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Full text of "The Ballous in America : an addendum to the original history and genealogy of the Ballous in America"

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AN ADDENDUM to the original history and gen- 
ealogy of the BALLOUS in America. ^Compiled 
and Edited by The Historical Records Survey, WORKS 

AMERICA, Boston, Massachusetts, September 1937 





the original 


Compiled and edited by v// s 5 / < ^ -7 

7 3 ^ (g* . ' ^ f - 

Historical Records Survey 

Division of Women's and Professional Projects 

Works Progress Administration 

Published by 

Ballou Family Association 

of America 

Boston, Massachusetts 

September, 1937 



• •• • 

•: :• 

• • • • 


The Historical Records Survey, a Federal project of the Works 
Progress Administration, is engaged primarily in the preparation of 
condensed inventories of state, county, and local public records and 
of guides to the more important manuscript depositories of the nation. 
Surveys of the records of churches, business houses, institutions, and 
labor unions have also been undertaken. Catalogues are in preparation 
not only of these records but also of the early American portraits of 
the New England states and the state of New York, and of the early Ameri- 
can imprints of all the states. 

In a program as varied as the above it was felt that at least one 
genealogical work might be included, especially since every such work 
is, when well done, a contribution to biography and history as well as 
to genealogy itself. 

This volume has been published under the auspices of the Ballou 
Family Association. Acknowledgment is due Colonel Latimer Willis Ballou 
and Mr. Arnold Seagrave of Woonsocket, Rhode Island and Mr. Hosea Starr 
Ballou of Brookline, Massachusetts for their assistance and cooperation. 
Mr. William A. Ballou of Lawrence, Massachusetts, assisted by Miss Myrtle 
M. Jillson of Waterbury, Connecticut, has, by careful research over a 
period of years, greatly aided the Survey in the compiling of the gene- 
alogical material. Much of the value of this volume is due to the skill 

and painstaking care of Mr. James VJilliamson Eddy of the Survey staff 
in checking and arranging the data submitted. In this work he received 
able assistance from Mrs. iSthel L. Wood, Mrs. Annis Kinsman Kirkpatrick, 
Mrs. Dorothy E. Austin, and Mr. Amedeo Tombion of the Historical Records 
Survey. Finally, we are indebted to Mr. Kelsey Ballou Sweatt for his 
conscientious and untiring efforts in supervising all the details of com- 
piling, editing, and publishing this Addendum. The Federal Art Project 
assisted in the preparation of the cover design. 

Carl J. Wennerblad 
State Director 

The Historical Records Survey 
of Massachusetts 




Preface •••••••••••••••••••••• I 

How to Use the Addendum •>•*•••• IV 

Abbreviations ••.•■••••••••••••.. VI 

Genealogical Compilations: 

Sixth Generation •.••••.•«••.•••. 1 

Seventh Generation •.... Z 

Eighth Generation »••• 18 

Ninth Generation '.••••*•••• 67 

Tenth Generation .•».•... 112 

Eleventh Generatiorj ••••••• 139 

Manuscripts .................... 141 

War Records: 

Rhode Island-Revolutionary Far ••. 170 

Rhode Island-Civil War , .182 

Rhode Island-Spanish American War ••••••• 183 

Rhode Island-World Vfer 184 

Rhode Island-Revolutionary War ......... 185 

Massachusetts-Revolutionary War ...*•••• 18 6 

Massachusetts-Civil War .••>......•. 188 

Massachusetts-World War ••......•.•• 188 

Genealogical Index .•(.«..•.•.....• 190 



The folloTAing Addendum carries forward the genealogy of the B&llou 
family from 1888, vvhen The Bc^llous in America , was published, to 1937. 

To find the genealogy of an individual in this Addendum , locate 
the name in the index and turn to the page to which reference is made. 
The key number which is underscored and precedes the genealogical para- 
graph is either the same key number used to denote this person in The 
B ftllous in America or a new composite number, hereinafter explained. 
In each generation, paragraphs are arranged in the numerical order of 
key numbers. 

Each of the genealogical paragraphs of this A ddendum contains in- 
formation concerning a family group. The names of the parents are in 
capital letters, the parent having Ballou blood being placed at the head 
of the paragraph. In parenthesis following this will be found the 
given names of this person's Ballou ancestors in reverse order, back to 
Maturin Ballou, founder of the family. 

The children of each union are listed following the paragraph, each 
child being given either the number which he or she had in The Ballous in 
America , or if not mentioned in this work, a new composite number consist- 
ing of the parent's number followed by a dash (-) and a figure indicating 
the number of the' child in the issue of the parents. If this child's num- 
ber is preceded by an asterisk (*), it signifies that he or she became the 
"head of a family" (for genealogical purposes) in the next generation. In 
such case, the same number becomes the key number at the head of the para- 
graph in the new generation. Each of the children of this person will bear 
in turn the composite number of the parent followed by another dash (-) and 


a figure indicating the number of the child in their issue. 

Example: On page 115 will be found the number 4191-1-2-10-2, Randal 
Edward Nelson, of the eleventh generation, second child of 4191-1-2-10, 
Gladys Bertha (State) Nelson, of the tenth generation. Turn to number 
4191-1-2 in the ninth generation (p. 70) and find Gladys, who is tenth 
among the children of Cora Oretta (Ballou) State. Turn to 4191-1-2 in 
the eighth generation (p. 22) and find Cora, second among the children of 
William Washington Ballou, whose number is 4191-1. Then turn to 4191-1 
in the seventh generation (p. 12) where the latter 's name appears as the 
only child of Silas Warren Ballou, number 4191 (p. 11). This is where the 
line begins in this Addendum, but on p. 604 in The Ballous in America the 
line is carried back to the immigrant Maturin Ballou. To trace forward, 
reverses the above order. 










A.F.& A.M. 

Ancient Free and 

Accepted Masons 






Daughters of American 


















batt ery 





F.& A.M. 

Free and Accepted 





Benevolent and 
Protective Order 



of Elks 




Cavalry ' 


High School 



Hy. Art. 

Heavy Artillery 






Company or County 



C.of VI. 

Council of War 













Lieut. & Lt, 



Lt, Art. 

Light Artillery 

R. I.H»S . 

Rhode Island His- 
torical Society 




Rhode Island 



National Guard 




Reserve Officers' 
Training Corps 



Institute of 

R.& S.M. 

Royal and Secret 




Ma ssachu setts 


State Archives 



Sons of American 










New York 

National Guard 





oax^.K.o . 

Supreme Prince of 
the Royal Secret 














Royal Arch 





Radio Corporation 




of America Manu- 

fac-fcuring com- 


United States Naval 


Reserve Force 













1542 YJILLIAl^l ROSS BALLOU (William, Obadiah, Obadiah, Janes, Maturin) , b. 
May 15, 1816, at North Smithfield, R. I.; d. Feb, 19, 1906; m. Fob. 15, 
1852, to ALICE BROITO, b, Aug. 15, 1823, at Laurel Hill, R. I., a short 
distance from the village now known as Lridgebon, Burrillville^ P^ lo, d. 
Sept, 4, 1854, He was a contractor and builder. 
*4012 Oscar Brovm Ballou, b. Sept, 19, 1853, at Uxbridge, Mass, 

1627 AU! IRA BALLOU (Dutee, Moses, Samuel. James, Maturin), b. Oct. 14, 

1800, at Smithfield, R, I,; d, Apr, 15, 1838, at Greenfield, Saratoga Co,, 

N. Y.; m, Jan, 13, 1820, to DANIEL ALLEN, son of Daniel Allen, 

Eldest or ten children of Duty and Lydia (Vfhito) Ballou (sec No. 401 B's 
in Am,), Duty (or Dutco) Ballou, vdth his wife and tv/o children moved, 
early in 1825, to Greenfield, N. Y. where eight more children wore born to 
them. Of their descendants, Duteo Allen Wholan, of Mondovi, 7fis. has be- 
come a member of the Ballou Family Association ajid sent us his genealogi- 
cal records. To him we arc indebted for his interest and the following 


*1627-1 Dutco Ballou Allen, b, Oct. 30, 1823, at Greenfield, N. Y, 

1633 DUTEE BALLOU Jr, (Dutce, Moses, Samuel, J-mes, Maturin), b. May 21, 
1813, at Greenfield, Saratoga Co., N. Y« ; m, Feb. 10, 1842, by Rev. Stud- 
ley Carr at Greenfield, N. Y. , to RHODA MEDBURY, dau. of Stephen Modbury, 
Children: Born at Greenfield, N. Y, 

4569 Eugene Willard Ballou, b, Jan, 18, 1843j d, young. 

4570 Lydia Mary Ballou, b, Jan. 12, 1846; m, Jan, 13, 1866, George Place, 
*4571 Erastus M, Ballou, b. Apr, 23, 1848. 

4572 Nancy Oscelia Ballou, b. Mar, 3, 1850; m, George Rockwood, 


1627- 1 DUr£E BALLOU ALI^N (Almira Ballou, Dutee, Moses, Samuel, James ^ 
Maturin), b. Oct. 30, 1823, at Greenfield, Saratoga Co., N. Y. ; d. Mar. 
10, 1878, at Mondovi, Wis., interred in Oak Park Gem., Mondovi; m. 4NNIS 
WHITE GLEASON, dau. of Uriah Gleason. 
*1627-1-1 Arina Marilla Allen, b. June 24, 1854, at Greenfield, N. Y-. 

1820 JOHN SAIJFORD BALLOU (Sanford J., William, William, Maturin, John, 
Maturin), b. Sept. 25, 1861, at Eai^t Bosto/i, Mass.; m. July 16, 1884, by- 
Rev. R. Perry Bush at Everett, Mass., to MARTHA PARSONS GERRING, b. Nov. 
14, 1864, at East Gloucester, Mass., d. May 22, 1928, at Winthr?p, Mass., 
interred in Vi/inthrop Cem. , dau. of George V/, and Abigail A. Gerring. He 
was a bookkeeper. 

1820-1 Ralph Sanford Ballou, b. Feb. 5, 1885, at East Bostonj m. Jessie 

White. (see 5444). 
1820-2 Maude Gerring Ballou, b. Dec. 18, 1886, at East Boston. Unm, 

She has been teaching since June, 1908. (see 5445). 
1820-3 Jackson Ballou, b. Aug. 10, 1888, at East Boston, d. Aug. 23, 1888, 
*1820-4 Ruth Winthrop Ballou, b. Mar. 16, 1893, at Winthrop. 
1820-5 Dorothy Barbara Ballou, b. Sept. 26, 1895, at Winthrop; d. Oct, 

19, 1918. 
1820-6 John Maturin Ballou, b. Nov. 1, 1898, at V/inthrop; m. Sept, 15, 

1923, by Rev. John Ivy at Winthrop, to Evelyn Savifyer, b. Jan. 7, 

1903, at Winthrop, dau. of William and Grace (V/ebster) Sawyer. 

1852 HON. MARTIN BALLOU (Asahei, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Matu- 
rin), b. July 25, 1812 (twin to Reuben) at Halifax, Vt . ; m. Jan. 28, 1847, 
at Princeton, 111., to CATHERINE S. TUTTLE, dau. of Carolus and Mary (An- 
drews) Tuttle. 

He was Judge, Counsellor at Law, and one of the oldest settlers at Prince- 
ton, County Seat of Bureau, 111. 


Children: Born at Princeton, 111. 

5505 Charles Tuttle Ballou, b. Oct. 27, 1848; d. Apr. 20, 1927; m. Sept. 

18, 1870, Luella Bates. They are interred in the Ballou lot at 
Boone, la. 

5506 William Starr Ballou, b. Dec. 11, 1850; d. Feb. 23, 193<i, at Boone. 

He was a lawyer in Leadville, Col., for many years. Unra, 
*5507 Francis Martin Ballou, b. June 27, 1853. 

5508 Elizabeth M. Ballou, b. Aug. 1, 1855; m, Seth Mendell, deceased. 

For many years slie was a teacher in Bo- "on. Res: 12 Warvici; Rd., 
Brookline, Mass. No issue reported. 

5509 Addie Blanche Ballou, b. Apr. 25, 1863; graduate of Princeton (ill.) 

H. S>. Unm. Resides with her sister. 

1863 ALVIN BALLOU, M. D. (Asahel, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Ma- 
turin), b. Jan. 11, 1816 (twin to Almon), at Halifax, Vt.; d. April 9, 1896, 
at West Halifax, Windham Co., Vt . , interred in W. Halifax Cem. ; m. Feb. 23, 
1848, at Princeton, 111., to MELISSA J. VAUGHAN, b. in N. H., dau. of John 
Vaughan. He was a surgeon of 121st Regt. 111. Vols, 

Children: Born at Princeton, 111. 

*5510-1 Mary Abigail Ballou, b. May 18, 1850. 
■*5511-2 Ella Jane Ballou, b. Sept. 12, 1853. 
*5512-3 Alvin Maturin Ballou, b. Nov. 8, 1856. 
*5513-4 William Foster Ballou, b. Aug. 28, 1859. 

1864 ALMON BALLOU (Asahel, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), 
b. Jan. 11, 1816 (twin to Alvin), at Halifax, Vt . ; date of death not re- 
ported, m. (l) June 1840, at Halifax, to SARAH TOW HOUGHTON, b. Apr. 12, 
1817, d. Nov. 12, 1855, at Halifax, dau. of Artemus and Lois (Mather) 
Houghton of Halifax. (2) Nov. 26, 1856, at Halifax, to MARTHA H. LARABEE, 
b. Oct. 20, 1827, d. Jan. 15, 1904, dau. of Timothy and Cynthia Larabee of 
Walpole, Vt. 

Children were by his first wife, Sarah, none by second wife, Martha, as 
recorded on p. 770, B*s in Am. He was a prominent farmer residing on the 
old homesteud in H':;:lifax where his father lived and died. 


Children: Born in Halifax, Vt . , by 1st wife. 

5514-1 Sarah Ballou, b. July 29, 1844^ m. Dec. 14, 1864, Emerson Thurber. 
5515-2 Landon H. Ballou, b. Sept. 20, 1848; m. Jan. 7, 1872, Mary A. Bal- 
lou, dau. of Alvin Ballou, M. D., (See no. 1863 and 5510), 
*5516-3 Lois C. Ballou, b. May 8, 1850. 
5517-4 Ella F. Ballou, b. Feb. 16, 1855, d. Dec. 15, 1862. 

19_3> LEAVITT BALLOU (Levi, Rev.. David, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Ikiiturin), 

b. Oct. 1807, in Monroe, Mass.; d. near La Crosse, Vl/is., and interred there; 

m. to BETSY BISEEE, probably of Illion, N. Y. 

It is reported they had seven children, the names of only three have reach- 
ed us. We understand he moved to Blendon, Mich., where he v^ras a farmer. 
Repoi'ts also state his oldest son was at one time a resident of Illion, N. Y., 
first us an artisan in the Remington Rifle factory, later a mechanic. 
Oscar, second son, was a farmer living near his father in Blendon, and Perry 
E. was for several years a traveling lecturer on phrenology, later becoming 
a physician. (Note: On page 303 B's in Am. the number given to Leavitt is 
1950 and on p. 789 the number is 1939.) 


*5699 Clark Augustus Ballou, b. Dec. 12, 1839, at Concord, Erie Co., N. Y. 
5700 Oscar Ballou went West probably to both Dakota and Californiao It is 
understood he married and had a daughter, Kiah (Ballou) Green, who 
hus three children living in San Francisco, Julius, Vivien, and 
Ruth Green. (By L. C. Wilcoxen in Detroit.) 

*5701 Perry Eugene Ballou, d. in 1913, at Nevada, Ohio. 

1966 HORACE BERTHIER BALLOU (John, Rev. David, Rsv. Maturin, Peter, John, 

Maturin), b. Mar. 2, 1840 at Monroe, Mass.; d. Oct. 27, 1906, interred in 

Wyoming Cem., Melrose, Mass., m. Oct. 19, 1863 to PAMELIA ATWOOD LAHA, b. 

Jan. 29, 1847, d. June 5, 1887, at Boston, interred in Wyoming Cemetery. 

He resided in Boston, received his education in public schools, and became 
notable as an authority on the subject pertaining to the operation of steam 
railroads. He was a very active member in all religious activities of the 
Baptist Church and in the latter part of his life devoted a great deal of 
energy to the cause of temperance. 


*5745 Frederick Laha Ballou, b. Jun. 29, 186(0). 
*5746 Horace Berthler Ballou Jr., b. Nov. 30, 1870, 


1989 EMERY BALLOU, M. D. (Maturin, Nathan, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, 

Maturin), b. Feb. 13, 1826, at Monroe, Mass.j d. Nov. 27, 1907, at Crystal 

Lake, McHenry Co., 111. j m. June 16, 1864, by Rev. Mr. Harwood at Crystal 

Liike, to EMILY ANNIS BUTLER, b. Jan. 2, 1844, at Crystal Lake, d. June 13, 

1927, at Crystal Lake, dau. of Joseph Benjamin Butler of Nunda, 111. 

Bei^re going we..t, D. . Ballou -l-aught sc.iool and practiced medicine in West 
Townsend, Mass. He made a trip to California in 1852 with his brothers 
Leavitt and Hosea. On his return he studied at the Rush Medical College, 
Chicago, 111. aud practiced his profession at Crystal Lake during the re- 
mainder of his life. Dr^ and Mrs. Ballou are interred in Crystal Lake Cem- 

Children: Born at Crystal Lake, 111. 

*5772 Emma Julia Ballou, b. May 9, 1865. 
5773 Mary Lucinda Ballou, b. March 30, 1867. Unm. In 1930 she resided 
at 6031 Dorchester Ave., Chicago, 111. 
*5774 Harriet Cady Ballou, b. July 18, 1871. 
*57V5 Eva Grover Ballou, b. April 21, 1874. 

2100 MASSENa HOSjIA BALLOU (Rev. Massena B. , Rev. Hosea, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. June 15, 1827, at Lancaster, Mass.; d. in 1898, at 
Stoughton, Mass., interred in Evergreen Gem. ; m. Nov. 4, 1849, by the groom's 
father. Rev. Massena B. Ballou at Stoughton, to MARTHA ANN CHURCHILL, b. Mar, 
14, 1831, at Stoughton, d. in 1916, at Stoughton, dau, of Samuel Churchill. 
(&ee 2112 p. 326). He was Selectman and Toiwi Treasurer of Stoughton for many 

Children: Born at Stoughton, Mass. 

5959-1 Mary Elmina Ballou, b. Jan. 7, 1856j d. Dec. 25, 1874. 

5960-2 Carrie Churchill Ballou, b. Aug. 17, 1858; d. July 16, 1923, inter- 
red at Evergreen Gem., Stoughton. She was a graduate of Bridge- 
water (Mass,) Normal School, and a teacher. She was an early Sec- 
retary - Treasurer, of the Ballou Family Association of America, 
which duties she fulfilled with thoroughness, and care. 
*5960-3 Murray Hosea Ballou, b, June 23, 1867, 


2866 OZIEL BALLOU (Ebenezer, Oziel, James, James, James, Maturin), b^ June 
25, 1820 (twin to Ebenezer), at Richmond, N. H. ; m. (l) April 2, 1842, to 
EMILY BALLOU (see 1479 Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. 
Mar. 12, 1822^ d. Nov. 20, 1852; (2) to LORINDA BALLOU (sister of Emily), 
b. Dec. 9, 1823, at Riclmiond. Children born ir: Richmond, N. H, 
Cliildren: By 1st wife. 

*6759 Henry Edmund Ballcu, b. May 27, 1842. 

6760 Emily J. Ballou, b. Feb. 13, 1844. 

6767 Mary A. Ballou, b. June 3, 1846. 
*6762 Sarah L. Ballou, b. Aug. 24, 1848. 

6763 Oziel A. Ballou, b. June 21, 1851; d. May 14, 1883. Unm. 
*6764 John Fillmore Ballou, b. July 28, 1853. 

Children: By 2nd. wife. 

6765 Willie J. Ballou, b, Oct. 11, 1856. 

6766 George M. Ballou, b. Sept. 27, 1860. 

3202 EUI\1 ICE BALLOU (Ichabod, Nathaniel, Amariah, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), 

b. Sept. 4, 1821, at Surrey, N. H. ; m. Aug. 18, 1847, to BENJAMIN CROSBY, 

(a second cousin of Charles Vilas of Alstead, N. H.) 

She is a daughter of Ichabod by his 2nd. wife Eunice Harvey. Ichabod was 
in the War of 1812. 


*3262-l Emily Althea Crosby, b. May 21, 1848. 

*3262-2 Fanny Ellen- Crosby, b. Apr. 2, 1851. She resides in Springfield, 
3252-3 Clara Eliza Crosby, b. Feb. 28, 1852; m. May 26, 1876, George Cole 

of Keene, N. H. 
3262-4 Charlotte Vilas Crosby, b. Nov. 4, 1657; m. June 24, 1884, Samuel 

Vfeycott . 
3262-5 Benjamin Crosby Jr., died young. 

3264 HARVEY BALLOU (Ichabod, Nathaniel, Amariah, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), 
b. May, 29, 1824, at Surrey, N. H. ; m. to MARY CALIF. He is a son of Ichabod 
by his second Vifife Eunice Harvey. 



3264-1 George Ballou. 
3264-2 Clara Ballou 

3 440 HANNAH FRANCES BALLOU (Hiram, Ziba, Noah, Nathaniel, James, IVIaturin), 

b. Feb. 28, 1827, at Smithfield, R. I.; d. Oct. 30, 1876, interred in Bogle 

lot. No. 15, Ave. £., Mineral Spring Cem. , Pawtucket, R. I.j m. May 21, 

1846, to PETER BOGLE, b. Sept. lo, 1825, d. Feb. 11, 1886, at Pawtucket. 

Hannah is a sister of Major Sullivan Ballou. Peter was a master silver- 
smith and nearly all his life was employed by the Gorham Company. 

Children: Born on Garden St., Pawtucket, R. I. 

3440-1 ^^illie E. Bogle, b. Feb. 8, 1847 j d. Apr. 23, 18d8. 

3440-2 Frank A. Bogle, b. May 23, 1848} d. Apr. 2, 1851. 

3440-3 Sullivan Ballou Bogle, b. May 14, 1853, d. Jan. 14, 1914. Unm. He 
was organist at St. Paul's Church, Pawtucket. 

3440-4 Jeannette Bogle, b. July 27, 1855j d. July 27, 1858. 

34.40-5 Fred Mason Bogle, b. June 13, 1859 j d. Feb. 7, 1925, at Chicago; m. 
Aug. 10, 1882, by Rev. J. J. liVooley of Pavirtucket (father of Pres. 
Mary Iwooley of Mt. Holyoke Coll.), to Susie Durfee Brown, of Taun- 
ton, Mass., dau. of George and Mary A. (Sweet) Brown. He was for 
many years associated with the Gorham Co. of Providence, who sent 
him to Chicago as their western representative. Res: Chicago. 

3672 WILLIAM BALLOU (V/illiam, Ma j . Reuben, Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), 

b. Nov. 3, 1813, at Providence, R. I.; d. July 26, 1894j m. Nov. 3, 1638, by 

Rev. George Taft at Pawtucket, R. I., to JANS WASHBURN COTION, b. Nov. 4, 

1816, at Assonet, Mass., d. June 12, 1899, at 689 Weeden St., Pawtucket, dau. 

of Preserved and Grace Vaughan (Read) Cotton. Both interred in the Ballou 

lot at Mineral Spring Cem., Pawtucket. 

Preserved Cotton, d. Sept. 25, 1853, aged 72 years, at Pawtucket, and his 
wife Grace d. Mar. 26, 1861, aged 84 years, on Bean Hill, so called, Paw- 
tucket, at the home of her dau. Mrs. Jane Vv'ashburn (Cotton) Ballou. They 
are interred in the "Cotton Lot", west side of Main Ave., Mineral Spring 
Cem., Pawtucket. 



8286 Stephen Jackson Ballou, b. July 29, 1839; d. Oct. 4, 1908, at Paw- 

tucket; m. Sept. 20, 1868, by Rev. George Taft , to Hannah Weather- 
head Vifliipple. In the spring of 1862 he enlisted in Co. H. 9th Regt. 
R. I. Vols., for 3 mos. Co. ordered to Washington, D. C. , and en- 
camped at Tennellytown. At expiration of the 3 mos. term of service 
the Co. was ordered home and men mustered out of service. He then 
resumed his business, painting and glazing. Funeral services were 
conducted under direction of Tower Post G. A. R. Interred in Min- 
eral Spring Cem., Pawtucket. 

8287 Charles Frederic Ballou, b. Sept. 6, 1841; d. Sept. 22, 1842, inter- 

red in Mineral Spring Cemetery. 

8288 Abby Anna Ballou, b. Oct. 2, 1843; d. Nov. 14, 1844, interred in 

Mineral Spring Cemetery. 
*e289 George Frederic Ballou, b. Mar. 26, 1846. 

8290 Annie toheaton Bwi.xlou, b. Oct. 17, 1848, d. Feb. 16, 1883. 
*8291 V/illiam Albert ballou, b. July 5, 1851, at Pawtucket. 
*8292 Grace head Ballou, b. Feb. 23, 1862. 

3864 EDDY bOwEN BALLOU (Joseph, Joseph, Daniel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), 

b. Aug. 28, 1811, at Harrisville, R. I.; d. Aug. 24, 1881, at Cedar Falls, 

Iowa; m. MARY CHILDS SAUNDERS, d. Apr. 20, 1901, at Cherokee, Iowa, dau. 

of Jeremiah Saunders Jr., son of Jeiemiah and Anna (Ballou) Saunders, (see 

299 Daniel, Obadiah, James, Maturin Ballou). 

He moved from Harrisville, R. I. to both Rockford, 111. and Caledonia, 
Minn, in 1858, and in 1864 settled in Cedar Falls, Iowa. He was a mechanic 
and farmer. 

Children: Born probably in Harrisville, R. I, 

*3864-l l&rtha A. Ballou, b. Oct. 20, 1839. 

*3864-2 Henry Childs Ballou, b. Oct. 24, 1841. 
3864-3 Josephine A. Ballou, b. Oct. 23, 1843; m. June 2, 1861, Asa Sher- 
man, at Caledonia, Minn.; d. July 2, 1862, at Eitzen, Houston Co., 
Minn., interred in Eitzen Cem. Abu was a farmer. He was drowned 
Oct. 14, 1863 in the Mississippi River and the body never recover- 
ed. No issue reported. 

*3864-4 Edward Laphara Ballou, b. Oct. 8, 1845. 

*3864-5 Mary Childs Ballou, b. Dec. 19, 1847, at No. Scituate, R. I. 


3878 CMRLSS ROSEA BALLOU (Rev. Daniel, Sylvanus, Daniel, Obadiah, James, 
feturin), b. July 29, 1865, at Utica, N. Y, ; d. Mar. 5, 1935, in the Ma- 
sonic Hospital, Utica, N. Y. } m. June 23, 1909, by Rev, George Cross Baner, 
to CLAM ROSE FENN, b. Sept. 2, 1881, at Torrington, Conn,, dau. of William 
Beach and Rose (Pelton) Fenn, 

Ke -vaB educated in the public schools and the Clinton Liberal Jnfatdtute 
in Fort Plain, N. Y. For 50 years he was proprietor of a printing and pub- 
lishing business in Utica, retiring a year before his death. He was a 
member of the Church of tie Reconciliation; past master of Oriental Lodge 
224j A. F. & A.: M. ; member of Mohawk Valley Consistory; Ziyara Temple, 
Nobles of the Mystic S?irine; Utica Lodge 23, B. P, 0. E,; Court Fort Schuyler 
1510; Independent Order of Foresters; also life member of the Musicians' 
Union 51, and Typographical Union 62. For many years he played in military 
bands. In 1913 he was elected president of the Common Council (Utica) as 
the Democratic candidate and served during 1914 and 1915. 

Children: Born at Utica, N, Y. 

3878-1 Harriet Ballou, b- May 11, 1910; m. Oct, 8, 1932, by Rev. Stanard 
Dow Butler at Utica, to Ronald C. Mudge, b. Dec, 17, 1909, at 
Oneonta, N, Y., r.on of Frank A. and Annette (Donaldson) Mudge of 
Utica. She attended Utica Free Academy and Utica School of Com- 
*3878-2 Elizabeth Ballou, b. Oct. 13, 1913. 

3878-3 Julia Ballou, b. Oct. 10, 1920. 

3880 AMY LEONORA BALLOU (Rev. Daniel, Sylvanus, Daniel, Obadiah, James, 
Maturin), b. Sept. 29, 1871, at Utica, N. Y. ; m. Feb. 22, 1911, by Rev. 
George Cross Baner at Utica, to Mark N. Bennett, b. June 22, 1873, at Provi- 
dence, R. I,, d. July 26, 1921, at Providence, interred in Swan Point Cem., 
Providence, son of Mark C. and Jennie F. (Newton) Bennett, 

She writes: "My grandfather, Sylvanus Ballou, was married three times. He 
was past seventy years of age when my father was born, son of his third v;ife." 

3881 BESSIE MAY BALLOU (Rev. Daniel, Sylvanus, Daniel, Obadiah, James, 
Maturin), b. July 23, 1874, at Utica, N. Y, ; m, June 18, 1S02, by Rev, H, E, 
Benton at Utica, to WARREN S. PARKS, b. Jan, 27, 1875, at Stow, Mass., son 


of Lewis and Lydia M. Parks. 

She is Educational Director of the Rochester (N. Y-. ) Civic Orchesti-a and 
in cloarge of the school orchestra's concert programs. She collaborates 
with the Musical Director in arranging the programs, writes the bulletins 
that explain the selections played for the benefit of the schools in zhe 
vicinity, and aids in radio broadcasts. She is a student of music appre- 
ciation and has been a professional singer. Mr. Parks is Agency ¥;;.nag-.r 
of the Equitable Life Ins. Co., Rochester. 

Children: Born at Rocliester. 

3881-1 Richard Ballou Parks, b. Feb. 5, 1916, student at Tufts College. 
3881-2 Nancy Parks, b. May If, 1920. 

3987 LUKE PHILLIPS BALLOU (Dennis Jr., Dennis, Obadiah Jr., Obadiah, James ^ 
Maturin), b. June 9, 1849, at Smithfield, R. I. 5 m. May 12, 1857, by Rev. 
John Boyden at Woonsocket, R. I., to ELIZA REBECCA SMITH, b. June 28, 1845, 
at Smithfield, R. I., dau. of Elijah and Elizabeth (Mowry) Smith. 

Children: Born at Woonsocket, R. I. 

*8572 George Smith Ballou, b. Mar. 3, 1871. 
*8573 Elizabeth Mabel Ballou, b. Oct. 16, 1879. 

3988 RUFUS OLNEY BALLOU (Dennis Jr., Dennis, Obadiah J.-,, Obadiah, James,. 
Maturin), b. July 4, 1851, at Smithfield, R. I.; m. May 30, 1871, to ELIZA 
CURRIER, dau. of George and Harriet Currier. 

^8574 Dennis Stephen Ballou, b. July 28, 1872; d. a few years ago. 

3 989 OSCAR ADELBERT BALLOU (Dennis Jr., Dennis, Obadiah Jr., Obadiah, James, 
Maturin), b. Dec, 1, 1853, at Smithfield, R. I.; m. lo71, at Taunton, Mass., 
to MARY EDNA BUSHSE, b. Nov. 12, 1653, at Taunton, dau. of Lorenzo and Mary 
Jane (Chapman) Bushee^ 



8575 Minnie Ballou, b. Apr. 1874, at Taunton. 
*8576 Herbert Louis Ballou, b. Oct. 20, 1875, at Woonsocket, R. I, 

4012 OSCAR BROV-N BALLOU (William R. , William, Obadiah Jr., Obadiah, James, 

Maturin), b. Sept. 19, 1853, at Uxbridge, JJass. ; m. (l) May 9, 1899, by Rev. 

Mr, Love at Helena, Mont., to NELLIE V^ILLEY, b. in 1874 at Kennebunkport , Me. 

d. July 5, 1914, at Great Falls, (N. H.), dau. of Albert and Mary (Parsons) 

Willey; (2) Oct. 13, 1916, at Steilacoom, Pierce Co., vVash., to EliiiA 

(COOPER) KELLOGG, b. Dec. 20, 1872, at Westmoreland, Kan., dau. of 1/dlliam 

and Mary Cooper. No issue. He is president of Ballou & Wright, Portland, 


418 3 LEONaKD BALLOU (Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. 

Feb. 1, 1811, at Richmond, N. H. ; d. Feb. 21, 1880; m. (l) to GRATIS BOYCE, 

b. Sept. 17, 1811, dau. of Silas and Comfort (Allen) Boyce of Richmond, N.H.j 

(2) May 20, 1873, to SARAH D. TAYLOR (widow). 

The following records of this branch were given by Leonard Ballou's grand- 
son, Henry Arthur Ballou, of Barbados, B. W. I. 


4183-1 Cordelia 0. Ballou, b. at Richmond; m. Albert Putnam. 

4183-2 George E. Ballou, b. at Richmond, (see 8697). 

4183-3 Joseph L. Ballou, b. at Whitingham, Vfc . j m. Olivia Crosier, (see 

4183-4 Emmaline G. Ballou, b. at V/hitingham; m. Frank Walker. 
4183-5 Hattie A. Ballou, b. at Vihitingham; m. Wells Allis. 
4183-6 Charles L. Lallou, b. at Whitingham; ra. Jer.nie Burrington. 
*4l83-7 John Francis Ballou, b. in 1851, at Whitingham. (see 8701). 
4183-8 Mary A. ballou, b. at Whitingham; m. Charles Lee. 

4191 £ILAS V/ARREN BALLOU (Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. Nov. 6, 1825, at Richmond, N. H. ; s. Aug. 4, 1861, at Hale, Jones Co., 
Iowa, interred in Diamond Cem., Hale; m. to l«iARY JANE SMITHj d. Aug. 21, 


1887, at Hale, Jones Co., Iowa, interred in Diamond Cemetery, 

*4191-1 V/illiam Washington Ballou, b. Nov. 4, 1846, in Michigan. 

4425-5 ALMEDA PICKERING (Susanna Ballou, David Jr., David, SamueJ. , Jani':;^, 
Malurin), b. Sept« 23, 1843; at Cumberl/nd, R, I.; d, Nov. 26, 1914; m^ 
March 29, 1859, by Rev. John Boyden, to ALFRED E. BARTLETl', d. Mar. 25, 
1911, son of Abner and Lucina (Eaten) Bartlett. 
Children: Born in V/oonsocket , R. I. 

*442b-5-l Harriet A. Bartlett, b. Mar. 28, 1860. 

4425-5-2 Henry W. Bartlett, b. Dec. 2, 1862. Unm. Resides, 543 Mendon 
Road, Woonsocket, R. I. 
*4425-5-3 Melena Susan Bartlett, b. April 3, 1866. 
*4425-5-4 Roscoe Bartlett, b. Mar. 23, 1868. 

4425-5-5 Herbert A. Bartlett, b. Mar. 28, 1864^ d. Mar. 9- 1865. 

4425-5-6 Herman L. Bartlett, b. Mar. 21, 1865 j d. Sept. 16, 1865, 

4441 BYRON MOWRY BALLOU (Mowry, Welcome, David, Samuel, James, Maturin), 

b. lk.y %, 1837, at Burrillville, R, I,; d. June 29, 1913, interred in 

Amasa Mowry Cem. ; m. Feb. 10, 1879, by Rev. George Brooks at Woonsocket, 

R. I., to M. JENNIE BUXTON, b. Dec. 24, 1856, at Smithfield, R. I., d. 

May 16, 1891, interred in Buxton Cem., dau. of Henry and Ann J. (Hall) 


Children; Born at North Smithfield, R. I. 

*4441-1 Byron Henry Ballou, b. Jan. 2, 1880. (see 4442)-, 
4441-2 Caroline Abigail Ballou, b. May 9, 1882; d. Dec. 14, 1923, at 

Vi/orcester, interred at Slatersville Cem.; m- Fred Shippee. (see 
4443 ) . 
4441-3 George Mowry Ballou, b. Oct. 20, 1884. Unm. Res: North Smith- 
field, R. I. (see 4444). 
*4441-4 Levi Nelson Ballou, b. Aug. 25, 1886. 


4458 CHARLES HMilLTON BALLOU (Welcome Jr., Welcome, David, Samuel, James, 
Ifeturin), b. Apr. 9, 1862. at Uxbridge, Maas.j m. (I89l), by Rev. Mansfield 
at Slatersville, R. I., to CHARLOTTE TAFT CORNWELL, b. Feb. 22, 1865. at 
Milford, Mass. 


4'x58-l Ethel Rose Ballou, b. 1892, at Mendon, Mass. j m. 1934, Vinton E. 

4458-2 Robert Edgar Bcaiou, b. 1894, at Slatersville 5 m. 1916, Carrie E. 

4458-3 Gertrude Lillian Ballou, b. 1895, at Uxbridgej m. 1932, Colin 

4458-4 Carrie Esther Ballou, b,. 1897, at South Providence, R. I. 5 m. 1921, 
Arthur G. Rogers 

4458-5 Charles Cornwall Ballou, b. Oct. 6, 1899, at South Providence. Unm. 

4458-6 Arthur Leroy Ballou, b. 1903, at East Providence. Unm. 

4458-7 Mabel Louise Ballou, b. 1905, at Uxbridge; m. 1930, Percy F. Mar- 

4458-8 Stanley Theodore Ballou, b. 1910, at Uxbridgej d. 1922. 

4459 HERBERT BALLOU (Welcome Jr., V/elcome, David, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. Feb. 19, 1854, at Uxbridge, Mass,; d. Aug. 26, 1922, at Douglas. Mas,, 
interred in Douglas Center Cem. ; m. (l) Jan. 1, 1878, by Rev. George Bremner 
at Uxbridge, to SARAH ETTA HALL, b. July 25, 1860, at Uxbridge, dau, of 
Chandler and Anne M. (Saben) Hall, resides at Pasadena, Calif.; (2) to 
ANNIE E. SMITH, b. Aug. 13, 1877, at No. Smithfield, R. I.; d. Aug. 13, 1908, 
at Douglas, interred in Douglas Center Cem., dau. of Charles and Hannah 
(Mowry) Smith. 

Children: By 1st wife. 

4459-1 Edward Allen Ballou, b. July 1, 1882. (see 8744). Res: Pasadena, 

4459-2 Grace Ballou, b. Nov. 27, 1885; d. 16 mos, old, interred in Pros- 
pect Cem., Uxbridge. (see 8745). 

Children: By 2nd wife. 

4459-3 Fred Herbert Ballou, b. Nov. 11, 1891, at No. Smithfield; d. June 

Sj!:venth generation 14 

(date not given) at Douglas, interred in Douglus Center Cemetery. 
*4459-4 Grace Inez Ballou, b. Feb. 26, 1894, at No. Smithfield. 
*4459-5 Liinnie Christine Ballou, b. Aug. 1, 1895, at Uxbridge. 
4459-6 Nellie Mae Ballou, b. June 17, 1898, at No. Smithfield; m. E. D. 

4459-7 Henry Smith Ballou, b. Mar. 10, 1900, at Douglas; m. Helen Hindon. 
4459-8 Everett Ballou, b. Nov. 7, 1902, at Douglas. Unm. 
4459-9 Earl Ballou, b. Mar. 7, 1905, at Douglas; m. Maud Dudley. 

4491 ALBERT FRAKKLIN B.'vLLGU (Willard, Amasa Esq., David, Samuel, James, 

Maturin), b. May 9, 1840, at Burrillville, R. I.; m. Apr. 21, 1860, by Rev. 

John Boyden at woonsocket, R. I., to ELELINE 0. VALLETT, b. July 13, 1841, 

at Burrillville, dau. of Stephen and Laura (Matthewson) Vallett. 

Children: Born at liVorcester, Mass. 

*4491-1 Willard Earl Ballou, b. Jan. 25, 1865; d. Sept. 20, 1914. (see 

4491-2 Cora Jennie Ballou, b. June 29, 1867; d. July 4, 1882» (see 8748). 

4491-3 Nellie Emeline Ballou, b. May 12, 1875; m. June 20, 1902, Alfred 
Marvin Holmes. (see 8749), 

44S1-4 Austin Albert Ballou, b. Feb. 13, 1887; m. June 19, 1915, by Rev. 
Dr. McDonald at Worcester, to Gertrude Pauline Goddard, b. Apr. 
30, 1885, at V/orcester, dau. of Lucius and Mary (Clarke) Goddard. 
He was elected president of the Ballou Family Association in Sept., 
1930, and served four years. He is by occupation an office mana- 

4571 ERASTUS M. BALLOU (Dutee Jr., Dutee, Moses, Samuel, James, Maturin), 

b. Apr. 23, 1848, at Greenfield, Saratoga Co., N. Y. ; m. Mar. 4, 1880, by 

Rev. William Armstrong, to ELLEN J. GOODRICH, dau. of Frederick and Phebe 

(Bartholmew) Goodrich, who was son of Milo Goodrich. 

Children: Born at Porter Corners, N. Y. 

*4571-1 Fred E. Ballou, b. Feb. 24, 1381. 
-■-•^571-2 Eugene Dutee Ballou, b. Dec. 20, 1883. 
*4371-3 Ernest Marenus Ballou, b. May 21, 1888. 
*4571-4 Beuha Ellen Ballou, b. Apr. 27, 1893. 

4613 WILLARD 'jVHIPPLE BALLOU (Willard H., Willard, Moses, Samuel, James, 


Maturin), b. May 15, 1852, at Smithfield, nov,/ Lincoln, R. I.,; d. Sept. 27 ^ 

192", at Uxbridge, Mass., interred in Uxbridge Cemo ; m. May 3, 1876, by 

Rev. E. A. Maryotte at Lonsdale, R. I., to AMIE SIvilTH COMSTOCK, b.. May 3, 

1855, at Hari'isville, R. I., dau. of Emor and Lucy (Haliday) Comstock. 

He graduated from Lonsdale HiHi School, took courses in architecture in 
Providence j owned aid operate'- a farm i;; Lincoln j became a roa 1 ooi.tractor 
while living in Central 'jillage, Conn., and the first mile of inacp^dam 
road in town of Plainfield, Conn.; moved to Uxbridge and became a building 
contra'^tor. He was a menber of A. F. & A. M. and the Episcopal Clnrch. 


*4613-1 Bertram Arnold Ballou, b. ku^, 10, 1879, at Lincoln, R. I. 5 m. 

Dec. 24, 192o, by Rev. John Ward Rose at Uxbridge, to Maude (Carey) 

Chase, b. Mar. 10, 1874, at Providence, dau. of John L. and Surah 

Elizabeth (Boardman) Carey, (see 8769). 
♦4613-2 Zerlina Lueila Ballou, b. June 1, 1881, at Lincoln, (see 8770). 
4613'-3 Lucy Edna Ballou, b. Aug. 8, 1883, at Lincoln; d. Eacter Sunday, 

1894. (see 8771). 
*4613-4 Moses Harold Ballou, b. Aug. 25, 1886, at Lincoln; m= Annie Collins. 
*4513-5 Raymond Ellsworth Ballou, b. Aug. 27, 1891, at :Ancoln; m. Helen 

*4613-6 Myrtle Desire Ballou, b. Dec. 17, 1894, at Central Village; m, 

Harlow N. Drown. 
*4613-7 Leon Howard Ballou, b. May 18, 1899, at Central Village; m, Phyllis 


4616 ARIADNE JOSEPHINE BALLOU (Willard H., Willard, Moses, Samuel, James, 

Maturin), b. July 6, 1859; d. Aug. 18, 1914, at Uxbridge, Mass., interred in 

Prospect Cemetery; m. Apr. 23, 1885, at Uxbridge, to CHARLES EDl/VARD BLANCH- 

ARD, b. Aug. 20, 1861, at Cambridge, Mass., son of Bradford J. and Elizabeth 

(Buchan?) Elanchard. 


*4616-1 Lucil? Murray Blanchard, b. Sept. 18, 1888, at Lincoln, R. I. 
*4616-2 Haroldv Bradford Blanchard, b. Sept. 14, 1890, at Lincoln. 
^•616-3 Mildred Desire Blanchard, b. Feb. 24, 1893, at Uxbridge. Res: 
Barre, Mass. 
*4616-4 Lloyd Henry Blanchard, b. Sept. 26, 1895, at Uxbridge. 


^•ieib-S Carlton Douglas Blanchard, b. Apr. 23, 1898, at Uxbridge. 
*4616-6 Edvi/ard Rollin blanchard, b. Feb. 22, 1901, at Uxbridge.. 

4696 ORL-UvlDO RALPH BALLOU (Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, James, Katvrin), 

t, Dec. 19, 1833, at Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; d. July 14, 1909 j m. Oct. 13- 

1859, by Rev. Dr. Mattison at B-.-ecksvills, Ohi'^, to ELIZABETH BOYD, b. May 

12, 1837, at V/atertown, N. Y., d. Feb. 24, 19^9, at "Brooklands' , Fre&i,e.ter, 

Ore., dau. of John and Eliza (Saylor) Boyd. Both interred in Mt . View Cam., 

Walla Walla, Wash. 

He took his bride to Lisle Township, 111., then to Naperville, 111. In 
1872 the family moved to Santa Roba, Galit . , where their seventh child vns 
born. Then the family moved to San Francisco, Calif., from v/hich place, in 
1878, they first went to Portland, Ore., then by boat to Vii'allula, ther.ce to 
Vfella Y/alla, and finally settled on what is now the old horiiestead, "Brook- 
lands". From letter of Florence (Ballou) Brown, Spokane, 1932 "Our origi- 
nal farm was called 'Birch Brook', where I was born in 1880.. Father bought 
it in 1878 and moved the family up from California. Then he found the title 
was not quite clear and Lro to use his homestead ri^.its to prove up on it. 
He bought more land until .le had 388 acres of the be^t land in WaxXa Yfella 
Valley, containing four streams and fifty-two epringb. In 1889 he sold 
'Birch Brook Farm' and SO acres, and moved to another house on the plao-^, 
which we called 'Crystal Springs Farm'. There he had a large d'igrry, 20 acres 
of pears, and an apple orchard. He sold baled timothy hay to the goveri.,nent 
for cavalry horses. In 1899 he sold this place and a acres and 
built 'Brooklands'. I was married here in 1903." 


*8799 Lillian Ballou, b. Aug. 20, 1860, at Lisle, 111. 

*8800 Myra Ballou, b. May 27, 1862, at Lisle. 

*8801 Grant Alby Ballou, b. Mar. 16, 1864, at Lisle. 

8802 Clarence Orlando Ballou, b. Jan. 18, 1866, at Lisle 5 d. Feb- 28, 1929, 

in St. Luke's Hospital, at Boise, Idaho, interred :i.ii Mt. View Cam. ; 
m, Oct. 16, 1916, by Rev. Charles Marshall at Denver, Col., to Mary 
Charlotte Baillie, b. at London, Canada, dau. of Thomas and Mary Ann 
(Hodgins) Baillie, of Denver. He left V/alla W-.lla and established 
the firm of Ballou-Latimer Drug Store, at Boise. He was a delegate 
to the National Druggist Association meeting held in Boston about 
1911, and president of the Idaho State Board of Pharmacy for several 

8803 Edna Mabel Bal-^ou, b. Dec. 9, 1869, at Lisle; d. June 8, 1873, inter- 

red at Santa Rosa, Calif. 


»8804 Harry Euberto Ballou, b. Aug. 22, 1871, at Lisle, 
•8805 Bertha Amelia Ballou, b. Apr. 18, 1874, at Santa Rosa. 
*8806 Florence Perdita Ballou, b. Oct. 22, 1880, at Milton, Ore. 

4701 HENRIETTA THERESA BALLOU (Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, James, 

lilaturin), b, Jan. 3, 1846, at Brecksville, Ohio; d. Dec. 26, 1879, at 

Centralia, Kans.; ra= (l) Nov. 21, 1866, by Kev- llr. Potter at Naperville, 

111., to EDWARD MATHER, b. Aug. 11, 1838, at Essex, N. Y., son of Joshua 

Emery and Maria (Frisbiej Mather; (2) Oct. 1, 1384, to CORDELIA ELLEN 

ROYCE. Res; (l936) Centralia, Kans. Owns a copy of Mather genealogy. 

There were three Mather brothers (Massachusetts descendants) who married 
into this branch of Ballous. Edward (as above); Samuel m. Malvina Ballou, 
sister of Henrietta at a double wedding, Samuel d. Jan. 24, 1932, at 
Yankton, S. Dak. while visiting his daughter; Asa m. Althea A., dau. of 
Amelia (Ballou) Frost, (see 4694). 


*8813 Reuben Elbert Mather, b. Nov. 16, 1867. 

8814 Alice Mather, b. Jan. 12, 1869; m. Robert Miller and has two sons, 

Raymond and Royce. Res: Centralia. 

8815 James Issac Mather, b. Sept. 18, 1870; m. Myrtle Wells and has four 

sons, Edward, Roland, James and Glenn. 

8816 Minerva Mather, b. Apr. 23, 1373; d. in 1903, at Centralia. Unm. 


1627:;jL-l ANNA I.IARILLA ALI^iJN (Dutee Allen, Alraira Ballou, Dutee, Moses, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. June 24, 1854, at Greenfield, Saratoga Co., N. Y.j m. 
Apr. 21, 1878., by Rev. A. A. Kidder (Cong. Ch.) at Durand, kis., to JOHN V. 
V;HfiLAN, b. Nov. 1, 1845, at Waterford, Ballyduff Co., Ireland; d. June 3, 
1906 at MondovJ., i('/is. He graduated at University of Vi'isconsin, \ia71 in law 
and science. 

Children; Born at Mondovi, WiSr 

1627-1-1-1 Dutee Allen 'J<}ielan, b. Mar. 25, 1879o Unm« He writes as 

follows: "I have li' ed practically all my life on V.'helandale 
Farm (530 acres). Graduate of Mondovi H.. S,, 1896} Univ. cf 
wis., 1900; became asst. cashier. First Nat'l Bank of Mondovi 
in 1901, cashier in 1915, which position I still hold. Am a 
32nd degree Mason; treas. of two Masonic bodies; trustee of 
Cong. Church; treas. of the Red Cross; sec. and treas. of Oak 
Park Cemetery Assn.; treas., of Mondovi School Dist.; treas. of 
Mondovi Dairymen's Assn.; member of Buffalo County Agricultural 
Board; pres. Mondovi Library Boai-d ; director of Fai-mers' Lujn- 
ber Gocj first pres. of Buffalo -Fepin County Bankers' Assn.* and 
held same office for many years; treas. of the tovm of Mondovi 
Coop. Equity Assn. for six years; chairman for Buffalo County 
in V/orld '<i/ar drive; member of Wisconsin Legislature in 1923> 
elected as a conservative by large majority. Have served as 
executor, administrator, and trustee of many estates since the 
death of my father in 1906, and am handling about twenty estates 
at the present time. 

1627-1-1-2 John Veale '.^helan, b. May 10, 1882; m. June 2, 1918, to Mabelle 
Pabst , dau. of Daniel of Naples, Buffalo Co., Wis. Graduate 
of Univ. of V/is. Children: Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Virginia, and 
Robert John. His widow is a teacher at Roderick, Nev. 

1627-1-1-3 Judson Sutherland \ihelan, b. May 30, 1884; m. June 6, 1907, at 

Portland, Ore., to Shirley Evalyn Allen of Park Ridge, 111. He 
attended Univ. of V/is. and Univ. of Denver Law School. Chil- 
dren: Alden Ballou, Margaret Evalyn, Elizabeth Bernice, John 
Veale, James V/aterford, Patricia Althea, and Judith Shirley. 
Res: Vi/helandale Farm, Mondovi, V/is. 

1627-1-1-4 Paul VVhelan, M. D., b. Jan. 30, 1887; m. in 1915 at Wheeling, 
Va. , to Jennie C. Lamb, his cousin. Attended Univ. of Wis. 
and graduated from Med. Coll., Univ. of Penn. Children: Paul 
(aeceased), Joan, Catherine, Elizabeth, Uollie, and Daniel 
Allen. Is practicing in Seattle, Wash, 


1627-1-1-5 Mary Elizabeth Whelan, M. A, at Barnard Coll., Columbia Univ« 
Unm. She is a teacher of Spanish at Bay View H. S., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

1627-1-1-6 Allen Y^lielan, b. Mar. 13, 1891; m. July 3, 1920, at Wausau, 
Wis., to Laura Johnson. Graduate of Univ. of Wis. and of 
Stout Institution, Manual Arts Course. They have one chiic", 
Allen Randall Vi/helan, b. Sept. 3, 1925. Practices lav/ at 
Ripon, Wis, 

1627-1-1-7 V/illiam Miller Whelan, b. Feb. 15, 1893. Graduate of Univ. of 

Vi('is., ola';s of 'i./23, and tout '.rnstitution, Manual Arts Course. 
Unm. Engineer. Res: 280 Darkside Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y, 

1627-1-1-8 Julia Priscilia i^helan, b. Sept. 15, 1895; m. Sept. 27, 1926, 
by Rev. George H. Waters (Cong. Ch.) at Mondovi, Wis., to 
Joseph Silvernesb, Asst. Cashier of First Nat'l Bank, Mondovi, 
Wis. Graduate of Univ. of liVis. No children. 

1627-1-1-9 Anna Whelan, M. D., b. May 5, 1897; ra. May 16, 1925, at New 

York, N. Y., to Dr. Duma C. Arnold, of Neuse, N. C. Both are 
graduates of Med. Coll., Univ. of Pern. Children: Nancy and 
Thomas Burton Arnold. Res: 204 W. 49th St., Minneapolis, jlinn. 

1820-4 RUTH WINTHROP BalLOU (John S., Sanford J., William, William, Maturin, 

John, Maturin), b. Mar. 16, 1893, at Winthrop, Mass,; m. Sept. 30, 1917, by 

Rev. Wm. Peck at V^'inthrop to HARLEY H. CHAliLEnLAll] , b. at Concord, N. K., 

son of George and Elvira (Hammond) Chamberlain. He is a public accountant 

and resides at 44 South Spring St., Concord, N. H. 


1820-4-1 Harley H. Chamberlain Jr., b. May 19, 1918, at Winthrop. 
1820-4-2 Dorothy Ruth Chamberlain, b. Feb. 15, 192^, at Winthrop. 
1820-4-3 Robert Ballou Chamberlain, b. Aug. 11, 1925, at Concord. 

3262-1 EMILY ALTHEA CROSBY (Eunice Ballou, Ichabod, Nathaniel, Amariah, 
Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. May 21, 1848; d. Jan. 20, 1920; m. Feb. 26, 
1870, at Keene, N. H. to OSCAR BRIGHAIv; DEANE. 

3262-1-1 V/illiam Deane, b. Nov. 30, 1872. 
»3262-l-2 Oscar Brigham Jr., b. Oct. 30, 1883. 

3262-1-3 Minnie Deane. 
*3262-l-4 Mabel Deane. 

3262-1-5 Velma Deane. 


3 262-2 FANNY ELLEN CROSBY (Eunice Ballou, Ichabod, Nathaniel, Amariah, 
Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. April 2, 1851j m. Feb. 28, 1881, at Spring- 
field, Mass., to GEORGE EDWARD MNSFIELD of England. Res; Fairfield St., 
Springfield, Mass. 
Children i 

3262-2-1 Harold Crosby Mansfield, b. June 4, 1883. 
♦3262-2-2 Grace Irene Mansfield, b. Mar. 13, 1888, 
3252-2-3 Ruth Helen IJlansfield, b. Jan. 24, 1890j d. July 19, 1910, 

3 864-1 MARTHA A. BALLOU (Eddy B., Joseph, Joseph, Daniel, Obadiah, James, 

Maturin), b. Oct. 20, 1839, at Burrillville, R. I.; d. Nov. 11, 1912, at 

Lansing, 111.; m. June 16, 1858, at Rockford, 111.; to CHARLES MAX;AELL, d*. 

June 21, 1903, at Lansing, interred in Lansing Cem. 


3864-1-1 Julia Maxwell. It is understood she moved to Michigan. 
3864-1-2 Frank Maxwell. 
jfafa4-l-3 Pearl Maxwell. 

3 864-2 HENRY CHILDS BALLOU (Eddy B., Joseph, Joseph, Daniel, Obadiah, James, 

Maturin), b. Oct. 24, 1841, at Harrisville, R. I.; d. Feb. 24, 1921, at 

Harlowtown, Mont., interred in Greenwood Cem., Ced^r Falls, lovm; m. May 7, 

1879, by Rev. Mr. Young at Cedar Falls, to MARGARET PHILPOT, b. May 10, 1848, 

at Olive, Ohio. 

By occupation -he was a farmer. In 1933 his widow, Margaret, was making her 
home at McGrath, Minn, with her dau. Madge N. Ballou. Henry was in the Civil 
War, Private in Co. F. , lOth Minn. Vol. Inf. 


♦3864-2-1 George Garfield Ballou, b. Apr. 15, 1881. at Cedar Falls. 
3864-2-2 Madge N. Ballou, b. Feb. 27, 1884, at Southland, Iowa. 
3864-2-3 Samuel Roy Ballou, b. Nov. 1, 1888, at Kingsley, Iowa, 


3864-4 EDWARD LAPHAM BALLOU (Eddy B., Joseph, Joseph, Daniel. Obadiah, 

James, Maturin), b. Oct. 8, 1845, at Harrisville, R. I. ^ d. Apr. IJ , 1920, 

at Fairmont, Minn. j m. Dec. 27, 1877, by Rev. Mr. Darwin at Cedar Falls, 

Iowa, to MliHRVA LOUISE SMITH, d. Dec. 19, 1904; at Larrabee, Iowa, dsu. 

of Nelson Vi/. Smith, of Cedar Falls. 

Hj moved from Harrisville, h- I. with his parents to Rockford, J_l. in 
1854; to Caledonia, Minn, in 1858; and to Ced^r Falls in 1864-5. He was 
actively engaged in the lumber business all his life. 


*3864-4-l Edward Benning Ba.lou, b. Jan.. 18, 1878, in Grundy Co., Minn. 

3864-4-2 Minerva Evelyn Ballou^ died i.: infancy, 

3864-4-3 Bertha Olive Ballou, died in infancy. 

3864-4-4 A son, died in infancy. (Of these three children two were twins, 
but their identity is unknovm to compiler.) 
*3864-4-5 Ellis Louvern Ballou, b. June 15, 1885, in Blackhawk Co., Iowa. 
*3864-4-6 Herbert Ellsworth Ballou, b. July 31, 1887, in Biack';av^k Co. 

3864-4-7 Ivlaude Mary Ballou, b. in O'Brien Co., lov.aj d. July, 1907 (?). 

3864-4-8 Minetta /era Ballou, b. Dec. 18, 1892, ir Ch?rokee Co., Iowa. 
Probably unm> Reported 1933 as living in Lcs Angeles, Calif o 

3864-5 I.IARY CHILDS BALLOU (Eddy B. , Joseph, Joseph, Daniel, Obadiah, Ji'.mes, 

Maturin), b. Dec. 19, 1847, at No. Scituate, R. I.; m. Mar. 20, 1879, to 

ALEXANDER F. BATCHELLER, Jr., b. Mar. 4, 1847, at Burrillville, R. I., son 

of Dr. and Mrs. Alexander F. Batcheller, of Cedar Falls, loijva. 

Children: Born at Cedar Falls, Iowa. 

3864-5-1 Mamie Kezia Batcheller, b. Jan. 10, 1880. 
3864-5-2 Martha Vfellin Batcheller, b. Sept. 10, 1881. 
3864-5-3 William Earl Batcheller, b. Apr. 25, 1884. 
3864-5-4 Emma Minerva Batcheller, b. May 1, 1889. 

3878- 2 ELIZABETH BALLOU (Cnarles H., Rev. Daniel, Sylvanus, Daniel, Obadiah, 
James, Iliaturin), b. Oct. 13, 1913, at Utica, N. Y. ; ra. June 11, 1931, by 
Rev. Francis b. Upham, D. D. at New York, to CLARENCE JOInISS, b. July 2, 1901, 


at Utica, son of Morris John and Emma (Hadlock) Jones. Res: 1535 Brinker- 
>ioff Ave., Utica, N. Y. 


3878-2-1 Barbara Ann Jones, b. June 11, 1932, at Utica. 

4183-7 JOHN FRAl'.'CIS bAl.LOU (Leciiard., Sil'S, Jeose, Eleazer, Samuel, James, 

Maturin), b, in IS^l, at Vidi it Ingham, Vt . j d. in 1932, at Whitingham; m, (l) 

in 1871, at Swanzey, N. H. , to i"LC/RA MRIA EAI.iES, b. in 1849, at Swanzey, d. 

in 1905, dau. of Henry and Eliza Ann (Brown) Eames of Sv;anzeyj (2) in 1915, 

to ABEIE SURREY (widow), d. in 192 6, Wo issue, (see 8701 ). 

Children: By 1st wife. 

*4183-7-l Henry Arthur Ballou, b. July 23, 1872, at Swanzey. 
41t3-7-2 Mabel Flora B„llou, b. in 1874. at Greenville, Nc K. , d. in 1908; 

m. V/alter Goodfellov;. 
4183-7-3 John Roscoe Ballou, d. in 1921, at Fitchbu-g, MaiiS. , m. Grace 
Lynd e . 

4191-_1 WILLIAM WASHINGTON BALLOU (Silas w. , Silas, Jesse, ^I'^azer, Simucl, 

James, Maturin), b. Nov. 4, 1846, in Michigan; d. Feb. 3, 1892, at Gait, 

i.right Co., Iowa; m. to KEZIAH BUNN, b. in 1850, at Rowan, Wright Co., lo\'ia.', 

d. in 1917. Both interred in Rowan Cemetery, 


*4191-1-1 Zora Isabelle Ballou, b. Feb. 4, 1870, in Missouri. 

*4191-l-2 Cora Oretta Ballou, b. Mar. 4, 1871, at Clarence, Cedar Co., Iowa. 

*4191-l-3 Flora Ellen Ballou, b. Mar. 20, 1872, at Clarence. 

4191-1-4 Julia Ann Ballou, b. May 2, 1874, in Wright County. 

4191-1-5 Sarah Eliza Ballou, b. Feb. 17, 1876; m. in 1893, A. J. Goulty. 
*4i91-l-6 C. Willard Ballou, b. Dec. 22, 1879, in Wright County. 

4191-1-7 Chester A. Arthur Ballou, b. Mar. 12, 1881, at Gait; m. in 1902, 
Sarah Greaves. 
*4191-l-8 Bertha Elizabeth Ballou, b. Sept. 25, 1886, at Gait, 

4425-5-1 HARRIET A. BARTLETT (Alraeda Pickering, Susanna Ballou, David Jr., 
David, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Mar. 28, 1860, at V/oonsocket , R. I.; 


m. Sept. 10, 187(9), to ALSTAN DARLING, d. prior to 1937. Res: MenrU.n Read, 
V/oonsocket, R. I. 

Children s Born at Woonsocket. 

4425-b-l-l Arthur Darling, b. Feb. 22, 1880; d. Feb. 6, 1031, m. AnrJ.s 
*442d-5-1-2 Lottie Darling, b. Oct. 9^ 1881. 
*4>25-5-l-3 "welcorno Darling, b. Dec. 15; 1885, 
*4425-5-l-4 Robert Darling, b. Aug. 7, 1889. 

4425-5-1-5 Percival Darling, b. July 19, 1891. Unm. 

.fi.^5-5-3 IvlALENA SUSAN BARTLETT (Alraeda Pickering, Susanna Ballou, David Jr., 

David, Samuel, James, J/iaturin), t. Apr. 3, 1866, at liioonsocket , R. I.; d, 

July, 1927; m. Jan. 28, 1887, to GiJORGj] jj. BROWN. Res: 232 Ballou St., 

Woonsocket, R. I. 

Children: Born at Woonsocket. 

*4425-5-3-l Grace B. Bro-..n, b. Mpt. 11, 1889, 
•»4425-5-3-2 Maude S. Brown, b. Mar. 27, 1891. 
*4425-b-3-3 Llildred Brovm, b. Llay 28, 1396. 

4425-5-3-4 Florence G. Brown, d. an infant. 

4425-D-3-5 Gorton B. Brown, d. an infant. 

4425-5-4 ROSCOE BARTLjITT (Almeda Pickering, Susanna Ballou, David Jr., David, 

Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Mar. 23, 1868, at V/oonsocket, R. I.; d. July 17, 

1923; m. Apr. 9, 1889, by Rev. Myetle Woon at Woonsocket, to Ai\iANDA E. 

DARLING, dau. of Henry Darling. Res: Mendon Road, Woonsocket, R. I. 


4425-5-4-1 Herman Bartlett, b. June 8, 3 8S4. Unm. 
*4425-5-4-2 Vera Bartlett, b. Nov. 20, 1897. 
*4425-5-4-3 Dorothy Bartlett, b. May 28, 1899. 

4441-1 BYRON HENRY BALLOU (Byron M. , Iilowry, Welcome, David, Samuel, James, 
Maturin), b. Jan. 2, 1880, at North Smithfield, R. I.; m. Dec. 19, 1908, by 


Rev. Mr. Eklund at Brooklyn, N. Y., to ELLA V. GUSTOFSON, dau, of Aaron 

and A-^usta (Johanson) Gusiofson, son of Lars Gustofson of Kroneberg, Sweden. 

Res: 14 Sound View Ave., Classon Point, New York, N. Y, 


4441-1-1 Frances Louise Ballou, b. Sept. 19, 1910, at 505 W. 125th St., 
New York; N. Y. Graduate i->f Wadley H. S., New York City. 

i5il;-i LEVI NELSON BALLOU (Byron M. , Mowry, Welcome, David, Samuel, James, 
Maturin) , b. Aug. 25, 1886, at Slateriville R, I. J m. Oct. 13, 1911, at 
Boston, Mass., to BESSIE IviAY GASSSTT, b. Feb. 9, 1895, at Lewiston, Me., 
dau. of Charles A. and May (Taylor) Gassett of Charlestown, Mass., who 
were m. June 15, 1878 by Rev. Elder Daggett at Greene, Me. Res: Strong, 


4441-4-1 Beatrice Ellen Ballou, b. Aug. 21, 1912, at Charlestown, M^ss.; 
m. May 24, 1932, by Rev. Mr. Curtis at Phillips, Ms., to Percy 
Ernest, b. Nov. 11, 1911, at Phillips, son of Charles and Lucy 
Ernest, of Strong, Me. She was educated at Strong. 

4441-4-2 Laura Elizabeth Ballou, b. June 16, 1914, at Millville, Mass. 
She was educated at Strong. 

4441-4-3 Walter Ernest Ballou, b. Dec. 26, 1919, at Medfield, Mass. He 
was educated at Strong. 

4441-4-4 Dorothy May Ballou, b. Jan. 26, 1922, at Strong. 

4459-4 GRACE INEZ BALLOU (Herbert, Welcome Jr., Welcome, David, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Feb. 26, 1894, at No. Smithfield, R. I.; m. Oct» 20, 
1915, by Rev. V/allace Hayes at East Douglas, Mass., to JOHN A. CASl/iELL, b. 
Sept. 14, 1893, at Upton, Mass., d. Nov. 8, 1931, at Douglas, Mass., inter- 
red in Evergreen Cem. , East Douglas, son of Duty and Susan (Aldrich) Cas- 
well. She resides at South Douglas, Mi^ss. John A. Caswell was a mason 
by trade. 



4459-4-1 Grace Annie Caswell, b. Mar. 31, 1920, at Douglas, 
4459.4-2 John Alfonzo Caswell, b. Dec. 22, 1921, at Upton. 
4459-4-3 Ida Frances Caswell, b. Apr. 4, 1924, at Upton. 
4459-4-4 Fred Irving Caswell, b. Oct. 9, 1930, at Douglas, 

4459-5 MINNIE CHRISTINE BALLOU (Herbert, Welcome Jr., Welcome, David, 

Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Aug. 1, 1895, at Uxbridge, Mass,; m. Oct. 16, 

1919, by Rev, Vernon H. Demming at East Douglas, Mass., to GEORGE ROBERT 

MOORE, b. Dec. 14, 1895, at Burrillville, R. I., son of Robert William 

and Mary J, (Usher) Moore, 

Children: Born at No. Smithfield, R. I. 

4459-5-1 Herbert George Moore, b. Aug. 31, 1920. 
4459-5-2 Russell Robert Moore, b. Nov. 11, 1922, 
4459-5-3 Mildred Mae Moore, b. Jan. 30, 1924. 
4459-5-4 Mary Caroline Moore, b, Jan. 12, 1926. 
4459-5-5 Lena Myrtle Moore, b. Nov. 4, 1927. 
4459-5-6 Paul Douglas Moore, b. Miiy 27, 1929. 
4459-5-7 Shirley Annie Moore, b. June 10, 1931. 
4459-5-8 Henry Smith Moore, b, Jtin. 27, 1933. 

4491-1 WILLARD EARL BALLOU (Albert F., iVillard, Amasa Esq., David, Samuel, 

Jc^mes, Maturin), b. Jen. 25, 1865, at Worcester, Ma,ss.j d. Sept. 20, 1914, 

at Worceeter; m. May 16, 1887, by Rev. Henry F. Harris, D. D. at Worcester, 

to ALICE A. STEVENS, b. Nov. 8, 1864, at Wakefield, Mass., dau. of John D. 

Stevens, of Wakefield, (see 8747). He was by occupation a business mana- 

Children: Born at Worcester. 

*4491-1-1 Kenneth Stevens Ballou, b. Aug. 26, 1888, 
*4491-l-2 Donald Earl Ballou, b. Nov. 11, 1893. 

4571-1 FRED E. BALLOU (Erastus M, , Dutee Jr., Dutee, Moses, Samuel, James, 


Maturin), b. Feb. 24, 1881, at Greenfield, Saratoga Co., N. Y,j m, Aug, 15, 

1903, by Rev, R. D. Andrews at Greenfield Center, M. Y., to I-IARY EAiCR, 

b. Jan. 24, 1888. Res: Porter Corners, N. Y. 

Children: Bom at Porter Corners, N. Y, 

4571-1-1 Roy Ballou, b. June 5, 1904. 
4571-1-2 Maurice Ballou, b- July 19, 1905. 

4 571- 2 SIJGENS DUTS3 BALLOU (Erastus M. , Dutoe Jr., Dutee, Moses, Si-muel, 
James, Maturin), b. Doc. 20, 1883, at Porter Corners, N. Y . ; m. Dec. 12, 
1917, by Rev. A. D. Andrews at Greenfield Center, N. Y. , to LUCY DICKINS, 
b. June 13, 1897, at South Cornith, N, Y. , dau. of Eugene Dickins of por- 
ter Corners. 
4571-2-1 Billie Eugene Ballou, b. Oct. 15, 1919, at Porter Corners, 

4571-3 ERNEST MARENUS BALLOU (Erastus M., Dutee Jr., Dutee, Moses, Sac'el, 
James, Maturin), b. Ma> 21, 1888, at Porter Comers, K. Y,; m. GRACE ELLS- 


4571-3-1 Earl Maturin Ballou, b. Aug. 14, 1912. 
4571-3-2 Ralph Ballou, b. Mar. 1917. 
4571-3-3 Axma Ballou. 
4571-3-4 Elizabeth Ballou. 

4571- 4 BEUHA ELLEN BALLOU (Eugene M. , Dutee Jr., Dutee, Moses, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Apr. 27, 1893, at Porter Corners, N. Y. ; m. July 4, 
1916, by Rev. B. Crapo at Saratoga Spiings, N. Y., to HENRY SAUER, of 
Scotia, N. Y, , b. Jun. 4, 1894 at Schenectady, N, Y., son of J^mes Sauer , 
Res: 216 James St., Scotia, N. Y, 


Child : 

4571-4-1 Ellen Ballou Sauer, b. Apr. 21, 1917 at Scotia. 

46 13-1 BERTRAI^! ARNOLD BALLOU (Willard V/. , V/illard H., V/illard, Moses, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Aug. 10, 1873, at Lincoln, R. I,; m. Dec. 24, 
1925, by Rev. John Ward Rose at Uxoridge, Mass., to MAUDE CAREY CHASE, 
b. Mar. 10, 1879, at Providfence, R. I., dau , of John Leonard and Sarah 
Eliza (Boardman) Chase, (see 8769). No children. Res; Providence. 

4613-2 ZERLINA LUELLA BALLOU (Vi/illard W., Willard H. , Willard, Moses, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. June 1, 1881, at Lincoln, R. I,; m. Nov. 22, 
1911, by Rev. Preston Barr at Uxbridge, Mass., to FREDERIC P. WHITE, b. 
Oct. 9, 1881, at Pawtucket, R. I., d. Oct. 27, 1926, at Pa\vtucket, in- 
terred in Oak Grove Gem,, son of Zebulon P. and Ella K. (Ridler) If'Tiite. 
(see 8770). 

He vi/as a graduate of Pawtucket H. S, and a special student at Rhode In- 
land State Coll., taking courses in the chemistry of paints and in agri- 
culture. He was a member of his father's firm Fred H, White Co., dealing 
in wholesale and retail paints, established in Pawtucket in 1887. He was 
a member of the Cumberland Grange and the Universalist Church of Pawtucket. 


4613-2-1 Frederic Stanley White, b. Aug. 24, 1914, at Adamsdale, Mass. 
Graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1936, M. E. 

4613-4 MOSES HAROLD BALLOU (Willard W. , Willard H. , Willard, Moses, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Aug. 25, 1886, at Lincoln, R. I.; m. Dec. 28, 1907, 
by Rev. A. J. McLeod at Central Village, Conn., to ANNIE COLLINS, b. Dec. 
29, 1868, at Central Village, dau. of George S. and Catherine (Murdock) 
Collins, son of Charles Collins of Canterbury, Conn. He was a, member of 


A. F. & A. M., I. 0. 0. F., and the Baptist Church at North Uxbrioge, Uass= 
A carpenter by trade, (sse 8771). 

4613-4-1 Auth Ballou, b. Sept. 27, 1908, at North Uxbridge, m, Apr. ?3, 
1934, by Rov. A. C. McGilton at Uxlridgo, to Victor L\ Hc.iocn, 
b. July 15, 1902, at Hopki.iton, "'ass., son of Frank A. Hanson 
of hop'-ci-iton. Graduate o' tJrbr'.'ge H. S. He is -^^ ireraber of 
tiass. State Patrol. Res: North Grafton, IVIass. 

4613-4-2 Phyllis Ballou, b. Apr. 27, 1910, at Central Village. Graduate 
of Uxbri'ige H. P. 

4613-4-3 Winifred Bi^llou, b. July 8, 1912, at Uxbridge. Graduate of Ux- 
bridge :i. S. 

'4613-4-4 Shirley ballou, b. Nov. 25, 1914, at Uxbridge. Graduate of Ux- 
bridge H. S. 

4613-4-5 Clifford Norman B«llcu, b. Aic.y -14, 1917, at Central Village. 
Graduate of Uxbridge H. S, 

4613-4-6 Rexford Russell Ballou, b. Apr. 8, 1919, at Norwich, Com:, Grad- 
uate of Uxbridge H. S. 

4613-4-7 Anne Catherine Ballou, b. Aug. 6, 1921, at Norwich. 

4613-4-8 Pauline Marion Ballou, b, Nov. 23, 1923, at Norwich. 

4 613-5 RAYllOND Sx^LSWOhTH BaLLOU . (Willard W., Willard xl., Willard, Moses, 
SaiJuel, James, Maturin), b. Aug. 27, 1891, at Lincoln, R. I,j d. May 8, 
1922, at Uxbridge, Mass.j m. Sept. 29, 1917 by Rev. Dr. T. M. Huston at 
Yftiitinsville, Mass., to HSLEN MAGILL, b. May 8, 1891, dau. of Thomas H. 
and Ellen (Ferguson) Magill, son of John and Sarah (Brown) Magill of Bel- 
fast, Ireland. 

He was employed in the Meter Dept. of the Worcester Suburban Electric 
Light Co.. He was a member of the Masons, Eastern Star, and I. 0. 0. F. 
Res: West Boylston, Mass. 

Children: Born at Worcester, Mass, 

4613-5-1 Helen Elizabeun Ballou, b. Mar. 31, 1918. Traiuate of W. Boyl- 
ston H. S., and studied under Dr. Doore for Dentist Asst. 

4613-5-2 Marian Ellsworth Ballou, b. Nov. 13, 1920. Graduate of W. Boyl- 
ston H. S. 

4613-6 MYRTLE DESIRE BaLLOU (Willard W. , Willard H. , Willard, Moses, 

Samuel, Jumes, Maturin), b. Dec. 17, 1894, at Central Village, Conn. j 


m. Aug. 28, 1917, by Rev. Preston Barr at Vi/ilkinsonville, Mass., to 

HAilLOW H. DROV/N, b. Feb. 2, 1897, at Newport, Vt . , son of Charles H. and 

Nellie A. (Sleeper) Drown of Newport. 

He is employed as business manager of the Wo'cefiier Suburban E?.-;ctri?. 
Light Co., Uxbridge,, Mamber of Rotary Club and Methodist Church. 
Res: Uxbridge, Masbc 


4513-6-1 Dorothy Frances Drown, b. Oct. 7, 1917, at Adamsdale, Macs. 
4613-6-2 Juna Sleeper Drovm, b. Oct. 13, 1919, at Uxbridge. 
4613-6-3 Richard Comstock Drov.n, b. Dec. 11, 1925, at Milford, Mass. 
4613-6-4 Constance Smith Drown, b. July 10, 1931, at miford. 
4613-6-5 Harlow H. Drown Jr., b. May 10, 1936, at Milford. 

4613-7 LEON HOWARD BALLOU (Willard W., V/illard H., V/illard, Moses, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. May 18, 1899, at Central Valley, Connr j m. Sept. 28, 
1921, by Rev. Alexander Wiswell at Uxbridge, Mass., to PHYLLIS CHRISTOPHER, 
b. Mar. 19, 1901, at Arlington, Mass., dau. of George Parker and Olive 
(Hill) Cnristopher, son of Zenas and Martha (Lloyd) Christopher of Liver- 
pool, Nova Scotia. 

He is a stationary engineer. Member of the Masons, Odd Fellows, American 
Legion and Congregational Church. Served three years in U, S. N. during 
V/orld V/ar.i Res: Robbins Farm, Walpole, Mass. 


4613-7-1 Leon H. Ballou,Jr., b. May 12, 1922, at Uxbridge. 
4613-7-2 Dorcas Marion Ballou, b. Aug. 31, 1931, at MilJord, Mass. 
4613-7-3 Judith Olive Beixlou, b. Aug. 14, 1935, at Walpole. 

4616-1 LUCILE MURRAY BLANCHA.RD (Ariadne J. Ballou, Willard H., Willard, 

Moses, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Sept. 18, 1888, at Lincoln, H. I.; 

m. Apr. 10, 1913, at Uxbridge, Mass., to GARDNER BOYD. 

She graduated from Brown Univ., A. B., 1909, taught Hi^h School until 
1913, was a journalist from 1920-1932, i^nd is now employed as head of the 


English Dept. in Barre (ifass.) H, S. She writes poetry, drauiia, and short 
stories, some of which have been published in anthology, booklet, d.'.d mag- 
azine forms. Res: Barre, i/Iass. 


*4616-1-1 Grace Wolcott Boyd, b. Feb. 26, 1914. 
4616-1-2 Gardner Boyd, Jr., b. Sept. 25, 1916- 
4616-1-3 Elizabeth B. Boyd, b. Nov. S 1920>. 

4616-2 H.4R0LD BRADFORD BLANCHARD (Ariadne J. Ballou, Willard H., kVi^lard, 

Moses, Samuel, Jamer, Mwi.urin), b. Sept. 14, 1890, at Lincoln> R. I.; d. 

June 2, 1927 i m. to HARRIET SMITH. He graduated from Boston Univ., 1914. 


4616-2-1 Virginia Blanchard. 
4616-x,-2 Jeunette Blanchard. 
4616-2-3 Charles Blanchard. 

4616-4 LLOYD HiKRY BLANCHARD (Ariadne J. Ballou, Willard H., Willard, 

Moses, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Sept. 26, 1895, at Uxbridge> Mass.; 

m. to FLOkENCS SViTEET. He graduated from Harvi^rd Dental School. Res: 

Douglas, Mass. 


4616-4-1 Cyrus Blc.nchard. 

4616-4-2 Ariadne Blanchard (deceased). 

4616-5 CARLTON DOUGLAS BLANCHARD (Ariadne J. Ballou, Willard H., Willard, 

Moses, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Apr. 23, 1898, at Uxb.idge, Mass.; m. 

to GERTRUDE MARTIN. He graduated from Massachusetts. Ststt. College, Amherst. 

Res: Norwich, Conn. 


4616-5-1 Allen Blanchard. 
4616-D-2 Douglas Blanchard. 
4)116-^-3 Bradford Blanchard. 
4616-5-4 Mary Blanchard. 


4 616-6 EDWARD ROLLIN BLANCHARD (Ariadne J. Ballou, Wiliard H., Willard, 

Moses, Samuel, James, B/iaturin), b. Feb, 22 1901, a1 Uxbridge, Masi.; n<, 

to RACHEL CARBERRY. He graduated from Massachusetts State Collefej Amherst 

Res: Greenliald, Mass. 


4-616-6-1 Warren Biaii^hr.rd. 
4616-6-2 Dorothy Blanchard. 

5098 T/APJIEN SaiEON L/.LLOU (Otis, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, 

Maturin), b, Apr. 7, 1820, at Westmoreland, N. H. ; d. June 1, 1888, at 

Orange, Mass. j m. June 1, 1843, at Clareiiont , N. H., to SARAH MARIA GhAHAlvi, 

b. Nov. 11, 1823, at Durham, Lower Canadaj d. Jan. 3, 1884, interred in 

Orange Cemetery. 

He moved from Claremont , N. H. to Orange, Mass. in 185< where he was town 
treasvu-e:' from 185'7-V4, t^^r. collector for several yea'S, and orubtee of 
Orange Savings Bank. He was one of the thirty-two original owners of the 
Universalist church and served as treasurer from 1864 to the tiine of I'"s 

Children; Porn at Claremont, N. H. 

*5098-l Warren Adalbert Ballou, b. June 15, 1844. 
*b098-2 V/illie Otis Ballou, b. Dec. 7, 1847. 
5098-3 Lewis Perry Ballou, b. May 13, 1850 j m. Mary L. Smith. 

5102 DIANA MOWRY BALLOU (Otis, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, 

Maturin), b. Jan. 24, 1826, at Hartland, Vt.j m. Feb. 16, 1853, by Rev. 

Mr. Barber at Hubbardston, Mass., to GEORGE WASHINGTON BLACK, b. June 30, 

1831, at Holden. Mass., son of Simi^on and Lucy (Davis) Black. 

He was a dealer in custom and ready-made clothing. They lived at Orange, 
Muss., Athol, Mass., and for many years at West Gardner, Mass. 



5116 Grace Black, b. Feb. 21, 1854, at Orange j d. Mar. 27, 1854 at Orange, 
*5117 George Ashton Black, b. Mar. 1, 1885, at Orange. 
*5118 Gertrude Leone Black, b. July 25, 1856, at Orange. 

5119 Ralph Waldo Black, b. July 15, 1862, at Athol, Unm, 

5122 GEORGE WASHING-TON EALLOU (Alanson, Abra' am, Simeon, Abraham, John, 
John, Mctturin), b. Oct. 28, 1832, at Essex, Essex Co., N. Y. , m. Mar. 1 
1857, by Bradfield Wakefield, J. P. at Jefferson, Ashtabula Co., Onio, to 
MARTHA UDELL, b. Jan. 11, 1836, at Jefferson, d. May 11, 1913, at Los An- 
geles, Calif., interred in Mt . View Cem.j Pasadena, Calif., dau. of Fred- 
erick and Lura (Waters) Udell. 

liVhen George was two years of age his fjxther left Essex and became a pion- 
eer settler in the wilderness, now the town of Plymouth, Ohio. 

5131 Frank A. Bailou, b. 1858; d. 1886, at Plymouth. 
*5132 Horace Mann Bailou, b. June a9, 1860, at Mtxrysville, Iowa. 

5147 AUGUSTUS J. FISH (Lavina Bailou, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, 

John, Maturin), b. Apr. 2, 1829, at Lewis, Essex Co., N. Y. j d. Sept. 15, 

1905; m. Dec. 28, 1873^ by George S. Gold, J. P. at Westport, N. Y, , to 

JULIA A. BURNHAM, b. Dec. 26, 1854, at Whitehall, N. Y., d. July 11, 1910, 

at Saratoga, N. Y., interred in Brainards Forge Cem., dau. of Frank and 

Eliza (Doty) Burnhara. 

They resided in the paternal homestead at Lewis, N. Y. ., and were worthy 
and respected farming people. 

Children: Born at Lewis. 

*5156 Mabel L. Fish, b. Oct. 22, 1874; m. Oct. 10, 1893, Burton L. Swan. 
Res: Glens Falls, N, Y. 
5157 Elda M. Fish, b. Mar. 15, 1876; m. (l) Sept. 2, 1903, by Rev. H. D, 


Corkran at Glens Fails to Claude F. Lester, b. Apr. 7, 1878, at 
East Venice, N. Y. , d. Au^. 24, 1924, at Venice, N. Y. , son of Fred 
V. and Eva (Coughiin) Lester, son of Volney and iimily (Mead) Lester 
of East Venice; (2) May 8, 1928, to Alva W. Slocum, b. Oct. 26, 
1869, at Mizomaine, Dane Co., Wis., son of Jt.mes and Mary Etta 
(Robinson) Slocum. No children, hes: 311 N. 43rd St., Seattle, 

*5158 Linda E. Fish, b. Apr. 19, 1879. 
*51o9 Hamilton A. Fish, b. Feb. 8, 1883. 

5153 CHARLES 0. FISH (Lavina Ballou, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, 
Maturin), b. Nov. 16, 1840, at Lewis, Essex Co., N. Y.J d. Dec. 22, 1909, 
in Seneca Tovmship, Kossuth Co., Iowa; m. April 6, 1864, to LUCY M. HARE,- 
dau. of John and Sarah Jane (Pratt) Hare. Charles 0. was son of Thomas 
Fish of Langdon, N. H. , who m. Lavina Ballou, at Lewis, N. Y., Feb. 11, 1827. 
Children; " ' 

5163 Mildred Lavina Fish, b. May 11, 1866. 

5164 Sarah Miriam Fish, twin, b. Apr. 26, 1871. 

5165 Sylvia Mariun Fish, twin, b. Apr. 26, 1871. 
bl6o Edith Elvina Fish, b. Ivlay 3, 1873. 

51o7 V/illiam Thomi^s Fish, b. Mt.y 12, 1878. 
5168 Charles lulter Fish, b. Aug. 17, 1881. 
*5169 Emma Isadore Fish, b. Muy 13, 1883. 
5170 Elizabeth Fish, b. June 23, 1885. 

5507 FRANCIS IvIARTIN BALLOU (Hon. Martin, Asahel, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, 

Peter, John, Maturin), b. June 27, 1853, at Princeton, 111.; d. Aug, 15, 

1936, at Boone, Iowa; m. (l) June 27, 1883, at Boone, to KATTIE A. BARRON, 

dau. of Henry S. Barron; (2) Mar. 20, 1906, at Baltimore, Md., to SADIE 

BILLMIRE, b. Sept. 14, 1842, at Baltimore, dau. of G. A. and Elizabeth 

Billmire of Baltimore. Hattie A. died 1899, interred with infant son in 

the fajHily lot at Boone. 

He graduated from the Princeton, (111.) H. S., in 1871, then acted as clerk 
for $25.00 a month for his brother Charles T. Ballou, Wyanet , 111.^ for 


whor.: he worked a year. From Brooklyn, Iowa, he moved first to Princeton, 
then to Marshalltown, Iowa, and finally settled at Boone, lov/a. Hei-e, in 
1878, he established a dry goods store and at the time of his death had the 
oldest mercantile business in Boone. He was one of the organizers of The 
Boone Street Electric Ry. and Light Co.; director of the Boone Brick, Tile 
and Paving Co. and the city Trust and Savings Bank; and was connected fi- 
nancially with several other organizations. 

Child! By 1st wife. 

5507-1 Infant son, died with his mother in 1899. 

Child: By 2nd wife. 

*5507-2 Francis Martin Ballou Jr., b. Dec. 12, 1907, at Boone. 

5510 MARY ABIGAIL BALLOU (Alvin, M. D., Asahel, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, 

Peter, John, Maturin), b. May 18, 1850, at Princeton, 111.; d. Oct. 1, 1924, 

at Winnetka, Chicago, 111.; m. Jan. 7, 1872, to LANDON H. BALLOU, b. Sept. 

20, 1848, at Halifax, Vt.; d. Feb. 6, 1907, at Brattleboro, Vfc . , son of 

Almon and Martha H. (Larabee) Ballou. (see 551o-2). Both are interred in 

Meeting House Hill Cem. , Brattleboro. 

Landon was a farmer at Halifax, Vt . until the death of his father in 1896. 
He subsequently moved to Brattleboro. No further information. 

5511 ELLA JANE BALLOU (Alvin, M. D., Asahel, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Sept. 12, 1853, at Princeton, 111.; m. Mar. 7, 1878, by 
Judge Trimble at Princeton, to CLARENCE A. ALLEN, b. Jan. 29, 1853, son of 
Dr. and Mrs, Charles Allen of Princeton. In 1888 he was a jeweller in 
Grand Forks, Dakota. 


*5511-1 Arthur W. Allen, b. Sept. 12, 1880, at Grand Forks. 

5511-2 Marion Allen, b. July 24, 1883, at Grand Forks; d. Mar. 19, 1886, 
at West Hcilifax, Vt . , interred in W. Halifax Cemetery, 
*5511-3 Alice Louise Allen, b. June 14, 1885. 

5511-4 Clarence A. Allen, d, 1919, at Binghamton, N. Y, 


5512 ALVIN MATURIN BALLOU (Alvin, M. D., Apahel, Benjamin, Rev. Haturin, 

Peter, John, Maturin), b. Nov. 3, 1856, at Princeton, Ill.j m. Apr. 11, 

1886, by Rev. C. M. Sanders at Cheyenne, Wyo., to M.'l'A GRAHAIil, b. Jan. ]3, 

1866, at Burning Springs, Wirt Co., V/. Va., dau, of *i/illiair P, and El:.;abeth 

(Osborne) Graham. 

He sends the lolicwing biographical sketch, dated Oct. 13, 1934- ■ "Our 
father, Alvin Ballou, I.I. D., died at Vi'est Halifax, Vt . , Apr. 9, 1896. Our 
mother, Melissa J, (Vauohan), I do not know the uate of her deati" ; or where 
buried. (She probably c."'-ed in 1871 in 111.; Landor H. Ballou, who married 
sister Mary Abigail, was a farmer at West Halifax, Vt . After father's death 
they moved to Brattleboro, Vt . Concerning mv occupation, I came to Color:'.do 
in 1880 a.nd staited in electrical work ir Denver. As soon as the Brush a 'C 
and the Edison incandescent lamps were in commercial use in 1885, I follcwed 
this branch and in 1887 was interested in the Denver Tramway Go- and a New 
York City electric railway company. In 1920 I retired and returned to Den- 
ver after forty years of pioneering and developing work in electric engi- 
neering. I have the edition, 'The Ballous in America' by AdJn Ballou v/hich 
I bought in Boston, April 12, 1893, when on a trip to see my f^.ther an-i 
sisters in West Halifax, Vt. I have enjoyed good health in the past and am 
still greatly interested in the progress and event*: of the Ballou Family 


♦5512-1 Geneva Mary Ballou, b. Jan. 30, 1887, at Den-'er, Colo. 

5513 WILLIAM FOSTER BALLOU (Alvin, M. D., Asahel, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Aug. 28, 1859, at Princeton, Ill.j d. July 3, 1932, 
at Syracuse, N. Y. ; m. Oct. 28, 1896, by Rev. Mr. Burnham at Oswego, N. Y., 
to EMERETTE P. STEELE, dau. of Vi'illiam H. and Augusta (Burnham) Steele. Her 
father was son of Stephen Steele of V/indham, N. Y. 


5513-1 William Steele Ballou, b. Aug. 6, 1904, at Buffalo, N. Y. Gradua- 
ted from Syracuse University, 1926, A. B. He is Vice President, 
School Supply Co., Syracuse. Res: 1505 E. Ganossee St., Syracuse, 
N. Y. 


5516 LOIS C.^ BALLOU (Almon, Asahel, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, 

Maturin), b. May 8, 1850, at Halifax, Vt., m. Jan. 5, 1870, by Re r^ Lewis 

Mudge at Yonkers, N. Y., to HERBERT J. CLaRK, b. Jan. 11, 1846, at Guilford, 

Vt.j d. Feb. 1, 1930, at Brattleboro, Vt., son of Jason and Cynthia (W. rren) 

Clark, son of James and Hannah (Culver) Clark 


5516-1 Lillian Mary Clark, b. Nov. 5, 1871 at Halifax, Vt.j d. Aug. 7, 

1923, at East Northfield, Mass. She was a private secretary and 
accountant . 
*5516-2 Caroline Lois Clark, b. Dec. 2, 1876, at Guilford, Vt, 

5520 LAURA LIANDANA BALLOU (Darius, Martin, Benjamin, Rev Maturin, Pete", 
John, Maturin), b. April 12, 1843, at Monroe, Mass.; d. Nov. 13, 1920, at 
Spokane, Wash., interred in Greenwood Cem. , Spokane j ra. Oct. 18, 1667, at 
Menasha, Wis., to JULIUS KENDRICK DAYTON, son of Ira H. Dsyton. (Not at 
Hilbei't, Wis., as previously stated). 

5541 Lulu Mary Dayton, b. Sept. 26, 1870, at Sherwood, Vi/is. Unm. 

5542 Cora Orcelia Dayton, b. Apr. 10, 1872, at Sherjvood. 

5543 Eva Nell Dayton, b. Mar. 18, 1877, at Hilbert , Wis.; m. U, S. Orton. 

5544 Bertha V/ese Dayton, b. Jan. 12, 1879, at Hilbert; m. Arthur Pierce. 

5 523-6 HENRY MARTIN BALLOU, (Darius, Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 

John, Maturin), b. Nov. 23, 1851, at Monroe, Mass.; d. Oct. 25, 1931, at 

Neenah, Wis.; m. (l) April 1869, to NELLIE ALLEN, d. Mar-. 1874, without 

children; (2) Nov. 23, 1874 to ELLEN HANSON; (3) to ADDE PLUIJBER. 

Child: By 2nd wife. 

5523-6^1 Mattie, b. Apr. 1, 1878; m. Eberhard. Res: Black Creek, Wis. 

(see 5555). 

Child: By 3rd wife. 

5523-6-2 Horace was living (1930) but no further information. 


5699 CLARK AUGUSTUS BALLOU (Leavitt, Levi, David, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 

John, Lkturin), b. Dec. 12, 1839, at Concord, Erie Co., N. Y, ; d. Jan. 9, 

1920, at Holyoke, Mass.; m. (l) JjIARY JOHNSON PATTERSON, b. in Germany, date 

unknown, interred in Whitesboro Gem. near Utica, N. Y., dau. of Joseph t^nd 

Mary (Johnson) Patterson, both of Germany. Joeoph Patterson v/as an expert 

dyer and followed chis trade in Nev; York Mills, N. Y. ; (2) July 4, 1880, Ly 

Rev. P. B. Phelan, to MRGARdT FOX, b. in 1S44 at Donevaille, Cour.ty Cork, 

Irelajid j d. in 1902 at Holyoke, d&u. of James and Margaret Fox; (s) ELLA 

(ferry) TUTTLE, widow of Charles A-, dau. of Lewis Ferry. 

He was in the lunber business in Ilion, N. Y. and the butter and egg busi- 
ness in Holyoke, t^ss. In later years he was a bench-man at the Springfield 
Armory, Springfield, Mass. 

Children: By 1st wife. 

*5699-'l Sara Elizabeth Ballou, b. Jan. 4, 1869, at lllion. 
*5699-2 Charles Augustus Ballou, b. Apr. 16, 1873, at Ilion. 

Child: By 2nd wife. 

*5699-3 James John Ballou, b. Fob. 7, 1885, at Holyoke, Mass. 

5701 PERRY EUGENE BALLOU (Leavitt, Levi, Rev. David, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 

John, Maturin), d. about Aug. 1913, m. to OLIVE M. JACKSON, about 1855, in 

Indiana . 


*5701-1 Eugene Allen Ballou, b. Mar. 4, 1880, at Knights':own, Ind. 
5701-2 Horace Spencer Ballou, b. in 1883, at Fostoria, Ohio. He is unm. 

and resides at Nevada, Ohio. 
*5701-3 Olive Clorind;- Ballou, b. in 1886, at West Mill Grove, V/ood Co., 


5745 FREDERICK LAHA BALLOU (Horace B. , John, Rev. David, Rev. Maturin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Jan. 29, 1860, at Boston, Mass. j m. to CLARA 


SANFORD, b. Dec. 5, 1868, at Hazel Green, Wis., dau. of Erastus M. and 

Isabella (Atkj.nson) Sanford, son of Samuel and Dorcas (Alderman) S&nford 

of Ohio. 

He traveled for James W. Tufts, Boston (soda fountain business), then 
moved to Natchez, Miss.j where he engaged in mercantile brokerage bus;'..iejs 
and established the pecan industry in the sou'h. He became very vo.dely 
knov/n throughout the couthwe."t. He, re^cired from business a y^ar before 
his death. 

Child : 

5745-1 Helen Ballou, b. Apr. 30, 1897, at Dos Moines, Iowa. 

5746 HOMCE BERTHISR BALLOU (Horace B , John, Rev. David, Rev. Maturin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Nov. 30, 1870, at Boston, Mass.; m. Nov. 14, 1893, 
by Rev. Arthur T. Connelly at Boston, to SARAH ELLEN MpPHEE, b. June 22, 
1872, at St. Margaret's, P. E. I., dau. of Scholastica (MacCovmack) McPhee 
of St. Margaret's. He is in the grocery business. Res: 111 Russett Road, 
West Roxbury, Mass, 

Children: Born in Boston. 

5746-1 Horace Berthier Ballou, b. Apr. 20, 1895, Unm. 

5746-2 James Henry Ballou, b. Sept. 1, 1896} d. Mar. 4, 1937, at West 

Roxbury} m. July 6, 1925, Gertrude C. Connell, b. Nov. 14, 1899, 
at Boston, dau. of Thomas J. and Catherine D. Connell. Res: 111 
Russett Road, West Roxbury, Mass. He was a World War Veteran. 

5746-3 George Dewey Ballou, b. Aug. 14, 1898. Unm. He is superintendent 
of the Lowell and Whipple Construction Co., Worcester, Mass. 

5746-4 Helen Margaret Ballou, b. Aug. 18, 1901; m. Jan. 8, 1922 at Provi- 
dence, R. I., Clarence Wetzel, son of John H. and Clara (Spencer) 
Wetzel. Res: VVestwood, Mass. 

5746-5 Alice Frances Ballou, b. Sept. 1, 1907. Unm. Res: 111 Russett 
Road, West Roxbury, Mass. 

5761 WILLIAM ALBERT BALLOU (Maturin Jr., Maturin, Nathan, Rev. Maturin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Sept. 24, 1856, at North Adams, Mass.; m. Dec. 
26, 1878, by Rev. Alfred H. Hi.ll in Meridenj Conn., to FANNIE MARIE CARPEN- 


TER, b. Oct. 24, 1858, in Meriden, dau. of Orin and Annie U. (Beuins) Car- 
penter. He was the landlord of "Ballou House", Noi-th Adams, Mass. 
Children: Born at North Adams. 

5761-1 William Arthur Ballou, b. Jan. 21, 1880} m. Ruby Rice. 
*5761-2 Clarence Maturin Ballou, b. Sept. 7, 1885. 
5761-3 Harrison Booth Ballou, b. Sept. (30). 1C89} m. Clara Smith, 

5772 EMMA JULIA BALLOU (Emery, M. D., Maturin, Nathan, Rev. Maturr.n, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. May 9, 1865, at Crystal Lake, 111 , j m. May 15, 1888, by 
Rev. Leonard Warren Brigham at Crystal Lake, to REV. L. WARD BRIGHAM, b. May 
21, 1865, at Dover, Vt., son of Rev. Leonard barren and Henrietta M. (Hub- 
bard) Brigham, son of Elisha Brigham of Northfield, Vt. Graduated from the 
Emerson School of Oratory, Boston, Mass. 

*5772-l Warren Ballou Brighiim, b. May 17, 1889, at Crystal Lake. 
5772-2 Eva Marie Brigham, b. July 3, 1900, Rochester, Minn. j d. Jan. 17, 
1920, at Chicago, 111. 

5774 HARRIET CADY BALLOU (Emery, M. D., Maturin, Nathan, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. July 18, 1871, at Crystal L^-ko, Ill.j d. Doc. 15, 1920, 

at Detroit, Mich., interred at Crystal Lake; m. Feb. 18, 1896, at Crystal 

Lake, by Rev. Charles S. Medbury, to FRANCIS GOEMY JONES, b. Aug. 19, 1874, 

Chicago, 111., son of Henry T. and Frances (Goewey) Jones, who was of English 


Children: Born at Chicago. 

5774-1 Dorothy Eleanor Jones, died at birth. 
*5774-2 Francis Goevi/ey Jones Jr., b. Jun. 1, 1903. 
5774-3 Baby girl, died at birth. 

5 775 EVA GROVER BALLOU (Emery, M. D., Maturin, Nathan, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Apr. 21, 1874, at Crystal Luko, 111, J m. Dec. 29, 1904, 


by Rev. Charles S. Medbury at Crystal Lake, to DR. HIRAM H. BAY, b. Nov. 

24, 1873, at Chicago, son of George P. and Clara Tina (Buck) Bay, son of 

S. Bay, of Wilborg, Denmark. 

Eva Ballou was educated in the grade schools of her native place, graduated 
from High School 1891, and from Eureka College, Eureka, Illinois in 1896 
with the degree of A. B. Dr. Bey ia a graduate of the University of 111- 
inoie, M. D., 1899. He specialized in Tuberculosis and has been connected 
with the Cook County and Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium, eind the Chicago 
Tuberculosis Institute. He served as Captain in the Medical Corps during 
the V/orld War, and later in the Veterans' Bureau. He was the medicr.l direct- 
or of the Illinois Commercial Men's Association, at 332 South Michigan Ave- 
nue, Chicago. Res: 6824 Normal Boulevard, Chicago, 111. 

Children: Born at Crystal L^ke, 111. 

*577o-l Mi:crgaret Emily Bay, b. June 25, 1906. 

5775-2 Maturin Ballou Bay, b. Nov. 22, 1907, at Crystal Lake, 111.; m. Oct. 
4, 1930, by Rev. L. ward Brigham at Chicago, 111., to Helen Elaine 
VifhitmarBh, b. Aug. 9, 1907, at Omaha, Nub., dau. of Laurance B. 
and Ella (King) Whitmarsh. She graduated from Parker H. S., Chic- 
ago, and Univ. of Chicago, B. S,, 1928. He is an insurance agent. 
Res: 7536 Kingston Ave., Chicago, 111. 

5775-3 Philip Horace Bay, b, Sept. 15, 1909; d. Oct. 15, 1909. 

5775-4 Marion Clara Bay, b. Feb. 16, 1914, at Chicago, 111. She gr^^du- 
ated from Parker H. S., Chicago in 1933 was a student at American 
Conservatory of Music, Chicago. 

5960-3 MURRAY HOSEA BALLOU (Massena H., Rev. Massena B., Rev. Hosea, Rev. 

MatAirin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. June 23, 1867, at Stoughton, Mass.; m. 

Dec. 23, 1895, by Rev. James Albion in Universalist Church, Fitchburg, Mass., 

to GRACE M. SMITH, b. Aug. 14, 1875, at Norwood, Mass., dau. of Lewis and 

Hattie (Pratt) Smith, son of Lewis and Mary (Wilson) Smith of Dover, Mass. 

He graduated from Stoughton H. S. and Bridgewater Normal School, 1888. 
From 1888 to 1896 he taught in three places in Massachusetts, Vineyard Haven, 
Hingham, and Fitchburg. Then he went to Boston tuking the position of sub- 
master of an elementary school, and in 1912 was appointed Master of the 
William E. Russell School of 1600 pupils, in which capacity he is still ser- 
ving (1937), but is due to retire this year. He is an educator of whom the 
whole Ballou family may be proud. He is a staunch Republican, but never 
accepted political office. He is affiliated with Old Colony Lodge of Masons, 
Fitchburg Chapter Royal Arch Masons, Jerusalem Commandery, Knights Templars, 
Massachusetts Schoolmasters' Club, Boston Principals' Assn., Boston City 


Club, and Ballou Family Assn. of America. 


5960-3-1 Barbara Frances Ballou, b. May 20, 1899. Graduate of Smith 

College, 1920, A. B. 
5960-3-2 Friscilla B&llou, b. Feb. 22, 1913. 

6 328 JULIA WILKINSON SAYLiLS (Col. Welcome Ballou Sayles, Daniel Sayles Jr., 

Daniel Sayles, and Eunic'-; Ballou, Ariel, James, James, Maturin), b. Feb, 

17, 1848, at Providence, R. I, j d. Sept. 8, 1910, at Green Hill, R. I,, 

interred in Swan Point Cem. ; m Dec. 19, 1866, by Rev. Henry Waterman at 

Providence, to JALES HENRY TOUER, b. May 21, 1847, at Providence, d. Aug. 

13, 1921, son of Emerson Towar, (He married a second time July 23, 1914, 

Amy D. Tempest, a widow. Child, James Henry Tower Jr., b. Oct. 24, 1917.) 

Children: Born at Providence. 

6328-1 Clifford Sayles Tower, b. Nov. 13, 1867; m. Fannie Roxa Ballou. 
6328-2 Lewis Philip Tower, b. Mar. 6, 1869; m. Grace Burnon Ingrahamo 
*6328-3 Mona Elizabeth Tower, b. Mar. 9, 1871; m. Benjamin Pearce Harris. 

6656 LAURA E. BALLOU (William, John, Seth, James, James, James, Maturin), 

b. April 10, 1817, at Springville, N. Y. ; d. 1911, at Morton's Corners, N. Y., 

interred in Morton's Corners Cem.; m. 1836, to JOHN T. wSLLS, son of Joseph 



6663 William Wo lis. 
*6664 John Ballou Wells, b. 1840, at Concord, N. Y. 
6665 James Vi/ells. 

6658 JOHN BALLOU (William, John, Seth, James, Junes, James, Maturin), b. 
Sept. 2, 1822, at Zore, near Springville, N. Y. ; d. Feb. 11, 1907, aged 84 
years; m. Oct. 22, 1843, at Wallingford, Vt., to MARY PERIGO, b. Jan. 3, 1826, 


d. liar. 24, 1925, aged 99 years. They are interred in the family lot in 

Maplewood Gem., Springville. He was a farmer most of his life in Springville 

where his descendants still reside. 


*6670 William Ballou, b. Nov. 13, 1844, at Z',re, N. Y. 

6571 Spencer Ballou. b. Ma} 3, 1847, at Springville. Urano 
*6672 Charles Ballou, b. Ju.n. 1, 1851, at Springville. 
6673 John Hosea Ballou, b. Nov. 22, 1862, at Springville. Unm. He is a 

landscape gardener, v^ith residence at 6 Newman St., Springville, N.Y. 
V/e are indebted to him for the valuable assistance ho has rendered us 
and for his membership in the Ballou Fctmily Assn. 

6677 JOHN DAVID BALLOU (John Jr., John, Seth, James, James, James, Maturin), 

b. Nov. 2, 1827, at Wallingford, Vt.; d. Dec. 23, 1898, at Wallingford; m. 

(l) July 16, 1850, to PHOEBE A. BRUCE of Wardsboro, Vt . ; d. May 15, 1875 at 

Wardsboro} (2) SARAH KLLtHM R0U1\1DS, d. Oct. 11, 1928, aged 85 yrs. 

He was a wheelwright by trade and skilled in woodwork of all kinds, inclu- 
ding water wheels for power purposes. He was a man of the highest character, 
whose word was as good as his bond. He was rather short and thickset in 
form, while his brother William Sabin Ballou stood about 6 ft. 3 in. in 
height. No children. 

6679 Y/ILLIAM SABIN BALLOU (John Jr., John, Seth, Jcmes, James, James, Matu- 
rin), b. Sept. 13, 1831, at wallingford, Vt.j d. Nov. 11, 1898; nj. Dec. 29, 
1864, by Rev. Aldace Walker, D. D. at Wallingford, to ESTHER AMAInIDA ^ANDRE'i/S, 
b. Mar. 28, 1841, at Wallingford, d. May 23, 1918, at Wallingford, dau. of 
Lincoln Andrews. Both interred in V/allingford Cem. 

He was a merchant, rancliman, miller, and a prominent citizen. He sp^nt 
5 yrs., 1881-86, at Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Children: Bom at Wallingford, Vt. 

*6679-l Henry Lincoln Ballou, b. Sept. 22, 1865. 
*6679-2 William John Ballou, b. June 18, 1871. 


6759 HENRY EDMUND BALLOU (Oziel, Ebenezer, Oziel, James, James, James, 

ikturin), b. May 27, 1842, at Richmond, W. ti, -, m. (2) Oct. 20, 1892, by 

Rev. Henry Ellis, a retii'ed Baptist Minister, at Boston, Mass., to £W 

LEV/IS, b, July 21, 1872, at Point Edward, Cape Breton, N. S, It wrs said 

by his son Arthur - "My father Henry Edmund Ballou had been previously 

married, date unknown, but there were children." 

He v;as a physician and surgeon and practiced in Boston and vicinity. He 
actended the Baptist Church. He enlisted in the Civil Vi/ar, Sept. 16, 1861, 
mustered into service Sept. 30, 1861 for three years in Co. B. 27th Mass. 
Vol. Inf. (His occupation was a mechanic at that time.) He was discharged 
Feb, 20, 1863 for disability, with rank of Serg't. He had prior service in 
Co. G. 1st. N. H. Inf. for enlistment of 3 years, and claimed subsequent 
service in Hancock's Veterans' Corps. Presumably he died in Boston, Aug. 
28, 1905, interred in Mt . Hope Cem. Amy, his widow, made her home with son, 
Grover E. Ballou, at Chester Depot, Vt. 


6759-1 Franklin Ballou, b. June 9, 1895; d. Aug... 1895. 
•■■6759-2 Arthur Lewis Ballou, b. July 22, 1899, at Maplewood, Maiden, Mass. 
*6759-3 Grover Edmund Ballou, b. Sept, 21, 1901, at East Boston, Mass. 

6759-4 Amy Beatrice Ballou, b. Nov. 19, 1902, at Bostonj d. Sept. 2, 1903. 
*6759-5 Henry Oziel Ballou, b. July 2, 1905, at Reading, Mass. 

6762 SaRAH L. ballou (Oziel, Ebenezer, Oziel, James, James, James, Maturin), 

b. Aug. (26), 1848, at Richmond, N. H. j ra. FRANCIS M. TAFT, son of Farris 

and Lydia (Bowen) Taft. 


6762-1 Frank A. Taft, b. about 1867-8, m. Nellie Burke. 
6762-2 Edna S. (or Angelia) Taft, b. in 1868 j m. William Wallace Lewis. 
They have one child. 

6764 JOHN FILLMORE BALLOU (Oziel, Ebenezer, Oziel, James, James, James, 
Maturin), b. July 28, 1853, at Riclimond, N. H. ; d. Dec. 23, 1928 at Swanzey, 
N. H., interred in Mt . Caesar Cem.; m. (l) Mar. 2, 1874, to JENNIE E. ELLOR, 


b. Mar, 8, 1858, at Riclimond, N, H., dau, of Luke and Harriet (Case) Ellor; 

(2) Apr. 13, 1886, by Rev. Mi'. Merrifield at Richmond, N. H., to MARY ETTA 

HOLBROOK, b. May 13, 1862, at Springfield, Mass., d. Feb. 27, 1935, dau. of 

Clark B. Holbrook of Springfield, Mass. 

He was a farmer and spent mos+ of his life ir. R:.chmond and Winchester, N. H. 
To his widow we are gieatly i-cebted io- the infornation h -re giv^n co'^cern- 
ing this family and descendants. So far as known there were no children t/ 
his first wife. 

Children: By 2nd wife. 

*6764-l Mary Et^a Ballou, b. April 11, 1887, at Swanzey, N. H. 
6764-2 Florence E. Ballou, b. June 21, 1889; d. Nov. 30, 1890. 
6764-3 Emily Ballou, b. May 3, 1892, at Swanzey, N. H. ; m. June 30, 1915, 
by Rev. R. Roundy at Keene, N. K., to F. Frank Whitney, who is a 
road contractor with home in Richmond, N. H. No children. 
*6764-4 Charles Holbrook Ballou, b. June 28, 1899. 

6867 HARRY AUGUSTUS GARFIELD (President James Abram Garfield, Abram Garfield 
and Elizabeth Ballou, James, James, James, James, Maturin), b. Oct. 11, 1863, 
at Hiram, Ohioj m. June 14, 1888, by Revs. Sprecher and Davis at Menton, 
Ohio; to BELLE HARTFORD MASON, b. July 7, 1864, at Cleveland, Ohio, dau. of 
James and Caroline (Robinson) Mason, son of Roswell and Ann (Potter) Mason, 
of Steubenville, Ohio. Res: Williamstown, Mass.; (winter) 1529 New Hampshire 
Ave., Washington, D. C. 

"Harry Augustus Garfield, eaucator; A. B. , Williams College, 1885; student 
Columbia Univ. Law School, 1886-87, LL.D., Princeton, and Dartmouth, 1908, 
Amherst, Wesleyan, 1900, William and Mary, 1921, Harvard Univ., 1928, Toron- 
to Univ., 1933; L. H. D. whitman Coll. 1919. Teacher of Latin and Roman 
history, St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H., 1885-1886; practiced law as mem- 
ber, firm Garfield, Garfield & Howe, Cleveland, 1888-1903; prof, contracts, 
V/estern Reserve Univ. Law School, 1891-97; prof .politics , Princeton Univ., 
1903-08; president liVilliams Coll., 1908-34, president em^-ritus 1934--. Chrnn. 
Inst, of Politics, 1920 — ; Chrnn. Price Com. of U. S. Food Adran. Apptd U. S. 
fuel administrator by Pres. wilson, Aug. 1917. Pres. Cleveland Chamber of 
Commerce, 1898-99; an organizer, 1896, and later pres. Municipal Assn. Cle- 
veland. Mem. Am. Hist .Assn., Am. Econ. Assn., Am.Polit. Science Assn. (Pres. 
1923), Am.Soc.Internat .Law, Am. Bar Assn. ,Kat .Municipal League, Nat. Inst. 
Social Sciences, League of Nations Non-Partisan Assn. , Am. Acad. Polit. 


and Social Science j council on foreign relations World Peace Foundation 
(trustee)." (From Iftho's Who in Am. , Vol. 19, 1936-1937). 


*6867-l James Garfield, b. Oct. 28, 1889, at Cleveland, Ohio. 

*6867-2 Mason Garfield, b. Oct. 5, 1892, at Cleveland. 

*6867-3 Lucretia Garfield, b. Jan. 18, 1894, at Cleveland. 

*6867-4 Stanton Garfield, b. Aug. 3, 1895, at Willoughby, Ohio. 

6868 JAIvES RUDOLPH GARFIELD (Pres. James Abram Garfield, Abram Garfield and 

Elizabeth Ballou, James, James, James, James, Maturin), b. Oct. 17, 1865, at 

Hiram, O.J m. Dec. 30, 1890, at Boston, Mass., to HELEN NEWELL, b. 1866, d. 

1930, Res: Menton Lake Co., Ohio. 

"James Rudolph Garfield, ex-Secretary of the Interior j A. B., Y/illiams Coll. 
1885 5 studied Columbia Law School; LL.D., U. of Pittsburgh, 1900. Admitted 
to bar, 1888; mem. Ohio Senate, 1896-99^ mem. U. S. Civil Service Com,, 
1902-03; com. of corpns., U. S. Dept. of Commerce and Labor, 1903-07; Dec. 
of the Interior, in cabinet of Pres. Roosevelt, Mar. 4, 1907 - Mar. 4, 1?09; 
in law practice at Cleveland since 1909. Republican." (From who's V»ho in 
Am., Vol. 19, 1936-1937). 

6870 IRVIN McDOVffiLL GARFIELD (Pres. James Abram Garfield, Abram Garfield and 

Elizabeth Ballou, James, James, James, James, Maturin), b. Aug. 3, 1870, 

at Hiram, Ohio; m. Oct. 16, 1906, at Boston, Mass., to SUSAN EMMONS, of 

Boston, Mass. Res: 127 Marlborough St., Boston. 

"Irvin McDowell Garfield, lawyer; prep. edu. , St. P.^ul's School, Concord, 
N. H. Admitted to fckss. bar, 1896, and began practice at Boston; mem. firm 
V/arren, uarfield, Whiteside, & LiJnson; ciimn. bd. Lawrence Gas & Electric Co., 
N. E. Power Engineering & Service Corpn. ; treas. & elk., Boston and Chelsea 
R. R. Co., Winnisinimet R. R. Co., Ea&t Middlesex Street Ry. Co., Boston and 
Revere Electric Street Ry. Co. Mem. Corpn. Warren Instn. for Savings [ 
(Boston). Trustee Peter Bent Brigham Hosp. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., Assn. Bar 
City of Boston, Assn. Bar City of New York. Alpha Delta Phi. Republican. 
Unitarian." (From Who 's V/ho in Am. , Vol. 19, 1936-1937). 


6870-1 Eleanor Garfield, b. June 26, 1908. 

6870-<! Jane Garfield, b. May 10, 1910. 

6870-3 Irvin LiciJowell Garfield Jr., b. Jan. 1913. 


6871 ABRAIvi GARFIELD (Pres. James Abram Garfield, Abram Garfield and Eliz- 
abeth Ballou, James, James, James, James, lulaturin), b. Nov. 21, 1872, at 
Waehington, D. C; m. Oct. 14, 1897 to SARAH GRaNGER V/ILLIAMS of Cleveland, 
Ohio. Res: Lake Shore Boulevard, Clevelrind, Ohio. 

"Abram Garfield, architectj A. B., V/illitims Coll., 1893; B. S., Inst. 
Tech., 1896. Practiced in Cleveland siaoe 1898, with F. B-. Load 1898-1905 5 
alone since 1905. Chmn. City Plan Commn. , Clevelt-nd, since July 1929. 
Apptd. mem. Coramn. Fine Arts (national), 1925. Fellov,/ Am. Inst. Architects 
(dir. 1919-22, v. p., 1923-25); mem. Alpha Delta Fhi. Republican." (From 
Who's Who in Am., Vol. 19, 1936-1937). 


6871-1 Edward W. Garfield. 
6871-2 Mary Louise Garfield. 

6922 CHARLES R. BALLOU (Alonzo, Asquire, Russell, Jaiiies, James, James, 
Maturin), b. Sept. 11, 1848, at Swanzey, N. H. ; m. Feb. 22, 1875, by Rev. 
Willi^u^ 0. White at Keene, N. H., to HENRIETTA ADA BROWN, b. June 3, 1854, 
at Swanzey, N. H. , dau. of John R. and Ellen M. (Sebastian) Brown. He v/as 
a stone mason by trade. 

Children: Born at Swanzey, N. H. 

6922-1 Elmore R. Ballou, b. Nov. 22, 1875. Unm. (see 6929). Res: 267 

Water St., Keene, N. H. 
6922-2 Harry L. Ballou, b. June 19, 1877 5 m. June 4, 1907, Ethel Lan gdon 

Evans. (see 6930). 
*6922-3 Don Alonzo Baxiou, b. Dec. 8, 1878. (see 6931). 
6922-4 Clyde L. Ballou, b. Jan. 17, 1881; d. Mar. 22, 1881. (see 6932). 
6922-5 Charles M. Ballou, b. Jan. 17, 1884, m. Nov. 9, 1908, Mosota Iza- 

phine Plamsey. (see 6933). 
6922-6 Ruth Sawyer Ballou, b. Sept. 4, 1887; m. Sept. 8, 1907, Edwin A. 

Sargent; d. Mar. 22, 1929. 
6922-7 Cora Ada Ballou, b. Sept. 24, 1891. Unm. 
6922-8 Annis Ellen Bailou, b. July 24, 1894; m. June 26, 1928, Walter 

Merritt Tacy. 
6922-9 Mary Edna B..II0U, b. Sept. 25, 1897; m. Mar. 27, 1917, T^dodore P. 

Tellier. Ras: V«est Haven, Conn. 


7098 SUSAN ANNIS 6ALL0U (Rev. John McKnight, Michael W., Nathaniel, Amariah, 

Nathaniel, Jc.mes, Maturin), b. Sept. 7, 1837, at Gainesville, N. Y. ; d. Dec* 

25, 1871, at Chicago, 111.; m. Jan. 2, 1868, by Rev, , at Waterloo, 

Iowa, to MORRIS CASE, b. in New York State. 

Children: Born at Waterloo, Iowa. 

7106 Mills Ballou Case, b. Apr. 23, 1869. 
*7107 Fred E. Bissell Case, b. Mar. 16, 1870. 

7105 HERBERT RALPH BALLOU (Rev. John M. , Michael W. , Nathaniel, Amariah, 

Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. Dec. 7, 1658, at Clarence, N. Y. ; d. Feb. 

16, 1907, at New York City, N. Y. ; m. at Dubuque, Iowa, to LOUISE MARSH 


Child : 

7105-1 Charles Herbert Ballou, b. Mar. 23, 1890, at Jacksonville, Fla. ; 
m. Sofia Madrigal. Graduated from Cornell Univ., 1914, B. Sc. 
in agriculture. At present he is Prof, of Agriculture. Res: 
Apartado 1368, San Jose, Costa Rica. 

7127 LOUIS (or Lewis) SIDNEY BALLOU (Philander, Michael W. , Nathaniel, 

Amariah, Nathaniel, Jamse, Maturin), b. July 1, 1854, at Y/addington, N. Y.j 

m. June 1, 1882, by Rev. Mr. Cowes at Watseka, 111, to JOANNA UPSALL, b. 

July 17, 1862, at Warsaw, Ind. ; d. Sept. 15, 1915, at Fredariol Park, Ind., 

dau. of Henry and Margaret (Fulk) Upsall. He was a railroad conductor. 

Children: Born at Watseka. 

*7127-1 Henry Porter Ballou, b. Mar. 9, 1883. 
7127-2 Bertha Ballou, b. Sept. 2, 1886; m. Jan. 4, 1909, by Father Napp, 
Chicago, 111., to Sheppard Butler, b. July 9, 1883, at Highland 
Park, Lake Co., 111., son of Dr. Nathaniel and Florence (Emery) 
Butler of the State of Maine. After completing her education in 
1904 she went on the stage under the name of "Peggy Ballou" and 
joined the "Prince of Pilsen" Company, playing a leading part in 
London for six months. On her return to the U. S. she played in 


the "Merry wiiow". She joined (l92l) Paul Revere Chapter, Order of 
the Eastern Star in Chicago, went through the chairs, and vja<3 elec- 
ted to the office of Worthy Mtitron in 1925. Siie is a member of the 
Chicago Chtii^ter, D. A. R. (l^<;i). At the time of the irtorld War she 
was head of a Red Cross Station in Chicago, went in training for 
war nurse and sold Liberty Bonds. Res: Lakeland, Fla. 

7303 ELMER D, BALLOU (Elias, Dea. David, Elia.s, Amariah, Kathaniel, Jauies, 
Maturin), b. Aug. 31, 1853, at Becket, Mass.; m. June 9, 1886, by Rev. R. F. 
Alger at Washington, Ma&£., to ETTA A. LOTHROP, b. Oct. 2, 1858, at Middle- 
field, Mass., dau. of Lester and EiiZa, Lothrop. 
Ci.xld : 

7303-1 Leon L. Billou, b. Maj 31, 1687, at Becket, Mass.j m. Feb. 2, 1918, 
by Rev. Charles Landon at Becket, to Lou BL^xiche Ballou, dau. of 
Willis Dwight Ballou. He is manufacturer's agent for M. E. Ballou 
& Son, basket mfg's., and also for Julius Fowl, Inc. (see 7310- 

7569 IRVING OLIVER GRANT (Sarah A. Ballou, Harvey, Oliver, Noah, Nathaniel, 

James, Maturin), b. Nov. 29, 1869, at Providence, R. I.; d. Feb. 2, 1934, at 

Manville, R. I., interred in Moshassuck Cem. ; m. Dec. 24, 1898, by Rev. Samuel 

Barney at East Providence, R. I., to THERESA MAY GEORGE, b. May 11, 1880, at 

East Providence, dau. of Joseph and Mary (Welch) Gaorge, son of Joseph and 

Mary George of Vermont. 

He, like his father, was a manufacturing jeweller until his health demanded 
out-of-door work. For thirty-three years he was employed by the United Elec- 
tric Railway Co. of R. I. In 1911 he came into possession of his grandfather's 
estate which joins the historical Beacon Pole Hill, vi/here he built his home 
and v/here the fc^mily still reside. His father, Joseph W. Grant, served in 
the Civil V/ar from Oct. 13, 1862 to July 29, 1863 in Co. F. 12th Regt. R. I. 
Vols., and was in the Battle of Fredericksburg, Va. 


*7569-l Gertrude Grant, b. May 21, 1900, at East Providence. 
7o69-2 Bryon Irving GruJit , b. Sept. 17, 1903, at Cumberland, R. I. j d. 
Oct. 21, 1903. 


7569-3 Sdna May Grant, b. Jan. 1906, at Providence j d. Oct. 24, 1912. 

7570 RUTH ISABEL GRANT (Sara A. Bi^llou, Harvey, Oliver, Noah, Nathaniel, 

James, feturin), b. Sept. 29, 1871, at Providence, R. I.; d. Nov. 26, 1916; 

m. in 1888, at Providence to JULIAN WOLF, son of Benno V/olf of Pro-'idenc s. 

Theii- two sons are living in P. iladelphia, and Ruth resides in California. 

Children: Born at Providence. 

7570-1 Robert Grant Wolf, b. Apr. 1, 1891. 
7570-2 Walter Stuart Wolf, b. Nov. 26, 1893. 
7ti?0-3 Ruth Alice Wolf, b. July 19, 1897. 

7640 WILLIAI/i BOWEN BALLOU (Ma j . Sullivttn, Hiram, Ziba, Noah, Nathaniel, 
Jumes, Maturin), b. Jt^n. 2, 1859, at Woonsocket , R. I.j m. Oct. 15, 1684, 
by Bishop Cheney at Evanstown, 111., to LAURA CORTELYOU HUTCHINS, b. Aug. 
31, 1865, at Chict^go, 111. 
Children: Born at Chicago. 

7640-1 Stanley Bowen Ballou, b. Mar. 8, 1891, died in infancy, interred in 

fL.mily lot in Rose Hill Cem. ne^tr Chicago. 
7640-2 Kathryn Ballou, b. Apr. 26, 1893. Unm. Res; 41 South Clinton St., 

East Orange, N. J. 

8032 WILLIAM SOUTKwORTH BALLOU (Welcome D., Fluvius J., Levi Esq., Ezekiel, 
Obadiah, James, M<^turin), b. Nov. 9, 1865, at Chicago, 111. Unm. He is a 
member of The Ballou Tamily Assn. Res: 4646 Champlain Ave., Chicago, 111. 

8055 JULIAN EDGAR BALLOU (Isaac C, Flavius J., Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, 
James, Maturin), b. Jan. 31, 1853, at Cumberland, R. I.; m. Sept. 14, 1880, 
by Rev. Arthur T. Parsons at Lincoln, R. I., to ESTELLE I\iATILDA SWEET, b. 
Sept. 5, 1861, at Lincoln, d. Aug., 1918. 
Children: Born at Central Falls, R. I. 


8055-1 Carlotta Estella Ballou, b. July 10, I88I5 m. Sept. 8, 1917, by- 
Rev, Mr. Dingell at Pawtucket, R. I., to John Edvi/in Judson, son 
of John B. Judson. (see 8O60). 

80o5-2 Delia Sarah Ballou, b. Nov. 27, 1882 i m. Watson lA'illiams. (see 

8055-3 Lulu Beatrice Ballou, b. Mar. 6, 1885; m. Clarence H. Field. 

8055-4 Ethel Alice Ballou, b. June 17, 1889; m. (l) William Duncan Lc/ej 
(2) George H. Brooks. 

8145 BRIG. GEN. 'i*ILLIAM HENRY bISBEE, U. S. A. (Harriet M. Ballou, Levi, 
Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Jan. 28, 1840, at V/oon- 
socket, h. I. j m. Sept. 3, 1863, by Rev. J. M. Jameson at Columbus, Ohio, 
to LUCY KATHRINE SHADE, b. Feb, 10, 1842, dau. of Jacob M. and Elizabeth 
(Lewis) Shade. 

He acquired his early education in the public schools of Woonsocket , Rhode 
Island. At the age of fifteen he entered the employ of the merchandising 
firm of Seavey and Wales, in Woonsockat, later being sent to their branch 
store in Pawtucket. Following this he became engaged by the wholesale mer- 
chandising house of Smith Murphy and Co., in Philadelphia. 

He entered the United Sts^tes Army Sept. 2, 1861, and was commissioned a 
second lieutenant and assigned to the 18th U. S. Inf. June 9, 1862. He par- 
ticipated in the Mill Spring, Ky. campaign under General George H. Thoaas, 
in the winter of 1861-1862; Gen. Buell's Army of the Ohio campaign from Mill 
Spring, Ky., to Shiloh, Tenn., Mar. and Apr., 1862; Gen. H. V/. Halleck's 
siege of Corinth, Miss., May, 1862; Gen. Buell's camptiign from Corinth, Miss. 
to Louisville, Ky. in pursuit of the Confederate Army under Gen. Bragg, from 
June 22 to Sept. 26, 1862; Gen. Buell's campaign against Bragg, from Louis- 
ville to Murfreesboro, Tenn., from Oct. 1, 1862 to J-n. 4, 1863; engaged in 
the battle of Perryvillo, Oct. 8, 1862; battle of Stone River, Tenn., Dec. 
31, 1862 to Jc.n. 4, 1863. He was appointed adj. of the 2nd Batt,, 18th Inf., 
Apr. 27, 1863, and served in that capacity until Dec. 1, 1863. He was bre- 
vetted Ist Lt. for gallant and meritorious services in the battle of Stone 
River, Dec. 31, 1862, and promoted 1st Lt. on the same date. He was engaged 
in the Tullahoma campaign under Gen. Rosecrans from May, 1863 to July 23, 
1863. At the battle of Hoover's Gap, Tenn. June 26, 1863 he was wounded. 
He was engaged in the Atlanta ca-mpaign under Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman 
from Resaca, Ga. May 16, 1864, until its close Sept. 1, 1864, and was ap- 
pointed adj. of the 2d Batt., 18th Inf. in Aug. 1864, and served until Sept. 
21, 1866. He participated in the following engagements of the Atlanta cam- 
paign: Pumpkin Vine Creek, Ga., May 29, 1864; New Hope Church, May 31, 1864; 
Kenesaw Mountain, June 19 to July 3; Neal Dow Station, July 4, 1864; Peach- 
tree Creek, July 22; Utoy Creek, Aug. 7.; Siege of Atlanta, Aug. 1864, 
wounded; Jonesboro, Sept. 1, 1864. He was brevotted captain Sept. 1, 1864 
for gallant and meritorious services at the battle of Jonesboro. He served 


on Lookout Mt. and vicinity with Gen. Thomas's army, operating against Gon. 
Hood from Oct. 1864 to Sept. 1866. He then served at Fort Leavenv/orth, Kans. 
and Fort Kearney, Neb. and in May, 1866 was en route with his regiment to 
open a wagon road and protect emigration through the Powder River country, 
from Fort Laramie, Dak. to Gallatin Valley, Mont. He assisted in building 
Fort Phil Kearny, Dak. until Dec. 10, 1866 participating in frequent engage- 
ments with the Sioux Indians from July to Dec, 1866, during vAich time the 
total battalion and civilian loss was about two hundred killed. Ho was reg- 
imental adj., 18th Inf., Nov. 14 to Dec. 8, 1866 and adj. gen., Mountain 
Dist., Dept. of the Platte, ai:d was proiioted captain Dec. 21, 1866, vice 
Fetterman, killed by Indi<ans; Aide-de-camp Dec. 28, 1866, to Sept. 1, 1868; 
judge advocate, Dept. of the Platte, Jan., 1867, to Sept., 1868. At Fort 
Sedgwick, Col. 1869; assigned to 4th Inf. in 1870. Served at Fort Fetterman, 
Wyo.; Louisville, Ky.j Omaha Barracks, Neb. and Fort Liouglas, Utah until 
1874, when he participated in an expedition against the Arapahoe Indians in- 
to the Big Horn Mountains. He served at Fort Bridger, Wyo., Fort Sanders, 
North Platte, and other stations in the Dept. of the Platte and in 1877 was 
adj.-gen. of the troops at the Chicago riots. He was stationed at various 
posts in the Missouri River sector and at Fort Coeur d'Alene, Idaho in 1892, 
engaged in suppressing the miners' outbreak. He was promoted major of the 
17th Inf. May 18, 1893. He commanded the troops at Ogden, Utah, and Poca- 
tello, Idaho in the Debs riots and Commonwealere' outbreaks in 1893-94. In 
1895 he commanded a battalion of the 8th Inf. at Jackson's Hole, in the Ban- 
nock Indian disturbances. Promoted to Lt.-col. of the Ist Inf., May 4, 1897, 
he comrnanded the regiment throughout the Santiago, Cuba, ct^mpaign from Apr. 
21, 1898 to June 16, 1899a He protected Capron's battery at the battles of 
El Caney and San Juan on June 30 and July 1, 1898, and was an active partici- 
pant in the operations of the army in front of Santiago to July 26, 1898. 
He was in charge of three thousand Spanish prisoners in Cuba in Aug., 1898 
and returned to the United States with the 5th Army Corps. Reorganized the 
regiment at Montauk Point, N. Y. , and was then stationed at Huntsville and 
Anniston, Ala. until the close of the year, returning to Cuba and making 
regimental headquarters at Pinu.r del Rio Jan. 2, 1899. He commanded C^mp 
Egbert, at Pinar del Rio, consisting of the 1st Inf., a squadron of the 7th 
Cavalry and a Battalion of Engineers from Jan. to June, 1899. In charge of 
a payment of $3,000,000 appropriated to pay the Cuban soldiers. Promoted 
colonel of the 13th Inf. June 16, 1899 and relinquished four months leave to 
join the regiment, then on the firing line in front of Manilla, Philippine 
Islands. Commanded 1st Brigade, 1st Div., 8th Army Corps, until Oct. 15, 
1899. Commanded his regiment as part of the brigade under Gen. Schwan and 
participated in many engagements in Luzon. Returning to Lianilla, he was sta- 
tioned Vifith his regiment on the north line of the Manilla defense during Oct., 
1899. V^as with Gen. Vi/heaton's expedition to Lingayen Gulf and participated 
in the landing of troops and the engagement at San Fabian Nov. 7. Many other 
engagements followed in that sector, and from Jan. 1900 to Dec. 31 he v/as 
in command of a district embracing nineteen native towns in the provinces of 
Pangasinan and Nueva Ecijo, Luzon, under most trying conditions of geurilla 
warfare, during which about one hundred murderers were convicted, forty of 
them executed ajid others sentenced to long terms of imprisonment. He was 
promoted to brig, gen., United States Army, Oct. 2, 1901, by President Theo- 


dore Roosevelt. 

Gen. Bisbee is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution; Military 
Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, of which he has served twice 
as commander of the Mass. Commandery and once as junior vice-commander of the 
national organization} Army of the Cumberland; 14th Corps, Army of the Cumber- 
land; Regular Brigade, Army of the Cumberland; Society of Santiago de CuLa; 
Order of Indian Wars of the U. S.; Military Order of the Carabo; Milita.-y 
Hist. Soc. of; Industrial Defense Soc. of Lass.; Nat. Securit./ Le^.^ue 
of N. Y. ; Nat. Geographic Soc, and others. He vi^as awarded medals by Congress 
for his activities in the Civil Vt/ar, In ian W; rs, Spanish-American ';Var and 
the Philippine Insurrection. His residence since his retirement from active 
service has been in Brookline, Mass. (Taken from pamphlet, "Military History 
of William H, Bisbee"). 


8153 Eugene Shade Bisbee, b. Aug. 18, 1864 at Columbus, Ohio; d. Sept. 10, 
1933; ra. Au^. 13, 1912, at New York, N. Y. to Ethel McMaster, dau. of 
Virginia McMaster. He was educated in private schools and became a 
reporter and magazine writer. No children. Family residence 590 
i.. 143rd St., New York, N. Y. 
*8154 Katharine Ballou Bisbee, b. Nov. 10, 1868 at Columbus, Ohio. 
*8155 Kaymond Bird Bisbee (not "Raymond" as given on p. 1124), b. Aug. 14, 
8156 Louise Lucille Bisbee, b. at Fort Bridges, lyoming Ter. Jan. 8, 1875. 

6167 CAROLINE l/IEHETABEL CRAIG (Caroline Eliza Ballou, Levi, Levi Esq., 

Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Aug. 2, 1837, at Holliston, Masa.j d. 

Jan. 28, 1922; m. Oct. 4, 1864, by Rev. John Boyden at VVoonsocket , R. I., to 

STEPHEN H. BROVjN, b. Dec. 4, 1828, d. Mar. 30, 1913, at Cumberland, R. I., 

son of Henry and Sarah Brown. 

He served in the Civil Vjar as Captain of a R. I. volunteer regiment. After 
the War he became postmaster at VVoonsocket, R. I. 


8172 Hortense Iveagh Brown, b, Apr. 21, 1866. 

8173 Florence Cr^ig Brown, b. Mar. 12, 1868. 

8174 Alice Richmond Brown, b. June 11, 1871; m. Oct. 12, 1907, by Rev. 

Florence Kollock Crooker at Seattle, V/ash., to John Porter Ferin, 
b. Sept. 13, 1862, near Davenport, Iowa, d. Oct. 14, 1911, at Good- 
ing, Idt-ho, son of Caleb and Mary Perin. 
*8175 Lester Ballou Brown, b. Mar. 7, 1878. 


8176 MARY FRANCES BALLOU (Hon. Latimer W., Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiuh, 

JaIiiss, M^turin), b. Aug. 3, 1837, at Woonsocket, R. I., d. Oct, 20, 1908, 

at Woonsocket, interred in 0:^k Hill Gem, j m. June 20, 1861, by Rev, John 

Boyden at Woonsocket, to WILLIAtl H. S. SMITH of Woonsocket, b. Dec. 11, 1835, 

d. Nov. 17, 186S, at Woonsocket; R. I. 

He vv-iS a manufacturer, also active manager of tht; American Woolen Co. at 
Woonsocket. He was an earnest worker for tjmporanco, and a faithful and ef- 
ficiont officer of The Universalist Church and School. 

Children: Born at 'jioonsocket . 

8180 Chester Ballou Smith, b. Mar. 4, 1863j d. May 3, 1900} m. to Mabel 
Rathbun, b. Fob. 18, 1862} d. I«fe.y 20, 1916. They had one child, 
Rathbun H. Smith, who died in infancy. All are interred in Oak Hill 
Cam., woonsocket. He was a graduate of Dean Academy. 
*8181 Stanley Gardner Smith, b. Mar. 17, 1867. 

8178 HON. HENRY LATIMER BALLOU (Hon. Latimer W. , Levi, Levi iSsq., Ezekiel, 

Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Oct. 14, 1841, at Cambridge, Mass.j d. May 22, 

1889, at inoonsocket, R. I. j m. Oct. 6, 1868, by Rev. John Boyden, at Vi/oon- 

socket, R. I., to SUSAN ANN COOKj b. Dec. 9tK 1844, d. Oct. 14, 1923, at 

Woonsocket, dau. of Willis and Cyrena (Thayer) Cook, both interred in Oak 

Hill Cem. Woonsocket. 

He was one of the incorporators of the Woonsocket Rubber Co., a director 
of the American V»orsted Co., and the Woonsocket iiiringing ifachine Co. now 
known as the American Wringer Co., member of the Woonsocket Business Men's 
Association from its beginning, and served as treasurer of the woonsocket 
Hospital Corporation. He was tha assistant cashier of the woonsocket Nat- 
ional Bank and assistant treasurer of the Woonsocket Institution for Sav- 
ings, when his father, Hon. Latimer Whipple, was cashier and treasurer, 
1850 to 1889. Ke graduated from V/oonsocket H. S. and the Boston Mercantile 
Academy. In politics he was a Republican and served as a State Senator. 
He held iniluential positions in the Universalist Church and Sunday School 
at woonsocket. (see p. 1129) Susan Ann Cook was a direct descendant of 
Walter Cook, who settled at Weymouth, Mass. in 1643. She graauated from 
Woonsocket H. S. and Lasell Seminary at Auburndale, Mass. Mrs. Ballou was 
the first woman member of the School Committee in Woonsocket, President of 
Woonsocket Day Nursery and Chiildren's Home from date of organization until 
her death; served as State Regent of the D. A. R. , and State President of 


the Federation of R. I. women's Clubs. For more than forty years she ser- 
ved as treasurer of the Ladies' Aid Society, a position she held at the time 
of her death. For many years she was a member of the board of trustees of 
the Rhode Island Univerealist Convention. Always a generous contributor to 
the funds of the church and appeals for charity. 

Children: Born at Woonsocket. 

*8182 Latimer Willis Ballou, b. Oct. 8, 1872. 
*8183 Marie Louise Bc-.llou, b- Feb. 8, 1878. 
*8184 Roland Hunnewell Ballou, b. Dec. 7, 1881. 

8179 MARIS LOUISE BALLOU (Hon. Ltitimer W. , Levi, Ldvi Esq., Szakiel, Oba- 
diah, James, Maturin), b. Aug. 15, 1846, at Woonsocket, K. I., d. Nov. 20, 
1875 j m. Oct. 5, 1871, by Rev. Charles J. 'ifhite at Woonsocket, to ENOCH G. 
SWEATT, b. Feb. 24, 1826j d. Sept. 1, 1891. 
Child : 
*8185 Myron Louis Bi^llou Sweatt, b. Oct. 15, 1875. 

818 6 GEORGE RIPLEY BALLOU (Levi T., Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, 
James, Maturin), b. Apr. 3, 1846, at Cumberland, R. I. j d. July 30, 1889, 
at Ciunbarland, interred at Wroniham, Mass.j m. Oct. 20, 1870, by Rev. Henry 
F. Allen, to LAURA M. STAPLES of Stockbridge, Mass., b. Dec. 19, 1846, in- 
terred at Pittsfield, Mass. 

After marriage he went West and practiced law at Sidney, Neb. Returning 
East he was engaged as a bookkeeper for the woonsocket Rubber Co. at its 
branch establishment in Millville, Mass., where the family settled. 


*8186-1 Kate Stanley Ballou, b. July 5, 1872, at Sidney, Neb. 
8186-2 Louise Ripley Ballou, b. Sept. 21, 1874, at Cumberland. Unm. 
Resi Brookline, Mass. 
*8186-3 Laurance Waters Ballou, b. May 9, 1880, (see 8193-3, his name reads 

Lawrence in error). 
*8186-4 Margaret Alice Ballou, b. Aug. 6, 1882, at Millville. 
*8186-5 Donald King Ballou, b. July 30, 1888, at Millville. 
8186-6 Julius Staples Ballou, b. Sept. 11, 1894i d. Mar. 28, 1935, at 


8188 WALTER S^JYMOUR BALLOU (Levi T., Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, 

James, Maturin), b. Mar. 2, 1849, at Cumberland, R. I.; m. June 19, 1875, 

at Woonsocket, R. I., to ELLA HILL COREY, b. Apr. 8, 1852, dau. of John 

Allen and Lovice (Gay) Corey. John was a prominent merchant of this st^^te. 

He was educated in the local district school::: and Dean Academy. At 19 he 
entered the employ of the Woonsocket Rubber d-^., first working in the mill 
and later in the office. His faithful, loyal service in the performance of 
his duties won the confidence of his superiors, and he rose rapidly through 
the various departments of the concern. When they opened a store in Nev/ 
York City he was placed in charge, remaining in that city for 17 years. He 
then went to Providence as sales manager for the company. Later he became 
president of this company guiding and directing its methods and policies 
for many years to its continued success and expansion. He was also president 
of the Banigan Rubber Co. As a member of the executive- board of the United 
States Rubber Company he contributed constructively to the influence of this 
organization in the industry, his thorough knowledge of its intracacies win- 
ning for him recognition as an authority, and the respect and esteem of rub- 
ber manufacturers throughout the country. His diligent efforts and keen 
business sense were devoted to the development of the industry itself, as 
well as to the general welfare of his company. In addition to his commercial 
interests Mr. Ballou has been prominent in the social life of the community, 
in rr;ilitai-y circles where he served for more than fourteen years as a mem- 
ber of the New York State Militia, and in movements tending toward civic 
progress. His affiliations include the Military Order of Foreign Vlfars, the 
Lotus Club of New York, the Union League of New York, and the Hope, Squan- 
tum, and Turk's Head Clubs of Providence. Mr. Ballou has retired from ac- 
tive business. Mrs. Ballou is a member of the Colonial Dames, and of the 
D. A. R. Res: Butler Ave., Providence, h. I. 

Child : 

8188-1 Helen Corey Ballou, b. Aug. 8, 1875, d. July 15, 1888, at Boston, 

8289 GECRGE FREDERICK BALLOU (William, William, Ma j . Reuben, Ezekiel, Oba- 
diah, James, Ifeiturin), b. Mur. 26, 1846, at Pawtucket, R. I.j d. June 9, 
1935, at Dorchester, Mass., interred in Mt. Feake Cem., Waltham, Mass.; m. 
Jan. 13, 1868, by Rev. Mr. Winkley, to MARGARET ANNA GEhALD, of Boston. 

He moved with his parents, at the age of 2 yrs., to the "Lutherplace" , so 
called, on the Louisquissett turnpike, now Lincoln, R. I. and from there to 
Pawtucket, R. I. previous to July 5, 1851. He attended the public schools 


at Pawtucket until the age of 12 i when showing an unmistakable tendency to- 
wards mechanics, he was indentured to Cole Bros., manufacturers of Lteam 
fire engines and government rifles. He continued with them until tae age 
of 16, when he enlisted (1862) in Co. H. (Capt. Henry F. Jenckes) 9th Regt. 
R. I. Vols., with his parents' permission. (This was strictly a Pawtucket 
Co.) He served 3 mos., in the U. S. service stationed mostly at "Tinn^lly- 
town"} just outside of li^ashington, D. C, at the time Lee was marching on 
Washington. At the end of his term of service, he returned to Ps.\ji,i.zket 
and was honorably discharged from the service. By this time he hsd out- 
grown his work in Pawtucket and went to work for Brown and Sharpe Mfg. Co. 
at their old shops on So. Main St., Providence, R. I. From this firm he 
advanced to t^"^ Chelsea (Llass.) Button Hole Mch. Co., and then to Grover and 
Baker Sewing Mch. Co. He next went to the American Vi/atch Co., Waltham, Mass.- 
He had now arrived at the age of 23 years, rather a precocious age for a 
young man to embark in business, still he formed the firm and becajne the 
senior member of Ballou, Whitcomb & Co., (Jnoc E, Whitcomb) with Mr. ¥/ebster, 
master mechanic of the American V/atch Co.. as the silent partner. They com- 
menced business at #7 Province Ct . , Boston in 1869 in the manufacture of 
watch and chronometer lathes, etc. He continued there until 1874 when he 
retired from the firm and went back to Pawtucket, R. I., and formed the part- 
nership of Ballou Bros., at Fairlawn, Pawtucket, where they erected a machine 
shop to carry on the same business. In 1876 this concern went out of busi- 
ness for want of sufficient capital to carry on and the business v;as discon- 
tinued by the younger member of the firm. He then returned to Boston for a 
term of years and reentered the machine department Oj- the American Watch Co., 
Waltham. IwTiile he was with them he built the "Astronomical Clock", so called 
for the U. S. Government, which is noted for its precision as a perfect 
timekeeper. It is now doing duty as such, so Chief Griggs of that department 
informed the writer. In 1882 he installed and set up the clock. About that 
period he built for the U. S. Government three printing machines for the en- 
graving department, at a cost of $15,000 each, and went to Cleveland, Ohio, 
to build the last one. In 1887 he entered the employ of Thos. A, Edison at 
his shops in Orange or So. Orange, N. J., and built for Mr. Edison the first 
commercial phonograph that was sent abroad, after a model furnished by Mr. 
Edison, the only difference being that Geo. F's weighed 27 lbs. while the. 
Edison model weighed 54 lbs., such was Geo. F's., method of "nicety and pre- 
cision." In three months Mr. Edison had promoted him to be foreman of his 
shop, and he continued as such until 1893 when he went with the Remington 
or Union Typewriter Co., with shops at Ilion, N. Y., and Bridgeport, Conn., 
and for fourteen years was their mechanical expert. After leaving there he 
again struck out for himself in the pencil pointer business and his first in- 
vention along this line he sold to A. B. Dick & Co., of Chicago, 111. He 
afterward invented improvements on the pointer until v.'hatever devices you 
now have are after his patents. The corporation he formed along these lines 
was tbe Ballou Mfg. Co., 110 Leonard St., N. Y. City, with hi^s friend Mr. 
Ennison and a few congenial friends. He was the president and general mana- 
ger. (Contributed by William A. Ballou). 


8293 Nellie Washburn Ballou, b. July 2, 1873, at Boston, Mass. Res: 6 
Armindine St., Dorchester, Mass. 


8294 Fred Vincent Ballou, b. Feb. 23, 1875, at Pawtucket, R. I.} d. Oct. 9, 
1898, at Waltham, Jfctss., interred in Mt . Feake Gem., Waltham. 

8291 WILLIAM ALBERT BALLOU (William, William, Ma j . Reuben, Ezekiel, Obadiah, 
James, Maturin), b. July 5, 1851, at Pawtucket (or vmat was then No. Provi- 
dence^, R. I., m. Aug. 11, 1872, by Rev. Samuel H. V»ebb at the Parsonage of 
Christ's Church, So. Providence, n. I., to ADELAIDE LOUISE TALU'lAN, b. Mar. 
13, 1853, at Centredale, N. Providence; d. Feb. 1, 1932, at Lawrence, Mass., 
interred in Elmwood Gem., Methuen, Mass., dau. of Randall Ht and Sarah 
(Hervey) Tallman of Centredale, No. Providence, R. I. Res: 15 Lowell Ter- 
race, Lawrence, Mass. 

He was the paymaster for Owen and Clark at the Mineral Springs Worsted Mill 
and for the Atlantic Mills, Olneyville, R. I.; appointed superintendent of 
the Atlantic DeLaine Mill in the latter part of 1879 and continued as such 
until July 1st, 1881. He was then employed by the Hamlet Mills, at Woon- 
socket, R. I., until 1885, when he went with A. B. PitKin, in Providence, as 
bookkeeper for two years. He moved to Lawrence, Mass. in 1887, becoming 
asst. paymaster for the Atlantic Cotton Mills, and in 1892 paymaster. Sev- 
ering his connection with these mills in 1900 he entered the employ of the 
American Woolen Co. in a responsible position and continued in their employ 
for eighteen years, when he retired on an annuity. Now (1937), in his 86th 
year, he enjoys excellent health and is unusually active for his age. He is 
one of the most enthusiastic members of The Ballou Family Association of 
America, of which he is a past president, still actively serving on the Ex- 
ecutive CoDimittee, and is Chairman of the Committee on Membership and this 
Addendum. Ever since 1888 he has been accumulating geneological data for 
an Addendum of "The Ballous in America". His foresightedness is now re- 
ceiving its just reward. 


8291-1 Edith Lillian Ballou, b. Nov. 23, 1873, at Pawtucket, R. I., d. May 
31, 1937, at 15 Lowell Terrace, Lawrence, Mass., interred in the 
Ballou lot in Elmwood Cem. , Methuen, Mass. She moved to Lawrence 
with her parents in 1887 and graduated from Lawrence H. S. She was 
a member of the D. A. R., the V^esleyan Club of the Central M. E. 
Church, and The Ballou Family Association of America. She was 
deeply interested in the Association and was alvi^ays ready to give 
whole-hearted support to any endeavors sponsored by it, especially 
bo in assisting her father in his valuable accumulation of Bullou 
genealogical records for this Addendum. She possessed a striking 
personality that endeared her to a host of friends. 



*8291-2 Latimer Hervey Ballou, be Nov. 4, 1876, at Pawtucket, R. I. (see 

*8291-3 Willard Alfred Ballou, (middle name changed to Alger), b. July 12, 

1881, at Pawtucket, R. I. (see 8296). 
*8291-4 Elaymond Cotton Ballou, b. Sept. 19, 1888, at Lawrence, Mass. 

8292 GRACE READ BALLOU (William, William, Ma j . Reuben, Ezekiel, Obadiah, 
James, Maturin), b. Feb. 23, 1862, in The Old Jones House, cor. Pine and 
South Union Streets, Pawtucket, R. I. j d. Sept. 26, 1927, interred in the 
Ballou lot. Mineral Springs Cem. , Pawtucket, R. I.; m. (l) Feb. 14 or 17, 
188( ), by Emery H. Porter at St. Paul's Church, Pawtucket, R. I., to 
RUSSELL ARMINGTON, b. Jun. 1, 186(2), at East Providence, R. I., d. at Paw- 
tucket, interred in Ballou lot. Mineral Springs Cem., (2) to FRANK V/ILD. 

Russell Armington was a clerk in the freight division of N. Y. N. H. & H. 
R. R. at Pawtucket, R. I. Frank Wild's occupation is a plutiber.. He is the 
son of "Billy" Wild, old time cobbler and keeper of the "03d Toll Ga.te" , 
cor. of Smithfield Ave., and old Power Road. 

Children: Surname Armington; Born at Pav/tucket. 

8292-1 Annie Washburn Armington, b. Sept. 13, 1888, died young. 
8292-2 Lemira Wheaton Armington, b. Sept. 5, 1890. Unm. Res: 19 Humboldt 
St . , Pawtucket. 
*8292-3 Leroy Cotton Armington, b. Dec. 16, 1892. 
8292-4 Elizabeth Randall Armington, b. in 1894, d. at Pawtucket. 

Child: Surname Wild. 

8292-5 Idella May Wild, b. Sept. 24, 1903, at Pawtucket, m. George Carpen- 
ter. They have one son. No further information. 

8572 GEORGE SMITH BALLOU (Luks P., Dennis Jr., Dennis, Obadiah Jr., Obadiah, 
Joseph, Maturin), b. Mar. 3, 1871, at Woonsocket, R. I., m. Oct. 25,1894 by 
Rev. J. J. Wooley at Pawtucket, R. I., to MARGARET ALLAN, b. Sept. 5, 1871, 
dau. of Alexander Allan of Pawtucket. Res: 50 Morris Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. 

Children: Born at Pawtucket. 

8572-1 Ethel Mabel Ballou, b. Aug. 31, 1896. 
8572-2 George Allan Ballou, b. July 11, 1899. 
8572-3 Wilbert Elwin Ballou, b. July 7, 1911. 


6573 ELIZABETH MABEL BALLOU (Luke P., Dennis Jr., Dennis, Obadiah Jr., 

Obadiah, Joseph, Maturin), b. Oct. 16, 1879, at V/oonsocket, R. I.; m. Oct. 

21, 1896, by Rev. J. J. Wooley at Pawtucket, R. I., to LEWIS ii/HIPPLE FOLL- 

ETT, son of TOiipple M. Follett of North Smithfield, R. I., b. Apr. 6, 1875, 

at North Smithfield. Mr. Follett is a farmer. Res: liVoonsocket Hill Road, 

North Smithfield, R. I. 

Children: All born at North Smithfield except Minnie. 

8573-1 Lewis Whipple Follett Jr., b. Dec. 20, 1897. 

8573-2 Mabel Elizabeth Follett, b. Feb. 3, 1900. 

8573-3 Leslie Ballou Follett, b. Apr. 24, 1902. 

8573-4 Elsie Eliza Follett, b. Aug, 3, 1904. 

8573-5 Minnie Bertha Follett, b, Dec. 22, 1908, at Bridgeport, Conn. 

6573-6 Meredith Helen Follett, b. Nov. 7, 1913. 

8574 DENNIS STEPHEN BALLOU (Rufus 0., Dennis Jr., Dennis, Obadiah Jr., 
Obadiah, Joseph, Maturin), b. July 28, 1872} d. few years ago j m. at Paw- 

Dennis S. Ballou was Lieutenant of the Pawtucket Police Department. His 
widow resides at Wolcott Street, Pawtucket, R. I. 


8574-1 Eliza Minerva Eallou. 
8574-2 Lillian Ballou. 

8576 HERBERT LOUIS BALLOU (Oscar A., Dennis Jr., Dennis, Obadiah Jr., 
Obadiah, Joseph, Maturin), b. Oct. 20, 1875, at Woonsocket, K. I, j m. Oct. 
29, 1892, by Rev. Hopkins Emery at Taunton, Mass. to CELIA G. LEONAFJ), b. 
Mar. 12, 1876, at Taunton, dau. of Herbert F. Leonard. He is an automo- 
bile machinist. Res: 182 Lincoln Ave., No. Dighton, Mass. 


8576-1 Ai Wellington Ballou, b. Aug. 28, 1894, at Taunton. 
8576-2 Herbert Elwood Ballou, b. July 27, 1897, at North Dighton. 


8576-3 Louis Leonard Ballou, b. Mar. 20, 1901, at North Dighton. 
8576-4 Gertrude Frances Ballou, b. Nov. 19, 1910, at North Dighton. 

8651 JM IN BALLOU (Jirah, David, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, J«mes, Maturin), 
b. Feb. 22, 1842, at Dorset, Vt o ; m. (l) SOPHRONIA JOHNSON, no further in- 
formation received; (2) 1865, to FLOFLiNCE LENORA TOW, d. Sept. 11, 1911, 
dau. of li<illiam F. Town, birth date not received} (^) Oct. 24, — -. by Rev. 
Mrs. Tracy at New H.^pton, N. H,, to JOSEPHINE TAYLOR, d. June 3, 1926, in- 
terred in family lot at Bristol Cem. , Bristol, N. H,, dau. of George W. and 
Sarah (Mitchell) Plummer. 

He served in the 7th R©^. Vt. Vols., 1861-18€6. He was at the capture of 
Vicksburg and Mobile, and mustered out of service at Brownsville, Texas, 
Mj.r. 14, 1866. Hii, marriage to Florence Town took place while home on a 
brief furlough at Biistol, N. H, (see p. 1184). 

Children: B/^ 2nd wife. 

8651-1 Ceiia Ballou, b. Apr. 4, 1867, at Dorset, Vt.j m. (l) Feb. 16, 1884, 
at Hebron, N. H. to Benjamin F. Hemenwayj (2) Jan, 20, 1905, by 
Rev. A. B. Rowell of Bristol, to Charles Page, b. Sept. 23, 1869, 
at Newport, Vt, son of Samuel Page of Newport. The family home is 
at Bridgewater, N. H. 

*8651-2 George W. Ballou, b. Nov. 3, 1869, at Goshen, N. H. 
8651-3 A child, died in infancy. 

*8651»4 Jerome Ballou, b. Nov. 22, 1871, at Chester, Vt, 

*8651-5 Edgar Ballou, b. June 10, 1890, at Bristol. 

♦8651-6 Florence Ellen Ballou, b. Feb. 8, 1892, at Bristol. 

8652 LUMaN ADOLPHUS BALLOU ( Jirah, David, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, 

Maturin), b. July 1, 1844, at Danby, Vt., jd. (l) Feb. 14, 1867, by Oraer 

Heald, J. P. at Chester, Vt . , to MELVINA HOLTON, b. 1846, at Walcott, Vt., 

d. Sept. 3, 1872, dau. of Calvin and Lydia (Smith) Holton} (2) June 10, 

1874, by Rev. Mark Carpenter at Townshend, Vt., to UARY ANNA DRAPER, b. June 

3, 1856, at Sandgate, Vt . , dau. of George H. and Mary A. (Hastings) Draper. 

Luman A. Ballou has written for several newspapers, local news, poems, and 
various articles on a variety of topics, and has published two sizeable vol- 


umes of poems: "Wayside Musings", and "Echoes of Memory". In 1931 Mr. and 
Mrs. Ballou made their home at Stuart, Martin Co., Fla., at Halpatiokee Park, 
and the aged poet, sometime called "The Bard of Chester", is in his 87th 
year, (see p. 1184 for biographical sketch). 

Child: By 1st wife. 

8657 Lensy Elmer Ballou, b. Mar. 20, 1869, at Andover, Vt.j m. (l) Feb. 22, 
1902, by Rev. John P. Richardson, at Alstead, N. H., to Nellie (Rice) 
Grafton, b. June 3, 1867, d. May 22, 1928, at Oakdale, Mass., dau. of 
Asa and Almira (Davis) Rice, son of Calvin Rice of Worcester, Mass.; 
(2) Sept. 5, 1929, by Rev. Philip King at Shirley, Mass., to Eva 
(Pratt) D^er, b. Sept. 3, 1865, at Cummington, Mass., dau. of Mrs, 
Bernice Pratt of Worcester, Mass. No children. Supt. of Oakdale 
Cemetery. Res: Ow..kdale, Mass. 

Child: By 2nd wife. 

*8658 Marion Ada Ballou, b. Aug. 25, 1875, at Iwindham, Vt. 

8655 FREDERICK JIRAH BALLOU (Jirah, David, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, 

Maturin), b. Apr. 1, 18iil, at Paulet, Vt.i d. 193:?, at Bristol, N, H. ; m. 

Aug. 20, 1872, by Rev. S. D. Moxley at Keeseville, N. Y., to JANEY ADELAIDE 

REED, b, Sept. 5, 1857, at Chesterfield, N. Y. , dau. of Joseph N. and Mary 

A. (Smith) Reed, son of James and Ada (Kirby) Reed of Bloomingdale, N. Y. 

The family home is at Montague, Mass. 


8660 Edward Fred Ballou, b. Dec. 5, 1874; d. Sept. 11, 1878, at Clinton- 
ville, N. Y. 

*8661 Marion ULy Ballou, b. May 12, 1876, ut Keene, N. H, 
8662 George Henry Ballou, b. June 5, 1880, at Monisville, N. Y. He was 
killed, Jan. 19, 1901, being struck by an engine at a crossing in 
FrunKlin, N. H. ; m. Feb. 24, 1900, at Bristol, N. H,, to Elizabeth 
Mary Kelly, b. Apr. 20, 1881, of Hill, N. H., dau. of Williun C. and 
Anna Ruth (Merrill) Kelly. No children. Hit widow m. May 17, 1902, 
George Bucklin of Alexandria, N. H. 

*8663 Agnes Emeline Ballou, b. Mar. 5, 1885, at Montague. 

8703 JOSEPH VILLARD BALLOU (VVillard, Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, 
l&iturin), b. Dec. 18, 1842, at Richmond, N. H. (?)i d. April, 1913, at E, 
Swanzey, N, H. , interred in Mt. Caesar Cem. ; m. Feb. 26, 1865, to FLAVILLA 


M. TAFT, b. Sept. 10, 1846, at Swanzey, N. H. He was a farmer. 


8703-1 Willard F. Ballou, b. Nov. 12, 1866; m. Nellie Fisher. 
8703-2 Nora A. Ballou, b. Sept. 28, 1868; m. James Phillip. 
*8703-3 Frank J. Ballou, b. Feb. 25, 1871. 
8703-4 Leon Earl Ballou, b. Sept. 22, 1874. Unm. He is a blacksmith in 

Swanzey, N. H. 
8703-5 Lucy F. Ballou, b. Sept. 26, 1875, m. Fri.nk Scott. 

8799 LILLIAN BALLOU (Orltindo R. , Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, St-muel, Jumes, Ma- 
turin), b.AUg.28,1860, at Naperville, Lisle To..nship, DuPage Go. ,111. ,ra.Nov, 
25, 1890, by Rev. J. H. Beaven at Crystal Spring Farm, Umatilla Co., Ore., 
to DR. YiiNCEY C. ELaLCCK, b. Aug. 3, 1859, at Spruce Pine, Mitchell Co., 

N. C, d. May 12, 1921, at Walla Walla, Wash., son of Dr. Nelson Gales, and 
Panthea (Durham) Blalock, son of Jesse and Ura (Lipps) Blalock, of 1^. C. 

The family home of Dr. and Mrs. blalock was in »iialla Ifcalla, Wksh,,' where 
he was a practicing physician and surgeon. He graduated from the Jefferson 
Medical College of Philadelphia, Pa., in 1884, and for many years was asso- 
ciated with his father. Dr. Nelson Gales Blalock, one of the best known pion- 
eer physicians and surgeons of the Northwest. He was Past Master of Blue 
Mountain Lodge of IrValla Walla, and its Secretary for 22 years; Past Grand 
Minster of the State of Washington, High Priest of Walla V/alla Chapter No. 1, 
Royal Arch Masons; Past Eminent Commander of the Knights Templars Commandery 
of the State; and Grand Recorder of the State branch for 32 years. He was 
Grand Secretary of the Royal Arch Masons for many years, and on March 6,1914, 
was made an honorary 33rd degree Mason. He was County health officer and had 
just undertaken special work at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, at the 
time of his death which occurred May 12, 1921, at Walla V/alla, where the in- 
terment is in Mountain View Cam. He v/as a member of the Cumberland Presby- 
terian Church, afterwards with the Presbyterian Society in Walla Walla. 

Mrs. Lillian (Ballou) Blalock is Past Grand Matron of the State Order of the 
Eastern Star. She was married at "Brooklands", the home of her father. 


8799-1 Phoebe Irene Blalock, b, Apr^ 4, 1894, at Walla Walla, Wash. She 
is a graduate of Whitman College, B. S., and received her M. Sc. 
degree from State University at Seattle, V/ash. Res; 5641 Beach 
Drive, Seattle. 

8800 MYRA BALLOU (Orlando R., Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, James, Maturin), 


b. Mar. 27, 1862, at Naperville, Lisle Township, DuPage Co., 111.; d. May 17, 

1935, at "Brooklands", Freewater, Umatilla Co., Ore. 

"Thus departed a great and generous soul. She knew more than most men: re- 
fused to run for County Treasurer, or otherwise enter politics." W. A. B. 

Miss Ballou has been one of the enthusiastic members of the Ballou Family 
Association, and has accumulated a great deal of historical and genealogical 
date pertaining to thr.s interesting pioneering branch of the Ballou family, 
and to her efforts we are indebted for many memberships. 

It is a pleasure to quote from an article (1917) from The Farmers Union News, 
Corvallis, Benton Co., Orec: "V/hen speaking of faithful officers. Miss Myra 
Ballou, Iftnatilla County Secretary, must not be overlooked. For four years, 
as Secretary of her County, she never missed a meetingo She has always been 
awake to all public questions, especially those pertaining to farm life, and 
can be depended upon to enter into any v/ork that will benefit the farmers, with 
a will. She is no city farmer, but lives with her mother on her farm 'Brook- 
lands', (rightly named), some three miles north of Freewater, Oregon. She per- 
sonally looks after tho management of her furm with wonderful accuracy and pre- 
cision. She is able to give many men valuable pointers on grains, grasses, 
and fruits, all of which sho raises on her farm. She keeps a register and re- 
quests every visitor to sign, and can show the names of thousands of persons 
who have had the pleasure of visiting 'Brooklands'. Miss Ballou has frequently 
been mentioned as a possible candidate for the legislature, but so far has 
persistently refused to enter politics." 

She has been a delegate to many conventions; National Irrigation Congress at 
Spokane, Wash.; Country Life Congress j American Forestry Assn. of which she was 
a member, and many others. She was an ardent club woman, a member of Walla 
Walla Art Club. She had no church affiliations, but a sincere home spiritual- 
ist, as were her mother and father for fifty years. She bequeathed her share 
of 'Brooklands' to her sister Florence (Ballou) Brown. 

8801 GRANT ALBEE BALLOU (Orlando R. , Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, James, 

Maturin), b. Mar. 16, 1864, at Nuperville, DuPage Co., Ill,; m. Apr, 18, 1893, 

by Rev. Mr. Jenkins at Phillipsburg, Granite Co., Mont., to ROSE PATTERSON, 

b. June 23, 1864, at Pueblo, Colo., d. June 8, 1924, at Chi'.o, Calif., remains 

brought to Freewater, and interred in Ford Cem. at Ferndale School Dist., Ore., 

dau. of Andrew Jackson and Nancy (Overturf) Patterson of Freewater, (Nancy 

Overturf lived to be over 101 years old, d. 1931, in Pueblo, Col.) 

Grant was a miner and farmer. In 1918 he moved to Chico, Cs^lif., where his 
wife. Rose, died in 1924. He then, with his son, Orlando, moved to a house 
owned in White Salmon, Klickitat Co., Wash., to the old farm, at Freewater, 


and, with his brother, Harry, looked after their portions of the farm. 


♦8801-1 Hester Ballou, b. Sept. 10, 1894, at Phillipsburg, Mont. 
8801-2 Orlando Ralph Ballou, b. Apr. 18, 1898, at Butte, Mont. Unm. 

8804 PiARRY EUBERTO BALLOU (Orlando R., Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, James, 

Maturin), b. Aug. 22, 1871, at Naperville, Lisle Township, DuPage Co., 111.; 

m. Nov. 15, 1909, at Walla Walla, Wash., to ZELMA NAUCLER PETJIKSON, b. Sept. 

24, 1888, at Provo City, Utah Co., Utah, dau. of Carl Gustave and Pauline 

(Atherly) Peterson. 

Curl Gustuve (Naucler) took the of Peterson when he Ccjae to this country. 
Pauline Atherly was dau. of Daniel and Ida Gonngberg. Harry E. Ballou and 
family are living at Freewater, Ore. on the portion of the farm inherited from 
his father. 

Children: Born ^^t Freewater, Umatilla Co., Ore. 

*8804-l Pauline Ballou, b. Sept. 6, 1910. 
8804-2 Allen Naucler Ballou, b. May 9, 1916. 
8804-3 Herbert Dean Ballou, b. Sept. 9, 1918. 

8805 BERTHA AMELIA BALLOU (Orlando R., Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, Saauel, James, 
Maturin), b. Apr. 18, 1874, at Santa Rosa, Calif . j m. Nov. 23, 1898, by Rev. 
Dr. S. B. L. Penrose, Pres. of liVhitman Coll., at Crystal Spring Farm, Free- 
water, Ore., to WILLIAM DEMENT CHURCH, b. June 3, 1873, at Oregon City, Ore., 
son of Charles P. and Julia (Dement) Church, of Portland, Ore, 

h'lTS, Church had read law and was just about to be admitted to the Bar when 
she married. He is by occupation a business man and secretary of the V/alla 
Walla Pioneer Association. Res: R. D. No. 2, Walla Walla, Wash. 

Children: Born at Irialla Walla, Wash. 

8805-1 Julia Church, b. Dec. 21, 1900; d. Apr. 27, 1911. 
*8805-2 Donald Ballou Church, b. Dec. 28, 1904. 
8800-3 Elizabeth Church, b. Mar. 31, 1906 ^ m. Allan Hargear. She is a music 


*8805-4 Robert Dement Church, b. July 16, 1909. 
880o-b Ruth Genevieve Church, b. Mar. 4, 1913, m. Nov. 15, 1936, by Dr.S. 
B. L. Penrose, Pres. Emeritus of Whitman Coll., at the Congre- 
gational Church, Walla Walla, to Bert Edwards. 

8&05-6 David Allen Church, b. May 21, 1914, d. Jan. 15, 1924, interred 

in Mt. View Cem., Walla Walla. 
8805-7 Bertha Jean Church, b. July 25, 1917. 

8806 FLORENCE PEFiDITA BALLOU (Orlando R. , Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, 

James, Maturin), b. Oct. 22, 1880, at Milton, Umatilla, Ore.; m. Sept. 30, 

1903, by Rev. J. R. Lamb at "Brooklands", Freewater, Ore., to DAVID BROWN 

of Spokane, Wash., b. Dec. 5, 1865, at Galena, 111., son of S. S. and Lydia 

(Eddowes) Brown. 

He is interested in real estate developments, constructing a beautiful sec- 
tion of Spokane, where he had the privilege of planning with the cooperation 
of Olmstead Bros., nationally known landscape gardeners of Brookline, L/Iass. 
One of the streets he named Ballou Street, another, Garfield Road. He is a 
director of the Hazelv/ood Creamery Co., Spokane, and much interested in fine 
blooded and short horn cattle. The Ballou Family Assn. is much indebted to 
Mrs. Florence (Ballou) Brown, his estimable wife, for a great deal that has 
been recorded along genealogical lines of this interesting Ballou branch. 
We can easily see what her sister, Myra Ballou, of "Brooklands", Freewater, 
Ore., means when she says, "She is the genealogical sister." Their home is 
at the "Farm", seven miles west of Spokane, at the intersection of the Sun- 
set and Columbia Highways. Members of this family belong to the Association. 


*8&06-l Helen Elizabeth Brown, b. June 10, 1905, at Portland, Ore. 
8806-2 Gordon Ballou Brown, b. Apr. 9, 1908, at Spokane. He is a member 

S. A. R. 
8806-3 Sylvia Naudain Brown, b, June 21, 1919, at Spokane. She is a mem- 
ber of the D. A. R. 

8813 REUBEN ELBERT MATHER (Henrietta Ballou, Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, 

James, Maturin), b. Nov. 16, 1867, at Wheatland, 111.; m. STELLA MAY HAILEY 

of Centralia, Kan. 


8813-1 George Edward Mather, b. Aug. 10, 1891, at Centralia; m. Jan. 1, 

1912, Golda Maude Murphy. They have two children, George Kenneth 
1/Jather, b. Oct. 5, 1912, and Geraldine Maude Mather, b. Apr. 19, 


1916. Res: Corvallis, Ore. 
8813-2 nay Arthur Mather. Res: Carlsbad, N. 1.1. 

8613-3 Ruth jiJllen Mather, m. George £. Iwhitehead. Res; Kansas City, Kan. 
8813-4 May Minerva Mather, m. Hobart Bower. Res: Norton, Kan. 
8813-5 Clara Vi/innifred Mather, m. Harvey Davidson. Res: IWichita, Kan^ 

8924 JOHN PRESTON LEONARD BaLLOU (Nelson S., Dr. Asa W. , Asa, Seth, Nehemiah, 
James, Maturin), b. July 6, 1851, at Greenville, R. I.; m. (l) May 19, 1875, 
by Rev. Emery H. Porter at Pawtucket, R. I., to AIvIELIA MELISSA JENKS, b. at 
Pawtucket, d. Nov. 26, 1887, at North Attleboro, Mass., dau. of Alfred B. 
and Hannah (Jackson) Jenks of Pawtucket, (2) April, 1903, by Rev. George E. 
Osgood at North Attleboro, to FLORENCE CARPENTER, dau. of C. Fred and Emily 
Carpenter of Pawtucket. Res: North Attleboro, Mass. 

Children: By Ist wife. 

8926 Alfred Jerome Ballou, b. Nov. 13, 1876; d. Jan. 1, 1877, at Pawtucket. 
*8927 Frederick Preston Ballou, b. Aug. 18, 1878, at Pawtucket. 
*8928 Bertha Jenks Ballou, b. July 5, 1880, at No. Attleboro. 

892 5 WILLIAM LEANDER BALLOU (Nelson S., Dr. Asa W. , Asa, Seth, Nehemiah, 
James, Maturin), b. Nov. 17, 1852, at Greenville, R. I.; d. Nov, 14, 1931, 
interred in North Burial Ground, Providence, R. I.; m. (l) Dec. 30, 1875, 

at Allensville, (now Esmond), R. I,, to M^IETTA FRANCES COlLINS, of Allens- 
ville, dau. of Daniel S. and Sophronia (Trask) Collins j (2) June 15, 1904, 
to CORA S. DARLING, d. Mar. 20, 1936, interred in North Burial Ground, Provi- 
dence. No children. 

He was a manufacturing jeweller in Providence and retired froifl business 
in 1931. Previously he ovmed a jewelry store in the heart of Providence. 
He was a member of The Ballou Family Association. 

Children: By 1st wife. 

8925-1 Elmer Sears Ballou, b. Nov. 1, 1876, at Greenville, (see 8929). 
*8925-2 Marion Bessie Ballou, b. Mur. 7, 1893, at Providence. 


3262-1-2 OSCAR BRIGKAM DEANE Jr. (Emily Althea Crosby, Eunice Ballou, 
Ichabod, Nathaniel, Amariah, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. Oct. 30, 1883} 
m. Jan. 24, 1902, to PALTOOE RIOUX. 


3262-1-2-1 Oscar Brigham Deane 3rd. b. Sept. 1917. 

3262-1-4 MBEL DEANE (Emily Althea Crosby, Eunice Ballou, Ichabod, Nathaniel, 

Amariah, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), m. in 1897, to GEORGE SHACKLEY of 

England . 


3262-1-4-1 Theodore Shackley. 
3262-1-4-2 Deane Shackley. 

3262-1-4-3 Althea Shackley, m. at Springfield to Charles Stocks. They 
have a son George David Stocks. 

3262-2-2, GRACE IRENE MANSFIELD (Fanny Ellen Crosby, Eunice Ballou, Ichabod, 

Nathaniel, Amariah, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. Mar. 13, 1888 (during a 

blizzard); m. June 10, 1908 to CARROLL VffiSLEY CARMAN. 


3262-2-2-1 George Mansfield Carman, b. Oct. 24, 1913. 
3262-2-2-2 Ruth Portia Carman, b. May 14, 1915. 
3262-2-2-3 C Wesley Carman, b. Jan. 25, 1918. 
3262-2-2-4 Janice Grace Carman, b. Aug. 1, 1920. 

3864-2-1 GEORGE GARFIELD BALLOU (Henry C, Eddy B., Joseph, Joseph, Daniel, 
Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Apr. 15, 1881, at Cedar Falls, Iowa; m. Mar. 
24, 1911, by Rev. Harry N. Wilson at St. Paul, Minn., to V/ILHELMINA F. 
MULLIKEN, b, July 6, 1882 at St. Paul, Minn, dau. of Walter K. and Sophia 
K. (Knajhide) Mulliken, son of Nathaniel and Frances (Horsfield) Mulliken, 


of St. John, N. B. 

In 1933 he was a buyer for a wholesale grocery house. Res: olo So. Cleve- 
land Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Children: Born at St. Paul. 

3864-2-1-1 Catherine Nannette Bailou, t. Apr. b, 1913j d. May 2, 1920. 
386',r-2-l-2 Marjorie June Bailou, b. June 2, 1918. 

3864-4-1 EDV^ARD BjiMING BALLOU (JJldwurd L., Eddy B. , Joseph, Joseph, Daniel, 

Obadiah, James, Ivlaturin), t. Jan. 18, 1878, in Grundy Co., Minn.; m. Nov. 

26, 1914, to ELMA M. HOUGHTALING, dau. of Elmore Houghtaling, of Fairmont, 


In 1933 he and his brother, Ellis Louvern Bailou, were partners in the law 
firm of Bailou & bailou, in Fairmont. 

Children: Born at Fairmont. 

3864-4-1-1 William H. Bailou, b. Sept. 19, 1915. 
3864-4-1-2 Mary Olive Bailou, b. Dec. 9, 1917. 

3864-4-5 ELLIS LOUVERN BALLOU (Edward L. , Eddy B., Joseph, Joseph, Daniel, 
Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. June 15, 1885, in Blackhawk Co., lovi/a ; m. Apr. 
17, 1917, by Rev. Mr. Swearinger of St. Paul, to BERNICE E. CARTER, b. at 
Neillsville, Clark Co., V/is., dau, of David Carter of Fond-du-Lac, V/is He 
is an Attorney at Law in partnership with his brother Edward. 


3864-4-5-1 Barbara Louise Bailou, b. June 9, 1922, at Fairmont, Iowa. 
3864-4-6 HERBERT ELLSWORTH BALLOU (Edward L., Eddy B., Joseph, Joseph, 
Daniel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. July 31, 1887, in Blackhawk Co., lowaj 
m. July 4, 1924, by Rev. Stanley Roberts at Minneapolis, Minn., to HARRIET 
E. SIFTON, b. Apr. 10, 1897, at Minneapolis, dau. of William E. and Marg^^ret 


(Towle) Sifton, son of Thomas H. and Amelia (Robbinson) Sifton of Jeromesville, 

Ashland Co. , Ohio. 

He enlisted in the U. S. Naval Reserve for the World War; member First Church 
of Christ Scientist, of Minneapolis. Res; 4512 45th Ave., South, Minneapolis , 


Child : 

3864-4-6-1 Phyllis Gale Ballou, b. Mar. 16, 1929, at Minneapolis. 

4183-7-1 HEimY ARTHUR BALLOU (John F., Leonard, Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 

James, Maturin), b. July 23, 1872, at Swanzey, N. H. j m. (l) in 1898, to 

JOSLi: B. HaRWELLj (2) in 1907, by Right Rev. Bishop of Barbados, £>. W. I., 

to KATE H. A. DEIGHTON, b. in 1882, at Barbados, dau. of Horace and Catherine 

M. (Forsyth) Dei^,hton. No children. Res: (1937) "Braemur", Brittons Hill, 

St. Michael 16, Barbados, ^. W. I. 

"Ballou, Henry Arthur, C. B. E., 1933, M.Sc; late Commissioner and Entom- 
ologist, Imperial Department of Agriculture for the West Indies, and Profes- 
sor of Entomology, Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture ^ retired, 1933; 
b. Swanzey, N. H. , U. 5. A., 1872;e.6. of John F. Ballou; m. 1st, 1898, Josie 
B. Hartwell; 2nd, 1907, Kate K. A. Deightonj no c. Educ, Public Schools, 
Fitchburg, Mass., Mass. Agricultural College, B. Sc, 1895; M. Sc, 1906. 
Entomologist Imperial Department of Agriculture for the West Indies since 
1903; on amalgamation of Imp. Depart, with Imperial College of Tropical Agri- 
culture appointed Assistant Commissioner, Imp. Depart., and Professor of En- 
tomology, Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture; employed Gipsy Moth Com- 
mission (Mass.), 1895; private practice in Econ. Entom. , 1896j Instr. Entom. 
Botany and Forestry, Conn. Agric. Coll., 1897-1901; Post graduate M. A. C, 
1901-3, at request of Egyptian Government seconded for study of pink bollworm 
of cotton in E^pt, 1916-17. (Order of the Nile, 3rd Class); Member of Con- 
ference of Economic Entomologists, London, 1920. Publications: many papers 
and reports on scientific subjects relating to Agriculture and Insect pests 
(including handbook Insect Pests of Lesser Antilles), mostly published by 
Imperial Department of Agriculture." From "wlio's Who", London, 1937. 

His name is honored in "The American Men of Science", edited by Dr. J. McKeen 
Cattel, and is also found in other biographical volumes. 

4191-1-1 ZORA ISABELLE BALLOU (William W. , Silas W. , Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Feb. 4, 1870, in Missouri; m. Feb. 23, IMS, at 


Gait, Iowa, to ELMSR PARSONS, b. Sept. 13, 1867, at Vinton, lowaj d. Dec. 16, 

1930, at Rowan, Iowa, interred in Rowan Cemetery. 

Children: Bom at Gait. 

M191-1-1-1 Lilly Parsons, b. July 15, 1893, 
^4191-1-1-2 Inez Parsons, b. Oct. 19, 1903. 

4191-1-2 CORA ORETTA BALLOU (William W. , Silas W., Silas, Jesse, Sleazer, 

Samuel, James, Uaturin), b. Mar. 4, 1871, at Clarence, Cedar Co., lov/a; 

m. Dec. 25, 1888, at Gait, Iowa, to JOHN IviELCHIAN STATE, b. July 1, 1862, 

at Port Washington, Miss. He is a retired farmer. 

Children: Born at Gait. 

4191-1-2-1 Clarence State, m. Shirley Crabtree, at Gait. 8 children 
(not enumerated). 

♦4191-1-2-2 Archie Charles State, b. Nov. 27, 1890. 

*4191-l-2-3 Glenn William State, b. Apr. 25, 1892. 

♦4191-1-2-4 George Guy State, b. May 11, 1894. 

*4191-l-2-5 John Earle State, b, June 24, 1895. 

*4191-l-2-6 Ethel Maude State, b. July 24, 1896. 

*4191-l-2-7 Grace Sophia State, b. Aug. 9, 1897. 

♦4191-1-2-8 Leon Chester State, b. Mar. 6, 1900. 

*4191-l-2-9 Carl Washington State, b. Aug. 3, 1901. 

*4191-l-2-10 Gladys Bertha State, b. Dec. 3, 1902. 
4191-1-2-11 Everett Tyler State, b. Jan. 18, 1906; m. Dec. 2, 1928, 

Margaret Crawford Griggs, b. July 15, 1911, at Anaheim, Orange 
Co., Calif. Res: 1608 Ohio Ave., Long Beach, Calif, 
4191-1-2-12 Kenneth Irwin State, b. May 23, 1907; m. Oct. 18, 1933, at 

Salt Lake City, Utah, to Lydia Berths, b. Dec. 30, 1908. at 
Prove, Utah. Res: 3089 Magnolia Ave., Long Beach, Calif. 

♦4191-1-2-13 Cora Janice State, b. Aug. 2, 1910. 

4191-1-3 FLORA ELLEN BALLOU (William W. , Silas W. , Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Mar. 20, 1872, at Clarence, Cedar Co., Iowa; 
d. lfe.r. 17, 193b, at Pecos, Texas, and interred there; m. Dec. 25, 1892, by 
Rdv. Mr. Seaby at Gait, Wright Co., Iowa, to JOHN WENDT, b. July 4, 1869, 
at Granville, 111., son of John and Alizabeth (Giese) Vi/endt. 



4191-1-3-1 Leonard William Wendt , b. Oct. 15, 18.93, at Belmond, Wright Co., 
lowaj m. Oct. 14, 1928, at Fort Smith, Ark., to Eunice Evelyn 
Shepherd, b. at Fort Smith, dau. of E. S. Shepherd. He is a 
gas engine mechanic at Nowata, Okla. 
*4191-l-3-2 Harold John Wendt, b. Au^,. 10, 1697, at Gait. 

4191-1-6 C. tflLLARD BALLOU (V/illiam W., Silas W. , Silas, Jesse, Elsazer, 

Samuel, James, Maturin), b, Dec. 22, 1879, in Wright Co., Iowa; m. Aug. 6, 

1898, by Rev. S. A. Martin at Rowan, Iowa, to CARRIE BISHER, b. Aug. 23, 1876, 

in Des Moines Co., Iowa. 

Children: Born at Gait, Wright Co., Iowa. 

*4191-l-6-l Ethel Sarah Ballou, b. Jan. 15, 1899. 
♦4191-1-6-2 Clifford Willard Ballou, b. Aug. 11, 1910. 

4191-1-8 BERTHA ELIZABETH BALLOU (William W. , Silas W. , Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, 

Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Sept. 25, 1886, at Gait, Wright Co., Iowa; m. 

May 30, 1906, at Gait, to JOHN W. TAYLOR, b. Dec. 7, 1878. 

Children: Born at Gait. 

4151-1-8-1 William Merle Taylor, b. Aug. 12, 1907, at Gait; m. July 27, 

1928, to Ruth Bertha Salt, b. Oct. 21, 1906. 
4191-1-8-2 John Melvin Tcxylor, b, Jan. 28, 1914. 
4191-1-8-3 Margaret Maxine Taylor (adopted), b. Feb. 23, 1919. 

4425-5-1-2 LOTTIE G. DARLING (Harriet A. Bartlett, Almeda Pickering, Susanna 

Ballou, David Jr., David, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Oct. 9, 1881; m. to 



*4425-D-l-2-l Ruth Clark, b. Aug. 24, 1903. 
*4425-5-l-2-2 Russell C]ark, b. July 20, 1906. 
4425-5-1-2-3 Myran Lorraine Clark, b, Aug. 23, 1913. 


4425-5-1-3 WELCOMS DARLING (Harriet A. Bartlett, Almeda Pickering, Susanna 

Ballou, David Jr., David, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Dec. 15, 1885} d. 

Dec. 12, 1931} m. to MARIE . 

Children s 

4425-5-1-3-1 Theresa Darling. 
4425-5-1-3-2 Claire Darling 
4425-5-1-3-3 Lucille Darling. 

4425-5-1-4 ROBERT DARLING (Harriet A. Bartlett, Almeda Pickering, Susanna 

Ballou, David Jr., David, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Aug. 7, 1889} m. 

July 3, 1916, to MAUD TEMPLE. 


4425-5-1-4-1 Grace Darling, b. Apr. 13, 1917} d. 1920. 
4425-0-1-4-2 Earl D^^rling, b. Jan. 8, 1919. 
4425-5-1-4-3 Ruth Ds^rling, t. July 18, 1922. 
4425-5-1-4-4 Clifford Darling, b. Mar. 7, 1924. 

4425-5-3-1 GRACE B. BROWN (Malena S. Bartlett, Almeda Pickering, Susanna 

Ballou, David Jr., David, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Mar, 11, 1889} m. 

Aug. 12, 1911, by Rev. Charles White, to RALPH H. SMITH. 


4425-0-3-1-1 Sylvia B. Smith, b. June 15, 1912. 
44:^5-5-3-1-2 .-:>.ii5or B. Smith, b. July 16, 1913. 
4425-5-3-1-3 Iw^lph H. Smith Jr., b. Apr. 3, 1916. 
4425-5-3-1-4 Harriet S. Smith, b. Oct. 6, 1917. 
4425-5-3-1-5 George W. Smith, b. Aug. 3, 1^19. 
4425-5-3-1-6 Charles M. Smith, b. June 1927. 

4 425-5-3-2 MAUD S. BROWN (Malena S. Bartlett, Almeda Pickering, Susanna, 
Btxllou, David Jr., David, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Mur. 27, 1891} m. Jan 



4425-5-3-2-1 Betty B. Bailey, b. Apr. 12, 1913. 
4425-5-3-2-2 Brendan S. Bailey, b. Aug. 28, 1917. 

4425-5-3-3 MILDRED BROWN (Malena S. Bartlett, Almeda Pickering, Susanna 
Ballou, David Jr., David, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. May 28, 1896; m. Jan. 
11, 1919, by Rev. Gilbert Ayers at Woonsocket , R. I., to FMD A. DUBBS. 


4425-5-3-3-1 Lois S. Dubbs, b, Feb. 8, 1920. 

4425-5-4-2 VERA BARTLETT (Roscoe Bartlett, Almeda Pickering, Susanna Bal- 
lou, David Jr., David, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Nov, 20, 1897, d. Nov, 

20, 1923; m. EDGAR SCOTT, 


4425-5-4-2-1 Leroy Scott, b. July 21, 1919. 
4425-5-4-2-2 Leslie Scott, b. June 8, 1921. 

4425-5-4-3 DOROTHY BARTLETT (Roscoe Bartlett, Almeda Pickering, Susanna 

Ballou, David Jr., David, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. May 28, 1899; m. Nov. 

3, 1924, by Rev. £. Dean at Elmwood, R. I., to GEORGE RHODES. 


4425-5-4-3-1 Beulah Rhodes, b. Jan. 10, 

4425-5-4-3-2 Floyd Rhodes, b. Jan. 10, 1928. 
4425-5-4-3-3 Benton Rhodes, b. Nov. 23, 1929. 

4491-1-1 KENNETH STEVENS BALLOU (Willard E., Albert F., Willard, Amasa Esq., 
David, Samuel, James, Maturin), b, Aug. 26, 1888, at Worcester, Mass.; m. 
Jan. 1, 1920 by Rev. I. W. Sneath, D. D. at Wollaston, Mass., to MARION E. 
V/EST, b. July 7, 1887, at Concord, N. H. , dau. of Charles F. and Ida A. 

(Clough) West. 

He is a graduate of Worcester H. S., 1906, and Dartmouth Coll., 1911. His 
profession is advertising: - Weeden Advertising Agency; New England Mgr., 
Bryant Griffith & Brunson; Congregational Publishing Society; V/alter M. 
Lowney Co., Boston; and in 1929 Vice-President of Palmer Advertising Ser>- 



vice, Inc. He is a member of Phi Kappa Psi (Dartmouth), the Afeisonic Or- 
der} '.vollaston Cong. Churchy and City Club of New York. He was in the 
V/orLi War and is a member of the American Legion, Post 195 

Children: Born at Wollaston. 

4491-1-1-1 Richard West Bullou, b. Apr. 21, 1923. 
4'L-91-l-l-2 jllizabeth Ballou, b. Mar. 18, 1928. 

4491-1-2 DONALD EARL BALLOU (Willard E. , Albert F. , Willard, Amasa Esq., 
David, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Nov. 11, 1893, at Worcester, Mass.; m. 
Oct. 7, 1922, by Rev. Fenwick L. Leavitt at '^norcester, to MILDRED F. LAli'IB, 
b. Oct. 12, 1896, at Worcester, dau. of Fred W. and Annetta F.(lvte.rsh) Lamb. 

Children: Born at Worcester. 

4491-1-2-1 Shirley Ballou, b. July 5, 1924. 
4491-1-^-2 David Willard Ballou, b. June 27, 1927. 

4616-1-1 GRACE WOLCOTT BOYD (Lucile U. Blanchard, Ariadne J. Ballou, Will- 
ard H. , Willard, Moses, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Fet. 26, 1914; m. l/Iar. 

3, 1934, to JOHN W. I^YNARD of New York City. 
4616-1-1-1 Margaret Lucile Maynard, b. July 26, 1935. 

5098-1 WARREN ADALBERT BALLOU (Warren S., Otis, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham;, 

John, John, Maturin), b. June 15, 1844, at Claremont, N. H.j ra. Dec. 18, 

1866, by Rev. Luciu's Holmes at Orange, Mass., to LUELLa G. TE^'NEY, b. June 

1, 1847, at Orange, dau. of Thomas Tenney. 
Child: Born at Orange. 
♦5098-1-1 Carrie Evelyn Ballou, b. Nov. 18, 1869. 

5098-2 WILLIE OTIS BALLOU (V/arren S., Otis, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, 
John, Maturin), b. Dec. 7, 1847, at Claremont, N. H. ; d. Sept. 14, 1910, 
at Hopkinton, Mass., interred in V/oodlawn Cem., Everett , Mass.; m. (l).Dec. 
16, 1868, at North Orange, Mass., to CAROLINA; 'jiHEELOCK FROST ^YO, b. Jan. 
13, 1848, dau. of Benjamin and Louisa (Battle) Mayo of North Orange; (2) 


May 30, 1885, by Anson M. Lyman, J. P. at Chelsea, Mass., to MARTHA ADELAIDE 

SANDS, b. Apr. 4, 1864 at Watkins, N. Y, In 1930 she was living at Swamp- 

scott, Mass. 

Children: By 1st wife. Born at North Orange. 

5098-2-1 Nettie Lenora Ballou, b. June 15, 1870. Unm. She taught at 
GlensFalls, N. Y, , and later at Boston, Member of Unitarian 
Church, Appalachian Mt. Club, Boston Teachers' Club, and The 
Ballou Family Assn. 
*5098-3-2 Carrie Belle Ballou, b. Feb. 17, 1882. 

5117 GEORGE ASHTON BLACK (Diana M. Ballou, Otis, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, 

John, John, Maturin), b. Mar. 1, 1855, at Orange, Mass.j m. (l) Aug. 18, 

1883, by Mayor Edson, City Hall, New York, N. Y. , to ELIMA L. (THOMPSON) 

PANTON, b. in New York City, dau. of Dr. Joshua H. and Emeline J. (Morison) 

Thompson of Cooperstown, N. Y, j (2) Sept. 22, 1921, by Rev. Walter Harter 

at Gardner, Mass., to ELILABETH MacKENZIE HO^DLEY, b. Mar. 21, 1881, dau. 

of Herman V/. and Elmira B. (Howe) Hoadley of Woodstock, Vt. 

"In my sixteenth year I began teaching school, and much of my time since 
has been spent in teaching and study. For two years I Vi(as principal of a 
public school in Norwalk, Connecticut. Six months of study in a business 
college at Poughkeepsie was followed by two years of teaching in the New 
York iVorkingpien's School of which Professor Adler, leader of the Society 
for Ethical Culture, was originator and director. I married in New York 
in 1883 and remained there until 1919. In 1891 I was admitted to t he New 
York Bar, but did not practice. In 1895 I purchased an old farm house op- 
posite my father's place in Gardner, Mass., and later acquired six acres 
adjacent. I spent forty consecutive summers there and in 1919 I retired, 
making this place my permanent residence. In the summer of 1896 I became 
guardian of a little orphan girl, who grew up as a member of my family un- 
til her marriage in 1914. During the World War I served on the legal advi- 
sory board in my district under the Draft Act. Studies which began in 
1894- resulted in 1905 in a brief outline work entitled, 'Science (function) 
Analysis.' It was directed to the end of a conceptual system of the Sci- 
ences deduced from a mathematical definition of Science. This has since 
been developed into the treatise and tract which I am sending to you be- 
cause they represent a hobby that still interests me. 

Degrees ; A. B. Harvard 1879 j LL.B. Columbia 1888; Ph.D. Columbia 1891. 


Societies; Phi Beta Kappa; American Philosophical Associations Ballou 
Family Association of America, National Society of Puritan 

Church Affiliations : Orthodox Congregational in Norwalk; Society for 
Ethical Culture, 1883 to 1907 j Presbyterian 1916 to 1919} 
Protestant Episcopal since 1919. 

Publications; History of Municipal Ownership of Lpand on Manhattan Island, 
New York, 1891. 

Part I of a Teacher's Handbook of Natural History Lessons 
for Prxmary and Grammar Grades; Henry Holt & Co., New York, 

Science (function) Analysis 1905 ) 

Treatise, Science - Analysis 1916 ) printed for 

Tract, Introduction to Science - Analysis, 1930 ) the author." 

Child : 

5117-1 George James Black, b. June 15, 1925 at Gardner. 

5118 GERTRUDE LEONE BLACK (Diana M. Ballou, Otis, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, 

John, John, Maturin), b. July 25, 18d6, at Orange, Mass.; m. July 17, 1890, 

by Rev. William H. Pierson at Gardner, Mass., to ATHERTON P. MASON, M. D., 

b. Sept. 13, 1856, at Fitchburg, Mass., son of Charles and Caroline Atherton 

(Briggs) Mason, son of Thaddeus Jr., and Lydia (Perry) Mason of Dublin, N.H. 

She attended the public schools of Athol and Gardner-, Mass., Abbot Academy, 
Andover, Mass., liVellesley College during its first year, 1875-76, and Normal 
School, San Jose, Calif. 1876-77. She was a teacher in California, 1878- 
79, Norwalk, Conn., 1879-81, ana at Gardner. She is a member of the follow- 
ing Societies: Fitchburg Wellesley College Club (president, two years), 
Fitchburg Women's Club (corresponding secretary, two years), and Women's 
Alliance of First Parish Unitarian Church, (president , two years). 

Child : 

5118-1 Alice Caroline Mason, b. Oct. 11, 1891, at Fitchburg. She is a 
graduate of Radcliffe College, 1912, A. B. , 1913 A. M, 

5132 HORACE MANN BALLOU (George W. , Alanson, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, 
John, John, Maturin), b. June 29, 1860, at Marysville, Franklin Co., lowaj 
m. Nov. 13, 1884, by Rev. C. E. Cline ut Emmetsburg, Palo Alto Co., Iowa, 
to GRACE ELLSWORTH MATHER, b. Apr. 22, 1861, at 213 East 18th St., New York, 


N. Y. , dau, of Gen. Frederick and Mrs. jilllen (Pomeroy) Mather. He is in 
the hardware business. Res: immetsburg, Iowa. 

5132-1 Frederick jilisworth Ballou, b. Aug. 12, 1886, ut ilmmetsburg. He is 
a graduate of Univ. of Southern California, B. S. in Architecture, 
1925. In the World rtar he served as Master Gunner in three regi- 
ments. iSntered service Aug. 5, 1917, in Headquarters Co., 67th 
Regt. of Artillery, C. A. C, at Fort Scott, San Francisco, Calif. 
Member of U. S. Service, A. £. F. , France Dist., April 1919; and 
a member of Altavista Lodge No. 464 F. and A. M. , San Francisco. 
In politics he is a prohibitionist. Member of the Episcopal 
Church. Res; 622 West 47th St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
*5132-2 Martha Ellen Ballou, b. Feb. 24, 1887, at Erametsburg, 

5132-3 Fremont Osbert Ballou, b. July 23, 1890, at Saticoy, Ventura Co., 

Calif. He is a graduate of Los Angeles H. S., and Stanford Univ., 
M. A. 1926. Entered World Vi/ar service in Co. H. 117th Engineers 
48th. (Rainbow Division); oversees eighteen months, six of which 
were spent after the Armistice with the Army of Occupation "on the 
Rhine." After his return he went to C£^mp and took up vocational 
training. He later was engaged in research v.ork at Carnegie Foun- 
dation Laboratories. Address: Box 1141, Carmel, Calif. 
*5132-4 Grace Artuta Ballou, b. Aug. 3, 1894, at Chatsworth Park, Calif. 

5132-5 Lyndon Everett Ballou, b. May 30, 1898, at Pasadena, Culif. Edu- 
cated at Los Angeles Manual Arts H. S. and Univ. of Southern Cdif. 
Res: 622 W. 47th St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

5132-6 James Alanson Ballou, b. Mar. 9, 1903, at Los Angeles, Calif.; m. 
Oct. 2, 1931, by Judge Ambrose at Los Angeles, Calif, to Bessie 
Kendrick Peyton, b. Sept. 25, 1898, at Eureka, Utah, dau. of Frank 
H. and Annie E. Peyton. He is a pattern maker and salesman. 

5156 MABEL LAVINA FISH (Augustus J. Fish, Lavina Ballou, Abraham, Simeon, 
Abraham, John, John, Maturin), b. Oct. 22, 1874, at Lewis, Essex Co., N. Y. ; 
m. Oct. 10, 1893, by Rev. Sttmuel H. White at Lewis, N. Y. , to BURTON SMN, 
b. June 21, 1870, at Brookfield, Essex Co., N. Y. , son of Henry Swan. 

He is a Past Master of the Glens Falls Lodge No. 121, F. and A. M. , a mem- 
ber of the Glens Falls Chapter No. 55, R. A. M. ; a charter member of the 
Joseph Warren Council No. 31, R. and S. M. ; and a member of the Advisory 
Council of Order of De Molay. 

Mabel L. Fish claims descent from Roger Y/illiams through Mary^Sayles, John'^, 
John^, Mary Williams2, Roger^ Williams. Abraham* Ballou m. Mary^ Sayles. 
Therefore, all descendants of Abraham tollou ana Mary Sayles, his wife, are 
descendants of Roger Williams. 


Children; Born at Glens Falls, N, Y. 

5156-1 Marion Elizabeth Swan, b. Dec. 3, 1894. Graduated from Middle- 
bury Coll. with A. B. degree. She is a High School teacher at 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

5156-2 Gordon Augustus Swan, b. May 4, 1899. Graduated from Middle- 
bury Coll., B. S. degree. He is a member of the Glenb Fall& 
Lodge No. 121, F. & A. M, ; Lafayette Chapter n, A. M, ; Joseph 
Yi/arren Chapter No. 81, R. and S. M. ; and of Phi Psi Fraternity. 
♦5156-3 Angela Kathryn Swan, b. Nov. 4, 1905. 

5158 LINDA E. FISH (Augustus J. Fish, Lavina Ballou, Abraham, Simeon, 

Abraham, John, John, i/laturin), b. Apr. 19, 1879, at Lewis, Essex Co., N.Y. j 

m. Oct, 9, 1907 by Rev. Dr. Aked at New York, N. Y., to FRANK 0. ROBERTS. 

Res: Calhoun Hotel, Seattle, Wash. 


5158-1 Hugh Roberts, b. Sept. 27, 1909 at Glenc Fall3,N. Y, j d. June 10, 
1933, at Seattle, Wash. 

ol59 HAMILTON A. FISH (Augustus J. Fish, Lavina Ballou, Abraham, Simeon, 

Abraham, John, John, Maturin), b. Feb. 8, 1883, at Lewis, N. Y. ; m. BESSIE 

DENTON, at Lewis. He is a farmer. Res: Lewis, N. Y. 

Children: Born at Lewis. 

*5159-1 Irene Fish, b. Nov. 20, 1908. 
5159-2 Stanley Augustus Fish, b. May 12, 1911. He is owner of a garage 
at Elizabethtown, Essex Co., N. Y., and lives with his parents. 

5169 EMMA ISADORA FISH (Charles 0. Fish, Lavina Ballou, Abraham, Simeon, 
Abraham, John, John, Maturin), b. May 13, 1883, in Seneca Township, Kos- 
suth Co., lowai m. Mar, 15, 1905, by Rev. R. L. Hotchkiss in Seneca Town- 
ship to WALTER GAYL SMITH, b. Mur . 23, 1881, at St. Charles, Warren Co., 
Iowa. He is interested in Real Estate and farm lands in Swea City, Iowa. 


Child : 

5169-1 Esther Charlotte Smith, b. Mar. 27, 1910, in Seneca Township. She 
is a member of The Ballou Family Assn. and we are indebted to her 
for the data submitted on her branch of the family. She is a 
graduate of Swea City H. S., 1926, and of Carleton Coll. (North- 
field, lilinn.), 1931, B. A. She taught music in the schools of 
Fenton, Iowa, 1932-35, and since that time has been Director of 
Music in the schools of Corv/ith, Iowa. Sho is a member of Sigma 
Tau (honor music society), and of the Baptist Church. Res: Cor- 
with, Iowa. 

5507-2 FRANCIS MARTIN BALLOU (Francis M. , Hon. Martin, Asahel, Benjamin, 

Rev. Waturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Dec. 12, 1907, at Boone, Iowa; by 

Rev. Sampson Cocks of Idianola, Warren Co., Iowa, to JOSEPHINE PAYNE, b. 

Nov. 8, 1908, at Boone, dau. of H. C. and Rosemary (Patkin) Payne of Boone. 

He was a graduate of St. John's Military Academy at Delafield, V/is., where 
he won honors every year, and received a gold medal in Algebra, and a medal 
in English. His work in Science was also outstanding. He graduated from 
Iowa State Coll. at Ames, specializing in electrical and chemical engineer- 
ing. He worked with the Westinghouse Corporation at Pittsburg, Pa.j in 
July 1932 was transferred to the Philadelphia plant, and is now (1937) at 
their New York City Office, 150 Broadway. 


5507-2-1 Frank William Ballou, b. Aug. 18, 1929, at Ames^ Iowa. 
5507-2-2 Robert Martin Ballou, b. July 5, 1931, at Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

5511-1 ARTHUR W. ALLEN (Ella Ballou, Alvin, M. D., Asahel, Benjamin, Rev. 
Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Sept. 12, 1880, at Grand Forks, Dakota; 
m. June 5, 1920 by Rev. Russell Hopk, D. D. , to MABEL (GRABS) ENDERS (wid- 
ow), b. Feb. 3, 1891, at Neillsville, Wis., dau. of Ernest and Helen Grabe. 
He was an electrician. 

5511-1-1 Marion Allen, b. May 22, 1921, Detroit, Mich. 
5511-1-2 Geraldine Allen, b. Oct. 26, 1922, Detroit. 
5511-1-3 Hc^rold Allen, b. Aug. 17, 1924, Rochester, Mich. 
5511-1-4 Louise Allen, b. Feb. 14, 1926, Rochester. 


5511-3 ALICE LOUISE ALLSN (Ella Ballou, Alvin, M. D., Asahel, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. June 14, 1885, at Viest Halifax, Vt.j 
m. Dec. 23, 1911, by Rev. Mr. Trout at Brattleboro, Vt., to RALPH E. PERRY, 
son of James and Minnie Perry of Brattleboro. 


5511-3-1 Geneva Ballou Perry, b. Oct. 4, 1912 at Springfield, Mass. 

5512-1 GENEVA MARY BALLOU (Alvin M. , Alvin, M. D,, Asahel, Benjamin, Rev. 
Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Jan. 30, 1687, at Denver, Colo,; m. June 

1, 1916, by the Rev. Benj . b. Tyler at the Ballou home, Denver, to DONALD 

C. HULL, son of F. W. and Florence (Wilson) Hull of Kearney, Neb, 

She is a graduate of Denver H. Sr He is with the Great Vvestern Sugar Co» 
of Denver. Ress 42 Pearl St., Denver, Colo. 

Children: Born at Denver. 

5512-1-1 Vi/illiam Ballou Hull, b. Aug. 30, 1917. 
5512-1-2 Betty Florence Hull, b. Sept. 16, 1920, 

5516-2 CAROLINE LOIS CLARK (Lois C. Ballou, Almon, Asahel, Benjamin, Rev. 
Maturin, Peter, John, Llaturin), b. Dec. 2, 1876, at Guilford, Vt.| m. July 
31, 1907, by Rev. Delmar Trout at Brattleboro, Vt . , to HAYES BIGELOW, b. 
Feb. 20, 1879, at New Haven, Conn., son of William and Mary (Hayes) Bigelow 
of Brattleboro. 


5516-2-1 Lois Hayes. Bigelow, b. Apr. 14, 191o, at Charleston, S. C. 

5525 EDWARD LULL BALLOU (Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, Benjamin, Rev, 
Maturin, Peter, John, Ifeturin), b. Mar. 30, 1856, at Harrison, Wis.; d. Oct, 

2, 1911, at Igo, Shasto Co., Calif . j m. Nov. 24, 1886, by Rev. to. E. Graham 


at Chico, Butte Co., Calif., to VASHII MAY WOOD, b. Sept. 25, 1863, at 

Tuscola, 111., dau. of Charles Carpenter and Delilah Frances V/ood. 

He was a graduate of The Industrial University of Illinois and was a pro- 
fessional assayer of minerals at Igo, Calif, 

Childrens Born at Igo, Calif., with the exception of £d«a May* 

♦5525-1 Roy Stanford Ballou, b. Oct. 2, 1887. 
5525-2 Edith Lucia Ballou, b. June 20, 1889, m, Oct. 16, 1910, at San 
Rafael, Calif, to Edward Hugh Shuffleton, who d. Oct, 19, 1918, 
at Fort Bayard, N. M., interred at Igo, son of Edward T. and 
Leighton Shuffleton. Res: Carmel, Monterey Co., Calif, 

*5525-3 Laura Frances Ballou, b. Jan. 8, 1891. 

*b525-4 Charles Kenneth Ballou, b, Feb. 10, 1894. 

♦5525-5 Clarence Ballou, b. Aug. 22, 1899. 
5525-6 Edna May Ballou, b. Sept. 16, 1901, at Ukiah, Calif., m. Dec. 24, 
1928, by Judge Hanby at Los Angeles, Calif., to John Howard Mc 
Cormick, b. Feb. 3, 1899, at Victoria, 111. Res: 4321 So. Raymond 
Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 

*5525-7 Lois Lillian Ballou, b. Mar. 8, 1903. 

*5525-8 Annie Dorothy Ballou, b. Nov. 24, 1908. 

5526 MINER HART BALLOU (Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Ma- 

turin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Oct. 12, 1858, at Clifton, Wis., d. Nov. 

19, 1926, at San Anselmo, Calif.; m. Dec. 13, 1881, by Rev. Mr. Smith, to 

FLORA BLOUNT, b. June 10, 1861, at Stockbridge, Calumet Co., Wis., dau. of 

Cornelius and Emily (Halsted) Blount. He was a twin brother to Myron 

Hamilton, who was born two days later and died Dec. 27, 1858, 

He was a strictly self-made man with a very interesting and widely success- 
ful career. He attended school at Oshkosh, Wis., and soon entered into 
business. He rapidly developed into a captain of industry. After spending 
about ten years in northern Michigan in charge of lumber mills, he moved 
to Wisconsin and became the largest stockholder and Vice-Pres. of the great 
paper and pulp mills of The Menasha Paper Co., at Menasha, Wis., Ladysmith, 
V/is., Port Arthur, Ont., Thornapple, Wis., and Ashland, Wis. He was a di- 
rector of the V/isconsin Central R. R. when it was acquired by the Soo Line 
and continued his influence over these two railroads. He organized and was 
the foremost official of the Wisconsin Pulpwood Co. that was interested 
financially in fifteen paper mills in Wisconsin and was the first company 
to ship pulpwood from Canada into the States. In 1920 he retired from ac- 
tivities in Wisconsin and moved to San Anselmo, Calif., to enjoy a peace- 


ful rest. This is how he rested: - He organized The Marin Puper Co.; The 
Fairfax Lumber Co.j built and organized The Fairfax Bank, Calif, and became 
i-ts president; entered the mining business, paint manufacturing, and other 
enterprises. He built an eight mile automobile road in Mt. Tamalpais, near 
San Francisco. His remains were cremated and the ashes placed in a great 
boulder on this road which overlooks the Pacific Ocean, and on which is 
placed a bronze tablet commemorating his achievaments. 


*b526-l Harry Ballou, b. July 24, 1883, at ChiltOn, Calumet Co., Wis. 
*b526-2 Belle Ballou, b. May 19, 1887, at Carney, Mich. 

j52 8 CLARENCE J^FFjLKSON BnLLOU (Dr. Albert D. ; Darius, Martin, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, tkturin), b. July 27, 1860, at Clifton, V7is. ; 
m. Nov. 17, 1878, by Ezra Comfort, J. P. at Ottawa Co., Kan., to MARY 
LOUISA MILLS, b. Aug. 10, 18d9 at Harwick, Delaware Co., lowaj d. Aug. 14, 
192b, at Delphos, Ottawa Co., Kan., dau^ of -ikhlon and Lestina Rhoana 
(Bishop) Mills, son of Albin D. and Dorothy (Ford) Mills. Lestina Bishop 
was dau. of Rev. Jay Bishop, corn at Readsboro, Vt. The Town of Harwick, 
in 1930, was demolished and is now a lake. 

"He enjoys the record of having resided on and farming the same land for 
half a century. He has never engaged in any important occupation other 
than that of farming and stock raising. He prospered beyond the average 
of Solomon Valley homesteaders for the reason that early in his experience 
he aiscerned the advantage of farm diversification. He was a pioneer in 
the breeding of Hereford cattle in a region essentially wheat land, and his 
success as a ftczmer is largely due to his faith in and application to the 
industry of raising and fattening cattle. For thirty years his white-faced 
herds were the object of his pride and adulation. 

"Clarence Btxllou provided well for the nine of his ten children who have 
grown to maturity. In its heyday the commodious Ballou home near Delphos 
was the citadel of a large family and its friends and relatives, a sort of 
landmark in the community, with its master ever seeking to improve upon it. 
He was only an infant when the Civil War began and was too old to go to 
France in 1917, but he delivered the first consignment of wheat in the com- 
munity for the relief of the Belgian orphans in 1914, the first substantial 
contributions to war funds which followed. For many years he was active 
in the I. 0. 0. F. He had no political aspirations but gave generously of 
his time in community government, many years as township and school district 
director and eight yecrs as Ottawa county commissioner. During his tenure 


of office the county made notable strides in road building, public health 
and farm agent undertakings. 

"Clarence Ballou was essentially a so-called "self-made" man. He came to 
Kansas in 1876 with little more than a meager schooling, a rugged constitu- 
tion and an infinite capacity for hard work. He is prone to credit his 
measure of success in life to his devoted wife who was his companion for 
47 years. It may have been her inspiration, but it was his industry and 
perseverance. To these qualities we shall add modesty, sobriety, kindli- 
ness, generosity, good humor, devotion to family and state and a love of 
the beautiful. Since the death of Mrs. Ballou, in 1925, he has devoted con- 
siderable time to travel, his visits taking him to states from coast to 
coast. This, to be sure, is somewhat of a diversion, after b. lifetime spent 
largely in one community, but while this may appear to be a well-earned re- 
ward, he still prefers to be among the scenes that are brighest. And so it 
is that he is most apt to be found at the old home place, 'Osawentha by the 
Pines' . 

"Clarence Ballou being so consummately self-effacing this little sketch by 
one of the family may sound unbecoming, but speaking for the family, I do 
not regard it presumptuous to thus mention him, regarding him, as we con- 
temporaries do, as one of the noteworthy patriarchs of the Ballou cousin- 
hood." (Contributed by Don D. Ballou, Kansas City, Kan.) 

Children: All born at "Osawentha by the Pines", near Delphos, Ottawa, Kan. 

5528-1 Clarence Albert Ballou, b. Aug. 10, 1879; d. Nov. 10, 1879. 
5528-2 Florence Jilvacelia Ballou, b. Feb. 17, 1881, m. Sept. 5, 1906, by 
Rev. G. 5. Smith at Delphos, Kan., to Valliam Burgess Banning, 
son of John and Hetty Jane (Roberts) Banning, b. July 20, 1876, 
at Lyndon, Kan. She is a graduate of Kansas State Agricultural 
Coll., 1904, A. B. Res: n. F. D. #2, Lyndon. 
*5528-3 Jessie Mary Ballou, b. Aug. 8, 1883. 
*5528-4 Alice Claire Ballou, b. Sept. 21, 188d. 
*5528-5 Hazel Hart Ballou, b. Dec. 6, 1887. 
*5528-6 Miner Mahlon Ballou, b. Oct. 9, 1890. 
*5528-7 Hussel Kenneth Ballou, b. Dec. 4, 1696. 
*5528-8 Donald David Ballou, b. Oct. 12, 1898. 
*5528-9 Louis Marvin Ballou, b. Dec. 30, 1900. 
5528-10 Dorothy Rhoana Ballou, b. Jan. 8, 1904j m. Mar. 17, 1928, by Rev. 
G. S. Smith at Delphos, Kan., to Bert Allen Bourne, b. Dec. 21, 
1892, at Delphos, son of D. k. and Amelia (Spencer) Bourne of 
Delphos. She is a graduate of Delphos H. S. He is an electri- 
cal engineer. Res: Delphos, Kan. 

5529 SVANG^LINS ELLjUN BALLOU (Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, Benjamin, Rev. 
Maturin, Peter, John, Idaturin), b. Apr. 27, 1866, at Mankato, blue Earth Co., 
Minn.; d. liJar. 2, 1930, at San Anselmo, Calif.} m. (1) June 11, 1884, at 
Portland, Ore., to MAURICE EaGillvLAl-i , an actor, no children; (2) July 1890, 


by Judge Budd, at Stockton, Calif., to FRANK HAPPSRSBiiRGER, b. Oct. 21, 
1859, at Dutch Flats, Calif., son of Frank and jSliza (Zigler) Happersbergei; 
of San Francisco. 

She studied at the Academy of Music in Baltimore, Md., and became a pro- 
fessional operatic singer, appearing in the following cities: Boston, Chi- 
cago, Kansas City and San Francisco. She was well known on the Pacific 
Coast as an artist of considerable distinction for her paintings of flowers 
and landscapes. She was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star. We have 
no further records of her first murriage. 

Frank Happersberger was a prominent sculptor, and among his greatest works 
are the Garfield statue in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, and the famous 
three piece Lick Monument in the civic center of San Francisco. He is a 
graduate of the School of Art in Munich, Germany, and possesses a bronze 
medal for his v.ork. Res: San Anselmo, Calif., in 1931. 

Children: Born at San Francisco. 

*5529-l Frank Happersberger Jr., b. Sept. 23, 1892. 
*o529-2 Harry Happersberger, b. June 12, 1896. 

5542 CORA ORCELIA (DAYTON) MEAD, (Laura M. Ballou, Darius, Martin, Ben- 
jamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. April 16, 1872, at Sherwood, 
Wis., m. July 1, 1897, at Hilbert, Wis., to ROY CHAPIN MEM), b. April 10, 
1875, at Alma, Mich.j d. Aug. 13, 1925, at Spokane, Wash., interred in 
Greenwood Cem., Spokane, son of George and Laura Mead. 

He was, for thirty-one years, a prominent engineer of the Chicago, Mil- 
waukee and St. Paul R. R. He was engineer of the new all steel "crack" 
passenger train, called "The Olympian", running between Chicago and Seattle, 

Children: Born in Green Bay, Mich. 

*5542-l Bonnie Laura Mead, b. Oct. 26, 1898, 
*5542-2 Ralph Emerson Mead, b. Feb. 22, 1900, 
*5542-3 Esther Edna Mead, b. Nov. 19, 1902. 
5542-4 Ardath Theta Mead, b. Sept. 8, 1903. Unm. 

5699-1 SARA ELIZABETH BALLOU (Clark A., Leavitt , Levi, Rev. David, Rev, 
Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Jan. 4, 1869, at Ilion, N. Y, j d. Jan. 3, 


1934, at Holyoke, Mass., interred in Forestdale Cem., in Holyoke; m. Oct. 
31, 1891, by Rev. M. E. Dunham at Utica, N. Y., to GEORGE LEV/IS WILCOXEN, 
b. Feb. 2, 1868, at Jamesville, N. Y. 5 d. Nov. 19, 1895, interred in For- 
estdale Cera, in Holyoke ^ son of Alfred Lewis and Mary L. (Cook) Vi/ilcoxen, 
a descendant of William Wilcoxen who first settled in Concord, Ifess. in 
1634-and moved to Stratford, Conn, in 1639. 

At the time of his marriage George V/ilcoxen vms city editor of the local 
newspaper, then moved Lo New London, Conn., where he was city editor of "The 
Day". He was considered a brilliant young journalist, with a remarkable 
Capacity for work. His health broke dov»n and he died at the age of 27 years. 
Before marriage Sara Elizaleth graduated from Westfield Normal School, and 
taught school at Sunaerland and "Rock Valley" (near Holyoke) j Mass. After 
the death of her husband she returned to Holyoke, with her two children, 
and resumed teaching, and for the last twenty-five years of her life was 
principal of the Nonotuck Grammar School at Holyoke. 

Children: Born at Holyoke, Mass. 

*5699-l-l Lewis Clark Wilcoxen, b. Aug. 26, 1892. 
5699-1-2 Eleanor V/ilcoxen, b. Oct. 19, 189(3). 

5699-2 CHARLES AUGUSTUS BALLOU (Clark A., Leavitt , Levi, Rev. David, Rev. 
Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Apr. 16, 1873, at Ilion, N. Y. ; d. Jan. 4 
1935 i m. (1) July 12, 1899, by Rev. George A. Bowman at Hartford, Conn., to 
ANNIE NATALIE GRAUSE, b. Feb. 6, 1879, at Brooklyn, N. Y. j (2) about 1924, 
by the Mayor of Philadelphia, Pa. at City Hall, to MARGARET BARCLAY KELLY, 
dau. of Henry Eckford and Theresa Cecelia Kelly of Philadelphia. No chil- 
dren. He was proprietor of the Ballou Press, Inc., Bleekraan Street, New 
York City. 

Children: By 1st wife. 

5699-2-1 Charles Augustus Ballou Jr., b. May 1, 1901, at Hartford, Conn.; 
m. July 6, 1925, by Rev. Alex, R. Barron at Utica, N. Y., to 
Grace Jean Batchelor, b. May 23, 1895 at Utica, N, Y., dau. of 
Julian Daniel and Anna Maud (Adams) Batcnelor, aon of Julian 


and xfilizabeth Cheley Batchelor of Utica. He succeeded his fa- 
ther as proprietor of the Ballou Press, Inc., N. Y. City. He is 
a graduate of Cornell Univ., 1921; member of Pi Kappa Phi Fra- 
ternity, Marsh Lodge A. F. & A. M. No. 188; Aurora Grata Consis- 
tory, Scottish Rites; Kismet A. A. 0. N. U. S.; Brooklyn Ento- 
mological Society; New York Entomological Society, and Entomo- 
logical Society of America. He is a member of Cornell Club of 
N. Y. City. No children reported. 
*5699-2-2 Natalie Anna Ballou, b. June 8, 1906, at Brooklyn, N. Y. 
5699-2-3 Renata Emma Ballou, b. Jan. 20, 1908, at Brooklyn; m. Daniel 

5699-3 JAMES JOHN BALLOU (Clark A., Leavitt , Levi, Rev. David, Rev. Maturin, 

Petur, John, Maturin), b. Feb. 7, 1885, at Holyoke, Mass.; m. Apr. 20,1909, 

by Rev. P. B. Phelan at Sacred Heart Church, Holyoke, to ELIZABETH M. HOLL, 

b. Oct. 17, 1886, at Holyoke, dau. of Leonard and Margaret Holl, both torn 

in Germany. 

He is a foreman of carriers at U. S. Post Office, Holyoke, an enthusiastic 
member of The Ballou Family Assn. Res: 12 Corser St., Holyoke, Mass. 


5699-3-1 Dorothy M. Ballou, b. Oct. 2, 1915, at Holyoke. Her occupation 
is secretarial and statistical work at the R. H. Axe & Co., In- 
vestment Counsellors, 730 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

5 701-1 EUGENE ALLEN BALLOU (Perry E., Leavitt, Levi, Rev. David, Rev. Ma- 
turin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Mar. 4, 1880, at Knightstovm, Ind.; m. 
July 5, 1916, by Rev. Zimmerman at Arkansas City, Kan., to EDITH WOODS, b. 
Dec. 28, 1891, at Arkansas City, dau. of William Woods. He is a farmer. 
Res: Route 2, Circleville, Pickaway Co., Ohio. 

5701-1-1 William Edward Ballou, b. July 6, 1917, at Arkansas City; m. Aug. 
24, 1936, at Greenup, Ky., Mildred Louise Hoover, b. Dec. 5, 
1919, at Circleville, dau. of William Hoover, He is a farmer 
of Circleville. 

5701-1-2 Bonnie Jean Ballou, b. Sept. 21, 1920, at Independence, Kai . 

5701-1-3 Theodore Oliver Ballou, b. May 8, 1923, at Independence. 


5701-3 OLIVE CLORINDA BALLOU (Perry S. , Leavitt, Levi, Rev. David, Rev. 

Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. in 1886, at West Mill Grove, V/ood Co., 

Ohio j m. to MILFORD G. SLAGLli;, a farmer of Bucyrus, Ohio. 

Children: Born at Bucyrus, Ohio. 

5701-3-1 Lucile Slagle, b. in 1912; m. at Republic, Ohio to Carrol Cole. 
5701-3-2 Horace Eugene Slagle, b. in 1915. 
5701-3-3 La Verne Slagle, b. in 1918. 

5768 CLARENCE MATURIN BALLOU (William A., Maturin Jr., Maturin, Nathan, 

Rev. Lsaturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Sept. 7, 1885, at North Adams, Mass*} 

m. June 14, 1911, by Rev. W. J. McMullen at Braddock, Pa., to MARY COSGROVS, 

b. Sept. 8, 1889, at Braddock, dau. of Col. Thomas and Mary (Flanagan) 

Cosgrove, son of Thomas and Mary (Carlin) Cosgrove, of Edinburgh, Scotland. 

He attended a county school in North Adams, Miss Barney teacher. He grad- 
uated from Drury Academy, North Adams, 1903, and from Cornell Univ., 1907, 
M. E. He then went -with the American Telephone and Telegraph Co. in New 
York and Pittsburg. In 1909 he entered the Engineering Dept. of American 
Sheet and Tin Plate Co.; the next year was promoted to position of general 
manager at their plant at Monessen, Pa.; and in 1916 was made general mana- 
ger of the tin mill in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1925 he became Traction Com- 
missioner under the Cleveland City Manager Plan of government. 

Children I 

5758-1 Thomas Ccegrove Ballou, b. Mar. 27, 1912, at Monessen. He attended 

the public schools of Cleveland. 
5768-2 Frances Anne Ballou, b. July 7, 1916, at Braddock. She attended 

the Cleveland Heights School. 

5772-1 WARREN BALLOU BRIGHAM (Emma Ballou, Emery, M. D., Maturin, Nathan, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. May 17, 1889, at Crystal Lake, Ill„; 
m. June 18, 1913, at Erie Pa., by the groom's father, Rev. L. Ward Brigham 
of Brooklyn, N. Y. , to ELIZABETH SMITH, b. Jan. 19, 1892, in Delaware, dau. 
of Dr. F. Ellerton Smith, of Erie. Res: Brewton, Escambia Co., Alabama. 


5772-1-1 Barbara Elizabeth Brigham, b. Jan. 31, 1915, at Erie. 


5775-2 FRANCIS GOSlfi/EY JONES Jr., (Harriet C. Ballou, Emery, M. D., Maturin, 

Nathan, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Jan. 1, 1903, at Chicago, 

111,; m. Sept. 11, 1924, by Rev. John Aystant of Ferndale, Mich, at Detroit, 

Mich., to MILDRED L. RILEY, b. May 11, 1903, at Cayuga, Ontario, dau. of 

Allen C. and Ella F. (Fissette) Riley. 

He graduated from Detroit H. S. and Univ. of Michigan, 1925, Litt. B. 
Res: 20026 Keating Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Child : 

5774-2-1 Beverly Harriet Jones, b. Nov. 15, 1928, at Detroit. 

577S-1 IviARGARET EMILY BAY (Eva Ballou, Emery, M. D., Maturin, Nathan, Rev. 

L&turin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. June 25, 1906, at Crystal Lake, 111.; 

m. £ept, 22, 1928, by Rev. L. Ward Brigham at Chicago, 111., to ALTON 

BROOKS SHUIiiAN, b. Mar. 16, 1896, at Lewiston, Me., son of John F. and Nellie 

M. Shunian, of felden, Ifess. 

She attended Parker H. S. Chicago, 1923, and Chicago Normal School, 1925, 
and graduated from the Univ. of Chicago, 1927, B. S. Mr, Shuman is a com- 
mercial engineer for the Bell Telephone Co., Chicago. 


5775-1-1 Robert Alton Shuman, b. July 23, 1929, at Chicago. 

6328-3 MONA ELIZABETH TOvVER (Julia W. Sayles Tower, Col. Welcome Ballou 
Sayles, Daniel Sayles Jr., Daniel Sayles and Eunice Ballou, Ariel, James, 
James, Maturin), b. Mar. 9, 1871, at Providence, R. I.; m. Oct. 29, 1896, 
by Rev. Floyd Tompkins at Providence, to BENJAMIN PEARCE HARRIS, b. Mar. 
17, 1873, at Providence, son of Thomas Harris. 
Child: Born at Providence. 
*6328-3-l Benjamin Pearce Harris Jr., b. Jan. 20, 1901. 


6664 JOHN BALLOU WELLS (Laura E. Ballou, William, Johxij Seth, James, James, 

James, Maturin), b. 1840, at Concord, Erie Co., New Yorkj d. 1900, at 

Springville, N. Y. , interred in l&plewood Cem. j m. 1863, at Morton's Corners, 

N. Y., to ANNIS Vi/. PIERCE, b. 1845, in Pennsylvania. He was a farmer. 

Children: Bom at Springville. 

6664-1 George M. Wells, b. 1864; m. Elizabeth Frew. 
6664-2 Margaret Wells, b. 1865; m. Joseph Ballou. 
6664-3 Ida L. Wells, b. 1868; m. Clark McDuffie. 
*6664-4 James Enoch Wells, b. Aug. 17, 1871. 
6664-5 John Wells, b. 1878; m. Selina Reece, 
6664-6 Laura E. Wells, b. 1884; m. Lloyd A. Woolley* 

6670 WILLIAM Z. BALLOU (John, Wilxiam, John, Seth, James, James, James, 

Maturin), b. Nov. 13, 1844, at 2oar, Springville, Erie Co., N. Y. ; d. Sept. 

14, 1889, at Buffalo, N. Y. , interred in Lake Forest Cem., Buffalo; m. Apr. 

13, 1882, by Rev. Mr. Heibbel at Buffalo, to ELLA H. COPP, b. Jan. 3, 1859 

near St. Louis, Mo., d. Feb. 23, 1889. He was a piano tuner. 


6670-1 Lillian Claire Ballou, b. May 6, 1883. Unm. 

6670-2 Marion Ella Ballou, b. Mar. 26, 1885, at Buffalo; m. at Great Falls, 

Mont., to Harry G. Armstrong of Armington, Mont. He is a ranch 

farmer. Res; Armington, Mont. 

6672 CHARLES BALLOU (John, William, John, Seth, Jumes, James, James, 
Maturin), b. Jan. 1, 1851, at Springville, Erie Co., N. Y. ; d. Feb. 20, 
1890, at Springville; m. Sept. 9, 1874, at Springville, N. Y. , to ALICE 

GAYLORD, b. July 22, 1858, at Springville. 
Children: Born at Springville. 
*6672-l Mary Ellen Ballou, b. Feb. 6, 1878. 
*6672-2 Beula Jane Ballou, b. Sept. 21, 1880. 
*6672-3 DeForest Archer Ballou, b. Sept. 27, 1885. 

6679-1 REV. HiNRY LINCOLN BALLOU (William S., John Jr., John, Seth, James, 


James, James, Maturin), b. Sept. 22, 1865, at V/allingford, Vt.; m. Sept. 3, 

1891, by Rev. George F. Chapin at Saxtons River, Windham Co., Vt., to 

CARRIE MAY HUBBARD, b. Aug. 10, 1869 at Saxtons River, dau. of Charles and 

Abby (Hoit) Hubbard of Suxtons River. 

He was for many years pastor of the Chester (Vt.) Cong. Church, of which 
he is now Pastor iiueritus (1920), Hs was succeeded, as minister, by his 
brother. Rev. liKilliam John Ba-llou. He is a 33rd degree Mason. 


*6679-l-l Eurle Hoit Ballou, b. May 17, 1892, at Saxtons River. 

*6679-l-2 P^ul Holton Bc^llou, b. Aug. 7, 1897, at Chester. 
6679-1-3 Donald Henrj^ Ballou, b. Mar. 28, 1908, at Chester. He is a grad- 
uate of Chester H. S., 1923, Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass., 
1924, and Yale University, 1928, A. B. He has the honorary de- 
gree of Ph.D., and (1936) is teaching mathematics in the Georgia 
School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. Res: 678 Moreland Ave., N.E., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

6679-2 REV. WILLIAM JOHN BALLOU (William S., John Jr., John, Seth, James, 
James, James, Maturin), b. June 18, 1871, at Wallingford, Vt.j m. June 16, 
1904 by the groom's elder brother. Rev. Henry Lincoln Ballou at Cornwall, 
Vb., to ANNA MARY BINGHAM, b. May 27, 1872 at Cornwall, dau. of William 
H. H. and Mary L. (Cook) Bingham, son of Harris and Lucy Ann (V/arren) Bing- 
ham of Cornwall. 

He graduated from Vermont Academy, Saxtons River, Vt., 1893, Brown Univ., 
1897, A. B. , where he was a member of Delta Upsilon, and from Hartford Theo- 
logical Sem., 1900, B. D. From 1900-04 he taught in Tougaloo Coll., Touga- 
loo, Miss., and on, Dec. 16, 1906 he was ordained by the Presbytery. He 
made five trips to Europe and the Near East. In June 1916 he drilled at 
Plattsburg R. 0. T. C. He served as Capt. of the "Home Guards" in Ludlow, 
Vt. and in the Y. M. C. A. overseas in Camp Pontanezen, Brest, France. He 
was Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Masons of Vt. for 20 years, and at 
present (1930) is Grand Lecturer. He has served as Grand Chaplain of the 
Grand Chapter of R. A. M. of Vt . , and at present is Grand Prelate of Grand 
Comnandery of Knights Templars of Vt. He is a 33rd degree Mason and an hon- 
orary member of the Supreme Council of Scottish Rites of the Northern Juris- 
diction of U. S. A. He served as pastor of the Presbytorian Church, Litch- 
field, N. H. , 1905-08 i of the Congregational Church, Ludlow, Vt., 1908-20} 


and the Congregational Church, Chester, Vt . 1920—. 
Anna Bingham graduated from Wellesley Coll., 16i8, A, p. 

Child : 

6679-2-1 William Seth Ballou, b. Apr. 29, 1905, at Nashua, N. H., m. June 1, 
1936 at Chester, to Eleanor Andrews Maxwell, b. in 1912, at 
Hollis, Long Island, N. Y. , dau. of Frederick S. and Mabel B. 
Maxwell. He graduated from Brown Univ., 1925, A. B. 

6759-2 ARTHUR LEVifIS BALLOU (Henry E., Oziel, Ebenezer, Oziel, James, James, 
James, Maturin), b. July 22, 1899, at Maplewood, Maiden, Mass.; m. Mar. 24, 
1922, by Oswald H. Rankin, at Chester, Vt., to GLENDEEN LAILA BOSWORTH, b. 
Nov. 10, 1898, at Duxbury, Vt., dau. of Leon Henry and Jessie Elvira (John- 
son) Bosworth, son of Levi and Maria L. L. (Wood) Bosworth, of V/inchendon, 

He attended the public schools of Reading, Mass. and Mt . Hermon School for 
BoySjNorthfield, Mass. He is a member of the Cong. Church at Chester, 
Chester Grange, and Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. He is a farmer. 
Res: Chester, Vt. 

Children: Born at Chester. 

6759-2-1 Bertha Kathryn Ballou, b. Apr. 6, 1925. 
6759-2-2 Marion Glendeen Ballou, b. May 25, 1928. 

6759-3 GROVER EDMUND BALLOU (Henry E. , Oziel, Ebenezer, Oziel, James, James, 
James, I\Jaturin), b. Sept. 21, 1901, at East Boston, Mass.; m. Sept. 21, 1921, 
by Rev. Ralph M. Jones, to BERYL L. BOSWORTH, b. Apr. 22, 1901, at Athol, 
Mass., dau. of Leon Henry and Jessie Elvira (Johnson) Bosworth, of Winchendon, 


He is (1931) a mechanic and farmer in North Springfield, Vt. He is a mem- 
ber of the Baptist Church, the Christian Endeavor Society, and t he Grange 
in that town, and formerly was attached to the Vermont National Guards. Ad- 
dress; R. D. j^l, Chester Depot, Vt. 


6759-3-1 Edmund Levi Ballou, b. Aug. 7, 1922, at Chester. 


6759-3-2 Clifford Henry Ballou, b. Aug. 17, 1924, at Reading, Mass. 
6759-3-3 Grover Roscoe Ballou, b. Sept. 18, 1929, at Springfield, Vt. 

6759-5 HENRY OZIEL BALLOU (Henry E. , Oziel, Ebenezer, Qziel, James, James, 

James, Maturin), b. July 2, 1905, at Reading, Ifess,; m. Aug, 27, 1925, by 

Rev. Louis Whitchurch at Reading, to MABELLE GERTRUDE STRATTON, b. June 25, 

l^'OS at Reading, dau. of Charles Edson and Carrie A. (Sias) Stratton, son 

of George Asa and Mary A. (Damon) Stratton of New York, N. Y. 

He is a machinist, and a member of the Methodist Church. Res: 240 Ifein 
Street, Reading, Mass. 

Children i Born at Reading. 

6759-5-1 Robert Lloyd Ballou, b. May 28, 1927. 
6759-5-2 Barbara Eleanor Ballou, b. May 3, 1930, 

6764-1 MARY ETTA BALLOU (John F., Oziel, Ebenezer, Oziel, James, James, 
James, Maturin), b. Apr. 11, 1887, at Swanzey, N. H. ; m. June 5, 1907, by 
Rev. Mr. Furness at Swanzey, to ALEXANDER MASON, b. Apr. 7, 1880 at Swan- 
zey, son of Calvin and Abbie F. (Alexander) Mason. They are divorced. She 
makes her home with the children at Swanzey Lake and Richmond (Hillcrest), 
Vt. He is in the insurance business. 
Children: Born at Rutland, Vt . 

6764-1-1 Alexander Mason, b. June 27, 1909. 

6764-1-2 Frances Olive Mason, b. Oct. 9, 1910; graduate of N. H. Univ., 

6764-1-3 Clark Holbrook M^son, b. Dec. 2, 1912. 
6764-1-4 Charles Parker Mason, b. July 1, 1914; graduate of Rutland H.S., 


6764-4 CHARLES HOLBROOK BALLOU (John F. , Oziel, Ebenezer, Oziel, James, 
James, James, Maturin), b, June 28, 1899, probably at Swanzey, N. H, ; m. 
(1) ETHEL MARY PRIEST, b, Oct. 11, 1898; d. Mar. 20, 1925, at Keene, N. H. 


interred in Case Cem. , Swanzey; (2) Sept. 29, 1925, by Rev. Austin Reed at 
Keene, to EBBA B. LARSON, b. Feb. 7, 1899, at Keene, dau. of Alexander and 
Selma (Anderson) Larson of Keene. He is an airplane mechanic. Res: Swan- 
zey, N. H. 

Child: By 2nd wife. 

6764-4-1 Ebba Barbara Ballou, b. May 26, 1926, at Keene. 

6867-1 JAivUlS GARFIELD (Harry A. Garfield, Pres. James A. Garfield, Abram 

Garfield and Elizabeth Ballou, James, James, James, James, Katurin), b. 

Oct. 28, 1889> at Cleveland, Ohio j m. Jan. 20, 1923, by Rev. Henry W, Kob- 

son of Worcester, Mass. at Albany, N. Y. , to EDITH TOWSEND, b. Jan. 17, 

1899, at Cambridge, Mass.', dau. of Frederick de Peyster Tovvnsend, of Coop- 

erstown, N. Y, 

He graduated from Williams Cdliij 1911, A. B. , Harvard Law School, 1915, 
LL.B. He is a lawyer. Res: 14 Hubbar*d Park, Cambridge, Mass« 

Children: Born at Boston, Mass. 

6867-1-1 John Robinson Garfield, b. May 11, 1924. 
6B67-1-2 Elizabeth Ann Garfield, b. July 29, 1926. 
6867--1-3 Harry Augustus Garfield, b. - - 1932. 

6867-2 L'LA.SON GARFIELD (Harry A. Garfield, Pres. James A. Garfield, Abram 

Garfield and Elizabeth Ballou, James, James, James, James, Maturin), b. Oct. 

5, 1892, at Cleveland, Ohio; m. Feb. 19, 1916, by Rev. James P. Franks of 

Salem, Mass. at Salem, to HARRIET W. PEW, b. Oct. 29, 1894, at Salem, dau. 

of Gen. V/illiam G. Pew, of Salem. Res: River hoad Farm, Concord, Mass. 

Children : 

6867-2-1 Alicia Rudolph Garfield, b. July 22, 1917, at Rockport, Mass. 
6867-2-2 Louise Huntington Garfield, b. Feb. 16 or 19, 1919, at Concord. 


6867-3 LUCRETIA GARFIELD (Harry A. Garfield, Pres. James A. Garfield, 

Abrsun Garfield and Elizabeth Ballou, James, James, James, James, Maturin), 

b. Jan. 18, 1894, at Cleveland, Ohio; m. Dec. 22, 1925, by Rev, Dr. S. V. 

Holmes of Buffalo, N. Y. at V*illiamstown, Mass., to JOHN PRESTON COMER, b. 

Sept. 6, 1888, in Planco Co., Texas, son of S. A. Comer, of Dallas, Texas 

She gradioated from Bryn Mawr College, 1916, A. B. He is a Prof, of Gov- 
ernment at Williams College. 


6867-3-1 John Preston Comer, b. Oct. 23, 1926, at Brookline, Masa. 
6867-3-2 Laura Comer, b. July 17, 1929, at Pittsfield, Mass. 

6867-4 STANTON GARFIELD (Harry A. Garfield, Pres. James A. Garfield, Abram, 
Garfield and Elizabeth Ballou , Jsmes, Janes, James, James, M£'in) , b. 
Aug. 3, 1895, at Willoughby, Ohio; m, Sept. 9, 1922, at JJ.tKle J^oar's Head, 
N. H., to LUCY S. HODGES, dau. of George S. Hodges,; Monument ^c^, Con- 
cord, Li^ss. 

6867-4-1 Mary Burnett Garfield, b» May 9, 1924, at New Haven, Conn. 
6867-4-2 Stanton Garfield Jr., b. Oct. 22, 1925, at New York City. 
6867-4-3 George Hodges Garfield, b. Mar. 17, 1928, at Boston, Mass. 

6922-3 DON ALONZO BALLOU (Charles R. , Alonzo, Asquire, Russell, James, 
James, James, Maturin), b. Dec. 8, 1878, at Swanzey, N. H. j m. Feb. 15,1906, 
by Rev. Flint M. Bissell at Springfield, Mass., to CZARINA LOUISE WHITCOMB, 
b. Dec. 25, 1882, at Swanzey, N. H. , dau. of Leonard and Sophia Lucinda 
(Hill) Whitcomb. He is a carpenter by trade. 

6922-3-1 Gordon Russell Ballou, b. May 2, 1909, at Springf isld ; d. Oct. 
10, 1909. 


6922-3-2 Vairis Czarina Ballou, b. June 2, 1912, at Springfield} d. June 

13, 1929. 
6922-3-3 Donna Ada ballou, b. Mar. 14, 1915, at Longmeadow, Mass. 
6922-3-4 Feme Hill Bullou, b. Apr. 3, 1918, at Longmeadowi d. Dec. 23, 

6922-3-5 Miskel Fayne Ballou, b. April 14, 1921, at Longmeadowj d. Sept. 

21, 1934. 

7107 FRED E. BISSELL CASE (Susan Annis Ballou, Rev. John M., Michael 'h., 

Nathaniel, Amariah, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. Mar. 16, 1870, at V/ater- 

loo, Iowa; m. at New Orleans, La., to DaISY ELIZABETH SAUNDERS, b. Apr. 14, 

1880, in Kerr Co., Texas, d. Mar. 9, 1920, dau. of Andrew Jackson and Susie 

(Rollins) Saunders. 

He is a locomotive engineer, and has been employed by the Chicago & North 
vl/estern R. R. for 34 years. 

Children: First three born at New Orleans, La., the others at Boone, Iowa. 

*7107-1 Carroll Edward Case, b. Apr. 16, 1899. 

7107-2 William Ballou Case, b.- Apr. 22, 1901. Graduate of Boone H. S. 
Res: Linn St., Boone, Iowa. 

7107-3 Susie Almeda Case, b. Apr. 27, 1903. Unm. Res: Linn St., Boone, 

7107-4 Fred Jackson Case, b. May 21, 1905; d. Aug. 18, 1928 in an auto- 
mobile accident . 

7107-5 Sarah Ruth Case, b. Jan. 2, 1907, m. by Rev. Mr. Sutton at Boone, 
to Robert Anderson, b. in Iowa. Res: Des Moines, Iowa. 

7107-6 Thomas Butler Cuse, b. Fob. 6, .1909. Unm. 

7107-7 Daisy Nellie Caoe, b. Feb. 2, 1912. Unm. 

7107-8 Sylvia Emma Case, b. Dec. 19, 1913. Unm. 

7107-9 Morris Allen Case, b. Jan. 16, 1916. Unm. 

7107-10 Delia Lois Case, b. July 30, 1919. Unm. 

7127-1 HENRY PORTER BALLOU (Louis S., Philander, Michael W., Nathaniel, 
Amariah, Nathaniel, James, Maturiri), b, Maf, 9, 1883, at Watseka, ^1. ^ 
m. (1) in Feb. 1909, to MkRY KOLKER, pf Morris, 111., d. at Mulberry, Fla., 
and was interred there; (2) BESSIE TALIFERRO of V/atseka. He is the super- 
intendent of the Light and Irtater Dept. at Sebring, Fla. 


Child by 1st wife. 

7127-1-1 Adrian Ballou, b. June, 1910. While out hunting he was shot, 

Oct. 17, 1926, iiftd died three days later. Intfirred at Sebring, 

Child: By 2nd wife. 

7127-1-2 Stanley Ballou, b. Sept. 8, 1921, at Mulberry, Polk Co., Fla. 

7310 WILLIS DWIGHT BALLOU (Monroe E., Slias, Dea. David, Elias, Amariah, 

Nathaniel, James, Maturin) , b. Oct. 3, 1865 ^ m. May, 1889, at Balding, 

Ionia Co., Mich., to CARRIE LANDEN, b. Apr. 25, 1866, dau. of Charles Barry 

and Authea (Robinson) Landen. 


7310-1 Grace B. Ballou, b. Feb. 24, 1890. 

7310-2 Earl C. Ballou, b. Oct. 10, 1891. 

7310-3 Lou Blanche Ballou, b. May 27, 1895, m. Leon L. Ballou (see 7303-i). 

7310-4 Louise L. Ballou, b. Sept. 17, 1898. 

7312 JOSEPH CLINTON BALLOU (Monroe E. , Elias, Dea. David, Elias, Amariah, 

Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. Feb. 26, 1872, m. Mar. 14, 1894, by Rev. 

Charles S. Agan at Becket , Ifess., to GERTRUDE MY SMITH, b. June 28, 1873, 

at Rockville, Conn., dau. of Samuel K. and Anna (Wheatley) Smith. 

He is an esteemed member of The Ballou Family Assn. of America. He attained 
some publicity in the fall of 1927 as a modern "Paul Revere" in riding down 
through the village of Becket and warning the inhabitants to flee to higher 
ground before the tursting of the dam above the villcige, which wrought such 
havoc when it gave way. 

Child: Born at Becket. 

*7312-1 Gertrude Imogene Ballou, b. July 15, 1900. 

7569-1 GERTRUDE GRANT (Irving 0. Grant, Sarah A. Ballou, Harvey, Oliver, 
Noah, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. May 21, 1900, at East Providence, R. I.; 


m. June 9, 1920, by Rev. Henry Burnham Kirkland of Pawtucket at Cumberland, 

R. I., to WILLIAM THOMAS GOUGH, b. May 3, 1898, at South Boston, Mass., son 

of William and Annie (Ackland) Go ugh, of Cumberland. 

She has the honor of being the secretary of Elder Ballou Meeting House & 
Burial Ground Society. She graduated from Pavrtucket H. S., 1918. William 
Gough is a printer. 

Children: Born at Cumberland. 

7569-1-1 Barbara Edna Gough, b. Oct. 26, 19*i4. 
7569-1-2 Avis Gertrude Gough, b. July 30, 1929. 

8154 KATHARINE BALLOU BISBEE (Gen. William H. Bisbee, Harriet Miriam 
Ballou, Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Nov. 10, 
1868 at Columbus, Ohio; m. Nov. 8, 1892 to THOMAS FEFEL, who died in 1928. 


8154-1 Thomas B. Fefel, b. Oct. 1, 1893 j m. Ivlay 29, 1918, Edith L. King. 
*8154-2 Lucy K. Fefel, b. Nov. 4, 1898. 
*8154-3 William Eallou Fefel, b. Dec. 9, 1903. 
*8154-4 Mary Elizabeth Fefel, b. May 4, 1908. 
*8154-5 Louise V. Fefel, b. Mar. 6, 1911, 
♦8154-6 Joseph M. Fefel, b. Sept. 4, 1912. 

8155 HAYMOND BIRD BISBEE (Gen. William Henry Bisbee, Harriet M. Ballou, 
Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b, Aug. 14, 1871, at 
Louisville, Ky. ; m. May 30, 1899, to ANNETTA HOUSE. 

His name is Haymond, not Raymond, as given on p. 1124* 


8155-1 William Haymond Bisbee, b. Apr. 29, 1902; m. Nov. 27, 1930, by 

Rev. Richard Baxter at Teaneck, N. J., to Helyn H. Montross, b. 
June 30, 1907. 
*8155-2 Robert H. Bisbee, b. Nov. 10, 1904. 

8175 LESTER BALLOU BROWN (Caroline M. (Craig) Brown, Caroline E. (Ballou) 
Craig, Levi Ballou, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Mar. 


7, 1878, at Woonsocket, R. I. j m. Oct. 12, 1909, by Rev. Frederick W. 

Colman at Fall River, Mass., to B3SSIE AlffiLIA HOWARD, b. wiay 20, 1884, 

at Fall River, dau. of V/illiam B. and Sarah Howard. Res: Pasadena, Calif. 

Child: Born at Woonsocket. 

8175-1 Howard Ballou Brown, b. July 29, 1912, ut woonsocket; d. Oct. 
9, 1912. 

8181-2 Col. STANLiHY GARDNZIR SMITH (Mary F. Ballou, Hon. Latimer W. , Levi, 
Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. l-iar. 17, 1867, at Woon- 
socket, R. I.j d. May 15, 1909, at Woonsocket, interred in Oak Hill Cem.j 
m. (1) to BERTHA CHILSON, b. Nov. 10, 1870, at woonsocket; d. July 4, 1902, 
interred in Oak Hill Cem., V/oonsocket , dau. of LeRoy L. Chilsoni (2) Apr. 
6, 1904, to EDITH COREY, who m. second time William Kinsman, Pres. Towle 
Mfg» Co. at Newburyport, Mass. 

Child: By 1st wife. Born at Woonsocket. 
♦8181-2-1 LeRoy Ballou Smith, b. Apr. 29, 1895. 
Children: By 2nd wife. Born at Woonsocket. 

♦8181-2-2 Meredith Gardner Smith, b. Dec. 30, 1905. 
♦8181-2-3 Frances Corey Smith, b. Apr. 10, 1908. 

8182 LATB/ER WILLIS BALLOU (Hon. Henry L. , Hon. Latimer W. , Levi, Levi 

Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Oct. 8, 1872, at V^oonsocket, 

R. I., m. Apr. 23, 1902, by Rev. Rufus W. Clark at Detroit, Mich., to 

MARY BROliVNELL BAMFORD, b. July 30, 1874, at Detroit, dau. of Frederick 

and Susan A. (Darling) Bamford, son of Thomas and Charlotte Jane Bamford, 

of Lamport, England. 

He received his B. S. degree from Mass. Inst, of Tech. in 1895 and his 
M. A. from Cornell l&iiv. in 1896. On leaving college he entered the 


Guerin Spinning Co. of Woonsocket , makers of woolen yarns, and became its 
agent. For six years he was "Aide", with rank of colonel on the staff of 
Gov. Aram J. Pothier, of Rhode Island. He is a member of Woonsocket Lodge, 
Chapter, Council, and Commandery, of Masons. As a Republican he has served 
his native city as President of the City Council and Board of Alderman. In 
1930 he was President of the Universalist Society, and Bank Commissioner of 
the State of R. I. In 1936 he was appointed President of Woonsocket Insti- 
tution for Savings. Res: 75 Harris Ave., Woonsocket, R. I. 

Children; Born at Woonsocket. 

*8182-1 Barbara Ballou, b. Nov. 17, 1903. 
8182-2 Henry Latimer Ballou, b. Dec. 22, 1905. Unm. He attended Moses 
Brown School of Providence, Exeter, Westminster, and graduated 
from Williams Coll., 1929, B. A. He is associated with the 
DuPonts of Wilmington, Del. Res: Orchard Road, Torresdale, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

8183 MARIE LOUISE BALLOU (Hon. Henry L., Hon. Latimer W. , Levi, Levi Esq., 
Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Feb. 8, 1878, at Woonsocket, R. I. j 
d. Aug. 8, 1936; m. Oct. 13, 1917, by Rev. Gilbert Ayers at Woonsocket, to 
FRANK SEWALL BOWKSR, b. Apr. 28, 1878, at Worcester, son of Charles H. and 
Mary (Grant) Bowker. He is in the textile business in Woonsocket. Res: 
229 Woodland Road, Woonsocket, R. I. 

Child : 

8183-1 Francis Sewall Bowker, b. May 2, 1919, at Woonsocket, 

8184 ROLAND HUNNEWELL BALLOU (Hon. Henry L. , Hon. Latimer W.m Levi, Levi 

Esq., E«ekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Dec. 7, 1881, at Woonsocket, 

R. I., m. June 20, 1912, at Fall River, Mass., to JANET MILNE, b. Aug. 20, 

1887, at Fall River, dau. of Joseph D. and Georgie (Wright) Milne. 

He is a graduate of Mass. Inst, of Tech., 1904, B. S. After graduation 
he was interested in the textile industry in Providence, and is now State 
Agent of Prudential Life Insurance Co. for R. I. Res; 67 Orchard Avenue, 
Providence, R. I. 

Children: Born at Woonsocket. 

8184-1 Richard Milne Ballou, b. Sept. 22, 1913. 
8184-2 John Milne Ballou, m. June 19, 1917. 


8185 MYRON LOUIS BALLOU SWEATT (Marie L. Ballou, Hon. Latimer W. , Levi, 
Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Oct. 15, 1875, at Woon- 
socket, R. I.; d. Jan. 25, 1934, at Boston, interred in Oak Hill Gem., 
Woonsocket; m. (l) ALICE EMELINE KELSEY, b. Mar. 30, 1879, at Meriden, 
Conn.; d, Dec. 11, 1914, at Woonsocket, interred in Oak Hill Cem,, Woon- 
socket, dau. of Otis and Jennie (Barlow) Kelsey; (2) June 5, 1917, at 
East Dennis, Mass., to ELEANOR MANSFIELD ROSS (widow), of Peoria, 111., 
d. Dec. 11, 1932, interred in Oak Hill Ceia. , V/oonsocket, dau. of Henry 
and Isabelle Mansfield; (S) July, 1933, at V/rentham, Mass., to HARRIET 

Children: By 1st wife. Born at Woonsocket, 

•8185-1 Kelsey Ballou Sweatt , b. Aug. 13, 1906. 
*8185-2 Helen Louise Sweatt, b. Apr. 18, 1911. 
8185-3 Alice Virginia Sweatt, b. July 19, 1914. She is Children's 
Librarian; at Harris Institute Library, i'oonsocket. 

8186-1 KATE STANLEY BALLOU (George R. , Levi T., Levi Esq., Ezekiel, 
Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. July 5, 1872, at Sidney, Neb.; m. Dec. 14, 
1892, by Rev. John Bartlett Wicks of Trinity Church, at St. John's Epis- 
copal Church, Milford, Mass., to JAY SMITH CLARKE, b. July 14, 1868, at 
Earlville, Madison Co., N. Y. , son of Silas M. and Abby Ann (Smith) Clarke, 
of Hamilton, N. Y; 

She was elected a member of The Ballou Family Assn. at their annual meet- 
ing held at the Kiwanis Club Reservation, Sept. 15, 1928, at Chepachv^t, 
R. I. To her we are greatly indebted for the genealogy of this branch of 
the Ballou family. Res:. "The old Ballou Homestead", Cumberland, R. I. 


8186-1-1 Sidney Ballou Clarke, b. Feb. 25, 1894, at Pawtucket, R. I.; 
d. Oct. 2, 1896, at Millville, Mass., interred in Blackstone 
(Mass.) Cemetery. 


8186-1-2 Walter Seymour Clarke, b. Oct. 2, 1895, at Millvillsi m. Jan. 

11, 1922, by Rev. C. M. Goodman at Stamford, Conn., to Eleanor 
Myrle Little, b. Feb. 22, 1904, at Montreal, Canada, dau. of 
Augustus and Victoria (Yale) Little. No children. 
*8186-l-3 Margaret Louise Clarke, b. Dec. 21, 1898, at Rifton, Ulster Co., 

N. Y. 
*8186-l-4 Katharyn Ballou Clarke, b. Sept. 7, 1900, at Rifton. 
8186-1-5 Alleen Ballou Clarke, b. Nov. 13, 1902, at Riftonj m. Nov. 22, 
1931, by Rev. Albert '*/. Doctor at Wickliffe, Ohio, to Edward 
Alvan Lewis, b. July 6, 1895, at Haverhill, Mass., son of 
Charles tales and Ella Irene (Stewart) Lewis. No children. 
8186-1-6 Roger Ballou Clarke, b. July 25, 1904, at Stamford, Conn. j d. 
Oct. 11, 1905, at Stamford, interred in blackstone Cemetery. 
♦8186-1-7 Helen Doris Clarke, b. Nov. 15, 1914, at Stamford. 

8186-3 LAURANCE WATERS BALLOU (George R. , Levi T., Levi, Levi Esq., 
Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin) , b. May 9, 1380, at Cumberland, R. I.} 
m. July 23, 1904, by Rev. Dr. Edward McGuffey, Rector of St. James Epis- 
copal Church, Elmhurst, L. I., N. Y., to LILLYEN ELISE WATERS, b. June 1, 
1881, dau. of Richard B. Waters, of Shamokin, Pa, 

He is a baritone singer and community song leader. He was a captain of 
the N. Y. State Railroad Police for the Long Island Division of Penn. R.R. 
He is an energetic member of The Ballou Family Assn. Res: 9011 52nd Ave., 
Elmhurst, L. I., N. Y. 

Children: Born at Shamokin, Pa. 

8186-3-1 Laurance Waters Ballou, b. July 30, 1906. 

8186-3-2 Douglas Staples Ballou, b. Jan. 20, 1910} d. Mar. 28, 1911, 

interred in Shamokin Cemetery, 
8186-3-3 Richard Guard Ballou, b. May 5, 1911. Graduated from Newton 

H. S. , Elmhurst, 
8186-3-4 Louise Ripley Ballou, b. Aug. 6, 1914. Graduated from Newton 

H. S. , Elmhurst. 

8186-4 MAaGARET ALICE BALLOU (George R., Levi T. , Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, 
Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Aug. 6, 1882, at Millville, Mass.; m. May 1, 
1905, at New York, N. Y., to THOMAS THOMPSON TATE, son of the late Major 
Augustus Cramer and Margaret (Thompson) Tate. Mrs, Margaret (Ballou) Tate 
was divorced from Thomas T. Tate, Oct., 1923. 



8186-4-1 Walter Seymour Ballou Tate, b. Jan, 10, 1909, at Oradell, N.J. 
8186-4-2 Carol Ballou Tate, b. May 19, 1913, at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

8186-5 DONALD KING BALLOU (George R. , Levi T., Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, 

Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. July 30, 1886, at Millville, Mass. ; m. Oct. 

1, 1913, by Rev. John F. Carson at Brooklyn, N. Y., to GLADYS EARL, b. 

Sept. 28, 1892, at Brooklyn, dau. of Clarence E. and Elizabeth (Bennett) 

Earl, son of John W. and Margaret (Fuller) Earl of Brooklyn. No children. 

He is a member of the Veterans' Assn., 23rd Regt. N. Y. N. G. ; Veterans' 
Assn., 106th Regt. N. Y. Inf.; Jamaica Lodge No. 546, F. & A. M. ; Dunton 
Masonic Club, Inc.; Dunton Civic League; Long Island Grottos of Brooklyn; 
Grace P. E. Church of Jamaica; and a member of The Ballou Family Assn. He 
is proprietor of The Ballou Flower Shop. Res: 97-25 Remington St., Jamaica, 
L. I., N. Y. 

8197 LEVI HERBERT BALLOU (Levi A., Levi T., Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, 
Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Mar. 1, 1883, at ,<oonsocket, R. I.; m. April 
29, 1909, by Rev. Charles A. Denfeld at Woonsocket, to GRACE ADELINE 
DARLING, b. Oct. 5, 1881, at Woonsocket, dau. of Herbert Clinton and Lottie 
(Hall) Darling. No children: 

8291-2 LATBfflR HERVEY BALLOU (William A., Willit^m, William, Ma j . Reuben, 

Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Muturin), b. Nov. 4, 1876, at Pawtucket, R. I. 

He graduated from the Essex Grammar and Lawrence H. S., Lawrence, Mass.; 
and Rhode Island State College, at Kingston. He entered the employ of the 
Boston and Ifcine R. R. as a clerk in the office of the master car builder. 
After a three year course in designing at the Lowell Textile School he was 
employed by the Atlantic Mills, Olniyville, R. I., and Saranac Mill of 
The American W/oolen Co., Blackstone, Mass., and 1906-29 by The Wood Worsted 
Mills, Lawrence, Mass. as overseer of the cloth shipping dept. His Masonic 
affiliations include: Knights Templars in The York Rite of Masonry; 32nd 
degree in the Scottish Rites; Phoenician Lodge, h. F. & A. M. , Mt. Sinai 
Chapter R. A. M. ; Lawrence Council, R. & S. M. ; and Bethany Commandery No. 
17. In the Scottish Rites his memberships are with Lowell Lodge of Perfec- 
tion, Lowell Council of Princes of Jerusalem, Lowell Chapter of Rose St. 
Croix, and Mass. Consistory S. P. H. S. His enoblement in Aleppo Temple 


took place on Muy 29, 1911, and his enrollment number in that illustrious 
body of the A. A. 0. N. M. S. is 9052. Unm. Ree: 15 Lowell Terrace, Law- 
rence, l^&s* 

8291-3 v;iLLARD ALGER BALLOU (William A., William, y.illiam, Maj. Reuben, 

iSzekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. July 12, 1881, at Pawtucket, K. I.j 

m. Apr. 28, 1906, at Christ's Episcopal Church, Fitchburg, Mass., to FRiiNCiJS 

PZARLii; TILTON, b. Dec. 18, 1880, at Groton, N. H. , dau. of Franklin and 

Alice Hazel (Adams) Tilton. (Middle name changed from Alfred). 

He attended the Lawrence H. S. and graduated from Phillips Andover Academy 
in 1900. From "American Men of Science" we learn that he held the follow- 
ing degrees: Rhode Island State College, b. S., Teachers College, B. A., 
Columbia University, M. A., University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D. For ten years 
prior to the World War Doctor Ballou was instructor of mathematics at Pratt 
Institute. During the War he was research ballistician for the Ordnance 
Dept., and afterwards educational advisor on the general staff of the U. S. 
Army. From 1922-1927 he was Dean of the Pennsylvania State Teachers College, 
Then he was appointed Professor of Mathematics at the Junior College of 
Connecticut. Dr. Ballou is the author of "American College Faculties" ar.l 
numerous technical publications ^ a Fellow of the Amer» Assn. for the Ad- 
vancement of Science, American Mathematical Society; a member of Phi Bet^^ 
Kuppa and Pi Gamma Mu Fraternities and many technical and professional so 


8291-3-1 Hervey Tilton Ballou, b. Dec. 29, 1907, at Lawrence, Mass.; m. 
Mar. 3, 1937, by Rev. Dr. L. Kendall Fifie'la at Plymouth Cong» 
Church, Seattle, Vtesh., to Mary Jean Roe, b. in 1915, at Seattle, 
Wash., dau. of Francis J. and Martha (Corson) Roe. He was edu- 
cated at West Chester (Pa.) H. S. and Penn. State Coll. After 
leaving college he went to Seattle, where he engaged in engineer- 
ing work and became interested in many business ventures. 

8291-3-2 Adelaide Louise Ballou, b. Mar. 12, 1909, at Brooklyn, N. Y, She 
graduated from West Chester H. S. and the Hospital Nursing School 
of the Univ. of Penn. For t he past five years she has been su- 
pervisor of the Women's Medical Ward of Bridgeport (Conn.) Hos- 

8291-4 RAYMOND COTTON BALLOU (Vi/illiam A., William, William, Maj. Reuben, 
Szekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Sept. 19, 1888, at Lawrence, Mass.} 


m. June 24, 1918, by Rev. Joseph Thomas at The Parsonage, Ayer, Mass., to 

EDITH YALE BALLOU, b. Sept. 15, 1898, at Flushing, L. I., dau. of William 

Herbert Ballou (Stephen J., Hosea, Nathan, Rev, Maturin, Peter, John, 

Ifeiturin) and Marian Lemora (Yale) Ballou. (see 5798-2). 

His wedding was fourteen days before he went oversees. He enlisted 
and went to Gamp Devens, Ayer, Mass. on Sept. 8, 1917, as a mechanic. 
After eleven months he was assigned to Co. A 1st Machine Gun Battalion, 
76th Div., M. V. M. , and sent to France July 8, 1918. A year later he re- 
turned and was honorably discharged. Although a carpenter by trade he is 
interested in developing a poultry business. Res: Branford, Conn. 


8291-4-1 Harry Murray Ballou, b. June 5, 1920, at Lawrence, Mass. 
8291-4-2 Raymond Willard Ballou, b, Nov. 26, 1924, at Methuen, Mass. 
8291-4-3 William Yale Ballou, b. June 13, 1929, at Branford, Conn. 
8291-4-4 Donald Tallman Ballou, b. Jan. 10, 1931, at Branford. 

8292-3 LEROY COTTON ARMINGTON (Grace R. Ballou, William, William, Maj. 

Reuben, Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Dec. 16, 1892, at Pawtucket, 

R. I.; m. Feb. 4, 1917, by Rev. Robert Seilhamer, Rector of St. Paul's 

Church, Pawtucket, to MAYBSLLE TAYLOR, dau. of James Taylor of Conn. Res: 

Pine Street, Pawtucket, R. I. 


8292-3-1 Dorothy Armington. 
8292-3-2 Margaret Armington. 

8651-2 GEORGE W. BALLOU (Jamin, Jirah, David, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Nov. 3, 1869, at Goshen, N. H« 5 m. Jan. lO, — , by Rev. 
Mr. Galley at Bristol, N. H., to ISA (BUTLER) BUTTRICK, b. Aug. 16, 1867, 
at Pelham, N. H., dau. of Charles W. Butler, of Pelham, and Lowell, Mass. 
Res: 51 N. Main St., Bristol, N. H. 


Children: Born at Alexandria, N. H. 

8651-2-1 Willis George Ballou, b. June 23, 1904. 
8651-2-2 Albert Warren Ballou, b. Sept. 20, 1908. 

8651-4 JSROMii; BALLOU (Jamin, Jirah, David, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, 

Maturin), b. Nov. 22, 1871, at Chester, Vt,; m. Nov. 21, 1891, by Rev. J. 

Thomas at Bristol, N. H. , to AMY HAMMOND, b. Oct. 11, 1874, at New Hampton, 

N. H., dau. of Charles R. Hammond of Bridgewater, N. H. Res: 5 Winter St., 

Bristol, N. H, 

Children: Born at Alexandria, N. H, 

8651-4-1 Clarence J. Ballou, b. Oct. 19, 1899. 
8651-4-2 Marian R. Ballou, b. July 29, 190(4?). 
8651-4-3 Chester R. Ballou, b. Feb. 3, 1905. 
8651-4-4 Norman T. Ballou, b. Mar. 9, 1907. 
8651-4-5 Ahlene G. Ballou, b. Mar, 3, 1911. 

8651-5 EDGAR BALLOU (Jamin, Jirah, David, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James^ 

Maturin), b. June 10, 1890, at Bristol, N. H,; m. , by Rev. W. E. 

Kirkpatrick at Bristol, N. H., to BLANCHE BOYNION, b. Dec. 3, 1888, at 

Ashland, N. H., dau. of Elbridge Boynton. 


8651-5-1 Viola E. Bttllou, b^ Feb. 2, 1909, at Bristol. 
8651-5-2 Jamin A. Ballou,^ b. Qec^ 12, 1910, at New Hampton. 
8651-5-3 Carl E. Ballou, U. Feb^ 7^ 1913, at New Hampton. 
8651-5-4 Celia E. Ball^ou, b, Nov^ 2» 1914, at New Hampton. 

8651-6 FLORENCE ELLEN BALLOU (Jamin, Jirah, David, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Feb. 8, 1892, at Bristol, N. H. 5 m. (l) July 4, 1905, 
to HARRY HUCKINS, son of Simon Huckins, of Bristol} (2) July 24, 1915, by 
Rev. A. S. Nutter at Sanbantoji Square, Bristol, to JOHN GALLAGHER Jr., son 
of John Gallagher, of Ireland. 



Children: Surname Huckins. 

8651-6-1 Celia L. Huckins, b. Jan. 4, 1909, at Bristol. 
8651-6-2 Florence E. Huckins, b. Feb. 18, 1912, at Bridgewater, N. H. 
8651-6-3 Calvin H. Huckins, b. Oct. 4, 1913, at New Hampton, N. H. 
8651-6-4 Dorothy G. Huckins, b. July 3, 1914, at New Hampton. 

Children: Surname Gallagher. 

8651-6-5 John W. Gallagher, b. Aug. 2, 1916. 
8651-6-6 Warren A. Gallagher, b. Sept. 12, 1917. 
8651-6-7 Virene M. Gallagher, b. June 22, 1919. 
8651-6-8 Harry A. Gallagher, b. Sept. 4, 1921. 
8651-6-9 Walter F. Gallagher, b. Nov. 12, 1923. 
8651-6-10 Richard P. Gallagher, b. July 19, 1926. 
8651-6-11 Frank E. Gallagher, b, Oct. 14, 1928. 

8658 REV. MARION ADA BALLOU (Luraan A., Jirah, David, Jesse, Eleazer, 

Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Aug. 25, 1875, at Windham, Vt.j m. Apr. 26, 

1899, by Rev. James M. Ashton at Chester, Vt., to REV. CHARLES L. FISK, 

D. D., b. Dec. 20, 1868, at Meriden, Conn., d. May 24, 1933, at West Palm 

Beach, Fla., son of Wilbur Nathan and Agnes (Monagan) Fisk, of Hartford, 

Conn., son of Nathan Fisk of Poultney, Vt. 

From the pen of Marion Ada Ballou, we quote: "For eighteen years, 1908- 
1926, I was Cartoonist Lecturer under the Redpath Affiliated and Swarth- 
more Bureaus, touring every state in the union, and all but two Canadian 
provinces. During the World War I served under the Red Cross as a success- 
ful money raiser. Since Jan. 1, 1927, I have been Asst. Supt. of the Ohio 
Congregational Conference. I am a Congregationalist and licensed to preach. 
I am a member of the Order of the Eastern Star." Her early education was 
in the grade school of Windham, Vt., Black River Academy, Ludlow, Vt., L» 
and G. Seminary, and Moody School, Northfield, Mass. 


8658-1 Marion Agnes Fisk, b. July 29, 1900, at Oak Park, 111., m. June 

28, 1927, by Rev. Charles L. Fisk, D. D., the bride's father, at 
Cleveland Heights, 0., to Rev. W. C. Giersbach, b. Sept, 28, 
1897, at Milwaukee, Wis., son of Elise Giersbach. He is a grad- 
uate of Northland College and Chicago Theological Seminary. 
Marion Agnes Fisk was educated at Oberlin College and Kindergar- 
ten Training School, also at Bush Conservatory. Res: 2322 So. 
Willard Ave., Chicago, 111. 


8658-2 A son, died in infancy. 
*8658-3 Chester Ballou Fisk, b. Dec. 16, 1905, at Sabetha, Kansas. 

8661 MARION MAY BALLOU (Frederick J., Jirah, David, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 

James, Maturin), b. May 12, 1876, at Keene, N. H. ; d. Sept. 25, 1902; m, 

Jan. 21, 1893, by Rev. Justice Gale at Ale;<andria, N. H., to WESTON JAMES 

BRALEY, b, Jan. 20, 1874, at Alexandria, son of Elbridge James and Lavina 

(Waldron) Braley. 

He came to Bristol, N, H. in 1887 and was employed by the Mason-Perkins 
Paper Co. In politics he was a Republican. 

Children: Born at Bristol. 

8661-1 Bertha Julia Braley, b. Aug. 6, 1895; m. Jerry Keefe. They have 

three children, John, Marion, and Andrew Keefe. Res: Keene, N.H. 

8661-2 Clyde Edward Braley, b. Mar. 16, 1898, m. at Keene, to Katherine 
Elizabeth Callahan, dau. of William J., b. Mar. 26, 1861 in 
London, England, and Agnes (O'Connell) Callahan, bi May 26, 1869 
at Keere. No children. Reas Keene, N. K, 

8663 AGNES EMiLINS BALLOU (Frederick J., Jirah, David, Jesse, Eleazer, 

Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Mar. 5, 1885, at Montague, Mass.; m. Apr. 25, 

1903, by Rev. Mr. Thomas at Bristol, N. H. , to EDWARD 0. LORD, son of 

Edward 0. Lord of Boston, Mass. They moved from Bristol to Alexandria, 

N. H. 

Children: The first four born at Bristol, the others at Alexandria. 

8663-1 Clifton i:dward Lord, b. Feb. 22, 1904. 

8663-2 Myra Emeline Lord, b. Oct. 11, 1907. 

8663-3 Ruth Elizabeth Lord, b. Feb. 25, 1909. Unm. She is a school 

8663-4 Frederick Stephen Lord, b. June 19, 1915. 
8663-5 Edward Nathan Lord, b. Mar. 27, 1918. 
8663-6 Lelia May Lord, b. Nov. 20, 1920. 
8663-7 A child, b. July 7, 1924. 
8663-8 Belle Lord, b. Oct. 26, 1925. 
8663-9 Erma Louise Lord, b. Sept. 18, 1928. 


8703-3 FRANK J. BALLOU (Joseph W. , Willard, Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Feb. 25, 1871, at fiast Swanzey, N. H, ; d. Jan. 7, 1936, 
at Rochester, N. H. , interred in E. Swanxey Cem.; m. Apr. 25, 1894, at 
Springfield, Mass., to BERTHA HOLBROOK, b. Apr. 8, 1877, at Springfield, 
lilass., dau. of Herbert and Hattie (Bennett) Holbrook. He was a Mason of 
Monadnock Lodge, Troy, N. H. 
Child: Born at East Swanzey. 
*8703-3-l Lawrence Frank Ballou, b. May 3, 1906, 

8801-1 HESTER BALLOU (Gi'ant A., Orlando R., Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, 

Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Sept. 10, 1894, at Phillipsburgj m. (l) Apr. 

15, 1915, by Rev. Dr. J. Harding at Stevenson, Skamania Co., Wash., to 

ROY KNAPP, son of Walter Ira Eind Lotta (Thompson) Knapp. They v.'ere divorced 

Sept. 6, 1927. (2) Sept. 26, 1928, by Capt. Wallace A. Boyd, at Chico, 

Calif., to JOHN WILLIAM NAYSMITH, b. Jan. 14, 1882, in Penn., son of 

George and Mary (Brown) Naysmith, of Chico, Butte Co., Calif. 

Children: Born at Chico. 

8801-1-1 Dora Knapp, b. Aug. 13, 1920. 

8801-1-2 Delphia Louise Knapp, b. Nov. 15, 1922; d. in infancy. 

8804-1 PAULINE BALiOTJ (Harry E. , Orlando R. , Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Sept. 6, 1910; m. Aug. 10, 1931, by Rev. Paul 
V. Hinkle at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Walla Walla, Wash., to EDV/IN 
HUGHES , b. Nov. 2, 1909, at Heppner, Morrow Co., Ore., son of Percy and 
Mabel (Ayers) Hughes, of Heppner. They live on a 9000 acre stock farm at 
Lena, near Echo, Umatilla Co., Ore. 



8804-1-1 Edwin Allen Hughes, b. May 28, 1934, at Heppner, 

8805-2 DONALD BALLOU CHURCH (Bertha A. Ballou, Orlando R., leaac A., Isaac, 

Aiiron, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Dec. 28, 1904, at Walla Walla, Wash.; 

m. in 1929, at Stuart, Va., to SAIvJilE RUTH THOlviPSON, dau. of Samuel Amost 

and Martha Ruth (Wright) Thompson, of Stuart, Va., son of William P. and 

Sarah (Hall) Thompson of Woolwine, Va. 

He attended Washington H. S., ctnd two yeax s at Whitman Coll., in liValla 
Walla. He was a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. He is sub-master 
(1937) of Mtn. Home Lodge No. 263, A. F. & A. M. at Stuart, Va. Before 
settling in Stuart in 1928, he lived a roaming and somewhat colorful life,- 
logging in Idaho, ranching in Washington and California, working for the 
U. S. Secret Service in Oregon, and traveling as a Davey Tree expert in 
Missouri and Kentucky. He has been managing apple orchards near Stuart 
since 1928 as well as making hand-turned chairs (antique reproductions) of 
solid black walnut and wild cherry. Mrs. Church was educated in the grade 
and high schools of Stuart and at the National Business College. Before 
her marriage she was her father's secretary in his law office. 

uniidren: Born at Stuart. 

8805-2-1 Barbara Jean Church, b. Nov. 7, 1930. 
8805-2-2 David Thompson Church, b. June 17, 1935. 

8805-4 ROBERT DEIiIENT CHURCH (Bertha A. Ballou, Orlando R., Isaac A., Isaac, 
Aaron, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. July 16, 1909, at V/alla Walla, Wash.; 
m. July 5, 1933, by Rev. Ward Rice at Walla Walla, to NINA MARIE PORTER, 
b. Feb, 21, 1913, at Green Ridge, Mo., dau. of James Lawrence and Edna 
(Miller) Porter, son of James M. and Sarah (ptdne) Porter of Knobnoster, 

He is a graduate of Walla Walla H. S., 1927. Enlisted in U. S. A. Air 
Corps Mar. 1928 for service in Phillipine Islands j discht^rged May 1929. He 
was educated at V/hitman Coll., Walla Iffalla, and at Cheney Normal School, 
Cheney, Vfesh. On June 8, 1931 he joined the Dept. of Agric. Weather Bureau 
at Pasco, Wash., and since Apr«1935 has been a junior observer at Pendleton, 


Oregon. He ie a member of the Order of DeMolay, Walla Walla Chapter. 
Child : 
8805-4-1 Donald Lawrence Church, b. Sept. 8, 1935, at 'Walla Yvalla. 

8806-1 HELEN ELIZABETH BR01i'*N (Florence Ballou, Orlando R. , Isaac A., Isaac, 
Aaron, Samuel, Janes, Maturin), b. June 10, 1905, at Portla.nd, Ore.} m. 
June 18, 1933, by Rev. Li. L. Edwards at Spokane, V/ash., to DALE STEINSR 
McMILLSN, b. Jan. 26, 1905, at Wehatchee, Wash., son of Harry G. and Sevilla 

(Steiner) McMillen. 

When she was six months old her parents moved to Spokane, Wash. She grad- 
uated from Spokane H. S. and Washington State Coll., with a B. A. degree. 
For three years she had an excellent position as a home economist. Dale S. 
Mcllillen graduated from Ephrata (Wash.) H. S., and received his B. S. in 
civil engineering in 1931 from Washington State Coll. He is now (1937 J 
with the Unitud States Bureau of Reclamation as Inspector of Concrete in 
the construction of the Coulee Dam. 

Child : 

8806-1-1 Myra Lou McMillen, b.' Aug. 13, 1935, at Spokane. 

8925-2 MARION BESSIE BALLOU (V/illiam L. , Nelson S., Dr. Asa W. , Asa, Seth, 
Nehemiah, James, Maturin), b. Mar. 7, 1893, at Providence, R. I.; m. Oct. 
8, 1928, by Rev. Samuel GilBon at Providence, R. I., to PERCY JOSEPH SELLERS, 
son of Joseph and Anne (Kehoe) Sellers, son of Joseph and Sarah Ellen (Con- 
rad) Sellers, of Seaforth, Nova Scotia. 
Children: Born at West Haven, Conn. 

8925-2-1 John Peter Sellers, b. Sept. 26, 1929. 
8925-2-2 Sara Jane Sellers, b. Sept. 14, 1933. 

8927 FREDERICK PRESTON BALLOU (John P. L. , Nelson S., Dr. Asa W., Asa,Seth, 
Nehemiah, Janes, Maturin), b. Aug. 18, 1878, at Pawtucket , R. I.; m. May 
21, 1901, by Rev. Frank L. Masseck at No. Attleboro, Mass., to LAURA B. 
CARPENTER, b. July 14, 1878, at No. Attleboro, dau. of George H. and Sarah 


Svelyn (Proctor) Carpenter. 

He was educated at Pawtucket Business College and at V/altham Horological 
School. He was associated with his father in the jewelry business. He is 
a member of the Bristol Lodge of LJasons and Red Men's Lodge, and a prominent 
worker in the First Unitarian Church of No. Attleboro. 

Children: Born at No. Attleboro. 

*8927-l Rachel Evelyn Ballou, b. Dec. 5, 1905. 
*8927~2 Hilda Ballou, b. Aug. 2, 1909. 

8928 BERTHA JENKS BALLOU (John P. L., Nelson S., Dr. Asa W. , Asa, Seth, 
Nehemiah, James, Waturin), b. July 5, 1880, at North Attleboro, Mass.; m. 
June 11, 1901, by George E. Osgood at No. Attleboro, to FPJU^'K H. BLISS, b. 
Mar. 31, 1877, at No. Attleboro, son of Anthony H. and Catherine (Carpenter) 
Bliss, who was son of Henry Bliss of Mansfield, Mass. 
Children: Born at No. Attleboro. 

8928-1 Katherine Amelia Bliss, b. Apr. 25, 1902. She attended Katharine 
Gibbs Secretarial School and is a secretary in the Puritan Life 
Ins. Co., Providence, R. I. Res: 146 Peace St., Providence. 

8928-2 Ruth Elaine Bliss, b. May 26, 1909. She graduated from Providence 
Technical H. S. Res: 146 Peace St., Providence, R. I» 


4191-1-1-1 LILLY PARSONS (Zora I. Ballou, William W. , Silas W., Silas, 

Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. July 15, 1893, at Gait, Iowa; 

m. July 11, 1917, at Liscomb, Marshall Co., Iowa, to LEONARD EDWARDS, b. 

Dec. 26, 1889. 


419J-1-1-1-1 Joyce Edwards, b. Apr. 1, 1925, at Union, Hardin Co., Iowa. 
4191<tl-l-l-2 Sylvia Edwards, b. Feb. 19, 1927, at Gait. 

4191-1-1-1-3 Ruth Anne Edwards, b, July 14, 1931, at Clarion, Wright Co., 

4191-1-1-2 INEZ PARSONS (Zora I. Ballou, William W. , Silas W. , Silas, 

Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Ifeturin), b. Oct. 19, 1903, at Gait, Iowa; 

m. May 5, 1926, to PAUL RAMSEY, b. Sept. 12, 1904, at Clarion, Iowa. 

Child: Born at Clarion. 

4191-1-1-2-1 Paul Ramsey Jr., b. Nov. 17, 1930. 

4191-1-2-2 ARCHIE CHARLES STATE (Cora 0. Ballou, William W., Silas W. , 

Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Nov, 27, 1890, at Gait, 

Iowa; m. Dec. 11, 1917, at Gait, to VERNA WINSLOW, b. Sept. 20, 1894, at 

Gait. He is a farmer. 


4191-1-2-2-1 Marion Irene State, b. Aug. 21, 1919. 
4191-1-2-2-2 Marvel Arlene State, b. Oct. 25, 1923. 
4191-1-2-2-3 Bernice Carol State, b. July 11, 1925. 

4191-1-2-3 GLENN WILLIAM STATE (Cora 0. Ballou, V/illiam W., Silas W., 
Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Apr. 25, 1892, at Gait, 
Iowa; m. Dec. 2, 1914, at Clarion, Iowa, to IVA MADGE WORTHINGTON, b. Jan. 
15, 1895. Res: Gilmore Citj, Iowa. 



4191-1-2-3-1 Lawrence Glenn State, b. Dec. 4, 1916, at Clarion. 
4191-1-2-3-2 Merle Franklin State, b. Aug. 30, 1921, at Gait. 

4191-l"2-4 GEORGE GUY STATE (Cora 0. Ballou, William W., Silas W. , Silas, 

Jeese, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Meturin), b. May 11, 1894, at Gait, Iowa; 

m. July 16, 1921, at Mason City, Iowa, to BESSIE ROBERTA BARNES, b. Sept. 

6, 1901, at Storm Lake, lov/a. He is a farmer. 


4191-1-2-4-1 Myron George State, b. Aug. 22, 1922. 
4191-1-2-4-2 Darlene Roberta State, b. Nov. 28, 1924. 
4191-1-2-4-3 Norma Jean State, b. Nov. 21, 1932. 
4191-1-2-4-4 Marilyn Ruth State, b. Oct. 27, 1934. 

4191-1-2-5 JOHN EARLE STATE (Cora 0. Ballou, William W. , Silas W, , Silas, 

Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. June 24, 1895, at Gait, Iowa; 

m. June 29, 1927, at Racine, Wis., to FRANCES NAOMI ROBINSON, b. Sept. 11, 

1905, at Somerset, Pulaski Co.» Ky. He is an auto repairer. Res: 1117 

West 5th St., Santa Ana, Calif. 


4191-1-2-5-1 John Riley State, b. Sept. 13, 1929. 
4191-1-2-5-2 Gloria Frances State, b. Sept. 1, 1931. 

4191-1-2-6 ETHEL MAUDE STATE (Cora 0. Ballou, William W. , Silas W. , Silas, 
Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. July 24, 1896, at Gait, Iowa; 
m. Dec. 6, 1917, at Clarion, Iowa, to BEN HOLVER JACOBSON, b. Jan. 23, 1896, 
He is a farmer. 

4191-1-2-6-1 Mildred Ethel Jacobson, b. Dec. 17, 1918. 
4191-1-2-6-2 Kendan Raymond Jacobson, b. Jan. 3, 1922. 
4191-1-2-6-3 Wilma Janice Jacobson, b. Oct. 31, 1924. 


4191-l-2'7 GRACE SOPHIA STATS (Cora 0. Ballou, William W. , Silas W. , Silas, 

Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Aug. 9, 1897, at Gait, Iowa; 

m. Dec. 24, 1916, at Meridian, Ind., to CLARENCE ALVIN COLLINS, b. June 

10, 1890. He is a farmer. Res: Aredale, Butler Co., Iowa. 


4191-1-2-7-1 Alvin Victor Collins, b. July 22, 1917. 
4191-1-2-7-2 Margaret Cora Collins, b. Sept. 16, 1919. 
4191-1-2-7-3 Lee Roy Collins, b. Oct. 12, 1921. 
4191-1-2-7-4 Hester Stalla Collins, b. Apr. 26, 1923. 
4191-1-2-7-5 Juanita Marie Collins, b. Mar. 29, 1926. 
4191-1-2-7-6 Darwin Willard Collins, b. Feb. 19, 1928. 
4191-1-2-7-7 Bonnie Lois Collins, b. Feb. 19, 1932. 

4191-1-2-8 LEON CHESTER STATE (Cora 0. Ballou, William W. , Silas W. , Silas, 

Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Mar. 6, 1900, at Gait, lowaj 

m. Nov. 16, 1921, at Pingree, Stutsman Co., N. Dak., to JULIA SYLVIA 

CODDINGTON, b. Dec. 31, 1901. He is a preacher. Res: 20 S. 11th St., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 


4191-1-2-8-1 Norman Leon State, b. Mar. 28, 1923, at Gait. 
4191-1-2-8-2 Evelyn Jean State (adopted), b. June 24, 1929, at Iowa City, 

4191-1-2-9 CARL WASHINGTON STATE (Cora 0. Ballou, William W. , Silas W. , 

Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Aug. 3, 1901, at Gait, 

Iowa; m. May 23, 1925, to FRANCES MAUDE PETERSON, b. July 1, 1906, at St. 

Paul, Minn. He is a garage service operator. Res: 662 Pt. Douglas Road, 

St. Paul, Minn. 


4191-1-2-9-1 Douglas Ronald State, b. Dec. 15, 1925. 
4191-1-2-9-2 Beverly Ann State, b. Nov. 14, 1927. 
4191-1-2-9-3 Johann Cora State, b. Oct. 8, 1932. 


4191-1-2-10 GLADYS BERTHA STATE (Cora 0. Ballou, William W., Silas W. , 

Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Dec. 3, 1902, at Gait, 

lowaj m. Dec. 3, 1922, at Dows, Wright Co., Iowa, to WILLIS EDWARD NELSON, 

b. Dec. 24, 1900, at Gait. He is a farmer. 

Children: Born at Gait. 

4191-1-2-10-1 Donnabell(e) Nelson, b. July 6, 1923. 
4191-1-2-10-2 Randal Edward Nelson, b. Oct. 4, 1926. 
4191-1-2-10-3 Linette Cora Nelson, b. Oct. 18, 1935. 

4191-1-2-13 CORA JANICE STATE (Cora 0. Ballou, William W. , Silas W. , 

Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Aug. 2, 1910, at Gait, 

Iowa; m. Aug. 10, 1930, at Dows, Wright Co., Iowa, to LEONARD LINCOLN 

PETERSON, b. Feb. 12, 1910, at Lily, Day Co., S. Dak. He is employed by 

a lumber concern. Res: 488 Snelling Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 


4191-1-2-13-1 Glenn Willard Peterson, b. Apr. 20, 1932, at Hanska, Brown 

Co. , Minn. 
4191-1-2-13-2 Kay Frances Peterson, b. June 25, 1936, at St, Paul, Minn. 

4191-1-3-2 HAROLD JOHN WENDT (Flora E. Ballou, William W., Silas W. , 

Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Aug. 10, 1897, at Gait, 

Wright Co., Iowa; m. July 3, 1921, by Rev. F. B. Faust at Pecos, Tex., to 

BESSIE ADONIA WOLFE, b. Sept. 26, 1901, at Blessing, Matagorda Co., dau. 

of J. C. and Norma (Fleury) Wolfe, of Palacioe, Tex. He was educated at 

Lake Crystal, Minn., and is a farmer at Pecos, Tex. 

Children: Born at Pecos. 

4191-1-3-2-1 Doris Maxine Wendt , b. June 14, 1922. 
4191-1-3-2-2 Jack Merle Wendt, b. Mar. 1, 1924. 
4191-1-3-2-3 Marjorie Corrine Wendt, b. July 18, 1925. 


4191-1-6-1 ETHEL SARAH BALLOU (C. Willard, William W. , Silas. Iff., Silas, 

Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b, Jan. 15, 1899, at Gait, Wright 

Co., lowaj m. Feb. 9, 1916, by Rev. L4r. Deacon at Gait, to JOHN ENGHAUSEN, 

Res: Mnneapolis, Minn. 


4191-1-6-1-1 Orlo Enghausen, b. June 12, 1917, at Gait. 
4191-1-6-1-2 l/Iaurice Enghausen, b. Nov. 12, 1919, at Gait. 
4191-1-6-1-3 Marcella Enghausen, b. July 21, 1921, at Rockford, Iowa. 

4191-1-6-2 CLIFFORD WILLARD BALLOU (C. Willard, William W. , Silas W. , 

Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Aug. 11, 1910, at Gait, 

Wright Co., lowsj m. June 7, 1933, by Rev. A. MacCracken at Goldfield, 

Iowa, to CARRIE G. STOAKES, b. Ifer. 28, 1908, dau. of Henry E. and Ida I. 

(Braden) Stoakes, son of George and Alice Jane Stoakes of Tama Co., Iowa, 

He graduated from Clarion (Iowa) H. S., 1928. They are members of the 
Cong. Church of Gait, Iowa. 


4191-1-6-2-1 Eleanor Jane BaL lou, b. Apr. 4, 1934, at Eagle Grove, Iowa. 

4425-5-1-2-1 RUTH CLARK (Lottie G. Darling, Harriet A. Bartlett, Almeda 

Pickering, Susanna Ballou, David Jr., David, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. 

Aug. 24, 1903; m. WINIFRED CARR. 


4425-5-1-2-1-1 Thelma Carr, b. Jan. 14, 1928. 
4425-5-1-2-1-2 Dorothy Carr, b. Sept. 12, 1929. 
4425-5-1-2-1-3 Donald Carr, b. Jan. 30, 1931. 

4425-5-1-2-2 RUSSELL CLARK (Lottie G. Darling, Harriet A. Bartlett, Almeda 
Pickering, Susanna Ballou, David Jr., David, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. 
July 20, 1906 i m. Jan. 29, 1931, by Rev. George H. Lewis at Framingham, 


Mass., to MYRA FRENCH FAIRMAN, b. July 4, 1908. 
4425-5-1-2-2-1 Janice Lorraine Clark, b. Apr. 9, 1932. 

5098-1-1 CARRIE EVELYN BALLOU (Warren A., Vferren S., Otis, Abraham, Simeon, 
Abraham, John, John, Maturin), b. Nov. 18, 1869, at Orange, Mass.; d. Aug. 
16, 1919, at Boston, interred in Central Cem. at Orange, Mass.; m. May 29, 
1894, by Rev. R. S. Kellerman, to STEPHEN EVERETT FRENCH, son of Stephen 
and Ann (Ross) (Whiting) French. He graduated from Orange H. S., 1887. 
He was killed by an automobile truck as he was boarding an electric street 
car in Boston. 

Children: Born at Orange. 

5098-1-1-1 Stephen Adelbert French, b, Aug. 24, 1896; d. Apr. 3, 1899, 

interred in Central Cem., Orange. 
5098-1-1-2 Everett Ballou French, b. May 14, 1899. Unm. Graduate of 

Orange H. S., 1916; M. I. T., 1921, S. B. Associated with 

the Municipal Industrial Research Dept. of M. I. T. , Room 

♦5098-1-1-3 Adele Whitney French, b. Sept. 7, 1901. 
5098-1-1-4 Stephen Warren French, b. Jan. 8, 1904. Iftim. Educated at 

Orange H. S., Allen Private School at West Newton, 1924, and 

M. I. T., 1928, S. B. 
5098-1-1-5 Evelyn Luella French, b. Nov. 13, 1912. Graduate of Orange 

H. S., 1930, and Leland Powers School of the Spoken Word, 

Boston, Uass., 1933. 

5098-2-2 CARRIE BELLE BALLOU (Willie 0., Warren S., Otis, Abraham, Simeon, 
Abraham, John, John, Maturin), b. Feb. 17, 1882, at North Orange, Mass.; 
m. Apr. 19, 1908, by Rev. R. Perry Bush at Revere, Mass., to CARL J. 
SCHROEDER, b. Dec. 23, 1877, at Brighton, Mass., son of John and Louise 

Child: Born at Revere. 
•5098-2-2-1 Pauline Louise Schroeder, b. Jan. 24, 1909. 

TilNTH GiillffiRATION 118 

5132-2 MARTHA ELLEN BALLOU (Horace M., George W., Alanson, Abraham, Simeon, 

Abraham, John, John, Maturin), b, Feb. 24, 1887, at Emmetsburg, Palo Alto 

Co., lov/aj m. Nov. 21, 1912, by Rev. J. Arthur Evans at Los Angeles, Calif., 

to GEORGE ARTHUR ROBINSON, b, Nov. 21, 1888, at Belleville, Ontario, Canada, 

son of Alfred and Clara Robinson of Bath, England. She is a graduate of 

Los Angeles H. S. Res: 1140 Vi/, 45th St., Los Angeles, Calif. 


5132-2-1 Stanley Arthur Robinson, b. Dec. 24, 1913. 
5132-2-2 Dorothy Ellen Robinson, b. Feb. 11, 1915. 
5132-2-3 George Alfred Robinson, b. June 19, 1920, 

5132-4 GRACE ARBUTA BALLOU (Horace M. , George W. , Alanson, Abraham, Simeon, 

Abraham, John, John, Maturin), b. Aug. 3, 1894, at Chatsworth Park, Los 

Angeles Co., Calif. j m. June 2, 1915, by Rev. Robert Winsor at Los Angeles, 

to OREN ABBOTT SMITH, b. Oct. 25, 1892, at Southwest City, Mo., son of 

Ralph E. and La-ura (Covey) Smith of Southwest City, Mo. She attended the 

Manual Arts School and Cunard's Business Coll., Los Angeles. Oren A. is 

a salesman. Res: 5850 7th Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Children: Born at Los Angeles. 

5132-4-1 Richard Ralph Smith, b. Feb. 28, 1920. 
5132-4-2 Donald Mather Smith, b. Feb. 13, 1925. 

5156-3 ANGELA KATHRYN SWAN (Mabel L. Fish, Augustus J. Fish, Lavina Ballou, 
Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, Maturin), b. Nov. 4, 1905, at Glens 
Falls, N. Y. ; m. Oct, 4, 1924, by Rev. Dr. Lyon Gaughey at Glens Falls, to 
JAMES CRUICKSHANK, b, Feb. 28, 1904, at Glasgow, Scotland, son of James 
Cruickshank of Glens Falls, N. Y. She is a graduate of Glens Falls H. S. 
James C. is a member of Glens Falls Lodge No. 121, A, F. & A. M. and Glens 


Falls Royal Arch Chapter No. 55, Res: 33 Garfield St., Glens Falls, N. Y. 
Child: Bom at Glens Falls. 
5156-3-1 Alexander Cruickshank, b. Jan. 4, 192(6). 

5159-1 IRENE FISH (Hamilton A. Fish, Augustus J. Fish, Lavina Ballou, 

Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, Maturin), b. Nov. 20, 1908, at Lewis, 

N. Y, i m. V/INIFRED GOUGH, at Lewis. He is a carpenter. Res: Lewis, N. Y. 

Children: Born at Lewis. 

5159-1-1 Ruth Go ugh. 
5159-1-2 Paul Gough. 
5159-1-3 Lyman Gough. 

5525-1 ROY STANFORD BALLOU (Edward L., Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, 
Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Oct. 2, 1887, at Igo, 
Shasta Go.j Calif. j ra. Mar. 25, 1912, by Judge Elliaon at Red Bluff, Te- 
hama Cc, Calif, to ROSE WILLIAMS, b. Sept. 14, 1885, at Topeka, Kan, dau. 
of Frank and Beatrice (Killelea) Williams. 

By occupation he is a general contractor. He owns the book "Pope's Essay 
on Man" which was purchased by Benjamin Ballou July 22, 1813 and handed 
down to each generation since, (see 154). Res: Anderson, Shasta Co., 

Children: All born at Anderson, Calif., except Adeline^ 

5525-1-1 Adeline May Ballou, b. June 11, 1913, at Mantor., Tehama Co., 

5525-1-2 Edward Francis Ballou, b. Nov. 1, 1917. 
5525-1-3 Richard Kenneth Ballou, b. June 1, 1921. 
5525-1-4 Eleanor Louise Ballou, b. May 19, 1922. 
5525-1-5 Mary Jane Ballou, b. Mar. 22, 1927. 

5525-3 LAURA FRANCES BALLOU (Edward L., Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, 
Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Jan. 8, 1891, at Igo, 
Shasta Co., Calif., m. (l) Aug. 21, 1912, by Rev. H. A. Cresser at Red 


Bluff, Calif., to FRANK COLE, b. June 2, 1883, at Thompson's Flat, Butte 
Co., Calif.; d. Nov. 2, 1918, at AnderBon, Calif., son of John and Elisa 
Cole; (2) Oct. 13, 1925, by Rev, H. C. Kendrick at Los Angeles, Calif., to 
OMER ESTHUS LONG, b. July 26, 1890, at Montrose, Mo., son of George W. and 
Mary E, Long. Res: 5705 2d Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Child: Surname Cole. Born at Redding, Calif. 

5525-3-1 Donald Kenneth Cole, b. July 14, 1914. 

5525-4 CHARLES KENNETH BALLOU (Edward L., Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, 

Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin) , b. Feb, 10, 1894, at Igo, 

Shasta Co., Calif.; m. June 1, 1915, by Rev. D. W. Honn at Los Angeles, 

Calif., to BERTHA AUSTIN, b. Nov. 2, 1897, at Loveland, Colo., dau. of 

Douglas and Elizabeth Austin. He is an automobile salesman. Res: 3776 

So. Van Ness St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Children: Born at Los Angeles. 

5525-4-1 Lorraine Edna Ballou, b. Jan. 10, 1916. 
5525-4-2 Geraldine Maxine Ballou, b. May 13, 1918. 

5525-5 CLARENCE BALLOU (Edward L., Dr. Albert D. , Darius, Martin, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Aug. 22, 1899, at Igo, Shasta Co., 
Calif., m. Jan. 18, 1925, by Rev. Mr. Keast at Santa Rosa, Calif., to ALTA 
iJLDi^^D, b. Nov. 15, 1903, at Ukiah, Calif., dau. of William and Mayne El- 
dred. He is connected with the State Hospital. Res: 522 North State St., 
Ukiah, Calif. 

Child: Born at Ukiah. 

5525-5-1 Barbara Louise Ballou, b. Dec. 25, 1926. 


5525-7 LOIS LILLIAN BALLOU (Edward L., Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, 
Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. liar. 8, 1903, at Igo, 
Shasta Co., Calif.} m. Apr. 23, 1922, by Rev. K, G. Murray at San Francisco, 
Calif., to PRESTON WALLACE GREEN, b. July 30, 1894, at Abita Springs, La., 
son of Mark and Magarete Green, He is a chief petty officer in the U. S, 
Navy. Res: 741 8th Ave., Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Child: Born at San Francisco. 

5525-7-1 Yvonne Elaine Green, b. Feb. 9, 1923. 

5525-8 ANNIE DOROTHY BALLOU (Edward L., Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, 

Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Nov. 24, 1908, at Igo, 

Shasta Co., Calif . j m. June 12, 1928, by Justice P. 3. A, Freeman at Yuma, 

Ariz., to CLIFFORD F. CHRISTIANSON, b. Jan. 10, 1908, at Riverside, Calif., 

son of Neal and Annie Christiansen. He is an automobile service station 

operator. Res: 1715 W. 39th Place, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Children: Born at Los Angeles. 

5525-8-1 Joanne Christiansen, b, Apr. 26, 1929. 
5525-8-2 Audrie Kay Christiansen, b. Oct. 10, 1931. 

5526-1 HARRY BALLOU (Miner H., Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, Benjamin, 

Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. July 24, 1883, at Chilton, Calumet 

Co., Wis.; m. Jan. 22, 1907, by Rev. H. C. Boissere at Vi/hitewater, Wis., 

to PEARL DICKERSON, b. Nov. 10, 1884, dau. of Harry and Elizabeth (Anderson) 

Dickerson, son of Charles Craig and Alice (Cutter) Dickerson, of Whitewater. 

Most of his life was spent in Wisconsin where he was associated with his 
father in the paper and pulp business in their various mills scattered 
throughout the State. Although the business was sold in 1920 he was retain- 


ed by the new owners as general manager for three and a half years. He 
served on the Board of Supervisors, Fire and Police Commissions, and School 
Boe-rds. Then he moved to Ross, Calif, across the Bay from San Francisco. 
His present business interests include: membership on the advisory board of 
the branch bank of the Bank of Italy; president of Mt. Tamalpais Ridgecrest 
Boulevard Co.i president of Marin Paper Co.; president of Ballou-Dickey & 
Co. (Investment Securities); and president of Ross Valley Development Board. 
He is affiliated with the Masonic Blue Lodge, Chapter, Commandery, Consis- 
tory, and Shrine. Member of San Anselmo Rotary Club, San Francisco Yacht 
Club, and Marin Golf Club. During the World War he was chairman of Rush 
County (wis.) Red Cross, and a member of County Fuel Administration. Res: 
11 Wellington Ave., Ros6,(P. 0. San Anselmo), Calif, 

Children: Born at Ladysmith, Rusk Co., Wis. 

5526-1-1 Robert Miner Ballou, b. Feb. 12, 1921. 
5526-1-2 Nancy Pearl Ballou, b. Oct. 15, 1922. 

5562-2 BELLS BALLOU (Miner H. , Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. May 19, 1887, at Carney, Mich.; m. 
June 23, 1914, by Rev. Henry P. Stauffer at Menasha, l/Vis., to ARNOLD KNUP- 
PEL, b. Mar. 7, 1885, at Appleton, Wis., son of August A. and Adeline 
(Machmuller) Knuppel, of Appleton. He is an instructor of chemistry. Res: 
885 Fifth Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Child: Born at Neenah, Winnebago Co., Wis. 

5526-2-1 Katharine Knuppel, b. Feb. 4, 1917. 

6 528-3 JESSIE MARY BALLOU (Clarence J., Dr. Albert D. , Darius, Martin, 
Benjamin, Rev. L'iaturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Aug. 8, 1883, at Delphos, 
Ottawa Co., Kan.; ra. May 3, 1916, by Probate Judge Wilson at Salina, Sal- 
ina Co., Kan., to KARL KINNEMAN, b. Sept. 20, 1891, at Sunman, Ripley Co., 
Ind., son of G. A. and Katherine (Borgman) Minneman of Tescott, Ottawa Co., 
Kan. She is a graduate of Kansas State Agr. Coll., 1905, A. B. Resj 
Tescott, Ottawa Co., Kan. 

I. .. 



55i;8-3-l Janice Ruth Minnemdn, b. June 26, 1917, at Tescott. 
55<;8-3-2 Ciiirence Adolph Minneman, b. Aug. 17, 1921, at Tescott. 
5528-3-3 Barbara Beth Minneman, b. Apr. 7, 1923, at Salina. 

5528-4 ALICE CLAIflE BALLOU (Clarence J., Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, 
Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Sept. 21, 1685, at Delphos, 
Ottawa Co., Kan,; m. June 30, 1909, by Rev. Mr. Snyder at Delphos, to PRES- 
COTT W. EALIES, b. Aug. 19, 1886, at Delphos, son of W. B. and Jennie (Din- 
widdle) Eames of Delphos. She is « graduate of Kansas State Agr. Coll. 
Res: Grand Valley, Colo. 

5528-4-1 Alicia May Eames, b. Aug. 26, 1910, at Denver, Colo. 
5528-4-2 Wilmer Ballou Eames, b. May 8, 1914, at Kansas City, Mo. 

5528-5 HAZEL HART BALLOU (Clarence J., Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, 

Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Dec. 6, 1887, at Delphos, 

Ottawa Co., Kan.; m. Feb. 22, 1920, by Rev. G. S. Smith at Delphos, to 

DETROIT JORDAN, b. Feb. 9, 1891, at Hazelgreen, Wolf Co., Ky., son of Dr. 

John and Elmina (Coombs) Jordan. She is a graduate of Delphos H. S., and 

spent two years at Kansas State Agr. Coll. Res: Glasco, Cloud Co., Kan. 


5528-5-1 Mary Elralna Jordan, b. July 22, 1921, at Ft. Leavenworth, Kan. 
5528-5-2 Louis Coolidge Jordan, b. Mar. 5, 1924, at Osceola, St .Clair Co., 

5528-6 MINER IvIAHLON BALLOU (Clarence J., Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, 
Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Oct. 9, 1890, at Delphos, 
Ottawa Co., Kan.; ra. Apr. 5, 1911, by Rev. Mr. Harding at Glasco, Cloud Co., 


Kan., to EMsiA VINE ROGERS, b. Apr. 5, 1890, at Glasco, dau. of Henry and 

Mary (Cool) Rogers, of Glasco. He attended the grade school of Delphos. 

By occupation he is a farmer. Res: Glasco, Kan. 


5528-6-1 Russel Raymond Ballou, b. Jan. 22, 1912, at Delphos. 
5528-6-2 Roger Clarence Ballou, b. Aug. 17, 1914, at Delphos. 
5528-6-3 Joseph Marvin Ballou, b. Apr. 30, 1917, at Glasco. 
5528-6-4 Kenneth Alfred Ballou, b. Dec. 4, 1919, at Glasco. 

5528-7 RUSSELL KENNETH BALLOU (Clarence J., Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, 

Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Dec. 4, 1896, at Delphos, 

Ottawa Co., Kai . } m. Aug. 9, 1922 by Rev. G. S. Smith at Delphos, Kan., to 

RUTH NAOMI SMITH, b. July 7, 1901, at Minneapolis, Ottawa Co., Kan., dau. of 

Horace and Elizabeth Jane (Haley) Snith of Delphos, Kan. He graduated 

from Delphos H. S. and spent two years at Kansas State Agr. Coll. Res: 

Delphos, Kan. 

Children: Born at Delphos. 

5528-7-1 Mary Maxine Ballou, b. June 3, 1923. 
5528-7-2 Dorothy Ruth Ballou, b. Jan. 5, 1926. 
5528-7-3 LaVerne Kenneth Ballou, b. Dec. 11, 1929. 

5528-8 DONALD DAVID BALLOU (Clarence J., Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, 

Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John Maturin), b. Oct. 12, 1898, at Delphos, 

Ottawa Co., Kan. j m. June 3, 1922, by Rev. Bertrand A. Rogers at Manhattan, 

Riley Co., Kai . , to ELSIE MAE OLIVER, b. Sept. 5, 1900, at MuMen, Kan., 

dau. of David and Laura (Justice) Oliver of Manhattan. 

He is a graduate of Kansas State Agr. Coll. (specializing in journalism), 
and is co);inected with the editorial department of the "Kansas City Kansan". 
The Ballou Ftimily Assn. is greatly indebted to "Don" Ballou for the genea- 
logical data of this branch of t he family. Res: 2517 Alden Ave., Kansas 
City, Kan. 



5528-8-1 Arthur David Ballou, b. liar. 9, 1923, at Salina, Salina Co., Kan. 
5528-8-2 Mary Jeanne Ballou, b. Dec. 3, 1924, at Manhattan. 

5528-9 LOUIS MARVIN BALLOU (Clarence J., Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, 

Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Dec. 30, 1900, at Delphos, 

Ottawa Co., Kan. j m. May 17, 1922, by Kev- '£. H. Ps.r'.inson at Delphos, to 

ESSIE MAUDE BOURNE, b. Dec. 20, 1898, at Delphos, dau of J. U. and Amelia 

(Spencer) Bourne of Delphos. 

He Was educated at Kansas State Agr. Coll. (specializing in mechanical 
engineering). He is interested in farming and stock raising. Res; Delphos, 

Children: Born at Delphos. 

5528-9-1 Richard Marvin Ballou, b. Apr. 24, 1925. 
5528-9-2 Corliss Jay Ballou, b. July 2, 1927. 

5529-1 FRANK HAPPERSBERGER Jr. (Evangeline E. Ballou, Dr. Albert D., Darius, 
Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Sept. 23, 1892, 
at San Francisco, Calif.} m. July 26, 1919, by Rev. J. Kendrick Ballou at 
Santa Rosa, Calif., to MAUD ELLEN DAWSON, b. Dec. 31, 1896, at Orlando, dau. 
of Thomas Henry and Augusta Dawson of Orlando. He is employed by the Pa- 
cific Gas & Electric Co. as an electrical mechanic. Res: 58 Madrone St., 
San Anselmo, Calif. 

Children: Born at San Rafael, Calif. 

0529-1-1 Evangeline Happersberger, b. Nov. 16, 1920. 
5529-1-2 Stanley Marston Happersberger, b. July 15, 1923. 

5529-2 HARRY HAPPERSBERGER (Evangeline E. Ballou, Dr. Albert D., Darius, 
Martin, benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. June 12, 1896, at 


San Francisco, Calif . j m. July 7, 1917, by Rev. C. P. Deems at Ross, Calif., 
to ROSE ETHEL MAKINSON, b. Dec. 21, 1892, at Berkeley, Calif., dau. of 
George and Mary Makinson of San Anselmo, Calif. He is a cabinet worker. 
Res: Fairfax, luartin Co., Calif. 


5529-2-1 Beverley Happersberger, b. Nov. 1, 1921, at San Francisco. 

5542-1 BONNIE LAURA MEAD (Roy C. Mead, Laura M. Ballou, Darius, Ifartin, 
Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Oct. 26, 1898, at Green 
Bay, Mich.} m. by Rev. Ft, Hunter of C»eur d' Alene, Idaho, at Spokane, 
Wash., to LEO A. MAHONSY, b. Jan. 12, 1897, at Spokane, son of John S. and 
Cora (Bryant) Mahoney. She attended Lewis 4 Clark H. S., Spokane. Res: 
725 East 8th Ave., Spokane, Wash. 

Child : 

5542-1-1 Virginia Lou Mahoney, b. May 15, 1921, at Spokane. 

5542-2 RALPH EMERSON MEAD (Roy C. Mead, Laura M. Ballou, Darius, Martin, 

Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Feb. 22, 1900, at Green 

Bay Wis.; m. July 2, 1922, by Rev. Mr. Johnson at Spoki^ne, to HELEN M. 

CANFIELD, dau. of Ray Canfield. Helen M. attended Lewis & C]ark H. S., 

Spokane. Res» 815 East 33d Ave., Spokane, Wash. 

Children: Born at Spokane. 

5542-2-1 Dayton Canfield Mead, b. Dec. 19, 1923. 
5542-2-2 Barbara Ruth Mead, b. Nov. 1, 1924. 

5542-3 ESTHER EDNA MEAD (Roy C. Mead, Laura M. Ballou, Darius, Martin, 
Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Nov. 19, 1902, at Green 
Bay, Wis.; m. Feb. 28, 1925, at Spokane, to WALLACE S. WOODBERRY, b. May 1, 


1900, at Spokane, son of Fred and Agnes Woodberry. She attended Lewis & 

Clark H. S., and N. W. Business Coll. 

Children: Born at Spokane. 

5542-3-1 Larry Lee Woodberry, b. Sept. 26, 1930, d. Oct. 24, 1930, 
5M2-3-2 Donna Rae Woodberry, b. Feb. 15, 1932. 

5699-1-1 LEWIS CLARK ViiILCOXEN (Sara E. Ballou, Clark A., Leavitt , Levi, 

Rev. David, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Aug. 26, 1892, at 

Holyoke, Mass., m. Aug. 26, 1922, by Rev. M. S. Rice at Detroit, Mich., to 

MILDRED BELLS WILLIAMS, b. Feb. 3, 1891, at Mitchell, S. Dak., dau. of 

Loyal and Jeanette (Leinaar) Williams, son of George and Eliza (Bradley) 

Williams of Hickory Corners, Barry Co., Mich. 

He graduated from Holyoke H. S., 1911, Univ. of Mich., 1916, B. C. E., and 
took graduate work in economics at Wayne Univ., Detroit. After a year of 
engineering work on the sugar plantation of the "Central Ramona", Santo 
Domingo, he returned ajid enlisted in the 23rd Engineers Highway Regt., 
A. E. F., remaining in France fourteen months. After the war he w ent to 
Detroit and worked as an engineer with the Ford Motor Co. He is now a 
civil engineer in the City Engineer's office, Detroit. Member of Am. Soc. 
Civil Engineers, The Engineers Soc. of Detroit, Am. Statistical Assn., De- 
troit Economic Club, and Acacia Lodge, No. 477, A. F. & A, M. , Detroit. 
Mildred B. graduated from Univ. of Mich., and is a critic in Western State 
Normal School, Michigan. 

Children: Bom at Orange, N. J. 

5699-1-1-1 Lewis Loyal Wilcoxen, b. Apr. 4, 1923, twin. 
5699-1-1-2 Frances Elizabeth Wilcoxen, b. Apr. 4, 1923, twin. 

5699-2-2 NATALIE ANNA BALLOU (Charles A., Clark A., Leavitt, Levi, Rev. 

David, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. June 8, 1906, at Brooklyn, 

N. Y. ; m. Nov. 5, 1927, by Rev. Mr. Costello at Brooklyn, to CROSBY MOLLSN- 

HAUER, b. Sept. 14, 1902, at Brooklyn, son of Louis and Sarah (Crosby) 

Mollenhauer of Brooklyn. 

He is a director of Mollenhauer Conservatory of Music. Res: 479 E. 7th St., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Children: Born at Brooklyn. 

5699-2-2-1 Crosby John Mollenhauer, b. Mar. 15, 1929} d. Mar. 29, 1929. 
5699-2-2-2 Clark David Mollenhauer, b. Nov. 18, 1931. 
5699-2-2-3 James Leonard Mollenhauer, b. Oct. 7, 1933. 

6328-3-1 BENJAMIN PEARCE HARRIS Jr. (Mona E. (Tower) Harris, Julia W. 
(Sayles) Tower, Col. Welcome Ballou Sayles, Daniel Sayles Jr., Daniel 
Sayles and Eunice Ballou, Ariel, James, James, Maturin) , b. Jan. 20, 1901, 
at Providence, R. I.; m. Apr. 29, 1927, by Rev. Edward parkman at Mont- 
gomery, Ala., to LUCY W. JOSEPH* b. Mar. 5, 1906, at Montgomery, dau. of 
Edwin B. Joseph. He attended St. Paul's School, Mass. Inst, of Tech, and 

graduated from Brown Univ., 1923, Ph.B. 
Child: Born at Providence. 
6328-3-1-1 Kathleen Elizabeth Harris, b. June 25, 1929. 

6664-4 JAMES ENOCH WELLS (John B. Wells, Laura E. Ballou, William, John, 
Seth, James, James, James, Maturin), b. Aug. 17, 1871, at Springville, N.Y. ; 
m. June 14, 1894, by Rev. N. Foster Browne at Springville, N.Y., to CORA B. 
JONES, b. Oct. 27, 1871, at Batavia, N.Y., dau. of Lafayette and Caroline 

(Garrett) Jones. 

He graduated from Griffith Institute, Springville, N. Y. in 1890. The 
following year he was appointed principal of Colden H» S. In 1891-92 he 
became a member of the faculty of Griffith Institute. In 1893 he was made 
Committee Clerk in New York State Assembly, and in 1898 was admitted to the 
Bar. He has held the following positions: Proceedings-in-action Clerk in 
Erie County Clerk's office at Buff^^lo, N.Y., 1897 to 1915, during which 
time he was actively engaged in real estate and surrogates practice; Clerk 
of Surrogates Court of Erie County 1915-23; Trust Officer of Citizens Trust 
Co. of Buffalo, 1923; Trust Officer of The Marine Trust Co. of Buffalo 1924- 
26, and Vice Pres. ,1927-37. He was honorably discharged from the 7th Regt . 
of the New York State Nat'l Guatd, service being from 1896 to 1902; member 
of Erie County Bar Assn., ana former member of Buffalo Club. 

Children: Bom at Buffalo. 

6664-4-1 Margaret E. Wells, b. Sept. 23, 1897. Unm. She attended Lafayette 
H. S., Buffalo, N.Y. ; Buffalo Seminary, 1917; Mount Ida, Newton, 
Mass., 1918. 

*6664-4-2 Robert Looney Wells, b. Oct. 26, 1899. 

*6664-4-3 James E. Wells Jr., b. Nov. 29, 1903. 

TiSNTH OSjNfiRAtlON 129 

667^-1 MARY ELLilN BALLOU (Charles, John, William, John, Seth, James, James, 

James, Maturin), b. Feb. 6, 1878, at Spi'ingville, N. Y. j m. June 4, 1903, by 

Rev. Mr. Shepard at New York, N. Y., to Rev. JOSilPH L. GARVIN, son of Rev. 

James H. Garvin of Cambridge City, Ind. 

This is a very talented family. Mary (or Marie) Ballou worked her way 
through Hiram ColDo-ge as secretary to the president. Her father died in 
his early thirties, leaving the mother ajid children to fight their way as 
best they could. She met her future husband at Hiram College when he was 
preparing for a minister's career. His first pastorate was at The First 
Christian Church, at Youngstown, Ohio. She has been a public speaker, was 
a "Four Minute Man" during the World War, and has written fort he press. 
At an early age her three talented daughters showed a predisposition for the 
stage, and Alice and Ruth became well known as "Pam and Peggy" Garvin. They 
traveled on the Keith Circuit. Doris was known on the stage as "Sunny" Gar- 
vin. Their mother traveled extensively with her daughters. Mrs. Garvin is 
one of our valued members of The Ballou Family Assn., and resides at the 
family home, 1602 Lewis Drive, Cleveland, Ohio. 


6672-1-1 Alice Garvin, b. Feb. 21, 1904, at Youngstown, Ohio. 
6672-1-2 Ruth Garvin, b. Nov. 2, 1905, at New York, N. Y. 
6672-1-3 Doris Garvin, b. June 4, 1909, at Seattle, Wash. 

6672-2 BilULA JANS BALLOU (Charles, John, William, John, Seth, James, James, 

James, Maturin), b. Sept. 21, 1880, at Jamestown, N. Y. j m. 1905, at Hacken- 

sack, N. J., by Rev. Mr. Lanbert, to JAMES S. HART, b. July 14, 1875, at 

Mobile, Ala., son of Patrick and Margaret Hart of New York, N. Y. He is in 

the insurance business. Resj 3215 Fairmount Ave., Dallas, Texas. 


6672-2-1 Gaylord Hart, b. Jan. 14, 1906, at Hackensack, 
*6672-2-2 Jane Hart, b. Dec. 15, 1909, at Pittsburg, Pa., m. Sept. 10, 1^^29, 
by Rev. L. N. D. Wells at Dallas, Texas, to Fritz Glitsch Jr., 
son of Fritz and Myrtle Glitsch. 

6672-3 DeFOREST ARCHER BALLOU (Charles, John, William, John, Seth, James, 
James, James, Maturin), b. Sept. 27, 1885, at Springville, Erie Co., N. Y. ; 


m. July 15, 1911, by Rev. Mr. Peiper of Cleveland, 0., to ELEANOR KERSTSN, 

b. Oct. 16, 1888, at Cleveland, dau. of August and Ernestine Kersten of 

Cleveland. He is connected with Public Utility Co. Res: 3327 W. 94th St., 

Cleveland, 0. 


6672-3-1 Donald William Ballou, b. Aug. 5, 1912. 
6672-3-2 Robert DeForest Ballou, b. Oct. 17, 1915. 
6672-3-3 Lester Charles Ballou, b. July 13, 1921. 
6672-3-4 Rae Eleanor Ballou, b. Oct. 14, 1924. 

6679-1-1 REV. EARLS HOIT BALLOU (Rev. Henry L. , William S. , John Jr., 

John, Seth, James, James, James, Maturin), b. May 17, 1892, at Saxtons 

River, Windham Co., Vt.j m. Mar. 7, 1916, by the groom's father, Rev. 

Henry Lincoln Ballou at Chester, Vt., to THELMA G. HAVENS, b. Dec. 8,1890, 

at Chester, dau. of Dr. Walter Louis and Minnie (Stephens) Havens, son of 

Sanford William and Laura (Gallup) Havens of New London, Conn, 

He graduated from Vermont Academy, 1908; Yale, 1912, B. A.; and Hartford 
Theological Seminary, 1916, B. D. In 1916 he became a commissioned mis- 
sionary of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, sta- 
tioned first at Peking, China, then at Tientsin, 1917-30. He engaged first 
in evangelistic, and later in educational work. In America on furlough, 
1923-24 and 1930-31. He is now the American Secretary of the North China 
Kung Li Hui (American Mission Board) at 29 Teng Shih K'ou, Peiping, China. 
He is a member of Beta Theta Pij Phi Beta Kappa; Hykes Memorial Lodge, A. 
F. 6i A. M. , Tientsin; Chung Te Consistory, 32, Peiping, China. 


6679-1-1-1 Hubbard Walter Ballou, b. Jan. 26, 1917, at Peking, China, 

and educated there. 
6679-1-1-2 Laurence Havens Ballou, b. Apr. 19, 1921, at Tientsin, China. 

Res: Peiping, July 1937. 
6679-1-1-3 Robert Maturin Ballou, b. May 21, 1924, at Springfield, Vt. 

Res: Peiping, July 1937. 
6679-1-1-4 Christopher Henry Ballou, b. Nov. 2, 1926, at Tientsin, China. 

Res: Peiping, July 1937. 


6679-1-2 PAUL HOLTON BALLOU (Rev. Henry L., William S. , John Jr., John, 

Seth, James, James, James, Maturin), b. Aug. 7, 1897, at Chester, Windsor 

Co., Vt,} m. Dec. 25, 1924, by the groom's father, R&v. Henry Lincoln 

Ballou at Chester, to GRACE F. CARPENTER, b. Nov. 10, 1903, at Chester, 

dau. of Lucius Allen and Sue Wentworth (Hadley) Carpenter, son of Lucius 

and Cora Uay (Weston) Capenter of Chester. 

He was educated at Chester H. S. ; Vermont Academy; Culver Military Acad- 
emy, 1915; Amherst Collegej U. S. Military Academy, 1918-19; and Yale Uni-- 
rareity , 1920. During the World War he was with the American Field Service, 
Section Sanitaire Etats-Unis #64, received the Croix de Guerre in 1917. 
His civic activities were: School Director, 1925-28; Town Representative, 

1931-33; Trustee of Chester Post Am. Legion, 1929 ; Trustee Cong. Church, 

1927 ; Director National Bank of Chester, 1930 , Member of Beta Theta 

Pi; Olive Branch Lodge, A. F. & A. M. ; Washington Chapter R. A. M., Holy 
Cross Commandery K. T. ; Past Commander of Chester Post Am. Society S. A. R, ; 
Vermont Society Colonial Wars; Vermont Society Mayflower Descendants, Res: 
Chester, Vt. 

Children: Born at Springfield, Vt. 

6679-1-2-1 Carolyn Susan Ballou, be Apr. 14, 1927. 
6679-1-2-2 Paul Carpenter Ballou, b. Feb. 1, 1930. 

7107-1 CARROLL EDWARD CASE (Fred E. B. Case, Susan A. Ballou, Rev. John 

M., Michael W. , Nathaniel, Amariah, Nathaniel, James, J/^turin) , b. Apr. 16, 

1899, at New Orleans, La,; m, at Ogden, Iowa, to ELNA JOSEPHINE CARLSON, 

b. in Sweden, dau. of Anton Frederick Carlson. He is a World War veteran 

and legionnaire. Res: Boone, Iowa. 

Children: Born at Boone. 

7107-1-1 Carroll Birdaall Case, b. Aug. 12, 1928. 
7107-1-2 Robert Edward Case, b. Jan. 22, 1930, 

7312-1 GErtTRUDE IMOGSNE BALLOU (Joseph C, Monroe E., Elias, Dea. David, 
Elias, Amariah, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. July 15, 1900, at Becket, 
Mass.; m. Oct. 7, 1921, by Rev, C. W. Williams at Becket, to HOWARD jB. 


NOBLE, b. Nov, 24, 1896, at Hartford, Conn., son of Richard B. Noble of 

East Hartford, Conn. She graduated from Westfield Normal, 1916} Gushing 

Academy, 1917; Mt. Holyoke College, 1921. Res: 11 Westbrook St., East 

Hartford, Conn. 

Children: Born at East Hartford. 

7312-1-1 Howard Clinton Noble, b. Nov. 3, 1922. 
7312-1-2 Joanne Gertrude Noble, b. Mar. 18, 1926. 

8154-2 LUCY K. FEFEL (Katharine Ballou Bisbee, Gen. William H. Bisbee, 

Harriet M. Ballou, Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. 

Nov, 4, 1898; m. Sept. 16, 1922 to SHERMAN E. MURPHY. 


8154-2-1 Norma Lee Murphy, b. Feb. 26, 1928. 
8154-2-2 William Henry Murphy, b. Oct. 25, 1931. 

8154-3 WILLIAM BALLOU FEFEL (Katharine Ballou Bisbee, Gen. William H. 
Bisbee, Harriet M. Ballou, Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Ma- 
turin), b. Dec. 9, 1903; m. Oct. 12, 1929 to DOROTHY KING, 


8154-3-1 William Richard Fefel, b. Oct. 25, 1931. 

8154-4 MARY ELIZABETH FEFEL (Katharine Ballou Bisbee, Gen. William H. 
Bisbee, Harriet M. Ballou, Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Ma- 
turin), b. May 4, 1908; m. Dec, 18, 1926 to WILLIAM THOMAS PATTERSON. 

8154-4-1 William Thomas Patterson Jr., b. Sept. 1, 1927, 
8154-4-2 Miriam P. Patterson, b. Feb. 23, 1934, 

8154-5 LOUISE V. FEFEL (Katiiarine Ballou Bisbee, Gen, William H, Bisbee, 


Harriet M. Ballou, Levi, Levi Eaq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, Jamesj Maturin), 
b. Mar. 6, 1911; m. Mar. 31, 1929 to MARSHALL C. SHIPLEY. 

8154-5-1 Katharine C. Shipley, b. Apr. 13, 1930. 
8154-5-2 Lucy E. Shipley, b. Nov. 29, 1931. 
8154*5-3 Dorothy E. Shipley, b. Mar. 22, 1933. 
8154-5-4 Thomas 0. Shipley, b. Dec. 15, 1935. 

8154-6 JOSEPH M. FEFEL (Katharine Ballou Bisbee, Gen. William H. Bisbee, 
Harriet M. Ballou, Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. 
Sept. 4, 1902} m« Dec. 22, 1934 to JESSIE E. KELLEY. 


8154-6-1 Wayne B. Fefel, b. Dec. 24, 1935. 

8155- 2 ROBERT H. BISBEE (Haymond B. Bisbee, Gen. William H. Bisbee, 

Harriet M. Ballou, Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. 

Nov. 10, 1904; m. Oct. 27, 1927, by Rev. Edward I. Wheelan at New York, 

N. Y., to MARY P. HOLLINGS WORTH, b. Oct. 15, 1907. 

His ambition to study radio after graduating from High School led him to 
the position of radio operator on ocean steamers. These trips took him to 
many parts of the world. After his marriage he became a service engineer 
with the R. C. A. Mfg. Co., a subsidiary of the Radio Corp. of America, 
by which company he is still employed. 


8155-2-1 Robert A. Bisbee, b. July 21, 1928. 
8155-2-2 Mary Vi Bisbee, b. Sept. 7, 1930. 
8155-2-3 Martha A. Bisbee, b. Jan. 31, 1934. 

8181-2-1 LeROY BALLOU SMITH (Col. Stanley G. Smith, Mary F. Ballou, Hon. 
Latimer W. , Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b, Apr. 29, 
1895, at Woonsocket, R. I.} m. June 3, 1916, by Rev. Samuel Ayere at Woon- 


socket, to LUCILE deNEVilRS KOLllilR, b. June 19, 1896, at Lakewood, R. I., dau. 

of Hugo and Susan ifeiry (Vedeer) Kolmer, son of Alexander Kolmer. 

He attended St. Andrews School at Concord, Mass. for three years, studied 
in Germany for a year, and graduated from Lowell Textile Institute in 1915. 
Member of the iJelta Kappa Phi Fraternity. In 1916 he formed the Cumberland 
Worsted Mills in Woonsocket , of which he is the president and agent. He is 
a member of Morning Star Lodge of Free Masons, and attends the Universalist 

Children: Born at Woonsocket. 

8181-2-1-1 Lorraine Chileon Smith, b. Apr. 10, 1917. She is a graduate 
of Woonsocket H. S., 1934, and Katharine Gibbs Secretarial 
School, 1936. 

8181-2-1-2 Stanley Gardner Smith, b. Sept. 20, 1918. He attends Eagle- 
brook and R. I. School of Design, class of 1939. 

8181-2-1-3 Chester Ballou Smith, b. July 17, 1920. He is attending (1937) 
Union Village School, Woonsocket. 

8181-2-2 MEREDITH GARDNER SMITH (Col. Stanley G. Smith, Mary F. Ballou, Hon. 

Latimer V/. , Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Dec. 30, 

1904, at Woonsocket, R. I. j m. June 30, 1927, at Oxford, England to EARL 

THOSNEN. He is a member of the California Bar. 


8181-2-2-1 David Stanley Thoenen, b. May 10, 1928, at Cambridge, Mass. 

8181-2-2-2 Gardner Thoenen, b. Oct. 20, 1931. 

8181-2-2-3 Arnold Thoenen, b. Mar. 7, 1934, at Boston, Mass. 

8181-2-3 FRANCES COREY SMITH (Col. Stanley G. Smith, Mary F. Ballou, Hon. 
Latimer W. , Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Apr. 10, 
1906, at Woonsocket, R. I.; m. Sept. 7, 1932, at Newburyport , Mass., to 


Child: Born at Boston, Mass. 

8181-2-3-1 John H. Brooks, 3rd, b. June 3, 1935. 

8182 -1 BARBARA BALLOU (Latimer W. , Hon. Henry L. , Hon. Latimer W. , Levi, 
Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Nov. 17, 1903, at Woonsocket, 
R. I.} m. (1) Apr. 21, 1923, at Newark, N. J., to PUTNAM McDOv^ELL, son of 
Corwin McDowell, president of the Eastern Casualty Insurance Co., of Boston, 


with residence at Dover and Monquit, Mass. He was of the class of 1926, 

Harvard, but left at time of marriage. They were divorced Jan. 5, 19314 

(2) Aug, 17, 1934, at Wellesley Congregational Church, to SPENCER DEMING 

EDDY, b. May 6, 1904, at Wellesley Hills, Mass., son of Frank Stetson and 

Martha Poole (Deming) Eddy, dau. of Edgar Moses and Martha Ellen(Poole) 

Deming. Spencer D. is a graduate of the Univ. of Penn. , 1926. Res: Shaw 

Road, Wellesley, Mass. 

Children: Surname McDowell. 

8182-1-1 Putnam Ballou McDowell, b. Feb. 27, 1924, at Greenville, N. C. 
8182-1-2 Robert Henry McDowell, b. Feb. 14, 1928, at Newton, Mass. 

O^ild: Surname Eddy. 

8182-1-3 Spencer Deming Eddy Jr., b. Aug. 19, 1935, at Boston. 

8185-1 KELSSY BALLOU SWEATT (Myron L. B. Sweatt , Marie L. Ballou, Hon. Lat- 
imer W., Levi., Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Aug. 13, 
1906, at Woonsocket, R. I. ; m. Miar. 25, 1933, by hev. Dr. Erville B. Mayna'^a 
of St. Paul's Cathedral at Boston,, to MARGARET CHRISTINE O'DONOGHUE, 

dau. of Cornelius and Mary (Joyce) O'Donoghue of Cork City, Ireland. 

He graduated from Worcester Academy, 1926, His education included special 
courses at Brown Univ., Harvard Univ., and summer sessions at Columbia UniVo 
Library School. He served seven years as Reference Librarian and Readers' 
Advisor at the Harris Institute Library, Woonsocket j was Director of the 
Woonsocket Civic Forumj author of "Abraham Lincoln in New Englt-nd" and sev- 
eral historical papers. He was Chu.irman for the Union List of News- 
papers, published by the American Bibliographical Society} State Supervisor 
of the National Youth Administration, Writers' Project; State Supervisor of 
the Manuscript Records of the Historical Records Survey of Mass., and Editor 
of the Addendum to "The Ballous in America", 1937. Res: 235 Beacon Street, 
Boston, Mass* 

8185-2 HELEN LOUISE SV/EATT (Myron L. B. Sweatt, Marie L. Ballou, Hon. Lat- 
imer W. , Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Apr. 18. 
1911, at Woonsocket, R. I. j m. July 14, 1934, by Rev. Charles Thorp at 
Lincoln, Mass., to JAIvES OILMAN SV,/AIN, b. Nov. 2, 1908, at Somerville. 


Mass., son of William H. and Eva Maude (Gilman) Swain, son of Williain and 
Adaline (Worthy) Swain, of Skowhegan, Maine. Res: Holliston, Mass. 

Child: Born at Newton, Mass. 

8185-2-1 Myron Gilman Swain, b. Sept. 6, 1935. 

8186-1-3 MARGARET LOUISE CLARKE (Kate S. Bs.llou, George R., Levi T., 

Levi, Levi Esqo, Ezekiel, Obadiah, Janes, Maturin), b. Dec. 21, 1898, at 

Rifton, Ulster Co., N. Y. ; m. May 31, 1924, by Rev. Gerald Cunningham, in 

St. John's Episcopal Church at Stamford, Conn., to LEON WILLIAM SLOAT, b. 

Sept. 9, 1897, at Stamford, son of Robert Calvin and Mary (Ritch) Sloat. 

(see 8191). 


8186-1-3-1 A son, b. Oct. 9, 1926; died in infancy. 

Siee-l-S-"?, :0nrl3 Clarke Sloat, b. Sept. 25, 1930 (twin), at Greenwich, 

Cr. ■-:■;-.. 
8186-1-3-3 Cla'^ord Walton Sloat, b. Sept. 25, 1930 (twin), at Greenwich. 

8186-1-4 KATMARYN BALLOU CLARKE (Kate S. Ballou, George R., Levi T. , Levi, 

Levi Esqr, Ezekiel, Obadiah, Janes, Maturin), b. Sept. 7, 1900, at Rifton, 

Ulster Co., N. Y. ; m. Sept. 30, 1922, in Grace Episcopal Church by the 

Rector, Rev. Frank H. Sinmonds at White Pl&.ins, N. Y., to OTIS ROBERT 

SEVERANCE, b. Sept. 28, 1895, at Northfield, Mass., son of Edson Sumner, 

ajid Lily Maud (Morgan) Severance, (see 8191). 


8186-1-4-1 Shirley Elizabeth Severance, b, Nov. 14, 1924, at the family 
home, R. D. ^l, Bedford, Westchester Co., N. Y. 

8186-1-7 HELEN DORIS CLARKE (Kate S. Ballou, George R. , Levi T. , Levi, 

Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Nov. 15, 1914, at Stamford, 


Conn. I m. Sept. 1, 1933, by Rev. Benjamin Denniston at Bedford Hills, West- 
chester .Qo., N. Y., to GiCORGE WASHINGTON CROASDALE, b. Feb. 24, 1908, at 
Camden, N. J., son of Joeeph Bozorth and Anna (Deputy) Croasdale. (see 8191), 

8186-1-7-1 Joyce Alleen Croasdale, b. June 5, 1934, in Northern Westches- 
ter Hospital, Mt . Kisco, N. Y. 

8658-3 REV. CHESTER BALLOU FISK (Rev. Marion A., Luman A., Jirah, David, 

Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Dec. 16, 1905, at Sabetha, Kan. 

He graduated from the Cleveland Heights (Ohio) H. S., and attended Mt. Her- 
mon School for Boys, Northfield, Mass., 1923. He graduated from Princeton 
Univ., 1927, spint three years at Chicago Theological Seminary, from which 
he graduated with highest honors and granted B.D., Chicago Univ., 1930, M.A., 
with a two-year fellowship for study in a German University» 

8703-3-1 LAWRENCE FRANK BALLOU (Frank J., Joseph W., Willard, Silas, Jesse, 
Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. May 3, 1906, at East Swanzey, N. H., 
m. Sept. 30, 1934, b> Rev. J. H. LeRoy at Stratham, N. H., to DOROTHY PEAR- 
SON, b. Nov. 17, 1904, at Stratham, dau. of Frank H. Pearson. He graduated 
from New Hampshire Univ., 1931, B. S., member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fra- 
ternity. He is 1st Lt . in the Organized Reserves, U. S. Army, and is the 
proprietor of the G. T. Laundry, Rochester, N. H. 

Child: Born at Rochester. 

8703-3-1-1 Joseph Frank Ballou, b. July 29, 1935. 

8927-1 RACHEL EVELYN BALLOU (Frederick P., John P. L., Nelson S., Dr. Asa 
W. , Asa, Seth, Nehemiah, James, Maturin), b. Dec. 5, 1905, at No. Attleboro, 
Mass.; m. Nov. 10, 1928, by Rev. C)[\arles A. Haney at No. Attleboro, to 
CHARLES W. COLBURN, b. Oct. 7, i907, at No. Attleboro, son of David L. and 
Etta (King) Colburn, of No. Attleboro. 


He is a graduate of No. Attleboro H. S., and Boston Univ., member of Lambda 

Chi * He is associated with an A. a. P. Store in the district in which his 

father is manager. 

Children: Born at No. Attleboro. 

8927-1-1 Joan Colburn, b. Aug. 16, 1930. 
8927-1-2 Sandra Colburn, b. June 8, 1934. 

8927-2 HILDA BALLOU (Frederick P., John P. L., Nelson S., Dr. Asa W., Asa, 

Seth, Nehemiah, James, Maturin), b. Aug. 2, 1909, at No. Attleboro, Ifess.} 

m. Aug. 24, 1931, at iillmira, N. Y. , to HARVEY 'nZIR GAY, son of Frank Gay. 

He graduated from No. Attleboro H. S. and R. I. State College, member of 

Beta Phi. He carries on a successful electrical business, and is a member 

of the Lighting & Water Board in No. Attleboro. 

Children: Born at No. Attleboro. 

8927-2-1 Harvey Weir Gay Jr., b. Apr. 20, 1932. 
8927-2-2 Clark Frederick Gay, b. June 14, 1935. 


5098-1-1-3 ADELE WHITNEY FRENCH (Carrie E. Ballou, Warren A., Warren S4, 
Otis, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, Maturin), b. Sept. 7, 1901, 
at Orange, Mass.; m. Oct. 14, 1922, by Rev. Andrew Campbell at Orange to 
PERCY F. BAINES. She graduated from Ortinge H. S., 1919, and the Leland 
Powers School of the Spoken Viford, 1922, Boston, Mass. 

Child: Born at Orange. 

5098-1-1-3-1 Joan Adele Baines, b. Feb. 10, 1926. 

5098-2-2-1 PAULINE LOUISE SCHROEDER (Carrie B. Ballou, Willie 0., Warren S., 
Otis, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, Maturin), b. Jan. 24, 1909, at 
Revere, Mass.; m. Oct. 12, 1930, by Father McEachern at Revere, to GORDON 
McLEAN, son of George and Anna McLean of Everett, Mass. 


5098-2-2-1-1 Robert Paul McLean. 

6664-4-2 ROBERT LOONEY WELLS (James E. liVells, John B. Wells, Laura E. 

Ballou, *illiam, John, Seth, James, James, James, Maturin), b. Oct. 26, 

1899, at Buffalo, N. Y. ; m. 1924, at Buffalo, N. Y., to CARRIE NEWTON, b. 

1902, at Buffalo, N. Y. , dau. of Alton H. Newton. He is a graduate of 

Lafayette H. S., Buffalo, 1917; Univ. of Buffalo, 1921, LL.D. He is an 

attorney at law and the vice president of Manufacturers Nat'l Bank of Tro^c 

Res: 119 Maple Ave., Troy, N. Y. 

Children: All born at Buffalo except Caroline. 

6664-4-2-1 Nancy Anne Wells, b. July 3, 1925. 

6664-4-2-2 Peggy N. Wells, b. July 12, 1926. 

6664-4-2-3 Marcia G. Wells, b. Jan. 20, 1928. 

6664-4-2-4 Jane Wells, b. Oct. 9, 1929. 

6664-4-2-5 Cora May V/ells, b. Sept. 13, 1933. , 

6664-4-2-6 Caroline Wells, b. Mar. 30, 1937, at Troy. 




6664-4-3 JAMES E. WELLS Jr. (James E. Welle, John B. Wells, Laura E. 

Ballou, William, John, Seth, James, James, James, Uaturin), b. Nov. 29, 

1903, at Buffalo, N. Y. ; m. to MARY HOUGHTON, b. November 1906, at Buffalo, 

dau. of Frederick Houghton. He is a graduate of Technical H* S., Buffalo, 

and of Univ. of Michigan, 1921, B.S. Res: 232 Pleasant Ave., Hamburg, 

N. Y. 


6664-4-3-1 Joanne Welle, b. Nov. 4, 1928, at Ann Arbor, Mich. 
6664-4-3-2 Jamee E. Wells, 3rd, b. Apr. 11, 1932, at Buffalo. 

6672-2-2 JANE HART (Beula Ballou, Charles, John, William, John, Seth, 
James, James, James, Maturin), b. Dec. 15, 1909, at Pittsburg, Pa.; m. 
Sept. 10, 1929, by Rev. L. N. D. Wells at Dallas, Texas, to FRITZ GLITSCH, 
son of Fritz and Myrtle Glitsch. 

Child: Born at Scnenectady, N. Y. 

6672-2-2-1 Greitchen Glitsch, b. Aug. 7, 1930. 



The following records are copied from the original 
documents which are in the archives of The Ballou Family 
Association. They are selected not only because of their 
historical and genealogical interest, "but because it is 
hoped that their publication will inspire members of The 
Family to moke an effort to unearth s'imilar documents and 
make them available to the Association. 


Ro: WILL of SA1.IUEL MLLOU (17), (jaxios, Mcxturin, ) 

W© tho Subscriber, Stunucl Ballou, yeoman of Snlthfiold &c of the ono Part 
And Thomas Lapham Junl", of S<i Smithfiold &o yooman Exeou''^^ Of the Last Will 
and Testament of Samuol Ballou late of said Smithfield Dcccas^ of the other 
Part Having met together this twenty fourth Day of March in tho year of our 
Lord 1766 and after having had a long Conference Concerning S^ Sara^ giving 
up A Lease of the farm which he tho said Sam-'- now Holds, And having agreo^ 
To leave all the affair and Difference Betwon us To the JudgiAcnt of Henry 
Harris & Christopher Harris of Johnston Exec's -^^ Ezckiel Angell of Smith- 
field yomon. And not agreeing in Drawing tho iu-bitrating Bonds, Wc finally 
Cone to this agreement, that the above said Henry Harris Christopher Harris 
and Ezekiel Angell TOien mot together shall after hearing Both Parties, Draw 
such Arbitrating Bonds as they shall think Proper, in tho above said affair, 
for each of us to Sign, And if either of us shall Refuse to Sign said Bonds 
when Drawn shall Pay to the other the svim of Five Pounds Lawful Money As 
Witness our Hands and Seals the Day and year afore said. 
In the presents of 

Tho^ Lapheon Samuel Ballou 

Tabitha Kimton Thomas Laphatn Jun^ 



Smithfield December 12 1766 

I Isaac Brcyton being of Lawful! Ago testefyet^ and Saith that Whereas my 


father Owod Joshua Laphom a Sertain Sum of Money, and S"^ Lapham Camo after 

his mony and father not being at homo my Mother paid S^ Lapham a Hong Sum of 

Money and father Returning Sent me tho Next Day to Chang Sd Money and Cariod 

Other Monoy and Lapham Was Gone to pay Sd Monoy to Samuol Ballue and As I 

Came there, I paid Said Lapham Other Monoy and Receid the former, and as the 

thing being Settled According to the best of Lty Remembrance Sd Ballue asked 

me to Set up Same Sum of Money With Chalk 'U'pon the Mantiltree, Accordingly 

I did but What it Was it is Out of ny mind And as I Being Called Upon as An 

Evidenc I Wont to Sd house and Saw L33»ll-4 Set Upon the Manteltree Which I 

think Looks Like my figures 

According to the best Of My Remembrance it Was About tho Last of February or 

the first of March 1764 

And further is the Deponant Sait Not — 

Isaac Brayton 

PrOTridence ss. 

The Day and Year above Written the above Named 

Isaac Brayton Engaged to the above Evidence — 

Both Parties Being Present, 

Before me 

Richard Sayles Jun^ jVists pace 

^ T^ •(* "^ '^ 


Smithfield Decembr y® 12 Day 1766 

I Joshua Lapham of Smithfield Being of Lawfull age Deposeth smd Saith that 


about the Begining of the year 1764 I owed Samuel Bellou now Deceased for a 
mare abought one hundred and sixty Pounds old tenner and Said Bellou Said he 
wated the money to Pay his Rate hurried me to git it and I told him Brayton 
owed me the money and I would Gitt it and Pay him Some Short time after. I 
Saw Brayton and got Some money and made up a Payment to S*^ Bellou as Nigh 
as I Remember abought one hundred and thirty Pounds old tenner which Pay- 
ment I made as Nigh as I Can Remember Some time the Last of February or the 
first of March one thousand seven h\mdred and sixty ibur And further the 
Deponant Saith 

Joshua Lapham 

Providence ss. The Day and Year above Written the above named 
Joshua Lapham Engaged to the above Evidence 
Both Parties Being Present 
Before me 

Richard Sayles J\m^ Justs pace 


To - - - - Mrt - - - 
Wm Ballou 

Caizenovia State of NeiNyork 
County of Chinango 
Smithfield December ye 5"*^^ Day AD 1761 

Recieved then of my Father Samuel Balloue the Sum of three Thousand Eight 
Hundred and fifty pounds do Tener which I acknowledge To be in full payment 
of all and all manner of attempts Racoknings Dues an(} Demand)! Whatsoever I 


Say Received by me 

Samuel Ballou Jn^ (86) 



Smithfield Mareh 1^* 1798 

Moses Ballou to Amos Lapham Dr. To thirty four weeks three days and an 
S s d 

half Schooling at l/ per week 5 dol. 4., 7 

April 1^'*' By two dollars in Cash 2 

June l?"*^^ 1798 by ballance infull 3 4 7 

per Amos Lapham 



Ques, What Quantity of money did you first pay to Samuel Ballue (17) 
Disceased towards the lAare 

A. h 130 according to the best of Ify Romembranco 

Q, What Quantity of Money WaS the Next Payment 

A. I Cant Remember 

Q, Did you See Amos Sprague at my fathers TAfhen ho Came after 
the Rate that was Asses 'd on my father 

A* No I Cant Remember I Did 

Q, Did you see any money Repaid to me on Account of the Rate 

A« Not that I Remember 

Q, What sort of money did you pay 

A* I Cant Remember 

3)1 SfC 3|C Y 't^ 


Qb TOiat Some of Money Did you pay Sd Lapham 

A» I Cant Romombor 

Q» IVho rood the monoy of you 

A. Joshua Lapham 



Know all mon by thcso presents That I 

Samuel Ballou of Sackvillo in the ProvoncG 

of Now Brunswick in ^anorioa-By these presents 
have Constituted Ordained and Made and in my Stead and place put and hereby 
do Constitute Ordain and make and in my Stead and plan put Moses Ballou And 
Aaron Ballou of Smithfield in the County of Providence and State of Rhode 
Island & Providence Plantation, Yeoman & David Ballou of Glocester in the 
County & State of Yeoman To be ray true Sufficint and Lawful attorneys and in 
particular the Said Moses Ballou For me and in my Name and to my use to 
Demand Levy Require Recover & Receive of and from all Persons v/hom Soever 
the Same may Concern all and Singular Lands Tenenents Rights and Titles Sum 
or Sums of money Debts dues or Demands of what Name or Nature soever or from, 
whcme soever Coming. 

Giving and Granting to my Said attomoos full power and Lawful authority 
in and about the promises and in my Name to appear before any Judges Justices 
officers and ministers of the Law whatsoever and in my behalf to answer De- 


fend & Reply unto all actionB matters or things Relating the premies and Re- 
coverey and Receipts in my Name to make and also Execute Duo aquittences & 
Discharges. With full power to make and Substitute one or more attomees 
and Generally to transact all mathers as fully and amply as myself migh do 
it personally Present Ratifying whatever i3]y Said attorneys Shall Lawfully do 
Relating the Premices. 

In Witness whereof I have herexmto set my hand and Seal the Eighth Day 
of April in the year of our Lord 1791, 
Signed Sealed in presence 


Samuel Ballou (86) 
Elizah Arnold 

Poleg Arnold 

Providence of Smithfiold April 8th AD 1791 - 

Personally appeared Sam^ Ballou the within Signer and acknowledged the wibh- 
in written Instrviment to bo his Volentary act & Deed hand & Seal, 

Before Polog Arnold assistant, 

;|e 4c :)l ;|c ;)c 

To MCSBS E.\LLOU, (90) Smithfield State Rhodisland 

Now We Being middling Well Hoping these Will find The and all TiToll I Havo 
thought to Come to See the and all aGain But Knowing Wo Be all on Certain 
What one year Will Bring about But It Boing Certain Wo must Love this World 
and goo When Caled own after Nothor But I havo thought It Best to make %Self 


Contented In Whet Evr Surcomstancc I am in But I Should Rothor Com and Be 

With My Frinds But I Should Be trubol to them if I Came very poor Ylith My 

Familary and I Had Rother indurc Hardness vifith my Familary then I Should Be 

Come Burden to Any as God Gavos Strength Would Still Be Doing Sorathing that 

Wo mito that So Doing Not Be Burden to any I am Striving to Bring about that 

I mite Bring Somthing and I Should Com froly to See you all I Ccjit Love my 

familary as I Dcd I Do find Grat Doal of trubol for Loving my Familary as I 

Dod Bofor I Cold Relate Long Histry of Difficulty But I have Not time and to 

the Brother Moses Ballou to Remember to all my Relation and Freind I Have 

Not forgot them if thay havo forgot mo From they Brother 

on the Eight month AD 1798 Sairaiel Ballou (86) 

In Sackviollo (Note: Sackvillc, Province of Wow Brunswick.) 

As to that Case With the Aliens Befor I houred from the I Begin To thing 

What Difficulty and Discorago men the World find in this Lav/sute for I Have 

Seen that the poor in this World Cant Be hearod If I had 100000 Dealers then 

then I should have it Sun tried and Shoul Git But I shold Have No Need of It 

and friend Would Be thick all Round as Long as money 17as thick But It must Be 

Cattred about Lik oke Levi that I Sec Befor I Came av/ay as Sun as I Bo Gining 

the Lawyar IVas then on the Yfotch With others if I Should Come or my Heirs 

With this Money then you VJould Sunc Soe it Sctteled But I Hope Y/hethor I Git 

It or not I Shall do ITithout It to Live my time Sa Ballaou 

I Vfould Bo Glad to Hear from you my 

Brother Mos Ballu 

1, Moses Ballou, of Smithfield in the County of Providence and State of 


Rhodisland and Providence Plsoitations yeoman, - Being past tiio meridian of 
life, but enjoying a good State of health, and feeling myself of a Disposing 
mind and memory thanks bo given to the author of my being therefor, - And 
Calling to mind the mortality of my Body and being convinced of the un- 
certainty of the time of the period of my present Existanco, Do make and 
ordain this my last Will and Testament, that is, - First of all I recommend 
my soul to God that gave it and my Body to the Earth to be buried in a de- 
cent manner at the discretion of my Executors heroin after mentioned, - 

And as touching such worldly Estate where it hath pleased God to 
Bless me with in this Life I give demise and dispose of in the manner 
folloiving, - 

First my Will is that all my just debts and funeral charges be paid out of 
my movable Estate. 

Then I give and bequeath unto my Wife Desire Ballou the one third part of 
all my Personal Estate together with her Legal thirds in my Real Estate to 
be and remain unto her as long as She shall remain my widow But if She should 
mari^ my Will is that- she quit all her right in ray Estate both real and per- 
sonal and receive t'-'o Hundred Dollars in money or the Value thereof out of 
the aforesaid personal Estate as She may choose. To be and remain unto her 
and to her own free Disposal forever, " 

Then I give to my sons William Ballou George Ballou Arnold Ballou and my 
Daughter Elizabeth Blancher One Dollar each to be paid to them by my Execu- 
tors within one year after my decease, - The reason of my giving these three 
sons and Daughter so small a siim is that having already given Each of them a 
certain sum of money or other property whic)i I consider their equal pro- 
portion of my Estate, - 


Then I give to my tvro Daughters Desire Ballou and Freelove Ballou the sum 
of Six Hundred Sixty eix Dollars and Sixty six cents (Viz) three Hundred 
thirty three Dollars and thiii:y three Cents Each, to he paid to them when 
they shall become of Age or be married with Interest from the time of my 
Decease, - 

Then I give to my four sons Dutoo Ballou, Moses Ballou, Jvm. , Otis Ballou 
and Willard Ballou All my Estate Both real and personal Equally between them 
jointly and soX'crately, To be and remain unto them their Heirs Administra- 
tors and Assigns forever. They paying the aforesaid Legacies of Six Hundred 
and sixty six Dollars and sixty six cents given to my two Daughters -Desire 
and Freelove, - And the aforesaid Two H\mdrod Dollars to my wife in case she 
should marry. Also the Small Legacies mentioned before together with my Just 
Debts and Funeral Charges aforesaid, - 

And if Either of my six last mentioned Children (viz) Dutee Moses Otis 
Willard Desire and Freelove be under age at the time of ray Decease and should 
die during their minority without lawful Issue, My Will is That their Pro - 
portion of my Estate be divided amongst the survivors of the aforesaid six 
children in manner following (viz) sons to Share Equal and each Daughter to 
have the one half as much as Each son, - 

And lastly I do hereby moko and Ordain my wife Desire Ballou and my son 
Dutee Ballou joint Executrix and Executor to this my last Will and Testament 
And do hereby utterly disallow revoke and Disannul All and every other former 
Testaments Wills and Legacies and bequeaths what ever and all Executions by 
me in any ways named willed and bequeathed, - Ratifying this and no other to 
bo my last Will and Testament, 
- IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal This Eighth Day of 


March One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety nine and Twenty third of American 

Sign^ scald publish'^ pronounc"^ 
and Doclarod by the Said Moses 
Ballou as his last will and 
Testament in the presents 
of us who in his presents 
and in the presents of each 
other have hereto subscribed 
Our names. - 

Moses Ballou 

Samuel Hill Jvm.^' 
Jonathan Lapham 
Thomas Mann 
Job Lapham 

Approved Oct* 28 -^ 1820 Recorded & Compared 

Be it remembered that I moses Ballp)* pf pnithfield in the County of Provi- 
dence and State of Rhode Island Providence Plantations yeoman being of 
lawful age and of sane mind do make eiiid declare this to be my last will and 
Testament in manner following that is to Say 

First I give and bequeath to my son William Ballou ten dollars. 

Secondly I give and bequeath to my son George B^lloy ten dollars. 

Thirdly I give and bequeath to W son Arnold Ballou ten dollars. 

Fourthly I Give and bequeath to my daughter Elisabeth Taylor ten dollars, 

Fifthly I give and bequeath to my Grand daughter Sophia Blanchard ten 

Sixthly I give and bequeath to my Grand daughter Betsey Blanchard ten 



Seventhly I give and bequeath to my Grand daughter Axie Blanchard ten 

Eighthly I give and bequeath to my son Duty Ballou ten dollars. 

Ninthly I give and bequeath to my son Moses Ballou four Shares in the 
Looisquisset turnpike Corporation. 

Tenthly I give and bequeath to my son Otis Ballou ton dollars. 

Elovonthly I give and bequeath to my Son Willard Ballou Throe Shares in 
the Smithficld Union Bank, My Right in the Detecting Society in Cumberland, 
my Gxm and Desk, 

Twelfthly I give and bequeath to my daughter Desiro Fowl or enough to moko 
four hundred dollard including what I have heretofore given her to bo in Cash 
or household furnature at Cash prices. 

Thirteonthly I give and bequeath to my daughter Freolovo Ballou four 
hundred dollars to be paid to her when she shall marry or in one year after 
my decease in money or household furnature at Cash prices. 

Fourtcenthly I give and bequeath unto my two sons Moses Ballou and 
Willard Ballou all the residue and remainder of my Estate both real and 
personal to bo equally divided between thom Share and Share alike to them 
their heirs and assigns forever thoy paying all my Just debts and funeral 
Charges and the aforesaid Legacies. 

The Reason why I have not given my Sons William, George, Arnold, Duty and 
Otis Ballou and iry daughter Elisabeth Taylor more in this my last will is be- 
cause I have heretofore given thom thoir portions. 

Lastly I hereby nominate constitute and appoint my said Sons Moses Ballou 


and Willard Ballou Executors of this my last v/ill and testament hereby te- 

Toking and annulling all other and former wills by me made and establishing 

this and this only as my. last will and testament - In testimony whereof I do 

hereunto set my hand and Seal this Seventh day of May in the year of our Lord 

One thousand Eight hundred and Seventeen, 

Signed Sealed published pronounced and declared by the said Moses Ballou for 

his last v.'ill and testament in the presence of us who at the same time at his 

Request and in his presence and in the presence of each other hereunto set 

our names as witnesses to the same, 

Thomas Mann 

Benjamin Pain Moses Ballou 

Lydia Mann 

In Court of Probate holdon within and for the town of Smithfield in the 
County of Providence on the twenty Eighth day of October A.D. 1820 l^Vhereas 
Moses Ballou and Willard Ballou Executors to the last Will and Testament of 
Moses Ballou late of Smithfield dec'^ presented a certain Instrument purport- 
ing to be the last will and Testament of the doc^ Moses Ballou for Probate 
Thomas Mann Bonjsonin Paine Lydia Mann the witnesses to the same being present 
declared on Solemn Engagement that they subscribed as witnesses to the said 
Instrument in the presence of the said Moses Ballou and in the presence of 
each other saw and heard the said Moses Ballou sign seal publish pronounce & 
declare the said Instrument to be his last will & Testament & that the said 
Witnesses considered the said Moses Ballou to be of sane mind and memory 
Whereupon the said Court do approve and allow of the said Instjrumont to be a 
legal will and Testament and ordered the some to be Recorded, 


WitnoGS Thomac Mann Prob» Ct, 
And is Rocorded in tho Registry of wills for said tovm Book No, 4 & page 


By Thomas Mann Probato Ct, 

3|c :4: :f( :}: }|t 

Testamentary Letter to pay Debts & Legacies 

State of Rhode Island & Providence Plantations 

Tho Court of Probato of the to-wn of Smithf iold 

To all to whom those presents shall come Greeting 
Know ye that upon the day of the date hereof the Instmomcnt purporting to be 
the last will & testament of Moses Ballou late of Smithfield dor, , was pre- 
sented to the said Court & proved and thereupon tho said Court did approve 
and allow of the said Instrument as tho last will & -L-estament of the said 
dec , whenupon the said Court by virtue of their authority did oommit Adm^ of 
tho said last will & testament in all matters concoming tho some & of tho 
Estate of which the dec°- died siozod & possessed in the said toTOi vinto Moses 
Ballou & Willard Ballou the Executors therein named will &. faithfully to Exe- 
cute the same & to administer the Estate of tho said dco according thereunto 
who have accepted oT the said trust and gave bond as the Law directs to pay 
tho debts & Legacies of the said dec , and also to render on account of their 
proceedings thereon \apon oath to tho said Court when thoreunto Lawfully 

In testimony whereof I Thomas Mann Clerk of the said Court by order & 


in behalf of the said Court have horcunto sot my hand & tho seal of said 
Court tho 28"^^ day of October AD 1820 ' 

Thomas Mann Prob"^ Ct 


Certificate of a Carriage, chargeable with the 
yearly rate of Two dollars duty, 
N°. 34 

This is to Certify, That Moses Ballou Jr, of the town of Smithfield in the 
covinty of Providence, in the second Collection District of Rhode-Island, has 
paid the duty of Two dollars, — - cents, for tho year to end on the thirty- 
first day of December ne"t, for and upon a TvfO I'fheel Carriage, called a 
Coacher owned by Moses Ballou Jr and the Harness used therefor. 

This Certificate to be of no avail any longer than the aforesaid carriage 
shall be owned by the said Moses Ballou Jr unless said Certificate shall be 
produced to a Collector and aji entry be made thereon, specifying tho name of 
the then owner of said carriage, and the time when ho, she or they become 
possessed thereof* 

Given, in conformity with the laws of tho United States, this 16 day of 
Jr.n^ 1815, 

Yfilliam B. Martin 

Collootor of tho Rovenue for the second Colloction 
District of Rhode-Island 



All my jost dots and funorol Chargos to be paid out of my movoblo Estato 
then I gavo to my Bolovcd Wife Dosir©: one third of my roial Estato and on© 
third of my movibl© Estate together With A horse to Ride Whon sho ploso Aa 
long as Sho Shall Remain my Widow if Sho Shi mary I gave her throo hundred 
Dollars and She is to Quit all the rest of my Estato I gave to my Sxms 
William gorg & axmold ton Dollars each to my Daughter Elisabeth Blancher I 
gave forty six Dollors to my Son Moses I gave four Shears in the turnpike to 
Dutee & Otis I gave ten Dollars Each to Willard I gave three Shares in Smith- 
field Union Bank & my gun & right in hors Sociaty at Camberland to Desire & 
Frelove I gave four hundred Dollars Each to be paid them I'flien maried or in 
one year after my deceas to Be paid in money or other property as Shall be 
prised the value last of all I gave to my two Sons Moses & Willard all my 
lands & movibes Estate to be EQually Devided Betwixt them & make Moses & 
Willard My Exceketors & Moses & Willard are to pay all Ity Jest dets and 
leguses and funeral charges BQualy Betwixt theim 
* George 

^h ^ T *n T* 

Elisabeth Taylor my daughter (400) $10.— 
her daughter Sophia Blanchard - $10,— 
Betsey Blanchard $10,— 

Axie Blancher $10, — 


To Willard Ballou my desk in addition 


To Desjire enough to make 400 dollars with what she has had - 

The Reason why I' have not given my sons William George Arnold Duty & 

Otis and my daughter Elisabeth no more in my will is 'because I have given 

them their portions before 

V ▼ T •!* f 


Smithfiold D, 1797 Paid George Ballou (398) 

1797 April th 1 Paid George Ballou his portion (398) 725 Dollars 

1799 January th 15 Paid Elizabeth Blanchcr (400) 333:33 

1799 February 5 Paid William Ballou his portion (397) 700 Dollars 

1799 February 5 Paid Arnold Ballou his portion (399) 739,20 cents 

(On reverse side) 
Account of the money I have given 
Willian George 
Arnold Ballou 
& Elizabeth Blancher 

n* T* T* ^ ^ 

Smithfiold May AD 2 1824 (405) 

Received of Willard Ballou one Dollar in full of all Demands 

Susanna Newelt 




Smithficld Jcoiuary thig AD 1799 

As True and Just prisal of things Dolivorod my 

Daughter Eliscbcth D, C. M. 

To thirteen yards of bod ticking at 3 per y 6 50 

To Cash for foathors 8 48 

To TiTclvc tow and linnon shoots at 2 per yard 20 

To nine pair of tov/ and linen pillar cases 5 

To scvont:!en yards of to\7 and linnon cloth at 
S d 

2, .6 per y 7 88 

S d 
To seven yards of linnen cloth at 2, .6 por y 2 80 

To Five tovrols at 2 per piece 1 66 

S d 
To Nine towels at 1—6 por piece 2 25 

S d 
To one table cloth 1».8 per yard 2 34 

To ono set of curtns 6 67 

To toiiT meol bags at S por piece 1 

To ono tow covorlcd at 4 66 

To one tov/ coverled at 18 S 

To one woollen coverled 30 5 

To Four woollon blankets at 12 each 8 

To one coverled old 12 2 

To Three under beds 30 5 

S d 
To one bed tick 2,, 6 per yard 5 41 

S d 
To Twenty nine pounds of feathers at 4««6 por lb 21 66 

S d 
To Elovin poimds of foathors at 19., 3 3 21 

To ono silver spoon 6 1 


To ArticloB bought at thurbers 

L S 
To one linxLon whool 1«»16 

L S 
To one brass Kottlo 2»»2 

S d 
To six putor plates 8,. 9 

L S 
To Iron ware 2, ,10 

L S 
To Sundries articles 1»,14 

S D 
To Ono side saddle 3..18 

To One ray Coverlod 10 

S D 
To One Chest 7, ,6 


















% 3)c ^ :{< :^ 


Smithf iold July thl2 AD 1790 

this Day Roooivod of Moses Ballou the sum of Six shilings and six ponce 
Lawful silver money it being in full of all acompts Duos or Demons What over 
T say Rosevod By mo 

Benjamin Nowoll 

■T* "1* "t* 'I* * 

Re: MOSES (90) and AARON (91) BALLOU 

Providence, January 4*" 1811 

Received of Moses Ballou Jun^ six hundred and forty dollars and thirth six 
cents in full for the Debt & Cost in the action David Sayles against (Aaron) 
Ballou: Execution being returnable at Dec, Term AD 1810, 


Burgor V Sncw 
by John H Clarko 


ARNOLD BALLOU (399) to his father MOSES BALLOU (90). 

Honourod Father 

vdth much satisfaction I rccoivod your letter on the 3rd of March Inst ■bear- 
ing Date the 18th of February AD 1812, having long bon dosirus to hoar from 
you all being sadly disappointed of not Seeing you all up to Smithfield last 
fall according to our expccttation and not rocoivcing anoy letters from you 
in a long timo boforo this now, we had all most concluded that you all (as 
well as we) was quite cold as to that family affection v/hich aught to be pos- 
sessed by us all - to oonfor together by lottor (as you have stated) is eascy 
for UG to do and I really think an incumbent duty on each one of us how much 
soever v/e have neglected that part of our duty which I think wc should not so 
much neglect if wo all posscsod enough of that heavenly attribute which is 
lone one toward another as for my own part I Htmbly feel willing to Receive 
faithful rebuke from the hand of of a lovoing and kind father for my groos 
neglect to a Father and pray forgiveness - and Introat you as a father not to 
givo an occation to find the like fault; as you have Stur^ up my mind by hear- 
ing from you of your affection toward your Sons and daughter I hopo wo may 
never again be guilty of tho like offence and writo to you and you and 
brothers to us that we may know of our and your and each ones wellfare Wc all 
Enjoy a reasonable State of health at prosants (by the grace and blosing of 
our heavenly parent) which I think I feel to be thankful for; Goorgo had a 


very Sorious and severe Spel of the billious fever a year a go last Suranier 
which it pleased the god of our fathers to recover him a gain to health 
whilst it pleased the Same being to Send a number of his and our neighbours 
to thear long homes he george has a girl and two Boys I have a boy and two 
Girls. Wm has no more family then he had when you was thare vie all live 
v^are we did when you was thare Elisabeth is well and has lived with me and 
her two Girls the most part of three years past and She very inuch wants to Se 
you all I with ray wife and widows paid thorn a visit to Greenfield last winter 
found them all well of for this worlds good and Colled at Galloway and See 
Uncle Aaron and Family whlh ware all wellj agreeable to request I would In- 
form you that we do not feel to complain as it respects to the things that re- 
lates to temporal things though not Rich we Generally keep 3 or 4 Cows a peace 
each a horse Some Sheep Wm & George Some yoving Cattle JV^ Self and Wm have paid 
for Some of the land we ovm and purchased Some more which we have not paid for 
our dwcling is Small and Not finished Georgo has not paid for his land but is 
preparing to build a Small dwelling place this Season how we may Git through 
life tho Lord only may know, but as life is temporal, and but of a Short dura- 
tion I on iry part would have Father by no means to Borrow trouble respecting 
our Indogont Surcvmistanccs but if in affluent Surcumstancos as I imderStand 
he is if consistant with his v/ill to Streach forth an arm and lend an assist- 
ing hand to me tho "use of Cash or something in that way would thankfully b© 
received on iry own part I do not all to gether like to live wharc I now do 
not having the comforts of life as in many other places in this country as 
fruit & I have a mind to Sell the first convenient oppei^nity so as not malce 
a Sacrifiso of property what I have hinted to you above about the lono of Cash 


I ?rish you vrould writo mo tho prospcot rospocting it if I Should bo thougt; 
worthy of a favour I think if I Should havo helth I might be able to roplace 
it again I am dayly thinking of the Country of my nativity and all Relation 
accordingto the flesh and old aquaintance in that Country which I should be 
Exceeding liappy to Soc which I thii:ik I Shall if I havo xioalth boforc twolvc 

months I Should be glad to See Father up here again ana wife with him if ever 
Rugged enoug for the Jurney the boys and Girls younger than my Self I think 
migh come which I should be glad to See you Informed me about the deth of 
Some of our friends and aquaintance whom I believe to be taken of by the hand 
of a friend to a beter World then fore I have nothing to lement but the loss 
of their companoy to their friends which v/o have groat Roason to bo thaiilc- 
full for, (highos rospocts givo to all m^- acquaintance T/rito Soon to mo 

I arr. with Great Respect your affectionate and loving son 
Smithf ield March 6th 1812 . Arnold Ballou 

Mr» Moses Ballou 


Smithfield IS"*^^ 9*^ mc 1805 

TiTe William Arnold and Moses Ballou have mutually agreed to pay for the 
passage of Ruth Collon from Nova Scotia to Providence by water each one to 
pay one half of the cost of S*^ pas sag 

William Arnold (88) 
Moses Ballou (90) 

afC jfc ^ jfit Jp 

Smithfield Feb^ 26''=^ AD 1766 
Rocoiv'^ of Thomas Lapham Jun - Executor to the Last Will and Testament of 


my Honor^ Fathef Samuel BalloU, Deceas'^ tho sum of one Dollai'* I-fe being in 
full for all Bequeathed to me in his said Will 

Samuel Ballou (86) 

* * :(! * * 

Revocation of Power of Attorney 


To all people to whom those presents shall come 

Know Ye that I William Arnold of Smithf ield in the County of Providence and 
State of Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations Physician for divers good 
causes and considerations me hereunto movings have revoked countermanded an- 
nulled and made void and by these presents do revoke countermand make null & 
voice a certain Letter of Attorney heretofore by me given unto Marcus Arnold 
of said Smithfield Gontlcman and all power and authority thereby given or in- 
tended to be given, to him the said Marcus Arnold, As also all other or former 
powers or Letters of Attorney by me to any person heretofore given and all 
authority therein contained or intended to be contained, ~ 

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Eighth day 

of July Ad 1815— 

In presence ) 

of us ) William Arnold (88) 

Joel Aldrich 

ThoS Buff con 

:)c :tt 3}( :tc 3^^ 



Smithfield June 1 - 1814 

Meltous Arnold to William Arnold D^ to 

2 dressed sheep skins $01^17 

To 18^- "bushel potatoes d"'-^ Stephen Aldrich 9=25 

To 10 hw-b 3 gro 5 tbs hay D^<^ Stephen Aldrich 7=55 

To 1 cow & calf sold Wm Mann June 15-1814 
& Interest up to date 

To 2 heifers & calves sold Jonas Green 

To Jonathan Trash Gote 

To rent of our Farm in 1814 

To over charg^ in hay last spring 

to sxindries charg^i in his Accovmt 
belonging to Arnold Steeve 

Smithfield x\ug 9-1815 

Receiv^ payment in full Moses Ballou J^ (402) 

Attorney for William Arnold (88) 

■f* "1* T* T* T^ 

An Account of Notes which Moses Ballou J^ (402) 
Rec» of Doct, Willism Arnold to Collect or Return (83) 


1817 ) 

May 17 ) 1 Note of hand Signed by Ebcr Aldrich ) 

dated October 23-'^^ 1815 Including Interest, Collected) 64 39 

Cash Received on Arnold Pains Note 33 50 

1 Note of hand Signed by Moses Ballou J'^ ) 

dated, Fcbry, 15*1^ 1816 Including Interest) 20 16 

|1I8 05 


Supra C^ 

1817 ) 

May 17 ) By his acct. in full Rondored for) 
Sorvices up to date ) 

48 72 

Balance Duo 69 33 

Smithfiold Dec 1-1820 

Recievcd of Mosos Ballou Sixty nine Dollars 
and thirty three Cents in full of tho above 

T/itness Arnold Stcoro Zeminna Arnold (88) 



PROVIDENCE, SC. ( May Term, A.D, 1816 

William Arnold of Smithfiold in the County of Providence Physician Complains 

of Richard Bellows of said Smithf ield Yosman alias Labourer — — — 

in the custody of the Sheriff, in an action of the case, for that tho defend- 
ant at sd Smithfiold on the first day of January A. D. 1816 was justly in- 
debted to tho plaintiff in the sum of ninty throe dollars and seventy cents, 
by Book Account, according to the account herewith filed, cjnd being so in- 
debted he the said defendant then and there., in consideration thereof, as- 
sumed on himself and to the plaintiff promised to pay the same sum on request. 

And also for that the said defendant at said Smithfiold afterwards, on the 
some day, being justly indebted to tho plaintiff in one other sum of one 
hundred dollars, for divers goods, wares and merchandize, there, before that 
time, sold and delivered by tho plaintiff to him the said defendant at his 
special instance and rcquoat; then and there, in consideration thereof, as- 
sumed on himself and to tho plaintiff promised to pay tho same sum en request. 

And also for that the Defnt at sd Smithfiold afterwards on tho same day 
being justly indebted to tho Plntf in one other sum of one hundred Dollars 
for moat drink Washing and lodging & other necessaries - by tho Plntf for the 
said Richard found & provided bcforo that tein at his special request & then 
& there in consideration thereof promised the Plntf to pay him tho same Sum 
on request 


Yet, though requested, the defendant has not paid said sums, or any part 
thereof, but ever has refused, and still doos rofuso to pay the samoi 

To the damage of the plaintiff two hundred - dollars, as laid in his writ, 
dated the 24th day of April A. D. 1816 

lAOaerefore he sues by his Attorney, 

John Whipplo - 

Note: Wo asBttae the plaintive to bo 

Dr. Vailian Arnold (88) and defendant 
to be Richard B-llows (122) 

♦ * * * * 


To the Sheriff of our County of Providence, or to his Deputy, Greeting 

We command you to arrust the Body of Richard S, Bellov/ of Smithf ield in our 
said County Yeoman alias Laboxir (if he may be found in your Precinct) and for 
Wsjit of his Body to attach his Goods and Chattels to the Value of three 
Hundred Dollars, and him or those in safe Custody keep, to answer the Com- 
plaint of William Arnold of said Smithfiold Physician at the next Court of 
Common Pleas to be holden at PROVIDENCE, within and for our said County of 
PROVIDENCE, on the 4th Monday of Ifey next ensuing the Date hereof, in an 
Action of Covenant broken For the Dft has not perfoirmed his Covenants by him 
made with the Plft but has broken the same 

as by Declaration to be filed in Court will be fully set forth; to 
the Damage of the Plaintiff throe Hundred Dollars, Hereof fail not, and make 
truo Return of this Writ, with your Doings thereon. 

Witness Jolm f;. D^xt^ir, Esq, at PROVIDENCE, this 24 Day of April in the 


Year 1816. 

W^ Danforth, 

John Yifhipple Pltf s Atty 

Providence ss, Smithfield April 29, 1816 

Arrested the Body of the within named Richard S. Bello;T as within Commanded 

Witness Mark Aldrich 
D. Shff 

Travels 15 ms. 60 
Service 16 
Bail 12 


^ ^ SfC •)( 3)C 

Richard S. Bellows 

To William Arnold 

Note: ( Attached to complaint to Court of Comnon Pleas ) 
( dated 24 April 1816. ) 


1815 April 2 his Oxen Come here to be kept and were 

hero in keeping till turned out to grass say 7 weeks 

at $o per week $21,00 

April 24 the said Richard Come here to Board & 
wont avrciy 18 June 8 weeks & one day at tv;o Dollars 
& fifty Cents pr week $20,35 

April 16 horse come to be kept to hay till grass 
come 5 weeks 7,50 

May To one old pail spoiled Ivronty five cents ,25 

Sept, 26 Richard Bellows Come again to Board and 
went avjay Oct, 22 5 weeks & 2 days at 2f50 per week 13,20 

Oct. 2nd to 5th sundry Boarding huskin 29 ujoals of 
Victuals 3,40 

Sane time husking night stindxy trouble & dainagc do 2.00 


To ono "bod Blanket & damage done to the crib 10,00 

To ono hair Cart Ropo & ono hcoap bod cord 50 cts 
& Ropo $1,50 2,00 

To use spoilation & loss of farraing tools & injury 
done to door yard six dollars 6.00 

To half ton of Meadow hay cut and destroyed by his 
cattle 6,00 

To one coach Bridlo 2,00 

(On other side) 

93 . 70 

Contra Credit 
By eight pounds of fresh Fish at 3 cents pr pd | 0,24 

By one dollars worth of sugar and 17 cents do of crackers 1,17 



Widow Ballou' 3 Farm 

You lovers of froedom I pray you draw noar 

And lend your attontion tho truth you shall hear 

Concorning two trjiitors from Galway they ocano 

Hugh Smith & Michael Phillips you all kiaow tho same 


Those black hoartod villians they did combino 
Bravo Patrick Wayland to xindormino 
That was Always ready true hoartod and kind 
Both ho and his lady to troat all mankind 

They come to his dwelling both early and lato 
And always made \relcome to sit down to eat 
It was little he knew their cruol intent 
That they woro intending his farm for to rent 


There is another deceiver that lately I know 
That went with those villians to visit Mrs, B«kllou 
But Mike said to Hugh I will have to take the Horse 
If Thomas Kilbanon my note dont endorse 


Then Tan made it right with the other two 
To settle the matter with the Widow Ballou 
But I could warn the widow of them to beware 
For I am sure in the fall they will disapear 


That miserable nigger Kilbannon I mean 

Let the farmers of Lime Rock of liim beware 

In the dea4 of the night vifhen they are fast asleep 

It is in Howry's meadows his cow he doth keep 


This man starving miser from Shemose he came 

But his betrim neighbors they are not to blame 

My pen I will lay by but I thinlc it too soon 

For like Smith ho may leave by the light of the moon 



of the 

The follcfwing list has been compiled from authentic 
sources not included here but may be obtained by- 
applying to the Secretary of the Ballou Family As- 
sociation, It is recommended that descendants of 
Revolutionary War soldiers apply for membership in 
the Rhode Island Chapter of S,A.R« and D.A.R. , ns 
the case may be. The list is alphabetically in<« 
dexed by Christian names. 

Ballou, Abner, Sergt, End co., or Train Band of Cumberland, Capt, Levi 
Tower commanding, 1775, On alarm list undated, 

Ballou, Abner, Private, Capt, Daniel Mowzy' s co. , Col, Peck's regt. Duty 
on R. I., March 1781. 

Ballou, Abner. Appears with rk, on a Pay Abstract of Samuel Mowry in Col, 
George Peck's regt, who did duty in R, I, in March, A. D, 1781, 
Abstract not dated, 

Ballou, Abraham, Private. Capt, Daniel Mowry' s co.. Col, Peck's regt. Duty 
on R, I. March 1781, Appears with rk, on a Pay Extract of Samuel 
Mowry' s in Col, George Peck's regt., who did duty on R, I, in 
March A,D. 1781. Abstract not dated, 

Ballou, Abram, Private, Capt, S. Mowry' s co.. On undated list, 

Ballowe, Abraham. Private, Capt, Amaziah Weatherhead' s co,. Col, Stephen 
Kimball's regt. On Pay Abstract from July 6 to 24 (1781). (Capt, 
Weatherhead' s residence was Ciomberland. ) 

Ballow, Abraham, Appears with the rk,, on a Pay Abstract of Samuel Mowry 

in Col, George Peck's regt, who did duty on R, I, in March A. D, 1781, 

Ballou, Abram. Appears on a list of Capt, Trask's co,, 2nd Battn, , County 
of Providence, R, I., on R, I, 1781, List not dated. (Capt, Ebenezor 
Trask resided in Smithfield,) 

Ballou, Abraham, Pons, Wm, Gadcomb, Pay Abstract of Capt, Amaziah Weather- 
head's CO,: Col, Stephen Kimball's regt,, 1781; entered July 6, 
discharged July 24, 

Ballou, Absalom, Pons, Bk, VII, Pd, Sergt, and Ens, July 1, 1775, pr, 

3-1/2 mos,, Capt, Jtunes YiTilliams, Col, Hitchcock. Dec, 1776; Sergt, 
Capt, Reuben Ballou, Major John Fiske, Fob, 1777; Ensign, Capt, 


Amos Whipple, Col, Chad Brown, May 1778, Lt,, Capt, Amos ¥ihipple. 
Col, Green, in Sullivan's exp. 1778, B, Cumberland, R,I,, April 16, 
1752. D. Cumberland, R.I,, Feb, 4, 1837, His widow, Anna (Jencks) 
Ballou received pension. See Cornell's Pension Papers, John Hay 
Library, Providence, Vol, II, p, 33, 

Ballou, Absalom, Pens, Wm, Ballou. At Bristol, winter of 1776. Capt. 

Reuben Ballou, Col. Elisha Mowry;- Ensign in 2nd co. Militia; En- 
sign 2nd CO, or Train Band of Town of Cumberland, ordered to warn 
out all 3 div, drafted 8 January last under you, and to appear at 
Providence March 6, to replace 2nd div. com'd by Capt, Amos 
Whipple now at Providence, Dated 25 Feby. 1777, John Flske, Major. 

Ballow, Absalom. R.I. pensioner under Act of June 7, 1832. Dead since Aug. 
1837. Prov. Co.: R,I, Pension Rolls. Priv. ser. etc. R.I. Contl. 
Pension Roll, July 18, 1833, $58.77. Age 82. 

Ballou, Absalom. Cumberland, Ensign in 2nd co. Militia, 1777. Cumberland. 
Lieutenant, 2nd co.. Militia, Cumberland, May 1778. /imos lYhipple, 
Capt. Wm. Emmorson, Ensign, 

Ballou, Absalom, Cumberland. Ensign, Alarm Corapojiy, Cumberland, June 1779. 
Rouben Ballou, Capt, Levi Tower, Lt, 

Ballou, Absalom. Scrgt. co, ( ),, Col, Mathowson's regt, Maj, Gen, 
Sullivan's command, 26 men, 1778, 

Ballou, Ariel, June 1775 enl, for 1 yr. Capt, Elisha WatermoJi. Sept. 1776 
enl,, for 3 mos,, Capt. Williams, Col, Cook. R.I., St. Trps«; Jan, 
1777 enl. co. Minute Men; Capt. George Peck, to end of war, in 
Spencer's oxp. to Sullivan's exp. and battle Aug. 28, 1778. Pension 
Book VII, Bo Ciraiberland, R.I., Febo 21, 1758, Pensi, Jesse Brov>-n co, 
Capt, George Peck Jan. 1777-1781,, In Spencer's and Sullivan's 
expedition. Pens. George Peck. In co» Capt, George Peck. 

Ballou, Ariel. List Minet Men. Dismist ianeray 7 A.D, 1776 at Mideltown of 
Rod island. (Mss, Bk. I.) 

Ballou, Ariel, Pens, Noah Ballou and Wm, Ballou, Enlisted Capt. William's, 
Col, Cook 1776, 3 mos. Summer 1775 enl, co. Minute Men, Capt. 
Elisha Waterman 1 yr. Appears in a list \mder the following heading, 
"The following men went with me in an expedition to Rode Island 
with me." Elisha Waterman. List dated Dec. 1775, B. Feb. 21, 1758. 
D. Apr, 29, 1839. Buried in Ballou Meeting House Cemetery, Cumber- 
land, R.I. (Information furnished by Col. Willis C. Metcalf.) 

Ballou, Ariel, Prov. co. Private, R.I. Militia. Penson Roll, Oct, 24, 1833, 
$80 age 76, (b, 1757), R, I, Pension Rolls, B. Cumberland, R.I,, 
Feb, 21, 1758. D, Cumberland, R,I., Sept, 26,- 1839 in his 82nd 
year. Buried in Ballou Meeting House Cemetery, Cumberland, R,I. 


Ballou, Ariel, Private. Lieut. Nathaniel Gould's Division, (Lt, Gould's 
2nd CO, Militia.) List dated Pro, Feb. 24, 1777, 

Ballou, Ariel, Lieut, 2nd co, or Train Bond of Cumberland, Capt, Levi 
Towor commanding (1775?), On alarm list undated, 

Ballou, Ariel, Pens, Wm. Emerson. Capt. Amos TThipple's co. warned out Sept. 
30, 1777. 

Ballou, Ariel, Lieutenant. D. June 18, 1803, ago 53 yrs. Buried in Ballou 

Meeting House Cemetery, (inf. furnished by Col, Willis G, Metcalf.) 

Ballou, Ariel, On an account of the Cartregs and flints 

Ballou, Asa, received in Lieut. Gould's Company, Providence, January the 
21st, 1777, 17 cartreges, 3 flints. List Lieut, Gould's 
Company, First Division (undated). (Same account given on 
a card for each, Mss, Bk, I.) 

Ballou, Ariel Jr, Appears on a list bearing the following note: "This 
paper was found among Wm, Emerson's papers, a Sergeant in CaP't. 
Amos Whipple's Company of Cumberland Militia in Rev, War, B, Conell, 
List not dated," 

Ballou, Ariel Jr, On undated list. See reference: M.P., R,I,H,S» IV 590- 
1, folio xiv, 281, 

Ballou, Asa, Lieut, Commander of company in Major Soth Ballou's regt,; enl, 
July 28, 1780; discharged Aug, 7, 1780} sei-vice, 13 days, on alarm 
at uhodc (Roc, in Mass, State House Archives.) 

Ballou, Asa, Ensigu m Alarm List Company 1777. 

Ballou, Asa, Private, Lieut. Nathaniel Gould's Division. List dated "Pro, 
Feb, 24, 1777", 

Ballou, Asa, Private, Capt, Reuben Ballou's co.. Col, Mathewson's Regt,, 
1st Division, Rec, pay for 22 iu. ferched Aug, 6, Discharged Aug. 
27, 1778. 

Ballou, (Ballow),, Asa, Appears in a List imder the following heading "the 
following men went in an expedition to Rode Island with me Elisha 
Waterman", List dated Dec, 1775, Also appears on a list under the 
following heading "This day diemist the following men". List dated 
Middletown, R,I., Jan, 2, 1776, 

Ballou, B, Capt, On acct, of supplies bought at Newport Mar, 10, 1781. 

Ballou, Bonja, Private, Smithfield V, Cumberland Rangers, May 1776, 
Chartered Mar, '76, (M.P., R,I,H.S. II, 239,) 


Ballou, Benjamin, "Sr,", Capt, Geo, Peck's co,. Col, Fry's Regt, , in camp 
at Warren, Oct, 9, 1777. 

Ballou, Fifer Benjamin (Jr.) In camp at Warren, 9th Octr 1777. Retume of 
the aquipage in Capt, George Peck's Compy in Col, Fry Regt, (Sheply 
Coll, p, 17.) 

Ballou, Benjamin, Smithfield, Ensign, first company. Militia, Smithfield, 
Aug, 1776. Samuel Day, Captain, Geo, Streeter, Lieut. 

Ballou, Benjamin, Smithfield. Captain, first company. Militia, Smithfield, 
Aug, 1779, Chosen Capt.j Captain, first company Militia, Smith- 
field, June, 1780, Robert Bennett Lt, Samuel Sayles, Ensign; Capt- 
ain, first company Militia, Infantry, Smithfield, May 1781, Rufus 
Streeter Lt. Simon Whipple, Ensign. 

Ballou, Daniel. Private, Capt, Benjn ( ) co,. Col, Jos.Topham's Regt., 
on pay abstract of wages subsistance from Fob, 16, to March 16, 
1779. (Military Returns, SA. V. Ill p, 8.) 

Ballou, Darius, Private, Capt, D, Mowry's co. On undated list. (1781?) 

Ballou, David, Sergent, List of Lieut, Gould's Company, first Division, 

Ballou, David, Sergt, "Lieut, Gould's Division", List dated Pro, Feb. 24, 

Ballou, David, Pens, Seth Ross. Seth Ross served as substitute for David 
Ballou. (Not dated.) 

Ballou, David. A List of the Light Infantry co, that marched on the 
Larreun the first of April A,D, 1776. Lt, David Richmond. 

Balleu, Duty, (Or Bellew or Belleu). Private, Col, Geo, Peck's Ind, co., 

Smithfield and Cumberland Rangers. Wm. Bowen, Capt,; Return of Arms, 
etc., dated Smithfield, Oct, 18, 1779. (Hospital Papers, R.I., H. 
S. #25,7.) 

Ballou, Dutee. Pens, Bk. VII. Enlisted, Capt, Aldrich, Col. Hitchcock, 8 
mos, August 1778, Capt, Amos TvTiipplc, 20 days; 1779, Capt, Reuben 
Ballou, 2 mos,; 1780, Col, Fry's regt, D, 1790, 

Ballou, Duty, Appears in a list under the following heading; "The fcllon'- 
ing men wont in an expedition to Rode Island with me Elisha Wator- 
man". List dated Dec, 1775, 

Ballou, Duty, List Minuet Men Dismissed January 7 A,D, 1776 at Middletown, 


Ballou, Duty, Appears on a List bearing the following note "This paper was 
found among Wm. Emerson's papers, a Sergeant in Capt. Amos lAThipple's 
Company of Cumberland Militia in Rev. War. B. Cornell". List not 

Ballou, Duty. Pens.: Wm, Emerson. Capt, Amos Yfliipple's co,, warned out 
Sept, 30, 1777. 

Ballou, Duty, On undated list. (See reference, M.P., R.I.H.S. IV 590-1.) 

Ballou, Edward. Enlisted spring 1775, Capt, Elisha Wateraian, Col, Fry, and 
served till spring 1778, then in Capt, Williams' co. of Militia. B. 
Cumberlaiid,. Nov. 24, 1756; D. Pelham, Mass., Feb. 22, 1833. Pens, 

Ballou, Edward. Appears on a list under the following heading "The follow- 
ing men went in an expedition to Rodo Island with me, Elisha 
Waterman." List dated Dec, 1775. Appears on a list under the 
following heading "This day dismist the following men". List dated 
Middlctown, R,I., Jan, 2, 1776. 

Ballou, Edward. On "List of Lieut, Gould's Division" dated Jan. 6, 1777. 

Ballou, Edward, List of Lieut. (Nathaniel) Gould's Division, Cumberland, 
Jan, 6, 1777, On an account of the Cartroges and Flints rec'd in 
Lieut, Gould's Company, Prov, Jan. 21, 1777, 

Ballou, Edward, Private, Capt. Geo, Pock's co,. Col, Fiy's Regt,, in Camp 
at Warren, Oct, 9, 1777. Equipage Return. (Miss Randolph, King- 
ston, R.I.) 

Ballou, Private Edward. In camp at Warren 9th Octr 1777, Returne of the 
aquipage in Capt, George Pock's co, in Col, Fry's regt. 

Ballou, Edward. On a Pay Abstract of a Sergeant's Guard commanded by John 
Fisk' on duty at the Magazine in Cumberland by order of Major Gen- 
eral Spencer from Jan'ry 1 to Jan'ry 31, 1778 inclusive. (Pd. for 
31 days.) 

Ballou, (Ballew) Edward. Private. Col. George Pock's Ind, co, , Smithfield, 
of Cumberland Rangers, Wm, Bowon Capt, Return of arms in co,, dated 
Smithfield, Oct. 18, 1779. (Hospital Papers, R.I,, H.S, ^f25.9.) 

Ballou, Edward, Pens, Abraham Cook. Belonged to Capt, Elisha Waterman' s co. 

Ballou, Elias, Pens. Nath'l Ballou. Knowing of service of Nath'l Ballou. 

Ballou, Elisha, Cumberland (16-50 Able), In the service 15 months; Census 
1777 p, 54; Enlisted June 21, 1777; Cumberland, Private, 15 mo, 
service 1777; Private, Capt, Reuben Ballou' s co,. Col, Smith's 


regt,, enlisted by Capt, Ballou, Feb, 1, 1777, for 15 mos., remains 
in camp; dated Camp Tiverton June 17, 1777. 

Ballou, Ezekel (Ezekiel), Private. Ind, co,, or Train Band, of Cumberland, 
Capt, Levi Tower commanding; On Alarm List, Undated; Pension; Arther 
Cook's CO., Capt, Amos Whipple, 

Ballou, Ezekiel, Cumberland 50-60 Able, Pens, Arthur Cooke co,, Capt, Amos 

Baleu, George, (Massachusetts), 2nd Bat, Col, Angell (1779-1880?). (Ref,: 
Broadside, Chanplin, N. Y, 

Ballou, Isaac, Of the late R,I, Cont'l Regt, mo, service. Campaign of »82, 
Rec'd certificate for service in Reg, dated Dec, 20, 1782, (Cer- 
tificate in possession of I, Ballou; Military Returns S,A» II 140) 
B, Glocester ( ) Laborer, Light hair, light complexion, 5ft. 
4-l/2in. tall, age 16, R,I, regt, for year 1781 etc,; Served in R^I, 
regt. Campaign of 1782, Discharged Dec, 20, 1782; Private, enlisted 
for Bristol, for Campaign of 1782, Jos, Reynolds' class. Enlisted 
Apr. 4, 1782, for 9 mo. Age 17, 

Bollou, (Beleau, Bellow) Isaac. Pr, 3rd co. Foot R,I, Reg't, 1, Muster roll 
May 1782, in Phila, Hospital 2-6 Muster roll 3rd co., R.I, Regt. 
June 1, 1782-jDja, 1, 1783; Sept, 1782 on Comd, with yo Q.M.G,, En- 
listed 4 April; discharged 20 Dec, 

Ballou, James, On alarm list of Id, co, or Train Band, imder com. of Capt, 
Lovi Tower of Cumberland, Undated, "Taken the tender's Oath", 
Private, Capt, E, Trask's 2nd co,, Smithfield; On undated list 
among papers of Lieut, Col, John Angell, 1778, 

Below, (Blow), James, Appears on a List of the Second Company of the Town 
of Smithfield, Capt, Ebenozer Trask, List not dated. Appears on a 
List of Capt, Trask' s co. List not dated. 

Ballou, Jeremiah, April 1, 1775, 9 mos^ Capt, John Angell, Col, Hitchcock 
to Dec. 31, 1775, Ct. service, B, Glocester, R,I., Dec, 16, 1749, 

Ballou, Jesse, Enlisted 1780, Capt, Colo, Col, Greene, Pr. 6 mos,, Sept. 
1777, 1 mo, Capt. Amos Whipple, August 1778, 1 mo,. Same co. 
Sullivan's exp, D, 16 March 1800, Private. Warren, Oct, 9 ;.,D, 1777, 
A return of the equipage of Capt, WilLmareth' s Company in Col. Fry's 

Ballou, Jesse. Cumberland, Lieutenant, senior class. Company Cumberland 

Militia May 1781, Levi Tower, Capt, Joseph Rose Jr., Ensign; App'd 
Lieut, Senior class, Cumberland, Levi Tower, Capt,; Resolve C of 7/ 
July 30, 1780. 


Ballou, Jirah, Appears as "delinquent" on a Pay Abstract of Capt. Timothy 
Willmoth' s CO, Col, Fry' s regt, who did duty 12 days in July and 
Aug, 1780, Per, Elijah Armstrong; Set out to join service Dec. 3. 
Discharged Jan, 4, (Abstract of pay for Bristol Dec, 3rd, 1777 (or 
79); List "To March ye 6th Sept, ( )"; Appears on the list of the 
men that Duty Time the allarm in July to August Last 1780. Rhode 
Island, Not dated; A Delinquent, 

Ballou, Jirah, Corp'l, Warren Oct, 9, 1777; A return of the Equipage of 
Capt, Willmarth's co,, in Col, Fry's Regiment; ditto, 

Ballou, John Jr, Of Capt, Stephen "Whipple's Smithfiold co,; in Spencer's 
expedition against R.I, Oct, 1777; Roll dated Smithfield, Nov, 14, 

Ballow, Joseph, A list of the Light Infantiy co, that marched on the 

Larrem the first of April A,D, 1776; Lieut. David RiclTmond, Corp, 
Timothy Wiljnarth, List "To March ye 6th Sept, ( "); Light In- 
fantry CO, elected April 30, 1776, 

Ballou, Joseph, Appears on list of the men that Duty in the allarom in 
July and August Last 1780, Rhode Island, Not dated, (Probably of 

Ballou, Joseph, Pens; Elijah Armstrong, Did duty 12 days in July and August 
1780; Pay abstract of Capt. Timothy Willmarth's co.. Col. Fry's regt. 

Ballou, Joseph, Pons, Seth Ross, Seth Ross served as substitute for Joseph 

Ballou, Joseph, Appears on list under the following heading "The names of 
men that tuck guns of John Smith in prodo, (Prov. ?)" 

Ballou, Joseph, Abstract of pay for Bristol, Sot out to join Service, Dec, 
3rd, 1777 (or 1779); Discharged Jan>y 4, 

Ballou, Joseph, List of Lieut, (Nathaniel) Gould's Division, Cumberland 
January 6, 1777; co, commanded by Capt, Amos Whipple, 

Ballou, Levi, Ensign, second company. Militia, Cumberland June 1775; Levi 

Tower Capt,, Elias Philbrick, Lt,} Member of Cumberland Town Council 
elected Juno 5, 1775; Juno 3, 1776- June 2, 1777; Juno 5, 1780- Juno 
4, 1781. 

Ballou, Moses, Pen, Israel Arnold, Scrg' Capt, Samuel May's, Col, Jaboz 
Bowcn's regt, 1776 and 1777, 

BollaviTS, Nathan, Private. On a Pay Roll of Capt, Coggcshall Olney' s co.. 

Col, Angell's regt, Rhode Island forces for the month of March 1779. 
(Paid for 1 month, ) 


Ballou, Nathaniel. Enlisted No-v, 1775 at Smithficld, R,I., Capt. David 

Doxtcr, Col, Lippett, seized between 12 and 13 mos. Discharged Doc. 

1776, B. Cumberland, R.I., Oct. 18, 1750. Private, Capt. David 
Dexter' s co.. Col. Chris, Lippitt's 2nd rogt, of Foot, R.I, Brigade, 
Newport, June 5, 1776. 

Baluo, Nathaniel, Corpl, Dexter' s co,, Lippitt's regt, for Sept. 1776, 
Corporal. Appears on pay abstract for above troop. 

Below, Nathaniel. Corpl, Capt, David Dexter' s co.. Col. Lippitt's regt, 
Oct. 1, 1776-Jan. 17, 1777. Discharged Doc. 23, 1776. 

Belou, Nathaniel, Corp'l. Capt, Dexter' s co., Col. Lippitt's regt. On pay- 
abstract for traveling wages from Chatham and Peekskill to Smith- 
field and Cumberland, dated Chatham Jan. 18, 1777. (R.I. Hist, 
Society Mss, 134,) 

Balou, Nathaniel, 4th Corp'l,, Capt. David Dexter' s co. Enlisted Jan. 18 
(1776?), On muster roll without date. 

"Ballow", Nathaniel. Private, R.I. State Troops, R,I, Pensioner residing in 
Berkshire County, Mass., placed on Pen. Roll Dec, 18, 1819, pen. 
commenced Mar. 4, 1831, allow $40,, svim received $120; age 85? 
(Pension vol, 23, Cong, Vol, I, 24, S,L.) 

Bellows, Nathaniel. Private, Capt. Amos Stanton's co.. Col, Henry Sherburne's 
Batt, U.S. Service, enlisted for 3 years on muster roll of co, for 
March 1779; Enlisted in above company, March 19, 1779, (Mil, Ret., 
S,A,, V, 4 p. 100,) 

Ballou, (Bellows) Nathaniel, On muster roll of above company Oct. 1778; on 
muster roll June, 1778; on muster roll April, 1779, on duty. (Mil, 
Ret., S,A, , v,4, pp, 100-1, 108, 117, 122,) 

Ballou, Noah, Pr., Serg't, & Ensign, (Cumberland), Subs, from middle Oct., 
1775 to Jan. 1, 1776, pr. Capt. James Yfilliams' Co., Col. Hitchcock. 
Dec. 1776, Enl. for 3 mos. Capt. Williams, Col. Cook, R,I,M, ; Mar, 

1777, d'ft'd., Sergt., Capt. Amos Whipple, 1 mo., Oct, 1777, Serg't. 
same Co.; Col, Brown, Spencer's expedition; May 1778, Serg't. same 
Co.; Col* Simon Whipple; Aug, 1778, for 23 days, Capt. Reuben Ballou, 
Col. Matherson, Sullivan's Regt. July 1780, Ens., Capt. Amos Vftiipple, 
Col. Mathewson; June 1781, 1 mo. Capt, Lewis, Col. Kimball. B, 
Cumberland, R.I, July 29, 1759, 

Ballou, Noah, Private, Capt, Reuben Ballou' s Co., Col. Matheeson' s reg't, 

1st, Division; Pay abs, for 22 da,; Marched Aug, 6 - discharged Aug, 
27, 1778; Enlisted Sept, 1776, Capt, Williams' Co, for 3 mos,; Aug. 

1778, Capt. Reuben Ballou's Co., Col, Mathewson, 23 days; July & Aug. 
1780; 1 mo. Capt. Amos Whipple, Col, Mathewson; Pri,, ser; etc; R.I, 
Militia and State Troops, Pension Roll July 18, 1833, $53,39 age ' 
75; R,I, Pension Roll; Ensign, militia. May 1781, Lt, Col. Thomas 


Potter's reg't, , John IMhipplo, Major. 

Ballou, Noah Jr. - (CxAmborland) Ensign, second company, infantry, Cvunbcrlar.d, 
Militia, May 1781; Amos IWiipplc, Capt,, Squire Fisk, Lt. 

Ballou, Noah Jr. - On list of "Lt. Nathaniel Gould's Division" Cimborland 
Dated Jan. 6, 1777; App. ensign of 2nd. Co, Mil in town C\imbGrland 
Resolve C of W, July 29, 1780. 

Ballou, Noah. Lieut, Id. Co. or Train Band of Cvunborland, Capt, Levi Tower, 
coiimanding. On alarm list undated. (1775?) 

Ballou, Oliver. Private, Capt, Daniel Mowry' s Co. Col, Peck's reg't,; Duty 

on R.I, March 1781, B. Cumberland, R.I., Nov, 4, 1763; d, Cumberland, 
R,I., Jan. 15, 1843, Aged 79 yrs,, 2 mos., 9 ds. Buried in Ballou 
Meeting House Ccmotcry, Cumberland, R.I, (inf. by Col, Willis 
Me teal f.) 

Ballou, Reuben. (Cumberland) Captain second company Militia, Cumberland, 

Aug. 1776; Aiaos Whipple, Lieut, Nathaniel Gould, Ens.; Captain, Col, 
Cooke's regiment. Militia, Doc. 10, 1776, 

Ballou, (Bclew,) Rubin, Capt., Col, Tallman's reg't, on a return of the 

members in each Co., and the members enlisted into the Continental 
Service from them; dated Prov, , March 6, 1777. 

Ballou, Reuben, Capt, Col. Smith's reg't., enlisted 25 men in Co, for 15 
mos.; dated Camp Tiverton Juno 12, 1777; Appointed Dec, 1776 by C. 
of W. , Capt, in (15 mos,) Brigade and neglected to do duty as 
Captain; Summoned to appear before council July 11, 1777. 

Ballou, Reuben. (Cumberland). Capt., first Batt. Militia, Dec, 1777, June 
1, 1778 - ditto; Juno 1779 - Capt. Alarm Co.,, On a pay roll of Capt. 
Reuben Ballou Company in Col. Crary's Reg't, for Dec. A.D. 1777; 
ditto - for mo, of Jan, 1778; Capt,, Col, Crary's reg't. Abstract 
pay for 1 mo, Feb. 1778, Also, for 15d, in Mar. 1778, 

Ballou, Reuben. Capt, 1st. Division, Col, Mather s on' s Reg't, Pay abs, for 
22 da. Marched Aug, 6 - discharged Aug, 27, 1778; On a pay roll of 
Col, John Matherson reg't, in the service of the United States in an 
Expedition against NeT/-jport, Aug, 1778, First Division, Capt, Alarm 
Co, Cumberland, Juno 1779; Member of Cumberland Tovni Council June 7, 
1779- June 5, 1780; App, Major, Senior Class, Prov, Co,, in room of 
Geo, Peck, promoted. Resolve of the C. of TJ', July 28, 1780; Major, 
senior class, regiment Militia, Prov, county. May 1781, 1782, 1784, 

Ballou, Reuben. Capt, of Co, Col, Grary's reg't, 1777; Capt. Co. of Militia 

Ballou, Reuben. Private, Col, A. Crary's Reg, raised for 3 yrs, as per list 


of balance roported due by coranittee Oct, 1785, signature on re- 
ceipt for wages for Gont'l service April 14, 177(6) (?). 

Ballow, Rubin, (Ensign) Appears on a List of men on an expedition with 

Elisha Waterman to Rhode Island Dec, 1775; Appears on list of nen 
dismissed at Middletown, Jan, 7, 1776, 

Balloa, , Capt, Col, Crary's reg't. Pension returns 1777j Capt, Col, 
Smith's reg't, at Rowland's ferry. Pension returns 1777. 

Balloa, R. (Barlew, Richard) On a pay abstract of Don'l Mowry' s 4th Co.Col. 
Peck's reg't, on the alarm July and August 1780; Joined July 29; 
days in service 11; days billeting 8; also on same list, same Co., 
July 1781, dismissed. List not dated. (Note: dismissed ye 31st July 

Ballou, R. Private, Capt, Daniel Mowry' s Co., Col, Peck's reg't; Alarm of 
July and Aug, 1780. 

Ballou, Richard. Private - Smithfield to Cuiaberland Rangers May 1776, 

Ballou, Seth. Stephen Hawkins served as substitute for Seth Ballou Aug, 
1778; Pension Stephen Hawkins, 

Ballou, Seth, Simeon Mclntire served as substitute for Seth Ballou, Asa 
Kimball, collector of blankets for tovm of Glocester, signed re- 
ceipt for pay of order Seth Ballou ordered paid for a blanket he 
procured for the soldiers for the 3 mos, ctoiipaign, Nov, 30, 1776, 

Ballou, Simeon, (Smithfield), Ensign, second company nulitia, Smithfield, 
May 1776, 1777 Captain Co, militia. Lieutenant, second company 
militia, Smithfield May 1778; Lieut, second company militia. Smith- 
field May 1779; ditto, Feb, 1780; ditto, June 1780; Lieut, Militia 
May, 1781, 

Ballou, Stephen, Private, Capt, Joseph Sprague's Co,, Col, Brown's reg't. 
R,I,M,, 3 days alarm service with Cont'l wages, July 24, 1779; On 
alarm list of Id, Co., or Train Band under command of Capt, Lovi 
Tower, Cumberland, Undated, "Taken the tenders Oath," Private, Capt, 
Da:iiel Mowry' s Co,, Col, Chad Brovm' s rog, on return of arms etc, 
undated, (1781?); Appears on a return of arras and accoutrements in 
Capt, Mowry' s Co,, Col, Chad Brown's reg't. Return not dated. Remark 

Ballovre, Tibby, Private, Capt, A, Wcatherhead's Co., Col, S, Kimball's 
reg't. On pay abstract from July 6 to Aug. 7 (1781), 

BalloTfti, Tibby. Appears with rank of private on a pay abstract of Capt. 

Amazial V^eatherhead's Co, Col, Kimball's reg'tj Time of entry July 
6, discharge Aug, 5-33 days on duty, (Year not given.) 


Ballou, William, Sept, 1777, d'ft'd. Capt, John Angel 1, 1 mo; Capt, Jenks's 
Aug, 1778, Sullivan's Exp., 2 mos,; Dec* 1778, sub, for Jeremiah. 
Onley, Capt, John Angell 2 mos,; 1779, subs, for Peter Cooper; July 
1779 d'ft'd, Capt, Hezekiah Smith, 1 mo,; Oct, 1779, some co, 1 mo; 
Not, 1779; same co, 1 mo; July 1780, Capt, Handy' s Co, Enlisted from 
Smithfield. B, Smithfield, R.I, April 1759, d, Trmbridgc, N*H* Dec* 
27, 1843, 

Ballou, William, Private, R,I, Cont, line; R,I, pensioner residing Orange 

Co, Vermont; ann, alow, ;i^47,50; sun rcc'd $142,50; placed on pension 
roll Sept, 24, 1833, pen. Coram, Uvjr, 4, 1831 - Ago 76, 

Ballou, William, In Capt, Trask' s Co, On an account of supplies bovight at 
Newport, Mar, 10, 1781, 

Ballou, Wm, Private, Capt, Daniel Mowry' s Co,, Col, Pock's Rcg't,; Duty on 
R.I. Mar, 1781. 

Ballou, , Capt, Col. Chris Smith's rcg,. Men, enlisted by 1st, Lt. Vfm, 
Sailo in co, for 15 mos, Inlistmonts from Jan, 1 - June 9, 1777, 

Ballou, Wm, Private, Capt, D, Mov/ry' s Co. On undated list, (1781). 

Ballou, William, Prov, Co, Private R.I, Mil, to State Troops. Pension roll 
June 2, 1883. $72,56 age 78. 

Ballou, William, (Ctunborland) Lieutenant, second company militia, Cumberland^ 
May 1779; ditto Feb, 1780; Declined June 1779, 

Ballou, William, 1 mo, 1775, co, Capt, Wm, Aldrich, Col, Hitchcock; Capt, 
Elisha Waterman's Co, Pension, Timothy Mahoney, 

Ballou, William, 1775, Co, Capt, Elisha WaterTnan; Dec, 1776, 3 mo, co. Capt, 
Reuben Ballou, 1777-1780, co, Capt, Amos Whipple as Sergeant, Pens, 
Comfort Haskill, 

Ballou, William, 1775 co. , Capt, Wm, Aldrich, Col, Hitchcock, also co, Capt, 
Amos Whipple, Pens, Jonathan Mason, 

Ballow, William. Appears on a list of men who went on an expedition to 

Rhode Island with Elisha Waterman, List dated Dec, 1775; Also appears 
on a list of men dismissed, dated Middletown, R,I, Jan, 2, 1776, 

Ballou, ViTilliam, Appears on a pay abstract of Damiel Mowry' s in Col, George 
Peck's reg't,, who did duty on R.I. in March A.D, 1781, (Abstract 
not dated,) 

Ballou, William, Appears on a list of Capt, Trask' s co., 2nd. Battalion, 
County of Providence R,I,M, on R.I., 1781. List not dated. 


Bellows, William. In service with David Colwell, Pens. David Colwell. 

Ballou, William, August 1775, enlisted for Capt, Andrew Waterman' s co.. 

Minute Men, 1 yr. ; fall 1776, 1 mo, Capt, El is ha Waterman; Fob, 1779, 

I mo, Capt, Reuben Ballou, Col, Elisha Mov/ry; 4 mos, under Serg't 
Jeremiah Inraan, Col, Daniel Tillinghast, Foil, 1777, 1 mo» Capt, 
Ballou; winter 1778 - 3 mos; May 1778, 1 mo, Capt, Amos Whipple, Col, 
Simon ''JVhipple; Aug. 1778, 23 days, Sullivan's expedition, Capt, 
Reuben Ballou, Col, Mathewson. July 1780, 1 mo, , Capt. Amos YiHiipple, 
Col, Mathewson, B, Cumberland, R, I, Dec. 24, 1755, (Pens, Book VIIl). 
1775, enlisted 1 yr, Capt, Elisha V/aterman; July 1776 enlisted 1 yr. 
on board privateer. Pens, Ariel Ballou, On R,I,, 1 mo., July to 
Aug, 1780, Capt, Amos Tfliipple, Col, Matteson, Pons, Koah Ballou, 

Ballou, William, Aug, 1778, 1 mo,, Sullivan's Expedition, Pens, Nathan 
Jillson, 1775, commissioned Ensign, but did not serve; In Capt, 
Waterman's Co, Oct, 1775; Oct. 1776, as Ensign & Lieut; 1776 in Capt, 
Ballou' s Co,; 1779 - May 1781, co, Capt, /anos IThipple, Pons, Squire 
Fiske, 1778 - 1 mo, co, Capt, iVmos I'Jhipplo - Major John Fiske, Pens, 
Samuel Darling, 

Ballow, T^'illiam, 1775 Co,, Capt, Elisha Waterman, - 8 mos,; 1776 - co, Capt, 
Reuben Ballou, 2 mos,; 1777-1781 co,, Capt, Amos YiThipplo, Pons, 
Peter Darling, 

Pr.llou, Willitan, Private, co, Capt, Elisha Vfaterman; co,, Capt. Roubon 
Bcllou, and co,« /onos Tftiipplo, Pens, Ariel Cook. 1777, 1778, 
1779 - CO., Amos T-Tiipplo, Pens, Stephen Chace, 

Ballou, William. 1780 & 1781 ■• co. Capt. Amos Whipple. Pens. John 

Fisk. 1776 - pr. , co, Capt, Ballou, Major Fiske; 1777 - same 
CO., Spencer's expedition; 1778 - Capt, YJhipple, Sullivan's 
Expedition. Pens. Joseph Capron, 

Ballou, Yfilliara, Private. - On a pay abstract for Alarm men. Rangers 
and Militia, belonging to North Providence, who served in late 
expedition against Newport, R.I., Aug, 31, 1778. Capt. Thomas 
Olney, Col. John Mathev^son, Served from Aug, 21 to Aug. 31 - 

II days. (Shepley Coll, p. 227.) 

Ballou, Ziba, Pay^ abstract of Capt. Amaziah Vfeatherhead' s co., Col, 

Stephen Kimball's reg't., 1781, Entered July 6, discharged Aug. 
7. Pens. Wm, Gadcomb, 


of the 

published by Adjutant General's Office, State House, 
Providence, n. I., 1893, 2 Vols. 

BALLOU, Almon M. , Private, Co. K. 1st Regt., Inf., R. I. Vols. 

BALLOU, Arnold B., Private, Co. K. 12th Regt., Inf., R. I. Vols. 

BALLOU, Austin, Corporal, Co. H. 3rd Regt., Cav. 

BALLOU, Charles, Private, Co. F. 9th Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Charles F., Private, Co. D. 4th Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Charles 0., Corporal, Co. I. 11th Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Daniel R., 2nd Lieut., Co, C. 12th Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Denis G. , Privtite, Co. A. 5th Re^t., Hy.Art. 

BALLOU, Elias S. J., Private, Co. D. 1st Regt., Cav. 

BALLOU, BUhan A., private, Co. I. 1st Regt., Cav. 

BALLOU, Francisco, Private, Co. ii. 1st Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Francisco M. , 2nd Lieut. Co. F. 12th Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Gardiner, private, Co. E. 4th Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, George E. , Private, Co. B. 7th Regt., Inf. also Private, Co. K, 
4th Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, George F., Private, Co. H. 9th Regt., Inf. 
BALLOU, George 0., Corporal, Co. D. 3rd Regt., Hy.Art. 
BALLOU, George W. , Sergeant, Co. D. 2nd Regt., Inf. 
BALLOU, Halsey, Wagoner, Co. C. 1st Regt., Cav. 
BALLOU, Henry H., Corporal, Co. B. 1st Regt., Lt.Art. 
BALLOUj Henry H. , Private, Co. H. 11th Reg,t,, Inf. 

BALLOU, (BALLOW) Henry W., Private, Co. F. 9th Regt., Inf., trans, to 
U. S. Sienal Corps. 

BALLOU, Herbert A., Private, Co. E. 1st Regt., Lt.Art. 

BALLOU, Horace A., Private, Co. C. 3rd Regt., Hy.Art. 
BALLOU, Horatio S., Corporal, Co. C. 2nd Regt., Inf. 
BALLOU, Ira, Private, Co. D. 5th Regt., Hy.Art. 
BaLLOU, James, Private, Co. — , — Regt., Hy.Art. 
BALLOU, James, Private, Co. D. 5th Regt., Hy.Art. 
BALLOU, Jason L. , Private, Co. F. 3rd Regt., Cav. 
BALLOU, John, Private, Co. E. 2nd Regt., Inf. 
BALLOU, Nelson J., Private, Co. E. 1st Regt., Inf. 
BALLOU, Reuben F. , Private, Co. H. 1st Regt., Cav. 
BALLOU, Silas G. , Private, Co. I. 2nd Regt., Inf. 
BALLOU, Stephen, Private, Co. E. 1st Regt., Inf. 
BALLOU, Stephen, Private, Co. D. 1st Regt., Lt.Art. 
BALLOU, Stephen J., Private, Go. H. 9th Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Stephen R. , Navy. 

BALLOU, Sullivan, Major, Co. . 2nd Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Welcome, Corporal, Co. B. 7th Regt., Inf. 
BALLOU, Vnelcome, Corporal, Co. S. 4th Regt., Inf. 
BALLOU, Windsor, Private, Co. E. 4th Regt., Inf. 



of the 
(May 1, 1898-April 30, 1899.) 

BALLOU, Frank, Private, Co. M. 1st R. I., U. S. V. I. j Residence Pawtucket, 
R. I.} Enrolled May 7th, 1898} Mustered in May 17, 1898 j Mustered 
out March 30, 1899. 

BALLOU, Thurston P. Born in Smithfield, R. I., enlisted in Navy, Dec. 2, 

1898 at Nev^port. Term - during minority; Rating - Apprentice, 3rd 
class; Vessel Constellation. (Still in service) 



of the 

BALLOUj Edmond, Private, 12th Co., C. A. C. h»I.N.G. 

BALLOUj Edward Augustus, U. S. Navy, Fireman, 1st class, 72 diiys on U. S. S, 

BALLOU, Frederick A. Jr., 2nd Lieut., Aug. 15, 1917} 1st Lieut., F. A. 
Plattsburg Bks., A. E. F. 

BALLOU, Frederick B. , Private, Batt . A - 103 F. A. 

BALLOU, George Allen, Private, S. A. T. C. - Brown Univ., Providence, R. I. 

BALLOU, Harold F., Private, S. A. T. C. - Brown Univ. 

BALLOU, Henry D., Captain Ord. Dept . , Nov. 23, 1917, Plattsburg Bks., N. Y. 

BALLOU, Howard W. , Bin. Det . , #3 Kelly Field, San Antonio, Tex., May 14, 

1918} 101st Bin. Repl. Co., to Nov. 3, 1918} Hg. Det. Bin. group, 
3 Aug. to discharge} - Private, 1st class, Aug. 1, 1918} - Cft., 
Sept. lb, 1918} - Cft., 1st class, March 28, 1919. 

BALLOU, Leslie B. , Private, S. A. T. C. - Brown Univ., to Nov. 18, 1918. 

Central Officers Training School, Camp Lee, Va., to Nov. 21, 1918. 
S. A. T. C. Brown Univ., - to discharge. 

BALLOU, Theodore J., Private, lb3 Inf. Brigade to discharge. 

BALLOU, Walter F., Private, 16th Co., 162 Inf. Brigade to Sept. 25, 1918} 
Co. H. 123 Inf., Co. I, 30th Inf., to discharge. 



of the 

Prepared and published by the Secretary of the Commonwealth 1896, 

Ballou, . (This najne also appears under the form of Balue, Belew, Ballau, 

Ballew, Ballue, Bellow, Blalou. ) 

Bellows, . This name also appears under the form of Belows, Belles, 

Bellows, and Billows at Southboro,, Northampton, Paxton, Hubbardston, 
Westboro, South Hadley, and Grafton, Mass. - Editor. 

Ballau, Aca. 1st, Lieutenant, Capt. Jesse Ballau's (Southwest Y/rentham) co.. 
Col. Hawe's (4th Suffolk Co.) regt.; list of officers of Mass. 
Militia; commissioned Feb, 28, 1780. 

Ballou, Asa, Lieutenant, commander of a company in Maj, Seth Bullard's 
regt,; enlisted July 28, 1780; discharged Aug. 7, 1780; service, 
13 days, on an alarm at Rhode Island, 

Balue, David. Private, Capt, Nathan Harrington's co,; enlisted March 31, 

1778; service 3 mos, 2 days, with guards at Rutland under Maj, Reed, 

Balue, David, Private, Capt, Joshua Vftiitney' s co,. Col, Josiah YJhitney' s 

regt,; service from July 31, 1778, to Sept. 14, 1778, 1 mo, 18 days, 
on an alarm at Rhode Island, Roll dated Worcester, 

Ballou, Elias, Private, Capt, Fletcher's co.. Col, Simonds's regt,; 

marched to Pawlet on the alarm of Oct, 13, 1780; service 6 days, 

Blalou, Elias, Private, Capt, William Fletcher' s co.. Col, Simons's regt.; 
enlisted Oct, 15, 1780; service, 6 days; marched to Pawlet, 

Ballue, Jesse, Wrentham, Private, Capt. Lemuel Kellock's co.. Col. John 
Smith's regt,, which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; 
service, 4 days. 

Ballew, Jesse, Private. Capt, Lemuel Kellock's co,. Col, Tftieelock's regt,, 
marched from Wrentham to Warwick, R,I, on the alarm of Dec, 8, 1776; 
service 5 days, 

Ballau, Jesse, Captain, Southwest Yfrcntham co,. Col, Havre's (4th Suffolk 

Co,) regt,; list of officers of Mass, Militia; commissioned Feb, 28, 

Ballou, Nathaniel, Private, Capt, YTilliam Fletcher's co.. Col, Symonds's 
regt,; enlisted Oct, 13, 1780; service, 6 days; marched to Pawlet, 


BiiLSW, . Wrenthara. Captain. Col. Seth Bullard's Regt.; return of 

officers dated Medfieid, March 2, 17815 company detached for not 
more than 40 days and ordered to march to Tiverton, R. I. 


of the 
WAR OF 1812 

BALLOU, Ebenuzer M. , Private, Capt. Tucker's Co., Lt. Col. Page's Regt-, 
Artillery. From Sept. 13 to Nov. 7, 1814. Raised at Canton 
and vie. Served at Fort Vmrren, Boston Harbor. 

BALLOU, James, Private, Capt. Tucker's Co., Lt . Col. Page's Regt., Artil- 
lery. From Sept. 13 to Nov. 7, 1814. Raised at Canton and vie. 
Served at Fort V/arren, Boston Harbor. 

BALLOU, Rufus, Sergeant, in Capt. Thomas Harrington's Roll of detached 

company oT Shrewsbury and vie. Lt . Col. Walter Hastings' Regt. 
From Sept. 13 to Nov. 30, 1814 at Fort Warren. 



of the 


BALLOU, Albert A., Private, Co. E. 2nd Mass. Inf. 
BaLLOU, Alfonso A., 1st Lieut., Co. F. 52nd Mass. Inf. 
BALLOU, Caleb W. , Private, Co. H. 40th Mass. Inf. 
BALLOU, Charles H . , Private, Co. C. 39th Mass. Inf. 
BALLOU, Charles S., Private, Co. F. 27th Mass. Inf. 
BALLOU, C. Emerson, Private, Co. A. 52nd Mass. Inf. 
BALLOU, Darius A., Private, Co. G. 24th Mass. Inf. 
BALLOU, Ebenezer, Private, Co. H. 36th Mass. Inf. 


BALLOUj Edmund A., Private, unassigned, 19th Mass. Inf. Deserted Aug. 14, 

BALLOU, Edward F., Sergeant, Co. B. 40th N. Y. Vol. 

BALLOUj Erastus G. , 1st Lieut., Co. K. 2nd Vt . Inf.; promoted to Capt . ; 
June 6, 1865, prom, to Major 2nd Art. 

BALLOU, Franklin M. , Private, unassigned to any company, 1st Batt . , Mass. 

BALLOU, Frederic D., Private, Co. b, 40th N. Y. Vol, 

BALLOU, George E., Private, Co. K. 4th K. I. Inf . j trans, to Private, Co. 
B, 7th R. I. Inf. 

BALLOU, George 0., 1st Lieut., Co. H. 40th N. Y. Inf. 

BALLOU, George 5., Private, Co. B. 57th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, George W. , Drummer, Co. H. 30th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, George W. , Private, Co. E. 36th Mass. Inf. Deserted June 10, 1863. 

BALLOU, George W. , 1st Sergeant, Co. B. 42nd Mass. Inf.; then, July 15, 1864, 
promoted to 1st Lieut. 

BALLOU, Henry E., 1st Sergeant., Co. B. 27th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, Herbert, Private, 19th unattached company, Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, Hiram K., Private, Co. I. blst Mass. Inf . j then trans, to Co. A. 
57th Mass. Inf. • 

BALLOU, Irving W. , Private, Co. D. 24th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, James A., Musician, Co. C. 58th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, Job D., Private, Co. F. 1st Batt., Mass. Hy.Art. 

BALLOU, Lawrence, Private, Co. I, 28th Mass. Inf . j trans. (Nov. 1862) to 
Co. F. 4th U. S. Army. 

BALLOU, Lorain M. , Private, Co. B. 52nd Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, Owen, private, Co. E. 54th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, Owen E., Private, Co. C. 45th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, Perry A., Private, Co. H. 40th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, Philetus, private, Co. J. 15th Mass. Inf. 5 also served as Private 
in Co. F. 2nd Mass. Hy.Art. 


BALLOU, Stephen, Private, Co, D. 1st R.I, Lt, Art. 

BALLOU, Thomas,. Private, Co, H. 46th Mass. Inf. 

B/iLLOU, William A., Private, Co. G. 34th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, William A., Private Co, C. 45th Mass. lAf. 

BALLOU, William C. , Private, Co. K. 26th Mass. Inf. 

*p •p ^ 3^ jfC 

of the 

BALLOU, Herbert Arnold, Worcester, 22 yrs.. Clerk. Enl. May 3, 1898; 
Must, Moy 10, 1898, as Private, Co, A. 2nd Rogt., Mass. Inf., 
U, S, V. for 2 years; Must, out Nov, 3, 1898. 


of the 

BALLOU, Cecil S., Private, 21st Co., 6th Batt., 151st Depot Brigade, 

BALLOU, Charles C,, Private, 2-7-1918 13th Detail, A.S, Signal Corps, 

4-19-1918 246th Areo Squadron. 7-2-1918 Co, B, 304th Ammunition 

BALLOU, Clarence E., Private, 1st class, 3-30-1917 Co. E. 2nd Inf., Mass, 
N. G. 11-4-1918 Prisoner War Escort Co. 32, 12-24-1918 Co, E, 
164th Inf. 2-24-1919 155th Co., Trans. Corps. 

EALLOU, Daniel Edward, Mess attendant 3rd class U, S, N, R. F., last ship 
U, S. S. "Mt. Vernon", 

BiJliLOU, Donald Earl, Sergeant, Co. F, 14th Mass, Engineersj 2nd Lieut, 
U, S, Army to discharge, 

B/iLLOU, Eugene R,, Private, 1st class, 11-6-191(3) Co, M, 37th Inf. 5-30- 
1917 H, Q, Co, 28th Inf. 10-18-1918 H, Q. Troops 1st Div. 


BALLOU, Frank E. , Private, 10-7-1917 19th Co. 5th Training Batt . , Iblst 
Depot Brigade. 11-11-17 Co. E. 327th Inf. 12-7-17 Supply Co. 
327th Inf. 4-14-18 Co. A. Prov. 5th Training Batt., 157 Depot 
Brigade. 6-1-18 Co. H. 148th Inf. to discht^rge. 

BALLOU, Frederick W. , Corporal, 156th Depot Brigade. 

BALLOU, George, Private, Public Utilities Detachment, Q. M. C, Camp Devens, 

BALLOU, George Dewey, j^ppr^ntice Seaman, U. S. N. R. F. 

BALLOU, Harrison b. , 2nd Lieut., H. Q. Ist jingiiieers. - 

BALLOU, Harry A., Private, Go. G. 9th Inf. Mass. N. G.jCo. G. lOlet Inf. to 

BALLOU, Horace Berthier Jr., Ensign, Naval Auxiliary Reserve, N. Y. , U. 5. 
N. R. F. 

BALLOU, Hosea Starr Jr., Sergeant, Co. H. 74th Inf. 

BALLOU, Howard Metcalf, Chief Quartermaster, U. S. N. R. F. 

BALLOU, James Henry, Ensign U. S. Navy, Naval Hosp., Ciielsea, Mass. 

BALLOU, John L. , 2nd Lieut., Field Art., 2nd Officers Training School, 

BALLOU, John M. , Private, Wentworth Unit, Students Army Training Corps. 

BALLOU, John William, Private, Co. C. 1st Batt., U. S. Guards; also Sea- 
man 2nd class, U. S. Navy, last ship U. S. S. "Louisiana". 

BALLOU, Kenneth S. , Private, Co. A. Students Army Training Corps, Univ. 
of Vt. 

BALLOU, Leon H. , Carpenter's mate, 3rd class, U. S. N. R. F., Material Sec- 
tion, 2nd naval dist., Newport, R. I. 

BALLOU, Leon Lathrop, Seaman, 2nd class, U. S. N. R. F., U. S. Naval Air 
Station, (Panillac ?), France. 

BALLOU, Lester Hayward, Chief Pharmacist's mate, U. S. Navy Receiving ship, 
N. Y. 

BALLOU, Raymond C, Private, 9-6-17 2nd Co., 6th Batt., 151st Depot Brigade. 
10-25-17 Co. A. 302nd Machine Gun Batt. 7-30-18 Mil. Specialist 
Co. 1 8-10-18 Clerk's school, Iso D-vo't Div. 

BALLOU, Thomas V^. , Corporal, 7-31-17 Co. E. 8th Inf., Mass. N. G. 2-17-18 
Co. E. 1st supply train. 3-7-19 Supply Co., 307th Inf. 

BALLOU, Willis Harland, Electrician, 1st class Radio, U. S. N. R. F., Naval 
Base 19, L'Orient, France. 



Numbers refer to pages 


Allan, Alexander, 58 

Margaret , 58 
Allen, Alice Louise, 34,80 

Anna Marilla, 2,18 

Arthur W. , 34,79 

Charles, 34 

Clarence A. , 34 

Daniel, 1 

Dutee Ballou, 1,2 

Geraldine, 79 

Harold, 79 

Louise, 79 

Marion, 34,79 

Nellie, 36 

Shirley Evalyn, 18 
Allis, Wells, 11 
Anderson, Robert, 95 
Andrews, Esther Amanda, 42 

Lincoln, 42 
Arraington, Annie Washburn, 58 

Dorothy, 104 

Elizabeth Randall, 58 

Lemira Wheaton, 58 

Leroy Cotton, 58,104 

Margaret , 104 

Russell, 58 
Armstrong, Harry G., 89 
Arnold, Duma C, 19 

Nancy, 19 

Thomas Burton, 19 
Austin, bertha, .120 

Douglas, 120 

Elizabeth, 120 

Bailey, Betty B., 73 

Brendan S. , 73 

George V/alter, 72 
Baillie, Mary Ann (Hodgins), 16 

Mary Charlotte, 16 

Thomas, 16 
Baines, Joan Adele, 139 

Percy F. , 139 
Baker, Mary, 26 
Ballou, Abbie Ann, 8 

Abraham, 77 

Addie Blanche, 3 

Adelaide Louise, 103 

Adeline May, 119 

Ballou, Adin, 35 
Adrian, 96 

Agnes Emeline, 61,107 
Ahlene G. , 105 
Ai Wellington, 59 
Albert Franklin, 14 
Albert Warren, 105 
Alfred Jerome, 66 
Alice Claire, 83,123 
Alice Frances, 38 
Allen Naucler, 64 
Almira , 1 
Almon, 3,34 
Alvin, 3,4,35 
Alvin Maturin, 3,35 
Amy, 43 

Amy Beatrice, 43 
Amy Leonora, 9 
Anna, 26 

Anne Catherine, 28 
Annie Dorothy, 81,121 
Annie Wheaton, 8 
Annis Ellen, 46 
Ariadne Josephine, 15 
Arthur, 43 
Arthur David, 125 
Arthur Leroy, 13 
Arthur Lewis, 43,91 
Austin Albert, 14 

Barbara, 99,134 
Barbara Eleanor, 92 
Barbara Frances, 41 
Barbara Louise, 68,128 
Beatrice Ellen, 24 
Belle, 82,122 
Benjamin, 119 
Bertha, 47 

Bertha Amelia, 17,64 
Bertha Elizabeth, 22,71 
Bertha Jenks, 66,111 
Bertha Kathryn, 91 
Bertha Olive, 21 
Bertram Arnold, 15,27 
Bessie May, 9 
Beuha Ellen, 14,26 
Beula Jane, 89,129 
Billie Eugene, 26 


Ballou, Bonnie Jean, 86 
Byron Henry, 12,23 
Byron Mowry, 12 

C. Willard, 22 
Carl E., 105 
Carlotta Estella, 50 
Caroline Abigail, 12 
Carolyn Susan, 131 
Carrie Belle, 75,117 
Carrie Churchill, 5 
Carrie Esther, 13 
Carrie Evelyn, 74,117 
Catharine Nannette, 68 
Celia, 60 
Celia E., 105 
Charles, 42,89 
Charles Augustus, 37,85 
Chai'les Augustus Jr., 85 
Chai-les Cornwell, 13 
Charles Frederick, 8 
Charles Hamilton, 13 
Charles Herbert, 47 
Charles Holbrook, 44,92 
Charles Hosea, 9 
Charles Kenneth, 81,120 
Charles L. , 11 
Charles M. , 46 
Charles R. , 46 
Charles T. , 33 
Charles Tuttle, 3 
Chester A. Arthur, 22 
Chester R., 105 
Christopher Henry, 130 
Clara, 7 

Clarence, 81,83,120 
Clarence Albert, 83 
Clarence J. , 105 
Clarence Jefferson, 82 
Clarence Maturin, 39,87 
Clarence Orlando, 16 
Clark Augustus, 4,37 
Clifford Henry, 92 
Clifford Norman, 28 
Clifford Willard, 71,116 
Clyde M. , 46 
Cora Ada, 46 
Core.. Jennie, 14 
Cora Oretta, 22,70 
Cordelia 0. , 11 
Corliss Jay, 125 

Ballou, David Willard, 74 
DeForest Archer, 89,129 
Delia Sarah, 50 
Dennis Stephen, 10,59 
Diana Mowry, 31 
Don Alonzo, 46,94 
Don D., 83 

Donald David, 83, 124 
Donald Earl, 25,74 
Donald Henry, 90 
Donald King, 54,102 
Donald Tallman, 104 
Donald William, 130 
Donna Ada, 95 
Dorcas Marion, 29 
Dorothy Barbara, 2 
Dorothy M. , 86 
Dorothy May, 24 
Dorothy Rhoana, 83 
Dorothy Ruth, 124 
Douglas Staples, 101 
Dutee Jr. , 1 
Duty (Dutee), 1 

Earl, 14 
Earl C. , 96 
Earl Maturin, 26 
Earle Hoit , 90,130 
Ebba Barbara, 93 
Eddy Bowen, 8 
Edgar, 60,105 
Edith Lillian, 57 
Edith Lucia, 81 
Edith Yale, 104 
Edmund Levi, 91 
Edna Mabel, 16 
Edna May, 81 
Edward Allen, 13 
Edward Benning, 21,68 
Edward Francis, 119 
Edward Fred, 61 
Edward Lapham, 8,21 
Edward Lull, 80 
Eleanor Jane, 116 
Eleanor Louise, 119 
Eliza Minerva, 59 
Elizabeth, 9,21,26,74 
Elizabeth M. , 3 
Elizabeth I^Iabel, 10,59 
Ella F. , 4 
Ella Jane, 3,34 


Ballou, jiiiis Louvern, 21,68 
Elmer D., 48 
Elmer R, , 46 
Elmer Sears, 66 
Emery, 5 
Emily, 6,44 
Emily J. , 6 
Emma Julia, 5,39 
Emmaline G. , 11 
Erastus M. , 1,14 
Ernest Marenus, 14,26 
Ethel Alice, 50 
Ethel Mabel, 58 
Ethel Rose, 13 
Ethel Sarah, 71,116 
Eugene Allen, 37,86 
Eugene Dutee, 14,26 
Eugene Willard, 1 
Eunice, & 
Eva, 40 

Eva Grover, 5,39 
Evangeline Ellen, 83 
Everett , 14 

Fannie Roxa, 41 
Feme Hill, 95 
Flora Ellen, 22,70 
Florence E. , 44 
Florence Ellen, 60,105 
Florence Evacelia, 83 
Florence Perdita, 17,65 
Frances Anne, 87 
Frances Louise, 24 
Francis Martin, 3,33,79 
Francis Martin Jr., 34 
Frank A., 32 
Frank J., 62,108 
Frank William, 79 
Franklin, 43 
Fred E. , 14,25 
Fred Herbert, 13 , 
Fred Vincent, 57 
Frederick Ellsworth, 77 
Frederick Jirah, 61 
Frederick Laha, 4,37 
Frederick Preston, 110 
Freemont Osbert, 77 

Geneva Mary, 35,80 
George, 7 
George Allan, 58 

Ballou, George D&wey, 38 
George E. , 11 
George Frederick, 8,55 
George Garfield, 20,67 
George Henry, 61 
George M. , 6 
George Mowry, 12 
George Ripley, 54 
George Smith, 10,58 
George W. , 60,104 
George mashington, 32 
Geraldine Maxine, 120 
Gertrude Frances, 60 
Gertrude Imogene, 96,131 
Gertrude Lillian, 13 
Gordon Russell, 94 
Grace, 13 

Grace Arbuta, 77,118 
Grace B. , 96 
Grace Inez, 14,24 
Grace Read, 8,58 
Grant Albee, 16,63 
Grover E. , 43 
Grover Edmund, 43,91 
Grover Roscoe, 92 

Hannah Frances, 7 

Harriet , 9 

Harriet Cady, 5,39 

Harrison Booth, 39 

Harry, 64,82,121 

Harry E. , 64 

Harry Euberto, 17,64 

Harry Eugene, 37 

Harry L. , 46 

Harry Murray, 104 

Harvey, 6 

Hattie A. , 11 

Hazel Hart, 83,123 

Helen, 38 

Helen Corey, 55 

Helen Elizabeth, 28 

Helen Margaret , 38 

Henrietta Theresa, 17 

Henry Arthur, 11,22,69 

Henry Childs, 8,20 

Henry Edmund, 6,43 

Henry Latimer, 53,99 

Henry Lincoln, 42,89,130,131 

Henry Martin, 36 

Henry Oziel, 43,92 

Henry Porter, 47,95 


Ballou, Henry Smith, 14 
Herbert, 13 
Herbert Dean, 64 
Herbert Ellsworth, 21,68 
Herbert Elwood, 59 
Herbert Louis, 11,59 
Herbert Ralph, 47 
Hervey Tilton, 103 
Hester, 64,108 
Hilda, 111,138 
Horace, 36 

Horace Berthier, 4,38 
Horace Berthier Jr., 4 
Horace Mann, 32,76 
Horace Spencer, 37 
Hosea, 5 
Hubbard Walter, 130 

Ichabod , 6 

Jackson, 2 

James Alanson, 77 

James Henry, 38 

James John, 37,86 

Jamin , 60 

Jamin A. , 105 

Jerome, 60,105 

Jessie May, 83,122 

John, 41 

John David, 42 

John F., 69 

John Fillmore, 6,43 

John Francis, 11,22 

John Hosea, 42 

John Maturin, 2 

John Milne, 99 

John Preston Leonard, 66 

John Roscoe, 22 

John Sanford, 2 

Joseph, 89 

Joseph Clinton, 96 

Joseph Frank, 137 

Joseph L. , 11 

Joseph Marvin, 124 

Joseph Willard, 61 

Josephine A. , 6 

Judith Olive, 29 

Julia, 9 

Julia Ann, 22 

Julian ji;dgar,49 

Julius Staples, 54 

Ballou, Kate Stanley, 54,100 
Kathryn, 49 
Kenneth Alfred, 124 
Kenneth Stevens, 25,73 

Landon H. , 4,34,35 

Latimer Hervey, 58,102 

Latimer V/hipple, 53 

Latimer Willis, 54,98 

Laura E. , 41 

Laura illizabeth, 24 

Laura Frances, 81,119 

Laura Mandana, 36 

Laurance Waters, 54,101 

Laurence Havens, 130 

La Verne Kenneth, 124 

Lavina, 33 

Lawrence Frank, 108,137 

Leavitt , 4,5 

Lensy Elmer, 61 

Leon Earl, 62 

Leon H. Jr. , 29 

Leon Howard, 15,29 

Leon L. , 48,96 

Leonard, 11 

Lester Charles, 130 

Levi Herbert, 102 

Levi Nelson, 12,24 

Lewis Perry, 31 

Lillian, 16,59,62 

Lillian Claire, 89 

Lois C, 4, 36 

Lois Lillian, 81,121 

Lorinda, 6 

Lorraine Edna, 120 

Lou Blanche, 48,96 

Louis Leonard, 60 

Louis Marvin, 83,125 

Louis (or Lewis) Sidney, 47 

Louise L. , 96 

Louise Ripley, 54,101 

Lucy Edna, 15 

Lucy F. , 62 

Luke Phillips, 10 

Lulu Beatrice, 50 

Luman Adolphus, 60 

Lydia L/Iary, 1 

Lyndon Everett , 77 

M. E. & Son, 48 
Mabel Flora, 22 

Ballou, Mabel Louise, 13 
Madge tl., 20 
Malvina, 17 

Margaret Alice, 54,101 
Marian Ellsworth, 28 
Marian Lemora (Yale), 104 
Marian R. , 105 
Marie Louise, 54,99 
Marion Ada, 61,106 
Marion Bessie, 66,110 
Marion Ella, 89 
Marion Glendeen, 91 
Marion May, 61,107 
Marjorie June, 68 
Martha A., 8,20 
Martha Ellen, 77,118 
Jfertha H. (Larabee),34 
Martin, 2 
Mary A., 4,6,11 
Mary Abigail, 3,4,34,35 
Mary Childs, 8,21 
Mary Edna, 46 
Mary Ellen, 89,129 
Mary Elmina, 5 
Mary Etta, 44,92 
Mary Frances, 53 
Mary Jane, 119 
Mary Jeanne, 125 
Iv5ary Lucinda, 5 
Mary Maxine, 124 
Mary Olive, 68 
Massena B« , 5 
Massena Hosea, 5 
Mattie, 36 
Maude Gerring, 2 
Maude Mary, 21 
Maurice, 26 
luliner Hart , 81 
Miner Mahlon, 83,123 
Minerva Evelyn, 21 
IiiLnetta Vera, 21 
Minnie, 11 

Minnie Christine, 14,25 
Miskel Fayne, 95 
Moses Harold, 15,27 
Murray Hosea, 5,40 
Myru, 16,62,65 
Myron Hamilton, 81 
Myrtle Desire, 15,28 

Nancy Oscelia, 1 
Nancy Pearl, 122 

Ballou, Natalie Anna, 86,127 

Nellie Emelihe, 14 
Nellie Mae, 14 
Nellie Washburn, 56 
Nettie Leonora, '^'^ 
Nora A. , 62 
Norman T. , 105 



Olive Clorinda, 37,87 

Orlando Ralph, 16,64 

Oscar, 4 

Oscar Adelbert, 10 

Oscar Brown, 1, 11 

Oziel, 6 

Oziel A. , 6 

Paul Carpenter, 131 
Paul Holton, 90,131 
Pauline, 64,108 
Pauline Marion, 28 
Perry E. , 4 
Perry Eugene, 4,37 
Phyllis, 28 
Phyllis Gale, 69 
Priscilla, 41 

Rachel Evelyn, 111,137 
Rae Eleanor, 130 
Ralph, 26 
Ralph Sanford, 2 
Raymond Cotton, 58,103 
Raymond Ellsworth, 15,28 
Raymond Vi/illard, 104 
Renata Emma, 86 
Rexford Russell, 28 
Richard Guard, 101 
Richard Kenneth, 119 
Richard Marvin, 125 
Richard Milne, 99 
Richard West, 74 
Robert DeForest, 130 
Robert Edgar, 13 
Robert Lloyd, 92 
Robert Martin, 79 
Robert Maturin, 130 
Robert Miner, 122 
Roger Clarence, 124 
Roland Hunnewell, 54,99 
Roy, 26 
Roy Stanford, 81,119 


Ballou, Rufus Olney, 10 
Russel Raymond, 124 
Russell Kenneth, 83, 124 
Ruth, 28 
Ruth Sawyer, 46 
Ruth V/inthrop, 2,19 

Samuel Roy, 20 

Sara Elizabeth, 37,84,85 

Sarah, 4 

Sarah Eliza, 22 

Sarah L. , 6,43 

Shirley, 28,74 

Silas Vi/arren, 11 

Spencer, 42 

Stanley, 96 

Stanley Bowen, 49 

Stanley Theodore, 13 

Stephen Jackson, 8 

Sullivan, 7 

Sus£.n Annis, 47 

Sylvanus, 9 

Theodore Oliver, 86 
Thomas Cosgrove, 87 

Vairis Czarina, 95 
Viola E., 105 

Walter Ernest, 24 

Walter Seymour, 55 

V/arren Adelbert, 31,74 

V/arren Simeon, 31 

Wilbert Elwin, 58 

Viillard, 71 

V/illard Alfred, 58,103 (middle 

name changed to Alger) 
Willard Earl, 14,25 
Willard F. , 62 
Willard '/inriipple, 14 
William, 7,42 
Tf/illiam Albert, 6,38,57 
Y/illiam Arthur, 39 
V/illiam Bowen, 49 
William Edward, 86 
William Foster, 3,35 
William H., 68 
Vi/illiam Herbert, 104 
William John, 42,90 

Ballou, Vi/illiam Leander, 66 
William Ross, 1 
William Sabin, 42 
William Seth, 91 
William Southworth, 49 
William Starr, 3 
William Steele, 3 5 
William Washington, 12,22 
V/illiam Yale, 104 
William Z., 89 
Willie J., 6 
Willie Otis, 31,74 
Willis Dwight, 48,96 
Willis George, 105 
Winifred, 28 

Zerlina Louella, 15,27 
Zora Isabelle, 22,69 

Bamford, Charlotte Jane, 98 

Frederick, 98 

Mary Brownell, 98 

Susan A. (Darling), 98 

Thomas, 98 
Banning, Hetty Jane (Roberts), 83 

John, 83 

William Burgess, 83 
Barnes, Bessie Roberta, 113 
Barron, Hattie A., 33 

Henry S. , 33 
Bartlett, Abner, 12 

Alfred E., 12 

Dorothy, 23,73 

Harriet A., 12,22 

Henry W. , 12 

Herbert A., 12 

Herman, 23 

Herman L. , 12 

Lucina (Est en), 12 

Malena Susan, 12,23 

Roscoe, 12,23 

Vera, 23,73 
Batcheller, Alexander F. , 21 

Alexander F.Jr., 21 

Emma Minerva, 21 

Mamie Kezia, 21 

Martha Wallin, 21 

William Earl, 21 
Batchelor, Anna Maud (Adams), 85 

Daniel, 86 

Elizabeth Cheley, 86 

Batchelor, Grace Jean, 85 

Julian, 85 

Julian Daniel, 85 
Bates, Luella, 3 
Bay, Clara Tina (Buck), 40 

George P. 40 

Hiram H. , 40 

Lfergaret Emily, 40,88 

Marion Clara, 40 

Maturin Ballou, 40 

Philip Horace, 40 

S., 40 
Beckford, Georgianna, 59 
Bennett, Mark C, 9 

Mark N. , 9 

Jennie F. (Newton), 9 
Berths, Lydia, 70 
Bigelow, Hayes, 80 

Lois Hayes, 80 

Mary (Hayes), 80 

William, 80 
Billmire, Elizabeth, 33 

Sadie, 33 
Bingham, Anna, 91 

Anna Ifary, 90 

Harris, 90 

Lucy Ann (Warren), 90 

Mary L. (Cook), 90 

V/illiam H. H. , 90 
Bisbee, Betsey, 4 

Eugene Shade, 52 

Haymond Bird, 52,97 

Katharine Ballou, 52,97 

Louise Lucille, 52 

Martha A., 133 

Mary V., 133 

Robert A. , 133 

Robert H. , 97,133 

William Haymond, 97 

William Henry, 50 
Bisher, Carrie, 71 
Bishop, Jay, 82 
Black, George Ashton, 32,75 

George James, 76 

George y;ashington, 31 

Gertrude Leone, 32,76 

Grace, 32 

Lucy (Javis), 31 

Ralph Waldo, 32 

Simeon, 31 
Blalock, Jesse, 62 

Nelson Gales, 62 

Panthea (Durham) , 62 

blalock, Phoebe Irene, 62 

Ura (Lipps), 62 

Yancey C. , 62 
Blanchard, Allen, 30 

Ariadne , 30 

Bradford, -30 

Bradford J., 15 

Carleton Douglas, 16,30 

Charles, 30 

Charles Edward, 15 

Cyrus , 30 

Dorothy, 31 

Douglas, 30 

Edward Rollin,16,31 

Elizabeth (Buchan?), 15 

Harold Bradford, 15,30 

Jeanette, 30 

Lloyd Henry, 15,30 

Lucile Murray, 15,29 

Mary, 30 

Mildred Desire, 15 

Virginia, 30 

V/arren, 31 
Bliss, Anthony H., Ill 

Catherine (Carpenter), 111 

Frank H., Ill 

Henry, 111 

Katherine Amelia, 111 

Ruth Elaine, 111 
Blount, Cornelius, 81 

Emily (Halstead), 81 

Flora, 81 
Bogle, Frank A., 7 

Fred Mason, 7 

Jeannette, 7 

Peter, 7 

Sullivan Ballou, 7 

Willie E., 7 
Bosworth, Beryl L. , 91 

Glendeen Laila, 91 

Jessie Elvira (Johnson), 91 

Leon Henry, 91 

Levi, 91 

Maria L. L. (Wood), 91 
Bourne, Amelia (Spencer), 83,125 

Bert Allen, 83 

D. M., 83,125 

Essie Maude, 125 
Bower, Hobart , 66 
Bowker, Charles H., 99 

Francis Sewall, 99 

Frank Sewall, 99 

Mary (Grant), 99 


Boyce, Comfort (Allen), 11 
Gratis, 11 
Silas, 11 
Boyd, Eliza (Saylor), 16 

Elizabeth, 16 

Elizabeth B. , 30 

Gardner, 29 
Gardner Jr., 30 

Grace Wolcott , 30,74 

John, 16 
Boynton, Blanche, 105 

Elbridge, 105 
Braley, Bertha Julia, 107 

Clyde Edward, 107 

Elbridge James, 107 

La Vina (Waldron), 107 

liVeston James, 107 
Brig'iam, Barbara Elizabeth, 87 

Elisha, 39 

Eva I^iarie, 39 

Henrietta M. (Hubbard), 39 

L. Ward, 39,87,88 

Leonard Warren, 39 

Warren Ballou, 39,87 
Brooks, George H. , 50 

John H, Jr. , 134 

John H. 3rd, 134 
Brown, Alice, 1 

Alice Richmond, 52 

David , 65 

Ellen M. (Sebastian), 46 

Florence (Ballou), 16,63,65 

Florence Craig, 52 

Florence G. , 23 

George, 7 

George W. , 23 

Gordon Ballou, 65 

Gorton B. , 23 

Grace B. , 23,72 

Helen Elizabeth, 65,110 

Henrietta Ada, 46 

Henry, 52 

Hoi'tense Iveagh, 52 

Hov.ard Ballou, 98 

Lester Ballou, 52,97 

Lydia (Eddowes), 65 

Mary A. (Sweet), 7 

Maude S., 23,72 

Mildred, 23,73 

S> 5 • , 65 

Sarah, 52 

Stephen H. , 52 

Susie Durfee, 7 

Brown, Sylvia Nandain, 65 
Bruce, Phoebe A. , 42 
Bucklin, George, 61 
Bunn, Keziah, 22 
Burke, Nellie, 43 
Burnham, Eliza (Doty), 32 

Frank, 32 

Julia A., 32 
Burrington, Jennie, 11 
Bushee, Lorenzo, 10 

Mary Edna, 10 

Mary Jane (Chapman), 10 
Butler, Charles W., 104 

Emily Annis , 5 

Florence Emery, 47 

Joseph Benjamin, 5 

Nathaniel, 47 

Sheppard, 47 
Buttrick, Isa (Butler), 104 
Buxton, Ann J. (Hall), 12 

Henry, 12 

Jennie, 12 

Calif, Mary, 6 

Callahan, Agnes (O'Connell), 107 

Katherine Elizabeth, 107 

William J., 107 
Canfield, Helen M. , 126 

Ray, 126 
Carberry, Rachel, 31 
Carlson, Anton Frederick, 131 

Elna Josephine, 131 
Carman, C. V/esley, 67 

Carroll Wesley, 67 

George Mt-nsfield, 67 

Janice Grace, 67 

Ruth Portia, 67 
Carpenter, Annie U. (Beuins), 39 

C. Fred, 66 

Cora May (V/eston), 131 

Emily, 66 

Fannie Marie, 38,39 

Florence, 66 

George, 58 

George H. , 110 

Grace F. , 131 

Laura B. , 110 

Lucius, 131 

Lucius Allen, 131 

Grin, 39 

Sarah Evelyn (Proctor), 110,111 

Sue Wentworth (Hadley), 131 

Carr, Donald, 116 

Dorothy, 116 

Thelma, 116 

Winifred, 116 
Carter, Bernice '£», 68 

David, 68 
Case, Carroll Birdsall, 131 

Carroll, Edward, 95, 131 

Daisy Nellie, 95 

Delia Lois, 95 

Fred £. Bissell, 47,95 

Fred Jackson, 95 

Mills Ballou, 4-7 

Morris, 47 

Morris Allen, 95 

Robert Edward, 131 

Sarah Ruth, 95 

Susie Almeda, 95 

Sylvia Emma, 95 

Thomas Butler, 95 

William Ballou, 95 
Caswell, Duty, 24 

Fred Irving, 25 

Grace Annie, 25 

Ida Frances, 25 

John A. , 24 

John Alfonzo, 25 

Susan (Aldrich), 24 
Chamberlain, Dorothy Ruth, 19 

Elvira (Hammond), 19 

George, 19 

Harley H., 19 

Harley H. Jr., 19 

Robert Ballou, 19 
Chase, Harriet Messinger, 100 

John Leonard, 15,27 

Maude (Carey), 15,27 

Sarah Elizabeth (Boardman), 15,27 
Chilson, Bertha, 98 

LeRoy L., 98 
Christianson, Audrie Kay, 121 

Annie, 121 

Clifford F., 121 

Joanne, 121 

Neal, 121 
Christopher, George Parker, 29 

Martha (Lloyd), 29 

Olive (Hill), 29 

Phyllis, 15,29 

Zenas, 29 
Church, Barbara Jean, 109 

Bertha Jean, 65 

Charles P., 64 

Church, David Allen, 65 

David Thompson, 109 

Donald Ballou, 64,109 

Donald Lawrence, 110 

Elizabeth, 64 

Julia, 64 

Julia (Dement), 64 

Robert Dement, 65,109 

Ruth Genevieve, 65 

William Dement, 64 
Churchill, Martha Ann, 5 

Samuel , 5 
Clark, Caroline Lois, 36,80 

Cynthia (Warren), 36 

Frederick, 71 

Hannah (Culver), 36 

Herbert J. , 36 

James, 36 

Janice Lorraine, 117 

Jason, 36 

Lillian lylary, 36 

Myran Lorraine , 71 

Russell, 71,116 

Ruth, 71,116 
Clarke, Abby Ann (Smith), 100 

Alleen Ballou, 101 

Helen Doris, 101,136 

Jay Smith, 100 

Katharyn Ballou, 101,136 

Margaret Louise, 101,136 

Roger Ballou, 101 

Sidney Ballou, 100 

Silas M. , 100 

Walter Seymour, 101 
Coddington, Julia Sylvia, 114 
Colburn, Charles W. , 137 

David L. , 137 

Etta (King), 137 

Joan, 138 

Sandra, 138 
Cole, Donald Kenneth, 120 

E. D., 14 

Elisa, 120 

Frank, 120 

George, 6 

John, 120 
Collins, Alvan Victor, 114 

Annie, 15,27 

Bonnie Lois, 114 

Catherine (Murdock), 27 

Charles, 27 

Clarence Alvin, 114 

Daniel S. , 66 

Collins, Darwin Willard, 114 

George S., 27 

Hester Stalla, 114 

Jucnita Marie, 114 

Lee Roy, 114 

Margaret Cora, 114 

Marietta Frances, 66 

Sophronia (Trask), 66 
Comer, John Preston, 94 

Laura, 94 

S. A., 94 
Comstock, Aime Smith, 15 

Emor, 15 

Lucy (Haliday), 15 


Lucy [^tia.l±aa.y ) , _. 
Connell, Catherine D., 38 

Gertrude C, 38 

Thomas J,, 38 
Cook, Cyrena (Thayer), 

Susan Ann, 53 

Walter, 53 

Willis, 53 
Cooper, Mary, 11 

William, 11 
Copp, illla H., 89 
Corey, Allen, 55 

Edith, 98 

Ella Hill, 55 

Lovice (Gay), 55 
Cormvell, Charlotte Taf t , 13 
Cosgrove, life.ry, 87 

Mary (Carlin), 87 

Mary (Flanagan), 87 

Thomas, 87 
Cotton, Grace Vaughn (Read), 7 

Jane Washburn, 7 

Preserved, 7 
Crabtree, Shirley, 70 
Craig, Caroline Mehetabel, 52 
Croasdale, Anna (Deputy), 137 

George Vi/ashmgton, 137 

Joseph Bozorth, J.37 

Joyce Alleen, 137 
Crosby, Benjamin, 6 

Benjamin Jr. , 6 

Charlotte Vilas, 6 

Clara Eliza, 6 

Emily Althea, 6,19 

Fannie Ellen, 6,20 
Crosier, Olivia, 11 
Cruickshank, Alexander, 119 

James, 118 
Currier, Eliza, 10 

George, 10 

Harriet , 10 


Darling, Aletan, 23 

Amanda E. , 23 

Arthur, 23 

Claire, 72 

Clifford, 72 

Cora E. , 66 

Earl, 72 

Grace, 72 

Grace Adeline, 102 

Herbert Clinton, 102 

Henry, 23 

Lottie, 23 

Lottie G., 71 

Lottie (Hall), 102 

Lucille, 72 

Percival, 23 

Robert, 23,72 

Ruth, 72 

Theresa, 72 

Welcome, 23,72 
Davidson, Harvey, 66 
Dawson, Augusta, 125 

Maud Ellen, 125 

Thomas Henry, 125 
Dayton, Bertha Wese, 36 

Cora Orcelia, 36 

Eva Nell, 36 

Ira H., 36 

Julius Kendrick, 36 

Lulu Mary, 36 
Deane, Mabel, 19,67 

Minnie, 19 

Oscar Brigham, 19 

Oscar Brigham Jr., 19,67 

Oscar Brigham 3rd, 67 

Velma, 19 

William, 19 
Deighton, Catherine M. (Forsyth) ,69 

Horace, 69 

Kate, H. A., 69 
Deming, Edgar Moses, 135 

Martha Ellen (Poole), 135 
Denton, Bessie, 78 
Dickerson, Alice (Cutter), 121 

Charles Craig, 121 

Elizabeth (Anderson), 121 

Harry, 121 

Pearl, 121 
Dickins, Eugene, 26 

Lucy, 26 
Draper, George H., 60 

Mary A. (Hastings), 60 

Mary Anna, 60 
Drown, Charles H. , 29 

Drown, Constance Smith, 29 

Dorothy Frances, 29 

Harlow H. , 29 

Harlow H. Jr., 29 

Harlow N. , 15 

Irma Sleeper, 29 

Nellie A. (Sleeper), 29 

Richard Comstock, 29 
Dubbs, Fred A. , 73 

Lois S., 73 

Dudley Maud, 14 
Dyer, Eva (Pratt), 61 

Eames, Alicia May, 123 

Eliza Ann (Brown), 22 

Flora Maria, 22 

Henry, 22 

Jennie (Dinwiddle), 123 

Prescott Yif. , 123 

W. B., 123 

Wilmer Ballou, 123 
Earl, Clarence E., 102 

Elizabeth (Bennett), 102 

Gladys, 102 

John W., 102 

Margaret (Fuller), 102 

Eberhard, ,36 

Eddy, Frank Stetson, 135 

Martha Poole (Deming) , 135 

Spencer Deming, 135 

Spencer Deming Jr., 135 
Edwards, Bert, 65 

Joyce, 112 

Leonard, 112 

Ruth Anne, 112 

Sylvia, 112 
Eldred, Alta, 120 

Mayne, 120 

V^illiam, 120 
Ellor, Harriet (Case), 44 

Jennie E. , 43 

Luke, 44 
Ellsworth, Grace, 26 
Emmons, Susan, 45 
Enders, Mabel (Grabe), 79 
Enghausen, John, 116 

Marcella, 116 

Morris, 116 

Orlo, 116 
Ernest, Charles, 24 

Lucy, 24 

Percy, 24 
Evans, Ethel Langaon, 46 


Fairman, Myra French, 117 
Fefel, Joseph M. , 97,133 

Louise v., 97,132 

Lucy K., 97,132 

Mary Elizabeth, 97,132 

Thomas, 97 

Thomas B. , 97 

Wayne B., 133 

William Ballou, 97,132 

William Richard, 132 
Fenn, Clara hose, 9 

Rose (Pelton), 9 

William Beach, 9 
Ferry, Lewis, 37 
Field, Clarence H., 50 
Fish, Augustus J., 32 

Charles 0. , 33 

Charles Walter, 33 

Edith Elvina, 33 

Elda M. , 32 

Elizabeth, 33 

Emma Isadora, 33, 78 

Hamilton A., 33,78 

Irene, 78,119 

Linda E. , 33,78 

Mabel L. , 32 

Mabel Lavina, 77 

Mildred, 33 

Mildred Lavina, 33 

Sarah Miriam, 33 

Stanley Augustus, 78 

Sylvia Marian, 33 

Thomas, 33 

liVilliam Thomas, 33 
Fisher, Nellie, 62 
Fisk, Agnes (Monagan), 106 

Charles L., 106 

Chester Ballou, 107,137 

Marion Agnes, 106 

Nathan, 106 

Wilbur Nathan, 106 
Follett, Elsie Eliza, 59 

Leslie Ballou, 59 

Le\.is Whipple, 59 

Lewis Whipple Jr., 59 

Mabel Elizabeth, 59 

Meredith Helen, 59 

Minnie Bertha, 59 

Whipple M. , 59 
Fox, James, 37 

Margaret , 37 
French, Adele Whitney, 117,139 

Ann (Ross)(Vl/hitney), 117 

Evelyn Luella, 117 

French, Everett Ballou, 117 
Stephen, 117 
Stephen Adelbert, 117 
Stephen Everett, 117 
Stephen Warren, 117 

Frew, Elizabeth, 89 

Frost, Althea A., 17 
Amelia (Ballou), 17 

Gallagher, Frank E., 106 

Harry A., 106 

John, 105 

John Jr. , 105 

John V/., 106 

Richard P., 106 

Virene M. , 106 

Walter F. , 106 

V/arren A. , 106 
Garfield, Abram, 46 

Alicia Rudolph, 93 

Edward Vi/. , 46 

Eleanor, 45 

Elizabeth Ann, 93 

George Hodges, 94 

Harry Augustus, 44,93 

Irvin McDowell, 45 

Irvin McDowell Jr., 45 

James, 45,93 

James Rudolph, 45 

Jane, 45 

John Robinson, 93 

Louise Huntington, 93 

Lucretia, 45,94 

Mary Burnett , 94 

Mary Louise, 46 

Mason, 45,93 

Stanton, 45,94 

Stanton Jr. , 94 
Garvin, Alice, 129 

Doris, 129 

James H. , 129 

Joseph L. , 129 

Ruth, 129 
Gassett, Bessie May, 24 

Charles A. , 24 

May (Taylor), 24 
Gay, Clark Frederick, 138 

Frank, 138 

Harvey Weir, 138 

Harvey Vi/eir Jr., 138 
Gaylord, Alice, 89 
George, Joseph, 48 


George, Mary, 48 

Mary (Welch), 48 

Theresa May, 48 
Gerald, Margaret Anna, 55 
Gerring, Abigail A. , 2 

George V/. , 2 

Martha Parsons, 2 
Giersbach, Elsie, 106 

W. C, 106 
Gleason, Annis White, 2 

Uriah, 2 
Glitsch, Fritz, 129,140 

Fritz Jr., 129 

Greitchen, 140 

Myrtle, 129,140 
Goddard, Gertrude Pauline, 14 

Lucius, 14 

Mary (Clarke), 14 
Gonngberg, Daniel, 64 

Ida, 64 
Goodfellow, Walter, 22 
Goodrich, Ellen J., 14 

Frederick, 14 

Milo, 14 

Phebe (Bartholmew) , 14 
Gough, Annie (Ackland), 97 

Avis Gertrude, 97 

Barbara Edna, 97 

Lyman, 119 

Paul, 119 

Ruth, 119 

William, 97 

Vdlliam Thomas, 97 

Winifred, 119 
Goulty, A. J., 22 
Grabe, Ernest , 79 

Helen, 79 
Grafton, Nellie (Rice), 61 
Graham, Elizabeth (Soborne), 35 

Erj^ca, 35 

Sarah Maria, 31 

William P. , 35 
Grant, Byron Irving, 48 

Edna May, 49 

Gertrude, 48,96 

Irving Oliver, 48 

Joseph W. , 48 

Ruth Isabel, 49 
Grause, Annie Natalie, 85 
Greaves, Sarah, 22 
Green, Julius, 4 

Kiah (Ballou), 4 

Margarete, 121 

Green, Mark, liJl 

Preston Wallace, 121 

Ruth, 4 

Vivien, 4 

Yvonne Elaine, liil 
Griggs, Margaret Crawford, 70 
Guetofson, Aaron, 24 

Agusta (Johanson), 24 

Ella v., 24 

Lars, 24 

Hageman, Maurice, 83 
Hailey, Stella May, 65 
Hall, Anne M. (Saben), 13 

Chandler, 13 

Sarah Etta, 13 
Hammond, Amy, 105 

Charles R. , 105 
Ifanson, Ellen, 36 

Frank A., 28 

Victor H., 28 
Happersberger, Beverley, 126 

Eliza (Zigler), 84 

Evangeline, 125 

Frank, 84 

Frank Jr., 84,125 

Harry, 84,125 
■ Stanley Marston, 125 
Hare, John, 33 

Lucy M. , 33 

Sarah Jane (Pratt ) , 33 
Hargear, Allan, 64 
Harris, Benjamin Pearce, 41,88 

Benjamin Pearce Jr., 88,128 

Kathleen Elizabeth, 128 

Thomas, 88 
Hart, Gaylord, 129 

James S., 129 

Jane, 129,140 

Margaret, 129- 

Patrick, 129 
Hartwell, Josie B. , 69 
Harvey, Eunice, 6 
Havens, Laura (Gallup), 130 

Minnie (Stephens), 130 

Sanford William, 130 

Thelma G. , 130 

Vfelter Louis , 130 
Heraenway, Benjamin F. , 60 
Hindon, Helen, 14 
Hoadley, Elizabeth MacKeazie, 75 


Hoaaley, Elmira B. (Howe), 75 

Herman W. , 75 
HodjitiL, George S., 94 

Licy S. , 94 
Holbrook, Bertha, 108 

Clark B., 44 

Hattie (Bennett), 108 

Herbert, 108 

Mary Etta, 44 
Holl, Elizabeth M. , 86 

Leonard, 86 

Margaret , 86 
Hollingsworth, Mary P., 133 
Holmes, Alfred Marvin, 14 
Holton, Calvin, 60 

Lydia (Smith), 60 

Melvina, 60 
Hoover, Mildred Louise, 86 

William, 86 
Houghtaling, Elma M. , 68 

Elmore, 68 
Houghton, Art emus, 3 

Frederick, 140 

Lois (Mather), 3 

Mary, 140 

Sarah Town, 3 
House, Annetta, 97 
Howard, Bessie Amelia, 98 

Sarah, 98 

William B., 98 
Hubbard, Abby (Ho it), 90 

Carrie May, 90 

Charles, 90 
Huckins, Calvin H., 106 

Celia L., 106 

Dorothy G. , 106 

Florence E. , 106 

Harry, 105 

Simon, 105 
Hughes, Edwin, 108 

Edwin Allen, 109 

Mabel (Ayers), 108 

Percy, 108 
Hull, Betty Florence, 80 

Donald C. , 80 

F. W., 80 

Florence (Wilson), 80 

William Ballou, 80 
Hutchins, Laura Cortelyou, 49 

Ingraham, Grace Bernon, 41 

Jackson, Olive M. , 37 
Jacobson, Ben Holver, 113 

Kendan Raymond, 113 

Mildred Ethel, 113 

Wilma Janice, 113 
Jenks, Alfred B. , 66 

Amelia Melissa, 66 

Hannah (Jackson), 66 
Johnson, Laura, 19 

Sophronia, 60 
Jones, Barbara ^n, 22 

Beverly Harriet , 88 

Caroline (Garrett), 128 

Clarence, 21 

Cora B., 128 

Dorothy Eleanor, 39 

Emma (Hadlock), 22 

Frances (CJoewey), 39 

Francis Goewey, 39 

Francis Goewey Jr., 39,88 

Henry T,, 39 

Lafayette, 128 

Morris John, 22 
Jordan, Detroit, 123 

Elmina (Coombs), 123 

John, 123 

Louis Coolidge, 123 

Mary Elmina, 123 
Joseph, Edwin B., 128 

Lucy V/. , 128 
Judson, John B. , 50 

John Edwin, 50 

Keefe, Andrew, 107 

Jerry, 107 

John, 107 

Marion, 107 
Kellogg, Emma (Cooper), 11 
Kelly, Anna Ruth (Merrill), 61 

Elizabeth Mary, 61 

Henry Eckford, 85 

Jessie E* , 133 

Margaret Barclay, 85 

Theresa Cecelia, 85 

William C. , 61 
Kelsey, Alice Emeline, 100 

Jennie (Barlow), 100 

Otis, 100 
Kersten, August, 130 

Eleanor, 130 

Ernestine, 130 
King, Dorothy, 132 


King, Edith L. , 97 
Kinsman, William, 98 
Knapp, Delphia Louise, 108 

Dora, 108 

Lotta (Thompson), 108 

Roy, 108 

Walter Ira, 108 
Knowles, Annie, 23 
Knuppel, Adeline (Machmuller) , 122 

Arnold, 122 

August A. , 122 

Katharine, 122 
Kolker, Mary, 95 
Kolmer, Alexander, 134 

Hugo, 134 

Lucile deNevers, 134 

Susan Mary (Vedeer), 134 

Laha, Pamelia Atwood, 4 
Lamb, Annetta F. (Marsh), 74 

Fred W. , 74 

Jennie C. , 18 

Mildred P., 74 
Landen, Authea (Robinson), 96 

Carrie, 96 

Charles Barry, 96 
Larabee, Cynthia, 3 

Martha H. , 3 

Timothy, 3 
Larson, Alexander, 93 

Ebba B. , 93 

Selma (Anderson), 93 
Lee, Charles, 11 
Leonard, Celia G. , 59 

Herbert F., 59 
Lester, Claude F. , 33 

Emily (Mead), 33 

Eva (Coughlin), 33 

Fred V., 33 

Volney, 33 
Lewis , Amy , 43 

Charles Wales, 101 

Edward Alvan, 101 

Ella Irene (Stewart), 101 

William Wallace, 43 
Little, Augustus, 101 

Eleanor Myrle, 101 

Victoria (Yale), 101 
Long, George W. , 120 

Mary E., 120 

Omer Ssthus, 120 
Lord, Belle, 107 


Lord, Clifton Edward, 107 
Edward Nathan, 107 
Edward 0., 107 
Erma Louise, 107 
Frederick Stephen, 107 
Lelia May, 107 
Myra Emeline, 107 
Ruth Elizabeth, 107 

Lothrop, Eliza, 48 
Etta A., 48 
Lester, 48 

Love, William Duncan, 50 

Lynde, Grace, 22 

McCormick, John Howard, 81 
McDowell, Gorwin, 134 

Putnam, 134 

Putnam Ballou, 135 

Robert Henry, 135 
McDuffie, Clark, 89 
McLean,, 139 

George, 139 

Gordon, 139 

Robart Piiul, 139 
McMaster, Ethel, 52 

Virginia, 52 
Mclvlillen, Dale Steiner, 110 

Harry G., 110 

Myra Lou, 110 

Sevilla (Steiner), 110 
McPhee, Sarah Ellen, 38 

Scholastica (MacCormack) , 38 
Mackintosh, Colin, 13 
Madrigal, Sofia, 47 
Magill, Ellen (Ferguson), 28 

Helen, 28 

John, 28 

Sarah (Brown), 28 

Thomas H., 28 
Mahoney, Cora (Bryant), 126 

John S. , 126 

Leo A., 126 

Virginia Lou, 126 
Makinson, George, 126 

Mary, 126 

Rose Ethel, 126 
Mansfield, George Edward, 20 

Grace Irene, 20,67 

Harold Crosby, 20 

Henry, 100 

Isabelle, 100 

Ruth Helen, 20 

Marsaw, Percy F. , 13 
Martin, Gertrude, 30 
Mather, Alice, 17 

Asa, 17 

Clara Winnifred, 66 

Edward , 17 

Ellen (Pomeroy), 77 

Frederick, 77 

George Edward, 65 

George Kenneth, 65 

Geraldine Maude, 65 

Glenn, 17 

Grace Ellsworth, 76 

James, 17 

James Isaac, 17 

Joshua Emery, 17 

Maria (Frisbie), 17 

May Minerva, 66 

Minerva, 17 

Ray Arthur, 66 

Reuben Elbert , 17,65 

Roland, 17 

Ruth Ellen, 66 

Samuel, 17 
MtiUd, Carrie E., 13 
Mason, Abbie F.^Alexander) , 92 

Alexander, 92 

Alice Caroline, 76 

Ann (Potter), 44 

Atherton P., 76 

Belle Hartford, 44 

Calvin, 92 

Caroline Atherton (Briggs), 76 

Caroline (Robinson), 44 

Charles, 76 

Charles Parker, 92 

Clark Holbrook, 92 

Frances Olive, 92 

James, 44 

Lydia (Perry), 76 

Ro swell, 44 

Thaddeus Jr. , 76 
Maxwell, Cherries, 20 

Eleanor Andrews, 91 

Frank, ^0 

Frederick S., 91 

Julia, 20 

Mabel B. , 91 

Pearl, 20 
Maynard, John llir. , 74 

Margaret Lucile, 74 
Mayo, Benjamin, 74 

Caroline V/heelock Frost, 74 

Mayo, Louisa (Battle), 74 
Mazelle, Helen, 15 
Mead, Ardath 'iheta, 84 

Barbara Ruth, 126 

Bonnie Laura, 84,126 

Cora Orcelia (Dayton), 84 

Dayton Canfield, 126 

Esther jidna, 84,126 

George, 84 

Laura, 84 

Ralph Emerson, 84,126 

Roy Chapin, 84 
Medbury, Rhoda, 1 

Stephen, 1 
Mendell, Seth, 3 
Miller, Raymond, 17 

Robert, 17 

Koyce, 17 
Mills, Albin D. , 82 

Dorothy (Ford), 82 

Lestina Rhoana (Bishop), 82 

Mahlon, 82 

Mary Louisa, 82 
Milne, Georgia (Wright), 99 

Janet, 99 

Joseph D., 99 
Minneman, Barbara Beth, 123 

Clarence Adolph, 123 

G. A., 122 

Janice Ruth, 123 

Karl, 122 

Katherine (Borgman), 122 
Mollenhauer, Clark David, 128 

Crosby, 127 

Crosby John, 128 

James Leonard, 128 

Louis, 127 

Sarah (Crosby), 127 
Montross, Helyn H. , 97 
Moore, George Robert, 25 

Henry Smith, 25 

Herbert George, 25 

Lena Myrtle, 25 

Mary Caroline, 25 

liilary J. (Usher), 25 

Mildred Mae, 25 

Paul Douglas, 25 

Robert William, 25 

Russell Robert, 25 

Shirley Annie, 25 
Mudge, Annette (Donaldson), 9 

Frank A., 9 

Ronald C, 9 


Mulliken, Frances (Horsfield), 67 

Nathaniel, 67 

Sophia K. (Knajhide), 67 

Walter K., 67 

Vi/ilhelmina F., 67 
Murphy, Go Ida Maude, 65 

Norma Lee, 132 

Sherman E. , 132 

V/illiam Henry, 132 

(Naucler), Carl Gustave, 64 
Naysmith, George, 108 

John William, 108 

Mary (Brown), 108 
Nelson, Donnabell(e) , 115 

Linette Cora, 115 

Randal Edward, 115 

Willis Edward, 115 
Newell, Helen, 45 
Newton, Alton H., 139 

Carrie, 139 
Noble, Howard B., 131,132 

Howard Clinton, 132 

Joanne Gertrude, 132 

Richard B. , 132 
O'Donoghue, Cornelius, 135 

Margaret Christine, 135 

Mary (Joyce), 135 
Oliver, David, 124 

Elsie Mae, 124 

Laura (Justice), 124 
Orton, Ivi. S. , 36 

Pabst, Daniel, 18 

Mabelle, 18 
Page, Charles, 60 

Samuel, 60 
Panton, Emma L> (Thompson), 75 
Parks, Lewis, 10 

Lydia M. , 10 

Nancy, 10 

Richard Ballou, 10 

Warren S. , 9 
Parsons, Elmer, 70 

Inez, 70,112 

Lilly, 70,112 
Patterson, Andrew Jackson, 63 

Joseph, 37 

Mary (Johnson), 37 

Mary Johnson, 37 

Miriam P. , 132 

Patterson, Nancy (Overt urf), 63 
Rose, 63 

William Thomas, 132 

William Thomas Jr., 132 
Payne, H. C, 79 

Josephine, 79 

Rosemary (Pat kin), 79 
Pearson, Dorothy, 137 

Frank H. , 137 
Perigo, Mary, 41 
Perin, Caleb, 52 

John Porter, 52 

Mary, 52 
Perry, Geneva Ballou, 80 

James , 80 

Minnie, 80 

Ralph E., 80 
Peterson, Carl Gustave, 64 

Frances Maude, 114 

Glenn Willard, 115 

Kay Frances, 115 

Leonard Lincoln, 115 

Pauline (Atherly), 64 

Zelma Naucler, 64 
Pew, Harriet W. , 93 

William G. , 93 
Peyton, Annie E. , 77 

Bessie Kendrick, 77 

Frank H. , 77 
Phillip, James, 62 
Philpot , Margaret , 20 
Pickering, Alameda, 12 
Pierce, Annis W. , 89 

Arthur, 36 
Place, George, 1 
Plumber, Addie, 36 
Plummer, George W. , 60 

Sarah (Mitchell), 60 
Porter, Edna (Miller), 109 

James Lawrence, 109 

James M. , 109 

Nina Marie, 109 

Sarah (Paine), 109 
Pratt, Bernice, 61 
Priest, Ethel Mary, 92 
Putnam, Albert, 11 

Raasey, Mesota x, 
Paul, 112 
Paul Jr., 112 
Rathbun, Mabel, 53 
Reece, Selina, 89 

Izaphine, 46 

Reed, Ada (Kirby), 61 

James, 61 

Janey Adelaide, 61 

Joseph N. , 61 

Mary A. (Smith), 61 
Rhodes, Benton, 73 

Beulah, 73 

Floyd, 73 

George, 73 
Rice, Almira (Davis), 61 

Asa, 61 

Calvin, 61 

Ruby, 39 
Riley, Allen C. , 88 

Ella F. (Fissette), 88 

Mildred L. , 88 
Rioux, Palymoe, 67 
Roberts, Frank 0., 78 

Hugh, 78 
Robinson, Alfred, 118 

Clara, 118 

Dorothy Ellen, 118 

Frances Naomi, 113 

George Alfred, 118 

George Arthur, 118 

Stanley Arthur, 118 
Rockwood, George, 1 
Roe, Francis J., 103 

Martha (Corson), 103 

Mary Jean, 103 
Rogers, Arthur G. , 13 

Bert rand A., 124 

Emma Vine, 124 

Mary (Cool), 124 

Henry, 124 
Ross, Eleanor (Mansfield), 100 
Rounds, Sarah Allen, 42 
Royce, Cordelia Ellen, 17 

Salt, Ruth Bertha, 71 
Sands, Martha Adelaide, 75 
Sanford, Clara, 37,38 

Dorcas (Alderman), 38 

Erastus M. , 38 

Isabella (Atkinson), 38 

Samuel, 38 
Sargeant , Edwin A. , 46 
Sauer, Ellen Ballou, 27 

Sauer, Henry, 26 

James, 26 
Saunders, Andrew Jackson, 95 

Anna (Ballou), 8 

Daisy Elizabeth, 95 

Jeremiah, 8 

Jeremiah Jr. , 8 

Mary Childs, 8 

Susie (Rollins), 95 
Sawyer, Evelyn, 2 

Grace (Yi/ebster), 2 

William, 2 
Sayles, Julia Wilkinson, 41 

Wary, 77 
Schroeder, Carl J., 117 

John, 117 

Louise, 117 

Pauline Louise, 117,139 
Scott, Edgar, 73 

Frank, 62 

Leroy, 73 

Leslie, 73 
Sellers, Anne (Kehoe ) , 110 

John Peter, 110 

Joseph, 110 

Percy Joseph, 110 

Sara Jane, 110 

Sarah Ellen (Conrad), 110 
Severance, Edson Sumner, 136 

Lily Maud (Morgan), 136 

Otis Robert, 136 

Shirley Elizabeth, 136 
Shackley, Althea, 67 

Deane, 67 

George, 67 

Theodore, 67 
Shade, Elizabeth (Lewis), 50 

Jacob M. , 50 

Lucy Katherine, 50 
Shepherd, E. S., 71 

Eunice Evelyn, 71 
Sherman, Asa, 8 
Shipley, Dorothy E. , 133 

Katharine, 133 

Lucy E., 133 

Marshall C. , 133 

ThomtiS 0. , 133 
Shippee, Fred, 12 
Shuffleton, Edward Hugh, 81 

Edward T . , 81 

Leighton, 81 
Shuman, Alton Brooks, 88 

John F. , 88 


Shuman, Nellie M. , 88 

Robert Alton, 88 
Sifton, Amelia (Robbinson), 69 

Harriet E. , 68 

Margaret (Towle), 68,69 

Thomas H. , 69 

William E. , 68 
Silverness, Joseph, 19 
Slagle, Horace Eugene, 87 

La Verne, 87 

Lucile, 87 

Milford G. , 87 
Sloat, Clifford Walton, 136 

Doris Clarke, 136 

Leon William, 136 

Mary (Ritch), 136 

Robert Calvin, 136 
Slocum, Alva W., 33 

James, 33 

Mary Etta (Robinson), 33 
Smith, Anna (v/heatley), 96 

Annie E. , 13 

Charles, 13 

Charles M. , 72 

Chester Ballou, 53,134 

Clara, 39 

Donald Mather, 118 

Elijah, 10 

Eliza Rebecca, 10 

Elizabeth, 87 

Elizabeth Jane (Haley), 124 

Elizabeth (Mowry), 10 

Esther Charlotte, 79 

F. Ellerton, 87 
Frances Corey, 98,134 

G. S., 124 
George W., 72 
Gertrude May, 96 
Grace M. , 40 
Hannah (Mowry), 13 
Harriet , 30 
Harriet S., 72 
Hattie (Pratt), 40 
Horace, 124 
Laura (Covey), 118 
LeRoy Ballou, 98,133 
Lewis, 40 

Lorraine Chilson, 134 
Mary Jane, 11 
Mary (Wilson), 40 
Meredith Gardner, 98,134 
Minerva Louise, 21 

Minerva Louise, 21 
Nelson W., 21 

Smith, Oren Abbott, 118 

Ralph £., 118 

Ralph H., 72 

Ralph H. Jr., 72 

Rathbun, 53 

Richard Ralph, 118 

huth Naomi, 124 

Samuel K. , 96 

Stanley Gardner, 53,98,134 

Sylvia B., 72 

Walter Gayl, 78 

William H. S., 53 

Winsor B. , 72 
Staples, Laura M. , 54 
State, Archie Charles, 70,112 

Bernice Carol, 112 

Beverly Ann, 114 

Carl Washington, 70,114 

Clarence, 70 

Cora Janice, 70,115 

Darlene Roberta, 113 

Douglas Ronald, 114 

Ethel Iijaude, 70,113 

Evelyn Jean, 114 
" Everett Tyler, 70 

George Guy, 70,113 

Gladys Bertha, 70,115 

Glenn William, 70,112 

Gloria Frances, 113 

Grace Sophia, 70,114 

Johann Cora, 114 

John Earle, 70,113 

John Melchian, 70 

John Riley, 113 

Kenneth Irwin, 70 

Lawrence Glenn, 113 

Leon Chester, 70,114 

llarilyn Ruth, 113 

Marion Irene, 112 

Marvel Arlene, 112 

Merle Franklin, 113 

Myron George, 113 

Norma Jean, 113 

Norman Leon, 114 
Steele, Augusta (Burnham), 35 

Emerette P. , 35 

Stephen, 35 

William H. , 35 
Stevens, Alice A., 25 

John D. , 25 
Stoakes, Alice Jane, 116 

Carrie G., 116 

George, 116 


Stoakes, Henry E., il6 

Ida I. (Braden), 116 
Stocks, Charles, 67 

Georve David, 67 
Stratton, Carrie A. (Sias), 92 

Charles Edson, 92 

George Asa, 92 

Mabelle Gertrude, 92 

Mary A. (Damon), 92 
Surrey, Abbie, 22 
Swain, Adaline (Worthy), 136 

Eva Maude (Oilman), 136 

James Gilman, 135 

Myron Gilman, 136 

William, 136 

William H., 136 
Swan, Angela Kathryn, 78, 

Burton, 77 

Burton L. , 32 

Gordon Augustus , 78 

Henry, 77 

Marion Elizabeth, 78 
Sweatt , Alice Virginia, 100 

Enoch G. , 54 

Helen Louise, 100,135 

Kelsey Ballou, 100,135 

Myron louxs ballou, d4, 

^ Est e lie "" + -!i'i- " 

3nce, 30 


R.exsey caj.iou, j.uw,j.jd 
Myron louxs ballou, d4,100 
Sweet, Estelle Matilda, 49 
Florence, 30 

Tacy, Walter Merritt, 46 
Taft, Edna S. (or Angelia), 43 

Farris, 43 

Flavilla M. , 61,62 

Francis M. , 43 

Frank A., 43 

Lydia (Bowen) , 43 
Taliferro, Bessie, 95 
Tallman, Adelaide Louise, 57 

Randall H. , 57 

Sarah (Hervey), 57 
Tate, Augustus Cramer, 101 

Carol Ballou, 102 

Margaret (Thompson), 101 

Thomas Thompson, 101 

Walter Seymour, 102 
Taylor, James, 104 

John Melvin, 71 

John W. , 71 

Josephine, 60 

Margaret Maxine, 71 

Maybelle, 104 

Taylor, Sarah D. , 11 

William Merle, 71 
Tellier, Theodore P., 46 
Tempest, Amy D., 41 
Temple, Maud, 72 
Teriney, Luella G. , 74 

Thomas, 74 
Thoenen, Arnold, 134 

David Stanley, 134 

Earl, 134 

Gardner, 134 
Thompson, Emeline J.(Morison), 75 

Joshua H. , 75 

Martha Ruth (Wright), 109 

Saramie Ruth, 109 

Samuel Amost , 109 

Sarah (Hall), 109 

William P., 109 
Thurber, iCmerson, 4 
Tilton, Alice Hazel, 103 

Frances Pearle, 103 

Franklin, 103 
Tower, Clifford Sayles, 41 

Emerson, 41 

James Henry, 41 

Je.mes Henry Jr., 41 

Lewis Philip, 41 

Mona Elizabeth, 41,88 
Town, Florence Lenora, 60 

William F. , 60 
Townsend, Edith, 93 

Frederick dePeyster, 93 
Tuttle, CaroluB, 2 

Catherine S. , 2 

Charles A. , 37 

Ella (Ferry), 37 

Mary (Andrews), 2 

Udall, Louise liarsh, 47 
Udell, Frederick, 32 

Lura (Vi/aters) , 32 

Martha, 32 
Up sail, Henry, 47 

Joanna, 47 

Margaret (Fulk), 47 

Vallett, Emeline 0., 14 
Laura (Matthewson) , 14 
Stephen, 14 

Vaugham, John, 3 
Melissa J. , 3,35 

Vilas, Charles, 6 


Walker, Frank, 11 

Vi/aters, Lillyen Elsie, 101 

Richard B., 101 
Waycott, Samuel, 6 
Wells, Caroline, 139 

Cora May, 139 

George M. , 89 

Ida L. , 89 

James, 41 

James E. Jr., 128,140 

James E. 3rd, 140 

James Enoch, 89,128 

Jane, 139 

John, 89 

John Ballou, 41,89 

John T . , 41 

Joanna, 140 

Joseph, 41 

Laura E. , 89 

Marcia G., 139 

Margaret , 89 

Margaret E., 128 

Myrtle, 17 

Nancy Anne, 139 

Peggy N., 139 

Robert Looney, 128,139 

William, 41 
Wendt, Alizabeth (Giese), 70 

Doris Maxine, 115 

Harold John, 71,115 

Jack Merle, 115 

John, 70 

Leonard William, 71 

Marjorie Corrine, 115 
West, Charles F., 73 

Ida A. (Clough), 73 

Marion E. , 73 
Wetzel, Clara (Spencer), 38 

Clarence, 38 

John H. , 38 
Vi/helan, Alden Ballou, 18 

Allen, 19 

Allen Randall, 19 

Anna, 19 

Catherine, 18 

Daniel Allen, 18 

Dutee Allen, 1,18 

Elizabeth, 18 

Elizabeth Bernice, 18 

James Waterford, 18 

Joan, 18 

John Veale, 18 

John W. , 18 

Judith Shirley, 18 


Whelan, Judson Sutherland, 18 

Julia Priscilla, 19 

Margaret Evalyn, 18 

Mary Ann, 18 

Mollie, 18 

Patricia Althea, 18 

Paul, 18 

Robert John, 18 

Virginia, 18 

William Miller, 19 
Whipple, Harinah Weatherhead, 8 
Whitcomb, Czarina Louise, 94 

Leonard, 94 

Sophie. Lucinda (Hill), 94 
White, Ella K. (Ridler), 27 

Fred H. , 27 

Frederick P. , 27 

Frederick Stanley, 27 

Jessie, 2 

Vinton E. , 13 

Zebulon P., 27 
Whitehead, George E., 66 
Whitmarsh, Ella (King), 40 

Helen Elaine, 40 

Laurance B. , 40 
Whitney, F. Frank, 44 
Wilcoxen, Alfred Lewis, 85 

Eleanor, 85 

Frances Elizabeth, 127 

George Lewis, 85 

Lewis Clark, 85,127 

Lewis Loyal, 127 

Mary L. (Cook), 85 

William, 85 
Wild, "Billy", 58 

Frank, 58 

Idella May, 58 
Willey, Albert, 11 

Mary (Parsons), 11 

Nellie, 11 
Williams, Beatrice (Killelea), 119 

Eliza (Bradley), 127 

Frank, 119 

George, 127 

Jeunnette (Leinaar), l<i7 

Loyal, 127 

Mildred Belle, 127 

Roger, 77 

Rosa, 119 

Sarah Granger, 46 

^(vatson, 50 

Winslow, Verna, 112 
Wolf, Benno, 49 

Julian, 49 

Robert Grant, 49 

Kuth Alice, 49 

Walter Stuart, 49 
Wolfe, Bessie Adonia, 115 

J. C, 115 

Norma (Fleury), 115 
Wood, Charles Carpenter, 81 

Delilah Frances, 81 

Vashti May, 81 
Woodberry, Agnes, 127 

Donna Rae, 127 

Fred, 127 

Larry Lee, 127 

Wallace S. , 126 
Woods, Edith, 86 

William, 86 
Woolley, Lloyd A., 89 
Worthington, Iva Madge, 112 




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