerk for David Clarke LL.B.. Ball.; 
pres. Vic. Band Assoc., '14; del. for 
Horsham Band; N.Q. Loyal Ball. 
Lodge. M.U.I.O.O.F., '11; v.-p. 
Ball. F.C. 

BEZOT, BeT. Donal Aloyslns; b. near 
Killamey, Co. Kerry (Ire.). '84; 
educ. at St. Brendan's Seminary, 
Killamey, & Maynooth Coll.; ord. 
priest, diocese of Kerry, June. '09; 
arr. Ball.. Oct., '09; attached SL 
Patrick's Cath.; assist, priest in 
Donald-Watchem parish '10-'15; 
assist, priest St. Alipius' Church. 
Ball, E.; chap. St. Joseph's Home, 
Sebas., & H.A.C.B. Soc. (Men's 
branch) ; director Sacred Heart 
Sodality (Women's branch). Ball.; 
lion. sec. Ball. East Branch of Cath. 

BSrSHAUOX, Jotaa Kcary; Dip. 
Agric; n. of Peter Refshauge (mine 
mgr.); b. Yackandandah, '62; educ. 
Tack. S.S. & Beech worth G.S.; 
joined State teaching service at 
Tack., '77; completed training 
course, & gained Ist class cert, at 
age of 19; won Dip. Agric. '84; h.t. 
Primary Sch. at Buckland. Mans 
fleld; later St. James', Yarram, 
Stratford, Mortlake; head master 
A.H.S., Sale, '05-'10; principal Ball. 
A.H..S. since '10; pres. Ball. A.H.S. 
Old Students' Assoc.; publication — 
"Text Book on Agriculture" (Aust. 
schonlH) . 

BEMZHOTOV, Jolm; b. Wellington 
<S.7..), '48; 8. of John Remington 
(col. of '42): arr. Melb., '70: mgr. 
Melb. Stock Exch. Club for 8 yrs.; 
licensee Lester's Hotel, Sturt-st., 
Ball., since '03; supporter of sport- 
Ing & rharlt. Institutions. 

BB1C7BT, JJk; h. Devonport, Devon- 
shire <Eng.). '46; s. of 1. J. R. 
Remfry (ship builder, of naval 
dockyard, Devenport; subseq. c. 
Sch. principal. & postmaster at 
Heywood. Vic): «duc. by uncle, 1. 
Rev. W. H. Remfry (linguist and 
scholar), and at Nat. .Sch., Port- 
land; monitor Portland Sch., '81; 

assist, father at Bridgewater and 
Heywood; later taught at Wattle 
Hill and Branxholme; assoc. with 
Vic. Educ. Dept. for 25i yrs., at 
Geelong E., '90; Mt. Pleas., '95: re- 
tiring, '06, owing to temporary 
breakdown in health; a successful 
trainer of teachers and scholars; 
when at Branxholme, engaged in 
scientific research on eucalypts, to 
ascertain if species could be deter- 
mined from microscopical exami- 
nation of structure of leaves, re- 
suts of which published by Royal 
Soc, Melb., at Soc. expense; one 
of earliest to take up microscopical 
photography; cabinetmaking was 
favorite recreation in younger days, 
and attaining to prof, skill, he built 
in every particular a handsome two- 
manual pipe organ, with independ- 
ent pedal, bass, etc.; active mbr. 
Ball. Science Soc.; and lectured 
before mbrs. sev. occasions. 

BBW, John Spring; b. Heavitree. 
Exeter (Eng.), '34; arr. Adel., '49; 
overlanded to Bendigo, Jan., '52; 
one of first 100 diggers on field; 
Joined in Golden Gully & Forest 
Creek rushes; rode overland to 
Adel., June. '52. via long desert 
track to avoid notorious bush- 
rangers, Gipsy Smith & Sullivan, 
but was bailed up, to his surprise, 
and by fortuitous circumstances (n 
story in itself) was not furthr- 
molested: at Echunga rush, '52: 
and after discovering the Fryer* 
Creek & Long Gully (B'go) gutters, 
visited Melb., and saw the five 
Mclvor escort murderers executed 
publicly; amongst other rushe;* 
Joined in were — '55-'57: Little Ben- 
digo (three branch leads). Ball.; 
Deep I..ead, Dead Horse Gullv. Ball.; 
'57: — Swlpers" Gully, near" Ball.: 
'57-'60: N. American, Happy Valley 
•60-'70: Waverley. Happy Vallev: 
later mgr. Try Again mine, Happv 
Valley, & Roxburgh, Smythesdale: 
Blucher's Reef, Maryborough : 
Mother o' Gold (English owned). 
Dunolly; mgr. & eng. for 1, Sir 
Chas. Pon.sonby, owner of the oM 
Hall mine, Plggoreet; during past 
eight yrs. inspected & reported on 
sev. min. fields, from Balmoral to 
Ravenswood copper (Q.): flrst-clas)« 
now developing wolfram field near 
cerL mIn. mgr. for many yrs.; now 
consulting mIn. expert; supervised 
erection of 11 min. plants In dist.: 
Linton, where started the Rew 
prospecting claim. 

BXnroz.D8, Alf.; b. Ball.. '56: s. of 
1. Oco. neyniilds: educ. Dlmelow^s 
Coll.: joined Vic. Rys. as porter. 
•77: prom, guard, '83: head porter. 
Ball. W.. ^07: sec. Guards^ & Shunt- 
ers' Assoc, for many vrs.: first 
pres. Ball, branch Vic. Rys. Union. 
•11-'12; sec. Ry. Carnival Com. 



since Inception, '02; which raised 
many hundreds of pounds for Ball. 
Orph.; app. l.g. Orph., in recog- 
nition of services. 
aiCKABDS, Oeo.; C.E.; b. Cornwall, 
'43: air. Adel., '54; Ball., '55; 
golddigging and contracting sev. 
yrs.; has mgd. & served as eng. of 
numerous mines in Vic. & other 
States (including Blanket Flat, 
Davlesfd; Sultan, Blackwood; & at 
Tenterfield, N.S.W.); ret. to Ball. & 
assoc. Phoenix Fdry. staff, studying 
eng. building, 7 yrs.; later prac- 
tised as civil & min. eng. in many 
parts of Vic, including South Star 
& Star of East mines, with 1. Peter 
Matthews; erected first battery at 
New Normanby mine; sunk iron- 
cast cyl. shaft in drift & quick- 
sands at New N. Homebush mine; 
l.g. Benev. Asylum; mbr. St. John's 
Mas. Lodge, & Lyd.-st. Meth Ch. 
(ex-circ. steward) for many yrs.; 
toured Grt. Brit. & U.S.A., '13. 
£ZCHAKI>3, Major John KUdahl; 
M.D., Melb. & Edin. Univ.; b. Ball. 
'67; s. of 1. Jabez Richards; hon. 
major A.A.M.C. since '09; called 
on active service on transport, '15; 
mbr. hon. staff of Ball. Hosp. many 
yrs.; hon. med. officer Benev. Asy- 
lum & Old Col. Assoc; mbr. com. 
Ball. Orph.; mbr, cl. Ball. Royal 
Soc. St. George; mbr. Vestry St. 
John's Ang. Cli.; ex-pres. Ball. Div. 
Brit. Medical Association. 
SXCSABDS, Bichard Emeat ; b. 
Haddon, '76; 3. of Wm. Richards; 
%.. s. of 1. i i»^- Richards; h-vir. 
sev. yrs.; Joined City F.B., '»9; 
successively treas., sec, capt., sec. 
again, and stationkeeper since '15; 
awarded l.s. medal; hon. sec. Ball. 
F.B. dem., '12; mbr. champ, four, 
Warrnambool, '10; and of sev. 
other winning teams; hon. coach 
Wend. F.B.; won Jubilee 32-mlle 
bicycle road race in record time 
1 hr. 33 min.; mbr. Red Cross 
Carnival committee. 
2UCHASSS, rmomas; b. Ball. E., '71; 
educ. Eureka-st. S.S.; apprent. boot 
trade, '84, & during ensuing 28 yrs. 
worked for only two employers; 
appointed boot examiner Federal 
Defence Department, '15; became 
actively interested in trades union 
movement about '90; pres. Ball. 
Bootmakers' Union, '95; rep. Un. 
on T. & L. Cl., and at various conf. 
for 20 yrs.; att. first conf. for fed. 
of unions, which not consummated 
till later yrs.; one of fdrs. of politi- 
cal labor movement in Ball.; mbr. 
first com, & later v.-p.of Ball. W. 
P.L.C.: later president Ball. East 
branch; pres. Ball.E. Elect, Cl.; app. 
Lab. Org. Ball. Fed. Elect.. '13; con- 
tested Ballarat W. seat, 1914. 
ZUCKABDS. Cr. Wm.; b. Brown Hill, 
'6S; s. of 1. Wm. Richard*; (mother 

witnessed arrival of soldiers before 
Eureka stockade) ; boot maker and 
repairer, Humffray-st. N., Ball. E. ; 
mbr. Ball. E. Town Cl., since '11; 
pres. Ball. E. A.N.A., '91; aud. since 
'92; del. at numerous conf., inc. 
Federation conf. at B'go, '97; mbr. 
branch debating team; W.M., 
Orion Mas. Lodge. '05; ex-capt. 
Waverly C.C. (4 yrs.); ex-mbr. Ball. 
C.C. (sev. yrs.); ex-mbr. Ball. F.C. 
(2 yr.s); mbr. Ball. Public Lib. 
Com.; rink capt. Vic. B.C.; mbr. 
exec. B.B.A.; mbr. exec. Ball. EL 
Red Cross Soc. 

BICHABBSON, Alex.; b. Ball., '93; s. 
of Alfred Richardson; educ. Urq.- 
st. S.S.; ex-capt. Ball. Harr. Club, & 
del. Ball, center V.A.A.A.; 3rd, 3- 
mile track champ, of Ball., '08 & 
'09; 3rd, Vic. 3-mile track champ., 
'09; 3rd, 10-mile C.C.C. of Vic, '10; 
2nd, 5-mlle C.C.C. of Vic, '10 & -11; 
won 5-mile C.C.C. of Vic in 26min. 
54 sec (the record of course), '12; 
1st, half-mile, 1 & 3-mile track 
champ, of Ball., '11; 7th in 5-mile 
C.C.C. of Aust., Brisbane, '10; won 
numerous club & open handicaps 
up to 7 miles. 

BZCHABDSON,, Qeo.; b. Ball., '90; 
s. of Alfred Richardson; educ. Urq.- 
st. S.S.; capt. Ball. H.C. for sev. 
yrs.; 3rd in Vic 5-mile C.C.C, '08; 
1st Vic. 5-mile C.C.C. '09: 3rd 5- 
mile C.C.C. of Aust. & N.S.W., Syd- 
ney, '08; 2nd, Vic. 10-mile C.C.C, 
'09; 2nd, 1- & 3-mile track champ, 
of Ball., '08; winner Ball, center 
A grade teams' race, 5-miIe track, 
'08; 2nd Ball. 3-m. track champ. 3rd 
1-mile do., 3rd, long jump do., '09; 
won numerous club races up to 7 
miles; broke record of Lake Wend. 
5-mile course, 26min. lOsec, '08; 
held amat. record of Ball, for one 
mile, 4-min 38secs.; subsequently 
became professional, & won mile 
hep., Maryborough, '10; and several 
other important heps. 
BICKABD, Mark; b. St. Anstell 
(Cornwall), '64; a practical miner 

j for 39 yrs. with experience in Corn- 
wall, U.S.A. (California & Montana) 

I and Aust., settling here, '84; mgr. 

j successively Lexington Prop. (Ara- 
rat), All Nations (B'fort); Sons of 

I Freedom S. (Raglan) ; Royal Stan- 

! dard (Talbot); & Cent. Plateau 
(Sebas.); last-named for 9 yrs. 
past; pres. Ball, branch Mine Mgrs.' 
Assoc, '12; now treas.; treas. Se- 
bastopol Mas. Lodge; treas. Rubl- 
con-st. Methodist Church. 
BlSIxrO'S, James Kane; b. Auckland 
(N.Z.), '69; .<!. of 1. Geo. Lane Rid- 
ings (col. of '40's): educ. Auckland 
G.S. : qual. as dentist, and, settling 
in Vic, reg. by Vic. Dental Board, 
'94; practised Collins-st., Melb., for 
8 yrs.; eatab. practice for Dr. W. 
E. Thomas, at Sturt-st., Ball., '04; 



active supporter various sporting 
clubs — Ball. T.C., Miners' T.C. (ex- 
com.). Ball. Trot. C, Ball. Anglers' 
Club, & Imp. F.C. 

3Ui:az:i>HlTTH, otto; b. Bali., '78; 
s. of 1. Conrad RIegelhuth (col. of 
early '50's) ; educ. HumfEray-st. S.S.: 
electrician, Albert-st., Ball.; inven- 
ted &. patented elect, signalling 
apparatus for mines, etc.; mbr. 
Ball. P.B.. 'OO-'O?; Joined City F.B., 
'12; champ hydrant man of both 
brigades; also ladder cham. at three 
F.B. demonstrations. 

BXESriETS, Cr. Jolm XTicholas; b. Mt. 
Prospect '83; s. of John Rieniets, 
of Spring Vale farm. Newyln; educ. 
Rocicy Lead S.S.; farmer, MoUon- 
rghip since '13; mbr. B'garee Shire 
CT. since '15; hon. sec. Bolwarrah 
Progress Assoc; mbr. St. Joseph's 
ch. choir, Ormond; ex-mbr. St. 
Joseph's ch. choir, Mt. Prospect; 
hon. sec. Rocky Lead sports club 
'00-06; mbr. Mt. Prospect Rifle club, 
Ball. Anglers club, Newlyn F.C. 
(playing mbr. '06-12). Rockv Lead 
Deb. Soc. and Minstrel "Troupe, 
•00-06, playing mbr. Rocky Lead 
C.C. '00-12; Cres. C.C. '12-13; and 
Ball. S. City C.C. (B grade) '14-15. 

BXTCHIE, Jolm; b. Ball. E., '79; s. of 
1. ex-Cr. John Ritchie (mayor of 
Ball. B:., '05); educ. Mt. Pleas. S.S.; 
provision merch., cr. Barkly & Glad- 
stone-sts.. Mt. Pleas., '04-16 (es- 
tab. by father, '83); one of fdrs. & 
later hon. sec. (3 yrs.) Ball. E. 
B.C.; mbr, com., past 8 yrs.; N.G. 
Excelsior Lodge. G.U.O.O.F., '12; 
sec. since '13; mbr. Grand Lodge 
Directorate; cpt. Mt. Pleas. S.S. 

HZTCHXE, Wm., b. Ball. W., '74; .s. 
of 1. Cr. John Ritchie (ex-mayor of 
Town) : educ. Mt. Pleas. S.S. (schol. 
winner), & Gren. Coll. (matric); 
wine & spirit, etc., merch. at Cres. 
& at Armstrong-st., N., Ball., since 
•12; mbr. Cres. Bor. CI. for 3 yrs.; 
P.M. Cres. Hav. Mas. Lodge; champ. 
of Cres. B.C., 2 yrs. 

XOBSBT8, William; sole survivor of 
party of 22 men who discovered the 
Welcome Nugget of 1841b. 9]oz. at 
depth of few feet at Bakery Hill, 
Ball. P., on June 9th, '58; had en- 

f:aged at gold digging on various 
eada, and Tate in 57 joined the Red 
Hill Co-op. Co., operating in shal- 
low gutter at scene of And; (nugget 
was sold to Hebrew flnanciers. who 
Bought to promote art union, which 
Govt, prohibited; and after being 
taken to Eng. ft exhibited, nugget 
was smelted, but failed to yield 
what was paid for it); b. Constan- 
tlne (Cornwall), '35; arr. 8yd., Feb.. 
'67; A Ball.. Apr, '57; living retired 
at Ball. W. for many years. 
B0BSST80H, Anarcw; b. Shetland 
Ifllfts. '3.'); arr. V'lo.. '.16; eng. -driver 
Red Jacket & Ball. Freehold mines; 

later legal mgr. of Carngham G.M. 
Co.; probably the first 1. m. in 
Ball, under Ltd. Liab. Coy.'s Act; 
later mgd. following mines: — Great 
N. Junction, Cres. Rd. (which was 
flooded from surface after heavy 
rains, two men being drowned, and 
six others rescued by prompt and 
courageous action by mgr.) ; Specu- 
lator, Scotsburn; Superior, Cam- 
brian Hill; Duke, Timor, Sultan, 
Blackwood; after period in N.Z., 
ret. to Vic, & became mgr. Vic. 
United G.M. Co., Ball. E., about '96; 
holding power of attorney from 
Eng. shareholders until 1916, when 
coy. ceased operations; mbr. Sch. of 
Mines CI. sev. yrs.; & lect. & exam. 
mining engineering department. 

BOBESTSON, Cr. Jolm Gordon; J.P.; 
S. of 1. Cr. Jas. Robertson, b. Mt. 
Mitchell '61; educ. Scotch Coll. 
Melb.; mbr. Lexton Shire CI. for 
second period; also ex-pres.; gax. 
J.P. about '95; mbr. Ball. T.C. com. 
also steward; owner of Aboyne. 
(winner Debutante Stakes '12); and 
sev. other racehorses at various 
periods and patron of turf: held 
share of family interest in Mt. 
Mitchell. Congbool and Mortal 
(Vic), Gundabooka and Tooma 
(X.S.W.) stations; now of Mt. Mitc- 
hell E.state. 

BOBEBTSON, ez-Cr. Tlioa.; J.P.; of 
Mt. Mitchell Est., Mt. Mitchell; b. 
Mt. Mitchell '57; s. of \. Cr. Jas. 
Robertson. J.P. (who arr. with 
father 1. Thos. Robertson from Glen 
Muick, Aberdeen, Scot., "40; latter 
acquiring Mt. Mitchell station from 
the Learmonths '43; and who was 
mbr. of old Lexton Road Bd); educ. 
Scotch Coll., Melb.; held share of 
family interest in Mt. Mitchell. 
Congbool & Mortat estates (Vic.) 
for many yrs.; also Gundabooka & 
Tooma (N.S.W.); mbr. Lexton Shire 
CI. for sev. yrs.. twice pres.: mbr. 
Ball. T.C. made four trips to Gt. 
Britain between '72 and '15, and 
was in Eng. when war broke out. 

BOBZH, Kerbert Wm.; b. Guernsey 
(Eng.), '76; s. of Wm. Robin (col. 
of '84); educ. Guernsey G.S. (schol. 
winner. Boys' Sch.); arr. Aust. '92; 
a/ct. Bright & Hitchcocks, G'long; 
app. a/ct. John Snow & Co., Ltd., 
Ball.: and sec. of Co., '13; gen. mgr. 
since '15; Fellow of Incorp. Inst, of 
Sec. (formed 1915); one of fdrs. 
Ball, branch of Inst.; circuit stew- 
ard Ballarat W. Methodist Church: 
mbr. Publicity com. "Forward BsJ- 
larat" movement. 

BOBXV, Dr. P. AbmU; D.Lit., Lond.; 
B.A.. Camb.; b. Adel., '61; s. of 1. 
Theo. Robin; educ. Prince Alfred 
Coll., Adel., A St. John's Coll.. 
Camb.: ret. Aust., '85; 2nd master 
Ipswich G.S. : later Newington 
Coll.. Svd.. & C. of R. G.S.. Melb.: 
principal Cb. of K O.S.. Ball.. '11; 



ex-honorary Sec. Teachers' Assoc.: 
pres., '14-'15; played with Q'land 
L.acrosse teams, & first field capt. 
Q'land. Lacrosse Assoc; mbr. Ball. 
Diocesan CI.; co-ed. "Ralph Roister 
Doister," Syd.; publications — "Old 
Physiologr>' in Eng. Literature"; 
contrib. Univ. Ext. Lectures, Melb. 
and provinces. ^ 

BOBZRSOXr, Bev. Chas.; B.A.; b. Co. 
.Vntrim (Ire.), '48; s. of 1. Wm. Rob- 
inson (land owner); educ. Queen's 
Univ. & Assembly Coll.. Belfast 
(Ire.); arr. Vic, '75; & at once be- 
came pastor St. John's Presbyt. 
Ch., Cres.; pastoral tie still un- 
severed; "father" of Ball. Presby- 
tery; thrice Moderator of Presby- 
tery; Mod. of Vic. Assembly, '11; 
ex-pres. Cres. Hosp. Com., Lib. 
com. & Benev. Asylum; P.M. Cres. 
Havilah Mas. Lodge; m. Mary, d. 
of 1. Andrew Munro, of Glendonald 
Est.: mbr. Ball. College Council. 

BOBIHSON, John B.; b. Ball., '77; ■. 
of 1. Jon. Robinson (mgr. of Union 
Fdry.); educ. Ball. Coll.; a/ct. Sch. 
of Mines since '00; mbr. Ball. Hort. 
Soc. Com.; successful cultivator of 
sweet pea, & prize taker at many 
shows; rink capt. & mbr. com. 
Soldiers* Hill B.C., •12-,15; sec. 
Caledonian Society, 1911-13. 

B090, John K. 8.; b. Appledore, N. 
Devon (Eng.); s. of 1. John Rodd 
(ship owner); arr. Vic when 20 
yrs. of age, & started with Peter 
Thos. Finn, Lyd.-st., about 50 yrs. 
ago as clerk; became mining coy. 
legal mgr. & a/ct. few yrs. later; 
and in '88 app. bailiff of county, 
etc., courts, & sherifTs bailiff; still 
holding this position; Comm. for 
taking affidavits. 

BODOBS, Wm. BaTld; b. Ball., '93; 
s. of Wm. Rodger; educ. Pleas.-st. 
S.S. & Ball, Coll.; Joined 30th 
A.M.C., Ball., as pte., '12; transport 
sgt., '15; similar rank in No. 6 
Field Amb.; on active service, Gal- 
lipoli & French campaigns, '15-'16. 

SOOEBSOir, Sirt.-Detectiv0 Joseph 
3.; b. Malmsbury, '60; s. of 1. Henry 
Hogerson: educ. Chewton Sch.; 
joined police force, '83; transf. to 
plain-clothes police, '85; attached 
Criminal Investg. branch in charge 
of Ball, office, '00; app. 1st class 
sgt., '14; assoc with Ball. C.C. for 
many yrs.; played with rep. teams 
agst. Shaw & Shrewsbury's & Lord 
Hawkes' Eng. elevens; pres. City 
A.N.A., '98; one of originators & 
active workers in Police & Postal 
Bmp. Charity Carnival, sev. yrs.; 
l.g. Ball. Hosp. In recognition of 
such service. 

BOOBBSOH, Arthur Jos.; b. Moama 
^N.S.W.), '82; s. of above; educ. 
HumfCray-st. & Pleas.-st. S.S.; 
mbr. composing staff "Evening 
Jpcho" for 19 )'rs.; "father of chap- 

el," '09-'15; pres. Ball, branch Typo. 
Soc, •13-'14; one of fdrs. Ball. Sun. 
Sch. F. Assoc; & formerly playing 
mbr. City Wesley's F. & C. Club; 
mbr. com. Ball. Swimming Club, 
sev. yrs.; refereed all important 
boxing matches in Ball, past 8 yrs.; 
refused invitations to referee in 
other centers; ex-com. S. Ball. F. 
C; mbr. Ball. Christy Minstrels, & 
frequent performer for charity; a 
strong supporter sporting clubs. 

BONAXOSON, Adam Iiindesay; b. 
Smeaton, '59; s. of 1. John Ronald- 
son (formerly of Edinburgh); 
educ. Smeaton Sch.; joined Vic. 
Mines Dept. as eng., '80; later 
Insp. of mines & supt. of diamond 
drills; ret. to enter into eng. works 
in N. States, '96; later went to 
Lond., & mgd. large eng. works for 
seven yrs.; with bro. David & H. J. 
Tippett, estab. eng. works of Ron- 
aldson Bros. & Tippett. Ball. N.. 
'05; specialising in internal com- 
bustion engines; pioneers of oil eng. 
industry in Aust.; manufrs. of 
Austral oil eng.. which has added 
to reputation of Aust. eng. enter- 
prises. & finding preference over 
oversea engines; enthus. Lib. in 
politics; first pres. Ball, branch 
People's Party since '13; first pres. 
Ballarat District Employers' and 
Producers' Assoc, since '13; first 
pres. Smeaton branch A.N.A., '84; 
first capt. Smeaton Rifle Club, '85; 
one time crack shot; mbr. Ball. I 
G.C.; A. & P. CI.; & Ball. War 
Munitions Com. [The author re- 
grets that Mr. Ronaldson died dur- 
ing compilation of book]. 

BONAIiOSOn', David; b. Smeaton 
'74; s. of 1. John Ronaldson; educ. 
Smeaton S.S. & S. of Mines, Ball.; 
eng. since age of 14 yrs.; apprent. 
1. J. Smith's machine & implement 
works, meanwhile completing eng. 
course at S. of Mines; became fore- 
man at Smith's; joined in estab. 
firm of Ronaldson Bros. & Tippett. 
'05; mbr. S. of Mines CI.; dir. of 
Lai Lai Firebrick & Pottery Coy.- 
mbr. Information com. "Forward 
Ballarat" movement; mbr. Ball, 
com . Lady Hennessy's Patriotic 
League; mbr. Ball. Rifle Club Com., 
also deputy capt. & v.p.; mbr. Ball. 
Golf Club: CVjb : Commercial Tra- 
vellers, Melbourne. 

BOPEB, Bev. Joaeph Basil; s. of 
Alfred Francis and Julia Edith 
(O'Sullivan) Roper, b. Warrnam- 
bool '88; educ. Conv. of Mercy and 
C.B. Coll. W'bool (matric '03; 
honors '05); ent. St. P. Eccles. Coll. 
Manly, (N.S.W.) '06; chief librarian 
•08-11: ord. '11; assist, priest Kor- 
olt '12; transf, St. P. Cath. Ball. '12; 
(in charge Redan & Sebas.) Ball. 
Hosp. chap, since '12; milit. chap, 
Ea.ster '13; chap. Ladies H.A.C.B.S,; 
joint organiser, Cath. Lending Lib.; 



adjud. Ball. Lit. and Debating 

BOSS, Artlinr DaTld; b. Queenstown, 
Otago (N.Z.), '73; s. of G. M. Ros» 
(mgr. of Bank of New Zealand. & 
mbr. well-known N.Z. family of 
bankers; b. Aberdeen, '40) ; educ. 
Otago H.S.; in service Bank of N.Z. 
181 yrs.; Joined Royal Bank staff, 
head office Melb. as securities 
clerk, '07; mgr. Ball, branch, '09- 
'15; mgr. Ball. Banking Co. since 
'15: mbr. St. Andrew's Kirk Bd., 
Cent. B.C., Yarrowee Mas. Lodge; 
v.-pres. Ball. Red Cross Society; 
one of fdrs. Otago Rowing Assoc, 
and an enthusiast in horticulture & 
dahlia cultivation: Club— Ball. Com. 

SOBMB* Alex. Jolm; b. Warrnambool, 
'67; s. of 1. John Ross (col. of early 
60'8) ; educ. W'bool S.S. and g.s. 
(dux) and also course in agric. and 
d^ii/ chemistry and bacteriology; 
later qual. for app. as Govt, dairy 
supervisor; farming and dairying 
pursuits in Western dlst. for many 
yrs.; and later butter factory man- 
aging; joined public service as dairy 
and Dutter factory supervisor '06; 
stationed chiefly in Ball.; became 
partner of Geo. Kllgour (trading as 
Harry & Kllgour). pure milk and 
dairy produce suppliers, 1916. 

BOSS, Capt. Jas. Wallao*. J.P : b. 
IJall. N.. '92; s. of Jas. Ross (Vic. 
l)olice. Ball.): educ. Macarthur-st. 
S.S. & Mi.«»s Kennedy's classes, also 
commercial educ; on clerical staff 
Vic. Rys. until outbreak of war '14- 
military training with cadets and 
later 70th Regt., as pte. to sgt.; 
2nd lleut. '11: lleut '13; transf. 52nd 
Inf. Melb. '14: served Egyptian and 
Galljpoli campaign with 5th batt 
A.I.F. in landing at Ansae; woun 
ded In action, battle of Gaba Tepe 
Apl. 27 (shortly after landing on 
Apl. 25): invalided to Egypt and 
later to Eng. ; on return to Vic. was 
app. adjut. of Ascot Vale depot, 
and later CO. of depot camp, B go. 
gaz. J.P. 1916. 

BOSS, Jobn; b. Sutherland (Scot.); 
ex-gardener for Duke of Suther- 
land, & Duke of Buccleugh; arr. 
Ball., '63: and served as gardener 
for 1. Walter Craig; curator Ball. 
Hosp. since '70; mbr. Hort. Soc. for 
50 yrs.; frequent prize taker at 
Rhows; judge of amat. displays; 
raised sev. seedlings, inc. Ross 
Golden City privet, for Hort. Soc; 
P.O.M. St. Andrew's Order. 

BOSS, Joha: s. of above; b. Hall. '69; 
educ Urq-»t. 8.8. ; was servin? in 
ranks of 3rd batt. Ball, when 8th. 
African Boer war declared; enlistpd 
and served with 1st Vic. contingent 
"99-01: Queen's medal with claHi)s 
(Diamond Hill. Johannesburgh, (>r- 
ange Free State. S. Afrlc-v and Cape 
Colony) j)artlclpated Pink Hill bat- 
tle and Magersfontein affair ; fdtlon. 
mbr. and mbr. com. since Inception 
nf Pall, branch 8th. African Sold- 
iers' Assoc 

BOSS, John; J.P.; b. Tighcraig, 
Lairg (Scot.), '47; accompanied 
parents to Vic. per s. "Morning 
Light," '65; farmed successively at 
Waterloo, Mortchup & Tarragon, & 
invested largely in agric machin- 
ery, & with general success; gaz. 
J.P. in response to movement in- 
itiated by Waterloo branch Miners' 
Assoc; removed to Ball, in later 
yrs.; app. consenting Justice for 
marriage of minors, '12; fdton mbr. 
Hon. Justices' Assoc, of Vic: l.g. 
of Traction Eng. Owners' Assoc: 
first v.-p. & one of fdrs. Wend, 
Rec Club; prof. mech. & consult, 
eng, general contractor & thresh- 
ing machine prop.;m. Miss Ascott, 
of Clunes, '76. 

BOSS, BasU, XT. S.; b. Clunes, '93; s. 
of above; educ. Pleas.-st S.S., A.H. 
S. S. of Mines & I.C.S.; elect, eng.; 
fdton mbr. Wend. Rec. Club, and 
Wend. F.B.; capt. Wend. Star F.C: 
mbr. Burnbank-st. Moth. T.M. Club 
& Ch. Choir; mbr. Sen. Cadets (old 
blues) ; amongst first batch of vol. 
for active service, '14; enlisted as 
pte.; trans, signallers, 8th Batt. 
lat A.I.F. ; took part in defence of 
Ismalia, invasion of Turkey, land- 
ing at Gaba Tepe, & assault on 
Achi Baba (Cape Helles), & two 
subsequent engagements, before 
being invalided to Malta; wrote 
"Australia in History: the Story of 
the Gallipoli Campaign," for "Evg. 
Echo,-" '15. 

BOSS, Zdent. Xlndsay: s. of Jas. Ross 
(of Vic. police. Ball.); b. B. North, 
'91: educ. Macarthur-st. S.S.. anc) 
Ball. A.H.S., qual. for teacher of 
manual arts and wood-sloyd and 
mbr. staff Ball. A.H.S.; held comm. 
as lieut. of sen. cadets until start of 
European war 1914; commanded A. 
H.S. team In sev. cadet competitions 
South-st. soc. carnival, etc.); win- 
ners A grade champ. South-st, '13- 
14: winners 18th brigade champ. & 
3rd In Vic champ. (No. 3 district) 
'13; winners Vic champ, and run- 
ners-up Aust. champ, at Brisbane 
'14: vol. for active service '15; en- 
gaged for some time In Instr. duties 
at Broadmeadow.s camp, later in yr. 
served In Gallipoli campaign as C. 
O. signalling corps of A.I.F., and 
after sev. months of trench warfare 
present at evacuation of Penin- 
sula, Dec. '15; ret. to Egypt and 
participated In French camnaigii 
16: w ounded In action May 1916. 

BOWB, Jolm; b. Ball. '64; s of 1. 
John Rowe. (pioneer mining iden- 
tity) educ. Cent. S.S. (Armstrong's) 
lie Blue Bell hotel. Wend.; mbr. of 
firm of Hogan A Kelly (caterers at 
sports and race mtgs. throughout 
Vic); chm. Wend. S.S. com.; P.O. 
Wend. Lodge G.U.O.O.F., also 
P.D.O.M.; one of fdrs. Wend. Fire 
Brigade, providing the station build- 



BOWXANDS, BoT. Wm.; b. Anglesea 
(N. Wales). '79 ;s. of Capt. J. Row- 
lands, of Anglesea, & bro. of Rev. 
(Bng.); educ. Bangor Univ. (N. 
Theol. Coll.; ord., '07; first pastoral 
Wales), & Bala Welsh Presbyt. 
J. T. Rowlands, of Birkenhead 
charge,, Blackstone, Ipswich (Q.); 
later pastor Cromwell Presbyt. Ch. 
(N.Z.); called to St. John's Presbyt. 
Ch. Ball. '15; mbr. com. Ball. Cym- 

BVSDEH, Arthnr S.; J.P ; mgr. of 
Com. Bank; b. S. Yarra, '64; s. of 
H. K. Rusden (b. Maitland, N.S.W., 
•26); g.s. of Rev. Rusden (first 
Ang. rector of Maitland), & nephew 
of G. W. Russell (one of earliest 
"Vic. Clerks of Parlt.) ; educ. S. 
Tarra S.S., & Carlton Coll.; Joined 
Com. Bank service, as Jun. clerk at 
head office, '81; later ledger keeper 
St. Kilda & Carlton branches; a/ct. 
at Prahran; agent at Newport; in- 
spectors dept & relieving mgr,; mgr 
at Footscray; Rupanyup (6 yrs.); 
NhiU (9 yrs.); & Ball, since '12; ex- 
hon. sec. Nhlll Art School; ex-mbr. 
Nhlll A. & P. CI.; ex-pres. & treas. 
NhiU Hosp.; gaz. J.P., '06; treas. 
Ball. Miners* T.C., '14-16; mbr. 
Ball. Progi-ess Assoc. Com.; Re- 
cruiting Exec; Ball. Hosp. Com.; 
treas. Camp Comforts Com. and 
Red Cross Carnival. 

S^YTSSEi;!^, Capt. FhllUp; s. of 1. Jas. 
Russell, of Carngham estate; and 
g.s. of 1. Hon. P. Russell. M.L.C; 
mbr. Ripon Shire CI. for sev. yrs. 
and resigned immediately upon 
outt)realc of war and sailed for Eng. 
where enlisted In cavalry regt.. 
later transf. to Brit, artillery am- 
munition column in order to get 
quickly to front in French cam- 

BTAN, Edward, J.P.; ex-insp. of 
police, b. Dublin 51; arr. Vic In 
childhood; s. of 1. Michael Ryan, 
C-E. (pioneer Govt, mining survey- 
or, taking charge at B'go '58); mbr. 
Vic. permanent artillery for a term; 
Joined Vic. police force '76; rose to 
rank of sub. insp. at Melb. ; then 
transf. to Horsham and later to 
Ball.; retired '11; settled on land at 
"(Duambi," Clunes; gaz. J.P. '15; 
mbr. Clunes Public Lib. committee, 
also ident. with local public move- 

CTAXr, Matthew; J.P.; b. L.' month, 
'68 s. of 1. M. Ryan (early 
I..'month, 68; s. of 1. M. Ryan (early 
col.); educ. Li'month S.S.; farmer 
& grazier, L' month; mbr. Ball. Shire 
CI., 'ST-'IS; thrice pres.; one of fdrs., 
trustee, & twice pres. of TV month 
A.N. A.; chairman S.S. Com.; trustee 
Mech. Inst.; chairman L' month R.C. 
ch. com.; actively assoc. with dist. 
sporting clubs; mbr. Ball. A. & P. 
CI.; l.g. Hosp. 

BTAH, Uent. Patrick P.: D.C.M.; b. 
Smythesdale 'S3; s. of Ellen and 1. 

Patrick Ryan (pioneer farmer, of 
Smythes.); educ. Smythes. S.S. and 
C.B.S. E. Melb.; for some yrs. assoc. 
with firm of J. P. Madden & Co. 
(uncle) legal mgrs. ; enlisted for ac- 
tive service in European war as 
sgt. in 6th Light Horse. A.I.F. an<i 
voluntarily served as infantry when 
L.H. unit discarded; took part in 
operations at GalUpoli; mentioned 
in despatches and awarded D.C^.ki. 
for leading bombing attack for 4S 
hours and continuing without re- 
lief; later prom, to comm. as 2nd. 
lieut. for service in France. 

BYAH. Warrant 0«r Timothy Jnstlae; 
s. of T. F. Ryan; b. Fernihurst, '78; 
Joined Vic. Defence Dept. as gunner 
Roy. Art., '00; served S. African 
war as Squad. Sgt-Mjr. 6th Batt. A. 
C. Horse, '00-2 (King's medal); ret. 
Aust. & passed Sch. of Gunnery, 
Syd.; app. Sgt.-Gunner & trans, to 
W.A.; mounted guns of Fremantle 
defences; Inst. Staff, Vic, sinc« 
'06; passed with honors at school 
of map reading, field sketching & 
eng., topography, signalling, small 
arms, musketry (with distinction, 
highest of Vic. candidates) ; succcf- 
sively attached 5th & 7th A.I.R. & 
70th inf.; h.q. ISth brig., anri 
musketry Instructor Pt. Melb. and 
Ball. Training Depot for active ser- 
vice soldiers; vol. for active ser- 
I vice, '15, but retained for training 
recruits; mbr. 7th Reg. team whicM 
won Schumacher Cup, '08; V.R./ 
medallist. '07 & '09; ex-v.-p. Q'cllff 
A.N. A.; W.M., Sebas. Mas. Lodge, 
'15-16; pres. Ball. Military Club, 'IC. 

SAas. Edwin; F.I.G.C.M.; Licentiate 
Mus. V.C.M. (Lon.); b. Ball. '65; .«=. 
of W. H. & M. Sage; educ. Mt. Pleas. 
S.S. ; musically by G. Herbert. 
R.A.M. & D. J. Montague; choir- 
master & org. Sklpton-st. Meth. 
Ch., 6 J yrs.; do., St. John's Presbyt. 
Ch., 14 J yrs.; do., St. Paul's Ang. 
Ch., since '12; org. Sebas. Mas. 
Lodge & Ball. Lodge of Mark Mas- 
ter Masons; Ball. Sec. Vic. Coll. 
Mus. (Lond.), since '12; sen. honors 
V.CM. & Lie. of Music. V.C.M.; 
Fellow Incorp. Guild of Ch. Muf , 
Lond.; 1st prize winner composition 
vocal quartet Ball. Q. N. Eisted- 
dfod '00. 

SAINSBEBT, Jame«; b. Glamorerar- 
shire (S. Wales), '52; s. of 1. James 
Salnsbery (col. of '53) :settled Ball., 
•58; butcher, Vic.-st., for sev. yrs : 
ret., '02; mbr. Pioneer Lodge 
I.O.O.P. for over 40 yrs.; N.G.. •??»: 
.sec. since '04; rep. on Grand Lodg" 
& Ball, dist.; one of oldest mbrs. of 
Pall. Mas. Lodge; tyler since about 

SAI^MOir, xronuan Stanlay; s. of 1. 
John Salmon (mgr. Nat. Bank): b. 
Brighton. '64; educ. Ch. of Eng. 
G.S., Melb.: served Bank of S.A. Pt 
Adel. & Melb.: ret. '90; farming fz 
pastoral pursuits for some jts. : 
estab. bus. as a/ct. & comm. agent. 



Lyd.-st., Ball.. '08; active mbr. 
B'yong Ch. of Eng.;mbr. Ball. Ang. 
Synod; mbr. cl. St. Aidan's Theol. 
Coll.; bus. mgr. "Church Chron- 
icle"; capt. B'yongr Rifle Club; 
chairman Ball. Dist. Rifle Club 
Union, '14-'15; mbr. V.R.A. Cl. 
SAMPSOBT, Stephen; Inspector of 
Police; b. Cres., '56; s. of 1. John 
Sampson, of Cres., & later Ball.; 
joined Vic. Police Force (three days 
before capture of Kellys (bush- 
rangers) '80; stationed chiefly Wim- 
mera & Bourke dist.; chief clerk at 
dist. supt. offices at Stawell, Sale 
& Melb. during past 25 yrs. ; prom, 
insp., Melb., '12; & Ball., 
'14; mbr. Ball & Cent. B.C.; leading 
pennant bowler, Melb. & Ballarat. 

SABCFSOnr, Svdney; M.H.R.; for Wim- 
mera since 06; 5. Cres.; s. of 1. John 
Sampson (early pioneer) ; selected 
land in Wimmera in early manhood 
and followed agric. pursuits while 
also propr. and ed. of "Warrackna- 
beal Herald"; by Journalistic ac- 
tivity and progressive citizenship 
helped to secure water supply for 
Wimmera and improvement in land 
laws and material development 
of the district, which led to invi- 
tation to contest Wimmera seat in 
House of Reps.; winning in a big 
field; was mbr. of Royal Harvester. 
Grant to Tasmania and Fruit Com- 
missions; also mbr. of Federal Pub- 
lic Works. Library and Standing 
(Orders committees. 

SAMPSOH, Wm. J.; b. Mt. Pleas.; 
educ. Mt. Pleas. S.S. ; composer of 
sacred songs & anthems. "Saved 
from the Deep," "Hour of Peace," 
"Across the Bar," "The Strain Up- 
raise," "Angels of Light"; pub- 
lished in Fng. S.S. Anniv. volumes; 
also national ode, "Hall thee, Aus- 
tralia!" inspired by Australia's part 
in Great war; cond. Mt. Pleas. 
Meth. Choir at age of 17; org. and 
choirmaster , St. Mary's Ch. of Eng., 
Perth, 5 yrs.; solo flautist & prize- 
winner Ball. Eisteddfod; frequent 
concert perf. for charit., etc., pur- 

BAV80M, WlUlAm; b. G'long, '57; s. 
of 1. Wm. Ransom; educ. Brown 
Hill d.s.; practical miner for 44 
yr«.; mgr. successvely of Sailors' 
Reef, Stieglitz; Parker's United. 
Gordons ; Wellington. Glppsland; 
N. Birthday, N. Moonlight & Birth- 
day Tunnel. Berrlnga: & N. New 
Jubilee. Scars.: old time mbr. Ball. 
F.B.. and of brig. comp. teams 
many yrs.; mbr. rep. team In N.Z. ; 
prof, pedestrian. '74-'92; ex-champ. 
mile runner of Ball. & dist.; beat 
O. Cronk in half-mile chall. match. 
•78; beat A. E. Bird (Eng. champ.), 
In 10-mile match at Melb.. '78; af- 
terwards challenging all-comers 
wthout response; ran with success 
In various States; first hcpr. Ball. 
Harrier Club. 

SABTOSI, Fred C; b. Stawell '71; s. 
of 1. Chas. Sartori (of Dimboola. 
wlio arr. Aust. from Switzerland in 
early days of colony) ; educ. Dim 
boola S.S.; sec. Ancient Briton lodge 
U.A.O.D., '92-07; also P. Arch and 
P.P. of Di-strict; mbr. Ball. City B. 
C. for 15 yrs. and club cliamp. '03- 
4; thrice runner-up; mbr. Ball. B.C. 
since '06; capt. B.B.C. rink, runners- 
up in B.B.A. champ. '12-13, also mbr. 
A. B. Berry's City rink and H. L. 
Pobjoy's Ball, rink runners-up in 
other yrs. ; rink capt. and rep. Assoc, 
player for sev. yrs.; witli W. A. 
Drew runners-up in big open pairs 
tournament some yrs. ago; keen 
billiardist and enthusiastic crick- 
eter for sev. vrs. in Friday Assoc 
8AVSB, Major Francis J.; V.D.; b. 
B'vong, '6S: educ. C. B. Sch., Ball.: 
joined public service, '82; C.P.S. at 

I Ball, for many yrs.; now at Colac: 

j pte. 3rd Batt. Inf., '85; later prom. 
Lieut., Capt. & Major; continuously 
serving in 7th, 70th, 71st & 72nd 

j Inf. Regts.; now CO. 72nd Regt.; 
h.q. at Colac: n warded l.s. medal. 
•05, & V.D. "±j; l.g. Ball. Benev. 
SAWOESS, Charles; b. Ball.. '65; «. 
of 1. Chas. Saunders (City & street 
garden curator for 45 yrs.); educ. 
Mt. Pleas. S.S.: builder & cont for 
manv yrs.; also bowling-green 
maker; one of fdrs. Ball. City B.C.; 
pres. '09-10; rink capt. for sev yrs.: 
club champ '11-12. also 1916: nin- 
ner-up 6 yrs.; runner-up B.B.A. 
champ., '09-'10; (the first bowler 
other than Ball, and Cent, club 
members to reach finals) ; win- 
ner sev. trophies; fdtion. mbr. 

6 hon. sec. Reserve F.C. (premiers 

7 yrs.); assoc. with L.O.L. about 35 
yrs.); fdtion mbr. & sec. from In- 
ception Lord Roberts lodge. 

SAUVDEBS, Fred.; s. of 1. Chns. 
Saunders: b. Ball., '73; educated 
Urq.-st. S.S.; builder & cont.; mbr. 
com. Builders' & Contractors' Assoc, 
sev. yrs.; pres., '15; ex-sec. All 
Saints' & St. Peter's Sun. Sch. C.C. 
(bowling avge.); ex-mbr. Ball. City 
C.C. & Perth B.C.. '96; winnlnpr 
club trophies in first yr. : first hor. 
sec. Guildford B.C. (Perth), •»8: 
(won first club trophy): mbr. Ball. 
City B.C.: pres.. '14-'15; rink capt. 
since •ll; rep. player & skipper 
Assoc, rinks: mbr. exec. B.H.A.; 
played Into semi finals of V.RA. 
champ, gaining 4th place, being 
beaten by ultimate champion: won 
selection test for rep. of B.B.A. In 
Vic. B. champ. "16. mbr. S. of Mines 
Cl.: mbr. exec. St. Peter's branch 

■ATEmS, Wm. B.; b. Ball. E.. '7S; • 
of 1. John Savers: educ. St. Paul's 
S.S. A Bain's H S.: building pursuits 
for sev. yrs.: playing mbr. Ball. C.C 
sev. seasons, and played agst. thr*^ 
Eng. elevens: mbr. Ball. B.C.: bowl- 
Inir champ, of Aust.. '13: mbr. 



B.B..\, champ, rink, '07-'08; '09-'10 
'lO-'ll and- '15-16. 
8CABFF, Jai.; b. Shildon (Eine:.) '63; 
a bandsman since '74; mbr. Shildon 
Temp. Band in youth; arr. Auat. 
'84, settling at Ball.; successively 
b.m. of Phoenix Fdry., 5 yrs. 
Bulch's Model (later Ball. City) 17 
yrs.; Nazareth House, 2 yrs.; Ara- 
rat Citizens 2 yrs.; Learmonth, 2 
yrs.; St. Arnaud, 1 yr.; later busi- 
ness pursuits at St. Arnaud. for 
time b.m. of old 3rd Battl. band & 
since '15 corp. instr. of Ball, mili- 
tary camp bands; has won sev. 
provincial contests with various 
bands; also as.soc. with Geo. Her- 
bert's, H.M. Theatre and Lieder- 
taf el orchestras in past years. 
SCaWXEaiSB, Henry; b. Ball. '?.'>; r. 
of 1. F. A. Schwieger (col. of '64; 
and co-prop, of old Union fdry.); 
educ. Urq.-st. S.S. and ptelj'; mbr. 
Vic. Educ. service for sev. yrs. and 
ret. in '07 to become asst. sec. Royal 
Agric. Soc. of Vic. Melb. ; apptd. 
sec. '11; also sec. Vic. Chamber of 
Arric; editor and sec. four stud 
publications; old time amateur ath- 
lete and mbr Ball. E. Harrier Club; 
holds open record for cycle run 
Ball, to Melb. 3h. 56min. estab. 
Mch. 2, '98; and since undisturbed 
(vide Miller's "Sporting Guide."); 
SCOTT, Cr. Andrew; b. near B'yong 
'55; s. of 1. Andrew Scott (who arr. 
from Scot. In 1838 and taking up 
grazing land at Yuu-long, Scots- 
burn — formerly Scott's marsh — be- 
came one of earliest inland settlers 
of Vic; later pioneering in Wim- 
mera and Mallee and acquiring 
Warracknabeal station from which 
name of subsequent township ori- 
ginated); educ. Scotch Coll.. Melb.: 
nastoral pursuits at Warracknabeal 
for some yrs, settled again at Tuu- 
long '89; grazier and farmer and 
successful breeder and exhibitor 
pure shorthorn cattle; mbr. Ball. 
A. & P. CI.; mbr. B'yong Shire CI., 
since 1913; elder B'yong Presbyt. 
ch.; rep. on Ball. Presbytery and 
Vic. Presbyterian Assembly. 

SCOTT, J.W.; b. Ball., '56; s. of John 
Scott (col. of '53); educ. Ball. Coll.; 
matric. at 17, and apprent. to 1. Hy. 
Brlnd, chemist; one of three candi- 
dates w^ho passed Vic. Pharmacy 
Bd's first exam.; chemist & drugg- 
ist, 415 Sturt-st.; one of oldest 
mbrs. Ball. City A.N.A.; pres.. '80; 
mbr. Art Gallery cl for sev. yrs. 

SCOTT, Major Bob«r«; M.D.: Glas. & 
Melb. Univ.; b. B'yong, '60; s. of 1. 
Robert Scott (pioneer pastoralist; 
col. of '39); resident surgeon Ball. 
Hosp., '86; mbr. hon. staff about 25 
years; ex-pres. Ball. & District 
Caled. Soc; pres Ball. Hort Soc 
sev. yrs. past; mbr. Art Gallery cl.; 
mbr. cl. St. Andrew's P.M. A.; dir. 
Trustees' etc.. Co. ; ex-pres. & active 
mbr. City R.C.; mbr. Ball. Coll. cl.; 
exam. & lect. Amb. Assoc; hon. 

Major, A.M.C.; reserve since *09; 
v.p. Lyric Orch. Soc; pres. Cent. 
B.C., 'OS-'Og; pres. Ball. Automobile 
Club; ex-pres. Ball. Division B.M.A. 
mbr. com. of Ballarat Turf Club; 
Clubs — Ball, and Old Colonists.' 
8CSMZOT, Blieita; (nee Madden): d. 
of Cr. \V. Madden, of Sebas. ; educ. 
Sobas. S.S; prominent in Ballarat 
amat theatricals, & frequent prize- 
taker. Ball & other comp. ; winner 
of over 200 prizes; organiser of 
charit., &c., concerts; successful 
monologue artist; professional tour 
of Vic. & Tas., '10; & Vic, '13; l.g. 
Ball. Orph. for services rendered. 
SCXn^i;ixr, Ja«. Xy.; ex-M.P.; b. Tra- 
walla, '76; s. of 1. John ScuUin; 
educ. Trawalla S.S. & evg. classes, 
at Ball. :business pursuits sev. yrs.; 
contested Ball, seat agst Prime 
Minister Deakin, '06; Fed. mbr. for 
Corangramite, '10-'13; mging. dir. 
"Evg. Echo," Ball., since '13; State 
org. of P.Li.L.., '07-'10: mbr. champ, 
deb. team, South-st. Soc, about '04; 
since adjud. on deb. & orations sev. 
occasions: also adjud. numerous de- 

i bates of lit. & deb. soc. & y. m. clubs 

! of various denominations; ex-pres. 
Cath. Y.M. Soc; v.-p. Unemployed 
Fund Com., '15; l.g. Benev. Asylum. 
'EAOEB, Ky. John Bray; b. Lond. '74; 
educ. Orph. working sch.. Haver- 
stock Hill (Lond.); arr. Aust. '88; 
for 18 yrs. with Jas. McBwan and 
Son, hardware merchs., Melb.; since 
'09, mgr. for Hawkes Gros., gen. 
merchs. B'fort; ex-pres. P.' fort Town 
Band: hon. sec. St. John's Ang. ch.. 
B'fort; v. pres. Mech. Inst.; v.p. 
B'fort Athletic club; S.D. Fiery 
Creek Mas. lodge, J.O. B'fort Mark 
lodge: also ident. with mining en- 
terprises of district. 

BEIiX^ECX;, Capt* Borace F.; b. B'yong. 
'86; s. of 1. Harry Francis Selleck; 
educ. S.S., Ball.; mbr. 
com. staff "The Courier" since '03; 
joined 7th A.I.R. as pte.. '03; sgt., 
'07; & lleut. '12; adjut. of 70th Inf., 
& capt. '15; vol. for active service, 
& attached Ball. & met. training 
camps for active service, '15: 
app. capt. & coy. comdr. 10th brig. 
A.I.F. '16; treas. 70th Inf. Rifle 
Club; pres. 70th Inf. Band; mbr. 7th 
Regt. 8-oared crew, winners. '99-'10 
'12: ex-sec. military gym. class. 

SEWABD, Stephen; J.P.; s. of 1. Thos. 
Seward; b. Melb., '54; educ Melb. 
G.S.: (str. first sch. crew in Head 
of River contests); farming pur- 
suits for many yrs. at Diggora, 
Rochester; stock & station agent, 
Echuca. '79-' 82; mbr. Bchuca Ror. 
Cl.., & sec. Shire of Echuca, '82-'98; 
sec. Campaspe Irrig. Trust (10 yrs.); 
sec. Rochester A. & P. Soc. (18 
yrs.); lie Lester's Hotel. Ball.. '98- 
'03: & Craig's Royal Hotel, Ball., 
since '03: active sport for many 
yrs.; pres. & starter. Rochester 
Sports Club, 16 yrs.; starter, Roch- 
ester Jockey (ilub, 16 yrs.; judge 



& steward of Ball., B'beet & B'yong^ 
T.C. ; ex-pres. Ball. Regatta Assoc; 
v.-pres. Vic. Rowing Assoc. '15-16; 
referee of Ball, regattas; pres. Ball. 
R.C. (12 yrs.>; v.-pres. Red Cross 
A 'Quatic Carnival Com.; mbr. Ball. 
F. League Investigation Com.; mbr. 
A. & P. CI.; active mbr. Cent. B.C. 
& Ball. O.C; life mbr. Wendouree 
Tenni.s Club. 

BKAVirOXr, Jam**; b. Sebas., '80; 
educ. Redan R.C. Pte. Sch.; played 
tenor horn in Bulch's old Model 
Band, '92; lib. for sev. yrs.; sec. & 
treas. City Band since '06; del. on 
Vic. Band Assoc; offlcially rep. 
V.B.A. at sev. country contests; 
sec. Ball. P. Assoc, since '13; sec. 
Jun. F. League, '08-'ll; sec. Redan 
F.C. sev. yrs.; mbr. Red Cross Car- 
nival Com.; sec. Poultry Soc. '16. 

8HATTOCK, Tom- K-; A.I.TA.V.; b. 
Carlton, '74; ». of L Edward Shatt- 
ock (col. of early 50*3, & one of 
early officers of Vict. Lands 
I>ept.); educ. Ascot Vale S.S.; a/ct. 
Jaraes Tyler & Co., Ball. E., since 
•95; mbr. Ball, branch I.LA.V.; 
elected associate, Feb., '15; co-sec 
"Shop B 4 9" movement (which 
brought about closing of business 
houses at 9 p.m., Fridays' about 
'"*; first hon. sec. Ball. Anglers' 
Club; pres. Ball. City A.N. A.. '08; 
ex-sec. Pleas.-st S.S. Com.. 3 yrs.; 
active mbr. Cent. B.C.; mbr. Fin- 
ance com. "Forward Ballarat" 
m«tr. •/ctcv School o( Mines' 

inCAW, XAgT M.; A.T.' A.V.; b. Ball.. 
79; s. of 1. Wm. Henry Shaw (one 
of promoters & first mgr. Phoenix 
Fdry., Ball.); educ Caulfleld G.S.; 
TP}' service Bank of Australasia, 
96; mostly stationed Ball, branch: 
passed final exam. I.I.A.V., &. elect- 
ed assoc, '15; one of fdrs. & mbr. 
^.*'l„<^l IIA.V.: treas Wend. Ten- 

mJ}VL9^^- '"^'■- Wend. Rowing Club. 

WKAW, Kenry; b. Melb., '77: s. of 1 
'teo. G. Shaw (of G.G. & W. B 
Shaw, merch.); educ Scotch Coll. 
& Melb. Univ.; admitted to Vic. 
bar '99; practised in Ball, as Webb 
& Shaw; sec. Ball. Trustees, Ac. 
Coy., •03-'09: mbr. firm Cuthbert, 
Morrow & Must since '09; hon 
solicitor. Ball. Orph.: Comm. for 
affldavit.s. N S.W. A 8.A.; mbr. cl. 
Ball. Law Inst.: hon. sec. Wend. 
Tennis Club sev. yrs.: hon. sec 
Ball. Coll. Cl. since '10; mbr. St. 
Andrews Kirk Bd.; first pres. St. 
Andrew's branch P.M.A. (estab 
15); mbr. exec. Ball. & Dlst. Home 
Defe nce Assoc. '15. 

SXai^ST, John Jaa.; m. of 1. Jer. 
Shelley (pioneer of Ball.); b. Ball.. 
•72: educ. St. Allpius' Sch.. Rail. R 
A C.B. Sch.: one of fdrs. ("92) and 
later sec. treas., v.-p. A pres. of 
Ball. C.T.M.8.: one of fdrs. St P. 
Club: first pres., '03: hon. sec 
•0r.-'0«.'O7; co-hon. sec. C wealth 
Fair, '02; hon. sec. Fed. Fair, '07; 

hon. sec. & mgr. Empire Fair, '11; 
each time the proceeds of these 
fairs broke previous records; Em- 
pire Fair yielded £4,089 profit to 
R.C. inst.; active worker in charit. 
carnival, '06; mgr. annual winter 
tournaments sev. yrs.; mbr. com. 
H.A.C.B.S., & del. on B.U.F.S. Disp. 
com.; gen. adviser Ladies. H.A.C. 
B.S.; l.-g. Ball. Benev Asylum; es- 
tab. business as gen. ironmonger & 
hardware merch., Bridge-st., '14; l.g. 
Benevolent Asvlum. 

SHEFK£BD, ex-Cr. JoMph; J.P.: b. 
Sandford (Eng.), '33; arr. Aust., 
Jan., '51; settled G'long, & at Lin- 
ton since '61; mbr Gren. Shire Cl., 
'70-'15; ret. voluntarily; sev. times 
pres. supt. and later sec, Linton 
Presbyt. Sun. Sch. since '74; elder 
of Ch. for many yrs., and assoc. 
with many movements for benefit 
o£ district; one of fdrs. and twice 
pre.s. of Linton & Happy Valley 
Relief Fund; gaz. J.P. many yrs. 
ago: life sub. Ball. Hosp. 

SaxZPFABD, Corp. Albert; D.C.M.; s 
of Geo. Sheppard (painter & paper- 
hanger, of Rowe-st., Ball. K); 
served Gallipoli campaign in Euro- 
pean War as Corp. of No. 2 Coy. 
Field Eng., 1st A.I.F.: awarded 
Distinguished Conduct Medal for 
"conspiclous gallantry in tunnelling 
to open communication with captu- 
red position. Although over-come 
by an explosion of gases, on recov- 
ery he completed his work under a 
heavy fire.' — vide "Army Orders"; 
took part in landing at Gaba Tepe 
and served about eights months' In 
firing line before being invalided to 
Eng.; previously Joined Royal Aust. 
Eng. and serving at Swan Isl. when 
war declared; b. Ball. E. '94: educ. 
Macarthur-st. S.S. and Vedette 
College. . „ ., 

SHEFPASD, Sfft.-MJr. Chas.; b. Ball. 
E., '89: s. of Geo. Sheppard: educ. 
Macarthur-st. S S. & Sch. of Mines; 
serve«I Gallipoli campaign in Euro- 

gean war as sgt. of No. 2 coy. Field 
Ing. 1st div. A.I.F.: awarded by 
President Polncare (with approval 
of King George V.) the French 
medaiUe mllitalre decoration for 
distinguished service and valor In 
action: was serving In Royal Aust. 
eng. when war declared and landed 
with first division at Gallipoli. Apl. 
25, 1915; afterwards .serving sev. 
months of trench warfare- later 
prom, sgt.-mjr. for operations in 

8HEKXT, Andrew Allpiits; s. of John 
Slierrv; b. Boll., '84: educ. C.B. Sch.; 
tea. coffee, etc.. merch., Malr-st.: 
actively assoc with Nazareth House 
and St. Joseph's Home Penefit Com. 
for manv yrs.: sev. yrs. pres. Ball. 
H.A.C.ll.S., '12: mbr. St. P. Day 
Com. and St. Patrick's Club. 

SZZ.BBmBXSBXr. Alf. Bd.; b. New 
Norfolk (Tas.). '78; educ. New 
Norfolk S.S. : after business experi- 
ence at N.N., transf. to S. Melb., 



becoming prop, of coach building 
business, '02-'05; then purchased 
Cobb & Co.'s livery & letting 
stables, Ball., &estab. garage; now 
grazier of Eilden, Mount Mercer; & 
Wendouree; one of fdrs. Ball. Trot- 
ting Club ('12); pres., '13-'14; one of 
first rink captains & mbr. com. 
Wendouree Rec. Club; runner-up 
club championship '16; sec. New 
Norfom R.C. (2 yrs.) ; enthusiastic 
in open coursing, and successful 
poultry (W. Leg.) breeder; scored 
high points at Burnley competi- 
tion, "is-'ie. 

SIM, dxas. Bobert; b. Ball., '61; s. of 
1. Robert Sim (who estab timber 
yards & saw mills at Humffray-st., 
Ball. E., '54; educ. Bain's H.S., 
Ball., & Collegiate Coll. (Hobart); 
prop, of timber yds. since death 
of father in '97; v.-p. Ball. F.C.; 
nibr. com., time lieeper & steward 
Ball. T.C.; mbr. Miners' & B'beet 
T.C. ; supporter various sporting 
institutions; Clubs — Ball., Com. & 
Old Colonists. 

SIM, Uent. Chas. Stanley; R.N.; s. of 
above; b. Ball. '90; educ. Ball. Coll.; 
joined mercantile marine as ap- 
prent. on Loch Carron, '0.5; later 
3rd and 2nd officer of the -Vinsdale; 
3rd officer of the Port Lincoln; qua- 
lified as master mariner in London 
in 1914 and posted as 1st officer on 
ship Ariadne (which was subse- 
quently sunk by German raider 
Moewe) ; on outbreak of war, was 
accepted on Royal Navy Reserve 
and qualified as lieut. on active list 
after three months' preparation at 
Chatham Naval Coll. and now on 
active service with Imperial Navy 
in parts at present unknown. 

SXMKOKS, Hjnnan S.; J.P.; .s. of 1. 
A. M. Simmons: b. Ball. E., '64; 
educ. Roseinblum's Sch. & McPar- 
lane's Coll.; furniture and picture 
retailer. Vic. & Lyd.-sts. since '90; 
paz. J.P., '12; one of oldest mbrs. 
Ball. City A.N.A.; later, one of fdrs. 
Ball. E. branch ('86); pres., '89; one 
of fdrs. Newington A.N. A., '00; sec. 
Fince "OS: mbr. first com.; attended 
sev. conf. for Ball. E. and New. 
branches; for many yrs. contrib. to 
contemporary press, and one of old- 
est cpts. in Vic, being rep. of 
"Wlmmera Star" for 34 yrs.; also 
cpt. "Daily Telegraph," etc.: pres. 
Pall. Heb. congregation, & ex-pres. 
J ewi sh Philanthropic Soc. 

SIMPSON, Sdwln; b. Ca.stlemaine; s. 
of 1. Sam. Simpson (min. investor 
& col. of '.54); educ. Napoleons 
sch.; land & est. agent, Lyd.-st , 
Ball., for sev. vrs. ; mbr. firm S. 
Simpson & Sons. Warracknabeal, 
pioneers of the Mallee. & manufrs. 
of agrlc. Implements, Mallee rollers 
& stump jump ploughs, etc.; on 
own a/c. pastoralist at sev. centres 
In Wimmera & Westn. districts. & 
at Bannockburn & Ball.; actively 

interested in choral music since 
youth; mbr. Ball. Liedertafel and 
Scot's Ch. choir; m. Ada, d. of the 1. 
Sam Morris, of Ball. E., '92; [obit. 
July 1916]. 

SIMPSOZr, Staff-Capt. By.; b. Lond . 
'64; s. of Wm. W. Simpson, of 
Grimsby (Eng.); joined Sal. Army 
as cadet, '84; served in various 
parts of Aust. & N.Z.; attended 
first annual World's Congress. 
Lond., '05; and re-visited England, 
'11; app. Divisional Sec, Ball., '12; 
transf. Melb., '15. 

SIMPSON, Murray WUUb; b. Bir- 
chip. '94; s. of Lewis L. Simpson: 
educ. Ball. G.S. & Ball. Coll.; on 
active service with No 6 Field 
Amb., 3rd A.I.F., Gallipoli & French 
campaigns, '15-'16; sports sec. 
Ball. Coll., '09; mbr. Ball. Motor 
Cycling Club; winner hill climbing 
contest, '13. . _ 

SINCIiAIB, Or. Robert Alfred Snn- 
bar; J.P.: pres. of Ripon Shire; b. 
B'fort, '63; s. of Robert Sinclair (of 
B'fort, col. of early '50's); educ. 
B'fort S.S.; gen. merch., Neil-st., 
B'fort for many yrs.; mbr. of 
Wotherspoon & Coy.; mbr. Ripon 
Shire CI. since '97; pres. for fourth 
time; gaz. J.P.. '01; also deputy 
coroner; mbr. B'fort F.B. for 25 
yrs.; capt., '97-'12; ex-pres. Coun- 
try F.B. Assoc; ex-pres. B'fort 
A.N.A., Athletic Club, and Mech. 
Inst.; P.M. Fiery Creek Mas. Lodge, 
& P.A.G.D.C. of Vic; pres. Patri- 
otic, Belgian& Red Cross Fund 
com.; pres Red Cross Brass Band; 
l.g. Ball. Hosp.; app. hon. Red Cross 
supervi.sor, Eg>'pt, 1916. 

SI^ATSB, Cr. Adam; J.P.; mbr. Ripon 
Shire CI. since about '05; pres. about 
'09-10; gaz. J. P. about '04; pres. 
Skipton Public Lib. for about 8 
vrs. and also mbr. of original build- 
ing com.: treas. Skipton Mas. lodge: 
pres. Skipton Gun club; chairman 
Cemetery trust: mbr. Skipton 
Presbyt. ch. com. for about 25 yrs. 
past: life mbr. Rail. Old Col. Assoc.: 
mbr. Linton-Skipton Ry. Trust; b. 
Roxburghshire (S. Scot.) '49; arr. 
Vic. '54; contractor for some yrs. 
and grazier of "Springbank." Skip- 
ton for past 35 years. 

SKEEP, i;ieut--Col. John T.; J.P.; n. 
near Plvmouth (Eng.). '37; arr. 
Vic, '56: settled Ball., '57; watch- 
maker & jeweller for many yrs.: 
joiner '60 and comm. as Lieut., old 
Vol. forces. '64: ret. '94 with rank 
of Lieut.-Col.: O.C. Victorian Rifle 
shooting team which toured Great 
Brit., Eur., & U.S.A., & won many 
prizes, '76: O.C. Vic rifle shooting 
team for Eng.. '86: one of the most 
successful rifle shots in Vic. for 
many vrs.; gaz. J.P., '74: ret. officer 
Ball. W. State electorate: ex-mbr. 
Hosp. Com.: l.g. Orph.. Hosp. and 
Benev. Asylum: one of fdrs. City 
F.B.:one of earliest mbrs. Old. Col. 
Assoc & Club, & Ball, and Com. 



Clubs; also identified with chief 
sporting inst.; settled on estate at 
S Gippsland in recent yrs. 
bLOAXr, Jolm T.; J. P.: b. Clunes '65; 
e. 8. of 1. John Sloan (who arr. from 
Scot. '5S and engaged in business 
and farming at Clunes till '82, when 
he became valuer, rate collector & 
inspector for Cres. Shire for 28 
yrs.); educ. S.S. and Cres. G.S.; 
settled Allendale '86; as cpt. of 
daily press and rep. of sev. large 
property owners and min. inves- 
tors; sec. of Smeaton etc. Agric. 
Soc. till '02 when estab. firm of John 
T. Sloan & Coy., dist. auctioneers, 
since extended to Cres., Clunes and 
Daylesford; joined A.N.A. '87, elec- 
ted to Bd. of Dir. '92; gaz. J.P. '07 
and Comm. for taking affidavits '08; 
8worn valuator '09; Crown assessor 
(State lands) '12; offl. asignee '13; 
also Federal and State Electoral 
Registrar etc.; previously promi- 
nent in organising and platform 
work for Liberal party; mbr. of 
dist. turf clubs and keen amat. 
gardener, specializing in daffodils, 
roses and dahlias. 
8Z.OS8, Major Wm.; M.B., B.S. CTh.B., 
F.R.C.S., Edin.;hon. surgeon Ball, 
Hosp.; pres. Ball. Aux. B. and F. 
Bible Soc, '15; pres. Ball. Sun. 
Sch choristers since '01; pres. 
T.M.C.A. Tennis Club since incep- 
tion; advisory superintendent of 
St. Andrew's Sunday School; 
mbr. Kirk Session; v.-p. Lyric 
Orch. Soc: examiner & lect. Amb. 
Assoc; hon. major A.A.M.C.; called 
on active service as Med. Off. trans- 
port & hosp. ship, and at Base 
Ho.ip., F-fe'Vpt. '15-'16. 
CaCXTH, &«v. David Wilson; b. Dairy, 
Ayrshire (Scot.), '76; s. of Rev. Jas. 
Smith, of Trafalgar (Vic); educ. 
'Theol. Tr. Inst., Glasgow; ord. min- 
ister Presbyt. Ch. of Scot.; arr. 
Aust., '99; pastor Zeehan (Ta«.>, 
8 yrs.; Donald, 5 yrs.; clerk & mod. 
Maryborough Presbytery, '09-'10; 
called to Ebenezer Ch., Ball.. '12; 
hon. sec Ball. Ministers' Fraternal 
Assoc. '14; lit. adjud. Soufh-st. Soc. 
comp. since '13: mbr. Ball. Coll. CI. 
SMI T H , E. X. A.: b. Wallace, '75; 
nrst pres. Ball. Fed. Campaigm CI. 
of Political Labor League, '13: 
pres. Ball. P.L.C.; org. Vic. United 
Grocers' Union; mbr. \A'hole8ale 
Grocers' Emploi'ees' Wages Board 
since '14: mbr. "r. &. L. CI. since '13; 
del. & mbr. Parity. Com. of Melb. 
T. & L. CI. since '13; mbr. fln. com., 
A Melb. Eight Hours' Day Annlv. 
com.; sec Ball, branch Grocers* 
Employees' Union. 
nOTX, SUsa J.; b. Tewkesbury, 
Gloucester (Eng.); christened In 
old Abbey; arr. Aust., '.'>4; m. Iste 
James Smith (for 40 yrs. lender 
writer, art A dramatic critic Melb. 
"Arguh": Shakespearian sttirtent: 
one of founders Melb. National 

Gallery; pres. Shakespearian and 
Dante societies, & Melb. Exhibi- 
tion Commr.) ; settled Ball. '10; one 
of earliest mbrs. Vic. League of 
Vic. exec; and now life hon mbr. 
of League; pres. Ball, branch '11 & 
'12; pres. Ladies' Com. IJail. Hort. 
Soc; for 25 yrs v.p. of Alliance 
Francaise; Judge of elocution, and 
v.-p. & exam, of Inst, of Plain 
Needlework; rep. France on Melb. 
Exhib. Jury, '87; prea, needlework 
com., & Judge of eloc. at Women's 
Work Exhib., Melb.; Judge at first 
Arts & Crafts Exhib., Melb., & of 
first Exhib. of Ladies' Art Assoc, 
Ball.; judge of lit. section South-st. 
S ociet y's competition. 
SMXTK, CluM. Karnb; ed. Ball "Star"; 
s. of above; b. E. Melb.; an essay- 
ist at age of 13; later studied 
French lang., & translate<l an entire 
French work into Eng.; freely con- 
trib. to Melb. press, & at age of 19 
joined "The Argus" lit. staff; app. 
sen. sub-ed., '85; visited Eng., and 
attended Annual Conf. of Brit. 
Inst, of Journalists, '93; sub-ed. of 
"The Star," Ball., '94; ed. for many 
yrs.: ex. -pres. old Ball. Tennis 
Club; one of lit. adjud. South-st. 
Society's competitions. 
SXZTH, Or. Alt.; b. Ball. N., '57; 
s. of Daniel Smith (col. of *49); 
He. Royal Hotel, Ball. N.; for 
many yrs.; mbr. Bungaree Shire 
CI. since '03; pres., '06; pres. old 
Soldiers' Hill F.C.; v.-p. Ball. North 
F.C. & C.C.; chairman Invermay 
SS. Com. 
SMZTK, Prof. Alfred Klca; B.Sc; b. 
Perth (Scot.), '44; educ. Perth 
Acad., Owen's Coll (Manchester), 
& Heidelberg Univ.; B.Sc. of Lond. 
Univ. (honors in chem.); & Vic. 
Univ. (Eng.); Assoc, of Owen's 
Coll.; Fellow Inst, of Chem. of Grt. 
Brit. & Ire., and of U.S.A. & Au.^t. 
Institutes Mining Engineers; whs 
research assist, to Prof, (now 
Lord) Playfalr at Edinburgh; 
chief of staff, S. of Mlne.s, B'go., 
•76-'81; Prof, of Chem & Metall.. & 
Laboratory Supt. S. of M.. Ball, 
since '81: has trained many be.«it- 
known mining men of the time: 
Analyst to City of Ball & Town of 
Ball. E\ for many yrs.; proa. 
Ball, (first) Science Society; first 
pres. Ball. Camera Club: pres. S. of 
ftllnes Students' Assoc, & v.p. Field 
Naturalist.s' Club. 
SXZTX, Fred. Colwell-; b. St. Pan- 
eras, I..ondon '33; arr. Auckland. 
N.Z. '63; was biscuit baking for 
troops in Maori war '63-'64: settled 
Ball. '64; licensee Court Hotel and 
later prop. Ball. Cafe. Sturt-st., re- 
tiring about '85; notable figure in 
society gymnastics and boxing In 
CArly days, was pupil of .Tern Mace, 
(Kng. champ, boxer) at .Shoredlteh. 
Ix>ndon, and nppeared with Mace at 
Jubilee Exhibition at Alfred Hall. 



Ball, in 'TO's; was teacher of gym. 
and boxing art and conducted 
assembly in Sturt-st. and at Court 
Hotel for sev. yrs.; also boxing in- 
structor. Ball. Ath. Club, •74; took 
part in many important boxing 
matches; and refereed several 
others in Ball, and Melb., present at 
most of big fights In Bng. '51- 63; 
mbr. com. Ball. Amat. Boxmg and 
Wrestling tourn. '08-10. 

SMITH, aeo. BalUday; b. Ball.; s. or 
1. A. Smith (pioneer merch.) ; ent. 
Vic. Educ. Dept., '72; res. to become 
2nd master of large public sch. In 
Invercargill (N.Z.), '80; 2nd mas- 
ter Dunedin Pub. Sch. under Otago 
Kduc. Dept., *81; and for 4 months 
acting-rector of Port Chalmers H. 
S.; for family reasons ret. to Ball., 
•91- and joined father in business; 
re-instated Vic. Educ. Service, '14; 
pres. Ball. Progress Assoc, 12-13; 
hon. sec. Univ. Ext. Lecture cour- 
ses, 2 yrs.; pres. Master Grocers 
Assoc, 'lO-'ll; Presbyt. Fellowship 
Union, 4 yrs.; pres. BalL branch 
Normal College for Sun, Sch trs., 
•07-'08; supt. St. Andrew's Sun. 
Sch., '06-'13; pres. City and Town 
Mission CI., '13. ^ , „ 

SMITH, Herbert Hy; s. of 1. Hy. 
Smith (pioneer draper of Ball.; 
mbr. firm of H. & C. E. Smith, of 
Exhib. Mart); b. Ball., '75; educ. 
St. Paul's S.S., Ball. E.. & Ball. W. 
Art Sch.; llthog. artist for Rider 
& Mercer, 5 yrs.; assist, master 
Ball. W. Tech. Art Sch., 7 yrs.: Art 
Principal Sale T.A.S., 7 yrs.; visited 
Kng. & studied at Royal Coll. of 
Art and other leading Lond. art 
«ch.; prizeman Nat. Art. Comp. 
Lond., '03; obt. Art Masters' Cert., 
lAjnd.. '05; .shortly after app. Prin- 
cipal Ball. W. T.A.S. (now classified 
bv Vic. Educ. Dept. as the only 
first-class Art Sch. in Vic); also 
charge of S.S. drawing centre for 
training of trs. (largest in Vic). 

SIMITH, Jolm Albert; b. Chewton, 
'63: s. of 1. Joseph Smith (col. uf 
'.'53): educ. Corindhap S.; dept. mgr. 
at H. Davies & Co.'s for 26 yrs.; 
treas. Ball. Soc St. George (7 yrs.); 
sec. since '11: P.G. Loyal Ball. 
Lodge. I.O.O.F.; P. Dist. Dep. Mas- 
ter: first and only male N.G. Re- 
"becca Lodge (having taken chair at 
fdtion. of lodge: now trustee; pres. 
old Friday F.A.; v.-p. Christ Ch. 
•branch of C.E.M.S.: mbr. exec. Ball. 
Federation C.E.M.S.; mbr. old Fri- 
day Assoc, and hon. sec. and co- 
administrator of balance of fund, 
amounting to £80, distributed 
nmnnpr c}iarities. 

SMITH, Thoa. J.; s. of 1. Geo. Smith, 
J.P., who estab. Royal Fbcotlc Nur- 
sery. Wend., '64); b. Wend., '71; 
■educ Wend. S.S. & Ball. Coll.; 
mging business of nursery at Wend. 
& depot, Sturt-st., Ball., since death 
0>t father; actlv* mbr. Ball. G.C. 

for eev. yrs.; mbr. com. for some 
yrs.: club champ., '07; open champ. 
•13: mbr. A. & P. CI. for sev. yrs. 
SMITH, Capt. Wm.; b. Ball., •67; s. of 
1. Thos. Smith; educ. Mt. Pleas. 
S.S.; sec. Ball, branch Ironmoulders' 
Union since •03; rep. Union on Ball. 
Trades & Labor CI. & Eight Hours' 
Com. for 12 yrs.; judge at Bight 
Hours' Sports annually: rep. of L 
Union on Melb. Eight Hours' Com.; 
Joined Ball. City F.B., '88; succes- 
sivelv app. off., lieut. & capt. since 
•10; i.s. medal & clasps; pres. De- 
monstrations, '12 & '15; mbr. exec. 
Country F.B. Assoc; v.-p., '14; 
pres., '15; mbr. comp. teams for 15 
yrs.; one of oldest mbrs. City 
A.N.A. (since '88); mbr. Central 
F.C., & Queensberry & Ormond C.C.; 
winner batting & bowling averages 
& highest indiv. scores in both 
clubs; Junior Association umpire, 11 
yrs.; senior umpire, 3 years, 
Sirsiil^, K«v. Oswald 7.; s. of I. Hy. 
Snell, of Melb.; b. Melb.; educa- 
ted Melbourne University: (honor- 
man, '93); ord. deacon, '02; priest. 
'03; attached to Ball. dioc. of Ang. 
Ch.; first app. deacon in charge 
Beech Forest (the first resident 
clergyman) ; later of Beeac, King- 
ston & Brown Hill; hon. sec. Ch. of 
Eng. Temperance CI.; Rural Dean 
of Ball. North since '09: mbr. exec. 
C.E.M.S.; clerical sec. to Synod. 
• ■{:>■, pres. Allendale & Dist. Relief 
Fund, '12. 
SPAHBOW, Bobt., John; b. Lond., 
•64; s. of Chas. Gale Sparrow; 
educ. Brewers' Co. G.S.: arr. Aust., 
joined N.Z. Ins. Co. h.o. staff 
85: a/ct. for sev. yrs.: transf. to 
Ball, as local mgr.. '03; hon. sec. 
& mbr. Vestry of Christ Ch. Cath.; 
mbr. Dioc. CI. & Synod: mbr. St. 
Aidan's Theol. Coll. CI.: rep. on 
prov. synod: hon. sec. Ball. Center 
Univ. Ext. Lectures. 
SPEAK, Cr. Warren; b. Scotchman's 
Lead, '64; s. of 1. Thos. Speak (coL 
of 'aO's); educ. Scotch. Lead S.S.; 
mgr. for G. Whykes, gen. merch., 
W'help-st., B'yong.; mbr. B'yong 
Bor. CI. since '00; mayor, '06 & '13; 
one of fdrs. & first assist, sec. 
B'yong A.N.A.. '89-'90; sec. since 
•90; mbr. Friendly Societie.s' Com.; 
supt. B'yong Meth. Sun. Sch., 11 
yrs.; mbr. B'yong Mas. Lodge; 
chairman Cemet. Trust: pres. 
B'yong B.C., 'IS-'ie; l.g. Ball. Orph. 
mbr. B'yong Recruiting exec. '16. 
8PI£XiTOaz:i;, Pred.; b. Ball.. '68; s. 
of 1. N. F. Splelvopel fcol. of early 
■ '.SO's, & pioneei- of B'vong, Brown's 
I & Scarsdale dipt., & later of Ball.): 
j educ. Cent. P.S.; sign writer and 
I decorator, Camp-st., Ball.: spent 13 
vrs. in N.S.W. ^Srdnev .ind Goul- 
bourn): P.G.M. G.U.O.O.F. of 
N.S.W. : P.G. Sec. of Aust. of Royal 
Ancient Order of Buffaloes: active 
& enthusiastic worker in Federa- 
tion movement in N.S.W., '96;-'00; 



pres. Ball. P.L.L., 'OS-'Oe; del. to 
State Labor Conf., '07; first & ex- 
isting pres. Cent. Sch. Old Boys' 
Assoc (formed '13); Ball. Orph. 
(for services rendered at annual 
carnivals) ; org. many popular con- 
certs in aid of charit. and other 
movements throughout district. 

SPIXXbS, Cr. John Pollock; J.P.. b. 
Ayrshire (Scot.) '55; arr. Aust. with 
parents 1. Robert H. and Mary 
Spiers '56; settling at Miners' Rest 
and in '67 at L'month; merch. and 
storekeeper, also farmer and graz- 
ier, mbr. Ball. Shire CI. at periods 
totalling 28 yrs., extending from '80 
till present; twice pres. '89 and '98; 
mbr. for Windermere in Vic. Assem- 
bly '9S-'03; ex-pres. L'month B.C.; 
mbr. L'month Mas. Lodge. 

SPI.ATT, Jolm; b. Fifeshire (Scot.), 
'54; arr. Aust., '71; followed min. 
pui-suits; mgr. New Imp. g.m., near 
B'yong (at site of first discovery 
of gold); Working Miners, Cres.; 
underground mgr. Llanberris No. 1 
Ball. K., '01; gen. mgr. since '10; 
pres. Ball. Mine Mgrs.' Assoc, '15; 
pres Caled. Soc. Band since '14; mbr. 
Caled. Soc. CI.; mbr. Ball. Mas. 

SPanrO, Capt. Wm. a.; M.B., Ch.B.; 
b. iiall. ; s. of 1. Wm. Spring (one 
time h.t. of Cent. S.S.); acting hon. 
phys. Ball. Hosp.. '15; Health Off. 
Bungaree Shire; bon. Med. OfF. 
Benev. Asylum, Redemptorists' 
Monastery, & Wallace T.C.; exam. 
& led. Amb. Assoc; Capt. A.M.C.; 
on active service with 70th Regt. at 

gueenscliff, '14; Sen. Med. Officer 
all. Training Depot, '15; ex- 
pres. & rink capt. Ball. East B.C.; 
ex-pres. B.B.A., three yrs.; rink 
capt. in inter-asBoc. games; mbr. 
B.B.A. exec. & sel. com.; v.-p. St, 
P. Old Coll. Assoc; mbr. Miners'! 
T.C. Com.. & St. P. Day Fest. Com. 

8TAVBXOOK, Om. Xy.: J.P.; b. 
Kne. MS; 8. of C. Stanbrook: educ. 
Rokewuod S.S., farmer and grazie* 
of Hope Farm, Rokewood; for some 
years licensee Rokewood hotel; 
mbr. of I^eigh Shire CI. for a term; 
ex-pres. Mech. Inst.; gaz. J.P. '16: 
identified with several district 

8VAS3C, Wbwlow Artlmr; J.P.; b. 
Ball.; H. of John Stark (surveyor); 
educ. Urq.-st. S.S. ; wine and spirit 
merch.. Bridge-st., Ball. R.; gaz. 
J.P., '13; one of fdrs. Newlngton 
A.N.A.; mbr. Ball. Mas. Lodee; 
visited S. Africa. 'SS-'OO; gained 
useful com. exp. in Rhodesia at its 
earliCHt utage of development; mbr. 
Vlr. fHall. E.) Bowling Club. 

■TATTOir, Cr. Samuel: J.P.: b. 
Scnrsdale. '62: «. of 1. Wm. Statton; 
educ. Black Lead C.S.: gaz. J.P., 
•10: mbr. Brownn * Scarsdale Bor. 
CI. since '12; chairman Scarsdale 
B.8. Com.; trustee Newtown Rec. 

STEAVE, Albert W.; b. Bgo.. '77; s. 
of H. W. Steane; educ. Cent. S.S., 
B'go; joined EViuc. Dept. at Cent. 
S.S., Bgo, '96: transf. Swan Hill, 
'9S; wood-sloyd training class, 'GO; 
app. to Ball. E. Tech. Art Sch., '02; 
principal Ball. Jun. Tech. Sch. (S. 
of Mines), '13; served as pte. to 
egt. 4th Batt. Inf., B'go, '96-'01; 
instructor 4th Batt. gym. class; ex- 
mbr. B'go F.B.; instructor of scv. 
winning teams in gj'm. comp.; 
won N. Dist. Club-sw^inging champ., 
'99; org. gym. section of comp. of 
South-st. Soc. since '03; cond. Educ. 
Dept. Training Classes of Trs^ In- 
structor 7th A.I.R. gym. club, Bidl., 
'03-'04; Lyd.-st. Y.M. Guild. '03; 
and Ball. Amat. Athletic Club. '04; 
and of Ball, Gym. Club, prize- 
winners at South-st. comp.; first 
phys. dir. Ball. T.M.C.A., '06; vis- 
ited Quinquennial Turn Fest., 
Frankfort (Germ.), '08; attended 
Lond. Phys. Training Conf.. Lond., 
& Franco-British Exhib.; also vis- 
ited U.S.A. to study tech. educ. 

STEAXne, Wm. Hy.j s of 1. H. W. 

Steane: b. B'go '67; educ. Gravel 
Hills S.S. and Scotch Coll. B'go; In 
employ of Sandhurst Rolling Stock 
Coy (later taken over bv vie. Rv. 
Dept.) *81-7; foreman Wilson and 
Millward's principal contracts, 
Reidltf. cabinet maker; LongstafT. 
and other B'go firms for sev. yrs.; 
later contracting on own a/c; re- 
joined Vic. Ry. Dept. at Ball.: and 
resigned to take up technical educ. 
at Ball. S of Mines, from '09: hav- 
ing qual. at Ball. Sloyd center (2 
yrs. course) obt. Sloyd trs. cert, 
of competency; served variously 
as Instr. of wood-sloyd, woo^ 
work. carpentry and cabinet 
making at Ballarat Eist and 
Lydiard-Bt. sloyd classes and tech. 
art sch. and also at sch. of Mines, 
where now loo.ited; holds testi- 
monials from Public works dept. S. 
of Mines, chief In.sp. of Slovd, etc.; 
his manual training class at"Ball. K. 
officially described as premier of 

STEEXiE, Oavld; b. B'go. '63; s. of I. 
Rev. John Steele (Presbvt. Minl.«<- 
ter) ; educ, ptely, at G'long & Scotch 
Coll., Melb. (passed P.S. exam., 
'79); joined staff Bank of Austral- 
asia. Cres., '80: later at Kingston, 
Numurkah, Melb., Syd. (a/ct. 
Southern branch), mgr. at WaUs- 
end, Kogarah. & Cres. ('04-'lS): 
Castlemaine since '15; Presbyt. el- 
der since '95: session clerk at Ko- 
garah Sc Cres.; supt. Sun. Sch. at 
Kogarah ft Cres.; mbr. Syd. and 
Bali. Presbyt.; hon. sec. Rmpir* 
Day Com.. Cres.; Patriotic. Belgian 
& Recruiting Corns.; Tennis club; 
mbr. Cres. B.C.: hon. aud. Craa. 
Hosp.: mbr. Cres. Free Lib. Com.; 
probation off. Neg. Child. Dept. 



•TEEZiE-WASEHAai, lazxie; b. 

Ball.; cl. of 1. \Vm. Payne (origin- 
ator of Payne family of musicians, 
later the Steele- Paynes: a col. of 
'53; originally coach painter, and as 
such, finished off coach for Marquis 
of Normaiiby, the King of Siam, & 
H.R.H. Duke of Edinburgh; a 
musician from youth; he developed 
the family taste for music, and had 
them trained for prof, tour by 1. 
John Robson, 1. Herr Bruun & Geo. 
Herbert; family won part song 
comp. at Ball. Eisteddfod of '84- 
•85 & '86; & then toured abroad); 
educ. Macarthur-st. S.S., & music- 
ally, by Herr Bruun & Signer Mo- 
dini; m. Ralph Steele- Wareham 
one of principals of Steele-Paynes), 
'91; has toured Grt. Brit., S. Africa, 
India & the East, and Australasia 
as vocalist, violinist & bellringer; 
now sole surviving performer or 
original touring party. 

STEPHENS, Jolm S.; b. Sebas.. '82; 
s. of Simon Stephens; plumber & 
gasfitter; rep. country employees 
on P & G. Wages Bd. since '12; 
fdtion. mbr. Ball, branch Aust. P. 
& G. Union Cformed '08); sec. since 
'10; one of earliest mbrs. Past Ball. 
Harr. Club; capt. 3 yrs.; rep. on 
Ball Center V.A.A.A. ; rep. club in 
five 10-mile C.C.C. and six 5-mile 
C.C.C; won one-, two- & three- 
mile & half-mile events at Pan- 
Olympic inter-City athletic con- 
tests, B'go., '04; best miler in club, 
some yrs.; fastest time in sev. club 
event.s: later, mbr. Ball. Harrier C. 

STEPEENSOir, Robert; School In- 
spector; b. Newtown (Scarsdale), 
•68; s. of R. S. Stephenson (col. of 
•52); educ. Scarsdale S.S. and Mt. 
Pleas. S.S. (matric. '82); pupil-tr. 
"Warragul S.S., 'S4-'86; later p.t., 
Training Coll.; h.t. Undera N. and 
Sheep Hills, Tea. Wedderburn, and 
Training Sch.. Carlton; app. to in- 
spectoral staff. '07; and stationed 
successively Wimmera, Shepparton. 
and P.all. No. 2 dist.; mbr. Ball. S. 
of Mines Cl., & Cent. Bowl. Club. 

STEVENS, Albert Sidney; s. of 1. 
Andrew Stevens (col. of earlv 
'50's); b. Mt. Pleas., & at age of 7 
went with parents to England, 
settling there for 7 vrs.; a choris- 
ter of well-known Lelant Meth. 
Choir; ret. to Ball, at age of 14, & 
joined Mt. Pleas, choir; later choir- 
master Golden-pt. Meth choir for 
25 yrs.; winners A.N. A. Ch. Choir 
Contest. '96; choirmaster ,Dawson- 
st. Baptist Choir, 4 yrs.; & Eben- 
ezer Presbyt. Choir, 18 mos.: re- 
signing for family reasons, & con- 
("luding a career as choirmaster of 
32 yrs. duration; an enthusiast in 
children's singing, and freelv as- 
sisted in conducting anniversary 
choirs of other denominations: in 
charge "Courier" publishing dept 

STXWABT, &«▼. Alex. Jas.; b. Mt. 

Duneed (G'long), 76; s. of John 
Stewart (pioneer flour miller & far- 
mer of G long dist.); educ. G'long 
Coll., & won three Ormond Coll. 
schol.; Melb. Univ. & Presbyt. 
Theol. Hall; station life in N.S.W. 
in early manhood; ord. in Presbyt. 
Ch. of Vic, '06; first pastoral charge 
Corryong; pastor Miners' Rest and 
CoghiU's Creek, '09-'12; since pas- 
tor B'fort Presbyt. Ch.; Mod. Ball. 
Presbytery, '15-'16; mbr. B'fort 
Thistle Club Cl., & mbr. Vic. Scot- 
tish Union Cl. 

STEWABT, Cr. Artlmr Blobard; J.P.; 
b. Ball.. '80; s. of John Stewart 
(com & fodder merch., of Ball.): 
educ. Cent. S.S.; mbr. of firm of 
John Stewart & Co., produce, corn 
& fodder merchts., of Ball., Melb., 
Newlyn & Windermere; also Govt, 
forage contractors; settled New- 
lyn, as mging. prop, of Newlvn 
mill & depot, '03; gaz. J.P., '09 (one 
of youngest justices appointed) ; 
elected riding Creswick Shire 
Cl., '15; tru.stee Newlyn Public- 
Hall; sec. Mt. Prospect Presbvt. 
Church: Ball. & N. Dist. Emplov- 
er.s' rep. on Wholesale Chaff and 
Fodder wages bd., since '12. 

STEWABT, Cr. Geo. Campbell; b. 
Windermere. '75; s. of Lewis Stew- 
art (early identity) now of G'long; 
educ. Windermere S.S. ; farming & 
grazing for many yrs.; active mbr. 
& supporter sporting clubs: steward 
& mbr. com. B'beet Club, & Ball. & 
B'beet Picnic Turf Club: Winde- 
mcre A.N.A,, & Ball. A. & P. Cl.; 
elected mbr. Ball. Shire Cl.. '15. 

STEWABT, John; b. Fifeshire. Scot., 
29/6/'37: arr I^aunceston '60; set- 
tled Ball. dist. '63; farming pur- 
suits in younger davs; before and 
after leaving Scot • worked at 
Dougall Bros.' farm (formerly 
Capt. Dallimore's) at Newlyn; later 
at A. D. Laing's chaff mills Crep. 
Rr., Ball.; served second t^rm with 
Dougall's at Mt. FranMin & also 
with A. D. Laing and on latter'.s 
death in 1880 estab. present mills 
at Cres. Rd Ball.; until 1916 was 
principal of firm of John Stewart & 
Co., proprs. of mills at Ball., New- 
lyn, Windermere, Bungaree, B'beet 
and other dist. centers; retired from 
firm 1916, leaving son A R. Stew- 
art in control: mor. Excelsior Tent 
I.O.R. since '65- for 30 yrs. mbr. 
old Macart ^ur-st. Meth. Ch. and 
held every \ny office* ex-pres. North 
Meth. C.C.: now trustee Burnbank 
St. Meth.. Church. 

STEWABT, x;ieat Ing-Ua Pet«r; s. of 
Peter Stewart (for many vrs. resi- 
dent of B'yong and later .settled on 
land at Carrum); b. B'yong: educ. 
B'yong S.S. : following business pur- 
suits in Melb. and serving with 56th 
Inf. (Yarra Borderers) when vol. 
for active .service and oht. comm. 
as lieut. in 22nd batt. A.I.F.: took 


part in Gallipoli operations; awar- 
ded Military Cross for conspicuous 
bravery in thrice descending shaft 
at Anzac trenches after explosion 
of gas, despite great personal dan- 
ger, saving several men from suffo- 

STOKSI^I), Wm. S.; b. Ball.; s. of 1. 
It. Stokeld (of Durham, Eng., 
vhere ancestors resided for many 
generations; col. of '55, & old time 
noted pedestrian & trainer of peds) ; 
m. E. J., d. of 1. Alex. Gilpin, J.P.; 
educ. Scarsdale, Sebas., Lowther's 
& Alfredton S.S.; mbr. Ball. Stock 
Exch. since '95; v.-chairman '15-16; 
aud. of sev mining co.'s; pres. 
Mech. Inst.. '07; pres. Old Col. 
Assoc. CI., '13-'14; mbr. Old Col. 
Club sev. yrs.; W.M. Orion Mas. 
Lodge, '04; P.S.G.D. of Vic, '15; 
sec. for sev. yrs. past; Scribe B of 
Yarrowee Royal Arch Chapter; sec. 
Call. Fine Art Gall. CI., '15; mbr. 
Ball. R.C. for many yrs.; mbr. 
Ball. & Science Soc, & Beta 
Bond; a literary adjud. South-st. 
Society's competitions. 

STOKX, Bernard: b. PIvmouth (Eng.> 
73; s. of 1. Samuel Stone: educ. 
IMvmouth H.S. and Melb. Hebrew 
Congregation Heb.-E'ng. sch.; busi- 
ness pursuits at Broken Hill for 10 
yrs.; settled Ball. '06, mgr. for 
Bernstein's and Stone's drapery and 
ladies' clothing and outfitting stores 
Main-st. Ball. K.: mbr. Pioneer 
Todge I.O.O.F. Ball.; P.G. Broken 
Hill lodge I.O.O.F. also degree 
master; hon. sec. Ball. Hebrew Con- 
gregption; hon. sec. Jewish Philan- 
tluopir .Society. Ballarat. 

8TKAHOE, EniMt ILoftiu; b. Ball. 
'79; 8. of Jesse Strange (col. of 
'50); educ. Macarthur-st. S.S.; prof, 
agriculturist & orchardist, of Na- 
pier-st.. Ball. E.; close student of 
bacteriological & chemical phases 
of gardening, & experimented with 
much success: raised Supreme Pro- 
lific Tomato, "Black Beauty" Black 
Currant, & "Northern Star" Red 
Currant; and six new varieties of 
potatoes, etc.; raised new seedlings 
for English & American wholesale 
Ke«d merchants, ft grown for many 
"ucces.sful exhibitors; contrib. to 
I'.all. & Melb. press on scientific 
gardening .subjecta. 

■TKAVOB, rr«4. J.; s. of Edward 
strange fcol. of "48); b. Ball. '76; 
educ. Golden Pt. 8.S. : grocer and 
T>rovlslon merch. 248 Mnln-st. Ball. 
K. ('phone 646); Commr. for tak- 
iMg nmdavtts and declarations (Evl- 
Hence Act); chairman Golden Point 
S.8. com.; one of fdra and first sec. 
C.nnadlan Progress Assoc, (foun- 
ded '14): Band sgt. 70th Regt. en- 
thusiastic rifle shot and mbr. tMims 
that M'on Dnwson Chall. Shield and 
other tiofhles. 

•TVBBS. AlbOTt O.; R. of 1. J. G. 
Htnhhx: b. Ball. '80; educ. Golden 
Pt. S.S. ; mhr. firm of Mnvt.-r hd-i 
Htubhs, printe*a and publishers. 

Grenville-st., and also of firm of R. 
W. Baxter & Co., proprs. "Ball. 
Star" and other journals; pres. for 
two yrs. of Master Printers^ Assoc: 
Employers' rep. on Wages Bd.; 
pres. Ball, branch Peoples Lib. 
party '14-16; mbr. Vic. exec, hon. 
sec. St. Paul's Ang. Ch.; mbr. Ball. 
Ang. prov. and gen synods; mbr. 
Dioc CI.; Bd. of Electors. Home 
Mission exec; Sch. Bd and St Ald- 
ans Theol. Coll, CI.; hon. sec. Ball. 
C.E.M.S.; mbr. Sch. of Mines CI. 
and Ball. E. Public Library com.; 
treas. Golden Pt. C.C. and one of 
first del. on Ball. Dlst. Cricket 
Assoc; mbr. Y.M.C.A. Doard of 
Directors; mbr. legislation com. 
"Forward Ballarat" movement. 

BTirBBS, Wm.; b. Ball., '78; s. of 1. 
J. G. Stubbs; educ. Golden Point 
S.S.; mbr. lit. staff Ball. "Courier" 
since '02; pres. Ball. dist. Aust. 
Journalists' Assoc, '14-'16; hon. 
sec. old Ball. C. Assoc. & Ball. C.C. 
at time of inaug. of dist. cricket: 
active mbr. of Ball. C.C, and rep. 
player agst. district and other 
visiting teams for eight yrs.; ex- 
capt. & del. Golden Pt. Sen. C.C. 
on dist. cricket assoc. since '10; 
sec. St. Paul's Sun. Sch. since 'OO 
(except for short interval); fdtion. 
mbr. Ball. East B.C. 

STrrrBBH, John B.; s. of John SufT- 
ren (g.g.s. of Admiral Suffren, of 
French navy); b. Ball., '70; educ. 
Pleas.-st S.S.; builder & contractor; 
mbr. Ball. R.C. since '88; capt. '03- 
'0.'); str. club crew which won Vic. 
Eight-oared Champ., '04; & Henley- 
on-Tarra Grand Challenge Cup 
Eights. '04 & '05; str. Vic. 8-oared 
crew which won Aust. Champ, at 
Brisbane, '04; also bow in Vic. crew 
at BrI.sbane '99; str. Ball, crew run- 
ner.i-up '02: bow, '03; keen rifle shot at Swan Hill. '11-'13. 

StrFFBEB', Oliarle* Bdward; s. of 
John Suffren: educ. Cent. S.S. ; dept. 
mgr. Tunbrldge & Sons; champion 
sculler of Ball., '00-'06: runner-up 
Vic. Champ. Sculls one yr.; 3rd 
another yr.; str. Ball. crew. 2nd 
Champ. Pairs of Vic. '02; rowed 
thrice In Ball, crew, each time 
runners-up Vic Four-oared Champ., 
'02. "03 & '04; rowed with Ballarat 
crew, winners Grand Chall. Cup 
Eights. Henley-on-Yarra, '04 & '05; 
and Champ, of Vic, '04; rowed with 
Vic crew In Interstate Champ.. 
Adel. ft Perth; v.-p., ex -capt. & ex- 
sec Ball. Harr. Club: C.C.C. per- 
formances: — Vic. 5-mile — 2nd, '03: 
2nd, "O.";; 6th, '06; 1st, '07; Ist, '08; 
3rd, '09; Vic. 10-mlle — 4th. '98: 11th. 
'99; 3rd. '03: 1st. '08; Aust. 5-miIe 
at 8yd.— Ist, '08 (also N.8.W. 
champ medal): ran eth in 26-mile 
Marathon. Brisbane. '09; time, 3h. 
2Sm 3Mec., boating standard time: 
Track champ, record — 3rd Q'land 
3-mlle. '09: 1st Vic one A three- 
mile. '09; Ist Ball, center half, one 



A three-mile, & 2nd in weight- 
putting. '08; 1st Ball, center half, 
one & three-mile, '09; also several 
club & open hep. events. 

exr&UCVAH. Patrick P.; b. Millbrook. 
'76; s. of 1. M. Sullivan (one of 
earliest settlers of dist.; & col. of 
•52); educ. C.B. S., Ball.; prop. & 
«d. "Gordon Advertiser" since '94; 
«x-pres. Gordons Tennis Club; mbr. 
com. Egerton Progress Assoc; sup- 
porter leading sporting instit.; 
toured Europe & U.S.A., '08; trav- 
elled Australasia extensively, and 
contrib. travel notes to met. and 
other Journals. 

SVTHEBZiANS, John; b. Soldiers' 
Hill, '77; s. of 1. Alex. Sutherland 
(early col.); educ. Black Hill S.S.. 
Gren. Coll., & S. of Mines (elect. 
eng. course) ; assist, elect, eng. dept. 
S. of Mines (under Prof. W. Huev 
Steele) '96; in charge of elect, dept., 
•98; later also lect. & dem. elect, 
trade classes; and vice-chairman 
Trade Board; now principal of 
elect, eng. dept.; one of fdrs. and 
mbr. first com. Soldiers' Hill B.C.; 
rink capt. for sev. yrs. 

SVTHEBKAHD. Peter Bom; b. Suth- 
erlandshire (Scot.), '65; s. of John 
Sutherland (who was b. In 1786. & 
who fought with Rossshire Buff 
Highlanders in battle of Quatre 
Bras, prior to battle of Waterloo, 
1815); educ. at Rossshire & Aber- 
deen; arr. Aust.. '85; estab. firm of 
Cameron & Sutherland, machinerv 
merchts. at Ball., '95; & later at 
Melb., Syd. & B'go.; held comm. in 
3rd Batt. Inf., Ball.; now on re- 
serve; dir. of nearly 20 mining & 
investment co.'s. Inc. Maude Reefs, 
Mines Assets Purchase Co.; Bodan- 
gora. Central Plateau, Riverina 
South, Butler's Tin, Elsinore Tin, 
Hart's Tin; Clubs — Stock Exch., 
Melb.: Old Col. & Commercial, Ball. 

StJTTOBT, Pred.; b. Ball. '64; s. of 
I. R. H. Sutton (founder of firm of 
R. H. Sutton & Co., pioneer music, 
etc., .sellers, of Ball.; est. '54); 
mging. dir of Buttons' Prop. Ltd., 
music sellers & piano importers, of 
Ball., Melb.. B'go & G'long; and 
agencies Lond., New York & Chic- 
ago; mbr. Hosp. Com. since '05; 
pres. •12-'13; first pres. Lyric Orch.j 
now patron; first pres. Vic. Band 
Assoc., now life patron; ex-pres. 
South-st. Soc; first chm. Electro 
Hyd. Sluicing Coy.; chairman Eu- 
reka T. C. & Tile Coy.; first sec. 
Ball. Jun. C. Assoc, (about '77); 
won Dip. Technological Comm. 
many yrs. ago; rink capt. and twice 
pres. Cent. Bowling Club. 

SWAir, Andrew; b. Ball '55; s. of I. 
Jas. Swan, (col. of '52), educ. Eu- 
reka St. Sch., collector of Orph. 
since '03; joint treas. and org. of 
Wattle Day, Belgi.^n Flag Day. 
Rose Day, Anzac Dav, Wounded 
Soldiers Day, Aust. Day and oth«r 

Patriotic Ciiarity Sunday collec- 
tions; hon. sec. and mgr. of old 
Lornes Froliques (which raised 
much money for charitv). ex- hon. 
sec. Ball. Bellringers Club and 
with bros. David & William gave 
popular handbell selections for sev. 
yrs.; mbr. Ball. Liedertafel chorus, 
also St. Andrew's and St. John's 
Presbty. Ch. choirs manv yrs.; also 
solo baritone. 

SWAir, Bobert; b. Fifeshire (Scot.), 
'52; s. of 1. Robert Swan (col. of 
'54, & mgr of Buninyong Est. till 
'57); arr. Aust., '54; educ. Winde- 
mere S.S.; farmer & grazier; Rose- 
dale farm, Wlndemere; v. -p. Ball. 
A. & P. CI. since '01; mbr. B'beet 
Presbyt. Ch. Bd., 30 yrs.; mbr. old 
Sch. Bd. of Advice throughout Its 
existence; chairman for sev. vrs. ; 
successful exhib. draught horse 
stock, & judge at many Vic. shows. 

SWAN, Bobert; s. of 1. Jas. Swan 
(col. of '52 and pioneer farmer of 
dist.); b. B'beet '69; educ. Surman's 
sch., Cardigan; farmer and grazier, 
Lakeview farm, B'beet, since earlv 
manhood; mbr. Ball. A. & P. CI.; ex- 
capt. B'beet Rifle Club (5 yrs.), now 
cant. L'month Rifle club, mbr. 
B'beet and Windermere Bd. of Ad- 
vice many yrs.; mbr. B'beet and 
W'mere Presbyt. ch. bd. for 25 yrs.: 
now elder; also supt. Sun. sch.; suc- 
cessful breeder and exhib. of 
draught stock at Ball, and other shows. 

SWENSOir, Wm. Edward; b. Camber- 
well (Eng.) '45; arr. Aust. '62; e.<?- 
tab. as tanner, currier and leather 
dresser at Sunnyside, Ball. East '87, 
now principal of firm of W. E. 
Swenson & Sons; successful exhi- 
bitors various exhibitions, mbr. 
com. Aust. Manufacturers Exhib. 
'06; vestryman St. Stephens Ch. of 
Eng. '72-15; also Supt. Sun. sch. 28 
vrs.; mbr. Prov. Synod: life mbr. 
Ball. Old Col. Association. 

SmcOVS, Henry W.; b. Ball., '63; s. 
of 1. Henry J. Symons (col. of earlv 
'50's, & pioneer butcher of Ball.); 
assoc. with father in business for 
many yr.s.: now mcrr. *■ oo-pron." 
also farmer of Mt. Rowan: educ. 
Ball. Coll.; mbr. Ball. Shire CI., 
'93-'14: pres. '98-'99: '04-'5 & 'lO-'ll; 
one of (Jommon mgrs. for sev. vrs.; 
mbr. Ball. Coll. CI.: first press, ball. 
Old Coll. Assoc.; mbr. Ball. A.H.S. 
CI.; one of fdrs. Wend. Rec. CIlub: 
mbr. St. Feter's vestrv. 

STWOKS, Val.; b. Ball., '82; s. of 1. 
H. J. Symons; assoc. with father's 
busines • for many yrs. ; now co- 
prop.; educ. S.S. & Ball. 
Coll.; one of fdrs. Wend. Rec. Club; 
v.-p. '15: winner first club comp. 
(pre.s. trophy), '15; one of promot- 
ers & mbr. prov. com. Wend. F.B., 
'13: hon. sec. St. Matthew's Ch. of 
Eng., Wend.; mbr. Ball. Hort. Soc. 
for sev. yrs.; enthusiastic amat. 
hortlc; won numerous prizes at 



various shows, inc cup for best 
roses & dahlias; ex-mbr. Wend. R. 
C, & mbr. sev. successful crews. 
TAIT, Ct. a«o.; J.P.; b. Ores., '56; s. 
of 1. Cr. John Tait (pioneer of 
Cres.); educ. Cres. G.S.; mbr. firm 
Tait & Son since '87; mbr. Cres, 
Bor. CI.; twice mayor; P.M. Cres. 
Havilah Mas. Lodge; P.S.G.D. of 
Vic; P.P. Royal Arch Yarrowee 
Chapter; mbr. Ball. Mark Mas. 
Lodge; treas. Cres. Mech. Inst.; 
twice pres. Cres. B.C.; ex-pres. Cres. 
A.N.A.; mbr. Cemet. Trust; hon. sec. 
St. Andrew's Presbyt. Ch.; hon. 
auditor, Creswlck F.B. 

TAXTK, Joseph Wm.; b. Cres., '62; 
educ. Cres. G.S.: followed mining 
on Berry & Midas leads for sev. 
yrs. ; later at W. Aust. ; thence to 
Bogara (West Africa), & to East 
Siberia on behalf of London invest- 
ors; mgr. Aust. Midas Estates '10- 
•12; mbr. Inst. Min, Met. Lond., '08; 
joined Min. Mgrs.' Assoc, of Aust., 
'05; pres. Ball, branch, '12; sec, '15; 
iirst pres. Wend. Rec. Club, '12-'14; 
now life hon. mbr.; l.g. Cres. Hosp. 
(The compiler regrets that Mr. Tank 
died during compilation of book). 

TATXiOB, Alsx. McXianjian; b. Ball. 
E., '8.3; 8. of 1. Wm. Taylor; educ. 
Humffray-st. & Cent. S.S. & Gren. 
Coll. (by winning ent. schol.) ; 
STuard of Vic. Rys.; pres. City 
branch A.N. A.. '06 (the youngest in 
hist, of branch) conf. del., '08; mbr. 
bd. of dir. since '10; v.-p. '13: chief 
pres., '14 (one of youngest to date); 
inaug. A.N. A. recruiting movement 
during term of office; mbr. Ball. E. 
branch com., '15; v.p. '16; ex-pres. 
St. John's Y.M.C.; first pres. Ball. 
Lit. it Deb. Union, '12; mbr. and 
active worker in sev. Y.M. clubs, & 
freq. adjud. of debates; mbr. Golden 
Ft. Sen. F.C.. & del. on Ball P. 
I^eague; active supporter of sev. 
legitimate sporting clubs: mbr. & 
conf. del. Vic. Rys. Un.; l.g. Orph. 
* Hosp.; mbr. Ball. E. Recruiting 

TATZiOaL Or. OUlMrt; J.P.: b. Shet- 
land Isles (N. Scot.): 8. of 1. Walter 
Taylor, (of Dean col of '48); arr. 
Aust. with parents in infancy '75; 
educ. Dean 8 S. A Cres G.8., farmer 
and grasier, of "Falrvlew," Dean; 
mbr. Ores. Shire CI. since '10; gax. 
J.P. '10; prML Dean Mech. Inst. 
stnctt '04; mbr. of dep. that induced 
Minister of Educ. to establish Dean 
Fn«mentary High Sch. "12 (one of 
finest in State): successful breeder 
and «xhlh of Clydesdale horses inc. 
champion stallion Lord Dunbar 
(from Importfd stock). 

VATZ.Om, mobert: h. Black Hill, '64: 
s, of 1. Wm. ("King") Taylor fcol. 
'88. A pioneer boat builder) : educ. 
Tloselnnlum's A Potter's Sch.: as- 
sisted father In boat building many 
vrs.: lie. Kent Hotel. '««: * T„nko 
View Hotel since '98; successful 

caterer & lessee of sporting booths; 
prop, of well-known fleet of steam- 
ers & sailers, inc. "Gem," "Lord 
Roberts" & "Ballarat," at Lake 
Wend.; suggested and constructed 
at own expense Fairy-land pas- 
sage to Gardens; popularly known 
as the "Lake commodore"; v.-com. 
Ball. Y.C.; v.-pres. Ball. Fish Ac- 
cUmat. Soc; one of fdrs., mbr. 
com. & ex-pres. , Ball. Anglers' 
Club; supporter of various sport- 
ing institutions. 

TSBBT, Charles Mltohel; b. Elles- 
borough, Bucks. (Eng.), '61; 8. of 1. 
Dr. C. M. Terry (who was born in 
1788); educ. Queen Eliz. G.S. and 
King's Coll., Lond.; arr. Aust. '83; 
Joined Bank of Australasia at Melb. 
'84; mbr. h.o. staff for 25 yrs., ris- 
ing to a/ct. ; app. mgr. Albury 
branch, '08; mgrr. Ball, branch since 
'09: mbr. Cent. B.C.; Club— Ballarat 

THOMAS, Alfred C; b. G'long, '64; 
s. of I. Wm. Jackson Thomas (of 
H.M. Customs; col. of '39); educ. 
Geelong Coll.; articled to 1. Henry 
Speed (b. & s., Geelong); admitted 
to Vic. bar, '87; practised as b. & s. 
successively at Melb., Korumburra 
& Perth, and at Ball, since '13; act- 
ive mbr. Soldiers' Hill B.C., Ball. 
Mas. lA>dge. & Newington A.N. A. 

THOMAS, Bdwsrd; b. Happy Valley 
'6S; .<?. of 1. T. Thomas (min. inves- 
tor and col. of 30's) ; educ. Happy 
Valley S.S. ; propr. and nubllsner 
of the Ball, and district "Farmers' 
Gazettes" since 1913: W.M. Prince 
of Wales Mas. lodge. Smvthesdale 
'99: sec. since *00; P.G. Std. Bearer 
of Vic: P.M. Smythesdale Mark 
lodpe and now secretary. 

THOMAS, Eric; L.D.S.: M.A.C.B.; 
dentist: practising Bridge-st., Ball., 
since '07: b. Brighton, '81; s. of 
Jaa. Thoma.s, of Brighton: educ. 
Brighton G.S.; mbr. Aust. Coll. of 
Dentistry: grad. Dentists' Coll., 
McIb. Univ.: rink capt. Cent B.C.; 
played into semi-finals of B.B.A. 
single-handed champ, three seasons; 
reco?. as amat. champ, hilltardist 
of Ball.: mbr. Ball. Golf Club. 

THOMAS, HormsB Stanlsy; .s. of I. C. 
H. Thomas (col. of '.t6, pioneer store 
keeper and mine mgr. of Ball.: one 
of fdrs. Ball. Woollen Co. and dlr. 
for 30 yrs.): educ. Pleas. -st. S.S., 
Gren. Coll.. Ball. Coll. and com- 
mercially; toured Europe. America, 
and about two thirds of world "07-9: 
later assoc. with D. Walker's 
agency bus. until '15; mhr. Ball. 
Automobile Club,, Ball. N. Tennl<» 
Phib |)enrinnt team: runner-up for 
PollegA Pun 2 yrs.; mbr. old 18th 
Ball. .\.MC. 3 yrs.: now on activs 
servlcp abroad with No. ?■ Aust. 
rnstinltv clearing hosnltnl < A.M CS. 

THOMAS, Thos. Bms; b. H.npny Val- 
ley, '73: s. f)f 1 Thos Thomas: educ. 
H. Valley S.S.: settled Ball., '%%'. y 
nssoc. with (Twealth Postal Dept.^^ 
Ball. W., sev. yrs.; dlr. St. David 



Welsh Ch. choir since '04; cond. 
"Welsh Choir that won chief choral 
contest, ON. Msteddfod, Ball., '01; 
successful writer of vocal and ins- 
trum. compositions; visited Eng., 
•08-'09, & studied adv. music at 
Durham Univ.; successful at ex- 
aminations; obt. cert. Tonic Sol-Fa 
Coll.: sen. honors, Trin. Coll., Lond.; 
A.L.O.M. & Licent. of Mus., Vic. 
Educ. Dept. 

THOMSON, Andirew Stewart; s. of 
John C. Stewart Thomson (first 
treas. Ball. Miners' Assoc.) ; b. 
Ball. "W., '67; educ. Cent, and Mt. 
Pleas. S.S.; sec. Carters' & Drivers' 
Un., since '13; pres. T. & L. CI., '15- 
•16; hon. sec. Ball. Sth. P.L..L..; pres. 
Ball. W. P.L.C, '15; v.-p. Ball. Fed. 
Lab. Campaigrn CI., '15; sec Degree 
Lodge, I.O.O.F.; mbr. com. Soldiers' 
Hill F.B. (up till its disbandment) ; 
mbr. Red Cross Carnival Com., and 
mbr. City Recruiting Exec; sec. 
Ball, branch Liquor Trade Employ- 
ees Union; pres. "Vic. Carters' and 
Drivers' conr., Melbourne '16. 

THOMPSON, Wm. Daniel; mining co. 
mgr. : b. Ball., '58; s. of 1. Wm. 
Thomp.son (col. of early '50's); 
educ. Cox's Sch. & Bain's H.S.; 
cleric in 1. S. W. Smyth's min. office; 
later partnered Hon. J. McWhae as 
mgrs. of sev. min. co.'s, taking sole 
muement in late '80's; now mgr. 
N. Woah Hawp, New Normanby, 
Last Chance, N. Hope Co.'s; dir. 
Beaufort Deep Leads Co.; v.-p. Vic. 
Chamber of Mines: chairman Ball, 
branch; pres. Ball. Mine Owners' 
Assoc; one of earliest trustees City 
A.N.A.; rink capt. Cent. B.C. for 
few yrs.; one of fdrs. Wend. Rec 
Club, & Wend. R.C.; one of earliest 
mbrs Bouth-st. Soc; for some yrs. 
hon. cond. Wend. Meth. Ch. choir, 
& Sun. Sch. choir; supt. of Sun. Sch. 
for 10 yrs.; v.-p. Benev. Asylum 
Com.: one of earliest mbrs. Wend. 
C.C. & successful batsman for 
many yrs. ,„ 

TZrVBSFZEKX), TliOB.; b. Ball., <2: 
«! of 1 Thos. Thursfield (col. of 
•.52): educ. Cent. C.C, Gren. Coll. & 
S. of Mines (elect. & mech. eng. 
course); elect, eng. since '95; eng. 
for erection first e.l. plant. Ball., 
95; now elect & mech. eng., Lyons- 
st N ; electrified Sunshine Har- 
vester Works, State Coal Mine, 
Wonthaggi, Ball. Hosp., Ben. Asy- 
lum, Orph., & other public inst.; 
sec. old Court Unity. A.O.F. ; mbr. 
Yarrowee Mas. Lodge: Loyal Hand 
M.U.I.O.O.F., & Old Col. Club; l.g. 

THWAITES, Alice; b. Emerald Hill, 
ATelb • d. of Louis Myers, & cousin 
of Lalla Miranda (Aust. 
& mbr of well-known mus family: 
educ Smith's Sch.. Albert Park: m. 
1 Hv J. Thwaites, stockbroker. 
Ball ' '04; lie. Union Hotel. Sturt- 
St., Ball., since '03; previously as- 

soc with Williamson, Garner and 
Musgrove's Italian Opera Co., as 
mbr. of chorus; also took part in 
blue ballet, and ballad singer at 
Melb. Opera House; leader J. C. 
Williamson's Royal Comic Opera 
chorus; understudy to principal 
lady; & minor parts in "Sign of the 
Cross," & other dramas; leader of 
"Geisha Girl" chorus; "Katisha" in 
"Mikado," & "Buttercup" in "H.M.S. 
Pinafore," when produced by Ball. 
Liedertafel; assisted in production 
of "Olivette" by Ball. Juv. Opera 
Co.; hon. mbr. Ball. Liedertafel, & 
assisted in stage management of 
various operas produced locally. 

TXI^T, Geo.; R.A.M.A.; b. Carlton, 
'78; s. of Matthew Tily (col. of early 
60's); educ. Carlton S.S.; mgr. mun. 
baths. Ball. E., & Theurapeutical 
Inst since '07; reg Aust. Massage 
Assoc, '05; treas. Ball. E. Swim- 
ming Club; office bearer Ball. Mas. 
Lodge; ex-mbr. Carlton gym. club; 
& Turn Verein; instr. sev. Metrop. 
gym. clubs; rep. Vic. in 25-mile bi- 
cycle road race to Campbellfield; 
stafE-sgt. Massage Corps on active 
service in Great War, '15-'16. 

TIPPETT, Albert; b. Dean '81; s. of L 
John Tippett, educ. Newlyn S.S.; 
mbr. firm of Tippett Bros . farmers, 
graziers and stud farmer.s, of Scrub 
Hill farm, Newlyn; for many yrs. 
successful breeders & exhibitors of 
imp. high-class Clydesdales and 
Shorthorn cattle, taking prizes at 
leading inter-state shows as well 
as most district shows, owner of 
Fearl Prince and Newlyn Charm- 
ing Duke (Shorthorns) and Glad- 
brook (Clydesdales) an acknowled- 
ged judge of stock, mbr. Royal Vic. 
& N.S.W. A. & P. societies. 

TIPPETT, Herbert John; b. Newlyn 
'72: s. of 1. John Tinpett (col. of 
1S56. farmer and grazier of 
Scrub Hill farm Newlyn); educ. 
Newlyn S.S. and Cres. G.S.; farm- 
ing and grazing pursuits until '06, 
when joined Adam & David Ron- 
aldson in estab. firm of Ronaldson 
Bros. & Tippett, oil engine, etc., 
builders '06: now outdoor rep. of 
firm. mbr. Ball. Rifle Club. 

TZTHESZSOE, Wm.; b. BalL, '72; 
mbr. firm Titheridge & Growcott, 
house, land & est. agents, Lyd. & 
Main-sts., Ball.; rep. United Ins. 
Co.; State Land Tax assessor; 
sworn valuator; pres. Ball. East 
A.N.A., '99; W.M., Ball. Mas. Lodge. 
•03; treas. for 9 yrs.; D.G. Dir. Cer. 
Grand Lodge of Vic, •12-'13; Insp. 
of Mas. Lodge workings; pres. Ex- 
hil). Comm.: pres- & ex- treas. Ball. 
Piib. Lib.; mbr. Orph. Com.: one or 
fdrs. & ex-treas. Ball. E. B.C.; mbr. 
exec. B.Tll. E. Red Cross Soc. 

TOi;ST&TTP, Pred. T.; b. Campbell's 
Creek '72; s. of 1. C. T. Tolstrup 
(an earlv colonist) : educ. C'malne 
G.S.; mgr. National Bank at Lear- 



month since *12; previously statio- 
ned at Newstead, Richmond, S. 
Melb. Prahran, C'maine, Uoort, 
Swan Hill, B'eo; and Bacchus 
Marsh, dating from '88, as clerk, 
a/ct and mgr. ; hon. sec. L'month 
Bowling Club; pres. L'month Mech. 
Inst.; pres. L'month F.C. and v. p. 
of Cricket Club; office bearer 
Ma.sonic lodge. 
TOMPKINS, Chas. W.; b. B'fort, '60; 
s. of 1. Joel Tompkins; educ. ptely. 
& matric. ; a/ct. Ball. Hardware Co. 
since '97; C.R.Excelsior Tent, I.O.R. 
& supt. Excelsior Juv. Tent, '90; 
W.M. St. John's Mas. Lodge, '10; 
pres. Vic. Band Assoc, '11; off. rep. 
at sev. band contests; hon. sec. 
City B.C. since '10; jun. champ., 
'14-'15; active mbr. com. and lib. 
Lyric Orch. Soc; after-dinner hu- 
morist & raconteur, & frequent per- 
former for charit. & social pur- 
p oses. 
TOMFKZSrS, Stanley Wm.; .s. .of 
above; b. Ball. '92; educ. Cent. S.S. 
and Ball. W. Tech. Art. Sch. (en- 
trance schol. winner) ; completed 
full course at Ball. T.A.S. and app. 
Asst. Art Master at Swinburne 
Tech. Coll. Glenferrie '11; now 
Principal Art Master; won 1st 
prize poster design at Aust. Manuf. 
Bbfhlb., Melb. '12; with A.M. Lil- 
burne & H. B. Herbert held success- 
ful exhib. and .^ale of art designs, 
etc. at Centreway, Melb., '14; a 
well-known metrop. violinist; for- 
merly (in youth) w^ith bro. Norman 
a. successful comp. violinist in solos 
duets, etc., at Melb., Ball., etc., 
comp.; sliver medallist of Assoc. 
VOman, Cr. Smert lCaar«r«U; J.P.; 
h. B'yong, '76; s. of 1. Edwin Ton- 
kin. & nephew of Gen. Winfield 
Scott (who commanded U.S.A. army 
which conquered Mexico) ; educ. 
Univ. Coll., Ball.; mbr B'yong Bor. 
CI. since '06; mayor, '13-'14; gai. 
J.P., '15; P.O. B'yong Lodge M U. 
I.O.O.F.; O.M. Ball. dlst.. '11; P.M. 
B'yon^r Mas. Lodge; aud. & ex- 
pre». B'yong A.N.A.; ex-pres. B'yong 
W.C.; now v. -p.: mbr. com. B'yong 
T.C.: mbr. Ball. Choral Soc. sev. 
yrs., taking part in champ, choral 
contests at Ball., Toowoomba and 
Syd.; also mbr. B'yong prov. choir; 
spent some yrs. in >S. Africa as for- 
warding clerk Randall & Hudson, 
Durban, A cpdence clerk Malcolm- 
ness ft Co., iSast London; ret. to 
n'yong. *03, & estab. business as 
gen. merch.; v.-p. B'yong Old Boys' 
As soc. 
VOVKZV, Jolui Sarold; b. Ball.: s. of 
1. Stephen Tonkin (col. of 'UO's. ft 
one of pioneer storkbrokers of Ball.; 
mbr. old Royal Stock Exch.); educ. 
Mt. Pleas. 8.S.; Joined Aust. Mut. 
Prov. Soc. service, '88: served 16 
yrs. In Melb. head office; 10 yrs. 
Gist. sec. in charge of Warrnambool 
offlcc; app. diet. sec. In charge of 

Ball, office, '15; mbr. Ball. Y.M.C.A. 

TONXS, Capt. Geo. Bagnell; b. Gong 
Gong, '77; s. of 1. Hy. Tonks (col. 
of '55); educ. Pootilla & Eureka-st. 
S.S.; eng. & foreman fitter Cowleys 
Prop. Ltd; mbr. Ball. Rifle Club 
since '06; hon. sec, '12-'14; capt., 
'14-'16; one of promoters & mbr. 
exec Ball. Citizens' Home Defence 
Corps, '15; served 7 yrs. In old 3rd 
Batt. 3ililitia; P.O., N. Star Lodge. 
M.U.I.O.O.F.; mbr. Eureka Stock- 
ado Beautitication committee. 

TONNEB, Henry C; s. of 1. John 
Tonner; b. Ball., '67; educ. Pleas.- 
st. S.S.; for 26 yrs. assoc. with H. 
Davies, & dept. mgr. for sev. yrs.; 
Joined in estab. firm of Cowdeli, 
Tonner & Ellis, "C.T.E." corner, 
Bridge-st., '10; one of oldest mbrs. 
Ball. R.C.; str. sev. club crews to 
victory; gained sen. rank, & mbr. 
winning eights at leading regattas, 
&; in Vic. eight-oared champ.; mbr. 
com. sev. yrs.; also v.-capt., capt., 
& now v.-p. & life mbr.; mbr. 
Regatta Assoc sev. yrs.; mbr. 
Hort. Soc; successful rosarian; 
mbr. Ball. City A.N.A.; Club — Vic. 

TOOF, Tbos. B.; s. of 1. Thos. Toop 
(gardener), & g.s. of Thos. Toop, 
also gardener, of Blandford (Eng.): 
b. Notts. (Eng.); head gardener for 
R. Doughtv, of N?*.ts. ; arr. Melb., 
'89; app. gardener Ball. City bot. 
gardens, '90; later gardener Clunes 
Hosp.; ret. to Ball. City gardens: 
app. foreman, '13; curator in charge 
•14: P.O. Wend, Lodge G.U.O.O.P.: 
dist. del. and Past District Master: 
ex-pres. ft ex-sec. of Wend. M.I.A.; 
mbr. ft Judge, Ball. Hort. Soc. 

TBAKAB, 0Z-Capt. Wm.; b. Ball., '68; 
s. of 1. Richard Trahar (the first 
iron smelter in Ball., & built first 
steam engine, which is now at 
Ringwood — vide Withers' "Hist, of 
Ball."); mbr. firm Trahar Bros., 
founders ft ironmoulders. Channel- 
st.. Ball. E.; ft chairman of bd. of 
Cowleys Prop. Ltd.; mbr. Ball. F.B. 
for 32 1 yrs.; successively eng. 
officer, Ueut, (9 yrs.), capt. (17 
yrs.); retired. *11; (l.s. medal and 
clasps) : successful on track at P. 
B. dem., '81 -'95; winning numerous 
events, particularly in ladder rac- 
ing: mbr. B.F.B. team which visltert 
Dunedin (N.Z.) and Syd. (thrice); 
pres. Vic. Country F.B. Assoc, '00; 
v.-p. Ball. Gun Club sev. yrs.: won 
ft divided sev. important stakes; 
pre««. old BrU. E. Sparrow Club; 
gained sen. rank as mbr. Ball. City 
R.C. : ex-pres. Old Col. Club; mbr. 
Com. riiih; mbr. Mech. Inst. Com.; 
mhr. KxhUv Commission. 

TBBADWXZiZi, Wm. Jaa.; b. G'lonr. 
'70; «. of 1. Jas. Treadwell (col. of 
•.«i3):educ. Norndjuhn S.S.; In bus. 
as merch. at Noradjuha until 'Of; 



estab. as bicycle & motor mech. at 
Armstrong -St., Ball., sev. yrs. ago; 
hon. sec. Ball. B.C. since '08; rep. 
assoc. bowler; mbr. of Ball, club 
rink, runners-up in Aust. Rink 
Champ.. Melb.. '13; mbr. of B.B.A. 
champ, rink '09-'ll; mbr. Ball, club 
rink, unbeaten in interstate games, 
Brisbane, '13-'14; mbr. exec. Ball. 
B. Assoc; pres. Ball. Rifle Club, 
•15-'16; capt., *09-'14; pres. Vic. Band 
Assoc., '15-'16; dir. Ball. Furniture 
Co.; ex-pres. & ex-sec. Noradjuha 
Mech. Inst.; P.M. Natimuk Mas. 
Lodge; fdr. & ex-capt. (10 yrs.) 
Noradjuha Rifle Club; ex-capt. Nor- 
adjuha C.C.;mbr. Ball. Milit. Club; 
ex-pres. Ball. N. City C.C. 

TBEOASKZS, Srnest P.; L.I. A.V.; 
b. Ball.; s. of Thos. Tregaskis (col. 
of '60); educ. Cent. S.S.; a/ct. for 
"Wm. Williams, mln. co. mgr.; act- 
ing mgr. of sev. mining co.'s dur- 
ing '15; app. to staff of Rankin, 
Morrison & Co., public a/cts. Melb.. 
•IC; pres. Ball. City A.N.A., and 
conf. del., '15; treas. Ball. N. Rec. 
Club; played into flnals of country 
single-handed champ., Melb., '14; 
mbr. Ball. North rink, runners-up 
Country champ, of Victoria , '16; 
ex-society steward Neil-st. Meth. 
Ch.; ex-dir. Y.M.C.A.; mbr. Ball. 
Rifle Club, & mbr. 7th Regt. Rifle 
team that won Schumacher Em- 
pire contest, '08; passed flnal exam. 
L.I. A. v., 'l.S; lie. aud. com.; mbr. 
Red Cross Carnival Committee. 

TBSKA&BO, Geo. X>.; b. Ball., '71; 
mbr. firm Trekardo Bros., butchers, 
Sturt-st., Ball. W.; prominent In 
athletic circles many yrs.; str. two 
m. eights & seven Jun. fours & prs. 
for Ball. R.C.; successful sprinter 
& cyclist (high & safety) at Ball. 
& West. Dlst. sports mtgs.; won 
won Butchers' Cup, 130 yds. foot 
race, from scr. ; W.M. Yarrowee 
Mas. Lodge, '15-'16; conducts dan- 
cing class St. P. Hall; dancing mas- 
ter Ball. High Sch. Past Students' 

TSSKASBO, Jolm H.; b. Ball., '69; 
9. of 1. Stephen Trekardo; mbr. firm 
Trekardo Bros., butchers, Sturt-st., 
Ball. W., since '89; boxing & ath- 
letic enthusiast; capt. Ball. A.C.. 
for several years (which orig- 
inated from his pte. boxing class) ; 
referee V.A.A.A. amat. boxing 
champs., Melb.: & also Ball, centre 
V.A.A.A. contests: pres. City Band 
since '13; mbr. com. Ball. R.C. sev. I 
yrs. (sen. rank oarsman) ; sen. v.-p. I 
Christ Ch. Y.M.C.; cond. phys. dev- 
elopment class for rejected volun- 
teers for war service, 'l.'i-ie; nearly 
every mbr. subsequently qualify- 
ing; mbr. Red Cross Carnival Com. i 
nnd Camp Comforts committee. \ 
-VBJBKAKOO, Staff-Sgt. Kennen. s. of 
Above; b. Ball., '95; mlllt. career I 
since age of 10 yrs., when Joined I 
^un. cadets ^ corp.; adv. to sen. 

cadets, & trained squad which won 
3rd prize, Ball, comp., '14; became 
2nd lieut. Citizen Forces, '12; passed 
ofllcers' training class exam, '15, 
with honors; volunteered for act- 
ive service, but app. to A. & I. staff, 
'15 (was 2nd out of 28 candidates): 
attached to Footscray drill hall; 
cond. phys. devel. class for reject- 
ed volunteers '15; transf. to Ball. 
Training camp 1916; phys. dir. Ball. 
Ch. of Eng. G.S., 'IS-'IS. 

THE^OAXL xaeut. Oeo. D.; b. Ball.: 
s. of 1. T. R. Treloar (chemist and 
Shakesperian student and traged- 
ian, mother also a tragedienne) ; an 
actor since early manhood; firstly 
an amat. theatrical; later ident. 
with J. C. Williamson cOy. and 
toured Aust.; Joined Oscar \iiche 
Coy. '13; toured Sth. Africa and 
Eng.; enlisted for active service in 
Artists' Rifles, Eng. '15; became 
sgt. and later comm. as lieut in 
Coldstream Guards, participating 
operations in Prance. 

TBSX^OAB, Capt. Harold; s. of W. 
H. Treloar (of Ball.); b. Melb. '89; 
settled Ball, in childhood; motor 
eng.; proceeded to Eng.. Apl., '14; 
& studied aviation at Bristol and 
Bleriot's schools; qual. & received 
Royal Aero Club's cert, of com- 
petency after three weeks' tuition; 
mbr. Royal Aero & Aust. Aero clubs; 
ret. to Ball., Oct.. '14; & later obt. 
comm. as 2nd Lieut. 70th Inf.; 
passed offlcers' sch. of instruction; 
Pt. Cook Aerodrome, March, '15; 
on active service in Persian Gulf 
campalgrn with Aust. Aviation 
corps as Lieut., June-Sept., '15; 
prom. Capt. on service, & prison- 
ered by Turks on making enforced 
descent in Turkish lines, near Bus- 
ra, Sept., '15; now interned at Bag- 

TBOTKAH, JoMph; b. Ball. '72; s. of 
1. Wm. Trotman; educ. Golden Pt. 
S.S. ; plumber and easfitter, 38 
Steinfeld-st. (contracting) ; fitted 
section of new Sch. of Mines build- 
ings and executed all work of 
school for 14 yrs.; one of earliest 
mbrs. Ball. East Bowling Club, 
rink capt. for sev. yrs.; previously 
and Pt present rink capt. Ball. H.C. 
In pennant comp.; winner sev. club 
heps, and tournaments, runner-up 
club champ. '15; capt. of rink that 
won Ball. Easst B.C. e.l. tournament 
'15; 3rd in B.B.A. four bowl champ- 
'10: mbr. com. and timekeeper 
Golflen Point F.C. 

TKOTBCAN, Wm.; b. Ball., '68; s. of 
1. Wm. Trotman (b. G'long, '43; & 
early pioneer of Ball.) ; educ. Gol- 
den Pt. S.S. : estab. fish business, 
Bridge-st., '91: rink capt. Ball. E. 
B.C.; winner e.l. hep., '15; ex-pres. 
Buffalo Club; one of fdrs. Grolden 
Pt. Sen. F.C: pres., '15; mbr. com. 
Ball. Gun Club, & mbr. Brighton 
Gun Club: winner & divided sev. 
big heps.; winner Melb. G.C. Spar- 



row Bracelet Hep., '10; ex-mbr. 
com. Miners' T.C.; mbr. Ball. T.C; 
successful blUiardist. 

TXOUP. Kor»o* Q.; a, of 1. Jai. 
Troup (pioneer farmer, of CoghiU's 
Creek, & formerly of Ballater 
(Scot); b. Coghlll's Creek, '76; 
educ. Univ. Coll., Ball., St Queen'* 
Coll. (Melb. Univ.); admitted to Vic. 
bar, '01; ez-sec. Ball. Law Inst.; 
founder & first pres. Ball. Kennel 
Club; trustee. Ball. T.C; mbr. com. 
& steward, B'beet T.C; mbr. com. 
St. Andrew's P.M.A. 

TBOVF, Walter X.; 8. of 1. J. M. 
Troup (loco, insp., Vic. Rys., & col. 
of '60); b. Ball.. '66; educ. Baln'a 
H.S.; engine fitter at Phoenix fdry., 
& later Cowle>''s Iron works; sec. 
Ball. Caled. Soc, '90-5; sec. & later 
O.M. St. Andrew's Order (of which 
1. father was a fdr.);rep. Clunes 
A.C. on Vic. Athlet. League; off. 
hcpr. V.A.L., & hcpr. of various 
leading athletic & sporting clubs, 
Inc. Stawell, Ararat. Shepparton, 
Cres., Clunes, & others; mbr. exec. 
Vic. Band Association. 

TBOVP, Zllxa; b. Ascot (Vic); d. of 
1. Thos. March (foreman Fry's Mill, 
at Ascot); educ. Smythes. S.S.; m. 
W. H. Troup, '90; artist painter & 
carver; tr. of painting & carving at 
14 Drummond-st. N., Ball. W., since 
'95; pupils taking prizes at leading 
art exhlb. at Ball. & other centres 

TmOT, Capt. David TnA,± J.P.; b. 
R'fort '74; s. of 1. David "Troy (pio- 
neer merch. of B'fort and col. of 
early dO's) : assoc. with firm of Troy 
Bros., general merchants, Burke-st.. 
B'fort, since youth: now one of 
principals: also comm. agent, ren. 
of Bail. Banking Coy.. ScottLsh 
Union Ins. Coy. and Wlscher's Aust. 
Manures: wbea.t buyer Dreyfus and 
Co., Melb.; J. P. since '10; Joined 
Vic. Rangers as volunteer '91 : 
ox)mm. rank '95; capt. '99, attached 
Tlst Regt. for special camp duty 
Ball. '15; ex-sec. and legal mgr. sev. 
mining cos.; active in promoting re- 
vival of mining at Raglan (Sons of 
Freedom line) '00; being chm. of 
bds. of sev. cos.; ex-hon. sec. B'fort 
Mech. Inst.; B'fort Town Band, & 
agrlc. soc: m. Catherine Grev Bain, 
d. of 1. Alex. Bain, of St. Enoch's 
estate, Stockvard Hill, 1908. 

TXVSWEZa:., J.W.; b. Ball., '76; s. 
cif I.Mrael Truswell: educ. St. Paul's 
A Humffray-flt. S.8.; mining pur- 
suits for 20 yrs.; sec. Ball, branch 
F.M.E.A. since '13; served on com. 
sev. yrs.: Assoc del. on T. A L.. 
CI.; sec. Canadian P.L.C. Com.; v.-p. 
Mt. Pleasant P.L..C.: sec Ball. E. 
A Ball. Enclosure Coursing Clubs; 
mbr. com. CfOlden Pt. F.C, 'lO-'lC; 
mbr. Town Recruiting Exec, '16. 
also mbr. Ball. Fl Red Cross Com.; 
hon. sec. Worn Out Miners' Susten- 
tatlon Fund committee. 

TtrOKSm, Mrnnryi Warrant Off.: b. 
Staughton Vale, '68; s. of Chas. 

Tucker (early settler of dist., now 
of Beech Forest) ; foreman wood- 
working shop of Ronaldson Bros. 
ft Tippett, engineers; pte., 3rd Inf. 
Batt.. '94; sgt., '99; col.-sgt., 7th 
Regt., '03; reg. sgt.-mjr. 7l8t Regt. 
with hon. rank of warrant-ofllcer, 
'14; I.s. medal; pres. Ball. Milit. 
Club, '14-' 15; treas. rifle clubs of 
3rd Batt., 7th Regt. & 71st Regt. 
successively; champion shot of fth 
Regt., '08-'09 scored 281 in mus- 
ketry course (highest for Vic), '09; 
top scorer of 7th Regt. team. Ball- 
hausen Shield contest '07; mbr. of 
winning team (7th Regt.) in Schu- 
macher Empire Cup comp.. '01; 
lleut. Old Soldiers' HIU F.B.; P.O. 
Ball. Lodge, I.O.O.F. 

TVOKXB, Capt. Samnel Z.; b. Ball.; 
s. of 1. John Tucker (for many yrs. 
lessee City Mun. Baths); militarir 
career since 11 yrs. of age; jvuu 
cadets, '89-'94; later pte. in 3rd 
Batt. Militia, Ball., 3 yrs.; gunner 
In Aust. Garrison Art.. Portland, 
3 yrs.; lieut. sen. cadets; org. No. 
2 Batt., Ball.; area ofllcer, '12-'14; 
acting brigade mjr. A. & I. staff, 
18th brig.. Ball., '15; later in year 
app. to Ascot Vale Training Camp; 
on active service with 39th Ball. 
batt., 10th Inf. brigade, 1916; 
won breast stroke swimming champ, 
of Vic. at Ball., '07; won numerous 
swimming heps.; pres. Ball. City 
A.N. A., '08; mbr. building com.; 
S. W. Yarrowee Mas. Lodge. 

TVCZXB, Ten. Wzo. Tredenc; Arch- 
deacon of Ball, since '9S; also 
Archdeacon of Grampians, Loddon 
& Otway since '13; administrator of 
Ball. Dioc, '15-'1«; b New Cross, 
Lond., '56; s. of Jas. Tucker, R.N. ; 
m. Louisa, d. of Hy. Chapeau, of 
Salisbury, Eng. : educ Royal Naral 
Sch., New Cross; St. John's Coll., 
Cambridge: deacon & priest of Ang. 
Ch., '81; Vicar of Bowen. 'SI; Char- 
ters Towers, '87: A Townsville, •>!- 
'94: Canon of N. Q'land, '87-'M: 
Vicar of Hamilton (Vic). •94-'M; 
St. Paul's, Ball. E.. '98-'09: St. 
Matthew's, Wend.. •10-'12; mbr. St. 
Aldan's & Ch. of King. O.S. Cla.; 
also Cath. Chapter & Dloc CI.; ac- 
tive spirit in unsuccessful agitation 
to create N. Q'land into a separata 
colony, being v.-p. of Separation 
I.«ague. & of Separation Conven- 
tion, Townsville. '6^; Past Chief 
Ruler Vic. Dlst., I.O.R.; pres. Roj'al 
Soc. of St. Oeorge, Ball.; an offlcer 
of Q'land military forces for sev 
yr s. 

TUIUbOOK, Ohas. Wormaa; brewer 
for Ball. Brewing Co. since '07: 
mbr. Ball. Sk Melb. staffs Commer- 
cial Bank. •97-'07: s. of 1. ex-Cr. 
Wm. Tulloch; b. Ball., '78: ex-mbr. 
A ex-hon. sec Ball City R.C.; ex- 
mbr. Banks R.C ^gaining senior 
rank): later hon. treas. and sec. 
Ball R.C; rowed bow In Ball. R,0. 



champ, eight of Vic, '04; also in 
Vic. crews at Brisbane & Sydney, 
M)4-'0.T (Aust. champions). 

WJmImOC^, Harry; mbr. firm Tulloch 
& King Prop. Co., printers & pub- 
lishers, Lyd.-st. N., Ball., since '02; 
b. Ball., '69; s. of 1. Wm. Tulloch 
(mbr. first mun. of Ball., & a col. 
of '44): educ. Cent. S.S. & Ball. 
Coll.; visited Grt. Brit. & U.S.A., 
•89-'90; settled Perth, '91; remained 
in W.A. 8 yrs.; mbr. Ball. City R.C. 
many yrs.; mbr. Wend. Rec. Club 
com. <Sr P.M.A. com. 

TTTNBRXDOi:, Alfred B.; s. of 1. 
Richard Tunbridge (fdr. of firm of 
■R. Tunbridge & Sons, furniture 
■warehousemen; now R. Tunbridge 
& Sons Prop. Ltd.);b. Nth. Melb., 
'54; head of firm for many yrs.; 
active mbr. Melb. R.C, '71-'88 (sen. 
rank), and rowed bow in Vic. crew, 
'79; v.-p. Sth Ball. F.C.; mbr. com. 
Old Col. Club. 

TVNB&IDOE, Blchard Ernest; s. of 
1. Richard Tunbridge; b. Ball., '69; 
educ. Pleas-st. S.S. & Bain's H.S.; 
mbr. firm R. Tunbridge & Sons 
Prop. Ltd.; mbr. Ball R.C. sev. 
yrs.; mbr. Cent. B.C. sev. yrs.; rink 
capt. Wend. B.C., '15-'16; winner 
club championship 1915-16; mbr. cl. 
Ball. Fine Art Gall.. S. of Mines 
cl. & Ch. of Eng. G.S. cl.; mbr. St. 
Peter's Ang. Vestry; mbr. exec. 
Ball. C.E.M.S. 

rriTBXI'EB, Cr. A. A. J. P.; b. Little 
B'go, '67; s. of 1. Chas. Turner (col. 
of '54 ; educ. Little B'go S.S.: in 
business as butcher. Brown Hill, 
since '98; mbr. Bungaree Shire Cl. 
for about 10 yrs.; retiring sev. yrs. 
ago; filled office of pres. ; re-elected 
1916; gaz. J.P. about '05; sitting 
Ball. B. police court. 

T17BNEB, Capt. Jaa.; s. of 1. Samuel 
Turner; b. Golden Pt., '64; educ. 
Golden Pt. S.S.; tailor & outfitter 
Main-sf., Ball. B. for sev. yrs.; for 
32 yrs. an active fireman; Joined 
St. Arnaud F.B., '84, & Ball, brigade 
few yrs. later; successful mbr. of 
dem. teams for 30 yrs., competing 
almost regularly, and holding place 
in B.F.B. teams until after his two 
sons joined teams; lieut. of B.F.B. 
sev. yrs.; elected capt., '13; awar- 
ded l.s. medal & clasps. 

TVBPnr, R0V. J S.: principal St. 
Patrick's C'^ll.; educ. Christian 
Bros." Coll., Cork, and later Train- 
ing House <n Dublin for students 
intended for the Order of the Chris- 
tian Brothers, «M>mpleting seven 
yrs. thorouB-h course of training; 
later taught with marked success 
in some of leading colles^es of Or- 
der in Dublin. Drogheda and Bel- 
fast; arr. '01- has been suc- 
cessively P'irtcipal of colleges of 
Order in Afelb Warrnambool and 
Svdnev, and appointed to Ballarat 

TWEEDZE, Alex.; A.I.. A V.: b. Ball., 
'81; s. of 1. Wm. Tweedie; educ. 

Ball. Coll. ; ledger keeper Ball. Bank- 
ing Co. for many yrs. until 1916 
when app. a/ct. to John Macleod 
Propty. Ltd.; one of fdrs. & chm. 
'12, '13 & '15, of Ball, branch 
Incorp. Inst, of A/cts., Vic; qual. 
for Assoc, by exam., '10; instructor 
In book-keeping & accountancy, S. 
of Mines, since '14; hon. sec. Ball. 
Coll. Cl., '12-'14; now registrar; aud. 
Old Col. Club, & Ball. Y.C.: P.G. 
Loyal Ball Lodge, M.U.I.O.O.F. 

TWEEDXE, Walter H.; s. of 1. Wm. 
Tweedie; b. Ball., '63; educ. Bain's 
H.S. & Thomas' G.S.; mbr. firm of 
A. M. Greenfield & Co., grain, est., 
shipping & gien. comm. agents, since 
'04; ent. estab. as jun. clerk, '79; ex- 
pres. & treas. Old Col. Club; pres. 
Cent. B.C., '14-'15; mbr. cl. & trustee 
Old Col. Assoc. 

TWEEDIE, Herbert F.; s. of above; 
b. Ball., '90; educ. Pleas-st. S.S. & 
C. of m G.S.; sales clerk A.M. 
Greenfield & Co. for sev. yrs.; transf. 
Melb. office, '15; one of fdrs. & first 
sec. Ball. Dist. Lawn Tennis Assoc; 

. mbr. com. Wend. Tennis Club. 

TWEEDIE, William Arcblbald; s. of 
1. Wm. Tweedie; b. Ball. '65; educ. 
Bain's H.S. & Ball G.S. (F. J. 
Thomas'); ent. service A. M. Green- 
field & Co. as a/ct., 'SO; became mbr. 
of firm in later yrs.; sec. Ball. Hunt 
Club, '93; sec. Ball. T.C. sev. yrs.; 
pies. Commercial Club, '12; mbi. 
Cent. B.C.; Clubs — Com.; Old Col., 
Ball.: C.T.A. & West End. Melb. 

TTl^EB, Jas.; b. Coffard (Eng.), '55; 
arr. Aust. & settled Ball, in •70'k; 
accepted position at Adair's Bridge 
House, & year later (*79) joined J. 
G. Morrey in estab. firm of Morrey 
& Tyler, gen. drapers & clothiers; 
principal of firm of Jas. Tyler & 
Co. since '90; extending originfll 
premises by addition of three ad- 
joining shops, & occupying bridge 
of Tarrowee as an arcade & build- 
ing white-work factory, Grenville- 
st.; mbr. cl. Royal Soc. of St. 
George; patron & subscriber to 
numerous public & sporting insti- 
tutions, while not taking active 
part therein; one of fdrs. Wend. 
Roc. Club. 

TY&EB. James Oordon; s. of above; 
h. Ball., '90; educ. B'yong S.S. ft 
Ball. Coll.: assoc. with Jas. Tyler 
& Co.'s drapery firm until '15; when 
left on active service with No. *> 
Field Amb., 3rd A.I.F.. GalHpoli & 
French campaigns, '15-'l6; v.p. 
Ball. Old Coll. Assoc; mbr. City 
R.C. com.; mbr. Old Col. Assoc. & 

TJTTIHO, Ed. H.; s. of I. J. Uttint? 
(veteran Aust. Journalist) ; b. Christ- 
church (N.Z.). '78: .loined Melb. 
"Kge" staff, '96; Melb. "Evenine 
News," '97; B'go "Independent," 
'00-4: Ball. "Star" since '04: now 
chief of rep. staff; one of fdrs. & 
first pres. Ball. Press Assoc, '11- 



'12; pres. Ball, branch Aust. Jour- 
nalists' Assoc. '12-'13; nibr. Golden 
Point F.C. com. since '11. 

TAKE, Hon. aichard Taylor; ex- 
M.L..A.; b. London '36; employed 
two yrs. at wholesale stationer's; 
arr. Melb., '53; opened first book 
shop, Castlemaine, & founded local 
Mech. Inst.; in July, '55 removed 
to Beechworth & opened first book 
shop there, & one of fdrs. local 
Athenaeum; re-visited Eng., '60; 
ret. Vic, '62; & opened book shop 
at Smythesdale, remaining there 7 
yrs.; was so far busy campaigning 
for brother, Hon. W. M. K. Vale: 
worked actively in Protectionist 
interest; settled Ball. '69, & opened 
bookshop, which he carried on for 
over 30 yrs.; one of first students, 
& later v.-p. Ball. S. of Mines; 
M.I..A. for Ball. W., '86-'89 and 
•92-02; Hon. mbr. Turner Ministry; 
strong advocate Ry. extension, & 
active battler for constituency; 
D.G.M., L.O.L. of Vic; and dir. of 
sev. mining co.'s, & sunk much 
money in mining investments; won 
plebiscite taken by Ball. "Courier" 
newspaper to determine by popular 
vote the grand old man of Ball., '11; 
latterly lib. Vic. Mines Dept. re- 
cords bureau; l.g. Ball. Benev. Asy- 
lum and Hospital. fObit. June 

VAKE, Gertrude Effle; b. Ball.; d. of 
above; educ. Macarthur-st. S.S. & 
Bain's H.S.; Joined Vic. Educ. 
Dept. service; stationed success- 
ively at Macarthur-st., & Queen- 
st. S.S., & latterly sen. assist., 
Italian Gully S.S.; one of earliest 
mbrg. Ball, branch Aust. Women's 
Assoc; thrice pres.; mbr. first com. 
of Ball. Teachers* Club; hon. sec. 
Teachers' I.,lt. Society. 

▼AX;b, 2>r. araoe; M.B.. B.S.: b. Melb.; 
d. of 1. Hon. W. M. K. Vale (one of 
e^irliest Cabinet Ministers of Vic, 
and one time mbr. for Ball. W ) ; 
educ. privately, & later Melb. Univ.: 
qual. with M.B. & B.S.: practised 
at Ball., 'flR-'lS: mbr. S.S. Bd of 
Advice, Ball. W., 11 yrs.; twice 
pres.; mbr. Cent. CI. of Bds. of Ad- 
vice, mev. yrs.; hon. cond. Home 
Nursinir Class, '15; app. Med. Officer 
X.S.W Rd»ic. nept.. '!.■). 

▼AVOKAH, Or. M. X.; J.P.; b. Clunes. 
'64; a. of John Vaughan (col. of 
•60); educ Clunes S.S.; min. mgr. In 
N.S.W. A VJc, sev. yrs.; latterly 
pastoral pursuits at Werneth; mbr. 
Grcnvllle Shire CI. since '08; pres. 
•14; gas. J.P.. '13. 

TAWSBBT. Braest O.; b. Stawell. 
'75: n. of Geo. Vawdrey (well-known 
mln. mgr. of West. Vic; now resl- 
rti'nt of Ball. R.); mging. a/ct. for 
W. M. Achenon, J. P. (coy. mgr.) 
for past 19 yrs.: pres. City A.N. A.. 
">7: mbr. building com. A aud since 
'11; aud. Alax A Ajax Cent. G.M. 
Co.'s. A Y.M.C.A.: fdtlon. mbr. 

Soldiers' Hill B.C.; pres., '14-'15; 
pennant rink capt.; mbr. B.B.A. 
exec; mbr. Liedertafel many yrs.; 
chairman Ball. Mus. Soc, & of 
Neil-st. Meth. Ch. Choir. 

VAWDBEX-, George; b. Ball., '78; 
educ. Mt. Pleas. S.S.; min. pursuits 
'90-'ll; mostly at N. Woah Hawp 
mine, where underground boss 
many yrs.; was particularly suc- 
cessful in tracing Indicator veins; 
mbr. Ball. P.B. since 96; (l.s. 
medal); sec, '07-'14; assist, station 
keeper '14-'16; mbr. many winning 
teams, & winner of 33 medals; suc- 
cessful prof, sprinter; sec. Vic. 
Country F.B. Dem., Ball., '08 & '15: 
patron Golden Pt. F.C; mbr. old 
Golden Gate C.C. 

VEAX, Jas. Tresize; b. Cape Corn- 
wall (Eng.), '52; arr. Aust., "76; 
twice previously visited Ontario 
Prov. (nr. Niagara Falls), Canada, 
on mission work; settled at B'yong 
about '90; & on preaching plan of 
Meth. Ch. many, yrs.; been preach- 
ing for 46 yrs.; author of "Des- 
criptions & 1^ '^lections," publlslied 
in 21 series, tlie la.'^t. issued 1915, 
entitled "War Issue," mrKing the 
180-OOOth copy out; the whole a re- 
markable collection of thoughts & 
Idea.s on popular topics & scenes, 
much variety of reflection & depth 
& breadth of thought; commended 
by Rt. Hons. A. Fisher, Sir Geo. 
Reid & A. J. Balfour; Sir John 
Madden; Sir. John Fuller; Sir Wm. 
Irvine; Rt. Hon. A. Deakin: Arch- 
bishop Clarke; Rev. Prof. Rentoul 
& many others. 

VEBET, Iieilie, s of 1. Alf. Verey; 
b %Vstown '86; educ. Wstown S.S.: 
mgr. Williams' Shoemen's Rialto 
Boot Warehouse, '07-'15, then ac- 
cepting mgerlal. position at Sale; 
dir. Y.M.C.A. and mbr. Camera Club 
sev. yrs., enthusiastic philatelist : 
frequent performer for charit and 
other purposes; a popular ven- 

VEBNON, Or. Jos.; J.P.; b. n«flr 
Manchester (Eng.) '28: arr. Aust. 
'.'.2: was on Ball, goldfleld In '63, 
and later mbr. staff G'long gaol and 
for time in charge until '6l (during 
which period had handling of 
"Black" I»ougla8 and Capt. Mel- 
ville (notorious bushrangers) and 
other desperadoes; settled Mt. 
Mercer, as farmer and grazier '61; 
a successful grazier for many jrrs. 
past, growing high class wool; mbr. 
Leigh Shire CI. since early 70's: 
pres. for about 10 terms; gas. J.P. 

VBBXrOV. Xy. Jos.; J.P.: b. O'lonr. 
8 of Cr. Jos. Vernon, J.P. (of Wood- 
bank Estate, Mt. Mercer) : educ Rev 
O. J. Russell's p. 8. B'yong; classi- 
fied tr. of Vic Educ Dept. for sev. 
yrs.; later grazier, Penrose; one of 
prom, and later chairman B'yong 
Butter Coy. Ltd.;mbr. CI. VIr. 
Chamber of Afric, as the rep. of 



butter Industry of State; one of 
fdrs. Peoples Party of Vic; ores. 
•14-16; g&z. J.P. '04; mbr. Ball. A. 
ftp. CL; address, Beaufort House, 

WXOKJBBB, Capt. Oeo.; b Sebas. '73; a 
of 1. Geo. Vickers (col. of 50's): 
educ. Sebas. S.S. ;Iieut. 7th A.I.R. 
'04; capt. '10; second In command 
of 71st Inf. on mobilisation of 
troops for home defence at Q'cUff on 
outbreak of war '14-15; later CO. of 
gruard of forts and llg;hthouses; 
Adj. No. 1 Depot camp. Ball. '15; 
and h.q. staff '16; mbr. Bebas. F.B. 
since about '95; (l.s. badge with 20 
yrs. clasp), lieut for sev. yrs. ; now 
capt.; Judge of F.B. Dem. for many 
yrs.; playing mbr. and later drill 
Instructor Prout's Ball. Band, and 
drill instructor Ball. City Band 
(winners A and B quickstep cham- 
pionships '14): registered by V.B.A. 
as Judge of quickstep; ex -delegate 
of Prout's Band on V.B.A. 

VZCXXBT, Jas. 8., b Ball. '63; s of 1. 
J. S. Vickery (arr. Melb. '41); educ. 
Bains. H.S.; mbr. firm J. S. Vickery 
and Son, manuf. merch. specialis- 
ing In Ovo egg preservative origi- 
nated by firm; ex-pres. Ball. Public 
Lib.; mbr. S of Mines CI.; deacon 
Congregational Ch. (of wh. father 
was one of fdrs. In early *50*8); 
mbr. Gduc. com. "Forward Ballar- 
at" movement. 

WABE, Cr. Andrew, J.T", pres. of 
Bungaree Shire, b E.ssex (Eng.) '37, 
arr. Aust. '49; settled Ball. dlst. '52; 
followed gold digging in early days; 
became farmer and grazier at Bun- 
garee '69; mbr. Bungaree Shire CI. 
since '85; four times pres; ex-pres. 
and trustee Bungaree T.C.; pres. 
"Wallace T.C.; trustee Lai Lai T.C. 
and course: ex-pres. Mech. Inst.; 
mbr. Bnll. A.H.S. CI. 

WAILXfiB, Olias. Zd., s of I. Samuel 
Walker; b Ball. '72; educ. Cent. S.S. 
and Ball. Coll.; mln. a/ct sev. 5'rs.; 
succeeded 1. father as registrar of 
vital statistics Ball. W., '06; fre- 
quent contrib. to press on progres- 
sive min. topics: publication "Min- 
ing Reform and Millions;" aud. 
Ball. Hosp. and Water Comm., 
Pxhib. Comm., hon. aud. Charity 
Sunday collections; won art prize 
Melb. Town Hall Bxhlb. '84; champ, 
gym. of Ball, '84; won Ball. Old 
CoUeg. cup '87; mbr. Ball. Mech. 
Inst. Com. and Golf Club. 

WAX.KX!B, Prof. Daniel; lect. and 
dem. on physics and chem. Ball. S. 
of Mine.s: s of 1. John Walker (of 
Tjond. and Syd.); b Lond. '57; educ. 
King's Coll. Lond.; assoc. with City 
of Lond. Coll. and Owen Coll.. Man- 
ohester, and tr. of science in various 
Rng. sch., chiefly Manchester, for 
sev. yrs.: arr. Aust. '85; science 
master Prince Alfred Coll., Adel. 
'85-88, and Ball. S. of M. since '88; 
Instructor and sen.-supt. of chem. 

dept.; public analyst Citv and 
Town of Ball. & neighboring munl> 

WAXiKSB, DETld. F.I.A.A., L.A.C. S. 
of I. David Walker; b Ball. educ. 
Cox's sch. and Cent. S.S. ; mbr. Arm 
of Besemeres & Walker until par- 
tnership dl.ssolved '15; property and 
furniture salesman; a/ct and Co. 
aud. Sturt-st.; treas. A.I.A.V.; aud. 
Ball. Banking Co., Co-iOp. Distrib. 
Soc, Water Comm.; Woollen Mill 
Co., Brewing Co., Eureka T.C. and 
Tile Co., S. of Mines; hon. aud. 
South St. Soc. and sev. charit. 
bodies; treas. Ball. Auct. & Agents' 
Assoc.; sec. City A.N.A. '89-04; pres. 
'06 mbr. Building Com.; l.g. Benev. 
Asylum and Hosp.; rep. Hawthorn 
City Band on Vic. Band Assoc, and 
pres. V.B.A. '14-15; v.p. rink capt. 
and ex-hon. sec. C!ent. B.C.; mbr. 
exec. B.B.A.; hon. sec. Aust. Indust. 
Exhib. Comm. sev. yrs.; mbr. St. 
Andrew's Kirk Session and St. An- 
drew's com. of P.M. A. 

WAItKEB. Bev. John, sen. pastor St. 
Andrews' Kirk; b Cheshire (Eng.) 
'55; e.s. of D. Walker, of Luthrle 
and Elizabeth Blackie; nephew of 
Prof. J. Stuart Blackie, and g.g.g-s. 
of 1. James Watt, famous engineer; 
m. Jessie e.d. of A. Dight, M.P.. 
Syd. '82; successively pastor Ger- 
m'anton and Woolahra Pres. Ch. and 
of St. Andrew's Kirk, Ball, since 
'08; mod. Gen. Ass. of N.S.W. '02-3; 
for some yrs. Comm. of Gen. Ass. of 
N.S.W. and Steel lecturer on pas- 
toral theologry, St. Andrew's Coll. 
Syd.; raiserf £63,000 for N.S.W. 
Pres. Ch. Endowment Fund; fdr. 
first CI. of Churches in N.S.W. and 
for six yrs. hon. sec; mbr. Judicial 
Comm. of Pres. Ch. in Aust; twice 
mod. Ball. Presbytery; pres. Ball, 
Ministers' Fraternal Assn.; pres. 
Ball. Coll. CI.; mainly Instrumental 
In getting site for Ball. Coll. new 
buildings (Wanllss Estate) '12; 
mbr. com. Ball. Benev. Asylum 
since '13; capt. chaplain C. millt. 
forces '15: publications, "The King's 
Business" (a series of practical 
addresses on the work of minis- 
try) ; ed. of N.S.W. "Presbyterian" : 
assist, ed. of "Centenary Hist, of 
Presbyt. Ch. in N.S.W."; frequent 
contrib. of prose & poetry to con- 
temporary press.; an active pastor 
and successful organiser^ 

WAIiKEB, Renrv C. CtrBWEH-; b. 
Hobart dist., (Tas.), '68; s. of Henry 
Curwen-Walker (b. Hobart, '46; 
Union Bank service at Ball and 
Piggoreet. & later farmer at Lear- 
month & Clark's Hill): educ. Ball. 
Coll. (dux '85); art. to 1. Alf. Mit- 
chell., sol.; admitted practice. '92; 
practising as barr. & sol. Lyd.-st., 
§., Ball, since '92; notarv public & 
Comm. for taking affidavits all 
pres. City A.N.A.. '01: mbr. Ang. 
Syn. and Dioc. Bd. of Missions; 
hon. treas. Dloc. Miss. Assoc, chap. 



B'yong Mas. Lodge; mbr. Y.M.C.A. 
Bd., and City F. lib. com. 

WAIiZZX, CftDt. BUn.; s. of J. T. 
Walker, b. Ball., '90; educ. Ball. 
Coll.; Joined 7th A.I.R. '09; lleut. 
•H; capt. 70th Inf., '15; transf. to 
A.S.C. Corps, '14; capt. A.S.C. Light 
Horse Brig, train. GallipoU and 
Egyptian campaign, '15-'16; men- 
tioned in despatches for distingui- 
shed and gallant service in Galli- 
poU; hon. sec. Millt Tattoo, '13; 
O.C. A. Co rifle team that won 
Peter Dawson Shield. '13: 70th Inf. 
Mess sec, '13-'15; mbr. Ball R.C. 

WAZiKEB, Chas.; J.P.; b. Lond.: arr. 
Aust. with parents In childhood; s. 
of 1. Samuel Walker (first resident 
clergyman parish of Smythesdale 
& Scarsdale) ; served on Bank of 
Aust. staff in Vic. N.S.W, & Tas. 
branches many yrs.; settled Ball. 
'85, and estab. auct. & agency bus., 
Lyd.-st.: hon. sec. old Ball. Hunt 
Club; Judge. Linton, Rokewood, 
Carngham & Smeaton T.C.; Judge. 
Ball. Trott. Club; gaz. J.P., '11; & 
regular attendant City Court, never 
missing fitting when in Ball.; own- 
er & exhlb. champ. Jersey "Gaiety"; 
successful sheep breeder & wool 
grower, broke world's record for 
greasy crossbred fleece which yiel- 
ded 23Jd. per lb. G'long wool sales, 
Jan. 27, 1916; address: Drummond- 
st. N., and Lightwood Park, Carng- 

WAZ.KBB, Capt. Stan.; b. Ball., if.; 
s. of above; educ. Ball. Coll.; assoc. 
"Mth Arm of C. Walker ft Co., sev. 
y.'s.; Lieut, of A.L.H. ft Orderly 
Officer of 18th Brig., •13-'14; Capt. 
Trop. Exped. Force, '14-'1B; dlr. of 
Public works and King's Harbour 
Master, Raboul, after capture of 
German New Guinea by Aust. 
arms, '16; later on active service in 
European War zone with 6th Brig. 
A. I. P.; ex-pres. Ball. Motor Cycle 
Club; record holder M.C. race, 
WycklifTe-road ft Ball.; rode Adel. 
to Syd., 1169 miles. In 61h. 50mln., 
April, '12; winner Carey Cup, B'vong 
hill climb.. May, '14; week later 
rode to summit of Mount in res- to challengv. 

WAIiXZB, Oeotfrey ■•Iwra; s. of 
Chas. Walker; b. Ball.; educ. G'long 
Coll.; mbr. Cwealth Mtd. Cadet 
Corps that visited Europe snd 
U.8.A., '14-'15; ft served for six 
months on Home defence ft secret 
service duties in Eng. ; bugler 6th 
Exped. Force on active service. 
Eu rope an War sone, '15-'16. 

WAXiKZB, Or. Thos.; b. Bungaree, 
•72: mbr. Bungaree Shire CI. since 
'08: pre*., '12; farmer ft lie. Bol- 
warrah hotel. 

WAXiZi, ^onatluut B.; b. Sebas., '47; 
n. of John Wall; b. Durham (Eng.); 
arr. Aust.. '57: Rucceeded father ns 
Town Clerk of Sebas. Bor., '02; 
■•c. 8«ba«. Free Lib. for 18 yrs.; 
tr«as. Holy Trinity Ch.; now mbr. 

com.; pres. Old Boys' Assoc, '11; 
life patron Sebas. Cambrian Soc; 
P.M. Sebas. Mas. Lodge. 
WAIA, Bobert; b. Durham (Eng.), 
'50; arr. Cres., '66; studied S. of 
Mines, Ball., in spare time; emp. 
as eng. driver various alluvial 
mines in Cres. dist.; sec. Crea. 
branch Min. Eng. Drivers' Assoc, 
'83-'09; also ex-pres.; mbr. conf. 
for same period; also mbr. of exec, 
of Amalg. E.D. Assoc; sexton Cres. 
Cemet. since '84; pres. Cres. Hosp., 
•09-'12; sec, '15; P.M. Havilah Mas. 
Lodge; P.G. Dir. Cer. ; an active 
G.J.W., '11; P.J.G.D... P.M. Ball. 
Mark Lodge (2 yrs.); Grand Insp. 
of Workings of Mark lodges 

VTAJJOn, Cr. Wm. Sy.; pres. of 
Grenville Shire CI.; b. Sebas., '69; 
8. of 1. Robert Wallis (pioneer of 
'50's); educ. Cherrytree S.S. and 
Bain's H.S.,; farmer & grazier many 
yrs.; mbr. Gren. Shire CI. since 
'98; thrice pres.; pres. of combined 
Shire ft Scarsdale & Smythesdale 
Boroughs when amalgamated, '15; 
elected mbr. Sebas. Bor. CI. '16; 
mbr. V.M.R.. K. Coy.; in ranks for 
llyrs.; Q.M.S. 2 yrs.; Lieut. & Q.M. 
2 yrs.; mbr. of champ. Lloyd-Llnd 
say team that competed with suc- 
cess in different parts of Vic; G.M. 
Ball. dist. M.U.I.O.O.F.. '03; P.G. 
Sebas. Lodge; mbr. Ball. A.H.S. 
CI.; chairman Cambrian Hill S.S. 
om. : also Justice of Peace. 

"WAIbSB, Cr. Daniel: b. Bungaree '71; 
s. of 1. John Walsh, of Bungaree; 
educ. B'gee S.S., farmer ft grazier 
succeeded father as prop, of B'gee 
property; elected mbr. B'gee Shire 
CI. 1912: mbr. B'gee T.C. committee. 

WAi;8K, Ex-Cr. Thos.; b Pall. E.; s. 
of 1. Michael Walsh, of Leigh Ck 
(who arr. Aust. '52; and was eye 
witness of Eureka Stockade flght of 
'54); educ Leigh Creek C.S.; far- 
mer and grazier of "Lakevlew," 
Leigh Creek; (succeeded 1. father 
as propr.); mbr. B'yong Shire CI. 
•91-00; mbr. B'gee T.C. com. and R. 
Catholic Church committee. 

WAI^TOH, Capt. Sarld; b. Dean, '70; 
s. of 1. John Walton (early col.); 
educ. Dean S.S. ft Cent. Training 
Sch., Ball.: Joined Vic Educ Service 
'88, as Jun. tr.; stationed at Dean; 
later at \\''8town.. B'go. Junction, 
B'beet, Amphitheatre; ft now h.t. at 
Smeaton; Joined 7th A.I.R., Ball., 
as 2nd Lieut.. '03: Lieut., '07; Capt., 
'11; 71st Inf., '12; unattached, '14; 
sec. Oflflcers' Mess, 'lO-'ll: sec. & 
orir. .IS. Athletic Assoc, 'lO-'ll. 

WABBTTBTOBT OH.; b Ad>>I.. '82; S. 
of Geo. ^\■.^rburton (for many yrs. 
drnught.-^man at S. of Mines); eauc. 
Urq.-st. 8.S.: tailor ft outfitter, S28 
Sturt-st.; playing mbr. Ball F.C. 
sev. yrs.: vice-capt . '10; capt., '11; 
W.M. Seba.s. Mns. I^odge. 

WABD, David Jas.; b Wstown, '77: 
mbr. old W'stown family; educ. St. 



Mary's Sch., Wstown., & C.B. Coll., 
E. Melb.; Ball. rep. of Banks & Co., 
eoftgoods warehousemen, since '03; 
steward & mbr. com. Miners' T.C. ; 
humorous reciter, after-dinner hu- 
morist & raconteur, & amat. tlieat- 
rical; frequent performer for charit- 
able & social objects; mbr. St. P. 
Day Fest. Com., & St. P. Social 
Club; also C.T.A. Club, Melb. 

WABBI^E, Hy. T.; b. Wheip, '57; s. 
of 1. Hy. Wardle (fdr. of firm of 
Stephens & Wardle, '78-'93; and 
Wardle & Son, '93); educ. Martin's 
N.S., Ball.; mbr. firm Wardle and 
Son, timber, etc., merch., Doveton- 
st., S.; treas. Ball. City F.B. for 
sev. yrs.; & for 23 yrs. active mbr., 
& 18 yrs. mbr. of dem. teams; W.M., 
St. John's Mas. Lodge, '09; one of 
promoters & first chairman Lai Lai 
Fire Brick Co.; treas. Ball. A. & P. 
Soc; one of earliest mbrs. City 
A.N. A. 

WABNEB, Marfiraret J.; b. Wstown; 
d. of 1. E. W. Reay (ship master); 
& sister of Lieut.-Col. W. T. Reay 
formerly ed. of Melb. "Herald" ; now 
Lond. rep. of .'Herald," & CO. Civ. 
Guards, Lond.); m. Geo. H. Warner, 
'82; arr. Ball.. '82: mbr. com. Ladies' 
Benev. Clothing Soc, 14 yrs.; mbr. 
Ladies of Charity Com., 20 vrs.; 
probation officer Neglected Child. 
Dept. for 17 yrs.; fdr. & sec. 
(4 yrs.) of Ball. Creche (estab. 

11): pres. Ball. City Croq. Club, '12. 

WASTZZI,!,, Victor H.; F.V.O.A.; b. 
Oakleigh, '86; s. of 1. W. H. Wast- 
ell (b. Lond., '28; col. of '52), educ. 
Roxburgh Coll.. Armadale; estab. as 
ophthalmic optician, Sturt-st., Bail 
(Camp Hill), since '10; elected Fel- 
low Vic. Optical As.soc. (qual. bv 
exam.). '12; one of fdrs. and later 
treas. Ball. Lacrosse Club; enthusi- 
astic angler; mbr. com. & later v.p. 
Pall. Anglers' Club; mbr. Ball. Rifle 
Club. Cent. C.C.. & Yarrowee Mas. 

WATSOM^, John: of Tas. police fore*'- 
s. of Wm. Watson, of Snake Valley; 
joined Tas. police force .sev. yrs. 
ago; awarded King's medal for 
bravery in rescuing, single-handed, 
a trooper in an almost lifeless con- 
dition, from a drunken, hostile mob 
at Lovett (Tas.) during Jan., 1915; 
received medal from governor. Sir 
W. E. Macartney at public cere- 
mony at Hobart. 

WATTS, Alfred; b. Lara, '68: s. of 
John Watts (col. of '54); educ. Bull- 
arook S.S.; farming pursuits for 
many yrs. at Bullarook, Boort, 
Gipp.«!land, and again at Bullarook, 
■where prop, of threshing machine; 
app. Mtm. clerk of works & foreman 
Ball. East, about *03; later health 
inspector of Town in conjunction 
with present duties; one of fdrs. 
Vic. B.C.: rink capt.; club champ., 
'12-'13; mbr. com.; mbr. Ball. Mas. 
Lodge; P.C.R. Flowers of Forest 

Tent, I.O.R. 

WAT, Cr. Oeo.; J.P.; b. Dunnstown, 
'61; s. of 1. ex-Cr. Samuel Way (pi- 
oneer settler); educ. Lai Lai S.S.; 
mbr. B'yong Shire CL, since '94 
twice pres.; rep of CI. on reserves 
com.; ex-pres. Lai Lai T.C; playing 
mbr. Lai Lai & Scotsburn F.C; capt. 
Lai Lai C.C, 20 yrs.; chairman 
Clarendon Cemetery Trust; gaz. 
J.P., '03; mbr. com. Lai Lai R.C Ch.; 
treas. Lai Lai branch Cath. Fed. 

WEBB, Iiient. Oeo. Hy.; b. Lond., '71; 
educ. Mar.sden Coll., Kent; joined 
Rifle Brig, as pte., '88; became sen. 
drill instr. & reg. gym. instr.; app. 
gym. instr C of E. G.S., Geelong, 
and in '11 app. lieut. instr. on 
phys. training staff of C'wealth 
milit. forces. No. 3 milit. dist. (Vic.) 
'11; swim, champ, of Dover, '86-8; 
swam the sea between Belfast & 
Carrlckfergus (113 miles); winner 
of 15 champ, medals; awarded Brit. 
Royal Humane Soc Medal for sav- 
ing nine lives from drowning, Lond., 

WETJV'BImTm, Major Bobert E.; s. of 
Jas. Weddell (of Vic. Educ. Dept.), 
b. G'long '82; educ. G'long Coll.; be- 
came pupil tr. Golden Pt. S.S. Ball.; 
later mbr. teaching staffs of Ball. 
C. of E. G. S.; Hawthorn G.S.; 
Scotch Coll.. Melb. (where he capt. 
cadet corps) ; comm. as 2nd lieut. 
7th A.LR. Ball. '04; res. of off. '06; 
Q.M. 71st Regt. '12; lieut. '13; capt. 
'14; later area officer Shepparton; 
capt. and later mjr. 7th batt. 1st 
Inf. brig. A.T.F. Egyptian and Gal- 
lipoli campaign '15; took part in 
Ismalia skirmish landing at Anzac 
(Gallipoli); battle of Krithia. etc.; 
(then acting CO. of batt.: slightly 
wounded and invalided to Eng.; ret 
to Aust. 1916; CO. Ball. Reinforce- 
ments camp, July 1916. 

WEEKS, Iiieat. Daniel B.; s. of Wm. 
Weeks (of Lond.); b. Lond., '72; 
joined H.M. Royal Fusiliers (King 
George, hon. col.) as pte., '91; served 
over 12 yrs. in India; successively 
at Quetta, Hyderabad, Sindh, Kar- 
achi, Mhow. Nasirabad, Burmah; 
passed te Meiktila Sch. of Mus- 
ketry; then posted to Calcutta 
& Dum Dum; served Sikklm-Thibet 
expedition, '03-'04 (King's Medal ^- 
clasp, "Gyantse"); later Lebong & 
Darjeeling; & on ret. to Eng. quar- 
tered at Parkhurst (Isle of Wight). 
& Dublin; instructor Royal Fusil- 
iers' Depot. Hounslow; received dis- 
charge endorsed "exemplary con- 
duct," rank of col.-sgt., & awarded 
1..S. med.ll (18 >'rs.); arr. Aust., '12: 
three yrs. instr. staff as S.S.M. : 
served with 8th Batt. A.I.F. at 
Egypt. Ismalia & Gallipoli, landing 
with first division at Gaba Tepe. & 
taking part in assault on Achi Baba : 

Srom. Lieut.; wounded at Cap* 
[elles, invalid, home, '14-'15; camp 
adjut.. Ball. Training Depot, Oct., 
1915; operations in France, 1916 



WEZS, Wxa. Cluui.; b. Mt. Pleasant, 
•72; s. of 1. D. Weir (col. of '53, & 
pioneer roadster bet. G'long and 
Ball, in pre. ry. era, & resident of 
Mt. Pleas, for 54 yrs.) ; educ. Mt. 
Pleas. S.S. ; saddler and harness 
manufr., 41 Armstrong-st., N.; one 
of fdrs. Ball. E. Harr. Club, '92; 
winner first teams' race, 2i miles; 
ex-capt., ex-sec. & del. on Ballarat 
center of V.A.A.A.; fdtion. mbr. 
Soldiers' Hill B.C.; rink capt. and 
mbr. com. for two yrs.; now mbr. 
Ball. B.C.; one of fdrs., & for 10 
yrs. pres. & hon. sec. old Black Hill 
Lit. & Deb. Soc. (one of strongest 
of contemporary inst.); mbr. Scots 
Ch. Bd. sev. yrs.; elder & session 
clerk, & leader Y.M. Class in Sun. 

WBIiX^ZVaTOW, Capt. V«lson Fred- 
erick; b. Ball., '89; s. of Nelson 
Wellington; educ. Golden Pt. S.S.; 
assist. Town Clerk of Ball. East; 
later sec. of Shire of Orbost; comm. 
as Lieut. 7th A.I.R., '09; trans, res. 
of off.. '12; re-comm. as Capt. 24th 
Batt. A.I.F. on active service, Gal- 
lipoli & Egyptian campaigns, '15- 
•16; participated in Lone Pine en- 
gagement; com. of coy. that garris- 
oned cent, section of this frontal 
position during week preceding day 
of evacuation of Anzac; was aboard 
transport "Southland" when it was 
torpedoed by enemy submarine in 
Aegean Sea. Aug., '15; & remaining 
on vessel, had charge of party of 
volunteers who kept engines of 
8hlp under full steam until land 
reached; mentioned in orders for 
gallantry on that occasion. 

WS8T, Harrie; b. Ball.. '59; s. of 1. 
E.A. NWst (one of earliest mus. of 
Ball.); educ. Specimen Hill Sch.; 
pianoforte tuner for Suttons Prop. 
Ltd., since '03; one of fdrs. Ball. 
Lyric Orch.; fdr. West's String 
Band, which supplietl all leading 
theatrical co.'s at H.M. theatre for 
many vrs. past; solo flautist for 
public & charit. objects; mbr. old 
Ball. Drum & Fife Band, est. (0; 
l.g. Ball. Orph. . 

WBST, W. Hantrle; commenced mus. 
life as a chorister boy at King's 
Coll.. Cambridge (Ehig.) native 
city; studied organ under Sir Geo. 
Elvey, Mus. Doc. at St. George ■ 
Windsor; app. org. Ro>»il,„ *" " 
Coll.. Sandhurst (Eng.). »n_.7,0: * «* 
St. John's Ch., Invercarglll, N Z^ 
•74: at Wellington estab. choral & 
operatic societies : cond. Gilbert & 
Sallivan's principal overaa A oj&. 
torioe. inc. "Messiah." ' Judaa. 
"Creation." "inij»l»." *c'' «^PP- ^TA- 
m. jJrhn-;, SoldTem' HIlV^Bafl.. •»}; 
St. PatrlrU's Cath.. In •»4; «nd "t 
CongreKntionnl Ch.. Pawnon-Kt.. i:». 
rnbrT Roval Coll. of Org.: M««lca1 
Soc. of Vic: local ««<•.* »r»»<'t,'"« 
mbr. of Trln. Coll.. Lond.: v.-p. 
Lyric Orch. Soc. ft mu». adjud. at 

various comp. ; actively engaged in 
advancing mus. interests in this 
city for many yrs. 
WEST, Haydn; A.T.C.L.; b. Welling- 
ton (N.Z.), '82; s. of above; educ. 
Pleas.-st. S.S. & Gren. Coll., Ball.; 
completed mus. studies at Melb. 
Univ. Conserv.; succe.ssively org. 
St. Pat. Cath., St. John's Ang. Ch.; 
mus. dir. St. Pat. Cath., & choir- 
master Lyd.-st. Meth. Ch.; also 
cond. L' month Choral Soc, Ball. 
Choral Soc. & St. Pat. Coll. Juv. 
Choir (winners juv. choir champ, 
at Ball. sev. yr8.);cond. B.C.S. to 
victory in Aust. Choral Champ, at 
Ball., '06, '07, '09, '11, '12 & '15; 
also Q'land Champ at Toowoomba, 
'07; mus. adjud. at L'ceston, etc., 
comp. sev. yrs.; m. Belle, d. of Hon. 
R. Mc Gregor. M.L.A. 
WESTH, Xtaurence Jolm; h. B'yong, 
'70; s. of 1. Cornelius Westh; educ. 
B'yong S.S. & Vic. Coll., Ball.; cleri- 
cal staff Ball. Woollen & Worsted 
Coy. since '91; a/ct. since '10; v.-p., 
rink capt & aud.. Ball. City B.C.; 

capt. B'yong F.B., '97-'02. 

WHS All, Bertram Oraham; s. of 1. 
D. J. Wheal (ident. with boot trade 
in Ball, for many yrs. and one time 
chief pres. of A.N.A. in Vic); b. 
Ball. 'S2; mgr. Geo. Strong & Sons' 
boot and shoe warehouse, Sturt-st., 
Ball, since '04; hon. sec. Lyd.-st. 
Meth. ch. trust, society steward '12- 
16; circuit steward Ball. West 
Meth. circuit; tr. in Lyd.-st Sun. 
sch.; for some yrs. hon. sec. Lyd.- 
.st. Y.M.C.: mbr. Ball. City A.N.A. 
WSXSBVBir, Hilda; b. Daylesford; d. 
of 1. Jas. M. Whidburn; educ Mac- 
arthur-st. S.S. & Miss Bell's P.S.; 
tr. of dramatic & eloc. art in Ball. 
& Melb. since '05; toured Aust. with 
Steele-Payne's & Whidburn family 
society entertainers as sop. vocal- 
ist, elocutionist & monologue; 
ladv champ. South-st. Soc. Eistedd- 
fod. '06 (100 per cent.) ;record hold- 
er with bro. for dramatic dialogue 
wins; wrote winning dialogues 3 
vrs., namely, "Pop," "Christmas 
Wish," & "In Olden Days"; mbr. of 
sev. winning dramatic and opera 
scenes. Ball. & other comp.; ap- 
peared in leading roles in numerous 
local dram, productions; & dram, 
coach to Ball. MuS. & Dram. Soc; 
rirnmatlsed "PIxle O'Shaughnessy." 
WHISBtrBH. Wm. Nicol; b. Tandoit. 
'fir,; s. of 1. Ja.««. Whidburn: educ. 
Yandolt & Franklinford S.S. and 
Davlesford G.S.; app. clerk Ball. \y. 
P 6.. May, '86; successively in 
charge of State Sav. Bank. Money 
Order Dept. & CTwealth Sav. Bank; 
senior clerical assist, and assist, 
elect, reg.; app. C'wealth DIv. Ret. 
offlcer. Bnll. Elect.. '14: for some 
vrx. sec old Shakespearian Soc: 
frequentlv nnsoc. with late John 
Robson In Shakesp. dram. A other 
productions. Inking leading parts. 



frequent performer on eloc. plat- 
form; successful trainer of eloc. 
candidates for exam. & comp.; ad- 
Jud. at sev. eloc. & lit. comp. & de- 
bates; stage mgr. of Liedertafel 
operatic prod.; close student of 
Chas. Dickens; reprod. sev. of Dic- 
kens' works in monologue; memor- 
ised Christmas Carol," & freq. re- 
cited it in public; has recited 90 
selections in six nights; coached 
from earliest period the Whidburn 
family of dramatic artists; won 
champ, of eloc. of Ball. comp. about 
20 yrs. ago; & coached sev. subsa- 
quent champions; W.M. St. John's 
Mas. Lodge, '08. 

WHITE, Alfred Smest; b. Ball. '67; 
s. of 1. T. W. White (pioneer of 
Ball, goldfields.col. of "52; and later 
one of earliest tailors of Ball.) ; 
educ. Cent. S.S. and Bains. H. S.: 
assocr tailoring bus. since '82; now 
tailor and outfitter or. Sturt and 
Camp Sts., Ball. ; one of f drs. second 
Y.M.C.A in Ball.; first hon. sec, 
later pres. and treas.; pres of 
Building Campaign com. '04: asfoc. 
with J. T. Mooney In Initiating 
field service work at B'beet camp 
(thought to be first in Aust.) '03; 
sec. Wellington (N.Z.)) Y.M.C.A.. 
'03-4; mbr. Bd. and Iriter elder 
Kbenezer Presbyt. Ch. and leader 
of Y.M. class in Sun. Sch. 21 yrs.; 
ex-pres. Sun Sch. Cricket Assoc. & 
active mbr. Ebenezer & Drapers' 
etc. C.C; rink capt. Ball. N. Rec. 
Club, pres '14-1.'); also rep. inter- 
assoc player; joint hon. sec. Red 
Cross Carnival com 'I.t; hon. sec. 
platform sub-com. of Citizens' Re- 
cruiting committee; hon. sec. Field 
Service of Y.M.C.A. at Ball. 'Ti-ie. 

'WaZTE, Edward; b. Ball., '74: s of 
J. Edward White; painter, decora- 
tor & signwriter, Sturt-st.: mbr. 
firm of J. E. White & Son: active 
mbr. Ball. City B.C.; since '03; club 
champ.. '06-7, '08-10, '14-15; sev. 
times runner-up; runner-up Ball. B. 
Assoc, champ., '15; rink capt. of club 
& rep. assoc. player; winner first 
e.l. tourn.. Ball. E., '13 

WHITE, HUton; b. Ball., '90; s. of 1. 
Alex. H. White (early col., and co- 
fdr. of maltstlBg firm of Cane & 
White, Wend.); now mgr. for Joe 
White, maltster. Wend.; educ. Ball. 
Coll.; mbr. com. Wend. Tennis club: 
com. Ball. Hort. Soc, & com. Ball. 
Y.C.; skipper of well-known yacht 
Acrospire I. 

WHITE, Joe; b. Ball.; s. of 1. A. H. 
White (one of pioneer maltsters of 
Ball.: estab. firm of Cane & White, 
Wend., '66): carried on Wend, busi- 
ness for some yrs.: now managing 
dir. Joe White Prop. Ltd.. CoUing- 
wood (est. '13): an enthusiastic 
yachtsman; sec. & capt. Ball. Y.C. 
if or sev. yrs.; now v. -p.; owner & 
skipper Acrospire: winner Shoppee 
cnp (3 yrs. & outright); Shoppee 

sliield (one yr.) ; Hitchcock shield 
(2 yrs.); Colac cup (one yr.) ; and 
many other trophies; owner & skip- 
per Acrospire II. for some yrs.; 
winner Ball, day, Albert Park day & 
Colac day at Colac regatta; one of 
fdrs. Wend. Rec. Club. 

WHITE, iaeat.-Col. Alex. Hy.; b. 
Ball.. '82; s. of 1. Alex. Hy. White, 
of Wend.; dir. Joe White Prop Ltd., 
maltsters, Collingwood, since '13; 
for some yrs. active mbr. Wend. 
Tennis Club; Ball. Y.C. & G.C.; & 
Ball. Caled. Soc; 2nd Lieut. 9th 
A.L.H., Ball., '04; Lieut,, '05; Capt. 
3ra L.H. Brig., '11; 5th L.H, Brig., 
'12; Major, '14; Brig. Major, '14; 
Lleut.-Col. & O.C. 8th Batt. L.H. of 
A.I.F., Gallipoli campaign, '15. (The 
author regrets to have to record 
that Lieut.-Col. White was killed in 
action while bravely leading his 
batt. in a charge of a Turkish pos- 
ition, Aug., '15, for which he was 
mentioned In despatches by Gen. 
Sir Ian Hamilton). 

WHITE, Wm.; J.P.; s. of 1. Thomas 
White; b. Ball., '63; educ. Brown 
Hill S.S.; mbr. firm Lyons & White, 
tailors & outfitters, Bridge-st.. since 
'98; gaz. J. P., '11; mbr. Benev. 
Asylum Bd. since '06: also l.g.; 
pres., '09; pre.s. Ball. U.F.S. Disp., 
'03: del. of H.A.C.B.S. on Disp. 
Com.: sev. times pres. H.A.C.B.S.; 
tieas. since '11; mbr. Orph. Com.; 
treas. St. P Day Fete, '12; pres. St. 
P. branch St. Vincent de Paul Soc, 
'11: mbr. Miners' T.C. since '92. 

WHITESIDE, Annie E.; d. of I. J. 
B. Ware (one of earliest min. coy. 
mgrs. of Ball) : m, Myles Ernest 
Whiteside, of Ball.; mbr. old City 
Sch. Bd. of Advice: chair 3 yrs.; 
pres. Ball branch W.C.T.U., 3 yrs.; 
one of fdrs. & pres.. Ball. District 
Nursing Soc. since '13: hon. major 
of Ball. Red Cross Soc: active 
worker in Lyd.-st. Meth. Ch. and 
Sun. Sch. tr. for many yrs.; mbr. 
Ball. Com. Neglected Child. Dept.; 
for some time pres.: also probation 
oflicer: also v.p. Lady Hennessy^s 
Pntriotic League. 

WHITESIDE, Uent- Eric; s. of above; 
b. Ball., '86: educ Pleas-st. S.S. & 
Dookie Agric ColL: Ball. rep. of .T. 
B. Tickle & Son, Ltd.; & G. & R. 
Wills & Co.. Ltd.; joined A.L.H., 
Ball., as pte., '10; 2nd Lieut., '12; 
hon. sec Officer.s' Mess at camps; 
recreat ions — riding & motoring. 

WHITIVO, Hlchard A.; b. Ball., '83; 
s. of Geo. Whiting (col. of '53): 
educ C.P.. Sch.. Skipton-st.: for 9 
yrs. on mech. ."taff of "Star" : prin- 
ter in charge of mech & composing 
dept. since *12: ex-capt. East Ball. 
Harr. Club: ex-cnpt. Ball. Harr. 
Club: now hcpr.: ex-mbr. council 
Ball, local center V.A..\.A. for 7 
yrs.; rep. E. Ball. & Ball. Harr. 
Clubs: sec. Ball. Swimming Club 
'04; ex-Lieut, sen. cadets; later Ice.- 



Corp. 3rd Battn. Inf.;& sgt. 7th 
Regt. Inf.; ex-sec. St. Alipius' 
branch Cath. Fed.; sec. St. Alipius' 
ha ll com. 

VnaTXtA., Richard; b. Carngham, 
'68; s. of 1. Jas. Whltla (early col.); 
educ. Snake Valley S.S. & Vic. Coll.; 
assoc. postal dept. since '88; Joint 
sec. Police & Postal Charities' Car- 
nival since '05; l.g. Ball. Hosp. in 
recognition of carnival activities; 
sec. Ball. Christian EJndeavor Union ; 
mbr. Local Preachers* Assoc, Melb. 
& Ball. Circuits for 18 yrs.; also on 
preaching plan; mbr. Lyd.-st. Meth. 
Ch.. & tr. in Sun. Sch.; mbr. Red 
Cross C arnival Com. 

WHYKIIS, John; J. P.; b. Truro, 
Cornwall, '45; arr. Aust., '67; tailor 
& outfitter, Sturt-st., Ball., until 
•03, when retired to take up insp. 
duties under Ball. City CI.; mbr. 
City CI. '95-'08; vol. ret.; mayor, 
'00-1 & '05-6; during first term re- 
ceived Prince (now King) George 
& Princess (now Queen) Mary on 
their ofRcial visit to Ball.; served 
two terns on Water Comm.; gas. 
J.P. about '90; mbr. Ball. Stock 
Ihcch. for 20 yrs.; dir, sev. mining 
COS.; hon. sec. City B.C. sev. yrs.; 
pres., '00-'02; ex-pres. Ball. Bowl. 
Assoc; pres. South Ball. F.C. sev. 
yrs.; N.O. Ball. Lodge M.U.I.O.O.F., 
72: also mbr. Old Col. As.soc; re- 
visited Eng. for Col. Exhlb., '.S6. 

WZOHTMAK, 0«o. T.; b. Alexandra; 
«. of R. WIghtman; educ Alex- 
andra S.S.; apprent. as eng. Phoe- 
nix Fdry.. Ball.; exp. as elect, eng. 
at A. U. Alcock's E.L. power works, 
Richmond; proceeded to W.A., '98; 
perved as min. eng. at the Boulder 
& Kalgoorlie. being one of earliest 
on gold field; ret. Ball., '02, and 
studied mIn. eng. 3 yrs.; also tr. of 
mech. drawing & mIn. eng. while 
filling post of mIn. eng. at Vic. 
Utd. g.m.; also had exp. as min. eng 
Gippsland, Broken Hill. & on N.R 
coast of N.S.W.. & S. Olenfine, Plt- 
fleld; pract. as consult, eng.; & fore- 
man eng. A works mgr. at Cowleys 
Pr-.j.. Ltd., Bnll. R. since '12: W.M. 
Orion I.odffr: dir. Ballarat Fiimltnre Cov 

WXOXTWICK, Vormaa; b. Ball., '62; 
». of 1. Edmund WlKhtwlck (pioneer 
of Ball. E.. & Town rate coll. for 
25 yr«.); educ St. Paul's S.S.; mbr. 
•Courier" composing staff many 
yrs.: alao Sydney typo, exp.; be- 
came licensee Vic Hotel. Ararat. 
•12; Stag Hotel, Ivearmonth, '15: one 
time mbr. Ball. F.B. ; spent few yrs. 
In Syd. from about '90; & served as 
capt. Standard Brewery F.B., re- 
ceiving Illuminated address from 
Ins. coys. In reoosmltlon of "gallnnt 
efforts, watchfulness, heroic con- 
duct and well sustained labors" In 
extinguishing the recent fire In 
Pyd f which flre destroyed block of 
buildings between Pitt A Castle- 
reath-sti.); hon. sec. St treas. Ball. 

B.C., 2 yrs.; mbr. B.B.A. champ rink 
(leader of Ball, rink), '01-02, '05-06, 
•07-'08, '09-10; pres. Ararat F.C, '14- 
'15; pres. Ararat Citizens' Band, '12- 
'15; del. of V.B.A., '15-16; v. -p. Ara- 
ra t A.C., & mbr. com. Ararat T.C. 

WZXES. James 7.; designer & paten- 
tee Wiles' Travelling Kitchen; b. 
Clunes, 'S3; s. of 1. James Wiles; 
educ. S.S., Ball.; joined old 3rd 
Batt. Militia. '99; Joined 5th Vict. 
Cont. for Sth African campaign, 
'01-'02 by subterfuge, after being 
thrice rejected; (S. African medal 
& five clasps) ; one of the few sur- 
vivors of the Woolmarannsrust dis- 
aster; later signed on as rough 
rider at Stellenbosch remount depot. 
Cape Col., under Imp. Go%'t.. to 
break In N. American remounts; 
sustained severe fall through sad- 
dle slipping, & drew di8<^arge; 
Joined 7th A-I.R.. Ball., '03; & com- 
pleted term; ret. with rank of sgt.; 
from close observations under 
peace & war conditions determined 
that system of cooking in field 
needed improvement, and invented 
& patented, in Dec, '13, the Wiles 
travelling kitchen, which, after sev. 
trials before special military boards, 
under worst conditions, was adopt- 
ed by Defence Dept. for service In 
present war; giving keen satisfac- 
tion to brig. & batt. C.O.'s & men; 
a successful rifle shot; winner sev. 
Important matches & well up In ag- 
gregates: Joined City F.B., '04; bari- 
tone vocalist, and prize winner at 
sev. comp.; freq. sung at charit & 
other concerts; mbr. firm of Wiles 
& Watts, electro-platers. '04-'15; 
estab. cooker manufactorv to sup- 
ply Fed. Govt, with 150 cookers, '16. 

WZXX.IAMS, Xiieut-CoL Alfred WU- 
longhby: V.D.; b. Ball., '60: s. of I. 
Robert Williams: educ. by parents; 
Joined Educ. Dept. as p.t., '75; sta- 
tioned Ball, dlst for 10 vrs.: later 
at ITgo & Melb.; first male assist.. 
Mac»rthur-st. S.S. since '07: Joined 
vol. forces nearly 40 yrs. ago, as 
pte. rose from pte. to capt. 'S.'J-'RS; 
Major, 7th A.I.R., '05: Lt.-Col.. '12; 
mllltia adjut., '02-'06; area officer 
sen. cadets since '10; awarded V.D. 
for long A meritorious service; 
Judge of cadet comp. of South-st. 
Society: assist, ndjut.-gen. Vic. 
trnininp oamp.s 1916. 

WII.Z.IAMS. rrank B.; b. Ball., '87; 
s. of above; educ. Elaine S.S. & Ball. 
Coll.; ent. Crown Law Dept., '07; 
stationed as assist, c.p.s. at Melb., 
Ball.. Benalla & Kllmore (reliev- 
ing) and at Ball. Cltv ct. again, 
'14-'lfi: app. Comm. for taking .Xffl- 
dnvlt."". '08: mbr. Ball. Cltv A.N.A. 
* North Rec. riub. 

WTI.X.XAX8. rrank; J.P.:s. of 1. John 
Wnil,Tm«: b. Ball. E., '69; educ 
Humffray-st. S.S. &. Bain's H.S,; 
mbr. firm Williams the Shoemen for 
many yrs.; now tncing. dir WiUiama 



the Shoemen Propty. Ltd.; control- 
ling 20 branches in Melb., Ball., 
B'go., West. & N.W. dist.; mbr. 
City CI. '01-'04; taking seat as 
strong advocate of amalgamation 
with Ball. E. Town CI.; vol. retiring 
after Ball. B. ratepayers recorded 
majority agst. amalg. (Ball. City 
voting in favor of amalg.) ; dir. Lai 
Lai Firebrick Coy., & ex-dir. Vic. 
Coal & Iron Coy. Ltd. (of which 
one of a syndicate formed to ex- 
ploit the brown coal & iron resour- 
ces of Lai Lai; constant supporter 
of mining & other inst.; mbr. 
Y.M.C.A. Bd. sev. yrs.; gaz. J.P., 
•13; mbr. Ball. G.C.; visited Great 
Britain '97. 

WII^XiZAMS, Pred J.; b. Ball. E., '70; 
s. of 1. John Williams; educ. Humf- 
fray-st. S.S.; dir. of Williams the 
Shoemen Propy. Ltd.; pres. South- 
st. Soc, '00, '02, '08 & '09; one of 
fdrs. Progress Assoc; pres. City 
A.N.A., '00; an enthusiastic mun, 
amalgamationist; one of fdrs. & 
for some time hon. sec. Greater 
Ball. League; but recently retired 
from active advocacy on a/c of lack 
of public interest, while still con- 
sidering amalgamation essential 
to Ballarat's prosperity; one of 
fdrs. & first v.p.. Wend. Rec. Club; 
pres. & rink capt. since '14; mbr. 
exec. Ball. B.A.; visited Great 
Britain '10. ^ . ^ ' 

WIIiItZAMS, Oeo,: b. Canterbury, 
(Kent). '63: s. of 1. Richard Will- 
iams; arr. '70; educ. Dimsey s 
& Williams' Sch.; assoc. with C.S. 
Benoit. Sun Fdry., Mair-st. Ball.; 
manufr.s. of Sun grates & agric. 
implement casting.s; mbr. Galatea 
(later Ball. Imp.) F.C. from 18 yr.s. 
of age; playing mbr. sev yrs.; del. 
of B.I. F.C. on Ball. F. League since 
League's inception, *92; treas. of 
club since '85; treas. of League since 
inception, & never missed one mtg.; 
old mbr. Ball. City F.B. for 20 yrs.; 
(l.s. medal); eng., & later lieut., 
sev. vrs.; track performer 18 yrs., 
& in" many winning teams; rep. 
brigade at Launceston & Albury 
dem., & mbr. of team that won 8 
prizes at Geelong dem., '93; a re- 
cord not since eclipsed by any 
brigade; mbr. Ball Lodge, M.U. 
T.O.O.F.; l.g. Ball. Hosp. & Benev 
Asylum: mbr. Red Cross Carnival 
coirimittee. _ . „ , 

WZIiIiIABIS, Xeth.; b. Forest Creek, 
Castlemaine, '67; s. of 1. Methuselah 
Williams (pioneer gold digger); 
arr Ball.. '82; playing mbr. Bulch s 
Model Band for sev. yrs.; later of 
City of Ball. Band; sec. Mary- 
borough Band for few yrs.; and 
Phortlv afterwards returned to Ball.. 
& helped to estab. Vic. Band Assoc; 
becoming del of Maryborough Band 
& mbr. of flr.«?t executive; pres. V. 
BA., '11-'12; official rep. at various 
contests; P.O. Loyal Ball. Lodge, 

M.U.I.O.O.F.; del. at movable com. 
and conf.; mbr, com. Ball. Welsh 
Cy mrodoriou . 

WIIiIiIAMS, Capt. Moreton David; s. 
of 1. Mjr. John Chas. Williams; b. 
Ball. '84; served in ranks of 7th 
Regt., A.I.F., Ball, from pte. to 
sgt.; obt. comra. '06; qual. by exam, 
for translation to Royal Aust. Qarr. 
Artillery and attached South Head 
fort (N.S.W.); as coy. officer '08- 
11; Albany fort (W.A.) '11-12; S. 
Channel fort (Vic) '12-15; prom, 
capt. '13; capt. Aust. Siege train on 
active service since '15; completed 
training in Eng.; operations in 
France 1916. 

WII^IiIAMS, Brig-.-Qen. Bobert Er- 
nest; V.D.; J. P.; acting State Com- 
mandant; b. Ball., '55; s. of 1. Robt. 
Williams (pioneer sch. master) ; 
educ. Pleas.-st. S.S. & by father; 
jun. clerk for Norton & Bradbury, 
min. CO. mgrs., '67; sch. teacher sev. 
yrs.; later followed journalism; 
mbr. Ball. "Courier" reporting staff 
"Argu.s" cpt., & ed., "Courier suc- 
cessively; City Mun. Clerk & Treas. 
since '02; gaz. J.P.. '11; pte., Ball. 
Vol. Rangers, '81; Lieut., 3rd Batt. 
Inf., '83; Capt., '84; Major, '86; 
Lieut.-Col. & CO. 3rd Batt. '95-'02; 
Col. & O.C. 18th Brigade. •08-'n ; 
acting Com. of 3rd (Vic.) Milit 
dist., ft Brig.-Gen., '15-16; Defence 
Dept. rep. on State War. CI.; hon 
Col. 71st. Regiment; W.M. Orion 
Masonic Lodge, '82; also life 
mbr. & P.J.G.W. of Vic; P.M.Mark 
Lodge; P.Z. Yarrowee Chapter; mbr. 
S. of Mines CI.; pres. City Free 
Lib., '93—5; v.-p. Lyric Orch.; l.g. 
Benev. Asylum; m. Clara, d. of J. 
C. Hylton, (formerly of Vic. public 

WIIiUCAMS, Tlios. A.; b. Ball., '69; 
s. of 1. John Williams (col. of early 
•50's; mother b. Melb., '43); educ. 
St. Paul'.s S.S. & Bain's H.S. (dux & 
matric, '84); app. teleg. clerk, Vic 
Rys., Melb., '85; transf. Ball., '86; 
Spencer-st.. Melb., '87; Ball, since 
'88; & Off. in charge since '9?; 
instr. in teleg.. Ball. S. of Mines, 
sev. yrs.; mbr. Ball. B.C. since 
'91; hon. sec, •93-'95; & '00-2; v.-p.. 
'06-'14; pres. '14-'15 (during club's 
jubilee yr.) and in '15-'16; rink capt. 
many yrs.; first sec. Ball. B Assoc; 
(estab. '94); & still "up"; mbr. 
exec & sel. com.; rink capt. of rep. 
B.B.A. teams; eight times club 
champion since 1895; five times 
B.B.A. champ., '10, '11. '12. '14 & 'IG: 
also winner country 4-bowl champ, 
of Vic. '16; twice runner-up; capt. 
B.B.A. champ, rink (Ball. B.C.) 
'02. '06, '08, '10, '11, '16; runner-up, 
'15; capt. rink of Ball, players for 
Vic. at Aust. B. Carnival, '14; & un- 
beaten by any rink in any inter- 
State games; capt. runners-up 
(Ball. B.C. rink) in rink champ, of 
Aust., '13: ex-pres. Ball. Ry. Emp. 
Orph. Carnival; l.-g. Orph.; v.-p. 



vie. Band Assoc. 

I&IAMSON, Serb«rt B.; b. Beech- 
worth; 'CO: s. of J. B. Williamson 
(col. of 'iji and for 40 vrs. sec. of 
Chiltern Shire); educ. Chiltem S.S. 
under Mr. (now L.t. Col. J. S. Mar- 
shall) ; joined Educ. service '76 as 
p.t. at Chiltern S.S.; h.t. at Bre- 
min. Greta, Docken Pins., Gooram, 

monial parades and milit. functions; 
v.p. Ball. Milit. Club; for many yrs. 
mbr. Regt. Rifle Club: one of fdrs. 
old 3rd Batt. Club and mbr. first 
com.; mbr. rep. rifle teams for 
many yrs., and on one occasion 
scored 7 "bulls" for 7 .shots in 
rapid flring test (the possible and 

mm. lireta. iJocKen i-ms., uoorara, rarely equalled in Australia); in 

Tylden and Hawkesdale; asst. tr. business as bootmaker. Mair-st. 

Flinders sch. G long, and prom, to _ _ _ . •_ 

class IV. ; '05-6; trs. to Penshurst 

and prom, to class III., '06-9; later 

h.t. Germantown (now Grovedale. 
G'lone) L.inton and at Redan since 
Jan. 14; matric. '85; later obt. 7 
certs, for teaching sciences, also 
swimming and life saving certs.; 
one of earliest teachers to specialize 
in school garden work; at Hawkes- 
dale won the earliest A.N.A. prize 
(Warmambool district) for the best 
school garden and grounds, also 
sev. money prizes gfv-en by Educ. 
Dept.; during '05 conducted classes 
in elect, and heat at Gordon Tech 

VFTLSOV, Pred. B.; b. Belfast (N. 
Ire.): '42; arr. Ball., '59; "father" 
of Ball, hotelkeepers; managed 
dining room Sayers' Hotel. '65; 
later licensee Cumberland & Dur- 
ham Hotel, Bridge-st.: He. Buck's 
Head Hotel, Bridge-at., since '75; 
(excepting tor short interval); one 
of fdrs. Ball. Land, Mortgage Coy.; 
elected dir., *15; generous patron 
many local clubs and institutions. 

"TUXtSOV, Frederick Samnel Buick; s. 
of above; b. Ball.; educ. Humffray 
St. S.S. and Gren. Coll.; with Chas, 
Campbell estab. firm of Campbell, 

Coll., G'long; keen nature student I vVilson Propty. Ltd., photo engra 
' ] vers and commercial artists. Lon- 
don Bank Chambers, Ball '10; pre- 
viously litho. artist engraver with 
Troedel & Co., Melb. and F. W. 

• Niven & Co.. Ball.; also Europ. and 
American experience '93-5; awar- 
ded prize Vic. Govt. oomp. design 
for war stamps '01; won CTwealth 
Govt. comp. design for trade work 

WZ^BON, Oeorre; b. Dundee (Scot.); 
arr. Vic, '53, (with parents); sea- 
faring & mining pursuits sev. yrs.; 
eng. driver Star of East O.M. 21 
yrs.; ret.. '10; W.M. Prince of Wales 
Mas. Lodge. Smythesdale (Irish 
constlt.): '02; app. first dep. dir. of 
cer. by G.M., Sir W. J. Clarke. '98; 
Q.S.D. of Vic. by Sir A. J. Peacock 
'02; (coronation honor); P.M. Mark 
Lodge & P.P. Yarrowee Royal Arch 
Chapter; P.O.. Excelsior Lodge, 
I.O.O.F. ; sec. Ball, branch Eng. 
Drivers' Assoc, since '14. 

WZZiSOB', Capt. Oeo.; b. B'fort '76: s. 
of 1. Geo. Wilson (an early col.); 
educ. B'fort S.S.; carrier, B'fort: 
loined TTfort Fire Brig. '05: Heut. 
10; capt. since '14; also ex-sec: 
mbr. B'fort A.N.A. since '13; served 
com. and v. p., pres. '15-16: ex-hon. 
sec. B'fort Rifle club: Arch Druid 
old B'fort U.A.O.D., '12; enlisted 
for active .service thrice In '15-16 

specializing in botany, possessing 
an almost complete Victorian Herb- 
arium, recognised as an authority 
on Victorian plants; among other 
hobbies are photography, bee-keep- 
ing and music: cond. School flute 
bands at Pen.shurst and Linton and 
a Juvenile orchestra at liinton; mbr. 
Ba llarat Science Socletv. 

WIIiiaAXSON, Cr. Wta. Trevor; 
mbr. Smythe.sdale Bor. CI. since 
•02; twice mayor; mbr. Gren. Shire 
CI. on absorption of Bor., '15; b. 
Smythes.. '70: s. of 1. John Dean 
Williamson (col of early '50'8); 
educ. Smythes. S.S. & Ball. Coll.; 
rain. Investor & comm. agent; 
prom. & dir. sev. mln co.'s; sec. 
Smythesdale A.C.; sec. Mech. Inst. 
& Lib.; mbr. com. Scarsdale T.C.; 
one of mgrs. of Common. & mbr. 
Cemeterv Trust. 

\nX-mOM, Oavid; b. Bradford (Eng.), 
'49; 8. of 1. David Wilson; served 
apprent. In Yorkshire Woollen Mills, 
tt with parents emigrated to U.S.A.. 
•68: obt. valuable exp. in respon- 
sible positions in Lawrence, Mass.; 
A Providence, Rhode Island, incl. 
mgement. of Geneva Worsted Mills; 
came to Vic. on an Intended visit, 
'90; but permanently settled at Ball.; 
obtained appointment at Sunnyslde 
mills; now In charge of worsted 
dept.; mbr. Recruiting Exec, Ball. 

before passing med. exam.; joined 

East. '16: pres. A hon. org. Mt. 39th Hall. batt. reinforcements. 1916 

Pleas, branch People's Lib. Party; WXIiSOH, BeT. John Oreen: b. As- 

— . , .w . . _,_-._ patrla. Cumberland (Eng). 37; s. of 

an active Lib. campaigner & chair- 
man sev. candidates' com. during 
many yrs. past. 
WZZJM>V. Bdward; h. Ararat '60; s. of 
1. C. WIlsoM (rol of 50's): educ 
Ararat S.S. ; settled P-all. '71»: mbr. 
old Ball. Vol. Forces '79-88; 8rd 
Batt. Mint. Inf. '8«-03: 7th Regt. 
•ft3-12: the sen. pte. of the Cwealth 
Milit Forces, having refused many 
Invitations to take higher rank: has 
Che right to wear uniform at cere- 

i. Jos. Wilson; educ. Cavendish 
Theol. Coll.. Manchester: ord. Cong, 
minister; arr. Aust., '63: pastor of 
Cong. Ch.. Sebas. A Napoleons,, '64- 
'73 & pastor Cong. Ch , Stawell, 
■73-'75: admitted to Presbyt. Ch. of 
Vic. '75; A pioneered at 'Traralgon. 
19 yrs.; A Denlson. 11 yrs.; also 
estab. mission stations In dist.: 
ret. to Sebas.. '08: superannuated & 
since minister emeritus supplying 



pulpits in Ball, dist.; Presbyt. Chap. ) 
Wend. Hospital for Insane; rep. St. I 
Andrew's Kirk on Ball. Presbytery; 
mbr. com. Ball. Aux. British and 
Foreign Bible Soc; convener of 
architectural com. Presbyt. Assem- 
bly of Vic, for sev. yrs.; l.g. Pall. 
Benevolent Asylum. 

WTLSON, Jolin P.; J. P.; b. Cres., '56; 
s. of 1. Jos. Wilson (pioneer con- 
tractor); educ. Pearce's sch., B'yong; 
raerch at B'yong many yrs.; auct., 
house, land & estate agent, 35 Lyd.- 
st, S., Ball., since '10; chief agent 
Liverpool & London & Globe Ins. 
Coy.; mbr. B'yong Bor. CI for many 
yrs.; thrice mayor; gaz. J.P. about 
'01; pres. B'yong Mech. Inst., B.C., 
& Relief Fund Com.; v.-p. & stew- 
ard B'yong T. C; pres. Soldiers' Hill 
B.C.. 'IS-'ie. 

WIZ.SOXr, Cr. Thoa. A.; M.B.; Ch.B.; 
.TP.; mbr. Cres. Bor CI. since '99; 
mayor, '05 & '10; Med. Officer at 
Cres. Hosp. many yrs. past; prac- 
tising at Cres. since '98; ex-pres. 
Cres. Bowling & Tennis Clubs, & 
Mech. Inst.; P.M. Cres. Havilah 
Mas. Lodge; v.-p. Cres. Coursing 
Club; mbr. Cres. Recruiting Exec; 
b Lancefield, '68; s. of Joseph Wil- 
son, of "Roseneath," Lancefield; 
educ. Scotch Coll. & Melb. Univ., 
graduating '92; later resident Med. 
Officer Children's & Women's Hosp., 
Melb., & Cres. Hosp.; m. Jessie i 
Kllen, d. of 1. Wm. Graham. j 

"W^NITEXE, His Honor, Henry I 
Chrlatlan; B.A.; LL.B.; Judge of 
Gen. Sessions & County Court, 
Court of Mines, etc. at Ball, since 
•13; b. Talbot. '74; s. of 1. Christian 
Winneke: educ. Talbot & Majorca 
S.S.; Dookie Agric. Coll.; Scotch 
Coll., Melb.; & Ormond Coll (Melb. 
Univ.); B.A.. '97; LL.B., '98; ad- j 
mitted to Vic. Bar '02; practised I 
Melb. till '13; when raised to Vic. 
C.C Bench as resident judge at 
Ball.; mbr. Fitzroy City CI., 'Il-'IS; 
rep, of CI. on Melb. Tramways 
Trust; when practising was coun- 
sel for enginedriver at Richmond rv. 
disaster trial; and for public at 
roronial investigation of West Melb. 
Ry. disaster; also Cohuna Land en- 
oulry; active athlete in college 
days, & mbr. Scotch College eight- 
oared crew; Ormond & Scotch Coll. 
F.C.; & later Fitzroy F.C. 

WOOD, Capt. Vorman; b. S. Melb., 
'69; educ. S. Melb. S.S. & G.S.; set- 
tled Ball, '97; mbr. S. Melb. F.B.. 
'S6-*97; also sec; one of fdrs. and 
first capt. Wend. F.B.. (estab. '13); 
clarionette & oboe player; mbr. 
Curlew Club Orch., Fitzroy; Bo- 
hemian Lyric & Indep. Ch. Orch., 
Melb., for sev. yrs.; mbr. Ball. Lyric 
Orch. since '97; assisted numerous 
charit efforts. 

WOOSFXinB, Harry; b. Waterloo, '78; 
F. of 1. Wm. Woodfine (early col.); 
educ. Waterloo S.S.; mgr. David 

Walker's furniture dept.; one of 
fdrs. & pres. since '12, of Ball. 
Grocers' Pmp. Assoc: mbr. com. 
Ball. W. branch Lib. League; v.-p. 
Christ Ch. Deb. Club; v.-p. Ball. 
Anglers' Club; mbr. com. City 
A.N. A.; patron Vic C.C: mbr. V, 
B.A.; rep. KingsviUe (Footscray) 
Band; mbr. W^elsh Christian Ch. 
Choir & Choral Soc. (winners Too- 
woomba Eisteridfod. '07. 

WOOI^COCK, Jolin; s. of 1. Wm. 
Woolcock (col. of '54): educ. Kent's 
Sch., Barkly-st.; carrying on smithy 
& shoeing forge estab. by father at 
Humffray-st, N., in '70: breeder of 
trotting blood stock at Smythes.- 
rd.; bred Da.shaway, Flitaway (well- 
known track performers), & Crown 
Derby, champ trotting stallion at 
Ball, '11, '12, '13, '14: mbr. Peoples' 
Lib. Party: contested Ball. E. Mun. 
CI. seat, '15; mbr. com. Ball. East 
Public Library; treas. Barkly-st. 
Meth. Ch.; served all lay positions 
in Ch., & rep. at conf. : teacher In 
Sun. Sch., & mbr. Church Choir con- 
tinuously for 45 yrs.; pres. Master 
Farriers' Association. 

WOOI.COCZ, .TiTlan; b. Cornwall 
'47; arr. in Aust. with parentts; 
•53; ident. with mus. life of Ball. 
for 45 yrs.; fdtion. mbr. Ball. 
Liedertafel; mbr. com. many yr«.; 
now hon. mbr.; principal part in all 
local operatic productions & orator- 
ios as prin. solo tenor: solo tenor 
in various Ang. Ch. choirs: rond. 
St. Paul's & St. Peter's Ch. choir 
some yrs.; l.g. Ball. Hosp.; tyler, 
St. John's Orion & Tarrowee Ma« 
lodge.": & stage dir. South -st. Soc. 
Kisteddfod many year.s. 

WOOIiCOTT, James Dyer; J.P. ; ml>r 
Ball. City CI., '0"-'10: then fee.: 
chairman Ball. Stock Exch, 19 yrs. 
(during which period gaz. J.P.); 
previously sec. for some yrs.; stock 
broker since '85; dir. Ball. Trusteep. 
etc., Co.; treas & mbr CI. S. of 
Mines; pres. City Free Lib.. '09; 
treas. Com. Club: mbr. Old Col. As- 
soc; one of fdrs. Wend Rftc. (^Hub: 
V.-p. Wend. R.C.; b. Somerset 
(Eng.): pastoral purs\jits in N.Z. 
for eight yrs.: subsequently stock- 
dealing in Vic; taking sheep 
throutrh to Oueensland. 

WOTHEKSPOOXr, Archie I.inasa7; 
mbr. firm J. R. Wotherspoon & Co., 
B'fort: P.M. Pierv Creek Mas. lodge 
P.G.D.C. of Vic; P.M. B'fort Mark 
l<tff?e and P..V.G.P. of Vic: l.g. Free- 
masons Homes. Melb.: v. p. and ex- 
pres. B'fort Golf club: mbr. Thistlft 
club; hon. sec. Presbvt. church 
since '09; also elder of ch. and supt. 
sun. sch.; mbr. Red Cross and other 
patriotic committees: one of fdrs. 
old B'fort Brass Band: b. B'fort '80: 
s. of 1. J. Wotherspoon: educ Miss 
GreeriTvoofTs r> s. and Oj-en Coll.. 

WOTHESSFOOir, John Robertson; 
J.P. : s. of 1. John Wothevsimon (coL 
of '54 and mbr. firm Wotherspoon 



Bros. & Coy., gen. merchs. B'fort) ; 
b. B'fort '70; educ. Chute S.S. and 
Ball. Coll. ("82-6); one of principals 
firm of J. R. Wotherspoon & Co., 
merch., B'fort; J.P. since '91; (one 
of youngest yet appointed in Vic); 
dir. Balf Eureka Terra-cotta & Tile 
Coy.;chm. Hope, N. Hope G.M. co's, 
one of original syndicate that pros- 
pected Hope field; P.M. Fiery Creek 
Slas lodge, also P.J.G.D. of Vic; 
mbr. B'fort Presbyt. ch. com. and 
B'fort Athletic club com. etc. 

vmATBAltlM Or. Stephaa; b. Smy- 
the.sdale. '5&: s. or J. Richard 
WrathiM iv6 adopted son of 1. 
Harry Wrathall (unclp, ths pioneer 
coach proprietor of the grldflelds) 
educ. Smythosdale C.S.; enraged in 
printing bus. for past 40 yrs.; now 
propr. of *he Geeloncr Printing 
Works- pubi'sher of "Geelong and 
Western Dij*rict Stock and Station 
Journal"; mVr. G'long City Coun- 
cil '16; mbr. com. Victoria Coursing 
Olub; owner of "Yallvrm" station 
and s'lrcess-'ul breeder, Jmporter 
and exhibitor of pure stud Suffolk 
Punch hoi at .s and Rornnoy Marsh 

vrBZOKT, Thos. Jos*; b. G'long.. '50; 
3. of 1. Alderman G. Wright; educ. 
G'long C. of K. 6.3., after serving on 
publishing stafr of old G'long 
•'Chronicle" Joined Vict. Postal Ser- 
vice as messenger, Ararat: teleg. 
operator at G'long. Melb., C'maine | 
and p.m. at Dayle.«<ford, Ararat, 
Echuca, Hamilton, C'maine, G'long | 
and Ball.; (sen. p.m. of Vic); ret. 
•14: Dlv. Ret. Officer of C'wealth, 

vnUOBT. TnA. O.: s. of above: b. 
.\rar?.t '92. educ. Cant. Coll. G'lonp: 
undertook tour of Grt. Brit, and • 
Europe '12-*13; later studied photo- | 
graphy at Lond. photog. Inst, and 
obt. Diploma of Inst.; subsequently! 
r;ettled New York on staff of leading 
Arm: returned Ball. '16: later en- 
listed for active service and posted 
to Aviation corps as photographer: 
<|ual. by exam, heading class of 40 j 
candidates: attached to A.I.F. for 
service in France as photographer \ 
on aeroplanes: for some time mbr. 
of Y. M.C.A. Camera Club, Ballarat. 

TATBS, Or. Joha Thomas; J.F^.; pres 
of Cres. Shire; mbr. Cres Shire CI. 
since '98; now pres. for third term; 
gax. J.P. '10: pres. Smeaton, Spring 
Hill * Bullarook A. & P. 8oc.: one 
of fdra. Mt. Prospect branch A.N.A.: 
ex-preii. A ex -sec: cpt. State School 
com.: mbr. Mt. Prospect Cemetery 
Trust; b. Mt. Prospect; s. of I. Cr. 
Chas. Yates (col. of early 60'8): 
educ. Mt. Prospect 8 S., farmer and 
graxler of "Falrfleld," Newlyn; 
breeder and exhlb. of prire stock 
with success. 

TOVBAV, OoaaUMe Wm. Artlivr; b. 
Melb.. '«9: s. of Wm. A. Youdnn 
(valet to I. O. V. Brooke, Eng. ac- 
tor tt tragedian, A fought in Mnori 
war): g.u. of Capt. Elliott, R.N.; A 

g.g.s. of Col. Elliott, R.Eng.; and 
descendant of 1. Earl of Minto; 
served five yrs. in Vic Perm. Art., 
'90-'9.5; enthusiastic rifle shot; 
joined Vic. Police Force, '06: sta- 
tioned successively Melb., St. Kilda, 
Ball. (10 yrs.), & Scarsdale (const, 
in charge) since '13: awarded valor 
badge for closing with armed des- 
perado named Geo. Shaw, who had 
just killed Const. Johnston, of St. 
Kilda, and who previously killed Guilfoyle. of Syd.; 
also awarded £.=i0 by N.S.W. Govt, 
ifor arresting Shaw, and received 
purse of sovs. from citizens of St, 
Kilda. Shaw, when closed with, 
shot himself dead. 

TOtrva, Clias.; b. Ball., '70: s. of L 
Robert Young (col. of '48): educ. 
Macarthur-st. S.S.; mbr. firm of 
Young & Hawkesford. plumbers, 
etc.: rink capt. Ball. N. Rec Club 
for sev. yrs.; jun. champ., '09-'10; 
sen. champ.. '11-'12; mbr. B.B.A. 
champ, rink '12; & mbr. rink that 
was 2nd in B.B.A. champ. '16; rep. 
cricketer many yrs.; holds Sun. Sen. 
Assoc record score of 258 not out, 
playing for Scots agst. Baptist: 
winner batt. avge. of Assoc, for 4 
seasons: capt. sev. seasons: playing 
mbr. Ball. F.C. three seasons. 

TOXTHO', John 8.; s. of 1. Robert 
Young b. Ball.. '72; educ Ball. Coll.; 
tailor & outfitter. Armstrong-st. N., 
since '03; active mbr. & office bear- 
er, old Ball. Gym.; champ, two yrs.; 
one of fdrs. Ball. H.C.; took part 
in first paper chase in Ball., '91: 
first capt. Ball. H.C. now v.-p. and 
life hon. mbr.; rep. club on V.A.AA. 
CI. sev. yrs.; v.-p. Ball, center 
V.A.A.A.: active mbr. old Ball. 
Swimming Club: won Ball. Grand 
Hep. comp. agst Aust. cracks, '89; 
3rd same hep., '90; won sev. other 
heps.: also successful cyclist on 
hoth high & safetv machines; pres. 
Ball. E. F.C. (A grade); v.-p. BalL 
North F.C. 

TOUira, Bx-Capt. Xobert; b. Ball., 
'63: s. of 1. Robert Young (one of 
earliest Ball, pioneers; arr. '48); 
mbr. Ball. F.B. from '81: lieut., 
sev. yrs.; capt. for five yrs.; pres. 
Country F.B. Assoc. '11-'12; suc- 
cessful on track many yrs.: helped 
to win shield at Sydney; also mbr. 
Christehurch (N.Z.) &Launceston 
(Tns.) teams: successful pefles^rian 
Ball. & West. dlst. mtgs.: later 
hcpr. V.A.L. for l."; yrs.: playing 
mbr. & ex-rapt. Ball. Imp. F.C: 
also served on committee. 

TOmrO, Bamnsl; barr. & sol., B'fort, 
since '00; b. G'long: educ. G'long 
Coll. (dux '92): admitted to prac- 
'Ise as b. A s. '00: actively assoc In 
exec, capacity with nefvrly all pub- 
lic A sport. Inst.; successful In 
many ath. sports. Inc tennis, golf, 
cvcling. swimming nnfl footh.ill; en- 
listed for active service, 1916. 



TOUVO, Tbos.; b. Barrhead (Scot,), 
60; educ. Cent. S.S. & Cox's Sch., 
Ball.; mbr. "Courier" composing 
staff since '87; active spirit In 
typographical union circles; sec. 
Ball. Soc. since about '95; attended 
sev. important conf. at Syd., Perth, 
etc.; one of earliest mbrs. Ball. 
City B.C.; v. -p. for some yrs.; also 
club champ., '07-H)8, '11-'12, '13-'14. 

TOmrO, Wm., b. Ball.. '73; s. of L 
Robert Young (pioneer tailor of 
Ball.; originally Young & Whlte- 
jside, & later Young & Ince) ; educ. i 

Ball. Coll.; tailor & outfitter, 34 
Sturt-st., since '00; active mbr. old 
Ball. Gym. Club; later assist, instr. 
St. And. Gym. Club; one of fdrs. 
Ball. Harr. Club, '91; amat. track 
cyclist for sev. yrs.; winner Ball. 
Old Colleg. & other heps.; active 
mbr. Ball. Swimming Club, & win- 
ner numerous heps.; served in 3rd 
Batt. Inf. ranks; mbr. Ball. Rifle 
Club; JD. St. John's Mas. Lodge; 
mbr. St. Andrew's Kirk Bd., & City 
Bowling Club Committee 

" We shall all meet again at the last roll call." 

— I<oagfellow 

Geo. Farmer's 









Quality and Purity are the first essentials in the Peoples" Food 
Supply, and particularly so in regard to the Peoples' Milk. O ur 
Business has stood the test in both respects. Public opinion proves it. 


Q:be ipure fiDilk Suppliers 
DEPOT— 1109 Sturt St. Ballarat. Thone, 671 

Sole Distributors of Certified Bottled 
Milk, recommended by Medical Faculty. 

For Old and Young— and officially sanctioned by 
City and Town Councils and Medical Associations 

First Quality Butter (only) Made on the Premises 

a. KILQOUR and A. J. R088 (formerly Government Dairy Supervisor) Proprietors 

^ f. m. Barnes R Son, 



14 Armstrong 
Street S. 

(Near City Hall) 

Telephone 79 

Private Address* 

21 Raglan St. 

Hearses and Mourning Coaches on Hire. 

fjl^'Trade Supplied. 

Funerals Condueisd In Town or Country at Lowest posslbl* rate«i 

Rins 'Phone 79, Day or Night 

When the Idea is fixed in your mind that 




is the Hest and Cheapest Draper in the whole of 
Baliarat, the business relationship that springs 
from that idea must inevitably be to your 

If that be not so why are so many house- 
holders in Uallarat and Surrounding Districts 
to-day preaching the virtues of CREER, THE 
CASHMAN'S High-quality, Low-price business 

You should nvake their experience yours 


in your mind wiien Drapery of any kind is needed. 
Baliarat, Footscray, and Oolac 

St Patricks College^ 




Pupils are prepared for all the Public Examinations of the 
Melbourne University, as well asforthe Olvil Servico, Royal 
Military Oollese, Bankers' Institute and Phar- 
macy Examinations. Sloyd Room, Chemical and 
Physical Laboratories are attached. 

This Year (1916) the College has an Attendance of 1S8 boarders and 
92 Day Pupils. Illustrated Prospectus may be obtained on application 
to the Principal. 

in any quantity 

The Best Obtainable 
Delivered Anywhere 

My Fruit is carefully 
Selected twice 

weekly by myself 
in Melbourne 

Sturt Street 

'Phone 397 

JSallaaiat (Sas Company 


Call anb Ifn^pect 

(Baa COOl^ind SlOVee May be obtained on Easy Terms 
LARGK AND SMALL Enquiries will be Appreciated 

(3a0 JirC0 Clean, Economical and Handy 

(588 raater Weatcrs Sayt^Nlgh" a7aT«Trof°f *d! 

Boiling Water in 17 seconds. A Continuous Supply^H 

£6ttmate0 (3iven tot all Clagsee of ©aefltttufl- 

Jln^ (3a6 flppltance mai? be eecn in Operation 

H (3vowino Hppreciation 

of our Bread is manifest by our 

% Our Deliveries extend to all the Outlying Parts of Ballarat 
and to the Warrenheip, Bungaree and Millbrook Districts. 
^ The Quality of our Bread is Unexcelled 
^ Our Depot and Bakehouse and Our Methods Challenge 

Comparison. Machine made Bread and Cakes, etc., no 

handling required. 
% "Raiso" is our Self Raising Flour, which has a Reputation. 

Give it a Trial ! 

J. UA V ILO, 47-49 Eureka 5t., Ballarat Last 


'Phone, 643 'Phone, 643 




The Finest Trout 
Fishing Ground iu 

All kinds of Live 

Bait despatched to 

any part of 


Mudeyes Minnows 

a Specialty 

Caterer to the 

Miners' Turf Club 

Warrnanibool R C. 

Hamilton A. & P. 

Society and other 


Sporting Events 

'Phone, 227 




/ 1 


'For King and Country' or 'Sacrifice and Service' 

Embracing Biographies in a "Nutshell" of Soldiers and others who ha\>e 
Served the Empire in its hour oj need — also 

^'Victorians at Home and Abroad" 

(likewise biographical) are 'Publications now in course of compilation b\f 

The McCallum T^ress and Publishing Agency 
14 STOCK EXCH., BALLARAT Correspondence Invited 

Lipnittd numbtT extra Copies of " iBoiloral 'District Citizens & Sports" available for 
'Distribution amongst Friends Abroad 


Hence my Reputation 

as the. 



8 7a Brids^e Street 

A Carefully Selected Stock of Boots and Shoes. Hoots to Order- 
Hand Sewn a Specialty. Certainly I Repair I 


This Business was Established in 1863 by the late William Scott, and the old time virtues 
■of Quality and Cheapness govern my methods. DO YOU WANT MORE ? 


2)ispen5ing ehen\ist5 

Make a Specialty of ALL DISPENSINQ WORK 




Kodak Depot— All Photographic Goods at Melbourne Prices 

Tto'^^ a. M. PALMLR & CO., ",^0 « 















Comfort & Service 

This House embraces both Comfort and 
Service, as well as having an attractive 

You can get a Home like this at a reason- 
able cost and in a reasonable time, if you make 
up your mind to do so. 

Let us send you full Particulars 

W. F. Coltman 

^=' WtoW 


"'■ SOME ore born great 

SOME achieve greatneFS 

SOME have greatness thrust upon them — 

But nearly alvrays the TAILOR MAK.KS THE MAN— 

(the mau in the street) 

That being so, LYONS & WHITE, have helped 

many Men to Greatness, by tlie Smartness, 
Llegance and serviceability of their Suits and 
Suitings. These are long standing virtues of 
Lyons & Whites" Products 




All the "Sports" are Tailored by 

Jailors, Outfitters, 
eiothiers, JYcereers 


12 Bciboe Street. Ballarat 


Country Clients may communicate either 

per 'PHONE 402, or DAILY MAIL 


A healthy bracing Climate such as Ballarat 0400 feet above sea level) affords, a 
homely Moral Environment a reasonable discipline and sympathetic care in and 
out of assembly— the pi ovision of Health Giving Games — Kxercises and Recreations 
and, above all, a Sound Education by Expert Educationalists, are the main 
inducements for Parents to Enrol their Daughters at — 

dlarenbon CoIIeoe, so'^terg' »><» 

(0ne o( JSallarat'd 'Healtbtcet Bminenced) 

The foregoing arguments apply to both boarders and home-going pupils 

Principal ; Mis* Crump— assisted by a large staff of University Trained Teachers 
also experts in Music, Physical Training and I>etK>rtment. Commercial Subjects 
including Shorthand embodied in Course by arrangement. Examination Results 
in all Departments very satisfactory (see Hand-book) 

Give your Girls the advantages of a thorough Social Training and a 
Complete Modern Education, at 

Clarendon College, 

5h€ Approved SeHool for Governtnent Scholars 

^i :■■■■■■ 'MIl-T;:; 

SeBiJ 1 JLrld^tSlI 

J/ -C=n 




JEvecctbing tii furniebtng 

The Wiles Cooker 

Has revolutionised Methods of Feeding our 
Troops on the Battlefield 

THE WILES COOKER is now exclusively employed 
by the Commonwealth Government in supplying 
the material needs of our Soldiers in the Great War 
cutting out the Field Cookers of other Countries. 

NAPOLEON once declared that an Army "Travels on 
its Stomach" (or words to that effect). The Wiles 
Cooker is the Soldiers' Friend ! 

THE WILES COOKER is being adapted for use by 
Squatters, Farmers and Dairyman, Shearers and Har- 
vest Workers fed in quick time, Steam in a few 
moments. For all Dairy, Homestead and Power 
Purposes. Soldiers "swear by it" and so do all 
Farm Workers. 

WONDERFUL SAVING of time trouble and temper, 
and of fuel for those who install the Wiles Cooker 
on Farm or Station. 

Designed hy J. F. WILES, and Patented in Many Lands 

J. f. WiL[S, General Ironfounder & Engineer 


[Old Phoenbc Foundry site] 

Sheet-Metal and Stampings produced ; General Plumbing 
executed ; Hot Water Services supplied 

Builders' and Contractors' Work a Specialty 




(The Hospital, which is right opposite) is reflected in the Mirror on right of Picture 

An Expert's Advice combined with a FAIR deal over the Counter 
means much to the Cottai^e Gardener 

J. G. LINGHAM, HorticTuluHst 

Seedsman an^ jflorist 


'. (Opposite Hardware Coy's Store) 

^»jy Over 30 years' Practical Experience of Ballarat Soils and Climate, as Working 
^M 1 1 Gardener, Foreman and Curator, successively, at BallaratCity Botanical Gardens, 
^M 1 1 also a period of Special Observations in Eurof)e. The fruits of that experience 
^HJ I may be drawn upon by those in need of Advice. Estimates for Designs for lyand- 

^^1 1 scape Gardens a Specialty — also modern Ideas of Construction, Etc. 
«U All Known varieties of Plants, Seeds, and Seedlings Stocked in Season : 
Gardening Requisites, the latest and best Seed Importations and in general — "the Floww 
and Choice of many Provinces"— obtainable at once or at shortest notice 

limy Seeds succeed tell others; if not, tell me« One call will serve to establish a lasting 
xelationship between J. G. f.INGHAM and the Caller Let it be soon 1 

There is NO 

'Sporting Chance" 

When you Buy a 



You get the BEST 
there every Time. 

i Xutton's 

Diamond Jewellery- 
is the BEST 

Kstablisbed over (0 years- 

Eiic X. ZTbomae, X.ID.S., 


8 JSctdge Street, 

"'Tjhere's a T>ivinily that shapes our ends" says Shakespeare 

^ut the average man requires an Expert Cutter to shape 
.... his Suit .... 

The Up-to-date Cut, Season after Season is the PHILPOT Cut— that is 
why my Customers, like the boomerang, return to me 




JH^OfRcers Unifor ns designed' and made. Tailoring in all its Arts 
;at.moderate prices. 'MTf t Satisfaction Guaranteed 




The fact that the WALLACE BUTTER 
FACTORY has within the past few years paid 
nearly Half a Million sterling to Farmers 
for Cream proves that it pays Farmers 
to deal with them. The Wallace Co. are' 
prepared to double their output, and that 
means they are willing to Buy Cream in 
any quantity. They give Fortnightly 
Returns, and Pay Freight from any point 

within 5<J miles of Baliarat. 


The WALLACE BUTTER is always of one quality 

The BEST— and can be supplied wholesale to 
any part of Victoria at Lowest Rates. 

Groceni ! Give it a Trial, and your Trade will Improve, 
because your Cuatomers will be Satisfied. 

Write or 'Phone (No. 420) 





without a Set of Recomi >g Furs, 

and No Furriers can Adorn YOU 

More Becomingly, Ihon 


The Fashionable Furriers 

f J. H. DAVLY, Manager; 


'PHONE., 450 

Our Clientele has been built up 
on the Salisfaclion we hove always 
given. Is better evidence required? 



For Groceries, Wines, Spirits 

We Stock tlie Highest Quality only 
and Give always the Best Possible 
Value. Families waited on for 
Orders, Goods Delivered 

•PHONE, 776 


Mair and Armstrong 5ts. 



Make their Wills in good season 
• • trusting not to chance. . ^ 

They consult 

The Ballarat Trustees, Lxecutors 
and Agency Coy. Ltd 

and make businesslike provision for 
ttieir affairs being capably adminis- 
tered when the necessity arises, and 
thus probably save annoyance and 



and appoint '■ ■ ' " "■ ,' 

- .' ' '• -. . 

The Ballarat Trustees, 
Executors & Agency Co. Ltd. 


JOHN MACLEOD, Chairinaii. Hon. J. Y. M'DONALD M.L.C. 


Hon. A, A, AUSTIN, M.L C. 

Full Information from^JOHN GLASSON, Manager. 

Company's Office— CAMP ST., BALLARAT WEST. 




an — 

CO [z] 


• i-H 


t- i 








"fSOcSO" «bO-r.cS Ly^oorola 
















TULLOCH & KING, the Leading Punters, Ballarat