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Full text of "The Ballous in America : an addendum to the original history and genealogy of the Ballous in America"

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(j[ AN ADDENDUM to the original history and gen- 
ealogy of the BALLOUS in America. (J[ Compiled 
and edited by Myrtle M. Jillson, genealogist, The 

of AMERICA, Woonsocket , Rhode Island, January, 1942 



to the original 


Compiled and Edited by 

The Ballou Family Association of America 

Published by 

The Ballou Family Association of America 

WooNsocKET Rhode Island 





Copyright 1942 
The Ballou Family Association of America 


Lithoprint Reproduction of 

Author's Manuscript by 



194 1 


In 1888, The Ballous In America, by Rev. Adln Ballou, was published. Shortly 
thereafter, the late William A. Ballou began the accumulation of data which has re- 
sulted in The Ballou Family Addendum, a supplement of the original genealogy. In 1937, 
a portion of these data were compiled and edited by The Historical Records Survey, 
Works Progress Administration of Massachusetts, and published by The Ballou Family As- 
sociation of America. 

Later, this work combined with the remaining material in the archives was com- 
piled and is herein available in one volume. Much of these data were taken from pri- 
vate sources, not now available, and it is due principally to the efforts of the late 
William A. Ballou that we are enabled to present such a complete and interesting ac- 
count of the Ballou family during the fifty years following the publication of The Bal- 
lous in America. 

Another charter member who has contributed much to the early history of the 
family, and has interested himself primarily in the pre-American background of the 
family is Hosea Starr Ballou (p. 63). Since 1888 several biographical sketches have 
been published; in 1892, in a volume "Massachusetts of Today" with portrait; in Who's 
Who in New England," 1909; in "Who's Who in America," 191*+ et seq. His Paris student 
days impressed upon him the belief of the ancestral tradition of the French parentage 
of the first Mathurln Ballou. He developed the early history begun in 177^ by Benjamin 
Ballou, which he published In his book of 212 pages on "Hosea Ballou, 2d. D. D. , His 
Origin, Life and Letters" (Boston, 1896). From excerpts of the "Chronicle" of Rev. 
Mathurln ( "Matturiean" ) Ballou and other ancient documents he has published in vols. 58 
to 91 of the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Boston, including an 
unique autograph of the first Mathurln Ballou (87:297'); "Harvard Yard before Dunster, " 
vol. 8O; "Dr. Thomas Starr, Surgeon in the Pequot War," vols. 89 to 91. The Bostonian 
Society, Old State House, Boston, in 1931 published his "William Blaxton, the First 
Bostonian," an early settler of Rhode Island, and a contemporary of Mathurln Ballou. A 
retired broker, Mr. Ballou is Deputy Governor of the "Society of Colonial Wars in the 
Commonwealth of Massachusetts," and for over thlry years has been President of the 
Universalist Historical Society, organized 1834. On his initiative the Mathurln Ballou 
monument in Providence was erected in I907. (For his early life activities, see "B's 
m Am.," p. 767). 

It is our hope that this may arouse Interest among the various members of the 
family, so that they will report all vital statistics and biographical material to be 
used in a future publication. , Toward this end we decided to include copies of original 
documents in the archives, selected not only because of their historical and genealogi- 
cal interest, but also because it is hoped their publication will inspire members of 
the family to make an effort to unearth similar documents and make them available to the 

The numbering as it appeared In the 1937 edition has been altered, in order that 
the numbering of the I888 publication could be continued. For example, 91^1 is the last 
number in that work, thus the first one in the Addendum is 91^2. 

Also, we wish to express our grateful appreciation to the members and officers 
of The Ballou Family Association of America, namely. Rev. William John Ballou, the 
President, Mr. Arnold Seagrave, Secretary-Treasurer and Mr. Latimer W. Ballou, Auditor, 
for their assistance and cooperation. 

Waterbury, Connecticut 
January, 1942 

Myrtle M. Jlllson 

The Ballou Family Association 
of America 



92 SARAH INMAH (Susanna Ballou, James, 
Maturin), b. Glocester, R. I., Mar. 9, 
1726 J m. Dec. 7, 1755, JOSEPH PHILLIPS, 
s. David^Joseph^Michael-'- and Ruth (Ben- 
son) Phillips, of Smithfield, R. I. 


914£ Ruth, b. Jan. 14, 1757. 

9143 LDKE, b. 1759; m. MARTHA BOWEN. 

9144 REUBEN, m. . 

105 PETER BALLOD (Mehemiah, James, Ma- 
turin), b. Glocester, now BiuTillvllle, 
R. I., Jul7 15, 1732, d. Litchfield, M. 
y.. Mar. 1818, ae. 88; m. LYDIA PHILLIPS, 
dau. Jeremiah Phillips, b. ab. 1734, d. 
Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, Aug. 1820. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

440 Freelove, b. June 26, 1754; m. Eli- 
jah Cook, Jr. 

441 Mary, b. May 18, 1756; m. Israel 

442 Patience, b. Jan. 5, 1758, d, during 

Revolutionary war. 

443 Eve, b. Feb. 10, 1760, d. same week. 

444 Martha, b. Sept. 22, 1761, d. same 

445 Joanna, b. Apr. 18, 1763, d. same 

446 Liles, b. Pomfret, Conn., June 10, 

447 SARAH, b. Mar. 3, 1772; m. JAMES 

448 Seth, b. Mov. 28, 1774; m. Sophia 

449 Laban, b. Sept. 30, 1776; m. Betsey 

450 Lydia Phillips, b. Sept. 11, 1778; 

per m. Smith (Ballou gen. says 

she m. Phillips, due probably 

to the fact that her name was Lydia 

Phillips; as Sarah, given as m. 

Smith, m. James Phillips, it is prob- 
able that Lydia Phillips Ballou, m. 

451 Rizpah, b. July 6, 1781. (Last 6 
b. Pomfret, Conn.) 


^56 ttP.RY BALLOU (Amariah, Nathaniel, 
James, Maturln), b. Aug. 19, 1753; m. 
SAMPSON HAhhINGTON, s. Thomas and Free- 
love Harrington. 


3145 Elisha, b. Caldwell Manor, Lower 
Canada, Jan. 12, 1795. 

3146 Sylvia, b. Bennington, Vt., Oct. 
17, 1798, d. Feb. 11, 1872; m. West 
Alburgh, Vt., William Moses Curtis, 
s. Amasa Curtis, Jr.; had dau. : 
3147 Lucy, m. William Abel Ford, 

s. Squire Abel and Laura 
(Hawkins) Ford, of Champaign 
Village, N. Y.; had dau.: 
9148 Emma, m. James Dunn; 

had dau. : 

9149 Mary, res. Lena, 

£56 CILVINA BALLOU (Amariah, Nathaniel, 
James, Maturin) , b. Apr. 5, 1766; m. 
Vt., OLIVER HARRINGTON, cousin (not 
brother) of her brother-in-law. (Ballou 
gen. errs in stating she m. Sampson Har- 
rington) . 

256 LYDIA BALLOU (Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Glocester, now Bur- 
rillville, R. I., Nov. 27 or Dec. 8, 
1750, d. Gouverneur, N. Y. , Apr. 28, 
1820; m. Glocester, R. I., Aug. 25, 1766, 
by Rufus Smith, Justice, AHOLIAB SMITH, 
s. Ellas Smith, b. July 15, 1749, d. Gou- 
verneur, N, Y., Sept. 13, 1840, ae. 91y 
Im 28d; int. Little Bow Gem., Gouuerneur, 
N. Y. 

Issue, SMITH: 

9149 Mary, b. Nov. 2, 1765. 

3150 Elias, b. Feb. 16, 1769. 

3151 Eleazer, b. Sept. 24, 1771. 

3152 Phebe, b. Apr. 20, 1774. 
9153 Pruaence, b. Aug. 25, 1776. 
3154 Rhoda, b. Nov. £4, 1778. 

9155 BENJAMIN, b. Mar. 21, 1781; m. 

9159 Wiliard, b. Feb. 27, 1784. 

3160 Hannah, b. June £7, 1785; m. Timo- 
thy Atwood, s. Aaron Atwood, of 
Granville, N. Y. 2 

9161 Stephen, b. July 4, 1788. 

9162 Rufus, b. Feb. 22, 1793. 
3163 Prusha, b. Aug. 14, 1795. 

359 JIRAH BALLOU (Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Glocester, now Bur- 
rillville, R. I., Apr. 2, 1758, d. No. 
Coventry, Conn., Dec. 11, 1837, ae. 80; 
m. (l) Plainfield, Conn., Sept. 30, 
1779, by Alexander Miller, ESTHER WOOD, 
dau. Noah, Jr. and Deborah (Mason) Wood, 
b. Apr. 20, 1762, d. Burrillville, R. I., 

Feb. 14, 1821; (2) MARGARET , who d. 

Coventry, Conn., Jan. 7, 1840, ae. 70; 
he is int. So. Yard, No. Coventry, Conn. 

As the parentage of Susanna Arnold, 
wife of Samuel Ballou was not known 
to Rev. Adin Bellou, compiler of The 
Bailous In America, 1888, we will give 
it here. She was the daughter of Eleazer 
Jr. and Sarah (Hawkins) Arnold, of Smith- 
field, R. I., proved by will and deeds. 

The same sources prove that Sarah 
(Hawkins) Arnold, m. (2) Maturin^John^ 
Maturin^ Ballou, as his first wife. 
Also, Maturin^ and Sarah (Hawkins) (Ar- 
nold) Ballou had no daughter Alice; she 
was Alice Smith, who married Providence, 
July 17, 1726, David, brother of Susanna 
(Arnold) Ballou; she married, second, 
Richard Sayles. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Glocester, now Burrill- 
ville, R. I.: 

i486 CANDACE, b. July 12, 1781; m. SAM- 
x487 Roba, b. Jan. 9, 1785; m. Allen 

1488 Aurelia, b. Jan. 21, 1788; m. Jos- 
eph Mathewson, Jr. 

1489 Phebe, b. 1789; m. George Wade. 

1430 Prussia, b. 1795; m. (1) Job Lap- 
ham; (2) David Mead; (3) Clark 

1491 Fenner, m. Mary or Fanny Inman. 
x492 Deborah, m. Stephen Handy. 
1493 Barton, m. Celinda Handy. 

414 TOURTELLOT INMAN (John Inman, Susan- 


na Ballou, James, Maturin), b. Glocester, 
R. I., June 17, 1777, d. Milford, Mass., 
Mar. 17, 1787; m. ACHSAH READ, dau. Dan- 
iel and Mary (Brown) Readj int. Whltlns- 
Yille, Mass. Cem. 

Issue, INMAN, inc.: 

9164 Fenner M., b. Morthbridge, Mass., 

May 16, 1819, d. Providence, R. I., 
Aug. 20, 1893; m. No. Scituate, R. 
I., Mar. 4, 1846, by Rev. Charles 
P. Grosvenor, Melissa Mowry, dau. 
Stephen and Mary (Smith) Mowry, b. 
Johnson, R. I., May 8, 1825; farm- 
er; int. Smithville Cem., No. Scit- 
uate, R. I.; issue, Inman, 1st b. 
Northbridge, 2-3 b. Hopedale, Mass.: 

9165 Asa Fenner, b. May 28, 1848; 
m. Nov. 26, 1870, Alice Bur- 
ton Chapman. 

9166 Stephen Mowry, b. June 14, 
1850, d. unm., Jan. 1, 1877. 

9167 Clara Maria, b. •''ot. 7, 1863; 
m. Providence, Sept. 19, 1892, 
John Wesley Binning, s. John 
and Mary E. (Billing ton) Bin- 
ning, b. Covington, Ky., Feb. 
15, 1866; issue. Binning, b. 
Pfovidence, R. I.: 

9168 Helen Inman, b. Aug. 8, 
1894; grad. Pembroke 
College, Brown Dniv., 
LL.M., 1917; Boston 
Univ. Law School; mem. 
with mother of B.F.A. 

9143 LUKE PHILLIPS (Sarah Inman, Susan- 
na Ballou, James, Maturin), b. 1759, d. 
1835; m. May 28, 1781, MARTHA BOWllN, dau. 
George and Inspiration (Peek) Bowen. 


9169 NATHAN, b. Nov. 23, 1787; m. AMEY 

9170 Naomi, m. Henry Wheeler; res. Ox- 
ford, Chenango Co., N. Y. ; issue, 
Wheeler, inc.: 

9171 Marietta, m. Edgar Pearsall; 
had son and dau. 

na Ballou, James, Maturin), m. . 

Issue, PHILLIPS, per. inc.: 
9172 Lioke, m. May 28, 1809, Cynthia Al- 
len; issue, Phillips: 

9173 Rocira, b. Apr. 24, 1812. 

9174 Luke Waterman, b. Apr. 8, 

9175 George Washington, b. Sept. 
15, 1716. 

9176 Celista Emeline, b. Mar. 6, 

430 RHODA CARGILL (Dorcas Arnold, Bath- 
sheba Ballou, James, Maturin), b. Cumber- 
land, R. I., June 16, 1759; m. (l) Capt. 

Issue, HARDING: 

9177 Sophia, b. 1790. 

9178 RHODA, b. Jan. 5, 1792; m. ABIJAH 

9179 Silence, b. May 10, 1794. 

9180 Seth, Jr., b. Feb. 17, 1796. 

9181 Nancy, b. 1798. 

9182 Julia, b. 1801. 

432 DAVID CARGILL (Dorcas Arnold, Bath- 
Bheba Ballou, James, Maturin), b. Cumber- 
land, R. I., May 2, 1765, d. Oct. 19, 
1856, ae. 92; m. THANKFUL WHITE, dau. 

and Susanna (Robinson) White, b. 

Sept. 9, 1771, d. Mar. 26, 1852, ae. 81y; 
int. Arnold Mills Cem. 















Benjamin, b. Oct. 12, 1790. 
Barton, b. Feb. 2, 1793. 
Willard, b. Feb. 20, 1795. 
Olney, b. Oct. 25, 1796. 
Jason, b. Feb. 4, 1799. 
Susan, b. Mar. 24, 1802. 
Stuart, b. Oct. 29, 1803. 
James, b. Jan. 8, 1806. 
William, b. Apr. 24, 1808. 
Amy Ann, b. Jan. 18, 1811. 
Fanny, b. May 15, 1813. 
CYNTHIA ANNA, b. Feb. 13, 1818; m. 

447 SARAH BALLOU (Peter, Nehemiah, James, 
Matxirin), b. Pomfret, Conn., Mar. 3, 
1772, d. Moosup, Conn., Dec. 22, 1843; 
m. JAMES PHILLIPS, s. William and Phebe 
(Wheeler) Phillips, who d. Woodstock, 
Conn., Mar. 4, 1838; she int. Moosup, 
Conn. Cem.; he int. Woodstock, Conn. Cem. 

Issue, PHILLIPS, b. Plainfleld, Conn.: 
9195 SUSAN PERRY, b. Feb. 22, 1816; m. 


9196 James, Jr., m. — 

-; res. Cleveland, 

181 SARAH JILLSON (Sarah Ballou, James, 
James, Maturin), b. Cumberland, R. I., 
Dec. 8, 1745, d. 1818; m. Cumberland, R. 
I., Mar. 4, 1765, SILAS GASKILL, s. Jona- 
than, Sr. and Alice (Pickering) Gaskill, 
b. Salem, Mass., d. Owego Co., N. Y., 
Apr. 25, 1818. 

Records in posses 
at Owego report that 
from Cumberland, R. 
H., to Cox's Patent, 
1789. There they se 
ners, his family the 
of grown sons. The 
vary, but he is most 
ited with eight. 

sion of descendants 

Silas Gaskill came 

I., via Richmond, N. 

New York State in 

ttled Gaskill Cor- 

n consisting mostly 

number of children 

authentically cred- 

Issue, GASKILL, 1st 4 b. Richmond, N. R.: 

726 Sylvanus, b. Sept. 5, 1765; no fur- 
ther record. 

727 WILDER, b. Oct. 6, 1767; m. (1) 
LUCY ; (2) UARY . 

728 DRIAH, b. Oct. 31, 1769; m. LDCY 

729 JONATHAN, b. Aug. 21, 1772; m. ELIZA- 


729c JOSEPH, m. . 

729d Sally or Elizabeth, d. unm. 

178 PHILLIS JILLSON (Uriah, Nathaniel, 
James) (Sarah Ballou, James, James, Ma- 
turin), b. Cumberland, R. I., Oct. 31, 
1738, d. Mar. 21, 1315; m. (1) Cumber- 
land, R. I., Oct. 20, 1757, by groom's 
brother, CAPTAIN NICHOLAS COOK, 3rd, s. 
(STAPLES) COOK, b. Bellingham, Mass., 
Feb. 7, 1735^6, d. Richmond, N. H. , Sept. 

15, 1791, ae. 56/7; (2) as 2nd wife, 
Nov. 1, 1803, PAUL BOYCE, who d. 1817, 
ae. 81; bur. Aldrich Cem. 

Capt. Nicholas Cook removed to Rich- 
mond, N. H., prior to 1775, as his son 
Luther was born Apr. 13, 1775. The town 
of Richmond voted Jan. 14, 1778 to raise 
men for the Continental service for the 
war with Great Britain, and we find that 
Capt. Nicholas Cook was chosen as one of 
the committee of three to hire said men. 

Issue, COOil, i -3 b. Bellingham, Mass., 
7-10 b. Richmond, N. H. : 

709 Uriah, b. June 27, 1760; m. Mary 
Comstock, who m. (2) Joseph Hol- 
brook; moved to Shrewsbury, Vt.; 

710 Lucina, b. Mar. 8, 1764, d. Rich- 
mond, Mar. or June 11, 1842, ae. 
78; m. Dec. 9, 1790, Joseph Hol- 
brook, who d. Apr. 3, 1835, ae. 69 
or 95; int. Whipple Hill Cem., Rich- 
mond, N. H. 

711 JEREMIAH, b. Aug. 4, 1766; m. RUTH 

712 Lydia, b. Oct. IS, 1768; m. Calvin 

713 Calvin, b. Mar. 4, 1771, d.y. 

714 ftilllam, b. Apr. 10, 1V73, d. Sept. 
13, 1775. 

178a Luther, b. Apr. IS, 1776, d. Apr. 
30, 1851, ae. 75; m. (l) Aug. 17, 
1600, Lillis Hix, who d. Nov. 17, 
1630, ae. 54; (2) Delilia Harris, 
b. Sept. 18, 1788, d. Feb. 19, 
1845, ae. 57;' int. Aldrich Cem. 

178b Nathaniel, d. Richmond, N. H. • 

178c Nicholas, d. Richmond, N. H. 

178d Luke Cass, b. Nov. 15, 1781, d. 
Oct. 4, 1844; m. 1802, Clarissa 
V^inslow, who d. Aug. 23, 1845; 
removed to Onondaga, N. Y.; both 
int. Andover, Ohio. 


521 NATHINIEL STREETER (Rhoda Ballou, 
Peter, John, John, Matxirln), b. Smith- 
field, R. I., July 3, 1775; m. Oct. 31, 
1799, WAITE WILKINSON, dau. Robert Wilkin- 

Issue, STREETER, inc.: 
9197 Lucy W., b. May 29, 1811, d. Dec. 
7, 1846; m. Nov. 15, 1830, Lorenzo 
Smith Brown, s. James and Abigail 
(Smith) Brown; issue. Brown, inc.: 
9198 Abby F., b. Smithfield, Mar. 
18, 1841; m. Dec. 18, 1858, 
Matthew Pollard; issue. Pol- 
lard, inc.: 

9199 Alfred Ernest, b. Ox- 
bridge, Mass., May 7, 
1860, d. Brooklyn, N. 
Y., Feb. 27, 1927; m. 
Ashton, R. I., Aug. 24, 
1887, by Rev. Robert 
Murry, Maria Emma Tay- 
lor, dau. George and 
Ann (Raynor) '^aylor, b. 
Eng., May 31, 1861; is- 
sue. Pollard, b. Ashton: 

9200 Amelia K. A., b. 
Mar. 9, 1889; m. 
Apr. 24, 1909, by 
Rev. Thomas Cocroft, 
Jesse Bottomley, s. 
Edward and Clara 

E. (Phillips) Bot- 
tomley, grds. James 
and Sarah Ellen, 
of Manchester, Eng., 
b. Providence, Mar. 
26, 1882. No issue. 

9201 Raymond G., b. Oct. 
25, 1891. 

9202 F. Isabelle, b. 
Aug. 29, 1893. 

9203 Louis T., b. Mar. 
11, 1895. 

9204 Irving S., b. Jan. 
7, 1900. 

581 MARTIN B^LOO (Benjamin, Rev. Matur- 
in, Peter, John, Maturin), b. per. Foster, 
R. I., or Guilford, Vt., Apr. 18, 1777, 
d. Monroe, Mass., Apr. 6, 1853, in 77th 
yr.; m. (l) Guilford, Vt., Jan. 1800, 5 

ANNIE BRIANT, dau. Jacob and Lydia 
(Giles) Briant, b. Marlboro, Vt., d. 
Monroe, Mass., Apr. 1, 1831, ae. 53; (2) 
Feb. 1832, PRUDENCE PHELPS, of Monroe, 
Mass., who d. Monroe, Mass., June 1853. 

Issue, BALLOU, 1st b. Guilford, Vt., 
others b. Monroe, Mass.: 

1865 Mary, b. May 3, 1801. 

1866 Anna, b. July 15, 1803. 

1867 Darius, b. July 3, 1805. 

1868 Martin M., b. May 18, 1807. 

1869 LYDIA, b. Oct. 20, 1810; m. HIRAM 

1870 Lucinda, b. July 18, 1613. 

1871 Asahel, b. Nov. 15, 1815. 
Issue, BALLOD, by 2nd wife, b. Monroe, 
Mass. : 

1872 Alvah Benjamin, b. Feb. 15, 1834. 

1873 Charles Alfred, b. Oct. 16, 1836. 

1874 Almon D., b. Nov. 21, 1839. 

1875 William F., b. Apr. 3, 1841. 

1876 Irvine W., b. Apr. 26, 1843. 

1877 Sarah M., b. Apr. 3, 1849. 

569 LYDIA BALLOU (Benjamin, Rev. Matur- 
in, Peter, John, Maturin), b. prob. Guil- 
ford, Vt., Friday, Sept. 24, 1779; m. 
Guilford, Vt., JACOB BRIANT, JR., s. 
Jacob and Lydia (Giles) Briant, b. Marl- 
boro, Vt.; rem. to Medina, Ohio. 

Issue, BRIANT: 

1878 Martin, b. Mar. 3, 1800; m. Anna 

1879 LYDIA HORTON, b. Monroe, Mass., 
Aug. 27, 1804; m. JOHN MICHAEL 

1880 Leafy, unm. 

1881 Belinda, m. Putnam, findley, 


1882 Asahel, m. Sarah Stockwell. 

1883 Rose, m. . 

1884 Barbara, m. Dimmick. 

1885 Alonzo, m. . 

599 LYDIA MOSES (Lydia Ballou, Rev. Ma- 
turin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Warwick 
or Harwich, Mass., May 1786, d. St. 
Johnsbury or ^t^utland, Vt., May 1, 1871, 
ae. 85; m. (l) ZEPHANIAH KINGSLEY, b. 
Warwick, Mass., 1801-2, killed by fall 


of a tree, Uontpelier, Vt., June 1805; 
(2) Dec. 5, 1805, JONATHAN EDDY, s. David 
and Keziah (Ormsbee) Eddy, b. Rehoboth, 
Mass., Wot. 28, 1766, d. Montpelier, Vt., 
Mar. 11, 1827, ae. 60. 

Issue, KINGSLEY, b. Montpelier, Vt.: 

1938 Alonzo, b. Mar. 23, 1804. 
Issue, EDDY, b. Montpelier, Vt.: 

1939 David, d. ae. 2 yrs. 

1940 JAMES MADISON, b. Nov. 6, 1808; m. 

1941 Lauriston, b. Aug. 24, 1811, d. Bos- 
ton, Aug. 25, 1845 or '46; m. Jan. 
9, 1843, Eliza Gardner, b. Bowdoin- 
ham. Me., Jan. 16, 1819; issue, Ed- 

9205 Son, m. ; issue, Eddy: 

9206 Child. 

1942 Samantha, b. ^ug. 24, 1811, twin. 

617 OLIVE BALLOD (Nathan, t^ev. Maturin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Richmond, N. H., 
Mar. 26, 1797; m. Mar. 26, 1819, JEDOTHAN 
ROBERTS, b. May 10, 1789, d. Feb. 18, 

Issue, ROBERTS, b. Monroe, Mass.: 

2007 MARY BALLOD, b. May 4, 1820; m. AL- 

2008 Nathan, b. Sept. 8, 1821. 

2009 Sylvanla, d. ab. 1854. 

2010 Nancy, b. Aug. 7, 1827; m. Jan. 17, 
1854, Warren Tower. 

625 NATHAN BALLOD (Nathan, ^ev. Maturin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Monroe, Mass., 
Apr. 14, 1808; m. June 14, 1834, ADRILLA 
BISHOP, dau. Joy and Abigail (i^lakeslee) 
Bishop, b. Jan. 15, 1813. No issue. 

664 ROSEA BALLOD (Oliver, Peter, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Hanover, N. H., Oct. 
1, 1800, d. Beaver Dam, Wis., Oct. 18, 
1855; m. Apr. 6, 1822, CYNTHIA P. SAN- 
BORN, dau. Joseph Sanborn. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. -bristol, except 1st 3 
b. Hill and 4th b. Alexandria, N. H. : 

2154 IRA PERSONS, b. Sept. 10, 1823; m. 

2155 Mary Jane, b. Mar. 8, 1827, d. Oct. 
24, 1829. 

2156 Sarah Jane, b. i!<ov. 28, 1829, d. 
Nov. 11, 1831. 

2157 Charlotte Augusta, b. ':'.ept. 7, 1833; 

m. July 22, 1853, George F. Preston, 
who d. Fort Bridger, Utah, Dec. 
17, i860; until 1898, she res. Alex- 
andria, then in New Hampton, N. H. 

2158 ELLEN MARIA, b. July 23, 1837; m. 

2159 LDISDE LEON, b. Dec. 4, 1842. Enl. 
from Alexandria, Aug. 12, 1862, in 
Co. C., 12th Regt. Passed unscath- 
ed through the battles of Frederick 
sburg and Swift Creek, but at the 
battle of Drury's Bluff, Va., May 
16, '64, he was struck by a minie 
ball which entered his neok at the 
right ear, and came out at the back 
of his neck, carrying away part of 
the spine. The flow of blood was 
so profuse that it was supposed 
this alone would cause death in a 
few minutes. Capt. James *. Saun- 
ders, the company commander, bound 
his handkerchief about the wound, 
placed him in a reclining position 
against the stump and left him un- 
conscious, and, as he supposed, at 
death's door. A little later he 
was carried to a field hospital 
where Surgeon Hadley B. Fowler hast- 
ily dressed the woxind. Two days 
later, he was sent to the Hampton 
Hospital, thence to the Pt. of 
Rocks Hospital, and the next day to 
Fortress i^nroe. There he lay on 
one side for eight weeks without be- 
ing moved, from Fortress ^nroe, 

he was sent to the West i'hiladelph- 
ia hospital, which had at that time 
ten thousand beds. From May to Dec- 
ember he could not raise his chin 
from his chest, and six months af- 
ter the wound was received, three 
pieces of the bone v/ere removed 
from the spine. Jan. 23, '65, he 
was transferred to Co. D., Vet. Res. 
Corps, and disch. July 6, '65, at 
Brattleboro, Vt. Mr. Ballou lived 
on the east side of Pemigewasset, 
but the rest of his life was a great 
sufferer, nearly being incapicitat- 
ed from labor. Dnm. 

2160 Anna Belle, b. Aug. 24, 1852, d. 
Oct. 14, 1854. 

665 HORACE BALLOD (Oliver, Peter, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Hanover, N. H., Nov. 
8, 1801, d. Bristol, N. H., Feb. 6, 1891, 


ae. 89y 3m 29d; m. Alexandria, N. H. , 
May 27, 1827, MAEY BEAN SIMONDS, dau. 
Celeb and Lois (Phelps) Simonds, b. Alex- 
andria, N. H., Apr. 12, 1809, d. Bristol, 
N. H., J une SO, 1894, ae. 85y 2m 18d. 

Colonel Horace Ballou moved to Bris- 
tol in 1869, and was a successful mer- 
chant at the Homestead on Lake Street, 
formerly an old Tavern. Previous to 
this he was a prominent merchant of Alex- 
andria, where he was for many years Post- 
master. He held the rank of Colonel in 
the State Militia, and was a member of 
the Alexandria Methodist Church. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Alexandria, N. H. : 

2161 Caleb S., b. Dec. 10, 1828, d. 
Sept. 4, 1832, ae. 3y 9a £4d. 

2162 Horace Selden, b. June 27, 1833, d. 
Apr. 22, 1854, ae. 20y 9m 25d. 

£165 Levi Bartlett, b. July 17, 1839, d. 
Mar. 2, 1841. 

2164 LDCIAK ADGDSTUS, b. May 4, 1844; m. 

666 ZARAH BALLOU (Oliver, Peter, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Enfield, S. H., Dec. 
10, 1802, d. Hi^l, N. H., Sept. 7, 1866, 
ae. 63y 8m 27d; m. Jan. 19, 1834, CARO- 
LINE TENNEY, b. "oY. 10, 1810, d. Alex- 
andria, H. H., Dec. 17, 1886, ae. 76y Im 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Hill, N. H.: 

2165 Warren, b. Oct. 29, 1834, d. unm., 
Manchester, Feb. 19, 1859, ae. 24y 
3m 16d. 

2166 Mary Jane, b. Mar. 21, 1837; m. 
William Saltmarsh, who d. Lawrence, 
Mass.; she res. Waltham, Mass. 

2167 Persis Garland, b. Apr. 10, 1839, 
d. Jan. 31, 1852. 

2168 Silas, b. July 28, 1841; m. Abbie 
Simonds; res. So. Alexandria, N. H. 

2169 James T., b. Dec. 12, 1843, d. unm., 
Apr. 2, 1893, ae. 49y 3m 14d, of 
accidental gunshot wound received 
while hunting. 

2170 ZARAH MARSHALL, b. Aug. 28, 1845; 

2171 Ada K., b. J\ily 24, 1847; res. unm. 
17 Farnham i>t., Lawrence, Mass. 

2172 HILAND, b. Apr. 25, 1850; m. . 

2173 Eveline, b. Nov. 8, 1852, d. Walt- 
ham, Mass., ; m. Alexander 

Healey; 2 children. 

667 JOHN WESLEY BALLOD (Oliver, Peter, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Hanover, N. 
H., Mar. 4, L807, d. Bristol, N. H., 
Aug. 25, 1887, ae. 80y 5m 21d; m. New 
Hampton, N. H., Mar. 24, 1833, by Rev. 
Ebenezer Fisk, THIRZA EVANS, dau. Gard- 
ner and Levina (Wells) Evans, b. Hill, 
N. H., Apr. 25, 1813, d. Bristol, N. H., 
Apr. 3, 1895, ae. 82y 8d. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Franklin, N. H.: 

2174 HIRAM PEABODY, b. Oct. 25, 1833; 

2175 Frederick W., b. Jan. 21, 1835, 
d. Salisbury, Feb. 1892, ae. 57; 
m. Mary A. (Huntoon), Holmes, dau. 
David and Lucy A. Huntoon, wid. 
Silas Holmes, b. Leominster, Mass., 
May 1835, d. while on a visit in 
Cantoocoak, Dec. 1892, ae. 57; en- 
gaged in watch and clock repairing 
from 1868-1875, located at the cor- 
ner of Central Square and Spring 
St., and on Pleasant St., Bristol, 
N. H. ; later rem. to Salisbury, N. 
H. , where he died. No issue. 

2176 John Wesley, Jr., b. Hill, Oct. 21, 
1837; m. Portsmouth, May 12, 1860, 
by Rev. A. J. Patterson, Helen E. 
Nye, dau. Henry and Mary L. 
(Locke) Nye, b. Gaysville, Vt., 
May 29, 1837; knitter and inventor 
of knitting machinery, Bristol, 
Penn. ; issue, Ballou: 

5984 Minnie F., b. Gonlc, N. H., 
May 29, 1861, d. Gonlc, Aug. 
1, 1863. 

2177 Horace Augustus, b. Hill, Feb. 4, 
1840, d. Nashua, N. H., Sept. 5, 
1931; m. (1) Webster, N. H. , Jan. 
4, 1876, Sula A. Courser, dau. 
Rice and Sarah (Page) Courser, b. 
Webster, 1849, d. Apr. 13, 1880; 
(2) Nashua, June 20, 1882, by Rev. 
Mr. Raymond, Carrie J. Atwood, dau. 
Stephen F. and Catherine (Hutchin- 
son) Atwood, b. Nashua, Mar. 20, 
1856. Member of the Nashua, N. H., 
Police Force nearly all his life, 
and the first man to receive a city 
pension. Born in a log cabin, Mr. 
Ballou had in his possession a kni- 
fe and fork which were the proper- 
ty of Daniel Webster, and a pewter 


plate owned by President Franklin 
Pierce, the only President from Hew 
Hampshire. No issue. 

2178 ISAAC CLAEK, b. Hill, Apr. 25, 
1842; m. IDA I. HASTINGS. 

2179 Rufus M., b. Sept. 21, 1847, drown- 
ed Aug. 11, 1859. 

2180 GEORGE WINSLOW, b. Mar. SI, 1852; 

668 ELIJAH BALLOO (Oliver, Peter, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. prob. Enfield, N. H., 

twin with Elisha, d. Hill, N. H., j 

m. (1) Aug. 24, 18S4, ELIZ ABETH PEASLEE, 
who d.s.p.; (2) Mar. 1, 1840, NANCY TIR- 
RELL, dau. Samuel and Polly (Pressey) 
Tirrell, b. Bristol, N. H., May 12, 1834, 
d. Franklin, N. H., Sept. 14, 1880. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Bristol, except 7th 
b. Hill, N. H.: 

2181 Maria Ann, b. Apr. 5, 1841; m. 
Martin M. ^elson; res. Franklin 
Falls, N. H. 

2182 Weston, b. June 5, 1843; m. Mary 
Boswell, of Hill, who d. Aug. 3, 
1872, ae. 32; enl. from Alexandria, 
Sept. 10, «61 in Co. H, 4th Regt.; 
wounded July 13, '64 near Peters- 
burg, Va.; mustered out Sept. 22, 
1864; removed to the West. 

2183 Wayland, b. ^ct. 16, 1844, d. July 

4, 1883, ae. 38y 8m 18d; m. Emma 
Griffith, dau. James W. Griffith, 
who m. (2) Amos Tirrell, and res. 
Nashua; workman in paper mill; ma- 
son. Lt. "•ayland Ballou enl. from 
Hill, Sept. 12, »61, in Co. H, 4th 
Regt.; re-enl. Feb. 18, '64; wound- 
ed July 13, '64; appointed Sergt*; 
disch. Feb. 28, '65, to accept pro- 
motion; appointed Sec. Lt., Co. I, 
6th Inf., U. s. Colored Troops, and 
mustered Feb. 9, •65 to date Nov. 
19, '64; mustered out Sept. 20, '65. 
Com. 1st Lt. in militia. May 6, »68. 

2184 Nellie, b. Sept. 1, 1848; m. Napo- 
leon Burleigh; res. Concord, N. H. 

2185 Alfred N., b. June 12, 1850; m. 
Zilpha White; res. Franklin, N. H. 

2186 Emma J., b. Jan. 12, 1852, d. Frank- 
lin, June 2, 1875, ae. 23y 4m 20d. 

2187 Clara, b. May 28, 1855; m. Carlos 

5. Morey; res. Boscawen, N. H. 

669 ELISHA BALLOO (Oliver, Peter, Peter, 

John, Maturin), b. prob. Enfield, N. H., 
twin with Elijah; m. Feb. 18, 1843, LD- 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Alexandria, N. H. : 

2188 Mary A., b. Mar. 30, 1844. 

2189 Lucy A., b. July 17, 1845. 

2190 CHARLES EDSON, b. Mar. 5, 1846; 

2191 Laura M., b. Mar. 22, 1848. 

2192 JOHN A., b. Aug. 11, 1850; m. MARY 

2193 Orison, b. May 25, 1854; m. Nellie 
M. Harden, dau. Edwin Oscar and 
Emily Jane (Heath) Marden, b. Hill, 
Oct. 5, 1857, d. Oct. 19, 1897, ae. 
40y 14d, who m. (2) Oct. 1888, 
William Gorman. 

2194 Ellen E., b. June 4, 1859. 

1486 CANDACE BALLOD (J Irah, Eleazer, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Glocester, 
now Burrillville, R. I., July 12, 1721, 
d. Berlin, Conn., 1854; m. R. I., Nov. 
26, 1801, by John Armstrong, SAMUEL MAT- 
HEWSON, s. Joseph and Betty (Brown) Mat- 
hewson, b. Smithfield, R. I. 

Issue, MATHEWSON, b. Burrillville, R. I.: 
9205 Adah, b. May 11, 1802; m. (l) Sept. 
25, 1825, Ephraim Taylor, of R. I., 
div., 1849; (2) 1856, John Wright, 
of Coventry, Conn.; issue, Taylor: 

9206 Ephraim, Jr. 

9207 Mary. 

9208 Susanna, b. Oct. 15, 1803, d. Mans- 
field, Conn., July 10, 1868; m. Har- 
low Fowler, s. James Fowler, of E. 
Hartford, Conn., b. Manchester, Ct., 
d. Mansfield, Oct. 5, 1888, ae. 88; 
int. Center Cem., Coventry, Conn.; 
issue. Fowler: 

9209 Harlow, Jr.; has grdson, Har- 
ry, of Hartford. 

9210 Vimeria, b. Nov. 19, 1836, 
d. May 19, 1931. 

9211 Esther, d. 1885. 

9212 Charlotte, b. Aug. 17, 1805, d. 

Coventry, Oct. 29, 1855; m. June 7, 
1831, John Wright, Jr., b. Coven- 
try, Feb. 25, 1807, d. Jan. 18, 
1892; int. Center Cem., Coventry, 
Conn.; issue, Wright, b. Coventry: 

9213 John Elijah, b. Mar. 31, 1836, 
d. July 17, 1885. 

9214 Eunice Jane, b. Feb. 26, 


1843, d. July 21, 1918. 
9215 Julia Ann, b. July 27, 1807, d. Cov- 
entry, Mar. 26, 1895; m. Coventry, 
Sept. 22, 1830, Austin Benton, s. 
Adonljah Benton, b. Tolland, Nov. 
14, 1806, d. Stafford, July 27, 
1870, ae. 63; int. Stafford Springs, 
Conn. Cem. ; issue, Benton: 

9216 Emily, b. 1832, d. 1852. 

9217 Capt. George, b. 1835, d. 1863. 

9218 Wilbur, b. 1840, d. 1863. 
9219 Polly M., b. May 17, 1809, d. Tol- 
land; m. Coventry, 1831, Benjamin 
D. Benton, s. Adonljah Benton, b. 
Tolland, Feb. 22, 1809; issue, Ben- 

9220 Henry, b. Mar. 19, 1838, d. 

Apr. 23, 1902; Civil War Vet. 

9221 Dearborn, b. Mar. 27, 1811; m. (l) 
Maria Whiton, of Tolland; (2) Levan- 
gie Kimball; rem. to Ohio. 

9222 Phebe, b. June 22, 1813; m. John Lon 
don; issue, London: 

9223 Candace. 

9224 Sessions, b. May 5, 1815, d. May 14, 
1867; m. Ann Strickland, of Bolton, 
b. Aug. 85, 1817, d. Oct. 5, 1892; 

9 chn. 

9225 Laura, b. Mar. 15, 1817; m. Elijah 
Whiton, Jr., of Tolland; rem. to 
New 01m, Minn., where Mr. Whiton 
was killed by Indians; issue, Whit- 

9226 John. 

9227 Jane. 

9228 Mary. 

9229 Esther Wood, b. ^ov. 30, 1822, d. 
unm., Berlin, Apr. 19, 1848; int. 
Berlin, Conn. 

Sarah Inman, Susanna Ballou, James, Matur- 
in), b. Nov. 23, 1787, d. Aug. 1862; m. 
AMEY FORD, dau. Joseph and Olive (irons) 
Ford, b. June 24, 1790, d. Feb. 28, 1854. 


9230 Laura, m. Squire B. Tucker. 

9231 Otis, m. Mary Ann Latham. 
9832 Hollis. 

9233 Nelson. 

9234 ISRAEL BOWEN, b. Apr. 20, 1822; m. 

9235 Lewis. 

9236 Amey, m. ii-arl Colvin. No issue. 

9178 RHODA HARDING (Rhoda Cargill, Dor- 
cas Arnold, Bathsheba Ballou, James, 
Maturin), b. Jan. 5, 1792; m. ABIJAH 
WHITE, of I'urentham, Mass. 

Issue, WHITE: 

9237 Charles Albert. 

9238 Susan Emily. 

9239 Thomas Nelson. 

9240 Mary Maria. 

9241 Adelia Harding. 

9242 Julia Ann. 

9243 Ellen Sophia. 

9244 Ann Amelia. 

9194 CYNTHIA AUNA CARGILL (David Cargill 
Dorcas Arnold, Bathsheba Ballou, James, 
Ifaturin), b. Feb. 13, 1818, d. July 21, 
1890; m. Hoy. 30, 1843, LEWIS CARPENTER, 
s. John and Nancy (Bishop) Carpenter, 

b. May 12, 1817, d. Apr. 28, 1896; int. 
Carpenter Cem., Adamsdale, Mass. 



9246 Clare Abby, m. Charles Aionzo Bel- 
lows, of Providence, R. I. 

9247 Emily Ann, m. ^nry Metcalf, of 
Arnolds Mills, R. I. 

9248 Jesse Albert, m. (l) Medora Jenckes 
(2) Ida Lees. 

9249 Edwin Francis, m. Annie ^ee. 

9195 SUSAN PERRY PHILLIPS (Sarah Ballou, 
Peter, Nehemiah, James, Maturin), b. 
Plainfield, Conn., Feb. 22, 1816, d. Ster 
ling Hill, Conn., Jan. 18, 1892; m. 
Brooklyn, Conn., -apr. 15, 1836, by Rev. 
George J. Tillotson, CHARLES CHAIN, s. 
John and Abigail (Faulkner) Grain, b. 
Pomfret, Conn., Feb. 10, 1813, d. Ster- 
ling Hill, Conn., Sept. 27, 1864; int. 
Union Cem., Moosup, Conn. Hotel keeper 
and blacksmith. 

Issue, CHAIN, b. Plainfield, Conn.: 
P250 SARAH JANE, b. July 15, 1846; m. 

9251 Charles, Jr., b. July 25, 1844; m. 
Sarah M. Hazen. 

9252 Georgia Anna, b. Oct. 23, 1848, d. 
Oct. 24, 1849, ae. 11m 14d. 

9253 Susan Ella, b. 1855, d. June 17, 
1863, ae. 8y 9m. 



727 WILDER GASKILL (Sarah Jillson, Sar- 
ah Ballou, James, James, Maturin), b. 
Richmond, H. H. , Oct. 6, 1767, d. Tioga 
Co., N. Y., July 22, 1822, ae. ?50; m. 

(1) LDCY , who d. Tioga Co., H. Y., 

Aug. 14, 1802; (2) MARY , who m. (3) 

Camp; he Is Int. Apalachln Cam. 

Wilder Gasklll's will, dated Xioga 
Co., M. Y., May 21, 1822, was probated 
Oct. 20, 1825. 

Issue, GASKILL, by 1st wife, b. Owego or 
Tioga Cos., N. Y.: 

9254 SILVANDS, b. July 19, 1789; m. 

9255 William. 

9256 Stephen. 

9257 Nancy. 

9258 Sarah. 

Issue, GASKILL, by 2nd wife, prob. b. 
Owego Co., N. Y.: 

9259 Lucy. 

9260 Mary. 

9261 James. 

728 URIAH GASKILL (Sarah Jillson, Sarah 
Ballou, James, James, James, JUaturin), b. 
Richmond, N. H., Oct. 31, 1769; m. N. Y., 
1790, LUCY ELTON. 

Issue, GASKILL: 

9262 Elizabeth, m. Paddock Smith; 4 chn. 

9263 Olive, m. John lowsley; 2 chn. 

729 JONATHAN GASKILL (Sarah Jillson, 
Sarah Ballou, James, James, Maturin), b. 
Richmond, N. H., Aug. 21, 1772, d. N. Y., 
1805; m. N. Y. or R. I., ELIZABETH ALLEN, 
who m. (2) 1806, Jonathan Gaskill, of New 
Hampshire, cousin of her 1st husband; rem. 
to 111. 

Issue, GASKILL: 

9264 Provided, m. Palmer. 

9265 Elizabeth, d. unm. 

9266 Phebe, m. Rev. John Benson, a Metho- 
dist minister. 

Issue, GASKILL, by 2nd husband: 

9267 Nicene, b. 1807; m. Mar. 13, 1827, 
James Nearing. 

9268 Samuel, d. unm. 

9269 Allen, m. Anna Van Bront. 

9270 Caroline, m. Levi Abernathy. 

9271 Eleazer, d.y. 

9272 Lamar, d.y. 

729a PAUL GASKILL (Sarah Jillson, 
Sarah Ballou, James, James, Maturin), 
m. JEMIMA CROCKER; rem. to 111. 

Issue, GASKILL: 

9273 Silas, m. Ellen Clark, sister of 
David Clark. 

9274 Sally, m. Martin West. 

9275 Provided, m. Bunyon. 

9276 Olive, m. David Clark. 

9277 James, d. unm. 

9278 Joseph, rem. to Kans. 

9279 Joshua. 

9280 Wesley. 

729b DAVID GASKILL (Sarah Jillson, Sar- 
ah Ballou, James, James, Maturin), m. 
111., SARAH McMAHAN; rem. to 111. 

Issue, GASKILL: 

9281 Cynthia, m. Ebenezer Pickering. 

9282 Joseph, m. Mahala Riggin. 

9283 William, d. unm. 

9284 Katherine, d.y. 

9285 Elizabeth, d.y. 

9286 Robert, d.y. 

9287 Julia, twin. 

9288 Fanny, twin. 

9289 David, Jr., d.y. 

9290 Lucy, twin. 

9291 Phebe, twin. 

9292 Maryan. 

-; res. New York 

729c JOSEPH, m. 

Issue, GASKILL: 

9293 Paul. 

9294 David. 

9295 David. 

735 URIAH JILLSON (Uriah Jillson, 
Sarah Ballou, James, James, Maturin), b. 
Cumberland, R. I., Oct. 8, 1785, d. 
Douglas, Mass., June 21, 1863; m. Aug. 
1809, MARY TAFT, dau. Peleg and Susanna 
(Mann) Taft, b. Richmond, N. H., June 
10, 1789, d. Douglas, Mass., June 5, 
1865; int. Douglas, Mass. Cem. 

Issue, JILLSON, b. Cumberland, R. I.: 
9296 Teris Ann Merritt, b. Aug. 7, 

1810, d. July 22, 1833; m. Joseph 
Wilkinson; carpenter; issue, Wil- 
9297 Almira, b. Oct. 11, 1831, d. 



Sept. 5, 18&4. 
9298 Dea. Allen Bennett, b. Oct. 19, 

1812; m. Abby Hunt, dau. Nathaniel 

Hunt, of Webster, Mass., b. Dec. 16, 

1808; res. Woonsocket, R. I.: issue, 


9299 Henry Francello, b. Nov. 22, 
18S6, d. Sept. 2, 1858. 

9S00 George Francis, b. Aug. 11, 
1838, d. Aug. 13, 1840. 

9301 Francello George, b. Sept. 22, 
1841; m. Burrillville, R. I., 
Sept. 3, 1868, by Rev. S. L. 
Holman, Emma J . Potter, of 
Btirrillville, dau. Robert 
and Alice Potter; lawyer; 
res. Woonsocket, R. I.; is- 
sue, Jillson: 

9302 Francello Albert, b. 
Aug. 16, 1869. 

9303 Abby Madora, b. Mar. 20, 1843. 

9304 Ollys Allen, b. Aug. 13, 1845; 
m. May 17, 1871, Clara L. 
Ladd, dau. Joseph M. and Alma 
S. Ladd, of Providence; cash- 
ier in Weybosset Bank; res. 
Providence, R. I. 

9305 Lucy Taft, b. July 14, 1815; m. (l) 
John Hamilton; (2) Joseph Uason; 
issue, Hamilton: 

9306 Ranselier Gilbert, d. Flor- 
ence prison, S. C, during 
Civil War. 

9307 GILBERT LAMB, b. Dec. 23, 1819; m. 

741 SILAS JILLSON (Paul Jillson, Sarah 
Ballou, James, James, Uaturln), b. Rich- 
mond, N. H., Apr. 15, 1784, d. Richmond, 
N. H., July 28, 1861; m. Wrentham, Mass., 
(Clarke) Cook, b. Wrentham, Mass., Aug. 
9, 1789, d. Richmond, N. h.. Mar. 24, 
1869; farmer. 

Issue, JILLSON, b. Richmond, N. H. : 

9308 WHEATON CLARKE, b. July 2, 1810; m. 

9309 Asena H., b. May 4, 1812, d. Aug. 
22, 1818. 

9310 Anson H., b. Nov. 28, 1814, d. 
Sept. 4, 1817. 

9311 Emily L., b. Aug. 7, 1819, d. Aug. 
25, 1821. 

9312 Silas Gustin, b. Apr. 6, 1822, d. 

Feb. 9, 1832. 

9313 Stephen Cook, b. May 24, 1824, d. 
Nov. 26, 1825. 

9314 Elizabeth Adeline, b. Sept. 2, 
1826; m. Marcus Bullard; res. W. 
Swanzey, N. H. 

9315 Infant, b. Mar. 21, 1831, d. Mar. 
22, 1831. 

1042 JAMES BROWN (Elihu Brown, Ruth 
Ballou, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. 
Cumberland, R. I., Aug. 1, 1777, d. May 
19, 1816, ae. 39y 7m 18d; m. Nov. 27, 
1803, ABIGAIL ANN SMITH, dau. David and 
Martha (Newell) Smith, b. Attleboro, 
Mass., July 16, 1784, d. Cumberland, R. 
I., May 14, 1816, ae. 32. 

Because of errors in the two preced- 
ing generations, will give them here: 
Ruth^Nathaniel^James^Maturin-'- Ballou, b. 
Cumberland, R. I., Jan. 3, 1719/20, d. 
Cumberland, June 25, 1806, in 87th yr.; 
m. Cumberland, Dec. 11, 1740, Stephen, s. 
Capt. Joseph^ Jeremiah^Chadl and Sarah 
(Pray) Brown, b. Attleboro, Mass., Feb. 
3, 1714/5, d. Ciamberland, Sept. 28, 1795, 
in 81st yr.; had son: Elihu Brown, b. Cum- 
berland, Apr. 30, 1750, d. Cumberland, 
Feb. 29, 1832, ae. nearly 82; m. May 11, 
1777, Sarah, dau. Job and Freelove (Ar- 
nold) Arnold, who d. Cumberland, Feb. 12, 
1824, ae. 72y 11m 15d. These data from 
Mrs. Robert H. Perry, 2038 Manhattan Ave., 
Palo Alto, Calif. 

Issue, BROWN: 

3139 Harriet M. , b. Sept. 19, 1804; m. 
Preston Ballou. 

3140 Lorenzo Smith, b. Oct. 22, 1808; m. 
Lucy W. Streeter. 

3141 JAMES ARNOLD, b. Dtica, Aug. 22, 

1342 WILLIAM ROSS BALLOD (William, Oba- 
diah, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. No. 
Smithfleld, R. I., May 15, 1816, d. Feb. 
19, 1906; m. Feb. 15, 1852, ALICE BROWN, 
b. Laurel Hill, R. I., a short distance 
from the village now known as Bridgeton, 
Burrillville, R. I., Aug. 15, 1823, d. 
Sept. 4, 1854; contractor and builder. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Oxbridge, Mass.: 

4012 OSCAR BROWN, b. Sept. 19, 1853; m. 




Benjamin, Obadlah, James, Maturln), b. 
Dtlca, M. I., Sov. 18, 1814; m. (l) SARAH 
RI, 1842. 

The Ballou gen. does not mention the 
first marriage, but a granddaiighter has 
a certified account of the death of Sarah 
(Cottrell) Ballou, but no record of the 
marriage has been found. 

Issue, BALLOO, by 1st wife, b. prob. Hew 
lork City: 

9316 SARAH AfiN, m. JOHH D/ MOLL. 
9S17 Child. 

9318 Child. 

Issue, BALLOO, by 2nd wife; 

9319 Martin VanBuren, b. 1843, d. . 

9320 Amanda, b. Jan. 2, 1845. 

9321 William, b. Oct. 2, 1847. 

9322 Prosper, b. Aug. 12, 1849. 

1479 SILAS BALLOO (Jesse, Eleazer, Sam- 
uel, James, Maturin), b. Richmond, H. H., 
Dec. 10, 1787, d. Swanzey, N. H., Sept. 
16, 1872; m. (l) Feb. 8, 1810, ABM SADIi- 
DERS, dau. Ebenezer Saunders, of Fitz- 
william, M. H., b. May 13, 1790, d. Swan- 
zey, H. H., Feb. 6, 1853; (2) Swanzey, 
H. H., July 6, 1854, TABITHA M/ (PLOMB- 
LEI) COOMBS, wid. Chester Coombs, who d. 
Swanzey, N. H., Aug. 28, 1883. 

Issue, BALLOD, by 1st wife, b. Richmond, 
B. H. : 

4183 LEONARD, b. Feb. 1, 1811; m. (l) 

4184 Laiira Ann, b. Aug. 23, 1812; m. 
Ansel Bovirn. 

4185 WILLARD, b. Oct. 25, 1815; m. ABI- 

4186 Elisha, b. May 28, 1817, d. Apr. 
3, 1820. 

4187 AMASA, b. Jan. 1, 1819; m. (l) 

4188 Alzaida, b. July 28, 1820; m. Hen- 
ry Ballou, Jr. 

4189 Emily, b. Mar. 12, 1822; m. Oziel 

4190 Lorinda, b. Dec. 9, 1823; m. Oziel 


4191 SILAS WARREH, b. Nov. 5, 1825; m. 

4192 Lewis Asa, b. Feb. 4, 1829. 

4193 William Chase, b. Apr. 9, 1832, 
d. Sept. 1, 1833. 

1481 JIRAH BALLOD (Jesse, Eleazer, Sam- 
uel, James, Maturin), b. Richmond, N. H. , 
about 1790, d. Feb. 21, 1861, ae. 71; 
mi SYLVIA PHILLIPS, dau. Reuben Phillips, 
of Richmond, B. h. ; he is Int. Diamond 
Cem., Hale Township, Olin, Jones Co., la. 

Jirah Ballou left Richmond, B. H., 
and moved to Lawrence Co., N. Y., about 
1840. It seems evident that he then re- 
moved to St. Clair Co., Mich., thence 
to Jones Co., Iowa in 1854. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. prob. Richmond, B. H. : 
9323 Larinda, b. ab. 1825, d. Mich.; 
m. N. Y., Hiram Lashbrooks; rem. 
to Mich.; issue, Lashbrooks: 
9324 Dau., m. Phelps. 

9325 ANDREW, b. Feb. 14, 1830; m. PHIL- 

9326 ASA, b. 1835; m. RARDILLA BATCHEL- 

9327 Susanna, did not go to Mich. 

9328 Sylvia, did not go to Mich. 

1483 BARNABAS BALLOD (Jesse, Eleazer, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Richmond, 
B. H., about 1797, d. Armada, Macomb Co,, 
Mich., 1844; m. Richmond, N. H., sept. 
12, 1816, RACHEL BOWEB, dau. Nathan and 
Rachel (Stoddard) Bowen, b. Richmond, 
H. H., Nov. 26, 1799, d. Rowan, Wright 

Co., la.. Mar. 23, 1864, who m. (2) ; 

she is int. Graceland Cem., Rowan, la. 

For some years, Barnabas Ballou and 
his family lived on his father's farm in 
Richmond, but in 1825 moved to Canton, 
Lawrence Co., B. Y., where he remained 
until about 1831, when he continued his 
western Journey and settled in Portage 
Co., Ohio, finally arriving at Armada, 
Mich., where he followed the lumber busi- 
ness until his death. His wife's second 
marriage was an unhappy one, and she re- 
sided with her son Edwin Ballou. 

Issue, BALLOD, 1-4 b. Richmond, 5th b. 
Hew York State, 6-8 b. Canton, N. Y., 


9-10 b. Portage Co., Ohio: 
9S29 Nathan, b. 1817; 

9330 SILAS WAEREN, b. 1819; m. MARY JANE 

9331 Lovinia, b. 1821. 

9332 William, b. 1823, d.y. 

9333 Nathanlen, b. 1824/5. 

9334 Louisa, b. 1826, d. Feb. 1, 1897; 
m. Armada, Mich., Nathan Aldrlch, 
who d. Rowan, la., July 28, 1887; 
int. Graceland Cem., Rowan, la. 

9335 Andrew, b. 1828, d. in infancy. 

9336 Sarah, b. Dec. 1830, d. 1860; m. 
William Tibbets; 5 chn, all dec. 

9337 EDWIN, b. Feb. 10, 1832; m. EMILY 

9338 Andrew, b. 1834, d. during Civil 

1633 DDTEE BALLOD, JR/ (Dutee, Moses, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Greenfield, 
Saratoga Co., N. Y., May 21, 1813; m. 
Greenfield, N. Y., Feb. 10, 1842, by Rev. 
Studley Carr, RHODA MEDBDRY, dau. Stephen 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Greenfield, N. Y. : 

4569 Eugene Willard, b. Jan. 18, 1843, 

4570 Lydia Mary, b. Jan. 12, 1846; m. 
Jan. 13, 1866, George Place. 

4571 ERASTDS M., b. Apr. 23, 1848; m. 

4572 Nancy Oscelia, b. Mar. 3, 1850; m. 
George Rockwood. 

711 JEREMIAH COOK (Phillis Jillson, 
Sarah Ballou, James, James, Maturin), b. 
Bellingham, Mass., Aug. 4, 1766, d. New 
Haven, Vt., Sept. 19, 1839; m. Richmond, 
N. H., Jan. 1, 1790, ROTH MARTIN, dau. 
John, Jr. and Sarah (Winters) Martin, grd 
dau. John and Margery (Aldrich) Martin, 
b. Richmond, N. H., Sept. 21, 1769, d. 
New Haven, Vt., July 6, 1834; int. New 
Haven Mills, Vt. 

Issue, COOK, b. New Haven, Conn.: 

711a Philly, b. Sept. 26, 1790, d. Nov. 

16, 1817; m. Nov. 1, 1810, Besaleel 

711b Sarah, b. July 28, 1792, d. Oct. 9, 

1816; m. June 15, 1815, Daniel 

711c Lucina, b. Aug. 7, 1794, d. Nov. 

12, 1842; m. Nov. 1, 1816, Amos 


711d Capt. Calvin A., b. Jan. 16, 1797, 

d. Feb. 14, 1826. 
711e Julia, b. June 10, 1800, d. Aug. 

10, 1803. 
711f Altha, b. Mar. 26, 1802, d. Aug. 

17, 1803. 
711g Almeda, b. Sept. 27, 1804, d. July 

26, 1857. 

711h GDSTAVDS VASA, b. Apr. 13, 1807; 
m. (1) MARY FITCH; (2) HILA LEE. 
711i Calista, b. July 26, 1809, d. Apr. 

27, 1896. 

9155 BENJAMIN SMITH (Lydia Ballou, Elea- 
zer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Mar. 21, 
1781, d. Gouverneur, N. Y., 1826; m. MARY 
MITCHELL; int. Little Bow Cem., Gouver- 
nevir, N. Y. 

Issue, SMITH, per. inc.: 

9156 Jason, b. Hartford, N. y., 1802, d. 
Gouverneur, 1884; m. (1) JANE CRAW- 
FORD, dau. Robert Crawford, of 
Gouverneur; (2) Sophia (Massey) 
Thayer; son: 

9157 Gen. Samuel, b. Gouverneur, 

Aug. 18, 1834, d. Gouverneur, 
Aug. 1906; m. Rossie, N. Y. , 
June 13, 1854, Elizabeth Mark- 
wick, dau. William Markwick, 
of Rossie, b. June 7, 1834, d. 
Gouverneur, 1911; G.A.R., '61- 
•65; Co. I, 92nd Regt. N. Y. 
Volunteers; issue. Smith, b. 
Gouverneur, N. Y.: 
9157a Mary Louise, 1859- '62. 
9157b Albert Eugene, 56-99. 
9157c Maud Elizabeth, 76-96. 
9158 Prof. Elmer William, 
b. Jan. 22, 1868; m. 
Hamilton, Sept. 3, »95, 
Luella Kern, dau. Ed- 
ward Kern, b. Eaton, 
Feb. 20, 1869, by Dr. 
William Maynard; A.B., 
Colgate, 1891, A.M., 
1894, Litt D., 1936; 
post-grad, work, U. of 
Chicago and Harvard; 
Prof. Colgate Univ.; 
issue. Smith, b. Hamil- 
ton, N. Y.: 
9158a Markwick Kern, 

b. Nov. 9, 1896. 
9158b Albert Irving, "01 


1725 JOHH ORDE HOWRY (Mercy Ballou, Ben- 
jamin, John, John, John, Maturln), b. 
Smithfield, R. I., Feb. 24, 1820, d. 
Woonsocket, R. I., May 10, 1891; m. ABBY 
ANN HARRIS, dau. Benjamin and Lydia 
(Hutchinson) Harris, b. Dec. 30, 1828j 
farmer; woolen mill employee; int. Un- 
ion Cem., Woonsocket, R. I. 

Issue, MOWRY, b. Lincoln, R. I.: 

4864 WILLIAM JOHN, b. July 19, 1849; m. 

4865 Almeda Lydia, b. Jan. 16, 1852, 
d. unm., Sept. 18, 1922. 

4866 Nelson Harris, b. Sept. 7, 1855, 
d. Apr. 24, 1887. 

4867 Emma Ballou, b. June 23, 1855, d. 
Worcester, Nov. 17, 1928; m. Je- 
rome Hendrick; res. 1030 Main St., 
Worcester, Mass.; issue, H endrick: 

9339 Edith. 

9340 Lester, d.y. 

9341 Celise. 

9342 Chester. 

4868 Jennie Louisa, b. May 1, I860, d. 
unm., Apr. 28, 1887. 

1757 SIMEON BALLOU (Abraham, Simeon, 
Abraham, John, John, Maturin), b. No. 
Smithfield, R. I., prob. ab. 1787; m. 
ab. 1806, ROWENA EDDY, dau. Stephen and 
Zeruah (Ross) Eddy, b. 1788, d. Ho. 
Smithfield, R. I., Nov. 2, 1875. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Smithfield, R. I.: 

4930 Candace, b. Feb. 13, 1807. 

4931 Maria, b. Aug. 12, 1811. 

4932 Warren Simeon, b. Apr. 12, 1813. 

4933 Marcella R., b. Oct. 16, 1815; a. 
Sabln Ballou. 

4934 SABIK, b. July 18, 1818; m. MARY 

1788 AMOS BALLOU (George, Simeon, Abra- 
ham, John, John, Maturin), b. Providence, 
R. I., Dec. 24, 1811, d. Stockholm, N. 
Y., Jan. 26, 1876; m. Apr. 1829, DELIA 
CHILCOTT, b. Aug. 1, 1812, d. Stockholm, 
N. Y., Mar. 31, 1884; int. Buckton Cem., 
near Winthrop, N. Y. 

Mrs. Etta (Ballou) Laberdee writes: 1* 

"Amos and Delia Ballou came to Stock- 
holm, H. Y. from Crown Point, N. Y. 
There are conflicting opinions about 
where their children were born. I 
know Hiram and the following children 
were born In Stockholm. You will note 
Amos, Jr. is reported to have been 
born in Crown Point. If so, then Mary, 
George, Byron and Hosea probably were, 
because Amos and Delia never went back 
to Crown Point after taking up their 
residence in Stockholm, fi. Y. (That 
farm is owned and occupied by their 
grandson, Verne Hiram Ballou)." It is 
to Mrs. Laberdee that we are deeply 
grateful for having rescued this line 
from oblivion in oui* archives. 

Issue, BALLOU, 1-5 prob. b. Crown Point, 
others b. prob. Stockholm, 1. Y.: 

9343 MARY, b. May 14, 1831; m. (l) 

9344 George, b. Feb. 12, 1833; rem. to 
Mich.; changed name to Chilcott, 
later to Ballou; had son: 

9345 Bolivar. 

9346 Byron, b. Feb. 15, 1835. 

9347 HOSEA, b. Aug. 4, 1836; m. EUNICE 

9348 AMOS, JR., b. Sept. 23, 1838; m. 

9349 MINERVA, b. Nov. 4, 1840; m. HAR- 

9350 Lucinda, b. Mar. 31, 1843; m. 

Turner; both int. Buckton 

Cem. No issue. 

9351 HIRAM, b. Dec. 12, 1845; m. JENNIE 

9352 HENRY, b. June 19, 1850; m. HAR- 

9353 ALBERT, b. Aug. £0, 1852; m. ELLA 

9354 Charles, b. JvLLy 12, 1855; d. in 
early childhood. 

9355 Battle, b. Dec. 14, 1658, d. Oct. 
7, 1875. 

9356 Willie, b. Dec. IS, 1860, d. in 
early childhood; all Int. Buckton 
Cem., Winthrop, S. Y. 

1811 CLARISSA MERRICK (Polly Ballou, 
David, Abraham, John, John, Ma twin). 


b. St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., 1817, d. El- 
gin, 111., 1889; m. ELIJAH EHLE, b. San- 
dy Creek, S. Y., 1811, d. Elgin, 111., 
1881; descendants spell name AHLE; record 
given by Lucia Russell Fellows, Ells- 
worth, Maine, Sept. 19, 1916. 

Issue, EHLE: 

9357 Charles Edward Ahle, b. Sandy 

Creek, N. Y., 1847; m. Elgin, 111., 
Dec. 24, 1876, Ada Amelia Heath, 
dau. Milo^ichard AdamsSJoseph^ 
Heath, of Hartford, Conn., b. El- 
gin, Sept. 7, 1852; she had broth- 
ers Albert Henry and Eugene Horace 
Heath; issue, Ahle, b. Elgin, 111.: 

9358 Charles Heath, b. Mar. 28, 

9359 Elsie Lauretta, b. Mar. 28, 

9360 Vernie May, b. Apr. 15, 1882, 
d. Elgin, Feb. 28, 1904. 

1820 JOHN SABFORD BALLOD (Sanford J., 
William, Williaa, Maturin, John, Maturin) 
b. East Boston, Mass., Sept. 25, 1861, 
d. Winthrop, Mass., May 22, 1928; m. Ev- 
erett, Mass., July 16, 1884, by Rev. R. 
Georget W. and Abigail A. Gerrlng, b. E. 
Gloucester, Mass., Mov. 14, 1864; book- 
keeper; int. Winthrop, Mass. Cem. 

ISEue, BALLOn, 1-3 b. E. Boston, 4-6 b. 
Winthrop, Mass.: 


5445 Maude Gerrlng, 
unm.; teacher. 

9361 Jackson, b. Aug. 10, 1888, d. Aug . 
23, 1888. 

9362 ROTH WINTHROP, b. Mar. 16, 1893; 

9363 Dorothy Barbara, b. Sept. 26, 1895, 
d. Oct. 19, 1918. 

9364 John Maturin, b. Nov. 1, 1898; m. 
Winthrop, Sept. 15, 1923, by Rev. 
John Ivy, Evelyn Sawyer, dau. Wil- 
liam and Grace (Webster) Sawyer, 

b. Winthrop, Jan. 7, 1903: auditor; 
res. 52 Fairview Ave., Winthrop, 
Mass. Member B.F.A. No issue. 

1862 HON. MARTIN BALLOD (Asahel, Benja- 
min, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), 
b. Halifax, Vt., July 25, 1812, twin to 


b. Feb. 5, 1885; m. 
b. Dec. 18, 1886; 

Reuben; m. Princeton, 111., Jan. 28, 
1847, CATHERINE S. TUTTLE, dau. Carolus 
and Mary (Andrews) Tuttle. 

He was Judge, Counsellor-at-Law, and 
one of the oldest settlers at Princeton, 
County Seat of Bureau, 111. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Princeton, 111.: 

5505 Charles Tuttle, b. Oct. 27, 1848, 
d. Apr. 20, 1927; m. Sept. 18, 
1870, Luella Bates; they are int. 
in the Ballou lot at Boone, la. 

5506 William Starr, b. Dec. 11, 1850, 
d. unm., Boone, la., Feb. 23, 
1932; lawyer in Leadville, Colo., 
for many years. 

5507 FRANCIS MARTIN, b. June 27, 1853; 

5508 Elizabeth M., b. Aug. 1, 1855; m. 
Boston, 1881, Seth Mendall, dec; 
for many years she was a teacher 
in Boston; res. 18 Hunnewell 
Circle, Newton, Mass.; member B.F.A. 
Issue, Mendall: 

9365 Margaret Bonnais, b. June 

23, 1882; m. ; issue: 

9366 Dau., d. in Europe. 


9367 Dau. , 
9368 Mary Starr, 

m. ; no 

Addle Blanche, b. 
grad. Princeton, 111 
res. with sister. 

d. in Europe, 
b. Oct. 8, 1894; 

Apr. 25, 1863; 
H. £.; unm.; 

1863 ALVIN BALLOD, M. D. (Asahel, Ben- 
jamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Matur- 
in), b. Halifax, Vt., Jan. 11, 1816, 
twin to Almon, d. West Halifax, Windham 
Co., Vt., Apr. 9, 1896; m. Princeton, 
111., Feb. 23, 1848, MELISSA J. VADGHAN, 
dau. John Vaughan, b. N. H.; siirgeon of 
121st Regt. 111. Vols.; he is int. West 
Halifax, Vt. Cem. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Princeton, 111.: 
5510 Mary Abigail, b. May 18, 1850, d. 
"innetka, Chicago, 111., Oct. 1, 
1924; m. Jan. 7, 1872, Landon H. 
Ballou, s. iilmon and Martha H. 
(Larrabee) Ballou, b. Halifax, Sept. 
20, 1848, d. Brattleboro, Vt., Feb. 
6, 1907; Int. Meeting House Hill 
Cem., Brattleboro, Vt.; farmer at 
Halifax until father's death in 



1896, then moved to Brattleboro. 
Ho further information. 

5511 EllA JAHE, b. Sept. 12, 1853; m. 

5512 ALVIN MATOBIB, b. Nov. 3, 1856; m. 

5513 WILLIAM FOSTER, b. Aiig. 28, 1859; 

1864 ALMON BALLOU (Asahel, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturln, Peter, John, Matvirin), b. 
Halifax, Vt., Jan. 11, 1816, twin to Al- 

vin, d. ; m. (l) Halifax, Vt., June 

1840, SARAH TOWN HOUGHTON, b. Apr. 12, 
1817, d. Halifax, Vt., Nov. 18, 1855, 
dau. Artemus and Lois (Mather) Houghton; 
(2) Halifax, Vt., Nov. 26, 1856, MARTHA 
H. LARABEE, dau. Timothy and Cynthia 
Larabee, of Walpole, Vt., b. Oct. 20, 
1827, d. Jan. 15, 1904; farmer. 

Issue, BALLOU, by 1st wife, none by 2nd 
wife, as per Ballou gen., p. 770; b. Hali- 
fax, Vt.: 

5514 Sarah, b. July 29, 1844; m. Dec. 

14, 1864, Emerson Thurber. 

5515 Landon H., b. Sept. 20, 1848; m. 
Mary Abigail Ballou, q.v. 

5516 LOIS C, b. May 8, 1850; m. HERB- 

5517 Ella F., b. Feb. 16, 1855, d. Dec. 

15, 1862. 

1869 LYDIA BALLOU (Martin, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturln), b. 
Monroe, Mass., Oct. 20, 1810, d. Adams, 
Mass., Dec. 31, 1891; m. Monroe, Mass., 
Oct. 7, 1827, by her father (town clerk 
and Justice of the Peace), DR. HIRAM 
GRANGER SHELDON, s. James and Sarah 
(Kingsbury) Sheldon, b. Salisbury, Conn., 
Jan. 1805, d. Adams, Mass., Jan. 1892; 
int. Adams, Mass. 

Issue, SHELDON, 1-7 b. Monroe, 8-10 b. 
Adams, Mass.: 

5589 SARAH ANNA, b. Ax:[g. 23, 1829; m. 

5590 MYRON STILES, b. Aug. 21,1831; m. 

9369 CORDELIA EMOGENE, b. May 31, 1833; 

5592 HENRY ASAHEL, b. Oct. 25, 1834; m. 


5591 LETITIA CLIMENA, b. Feb. 12, 1836; 


9370 'HIRAM OSMAN, b. Aug. 9, 1839; m. 


9371 HORACE MELNER, b. Jan. 7, 1842; m. 

9372 JEROME MORTIMER, b. June 16, 1844; 

9373 ELMINA JOSEPHINE, b. Nov. 26, 1846; 

9374 ALBERT MELVIN, b. Oct. 6, 1849; m. 

1876 IRVINE WING BALLOU (Martin, Ben- 
jamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Matur- 
in), b. Monroe, Mass., Apr. 26, 1843, 
d. Monroe, Mass., Nov. 8, 1893; m. 
Florida, Mass., Feb. 16, 1868, by Rev. 
S. A. Blake, BETSY FINETTE KEMP, dau. 
Jesse H, Kemp, b. Florida, Mass., Apr. 
28, 1848, d. Greenfield, Mass., Jan. 17, 
1931; int. Florida, Mass. Cem. 

Her eldest son, Lewis Irvine Ballou, 
writes that his mother in her youth took 
the name of Nettie B. Kemp, not liking 
her given name of Betsy Finette. The 
former name is recorded in the Ballou gen. 
of 1888. "My mother was an invalid for 
many years. The first I remember her 
she was on crutches, and the last 30 
years was in a wheel chair, could not 
walk at all, and ten years before her . 
death had both le^s amputated above the 
knee. She lived with me the last 30 
years and was a very patient sufferer." 
She was a member of Edwin E. Day Relief 
Corps, No. 57. Irvine Wing Ballou enl. 
in Co. D, 24th Mass. Volunteer Infantry 
and served in the Civil War; member of 
C. D. Sanford Post, G.A.R. 

Issue, BALLOU, 1-5 b. Florida, 6-7 b. 
Monroe, Mass.: 

5617 LEWIS IRVINE, b. Nov. 30, 1868; m. 

5618 Angle Nettie, b. Avig. 11, 1871; m. 
(1) Aug. 3, 1901, Frank Pike; (2) 
liag. 9, 1909, Leverett Jones. 

5619 Sarah Lavlnia, b. Dec. 1, 1872, d. 
Aug. 30, 1876. 

5620 ALLEN LESLIE, b. Dec. 10, 1878; m. 

9375 RALPH LINWOOD, b. July 15, 1881; 

9376 WALTER LINLIE, b. Mar. 28, 1888; 



9377 Jesse Lincoln, b. Aug. 3, 1888, d. 
Aug. 3, 1888. 

1879 LYDIA HORTOM BRIAUT (Lydia Ballou, 
Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Matur 
In), b. Monroe, Mass., Aug. 27, 1804; m. 
Boston, Mass., 1827, JOBS MICHAEL MALOME, 
b. Ireland, June 24, 1797; int. Racine, 

Issue, HALONE, b. Boston, Mass.: 

9378 ELEANOR, b. Feb. 27, 1829; m. 

9379 MARY ELIZABETH, b. Jan. 24, 1831; 

9380 LIDIA, b. July 3, 1834? m. THOMAS 

9381 John, b. Jan. 12, 1839; m. Alice 

; res. Racine, Wis.; issue, 

Malone : 

9382 John, Jr. 

9383 Alice. 

9384 Lydia Bryant. 

9385 Mary. 

9386 Elizabeth, b. Dec. 15, 1843; m. Ra- 
cine, Wis., Gus Cary; issue, Gary: 

9387 George. 

9388 Mary. 

9389 Fred. 

9390 Kate. 

9391 Charles. 

9392 Clarissa, b. Sept. 6, 1841, d. unm., 
Racine, Wis. 

1939 LEAVITT BALLOO (Levi, Rev. David, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. 
Monroe, Mass., Oct. 1807, d. and int. 
near La Crosse, Wis.; m. BETSY BISBEE, 
prob. of Illon, K. Y. 

It is reported they had seven children, 
the names of only three have reached us. 
We understand he moved to Blendon, Mich., 
where he was a farmer. 


Issue, BALLOU, inc.: 

b. Concord, Erie 

Co., N. Y., Dec. 12, 1839; m. (l) 
5700 Oscar, m. ; went West, prob- 
ably to both Dakota and Calif.; dau. 
9393 Kiah, m. Green; issue: 

9394 Julius, res. San Fran. 

9395 Vivien, res. San Fran. 

9396 Ruth, res. San Fran. 

5701 PERRY EUGENE, b. ; m. OLIVE 


1940 JAMES MADISON EDDY (Lydia Moses, 
Lydia Ballou, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, 
Maturin), b. Montpelier, Vt., Nov. 6, 
1808; m. LYDIA JULIA PROCTOR, dau. 
Nathaniel and Anne (Moses) Proctor, his 
cousin, b. Montpelier, Vt., July 1812, 
d. Montpelier, Vt., Dec. 4, 1881, ae. 
69y 4m 8d. 

James Madison Eddy resembled his 
father in every respect. He lived in 
St. Johns bury, Vt. In the year 1871 
he had a fall on the ice and injured 
his head. For a while after this it 
seemed that he was a little Insane, 
but after some time the effects of the 
fall wore off and he went to Boston, 
where he was recognized as a very gift- 
ed machinest. They had no children, 
but adopted one whom they called John 
Proctor Eddy, administrator on Lydia 's 
estate on Dec. 12, 1881. 

Issue, EDDY, adopted: 

9397 John Proctor, b. Boston, ab. 1844; 
m. Nov. 11, 1868, Sarah D. Towne, 
dau. Silas D. and Sophia (Nye) 
Towne, b. Barre, Vt. 

1943 ELIZA FROST (Tamar Ballou, Rev. 
David, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Ma- 
turin), b. Hartford, N. Y., Jan. 30, 
1809, d. Sprlngwater, N. y., Dec. 5, 
1871; m. Sprlngwater, N. Y., ORSON W. 
WALBRIDGE, b. Sept. 14, 1809. 


9398 Mary, b. Sept. 2, 1832, d. Sept. 
4, 1832. 

9399 Eunice Sophia, b. Feb. 12, 1837; 
res. unm., Sprlngwater, N. Y. 

9400 George Henry, b. June 30, 1842, 
d. Sept. 26, 1847. 

1956 ORSAMDS BALLOU (Silas, Rev. David, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. 
Virgil, N. Y., July 17, 1817, d. Dryden, 
N. y., Feb. 16, 1875; m. Cortland, N. 
Y., July 4, 1844, MARY SHOALES, b. Ply- 
mouth, Chenango Co., N. Y., Oct. 24, 
1822, d. Dryden, N. Y., Sept. 15, 1898. 



Issue, BALLOU, 1-7 b. Lapeer, Cortland 
Co., 8th b. Dr7den, Tompkins Co., N. I.: 

5711 Martha Elnora, b. Jan. 1, 1846, d. 
Mar. 27, 1898; m. (l) James L. 
Moffett, dlT.; (2) Frank Goodspeed, 
of Elkhorn, Wis.; he res. £16 Cen- 
ter St., Delavan, Wis. No issue. 

5712 Edwin, b. May 31, 1848, d. Nov. 8, 

5713 Stephen Silas, b. Apr. 9, 1854, d. 
Mar. 25, 1863. 

5714 James Duane, b. June 19, 1856; res. 
R. D. 2, Cortland, N. Y. 

5715 Arthur, b. i^ov. 30, 1859, d. Mar. 

4, 1863. 

5716 Delphene, b. May 18, 1862, d. Mar. 

5, 1863. 

5717 CHARLES LEWIS, b. June 27, 1864; m. 

5718 Sherman Asa, b. Feb. 19, 1869, d. 
July 1, 1922; m. Cora Fuller. 

1964 WINSLOW FAXON BALLOD (John, Rev. Da- 
vid, Rev. Uaturin, Peter, John, Maturin), 
b. Monroe, Mass., Oct. 10, 1837, d. Wil- 
mington, Vt., Nov. 24, 1882; m. May 16, 
jamin H. Northrop, b. Jan. 7, 1846; int. 
Howe, Mass. Cem. Merchant. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. "ilmington, Vt.: 
9401 JOHN BENJAMIN, b. Feb. 22, 1874; m. 

David, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Matur- 
in), b. Monroe, Mass., Mar. 2, 1840, d. 
Oct. 27, 1906; m. Oct. 19, 1863, PAMELIA 
ATWOOD LAHA, b. Jan. 29, 1847, d. Boston, 
Mass., June 5, 1887; int. Wyoming Cem., 
Melrose, Mass. 

He resided in Boston, received his 
education in public schools, and became 
notable as an authority on the subject 
pertaining to the operation of steam 
railroads. A very active member in all 
religious activities of the Baptist 
Church, in the latter part of his life 
he devoted a great deal of energy to the 
cause of temperance. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Boston, Mass.: 

5745 FREDERICK LAHA, b. Jan. 29, 1860; 

5746 HORACE BERTHIER, JR., b. Nov. 30, 


1989 EMERY BALLOD, M. D. (Maturin, Nat- 
han, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), 
b. Monroe, Mass., Feb. 13, 1826, d. Crys- 
tal Lake, McHenry Co., 111.; Nov. 27, 
1907; m. Crystal Lake, 111., June 16, 
1864, by Rev. Mr. Harwood, EMILY ANNIS 
BDTLER, dau. Joseph Benjamin Butler, of 
Nunda, 111., b. Crystal Lake, 111., Jan. 
2, 1844, d. Crystal Lake, 111., June IS, 
1927; int. Crystal Lake, 111. Cem. 

Before going west. Dr. Ballou taught 
school and practiced medicine in West 
Townsend, Mass. In 185£ he made a trip 
to California with his brothers Leavitt 
and Hosea. On his return he studied at 
the Rush Medical College, Chicago, 111., 
and practiced his profession at Crystal 
Lake during the remainder of his life. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Crystal Lake, 111.: 

5772 EMMA JULIA, b. May 9, 1865} m. REV. 

5773 Mary Lucinda, b. Mar. 30, 1867; 
unm.; 1930, res. 6031 Dorchester 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

5774 HARRIET CADY, b. July 18, 1871; 

5775 EVA GROVER, b. Apr. 21, 1874; m. 

Nathan, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Matur- 
in), b. Monroe, Mass., June 14, 1827, d. 
1895; m. (l) College Hill, Medford, Itass. 
by bride's father, HARRIET ELIZA BALLOD, 
dau. Rev. Hosea Ballou, 2nd, D. D., b. 
Roxbury, Mass., Dec. 1, 1830, d.s.p., 
Jan. 19, 1859, ae. 28y Im 18d; (2) Port- 
land, Me., Sept. 30, 1863, by Rev. C. 
R. Moore, ADGDSTA J. WOODMAN, dau. Hon. 
George W. Woodman, b. Portland, Me., 
Aug. 25, 18S9, d. 1927. 

Issue, BALLOD, by 2nd wife, b. Boston, 
5th b. Somerville, Mass.: 

5786 Helen Augusta, b. Oct. 29, 1864, 
d. 1888; m. Edward T. Leprohon. 

5787 George Woodman, b. Oct. 16, 1866, 
d. 1903. 

5788 Laura Whitii^g, b. Sept. 26, 1868; 
unm.; res. 24 Merritt St., Marble- 
head, Mass. 

5789 Charlotte, b. Jan. 24, 1870; m. 


J. P. Mallettj res. 196 Stiles St., 
Elizabeth, B. J. 

5790 ROSSELL ARSOLD, JR., b. Oct. 26, 

5791 Belle, b. Feb. 7, 1874; res. iinm., 
38 Clearway St., Boston, Mass. 

5792 Willis, b. Feb. 20, 1875, d. same 

5793 Robert Hosea, b. May 9, 1876, d. 
Jan. 23, 1878. 

5794 Henry Maturin, b. Oct. 23, 1877, 
d. May 17, 1880. 

5795 Carl Wesselhoeft, b. Jan. 23, 1879, 
d. 1911. 

5796 James Garfield, b. July 14, 1881; 

2005 HEHRY MILES DOMBAR (Fanny Ballou, 
Nathan, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Matur- 
in), b. Monroe, Mass., Sept. 14, 1829, 
d. Gravette, Ark., Sept. 6, 1907; m. 
Brattleboro, Vt., Jan. 10, 1854, MELISSA 
AMELIA TRDESDEL, dau. Wilder and Huldah 
Truesdel, b. Conway, Mass., Mot. 22, 
1836; int. Gravette, Ark. Cem. 

Issue, DUNBAR; 1 b. Conway, 2 b. Roches- 
ter, H. Y., 3-5 b. Greenfield, Mass.: 

5804 CHARLES HENRI, b. Dec. 13, 1854; 

5805 George Wilder, b. Oct. 8, 1857, d. 
unm., Gravette, Ark., Mar. 19, 1912. 

5806 William Miles, b. Jan. 24, 1865, 
d. Minneapolis, Kans., Sept. 3, 
1937; m. Minneapolis, Kans., Sept. 
24, 1900, Martha Minnie Cooper, 
who d. Minneapolis, Kans., June 14, 

5807 NETTIE FANNIE, b. Jan. 30, 1868; 

5808 Nellie Melissa, twin, ~b. Jan. 30, 
1868, d. Readsboro, Vt., Dec. 20, 

2007 MARY BALLOU ROBERTS (Olive Ballou, 
Nathan, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Ma- 
turin), b. Monroe, Mass., May 4, 1820; 
m. ALVIN TOWER, s. Martin and Fanny 
(Clark) Tower, grds. Thomas G. and Eliza- 
beth (Fuller) Tower, b. Florida, Mass., 
Dec. 9, 1817, d. Jan. 13, 1862. 

Issue, TOWER, b. Monroe, Mass.: 
9402 MARYETTE, b. Feb. 23, 1845; m. 


9403 Nancy Ellen, b. July 27, 1847; m. 
Jacob Sherman, 3d, s. Jacob, Jr. 
and Lucy (Goodell) Sherman; farmer; 
issue, Sherman, b. Monroe, Mass.: 
9404 Rosa, d.y. 

9405 Nathan Alvin, b. Mar. 7, 1850, d. 
unm.. Mar. 1920. 

9406 Lyman Jeduthan, b. Aug. 27, 1852, 
d. Dec. 12, 1854. 

9407 Olive Sylvania, b. Apr. 17, 1854, 
d. Monroe, Mar. 1870. 

9408 Martin Jeduthan, b. May 5, 1856, 
d. Aixg. 3, 1857. 

9409 Dau., b. Apr. 9, 1858, d. Apr. 13, 

9410 William Minor, b. June 27, 1859, 
d. Aug. 1878. 

9411 Son, b. Feb. 9, 1861, d. Feb. 9, 

2020 WILLIAM RILEY DUNBAR (Fanny Ballou, 
Nathan, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Matvir- 
in), b. Monroe, Mass., Jvly 17, 1842, 
d. Buckland, Mass., Mar. 1917; m. Green- 
field, Mass., ADELAIDE NANCY KING, b. 
Rowe, Mass., July 15, 1844. 

On page 313, Ballou gen., Henry Miles 
Dunbar, a brother of William Riley Dunbar 
is numbered 2016, but on page 807, 2005, 
which number is here used. 

Issue, DUNBAR: 

9412 Percy, b. 1871, d. 1872. 

9413 William, d. in infancy. 

9414 Harlie Monroe, b. Erving, 1875, d. 
1922; m. Lillian Hamilton. 

9415 BURT HALLAWAY, b. Montague, July 11, 

9416 Roy William, b. Montague; m. Mar- 
tha Clark. 

2022 ELSON SPENCER BISHOP (Nancy Ballou, 
Nathan, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Matur- 
in), b. Readsboro, Vt., Jan. 28, 1833, 
d. Gravette, Ark.; m. (1) Oct. 29, 1854, 
Mass., who d. Sparta, Tenn., Mar. 14, 
1870; (2) Oct. 5, 1870, EVA L. YOUNG, of 
Simpson's Mills, Tenn.; he is int. Del- 
phos, Kans., Cem. 

Issue, BISHOP, by 1st wife: 

5826 Frank S., b. Harrison, Wis., Dec. 
22, 1859. 

5827 Inez M. , b. Menasha, Wis., Apr. 16, 



Issue, BISHOP, b7 end wife: 
5826 Enuna Maggie Lee, b. Lyon, Eans., 

Jan. 5, 1879, d. Aug. 10, 1879. 
56S9 Ernest Sumner, b. Glasco, Kans., 

liar. 4, 1880; m. Alice Bower; res. 

Falrvlew, Okla.j issue. Bishop: 

9417 Harold. 

9418 Gertrude. 

9419 Laurene . 

9420 Ralph, b. Glasco; m. Concord, Sans. 

May 8, 1902, Jennie ; res. 

Kansas City, Mo.; Issue, Bishop: 
9421 Loyle W., b. Glasco, Mar. 5, 
1903; m. Marysvllle, Kans., 
Jiine 7, 1920, Lorra Kather- 
Ine Schmldler; Issue, Bishop: 

9422 Robert Dean, b. St. 
Joseph, Mo., Feb. 8, 

9423 Marjorle Louise, b. St. 
Joseph, May 13, 1937. 

9424 Ralph, b. Glasco, Apr. 28, 

1905; m. St. Joseph, July 3, 
1929, Ruth Rachel Sloan, of 
Des Moines, la.; Issue, 

9425 Beverly Ann, b. ^ewton, 
Kans., Apr. 19, 1931. 

9426 Bruce Alden, b. Inde- 
pendence, Kans., Mar. 
2, 1935. 

9427 Sellle Cella, b. Glasco, Aug. 9, 
18—; m. (1) Rev. B. Dunlap; (2) 
Pinevllle, Ark., Aug. 2, 192-, 
Julius A. Schmidt, of Davenport, 
la.; Music Master and teacher; she 
Is a Florist; res. Gravette, Ark.; 
he adopted her two sons, and gave 
them his name; Issue, Dunlap; b. 
Gravette, Ark.: 

9428 Elson Bishop (Schmidt), b. 
Apr. 21, 1905; m. Davenport, 
la., Oct. 16, 1926, LuRene 

; grad. Davenport H.S.; 

mgr S. S. Kresge's store, 
Chicago, 111. Ho Issue. 

9429 Helen, b. Oct. 21, 1907, d. 
Mov. 10, 1907. 

9430 Max W. (Schmidt), b. Oct. 30, 
1908; grad. Davenport H.S., 
and Chicago Dnlv., with high 
honors; in diplomatic corps, 
American Embassy, Tokyo, Jap- 
an; interpreter and now trans- 
lating Japanese Law into Eng- 

lish; xinm. 

2030 JOSEPH WHEATOH (Job Wheaton, Sarah 
Ballou, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Matur- 
In), b. Albany, M. Y., May 3, 1818, d. 
No. Rehoboth, Mass., Aug. 24, 1887; m. 
Oct. 25, 1840, MARIA L. WOOD, of Provi- 
dence, R. I., b. June 3, 1819, d. Chi- 
cago, 111., Jan. 8, 1893; int. Mineral 
Spring Cem. , Pawtucket, R. I. 

Joseph INheaton resided for a great 
many years in Pawtucket, R. I., at the 
corner of Garden and Main Streets, and 
was one of the town's substantial citi- 
zens in the '50»s to »70»s. He and 
Stephen R. Bucklln were Pawtucket 's 
leading blacksmiths in those days, the 
latter at the "foot of" Church Hill, 
and the former at what is now the corner 
of Bailey and Dexter Streets. Everyone 
knew the location of "Joe" Wheaton* s 
blacksmithy, one of the landmarks of the 
Pawtucket of that period. Almost in 
front of it and running diagonally across 
Main Street toward the "Marshall" resi- 
dence was an open brook, so different 
from the scene of to-day at that point. 

After retiring from the blacksmith 
business, he removed with his family to 
Arnold's Mills, Ciimberland, R. I., later 
returning to Pawtucket. 

Issue, WHEATON, b. Seekonk, Mass. and 
Pawtucket, R. I.: 

5849 HAMLET WILSON, b. June 23, 1842; m. 

5850 William Alonzo, b. Sept. 12, 1844, 
d. Feb. 26, 1851. 

5851 Isabella, b. Apr. 10, 1846, d. Feb. 
27, 1851. 

5852 Ada Maria, b. Uair. 25, 1848, d. Dal 
las, Tex., June 27, 1922, in 75th 
yr.; m. Rehoboth, Mass., Aug. 12, 
1872, by Rev. Richard Povey, Wil- 
liam Dorsey Richardson, s. Francis 
and Eliza (Dorsey) Richardson, b. 
Louisville, Ky.; W. A. Ballou re- 
called that in 1872 Mr. Richardson 
worked for Henry C. L. Dorsey in 
the old Miller Building in the 
sign painting business. Ada Whea- 
ton graduated from the Church Hill 
Grammar School (Mr. Samuel H. 
Webb's room ) when her sisters 
Lillian and Nell and W. A. Ballou 



entered. The Richardson family re- 
moved to Dallas, Texas, where he 
continued In the same business; 
she Is Int. Oakland Cem., Dallas, 
Tex.; issue, Richardson, 1st £ b. 
Pawtucket, R. I., 3rd b. Dallas, 

9431 William Dorsey, Jr., b. 1873. 

9432 Wheaton Llewellyn. 

9433 Frank. 

5853 ELLA FRASCES, b. Mar. 15, 1850; m. 

5854 Lillian Blanche, b. Feb. 26, 1852, 
d. Providence, Feb. 13, 1930; m. 
No. Rehoboth, Oct. 28, 1873, by 
Rev. Elijah F. Smith, George H. 
Randall, s. Dr. George H. and He- 
hltable Randall, of So. Rehoboth, 
Mass., who d. Providence, R. I., 
May 6, 1915; int. No. Rehoboth, 
Mass.; issue, RANDALL, b. No. Reho- 
both, Mass.: 

9434 Gladys, b. Nov. 23, 1883; m. 
Attleboro, June 28, 1905, by 
Rev. Hendrik Vossema, William 
E. Mills, of Mansfield, Mass.; 
issue. Mills, b. Providence: 
9435 Donald Randall, b. June 

14, 1906; Wesleyan Univ. 
1928; 1929, student at 
Yale Medical School. 

5855 EMMA GENEVA, b. June 22, 1854; m. 

5856 CHARLES EDWIN, b. May 6, 1858; m. 

2100 MASSENA HOSEA BALLOU (Rev. Massena 
B., Rev. Hosea, Rev, Maturln, Peter, 
John, Maturln), b. Lancaster, Mass., June 
15, 1827, d. Stoughton, Mass., 1898; m. 
Stoughton, Mass., Nov. 4, 1849, by his 
father. Rev. Massena B. Ballou, MARTHA 
ANN CHURCHILL, dau. Samuel Churchill, b. 
Stoughton, Mass., Mar. 14, 1831, d. 
Stoughton, Mass., 1916; Selectman and 
Town Treasurer of Stoughton for many 
years; int. Evergreen Cem., Stoughton. 
(No. 2112, Ballou gen., p. 326). 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Stoughton, Mass.: 

5959 Mary Elmina, b. Jan. 7, 1856, d. 
Dec. 25, 1874. 

5960 Carrie Churchill, dunm., July 16, 
1923; grad. Brldgewater, Mass. Nor- 
mal School; teacher; early Sec- 

Treas., B.F.A., which duties she 
fulfilled with thoroughness and 

9436 MURRAY HOSEA, b. June 23, 1867; m. 

2131 SARAH H. BALLOD (Oliver, Oliver, 
Peter, Peter, John, Maturln), b. Alex- 
andria, N. H., June 21, 1814; m. Apr. 
16, 1845, SAMUEL HOWARD, s. Benjamin 
and Sallle Howard, of Me.; settled in 
Bangor, ^. Y. 

Issue, HOWARD: 

9437 William. 

9438 LAURA FIDELIA, b. Bristol, N. H., 
May 11, 1842; m. CHARLES CARROLL 

9439 Charles. 

9440 Hiram. 

2137 OLIVER BALLOU (Oliver, Oliver, 
Peter, Peter, John, Maturln), b. Alexan- 
dria, N. H. , Sept. 3, 1828, d. Concord, 
N. H. , Oct. 5, 1902, ae. 74y Im 2d; m. 
(1) EMILY WELLS HEATH, dau. Robert and 
Polly (Boynton) (Dow) Heath, b. Bristol, 
N. H., Dec. 14, 1835, d. Sept. 2, 1890, 
ae. 54y 9m 18d; (2) Mar. 1, 1892, IDA 
GERTRUDE HEATH, dau. Levi N. and Susan- 
na C. (Gordon) Heath, b. Dec. 4, 1853. 

For ten years, he was manager of or- 
gans at Concord, and later engaged in 
the art business. As his step-mother 
was Elizabeth, dau. Samuel Heath, evi- 
dently his wives were related to his 
father's first wife. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

9441 Battle Annette, b. July 27, 1858; 
m. Jan. 18, 1881, Robert Allen 
Ray; issue, Ray: 

9442 Agnes Ellen, b. Mar. 18, 
9443 Helen Emogene, b. May 21, 1860; m. 
Dec. 24, 1891, Albert Edward Bod- 

2154 IRA PERSONS BALLOU (Hosea, Oliver, 
Peter, Peter, John, Maturln), b. Hill, 
N. H., Sept. 10, 1823, d. of yellow fever 
at Matansas, Cuba, Sept. 5, 1860, ae. 
36y 11m 25d; m. 1853, ELLA C. COMPTOH, 
of Chicago, 111. No issue. 



For a time he kept the hotel which is 
now Hotel Bristol. Then he went West in 
1846, thence to Cuba, where he was a rail- 
road contractor and builder. 

£158 ELLEN MARIA BALLOU (Hosea, Olirer, 
Peter, Peter, John, Matxarin), b. Bristol, 
N. H., Jul7 23, 1837, d. Bristol, N. H., 
Apr. 10, 1899, ae. 61y 8m 17d; m. Aug. 
19, 1857, ANDREW FALES BURPEE, s. Samuel 
and Sally (Fales) Biirpee, b. Hew London, 
Conn., Oct. 23, 1836, d. Bristol, N. H., 
Oct. 4, 1877, ae. 40y 11m lldj black- 

Issue, BURPEE, 1st b. Lakeland, Minn., 
2-3 b. Bristol, 4th b. Alexandria, N. H.: 
5981 IRA BALLOD, b. May 11, 1858; m. 

9444 DON ALPHONSO, b. Dec. 29, 1864; m. 

9445 Minnie Ula, b. June 21, 1869, d. 
Sept. 7, 1869. 

9446 Nellie Maria, b. Aug. 3, 1872; m. 
Warren Foster Keyser, s. J^athanlel 
Plumer and Lucy Buck (Tilton) Key- 
ser, b. Alexandria, Feb. 18, 1863; 
farmer, Alexandria; Apr. 28, 1894, 
served as selectman; issue, Keyser, 
b. Alexandria, N. H. : 

9447 Nell, b. Apr. 10, 1898. 

Oliver, Peter, Peter, John, Maturin), b. 
Alexandria, N. H. , May 4, 1844, d. Grin- 
nell, Iowa, July 13, 1890, ae. 46y 2m 9d; 
m. (1) Aug. 20, 1864, MARY ELLEN FISH, 
dau. Ansel and Mary (Mills) Fish, b. Lo- 
well, Mass., Feb. 16, 1646, d. Biistol, 
N. H., Aug. 23, 1880, ae. 34y 6m 7d; (2) 
ANNIE MARIA PIERCE, who d. Colorado 
Springs, Colo., 1889. 

Lucian A. Ballou moved from Alexandria, 
N. H. in 1868 or »69 to Bristol, H. H., 
where he resided on Lake Street, at which 
was the old Homestead, formerly an old 
tavern, perhaps mistaken for Colonel Hor- 
ace Ballou's residence. The Bristol, N. 
H. History says he was a trader, and that 
he moved West in 1881. Republican. Mas- 
on. His first wife was buried in the 
family lot in the Homeland Cem. , Bristol, 
N. H. 

Issue, BALLOU, by 1st wife, 1st b. Alex- 
andria, others b. Bristol, N. H. : 

9448 Mary Eva, b. July 25, 1867; m. Feb. 
5, 1891, Orpheus Edward Bell, of 
So. Norwood, Ohio; res. Appleton, 

9449 George Alfred, b. Jan. 4, 1871, d. 
of diptheria, Apr. 6, 1882. 

9450 Martha Grace, b. Nov. 25, 1874, d. 
Brattleboro, Vt., July 28, 1925; 
int. Homeland Cem., Bristol, I. H. 

9451 DR. HARRY BURCHARD, b. Nov. 5, 

9452 Susie Gertrude, b. Apr. 6, 1878; n. 
Nov. 25, 1899, Frederick Herman 
Bean, s. Herman Orvil and Mary 
(Storer) Bean, b. Reed's Ferry, 
June 2, 1878; of Bean & Noyes, 
Bristol merchants; 1933, res. 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

er, Peter, Peter, John, Maturin), b. 
Hill, N. H., Aug. 28, 1845; m. May 8, 
Thomas W. and Mary (Cheney) Shattuck, b. 
Waterville, Vt., Nov. 14, 1845, d. Bris- 
tol, N. H. , Aug. 1, 1902, ae. 56y 8m 17d. 

Mr. Ballou was manager of picker- 
sticks. Also, a Republican member of the 
Legislature of 1689. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Bristol, N. H.: 

9453 Frank Marshall, b. Nov. 9, 1881. 

9454 Walter Thomas, b. Dec. 13, 1885. 

2174 HIRAM PEABODY BALLOU (John Wesley, 
Oliver, Peter, Peter, John, Maturin), b. 
Franklin, N. H., Oct. 25, 1833, d. Bris- 
tol, N. H., Dec. 28, 1899, ae. 66y £■ 3d; 
m. New Hampton, N. H., Oct. 4, 1857, liy 
Rev. Josiah Hooper, SARAH AUGUSTA HEATH, 
dau. Jacob and Nancy (Sasborn) Heath, b. 
New Hampton, N. H., Mar. 25, 1836; work- 
man on knit goods; inventor. 

Issue, BALLOU, 1st b. New Hampton, N. E., 

2nd b. Needham, Mass.: 

5982 Arthur William, b. Apr. 21, 1861, 

d. of consumption, Bristol, Apr. 17, 
1887; m. Pueblo, Colo., where he 
had gone for his health. Mar. 15, 
1887, Emma Davis, of Laconla, N. 
H., who d. Laconla, Dec. 1895; 


druggist clerk. 
5983 Minnie Ella, b. Dec. 18, 1876; m. 

June 26, 1895, Arthur W. Seavey, s. 
John and Rebecca (Hutter) Seavey, 
b. Penacook, Sept. 1, 1870; electri- 
cian, ProTldence, B. I.; issue, 
SeaTey, b. Bristol, B. H.: 

9455 Mona, b. Jan. 25, 1896. 

9456 Marian, b. May 12, 1897. 

2178 ISAAC CLABK BALLOU (John Wesley, 
Oliver, Peter, Peter, John, Maturin), b. 
Hill, I. H., Apr. 25, 1842; m. Alexan- 
dria, S. H., Mar. 2, 1872, by Warren Ap- 
plebee, J. P., IDA I. HASTIHGS, dau. Rob- 
ert S. and Priscilla E. (Straw) Hastings, 
b. Hill, H. H., Feb. 27, 1855, d. Hill, 
H. H., Mar. 10, 1908^ int. Hill, M. H. 

1931, Isaac Clark Ballou lived with 
his eldest son, Heraian W. Ballou, 17 Main 
Street, Bristol, I. H., in his 90th year, 
in good health and remarkably bright and 
smart for a man of his years. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Hill, I. H.: 

5985 Herman W., b. Aug. 29, 1874; m. 
; 3 chn; railroad man. 

5986 Fred C, b. July 15, 1876; m. ; 

res. Bristol, H. H. 

5987 Edgar W., b. June 15, 1882, d. La- 

conia, ; m. Concord, B. H., 

Oct. 23, 1908, by Rev. J. H. Rob- 
bins, Caroline E. Kimball, dau. 
Henry P. and Susan E. (Towne) Kim- 
ball, grddau. Elijah and Caroline 
P. (Stratton) Kimball, of Hillsboro 
Centre, B. H., b. Antrim, B. H., 
Feb. 10, 1890; machinest; me. 
Knights of Pythias and Unitarian 
Church, Laconla, B. H.; res. 45 
Dolloff St., Laconla, B. H.; issue, 
Ballou, 1st b. Bristol, 2nd b. Hill: 

9457 Alma E., b. Oct. 8, 1909; m. 
Laconla, Jan. 20, 1929, by 
Rev. I. E. Blllington, Russell 
C. Swain, s. Burt F. Swain, b. 
Sanbornton, B. H. , Apr. 30, 
1907; res. on farm, Gilford, 
B. H. 

9458 Howard K., b. Sept. 15, 1911. 

BALLOD (John Wesley, Oliver, Peter, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Franklin, B. E., Mar. 


51, 1852; m. Bristol, B. H., May 6, 1874, 
by Rev. Silas Ketcham, RVTMA h. FOSTER, 
dau. William and Harriet A. (Kelley) 
Foster, b. Bristol, B. H., Mar. 1, 185S. 

Issue, BALLOD, 5-10 b. Bristol, B. H. : 

5988 Oscar F., b. June 30, 1876; unm.; 
janitor. City Library, Bashua, B. 

5989 Grace M., b. Oct. 27, 1878; m. Sept 
3, 1896, Burton Elwln Foss, s. 
Frank Elwin and Ella (Bingham) 
Foss, b. Hill, May 21, 1875; since 
1899, salesman in store of Wey- 
mouth, Brown and Co. 

5990 Herbert Hadley, employee, shoe 
factory, Bashua, B. H. 

5991 Harriet E., b. Mar. 6, 1885. 

9459 Lulu May, b. Dec. 10, 1893. 

9460 Dau., b. Jan. 8, 1895, d. Apr. 9, 

9461 Dau., b. Feb. 4, 1896, d. May 8, 

9462 Pearl Lou, b. May 23, 1897. 

9463 John Wesley, b. Dec. 13, 1898. 

9464 Son, b. Sept. 18, 1900, d. in In- 

Oliver, Peter, Peter, John, Maturin), b. 
Alexandria, B. H., Mar. 5, 1846; m. LOCY 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Andover, B. H.: 

9465 GEORGE HEBRI, b. Oct. 18, 1875; m. 

9466 Elizabeth, m. Vigneault. 

9467 Otis, dec. 

2192 JOHB A. (BOT B.) BALLOU (Elisha, 
Oliver, Peter, Peter, John, Maturin), 
b. Alexandria, B. H., Aug. 11, 1850; m. 
(1) MARY ABN SMITH; (2) 

Issue, BALLOU, by 1st wife: 

9468 Warren George, d. unm.. Center 
Osslpee, B. H., June 4, 1930; 
res. Union, B. H. and Columbus, 

9469 Mary, m. Small; had dau. : 

9470 Amber M. , m. Leo J. Tracey; 

res. 98 Rosehlll Gardens, 
Bew Rochelle, B. Y. ; mem. 

Issue, BALLOU, by 2nd wife: 

9471 Edgerton. 



9472 Edward. 

lips, Luke Phillips, Sarah Inman, Susan- 
na Ballou, James, Haturin), b. Apr. SO, 
1822, d. Jan. 15, 1901; m. May 11, 1858, 
ABIGAIL LAPHAM, b. Feb. 18, 1840, d. Hay 
28, 1893. 

Issue, PHILLIPS, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

9473 Harriet Fidelia, b. Mar. 12, 1859; 
m. Oct. 5, 1881, Alexander Gilbert, 
b. Sept. 23, 1854; res. Woonsocket, 
R. I.; issue, Gilbert: 

9474 Dr. Oscar Bowen, b. Aug. 18, 
1882; m. (l) Woonsocket, May 
4, 1910, Marion Ellis, dau. 
John Waldo and Frances (Howe) 
Ellis; (2) June 30, 1925, 
Helen Elizabeth Locke, dau. 
OllTer Albion and Mary 
(Flagg) Locke, b. Exeter, 5. 
H., Aug. 14, 1893; mem. B.F. 
A.; res. Exeter, N. H.; is- 
sue, Gilbert, by 1st wife, 
1 b. Concord, S. H., 2-3 b. 
Woonsocket, R. I.: 

9475 Harriet Mary, b. May 4, 
1911; m. June 1939, 
John Masefield. 

9476 John Ellis, b. Hov. 15, 
1912; student, McGill 
Med. College. 

9477 Marion Louise, b. Sept. 
15, 1916; stvident, 
Wheaton College. 

Issue, Gilbert, by 2nd wife; 
9476 Ann Elizabeth, b. Bot. 

5, 1926. 
9479 Martha Bowen, b. Mar. 

14, 1930. 

Cargill, David Cargill, Dorcas Arnold, 
Batbsheba Ballou, James, Maturln), d. 
Saylesville, R. I., Oct. 31, 1927; m. 
Mar. 1, 1876, by Rev. Samuel Patterson, 
EDMOHD T. HIXOH, s. Jotham and Louise 
(Pickering) Ulxon, b. Cumberland, R. I., 
Sept. 22, 1851, d. June 16, 1898; int. 
Carpenter Cem., Adamsdale, Mass. 

Issue, HIXON, 1 b. Ho. Attleboro, Mass., 
2 b. Lincoln, R. I., 3-4 b. Cumberland, 
R. I.t 
9480 Abby White, b. Feb. 6, 1877; a. 

Edward Everett Perrin, of Attle- 
boro; 6 chn. 

9481 CYNTHIA ALICE, b. Dec. 13, 1879; 

9482 Louise Carpenter, b. Feb. 21, 
1884; m. Warren B. Gardiner, of 
Saylesville, R. I., who is dec. 

9483 Mortimer Jay, b. Sept. 10, 1888, 
d. of diptheria, Sept. 7, 1890; 
int. Carpenter Cem., Adamsdale, 

9250 SARAH JANE CHAIN (Susan Perry 
Phillips, Sarah Ballou, Peter, Nehemiah, 
James, Maturln), b. Plalnfield, Conn., 
July 15, 1846, d. Danielson, Conn., 
Mar. 23, 1925; m. Sterling Hill, Conn., 
Sept. 23, 1867, by Rev. Thomas Dowling, 
LUTHER GALLUP, s. Amos Jacques and 
Martha (Gallup) Gallup, b. Sterling, 
Conn., Aug. 14, 1840, d. Sterling, Conn., 
Sept. 29, 1867; int. Onion Cem., Moosup, 

Issue, GALLUP, b. Sterling Hill, Conn.: 

9484 John Craln, b. Sept. 24, 1872; m. 
Nov. 14, 1901, Bertha Sprague. 

9465 Ella, b. June 7, 1880; m. Daniel- 
son, Apr. 18, 1906, by Rev. Scott 
Kidder, Dr. Clarence Lynwood Adams, 
s. Charles Adams, b. Danielson, 
July 28, 1873; mem. B.F. A.; res. 
154 Main St., Danielson, Conn. 
No issue. 

9254 SILVANUS GASKILL (Wilder Oaskill, 
Sarah Jillson, Sarah Ballou, James, 
James, Maturln), b. Owego or Tioga Co., 
H. Y., July 19, 1789, d. Madison Co., 
111., Apr. 27, 1842; m. N. Y. State, 
May 28, 1809, HANNAH PICKERING, dau. 
Nathaniel and Olive (Gasklll) (Buffua) 
Pickering, b. Jvily 14, 1792, d. prob. 
Madison Co., 111., Sept. 4, 1841; fall 
of 1811, rem. to 111. 

Issue, jQASKILL, 1 b. N. Y. State, 2-12 

b. 111.: 

9486 Olive, b. Feb. 27, 1810; m. Oct. 
31, 1824, James Seybold; had son: 
9487 Jasper, b. June 26, 1833; m. 
Pike Co., 111., Mary Eliza- 
beth Stauffer, dau. John and 
Sarah (Hilyard) Stauffer, b. 
Aug. 19, 1843; had son: 
9488 John Ellsworth, b. 










Pike Co., 111., July 
12, 1869; m. Sept. 18, 
1900, Mary Elizabeth 
Wade, dau. Edward Cold- 
well and Louisa Ann 
(Rigg) Wade, b. Apr. 8, 
1879; issue, Seybold: 

Mary Anice, b. 

Jan. 29, 1908. 

Ethel Louise, b. 

May 6, 1910; res. 

203 E. Center St., 

Monticello, 111. 

Margaret Frances, 

b. June 28, 1912. 
1811; m. Mar. 17, 




Lucy, b. Hot. 6, 

1823, Norman Gates. 

Stephen Wilder, b. Mar. 21, 1812; 

m. (1) July 21, 1833, Eliza Teter; 

(2) Aug. 25, 1858, Sarah Winship; 

Julia Ann, b. Apr. 28, 1815, d. in 


Marian Minerva, b. July 29, 1816; b. 

Feb. 24, 1847, George B. Judd. 

Marlnda Pickering, b. July 27, 

1818; m. Jan. 18, 1838, Robert Pur- 


James Riley Monroe, b. May 18, 

1820; m. Oct. 23, 1861, Clara Eid- 

ridge Hughes. 

George Washington, b. May 18, 1822; 

m. (1) Dec. 14, 1843, Sancy Teter; 

(2) 1866, Ellen Davis. 

Cordelia, b. Aug. 2, 1824; m. Apr. 

18, 1854, William Lewis Phelps. 

John Quincy Adams, b. Apr. 2, 1827; 

m. Feb. 24, 1857, Emily Reed. 

Silvanvis Duane, b. Oct. 24, 1832; 

m. (1) A\ig. 12, , Sophronla 

Cooley; (2) Aug. 12, 1873, Ida 
Blanche Coombs. 

Laura, b. Feb. 12, 1835; m. Nov. Z, 
1869, Henry Hesse. 

9307 GILBERT LAMB JILLSOH (Uriah Jlllsom, 
Uriah Jill son, Sarah Ballou, James, James, 
Maturin), b. Cumberland, R. I., Dec. 23, 
1819, d. Douglas, Mass., Sept. 19, 1891; 
m. Oct. 24, 1847, HARRIET PHEBE BARTLETT, 
dau. Elisba and Martha (inman) Bartlett, 
b. Cumberland, R. I., Nov. 14, 1826, d. 
Waterbury, Conn., Oct. 15, 1901; int. 
Douglas Center, Mass. Cem. 

During the Civil War, Gilbert L. Jill- 
son was enrolled at Douglas, Massachu- 



setts, August 19, 1862, for a period of 
nine months; was mustered into service 
September 25, 1862, at Camp John E. Wool, 
as private of Company 1, 51st Regiment 
Massachusetts Militia Infantry; and was 
mustered out with his company and honor- 
ably discharged from the service July 27, 
1863, at Worcester, Massachusetts, as a 
private. Lumberman. 

Issue, JILLSON, 1-4 b. Cumberland, R. I., 
5-7 b. Douglas, Mass.: 

9503 Alonzo Franklin, b. Aug. 6, 1848, 
d.s.p., Bridgeport, Conn., May 11, 
1927; m. Apr. 5, 1876, Annie Scott 
of Newport, R. I.; he is int. 
las Center, Mass. Cem. 

9504 Louise Bartlett, b. Aug. 19, 
d.s.p., E. Douglas, Dec. 30, 
ae. 40y 4m lid; m. Webster, Mass., 
Dec. 25, 1871, Alfred Israel Hodg- 
kins, s. Alfred V. and Almira 
(Peters) Hodgkins, b. Dudley, Mass. 
June 10, 1849, d. E. Chatham, N. 
Y., May 22, 1920; int. E. Douglas, 
Mass. Cem. 

9505 ROSEA BALLOU, b. Feb. 5, 1854; m. 

9506 Gilbert Osborne, b. Apr. 3, 1856, 
d.s.p., Waterbury, Conn., Feb. 16, 
1930; m. Douglas, J\me 11, 1879, 
Mary Adelaide Parker, dau. George 
E. and Sarah (Wallis) Parker, b. 
Douglas, Aug. 15, 1862, d. Water- 
bury, Feb. 2, 1890, ae. 29; int. 
Douglas Center, Mass. Cem. 

9507 WilliaiD Stephen Douglas, b. Sept. 
23, 1861, d. Memorial Hospital, 
Worcester, Mass., Aug. 14, 1941; 
m. Doiiglas, July 11, 1888, Roxa 
Ann, dau. George and Roxa S. (Gal- 
lup) Dawley, b. Plainfield, Conn., 
Oct. 30, 1659^ d. Douglas, Jan. 
20, 1911; int. Douglas Center, 
Mass. Cem.; issue, Jlllson, b. 
Douglas, Mass.: 

9508 Leon William, b. June 10, 
1891; m. Sadie Herrick; no 

9509 Grace Marion, b. Nov. 25, 
1896; unm. 

9510 Myra Helen, b. Dec. 14, 1905; 
teacher, E. Douglas, Mass.; 
grad. Teachers College. 

9511 Mary Ella, b. Aug. 19, 1865; m. 
Frank Stockwell. No issue. 



9512 Martha Harriet, b. Mar. 8, 1866, d. 
New Haven, Conn., Not. 7, 1918; m. 
Douglas, Jul7 9, 1882, Clarence J. 
Penney, b. Bath, Me., 1860; she Is 
int. Evergreen Cem., Hew Haven; is- 
sue, Penney, b. New Haven, Conn.: 
9513 Francis Egbert, b. Jan. 22, 
1884, d. New Haven, Nov. 28, 
1918; m. Nov. 11, 1909, by 
Rev. G. M. Bridge, Annie L. 
Evans, of Pascoag, R. I.; is- 
sue, Penney: 

9514 Franklin Egbert, b. Nov. 
24, 1915. 

9515 Herman Evans, b. Aug. 
2, 1915. 

9516 Everett H., b. July 12, 

9517 Walter Jillson, b. May 23, 
1885; m. Ardella E. Piatt, 
dec. No issue. 

9518 Bessie Gertrude, b. Feb. 22, 
1887; m. Floyd Coddington; 
res. Norfolk, Va.; issue, 
Coddington, b. Norfolk, Va.; 
9519 Lillian Bessie, b. Oct. 

17, 1920; m. . 

9520 Annie May, b. Feb. 26, 1888; 
m. New Haven, Jan. 15, 1912, 
Frederick William Whittaker, 
s. James and Matilda *hittak- 
er, b. Glendale, R. I., Feb. 
3, 1882; res. 322 Bassett St., 
New Haven, Conn.; issue, 
Whittaker, b. New Haven, Conn. 
9521 Frederick William, Jr., 
b. Jan. 26, 1913; m. 
New Haven, Sept. 14, 
1940, by Revs. Harold 
G. Jones and Harry Trust 
Shirley Louise Johns, 
dau. Louis A. and 
Blanche (McCarthy) Johns 
b. Meriden, Jan. 8, 
1915; ed. Bangor Theo- 
logical Seminary, Ban- 
gor, Me.; she grad. Al- 
bertus Magnus College, 
9522 Edward Richard, b. Apr. 
28, 1916. 

9523 Dorothy Gertrude, b. 
Jan. 18, 1920. 

9524 Stanley Earl, b. May 13, 

son, Paul Jillson, Sarah Ballou, James, 
James, Maturin), b. Richmond, N. H., 
July 2, 1810, d. Richmond, N. H., by a 
falling tree, Sppt. 7, 1865; m. (1) 
Richmond, N. H., Feb. 28, 1833, by Silas 
Jillson, J. P., ELIZA BOWEN, dau. Nathan 
and Lavinia Bowen, of Richmond, N. H.; 
(2) July 17, 1843, MARIA C. HAIDY, dau. 
George and Ruth (Estes) Handy, b. 1821; 
watch maker and Jeweler. 

Issue, JILLSON, by 1st wife, b. Richmond, 
N. H. : 

9525 Lavina E., b. June 25, 1834; m. 
J. H. Bollard; res. Athol, Mass. 

9526 Silas F., b. May 24, 1836, d. unm., 
in army, 1665. 

9527 MILTON N., b. May 31, 1838; m. 

9528 Anson R., b. Apr. 8, 1840, killed 
in Civil War, May 8, 1864; unm. 

9529 Emily E., b. Mar. 15, 1842; m. J. 
W. Adams; res. Orange, Mass. No 

2372 LADBA BALLOO (Dr. Ariel, Dea. Ariel, 
Ariel, James, James, Maturin), b. Woon- 
socket, R. I., June 17, 1841, d. Woon- 
socket, R. I., June 24, 1918; m. Woonsock- 
et, R. I., Jan. 26, 1870, by Rev. Thomas 
Azariah and Catherine (Mann) Edwards, b. 
Lincoln, Penobscot Co., Me., June 28, 
1844, d. Woonsocket, R. I., June 25, 1929; 
int. Oak Hill Cem., Woonsocket, R. I. 

Issue, EDWARDS, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

6272 Ariel Ballou, b. Jan. 27, 1871; 
with brother Daniel owned and oper- 
ated St. James Hotel, Main St., 
Woonsocket, R. I., 

6273 Edith, b. Jxily 20, 1873, d. Woon- 
socket, Nov. 26, 1938; the first 
and very efficient Sec.-Treas., 

6274 Herbert, b. Oct. 6, 1874, d. Dec. 
16, 1875. 

6275 Percival, b. Aug. 30, 1878, d. Dec. 
13, 1878. 

6276 Daniel M., Jr., b. Dec. 26, 1880. 

2499 ROTH SCOTT (Jefferson Scott, Selah 
Ballou, Ariel, James, James, Maturin), 
b. Bellingham, Mass., May 2, 1831, d. 



Woonsocket, R. I., July £5, 1899 j b. 
Woonsocket, B. I., Jan. 1, 1856« WILLIAM 
EDWIB HUBBABD, s. Ellsha and Amelia 
(Turner) Hubbard, b. So. BellloghaBi, 
lass.. Mar. Zl, 1826, d. Woonsocket, 
B. I., Hot. 23, 1908; int. Oak Hill Cea., 
Woonsocket, B. I. 

Because it best ezefflplifles the char- 
acter of Mrs. Hubbard, we quote from 
The Woonsocket Evening Call: >In Meraor- 
ian. HiM^. WllllaB E. Hubbard has pass- 
ed away, but the name of Huth Hubbard 
will liTe for many years in the memory 
of those 1^0 have been the recipients 
of her generosity, charity and love. 
Her generosity was known to even every 
tramp on the road. Her charity extend- 
ed to all, and her love to family and 
to friends was simply devotion. I have 
known Buth Hubbard since I was a boy 
and for over 20 years have known her 
intimately. She was energetic and a 
great walker, and I personally know of 
her walking a dozen miles to find a 
nurse for some woman in distress. Her 
deeds of charity and kindness were nev- 
er heralded, but done in the quietest 
maimer possible. Many persons receiv- 
ed and knew not from irtience it came. 
Instances of her kindness and generos- 
ity are ionumerable. I know that the 
Good Giver of all gifts will say unto 
Buth Hubbard, 'Well done, thou good 
and faithful servant, enter thou into 
the joy of the Lord.' G." 

Mr. Hubbard served his country as 
Captain of Company F, 12th B. I. Volun- 
teers dviring the Civil War. Member of 
the House of Bepresentatives in the B. 
I. Legislature, 1875- '76. He acted as 
President of the Town Council of Woon- 
socket 1888 until it became a city; lat- 
er served on the City Council. 

Issue, HOBBABD, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

9530 HEIBY CLINTOl, b. June 27, 1859; 

9531 ALBEBT MEWTOH, b. May 9, 1863; m. 

9532 EVA HOBTENSE, b. Feb. 2, 1866; m. 

9533 WILLIAM CHESTER, b. Mar. 2, 1869; 

9534 Florence Estelle, b. Jan. 13, 
1872; m. Woonsocket, Sov. 1909, 

Malcolm Campbell, s. Samuel and 
Margaret Campbell, b. Three Biv- 
ers, Mass., 1853, d. Woonsocket, 
May 26, 1917. No issue. 

2500 MELISSA SCOTT (Jefferson Scott, 
Selah Ballou, Ariel, James, James, Ma- 
turln), b. Belllngham, Mass., Jan. 7, 
1833, d. Woonsocket, B. I., 1883; m. 

Issue, BISBEE, b. Woonsocket, B. I.: 

9535 Austin A., b. 1858, d. 1663. 

9536 Alice L., b. 1862, d. 1688. 

9537 Clara L., b. 1865, d. 1874. 

Scott, Selah Ballou, Ariel, James, James, 
Maturin), b. So. Mendon, Mass., June 

4, 1839, d. Providence, R. I., Oct. 31, 
1922; m. Slatersville, R. I., Feb. 16, 
1667, SARAH ANN FISE, dau. Martin and 
Sophia Earle (Sweetser) (Howe) Fisk, 
b. Woonsocket, R. I., Dec. 22, 1844, 
d. Woonsocket, R. I., June 12, 1913; 
int. Union Cem., Woonsocket, R. I. 

Issue, SCOTT, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

9538 SUMNER EABLE, b. Dec. 19, 1867; 

9539 HATTIE BELLE, b. May 5, 1874; m. 

2502 HORACE AUBURN SCOTT (Jefferson 
Scott, Selah Ballou, Ariel, James, 
James, Maturin), b. So. Mendon, Mass., 
Jan. 4, 1841, d. Osceola, Nebr., 1906-7; 
m. Warsaw, Hancock Co., 111., May 23, 
1872, by Rev. J. T. Rankin, EMILY J. 
JOHNSON, dau. John E. and Catherine L. 
Baldwin) Johnson, b. Warsaw, 111., Jan. 
25, 1848; int. Warsaw, 111. 

2571 WHIPPLE COOK (Esek Cook, Nathaniel 
Cook, Martha Ballou, James, James, Matur- 
in), b. Cumberland, R. I., Jan. 15, 
1795; m. Pelham, Mass., Apr. 2, 1817, 
ASEBATH GROUT, dau. Joel and Asenath 
Grout, b. Pelham, Mass., Mar. 17, 1796; 
rem. to Indiana. 

Issue, COOK: 

9540 Vienna Best. 

9541 Jason, d. Ind. 

9542 Emmeline, d. Ind. 

9543 RHODA WILDER, b. Sept. 17, 1826; 




9544 Eliza A., b. 1831. 

2748 JOHN WILLIAM BALLOU (Seth, Seth, 
James, James, James, Maturln), b. Rich- 
mond, N. H., per. 1810, d. Bath, Me.; 
m. . 

Issue, BALLOD, per. inc.: 


2748 JOHN ALDRICH BALLOD (Seth, Seth, 
James, James, James, Maturin), b. Rich- 
mond, N. H., May 14, 1812, d. Coliimbus, 
Nebr., Nov. 10, 1889; m. West Randolph, 
Vt., Apr. 86, 1866, HELEN ERMINIA (WIL- 

Issue, BALLOD, inc.: 

9546 Son, b. and d. Jan. 22, 1867. 

9547 Edgerton Perrln, b. Dec. 16, 1871, 
d. July 1, 1927; had son: 

9548 William Clinton, Route 4, 
Boise, Idaho. 
9549 John Edward, twin, b. Dec. 16, 1871. 
Several others. Note: Both of 
the above records pertain to the 
same person, one of which must be 
in error, but as both appeared in 
the archives, am presenting both. 

2762 HATTIE BALLOD (John, Seth, James, 
James, James, Maturin), b. Shrewsbury, 
Vt., Sept. 8, 1797, d. Dec. 9, 1828, ae. 
31y 3m; m. JOSEPH EDDY, s. James and 
Lydia (Ross) Eddy, b. 1790, d. Apr. 8, 
1869; int. Tinmouth, Vt. 

Issue, EDDY, by 1st wife: 

6681 Elizabeth 0., b. Mar. 10, 1819, d. 
unm.. Mar. 27, 1851; int. Village 
Gem., Starksboro, Vt. 

6682 James, b. ab. 1824, d. Oct. 9, 1898, 
ae. 74y 8m; m. 3 times; m. (3) 
Wallingford, Vt., Feb. 19, 1868, 
Vilata (Kenyon) Albro; issue, Eddy, 
by 3rd wife: 

9550 Olivia, d. Tinmouth, May 27, 

8786 STEPHEN PECK (Philadelphia Whipple, 
Olive Ballou, James, James, James, Matur- 
in), b. Cumberland, R. I., Apr. 10, 1807; 
m. Mar. 25, 1834, ELIZA TINGLEY. 

Issue, PECK, inc.: 

9551 Laura A., b. Cumberland, Oct. 22, 
1840; m. Central Falls, R. I., 
June 4, 1867, by Rev. James H. 
Lyon, Charles F. Easton, b. Provi- 
dence, J an. 12, 1843; town clerk 
of Lincoln, R. I.; issue, Easton: 

9552 Mabel R., b. Bristol, R. I., 
Aug. 25, 1869; unm. 

9553 Judge Charles R., b. Lincoln, 
May 12, 1874; m. Lincoln, 
July 6, 1899, by Rev. Wil- 
liam Helliker, Elizabeth M. 
Jordah, dau. Thomas and 
Mercy (Fenn) Jordan, grddau. 
William and Mary Jordan, of 
Hudson Heights, Province of 
Quebec, Can. , b. Lincoln, 
Nov. 29, 1873; res. 42 West- 
minster St., Providence, R. 
I. Past President of the 
B.F.A. ; member of Executive 
Committee. No issue. 

2841 WILLIAM BASSETT (Sarah Harkness, 
Susannah Ballou, James, James, James, 
Maturin), b. Richmond, N. H., Dec. 23, 
1805, d. Oct. 16, 1835; m. 1830, RHODA 
ALMY, dau. Christopher (m. 1794) and 
Lydia (Hill, b. 1769) Almy, b. 1810, 
d. quite young; chn raised by relatives; 

Issue, BASSETT, 1 b. Starksboro, Vt., 
2 b. Cumberland, R. I.: 

9554 Emily Rhoda, b. Sept. 24, 1831; 
m. William Ross Ballou, q.v. 

9555 EllEN MARGARETT, b. July 1833; m. 

8866 OZIEL BALLOD (Ebenezer, Oziel, 
James, James, James, Maturin), b. Rich- 
mond, N. H. , June 25, 1820, twin to 
Ebenezer; m. (l) Apr. 2, 1842, EMILY 
BALLOD (Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Mar. 12, 1822, d. 
Nov. 20, 1852; (2) LORINDA BALLOD, her 
sister, b. Richmond, N. H., Dec. 9, 1823. 

Issue, BALLOD, by 1st wife, b. Richmond, 
N. H.: 

6759 HENRY EDMDND, b. May 27, 1842; m. 
(1) ; (2) AMY LEWIS. 

6760 Emily J., b. Feb. 13, 1844. 

6761 Mary A., b. June 3, 1846. 

6762 Sarah L., b. Aug. 84, 1848. 



m. Francis 11. Taft, s. Farris and 
Ljdia (Bowen) Taft; Issue, Taft: 

9556 Frank A., b. ab. 1867-8; m. 
Nellie Burke. 

9557 Edna S. (or Angella), b. 
1868; m. William Wallace 
Lewis; 1 child. 

6763 Oziel A., b. June 21, 1851, d. unm. 
May 14, 1883. 

6764 JOHN FILLMORE, b. July 28, 1853; 
m. (1) JENNIE E. ELLOR; (2) MARY 

Issue, BALLOU, by 2nd wife: 

6765 Willie J., b. Oct. 11, 1856. 

6766 George M., b. Sept. 27, 1860. 

2931 JASPER NEWTON BALLOO (James, James, 
James, James, James, Maturln), b. St. 
Mary's, Ohio, Jan. 17, 1835, d. Montrose, 
la., Oct. 27, 1895; m. Jefferson Centre, 
la., Nov. 26, 1856, MARGARET AMANDA WIL- 
SON, dau. John and Rebecca 6. Wilson, 
b. Athena, Tenn., Jiay 22, 1838, d. Mont- 
rose, la., Aug. 19, 1909; int. Montrose, 
la. Cem. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Montrose, la.; 

6818 Eleanor May, b. Sept. 25, 1857, d. 
Marshalltown, la.. Mar. 27, 1933; 
m. Fort Madison, la., Sept. 6, 
1883, by Rev. Walter Terne, George 
Wallace Gilbert, s. H. B. and 
Emily (Childs) Gilbert, b. Cordova, 
111., Oct. 11, 1858; she is int. 
Riverside Gem., Marshalltown, la. 
Mr. Gilbert has actively participat- 
ed in Republican politics; elected 
Clerk.-of the District Court of 
Marshall County, la., in fall of 
1916, serving two terms of two 
years each; Deputy Clerk for next 
two years, when elected Covmty 
Treasiirer and served as such for 
eight years, being re-elected with 
little opposition. No issue. 

6819 James Newton, b. Sept. 6, 1859, 

d. Chicago, 111., Aug. 7, 1915; m. 
Nov. 16, 1887, Ellen McCarthy, b. 
Mar. 11, 1863. No issue. 

6820 Edwin Elroy Clifton, b. Sept. 12, 
1861, d. Oct. 26, 1861. 

6821 Mary Elizabeth, b. Oct. 7, 1862, 
d. Oct. 21, 1862. 

6822 MARGARET RAY, b. June 24, 1867; m. 

6823 JAMES WILLIAM, b. July 21, 1869; 


6824 JASPER RICHARD, b. Dec. 9, 1871; m. 

6825 HARRY WATSON, b. Sept. 15, 1876; m. 

2935 ELLIS BALLOO (Henry, James, James, 
James, James, Maturing, b. Zanesville, 
Ohio, July 9, 1828, d. New York City, 
Feb. 2, 1903, ae. 76; m. 1850, LAURA ANN 
CLAR£, dau. Isaac G. Clark, b. Mesopotam- 
ia, Ohio, ISSO, d. Great Falls, Mont.; 
int. Helena, Mont. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

6847 Ida Mary, b. Mar. 15, 1857, d. 
Nov. 7, 1858. 

6848 Louis L., b. Apr. 7, 1860; unm.; 
res. Great Falls, Mont. 

6849 Mary Ida, b. Apr. 4, 1862; unm.; 
res. 11 Twenty-Six h St., H., 
Great Falls, Mont. 

6850 Georgia J., b. Dec. 12, 1865; m. 
Whitten; res. Spokane, Wash. 

6851 Everett Reeves, b. Sept. 4, 1869, 
d. Feb. 7, 1870. 

2934 ORRIH BALLOU (Henry, James, James, 
James, James, Maturin), b. Zanesville, 
Ohio, Sept. 21, 1831, d. Zanesville, 
Ohio, Apr. 19, 1894; m. Jan. 1853, MA- 
TILDA JANE PRICE, dau. William and 
Sarah (Johnstone) Price, b. near Zanes- 
ville, Ohio, Oct. 9, 1831, d. Zanes- 
ville, Ohio, July 20, 1879; int. Wood- 
lawn Cem^, Zanesville, Ohio. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. near Zanesville, Ohio: 

6852 Henry, b. Jan. 15, 1854; m. Kate 

6853 William Franklin, b. Jan. 13, 
1857, d. Seattle, Wash., Mar. 16, 

6854 Sarah A., b. July 14, 1858, d. 
unm., Feb. 1892. 

6855 Harriet E., b. Jan. 8, 1861; unm.; 
Teacher, Butte, Mont. 

6856 Annie, b. Aug. 27, 1867; m. Sey- 
mour, Ind., Mar. 20, 1895, byRev. 
Baird, Thomas R. Llmer, s. Charles 
and Jane Limer, b. Cincinnati, 
Ohio, Jan. 5, 1861, d. May 19, 
1914; she res. 1202 •''ourth Ave., 
Los Angeles, Calif. No issue. 

3160 ELLEN FRANCES BROWN (Smith Brown, 



Elihu Brown, Ruth Ballou, Hathanlel, 
James, Maturln), b. Cambria, M. Y., Aug. 
10, 1836, d. Feb. 17, 1896; b. lAkeport, 
». Y., Jan. 24, 1858, IRA TILCOTT ALDBICH 
vbo d. Dec. 21, 1874; Int. Elmvood Cem. , 
Lakeport, I. Y. 

Issue, ALDBICH, Inc.: 

9556 Thomas Talcott, b. Cincinnati, 

Ohio, Aug. 12, 1869, d. Pittsburgh, 
Pa., Mot. 14, 1931; a. Lockport, 
Sept. 1, 1885, b7 ReT. B. B. Fur- 
bish, Battle Grace, dau. Obarles 
R. Parlsen; furniture salesman; 
int. Memorial Park Cem., -Allegheny 
Co., Pa.; issue, Aldrlch: 
9557 Thomas Parlsen, b. Cleveland, 
Sept. 14, 1886; m. Sept. 1, 
1909, Emma Gertrude Harrison, 
of Pittsburgh, b. Apr. 28, 
1886; res. 3414 Beechwood 
Ave., Cleveland Heights, 0.: 
issue, Aldrich, 1 b. Pitts- 
burgh, 2 b. CievelanA: 

9558 Alice Harriett, b. lov. 
13, 1911. 

9559 Thomas Parlsen, Jr., 
b. Cleveland, Aug. 5, 

9560 Harriett Ellen, b. Minneapo- 
lis, Jan. 15, 1888; unm.; 
sec, emp. by William Schnette 
Co., Pittsburgh; Presbyterian 
mem. 6.F.A. 

9561 Grace Evelyn, b. Minneapolis, 
Oct. 19, 1889; unm. 

9562 Aida Neirtiall, b. Aug. 27, 
1691; m. Pittsburgh, Sept. 
18, 1912, Arthur George Pop- 
dse, b. Mew York City; Juna 
3, 1684; res. 1126 Main St., 
Pittsburgh, Penn. ; Issue, 

9563 Evelyn Aldrich, b. 
Wilklnsburg, Jam. 21, 

9564 Robert Aldrich, b. 
Swlssvale, Oct. 6, 

9565 Elsie Louise, b. Lockport, 
H. Y., Oct. 17, 1899; m. 
Pittsburgh, Sept. 1, 1925, 
Robert ^^oorhead Bruce, b. 
Indiana, Pa., Oct. 13, 1889; 
issue, Bruce, b. *llkinsburg. 

9566 Barbara Aldrich, b. 
May 7, 1929. 

8233 m. PHILIP CARRIER BALLOU (Stephen, 
Hathaniel, Amarlah, lathaniel, James, 
Maturln), b. Monkton, Vt., July 24, 1806, 
d. Monkton, Vt., Oct. 1, 1884; m. lew 
Haven, Vt., Dec. 24, 1828, by Rev. Jos- 
lah Hopkins, AMHA BIRD, dau. Amos and 
Lola (Cook) Bird, b. Bew Haven, Vt., lev. 
3, 1805. 

Issue, BALLOO, 1-S b. lew Haven, Vt., 3- 
5 b. Monkton, Vt.: 

7060 Martha Ann, b. May 10, 1830; a. 
Dr. Truman B. Daley; 1884, res. 
Avon, Lorain Co., Ohio. Bo issue. 

7061 CLARK ATWOOD, b. Mar. IS, 1833; a. 

7062 Charles Wesley, b. Dec. 7, 1834; a. 
Eaily Henderson; faraer; 1884, res. 
Wedron, 111. Bo issue. 

7063 ERSKIBE JUDSOB, b. May 22, 1837; a. 

7064 Stephen Cook, b. May IS, 1848, d. 
Sept. 3, 1861. 

3247 HARRIET MARIA BALLOU (Michael lare, 
Bathaniel, Aaariah, Mathaniel, James, 
Maturln), b. Feb. 16, 1814, d. July 8, 
1859, ae. 45y 4m 22d; m. Gainesville, B. 
Y., Mov. 4, 1841, by her brother. Rev. 
John Mci^ght Ballou, ABSOB B. CARD, s. 
John and A«y (Eddy) Card, b. Greenfield, 
Mass., June 10, 1816, who m. (S) Eleanor 

Issue, CARD, by 1st wife: 
7111 Corydon Wheeler, b. Gainesville, 
Sept. 14, 184S; m. Sarah Tebey. 

9567 Marcellus Ballou, b. Bov. 30, 1844; 
m. Florence Marsh. 

9568 Mary Effie, b. Aug. 25, 1846, d. 
unm., Dec. 19, 1878. 

9569 Rollin Bugene, b. Mar. S, 1848; a. 
Carrie Crossman. 

9570 Harriet ViUa, b. May 30, 1850; m. 
Orlln Cotton. 

9571 Milan Arthur, b. Aug. S8, 1853; u. 
Ellen Baker. 

9572 John Franklin, b. June 10, 1857; 
m. Etta Bourse. 

5262 EUBICE BALLOU (ichabod, Nathaniel, 
Amarlah, Bathaniel, James, Maturln), b. 
Surrey, M. h., Sept. 4, 18S1 (dau. of 



Ichabod Iqr 2nd vife, Eunice Harvey); ■. 
Aug. 18, 1847, BEIJAmi CBOSBI (a 2nd cou 
sin of Charles Vilas, of Alstead, I. H.) 

Ichabod Ballon was In the War of 1612. 

Issue, CB0SB7: 

9573 Bully Althea, b. May 21, 1848; ■. 
Keene, «. H., Feb. 26, 1870, Oscar 
Brlgbaa Deane; she d. Jan. 20, 1920; 
Issue, Deane: 

9574 William, b. «OT. 30, 1872. 

9575 Oscar Brighaa, Jr., b. Oct. 
30, 1883; ■. Jan. 24, 1902, 
Palynoe Rloux; issue, Deane: 
9576 Oscar Brighaa, 2d, b. 

Sept. 1917. 

9577 Minnie. 

9578 Mabel, m. 1897, George Shack- 
ley, of Sng.; issue, Shackley: 

9579 Theodore. 

9580 Deane. 

9581 Althea, m. Springfield, 
Charles Stocks; son: 
9582 George David. 

9583 Velaa. 
9584 Fanny Ellen, b. Apr. 2, 1851; b. 

Springfield, Feb. 28, 1881, George 
Edward Mansfield, of ^ng.; res. Fair 
field St., Springfield, Mass.; issue 

9585 Harold Crosby, b. June 4, 

9586 Grace Irene, b. Mar. 13, 1888, 
during a blizzard; m. June 10, 
1908, Carroll Wesley Carnan; 
issue. Carman: 

9587 George Mansfield, b. 
Oct. 24, 1913. 

9588 Ruth Portia, b. May 14, 

9589 C. Wesley, 1). Jan. 25, 

9590 Janice Grace, b. Aug. 1, 

9591 fiuth Helen, b. Jan. 24, 1890, 
d. July 19, 1910. 

9592 Clara Eliza, b. *'eb. 28, 1652; ■. 
May 26, 1876, George Cole, of Keene, 
I. H. 

9593 CHARLOTTE VILAS, b. Mov. 4, 1857; 

9594 Benjanln, Jr., d.y. 

8264 HABVET BALLOU (ichabod, Nathaniel, 
Aaarlah, lathanlel, James, Maturin), b. 

Surrey, I. H., May 29, 1824 (son of 
Ichabod by 2nd wife, Eunice Harvey); m. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

9595 George. 

9596 Clara. 

3274 AMANDA B&LLOU (Amariah, Ellas, Ama- 
rlah, liathanlel, James, Maturin), b. 
Peru, Mass., June 18, 1815, d. Sept. 26, 
1843, ae. 28y 3m 8d; m. Apr. 1, 1836, 
lELSOH GRAVES, s. Amasa and Sarah (Bird) 
Graves, b. Mlddlefleld, Mass., June 7, 
1608, d. Oct. 22, 1848, who m. (2) Mary 
Burgart, of Stockbrldge, Mass. 

Issue, GRAVES, by 1st wife: 

7266 Nelson Amariah, b. June 10, 1841; 
soldier in Civil War; struck on 
head with a piece of shell and 
went insane. 

3S58 LYDIA BALLOU (Leonard, fioah, Hoah, 
Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. Cumber- 
land, R. I., May 22, 1623, d. Norwich, 
Conn., July 3, 1694; m. June 6, 1842, 
JOHN B. YOUNG, s. Hon. Ebenezer Young, 
b. Klllizigly, Conn., Jan. 1, 1615, d. 
Norwich, Conn., Sept. 11, 1659, ae. 
44y 3m lOd. No issue. 

Noah, Noah, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), 
b. Cumberland, R. I., July 5, 1827, d. 
Johnson City, N. Y. , 1906; m. (l) West 
Medway, Mass., Oct. 23, 1649, by Rev. 
Chase Messinger, ADELINE METCALF, dau. 
Preston and Lucretia (Hill) Metcalf, of 
Franklin, Mass., irtio d. Sept. 11, 1850; 
(2) Nov. 1652, NANCY ALLEN, dau. Samuel 
and Polly (Osman) Alien, of Holliston, 
Mass.; (3) OLIVE R. PICKERING, dau. 
Simon and Elizabeth (Whiting) Pickering. 

Issue, BALLOU, by 1st wife: 

7471 Adeliza, b. Aug. 3, 1650, d. Aug. 
23, 1650. 

Issue, BALLOU, by 2nd wife; b. Franklin, 

7472 Adelia -^elia, b. June 24, 1856, 
d. May 1863. 

7473 Eddie, b. Oct. 27, 1657, d. June 

7474 Nellie Loviise, b. Mar. 15, 1660. 
Issue, BALLOU, by 8rd wife, b. Chicago: 



9597 CAROLYN ELIZA, b- Jan. 1, 1881; m. 

3451 JULIA A. ALDRICH (Keziah Ballou, 
Ziba, Hoah, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), 
b. Smlthfield, R. I., July 10, 1830; m. 
Kllllngly, Conn., Sept. 17, 1855, SIMON 
S. WALDO, s. Riifus and Harriet (Shepard) 
Waldo, b. Canterbury, Conn., Feb. 15, 

Issue, WALDO, b. Danielsonville, Conn.: 

7624 Louis Philip, b. Jan. 30, 1858, d. 
May 30, 1863. 

7625 Edwin Augustus, b. Dec. 4, 1863; 

7626 George Burrill, b. Apr. 11 or 19, 
1867; unm. ; artist. New York City. 

7627 Medora, b. Dec. 3, 1871, d. Aug. 
23, 1872. 

Noah, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. 
Smlthfield, R. I., Feb. 28, 1827, d. Oct. 
30, 1876; m. Hay 21, 1846, PETER BOGLE, 
b. Sept. 15, 1825, d. Pawtucket, R. I., 
Feb. 11, 1886; int. Bogle lot. No. 15, 
Ave. E., Mineral Spring Cem. , Pawtucket, 
R. I. 

Hannah was a sister of Major Svillivan 
Ballou. Mr. Bogle was a master silver- 
smith and nearly all his life was em- 
ployed by the Gorham Company. 

Issue, BOGLE, b. Garden St., Pawtucket, 
R. I.: 

9598 Willie E., b. Feb. 8, 1847, d. Apr. 
23, 1858. 

9599 Frank A., b. May 23, 1848, d. Apr. 
2, 1851. 

9600 Sullivan Ballou, b. May 14, 1853, 
d. unm., Jan. 14, 1914; organist, 
St. Paul's Church, Pawtucket, R. I. 

9601 Jeannette, b. July 27, 1855, d. 
July 27, 1858. 

9602 Fred Mason, b. June 13, 1859, d. 
Chicago, Feb. 7, 1925; m. Aug. 10, 
1882, by Rev. J. J. Wooley of Paw- 
tucket (father of Pres. Mary Wooley 
of Mt. Holyoke Coll.), Susie Durfee 
Brown, dau. George and Mary A. 
(Sweet) Brown. For many years as- 
sociated with the Gorham Co., of 
Providence, who sent him to Chicago 

« as their western representative. 

3458 WALTER BALLOU (Preston, Eliel, 
Noah, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. 
Cumberland, R. I., Feb. 19, 1835, d. 
No. Attleboro, Mass., Mar. 25, 1913; 
m. Ho. Attleboro, Mass., May 14, 1856, 
by Rev. William Harrison Alden, ANN 
ELIZA BRIGGS, dau. Bufus Briggs, b. 
Slatersville, R. I., May 2, 1835; int. 
Mt. Hope Cem., No. Attleboro, Mass. 

Mr. Ballou was a manufacturing Jeweler 
and silversmith for fifty years, having 
been a part owner and founder of R. 
Blackinton Co., of which he was manager, 
succeeded by his son in 1893. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. No. Attleboro, Mass.: 

7662 Myra Ann, b. Feb. 2, 1858; m. Ben- 
jamin S. Freeman; member B.F.A.; 
res. 13 Mason Ave., No. Attleboro, 

7663 HELEN GERTRUDE, b. Dec. 12, 1860; 

7664 WALTER BURNSIDE, b. Feb. 19, 1862; 

Eliel, Noah, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), 
b. Cumberland, R. I., Nov. 21, 1838, d. 
No. Attleboro, Mass., Apr. 12, 1916; m. 
Dec. 24, 1865, JANE A. WOODMAN, b. Bos- 
ton, Mass., ^pr. 15, 1843, d. No. Attle- 
boro, Mass., 1917; int. Mt. Hope Cem., 
No. Attleboro, Mass. 

Stephen B. Ballou was by occupation 
a toolmaker. Enl. in the Civil War in 
the First R. I. Infantry May 2, 1861, 
disch. Avig. 2, 1861; re-enl. in First 
R. I. Light Artillery, Battery B. Sept. 
4, 1861, must, out at Charlestown, Va., 
Sept. 3, 1864. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Attleboro, Mass.: 

7665 HERBERT WOODMAN, b. Sept. 19, 1872; 

Betsey Ballou, Edward, Stephen, Nathaniel, 
James, Maturin), b. Cumberland, R. I., 
Mar. 30, 1814, d. Trigly, la., Apr. 10, 
1895; m. July 27, 1832, JAMES ARNOLD 
BROWN, q.v. (3141), s. James and Abigail 
Ann (Smith) Brown, b. Utica, N. Y., Aug. 
22, 1813, d. Buda, 111., Aug. 3, 1898. 



Issue, BROWN, Inc.: 

960S BESSIE BALLOU, b. Buda, 111., Mar. 


Ezekiel, Obadlah, James, Matvirin), b. 
Cumberland, R. I., Jan. 9, 1812; m. (l) 
Wrentham, Mass., Apr. £7, 1834, by Rev. 
Elisha Fisk, CAROLINE LAWRENCE, of Wren- 
tham, Mass., who d. Dec. 27, 1834; (2) 
Franklin, Mass., Mar. 21, 1838, by Rev. 
Henry Gifford, ALMIRA LAWRENCE, of Frank- 
lin, Mass. (omitted in Ballou gen.); (3) 
Feb. 27, 1844, HANNAH JILLSON, dau. Step- 
hen and Lucina (Inman) Jillson, b. Cum- 
berland, R. I., June 20, 1813. 

Issue, BALLOU, by 1st wife: 

7869 Caroline N., b. Dec. 11, 1836; m. 
Franklin, Dec. 12, 1858, Herman F. 
Clark, s. Hiram and Adeline Clark, 
b. Croyden, N. H. 

Issue, BALLOD, by 3rd wife: 

7870 George W., b. Feb. 9, 1845, d. June 

10, 1867. 

7871 Stephen W., b. July 24, 1846; m. 
Nellie M. Buxton. 
Charles H., b. Jan. 8, 1848; vinm. 


Osborn J.,V>. July 6, 1851; m. Leon- 
ora Holley. 

3606 HENRY BOWEH BALLOD (Ezeklel, Jesse, 
Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. 
prob. Cumberland, R. I., Oct. 28, 1821, 
d. Dec. 21, 1854 (but not unm. as stated 
in Ballou gen.); m. Millville, Mass., 
ADELINE NEWTON, dau. Joseph and Lucy 
(Tower) Newton, b. Feb. 7, 1828, d. Sher- 
born, Mass., 1910; int. Millville, Mass. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Millville, Mass.: 

9604 SARAH JANE, b. Feb. 14, 1845; m. 

9605 Emma, d. Blackstone; m. Frank Brown. 

9606 Marion, d. ae. 15y. 

9607 Elizabeth, d. in infancy. 

9608 Ida, d. Oct. 8, ; m. Stephen 

Angell, b. July 1, . No issue. 


3672 WILLIAM BALLOD (William, Maj. Reu- 
ben, Ezekiel, Obadlah, James, Maturin), 
b. Providence, R. I., ^ov. 3, 1813, d. 
July 26, 1894; m. Pawtucket, R. I., Nov. 
3, 1838, by Rev. George Taft, JANE WASH- 

BDRN COTTON, dau. Preserved (d. Pawtuck- 
et, Sept. 25, 1853, ae. 72) and Grace 
Vaughan (Read, d. Pawtucket, Mar. 26, 
1861, ae. 84, on "Bean Hill, so called, 
at home of her dau.) Cotton, b. Assonet, 
Mass., Nov. 4, 1816, d. 689 Weeden St., 
Pawtucket, R. I., June 12, 1899; int. 
Ballou lot. Mineral Spring Cem., Paw- 
tucket, R. I.; her parents int. in the 
Cotton lot, west side of Main Ave. 

Issue, Ballou, b. Pawtucket, R. I.: 

8286 Stephen Jackson, b. Jvily 29, 1839, 
d. Pawtucket, Oct. 4, 1908; m. 
Sept. 20, 1868, by Rev. George 
Taft, Hannah Weatherhead Whipple; 
int. Mineral Spring Cem., Pawtuck- 
et, R. I. In the spring of 1862 
he enl. in Co. H. 9th Regt. R. I. 
Vols., for 3 mos. Co. ordered to 
Washington, D. C., and encamped at 
Tennellytown. At expiration of 
the 3 mos. term of service the 
Co. was ordered home and men must, 
out of service. He then resumed 
his business, painting and glazing. 
Funeral services conducted under 
direction of Tower Post, G.A.B. 

8287 Charles Frederic, b. Sept. 6, 1841, 
d. Sept. 22, 1842; int. Mineral 
Spring Cem. 

8288 Abby Inna, b. Oct. 2, 1843, d. Nov. 
14, 1844; int. Mineral Spring Cem. 

8289 GEORGE FREDERIC, b. Mar. 26, 1846; 

8290 Annie Wheaton, b. Oct. 17, 1848, 
d. Feb. 16, 1883. 

8291 WILLIAM ALBERT, b. July 5, 1851; 

8292 GRACE READ, b. Feb. 23, 1862; m. 

3678 ZIMRI COOK (Joanna Ballou, Levi, 
Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. 
Bellingham, Mass., Jxine 5, 1800, d. 
July 15, 1855, ae. 55; m. Apr. 11, 1822, 
OLIVE W. ALLEN, dau. Ahaz Allen, of Men- 
don, Mass., who d. Sept. 7, 1870, ae. 
66; int. Swan Cem., Mendon, Mass. 

Issue, COOK, b. Mendon, Mass. and Woon- 

socket, R. I.: 

9610 ORINDA BALLOD, b. Mendon, Jan. 16, 
1823; m. (l) LODIS COOK; (2) STEPH- 




9611 NAOMI PAINE, b. Keene, N. H., Mar. 
11, 1824; m. CHARLES A. 


9612 Zimri A., b. Dec. 27, 1825; m. (l) 
Flzmeas Augusta Stowe, dau. Phln- 
eas Stowe, organizer of Baptist 
Bethel Church of Boston, whom 
Zimri Cook succeeded and preach- 
ed there 15 or 20 years; (2) Mary 
Raymond; changed name to Henry A. 
No issue. 

9612 Ichabod W., b. Aug. 26, 1828; m. 
(1) Cumberland, July 4, 1847, 
Waity Ann Whipple, who d. Feb. 6, 

1872, ae. 45; (2) wid. Amelia ; 

issue. Cook, by 1st wife: 
9614 Ella P., b. Milford, J\ine 17, 

9615 Loviisa, b. Mar. 5, 1830; m. Davis 

Gregory, of Bellingham; issue, Gre- 
gory, b. Blackstone, Mass.: 
9616 Son. 

9617 Phebe, b. Oct. 19, 1831, d. ae. 12y; 
prob. int. Swan Cem., Mendon, Mass. 
as are many of the family. 

9618 Keziah A., b. Feb. 15, 1833; m. 
Calais, Vt., Zimri Wheeler; 7 chn. 

9619 Daniel A., b. Apr. 28, 1834, Keene, 
N. H.; m. Vt., Olivia Congdon. 

9620 Sarah Eliza J., b. Nov. 16, 1835; 
m. Nov. 22, 1853, Davis Bills Cook, 
s. Clark Cook, of Mendon; res. 
Fitzwilliam, N. H. 

9621 Olive Emily, b. Woonsocket, May 19, 
1837; ffl. Nov. 29, 1860, Charles 
Ford, of Providence. No issue. 

9622 Cynthia Stowell, b. Jan. 5, 1839; 
m. Woonsocket, Orin Wheeler, of Vt. 
issue, Wheeler, b. Milford, Mass.: 
9623 Son. 

9624 Stephen H. S., b. May 10, 1840; m. 
Esther . 

9625 Vienna M., b. Apr. 26, 1843; m. 
Dec. 9, 1869, William Russell Dean, 
of Upton; issue. Dean: 

9626 Child, d. in infancy. 
9627 Benjamin M., b. July 27, 1846; m. 
Oct. 12, 1870, Susan Welden, of 

ton, Levi, Ezeklel, Obadiah, James, Ma- 
turin), b. Cumberland, R. I., June 10, 
1830; m. Providence, R. I., Nov. 17, 
1857, by Rev. Edwin A. Eaton, SARIH EMILY 
DARLING, dau. Welcome B. and Seriah L. 

(Olney) Darling, b. Providence, R. I., 
July 1, 1837. 

Issue, BALLOO, 1 b. Providence, R. I., 
2-3 b. No. Weare, H. H.: 

8210 Edith Paine, b. June 15,1862, d. 
Dec. 14, 1864. 

8211 Anna Darling, b. Mar. 22, 1865, 

d. unm.. Providence, Feb. 26, 1928. 

8212 Kate Stewart, b. Sept. 9, 1866; 
m. William G. Payton. 

3725 BARTON ALLAN BALLOD (Rev. Barton, 
Levi, Ezeklel, Obadiah, James, Uaturln), 
b. Woonsocket, R. I., Oct. 25, 1835, d. 
Providence, R. I., Mar. 11, 1922; m. 
(1) Providence, R. I., May 17, 1859, 
by Rev. Cyrvis H. Fay, DELIA A. WESLEY, 
dau. Joseph Wesley, who d.s.p., Sept. 
15, 1865, ae. 28y; (2) Blackstone, Mass., 
Nov. 28, 1867, by Rev. G. L. Demarest 
and Rev. John Boyden, MARY RATHBOHE 
KELLY, dau. ^11 and Lydla (Rathbone) 
Kelly, b. So. Mendon, Mass., Apr. 28, 
1837; int. Swan Point Cem., Providence. 

When twelve years of age, Mr. Ballou 
obtained employment in a cotton mill 
and later engaged in the boot-making 
trade. In 1850, he was apprenticed to 
Rathbone and Richards, manufacturing 
Jewelers of Providence, and after learn- 
ing the trade was employed in it for 
several years. In the Civil War, he re- 
cruited part of a company at Weare, N. 
H., was chosen first lieutenant and Join- 
ed Co. G 16th N. H. Volunteer Infantry, 
with which he served under Gen. Banks in 
Louisianna. 1868, purchased the business 
of Rathbone and Richards and changed the 
name to B. A. Ballou. Within a year he 
admitted his brother-in-law, John J. Fry, 
and changed the name to Barton A. Ballou 
& Co. Upon Mr. Fry's death in 1895, his 
son, Frederick A. Ballou, became a part- 
ner in the concern and in 1906 the firm 
name became B. B. Ballou k Co., Inc., 
of which he was president until his 
death, it being one of the leading Jewel- 
ry industries of Rhode island. He did 
much to improve the manufacture of Jewel- 
ry and took out a number of patents on 
labor-saving devices. Mr. Ballou became 
a conspicuous figure in the Jewelry 
world of America, being a director in 
the Manuf actiirers • Jewelers' Board of 



Trade and the Hew England Manufacturers' 
Jewelers' and Silversmiths' Association. 
Aside from his jewelry connections he 
was president of the Dyer Street Land 
Company. He gave much in time, money 
and effort to cItIc and charitable more- 
ments in Providence. He was for more 
than thirty years trustee and president 
of the Board of the Bell Street Chapel 
Fund, and he was director of the Home 
for Aged Men and Aged Couples. He was 
a companion of the Military Order of the 
Loyal Legion of the United States, and 
a member of the Pilgrims Society, the 
Rhode Island Historical Society, the 
Rhode Island School of Design, the 
Providence Chamber of Commerce, and the 
Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce. Politi- 
cally, he was a Republican, but was in- 
dependent in his support of local men 
and measures. He was of liberal relig- 
ious belief and attended the Bell Street 
Church. Interested in everything per- 
taining to the welfare and uplift of 
his city, he gave, prior to his death , 
a tract of land with building adjoining 
Prospect Terrace, for public park pur- 
poses and his will recorded substantial 
bequests for the Home for Aged Men and 
Aged Couples, the Providence Boys' 
Club, the Providence District Mvirsing 
Association, the Rhode island Hospital, 
the Women's College of Brown University, 
the Rhode Island Humane Educational So- 
ciety, the Rhode Island Lying-in Hospital 
and the Providence Society for Organized 
Charity. His dominating personal char- 
acteristics were charitableness, both 
in thought and deed, soundness of Judg- 
ment and keenness of intellect. His 
favorite diversion during his later 
years was motoring, and he drove his 
own car unaccompanied only twelve days 
before his death. Member B.F.A. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Providence, R. I.: 
8213 FREDERICK ALLAH, b. Feb. 16, 1869; 

8£14 Charles Rathbone, b. Mar. 24, 1872. 
8215 Alice May, b. Sov. 26, 1876; m. 

George Worcester Eliot. 

5781 JEFFERSOH BALLOD (Silas, Capt. Asa, 
Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. 
Fenner, B. Y., Feb. 2, 1813, d. Bronson, 
Mich., 1669; m. Mar. 30, 1636, JEMIMA 

PIERCE, b. May 7, 1813, d. Bronson, 
Mich., Sept. 28, 1894. 

Issue, BALLOD: 

8355 I^lantha, b. Mar. 31, 1838, d. 

Bronson, Aug. 15, 1878 or Sept. 
26, 1879; m. Feb. 2, 1860, 
George Brower; issue, Brower: 
9628 Clara, d. Jan. 25, 1929; 
m. Leo Klnter; res. Cold- 
water, Mich. 

9629 Semantha, b. Mar. 12, 1840; m. 
July 10, 1867, Lafayette Corey; 
issue, Corey: 

9630 Mellie Ballou, d. Fall of 

9631 Bert, res. 1827 Duwood Ave., 
Louisville, Ky. 

9632 Olive, b. June 30, 1841, d. Kansas 
City, Jan. 26, 1920; m. Apr. 25, 
1865, John McKinney; issue, McKin- 

9633 Nellie, d. Chicago, June 30, 
1910; m. Dashel. 

9634 Harry. 

9635 Edith, m. Benton; res. 

Manilla, Philippines. 

9636 Louella, m. Joynes; 

res. Kansas City, Mo. 

9637 Delos, b. May 23, 1844, d. Dec. 
12, 1846. 

9638 Leonora, b. Jan. 28, 1847, d. 
Bronson, May 15, 1927, in 81st yr.; 
m. Sept. 15, 1869, Carey Dunn; 
issue, Dunn: 

9639 Emma, b. Bronson; m. 

Dwight; int. Oak, Mich. 

9640 Mattie, b. Bronson; m. 
Charles Spees, of Bronson. 

9641 Lois, b. Bronson; m. 

Danner, of Coldwater, Mich. 

9642 Alice, b. Feb. 23, 1850, d. Bron- 
son, Nov. 24, 1907; m. 


9643 Helen C., b. June 8, 1851, d. Bron- 
son, July 6, 1921; m. Mar. 6, 1870, 
Edwin H. Mallery; issue, Mallery, 
b. Bronson, Mich. : 

9644 Nina, m. S. Short. 

9645 Ora, d. Baldwin, Mich., Avig. 
11, 1920; m. K. Kennedy. 

9646 Warren, res. Saginaw, Mich. 
9647 Libbie, b. Apr. 8, 1853; m. Oct. 
25, 1873, George Kinter (not Win- 
ter); she d. Bronson, Feb. 24, 
1896; issue, Klnter, b. Bronson: 


9648 Reua, m. Burns, of Mlsba- 

waka, Ind. 

9649 Leo. 

9650 AM 0., b. Feb. 18, 1856, d. Mar. 6, 

5860 AfiDREW OIGHT BALLOD (Daniel, Joseph, 
Daniel, Obadlah, James, Uaturln), b. Bur- 
rillville, R. I., Sept. 14, 1827, d. Pas- 
coag, R. I., June 7, 1900; m. Burrlllville, 
R. I., Sept. 7, 1852, by Rev. D. P. Harri- 
aan, AILEEN 0* CONNER EDDY, dau. Fenner 
and Celia (Taft) Eddy, b. Pascoag, R. I. 
(not in Thxirston, N. Y.), June 23, 1820, 
d. Providence, R. I., Aug. 31, 1900; int. 
Pascoag, R. 1. Cem. 

A Master Mechanic, Andrew Knight Bal- 
lou was employed for years by the Sayles 
& Nichols, later A. L. Sayles k Sons Co. 
In September 1855, with his brother-in- 
law Joseph Briggs and the other members 
of the family, Andrew K. Ballou gave a 
surprise party to their older brother. 
Job Ballou, who lived at the homestead. 
The homestead was a shrine for the child- 
ren and the party was so enjoyable that 
it was repeated yearly on the second 
Thursday in June, with one exception 
since that time. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Pascoag, R. I.: 

8454 GEORGIANNA BROWN, b. July 21, 1853; 

8455 Alleen Knight, b. Mar. 11, 1855, 

d. Aug. 11, 1875; m. June 20, 1875, 
Lyman Copeland; int. Pascoag, R. I., 

8456 Andrew Fenner, b. Feb. 7, 1861, d. 
Pascoag, Jan. 10, 1900; int. Pascoag, 
R. I. Cem. 

8457 Warren Russell, b. May 23, 1867; m. 
Pascoag, Apr. 18, 1896, by Rev. 

W. E, Dennet, Grace E. Geer, dau. 
James A. and Ursula A. (Mathewson) 
Geer, b. Greenville, R. I., Feb. 4, 
1874; res. Pascoag, R. I. No issue. 

6458 CLARENCE ABNER, b. Apr. 17, 1870; 

9651 ALBERTUS CLINTON, b. Apr. 10, 1876; 

3864 EDDY BOWEN BALLOU (Joseph, Joseph, 
Daniel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Har- 
risville, R. I., Aug. 28, 1811, d. Cedar 
Falls, Iowa, Aug. 24, 1881; m. MARY 

CHILDS SAUNDERS, dau. Jeremiah Saunders, 
grddau. Jeremiah and Anna (Ballou) 
Saunders (See 299 Daniel, Obadiah, James, 

Maturin Ballou), b. , d. Cherokee, 

Iowa, Apr. 20, 1901. 

A mechanic and farmer, Eddy Bowen 
Ballou moved from Harrisville, R. I. to 
both Rockford, 111. and Caledonia, Minn., 
1858, and in 1864 settled in Cedar Falls, 

Issue, BALLOU, b. prob. Harrisville, R. I. 

9652 MARTHA A. BALLOU, b. Oct. SO, 1839; 

9653 HENRY CHILDS, b. Oct. 24, 1841; m. 

9654 Josephine A., b. Oct. 23, 1843, d. 
Eitzen, Houston Co., Minn., July 
2, 1862; m. June 2, 1861, Caledon- 
ia, Minn., Asa Sherman, drowned 
Missippi River, Oct. 14, 1863, and 
body never recovered; farmer; she 
Is int. Eitzen, Minn. Cem. No 
issue reported. 

9655 EDWARD LAPHAM, b. Oct. 8,1845; m. 

9656 MARY CHILDS, b. No. Scituate, R. I. 

3878 CHARLES ROSEA BALLOU (Rev. Daniel, 
Sylvanus, Daniel, Obadiah, James, Matur- 
in), b. Utica, N. Y., July 29, 1865; 
d. Masonic Hospital, Utica, N. Y., Mar. 
5, 1935; m. June 23, 1909, by Rev. George 
Cross Baner, CLARA ROSE FENN, dau. Wil- 
liam Beach and Rose (Pelton) ^enn, b. 
Torrington, Conn., Sept. 2, 1881. 

He was educated in the public schools 
and the Clinton Liberal Institute in 
Fort Plain, N. Y. For 50 years he was 
proprietor of a printing and publishing 
business in Utica, retiring a year be- 
fore his death. He was a member of the 
Church of the Reconciliation; past master 
of Oriental Lodge, 224, A.F.&A.H. ; mem- 
ber of Mohawk Valley Consistory; Ziyara 
Temple, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine; 
Utica Lodge 23, B.P.O.E.; Court Fort 
Schuyler 1510; Independent Order of 
Foresters; also life member of the Music- 
ians' Union 51, and Typographical Union 
62. For many years he played in military 
bands. In 1913 he was elected president 
of the Common Council (Utica) as the 

Democratic candidate and served during 
1914 and 1915. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Dtica, H. T.: 

9657 Harriet, b. May 11, 1910j m. Utica, 
Oct. 8, 1932, b7 Rev. Stanard Dow 
Butler, Ronald C. Mudge, s. Frank 
A. and Annette (Donaldson) Uudge, 
of Utica, b. Oneonta, H. Y., Dec. 
17, 1909; she attended Dtica Free 
Academy and Utica School of Com- 

9658 Elizabeth, b. Oct. 13, 1913; m. 
N. Y., June 11, 1931, by Rev. 
Francis B. Dpham, D.D., Clarence 
Jones, s. Morris John and Emma 
(Hadlock) Jones, b. Dtica, July 2, 
1901; res. 1535 Brinkerhoff Ave., 
Dtica, N. Y.; issue, Jones, b. 
Dtica, H. Y.: 

9659 Barbara Ann, b. June 11, 
9660 Julia, b. Oct. 10, 1920. 

3880 AMY LEONORA BALLOD (Rev. Daniel, 
Sjivanus, Daniel, Obadiah, James, Matur- 
in), b. Dtica, N. Y., Sept. 29, 1871; m. 
Utica, N. Y., Feb. 22, 1911, by Rev. 
George Cross Baner, MARK N. BENNETT, s. 
Mark C. and Jennie F. (Newton) Bennett, 
b. Providence, R. I., June 22, 1873, d. 
Providence, R. I., Jtay 26, 1921; int. 
Swan Point Cem., Providence, R. I. 

She writes: "My grandfather, Sylvanus 
Ballou, was married three times. He was 
past seventy years of age when my father 
was born, son of his third wife." 

3881 BESSIE MAY BALLOD (Rev. Daniel, 
Sylvanus, Daniel, Obadiah, James, Matur- 
in), b. Dtica, N. Y., July 23, 1874; m. 
Dtica, N. Y., June IB, 1902, by Rev. H. 
E. Benton, WARREN S. PARKS, s. Lewis 
and Lydia U. Parks, b. Stow, Mass., Jan. 
27, 1875. 

She is Educational Director of the 
Rochester (N. Y.) Civic Orchestra and 
in charge of the school orchestra's con- 
cert programs. She collaborates with 
the Musical Director in arranging the 
programs, writes the bulletins that ex- 
plain the selections played for the bene- 
fit of the schools in the vicinity, and 
aids in radio broadcasts. She is a 



Student of music appreciation and has 
been a professional singer. Mr. Parks 
is Agency Manager of the Equitable Life 
Ins. Co., Rochester, N. Y. 

Issue, PARKS, b. Rochester, N. Y. : 

9661 Richard Ballou, b. Feb. 5, 1916; 
student at Tufts College. 

9662 Nancy, b. May 16, 1920. 

3633 OTIS JILLSON (irena Ballou, Jesse, 
Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. 
Belllngham, Mass., Nov. 28, 1821, d. 
Woonsocket, R. I., Sept. 21, 1899; m. 
Jan. 20, 1843, HANNAH M. WORRALL, dau. 
Ottowill and Ruth (Hall) lorrall, b. 
Woonsocket, H. I., 1821, d. Woonsocket, 
R. I., Jan. 16, 1888. 

Issue, JILLSON, b. Woonsocket, B. I.: 

9663 Sarah L., b. Mar. 17, 1844, d. 
Mar. 2, 1899; m. Nov. 28, 1873, 
William Sprague (family record 
says Thayer) . 

9664 Henry M., b. Nov. 11, 1847, d. 
May 2, 1854. 

9665 Barton F., b. June 20, 1851, d. 
May 8, 1854. 

9666 Genevieve Alice, b. May 9, 1854, 
d. Woonsocket, Apr. 18, 1921; m. 
Woonsocket, Nov. 14, 1883, by Rev. 
Eugene E. Thomas, David Henry Hil- 
ton, s. Nathan and Martha (Crosby) 
Hilton, b. Nova Scotia, Mar. 20, 
1855, d. Woonsocket, June 15, 1885; 
issue, Hilton, b. Woonsocket, R. I.; 
9667 Frederic Williams, b. May 

4, 1885; m. New York City, 
Nov. 17, 1923, Florence May 
McKenzie, b. Woonsocket, 
Feb. 25, 1886; member B.F.A. 
No issue. 

9668 Harriet Gertrude, b. Sept. 28, 
1858; m. Woonsocket, Oct. 24, 1882, 
by Rev. Eugene E. Thomas, Edward 
Judson Pratt, b. New Haven, Conn., 
1852, as 2nd wife. 

9669 Albert Ernest, b. Apr. 22, 1866, d. 
Onset, Mass., Aug. 14, 1914; m. 
Woonsocket, June 8, 1908, Inez 
Gertrude (Bailey) Bartels, dau. 
Clifford C, and Abty E. Bailey, 

b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1884. 

3971 RDFDS WILLIS BALLOD (Rufus, Dennis, 
Obadiah, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. 



Ho. Smlthfleld, R. I., Mar. 31, 1855> d. 
No. Smithfleld, R. I., Feb. 14, 1937; m. 
(1) Providence, R. I., Sept. 25, 1879, 
b7 Rev. Henry I. Cushoan, IDA FRAHCBS 
BATES, dau. Joseph and Eliza J . R. 
(Wesson) Bates, b. Southbridge, Mass., 
July 12, 1854; (2) HORA K. TYLER. 

Issue, BALLOD, by 1st wife, b. prob. 
Ho. Smithfield, R. I.: 

8542 Arthur Bates, b. Feb. 3, 1884. 

5972 ALEXANDER BALLOU (Warren, Dennis, 
Obadlah, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. 
Smithfleld, R. I., Au£. 23, 1836; m. Jan. 
13, 1864, ABBIE ELIZ A ADAMS, dan. Oba- 
diah Adams. 

Issue, BALLOU, 1-2 b. Woonsocket, R. I., 
3 b. Louisville, Ky.: 

8543 Jane Adelia, b. Oct. 25, 1665, d. 
Aug. 13, 1866. 

8544 Abbie Eliza, b. Aug. 15, 1866. 
9670 Martin Frank, b. Oct. 2, 1888, d. 

N. J., Sept. 1924; m. Woonsocket, 
Sept. 9, 1911, by Mr. Sewton, Jane 
Rayner, dau. Samuel and Mary (East- 
wood) Rayner, b. Alden, Bng., Aug. 
8, 1890; chief engineer with Texas 
Corp.; he is int. Onion Cem., 
Woonsocket, R. I.; issue, Ballou: 
9671 Martin Grant, b. Fitchburg, 
Mass., June 18, 1912; m. 
Wickford, R. I., Oct. 7, 1935, 
Mary Edith Secor, of Wickford; 
mgr. A. k P. Store; res. 7£ 
Pond St., Wakefield, R. I.; 
issue, Ballou, b. Providence: 
9672 Martin Gene, b. Oct. 
18, 1936. 

9673 James Frank, b. Jersey City, 
H. J., Mar. 23, 1916; unm. ; 
ed. Mo. Kingstown H.S.; night 
school. Northwestern and 
Brown Dnivs.; production man 
in The Boston Wire Stitcher 
Co., E. Greenwich, R. I.; 
member King Solomon Lodge, A. 
F.&A.M., E. Greenwich; member 
B.F.A.; res. 141 Post Road, 
Greenwood, R. I. 

9674 Erwin Elwood, b. Jersey City, 
M. J., Oct. 8, 1917; ed. Moses 
Brown School and Maine Univ.; 
conducts a meat business, 141 
Post Rd., Greenwood, R. I. 

5986 SUSAH EMELIHE BALLOU (Dennis, Dennis 
Obadlah, Obadlah, James, Maturin), b. 
Providence, R. I., June 3, 1847, d. Wor- 
cester, Mass., May 7, 1920; int. Onion 
Cem., Woonsocket, R. I.; a. (l) Woonsock- 
et, R. I., June 11, 1866, by Rev. John 
Boyden, ALLEH ZEBIHA COOK, s. Zeblna and 
Philadelphia (Bartlett) Cook, b. Cumber- 
land, R. I., Mar. 11, 1844, d. Smithfield, 
R. I., Jime 5, 1874, ae. 30y; int. Cook 
Cem., Woonsocket, R. I.; (£) ADII BALLOU, 

Issue, COOK, 1st b. LlmerOck, S-3 b. 
Smithfield, 4th b. Cumberland, R. I.: 

8568 Mabel Louise, b. Mar. 18, 1867; m. 
Providence, Apr. 28, 1888, by Rev. 
Joshua A. Stetson, Fred E. Winsor, 
who d. Harrlsville, July £2, 1928; 
b. Glocester, Aug. 9, 1864; int. 
Glocester, R. I. Ho issue. 

8569 ELLA MARIA, b. Sept. 30, 1868; ■. 

8570 Alice May, b. Hay 17, 1870; m. Oct. 
11, 1905, Alfred H. Lees, s. Wil- 
liam and Winifred Lees, b. Provi- 
dence, R. I.; member B.F.A.; issue. 
Lees, b. Barrlsville, R. I.: 
8570a Alfred H., Jr., b. Aug. 5, 


8571 Mary Etta, b. June 19, 187S; m. 
Feb. 24, 1917, by Rev. George Beech- 
er, Joseph Fields. No issue. 

3967 LUKE PHILLIPS BALLOU (Dennis, Dennis 
Obadiah, Obadlah, James, Maturin), b. 
Smithfield, R. I., June 9, 1849; m. Hay 
12, 1867, ELIZA REBECCA SMITH, dau. Elijah 
and Elizabeth (Howry) Smith, b. Smithfield 
B. I., June 28, 1845. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

8572 GEORGE SMITH, b. Mar. 3, 1871; a. 

8573 ELIZABETH MABEL, b. Oct. 16, 1879; 

nis, Obadiah, Obadiah, James, Maturin), 
b. Stalthfield, R. I., Dec. 1, 1853; m. 
Taunton, Mass., 1871, MARY EDHA BOSHSE, 
dau. Lorenzo and Mary Jane (Chapman) 
Bushee, b. Taunton, Mass., ^ov. 12, 1653. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Taunton, Mass.: 
8575 Minnie, b. Apr. 1874. 


6576 HERfiERT LOOIS, b. Woonsocket, Oct. 
SO, 1675; m. CELIA G. LEOSABD. 

4000 MASOI H. BALLOU (Cyril, alias Ser- 
ril, Dennis, Obadiah, Obadlah, James, 
Haturin), b. Salthfield, R. I., Mar. 5, 
1660; m. Feb. 15, 1666, HAKHAH BROWN EDDY 
dau. Albert Lewis and Sabra (Laphaia) Ed- 
dy, b. ProTidence, R. I., ior. 20, 1868, 
d. July 191S, wld. WiUlaB Riley. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

9675 WiUlaM Henry Blley (adopted), d. 
1698, ae. SO. 

9676 Eliza Maria, b. Glocester, R. I., 
loT. S4, 1886. 

4012 OSCAR BROIH BALLOO (William R., Wil- 
liam, Obadiah, Obadiah, James, Maturln), 
n. Oxbridge, Mass., Sept. 19, 185Z; m. (1) 
Helena, Mont., May 9, 1699, by BeT. Mr. 
Love, HELLIB WILLEX, dau. Albert and 
Mary (Parsons) Willey, b. ^nnebunkport. 
Me., 1674, d. Great Falls, H. H., July 5, 
1914; (£) Steilacoom, Pierre Co., Wash., 
EMMA (COOPER) KELLOGG, dau. William and 
Mary Cooper, b. Westmoreland, Kan., Dec. 
SO, 167S. President of Ballou k Wright, 
Portland, Ord. lo issue. 

9816 SARAH AHH BALLOO (Benjamin W., Pros- 
per, Benjamin, Obadiah, James, Maturln), 

Issue, MOLL, b. Brooklyn, 1. I.: 

9677 Ada C, d. unm., Brooklyn, Jan. 1941 

9678 George Wallace Montgomery, b. Hew 
York, H. Y., Dec. 2, 1671, d. Chi- 
cago, Apr. 26, 1924; m. Brooklyn, 
Feb. 17, 1897, by Rer. Hoffman, 
Johanna Caroline Hoecker, b. Brook- 
lyn, Feb. 24, 1867; issue, Moll, b. 
Brooklyn, I. Y. : 

9679 Wallace Montgomery, b. Jan. 
Zl, 1898; m. Aug. 20, 19S4, 
Florence MacFadden, dlT.; 
Corp. 47th Regt., Brooklyn, 
I. Y.; member B.F.A.; res. 
with mother and sister, 5207 
Lakewood Ave., Chicago, 111. 

9680 Bertha Louise, b. June 26, 
1900, d. in infancy. 

9681 Gertrude Estelle, b. Jan. ZO, 
190Z; turn. With the American 
Red Cross, "had considerable 
connection at the Great Lakes 


Naval Training Station, bay- 
ing secured books, piano and 
various other things for ♦■he 
boys in thehospitals. There 
was honorable mention in 
their newspaper, 1918, writ- 
ten by Chaplin W. F. Moore." 
For lecture services and sub- 
scriptions obtained for the 
Victory Liberty Loan, was a- 
warded a medal by the 0. 8. 
Treasury Dept. of Patriotic 

4062 WILLIAM WELLS BALLOO (Theodore Per- 
ry, Jerahmeel, Joseph, Obadiah, James, 
Maturln), b. Otica, N. Y., Jxily 12, 1641, 
d. Aug. 20, 1668; m. MARY EERLIH. 

Issue, BALLOO: 

9682 Jeannette, m. (l) Anthony; 

(2) ; (Z) Fearn; res. 

10520 Ashton Ave., West Wood, Los 
Angeles, Cal.; issue, Anthony: 
968Z Robert, World War Veteran; 
res. Veteran Hospital, Liberty, M.Y. 
9684 Margaret (Peggy Hamilton), 

screen star; m. ; d. 1926; 

left infant. 

Perry, Jerahmeel, Joseph, Obadiah, James, 
Maturln), b. Otica, N. Y., June 22, 1845, 
d. Mar. 26, 1869; m. 1866, Torrey, Yates 
Co., N. Y., RACHEL DAIN8. 

Issue, BALLOO: 

9685 Child, d. in infancy. 

4064 HENRY CLAY BALLOO (Theodore Perry, 
Jerahmeel, Joseph, Obadiah, James, Matur- 
ln), b. Utica, ^. Y., Jan. 20 (not Dec. 
17), 1850, d. unm., Feb. IZ, 1927. 

A large realtor in Otica, Mr. Ballou 
amassed a considerable fortune which was 
left to charitable organizations, ignor- 
ing relatives, which caused a litigation. 
Member B.F.A. 

quine. Prosper, Benjamin, Obadiah, James, 
Maturln), b. Hew York City, 18Z7, d. 
Hew York City, Mar. 17, 1869; m. Little 
Heck^ L. I., 1857, by Rev. Henry M. Beane 



and Julia (HacDonald) Havlland, h. Oct. 
12, 184S, d. Hov. 16, 1924j Int. Zlon 
Church, Cem., Little Keck, L. I. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Mew York City: 
9686 Ada H., b. 1859; m. William E. 
Mitchell; issue, Mitchell: 

9687 Maud. 

9688 Edna, res. 915 Bedford Ave., 
Brooklyn, S. Y. 

9689 Reba. 

9690 Ada. 

9691 Charlotte. 

9692 Arthur Ballou. 

969S Samuel Burlock, Jr., b. Apr. 29, 
1863; m. New York City, Aug. 12, 
1926, by Dr. Silver, Katherine, dau. 
James A. and Caroline (Day) Colvin, 
b. New York City, Dec. IS, 1879. 
No issue. President of Manhattan 
Show Case Co., 1894-19Z4. 

Sequine, Prosper, Benjamin, Obadiah, 
James, Maturin), b. New York City, 1839, 
d. Nov. 11, 1905; m. (3) ALIDA BOGARDUS 

Issue, BALLOU, b. ^ew York City: 
9694 Mabel, b. Feb. 20, 1891; m. Hew 
York City, Oct. 9, 1913, by Rev. 
John Campbell, Dr. Edwin J. Nestler, 
b, Jersey City, N. J., Jan. 17, 
1890; member B.F.A. ; issue, Nestler, 
b. Mew York City: 

9695 Leonie Jane, b. June 12, 1922. 

9696 Frederick Ballou, b. Mar. 31, 

9695? Barbara Ann, b. Oct. 24, 1926. 

4135 MARGARET BALLOU (Leonard Sequine, 
Prosper, Benjamin, Obadiah, James, Matur- 
in), b. Oct. 12, 1848, d. Dec. 12, 1862; 
int. Cypress Hills Cem., L. I. Her par- 
ents also buried there. Monument states 
Leonard Sequine Ballou d. Feb. 6, 1868. 

4183 LEONARD BALLOU (Silas, Jesse, Elea- 
zer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Richmond 
H. H., Feb. 1, 1811, d. Richmond, H. H., 
Feb. 21, 1880, ae. 69y lOd; m. (l) 
GRATIS BOYCE, dau. Silas and Comfort 
(Allen) Boyce, b. Richmond, M. h., Sept. 
17, 1811; (2) May 20, 1873, WIDOW SARAH 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Richmond, N. H. and 
Whitingham, Vt.: 

9698 Cordelia 0., b. Richmond; m. 
Albert i'utnam. 

9699 George D»Esten, author. (8697) 

9700 Joseph L., b. Whitingham; m. Oliv- 
ia Crosier. (8699) 

9701 Emmaline G., m. Frank Walker. 

9702 Hattie A., m. Wells -Allis. 

9703 Charles L., m. Jennie Burrington. 

9704 JOHN FRANCIS, b. May 5, 1851; m. 
SURREY. (8701) 

9705 Mary A., m. Charles Lee. 

9706 Leonard, Jr., in Ballou gen. 
(8700) . 

4185 WILLARD BALLOU (Silas, Jesse, 
Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. 
Richmond, W. H. , Oct. 25, 1815; m. Mar. 
31, 1840, ABIGAIL FORESTALL, dau. Jesse 
Forestall, of Fitzwilliam, N. H., b. 
Feb. 11, 1819; farmer; res. Richmond, 
1857, removed to Swanzey, N, H. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Richmond, N. H.: 

8702 WILLARD IRVING, b. July 1, 1841; 

8703 JOSEPH WARREN, b. Dec. 18, 1842; 

8704 FRANK EDGAR, b. Jan. 26, 1844; 

8705 Lunette Maria, b. May 17, 1852; 
m. George D. Stone; killed by 
lightning in her own home; res. 
Winchester, N. H. No issue. 

4187 AMASA BALLOU (Silas, Jesse, Elea- 
zer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Rich- 
mond, M. H., Jan. 1, 1819;m. (1) July 
4, 1841, LAVprilA BALLOU, dau. Henry''' 
Seth®~^James'*"*"^Maturin^ Ballou and 
Sybil (Briggs) Ballou, b. Richmond, N. 
H., Jan. 4, 1821, d. Dec. 13, 1844, ae. 
21y 11m; (2) WIDOW BROOKS, dau. Jesse 
Forestall, b. Fitzwilliam, N. H., Jan. 
25, 1812, d. Oct. 25, 1849; (3) ANGELIA 
P. (HAMMOND) MARSH, dau. Josiah Hammond, 
wid. Charles Marsh, b. June 8, 1827, d. 
Oct. 28, 1888. 

Issue, BALLOU, by 1st wife: 

8706 ALBERT AMASA, b. Mar. 17, 1843; m. 

Issue, BALLOU, by 2nd wife: 

9707 Henrietta, b. June 19, 1846, d. 



Sept. 4, 1849. 

8707 Eden Sawyer, b. ^ov. 17, 1848, d. 
Aug. 30, 1849. 

Issue, BALLOO, by 3rd wife: 

8708 Eleanor J., b. ab. 1850; m. Samuel 

8709 Isabel Hammond, b. Mar. 5, 1853, d. 
Apr. 28, 1855. 

9708 Isabel Nancy, b. Apr. 15, 1857; m. 
John M. Prentice. 

4191 SILAS WARREN BALLOU (Silas, Jesse, 
Eleazer, Samuel, James, Uaturln), b. 
Richmond, N. H., Nov. 5, 1825; m. Feb. 
12, 1851, SARAH J. LEONARD, dau. Nathan 
Leonard, of Providence, R. I. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

9709 Delancy L., b. Nov. 11, 1851, d. 
Jan. 21, 1861. 

9710 Elada G., b. Mar. 27, 1865, d. Aug. 
3, 1865. 

9325 ANDREW BALLOU (Jirah, Jesse, Elea- 
zer, Samuel, James, Haturin), b. Richmond 
N. H., (family record says Lawrence Co., 
N. Y.) Feb. 14, 1830, d. Jones Co., La., 
Jan. 22, 1905; m. Jones Co., la., Apr. 
10, 1855, PHILISSA COLE, dau. Simeon and 
Nancy (Wakeley) Cole, b. Allegany Co., 
N. Y.; int. Diamond Cem. , Hale, Iowa. 

BALLOU, b. on farm near Clarence, 
and Jones Co., Iowa: 
Hiram, b. prob. 1856, d. from in- 
ternal injuries, ae. 9y. 
SARAH JANE, b. Judy 25, 1858; m. 

PHOEBE, b. Sept. 7, 1860; m. CHAR- 

JESSE, b. Nov. 1, 1861; m. MATTIE 

SIMEON, b. Apr. 18, 1864; m. MELIS- 

ANDREW, JR., b. Feb. 14, 1868; m. 

CHARLES, b. Jan. 30, 1871; m. HEN- 










9326 ASA BALLOU (Jirah, Jesse, Eleazer, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Lawrence Co., 
N. Y., 1835; m. RARDILLA BATCHELLER, of 
New Hampshire; he is int. Clarence, 
Jones Co., Iowa Cem. 

Asa Ballou studied at home for the 

ministry in the Unlversalist church. 
It is said he was about five years of 
age when his father left New York State 
for Mihhigan in 1840. Farmer in Jones 
Co . , Iowa . 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Jones Co., Iowa: 

9718 HOSEA, b. Apr. 24, 1869; m. MARIA 

9719 FRAMK, b. 1862; m. MARY HAMMOND. 

9720 AMANDA, b. 1865; m. FRANK ROOT. 

9721 SUSANNA, b. Nov. 28, 1870; m. WIL- 

9722 JAMES, b. 1872; m. IDA CLAY. 

9723 DAISY, b. 1875; m. (l) WILLIAM 
ROOT; (2) J. W. DYER. 

4195 LORENZO BALLOU (Aaron, Jesse, Elea- 
zer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Rich- 
mond, N. H. , Dec. 7, 1820 or '21, d. Swan- 
zey, N. H., July 11, 1890; m. Swanzey, 
N. H., Feb. 25, 1847, ITALY VASHTI BALLOU, 
of Richmond, N. H., b. Mar. 30, 1830; 
res. Swanzey, N. H. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Swanzey, N. H. : 

9724 Silvia D., b. July 27, 1848, d. 
May 16, 1849. 

8710 Truman L., b. May 28, 1850, d. 
Swanzey, Nov. 19, 1914; m. (l) 
Swanzey, May 23, 1881, Dora M. 
Heath, of Jeffrey, N. H.; (2) 
Rindge, N. H., Sept. 20, 1892, 
Mary Unabelle, dau. Wlllard Irving® 
James^Maturin^ and Eda E. (Fuller) 
Ballou, b. Swanzey, Apr. 26, 1871. 

9725 Infant, b. Jan. 24, 1854, d. Oct. 
20, 1854. 

9726 Ella M., b. Sept. 8, 1858, d. June 
14, 1861. 

8711 Emma L. (Emily), b. Oct. 6, 1860; m. 
Nelson A. Collier. 

8712 Milo L., b. Mar. 9, 1868. 

4197 ALONZO BALLOU (Aaron, Jesse, Elea- 
zer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Richmond, 
N. H. , Dec. 17, 1825, d. Waterloo, Iowa, 
Jan. 9, 1910; m. ELMINA BEEMAN CASS, dau. 
Daniel, 3d and Hannah (Boyce) Cass, b. 
Richmond, N. H., Nov. 13, 1828, d. Water- 
loo, Iowa, Mar. 8, 1897; m. Apr. 15, 1847. 

Alonzo Ballou did not marry Angelia E. 
Cass, as per Ballou gen., but her sister, 
as above. A shoemaker, he removed to 



Illinois about 1852, later to Waterloo, 

Issue, BALLOU: 

9727 FRAHKLIN ALOHZO, b. June 13, 1848; 

9728 Adin Emery, b. Aug. 13, 1850, d. 
Jan. 14 or 17, 1905; m. Lily Hart; 
no issue; dau. Maude, adopted. 

9729 Mary Hannah, b. June 29, 1853; res. 
1219 Lafayette St., Waterloo, Iowa. 

9730 Edward Eugene, b. Sept. 8, 1861, 
d. Apr. 6, 1863. 

9731 JOHM ARTHOR, b. Oct. 25, 1864; m. 

9732 Emma Elmina, b. July 4, 1867; res. 
1219 Lafayette St., Waterloo, la. 

9733 Minnie Estella, b. Jan. 23, 1872, 
d. June 26, 1872. 

4201 MARY LOVIM BALLOU (Aaron, Jesse, 
Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. 
Richmond, N. H., Aug. 2, 1837; m. Win- 
chester, K. H., Mot. 21, 1853, by Rev. 
Mr. Wheelock, SIMEON HOLBROOK, s. Sam- 

Swanzey, except 3rd 
b. Jan. 27, 1855, d. 

b. Dec. 7, 18~; m. 
», 1881, by Rev. Cyrus 

Issue, HOLBROOK, b. 
b. Richmond, N. H.: 

9734 Jonas Simeon, 
ae. 7y. 

9735 Jennie Maria, 
Keene, Dec. 19; 
Eaton, Arthur Denison; both dec. 

9736 Edward Benson, b. Dec. 8, 1854; m. 
Keene, Aug. 1, 1879, Anna L. Read; 
both dec. 

9737 Fannie Eldora, b. May 23, 1862; m. 
Swanzey, Apr. 18, 1883, by Rev. F. 
L. Fowler, Manson Fowler, of Ches- 

9738 Mary Josephine, b. Dec. 6, 1860; m. 
Keene, July 6, 1880, by Rev. Mr. 
Hayward, Walter H., s. Mahum Perry; 
lumberman; res. W. Swanzey, N. H. 

9739 Helen Emily, b. Apr. 19, 1864; m. 
Winchester, Dec. 18, 1884, by Rev. 
Mr. Pillsbury, George W. Ward. Ho 

9740 Alice Lovlna, b. May 15, 1871; m. 
Winifred Hammond. 

9741 Fred Earl, b. Nov. 16, 1875; m. (l) 

J (2) May 7, 1918, Wilhelmina 

Beveridge, dau. Thomas Raebury and 
Euphemia (Mackensie) Nicholson. 

9742 Bertha Louise, b. Sept. 25, 1880, 

d. unm., 1919. 

9330 SILAS WARREN B&LLOU (Barnabas, 
Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. Richmond, H. H., 1819 or Nov. 5, 1825 
(birthdate given to Silas Warren Ballou 
No. 4191), d. Hale, Iowa, Aug. 4, 1861; 
m. Macomb Co., Mich., about 1843, MARY 
JANE SMITH, who d. Hale, Iowa, Aug. 21, 

1887, ae. 59y 9m 9d, who m. (2) 

Fawcett; int. Diamond Cem., Hale, Iowa. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

9743 Emily (Emma), b. Mich., d. Jones 
Co., la.. May 5, 1862, ae. 17y £■ 
8d; int. Diamond Cem., Hale, la. 

9744 WILLIAM WASHINGTON, b. Mich., Nov. 
4, 1846; m. KEZIAH BONN. 

9745 ALFRED EMENSO, b. 111., July 5, 
1851; m. (1) ADELLA MARY LEIGH; 

9746 Charles, b. 1854, d. when young 
in Iowa. 

9747 Ella Mable, b. Clarence, Cedar Co., 
la., Dec. 12, 1858, d. Manilla, la. 
May 30, 1939; m. Tipton, la., Feb. 
2, 1877, G. Homer Baker; farmer; 
res. Manilla, la.; issue. Baker: 
9748 Lillian, m. H. K. Johnson; 

res. Manilla, la.; issue, 

9749 Lillian Baker, b. . 

9750 Eva, m. Olen E. McCutch- 
eon; res. Manilla, la. 

9751 Lydia, b. Iowa, d. Oct. 16, 1878, 
ae. 18y 3m lOd; int. Diamond Cem., 
Hale, Iowa. 

EDWIN BALLOU (Bartttbas, Jesse, Elea 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Portage 
Ohio, Feb. 10, 1832, d. Rowan, la., 
28, 1918; m. Tipton, Cedar Co., la., 
28, 1853, by Rev. Robert M. Long, 
EMILY A. KENT, dau. Joel and Mary Kent, 
who d. Gait, Wright Co., Iowa, Mar. £, 
1920; int. Graceland Cem., Rowan, la. 

When a boy, Edwin Ballou moved from 
Ohio with the family to a logging camp 
at Armada, Mich. After his father's 
death, he removed to Iowa and in the 
spring of 1855 to Rowan, Iowa, with a 
yoke of oxen and a covered wagon. Here 
he grew up with the community spirit of 
the early settlers in the wilderness. 
He bought his first 80 acres of land 



during President Pierce's administration 
and at his death possessed 700 acres and 
other property. He cut the logs and 
built his bouse, moving in on the Fourth 
of Jul7, 1855. Holes bored into the 
side of the logs which formed the walls 
of their home, into which small sized 
poles were driven, comprised the founda- 
tion for their bed. They did not have 
straw to fill their bed ticks until the 
fall harvest. In 1866, he ran a saw 
mill, cutting and Sawing his own timber 
for a new house. He belonged to the 
Methodist Church and to the I.O.O.F. 
Lodge. His son, Edwin R. Ballou, has a 
notebook which belonged to his father, 
in irtiich he found an insurance policy 
on property at Rockway, St. Clair in 
Polk Township, Cedar Co., Iowa, dated 
1854. We are deeply indebted to Urs. 
Viola (Ballou) (Tibbets) Morse for the 
genealogy of this branch. 

Issue, BALLOU, 1 b. Cedar Co., 2-10 b. 

Wright Co., Iowa: 

9752 GEORGEEW., b. June 18, 1854j m. 

9755 OVEL E., b. Aug. 15, 1856; m. 


9754 VIOLA, b. Apr. 27, 1859; m. (l) 

9755 CARRIE B., b. Hov. 28, 1861; m. 
(1) EDWII J. LINK; (2) CHARLES t. 

9756 MATHAN F., b. Mar. 13, 1865; m. 

9757 EMILI, b. Sov. 26, 1867; m. FRAME 

9758 EDWIN R., b. Nov. 22, 1870; m. 

9759 Laura, b. Nov. 25, 1873; m. (l) 
Chicago, 111., Aug. 22, 1896, 
George S. Gray; (2) Los Angeles, 
Calif., Oct. 10, 1906, Wallace M. 
Hunt; (3) Santa Ana, Calif., 1929, 
H. P. Graves; grad. Iowa Falls, la 
H.S.; member of Order of the East- 
ern Star, being Mother Matron of 

a Los Angeles Chapter. 

9760 Flora, b. Nov. 25, 1873, d. in 

9761 Frank, b. Oct. 17, 1876, d. in 

4425 ALMEDA 6. PICKERING (Susanna Bal- 

lou, David, David, Samuel, James, Matur- 
in), b. Cumberland, R. I., Sept. 23, 
1843, d. Nov. 26, 1914; m. Cumberland, 
R. I., Mar. 27, 1859, ALFRED E. BARTLETT, 
s. Abner and Lucina (Estes) Bartlett, b. 
Cumberland, R. I., Aug. 12, 18S6, d. 
Woonsocket, R. I., Mar. 25, 1911. 

Issue, BARTLETT, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

9762 HARRIET AOGUSTA, b. Mar. 28, 1860; 

9763 Henry William, b. Dec. 2, 1862, d. 
unm., Woonsocket, Aug. 10, 1933. 

9764 Herbert A., b. Mar. 28, 1864, d. 
Mar. 9, 1865. 

9766 Herman L., b. Mar. 21, 1865, d. 
Sept. 16, 1865. 

9766 MALENA SUSAN, b. Apr. 3, 1866; 

9767 ROSCOE, b. Mar. 23, 1868; m. 

4441 BYRON MOWRY BALLOD (Mowry, Welcome, 
David, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Bur- 
rillville, R. I., May 4, 1837, d. June 
29, 1913; m. Woonsocket, R. I., Feb. 10, 
1879, by Rev. George Brooks, M. JENNIE 
BOXTON, dau. Henry and Ann J. (Hall) 
Buxton, b. Smithfield, R. I., Dec. 24, 
1856, d. May 16, 1891; he is int. Amasa 
Mowry Cem., and she is int. Buxton Cem. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. No. Smithfield, R. I.: 

4442 BYRON HENRY, b. Jan. 2, 1880; m. 

4443 Caroline Abigail, b. May 9, 1882, 
d. Worcester, Dec. 14, 1923; m. 
Fred Shippee; int. Slatersville. 

4444 George Mowry, b. Oct. 20, 1884; 
unm.; res. No. Smithfield, R. I. 

9768 LEVI NELSON, b. Aug. 25, 1886; m. 

Welcome, David, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. Oxbridge, Mass., Apr. 9, 1852; m. 
1891, by Rev. Mansfield, Slatersville, 
ford, Mass., Feb. 22, 1865. 

Issue, BALLOD: 

9769 Ethel Rose, b. Mendon, 1892; m. 
1934, Vinton E. White. 

9770 Robert Edgar, b. Slatersville, 
1894; m. 1916, Carrie E. Maude. 

9771 Gertrude Lillian, b. Oxbridge, 



1895J m. 1932, Colin Mackintosh. 

9772 Carrie Esther, b. So. Providence, 
1897; m. 1921, Arthur G. Rogers. 

9773 Charles Cornwell, b. So. Providence 
Oct. 6, 1899; unm. 

9774 Arthur Leroy, b. E. Providence, 
1903; unm. 

9775 Mabel Louise, b. Oxbridge, 1905; m. 
1930, Percy F. Marsaw. 

9776 Stanley Theodore, b. Uxbridge, 1910 
d. 1922. 

4459 HERBEET BALLOD (Welcome, Welcome, 
David, Samuel, James, Matutrin), b. Ox- 
bridge, Mass., Feb. 19, 1854, d. Douglas, 
Mass., Aug. 26, 1922; m. (1) Oxbridge, 
Mass., Jan. 1, 1878, by Rev. George Brem- 
ner, SARAH ETTA HALL, dau. Chandler and 
Anne M. (Saben) Hall, b. Oxbridge, Mass., 
July 25, 1860, who res. Pasadena, Calif.; 
(2) ANHIE E. SMITH, b. No. Smithfield, 
R. I., Aug. 13, 1877, d. Douglas, Mass., 
Aug. 13, 1908, dau. Charles and Hannah 
(Mowry) Smith; he and 2nd wife int. Doug- 
las Center Cem., Douglas, Mass. 

Issue, BALLOO, by 1st wife: 

8744 Edward Allen, b. July 1, 1882; res. 
Pasadena, Calif. 

8745 Grace, b. Nov. 27, 1885, d. ae. 16 
mos.; int. Prospect Cem., Oxbridge. 

Issue, BALLOD, by 2nd wife: 

9777 Fred Herbert, b. No. Smithfield, 
Nov. 11, 1891, d. Douglas, June 
; int. Douglas Cem. 

9778 GRACE INEZ, b. No. Smithfield, 
Feb. 26, 1894; m. JOHN A. CASWELL. 

9779 MINNIE CHRISTINE, b. Oxbridge; Aug. 

9780 Nellie Mae, b. No. Smithfield, 
June 17, 1898; m. E. D. Cole. 

9781 Henry Smith, b. Douglas, ^ar. 10, 
1900; m. Helen Hindon. 

9782 Everett, b. Douglas, Nov. 7, 1902; 

9783 Earl, b. Douglas, Mar. 7, 1905; m. 
Maud Dudley. 

Amasa Esq., David, Samuel, James, Matur- 
in), b. Burrillville, R. I., May 9, 1840; 
m. Woonsocket, R. I., Apr. 21, 1860, by 
Rev. John Boyden, EMELINE 0. VALLETT, 
dau. Stephen and Laura (Matthewson) Val- 
lett, b. Burrillville, R. I., July 13, 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Worcester, Mass.: 

8747 WILLARD EARL, b. Jan. 25, 1865; m. 

8748 Cora Jennie, b. June 29, 1867, d. 
July 4, 1882. 

8749 Nellie Emeline, b. May 12, 1875; 
m. June 20, 1902, Alfred Marvin 

9784 Austin Albert, b. Feb. 13, 1887; 
m. Worcester, June 19, 1915, by 
Rev. Dr. McDonald, Gertrude Paul- 
ine Goddard, dau. Lucius and Mary 
(Clarke) Goddard, b. Worcester, 
Apr. 30, 1885; office manager; 
elected president of B.F.A., 1930 
and served four years; res. 70 
Howe St., New Haven, Conn. No 

9785 DOTEE BALLOD ALLEN (Almira Ballou, 
Dutee, Moses, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. Greenfield, Saratoga Co., N. Y., Oct. 
30, 1823, d. Mondovi, Wis., Mar. 10, 
GLEASON; int. Oak Park Cem., Mondovi, Wis 

Issue, ALLEN, per. inc.: 

9786 ANNA MARILLA, b. Greenfield, N. 
Y., June 24, 1854; m. JOHN W. 

4571 ERASTDS M. BALLOO (Dutee, Dutee, 
Moses, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Green- 
field, Saratoga Co., N. Y., Apr. 23, 
1848; m. Mar. 4, 1880, by Rev. William 
Armstrong, ELLEN J. GOODRICH, dau. Fred- 
erick and Phebe (Bartholomew) Goodrich, 
grddau. Milo Goodrich. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Porter Corners, N. Y. : 

9787 FRED E., b. Feb. 24, 1881; m. MARY 

9788 EDGENE DOTEE, b. Dec. 20, 1883; m. 

9789 ERNEST MARENOS, b. May 21, 1888; m. 

9790 Beiilah Ellen, b. Apr. 27, 1893; m. 
Saratoga Springs, N. Y., July 4, 
1916, by Rev. B. Crapo, Henry Sauer 
s. James Sauer, b. Schenectady, H. 
Y. , Jan. 4, 1894; res, 216 James 
St., Scotia, N. Y.; issue, Sauer, 
b. Scotia, N. Y.: 

9791 Ellen Ballou, b. Apr. 21, 


Willard, Moses, Samuel, James, Matiorin), 
b. Smithfield (now Lincoln), R. I., May 
15, 1852, d. Oxbridge, Mass., Sept. 27, 
1927; m. Lonsdale, R. I., May S, 1876, 
by Rev. E. A. Maryotte, AMIE SMITH COM- 
STOCK, dau. Emor and Lucy (Haliday) Corn- 
stock, b. Harrisville, R. I., May 3, 

He graduated from Lonsdale ^Ig h 
School; took courses in architecture in 
Providence; owned and operated a farm in 
Lincoln; became a road contractor while 
living in Central Village, Conn., and 
built the first mile of macadam road in 
town of Plainfield, Conn.; moved to Ox- 
bridge and became a building contractor. 
Member of A.F. & A.M. and the Episcopal 

Issue, BALLOD, 1-5 b. Lincoln, R. I., 
6-7 b. Central Village, Conn.: 

8769 Bertram Arnold, b. Aug. 10, 1879; 
m. Oxbridge, Dec. 24, 1925, by Rev. 
John Ward Rose, Maude Carey Chase, 
dau. John Leonard and Sarah Eliza 
(Boardman) Chase, b. Providence, 
Mar. 10, 1879; res. Providence, 

R. I. No issue. 

8770 ZERLINA LOELLA, b. June 1, 1881; 

8771 Lucy Edna, b. Aug. 8, 1883, d. Eas- 
ter Sunday, 1894. 

9792 MOSES HAROLD, b. Aug. 25, 1886; m. 

9793 RAYMOND ELLSWORTH, b. Aug. 27, 
1891; m. HELEN MAGILL. 

9794 MYRTLE DESIRE, b. Dec. 17, 1894; m. 

9795 LEON HOWARD, b. May 18, 1899; m. 

H., Willard, Moses, Samuel, James, Matur- 
In), b. July 6, 1859, d. Oxbridge, Mass., 
Aug. 18, 1914; m. Oxbridge, Mass., Apr. 
Bradford J. and Elizabeth (Buchan) Blan- 
chard, b. Cambridge, Mass., Aug. 20, 
1861; int. Prospect Cem., Oxbridge, Mass. 

Issue, BLANCHARD, 1-2 b. Lincoln, R. I., 
3-6 b. Oxbridge, Mass.: 

9796 Lucille Murray, b. Sept. 18, 1888; 
m. Oxbridge, Apr. 10, 1913, Gardner 


Boyd; she grad. Brown Dniv., A.B., 
1909; taught H.S., until 1913; Jour 
nalist, 1920-1932; now head of Eng- 
lish Dept., Barre, Mass. H.S. She 
writes poetry, drama and short 
stories, some oftrMbh have been 
published in anthology, booklet 
and magazine forms; res. Barre; 
issue, Boyd: 

9797 Grace Wolcott, b, Feb. 26, 

9798 Gardner, Jr., b. Sept. 25, 

9799 Elizabeth B., b. Nov. 7, 

9800 torold Bradford, b. Sept. 14, 1890; 
d. Jvme 2, 1927; m. Harriet Smith; 
grad. Boston Dniv., 1914; issue, 

9801 Virginia. 

9802 Jeanette. 

9803 Charles. 

9804 Mildred Desire, b. Feb. 24, 1693; 
res. Barre, Mass. 

9805 Lloyd Henry, b. Sept. 26, 1895; 
m. Florence Sweet; grad. Harvard 
Dental School; res. Douglas, Mass; 
issue, Blanchard: 

9806 Cyrus . 

9807 Ariadne, dec. 

9808 Carlton Douglas, b. Apr. 23, 1898; 
m. Gertrude Martin; grad. Mass. 
State College, Amherst; res. Nor- 
wich, Conn.; issue, Blanchard: 

9809 Allen. 

9810 Douglas. 

9811 Bradford. 

9812 Mary. 

9813 Edward Rollin, b. Feb. 22, 1901; 
m. Rachel Car berry; grad. Mass. 
State College, Amherst; res. Green 
field, Mass.; issue, Blanchard: 

9814 Warren. 

9815 Dorothy. 

4692 VOLNEY J. BALLOO (Isaac Albee, 
Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. Galway, N. Y., May 20, 1827, d. 
Santa Rosa, Calif., June 4, 1877, ae. 
50y 15d; m. Naperville, Hi., Apr. 1866, 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Santa Rosa, Calif.: 

8787 Eunice, b. Mar. 20, 1867, d. unm., 
Aug. 21, 1934. 

8788 Althea, b. Mar. 25, 1868; m. Al- 



bert P. Leggett; Issue, Leggett, b. 
Santa Rosa, Calif.: 

9816 Wilfred, m. Genevieve O'Nell; 
Issue, Leggett: 

9817 William. 

9817 Elsie Rose, m. Edwin White; 
issue. White, b. ^an Francis- 
co, Calif.: 

9818 Albert Edwin, b. Dec. 
25, 1927. 

8789 Margaret J., b. Apr. 4, 1870; m. 
David Quick Johnson; issue, John- 
son, b. Santa Rosa, Calif.: 

9819 George, m. Lenoire Williams; 
grad. U. of C; electrical 
engineer; res. San Francisco, 

9820 Marvin, d. 1927. 

8790a Reuben Albee, b. May 3, 1872, d. 
Mar. 2, 1873; int. Rural Cem., 
Santa Rosa, Calif. 

8790 Arthur Marcus, b. Nov. 6, 1874, d. 
Santa Rosa, Oct. 24, 1922; m. Eliza 
beth Mary Carlyon; issue, Ballou: 

9821 Volney T., m. Cornelia Myers. 

9822 Mildred Irene, m. Ernest 
Bucigalupi; issue, Bucigalupi: 

9823 Ernest, Jr. 

9824 Marilyn. 

9825 Ralph Arthur, m. Elizabeth 
Harris; issue, Ballou, b. 
Santa Rosa, Calif.: 
9826 Nadlne. 

9827 Blanche, m. Joseph Muirhead. 

9828 Grace, m. John Mackenzie; is- 
sue, MacKenzie: 

9829 John, Jr. 

9830 Ronald. 

Albee, Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, James, Matur 
in), b. Galway, N. Y., Oct. 19, 1828; m. 
(1) Naperville, 111., May 17, 1865, by 
Rev. E. J. Alden, JULIA A. BARNARD, dau. 
A. S. and Elizabeth (Reynolds) Barnard, 
b. Naperville, 111., Nov. 17, 1845, d. 
Naperville, 111., Sept. 17, 1869, ae. 23y 
10m; (2) Naperville, 111., Jan. 12, 1875, 
by Rev. J. D. LaPorte, ELIZA NORTON, dau. 
Michael and Mary (Fitzgerald) Norton, b. 
Syracuse, N. Y., Mar. 24, 1848. 

Issue, BALLOU, by 1st wife, b. Naperville: 

8791 Roy B. , b. Mar. 30, 1867. 

Issue, BALLOU, by 2nd wife, b. Naperville: 

8792 Ralph Norton, b. Jan. 15, 1877, d. 

Florida, Calif., Mar. 19S9; m. 
Freeport, 111., Oct. 13, 1923, 
Hazel Liebbart. 

8793 MAY, b. Dec. 16, 1879; h. BERIABD 

9831 Edith Julia, b. Sept. £1, 1889; b. 
Aug. 17, 1912, John M. Higglns. 

9832 Alice Roy, b. Sept. 21, 1889; b. 
Oct. 17, 1914, Wilson L. Hobgood. 

4694 AlMELIA W. BALLOU (Isaac Albee, 
Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. 
Galway, N. Y., Aug. £0, 1830, d. San 
Francisco, Calif., Nov. 1911; m. (1) 
Oct. 20, 1849, ORIN FROST, of Brecksville 
Ohio, who d. Aug. 18, 1854; (2) Richfield 
Ohio, July 15, 1856, SIDNEY K. BUELL, s. 
Samuel Buell, who d. Naperville, 111., 
Aug. 1873; father a Captain in the War of 

Issue, FROST: 

8794 Althea A., b. Sept. 2, 1850, d. 
Apr. 15, 1870, ae. 19y 7b 13d; b. 
Naperville, 111., Apr. 1869, Asa 
F. Mather; issue, Mather: 

9833 Child, d. shortly after its 
mother . 

9834 Elbert, b. 1852, d. of spotted fev- 
er, Oct. 1854; int. with father. 

9835 Charles, b. Aug. or Sept. 1854, 
accidentally burned to death, ae. 
2 or 3y. 

Issue, BUELL: 

8795 Ida M., b. Sept. 4, 1857; int. in 
Tacoma, Wash. Cem., as Ida May 
Buell Ely, b. June £6, 1858, d. 
Oct. 15, 1907; m. Nov. 1, 1879, 
Albert Wells Ely, of Santa Rosa, 
Calif., b. Sept. 24, 1844, d. Jan. 
18, 1903; int. Tacoma, Wash. No 

8796 Park A., b. Sept. 13, 1859, d. 
Stockton, Calif., Apr. 4, 1900; m. 
July 1883, Ada Moore, of Stockton; 
issue, Buell: 

9836 Henry H., res. 1260 Sierra 
St., San Jose, Calif. 

9837 Child. 

8797 Guy A., b. Naperville, Apr. 4, 
1863, d. Aug. 1920; m. (l) Feb. 
22, 1884, Bonnie Fry; (2) Emma 
Felt; res. Stockton, Calif.; issue, 
Buell, by 1st wife: 

9838 Ross, m. ; issue, Buell: 

9839 Ross, B. ; res. Bur- 



llngame, Calif. 

8798 ROSS ISAAC, b. Maperville, Mar. 20, 

4696 ORLAHDO RALPH BALLOU (Isaac Albee, 
Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, James, Maturln), 
b. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Dec. 19, 18S3, 
d. July 14, 1909; m. Brecksville, Ohio, 
Oct. IZ, 1859, by ReT. Dr. Mattison, 
ELIZABETH BOYD, dau. John and Eliza 
(Saylor) Boyd, b. Watertown, H. Y., 
May 12, 1857, d. ■Brooklands , " Freewater, 
Ore., Feb. 24, 1929; int. Mt. View Cem., 
Walla Walla, Wash. 

He took his bride to Lisle Township, 
111., then to HaperTille, 111. In 1872, 
the family moved to Santa Rosa, Calif., 
where their seventh child was born. 
Then the family moved to San ^rancisco, 
Calif., from which place, in 1878, they 
first went to Portland, Ore., then by 
boat to Wallula, thence to Walla Walla, 
and finally settled on what is now the 
old homestead, "Brooklands." From let- 
ter of Florence (Ballou) Brown, Spokane, 
1922: "Our original farm was called 'Bir- 
ch Brook,' where I was born in 1880. 
Father bought it in 1878 and moved the 
family up from California. Then he 
found the title was not quite clear and 
bftd ;^o use his homestead rights to prove 
up on it. He bought more land until he 
had 388 acres of the best land in Walla 
Walla Valley, containing four streams 
and fifty-two springs. In 1889 he sold 
'Birch Brook Farm' and 80 acres, and 
moved to another house on the place, 
which was called 'Crystal Springs Farm. ♦ 
There he had a large dairy, 20 acres 
of pears, and an apple orchard. He 
sold baled timothy hay to the govern- 
ment for cavalry horses. In 1899 he 
sold the place and a hundred acres and 
built 'Brooklands.' I was married here 
in 1902." 

Issue, BALLOU, 1-6 b. Naperville, 111.: 

8799 LILLIAK, b. Aug. 28, 1860; m. DR. 

8800 MYRA, b. May 27, 1862; unm. 

8801 GRAHT ALB8E, b. Mar. 16, 1664; m. 

8802 Clarence Orlando, b. Jan. 18, 1866 
d. St. Luke's Hospital, Boise, 
Idaho, Feb. 28, 1929; m. Denver, 

Colo., Oct. 16, 1916, by Rev. 
Charles Marshall, Mary Charlotte 
Baillie, dau. Thomas and Mary Ann 
(Hodgins) Baillie, of Denver, b. 
London, Caxiadaj int. U$. View 
Cem., Walla Walla, Wash. He left 
Walla *alla and established the 
firm of Ballou- Latimer Drug Store, 
at Boise; delegate to the national 
Druggist Association meeting held 
at Boston about 1911, and pres. of 
the Idaho State Board of Pharmacy 
for several years, 
8802 Edna Mabel, b. Dec. 9, 1869, d. 

June 8, 1872; int. Santa Rosa, Cal. 

8804 HARRY EDBERTO, b. Aug. 22, 1871; 

8805 BERTHA AMELIA, b. Apr. 18, 1874, 
Santa Rosa; m. WILLIAM DEMENT 

8806 FLORENCE PERDITA, b. Milton, Ore., 
Oct. 22, 1880; m. DAVID BROWN. 

Albee, Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, James, Mat- 
urin), b. Brecksville, Ohio, Jan. 2, 
1846, d. Centralia, Kans., Dec. 26, 
1879; m. (l) Naperville, 111., Nov. 21, 
1866, by Rev. Mr. Potter, EDWARD MATHER, 
s. Joshua Query and Maria (Frisbie) 
Mather, b. Essex, N. y., Aug. 11, 1838; 
(2) Oct. 1, 1884, CORDELIA ELLEN ROYCE; 
res. Centralia, Kans. 

Mr. Mather owns a copy of the Mather 
genealogy. Three brothers from Massachu- 
setts, married intotthis branch of Bal- 
lous: Edward, as above; Samuel, m. Mal- 
vizm Ballou, sister of Henrietta, at a 
double wedding (he d. Yankton, S. D. , 
Jan. 24, 1922, while wisiting his daugh- 
ter); Asa, m. Althea A. Frost (8794). 

Issue, MATHER: 

8812 REUBEN ELBERT, b. Nov. 16, 1867; m. 

8814 Alice, b. Jan. 12, 1869; m. Robert 
Miller; res. Centralia, Kans.; issue 

9840 Raymond. 

9841 Royce, 

8815 James Isaac, b. Sept. 18, 1870; m. 
Myrtle Wells; issue, Mather: 

9642 Edward. 
9642 Roland. 
9844 James . 



9845 Glenn. 
8816 Minerva, b. Apr. 23, 1873, d. unm. , 
Centralla, 1903. 

4705 ALFRED M. BALLOD (Volney, Isaac, 
Aaron, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Chat- 
ham, Medina Co., Ohio, Apr. 27, 1841; 
m. Oct. 13, 1864, JULIAET WARMER ALLEN, 
dau. Ebenezer Allen, b. Oct. 6, 1842; 
res. Covert, Van Buren Co., Mich. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

9846 Luella M., b. Mar. 23, 1866; m. 

Dec. 25, 1900, Dr. R. W. Smith; is- 
sue. Smith: 
9847 Willard R., b. Feb. 17, 1905. 

9848 Fred Allen, b. Jan. 24, 1868; unm.; 
ranchman, LaBarge, Wyoming. 

9849 ROBERT G., b. Dec. 21, 1871; m. 

9850 Dr. Newton E., b. Oct. 16, 1874, d. 
Feb. 25, 1899. 

9851 Garfield A., b. Apr. 16, 1879, d. 
July 30, 1881. 

4636 EMOR SMITH BALLOO (Aaron, Jonathan, 
Aaron, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Provi- 
dence, H. Y., July 6, 1822, d. Ashland, 
Nebr., Jan. 4, 1895; m. Providence, N. 
Y., Dec. 24, 1845, SUSAN CAROLINE VAN 
BUREN, dau. John and Elizabeth Rogers 
(Wells) Van Buren (father was first cous- 
in of President Martin Van Buren; brought 
up together), b. Whitehall, N. Y., Mar. 
5, 1823, d. Ashland, Nebr., May 20, 1890; 
int. Ashland, Nebr. Cem. 

When thirteen years of age, he moved 
with his parents from Providence, N. Y. , 
to Three Rivers, Michigan. About 1844, 
he retvirned to Providence, N. Y. to vis- 
it his grandfather. Pardon Davis, who 
had married, second, Elizabeth Rogers 
(Wells) Van Buren, widow of John Van Bur- 
en. There he met his wife, and they 
spent a very happy and prosperous life 
together. About 1854, he moved from 
Prdvidence, N. Y. to i^-lngsville, Ohio, 
and in the spring of 1868 to Ashland, 
Nebraska, where he spent the remainder 
of his life. Possessed of some means, 
he fovind a desirable location in Saun- 
ders County, Nebraska and purchased 160 
acres of land in Clear Creek precinct. 
This land immediately Joins the town of 
Ashland, Nebraska. 

Mr. Ballou was a man of sterling qual- 
ity, sound judgment and very dignified 
and religious, also of a very kind dis- 

Issue, BALLOU, 1 and 3 b. Providence, N. 
Y., 2 and 4 b. i^ingsville, Ohio: 

9852 SUSAN HESTER, b. Aug. 27, 1847; m. 

9853 HENRIETTA, b. Nov. 22, 1856; m. 

9854 ELIZABETH ANNA, b. Apr. 17, 1850; 

9855 MARTIN EMOR, b. Sept. 16, 1854; 

4637 PARDON DAVIS BALLOU (Aaron, Jonath- 
an, Aaron, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. 
Providence, N. y.. Mar. 29, 1824, d. 
La Grange, Ind., Feb. 1875; m. . 

Issue, BALLOU: 

8774 Otis Lincoln, dec; m. Julia ; 

very prominent lawyer and Judge; 
res. La Grange, Ind.; issue, Ballou: 

9856 Dr. Pardon D. 

9857 Dr. William C. 

9858 Mary, m. J. E. Antonides; all 
res. La Grange, Ind. 

8775 Anna M., dec; m. L, M. Rowe; res. 
La Grange, Ind.; issue, Rowe: 

9859 Lvira Ballou, m. R. E. Zeig- 
ler; res. Lincoln, Nebr. 

9860 Anna, m. . 

8776 Emor Smith, druggist. La Grange, 
Ind.; m. ; issue, Ballou: 

9861 Lora. 

9862 Otis. 

4710 ADALINE A. BALLOU (Philander, Seth, 
Peter, Nehemiah, James, Maturin), b. Ypsi- 
lanti, Mich., Nov. 20, 1830;m. Apr. 12, 

Issue, SCOVILL: 

9863 Sarah Emeline, b. May 16, 1850, d. 
Sept. 5, 1851. 

9864 Mina (Maria) Louisiana, b. Feb. 13, 
1853; m. A. J. Gauchat. 

9865 Frederick Chavincey, b. Nov. 23, 
1855, d. Dec. 25, 1855. 

9866 Emily Kate, b. Apr. 23, 1857, d. 
June 5, 1892. 

9867 ,Ira Lorenzo, b. Nov. 23 or Mar. 23, 

1859, d. Dec 25, 1859. 


9868 Mary Loraine (Lurana), b. Dec. £3, 
I860; m. Peter B. Tnrnbull. 

9869 Helen Jane, b. Mar. 3 or 21, 1861; 
m. Lundy; res. Los Angeles. 

9870 Esther Afa, b. Sept. 8, 1866; m. 
Terry; res. Langley, Wash. 

9871 Amasa Livingstone, b. Jan. S9, 
1869; vim.; res. Bingham, Canyon, 
Otah; steam engineer. 

9872 Leo Clncla (Cericla), b. July 17, 

187S, d. Jan. £8, 1910; m. ; 

issue, Scovill: 

987Z Dau. , res. Portland, Ore. 

4754 SETH TALBOT BALLOO (Dr. Seth, Asa, 
Seth, Nehemiah, James, Haturin), b. 
Rehoboth, Mass., Nov. 4, 1812; m. (l) 
July 15, 1833, SARAH BUTTS, who d. Texas, 
Aug. 8, 1836; (2) Grimes Co., Texas, Mar. 
8, 1838, ELIZABETH ARMOUR, b. Oct. 25, 
1823, d. Brady, Texas, May 23, 1887; 
1854, emigrated to Texas. 

Issue, BALLOU, by 2nd wife, b. Grimes 
Co., Texas: 

9875 Julia, b. Dec. 17, 1839, d. Dec. 
17, 1843. 

9874 George Armour, b. Nov. 9, 1841, d. 
Feb. 17, 1846. 

9875 LUGENIO, b. Nov. 4, 1843; m. 

9876 CAPT. SETH TALBOT, JR., b. Dec. 17, 

9877 Major L., res. Brady, Texas. 

Lapham, Susanna Ballou, Seth, I^ehemiah, 
James, Matiirin), b. Uxbridge, Mass., Dec. 
19, 1829, d. June 6, 1908; m. Millville, 
Mass., July 26, 1855, by Rev. William L. 
Southwick, Esq., JULIA ANN HEWETT, b. 
No. Smithfield, R. I., May 24, 1835, d. 
Oct. 2, 1914. 


4844 Frank Arnold, b. Burrillville, May 
11, 1856; m. Minnie M. Morey. 

4845 Jeanette Hewett, b. Salisbury, 
Conn., Jan. 16, 1860; unm.; member 
B.F.A.; res. £7 Rockland Ave., 
Woonsocket, R. I. 

4846 Emily Maria, b. Feb. 10, 1867, d. 
Millville, Aug. 3, 1871. 

4847 Gertrude Louise, b. E. Blackstone, 
July 19, 1869, d. Apr. £5, 1922. 

4848 Cora Mabel, b. Jan. 15, 1871; m. 


June 10, 1891, Joseph H. Emery. 

lou, Amasa, David, Samuel, James, Ma- 
turin), b. Burrillville, R. I., Nov. 12, 
1840, d. Nasonville, R. I., Dec. 9, 1931; 
m. Burrillville, R. I., Oct. 26, 1865, 
and Huldah C. (irons) Reynolds, b. Bur- 
rillville, R. I.; early and conscien- 
tious member B.F.A.; grad. Pemberton 
Academy, Derry Village, N. H. 

Issue, BARTLETT, b. Uohegan, R. I.: 

4483 Francis Fayette, b. Apr. 29, 1867, 
d. July 10, 1867. 

4484 Sophia Louise, b. Wov. 14, 1868; 
m. Fred W. Perkins, s. Joshua and 
Emily J. Perkins, who d. Aug. 12, 

4485 Marion Delcina/ b. Jan. 10, 1870; 
m. Mohegan, R. I., Dec. 14, 1892, 
by Rev. Massena Goodrich, I. H. 
Sweet, s. Albert and Mary E. Sweet, 
b. R. I., June 10, 1870. Ho issue. 

4486 Waldo Reynolds, b. May 2, 1874; 
m. Maude , div. 

4487 Marvella Minerva, b. Aug. 8, 1877; 
m. David L. Tice, s. Maria L. Tice; 

Cook, Phillis Jillson, Sarah Ballou, 
James, James, Maturln), b. New Haven, Vt. 
Apr. 13, 1807, d. New Haven, Vt., May 17, 
1874; m. (l) ?New Haven, Vt., Feb. 9, 
1837, MARY FITCH, dau. Thomas Mason and 
Lydla (Matthews) Fitch, b. New Haven, Vt. 
Aug. 9, 1813, d. New Haven, Vt., Jan. 25, 
1842; (2) HILA LEE, b. May 1812, d. Mid- 
dlebury, Vt., Sept. 16, 1898; int. New 
Haven Mills, Vt. 

Issue, COOK, by 1st wife, b. New Haven, 


711ha Josephus, b. June £1, 1838. 

711hb Ruth Lydia, b. Aug. 13, 1839, d. 

Waltham, Vt., Nov. 24, 1904; m. 

New Haven, Dec. 29, 1862, Charles 

E. Wright. 
711hc MARY LUCINA, b. Nov. 28, 1841; m. 

Issue, COOK, by 2nd wife, b. New Haven: 
711hd Charles Lee, b. Nov. 10, 1847, d. 

New Haven, Oct. 14, 1875. 
711he Jennie Louisa, b. Oct. 25, 1849. 


4864 WILLIAM JOHM MOWRY (John Orde How- 
ry, Mercy Ballou, Benjamin, John, John, 
John, Maturln), b. Lincoln, R. I., July 
19, 1849, d. Woonsocket, R. I., Sept. 
1, 1903; m. Woonsocket, R. I., Sept. 25, 
1873, by Rev. W. S. Stockbridge, SARAH 
FRANCES PASSMORE, dau. John and Susan 
C. (Darling) Passmore, grddau. Col. 
Comstock and Mary (Bartlett) Passmore, 
b. No. Smithfleld, R. I., Oct. 12, 1850; 
int. Union Cem., Woonsocket, R. I. 

Issue, MOWRY, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

9878 Florence Passmore, b. July 27, 1874 
unm.; B.L., Mt. Holyoke College, 
1896; principal of Woonsocket Jun- 
ior H.S.; Past Pres. Woonsocket 
Xeachers' Association; Mem. of 
Board of Managers of Ballou Home 
for the Aged, Woonsocket; Mem. of 
Directors of Y.W.C.A., Woonsocket; 
1936-»37, Pres. of R. I. Institute 
of Instruction; Mem. D.A.R., O.E.S., 
and B.F.A.; Congregationallst; res. 
276 Providence St., Woonsocket, R. 

9879 Susan Darling, b. Aug. 13, 1878, 

d. unm., Woonsocket, Apr. 24, 1914. 

9880 Dr. John Nelson, b. Sept. 10, 1880; 
unm.; grad. Philadelphia Dental 
College; res. 276 Providence St., 
Woonsocket, R. I. 

4934 SARIN BALLOD (Simeon, Abraham, Sim- 
eon, Abraham, John, John, Maturin), b. 
Smithfleld, R. I., July 18, 1818, d. Feb. 
14, 1898; m. MARY ANN ARNOLD, dau. Oliver 
C. W. Arnold, b. Oct. 21, 1820; int. 
Greenwood Cem., . 

Sabin Ballou was a cabinet maker, 
while his wife, Mary Ann (Arnold) Ballou 
was a well known midwife in the Pawtux- 
et Valley. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Chepachet, R. I.: 
4954 Henry W. , b. 1841, d. 1919; m. 

Mary J. Arnold, dau. John Arnold, 
b. 1853, d. 1930; int. Mapleroot 
Cem.; moulder; Civil War Veteran. 
No issue. 


4955 CHARLES E. , b. July 5, 1843; m. 

4956 Mary £., b. Aug. 9, 1845, d. Not. 
7, 1927; m. Jacob Webb; res. Johns- 
ton, R. I.; issue, Webb, b. Johns- 
ton, R. I.: 

9881 Gertrude E., b. Aug. 8, 1870; 
m. Jacob Wilder; issue. 
Wilder, b. Johnston, R. I.: 

9882 Webb W., b. July 14, 
1895; mm. 

9883 Mabel C, b. Feb. 16, 
1698; unm. 

ham, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, Matur- 
in), b. Westmoreland, N. H. , -Apr. 7, 
1820, d. Orange, Mass., June 1, 1888; 
m. Claremont, N. h., June 1, 1843, SARAH 
MARIA GRAHAM, dau. William and Betsey 
(Morrison) Graham, b. Durham, Lower Can- 
ada, ^o\. 11, 1823, d. Orange, Mass., 
Jan. 3, 1684; int. Orange, Mass. Cem. 

He moved from Claremont, N. H. to 
Orange, Mass. in 1854, where he was town 
treasurer from 1857-74, tax collector for 
several years and trustee of the Orange 
Savings Bank. Also, one of the thirty- 
two original owners of the Unlversalist 
church and served as treasurer from 1864 
to the time of his death. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Claremont, N. H.: 

9884 WARREN ADELBERT, b. June 15, 1844; 

9885 WILLIE OTIS, b. Dec. 7,1847; m. 



9886 Lewis Perry, b. May 13, 1850; m. 
Athol, Mass., Nov. 22*, 1871, Mary 
L. Smith. 

9887 ^da Maria, b. Orange, Oct. 19, 
1860, d. Orange, Feb. 21, 1900; m. 
Orange, June 1, 1882, by Rev. Waite 
Fred Davis, who d. Orange, May 8, 
1909; int. Central Cem., Orange, 
Mass. No issue. 

9888 Charles Orvie, b. Orange, Sept. 2, 
1863, d. Orange, Dec. 5, 1869; int. 
Central Cem., Orange, Mass. 


5102 DIASA MOWBY BALLOU (Otis, Abraham, 
Simeon, Abraham, John, John, Matiirin), 
b. Hartland, Vt., Jan. 24, 1826; m. Hub- 
bardston, Mass., Feb. 16, 1853, by Rev. 
Simeon and Lucy (Davis) Black, b. Holden, 
Mass., Jiine 30, 1831. 

A dealter in custom and ready-made 
clothing, they resided at Orange and 
Athol, Mass., and for many years at 
West Gardner, Mass. 

Issue, BLACK, 1-3 b. Orange, 4th b. Athol, 

5116 Grace, b. Feb. 21, 1854, d. Orange, 
Mar. 27, 1854. 

5117 GEORGE ASHTOK, b. Mar. 1, 1885; m. 

5118 GERTRODE LEONE, b. July 25, 1856; 

5119 RALPH WALDO, b. July 15, 1862; unm. 

Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, 
Maturin), b. Hartland, Vt., Mar. 26, 
1827, d. Palo Alto, Calif., Jan. 8, 1927; 
m. Claremont, M. H ., Aug. S3, 1864, 
and Alice Jane (Mann) Kimball, b. Clare- 
mont, N. H., Sept. 28, 1839, d. Palo Alto, 
Calif., Jan. 14, 1914, ae. 74y 3m 17d; 

he was 99y 9m 13d; int. Oak Hill Cem., 
San Jose, Calif. 

When John Quincy Adams Ballou was sev- 
en years old, the family removed to Wal- 
pole, N. H. , where he attended the com- 
mon schools and learned the trade of 
shoemaking, and at the age of twenty-two 
was foreman of the manufacturing depart- 
ment of his brother-in-law's show factory, 
Claremont, N. H.. Mar. 1, 1849, he and 
his brother, George Washington Ballou, 
sailed from Boston on the ship "Sweden" 
around the "Horn," and after a voyage 
of 153 days landed in San Francisco, 
California, on Avig. 3rd, 1849. They hur- 
ried on to the gold diggings, but in six 
weeks after their arrival, George died 
at Coloma. John continued "pouring gold" 
at Spanish Bar, Downieville, Oregon Can- 
yon, carrying on the quest alone. Having 
accumulated about six thousand dollars in 
gold, John returned East in January, 1852, 


via Nicaragua. In May of the same year, 
accompanied by his two brothers, Warren 
S. and Charles 0., he started back by 
the same route. Warren S. Ballou re- 
turned East within a year, while Charles 
Otis Ballou stayed imtil 1860 when he 
also went back and enlisted, becoming 
second lieutenant and was killed during 
the terrific fighting at the Battle of 
Fredericksburg while acting as captain. 

After his second arrival in California 
in 1852, John Q. A. Ballou went to the 
mines in Sierra County. In March, 1853, 
he left the mines and went to Santa 
Clara Co., California, arriving at San 
Jose March 14th of that year, where he 
followed various occupations until the 
fall of 1855. Then he purchased an in- 
terest in the nursery of E. W. Case, and 
remained in that business connection un- 
til 1857, when he purchased a property 
in the suburbs of San Jose on the Milpi- 
tas Road and he was there engaged in the 
wjiserj business until 1862, becoming one 
of the best posted men on fruit cultiva- 
tion in Santa Clara Valley. For many 
years he well deserved this honor, having 
devoted years of time and study in ob- 
taining the best resiilts with the various 
products which this soil wovild bring. forth 
While managing a nursery, he also planted 
an orchard of apples, pears and plums. 
This business was a new venture in Cali- 
fornia, and in this pioneering he was 
most successful. He was the first man 
to successfully grow pears for the market. 
He was the first man to experiment in 
drying fruit in the sun. In 1861, he 
recognized the possibility of prune cul- 
ture in Santa Clara Valley and he set out 
fifty French prxine grafts he had obtained 
from Jacques Pellier and secured his 
first crop in 1867. The first man to 
dry prunes for the market in the State, 
he was always spoken of as the "Father 
of the Dried Prune." In 1868, he dried 
eleven tons of fruit, including prunes, 
apples and pears for the Eastern markets. 
This was the first dried fruit shipment 
made from the State. Also, he was asso- 
ciated with the introduction of bee cul- 
ture in California. 

In 1854, he was one of the founders of 
the San Jose Horticultural Society, and 
was also one of the founders of the 
"Farmers Onion," a large mercantile store 



in San Jose. He also helped pioneer the 
fruit canning industry at San Jose, where 
the first cannery was started in 1870 by 
Dr. Dawson, and in 1874 it was incorporat 
ed under the name of the San Jose Fruit 
Canning Company. In 1879, Messrs. Ballou 
and Ozier became owners of three-fifths 
of the capital stock and Mr. Ballou serv- 
ed as president for some time. 

All his life he enjoyed a variety of 
interests, and had many civic interests. 
At his death in 1927, he was the only sur 
viving member of his Masonic Lodge, and 
one of the few first California Pioneers. 
Although blind from cataracts the last 
seven years of his life, to the last he 
retained his wonderful memory and it was 
interesting always to converse with him. 
Besides valuable pieces of real estate in 
San Jose, he owned property in San Fran- 

In the Worcester, Mass. Telegram, Sun- 
day, March 29, 1931, we find a full page 
account of the western pilgrimages of 
the four Ballou brothers, which contains 
letters written by the brothers to their 
brothers at home, furnished by Helen 
Hamill, staff artist of the Telegram, 
and a descendant of this family. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. San Jose, Calif.: 

9889 ALLIS KIMBALL, b. Apr. 23, 1866; 

9890 GEORGE HENRY, b. Sept. 20, 1873j 

Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, 
Maturin), b. Essez, Essex Co., N. Y. , 
Oct. 28, 1832; m. Jefferson, Ashtabula 
Co., Ohio, Mar. 1, 1857, by Bradfield 
Wakefield, J. P., MARTHA UDELL, dau. 
Frederick and Lura (Waters) Udell, b. 
Jefferson, Ohio, Jan. 11, 1836, d. Los 
Angeles, Calif., May 11, 1913; int. Mt. 
View Cem., Pasadena, Calif. 

When George was two years of age, his 
father left Essex and became a pioneer 
settler in the wilderness, now the town 
of Plymouth, Ohio. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

5131 Frank A., b. 1858, d. Plymouth, 

5132 HORACE MANN, b, Marysville, la., 
June 29, 1860; m. GRACE ELLSWORTH 

5124 LEWIS BALLOU (Alanson, Abraham, 
Simeon, Abraham, John, John, Maturin), 
b. Plymouth, Ohio, Apr. 19, 1838, d. 
Pomona, Calif., Feb. 24, 1932; m. Moira, 
N. Y. , Feb. 20, 1865, by Rev. Andrew E. 
Bigelow, LOIS D. WRIGHT, dau. Daniel D. 
and Cassandra (Hogan) Wright, b. Dicker- 
son, N. Y., Oct. 12, 1842. 

1854, he moved with his family to 
Clayton County, Iowa. After his marriage, 
he settled on a farm in Madison County, 
Iowa, where they remained until December, 
1884. Because of failing health, they 
moved to Saticoy, Ventura County, Cali- 
fornia, and again engaged in farming. 
1897, moved to Pasadena and in 1914 to 
Pomona. Mr. Ballou was a member of the 
Good Templars, and an active member of 
the Methodist Episcopal chvirch from young 
manhood until his death. His wife pass- 
ed away in Pomona, Aug. 25, 1919, and 
they are interred in the Pomona Cemetery. 
He died at the home of his son in La 
Verne, California. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

5143 Ulysses G., b. Oct. 8, 1868, d. 
Aug. 27, 1869. 

5144 Grade, b. Dec. 4, 1870, d. July 
20, 1871. 

5145 Gertie, b. Dec. 4, 1870, d. July 
22, 1871. 

5146 CORBAN E. D., b. Madison Co., la., 
Jan. 28, 1875; m. ELNORA ARBUTHNOT. 

514 7 AUGUSTUS J. FISH (Lavina Ballou, 
Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, 
Maturin), b. Lewis, Essex Co., N. Y., Apr. 
2, 1829, d. Sept. 15, 1905; m. Westport, 
N. Y., Dec. 28, 1873, by George S. Gold, 
J. P., JULIA A. BURNHAM, dau. Frank and 
Eliza (Doty) Burnham, b. Whitehall, N. 

Y. , Dec. 26, 1854, d. Saratoga, N. Y., 
July 11, 1910. 

They resided in the paternal home- 
stead at Lewis, N. Y. , and were worthy 
and respected farming people. 

Issue, FISH, b. Lewis, N. Y. : 

5156 MABEL LAVINA, b. Oct. 22, 1874; m. 




5157 Elda M., b. Mar. 15, 1876; m. (l) 
Glens Falls, N. Y., Sept. 2, 1903, 
by Rev. H. .D. Corkran, Claude F. 
Lester, s. Fred V. and Eva (Cough- 
lin) Lester, grds. Volney and Emily 
(Mead) Lester, b. East Venice,. N. 
Y., Apr. 7, 1878, d. Venice, N. Y., 
Aug. 24, 1924; (2) May 8, 1928, 
Alva W. Slocum, s. James and Mary 
Etta (Robinson) Slocum, b. Mazo- 
maine, Dane Co., Wis., Oct. 26, 
1869; res. 211 M. 4Srd St., Seat- 
tle, Wash. No issue. 

5158 Linda E., b. Apr. 19, 1879; m. New 
York, N. Y., Oct. 9, 1907, by Rev. 
Dr. Aked, Frank 0. Roberts; res. 
Calhoun Hotel, Seattle, Wash.; 
issue, Roberts, b. Glens Falls: 
9891 Hugh, b. Sept. 27, 1909, d. 

Seattle, Wash., June 10, 

5159 HAMILTON A., b. Feb. 8, 1883; m. 

5153 CHARLES 0. FISH (Lavina Ballou, 
Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, 
Maturin), b. Lewis, Essex Co., N. Y. , 
Nov. 16, 1840, d. Seneca Township, Kos- 
suth Co., Iowa, Dec. 22, 1909; m. Apr. 
6, 1864, LUCY M. HARE, dau. John and 
Sarah Jane (Pratt) Hare. 

Issue, FISH: 

5163 Mildred Lavina, b. May 11, 1866. 

5164 Sarah Miriam, b. Apr. 26, 1871. 

5165 Sylvia Marian, twin, b. Apr. 26, 

5166 Edith Elvina, b. May 3, 1873. 

5167 William Thomas, b. May 12, 1878. 

5168 Charles Walter, b. Aug. 17, 1881. 

5169 EMMA ISADORA, b. May 13, 1883; m. 

5170 Elizabeth, b. June Li, 1885. 

5173 LOYAL EDGAR BALLOO (Collin, Abraham 
Simeon, Abraham, John, John, Maturin) , b. 
Lewis, N. Y., Oct. 26, 1838, d. Mar. 5, 
1918; m. prob. Storm Lake, Iowa, ELLEN 
MYRA TAYLOR, b. Petersham, Mass., Aug. 
15, 1850. 

Mr. Ballou was in the loan and real 
estate business, after which he turned 
to banking, in which field, his son. 
Loyal Edgar Ballou, Jr., succeeded him. 

being President of the Security Trust 
and Savings Bank, Storm Lake, Iowa, 
where his father maintained his resi- 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Storm Lake, Iowa: 
9892 Loyal Edgar, Jr., b. Apr. 23, 1886; 
m. Storm Lake, Aug. 19, 1914, 
Grace Margaret Ambler, dau. Thomas 
Alfred and Mary (Breen) Ambler, of 
Barrie, Ontario, Canada, b. Two 
Harbors, Minn., Apr. 14, 1893; cer. 
by Rev. T. A. Ambler; issue, Bal- 
lou, b. Storm Lake, Iowa: 

9893 Edgar Leland, b. Dec. 9, 1915 
grad. Storm Lake H.S., Culver 
Military Academy and Univ. of 

9894 Thomas Carleton, b. Dec. 26, 
1920, d. Apr. 11, 1933. 

9895 Donna Marie, b. Feb. 12, 1924. 

9896 Ernest Sanford, b. Dec. 5, 1881; un 

9897 Ida Mabel, d. 1896. 

5175 LUCY ANN BALLOU (Collin, Abraham, 
Simeon, Abraham, John, John, Maturin), 
b. Essex, N. Y., Oct. 19, 1841, d. Ven- 
t\ira, Calif., Dec. 1908; m. Farmersburg, 
Iowa, Oct. 19, 1859, by Rev. George Lar- 
kin, EDWARD PARKKE HALL, s. William P. 
and Sarah (Dyer) Hall, b. West Troy, H. 
Y., Aug. 14, 1833, d. Monrovia, Calif., 
May 1, 1916; int. Ventura Cem., Ventura, 

Issue, HALL, b. Farmersburg, Iowa: 

5180 Edward Cyrus, b. Jan. 13, 1861, d. 
Monrovia, Feb. 13, 1923; m. Ven- 
tura, Nov. 26, 1891, Agnes Kelsey, 
dau. Joseph and Mary Kelsey, b. 
Berkeley, Nov. 29, 1865; he int. 
Los Angeles, Calif.; she res. Mon- 
rovia, Calif.; issue. Hall, b. Ven- 
tura, Calif.: 

9898 Edward Carl, b. Sept. 8, 1892 
m. Harriet Moore; teacher; 3 

9899 Joseph Kelsey, b. Feb. 4, 
1897; m. Ervena Shower; phar- 
mist; 2 chn; res. 245 Hunting 
ton Drive, Monrovia, Calif. 

5181 Ernest Collin, b. May 10, 1866, d. 
in infancy, July 6, 1866. 

5182 Elmer Edgar, b. Aug. 21, 1870, d. 
Berkeley, Nov. 19, 1932; m. Los 



Angeles, Nov. 8, 189S, tj Rev. W. S. 
Matthew, Ruth Winifred Farnsworth, 
Sau. R. W. C. and Emma S. (George) 
Farnsworth, b. Newbur7, Vt., Aug. 
20, 1872, grddau. Calvin and Mary 
Jane (Underwood) Farnsworth, of 
Haverhill, Mass.j he is int. Movin- 
taln View Cem. , Pasadena, Calif. j 
she res. 1098 North Raymond Ave., 
Pasadena, Calif. Grad. Dniv. of 
Southern Calif.; Oniv. of Califor- 
nia, Berkeley, M.A. j Cornell Dniv., 
Ithaca, N. Y., Ph. D. Tatight Long 
Beach H.S. 3 yrs.; Oniv. of Calif., 
Berkeley, July, 1902-1932j Chairman 
of Physics Dept., last six years 
preceding his death; Member of sev- 
eral scientific societies; short 
sketch of his life in the American 
"Men of Science" (Fourth Edition). 
His widow writes: "In the Onlversl- 
ty he was active on many important 
Committees, interested in research, 
and a conscientious and successful 
teacher, always holding to high 
standards and ideals in all things. 
He lived helpfully, unselfishly and 
nobly." No issue. 

5177 LUCIiDA JAUE BALLOD (Collin, Abra- 
ham, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, Matur- 
in), b. Essex, N. Y., Sept. 19, 1847, d. 
St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 1920; m. Essex, N. 
Y., Sept. 24, 1872, by Rev. Charles Wild- 
er, EUGENE M. STOWER, s. Michael and 
Laura (Esmond) Stower, b. Essex, N. Y., 
Mar. 2, 1847, d. Mankato, Minn., Jan. 19, 
1882, ae. 34y 10m 17d; int. Glenwood Cem. 
Mankato, Minn. 

Issue, STOWER; 1 b. Sioiox City, la., 2-3 
b. Mankato, Minn.: 

5183 Eugene Loyal, b. Jan. 8, 1874. 

5184 FREDERICK JAMES, b. Sept. 30, 1877; 

5185 Richard Lincoln, b. Mar. 2, 1881. 

5195 MARY IDELL GRAY (Fidelia Amanda Bal- 
lou, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, 
Maturin), b. Elizabethtown, N. Y., July 
6, 1861; m. Algona, Iowa, Oct. 2, 1880, 
by Rev. W. H. Burnard, WILLIAM WILSON AL- 
CORN (Hot Wilson Bloom as per Ballou gen.) 
s. Thomas and Elizabeth Alcorn, b. Tldlute 
Pa., d. Windsor, Mo., Feb. 3, 1917; int. 
Wiadaor, Mo. Cem. 

After a few years farming at Seneca, 
Kossuth Co., Iowa, this family moved to 
Windsor, Mo., where they continued fam- 
ing and raised their family. 

Issue, ALCORH, b. Seneca, Iowa: 
9900 Florence, b. Sept. 25, 1881; a. 
Windsor, Feb. 16, 1904, by Rev. 
Mr. Pattison, of Lincoln, Mo., 
Charles Mast, s. David Mast, of 
Abilene, Dickinson Co., Kans.; 
res. Abilene, Kans.; issue. Mast, 
1 b. Maple Hill, la., £-3 b. Abi- 
lene, Kans.: 

9901 Arnold, b. Dec. 4, 1906. 

9902 Kenneth, b. July 21, 1911. 

9903 Dorothy, b. July 19, 1915. 
9904 Harry Ellsworth, b. Jan. 30, 1663; 

m. Sedalia, Mo., Jan. 23, 1912, 
Ruth Carter, dau. James Carter, of 
Windsor, by Rev. Mr. McClennahan; 
res. Windsor, Mo.; issue, Alcorn, 
b. Windsor, Mo.: 

9905 Harry Carter, b. Oct. 9, 1912. 

9906 William Wilson, b. May 4, 

9907 Helen Frances, b. Apr. 17, 

9906 Merwin Wmiam, b. Sept. 4, 1684; 

m. Windsor, Jan. 22, 1910, by Rev. 

H. J. Rand, of Lincoln, Fairle 

Johnson, dau. David Johnson, of 

Windsor. No issue. 
9909 Elsie Marllla, b. Jan. 21, 1889; m. 

Windsor, Feb. 16, 1910, by Rev. H. 

J. Rand, John Carter, s. James and 

Fannie Carter, of Windsor; farmer; 

res. Windsor, Mo.; issue. Carter, 

b. Windsor, Mo.: 

9910 James Wilson, b. Sept. 8, 

9911 Catherine Margaret, b. Oct. 
6, 1914. 

9912 Asa Allen, b. May 6, 1891; m. Sedal- 
ia, Mo., Aug. 17, 1920, by Rev. Mr. 
Brown, Lorralne,Walkup, dau. Charles 
Walkup, of Windsor; mail clerk; 
res. 5800 iTlrginia Ave., Kansas 
City, Mo. No issue. 

9913 Bernice Irene, b. June 19, 1898; b. 
Lincoln, Jan. 28, 1918, by Rev. 
Thomas H. Hickman, Roy Null, s. 
Ephraim E. and Katherlne (Hunsing- 
er) Null, of Windsor; farmer; res. 
Windsor, Mo.; issue. Null, b. Wind- 
sor, Mo.: 


9914 Gladys Marie, b. June 21> 

9915 Wllma Jeanne, b. Oct. £1, 

9916 Howard Raymond, b. Feb. 15, 

9917 Mary Loxiise, b. May 8, 1929. 
9918 Ora Lucille, b. May 29, 1901; m. 

Lincoln, July 29, 1920, by Rev. 
Thomas H. Eiclman, Ebenezer Smith, 
s. Edward and Mabel (Nlckle) 
Smith, b. Ionia, Mo., Feb. 14, 
1685; mgr. T. H. Rogers Lumber Co., 
Ionia, Mo.; issue. Smith, b. Ionia, 
Pettis Co., Mo. : 

9919 Roy Edwin, b. Apr. 6, 1923. 

9920 Melvin Alcorn, b. Sept. 24, 

5197 EDWARD ELTOH GRAY (Fidelia Amanda 
Ballou, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, 
John, Maturin), b. Elizabethtown, H. I., 
Mar. 25, 1866; m. (1) Bancroft, la., 
Not. 9, 1892, by Rer. Jesse Cole, ELIZA 
SMITH, dau. George W. and Margaret Smith, 
b. Bancroft, la.. May 14, 1874, d. Ban- 
croft, la.. Mar. 9, 1894; (2) Curlew, 
la., June 12, 1895, by Rev. P. L. Smith, 
VILETTA SMITH, dau. Rev. P. L. and Orpha 
(Taber) Smith, b. Davenport, N. Y., Aug . 
2, 1874. 

All the children of the second mar- 
riage were raised in Ames, Iowa, where 
they were graduated from the State Agri- 
cultural School, except Edward Elton, 
Jr., a high school graduate, located 
in Hew York City, as Inspector of the 
Felt and Tarrent Comptometer Company. 

Issue, GRAY, by 1st wife, b. Bancroft, la: 
9921 Vera Lucille, b. Mar. 5, 1894; m. 

(1) Sept. 18, 1912, I. D. Hender- 
son, Jr., of Wayne, Nebr., div.; 

(2) Ray Tudor; res. R. F. D. S, 
Madison, Minn.; farmer; issue, 
Henderson, b. Ames, Story Co., la.: 

9922 Lucille, b. Dec. 29, 1912. 

9923 Howard, b. Apr. 17, 1915. 

9924 Ellsworth. 

9925 Donald. 

9926 Tiva Mae, b. Mar. 5, 1894; unm.; 

graduate nurse; res. 222 West G. 

St., Ontario, Calif. 
Issue, GRAY, by 2nd wife, 3-5 b. Amboy, 
Minn., 6-7 b. Eartington, lebr.: 


9927 Naomi Marguerite, b. Sept. 18, 

1897; m. Ames, July 18, 1928, by 
Rev. R. A. Shipman, Ellis B. Clough 
s. John Clough, of Kellerton, la., 
b. Decatur Co., la., Oct. 1, 1900; 
grad. Iowa State College; head of 
Agricultural Dept. of High Schools 
of Owatonna, Minn.; res. 230 
Plainvlew St., Owatonna, Minn.; 
issue, Clough, b. Owatonna, Steele 
Co., Minn.: 
9928 David Gray, b. Aug. 30, 1930. 

9929 Orpha, b. Sept. 26, 1899, d. Apr. 
26, 1902. 

9930 Myrna Marie, b. May 25, 1904; m. 
Ames, July 18, 1928, by Rev. R. A. 
Shipman, Chester Delahooke, s. H. 
A. Delahooke, of Beiilah, la.; grad. 
Iowa State College, with M.A. from 
I. S. C; Supt. of Schools, Irwin, 
Shelby Co., la.; issue, Delahooke, 
b. Ames, la.: 

9931 Janice Marie, b. May 14, 1930. 
9932 Doris Dorothy, b. Apr. 20, 1906; m. 
Ames, June 12, 1927, by Rev. 0. H. 
Chesna, Rev. Joel £. liystrom, is. 
John and Christine Nystrom, b. 
Boone, la., Oct. 3, 1902; grad. 
Iowa State College, '25; M.A., 
Columbia Univ., Bew York, B. Y., 
'26; head of Religious Education 
Dept. of Y.M.C.A., Hew York, N. Y.; 
res. Clover Brook Farm, Skillman, 
M. J.; Issue, liystrom: 

9933 Christine Elaine, b. Paterson, 
N. J., Feb. 15, 1929. 

9934 Robert Bruce, b. Feb. 15, 1931 
9935 Edward Elton, Jr., b. Dec. 15, 1912; 

unm., 1931. 

5198 NELLIE FIETTA GRAY (Fidelia Amanda 
Ballou, Abrhham, Simeon, Abraham, John, 
John, Maturin), b. i>eneca, Iowa, July 10, 
1868; m. Dec. 10, 1888, SAMUEL N. GOOD- 
SPEED, s. Samuel and Sarah (Messinger) 
Goodspeed, b. Peotone, Will Co., 111., 
Apr. 22, 1864, d. Bancroft, Iowa, Dec. 8, 
1903; int. Seneca, la. Cem.; she res. with 
sister, Mrs. Alcorn, 310 North Main St., 
Windsor, Mo. 

From Bancroft, Kossuth Co., Iowa, the 
Goodspeed family moved to Spencer, Iowa, 
where their children were educated in the 
public schools of that city. 



Issue, GOODSPEED, b. Bancroft, Iowa: 

9936 Orma Fidelia, b. Dec. 24, 1690; m. 
Spencer, June 15, 1916, by Rev. 0. 
M. Bond, William Huntley, dlv. Splr 
It Lake, la., Apr. 27, 1927; (2) 
Chicago, 111., Sept. 5, 1922, by 
Rev. Plster, Charles F. Schmidt, 

s. Charles and Diana (Jacoby) 
Schmidt; dining car steward; res. 
* 5132 Troy St., Chicago, 111. No 

9937 Mildred lone, b. Dec. 26, 1895; m. 
Spencer, Sept. 1920, by Rev. 0. M. 
Bond, James LeRoy Skalltsky, s. 
John and Ulnty Ann Skalltsky, b. 
Everly, la.. May 10, 1899; res. 
4932 Montgall Ave., Kansas City, 
Mo.; Issue, Skalitsky, b. Kansas 
City, Mo.: 

9938 Mildred Margaret, b. Dec. 20, 

9939 Elizabeth Ann, b. Aug. 7, 

8940 James LeRoy, Jr., b. Jan. 28, 

9941 Thomas John, b. Hay 4, 1929. 

9942 Grace Winifred, b. Mar. 14, 1898; 
m. Spencer, 1918, Paul McKenzle, 
dlv.; she res. 7113 Bennet Ave., 
Chicago, 111. No issue. 

9943 Stewart Samuel, b. Dec. 13, 1900; 
m. Chicago, July 10, 1920, by Rev. 
Theodore G. Cross, of Blue Island, 
111., Helene Fleming, dau. James 
and Mary (Corcoran) Fleming, b. 
Blue Island, June 1900; res. 511 
E. 62nd St., Chicago, 111. No 

9944 Owen Elmer, b. June 8, 1903; m. Oct. 
26, 1923, by Rev. V. G. Fellows, 
Helen Jeffreys, dau. Archie Wilbur 
and Ethel Maud Jeffreys, b. Ruth- 
ven, Palo Alto Co., la., Nov. 25, 
1907; res. Spencer, la.; issue, 
Goodspeed, b. Spencer, Clay Co., 

9945 Gloria Jean, b. May 5, 1926. 

5200 LOIS DIETTA GRAY (Fidelia Amanda 
Ballou, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, 
John, Maturin), b. Seneca, Iowa, Feb. 5, 
1872, d. Van Cleve, Marshall Co., Iowa, 
Apr. 9, 1930; m. Algonia, Iowa, Mar. 5, 
1895, by Rev. Davidson, HERBERT W. OGLE, 
s. William Theodore and Isabel (Jack- 
son) Ogle, b. Cascade, Wis., Feb. 13, 

1673; blacksmith; she is int. Logan Cem., 
near Van Cleve, Iowa; he res. Van Cleve, 

Issue, OGLE: 

9946 Vernon Charles, b. Bancroft, Oct. 
15, 1695; m. Marshalltown, la.. 
May 13, 1919, by Rev. 0. S. Long, 
Ruth Mary Shepley, dau. John David 
and Laura A. (Plumb) Shepley, b. 
Ardmore, S. D., Oct. 25, 1900; 
grad. as were his brothers and sis- 
ters of Van Cleve H.s.; welder 
inspector; res. 3351 Thompson Ave., 
Muskegon, Mich.; issue. Ogle, b. 
Baxter, Jasper Co., la.: 

9947 Kenneth, b. Mar. 22, 1920. 

9948 Gladys Juanita, b. Feb. 21, 

9949 William McKiniey, b. Hoprig, an- 
met Co., la., Jan. 20, 1899; m. 
Marshalltown, June 31, 1920, Hazel 
F. Kenner, dau. Lauren and Maude 
(Wilcox) Kenner, b. Chelsea, Tama 
Co., la., Feb. 8, 1903; cer. by 
Rev. James Laurie; construction 
steel worker; res. 3378 Plum St., 
Muskegon, Mich.; issue. Ogle, 1-2 
b. Marshalltown, la., 3 b. Muske- 
gon, Mich. : 

9950 Lauren Dale, b. Feb. 26, 

9951 William Duane, b. Mar. 5, 

9952 Or land Verle, b. Jan. 25, 

9953 Herbert Allen, b. Bancroft, Apr. 
13, 1906; m. Marshalltown, Feb. 
25, 1927, by Rev. Frank Wheeler, 
Fannie May Looney, dau. Jesse E. 
and Rosa Belle (HcGulre) Looney, 
b. Decatur svllle. Mo., Aug. 31, 
1908; section hand on H. & St. L. 
R. R.; res. Laural, Marshall Co., 
la.; issue. Ogle: 

9954 Janet Louise, b. Iowa City, 
la., Dec. 9, 1927. 

9955 William, b. Marshalltown, 
Aug. 10, 1929. 

9956 Josephine Ellen, b. Bancroft, May 
11, 1908; m. Marshalltown, Feb. 12, 
1928, by Rev. Frank Wheeler, Elmer 
Nelson, s. Andrew £. and Rena Nel- 
son, b. Marshalltown, Jan. 19, 
1909; press feeder; res. 507 So. 
4th St., Marshalltown, la.; issue. 



Nelson, b. Marshalltown, la.: 

9957 Evelyn, b. Sept. 16, 1928. 

9958 Jerold, b. Jiily 1, 1929. 

9959 Dorothy Mildred, b. Van Cieve, la., 
June 4, 1910; unm. ; res. Marshall- 
town, la. 

9960 Fidelia Grace, b. Van Cleve, May 21 
1912; unm. 

5201 DR. LEWIS BALLOU GRAY (Fidelia 
Amanda Ballou, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, 
John, John, Maturin), b. Seneca, Iowa, 
Feb. 5, 1872; m. Solon, Iowa, June 25, 
1902, by Rev. Dana C. Johnson, HORTENSE 
BOWMAN, dau. Samuel M. and Mary Matilda 
(Fuhrmelster) Bowman, grddau. Francis 
and Margaret Ann (Miller) Bowman, of 
No. Liberty, Iowa, b. Solon, Iowa, May 
5, 1879. 

Note: Fidelia Amanda (Ballou) Gray, 
d. Seneca, Iowa, May 3, 1888; her husband 
Charles Henry Gray, d. Stuart, Iowa, 
July 24, 1908; both int. Seneca, Iowa 

Born and raised on a farm in Seneca, 
Iowa, Lewis Ballou Gray left the farm at 
the age of seventeen years, finished his 
High School course, and after teaching 
school for several years, entered the 
State University of Iowa, at Iowa City, 
where he studied dentistry. At the out- 
break of the Spanish War, he enlisted 
in Co. 150th Iowa Regiment; mustered 
into the United States service May 17, 
1898 and honorably discharged on Nov. 
30, 1898, he spent the entire service 
in the training camp at Jacksonville, 
Fla. He then returned to his studies 
at the University, where he graduated 
in 1899. 

He practiced his profession one year 
in Fontanelle, Iowa, whence he moved to 
Sttiart, Guthrie Co., Iowa, where h« re- 
mained until 1923, locating then in 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, his present home. 

Issue, GRAY, b. Stuart, Iowa: 

9961 Walter Ballou, b. Jan. 15, 1904; m. 
Morengo, la., Oct. 19, 1928, by 
Rev. P. M. Conant, Esther Carlson, 

dau. and Helen (Liliquist) 

Carlson, b. Decorah, Wlnnesheik 
Co., la.. Mar. 2, 1903; grad. Cor- 
nell College, Mt. Vernon, la., »26; 
Alumni Secretary for the college; 

res. Mt. Vernon, la.; issue. Gray, 
b. Cedar Rapids, Iowa: 

9962 Alice Marilyn, b. Mar. 9, 

9963 Richard Ballou, b. Oct. 14, 

9964 Kenneth Everett, b. Sept. 14, 1909; 
grad. Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, 
la., 1932. 

5202 LEILA AUN GRAY (Fidelia Amanda Bal- 
lou, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, 
John, Maturin), b. Seneca, Iowa, Apr. 1, 
1874; m. Bancroft, la., 1892, DANIEL E. 
SMITH, s. John Smith, b. Mar. 9, 1865, 

d. Omaha, Nebr., June 10, 1921; she d. 
Lakota, Iowa, Nov. 11, 1904; Int. Lakota, 
Iowa Cem. 

Issue, SMITH, 1 b. Bancroft, 2-3 b. Lako- 
ta, Iowa: 

9965 Stanley Gray, b. Feb. 1, 1894; m. 
So. Omaha, 1914, Bonita Hallen- 
berger, div.; Civil iingineer for 
Magnolia Pet'm Co.; res. 1312 So. 
Irving St., Dallas, Texas. No 

9966 Elton Qnmett, b. Oct. 26, 1896, d. 
Omaha, Nebr., Apr. 30, 1928; int. 
Lakota, la. Cem.; m. Oct. 1918, 
Mary Friske, who res. Newton, Jas- 
per Co., la.; issue. Smith, b. 
Omaha, Nebr.: 

9967 Dorothy Arlene, b. Jan. 27, 

9968 Marian Florence, b. July 26, 1899; 
m. Omaha, July 7, 1919, George F. 
Gump; res. '"alia Walla, Wash.; is- 
sue, Gump, b. Walla Walla, Wash. : 
9969 Stanley Elton, b. May 6, 


5203 INEZ AMANDA GRAY (Fidelia Amanda 
Ballou, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, 
John, Maturin), b. Seneca, Iowa, June 2, 
1879; m. Bancroft, Iowa, Jan. 1, 1900, 
by Rev. 0. H. Bond, HENRY COLLER, s. 
Andrew Collar, of 111.; carpenter; res. 
Bancroft, Iowa. 

Issue, COLLER, b. Bancroft, Iowa: 

9970 Grace Fidelia, b. Nov. 6, 1900; m. 

Dec. 11, 1919, Earl Yackle, s. John 

Yackle, of Emmetsburg, la.; she d. 

July 21, 1922; issue, Yackle, b. 

Emmetsburg, la.: 



9971 Virgil Wrey, b. Sept. 10, 
9972 Edna May, b. Jan. 17, 1905; m. £■- 
metsbiixg, Feb. 5, 1921, Cecil H. 
Henderson, s. Wesley and Mamie L. 
(Walker) Henderson, b. Richview, 
la., Sept. 4, 1896; res. 412 West 
St., Urbana, Champaign Co., 111.; 
issue, Henderson, b. Armstrong, 
Emmet Co., la.: 

9973 Eleanor May, b. Mar. 14, 

9974 Lillian Lavone, b. Sept. 12, 

9975 Morman Franklin, b. Dec. 3, 1906; 
m. Champaign, 111., Apr. 8, 1928, 
by Rev. Guy Campbell, of Decatur, 
111., Ethel Loy, dau. Ezra B. and 
Cora Ellen (Tedrick) Loy, b. Ef- 
fingham, 111., Aug. 18, 1902; res. 
1008 West Fremont St., Champaign, 
111. No issue reported. 

9976 Josephine Fidelia, b. Aug. 5, 
1908; m. litonka, la., June 30, 
1928, by Rev. Jenning, ^enry 
Garde, Jr., of Buffalo Center, la.; 
res. Bancroft, la.; issue. Garde, 
b. Bancroft, la.: 

9977 Peggy Lucille, b. Mar. 18, 

9978 Dorothy Esther, b. Jan. 7, 1914; 


9979 Cecil Wrey, b. Oct. 3, 1922. 

5232 DANIEL W. BALLOD (Daniel Wilber, 
William, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, 
Maturin), b. Lockport, N. Y., July 24, 
1822, d. 1876; m. Green Bay, Wis., 1852, 
MARION D. MOTT, dau. James and Deborah 
(Freeland) Mott, b. Alberg, Vt., Aug. 
27, 1827, d. Milwaukee, *is., Oct. 13, 
1905; int. Watertown, Wis. Cem. 

Mr. Ballou was editor of the Water- 
town, Wis. Democrat for many years. 
Mrs. Ballou entered the Milwaukee Prod- 
estant Home For The Aged, 503 Downer 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis., from Watertown, 
July 5, 1900, at which time she request- 
ed that her husband's portrait and cer- 
tain papers which she valued should be 
left in the care of Dr. W. F. Whyte un- 
til such time as Watertown should have 
a public library, then to be given to 
the library. 

5250 WILLIAM HOSEA BALLOO (Rev. Ransom, 
ftllliam, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, 
Maturin), b. Hannibal, N. Y., Sept. 30, 
1857, d. unm., Closter, B. J., lov. 30, 

■Dr. William Rosea Ballou, scientist 
and writer, who specialized in the study 
of fungi, reptiles and fish, died this 
morning in his home here at the age of 
80. He had been in failing health for 
several years. According to an auto- 
biographical article. Dr. Ballou had 
crusaded to make animals safe in trans- 
portation at sea, for irtiich he was 
thanked by Queen Victoria and made per- 
manent honorary commissioner of the 
United States Department of Agriculture. 
He made a geological survey of Central 
Kansas in 1923, his autobiography con- 
tinued, discovering fossils and plants 
in Devonian and carboniferous rock 
strata and marsupials in Upper Cretac- 
eous rocks. In 1889 he discovered fos- 
sil brachiopods in Silurian rocks of 
West Virginia. He took part in surveys 
at Niagara Falls and on the Yellowstone 
River in the late Seventies and repre- 
sented Harper's Weekly on the Greely 
Relief Exposition of 1884. Dr. Ballou 
contributed many articles, on popular 
science to newspapers and periodicals, 
and was the author of five novels and 
more than 300 poems, including 'The Un- 
known Soldier', written for the memorial 
service at Arlington on Nov. 11, 1921. 
He was a member of the National Insti- 
tute of Social Sciences, American So- 
ciety of Ichthyologists and Herpetolo- 
gists, American Society of Mammalogists, 
Geopractic Society of America, Society 
of American Military Engineers and the 
Civic Fortim and Economic Clubs. 

He studied at Northwestern University 
and the University of Pennsylvania. He 
had honorary degrees from Fort Worth 
University, Chicago Law School and the 
CollSgeeof Oskaloosa, Iowa. "--Hew York 
Times, Nov. 30, 1937. 

Who's *ho In America, 1932-1933, con- 
tains a more detailed account of his ac- 
tivities. Member Ballou Family Associa- 
tion Of America. 

George, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, 



llaturin), b. Ware, Mass., May 7, 1856, 
d. Dec. 24, 1911; m. (l) Monson, Mass., 
Feb. 26, 1876, bf Rev. Mr. Sunner, CORA. 
A. LEMOH, dau. Francis and Lodelia 
(Mitchell) Lemon, b. Monson, Mass., Feb. 
14, 1858, d. Ware, Mass., Dec. 3, 1886; 
(2) Feb. 26, 1888, SARAH A. DAVIS, of 
Monson, Mass., who survived hla. 

Issue, BALLOO, by 1st wife, b. Ware, 

5403 Ernest M. (not L. as per Ballou 
gen.), b. May 3, 1877. 

5404 ALBERTDS H., b. Apr. 4, 1880; iB. 

5405 EDITH LODELIA, b. Apr. 24, 1883; 

George, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, 
Maturln), b. Ware, Mass., Dec. 28, 1858, 
d. Belchertown, Mass., Dec. 6, 1931; m. 
Belchertown, Mass., Apr. 4, 1883, by 
Rev. Stephen T. Hastings, LAURA C. 
CROCKER, dau. William and Jeannette 
(Horton) Crock#r^ grddau. Ebenezer and 
Sally (Lombard) Crocker, of Hampden, b. 
Hampden, Mass., Nov. 11, 1859; int. Mt. 
Hope Cem., Belchertown, Mass. 

Willis H. Ballou was a mechanic for 
twenty-five years at the Chapman Valve 
Company, Indian Orchard, Mass., then 
became a farmer in Belchertown until 
his death, where his widow continued 
to reside. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Springfield, Mass.: 

5406 Ina May, b. Apr. 11, 1884; m. Bel- 
chertown, Aug. 31, 1910, Edwin 
Allen, s. Charles E. Alien, by 
Rev. Vernon H. Ceming, of Hope- 
dale, b. i^andolph, H. H., Jan. 23, 
1878; salesman; she grad. Westfield 
Teachers' College, 1904; Boston 
Univ., B.S., 1935; res. 33 Webber 
St., Springfield, Mass.; issue, 
Allen, b. Springfield, Mass.: 

9980 Willis Edwin, b. Dec, 13, 
9981 Howard Willis, b. Feb. 16, 1887; 
unm.; toolmaker and sign painter; 
grad. Springfield Tech, 1907; Sew 
York Trade School; res. 11 Capital 
Ave., Hartford, Conn. 

9343 MARY BALLOU (Amos, George, Simeon, 
Abraham, John, John, Maturln), b. Crown 
Point, N. Y., Mar. 14, 1831, d. Pater- 
son, N. J., Oct. 1 or 5, 1887; m. (l) 
HARLOW RICE; (2) prob. St. Lawrence Co., 
N. Y., WRIGHT SMITH; int. Cedar Lawn 
Cem., Paterson, N. J. 

Issue, RICE: 

9982 Julia, m. John Plunkett; issue, 

9983 Alexander. 

9984 John, Jr. 

9985 Ira, d. Dec. 26, 1885; m. ; 

issue. Rice: 

9986 Sadie, d. in infancy. 

9987 Child, d. in infancy; all 
int. Cedar Lawn Cem., Pater- 
son, N. J. 

9988 Mellie, b. St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., 
June 16, 1864, d. Hunting ton, Park, 
Calif., Feb. 25, 1939; m. Paterson, 
Sept. 12, 1882, by Rev. Walter 
Gallant, William Dutcher, s. Wil- 
liam Henry and Jane Dutcher, b. 
Paterson, Sept. 12, 1859; int. 
Inglewood Park, Calif.; issue, 
Dutcher, b. Paterson, N. J.: 

9989 Mary, b. Sept. 18, 1883, d. 
Paterson, Sept. 30, 1890. 

9990 Ernest, b. July 27, 1891; 
m. Paterson, Juine 4, 1913, 
by Rev. H. E. Shade, Eliza- 
beth Stanton, dau. 

and Esther Ann Stanton, b. 
Paterson, Aug. 6, 1892; 
safety engineer; res. 7419 
Roseberry Ave., Huntington 
Park, Calif.; issue, Dutcher, 
1-2 b. Paterson, S. J., 3 

b. Los Angeles, Calif.: 

9991 Ruth Mae, b. June 2, 

9992 William Edward, b. Mar. 
12, 1916. 

9993 Betty Grace, b. Feb. 6, 

9994 Raymond, b. June 12, 1894; 

m. Paterson, , by Rev. 

Miller, Madeline Westervelt, 
dau. and Minnie Wester- 
velt, b. Tappan, N. Y., Oct. 
31, 1897; Supt. of Disposal, 
City of Long Beach, Calif.; 
res. 1618 E. 64th St., 
Long Beach, Calif.; issue. 




9995 Marie, b. Boston, May 
13, 1924. 

9996 RayTnond, Jr., b. Long 
Beach, Feb. 1, 1930. 

9347 HOSEA BALLOO (Amos, George, Simeon, 
Abraham, John, John, Maturin), b. Crown 
Point, N. Y., Aug. 4, 1836, d. Eagle 
Creek, Ore., July 1, 1909; m. EDNICE 
WRIGHT, dau. Benjamin Wright, b. Pots- 
dam, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., June 19, 
1844, d. Eagle Creek, Ore., Aug. 13, 
1913; member of Dniversalist Church; 
int. Forrester Cem., Eagle Creek, Ore. 

Issue, BALLOU, 1-4 b. Stockholm, N. Y., 
5-6 b. Mt. Levi, Ark.: 

9997 Homer, d. in infancy; int. Buckton 
Cem., Winthrop, N. Y. 

9998 King, b. 1867, d. unm. , Middleton, 
Ore., 1889, ae. 22; schoolteacher. 

9999 Silas, b. 1869, d. unm.. Ark., 
1886; int. Johnson Co., Ark. 

10000 Charles, b. Feb. 22, 1871, d. Port- 
land, Ore., Apr. 1931; m. (l) Port- 
land, Edith Clark, dau. Percy 
Clark, of Washington Co., Ore., 

who d. ; (2) Grace Tuttle; int. 

vault in Portland Crematory. No 

10001 Homer B., b. Nov. 12, 1878; m. 
Eagle Creek, 1907, Bertha Cassidy, 
dau. Charles Cassidy, b. Eagle 
Creek, July 26, 1886; logger, at 
Toledo, Ore. Mo issue. 

10002 OREN P., b. July 27, 1887; m. GINA 

9348 AMOS BALLOU, JR. (Amos, George, 
Simeon, Abraham, John, John, Maturin), 
b. Crown Point, N. Y., Sept. 23, 18S8, 
d. Arlington, S. D., Apr. 10, 1904; m. 
Bryant, Wis., Sept. 20, 1855, SDSAU HOLT, 
b. Elyria, Loraine Co., Ohio, Jan. 8, 

Issue, BALLOO: 

10003 Harrison W., m. Lois Bates. 

10004 LYMAN, b. E. Stockholm, Jan. 14, 
1863; m. ADA L. SPRAGOE. 

10005 EDITH, b. Stockbridge, Wis., Oct. 

10006 Helen, m. H. M. Keene. 

10007 Madge, b. Stockbridge, Aug. 21, 
1879, d. Madison, S. D., Apr. 16, 

1908; m. May 10, 1901, William H. 
Shindoll; farmer and butcher; Is- 
sue, Shindoll: 
10008 Herbert, b. Feb. 22, 1905, 

m- Feb. 17, 1930, Marie Maher 
garage attendant, Mitchell, 
S. D. 
10009 Marjorie, b. Wov. 20, 1907; 
Aberdeen Normal graduate; 
B.S., 1939; summer courses 
at Madison Normal and Brook- 
ings College; school teacher. 

9349 MINERVA BALLOU (Amos, George, Sim- 
eon, Abraham, John, John, Maturin), b. 
Stockholm, N. Y., ^ov. 4, 1840, d. Jan. 
20, 1881; m. as 1st wife, HARRISON F. 
KELLOGG, b. Ft. Jackson, N. Y., May 13, 
1838, d. Chazy, N. Y., Oct. 1900; res. 
Plattsburg, N. Y. 

Issue, KELLOGG: 

10010 Charles Harrison, b. Apr. 24, 

1859; m. Jane Alice Langdon; is- 
sue, Kellogg: 

10011 Millard, b. June 27, 1884. 

10012 King, res. Potsdam, N. y.; 

m. ; issue, Kellogg: 

10013 Dau. 

10014 Minerva Belle, b. Ft. Jack- 
son, Mar. 4, 1889; m. Ft. 
Covington, N. Y., Nov. 22, 
1910, Paige Frank Priest, 
s. Ward and Armenia Priest, 
b. Gouverneur, N. Y., Feb. 
7, 1886; cer. by Rev. 
George Benson; issue. Priest 
1 b. Ft. Covington, 2 b. 
Gouverneur, N. Y. : 
10015 Millard Ward, b. 
July 21, 1912; m. 
May 5, 1934, by Rev. 
Gould, Phyllis Al- 
freda Towner, dau. 
Fred and Grace Town- 
er, of Henvelton, N. 
Y.; issue. Priest, b. 
Gouverneur, N. Y.: 
10016 Mary Elizabeth 
b. Mar. 13, 
10017 Minerva Ureta, b. 
Mar. 26, 1916. 
10018 Addie L., b. Ft. Jackson, Sept. 11, 
1863, d. Jan. 1937; m. (1) Merton 
Day, who d. Nicholville, N. Y., 



1909; (2) June 15, 1911, Charles 
Olmstead; Issue, Day: 
10019 Howard, m. Alice Vinson; is- 
sue. Day: 

10020 Evelyn, m. George 
Hess; res. Statts- 
burg, N. Y. 

9551 HIRAM BALLOD (Amos, George, Simeon, 
Abraham, John, John, Uaturin), b. Stock- 
holm, N. Y., Dec. 12, 1845, d. Potsdam, 
N. Y. , July 20, 1925; m. Kingston, 
Clark Co., Wis., Nov. 22, 1874, JENNIE 
E. FOSTER, dau. Henry and Delia (Dutton) 
Foster, b. Stockholm, N. Y., Jan. 17, 
1859, d. Potsdam, N. Y., Jan. 11, 1923; 
int. Buckton Cem., Winthrop, N. Y. 

Issue, BALLOO, 1-2 b. Fort Jackson, N. 
Y., 3-6 b. Stockholm, H. Y. : 

10021 George, b. Aug. 28, 1876, d. Sept. 
26, 1878. 

10022 FRANK WASHINGTON, b. Feb. 22, 

10023 VERNE HIRAM, b. Mar. 1, 1880; m. 

10024 HATTIE MINERVA, b. Aug. 17, 1881; 

10025 Adelaide Delia, b. Jan. 12, 1884, 
d. unm., Feb. 17, 1922, Potsdam, 
N. Y.; grad. Potsdam State Normal, 
1907; taught school several years; 
at time of death was an employee 
in clerical capacity of City of 
Los Angeles, Calif.; int. Buckton 

10026 Etta Mae, b. Mar. 19, 1886; m. 
Watertown, N. Y., Sept. 23, 1929, 
by Rev. Harry Westbrook Reed, 
Earl Laberdee, s. Martin and Al- 
phonsina (Laflein) Laberdee, b. 
Gouverneur, June 23, 1884; grad. 
Potsdam State Normal School, 1907; 
taught school eight years; member 
Vega Chapter, O.E.S., Potsdam; 
member Dniversalist Church; res. 
Gouverneur, N. Y. The compiler 
of data of this branch, for which 
we are indeed very grateful. No 

9352 HENRY BALLOO (Amos, George, Simeon, 
Abraham, John, John, Maturin), b. Stock- 
holm, N. Y., June 19, 1850, d. Brooklyn, 
N. Y., Jan. 2, 1917; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., 
Sept. 15, 1875, HARRIET RUTH LANE, by 

Rev. John Wilson, Universalist; she was 
dau. John H. and Lavinia (Lucas) Lane, 
b. New York, N. Y., Mar. 4, 1854, d. 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 28, 1907; int. 
The Evergreens Cem., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

His daughter writes, bas for father's 
occupation - he was occupied all his life 
with 'Horses, i^orses, HorsesI' Trotters 
and Pacers - was a member of several 
riding and driving associations, both in 
Brooklyn and New York City. Had taken 
many purses and blue ribbons at the 
track. So it was always horses." Horse 

Issue, BALLOD: 

10027 Edna May, res. 143 Lenox Road, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

10028 Frederick Perry, m. Mary Mackey; 
issue, Ballou: 

10029 Leontine. 

10030 . 

10031 Jessie Estelle; m. Roger Weiss, an 
artist of Paris; she res. 143 
Lenox Road, Brooklyn, N. Y.; issue, 

10032 Roger, Jr. 

10033 Germalne, m. Lester Little. 

9353 ALBERT BALLOD (Amos, George, Simeon, 
Abraham, John, John, Matiirin) , b. Stock- 
holm, N. Y., Aug. 20, 1852, d. Stockholm, 
N. Y., Feb. 3, 1881; m. ELLA FARWELL, dau. 
Alonzo Farwell, b. Stockholm, N. Y., J\ily 
17, ; he is int. Southville Cem. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Stockholm, N. Y. : 
10034 Ray, b. June 8, 1875, d. Potsdam, 

Jan. 17, 1922; m. Potsdam, Feb. 28, 
1900, Mabel Parker, dau. William 
Parker, b. Parishville, Sept. 21, 
1875, who m. (2) Irving McKee; cer. 
by Rev. Thomas Stratton; int. 
Southville Cem.; issue, Ballou, b. 
Stockholm, N. Y. : 
10035 Dorothy, b. Apr. 9, 1916; 
m. Malone, N. Y., Mar. 1, 
1937, by Rev. ^illey, of 
Chateaugay, Franklin Co., 
N. Y., Harold H. Wells, s. 
William Wells, b. Mo. Ban- 
gor, N. Y., Apr. 8, 1907; 
operates gas station. No. 
Bangor, N. Y.; issue. Wells: 
10036 Jean Marie, b. Ha- 



lone, June 20, 1937. 
10037 Phjllis Margaret, b. 
Plattsbiorg, Sept. 7, 

5444 RALPH SAHFORD BALLOD (John Sanford, 
Sanford Jackson, William, William, Matur- 
in, John, Maturin), b. East Boston, Mass., 
Feb. 5, 1885; m. Winthrop, Mass., Oct. 
15, 1908, by Rev. William Litchfield, 
JESSIE WHITE, dau. James and Jeanie 
White, of Winthrop, Mass.; locomotive 
engineer; res. 55 Fairview St., Winthrop, 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Winthrop, Mass.: 

10038 Jeanie Barbara, b. May 31, 1910. 

10039 Ralph Chester, b. May 29, 1912. 

10040 Charles B., b. Jvme 1, 1914. 

9362 RUTH WIHTHROP BALLOU (John Sanford, 
Sanford Jacltson, William, William, Matur- 
in, John, Maturin), b. Ilnthrop, Mass., 
Mar. 16, 1893; m. Winthrop, Mass., Sept. 
30, 1917, by Rev. William Peck, HARLEI 
H. CHAMBERLAIM, s. George and Elvira 
(Hammond) Chamberlain, b. Concord, B. H.; 
public accountant; res. 44 So. Spring St. 
Concord, H. H. 

Issue, CHAMBERLAIH, 1-2 b. Winthrop, 

Mass., 3 b. Concord, H. H. : 

10041 Harley H., Jr., b. May 19, 1918. 

10042 Dorothy Ruth, b. Feb. 15, 1922. 

10043 Robert Ballou, b. Aug. 11, 1925. 

5474 MARY E. BALLOU (Pearley, Asahel, 
Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, 
Maturin), b. Marlborough, Vt., Apr. 1, 
1641; m. Greenfield, Mass., Dec. 20, 
1865, WILLIAM WELLS, s. David and Helena 
Frances (Thwing) Wells, b. Shelburne, 
Mass., Apr. 22, 1838, d. Shelburne, Mass., 
Mar. 1, 1883. 

Mr. Wells was a farmer on his home 
farm. Corp. in Co. A, 52nd Massachusetts 
Infantry. Enlisted Oct. 2, 1862, dis- 
charged Aug. 14, 1863. Was in the Bed 
River Campaign and at siege of Port Hud- 

Issue, WELLS, b. Shelburne, Mass.: 

5491 Ellen Sophia, b. Oct. 4, 1866; a. 
June 15, 1887, Albion F. Hitchcock. 

5492 Mary Prudence, b. Bov. 18, 1874. 

5493 Alice M., b. ▲ug. 4, 1878. 

5475 LUCY A. BALLOU (Pearley, Asahel, 
Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, 
Maturin), b. Marlborough, Vt., Aug. 22, 
1845, d. Brattleboro, Vt., Apr. 23, 
1932; m. 1876, JOSEPH GREESE TAYLOR. 

Mo issue. 

5476 GEORGE WILLIAM BALLOU (Pearley, Asa- 
hel, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 

John, Maturin), b. Greenfield, Mass., 
(not Marlborough, Vt., as per Ballou gen) 
Feb. 28, 1848, d. Brattleboro, Vt., 
Apr. 30, 1929; m. (l) Sept. 6, 1870, 
ALICE DUTTOH, who d. Boston, Mass., Dec. 
13, 1875; (2) Feb. 14, 1877, MARY W. 
HOYT. No issue. 

His obituary reads: "George William 
Ballou, an Investment banker and finan- 
cier of Boston and Bew York until his 
retirement in 1883, died today here at 
the home of his sister, Mrs. Lucy A. 
Taylor. Mr. Ballou was born in Green- 
field, Mass., February 28, 1847, and be- 
came cashier of the First Jiational Bank 
of Greenfield when he was nineteen 
years old. Governor Washburn was presi- 
dent of the institution at the time. 
In 1873 Mr. Ballou established an in- 
vestment business in Boston and in 1876 
extended it to New York. The business 
grew rapidly and the firm became one of 
the most important of its kind in the 
United States. In 1877 Mr. Ballou be- 
came associated with Senator Calvin S. 
Brice, of Ohio, and General Samuel 
Thomas in several enterprises. He 
boiogbt several detached railroad lines 
and by building connecting links com- 
pleted a narrow-gauge railroad from 
Toledo, Ohio, to St. Louis, including 
Cincinnati, Ohio and Ironton, Ohio. 
The line was the foundation of the Hickel 
Plate, the Detroit, Toledo & Ironton and 
the Cincinnati Northern Railroads. 

Amozig the other enterprises of the 
time in which Mr. Ballou was interested 
was the Mutual Telegraph Company, in 
which George F. Baker and John G. Moore, 
the latter a founder of the firm of 
Moore & Shhley, were associated with him. 
The company was absorbed by the Western 
Onion. Mr. Ballou was interested, also, 
in the development of a gold and copper 



Mine In Bew Mexico throtigb a company 
which he persuaded former President Grant 
to head. 

Mr. Ballou had lived In Florida for 
several years until last year. Since 
that tlse he has Bade his home with his 
sister, his only near relative. 

5497 HOSEA STARR BALLOU (Rev. Levi, Asa- 
hel, Eenjamln, Rev. Maturln, Peter, John, 
Maturin), b. No. Orange, Mass., Feb. 9, 
1857; m. Boston, Mass., June 1, 1686, by 
Rev. Dr. Miner, MART C. FABWELL, dau. 
Luther and Kancy (Chase) Farwell, b. West 
Medford, Mass., June 7, 1855, d. Brook- 
line, Mass., Jan. SO, 1940; Int. Mt. 
Auburn Cen., Cambridge, Mass.; retired; 
past-president B.F.A.; res. 68 Browne 
St., Brookllne, Mass. 

Issue, BALLOU, 1 b. Boston, 2 b. Brook- 
line, Mass.: 

10044 LUTHER FARWELL, b. Oct. 5, 1891; 
m. (1) ELLEI G. HOLDES; (2) 

10045 BOSEA STARR, JR., b. Jan. 6, 1893; 

55Q7 FRAliCIS MABIIH BALLOU (Hon. Martin, 
Asahel, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Matxirin), b. Princeton, 111., June 
iiJf 185Z, d. Boone, Iowa, Aug. 15, 1926; 
B. (1) Boone, Iowa, Jiine 27, 188Z, HATTIB 
A. BARROB, dau. ^enry S. Barron; (2) 
Baltimore, Md., Mar. 20, 1906, SADIE 
BILLKIRE, dau. G. A. and Elizabeth Blll- 
mlre, b. Baltimore, Id., Sept. 14, 1876; 
Ist wife d. Boone, Iowa, 1899, int. with 
infant son in family lot at Boone, Iowa. 

Mr. Gallon graduated from the Prince- 
ton, 111. H.8., in 1871, then acted as 
clerk for $25.00 a month for his brother, 
Charles T. Ballou, l^anet. 111., for 
whom he worked a year. From Brooklyn, 
Iowa, he moved first to Princeton, then 
to Marshalltown, Iowa, and finally set- 
tled at Boone, Iowa. Here, in 1878, he 
established a dry goods store and at the 
time of his death bad the oldest mercan- 
tile business in Boone. He was one of 
the organizers of The Boone Street Elec- 
tric By. and Light Co.; director of the 
Boone Brick, Tile and Paving Co. and the 
city Trust and Savings Bank; and was 
connected financially with several other 


Issue, BALLOU, by 1st wife, b. Boone, la.: 

10046 Infant son, d. 1899. 

Issue, BALLOU, by 2nd wife, b. Boone, la.: 

10047 FRAMCIS MARTIB, JR., b. Dec. 12, 

5511 ELLA JAHE BALLOU (Alvin, M. D., Asa- 
hel, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, 
Maturin), b. Princeton, 111., Sept. 12, 
1853; m. Princeton, 111., Mar. 7, 1878, 

by Judge Irimble, CLAEEMCE A. ALLEM, s. 
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Allen, of Prince- 
ton, 111., b. Jan. 29, 1853, d. 1919; 
1888, Jeweler in Grand Forks, Dakota. 

Issue, ALLEN, b. Grand Forks, Dakota: 

10048 Arthur W., b. Sept. 12, 1880; m. 
June 5, 1920, by Rev. Russell 
dau. Ernest and Helen Orabe, b. 
Beillsville, Wis., Feb. 3, 1891; 
electrician; issue, Allen, 1-2 b. 
Detroit, Mich., 3-4 b. Rochester, 

10049 Marion, b. May 22, 1921. 

10050 Geraldine, b. Oct. 26, 1922. 

10051 Harold, b. Aug. 17, 1924. 

10052 Louise, b. Feb. 14, 1926. 

10053 Marion, b. July 24, 1883, d. West 
Halifax, Vt., Mar. 19, 1886; int. 
W. Halifax, Vt. Cem. 

10054 Alice Louise, b. June 14, 1885; 

m. Brattleboro, Vt., Dec. 23, 1911, 
by Rev. Mr. Trout, RALPH E. PERRY, 
s. James and Minnie Perry, of Brat- 
tleboro, Vt.; issue. Perry, b. 
Springfield, Mass.: 
10055 Geneva Bcillou, b. Oct. 4, 
10056 Clarence A., d. Blnghamton, B. Y., 

Asahel, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Princeton, 111., Bov. 
3, 1856; m. Cheyenne, Wyo., Apr. 11, 
1886, by Rev. C. u. Zanders, EMMA GRAHAM, 
dau. lllliam P. and Elizabeth (Osborne) 
Graham, b. Burning Springs, Wirt Co., 

W. Va., Jan. 13, 1866. 

He sends the following biographical 
sketch, dated Oct. 13, 1934: "Our father, 
Alvin Ballou, M. D. , died at West Hall- 



fax, Vt., Apr. 9, 1896. Our mother, 
Melissa J. (Vaughan), I do not know the 
date of her death, or where buried. 
(She probably died in 1871 in 111.) 
Landon H. Ballou, who married sister Mary- 
Abigail, was a farmer at West Halifax, 
Vt. After father's death they moved to 
Brattleboro, Vt. tJoncerning my occupa- 
tion, I cameto Colorado in 1880 and start 
ed in electrical work in Denver. As 
soon as the Brush arc and the Edison in- 
candescent lamps were in commercial use 
in 1885, I followed this branch and in 
1887 was interested in the Denver Tram- 
way Co. and a New ^ork City electric 
railway company. In 1920 I retired and 
returned to Denver after forty years of 
pioneering and developing work in elec- 
tric engineering. I have the edition, 
•The Ballous In America' by Adln Ballou 
which I boiight in Boston, April 12, 
1893, when on a trip to see my father 
and sisters in West Halifax, Vt. I have 
enjoyed good health in the past and am 
still greatly interested in the progress 
and events of the Ballou family Associa- 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Denver, Colo.: 
10057 Geneva Mary, b. Jan. 30, 1887; m. 
Denver, Colo., at the •t'allou home, 
June 1, 1916, by Rev. i^enjamin B. 
Tyler, Donald C. Hull, s. F. W. 
and Florence (Wilson) Hull, of 
Kearney, Sebr.; she grad. Denver 
H.6.; he is with the Great West- 
ern Sugar Co., Denver, Colo.; res. 
42 Pearl St., Denver, Colo.; is- 
sue, Hull, b. Denver, Colo.: 

10058 William Ballou, b. Aug. 30, 

10059 Betty Florence, b. Sept. 16 

Asahel, Benjamin, Rev. Maturln, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Princeton, 111., Aug. 
28, 1859, d. Syracuse, M. Y., July 3, 
1932; m. Oswego, N. Y., Oct. 28, 1896, 
by Rev. Mr. Burnham, EMERETTE P. STEELE, 
dau. William H. and Augusta (Burnham) 
Steele, grddau. Stephen Steele, of Wind- 
ham, N. Y. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Buffalo, K. Y.: 
10060 William Steele, b. Aug. 6, 1904, 

Graduated from Syracuse University 
1926, A.B. Vice-President of 
School Supply Co., Syracuse, K. Y. 
Res. 1505 E. Genessee St., Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. Member B.F.A. 

5516 LOIS C. BALLOD (Almon, Asahel, Ben- 
jamin, Rev. Maturln, Peter, John, Matur- 
in), b. Halifax, Vt., May 8, 1850; m. 
Yonkers, iJ. Y., Jan. 5, 1870, by Rev. 
Lewis Mudge, HERBERT J. CLARK, s. Jason 
and Cynthia (Warren) Clark, grds. James 
and Hannah (Culver) Clark, b. Guilford, 
Vt., Jan. 11, 1846, d. Brattleboro, Vt., 
Feb. 1, 1930. 

Issue, CLARK, 1 b. Halifax, 2 b. Guilford 

10061 Lillian Mary, b. Nov. 5, 1871, 
d. unm., Aug. 7, 1923, E. North- 
field, Mass.; private secretary 
and accountant. 

10062 CAROLINE LOIS, b. Dec. 2, 1876; m. 

5520 LAURA MANDANA BALLOU (Darius, Mar- 
tin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Readsboro, Benning- 
ton Co., Vt. (not Monroe, Mass., as per 
Ballou gen.), Apr. 12, 1843, d. Spokane, 
Wash., Nov. 13, 1920, in 78th yr.; m. 
Menash, Calumet Co., Wis., (not In Hll- 
bert asper Ballou gen.) Oct. 18, 1867, 
Mary Jane Dayton, of Vergennes, Vt.; 
int. Greenwood Cem., Spokane, Wash. 

The first Postmaster of Hilbert, 
Wisconsin, Mr. Dayton evidently re- 
moved from there to Spokane, Wash. 

Issue, DAYTON, 1-2 b. Sherwood, Wis., 
3-4 b. Hilbert, Wis.: 

5541 Lulu Mary, b. Sept. 26, 1870; unm.; 
res. with sister, Mrs. Mead, 723 E. 
38th St., Spokane, Wash. 

5542 CORA ORCELIA, b. Apr. 10, 1872; m. 

5543 Eva Nell, b. Mar. 19, 1877; m. 
M. S. Orton, 

5544 Bertha Wese, b. Jan. 12, 1879; m. 
Arthur Pierce. 

5523 HENRY MARTIN BALLOU (Darius, Martin 
Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, 
Maturin), b. Monroe, Mass., Nov. 23, 



1851, d. Keenah, Wis., Oct. 25, 1931, 
In 78th jr.; m. (1) Apr. 1869, NELLIE 
ALLEN, who d.s.p.. Mar. 1874; (8) Nov. 
23, 1874, ELLEN HANSON, dlv.; (3) Mar. 
28, 1886, ADDIE PLDMMER. 

Issue, BALLOO, by 2nd wife: 

5555 Mattle, b. Apr. 1, 1878; m. 

Eberhard; res. Black Creek, Wis.; 

3 chn, did not live to be named. 
Issue, BALLOU, by 3rd wife: 
10063 Horace, res. with mother, Neenah, 


5560 DAVID SABIN BALLOU (Martin Mason, 
Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Monroe, Mass., Sept. 
30, 1837, d. Newfane, Vt., Feb. 18, 
1908; m. Wilmington, Vt., Dec. 5, 1858, 
by Hosea F. Ballou, MARIA P. MOORE, 
dau. Zephaniah S. and Lydia (Smith) 
Moore, b. Wilmington, Vt., Mar. 15, 
1834, d. Newfane, Vt., June 21, 1923; 
int. Newfane, Vt. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Wilmington, Vt.: 

5573 Winfred M., b. June 18, 1860, 
drowned Putney, Vt., June 15, 

5574 MILDRED F., b. Aug. 4, 1862; m. 

5575 Alice E., b. Mar. 4, 1865; m. Wil- 
mington, Oct. 20, 1886, by Rev. 

W. N. Barber, Hooker H. Winches- 
ter, s. Hart and Hannah (Haynes) 
Winchester, b. Wilmington, Vt., 
Sept. 14, 1862; res. Guilford, 
Vt.; farmer; issue, Winchester, 
b. Wilmington, Vt.: 

10064 Mabel F., b. May 21, 1889, 
d. So. Londonderry, Vt., 
Jan. 6, 1919; m.^ Guilford, 
Oct. 14, 1910, by Rev. Del- 
mar Trout, A. Russell Hop- 
per, s. Charles and Ella 
(Young) Hopper, b. Spring 
Valley, N. Y., June 6, 
1885, d. So. Londonderry, 
Jan. 2, 1919; railroad en- 
gineer; both d. of pneu- 
monia; int. Glebe View 
Cem., So. Londonderry, Vt. 
No issue. 

10065 Gerald H., b. Dec. 26, 
1895; m. Brattleboro, Oct. 

16, 1920, by Rev. Clark 
Brownell, Cherrie Beattie, 
dau. Benjamin and Lora (Emer- 
son) Beattie, b. London- 
derry, Sept. 19, 1896; res. 
Guilford, Vt. No issue. 

5576 Annie M., b. Nov. 25, 1866; m. 
Newfane, Sept. 7, 1886, Albert 
N. Sherman, s. Oscar L. and 
Betsy (Cobb) Sherman, b. Wil- 
liamsville, Vt., Nov. 21, 1862, 
d. Williamsvllle, Apr. 21, 1931; 
merchant; int. Williamsvllle, Vt.; 
issue, Sherman, b. Wmiamsville: 
10066 Marion Betsy, b. Aug. 30, 

1892; unm. 

5577 WILLIAM BIRTHIER, b. Nov. 18, 
1868; m. DOLLIE E. CROSIER. 

5578 WALTER C, b. May 8, 1871; m. 

5562 ALMIRA LODISE BALLOU (Martin Mason, 
Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Monroe, Mass., July 
29, 1841, d. Williamstown, Mass., Oct. 
20, 1928; m. Jacksonville, Vt., Sept. 
14, 1861, by Rev. Jeremiah Gifford, 
and Nancy (Cutler) Blanchard, b. Florida, 
Mass., Apr. 11, 1836, d. Florida, Mass., 
Nov. 30, 1896; int. Southview Cem., No. 
Adams, Mass. 

Mr. Blanchard was a farmer, which 
occupation he followed all his life. 
Mrs. Blanchard was an exceptionally 
bright and happy woman, retaining her 
keen mental faculties to the last - 
always of a happy and contented mind. 
On the occasion of her 86th birthday, 
her children had printed a most appro- 
priate bulletin, which included the 
names of her grandchildren and great 

Issue, BLANCHARD, b. Florida, Mass.: 

5582 ARTHUR WILLIAM, b. Jan. 10, 1863; 

5583 Flora Ellen, b. May 13, 1866, d. 

1916; m. Monroe, , by Rev. Mr. 

Conrad, Hastings S. Murphy, s. 
Jesse Murphy, b. Chesuncook, Me., 
1868; she is int. Southview Cem., 
No. Adams, Mass.; he is in charge 
of Broad Brook Reservoirs, Wil- 



llamstown, Uass.; Issue, Murphy, 
b. Wllllamstown, Mass.: 

10067 Wallace H., b. 1900. 

10068 Claire W., b.l903. 

5584 Battle l-oulse, b. May 7, 1868; m. 
No. Adams, by Mr. Tebbetts, William 
T. Raycraft, b. Florida, Mass., 
1867; res. Blanchard homestead, 
Florida, Mass.; issue, Raycraft, 

b. Florida, Mass.: 

10069 Thomas Volney, m. Esther 
; issue, Raycraft: 

10070 Philip T. 

10071 Franklin W. 

10072 Helen L. 

10073 Jean P. 

10074 Arthur William. 

5585 Danforth Whiting, b. July 21, 
1872; m. Myrtle Thatcher, dau. Lum- 
bert Thatcher, of Charlemont, Mass. 

who d. ; int. No. Adams, Mass.; 

he res. So. Workman St., Los Angel- 
es, Calif.; issue, Blanchard: 

10075 Danforth Verne, m. Dora t 

res. Veasie St., No. Adams, 
Mass.; issue, Blanchard: 

10076 Doris H. 

10077 Ralph V. 

10078 D. Henry. 

10079 Charlotte A. 

10080 Muriel A. 

10081 Floyd D., m. Florence ; 

issue, Blanchard: 

10082 Paul Donald. 

10083 Barbara Florence. 

10084 Marjorie June. 

10085 Lyle T. 

10086 Carlton W. 

5586 Edith May, b. Sept. 13, 1877; unm.; 
author of data of this branch; res. 
"Broad Brook," Williamstown, Mass. 

5589 SARAH ANNA SHELDON (Lydia Ballou, 
Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Monroe, Mass., Aug. 
23, 1829, d. Missoula, Mont., Nov. 1912; 
m. (1) 1852, ERASTUS WHITNEY, b. ab. 1830 
d. prob. Adams, Mass., 1855; (2) 1861, 
BRIDGMAN C. BAKER, b. Hawley, Mass., 
Sept. 3, 1830, d. Van Orin, 111., Oct. 
25, 1883; he is int. Van Orin, 111. 

Issue, WHITNEY; b. prob. Adams, Mass.: 
10087 GEORGE GORDON, b. Dec. 8, 1852; m. 

Issue, BA£ER, b. Van Orin, 111.: 

10088 MYRTIE ELIZA, b. 1864; m. F. lAYLOR 
10083 NELLIE MAY, b. May 11, 1873; m. 


5590 MYRON STILES SHELDON (Lydia Ballou, 
Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Monroe, Mass., Aug. 
21, 1831, d. Waterville, Minn.; m. 
Adams, Mass., MARY BABCOCE, dau. Hvigh and 
Sarah (Stone) Babcock, b. West Leyden, 
Mass., Apr. 29, 1832, d. Feb. 1920; 
G.A.R. soldier from Minn. 

Issue, SHELDON: 

10089 Inez Imogene, b. Sept. 17, 1857, 
d. Apr. 19, 1859. 

10090 Edwin Ruthven, b. Feb. 22, 1860, 
d. Sept. 15, 1865. 

10091 IDA BELLE, b. Waterville, Minn., 
Mar. 16, 1862; m. SILAS EDWARD 

10092 ARTHDH MYRON, b. Waterville, Mar. 
25, 1864; m. (l) ADA ESTHER WIL- 

Ballou, Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Monroe, Mass., 
May 31, 1833, d. Corning, Iowa, Nov. 25, 
1905; m. prob. Adams, Mass., Mar. 27, 
Martin M. Bryant, b. Chesterfield, Hamp- 
shire Co., Mass., 1832, d. Sycamore, 
111., Dec. 13, 1899; int. Sycamore, 111. 

Issue, BRYANT: 

10093 DR. CHARLES HENRY, b. Apr. 24, 
1857; m. (l) CHARLOTTE V. HARHIBG- 

10034 AUSTIN, b. Mar. 2, 1859; m. CARRIE 

10095 Willis Merton, b. Apr. 26, 1864, 
d. Jan. 13, 1892; m. Aug. 27, 
1889, Harriet Crane, for many 
years teacher in Music School, 
at Potsdam, N. Y. No issue. 

10096 ii'ellie Alberta, b. May 3, 1869, 
d. Corning, la., Apr. 21, 1921; 
m. Sycamore, 111., Oct. 11, 1893, 
Elon Fay Miner, s. William and 
Elizabeth (Sayles) Miner, b. Cas- 
tile, N. Y., Dec. 7, 1843. Ho 

5592 HENRY ASAHEL SHELDON (Lydia Ballou, 



Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Monroe, Mass., Oct. 
S5, 1834, d. Adams, Mass.; m. Hot. £2, 
1855, MARTHA ALZIHA HINKLEI, understood 
to have been brought up by the Shakers; 
6.A.S.; two enlistments; int. Adams, Mass 

Issue, SHELDOH, b. Adams, Mass.: 

10097 CLAREHCE ROCHESTER, b. Apr. 17, 
1859; m. EMMA HALBERG. 

10098 Mary Letitla, b. Hot. 20, 1868, 
d. Adams, July 5, 1918; m. Adams, 
Jan. 26, 1892, John Edward Morgan, 
s. James and Bridget (Dolan) Mor> 
gan, b. Adams, Feb. 2, 1865, d. 
Adams, May 28, 1925; int. Adams, 
Mass. Ho issue. 

Ballou, Martin, Benjamin, ReT. Maturin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Monroe, Mass., 
Feb. 12, 1836, d. GilbertsTille, H. Y., 
June 23, 1907; m. Hot. 20, 1856, HENRY 
W. BABCOCK, s. Worden and Fanny (Miller) 
Babcock, who d. Gilbertsville, H. Y., 
Oct. 25, 1914; int. GilbertsTille, H. 

Issue, BABCOCK: 

10099 Clarence H., b. July 5, 1857, d. 
Aug. 2, 1857. 

10100 Horace M. , b. Adams, Mar. 3, 1859, 
d. Sept. 17, 1860. 

10101 HOWARD WORDEN, b. Adams, Apr. 3, 
1862; m. MARY DOHAHOE. 

10102 Alice Josephine, b. Adams or Wil- 
llamstown, Sept. 11, 1864; m. (1) 
GilbertsTille, Hot. 1888, Abel 

Card, Jr., s. Abel and 

(Southern) Card; (2) Brattleboro, 
Vt., Russell Babcock, who d. Al- 
bion, H. Y., Aug. 19, 1916; is- 
sue. Card: 

10103 Phila Bstelle, b. Oneonta, 
H. Y., July 28, 1888; m. 
Pittsburgh, Pa., Apr. 23, 
1927, Harry Francis Baily, 
s. John Ewing and Dora 
(Mttchner) Baily, b. Car- 
Bichaels, Pa., May 2, 1882; 
res. 14 E. Wayne St., 
WaTuesboro, Pa. Ho issue. 

10104 PHILA ESTELLA, b. Williamstown, 
Apr. 20, 1868; m. FRANK HESLOP. 

10105 Porter Spencer, b. Laurene, ab. 
1874, d. before 1 yr. old; int. 

Oneonta Plains, N. Y. 

9370 HIRAM OSMAN SHELDON (Lydia Ballou, 
Martin, Benjamin, ReT. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Monroe, Mass., Aug. 
9, 1839, d. 1868; m. Adams, Mass., 
CHARLOTTE WHIPPLE^ who d. Crab Orchard, 
Hebr., Oct. 7, 1907, and m. (2) Adams, 
Mass., 1883, Dyer P. Green, a widower 
with four children, and remoTed to Neb- 

Issue, SHELDON, b. Adams, Mass.: 

10106 HIRAM MURRAY, b. Not. 19, 1862; 

9571 HORACE MELNER SHELDON (Lydia Ballou, 
Martin, Benjamin, ReT. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Matiu'in), b. Monroe, Mass., Jan. 
7, 1842, d. ChesMre, Mass., May 1923; 
m. Mar. 6, 1868, ELECTA A. HALL, dau. 
Thomas and Electa Almlna (Thurber) Hall, 
b. Williamstown, Mass., Sept. 2, 1851; 
G.A.R. Soldier; affectionately termed 
"Oncle Doc" by eTeryone; int. Adams, 

Issue, SHELDON, b. Adams, Mass.: 

10107 WALTER DEXTER, b. Not. 20, 1868; 

10108 ETHEL ELECTA, b. May 29, 1873; 
ffl. JOHN E. LEWIS. 

10109 Harry Jerome, b. Apr. 29, 1882; 

m. Florence Graham, dau. Alexander 
Graham, who d. Adams, summer, 
1938; res. Melrose St., Adams, 
Mass.; issue, Sheldon: 
10110 Graham, m. and res. New 
York, N. Y. 

lou, Martin, Benjamin, ReT. Maturin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Adams, Mass., 
June 16, 1844, d. Ridley Park, Pa., Jan. 
29, 1933; m. (l) Dec. 3, 1864, EMMA 
JEANETTE RIDER, who d. 1878, and was 
int. Shushan, N. Y.; (2) Not. 20, 1879, 
LOCY NORTHROP, dau. Isaac and Elizabeth 
Northrup, b. West Oneonta, N. Y. , Oct. 
4, 1847, d. West Oneonta, N. Y., Mar. 13, 
1899; int. with 2nd wife at West Oneonta, 
H. Y. 

Issue, SHELDON, by 1st wife: 
10111 Mary, b. 1865, d. 1866. 
Issue, SHELDON, by 2nd wife: 



10112 Lo\iis Marlon, b. Dec. 6, 1884, 
d. unm., Nov. 23, 1906. 

10113 LYDIA BALLOU, b. West Oneonta, 
Sept. 26, 1886; m. CHARLES PORDY 

Ballou, Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Adams, Mass., 
Nov. 26, 1846, d. Norwich, N. Y.; m. 
Sept. 14, 1869, EBENEZER BEALS, who d. 
Norwich, N. Y. 

Issue, BEALS, b. Norwich, N. Y.: 

10114 Albert E., b. Mar. 22, J m- 

Nov. 17, 1897, Grace I. Rindge, 
b. Baldwinsville, N. Y.; air- 
conditioning engineer; Cornell 
grad.; res. 81 Birdsall St., Nor- 
wich, N. Y. 

10115 Abby L., b. Feb. 28, 1875; unm. 

10116 William B., b. Aug. 21, 1881; m. 
Mary Hedrick Taylor, dau. James 
E. and Mary A. (Hedrick) Taylor, 
b. Chestertown, Md., Nov. 3, 
1878; mechanical engineer, 1332 
Quincy St. N.W., Washington, D. 
C; Cornell grad., 1902; issue, 
Beals, b. Baltimore, Md.: 

10117 Josephine Amanda, b. ab. 

10118 Jane Hedrick, b. ab. 1917. 

lou, Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Adams, Mass., 
Oct. 6, 1849, d. North Adams, Mass., 
Feb. 20, 1918; m. North Adams, Mass., 
July 19, 1876, HELEN ONA HODSKIN, dau. 
William and Amelia (Biakeslee) Hodskin, 
b. North Adams, Mass., Dec. 28, 1857, 
d. North Adams, Mass., Jan. 1, 1939. 

Mrs. Sheldon was a graded school 
teacher and principal in North Adams, 
Mass. for forty years, retiring at the 
age of 70, and then teaching in private 
schools, one year in Connecticut and 
three years in Japan. A wonderful 
teacher with a wide influence. 

Issue, SHELDON, b. North Adams, Mass.: 

10119 EVA JOSEPHINE, b. May 14, 1877; 

10120 Myrtle Lucy, b. Nov. 23, 1881, 
d. Nov. 29, 1881. 

5617 LEWIS IRVINE BALLOU (Irvine Wing, 
Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Florida, Mass., Nov. 
30, 1668; m. Monroe, Mass., May 25, 
1892, by Rev. John R. Conrad, ELSIE 
IDELL SHERMAN, dau. David Harvey and 
Maryette (Tower) Sherman, q.v., b. Savoy, 
Mass., Sept. 11, 1870; res. 158 Davis 
St., Greenfield, Mass. 

Mr. Ballou, as are most of this 
branch, is of the Baptist faith, being 
a member of the First Baptist Church, 
Greenfield, Mass. A Past Commander of 
the Sons of Veterans of the Civil War. 
Member of the Republican Lodge A.F. & 
A.M., and of the Arcana Chapter Order 
of the Eastern Star. Member B.F.A. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Greenfield, Mass.: 

10121 HAROLD LEWIS, b. Jan. 21, 1893; 

5620 ALLEN LESLIE BALLOD (Irvine Wing, 
Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Florida, Mass., Dec. 
10, 1878; m. Pueblo, Colo., June 24, 
1908, by Rev. G. H. Simonson, EDITH 
HELEN STOWELL, dau. John Wesley and Olive 
J. (Farley) Stowell, b. Putney, Vt., 
Nov. 25^ 1875, grddau. Asa and Mary 
(Crosby) Stowell, of Putney, Vt. 

Mr. Ballou went west in 1905. Settled 
in Canon City, Colo., a farmer. 1911, 
entered the Canon City Post Office as 
clerk where he has remained. For several 
years, has taught the largest Sunday 
School class of High School boys in the 
city. Member, as are the family, of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Past Master and present Secretary of 
Mount Morlah Lodge No. 15 A.F. & A.M. 
Past High Priest and at present Secretary 
of Canon City Royal Arch Chapter No. 14 
and the Thrice Illustrous Master of Canon 
City Coiincil No. 5 R. & S.M. Also a mem- 
ber of the Finance Committee of the 
Grand Council of Colorado. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Canon City, Colo.: 

10122 Leslie Stowell, b. Mar. 2, 1910, 
d. Mar. 23, 1914. 

10123 Dorothy Bradford, b. May 1, 1912; 
m. Canon City, Colo., J une 2, 



1934, by Rev. Mr. Spargo, Preston 
Strubel; ed. State Teachers College 
Greeley, Colo.; proprietor of clean 
ing establishment, Greeley, Colo., 
where they reside; issue, Strubel, 
b. Greeley, Colo.: 
101S4 Dorothy Louise, b. July 3, 

10125 Olive Finette, b. Dec. 13, 1915; 
m. Canon City, Colo., Dec. 27, 
1936, by Rev. Mr. Spargo, Harold 
Wood Milner; teacher, Palo Alto, 
Calif., where they reside. 

9375 RALPH LINWOOD BALLOU (Irvine Wing, 
Uartin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Florida, Mass., J\ily 
15, 1881; m. PEARL (WILSON) BALLOU, dau. 
Burton A. and Ethel (Batchelder) Wilson, 
wid. Walter Linlie Ballou, b. Martinville 
P. Q., June 25, 1893; res. Monroe, Mass. 
Member B.F.A. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Monroe, Mass.: 

10126 Walter Bruce, b. Sept. 29, 1918; 
ed. Drury Academy, No. Adams, Mass. 

10127 Richard Wilson, b. Wov. 5, 1919; 
ed. Drury Academy, No. Adams, Mass 

9376 WALTER LINLIE BALLOU (Irvine Wing, 
Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Monroe, Mass., Mar. 28 
1888, d. Canon City, Colo., Apr. 1, 1915; 
int. Canon City, Colo. Cem.f m. Ordway, 
Colo., May 9, 1914, PEARL L. WILSON, dau. 
Burton A. and Ethel (Batchelder) Wilson, 
b. Martinville, P. Q., June 25, 1893, who 
m. (2) Ralph Linwood Ballou, q.v. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Fowler, Colo.: 

10128 Helen Finette, b. Apr. 29, 1915; 
m. Hoosac Falls, N. Y., Feb. 18, 
1934, by Rev. Wruck, Claude, s. 
Clarence and Clara (Lord) Wager, 
b. Greylock, No. Adams, Mar. 10, 
1915; paper maker; she was ed. 
Drury Academy, No. Adams, Mass.; 
res. Monroe, Mass.; issue. Wager: 
10129 Linley Joyce, b. Oct. 19, 


9378 ELEANOR MALONE (Lydia Horton Briant 
Lydia Ballou, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Boston, Mass., 
Feb. 27, 1829, d. St. George, Utah, Mar. 
4, 1894; m. Racine, Wis., Oct. 10, 1847, 


Issue, DODGE: 

10130 Ellen Jane, b. Racine, Dec. 19, 
1848; m. Salt Lake City, Utah, 
Oct. 4, 1869, Edward M. Brown, 
b. Salt Lake City, 1849. 

10131 Charles Walter, b. San Bernadino, 
Calif., July 13, 1856. 

10132 George Albert, b. Feb. 22, 1859. 

10133 Edward Alonzo, b. St. George, 
Utah, Mar. 10, 1861; m. St. 
George, Sept. 18, 1884, Sarah 
Rankin, b. Feb. 26, 1856. 

10134 Lydia, b. St. George, Sept. 22, 
1865; m. Silver Reef, Feb. 26, 
1884, James Andrus, Jr., b. Big 
Cottonwood, Salt Lake City, Jan. 
30, 1868. 

10134 Eva Blanche, b. St. George, Sept. 
10, 1866; m. St. George, Dec. 

23, 1887, John D. Pyman, b. Wash- 
ington Co., Utah, Dec. 1861. 

10135 Walter Erastus, b. St. George, 
Apr. 20, 1864. 

10136 Frank Bryant, b. St. George, Apr. 
27, 1872; m. May 4, 1893, Sarah 
Black, b. July 15, 1875. 

ton Briant, Lydia %llou, iienjamin. 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. 
Boston, Mass., Jan. 24, 1831, d. Manito- 
woc, Wis., Oct. 20, 1919; m. Racine, 
Wis., Mar. 15, 1855, HAZAEL NEWCOMB, b. 
Otsego Co., N. Y., Oct. 13, 1826, d. 
Manitowoc, Wis., Mar. 23, 1892. 

Issue, NEWCOMB, b. Racine, Wis.: 

10137 CLARA ELIZABETH, b. Nov. 23, 
1856; m. NIELE PEDERSEN.- 

9380 LYDIA MALONE (Lydia Horton Briant, 
Lydia Ballou, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Boston, Mass., 
July 3, 1834; m. THOMAS McMILLEN. 

Issue, McMILLEN: 

10138 Wallace, d. Nevada; m. . 

10139 Florence, m. Dr. I«allace Belt, 
of Fond Du Lac, Wis.; res. 
Dodge Cfen^^r, Minn.; issue. 
Belt: ' 

10140 Hazel. 

10141 Dau. 

10142 Minnie, m. Edward Gutterson; 
issue, Gutterson, inc.: 



1014S Dau., m. J. S. Tomlej, Jr.; 
res. 610 North Onion St., 

Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturln, Peter, 
John, Maturln), b. Readsboro, Vt., A\ig. 
21, 1843, d. Delphos, Kans., Mar. 27, 
1907; m. Minneapolis, Kans., June 7, 
1880, by Rev. Mr. Smith, ELLA D. WEBSTER, 
dau. Samuel and Mary (Eastman) Webster, 
grddau. Francis and Sylvia (Belden) 
Webster, b. Hanover, 111., Mar. SI, 1858j 
int. Delphos, Kans. Cem. 

Mr. Ballou lived on a farm in Reads- 
boro, Vt., with his parents until the 
outbreak of the Civil War, when he ran 
away and enlisted at the age of 17 years. 
Enlisted Readsboro, Vt., Sept. 20, 1862, 
mustered out Aug. 10, 1863, Co. I, 16th 
Regiment Vermont Volunteers. After the 
war he went to Wisconsin for a short 
time, then west to Delphos, Kans. where 
he homesteaded, and lived until his 
death, caused by a heart ailment. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Delphos, Kans.: 

10144 Edith, b. Mar. 9, 1881; m. Deming, 
II. Mei., Feb. 16, 1916, Dr. Austin 
C. Wright, b. Elbrldge, M. Y., 
Sept. 22, 1861; res. 415 K St., 
Grants Pass, Ore. No issue. 

10145 Raymond S., b. Sept. 30, 1882; m. 
Albuquerque, N. Mex., Nov. 12, 
1910, Amelia Rietz, dau. Ernest 
and Frederica Rietz, b. Platts- 
ville. Wis., Mar. 25, 1882; res. 
Ft. Klamath, Ore. No issue. 

10146 Clara A., b. Feb. 11, 1887; m. 
Sante Fe, N. Mex., Sept. 13, 1909, 
Charles A. Brady, s. Stephen and 
Flora Brady, b. Knoiville, la.. 
May 22, 1883; farmer; res. Hamil- 
ton, la.; issue, Brady: 

10147 Geraldlne Edith, b. Albu- 
querque, Nov. 20, 1910. 

10148 Barbara Charlene, b. Knox- 
ville, June 10, 1913. 

10149 GLENN A., b. Mar. 19, 1891; m. 

10150 Lucy Viola, b. Nov. 19, 1895, d. 
May 15, 1899. 

5595 LYDIA LDCENA BALLOO (Asahel, Martin 
Benjamin, Rev. Maturln, Peter, John, 

Maturln), b. Readsboro, Vt., May 21, 
1847, d. Stamford, Vt., June 20, 1884, 
ae. 37y 29d; m. Whltingham, Vt., Jan. 
7, 1873, by Rev. C Baker, DR. E06EIE L. 
BOOLLAS, b. France; res. St&aford, Vt. 

Issue, BOOLLAS: 

10151 Eugene Felix, b. June 17, 1875; a. 
Helen E. Raskins; issue, Boullas: 

10152 Roy, dec. 

10153 Blanche. 

10154 Vera. 

10155 Hazel. 

10156 Beatrice. 

10157 Earlene. 

10158 Myra. 

10159 Ralph. 

10160 Lewis John, b. Oct. 9, 1877, d. 
ae. 14y. 

10161 Vernon, b. Dec. 6, 1882, d. ae. 

5596 ROBERT EDMOHD BALLOD (Asahel, Mar- 
tin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturln, Peter, 
John, Maturln), b. Readsboro, Vt., May 
7, 1849; unm. 

Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturln, Peter, 
John, Maturln), b. Readsboro, Vt., Sept. 
28, 1853; a. MARY HASKISS. 

Issue, BALLOO: 

10162 George, a. Josie Beaton; Issue, 

10163 Robert B. 

10164 Ruth C. 

5662 WESTON ASAHEL GORE (Asahel Gore, 
Barbara Ballou, Benjamin, Rev. Maturln, 
Peter, John, Maturln), b. Monroe, Mass., 
Oct. 18, 1855; m. Feb. 4, 1875, MARY 
ROBERTSON, who m. (2) Frank Crosin, of 
Readsboro, Vt. 

Issue, GORE, b. Readsboro, Vt.: 

10165 Child. 

10166 Edith E., d. Greenfield, Mar. 9, 
1935, ae. 59; a. Jan. 9, 1896, John 
F. Mulany, who survived her; issue, 

10167 Enapcls, res. 11 Perry St., 

No. Adams, Mass.; a. ; 

issue, M\ilany: 
10168 Lucylie. 

10169 Doris, res. Greenfield, 



LeTi, David, Rev. Haturin, Peter, John, 
Maturin), b. Concord, Erie Co., K. Y., 
Dec. IS, 1859, d. Holyoke, Mass., Jan. 
dau. Joseph and Mary (Johnson) Patterson 
b. north of Ireland; (2) J-alj 4, 1880, 
b7 Rev. P. B. Phelan, MARGARET FOX, dau. 
Janes and Margaret Fox, b. Doneraille, 
County Cork, Ireland, d. Holyoke, Mass., 
1902; (3) ELLA (FERRY) TOTTLE, dau. 
Lewis Ferry, wid. Charles A. Tuttle. 

He was in the lumber business in II- 
lon, H. Y. and the butter and egg busi- 
ness in Holyoke, Mass. In later years 
he was a bench-man at the Springfield 
Armory, Springfield, Mass. His first 
wife's father was an expert dyer and 
followed this trade in Hew York Mills, 
I. Y. 

Issue, B&LLOD, I7 1st wife, b. Illon, 
I. Y.: 

10170 SARA ELIZABETH, b. Jan. 4, 1869; 

10171 CHARLES AUGUSTUS, b. Apr. 16, 
1873; B. (1) ASHIE BATALIE 

Issue, BALLOU, by 2nd wife, b. Holyoke, 

10172 JAMES JOHH, b. Feb. 7, 1885; ■. 

Lerl, Rey. David, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 

John, Maturin), b. , d. about Aug. 

1913; B. Indiana, about 1855, OLIVE M. 

Issue, EALLOU: 

10173 EUGEHE ALLEH, b. Knights town, Ind 
Mar. 4, 1880; m. EDITH WOODS. 

10174 Horace Spencer, b. Fostoria, Ohio 
1863; unm.; res. Bevada, Ohio. 

10175 Olive Clorinda, b. West Mill 
Grove, Wood Co., Ohio, 1886; m. 
Mllford Q. Slagle; farmer; res. 
Bucyrus, Ohio; issue, Slagle, 
b. Bucyrus, Ohio: 

10176 Lucille, b. 1912; m. Repub 
lie, Ohio, Carrol Cole. 

10177 Horace Eugene, b. 1915. 

10178 LaVerne, b. 1918. 

Rev. David, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, 
Maturin), b. East Hambvirg, B. Y., May 5, 
1840, d. Batavia, H. Y. , Aug. 25, 1908; 
m. Buffalo, B. Y., ^ov. 22, 1861, by 
Rev. A. Milne, EVAB WILLIAM EVABS, s. 
Charles and Jane (Douglass) Evans, b. 
Morristown, B. J., Feb. 3, 1837, d. Batav 
ia, B. Y.; int. Batavia, B. Y. Cem. 




William L., d. unm. 


Charles J., d. unm. 



E., m. William J. MacDonald 




Mabel I., m. Brock W. Rob- 
lin; issue, Roblin: 

10183 Brock W., Jr. 

10184 Edith E. 

10185 Stanley W. 


MizAbeth £., m. Frank M. 


Evan William, m. Louise 


Glenn, d. unm. 


Frank A., d. unm. 


Edwin A., d. in infancy. 



L., m. Albert V. Watters; 




Edwin E., m. Florence 
Featz; issue, Watters: 

10193 Lois M. 

10194 Loris. 

10195 Albert W. 

10196 Betty. 

10197 Robert L. 
10196 Martha. 

10199 William E. 
10100 Shirley. 
10201 Elmer E., m. Helen E. Ackes; is- 
sue, Evans: 

10202 Eleanor A., m. Dennis 
Flynn; issue, Flynn: 

10203 Jean M. 

10204 Eleanor Ann. 

10205 Moira J. 

10206 Sheila C. 

10207 Joseph William, m. Louise 
Helmer; issue, Evans: 

10208 Marie A. 

10209 Barbara D. 

10210 Joseph E. 

10211 CORAL BALLOU, b. Buffalo, B. Y., 
Aiig. 13, 1879; m. (l) FRABCIS 

10212 Garfield C, d. in infancy. 


10207a Dorothy A. 



10207b Gloria U. 

Rev. David, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, 

10207c Patty C. 

Maturin), b. West Seneca, S. Y., May 

29, 1852, d. Buffalo, K. Y., July 6, 

5703 ADELIA AHOZIMA BALLOU (levi, Levi, 


m. Buffalo, M. y., June 2, 1881, 

Rev. David, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, 

by Rei 

r. J. Peters, CLARA M. BICKLE, dau. 

Maturin), b. East Hamburg, H. Y., Oct. 7, 

Joseph and Harriet (Gregory) Bickle, b. 

1841; m. West Seneca, N. Y., Jan. 1865, 

Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, June 4, 



int. Elmlawn Cem., Kenmore, H. Y. 


Issue, HICHOLS: 

1021Z Mary, d. in infancy. 


BALLOU, 1 & 3 b. Buffalo, 2nd b. 


vllle, 4-6 b. Collins, N. Y.: 



ALBERT KARL, b. July 23, 1882; m. 

Rev. David, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, 


Maturin), b. East Hamburg, N. Y. , Hov. 10 


Thomas Warren, b. Mar. 28, 1885; 

1844; B. Buffalo, I. Y., Apr. 1873, FASHY 

m. Aug. 7, 1910, Janet MacLaggan, 


dau. David and Ellen (MacLean) 
MacLaggan, b. Glasgow, Scotland, 

Issue, BALLOU: 

Apr. 24, 1890; Chief Timekeeper, 

10214 Amy, unn. 

Curtis Aeroplane Co., Buffalo, H. 

10215 Ida, m. William Robinson; issue. 

Y. ; res. 21 Xaconia Ave., Buffalo, 


M. Y.; issue, Ballou, b. Buffalo, 

10216 Roy. 

K. Y.: 

10217 Gertrude. 

10233 Janet Bedford, b. Dec. 4, 

10218 Perry. 



Augusta Claire, b. Oct. 1, 1888, 

5705 LOVISA JAJiE BALLOU (Levi. Levi. Rev. 

d. Buffalo, Oct. 22, 1918; m. 

David, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Matur- 

Mov. 28, 1916, Paul Pauckert; 

in), b. West Seneca, N. Y., Mar. 3, 1850; 

she was int. Elmlawn Cem., Ken- 

m. Boston, Erie Co., M. Y., Oct. 4, 1868, 

more, M. Y. 

WILLIAM C. SMITH, brother of his brothers 


Levi Chambers, b. Apr. 12, 1892; 


unm. ; writer; res. 343 Brecken- 
ridge St., Buffalo, N. Y. Member 

Issue, SMITH: 


10219 William B., m. Laura M. Bickle, 


Eulalia Irene, b. Apr. 22, 1894; 

sister of Clara M. Bickle; issue. 

unrr.; comptometer operator, J. 


H. Williams Co.; res. 343 Breck- 

10220 Frank Gregory, m. Beulah 

enridge St., Buffalo, H. Y. 



Ashley Frank, b. Mar. 31, 1896; 

10221 Martha, d. in Infancy. 

m. June 7, 1924, Ruth Mae Shadier, 

10222 Irene M., m. Louis A. 

dau. John and Mae ^Sweetman) Shad- 

Squires; issue. Squires: 

ier, b. Buffalo, Sept. 4, 1897; 

1022S Gertrude P. 

Claim adjustor, Buffalo General 

10224 Gertrude, m. (l) Sat Ashley 

Electric Co.; res 88 Hartwell Rd., 

(2) Elmer Hinckley; issue. 

Buffalo, H. Y.; issue, Ballou: 


10238 Donald Ashley, b. Buffalo. 

10225 Eleanor, m. Archie 

Smith; issue. Smith: 



10226 Robert. 

as. Rev. David, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 

10227 Howard. 


MatTorin), b. Lapeer, Cortland Co., 

10228 Marian, m. Myron 

H. Y., 

June 27, 1864; m. Virgil, M. Y., 

Good; issue. Good: 

Feb. 18, 1885, by Rev. McMullen, JULIA 

10229 Eleanor. 

A. WINTER, dau. John S. and Julia A. 

102S0 Myron, Jr. 

(Woodward) Winter, grddau. Ambrose and 



L7dla (Hogaboon) Winter, of Virgil, B. I. 
res. 14 Randall St., Cortland, K. Y. 

Issue, BiLLOD, b. Virgil, M. Y.: 

10339 FLOREBCE MARY, b. Aug. S6, 1886; 

10S40 Oria Asa, b. Aug. 14, 1888; n. 
Syracuse, H. Y., Apr. 7, 1926, 
Lulu Werlau, dau. Peter L. and 
Margaret (Gardner) Werlau, b. 
Callicorn, M. Y., May 29, 1898; 
salesman; grad. Cortland Business 
Institute; member American Legion 
Post 41, Syracuse, N. Y.; also 
Disabled American Veterans, Post 
8, Syracuse, N. Y.; res. 217 For- 
est Hill Drive, Syracuse, H. Y. 

10241 Flora Julia, b. Feb. 11, 1891; 

m. Hoboken, N. J., June 24, 1916, 
by Rev. J. D. Peters, George Set- 
- terberg, s. Charles E. and Jennie 
Settler berg, b. Brooldyn, Feb. 22, 
1890; carpenter; res. 95 East 
FairTiew Ave., Valley Stream, L. 
I.; issue, Setterberg, b. Rich- 
mond Bill, L. I.: 

10242 David Ballou, b. June 7, 

10243 Charles Edward, b. Sec. 23, 

10244 ARTHUR JAY, b. Jan. 13, 1894; m. 

10245 Edna May, b. Apr. 4, 1897; unm. 

10246 Ida Elizabeth, b. Sept. 7, 1899, 
d. unm., Cortland, Nov. 25, 1932. 

10247 Harold Winter, b. Hov. 4, 1901; 
B. Cortland, Feb. 19, 1925, by 
Bev. J. B. Furmell, Lillian Melvin 
dau. Frank and Lillian Melvin, b. 
Cortland, Dec. 5, 1897; stenograph 
er; res. 118 No. Main St., Cort- 
land, N. Y. No issue. 

10248 Dorothy Elsie, b. Sept. 29, 1903; 
m. Cortland, Mar. 21, 1923, by 
Rev. Benjamin Rowe, Claude Hart 
Davis, s. Hart Davis, b. Virgil, 
Dec. 7, 1899; office clerk; res. 
29 Pendleton St., Cortland, H. Y.; 
issue, Davis: 

10249 Jean Elise, b. Jan. 17, 
10250 Charles Lewis, Jr., b. Mar. 6, 

9401 JOHN BENJAMIN BALLOU (Winslow Faxon 
John, Rev. David, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 

John, Maturin), b. Wilmington, Vt., Feb. 
22, 1874; m. Bowling Green, Ohio, Nov. 
29, 1899, by Rev. Wright, LORA OLIVE 
EBERLY, dau. William and Harriet (Chubb) 
Eberly, b. Bowling Green, Ohio; res. 15 
Prospect Terrace, Montclair, N. J. 

Mr. Ballou writes, "I was born in 
Wilmington, Vermont, and following the 
death of my father, Winslow Faion Ballou, 
when I was eight years old, moved with 
my mother to La Grange, Ohio. Upon her 
later marriage I moved to Bowling Green, 
Ohio. I was graduated from the Bowling 
Green High School, and later attended 
the University of Wooster at Wooster, 
Ohio, and the Ohio State University at 
Columbus, Ohio. Five years were then 
spent as Secretary and Treasurer of the 
Royce and Coon Grain Co. of Bowling Green 
Ohio, which position I resigned to be- 
come Secretary and Treasurer of the Vail 
Company of Cleveland, Ohio. This busi- 
ness was later moved to Coshocton, Ohio, 
where I resided until 1907 when I moved 
to New York City to take charge of the 
New York Office of the above company. 

In 1910, I purchased, with others, a 
similar manufacturing plant and business 
at Binghamton, N. Y. , and organized the 
Vail-Ballou Press, with which the busi- 
ness of The Vail Company of Coshocton, 
Ohio, was later merged. 

My present position is Vice-President 
of the Vail-Ballou Press, Book Manufac- 
turers, the plant of which is located at 
Binghamton, N. Y. My office is at 220 
Fifth Ave., New York City. 

I am a member of the Unity (Unitarian) 
Church of Montclair, the Masons, 32 degree 
the Mystic Shrine, Ihe Knoll (Golf Club) 
of Boonton, N. J., The Army and Navy Club 
and the Alpine Club of New York City, 
The Town Club of Montclair, and the Phi 
Delta Theta Fraternity, of which I was 
national treasurer for several years. 
I am also president of the National Asso- 
ciation of Book Manufacturers, the bead- 
quarters of which are in New York City." 
Member B.F.A. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

10251 Harriet Lora, b. Bowling Green, 0. 
Jan. 6, 1902; m. Montclair, N. J., 
Sept. £5, 1926, by Rev. Archibald 
Black, George Sears Horsford, s. 



Jesse Horsford, b. Montclalr, S. J.; 
she was ed. Rogers Hall, Lowell, 
Mass.; res. Welsh Road, Caldwell, 
N. J.; Issue, Horsford, b. Caldwell 
B. J.: 
10S52 George Sears, Jr., b. Dec. 

25, 1928. 
1025S John Ballou, b. Oct. 12, 


10254 Margaret, b. Cleveland, Ohio, Jan. 
2, 1905; ed. Knox School, Coopers- 
town, 11. 7. 

John, Rev. David, Rev. Maturln, Peter, 
John, Maturln), b. Boston, Mass., Jan. 
29, 1860; m. CLARA SAHFORD, dau. Eras- 
tus M. and Isabella (Atkinson) Sanford, 
grddau. Samuel and Dorcas (Alderman) 
Sanford, of Ohio, b. Hazel Green, Wis., 
Dec. 5, 1868. 

He traveled for James W. Tufts, Bos- 
ton (soda fountain business), then moved 
to Natchez, Miss., where he engaged in 
mercantile brokerage business and estab- 
lished the pecan industry in the south. 
Widely known throughout the southwest, 
he retired from business a year before 
his death. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Des Moines, Iowa: 

10255 Helen, b. Apr. ZO, 1897. 

John, Rev. David, Rev. Maturln, Peter, 
John, Maturln), b. Boston, Mass., Nov. 
SO, 1870; m. Boston, Mass., Nov. 14, 
1893, by Rev. Arthur T. Connelly, SARAH 
ELLEN McPHEE, dau. Scholastica (MacCor- 
mack) McPhee, of St. Margaret's, b. St. 
Margaret's, P. E. I.; grocer; res. Ill 
Russett Road, West Roxbury, Mass. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Boston, Mass.: 

10256 Horace Berthier, 3rd, b. Apr. SO, 
1895; unm. 

10257 James Henry, b. Sept. 1, 1896, d. 
W. Roxbury, Mar. 4, 1937; m. July 
6, 1925, Gertrude C. Connell, dau. 
Thomas J. and Catherine D. Con- 
nell, b. Boston, Nov. 14, 1899; 
World War Veteran; res. Ill R\is- 
sett Road, West Roxbury, Mass. 

10258 George Dewey, b. Aug. 14, 1898; 
unm.; superintendent of the Lowell 

and Whipple Construction Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. 

10259 Helen Margaret, b. Aug. 18, 1901; 
m. Providence, R. I., Jan. 8, 
1922, Clarence Wetzel, s. John H. 
and Clara (Spencer) Wetzel; res. 
Westwood, Mass. 

10260 Alice Frances, b. Sept. 1, 1907; 
unm.; res. Ill Russett Road, West 
Roxb\iry, Mass. 

Maturln, Nathan, Rev. Maturln, Peter, 
John, Maturln), b. North Adams, Mass., 
Sept. 24, 1856; m. Meriden, Conn., Dec. 
26, 1878, by Rev. Alfred H. Hall, FANNIE 
MARIE CARPENTER, dau. Or in and Annie 0. 
(Beuins) Carpenter, b. Meriden, Conn., 
Oct. 24, 1858; landlord of >Ballou House" 
North Adams, Mass. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. North -Adams, Mass.: 

10261 William Arthur, b. Jan. 21, 1880; 
m. Ruby Rice. 

10262 CLARENCE MATORIH, b. Sept. 7, 
1885; m. MAR7 C0SGR07E. 

10263 Harrison Booth, b. Sept. 30, 1889; 
m. Clara Smith. 

5772 EMMA JOLIA BALLOO (Emery, M. D., 
Maturln, Nathan, Rev. Maturln, Peter, 
John, Maturln), b. Crystal Lake, 111., 
May 9, 1865; m. Crystal Lake, 111., May 
15, 1888, by Rev. Leonard Warren Brigham, 
REV. L. WARD BRIGHAM, s. Rev. Leonard 
Warren and Henrietta M. (Hubbard) Brigham 
grds. Elisha Brigham, of Northfield, Vt., 
b. Dover, Vt., May 21, 1865; grad. from 
Emerson School of Oratory, Boston, Mass. 

Issue, BRIGHAM: 

10264 Warren Ballou, b. Crystal Lake, 
May 17, 1889; m. Erie, Pa., June 
18, 1913, by his father. Rev. L. 
Ward Beigham, of Brooklyn, N. I., 
Elizabeth Smith, dau. Dr. F. £1- 
lerton Smith, of Erie, b. Delaware 
Jan. 19, 1892; res. Brewton, Es- 
cambia Co., Ala.; issue, Brigham: 
10265 Barbara Elizabeth, b. Erie, 

Jan. 31, 1915. 
10266 Eva Marie, b. Rochester, Minn., 

July 3, 1900, d. Chicago, Jan. 17, 

5774 HARRIET CADY BALLOO (Emery, M. D., 



Maturln, Hathan, Bey. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Uaturln), b. Crystal Lake, 111., 
July 18, 1871, d. Detroit, Mich., Dec. 
15, 1920; int. Crystal Lake, 111.; a. 
Crystal Lake, 111., Feb. 18, 1896, by 
Rer. Charles S. Medbury, FRAHCIS GOEWEI 
JOBES, s. Henry T. and Frances (Goewey) 
Jones, who was of English parents, b. 
Chicago, 111., Aug. 19, 1874. 

Issue, JOKES, b. Chicago, 111.: 

10567 Dorothy Eleanor, died at birth. 

10568 Francis Goewey, Jr., b. Jan. 1, 
190Z; B. Detroit, Mich., Sept. 11, 
19S4, by Rev. John Aystant, of 
Ferndale, Mich., Mildred L. Riley, 
dau. Allen C. and ^lla F. (Fis- 
sette) Riley, b. Cayuga, Ontario, 
May 11, 1902; he grad. Detroit 
H.S. and Dnlr. of Mich., 1925, 
Litt. B. ; res. 20026 Keating Are., 
Detroit, Mich.; issue, Jones: 
10269 Beverly Harriet, b. Detroit 

loT. 15, 1928. 
10270 Dau., died at birth. 

5775 EVA GROVER HALLOO (Emery, M. D., 
Maturin, lathan. Rev. liaturin, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Crystal Lake, 111., 
Apr. 21, 1874; b. Crystal Lake, 111., 
Dec. 29, 1904, by Rer. Charles S. Med- 
bury, DR. HIRAM H. BAX, s. George P. 
and Clara Tina (Buck) Bay, grds. S. Bay, 
of Wilborg, Denaark, b. Chicago, 111., 
Rot. 24, 1878. 

Era Ballou was educated in the grade 
schools of her native place, graduated 
froB High School 1891, and froa Eureka 
College, Eureka, Illinois in 1896 with 
the degree of A. B. Dr. Bay is a grad- 
uate of the Onlrersity of Illinois, M. 
D., 1899. He specialized in Tuberculos- 
is and has been connected with the Cook 
County and Municipal Tuberculosis Sani- 
tariua and the Chicago Tuberculosis 
Institute. He served as Captain in the 
Medical Corps during the World War I and 
later in the Veterans' Bureau. He was 
the aedical direcj^or of the Illinois Coa- 
aerieal M«n*s Association, at 332 South 
Michigan Avenue, Chicago. Res. 6824 Mor- 
aal Boulevard, Chicago, 111. 

Issue, BAT, b. Crystal Lake, 111.: 
10271 Margaret Emily, b. June 25, 1906; 

m. Chicago, Sept. 22, 1928, by 
Rev. L. Ward Brigham, Alton 
Brooks Shuaan, s. John F. and 
liellie M. Shuaan, of Maiden, Mass. 
b. Lewiston, Me., Mar. 16, 1696; 
she attended Parker H.S., Chicago, 
1923, grad. Chicago Normal School, 
1925 and Dniv. of Chicago, 1927, 
B.S.; he is commercial engineer. 
Bell Telephone Co., Chicago, 111.; 
issue, Shuman, b. Chicago, 111.: 
10272 Robert Alton, b. July 2S, 

10273 Maturin Ballou, b. Mov. 22, 1907; 
9. Chicago, Oct. 4, 1930, by Rev. 
L. Ward Brighaa, Helen Elaine 
Whitmarsh, dau. Laurance B. and 
Ella (King) Whitmarsh, b. Omaha, 
Nebr., Aug. 9, 1907; grad. Parker 
H.S., Chicago and Dniv. of Chicago, 
1928; insurance agent; res. 7536 
Kingston Ave., Chicago, 111. 

10274 Philip Horace, b. Sept. 15, 1909, 
d. Oct. 15, 1909. 

10275 Marion Clara, b. Chicago, Feb. 16, 
1914; grad. Parker H.S., Chicago; 
1933, student at American Conser- 
vatory of Music, Chicago, 111, 

10276 MARIETTE TOWER (Mary Ballou Roberts 
Olive Ballou, Hathan, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Monroe, Mass., Feb. 23, 
1845; a. Rowe, Mass., May 4, 1862, by 
Jacob, Jr. and Lucy (Goodell) Sherman, b. 
Bbnroe, Mass., June 11, 1834, d. Monroe, 
Mass., Mar. 23, 1908; int. Monroe, Mass. 
Cea. Justice of the Peace. 

Issue, SHERMAH, 1 b. Heath, 2-3 b. Charle- 
mont, 4 b. Savoy, 5-10 b. Monroe. Mass.: 

10277 MARY LUCI, b. Apr. 29, 1863; a. 

10278 Settle Viola, b. May 20, 1866; m. 
Monroe, Mass., June 12, 1895, b7 
her father, George Elmer Brown, 

s. Horace W. and Clarinda (Burton) 
Brown, b. Woodstock, Conn., June 
12, 1867, d. Ho. Adams, Mass., Jan. 
15, 1929; int. Hillside Cem., Ho. 
Adams, Mass. Ho issue. 

10279 David Olin, b. Aug. 26, 1868; m. 

Amherst, Jan. 1, , by Rev. H. 

W. Cbamberlin, Mabel I. Chamberlin, 
dau. L. A. and Clara J. (Willard) 
Chamberlin, b. Orange, Hov. 7, 



1871, grddau. Bbenezer and Caro- 
line (stone) Chamberlln; Baptist; 
res. Orange, Mass.; Issue, Sher- 
man, 1 b. Charlemont, 2-5 b. Or- 
ange, Mass.: 

10280 Kenneth David, b. Sept. 10, 
1899; grad. Orange, Mass. 
H.S.; M. S. 0., Amherst, 
Mass; gardner. 

10281 Harvey Lyman, b. July 5, 
1904; m. Orange, Sept. 9, 
1927, by Rev. Howard Joslyn 
of Athol, Ruth Harriett 
Lawton, dau. Frank F. Ijaw- 
ton, b. Orange, Feb. 9, 
1904; carpenter; res. 47 
Logan Ave., Orange, Mass.; 
Issue, Sherman, b. Orange: 
10282 David Clinton, b. 

Feb. 8, 1931. 
1028Z Alta Mabelle, b. Oct. 4, 

1910; grad. Orange H.S. and 
State Teachers* College, 
Fitchburg, Mass.; assessors 

10284 ELSIE IDELL, b. Sept. 11, 1870; 

10285 Merritt Henry, b. Oct. 15, 1872; 
m. (l) Littleton, H. H., June ZO, 
1909, by Rev. J. S. Harrington, 

Eatherine Perry, dau. and 

Sarah Perry; (2) Hartford, Conn., 
Apr. 19, 1931, Maud (Minor) Cramer 
dau. Howard F. and Catherine Minor 
Bo issue. 

10286 Ella Estelle, b. Oct. 3, 1874; 

10287 Sylvia Irena, b. Mar. 8, 1877; m. 
Wilmington, Vt., Mar. 8, 1921, 
by Rev. II. A. Wood, Miller Ells- 
worth Howe, s. Fayette and Martha 
Ann (Stowe) Howe, grds. Lambert 
and Lucinda (Harris) Howe, b. 
Dover, Vt., Jan. 19, 1862; res. 
No. Adams, Mass. No issue. 

10288 Cora Ball, b. Oct. 25, 1878; m. 
(1) No. Adams, Kay 20, 1908, by 
Rev. James H. Spencer, Sherwln 
Leroy Hill, s. Luther C. and Sarah 
0. (Rice) Bliss (Sherwln* s name 
changed later to Hill), b. West 
Dover, Vt., Aug. 26, 1863, d. Wil- 
mington, Vt., Mar. 24, 1923; int. 
W. Dover, Vt. Cem. ; (2) No. Adams, 
May 22, 1929, by Rev. Dr. Daniel 
H. Clare, Haslow Elvln Bliss, who 

d. Florida, Mass., Oct. 28, 1929; 
int. Florida Church Cem., Florida, 
Mass. No issue. Mrs. Bliss 
writes, "My father married, 2nd, 
Mrs. Alma £. Bacon, Apr. 1909, 
in No. Adams, Mass., who d. June 
1919; he d. Readsboro, Vt., Feb. 
27, 1920." 

10289 ADA ROSETIA, b. June 21, 1881; m. 

10290 Alta Elvira, b. Sept. 12, 1883, 
d. June 23, 1884. 

bert, Hosea, Nathan, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Shirley, Mass., Sept. 
28, 1846, d. Shirley, Mass., Mar. 23, 
1929; m. (l) Shirley, Mass., Nov. 24, 
1878, CLARA M. LONGLEY, dau. Stephen Mel- 
vin and Mary (Gibson) Longley, b. Shir- 
ley, Mass., Jan. 31, 1845, d. Shirley, 
Mass., Aug. 14, 1886; (2) 1891, FLORENCE 
M. WHITCOMB, who d. Shirley, Mass., 1920; 
int. Village Cem., Shirley, Mass. 

At the age of 15, Mr. Ballou removed 
with his parents to Florida, Mass. As 
a carpenter, with his father, he worked 
in Portland, Me., after the big fire, 
later in Florida, North Adams and Shir- 
ley Village, where he was a contractor 
and conducted a lumber, wood, hay and 
grain business; owned and operated the 
first electric light system in Shirley; 
also, an express business between Con- 
cord and Boston. During his long resi- 
dence in Shirley, Mr. Ballou served as 
selectman, road commissioner and assessor. 
At the time of his death he was a mem- 
ber of the United chvirch of Shirley. His 
obituary continues: "Not one blot marred 
the record of his services to the town, 
for Gilbert Merritt Ballou possessed high 
ideals of manhood and citizenship. He 
did his full duty as a public official 
and left behind him a character all ad- 
mire. He was ever kindly and consider- 
ate in his dealings with his fellowmen. 
He never placed an exaggerated Importance 
upon his own views and opinions, being 
naturally modest, unassuming and reserved 
in his disposition, never striving aftex* 
notoriety but quietly and conscientious- 
ly doing every act in all his relations 
in life. His death marks the passing of 



another Hew Englander whose life was 
characterized by sterling qualities of 
character, and who will be greatly miss- 
ed In his hoae and community life." 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Shirley, Mass.: 
5781 Verne Longley, b. Oct. 27, 1881, 
d. Shirley, Mar. 28, 1914; m. 
Laura P. Taylor; Issue, Ballou, 
b. Shirley, Mass.: 
10291 Hazel 0., b. Aug. 8, 1899; 
m. Shirley, May SI, 1924, 
by Rev. Philip King, Ralph 
G. Hlllman; Issue, Hlllman, 
b. Shirley, Mass.: 

10292 Verne Richard, b. 
June 9, 1925. 

10293 Joyce Marlon, b. Feb. 
2, 1928. 

10294 Donald G., b. Mar. 27 

10295 Marlon Gibson, b. Hot. 11, 1882; 
unm.; stenographer, 66 Queensbury 
St., Boston, Mass. 

sell Arnold, Rosea, Hathan, Her. Maturln, 
Peter, John, Maturln), b. Somervllle, 
Mass., Oct. 26, 1871; m. Hewton, Mass., 
Not. 15, 1897, by Dr. George W. Shlnn, 
HELEN HEATH SHEDD, dau. Robert Gay and 
Katherlne A. (Phillips) Shedd, b. Groton, 
Mass., Jan. 25, 1868, grddau. Christopher 
and Charlotte (Swan) Shedd, of Woodstock, 
Vt.; member B.F.A.; res. 25 Claflln Rd., 
Brookllne, Mass. Mo Issue. 

Jefferson, Hosea, Nathan, ReT. Maturln, 
Peter, John, Maturln), b. Monroe, Mass., 
Mar. 3, 1858, d. suddenly of sunstroke, 
Templco, Fla., Aug. 30, 1900, and Int. 
there, Aug. 31, 1900; m. (1) LENA ROBII- 
SOH; (2) New Britain, Conn., Aug. 8, 
1897, by ReT. M. B. Boardman, MARIAN 
LENORA YALE, dau. Albert R. and Lenora 
Helen (Burgess) Yale, b. Merlden, Coim., 
July 19, 1875, d. Branford, Conn., June 
26, 1927, who m. (2) Branford, Conn., 
Mar. 17, 1907, by ReT. George Weed Bar- 
hydt, George Spencer Prout, of Branford, 
Conn., who d. Branford, Conn., June 30, 
1926; Int. Center Cem., Branford, Coiui. 

William Herbert Ballou was a man who 
followed the sea, and for many years was 

"Pursers" on one of the "Ward liners." 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Flushing, L. I.: 

10296 EDITH YALE, b. Sept. 15, 1898; m. 

10297 Hugh, b. Sept. 1900, d. In In- 

Issue, PHODT, b. Branford, Conh. : 

George Albert, b. Aug. 29, 1908. 
Elizabeth Harriet, b. Apr. 26, 
1910, d. Aug. 25, 1910. 

5799 MURRAY BALLOU (Stephen Jefferson, 
Hosea, Nathan, ReT. Maturln, Peter, John, 
Maturln), b. Shirley, Mass., May 3, 
1867, d. Concord, Mass., July 7, 1922; 
m. Concord, Mass., Jiine 4, 1890, by ReT. 
B. R. Biakeletr, MABEL MARIA WHEELER, b. 
Concord, Mass., Not. 3, 1866, d. Concord, 
Mass., Not. 4, 1929; int. Sleepy Hollow 
Cem., Concord, Mass. 

Murray Ballou, Sr. soon entered the 
class of the Captains of Industry, and 
became known as the Millionaire Powder 
King of New England, and after a busy 
life In which he held many positions of 
responsibility and trust conferred on 
him by his fellow townsmen, he passed 
away at his beautiful home on Elm Street 
In historic Concord, his funeral largely 
attended by Intimates from far and near. 
President of the American Powder Mills. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Concord, Mass.: 

10298 Murray, Jr., b. May 23, 1891; 

B. (l) Chicago, Sept. 1917, Mabel 
Bernlce Murray; (2) Derry, S. H., 
Sept. 15, 1933, Alice Coates, dau. 
OllTer and Hannah (Hudson) Coates, 
b. No. Ablngton, Mass., May 18, 
1900; res. BallardTale, Mass. No 

10299 JULIAN WHEELER, b. May 14, 1893; 

10300 Eleanor, b. Mar. 28, 1898; m. 
Concord, Mass., Oct. 3, 1922, by 
ReT. William Short and ReT. Loren 
B. MacDonald, Seabury Tuttle 
Short, s. ReT. William S. Short, 
of Santa Rosa, Calif., b. Hawaii; 
she grad. Smith College, '19; 
taught school in Hawaii; a sugar 
manufacturer, he serTed as major 
in the Red Cross in Siberia during 
the 1st World War; res. 6 Elm St., 



Concord, Mass.; issue. Short, 

b. Concord, Mass.: 

10301 Seabury, Jr., b. Oct. 7, 

10S02 S7lTla Wheeler, b. Oct. 

10Z03 Richard, b. 1907. 

Dunbar, Fanny Ballou, Mathan, Rev. Matur- 
In, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Conway, 
Mass., Dec. 13, 1854, d. Miltonvale, 
Eans., May 30, 1937; m. Delphos, Kans., 
Apr. 5, 1883, MINORA DELAPLAII. 

Issue, DONBAR: 

10304 Rev. Irl Charles, b. J'an. 19, 

1886; m. May 8, 1907, Frances M. 

Howell, b. Feb. 23, 1881; issue, 


10305 Mary Catharine, b. Mar. 30, 
1908; m. May 30, 1932, 
Louis L. Sexton. 

10306 Naomi ^ranees, b. May 10, 
1910; m. Apr. 21, 1934, 
Erstel Young; issue. Young: 
10307 Jayn Kathrine, b. 

Dec. 6, 1935. 

10308 Pa\a Irl, b. May 14, 1912; 
m. May 14, 1933, Lois 

10309 Esther Theresa, b. Sept. 
30, 1915; m. Jime 5, 1932 , 
Clifford J. Edwards; issue, 
Edwards : 

10310 Jean Mareen, b. Oct. 
28, 1935. 
10311 John Arthiir, b. Nov. 4, 
10312 Lois Elizabeth, b. Oct. 
15, 1920. 
10313 Rachel Ruth, b. Apr. S8, 
1914, d. Oct. 24, 1914. 
10314 Rev. Ernest Henry, b. ^an. 13, 

1888; m. (l) Dec. 25, 1907, Leona 
Burroughs, who d. Nov. 3, 1919; 
(2) June 16, 1920, Mary Crystal 
Miller, b. Oct. 10, 1896; issue, 
Dunbar, by 1st wife: 

10315 Dorothy Fenn, b. Sept. 3, 
1909; m. June 29, 1938, 
Rev. Adelphus Cretsinger. 

10316 Claire Wesley, b. June 23, 
1912; m. June 21, 1935, 

Velma Margaret Gathers. 

10317 Charles Homer, b. Sept. 3, 


10318 Arthur Owen, b. Oct. £8, 1890, d. 
Jan. 3, 1891. 

10319 Nettie Minora, b. Dec. 1, 1892; 
a. June 21, 1916, DeWitt T. Bur- 
gen, b. Mar. 29, 1896; issue, 

10320 Owen ^alph, b. July 1, 

10321 Donald Edgar, b. Apr. IS, 

10322 Melvin Lee, b. Dec. 23, 

10323 Paul Audley, b. Feb. 7, 1895; a. 
(1) Oct. 18, 1916, Ethel May 
Province, dec; (£) Jan. £5, 
1933, Nettie Eleanor Stites; Is- 
sue, Dunbar, by 1st wife: 

10324 Theloa Bernlce, b. Jan. SI, 

10325 Theron Edward, b. June 26, 

lOase ReU Rae, b. Oct. 7, 1922. 

10327 Betty Valdene, b. June 8, 

Issue, Dunbar, by 2nd wife: 

10328 Darnel Eugene, b. Nov. 15, 

10329 Cleland Paul, b. June 21, 

10330 Roland Dean, b. July 31 > 

10331 Rae Edwin, b. June 10, 1897; m. 
(1) Ethel Chritten, div.; (2) 

Clara ; issue, Dunbar, by 1st 


10332 Raymond Earl, b. Sept. 16, 

10333 William Albert, b. June 13, 

10334 Margaret LuEtta, b. Oct. 2, 

Dunbar, Fanny Ballou, Nathan, Rev. Matur- 
in, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Greenfield, 
Mass., Jan. 30, 1868; m. (l) Independence, 
Eans., Sept. 18, 1894, WILLIAM EDLEY PAUL, 
s. John and Jane Paul, b. Evansville, Ind. 
Oct. 8, 1854; (2) Washington, D. C, July 
30, 1934, by Rev. L. I. McDougle, DANIEL 
LOCIUS WISE, s. Lucius B. and Julia 
(Truesdel) Wise, b. West Deerfield, Mass., 
July 4, 1868; res. former Willis C. Adaas 
Art Gallery, Greenfield, Mass. 



Issue, PAOL: 

10235 Gladys Melissa, b. Stuttgart, Ark. 
Aug. 22, 1895; m. Heosho, Mo., 
June 22, 1925, by Bev. Mallory, 
Albert van Ess, s. John Karl and 
Rose Tan Ess, b. Wiijcinsburg, Pa., 
Hot. 23, 1896; Jeweler; res. Gra- 
vette. Ark. No Issue. 

9415 BOBI HALLAWA; DUHB&R (William Riley 
Dunbar, Fanny Ballou, Hatban, Rev. Ma- 
turin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Monta- 
gue, Mass., July 11, 1877; m. Danbury, 
Conn., Oct. 10, 1900, li^^ Rev. E. Z. El- 
lis, SARAH FRAHCES HOBBZ, dau. Thomas 
and Emma (Bennett) Hobby, b. Carmel,ll. 
X., Dec. 13, 1881; train dispatcher. 

Issue, DOKBAR) 1 b. laugatuck. Conn., £ 

b. Danbury, Conn.: 

10336 Durward Adelbert, b. Sept. 21, 
1901; m. Danbury, Hot. 4, 1922, 
by Rev. George Roesch, Oiga Thome 
dau. Gustare Thome, of West Hart- 
land, Conn., b. Brooklyn, M. Y., 
Hot. 4, 1899; grad. ^anbury H.S., 
122; Pace k Pace, New York City; 
accountant; res. 97 Knickerbocker 
ATe., Springdale, Conn.; issue, 
Dunbar, b. Stamford, Conn.: 

10337 Daisy Kathryn, b. June 24, 

10338 Durward Adelbert, Jr., b. 
Apr. 13, 1929. 

10339 ReT. Howard Biley, b. Apr. 13, 

1904; m. '^lushing, L. I., Dec. 30, 
1930, by Rt. ReT. J. I. B. Lamed, 
Bishop of L. I., Alice E. Goode, 
dau. Dr. E. A. Goode, b. New York 
City, Apr. 23, 1911; rector. Epis- 
copal Church of Epiphany, Brook- 
lyn; Yale, '29, B.D.; res. 1808 
B. 18th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.; 
issue, Dunbar, b. Flushing, L. I.: 

10340 Howard Allan, b. Sept. 21, 

10341 Donald Machell, b. Apr. 
19, 1933. 

10342 Sarah Elizabeth, b. June 5, 

ton. Job Wheaton, Sarah Ballou, ReT. Ma- 
turin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Seekonk, 
Mass., June 23, 1842; m. Jan. 1865, WIL- 
HELMINA NEALE, dau. Joseph and Eliza 

Oilman (Dudley) Neale, of Waite, Me.; 
he d. Soldier's Home, Togus, Me., Apr. 
27, 1919, in 77th yr. 

On the call of President Lincoln in 
the Spring of 1862 for the second 3 
months troops, he enlisted in Co. H 9th 
Regiment, R. I. Volunteers, and entrain- 
ed for serTice at Pawtucket. Together 
with him were Stephen and George F. Bal- 
lou (aged 16 years), both brothers of 
W. A. Ballou. Following his serTice he 
returned to Pawtucket, where he Joined 
Gilmore's Pawtucket Band and when this 
disbanded he became a member of the Am- 
erican Band of ProTidence, D. W. ReeTes, 

After leaTing Rhode Island, he went 
to Waite, Maine to reside. Interment 
was in the priTate Burial Groxind of 
Joseph Neale, Waite, Maine. 

Issue, WHEATON, 1 b. Cumberland, 2-3 b. 

Pawtucket, R. I.: 

10343 Arthur Rutledge, b. Dec. 24, 

1866; m. Grand Lake Stream, Me., 
Mar. 28, 1891, by ReT. Thomas J. 
Calligan, Ruth C. Brown, dau. A. 
J. and Cynthia (Trafton) Brown, 
of Grand Lake Stream; registered 
guide. Grand Lake Stream, Me.; 
issue, Wheaton, 1-2, 5-7 b. Grand 
Lake Stream, S-4 b. Waite, Me.: 
10344 Grace Helena, b. Aug. 10, 

1893; m. New York, Apr. 5 , 
1917, by ReT. Lloyd DaTis, 
Dr. Nye C. Whiting, s. War- 
ren Whiting, of Springfield 
Me; issue. Whiting, b. HaT- 
erhill, Mass.: 
10345 Warren Arthur, b. 
Aug. 4, 1922. 

10346 Hope Viola, b. May 14, 
1895; m. July 16, 1915, 
Ralph S. Beach, s. Ells- 
worth Beach, of Woodland, 
Me.; professional guide 
and fish culturist; res. 
Grand Lake Stream. No is- 

10347 Lillian Mahala, b. Jvine 7, 
1897; m. Princeton, Me., 
May 25, 1921, by ReT. Wil- 
liam Williams, Leeman B. 
Treadwell, Jr., of New York 
Sporting Camp Proprietor, 



Grand Lake Stream. 

J., J-ane 25, 1927, by Rev. 


Cynthia Rebecca, b. Apr. 
5, 1901; m. Mar. 22, 1929, 
Harold Moses, of HaTerhill; 
res. Tarry town, N. Y., 
where Mr. Moses is in the 
automobile business. 

William P. Taylor, Ruth 
Anne Wilke, dau. William 
F. and Anne *ilke, of 
E. Orange, b. Sewark, H. J. 
Sov. 17, 1905. 
10359 Robin Archibald, b. May 11, 


Wilhelmlna Keale, b. Mar. 


22, 1904; m. St. Stephen, 


Joseph Neale, b. Feb. 22, 1878; 

N. B., Aug. 15, 1925, by 

m. (l) Brookton, Me., June 30, 

Rev. C. P. Wright, Louis 

1900, by Rev. Charles E. Johnson, 

J. Long, Jr., of Grand 

Charlotte Anna Daggett, dau. 

Lake Stream; electrician; 

Jabez Daggett, who d.s.p., Aug. 

res. Grand Lake Stream; 

27, 1906; int. Talmadge, Me. Cem; 

issue. Long, 1 b. Brain- 

(2) Foxboro, Mass., Apr. 18, 

tree, Mass., 2-3 b. Grand 

1911, by Rev. C. A. Butterfield, 

Lake Stream: 

Alice Beatrice Meal, dau. Joseph 

10350 Lillian Mahala, b. 

C. Meal, b. Waite, Oct. 5, 1889; 

Mar. 6, 1926. 

farmer and potato merchant; res. 

10351 Jean Marie, b. Sept 

Mill Street, Princeton, Me.; is- 


30, 1927. 
10352 Ruth Maud, b. Apr. 
5, 1929. 

sue, Wheaton, by 2nd wife, b. 

Waite, Me.: 

10361 Robert Hamlet, b. May 12, 


Gabriel Daris, b. Mar. 
17, 1907; entomologist and 
registered guide. Grand 
Lake Stream. 


10362 Arthur Killard, b. Dec. 13, 

10363 Priscilla, b. Feb. 14, 


Woodworth Hopkins, b. Aug. 
19, 1909; registered guide 
and canoe bxiilder. Grand 
Lake Stream. 


10364 Kenneth Neal, b. Jan. 10, 

10365 Basil Thomas, b. Aug. 5, 



Louise, b. Sept. 20, 1876; 


m. Foxboro, Mass., June 1, 1899, 

by Rev 

. James W. Flagg, Frank 



Herbert Clapp, s. Samuel H. and 

ton. Job I'iheaton, Sarah Ballou, Rev. 

Adelaide (Boyden) Clapp, b. Jer- 

Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Paw- 

sey City, M. J., 1874, d, Morris- 


, R. I., Mar. 15, 1850, d. Kansas 


K. J., July 8, 1925; int. 


Mo., Nov. 10, 1924; m. Pawtucket, 

Rosddale, E. Orange, N. J.; she 

R. I., 

Jan. 30, 1879, by Rev. Massena 

res. Sharon, Conn. Stationer, 

Goodrich, EDWIH F. DEXTER, b. Cumberland, 


of Oberly and Mewell, 

R. I., 

Mar. 27, 1845, d. Kansas City, 

lithographers, 540 Pearl St., 

Mo., Aug. 14, 1924; int. Elmwood Cem., 

Hew York City; issue, Clapp, 1 


City, Mo. 

b. Brooklyn, N. I., £-4 b. E. 


, N. J.: 


attended Chul;ch Hill Grammar 


Roger Wheaton, b. July 7, 


with W. A. Ballou, and was con- 

1901; artist; res. Sharon, 

sidered a scholar "par excellence," 

Conn.; he and mother mem- 


vithout doubt the best speller in 

bers B.F.A. 

her class, "^e headmasters were Rev. 


Agatha Burnett, b. Apr. 10, 


fi. Webb and Francello G. Jillson, 

1907; m. Myron Edward Dak- 

of Woonsocket, R. I. 

in, s. Harold B. Dakin, of 

They resided for years in Chicago, 

Sharon; grad. Miss Beard's 

where ^ 

^T. Dexter carried on a ticket 

School, Orange, N. J. 


on So. Clark Street, afterward 


Richard Holmes, b. Aug. 4, 


to Kansas City, Mo., because of 

1904; m. So. Orange, N. 

his wife's delicate health. 



Issue, DEXTER, b. Chicago, 111.: 
10266 Ada Wheaton, b. liay 25, 1884; m. 
Joplin, Mo., Mot. 24, 1910, by 
Rev. Charles A. Weed, Walter B. 
Galantine, s. John and Frances 
(Butler) Galentlne, b. Carthage, 
Ho., July 2, 1884, d. suddenly, 
Dpland, Calif., Apr. 30, 1927; 
remains cremated and ashes placed 
on San Antonio Mountain; banker; 
Issue, Galentlne, 1-3 b. Joplin, 
Mo., 4 b. Upland, Calif.: 

10367 Ruth Dexter, b. May 7, 

10368 Walter Wheaton, b. May 19, 

10369 Elinor Louise, b. Jan. 17, 

10370 Edwin Dexter, b. Mar. 10, 

10371 David Edwin, b. June 22, 1887; m. 
St. Joseph, Mo., Apr. 4, 1914, 
by Rev. Frank Day, D.D. , Latira R., 
Larkin, dau. Henry and Virginia 
(VanMeter) Larkin, b. Waverly, 
Mo., Mar. 20, 1891; advertisement 
writer; res. 4119 Windsor Boule- 
vard, Kansas City, Mo.; active 
member of B.F.A.; issue. Dexter, 
b. Kansas City, Mo.: 

10372 David Edwin, Jr., b. Hov. 
24, 1915. 

10373 Richard Larkin, b. Oct. 2, 

10374 Jean Wheaton, b. Aug. 22, 

5855 EMMA GENEVA WHEATOH (Joseph Whea- 
ton, Job Wheaton, Sarah Ballou, Rev. 
Maturin, Peter, John, Maturln), b. 
Pawtucket, R. I., June 24, 1854; m. Paw- 
tucket, R. I., July 27, 1882, by Rev. 
Massena Goodrich, DR. WALLACE KASSOI 
HARRISOH, s. Dea. William R. Harrison, 
of Bethlehem, Conn., b. Aug. 11, 1848. 

At the early age of sixteen, Mrs. Har- 
rison was an elocutionist. Dr. Harrison 
had a remunerative practice in Chicago 
and was Medical Adviser of the Supreme 
Council of the Royal League. Graduated 
from lale University, New Haven, Conn., 
June 23, 1874 and attended the 60th an- 
nual reunion of that class, the same 
year celebrating the 40th anniversary 
as Medical Examlner-ln-Chlef of the Royal 

League. Demonstrator of anatomy at Ben- 
nett College until 1882; taught medical 
chemistry and took post graduate work 
at the same time at the College of Phy- 
sicians and Surgeons in Chicago and re- 
ceived another M. D. degree there in 

Issue, HARRISOH, b. Chicago, 111.: 
10375 Louise, b. Apr. 27, 1883; m. Chi- 
cago, June 30, 1908, by Rev. Fred 
V. Hawley, Arthur Brayton Slade; 
s. Jonathan and Lucy Ann Slade; 
she is a professional singer; 
res. 1243 Mo. State St., Chicago, 
111.; issue, Slade: 
10376 Brayton Harrison, b. Sept. 
8, 1909; lale, »30. 

10377 Wallace Kasson, Jr., b. Jan. 8, 
1885, drowned in Lake Michigan, 
Feb. 4, 1897. 

10378 Constance M., b. Dec. 7, 1890; m. 
Chicago, Dec. 30, 1914, by Rev. 
Fred V. Hawley, Joseph B. Loesch, 
s. Frank J. and Lydia T. Loesch. 
Mr. Frank J. Loesch was 1st Asst. 
Attorney-General of Illinois, 
also head of Chicago Crime Com- 
mission, 1928- '29; purchased the 
Pahgre Valley Ranch, a large ranch 
in Montrose, Colo.; issue, Loesch, 
1 b. Chicago, 111., 2-3 b. Mont- 
rose, Colo.: 

10379 Harrison, b. Mar. 10, 1916. 

10380 Malcolm Held, b. Mov. 16, 

10381 Gregory K. , b. Apr. 14, 

10382 Geneva Wheaton, b. Mar. 10, 1898; 
unm.; actress; grad. Vassar Col- 
lege, »20; played Ophelia to Wal- 
ter Hampden's Hamlet, '21; en- 
gagement with Theatre Guild, '29; 
in radio. Hew York City. Summer 
home of Harrisons, 413 Scott St., 
Elmhurst, 111. 

ton, Job *heaton, Sarah Ballou, Rev. 
Maturln, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Paw- 
tucket, R. I., May 6, 1858, d. Ho. Reho- 
both, Mass., Jan. 4, 1919; m. Norton, 
Mass., Mar. 18, 1883, by Rev. Gardner 
Clark, of Attleboro, Mass., FANNIE MARIA 
RICHMOND, dau. David Harrison Richmond, 
b. Norton, Mass., Dec. 17, 1864, who m. 



(2) Attleboro, Uass., Kov. 2S, 1924, Clar 
ence Carlton Sanford; he Is Int. Old 
Hicks Cen., Bo. Reboboth, llass. 

Issue, WHEATON, 1 b. Easton, Mass., 2-9 
b. No. Rehoboth, Mass.: 

10385 Helen Marlon, b. Mar. 11, 1B65; m. 

(1) Attleboro, Maj 3, 1906, by 
Rev. Josh\ia Randall, Clifford B. 
Ogilvle, s. James Ogilvle, b. Cum- 
berland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada, 
d. Providence, May 27, 1909; int. 
Woodlawn Cem. , Attleboro, Mass.; 

(2) Attleboro, Hot. 26, 1913, 
Herbert Gifford Grant, s. Henry 
Grant, b. Attleboro, Falls, Mar. 
28, 1880; tlectrcplater; res. 23 
Steere St., Attleboro, Mass.; cer. 
by Rev. Robert S. Moore; issue, 
OgilTle, b. Norton, Mass.: 

10384 Mertice Wheaton, b. Apr. 
22, 1907; m. Attleboro, 
Nov. 8, 1926, Russell Syl- 
vester Bowen, s. Willard F. 
Bowen, b. Attleboro, Feb. 
27, 1905, by Rev. V, V. 

Issue, Grant, b. Attleboro, Mass.: 

10385 Phyllis Morrene, b. June 1, 

10386 Daisy Edna, b. Nov. 27, 1888; h. 
Attleboro, June 14, 1910, by Rev. 
Sherman Ellis, John Rogers, s. 
John T. Rogers, b. Providence, 
Sept. 16, 1885; jeweler; res. 7 
Foster St., Attleboro, Mass.; is- 
sue, Rogers, b. Attleboro, Mass.: 

10387 Geneva Wheaton, b. July 16, 

10388 Ralph Richmond, b. Jan. 19, 

10389 Joseph Douglas, b. May 21, 1891; 
m. Attleboro, May 24, 1913, by 
Rev. Mark Miller, Ruth Carrie 
Squires, b. £. Longmeadow, Mass., 
July 13, 1894; automobile mechan- 
ic; res. Maple St., Haz^rdville, 
Conn. No issue. 

10390 William Alden, b. July 11, 1892; 
m. (1) Rehoboth Village, Oct. 12, 
1913, Marion Lees, dau. Edward 
Lees, b. No. Rehoboth, d. Attle- 
boro, Oct. 18, 1918; int. Old 
Hicks Cem., No. Rehoboth, Mass.; 
(2) Somerville, Sept. 17, 1927, 
Ruth Ella Kinney, dau. Thomas Kin- 

ney, b. Pawtucket, Oct. 16, 1901; 
fireman, Attleboro, Mass.; issue, 
Wheaton, by 1st wife: 
10391 Arthur Vincent, b. No. Re- 
hoboth, Nov. 9, 1914. 
10392 Eam& Geneva, b. Oct. 21, 1893; a. 
Attleboro, Apr. 7, 1914, by Rev. 
Lee Mitchell, Maynard Edwin Bul- 
lock, s. Fred Bullock, b. No. 
Rehoboth, Feb. 6, 1894; printer; 
res. 151 Commonwealth Ave., 
Springfield, Mass.; issue, Bullock 
1 b. No. Rehoboth, 2-4 b. Spring- 
field, Mass.: 

10393 Everett Wheaton, b. Nov. 
21, 1914. 

10394 Ruth Virginia, b. Nov. 10, 

10395 Maynard Edwin, Jr., b. Oct. 
14, 1925. 

10396 William Robert, b. Sept. 
30, 1927. 

10397 Charles Hamlet, b. Nov. 8, 1894; 
unm.; May 15, 1923, removed to 
Los Angeles, Calif., where he is 
in the employ of the Los Angeles 
Street Railway Company. 

10398 Martha Florence, b. Jan. 8, 1899; 
m. Attleboro, Nov. 27, 1924, by 
Rev. P. E. McGee, Wallace Moreau 
Kelley, s. Daniel E. Kelle^, b. 
No. Attleboro, Feb. £5, 1899; hub 
and die cutter; res. 92 Oak Hill 
Ave., Attleboro, Mass.; issue, 
Kelley, b. Attleboro, Mass.: 
10399 Wallace Alden, b. July £1, 


10400 Russell Richmond, b. Oct. 6, 1900; 
unm.; res. 1311 Park St., Attle- 
boro, Mass.; Jeweler. 

10401 Wallace Harrison, b. Dec. 14, 1902 
m. Norwich, Conn., July £5, 1927, 
by Rev. Gordon F. Bally, Margaret 
Catherine Goodman, dau. Terrence 
Goodman, b. Drun-Omagh, County 
Tyrone, Ireland, July 13, 1900; 
jeweler; res. 1285 Park Street, 
Attleboro, Mass.; issue, Wheaton, 

1 b. Norwich, Conn., 2-3 b. Attle- 
boro, Mass.: 
10402 Wallace Harrison, Jr., b. 

Jan. 15, 1926. 
10463 Charles Edward, b. Feb. Z, 

10404 Joseph Douglas, b. Jan. 1, 




94Z6 HUBHA; HOSEA BALLOa (Kassena H., 
BeT. Hassena B., Rev. Hosea, Bev. Hatur- 
In, Peter, Joba, Maturln), b. Stougbton, 
Kass., June 22, 1867; a. Unlversallst 
Chxircb, Fltchburg, Mass., Dec. 22, 1895, 
Ij BeT. Janes, Albion, GRACE M. SMITH, 
dau. Lewis and Hattie (Pratt) Saitb, 
grddau. Lewis and Mary (Wilson) Smith, 
of Dover, Mass., b. Norwood, Mass., Aug. 
14, 1875. 

He graduated from Stoughton H.S. and 
Bridgewater Kornal School, 1888. Froa 
1888 to 1896 he taught in three places 
In Massachusetts, Vineyard Haven, Hing- 
haa and Fitchburg. Then he went to Bos- 
ton, taking the position of sub-master 
of an elementary school, and in 1912 
was appointed Master of the William E. 
Bussell School of 1600 pupils, in which 
capacity he is still serving (19Z7), 
but is due to retire this year. He is 
an educator of whom the whole Ballou 
family may be proud. He is a staiinch 
Republican, but never accepted political 
office. He is affiliated with Old Col- 
ony Lodge of Masons, Fitchbtirg Chapter 
Boyal Areh^iMasons, Jerusalem Commandery, 
Knights Templars, Massachusetts School- 
masters' Club, Boston Principals' Assn., 
Boston City Club, and B.F.A. 

Issue, BALLOD: 

10405 Barbara Frances, b. May 20, 1899; 
grad. Smith College, 1920, A.B. 

10406 Priscilla, b. Feb. 22, 1912. 

Ballou, Oliver, Oliver, Peter, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Bristol, B. B., 
May 11, 1842, d. Jan. 1921; m. Wolcott, 
Vt., Dee. 19, 1665, CHARLES CARBOLL 
DROWI, s. Seneca and Asenath (Ains- 
worth) Drown. 

Issue, DROWB: 

10407 Olif Potter, b. Wolcott, Aug. 25, 
1866, d. Apr. 28, 1867. 

10408 CARBOLL HOWABD, b. Elmore, Tt., 
June 2, 1872; m. CARRIE E. BDL- 

10409 HARRY ERWIS, b. Elmore, Apr. 20, 
1874; m. IDA M. SMITH. 

10410 Josephine Louise, b. Johnson, Tt. 
Sept. 5, 1882; res. unm.. Maiden, 

5961 IRA BALLOU BURPEE (Ellen Maria Bal- 
lou, Hosea, Oliver, Peter, Peter, John, 
Maturin), b. Lakeland, Minn., May 11, 
1858; m. Jan. 10, 1880, HATTIE BELLE 
TULLI, dau. Israel Tully. 

Since 1886 he has been a foreman of 
the Train-Smith Company, paper mills. 
Fireward of Fire Precinct. Republican. 

Issue, BOBPEB, b. Bristol, I. H. : 

10411 Annie Lora, b. Apr. 4, 1661, d. 
Sept. 2, 1861. 

10412 Frank Ira, b. App. 5, 1882; em- 
ployed at pulp-mill. 

9444 DOH ALPHOHSO BUBPEE (Ellen Maria 
Ballou, Hosea, Oliver, Peter, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Bristol, H. H., Dec. 
29, 1864; m. (l) July 9, 1887, IDA FEAH- 
CES BBALET, dau. Elbridge Braley, who 
d. Bristol, H. H., Sept. 10, 1896, ae. 
26y 4m 6d; (2) Mar. 15, 1899, ALDOBHA 
LOUISE GREY, dau. Fremont A. Grey, b. 
fiew Hampton, B. H., 1879. 

Mr. Burpee was employed at Colley k 
Currier's crutch factory, and was a mem- 
ber of the I.O.O.F.; A.F. & A.M.; 
Knights of Pythias. Republican. 

Issue, BURPEE, b. Bristol, B. H. : 

10412 Lena Maud, b. Dlov. 20, 1887. 

10414 Lottie Lola, b. June 12, 1889. 

10415 Darius George, b. Jan. 5, 1891. 

10416 Harry Don, b. Mar. 12, 1892. 
Issue, BURPEE, by 2nd wife, b. Bristol: 

10417 Lewis Lampson, b. Sept. 22, 1899. 

10418 Claude Basil, b. Bov. 28, 1901. 

Augustus, Horace, Oliver, Peter, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. Bristol, B. H., Bov. 
5, 1876, d. Mansfield Depot, Conn., Bov. 
27, 1922; m. Bew Hampton, B. H., Dec. 
21,1902, by Bev. George White, ADA RUS- 
SELL EATOB, dau. Franklin and Marian 
(Bussell) Eaton, grddau. David and Lydia 
(Cutting) Eaton, of Hanover, B. H. , b. 
Wentworth, B. H., May 17, 1879. 

Dr. Harry B. Ballou was a recognized 
authority in the administration of in- 
stitutions for the feebleminded. Ed: 
Bew Hampton Commercial College; Bew 
Hampshire Lltt. Institute; Dartmouth 



College, A.B. , 1902; University of 
Minnesota, M.D., 1905; N. I. Path. In- 
stitute; Manhattan State ^spital. 
Ward's Island, N. I.; Interne Middle- 
town Homeopathic State Hospital, 1905. 
Member A.M.A.; Conn. Sta^e Medical Soc- 
iety; Tolland County Medical Society; 
Conn. Homeopathic Society; Am. Inst. 
of Homeopathy; N. E. Society of Phych- 
iatry; Am. Society for the Study of Fee- 
ble Minded; Am. Psychiatric Assn.; Delta 
Tau Delta; Alpha Gamma; Siloam Lodge, 
A.F. & A.M., Westboro; Houghton Chapter 
R.A.M. , Marlborough; Olive Branch Covm- 
cil, Willimantic, Conn.; St. John's Com- 
mandry, K.T. Scottish Rite (S2*^), Nor- 
wich, Conn. Member of the Willimantic 
Exchange. Republican. The author of 
several articles on specialty in vari- 
ous medical Journals. 1905, began his 
medical practice, Middletown, N. I. 
State Hospital; 1912, Assistant Physi- 
cian, Westboro, Mass. State Hospital. 
1920, appointed Assistant Superintend- 
ent, Mansfield State Training School 
and Hospital, Mansfield Depot, Conn. 
1905-1912, instructor at Mew lork and 
Massachusetts State Hospital Training 
Schools for Nurses. 

Interment was in the Homeland Cem., 
Bristol, N. H. , and W. A. Ballou notes: 
"Thus passed a fine character, perfect 
gentleman, and one whom the B.F.A. 
will sadly miss." Which words the com- 
piler sincerely echoes, as it was her 
privilege to meet both Dr. and Mrs. 
Ballou at the B.F.A. Reunion, Pawtuck- 
et, R. I., Oct. 14, 1933, shortly before 
his death. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Middletown, R. Y.: 

10419 Ellen, b. June 13, 1912, d. June 
13, 1912. 

10420 Mariah, twin, b. June 13, 1912, 
d. June 13, 1912. 

10421 GEORGE HENRY BALLOU (Charles Ed- 
son, Elisha, Oliver, Peter, Peter, John, 
Maturin), b. Alexandria, N. H., Oct. 
18, 1875; m. Keene, N. H., Feb. 28, 
1900, by Rev. John E. Smith, CORA P. 
FULLER, dau. Joseph Eugene and Ann 
Elizabeth (White) Fuller, b. Westmore- 
land, N. H., Dec. 10, 1875, grddau. 
Christopher and Elsie (Clement) Fuller, 
of Bellows Falls, Vt. 

Issue, BALLOU, 1 b. Keene, N. H., 2b. 
Providence, R. I.: 

10421 Corlnne Elizabeth, b. May 6, 
1901; grad. National University 
Law School. 

10422 Evelyn Fvaier, b. Sept. 21, 
1908; grad. Maryland Univ., A.B. 

Lamb Jillson, Uriah Jillson, Uriah Jill- 
son, Sarah Ballou, James, James, Matur- 
in), b. Cumberland, R. I., Feb. 5, 1854, 
d. Waterbury, Conn., Jan. 31, 1925; m. 
Millerton, Dutchess Co., N. Y., May 29, 
1883, by Rev. Edward H. Roys, JENNIE 
GOODRICH, dau. Timothy Edmund and Mary 
(Gallagher) Goodrich, b. Avon, Conn., 
Dec. 1, 1856, d. Waterbury, Conn., 
July 5, 1919; int. Pine Grove Cem., 
Waterbury, Conn. 

Together with his brothers, Alonzo F. 
and Gilbert 0. Jillson, he owned and 
operated large saw-mills throughout New 
England. After retirement from active 
business life, he devoted himself to 
large real estate holdings he had accu- 
mulated, and to civic interests. For 
nearly twenty years he was Committeeman 
of the fiunker Hill School District un- 
til its merger with the Waterbury Pub- 
lic Schools. He was particularly in- 
terested in anything pertaining to 
school life, and it was under his guid- 
ance that the present Bunker Hill School 
was erected in 1905, the only school in 
Waterbury with a four-sided clock on 
the top of the building, plainly vis- 
ible from all directions. Later, as the 
community grew, an addition was added. 
For eight years previous to his death 
he was a partical invalid. Fraternally, 
he was an early member of the A.F. & A. 
M. Lodge of Douglas, Mass. Politically, 
he was a staunch Democrat, appointed to 
skcittis city boards, including the Board 
of Charities, althoiigh not aspiring to 
elective office. 

Issue, JILLSON: 

10423 ROBERT GOODRICH, b. Southbiiry, 
Conn., Mar. 2, 1884; m. HELEN 

10424 Herbert Bartlett, b. Waterbury, 
July 22, 1888; unm.; res. 447 
Watertown Ave., Waterbxiry, Conn. 


9527 MILTON H- JILLSON (Wheaton Clarke 
Jlllson, Silas Jillson, Paul Jillson, 
Sarah Ballou, James, James, UatULrln), b. 
Richmond, N. H. , May 31, 1838; m. SOSAS 
V. LARRABEE, dau. A. B. and Susan G. Lar- 
rabee; res. Brattleboro, Vt. 

Issue, JILLSON: 

10425 Charles A., b. Oct. 28, 1861. 

104S6 Eliza Emma, b. So. Athol, Mass., 

Dec. 7, 1862; m. (1) Orange, Mass. 
Dec. 7, 1879, by Rufus D. Chase, 
Esq., James Edwin Kelton, s. Sa- 
bin and Harriet (Stearns) Kelton, 
b. Warwick, Mass., Sept. 1, 1854, 
d. Orange, July 31, 1921; int. 
Orange, Mass. Cem.; (2) Orange, 
Mar. 10, 1927, by Rev. Arthur 
Blair, Leslie W. Green, s. Jos- 
eph and Mary Green, b. Warwick, 
Apr. 29, 1852, d. Orange, Feb. 
15, 1929; int. Warwick, Mass. Cem. 
Member B.F.A.; res. 45 't^lton St., 
Orange, Mass.; issue, Kelton, b. 
Orange, Mass.: 

10427 James Richard, b. July 6, 

10428 Edith Amy, b. July 7, 1883. 

10429 Arthur Clifton, b. Jan. 29, 
1887, d. Aug. 16, 1888. 

10430 Minnie Arlena, b. May 16, 

10431 Kathleen Emma, b. Dec. 20, 

6224 HERBERT BALLOU (Cyrus, Cyrus, Dea. 
Ariel, Ariel, James, James, Maturin), b. 
Milford, Mass., Oct. 28, 1847, d. New 
York City, Feb. 15, 1886; m. Providence, 
R. I., Aug. 4, 1871, by Rev. B. P. Byram, 
MARY ELLA CHAPPELL, dau. Jeremiah and 
Mary (Sisson) Chappell, b. New London, 
Conn., Nov. £4, 1647, d. Wellesley Hills, 
Mass., Oct. 28, 1910; int. Vernon Grove 
Cem., Milford, Mass. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Milford, Mass.: 

10432 LUELLA HATTIE, b. Mar. 11, 1873; 

10433 Herbert Chappell, b. Aug. 11, 
1880; unm.; res. 1069 Madison Ave. 
New York, N. Y. 

6262 INA M. BALLOD (ira. Ma j . Alfred, 
Dea. Ariel, Ariel, James, James, Maturin) 
b. Cumberland, R. I., June 14, 1868, d. 


June 15, 1929; iht. Parkersburg, W. Va.j 

m. (1) EDWARD PRATT; (2) ; (3) WADE 


Issue, PRATT: 

10434 Florence. 

fred, Dea. Ariel, Ariel, James, James, 
Maturin), b. Cumberland, R. I., Nov. 6, 

In 1890, under the name of Arthur 
Adams, Mr. ^llou enlisted from Provi- 
dence, R. I. in the United States Army, 
and in three years bad attained the rank 
of Sergeant of Troop K, 1st Cavalry. 

6266 IRA ARNOLD BALLOU (ira, MaJ. Alfred, 
Dea. Ariel, Ariel, James, James, Maturin), 
b. Cumberland, R. I., Oct. 15, 1876; m. 
(1) FANNY SCHOFIELD; (2) New York City, 
July 1896, IDA JANE GIRARD, dau. Freder- 
ick Girard; member B.F.A.; res. 2924 
Pawtucket Ave., East Providence, R. I. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

10435 Gladys May, m. ; issue; 

10436 Gladys May. 

10437 Arthur Frederick, m. at the "Old 
Ballou Meeting house," Cumberland, 
Doris Anthony. 

10438 Ira, d. in infancy. 

10439 Ira Arnold, Jr., m. E. Providence, 
Ruth Kent. 

10440 Leroy. 

10441 Avis Geneva. 

6267 ARIEL OTIS BALLOU (ira, MaJ. Alfred, 
Dea. Ariel, Ariel, James, James, Maturin), 
b. Cumberland, R. I., Apr. 7, 1878, d. 
Feb. 19, 1915; int. Cook Cem., E. Woon- 
socket, R. I.; m. Woonsocket, R. I., Dec. 
6, 1900, by Rev. Charles J. White, CORA- 
BELL DARLING, dau. Henry Martin and Jjil- 
iet E. (Smith) Darling, b. Apr. 9, 1880, 
who m. (2) Jonathan Andrews, of Woonsock- 
et, R. I. No issue. 

Mr. Ballou was a salesman for a fruit 
concern. His sister. Nettle Gertrude 
Ballou, is an esteemed member of the 



Alfred, Dea. Ariel, Ariel, James, Janes, 
Matiirln), b. Cumberland, B. I., Feb. 19, 
1880, d. Jan. 19, 1919; m. JESSE W. 
FEAHKLIH, s. Alfred C. FranJtUn, of Dia- 
mond Hill, b. Pawtucket, B. I., 1872; 
she is int. Diamond Hill, B. I. Cea. 

Issue, FBAMLIH: 

10442 Gertrude, d. in infancy. 

10443 Eurilla Gertrude, b. July 3, 1899; 

m. Bigelow; issue, Bigelow: 

10444 Son, m. . 

10445 Alfred, d. ae. 67. 

10446 Jesse W., Jr., b. June 7, 1907. 

10447 Vincent Ballou, b. July 24, 1913. 

10448 Arleta, b. Jan. 19, 1919. 

fred, Dea. Ariel, Ariel, James, James, 
Uaturin), b. Cumberland, B. I., Mar. 3, 
1882; m. Pittsburg, Pa., Aug. 14, 1902, 
Palmyra, Lebanon Co., Pa., b. Lebanon 
Co., Pa., May 1, 1884; res. 61 Beacon 
Ave., Providence, B. I. 

Issue, BALLOO: 

10449 James Alfred, b. Aug . 22, 1903. 

Alfred, Dea. Ariel, Ariel, James, James, 
Maturin), b. Cumberland, B. I., Jan. 10, 
1886; m. ALMA HAMBLETOH; mechanic; res. 
1126 Fox Street, Denver, Colo. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

10450 Retta. 

come Ballou Sayles, Daniel Sayles, Jr., 
Eunice Ballon, Ariel, James, James, Mat- 
urin), b. Providence, R. I., Feb. 17, 
1848, d. Green Hill, B. I., Sept. 8, 
1910; int. Swan Point Cem., Providence, 
B. I.; m. Providence, R. I., Dec. 19, 
1866, by Rev. ^nry Waterman, JAMES HEHRY 
TOWER, s. Emerson Tower, b. Providence, 
R. I., May 21, 1847, d. Aug. 13, 1921, 
who m. (2) July 23, 1914, Amy D. Tempest, 
a widow, by irtiom he had as. James Henry, 
Jr., b. Oct. 24, 1917. 

Issue, TOWER, b. Providence, R. I.t 

10451 Clifford Sayles, b. Nov. 13, 1867; 
m. Fannie Boza Ballou. 

10452 Lewis Philip, b. Mar. 6, 1869; ■. 
Grace Bernon Ingraham. 

10453 Mona Elizabeth, b. Mar. 9, 1871; 
m. Providence, Oct. 29, 1896, bty 
Bev. Floyd Tompkins, BenJaMln 
Pearce Harris, s. Thomas Harris, 
b. Providence, Mar. 17, 1873; is- 
sue, Harris, b. Providence, R. I.: 
10454 Benjamin Pearce, Jr., b. 

Jan. 20, 1901. 

Whipple, Lydia Braley, Esther Ballou, 
Ariel, James, James, Maturin), b. Cumber- 
land, R. I., Aug. 21, 1861, d. Provi- 
dence, B. I., Sept. 8, 1926; m. (1) Cum- 
berland, B. I., Jan. £3, 1888, by Rev. 
William Sheafe Chase, ELLA E. ADAMS, dau. 
Jason B. Adams; (2) MBS. ELIZABETH FBEHZ, 
of Milford, Mass.; int. Quaker Cem., E. 
Blacks tone, Mass. 

Issue, WHIPPLE, by 1st wife, b. Cumber- 
land, R. I.: 

10455 Myra Scott, b. ; m. Pawtucket, 

Stanley Emery. 

Whipple, Lydia Braley, Esther Ballou, 
Ariel, James, James, Maturin), b. Woon- 
socket, H. I., June 25, 1868, d. West 
Wrentham, Mass., Oct. £1, 19£6; m. Woon- 
socket, R. I., Jan. 1, 1908, by Rev. 
William Arthur ^ompson, JOHN OILMAN, of 
Woonsocket, R. I., idio d. So. Uzbrldge, 
Mass., Jan. 1920; int. West Wrentham, 
Mass. Cam. No issue reported. 

6381 WALTER ADIN WHIPPLE (Adln Ballou 
Whipple, Lydia Braley, Esther Ballou, 
Ariel, James, James, Maturin), b. Woon- 
socket, B. I., Jan. 23, 1871; m. Woon- 
socket, R. I., Oct. 18, 1899, by Bev. 
William Sheafe Chase, ANNIE MAY FOLLETT, 
dau. William and Battle Follett. 

Issue, WHIPPLE, b. Woonsocket, B. I.: 

10456 Adin Raymond, b. July 10, 1900. 

10457 Battle Alva. 

10458 Lester. 

10459 Albert. 

10460 Gladys. 

10461 Ivan. 
1046£ Thelma. 

6382 LEANDEB CHiSB WHIPPLE (Adin Ballou 



Whlppls, Lydla Braley, Esther Ballou, 
Arlelf Jaaes; Janes, Maturln), b. Woon- 
socket, B. I., Hot. 30, 1874; a. (l) 
Cmberland, R. I., July 6, 1900, LIL- 
Henry and llpha Jlllson. 

Issue, WHIPPLB, by 1st wife, 1 b. E. 
Providence, £ b. E. Woonsocket, R. I.: 
1046S Gertrude Hay, b. Sept. 22, 1901; 
■. Woonsocket, Apr. 23, 1919, 
Bapvil Gariepy; issue, Qariepy, 
b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

10464 Leo Delphls, b. Sept. 30, 

10465 Wilfred Roland, b. Oct. 
26, 1921. 

10466 Robert Barle, b. May 5, 

10467 Elaine Marie, b. Mar. 5, 

10468 Grace Belle, b. Jan. 22, 1904; 
■. Woonsocket, July 26, 1927, by 
ReT. C. ▲. Denfield, Oscar Bar- 

6883 BOTH ALPHA WHIPPLE (Adin Ballon 
Whipple, Lydia Braley, Esther Ballou, 
Ariel, James, Janes, Maturin), b. Woon- 
socket, R. I., Dec. 28, 1876; n. Provi- 
dence, R. I., Oct. 26, 1901, by Rev. 
Edwin Bronley, LESTER C. WALES, s. Wil- 
lian and Annie Wales, of Woonsocket. 

Issue, WALES, b. Providence, R. I.: 

10469 Annie Lora, b. Jan. 6, 1904. 

10470 Eldred Ballou, b. Oct. 12, 1905 . 

lou Whipple, Lydia Braley, Esther Bal- 
lon, Ariel, Janes, Janes, Maturin), b. 
Woonsocket, B. I., Apr. 18, 1880; n. 
(1) Dec. 22, 1908, VERA COOK, dau. Wil- 
llaa Cook, of West Wrenthan, Mass., 
who d. lar. 1, 1910; int. West Wrenthan, 
dau. Everard Rufus and Hellie Burt 
(Coonbs) Cook, b. Wrenthan, Mass., July 
31, 1886. 

Issue, WHIPPLB, by 2nd wife: 

10471 Elner. 

10472 Henry Willard. 

10473 Ralph. 

10474 Carl. 

6512 CORA MAY SCOTT (Orlando Scott, 
Enery Scott, Selah Ballou, Allel, Janes, 
James, Maturin), b. Belliqghan, Mass., 
Aug. 30, 1855; m. (l) June 6, 1873, 
FLETCHER, b. prob. Franklin, Mass. 

Issue, CARROl: 

6517 Florence M., b. May 11, 1874. 

6518 Maud C, b. June 15, 1877. 

6519 Ada W., b. Dec. 18, 1880. 

6520 Jeravad W., b. May 25, 1882. 

Scott, Emery Scott, Selah Ballou, Ariel, 
James, James, Maturin), b. Belllngham, 
Mass., Aug. 13, 1857, d. Dec. 11, 1935; 
m. EMMA NELSOH, dec, b. Norway. 

His father, Orlando Scott, d. Aug. 
12, 1921; his mother, Ann Eliza (Chil- 
son) Scott, d. Apr. 19, 1916. 

Issue, SCOTT: 

10475 Stanley Earl, veteran of World 
War I; res. California. 

6514 ELMER ARHOLD SCOTT (Orlando Scott, 
Emery Scott, Selah Ballou, Ariel, Janes, 
James, Maturin), b. Belllngham, Mass., 
Oct. 12, 1659, d. Feb. 4, 1936; n. May 
30, 1877, ELLA MAI SEAGRAVE, dau. Clin- 
ton and Augusta M. (Bacon) Seagrave, b. 
Woonsocket, R. I., Feb. 26, 1862. 

Issue, SCOTT, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

6521 Bkhel M., b. Hov. 24, 1878. 

6522 Elner Arnold, Jr., b. Dec. 20, 

6523 Gracla, b. July 10, 1881, d. Apr. 
15, 1884. 

6524 George W., b. Mar. 21, 1884. 

6515 ADA VIRGIRIA SCOTT (Orlando Scott, 
Emery Scott, Selah Ballou, Ariel, Janes, 
James, Maturin), b. E. Blackstone, Mass., 
Feb. 22, 1862; n. Millville, Mass., Dec. 
6, 1663, by Mr. Beald, EDWARD ALEXASDER 
MAISFIELD, who d. Oct. 21, 1918; she res. 
52 Eln St., Westerly, R. I. 

Issue, MANSFIELD, b. Oxbridge, Mass.: 

10476 Emily, b. Jan. 6, 1890; m. Dec 
7, 1912, Stanley Morton Gunn, s. 
Horace Edgar and Enraa S. (Wood) 
Gunn, b. Uxbridge, July 15, 1890; 


pATfT-0? yA"T 


issue, Guirn, b. Prorldence, R. I.: 
10477 Edward Mansfield, b. Oct. 
25, 1913. 

6516 FRIHK EARL SCOTT (Orlando Scott, 
Emery Scott, Selah Ballou, Ariel, James, 
James, liaturln), b. Apr. 9, 1867; m. 
Hopedale, Mass., b7 Rev. Adin Ballou, 
EMMA DEARNLEY, b. Millville, Uass., d. 
Apr. 1935. No issue. 

Jefferson Scott, Selah Ballou, Ariel, 
James, James, Uaturin), b. Woonsocket, 
R. I., June 27, 1859, d. Woonsocket, R. 
I., Dec. 30, 1810; m. Woonsocket, R. I., 
Feb. 21, 1862, RDTH ALLENE RAHDALL, dau. 
Reuben G. and Alpha Madora (Cook) Ran- 
dall, b. Woonsocket, R. I., July 14, 
1859, d. Woonsocket, R. I., July 1, 

Issue, HUBBARD, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 
10478 Gertrude Atena, b. Apr. 28, 1887; 
m. Woonsocket, June 1, 1912, How- 
ard Seth Yoiing, s. George Warren 
and Emma Frances (Cook) Young , 
b. Woonsocket, Feb. 7, 1886; res. 
166 Arlington Ave., Providence, 
R. I.; member B.F.A.; issue. 
Young, 1-3 b. Woonsocket, 4 b. 
Providence, R. I.: 

10479 Eleanor, b. Mar. 3, 1915. 

10480 Randall Hubbard, b. July 
29, 1916. 

10481 Ruth Frances, b. Jan. 25, 

10482 Howard Seth, Jr., b. June 
29, 1924. 

Jefferson Scott, Selah Ballou, Ariel, 
James, James, Maturin), b. Woonsocket, 
R. I., May 9, 1863; m. Hew York City, 
Sept. 8, 1897, MAY FICHTELMANH, dau. 
John and Dorothea (Trunk) Fichtelmann, 
b. lew York City, July 22, 1881, d. N. 
J., Hov. 20, 1925. 

Issue, HUBBARD, b. lew York City: 
10463 Edna May, b. Feb. 7, 1903; m. 
Hov. 19, 1927, Reginald West; 
issue. West, b. Hew York City: 
10484 Evelyn May, b. May 31, 
10485 Clinton, b. Jan. 1, 1906; m. (1) 

July 4, 1928, Martha Layton, who 
d. May 23, 1934; (2) Apr. 9, 
1939, Elmyra Lang; issue, Hub- 
bard, by 1st wife: 

10486 Ellen May, b. N. J., Apr. 
20, 1929. 

10487 Clinton, Jr., b. Apr. 
1931, d. 1932. 


Jefferson Scott, Selah Ballou, Ariel, 
James, James, Maturin), b. Woonsocket, 
H. I., Feb. 2, 1866; m. Woonsocket, R. 
I., Aug. 22, 1888, MALCOLM A. RAWSON, 
s. James and Louisa (Scott) Rawson, b. 
Uxbridge, Mass., Jxine 4, 1854, d. Port- 
land, Ore., Sept. 16, 1917; she res. 

Issue, RAWSOH, b. La Crosse, Wis.: 
10488 Malcolm H., b. May 4, 1890; m. 

; issue, Rawson, b. Portland: 

10469 Duncan Horace, b. Aug. 3, 

1912, d. ae. Im. 
10490 Donald Dudley, b. Aug. 3, 
1912; twins legally 
adopted by paternal grand- 

Scott, Jefferson Scott, Selah Ballou, 
Ariel, James, James, Maturin), b. Woon- 
socket, R. I., Mar. 2, 1869; m. Woon- 
socket, R. I., Oct. 22, 1890, SARAH 
CAMPBELL, dau. James J. and Aurilla 
(Marshall) Campbell, b. Woonsocket, R. 
I., Sept. 15, 1869; res. 16 Richardson 
Ave., Arlington Heights, Mass. 

Issue, HUBBARD, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 
10491 Allene Frances, b. June 21, 

1692; unm. ; contributed much of 
these data, for which we are 

9536 SUMHER EARLE SCOTT (Austin Jeffer- 
son Scott, Jefferson Scott, Selah Bal- 
lou, Ariel, James, James, Maturin), b. 
Woonsocket, R. I., Dec. 19, 1867; m. 
Woonsocket, R. I., Aug. 26, 1690, GRACE 
LILLIAH CARSOH, dau. William Henry and 
Sarah Jane (Ballou) Carson, b. Worces- 
ter, Mass., Aug. 26, 1872; retired drug- 
gist; acknowledge with thanks his very 
able assistance; res. 153 James St., 
East Providence, R. I. 



Issue, SCOTT, b. Woonsocket, R. I.x 
10492 Earle Wllllan, b. June Sl> 1891, 
d. E. ProTidence, Aug. 27, 1940; 
B. E. Providence, June 21, 1916, 
Mildred Lore joy Short, dau. Fred- 
erick Oscar and Ida May (Matte- 
son) Short, b. E. Providence, 
Jan. 23, 1891j partner in J. H. 
Williams & Co., undertakers, now 
managed by wife and son; member 
Alpha Lodge, I.O.O.F., M.U., and 
several masonic bodies; int. 
Carpenter's Cem., Riimford, R. I.; 
issue, Scott, b. E. Providence: 
10493 Earle William, b. Mar. 
25, 1918; grad. Eccles 
School of Embalming, Phila 
delphia. Pa., 141. 
10494 Charles Sumner, b. Jan. 5, 1893; 
m. (1) Alice Manley, div.; (2) 
Providence, 1916, Hazel McLean, 
dau. Alexander McLean, b. Boston, 
d. Providence, Nov. 5, 1923; Int. 
E. Providence; (3) Boston, Oct. 
13, 1924, Margaret Edgecombe, dau 
Thomas George and Dorothy Hester 
(Hughes) (Ellis) Edgecombe, b. 
Liverpool, Eng., div.; World 
War I Veteran; issue, Scott, by 
1st wife, b. Providence, R. I.: 

10495 Lillian Rosaline, b. Jan. 
8, 1921. 

Issue, Scott, by 2nd wife, b. 
Providence, R. I.: 

10496 Horace Austin, b. Oct. 9, 

10497 Evelyn Ellis, b. May 16, 

10498 Marion Isadora, b. Oct. 4, 1894; 
m. Providence, Oct. 14, 1916, 
Percy Alton Kahrman, s. Charles 
Edward Julius and Emma Sophia 
(Heff) Kahrman, b. Hlgganum, Conn 
Feb. 23, 1890; issue, Kahrman, 
b. Providence, R. I.: 

10499 Grace Evelyn, b. June 29, 
1917; m. Providence, June 
17, 1939, Robert, s. Rob- 
ert and Rosalie Gretcben 
(Mclntyre) Fowler, b. 
Winthrop, Mass., Jan. 24, 

10500 Everett Edward, b. Mar. 
10, 1922. 

10501 Dorothy Edna, b. Mar. 10, 

9539 HATTIE BELLE SCOTT (Austin Jeffer- 
son Scott, Jefferson Scott, Selah Bal- 
lon, Ariel, James, James, Maturln), 
b. Woonsocket, R. I., May 5, 1874; m. 
Woonsocket, R. I., Oct. 10, 1900, WAL- 
TER LIHDSAY REDFERH, s. William and 
Elizabeth Laura (Shepley) Redf em, b. 
No. Smithfield, R. I., July 24, 1876, 
d. Daytom Beach, Fia., Mar. 20, 1939. 

Issue, REDFERB, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 
10502 Alice Bisbee, b. Oct. 3, 1902; 
m. Woonsocket, Sept. 7, 1928, 
Raymond H. Shaw, s. Herbert Bam- 
ford and Charlotte Copley (Row- 
bottom) Shaw, b. Lawrence, Mass., 
lov. 4, 1901; issue, Shaw, b. 
Woonsocket, R. I.t 

10503 Craig Scott Copley, b. 
Apr. 28, 1931. 

10504 Bruce Herbert Lindsay, 
b. Dec. 18, 1932. 

10505 Sarah Fiske, b. Sept. 15, 1906; 
m. Woonsocket, Jan. 25, 1930, 
William Mott Hall, s. Joseph 
Lindsay and Cora Mott (Child) 
Hall, b. Burlington, Vt., July 
10, 1906; instructor, M.I.T.; 
Issue, Hall, b. Boston, Mass.: 

10506 Peter, b. Mar. 22, 1933. 

10507 Joseph Lindsay, b. Jan. 
22, 1936. 

10508 Stephen Fiske, b. Aug. 6, 

Carpenter, Cynthia Aim Carglll, Dorcas 
Arnold, Bathsheba Ballou, James, Matur- 
ln), b. Lincoln, R. I., Dec. 13, 1879; 
m. Providence, R. I., Apr. 17, 1912, 
by Rev. John McD. Hervey, HUGH ALBERT 
WALKER, s. Hugh and Katherine (Munroe) 
Walker, b. Avondale, Nova Scotia, July 
28, 1876; President Walker Electric Co., 
Providence, R. I.; member B.F.A.; res. 
76 Overhill Rd., Providence, R. I. 

Issue, WALKER, b. Providence, R. I.: 

10509 Mary Louise, b. Jan. 22, 1915; 
grad. R. I. School of Design. 

10510 Edmund Hlxon, b. June 27, 1916; 
ed. Cushlng Academy and Babson, 
Jr. College. 

10511 Nancy Alberta, b. Oct. 10, 1920; 
ed. Ctishing academy. 



9543 RHODA WILDER COOK (Whipple Cook, 
Esek Cook, Bathanlel Cook, Martha Ballou, 
James, James, Maturln), h. Pelhaa, Mass., 
Sept. 17, 1826, d. Pawtucket, R. I., 
Jiine 14, 1653; m. about 1845, AlUSA SMITH 
GRAJJT, s. Eiephar*Ebenezer^John2Asa^ 
Grant, b. Cumberland, R. I., Maj 29, 
1822, d. Pawtucket, R. I., July 19, 
1885; Int. Swan Point Cem., Providence, 
R. I.; he m. (2) May 21, 1855, by Rer. 
Willard Jones, Eliza A. Cooke, b. Pelham, 
Mass., 1831, d. Pawtucket, R. I., 1856; 
(3) Central Falls, R. I., Sareih Padel- 
ford, who d. about 1920, and left the 
"Grant Home" to the I.W.C.A., its pres- 
ent use. 

Issue, GRAliT, by 1st wife: 

10512 Mary. 

10513 CLARA ELIZA, b. Aug. 12, 1849; m. 

10514 Opianna. 

Issue, GRAIIT, by 2nd wife: 

10515 Lloyd, b. 1856, d. Lady Lake, 
Lake Co., Fla., May 28, 1911; m. 
-; B.chn. 

6594 HEBRY BALLOO (Henry Ballou, Seth, 
Seth, James, Jeunes, James, Maturin), b. 
Richmond, N. H., July 12, 1817, d. 1904; 
m. ALZAIDA BALLOU, dau. Silas and Anna 
(Saunders) Ballou, b. Richmond, N. H. , 
July 28, 1820; m. July 4, 1841; she d. 
1902; int. Cass Cem., Richmond, S. H. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Richmond, N. H. : 

6604 Alden Francis, b. July 1, 1842, 
d. in Chicago from disease on way 
home from Civil War, Sept. 2, 1863; 
m. Mary, dau. Meuaan FFisher, of 
Fitzwilliam, H. H. Bo issue. 

6605 Lysander, b. Mar. 20, 1845, d. una., 
Oct. 31, 1862. 

6606 Charles L., b. Bov. 27, 1847, d. 
unm., July 2, 1878. 

6607 Henry Darling, b. Mar. 23, 1850, d. 
Apr. 11, 1861. 

6608 Fred L., b. Mar. 23, 1851, d. Oct. 
8, 1857. 

6609 Emma Ann, b. Apr. 19, 1853; m. 
Frank Wheelock; int. Swanzey, B. H. 
No issue. 

6610 HERBERT LESLIE, b. Aug. 25, 1858; m. 

6611 Arthur P., b. Feb. 16, 1862. 

6596 SIBIL BALLOO (Henry, Seth, Seth, 
James, James, James, Maturln), b. Rich- 
mond, N. H., June 5, 1820, d. Mar. 29, 
1887, ae. 65; m. May 10, 1839, JAMES A. 
MELLEB, who d. Bov. 12, 1870; int. Cass 
Cem., Richmond, B. H. 

Issue, MELLEB: 

10516 Arvilla J., b. Feb. 15, 1844; b. 
Henry 0. Curtis, b. 1840, d. 1907. 

10517 James N., b. June 28, 1846. 

10518 John, b. Apr. 9, 1848. 

10519 Hiram E., b. Dec. 11, 1851; m. 
Bov. 21, 1875, Eunice B. Martin, 
dau. Oanvers and Olive (Ihipple) 
Martin; issue, Mellen: 

10520 Clarence B. Martin, b. Aug. 
6, 1878. 

10521 Roy Martin, b. Apr. 26, 

10522 Almlra L., b. Oct. 10, 1854. 

Seth , Seth, James, James, James, Matur- 
in), d. Mew Haven, Conn., Apr. 1928; m. 
Bew Haven, Conn., by Rev. T. 0. Judd, 
W. Va., Dec. 22, 1866, d. Mew Haven, 
Conn., Sept. 1934; duuggist; 32° Mason. 
Issue, BALLOU, b. Mew Haven, Conn.: 

10523 CLARENCE LEROY, b. Mar. 2, 1886; 

10524 Earl Feronda, b. Feb. 8, 1889; m. 
Ella Taylor. 

10525 Everett Lester, b. Oct. 9, 1891; 
m. Marguerite Martin. 

6642 HARRIET A. BALLOU (James, Seth, 
Seth, James, James, James, Maturin), b. 
Richmond, N. H., Dec. 4, 1830, d. Sept. 
27, 1905; m. Richmond, B. H., Sept. 3, 
1850, DR. IRA WALDO RUSSELL, s. Levi and 
Elizabeth (*aldo) Russell, b. May 17, 
1825; int. Richmond, B. H. 

Dr. Russell was a doctor of Dental 
Surgery, and it was through the kindness 
of his granddaughter, Mrs. Foote, that 
we were able to bring this branch of the 
family to completion. 

Issue, RUSSELL, b. Winchester, B. H. : 

10526 Ceda Elizabeth, b. May 19, 1852. 

10527 FRANK ARTHUR, b. June 14, 1853; 


10526 BORTOH CHARLES, b. May S9, 1660; 

10529 William James, b. Aug. 16, 1662. 

6645 SARAH JABE BALLOO (James, Setb, 
Setb, James, James, James, Maturin), b. 
Richmond, N. H., June 17, 1636, d. Jan. 
6, 1662; m. Bot. 25, 1659, CHARLES HENRY 
PARKER, s. Amos A. 'and Mary (McClary) 
Parker, b. Amesbury, Mass., Sept. 16ZZ, 
d. Beaute La Rosse, La., during Civil 
lar; int. Beaute La Rosse, La. 

Mr. Parker enlisted in the lOth N. H. 
Regiment in 1661, and died after nine 
months of service. His daughter was 
adopted by her aunt and uncle, Mr. and 
Mrs. Roberts. 

Issue, PAREER: 

105S0 Ada, b. Bov. 5, 1860; m. Alexander 

M. Eadalle; res. Fltzwilliam, N. 


6656 LAURA E. BALLOU (William, John, 
Seth, James, James, James, Maturin), b. 
Springville, S. T., Apr. 10, 1817, d. 
Morton's Corners, N. 7., 1911; m. 18Z6, 
JOBS T. WELLS, s. Joseph Wells; int. 
Morton's Corners, H. 7. Cem. 

Issue, WELLS: 

6665 William J., b. Concord, S. T., 

Apr. 24, 1638, d. Aug. 7, 1913; 

m. Boston, B. 7., Aug. 10, 1863, 

Calista E. Wiiber, b. Collins, B. 

7., Bov. 25, 1840; issue. Wells: 

10531 Helen, b. Concord, Feb. 
18, 1668; m. (l) Jan. 25, 
1894, Edward B. Hatch; (2) 
Aug. 20, 1936, George E. 
Washburn; rea, R.F.D. 1, 
Springville, B. 7. 

6664 John Ballou, b. Concord, 1840, d. 
Springville, 1900; m. 1863, Mor- 
ton's Corners, Annls W. Pierce, 
b. 1845, Penn. ; farmer; issue. 
Wells, b. Springville, B. 7.: 

10532 Oworge M., b. 1864; m. Eliza 
beth Frew. 

10533 Margaret, b. 1865; m. Jos- 
eph Ballou, q.v. 

10534 Ida L., b. 1868; m. Clark 

10535 JAMES ENOCH, b. Aug. 17, 
1871; m. CORA B. JOBES. 


10536 John, b. 1878; m. Selina 

10537 Laura £., b. 1884; m. 
Lloyd A. Woolley. 

10538 James . 

6657 SOPHIA L. BALLOO (William, John, 
Seth, James, James, James, Maturin), b. 
Springville, B. 7., Mar. 2, 1820 (or 
WallingfoBd, Vt.), d. Springville, B. 7., 
1919, lacking 20 days of 100 years, teem- 
ed *a grand old woman."; m. CLINTON HAM- 

When she was six weeks old, she mig- 
rated with her parents to what was then 
the extreme west, and settled on the 
Holland Purchase, in which community 
her long «nd eventful life was spent. 

Her father, William Ballou, d. Spring- 
ville, 1866;her mother, at Morton's Cor- 
ners, Oct. 24, 1691, at the home of her 
daughter, Mrs. Wells; int. Rural Cem., 
Springville, B. 7. He was known as a 
great story-teller, a general character- 
istic in the '^llou family. Evenings 
he would relate continued stories to 
his children, which wovild t&ke several 
evenings to complete. This in spite of 
limited educational facilitiex in those 
days. His son John inherited this fac- 
ility, but not to such a marked degree 
as his father. 

1856, Mr. Ballou, Sr. bought one 
hundred acres from David Klngsley, Sr. 
on the Cattaragus Creek on Cattaraugus 
Street near Springville, B. 7. At the 
time of his death, which occurred on 
his farm, it consisted of eighty-five 
acres. Placing no faith in banks, he 
kept his money in a trunk under his bed. 

Issue, HAMMOBD, b. Springville, B. 7.: 

10539 Ursula, b. 1844, d. June 1928; m. 
Norman Crandall. 

10540 Josephine, b. May 30, 1846, d. 
Nov. 18, 1881; m. Henry Deet. 

10541 Eunice, b. Nov. 2, 1848; m. Spring 
ville, Frank Chase; res. there. 

10542 Ella (not Ellen), b. Dec. 13, 
1851; m. ^Springville, Charles 
Odell; res. Conneaut, Ohio. 

10543 Clinton, Jr., b. Jiily 1853, d. 
1669; res. Springville, N. 7. 

10544 William, b. Aug. 5, 1856; unm.; 
if living, residence vinknown. 

10545 Auges, b. Nov. 1, 1858; res. unm. 



Sprlngville, N. Y. 

6658 JOHM BALLOD (William, John, Seth, 
James, James, James, Matiarin), b. Zore, 
near Sprlngville, N. Y. , d. Sprlngville, 
N. y., Feb. 11, 1907, ae. 84; m. Wal- 
lingford, Vt., Oct. 22, 1843, MARY PER- 
IGO, b. Jan. 3, 1886, d. Mar. 24, 1925, 
ae. 99; int. Maplewood Cem. , Sprlng- 
ville, N. Y.; farmer; descendants still 
reside in Springvillej,N. Y. 

Issue, BALLOU, 1 b. Zore, 2-4 b. Spring- 
Tllle, M. Y.: 

6670 WILLIAM Z., b. Nov. 13, 1844; m. 

6671 Spencer, b. May 3, 1847, d. imm., 
Sprlngville, Aug. 24, 1937, ae. 
90y 3m 24d. Born on his grand- 
father's farm in Sprlngville, now 
owned hy Mrs. Boardman, he receiv- 
ed his education in the South 
School District of that town. Dur- 
ing his youth he worked on his 
grandfather's farm until he re- 
moved with his family to Morton's 
Corners, where he and his brother 
Charles ran a threshing machine 
for several seasons. Later he was 
employed by the Onion Telegraph 
Company and in that capacity work- 
ed on their line between Buffalo 
and Albany; employed in a Michigan 
lumber camp; with a surveying crew 
on the Buffalo, Rochester and 
Pittsburg R. R.; real estate sales 
man in Buffalo, building and sell- 
ing small homes. Endowed with 
wit, he excelled in entertaining 
friends with a fund of amusing 

6672 CHARLES, b. Jan. 1, 1851; m. 

6673 John Rosea, b. Mov. 22, 1862, d. 
unm., Sprlngville, N. Y. Employ- 
ed by Buffalo, Rochester and Pitts- 
burg R. I. Indebted for his aid. 
Landscape gardener. 

6677 JOHN DAVID BALLOD (John, John, 
Seth, James, James, James, Maturin), b. 
Wallingford, Vt., Nov. 2, 1827, d. Wal- 
lingford, Vt., Dec. 23, 1898; m. (l) July 
16, 1850, PHOEBE A. BRDCE, of Wardsboro, 
Vt., who d. Wardsboro, Vt., May 15, 1875; 
(2) Mar. 5, 1878, SARAH (ALLEN) RODND, 

dau. Anderson and Susan (Eddy) Allen, wid. 

Round, who d. Rutland, Vt., Oct. 11, 

1928, ae. 85y. No issue. 

A wheelwright by trade, he was skill- 
ed in woodwork of all kinds, including 
water wheels for power purposes. A man 
of the highest character, his word was 
as good as his bond. While he was 
rather short and thickset in form his 
brother, William Sabin Ballou, stood 
about 6 ft. 3 in. in height. 

Seth, James, James, James, Maturin), 
b. Ifcalllngford, Vt., Sept. 13, 1831, d. 
Nov. 11, 1898; m. Wallingford, Vt., Dec. 
29, 1864, by Rev. Aldace Walker, D.D., 
Andrews, b. Wallingford, Vt., Mar. 28, 
1841, d. Iftallingford, Vt., May 23, 1918; 
int. Wallingford, Vt. Cem. 

Mr. Ballou was a merchant, ranchman, 
miller and a prominent citizen. 1881- 
1886, he spent at Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Wallingford, Vt.: 

10546 HENRY LINCOLN, b. Sept. 22, 1865; 

10547 WILLIAM JOHN, b. June 18, 1871; 

6689 CHARLES F. BALLOD (David, John, 
Seth, James, James, James, Maturin), b. 
East Otto, N. Y., Sept. 30, 1840, d. be- 
fore Sept. 1929; m. Yorkshire, N. Y., 
Apr. 25, 1864, by Rev. Hathaway, MARY E. 
ELLIS, dau. Vkmiam and Mary (Finster) 
Ellis, b. iishford, N. y., Apr. 16, 1842; 
he d. Halifax, Dauphin Co., Perm. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Ashford, N. Y. : 

6699 Edward Ellis, b. Apr. 1, 1866. 

6700 Elon David, b. June 19, 1869. 

Bassett, Sarah Harkness, Susannah Ballou, 
James, James, James, Maturin), b. Cum- 
berland, R. I., July 1833; m. 1857, JOS- 
lAH NICHOLSON, s. Josiah and Anna (White) 
(Robinson) Nicholson, b. Belvidere, N. 
C, Apr. 13, 1831, d. Belvidere, 1867. 

Issue, NICHOLSON, b. Belvidere, N. C: 

10548 Dau. 



10549 Dau. 

10550 FRANCIS HERBERT, b. Dec. 21, 

6759 HENRY EDMUND BALLOD (Oziel, Eben- 
ezer, Oziel, James, James, James, Matur- 
in), b. Richmond, N. H., May 27, 1842; 

m. (1) ; (2) Boston, Mass., Oct. 20, 

1892, by Rev. Henry Ellis, a retired 
Baptist minister, AMY LEWIS, b. Point 
Edward, Cape Breton, N. S., July 21, 
1872; he d. Boston, Mass., Aug. 28, 1905. 

His son Arthur said: "My father had 
been previously married, date unknown, 
but there were children. 

Dr. Ballou was a practicing physician 
and surgeon in Boston and vicinity. Heo 
enlisted in the Civil War, Sept. 16, 
1861, mustered into service Sept. 20, 
1861 for three years in Co. B. 27th 
Mass. Vol. Infantry (occupation at that 
time mechanic) . Feb. 20, 1863, discharg- 
ed for disability, with rank of Serg't. 
He had prior service in Co. G. 1st N. 
H. Inf. for enlistment of 3 years, and 
claimed subsequent service in Hancock's 
Veterans* Corps. He was interred in Mt. 
Hope Cem., and his widow made her home 
with her son, Grover E. Ballou, at Ches- 
ter Depot, Vt. 

Issue, BALLOD: 

10551 Franklin, b. June 9, 1895, d. Aug. 

10552 Arthur Lewis, b. Maplewood, Mai- 
den, Mass., July 22, 1899; m. 
Chester, Vt., Mar. 24, 1922, by 
Oswald H. Rankin, GLENDEEN LAILA 
BOSWORTH, dau. Leon Henry and 
Jessie Elvira (Johnson) Bosworth, 
grddau. Levi and Maria L. L. 
(Wood) Bosworth, of Winchendon, 
Mass., b. Duxbury, Vt., Nov. 10, 
1898; attended public schools of 
Reading and Mt. Hermon School, 
Northfield, Mass.; member of Cong, 
church, Chester, Chester Grange 
and Sons of Onion Veterans of the 
Civil War; farmer; res. Chester, 
Vt.; issue, Ballou, b. Chester, Vt: 

10553 Bertha Kathryn, b. Apr. 6, 

10554 Marion Glendeen, b. May 
25, 1928. 

10555 Grover Edmtind, b. E. toston, Sept. 

21, 1901; m. Sept. 21, 1921, by 
Rev. Ralph M. Jones, Beryl L. 
Bosworth, dau. Leon Henry and 
Jessie Elvira (Johnson) Bosworth, 
b. Athol, Mass., Apr. 22, 1901; 
mechanic and farmer in No. Spring- 
field, Vt.; member of Baptist 
church, the Christian Endeavor 
Society and the Grange in that 
town, and formerly was attached 
to the Vermont National Guards; 
res. R. D. 1, Chester Depot, Vt.; 
issue, Ballou; 

10556 Edmund Levi, b. Chester, 
Aug. 7, 1922. 

10557 Clifford Henry, b. Reading, 
Mass., Aug. 17, 1924. 

10558 Grover Roscoe, b. Spring- 
field, Vt., Sept. 18, 1929. 

10559 Amy Beatrice, b. Boston, Nov. 19, 
1902, d. Sept. 2, 1903. 

10560 Henry Oiiel, b. Reading, July 2, 
1905; m. Reading, Aug. 27, 1926, 
by Rev. Louis Whitchurch, Mabelle 
Gertrude Stratton, dau. Charles 
Edson and Carris A. (Sias) Strat- 
ton, grddau. George Asa and Mary 
A. (Damon) Stratton, of New York, 
N. Y., b. Reading, June 25, 1906; 
machinist; Methodist; res. 240 
Main St., Reading, Mass.; issue, 
Ballou, b. Reading, Mass.: 

10561 Robert Lloyd, b. May 28, 

10562 Barbara Eleanor, b. May 3, 

6760 EMILY J. BALLOD (Oziel, Ebenezer, 
Oziel, James, James, James, Maturin), 
b. Richmond, N. H., Feb. 13, 1844, d. 

Jan. 30, ; m. (1) June 6, 1860, 

STEPHEN N. MARTIN, who d. Newburn, Mar. 
16, 1863 (enl. in Co. I 25th Regt., Mass. 
Volunteers); (2) LONDAY B. BOWEN; int. 
Forest Hnis Cem., Boston, Mass. 

Issue, MARTIN: 

10563 Addie E., b. So. Royalston, Mass., 
Mar. 27, 1861; m. Worcester, Jan. 
25, 1911, by Rev. Mr. Dean, Arthur 
H. Ross, s. Adolph M. Ross. 

Issue, BOWBN: 

10564 Minnie M., m. W. E. Hale, of 
Rindge, N. H. 

6764 JOHN FILLMORE BALLOD (Oziel, Eben- 



ezeif Ozlel, James, James, James, Matur- 
inT, b. Richmond, N. H., July 28, 185S, 
d. Swanzey, N. H., Dec. 23, 1928; m. 
(1) Mar. 2, 1874, JENNIE E. ELLOR, dau. 
Luke and Harriet (Case) Ellor, b. Rich- 
mond, N. H., Mar. 8, 1858; (2) Richmond, 
N. H., Apr. 13, 1886, by Key. Mr. Merri- 
field, MARY ETTA HOLBROOK, dau. Clark 
B. Holbrook, of Springfield, Mass., b. 
Springfield, Mass., May 13, 1862, d. 
Feb. 27, 1935; int. Mt. Caesar Cem., 
Swanzey, N. H. 

A farmer, he spent most of his life 
in Richmond and Winchester, N. H. We 
are indebted to his widow for the Infor- 
mation here given concerning this fam- 
ily and descendants. 

Issue, BALLOD, by 2nd wife, b. Swanzey, 

N. H.: 

10565 Mary Etta, b. Apr. 11, 1887; m. 
Swanzey, June 5, 1907, by Rev. 
Mr. Furness, Alexander Mason, 
s. Calvin and Abble F. (Alexan- 
der) Mason, b. Swanzey, Apr. 7, 
1880, div.; she makes her home 
with the children at Swanzey Lake 
and Richmond (Hillcrest), Vt.; 
he is in the insurance business; 
issue. Mason , b. Rutland, Vt.: 

10566 Alexander, b. June 27, 

10567 Frances Olive, b. Oct. 9, 
1910; grad. N. H. Univ., 

10568 Clark Holbrook, b. Dec. 12, 

10569 Charles Parker, b. July 1, 
1914; grad. Rutland HiS., 

10570 Florence E., b. June 21, 1889, d. 
Nov. 30, 1890. 

10571 Emily, b. May 3, 1892; m. Keene, 
N. H., June 30, 1915, by Rev. R. 
Roundy, F. Frank Whitney; road 
contractor; res. Richmond, N. H.; 
no issue. 

10572 Charles Holbrook, b. June 28, 
1899; m. (l) Ethel Mary Priest, 
b. Oct. 11, 1898, d. Keene, Mar. 
20, 1925; int. Case Cem., Swanzey, 
N. H.; (2) Keene, Sept. 29, 1925, 
by Rev. Austin Reed, Ebba B. Lar- 
son, dau. Alexander and Selma 
(Anderson) Larson, b. Keene, 

Feb. 7, 1899; airplane mechanic; 
res. Swanzey, N. H.; issue, 
Ballou, by 2nd wife: 
10573 Ebba Barbara, b. Keene, 
May 26, 1926. 

6822 MARGARET RAY BALLOD (Jasper Newton, 
James, James, James, James, James, Matur- 
in), b. Montrose, la., June 24, 1867; 
m. Montrose, la., June 14, 1893, by Dr. 
McWain, JOHN P. KENNEDY, s. William and 
Maria (Dunn) Kennedy, b. Keokuk, la., 
Sept. 8, 1860, d. Montrose, la., Nov. 
11, 1935. 

Mr. Kennedy held the degree of LLD., 
Oniv. of Iowa; nurseryman and lawyer; 
representative from Lee Co., Iowa, to 
State Legislature, 1926- '27. 

Issue, KENNEDY, b. Montrose, la.: 

10574 Kathryn May, b. Feb. 29, 1896; 
unm.; B.A. , Oniv. of La.; M.A., 
Univ. of Southern California; 
head of Department of Speech, 
Long Beach Junior College, Long 
Beach, Calif. 

10575 Margaret Lillian, b. Feb. 4, 1898; 
m. Los Angeles, Sept. 3, 1930, 
Hal Gilbert King; res. 1446 No. 
Chevy Chase, Glendale, Calif.; 
issue. King, b. Los Angeles, Calif: 
10576 Kathryn Joyce, b. June 15, 

10577 Eleanor Ballou, b. Nov. 25, 1908; 
m. Keokuk, la., Apr. 22, 1931, 
by Dr. Foster, George *lelson Ben- 
ner, s. William Chauncey and Wil- 
helmina Josephine (Bolton) Benner, 
b. Nauvoo, 111., Feb. 19, 1905; 
farmer; 4 years, U.S. Bavy; res. 
Montrose, la.; issue, Benner, b. 
Montrose, la.: 

10578 John William, b. Nov. 28, 

10579 George Patrick, b. Aug. 17, 

Note: Mrs. Benner received her 
B.A., Univ. of California, Los 
Angeles, Calif., 1930. 

6823 JAMES WILLIAM BALLOD (Jasper Newton, 
James, James, James, James, James, Matur- 
in), b. Montrose, la., JmIj 21, 1869, d. 
Montrose, la., Aug. 24, 1904; m. Keokuk, 
la., Nov. 20, 1899, RENA ELLEN Le MATTY, 


dau. Joseph Francis and Adelaide (Jac- 
quot) Le Matty, b. Bushnell, 111., Apr. 
1, 187£, who m. (2) Montrose, la., Feb. 
3, 1907, William Knox McCann, s. Lorenz 
and Lydia Arabel (Knox) McCann; int. 
Montrose, la. Gem. 

Issue, B&LLOO, b. Montrose, la.: 
10580 Margaret Adelaide, b. Aug. 24, 

1900; m. Montrose, Oct. SO, 1924, 
by Rev. McKee, Howard Smith 
Wright, s. Samuel Smith and Jennie 
(Megchelsen) Wright, b. Montrose, 
Mar. 14, 1901; farmer; res. R.F.D. 
Fort Madison, la.; issue, Wright, 
b. Fort Madison, la.: 
10581 Howard Emerson, b. June 1, 

10582 Eleanor May, b. Oct. 7, 1902, d. 
July 9, 1903. 

10583 James William, Jr., b. Oct. 23, 
1904; unm. 

ton, James, James, James, James, James, 
Maturin), b. Montrose, la., Dec. 9, 
1871, d. Fort Dodge, la., Aug. 28, 
1939; m. Des Moines, la., Iilpv. 6, 1901, 

by Rev. J. Ernest Cathell, ZOLA INEZ PITT, 
dau. John F. and Ada (Snyder) Pitt, b. 
Bethany, Mo., Jan. 8, 1875; he is int. 
Woodlawn Cem. , Des Moines, la. 

Proprietor of The Ballou Printing and 
Bindery, Washington, D. C. Later, office 
supply salesman for The Messenger Co., 
Fort Dodge, la. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Washington, D. C: 

10584 RICHARD PITT, b. Mar. 20, 1906; 

6825 HARRY WATSON BALLOD (Jasper Newton, 
Jajiies, James, James, James, James, Matur- 
in), b. Montrose, la., Sept. 15, 1876, d. 
Fort Madison, la., Sept. 21, 1938; m. 
Newmarket, la., Dec. 16, 1903, NELLIE EVE 
ROWE, dau. William Henry and Mary E. 
Bowe, b. Taylor Co., la., Nov. 14, 1878; 
Spanish-American War Veteran; conductor, 
Sante Fe RR. 

Issue, BALLOD: 

10585 HARRY GILBERT, b. Centerville, la., 
Dec. 6, 1905; m. GLENDORA EDIE 


10586 William Jasper, b. Ft. Madison, 
Dec. 6, 1907; m. Olatha, Kans., 
Aug. 18, 1934, Alice Lou White- 
nack, dau. James 6. and Maggie 
Lou (Kellough) Whitenack, b. 
Colorado, Tex., Jan. 2, 1907; 
Lombard College, 1926- '30; Kansas 
Univ., Lawrence, Kans., 1930- '31; 
owns and operates service station, 
Kansas City, Mo.; res. 4527 Main 
St., Kansas City, Mo. No issue. 

James Abram Garfield, Elizabeth Ballou, 
James, James, James, James, Maturin), b. 
Hiram, Ohio, Oct. 11, 1863; m. Menton, 
Ohio, June 14, 1888, by Revs. Sprecher 
and Davis, BELLE HARTFORD MASON, dau. 
James and '-aroline (Robinson) Mason, 
grddau. Roswell and Ann (Potter) Mason, 
of Steubenville, Ohio, b. Cleveland, 
Ohio, Jiily 7, 1864; res. 1529 New Hamp- 
shire Ave., Washington, D. C. 

"Harry Augustus Garfield, educator; 
A.B., "illiams College, 1885; student 
Columbia Oniv. Law School, 1886-87, LL. 
D. , Princeton, and Dartmouth, 1908, Am- 
herst, Wiesleyan, 1900, *illiam and Mary, 
1921, Harvard Univ., 1928, Toronto Dnlv., 
1933; L. H. D. Whitman Coll. 1919. 
Teacher of Latin and Roman history, St. 
Paul's School, Concord, N. H., 1885- 
1886; practiced law as member firm, 
Garfield, Garfield & Howe, Cleveland, 
1888-1903; prof, contracts. Western Re- 
serve Oniv. Law School, 1891-97; prof, 
politics, Princeton Univ., 1903-08; 
president Williams Coll., 1908-34; presi- 
dent emeritus 1934 — . Chmn. inst. of 
Politics, 1920—; Chmn. Price Com. of 
0. S. Food Admn. Apptd D. S. fuel ad- 
ministrator by Pres. *ilson, Aug. 1917. 
Pres. Cleveland Chamber of Commerce, 
1899-99; an organizer, 1896, and later 
pres. Municipal Assn. Cleveland. Mem. 
Am. Hist. Assn., Am. Econ. Assn., Am. 
Polit. Science Assn. (Pres. 1923), Am. 
Soc. Internat. Law, Am. Bar Assn., Nat. 
Municipal League, Nat. Inst. Social 
Sciences, League of Nations Non-Pafctisan 
Assn., Am. Acad. Polit. and Social 
Science; council on foreign relations 
World Peaca Foundation (trustee)." 
(From Who's *"ho in Am., Vol. 19, 1936- 
1937) . 



Issue, GARFIELD, 1-3 b. Cleveland, 4 b. 

Willoughby, Ohio: 

10587 James, b. Oct. 28, 1889; m. Albany 
N. Y., Jan. 20, 1923, by Rev. Hen- 
ry W» Hobson, of Worcester, Mass., 
Edith Townsend, dau. Frederick de 
Peyster Townsend, of Cooperstown, 
M. Y., b. Caabridge, Mass., Jan. 
17, 1899; grad. Williams Coll., 
1911, A.B., Harvard Law School, 
1915 ; lawyer; res. 14 Hubbard 
Park, Cambridge, Mass.; issue, 
Garfield, b. Boston, Mass.: 

10588 John Robinson, b. May 11, 

10589 Elizabeth Ann, b. July 29, 

10590 Harry Augustus, b. 1932. 
10591 Mason, b. Oct. 5, 1892; m. Salem, 

Mass., Feb. 19, 1916, by Rev. Jam- 
es P. Franks, Harriet W. Pew, dau- 
Gen. William G. Pew, b. Salem, 
Oct. 29, 1894; res. River Road 
Farm, Concord, Mass.; issue, Gar- 

10592 Alicia Rudolph, b. Rock- 
port, Mass., July 22, 

10593 Louise Huntington, b. Con- 
cord, Feb. 16 or 19, 1919. 

10594 Lucretia, b. Jan. 18, 1894; ■. b 
Williamstown, Mass., Dec. 22, 
1925, by Rev. Dr. S. V. Holmes, 
of Buffalo, John Preston Comar, 
s. S. A. Comer, of Dallas, Tex., 
b. Planco Co., Tex., Sept. 6, 
1888; she grad. Bryn Mawr Coll., 
1916, A.B.; he is a ^rof. of 
Government at Williams College; 
issue. Comer: 

10595 John Preston, Jr., b. 
Brookline, Oct. 23, 1926. 

10596 Laura, b. Pittsfield, 
July 17, 1929. 

10597 Stanton, b. Aug. 3, 1895; m. Lit- 
tle Boar's Head, N. H., Sept. 9, 
1922, Lucy S. Hodgee, dau. George 
S. Hodges; res. Monument St., 
Concord, Mass.; issue, Garfield: 

10598 Mary Burnett, b. Hew Haven, 
May 9, 1924. 

10599 Stanton, Jr., b. Oct. 22, 
1925, New York, N. Y. 

10600 George Hodges, b. -Boston, 
Mar. 17, 1928. 

Abram Garfield, Elizabeth Ballou, James, 
James, James, James, James, Maturin), b. 
Hiram, Ohio, Oct. 17, 1865; m. Boston, 
Mass., Dec. 30, 1890, HELEN NEWELL, b. 
1866, d. 1930; res. Menton Lake Co., 

"James Rudolph Garfield, ex-Secretary 
of the Interior; A.B. , Williams Coll., 
1885; studied Colvunbia Law School; LL. 
D., 0. of Pittsburgh, 1900. Admitted 
to bar, 1888; mem. Ohio Senate, 1896-99; 
mem. U. S. Civil Service Com., 1902§03; 
com. of corpns., D. s. Dept. of Commerce 
and Labor, 1903-07; Sec. of the Interior 
in cabinet of Pres. Roosevelt, Mar. 4, 
1907-Mar. 4, 1909; in law practice at 
Cleveland since 1909. Republican." 
(From Who's Who in Am., Vol. 19, 1936- 

James Abram Garfield, Elizabeth Ballou, 
James, James, James, James, Maturin), b. 
Hiram, Ohio, Aug. 3, 1870; m. Boston, 
Mass., Oct. 16, 1906, SDSAN EMMONS, of 
Boston, Mass.; res. 127 Marlborough St., 
Boston, Mass. 

"Irvin McDowell Garfield, lawyer; 
prep, edu., St. Paul's School, Concord, 
N. H. Admitted to Mass. bar, 1896, and 
began practice at Boston; mem. firm War- 
ren, Garfield, Whiteside & Lamson; chmn. 
bd. Lawrence Gas & Electric Co., H. E. 
Power Engineering & Service Corpn.; 
treas. & elk., Boston and Chelsea R. R. 
Co., Winnisimmet R. R. Co., East Middle- 
sex Street Ry Co., Boston and Revere 
Electric Street Ry. Co. Mem. Corpn. 
Warren Instn. for Savings (Boston). 
Trustee Peter Bent Brigham Hosp. Mem. 
Am. Bar Assn., Assn. Bar City of Boston, 
Assn. Bar City of New York. Alpha Del- 
ta Phi. Republican. Unitarian." 
(From Who's Who in Am., Vol. 19, 1936- 


10601 Eleanor, b. June 26, 1908. 

10602 Jane, b. May 10, 1910. 

10603 Irvin McDowell, Jr., b. Jan. 1913. 

6871 ABRAM GARFIELD (Pres. James Abram 
Garfield, Elizabeth Ballou, James, James, 




James, James, Uaturln), b. Washington, 
D. C, Nov. 21, 1872; m. Oct. 14, 1897, 
Ohio; res. Lake Shore Boulevard, Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

"Abram Garfield, architect; A. B., 
Williams Coll., 1893; B.S., Mass. Inst. 
Tech., 1896. Practiced in Cleveland 
since 1898, with F. B. Mead, 1898-1905, 
alone since 1905. Chmn. Citj Plan Comm., 
Cleveland, since July 1929. Apptd. mem. 
Commn. Fine Arts (national), 1925. Fel- 
low Am. Inst. Architects (dir. 1919-22, 
v. p., 1923-25); mem. Alpha Delta Phi. 
Republican." (From Who's Who in Am., 
Vol. 19, 1936-1937). 


10604 Edward W. 

10605 Mary Louise. 

6922 CHARLES R. BALLOD (Alonzo, Asqxiire, 
Russell, James, James, James, Maturin), 
b. Swanzey, N. H., Sept. 11, 1848; m. 
Keene, N. H., Feb. 22, 1875, by Rev. 
William 0. White, HENRIETTA ADA BROWN, 
dau. John R. and Ellen M. (Sebastian) 
Brown, b. Swanzey, N. H. , June 3, 1854; 
stone mason b]r trade. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Swanzey, N. H. : 

6929 Elmore R., b. Nov. 22, 1875; res. 
267 Water St., Keene, N. H.; unm. 

6930 Harry L., b. June 19, 1877; m. 
June 4, 1907, Ethel Langdon Evans. 

6931 Don Alonzo, b. Dec. 8, 1878; m. 
Springfield, Mass., Feb. 15, 1906, 
by Rev. Flint M. Bissell, Czatina 
Louise Whitcomb, dau. Leonard and 
Sophia Lucinda (Hill) Whitcomb, b. 
Swanzey, N. H., Dec. 25, 1882; 
carpenter; issue, Ballou, b. Spring 
field, Mass.: 

10606 Gordon Russell, b. May 2, 
1909, d. Oct. 10, 1909. 

10607 Vairis Czarina, b. June 2, 
1912, d. June 13, 1929. 

10608 Donna Ada, b. Longmeadow, 
Mar. 14, 1915. 

10609 Feme Hill, b. Longmeadow, 
Apr. 3, 1918, d. Dec. 23, 


10610 Miskel Fayne, b. Longmeadow, 
Apr. 14, 1921, d. Sept. 21, 

6932 Clyde M., b. Jan. 17, 1881, d. Mar. 
22, 1881. 

6933 Charles M., b. Jan. 14, 1884; m. 
Nov. 9, 1908, Mesota Izaphine Ram- 

10611 Ruth Sawyer, b. Sept. 4, 1887; m. 
Sept. 8, 1907, Edwin A. Sargent; 
d. Mar. 22, 1929. 

10612 Cora Ada, b. Sept. 24, 1891; unm. 

10613 Annis i-llen, b. July 24, 1894; m. 
June 26, 1928, Walter Merritt Tacy. 

10614 Mary Edna, b. Sept. 25, 1897; m. 
Mar. 27, 1917, Theodore P. Tellier; 
res. West Hasren, Conn. 

6925 GEORGE 0. BALLOD (Alonzo, Asquire, 
Russell, James, James, James, Maturin), 
b. Swanzey, N. H., Nov. 1, 1858, d. Swan- 
zey, S. H. , Jan. 16, 1933, in 75th yr.; 
m. Swanzey, N. H. , Sept. 3, 1882, by 
Rev. Mr. Sanderson, AflUA R. HALE, dau. 
John D. and Abigail (Wright) Hale, b. 
Swanzey, N. H. , Oct. 18, 1865, d. Swqn- 
zey, N. H. ; int. Mt. Caesar Cem., Swan- 
zey, N. H. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Swanzey, N. H. : 

10615 Susan May, b. Dec. 29, 1883; grad. 
Fitchburg Teachers Coll., Fitch- 
burg, Mass.; unm.; school teach- 
er. Palmer, Mass. Our thanks for 
her valuable assistance. 

10616 Nellie Sadie, b. Sept. 1, 1888; 
m. Keene, July 23, 1907, by Rev. 
Joseph Walther, Burton W. Thomp- 
son, s. Joseph and -Alice Mary 
(Cushing) Thompson, b. Surry, N. 
H., Oct. 13, 1881; manager of 
soda plant; res. 61 Terrace St., 
Keene, N. H.; issue, Thompson, 1 
b. Swanzey, N. H., 2-3 b. Keene, 
N. H.: 

10617 Grace M., b. May 1, 1908. 

10618 Mabel A., b. Dec. 4, 1909; 
m. Oct. 18, 1936, Chester 
Elmo Watts, s. Albion and 
Martha (Young) Watts, b. 
Canaan, Vt., May 23, 1911; 
m. by Rev. Franklin Saye, 
of Laconia. 

10619 Viola N., b. Aug. 20, 1911. 

10620 JOHN LAWRENCE, b. Mar. 6, 1890; 

10621 EARL MAYNARD, b. June 17, 1894; m. 



10622 Herman Wallace, b. Feb. 23, 1900; 
m. Moravia, Cayuga Co., N. Y., Aug 
29, 1927, by Rev. Mr. Woods, Zoe 
Kingsbury, dau. Edwin and Joseph- 
ine (Reynolds) Kingsbury, b. 
Keene, May 4, 1902; weaver; res. 
631 Court St., Keene, N. H. j no 

6952 DEFOREST BALLOU (Almando, Luther, 
Russell, James, James, James, Maturin), 
b. Richmond, N. H., Apr. 29, 1854; m. 
Philadelphia, Pa., Mar. 30, 1883, MARIA 
ORD McCLDRE, dau. John and Anna McClure, 
b. Philadelphia, Pa., Bar. 25, 1849, d. 
Cynwyd, Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 15, 1921; 
he d. Apr. 10, 1934. 

1933, Mr. Ballou was rounding out a 
well spent life as a successful and well 
known attorney with offices at 324^25 Ste 
phen Girard Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Philadelphia, Pa.: 

10623 DEFOREST, JR., b. Mar. 21, 1885; 

10624 VICTOR, b, Apr. 22, 1886; m. GRACE 

10625 Marie Ord, b. Mar. 5, 1887, d. 
Cynwyd, Dec. 19, 1892. 

10626 Rene, b. Oct. 7, 1889, d. Cynwyd, 
Dec. 19, 1892. 

Carrier, Stephen, Nathaniel, Amariah, 
Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. New Haven, 
Vt. (not Monkton as per Ballou gen.). 
Mar. 12, 1833, d. Dixon, Lee Co., 111., 
Jiily 29, 1912; m. New York City, June 13, 
1867, by Rev. Thomas C. Smith, MERCY Mc- 
WILLIAMS, b. Bloomlngburg, N. Y., Sept. 
12, 1834, d. Dixon, 111., Mar. 27, 1898; 
int. Oakwood Cem., ^ixon. 111. 

At the age of ten years, he went to 
live with a family named Barnum in Ver- 
mont until manhood when he west West to 
Ottawa, Illinois and associated himself 
with George Schxiler in 1860 in the hard- 
ware business. In 1863, he went to Dix- 
on with Mr. Schuler and was with him for 
twenty years in the mercantile business. 
He then entered the dry-goods business 
with E. W. Smith under the firm name of 
"Smith and Ballou." 1890, he purchased 
Mr. Smith's interest and conducted the 


business until 1898 irtien he sold to W. 
F. Weaver. A respected citizen and 
business man of Dixon. He met his wife, 
the youzigest of ten children, while she 
was on a visit in Dixon. Devout Metho- 
dists. Republican. Mason. Clerk of 
the "Modern Workmen" for several years. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Dixon, 111.: 

10627 Willie S., b. Aug. 9, 1868, d. of 
cholera infantum, Aug. 5, 1869. 

10628 Francis As bury, b. Apr. 1, 1870, 
d. Dixon, Dec. 14, 1911; m. Dix- 
on, Sept. 1, 1897, Katherine Len- 
non; worked for father and Mr. 
Weaver, later with the Geisen- 
heimer & Co.; methodist; no issue. 

10629 Philip Carrier, b. Sept. 18, 1872, 
drowned in Rook River, Dixon, 

May 26, 1891; int. Oakwood Cem., 
Dixon, 111. 

10630 JAMES McWILLIAMS, b. June 18, 1877 

Carrier, Stephen, Nathaniel, Amariah, 
Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. Monkton, 
Vt., May 22, 1837; m. Monkton, Vt., 
HANNAH BROWN WHEELER, b. Henrysville, 
Canada East, Oct. 15, 1840. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Brimfield, Ohio, except 
4th b. Forrest, Livingston Co., 111.: 

10631 Lola Ann, b. Apr. 9, 1864. 

10632 Ina Lydia, b. Sept. 7, 1866; 1931, 
res. Genoa, 111. 

106S3 DR. PHILIP CLARK, b. Jan. 13, 

1868; m. (l) EUNICE A. MILLER; (2) 

10634 Minnie Lizzie, b. Apr. 19, 1870; 
m. C. G. ^andall; res. Evanston, 

10635 CHARLES WESLEY, b. -Apr. 12, 1874; 
m. (1) ; (2) IDA M. . 

lou, Ichabod, Nathaniel, Amariah, Nathan- 
iel, James, Maturin), b. Surry, N. H. , 
Nov. 4, 1857; m. Detroit, Mich., June 24, 
1884, SAMUEL ALLEN WAYCOTT, b. England or 
Aberdeen, Scotland, drowned 1888. Both 
schoolteachers . 

Issue, WAYCOTT: 

10636 Lottie, b. July 26, 1885. 

10637 Samuel Allen, Jr., b. Hov. 1886, 

BTP.HTH fly.lJF.RaTTr)M 


d. 1909; Int. Surry, M. H. 

7098 SUSAN AUMIS BALLOU (Rev. John Mc- 
Enlght, Michael W., Nathaniel, Amsrlah, 
Nathaniel, James, Maturin) , b. Gaines- 
ville, N. Y., Sept. 7, 1837, d. Chicago, 
111., Dec. 25, 1871J m. Waterloo, Iowa, 

Jan, 2, 1868, by Rev. , MORRIS CASE, 

b. New York State. 

Issue, CASE, b. Waterloo, Iowa: 

10638 Mills, Ballou, b. Apr. 23, 1869. 

10639 FRED E. BISSELL, b. Mar. 16, 1870; 

7102 EMMA LOVISA BALLOU (Rev. John Mc- 
Knight, Michael W., Nathaniel, Amariah, 
Nathaniel, James, Matiirln), b. (laines- 
ville, N. Y., Dec. 19, 1846, d. unm., Los 
Angeles, Calif., Jan. 11, 1933. 

Gradviated from the Gainesville Semi- 
nary, Miss Ballou was teacher and prin- 
cipal in the public schools in Jersey 
City for many years, retired and west to 
Los Angeles in 1923 to spend her last 
years with John McKnight and Ralph Matur- 
in Ballou. An vinusual character, kindly, 
unselfish, with a deep faith in God and 
human nat\ire. Her book, "Guide Right," 
an elementary book on ethics is used in 
the Public Schools of the United States, 
and an edition published in Chinese was 
used in China Mission Schools. 

Knight, Michael Ware, Nathaniel, Amariah, 
Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. Clarence, 
N. y., Dec. 7, 1858, d. New York City, 
Feb. 16, 1907; m. Independence or Dubuque 
Iowa, LOUISE MARSH UDALL, dau. Charles 
and Fredericka (Faulhaber) Udall, who d. 
Newton, N. J., Atig. 2, 1914. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

10640 CHARLES HERBERT, b. Jacksonville, 
Fla., Mar. 23, 1890; m. SOFIA 

10641 John McKnight, b. Newport, R. I., 
Dec. 6, 1891; imm.; grad. Cornell 
Univ., M.E., 1915; practicing Pro- 
fessional Mechanical Engineer; 
res. 1071 Meadowbrook Ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

10642 Edith, b. Newport, Oct. 14, 1894; 
m. DeWitt Clinton Ward; res. 

120 1/2 Jefferson Ave., Fairport, 
N. Y.; issue. Ward: 

10643 Louise. 

10644 John. 

10645 Robert. 

10646 Elizabeth. 

10647 Child. 

10648 Harold, b. Newport, Oct. 31, 1898; 
m. Ithaca, N. Y., 1922, Genla 
Dubin, who as Jenny Ballou cap- 
tured the Houghton Mifflin Litera- 
cy Fellowship prize with her 
"Spanish Prelude." Mr. Ballou 
has a B.A. , Cornell Univ., 1921 
or »22; M.A., 1923 or '24, Univ. 
of Michigan; 1930, located in 
France and Spain; was on the Re- 
habilitation Board at Key West, 
Fla.; res. 1101 S. Street, Key 
West, Fla., or Short Beach, Conn.; 
issue, Ballou, b. Madrid, Spain: 
10649 George. 

10650 Ralph Maturin, b. New York City, 
May 26, 1903; m. Jiily 8, 1929, 
Ethel Hartley; associated with 
brother John McKnight Ballou; 
res. 1071 Meadowbrook Ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif.; issue, Ballou: 
10651 Virginia Louise, b. Los 
Angeles, Oct. 3, 1931. 

McKnight, Michael W., Nathaniel, Amariah, 
Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. Gaines- 
ville, N. Y., Aug. 10, 1850; m. Ashtabula 
Ohio, Oct. 25, 1883, by Rev. Mr. Bailey, 
ELLEN FISH HUBBARD, dau. George C. and 
Elizabeth (Southworth) Hubbatd, b. Ash- 
tabula, Ohio. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Independence, Iowa: 

10652 Frederick Hubbard, b. July 30, 
1884; m. Mar. 23, 1913, ^dim. 
Beers Baker; res. Raymond, Alber- 
ta, Canada. 

10653 Lois, m. Paul Savage; res. Ashta- 
bula, Ohio. 

7126 HECTOR W. BALLOU (Philander, Mich- 
ael Ware, Nathaniel, Amariah, Nathaniel, 
James, Maturin), b. Waddington, N. Y., 
Mar. 28, 1852, d. Chicago, 111., Apr. 1, 
1916; m. Springfield, 111., Sept. 8, 
1880, MARGARET MULREADY, b. Springfield, 
111., May 31, 1854; he is int. Forrest, 
111. Cem. Superintendent of the Wabash 




Issue, BAILOO, 1-4 b. Canville, 111., 5- 
9 b. Forrest, 111.: 

10654 Ashley, b. May 21, 1882, d. Apr. 
8, 1900. 

10655 Grayce, b. Apr. 14, 1884; m. Dec. 
27, 1905, Frank McBridg, of 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Issue, 
McBrlde, b. Toronto, Can.: 

10656 Helen, b. Mot. 5, 1906; m. 
Aug. 28, 1930, Douglas 
Balling er. 

10657 Audrey, b. Jan. 19," 1911. 

10658 Edna, b. Oct. 21, 1914. 

10659 William, b. July 19, 1885; m. May 
24, 1917, Bessie Krause, of Chi- 
cago; res. Chicago, 111. No issue 

10660 Edna, b. Feb. IS, 1887; m. Chi- 
cago, Sept. 8, 1909, Charles L. 
Searcey; issue, Searcey: 

10661 Jeannette Frances, b. May 
14, 1910, d. Sept. 19, 
10662 Eva, b. May 18, 1889; m. Chicago, 
Aug. 14, 1928, Louis Taylor; is- 
sue, Taylor, b. Chicago, 111.: 
10663 Helen Louise, b. Aug. 27, 

10664 Helen C, b. Aug. 22, 1892, d. Feb 
7, 1893; int. Forrest, 111. Cem. 

10665 FRANK STEWART, b. Dec. 2, 1893; m. 

10666 Alma, b. Mar. 17, 1895; m. Chicago 
June 22, 1929, Ralph Smalley; res. 
Chicago, 111. No issue. 

10667 Helen Anita, b. Dec. 25, 1897; m. 
June 20, 1917, Herbert Haigh; is- 
sue, Haigh, b. Chicago, 111.: 

10668 John, b. June 27, 1918. 

10669 Francis, b. Nov. 27, 1919. 

71£7 LEWIS SIDNEY BALLOO (Philander, 
Michael W., Nathaniel, Amariah, Nathan- 
iel, James, Maturln), b. Waddington, N. 
Y., July 1, 1854; m. Watseka, 111., June 
15, 1882, by Rev. Mr. Cowes, JOANNA UP- 
SALL, dau. Henry and Margaret (Fulk) Up- 
sall, b. Warsaw, Ind., July 17, 1862, d. 
Fredariol Park, Ind., Sept. 15, 1915 ; 
railroad conductor. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Watseka, 111.: 

10670 HENRY PORTER, b. Mar. 9, 1883; m. 



10671 BERTHA MARTHA "PEGGY," b. Sept. 2, 

riah Elias, Amariah, Nathaniel, James, 
Maturin), b. Peru, Mass., Dec. 25, 1848, 
d. Berkshire, N. Y., Mar. 20, 1931; m. 
Berkshire, H. Y., Dec. 25, 1872, by Eld- 
er Porter, MARTHA J. DIMON, dau. Hiram 
and Nancy (Bullock) Dimon, grddau. Just- 
us Dimon, of Unadilla, N. Y. , b. Brad- 
ford, Co., Pa., Feb. 9, 1848, d. Berk- 
shire, N. Y., Apr. 25, 1918; int. Berk- 
shire, N. Y. Cem. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Berkshire, N. Y. : 

10672 Nellie Rosien, b. Sept. 23, 1874; 

10673 Bertie G., b. Oct. 27, 1880; m. 
Sayn, Pa., Feb. 1923, Mary Agnes 
Stott; farmer; res. Berkshire, N. 
Y. ; issue, Ballou, b. Newark Val- 
ley, N. Y.: 

10674 Walter Hiram, b. May 4, 

riah Elias, Amariah, Nathaniel, James, 
Maturin), b. Berkshire, N. Y., May 20, 
1863, d. Owego, N. Y., Aug. 12, 1939; 
m. Richf ord, N. Y., Mar. 16, 1886, by 
Rev. S, F. Wright, ETTA BELLE CLARK, 
dau. Abram^Augustus and Lydia (Hill) 
Clark, b. Richf ord, N. Y. , Wov. 25, 
1864; int. Newark, N. Y. Mausoleum. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Owego, N. Y.: 

10675 M. Vivian, b. Mar. 28, 1888; m. 

Owego, Dec. 24, 1906, Leon Charles 
Faulkner, s. John and Estella 
(Harrison) Faulkner, b. Calif., 
Nov. 22, 1884; ed. Owego Free Aca- 
demy; res. The Crest, The Child- 
ren's Village, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. ; 
issue, Faulkner, b. Owego, N. Y. : 

10676 Roger, b. Mar. 23, 1911. 

10677 Marian, b. June 16, 1913. 

10678 Vivian ^llou, b. Aug. 13, 
1916; m. Robert W. Foy; of 
Binghamton, N. Y. ; issue, 

10679 Robert W. , Jr. 

10680 Carol, b. Dec. 18, 1918. 

10681 Theodore, b. Feb. 6, 1920. 

10682 Richard, b. Oct. 7, 1922. 

10683 John, b. July 27, 1921. 


10684 William, b. May 11, 1924. 

10685 Katharine Howse, b. Jan. 17, 1894; 
m. Owego, Nov. 25, 1908, by Rev. 
Louis Palmer, Eugene Byron Hard- 
ing, s. Alonzo and Uinna Harding, 
b. Tioga, May 26, 1888; res. Star 
Route, Owego, M. Y. 

10686 Emma Dell, b. 1894, d. in infancy. 

10687 Charles Sumner, Jr., b. Dec. 25, 
1901; m. Newark Valley, N. Y., 
Dec. 4, 1919, by Rev. Ernest Col- 
well, Mildred Chubb, dau. Ward 
Chubb, b. Kans., May 3, 1901; 
farmer; fire insurance and cattle 
dealer; res. Star route, Owego, 
N. Y.; issue, Ballou, b. Owego, 
N. Y.: 

10688 Bonnie Lou, b. Apr. 17, 
10689 Ruth Hill, b. May 9, 190S; m. New 
York, N. y. , June £0, 1925, Har- 
old Furnald Strong, s. Howard 
and Mabel (Furnald) Strong, b. 
Owego, Apr. 9, 1903; executive 
secretary. Junior Republic, Litch- 
field, Conn.; 1941, connected with 
Children's Village, Dobbs Ferry, 
N. y.; issue. Strong, b. Litch- 
field, Conn, : 

10690 Nancy Ann, b. Aug. 20,1930. 

10691 Polly, b. Aug. 20, 1930. 
10692 Donald Clark, b. Aug. 17, 1910; 

m. Owego, June 25, 1932, by Rev. 
Gerald P. York, Audrey A. Knicker- 
bocker, dau. Earle P. and Sarah 
(Pearl) Knickerbocker, b. Owego, 
Aug.. £5, 1912; Dnov. of No. Caro- 
lina, B.S., '37; Public Relations 
Director, Junior Republic, Litch- 
field, Conn.; issue, Ballou, b. 
Winston Salem, N. C: 
10693 Patricia Ann, b. Apr. 9, 

7301 AN VILLA ELLEN BALLOU (Elias, Dea. 
David, Elias, Amariah, Nathaniel, James, 
Maturin), b. Peru, Mass., Sept. 16, 
1840, d. Ware, Mass., Mar. 24, 1924; m. 
Becket, Mass., Nov. 29, 1860, by Rev. H. 
A. Morgan, JOHN CURTIS RAYMOND, b. Peru, 
Mass., Sept. 4, 1837, d. Springfield, 
Mass., July £1, 1912; int. Maple Street 
Cem., Hinsdale, Mass. 

Issue, RAYMOND, b. Hinsdale, Mass.: 
7314 Frederick David, b. Apr. 11, 1863, 


d. W. Springfield, Nov. 3, 1926; 
int. Maple Street Cem., Hinsdale, 
Mass.; m. Springfield, June 26, 
1889, Fannie Bennett Cannon. No 

7315 LABAN MONROE, b. Sept. 22, 1866; 

7316 EMMA BELL, b. ^ov. 14, 1868; m. 

7317 CARRIE LOVISA, b. Aug. 9, 1872; m. 

7303 ELMER D. BALLOU (Elias, Dea. David, 
Elias, Amariah, Nathaniel, James, Matur- 
in), b. Becket, Mass., Aug. 31, 1853; m. 
Washington, Mass., J\ine 9, 1886, by Rev. 
R. F. Alger, ETTA A. LOTHROP, dau. Les- 
ter and Eliza Lothrop, b. Middlefield, 
Mass., Oct. 2, 1858. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Becket, Mass.: 

10694 Leon L., b. May 31, 1887; m. Beck- 
et, Feb. 2, 1918, by Rev. Charles 
Landon, Lou Blanche Ballou, dau. 
Willis Dwight Ballou, q.v.; he is 
manufacturer's agent for M. E. 
Ballou & Son, basket mfgr's., and 
also for Julius J' owl. Inc. 

Marshall, Amos J., Absalom, Noah, Nathan- 
iel, James, Maturin), b. Cumberland, R. 
I., June 30, 1852; m. ^ov. 1874, GEORGE 
DEXTER FOLLETT, s. Albert and Lavinia 
(Weatherhead) Follett, b. Jan. 31, 1846, 
d. Providence, R. I., Nov. 17, 1932. 

Issue, FOLLETT, b. Cumberland, R. I.: 

10695 Francisco Ballou, b. Dec. 14, 
1875; m. Boston, Sept. 26, 1900, 
Delia Adelaide Brigham, dau. Abel 
Rice and Adelaide (Tabor) Brigham, 
b. Hopkinton, R. I., Aug. 1, 1877. 
No issue. 

10696 GEORGE ANDREW, b. Oct. 29, 1888; 

Ballou, Leonard, Noah, Noah, Nathaniel, 
James, Maturin), b. Norwich, Conn., July 
17, 1851, d. Norwich, Conn., Sept. 27, 
1913; m. Norwich, Conn., Jan. 21, 1876, 
CAROLINE STOWELL WEBB,, dau. Julius and 
Martha (Thompson) Webb, who d. Norwich, 


RAr.T.nn famtt.y AnnRWDnw 


Conn., Mar. 7, 1912; int. Yantic C 
Norwich, Conn. 

Issue, ALMY, b. Morwich, ,Conn. : 

7470 Lydia Ballou, b. Nov. 5, 1881; m. 

(1) Oct. 28, 1902, Donald Chappell, 
of New London, dlv.; (2) Aug. 4, 
1924, Capt. Wilson Brown, U.S.M. 
No issue. 

10697 MAEGOERITE LEONARD, b. Aug. 1, 

7095 LEVI OLIVER BALLOO (Oscar Amos, 
Stephen, Nathaniel, Amariah, Nathaniel, 
James, Uaturin), b. Madrid, N. Y. , May 
26, 1854; m. Norwood, N. Y., Feb. 16, 
1881, by Rev. E. A. Tuttle, ELIZABETH 
POWER, b. Louisville, N. Y., June 2, 
1849. Merchant. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Chase Mills, N. Y.: 

10698 HARRY PUTNAM, b. Oct. 9, 1883; m. 

10699 Levi Olivee, Jr., b. Sept. 12, 
1893; m. Malfred Watson. 

7095 FREMONT C. BALLOO (Oscar Amos, 
Stephen, Nathaniel, Amariah, Nathaniel, 
James, Maturin), b. Madrid, N. Y., Jan. 
6, 1858; m. G alesburg. 111., Apr. 18, 
1887, by Rev. Worrall, CORA B. TOMPKINS, 
b. Galesburg, 111., May 13, 1862. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Galesburg, 111.: 

10700 PERCY FREMONT, b. Sept. 2, 1891; 

10701 Helen C., b. July 16, 1894, d. 
Dec. 29, 1900. 

Thurston, Thiirston, Noah, Noah, Nathan- 
iel, James, Maturin), b. Chicago, 111., 
Jan. 1, 1881; m. Johnson City, N. Y., 
Oct. 30, 1905, by Rev. W. 0. Millington, 
JAMES HENRY LILLIE, s. Darius M. and 
Emily (Wood) Lillie, b. Vestal, N. Y., 
Aug. 3, 1879; Clark, Dept. of Commerce, 
Washington, D. C. 

Issue, LILLIE, b. Washington, D. C: 

10702 RUPERT BALLOU, b. July 31, 1907; 

10703 Hamilton Darius, b. Jan. 17, 1912. 

10704 Emily Carolyn, b. Aug. 12, 1916. 

10705 Mildred Elizabeth, b. Mar. 9, 

7528 CLARA LOUISE BALLOO (Oren Aldrich, 
Dexter, Oliver, Noah, Nathaniel, James, 
Maturin), b. Woonsocket, R. I., July 30, 
1869; m. Oct. 20, 1903, JOSHUA WARD 
NICHOLS, s. Andrew and Elizabeth (Per- 
kins) Nichols, b. Feb. 26, 1868. 

Issue, NICHOLS: 

10706 John Ballou. 

10707 Florence Ballou. 

7569 IRVING OLIVER GRANT (Sarah A. Bal- 
lou, Harvey, Oliver, Noah, Nathaniel, 
James, Maturin), b. Providence, R. I., 
Nov. 29, 1869, d. Manville, R. I., Feb. 
2, 1934; m. E. Providence, R. I., Dec. 
24, 1898, by Rev. Samuel Barney, THERESA 
MAY GEORGE, dau. Joseph and Mary (Welch) 
George, grddau. Joseph and Mary Geerge, 
of Vt., b. E. Providence, R. I., May 11, 
1880; int. Moshassuck Cem. 

He, like his father, was a manufactur- 
ing Jeweler until his health demanded 
out-ofi-door work. For thirty- three 
years he was employed by the United 
Electric Railway Co. of R. I. In 1911, 
he came into possession of his grand- 
father's estate which joins the histor- 
ical Beacon Pole Hill, where he built his 
home and where the family still reside. 
His father, Joseph W. Grant, served in 
the Civil War from Oct. 13, 1862 to July 
39, 1863 in Co. F. 12th Regt. R, I. Vols; 
in the Battle of Fredericks btirg, Va. 

Issue, GRANT, 1 b. E. Providence, 2nd b. 
Cumberland, R. I.: 

10708 Gertrude, b. May 21, 1900; m. Cum- 
berland, June 9, 1920, by Rev . 
Henry Burnham Kirkland of i'awtuck- 
et, William Thomas Gough, s. Wil- 
liam and Annie (Ackland) Gough, of 
Cumberland, b. So. Boston, ^y 3, 
1898; printer; she grad. Pawtuck- 
et H.S., 1918; Sec. of Elder Bal- 
lou Meeting House And Burial 
Ground Society; issue, Gough, b. 
Cumberland, R. I.: 

10709 Barbara Edna, b. Oct. S6, 

10710 Avis Gertrude, b. July 30, 

10711 Byron Irving, b. Sept. 17, 1903, 
d. Oct. 21, 1903. 



7570 ROTH ISABEL GRAHT (Sarah A. Ballou, 
Harvey, Oliver, Noah, Nathaniel, James, 
Maturln), b. Providence, R. I., Sept. 29, 
1871, d. Nov. 26, 1916; m. Providence, 
R. I., 1888, JULIAN WOLF, s. Benno Wolf, 
of Providence, R. I. 

Issue, WOLF, b. Providence, R. I.: 

10712 Robert Grant, b. Apr. 1, 1891. 

10715 Walter Stuart, b. Nov. 26, 1893. 

10714 Ruth Alice, b. July 19, 1897. 

Ballou, GeorgeeC, Oliver, Noah, Nathan- 
iel, James, Maturln), b. Woonsocket, R. 
I., Nov. 26, 1849, d. Woonsocket, R. I., 
July 15, 1893; m. Jan. 26, 1870, GEORGE 
EDWARD SEAGRAVE, s. Edward and Hannah 
(Fowler) Seagrave, b. Oxbridge, Mass., 
Sept. 4, 1838, d. Woonsocket, R. I., 
July 21, 1921; res. Woonsocket, R. I. 

Issue, SEAGRAVE, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

7582 Leonard, b. June 16, 1874, d. Mar. 
14, 1885. 

7583 Arnold, b. July 31, 1876; unm. Mr. 
Seagrave is at present the very 
efficient and able Secretary-Treas- 
ueer of The Ballou Family Associa- 
tion Of America; civil engineer; 
office, 99 Main St., Woonsocket, 

R. I. 

7585 MARY ELIZA BROWN (Alpha Bartlett 
Ballou, George C., Oliver, Noah, Nathan- 
iel, James, Maturln), b. Providence, R. 
I., Sept. 25, 1855, d. unm., Aug. 24, 

7586 SARAH IDE BROWN (Alpha Bartlett 
Ballou, George C, Oliver, Noah, Nathan- 
iel, James, Maturln), b. Providence, R. 
I., Dec. 25, 1857, d. unm., Dec. 25, 1920. 

lett Ballou, George C, Oliver, Noah, 
Nathaniel, James, Maturln), b. Providence, 
R. I., May 14, 1859, d. unm. 

lett Ballou, George C, Oliver, Noah , 
Nathaniel, James, Maturln), b. Providence, 
R. I., Dec. 17, 1862; m. Lawrence, Mass., 
June 13, 1889, by Rev. Augvistlne H. Amory, 
ham, b. Blackstone, Mass., Feb. 14, 1868; 

retired cloth manufacturer; res. Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

Issue, BROWN, 1-2 b. Lawrence, 3-4 b. 
Methuen, Mass.: 

10715 NEEDHAM BALLOD, b. Oct. 9, 1890; 

10716 Marion, b. May 20, 1892; unm.; 
French teacher, Lawrence, Mass. 

10717 Joseph Carpenter, ^r., b. July 14, 
1900, d. Lawrence, Mar. 4, 1908; 
int. Bellevue Cem., Lawrence, Mass. 

10718 RICHARD HUNT, b. Jan. 1, 1903; 

7569 EMILY STETSON BALLOU (David, George 
C., Oliver, Noah, Nathaniel, James, 
Maturln), b. Providence, R. I., Feb. 10, 
1863; m. Providence, R. I., Dec. 3, 1884, 
by Rev. David L. Green, ROBERT GALLUP 
MANTON, s. Robert and Mary (Fiske) Man- 
ton, b. Providence, R. I., d. Providence, 
R. I., Dec. 17, 1892; int. Swan Point 
Cem., Providence, R. I. 

Issue, MANTON, b. Providence, R. I.: 

10719 Mary, b. Jan. 31, 1887, d. Provi- 
dence, Nov. 23, 1894; int. Swan 
Point Cem., Providence, R. I. 

George C, Oliver, Noah, Nathaniel, 
James, Maturln), b. Providence, R. I., 
Aug. 2, 1866, d. Providence, R. I., Nov. 

23, 1925; m. Westerly, R. I., June 12, 
1895, by Rev. William Groton, HARRIET 
CRANSHAW, dau. Nicholas and Alice (Ken- 
yon) Cranshaw, of Westerly, R. I.; int. 
Oak Hill Cem., Woonsocket, R. I. ^o 

George C., Oliver, Noah, Nathaniel, 
James, Maturln), b. Providence, R. I., 
Jan. 2, 1869; unm.; res. 255 Waterman 
St., Providence, R. I. Member B.F.A. 

George C., Oliver, Noah, "athaniel, 
James, Maturin), b. Providence, R. I., 
Jan. 25, 1871, d. New York, N. Y., Jan. 

24, 1926; m. New York, N. Y., by Rev. 
dau. Benjamin Woodhull and Frances (Hoff- 
man) Strong, b. Newtown, L. I., May 10, 



1872. Mo issue. 

George C, Oliver, Moah, Nathaniel, 
James, Maturin), t>. Providence, R. I., 
Nov. 5, 1872, d. Jewett City, Conn., 
Jan. 26, 19S9; m. Lisbon, Conn., June 24, 
1903, by Rev. George N. Edwards, ROTH 
CLEMENTINE SWEET, dau. James 0. and El- 
len (Cole) Sweet, b. Jewett City, Conn., 
Dec. 2S, 1881; int. Jewett City, Conn. 

Mr. Ballou was Agent of the William 
A. Slater Mills, Jewett City, for twenty- 
five years, and later of the Totokett 
Mills, Occum, Conn, for several years. 
At the time of his death, he was Presi- 
dent of the Jewett City Trust Company. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Lisbon, Conn.: 
107£0 DAVID SWEET, b. Apr. 8, 1904; m. 

10721 Ruth Aldrich, b. Apr. 17, 1908; m. 
Lisbon, Oct. 1932, by Rev. Good- 
enough, Carroll Estill Byron; res. 
Owensboro, Ky. ; issue, Byron: 
1072aia Enlly Brooks, b. . 

lin, F enner, Ziba, Noah, Nathaniel, 
James, Maturin), b. Upton, Mass., Apr. 3, 
1854; m. CHARLES I. OTTEN WELCH, s. John 
C. and Mary Ann (Stearns) Welch, b. Apr. 
26, 1840, d. Apr. 24, 1892. 

76S4 MAY BERNICE BALLOU (Alva Franklin, 
Fenner, Ziba, Noah, Nathaniel, James, 
Maturin), b. Upton, Mass., Aug. 1, 1863; 
tin and Lucy Jane (Warner) Howe. 

Issue, HOWE: 

10722 Daniel W. 

10723 Maude Bernice. 

7640 WILLIAM BOWEN BALLOU (Maj. Sullivan 
Hiram, Ziba, Noah, Nathaniel, James, 
Maturin), b. Woonspcket, R. I., Jan. 2, 
1859; m. Evanston, 111., Oct. 15, 1884, 
IMS, b. Chicago, 111., Aug. 31, 1865; 
broker; res. 157 Chambers St., Mew York, 
N. Y. Member B.F.A. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Chicago, 111.: 

10724 Stanley Bowen, b. Mar. 8, 1891, d. 

in infancy; int. family plot. Rose 
Hill Cem. near Chicago, 111. 

10725 Kathryn, b. Apr. 26, 1893; unm.; 
res. 41 So. Clinton St., E. Orange 
N. J. 

Preston, Ellel, Noah, "athaniel, James, 
Maturin), b. No. Attleboro, Mass., Dec. 
12, 1860; m. No. Attleboro, Mass., Jan. 
6, 1885, by Rev. W. F. Potter, FRANK 
HARRIS CUTLER, s. Charles D. and Eliza- 
beth Calista (Moored Cutler, b. Fiskdale, 
Mass., Sept. 8, 1854, d. No. Attleboro, 
Mass., Jan. 17, 1913; manufacturer of 
gold jewelry for 25 years; member B.F.A. ; 
res. 13 Mason Ave., No. Attleboro, Mass. 

Issue, CUTLER, b. No. Attleboro, Mass.: 

10726 Lester Ballou, b. Jan. 6, 1887, 
d. Dallas, Tex., Sept. 13, 1927; 
m. New York, N. Y., May 16, 1918, 

Louise Allard, dau. and Rose 

Allard, b. Woonsocket, July 29, 
1894; Corp. A. Co. 351st Supply 
Train, A.E.F., World War I; ill 
effects from war. No issue. 

10727 Helen, b. Nov. 12, 1889; m. No. 
Attleboro, June 4, 1913, by Rev. 
Carl F. Henry, Dr. Garrett Marcel- 
lus Clowe, s. Dr. Charles F. Clowe 
b. Schenectady, N. Y., May 17, 
1889; she was ed. Northampton 
School for Girls; res. 613 Union 
St., Schenectady, N. Y.; issue, 
Clowe, b. Schenectady, N. Y.: 

10728 Carolyn, b. June 24, 1914. 

10729 Margaret, b. Sept. 1, 1915. 

10730 Charles Francis, b. Mar. 8, 

Preston, Eliel, Noah, Nathaniel, James, 
Maturin), b. No. Attleboro (Attleboro 
Falls), Mass., Feb. 19, 1862; m. No. At- 
tleboro, Mass., Mar. 10, 1885, by Rev. 
W. Frank Potter, AMY F. MATHIAS, dau. 
Frederick and Sarah (Metcalf) Matthias, 
b. Wrentham, Mass., Dec. 29, 1860. 

Mr. Ballou was educated at the Mowry 
and Goff School, Providence, for three 
years, and at the Bryant and Stratton 
School in the same city. In 1879, he en- 
tered the employ of R. Blackinton & Co., 
Manufacturing Jewelers and Silversmiths, 


and in 1893, succeeded his father as man- 
ager of the business, which he turned 
over to his son, Howard U. Ballou, about 
1920, but retained an active interest in 
the concern. Served on the School Com- 
mittee and the Electric Light and Water 
Commission for several years. Trustee 
of Attleboro Savings Bank; director of 
Attleboro Manufacturers National Bank; 
member of Country Club; Bristol Lodge, 
A.F. & A.M., No. Attleboro, whose origin- 
al charter, still in their possession, 
was signed by Paul Revere. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. No. Attleboro, Mass.: 

10731 HOWARD METCALF, b. Oct. 25, 1887; 

Burnside, Preston, Eliel, Noah, Nathaniel 
James, Maturin), b. No. Attleboro, Mass., 
Sept. 19, 1872; m. AttleboDO, Mass., Feb. 
5, 1904, by Rev. J. 0. Randall, ANNIE 
ROSS, b. Pawtucket, R. I., June 27, 1877, 
d. No. Attleboro, Mass., Mar. 2, 1920; 
toolmaker, R. Blackinton & Co., No. Attle 
boro, Mass. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. No. Attleboro, Mass.: 

10732 Dorothy Woodman, b. i<ov. 5, 1904; 
m. Oak Bluffs, Mar. 15, 1923, by 
Rev. Judson Leach, Alton S. Bunk- 
er, s. Roy Bunker, b. Oak Bluffs, 
Mar. 21, 1902; police officer; res. 
23 Rural Circle, Oak Bluffs, Mass; 
issue. Bunker, b. Oak Blxiffs: 
10733 Priscilla Anne, b. Dec. 9, 


10734 Elsie Bodwell, b. Jan. 19, 1906; 
m. No. Attleboro, Sept. 10, 1927, 
by Rev. Charles Henry, Kenneth C. 
Clark, s. Franklin D.~ and Annie 
(Meehan) Clark, b. Leominster, 
Jan. 20, 1904; part owner, G. D. 
Slocum Co., steel stamp manufactur 
ers. Providence, R. I.; issue, 
Clark, b. No. Attleboro, Mass.: 
10735 Dorothy Jean, b. Apr. 10, 

10736 Mabel Florence, b. Apr. 24, 1909; 
m. No. Attleboro, Jan. 6, 1929, by 
Rev. Charles iienry, Herbert Thomp- 
son, s. Harlie and Mabel Thompson, 
b. Plainville, Mass., Mar. 15, 
1906; engaged in meat business; 
res. 25 Bug bee St., Plainville, 


Mass.; issue, Thompson, b. No. 
Attleboro, Mass.: 
10737 Harlie Eugene, b. Aug. 21, 
10738 Frederic Preston, b. Dec. 21, 

1914; m. Frances Connolly, dau. 
Edward and Annie (Kelly) Connolly, 
b. No. Attleboro. Nov. 22, 1917; 
toolmaker, R. Blackinton & Co., 
No. Attleboro, Mass.; issue, Bal- 
lou, b. No. Attleboro, Mass.: 
10739 Judith Anne, b. Sept. 18, 

10740 Helen Kilby, b. Apr. £3, 1917, d. 
Sept. 2, 1925. 

10741 Herbert Ross, b. Nov. 5, 1918; 
unm.; stationed with the U. S. 
Army, Panama. 

Stephen, Edward, Stephen, Nathaniel, 
James, Maturin), b. Franklin, Mass., 
July 25, 1842; m. Franklin, Mass., Nov. 
24, 1864, by Rev. S. W. Squire, AURELIA 
E. ROBLEE, dau. Gardner and Eunice 
(Adams) Roblee, b. Springfield, Mass. 

Stephen, Edward, Stephen, Nathaniel, 
James, Maturin), b. Franklin, Mass., 
Feb. 10, 1844; m. Franklin, *iass., Nov. 
15, 1866, by Rev. H. D. L. Webster, 
ELIJAH F. HAWES, s. Ebenezer and Laura 
B. Hawes, of Franklin, Mass. 

7676 ELIAB PECK BALLOU (Barton, Stephen, 
Edward, Stephen, Nathaniel, James, Matur- 
in), b. Franklin, Mass., Feb. 2, 1846; 

m. Medway, Mass., Oct. SI, 1869, by Rev. 
Adin Ballou, JANE F. WILLIAMS, dau. Nath- 
an and Esther B. Williams. 

7684 EMMA LORETTA BALLOU (Hiram, Steph- 
en, Edward, Stephen, Nathaniel, James, 
Maturin), b. Pelham, Mass., June 24, 
1655, d. Hartford, Conn., Feb. 27, 1937; 
m. (1) Pelham, Mass., June 24, 1880, by 
Rev. Edward P. King, OSCAR PETTENGILL; 
(2) WILLARD D. STOWELL, her brother-in- 

Issue, PETTENGILL, 1st b. Ilion, N. Y., 
2nd b. Amherst, Mass.: 

7700 Myron Nathaniel, b. July 12, 1881. 

7701 Ernest Hiram, b. Feb. 15, 1884; 

10742 Roy, res. Haatford, Conn. 




7686 DELIA MAHIA BALLOU (Hiram, Stephen, 
Edward, Stephen, Nathaniel, James, Matur- 
in), b. Pelham, Mass., Mar. 12, 1861, d. 
Feb. 12, 1917; m. Leverett, Mass., Dec. 
18, 1878, by Rev. Baxter Hewton, WILLARD 
D. STOWELL, who m. (2) his sister-in-law, 

Issue, STOWELL, b. Shutesbury, Mass.: 
7703 Herbert Willard, b. July 15, 1880. 
10744 Leon B. , res. Leverett, Mass. 

Stephen, Edward, Stephen, Nathaniel, 
James, Maturin), b. Enfield, Mass., Dec. 
7, 1863; m. Barre, Mass., Nov. 25, 1886, 
by Rev. William Day, WINONA FESSENDEN, 
dau. Willard and Louisa Fessenden, b. 
Barre, Mass., Feb. 25, 1867; plumber. 






BALLOO, 1-2 b. Worcester, S-6 b. 

Bessie Louise, b. Sept. 21, 1887; 
unm.; res. Barre, Mass. 
Ruth Olive, b. Jan. 13, 1890; m. 
Providence, Dec. 20, 1920, Raymond 
T. Conway, s. John and Mary Con- 
way, of Adams; res. 40 Sheffield 
Ave., Providence, R. I. 
Edna L., b. Feb. 29, 1892; teacher, 
Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Nellie, b. Oct. 6, 1894, d. ae. 2y 
Rachel, b. June 5, 1896; m. Barre, 
Aug. 14, 1918, by Rev. Blanchard, 
Herbert Rice, s. Daniel Rice, of 
Barre; she ed. Oberlin College 
and N. E. Conservatory of Music; 
he an insurance agent; res. Barre, 
Mass.; issue. Rice, b. Worcester: 
10750 Bartyne, b. Oct. 10, 1930. 
Dorothy, b. Aug. 23, 1906; opera 
singer; res. with Edna, 341 W. 
45th St., New York, N. Y. 

Stephen, Edward, Stephen, Nathaniel, 
James, Maturin), b. Pelham, Mass., Dec. 
27, 1867; m. Southington, Conn., Aug. 1, 
1894, by Rev. David Taylor, LIZZIE T. 
ROOSE, dau. James and Eliza (Martin) 
Rouse, grddau. Richard and Elizabeth 
(Bassett) Rouse, of Cornwall, Eng., b. 
Southington, Conn., May 30, 1872; res. 
R. F. D. , Southington, Conn. Farmer. 




BALLOO, b. Southington, Conn.: 
ARNOLD MARTIN, b. May 12, 1900; 
Willard R., b. Aug. 3, 1906; unm.; 
res. 27 Meriden Ave., Southington, 

Verah Elizabeth, b. Mar. 28, 1910; 
m. Southington, June 6, 1931, by 
Rev. C. M. Keefe, Clarence F. 
Spetz, s. John and Christine Spetz, 
b. Milwaukee, Wis., Apr. 17, 1900; 
store manager; res. 191 Main St., 
Southington, Conn.; issue, Spetz, 
b. Southington, Conn. : 
10755 Norma Elizabeth, b. July 
IS, 1932. 

7678 MYRON S. BALLOO (Emery, Stephen, 
Edward, Stephen, Nathaniel, James, Matur- 
in), b. 1842; m. June 7, 1864, MARTHA ANN 
POTTER, dau. Riley and Phebe (Green) 
Potter, b. Berlin, H. Y., Jvme 14, 1842. 
Potter Genealogy states his mother's 
christian name was Maria Dunbar. 

9603 BESSIE BALLOO BROWl (Vienna Wilkin- 
son Sheldon, Elizabeth, Betsey Ballou, 
Edward, Stephen, Nathaniel, James, Matur- 
in), b. Buda, 111., Mar. 9, 1855, d. PalO 
Alto, Calif., Oct. 3, 1932; m. Nov. 3, 
1874, WILLIAM KIMBALL CECIL, s. Wyrum and 
Abigail (Clark) Cecil, b. Dtlca, N. Y., 
Nov. 14, 1849, d. Modesto, Calif., July 
25, 1919; int. I. 0. 0. F. Cem. 

Issue, CECIL, inc.: 


7875 ELIAS SMITH BALLOO (Ellas Smith, 
Otis, Jesse, Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, 
Maturin), b. Cumberland, R. I., Nov. 7, 
1841, d. Pawtucket, R. I., Jan. 7, 1907; 
m. (1) Providence, R. I., May 12, 1864, 
by Rev. James H. Tobey, SARAH ELIZABETH 
LAWTON, dau. Arnold and Lucy (Franklin) 
Lawton, b. Providence, R. I., Aug. 31, 
1838, d. Seekonk, Mass., May 20, 1876, 
ae. 37y 8m 20d; (2) Warren, R. I., Nov. 
4, 1878, by Rev. Edgar Clark, LOCINDA 
SAWTELLE PECK, dau. Hezekiah M. and Abi- 
lene Baker (Sawtelle) Peck, who d. Paw- 
tucket, R. I., Feb. 24, 1923. 



Issue, BALLOD, ty 1st wife, b. Blackstone 

7876 Louisa Corcas, b. Dec. 16, 1864, 
d. Hay 24, 1865. 

7877 Rosa Wuietta, b. June 18, 1867, 
d. A\ig. 25, 1882. 

7878 Frederick Elliot, b. Oct. 19, 1872} 
unm. ; member B.F.A. 

7879 Charles Herbert, b. Feb. 20, 1875, 
d. Mar. 11, 1876. 

9604 SARAH JANE BALLOD (Henrj Bowen, 
Ezekiel, Jesse, Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, 
Uaturin), b. HillTille, Mass., Feb. 14, 
1845, d. Sherborn, Mass., Sept. 1, 1920; 
m. Blackstone, Mass., Feb. 14, 1866, 
Carson, b. Blackstone, Mass., May 16, 
1845, d. Bast Providence, R. I., May 24, 
1926; int. Lakeside Cem., E. Providence. 

Issue, CARSON, b. Blackstone, Mass.: 
10757 Frederick William, b. Jan. 2S, 

1867, d. Providence, May 1, 1937; 

ffl. Holyoke, Mass., Lucy Richards; 

issue, Carson: 

10758 Ruth L., m. Fiske Clarke; 
issue, Clarke: 

10759 Earl S. 

10760 Ruth. 

10761 GRACE LILLIAN, b. Aug. 26, 1872; 

10762 Herbert ^nry, b. Mar. 16, 1874, 
d. unm., Hollis, Minn., June 16, 

(Henry Bowen, Ezekiel, Jesse, Ezekiel, 
Obadiah, James, Maturln), b. Millville, 
Mass., Jan. 6, 1854, d. Auburn, N. Y., 
F eb. 24, 1930; m. 1875, ELIZA SPITZLI, 
b. Jurich, Switzerland, Nov. £8, 1853, 
d. Louisville, Ky., Aug. 3, 1917; int. 
Soul Cem., Auburn, N. Y. Mill Agent. 

Issue, BALLOO: 

10763 Frederick Alfred ^nry, b. 
Naugatuck, Conn., Not. 3, 1874, 
d. Maynard, Mass., 1910; m. Mar- 
ion Winkley; issue, Ballou: 
10764 Dorothy. 

10765 Adelene G., b. New Brighton, Penn. 
Nov. £2, 1877; m. New Boston, 
Mass., Dec. 27, 1906, by Rev. 
Olmstead, Charles A. Stickney, 
s. Charles A. Stickney, b. Grand 

Rapids, Mich., 1857; viceTpres. 

Oneida National Bank, Utica, N. 

Y.; issue, Stickney, b. Utica, 

N. Y.: 

10766 Charles Frederick, b. Dec. 

31, 1908; m. Hummells Wharf, 
Snyder Co., Penn. , Aug. 10, 
1935, by Rev. Edward Turn- 
bach, Dorothy Alice Turn- 
bach, dau. S. Prentiss and 
Jane (Milligan) Turnbach, 
b. Qazelton, Penn., Nov. 
21, 1909; ed. Auburn High, 
Eastman(s Univ., Rochester, 
B.A. , Bachelor of Music; 
violin instructor, Bucknell 
Univ., Lewisburg, Penn.; 
res. 634 St. Catherine St., 
Lewisburg, Penn. ; issue, 
Stickney, b. Danville, 
Penn. : 

10767 Sandra Jane, b. Jan. 
15, 1937. 

10768 Emma, b. West Troy, N. y., Dec. 2, 
1879; m. Mark Buringer. 

Aldrich, Dexter, Oliver, Noah, Nathaniel, 
James, Maturin), b. Providence, R. I., 
Oct. 24, 1870, d. Oct. 29, 1929; m. 
Louisville, Ky., Dec. 21, 1895, THOMIE 
MORGAN DUKE, b. Louisville, Ky., d. Mar. 
7, 1905; (2) July 27, 1907, LUCIA BURHOTT, 
who d. Apr. 17, 1930. Not in Ballou Gen- 
ealogy. See ■Who's Who." 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Honolulu: 

10770 Barbara, b. Mar. 7, 1900; m. New 
York, N. Y., Nov. 27, 1929, by Rev. 
Minot Simons, Richard Lloyd Page, 
s. Joseph and Josephine (Collins) 
Page, b. Paoli, Penn., July 27, 

10771 Oren, b. 1901, d. 1901. 

10772 SARAH ALGER (Lydla Ballou, Pelatiah 
Jesse, Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), 
b. Boonville, N. Y., Mar. 11, 1833, d. 
Leyden, N. Y., Sept. 21, 1875; m. (1) 
MOUR, s. Jeremiah and Sarah Kellogg (Cad- 
well) Seymour, b. 1824, d. Leyden, N. Y., 
Feb. 12, 1889. 

Issue, SEYMOUR: 

10772 Elizabeth, b. Aug. 9, 1864; m. 



Dec. 25, 1888, James Fleury, of 
Three Mile Bay, M. I. 

10774 Henry Horace, Jr., b. July Z, 

10775 Bertha, b. Mar. 1, 1871j m. July 1, 
1895, George Hollister, of Schenec- 
tady, N. I. 

7504 CLAYTON A. BALLOD (Ellas, Dea. Dav- 
id, Ellas, Amariah, Nathaniel, James, 
Maturin), b. Becket, Mass., Nov. 5, 1870, 
d. May 10, 1919; m. . 

Issue, BALLOO, inc.: 

10776 Lance Chaffee, m. Brantley Mc- 
Crary; res. Main St., Lynnfield 
Center, Mass.; issue, Ballou: 
10777 Lance Chaffee, Jr., b. 

Westfield, Jan. 23, 1920; 
student, Dartmouth College, 
Hanover, N. H. 

Flavius J., Levi, Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, 
Maturin), b. Cumberland, R. I., Aug. 31, 
1828; m. Chicago, 111., Jan. 28, 1858, by 
dau. William and Jane (Tapling) Heckle, 
b. Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 27, 1836. 

Issue, BALLOn, b. Chicago, 111.: 

8030 Iza Cushman, b. Feb. 13, 1862, d. 
July 1889. 

8031 Jennie Belle, b. Sept. 9, 1864, d. 
July 1889. 

8032 William Southworth, b. Nov. 9, 1865; 
member B.F.A.; res. 4646 Champlain 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

8033 Josie Marie, b. Apr. 15, 1867. 

8034 Flavius Josephus, Jr., b. Sept. 13, 

8027 SOSAN MARY BALLOD (Welcome D., Flav- 
ius J., Levi, Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, 
Maturin), b. Marlboro, N. H. , Jan. 22, 
1836, d. Keene, N. H., Sept. 16, 1902; m. 
Dec. 1, 1859, by Rev. W. 0. White, LEON- 
ARD JARVIS TDTTLE, b. Stoddard, N. H., 
Jan. 4, 1831, d. Keene, N. H., Mar. 26, 
1911; int. Woodland Cem., Keene, N. H. 
Skilled mechanic. 

Issue, TDTTLE, b. Keene, N. H. : 

8036 Jennie Augusta, b. Sept. 23, 1860; 

unm.; member B.F.A. ; res. 155 Rox- 

bury St., Keene, N. H. 

8037 Carrie Edith, b. Nov. 23, 1867; m. 
St. Petersb\irg, Fla., Feb. 15, 
1921, by Rev. Charles E. Harring- 
ton, Frank Cutting Pike, s. Daniel 
F. and Philinda E. (Cutting) Pike, 
b. Unity, N. H., May 16, 1854, d. 
Miami, Fla., Feb. 25, 1924; int. 
Woodland Cem., Keene, N. H.; mem- 
ber B.F.A. ; res. 155 Rozbury St., 
Keene, N. H. No issue. 

8051 HENRY CLAY BALLOD (Isaac Chauncey, 
Flavius J., Levi, Ezekiel, Obadiah, 
James, Maturin), b. Aug. 22, 1844, d. 
Providence, R. I., Aug. 1, 1928; m. 
Franklin, Mass., July 4, 1867, FRANCES 
E. WILLIAMS, dau. Charles and Mary Ann 
(Loughboro) Williams, b. Medway, Mass. 

Mr. Ballou was born in the old Isaac 
Ballou homestead in Cumberland, R. I., 
but as a young man removed to Providence, 
where in 1877 he founded the firm of 
Ballou, Cram and Markham, later incor- 
porated under the name of Ballou, John- 
son and Nichols Co., of which Mr. Ballou 
was President until 1920, when he re- 
signed because of failing health. He 
was a member of the Providence Central 
Club and the Ballou Family Association 
of America, of which he was at one time 
vice-president. For over forty years, 
he was a member of the First Dnlversalist 
Church, Greene and Washington Streets, 
Providence, R. I. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Providence, R. I.: 

8059 MYRON CLARENCE, b. Aug. 1, 1868; 

8060 HENRY WELCOME, b. May 29, 1874; 

8055 JDLIAN EDGAR BALLOD (Isaac Chauncey, 
Flavius J., Levi, Ezekiel, Obadiah, 
James, Maturin), b. Cumberland, R. I., 
Jan. 31, 1853; m. Lincoln, R. I., Sept. 
14, 1880, by Rev. Arthur T. Parsons, 
I., Sept. 5, 1861, d. Aug. 1918. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Central Falls, R. I.: 

8065 Carlotta Estella, b. July 10, 1881; 
m. Pawtucket, R. I., Sept. 8, 1917, 
by Rev. Mr. Dingell, John Edwin 
Judson, s. John B. Judson. 

8066 Delia Sarah, b. Nov. 27, 1882; m. 



Watson W. Williams. 

10778 Lulu Beatrice, b. Mar. 6, 1885; m. 
Clarence H. Field. 

10779 Ethel Alice, b. June 17, 1889; m. 
(1) William Duncan Love; (2) 
George H. Brooks. 

8115 LEMUEL WEBSTER HALL (John Barton 
Hall, Emilia Ballou, Levi, Ezekiel, Oba- 
diah, James, Maturin), b. Pelham, Mass., 
Nov. 26, 1847, d. 1910; m. Billerica, 
Mass., Jan. 31, 1877, by Rev. C. C. Hus- 
sey, AUM M. PAGE, b. Billerica, Mass., 
Mar. 20, 1848. 

Issue, HALL, b. Lowell, Mass.: 

8117 Mabel Haywood, b. Sept. 8, 1878, 

8118 Wallace Ballou, b. Mar. 2, 1880, d. 
May 4, 1881. 

8119 Lucy Pond, b. Oct. 14, 1881; m. 
Lowell, 1911, by Rev. Charles T. 
Billings, Alvan Hyde, s. Chauncey 
T. and Sarah J. (Hitchcock) Hyde, 
grds. Stephen Hyde, b. Palmyra, M. 
Y., 1867; issue, Hyde, b. Ware, 
Mass. : 

10780 Alvan, Jr., b. Aug. 17, 1912; 
grad. Taft School, Watertown, 
Conn., 1931. 

10781 Latimer Ballou, b. Apr. 21, 
1915; grad. Taft School. 

8120 Latimer Ballou, b. Aug. 30, 1884, 
d. 1902. 

0. S. A. (Harriet M. Ballou, Levi, Levi, 
Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), 
b. Woonsocket, R. I., Jan. 28, 1840; m. 
Columbus, Ohio, Sept. 3, 1863, by Rev. 
J. M. Jameson, LDCY KATHERINE SHADE, dau. 
Jacob M. and Elizabeth (Lewis) Shade, 
b. Feb. 10, 1842. 

He acquired his early education in the 
public schools of Woonsocket, Rhode Is- 
land. At the age of fifteen he entered 
the employ of the merchandising firm of 
Seavey and Wales, in Woonsocket, later 
being sent to their branch store in Paw- 
tucket. Following this he became engaged 
by the wholesale merchandising house of 
Smith Murphy and Co., in Philadelphia. 

He entered the United States Army 
Sept. 2, 1861, and was commissioned a sec- 
ond lieutenant and assigned to the 18th 
U. S. Inf. June 9, 1862. He participated 

in the Mill Spring, Ky. campaign under 
General George H. Thomas, in the winter 
of 1861-1862; Gen. Buell's Army of the 
Ohio campaign from Mill Spring, Ky., to 
Shiloh, Tenn., Mar. and Apr. 1862; Gen. 
H. W. Halleck's siege of Corinth, Miss., 
May 1862; Gen. Buell's campaign from 
Corinth, Miss, to Louisville, Ky. in pur- 
suit of the Confederate Army vmder Gen. 
Bragg, from June 22 to Sept. 26, 1862; 
Gen. Buell's campaign against Bragg, 
from Louisville to Murfreesboro, Tenn., 
from Oct. 1, 1862 to Jan. 4, 1863; engag- 
ed in the battle of Perryville, Oct. 8, 
1862; battle of Stone River, Tenn., Dec. 
31, 1862 to Jan. 4, 1863. He was ap- 
pointed adj. of the 2nd Batt., 18th Inf., 
Apr. 27, 1863, and served in that capac- 
ity until Dec. 1, 1863. He was brevetted 
1st Lt. for gallant and meritorious ser- 
vices in the battle of Stone River, Dec. 
31, 1862, and promoted 1st Lt. on the 
same date. He was engaged in the Tulla- 
homa campaign under Gen. Rosecrans from 
May 1863 to J\xly 23, 1863. At the battle 
of Hoover's Gap, Tenn., June 26, 1863, 
he was wounded. He was engaged in the 
Atlanta campaign under Gen. William Te- 
cumseh Sherman from Resaca, Ga. May 16, 
1864, until its close Sept. 1, 1864, and 
was appointed adj. of the 2d Batt., 18th 
Inf. in Aug. 1864, and served \intil Sept. 
21, 1866. He participated in the follow- 
ing engagements of the Atlanta campaign: 
Pumpkin Vine Creek, Ga., May 29, 1864; 
New Hope Church, May 31, 1864; Kenesaw 
Mountain, June 19 to July 3; Neal Dow 
Station, July 4, 1864; Peachtree Creek, 
July 22; Utoy Creek, Aug. 7.; Siege of 
Atlanta, Aug. 1864, wounded; Jonesboro, 
Sept. 1, 1864. He was brevetted captain 
Sept. 1, 1864 for gallant and meritorious 
services at the battle of Jonesboro. He 
served on Lookout Mt. and vicinity with 
Gen. Thomas' army, operating against Gen. 
Hood from Oct. 1864 to Sept. 1865. He 
then served at Fort i-eavenworth, Kans., 
and Fort Kearney, Neb. and in May 1866 
was en route with his regiment to open a 
wagon road and protect emigration 
through the Powder River country, from 
Fort Laramie, Dak. to Gallatin Valley, 
Mont. He assisted in building Fort Phil 
Kearney, Dak. until Dec. 10, 1866, par- 
ticipating in frequent engagements with 
the Sioux Indians from July to Dec. 1866, 



dtirlng which time the total battalion and 
civilian loss was about two hundred kill- 
ed. He was regimental adj., 18th Inf., 
Nov. 14 to Dec. 8, 1866 and adj. gen.. 
Mountain Dist., Dept. of the Platte, and 
was promoted captain Dec. £1, 1866, vice 
Fetterman, killed by Indians; Aide-de- 
camp Dec. 88, 1866, to Sept. 1, 1868; 
judge advocate, Dept. of the Platte, Jan. 
1867, to Sept. 1868. At Fort Sedgwick, 
Col- 1869; assigned to 4th Inf. in 1870. 
Served at Fort Fetterman, Wyo.; Louis- 
ville, Ky.; Omaha Barracks, Neb. and Fort 
Douglas, Utah until 1874, when he partici- 
pated in an expedition against the Arapa- 
hoe Indians into the Big Horn Mountains. 
He served at Fort Bridger, *yo.. Fort 
Sanders, North Platte, and other stations 
in the Dept. of the Platte and in 1877 
was adj. -gen. of the troops at the Chi- 
cago riots. He was stationed at various 
posts in the Missouri River sector and at 
Fort Coeur d'Alene, Idaho in 1892, engag- 
ed in suppressing the miners' outbreak.. 
He was promoted major of the 17th Inf. 
May 18, 1893. He commanded the troops 
at Og den, Dtah, and Pocatello, Idaho in 
the Debs riots and Commonwealers ' out- 
breaks in 189S-94. In 1895 he commanded 
a battalion of the 8th Inf. at Jackson's 
Hole, in the Bannock Indian disturbances. 
Promoted to Lt.-col. of the 1st Inf., 
May 4, 1897, he commanded the regiment 
throtighout the Santiago, Cuba, campaign 
from Apr. 21, 1898 to June 16, 1899. He 
protected Capton's battery at the battles 
of El Caney and San Juan on J une 50 and 
July 1, 1898, and was an active particip- 
ant in the operations of the army in 
front of Santiago to July 26, 1898. He 
was in charge of three thousand Spanish 
prisoners in Cuba in Aug. 1698 and return- 
ed to the United States with the 5th Army 
Corps. Reorganized the regiment at Mon- 
tauk Point, N. Y., and was then station- 
ed at Huntsville and Anniston, Ala. until 
the close of the year, returning to Cuba, 
and making regimental headquarters at 
Pinar del Rio Jan. 2, 1899. He commanded 
Camp Egbert, at Pinar del Rio, consisting 
of the 1st Inf., a sqiiadron of the 7th 
Cavalry and a Battalion of Engineers from 
Jan. to June, 1899. In charg e of a pay- 
ment of $3,000,000 appropriated to pay 
the Cuban soldiers. Promoted colonel of 
the 13th Inf. June 16, 1899 and relin- 

quished four months leave to Join the 
regiment, then on the firing line in 
front of Manilla, Philippine Islands. 
Commanded 1st Brigade, 1st Div., 8th Army 
Corps, until Oct. 15, 1899. Commanded 
his regiment as part of the brigade un- 
der Gen. Schwan and participated in many 
engagements in Luzon. Returning to Man- 
illa, he was stationed with his regiment 
on the north line of the Manilla defense 
during Oct. 1899. Was with Gen. Whea- 
ton's expedition to Lingayen Gulf and 
participated in the landing of troops and 
the engagement at San Fabian Nov. 7. 
Many other engagements followed in that 
sector, and from Jan. 1900 to Dec. 31 he 
was in command of a district embracing 
nineteen native towns in the provinces 
of Pangasinan and Nueva Ecijo, Luzon, un- 
der most trying conditions of guerilla 
warfare, during which about one hundred 
murderers were convicted, forty of then 
executed and others sentenced to long 
terms of imprisonment. He was promoted 
to brig, gen., Onited States Army, Oct. 
2, 1901, by President Theodore Roosevelt. 
Gen. Bisbee is a member of the Sons of 
the American Revolution; Military Ofder 
of the Loyal Legion of the United States, 
of which he has served twice as commander 
of the Mass. Commandery and once as Jun- 
ior vice-commander of the national organi- 
zation; Army of the Cumberland; 14th 
Corps, Army of the Cumberland; Regular 
Brigade, Army of the Cvuaberland; Society 
of Santiago de Cuba; Order of Indian Wars 
of the U. S.; Military Order of the Cara- 
bo; Military Hist. Soc. of Mass.; Indus- 
trial Defense Soc. of Mass.; Nat. Securi- 
ty League of N. Y. ; Nat. Geographic Soc, 
and others. He was awarded medals by Con- 
gress for his activities in the Civil War, 
Indian Wars, Spanish-American %r and the 
Philippine Insurrection. His residence 
since his retirement from active service 
has been in Brookline, Mass. (Taken from 
pamphlet, •Military History of William H. 

Issue, BISBEE, 1-2 b. Colvunbus, Ohio: 
8153 Eugene Shade, b. A\ig. 18, 1864, d. 
Sept. 10, 1933; m. New York, N. Y., 
Aug. 13, 1912, Ethel McMaster, dau. 
Virginia McMaster; ed. private 
schools; reporter and magazine 
writer. No issue. 



8154 KATHARINE BALLOD, b. Mot. 10, 1868j 

8155 HAIMOND BIRD (not aRaymond" as giv- 
en on p. 11S4), b. Aug. 14, 1871; 

8156 Loiilse Wcllle, b. Fort Bridges, 
Wyo. Ter., Jan. 8, 1875. 

Ballou, Levi, Levi, Esq., Ezekiel, Oba- 
diah, James, Maturln), b. Woonsocket, R. 
I., June 29, 1847, d. Brooldine, Mass., 
Feb. 26, 1935; m. Omaha, Neb., Dec. 2, 
1869, by Mr. Gassman, CAPTAIN EDMDND 
FRANCIS THOMPSON, s. Cephas G. and Mary 
(Ogden) Thompson, b. New York, N. Y., 
Oct. 5, 1846, d. Fort Grant, Ariz., Dec. 
16, 1880, ae. 34y 2m lid; int. Forest- 
dale Cem. , Maiden, Mass.; Captain, O.S.A. 


8161 Olive May, b. Nov. 24, 1870, d. 
same day. 

8162 Edmund Ogden, b. Camp Hallock, Nev. 
Apr. 11, 1872; m. (l) Ada Evans; 
(2) Lillian Grant, of Boston; add.: 
Box 76, Calexico, Calif.; issue, 
Thompson, by 1st wife: 

10780 Hubert, m. ; issue, 


10781 Joanne, b. ?Feb. 1926; 
res. Pittsburg, Cal. 
816S Ethel Frances, b. New York, N. Y. , 
July 10, 1873; m. (l) Boston, May 
11, 1911, Irving S. Clark; (2) 
Ayer, Mass., Aug. 29, 1927, by 
Rev. Earl Steeves, Rex M. Boutwell, 
s. James M. and Ida (Lyman) Bout- 
well, b. Fitchbtirg, Mass.; member 
B.F.A. ; res. Shirley, Mass. No 
8164 Clara Miriam, b. San Francisco, 

Calif., Dec. 29, 1876; m. Everett, 
Mass., Dec. 19, 1896, by Rev. Pat- 
ton, Frank Halsey Gardiner, s. 

Stephen H. and (Rollins) 

Gardiner, b. Boston, July 25, 1874, 
d. Boston, June 14, 1914; int. 
Forestdale Cem., Maiden, Mass.; 
mem. B.F.A. ; res. 1375 Com*wth Ave. 
Allston, Mass.; issue, Gardiner, 
b. Maiden, Mass.: 

10782 Stanley fiollins, b. Oct. 17, 
1897; m. Brookline, Oct. 19, 
1920, Esther Ann Crawford, 
dau. Robert J.. and Mary A. 

(Shea) Crawford, b. Willl- 
mantic. Conn., Oct. 19, 
1909; res. 36 School St., 
Arlington, Mass.; issue, 
Gardiner, b. Boston, Mass.: 
10783 Janet, b. May 10, 
10784 Ogden Ballou, b. Nov. 25, 
1898, d. Maiden, Oct. 31, 
1907; int. Forestdale Cem., 
Maiden, Mass. 

8165 Dr. William Bisbee, b. Fort Grant, 
Ariz., Sept. 24, 1880; m. by Rev. 
R. Perry Bush, Gwendoline Robinson 
dau. James and Elizabeth (Curran) 
Robinson; grad. Dartmouth College, 
1902; Harvard Dental, 1905; member 
George Washington Masonic Lodge, 
Shirley, Mass.; office. Main St., 
Shirley, Mass. No issue. 

8166 Mary Ballou, b. Hept. 24, 1880, d. 
same day. 

filiza Ballou, Levi, Levi, Esq., Ezekiel, 
Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Holliston, 
Mass., Aug. 2, 1837, d. Jan. 28, 1922; 
m. Woonsocket, R. I., Oct. 4, 1864, by 
Rev. John Boyden, STEPHEN H. BROWN, s. 
Henry and Sarah Brown, b. Dec. 4, 1828, 
d. Cumberland, R. I., Mar. 30, 1913. 

He served in the Civil War as Captain 
of a R. I. volunteer regiment. After 
the war he became postmaster at Woonsock- 
et, R. I. 

Issue, BROWN, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

8172 iior tense Iveagh, b. Apr. 21, 1866. 

8173 Florence Craig, b. Mar. 12, 1868. 

8174 Alice Richmond, b. June 11, 1871; 
m. Seattle, Wash., Oct. 12, 1907, 
by Rev. Florence Kollock Crooker, 
John Porter Perin, s. Caleb and 
Mary Perin, b. near Davenport, la., 
Sept. 13, 1862, d. Gooding, la., 
Oct. 14, 1911. 

8175 Lester Ballou, b. Mar. 7, 1878; m. 
Fall River, Mass., Oct. 12, 1909, 
by Rev. Frederick W. Colman, Bessie 
Amelia Howard, dau. William B. and 
Sarah Howard, b. Fall River, May 20, 
1884; res. Pasadena, Calif.; issue. 
Brown, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

10785 Howard Ballou, b. July 29, 
1912, d. Oct. 9, 1912. 



8176 MARY FRANCES BALLOD (Hon. Latimer 
W., Levi, Levi, Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, 
James, Maturin), b. Woonsocket, R. I., 
Aug. 3, 1837, d. Woonsocket, R. I., Oct. 
20, 1908; m. Woonsocket, R. I., June 20, 
1861, by Rev. John Boyden, WILLIAM H. S. 
SMITH, b. Woonsocket, R. I., Dec. 11, 
1835, d. Woonsocket, R. I., Nov. 17, 
1869; int. Oak Hill Cem., Woonsocket, R. 

He was a manufacturer, also active 
manager of the American Woolen Co. at 
Woonsocket. He was an earnest worker 
for temperance, and a faithful and ef- 
ficient officer of the Oniversalist 
Church and Sabbath School. 

Issue, SMITH, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

8180 Chester Ballou, b. Mar. 4, 1863; d. 
May 3, 1900; m. Mabel Rathbun, b. 
Feb. 18, 1862, d. May 20, 1916; 
grad. Dean Academy; int. Oak Hill 
Cem., Woonsocket, R. I.; issue. 

10786 Rathbun H. , d. in infancy. 

8181 STANLEY GARDNER, b. Mar. 17, 186?; 

Latimer W., Levi, Levi, Esq., Ezekiel, 
Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Cambridge, 
Mass., Oct. 14, 1841, d. Woonsocket, R. 
I., May 22, 1889; m. Woonsocket, R. I., 
Oct. 6, 1868, by Rev. John Boyden, SUSAN 
ANN COOK, dau. Willis and Cyrena (Thayer) 
Cook, b. Dec. 9, 1844, d. Woonsocket, R. 
I., Oct. 14, 1923; int. Oak Hill Cem., 
Woonsocket, R. I. 

He was one of the incorporators of the 
Woonsocket Rubber Co., a director of the 
American Worsted Co., and the Woonsocket 
Wringing Machine Co. now known as the 
American Wringer Co., member of the Woon- 
socket Business Men's Association from 
its beginning, and served as treasurer 
of the Woonsocket Hospital Corporation. 
He was the assistant cashier of the Woon- 
socket National Bank and assistant treas- 
urer of the Woonsocket Institution for 
Savings, when his father, Hon. Latimer 
Whipple Ballou, was cashier and treasurer, 
1850 to 1889. He graduated from Woonsock- 
et H. S. and the Boston Mercantile Aca- 

demy. In politics he was a Republican 
and served as a State Senator. He held 
influential positions in the Oniversa- 
list Church and Sunday School at Woon- 
socket (see p. 1129). 

Susan Ann (Cook) Ballou was a direct 
descendant of Waiter Cook, who settled 
at Weymouth, Mass. in 1643. She grad- 
uated from Woonsocket H. S. and Lasell 
Seminary at Auburndale, Mass. Mrs. 
Ballou was the first woman member of 
the School Committee in Woonsocket, 
President of Woonsocket Day Nursery and 
Children's Home from date of organiza- 
tion until her death; served as State 
Regent of the D.A.R., and State Presi- 
dent of the Federation of R. I. Women's 
Clubs. For more than forty years she 
served as treasurer of the Ladies ' Aid 
Society, a position she hald at the 
time of her death. For many years she 
was a member of the board of trustees 
of the Rhode Island Unlversalist Con- 
vention. Always a generous contributor 
to the funds of the church and appeals 
for charity. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

8182 LATIMER WILLIS, b. Oct. 8, 1872; 

8183 MARIE LOUISE, b. Feb. 8, 1878; m. 

8184 ROLAND HONNEWELL, b. Dec. 7, 1881; 

8179 MARIE LOOISE BALLOO (Hon. Latimer 
W., Levi, Levi, Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, 
James, Maturin), b. Woonsocket, R. I., 
Aug. 15, 1846, d. Nov. 20, 1875; m. 
Woonsocket, R. I., Oct. 5, 1871, by Rev. 
Charles J. White, ENOCH G. SV/EATT, b. 
Feb. 24, 1826, d. Sept. 1, 1891. 

Issue, SWEATT, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 
8185. MYRON LODIS BALLOO, b. Oct. 15, 




Levi, Levi, Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James 
Maturin), b. Cumberland, R. I., Apr. 3, 
1846, d. Cumberland, R. I., July 30, 
1889; m. Oct. 20, 1870, by Rev. Henry F. 
bridge, Mass., Dec. 19, 1846, d. Brook- 



lyn, N. Y., Aug. 27, 1917; int. West 
Wrentham, Uass. Cem. 

After marriage he went West and prac- 
ticed law at Sidney, Neb. Returning 
East he was engaged as a bookkeeper for 
the Woonsocket Rubber Co. at its branch 
establishment in Millville, Mass., 
where the family settled. 

Issue, BALLOO, 1 b. Sidney, Neb., 2-3 b. 
Cumberland, R. I., 4-6 b. Millville, 
Mass. : 

8191 KATE STANLEY, b. July 5, 1872; m. 

8192 Louise Ripley, b. Sept. 21, 1874; 
unm.; res. Brookllne, Mass. 

8193 LAORANCE WATERS (not Lawrence), b. 
May 9, 1880; m. LILLYEN ELISE 

8194 Margaret Alice, b. Aug. 6, 1882; m. 
New York, N. Y., May 1, 1905, 
Thomas Thompson Tate, s. Major Aug- 
ustus Cramer and Margaret (Thomp- 
son) Tate, div. Oct. 1923; issue, 

10787 Walter Seymour, b. Oradell, 
N. J., Jan. 10, 1909. 

10788 Carol Ballou, b. Brooklyn, 
N. Y., May 19, 1913. 

10789 Donald King, b. July 30, 1888; m. 
Brooklyn, N. Y. , Oct. 1, 1913, by 
Rev. John F. Carson, Gladys Earl, 
dau. Clarence E. and Elizabeth 
(Bennett) Earl, grddau. John W. 
and Margaret (Fuller) Earl, b. 
Brooklyn, Sept. 28, 1892. Member 
of the Veterans' Aasn. , 23rd Regt., 
N.Y.N.G.; Veterans' Assn., 106th 
Regt., N. Y. Inf.; Jamaica Lodge 
No. 546, A.F.&A.M.; Dunton Masonic 
Club, Inc.; Dunton Civic League; 
Long Island Grottos of Brooklyn; 
Grace P. E. Church of Jamaica; and 
mem. B.F.A.; proprietor of The 
Ballou Flower Shop; res. 97-25 Rem- 
ington St., Jamaica, L. I. No 

10790 Julius Staples, b. Sept. 11, 1894, 
d. Millville, Mar. 28, 1935. 

Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, 
Maturin), b. Cunberland, R. I., Mar. 2, 
1849, d. Providence, R. I., Jan. 25, 1938 
m. Woonsocket, R. I., June 19, 1875, 

ELLA HILL COREY, dau. John Allen and Lo- 
vica (Gay) Corey, b. Apr. 8, 1852; res. 
Butler Ave., Providence, R. I. 

He was educated in the local district 
schools and Dean Academy. At 19 he en- 
tered the employ of the Woonsocket Rub- 
ber Co., first working in the mill and 
later in the office. His faithfva, loyal 
service in the performance of his duties 
won the confidence of his superiors, and 
he rose rapidly through the various de- 
partments of the concern. When they 
opened a store in New York City he was 
placed in charge, remaining in that city 
for 17 years. He then went to Providence 
as sales manager for the company. Later 
he became president of this company, 
guiding and directing its methods and 
policies for many years to its continued 
success and expansion. He was also presi- 
dent of the Banigan Rubber Co. As a mem- 
ber of the executive board of the United 
States Rubber Company he contributed con- 
structively to the influence of this or- 
ganization in the industry, his thorough 
knowledge of its intracacies winning for 
him recognition as an authority, and the 
respect and esteem of rubber maniofactur- 
ers throughout the country. His dili- 
gent efforts and keen business sense 
were devoted to the development of the 
industry itself, as well as to the gen- 
eral welfare of his company. In addition 
to his commercial interests Mr. Ballou 
has been prominent in the social life of 
the community, in military circles where 
he served for more than fourteen years 
as a member of the New York State Militia, 
and in movements tending toward civic 
progress. His affiliations include the 
Military Order of Foreign Wars, the Lotus 
Club of New York, t-he Union League of 
New York, and the Hope, Squantum, and 
Turk's Head Clubs of Providence. Mr. 
Ballou has retired from active business. 

Mrs. i^allou, whose father was a promi- 
nent merchant of Rhode Island, is a mem- 
ber of the Colonial Dames, and of the 

Issue, BALLOU: 

10791 Helen Corey, b. -Aug. 8, 1875, d. 
Boston, July 15, 1888. 



lan, Rev. Barton, Levi, Ezekiel, Obadiah, 
James, Uaturin), b. Providence, R. I., 
Feb. 16, 1869; m. Providence, R. I., Oct. 
20, 1891, by Rev. Aoma Garlin Spencer, 
uel and Amie Franc (Peck) Remington, grd- 
dau. Watson and Ann Eliza (Hutchlns) 
Remington, b. Providence, R. I. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Providence, R. I.: 
10792 FREDERICK ALLAN, JR., b. Oct. 22, 

William, Uaj. Reuben, Ezekiel, Obadiah, 
James, Maturin), b. Pawtucket, R. I., 
Mar. £6, 1846, d. Dorchester, Mass., June 
9, 19S5; m. Jan. 13, 1868, by Rev. Mr. 
Winkley, MARGARET ANNA GERALD, of Boston, 
Mass.; int. Mt. Feake Cem., Waltham, Mass. 

At the age of 2 years, he moved with 
his parents to the "Luther Place," so 
called, on the Louisquissett turnpike, 
now Lincoln, R. I. and from there to Paw- 
tucket, R. I. previous to July 5, 1851. 
He attended the public schools at Pawtuck- 
et until the age of 12, when showing an 
\inmistakable tendency towards mechanics, 
he was indentured to Cole Bros., manufac- 
turers of steam fire engines and govern- 
ment rifles. He continued with them un- 
til the age of 16, when he enlisted 
(1862) in Co. H. (Capt. ^enry F. Jenckes) 
9th Regt. R. I. Vols., with his parents' 
permission. (This was strictly a Pawtuck- 
et Co.) He served 3 mos. in the D. S. 
service, stationed mostly at "Tennelly- 
town," just outside of Washington, D. C., 
at the time Lee was marching on Washing- 
ton. At the end of his term of service 
he returned to Pawtucket and was honor- 
ably discharged from the service. By 
this time he had outgrown his work in 
Pawtucket and went to work for Brown and 
Sharpe Mfg. Co. at their old shops on 
So. Main St., Providence, R. I. From 
this firm he advanced to the Chelsea 
(Mass.) Button Hole Mch. Co., and then 
to Grover and Baker Sewing Mch. Co. He 
next went to the American Watch Co., 
Waltham, Mass. He had now arrived at the 
age of 23 years, rather a precocious age 
for a young man to embark in business. 

still he formed the firm and became the 
senior member of Ballou, Whitcomb & Co., 
(Jno. E. Whitcomb) with Mr. Webster, 
master mechanic of the American Watch 
Co., as the silent partner. They com- 
menced business at 7 Province Ct., Bos- 
ton in 1869 in the manufacture of watch 
and chronometer lathes, etc. He continu- 
ed there until 1874 when he retired from 
the firm and went back to Pawtucket, R. 
I., and formed the partnership of Ballou 
Bros., at Fairlawn, Pawtucket, where they 
erected a machine shop to carry on the 
same business. In 1876 this concern 
went out of business for want of suffic- 
ient capital to carry on and the business 
was discontinued by the younger member 
of the firm. He then returned to Boston 
for a term of years and reentered the 
machine department of the American Watch 
Co., Waltham. While he was with them he 
built the "Astronomical Clock," so call- 
ed, for the D. S. Government, which is 
noted for its precision as a perfect 
timekeeper. It is now doing duty as 
such, so Chief Griggs of that department 
informed the writer. In 1882 he install- 
ed and set up the clock. About that 
period he built for the D. S. Government 
three printing machines for the engrav- 
ing department, at a cost of |15,000 
each, and went to Cleveland, Ohio, to 
build the last one. In 1887 he entered 
the employ of Thos. A. Edison at his 
shops in Orange or So. Orange, N. J., 
and built for Mr. Edison the first com- 
mercial phonograph that was sent abroad, 
after a model furnished by Mr. Edison, 
the only difference being that Geo. F. 's 
weighed S7 lbs. while the Edison model 
weighed 54 lbs., such was Geo. F.'s meth- 
od of "nicety and precision." In three 
months Mr. Edison had promoted him to be 
foreman of his shop, and he continued as 
such until 1893 when he went with the 
Remington or Onion Typewriter Co., with 
shops at Ilion, N. Y. , and Bridgeport, 
Conn. , and for fourteen years was their 
mechanical expert. After leaving there 
he again sjiruck out for himself in the 
pencil pointer business and his first in- 
vention along this line he sold to A. B. 
Dick k Co., of Chicago, 111. He afterward 
invented improvements on the pointer un- 
til whatever devices you now have are af- 
ter his patents. The corporation he 



formed along these lines was the Ballou 
Mfg. Co., 110 Leonard St., New York, N. 
Y., with his friend Mr. Ennlson and a 
few congenial associates. He was the 
president and general manager. (Contri- 
buted by William A. Ballou). 

Issue, BALLOD: 

8293 Nellie Washburn, b. -^oston, July 2, 
187S; res. 6 Armindine St., Dor- 
chester, Mass. 

8294 Fred Vincent, b. Pawtucket, Feb. 
23, 1875, d. Waltham, Oct. 9, 1898; 
int. Mt. Feake Cem., Waltham, Mass. 

William, Maj. Reuben, Ezekiel, Obadiah, 
James, Maturin), b. Pawtucket (then No. 
Providence), R. I., July 5, 1851, d. Law- 
rence, Mass., Aug. 26, 1939; m. at the 
Parsonage of Christ's Church, So. Provi- 
dence, R. I., Aug. 11, 1872, by Rev. 
dau. Randall H. and Sarah (Hervey) Tall- 
man, b. Centredale, No. Providence, R. 
I., Mar. 13, 1853, d. Lawrence, Mass., 
Feb. 1, 1932; int. t-lmwood Cem., Methuen, 

He was the paymaster for Owen and 
Clark at the Mineral Springs Worsted Mill 
and for the Atlantic DeLaine Mill in the 
latter part of 1879 and continued as such 
until July 1st, 1881. He was then em- 
ployed by the damlet Mills, at Woonsock- 
et, R. I., until 1885, when he went with 
A. B. Pitkin, in Providence, as book- 
keeper for two years. He moved to Law- 
rence, Mass. in 1887, becoming asst. pay- 
master for the Atlantic Cotton Mills, 
and in 1892 paymaster. Severing his con- 
nection with these mills in 1900 he en- 
tered the employ of the American Woolen 
Co. in a responsible position and contin- 
ued in their employ for eighteen years, 
when he retired on an annuity. 

Now (1937), in his 86th year, he en- 
joys excellent health and is unusually 
active for his age. He is one of the 
most enthusiastic members of The Ballou 
Family Association of America, of which 
he is a past president, still actively 
serving on the Executive Committee, and 
is Chairman of the Committee on Member- 
ship and this Addendum. Ever since 1888 
he has been accumulating genealogical 

data for an Addendum of "The Ballous in 
America." His foresightedness is now 
receiving its just reward. 

Issue, BALLOO, 1-3 b. Pawtucket, R. I., 

4 b. Lawrence, Mass.: 

10793 Edith Lillian, b. Nov. 23, 1873, 
d. Lawrence, May 29, 1937; int. 
Elmwood Cem., Methuen, Mass. She 
moved to Lawrence with her parents 
in 1887 and graduated from Law- 
rence H.S. Member of the D.A.R., 
the Wesleyan Club of the Central 
M. E. Church, and the B.F.A., in 
which she was deeply interested 
and always ready to give whole- 
hearted support to any endeavors 
sponsored by it, especially so in 
assisting her father in his valu- 
able accumulation of Ballou genea- 
logical records for this Addendum. 
Miss Ballou possessed a striking 
personality which endeared her to 
a host of friends. 

8295 Latimer Hervey, b. Nov. 4, 1876; 

unm.; res. 15 Lowell Terrace, Law- 
rence, Mass. Graduated from the 
Essex Grammar and Lawrence H. S., 
and R. I. State College, at Kings- 
ton; entered employ of the Boston 
and Maine R. R. as a clerk in the 
office of the master car builder. 
After a three year course in de- 
signing at the Lowell Textile 
School was employed by the Atlan- 
tic Mills, Olneyville, R. I. and 
Saranac Mill of The American Wool- 
en Co., Blackstone, Mass., and 
1906-29 by The Wood Worsted Mills, 
Lawrence, as overseer of the cloth 
shipping dept. His Masonic affil- 
iations include: Knights Templars 
in The York Rite of Masonry; 32nd 
degree in the Scottish Rites; 
Phoenician Lodge, A.F. & A.M., Mt. 
Sinai Chapter R.A.M.; Lawrence 
Council, R. & S.M.; and Bethany 
Commandery No. 17. In the Scot- 
tish Rites his memberships are 
with Lowell Lodge of Perfection, 
Lowell Council of Princes of Jeru- 
salem, Lowell Chapter of Rose St. 
Croix, and Mass. Consistory S.P. 
R.S. His enoblement in Aleppo 
Temple took place on May 29, 1911, 
and his enrollment number in that 



Illustrious body of the A.A.O.N.M. 
S. is 9052 
8296 WILLARD ALFRED (later ALGER), b. 
July 12, 1881; m. FRANCES PEAELE 

10794 RAYMOND COTTON, b. Sept. 19, 1888 j 

8292 GRACE READ BALLOO (William, William 
MaJ. Reuben, Ezeltlel, Obadiah, James, 
Maturin) , b. in The Old Jones Hovise, cor. 
Pine and South Onion Sts., Pawtucket, R. 
I., Feb. 23, 1862, d. Sept. 26, 1927; m. 
(1) St. Paul's Church, Pawtucket, R. I., 
Feb. 14 or 17, 188-, by Emery H. Porter, 
ROSSELL ARMINGTON, b. E. Providence, R. 
I., Jan. 1, 186(2), d. Pawtucket, R. I. J 
int. Mineral Springs Cem., Pawtucket, R. 
I.; (2) FRANK WILD, s. William Wild. 

Mr. Armington was a freight clerk in 
the N.Y.H.H. «e H. R.R. at Pawtucket. Mr. 
Wild was a plumber and the son of "Billy" 
Wild, old time cobbler and keeper of the 
"Old Toll Gate," cor. Smithfield Ave. and 
old Power Road. 

Issue, ARMINGTON, b. Pawtucket, R. I.: 

10795 Annie Washburn, b. Sept. 13, 1888, 

10796 Lemira Wheaton, b. Sept. 6, 1890; 
unm.; mem. B.F.A.; res. 19 Hum- 
boldt St., Pawtucket, R. I. 

10797 Leroy Cotton, b. Dec. 16, 1892; m. 
Pawtucket, Feb. 4, 1917, by Rev. 
Robert Seilhamer, rector of St. 
Paul's Church, Ua belle Taylor, dau 
James Taylor, of Conn.; res. Pine 
St., Pawtucket, R. I.; issue, 

10798 Dorothy. 

10799 Margaret. 

10800 Elizabeth Randall, b. 1894, d. Paw 

Issue, WILD, b. Pawtucket, R. I.: 

10801 Idella May, b. Sept. 24, 1903; m. 
George Carpenter; issue. Carpenter 
10802 Son. 

9610 ORINDA BALLOO COOK (Zimri Cook, 
Joanna Ballou, Levi, Ezeklel, Obadiah, 
James, Maturin), b. Mendon, Mass., Jan. 
16, 1823, d. 1879; int. Oak Hill Cem., 
Woonsocket, R. I.; m. (l) Oct. 16, 1843, 
LODIS COOK, s. Ichabod, Jr. and Louisa 
(Cook) Cook, b. Mendon, Mass., Nov. 8, 

1812, d. Oct. 8, 1849, ae. 36; int. 
Friends' Cem., E. Blackstone, Mass.; (2) 
Jan. 7, 1852, STEPHEN DAVIS NICHOLS, of 
Brimfield, Mass., b. Keene, N. H., 1825, 
d. 1898; int. Onion Cem., Woonsocket, R. I. 

Issue, COOK, b. Blackstone, Mass.: 
10803 Judge Louis Atwood, b. May 4, 1847, 
d. No. Weymouth, May 16, 1918; m. 
Feb. 22, 1876, by Rev. Cook, Lucin- 
da A. Clark; prominent Norfolk Co. 
jurist; 22 years, clerk of the 
county court; int. Fairlawn Dlv., 
Mt. Hope Cem., So. Weymouth, Mass; 
issue. Cook: 

10804 Florence M. 

10805 Atty. Louis Atwood, Jr. 

10806 Sidney R. 

10807 Edward H., m. by Rev. Cook, Letit- 
ia S. Clark. 

Issue, NICHOLS, b. E. Blackstone, Mass.: 

10808 Angelena Orinda, m. G. H. Allen, 
1882; no issue. 

10809 Amelia Ballou, b. Dec. 6, 1653, d. 
Woonsocket, Sept. 8, 1878; m. Bos- 
ton, Nov. 22, 1876, Francis Everett 
White, s. David and Louisa (Cutler) 
White, b. Thompson, Conn., Apr. 25, 
1852, d. Thompson, Apr. 19, 1934; 
issue. White, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 
10810 Lillian Emma, b. June 16, 

1878; res. xinln., E. Spring- 
field, Mass. 
10811 Chloe Allen, b. July 22, 1856, d. 
Providence, No., 1891; m. Provi- 
dence, Nov. 25, 1875, by Rev. Henry 
Cook, James Button, b. N. Y. State; 
int. Riverside Cem., Providence; 
issue. Button, b. Providence, R. Ii 
10812 Harriette, b. July 11, 1878; 
m. Providence, Jan. 22, 1903 
by Rev. H. c. Dana, Richard 
Thorngran, s. Charles and 
Sara Thorngran, b. New Brit- 
ain, Conn., Oct. 5, 1881; is 
sue, Thorngran, b. Auburn: 
10813 Irene Allen, b. Nov. 
9, 1903; m. (l) E. 
Blackstone, July 20, 
1930, by Rev. Osborn, 
Max Rumpf, s. Jacob 
Rumpf, b. July 16, 
1898, div.; (2) New- 
port, Sept. 5, 1936, 
by Rev. Livingston 
Lomass, Jack Salesky, 


s. Stanislaus Salesky 
b. Ukraine, Sept. 13, 
1898; 1st Sergt. Mar- 
ine Corps; with moth- 
er, mem. B.F.A.; res. 

10814 Eoima Louise, d. 1879; int. Oak Hill 
Cem., Woonsocket, R. I. 

10815 James, d. in Infancy. 

10816 Frank, d. in infancy. 

10817 Rev. Allen Davis, b. Jan. 6, 1860, 
twin, d. Uarcus Hook, Pa., Aug. 6, 
1905; m. Chester, Pa., Oct. 24, 
1882, Esther Ann Knott, dau. Wil- 
liam H. and Jane Isabel Knott, b. 
Chester, Jan. 7, 1864; cer. by Rev, 
A. G. Thomas; int. Chester, Pa. 
Rural Cem.; issue, Nichols: 

10818 Isabel Annie, b. Chester, 
Aug. 24, 1884; m. Chester, 
Nov. 10, 1909, by Rev. J. U. 
Childrey, Lister Armstead, s 
John H. and Priscilla Arm- 
stead; res. Chester, Pa. No 

10819 Esther Orinda (changed to 
Ann), b. Collingswood, N. J. 
July 28, 1896; m. Aug. 5, 
1917, George Stephen Hall; 
grad. Swarthmore Coll., '18; 
tchr; issue. Hall: 

10820 Stephen Nichols, b. 
Chester, Oct. 23, 

10821 Jane, b. Wilmington, 
Del., July 5, 1924. 

10822 Anne, b. Wilmington, 
Jan. 16, 1926. 

10823 Philip Armstead, b. 
Roselle, Del., July 
23, 1928. 

10824 Stephen, d. ae. 12y. 

10825 Caroline Russell, b. Apr. 7, 1863; 
m. Providence, Dec. 25, 1883, by 
Rev. E. E. Thomas, Elmer F. Widmer, 
b. Germantown, Pa., July 14, 1858; 
mem. 6.F.A.; res. £. Blackstone, 
Mass.; issue, Widmer, b. Woonsocket: 
10826 Frederick E., b. Aug. 3, 

1885, d. July 1919; m. Bat- 
tle Creek, Mich., Rose Allen 
b. Vincennes, Ind.; issue, 
Widmer, b. Blackstone, Mass. : 
10827 Rosaline Alberta, b. 

Nov. 15, 1915. 

Dau. and 2 sons. 


10828 Grace Frances, b. Sept. 21, 
1887; m. Providence, July 
15, 1907, by Rev. C. A. Bur- 
gess, George Herbert Paine, 
b. Three Rivers, Mass., 
July 30, 1885; res. 1 Ar- 
lington Place, Framingham, 
Mass.; mem. B.F.A.; issue, 
Paine, 1st b. Woonsocket, 
R. I., 2-3 b. Framingham: 
10829 Florence Louise, b. 
Mar. 31, 1908; m. 
Framingham, July 7, 
1928, by Rev. S. Paul 
Jefferson, Elmer Al- 
bion Dingley, b. Port 
land. Me., June 11, 
1907; issue, Dingley, 
b. Framlingham, Mass.: 

10830 Richard Elmer, 
b. Oct. 28, 

10831 Louise Alice, 
b. Jiily 31, 

10828a Herbert Francis, b. 
July 27, 1921, d. 
Nov. 3, 1926. 
10828b Walter Russell, b. 
Mar. 22, 1928. 
10825a Dau. 

10832 Daniel A., m. Ida ; issue, 


10833 Leon D., m. Ada ; no 


10834 Gladys Orinda, m. Curtis 
Williams, no issue. 

10835 Forrest, d.y. 

10836 Earl, m. Fannie ; issue, 


10837 Beverly Ann, d. ae.3. 
10838 Herbert, m. Millie ; 

issue, Nichols: 

10839 Barbara Patricia. 
10840 Thelma, m. Harry Schlosser; 

issue, Schlosser: 

10841 Joan. 

9611 NAOMI PAINE COOK (Zimri Cook, Joan- 
na Ballou, Levi, Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, 
Maturin), b. Keene, N. H. , Mar. 11, 1824, 
d. Madison, Wis., Feb. 25, 1911; m. Black 
stone, Mass., May 22, 1846, CHARLES A. 
COOK, s. Samuel and Miranda (Kelley) Cook 
a. Madison, Wis., Jan. 12, 1905, b. Men- 
don, Mass., Aug. 15, 1822; int. Riverside 



10844 FRANCIS LATIMER, b. Woonsocket, 
Aug. 6, 1848, twin; m. MARTHA 

10845 Willis Andre, b. Mar. 19, 1851, d. 
Aug. 23, 1852. 

10846 Henry Granville, b. Apr. 28, 1854, 
d. Aug. 17, 1863. 

10847 Elizabeth Maria, b. Apr. 9, 1857, 
d. Oct. 26, 1893. 

10848 Hattie Mtranda, b. Bolton, Mass., 
July 19, 1867; m. Coal Valley, 
111., Mar. 4, 1896, by Rev. Brown, 
Walter J. Paul, s. Thomas and 
Elizabeth (Tyrell) Paul, b. St. 
Agnes', Cornwall, Eng., Dec. 24, 
1864, d. Tamaroa, 111., July 7, 
1907; int. Coal Valley, 111.; is- 
sue, Paul: 

10849 Wallace Cook, b. Moline, 
Jan. 3, 1899; ed. Moline 
H. S. 

10850 Clarence Tyrell, b. Tamaroa 
Dec. 21, 1901; B.S. in 
Architecture, Dniv. of 111. 
'25; member of scarab and 
Sigma Tau, Architectural 
League of M. Y. Baptist. 

lou Cook, Joanna Ballou, Levi, Ezekiel, 
Obadiah, J ames, Maturin), b. Mendon, 
Mass., Feb. 11, 1834, d. Worcester, Mass. 
Feb. 25, 1882; m, Milbury, Mass., 1856, 
by Rev. Mr. Pritchard, HARRIET PENDLETON 
CROMB, dau. George Washington and Lydia 
(Sheffield) Cromb, b. Plainfield, Conn., 
Oct. 8, 1840, d. Worcester, Mass., Jan. 
15, 1921. 

Issue, COOK, inc.: 

10851 Harry Allen, m. Grace P. Denholm; 
issue. Cook, inc.: 
10852 Harry Allen, Jr., m. Hol- 

yoke, Mass., Jan. 31, 1920, 
by Rev. Edward A. Read, 
Isabel Morrow, dau. Thomas 
J. and Flora (Farr) Morrow, 
b. Holyoke, Dec. 26, 1897; 
mem. B.F.A.; res. 50 Faire 
Harbor Place, New London, 
Conn.; issue. Cook: 
10853 Harry Allen, 3rd, b. 
New London, Nov. 26, 


Gaskill, Willard, Jesse, Ezekiel, Oba- 
diah, James, Maturin), b. Central Falls, 
R. I., Oct. 12, 1870; m. Pawtucket, R. I., 
Dec. 24, 1891, by Rev. Joseph J. Wooley, 
Susannah (Price) Houghtaling, b. Hew York 
City, Aug. 19, 1858. Member B. F. A. 


10854 Ethel May, b. New York City, Aug. 

29, 1892; m. Riverside, R. I., 
Dec. 15, 1915, by Rev. George B. 
Benedict, W. George Cruser, s. 
Paul T. Cruser, b. Mansfield, Mass. 
July 8, 1896; res. 293 Pratt St., 
Mansfield, Mass.; issue, Cruser, 

b. Mansfield, Mass.: 

10855 Ethel May, b. t>ept. 15, 

10856 W. George, Jr., b. Jan. 27, 

10857 Harold Everett, b. Nov. 10, 

10858 Dorothy Louise, b. Mar. 14, 

10859 Grace Gertrude, b. Pawtucket, Dec. 

30, 1893; m. Riverside, R. I., Dec. 
13, 1920, by Rev. George J . Bloom- 
field, Ernest L. Kniveton, s. John 
Kniveton, b. Nova Scotia, Sept. 7, 
1888; res. 76 Lincoln Ave., River- 
side, R. I.; issue, Kniveton, b. 
Riverside, R. I.: 

10860 Dorothy Lois, b. i>ept. 14, 

10861 tdith Lola, b. Aug. 8, 1925. 
10862 Mildred Orilla, b. Riverside, July 

2, 1889; m. Riverside, Aug. 18, 
1923, by Rev. George J. Bloomfield, 
Osmond A. Harrington, s. H. 0. 
Harrington, b. Worcester, Mass., 
Apr. 19, 1898; res. 71 Oak Ave., 
Riverside, R. I.; issue, Harring- 
ton, b. Riverside, R. I.: 

10863 Robert Osmond, b. Aug. 24, 

10864 Donald Elmendorf, b. July 
18, 1926. 

8209 WALTER STOART KELLY (Catherine Waity 
Ballou, Rev. Barton, Levi, Ezekiel, Obadiah 
James, Maturin), b. Weare, N. H., Nov. 9, 

1857; unm.; res. 14 Marion Terrace, 

Brookline, Mass. 

Graduated from Dartmouth College, '82. 

Cem. , Hollne, 111. 

Mr. Cook was a member of the Massachu- 
setts Leglslatvire In 1855, and was prin- 
cipal of a grammar school In Newport for 
six years Just before and during the Civil 
War. Later he became a farmer. 

Issue, COOK: 

10842 Charles Irving, b. Jan. 22, 1847, 
d. July 11, 1847. 

10843 Frederic Werner, b. Woonsocket, 
Aug. 6, 1848, d. Feb. 1922. 


Mr. Kelly writes: "To continue the brief 
reference to me in the Ballou Genealogy, 
you can consult "Who's Who In New England 
or Who's Who in Engineering.' I am de- 
voting my time now largely to questions 
of public interest, hoping soon to be 
better known publicly by reason of print- 
ed material." Deacon of the Beacon Uni- 
versalist Chvirch of Brookline for twenty- 
five years. 

ry, William, UaJ. Reuben, Ezekiel, Oba- 
diah, James, Maturin), b. Providence, R. 
I., Apr. 2, 1850, d. Providence, R. I., 
July 5, 1930; m. Oct. 29, 1874, WILLIAM 
HENRY WHIPP (not Whipple). 

Mr. Whipp was Superintendent of the 
Gorham Manufacturing Company. 

Issue, WHIPP, b. Providence, R. I.: 
8Z02 Jessie Ballou, b. July 25, 1875; 

m. Oct. 22, 1902, Gordon P. Kenney, 
who d. Oct. 27, 1910; issue, Ken- 
ney, b. Providence, R. I.: 
10865 Ralph Gordon, b. Mar. 23, 
8303 Annie Eliza, b. Apr. 26, 1880, d. 
Oct. 29, 1880. 

8424 CHLOE A. BRIGGS (Mary Ballou, Dan- 
iel, Joseph, Daniel, Obadiah, James, 
Maturin), b. Dedham, Mass., May 11, 1848, 
d. West Haven, Conn., Dec. 28, 1931; m. 
Slaterville, R. I., Nov. 7, 1872, CHARLES 
B. GIFFORD, s. Seth Gifford, b. Oxbridge, 
Mass., July 2, 1844; int. Pascoag Cem. , 
Pascoag, R. I. 

Issue, GIFFORD, 1-3 b. Douglas, Mass., 
4-5 b. Burrillville, B. I.: 

8427 CHARLES B. , JR., b. Jan. 2, 1874; 
m. ELLA M. I0UH6. 

8428 Mary Maud, b. Apr. 6, 1876. 

8429 Olive Ruth, b. Dec. 7, 1878; m. 
New Haven, Conn., Sept. 11, 1918, 
by Rev. W. H. Wakeham, Michael J. 
Courtney; res. 154 Richard St., 
West Haven, Conn. 

8430 Earl M., b. Nov. 30, 1882; m. Old 
Orchard, Me., Aug. 15, 1920, Ruth 
Margery Esty, dau. Frank Spaulding 
and Annie Elizabeth (Arnold) Esty, 
b. Apponaug, R. I., Apr. 12, 1894, 
div.; issue, Gifford, 1-3 b. Old 


Orchard, Me., 4 b. Gardner, Mass.: 

10866 Irving Ballou, b. June 9, 

10867 Cyril Earl, b. 1924, d. 
May 30, 1924. 

10868 George Washington, b. Apr. 
6, 1925. 

10869 Alice Maud, b. Jan. 20, 

8431 GEORGE W. , b. Feb. 22, 1884; m. 

8451 JOB OSCAR BALLOU (Job, Daniel, 
Joseph, Daniel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), 
b. Burrillville, R. I., May 21, 1866, 
d. Pascoag, R. I., May 28, 1936; m. Pas- 
coag, R. I., Jan. 1, 1900, CORA BROWN, 
dau. Levi and Martha (White) Brown, grd- 
dau. Harley and Miranda (Gleason) 
Brown, of East Douglas, Mass., b. Che- 
pachet, R. I., Sept. 21, 1878; he is int. 
Chepachet, R. I. Cem. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Pascoag, R. I.: 

10870 DORIS ESTHER, b. Nov. 3, 1902; m. 

10871 BEATRICE NATALIE, b. Nov. 27, 
1904; m. EDWARD F. TORPEY.< 

10872 JOB OSCAR, JR., b. Sept. 25, 1906; 

Knight, Daniel, Joseph, Daniel, Obadiah , 
James, Maturin), b. Pascoag, R. I., July 
21, 1853, d. Providence, R. I., Dec. 13, 
1905; m. Giocester, R. I., Feb. 9, 1885, 
by Rev. H. E. Johnson, JOSEPH ARNOLD 
SHERMAN, s. Samuel and Angeline (Sher- 
man) Sherman, b. 1661, d. Apr. 4, 1931; 
int. Pascoag, R. I. Cem. 

Issue, SHERMAN, b. Pascoag, R. I.: 

10873 ANGIE AILEEN, b. Sept. 17, 1886; 

Knight, Daniel, Joseph, Daniel, Obadiah, 
James, Maturin), b. Pascogg, R. I., Apr. 
17, 1870, d. Providence, R. I., Oct. 30, 
1935; m. Providence, R. I., Jan. 21, 
1696, CHARI.OTTE AVIS CROWELL, dau. David 
Augustus and Catherine (Coleman) Crowell, 
grddau. Amaziah and Avis J. (Fxiller) 
Crowell, of Provincetown, Mass., b. Cam- 
bridge, Mass., Mar. 3, 1876; he is int. 
Pascoag, R. I. Cem. 



Uarch 4, 1890, Clarence A. Ballou 
went to Providence and entered the drug 
business which he followed for ten years; 
Sept. 4, 1899, entered the employ of 
Browne & Sharpe Manvifactiu>ing Company in 
the timekeeper's office; next year. Not. 
1, 1900, represented the company on the 
road, being the second man to sell small 
tools and cutters, Mr. James Henry Drury 
being the first. He covered the United 
States, Great Britain and Ireland and 
all the principal manufacturing places 
of Central Europe. At the outbreak of 
the World War I, the family were spend- 
ing a holiday in Paris, France. Member 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Providence, R. I.: 

10874 Avis Dorothy, b. Mar. 20, 1902; ed. 
at Lasalle Seminary, Auburndale, 
Mass., 1924; graduated from Bry- 
and and Stratton Business College, 
1926, receiving key to scholarship 
awarded with B.S.S. degree; Secre- 
tary to the vice-president of the 
Narragansett Electric Company, 
Providence, R. I. 

Knight, Daniel, Joseph, Daniel, Obadiah, 
James, Maturln), b. Pascoag, R. I., Apr. 
10, 1876; m. Pascoag, R. I., Apr. 28, 
1897, by Rev. Clarence Seamans, CARRY 
L. SHITE, dau. Walter S. and Sarah M. 
(Knight) Smith, b. Harmony, R. I., 1877; 
foreman printer; res. 263 Webster Ave., 
Providence, R. I. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Pascoag, R. I.: 

10875 ANDREW KNIGHT, b. May 50, 1898; 

8501 ANOJOINETTE BALLOU (Alexander, Alex- 
ander, Abner, Rev. Abner, Obadiah, James, 
Maturln), b. Blackstone, Mass., Feb. 8, 
1855, d. E. Providence, R. I., Nov. 23, 
1916; m. Nov. 15, 1887, by Rev. B. W. 
Elisha Crocker, b. Brewster, Mass., Apr. 
25, 1840, d. E. Providence, R. I., June 
1, 1913; int. Springvale Cem., Rumford, 
R. I. 

After her marriage, Mrs. Crocker was 
engaged in Rescue Mission work in the 
city of Providence; later, she and her 

husband. Rev. Thomas Conant Crocker, 
with their two children, went twice to 
the West Indies as missionaries. In 
1903, she became matron of Faith Home, 
East Providence, a home for aged people. 
Remained there until 1913, after which 
her health gradually failed her. 

Issue, CROCKER: 

10876 Alice Ballou, b. Shanrock, R. I., 
Sept. 13, 1888; grad. Hope Street 
H.S., Providence, 1906; Bryant 
and Stratton Business College, 
June 1908; stenographer and secre- 
tary with the School Dept. of 
East Providence; later with Jack- 
son, Robertson and Adams, Archi- 
tects, of Providence; in charge 
of Insurange Agency on Cape Cod. 
Very active in work of the Pente- 
costal church. Unm. 

10877 Mary Antoinette, b. Johnston, R. 
I., June 3, 1893, d. Mar. 1900; 
int. Cambridge, Mass. 

8502 ROLLIN ELWOOD BALLOU (Alexander, 
Alexander, Abner, Rev. Abner, Obadiah, 
James, Maturln), b. Slackstone, Mass., 
July 7, 1857, d. Woonsocket, R. I., Dec. 
21, 1921; m. Dec. 23, 1886, by Rev. J. 
Milton PecK, MOSETTA BROWN, of Black- 
stone, Mass., b. Burrillville, R. I., 
Aug. 15, 1861. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Blackstone, Mass.; 

10878 Marion Alcott, b. Apr. 16, 1888; 
grad. Mt. Holyoke College, B.A., 
1910; graduate work, Bryn Mawr 
and Chicago Univ.; tchr. 

10879 Clara Sweetser, grad. R. I. Col- 
lege of Education; tchr.; res. 
104 Forest St., Providence, R. I. 

10880 Elwood Alexander, b. Dec. 3, 
1892; grad. Dartmouth College, 
Hanover, N. H. ; res. 104 Forest 
St., Providence, R. I. 

ander, Alexander, Abner, Rev. Abner, 
Obadiah, James, Maturln), b. Blackstone, 
Mass., Aug. 11, 1867, d. 1920; artist. 

His father, Alexander Ballou, Jr., d. 
Woonsocket, R. I., 1901; int. Oak Hill 
Cem., Woonsocket, R. I. 


6528 ADIN BALLOU (Edward J., Olney, Den- 
nis, Obadiah, Obadiah, James, Maturin), 
b. Smithfield, R. I., Dec. 25, 1856, d. 
Sov. 1916; m. Woonsocket, R. I., Feb. 22, 
1876, by Rev. Mr. Dennison, SDSAM EMELINE 
(BALLOD) COOK, dau. Dennis Ballou, Jr., 
wld. Allen Zebina Cook, q.v., b. Provi- 
dence, R. I., Jiine 3, 1847, d. Worcester, 
Mass., May 7, 1920; int. Onion Cem., Woon- 
socket, R. I. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. No. Smithfield, R. I.: 
85S4 Walter Allen, b. Apr. 21, 1876; m. 
Harrisville, Dec. 12, 1902, by Rev. 
John Tremberth, Lydia Smith; issue, 
Ballou, b. Harrisville, R. I.: 
8534a Thelma, b. Feb. 24, 1910; m. 
Almon Harris; res. Glendale. 
8534b Altha, b. July 25, 1913; m.— 
a534c Walter Allen, Jr., b. Kay 6, 
1918; m. . 

8535 Olney, b. Aug. 4, 1877; m. Dec. 26, 
1905, Alice Baker; issue, Ballou: 
85S5a Mildred H., b. Oct. 14, 

1906; m. Gaucher. 

8535b Harold L., b. Aug. 14, 1911. 
8535c Phyllis L., b. July 31, 1916. 
8535d Rosa E., b. June 14, 1920. 
8535e Olney E., b. Jiily 23, 1926. 

8536 Javan, b. Oct. 25, 1879; m. (l) ; 


8537 Susan Emeline, b. Oct. 24, 1883, d. 
Woonsocket, Oct. 28, 1931; int. 
Onion Cem., Woonsocket, R. I.; m. 
Feb. 22, , by Rev. G. Beach, 

A. Mowry, of Woonsocket, R. I. 

8538 Bertha, b. Sept. 24, 1885; m. Frank 
Lovell; res. Worcester, Mass. 

8528a Frederick E., b. June 23, 1890; unm. 
Hotel manager, Southbridge, Mass.; 
member B.F.A. 

8569 ELLA MARIA COOK (Susan E. Ballou, 
Dennis, Dennis, Obadiah, Obadiah, James, 
Maturin), b. Smithfield, R. I., Sept. 30, 
1868; m. No. Smithfield, R. I., July 17, 
1887, by Rev. George Cutler, GEORGE SAY- 
LES, s. Edwin and Jane (Harris) Sayles, b. 
Smithfield, R. I.; res. Woonsocket, R. I. 

Issue, SAYLES, prob. b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 
8569a Ralph Allen, b. Sept. 9, 1887. 
8569b Nettie Louise, b. Dec. 26, 1888. 
8569c George Arthur, b. Apr. 25, 1890. 
8569d Elmer Cook, b. Aug. 10, 1891. 
8569e Vera Alice, b. Mar. 21, 1893. 


8569f Jane Mae, b. Aug. 19, 1894. 

8569g Herbert Orville, b. Dec. 14, 1902. 

8572 GEORGE SMITH BALLOD (Luke Phillips, 
Dennis, Dennis, Obadiah, Obadiah, James, 
Matiu-in), b. Woonsocket, R. I., Mar. 2, 
1871; m. Pawtucket, R. I., Oct. 25, 1894, 
by Rev. J. J. Wooley, MARGARET ALLEN 
dau. Alexander Allen, of Pawtucket, R. I., 
b. Sept. 5, 1871; res. 50 Morris Ave., 
Pawtucket, R. I. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Pawtucket, R. I.: 

10881 Ethel Mabel, b. Aug. 31, 1896. 

10882 George Allan, b. July 11, 1899. 

10883 Wilbert Elwin, b. July 7, 1911. 

Dennis, Dennis, Obadiah, Obadiah, James, 
Maturin), b. Woonsocket, R. I., Oct. 16, 
1879; m. Pawtucket, R. I., Oct. 21, 1896, 
by Rev. J. J. Wooley, LEWIS WHIPPLE FOL- 
LETT, s. Whipple M. Follett, b. No. Smith- 
field, R. I., Apr. 6, 1875; farmer; res. 
Woonsocket Hill Road, No. Smithfield,R.I.: 

Issue, FOLLETT, b. No. Smithfield, B. I., 
except 5th, b. Bridgeport, Conn. : 

10884 Lewis Whipple, Jr., b. Dec. 20, 

10885 Mabel Elizabeth, b. Feb. 3, 1900. 

10886 Leslie Ballou, b. Apr. £4, 1902. 

10887 Elsie Eliza, b. Aug. 3, 1904. 

10888 Minnie Bertha, b. Dec. 22, 1908. 

10889 Meredith Helen, b. Nov, 7, 1913. 

Dennis, Dennis, Obadiah, Obadiah, James, 
Maturin), b. July 28, 1872, d. few years 
ago; m. Pawtucket, R. I., GEORGIANA BECK- 
FORD; Lieut, of Pawtucket Police Dept. 

Issue, BALLOO: 

10890 Eliza Minerva. 

10891 Lillian. 

8576 HERBERT LOOIS BALLOO (Oscar A., Den- 
nis, Dennis, Obadiah, Obadiah, James, 
Maturin), b. Woonsocket, R. I., Oct. 20, 
1875; m. Taunton, Mass., Oct. 29, 1892, 
by Rev. Hopkins &nery, CELIA G. LEONARD, 
dau. Herbert F. Leonard, b. Taunton, Mass. 
Mar. 12, 1876; automobile machinist; res. 
182 Lincoln Ave., No. Dlghton, Mass. 

Issue, BALLOO, 1st b. Taunton, 2-4 b. No. 



Dlf^ton, Mass.: 

1089S Al WelllQgton, b. Aug. 28, 1694. 

10893 Herbert Elwood, b. July 27, 1897. 

10894 Louis Leonard, b. Mar. 20, 1901. 

10895 Certrude Frances, b. i^ov. 19, 1910. 
3 ctan, b. So. Digbton, d. In inf. 

9652 MARTHA A. BALLOO (Eddy B., Joseph, 
Joseph, Daniel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), 
b. Burrillville, R. I., Oct. 20, 1829, d. 
Lansing, la., ^ot. 11, 1912; m. Rockford, 
111., June 16, 1858, CHARLES MAXWELL, who 
d. Lansing, la., June 21, 190Z; int. Lan- 
sing, la. Cem. 

Issue, MAXWELL: 

10896 Julia, res. Mich. . 

10897 Frank. 

10898 Pearl. 

9658 HESRY CHILDS BALLOO (Eddy B., Joseph 
Joseph, Daniel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), 
b. HarriSTille, R. I., Oct. 24, 1841, d. 
Harlowtown, Mont., Feb. 24, 1921; m. Ced- 
ar Falls, la.. May 7, 1879, by Rev. Mr. 
Young, MARGARET PHILPOT, b. Olive, Ohio, 
May 10, 1848; int. Greenwood Cem., Cedar 
Falls, la; farmer; private in Co. F., 
10th Minn. Vol. Inf., Civil War. 

Issue, BALLOO, 1st b. Cedar Falls, 2-Z b. 
Sutherland, la.: 

10899 George Garfield, b. Apr. 15, 1881; 
m. St. Paul, Minn., Mar. 24, 1911, 
by Rev. Harry N. Wilson, WILHELMIIJA 
F. MOLLIKEK, dau. Walter K. and 
Sophia K. (Knajhlde) Mulliken, grd- 
dau. Nathaniel and Frances (^rs- 
field) Mulliken, of St. John, N. B. 
b. St. Paul, Minn., July 6, 1882; 
193S, buyer for a wholesale grocery 
house; res. 515 So. Cleveland Ave., 
St. Paul, Mizm. ; issue, Ballou, b. 
St. Paul, Minn.: 

10900 Catherine Mannette, b. Apr. 
5, 191S, d. May 2, 1920. 

10901 Marjorie June, b. June 2, 

10902 Madge M., b. Feb. 27, 1884. 
1090Z Samuel Roy, b. Kingsley, la., Kov. 
1, 1888; res. McGrath, Minn. 

eph, Joseph, Daniel, Obadiah, James, Ma- 
turin), b. Harrisville, R. I., Oct. 8, 
1845, d. Fairmont, Minn., Apr. 11, 1920; 

m. Cedar Falls, la., Dec. £7, 1876, by 
dau. Melson *. and Olive (Parker) Smith, 
of Cedar Falls, la., b. East Douglas, 
Mass., Aug. 14, 1649, d. Larrabee, la., 
Dec. 19, 190Z; int. Greenwood Cem., Cedar 
Falls, la. 

With his parents he moved from Harris- 
ville, R. I. to Rockford, 111. in 1854; 
to Caledonia, Minn, in 1858; to Cedar 
Falls, la. in 1868. Enlisted for Civil 
War service in 1864. Discharged from 
Federal Hospital, Dayton, 0., in 1871. 
Moved to Grundy Co., la. in 1873; to 
Black Hawk Co., la. in 1861; to Primghar, 
la. in 1887; to Larrabee, la. in 1891; 
to Minneapolis, Minn, in 1906, and to 
Fairmont, Minn, in 1917. Actively en- 
gaged in the lumber and contracting busi- 
ness all his life. 







BALLOO, b. Iowa: 
BENNING EDWARD, b. Orundy Co., 
Jan. 18, 1876; m. ELMA M. HOOOH- 

Minerva Evelyn, b. Grundy Co., 
July 25, 1879, d. there May 30, 
1880; int. Greenwood Cem., Cedar 
Falls, la. 

Bertha Olive, b. Black Hawk Co., 
Apr. 15, 1881, d. there Sept. 9, 
1882; int. Greenwood Cem., Cedar 
Falls, la. 

Son, b. Black Hawk Co., July 3, 
1683, d. July 6, 1883; int. Green- 
wood Cem., Cedar Falls, la. 
ELLIS LODVERH, b. Black Hawk Co., 
June 15, 1865; m. BERBICE E. CAR- 

Herbert Ellsworth, b. July 31, 
1887, Black Hawk Co.; m. Minneapol- 
is, Minn., July 4, 1924, by Rev. 
Stanley Roberts, Harriet E. Sefton 
dau. William E. and Margaret 
(Towle) Sefton, grddau. Thomas H. 
and Amelia (Robinson) Sefton, of 
Jeromesville, Ashland Co., Ohio, b. 
Minneapolis, Minn., Apr. 10, 1697; 
en. D.S.N.R. for World War I; mem. 
First Church of Christ Scientist 
of Minneapolis; res. 4512 45th 
ilve., S., Minneapolis, Minn.; is- 
sue, Ballou, b. Minneapolis, Minn: 
10910 Phyllis Gale, b. Mar. 16, 


10911 Maude Mae, b. Primghar, May 16, 
1890, d. Minneapolis, July 11, 
1907; int. Greenwood Cem., Cedar 
Falls, la. 

10912 Mlnetta Vera, b. Larrabee, Dec. 
18, 1892; tes. Los Angeles, Calif. 

9656 MARY CHILDB BALLOD (Eddy B., Joseph, 
Joseph, Daniel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), 
b. Mo. Scituate, R. I., Dec. 19, 1847; m. 
JR., s. Dr. and Mrs. Alexander F. Batchel- 
ler, b. BurrillTille, R. I., Mar. 4, 1847. 

Issue, BATCHELLER, b. Cedar Falls, la.: 
1091Z Mamie Kezia, b. Jan. 10, 1880. 

10914 Martha Wallin, b. Sept. 10, 1881. 

10915 William Earl, b. Apr. 25, 1884. 

10916 Emma Mlnefra, b. May 1, 1889. 

Horace, Thomas, Benjamin, Obadiah, James, 
Maturin), b. Woonsocket, R. I., Nov. 22, 
1857; m. Woonsocket, R. I., Dec. 29, 1881, 
by Rev. Joseph L. Miller, FRAUK W. THUR- 
BER, s. Edward Thurber, b. Cumberland, R. 
I., Apr. 4, 1859; newspaper editor; mem. 
B.F.A.; res. 32 John St., Woonsocket, R.I. 

Issue, THDRBER, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

10917 Edward Mason, b. Mar. 8, 1886; m. 
Mary Lavina Bixby, of Woonsocket. 

10918 Sarah Louise, b. May 13, 1888, d. 
Woonsocket, Dec. 30, 1912, ae. 24; 
ffl. Frank May, of Woonsocket; int. 
Union Cem., Ho. Smithfield, R. I. 

10919 James Ballou, b. Oct. 1, 1891, d. 
unm.. Mar. 13, 1922; int. Union 
Cem., No. Smithfield, B. I. 

9766 AN&A MARILLA ALLEN (Dutee Allen, Al- 
mira Ballou, Dutee, Moses, Samuel, James, 
Maturin), b. Greenfield, Saratoga Co., N. 
Y., Jvme 24, 1854; m. Cong. Ch. Durand, 
Wis., Apr. 21, 1878, by Rev. A. A. Kidder, 
JOHN W. WHELAN, b. Waterford, Ballyduff 
Co., Ireland, Not. 1, 1845, d. Mondovi, 
Wis., June 3, 1906; grad. Dniv. of Wis., 
1871, in law and science. 

Issue, WHELAN, b. MondoTi, Wis.: 
10921 Dutee Allen, b. Mar. 25, 1879, d. 
unm., Mondovi, Wis., 1940. Grad. 
Mondovl H.S., 1896; Dniv. of Wis., 
1900; 1901, asst. cashier. First 
Nat'l Bank, Mondovi; 1915, cashier. 


Secretary and treasurer of various civic 
organizations, including the Mondovi Dairy 
men's Assn.; member of Buffalo Co. Agri- 
cultural Board; pres. Mondovi Library 
Board; director of Farmers' Lumber Co.; 
first pres. of Buffalo-Pepin Co. Bankers' 
Assn. and held same office for many years; 
treas. of the town of Mondovi Coop. Equity 
Assn. for six years; chairman for Buffalo 
Co. in World War I drive; member of Wis. 
Legislature in 1923, elected as a conser- 
vative by large majority. Settled many 
estates since the death of his father in 
1906. Lived practically all his life on 
the family's 530-acre Whelandale Far<^. 
Vice-president, B.F.A. for which he was 
an active and energetic worker. 
10922 John Veale, b. May 10, 1882; m. 

June 2, 1918, Mabelle Pabst, dau. 
Daniel Pabst, of Naples, Buffalo 
Co., Wis.; grad. Univ. of Wis.; 
widow, tchr at Roderick, Nev. ; is- 
sue, Whelan: 

10923 Mary Ann. 

10924 Elizabeth. 

10925 Virginia. 

10926 Robert John. 

10927 Judson Sutherland, b. May 30, 1884; 
m. Portland, Ore., Jvuae 6, 1907, 
Shirley Evelyn Allen, of Park Ridge 
111.; attended Univ. of Wis. and 
Oniv. of Denver Law School; res. 
Whelandale Farm, Mondovi, Wis.; 
issue, Whelan: 

10928 Alden Ballou. 

10929 Margaret Evelyn. 

10930 Elizabeth Bernice. 

10931 John Veale. 

10932 James Waterford. 

10933 Patricia Althea. 

10934 Judith Shirley. 

10935 Paul, M. D., b. Jan. 30, 1887; m. 
Wheeling, Va., 1915, his couisin, 
Jennie C. Lamb; attended Univ. of 
Wis. and grad. from Med. Coll., 
Univ. of Penn; res. Seattle, Wash.; 
issue, Whelan: 
10936, Paul, dec. 

10937 Joan. 

10938 Catherine. 

10939 Elizabeth. 

10940 Mollie. 

10941 Daniel Allen. 

10942 Mary Elizabeth, M.A., Barnard Coll. 
Columbia Univ.; Spanish tchr. Bay 
View H.S., Milwaukee, Wis. 



10943 Allen, b. Mar. IS, 1891; m. Wausau, 
Wis., July 3, 1920, Laura John- 
son; grad. Univ. of Wis. and 
Stout Institution, Manual Arts 
Coiu*se; practices law at Ripton, 
Wis.; issue, Whelan: 
10944 Allen Randall, b. Sept. 3, 

10945 William Miller, b. Feb. 15, 1893; 
grad. OniT. of Wis., '23 and 
Stout Institution, Manual Arts 
Course; engineer; unm. ; res. 280 
Darkslde Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

10946 Julia Priscilla, b. Sept. 15, 
1895; m. Mondovi, Wis., Sept. 27, 
1926, by Rev. George H. Waters 
(Cong. Ch. ), Joseph Silverness, 
Asst. Cashier, First Nat'l Bank, 
Mondovi, Wis.; grad. Dnlv. of 
Wis. No issue. 

10947 Anna, M. D., b. May 5, 1897; m. 
New York, N. Y., May 16, 1925, 
Dr. Duma C. Arnold, of Neuse, N. 
C; both are graduates of Med. 
Coll., Dniv. of Penn.; res. 204 
W. 49th St., Minneapolis, Minn.; 
issue, Arnold: 

10948 Nancy. 

10949 Thomas Burton. 

Kneeland, Jesse, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Water town, N. Y. ; m. 
CATHERINE ; blacksmith. 

Issue, BALLOD: 

10950 Jerome Bonaparte, Jr., b. 1870. 

10951 FREDERICK LAMONT, b. Cleveland, 
Ohio, Mar. 15, 1877; m. LENA 

9704 JOHN FRANCIS BALLOD (Leonard, Silas 
Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. Whltingham, Vt., May 5, 1851, d. Gard- 
ner, Mass., Feb. 13, 1932, ae. 80; m. 

(1) Swanzey, N. H., 1871, FLORA MARIA 
EAMES, dau. Henry and Eliza Ann (Brown) 
Eames, b. Swanzey, N. H. , 1849, d. 1905; 

(2) 1915, widow ABBIE SDRREY, who d. 
1926; int. Mount Pleasant Cem., West- 
minster, Mass. 

Issue, BALLOD, by 1st wife: 

10952 HENRY ARTHDR, b. West Swanzey, 
July 23, 1872; m. (l) JOSIE B. 


10953 MABEL FLORA, b. Greenville, Hills 
boro Co., N. H., Sept. 23, 1874; 

10954 JOHN ROSCOE, b. Fitchburg, Mass., 
Oct. 2, 1888; m. GRACE LYMDS. 

Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, 
Maturin), b. Richmond, N. H. , July 1, 

1841, d. Swanzey, N. H. , Oct. 16, 1918; 
m. Nov. 26, 1864, by Rev. Mr. Bourne, 
EDA E. FDLLER, dau. Charles C. and 
Stella (Hosley) Fviller, of Gardner, 
Mass., b. Dec. 14, 1851, d. Swanzey, 

N. H., Mar. 6, 1911; int. Mt. Ceaser 
Cem., Swanzey, N. H. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Swanzey, N. H. : 

10955 Viola E., b. Feb. 27, 1866, d. 
of diptheria, Oct. 19, 1873. 

10956 Josephine A., b. Dec. 31, 1867, 
d. of diptheria, Sept. 29, 1873. 

10957 Demeritt Irving, b. May 19, 1869, 
d. of diptheria, Oct. 19, 1873. 

10958 MARY DNABELLE, b. Apr. 26, 1871; 

10959 BERNIS FREDERICK, b. Dec. 29, 

10960 CARRIE EMERGENE, b. June 14, 
1893; m. EDWIN E. HALE. 

Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, 
Maturin), b. Richmond, N. H. , Dec. 18, 

1842, d. Swanzey, N. H. , Dec. 31 , 1925; 
m. Feb. 26, 1865, FLAVILLA M. TAFT, dau. 
Ferris Taft, b. Swanzey, N. H., Sept. 
10, 1846; int. Mt. Ceaser Cem., Swanzey, 
N. H. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Swanzey, N. H. : 

10961 WILLARD F., b. Nov. 12, 1866; m. 

10962 Nora A., b. Sept. 28, 1868; m. 
James Phillips; 4 sons and 4 
daus.; res. R.F.D. 1, Winchester, 
N. H. 

10963 FRANK J., b. Feb. 25, 1871; m. 

10964 Leon i^arl, b. Sept. 22, 1874; 
unm.; blacksmith, Swanzey, N. H. 

10965 Lucy F., b. Sept. 26, 1875; m. 
Frank Scott; res. Chesterfield, 
N. H. ; 7 chn. 



8704 FRANK EDGAR BALLOD (Willard, Silas, 
Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. Richmond, H. H., Jan. 26, 1644, d. 
Swanzey, N. H., Nov. 29, 1924; m. Jvme 
25, 1873, JULIA A. JEROME, iau. Eric B. 
and Joanne Jerome, b. West Burke, Vt., 
June 29, 1851, d. Swanzey, N. H., Feb. 
1935; int. Swanzey, N. H. ^em. Farmer. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Swanzey, except 3rd b. 
Richmond, N. H.: 

10966 Effie J., b. Aug. 12, 1873, d. 
Aug. 28, 1874. 

10967 GEORGE LYMAN, b. Sept. 8, 1874; m. 

22, 1877; m. (l) PEARL DICKINSON; 

10969 EDGAR FRAWCIS, b. Sept. 30, 1878; 

10970 CHARLES JEROME, b. Jan. 29, 1881; 

10971 ARVIS MERTIE, b. July 14, 1863; m. 

10972 ORA SYLVESTER, b. May 1, 1885; m. 

10973 Rilla Mae, b. 1887; m. Howard 
Morse; res. Richmond, N. H.; add. 
R.F.D. 4, Winchester, N. H. 

8706 ALBERT AMASA BALLOU (Amasa, Silas, 
Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. May 17, 1843; m. Jan. 1, 1865, MARY 
BROWN, dau. Nathaniel and Eliza (Robbins) 
Brown, b. June 5, 1842; mill-wright; 

Issue, BALLOU: 

10974 GEORGE ALBERTA, b. Nov. 23, 1866; 

10975 Jennie A., b. Sept. 23, 1868; unm. 

10976 Florence E., b. Mar. 17, 1873, d. 
Mar. 10, 1902. 

10977 Frederick A., b. July 17, 1874; 
m. Nellie Colman. 

10978 Roscoe E., b. Aug. 8, 1882; m. 
Leoda Merritt. 

9712 SARAH JANE BALLOU (Andrew, Jirah, 
Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. Jones Co., Iowa, July 85, 1858; m. at 
home of parents, Dec. 30, 1878, by Rev. 
Mr. Blackmer, of Olin, Iowa, JOHN HENRY 
DUNTZ, s. George Peter Duntz, b. Colum- 
bia Co., N. Y., Feb. 14, 1856, d. Beat- 
rice, Gage Co., Webr., May 16, 1932. 

Until his retirement in 1924, Mr. 
Duntz was a businessman and farmer. He 
was also active in the First Christian 

Issue, DUNTZ, b. on farm in Marshall 
Co., Kans.: 

10979 JOHN FRANCIS, b. July 30, 1885; 

10980 ETHEL, b. Jan. 16, 1888; m. SAM- 

9713 PHOEBE BALLOU (Andrew, Jirah, 
Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. Jones Co., Iowa, Sept. 7, 1860; m. at 
Duntz home, Jones Co., Iowa, Dec. 25, 
1861, by Methodist minister of Clarence, 
Iowa, CHARLES GARDNER, s. Samuel and 
Ethel Gardner, of 111., b. Lanark, 111., 
Apr. 8, 1857, d. Cedar Rapids, Cedar Co., 
Iowa, July 14, 1926; farmer, later in- 
surance agent; res. 1441 B-Ave., N.E., 
Cedar t^apids, Iowa. 





GARDNER, b. Olin, Jones Co., Iowa: 

Henry B., b. Feb. 14, 1883; m. 

Oct. 17, 1906, Pearl Maud Chase; 

grocer. No issue. 

Emile, b. Apr. 28, 1886. 

Lester, b. May 10,1888. 

Herbert Eugene, b. Nov. 20, 1889; 

m. Alvira . 

Mable P., b. June 28, 1893; m. 

Remaley; issue, Remaley: 

10966 Howard, b. Bath, Penn., 

Dec. 5, 1910. 
Ray Charles, b. Jan. 17, 1895. 
Earl A., b. Oct. 25, 1898. 
Frank W., b. Aug. 7, 1901. 

9714 JESSE BALLOU (Andrew, Jirah, Jesse, 
Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. 
Jones Co., Iowa, Nov. 1, 1861; m. Ana- 
mosa, Iowa, Nov. 15, 1683, by Rev. J. G. 
Ganers, MATTIE SOUTHWICK, dau. S. P. and 
Hannah L. Southwick, b. near Olin, Jones 
Co., Iowa, Apr. 15, 1863; farmer at Clar- 
ence, Cedar Co., Iowa. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Jones Co., Iowa: 

10990 LLOYD, b. May 4, 1885; m. HATTIE 

10991 ELSIE, b. Jan. 4, 1895; m. HAROLD 

10992 Nathaniel, b. Apr. 25, 1892, d. 
Sept. 4, 1902. 



9715 SIMEON BALLOO (Andrew, Jirah, Jesse, 
Eleszer, Samuel, James, Uaturln), b. 
Jones Co., Iowa, Apr. 18, 1664; m. Ara- 
mosa, Iowa, Sept. 19, 1686, by Rev. Ur. 
Russell, MELISSA CARTER, dau. James and 
Rhoda Carter, b. Dec. 9, 1864; retired 
farmer, Olin, Iowa. Members of United 
Brethren Church. No issue. 

9716 AUDREW BALLOU (Andrew, Jirah, Jes- 
se, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. 
Jones Co., Iowa, Feb. 14, 1668; m. at 
Duntz home, Oct. 4, 1893, by minister 

of Trinity Lutheran Church, Beatrice, 
Nebr., MAGGIE DONTZ, dau. George Peter 
Duntz, b. Jones Co., Iowa, Apr. 2, 1873; 
retired farmer; res. 4647 Kenmon St., 
Chicago, 111. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. on farm near Olin, la.: 

10993 Earl, b. Jan. 3, 1896. 

10994 Carl, b. Feb. 11, 1901; m. Chi- 
cago, Apr. 8, 1928, Mary Drunka, 
b. Chicago, Mar. 19, 1907; rail- 
way postal clerk on Chicago, Bur- 
lington and Quincy R. R., between 
Chicago and Council Bluffs; res. 
7066 N. Paulena St., Chicago, 111. 
No issue. 

10995 HELEli MARIE, b. Sept. 2 or 6, 

9717 CHARLES BALLOO (Andrew, Jirah, 
Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. Jones Co., Iowa, Jan. 30, 1871; m. 
Vernon farm, Oct. 4, 1893, by Rev. J. 

W. McClure of Olin Church of Christ, 
HENRIETTA VERNON, dau. E. R. and S. E. 
Vernon, b. Olin, Iowa, June 30, 1876; 
farmer; res. Olin, Iowa. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. at farm near Olin, la.: 

10996 RALPH W., b. Dec. 20, 1894; m. 

10997 Irza Mae, b. Oct. 24, 1904. 

9718 HOSEA BALLOO (Asa, Jirah, Jesse, 
Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. 
Jones Co., Iowa, Apr. 24, 1869; m. about 
1880, at Duntz home, by Mr. Fitch, J. P., 

Issue, BALLOO: 

10996 FRANK, b. Oct. S5, 1882; m. BESSIE 

10999 CAPITALA, m. BOflD. 

9719 FRAUK BALLOU (Asa, Jirah, Jesse, 
Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. 
Jones Co., Iowa, 1862, d. several years 
ago; m. MARY HAMMOND; res. Davenport, 







Virgil, b. Feb. 21, 1886; m. (l) 

McClaire; (2) Vance; 

farmer; no issue. 

Perry, b. Dec. 20, 1888; m. (1) 

Maude Slife, of Olin; (2) Mary 

Cluet; with Caterpillar Trailer 

Co., Cedar Rapids, Iowa; issue, 

Ballou, by 2nd wife: 

11002 Robert, b. Aug. 19, 1925. 

Lydia, b. 1890; m. Thomas Lind- 

sey; res. Cedar Rapids, lowq; 

issue, Lindsey: 

11004 Robert. 

11005 Ardis. 

Ella Belle, m. Rev. Vern Daniels, 
Nelson, Nebr.; issue, Daniels: 

11007 Nevin. 

11008 Clara May. 

Mable, m. Oskaloosa, Iowa, Walter 
Perry; issue. Perry: 

11010 Jeanne. 

11011 William. 

11012 Virginia. 

11013 Marilyn. 

11014 Robert. 

11015 LaVaughn. 

Fred, m. ; res. Oskaloosa, 

Iowa; issue, Ballou: 

11017 John. 

11018 Marjorie. 

9720 AMANDA BALLOU (Asa, Jirah, Jesse, 
Eleazer, Samuel, James, Matvirin), b. 
Jones Co., Iowa, 1865, d. Oketo, Kans., 
Oct. 30, 1831, ae. 66y 17d; m. FRANK 
ROOT, who res. with son In Colorado. 

Issue, ROOT: 

11019 Glen, m. ; res. Colorado; no 


11020 Myrtle, m. Theodore White; issue. 

11021 Opal, m. . 

9721 SUSANNA BALLOU (Asa, Jirah, Jesse, 
Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. 
Jones Co., Iowa, Mar. 28, 1870; m. WIL- 
LIAM GARDNER, s. Samuel and Ethel Gard- 
ner, of 111., who is dec; res. Stand- 




wood, Iowa. 

Issue, GARDMEB: 

11022 William B. , m. Dorothy Ralston; 

emp. General Motors Co., of Ind.; 

issue, Gardner: 

11023 Donald. 
11024 Ethel, b. Apr. 15, 1888; m. May 

25, 1915, Bert Seckler; issue, 


11025 Genevieve, res. Kenwood, 
11026 Essie, b. July 6, 1890; m. Ray 

Cushman; res. Clarence, Iowa; 

issue, Cushman: 

11027 Luella, m. (l) , dec; 

(2) Chris Grelm. 

11028 Douglas. 

11029 Maggie, m. Hiram Wiliger; 4 or 5 
chn.; res. near Osage, Mitchell 
Co., Iowa. 

9722 JAMES BALLOU (Asa, Jirah, Jesse, 
Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. 
Jones Co., Iowa, 1872; m. IDA CLAY; res. 
Clarence, Iowa. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

11050 Marjorie, m. McCaw; res. 

Steamboatrack, Iowa. 

972S DAISY BALLOD (Asa, Jirah, Jesse, 
Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. 
Jones Co., Iowa, 1875; m. (l) WILLIAM 
ROOT, div.; (2) J. W. DYER; res. 6310 
Morris St., St. Joseph, Mo. 

Issue, ROOT: 

11031 Son. 

11032 Son. 

Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. June 13, 1848; m. Apr. 10, 1870, 
SARAH KUHNS; 1906, res. on a ranch in 
So. Dakota. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

11033 JOSEPH, b. July 18, 1871; m. (l) 

11034 Elsie, b. Jan. 13, 1874; m. Fred 
Chesley. No issue. 

11035 Mary E., b. Sept. 3, 1876; m. 
Hugh Edwards. No issue. 

11036 Elmina Lucille, b. July 9, 1882, 

d. Jxily 22, 1915; m. (l) George 
Tatum; (2) Charles Schaff. Mo 

9731 JOHN ARTHUR BALLOU (Alonzo, Aaron, 
Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. Oct. 25, 1864; m. ALDA HART. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

11037 Florence 0., b. Sept. 7, 1895; m. 
Lt. Olaf Simonsen, div. No issue. 

11038 Marian, b. Mar. 4, 1898; m. 
Lloyd Fellows; issue. Fellows: 

11039 Son, b. ab. 1921. 

11040 Jean Marie, b. June 11, 

W., Barnabas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Mich., Nov. 4, 1846; 
d. Gait, Wright Co., Iowa, Feb. 3, 1892; 
m. KEZIAH BUNN, b. Rowan, Wright Co., 
Iowa, 1850, d. 1917; int. Rowan, Iowa 

Issue, BALLOU, 1st b. Mo., 2-3 b. Clarence 
la., 4-6 b. Wright Co., la., 7-8 b. Gait: 

11041 ZORA ISABELLE, b. Feb. 4, 1870; m. 

11042 CORA ORETTA, b. Mar. 4, 1871; m. 

11043 FLORA ELLEN, b. Mar. 20, 1872; m. 

11044 JULIA ANN, b. May 2, 1874; m. SHER- 

11045 SARAH ELIZA, b. Feb. 18, 1876; m. 

11046 C. WILLARD, b. Dec. 22, 1879; m. 

11047 CHESTER ARTHUR, b. Mar. 12, 1881; 

11048 BERTHA ELIZABETH, b. Sept. 25, 
1886; m. JOHN W. TAYLOR. 

Barnabas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, 
Maturin), b. 111., July 5, 1851, d. Af- 
ton, la., Apr. 12, 1918; m. (l) Cedar 
Co., la., Jan. 13, 1874, ADELLA MARY 
LEIGH, b. Aug. 7, 1856, d. Prescott, la., 
July 27, 1888; (2) Nodaway, la., Aug. 

mira, N. Y. , Nov. 25, 1869, d. Afton, 
la., July 16, 1916, dau. Frederick W. 
and Mary M. (Barron) Schroder; farmer 
and livestock buyer; int. Mt. Zion Cem., 



Prescott, la. 

Issue, BALLOU, by 1st wife, b. Iowa: 

11049 VIOLA ADELPHIA, b. Jan. 11, 1875; 

11050 SDSIE JANE, b. May 18, 1876; m. 

11051 LYDIA ANN, b. Oct. 25, 1879; m. 

11052 Charles H., b. Nov. 21, 1882; d. 
Jan. 21, 1883. 

11052 DoTle Ellen, b. Oct. 11, 1884, 
d. Aug. 17, 1886; int. Mt. Zion 
Cem., Prescott, la. 

Issue, BALLOD, by 2nd wife, b. Iowa: 

11054 MARY AILENIE, b. Prescott, Apr. 
21, 1898; m. ALFRED DANIEL FIG- 

11055 ARCHIE EUGENE, b. Afton, Feb. 3, 

9752 GEORGE W. BALLOU (Edwin, Barnabas, 
Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. Cedar Co., la., June 18, 1854, d. 
Hampton, la.. Mar. 17, 1933; m. Clarion, 
la., July 5, 1876, SUSAN BROWN; cremated. 

George W. Ballou was a pioneer in 
every sense of the word, coming into a 
new country when a mere Infant and grow- 
ing up on the frontier. For the most 
part he engaged in farming and also 
worked as a carpenter, but for many 
years of his early manhood he was a 
teacher in the public schools of Wright 
County. He received his education at 
Algona College and at Iowa Falls. A 
man of exceptional mental gifts, he was 
active until a few weeks prior to his 

Issue, BALLOU: 

11056 NELLIE, b. Aug. 13, 1877; m. W. 

11057 Raymond, b. Rowan, la., ab. 1879; 
m. ; 2 chn.; res. 6715 Chest- 
nut St., Kansas City, Mo. 

9753 OVEL E. BALLOU (Edwin, Barnabas, 
Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. near Rowan, la., Aug. 15, 1856; m. 
near Belmont, la., Feb. 11, 1880, by 
Rev. J. D.. Sands, ESTHER J. LYNK, dau. 
Peter and Angeline (Van Sice) Lynk; d. 
Whlttier, Calif., Dec. 25, 1940; int. 
Rose Hill Cem., Whittier, Calif. 

trhe first white child born in Iowa Town- 
ship. Farmer until 1884, when he en- 
tered the service of the B.CR. & N. 
Railroad, later known as the Rock Is- 
land Railroad, being agent for 40 years 
at Rowan, Iowa. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

11058 LeRoy Ovel, b. Feb. 14, 1882; m. 
Whittier, Calif., Dee. 23, 1919, 
Hermione Wade. 

11059 Glynn Philip, b. May 9, 1889; m. 
(1) May 27, 1916, Flora McDonald, 
who d. Feb. 23, 1932; (2) Apr. 
10, 1933, Anna Johnston. 

11060 Nancy LaVonne, b. Aug. 19, 1891. 

9754 VIOLA BALLOU (Edwin, Barnabas, 
Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. near Rowan, Iowa, Apr. 27, 1859; m. 
(1) Hampton, Iowa, Jan. 17, 1881, by 
Rev. Charles Cressy, FRANKLIN H. TIBBETS, 
who d. Apr. 28, 1920; (2) Santa Ana, 
Calif., Jan. 18, 1930, by Rev. 0. Scott 

M. Farland, LOWELL MORSE; res. 2518 Atlan- 
tic Av., Long Beach, Calif. 

Mrs. Morse was born in a log cabin 
and rocked in a cradle made out of a 
log. After her marriage, she lived 
within seven miles of the old homestead 
for 39 years. She was active in the 
Congregational Church and Sunday School. 
Member of the Eastern Star Lodge, the 
Rebek ahs, the Daughters of the American 
Revolution, and the Women's Relief 
Corps. After her first husband's death, 
she removed to California. Her favorite 
study is genealogy and her motto has 
always been The Golden Rule. 

Issue, TIBBETS: 

11061 Glenn A., b. Sept. 23, 1894, d. 
Apr. 1895. 

11062 Viola, b. Nov. 22, 1898, d. Dec. 
8, 1898. 

9755 CARRIE B. BALLOU (Edwin, Barnabas, 
Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. near Rowan, Iowa, Nov. 28, 1861, d. 
Jan. 17, 1937; m. (l) May 12, 1881, at 
Rowan, Iowa, by Rev. Harvey, EDWIN J. 
LYNK; (2) Chicago, 111., 1898, CHARLES 
T. WRIGHT, who d. Nov. 1913; int. Rose 
Hill Cem., Whittier, Calif. 



Issue, LYNK: 

11063 EMILY A., b. June 30, 1882; m. 

11064 ESTHER V., b. Mar. 7, 1885; m. 

Issue, WRIGHT: 

11065 Mary Lou, b. Harrington, Kans., 
May 7, 1904; m. Sidney Krystal. 

9756 NATHAN F. BALLOU (Edwin, Barnabas, 
Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. near Rowan, Iowa, Mar. 13, 1865, d. 
Des Moines, Iowa, May 10, 1934; m. Clar- 
ion, Iowa, Dec. 24, 1886, MARY McCLINT 

Issue, BALLOD: 

11066 EDWIN OTHO, b. Nov. 24, 1892; m. 

11067 EMMA R., b. Sept. 30, 1894; m. 

11068 Clifford M., b. Sept. 15, 1896; 
m. — . 

9757 EMILY BALLOU (Edwin, Barnfebas, 
Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Mattirin), 
b. near Rowan, Iowa, Nov. 26, 1867, d. 
Chicago, 111., Feb. 20, 1896; m. Clar- 
ion, Iowa, June 10, 1886, by Rev. Har- 
vey, FRANK M. UTTER; int. Graceland Cam. 
Rowan, Iowa. 

Issue, UTTER: 

11069 Ralph B., b. Rowan, Apr. 22, 
1887; m. Los Angeles, Calif., 
May 19, 1913, Matilda Stenerson. 

11070 Earl, d. in infancy. 

9758 EDWIN R. BALLOU (Edwin,^ Barnabas, 
Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. near Rowan, Iowa, Nov. 23, 1870; m. 
Canton, N. Y., Jan. 31, 1893, HELEN 

Mr. Ballou attended Mt. Vernon Col- 
lege, Vinton, Iowa, and is a farmer. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

11071 KENNETH, b. July 22, 1900; m. 


S. Pickering, Susanna Eaiiou, David, 
David, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Woon- 
socket, R. I., Mar. 28, 1860, d. Woon- 
socket, R. I., Oct. 17, 1935; m. Woon- 
socket, R. I., Sept. 10, 1879, ALSTOM 
ELWIN DARLING, s. Welcome Green and Mar- 
ietta P. (Jillson) Darling, b. Woonsock- 
et, R. I., Apr. 27, 185 2, d. Woonsock- 
et, R. I., May 3, 1917, ae. 66y llm 24d; 
int. Woonsocket, R. I. 

Issue, DARLING, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

11072 Arthur Alexander, b. Feb. 22, 
1880; m. Providence, Annie Know- 
les, b. Eng., June 4, 1885 , d. 
s.p.. Ho. Attleboro, Feb. 6, 

11073 Lottie Geneva, b. Oct. 9, 1881; 
m. Woonsocket, Feb. 4, 1902, 
Frederick Sheffield Clark, s. 
Cornelius and Sarah (Vose) Clark, 
b. Woonsocket, Mar. 1875; is- 
sue, Clark, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 
11074 Ruth, b. Aug. 24, 1903; 

m. Woonsocket, Sept. 3, 
1927, Frank Winfield Carr, 
s. Frank and Ruth (Jenks) 
Carr, b. Woonsocket, Feb. 
22, 1904; issue, Carr, b. 
Woonsocket, R. I.: 

11075 Thelma, b. Jan. 14, 

11076 Dorothy, b. Sept. 
12, 1929. 

11077 Donald, b. June 30, 

11078 Russell Stafford, b. July 
20, 1906; m. Framingham, 
Jan. 29, 1931, Myra (French 
Fairfield, dau. Byron and 
Gertrude French, b. Woon- 
socket, July 4, 1910; is- 
sue, Clark: 

11079 Janice Lorraine, b. 
Apr. 9, 1932. 

11080 Charlotte, b. Sept. 
7, 1937. 

11081 Myron, b. Aug. 23, 1913. 
11082 Welcome Leslie, b. Dec. 15, 1885, 
d. Woonsocket, Dec. 12, 1931; m. 
Woonsocket, July 4, 1914, Marie 
Camilla St. Martin, dau. Isaac 
and Anna (Vandal) St. Martin, b. 
Lovel, P. Q., Dec. 9, 1889; is- 
sue. Darling, b. Woonsocket, R.I.: 
11083 Theresa Cecile, b. Feb. 



13, 1918. 

11084 Claire Rita, b. Sept. 26, 

11085 Mary Lucille, b. Jan. 22, 

11086 Robert Elwin, b. Aug. 7, 1889, d. 
No. Smithfield, Apr. 10, 1934; m. 
(1) Woonsocket, Jan. 5, 1911, 
Ida G. (Irons) Ballou, div.; (2) 
Mo. Attleboro, July 3, 1916, 
Maude E. Temple, dau. Fred F. and 
Jennie Temple, b. i>hrewsbury, 
June 15, 1897; issue. Darling, 
by 2nd wife, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

11087 Grace Adele, b. Apr. 13, 
1917, d. Jan. 29, 1920, 
ae. 2y 9m lOd. 

11088 Robert Earl, b. Jan. 8, 

11089 Ruth Helen, b. Jvdy 18, 

11090 Clifford Leroy, b. Mar. 7, 

11091 Percival Leroy, b. July 19, 1891; 


Pickering, Susanna Ballou, David, David, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Woonsocket, 
R. I., Apr. 3, 1866; m. Woonsocket, R. 
I., Jan. 28, 1888, GEORGE BROWN, s. Ben- 
jamin and Harriet S. (i^andall) Brown, 
b. Providence, R. I., July 7, 1867, d. 
Woonsocket, R. I., July 13, 1918. 

Issue, BROWN, b. E. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

11092 Grace Bartlett, b. Mar. 11, 1889; 
m. Woonsocket, Aug. 12, 1911, 
Ralph Herman Smith, s. Walter 
and Ellen (Winsor) Smith, b. No. 
Smithfield, Mar. 23, 1883; res. 
No. Smithfield, R. I.; issue. 
Smith, b. No. Smithfield, except 
2nd b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

11093 Sylvia Bartlett, b. June 
15, 1912. 

11094 Winsor Ballou, b. July 16, 

11095 Ralph Herman, Jr., b. Apr. 
3, 1916. 

11096 Harriet Susan, b. Oct. 6, 

11097 George Westcott, b. Aug. 

3, 1919, d. No. Smithfield, 
Oct. 30, 1937. 

11098 Charles Metcalf, b. June 22 

11099 Maude Sanford, b. Mar. 27, 1891; 
m. Manchester, N. H., Jan. 28, 
1911, George W. Bailey, s. George 
and Elizabeth (McQuestion) Bail- 
ey, b. Providence; issue, Bailey, 
b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

11100 Betty Brown, b. Agr. 12, 

11101 Brendon Stlnson, b. Aug. 
28, 1917. 

11102 Mildred, b. May 28, 1896; m. 

Woonsocket, Jan. 11, 1919, Fred- 
erick A. Dubbs, s. Fred and Alice 
(Carr) Dubbs, b. Woonsocket; is- 
sue, Dubbs; b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 
11103 Lois Susan, b. Feb. 8, 

9767 ROSCOE BARTLETT (Almeda 6. Picker- 
ing, Susanna Ballou, David, David, Sam- 
uel, James, Maturin), b. Woonsocket, R. 
I., Mar. 23, 1868, d. Woonsocket, R. I., 
July 17, 1923; m. Woonsocket, R. I., 
dau. Henry Martin and Juliet E. (Smith) 
Darling, b. Dec. 12, 1872. 

Issue, BARTLETT, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 
11104 Herman, b. June 8, 1894; m. Sept. 
1933, Loretta Ruge, dau. Arthur 
and Amanda Ruge, b. Woonsocket, 
Jan. 18, 1909; issue, Bartlett, 
b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

11105 Donald Henry, b. Apr. 15, 

11106 Dau. 

11107 Vera, b. Nov. 20, 1897, d. Nov. 
20, 1932; m. Edgar C. Scott, s. 
Stephen E. and Bertha M. (Cook) 
Scott, of Bellingham; issue, 

11108 Leroy Stephen, b. July 21, 

11109 Edgar Leslie, b. June 8, 

11110 Dorothy, b. May 28, 1899; m. Nov. 
£4, 1924, George Cook Rhodes, s. 
Elbridge and Cora (Warfield) 
Rhodes, of Bellingham; issue, 
mil Beulah, b. Jan. 10, 

11112 Lloyd Elbridge, b. Jan. 10 

11113 Burton Everett, b. Nov. 25, 



4442 BYKON HENRY BALLOD (Byron M., Mow- 
ry. Welcome, David, Samuel, James, Ma- 
tvirin), b. No. Smithfield, R. I., Jan. 
2, 1880; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec. 19, 
1908, by Rev. Mr. Eklund, ELLA V. GOSTOF- 
SON, dau. Aaron and Aiigusta (Johanson) 
Gustofson, grddau. Lars Gustofson, of 
Krone berg, Sweden; res. 14 Sound View 
Are., Classon Point. New York, N. Y. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. New York, N. Y. : 

11114 Frances Louise, b. 505 W. 135th 
St., Sept. 19, 1910; grad. Wadley 
H.S., New York, N. Y. 

9768 LEVI NELSON BALLOD (Byron M., How- 
ry, Welcome, David, Samuel, James, Ua- 
turin), b. Slatersville, R. I., Aug. 25, 
1886; m. Boston, llass., Oct. 13, 1911, 
BESSIE HAY GASSETT, dau. Charles A. and 
May (Taylor) Gassett, of Charlestown, 
Mass. (m. Greene, Me., June 15, 1878, 
by Rev. Elder Daggett), b. Lewlston, Me., 
Feb. 9, 1895; res. Strong, Me. 

Issue, BALLOO: 

11115 Beatrice Ellen, b. Charlestown, 
Aug. 21, 1912; m. Phillips, Me., 
May 24, 1932, by Rev. Mr. Curtis, 
Percy Ernest, s. Charles and Lucy 
(Kennedy) Ernest, b. Phillips, 
Nov. 11, 1911; she was ed. Strong, 

11116 Laura Elizabeth, b. Millville, 
Mass., June 16, 1914; ed. Strong. 

11117 Walter Ernest, b. Medfield, Mass., 
Dec. 26, 1919; ed. Strong, Me. 

11118 Dorothy May, b. Strong, Jan. 26, 

9778 GRACE INEZ BALLOD (Herbert, Welcome 
Welcome, David, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. No. Smithfield, R. I., Feb. 26, 1894; 
m. East Douglas, Mass., Oct. 20, 1915, 
by Rev. Wallace Hayes, JOHN A. CASWELL, 
s. Duty and Susan (Aldrich) Caswell, b. 
Dpton, Mass., Sept. 14, 1893, d. Douglas, 
Mass., Nov. 8, 1931; mason by trade; she 
res. So. Douglas, Mass.; he is int. 
Evergreen Cem., East Douglas, Mass. 

Issue, CASWELL, 1 and 4 b. Douglas, 2-3 
b. Dpton, Mass.: 

11119 Grace Annie, b. Mar. 31, 1920. 

11120 John Alfonzo, b. Dec. 22, 1921. 

11121 Ida Frances, b. Apr. 4, 1924. 

11122 Fred Irving, b. Oct. 9, 1930. 

Welcome, Welcome, David, Samuel, James, 
Maturin), b. Uzbridge, Mass., Aug. 1, 
1895; m. East Douglas, Mass., Oct. 16, 
1919, by Rev. Vernon H. Demming, GEORGE 
ROBERT MOORE, s. Robert William and Mary 
J. (Osher) Moore, b. Burrillville, R. 
I., Dec. 14, 1895. 

Issue, MOORE, b. No. Smithfield, R. I.: 

11123 Herbert George, b. Aug. 31, 1920. 

11124 Russell Robert, b. Nov. 11, 1922. 

11125 Mildred Mae, b. Jan. 30, 1924. 

11126 Mary Caroline, b. Jan. 12, 1926. 

11127 Lena Myrtle, b. Nov. 4, 1927. 

11128 Paul Douglas, b. May 27, 1929. 

11129 Shirley Annie, b. June 10, 1931. 

11130 Henry Smith, b. Jan. 27, 1933. 

6747 WILLARD EARL BALLOD (Albert F., ' 
Willard, Amasa Esq., David, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Worcester, Mass., 
Jan. 25, 1865, d. Worcester, Mass., 
Sept. 20, 1914; m. Worcester, Mass., 
May 16, 1887, by Rev. Henry F. Harris, 
D.D., ALICE A. STEVENS, dau. John D. 
Stevens, b. Wakefield, Mass., Nov. 8, 
1864; business manager. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Worcester, Mass.; 

11131 KENNETH STEVENS, b. Aug. 26, 
1888; m. MARION E. WEST. 

11132 DONALD EARL, b. Nov. 11, 1893; m. 

9787 FRED E. BALLOD ( Era stus B., Dutee, 
Dutee, Moses, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. G reenfleld, Saratoga Co., N. Y., 
Feb. 24, 1881; m. Greenfield Center, N. 
Y. , Aug. 15, 1903, by Rev. R. D. Andrews 
MARY BAKER, b. Jan. 24, 1888; res. 
Porter Corners, N. Y. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Porter Corners, N. Y. : 

11133 Roy, b. June 5, 1904. 

11134 Maurice, b. July 19, 1905. 

9788 EDGENE DDTEE BALLOD (Erastus M. , 
Dutee, Dutee, Moses, Samuel, James, 
Maturin), b. Porter Corners, N. Y. , 
Dec. 20, 1883; m. Greenfield Center, N. 
Y. , Dec. 12, 1917, by Rev. R. D. Andrews 
LDCY DICKINS, dau. Eugene Dicklns, b. 
So. Corinth, N. Y., June 13, 1897. 



Issue, BALLOU, b. Porter Corners, N. Y. : 

11135 Billle Eugene, b. Oct. 15, 1919. 

Dutee, Dutee, Moses, Samuel, James, Ma- 
t\irin), b. Porter Corners, N. Y., May- 
Si, 1888; m. GRACE ELLSWORTH. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

11136 Earl Maturin, b. Aug. 14, 1912. 

11137 Ralph, b. Mar. 1917. 

11138 Anna. 

11139 Elizabeth . 

Willard H., Willard, Moses, Samuel, Jam- 
es, Maturin), b. Lincoln, R. I., Junel, 
1881; m. Oxbridge, Mass., Hov. 22, 1911, 
by Rev. Preston Barr, FREDERIC P. WHITE, 
s. Zebulon P. and Ella K. (Ridler) 
White, b. Pawtucket, R. I., Oct. 9, 
1881, d. Pawtucket, R. I., Oct. 27, 1926; 
int. Oak Grove Cem., Pawtucket, R. I. 

He was a graduate of Pawtucket H.S. 
and a special student at Rhode Island 
State College, taking courses in the 
chemistry of paints and in agriculture. 
He was a member of his father's firm, 
Fred H. White Co., dealing in wholesale 
and retail paints, established in Paw- 
tucket in 1887. He was a member of the 
Cumberland Grange and the Oniversalist 
Church of PawtuckSt. 

Issue, WHITE, b. Adamsdale, Mass.: 

11140 Frederic Stanley, b. Aug. 24, 
1914; grad. Worcester Polytech- 
nic Institute, M.E. 

9792 MOSES HAROLD BALLOO (Willard W., 
Willard H., Willard, Moses, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Lincoln, R. I., Aug. 
25, 1888; m. Central Village, Conn., 
Dec. 28, 1907, by Rev. A. J. McLeod, 
ANNIE COLLINS, dau. George S. and Cath- 
erine (Murdock) Collins, grddau. Charles 
Collins, of Canterbury, Conn., b. Central 
Village, Conn., Dec. 29, 1888; member of 
A.F. & A.M., I.O.O.F., and the Baptist 
Church at No. Oxbridge, Mass.; carpenter. 

Issue, BALLOO: 

11141 Ruth, b. No. Oxbridge, Sept. 27, 
1908; m. Oxbridge, Apr. 23, 1934, 
by Rev. A. C. McGilton, Victor H. 

Hanson, s. Frank A. Hanson, b. 
Hopkinton, Mass., July 15, 1902; 
grad. Oxbridge H.S.; member Mass. 
State Patrol; res. No. Grafton, 

11142 Phyllis, b. Central Village, Apr. 
27, 1910; grad. Oxbridge H.S. 

11143 Winifred, b. Oxbridge, July 8, 
1912; grad. Oxbridge H.S. 

11144 Shirley, b. Oxbridge, Nov. 25, 
1914; grad. Oxbridge H.S. 

11145 Clifford Norman, b. Central Vil- 
lage, May 14, 1917; grad. Oxbridge 

11146 Rexford Rvissell, b. Norwich, Apr. 
8, 1919; grad. Oxbridge H.S. 

11147 Anne Catherine, b. Norwich, Aug. 
6, 1921. 

11148 Pauline Marion, b. Norwich, Nov. 
23, 1923. 

W., Willard H. , Willard, Moses, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Lincoln, R. I., Aug. 
27, 1891, d. Oxbridge, Mass., May 8, 
1922; m. Whitinsville, Mass., Sept. 29, 
1917, by Rev. Dr. T. M. Huston, HELEN 
MAGILL, dau. Thomas H. and Ellen (Fergu- 
son) Magill, grddau. John and Sarah 
(Brown) Magill, of Belfast, Ireland, b. 
May 8, 1891; res. West Boylster, Mass. 

He was employed in the Meter Dept. of 
the Worcester Suburban Electric Light 
Co. Member of the Masons, Eastern Star 
and I.O.O.F. 



BALLOO, b. Worcester, Bass.: 
Helen Elizabeth, b. Mar. 31, 1918 
Grad. W. -boylston H.S.; studied 
under Dr. Doore for Dentist Asst. 
Marian Ellsworth, b. Nov. 13, 
1920; grad. W. Boylston H.S. 

Willard H. , Willard, Moses, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Central Village, 
Conn., Dec. 17, 1894; m. Wilkinsonvllle, 
Mass., Aug. 28, 1917, by Rev. Preston 
Barr, HARLOW H. DROWN, s. Charles H. and 
Nellie A. (Sleeper) Drown, b. Newport, 
Vt., Feb. 2, 1897. 

He is employed as business manager of 
the Worcester Suburban Electric Light 
Co., Oxbridge, Mass. Member of Rotary 



Club and Methodist Church. 

Res. Oxbridge 

Issue, DROWN, 1 b. Adamsdale, 2 b. Ox- 
bridge, 3-5 b. Milford, Mass.: 

11151 Dorothy Frances, b. Oct. 7, 1917. 

11152 Juna Sleeper, b. Oct. 13, 1919. 

11153 Richard Comstock, b. Dec. 11, 

11154 Constance Smith, b. July 10, 1931. 

11155 Harlow H., Jr., b. May 10, 1936. 

9795 LEON HOWARD BALLOO (Willard W., 
Willard H., Willard, Moses, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Central Village, 
Conn., May 18, 1899; m. Oxbridge, Mass., 
Sept. 28, 1921, by Rev. Alexander Wis- 
well, PHYLLIS CHRISTOPHER, dau. George 
Parker and Olive (Hill) Carpenter, grd- 
dau. Z enas and Martha (Lloyd) Christo- 
pher, of Liverpool, Nova Scotia, b. Ar- 
lington, Mass., Mar. 19, 1901. 

He is a stationary engineer. Member 
of the Masons, I.O.O.F., American Legion 
and Congregational Church. Served three 
years in the O.S.N, during World War I. 
Res. fiobbins Farm, Walpole, Mass. 

Issue, Ballou: 

11156 Leon Howard, Jr., b. Oxbridge, 
May 12, 1922. 

11157 Dorcas Marion, b. Milford, Aug. 
31, 1931. 

11158 Judith Olive, b. Walpole, Aug. 
14, 1935. 

8651 JAMIN BALLOO (Jirah, David, Jesse, 
Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. 
Dorset, Vt., Feb. 22, 1842; m. (1) SOPH- 
TOWN, dau. William F. Town, b. Dorset, 
Vt., July 28, 1851, d. Sept. 11, 1911; 

(3) Oct. 24, , New Hampton, N. H., 

by Rev. Mrs. Tracy, JOSEPHINE TAYLOR, 
dau. George W. and Sarah (Mitchell) 
Taylor, who d. June 3, 1926; int. Bris- 
tol, N. H. Cem. 

He served in the 7th Regt. Vt. Vols., 
1861-1866. He was at the capture of 
Vicksburg and Mobile, and mustered out 
of service at Brownsville, Texas, Mar. 
14, 1866. His second marriage took place 
while home on a brief furlough. 

Issue, BALLOO, by 2nd wife: 

11159 Celia, b. Dorset, Vt., Apr. 4, 
1867; m. (l) Hebron, N. H., Feb. 
16, 1884, Benjamin F. Hemenway; 
(2) Jan. 20, 1905, by Rev. A. B. 
Rowell, of Bristol, Charles Page, 
s. Samuel Page, b. Newport, Vt., 
Sept. 23, 1869; res. Bridgewater, 
N. H. 

11160 George W. , b. Goshen, N. H., Nov. 
3, 1869; m. Bristol, N. H., Jan. 

10, , by Rev. Mr. Calley, 

Isa (Butler) Buttrick, dau. Char- 
les W. Butler, of Pelham and 
Lowell, Mass., b. Pelham, N. H. , 
Aug. 16, 1867; res. 51 No. Main 
St., Bristol, N. H.; issue, Bal- 
lou, b. Alexandria, N. H. : 

11161 Willis George, b. June 
23, 1904. 

11162 Albert Warren, b. Sept. 20, 

11163 Child, d. in infancy. 

11164 Jerome, b. Chester, Vt., Nov. 22, 
1871; m. Bristol, Nov. 21, 1891, 
by Rev. J. Thomas, Amy Hammond, 
dau. Charles R. Hammond, of 
Bridgewater, N. H., b. New Hamp- 
ton, Oct. 11, 1874; res. 5 Win- 
ter St., Bristol, N. H.; issue, 
Ballou, b. Alexandria, N. H. : 

11165 Clarence J., b. Oct. 19, 

11166 Marian R., b. July 29, 

11167 Chester R., b. Feb. 3, 

11168 Norman T., b. Mar. 9, 1907. 

11169 Ahlene G., b. Mar. 3, 1911. 

11170 EDGAR, b. Bristol, June 10, 1890; 

11171 FLORENCE ELLEN, b. Bristol, Feb. 
8, 1892; m. (1) HARRY HOCKINb; 

8652 LDMAN ADOLPHDS BALLOO (Jirah, David, 
Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. Danby, Vt., July 1, 1844; m. (l) Ches- 
ter, Vt., Feb. 14, 1867, by Omer Heald, 
J. P., MELVINA HOLTON, b. Walcott, Vt., 
1846, d. Sept. 3, 1872, dau. Calvin and 
Lydia (Smith) Hoi ton; (2) Townshend, Vt., 
June 10, 1874, by Rev. Mark Carpenter, 
MARY ANNA DRAPER, dau. George H. and 
Mary A. (Hastings) Draper, b. Sandgate, 
Vt., June 3, 1866. 



Luman A. Ballou has written for sever- 
al newspapers, local news, poems and var- 
ious articles on a variety of topics, 
and has published two sizeable volumes 
of poems: "Wayside Musings," and "Echoes 
of Memory." In 1931, Mr. and Mrs. Bal- 
lou made their home at Stuart, Martin 
Co., Fla., at Halpatiokee Park, and the 
aged poet, sometimes called "The Bard of 
Chester," was then in his 87th year. 
(See p. 1184 for biographical sketch). 

Issue, BALLOO, by 1st wife, b. Andover, 


8657 Lensy Elmer, b. Mar. SO, 1869; m. 
(1) Alstead, N. H., Feb. 82, 1902, 
by Rev. John P. Richardson, Nellie 
(Rice) G rafton, dau. Asa and Al- 
mira (Davis) Rice, grddau. Calvin 
Rice, of Worcester, Mass., b. Oak- 
dale, Mass., June 3, 1867, d. Oak- 
dale, Mass., May 22, 1928; (2) 
Shirley, Mass., Sept. 5, 1929, 
by Rev. Philip King, Eva (Pratt) 
Dyer, dau. Mrs. Bernice Pratt, of 
Worcester, b. Cummington, Mass., 
Sept. Z, 1865; Supt. of Oakdale, 
Mass. Cem. Mo issue. 
, BALLOa, by 2nd wife, b. Windham, 




REV. MARION ADA, b. Aug. 25, 1875; 

David, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, 
Maturln), b. Paulet, Vt., Apr. 1, 1851, 
d. Bristol, N. H., 1935; m. Keeseville, 
H. Y., Aug. 20, 1872, by Rev. S. D. Moi- 
ley, JANEY ADELAIDE REED, dau. Joseph N. 
and Mary A. (Smith) Reed, grddau. James 
and Ada (Kirby) Reed, of Bloomingdale, 
N. Y., b. Chesterfield, M. Y., Sept. 5, 
1857) res. Montague, Mass. 

Issue, BALLOO: 

6660 Edward Fred, b. Dec. 5, 1874, d. 
Clintonville, N. Y., Sept. 11, 

8661 MARION MAY, b. Keene, N. H., May 
12, 1876; m. WESTON JAMES BRALEY. 

6662 George Henry, b. Monisville, N. 

Y., June 5, 1880, killed Franklin, 
N. H., Jan. 19, 1901, being struck 
by an engine at a crossing; m. 
Bristol, Feb. 24, 1900, £llzabeth 
Mary Kelly, dau. William C. and 

Anna Ruth (Merrill) Kelly, b. 
Hill, N. H., Apr. 20, 1881, who 
m. (2) May 17, 1902, George Buck- 
lin, of Alexandria, N. H. No 
8663 AGNES EMELINE, b. Montague, Mar. 
5, 1885; m. EDWARD 0. LORD. 

len, Willard, Amasa, David, Samuel, 
James, Matxirin), b. Feb. 18, 1876, d. 
Worcester, Mass., Jan. 7, 1932; m. 1907, 

Mr. Ballou gained considerable dis- 
tinction as the owner of the "Blue 
Store," a paint and paper store in Wor- 
cester, Mass., formerly owned by his 
maternal uncle. His brother, Willard 
Hastings Ballou, later became associat- 
ed with him. Both members B.F.A. 

8793 MAY BALLOO (Major Sylvester Allen, 
Isaac Albee, Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, James, 
Maturin), b. Naperville, 111., Dec. 16, 
1879; m. Naperville, 111., Oct. 24, 
1901, by Rev. H. C. Liill, BERNARD C. 
BECKMAN, s. Philip and Elizabeth (Pfeif- 
fer) Beckman, b. Naperville, 111., Feb. 
20, 1877; associated with Beckman Whole- 
sale Roofing Co., 5130 W. 16th St., Chi- 
cago, 111.; res. Naperville, 111. 

Issue, BECKMAN, b. Naperville, 111.: 
11172 Bernice, b. Sept. 27, 1902; m. 

Naperville, Nov. 7, 1925, by Rev. 
Earl F. Collins, Everett B. Wil- 
son, Jr., b. Newark, N. J., Oct. 
11, 1900; she grad. Wells College, 
Aurora, N. Y. , B.A.; Medice School 
of Journalism, N.W. Univ., B.J.; 
issue, Wilson, b. Naperville, 111: 
11173 Everett Beckman, b. May 
21, 1927. 

11174 Eleanor A. Ballou, b. Sept. 20, 
1906; Wells College, B.A., cum 
laude, 1929; St. Hugh's College, 
Oxford, England, for B. Litt. 

11175 Sylvia Allen, b. May 11, 1910; 
grad. Wells College. 

8798 ROSS ISAAC BDELL (Amelia W. Bal- 
lou, Isaac Albee, Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Naperville, 111., 
Mar. 20, 1866, d. Sebastopol, Calif., 


July 5, 1911; m. Seattle, Vvash., Aug. 
1893, by Rev. Wallace Hutting, LILLIAM 
NOYES LOVELL, adopted dau. of her uncle, 
F. 11. LOVELL, b. Barnston, Quebec, Can- 
ada, Nov. 23, 1869, dec; int. Sebasto- 
pol, Calif. 

Issue, BUELL, 1-3 b. Stockton, 4-5 b. 
Oakland, Calif.: 

11176 ALBERT NOYES, b. Sept. 13, 1894; 

11177 Eona Evelyn, b. Jan. 19, 1896, d. 
Santa Rosa, Nov. 23, 1916; m. 
Oct. 1913, Charles T. Strickler, 
s. Job Strickler, of Columbus, 
Ohio; issue, Strickler, b. Sebas- 
topol, Calif.: 

11178 Charles Norman, b. Aug. 6, 
1914; adopted by Guy A. 
Buell; known as Norman 

11179 Edward Earl, b. June 26, 
1916; adopted by Albert 
Noyes Buell; known as Earl 
Edward Buell. 

11180 PARK ALLEN, b. Sept. 28, 1900; m. 

11181 ORRIN RAPHAEL, b. Aug. 4, 1902; 

11182 Friend Leo, b. July 30, 1904; 
stationary fireman and steam en- 
gineer, employed at the Southern 
California State Hospital for the 
Insane, Patton, Calif. 

8799 LILLIAN BALLOU (Orlando R., Isaac 
A., Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, James, llatur- 
in), b. Naperville, Lisle Township, Du- 
Page Co., 111., Aug. 28, 1860; m. Cry- 
stal Spring Farm, Umatilla Co., Ore., 
Nov. 25, 1890, by Rev. J. H. Beaven, DR. 
YANCEY C. BLALOCK, s. Dr. Nelson Gales 
and Panthea (Durham) Blalock, grds. 
Jesse and Ura (Lipps) Blalock, of N. C, 
b. Spruce Pine, Mitchell Co., N. C, Aug. 
S, 1859. 

The Blalocks resided in Walla Walla, 
Wash., where he was a practicing physi- 
cian and surgeon. He graduated from 
the Jefferson Medical College of Phila- 
delphia, Pa., in 1884, and for many 
years was associated with his father, 
one of the best known pioneer physicians 
and surgeons of the Northwest. Past Mas- 
ter of Blue Mountain Lodge of Walla Wal- 


la, and its Secretary for 22 years; 
Past Grand Master of the State of Wash- 
ington; High Priest of Walla Vialla Chap- 
ter No. 1, Royal Arch Masons; Past Emi- 
nent Commander of the Knights Templars 
Commandery of the State; and Grand Re- 
corder of the State branch for 32 years. 
He was Grand Secretary of the Royal 
Arch Masons for many years, and on Mar. 
6, 1914, was made an honorary 33rd de- 
gree Mason. He was County health of- 
ficer and had just undertaken special 
work at Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, 
at the time of his death which occurred 
May 12, 1921, at Walla Walla, where the 
interment was in Mountain View Cem. 
He was a member of the Cumberland Pres- 
byterian Church, afterwards with the 
Presbyterian Society in Walla Walla. 

Mrs. Blalock is Past Grand Matron of 
the State Order of the Eastern Star. 
She was married at "Brooklands," the 
home of her father. 

Issue, BLALOCK, b. Walla Walla, Wash.: 
11183 Phoebe Irene, b. Apr. 4, 1894; 

grad. Whitman College, B.S., and 
received her M. Sc. degree from 
State University at Seattle, 
Wash.; res. 5641 Beach Drive, 
Seattle, Wash. 

8800 MYRA BALLOU (Orlando R., Isaac A., 
Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. Naperville, 111., Mar. 27, 1862, d. 
"Brooklands," Freewater, Umatilla Co., 
Ore., May 17, 1935. 

"Thus departed a great and generous 
soul. She knew more than most men; re- 
fused to run for County Treasurer, or 
otherwise enter politics." W. A. B. 

Miss Ballou has been one of the en- 
thusiastic members of the Ballou Family 
Association, and has accumulated a 
great deal of historical and genealogi- 
cal data pertaining to this interesting 
pioneering branch of the Ballou family, 
and to her efforts we are indebted for 
many memberships. 

It is a pleasure to quote from an 
article (1917) from The Farmers Union 
News, Corvallis, Benton Co., Ore.: 
DWhen speaking of faithfvLL officers. 
Miss Myra Ballou, Umatilla County Secre- 
tary, must not be overlooked. For four 



years, as Secretary of her County, she 
never missed a meeting. She has always 
been awake to all public questions, es- 
pecially those pertaining to farm life, 
and can be depended upon to enter into 
any work that will benefit the farmers, 
with a will. She is no city farmer, 
but lives with her mother on her farm 
'Brooklands, ' (rightly named) some three 
miles north of Freewater, Oregon. She 
personally looks after the management 
of her farm with wonderful accuracy and 
precision. She is able to give many 
men valuable pointers on grains, grass- 
es, and fruits, all of which she raises 
on her farm. She keeps a register and 
requests every visitor to sign, and can 
show the names of thousands of persons 
who have had the pleasure of visiting 
'Brooklands.' Miss Ballou has frequent- 
ly been mentioned as a possible candi- 
date for the legislature, but so far 
has persistently refused to enter poli- 

She has been a delegate to many con- 
ventions: National Irrigation Congress 
at Spokane, Wash.; Country Life Con- 
gress; American Forestry Assn. of which 
she was a member, and many others. She 
was an ardent club woman, a member of 
Walla Walla Art Club. She had no church 
affiliations, but a sincere home spir- 
itxialist, as were her mother and father 
for fifty years. She bequeathed her 
share of 'Brooklands* to her sister, 
Florence (Ballou) Brown. 

8801 GRANT ALBEE BALLOD (Orlando R., 
Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, James, 
Matvurin), b. Naperville, 111., Mar. 16, 
1864; m. Philiipsburg, Granite Co., 
Mont., Apr. 18, 1893, by Rev. Mr. Jen- 
kins, ROSE PATTERSON, dau. Andrew Jack- 
son and Nancy (Overturf, d. Pueblo, 
Calif., 1931, ae. over lOly) Patterson, 
of Freewater, Ore., b. Pueblo, Colo., 
June 23, 1864, d. Chico, Calif., June 8, 
1924; int. Ford Cem., Ferndale School 
Dist., Freewater, Ore. 

Mr. Ballou was a miner and farmer. 
In 1918 he moved to Chico, Calif., where 
his wife died. He then, with his son 
Orlando, moved to a house ovmed in White 
Salmon, Klickitat Co., Wash., to the old 
farm, at Freewater, and, with his brother 

Harry, looked after their portions of 
the farm. 

Issue, BALLOO: 

11184 HESTER, b. Philiipsburg, Mont., 
Sept. 10, 1894; m. (1) ROY KNAPP; 

11185 ORLANDO RALPH, b. Butte, Mont., 
Apr. 18, 1898; m- SOSAN I. McNEAL. 

8804 HARRY EUBERTO BALLOD (Orlando R. , 
Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, James, 
Maturin), b. Naperville, 111., Aug. 22, 
1871; m. Walla Walla, Wash., Nov. 15, 
Gustave and Pauline (iitherly) Peterson, 
b. Provo City, Utah Co., Utah, Sept. 24, 

Carl Gustave (Naucler) took the name 
of Peterson when he came to this country. 
Pauline Atherly was daughter of Daniel 
and Ida Gonngberg. Harry E. Ballou and 
lamily are living at Freewater, Ore. 
on the portion of the farm inherited 
from his father. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Freewater, Ore.: 

11186 PAULINE, b. Sept. 6, 1910; m. 

11187 Allen Naucler, b. May 9, 1916. 

11188 Herbert Dean, b. Sept. 9, 1918. 

Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, James, 
Maturin), b. Santa Rosa, Calif., Apr. 
18, 1874; m. Crystal Spring Farm, Free- 
Water, Ore., Nov. 23, 1898, by Rev. Dr. 
S. B. L. Penrose, Pres. of Whitman Coll., 
Julia (Dement) Church, of Portland, Ore., 
b. Oregon City, Ore., June 3, 1873. 

Mrs. Church had read law and was Just 
about to be admitted to the Bar when she 
married. He is by occupation a business 
man and secretary of the Walla Walla 
Pioneer Association. Res. R. D. No. 2, 
Walla Walla, Wash. 

Issue, CHURCH, b. Walla Walla, Wash.: 

11189 Julia, b. Dec. 21, 1900, d. Apr. 
27, 1911. 

11190 DONALD BALLOD, b. Dec. 28, 1904; 

11191 Elizabeth, b. Mar. 31, 1906; m. 



Allan Hargear; music tchr. 

11192 ROBERT DEMENT, b. July 16, 1909; 

11193 Ruth Genevieve, b. Mar. 4, 1913; 
m. Congregational Church, Walla 
Wfllla, Nov. 15, 1936, by Dr. S. 
B. L. Penrose, Pres. Emeritus of 
Whitman Coll., Bert Edwards. 

11194 David Allen, b. May 21, 1914, d. 
Jan. 15, 1924; int. Mt. View 
Cem., Walla Walla, Wash. 

11195 Bertha Jean, b. July 25, 1917. 

E., Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Milton, Umatilla Co. 
Ore., Oct. 22, 1880; m. "Brooklands," 
Freewater, Ore., Sept. 30, 1903, by 
Rev. J. R. Lamb, DAVID BROWN, s. S. S., 
and Lydia (Eddowes) Brown, b. Galena, 
111., Dec. 5, 1865. 

He is interested in real estate de- 
velopments, constructing a beautiful 
section of Spokane, where he had the 
privilege of planning with the coopera- 
tion of Olmstead Bros., nationally 
known landscape gardeners of Brook- 
line, Mass. One of the streets he nam- 
ed Ballou Street, another, Garfield 
Road. He is a director of the Hazel- 
wood Creamery Co., Spokane, and much 
Interested in fine blooded and short 
horn cattle. The Ballou Family Assn. 
is much indebted to Mrs. Brown, his 
estimable wife, for a great deal that 
has been recorded along genealogical 
lines of this interesting Ballou 
branch. We can easily see what her 
sister, Myra Ballou, of "Brooklands," 
Freewater, Ore., meant when she said, 
aShe is the genealogical sister." 
Their home is at the "Farm," seven 
miles west of Spokane, at the inter- 
section of the Sunset and Colvimbia 
Highways. Members of the family be- 
long to the Association. 

Issue, BROWN, 1 b. Portland, Ore., 2-3 
b. Spokane, Wash.: 

11196 HELEN ELIZABETH, b. June 10, 

11197 GORDON BALLOD, b. Apr. 9, 1908; 

11198 SYLVIA NAODAIN, b. June 21, 
1919; m. V, GENE McINHIS. 

Ballou, Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Wheatland, 111., 
Nov. 16, 1867; m. STELLA MAY HAILEY, 
of Centralia, Kan. 

Issue, MATHER, 1 b. Centralia, Kan.: 
11199 George Edward, b. Aug. 10, 1891; 
m. Jan. 1, 1912, Golda Maude 
Murphy; res. Corvallis, Ore.; 
issue, Mather: 
11200 George Kenneth, b. Oct. 

5, 1912. 
11281 Geraldine Maude, b. Apr. 
19, 1916. 

11202 Ray Arthur, res. Carlsbad, N. M. 

11203 Ruth Ellen, m. George E. White- 
head; res. Kansas City, Kan. 

11204 May Minerva, m. Hobart Bower; 
res. Norton, Kan. 

11205 Clara Winifred, m. Harvey David- 
son; res. Wichita, Kan. 

iel W. , Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Oakland, Calif., 
Mar. 31, 1873, d. Nov. 11, 1922; m. 

Oct. 8, 1903, by Rev. Beecher B. Connor, 
ETHEL LUCE ABBOTT, dau. Solon M. and 
Emma Luce Abbott, b. Los Angeles, Calif., 
Aug. 25, 1878; he is int. Santa Rosa, 
Calif.; she res. 920 W. 4th St., Los 
Angeles, Calif., with sons. 

A cabinet maker by trade, Mr. Ballou 
served in the Spanish-American War, suf- 
fering "chills and fever" contracted in 
the Tropics during his service. His 
mother. Sierra Ella (Meek) Ballou, d. 
Feb. 2, 1905, and is int. Mountain View 
Cem., Oakland, Calif. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Oakland, Calif.: 

11206 Jean Meek , b. Aug. 31, 1904; 
grad. Stanford Univ., Calif., 
1927, A.B. ; tchr. 

11207 Gerald Abbott, b. Aug. 11, 1907; 
U. of Calif., 1935; student and 

8808 PERCY ELMER BALLOU (Capt. Daniel W. 
Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, James, 
Maturin), b. Oakland, Calif., July 19, 
1877 (not 1875, as per Ballou gen.); m. 
San Leandro, Calif., Mar. 11, 1901, by 
Rev. Mr. Wood, FANNY B. McLACHLIN, dau. 



Peter and Jenny (Alexander) McLachlin, b. 
Calif., Mar. 28, 1878. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

11208 ELMER ALEXANDER, b. Bayside, Calif. 
Feb. 8, 1902; m. YERNA ROWLEY. 

11209 ELLA FLORENCE, b. Fortuna, Calif., 
Mar. 25, 1904; m. CARL ENGSTROM. 

11210 Stacia Louise, b. Stockton, Calif. 
Dec. 6, 1905; m. Reno, Nev., Oct. 
S, 1930, by Rev. Jude Moran, E. 

A. Sanders, Jr., b. Oklahoma, 
Dec. 8, 1897. 

11211 Eflith Janet, b. Fortuna, Calif., 
Sept. 13, 1913; grad. Long Beach 
Polytechnic H .S. 

8812 NETTIE ADELA BALLOD (Morgan, Isaac 
A., Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, James, Maturin) 
b. Elgin, 111., June 18, 1878; m. Chi- 
cago, 111., Oct. 21, 1916, by Rev. Hep- 
biirn, HENRY W. MORRISON, s. Robert Mor- 
rison, b. New Orleans, La., Jan. 3, 
1872, d. Feb. 11, 1922; 1939, res. 377 
Lenox Ave., Oakland, Calif. No issue. 

9849 ROBERT G. BALLOU (Alfred N., Vol- 
ney, Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, James, Matur- 
in), b. Dec. 21, 1871; m. May 22, 1893, 

Issue, BALLOU: 

11212 Adelaide M. 

9852 SUSAN HESTER BALLOD (Emor Smith, 
Aaron, Jonathan, Aaron, Samuel, James, 
Matiorin), b. Providence, N. Y., Aug. 27, 
1847, d. Ashland, Nebr., May 20, 1911; 
m. Kingsville, Ohio, Nov. 22, 1866, 
CHARLES F. SHEPARD, s. Charles and Nancy 
(Gifford) Shepard, b. Ashtabula, Ohio, 
Feb. 23, 1846, d. Ashland, Nebr., Sept, 
28, 1908; int. Ashland, Nebr. Cem. 

Issue, SHEPARD, 1 b. Ashland, 2-3 b. 
Waverly, 4-5 b. Juanlta, Nebr,: 

11213 MARTIN EMOR, b. July 25, 1868; m. 

11214 CHARLES ERNEST, b. Dec. 20, 1870; 

11215 Susan Hester, b. Feb.. 22, 1874, 
dec; m. Delbert F. Clark. 

11216 Pardon Ballou, b. Mar. 18, 1876; 
m. Jennie Stewart, of iishland, 
Nebr.; issue, Shepard: 

11217 Pardon S., m. ; res. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

11218 Charles Emor, m. ; 

res. Lincoln, Nebr. 
11219 Etta May, b. Apr. 11, 1878; m. 
Vern 0. Clark; issue, Clark: 
11220 Richard, res. with par- 
ents on farm north of 
Ashland, Nebr. 

9853 HENRIETTA BALLOU (Emor Smith, 
Aaron, Jonathan, Aaron, Samuel, James, 
Maturin), b. Kingsville, Ohio, Nov. 22, 
1856, d. Viahpeton, N. D. , June 21, 
1924; m. Ashland, Nebr., Aug. 1870, 
JOHN S. GREEN, b. wov. 22, 1842, d. Red 
Wing, Minn., 1911; merchant; removed 
from Greenwood, Nebr. to Red Wing, Minn. 

Issue, GREEN, b. Greenwood, Nebr,: 

11221 Anor Ballou, b. Dec. 10, 1871, 
d. unm., Apr, 1904. 

11222 Philamon Ballou, b. July 20, 
1874; m. La Grange, Ind. , Edna 
Wigton; res. San Diego, Calif.; 
issue. Green, 1-2 b. La Grange, 
Ind., 3 b. Red Wing, Ind,: 

11223 Winifred, 

11224 Henrietta. 

11225 Julia Ann, 

11226 Susan Caroline, b, Nov. 7, 1876, 
d. unm., Nov. 1908. 

11227 Anna Ballou, b. Dec. 20, 1879; 

m. Apr, 1904, William C. Probert; 
res, Wahpeton, Richland Co., N, 

11228 Florence, dec, 

Aaron, Jonathan, Aaron, Samuel, James, 
Maturin), b. Providence, N. Y,, Apr. 
17, 1850, d. Cleveland, Ohio, May 22, 
1925; m. Kingsville, Ohio, Dec. 7, 1867, 
s. Daniel Stanley, b. Northfield, Ohio, 
Mar. 12, 1839, d. Cleveland, Ohio, Mar, 
7, 1920; railroad contractor. 

Issue, STANLEY, 1 & 3 b. Ashland, Nebr,, 
3 b. Cleveland, Ohio: 

11229 ADELBERT BALLOU, b. Jan. 5,^870; 

11230 Edna Mabel, b. Aug. 1, 1874; m. 
Oct. 28, 1925, Delbert F. Clark, 
b. Oct. 23, 1874; author of much 
of these data, which we deeply 
appreciate; res. 3864 Orchard St. 



Lincoln, Nebr. No issue. 

11231 Martin Emor, b. Dec. 22, 1876, 
d. Jiily 3, 1920; m. Nov. 25, 
1915, Elsie Campbell, b. Sept. 7, 
1886, who m. (2) Henry Lockhart; 
res. Chicago, 111. No issue. 

9855 MARTIN EMOR BALLOU (Emor Smith, 
Aaron, Jonathan, Aaron, Samuel, James, 
Maturin), b. Kingsville, Ohio, Sept. 16, 
1854, d. Ashland, Nebr., Jan. 21, 1925; 
m. Ithaca, Saunders Co., Nebr., Feb. 18, 
1875, by Rev. Asa Farwell, JESSIE BIS- 
SELL, dau. James and Sarah (Kumsey) Bis- 
sell, grddau. James and Sarah (Thomp- 
son) Bissell, of Pittsburgh, Penn. , b. 
Valpariso, Ind., Mar. 31, 1858; he is 
int. Ashland, Nebr. Cem.; she res. Ash- 
land, Nebr. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Ashland, Nebr.: 

11232 EMOR SMITH, b. Mar. 16, 1876; m. 

11233 JAMES BISSELL, b. Feb. 15, 1878; 

11234 Jessie Caroline, b. Dec. 12, 
1879; m. Ashland, Apr. 12, 1906, 
by Rev. William Carson, Charles 
Oscar Swanson, s. Lars and Anna 
Swanson, b. Colon, Saunders Co., 
Nebr., Nov. 21, 1878; member B. 
F.A.; aided much with this 
branch; res. Greenwood, Nebr. 

No issue. 

11235 Elizabeth Anna, b. Apr. 15, 1882; 
m. Ashland, by Rev. William Car- 
son, John Edward Fenton, s. Wil- 
liam and LaBelle Fenton, of Ash- 
land; res. Pomona, Calif. No 

11236 OTIS MARTIN, b. Mar. 26, 1885; 

11237 SUSIE MARJORY, b. May 7, 1890; 

8855 MARY REVI MATHEWSON (Lucy Sophia 
Ballou, Danford Green, Seth, Peter, 
Nehemiah, James, Maturin), b. Mendon, 
Mich., Sept. 27, 1853, d. Lansing, Mich. 
Jan. 6, 1908; m. Nov. 18, 1879, JOHN 
JAY HANSHHE, s. John and Elizabeth 
(Transue) Hanshue, b. Medina Co., Ohio, 
Mar. 6, 1852, d. Lansing, Mich., Dec. 
21, 1924; int. Mt. Hope Cem., Lansing, 

Cynthia (Worralls) Ballou, wife of 
Danford Green Ballou, d. Mendon, Mich., 
Apr. 13, 1887. Lucy Sophia (Ballou) 
Mathewson, d. Mancelona, Mich., May 10, 
1909; Nelson Mathewson, her husband, 
d. Mendon, Mich., Dec. 23, 1905; int. 
Park Township Cem., St. Joseph Co., 

Issue, HANSHUE: 

11238 Harris Mathewson, b. July 7, 1881, 
d. Jan. 7, 19S7; m. (l) Eliza- 
beth ; no issue; (2) Oct. 7, 

1914, Irene Victoria McMillen, b. 
Nov. 10, 1886; res. 2344 W. 22nd 
St., Los Angeles, Calif.; issue, 
Hanshue : 
11259 Harmony Patricia, b. Jan. 

17, 1916. 
11240 John Harris, b. Aug. 21, 

Sophia -ballou, Danford Green, Seth, 
Peter, Nehemiah, James, Maturin), b. 
Mendon, Mich., Sept. 29, 1857, d. Man- 
celona, Mich., Nov. 4, 1932; m. (1) 
Dec. 13, 1882, CORA AGNES CLARK, dau. 
William and Mary (Twitmyer) Clark, b. 
Mendon, Mich., May 19, 1859, d. Mance- 
lona, Mich., Feb. 28, 1918; int. Mendon, 
Mich. Furniture and undertaking pro- 
prietor; realtor. 

Issue, MATHEWSON, b. nilendon, Mich.: 

11241 Louis Clark, b. May 3, 1884; unm. ; 
Professor in Dartmouth College, 
Hanover, N. H. Member B.F.A. 

11242 Linn Nelson, b. Sept. 15, 1887; 
m. Aug. 25, 1920, Lily Hannah 
Moorhouse; res. Mancelona, Mich. 

8861 ALA C. BALLOU (James Madison, 
Danford Green, Seth, Peter, Nehemiah , 
James, Maturin), b. Otsego, Mich., Sept. 
17, 1868; m. J..D. WOODBECK. 

James Madison Ballou, d. Otsego, 
Mich., Jan. 26, 1892, of pheumonia; 
Laura M. (Foster) Ballou, d. Apr. 7, 

8863 EDNA PEARLE SHELDON (Cynthia Ter- 
esa Ballou, Danford Green, Seth, Peter, 
Nehemiah, James, Maturin), b. Sept. 4, 
1872; m. Sept. 1, 1897, JOSEPH W. KNORR; 



res. 3830 Second Ave., Los Angeles, 
Calif. . No issue. 

Cynthia Teresa (Ballou) Sheldon, d. 
Mar. £7, 1890. Eugene R. Sheldon, her 
husband, d. Los Angeles, Calif., Mar. 
27, 1932. 

8866 N. D. SHELDON (Cynthia Teresa Bal- 
lou, Danford Green, Seth, Peter, Nehe- 
miah, James, Maturin), b. Apr. 6, 1882; 
m. Feb. 13, 1916, EMMA M. SCHILLING; 
res. 3725 Floresta Way, View Park, Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

son S., Dr. Asa W., Asa, Seth, Nehemiah, 
James, Maturin), b. Greenville, R. I., 
July 6, 1851; m. (l) Pawtucket, R. I., 
May 19, 1875, by Rev. Emery H . Porter, 
AMELIA MELISSA JENKS, dau. Alfred B. and 
Hannah (Jackson) Jenks, b. Pawtucket, 
R. I., d. No. Attleboro, Mass., Nov. 26, 
1887; (2) No. Attleboro, Mass., Apr. 

1903, by Rev. George E. Osgood, FLORENCE 
CARPENTER, dau. C. Fred and Emily Car- 
penter, of Pawtucket, R. I.; res. No. 
Attleboro, Mass. 

Issue, BALLOU, by 1st wife, 1-2 b. Paw- 
tucket, R. I., 3 b. No. Attleboro, Mass.: 
11242 Alfred Jerome, b. Nov. 13, 1876, 
d. Pawtucket, Jan. 1, 1877. 

11244 FREDERICK PRESTON, b. Aug. 18, 

11245 BERTHA JENKS, b. July 5, 1880; 

Dr. Asa W., Asa, Seth, Nehemiah, James, 
Maturin), b. Greenville, R. I., Nov. 17, 
1852; d. Nov. 14, 1931; m. (l) Allens- 
ville (now Esmond), R. I., Dee. 30, 
Daniel S. and Sophronia (Trask) Collins, 
of Allensville, R. I.; (2) June 15, 

1904, CORA E. DARLING, who d. Mar. 20, 
1936; int. No. Burial Ground, Providence, 
R. I. 

Issue, BALLOU, by 1st wife: 
8929 Elmer Sears, b. Greenville, Nov. 1, 

11246 MARION BESSIE, b. Providence, Mar. 

9875 LUGENIO BALLOU (Seth Talbot, Dr. 
Seth, Asa, Seth, Nehemiah, James, Matur- 
in), b. Grimes Co., Texas, Nov. 4, 1843, 
d. Brady, Texas, Oct. 10, 1932; m. Rock- 
port, Texas, July 2, 1872, BLANCHE UA- 
DORA RYAN, dau. Joseph Tom and Penelope 
Ryan, b. Goliad, Texas, Mar. 18, 1854, 
d. Brady, Texas, Dec. 5, 1932; int. 
Brady, Texas Cem. 

Served with Hood's Brigade in the 
Civil War four years. County Clerk in 
Aransus and McCulloch Counties, Texas, 
for many years. Man of good chris- 
tian character. Member B.F.A. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

11247 CLARA LUCRETIA, b. Lamar, Tex., 

June 30, 1873; m. SAMUEL T. 

11248 Jessie Eugenia, b. i^ockport, Oct. 
23, 1875, d. Sept. 7, 1890. 

11249 James Talbot, b. Kockport, June 
14, 1877, d. Brady, Dec. 9, 1925; 
unm.; ranchman, Lordsburg, Grant 
Co., N. M. ; int. Brady, Tex. 

11250 Mary Estelle, b. Burnet, Dec. 3, 
1879; m. Brady, Jan. 27, 1904, 

by County Judge, Jesse E. Merwin, 
s. Marshal P. and Carrie P. 
(Howard) Merwin, b. Dowagiac, 
Cass Co., Mich., Sept. 1, 1874, 
d. Brady, Apr. 20, 1920; int. 
Brady, Tex. Member B.F.A. No 

11251 WILLIAM HENRY, b. Rockport, May 
27, 1882; m. RACHEL D. FRANCKS. 

11252 Charles Lee, b. Brady, May 31, 
1885, d. Mar. 31, 1888; int. 
Brady, Tex. 

9876 CAPT. SETH TALBOT (Seth Talbot, 
Dr. Seth, Asa, Seth, Nehemiah, James, 
Maturin), b. Grimes Co., Texas, Dec. 17, 
1848, d. Hamilton, Texas, July 6, 1932; 
Oct. 2, 1847, d. Hamilton, Texas, Oct. 
3, 1930; m. Lamar, Refugio Co., Texas; 
int. Brady, Texas Cem. 

At the age of 16 years, he enlisted 
in the Confederate Army in the last year 
of the Civil War in Capt. McCord's Bri- 
gade and served valiantly until stricken 
with the measles; honorably discharged. 
September, 1912, Capt. Ballou removed 



from Brady to Hamilton and invested in 
city and ranch properties. Those privi- 
leged to enjoy the friendship of Ur. Bal- 
lou lost a sympathetic, kind and helpful 
friend, loyal almost to a fault. Member 

Issue, B&LLOO, 1st 2 b. Rock Port, Tex., 
3rd b. Burnett, Tex., 4-5 b. Brady, Tex.: 
1185S Albert Eugenlce, b. Jan. 11, 1867; 
m. Brady, by Rev. John R. McGee, 
Lorena Whitehead; merchant. Ster- 
ling, Tex.; Issue, Ballou: 
11253a Dau., m. Henry Dorman; res. 

Oakwood, Tex. 
11253b Zelma, m. Rawles, of 

11253c Georgice, m. Forbes; 

res. Golden, Colo. 
11253d Dau., m. Kirk Perry; res. 

Del Rio, Tex. 
11253e Dau., m. Marvin Churchill, 

of Sterling. 
11253f Oran, of Sterling. 
11253g Dau., m. Hugh Barnes; res. 

11253h Dau., m. Harley Williams; 

res. Golden, Colo. 

11254 Carrie I., b. June 1, 1871; m. 
Brady, by Rev. John R. McGee, J. 
F. Draper; ranchman, Del Rio, Tex; 
issue. Draper, b. Del Rio, Tex.: 
11254a Samuel. 

11254b Claude. 
11254c John. 

11255 Zola, b. Aug. 15, 1879; m. Brady, 
Sept. 12, 1900, by Rev. John R. 
McGee, T. R. Holmsley; banker, 
Comanche, Tex. No issue; member 

11256 Alice, unm.; res. Hamilton, Tex. 

11257 Stephen Talbot, b. Aug; 16, 1887; 
m. Brady, by Rev. Grant, Stella 
Sayles; ranchman, Hamilton, Tex.; 
issue, Ballou: 

11257a Dorothy Marie, b. Brady, 

Aug. 24, 1933. 
11257b Zoe Anne, b. Hamilton, 

Dec. 1, 1935. 

5 who died before father. 

711hc MARY LOCENA COOK (Ma J. Gustavus V. 
Cook, Jeremiah Cook, Phillis Jillson, 
Sarah Ballou, James, James, Maturin), b. 
Mew Haven, Vt., Wov. 28, 1841, d. Corn- 
wall, Vt., Sept. 13, 1887; m. New Haven, 

Vt., June 16, 1868, WILLIAM HARRISOS 
BINGHAM, s. Harris and Lucy Ann (Warner) 
Bingham, grds. Ira and Sophia (Weeks) 
Bingham, b. Cornwall, Vt., Jan. 9, 1843, 
d. Cornwall, Vt., Nov. 8, 1916; int. 
Cornwall, Vt. 

Note: 711he Jennie Louisa Cook, d. 
Middlebury, Vt., July 8, 1909; with her 
brother, int. New Haven Mills, Vt. 

Issue, BINGHAM, b. Cornwall, Vt.: 
711hca ANNA MARY, b. May 27, 1872; m. 

711hcb Eugene Cook, b. Dec. 8, 1878; m. 
June 18, 1907, Edith Irene Snell, 
of Baltimore, Md. Who's Who In 
America, 1940-1941, P. 330: "Chem- 
ist; B.A., Middlebury (Vt.) Coll., 
1899; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Univ., 
1905; D.Sc, Middlebury Coll., 
1936; Universities of Leipzig, 
Berlin and Cambridge, 1905-06; 
Prof. Chemistry, Richmond (Va.) 
Coll., 1906-15; Prof, chemistry, 
Lafayette Coll., since Aug. 1916. 
Asst. physicist, U. S. Bureau of 
Standards, 1915-16; chemist, U. 
S. Bureau of standards, 1918-19, 
on lubrication investigation. 
Was awarded certificate of merit 
by Franklin Institute, for improv- 
ed form of variable pressure vis- 
cometer, 1921. Chmn. com. on 
plasticity Am. Soc, Testing Ma- 
terials. Mem. Am. phys. Soc, Am. 
Chem. Soc, Soc. of Rheologj, Am. 
Assn. Advancement of Sc, Am. Assn 
Univ. Professors. Metric Assn., 
Chemists' Club, Am. Inst. Chem. 
Engrs., Am. Inst, of Chemists, 
Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Betta 
Kappa, Tau Beta Pi, Alphi Chi 
Sigma; hon. mem. Va. Chemists 
Club; sec the Bingham Assn. Re- 
publican. Conglist. Club: Blue 
Mountain Club of Pennsylvania 
(pres.). Editor: Rheological 
Memoirs, 1940. Author and invent- 
or. Numerous papers published in 
Am., Eng. and Ger. Scientific per- 
iodicals." Res. 602 Clinton Ter- 
race, Easton, Pa. Mem. B.F.A. 


4955 CHARLES E. BALLOD (Sabln, Simeon, 
Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, 
Maturln), b. Chepachet, R. I., JUI7 5, 
1843, d. Exeter, R. I., Jan. 26, 1936; 
m. Plainfield, Conn., May 2, 1867, by 
Rev. Jonathan Boyd, ANNA MATHEWSON, dau. 
Silas and Louilsa (Cole) Mathewson, b. 
Southbrldge, Mass., Oct. 26, 1845, d. 
Exeter, R. I., Aug. 25, 1925; Int. Wood 
River Cem., Richmond, R. I. 

His obituary reads: "Military honors 
were accorded Charles E. Ballou, 94, 
member of McGregor Post, G.A.R., Satur- 
day by Camp McGregor, Sons of Onion 
Veterans of the Civil War, at his fun- 
eral in Hope Valley. Rev. Fred M. Buker, 
pastor of Knotty Oak Baptist church, of- 
ficiated. Burial was in Wood River 

cemetery, Wyoming At the age of 18, 

Mr. Ballou was engaged as a clog dancer 
in the P. T. Barnua Circus and with the 
company traveled through many States of 
the Onion. Mr. Ballou was always con- 
sidered an expert as an entertainer. 
He not only could entertain guests at 
his home with his clog dancing, but 
could also play the part of a clown. 
One of his favorite tricks along this 
line was to stand in a barrel and Jump 
out without touching either side of the 
barrel. The wooden-soled shoes with the 
red leather tops, the velvet pants and 
the big sash which made up his outfit 
for dancing is treasured by the family 
today. On quitting the circus, Mr. Bal- 
lou volunteered for service in the Civil 
War, May 26, 1862, being assigned to 
Company 9, Ninth Rhode Island. Fight- 
ing as a private, he was in some of the 
biggest battles of the war. 

At the termination of hostilities he 
returned home and married. For a long 
time he followed the trade of moulder 
at the Riverpoint Foundry. But this 
work impaired his health which was al- 
ready none too good, and he quit the Job, 
went to providence and opened a confec- 
tionary store there. Finally, ill 
health forced him to move to the country. 
He bought a farm in West G reenwich and 
became a farmer. He owned the farm up 142 

to the Jime of his death. He had been 
in failing health for four years. Last 
Sunday, he took a turn for the worse 
and was forced to go to bed at the home 
of his daughter, Mrs. Greene, where he 
had gone a few months before." Member 
A.F. & A.M. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Providence, R. I.: 

11258 MILDRED E. , b. July 31, 1873; 

11259 FRANK E. , b. June 28, 1875; m. 

Otis, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, 
John, Maturin), b. Claremont, N. H., 
June 15, 1844, d. Orange, Mass., Apr. 

2, 1918; m. Orange, Mass., Dec. 18, 
1866, by Rev. Lucius Holmes, LDELLA G. 
TENNEY, dau. Thomas Adams and Emily 
Adams (Whitney, m. Nov. 28, 1838) TEN- 
NEI, b. Orange, Mass., May 1, 1847; res. 
44 Main St., Orange, Mass.; int. Central 
Cem., Orange, Mass. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Orange, Mass.: 

11260 CARRIE EVELYN, b. Nov. 18, 1869; 

9885 WILLIE OTIS BALLOD (Warren S., 
Otis, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, 
John, Maturin), b. Claremont, N. H., 
Dec. 7, 1847, d. Hopkinton, Mass., Sept. 
14, 1910; m. (1) No. Orange, Mass., Dec. 
dau. Benjamin and Louisa (Battle) Mayo, 
b. No. Orange, Mass., Jan. 13, 1848; (S) 
Chelsea, Mass., May 30, 1885, by Anson 
b. Watkins, H. Y., Apr. 4, 1864; res. 
Swampscott, Mass.; he is int. Woodlawn 
Cem., Everett, Mass. Merchant and tailor. 

Issue, BALLOD, by 1st wife, b. No. 
Orange, Mass.: 

11261 Nettie Lenora, b. June 15, 1870, 
d. unm., Brighton, Mar. 19, 1936; 
tchr at Glens Falls, N. Y. and 
Brighton; member of Dnitarian 
Church, Appalachian Mt. Club, 
Boston Teachers' Club, and B.F.A. 



11262 Carrie Bell, b. Feb. 17, 1882; 

m. Revere, liass., Apr. 19, 1908, 
by Rev. R. Perry Bush, Carl J. 
Scbroeder, s. John and Louise 
Schroeder, b. Brighton, Mass., 
Dec, 23, 1877; issue, Schroeder, 
b. Revere, Mass.: 

11263 Pauline Louise, b. Jan. 24, 
1909; m. Revere, Oct. 12, 
1930, by Father UcEachern, 
Gordon McLean, s. George 
and Anna McLean, of Ever- 
ett, Mass.; Issue, Mc- 
11264 Robert Paul. 

5117 GEORGE ASHTON BLACK (Diana M. Bal- 
lou, Otis, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, 
John, John, Maturin), b. Orange, Mass., 
Mar. 1, 1855; m. (l) New York, N. Y., 
Aug. 18, 1883, by Mayor Edson, City Hall, 
Joshua H. and Emeline J. (Morison) 
Thompson, of Cooperstown, N. Y. , b. New 
York, N. Y.; (2) Gardner, Mass., Sept. 
22, 1921, by Rev. Walter Harter, ELIZA- 
and Elmira B. (Howe) Hoadley, of Wood- 
stock, Vt., b. Mar. 21, 1881. 

"In my sixteenth year I began teach- 
ing school, and much of my time since 
has been spent in teaching and study. 
For two years I was principal of a pub- 
lic school in Norwalk, Connecticut. 
Six months of study in a business col- 
lege at Poughkeepsie was followed by two 
years of teaching in the New York Work- 
ingmen's School of which Professor Adler, 
leader of the Society for Ethical Cul- 
ture, was originator and director. I 
married in New York in 1883 and remained 
there until 1919. In 1891 I was admit- 
ted to the New York Bar, but did not 
practice. In 1895 I purchased an old 
farm house opposite my father's place in 
Gardner, Mass., and later acquired six 
tsres adjacent. Ispent forty consecu- 
tive summers there and in 1919 I retir- 
ed, making this place my permanent resi- 
dence. In the summer of 1896 I became 
guardian of a little orphan girl, who 
grew up as a member of my family until 
her marriage in 1914. During the World 
War I I served on the legal advisory 
board in my district under the Draft Act. 

Studies which began in 1894 resulted in 
1905 in a brief outline work entitled, 
'Science (function) Analysis.' It was 
directed to the end of a conceptual sys- 
tem of the Sciences deduced from a 
mathematical definition of Science. 
This has since been developed into the 
treatise and tract which I am sending 
to youbbecause they represent a hobby 
that still interests me. 

Degrees; A.B. Harvard 1879; LL.B. 
Columbia 1888; Ph.D. Columbia 1891. 

Societies; Phi Beta Kappa; American 
Philosophical Association; B.F.A.; Na- 
tional Society of Puritan Descendants. 

Publications; History of Municipal 
Ownership of Land on Manhattan Island, 
New York, 1891. 

Part I of a Teacher's Handbook of Natvir- 
al History Lessons for Primary and Gram- 
mar Grades; Henry Holt & Co., New York, 

Science (function) Analysis 1905 
Treatise, Science - Analysis 1916 
Tract, Introduction to Science - Anal- 
ysis 1930. Last three printed for the 
author . " 

Issue, BLACK, by 2nd wife, b. Gardner, 

Mass. : 

11265 George James, b. June 15, 1925. 

Ballou, Otis, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, 
John, John, Maturin), b. Orange, Mass., 
July 25, 1856, d. Fitchbnrg, Mass., 
Feb. 4, 1938; m. Gardner, Mass., July 
17, 1890, by Rev. William H. Pierson, 
ATHERTON P. MASON, M. D., s. Charles 
and Caroline Atherton (Briggs) Mason, 
grds. Thaddeus, Jr. and Lydia (Perry) 
Mason, of Dublin, N. H., b. Fitchburg, 
Mass., Sept. 13, 1856; int. Lavu-el Hill 
Cem., Fitcbbiirg, Mass.; he res. 102 
Rollstone St., Fitchburg, Mass. 

She attended the public schools of 
Athol and Gardner, Mass., Abbot Academy, 
Andover, Mass., Wellesley College during 
its first year, 1875-76, and Normal 
School, San Jose, Calif., 1876-77. She 
was a teacher in California, 1878-79, 
Norwalk, Conn., 1879-81, and at Gardner. 
She was a member of the following Socle- 
ties: Fitchburg Wellesley College Club 
(president, two years), Fitchburg Women's 



Club (corresponding secretary, two years 
and Women's Alliance of First Parish 
Unitarian Church (president, two years). 

Issue, MASON, b. Fitchburg, Mass.: 
11266 Alice Caroline, b. Oct. 11, 1891; 

grad. Radcliffe College, 1912, 

A.B., 1913, A.M. 

5119 RALPH WALDO BLACK (Diana M. Bal- 
lou, Otis, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, 
John, John, Maturin), b. Athol, Mass., 
July 15, 1862; unm.; res. 102 Roll- 
stone St., Fitchburg, Mass. and 1827 P 
Park Rd. N.W., Washington, D. C. 

Mr. Black has accumulated consider- 
able genealogical data concerning the 
maternal forbears of Abraham^ Ballou, 
which were reproduced in The Boston 
Evening Transcript of June 3 and 17, 
July 1, 15 and 22, August 5 and Septem- 
ber 16, 1939. These data should be of 
inestimable value to descendants of 
this branch. 

Adams, Otis, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, 
John, John, Maturin), b. San Jose, Cal- 
if., Apr. 23, 1866; m. San Jose, Calif., 
Jan. 4, 1896, by Rev. George W. Foote, 
WAGER BRADFORD, s. Judge Abram Clark 
and Elizabeth Whipple (Wager) Bradford, 
b. Stockton, Calif., Mar. 13, 1861, d. 
Johannesburg, Transvaal, So. Africa, 
July 9, 1908; int. Oak Hill Cem., San 
Jose, Calif., Nov. 16, 1909. 

Educated at the San Jose Normal 
School, Mrs. Bradford taught one year, 
and in March 1896, she and her husband 
went to Johannesburg, where Mr. Brad- 
ford became a mine manager. During the 
Boer War they were at Capetown, return- 
ing to Johannesburg shortly before 
peace was declared. 1903, she return- 
ed to America for a visit, and again in 
1907 the whole family returned, Mr. 
Bradford remaining six months and Mrs. 
Bradford a year. After Mr. Bradford's 
death, Mrs. Bradford returned to Cali- 
fornia, eventually purchasing a home 
in Palo Alto, which she sold in 1928, 
dividing her time between her daugh- 
ter and California. 

Mr. Wager Bradford graduated from 

Hamilton College, 1885; journalist; min- 
ing expert; 1896, went to the Transvaal 
and filled the following positions: 
Manager of the Buffelsdoorn Estate and 
Buffels A, 1896-97; manager of the Lang- 
laagte Deep since 1697; general manager 
Pearl Central General Mining Company, 
1898; president of the Association of 
Mine Managers of the Transvaal, 1906; 
vice-president of the Chemical and Me- 
tallurgical Society, 1905-06. 


11267 Katherine Wager, b. Johannesburg, 
Transvaal, So. Africa, July 9, 
1898, d. Mew York State, Mar. 25, 

11268 Elizabeth Salisbury, b. Claremont 
near Capetown, So. Africa, Oct. 
25, 1900; m. Stanford Memorial 
Chapil, Palo Alto, Calif., Oct. 
31, 1925, Uazimlllian Langdon 
Van Norden, s. Charles and Anna 
Hubbell (Mygatt) Van Norden, b. 
St. Albans, Vt., Sept. 14, 1880; 
m. by Rev. D. Charles Gardner; 
res. 11 Seneca St., Rye, N. Y.; 
issue. Van Norden, b. New York, 
H. Y. : 

11269 Pierre, b. Sept. 29, 1926. 

11270 Elizabeth Ann, b. Jan. 28, 

9890 GEORGE HENRY BALLOO (John Quincy 
Adams, Otis, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, 
John, John, Maturin), b. San Jose, 
Calif., Sept. 20, 1873; m. (l) Santa 
Cruz, Calif., Jan. 18, 1897, GERTRDDE 
ESTELLE HALSEY, dau. Edward and Juana 
B. (Wensche) Halsey, b. San Jose, Calif., 
Jan. 8, 1877; (2) San Francisco, Calif., 
dau. Dr. J. iirthur and Lovina (Girard) 
Marchessault, b. Ashland, Wis., June 3, 
1886; m. by Rev. Phillips. 

Issue, BALLOD, by 1st wife, b. San Jose, 


11271 George Cedric, b. June 28, 1898; 

m. Minden, Nev., July 3, 1940, 

Jane Dorothy (Katz) Gordon, b. 

San Jose, Dec. 13, 1895, dau. 

Alexander and Jennie Katz; res. 

San Jose, Calif. 



5118 JENNIE L. TITOS (Almira Edson Bal- 
lou, Otis, Abrahaa, Simeon, Abraham, 
John, John, Haturln), b. Holden, Mass., 
Apr. 30, 1852; m. J\ine 8, 1874, MELZAR 
A. BARTLETT, b. Paiton, Mass., Apr. 30, 
1846, d. Worcester, Mass., Oct. 7, 1928; 
member B.F.A. 

Note: Almira Edsoh (Ballou) Titus, 
d. Holden, June 25, 1928. 
John Titus, her husband, d. 
Holden, May 1900. 
Clara Almira Titus, their dau. , 
d. Holden, Nov. 26, 1928; mem- 
ber B.F.A. 


11272 Jennie Belle, b. July 31, 1879; 
m. Lafayette C. Hamill, b. P. E. 
I.; Issue, HAMILL, b. Worcester: 
11273 Helen Bartlett, b. July 
4, 1897. 
11274 Ralph Melzar, b. Oct. 11, 1883; 

m. Edna Elliott, b. Mass.; issue, 
Bartlett, b. Worcester, Mass.: 
11275 Ralph James, b. June 5, 

1915; res. 13 Clason Rd., 
Worcester, Mass. 

5132 HORACE MANN BALLOO (George W., 
Alanson, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, 
John, John, Maturin), b. Marysville, 
Franklin Co., Iowa; m. Emmetsburg, Palo 
Alto Co., la., Nov. 13, 1884, by Rev. 
dau. Gen. Frederick and Ellen (Pomeroy) 
Mather, b. 213 East 18th St., New York, 
N. Y., Apr. 22, 1861; hardware merchant, 
Emmetsburg, la. 

Issue, BALLOU, 1-2 b. Emmetsburg, la., 

3-6 b. Calif.: 

11276 Frederick Ellsworth, b. Aug. 12, 
1885; grad. Univ. of Southern 
Calif,, B.S. in Architecture, 
1925. In the World War I he serv- 
ed as Master Gtinner in three regi- 
ments. Entered service Aug. 5, 
1917, in Headquarters Co., 67th 
Regt. of Artillery, C.A.C., at 
Fort Scott, San Francisco, Calif. 
Member of D. S. Service, A.E.F., 
France Dist., April 1919; and a 
member of AltaVista Lodge No. 
464 F. & A.M., San Francisco. In 
politics he is a prohibitionist. 

Member of Episcopal Church. Res. 
622 West 47th St., Los Angeles, 

11277 MARTHA ELLEN, b. Feb. 24, 1887; 

11278 Fremont Osbert, b. Saticoy, Ven- 
tura *^o., July 23, 1890. Grad. 
Los Angeles H.S. and Stanford 
Univ., M.A. 1926. Entered 
World War I service in Co. H. 
117th Engineers 48th (Rainbow 
Division); overseas eighteen 
months, siz of which were spent 
after the Armistice with the 
Army of Occupation "on the 
Rhine." After his return he 
went to camp and took up voca- 
tional training; later engaged 
in research work at Carnegie 
Foundation Laboratories. Add: 
Box 1141, Carmel, Calif. 

11279 GRACE ARBDTA, b. Chatsworth 
Park, Aug. 3, 1894; m. OREN AB- 

11280 Lyndon Everett, b. Pasadena, 
May 30, 1898; ed. Los Angeles 
Manual Arts H.S. and Univ. of 
Southern Calif.; res. 622 W. 
47th St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

11281 James Alanson, b. Los Angeles, 
Mar. 9, 1903; m. Los Angeles, 
Oct. 2, 1931, by Judge Ambrose, 
Bessie Kendrick Peyton, dau. 
Frank H. and Annie £. Peyton, 

b. Eureka, Utah, Sept. 25, 1898; 
pattern maker and salesman. 

5129 BENTON BALLOU (Sanford, Alanson, 
Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, 
Maturin), b. National, Iowa, May 3, 
1864; m. San Bernardino, Calif., Nov. 
23, 1900, by Rev. Jewell, ALICE FARRIS 
JENKINS, dau. Daniel D. and Susan 
(Scott) Jenkins, grddau. Theodric and 
Eliza (Duncan) Jenkins, of Paris, Ky., 
b. Sandoval, 111., Mar. 18, 1865; res. 
119 Princeton Ave., Ontario, Calif. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Ontario, Calif.: 

11282 SANFORD, b. Oct. 14, 1903; m. 

5146 CORBAN B. D. BALLOU (Lewis, Ajan- 
son, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, 
John, Maturin), b. Madison Co., Iowa, 
Jan. 28, 1873; m. Pomona, Los Angeles 



Co., Calif., J^3lJ 2, 1903, ELNORA AEBOT- 
HNOT, dau. Daniel H. and Sarah Matilda 
(Leavelle) Arbuthnot, by Rev. George W. 
White, b. Belle Plains, Benton Co., 
la., grddau. Robert A. and Jane (Holden) 
Arbuthnot, of Allegheney City, Penn. 

1899, graduated from the University 
of Southern California, B.S., as did 
his wife. 1901-1908, worked in Post 
Office in Pasadena; March 1908, moved 
to Pomona, and since that time has en- 
gaged in citrus culture, at present 
residing in La Verne, in the heart of 
the best orange districts in the state. 
Affiliated with the California Fruit 
Growers Exchange; member of Board of 
Trustees of local High School; member 
of the Chamber of Commerce; also, of 
the Methodist Church, holding the posi- 
tion of trustee, and active in choir 
and Sunday school work. 

Issue, BALLOO, 1-2 b. Pasadena, 3 b. 
Pomona, Calif.: 

11283 Lois Matilda, b. June 6, 1904; 
grad. Pomona Coll., '25, B.A.j 
Biology and Landscape tchr.. 
Ban Pedro H.S. 

11284 Ruth Elnora, b. Sept. 28, 1906; 
Pomona Coll., '26, B.A.; Natiire 
Study tchr, Santa Monica, Cal. 
Elementary Schools. 

11285 Clara May, b. May 30, 1911; 
grad. Oniv. Coll., Los Angeles. 

5156 MABEL LAVINA FISH (Augustus J. 
Fish, Lavina Ballou, Abraham, Simeon, 
Abraham, John, John, Maturin), b. Lewis, 
Essex Co., N. Y., Oct. 22, 1874; m. 
Lewis, N. Y., Oct. 10, 1893, by Rev. 
Samuel H. White, BORTON SWAH, s. Henry 
Swan, b. Brookfield, Essex Co., N. Y., 
June 21, 1870. 

He is a Past Master of the Blens Falls 
Lodge No. 121, A.F. & A.M.; member of 
the Glens Falls Chapter No. 55, R.A.M.; 
charter member of the Joseph Warren 
Council No. 31, R. & S.M. ; and member 
of the Advisory Council of Ordec of 
De Molay. 

Bote: Abraham* Ballou married Mary 
Sayles, grt-granddaughter of Roger Wil- 
liams, hence their descendants are 
descendants of Roger Williams, Founder 

of Rhode Island. 

Issue, SWAN, b. Glens Falls, N. Y. : 

11286 Marion Elizabeth, b. Dec. 3, 1894; 
grad. Middlebury Coll., A.B. ; H. 
S. tchr, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

11287 Gordon Augustus, b. May 4, 1899; 
grad. Middlebury Coll., B.S.; 
member of Glens Falls Lodge No. 
121, A.F. & A.M.; Lafayette Chap- 
ter R.A.M. ; Joseph Warren Chapter 
No. 81, R. & S.M.; and of Phi Psi 

11288 ANGELA KATHRYN, b. Nov. 4, 1905; 

5159 HAMILTON A. FISH (Augustus J. Fish, 
Lavina Ballou, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, 
John, John, Maturin), b. Lewis, N. Y. , 
Feb. 8, 1883; m. Lewis, N. Y., BESSIE 
DENTON; farmer; res. Lewis, N. Y. 

Issue, FISH, b. Lewis, N. Y. : 

11289 Irene, b. Nov. 20, 1908; m. Lewis, 
Winifred Gouch; carpenter; res. 
Lewis, N. Y. ; issue, Gouch, b. 
Lewis, N. Y.: 

11290 Ruth. 

11291 Paul. 

11292 Lyman. 

11293 Stanley Augustus, ^. May 12, 1911; 
garage owner at Elizabethtown, 
Essex Co., N. Y.; res. with parents 

5169 ™ma ISADORA FISH (Charles 0. Fish, 
Lavina Ballou, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, 
John, John, Maturin) , b. Seneca Township, 
Kossuth Co., Iowa, May 13, 1883; m. 
Seneca Township, Iowa, Mar. 15, 1905, by 
Rev. R. L. Hotchkiss, WALTER GAYL SMITH, 
b. St. Charles, Warren Co., Iowa, Mar. 
23, 1881. 

Mr. Smith is interested in Real Estate 
and farm lands in Svea City, Iowa. 

Issue, SMITH, b. Seneca Township, Iowa: 

11294 Esther Charlotte, b. Mar. 27, 
1910; member B.F.A., and we are 
indebted to her for data submitted 
on this branch; grad. Svea City 
H.S., 1926, and of Carleton Coll. 
(Northfield, Minn.), 1931, A.B. ; 
taxight music in schools of Fenton, 
la., 1932-35, and since that time 
has been Director of Music in the 


schools of Corwith, Iowa; member 
of Sigma Tau (honor music socie- 
ty), and of the Baptist Church; 
res. Corwith, Iowa. 

Jane Ballou, Collin, Abraham, Simeon, 
Abraham, John, John, Uaturln), b. Man- 
kato, Minn., Sept. 30, 1877; m. Man- 
kato, Minn., July 12, 1904, by Rev. 
George W. Davis, MAUD E. BENMETT, dau. 
Charles and Elizabeth E. (Davis) Ben- 

Issue, STOWER, b. Frederic, Wis.: 

11295 Charles Eugene, b. July 19, 1905; 
m. Anoka, Minn., June 27, 1951, 
by Rev. Arnold Blage, Gratia Gld- 
dlngs, dau. Gratlus Glddlngs, b. 
Anoka, Minn., Apr. 10, 1909; 
Dnlv. of Minn., B.A.; County 
Agricultural Agent; res. Elk Riv- 
er, Minn. 

11296 Frederick James, Jr., b. Apr. 5, 
1907; m. Alliance, Mebr., June 2, 
1928, Julienne Goodrich, dau. 
Earl Goodrich, b. Glenwood, la., 
Apr. 19, 1911; farmer; res. Hem- 
Ingford, Hebr. 

11297 Pharis Harvey, b. Oct. 22, 1911; 
m. Pine City, Minn., Dec. 10, 
1931, Kathryn Bergman, dau. Erlck 
Bergman, b. Trade Lake, Wis., 
Oct. 14, 1913; farmer; res. Fred- 
eric, Wis.; issue, Stower, b. 
Trade Lake, Wis.; 

11298 Patricia Joan, b. July 21, 

11299 Bennett, b. Apr. 18, 1917. 

5363 FRANK H. BALLOD (Charles Edward, 
Aurellus, Welcome, Simeon, Abl-aham, John, 
John, Matiirln), b. Flint Ridge, Franklin 
Township, Licking Co., Ohio, July 3, 
1869; m. Perry Co., Ohio, July 11, 1889, 
by Rev. Lewis, Pastor of Fairmont Pres- 
byterian Church, CLARA MacPHERSON, dau. 
John and Caroline (Beall) MacPherson, 
b. Perry Co., Ohio, Oct. 6, 1869; Assn. 
Horticulturist, Ohio Agricultural Ex- 
periment Station. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Newark, Ohio: 

11300 Nellie, b. July 12, 1894; m. 
Newark, Feb. 20, 1926, by Rev. Dr. 
C. L. Williams, pastor of 1st M. 


E. Church, James Duncan Cromble, 
s. David L. and Mary (Duncan) 
Crombie, b. Aberdeen, Scotland, 
May 15, 1900; grad. Robert Gordon 
College, Aberdeen, Scotland; 1931, 
affiliated with Pure Oil Company, 
Newark, Ohio; she grad. Denlson 
Univ., Granville, Ohio, 1916, A. 
B.; school tchr.; wrote articles 
for magazines, especially about 
children and folks in Appalachian 
Mountain districts of Kentuoky; 
res. Sharon Valley, near Newark, 
Ohio. No issue. 

11301 Ava, b. Feb. 25, 1897; Denlson 
Dnlv., 1920; M.A., Columbia Dnlv., 
1931; taught in Evans ton. 111. 
H.S., Marietta H.S. and Wilming- 
ton College; unm. 

5404 ALBERTDS H. BALLOD (Henry Franklin, 
William, George, Simeon, Abraham, John, 
John, Maturln), b. Ware, Mass., Apr. 4, 
1880, d. Ware, Mass., Mar. 18, 1930; m. 
Ware, Mass., July 1906, by Rev. John 
Wriston, CORA B. TOWNE, dau. Edmund and 
Belle (Avery) Towne, b. Ware, Mass., 
May 18, 1890; he is int. Aspen Grove Cem. 
Ware, Mass. 

A farmer by occupation, Mr. Ballou re- 
sided on his father's homestead. Early 
in his twenties he was stricken with 
paralysis, and so lost the use of both 
arms. Doing wonderful work in planning, 
his wife carried on the farm, brought up 
the family and gave them a good education 
He was a man of high principals and hon- 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Ware, Mass.: 

11302 Susan Etta, b. Aug. 28, 1907; m. 

Conn., Sept. 22, , William 

Arms, s. Frank Arms, b. Hopklnton, 
Mass., Mar. 1908; clerk; res. 169 
Mt. Vernon St., Arlington, Mass.; 
issue. Arms, b. Newton, Mass.: 
11303 William Charles, b. Aug. 2, 


11304 Edith May, b. July 14, 1908; res. 
Wllbraham, Mass. 

11305 William Albertus, b. Nov. 6, 1914; 
res. Farmington, N. H. 

11306 Edmund, b. Mar. 26, 1918; res. 
Farmington, N. H. 



5405 EDITH LOBELIA BALLOD (Henry Frank- 
lin, William, George, Simeon, Abraham, 
John, John, Matiorin), b. Ware, Uass., 
Apr. 24, 1883; m. Ware, Mass., Mar. 19, 
1903, WILLIAM G. GOODENOOGH, s. Isaac 
Goodeno\igh, grds. Isaac and Sarah (Stev- 
enson) Goodenough, of South Ham, Canada, 
b. ProT. of Quebec, Canada, Aug. 8, 1876; 
m. by Rev. Wilbur Hale; carpenter; res. 
53 Chestnut St., Ware, Mass. 

She is a graduate of Ware High School; 
member of Davis Rebeckah Lodge; Past 
Grand; both are members of the Methodist 

Issue, GOODENOOGH, b. Ware, Mass.: 

11307 Mildred Adelaide, b. Sept. 20, 
1904; grad. Ware H.S. and Fram- 
ingham Normal; teacher; res. 
Hopedale, Mass. 

11308 Muriel Sarah, b. Mar. 14, 1906; 
grad. Ware H.S. and Framingham 

11309 Henry William, b. May 10, 1909; 
grad. Ware H.S. and Wentworth 
Institute, Boston, Mass. 

10002 OREN P. BALLOD (Hosea, Amos, 
George, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, Ma- 
turin), b. Mt. Levi, Ark., July 27, 1887; 
m. Oregon City, Ore., Feb. 19, 1913, by 
William Sampson, GINA HAALAND, dau. Ed- 
ward and Johanna (Stangeland) Haaland, 
b. Ostrander, Minn., Oct. 28, 1892. 

Issue, BALLOU, 1-4 b. Eagle Creek, Ore., 
5-9 b. near Estacada, Ore.: 

11310 Hazel Frances, b. Mar. 27, 1914, 
d. Mar. 31, 1914. 

11311 Florence Irene, b. July 23, 1915; 
m. Vancouver, Wash., Avig. 17, 1933 
by Mrs. C. B. Shaw, Arnold An'&er- 
son, s. P. M. Anderson, b. Esta- 
cada, Aug. 16, 1912; clerk in 
hardware store, Estacada; issue, 
Anderson, b. Estacada, Ore.: 

11312 Arleta Rae, b. Nov. 15, 

11313 LaDona Jean, b. May 13, 

11314 Charles Edward, b. Sept. 15, 1917. 

11315 Ellen Eunice, b. Mar. 7, 1920; m. 
Vancouver, Mar. 8, 1938, by Rev. 
Konneman, Walter Mann, s. G. E. 
Mann, b. Nerberg, Ore., Feb. 8, 

1915; sawyer, Skamokowa, Wash.; 
issue, Mann, b. Estacada, Ore.: 
11316 Clifford Walter, b. Jan. 
4, 1939. 

11317 Myrtle Alta, b. Oct. 20, 1922. 

11318 LaVonne Jean, b. July 17, 1927. 

11319 Richard Louis, b. May 22, 1929. 

11320 Oren Wright, b. Sept. 10, 1933. 

1SX)Q5 EDITH BALLOD (Amos, Amos, George, 
Simeon, Abraham, John, John, Maturln), 
b. Stockbridge, Wis., Oct. 15, 1869, d. 
Hetland, S. D., July 24, 1927; m. Het- 
land, S. D., Nov. 21, 1886, toy Rev. 
boo. Wis., Sept. 7, 1857, d. Hetland, 
S. D. , June 8, 1925 . 

Issue, BARSTOW, b. Hetland, S. D.: 

11321 Glen Amos, b. Sept. 9, 1887; m. 
Hetland, 1906, by Rev. Shockley, 
Ethel Bailey; res. Chicago, 111.,; 
issue. Bars tow: 

11322 Anna Oslegaara, res. Fres- 
no, Calif. 

11323 Pearl, m. Pettis; res. 

Parks ton, S. D. 

11324 Florence, res. Fresno, Cal. 

11325 Guy, res. Arlington, S. D. 

11326 Myrtle. 

11327 Ardella. 

11328 Edwin Harrison, b. Oct. 5, 1892; 
m. Madison, S. D., June 10, 1926, 
by Rev. Kreegy, Esther Carpenter, 
dau. John Gibbs and Eva (Warne) 
Carpenter, b. Hetland, June 21, 
1900; issue, Barstow, b. Hetland, 
S. D.: 
11329 Joyce Eva, b. May 20, 1930. 

11330 Susie Ann, b. Apr. 16, 1897; m. 

Hetland, 1914, James Garner; car- 
penter; issue. Garner: 

11331 Vivian, b. June 21, 1915, 
d. Dec. 5, 1929. 

11332 Dale Cary, b. Aug. 14, 1919; 
res. Rich Hill, S. Y. 

10004 LYMAN BALLOD (Amos, Amos, George, 
Simeon, Abraham, John, John, Maturin), b. 
East Stockholm, N. Y., Jan. 14, 1863, d. 
Hetland, S. D. , June 28, 1935; m. Iroqu- 
ois, S. D., Dec. 30, 1891, by Rev. A. J. 
Drake, ADA L. SPRAGUE, dau. Charles S. 
and Lucinda (Mathews) Sprague, b. Go. 
English, Iowa, Jan. 2, 1867; he is int. 
Hetland, S. D. Cem. 


Lyman Ballou was Secretary and Book- 
keeper of a Farmers' Mutual Fire Insur- 
ance Company, which was carried on hy 
his widow. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Hetland, S. D. : 
11333 Grace, b. Feb. 13, 1893j m. Het- 
land, Mar. 11, 1914, Carl P. Rice, 
s. Jesse Rice, b. Kevil, Ky., 
Dec. 16, 1891, d. Wentworth, S. 
D., Apr. 2, 1939; Highway engi- 
neer; issue. Rice, b. Hetland: 
11334 Virgil Lee, b. Sept. 20, 

11335 Harrison Winfield, b. Mar. 3, 
1896; unm.; World War I Veteran, 
A.E.F.; enl. June 1, 1918, emb. 
for France, July 24, 1918; disch. 
Apr. 19, 1919. 

11336 Gladys M., b. July 23, 1899; m. 
Canton, S. D. , June 24, 1925, by 
Rev. Kearton, Floyd J. Bridges, 

. s. James Bridges, b. Feb. 15, 
1898; grad. Madison Normal School; 
tchr.; issue. Bridges, b. Minnea- 
polis, Minn.: 

11337 Robert Kane, b. June 3, 

11338 Evelyn, b. Mar. 23, 1902; m. Nov. 
10, 1921, Earl franconer, dlv.; 
tchr., Hetland, S. D. 

11339 Dorothy Helen, b. Oct. 23, 1904; 
m. Huron, S. D. , July 3, 1932, 
Thomas C. Anderson, s. Mads and 
Mattie (Thompson) Anderson, b. 
Arlington, S. D., Oct. 6, 1899; 
merchant, Hetland, S. D.; she, 
like her sisters, grad. Madison 
Normal School; issue, Anderson: 

11340 Shirley Sue, b. Arlington, 
June 9, 1935. 

11341 James Thomas, b. Volga, 
July 21, 1938. 

11342 Alvin Lyman, b. July 28, 1906. 

11343 CHARLES SPRAGUE, b. Sept. 12, 

Amos, George, Simeon, Abraham, John, 
John, Maturin), b. Fort Jackson, N. Y., 
Feb. 22, 1879; m. New York, N. Y., 1912, 

A noted educator and author, Mr. Bal- 
lou is a B.S., M.A. and Ph.D., and came 
to Washington, D. C. from Boston in 1920, 


where he served as Assistant Superintend- 
ent for three years. As Superintendent 
of the Washington Schools since that 
time, his record is impressive and em- 
braces a wide scope. Who's Who In The 
East gives a very detailed account of 
his illustrious career. Ed: State Nor- 
mal Teachers School, Potsdam, N. Y., 
1902; Teachers College, Columbia Oniv., 
B.S., 1904; Univ. of Cincinnati, M.S., 
1908; Harvard Univ., Ph.D., 1914. 

Issue, BALLOO (adopted): 

11344 Elizabeth. 

11345 Robert. 

10023 VERNE HIRAM BALLOD (Hiram, Amos, 
George, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, 
Maturin), b. East Stockholm, N. Y. , Mar. 
1, 1880; m. Buckton, N. Y., Nov. 6, 
1901, NETTIE ALLEN, dau. Oliver and 
Olive (McCloud) Allen, b. Stockholm, N. 
Y., Jime 20, 1880; m. by Rev. Johnson. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Stockholm, N. Y. : 

11346 ALLEN HIRAM, b. Apr. 14, 1903; 

11347 Doyle Amos, b. Sept. 16, 1917; 
enlisted in U. S. Navy. 

Amos, George, Simeon, Abraham, John, 
John, Maturin), b. Stockholm, N. Y., 
Aug. 17, 1881, d. Ogdensburg, N. Y., 
Feb. 3, 1927; m. Potsdam, N. Y., Jan. 
19, 1905, by Rev. E. B. Saunders, 
FREDERIC SANDERS, s. Dr. Henry and 
Frances Clara (Smith) Sanders, b. West- 
chester Co., N. Y., Jan. 17, 1864, d. 
Thumal, Calif., Jan. 27, 1920. 

Mr. Sanders was educated at the Col- 
lege of the City of New York, Harvard, 
Oniv. of Chicago, Columbia, Clark and 
in Germany. Listed in "International 
Who's Who," 1910 and 1911. 

Issue, SANDERS, 1 b. Potsdam, N. Y., 
2 b. Lincoln, Nebr.: 

11348 Vai;ighan, b. June 8, 1907; m. 

So. Bend, Ind., May 28, 1939, by 
Rev. Edward Sausaman, of In- 
dianapolis, Josephine Graham, 
dau. Lewis J. and Ada (Galbreath) 
Graham, of Galveston, Ind., b. 
Edsley, N. D., Oct. 11, 1917; 



B.S., ClarksoD College; electrical 
engineer. Consolidated Edison Co., 
N. Y.; res. 256 So. Long Beach 
Ave., Freeport, L. I. 
11S49 Halford Ballou, b. Oct.- 18, 1902; 
m. Rockville, Md., Mar. 25, 1937, 
by Rev. Pasma, Jean Martz, dau. 
Wilhelm D. and Evaline (Grand- 
staff) Martz, b. Lioray, Va., Aug. 
19, 1906; A.B. , Harvard, 19S0; 
M.A., George Washington, 1954; 
instructor, McKlnley H.S., Wash- 
ington, D. C; res. 6 Glenridge 
St., Kensington, Md. 

10044 LDTHER FARWELL BALLOD (Rosea Starr, 
Rev. Levi, Asahel, Benjamin, Rev. Matur- 
in, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Boston, 
Mass., Oct. 5, 1891; m. (l) Colebrook, 

M. H., Sept. 9, 1917, ELLEK G. HOLDEN, 
dau. Frye Holden, b. Colebrook, N. H., 
Sept. 25, 1893, d. Seattle, Wash., Dec. 
5, 1924; (2) Boston, Mass., Aug. 12, 
1929, by Rev. William J. Lowstutter, 
ELSIE M. ADLIMAK, of Millersburg, Holmes 
Co., Ohio* res. Clinton, Ala. 

Issue, BALLOD, by 1st wife: 

11340 Luther Farwell, Jr., b. Tacoma, 

Wash., Apr. 20, 1919; m. ; 

issue, Ballou, b. Portland, Minn. : 
11351 Rita Louise, b. Nov. 4, 

11352 Nancy, b. Seattle, Wash., Aug. 16, 

11353 Philip Holden, b. Mar. 17, 1922. 

Starr, Rev. Levi, Asahel, B enjamln. 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. 
Brookline, Mass., Jan. 6, 1893; m. Tom*s 
River, Ocean Co., N. J., June 4, 1921, 

by Rev. Dr. Nichols, EMILY M. CRABBE, dau. 
Edward and Marion (McEwan) Crabbe, b. 
Yonkers, N. Y., Dec. 8, 1897; res. Welles- 
lev Hills, Mass. 

Active in social and club affairs, Mr. 
Ballou is vith the firm of Ballou, Adams 
& Co., of Boston, Mass. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Concord, N. H. : 

11354 Marion, b. Feb. 23, 1922. 

11355 Janet Crabbe, b. Mar. 29, 192?. 
11355a Bmlly Starr, b. June 25, 1932; d. 

Boston, Apr. 6, 1934- 

M., Hon. Martin, Asahel, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturing, b. 
Boone, Iowa, Dec. 12, 1907; m. by Rev. 
Sampson Cocks, of Indianola, Warren Co., 
Iowa, JOSEPHINE PAYNE, dau. H. C. and 
Rosemary (Parkin) Payne, b. Boone, Iowa, 
Nov. 8, 1908; res. 101 S. Highwood Ave., 
Glen Rock, N. J. 

Mr. Ballou is a graduate of St. John's 
Military Academy at Delafield, Wis., 
where he won honors every year, and re- 
ceived a gold medal in Algebra, and a 
medal in English. His work in Science 
was also outstanding. He graduated from 
Iowa State College ^t Ames, specializ- 
ing in electrical and chemical engineer- 
ing. He worked with the Westinghouse 
Corporation at Pittsburg, Pa.; in July 
1932 was transferred to the Philadelphia 
plant; later to their Hew York City Of- 
fice, 150 Broadway. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

11356 Frank William, b. Ames, la., Aug. 
18, 1929. 

11357 Robert Martin, b. Wilkinsburg, 
Pa., July 5, 1931. 

11358 John Parkin, b. Pater son, N. J., 
J\ily 31, 1937. 

10062 CAROLINE LOIS CLARK (Lois C. Bal- 
lou, Almon, Asahel, Benjamin, Rev. Matur- 
in, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Guilford, 
Vt., Dec. 2, 1876; m. Brattleboro, Vt., 
July 31, 1907, by Rev. Delmar Trout, 
HAYES BIGELOW, s. William and Mary (Hay- 
es) Bigelow, b. New Haven, Conn., Feb. 
20, 1879. Member B.F.A. 

Issue, BIGELOW, b. Cbarlestown, S. C: 

11359 Lois Hayes, b. Apr. 14, 1915. 

5487 FREDERICK A. BALLOU (Charles E., 
Pearley, Asahel, Benjamin, Rev. Maturini, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Greenfield, 
Mass., Nov. 27, 1866; m. Westfield, Mass. 
July 9, 1901, ELIZABETH HARRIS, b. West- 
field, Mass., Sept. 18, 1866; attorney; 
res. Springfield, Mass. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Westfield, Mass.: 

11360 Henry Harris, b. Sept. 18, 1904. 



5488 EDWARD K. BALLOD (Charles E., Pear- 
ley, Asahel, Benjamin, Rev. Maturln, 
Peter, John, Maturln), b. Greenfield, 
Mass., July 8, 1869; m. Greenfield, Mass. 
Jan. 23, 1894, by Rev. Carey H. Watson, 
EVA B. CAREY, dau. George and Jerusha 
(Brown) Carey, b. Greenfield, Mass., Oct. 
13, 1873; res. Greenfield, Mass. 

At the age of 19, Mr. Ballou entered 
the employ of the Fitchburg Railroad as 
bookkeeper, and since 1903, has been 
connected with the Greenfield Welfare 
Department. Member I. 0. 0. F., since 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Greenfield, Mass.: 
11361 Howard A., b. Sept. 26, 1894; m. 
Deerfield, Jan. 1, 1916, Mary 
Hanks, dau. Arthur Hanks, b. 
Deerfield, Oct. 24, 1893; res. 
1208 So, Stoneman Ave., Alhambra, 
Calif.; issue, Ballou, b. Los 
Angeles, Calif. : 
11362 Robert A., b. Oct. 31, 
11363 Elsie L., b. May 17, 1896; m. 

Greenfield, July 16, 1921, Roland 
Truesdell, s. Luther Truesdell, 
b. Shelburne, Apr. 26, 1893; truck 
man; res. 3663 2nd Ave., Los An- 
geles, Calif.; issue, Truesdell, 
b. Los Angeles, Calif.: 

11364 Thelma, b. Sept. 7, 1923. 

11365 Dorothy, b. Nov. 19, 1924. 

11366 Marion, b. Sept. 10, 1897; m. 
Greenfield, Nov. 10, 1923, George 
F. Barre, s. Emanuel Barre, b. 
Beadsboro, Vt., June 10, 1888; 
mechanic; res. 6 Hasting St., 
Greenfield, Mass. No issue. 

11367 Ralph E., b. Sept. 1, 1899; m. 
Shelburne, Sept. 17, 1921, Viola 
Lang, dau. Archie Lang, b. Shel- 
burne, Oct. 7, 1898; bank teller; 
res. 352 Franklin St., No. Adams, 
Mass.; issue, Ballou, b. No. 
Adams, Mass.: 

11368 Ronald L., b. Aug. 22, 
11369 Charles E., b. Mar. 17, 1903; m. 
Montpelier, Vt., June 13, 1931, 
Estella Barrus, b. Peru, Mass., 
June 17, 1903; telephone employe; 
res. 6 Tracy St., Montpelier, Vt.: 
issue, Ballou, b. Montpelier, Vt. : 

11370 Kathryn E., b. Dec. 23, 

11371 Milia E., b. Oct. 19, 1906; secre- 

11372 Evelyn J., b. May 3, 1917; grad. 
Becker College; secretary. 

5525 EDWARD LOLL BALLOD (Dr. Albert D., 
Darius, Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Harrison, Wis., 
Mar. 30, 1856, d. Igo, Shasto Co., Cal., 
Oct. 2, 1911; m. Chico, Butte Co., Cal., 
Nov. 24, 1886, by Rev. M. E. Graham, 
VASHTI MAY WOOD, dau. Charles Carpenter 
and Delilah Frances Wood, b. Tuscola, 
111., Sept. 25, 1863. 

Mr. Ballou was a graduate of The In- 
dustrial Dniversity of Illinois and was 
a professional assayer of minerals at 
Igo, Calif. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Igo, Calif., except 
6th b. Ukiah, Calif.: 

11373 ROY STANFORD, b. Oct. 2, 1887; 

11374 Edith Lucia, b. June 20, 1889; m. 
San Rafeel, Calif., Oct. 16, 1910, 
Edward Hugh Shuffleton, s. Edward 
T. and Leighton Shuffleton, who 

d. Fort Bayard, N. M., Oct. 19, 

1918; int. Igo, Calif.; res. Car- 

mel, Monterey Co., Calif. 

LADRA FRANCES, b. Jan. 8, 1891; 

m. (l) FRANK COLE; (2) OMER ESTH- 


CHARLES KENNETH, b. Feb. 10, 1894; 


CLARENCE, b. Aug. 22, 1899; m. 


Edna May, b. 

Los Angeles, 

Judge Hanby, 

mick, b. Victoria, 

1899; res. 4321 So 




Sept. 16, 1901; m. 
Dec. 24, 1928, by 
John Howard McCor- 
111., Feb. 3, 
Raymond Ave., 

Los Angeles, Calif. 

LOIS LILLIAN, b. Mar. 8, 1903; m. 


ANNIE DOROTHY, b. Nov. 24, 1908; 


5526 MINER HART BALLOD (Dr. Albert D., 
Darius, Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Clifton, Wis., 
Oct. 12, 1858, d. San Anselmo, Calif., 
Nov. 19, 1926; m. Dec. 13, 1881, by Rev. 



Mr. Smith, FLORA BLOUNT, dau. Cornelivis 
and Emily (Halsted) Blount, b. Stock- 
bridge, Calumet Co., Wis., Jiine 10, 

Ur. Ballou was a strictly self-made 
man with a very interesting and widely 
successful career. He attended school 
at Oshkosh, Wis., and soon entered into 
business. He rapidly developed into a 
captain of industry. After spending 
about ten years in northern Michigan in 
charge of lumber mills, he moved to Wis- 
consin and became the largest stockhold- 
er and Vice-Pres. of the great paper and 
pulp mills of The Uenasha Paper Co., at 
Menasha, Wis., Ladysmith, Wis., Port 
Arthur, Ont., Thornapple, Wis., and Ash- 
land, Wis. He was a director of the Wis- 
consin Central R. R. when it was acquir- 
ed by the Soo Line and continued his in- 
fluence over these two railroads. He 
organized and was the foremost official 
of the Wisconsin Pulpwood Co. that was 
interested financially in fifteen paper 
mills in Wisconsin and was the first 
company to ship pulpwood from Canada 
into the States. In 1920 he retired 
from active business in Wisconsin and 
moved to San Anselmo, Calif., to enjoy 
a peaceful rest. This is how he rested: 
He organized the Marin Paper Co.; The 
Fairfax Lumber Co.; built and organized 
The Fairfax Bank, Calif, and became its 
president; entered the mining business, 
paint manufacturing, and other enter- 
prises. He built an eight mile automo- 
bile road in Mt. Tamalpais, near San 
Francisco. His remains were cremated 
and the ashes placed in a great boulder 
on this road which overlooks the Pacific 
Ocean, and on which is placed a bronze 
tablet commemorating his achievements. 

Issue, BALLOO: 

11381 HARRY, b. Chilton, Calumet Co., 
Wis., July 24, 1883; m. PEARL 

11382 BELLE, b. Carney, Mich., May 19, 

Albert D., Darius, Martin, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. 
Clifton, Wis., July 27, 1860; m. Ottawa 
Co., Kan., Nov. 17, 1878, by Ezra Com- 

fort, J. P., MARY LOUISA MILLS, dau. 
Mahlon and Lestina Rhoana (Bishop) Mills, 
grddau. Albin D. and Dorothy (Ford) 
Mills, b. Harwick, Delaware Co., Iowa, 
Aug. 10, 1859, d. Delphos, Ottawa Co., 
Kan., Aug. 14, 1925. 

"He enjoys the record of having re- 
sided on and farming the same land for 
half a century. He has never engaged 
in any important occupation other than 
that of farming and stock raising. He 
prospered beyong the average of Solomon 
Valley homesteaders for the reason that 
early in his experience he discerned 
the advantage of farm diversification. 
He was a pioneer in the breeding of Here- 
ford cattle in a region essentially 
wheat land, and his success as a farmer 
is largely due to his faith in and ap- 
plication to the industry of raising 
and fattening cattle. For thirty years 
his white-faced herds were the object 
of his pride and adulation. 

"Clarence Ballou provided well for 
the nine of his ten children who have 
grown to maturity. In its heyday the 
commodiotis Ballou home near Delphos was 
the citadel of a large family and its 
friends and relatives, a sort of land- 
mark in the community, with its master 
ever seeking to improve upon it. He 
was only an infant when the Civil War 
began and was too old to go to France 
in 1917, but he delivered the first con- 
signment of wheat in the community for 
the relief of the Belgian orphans in 
1914, the first substantial contributions 
to war fnnds which followed. For many 
years he was active in the I.O.O.F. He 
had no political aspirations but gave 
generously of his time in community gov- 
ernment, many years as township and 
school district director and eight years 
as Ottawa county commissioner. During 
his tenure of office the county made 
notable strides in road building, pub- 
lic health and farm agent undertakings. 

"Clarence Ballou was essentially a 
so-called "self-made" man. He came to 
Kansas in 1876 with little more than a 
meager schooling, a rugged constitution 
and an infinite capacity for hard work. 
He is prone to credit his measure of 
success in life to his devoted wife who 
was his companion for 47 years. It may 



have been her Inspiration, but it was 
his industry and perseverance. To these 
qualities we shall add modesty, sobriety, 
kindliness, generosity, good hiamor, de- 
votion to family and state and a love of 
the beautiful. Since the death of Mrs. 
Ballou, in 19£5, he has devoted consid- 
erable time to travel, his visits taking 
him to states from coast to coast. 
This, to be sure, is somewhat of a di- 
version, after a lifetime spent largely 
in one community, but while this may ap- 
pear to be a well-earned reward, he 
still prefers to be among the scenes 
that are brightest. And so it is that 
he is most apt to be found at the old 
home place, 'Osawentha by the Pines.' 

"Clarence Ballou being so consummate- 
ly self-effacii:g this little sketch by 
one of the family may sound unbecoming, 
but speaking for the family, I do not 
regard it presumptuous to thus mention 
him, regarding him, as we contemporaries 
do, as one of the noteworthy patriarchs 
of the Ballou cousinhood." (Contributed 
by Don D. Ballou, Kansas City, Kan.) 

Mrs. Ballou 's mother's father was 
Rev. Jay Bishop, born at Readsboro, Vt. 
The town of Earwick, Delaware Co., Iowa, 
was demolished in 1930 and is now a lake. 

Issue, BMiLOU, b. "Osawentha by the 
Pines," near Delphos, Ottawa Co., Kan.: 

11383 Clarence Albert, b. Aug. 10, 1879, 
d. Nov. 10, 1879. 

11384 Florence Evacelia, b. Feb. 17, 
1881; m. Sept. 5, 1906, Delphos, 
by Rev. G. S. Smith, William Bur- 
gess Banning, s. John and Hetty 
Jane (Roberts) Banning, b. Lyn- 
don, Kans., July 20, 1876; she 
grad. Kansas State Agricultural 
Coll., 1904, A.B. ; res. R.F.D. 

2, Lyndon, Kan. 

11385 JESSIE MARY, b. Aug. 8, 1883; m. 

11386 ALICE CLAIRE, b. Sept. 21, 1885; 

11387 HAZEL HART, b. Dec. 6, 1887; m. 

11388 MINER MAHLON, b. Oct. 9, 1890; 

11389 RDSSELL KENNETH, b. Dec. 4, 1896; 

11390 DONALD DAVID, b. Oct. 12, 1898; 

11391 LOOIS MARVIN, b. Dec. 30, 1900; 

11392 Dorothy Rhoana, b. Jan. 8, 1904; 
m. Delphos, Mar. 17, 1928, by 
Rev. G. S. Smith, Bert Allen 
Bourne, s. D. M. and Amelia 
(Spencer) Bourne, b. Delphos, Dec. 
21, 1892; she grad. Delphos H.S.; 
he is an electrical engineer; 
res. Delphos, Kan. 

D., Darius, Mattin, Benjamin, Rev. Matur- 
in, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Mankato, 
Blue Earth Co., Minn., d. San Anselmo, 
Calif., Mar. 2, 1930; m. (l) Portland, 
Ore., June 11, 1884, MAURICE HAGEMAH, 
an actor, no issue; (2) Stockton, Calif., 
July 1890, by Judge Budd, FRANK HAPPERS- 
BERGER, s. Frank and Eliza (Zigler) 
Happersberger, b. Dutch Flats, Calif., 
Oct. 21, 1859.; she b. Apr. 27, 1866. 

She studied at the Academy of Music 
in Baltimore, Md., and became a profes- 
sional operatic singer, appearing in the 
following cities: Boston, Chicago, Kan- 
sas City and San Francisco. She was well 
known on the Pacific Coast as an artist 
of considerable distinction for her 
paintings of flowers and landscapes. 
She was a member of the Order of the East 
ern Star. 

Mr. Happersberger was a prominent 
sculptor, and among his greatest works 
are the Garfield statue in Golden Gate 
Park, San Francisco, and the famous 
three piece Lick Monument in the civic 
center of San Francisco. He is a grad- 
uate of the School of Art in Munich, 
Germany, and possesses a bronze medal 
for his work. 1931, res. San Anselmo, 

Issue, HAPPERSBERGER, b. San Francisco, 

11393 FRANK, JR., b. Sept. 23, 1892; 

11394 HARRY, b. June 12, 1896; m. ROSE 

5542 CORA ORCELIA DAYTON (Laura Mandana 
Ballou, Darius, Martin, Benjamin, Rev. 
Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Sher- 
wood, Wis., Apr. 10, 1872; m. Hilbert, 
Wis., July 1, 1897, ROY CHAPIN MEAD, s. 



George W. and Laura (Chapin) Mead, b. 
Alma, Mtch., Apr. 10, 1875, d. Spokane, 
Wash., Aug. 13, 1925; int. Greenwood 
Cem., Spokane, Wash. 

For thirty-one years Mr. Mead was a 
prominent engineer of the Chicago, Mil- 
waukee and St. Paxil R. R., and was en- 
gineer of the new all steel "Brack" pas- 
senger train "Olympia," running between 
Chicago and Seattle, Wash. His death 
followed a wreck. 

Issue, MEAD, b. Green Bay, Wis.: 
11395 Bonnie Laura, b. Oct. 26, 1898; 
m. Spokane, by Fr. Hunter, of 
Coeur D'Alene, Leo A. Mahoney, 
s. John S. and Cora (Bryant) 
Mahoney, b. Spokane, Jan. 12, 
1897; she and sisters grad. Lewis 
and Clark H.S., Spokane, Wash.; 
res. 725 E. 8th Ave., Spokane, 
Wash.; issue, Mahoney, b. Spokane, 
Wash. : 

11396 Virginia Lou, b. May 15, 
11397 Ralph Emerson, b. Feb. 22, 1900; 
m. Spokane, July 12, 1922, Helen 
M. Canfield, dau. Roy Canfield, 
of Spokane, by Rev. Johnson; res. 
815 E. 33rd Ave., Spokane, Wash.; 
issue. Mead, b. Spokane, Wash.: 

11398 Dayton Canfield, b. Dec. 
19, 1923. 

11399 Barbara Ruth, b. Nov. 1, 

11400 Esther Edna, b. Nov. 19, 1902; 

m. Spokane, Feb. 28, 1925, by Rev. 
Carson, Wallace S. Woodbury, s. 
Fred and Agnes Woodbury, b. Spo- 
kane, May 1, 1900; also grad. 
Northwest Business College; res. 
3907 W. Hoffman St., Spokane, 
Wash.; issue, Woodbury, b. Spo- 
kane, Wash.: 

11401 Larry Lee, b. Sept. 26, 
1930, d. Oct. 24, 1930. 

11402 , b. Sept. 26, 1930, 

d. Octa.24, 1930. 

11403 DoozxR Rae, b. Feb. 15, 

11404 Ardath Theta, b. Sept. 8, 1903; 

5574 MILDRED F. BALLOD (David Sabin, 
Martin Mason, Martin, Benjamin, Rev. 

Maturin, Peter, John, Uaturin), b. Wil- 
mington, Vt., Aug. 4, 1862; m. Newfane, 
Vt., Mar. 20, 1883, by Rev. W. N. Barber, 
ERNEST L. MARCY, s. Rodney and Rosilla 
(Wellman) Marcy, b. Newfane, Vt., June 
5, 1862; she d. Salt Lake City, Utah, 
Aug. 9, 1910; farmer; res. Ludlow, Vt.; 
int. Woodlawn Cem., Newfane, Vt. 

Issue, MARCY: 

11405 Ellen S., b. Putney, Vt., Oct. 22, 
1883; m. Brattleboro, June 26, 
1907, John A. Walte, s. Alfred 
and Anna (Houghton) Waite, b. 
Brattleboro, Dec. 21, 1885; farm- 
er; res. Kingston, N. Y. ; issue, 
Waite, b. Brattleboro, Vt.: 

11406 Mildred M. , b. Aug. 29, 
1909; m. Williams ville, 
Vt., Sept. 23, 1933, by 
Rev. C. C. Sylvester, Orin 
P. MacCarty; res. 37 Ar- 
lington St., Pittsfield, 

11407 Gretchen A., b. Aug. 14, 

11408 Edna M. , b. Westminster, Vt., 

Mar. 12, 1885; m. Newfane, June 
26, 1911, by Rev. Osgood, Stewart, 
E. Frost, s. Edward Frost, b. 
Brattleboro, Oct. 20, 1884; is- 
sue. Frost: 

11409 Stephen W., b. Nov. 21, 

Sabin, Martin Mason, Martin, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. 
Wilmington, Vt., Nov. 18, 1868; m. Reads- 
boro, Vt., Mar. 16, 1906, DOLLIE E. CROS- 
IER, dau. Loin F. and Martha Ann (Bel- 
lows) Crosier, b. Wilmington, Vt., May 

3, 1873. 

Mr. Ballou is connected with the Nov- 
elty Flour Mills at Seattle, Washington, 
where he resides at 2833 32nd Street, 

Issue, BALLOO, b. No. Adams, Mass.: 
11410 William Hosea, b. Apr. 19, 1908. 

5578 WALTER C. BALLOO (David Sabin, Mar- 
tin Mason, Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Matur- 
in, Peter, John, Matxirin), b. Wilmington, 
Vt., May 8, 1871; m. Burlington, Vt., 
June 6, 1893, by Rev. Edward Hart, 



FLORA E. WILSON, dau. Benjamin and Hary 
Catherine (Jay) Wilson, b. Bolton or 
Richmond, Vt., Apr. 8, 1872. 

Walter C. Ballou is a realtor and 
station agent at Newfane, Vermont, the 
place of his residence. 

Issue, HALLOO, b. Newfane, Windham Co., 

11411 Fraye L., b. Mar. 3, 1894; m. 
Willlamsville, Vt., Hay 31, 1913, 
by Rev. Paul Thatcher, Leonard B. 
Brown, s. Hanley and Mat tie (Bald- 
win) Brown, b. Wardsboro, Vt., 
Dec. 10, 1890; Supt. of wood and 
lumber mill, Newfane, Vt.; res. 
Main St., Newfane, Vt. No issue. 

Louise Ballou, Martin Mason, Martin, 
Benjamin, Rev. Maturln, Peter, John, 
Maturin), b. Florida, Mass., Jan. 10, 
1863; m. Buckland, Mass., MARION WARD, 
dau. Josiah P. Ward, b. Buckland, Mass.; 
res. Onion St., No. Adams, Mass.: 


11412 Almee M., m. Edward Carroll. 

11413 Percy W., m. Helen . 

11414 Harold L., m. Mary E. . 

11415 Robert V., m. Cora . 

11416 Elizabeth C., m. Henry W. Parmen- 

11417 Norman W., m. Lila M. . 

11418 Almlra L., m. Philip G. Easta- 

Sheldon, Lydla Ballou, Martin, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturln), b. 
prob. Adams, Mass., Dec. 8, 1852, d. Mil- 
ford, N. Y., Sept. 15, 1920; m. June 12, 
1883, MATILDA MOORE YATES, dau. Everett 
Erastus and Josephine (Moore) Yates, b. 
Morris, N. Y., Dec. 24, 1858, d. Port 
Washington, L. I., Dec. 11, 1932. 

Issue, WHITNEY, b. Mllford, N. Y.: 

11419 Edith Yates, b. Oct. 24, 1886; m. 
Mllford, Aug. 6, 1913, Nellie 
Bronner, s. Myron G. and Mary 
(Baldwin) Bronner, b. Little Falls 
N. Y., Mar. 21, 1888; res. 54 Bur- 
well St., Little Falls, N. Y.; 
issue, Bronner, b. Little Falls: 

11420 Nellis Baldwin, Jr., b. 

May 15, 1914; grad. Buck- 
nell Onlv., Lewisburg, 
Pa., 1938. 

11421 Annie Josephine, b. Jvme 5, 1896; 
m. Mllford, Feb. 14, 1923, Joseph 
Patof, s. Jacob and Nannie (Bat- 
ist) Patof, b. Odessa, Russia, 
Oct. 18, 1893; she studied at 
Institute of Musical Art, New 
York, N. Y. ; res. Port Washington, 
L. I. No issue. 

11422 Agnes Dorothy, b. May 10, 1898; 
m. Mllford, Apr. 2, 1918, Paul D. 
Schreiber, s. Henry and Lydla 
(Weiss) Schreiber, b. -tJangor, Pa., 
June 17, 1888; Supt. of Schools; 
res. 13 Vista Way, Port Washing- 
ton, L. I.; issue, Schreiber, b. 
Port Washington, L. I.: 

11423 Matilda Whitney, b. Dec. 
9, 1926. 

10088 MYRTIE ELIZA BAKER (Sarah Anna 
Sheldon, Lydla Ballou, Martin, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturln), b. 
Van Orln, 111., Oct. 6, 1864, d. Miss- 
oula, Mont., Aug. 7, 1914; m. Van Orln, 
111., Oct. 16, 1884, FRANK MILNOR TAYLOR, 
s. Mllnor West and Margaret (Thompson) 
Taylor, b. Charlemont, Mass., Sept. 1, 
1855, d. Missoula, Mont., Feb. 7, 1938. 

Issue, TAYLOR, b. Tecumseh, Nebr.: 
11424 Neva Margaret, b. Jan. 12, 1887; 
m. (1) Missoula, Nov. 20, 1907, 
Emil Carl Lehsou, s. John Chris- 
tian and Dora C. (Rusch) Lehsou, 
b. Bearmouth, Mont., Feb. 20, 
1876; (2) July 1937, Mont B. Mor- 
row, 237 East Front St., Missoula, 
Mont., a No. Pacific R.R. offic- 
ial; she Is Montana State Secre- 
tary, D.A.R. ; Issue, Lehsou: 

11425 Dora Christiana, b. Nov. 
11, 1909; m. Oct. 24, 1830, 
Archie Gale Erskine; res. 
P. 0. box 320, Missoula, 

11426 Margaret Taylor, b. Sept. 
9, 1912; vinm.; ed. Oberlin 
Coll. and Mont. State Onlv. 
Private Secretary; res. 420 
Blanchard St., Seattle, 

11427 John Baker, b. June 9, 1889; m. 



Philipsburg, Mont., Sept. 8, 1926 
Catherine Dora Hauck, dau. Laior- 
ence and Dora (Kroger) Hauck, b. 
Philipsburg, Sept. 10, 1901; per- 
sonal officer in 0. S. Forest 
Service; res. 4841 No. Woodruff 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis.; issue, 

11428 Elsie Margaret, b. June 

11429 Dora Catherine, b. Sept. 
27, 1932. 

10088 NELLIE MAY BAKER (Sarah Anna 
Sheldon, Lydia Ballou, Martin, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. 
Van Orin, 111., May 11, 1873; m. Red 
Oak, la., Feb. 25, 1901, WILSON JACOB 
CUMMINS, s. Jacob and Harriet (Wight- 
man) Cummins, b. Lynn Co., la., Oct. 
27, 1862; res. Darby, Mont. 

Issue, CUMMINS, b. Tecumseh, Nebr.: 
11430 Ruth Harriet, b. Jan. 10, 1902; 
m. Darby, Sept. 15, 1921, John 
Coultas, s. John and Susan (Ed- 
wards) Coultas, b. St. Louis, 
Mo., May 13, 1893; res. Conner, 
Mont.; issue, Coultas: 

11431 Doris Ruth, b. Sept. 6, 

11432 John Wilson, b. Feb. 12, 

11433 George Baker, b. Aug. 29, 1904; 
m. (1) Lafayette, Ind., Nov. 29, 
1930, Margaret Elizabeth Semplll, 
dau. William and Helen (Neilla) 
Sempill, b. Lafayette, July 12, 
1907, d. Lafayette, Apr. 21, 
1936; (2) Clarks Hills, Ind., 
May 21, 1938, Mildred Lucille 
Shriver, dau. John Delius and 
Mary Leona (Waugh) Shriver, b. 
May 16, 1907; B.A., Mont. State 
Coll., Bozeman, lont.; M.A., Ann 
Arbor, Mich.; Ph.D., Purdue 
Univ., Lafayette, Ind.; add. 
Botany Dept., Piirdue Univ., La- 
fayette, Ind. No issue. 

10091 IDA BELLE SHELDON (Myron Stiles 
Sheldon, Lydia Ballou, Martin, Benja- 
min, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Matur- 
in), b. Waterville, Minn., Mar. 18, 
1862; m. June 18, 1890, SILAS EDWARD 
GROVER, s. Gould and Julane (Salsbury) 

Grover, b. Otisco, Minn., Nov. 18, 1855; 
res. 219 So. 6th St., Waterville, Minn. 

Issue, GROVER, b. Waterville, Minn.: 
11434 Mary Abbie, b. Mar. 23, 1891; m. 

John M. Pedersen, s. Hans Peder- 

sen, b. Denmark, May 17, ; 

issue, Pedersen, b. Montivideo, 


11435 Douglas Grover, b. Mar. 30, 

11436 Eugene Winters, b. Jan. 4, 

11437 John Michelson, b. July 
17, 1918. 

11438 Samuel Gould, b. Oct. 23, 1892; 

11439 Silas Arthur, b. Oct. 15, 1894; 
m. Waterville, Dec. 12, 1920, 
Ruby Prehn, dau. Benjamin and 
Mary Elizabeth (Doub) Prehn, b. 
Northfield, Rice Co., Minn., Dec. 
7, 1902; res. 708 Clinton St., 
Waterville, Minn.; issue, Grover, 
b. Waterville Le Seuer Co., Minn.: 

11440 Gordon Arthur, b. May 4, 

1921, drowned in Cannon 
Lake, June 5, 1936; int. 
Sakatah Cem., Waterville. 

11441 Lucille Alice, b. July 18, 

1922, d. Sept. 14, 1939; 
killed in auto accident. 

11442 Harold Edward, b. Sept. 28, 

11443 Kenneth Harvey, b. Aug. 15, 

11444 Richard Oscar, b. July 3, 

11445 Robert Gerald, b. July 24, 

11446 Roger Alan, b. May 24, 1933 

11447 Curtis Lowell, b. June 4, 

11448 Ruth Ann, b. Sept. 9, 1938. 

11449 Douglas Lee, b. Mar. 28, 

11450 Ellen Gladys, b. Sept. 22, 1896; 
m. Rapid City, S. D., June 14, 
1924, Edward E. Wertman, s. Jo^ 
C. and Florence Mae (Gooding) 
Wertman, b. Ordway, S. D. , Dec. 
26, 1897; res. 1110 S. Kline St., 
Aberdeen, S. D. ; issue, Wertman, 
b. Aberdeen, S. D. : 
11451 Eugene Edward, b. May 3, 



1145E Fidelia Ida, b. Feb. 13, 1901, d. 
Mar. 21, 1901. 

11453 George Oliver, b. Mar. 5, 1904; 

m. Waterville, Josephine ; 

res. Killkenney, Minn.; issue, 


11454 Jerry. 

11455 Florence Elizabeth, b. Aug. 14, 
1905; m. Minneapolis, June 30, 
1926, John (called Russell) John- 
son, s. John V. and Sygrid (Wy- 
berg) Johnson, b. Nov. 8, 1877; 
res. 219 So. 6th St., Waterville, 
Minn.; issue, Johnson, 1 b. Water- 
ville, Minn., 2-5 b. Ellsworth, 

11456 Patricia Louise, b. Mar. 
8, 1928. 

11457 Jane Ellen, b. June . 

11458 Lois Ann, b. Dec. 1, 1929. 

11459 Russell Grover, b. Dec. 
27, 192- . 

11460 Mary Elizabeth, b. Jan. 29, 

10092 ARTHDE MIRON SHELDON (Myron Stiles 
Sheldon, Lydia fiallou, Martin, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. 
Waterville, Minn., Mar. 25, 1864; m. (l) 
Waterville, Minn., Apr. 4, 1889, ADA 
ESTHER WILLIAMS, dau. Byron and Victoria 
(Green) Williams, b. Steed Co., Minn., 
Oct. 29, 1869, d. Minneapolis, Minn., 
June 9, 1921; (2) Minneapolis, Minn., 
BRAINERD, dau. Charles R. and Maria 
(Stowe) Babeock, b. West Leyden, Mass., 
May 9, 1852, d. Iosco, Minn., Sept. 24, 
1938, dau. of his maternal uncle. 

Issue, SHELDOS, by 1st wife, 1 b. Fair- 
burn, S. D., 2-5 b. Iosco, Minn.: 

11461 Fern Ellen, b. Oct. 19, 1891; m. 
Waterville, Apr. 4, 1914, Ervin 
Hecht, s. John and Mira (Sauffer) 
Hecht, who d. ; no issue. 

11462 Vera Victoria, b. Dec. 27, 1893; 
ffl. John Billman (changed from 
Johnson because of predominance 
of name in Minneapolis); res. 
2121 Nlcolat Ave., Minneapolis, 
Minn.; issue, Billman: 

11463 Eunice, killed in auto 

11464 John A. 

11465 Dorothy. 

11466 Alzina Ida, b. Mov. 3, 1895, d. 

; m. Fairbault, S. D., John 

Johnson. No issue. 

11467 Lois Ada, b. Oct. 21, 1897; m. 
Bill Dunmel; res. Alma City, 
Minn.; issue, Dunmel: 

11468 Juanne, training at Iteyo 
Hospital, Rochester, Minn. 
11469 Ruth Esther, b. July 11, 1899; 

m. Richard Lewallen, div.; train- 
ed nurse; res. Huron, S. D. ; 
issue, Lewallen: 

11470 Jean. 

11471 Robert. 

11472 Ada. 

11473 Ann, twin with Ada. 
11474 John Arthur, b. May 21, 1904; m. 

Jan. 25, 1933, Merle Smith, dau. 
Elmer Frederick and Elizabeth 
Asenah (Green) Smith, b. Water- 
ville; res. Waterville, Minn.; 
issue, Sheldon: 

11475 Wade. 

11476 Ina Mae. 

11477 Gary. 

11478 Ross Williams, b. Oct. 30, 1906; 
m. 1929, Margery Steinhaus; he is 
music tchr at Winnebago H.S.; 
issue, Sheldon: 
11479 Sally Dick. 

11480 Mary Elizabeth, b. Jan. 15, 1912; 
m. Roland Steinhaus, brother of 
her brother's wife; res. Amboy, 
Minn.; issue, Steinhaus: 

11481 Bruce. 

11482 Dick. 

ia Emogene Sheldon, Lydia Ballou, Martin 
Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, 
Maturin), b. Apr. 24, 1857, d. Corning, 
la., Nov. 17, 1922; m. (l) Mar. 27, 
George Harsha and Diana V. (Harrington) 
Harsha, whose mother died at her birth 
and was adopted by maternal grandpar- 
ents, whose name she bore, div.; (2) 
MRS. CRAIG ROGERS, who survived him in 
Corning, la.; grad. Chicago Medical 
Coll., 1879; 1st wife res. 313 W. Ex- 
change St., Sycamore, 111. 

Issue, BRYANT, by 1st wife: 
11483 Claire, b. Aug. 7, 1878, d. Sept. 
5, 1880. 


10094 AUSTIN BRYANT (Cordelia Emogene 
Sheldon, Lydla Ballou, Martin, Benjamin, 
ReT. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. 
Mar. 2, 1859, d. Dec. Zl, 1889; m. Feb. 

Issue, BRYANT, b. Sycamore, 111.: 

11484 Harry, b. Oct. 24, 1885; m. ; 

res. Chicago, 111. 

Asahel Sheldon, Lydla Ballou, Uartin, 
Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, 
Maturin), b. Adams, Mass., Apr. 17, 1859, 
d. Pittsfield, Mass., Oct. 25, 19S7; m. 
Norwich, N. 7., Feb. 18, 1882, EMMA HAL- 
BERG, dau. Joseph and Mary Halberg, both 
b. Germany, b. Norwich, N. I., Apr. 16, 
1863, d. No. Adams, Mass., Jiily 27, 
1905; int. No. Adams, Mass. 

Issue, SHELDON: 

11485 Myrtle L., b. Adams, Aug. 10, 
1892; m. No. Adams, Dec. 26, 1906, 
Fred Coates, s. John and Chris- 
tina Coates, b. Cohoies, N. Y., 
May 24, 1880, d. Adams, Feb. 11, 
1932; int. No. Adams, Mass.; she 
res. 1826 East St., Pittsfield, 
Mass. No issue. 

11486 Elmina M., b. Norwich, Sept. 15, 
1866, d. near Boston, 1915-6; 
int. No. Adams, Mass. 

11467 Edna H., b. June 6, 1893, d. No. 
Adams, Mot. 6, 1900. 

11488 Son, b. June 5, 1897, d. at birth. 

Climena Sheldon, Lydia Ballou, Martin, 
Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, 
Maturin), b. Adams, Mass., Apr. 3, 1862; 
m. (1) Jersey City, N. J., June 7, 1888, 
MARY DONAHUE, dau. John and Annie (Grif- 
fin) Donahue, b. Brooklyn, N. Y. , Jan. 
6, 1860, d. Ithaca, N. Y., Apr. 24, 
1916; (2) Oxford, N. Y., Feb. 23, 1918, 
CARRIE A. FIELD, dau. Henry and Minnie 
(Webber) Field, b. Otego, Otsego Co., 
N. Y., Not. 17, 1887; res. Coyglen Farm, 
R. F. D. 5, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Issue, BABCOCK, by 1st wife, b. Gilberts- 
Tille, N. Y.: 

11489 Howard Edward, b. Feb. 23, 1889; 
m. Albion, H. Y., Oct. 23, 1913, 
Hilda Wall Butler, dau. F. W. and 


Sarah A. (Wall) Butler, b. Albion, 
Not. 23, 1889; grad. Elmira Coll., 
1910; res. Svmnygables, Ithaca, 
N. y.; he grad. Syracuse OniT., 
1911; Delta Chi fraternity; act- 
ing chairman Board of Trustees, 
Cornell Univ., 1940; see "Who's 
Who in America." Issue, Babcock, 
b. Ithaca, N. Y.: 
11490 Howard Edward, Jr., b. 

Dec. 16, 1914; m. Lyons, 
N. Y. , Oct. 3, 1936, Anne 
N. Simpson, dau. Dr. R. 6. 
and Tuesinelda (Neus- 
bickle) Simpson, b. Lyons, 
Aug. 19, 1914; both grad. 
Cornell Univ., 1936; he 
member Kappa Sigma frater- 
nity, and she of Alpha Phi 
Sorority; issue, Babcock, 
b. Lyons, N. Y. : 
11491 Howard Edward, III, 
b. Dec. 13, 1939. 

11492 Barbara Elizabeth, b. July 
12, 1918; grad. Cornell 
UniT., 1939; Alpha Phi Soro 
rlty and Phi Beta Kappa. 

11493 John Butler, b. Aug. 10, 
1922; Phillips Exeter, «41. 

Issue, BABCOCK, by 2nd wife, b. Ithaca, 

N. Y.: 

11494 Hilda Worden, b. Apr. 2, 1920; m. 
Burdett, N. Y., Not. 13, 1938, 
Martin John Sine, s. Hiram D. and 
Delia (Depew) Sine, b. Alpine, N. 
Y., Feb. 27, 1911; issue. Sine: 
(res. 509 Cliff St., Ithaca, N.Y.) 
11495 Judith Anne, b. Ithaca, 
May 26, 1939. 

Climena Sheldon, Lydia Ballou, Martin, 
Benjamin, ReT. Maturin, Peter, John, 
Maturin), b. Williamstown, Mass., Apr. 
20, 1868; m. GilbertSTille, N. Y., Apr. 
20, 1868, FRANK HESLOP, s. John and 
Pamelia (Wallin) Heslop, b. Butternuts, 
Otsego Co., N. Y., Sept. 1, 1859. 

Issue, HESLOP, b. Butternuts, N. Y. i 
11496 Alice Pamelia, b. isloT. 26, 1890; 
m. GilbertSTille, Oct. 28, 1915, 
Henry Lee Hearing, s. Charles 
Albert and Mary (Newton) Nearing, 
b. Butternuts, Mar. 25, 1889; 
issue, Nearing, b. Butternuts, N.Yi 



11497 Charles Lynn, b. Aug. 29, 
1916; m. Arcade, N. Y., 
June 24, 1939, Frances Hall 
Healey, dau. Charles £. 
Healeyj grad. Cornell, '38j 
tchr, Sharon Springs, N. Y. 

11498 Henry Herbert, b. 1917; m. 
Lyndonville, N. Y. , Oct. 
22, 1939, Merle Lucille 
Munn, dau. William Clayton 
Munn; Cornell, (39; res. 
So. Orange, N. J. 

11499 Frank Heslop, b. Aug. 25, 
1919; Cornell, '42. 

11500 Thomas Howard, b. June 25, 
1921; Cornell, »43. 

11501 Frances Belle, b. Sept. 1, 1892; 
unm.; grad. Buffalo Gen. Hospltai; 
Supervisor, Operating Room, Cort- 
land, N. Y. Hospital. 

11502 Florence Elizabeth, b. Aug. 17, 
1894; m. Gilbertsville, Feb. 23, 
1915, Leland Frear, b. Bingham- 
ton, N. Y. , Mar. 26, 1892; issue, 
Frear, b. Butternuts, N. Y. : 

11503 Clarence, b. Feb. 10, 
1916; Cornell, »40 or »41. 

11504 Barbara, b. June 5, 1920. 
11505 Vivian Letltia, m. Peeksklll, N. 

Y. , 1919, Will J. Hankey, s. John 
W. Hankey, b. Gilbertsville, 1882; 
issue, Hankey, b. Gilbertsville: 

11506 Jane, b. 1921. 

11507 John, b. Oct. 1923. 

11508 Robert, b. May 3, 1925. 
11509 John Henry, b. 1901; m. Pitts- 
burgh, Pa., Feb. 1925, Alice Evans 
dau. Albert Evans; res. Ithaca, 

fi. Y.; issue, Heslop: 

11510 John Albert, ae. 12, as of 

11511 Henry Babcock, ae. 11. 

11512 Betty Belle, ae. 6. 

11513 Joan, ae. 4. 

11514 Edward Evans, ae. 4. 
11515 Mary Emily, b. Gilbertsville, Feb. 

24, 1907; m. Gilbertsville, June 
17, 1927, Pavil D. Moore, s. J. M. 
and Helen(Palmer) Moore, b. Gil- 
bertsville, June 17, 1904; issue, 

11516 John Donald, ae. 10. 

11517 Cynthia, ae. 3. 

10106 HIRAM MURRAY SHELDON (Hiram Osman 
Sheldon, Lydia Ballou, Martin, Benjamin, 

Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. 
Adams, Mass., Nov. 19, 1862; m. Tecum- 
seh, Nebr., Aiig. 24, 1889, GRACE LODISE 
GREEN, dau. Dyer P. and Augusta (Butter- 
field) Green, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 
21, 1873. 

Issue, SHELDON, b. Crab Orchard, Nebr.: 
11518 Florence Daisy, b. Nov. 25, 1890, 
d. Aug. 31, 1929; m. Sterling, 
Colo., Feb. 1, 1911, Alva A. 
Fischer, s. George and Amelia 
Fischer, b. Cramer, iiebr., June 
8, 1888; issue, Fischer: 

11519 Ethel, b. Nov. 19, , 

d. Aug. 12, 1925. 

11520 Murton, b. Weland, Colo., 
Sept. 21, 1915; m. Opal 

11521 Virgil, b. Willard, Colo., 
Aug. 30, 1919. 

11522 Benjamin, b. 1917. 

11523 Stanford, b. 19— . 
115244 Lawrence Bridgm&n, b. Sept. 30, 

1893; m. Sterling, Nov. 29, 1922, 
; World War I Veteran. 

11525 Henry Murray, b. Oct. 16, 1895; 
m. Deborah Field, b. 1919; World 
War I Veteran. 

11526 Charlotte Julia, b. Dec. 23, 1898; 
m. , Mexico, July 7, , 

H. E. Hill, b. Murfresboro, Tenn. , 
1879; issue. Hill: 
11527 Kenneth Albert. 

11528 Myrtle Grace, b. July 19, 1901, d. 
Sept. 25, 1902. 

11529 Abbie Clarice, b. June 27, 1903; 
m. Los Angeles, Feb. 15, 1930, 
D. McDanlel; issue, McDanlel: 

11530 Jacklyn. 

11531 James. 

11532 Allen Dyer, b. Aug. 17, 1905; m. 
Boulder, Colo., Sept. 18, 1930, 
Louisa Koffman, b. Osborn, Ohio, 
1907; issue, Sheldon: 

11533 Betty. 

11534 Jerald. 

11535 Anita. 

11536 Hubert, b. Dec. 19, 1907; m. Sid- 
ney, Nebr., July 9, 1937, Ruth 
Owen; issue, Sheldon: 
11537 Robert. 

11538 Mary, b. Sept. 21, 1910, d. Oct. 
3, 1910. 

11539 Donald, b. Sterling, 1913; m. Jan. 
27, 1935, Edna Jackson; res. 2410 



Randolph St., Huntington Park, 

Melner Sheldon, Lydia Ballou, Martin, 
Benjamin, Rev. Maturln, Peter, John, 
Maturln), b. Adams, Mass., Nov. 20, 1868, 
d. Hoosac Falls, N. Y., Nov. 18, 1936j 
int. Adams, Mass.; m. Feb. 11, 1893, 
AGNES LOCY MOORE, dau. James and Sarah 
(Adams) Moore, b. Cohoes, N. Y., Oct. 
IS, 1874; Walter D. and cousin, Mary L., 
dau. Henry A. Sheldon, were born the 
same night, in the same house, a dou- 
ble tenement. 

Issue, SHELDON, b. Adams, Mass., except 
3rd, b. No. Adams, Mass.: 

11540 Harry Lester, b. May 10, 1894; 
unm.; World War I Veteran with 
Co. M., Adams, Mass.; res. with 
mother, Cumming St., Hoosick Falls 
H. Y. 

11541 Lillian, b. Aug. 1, 1896, d. Nov. 
22, 1896. 

11542 Irene Hazel, b. Aug. 2, 1899; m. 
Adams, Dec. 29, 1919, Merrill 
Franklin Davis, s. Wmiam and 
Linnle (Richardson) Davis, b. 
Adams; res. 56 Hawthorne Ave., 
Pittsfield, Mass.; issue, Davis, 
b. Adams, Mass.: 

11543 Robert Lester, b. Mar. 21, 

11544 Donald Walter, b. Dec. 18, 

11545 Theresa Elizabeth, b. July 20, 

1904; m. Hoosick Falls, Oct. 15, 
1927, John B. Weller, s. Samuel 
and Mary Weller, b. tilens Falls, 
N. Y.; res. Cor. Church and Elm 
Sts., Hoosick Falls, N. Y.; issue, 
Weller, b. Hoosick Falls, N. Y. : 

11546 Evangeline Agnes, b. Oct. 
4, 1928. 

11547 Mary Elizabeth, b. Oct. 27, 

11548 Shirley Eileen, b. Nov. 18, 

11549 Robert, b. July 1910, d. Nov. 1910 

11550 Clarence Rochester, b. Jan. 3, 
1912; unm. 

10108 ETHEL ELECTA SHELDON (Horace Mel- 
ner Sheldon, Lydia Ballou, Martin, Ben- 
jamin, Rev. Maturln, Peter, John, Matur- 

ln), b. Adams, Mass., May 29, 1873, d. 
Pittsfield, Mass., June 14, 1939; int. 
Cheshire, Mass.; m. Jan. 2, 1896, JOHN 
B. LEWIS, s. Daniel and Mary (Goddard) 
Lewis, b. Adams, Mass., Feb. 22, 1872, 
d. Cheshire, Mass., Apr. 1927; int. 
Adams, Mass. 

Issue, LEWIS, 1 b. No. Adams, 2-4 b. 
Cheshire, Mass.: 

11551 Maude Ethel, b. Nov. 6, 1897; 
unm.; res. 799 Tyler St., Pitts- 
field, Mass. 

11552 Edith Marguerite, b. June 15, 
1902; m. Adams, Feb. 23, 1923, 
Edward John Crews, s. John and 
Mary (Bowerlng) Crews, b. No. 
Adams, June 12, 1901; issue. 
Crews, b. No. Adams, Mass.: 

11553 Carol Lois, b. Apr. 10, 

11554 Margaret Ann, b. Nov. 10, 

11555 Thomas John, b. Oct. 10, 1905; 
res. Butte, Mont. 

11556 Mary Electa , b. Aug. 3, 1907; m. 
Adams, Oct. 6, 1926,. Ernest W. 
Wilder, s. Victor and Mary (Kun- 
kel) Wilder, b. Webster, Mar. 4, 
1903; res. 108 Edward Ave., Pitts- 
field, Mass.; issue. Wilder: 

11557 William Ernest, b. Adams, 
Aug. 17, 1928. 

11558 Patricia Joan, b. Newburgh, 
N. Y., June 12, 1936. 

10113 LYDIA BALLOO SHELDON (Jerome Mort- 
imer Sheldon, Lydla Ballou, Martin, Ben- 
jamin, Rev. Maturln, Peter, John, Matur- 
ln), b. West Oneonta, N. Y., Sept. 26, 
1886; m. Schenectady, N. Y., July 8, 
Purdy and Mary Esther (Flansburg) Bloom- 
er, b. Albany, N. Y., Nov. 10, 1884; res. 
212 Chester Pike, Ridley Park, Pa. Mem- 
ber B.F.A. 

Issue, BLOOMER, b. Schenectady, N. Y. : 
11559 Lucy Marion, b. May 1, 1910; m. 

Belalr, Md., Oct. 4, 1930, Howard 
Sterling Schuyler, s. Walter and 
Minnie (Jones) Schuyler, b. Schen- 
ectady, Aug. 7, 1909; res. 212 
Chester Pike, Ridley Park, Pa.; 
issue, Schuyler, b. Philadelphia: 
11560 John Philip, b. Mar. 12, 




11561 John David, b. May 21, 1912. 

11562 Uargret Rose, b. Dec. 1, 1913. 

11563 Stephen Sheldon, b. Jan. 19, 1920 

Helvln Sheldon, Lydla Ballou, Martin, 
Benjamin, Rev. Maturln, Peter, John, 
Mattirln), b. No. Adams, Mass., May 14, 
1877; m. No. Adams, Mass., Mar. 21, 1900 
WALTER LEVI WARNER, s. Edgar Alonzo and 
Ida Elizabeth (Banning) Warner, b. Had- 
lyme. Conn., Sept. 30, 1875, d. Stam- 
ford, Conn., Feb. 26, 1935; int. Church- 
yard Cem., Hadlyme, Conn. 

Mrs. Warner, a member of the B.F.A., 
is the author of the Ballou-Sheldon 
data, for which we are deeply grateful. 

Issue, WARNER: 

11564 Donald Sheldon, b. No. Adams, 
Not. 12, 1902; m. Willlamstown, 
Aug. 23, 1926, Leona Mae, Dennis, 
dau. Loren and Rose (Reed) Den- 
nis, b. No. Adams, Aug. 12, 1903; 
mechanical engineer; res. 472 W. 
Main St., No. Adams, Mass.; is- 
sue, Warner, b. Willlamstown, 

11565 Loren Albert, b. Apr. 19, 

11566 Lorna Mae, b. July 9, 1929 

11567 Barbara Helen, b. Sept. 
1, 1931. 

11568 Helen Louise, b. Fair Haven, Vt., 
Aug. 21, 1907; m. (l) No. Adams, 
June 26, 1927, Laurence Almon 
Atkin5, s. Carlos and Elizabeth 
(Blanchard) Atkins, b. Hawley, 
Mass., 1901; (2) Hudson, N. Y., 
Sept. 23, 1934, Edward Leslie Gut 
terson, s. Dr. George £. and Har- 
riet (Cheever) Gutterson, b. Fair 
Haven, Feb. 26, 1894; electrical 
engineer with General Electric at 
Schenectady, N. ;.; res. 418 
Division St., Schenectady, N. Y.; 
issue, Atkins, b. No. Adams: 
11569 Francis Warner, b. Oct. 
12, 1928. 

11570 Malcolm Ballou, b. Worcester, 
Mar. 29, 1912. 

vine, Irvine Wing, Martin, Benjamin, 

Rev. Maturln, Peter, John, Maturln), b. 
Greenfield, Mass., ^an. 21, 1693; m. 
Greenfield, Mass., June 30, 1917, by 
Revs. Cecil Hayes and Leon Brace, ADA 
GRACE WISHABT, dau. Andrew D. and Ada 
Grace (Thompson) Wlshart, b. Troy, N. 
Y. , Dec. 26, 1892, grddau. James Angus 
and Elizabeth (Newton) Wishart, of 
Troy, H. Y. 

Harold L. Ballou, Superintendent of 
Schools in Sterling, Princeton and West- 
minster, Mass., entered the Onlversity 
of Maine, 1913; left after two years, 
taught school In Greenfield. During 
World War I, served in the Merchant 
Marine from May 15, 1916 to Feb. 5, 
1919; chief carpenter on "Clio," a ship 
carrying T.N.T. alcohol and depth bombs 
to France; saw Armistice celebration, 
Nov. 11, 1918, at Bordeaux, France; 
31 days going over. Returned to Univer- 
sity of Maine, graduated with A.B. and 
M.A. Fraternities: Phi Eta Kappa; Kap- 
pa Phi Kappa; Delta Sigma Mu; Phi Beta 
Kappa. Member of Masonic Blue Lodge, 
14 degree; Baptist. Member B.F.A. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Greenfield, Mass.: 

11571 Frances Ada, b. Nov. 6, 1918. 

Elizabeth Malone, Lydia Horton Briant, 
Lydia Ballou, Benjamin, Rev. Maturln, 
Peter, John, Maturln), b. Racine, Wis., 
Nov. 23, 1856, d. Manlsta, Mich., Nov. 
22, 1882; m. May 11, 1878, NIELE PEDER- 
SEN, b. Frederlckshaven, Denmark, July 
2, 1850, d. Feb. 24, 1920. 

Issue, PEDERSEN, b. Manlstu, Mich.: 

11572 Nellie Azora, b. July 15, 1879; m. 
Manitowoc, Wis., Feb. 3, 1909, 
Charles Henry Reddin, s. John W. 
and Susan (Cooney) Reddin, b. 
Cato, Wis.; issue, Reddin, b. 
Aberdeen, 6. D. : 

11573 John l>iewcoBb, b. Sept. 21, 
1911; attended Dr. Alexan- 
der Melklejohn's Experi- 
mental Coll. and Onlv. of 
Wis.; member Alpha Delta 
Phi; editorial writer and 

11574 Paul Bryant, b. Sept. 10, 
1913, d. Sept. 10, 1915. 



11575 Charles Henry, Jr., b. 
Dec. 19, 1914; attended 
Dniv. of Wis.; member Sig- 
ma Phi Epsilon; with the 
Aluminum Goods UanuTactur- 
ing Co., Manitowoc, Wis. 

11576 Mary Elizabeth, b. Oct. 1, 
1916; attended Antioch 
Coll., Yellow Springs, 
Ohio; grad. Rational Coll. 
of Education, Evans ton, 

11577 Mary Margaret, b. May 11, 1881; 
m. Manitowoc, Wis., Edward G. 
Kehu, who d. Milwaukee, Viis., 
Sept. 1918. No issue. 

10149 GLEHH A. BALLOO (Augustus Asahel, 
Asahel, Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Delphos, Kan., 
Mar. 19, 1891; m. Grants Pass, Ore., 
Oct. 1, 1921, by Rev. Mr. Cline, ALICE 
LAMESOH, dau. Theodore and Myrtle Lamb- 
son, b. Ellensburg, Wash., May 12, 1895; 
res. 915 Mo. 10th St., Grants Pass, Ore. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Grants Pass, Ore.: 

11578 Glenice Joan, b. June 30, 1982. 

tina Ballou, Asahel, Martin, Benjamin, 
Bev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. 
Beadsboro, Vt., Sept. 21, 1864; m. 
Beadsboro, Vt., Mar. 7, 1885, ALBERT E. 
BOWES, s. Or in Bowen, who d. Beadsboro, 
Vt., June 10, 1901; m. by Rev. H. D. 
Sherman; int. Beadsboro, Vt. Cem.; she 
res. Melrose, Mass. 


Hote: Asahel Ballou, d. prob. Reads 
boro, Aug. 16, 1899. 
Sarah M. (Tobey) Ballou, d. 
1887; both int. Beadsboro, Vt. 
Sarah Lestina (Ballou) Coon- 
rad, d. July 1915. 
Charles H. Coonrad, d. Jan. 

Issue, BOWES, b. Beadsboro, Vt.: 

11579 Bertha Myrtle, b. Jan. 11, 1886, 
d. July 6, 1925; m. Melrose, May 
29, 1917, Elwood L. Howard, b. 
Sangerville, Me.; she grad. Bliss 
Business Coll., No. Adams; farm- 
er; issue, Howard, b. taangerville 

11580 Richard Homer, b. Apr. 24, 

11581 Dorothy Arlene, b. Nov. 26, 

11582 Flora Belle, b. Jan. 11, 1889; m. 
Melrose, Oct. 18, 1911, Charles 
A. Williams; salesman; res. 12 
Norman St., Saugus, Mass.; issue, 
Williams, b. Melrose, Mass.: 
11583 Charles A., Jr., b. Apr. 
17, 1913. 

11584 Orin George, b. Sept. 21, 1891; 
m. (l) Stella Zounglass, who d. 
1922; (2) Marjorle Phillips, dau. 
Dr. William E. Phillips, of Mel- 
rose, Mass.; salesman; res. 37 
Everett St., Melrose, Mass.; is- 
sue, Bowen: 

11585 Bobert Orin, b. July 9, 

11586 Alice Edida, b. July 2, 1896; m. 
Melrose, Oct. 22, 1927, Madison 
Belliveau, s. George Belliveau, 
of Maiden; carpenter; res. 39 
Webber St., Maiden, Mass. 

11587 Alta Lestina, b. Aug. 2, 1899, d. 
Beadsboro, 1905. 

Leavitt, Levi, Bev. David, Rev. Maturin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Ilion, N. Y. , 
Jan. 4, 1869, d. Holyoke, Mass., Jan. 3, 
1934; m. Dtica, N. Y., Oct. 31, 1891, by 
s. Alfred Lewis and Mary L. (Cook) Wil- 
coien, a descendant of William Wilcoxen, 
who settled first in Concord, Mass. in 
1634 and moved to Stratford, Conn. , in 
1639, b. Jamesville, N. Y., Feb. 2, 
1868, d. Nov. 19, 1895; int. Forestdale 
Cem., Holyoke, Mass. 

At the time of his marriage Mr. Wil- 
coien was city editor of the local news- 
paper, then moved to Mew London, Conn., 
where he was city editor of "The Day." 
He was considered a brilliant young Jour- 
nalist, with a remarkable capacity for 
work. His health broke down and he died 
at the age of 27 years. Before marriage 
Mrs. Wilcoxen graduated from "estfield 
Normal School, and taught school at Sun- 
derland and "Rock Valley" near Holyoke, 
Mass. After her husband's death she re- 
turned to Holyoke, with her two children, 
and resumed teaching, the last twenty- 



five years of her life being principal 
of the Nonotuck Grammar School at Hol- 

Issue, WILCOXEH, b. Holyoke, Mass.: 

11588 LEWIS CLARK, b. Aug. 26, 1892; 

11589 Eleanor, b. Oct. 19, 1895. 

Leavitt, Levi, Rev. David, Rev. Maturin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Ilion, N. Y., 
Apr. 16, 187S, d. Jan. 4, 1935j m. (l) 
Hartford, Conn., July 12, 1899, by Rev. 
George A. Bowman, AliNIE NATALIE GRADSE, 
b. Brooklyn, K. Y., Feb. 6, 1879; (2) 
about 1924, by the Mayor of Philadelphia, 
LY, dau. Henry Eckford and Theresa Cecel- 
ia Kelly, of Philadelphia, Pa. Proprie- 
tor of the Ballou Press, Inc., Bleek- 
nan St., Dew York, N. Y. 

Issue, BALLOa, by 1st wife, 1 b. Hartford 
Conn., 2-S b. Brooklyn, H. Y. : 

11590 Charles Augustus, Jr., b. May 1, 
1901; m. Utica, July 6, 1925, by 
Rev. Alex. R. Barron, Grace Jean 
Batchelor, dau. Julian Daniel and 
Anna Maud (Adams) Batchelor, grd- 
dau. Jxaian and Elizabeth (Chel- 
ey) Batchelor, of Otica, b. Dtica, 
May 23, 1895; grad. Cornell Oniv., 
1921; member Pi Kappa Phi Frater- 
nity, Marsh Lodge A.F. k A.M. No 
188; Aurora Grata Consistory, 
Scottish Rites; Kismet A.A.O.B.M. 
8.; Brooklyn Entomological Socie- 
ty; N. Y. Entomological Society, 
and Entomological Society of Am.; 
Cornell Club of N. Y. City. Suc- 
ceeded father as proprietor of 
the Ballou Press, Inc., N. y. 
City. No issue reported. 

11591 Natalie Anna, b. June 8, 1906; m. 
Brooklyn, Nov. 5, 1927, by Rev. 
Mr. Costello, Crosby Mollenhauer, 
s. Louis and Sarah (Crosby) Mollen 
hauer, b. Brooklyn, Sept. 14, 
1902; director of Mollenhauer Con- 
servatory of Music; res. 479 E. 
7th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.; issue, 
Mollenhauer, b. Brooklyn, H. Y. : 

11592 Crosby John, b. Mar. 15, 
1929, d. Mar. 29, 1929. 

11593 Clark David, b. Nov. 18, 

11594 James Leonard, b. Oct. 7, 

11595 Renata Emma, b. Jan. 20, 1908; m. 
Daniel Batchelor. 

10172 JAMES JOHN BALLOU (Clark A., Lea- 
vitt, Levi, Rev. Dgvid, Rev. Matvirin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Holyoke, Mass., 
Feb. 7, 1885; m. Sacred Heart Church, 
Holyoke, Mass., Apr. 20, 1909, ELIZABETH 
M. HOLL, dau. Leonard and Margaret Boll 
(both b. Germany), b. Holyoke, Mass., 
Oct. 17, 1886. 

Foreman of carriers at 0. S. Post 
Office, Holyoke, and an enthusiastic 
member of B.F.A. Res. 12 Corser St., 
Holyoke, Mass. 

Issue, BALLOQ, b. Holyoke, Mass.: 

11596 Dorothy M., b. Oct. 2, 1915; secre 
tary and statistical clerk, R. H. 
Axe k Co., Investment Counsellors, 
730 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Leavitt, Levi, Rev. David, Rev. Maturin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Knightstown, 
Ind. , Mar. 4, 1880; m. Arkansas City, 
Kan., July 5, 1916, by Rev. Zimmerman, 
EDITH WOODS, dau. William Woods, b. 
Arkansas City, Kan., Dec. 28, 1891; farm- 
er; res. Route 2, Circleville, Pickaway 
Co., Ohio. 

Issue, BALLOU, 1 b. Arkansas City, 2-3 
b. Independence, Kan. : 

11597 William Edward, b. July 6, 1917; 
a. Greenup, Ky., Aug. 24, 1936, 
Mildred Louise Hoover, dau. Wil- 
liam Hoover, b. Circleville, Dec. 
5, 1919; farmer; res. Circleville, 

11598 Bonnie Jean, b. ''ept. 21, 1920. 

11599 Theodore Oliver, b. May 8, 1923. 

10211 CORAL BALLOU EVANS (Aurelia Elzina 
Ballou, Levi, Levi, Rev. David, Rev. Mat- 
urin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Buffalo, 
N. Y., Aug. 13, 1879; m. (l) Columbus, 
Ohio, Nov. 29, 1899, by Rev. H. *>. Bar- 
bour, FRANCIS WELLS, b. Worcester, Mass., 
1872, dlv.i908; (2) Niagara Falls, Can., 
Apr. 12, 1909, by Rev. Crawford, HERBERT 
W. BILLINGS, s. Alvin and Alia M. (Mack) 



Billings, b. Morthfleld, Mass., July 24, 
1873J engineer; res. 514-88th St., Nia- 
gara, 11 . Y. 

Mrs. Billings, member 6.F.A., writes 
that she worked rery hard for woman's 
suffrage for seven years, but did not 
become involved in politics following 
that. She and her family are episcopal- 
ians, and her son, William Evans Bil- 
lings, has always sung in church choirs. 
Member of Daughters of Onion Veterans 
of the Civil War and of the Miagara 
Falls Chapter of the Colony of Hew Eng- 
land Women. 

Issue, WELLS, b. Batavia, N. Y. : 

11600 Coral Ballou, b. Dec. 15, 1900; 
m. Chicago, July 25, 1926, El- 
mer C. Lund; press man; res. 2823 
Wellington Ave., Chicago, 111. 

No issue. 

11601 John, b. Dec. 18, 1909, d. in 

1160£ Betty, b. May 25, 1913, d. in 

11603 William Evans, b. Apr. 24, 1917; 

10231 ALBERT EAEL BALLOO (Andrew Earl, 
Levi, Levi, Rev. David, Rev. Maturin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Buffalo, N. 
Y., July 23, 1882; m. Aug. 1, 1912, 
LDLD KARP, dau. Julius Albert and Anna 
(Kranichfield) Karp, b. Buffalo, N. Y., 
Aug. 30, 1882. 

Mr. Ballou, member B.F.A., is a jew- 
elry engraver and resides at 93 Virgil 
Ave., Buffalo, H. Y. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Buffalo, N. Y.: 

11604 Jack Wayne, b. Oct. 31, 1913. 

10239 FLORENCE MARY BALLOO (Charles L., 
Orsamus, Silas, ^ev. David, Rev. Mat\ir- 
in, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Virgil, 
N. Y., Aug. 26, 1886; m. Rockville Cen- 
ter, N. Y., May 15, 1916, by Rev. Rich- 
Edward Verity and Lavinla (Watts) Dib- 
ble, b. Lynbrook, N. Y., July 18, 1893; 
carpenter and merchant; res. 25 So. 
Cottage St., Valley Stream, L. I. 

Issue, DIBBLE, b. Ashburne Park, Pa.: 

11605 Ruth Florence, b. Sept. 10, 1917. 

11606 Mildred Jean, b. May 15, 1920. 
Mrs. Dlbbld was a graduate of the 
Cortland State Normal School. 

10244 ARTHOE JAY BALLOO (Charles L., 
Orsamus, Silas, Rev. David, Rev. Maturin, 
Peter, John, Maturin), b. Virgil, N. Y., 
Jan. 15, 1894; m. Cortland, N. Y., May 
14, 1920, by Rev. Evan R. Williams, ALICE 
MAY GRANT, dau. fiomett C. and Anna (How- 
ard) Grant, b. Cortland, H. Y., Jvme 10, 
1894; hardware merchant; res. 125 East 
Falrview Ave., Valley Stream, L. I. 

Issue, BALLOO: 

11607 Bertha, b, Cortland, Feb. 28, 1921. 

11608 Helen, b. Lynbrook, Mar. 8, 1926. 

A., Maturin, Maturin, Nathan, Rev. Matur- 
in, Peter, John, Maturin), b. No. Adams, 
Mass., Sept. 7, 1885; m. Braddock, Pa., 
June 14, 1911, by Rev. W. J. McMullen, 
MARY COSGROVE, dau. Col. Thomas and Mary 
(Flanagan) Cosgrove, grds. Thomas and 
Mary (Carlin) Cosgrove, of Edinburgh, 
Scotland, b. Braddock, Pa., Sept. 8, 

He attended a county school in North 
Adams, Miss Barney teacher. He graduated 
from Drury Academy, North Adams, 1903, 
and from Cornell Univ., 1907, M.E. He 
then went with the American Telephone and 
Telegraph Co. in New York and Pittsburg. 
In 1909 he entered the Engineering Dept. 
of American Sheet and Tin Plate Co.; the 
next year was promoted to position of 
general manager at their plant at Mones- 
sen. Pa.; and in 1916 was made general 
manager of the tin mill in Cleveland, 
Ohio. In 1925 he became Traction Commis- 
sioner under the Cleveland City Manager 
Plan of government. 

Issue, BALLOO: 

11609 Thomas Cosgrove, b. Monessen, Mar. 
27, 1912; attended Cleveland pub- 
lic schools. 

11610 Frances Anne, b. Braddock, July 7, 
1916; attended Cleveland Helglits 



10277 MART LOCI SHERMAM (Maryette Tower, 
Hary Ballou Roberts, OllTe Ballou, 
Hathan, Rev. Maturln, Peter, John, Hatur 
in), b. Heath, Mass., Apr. £9, 186Z, d. 
GrBenfield, Mass., Sept. 18, 1924; Int. 
Federal S|. Ce^., Greenfield, Mass.; a. 
Monroe, Mass., Apr. £9, 1894, by her 
father, LEWIS E. STAFFORD, s. Charles B. 
and Marie (Phelps) Stafford. 

Issue, STAFFORD, b. Monroe, Mass.: 
11611 Mabel Alta, b. Oct. 12, 1886; b. 
Walter Almstead; issue, Almstead: 
11612 Clara Mary, b. Jan. 19, — 

1161S Christina, b. June 19, 

11614 Raymond Walter, b. Jan. 
29, -. 

11615 Alice Viola, b. Sept. 23, 1889, 
d. Mar. 1890. 

11616 Mina Leora, b. Mar. £7, 1891. 

11617 Lila Eva, b. June Z, 189Z; b. 
Peter Anderson; policeBan; res. 
Zion St., Hartford, Conn.; issue, 

11618 Dorothy. 

11619 Robert. 

11620 Russell. 

11621 Charles Lewis, b. May 17, 1896; 
B. Gladys Cromack, dau. Arthur 
and Hellie Cromack, of Greenfield 
res. Colrain, Mass.; issue, Staf- 
ford, b. Greenfield, Mass.: 
11622 Marjorie Elizabeth, b. 

Sept. £6, 1916. 
116£Z Louise May, b. May 3, 

1918; B. James Hurlbert, 
116£4 Charles Lewis, Jr., b. Feb 

16, 19£0. 
116£5 Virginia Gladys, b. Aug. 

20, 1921. 

11626 Evelyn Miner, b. May £7, 

11627 Clinton Wayne, b. May 15, 

11628 Edward Clyde, b. Feb. 19, 

11629 Helen Maria, m. June 19, 1916, 

Furber W. Dimond, s. W. L. Dimond 
railroad conductor; res. Montague 
City, Mass.; issue, Dimond: 

11630 Chester. 

11631 Alice. 

11632 Eleanor. 

11633 Mildred. 
111634 Allen. 

11635 Mary Martha. 

11636 Clarence H., b. Sept. 30, 1900; 
m. Mildred Clark; grad. Fitehburg 
normal School; tchr, Montclair, 
I. J. Ho issue. 

11637 Clayton Alfred, b. Sept. 30, 

1900, twin; m. Alice ; grad. 

Fitehburg fiormal School; both 
teach printing in Webster, Mass. 

10289 ADA ROSETTA SHERMAI (Maryette 
Tower, Mary Ballou Roberts, OliTe Balloa, 
Hathan, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Matur- 
in), b. Monroe, Mass., June £1, 1881; 
B. (l) Monroe, Mass., June 24, 1901, by 
Rev. Frederick T. Kenyoh, EOGSHE I. 
BLAliCHARD, s. finerson W. and Mary (Ship- 
pee) Blanchard, grds. Christopher and 
Joanna (Jillson) ilanchard, of Whiting- 
has, Vt., b. Readsboro, Vt., July 17, 
1874, d. Readsboro, Vt., Mov. 10, 1932; 
(2) Wilmington, Vt., Oct. 27, 1935, by 
Rev. M. E. Barter, Frank Edwin Harvey, 
s. John Harvey, of Readsboro, Vt. 

Issue, BLAliCHARD, b. Readsboro, Vt.: 

11638 Laxira Ada, b. July 16, 1902, d. 
Sept. 1, 1905. 

11639 Dau., b. and d. Apr. £0, 1904. 

11640 Elsie Lestina, b. Sept. 10, 1906; 
m. Readsboro, June 20, 19£6, by 
Rev. Henry Hughes, of Wilmington, 
Robert H. Peters, s. Frank Peters, 
b. Shrewsbury, Vt., Jan. 24, 
1902; res. Clarendon Springs, Vt.; 
issue, Peters, b. Rutland, Vt.: 

11641 BDlly Jean, b. Apr. 13, 

11642 Adetha Mae, b. Apr. £9, 

11643 Fred Eugene, b. Oct. 22, 1909; m. 
Bennington, Vt., Apr. 20, 1932, 
Hazel Elizabeth Carrier, dau. Les- 
lie Carrier, b. Bennington, Dec. 
28, 1908; grad. Oniv. of Vt., 
B.S.; Univ. of Me., M.S.; issue, 

11644 David Eugene, b. Bangor, 
Hov. £8, 193£. 

11645 Hilda J., b. ^ennlngton, 
Sept. 4, 1934; res. 198, 
Reed St., Rockland, Mass. 

11646 Henry Sherman, b. Oct. 6, 191£; 
m. St. Albans, Vt., Sept. 18, 
1935, Audry Vera ^ake, dau. Fred 
Lake, b. Jxine 9, 1910; issue. 



Blancbard, b. St. Albans, Vt.: 
11647 Alva Elvira, b. June 25, 

11648 Merrltt Emerson, b. Aug. 2S, 
1916, d. W. Rutland, Apr. ZO, 

11649 Son, b. and d. May 20, 1921. 

Stephen Jefferson, Rosea, Nathan, Rev. 
Maturln, Peter, John, Maturln), b. 
Concord, Mass., May 14, 1893; m. June 
17, 1917, SYLVIA WADSWORTH REED, dau. 
William Reed, of Lexington, Mass. 

Mr. Ballou is connected with the 
American Powder Company at the Acton 
Powder Mills, and the family reside 
at Middle Street, Concord, Mass. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Concord, Mass.: 

11650 Sydney Reed, b. May 29, 1918. 

11651 Joanna, b. Dec. 16, 1919. 

10408 CARROLL HOWARD DROWB (Laura Fidel 
la Howard, Sarah H. Ballou, Oliver, 
Oliver, Peter, Peter, John, Maturln), 

b. Elmore, Yt., June 2, 1872; m. (l) 
Stanstead, Quebec, Canada, June 23, 
1896, CARRIE E. BOLLOCK, who d. Stan- 
stead, Canada, Mar. 20, 1902; (2) Dor- 
chester, Mass., Aug. 9, 1904, LESLIE 
MAE DAVIS; res. 1931, Hopedale, Mass. 

Issue, DROWB, by 2nd wife; 

11652 Margaret Carol, b. Hyde Park, Vt. 
Sept. 4, 1907. 

11653 Laura Mae, b. Johnson, Vt., Aug. 
10, 1910; indebted to Miss Drown 
for these data. 

10409 HARB7 ERWIB DROWB (Laura Fidelia 
Howard, Sarah H. Ballou, Oliver, Oliver, 
Peter, Peter, John, Maturln), b. Elmore, 
Vt., Apr. 20, 1874; m. So. Troy, Vt., 
Sept. 13, 1897, IDA M. SMITH; res. Bew- 
port, Vt. 

Issue, DROWB, 1 b. So. Troy, 2 b. Bo. 
Troy, Vt.: 

11654 Gladys Irene, b. Bov. 23, 1901; 
m. Oct. 4, 1926, George Pullman 
Hawthorne; res. Bristol, Vt.; 
issue, Hawthorne: 

11655 Bancy, b. July 1927. 

11656 Joyce Eleanor, b. May 1929. 

11657 George Paul, b. Dec. 1930. 
11658 Goldie Arline, b. June 16, 1904; 
m. June 15, 1926, Wilfred Wood; 
res. Derby, Vt.; issue. Wood, 
b. Newport, Vt.: 

11659 Laxirier Levi, b. Aug. 7, 

11660 Colbart Harry, b. Aug. 14, 

Ballou Jlllson, Gilbert Lamb Jillson, 
Uriah Jillson, Uriah Jillson, Sarah Bal- 
lou, James, James, Maturln), b. South- 
bury, Conn., Mar. 2, 1884; m. Brewster, 
B. Y., Feb. 16, 1905, HELEN ANDERSOB, 
dau. Andrew and Mary (Carlson) Anderson, 
b. Sept. 30, 1880; realtor; member B. 
F.A.; res. 56 Montgomery St., Waterbury, 

Issue, JILLSOB, b. Waterbury, Conn. : 

11661 Myrtle Mae, b. Apr. 16, 1906; 
grad. Crosby H.S., Waterbury, 
1923; Perry Secretarial School, 
'25. Genealogist. Compiler of: 
The Snow-Estes Ancestry, 2 vol- 
umes, 1939; Gunn Family Records; 
Descendants of Richard Goodrich; 
magazine articles; Ballou Family 
Addendum, 1941, as genealogist 

of B.F.A. Member of: Bew England 
Hist. Gen. Society, Boston; Conn. 
Hist. Society, Hartford; Mendon, 
Mass. Hist. Society. Res. 56 
Montgomery St., Waterbury, Conn. 

11662 Ernest Wilbur, b. June 25, 1910; 
ffl. Yuma, Ariz., Sept. 3, 1939, 
Mary Eathryn Tharp, b. Goodland, 
Ind., June 9, 1907; attended 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 
Troy, B. Y. and New York Univer- 
sity, Bew York, N. Y.; member of 
Theta Delta Chi fraternity; con- 
nected with The Lockheed Airplane 
Corp., Burbank, Calif.; res. 533 
No. Delmar Ave., San Gabriel, Cal. 

Cyrus, Cyrus, Dea. Ariel, Ariel, James, 
James, Maturln), b. Milford, Mass., 
Mar. 11, 1873; m. New York, N. Y., Oct. 
28, 1902, by Rev. Charles F. Patters, 
ROBERT LEE STUDLEY, s. Robert C. and 
Abbie (Kelley) Studley, b. West Dennis, 
Mass., Sept. 19, 1871, d. Wellesley 



Hills, Mass., Mar. 30, 1957; wool mer- 
chant; member of firm of Studley 4 
Emery, Summer St., Boston, Mass.; mem- 
ber B.F .A.; res. 50 Pine St., Welles- 
ley Hills, Mass. 

Issue, STUDLEY, 1 b. Dorchester, 2-3 b. 
Wellesley, Mass.: 

11663 Eleanor, b. Oct. 5, 1903; ed. 
Misses Allen's School; special 
student. Smith College, Belles- 
ley, Mass. 

11664 Dorothy, b. July 21, 1905, d. 
July 30, 1906. 

11665 Virginia Lee, b. June 6, 1907, d. 
Oct. 21, 1911; both int. Welles- 
ley Hills, Mass. Cem. 

ry, Seth, Seth, James, James, James, 
Maturin), b. Richmond, N. E., Aug. 25, 
1858; m. Winchester, M. H., Jan. 14, 
1889, by Rev. Hannaford, CAROLINE ISA- 
BEL FRENCH, dau. Dr. Samuel Prescott 
and Nancy Helen (Mann) (Barden) French. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

11666 MART ISABEL, b. Aug. 18, 1890; 

11667 Effie Helen, b. Jan. 13, 1893. 

lard, John William, Seth, Seth, James, 
James, James, Maturin), b. New Haven, 
Conn., Mar. 21, 1886; m. (1) New Haven, 
Conn., June 15, 1910, by Rev. Saunders, 
LUCENA S. UPHAM, dau. Burr and Lucena 
(Stephens) Upham, grddau. John M. and 
Judith (White) Upham, of Catsklll, N. 
Y., b. Glens Falls, N. Y., Mar. 5, 1889; 
(2) New Haven, Conn., July 28, 1934, by 
Rev. Carl A. Bergsten, MURIEL I. DAVIS, 
dau. Edward James and Lillian (Gillette) 
Davis, b. Orford, Conn., Apr. 8, 1889; 
res. Z55 Beverly St., New Haven, Conn. 

Mr. Ballou in 1906 graduated from the 
Columbia University School of Pharmacy, 
and is a druggist by trade. Mason. 
Member B.F. A. 

Issue, BALLOU, by 1st wife, b. New Haven 

11668 Erwin LeRoy, b. Nov. 30, 1912. 

11669 Walter Warren, b. June 11, 1923. 

Ballou, James, Seth, Seth, James, James, 
James, Maturin), b. Winchester, N. H., 
June 14, 1853, d. Keene, N. H., Feb. 19, 
1924; m. Winchester, N. H., May 24, 1 
1872, ELLA L. PAIGE, dau. Eliakim and 
Alice (Billings) Paige, b. Barnard, Vt., 
Apr. 13, 1855, d. Keene, N. H. , Oct. 30, 
1931; int. Green Lawn Cem., Keene, N. 

H. Farmer. 

Issue, RUSSELL: 

11670 Winfred, b. Keene, May 28, 1883; 
unm.; farmer; res. Westmoreland, 
H. H. 

11671 FLORENCE, b. Walpole, June 3, 
1889; m. OLAN STARKEY. 

A. Ballou, James, Seth, Seth, James, 
James, James, Maturin), b. Winchester, 
N. H., May 29, 1859, d. Richmond, N. H. , 
Jan. 27, 1927; m. Keene, N. H., June 1, 
1887, by Rev. S. B. Baldwin, ELSIE 
RENOUF, dau. Rev. Edward A. and Esther 
Renouf, b. Keene, H. H., Feb. 27, 1866. 

Issue, RUSSELL: 

11672 RENOUF, b. Sept. 4, 1891; m. 

11673 DORIS, b. Nov. 26, 1893; m. 

6670 WILLIAM Z. BALLOU (John, William, 
John, Seth, James, James, James, Matur- 
in), b. Zoar, Springville, Erie Co., 
N. Y., Nov. 13, 1844, d. Buffalo, N. Y., 
Sept. 14, 1889; m. Buffalo, N. Y. , Apr. 
13, 1882, by Rev. Mr. Heibbel, ELLA H. 
COPP, b. near St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 3, 
1859, d. Feb. 23, 1889; int. Lake Forest 
Cem., Buffalo, N. Y. Piano tuner. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

11674 Lillian Claire, b. May 6, 188S; 
B, Emerson, who d. Spring- 
ville, May 5, 1934. 

11675 Marion Ella, b. Mar. 26, 1885, 
Buffalo; m. Great Falls, Mont., 
Harry G. Armstrong; ranch farmer. 
Arming ton, Mont. 

6672 CHARLES BALLOU (John, William, 
John, Seth, James, James, James, Matur- 
in), b. Springville, N. Y., Jan. 1, 



1851, d. Springville, Feb. 20, 1890; m. 
Springville, N. Y., Sept. 9, 1874, 
ALICE GAYLORD, b. Springville, M. Y., 
July 22, 1858. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Springville, N. Y. : 

11676 MARY ELLEN, b. Feb. 6, 1878; m. 

11677 BEULAH JANE, b. Sept. 21, 1880; 

11678 DeFOREST ARCHER, b. Sept. 27, 

liam A., John Jr., John, Seth, James, 
James, James, Maturin), b. Walllngford, 
Vt., Sept. 22, 1865; m. Saxtons River, 
Windham Co., Vt., Sept. 3, 1891, bj 
Rev. George F. Chapin, CARRIE MAY HUB- 
BARD, dau. Charles and Abby (Hoit) Hub- 
bard, b. Saxtons River, Vt., Aug. 10, 

Rev. Henry L. Ballou was for many 
years pastor of the Chester, Vt. Congre- 
gational Church, of which he is now Pas- 
tor Emeritus. He was succeeded as min- 
ister by his brother. Rev. Willijun J. 
Ballou. S3rd degree Mason. Member 

Issue, BALLOO, 1 b. Saxtons River, 2-3 
b. Chester, Vt.: 

11679 REV. EARLE HOIT, b. May 17, 1892; 

11680 PADL HOLTON, b. Aug. 7, 1897; m. 

11681 Donald Henry, b. Mar. 28, 1908; 
grad. Chester H.S., 1923, Phil- 
lips Academy, Andover, Mass., 
1924, and Yale University, 1928, 
A.B. He has the honorary degree 
of Ph.D., and (1936) was teach- 
ing mathematics in the Georgia 
School of Technology, Atlanta, 
Ga.; res. 678 Moreland Ave., N. 
E., Atlanta, Ga. 

S., John Jr., John, Seth, James, James, 
James, Maturin), b. Wallingford, Vt., 
June 18, 1871; m. Cornwall, Vt., June 
16, 1904, by the groom's elder brother. 
Rev. Henry Lincoln Ballou, ANNA MARY 
BINGHAM, dau. William H. H. and Mary L. 
(Cook) Bingham, grddau. Harris and Lucy 

Anp (Warner) Bingham, b. Cornwall, Vt., 
May 27, 1872. 

He graduated from Vermont Academy, 
Saxtons River, Vt., 1893, Brown Univ., 

1897, A.B. , where he was a member of 
Delta Opsilon, and from Hartford Theo- 
logical Sem., 1900, B.D. From 1900-04 
he taught in Tougaloo Coll., Tougaloo, 
Miss., and on Dec. 16, 1906 he wasoor- 
dained by the Presbytery. He made five 
trips to Europe and the Near East. In 
Jvme 1916 he drilled at Plat ts burg 
R.O.T.C. He served as Capt. of the 
"Home Guards" in Ludlow, Vt. and in the 
Y.M.C.A. overseas in Camp Pontanezen, 
Brest, France. He was Grand Chaplain 
of the Grand Lodge of Masons of Vt. for 
20 years, and at present (1930) is 
Grand Lecturer. He has served as Grand 
Chaplain of the Grand Chapter of R.A.M. 
of Vt. He is a 33rd degree Mason and 
an honorary member of the Supreme Coun- 
cil of Scottish Rites of the Northern 
Jvufisdiction of the D.S.A. He served 
as pastor of the Presbyterian Church, 
Litchfield, N. H., 1905-08; of the Con- 
gregational Church, Ludlow, Vt., 1908- 
20; and the Congregational Church, Ches- 
ter, Vt., 1920- . 

At present (1941) Mr. Ballou is our 
very efficient president, and his iriiole- 
hearted suppprt of the Addend\im is very 
much appreciated. 

Mrs. Ballou, also a Ballou descend- 
ant, graduated from Wellesley Coll., 

1898, A.B. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Nashua, N. H. : 
11682 William Seth, b. Apr. 29, 1905; 

m. Chester, Jime 1, 1936, Eleanor 
Andrews Maxwell, dau. Frederick 
S. and Mabel B. Maxwell, b. Hol- 
lis, L. I., 1912; grad. Brown 
Univ., 1925, A.B. ; issue, Ballou, 
b. New York, N. Y. : 
11683 William Shelton, b. Jan. 
26, 1940. 

Margaret t Bassett, William Bassett, 
Sarah Harkaess, Susannah Ballou, James, 
James, lames, Maturin), b. Belvidere, N. 
C, Dec. 21, 1867; m. Greensboro, N. C, 
June 1, 1904, FRANCES MARION COLE, dau. 
Charles and Addie (ELackwell) Cple, b. 



Granville Co., N. C, JUI7 10, 1879; 
salesman. Cole Chemical Co.; res. 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Issue, NICHOLSON, b. Greensboro, N. C: 

11684 Mar7 Webb, b. July 12, 1905; Syrs. 
Guilford Coll., N. C; 1 yr. 
Women's Coll. of Oniv. of N. C, 
Greensboro, N. C; major in 
Music. Accomplished avlatrix, 
having learned to fly in the 
Raven Rock Flying School, Ports- 
mouth, Ohio, 1928; issued pri- 
vate license, Oct. 1929, limit- 
ed commercial license, Kay 1933 
and transport or commercial li- 
cense, July 1934. 1930-36, book- 
keeper, chart record librarian 
and stenographer of Sternberger 
Children's Hospital, Greensboro; 
1936-37, business manager and 
superintendent of Hickory Memor- 
ial Hospital. Since June 1937, 
private secretary to Miss Jac- 
queline Cochran, prominent speed 
flyer. Club affiliations: Char- 
ter member of Ninety-Nine Organi- 
zation of Women Pilots, and Gov- 
ernor of southeastern section, 
1931-33, of New York-New Jersey 
section, 1939-40; Chairman of 
tenth anniversary; Sec.-Treas. 

of Carolina Aero Club, 1933-1937. 
Christian Scientist. Member B. 
F.A. Dnm. 

11685 Charles Herbert, b. May 19, 1908; 
m. Oct. 1931, . 

11686 Frank Cole, b. July 22, 1910. 

11687 Harold Lunineous, b. Mar. 13, 
1914; m. Aug. 19, 1939, . 

11688 David White, b. Apr. 16, 1923. 

10584 RICHARD PITT BALLOU (Jaspyr Rich- 
ard, Jasper Newton, James, James, James, 
James, James, Maturin), b. Washington, 
D. C, Mar. 20, 1906; m. Milwaukee, Wis., 
Aug. 21, 1937, by Rev. George White, 
ELSIE AMELIA WOLFF, dau. Emil and Edith 
(Doss) Wolff, b. Ivanhoe, Minn., July 1, 
1908; res. 98 Van Buren Ave., West Hart- 
ford, Conn. 

Graduate of Iowa State College, Ames, 
Iowa, B.S., »28; M.S., «29; E.E., »33; 
member American Institute of Electrical 
Engineers. Reserve Officer in D. S. 

Army. Lay Reader in Episcopal Church. 
Author of articles on Contract Bridge 
and other subjects. Electrical Engineer, 
Colt Firearms Co., Hartford, Conn. Mem- 
ber B.F.A. 

10585 HARRY GILBERT BALLOU (Harry Watson 
Jasper Newton, James, >^ames, James, <^ames 
James, Maturin), b. Centerville, Iowa, 
Dec. 6, 1905; m. i^nsas City, Mo., July 
Louis Philip and Blanche Jessie (Runyon) 
Seltzler, b. Oct. 3, 1909. 

Mr. Ballou was educated at Marceline, 
Mo. High School, 1924; attended Mo. 
Wesleyan College, 1924-25; studied law 
at Kansas City College night school, 

Issue, BALLOO: 

11689 Glendora Adele, b. St. Louis, Mo., 
Dec. 31, 1929. 

11690 Harriette Louisa, b. Los Angeles, 
Nov. 23, 1937. 

10620 JOHN LAWRENCE BALLOO (George 0., 
Alonzo, Asquire, Russell, James, James, 
James, Maturin), b. Swanzey, N. H., Mar. 
6, 1890; m. (l) Marlboro, N. H. , Jan. 10, 
1916, by Rev. Belleflevir, DELIA GREEN, 
dau. Andrew and Lucy Esther (Croteau) 
Green, b. Marlboro, Vt., Dec. 20, 1895, 
div.; (2) Detroit, Mich., Aug. 12, 1929, 
dau. Merton and Bessie Belle (Brown) 
Spellman, b. Sherborn, Mass., Jan. 21, 
1909; machinist; res. Swanzey, N. H. 

Issue, BALLOU, by 1st wife, b. Marlboro, 

11691 Beatrice Anna, b. May 15, 1917. 

11692 Evelyn Grace, b. July 1, 1921. 
Issue, BALLOU, by 2nd wife, b. Swanzey, 
N. H. : 

11693 John Lawrence, Jr., b. July 16, 

11694 George Merton, b. Jan. 13, 1933. 

10621 EARL MAYNARD BALLOU (George 0., 
Alonzo, Asquire, Russell, James, James, 
James, Maturin), b. Swanzey, N. H., July 
17, 1894; m. Keene, N. H. , Jan. 15, 1913, 
COLL, dau. Cornelius and Hannah (Lombard) 
Driscoll, b. Keene, N. H., Mar. 20, 1893; 



shoe laster; res. Swanzey, N. H. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Keene, N. H>: 

11695 Dorothy Elizabeth, b. Aug. 19, 
1914; m. Keene, Feb. 6, 1932, 

by Rev. Mr. Reed, Carroll George 
Lang, s. Charles and Rose (Pero) 
Lang, b. Troy, N. H., Sept. 24, 
1910; salesman. 

11696 Irene Margaret, b. July 27, 1918. 

1062S lau DEFQREESI. BALLOO (DeFor(r)est 
Almando, Luther, Russell, James, James, 
James, Maturin), b. Philadelphia, Penn., 
Mar. 21, 1885; m. Sept. 13, 1911, EUILY 
S. HcCADSLIN, dau. Franklin and Emily 
(Scouler) McCauslln, grddau. Samuel J. 
and Caroline (Shoemaker) McCauslin, of 
Bedford, Penn., b. Jersey City, K. J., 
Oct. 28, 1887; m. Philadelphia, Penn., 
by Rev. Skellman. 

Dr. DeForrest Ballou is the well 
known physician and surgeon at the head 
of the Mount Alto Hospital in Washing- 
ton, D. C. After his graduation as 
physician from the University of Penn- 
sylvania, he was engaged in the practice 
of his profession until the start of the 
World War I, when he became an officer 
in the Medical Department of the U, S. 
Army. After spending sometime here in 
America, he was sent abroad where he re- 
mained for over a year. After the Axihis- 
tice he was sent home and detailed to 
Atlanta, Ga. and from there was sent to 
Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, D. C, 
where he was used as a specialist in 
surgery, and advanced to the rank of 
major. In or about 1928, he resigned 
and became a specialist at Mount Alto 
Hospital, it being under the direction 
of the 0. S. Army. He stands very high 
in his profession as a surgeon, and is 
preeminent in mastoid operations. 

Issue, BALLOO, 1-2 b. Philadelphia, Penn. 
3-5 b. Washington, D. C: 

11697 Emily Scouler, b. Nov. 6, 1913; m. 
New York, N. Y., Feb. 5, 1939, 
Sheldon Frye, s. Frank Frye, of 
Va., b. New York, N. Y., July 28, 
1911; m. by Rev. Mulcahy; realtor; 
6es. 2518 Webb Ave., New York, H. 
Y. ; she is a graduate of Barnard 

11698 Marie Ord, b. Aug. 18, 1917, d. 
Camp Jackson, Colvunbia, S. C., 
Nov. 30, 1919. 

11699 Elizabeth DeForrest, b. Colum- 
bia, S. C., July 25, 1920, d. 
Washington, Aug. 22, 1921. 

11700 Grace Elizabeth, b. July 3, 1923. 

11701 DeForrest, 3rd, b. Aug. 22, 1927. 

11702 Jean Scouler, b. July 20, 1931, 
d. Feb. 12, 1932. 

10624 DR. CICTOR BALLOO (DeFor(r)est, 
Almando, Luther, Russell, James, James, 
James, Maturin), b. Philadelphia, Penn., 
Apr. 22, 1866; m. Chambersburg, Penn., 
Sept. 4, 1926, by Rev. I. W. Hendricks, 
GRACE HEWITT DAVISON, dau. Charles Meade 
and Anna Maude (Hewitt) Davison, grddau. 
Joseph A. and Mary Ann (Latta) Davison, 
of Greencastle, Penn., b. Chambersburg, 
Peim., Sept. 21, 1896. 

Dr. Victor Ballou is a graduate of 
the Pennsylvania State College, where 
he was interested in varsity football; 
attended Princeton Dniversity; University 
of Pennsylvania, V.M.D.; member of Phi 
Delta Theta; Tiger Inn Club, Princeton; 
During the World War I a member of the 
American Expeditionary Force, Captain 
Field Artillery. A Public Health Of- 
ficer, formerly with the Pennsylvania 
B.A.I., now with the City of Lancaster 
Board of Health. Connected with the 
Bureau of Animal Industry of the State 
Department of Agriculture. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Chambersburg, Penn.: 

11703 Charles Davison, b. Feb. 29, 1928. 

11704 Victor, Jr., b. June 29, 1929. 

11705 CLARA ELIZA GRANT (Rhode Wilder 
Cook, Whipple Cook, Bsek Cook, Nathaniel 
Cook, Martha Ballou, James, James, Matur- 
in), b. Avig. 12, 1849; m. Pawtucket, R. 
I., Jan. 25, 1872, CARLOS LADD ROGERS, 

b. Stanstead, Quebec, Canada, Dec. 22, 
1844, d. Pawtucket, R. I., Nov. 3, 1905; 
Deputy Sheriff and Constable, Pawtucket, 
R. I.; int. Riverside Cem., Pawtucket, 
R. I.; she d. Pawtucket, Aug. 2, 1936. 

Issue, ROGERS, b. Pawtucket, R. I.: 

11706 Mary Louise, b. May 28, 1875; m. 
as 2nd wife, Oct. 16, 1911, by 
Rev. John J. Brokenshire, Rev. 



Frank T. Rogers, s. Enoch^Thomas^ 
Benjamin^ Rogers, b. West Va., 
July 20, 1851, d. Pawtucket, Feb. 
26, 1933; int. Westboro, Mass. 
Baptist minister. See "Who's Who 
In America. Mo issue. 

11707 Elsie Clara, b. May 17, 1877, 

11708 Ada, b. July 19, 1879. 

BALLOD (Clark Atwood, Dr. Philip Carrier, 
Stephen, Nathaniel, Amariah, Nathaniel, 
James, Maturln), b. Dixon, 111., June 18, 
1877; m. Rochelle, 111., Feb. 3, 1904, 
FLORENCE COOPER, dau. Peter and Mary 
Cooper, b. Rochelle, 111., Nov. 13, 1879. 
No issue. 

Mr. Ballou, the author of much of this 
branch's data, received his early educa- 
tion in the Dixon City schools; then en- 
tered the Illinois Northern Normal Col- 
lege for a business course. Apr. 26, 
1898, he left college and enlisted for 
service in the Spanish-American War, 
and served as private in Co. G, 6th 
Illinois Volunteers Infantry in Cuba 
and Porto-Rico, being mustered out at 
Springfield, 111., Nov. 25, 1898. 
ShDttly after his return, became a stamp 
clerk in the Dixon Post Office, and 
served eleven years in Money Order and 
Registry sections, with last nine years 
as assistant Postmaster, retiring by 
resignation on account of health on Oct. 
3, 1923. Since then he and his wife 
have spent most of their time touring 
the country, having been in every state 
in the Onion and spending each winter 
in Miami, Florida. Republican. Member 
of United States Spanish War Veterans- 
Baldwin Camp 23, Dixon, 111. Served as 
Commander of Masonic Lodge, Moose Lodge, 
Elks Lodge 779, and as Esquire and Es- 
teemed Lecturing Knight. Member of Dix- 
on Country Club and Chamber of Commerce. 
The sole siorvivor of his immediate fam- 
ily, he resides at 122 Everett Street, 
Dixon, 111., the family homestead. 

Judson, Dp. Philip Carrier, Stephen, 
Hathaniel, Amariah, Nathaniel, James, 
Maturin), b. Brimfield, Ohio, Jan. 13, 
1868; m. (l) Piper City, 111., EUNICE A. 
MILLER, dau. John and Johanna (Burger) 

Miller, b. HI., Aug. 16, 1855, d. 1923; 
(2) Chicago, 111., June 25, 1925, by Rev. 
L. A. Convis, EMMA JENKINS-KALBE, dau. 
I. R. and Emma E. (Cowing) Jenkins, b. 
Chicago, 111., Aug. 25, 1872, grddau. 
Samuel and Mary (Fredericks) Jenkins. 

Since 1889, Dr. Ballou has practiced 
as a Veterinarian in Piper City, Ford 
County, 111., where he is a member of 
the I.O.O.F. and a 32nd degree Mason 
with affiliations with the Scottish 
Rites. Deeply grateful to him for much 
of this detail. 

Judson, Dr. Philip Carrier, Stephen, 
Nathaniel, Amariah, Nathaniel, James, 
Maturin), b. Brimfield, Ohio, Apr. 12, 
1874, d. Madison, Wis., May 1, 1931; m. 

(1) ; (2) IDA M. ; commercial 

traveler; res. 439 West Washington Ave., 
Madison, **iis.; he is int. Forest Hill 
Cem., Madison, Wis. 

Issue, BALLOU, by 1st wife: 

11709 Judson C, 1931, res. Sinnemahon- 
ing, Penn. 

11710 Helen June ("Melisse"), actress; 
res. 306 W. 99th St., New York, 
N. Y. 

(Charlotte Vilas Crosby, Eunice Ballou, 
Ichabod, Nathaniel, Amariah, Nathaniel, 
James, Maturin), b. July 26, 1885. Unm. 

Under the pen name of "Ruth Carmen," 
JtiOttie Waycott taught Radio Dramatics 
for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 
in Sever Hall, Harvard University, 1935- 
37. Coached churches and groups for 
radio work. Lecturer and entertainer, 
especially to soldiers in Veterans' 
Hospitals. Monologues and writings re- 
ceived national comment. Latest work, 
CStorm Child," a partly true story of 
the only child ever to have been born 
in a lighthouse on Boston Light. Member 

10639 FRED E. BISSELL CASE (Susan Annis 
Ballou, Rev. John M., Michael W., Nathan 
iel, Amarian, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), 
b. Waterloo, Iowa, Mar. 16, 1870; m. New 



dau. Andrew Jackson and Susie (Rollins) 
Saunders, b. Kerr Co., Texas., Apr. 14, 
1880, d. Mar. 9, 1920. 

He is a locomotive engineer, and has 
been employed by the Chicago & North 
Western R. R. for 34 years. 

4-10 b, 




CASE, 1-3 b. New Orleans, La., 

Boone, Iowa: 
Carroll Edward, b. Apr. 16, 1899. 
William Ballou, b. Apr. 22, 1901; 
grad. Boone H.S.; res. Linn St., 
Boone, la. 

Susie Almeda, b. Apr. 27, 1903. 
Fred Jackson, b. May 21, 1905, 
killed in automobile accident, 
Aug. 18, 1928. 

Sarah Ruth, b. Jan. 2, 1907; m. 
by Rev. Mr. Sutton, Boone, Rob- 
ert Anderson, b. loa.; res. Des 
Moines, la. 

Thomas Butler, b. Feb. 6, 1909. 
Daisy Nellie, b. Feb. 2, 1912. 
Sylvia Emma, b. Dec. 19, 1913. 
Morris Allen, b. Jan. 16, 1916. 
Delia Lois, b. July 30, 1919. 

Ralph, Rev. John M., Michael W., Nathan- 
iel, Amariah, Nathaniel, James, Matur- 
In), b. Jacksonville, Fla., Mar. 23, 

He graduated from Cornell Dniversity, 
1914, B.Sc. in agriculture. At present. 
Professor of Agriculture. Res. Apartado 
1368, San Jose, Costa Rica. 

10665 FRANK STEWART BALLOD (Hector W. , 
Philander, Michael W., Nathaniel, Ama- 
riah, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. 
Forest, 111., Dec. 2, 1893; m. Chicago, 
111., June 22, 1927, by Rev. Schroeder, 
erick and Emily (Webb) Roadhouse, grrt- 
dau. Samuel and Alice (Morrison) Road- 
house, of Grimsby, Ontario, Canada, b. 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Dec. 7, 1897. 
Res. 7657 Sangramon St., Chicago, 111. 
No issue. 

Lieutenant Frank S. Ballou is a fire- 
arms expert, and is a Ballistician on 
the Chicago Police Department. 

10670 HENRI PORTER BALLOO (Lewis Sidney, 
Philander, Michael W. , Nathaniel Amariah, 
Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. Watseka, 
111., Mar. 9, 1883; m. (l) Morris, 111., 
Feb. 1909, MARK KLOCKER, who d. and int. 
Mulberry, Fla.; (2) Jacksonville, Fla., 
1918, BESSIE TALIAFERO, of Watseka, 111. 

Mr. Ballou is Superintendent of the 
Sebring Water Works, Sebring, Florida. 

Issue, BALLOU, by 1st wife, b. La Grange, 

11721 Adrian Lewis, b. June 17, 1910, 
shot while hunting, Oct. 17, 
1926 and d. 3 days later; int. 
Sebring, Fla. 

Issue, BALLOO, by 2nd wife, b. Mulberry, 
Polk Co., Fla.: 

11722 Stanley, b. Sept. 8, 1921. 

(Lewis Sidney, Philander, Michael W. , 
Nathaniel, Amariah, Nathaniel, James, 
Maturin), b. Watseka, 111., Sept. 2, 
1886; m. Chicago, 111., Jan. 4, 1909, 

Before marriage. Miss Ballou became 
quite an exponent of the Dramatic Art, 
and was known on the stage as "Peggy" 
Ballou. Her husband was the well known 
Dramatic Critic on the Chicago Tribune. 

7310 WILLIS DWIGHT BALLOU (Monroe Ellas, 
Elias, Dea. David, Elias, Amariah, Nath- 
aniel, James, Maturin), b. Becket, Mass., 
Oct. 3, 1865; m. Lee, Mass., May 22, 
1889, by bride's father. Rev. Charles B. 
Landon, CAEMIE V. LANDON, dau. Rev. 
Charles Barry and Althea (Robinson) Lan- 
don, b. Ancram, N. Y., Apr. 25, 1866. 

Graduated from Wilbraham Academy in 
1884, Mr. Ballou became associated with 
his father in establishing the basket 
business under the firm name of M. E. 
Ballou & Son. In October of 1891 he 
went to Belding, Mich., where he estab- 
lished the Belding Basket Company, 
which became one of the largest of the 
Midwest concerns of this kind. Soon 
after the death of his father he return- 
ed to Becket and became associated with 
his brother, Joseph C. Ballou, in the 
M. E. Ballou & Son factories, becoming 



sole owner in July 1936. 

Mr. Ballou has been interested in 
politics, having been town chairman of 
the Republican Committee for years; town 
clerk for 25 years; town treasurer for 
20 years and chairman of the building 
committee for the Consolidated Community 
School constructed on the Claflin house 
lot on Maple Street. Treasurer of the 
First Baptist Church and chairman of the 
joint committee of the Becket Federated 
church, the Baptist and Congregational 
churches having federated some years ago. 
Superintendent of the Baptist Bible 
school for many years and a member of 
the church choir. Member B.F.A. 

Issue, BALLOD, 1-2 b. Becket, Mass., 

3-4 b. Belding, Mich.: 

11723 Grace Beatrice, b. Feb. 24, 1890; 
m. Becket, Dec. 28, 1916, by her 
grandfather. Rev. Charles B. Lan- 
don, Zeno H., Nelson, s. John and 
Lottie (Pettie) Nelson, b. Cedar 
Springs, Mich., Jan. 7, 1885; is- 
sue. Nelson, b. Grand Rapids, 

11724 Virginia Louise, b. Dec. 
27, 1917. 

11725 Willis J., b. Oct. 24, 

11726 Marion R., b. Feb. 17, 

11727 Earl Clinton, b. Oct. 10, 1891; 
m. Apr. 19, 1926, Florence John- 
son, div. No issue. Agent for 
M. £. Ballou k Son. 

11728 Lou Blanche, b. May 27, 1895; m. 
Becket, Feb. 2, 1918, by her grand 
father. Rev. Charles B. Landon, 
Leon Lem Ballou, s. Elmer D. and 
Etta A. (Lothrop) Ballou, b. Beck- 
et, May 31, 1887. No issue. 

Mrs. Ballou is proprietor of a 
children's shop, Wayne, Pa., and 
Mr. Ballou is agent for M. E. Bal- 
lou & Son. During World War I 
served in 0. S. Navy, on the U. 
S. Agamemnon and in the 0. S. 
Naval air station, Poulllal, 
France. Res. 304 No. Wayne Ave., 
Wayne, Pa. 

11729 Louise Landon, b. Sept. 17, 1898; 
m. Becket, ^ov. 12, 1921, by Rev. 
Charles Williams, Allan Smith, 

of Springfield, div.; graduated 

from Westfield H.S. and Emerson 
School of Oratory, Boston, Mass.; 
issue. Smith, b. Albany, N. Y. : 
11730 Cynthia Landon, b. Oct. 20, 

1927; she and mother res. 

304 Ho. Wayne Ave., layne, 


Elias, Elias, Dea. David, Ellas, Amarlah, 
Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. Feb. 26, 
1872; m. Becket, Mass., Mar. 14, 1894, 
by Rev. Charles S. Agan, GERTRUDE MAI 
SMITH, dau. Samuel K. and Anna (Wheatley) 
Smith, b. Rockville, Conn., Jime 28, 

Esteemed member of the B.F.A. He at- 
tained some publicity in the fall of 
1927 as a modern "Paul Revere" in rid- 
ing down through the village of Becket 
and warning the inhabitants to flee to 
higher ground before the bvirsting of the 
dam above the village, which wrought 
such havoc when it gave way. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Becket, Mass.: 
11731 Gertrude Imogene, b. July 15, 

1900; m. Becket, Oct. 7, 1921, by 
Rev. C. W. Williams, Howard B. 
Noble, s. Richard B. Noble, b. 
Hartford, Conn., Nov. 24, 1896; 
grad. Westfield Normal, 1916; 
Cushing Academy, '17; Mt. Holyoke 
Coll., 1921; res. 11 Westbrook 
St., E. Hartford, Conn.; issue. 
Noble, b. E. Hartford, Conn.: 

11732 Howard Clinton, b. Nov. S, 

11733 Joanna Gertrude, b. Mar. 
18, 1926. 

len Ballou, Ellas, Dea. David, Elias, 
Amarlah, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. 
Hinsdale, Mass., Sept. 22, 1866; m. Hins- 
dale, Mass., Nov. 23, 1887, VICTORIA 
HESTER FORWARD, dau. John and Esther 
Forward, who d. Hinsdale, Mass., Jan. 30, 
1913, and is int. Maple Street Cem., 
Hinsdale, Mass.; res. Shelburne Falls, 

Issue, RAYMOND, b. Hinsdale, Mass.: 
11734 Clarence Everett, b. ab. 1889; m. 
Springfield, July 20, 1909, Agnes 



Scbneelock; Issue, RaTinond, b. 
Springfield, Mass.: 

11735 Clarence Everett, Jr., b. 
Not. £1, 1909; m. Aug. 29, 
1931, Helen I. Rolf. 

11736 Ellsworth Sclineelock, b. 
June 28, 1913. 

7516 EMMA BELL RAYMOND (Anvilla Ellen 
Ballou, Ellas, Dea. David, Ellas, Ama- 
rlah, Nathaniel, James, Maturln), b. 
Hinsdale, Mass., ^ov. 14, 1868, d. 
Springfield, Mass., Apr. 23, 1937, ae. 
687 5m 9d; m. (l) Hinsdale, Mass., 
Sept. 4, 1889, by Rev. R. T. Alger, 
Ann Smart, b. Plttsfleld, Mass., 1865, 
d. Hinsdale, Mass., Aug. 27, 1899; (2) 
about 1902, NEWTON F. MAGOON, dlv.j 
(3) Enfield, Conn., Oct. 22, 1912, 
GEORGE W. BROOKS, of Chlcopee Falls, 
Mass., who d. Jan. 17, 1937; she and 1st 
husband Int. Maple Street Cem., Hins- 
dale, Mass.; 3rd husband Int. Falrvlew 
Cem., Chlcopee Falls, Mass. 

Issue, SMART: 

11737 RAYMOND ELMER, b. Albany, N. Y., 
June 4, 1891; m. CHRISTINE BAL- 

11738 EARLE PRESTON, b. Northampton, 
Mass., May 22, 1893; m. MARGARET 

11739 ANVILLA PEARL, b. Hinsdale, Mass., 
Jan. 3, 1895; m. EZRA ELIOS SEARS. 

Ellen Ballou, Ellas, Dea. David, Ellas, 
Amarlah, Nathaniel, James, Maturln), b. 
Hinsdale, Mass., Aug. 9, 1872; m. Leban- 
on, N. Y., Nov. 11, 1892, by Rev. Ed- 
ward S. Simmons, FRANK E. ANDREWS, s. 
Frank and Francelia (Tllton) Andrews, 
b. Heedsboro, Vt., Mar. 31, 1873; res. 
Ware, Mass. 

Issue, ANDREWS, b. Hinsdale, Mass.: 

11740 MYRTLE IRENE, b. Sept. 12, 1894; 

11741 MELVIN FRANCIS, b. Oct. 25, 

11742 FRANCIS RAYMOND, b. Nov. 12, 1904; 

telle Ballou, Francisco, Marshall, Amos 

J., Absalom, Noah, Nathaniel, James, 
Maturln), b. Cumberland, R. I., Oct. 29, 
1B88; m. May 7, 1910, ELIZABETH BLACK- 
WOOD, dau. James and Sarah Jane (Kelso) 
Blackwood, b. Belfast, Ireland, May 24, 

Issue, FOLLETT: 

11743 Flora Estelle Ballou, b. Ashton, 
R. I., Mar. 3, 1911. 

11744 George Francisco, b. Pawtucket, 
Feb. a, 1916. 

Leonard Ballou Almy, Amelia Ballou, 
Leonard, Noah, Noah, Nathaniel, James, 
Maturln), b. Norwich, Conn., Aug. 1, 
1885; m. St. John's In the Wilderness, 
Paul Smith's, N, Y., by Rev. Nielsen 
Louis P. and Emily Fenner (Maison) Allyn, 
b. Kystic, Conn., Sept. 28, 1885; res. 
Waterford, Conn. 

Issue, ALLYN: 

11745 Lydia Ballou, b. Waterford, Jan. 
28, 1917; m. Pequot Chapel, New 
London, Oct. 26, 1935, by Revs. 
Spence Biirton, SSJE and Thomas 
H. Chappell, Harrison Field, s. 
Tyler and Marion (Harrison) 
Field, b. Cincinnati, Ohio, July 
1909; ed.: Warrenton, Va. Covui- 
try Day School, Miss Barry's 
School, Florence, Italy, Benning- 
ton Coll., Bennington, Vt. 

11746 Diana Margery, b. Saranac Lake, 
H. Y., Feb. 21, 1920. 

10698 HARRY PUTNAM BALLOU (Levi Oliver, 
Oscar Amos, Stephen, Nathaniel, Amarlah, 
Nathaniel, James, Uaturin), b. Chase 
Mills, N. Y., Oct. 9, 1883; m. Madrid, 
N. Y., June 6, 1905, by Rev. James Rob- 
ertson, FRANCES FISHER, dau. Adam and 
Lettle (Smith) Fisher, grddau. William 
and Mary (Elliott) Fisher, b. Madrid, 

N. Y., Aug. 20, 1885. 

For over thirty years, Mr. Ballou 
has been a merchant at Waddington, N. 
Y. , and is a member of the local masonic 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Chase Mills, N. ;. : 

11747 Betty Irene, b. Mar. 31, 1918. 



10700 PERCY FREMONT BALLOD (Fremont C., 
Levi Oliver, Oscar Amos, Stephen, Nathan- 
iel, Amariah, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), 
b. Galesburg, 111., Sept. 2, 1891; m. 
Erie, Penn. , June 17, 1922, by Rev. G. 
Genry and Hargretha (Hartleb) Bauschard, 
grddau. Fred and Catherine Bauschard, b. 
Erie, Penn., Jan. 22, 1893. 

Mr. Ballou, who claims to be the only 
Canadian branch of the family, having 
become a naturalized British subject. 
Mar. 31, 1930, graduated from the Gales- 
burg, 111. High School in 1909, and from 
business college in 1910. Employed by 
the Chicago Burlington & Quincy RR, 1910- 
113; with Lake Shore je Michigan Southern 
RY, Mar. 1, 1913-Jan. 1, 1915, at Buf- 
falo, N. Y.; with the New York Central 
RR, Jan. 1, 1915-May 31, 1918, at Erie, 
Penn.; with Erie Lighting Co., Erie, 
Penn., June 1, 1918-Nov. 1, 1922. 

Nov. 1, 1922, entered employ of Pitts- 
burgh Coal Company as salesman at Erie, 
Penn.; transferred to Buffalo in same 
capacity, Oct. 15, 1923, and to Toronto, 
Canada, Apr. 1, 1924. May 1, 1927, 
took over position as Sales Manager, 
Pittsburgh Coal Co., Limited, a Canadian 
subsidiary of Pittsburgh Coal Co. of 
Penn. Oct. 2, 1929, was elected vice- 
president of the company, Toronto, On- 
tario, Canada, and of the Toronto Board 
of Trade and the Transportation Club of 
Toronto. Business add: 908 Royal Bank 
Building, Toronto, Canada. Res. 22 
Heather St., Toronto, Canada. Member 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Toronto, Ontario, Can. : 
11748 Henry Calvin, b. Sept, 28, 1924. 

Eliza Ballou, Darwin Thurston, Thurston, 
Noah, Noah, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), 
b. Washington, D. C., July 31, 1907; m. 
New York, N. Y., June 15, 1936, by Dr. 
dau. Augustus and Delia (Kennedy) LeGen- 
dre, b. Greene, R. I., Dec. 21, 1910; 
res. 57 Dwight St., Brookline, Mass. 
No issue. 

A landscape architect, Mr. Lillie re- 

ceived his S.B. from the University of 
Maryland, 1930 and Master in landscape 
Architecture from Harvard, June 1935. 
Research in the landscape architecture 
and architecture of the American colon- 
ies, resulted in "A Pictorial Map of 
Cambridge, 1760-1770," published in 1939. 
Also researched in Newport, R. I. Char- 
ter member of the -^ota Mu Delta, local 
fraternity. College Park, Md., and mem- 
ber of the National Baptist Memorial 
Church, Washington, D. C. Member B.F.A. 

7530 ELMA SOPHIA BROWN (Adelaide Vic- 
toria Ballou, Oren Aldrich, Dexter, 
Oliver, Noah, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), 
b. No. Providence, R. I., July 29, 1861; 
m. Providence, R. I., Sept. 7, 1887, by 
Rev. Charles W. Huntington, EDWARD S. 
BOWEN, s. Clovis H. and Nancy W. (Steere) 
Bowen, b. Chepachet, R. I., May 9, 1850, 
grds. Joseph and Hannah (Simon) Bowen, 
of Providence, R. I. 

Issue, BOWEN, b. Providence, R. I.: 

11749 EDITH, b. July 5, 1888; m. SAMUEL 

11750 Joseph Brown, b. Apr. 15, 1891; 
Ph. B., Brown Univ., 1915; Yale 
Forestry School, "17, M.Y. ; with 
the A.E.F. in France and killed 
in action, Sept. 7, 1918. 

11751 Faith, b. July 7, 1893; unm.; 
grad. R. I. School of Design, 
Providence, R. I. 

11752 Harold Clovis. 

7532 ETHEL FARNUM BROWN (Adelaide Vic- 
toria Ballou, Oren Aldrich, Dexter, Oliv- 
er, Noah, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. 
No. Providence, R. I., Jan. 1, 1872; 
unm.; retired school tchr; res. 41 Bart- 
lett St., Andover, Mass. 

7533 EDNA ADELAIDE BROWN (Adelaide Vic- 
toria Ballou, Oren Aldrich, Dexter, Oliv- 
er, Noah, Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. 
No. Providence, H. I., Mar. 7, 1875 ; 
unm.; res. 41 Bartlett St., Andover, Mass 

For several years. Miss Brown has been 
Librarian at the Andover Public Library, 
Andover Square, Andover, Mass. Graduate 
of Brown Univ. and the N. y. State Lib- 
rary School (B.L.S.) Member Profession- 



al Associations Club; November, Andover, 
Mass.; Durant, Boston, Vn'omen's City, Bos- 
ton; B.F.A. Author of: Four Gordons 
1911-Dncle David's Boys 1913-When Max 
Came 1914-Aj:nold's Little Brother 1915- 
Archer the Prophet 1916-The Spanish Chest 
1917-At the Butterfly House 1918-Rainbow 
Island 1919-The Affair at St. Peter's 
1920-Journey's End and The Silver Bear 

7554 ANMIE GEORGE BALLOU (Dexter Angell, 
Oren Aldrich, Dexter, Oliver, Noah, Nath- 
aniel, James, Maturln), b. Kawkawlin, 
Mich., Sept. 26, 1867, d. Boulder, Colo., 
Nov. 27, 1898; int. Bay City, Mich. 

gell, Oren Aldrich, Dexter, Oliver, Noah, 
Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. Kawkawlin, 
Mich., Nov. 14, 1869, d. Bay City, Mich., 
Sept. 24, 1917; m. Nov. 14, 1901, ANNA 
GUSTIN CHURCH; he is int. Bay City, Mich. 
Cem.; res. 297 Park Ave., Bay City, Mich. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Alpeno, Mich.: 

11753 Isabel Ann, b. 1908; Univ. of Mich. 
A.B., 1929; M.A., 1935; Bay City 
H.S. tchr; res. 619 No. Madison 
St., Bay City, Mich. 

11754 Mary Grafton, b. 1911. 

11755 El^path Gustin, b. 1912; R.N., 
Rochester, N. Y. 

gell, Oren Aldrich, Dexter, Oliver, Noah, 
Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. Aug. 8, 
1871; unm.; Librariah, Bay City, Mich. 
Public Library; member B.F.A. ; res. Grove- 
land Road, Bay City, Mich. 

7558 LUCY TYSON BALLOD (Dexter Angell , 
Oren Aldrich, Dexter, Oliver, Noah, Nath- 
aniel, James, Maturin), b. Kawkawlin, 
Mich., Jan. 15, 1875; m. EDWARD SALISBURY 
CLARK; res. 2221 Center Ave., Bay City, 

10715 NEEDHAM BALLOU BROWN (Joseph Car- 
penter Brown, Alpha Bartlett Ballou, 
George C, Oliver, Noah, Nathaniel, James, 
Maturin), b. Lawrence, Mass., Oct. 9, 
1890; m. Utlca, N. Y., Oct. 9, 1918, by 
Fr. Curtin, ELIZABETH A. GIRMSEY, dau. 
John and Catherine Girmsey, b. Utica, N. 
Y. , July 20, 1888; entered Textile busi- 

ness at the Wood Worsted Mills, Lawrence, 
Mass.; later. Agent of the Shawsheen 
Mills, Shawsheen Village, Andover, Mass. 

Issue, BROWN, 1-2 b. Danielson, Conn., 
5rd b. Lawrence, Mass.: 

11756 Needham Ballou, Jr., b. Aug. 2b, 

11757 Barbara Hunt, b. Avig. 14, 1921. 

11758 Sally Louise, b. Dec. 24, 1927. 

10718 RICHARD HUNT BROWN (Joseph Carpen- 
ter Brown, Alpha Bartlett Ballou, George 
C, Oliver, Noah, Nathaniel, James, Matur- 
in), b. Methuen, Mass., Jan. 1, 1903; m. 
Wauregan, Conn., June 29, 1927, ELSA HOP- 
KINS YOUNG, dau. John and Elsie (Hopkins) 
Young, of Danielson, Conn., b. Portland, 
Ore., Aug. 14, 1902; Yale, B.S., 1927; 
electrical engineer in employ of the In- 
ternational Telegraph and Telephone Cor- 
poration, Shanghai, China; Mrs. Brown 
grad. Smith College, 1925. No issue. 

10720 DAVID SWEET BALLOD (Frederick D., 
David, George C, Oliver, Noah, Nathan- 
iel, James, Maturin), b. Lisbon, Conn., 
Apr. 8, 1904; m. Sandusky, Ohio, Apr. 27, 
1929, by Rev. Donald Woudus, HELEN DUDLEY 
BROWN, dau. Arthur V. and Maude A. (Rad- 
cliffe) Brown; grad. Brown Univ., Provi- 
dence, R. I.; fifth in line in cotton tex- 
tile business; salesman, Franklin Process 
Co., Providence, R. I.; formerly, Lieut, 
in 103 Field Artillery, R. I. National 
Guard; member B.F.A.; res. Deep Peqce 
Farm, R. F. D. 2, E. Greenwich, R. I. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Providence, R. I.: 
10720a Peter Brown, b. Nov. 21, 1932. 
10720b Frederick David II, b. Oct. 6, 

Walter, Preston, Eliel, Noah, Nathaniel, 
James, Maturin), b. No. AttleboDO, Mass., 
Oct. 25, 1887, d. No. Attleboro, Apr. 12 
1938; m. No. iittleboro, Mass., Jan. 3, 
1912, EMILY CAROLINE CURTIS, dau. Henry 
H. and Eva C. (Smith) Ciortis, by Rev. 
Ralph C. Conner, she b. Attleboro, Mass. 
Sept. 20, 1886, d. No. Attleboro, Mass., 
Dec. 12, 1952; grad. Phillips Exeter 
Academy, 1906; manager, R. Blackinton 
& Co., No. Attleboro, Mass. 



Issue, BALLOU, b. No. Attleboro, Mass.: 
10731a Walter Smith, b. Oct. 15, 1912, 

d. Sept. 15, 1916. 
10731b Ruth Ann, b. July 13, 1917; m. 

July 28, 1938, Mavirice G. Four- 

nier, s. Eugene and i^ucy Fournler; 

grad. Bradford Junior College and 

Oniv. of N. H., 1939; issue, 


10731ba David Gerard, b. Jan. 23 

10752 ARNOLD MARTIN BALLOO (William Mar- 
tin, Hiram, Stephen, Edward, Stephen, 
Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. Southing- 
ton, Conn., May 12, 1900; m. Meriden, 

Conn., June 27, , MARY F. SLATER, dau. 

Francis and Jennie Slater, b. Meriden, 
Conn., Oct. 16, 1904; Pres. Ballou & Nag- 
le Express Co., Inc.; res. 234 Elm St., 
Meriden, Conn. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Southington, Conn.: 

11759 Carol Elizabeth, b. Oct. 28, 1927. 

11760 William Arnold, b. Dec. 31, 1931. 

Isaac C, Flavius J., Levi, Ezeklel, Oba- 
diah, James, Maturin), b. Providence, R. 
I., Aug. 1, 1868; m. LUCY FARNSWORTH DOS- 
TIN, dau. Erdix Frauslin and Corrine 
Dwight (Tillotson) Dustin, grddau. Benja- 
min and Lucy Ann Dustin, of Danvers, 
Mass., b. Providence, R. I., Jan. 28, 
1888; res. Barrington, R. I. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Providence, R. I.: 

11761 Myron Clarence, Jr., b. Nov. 9, 

11762 Barbara Dustin, b. Sept. 25, 1916. 

11763 Kenneth Williams, b. May 28, 1918. 

Isaac C, Flavius J., Levi, Ezekiel, 
Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Providence, 
R. I., May 29, 1874; m. MABEL HOWARD 
VAUGHN, dau. William Parks and Frances 
(Williams) Vaughn; member of firm of 
Jenks and Ballou, consulting engineers. 
Providence, R. I.; res. 477 Hope St., 
Providence, R. I. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Providence, R. I.: 

11764 NORMAN VAUGHN, b. Oct. 10, 1902; 

liam H. Bisbee, Harriet M. Ballou, Levi, 
Levi Esq., Ezdkiel, Obadiah, James, Ma- 
turin), b. Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 10, 1868; 
m. Nov. 8, 1892, THOMAS FEFEL, who d. 

Issue, FEFEL: 

11765 Thomas B., b. Oct. 1, 1893; m. 
May 29, 1918, Edith L. King. 

11766 Lucy K., b. Nov. 4, 1898; m. Sept. 
16, 1922, Sherman E. Murphy; issue. 

11767 Norma Lee, b. Feb. 26, 1928. 

11768 William Henry, b. Oct. 25, 

11769 William Ballou, b. Dec. 9, 190S; 
m. Oct. 12, 1929, Dorothy King; 
issue, Fefel: 

11770 William Richard, b. Oct. 25, 

11771 Mary Elizabeth, b. May 4, 1908; mu 
Dec. 18, 1926, William Thomas Pat- 
terson; issue, Patterson: 

11772 William Thomas, Jr., b. 
Sept. 1, 1987. 

11773 Miriam P., b. Feb. 23, 1934. 
11774 Louise V., b. Mar. 6, 1911; m. 

Mar. 31, 1929, Marshall C. Ship- 
ley; issue, Shipley: 

11775 Katherine C, b. Apr. IS, 

11776 Lucy E., b. Nov. 29, 1931. 

11777 Dorothy E., b. Mar. 22, 

11778 Thomas 0., b. Dec. 15, 1935. 
11779 Joseph M. , b. Sept. 4, 1912; m. 

Dec. 22, 1934, Jessie E. Kelley; 

issue, Fefel: 

11780 Wayne B., b. Dec. 24, 1935. 

(Gen. William H. Bisbee, Harriet M. Bal- 
lou, Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, 
James, Maturin), b. Louisville, Ky., Aug. 
14, 1871; m. May 30, 1899, ANNETTA HODSE. 

Issue, BISBEE: 

11781 William Haymond, b. Apr. 29, 1902; 
m. Teaneck, N. J., Nov. 27, 1930, 
by Rev. Richard Baxter, Helyn H. 
Montross, b. June 30, 1907. 

11782 Robert H. , b. Nov. 10, 1904; m. 
New York, N. Y. , Oct. 27, 1927, by 
Rev. Edward I. Wheelan, Mary P. 
Hollingsworth, b. Oct. 15, 1907; 



radio operator on ocean steamers; 
later, service engineer with the 
R.C.A. Mfg. Co., a subsidiary of 
the Radio Corp. of Am.; issue, 

11783 Robert A., b. July 21, 1928. 

11784 Mary V., b. Sept. 7, 1930. 

11785 Martha A., b. Jan. 31, 

Ballou, Hon. Latimer W. , Levi, Levi Esq., 
Ezeklel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. 
Woonsocket, R. I., Mar. 17, 1867, d. Woon- 
socket, R. I., May 15, 1909; int. Oak 
Hill Cem., Woonsocket, R. I.; m. (1) BER- 
THA CHILSOK, dau. LeRoy L. Chilson, b. 
Woonsocket, R. I., Nov. 10, 1870, d. July 
4, 1902; int. Oak Hill Cem., Woonsocket, 
R. I.; (2) Apr. 6, 1904, EDITH COREY, who 
m. (2) William Kinsman, Pres. Towle Mfg. 
Co., Newbiiryport, Mass. 

Issue, SMITH, by 1st wife, b. Woonsocket, 

R. I.: 


R. I. 


LeROY BALLOO, b. Apr. 29, 1895; m. 
, SMITH, by 2nd wife, b. Woonsocket, 


Meredith Gardner, b. Dec. 30, 1905; 
m. Oxford, Eng., June 30, 1927, 
Earl Thoenen, a member of the Cali- 
fornia Bar; issue, Thoenen: 
11388 David Stanley, b. Cambridge, 
Mass., May 10, 1928. 

11789 Gardner, b. Oct. 20, 1931. 

11790 Arnold, b. Boston, Mar. 7, 

Frances Corey, b. Apr. 10, 1908; 
m. Newburyport, Sept. 7, 1932, 
John H. Brooks, Jr.; issue. 
Brooks, b. Boston, Mass.: 
11792 John H., 3rd, b. June 3, 

L., Hon. Latimer W. , Levi, Levi Esq., Eze- 
klel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Woon- 
socket, R. I., Oct. 8, 1872; m. Detroit, 
Mich., Apr. 23, 1902, by Rev. Rufus W. 
Clark, MARY BROWNELL BAMFORD, dau. Freder- 
ick and Susan A. (Darling) Bamford, grd- 
dau. Thomas and Charlotte Jane Bamford, 
of Lamport, England, b. Detroit, Mich., 
July 30, 1874. 

He received his B.S. degree from Mass. 
Inst, of Tech. in 1895 and his M.A. from 
Cornell Univ. in 1896. On leaving col- 
lege h e entered the Guerin Spinning Co. 
of Woonsocket, makers of woolen yarns, 
and became its agent. For six years he 
was "Aide," with rank of colonel on the 
staff of Gov. Aram J. Pothier, of Rhode 
Island. He is a member of Woonsocket 
Lodge, Chapter, Council and Commandery, 
of Masons. As a Republican he served his 
native city as President of the City Coun- 
cil and Board of Aldermen. In 1930 he 
was President of the Universalist Society 
and Bank Commissioner of the State of R. 
I. In 1936 he was appointed President 
of the Woonsocket Institution for Savings. 
Auditor, Ballou Family Association. Res. 
75 Harris Ave., Woonsocket,, R. I. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

11793 BARBARA, b. Nov. 17, 1903; m. (l) 

11794 Henry Latimer, b. Dec. 22, 1905; 
unm. Attended Moses Brown School, 
Providence; Exeter, Westminster; 
grad. Williams Coll., 1929, B.A. 
Associated with the Du^ont Co. of 
Wilmington, Del.; 1941, employed 
by Hornblower & Weeks, Providence, 
R. I. 

8183 MARIE LOUISE BALLOO (Hon. Henry L., 
Hon. Latimer W., Levi, Levi, Esq., Eze- 
kiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Woon- 
socket, R. I., Feb. 8, 1878, d. Woon- 
socket, R. I., Aug. 8, 1936; m. Woon- 
socket, R. I., Oct. 13, 1917, by Rev. Gil- 
bert Ayers, FRANK SEWALL BOWKER, s. Char- 
les Hi. -and Mary (Grant) Bowker, b. Wor- 
cester, Mass., Apr. 28, 1878; textile 
manxifacturer, Woonsocket, R. I. 

Issue, BOWKER, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

11795 Francis Sewall, b. May 2, 1919. 

L., Hon. Latimer W., Levi, Levi Esq., 
Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. 
Woonsocket, R. I., Dec. 7, 1881; m. Fall 
River, Mass., June 20, 1912, JANET MILNE, 
dau. Joseph D. and Georgie (Wright) 
Milne, b. Fall River, Mass., Aiig. 20, 



He is a graduate of Mass. -l-nst. of 
Tech., 1904, B.S. After graduation he 
was interested in the textile industry 
in Providence, but is now State Agent of 
The Prudential Life Insurance Co. for R. 
I. Res. 67 Orchard Ave., Providence, R. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 

11796 Richard Milne, b. Sept. £2, 1913. 

11797 John Milne, b. June 19, 1917. 

Ballou, Hon. Latimer W. , Levi, Levi Esq., 
Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Uaturin), b. 
Woonsocket, R. I., Oct. 15, 1875, d. Bos- 
ton, Mass., Jan. 25, 1934; int. Oak Hill 
Cem., Woonsocket, R. I.; m. (l) ALICE 
EMELINE KELSEY, dau. Otis and Jennie (Bar- 
low) Kelsey, b. Merlden, Conn., Mar. 30, 
1879, d. Woonsocket, R. I., Dec. 11, 1914; 
(2) East Dennis, Mass., June 5, 1917, 
Isabelle Mansfield, of Peoria, 111., who 
d. Dec. 11, 1932; (3) Wrentham, Mass., 

R. I.: 



SWEATT, ty 1st wife, b. Woonsocket, 

KELSEY BALLOD, b. Aug. 13, 1906; m. 
Helen Louise, b. Apr. 18, 1911; m. 
Lincoln, Mass., July 14, 1934, by 
Rev. Charles Thorp, James Oilman 
Swain, s. William H. and Eva Maude 
(Oilman) Swain, grds. William and 
Adaline (Worthy) Swain, of Skow- 
hegan. Me., b. Somerville, Nov. 2, 
1908; res. Holliston, Mass.; issue, 
Swain, b. Newton, Mass.: 
11800 Myron Oilman, b. Sept. 6, 

Alice Virginia, b. July 19, 1914; 
children's librarian, Harris Insti- 
tute Library, Woonsocket, R. I. 

8191 KATE STANLEY BALLOD (George R,, Levi 
T., Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, 
Maturin), b. Sidney, Nebr., July 5, 1872; 
m. St. John's Episcopal Church, Milford, 
Mass., Dec. 14, 1892, by Rev. John Bart- 
lett Wicks of Trinity Church, JAY SMITH 
CLARKE, s. Silas M. and Abby Ann (Smith) 
Clarke, of Hamilton, N. Y. , b. Earlville, 
Madison Co., N. Y., Jiay 14, 1868; res. 
"The Old Ballou Homestead," Cumberland, R.I. 

2nd b. 







CLARKE, 1st b. Pawtucket, R. I., 
Millville, Mass., 3-5 b. Rifton, 
Co., N. Y. , 6-7 b. Stamford, Conn.: 
Sidney Ballou, b. Feb. 25, 1894, d. 
Millville, Oct. 2, 1896; int. 
Blackstone, Mass. Cem. 
Walter Seymour, b. Oct. 2, 1895; m. 
Stamford, Jan. 11, 1922, by Rev. C. 
M. Goodman, Eleanor Ifyrle Little, 
dau. Augustus and Victoria (Yale) 
Little, b. Montreal, Can,, Feb. 22, 
1904. No issue. 

Margaret Louise, b. Dec. 21, 1898; 
m. St. John's Episcopal Church, 
Stamford, May 31, 1924, by Rev. 
Gerald Cunningham, Leon William 
Sloat, s. Robert Calvin and Mary 
(Ritch) Sloat, b. Stamford, Sept. 
9, 1897; issue, Sloat, 2-3 b. 
Greenwich, Conn. : 

11805 Son, b. Oct. 9, 1926, d. 
in infancy. 

11806 Doris Clarke, b. Sept. 25, 

11807 Clifford Walton, b. Sept. 
25, 1930, twin. 

Katharyn Ballou, b. Sept. 7, 1900; 
m. Grace Episcopal Church, White 
Plains, N. Y., Sept. 30, 1922, by 
Rev. Frank A. Simmonds, Otis Robert 
Severance, s. Edson Sumner and Lily 
Maud (Morgan) Severance, b. North- 
field, Mass., Sept. 28, 1895; is- 
sue. Severance, b. Bedford, N. Y. : 
11809 Shirley Elizabeth, b. Nov. 

14, 1924. 
Alleen Ballou, b. Nov. 13, 1902; m. 
Wickliffe, Ohio, Nov. 22, 1931, by 
Rev. Albert W. Doctor, Rev. Edward 
Alvan Lewis, s. Charles Wales and 
Ella Irene (Stewart) Lewis, b. 
Haverhill, Mass., July 6, 1895; 
member B.F.A.; res. Center Ossipee, 
N. H. No issue. 

Roger Ballou, b. July 25, 1904, d. 
Stamford, Oct. 11, 1905; int. 
Blackstone, Mass. Cem. 
Helen Doris, b. Nov. 15, 1914; m. 
Bedford Hills, N. Y., Sept. 1, 1933 
by Rev. Benjamin Dennis ton, George 
Washington Croasdale, s. Joseph 
Bozorth and Anna (Deputy) Ctoasdale 
b. Camden, N. J., Feb. 24, 1908; 
issue, Croasdale, b. Mt. Kisco,N.Yj 
11813 Joyce Alleen, b. June 5, 




6193 LAURANCE (not Lawrence) WATERS BAL 

LOO (George R., Levi T., Levi Esq., Eze 

kiel, Obadiah, 

berland, R. I., 

L. I., July 23, 

GioTfey, Rector 

Church, LILLYEN 

ard B. Waters, 

1, 1881. 

James, Maturin) , b. Cum- 
May 9, 1880; m. Elmhurst, 
1904, by Rev. Edward Mc- 

of St. James Episcopal 
ELISE WATERS, dau. Rich- 

of Shamokin, Pa., b. June 

A baritone singer and community song 
leader, he was a captain of the N. Y. 
State Railroad Police for the Long Island 
Division of the Penn R. R. Member B.F.A. 
Issue, BALLOO, b. Shamokin, Pa.: 

11814 Laurence Waters, Jr., b. July 30, 

11815 Douglas Staples, b. Jan. 20, 1910, 
d. Mar. 28, 1911; int. Shamokin, 
Pa. Cem. 

11816 Richard Guard, b. May 5, 1911; 
grad. Newton H.S., Elmhurst, L. I. 

11817 Louise Ripley, b. Aug. 6, 1914; 
grad. Newton H.S., Elmhurst, L. I. 

8197 LEVI HERBERT BALLOD (Levi A., Levi 
T., Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, 
James, Maturin), b. Woonsocket, R. I., 
Mar. 1, 1883; m. Woonsocket, R. I., 
Apr. 29, 1909, by Rev. Charles A. Den- 
bert Clinton and Lottie (Hall) Darling, 
b. Woonsocket, R. I., Oct. 5, 1881, d. 
Walpole, Mass., Dec. 26, 1935. No issue. 

8296 WILLARD ALGER (changed from ALFRED) 
BALLOD (William A., William, William, 
Maj. Reuben, Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, 
Maturin), b. Pawtucket, R. I., July 12, 
1881; m. Christ's Episcopal Church, 
Fitchburg, Mass., Apr. 28, 1906, FRANCES 
PEARLE TILTON, dau. Franklin and Alice 
Hazel (Adams) Tilton, b. Groton, N. H., 
Dec. 18, 1880; res. 104 Fremont St., 
Bridgeport, Conn. 

He attended the Lawrence H.S. and 
graduated from Phillips Andover Academy 
in 1900. From "American Men of Science y 
we learn that he held the following de- 
grees: Rhode Island State College, B.S., 
Teachers College, B.A., Columbia Dniver- 
slty, M.A., Dniverslty of Pennsylvania, 
Ph.D. For tenyyears prior to the World 
War I Doctor Ballou was instructor of 
mathematics at Pratt Institute. During 

the War he was research ballistician for 
the Ordnance Dept., and afterwards educa- 
tional advisor on the general staff of 
the D. S. Army. From 1922-1927 he was 
Dean of the Pennsylvania State Teachers 
College. Then he was appointed grofess^or 
of Mathematics at the Junior College of 
Connecticut. Dr. Ballou is the author of 
"American College Faculties" and numerous 
technical publications; a Fellow of the 
Imer. Assn. for the Advancement of 
Science, American Mathematical Society; 
a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Pi Gamma 
Mu Fraternities and many technical and 
professional societies. Member and Past 
President of The Ballou Family Assn. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

11818 Hervey Tilton, b. Lawrence, Dec. 
29, 1907; m. Plymouth Cong. Ch., 
Seattle, Wash., Mar. 3, 1937, by 
Dr. L. Kendall Fifield, Mary Jean 
Roe, dau. Francis J. and Martha 
(Corson) Roe, b. Seattle, Wash., 
1915. Ed. at West Chester, Pa, 
H.S. and Penn. State Coll. After 
leaving college he went to Seat- 
tle, where he engaged in engineer- 
ing work and became interested 

in many business ventures. 

11819 Adelaide Lo\iise, b. Brooklyn, N. 
y.. Mar. 12, 1909. Graduated from 
West Chester H.S. and the Hospi- 
tal Nursing School of the Oniv. 

of Penn. Supervisor of Women's 
Medical Ward of Bridgeport, Conn. 

William, William, MaJ. Reuben, Ezdkiel, 
Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Lawrence, 
Mass., Sept. 19, 1888; m. The Parsonage, 
Ayer, Mass., June 24, 1918, by Rev. Jos- 
eph Thomas, EDITH YALE BALLOD, dau. Wil- 
liam Herbert and Marian Lenora (Yale) 
Ballou, b. Flushing, L. i., Sept. 15, 
1898; res. Branford, Conn. 

His wedding was fourteen days before 
he went overseas. He enlisted and went 
to Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass. on Sept. 8, 
1917, as a mechanic. After eleven months 
he was assigned to Co. A 1st Machine Gvm 
Battalion, 76th Dlv., M.V.M. , and sent 
to France July 8, 1918. A year later he 
returned and was honorably discharged. 


Although a carpenter by trade, he is in- 
terested in developing a poiiltry busi- 

Issue, BALLOD, 1 b. Lawrence, 2 b. Ueth- 
uen, 3-4 b. Branford, Conn.: 

11820 Harry Murray, b. June 5, 1920. 

11821 Raymond Willard, b. Nov. 26, 1924. 

11822 William Yale, b. June 13, 1929. 

11823 Donald Tallman, b. Jan. 10, 1931. 

Allan, Barton Allan, Rev. Barton, Levi, 
Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin) , b. 
Providence, R. I., Oct. 22, 1893; m. 
Middlefield, Uass., June 11, 1928, by 
Rev. Wolcott Coit Treat, CAROLINE ELIZA- 
BETH CAPWELL, dau. Remington Pendleton, 
M.D. and Sarah Paine (Brayton) Capwell, 
b. Slatersville, R. I., May 20, 1898; 
res. 79 Oriole Ave., Providence, R. I. 

Mr. Ballou, like his grandfather, is 
a Jeweler manufactiirer, and was educat- 
ed in the schools of Providence and Hart- 
ford, Conn., and in Eurppe. Received 
his Ph.B. from Brown University in 1916. 
Member B.F.A. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Providence, R. I.: 

11824 Frederick Remington, b. Feb. 14, 

11825 Caroline Brayton, b. Feb. 27, 

11826 Judith Jefferson, b. Feb. 27, 
1931, twin. 

10844 FRANCIS LATIMER COOK (Naomi Paine 
Cook, Zimri Cook, Joanna Ballou, Levi, 
Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. 
Woonsocket Falls, R. I., Aug. 6, 1848, 
d. Fairfield, Iowa, Apr. 27, 1927; m. 
Fairfield, Iowa, Feb. 22, 1877, by Rev. 
Samuel Wilkinson, MARTHA EMMA KNIGHT, 
dau. George Knight, b. Fairfield, Iowa, 
Dec. 14, 1858; int. Evergreen Cem. , 
Fairfield, Iowa. Machinist. 

Issue, COOK, b. Moline, 111.: 

11827 Elsie Louise, b. Nov. 13, 1879; 
m. H. L. Cockerill. 

11828 HERBERT LEIGH, b. Aug. 20, 1880; 

11829 HENRY ALLEN, b. Mar. 12, 1883; m. 

11830 James Knight, b. June 23, 1884; 


m. Cornelia Coryell. 

11831 Charles Francis, b. Apr. 12, 1889, 
d. Jan. 28, 1900; int. Forest Hill 
Cem., Moline, 111. 

8427 CHARLES B. GIFFORD (Chloe A. Briggs 
Mary Ballou, Daniel, Joseph, Daniel, 
Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Douglas, 
Mass., Jan. 2, 1874; m. Slatersville, 
R. I., June 29, 1904, by Rev. Walter Ela, 
ELLA M. YOUNG, dau. John C F. and 
Betsey Young, grddau. Alba R. and Ann 
Eliza Young, of Chepachet, R. I., b. 
Slatersville, R. I., May 6, 1882. 

Issue, GIFFORD, b. Bridgeton, R. I.: 

11832 Averill Luella, b. Mar. 14, 1909. 

8431 GEORGE W. GIFFORD (Chloe A. Briggs, 
Mary Ballou, Daniel, Joseph, Daniel, 
Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. Burrill- 
ville, R. I., Feb. 22, 1884; m. Provi- 
dence, R. I., July 31, 1910, MARION AR- 
NOLD ESTY, dau. Frank Spaulding and 
Annie Elizabeth (Arnold) Esty, b. Wash- 
ington, D. C, Nov. 12, 1889 (See Snow- 
Estes Ancestry, vol. 2:1-26 for Esty 

Issue, GIFFORD: 

11833 Seth Manning, b. ^>urrillville. 
May 21, 1911, d. Maine, Aug. 8, 

11834 Ruth Chloe or Ruth Ballou, b. 
Bristol Mills, Me., May 14, 1913; 
m. Providence, May 9 or 12, 1936, 
Reynold Gervasio, s. A. U. Gervas- 
io, of Cranston, R. I.; baker. 

11835 Weston Briggs, b. Jefferson, Me., 
May 31, 1915; m. June 26, 1937, 
Beatrice Emma Worrall; issue, 

11836 Carol Ann, b. Woonsocket, 
June 26, 1938. 
11837 Georgiana >^estbrook, b. No. New- 
castle, Me., Jan. 10, 1917; m. 
Providence, Mar. 17, 1934 or 
Nov. 17, 1935, Corlis Joseph 
Lange, Jr., b. Burrillville, Feb. 
28, 1916; issue, Lange: 

11838 Corlis Joseph, 4th, b. July 
19, 1935, d. Burrillville, 
July 20, 1935. 

11839 Robert Arnold, b. Woon- 
socket, June 22, 1936. 

11840 Helen Inez, b. Old Orchard, Me., 


RAT.T.fin VtUJ 


June 15, 1919. 

11841 Doris Elisabeth, b. Feb. 21, 1922, 
d. BurrlllTille, Feb. 21, 1922. 

11842 Arnold Francis, b. Burrillville, 
Kar. 22, 1925. 

10870 DORIS ESTHER BALLOO (Job 0., Job, 
Daniel, Joseph, Daniel, Obadiah, James, 
Haturin), b. Pascoag, R. I., Not. 3, 
1902; B. Pascoag, R. I., Jan. 25, 1925, 
THOMAS D. GOLDRICK, s. Dennis Goldrick, 
b. Mapleville, R. I., Mar. 30, 1895; m. 
b7 Rev. John Dowllng; postmaster, Pas- 
coag, R. I.; res. 66 So. Main St., Pas- 
coag, R. I. 

Issue, GOLDRICK, 1 and 3 b. Providence, 
S b. Pascoag, R. I.: 

11843 Thomas D., Jr., b. Sept. 1, 1925. 

11844 Robert B., b. Mar. 30, 1927. 

11845 Catherine A., b. Not. 24, 1929. 

Job, Daniel, Joseph, Daniel, Obadiah, 
James, Maturin), b. Pascoag, R. I., 
Hot. 27, 1904; m. Pascoag, R. I., Apr. 
18, 1929, by BeT. John Dowling, EDWARD 
P. TORPBI, s. John and Margaret Torpey, 
b. Pascoag, R. I., Not. 6, 1894; mechan- 
ic; res. 68 So. Main St., Pascoag, B. I. 

Issue, TORPEY, 1 and 3 b. Providence, 2 

b. Pascoag, R. I.: 

11646 Edward F., Jr., b. Not. 4, 1929. 

11847 John, b. Not. 14, 1930. 

11848 Joan, b. Mar. 28, 1933. 

10872 JOB OSCAR BALLOU (Job 0., Job, 
Daniel, Joseph, Daniel, Obadiah, James, 
Maturin), b. Pascoag, R. I., Sept. 25, 
1906; m. ProTidence, R. I., June 12, 
1935, by ReT. Arthur W. CleaTes, KELLY 
ANN KASKELA, dau. Isudor and Frances 
Kaskela, b. Pawtucket, R. I., June 14, 
1917; connected with the lumber and 
trucking business; res. Griffin St., Pas- 
coag, B. I. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. ProTidence, R. I.: 

11849 June Claire, b. Jan. 8, 1936. 

10878 ANQIE AILEEN SHERMAN (Georgianna 
Brown Bellou, Andrew Knight, Daniel, 
Joseph, Daniel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), 
b. Pascoag, R. I., Sept. 17, 1886; m. 
Providence, R. I., June 25, 1905, by 

ReT. Frederick J. Bassett, THEODORE 
ADOLF DROZ, s. Herman E. A. and ^nrienk 
Barbara (Gruetzner) Droz, b. ProTidence, 
R. I., Oct. 13, 1678; res. 319 Oxford 
St., ProTidence, R. I. 

Issue, DROZ, b. ProTidence, R. I.: 

11850 Georgians Mildred, b. Mar. 14, 

11851 MarTin Arnold, b. Feb. 12, 1907. 

11852 Wallle Clinton, b. Apr. 23, 1919. 

10875 ANDREW KNIGHT BALLOO (Albertus C, 
Andrew K. , Daniel, Joseph, Daniel, Oba- 
diah, James, Maturin), b. Pascoag, R. I. 
May 30, 1898; m. ProTidence, R. I., Sept. 
14, 1922, by ReT. Oscar Almfeldt, 
VIOLA RYDEN, dau. Edwin and Anna (Peter- 
son) Ryden, b. ProTidence, R. I., Apr. 
11, 1903; bookkeeper, A. k P. Stores, 
Inc.; res. 15 Bain St., Arlington, R. I. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. ProTidence, R. I.: 

11853 Aileen,b. Mar. 22, 1924. 

11854 Andrew Knight, Jr., b. July 21, 

Eddy B., Joseph, Joseph, Daniel, Obadiah 
James, Maturin), b. Grundy Co., Iowa, 
Jan. 18, 1878, d. Fairmont, Minn., Aug. 
16, 1937; int. Lakeside Cem., Fairmont, 
Minn.; m. Fairmont, Minn., Not. 26, 1914, 
ELMA M. HOOGHTALING, dau. Elmore and 
Mary (Wade) Houghtaling, of Fairmont, 

Mr. Ballou was a graduate of the Law 
Department of the UniTersity of Iowa; 
Clerk of the District Court of Cherokee 
County, Iowa, 1902 to 1906. In 1916 he 
and his brother, Ellis L. Ballou, form- 
ed a partnership for the practice of 
law In Fairmont, Minnesota, under the 
name of Ballou k Ballou. The partner- 
ship continued until his death. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Fairmont, Minn.: 

11855 William Houghtaling, b. Sept. 19, 

11856 Mary OliTe, b. Dec. 9, 1917. 

Eddy B. , Joseph, Joseph, Daniel, Obadiah 
James, Maturin), b. Blackhawk Co., Iowa, 
June 15, 1885; m. Apr. 17, 1917, by ReT. 


Mr. Swearlngen of St. Paul, Hlzm., BER- 
MICE E. CABTEB, dau. DaTld B. Carter, 
of Fond-du-Lac, Wis., b. fielllSTllle, 
Clark Co., Wis. 

Graduate of the Law Department of the 
University of Minnesota. In 1916 he and 
his brother. Banning E. Ballou, formed 
a partnership for the practice of law 
in Fairmont, Minnesota. The partnership 
continued until the death of his brother 
on August 16, 1957, and the business is 
now being carried on by Ellis L. Ballou. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Fairmont, Minn.: 

11857 Barbara LeBarron, b. June 9, 19£S. 

11170 EDGAR BALLOO (Jamin, Jirah, David 
Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturing, 
b. Bristol, H. H. , June 10, 1690; m. 
Bristol, H. H. , by Her. W. E. Eirkpat- 
rick, BLAJICHE B0Y5T0N, dau. Elbrldge 
Boynton, b. Ashland, N. H., Dec. 3, 1888. 

Issue, BALLOU, 1 b. Bristol, S-4 b. Hew 
Hampton, S. H. : 

11858 Tiola E., b. Feb. £, 1909. 

11859 Jamin A., b. Dec. IS, 1910. 

11860 Carl E., b. Feb. 7, 1913. 

11861 Celia E., b. Not. 2, 1914. 

11171 FLOREflCE ELLEH BALLOU (Jamin, Jir- 
ah, DaTid, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, 
Maturln), b. Bristol, N. H., Feb. 8, 
1892; m. (l) July 4, 1905, HARRY HUCKIBS, 
s. Simon Huckins, of Bristol, N. H. ; (S) 
Sanbanton Square, Bristol, B. H., July 
24, 1915, by Rev. A. S. Nutter, JOHN 
GALLAGHER, JR., s. John Gallagher, of 

Issue, HUCKIBS, 1 b. Bristol, 2 b. 
Bridgewater, 3-4 b. New Hampton, N. H. : 

11862 Celia L., b. Jan. 4, 1909. 

11863 Florence B., b. Feb. 18, 1912. 

11864 CalTin H., b. Oct. 4, 1913. 

11865 Dorothy G., b. July 3, 1914. 

11866 John W., b. Aug. 2, 1916. 

11867 Warren A., b. Sept. 12, 1917. 

11868 Virene M., b. June 22, 1919. 

11869 Harry A., b. Sept. 4, 1921. 

11870 Walter F., b. Nov. 12, 1923, 

11871 Richard P., b. July 19, 1926. 

11872 Frank E., b. Oct. 14, 1928. 


Jirah, David, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Windham, Vt., Aug. 
25, 1875; m. Chester, Vt., Apr. 26, 1899, 
by Rev. James M. Ashton, REV. CHARLES L. 
FISK, D. D. , s. Wilbur Nathan and Agnes 
(Monagan) Fisk, of Hartford, Conn., grds. 
Nathan Fisk, of Poultney, Vt., b. Meriden 
Conn., Dec. 20, 1868, d. West Palm Beach, 
Fla., May 24, 1933. 

Krom the pen of Mrs. Fisk, we quote: 
"For eighteen years, 1908-1926, I was 
Cartoonist Lecturer under the Redpath 
Affiliated and Swarthmore Bureaus, tour- 
ing every state in the union, and all but 
two Canadian provinces. During the 
World War I served under the Red Cross 
as a successful money raiser. Since 
Jan. 1, 1927, I have been Asst. Supt. 
of the Ohio Congregational Conference. 
I am a Congregationalist and licensed 
to preach. I am a member of the Order 
of the Eastern Star." Her early educa- 
tion was in the grade school of Windham, 
Vt., Black River Academy, Ludlow, Vt., 
L. and G. Seminary, and Moody School, 
Northfield, Mass. 

Issue, FISK: 

11873 Marion Agnes, b. Oak Park, 111., 
July 29, 1900; m. Cleveland 
Heights, 0., June 28, 1927, by 
Rev. Charles L. Fisk, her father. 
Rev. W. C. Giersbacb, s. Ellse 
Giersbach, b. Milwaukee, Wis., 
Sept. 28, 1897; she was ed. at 
Oberlin Coll. and Kindergarten 
Training School, also at Bush 
Conservatory; he grad. Northland 
Coll. and Chicago Theological 
Seminary; res. 2322 So. Willard 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

11874 Son, d. in infancy. 

11875 Rev. Chester Ballou, b. Sabetha, 
Kans., Dec. 16, 1905; grad. Cleve- 
land Heights, 0. H.S. and attend- 
ed Mt. Hermon School for Boys, 
Northfield, Mass., 1923; grad. 
Princeton Univ., 1927, spent three 
years at Chicago Theological Semi- 
nary, from which he graduated 
with highest honors and granted 
B.D., Chicago Onlv., 1930, M.A., 
with a two-year fellowship for 
study In a German University. 



8661 MARIOS MAY BALLOD (Frederick J., 
Jlrah, David, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Eeene, N. H., Maj 
18, 1876, d. Sept. 25, 1902; m. Alexan- 
dria, N. H., Jan. 21, 1893, by Rev. Jus- 
tice Gale, WESTON JAMES BRALEY, s. El- 
bridge James and Lavina (Waldron) Braley, 
b. Alexandria, N. H., Jan. 20, 1874. 

He came to Bristol, N. H. in 1887 and 
was employed by the Mason-Perkins Paper 
Co. Republican. 

Issue, BRALEY, b. Bristol, N. H. : 

11876 Bertha Julia, b. Aug. 6, 1895; m. 

Jerry Keefe; res. Keene, N. H.; 

issue, KEEFE: 

11877 John. 

11878 Marion. 

11879 Andrew. 

11880 Clyde Edward, b. Mar. 16, 1898; 
m. Keene, Katherine Elizabeth 
Callahan, dau. William J. (b. 
London, Eng., Mar. 26, 1861) and 
Agnes (O'Connell, b. Keene, May 
26, 1869) Callahan; res. Keene, 
N. H. No issue. 

8662 AGNES EMELINE BALLOO (Frederick J., 
Jirah, David, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Montague, Mass., Mar. 
5, 1885; m. Bristol, N. H., Apr. 25, 
1903, by Rev. Mr. Thomas, EDWARD 0. LORD, 
s. Edward 0. Lord, of Boston, Mass.; res. 
Alexandria, N. H. 

Issue, LORD, 1-4 b. Bristol, 6-9 b. Alex- 
andria, N. H.: 

11881 Clifton Edward, b. Feb. 22, 1904. 

11882 Myra Emeline, b. Oct. 11, 1907. 

11883 Ruth Elizabeth, b. Feb. 25, 1909; 
school tchr. 

11884 Frederick Stephen, b. June 19, 

11885 Edward Nathan, b. Mar. 27, 1918. 

11886 Lelia May, b. Nov. 20, 1920. 

11887 Child, b. July 7, 1924. 

11888 Belle, b. Oct. 26, 1985. 

11889 Erma Louise, b. Sept. 18, 1928. 

Bonaparte, Abner K., Jesse, Jesse, Elea- 
zer, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Cleve- 
land, Ohio, Mar. 15, 1877; m. Ellens- 
burg, Wash., Sept. 18, 1902, by Rev. 
Johns, LENA MILLS, dau. George and Mary 

(Sample) Mills, b. Fort Dodge, la.. 

Mar. 8, ; res. Svmnyslde, Wash. 

No issue. 

I Mr. Ballou states that he came to 
Montana in 1888, where he was the larg- 
est white boy among 1800 Indians on a 
Reservation. His father followed the 
building of the Great Northern Railroad 
from Harve to Spokane, Wash. Educated 
in an Indian school. 1898, Joined the 
1st Washington Volunteer Infantry and 
spent eleven months in the Phillipines; 
23 months service; private; special duty 
as member of the D.S.W.V. Member Mason- 
ic Lodge; Past Commander, Commandery 
Knights Templars; member Shrine Afife 
Temple, Tacoma, Wash. Railroad fireman 
37 years; brakeman 7 years; conductor 1 
year; member of the Tacoma, Wash. Police 
Department 4 years; Deputy Sheriff, 
Kittitas Co. Contractor 25 years. 

10952 HENRY ARTHUR BALLOO (John Francis, 
Leonard, Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Matiorin), b. West Swanzey, N. H., 
July 23, 1872, d. Bridgetown, Barbadoes, 
Nov. 4, 1937; m. (1) 1898, Bernardston, 
Mass., JOSIE B. HARTWELL, who d. 1902; 
(2) B.W.I. , 1907, by Right Rev. Bishop 
of Barbadoes, KATE H. A. DEIQHTON, dau. 
Horace and Catherine M. (Forsyth) 
Deighton, b. Barbadoes, 1882. No issue. 

"Ballou, Henry Arthur. C.B.E., 1933; 
M.Sc; late Commissioner a£d Entomologist, 
Imperial Department of Agriculture for 
the West Indies, and Professor of Entomo- 
logy, Imperial College of Tropical Agri- 
cvature; retired, 1933; Edue.: Public 
Schools, Fitchburg, Mass., Mass. Agrlcvil- 
tural College, B.Sc, 1895; M.Sc, 1906. 
Entomologist, Imperial Department of 
Agriculture for the West Indies since 
1903; on amalgamation of Imp. Depart, 
with Imperial College of Tropical Agri- 
culture appointed Assistant Commissioner, 
Imp. Depart., and Professor of Entomology, 
Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture; 
employed Gipsy Moth Commission (Mass.), 
1695; private practice in Econ. Entom., 
1896; Instr. Entom., Botany and Forestry, 
Conn. Agric. Coll., 1897-1901; Post grad- 
uate M.A.C., 1901-3, at request of Egyp- 
tian Government seconded for study of 
pink bollworm of cotton In Egypt , 


1916-17. (Order of the Hlle, 3rd Class); 
Kember of conference of Economic Entomo- 
logists, London, 19S0. Publications: 
man7 papers and reports on scientific 
subjects relating to Agriculture and In- 
sect pests (including handbook Insect 
Pests of Lesser Antilles), mostly pub- 
lished by Imperial Department of Agricul- 
ture." From "Who's Who," London, 1937. 
His name is honored in "The American 
Men of Science," edited by Dr. J. HcKeen 
Cattel, and is also found in other bio- 
graphical volumes. 

10953 MABEL FLORA BALLOO (John Francis, 
Leonard, Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Greenville, Hllls- 
boro Co., N. E. , Sept. 23, 1674, d. 
Fltchburg, Mass., Aug. S4, 1908; n. West 
Fltchburg, Mass., Dec. 29, 1898, by Rev. 
s. John E. and Harriet M. (Morgan) 
Goodfellow, b. Fltchburg, Mass., Apr. 9, 
1869; she is int. Mt. Pleasant Cem., 
Westminister, Mass. 

Mr. Goodfellow Is a mailcarrier and 
served as secretary of the Fltchburg 

Issue, GOODFELLOW, b. Fltchburg, Mass.: 

11890 John Ballou, b. Oct. 16, 1905. 

11891 Herbert Eames, b. May 15, 1907. 

10954 JOHN ROSCOE BALLOO (John Francis, 
Leonard, Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
Jeunes, Maturin), b. Fltchburg, Mass., 
Oct. 2, 1882, d. Westminister, Mass., 
Aug. 26, 1921; m. Westminster, Mass., 
Dec. 27, 1910, GRACE LYHDS. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

11892 Constance. 

11893, Phebe L., 1935, res. 493 Worces- 
ter Road, Framingham, Mass. 

10958 MARY DHABELLE BALLOO (Willard I., 
Willard, Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Swanzey, N. H., Apr. 
26, 1871; m. Rindge, M. H., Sept. 20, 
1692, TROMAA L. BALLOO, s. Lorenzo and 
Italy (Ballou) Ballou, b. Swanzey, H. H., 
May 28, 1850, d. Swanzey, N. H., Mov. 19, 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Winchendon, Mass.: 


11894 John Truman, b. Feb. 20, 1893, d. 
Mar. 7, 1893. 

I., Willard, Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Sam- 
uel, James, Maturin), b. Swanzey, B. H., 
Dec. 29, 1874; m. Keene, B. H., June 22, 
1904, JOSEPHINE WARNER, dau. Herbert and 
Dora (Paine) Warner, b. Winchester, B. 
H., June 5, 1884; storekeeper, Glisum, 
B. H. 

Issue, BALLOO, 1 b. Gilsua, £-3 b. Keene, 
B. H.: 

11895 Bernlce Josephine, b. July 11, 
1907; m. Newport, fl. E. , Oct. 6, 
1927, Philip King Brown, s. Wln- 
fred and Charlotte (King) Brown, 
b. July 11, 1903; issue. Brown: 
11896 Philip King, Jr., b. May 

6, 1928. 

11897 Donald Warner, b. Feb. 24, 19—. 

11898 Floyd Harold, b. Mar. 23, 1916. 

Willard, Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Swanzey, B. H. , June 
14, 1893; m. Worcester, Mass., Sept. 18, 
1917, by Rev. H. G. Bradley, EDWIB B. 
HALE, s. John and Chloe (Rice) Hale, b. 
Troy, B. E., Mar. 27, 1895; farmer; res. 
Swanzey, B. S.; P. 0., R.F.D. 4, Winches- 
ter, N. H. 

Issue, HALE, b. Swanzey, B. E. : 

11899 Willard Ballou, b. Dec. 30, 1918. 

11900 Mildred Emergene, b. July 6, 1920. 

10961 WILLARD F. BALLOO (Joseph W., Wil- 
lard, Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Richmond, B. H. , Bov. 
12, 1866, d. Apr. 12, 1926; m. BELLIE 
FISHER, dau. J^iss Fisher, who d. 193S; 
int. Swanzey, B. H. Cem. 

Issue, BALLOU, 1-3 b. Richmond, 4 b. 
Keene, B. S. : 

11901 Claude, \uim.; with City W&ter 
Works, Keene; res. 706 Main St., 
Keene, B. E. 

11902 Ivah H., m. ; carpenter and 

builder; res. £2 Bafeker St., 
Keene, B. H.; issue, Ballou: 
11903 Child. 

11904 Henry. 

11905 Ronald, with Johnson Lumber Co.; 



res. 706 Main St., Keene, N. H. 

1096Z FRAIK J. BALLOO (Joseph W., Wll- 
lard, Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturln), b. East Swanzej, H. H., 
Feb. S5, 1871, d. Rochester, N. H., Jan. 

7, 19Z6; int. East Swanzey, B. H. Cem. ; 
B. Springfield, Mass., Apr. 25, 1894, 
BERTHA HOLBROOE, dau. Herbert and Hattle 
(Bennett) Holbrook, b. Springfield, Mass. 
Apr. 8, 1877; Mason of Monadnock Lodge, 
Troy, fi. H. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. East Swanzey, B. H.: 
11906 Lawrence Frank, b. May Z, 1906; 
m. Strathan, B. H. , Sept. ZO, 
19Z4, by Rev. J. H. LeRoy, Doro- 
thy Pearson, dau. Frank H. Pear- 
son, b. Stratham, B. H., Bov. 17, 
1904. Grad. B. H. Oniv., 19Z1, 
B.S.; member of Sigma Alpha Epsi- 
lon Fraternity; 1st Lt. in the 
Organized Reserves, D. S. Army; 
proprietor of the G. T. Laundry, 
Rochester, B. H.; issue, Ballou, 
b. Rochester, B. H.: 
11907 Joseph Frank, b. July 29, 

10967 GEORGE LXHAB BALLOO (Frank £., Wil 
lard, Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturln), b. Swanzey, B. H., Sept. 

8, 1874; m. Swanzey, M. H., Apr. 25, 
1905, by Rev. George Furness, BELLIE E. 
LABE, dau. Martin L. and Flora E. (Wll- 
coz) Lane, b. Swanzey, B. H., Aug. 22, 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Swanzey, B. H.: 

11908 Merle Lane, b. Oct. 26, 1906; grad 
Mt. Heinnon School, 1925; 1934, 1st 
class Radio Man, 0. S. Coast 

11909 Harry, b. July 8, 1911, d. at 

(Frank E., Willard, Silas, Jesse, Elea- 
zer, Samuel, James, Maturln), b. Rich- 
mond, B. H., Jan. 22, 1877; m. (1) Jan. 
29, 1890, PEARL DICEIBSOB, dau. Joseph 
and Mary (Eaton) I>icklnson, of Swanzey, 
B. E., dlT. 1905; (2) Manchester, B. H., 
Mar. ZO, 1907, by ReT. Mr. Hathaway, 
CLARA MEBOBA WALLACE, dau. Andrew 0. and 
Menona (McPherson) Wallace, b. Manches- 

ter, B. H., Apr. 1, 1879. 

Mr. Ballou, member of the B.F.A., has 
spent most of his life in the wholesale 
and retail meat business, located at 
various times in Bew Hampshire, Massa- 
chusetts and Connecticut. 1934, con- 
nected with the A & P Tea Company, Lit- 
tleton, B. H., where he resided. 




BALLOO, by 1st wife: 
Theodore Roosevelt, b. 1892. 
BALLOO, by 2nd wife: 
DOROTHY, b. Holyoke, Mass., Nov. 
16, 1907; m. ERNEST BADEAO. 
chester, Mar. 6, 1910; m. RDTH 

William, b. Keene, Sept. 28, 1911. 
Francis, b. Keene, Oct. 9, 1914. 
Wallace, b. Greenfield, Mass., 
Aug. 27, 1916. 

Willard, Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturln), b. Swanzey, N. H., 
Sept. 30, 1878; m. BERTHA HOLBROOK; res. 
West Swanzey, B. H. 

Issue, BALLOO: 

11916 Lawrence Holbrook, b. May ZO, 1911 

Willard, Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturln), b. Swanzey, N. H. , Jan. 
29, 1881; m. ELGY ADAMS. 

Willard, Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturln), b. Swanzey, B. H., 
July 14, 1883; m. JOHN QOIHN. 

Willard, Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Swanzey, B. H., May 
1, 1885; m. Swanzey, B. H., Feb. 19, 
1914, by Rev. George Sibley, ELVIRA 
PAOLINE BERGREB, dau. John Andes and 
Amelia Matilda (Johnson) Bergren, b. Bew 
Britain, Conn., Dec. 28, 1683; farmer; 
member I.O.O.F.; res. Stafford Springs, 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Stafford Springs, Conn: 

11917 Ruth Ebba, b. Nov. 29, 1918. 

11918 Lois Priscilla, b. Jan. 2, 1927. 



11919 Jean Elizabeth, b. Uar. 3, 1929. 

Amasa, Amasa, Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, 
Samuel, James, Haturin), b. Nov. 25, 
1866; ffl. Pepperill, Uass., Aug. 16, 1892, 
dau. Solomon and Alice Gilson (name 
changed to ^zzell when a child by grand- 
mother), b. Westford, Mass., Jan. 26, 

Issue, BALLOO: 

11920 Leon Herbert, b. Aug. 29, 1696; 
m. Jan. 9, 1920, Doris C. Allen. 

11921 Hazel Belle, b. Aug. 4, 1899; m. 
Walter M. Murphy. 

11922 Amey Louise, b. Aug. 17, 1909; 
B. Leslie £. Hurley; res. Town- 
send, Mass.; member B.F.A. 

10979 JOHN FRAHCIS DDNTZ (Sarah Jane 
Ballou, Andrew, Jirah, Jesse, Eleazer, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Marshall 
Co., Iowa, July ZO, 1885; m. FEBII SDT- 
LIFF; retired farmer; res. 902 Newman 
St., Beatrice, Nebr. 

Issue, DONTZ, b. Beatrice, Nebr. and 
Haigler, Nebr.: 

11923 Donald Dean, b. Apr. 19, 1909; 
m. ; res. Oregon. 

11924 Henry Francis, b. Oct. 3, 1910; 
m. ; res. Beatrice, Nebr. 

11925 Mildred Claire, b. Haigler, July 
23, 1916; B. Dec. 1934, Raymond 
El ben; res. 400 S. Tenth St., 
Beatrice, Nebr.; issue, Eiben: 
11926 Barbara Jean, b. May 1936. 

11927 Maxine Lorraine, b. Jan. 8, 1920; 
m. Dec. 16, 1937, Paul Human. 

11928 Lois Elaine, b. Oct. 13, 1918. 

11929 Sarah Lorise, b. Jan. 12, 1921. 

11930 Norma Mae, b. May 15, 1925. 

10980 ETHEL DONTZ (Sarah Jane Ballou, 
Andrew, Jirah, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Marshall Co., Eans., 
Jan. 16, 1888; m. 1909, Beatrice, Nebr., 
SAMOEL W. BERRI, s. Michael Martin and 
Frances Peraelia (Blount) Berry, of 
Louisville, sy., b. Ky., Jan. 14, 1873; 
she d. 1916. 

Issue, BERRY: 

11931 Glendene Permelia, b. Aug. 8, 

1911. Ed. Beatrice H.S.; 1934; 
grad. Drake Oniv., Des Moines, 
la., A.B. Schoolteacher; attends 
Oniv. of Nebraska summer sessions. 
Member: Psi Chi, national honor- 
ary psychology fraternity; Eta 
Sigma Phi, national honorary 
classical language fraternity; 
member of Christian Church, Beat- 
rice, Nebr. 

11932 Clyde Raymond, b. 1912, d. 1914. 

10990 LLOYD BALLOU (Jesse, Andrew, 
Jirah, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, 
Maturin), b. Jones Co., Iowa, May 4, 
1885; m. Washington, Iowa, June £0, 
1904, HATTIE LATHROP, b. May 10, 1877; 
res. Olin, Iowa. 

Issue, BALLOO: 

11933 Jesse Howard, b. Mar. 28, 1905; 
m. ; issue, Ballou: 

11934 Kenneth, res. Marion, la. 

11935 Bert, b. Pierre, S. D., July 8, 

11936 Merle Lloyd, b. Marion, May 2, 

11937 Theo Martha, b. Jones Co., Sept. 
29, 1919. 

10991 ELSIE BALLOU (Jease^ Andrew, Jir- 
ah, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Matur- 
in), b. Jones Co., Iowa, Jan. 4, 1895; 

m. Anamosa, Iowa, Dec. 27, 1911, HAROLD 
GREEN; res. 303 34th St., N.E., Cedar 
Rapids , Iowa . 

Issue, GREEN, b. near Olin, Iowa: 

11938 Wilma Beatrice, b. May 16, 1913; 
m. 1935, Lyle Buckton. 

11939 Robert, b. Nov. 2, 1916. 

10995 HELEN MARIE BALLOU (Andrew, And- 
rew, Jirah, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. near Olin, Jones 
Co., Iowa, Sept. 2, 1906; m. Chicago, 
111., June 25, 1927, FRANK C. HARDING. 

Issue, HARDING, b. Chicago, 111.: 

11940 Mary Ellen, b. Dec. 26, 1931. 

11941 Allan Leighton, b. Apr. 12, 1936. 

10996 RALPH W. BALLOU (Charles, Andrew, 
Jirah, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, 
Maturin), b. Olin, Iowa, Dec. 20, 1894; 
m. Maquoketa, Jackson Co., Iowa, Feb. 



10, 1915, EDNA E. HDSTOS, d&u. Charles 
and Laura Huston, b. Uar. 8, 1895; res. 
farm near Olln, Iowa. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Olln, Iowa: 

11942 Charles Cedric, b. Aug. 27, 1916. 

11943 Morris Uerlyn, b. Hov. 20, 1917. 

11944 Lola Esther, b. Mar. 23, 1922. 

11945 Donnalee, b. Sept. 28, 1927. 

10998 FRANK BALLOO (Hosea, Asa, Jlrah, 
Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, llaturin), 
b. Oct. 25, 1882; m. BESSIE PHILLIPS, b. 
Nov. 15, 1883. 

Frank Ballou was educated in Clarence, 
Iowa; also at a college in Minnesota, 
where he studied for the ministry and 
preached until ill health overtook him 
and he became a farmer. In 1936 he was 
manager of an oil station near Davenport, 
Iowa, where he resided. 

Issue, BALLOO: 

11946 Paul P., b. Dec. 28, 1911. 

11947 Howard, b. Nov. 20, 1914; manages 
an oil station for grandfather, 
Hosea Ballou, at Clarence, Iowa. 

10999 CAPITALA BALLOO (Hosea, Asa, Jirah 
Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
m. BOND. 

Mr. Bond was a teacher and Superin- 
tendent of Schools at Bxjrllngton, Iowa, 
and later President of the Chamber of 
Commerce of Burlington. Res. 1104 South 
6th Street, Burlington, Iowa. 

Issue, BOND: 

11948 Esther. 

11949 Capitala. 

11950 Alice. 

11033 JOSEPH BALLOO (Franklin Alonzo, 
Alonzo, Aaron, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. July 18, 1871; m. 
res. Murdo, S. D. 

Issue, BALLOO, by 1st wife: 

11951 Alger, b. Jan. 19, 1902. 
Issue, BALLOO, by 2nd wife: 

11952 Delmar Alonzo, b. Aug. 21, 1917. 

11953 Kathleen Marie, b. Sept. 14, 1920. 

11954 Joseph Daniel, b. Jan. 10, 1923. 

11041 ZORA ISABELLE BALLOO (William W., 
Silas W., Barnabas, Jesse, Eleazer, Sam- 
uel, James, Maturin), b. Missouri, Feb. 
4, 1870; m. Gait, Iowa, Feb. 23, 1888, 
ELMER PARSONS, b. Vinton, Iowa, Sept. 13, 
1867, d. Rowan, Iowa, Dec. 16, 1930; 
int. Rowan Cem. 

Issue, PARSONS, b. Gait, Iowa: 
11955 Lilly, b. July 15, 1893; m. Lis- 
comb, Marshall Co., Iowa, July 11, 
1917, Leonard Edwards, b. Dec. 
26, 1889; issue, Edwards, b. la.: 

11956 Joyce, b. Onion, Hardin 
Co., Apr. 1, 1925. 

11957 Sylvia, b. Gait, Feb. 19, 

11958 Ruth Anne, b. Clarion, 
Wright Co., July 14, 1931. 

11959 Inez, b. Oct. 19, 1903; m. May 5, 
1926, Paul Ramsey, b. Clarion, 
Sept. 12, 1904; issue, Ramsey, b. 
Clarion, la.: 
11960 Paul, Jr., b. Nov. 17, 1930 

11042 CORA ORETTA BALLOO (William W., 
Silas W., Barnabas, Jesse, Eleazer, Sam- 
uel, James, Maturin), b. Clarence, la.. 
Mar. 4, 1871, d. Dows, la., Nov. 2, 
1939; m. Gait, la., Dec. 25, 1888, JOHN 
MELCHIAN STATE, b. July 1, 1862, Port 
Washington, Miss.; retired farmer; she 
is int. Evergreen Cem., Clarion, la. 

Issue, STATE: 

11961 Clarence Victor, m. Gait, Shirley 
Crabtree; issue. State, inc.: 
11962 Donald Lowell, m. Nov. 16, 
1936, Estella Augusta 
Draves; issue. State: 

11963 Darlyle Don, b. 
Aredale, la., Feb. 
23, 1937. 

11964 Arlyce Louise, b. 
Dows, Jan. 20, 1938. 

11965 Gertrude Irene, m. Nov. 23, 
1938, Orlo V. Cuvelier. 

11966 Beryl e Audrey, m. Nov. 5, 
1938, Edward C. Ryburn. 

11967 Archie Charles, b. Nov. 27, 1890; 

m. Gait, Dec. 11, 1917, Verna 

Winslow, b. Gait, Sept. 20, 1894; 

farmer; issue. State: 

11968 Marian Irene, b. Aug. 21, 
1919; m. Apr. 20, 1938, 
Henry Arends; issue, Arends 



11969 Gloria Jeanne, b. 
Feb. 29, 1940. 

11970 Marvel Arlene, b. Oct. 25, 

11971 Bernice Carol, b. July 11, 

11972 Glenn Willlaa, b. Gait, Apr. 25, 
1892; m. Clarion, Dec. 2, 1914, 
iTa Madge Worthing ton, b. Jaaa 
15, 1895; res. Gllaore City, la.; 
issue. State: 
11973 Lawrence Glenn, b. Clarion, 

Dec. 4, 1916. 
11973 Merle Franklin, b. Gait, 
Aug. 50, 1921. 

11974 George Guy, b. Gait, May 11, 1894; 
m. Mason City, la., July 16, 1921, 
Bessie Boberta Barnes, b. Storn 
Lake, la., Sept. 6, 1901; faraer; 
issue. State: 

11975 Myron George, b. Aug. 22, 

11976 Darlene Roberta, b. Hot. 
28, 1924. 

11977 Norma Jean, b. Not. 21, 

11978 Marilyn Ruth, b. Oct. 27, 

11979 John Barle, b. Gait, June 24, 

1895; m. Racine, Wis., June 29, 
1927, Frances Naomi Robinson, b. 
Somerset, Pulaski Co., Ey., Sept. 
11, 1905; auto repalser; res. 
1117 West 5th St., Santa Ana, Cal.; 
issue. State: 

11980 John Riley, b. Sept. 13, 

11981 Gloria Frances, b. Sept. 1, 

11982 Nancy Carol, b. Santa Ana, 
Feb. 18, 1938. 

11983 Ethel Maude, b. Gait, July 24, 
1896; m. Clarion, Dec. 6, 1917, 
Ben Holver Jacobson, b. Jan. 23, 
1896; farmer; issue, Jacobson: 

11984 Mildred Ethel, b. Dec. 17, 
1918; m. Clarion, Sept. 8, 
1940, Lyle L. Lewellyn. 

11985 Kendan Raymond, b. Jan. 3, 

11986 Wilma Janice, b. Oct. 31, 

11987 Grace Sophia, b. Gait, Aug. 9, 

1897; m. Meridian, Ind., Dec. 24, 
1916, Clarence AlTln Collins, b. 
June 10, 1890; farmer; res. Are- 

dale, Butler Co., la.; issue, 

11988 AlTin Victor, b. July 22, 
1917; m. Clarion, Dec. 27, 
1937, Alice Treganza; is- 
sue, Collins: 
11989 Judith Alice, b. 
Sheffield, la., 
Oct. 19, 1939. 

11990 Margaret Cora, b. Sept. 
16, 1919. 

11991 Lee Roy, b. Oct. 12, 1921. 

11992 Hester Stalla, b. Apr. 
26, 1923. 

11993 Juanita Marie, b. Mar. 29, 

11994 Darwin Willard, b. Feb. 
19, 1928. 

11995 Bonnie Lois, b. Feb. 19, 

11996 Leon Chester, b. Gait, Mar. 6, 
1900; m. Pingree, Stutsman Co., 
H. D., Nov. 16, 1921, Julia 
SylTla Coddington, b. Dec. 31, 
1901; preacher; res. 20 So. 11th 
St., Minneapolis, Minn.; issue. 

11997 Norman Leon, b. Gait, 
Mar. 28, 1923. 

11998 ETelyn Jean (adopted), b. 
Iowa City, la., June 24, 

11999 Carl Washington, b. Gait, Aug. 3, 
1901; m. May 23, 1925, Frances 
Maude Peterson, b. St. Paul, Minn 
July 1, 1906; garage serTice 
operator; res. 662 Pt. Douglas 
Rd., St. Paul, Minn.; issue. 

ISOOO Douglas Ronald, b. Dec. 
15, 1925. 

12001 BeTerly Ann, b. Not. 14, 

12002 Johanna Cora, b. Oct. 8, 

12003 Gladys Bertha, b. Gait, Dec. 3, 
1902; m. Dows, Dec. 5, 1922, 
Willis Edward Nelson, b. Gait, 
Dec. 24, 1900; farmer; issue. 
Nelson, b. Gait, la.: 

12004 Donnabelle, b. July 6, 

12005 Randal Edward, b. Oct. 4, 

12006 Llnette Cora, b. Oct. 18, 


BaT.T.nn yanTT .Y ADnBwnmi 

1S007 Ererett Tyler, b. Jan. 18, 1906; m. 
Dec. 2, 1928, Margaret Crawford 
Griggs, b. AnahelB, Orange Co., 
Calif., Jxilj 15, 1911; res. 1608 
Ohio Ave., Long Beach, Calif. 

12006 Kenneth Irwin, b. Hay 22, 1907; a. 
(1) Salt Lake City, Otah, Oct. 16, 
1922, Lydla Berths, b. Provo, Otah, 
Dec. 20, 1908; (2) Apr. 10, 1941, 
Catherine Lucy Handy, b. Los Angel- 
es, Jan. 1, 1906; res. 851 W. 19tb 
St., Long Beach, Calif.; issue. 
State (adopted); 1st b. Los Angel- 
es, 2-2 b. Long Beach, Calif.: 
12008a Forrest Riaon, b. July 6, 

12006b Kathleen Adelle, b. Mar. 

16, 1922. 
12008c Judith Annette, b. Hot. 8, 

12009 Cora Janice, b. Gait, Aug. 2, 1910; 
B. D ows, Aug. 10, 1920, Leonard 
Lincoln Peterson, b. Lily, Day Co., 
S. D., Feb. 12, 1910; res. 488 Snel 
ling Ave., St. Paul, Minn.; issue, 
Peterson, 1st b. Hanska, 2-2 b. St. 
Paul, Minn.: 

12010 Glenn Wlllard, b. Apr. 20, 

12011 Kay Frances, b. Jime 25, 

12012 Karen Janice, b. Apr. 21, 

11842 FLORA ELLEH BALLOO (WilliaB W., Sil 
as W., Barnabas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
Janes, Maturin), b. Clarence, Cedar Co., 
la.. Mar. 20, 1872, d. Pecos, Tex., Mar. 
17, 1925; int. Pecos, Tex.; ■. Gait, la., 
Dec. 25, 1692, by BeT. Mr. Seaby, JOHS 
WEIDT, s. John and Elizabeth (Giese) Wendt 
b. GranTille, 111., July 4, 1869. 

Issue, WEMDT) Ist b. Belnond, 2nd b. Gait, 


12012 Leonard William, b. Oct. 15, 1692; 
m. Ft. Smith, Ark., Oct. 14, 1926, 
Eunice Erelyn Shepherd, dau. E. S. 
Shepherd, b. Ft. Smith; res. Now- 
ata, Okla. 

12014 Harold John, b. Aug. 10, 1897; m. 
Pecos, July 2, 1921, by Rev. F. B. 
Faust, Bessie Adonla Wolfe, dau. 
J. C. and lorma (Fleury) Wolfe, of 
Palaclos, Tex., b. Blessing, Mata- 
gorda Co., Sept. 26, 1901; issue. 

Wendt, b. Pecos, Tex.: 

12015 Doris Maxine, b. June 14, 

12016 Jack Merle, b. Mar. 1, 

12017 Marjorle Corrine, b. July 
18, 1925. 

11044 JOLU AMH BALLOO (William W., 
Silas W., Barnabas, Jesse, Eleazer, Sam- 
uel, James, Maturin), b. Wright Co., la.. 
May 2, 1674, d. Mar. 21, 1941; Int. St. 
Paul, Minn.; m. SHERMAll FASSETT; 2 chn, 

11045 SARAH ELIZA BALLOO (William W., 
Silas W., Barnabas, Jesse, Eleazer, Sam- 
uel, James, Maturin), b. Wright Co., la., 
Feb. 18, 1876; m. 1892, A. J. QOULTJ; 
res. Farmington, Minn. 

Issue, GOOLTY: 
11045a Gladys. 
11045b Blanche. 
11045c Cecil. 
11045d Edgar. 
11045e Lyle. 

11046 C. WILLARD BALLOO (William W., 
Silas W., Barnabas, Jesse, Eleazer, Sam- 
uel, James, Maturin), b. Wright Co., la., 
Dec. 22, 1879; m. Rowan, la., Aug. 6, 
1898, by Rev. S. A. Martin, CARRIE BISH- 
ER, b. Des Moines, Co., la., Aug. 22, 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Gait, la.: 

12018 Ethel Sarah, b. Jan. 15, 1899; m. 
Gait, Feb. 9, 1916, by Rev. Mr. 
Deacon, John Enghausen; res. Min- 
neapolis, Minn.; issue, Enghausen, 
1-2 b. Gait, 2rd b. Rockford, la.: 

12019 Orlo, b. June 12, 1917. 

12020 Maurice, b. Hot. 12, 1919. 

12021 Marcella, b. July 21, 1921. 
12022 Clifford Wlllard, b. Aug. 11, 

1910; m. Goldfield, la., June 7, 
1922, by Rev. A. MacCracken, Car- 
rie G. Stoakes, dau. Henry E. and 
^da I. (Braden) Stoakes, grddau. 
George and Alice Jane Stoakes, of 
Tama Co., la., b. Mar. 28, 1908; 
issue, Ballou, b. Eagle Grove, la: 

12022 Eleanor Jane, b. Apr. 4, 


100 A 

11047 CHE6TBH AETHDB BALLOO (William W., 
Silas W., Barnabas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel 
James, Maturin), b. Gait, la.. Mar. 12, 
1881; m. Gait, la., 1902, by Rev. Mr. Lee, 
SAEAH AUH GREAVES, dau. Henry and Sarah 
Ann (Burton) Greaves, b. Eng., 1884. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. St. Paul, Minn.: 

11047a Child, b. and d. 190S. 

11047b William Silas, b. Oct. 8, 1904j 
m. So. St. Paul, Apr. 21, 1927, 
by Rev. B. L. Main, Ella Ar villa 
Breedy, dau. Fred W. and Barbara 
(Shaefer) Breedy, b. Fair Haven, 
Minn., Mar. 22, 1909; res. 236 
7th Ave., So. St. Paud, Minn.; 
meat inspector; member Mizpah 
Lodge 191 A.F. & A.M.; issue, 
Ballou, b. St. Paul, Minn.: 
11047ba Marjorie Mae, b. Apr. 2S 

11047bb William Robert, b. June 

4, 1929. 
11047bc Elva Janice, b. Jxily 28, 

11047c Lynn Burton, b. Sept. 29, 1906; 
m. St. Paul, June 26, 1928, by 
Rev. Gebbart A. Ernst, Genevieve 
E. Schultz, dau. Gustav F. and 
Anna (Anhalt) Schultz, b. Jan. 29 
1910 or 1911; res. 256 E. Curtice 
St., St. Paul, Minn.; issue, Bal- 
lou, b. St. Paul, Minn.: 
11047ca Lu Anne, b. July 25, 

11047d La Vonne Veloy, b. Aug. 13, 1909. 

11047e Elva Jane, b. June 29, 1915, d. 

11047f Bernice Mae, b. Finleyson, Minn., 
Dec. 4, 1923. 

W., Silas W., Barnabas, Jesse, Eleazer, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Gait, la., 
Sept. 25, 1886, d. Gait, la., July 9, 
1940; int. Evergreen Cem. , Clarion, la.; 
m. Gait, la.. May 30, 1906, JOHN W. TAY- 
LOR, b. Dec. 7, 1878. 

Issue, TAYLOR, b. Gait, la.: 

12024 William Merle, b. Aug. 12, 1907; 
m. July 27, 1928, Ruth Bertha 
Salt, b. Oct. 21, 1906. 

120S5 John Melvin, b. Jan. 28, 1914; m. 
June 1, 1938, Helen Fenninger, of 
Clarion; issue, Taylor, b. Clar- 
ion, la.: 

12026 Larry Dean, b. July 21, 
12027 Margaret Uaxine (adopted), b. 
Feb. 23, 1919. 

Silas W. , Barnabas, Jesse, Eleazer, Sam- 
uel, James, Maturin), b. Iowa, Jan. 



11, 1875; ffl. Prescott, la., Oct. 19, 
er near Prescott, Iowa. 

Issue, BROWN, b. Prescott, lowat 
12028 Leigh Alfred, b. July 5, 1896; m. 
Camp Dodge, la., Aug. £Z, 1917, 
Edith Brandon; served in Co. K, 
168th Inf. A.E.F. from Oct. 1917 
to Apr. 1919; farmer near Winter- 
set, la.; issue. Brown, 1, 3-5 b. 
Prescott, la., 2 b. Las Vegas, N. 
Mei., 6-7 b. Afton, 8 b. Creston, 
9 b. Winter set, Iowa: 

12029 Leigh Edward, b. Apr. 13, 
1918; m. Winterset, July 
5,, 1939, Dorothy Hicks; 
res. Prescott, la. 

12030 Clarence Frederick, b. 
May 14, 1921. 

12031 Homer Eugene, b. Jan. 7, 

12032 Donald Thurman, b. Oct. 16, 

12033 Viola Lorraine, b. Oct. 16, 
1924, twin. 

12034 Delores Marie, b. Oct. 31, 

12035 Richard Truman, b. Mar. 7, 

12036 Helen Darline, b. Feb. 28, 

12037 Donnie Martin, b. July 28, 

12038 Helen Lucille, b. July 5, 1901; 

m. Creston, Dec. 14, 1921, Edward 
Clayton Bray; Ford dealer, Bed- 
ford, la.; issue. Bray, 1 b. Pres- 
cott, 2 b. Bedford, la.: 

12039 Beatrice Evelyn, b. Oct. 1, 

12040 Robert Edward, b. Dec. 8, 

11050 SDSIE JANE BALLOO (Alfred Emenso, 
Silas W., Barnabas, Jesse, Eleazer, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Iowa, May 
18, 1876, d. Dec. 9, 1937; m. Prescott, 
la.. Mar. 27, 1897, CLARENCE IDEN. No 
issue reported. She int. Prescott, la. 

Mr. Iden is retired from the presi- 
dency of Gross, Kelly & Co., as of 1938, 
but continues to act on the advisory 
board. Res. Las Vegas, New Mexico. 

11051 LYDIA ANN BALLOO (Alfred Emenso, 
Silas W., Barnabas, Jesse, Eleazer, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Iowa, Oct. 
25, 1879; m. Prescott, Nov. 3, 1904, 
HENRY THDRMAN CHAPMAN; farmer near Pres- 
cott, Iowa. 

Issue, CHAPMAN, b. Prescott, Iowa: 
12041 Mildred Genevieve, b. Dec. 21, 
1907; m. June 29, 1933, George 
El win Gaskill; she grad. Drake 
Coll., Des Moines, la., 1929; 
farmer near Corwith, la.; issue, 
Gaskill, b. Corwith, la.: 

12042 Elwin Thurman, b. Apr. 4, 

12043 Georgia Ann, b. Jan. 2, 

11054 MARY AILENIE BALLOO (Alfred Emen- 
so, Silas W. , Barnabas, Jesse, Eleazer, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Prescott, 
la., Apr. 21, 1898; m. Afton, la., Aug. 
30, 1917, ALFRED DANIEL FIGGINS; Direct- 
or of Social Welfare, Oskaloosa, la.; 
res. Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

Issue, FIGGINS: 

12044 Aileen La Vera, b. Afton, Sept. 
SO, 1918; m. Unionville, Mo., 
May 13, 1937, Edsel J. Seabury; 
newspaperman, Centerville, la.; 
issue, Seabury, b. Ottiumwa, la.: 
12045 Mary Katherine, b. Dec. 
18, 1938. 

12046 Alfred Eugene, b. Greenfield, la., 
Oct. 30, 1922; ed. Penn Coll., 
Oskaloosa, la. 

11055 ARCHIE EDGENE BALLOO (Alfred Emen- 
so, Silas W. , Barnabas, Jesse, Eleazer, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Afton, la., 
Feb. 3, 1904; m. Greenfield, la., Dec. 
Henry, Jr. and Blanche Snyder (Schneider) 
Bennett, b. Topeka, Kans., Dec. 16, 1903. 

Mr. Ballou is bookkeeper for a whole- 
sale auto parts firm, Oskaloosa, Iowa, 
and we are indebted to Mr. Ballou for 
data of this branch of the family. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Topeka, Kans.; 

12047 Anthony Eugene, b. Mar. 26, 1928. 



11056 NELLIE BALLOU (George W., Edwin, 
Barnabas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, 
Maturin), b. Aug. 13, 1877, d. Rowan, 
la., Sept. 9, 1938; m. 1898, W. Z. STOOT. 

Issue, STOOT, b. near Rowan, Iowa: 
12048 Darrell K., b. Feb. 25/26, 1900; 

m. Amber Hoke; Issue, Stout: 

12049 Wanda. 
12050 Velma, b. Sept. 13, 1904; m. (l) 

Dec. 2, 1920, Kenneth E. Hagen; 

(2) Apr. 8, 1933, Cljde W. McVay; 

issue, Hagen: 

12051 Irene Inez, b. Feb. 28, 

12052 Kenneth Earl, b. Dec. 7, 

12053 George James, b. June 25, 1908, 
d. Oct. 1933. 

11063 EMILY A. LYNK (Carrie Ballou, Ed- 
win, Barnabas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. June 30, 1882; m. 
(1) Oct. 1898, HERBERT ALDRICH; (2) Mot. 
16, 1935, NES P. VESTERMARK. 

Issue, ALDRICH, b. Gait, Iowa: 

12054 Edwin Herbert, b. July 22, 1901; 
m. Lansing, Mich., Feb. 23, 1935, 
Luella Ann Poole; issue, Aldrich: 

12055 Carole Jeanne, b. Nov. 8, 

12056 Roger Edwin, b. Nov. 25, 

12057 Flora L., b. June 21, 1903, d. 
ab. 1906. 

12058 Enid L., b. Sept. 5, 1904; m. May 
29, 1925, John Giza; issue, Giza: 

12059 Gerald E., b. Aug. 3, 1928. 

12060 Josephine H., b. June 10, 

12061 Esther lone, b. June 10, 1908; m. 
Aug. 26, 1924, Merlyn H. Allen. 

11064 ESTHER V. LYNK (Carrie Ballou, 
Edwin, Barnabas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. Mar. 7, 1885; m. (l) 
Dec. 10, 1903, ORVILLE L. SANDERS, who d. 
Feb. 6, 1917; (2) Nov. 23, 1927, WILLIAM 
PENN, who d. June 8, 1933; (3) 1937, N. 

Issue, SANDERS, b. St. Paul, Minn.: 

12062 Clyde Leland, b. Mar. 14, 1906; m. 
Johnson City, Tenn., Aug. 23, 1929 
Gladys Ann Bayless; issue, Sanders 

b. Johnson City, Tenn.: 
12063 Barbara Ann, b. Dec. 11, 
12064 Florence ilnnah, b. Sept. 10, 1909; 
m. Cedar Rapids, la., Feb. £, 1926 
Cyril P. Ellis; issue, Ellis, b. 
Estherville, Iowa: 
12065 James Richard, b. July 6, 

11066 EDWIN OTHO BALLOO (Nathan F., 
Edwin, Barnabas, Jesse, Eleazer, Saauel, 
James, Maturin), b. Not. 24, 1892; m. 
Sept. 22, 1920, KATHRYN LITTLE. 

Issue, BALLOO: 

12066 Ralph G., b. Nov. 16, 1921. 

12067 Donald T., b. June 6, 1923. 

12068 Audrey G., b. Jan. 4, 1927. 

12069 Earl 0., b. Feb. 19, 1929. 

11067 EMMA R. BALLOU (Nathan F., Edwin, 
Barnabas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, James, 
Maturin), b. Sept. 30, 1894; m. (1) Apr. 
14, 1915, CLAUDE CHIPMAB; (2) Aug. 7, 
1919, HARRY H. GATE. 

Issue, CHIPMAN: 

12070 Franklin V., b. Mar. 11, 1916. 
Issue, CATE: 

12071 Harry B. , b. Aug. 20, 1921. 

11071 KENNETH E. BALLOO (Edwin R. , Ed- 
win, Barnabas, Jesse, Eleazer, Samuel, 
James, Maturin), b. July 22, 1900; m. 
June 7, 1924, HAZEL Y. MILLER. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

12072 Philip E., b. Mar. 16, 1925. 

12073 Stuart L., b. Aug. 29, 1927. 

AlSert F. , Willard, Amasa Esq., David, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Worcester, 
Mass., Aug. 26, 1888; m. Wollaston, Mass. 
Jan. 1, 1920, by Rev. I. W. Sneath, D. D., 
MARION E. WEST, dau. Charles F. and Ida 
A. (Clough) West, b. Boncord, N. H., 
July 7, 1887. 

Mr. Ballou is a graduate of Worcester 
H.S., 1906 and Dartmouth Coll., 1911. 
His profession is advertising: - Weeden 
Advertising Agency; New England Mgr., 
Bryant Griffith & Brvmson; Congregational 
Publishing Society; Walter M. Lowney Co^, 



Boston; and In 1929 Vice-President of 
Palaer Advertising Service, Inc. He Is 
a member of Phi Kappa Psl (Dartmouth); 
the Masonic Order; Wollaston Cong. 
Church and City Club of New York. He 
was In the World War I and Is a member 
of the American Legion, Post 195. 

Issue, BALLOn, b. Wollaston, Mass.: 
12074 Richard West, b. Apr. 21, 1923. 
1S075 Elizabeth, b. Mar. 18, 1928. 

111S2 DONALD EARL BALLOO (Wlllard E., 
Albert F., Wlllard, Amasa,Esq., David, 
Samuel, James, Maturln), b. Worcester, 
Mass., Nov. 11, 1893; m. Worcester, Mass. 
Oct. 7, 1922, b7 Rev. Fenwlck L. Leavltt, 
MILDRED P. LAMB, dau. Fred W. and Annet- 
ta F. (Marsh) Lamb, b. Worcester, Mass., 
Oct. 12, 1896. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Worcester, Mass.: 

12076 Shirley, b. July 5, 1924. 

12077 David Wlllard, b. June 27, 1927. 

11176 ALBERT NOYES BOELL (Ross Isaac 
Buell, Amelia W. Ballou, Isaac A., Isaac, 
Aaron, Samuel, James, Matiirln), b. Stock- 
ton, Calif., Sept. 13, 1894; m. Sebasto- 
pol, Calif., Sept. 26, 1926, by Rev. B. 
wid. of his brother. Park Allen Buell.i 

Ir. fiuell Is a marine and stationary 
steam engineer, and resides at 1136 West 
Perkins 8t<, Oklah, Calif., and we are 
deeply indebted to him for much of this 

Issue, BOELL, 1 and 4 b. Oklah, 2-3 b. 
Talmadge, Calif.: 

12078 Park Allen, b. Feb. 12, 1928. 

12079 Leon Seymour, b. Dec. 10, 1929. 

12080 Clyde Lewis, b. Sept. 22, 1931. 

12081 Florence Arllne, b. Jan. 29, 1934. 

11180 PARK ALLEN BOELL (Ross Isaac Buell 
Amelia W. Ballou, Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, 
Samuel, James, Maturln), b. Stockton, 
Calif., Sept. 28, 1900, d. near Bodega, 
Calif., Nov. 25, 1923; m. Santa Rosa, 
Calif., Oct. 24, 1919, by Rev. J. K. 
Ballou, ESSIE BERNICE MOORE, dau. Charles 
S. and Comfort Christine (Aydolotte) 
Moore, 6f Mountain View, Calif., who m. 
(2) her brother-in-law, Albert Noyes 

Buell, q.v.; he was int. Sebastopol, Cal. 

Mr. Buell saw active service in France 
during several of the major engagements 
of World War I, and was honorably dis- 
charged in April 1919, because of dis- 
ability incurred in the service of his 
country. An automobile electrician and 
gas engineer, he met his death in an 
airplane accident. 

Issue, BOELL: 

12082 Bona Lorraine, b. July 10, 1921. 

11181 ORRIN RAPHAEL BOELL (Ross Isaac 
Buell, Amelia W. -ballou, Isaac A., Isaac, 
Aaron, Samuel, James, Maturln), b. Oak- 
land, Calif., Aug. 4, 1902; m. Nov. 1925, 
EFFIE HELEN WINANS, dau. *llliam J. and 
Effie Winans, of Petaluma, Calif. A 
farmer and feed-mill worker; res. Peta- 
luma, Calif. 

Issue, BOELL, b. Petaluma, Calif.; 

12083 Walter Henry, b. Sept. 1927. 

12084 Avis Lorene, b. June 1929. 

11184 HESTER BALLOO (Grant A., Orlando 
R., Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, 
James, Maturln), b. Phillipsburg, Mont., 
Sept. 10, 1894; m. (1) Stevenson, Ska- 
mania Co., Wash., Apr. 15, 1915, by Rev. 
J. Harding, ROY KSAPP, s. Walter Ira and 
Lotta (Thompson) Knapp, div. Sept. 6, 
1927; (2) Chlco, Calif., Sept. 26, 1928, 
by Capt. Wallace A. Boyd, JOHN WILLIAM 
NAYSMITH, s. George and Mary (Brown) Nay- 
smith, of Chlco, Butte Co., Calif., b. 
Penn. , Jan. 14, 1882. 

Issue, KNAPP, b. Chlco, Calif.: 

12085 Dora, b. Aug. 13, 1920. 

12086 Delphia Louise, b. Nov. 15, 1922, 
d. in Infancy. 

11166 PAOLIHE BALLOO (Harry E., Orlando 
R., Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, 
James, Maturln), b. Sept. 6, 1910; m. 
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Walla Walla, 
Wash., Aug. 10, 1931, by Rev. Paul V. 
Hlnkle, EDWIN HOGHES, s. Percy and Mabel 
(Ayers) Hughes, b. Heppner, Morrow Co., 
Ore., Nov. 2, 1909. 

They reside on a 9000 acre stock farm 
at Lena, near Echo, Omatilla Co., Ore. 


Issue, HDGHES, b. Heppner, Ore.: 

12087 Edwin Allen, b. May 28, 1934. 

Ballou, Orlando R., Isaac A., Isaac, 
Aaron, Samuel, James, Haturln), b. Walla 
Valla, Wash., Dec. 28, 1904; m. Stuart, 
Va., 1929, SAIOIIE RDTH THOlfPSON, dau. 
Samuel Amos and Martha Ruth (Wright) 
Thompson, of Stuart, Va., grddau. 
William P. and Sarah (Hall) Thompson, of 
Woolwlne, Va. 

He attended Washington H.S. , and two 
years at Whitman Coll., in Walla Walla, 
where he was a member of the Sigma Chi 
Fraternity. Sub-master (1937) of Mtn. 
Home Lodge No. 263, A. F. & A. M. at 
Stuart, Va. Before settling in Stuart 
in 1928, he lived a roaming and some- 
what colorful life-logging in Idaho, 
ranching in Washington and California, 
working for the 0. S. Secret Service in 
Oregon, and traveling as a Davey Tree 
expert in Missouri and Kentucky. He 
has been managing apple orchards near 
Stuart since 1928 as well as making 
hand-turned chairs (antique reproduc- 
tions) of solid black walnut and wild 
cherry. Mrs. Church was educated in 
the grade and high schools of Stuart 
and at the National Business College. 
Before her marriage she was her father's 
secretary in his law office. 

Issue, CHDRCH, b. Stuart, Va.: 

12088 Barbara Jean, b. Nov. 7, 1930. 

12089 David Thompson, b. June 17, 1935. 

Ballou, Orlando R., Isaac A., Isaac, 
Aaron, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. 
Walla Walla, Wash., July 16, 1909; m. 
Walla Walla, Wash., Jvily 5, 1933, by 
Rev. Ward Rice, NINA MARIE PORTER, dau. 
James Lawrence and Edna (Miller) Porter, 
grddau., James M. and Sarah (Paine) 
Porter, of Knobnoster, Mo., b. Green 
Ridge, Mo., Feb. 21, 1913. 

He is a graduate of Walla Walla H.S., 
1927. Enlisted in 0. S. A. Air Corps 
Mar. 1928 for service in Phillipine 
Islands; discharged May 1929. Educated 
at Whitman Coll., Walla Valla, and at 
Cheney Normal School, Cheney, Wash. 


On June 8,1931, he joined the Dept. of 
Agric. Weather Bureau at Pasco, Wash., 
and since Apr. 1935 has been a Junior 
observer at Pendleton, Ore. Member of 
the Order of DeMolay, Walla Walla Chap- 

Issue, CHDRCH, b. Walla Walla, Wash.: 

12090 Donald Lawrence, b. Sept. 8, 1935 

Ballou, Orlando R. , Isaac A., Isaac, 
Aaron, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. 
Portland, Ore., June 10, 1905; m. Spo- 
kane, Wash., June 18, 1933, by Rev. M. 
Harry G. and Sevilla (Steiner) McMillen, 
b. Wenatchee, Wash., Jan. 26, 1905. 

When she was six months old her par- 
ents moved to Spokane, Wash. She grad- 
uated from Spokane H.S. and Washington 
State Coll., with a B.A. degree. For 
three years she had an excellent posi- 
tion as a home economist. Mr. McMillen 
graduated from Ephrate, Wash. H.S., and 
received his B.S. in civil engineering 
in 1931 from Washington State Coll. 
1937, he was with the United States 
Bureau of Reclamation as Inspector of 
Concrete in the construction of the 
Coulee Dam. 

Issue, McMILLEN, b. Spokane, Wash.: 

12091 Myra Lou, b. Aug. 13, 1935. 

12092 Bruce Bryant, b. Apr. 23, 1938. 

11197 GORDON BALLOU BROWN (Florence 
Perdita Ballou, Orlando R., Isaac A., 
Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. Spokane, Wash., Apr. 9, 1908; m. Seat 
tie. Wash., Sept. 9, 1939, by Rev. El- 
mer Christie, LEILA E. MILLER, dau. Ira 
Clinton Miller; member S.A.R.; res. 
Olympia, Wash. 

Perdita Ballou, Orlando R., Isaac A., 
Isaac, Aaron, Samuel, James, Maturin), 
b. Spokane, '"'ash., June 21, 1919; m. 
Jan. 1938, V. GENE McINNIS. 

Issue, McINNIS, b. Spokane, Wash.: 

12093 Alvin David, b. Nov. 10, 1938. 



Orlando R., Isaac A., Isaac, Aaron, Sam- 
uel, James, Haturln), b. Butte, Uont., 
Apr, 18, 1898; m. Stevenson, Wash., May 
Z, 19Z9, SUSAJl IDA UcNEAL, of Hlcb.; 
res. White Salmon, Wash. 

mer, Capt. Daniel W., Isaac A., Isaac, 
Aaron, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Bay- 
side, Calif., Feb. 8, 190S; m. Santa Ana, 
Calif., June 30, 1928, by Rev. Mr. Mer- 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Los Angeles, Calif.: 

12094 Beth Ann, b. Jan. 9, 19S2. 

11209 ELLA FLORENCE BALLOO (Percy Elmer, 
Capt. Daniel W. , Isaac A., Isa%c, Aaron, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Fortvina, 
Calif., Mar. 25, 1904; m. Stockton, 
Calif., July 14, 1924, CARL ENGSTROM. 

Issue, ENGSTROM, 1 b. Stockton, 2 b. 
Long Beach, Calif.: 

12095 Claire, b. Aug. 25, 1924. 

12096 John, b. Dec. 28, 1926. 

11215 MARTIN EMOR SHEPARD (Susan Hester 
Ballou, Emor Smith, Aaron, Jonathan, 
Aaron, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Ash- 
land, Nebr., July 25, 1868; m. Ashby, 
Nebr., Mar. 26, 1890, by ReT. J. E. Storm 
ANNA MAY WEYTHMAH, dau. John C. Weyth- 
man, b. near Troy, Kans., July 2, 1869; 
res. Lincoln, Nebr, 

Issue, SHEPARD, b. Wahoo, Nebr., 2-S b. 
Lincoln, Nebr.: 

12097 Pardon Ballou, b. Jan. 2S, 1891; 
m. Kearney, Nebr., June 5, 1915, 
Colleen Mci^inley, of Shelton; 
res. Lincoln, Nebr.; issue. She- 
par d: 

12098 William. 

12099 James. 

12100 Ernest Weythman, b. June 17, 1893; 
m. Lincoln, Nov. 20, 1912, Esther 
Hunt, of Lincoln; res. Lincoln, 
Nebr.; issue, Shepard: 

12101 Anna Marguerite. 

12102 Emor Owen. 

12103 Charles Ernest. 

12104 Cecile Caroline, b. Sept. 1, 1897; 
vmm.; res. 645 No. 24th St., Lin- 
coln, Nebr.; occupies responsible 

position in office of Head Consul 
of Modern Woodmen of America, a 
Fraternal-Beneficiary Society. 
Member 6.F.A. 

Hester Ballou, Emor Smith, Aaron, Jona- 
than, Aaron, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. 

Waverly, Nebr., Dec. 20, 1870; d. ; 


Issue, SHEPARD: 

12105 Charles Francis, m. Gertrude Ca- 
been, of Lincoln; issue, Shepard: 

12106 Irene. 

12107 Jane. 

12108 Evelyn. 

Ann Ballou, Emor Smith, Aaron, Jonathan, 
Aaron, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Ash- 
land, Nebr., Jan. 5, 1870; m. Jan. 18, 
1893, ROSE M. STAMBAOGH, b. Ashland, 
Nebr., Feb. 18, 1872. 

Issue, STANLEY, b. Ashland, Nebr.: 

12109 Kathryn Lucille, b. Apr. 13, 1895; 

m. Aug. 7, 1918, Frederick J. 

Gimther. No issue, but adopted 

son, Gunther^ 

12110 Robert SUnley. 

12111 Mabel Josephine, b. Oct. 19, 1898, 
d. Mar. 25, 1899. 

12112 Adelbert Daniel, b. -^^ug. 15, 1900; 
m. Jan. 24, 1930, Mary Doggett, 

b. Oct. 18, 1912; issue, Stanley: 
12113 Beth Louise, b. Dec. 13, 

12114 Elizabeth Anna, b. Jan. 27, 1903; 
m. May 12, 1929, John A. Scott; 
issue, Scott: 
12115 John William, b. Sept. 27, 


12116 Gladys Rose, b. May 23, 1906, d. 
Nov. 11, 1907. 

12117 Lillian Ely the, b. Mar. 11, 1909; 
m. Dec 7, 1928, Finley J. Starns; 
issue, Starns: 

12118 John Finley, b. Oct. 28, 

11252 EMOR SMITH BALLOO (Martin Emor, 
Emor Smith, Aaron, Jonathan, Aaron, Sam- 
uel, James, Maturin), b. Ashland, Nebr., 
Mar. 16, 1876; m. Ashland, Nebr., Jan. 
16, 1901, KATHERINE FLETCHER, dau. Ben- 



Jamln and Hester Fletcher. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Ashland, lilebr.: 
12119 Elizabeth Caroline, b. Oct. 4, 

12180 Earl Benjamin, b. Mar. 28, 1903; 
m. Council Bluffs, Iowa, Sept. 
25, 1928, by Rev. Henry D. Long, 
Rose Heldt, dau. George and Mary 
(Plambeck) Heldt, b. Yutan, Bebr. 
Mar. 28, 1903; merchant; res. 
Norfolk, Madison Co., Mebr.; is- 
sue, Ballou, b. Norfolk, Nebr.: 
12121 Catherine Marie, b. Jan. 
16, 1930. 

12122 Otis, b. Apr. 20, 1907. 

11233 JAMES BISSELL BALLOO (Martin Emor 
Emor Smith, Aaron, Jonathan, Aaron, Sam- 
uel, James, Maturin), b. Ashland, Hebr., 
Feb. 15, 1878; m. Ashland, Nebr., Dec. 
3, 1902, by Rev. L. A. Hursong, DAISY 
TARPENING, dau. William and Mary Etta 
Tarpening, b. Ashland, Nebr. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Belgrade, lilebr.: 

12123 MARTIN EMOR, b. Sept. 3, 1903; m. 


11236 OTIS MARTIN BALLOO (Martin Emor, 
Emor Smith, Aaron, Jonathan, ^^ron, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Ashland, 
Hebr., Mar. 26, 1885; m. Ashland, Nebr., 
Feb. 1913, by Rev. Joseph Toms, LULD 
LADGHLIN, dau. Edward and Letitia (Cof- 
fer) Laughlin, b. Ashland, ^ehr.. Mar. 
14, 1886; farmer; res. Ashland, Nebr. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Ashland, Nebr.: 

12124 Edward, b. Dec. 14, 1914. 

11237 SDSIE MARJORY BALLOO (Martin Emor 
Emor Smith, Aaron, Jonathan, Aaron, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Ashland, 
Nebr., May 7, 1890; m. Ashland, Nebr., 
Jvine 2, 1915, by Rev. Reeves, ALLEN 
COMMER, s. George and Ann Cummer, b. 
Denver, Colo., d. Scotts Bluff, Nebr., 
Nov. 3, 1919; int. Denver, Colo.; she 
and dau. res. with mother, Ashland, 

Issue, CUMMER, b. Ashland, Nebr.: 

12125 Harriet Ellen, b. June 1, 1917. 


L., Nelson S., Asa W., Asa, ^eth, Nehe- 
miah, James, Maturin), b. Pawtucket, R. 
I., Aiig. 18, 1878; m. No. Attleboro, 
Mass., May 21, 1901, by Rev. Frank L. 
Masseck, LAURA B. CARPENTER, dau. George 
H. and Sarah Evelyn (Proctor) Carpenter, 
grddau. Lewis B. and Rachel A. (Jacobs) 
Carpenter, b. No. Attleboro, Mass., 
July 14, 1878; res. 85 Richards Ave., 
No. Attleboro, Mass. 

Educated at Pawtucket Business College 
and laltham ^orological School, he was 
associated with his father in the Jewel- 
ry business, with a watch repairing es- 
tablishment on Washington St., No. At- 
tleboro, Mass. Member of Bristol Lodge, 
A.F. & A.M. and Red Men's Lodge, and is 
a prominent worker in the First Onltare 
ian Church, No. Attleboro, Mass. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. No. Attleboro, Mass.: 

12126 RACHEL EVELYU, b. Dec. 5, 1905; 

12127 HILDA, b. Aug. 2, 1909; m. HARVEY 

Nelson S., Dr. Asa W., Asa, ^eth, Nehe- 
miab, James, Maturin), b. No. Attleboro, 
Mass., July 5, 1880; m. No. Attleboro, 
Mass., June 11, 1901, by Rev. George E. 
Osgood, FRANK B. BLISS, s. Anthony H. 
and Catherine (Carpenter) i^liss, grds. 
Henry Bliss, of Mansfield, Mass., b. No. 
Attleboro, Mass., Mar. 31, 1877, div., 
19S5; manufacturing Jeweler and electri- 
cian; res. 146 Peace St., Providence, 

R. I. 

Issue, BLISS, b. No. Attleboro, Mass.: 

12128 Catherine Amelia, b. Apr. 25, 
1902; grad. Catherine Gibbs Secre- 
tarial School; secretary, Puritan 
Life Insurance Co., Providence, 

R. I. 

12129 Ruth Elaine, b. May 26, 1909; 
grad. Providence Technical H.S.; 
clerk. Gladding So., Providence, 
R. I. 

11246 MARION BESSIE BALLOU (William L., 
Nelson S., Dr. ^sa W., Asa, ^Jeth, Nehe- 
miah, James, Maturin), b. Providence, R. 
I., Mar. 7, 1893; m. Providence, R. I., 
Oct. 8, 1928, by Rev. Samuel "ilson. 



PERCY JOSEPH SELLERS, 5. Joseph and Anne 
(Kehoe) Sellers, grds. Joseph and Sarah 
Ellen (Conrad) Sellers, of Seaforth, Sova 

Issue, SELLERS, b. West Haven, Conn.: 

12130 John Peter, b. Sept. 26, 1929. 

12131 Sara Jane, b. Sept. 14, 1911. 

Seth Talbot, Dr. Seth, Asa, Seth, Hehe- 
mlah, James, Ifatiirln), b. Lamar, Tex., 
June 30, 1873; m. Fort Worth, Tex., Jan. 
29, 1913, by Rev. B. B. Rammage, SAMUEL 
T. WOOD, s. Thomas and Melissa (Golden) 
Wood, b. Chesterhill, Ohio, Jan. 1, 1863; 
merchant; res. Brady, Texas. 

Issue, WOOD, b. Brady, Texas: 

12132 Mary Eugenia, b. June 10, 1914. 

Seth Talbot, Dr. Seth, Asa, Seth, liehe- 
miah, James, Maturin), b. Rockport, Tex., 
May 27, 1882; m. Marlin, Tex., Feb. 10, 
1904, RACHEL D. FRANCKS, dau. Henry and 
Sarah E. (Barry) Francks, b. Marlin, 
Tex., Feb. 17, 1881; insurance agent; 
res. Brady, Texas. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Brady, Texas: 

12133 Katherine, b. Mar. 5, 1905. 

12134 Elizabeth Madora, b. May 10, 1909. 


11258 MILDRED E. BALLOD (Charles E., 
Sabin, Simeon, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, 
John, John, Matiirln), b. Providence, 
R. I., July 21, 1873; m. Greene, R. I., 
Aug. 18, 1894, by Rev. Mr. Bromley, 
EDMUND GREENE, s. Elisha Greene, b. Hop- 
klnton, R. I., Oct. 5, 1872j res. Wash- 
ington, B. I. 

Issue, GREENE, b. Exeter, R. I.: 
12135 Clara E., b. J\ay 25, 1895; m. 
Auburn, R. I., June 25, 1917, 
Earl Jordan; Issue, Jordan, b. 
Coventry, R. I.: 
12136 Leslie E., b. Sept. 8, 

12157 Wilbur R., b. June 12, 
12138 Leslie A., b. Aug. 14, 1900; m. 
Coventry, Aug. 28, 1917, Albert 
Beaudoln; issue, Beaudoin, 1-2 
b. Exeter, 3-4 b. Coventry, R. I: 

12139 Doris L., b. Mar. 10, 

12140 Bernice E., b. Jan. 14, 

12141 Marian E., b. Feb. 4, 

12142 Harold, b. Oct. 21, 1928. 
12143 Randorf V., b. Aug. 6, 1908; m. 

Carolina, R. I., Oct. 10, 1927, 
Alice Brayman; issue, Greene: 

12144 Randorf V., Jr., b. Rich- 
mond, Dec. 26, 1928. 

12145 Dorothy, b. Exeter, July 
28, 1931. 

12146 Iva I., b. Nov. 2, 1911; m. Exe- 
ter, Dec. 15, 1934, William Cros- 
sen; issue, Crossen, b. Exeter: 
12147 William, Jr., b. Mar. 21, 

11259 FRANK E. BALLOU (Charles E., 
Sabin, Simeon, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, 
John, John, Maturin), b. Exeter, R. I., 
June 28, 1875, d. Exeter, R. I., Feb. 
20, 1913; m. Richmond or Extter, R. I., 
1899, by Rev. Jerue, JENNIE WOODMANSEE, 
dau. Charles and Susan (Sherman) Wood- 
mansee, b. Exeter, R. I., Mar. 6, 1882, 
d. Dec. 23, 1902; sawyer and woodsman; 
int. Wood Cem., Richmond, R. I. ^^^ 

Issue, BALLOO: 

12148 Louis C, b. Hopkinton, Apr. 6, 
1900; unm. ; res. Washington, B. 
I. Only descendant of Simeon 
bearing the name of Ballou. 

12149 Lillian C., b. Slatersville, Apr. 
4, 1902, d. Feb. 20, 1903; int. 
Wood River Cem., Richmond, R. I. 

Warren S., Otis, Abraham, Simeon, Abra- 
ham, John, John, Maturin), b. Orange, 
Mass., Mov. 18, 1869; m. May 29, 1894, 
by Rev. B. S. Kellerman, STEPHEN EVERETT 
FRENCH, s. Stephen and Ann Ross (Whit- 
ney) French, who was killed by an auto- 
mobile truck as he was boarding an elec- 
tric street car, Boston, Aug. 16, 1919; 
int. Central Bern., Orange, Mass.; she 
res. 44 East Main St., Orange, Mass. 

Issue, FRENCH, b. Orange, Mass.: 

12150 Stephen Adelbert, b. Aug. 24, 
1896, d. Apr. 3, 1899; int. Cen- 
tral Cem., Orange, Mass. 

12151 Everett Ballou, b. May 14, 1899; 
unm.; gr^d. Orange H.S. 1916; M. 
I.T., 1921, B.S.; associated 
with the Municipal Industrial 
Research Dept. of M. I. T., 
Room 1-230. 

12152 Adele Whitney, b. Sept. 7, 1901; 
m. Orange, Oct. 14, 1922, by 
Rev. Andrew Campbell, Percy F. 
Baines; grad. Orange H.S., 1919 
and the Leland Powers School of 
the Spoken Word, Boston, 1922; 
issue, Baines, b. Orange, Mass.: 
12153 Joan Adele, b. Feb. 10, 


12154 Stephen Warren, b. Jan. 8, 1904; 
umn; educated Orange H.S., Allen 
Private School at West ^lewton, 
1924, and M.I.T., 1928, S.B. 

12155 Evelyn Luella, b. Nov. 13, 1912; 
grad. Orange H.S., 1930 and Le- 
land Powers School of the Spoken 
Wdrd, Boston, 1933. 

11277 MARTHA ELLEN BALLOD (Horace M., 
George W. , Alanson, Abraham, Simeon, 
Abraham, John, John, Maturin) , b. Em- 



metsburg, Palo Alto Co., Iowa, Feb. 24, 
1887; m. Los Angeles, Calif., Nov. 21, 
1912, by Rev. J. Arthiir Evans, GEORGE 
ARTHUR ROBINSON, s. Alfred and Clara 
Robinson, of Bath, Eng., b. Belleville, 
Ontario, Calif., Nov. 21, 1888; she grad. 
Los Angeles, Calif. H.S.; res. 1140 W. 
45th St., Los Angeles, Calif. 


12156 Stahley Arthxir, b. Dec. 24, 1913. 

12157 Dorothy Ellen, b. Feb. 11, 1915. 

12158 George Alfred, b. June 19, 1920. 

11279 GRACE ARBOTA BALLOU (Horace M., 
George W., Alanson, Abraham, Simeon, 
Abraham, John, John, Maturin), b. Chats- 
worth, Park, Los Angeles Co., Calif., Aug. 
3, 1894; m. Los Angeles, Calif., June 2, 
1915, by Rev. Robert V.insor, OREN ABBOTT 
SMITH, s. Ralph E. and Laura (Covey) 
Smith, b. Southwest City, Mo., Oct. 25, 
1892; attended Manual Arts School and 
Cunard's Business Coll., Los Angeles; 
salesman; res. 5850 7th Ave., Los Angel- 
es, Calif. 

Issue, SMITH, b. Los Angeles, Calif.: 

12159 Richard Ralph, b. Feb. 28, 1920. 

12160 Donald Mather, b. Feb. 13, 1925. 

11282 SANFORD BALLOD (Benton, Sanford, 
Alanson, Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, 
John, Maturin), b. Ontario, Calif., Oct. 
14, 1903; m. Claremont, Calif., Oct. 21, 
1925, MARION WALKER, by Rev. Ralph B. 
Larkin, dau. Louis E. Walker, b. Ontario, 
Calif., Dec. 31, 1905; res. 1208 No. 
Euclid Ave., Ontario, Calif. No issue. 

Mr. Ballou was educated at the Chaf- 
fey High School and the University of 
Southern California. 

Fish, Augustus J. Fish, Lavina Ballou, 
Abraham, Simeon, Abraham, John, John, 
Maturin), b. Glens Falls, N. Y., i^ov. 4, 
1905; m. Glens Falls, N. Y., J^ov. 4, 
1905, by Rev. Dr. Lyon Gaughey, JAMES 
CRUICKSHANK, s. James Cruickshank, b. 
Glasgow, Scotland, Feb. 28, 1904; grad. 
Glens Falls H.S.; he is member Glens 
Falls Lodge No. 121, A.F. & A.M. and 
Glens Falls Royal Arch Chapter No. 55; 
res. 33 Garfield St., Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Issue, CRDICKSHANK, b. Glens Falls, N. Y: 

12161 Alexander, b. Jan. 4, 1926. 

Amos, Amos, George, Simeon, Abraham, 
John, John, Maturin), b. Hetland, S. D., 
Sept. 12, 1908; m. Menno, S. D., Aug. 
22, 1936, MYRTLE MYDLAND, dau. Teis and 
Hannah Mydland, b. June 19, 1902; ed. 
Yankton College, 2 years; salesman, 
2946 Queen Ave., N., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

12162 Charles Lyman, b. Volga, ^ept. 21, 

12163 Caron Teis, b. Hetland, Oct. 19, 

11546 ALLEN HIRAM BALLOU (Verne Hiram, 
Hiram, Amos, George, Simeon, Abraham, 
John, John, Maturin), b. Stockholm, N. 
Y., Apr. 14, 1903; m. Keeseville, N. Y., 
June 3, 1928, by Rev. Harry J. White, 
RENA REIL, dau. Augustus Reil, b. Red- 
ford, N. y., Dec. 12, 1900; teacher, 
Winthrop, N. Y. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Potsdam, N. Y. : 

12164 Gerald, b. Jan. 3, 1929. 

12165 Adelaide Nettie, b. Mar. 5, 1933. 

11375 ROY STANFORD BALLOU (Edward L., 
Dr. Albert D. , Darius, Martin, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. 
Igo, Shasta Co., Calif., Oct. 2, 1887; 
m. Red i^luff, Tehama Co., Csiif., uar. 
25, 1912, by Judge Ellison, ROSE WIL- 
LIAMS, dau. Frank and -featrice (Kille- 
lea) Williams, b. Topeka, Kans., Sept. 
14, 1885; res. Anderson, Shasta Co., 

Mr. ballou is by occupation a general 
contractor. He has in his possession 
"Pope's Essay on Man" which was purchas- 
ed by Benjamin Ballou, July 22, 1813, 
and handed down to each generation (See 

Issue, BALLOU, 1 b. Manton, Tehama Co., 

2-5 b. Anderson, Calif.: 

12166 Adeline May, b. June 11, 1913. 

12167 Edward Francis, b. May 1, 1917. 

12168 Richard Kenneth, b. June 1, 1921. 

12169 Eleanor Louise, b. May 19, 1922. 

12170 Mary Jane, b. Mar. 22, 1927. 



Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. 
Igo, Calif., Jan. 8, 1891; m. (l) Red 
Bluff, Calif., Aug. 21, 1912, by Rev. 

H. A. Cresser, FRANK COLE, s. John and 
Ellsa Cole, b. Thompson's Flat, Butte 
Co., Calif., June 2, 1883, d. Anderson, 
Calif., Nov. 2, 1918; (2) Los Angeles, 
Calif., Oct. 13, 1925, by Rev. H. C. Kend 
rick, OMER ESTHOS LONG, s. George W. and 
Mary E. Long, b. Montrose, Mo., July 26, 
1890; res. 5705 2d Ave., Los Angeles, 

Issue, COLE, b. Redding, Califor- 

12171 Donald Kenneth, b. July 14, 1914. 

Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. 
Igo, Calif., Feb. 10, 1894; m. Los Angel- 
es, Calif., June 1, 1915, by Rev. D. W. 
Honn, BERTHA AUSTIN, dau. Douglas and 
Elizabeth Austin, b. Loveland, Colo., 
Nov. 2, 1897; automobile salesman; res. 
3776 So. Van Ness St., Los Angeles, 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Los Angeles, Calif.: 

12172 Lorraine Edna, b. Jan. 10, 1916. 

12173 Geraldine Maxine, b. May 13, 1918. 

11377 CLARENCE BALLOU (Edward L., Dr. 
Albert D. , Darius, Martin, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. 
Igo, Calif., Aug. 22, 1899; m. Santa 
Rosa, Calif., Jan. 18, 1925, by Rev. Mr. 
Keast, ALTA ELDRED, dau. William and 
Mayne Eldred, b. Ukiah, Calif., Nov. 15, 
1903; connected with the State Hospital; 
res. 522 No. State St., Ukiah, Calif. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Ukiah, Calif.: 

12174 Barbara Louise, b. Dec. 25, 1926. 

11579 LOIS LILLIAN BALLOU (Edward L., 
Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Pe.ter, John, Maturin), b. 
Igo, Calif., Mar. 8, 1903; m. San Fran- 
cisco, Calif., Apr. 23, 1922, by Rev. 
Mark and Margaret Qreen, b. Ablta 
Springs, La., July 30, 1894; chief petty 
officer, U. S. N.; res. 741 8th Ave., 

Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Issue, GREEN, b. San Francisco, Calif.: 

12175 Yvonne Elaine, b. ^eb. 9, 1923. 

Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, Rev. 
Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Igo, 
Calif., Nov. 24, 1908; m. Yuma, Ariz., 
June 12, 1928, by Justice Peace, E. A. 
Neal and Annie Christiansen, b. River- 
side, Calif., Jan. 10, 1908; automobile 
service station operator; res. 1715 W. 
39th P^ace, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Issue, CHRISTIANSON, b. Los Angeles, 

12176 Joanne, b. Apr. 26, 1929. 

12177 Audrie Kay, b. Oct. 10, 1931. 

11381 HARRY BALLOU (Miner H., Dr. Albert 
D., Darius, Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Matur- 
in, Peter, John, Maturin), b. Chilton, 
Calumet Co., Wis., July 24, 1883; m. 
Whitewater, Wis., Jan. 22, 1907, by Rev. 
H. C. Boissere, PEARL DICKERSON, dau. 
Harry and Elizabeth (Anderson) Dickerson, 
grddau. Charles Cvaig and Alice (Cutter) 
Dickerson, of ?Kiitewater, Wis., b. Nov. 
10, 1884. 

Most of his life was spent in Wiscon- 
sin where he was associated with his 
father in the paper and pulp business in 
their various mills scattered throughout 
the State. Although the business was 
sold in 1920 he was retained by the new 
owners as general manager for three and 
a half years. He served on the Board of 
Supervisors, Fire and Police Commissions, 
and School Boards. Then he moved to 
Ross, Calif., across the Bay from San 
Francisco. His present business inter- 
ests include membership on the advisory 
Board of the branch bank of the Bank of 
Italy; president of Mt. Tamalpals Ridge- 
crest Boulevard Co.; president of Marin 
Paper Co.; president of Ballou-Dickey & 
Co. (investment Securities); and presi- 
dent of Ross Valley Development Board. 
He is affiliated with the Masonic Blud 
Lodge, Chapter, Commandery, Consistory, 
and Shrine. Member of San Anselmo Rot — 
ary Club, San Francisco Yacht Club, and 
Marian Golf Club. During the World War 



be was Chairman of Bush CoTint7, Wis. 
Red Cross, and a member of County Fuel 
Administration. Res. 11 Wellington Ave., 
Ross (P. 0. San Anseimo), Calif. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Ladysmlth, Rush Co., 

12178 Robert Miner, b. Feb. 12, 1921. 

12179 Sancy Pearl, b. Oct. 15, 1922. 

11382 BELLE BALLOO (Miner H., Dr. Albert 
D. , Darius, Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Matur- 
In, Peter, John, Maturln), b. Carney, 
Mich., May 19, 1887; m. Menasha, Wis., 
June 22, 1914, by Rev. Henry P. Stauffer, 
ARNOLD KNOPPEL, s. August A. and Adeline 
(Machmuller) Knuppel, b. Appleton, Wis., 
Mar. 7, 1885; instructor of chemistry; 
res. 885 Fifth Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Issue, KNOPPEL, b. Neenah, Winnebago Co., 

12180 Katharine, b. Feb. 4, 1917. 

11385 JESSIE MARY BALLOO (Clarence J., 
Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturln), b. 
Delphos, Ottawa Co., Kans., Aug. 8, 
188Z; m. Sallna, Sallna Co., Kans., May 
2, 1916, by Probate Judge Wilson, KARL 
MINNEMAN, s. G. A. and Katherine (Borg- 
man) Minneman, of Tescott, Ottawa Co., 
Kans., b. Sunman, Ripley Co., Ind., Sept. 
20, 1891; she grad. Kansas State Agr. 
Coll., 1905, A.B.; res. Tescott, Kans. 

Issue, MINNEMAfi, 1-2 b. Tescott, 3 b. 
Sallna, Kans.: 

12181 Janice Ruth, b. June 26, 1917. 

12182 Clarence Adolph, b. Avig. 17, 1921. 

12183 Barbata Beth, b. Apr. 7, 1923. 

11386 ALICE CLAIRE BALLOD (Clarence J., 
Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, Benjamin, 
Rev. Matiirln, Peter, John, Maturln), b. 
Delphos, Kans., Sept. 21, 1885; m. Del- 
phos, Kans., June 30, 1909, by Rev. Mr. 
Snyder, PRESCOTT W. EAMES, s. W. B. and 
Jennie (Dinwiddle) Fames, b. Delphos, 
Kans., Aug. 19, 1886; she grad. Kansas 
State Agr. Coll.; res. Grand Valley, 

Issue, EAMES: 

12184 Alicia May, b. Denver, Aug. 26, 

12185 Wllmer Ballou, b. Kansas City, Mo. 
May 8, 1914. 

11387 HAZEL HART BALLOU (Clarence J., 
Dr. Albert D. , Darius, Martin, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturln), b. 
Delphos, Kans., Dec. 6, 1887; m. Delphos, 
Kans., Feb. 22, 1920, by Rev. G. S. 
Smith, DETROIT JORDAN, s. Dr. John and 
Elmlna (Coombs) Jordan, b. Hazelgreen, 
Wolf Co., Ky., Feb. 9, 1891; she grad. 
Delphos, Kans. H.S. and spent two years 
at Kansas State Agr. Coll.; res. Glasco, 
Cloud Co., Kans. 

Issue, JORDAN: 

12186 Mary Elmlna, b. Ft. Leavenwoeth, 
Kans., July 22, 1921. 

12187 Louis Coolldge, b. Osceola, St. 
Clair Co., Mo., Mar. 6, 1924. 

11588 MINER MAHLON BALLOU (Clarence J., 
Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, Johji, Maturin), b. 
Delphos, Kans., Oct. 9, 1890; m. Glasco, 
Cloud Co., Kans., Apr. 5, 1911, by Rev. 
Mr. Harding, EMMA VINE ROGERS, dau. Henry 
and Mary (Cool) Rogers, b. Glasco, Apr. 
5, 1890; attended grade school of Delphos; 
farmer; res. Glasco, Kans. 

Issue, BALLOO, 1-2 b. Delphos, 3-4 b. 
Glasco, Kans.: 

12188 Russell Raymond, b. Jan. 22, 1912. 

12189 Roger Clarence, b. Aug. 17, 1914. 

12190 Joseph Marvin, b. Apr. 30, 1917. 

12191 Kenneth Alfred, b. Dec. 4, 1919. 

J., Dr. Albert D. , Darius, Martin, Benja- 
min, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), 
b. Delphos, Kans., Dec. 4, 1896; m. Del- 
phos, Kans., Aug. 9, 1922, by Rev. G. S. 
Smith, ROTH NAOMI SMITH, dau. Horace and 
Elizabeth Jane (Haley) Smith, of Delphos, 
Kans., b. Minneapolis, Ottawa Co., Kans., 
July 7, 1901; grad. Delphos H.S. and spent 
two years at Kansas State Agr. Coll.; res. 
Delphos, Kans. 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Delphos, Kans.: 

12192 Mary Maxine, b. June 3, 1923. 

12193 Dorothy Kuth, b. Jan. 5, 1926. 

12194 La Verne Kenneth, b. Dec. 11, 1929. 



11290 DONALD DAVID BALLOD (Clarence J., 
Dr. Albert D., Darius, Martin, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), b. 
Delphos, Kans., Oct. 12, 1898; m. Man- 
hattan, Riley Co., Kans., June 3, 1922, 
by Rev. Bertrand A. Rogers, ELSIE MAE 
OLIVER, dau. David and Laura (Justice) 
Oliver, of Manhattan, Kans., b. Munden, 
Kans., Sept. 5, 1900. 

He is a graduate of Kansas State Agr. 
Coll., where he specialized in journa- 
lism, and is connected with the editor- 
ial department of the "Kansas City Kan- 
san." The Ballou Family Assn. is great- 
ly indebted to "Don" Ballou for the 
genealogical data of this branch of the 
family. Res. 2517 Alden Ave., Kansas 
City, Kans. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

12195 Arthur David, b. Salina, Mar. 
9, 1923. 

12196 Mary Jeanne, b. Manhattan, Dec. 
3, 1924. 

11391 LOUIS MARVIN BALLOU (Clarence J., 
Dr. Albert D. , Darius, Martin, Benjamin, 
Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Maturin), 
b. Delphos, Kans., Dec. 30, 1900; m. 
Delphos, Kans., May 17, 1922, by Rev. 
dau. D. M. and Amelia (Spencer) Bourne, 
b. Delphos, Kans., Dec. 20, 1898; res. 
Delphos, Kans. 

He was educated at Kansas State Agr. 
Coll., where he specialized in mechan- 
ical engineering. Interested in farm- 
ing and stock raising. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Delphos, Kans.: 

12197 Richard Marvin, b. Apr. 24, 1925. 

12198 Corliss Jay, b. Jioly 2, 1927. 

line E. Ballou, Dr. Albert D., Darius, 
Martin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. San Francisco, Calif., 
Sept. 23, 1892; m. Santa Rosa, Calif., 
July 26, 1919, by Rev. J. Kendrick 
Ballou, MAUD ELLEN DAWSON, dau. Thomas 
Henry and Augusta Dawson, b. Orlando, 
Calif., Dec. 31, 1896; electrical mechan- 
ic. Pacific Gas & Electric Co.; res. 
58 Madrone St., tian Anselmo, Calif. 

Issue, HAPPERSBERGER, b. San Rafael, 

12199 Evangeline, b. Nov. 16, 1920. 

12200 Stanley Marston, b. July 15, 

11594 HARRY HAPPERSBERGER (Evangeline 
E. Ballou, Dr. Albert D. , Darius, Mar- 
tin, Benjamin, Rev. Maturin, Peter, 
John, Maturin), b. San Francisco, Calif. 
June 12, 1896; m. Ross, Calif., July 7, 
1917, by Rev. C. P. Deems, ROSE ETHEL 
MAKINSON, dau. George and Mary Makinson, 
b. Berkeley, Calif., Dec. 21, 1892; 
cabinet worker; res. Fairfax, Martin Co. 

issue, HAPPERSBERGER, b. San Francisco, 

12201 Beverly, b. Nov. 1, 1921. 

Ballou, Clark A., Leavitt, Levi, Rev. 
David, Rev. Maturin, Peter, John, Matur- 
in), b. Holyoke, Mass., Aug. 26, 1892; 
m. Detroit, Mich., Aug. 26, 1922, by 
dau. Loyal and ^eanette (Leinaar) Wil- 
liams, grddau. George and Eliza (Brad- 
ley) Williams, of Hickory Corners, Barry 
Co., Mich., b. Mitchell, S. D., Feb. 3, 

He graduated from Holyoke H.S., 1911, 
Univ. of Mich., 1916, B.C.E., and took 
graduate work in economics at Wayne 
Univ., Detroit. After a year of engi- 
neering work on the sugar plantation of 
the "Central hamona," Santa Domingo, 
he teturned and enlisted in the 23rd En- 
gineers Highway Regt., A.E.F., remain- 
ing in France fourteen months. After 
the war he went to Detroit and worked 
as an engineer with the i'ord Motor Co. 
He is now a civil engineer in the City 
Engineer's office, Detroit. Member of 
Am. Soc. Covil Engineers, The Engineers 
Soc. of Detroit, Am. Statistical Assn., 
Detroit Economic Club, and Acacia Lodge, 
No. 477, A.F. 4 A.M., Detroit. Mrs. 
Ballou graduated from Univ. of Mich., 
and is a critic in Western State Normal 
School, Michigan. 

Issue, WILCOXEN, b. Orange, N. J.: 

12202 Lewis Loyal, b. Apr. 4, 1923. 



12203 Frances Elizabeth, b. Apr. 4, 
1923, twin. 

E. (Tower) Harris, Julia W. (Sayles) 
Tower, Col. Welcome Ballou Sayles, Dan- 
iel Sayles, Jr., Eunice Ballou, Ariel, 
James, James, Maturin), b. Providence, 
R. I., Jan. 20, 1901; m. Montgomery, Ala. 
Apr. 29, 1927, by Rev. Edward Parkman, 
LDCY W. JOSEPH, dau. Edwin B. Joseph, 
b. Montgomery, Ala., Mar. 5, 1906; at- 
tended St. Paul's School, Mass. Inst, of 
Tech., and graduated from Brown Univ., 
Ph.B., 1923. 

Issue, Harris, b. Providence, R. I.: 

12204 Kathleen Elizabeth, b. June 25, 

11666 MARY ISABEL BALLOU (Herbert Les- 
lie, Henry, Hefiry, Seth, Seth, James, 
James, James, Maturin), b. Aug. 18, 
1890; m. Peabody, Mass., July 13, 1911, 
JAMES ARTHUR KIKG, JR.; res. 54 Plerpont 
St., Peabody, Mass. 

Issue, KING: 

12205 Thelma French, b. Aug. 24, 1912. 

11671 FLORENCE RUSSELL (Frank Arthur, 
Russell, Harriet A. Ballou, James, Seth, 
Seth, James, James, James, Maturin), b. 
V'alpole, N. H., June 3, 1889; m. Keene, 
N. F., Sept. 4, 1912, by Rev. Conrad, 
OLAI^ STARKEY, s. Milan and i"lora Stark- 
ey; machinist; res. Keene, N. H. His 
mother was Flora Gay. 

Issue, STAKKEY: 

.12206 Lorraine Hazel, b. Lunenburg, 

Mass., May 20, 1917. ~ 
12207 Marguerite Ruth, b. Athol, Mass., 

Apr. 29, 1919. 

12206 Elizabeth Flora, b. Keene, Sept. 
25, 1921. 

12209 Russell Olan, b. Greenfield, 
Mass., Aug. 11, 1928. 

11672 RENOUF RUSSELL (Burton Charles 
Russell, Harriet A. Ballou, James, Beth, 
Seth, James, James, James, Maturin), b. 
Sept. 4, 1891, d. Jan. 7, 1927; m. Jef- 
frey, a. H., Oct. 20, 1913, by Rev. John 
S. Llttel, SUSAK VESSELHOYT, dau. W. F. 
end Emily B. VVesselhoyt, b. Brookline, 

Mass., July 2, 1891; res. Dublin, N. H. 

Issue, RUSSELL, b. Keene, N. H. : 

12210 Renoul", Jr., b. Oct. 10, 1914. 

12211 Elise Renouf, b. June 17, 1916. 

12212 Susan, b. Jan. 14, 1918. 

12213 Sarah Merrie, b. May 10, 1921. 

11673 DORIS RUSSELL (Burton Charles Rus- 
sell, Harriet A. Ballou, James, Seth, 
Seth, James, James, James, Maturin), b. 
Kov. 26, 1893; m. Keene, N. H. , May 15, 
1915, by Bishop Parker, GEORGE LUTHER 
FOOTE, s. George i^uther and Esther Man- 
ton (Young) Foote, b. *^annes, France, 

Mr. Foote is a musician, and the fam- 
ily spend much of their time at the an- 
cestral James Ballou place in Richmond, 
N. H. , with their address as Dublin, N. 
H. Mrs. Foote writes that they are an 
enthusiastic Ballou family. Member B. 

Issue, FOOTE, 1 b. Cambridge, 2-3 b. 
Boston, Mass.: 

12214 Doris, b. May 20, 1916. 

12215 George Bradford, b. Mar. 6, 1918. 

12216 Edward Renouf, b. Mar. 6, 1922. 

10535 JAMES ENOCH WELLS (John B. Wells, 
Laura E. ballou, William, John, Seth, 
James, James, James, Maturin), b. Spring- 
ville, w. Y., iiug. 17, 1871; m. Sprlng- 
ville, N. Y., June 14, 1894, by Rev. N. 
Foster Browne, CORA B. JONES, dau. Lafa- 
yette and Caroline (Garrett) Jones, b. 
Batavia, N. Y., Oct. 27, 1871. 

He graduated from Griffith Institute, 
Sprlngville, N. Y. in 1890. The follow- 
ing year he was appointed principal of 
Colden H.s. In 1891-92 he became a mem- 
ber of the faculty of Griflith Institute. 
In 1893 he was made Committee Clerk in 
New York State Assembly, and in 1898 was 
admitted to the Bar. He has held the 
following positions: Proceedings-in-acti9 
Clerk in Erie County Clerk's office at 
Buffalo, N. Y., 1897-1915, during which 
time he was actively engaged in real es- 
tate and surrogates practice; Clerk of 
Suffoe,ates Court of Erie County 1915-23; 
Trust Officer of Citizens Trust Co. of 
Buffalo, 1923; Trust Officer of The Marine 



Trust Co. of Buffalo 1924-26, and Vice 
Pres., 1927-37. He was honorably dis- 
charged from the 7th Regt. of the New 
York State Nat'l Guard, service being 
from 1896 to 1902; member of Erie County- 
Bar Assn., and former member of Buffalo 

Issue, WELLS, b. Buffalo, N. Y.: 

12217 Margaret E. , b. Sept. 2S, 1897; 
linm.; attended Lafayette H.S., 
Buffalo; Buffalo Seminary, 1917; 
Mount Ida, Newton, Mass., 1918. 

12218 Robert Looney, b. Oct. 26, 1899; 
m. Buffalo, 1924, Carrie Newton, 
dau. Alton H. Newton, b. Buffalo, 
1902; grad. Lafayette H.S., 1917, 
Univ. of Buffalo, 1921, LL.D; at- 
torney-at-law and vice president 
of Manufacturers Nat'l Bank of 
Troy; res. 119 Maple Ave., Troy, 
N. Y.; issue. Wells, 1-5 b. Bxif- 
falo, 6 b. Troy, N. Y.: ^ 

12219 Nancy Anne, b. July 3, 192 

12220 Peggy N., b. July 12, 1926. 

12221 Marcia G., b. Jan. 20, 

12222 Jane, b. Oct. 9, 1929. 

12223 Cora May, b. Sept. 13, 

12224 Caroline, b. Mar. 30, 

12225 James E., Jr., b. Nov. 29, 1903; 
m. Mary Houghton, dau. Frederick 
Houghton, b. Buffalo, Nov. 1906; 
grad. Technical H.S., Buffalo, 
and Univ. of Michigan, 1921, B.S.; 
res. 232 Pleasant Ave., Hamburg, 
N. y.; issue. Wells: 

12226 Joanne, b. Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Nov. 4, 1928. 

12227 James E., 3rd, b. Biiffalo, 
Apr. 11, 1932. 

11676 MARY ELLEN BALLOU (Charles, John, 
William, John, Seth, James, James, James, 
Maturin), b. Springville, N. Y., Feb. 
6, 1878; m. Mw York, N. Y., June 4, 
1903, by Rev. Mr. Shepard, REV. JOSEPH 
L. GARVIN, s. Rev. James H. Garvin, of 
Cambridge City, Ind. 

This is a very talented family. Mary 
(or Marie) Ballou worked her way through 
Hiram College as secretary to the presi- 
dent. Her father died in his early 

thirties, leaving the mother and chil- 
dren to fighty their way as best they 
could. She met her future husband at 
Hiram College when he was preparing for 
a minister's career. His first pastor- 
ate was at The First Christian Chxirch, 
at Youngstown, Ohio. She has been a 
public speaker, was a "Four Minute Man" 
during the World War, and has written 
for the press, it an early age her 
three talented daughters showed a pre- 
disposition for the stage, and Alice 
and Ruth became well known as "Pam and 
Peggy" Garvin. They traveled on the 
Keith Circuit. Doris was known on the 
stage as "Sunny" Garvin. Their mother 
traveled extensively with her daughters, 
Mrs. Garvin is one of our valued members 
of The Ballou Family Assn., and resides 
at the family home, 1602 Lewis Drive, 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

Issue, GARVIN: 

12228 Alice, b. Youngstown, Feb. 21, 

12229 Ruth, b. New York, N. Y., Nov. 2, 

12230 Doris, b. Seattle, Wash., June 4, 

11677 BEULAH JANE BALLOU (Chatles, John, 
William, John, Seth, James, James, James, 
Maturin), b. Jamestown, N. Y., Sept. 21, 
1880; m. Hackensack, N. J., 1905, by 
Rev. Mr. Lambert, JAMES B. HART, s. Pat- 
rick and Margaret Hart, of New York, N. 
Y. , b. Mobile, Ala., July 14, 1875; in- 
surance broker; res. 3215 Fairmount Ave. 
Dallas, Texas. 

Issue, HART: 

12231 Gaylord, b. Hackensack, J'au. 14, 

12232 Jane, b. Pittsburg, Pa., Dec. 15, 
1909; m. Dallas, Sept. 10, 1929, 
by Rev. L. N. D. Viells, Fritz 
Glitsch, s. Fritz and Myrtle 
Glitsch; issue, Glitsch, b. Schen- 
ectady, N. Y. : 

12233 Greitchen, b. Aug. 7, 19Z0. 

John, William, John, Seth, James, James, 
James, Maturin), b. Springville, N. Y. , 
Sept. 27, 1885; m. Cleveland, 0., July 
15, 1911, by Rev. Mr. Pelper, ELEANOR 



KERSTEN, dau. August and Ernestine Ker- 
sten, b. Cleveland, 0., Oct. 16, 1888; 
connected with Public Utility Co.; res. 
3327 W. 94th St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Issue, BALLOD: 

12234 Donald William, b. Aug. 5, 1912. 

12235 Robert DeForest, b. Oct. 17, 1915. 

12236 Lester Charles, b. July 13, 1921. 

12237 Rae Eleanor, b. Oct. 14, 1924. 

11679 REV. EARLE HOIT BALLOU (Rev. Hen- 
ry L., William S., John, Jr., John, Seth, 
James, James, James, Maturin), b. Saxtons 
River, Windham Co., Vt., May 17, 1892; 

m. Chester, Vt., Mar. 7, 1916, by his 
father. Rev. Henry L. Ballou, THELMA G. 
HAVENS, dau. Dr. Walter Louis and Min- 
nie (Stephens) Havens, grddau. Sanford 
William and Laura (Gallup) Havens, of 
New London, Conn., b. Chester, Vt., Dec. 
8, 1890. 

He graduated from Vermont Academy, 
1908; Yale, 1912, B.A.; and Hartford 
Theological Seminary, 1916, B.D. In 
1916 he became a commissioned mission- 
ary of the American Board of Commission- 
ers for Foreign Missions, stationed 
first at Peking, China, then at Tientsin, 
1917-30. He engaged first in evangelis- 
tic, and later in educational work. In 
America on furlough, 1923-24 and 1930-31. 
He is now the American Secretary of the 
Morth China Kung Li Hui (American Mis- 
sion Board) at 29 Teng Shih k'ou, Pei- 
ping, China. He is a member of Beta 
Theta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa; Hykes Memorial 
Lodge, A.F. & A.M., Tientsin; Chung Te 
Consistory, 32, Peiping, China. 

Issue, BALLOD: 

12238 Hubbard Walter, b. Peking, China, 
Jan. 26, 1917, and educated there. 

12239 Laurence Havens, b. Tientsin, 
China, Apr. 19, 1921. 

12240 Robert Maturin, b. Springfield, 
Vt., May 21, 1924. 

12241 Christopher Henry, b. Tientsin, 
China, Nov. 2, 1927. 

11680 PAUL HOLTON BALLOD (Rev. Henry L. 
William S., John Jr., John, Seth, James, 
James, James, Maturin), b. Chester, Vt., 
Aug. 7, 1897; m. Chester, Vt., Dec. 25, 
1924, by his father. Rev. Henry L. Bal- 

lou, GRACE F. CARPENTER, dau. Lucius Al- 
len and Sue Wentworth (Hadley) Carpenter, 
grddau. Lucius and Cora May (Weston) 
Carpenter, b. Chester, Vt., Nov. 10, 

He was educated at Chester H.S.; Ver- 
mont Academy; Culver Military Academy, 
1915; Amherst College; 0. S. Military 
Academy, 1918-19; and Yale University, 
1920. During the World War I he was 
with the American Field Service, Section 
Sanltaire Etats-Dnis, No. 64, received 
the Croix de Guerre in 1917. His civic 
activities were: School Director, 1925- 
28; Town Representative, 1931-33; Trus- 
tee of Chester Post Am. Legion, 1929- ; 
Trustee Cong. Church, 1927- ; Director 
National Bank of Chester, 1930- . Mem- 
ber of Beta Theta Pi; Olive Branch Lodge, 
A.F. & A.M.; Washington Chapter R.A.M., 
Holy Cross Commandery K. T.; Past Com- 
mander of Chester Post Am. Society S.A.R; 
Vermont Society Colonial Wars; Vermont 
Society Mayflower Descendants. Res. 
Chester, Vt. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Springfield, Vt.: 

12242 Carolyn Susan, b. Apr. 14, 1927. 

12243 Paul Carpenter, b. Feb. 1, 1930". 

Case, Susan A. Ballou, Rev. John M., 
Michael W., Nathaniel, Amariah, Nathan- 
iel, James, Maturin), b. New Orleans, 
La., Apr. 16, 1899; m. Ogden, Iowa, ELNA 
JOSEPHINE CARLSON, dau. Anton Frederick 
Carlson, b. Sweden; World War I Veteran; 
legionnaire; res. Boone, Iowa. 

Issue, CASE, b. Boone, Iowa; 

12244 Carroll Birdsall, b. Aug. 12, 1928 

12245 Robert Edward, b. Jan. 22, 1930. 

11737 RAYMOND ELMER SMART (Emma Bell Ray 
mond, Anvilla Ellen Ballou, Elias, Dea. 
David, Elias, Amariah, Nathaniel, James, 
Maturin), b. Albany, N. Y., Jiine 4, 1891; 
m. Longmeadow, Mass., July 14, 1916, 
CHRISTINE BALLOD, b. May 24, 1891; res. 
Amherst, Mass. 

Issue, SMART, b. Springfield, Mass.: 

12246 Raymond, Elmer, Jrr, b. June 4, 

12247 Elwin Roger, b. Dec. 5, 1919. 


12248 Donald Frederick, b. May 27, 1921. 

12249 Ralph Preston, b. Mar. 23, 1923. 

12250 Harold Everett, b. Oct. 20, 1925. 

Raymond, Anvllla Ellen Ballou, Ellas, 
Dea. David, Elias, Amariah, Nathaniel, 
James, Maturin), b. Northampton, Mass., 
May 22, 1893; m. Vernon, Vt., Feb. 12, 
East Bridgewater, Mass. 

Issue, SMART, 1-4 b. Springfield, 5 b. 
Chicopee Falls, 6-9 b. E. Bridgewater, 
Mass. : 

12251 George Henry, b. Sept. 9, 1916. 

12252 Dorothea Louise, b. Oct. 19, 

12253 Robert Everett, b. Jan. 2, 1919. 

12254 Myrtle Belle, b. Jan. 16, 1921. 

12255 Earle Preston, Jr., b. Mar. 5, 

12256 Edward Ray, b. Sept. 12, 1924, 
d. Sept. 25, 1924. 

12257 Francis Allen, b. May 81, 1925. 

12258 Walter Gilbert, b. Oct. 13, 1928. 

12259 Richard Arlen, b. Jan. 8, 1932. 

Raymond, Anvilla Ellen Ballou, Elias, 
Dea. David, Elias, Amariah, Nathaniel, 
James, Maturin), b. Hinsdale, Mass., 
Jan. 3, 1895; m. Chicopee Falls, Mass., 
Aug. 25, 1915, by bridegroom's uncle. 
Rev. Daniel W. Lyman, EZRA ELIUS SEARS, 
3. William and Cora May (Graves) Sears, 
b. Ferrisburg, Vt., May 15, 1891; mem- 
ber B.F.A.; res. 26 Aurora St., Spring- 
field, Mass. 

Issue, SEARS, b. Springfield, Mass.: 

12260 William Kenneth, b. Apr. 28, 
1917; B.S., Am. International 
Coll., 1938. 

Lovlsa Raymond, Anvilla Ellen Ballou, 
Elias, Dea. David, Elias, Amariah, 
Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. Hinsdale, 
Mass., Sept. 12, 1894; m. Ware, Mass., 

s. John and Nancy (Sargent) Campbell. 

Issue, CAMPBELL, b. Ware, Mass.: 

12261 Robert Walter, b. Oct. 12, 1922, 
d. Ware, Oct. 25, 1935. 


12262 i-eslie Andrews, b. Aug. 15, 1925. 

12263 Edward Raymond, b. July 28, 1927. 

12264 Leonard Sargent, b. Jan. 16, 

12265 Nancy Mae, b. Dec. 7, 1937. 

Lovisa Raymond, Anvilla Ellen Ballou, 
Elias, Dea. David, Elias, Amariah, 
Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. Hinsdale, 
Mass., Oct. 25, 1901; m. Ware, Mass., 
Aug. 19, 1922, by Rev. Duncan Porteous, 
RUBY VIOLA MOORE, dau. Roscoe and Kmmn 
(Bolton) Moore; res. Belchertown, Mass. 

Issue,, ANDREWS, b. Ware, Mass.: 

12266 Barbara Evelyn, b. Nov. 22, 1928, 
d. Feb. 14, 1929. 

Lovisa Raymond, Anvilla Ellen Ballou, 
Elias, Dea. David, Elias, Amariah, 
Nathaniel, James, Maturin), b. Hinsdale, 
Mass., Nov. 12, 1904; m. Ware, Mass., . 
July 22, 1922, LIDA DORINA MORIN, dau. 
Joseph and Evelina (Des Marteau) Morin. 

Issue, ANDREWS, b. Ware, Mass.: 

12267 Raymond Joseph, b. Jan. 6, 1923. 

11749 EDITH BOWEN (Elma Sophia Brown, 
Adelaide Victoria Ballou, Oren Aldrich, 
Dexter, Oliver, Noah, Nathaniel, James, 
Maturin), b. Providence, R. I., July 
5, 1888; m. Diamond Hill, R. I., Sept . 
19, 1914, by Rev. Edward S. Evans, of 
Scranton, Iowa, June 7, 1885; res. 190 
Casterton St., Akron, Ohio. 

Issue, STEERE, 1-2 b. Providence, 3 b. 
Los Angeles, Calif., 4 b. Akron, 0.: 

12268 Samuel Adams, Jr., b. Mar. 8, 

12269 Joseph Bowen, b. Jan. 15, 1920. 

12270 Kenneth Wade, b. Mr. 15, 1922. 

12271 Joseph Bowen, b. Apr. 15, 1924, 
d. ae. Im. 

12272 Anthony Wayne, b. May 14, 1927. 

Henry C., Isaac C, Flavius J., Levi, 
Ezekiel, Obadiah, James, Maturin), b. 
Providence, R. I., Oct. 10, 1902; m. 
Kellogg and Maude (Orr) Bartlett, b. 



Pittsburg, Penn., Sept. 84, 1905. No 

Ur. Ballou is an industrial engineer 
and holds a Lieutenant's commission in 
the U. S. Naval Reserve. Educated at 
Moses Brown School, Providence; Westeyan 
Dnivereity, B.S., 1986; Mass. Institute 
of Technology, S.B., 1929; Oxford Univer- 
sity. Mrs. Ballou is Assistant Profes- 
sor of English and is in charge of thet 
Drama Department in Wheaton College. 
Reside Taunton Ave., Norton, Mass. 

11786 LeROY BALLOU SMITH (Col. Stanley 
G. Smith, Mary F. Ballou, Hon. Latimer W., 
Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Obadiah, 
James, Maturin), b. Woonsocket, R. I., 
Apr. 89, 1895; m. Woonsocket, K. I., 
June 3, 1916, by Rev. Samuel Ayers, LU- 
CILLE deNEVERS KOLMER, dau. Hugo and 
Susan Mary (Vedeer) Kolmer, grddau. 
Alexander Kolmer, b. Lakewood, R. I., 
June 19, 1896. 

He attended iJt. Andrews School at 
Concord, Mass. for three years, studied 
in Germany for a year, and graduated 
from Lowell Textile Institute in 1915. 
Member of the Delta Kappa Phi frater- 
nity. In 1916 he formed the Cumberland 
Worsted Mills in Woonsocket, of which 
he is the president and agent. He is a 
member of Morning Star Lodge of Free 
Masons, and attends the Universalist 

Issue, SMITH, b. Woonsocket, R. I.: 
1827S Lorraine Chilson, b. Apr. 10, 
1917; grad. Woonsocket H.S., 
1934 and Katharine Gibbs Secre- 
tarial School, 1956. ^ 

12274 Stanley Gardner, b. Sept. 20, 
1918; attended Eaglebrook and R. 
I. School of Design, 1939. 

12275 Chester Ballou, b. July 17, 1980; 
attended Union Village School, 
Woonsocket, R. I. 

11795 BARBARA BALLOU (Latimer W., Hon. 
Henry L., Hon. Latimer W. , Levi, Levi 
Esq., Ezekiel, Obadich, James, Maturin), 
b. Woonsocket, R. I., iiov. 17, 1905; m. 
(1) Newark, N. J., Apr. 21, 1925, PUTNAM 
MCDOWELL, s. Corwin McDowell (president 
of the Eastern Casualty Insurance Co., 

of Boston, with residence at Dover and 
Monquit, Mass.), class of 1926, Harvard, 
but left at time of marriage, div. Jan. 

5, 1931; (2) Wellesley Congregational 
Church, Wellesley, Mass., Aug. 17, 1954, 
SPENCER DEMING EDDY, s. Frank Stetson 
and Martha Poole (Deming) Eddy, grds. 
Edgar Moses and Martha £llen (Poole) 
Deming, b. Viellesley Hills, Mass., Mqj 

6, 1904; grad. Univ. of Penn., 1926; 
member B.F.A.; res. Shaw Road, Welles- 
ley, Mass. 


18276 Putnam Ballou, b. Greenville, N. 

C, Feb. 27, 1924. 
12877 Robert Henry, b. ^ewton, Mass., 

Feb. 14, 1928. 
Issue, EDDY, b. Boston, Mass.: 
12278 Spencer Deming, Jr., b. Aug. 19, 


B. Sweatt, Marie L. Ballou, Hon. Lati- 
mer W,, Levi, Levi Esq., Ezekiel, Oba- 
diah, James, Maturin), b. Woonsocket, 
R. I., Aug. 13, 1906; m. Boston, Mass., 
Mar. 25, 1953, by Rev. Dr. Erville B. 
Maynard of St. Paul's Cathedral, MAR- 
nelius and Mary (Joyce) dJ'Donoghue, 
of Cork City, Ireland. 

He graduated from Worcester Academy, 
1926. His education included special 
courses at Brown Univ., Harvard Univ., 
and summer sessions at Columbia Univ. 
Library t>chool. He served seven years 
as Reference Librarian and Readers' 
Advisor at the Harris Institute Library, 
Woonsocket; was Director of the Woon- 
socket Civic Forum; author of "Abraham 
Lincoln in ^^ew England" and several 
nistorlcal papers. He was Mass. Chair- 
man for the Union List of ^''ewspapers, 
published by the American Bibliograph- 
ical Society; State i^upervisor of the 
National Youth Administration, Writers' 
Project; State Supervisor of the Manu- 
script Records of the Historical Records 
Survey of Mass., and Editor of the Ad- 
dendum to "The ballous in America," 
1937, which has been included in this 

11828 HERBERT LEIGH COOK (Francis Lati- 



mer Cook, Naomi Paine Cook, Zimri Cook, 
Joanna Ballou, Levi, Ezekiel, Obadiah, 
James, Maturin), b. Moline, Hi., Aiig. 
20, 1880; m. Janesville, *±s., Sept. 1, 
1902, by Rev. R. M. VaiJghn, LOELLA J. 
DAVEY, dau. George H. and Lucy J. (Loom- 
er) Davey, grddau. George B. Davey, of 
Ontario, Canada, b. Janesville, l*is., 
Oct. SI, 1876. 

Mr. Cook entered the University of 
Wisconsin at the age of 19 and graduat- 
ed in 1903, Taught science in a 
High School one year; spent 12 years 
in the Post Office Department and Rail- 
way Mail Service; resigned during World 
War I and worked three years as chemist 
and three years as a draughtsman for a 
motor truck corporation. 1925, became 
an Examiner of the U. S. Patent Office; 
studied law and received degree of LL.B. 
from the Southeastern University in 
1930. Member of a liberal Congregation- 
al church. 

Issue, COOK: 

12279 Lola Belle, b. Janesville, Nov. 
9, 1906. 

12280 Gladys Henrietta, b. Madison, 
Wis., Oct. 13, 1908. 

12281 Charles Francis, b. Whitewater, 
Walworth Co., Wis., Aug. 7, 1910. 

12282 Eugene Bertram, b. Madison, Sept. 
27, 1911. 

12283 Herbert Davey, b. Madison, Apr. 
30, 1913. 

11829 HENRY ALLEN CQOK (Francis Latimer 
Cook, Naomi Paine Cook, Zimri Cook, 
Joanna Ballou, Levi, Ezekiel, Obadiah, 
James, Maturin), b. Moline, 111., Mar. 
12, 1863; m. Clintonville, Wis., Aug. 
6, 1913, by Rev. Carl Nagel, SEDONIA 
SCHAUDER, dau. William and Sedonia (Sei- 
fert) Schauder, grddau. AntQn and 
Wilhelmine (Schxiltz) Schauder, of Schwine 
Munde, Pommern, Germany, b. Clinton- 
ville, Wis., Mar. 16, 1890; member B. 
F.A.; res. 608 Third St., Merrill, Wis. 

Issue, COOK, 1-2 b. Arena, Wis., 3 b. 
Pardeeville, Wis.: 

12284 Dorothy Henrietta, b. Oct. 18, 

12285 Donald Latimer, b. July 31, 1916. 

12286 Henry James, b. Oct. 28, 1917. 

11911 DOROTHY BALLOU (James M. , Frank 
E., Willard, Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Holyoke, 
Mass., Nov. 16, 1907; m. Manchester, N. 
H., June 24, 1927, by Rev. Stoddard Lane, 
ERNEST NADEAU, s. Peter Nadeau, b. Mere- 
dith, N. H., Mar. 11, 1903; principal 

of New Bosibon, Hillsboro Co., N. H. H.S. 

Issue, NADEAU: 

12287 Francis Raymond, b. Concord, 
Sept. 22, 1928. 

12288 Mary Virginia, b. New Boston, 
Sept. 1, 1931. 

Frank E., Willard, Silas, Jesse, Eleazer, 
Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Manchester, 
N. H., Mar. 6, 1910; m. Durham, N. H. , 
June 1, 1936, RUTH LOUISE WESTON, dau. 
Dr. Arthur F. and Mary (Bragg) leston, 

b. Keene, N. H., Apr. 18, 1911; res. 
53 Summer St., Keene, N. H. 

Dr. Ballou is a graduate of the Keene 
H.S., '29; University of New Hampshire, 
'35 and Boston University Medical School, 
'39. Member of S.a.E., N. H. University; 
Phi Chi, Boston University. 1939-40, 
spent two years of surgical interneship 
at Boston City Hospital. Member B.F.A. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Boston, Mass.: 

12289 James Monroe, 3rd, b. Mar. 3, 

12085 DORA FRANCES KNAPP (Hester Ballou, 
Grant A., Orlando R., Isaac A., Isaac, 
Aaron, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Chlco, 
Calif., Aug. 13, 1920; m. Reno, Hev., 
Sept. 4, 1938, SIDNEY HUNTER; res. Sacre- 
mento, Calif. 

12123 MARTIN EMOR BALLOU (James Bissell, 
Martin Emor, Emor Smith, Aaron, Jonathan, 
Aaron, Samuel, James, Maturin), b. Bel- 
grade, i^ebr., Sept. 3, 1903; m. Council 
Bluffs, Iowa, May 10, 1924, by Rev. C. 
0. Stuckenbruck, MILDRED MANLET, dau. 
Emmet and Edna (Puffer) Manley, b. Lyons, 
Nebr., Dec. 7, 1903; farmer; res. Ash- 
land, Nebr. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Ashland, Nebr.: 

12290 Delores,Loreen, b. Mar. 11, 1925. 

12291 Mary Elizabeth, b. Apr. 20, 1926. 


12292 Martin Emor, Jr., b. Aug. 3, 1927. 

12293 Jessie Cecelia, b. Sept. 19, 1928. 

12294 Janet, b. Sept. 19, 1928, d. Sept. 
19, 1928. 

12895 James Emmet, b. May 26, 1930. 

John P. L., Nelson S., Dr. Asa W., Asa, 
Seth, Nehemiah, James, Maturin), b. No. 
Attleboro, Mass., Dec. 5, 1905; m. No. 
Attleboro, Mass., Nov. 10, 1928, CHARLES 
W. COLBORN, s. David L. and Etta (King) 
Colburn, b. No. Attleboro, Mass., Oct. 
7,1907; res. 9 Gould St., No. Attleboro, 

He Is a graduate of the No. Attleboro 
H.S. and Boston Univ., member of Lambda 
Chi. He is associated with an A. & P. 
Store In the district in which his 
father is manager. 

Issue, COLBURN, b. No. Attleboro, Mass.: 

12296 Joan, b. Aug. 16, 1930. 

12297 Sandra, b. June 6, 1934. 

12127 HILDA BALLOU (Frederick P., John 
P. L., Nelson S., Dr. Asa W. , Asa, 
Seth, Nehemiah, James, Maturin), b. No. 
Attleboro, Mass., Aug. 2, 1909; m. El- 
mira, N. Y., Aug. £4, 1931, HARVEY Wi'EIR 
BAY, s. Frank Gay; he grad. from No. 
Attleboro H.S. and R. I. State College; 
member Beta Phi; carries on successful 
elecjtrical business; member Lighting & 
Water Board, No. Attleboro, Mass. 

Issue, GAY, b. No. Attleboro, Mass.: 

12298 Harvey Weir, Jr., b. Apr. 20, 1932 

12299 Clark Frederick, b. June 14, 1935. 




12500 SETH BALLOD, d. Chepachet, R. I.; 
m. MARY POTTER, dau. Jesee and Deborah 
(Steere) Potter, who m. (2) Jeremiah 
Keach; int. Acote Hill Cem., Chepachet. 

Issue, BALLOU: 



12S00a Emeline, unm. 

12300b Laxira, m. Samuel Davis; 1836, res. 

12300c Mercy Ann, m. Attleboro, William 

12300d Drania, m. (1) Lucien Arnoldj (2) 

Foxboro, Apr. 8, 1868, . 

12300e Deborah, m. Oct. 4, 1888, Reuben 

12300f Jeremiah, m. Catherine Wilbour; 

int. Norton, Mass. 
12300g David, d.y. 
12300h Mary, b. Chepachet, 1803, d. Mar. 

5, 1895, in 90th yr. 

12301 JESSE POTTER BALLOD (Seth), d. 
Chepachet, R. I.; m. (l) HANNAH YODNG, 
dau. John and Hannah (Hudson) Young, who 
d. Jan. 15, 1837, in 30th yr.; (2) ELIZA 
ANN PLDMMER, dau. John and Betsey Plum- 
mer, who d. Feb. 25, 1864, ae. 58y 7m 30 

d; (3) LDCY S. , who d. Aug. 27, 

1867, ae. 47y 5m 21d; int. Acote Hill 
Cea., Chepachet, R. I. 

Jesse Potter Ballou was the owner of 
a general country store, and was the fir- 
st sexton of the Acote Hill Cemetery. 
1863-70-71-72-73. Representative in Gen- 
eral Assembly, under the Constitution, 
1852-53~History of the Town of Glocester, 
R. I., 1885. 

R. I.: 


BALLOD, by 1st wife, b. Chepachet, 

Charles Henry, d. unm. 



Owen Francis, d. \mm. 

GEORGE ALLAN, b. Dec. 17, 1832; m. 



12303 SARAH JANE BALLOD (Jesse P., Seth), 
b. Chepachet, R. I.; m. (l) JOHN SMITH, 
a musician, who d. in the Civil War; (2) 
SAMUEL STEERE, s. Hon. Judge Samuel and 

Phebe (Smith) Steere; active and influen- 
tial citizen of Glocester, R. I.; farmer 
and auctioneer. 

Issue, SMITH, b. Chepachet, R. I.: 

Seth), b. Chepachet, R. I., Dec. 17, 1832, 
d. Cranston, R. I., Feb. 13, 1912; m. (1) 
LUCY AMY MATHEWSON, dau. Jeremiah C. and 
Sarah Ann (Seaman) Mathewson, b. Gloces- 
ter, R. I., Oct. 12, 1839, d. July 20, 
1873; (2) ELLA JOSEPHINE CLARK, dau. 
Norman and Rebecca Alma (Locke) Clark, 
b. Greenville, Conn., Feb. 16, 1851. 

R. I.: 

BALLOU, by 1st wife, b. Chepachet, 

FRANK EDGAR, b. Oct. 17, 1858; m. 

Issue, BALLOD, by 2nd wife, 1st 2 and 4th 
b. Providence, R. I.: 

12308 Maude Adele, b. Nov. 18, 1871; unm. 
Mem. B.F.A.; res. 19 Laura St., 
Providence, R. I. 

12309 Louis Howard, b. Mar. 5, 1875; m. 

(1) July 15, 1897, by Rev. Edward 
Holyoke, Ethel Hosmer Manning, b. 
Dec. 17, 1876, d. Apr. 1, 1926; 

(2) Jan, 14, 1928, by Rev. Edward 
Holyoke, Minnie Taylor Wightman, 
dau. David Alfred and Mary Adelaide 
(Ward) Wightman; issue, Ballou, by 
1st wife: 

12331 Howard Winchester, b. Feb. 
8, 1898; m. (l) Providence, 
by Dr. Henry Bassett, Made- 
line Marian Ganyea; (2) Re- 
hobo th, Dorothy Hopkins; is- 
sue, Ballou, by 1st wife: 
12331a Ralph, b. July 12, 

1921; at Camp France, 
Field Canal Zone. 
12331b Helen, b. Feb. 5, 
1 12332 Helen, d. ae. ab. Im. 

12333 Dorothy Clark, b. Aug. 17, 
1905, d. Oct. 1933. 

12310 Grace Alma, b. Centreville, Nov. 9, 
1881; m. Providence, Jan. 29, 1908, 
by Rev. Edward Holyoke, Frederick 
Alfred Rathbun; formerly, Sec- 
Treas., B.F.A.; res. 18 Searle Ave. 
Oaklawn, R. I.; issue, Bathbun, ,b. 
Cranston, R. I.: 



12511 Mildred Ballou, b. Mov. 9, 
1908; grad. Katherine Glbbs 
Sec. School; sec, Dept. of 
Education, State Office 
Building, Providence, R. I. 

12312 Marian Dixon, b. Nov. 6, 
1913; m. July 19, 1937, For 
est Greive Mowry, of Oak- 
lawn; issue, Mowry: 
12312a Ronald Claxton, b. 

May 30, 1940. 

12313 Beulah Clark, b. Jan. 14, 
1917; m. June 2, 1940, And- 
rew Aitken, of Hartford; 
she is clerk. Providence 
and Washington Ins. Co., 
Providence, R. I.; has ex- 
ceptional musical talent. 

18314 Alma Locke, b. Jan. 14, 
1917, twin. 

12315 Jessie Potter, b. Dec. 2, 1886; m. 
Sept. 2, 1924, Frank Louis Kneup- 
fer; 9 yrs., Sec.-Treas. B.F.A.; 
res. 924 Linden Ave., Burlingame, 
Calif. No issue. 

12316 George Earl, b. Lafayette, Mar. 28, 
1890, d. May 30, 1909. 

12306 MYRA BALLOU SMITH (Sarah Jane Bal- 
lou, Jesse P., Seth), b. Chepachet, R. I.; 
m. Feb. 24, 1892, JOB STEERE, of Chepach- 
et, R. I.; mem. B.F.A.; res. 165 Stanwood 
St., Providence, R. I. 

Mr. Steere was a farmer and stock deal- 
er; member of the Town Council and repre- 
sented the town for two terms in the Gen- 
eral Assembly. 

Issue, STEERE: 

12317 Bernon, b. Sept. 20, 1894; m. Che- 
pachet, Feb. 14, 1917, Irene Mary 
Mowry; res. 64 George Arden Ave., 
Greenwood, R. I.; issue, Steere: 

12318 Bernon, Jr., b. Jan. 15, 

12319 Earl, b. Feb. 2, 1920. 

12320 Arthur, b. July 25, 1921. 

12321 Doris, b. Jan. 2, 1922. 

12322 Esther, b. June 18, 1923. 

12323 Mildred, b. Oct. 13, 1925. 

12324 Herbert, b. Mar. 16, 1929. 
12325 Osman L. , b. Jan. 17, 1896; unm.; 

mem. B.F.A. 

12507 FRANK EDGAR BALLOO (George Allan, 

Jesse P., Seth), b. Chepachet, R. I., Oct. 
17, 1858; m. Providence, R. I., ^ov. 23, 
1880, by Rev. Edward Pickett, Farnham, 

and Susan Stanton (Wilbur) Clark, b. , 

d. Providence, R. I., July 19, 1936; int. 
Swan Point Cem. , Providence, R. I. 

A dean of Rhode Island business men, 
Mr. Ballou has been connected with the 
shoe retail business in Providence since 
1830, being chairman of the board of di- 
rectors and treasurer of the F. E. Ballou 
Company, at 145 Weybosset Street. Also, 
active in civic «nd political events. 

In 1912, he was elected Republican re- 
presentative to the Rhode Island State 
Legislature, and during his twenty-five 
years as a legislator, he has served on 
the important finance committee; chairman 
of the public welfare committee; chairman 
of the special legislation committee, and 
has held various other positions of trust. 
Member of the Public Works Emergency. 
For over eight years, chairman of the Re- 
tail Trade Board of the Providence Cham- 
ber of Commerce, of which he was vice- 

Prominent in Masonic circles, Mr. Bal- 
lou is a Past Master of What Cheer Lodge, 
member of the Calvary Commandery and the 
Providence Royal Arch Chapter and the 
Palestine Temple. Past Worthy Grand Pat- 
ron of Rhode Island Order of Eastern Star, 
and President of the Provident Fraternity. 
One of the founders of The Ballou Family 
Association Of America, Mr. Ballou served 
with distinction as President for eight 
years. Member of the Town Criers of 
Rhode Island and the Rotary Club. Past 
President of the Republican Club of Rhode 
Island. Treasurer of the Rhode Island 
Baptist State Convention since 1917, and 
treasurer of the Calvary Baptist Church. 
Res. 19 Laura Street, Providence, R. I. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Providence, R. I.: 

12326 Edgar Clark, b. Aug. 15, 1883; unm; 
artist and advertising man; ed. 
Brown Univ. and Mass. Inst, of 
Tech.; res. 19 Laura St., Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

12327 Blanche Elizabeth, b. Feb. 8, 1886; 
m. Providence, Mar. 1911, by Rev. 
Edward Holyoke, Charles Harvey 
Everett, b. New London, N. H., May 



8, 1875; automobile sales manager; 
mem. B.F.A.; res. Barnard Ave., 
Boston, Uass.; Issue, Everett, 1st 
b. ilorfolk Downs, End b. Qulnc7, 
Mass. : 

12328 Robert Ballou, b. Feb. 1, 
1912, d. ae. ab. Im. 

12329 Helen Ballou, b. Apr. 28, 

12330 Harold Francis, b. June 11, 1900; 
m. Providence, Oct. 27, 1923, by 
Rev. Arthur Allcock, Emeline Lowe, 
dau. Charles E. and Helen (Hop- 
kins) Lowe, b. Providence, June 21, 
1902; grad. Brown Dniv., 1923; 
vice-pres. and in charge of men's 
and children's departments of F. 
E. Ballou Co., until January, 1938, 
when he was made president and 
general manager; active member of 
Lions Club and Town Criers of Rhode 
Island; ardent parlor tennis play- 
er; res. Cranston, R. I.; issue, 
Ballou, 1st b. Providence, 2-3 b. 
Cranston, H. I.: 

12334 Richard Lowe, b. July 31, 

12335 Paula Jane, b. Jan. 22, 

12336 Joan Helen, b. May 28, 1929. 

12337 JOHN BALLOU, b. Onion Co., Ohio, 
1840, d. Soldiers & Sailors Home, Grand 
Island, Mebr., Dec. 9, 1910; m. ADA CRAW- 
FORD; int. Soldiers & Sailors Cem., Grand 
Island, Nebr. 

Druggist. Private in Co. H 2nd Iowa 
Regt., in Civil War, enl. Crawfordsville, 
la.. May 1, 1861, disch. Louisville, Ky., 
May 27, 1864. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Schuyler, Mebr.: 

12338 JAMES CRAWFORD, b. 1870; m. MARY 

Schuyler, Nebr., 1870; m. Schuyler, Nebr., 
by Rev. Mr. Laird, MARY McPHERSON, b. 
Nova Scotia, 1878, d. 1899. 

1927, James C. Ballou said: "My grand- 
father's name was John, and he was killed 
by the Indians in the California rush In 
•49; my grandmother's name was Addle Coen 
born Fairfield, Jefferson Co., Iowa, about 

78 years ago; married Fairfield, about 61 
years ago. Think my father had a middle 
initial "C. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. Schuyler, Nebr.: 

12339 ROBERT INGRAM, b. May 7, 1898; m. 

John), b. Schuyler, Nebr., May 7, 1898; 
m. East Orange, N. J., Oct. 12, 1929, by 
Rev. Dr. Joseph C. Hazen, ROTH EDNA 
SWEENEY, dau. Thomas M. and Edna Ruth 
Sweeney, b. New York, N. Y., Apr. 12, 

June 28, 1917, Mr. Ballou enl. as pri- 
vate in Co. D 109th Engineers, 54th Div.; 
served two years and four days, one year 
overseas; disch. as non-commissioned of- 
ficer, July 2, 1919; Enrolled at Oniv. 
of Nebraska for three years and finished 
by spending one year in a Chicago college. 
Efficiency Engineer Supervisor, Western 
Electric Co. Baptist. Fraternities: 
Blue Lodge of Masons, 3rd degree. Royal 
Arch Mason 4th degree; Phi Sigma Kappa 
(college fraternity); Western Dniversi- 
ties' Club of New York City; American 
Legion. Mem. B.F.A. Mrs. Ballou grad. 
Smith Coll., 1928, where she wonher let- 
ters on the crew; mem. of Glee and Mando- 
lin clubs and of choir; also, of three 
honor societies; the Oriental, Philosophi- 
cal and Vox, of which she was president. 
Res. 448 Hillside Ave., Orange, N. J. 

Issue, BALLOO, b. East Orange, N. J.: 

12340 Barbara Ruth, b. Aug. 8, 1930. 


BALLOO, m. . 

Manufacturer of vinegar. Second Ave., 
Pittsburgh, Penn. 

Issue, BALLOO, prob. b. Pittsburgh, Penn.: 

12342 Franklin, b. ab. 1846, d. Palm 
Beach, Fla.; m. May Wilson; late 
1870 's went to Leadville, Colo.; 
wealthy silver and coke miner. 

12343 Susan. 

12344 Emma, m. Biddle Arthxurs; issue, 

12345 Jenny. 
12346 ARTHDR, b. Feb. 8, 1844; m. LOCY 



12846 ARTHUR BALLOO, b. Pittsburgh, Pa., 
Feb. 8, 1844, btirned to death in Windsor 
Hotel, Leadville, Colo., May 19, 1882j m. 
Pittsburgh, Pa., Jan. 15, 1872, by Rev. 
Scoville, LOCI HARDIMAU HUNTER, dau. Alex 
ander and Sarah Hunter, grddau. William 
Wall Hunter, of Mt. Pleasant, Greensburg, 
Pa., b. Pittsburgh, Pa., Mar. 25, 1840, 
d. Pittsburgh, Pa., May 7, 1907j she is 
int. Allegheny Cem., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

In Civil War, 1st Orderly Sergeant, 
Penn. Vols.; two severe leg wounds iden- 
tified his remains at his death; a few 
teeth also remained. Bank clerk, later 
associated with brother, and resided at 
Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Issue, BALLOU, 1-S b. then Allegheny, now 
Pittsburgh, north side. Pa., Srd b. Colo- 
rado Springs, Colo.: 

12347 Marcus Hunter, b. «ov. 10, 1875; 
uiun.; 6.S., Iowa Christian Coll. 
(resident work) ; Scranton Corres- 
pondence course in Railroad Civil 
Engineering; bookkeeper, steno- 
grapher, draftsman and railroad 
surveyor; messenger; published 
booklet entitled "Expression," 
1929; 1934, res. Ill Sherman Ave., 
Vandergrift, Pa. 

12348 Walter B., b. June 26, 1877, d. 
unm., 1907; auditor and accountant. 

1S349 Stanley A., b. Feb. 2, 1882; unm.; 
hotel clerk and manager. 

12350 ALEXANDER BALLOU, b. New Hampshire, 
1792; m. SUSAN JONES. 

Issue, BALLOU, per. inc.: 

12351 GEORGE ALLEN, b. Derry Village, N. 
H., Dec. 31, 1836; m. MARY JANE ROBERT- 

12351 GEORGE ALLEN BALLOU (Alexander), 

b. Derry Village, N. H., Dec. 31, 1836, d. 
Springfield, 111., July 9, 1911; m. MARY 
JAIE ROBERTSON, dau. Brice Henry Robert- 
son; int. Oakridge Cem., Springfield, 111. 

Issue, BALLOU, per. inc.: 

12352 BRICE ALEXANDER, b. Springfield, 
111., Mar. 15, 1868; m. IDA MAY 


Alexander), b. Springfield, 111., Mar. 15 
1868; m. Springfield, 111., Oct, 29, 1889 
by Rev. Dr. Johnson, IDA MAY HAGERH0B6T, 
dau. Christian Frederich Hagerhorst, b. 
Springfield, 111., June 8, 1867; realtor. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Springfield, 111.: 

12353 Bessie Allen, b. Nov. 8, 1890, d. 
Houston, Tex., June 6, 1891. 

12354 Alice May, b. May 7, 1892; m. 
Sept. 5, 1912, J. H. Hill. 

12355 Mary Aurilla, b. May 25, 1894; m. 
May 25, 1930, Clayton Robinson. 

12356 Brice Aiken, b. Mar. 15, 1896; m. 
Vancouver, B. C., Dec. 27, 1919, 
by Rev. Alder, Marion Pearle Wil- 
liams, dau. Robert Henry and Mar- 
ion Pauline Williams, grddau. 
James and Jane Williams, of Bran- 
don, Ont., Can., b. Nelson Prov., 
B. C, Dec. 29, 1899; salesman. 
Commercial Tire Co., 9th and Denny 
Way, Seattle, Wash. Grad. St. 
Louis Coll. of Pharmacy; mem. Mag- 
nolia Lodge No. 626 A.F. & A.M., 
St. Louis, Mo.; Business Club; 
Seattle Gyro Club; Tower Grove 
Presb. Ch., St. Louis; World War I 
sergt.. Medical corps, U. S. A.; 
must, out at Camp Zachery Taylor, 
Louisville, Ky. Res. 4822 E. 41st 
St., Seattle, Wash.; issue, Ballou: 
12357 Brice Frederick, b. Jvme 

13, 1929. 

12358 ALEXANDER BALLOU, b. Londonderry, 
N. H., 1836, d. Auburn, N. H., 1909; m. 
Auburn, N. H., May 31, 1860, by Rev. 
James Holmes, CAROLINE McDUFFIE, b. Au- 
burn, N. H., 1845. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Auburn, N. H. : 

12359 Alberto. 

12360 John A., b. Mar. 27, 1863; m. Man- 
chester, N. H., 1895, by Rev. N. 
L. Colby, Sarah V. Bodwell, dau. 
Alpheus Bodwell, b. Manchester, 
1860; issue, Ballou, b. Manchester: 
12361 Abby Caroline, b. Mar. 4, 

1900; m. Manchester, by Rev. 
Jump, Lewis Bartlett Oilman 
Jr., b. Manchester, 1897; 
res. 574 Belmont St., Man- 
chester, N. H. ; issue, Gil- 
man, b. Manchester, N. H. : 
12362 Lewis Bartlett, 3rd, 



b. Mar. 1924. 
1£363 Estelle. 
12S64 Frank. 

12365 Stella, b. 1868; m. i)athaniel,D. 

12366 JOSEPH H. BALLOO, of Ohio, m. 

Issue, B/LLLOQ, per. Inc.: 

12367 George Arthiir, b. Ohio, May 9, 
1883; m. Post Falls, Ida., Sept. 
4, 1910, by Rev. 0. S. Hawk, Mamie 
Emily Bishop, b. Spokane, Wash., 
Dec. 31, 1888; issue, Ballou, b. 
Spokane, Wash.: 

12S68 Bernice Beverly, b. Nov. 23 

12369 LEVI BALLOU, came to DuPage Co., 
111., from Mew England; m. . 

Issue, BALLOO, inc., b. DuPage Co., 111.: 

12370 Augustus Marble, d. DuPage Co., 
1892; m. Lillian Eugenia Mind; is- 
sue, Ballou, b. DuPage Co., 111.: 
12371 Frederick Herbert; son: 

12372 John. 
12373 Mary Ellen, m. H. C. Storm; 
dau. : 
12374 Mary Louise. 

12375 Burton. 

12376 Fanny Lillian. 

12377 Walter LeRoy, m. Helen Ar- 
nold; issue, Ballou: 

12378 Mary Barbara. 

12379 Alan. 

12380 Wilbur, twin with Walter. 

12381 Joseph Ladd, m. Grace Flack 
issue, Ballou: 

12382 Jean. 

12383 Susan. 

12384 Robert Oleson, b. 1892; m. 
Vera Kern Edwardsen; 1933, 
publisher, 2 W. 13th St., 
Kew York, N. Y.; issue, 
12385 David Kern. 

12386 HARRY L. BALLOO (Charles, Frank, 

Phineas), b. ; 1933, res. 54 Elmwood 

Ave., Irvington, N. J. 

12387 FRANCIS HENRY BALLOU, "b. Tolland, 
Conn., Dec. 29, 1847; m. Willington, Conn 
Apr. 1, 1873, by Rev. Henry Meacham, 
SARAH AMNA MILLER, b. Eastford, Conn., 

May 5, 1848. Farmer. 

Issue, BALLOO, 1-3 b. Moose Meadow, 4th 
b. Willington, Conn.: 

12388 Mary Angeline, b. Oct. 18, 1874; 

m. July 4, 1893, Herbert Bosworth. . 

12389 Edith May, b. June 9, 1876; m. 
Mar. 2, 1895, Everett Mathewson. 

12390 Nellie S., b. Nov. 18, 1880, d. 
Feb. 5, 1881. 

12391 Frank T., b. July 10, 1878; m. Staf 
fordville. Conn., Apr. 30, 1919, 

by Rev. J. Von Deck, Florence M. 
Lee, dau. Albert W. and Elizabeth 
B. (Parsons) Lee, grddau. Cyrus 
and Sarah Lee, of Somers, Conn., b. 
Hampden, Mass., Feb. 1, 1886; res. 
Stafford, Conn.; issue, Ballou, 1st 
b. Springfield, Mass., 2nd b. Staf- 
ford Springs, Conn.: 

12392 Anna Elizabeth, b. Feb. 5, 

12393 Charles Everett, b. Nov. 8, 

12394 GEORGE BALLOO, b. Vt.; m. , b. 


Issue, BALLOO, per. inc.: 

12395 Hosea Cushman, b. New York, N. Y., 
Dec. 27, 1897; m. Yonkers, N. Y., 
June 14, 19 — , by Rev. John R. Mac- 
Kay, Edna E. Calkins, dau. F. E. 
Calkins; mem. B.F.A. ; res. 33 
Homesdale Ave., Bronrville, N. Y. 
No issue. 


Issue, BALLOO, per. inc.: 

12397 Lizzie, b. Mason, N. H., Oct. 25, 
1850; m. Beaver Dam, Wis., Jan. 17, 
1865, Joel Hodgman, s. Asa and 
Sarah (Jenkins) Hodgman, b. New 
Boston, N. H., Oct. 16, 1840, d. 
Chicago, 111., June 1907; 1916, she 
res. Chicago, 111. No issue. 

12398 BARBARA BALLOU, b. Cumberland, R.I. 
1775, d. Providence, Jan. 12, 1821; m. IS- 
RAEL BARNEY; int. No. Burial Ground; 

Issue, BARNEY, per. inc.: 

12399 James, d. Prov., Dec. 6, 1869; m. 
Phebe Greene, b. Coventry, Feb. 1793 



Issue, BARDEI, Inc.: 

12400 SAKAH, b. Providence, May 12, 1817 
m. hens; LENARDSOM. 

12400 SARAH BARUEY (James Barney, Bar- 
bara Ballou), b. Providence, R. I., May 
12, 1817, d. Providence, R. I., Apr. 28, 
1902; m. Providence, R. I., HENRY LENARD- 
SOM; int. No. Bvirial Grovind, Providence. 

Issue, LENARDSOM, per. inc.: 

12401 SARAH JOSEPHA, b. Stonlngton, Conn 
May 1, 18S9; m. THEOPHILOS HDTCH- 

Barney, James, Barney, Barbara Ballou), b. 
Stonlngton, Conn., May 1, 1859, d. Provi- 
dence, R. I., Nov. 4, 1883; m. Provi- 
dence, R. I., Apr. 28, 1857, THEOPHILOS 
HOTCHIMS READ, b. Seekonk, Mass., Sept. 
17, 1851; merchant; int. Rumford, R. I. 

Issue, READ, 1-4 b. Providence, R. I., 
5-8 b. Seekonk, Mass.: 

12402 Henry Cyril, b. and d. Mar. 15, 

12403 Adah Magdalene, b. July 10, 1859. 

12404 Theodore William, b. Apr. 1, 1861, 
d. 1879. 

12405 SALLY LENARDSOM, b. July 28, 1864; 

12406 Charles Nelson, b. Nov. 16, 1867. 

12407 Henry Lenardson, b. Oct. 22, 1869. 

12408 Jennie Josepha, b. Feb. 14, 1871, 
d. 1871. 

12409 Theophllus Hutchins, b. May 15, 
1874, d. 1926. 

12405 SALLY LENARDSON READ (Sarah Josep- 
ha Lenardson, Sarah Barney, James Barney, 
Barbara Ballou), b. Providence, R. I., 
July 28, 1864; m. Warren, R. I., Jan. 18, 
1888, by Rev. Louis Pope, EARLE DAVIS 
COLLAMORE, s. Luther Collamore, b. Warren 
R. I., Oct. 12, 1855. 

Issue, COLLAMORE, b. Providence, R. I.: 

12410 Earle Read, b. Sept. 18, 1890, d. 
Sept. 28, 1915; ed. Cornell Univ. 

12411 Lydia P., b. May 6, 1896; m. Ox- 
bridge, May 26, 1923, by Rev. Dr. 
Robert Westenberg, John T. Doran, 
s. John Doran, b. Bristol, R. I., 
July 8, ; res. East St., Bing- 
ham, Mass.; issue, Doran: 

12412 Rosamond, b. Mo. Providence, 
Oct. 14, 1925. 

12413 Dean, b. Bingham, May 9, 

s. John (d. Washington Co., M. Y., June 
22, 1818, in 74th yr.) and Patience (d. 
Washington Co., S. Y., Oct. 8, 1834, in 
83rd yr.) Straight, b. Glocester, R. I., 
Jan. 7, 1871, d. Walworth, Wayne Co., M. 

Y., Nov. 18, 1840, who m. (2) JANE , 

who survived him. 

Mehemiah Straight is listed in the 
1800 Census at Granville, Washington Co., 
with a family of six, and again in 1810 
with a family of ten. The year of his 
removal to Walworth, Wayne Co., is imcer- 
tain, but he left a will, dated July 24, 
1840, which was allowed May 23, 1841, 
after being contested by some of the 

The papers in the Surrogate's files 
show that he left a widow Jane, who was 
step-mother of his children, a son Bosea 
of Williamson, Wayne County, dau. Amy, 
wife of Selah Atwood of Ontario, Wayne 
County, dau. Levina, wife of John Pickett 
of Livonia, Livingston County, son Asa 
Straight of Litchfield, Medina County, 
Ohio, and son Jesse B. Straight of Wal- 
worth. Testimony at the contest shows he 
had a brother William Straight, a nephew 
Addln Bardin, aged 34, and that Samuel 
Cole was son of the widow Jane, and that 
Charity K. Bolster was her daughter. 
Hosea Straight and George K. Bolster were 
confirmed as executors. 







Elisha, b. Adaims, Mass., Mar. 16, 


Hosea, of Williamson, N. Y., 1840. 

Amy, m. Selah Atwood of Ontario, 

N. Y. 

Levina, m. Hartford, Washington 

Co., M. Y., July 26, 1812, John 

Pickett, of Livonia, N. Y. 

Jesse B., of Walworth, B. Y., 1840. 

Asa, of Litchfield, Medina Co., 0., 




res. Newport, R. I. 



Issue, BALLOO: 


124S4 Dau. 

1S425 Son. 

18428 LIDIA BALLOO (Robert), m. as his 
3rd wife, GEORGE GARDIHER, s. Rev. Hlchael 
and Ifargaret (Browne) Gardiner, bp. Great 
Greenford, Middlesex, Eng., Feb. 15, 1599, 
d. 1677. 

Issue, GARDIBER, by 3rd wife: 

12426 SAMUEL, b. ; m. ELIZABETH (CARR) 


12427 Dep. and Lt.-GoT. Joseph, b. 1669; 
m. Bewport, Bqt. 30,1693, Katherine 
Holmes, dau. Lt. John and Frances 
(Holden) Holaes, who m. (2) David 
Wightman; Issue, Gardiner, b. Bew- 
port, R. I.: 

12428 Dep. -Got. John Holmes, b. 
Sept. 17, 1697. 

12429 Robert, b. Aug. 16, 1699. 

12430 Frances, b. Sept. 7, 1701. 

12431 Joseph, Jr., b. Apr. 17, 

12432 George, b. Feb. 4, 1705. 

12433 Catharine, b. Feb. 1, 1707. 

12434 Lydia, b. Mar. 2, 1709. 

12435 William, b. 1712. 

12436 Mary, b. 1718. 

12437 Lydia, d. 1723; m. Apr. 4, 1689, 
Joseph Smith, s. John and Sarah 
(Whipple) Smith, who d. Jan. 13, 
1750} issue. Smith: 

12438 Israel, b. Jan. 13, 1690. 

12439 Lydia, b. May 25, 1692. 

12440 Sarah, b. May 24, 1694. 

12441 Joseph, Jr., b. Dec. 18, 

12442 Robert, b. Mar. 3, 1698. 

12443 Alice, b. Jan. 15, 1700. 

12444 William, b. Mar. 15, 1703. 

12445 DaTid, b. Dec. 10, 1705. 

12446 Jeremiahs 

12447 Mary. 

12448 Peregrine. 

12449 Robert, Jr., b. May 1671, d. May 

12450 Jeremiah, m. Sarah ; issue, 


12451 Dau., b. Sept. 13, 1712. 

12426 SAMUEL fiARDINKR (Lydia Ballou, Rob- 
ert), d. Dec. 8, 1698; m. ELIZABETH (CARR) 
BROWN, dau. Robert Carr, wid. James Brown, 

who d. 1697. 

1688, Samuel Gardiner bought 450 acres 
of land in Freetown from George Lawton 
for 1250. 1688-90-92, selectman; 1690- 
92, town clerk; Dec. 30, 1693, deputy; 
at Swansea; 1696, he and Ralph Chapman 
bought land of Ebenezer Brenton for fi900; 
1696, selectoAn. Feb. 15, 1697, inven- 
tory sworn to by widow Elizabeth. 


12452 Elizabeth, b. 1684. 

12453 Samuel, Jr., b. Oct. 28, 1685. 

12454 Martha, b. Oat. 16, 1686. 

12455 Patience, b. Oct. 31, 1687. 


b. Mar. 20, 1794; m. MARI , b. BoT. 

7, 1790, d. Prattsburg, Steuben Co., 1. 
Y. , May 6, 1852; prob. int. Prattsburg, 
B. 7. 

His grandson. Dr. Ira Reuben Ballon, 
of Binghamton, B. Y., under date of April 
30, 1929, wrote: "Father's name was not 
William Hosea, it was William Henry. 
Mother told me she had been told there 
were three brothers of the Brazou family 
came to this country from France, that 
one, Thomas, never married and that when 
he died he owned the land now occupied 
by Jersey City. That from the other two 
came the Ballous and the Burlews.* 

Issue, BALLOU, b. near Prattsburg, Steu- 
ben Co., B. Y. (family Bible rec): 

12457 WILLIAM HEBRY, b. May 31, 1815; m. 

12458 Samuel, b. Aug. 2, 1819; res. Alle- 
gheny Co., B. Y. 

12459 Rosette, b. July 20, 1822, d. unm., 
Jan. 20, 1853; partial invalid. 

12460 Uriah, b. Apr. 27, 1824. 

12461 Mary, b. July 12, 18S6, prob. d. 
Prattsburg, B. Y. 

12462 Laury (girl), b. Dec. 1£, 1828; 

12463 Franklin, b. Dec. 25, 1831. 

12457 WILLIAM HEBRY BALLOU (Abijah), b. 
in or near Prattsburg, B. Y., May 31, 
1815, d. St. Mark's, Fla., June 16, 1871; 
m. Orange, Schuyler Co., B. Y., Mar. £8, 
1854, JULIA ABB HEBDRICK, dau. Samuel Burt 
Hendrlck, b. Orange, B. Y., Apr. £2, 1829, 


d. Dec. 16, 1884. 

Dr. William H. Ballou practiced medi- 
cine and taught school for several years, 
having moved West. In 186£, his wife and 
children returned to Mew York State, while 
he went to Chicago and engaged In rhubarb- 
wine making. In which he was very success- 
ful, but the Chicago fire wiped out every- 
thing he had. Recovering from a very 
serious Illness, the doctors advised a 
warm climate near salt water, which was 
the reason for his going to St. Mark's, 
where he resided until his death. He may 
be Interred near Tallahassee, Fla. 

Issue, BALLOU: 

12464 William Ibljah, b. Dayton, 0., Feb. 

1, 1655, d. Sept. £0, 1855. 
1S465 Dr. Ira Reuben, b. Dayton, Sept. 

£7, 1656, d. Blnghamton, N. 7., 

July 6, 19Z4; m. Sarah Moble. 
1£466 Samuel Edwin, b. Dayton, Sept. 1, 

1659; m. Hornby, Steuben Co., N. X. 

May 5, 1865, by Rev. Henry Bliby, 

Adda Dunlap, dau. John and Dorothy 

(Doreta) Dunlap, b. Sheppard Creek, 

Pa., Aug. 5, 1664, d. Bradford, N. 

I., June 19, 19Z0; Int. Bradford, 

I. I. Cem.; res. Savona, Steuben 

Co., I. Y. ; Issue, Ballou, l-£ b. 

Hornby, Zrd b. Dyka, 4th b. So. 

Bradford, H. Y. : 

1S467 Frances Ora, b. July 15, 

1666; m. Tyrone, B. Y., Mar. 
£8, 19£0, by Rev. J. C. B. 
Moyer, Tberon Cole, s. Spen- 
cer Cole, b. Bradford, Feb. 
£2, 1686; farmer; res. Savo- 
na, N. Y. ; no Issue. 

ie46e Ira Earl, b. May SO, 1890; m 
Dundee, N. Y., Apr. 17, 1918 
by Rev. Harvey Miller, Vio- 
let Cratsley, dau. Levi 
Cratsley, b. Dundee, July ££ 
1692; res. 115 Elm St., Penn 
Yan, N. Y. ; no Issue. 

1£469 Walter Edwin, b. Aug. £4, 
1696, d. Mar. 10, 1897. 

12470 Robdrt Myron, b. Feb. £, 

1904, d. unm., Oct. £0, 1936 

Orange, B. Y., June IZ, 166£; m. 




CLAREBCE) BALLOD (William H., Abljah), b. 
Orange, B. Y., June 13, 1662, d. Spokane, 
Wash., July £3, 19£8; m. Hornby, B. y., 
June 30, 1886, CORA MAY HEBDRICK, b. Horn- 
by, B. Y., July 13, 1662; she res. £941 
Poumount Blvd., Spokane, Wash.; he Is Int. 
West Point, B. Y. 

Charles C. Ballou entered the 0. S. 
Military Academy as a cadet on July 1, 
1882 and graduated, standing number 63 
In a class of 77 members, on July 1, 1886. 
He was appointed from the 4th Congression- 
al District of Illinois. The following 
extract from the 1929 Annual Report of 
the Association of Graduates contains the 
remaining Information desired and gives 
a partial explanation for his appointment 
from Illinois: 

'Charles Clarendon Ballou, affection- 
ately known by his classmates as Barnaby 
Ballou, was born at Orange, Schuyler Coun- 
ty, Bew York. ...His father having died 
when he was a child, he was reared in the 
home of a maternal uncle and received such 
education as he could get in a country 
school, followed by a few months in a high 
school at Aurora, Illinois, prior to his 
entering the United States Military Aca- 
demy In July, 1862.' 

I His complete military record after 
graduation from the Military Academy is 
contained on Volumes III, IV, V, VIA, and 
VII, of General Ciillum's Biographical Re- 
gister of the Officers and Graduates of 
the U. S. Military Academy, which may be 
found in most large public libraries. ' 

The foregoing from a letter in our 
files, dated December £9, 1938, from the 
United States Military Academy, West 
Point, B. Y. During the World War I, Maj. 
Oen. Ballou was in command of the 9£d 
Division, and for his services in France 
he was awarded the Croix de Guerre with 
three palms and the ribbon of an officer 
of the Legion of Honor. 

Issue, BALLOU, 1st b. San Antonio, Tex., 
2-3 b. Hornby, B. y., 4th b. El Paso, Tex: 
1£472 Cora Reba, b. Jan. 10, 1888, d. 
Oct. 22, 1918; m. July 19, 1912, 
Col. George B. Hunter; issue. Hunt- 
er, b. Ft. Riley, Kans.: 
12473 George Bowditch, b. Sept. 
10, 1914. 
12474 Julia Bertha, b. Feb. 14, 1891; m. 



June 5, 1930, Frank D. Buckler. 
1S475 Charles Klcbolas Senn, b. Mar. 26, 
1899; m. Jan. 14, 1922, Emily 
Smith; issue, Ballou: 

12476 Charles Nicholas Senn, Jr., 
b. lUnneapolis, Minn., June 
17, 1924. 

12477 David Rogers, b. Manila, 
P. I., Dec. 10, 1925. 

12476 William Ripley, b. Spokane, 
Wash., July 30, 1927. 

12479 Alice Mildred, b. Jan. 22, 1903; 
A.B. , Randolph-Macon Women's Coll, 
1924; B.S., Washington State OniT, 
School of Library Science, '31; 
cataloger, Spokane Public Library, 
Sept. 1926-1930; Sec. Economic Ad- 
justment Committee of Spokane, 
1931- '32; Instructor in library 
methods. Holy Names Normal School, 
Spokane, summer session, 1932. 

12480 BDLLODGH, changed to BALLOO; 

res. Newburyport , Mass. 

Issue, BaLLOOGH-BALLOU, per. inc.: 

12482 Joseph, m. ; issue, Ballou: 

12463 John, held goveriiment posi- 
tion in Washington for many 

12484 Liberty, b. July 4, 

12465 Henry, m. ; issue, Ballou: 

12486 Isadore (dau.), organist, 
Newburyport, Mass. 
12487 Eatherine, m. Foster Smith; issue. 

12488 Waldo. 

12489 Eva, never married. 

12490 Rose, m. (l) Baron Posse, 
of Sweden, with whom she 
founded the Posse Gymnasium, 
Boston; (2) William Strong. 

12491 Son, m. ; issue, Ballou: 

12492 Edward Payson, res. New- 
buryport, Mass. 

12493 Dau., m. Uorrell; issue, Mor- 


12494 Ada, osteopath, Newburyport 


Issue, BALLOO: 

12495 REV. GEORGE W. , b. Providence, Feb. 
16, 1837; m. MIRANDA P. FROST. 

12496 Charles, m. Fannie ; res. At- 

tleboro, Mass.; issue, Ballou: 

12497 Minnie, m. Reid; res. 

Providence, R. I. 

12498 Gertrude, m. Whitney; 

res. Attleboro, Mass. 

12499 Fred, m. (l) ; (2) ; 

res. Attleboro, Mass.; is- 
sue, Ballou, by 1st wife: 

12500 Carleton. 

12501 Hazel. 

12502 Edward, m. Esther ; issue, 


12503 Lotiis, dec; m. ; issue, 


12504 Pearl. 

12505 Philip, went to Calif. 

12506 Harold, res. Calif, and 
British Columbia. 

12507 Fred, d. in Southern prison, during 
Civil War. 

12508 JOSEPH EOGENE, b. Sharon, Mass., 

12509 Isabel, never married. 

12510 Emily, m. Christopher C. Phillips, 
of Danielson, Conn.; res. Brock- 
ton, Mass. 

12495 REV. GEORGE W. BALLOO (William), b. 
Providence, R. I., Feb. 16, 1837, d. Chi- 
cago, 111., Oct. 13, 1893; m. So. Paris, 
Me., Apr. 30, 1861, by Rev. E. Robinson, 
MIRANDA P. FROST, b. Denmark, Me., Mar. 
13, 1832; he is int. Rosehlll Cem., Chi- 
cago, 111. Methodist minister. 

Issue, BALLOO: 

12511 Mary Lizzie, b. Lisbon, 1862, d. 
Me., 1663. 

12512 Charles W., b. Poland, Me., 1863, 
d. 1864. 

12513 Jennie N., b. Naples, Me., 1865, 
d. 1871. 

12514 George F., b. Kennebunk, Me., 1869; 
m. Chicago, Nov. 7, 1895, by Rev. 
N. H. Axtell, Amanda L. Dingee, dau 
Solomon and Carrie Ida (Sheldon) 
Dingee, grddau. Squire and Mary J. 
(Hinard) Dingee, of Somers, N. Y., 
b. Chicago, 1876; no issue. See 
page 142, "Who's Who In The East.*) 
Member of Ravenswood Lodge No. 777, 
A.F. & A.M.; Ancient Accepted Scot- 
tish Rite, Valley of Chicago; Medi- 


nah Temple AAONMS of Chicago. Con- 
nected with Theodore L. Dodd & Co. 
of Chicago, 111. 
1S515 Albert D., b. No. Dighton, Mass., 
1873; m. Chicago, Nov. 26, 1896, 
by Rev. W. E. Tilroe, Rebecca Fran 
ces Thompson, dau. James and 
Louisa (Bailey) Thompson, grddau. 
Joseph Thompson, b. St. Clairs- 
vllle, Ohio, 1875; res. 892 Valley 
Road, Glencoe, 111. 

12516 Arthur E., b. E. Bridgewater, Mass 
1876, d. 1908. 

12508 JOSEPH EUGENE BALLOU (William), b. 
Sharon, Mass., 1847; m. Boston, Mass., 
Mary Ann (Stanwood) Cutter, b. Newbury- 
port, Mass.; int. Ware, Mass. Cem. 

His daughter, Mrs. Rinks, writes: 
"Many of our family were connected with 
the printing business. My father had a 
small printing place of his own in Bos- 
ton for years. Most of them were musi- 
cal, many being singers, pianists, organ- 
ists, etc. My Dncle Ed taught music, and 
he, my father and my aunts, Isabel and 
Emily, all belonged to the Handel and 
Haydn Society in Boston at one time, mak- 
ing a quartet, as each sang a different 
part. My father and mother belonged to 
the Advent Church (called Millerltes in 
Newburyport) and later joined the Bap- 
tist Church." 

Issue, BALLOD, b. Boston, Mass.: 

12517 Jessica Emily, m. Boston, by Rev. 
Dr. Fulton, William Chaffee, of 
Enfield; farmer; res. Palmer, 
Mass. No issue. 

12518 Joseph Eugene, Jr., d. in infancy. 

12519 William Richard, d. in infancy. 

12520 Lillian Isabel, m. Boston, 19S4, 
by Rev. Mr. Ri bo bury, Charles H. 
Rinks, s. Charles Rinks, of Lynn; 
she was ed. Boston Univ.; commer- 
cial artist; res. 61 Park Drive, 
Boston, Mass. No issue. 

1S521 DR. WILLIAM RICE BALLOU (formerly 
Bullough, of the Newburyport family), b. 
Bath, Me., July 28, 1865; m. Bangor, Me., 
Apr. 10, 1889, by Rev. John McYaw Foster, 
LOUISE BRIDGES, b. Bangor, Me., Apr. 26, 
1866, who m. (2) 1894, Fred D. Hill, of 


Bath, Me. 

Issue, BALLOO: 

12522 WILLIAM RICE, JR., b. New York, B. 
I., May 25, 1890; m. GLADYS MIL- 

12523 Dorothy, b. Ashville, N. C., Aug. 
13, 1892, d. Jan. 1, 1893. 

12522 WILLIAM RICE BALLOU (William Rice), 
b. New York, N. Y., May 25, 1890; m. Ban- 
gor, Me., 1913, by Rev. Alvroy Scott, 
Annette (Stubbs) Lowell , b. Bangor, Me., 
1889, d. Bangor, Me., June 13, 1928. 

Mr. Ballou writes that he attended 
Morse High School, Bath, Me.; Staunton 
Military Academy; Univ. of Me., 1912, B. 
A.; fraternity. Phi Gamma Delta; 1912-17, 
clerk for Morse & Co., lumber dealers; 
1917, enl. 1st Maine Heavy Field Artillery 
Captain; France as 56th Pioneer Infantry 
with First Army; Germany Nov. 1918 to 
April 1919 Army Troops with Army of Occu- 
pation; disch. June 1919; 1919, with 
Morse & Co., clerk of corporation; 1929, 
President of Morse & Co.; 1930, Superin- 
tendent; President of Maine Retail Lumber 
dealers, 1936. Member, Rising Virtue 
Lodge (Mason); City Club of Bangor (local 
service club); director Bangor Chamber of 
Commerce; vice-president. Unitarian 
Church; 1929-30, Colonel on Governor Gard- 
iner's Staff, State of Maine. 

Issue, BALLOU, b. Bangor, Me.: 

12524 William Rice, 3rd, b. Oct. 13, 

12525 John Waldo, b. Sept. 30, 1925. 

Re: WILL of SAMUEL BALLOU (17), (James, Maturln. ) 

Ve the Subscriber, Samuel Ballou, Yeoman of Smithfleld &c of the one Fart And 
Thomas Lgpham Jun^. of 3^ Smlthfleld &c yeoman Executr of the Last Will and Testament 
of Samuel Ballou late of said Smlthfleld Deceasd of the other Part Having met together 
this twenty fourth Day of March In the year of our Lord 1766 and after having bad a 
long Conference Concerning S<i Sam^ giving up A Lease of the farm vhlch he said Sam^ nov 
Holds. And having agree<^ To leave all the affair and Difference Betven us To the Judg- 
ment of Henry Harris & Christopher Harris of Johnston Exo^s and Ezeklel Angell of Smith- 
field yemon. And not agreeing In Drawing the Arbitrating Bonds, Ve finally Gome to this 
agreement, that the above said Henry Harris Christopher Harris and Bzeklel Angell Wien 
met together shall after hearing Both Parties, Draw such Arbitrating Bonds as they shall 
think Proper, In the above said affair, for each of us to Sign. And If either of ub 
shall Refuse to Sign said Bonds when Drawn shall Pay to the other the sum of Fl«* Po\ind8 
Lawful Money As Witness our Hands and Seals the Day and year afore said. 

In the presents of 

Tho° Lapham Samuel Ballou 


Tabltha , Klmton Thomas Lapham J\m^ 


• • « • * 

Smlthfleld December 12 I766 

I Isaac Brayton being of Lawfull Age testefyeth and Saith that VThereas my father 
Owed Joshvia Lapham a Sertain Svmi of Honey, and Sd Lapham Came after his mony and father 
not being at home my Mother paid S^ Lapham a Rong Sum of Money and father Returning Sent 
me the Next Day to Chang Sd Money and Carled Other Money and Lapham Was Oone to pay Sd 
Honey to Samuel Ballue and As I Came there, I paid Said Lapham Other Money and Receid 
the former, and as the thing being Settled According to the best of My Remembranoe 3d 
Ballue asked me to Set up Some Sim of Money With Chalk Upon the Mantlltree. Acoordlsgly 
I did but What it Was it is Out of my mind And as I Being Called Upon as An SvidMM 1 
Went to Sd house and Saw LiJ^.H-if Set Upon the Hanteltree Which I think Looks Like ay 

According to the best Of My Remembrance it Was About the Last of February or the first 
of March 1764 

And further is the Deponant Salt Hot — 

Isaac Brayton 

Providence ss. 

The Day and Year above Written the above Named 
Isaac Brayton Engaged to the above Evidence — 
Both Parties Being Present, 



Before me 

Richard Sayles J\mP Justs pace 

• • * • • 

anlthfleld Decembr y« 12 Day I766 

I Joshua Lapham of Smlthfleld Being of Lavfull age Deposeth and Salth that about 
the Bsglnlng of the year 1764 I owed Samuel Bellou now Deceased for a mare abought one 
hundred and sixty Pounds old tenner and Said Bellou Said he vated the money to Pay his 
Rate hurried me to git It and I told him Brayton owed me the money and I would Qltt It 
&&<! Pa7 ^'^'" Some Short time after. I Saw Brayton and got Some money and made up a Pay- 
ment to Sd Bellou as Nigh as I Remember abought one hundred and thirty Pounds old tenner 
which PaTBent I made as Nigh as I Can Remember Some time the Last of February or the 
first of March one thousand seven hundred and sixty four And f\irther the Deponant Salth 

Joshua I^pham 

frovldance ss. The Day and Year above Written the above named 
Joshua Lapham Engaged to the above Evidence 
Both Pcurtles Being Present 

Before me 

Richard Sayles Jun' Justs pace 

* « * * * 

Co Mr. 

Vm Ballou 

Calzenovla State of Newyork 
County of Chlnango 

aalthfleld December ye 5^^ Day AD I76I 

Recleved then of my Father Samuel Balloue the Sum of three Thousand Eight Hundred 
and fifty pounds do Tener which I acknowledge To be In full payment of all and all man- 
ner of attempts Racoknlngs Dues and Demands Whatsoever I Say Received by me 

Samuel Ballou Jn^ (86) 

* * « « • 


Smlthfleld March ist 1798 

Noses Ballou to Amos Uipham Dr. To thirty four weeks three days and an 

3 s d 

half Schooling at 1/ per week 5 dol. 4. .7 

April !■* By two dollars In Cash 2 

June 17**^ 1790 by ballance Infull 5 4 7 

per Amos Lapham GO 



Ques. What Quantity of money did you first pay to Samuel Ballue (I7) 
Dlsceased towards the Mare 

A. L 130 according to the best of My Remembrance 

Q. What Qxiantlty of Money WaS the Next Payment 

A. 1 Cant Remember 

Q. Did you See Amos Sprague at my fathers When he Came after the Rate that was 
Asses 'd on my father 

A. No I Cant Remember I Did 

Q. Did you see any money Repaid to me on Account of the Rate 

A. Not that I Remember 

Q. What sort of money did you pay 

A. I Cant Remember 

Q. What Some of Money Did you pay Sd Lapham 

A. I Cant Remember 

Q. Who reed the money of you 

A. Joshua Lapham 

* • * * » 


Know all men by these presents That I . 
Samuel Ballou of Sackvllle In the Provence 
of New Brunswick in Amerlca-By these presents 

have Constituted Ordained and Made and In my Stead and place put and hereby do Consti- 
tute Ordain and make and in my Stead and plan put Moses Ballou And Aaron Ballou of 
Smlthfleld In the County of Providence and State of Rhode Island & Providence Plantation. 
Yeoman & David Ballou of Glocester In the County & State of Yeoman To be my true Suffl- 
clnt and Lawful attorneys and in particular the Said Moses Ballou For me and In my Name 
and to my use to Demand Levy Require Recover & Receive of and from all Persons whom So- 
ever the Same may Concern all and Singular Lands Tenements Rights and Titles Sum or Sums 
of money Debts dues or Demands of what Name or Nature soever or from whome soever Coming. 

Giving and Granting to my Said attornees full power and Lawful authority in and 
about the premises and in my Name to appear before any Judges Justices officers and mi- 
nisters of the Law whatsoever and in my behalf to answer Defend Reply unto all actions 
matters or things Relating the premies and Recoverey and Receipts in my Name to make and 
also Execute Due aqulttences & Discharges. With full power to make and Substitute one 
or more attornees and Generally to transact all mathers as fully and amply as myself 
mlgh do it personally Present Ratifying whatever my Said attorneys Shall Lawfully do 
Relating the Premices. 

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the Eighth Day of April in 
the year of our Lord 1791' 


Signed Sealed in presence 

Samuel Ballou (86) 
Ellzah Arnold 

Peleg Arnold 

Providence of Smlthfleld April 8th AD 1791 - 

Personally appeared Sam^ Ballou the within Signer and acknovledged the within written 
Instrument to he his Volentary act & Deed hand & Seal. 

Before Peleg Arnold assistant 
« « * « « 


To MOSES BALLOU, (90) Smlthfleld State Rhodlsland 

Now We Being middling Well Hoping these Will find The and all Well I Have thought 
to Come to See the and all aGaln But Knowing We Be all on Certain What one year Will 
Bring about But It Being Certain We must Leve this World and goe When Caled own after 
Nother But I have thought It Best to make MySelf Contented In What Evr Surcomstance I 
am in But I Should Rother Com and Be With My Frlnds But I Should Be trubel to them if 
I Came very poor With My Familary and I Had Rother indure Hardness with my Famllary then 
I Should Be Come Burden to Any as God Gaves Strength Would Still Be Doing Somthlng that 
We mite that So Doing Not Be Burden to any I am Striving to Bring about that I mite 
Bring Somthlng and I Should Com frely to See you all I Cant Leve my famllary as I Ded I 
Do find Grat Deal of trubel for Leving my Famllary as I Ded Befor I Cold Relate Long 
Hlstry of Difficulty But I have Not time and to the Brother Moses Ballou to Remember to 
all my Relation and Preind I Have Not forgot them If thay have forgot me From they Bro- 

on the Eight month AD 1798 Samuel Ballou (86) 

In Sackvlelle (Note: Sackvllle, Province of New Brunswick.) 

As to that Case With the Aliens Befor I heared from the I Begin To thing What 
Difficulty and Discorage men the World find in this Lawsute for I Have Seen that the 
poor in this World Cant Be heared If I had 100000 Doalers then then I should have it 
Sun tried and Shoul Git But I shold Have No Need of It and friend Would Be thick all 
Round as Long as money Was thick But It must Be Cattred about Lik oke Levi that I See 
Befor I Came away as Sun as I Be Glnlng the Lawyar Was then on the Watch With others if 
I Should Come or my Heirs With this Money then you Would Sune See it Sctteled But I Hope 
Whether I Git It or not I Shall do Without It to Live my time Sa Ballaou 

I Would Be Glad to Hear from you my 

Brother Mos Ballu 


I, Moses Ballou, of Smlthfleld In the County of Providence and State of Rhodlsland 
and Providence Plantations yeoman. - Being past the meridian of life, but enjoying a 
good State of health, and feeling myself of a Disposing mind and memory thanks be given 
to the author of my being therefor. - And Calling to mind the mortality of my Body and 
being convinced of the xuicertainty of the time of the period of my present Exlstance, 


Do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament, that Is, - First of all I recommend 
my soul to God that gave it and my Body to the Earth to be burled in a decent manner at 
the discretion of my Executors herein after mentioned. - 

And as touching such worldly Estate where with it hath pleased God to Bless me with 
in this Life I give demise and dispose of in the manner following. - 

First my Will is that all my just debts and funeral charges be paid out of my mov- 
able Estate. 

Then I give and bequeath \uito my Wife Desire Ballou the one third part of all my 
Personal Estate together with her Legal thirds in my Real Estate to be and remain unto 
her as long as She shall remain my widow But if She should marry my Will is that she 
quit all her right in my Estate both real and personal and receive two Hundred Dollars 
in money or the Value thereof out of the aforesaid personal Estate as She may choose. 
To be and remain tmto her and to her own free Disposal forever. - 

Then I give to my sons William Ballou George Ballou Arnold Ballou and my Daughter 
Elizabeth Blancher One Dollar each to be paid to them by my Executors within one year 
after my decease, - The reason of my giving these three sons and Daughter so small a 
sum is that having already given Each of them a certain sum of money or other property 
which I consider their equal proportion of my Estate. - 

Then I give to my two Daughters Desire Ballou and Freelove Ballou tlje svun of Six 
Hundred Sixty six Dollars and Sixty six cents (Viz) three Hiondred thirty three Dollars 
and thirty three Cents Each, to be paid to them when they shall become of Age or be 
married with Interest from the time of my Decease. - 

Then I give to my four sons Dutee Ballou, Moses Ballou, Jun., Otis Ballou and 
Willard Ballou All my Estate Both real and personal Equally between them Jointly and 
separately. To be and remain unto them their Heirs Administrators and Assigns forever. 
They paying the aforesaid Legacies of Six Hundred and sixty six Dollars and sixty six 
cents given to my two Daughters Desire and Freelove. - And the aforesaid Two Hundred 
Dollars to my wife in case she should marry. Also the Small Legacies mentioned before 
together with my Just Debts and Funeral Charges aforesaid. - 

And if Either of my six last mentioned Children (viz) Dutee Moses Otis Willard 
Desire and Freelove be under age at the time of my Decease and should die during their 
minority without lawful Issue, My Will is That their Proportion of my Estate be divided 
amongst the survivors of the aforesaid six children in manner following (viz) sons to 
Share Equal and each Daughter to have the one half as much as Each son. - 

And lastly 1 do hereby make and Ordain my wife Desire Ballou and my son Dutee 
Ballou joint Executrix and Executor to this my last Will and Testament And do hereby 
utterly disallow revoke and Disannul All and every other former Testaments Wills and 
Legacies and bequeaths what ever and all Executions by me in any ways named willed and 
bequeathed. - Ratifying this and no other to be my last Will and Testament. 

- IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal This Eighth Day of March 
One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety nine and Twenty third of American Independence . - 

Slgn*^ seald publish^ pronounc*^ 

and Declared by the Said Moses 

Balloo as his last will and 

Testament in the presents 

of us who In his presents ^ Moses Ballou 


and In the presents of each ) 
other have hereto subscribed } 
Our names. - ) 

Samuel Hill Jvn^ 
Jonathan Lapham 
Thomas Mann 
Job Lapham 



Approved Oct. 28 - 1820 Recorded & Compared 

Be It remembered that I moses Ballou of Smlthfleld In the County of Providence and 
State of Rhode Island Providence Plantations yeoman being of lawful age and of sane mind 
do malce and declare this to be my last will and Testament in manner following that is 
to Say 

First I give and bequeath to my son William Ballou ten dollars. 

Secondly I give and bequeath to my son George Ballou ten dollars. 

Thirdly I give and bequeath to my son Arnold Ballou ten dollars. 

Fourthly I Give and bequeath to my daughter Elisabeth Taylor ten dollars. 

Fifthly I give and bequeath to my Grand daughter Sophia Blanchard ten dollars. 

Sixthly I give and bequeath to my Grand daughter Betsey Blanchard ten dollars. 

Seventhly I give and bequeath to my Grand daughter Axle Blanchard ten dollars. 

Eighthly I give and bequeath to my son Duty Ballou ten dollars. 

Ninthly I give and bequeath to my son Moses Ballou four Shares in the Looisquisset 
turnpike Corporation. 

Tenthly I give and bequeath to my son Otis Ballou ten dollars. 

Eleventhly I give and bequeath to my Son Wlllard Ballou Three Shares in the Smith- 
field Union Bank, My Right in the Detecting Society in Cumberland, my Gun and Desk. 

Twelfthly I give and bequeath to my daughter Desire Fowler enough to make four 
hundred dollard including what I have heretofore given her to be in Cash or household 
furnature at Cash prices. 

Thirteenthly I give and bequeath to my daughter Freelove Ballou four hundred dol- 
lars to be paid to her when she shall marry or in one year after my decease in money 
or household furnature at Cash prices. 

Fourteenthly I give and bequeath unto my two sons Moses Ballou and Wlllard Ballou 
all the residue and remainder of my Estate both real and personal to be equally divided 
between them Share and Share alike to them their heirs and assigns forever they paying 


all my juat debts and fxmeral Charges and the aforesaid Legacies. 

The Reason why I have not given my Sons William, Gteorge, Arnold, Duty and Otis 
Ballou and my daughter Elisabeth Taylor more in this my last will is because I have 
heretofore given them their portions. 

Lastly I hereby nominate constitute and appoint my said Sons Moses Ballou and 
Willard Ballou Executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking and annul- 
ling all other and former wills by me made and establishing this and this only as my 
last will and testament - In testimony whereof I do hereunto set my hand and Seal this 
Seventh day of May in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and Seventeen. 

Signed Sealed published pronounced and declared by the said Moses Ballou for his last 
will and testament in the presence of us who at the same time at his Request and in his 
presence and in the presence of each other hereunto set our names as witnesses to the 

Thomas Mann 

Benjamin Pain Moses Ballou 

Lydla Mann 

In Court of Probate holden within and for the town of Smithfield in the County of 
Providence on the twenty Eighth day of October A.D. 1820 Whereas Moses Ballou and Willard 
Ballou Executors to the last Will and Testament of Moses Ballou late of Smithfield deed 
presented a certain Instriiment purporting to be the last will and Testament of the dect^ 
Moses Ballou for Probate Thomas Mann Benjamin Paine Lydla Mann the witnesses to the same 
being present declared on Solemn Engagement that they subscribed as witnesses to the 
said Instrument in the presence of the said Moses Ballou and in the presence of each 
other saw and heard the said Hoses Ballou sign seal publish pronounce & declare the said 
Instrument to be his last will & Testament & that the said Witnesses considered the said 
Moses Ballou to be of sane mind and memory Whereupon the said Court do approve and allow 
of the said Instrument to be a legal will and Testament and ordered the same to be Re- 

Witness Thomas Mann Prob. Ct. 
And is Recorded in the Registry of wills for said town Book No. 4 page 8l 

By Thomas Mann Probate Ct. 


Testamentary Letter to pay Debts & Legacies 

State of Rhode Island & Providence Plantations 

The Court of Probate of the town of Smithfield 

To all to whom these presents shall come Greeting 

Know ye that upon the day of the date hereof the Instrument purporting to be the last 
will & testament of Moses Ballou late of Smithfield deed, was presented to the said 
Court & proved and thereupon the said Court did approve and allow of the said Instrument 
as the last will & testament of the said deed, whenupon the said Court by virtue of their 
authority did commit Adm^ of the said last will & testament in all matters concerning 


the same & of the Estate of which the dec<i died slezed & possessed In the said town vinto 
Moses Ballou & Wlllard Ballou the Executors therein named will i faithfully to Execute 
the same & to administer the Estate of the said dec<i according thereunto who have accep- 
ted of the said trust and gave bond as the Law directs to pay the debts & Legacies of 
the said dec^, and also to render an account of their proceedings thereon upon oath to 
the said Court when thereunto Lawfully Received. 

In testimony whereof I Thomas Mann Clerk of the said Court by order & in behalf of 
the said Court have hereunto set my hand & the seal of said Court the 28*^ day of Octo- 
ber AD 1820 

Thomas Mann Prob^ Ct 

* « * » « 


Certificate of a Carriage, chargeable with the 
yearly rate of Two dollars duty. 

This is to Certify, That Moses Ballou Jr, of the town of Smlthfield in the county of 
Providence, in the second Collection District of Rhode-Island, has paid the duty of Two 

dollars, cents, for the year to end on the thirty-first day of December next, for 

and upon a Two Wheel Carriage, called a Coacher owned by Moses Ballou Jr and the Harness 
used therefor. 

This Certificate to be of no avail any longer than the aforesaid carriage shall be owned 
by the said Moses Ballou Jr xuiless said Certificate shall be produced to a Collector and 
an entry be made thereon, specifying the name of the then owner of said carriage, and 
the time when he, she or they beotime possessed thereof. 

Given, in conformity with the laws of the United States, this I6 day of JanJ 1815. 

William B. Martin 

Collector of the Revenue for the second Collection 
District of Rhode-Island 


All my jest dets and funarel Charges to be paid out of my moveble Estate then I 
gave to my Beloved Wife Desire: one third of my reial Estate and one third of my 
movible Estate together With A horse to Ride When she plese As long as She Shall Remain 
my Widow if She Shi mary I gave her three hundred Dollars and She is to Quit all the 
rest of my Estate I gave to my Suns William gorg & arnold ten Dollars each to my Daugh- 
ter Elisabeth Blancher I gave forty six Dollors to my Son Moses I gave 3he«u:*s In the 
turnpike to Dutee & Otis I gave ten Dollars Each to Wlllard I gave three Shares In 
Smlthfield Union Bank & my gua & right in hors Soclaty at Comber land to Desire & Prelove 
I gave four hundred Dollars Each to be paid them When marled or in one year after my 
deceas to Be paid in money or other property as Shall be prised the value last of all I 
gave to my two Sons Moses & Will«u«d all my lands & movibles Estate to be BQually Devlded 
Betwixt them & make Moses & Wlllard My Exceketors & Moses & Wlllard are to pay all My 
jest dets and leguses and funeral charges EQualy Betwixt them 

•<^«oj^ge • • • • » 


Elisabeth Taylor my daughter CtOO) $10. — 

her daughter Sophia Blanchard - $10. — 

Betsey Blanchard $10.— 

Axie Blancher $10. — 

• « * • « 

To Willard Ballou my desk In addition 

To Desire enough to make 400 doll€u?s with what she has had - 

The Reason why I have not given my sons William George Arnold Duty & Otis and my 
daughter Elisabeth no more in my will is because I have given them their portions before 

« • * * • 

Smithfield D. 1797 Paid George Ballou (598) 

1797 April th 1 Paid George Ballou his portion (598) 725 Dollars 

1799 January th 15 Paid Elizabeth Blancher (400) 535:55 

1799 Febriiary 5 Paid William Ballou his portion (597) 700 Dollars 

1799 February 5 Paid Arnold Ballou his portion (599) 739.20 cents 

(On reverse side) 

Accovint of the money I have given 
William George 
Arnold Ballou 

Elizabeth Blancher 

Smithfield May AD 2 1824 (405) 

• • « • * 

Received of Willard Ballou one Dollar in full of all Demands 

Susanna Newelt 

• « * * * 

Smithfield January ^^12 AD 1799 

As True and Just prisal of things Delivered my 

Daughter Elisebeth D. C. M. 

To thirteen yards of bed ticking at $ per y 6 50 

To Cash paid for feathers 8 48 

To Twelve tow and linn en sheets at 2 per yard 20 



To nine pair of tov and linen pillar cases 

To seventeen yards of tow and llnnen cloth at 
3 d 
2. .6 per y 

S d 
To seven yards of llnnen cloth at 2.. 6 per y 

To Five towels at 2 per piece 

3 d 
To Nine towels at 1 — 6 per piece 

3 d 
To one table cloth 1..8 per yard 

To one set of curtns 

To tow meel bags at 3 per piece 

To one tov cover led at 

To one tov cover led at 18 

To one woollen coverled 30 

To Four woollen blankets at 12 each 

To one coverled old 12 

To Three under beds 30 

3 d 
To one bed tick 2.. 6 per yard 

3 d 
To Twenty nine potmds of feathers at 4 . . 6 per lb 

S d 
To Elevln pounds of feathers at 19.. 5 

To one silver spoon 6 

To Articles bought at thurbers 

L 3 
To one llnnen wheel 1..16 

L 3 
To one brass Kettle 2.. 2 

S d 
To six puter plates 8.. 9 

L 3 
To Iron ware 2 . . 10 

L 3 
To 3undrles articles 1. . 14 

To One side saddle 

To One ray Coverled 10 

3 L 
To One Chest 7.. 6 ^ 










































178 54 

Smlthfleld July thl2 AD 1790 

* « • * • 

Re: M03ES BALLOU (90) 

this Day Received of Moses Ballou the sum of Six shlllngs and six pence Lawful 
silver money it being in full of all acompts Dues or Demans What ever I say Reseved By 

Benjamin Newell 

* * « * • 


Re: HOSES (90) and AARON (91) BALLOU 
Providence, January ^f*^ 1811 

Received of Moses Ballou Jun'^ six hundred and forty dollars and thlrth six cents 
In full for the Debt & Cost In the action David Sayles against (Aaron) Ballou: Execu- 
tion being retvtrnable at Dec. Term AD 1810. 

Burger V Snow 

by John H Clarke 

« • « * • 

ARNOLD BALLOU (399) to his father MOSES BALLOU (90). 

Honoured Father 

with much satisfaction I received your letter on the 3rd of March Inst bearing 
Date the l8th of February AD l8l2. having long ben deslrus to hear from you all being 
sadly disappointed of not Seeing you all up to Smlthfleld last fall according to our 
expecttatlon and not recelvelng aney letters from you In a long time before this now, 
we had all most concluded that you all (as well as we) was quite cold as to that family 
affection which aught to be possessed by us all - to confer together by letter (as you 
have stated) Is easey for us to do and I really think en Incimbent duty on each one of 
us how much soever we have neglected that part of our duty which I think we should not 
so much neglect If we all possesed enough of that heavenly attribute which Is lone one 
toward another as for my own part I Humbly feel willing to Receive faithful rebvike from 
the hand of of a lovelng and kind father for my groos neglect to a Father and pray for- 
giveness - and Intreat you as a father not to give an occatlon to find the like fault; 
as you have Stur*^ up my mind by hearing from you of your affection toward yo\ir Sons and 
daughter I hope we may never again be guilty of the like offence and write to you and 
you and brothers to us that we may know of our and your and each ones wellfcu:>e We all 
Enjoy a reasonable State of health at presants (by the grace and bleslng of our heavenly 
parent) which I think I feel to be thankful for; George had a very Serious and severe 
Spel of the bullous fever a year a go last Summer which it pleased the god of our fa- 
thers to recover him a gain to health whilst it pleased the Same being to Send a number 
of his and our neighbours to thear long homes he george has a girl and two Boys I have 
a boy and two Girls. VAn has no more family then he had when you was thare we all live 
whare we did when you was thare Elisabeth is well cuid has lived with me and her two 
Girls the most part of three years past and She very much wants to Se you all 1 with my 
wife and widows paid them a visit to Freenfield last winter found them all well of for 
this worlds good and Cooled at Galloway and See Uncle Aaron and Fcunily whih ware all 
wall; agreeable to request I would Inform you that we do not feel to complain as it re- 
spects to the things that relates to temporal things though not Rich we Generally keep 
3 or 4 Cows a peace each a horse Some Sheep Va & George Some young Cattle My Self and 
Vm have paid for Some of the land we own and piirchased Some more which we have not paid 
for our dwellng is Small and Rot finished George has not paid for his land but is pre- 
paring to build a Small dwelling place this Season how we may Git through life the Lord 
only may know, but as life is temporal, and but of a Short duration I on my part would 
have Father by no means to Borrow trouble respecting oxir Indegent Surcvmistances but if 
in affluent Surcumstances as I understand he is if consistant with his will to Streaoh 
forth an arm and lend an assisting hand to me the use of Cash or something in that way 
would thankfully be received on my own peirt I do not all to gether like to live whare 
I now do not having the comforts of life as in many other places In this country as 
'fruit & I have a mind to Sell the first convenient oppertunlty so as not make a Sacrlflse 


of property what I have hinted to you above about the lone of Cash 

I Wish you would write me the prospect respecting it If I Should be thougt worthy 
of a favour I think if I Should have helth I might be able to replace it again I am 
dayly thinking of the Country of my nativity and all Relation accordlngto the flesh and 
old aquaintance in that Country which I should be Exceeding happy to See which I think 
1 Shall if I have health before twelve months I Should be glad to See Father up here 
again and wife with him if ever Rugged enoug for the Jurney the boys and Girls younger 
than my Self I think migh come which I should be glad to See you Informed me about the 
deth of Some of our friends and aquaintance whom I believe to be taken of by the hand 
of a friend to a beter World then fore I have nothing to lement but the loss of their 
companey to their friends which we have great Reason to be thankfull for. (highes re- 
spects give to all my acquaintance write Soon to me 

I am with Great Respect your affectionate and loving son 

Smithfleld March 6th l8l2 Arnold Ballou 

Mr. Moses Ballou 

* * * • * 

Smithfleld l8^^ 9*^ mo l805 

We William Arnold and Moses Ballou have mutually agreed to pay for the passage of 
Ruth Collon from Nova Scotia to Providence by water each one to pay one half of the 
coat of 3^ passag 

William Arnold (88) 
Moses Ballou (90) 

* « * » * 

Smithfleld Peb^y 26**^ AD lj66 

Recelv^ of Thomas Lapham Jun - Executor to the Last Will and Testament of my 
Honor*^ Father Samuel Ballou, Deceas*^ the sum of one Dollar, It being in full for all 
Bequeathed to me in his said Will 

Samuel Ballou (86) 

* • * * • 

Revocation of Power of Attorney 


To all people to whom these presents shall come 

Know Ye that I William Arnold of Smithfleld in the County of Providence and State of 
Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations Physician for divers good causes and considera- 
tions me hereunto movings have revoked countermanded annulled and made void and by these 
presents do revoke covintermand make null & voice a certain Letter of Attorney hereto- 
fore by me given unto Marcus Arnold of said Smithfleld Gentleman and all power and 
authority thereby given or Intended to be given to him the said Marcus Arnold. As also 


all other or former powers or Letters of Attorney by me to any person heretofore given 
and all authority therein contained or Intended to be contained. — 

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Eighth day of July 
Ad 1815— 

In presence ) 

of us ) William Arnold (88) 

Joel Aldrloh 

Tho^ Bxiffam 


Smlthfleld June 1 - l8l4 

Marcus Arnold to William Arnold D"^ to 

2 dressed sheep skins $01=17 

To 18 1/2 bushel potatoes d-^*^ Stephen Aldrlch 9-25 

To 10 hwt 5 gro 5 tbs hay D"""^ Stephen Aldrlch 7=55 

To 1 cow & calf sold Vftn Mann June 15-l8l4 

& Interest up to date 32=05 

To 2 heifers & calves sold Jonas Green 63=60 

To Jonathan Trash Gote 19=12 

To rent of our Farm In l8l4 110-00 

To over charg'^ In hay last spring 1=00 

to sundries charg^ in his Account ^ 

belonging to Arnold Steeve 42=23 

Smlthfleld Aug 9-1915 

Receiv'i payment in full Moses Ballou J^ (402) 


Attorney for William Arnold (88) 


An Accoxmt of Notes which Moses Ballou J^ (402) 

Rec. of Doct. V;i 111am Arnold to Collect or Return (88) 

1817 ) 

May 17 ) 1 Note of hand Signed by Eber Aldrlch ) 

dated October 23^^ 1815 Including Interest, Collected) 64 39 

Cash Received on Arnold Pains Note 33 50 

1 Note of hand Signed by Moses Ballou J^ ) 

dated, Febry, 15*^ I816 Including Interest) 20 I6 

$X10 ut> 

Supra C^ 



1817 ) 

May 17 ) By his acct. in full Rendered for) 
Services up to date ) 

Balance Due 

Smithfield Dec I-I820 

Recieved of Moses Ballou Sixty nine Dollars 

and thirty three Cents in full of the above 1 


Witness Arnold Steere Zeminna Arnold (88) 


* « * * * 


PROVIDENCE, SC. ( May Term, A.D. I8I6 

William Arnold of Snithfield in the County of Providence Physician Complains 

of Richard Bellows of said Smithfield Yoeman alias Labourer 

in the custody of the Sheriff, in an action of the case, for that the defendant at sd 
Smithfield on the first day of January A. D. 1816 was justly indebted to the plaintiff 
in the sum of ninty three dollars and seventy cents, by Book Account, according to the 
account herewith filed, and being so indebted he the said defendant then and there, in 
consideration thereof, assumed on himself and to the plaintiff promised to pay the same 
sum on request. 

And also for that the said defendant at said Smithfield afterwards, on the same day, 
being justly indebted to the plaintiff in one other svmj of one hundred dollars, for di- 
vers goods, wares and merchandize, there, before that time, sold and delivered by the 
plaintiff to him the said defendant at his special instance and request; then and there, 
in consideration thereof, ass\med on himself and to the plaintiff promised to pay the 
same sxim on request. 

And also for that the Defnt at sd Smithfield afterwards on the same day being justly 
indebted to the Plntf in one other sum of one hundred Dollars for meat drink Washing and 
lodging & other necessaries - by the Plntf for the said Richard found & provided before 
that term at his special request & then & there in consideration thereof promised the 
Plntf to pay him the same Svm on request 

Yet, though requested, the defendant has not paid said sums, or any part thereof, 
but ever has refused, and still does refuse to pay the same. 

To the damage of the plaintiff two hundred - dollars, as laid in his writ, dated 
the 24th day of April A. D. I816 

Wherefore he sues by his Attorney, 

John Whipple 

Note : We assume the plaintive to be 

Dr. William Arnold (88) and defendant 
to be Richard Bellows (122) 

* « * * * 




To the Sheriff of our County of Providence, or to his Deputy, Greeting 

We command you to arrest the Body of Richard S. Bellow of Smlthfleld In our said Coirnty 
Yeoman alias Labo\ir (if he may he found In your Precinct) and for W^nt of his Body to 
attach his Goods and Chattels to the Value of three Hundred Dollars, and him or those 
In safe Custody keep, to answer the Complaint of William Arnold of said Smlthfleld Phy- 
sician at the next Court of Common Pleas to be holden at PROVIDENCE, within and for our 
said County of PROVIDENCE, on the 4th Monday of May next ensuing the Date hereof. In an 
Action of Covenant broken For the Dft has not performed his Covenants by him made with 
the Plft but has broken the same 

as by Declaration to be filed In Court will be fully set forth; to the Damage 
of the Plaintiff three Hundred Dollars. Hereof fall not, and make true Return of this 
Writ, with your Doings thereon. 

Witness John S. Dexter, Esq. at PROVIDENCE, this 2k Day of April in the Year l8l6. 

VaiR DEin forth, 

John Whipple Pltfs Atty 

Providence as. anlthfleld April 29, l8l6 

Arrested the Body of the within named Richard S. Bellow as within Commanded 

Witness Mark Aldrich 
D. Shff 


Travels 15 ms. 






« » * * « 

Richard S. Bellows 

To William Arnold 

Note: ( Attached to complaint to Coiirt of Common Pleas ) 
( dated 24 April l8l6. ) 

1815 April 2 his Oxen Come here to be kept and were Dp. 

here In keeping till turned out to grass say 7 weeks 

at $3 per week $21.00 

April 24 the said Richard Come here to Board 
vent away I8 June 8 weeks & one day at two Dollars 
& fifty Cents pr week $20.35 

April 16 horse come to be kept to hay till grass 
come 5 weeks 7.50 


May To one old pall spoiled Twenty five cents .25 

Sept. 26 Richard Bellows Come again to Board and 
went away Oct. 22 5 weeks & 2 days at 2$50 per week 13.20 

Oct. 2nd to 5th svindry Boarding huskin 29 meals of 
Victuals 3.40 

Same time husking night sundry trouble & damage do 2.00 

To one bed Blanket & damage done to the crib 10.00 

To one hair Cart Rope & one hemp bed cord 50 cts 
Rope $1.50 2.00 

To use spoliation & loss of farming tools & injiiry 
done to door yard six dollars 6.00 

To half ton of Meadow hay cut and destroyed by his 
cattle 6.00 

To one coach Bridle 2.00 


(On other side) 

Contra Credit 

By eight pounds of fresh Fish at 3 cents pr pd $ 0.24 

By one dollars worth of siigar and 17 cents do of crackers 1.17 

# » # ♦ • 

Vldow Ballou's Farm 

You lovers of freedom I pray you draw near 

And lend your attention the truth you shall hear 

Concerning two traitors from Galway they came 

Hugh Smith Michael Phillips you all know the same 


Those black hearted villians they did combine 
Brave Patrick Wayland to undermine 
That was Always ready true hearted and kind 
Both he and his lady to treat all mankind 

They came to his dwelling both early and late 
And always made welcome to sit down to eat 
It was little he knew their cruel intent 
That they were intending his farm for to rent 


4 th 

There is another deceiver that lately I know 
That went with those villlana to visit Mrs. Ballou 
But Mike said to Hugh I will have to take the Horse 
If Thomas Kilbanon my note dont endorse 


Then Tom made it right with the other two 
To settle the matter with the Widow Ballou 
But I could warn the widow of them to beware 
For I am sure in the fall they will disapear 


That miserable nigger Kilbaiinon I mean 

Let the farmers of Lime Rock of him beware 

In the dead of the night when they are fast asleep 

It is in Mowry' s meadows his cow he doth keep 


This man starving miser from Shemose he came 

But his betrim neighbors they are not to blame 

My pen I will lay by but I think it too soon 

For like Smith he may leave by the light of the moon 




of the 

The following list has been compiled from authentic 
sottpces not Included here but may be obtained by 
applying to the Secretary of the Ballou Family Asso- 
ciation. It is recommended that descendants of Re- 
volutionary War soldiers apply for membership In the 
Rhode Island Chapter of S.A.R. and D.A.R., as the 
case may be. The list is alphabetically Indexed by 
Christian names. 

Ballou, Abner. Sergt. 2nd co., or Train Band of Cumberland, Capt. Levi Tower command- 
ing, 1775. On alarm list undated. 

Ballou, Abner. Private. Capt. Daniel Mowry's co.. Col. Peck's regt. Duty on R. I., 
March I78I. 

Ballou, Abner. Appears with rk. on a Pay Abstract of Samuel Mowry in Col. George 

Peck's regt. who did duty in R. I. in March, A. D. 178I. Abstract not dated. 

Ballou, Abraham. Private. Capt. Daniel Mowry's co.. Col. Peck's regt. Duty on R. I. 

March I78I. Appears with rk. on a Pay Extract of Samuel Mowry's in Col. George 
Peck's regt., who did duty on R. I. in March A.D. I78I. Abstract not dated. 

Ballou, Abram. Private. Capt. S. Mowry's co.. On undated list. 

Ballowe, Abraham. Private. Capt. Amaziah Weatherhead' s co.. Col. Stephen Kimball' s 

regt. On Pay Abstract from July 6 to 24 (178I). (Capt. Weatherhead' s residence 
was Cumberland. ) 

Ballow, Abraham. Appears with the rk., on a Pay Abstract of Samuel Mowry in Col. 
George Peck's regt. who did duty on R. I. In March A. D. I78I. 

Ballou, Abram. Appears on a list of Capt. Trask's co., 2nd Battn. , County of Provi- 
dence, R. I., on R. I. 1781. List not dated. (Capt. Ebenezer Trask resided in 
Smithf ield. ) 

Ballou, Abraham. Pens. Wm. Gadcomb. Pay Abstract of Capt. Amaziah Weatherhead ' s co.; 
Col. Stephen Kimball's, regt., 178lj entered July 6, discharged July 24. 

Ballou, Absalom. Pens. Bk. VII. Pd. Sergt. and Ens. July 1, 1775, pr. 5-1/2 mos., Capt. 
James Williams, Col. Hitchcock. Dec. 1776; Sergt. Capt. Reuben Ballou, Major 

John Flske. Feb. 1777; Ensign, Capt. Amos Whipple, Col. 
Lt., Capt. Amos Whipple, Col. Green, In Sullivan's exp. 
R. I., April 16,1752. D. Cumberland, R.I., Feb. 4, 1857 

Chad Brown. May 1778, 
1778. B. Cumberland, 
, His widow, Anna (Jencks) 

Ballou received pension, 
vidence. Vol. II, p. J>J>. 

See Cornell's Pension Papers, John Hay Library, Pro- 

Ballou, Absalom. Pens. Wn. Ballou. At Bristol, winter of 1776. Capt. Reuben Ballou, 
Col. Elisha Mowry;- Ensign in 2nd co. Militia; Ensign 2nd co. or Train Band of 
Town of Cumberland, ordered to warn out all 3 div. drafted 8 January last under 
you, and to appear at Providence March 6, to replace 2nd dlv. com'd by Capt. 
Amos Whipple now at Providence. Dated 25 Feby. 1777, John Flske, Major. 


Ballow, Absalom. R. I. pensioner under Act of June 7, 1832. Dead since Aug. 1857. Prov. 
Co.; R.I. Pension Rolls. Prlv. ser, etc. R.I. Contl. Pension Roll, July I8, 
1833, $58.77. Age 82. 

Ballou, Absalom. Cumberland. Ensign in 2nd co. Militia, 1777. Cumberland. Lieutenant, 
2nd CO., Militia, Cumberland, May 1778. Amos Whipple, Capt. Vm. Emmerson, Ensign. 

Ballou, Absalom. Cumberland. Ensign, Alarm Company, Cumberland, June 1779- Reuben 
Ballou, Capt. Levi Tower, Lt. 

Ballou, Absalom. Sergt. co. ( )., Col. Mathevson*s regt. MaJ. Qen. Sullivan's com- 
mand, 26 men. 1778. 

Ballou, Ariel. June 1775 enl. for 1 yr. Capt. Elisha Waterman. Sept. I776 enl., for 3 

mos., Capt. Williams, Col. Cook. R.I., St. Trps.; Jan. 1777 ®^1' '^°' Minute Men; 
Capt. George Peck, to end of war, in Spencer's exp. to Sullivan's exp. and 
battle Aug. 28, I778. Pension Book VII. B. Ciimberland, R.I., Feb. 21, 1758. Pens. 
Jesse Brown co. Capt. George Peck Jan. 1777-1781. In Spencer's and Sullivan's 
expedition. Pens. George Peck. In co. Capt. George Peck. 

Ballou, Ariel. List Mlnet Men. Dismist ianeray 7 A.D. 1776 at Mldeltown of Rod Island. 
(Mss. Bk. I.) 

Ballou, Ariel. Pens. Noah Ballou and Vftn. Ballou. Enlisted Capt. William's, Col. Cook 
1776, 3 mos. Summer 1775 enl. co. Minute Men, Capt. Elisha Waterman 1 yr. 
Appears in a list vmder the following heading, "The following men went with me 
in an expedition to Rode Islcmd with me." Elisha Waterman. List dated Dec. 
1775. B. Feb. 21, 1758. D. Apr. 29, 1839. Bviried in Ballou Meeting House Ceme- 
tery, Cumberland, R. I. (information furnished by Col. Willis C. Metcalf.) 

Ballou, Ariel. Prov. co. Private, R.l. Militia. Penson Roll, Oct. 24, l833, $80 age 76. 
(b. 1757). R. I. Pension Rolls. B. Cumberland, R.I., Feb. 21, 1758. D. Cumber- 
land, R. I., Sept. 26, 1839 in his 82nd year. Buried in Ballou Meeting House 
Cemetery, Cumberland, R. I. 

Ballou, Ariel. Private. Lieut. Nathaniel Could' s Division. (Lt. Gould's 2nd co. Mili- 
tia. ) List dated Pro. Feb. 2k, 1777. 

Ballou, Ariel. Lieut. 2nd co. or Train Band of Cumberland, Capt. Levi Tower commanding 
(1775?). On alarm list iindated. 

Ballou, Ariel. Pens. Vta. Emerson. Capt. Amos Whipple's co. warned out Sept. 30, 1777^ 

Ballou, Ariel. Lieutenant. D. June I8, I803, age 53 yrs. Burled in Ballou Meeting House 
Cemetery. (Inf. furnished by Col. Willis C. Metcalf.) 

Ballou, Ariel. On an accoimt of the Cartregs and flints 

Ballou, Asa. received In Lieut. Gould's Company, Providence, January the 2l8t, 1777, 
17 cartreges, 3 flints. List Lieut. Gould's Company, First Division 
(undated). (Same account given on a card for each. Mss. Bk. I.) 

Ballou, Ariel Jr. Appears on a list bearing the following note: "This jiaper was found 
among Vm. Bnerson's papers, a Sergeant in CaPt. Amos Whipple's Company of Cum- 
berland Militia in Rev. War. B. Conell. List not dated." 


Ballou, Ariel Jr. On undated list. See reference: M.P., R.I.H.S. IV 590-1, folio xlv, 

Ballou, Asa. Lieut. Commander of company In Major Seth Ballou' s regt.; enl. July 28, 
I78O; discharged Aug. 7, 178O; service, 13 days, on alarm at Rhode Island. 
(Rec. In Mass. State House Archives.) 

Ballou, Asa. Ensign In Alarm List Company 1777. 

Ballou, Asa. Private. Lieut. Nathaniel Gould's Division. List dated "Pro. Feb. 24, 

1777" . 

Ballou, Asa. Private. Capt. Reuben Ballou' s co.. Col. Mathewson's Regt., 1st Division. 
Rec. pay for 22 da. Marched Aug. 6. Discharged Aug. 27, I778. 

Ballou, (Ballow), Asa. Appears In a List xuider the following heading "the following 

men went In an expedition to Rode Island with me Ellsha Waterman". List dated 
Dec. 1773. Also appears on a list under the following heading "This day dlsmlst 
the following men". List dated Mlddletown, R. I., Jan. 2, I776. 

Ballou, B. Capt. On acct. of supplies bought at Newport Mar. 10, I781. 

Ballou, Benja. Private, Smlthfleld V. Cumberland Rangers. May I776. Chartered Kar. •76. 
(M.P., R.I.H.S. II, 239.) 

Ballou, Benjamin. "Sr.", Capt. Geo. Peck's co.. Col. Fry's Regt., In ctunp at Warren, 
Oct. 9, 1777. 

Ballou, Plfer Benjamin (Jr.) In camp at Warren, 9th Octr 1777. Returne of the aqulpage 
in Capt. George Peck's Compy in Col. Fry Regt. (Sheply Coll. p. 17. ) 

Ballou, Benjamin. Smlthfleld. Ensign, first comijany. Militia, Smlthfleld, Aug. 1776. 
Samuel Day, Captain. Geo. Streeter, Lieut. 

Ballou, Benjamin. Smlthfleld. Captain, first compcmy. Militia, Smlthfleld, Aug. 1779. 
Chosen CaPt.; Captain, first company Militia, Smlthfleld, June, I780, Robert 
Bennett Lt. Samuel Sayles, Enslgpi; Captain, first company Militia, Infantry, 
anlthfield. May I78I, Rufus Streeter Lt. Simon Whipple, Ensign. 

Ballou, Daniel. Private, Capt. Benjn ( ) co.. Col. Jos. Topham's Regt., on pay ab- 
stract of wages subslstance from Feb. 16, to March I6, 1779. (Military Returns, 
SA. V. Ill p. 8, ) 

Ballou, Darius. Private, Capt. D. Mowry's co. On undated list. (178I?) 

Ballou, David. Sergent. List of Lieut. Gould's Company, first Division. 

Ballou, David. Sergt. "Lieut. Gould's Division". List dated Pro. Feb. 24, 1777. 

Ballou, David. Pens. Seth Ross. Seth Ross served as substitute for David Ballou. 
(Not dated. ) 

Ballou, David. A List of the Light Infantry co. that marched on the Larreun the first 
of April A.D. 1776. Lt. David Richmond. 


Balleu, Duty, (Or Bellew or Belleu). Private. Col. Geo. Peck's Ind. co., Smlthfleld 

and Cumberland Rangers. Vm. Bowen, Capt.; Return of Arms, etc., dated Smlthfleld, 
Oct. 18, 1779. (Hospital Papers, R. I., H. S. 25.7-) 

Ballou, Dutee. Pens. Bk. VII. Enlisted, Capt. Aldrlch, Col. Hitchcock, 8 mos. August 

1778, Capt. Amos Whipple, 20 days; 1779, Capt. Reuben Ballou, 2 mos.; I78O, Col. 
Fry's regt. D. 1790. 

Ballou, Duty. Appears in a list under the following heading; "The following men went 
in an expedition to Rode Island with me Elisha Waterman". List dated Dec. 1775. 

Ballou, Duty. List Minuet Men Dismissed January 7 A.D. 1776 at Middletown, R. I. 

Ballou, Duty. Appears on a List bearing the following note "This paper was found among 
Wm. Bnerson's papers, a Sergeant in Capt. Amos Whipple's Company of Cumberland 
Militia in Rev. War. B. Cornell". List not dated. 

Ballou, Duty. Pens.; Vm. Emerson. Capt. Amos Whipple's co., warned out Sept. 30, 1777* 

Ballou, Duty. On vindated list. (See reference. M.P., R.I.H.S. IV 590-1.) 

Ballou, Edward. Enlisted spring 1775. Capt. Elisha Waterman, Col. Fry, and served till 
spring 1778, then in Capt. Williams' co. of Militia. B. Cimiberland, Nov. 24, 
1756; D. Pelham, Mass., Feb. 22, I835. Pens, statement. 

Ballou, Edward. Appears on a list under the following heading "The following men went 
in an expedition to Rode Island with me. Elisha Waterman." List dated Dec. 
1775. Appears on a list under the following heading "This day dismist the fol- 
lowing men". List dated Middletown, R.I., Jan. 2, 1776. 

Ballou, Edward. On "List of Lieut. Gould's Division" dated Jan. 6, 1777. 

Ballou, Edward. List of Lieut. (Nathaniel) Gould's Division, Cumberland, Jan. 6, 1777. 
On an account of the Cartreges and Flints rec'd in Lieut. Gould's Company. Prov. 
Jan. 21, 1777. 

Ballou, Edward. Private, Capt. Geo. Peck's co.. Col. Fry's Regt., in Camp at Warren, 
Oct. 9, 1777. Equipage Return. (Miss Randolph, Kingston, R.I.) 

Ballou, Private Edward. In camp at Warren 9th Octr 1777- Returne of the aquipage in 
Capt. George Peck's co. in Col. Fry's regt. 

Ballou, Edward. On a Pay Abstract of a Sergeant's Guard commanded by John Pisk' on 

duty at the Magazine in Cumber Ismd by order of Major General Spencer from Jan'ry 
1 to Jan'ry 31, I778 inclusive. (Pd. for 31 days.) 

Balleu, (Ballew) Edward. Private. Col. George Peck's Ind. co. , Smithfield, of Cumber- 
land Rangers, Wm. Bowen Capt. Return of arms in co., dated Smithfield, Oct. 18, 

1779. (Hospital Papers, R. I., H.S. 25.9-) 

Ballou, Edward. Pens. Abraham Cook. Belonged to Capt. Elisha Waterman's co. 
Ballou, Ellas. Pens. Nath'l Ballou. Knowing of service of Nath'l Ballou. 



Ballou, Eliaha. Cumberland (16-50 Able). In the service 15 months; Census 1777 p. 54; 
Enlisted June 21, 1777; Cumberland, Private, 15 mo. service 1777; Private, Oapt. 
Reuben Ballou' s co.. Col. Smith's regt., enlisted by Capt. Ballou, Feb. 1, 1777, 
for 15 mos., remains in camp; dated Camp Tiverton June 17, 1777. 

Ballou, Ezekel (Ezekiel). Private. Ind. co., or Train Band, of Cumberland, Capt. Levi 
Tower commanding; On Alarm List. Undated; Pension; Arther Cook's co., Capt. 
Amos Whipple. 

Ballou, Ezekiel. Cumberland 50-6O Able. Pens. Arthur Cooke co., Capt. Amos Vfhipple. 

Baleu, George. (Massachusetts). 2nd Bat. Col. Angell (l779-l88o?). (Ref . : Broadside, 
Chanplln, N. Y. 

Ballou, Isaac. Of the late R.I. Cont'l Regt. mo. service. Campaign of '82. Rec'd cer- 
tificate for service in Reg. dated Dec. 20, I782. (Certificate in possession of 
I. Ballou; Military Returns S.A. II l4o) B. Glocester ( ) Laborer. Light hair, 
light complexion, 5ft. 4-l/2in. tall, age I6. R.I. regt. for year I781 etc.; 
Served in R.I. regt. Campaign of I782. Discharged Dec. 20, 1782; Private, en- 
listed for Bristol, for Campaign of I782. Jos. Reynolds' class. Enlisted Apr. 
4, 1782, for 9 mo. Age 17. 

Bellou, (Beleau, Bellow) Isaac. Pr. Jrd co. Foot R.I. Reg't. 1. Muster roll May 1782, 
in Phila. Hospital 2-6 Muster roll 3rd co., R.I. Regt. June 1, 1782-Jan. 1, 
1785; Sept. 1782 on Comd. with ye Q.M.G. , Enlisted 4 April; discharged 20 Dec. 

Ballou, James. On alarm list of Id. co. or Train Band, under com. of Capt. Levi Tower 
of C\Mnberland. Undated. "Taken the tender's Oath". Private, Capt. E. Trask's 

2nd CO., Smithfield; On undated list among papers of L^eut. 

Col. John Angell, 

Below, (Blow), James. Appears on a List of the Second Company of the Town of Smith- 
field, CaPt. Ebenezer Trask. List not dated. Appears on a List of Capt. Trask's 


List not dated. 

Ballou, Jeremiah. April 1, 1775. 9 mos. Capt. John Angell, Col. Hitchcock to Dec. 51, 
1775, Ct. service. B. Glocester, R.I., Dec. 16, 1749. 

Ballou, Jesse. Enlisted I780, Capt. Cole, Col. Greene. Pr. 6 mos., Sept. 1777, 1 mo. 
Capt. Amos Whipple, August 1778, 1 mo.. Same co. Sullivan's exp. D. I6 March 
1800. Private. Warren, Oct. 9 A.D. 1777. A return of the equipage of Capt. 
Willmareth's Company in Col. Fry's Regiment. 

Ballou, Jesse. Cumberland. Lieutenant, senior class. Company Cumberland Militia May 
1781, Levi Tower, Capt. Joseph Rose Jr., Ensign; App'd Lieut. Senior class, 
Cumberland, Levi Tower, Capt.; Resolve C of W July 50, 1780. 

Ballou, Jirah. Appears as "delinquent" on a Pay Abstract of Capt. Timothy Willmoth's 
CO. Col. Fry's regt. who did duty 12 days in July and Aug. 1780. Per. Elijah 
Armstrong; Set out to join service Dec. 5. Discharged Jan. 4. (Abstract of pay 
for Bristol Dec. 5rd, 1777 (or 79); List "To March ye 6th Sept. ( )"; Appears 
on the list of the men that Duty Time the allarm in July to August Last I780. 
Rhode Islauid. Mot dated; A Delinquent. 

Ballou, Jirah. Corp'l. Warren Oct. 9, 1777; A xstiirn of the Equipage of Capt. Will- 
marth's co., in Col. Fry's Regiment; ditto. 


Ballou, John Jr. Of Capt. Stephen Whipple's Smlthfleld co.; In Spencer's expedition 
against R.I. Oct. 1777; Roll dated Smlthfleld, Nov. I'f, 1777. 

Ballow, Joseph. A list of the Light Infantry co. that marched on the Larrem the first 
of April A.D. 1776; Lieut. David Richmond, Corp. Timothy Wllmarth. List "To 
March ye 6th Sept. ( "); Light Infantry co. elected April 50, I776. 

Ballou, Joseph. Appeeurs on list of the men that Duty In the allarom in July and August 
Last 1780, Rhode Island. Not dated. (Probably of Olocester.) 

Ballou, Joseph. Pens; Elijah Armstrong. Did duty 12 days In July and August I78O; Pay 
abstract of Capt. Timothy Wlllmarth's co.. Col. Fry's regt. 

Ballou, Joseph. Pens. Seth Ross. Seth Ross served as substitute for Joseph Ballou. 

Ballou, Joseph. Appears on list under the following heading "The names of men that 
tuck gxma of John Smith In prode. (Prov.?)" 

Ballou, Joseph. Abstract of pay for Bristol, Set out to Join Service, Dec. 3rd, 1777 
(or 1779); Discharged Jan'y 4. 

Ballou, Joseph. List of Lieut. (Nathaniel) Gould's Division, Cumberland January 6, 1777; 
CO. commanded by Capt. Amos V/hlpple. 

Ballou, Levi. Ensign, second company, Mllltla, Cumberland June 1775; Levi Tower Capt., 
Ellas Phllbrlck, Lt.; Member of Cumberland Town Council elected June 5, 1775; 
June 3, 1776- June 2, 1777; June 5, I78O- June 4, 1781. 

Ballou, Hoses. Pen. Israel Arnold. Serg't.ln Capt. Samuel M^^y's, Col. Jabez Bowen's 
regt. 1776 and 1777. 

Bellews, Nathan. Private. On a Pay Roll of Capt. Coggeshall Olney's co.. Col. Angell's 
regt. Rhode Island forces for the month of March 1779. (Paid for 1 month.) 

Ballou, NathEinlel. Enlisted Nov. I775 at Smlthfleld, R.I., Capt. David Dexter, Col. 

Llppett, served between 12 and 13 mos. Discharged Dec. I776. B. Cumberland, R.I., 
Oct. 18, 1750. Private, Capt. David Dexter' s co.. Col. Chris. Llppltt's 2nd 
regt. of Foot, R.I. Brigade, Newport, June 5, 1776. • 

Balue, Nathaniel. Corpl. Dexter' s co., Llppltt's regt. for Sept. I776. Corporal. 
Appears on pay abstract for above troop. 

Below, Nathaniel. Corpl. Capt. David Dexter' s co.. Col. Llppltt's regt. Oct. 1, I776- 
Jan. 17, 1777. Discharged Dec. 23, 1776. 

Belou, Nathaniel. Corp'l. Capt. Dexter' s co.. Col. Llppltt's regt. On pay abstract for 
traveling wages from Chatham and Peeksklll to Smlthfleld and Cumberland, dated 
Chatham Jan. 18, 1777. (R.I. Hist. Society Mss. 134.) 

Balou, Nathaniel. 4th Corp'l., Capt. David Dexter' s co. Enlisted Jan. I8 (1776?). On 
muster roll without date. 

"Ballow", Nathaniel. Private, R.I. State Troops, R.I. Pensioner residing in Berkshire 
Co\mty, Mass., placed on Pen. Roll Dec. 18, I819, pen. commenced Mar. 4, I831, 
allow $40., sum received $120; age 85? (Pension vol. 23, Cong. Vol. I, 24. S.L. ) 



Bellows, Nathaniel. Private, Capt. Amos Stanton's co.. Col. Henry Sherbiirne's Batt. 
U.S. Service, enlisted for 5 years on muster roll of co. for March 1779; En- 
listed In above company, March 19, 1779, (Mil. Ret., S.A., V. 4 p. 100.) 

Ballou, (Bellows) Nathaniel. On muster roll of above company Oct. 1778; on muster roll 
Jvme, 1778; on muster roll April, 1779, on duty. (Mil. Ret., S.A., v. 4, pp. 100- 
1, 108, 117, 122. ) 

Ballou, Noah. Pr., Serg't. & Ensign. (Cumberland). Subs, from middle Oct., I775 to 
Jan. 1, 1776, pr. Capt. James Williams' Co., Col. Hitchcock. Dec. I776, Enl. 
for 5 mo3. Capt. Williams, Col. Cook, R.I.M.; Mar. 1777, d'ft'd., Sergt., Capt. 
Amos Whipple, 1 mo., Oct. 1777, Serg't. same Co.; Col. Brown, Spencer's expe- 
dition; May 1778, Serg't. same Co.; Col. Simon Whipple; Aug. I778, for 2? days, 
Capt. Reuben Ballou, Col. Matherson, Sullivan's Regt. July I780, Ens., Capt. 
Amos Whipple, Col. Mathewson; June I781, 1 mo. Capt. Lewis, Col. Kimball. B. 
Cvmiberland, R.I. July 29, 1759. 

Ballou, Noah. Private, Capt. Reuben Ballou' s Co., Col. Matheeson's reg't. Ist. Divi- 
sion; Pay abs. for 22 da.; Marched Aug. 6 - discharged Aug. 27, I778; Enlisted 
Sept. 1776, Capt. Williams' Co. for 3 mos.; Aug. 1778, Capt. Reuben Ballou' s 
Co., Col. Mathewson, 23 days; July & Aug. I78O; 1 mo. Capt. Amos Whipple, Col 
Mathewson; Pri., ser; etc.; R.I. Militia and State Troops, Pension Roll July 
18, 1833. $53.39 age 75; R.I. Pension Roll; Ensign, militia. May I78I, Lt. 
Col. Thomas Potter's reg't., John Whipple, Major. 

Ballou, Noah Jr. - (Cumberland) Ensign, second company, infantry, Cumberland, Militia, 
May I78I; Amos Whipple, Capt., Squire Fisk, Lt. 

Ballou, Noah Jr. - On list of "Lt. Nathaniel Gould's Division" C\unberland Dated Jan. 6, 
1777; App. ensign of 2nd, Co. Mil in town Cumberland Resolve C of W. July 29, 

Ballou, Noah. Lieut. Id. Co. or Train Band of Cumberland, Capt. Levi Tower, commanding. 
On alarm list undated. (1775?) 

Ballou, Oliver. Private, Capt. Demiel Mowry's Co. Col. Peck's reg't.; Duty on R.I. 
March I781. B. Cumberland, R.I., Nov. 4, 1763; d. Cumberland, R.I., Jan. 15, 
1843. Aged 79 yrs., 2 mos., 9 ds. Burled in Ballou Meeting House Cemetery, 
Cumberland, R.I. (Inf. by Col. Willis Metcalf . ) 

Ballou, Reuben. (Cumberland) Captain second company Militia, Cumberland, Aug. 1776; 
Amos Whipple, Lieut. Nathaniel Gould, Ens.; Captain, Col. Cooke's regiment. 
Militia, Dec. 10, 1776. 

Ballou, (Belew, ) Rubin. Capt., Col. Tallman's reg't. on a return of the members in 
each Co., and the members enlisted into the Continental Service from them; 
dated Prov., March 6, 1777. 

Ballou, Reuben. Capt. Col. Smith's reg't., enlisted 25 men in Co. for 15 mos.; dated 

Camp Tiverton June 12, 1777; Appointed Dec. I776 by C. of W. , Capt. in (15 mos.) 
Brigade and neglected to do duty as Captain; Svmmioned to appear before council 
July 11, 1777. 

Ballou, Reuben. (Cumberland). Capt., first Batt. Militia, Dec. 1777» June 1, 1778 - 



ditto; Jiine 1779 - Capt. Alarm Co. On a pay roll of Capt. Reuben Ballou Company 
in Col. Crary's Reg't. for Dec. A.D. 1777; ditto - for mo. of Jan. 1778; Capt., 
Col. Crary's reg't. Abstract pay for 1 mo. Feb. 1778. Also, for 15d. in Max. 

Ballou, Reuben. Capt. Ist. Division, Col. Matherson's Reg't. Pay abs. for 22 da. 

Marched Aug. 6 - discharged Aug. 27, 1778; On a pay roll of Col. John Matherson 
reg't. in the service of the United States in an Expedition against Newport, 

Aug. 1778. First Division, Capt. Alarm Co, 

Cumberland Town Council June 7, 1779- June 

Prov. Co., in room of Geo. Peck, promoted. 

Cumberland, June 1779; Member of 
5, I78O; App. Major, Senior Class, 
Resolve of the C. of W. July 28, I78O; 

Major, senior class, regiment Militia, Prov. county. May I78I, I782, 1784. 

Ballou, Reuben. Capt. of Co. Col. Grary's reg't. 1777; Capt. Co. of Militia 1779. 

Ballou, Reuben. Private, Col. A. Crary's Reg. raised for 3 yrs. as per list of balance 
reported due by committee Oct. I785, signatiire on receipt for wages for Cont'l 
service April 14, 177(6) (?). 

Ballow, Rubin. (Ensign) Appears on a List of men on an expedition with Elisha Waterman 
to Rhode Island Dec. 1775; Appears on list of men dismissed at Middletown, Jan. 

7, 1776. 

Balloa, , Capt. Col. Crary's reg't. Pension returns 1777; Capt. Col. Smith's reg't. 
at Rowland's ferry. Pension returns 1777. 

Balloa, R. (Bar lew, Richard) On a pay abstract of Dan" 1 Mowry's 4th Co. Col. Peck's 
reg't, on the alarm July and August I78O; Joined July 29; days in service 11; 
days billeting 8; also on same list, same Co., July I781, dismissed. List not 
dated. (Note: dismissed ye 31st July I78O. ) 

Ballou, R. Private, Capt. Daniel Mowry's Co., Col. Peck's reg't; Alarm of July and 
Aug. 1780. 

Ballou, Richard. Private - Sraithfleld to Cumberland Rangers May 1776. 

Ballou, Seth. Stephen Hawkins served as substitute for Seth Ballou Aiig. 1778; Pension 
Stephen Hawkins. 

Ballou, Seth. Simeon Mclntire served as substitute for Seth Ballou. Asa Kimball, col- 
lector of blankets for town of Glocester, signed receipt for pay of order Seth 
Ballou ordered paid for a blanket he procured for the soldiers for the 3 mos. 
campaign, Nov. 30, 1776. 

Ballou, Simeon. (Smithfield). Ensign, second company militia, Smithfield, May 1776. 
1777 Captain Co. militia. Lieutenant, second company militia, Smithfield May 
1779; ditto, Feb. I78O; ditto, June I78O; Lieut. Militia May, I78I. 

Ballou, Stephen. Private, Capt. Joseph Sprague's Co., Col. Brown's reg't. R.I.M. , 3 

days alarm service with Cont'l wages, July 24, 1779; On alarm list of Id. Co., 
or Train Band xmder command of Capt. Levi Tower, Cumber leind. Undated. "Tadcen 
the tenders Oath." Private, Capt. Daniel Mowry's Co., Col. Chad Brown's reg, on 
retvirn of arms etc. undated. (178I?); Appears on a return of arms and accoutre- 
ments in Capt. Mowry's Co., Col. Chad Brown's reg't. Return not dated. Remark 


Ballowe, Tibby. Private, Capt. A. Weatherhead' 3 Co., Col. S. Kimball's reg't. On pay 
abstract from July 6 to Avig. 7 (178I). 

Ballove, Tlbby. Appears with rank of private on a pay abstract of Capt. Amazlal Weather- 
head's Co. Col. Kimball's reg't; Time of entry July 6, discharge Aug. 5 - 

53 days on duty. (Year not given. ) 

Ballou, William. Sept. 1777, d'ft'd. Capt. John Angell, 1 moj Capt. Jeriks's Aug. 1778, 
Sullivan's Exp., 2 mos.; Dec. 1778, sub. for Jeremiah Onley. Capt. John Angell 
2 mos.; 1779, subs, for Peter Cooper; July 1779 d'ft'd. Capt. Hezeklah Smith, 
1 mo.; Oct. 1779, same co. 1 mo; Nov. 1779; same co. 1 mo; July I780, Capt. 
Handy' s Co. Enlisted from Smithfleld. B. Smlthfleld, R.I. April 1759. d. Tiin- 
brldge, N.H. Dec. 27, 18^3. 

Ballou, William. Private, R.I. Cont. line; R.I. pensioner residing Orange Co. Vermont; 
ann. alow. $'^7.50; sum rec'd $142.50; placed on pension roll Sept. 24, I833. 
pen. Comm. Mar. 4, 1831 - Age 76. 

Ballou, William. In Capt. Trask's Co. On an account of supplies bought at Newport, 
Mar. 10, 1781. 

Ballou, Wm. Private, Capt. Daniel Mowry's Co., Col. Peck's Reg't.; Duty on R.I. Mar. 

Ballou, Capt. Col. Chris Smith's rog.. Men, enlisted by Ist. Lt. Wm. Salle in 
CO. for 15 mos. Inlistments from Jan. 1 - June 9, 1777. 

Ballou, Vm, Private, Capt. D. Mowry's Co. On undated list. (178I). 

Ballou, William. Prov. Co. Private R.I. Mil. to State Troops. Pension roll June 2, 1883. 
$72.56 age 78. 

Ballou, William. (Cumberland) Lieutenant, second company militia, Cumberland, May 1779; 
ditto Feb. 1780 ; Declined June 1779. 

Ballou, William. 1 mo. 17/5, co. Capt. Wm. Aldrich, Col. Hitchcock; Capt. Ellsha Water- 
man's Co. Pension, Timothy Mahoney. 

Ballou, William. 1775, Co. Capt. Ellsha Waterman; Dec. 1776, 3 mo. co, Capt. Reuben 
Ballou, 1777- 1780, CO. Capt. Amos Whipple as Sergeant. Pens. Comfort Haskill. 

Ballou, William. 1775 co., Capt. Vftn. Aldrich, Col. Hitchcock, also co. Capt. Amos 
Whipple. Pens. Jonathan Mason. 

Ballow, William. Appears on a list of men who went on an expedition to Rhode Island 

with Ellsha Waterman. List dated Dec. 1775; Also appears on a list of men dis- 
missed, dated Middletown, R.I. Jan. 2, 1776. 

Ballou, William. Appears on a list of Capt. Trask's co., 2nd. Battalion, County of 
Providence R.I.M. on R.I., I78I. List not dated. 

Bellows, William. In service with David Colwell. Pens. David Colwell. 

Ballou, William. August 1775, enlisted for Capt. Andrew Waterman's co.. Minute Men, 
1 yr.; fall 1776, 1 mo. Capt. Ellsha Waterman; Feb. 1779, 1 mo. Capt. Reuben 
Ballou, Col. Ellsha Mowry; 4 mos. under Serg't Jeremitih Inman, Col. Demiel 


Tllllnghast. Fall, 1777, 1 mo. Capt. Ballou; winter 1778 - 3 mosj May I778, 1 
mo. Capt. Amos Whipple, Col. Simon Whipple; Aiig. 1778, 25 days, Sullivan's ex- 
pedition, Capt. Reuben Ballou, Col. Mathewson. July I780, 1 mo., Capt. Amos 
Whipple, Col. Mathewson. B. Cumberland, R.I. Dec. 24, 1755. (Pens. Book VIII). 

1775, enlisted 1 yr. Capt. Elisha Waterman; July 1776 enlisted 1 yr. on board 
privateer. Pens. Ariel Ballou. On R.I., 1 mo., July to Aug. I78O, Capt. Amos 
Whipple, Col. Matteson. Pens. Noah Ballou. 

Ballou, William. Aug. 1778, 1 mo., Sullivan's Expedition. Pens. Nathan Jillson. 1775, 
commissioned Ensign, but did not serve; In Capt. Waterman's Co. Oct. 1775; Oct. 

1776, as Ensign & Lieut; 1776 in Capt. Ballou' s Co.; I779 - May I781, co. Capt. 
Amos Whipple. Pens. Squire Flske. 1778 - 1 mo. co. Capt. Amos Whipple - Major 
John Flske. Pens. Samuel Darling. 

Ballow, William. 1775 Co., Capt. Elisha Waterman, - 8 mos.; I776 - co. Capt. Reuben 
Ballou, 2 mo3.; 1777- I781 00., Capt. Amos Whipple. Pens. Peter Darling. 

Ballou, William. Private, co. Capt. Elisha Waterman; co., Capt. Reuben Ballou, and co. 
Capt. Amos Whipple. Pens. Ariel Cook. 1777, 1778, 1779 - co. Capt. Amos Whipple. 
Pens. Stephen Chace. 

Ballou, William. I78O & 178I - co. Capt. Amos Whipple. Pens. John Flsk. I776 - pr., 
CO. Capt. Ballou, Major Flske; 1777 - same co., Spencer's expedition; 1778 - 
Capt. Whipple, Sullivan's Expedition. Pens. Joseph Capron. 

Ballou, William. Private. - On a pay abstract for Alarm men. Rangers and Militia, be- 
longing to North Providence, who served in late expedition against Newport, 
R.I., Aug. 31, 1778. Capt. Thomas Olney, Col. John Mathewson. Served from Axig. 
21 to Aug. 31 - 11 days. (Shepley Coll. p. 227.) 

Ballou, Zlba. Pay abstract of Capt. Amaziah Weatherhead's co.. Col. Stephen Kimball's 
reg't., 1781. Entered July 6, discharged Aug. 7. Pens. Vte. Gadcomb. 

of the 

Published by Adjutant General's Office, State House, 
Providence, R. I., l893, 2 Vols. 

BALLOU, Almon M., Private, Co. K. 1st Regt., Inf., R. I. Vols. 

BALLOU, Arnold B., Private, Co. K. 12th Regt., Inf., R. I. Vols. 

BALLOU, Austin, Corporal, Co. H. 3rd Regt., Cav. 

BALLOU, Charles, Private, Co. F. 9th Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Charles F., Private, Co. D. 4th Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Charles 0., Corporal, Co. I. 11th Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Daniel R., 2nd Lieut., Co. C. 12th Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Denis 0., Private, Co. A. 5th Regt., Hy.Art. 

BALLOU, Ellas S. J., Private, Co. D. Ist Regt., Cav. 

BALLOU, Ethan A., Private, Co. I. 1st Regt., Cav. 


BALLOU, Francisco, Private, Co. E. lat Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Francisco M. , 2nd Lieut. Co. F. 12th Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Qardlner, Private, Co. E. 4th Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, George E. , Private, Co. B. 7th Regt., Inf. also Private, Co. K. 
4th Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, George F., Private, Co. H. 9th Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, George 0., Corporal, Co. D. Jrd Regt., Hy.Art. 

BALLOU, George W. , Sergeant, Co. D. 2nd Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Halsey, Wagoner, Co. C. Ist Regt., Cav. 

BALLOU, Henry H. , Corporal, Co. B. 1st Regt., Lt.Art. 

BALLOU, Henry H. , Private, Co. H. 11th Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, (BALLOW) Henry W. , Private, Co. F. 9th Regt., Inf., trans to 
U.S. Slgixal Corps. 

BALLOU, Herbert A., Private, Co. E. Ist Regt., Lt.Art. 

BALLOU, Horace A., Private, Co. C. 3rd Regt., Hy.Art. 

BALLOU, Horatio S. , Corporal, Co. C. 2nd Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Ira, Private, Co. D. 5th Regt., Hy.Art. 

BALLOU, James, Private, Co. — , — Regt., Hy.Art. 

BALLOU, James, Private, Co. D. 5th Regt., Hy.Art. 

BALLOU, Jason L. , Private, Co. F. 3rd Regt., Cav. 

BALLOU, John, Private, Co. E. 2nd Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Nelson J., Private, Co. E. Ist Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Reuben F., Private, Co. H. 1st Regt., Cav. 

BALLOU, Silas G. , Private, Co. I. 2nd Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Stephen, Private, Co. E. 1st Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Stephen, Private, Co. D. 1st Regt., Lt.Art. 

BALLOU, Stephen J., Private, Co. H. 9th Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Stephen R., Navy. 

BALLOU, Sullivan, Major, Co. . 2nd Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Welcome, Corporal, Co. B. 7th Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Welcome, Corporal, Co. E. 4th Regt., Inf. 

BALLOU, Windsor, Private, Co. E. 4th Regt., Inf. 

• » « • 


of the 
(May 1, 1898-Aprll 50, 1899.) 

BALLOU, Frank, Private, Co. M. 1st R. I., U.S. V. I.; Residence Pawtucket, R. I.; En- 
rolled May 7th, I898; Mustered In May 17, I898J Mustered out March 30, I899. 

BALLOU, Thurston P. Born in Smlthfield, R. I., enlisted in Navy, Dec. 2, 1898 at New- 
port. Term - during minority; Rating - Apprentice, 5rd class; Vessel Constel- 
lation, (still in service) 


of the 

BALLOU, Edmond, Private, 12th Co., C. A. C. R.I.N.G. 

BALLOU, Edward Aiigustus, U. S. Navy, Fireman, Ist class, 72 days on U. S. S. "Ohio". 

BALLOU, Frederick A. Jr., 2nd Lieut., Aug. 15, 1917; Ist Lieut., F. A. Plattsburg Bks., 
A. E. F. 

BALLOU, Frederick B., Private, Batt. A - 103 F. A. 

BALLOU, George Allen, Private, S. A. T. C. - Brown Univ., Providence, R. I. 

BALLOU, Harold F. , Private, S. A. T. C. - Brown Univ. 

BALLOU, Henry D. , Captain Ord. Dept., Nov. 23, 1937, Plattsburg Bks., N. Y. 

BALLOU, Howard W., Bin. Det., 3 Kelly Field, San Antonio, Tex., May Ik, I918; lOlst 
Bin. Repl. Co., to Nov. 3, I918; Hg. Det. Bin. group, 3 Aug. to discharge; 
- Private, 1st class, Aug. 1, I918; - Cft., Sept. 15, 1918; - Cft., 1st class, 
March 28, 1919. 

BALLOU, Leslie B., Private, S. A. T. C. - Brown Univ., to Nov. I8, I918. Central Of- 
ficers Training School, Camp Lee, Va. , to Nov. 21, I918. S. A. T. C. Brown 
Univ., - to discharge. 

BALLOU, Theodore J., Private, 153 Inf. Brigade to discharge. 

BALLOU, Walter F., Private, l6th Co., l62 Inf. Brigade to Sept. 25, 1918; Co. H. 123 
Inf., Co. I, 30th Inf., to discharge. 


of the 

Prepared and published by the Secretary of the Commonwealth I896. 

Ballou, - - . (This name also appears vinder the form of Balue, Belew, Ballau, Ballew, 
Ballue, Bellow, Blalou. ) 

Bellows,- - . This name also appears under the form of Belows, Bellos, Bellows, and 

Billows at Southboro, Northampton, Paxton, Hubbardston, Westboro, South Hadley, 
and Grafton, Mass. - Editor. 


Ballau, Asa. 1st. Lieutenant, Capt. Jesse Ballau's (Southwest Wrentham) co.. Col Have's 
(4th Suffolk Co.) regt.; list of officers of Mass. Militiaj commissioned Feb. 
28, 1780. 

Ballou, Asa. Lieutenant, commander of a company in Maj. Seth Bullard's regt.; enlisted 
July 28, I78O; discharged Aug. 7, I78O; service, 13 days, on an alarm at JUiode 

Balue, David. Private, Capt. Nathan Harrington's co. ; enlisted March 51, 1778; ser- 
vice 5 mos. 2 days, with guards at Rutland under Maj. Reed. 

Balue, David. Private, Capt. Joshua Whitney's co.. Col Josiah Whitney's regt.; ser- 
vice from July 51, I778, to Sept. l4, I778, 1 mo. I8 days, on an alarm at 
Rhode Island. Roll dated Worcester. 

Ballou, Elias. Private, Capt. Fletcher's co.. Col. Simonds's regt.; marched to Pawlet 
on the alarm of Oct. 15, I78O; service 6 days. 

Blalou, Elias. Private, Capt. William Fletcher's co.. Col. Simons's regt.; enlisted 
Oct. 15, I78O; service, 6 days; marched to Pawlet. 

Ballue, Jesse. Wrentham. Private. Capt. Lemuel Kellock's co.. Col. John Smith's regt., 
which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; service, 4 days. 

Ballew, Jesse. Private. Capt. Lemuel Kellock's co.. Col. Wheelock's regt., marched 
from Wrentham to Warwick, R.I. on the alarm of Dec. 8, 1776; service 5 days. 

Ballau, Jesse. Captain, Southwest Wrentham co.. Col. Hawe's (4th Suffolk Co.) regt.; 
list of officers of Mass. Militia; commissioned Feb. 28, I78O. 

Ballou, Nathaniel. Private, Capt. William Fletcher's co.. Col. Symonds's regt.; en- 
listed Oct. 15, I78O; service, 6 days; marched to Pawlet. 

Belew, , Wrentham. Captain. Col. Seth Bullard's Regt.; return of officers dated 

Medfield, March 2, I78I; company detached for not more than 40 days and or- 
dered to march to Tiverton, R. I. 

# • « * * 

of the 
WAR OF 1812 

BALLOU, Ebenezer M., Private, Capt. Tucker's Co., Lt. Col. Page's Regt., Artillery. 
From Sept. 13 to Nov. 7, l8l4. Raised at Canton and vie. Served at Fort 
Warren, Boston Harbor. 

BALLOU, James, Private, Capt. Tucker's Co., Lt. Col. Page's Regt., Artillery. From 
Sept. 13 to Nov. 7, l8l4. Raised at Canton and vie. Served at Fort Warren, 
Boston Harbor. 

BALLOU, Rufus, Sergeant, in Capt. Thomas Harrington's Roll of detached company of Shrews- 
bury and Vic. Lt. Col. Walter Hastings' Regt. From Sept. 13 to Nov. 50, l8l4 
at Fort Warren. 

« « * * * 



of the 


BALLOU, Albert A., Private, Co. E. 2nd Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, Alfonso A., Ist lieut., Co. F. 52nd Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, Caleb W. , Private, Co. H. 40th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU. Charles H. , Private, Co. C. 59th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, Charles S., Private, Co. F. 27th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, C. Snerson, Private, Co. A. 52nd Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, Darius A., Private, Co. 0. 24th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, Ebenezer, Private, Co. H. 36th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, Edmund A., Private, unasslgned, 19th Mass. Inf. Deserted Aug. 14, I865. 

BALLOU, Edward P., Sergeant, Co. B. 40th N. Y. Vol. 

BALLOU, Erastus G. , 1st Lieut., Co. K. 2nd Vt. Inf.; promoted to Capt.; Jime 6, I865, 
prom, to Major 2nd Art. 

BALLOU, Franklin M. , Private, unassigned to any company, 1st Batt., Mass. Hy.Art. 

BALLOU, Frederic D., Private, Co. B, 40th N. Y. Vol. 

BALLOU, George E. , Private, Co. K. 4th R. I. Inf.; trans, to Private, Co. B, 7th R. I. 

BALLOU, George 0., 1st Lieut., Co. H. 40th N. Y. Inf. 

BALLOU, George S. , Private, Co. B. 57th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, George W., Drummer, Co. H. 50th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, George W., Private, Co. E. 56th Mass. Inf. Deserted June 10, I865. 

BALLOU, George W. , 1st Sergeant, Co. B. 42nd Mass. Inf.; then, July 15, 1864, promoted 
to 1st Lieut. 

BALLOU, Henry E. , 1st Sergeant., Co. B. 27th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, Herbert, Private, 19th vmattached company, Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, Hirajn K. , Private, Co. I; 5l3t Mass. Inf.; then trans, to Co. A. 57th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, Irving W., Private, Co. D. 24th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, James A., Musician, Co. C. 58th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, Job D. , Private, Co. F. Ist Batt., Mass. Hy.Art. 

BALLOU, Lawrence, Private, Co. I, 28th Mass. Inf.; trans. (Nov. I862) to Co. F. 4th 
U, S. Army. 

BALLOU, Lorain M. , Private, Co. B. 52nd Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, Owen, Private, Co. E. 54th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, Owen E., Private, Co. C. 45th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, Perry A., Private, Co. H. 40th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, Philetus, Private, Co. J. 15th Mass. Inf.; also served as Private in Co. F. 2nd 
Mass. Hy.Art. 

BALLOU, Stephen, Private, Co. D. 1st R.I. Lt. Art. 


BALLOU, Thomas, Private, Co. H. 46th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, William A., Private, Co. G. 34th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, William A., Private Co. C. 45th Mass. Inf. 

BALLOU, William C, Private, Co. K. 26th Mass. Inf. 

* * • • • 

of the 

BALLOU, Herbert Arnold, Worcester, 22 yrs.. Clerk. Enl. May 3, I898; 
Must. May 10, 1898, as Private, Co. A. 2nd Regt., Mass. Inf., 
U. S. V. for 2 years; Must, out Nov. 3, 1898. 

* • * * • 

of the 

BALLOU, Cecil S., Private, 2l3t Co., 6th Batt., 151st Depot Brigade. 

BALLOU, Charles C. , Private, 2-7-1918 13th Detail, A.S. Signal Corps. 4-19-1918 246th 
Areo Squadron. 7-2-1918 Co. B. 304th Ammunition Trans. 

BALLOU, Clarence E. , Private, 1st class, 3-30-1917 Co. E. 2nd Inf., Mass. N. Q. 11-4- 
1918 Prisoner War Escort Co. 32. 12-24-1918 Co. E. l64th Inf. 2-24-1919 
155th Co., Trans. Corps. 

BALLOU, Dsuiiel Edward, Mess attendant 3rd class U. S. N. R. P., last ship U. 3. S. 
"Mt. Vernon". 

BALLOU, Donald Earl, Sergeant, Co. F. l4th Mass. Engineers; 2nd Lieut. U.S. Army to 

BALLOU, Eugene R., Private,. 1st class, II-6-I9I (3) Co. M. 37th Inf. 5-30-1917 H.Q. Co. 
28th Inf. 10-18-1918 H. Q. Troops 1st Dlv. 

BALLOU, Frank E., Private, 10-7-1917 19th Co. 5th Training Batt., 15l3t Depot Brigade. 
11-11-17 Co. E. 327th Inf. 12-7-17 Supply Co. 327th Inf. 4-14-18 Co. A. Prov. 
5th Training Batt., l57 Depot Brigade. 6-I-18 Co. H. l48th Inf. to discharge. 

BALLOU, Frederick W., Corporal, 156th Depot Brigade. 

BALLOU, George, Private, Public Utilities Detachment, Q. M. C, Camp Devens, Mass. 

BALLOU, George Dewey, Apprentice Seaman, U. S. N. R. F. 

BALLOU, Harrison B., 2nd Lieut., H. Q. Ist Engineers. 

BALLOU, Harry A., Private, Co. G. 9th Inf. Mass. N. G.;Co. G. lOlst Inf. to discharge. 

BALLOU, Horace Berthler Jr., Ensign, Naval Auxiliary Reserve, N. Y. , U. S. H. R. F. 

BALLOU, Hosea Starr Jr., Sergeant, Co. H. 74th Inf. 

BALLOU, Howard Metcalf, Chief Quartermaster, U. S. N. R. F. 

BALLOU, James Henry, Ensign U. S. Navy, Naval Hosp., Chelsea, Mass. 

BALLOU, John L. , 2nd Lieut., Field Art., 2nd Officers Training School. 



BALLOU, John M., Private, Wentworth Unit, Students Army Training Corps. 

BALLOU, John William, Private, Co. C. 1st Batt., U. S. Gxiards; also Seaman 2nd class, 
U. S. Navy, last ship U. S. S. "Louisiana". 

BALLOU, Kenneth S. , Private, Co. A. Students Army Training Corps, Univ. of Vt. 

BALLOU, Leon H., Carpenter's mate, 3rd class, U. S. N. R. F., Material Section, 2nd 
naval dist., Newport, R. I. 

BALLOU, Leon Lathrop, Seaman, 2nd class, U. S. N. R. F., U. S. Naval Air Station, 
(Panlllac ?), France. 

BALLOU, Lester Hayvard, Chief Pharmacist's mate, U. S. Navy Receiving ship, H. Y. 

BALLOU, Raymond C, Private, 9-6-1?, 2nd Co., 6th Batt., 151st Depot Brigade. 10-25-17 
Co. A. 302nd Machine Gun Batt. 7-50-I8 Mil. specialist Co. 1. 8-IO-I8 clerk's 
school, 1st Depot Div. 

BALLOU, Thomas W. , Corporal, 7-31-17 Co. E. 8th Inf., Mass. N. G. 2-17-18 
Co. E. 1st supply train. 5-7-19 Supply Co., 307th Inf. 

BALLOU, Willis Harland, Electrician, 1st class Radio, U. S. N. R. F. , Naval Base 19, 
L' Orient, France. 

* * « * « 



Abbie Eliza, S8 

Abbie Eliza (Adams), 38 

Abbie (Simonds), 7 

Abbie ( ) Siirrey, 40, 124 

Abby Anna, S3 

Abby Caroline, £13 

Abigail (Forrestall) , 12, 40 

Abijah, 216 

Abi 0., 56 

Ada (Crawford), 812 

Ada Grace (Wishart), 68, 161 

Ada H. , 40 

Ada K., 7 

Ada L. (Sprague), 60, 148 

Ada Maria, 50 

Ada Russell (Eaton), 22, 83 

Adaline A., 48 

Adda (Dunlap), 217 

Addie Blanche, 15 

Addie (Coen), 212 

Addle (Plummer), 65 

Adelaide Delia, 61 

Adelaide Louise, 180 

Adelaide Louise (Tallman), 33, 115 

Adelaide M., 138 

Adelaide Nettie, 199 

Adelene G., 107 

Adelia Amelia, 31 

Adelia Arozina, 72 

Adeline May, 199 

Adeline (Metcalf), 31 

Adeline (iiewton), 33 

Adeliza, 31 

Adelia Mary (i^eigh), 42, 127 

Adin, 2, 121, 88 

Adln Emery, 42 

Adin Theodore, 85 

Adrian Lewis, 172 

Agnes Emeline, 134, 184 

Ahlene G., 133 

Alleen, 182 

Aileen Knight, 36 

Aileen 0» Conner (Eddy), 36 

Ai Wellington, 122 

Ala C, 139 

Alan, 214 

Albert, 14 

Albert Amasa, 40 

Albert D., 219 

Albert Earl, 72, 164 

Albert Eugenice, 141 

Albert Franklin, 44 

Albert Warren, 133 

Alberto, 213 

Albertus Clinton, 36, 120 


Albertus H. , 59, 147 

Alda (Hart), 42, 127 

Alden Francis, 90 

Alexander, 38, 120, 213 

Alfred Emenso, 42, 127 

Alfred Jerome, 140 

Alfred Leslie, 86 

Alfred N., 8, 48 

Alger, 188 

Alice, 35, 141 

Alice A. (Stevens), 44, 131 

Alice ( Baker >, 121 

Alice (Brown), 11 

Alice Claire, 153, 201 

Alice (Coates), 77 

Alice (Dutton), 62 

Alice E., 65 

Alice E. (Lambson), 70, 162 

Alice Ifarris (Jenkins), 145 

Alice Frances, 74 

Alice (Gaylord), 92, 168 

Alice A-ou (Whitenack), 95 

Alice May, 55, 213 

Alice May (Grant), 73, 164 

Alice Mildred, 218 

Alice Roy, 46 

Alida (Bogardus), 40 

Aliis Kimball, 52, 144 

Allen Hiram, 149, 199 

Allen Leslie, 16, 68 

Allen Saucier, 136 

Alma E., 23 

Alma (Hambleton), 86 

Almira (Lawrence), 33 

Almira Louise, 65 

Almon, 15, 16 

Almond D., 5 

Alonzo, 41 

Alta (EiQred), 151, 200 

Altha, 121 

Althea, 45 

Alvah Benjamin, 5 

Alvin, 15, 63 

Alvin Lyman, 149 

Alvin Maturin, 16, 63 

Alzaida, 12, 90 

Alzaida (Ballou), 12, 90 

Amasa, 12, 40 

Amanda, 12, 31, 41, 126 

Amanda L. (Dingee), 218 

Amey Louise, 187 

Amelia Melissa (Jenks), 140 

Amelia (Eietz), 70 

Amelia W. , 46 

Amie Smith (Comstock), 45 





Ados, 14, 60 

Amy, 72 

Amy Beatrice, 9Z 

Amy F. (Matthias), Z2, 104 

Amy (Hammond), 132 

Amy Leonora, 27 

Amy (Lewis), 28, 93 

Andrew, 12, 13, 41, 126 

Andrew Barl, 72 

Andrew Fenner, 36 

Andrew Enlgbt, 36, 120, 182 

Angella P. (Hammond) Marsh, 12, 40 

Angle Mettle, 16 

Anna, 5, 36, 132 

Anna (Bird), 30 

Anna Darling, 34 

Anna Elizabeth, 214 

Anna Gustln (Church), 176 

Anna (Johnston), 128 

Anna M., 46 

Anna Mary (Bingham), 92, 168 

Anna (Mathewson), 50, 142 

Anna R. (Hale). 97 

Anna (Saunders), 12, 90 

Anne Catherine, 132 

Annie, 29 

Annie (Brlant), 5 

Annie (Collins), 45, 132 

Annie Dorothy, 151, 200 

Annie E. (Smith), 44 

Annie George, 176 

Annie M., 65 

Annie Maria (Pierce), 22 

Annie Natalie (Grause), 71, 163 

Annie (Ross), 32, 105 

Annie Wheaton, 33 

Annis Ellen, 97 

Anthony Eugene, 191 

Antoinette, 120 

Anvilla Ellen, 101 

Archie Eugene, 128, 191 

Ariadne Josephine, 45 

Ariel Otis, 85 

Arnold Martin, 106, 177 

Arthur, 18, 212, 213 

Arthur Bates, 38 

Arthur Carroll, 86 

Arthur David, 202 

Arthur E., 219 

Arthur Frederick, 85 

Arthur Jay, 73, 164 

Arthur Leroy, 44 

Arthur Lewis, 93 

Arthur Marcus, 46 - 

Arthur P., 90 


Arthur William, 22 

Arvis Mertie, 125, 186 

Asa, 12, 41 

Asahel, 5, 162 

Ashley, 100 

Ashley Frank, 72 

Audrey A. (Knickerbocker), 101 

Audrey G., 192 

Augusta Claire, 72 

Augusta J. (Woodman), 18 

Augustine Leroy, 72 

Augustus Asahel, 70 

Augustus Marble, 214 

Aurelia, 2 

Aurelia E. (fiobler), 105 

Aurelia ^Izina, 71 

Aurilla (Bishop), 6 

Austin Albert, 44 

Ava, 147 

Avis Lorothy, 120 

Avis Geneva, 85 

Barbara, 107, 178, 207, 214 
Barbara Dustin, 177 
Barbara Eleanor, 93 
Barbara Frances, 83 
Barbara LeBarron, 183 
Barbara Louise, 200 
Barbara Ruth, 212 
Barnabas, 12 
Barton, 2 
Barton Allan, 34 
Beatrice Anna, 169 
Beatrice Ellen, 131 
Beatrice Natalie, 119, 162 
Belle, 19, 152, 201 
Benjamin, 199 
Benjamin Whipple, 12 
Bennlng Edward, 122, 162 
Benton, 145 
Bernice Beverly, 214 
Bernice E. (Carter), 122, 183 
Bernice Josephine, 185 
Bernice Mae, 190 
Bernls Frederick, 124, 185 
Bert, 187 
Bertha, 121, 164 
Bertha Abigail, 86 
Bertha Amelia, 47, 136 
Bertha (Austin), 151, 200 
Bertha (Cassidy), 60 
Bertha Elizabeth, 127, 190 
Bertha (Holbrook), 125, 186 
Bertha Jenks, 140, 196 
Bertha Kathryn, 93 




Bertha liartha, Peggy, 100, 172 

Bertha Olive, 122 

Bertie G., 100 

Bertram Arnold, 45 

Beryl L. (Bosworth), 9S 

Bessie Allen, 212 

Bessie Belle (Spellman), 97, 169 

Bessie Kendrlck (Peyton), 145 

Bessie (Krause), 100 

Bessie Louise, 106 

Bessie llay, 37 

Bessie May (Gassett), 43, 121 

Bessie (Phillips), 126, 188 

Bessie (Taliafero), 100, 172 

Beth Ann, 195 

Betsy (Bisbee), 17 

Betsy Flnette (Kemp), 16 

Betsey (Cutting), 1 

Betty Irene, 174 

Beulah Ellen, 44 

Beulah Jane, 168, 204 

Billie Eugene, 132 

Blanche, 46 

B lanche (Boynton), 133, 183 

Blanche Elizabeth, 211 

Blanche Madora (Ryan), 49, 140 

Bonnie Jean, 163 

Bonnie Lou, 101 

Brantley (UcCrary), 108, 109 

Breyton Washburn, 70 

Brice Aiken, 213 

Brice Alexander, 213 

Brice Frederick, 213 

Bryon, 14 

Burton, 214 

Byron Henry, 43, 131 

Byron Mowry, 43 

Caleb S., 7 

Candace, 2, 8, 14 

Capitala, 126, 188 

Carl, 126 

Carl E., 183 

Carl Wesselhoeft, 19 

Carleton, 218 

Carlotta Estella, 108 

Carmie V. (Landon), 172 

Carol Elizabeth, 177 

Caroline Abigail, 43 

Caroline Brayton, 181 

Caroline E. (Kimball), 23 

Caroline Eliza, 103 

Caroline Elizabeth (Capwell), 114, 181 

Caroline Isabel (French), 90, 167 

Caroline (Lawrence), 33 


Caroline (McDuffie), 213 

Caroline ( ) McHenry, 12 

Caroline B., 33 

Caroline (Tenney), 7 

Caroline Iheelock Frost (Mayo), 50, 

Carolyn Eliza, 32, 102 
Carolyn Susan, 205 
Car on Tela, 199 
Carrie B., 43, 128 
Carrie Bell, 143 
Carrie (Bisher), 127, 190 
Carrie Churchill, 21 
Carrie Crawford (Cutter), 218, 219 
Carrie B. (Maude), 43 
Carrie Emergene, 124, 185 
Carrie Esther, 44 
Carrie Evelyn, 142, 198 
Carrie G. (Stoakes), 190 
Carrie I., 141 
Carrie J. (Atwood), 7 
Carrie May (Hubbard), 92, 168 
Carry L. (Smith), 36, 120 
Catharine Jane (Kimball), 51 
Catherine ( ), 124 
Catherine (Knapp), 61, 149 
Catherine Marie, 196 
Catherine Nannette, 122 
Catherine S. (Tuttle), 15 
Catherine (l*ilbour), 210 
Clara Monona (Wallace), 125, 186 
Cella, 133 
Celia E., 183 

Celia G. (Leonard), 39, 121 
Celinda (Handy), 2 
Charlotte, 18 
Charlotte Augusta, 6 
Charlotte Avis (Crowell), 36, 119 
Charles Hamilton, 43 
Charlotte Haviland (ficrnat), 39 
Charlotte Taft (Cornwell), 43 
Charles, 14, 41, 42, 60, 92, 126, 167 

Charles Alfred, 5 
Charles Augustus, 71, 163 
Charles Cedric, 188 
Charles ^-'larendon, 217 
Charles Cornwell, 44 
Charles Davison, 170 
Charles E., 50, 142, 151 
Charles Edson, 8, 23 
Charles Edward, 148 
Charles Everett, 214 
Charles F., 92 
Charles Frederic, 33 




Charles H. , 33, 128 

Clifford Norman, 132 

Charles Hamilton, 43 

Clifford Willard, 190 

Charles Henry, 210 

Clyde M., 97 

Charles Herbert, 99, 107, 172 

Constance, 185 

Charles Holbrook, 94 

Cora A. (Lemon), 59 

Charles Hosea, 36 

Cora Ada, 97 

Charles Jerome, 125, 186 

Cora B. (Tompkins), 102 

Charles Kenneth, 151, 200 

Cora B. (Towne), 59, 147 

Charles L., 40, 90 

Cora (Brown), 119 

Charles Lee, 140 

Cora E. (Darling), 140 

Charles Lewis, 18, 72, 73 

Cora Es telle (Schroder), 4£, 127 

Charles Lyman, 199 

Cora Jennie, 44 

Charles M., 97 

Cora May (Hendrick), 217 

Charles J>iicholas Senn, 218 

Cora P. (Fuller), 23, 84 

Charles Olney, 34 

Cora Heba, 217 

Charles Orvie, 50 

Corabell (Darling), 85 

Charles Otis, 51 

Corban E. D. , 52, 145 

Charles R., 62, 97 

Cordelia 0., 40 

Charles Rathbone, 35 

Corinne Elizabeth, 84 

Charles Sprague, 149, 199 

Corliss Jay, 202 

Charles Sumner, 101, 100 

Cornelia (Myers), 46 

Charles Tuttle, 15 

C. Willard, 127, 190 

Charles W., 218 

Cynthia P. (Sanborn), 6 

Charles Wesley, 30, 98, 171 

Cynthia Teresa, 140 

Chester Arthur, 127, 190 

Czarina Louise (Whltcomb), 97 

Chester R., 133 

Christopher Henry, 205 

Daisy, 41, 127 

Cllvina, 2 

Daisy (Tarpening>, 139, 196 

Clara, 8, 31 

Daniel W., 58 

Clara A., 70 

Darius, 5 

Clara Louise, 102 

Darwin Thvirston, 31 

Clara M. (Buckle), 72 

David, 210 

Clara M. (Longley), 76 

David Kern, 214 

Clara (MacPherson), 147 

David Rogers, 218 

Clara May, 146 

David Sabin, 65 

Clara Monona (Wallace), 125, 186 

David Sweet, 104, 176 

Clara Rose (Fenn) , 36 

David Willard, 193 

Clara (Sanford), 18, 74 

Deborah, 2, 210 

Clara (Smith), 74 

DeFor(r)est, 98, 170 

Clara Sweetser, 120 

DeForest archer, 168, 204 

Clarence, 151, 200 

Delancy L., 41 

Clarence Abner, 36, 119 

Delcar Woodworth, 137 

Clarence Albert, 153 

Delia A. (Wesley), 34 

Clarence J., 133 

Delia (Chilcott), 14 

Clarence Jefferson, 152, 153 

Delia (Green), 97, 169 

Clarence Leroy, 90, 167 

Delia Josephine, 104 

Clarence Maturin, 74, 164 

Delia Maria, 106 

Clarence Orlando, 47 

Delia Sarah, 108 

Clara Lucretia, 140, 197 

Delmar Alonzo, 188 

Clark Atwood, 30, 98 

Delores Loreen, 208 

Clark Augustus, 17, 71 

Delos, 35 

Claude, 185 

Delphene, 18 

Clayton A., 108 

Demeritt Irving, 124 

Clifford Henry, 93 

Dennis, 121 

Clifford M., 129 

Dennis Stephen, 121 




Diana Mo wry, 51 

Dlantha, 35 

Dollle E. (Crosier), 65, 154 

Don Alonzo, 97 

Donald Ashley, 72 

Donald Clark, 101 

Donald Earl, 131, 193 

Donald David, 153, 202 

Donald Henry, 168 

Donald King, 113 

Donald T., 192 

Donald Tallman, 181 

Donald Warner, 185 

Donald William, 205 

Donna Ada, 97 

Donna Marie, 53 

Donna lee, 188 

Dora M. (Heath), 41 

Dorcas Marion, 133 

Doris (Anthony), 85 

Doris C. (Allen), 187 

Doris Esther, 119, 182 

Dorothy, 61, 106, 186, 208, 219 

Dorothy Barbara, 15 

Dorothy Bradford, 68 

Dorothy Clark, 210 

Dorothy Elizabeth, 73, 170 

Dorothy Helen, 149 

Dorothy (Hopkins), 210 

Dorothy M., 16S 

Dorothy Marie, 141 

Dorothy May, 131 

Dorothy (Pearson), 186 

Dorothy Rhoana, 153 

Dorothy Ruth, 201 

Dorothy Woodman, 105 

Douglas Staples, 180 

DoTie Ellen, 128 

Doyle Amos, 149 

Dutee, 13 

Earl, 44, 126 

Earl Benjamin, 196 

Earl Clinton, 173 

Earl 0., 192 

Earl Maturin, 132 

Earl Maynard, 97, 169 

Earle Hoit, 168, 205 

Ebba B. (Larson), 94 

Ebba Barbara, 94 

Ebenezer Shearman, 39 

Eda E. (Fuller), 41, 40, 124 

Eddie, 31 

Eddy Bowen, 36 

Eden Sawyer, 41 


Edgar, 183, 133 

Edgar Clark, 211 

Edgar Francis, 125, 186 

Edgar Leland, 53 

Edgar W., 23 

Edgerton, 23 

Edgerton Perrin, 28 

Edith, 60, 70, 99, 148 

Edith (Clark), 60 

Edith Janet, 138 

Edith Julia, 46 

Edith Lillian, 115 

Edith Lodelia, 59, 148 

Edith Lucia, 151 

Edith May, 147, 214 

Edith Paine, 34 

Edith (Stowell), 16, 68 

Edith (Woods), 71, 163 

Edith Yale, 77, 116, 180 

Edith Yale (Ballou), 77, 116, 180 

Edmund, 147 

Edmund Levi, 93 

Edna, 100 

Edna Beers (Baker), 99 

Edna E. (Calkins), 214 

Edna E. (Huston), 126, 188 

Edward Eugene, 42 

Edna L., 106 

Edna Mabel, 47 

Edna May, 61, 73, 151 

Edward, 24, 196, 218, 219 

Edward Allen, 44 

Edward Ellis, 92 

Edward Francis, 199 

Edward Fred, 134 

Edward K., 151 

Edward Lapham, 36, 122 

Edward Lull, 151 

Edward Payson, 218 

Edward Hlchardson, 103 

Edwin, 12, 13, 18, 42 

Edwin Elroy Clifton, 29 

Edwin Otho, 129, 192 

Edwin R., 43, 129 

Effie Augusta (Buzzell), 125, 187 

Effie Helen, 167 

Effie J., 125 

Elada G., 41 

Eleanor, 77 

Eleanor Andrews (Maxwell), 168 

Eleanor J., 41 

Eleanor Jane, 190 

Eleanor (Kersten), 168, 205 

Eleanor Louise, 199 

Eleanor May, 29, 95 




Elgy (Adams), 125, 186 

Eliab Peck, 105 

Ellas Smith, 106 

Elijah, 8 

Elisha, 6, 12 

Eliza (Briggs), S2 

Eliza Maria, 39 

Eliza Minerva, 121 

Eliza Rebecca (Smith), 38 

Eliza (Spitzli), 33, 107 

Elizabeth, 23, 33, 37, 132, 149, 193 

Eliza Ann (Plummer), 210 

Eliza (Norton), 46 

Elizabeth Anna, 48, 138, 139 

Elizabeth (Armour), 49 

Elizabeth (Boyd), 47 

Elizabeth Caroline, 196 

Elizabeth (Davis), 218 

Elizabeth DeForrest, 170 

Elizabeth (Harris), 46, 150 

Elizabeth M., 15 

Elizabeth M. (Holl), 71, 163 

Elizabeth Mabel, 38, 121 

Elizabeth Madora, 197 

Elizabeth Mary (Carlyon), 46 

Elizabeth (Peaslee), 8 

Elizabeth (Power), 102 

Elizabeth (Sherman), 134 

Elizabeth Mary (Kelly), 134 

Ella Arvilla (Breedy), 190 

Ella Belle, 126 

Ella C. (Compton), 6, 21 

Ella D. (Webster), 70 

Ella (Farwell), 14, 61 

Ella (Ferry) Tuttle, 17, 71 

Ella Florence, 138, 195 

Ella H. (Copp), 92, 167 

Ella Hill (Corey), 113 

Ella Jane, 16, 63 

Ella Josephine (Clark), 210 

Ella M., 41 

Ella Mable, 42 

Ella V. (Gustofson), 43, 131 

Ellen, 84 

Ellen E., 8 

Ellen Elizabeth (Bartlett), 177, 206 

Ellen Eunice, 148 

Ellen J'ish (Hubbard), 99 

Ellen Frances, 29, 105 

Ellen (Hanson), 65 

Ellen G. (Holden), 63, 150 

Ellen J. (Goodrich), 13, 44 

Ellen Maria, 6, 22 

Ellen Myra (Taylor), 53 

Ellis, 29 


Ellis Louvern, 122, 182 

Elma M. (Houghtaling), 122, 182 

Elmer Alexander, 138, 195 

Elmer D. , 101, 173 

Elmer Sears, 140 

Elmina Beeman (Cass), 41 

Elmina Lucille, 127 

Elmore R., 97 

Elnora (Arbuthnot), 52, 146 

Elon David, 92 

Elsie, 125, 127, 187 

Elsie Amelia (Wolff), 95, 169 

Elsie Bodwell, 105 

Elsie Idell (Sherman), 16, 68 

Elsie L., 151 

Elsie M. (Aultman), 63, 150 

Elsie Mae (Oliver), 153, 202 

Ella F., 16 

Elspath Grafton, 176 

Elva Jane, 190 

Elva Janice, 190 

Elvira Pauline (Bergren), 125, 186 

Elwood Alexander, 120 

Emeline, 210 

iimeline (Lowe), 212 

Emeline 0. (Vallett), 44 

Emery, 18 

Emily, 41, 43, 94, 129, 218, 219 

Emily, Emma, 42 

Emily A. (Kent), 13, 42 

Emily Annis (Butler), 18 

Emily (Ballou), 28 

Emily (Caroline (Curtis), 105, 176 

Emily J., 28, 93 

Emily M. (Crabbe), 63, 150 

Emily S. (McCauslin), 98, 170 

Emily Scouler, 170 

Emily (Smith), 218 

Emily (Stetson), 103 

Emily Wells (Heath), 21 

Emma, 33, 107, 212 

Emma Ann, 90 

Emma (Cooper) Kellogg, 12, 39 

Emma (Davis), 22 

Emma Dell, 101 

Emma -li'lmina, 42 

Emma Gertrude (Robinson), 90 

Emma (Graham), 16, 63 

Emma (Griffith), 8 

Emma H. (Foster J , 8, 23 

Emily (Henderson), 30 

Emma J., 8 Emma Julia, 18, 74 

Emma (Jentins-Kalbe), 98, 171 

Emma L., 

Emma Loretta, 105 





Emna Lovlsa, 99 

Fannie ( ), 218 

Emma R., 129, 192 

Fannie Marie (Carpenter), 74 

Emma Vine (Rogers), 153, 201 

Fanny B. (McLachlin), 137 

Emerette P. (Steele), 16, 64 

Fanny (Inman), 2 

Emmallne G., 40 

Fanny Lillian, 214 

Emor Smith, 48, 159, 195 

Fanny (Schofield), 85 

Erastus M., 13, 44 

Fanny (Smith), 72 

Ernest M., 59 

Fenner, 2 

Ernest Marenus, 132, 44 

Feme Hill, 97 

Ernest Sanford, 53 

Flavilla M. (Taft), 40, 124 

Erskine Judson, 30, 98 

Flavins ^osephus, 108 

Erwin Elwood, 38 

Flora, 43 

Erwin LeRoy, 167 

Flora (Blount), 152 

Essie Maude (Boujrne), 153, 202 

Flora E. (Wilson), 65, 155 

Estella (Barrus), 151 

Flora Ellen, 127, 190 

Estelle, 214 

Flora Estelle, 101 

Estelle Matilda (Sweet), 108 

Flora Julia, 73 

Esther ( ), 218 

Flora Maria (Eames), 40, 124 

Esther Amanda (Andrews), 92 

Flora (McDonald), 128 

Esther J. (Lynk), 43, 128 

Florence (Carpenter), 140 

Esther (Wood), 2 

Florence (Cooper), 98, 171 

Ethel Alice, 109 

Florence E., 94, 125 

Ethel (Hartley), 99 

Florence Ellen, 133, 183 

Ethel Hosmer (Manning), 210 

Florence Evacelia, 153 

Ethel Langdon (Evans), 97 

Florence Irene, 148 

Ethel Luce (Abbott), 137 

Florence (Johnson), 173 

Ethel Mabel, 121 

Florence Lenora (Town), 133 

Ethel Mary (Priest), 94 

Florence M. (Lee), 214 

Ethel Rose, 43 

Florence M. (Whitcomb), 76 

Ethel Sarah, 190 

Florence Mary, 73, 164 

Etta A. (Lothrop), 101, 173 

Florence 0., 127 

Etta Belle (Clark), 100 

Florence Perdita, 47, 137 

Etta Mae, 61 

Floyd Harold, 185 

Eugene Allen, 71, 163 

(Forrestall) Brooks, 12, 40 

Eugene Dutee, 44, 131 

Frances Ada, 160 

Eugene Willard, 13 

Frances Anne, 164 

Eulalie Irene, 72 

Frances Opa, 217 

Eunice, 30, 45 

Frances (Connolly), 105 

Eunice A. (Miller), 98, 171 

Frances E. (Williams), 108 

Eunice (Wright), 14, 60 

Frances (Fisher), 102, 174 

Eva, 100 

Frances Louise, 131 

Eva B. (Carey), 151 

Frances Pearle (Tilton), 116, 180 

Eva Grover, 18, 75 

Francis, 186, 214 

Eva (Pratt) Dyer, 134 

Francis Asbury, 98 

Evangeline Ellen, 153 

Francis Henry, 214 

Eve, 1 

Francis Martin, 15, 63, 150 

Eveline, 7 

Frank, 41, 43, 126, 188, 214 

Evelyn, 149 

Frank A., 52 

Evelyn fuller, 84 

Frank E., 142, 198 

Evelyn Grace, 169 

Frank Edgar, 40, 125, 210, 211 

Evelyn J., 151 

Frank H., 147 

Evelyn (Sawyer), 15 

Frank J., 124, 186 

Everett, 44 

Frank Marshall, 22 

Everett Reeves, 29 

Frank Stewart, 100, 172 
Frank T., 214 




Frank Washington, 61, 149 
Frank William, 150 
Franklin, 93, 212, 216 
Franklin Alonzo, 42, 127 
Fraye L., 155 
Fred, 126, 218 
Fred Allen, 48 
Fred C, 23 
Fred E., 44, 131 
Fred Herbert, 44 
Fred L., 90 
Fred Vincent, 115 
Frederic Preston, 105 
Frederick A., 125, 150 
Frederick Alexander, 120 
Frederick Alfred Henry, 107 
Frederick Allan, 35, 114, 181 
Frederick Bissell, 99 
Frederick David, 104, 176 
Frederick E., 121 
Frederick Elliot, 107 
Frederick Ellsworth, 145 
Frederick Henry Fermer, 33, 107 
Frederick Herbert, 214 
Frederick Hubbard, 99 
Frederick Jirah, 134 
Frederick Laha, 18, 74 
Frederick Lamont, 124, 184 
Frederick Perry, 61 
Frederick Preston, 140, 196 
Frederick Remington, 181 
Frederick W., 7 
Freelove, 1 
Fremont C, 102 
Fremont Osbert, 145 


Garfield A., 48 

Geneva Mary, 64 

Genevieve E. (Schultz), 

Genia (Dubin), 99 

George, 14, 31, 61, 70, 99, 214 

George Alberta, 125, 187 

George Alfred, 22 

George Allen, 121, 210, 213 

George Armour, 49 

George Arthur, 214 

George Cedric, 144 

George Colburn, 103 

George D'Esten, 40 

George Dewey, 74 

George Earl, 211 

George F., 218 

George Frederic, 33, 114 

George Garfield, 122 

George Henry, 23, 52, 84, 134, 144 


George Lyman, 125, 186 

George M., 29 

George Merton, 169 

George Uowry, 43 

George 0., 97 

George i^lpley, 112 

George Smith, 38, 121 

George W., 33, 43, 128, 133, 218 

George Washington, 51, 52 

George William, 62 

George Winslow, 8, 2S 

George Woodman, 18 

Gilbert Merritt, 76 

Gina (Haaland), 60, 148 

Georgia J., 29 

Georgiana (Beckford), 121 

Georgianna Brown, 36, 119 

Georgice, 141 

Gerald, 199 

Gerald Abbott, 137 

Geraldlne Uaxine, 200 

Gertie, 52 

Gertrude, 218 

Gertrude Estelle (Halsey), 52, 144 

Gertrude C. (Connell), 74 

Gertrude Frances, 122 

Gertrude Imogene, 173 

Gertrude Lillian, 43 

Gertrude May (iimith), 173 

Gertrude Pauline (Goddard), 44 

Gladys (Earl), 113 

Gladys M. , 149 

Gladys May, 85 

Gladys Mildred (Lowell), 219 

Glendeen Laila (Bosworth), 93 

Glendora Adele, 169 

Glendora Edie (Seltzler), 95, 169 

Glenice Joan, 162 

Glenn A., 70, 162 

Glynn Philip, 128 

Gordon Russell, 97 

Grace, 44, 46, 149 

Grace Adeline (Darling), 180 

Grace Alma, 210 

Grace Arbuta, 145, 199 

Grace Beatrice, 173 

Grace Elizabeth, 170 

Grace E. (Geer), 36 

Grace (Ellsworth), 44, 132 

Grace Ellsworth (Mather), 52, 145 

Grace F. (Carpenter), 168, 205 

Grace (Flack), 214 

Grace Hewitt (Davison), 98, 170 

Grace Inez, 44, 131 

Grace ^ean (Batchelor), 163 



Grace (Lynds), 124, 185 

Grace M., 83 

Grace U. (Smith), SI, 83 

Qtace Margaret (Ambler) , 53 

Grace Read, 33, 116 

Grace (Tuttle), 60 

Grade, 52 

Grant Albee, 47, 136 

Gratis (Boyce), 12, 40 

Grayce, 100 

Grover Edmund, 93 

Grover Roscoe, 93 

Hannah Brown (Eddy), 39 

Hannah Brown (Wheeler), 30, 98 

Hannah Frances, 38 

Hannah Frances (Shattuck), 7, 22 

Hannah (Jillson), 33 

Hannah Weatherhead (Whipple), 33 

Hannah (Young), 210 

Harold, 99, 218 

Harold Francis, 212 

Harold L., 121 

Harold Lewis, 86, 161 

Harold Winter, 73 

Harriet, 37 

Harriet A., 90 

Harriet Cady, 18, 74 

Harriet (Cranshaw), 103 

Harriet E., 23, 29 

Harriet E. (Sefton), 122 

Harriet Eliza, 18 

Harriet Eliza (Ballou), 18 

Harriet Lora, 73 

Harriet Maria, 30 

Harriet Ruth (Lane), 14, 61 

Harriette Louisa, 169 

Harrison Booth, 74 

Harrison W., 60 

Harrison Winf ield, 149 

Harry, 152, 186, 200 

Harry Burchard, 28, 83 

Harry Euberto, 47, 136 

Harry Gilbert, 95, 169 

Harry L., 97, 214 

Harry Murray, 181 

Harry Putnam, 102, 174 

Harry Watson, 29, 95 

Harvey, 31 

Battle, 14, 28 

Hattie A., 40 

Hattie A. (Barron), 15, 63 

Hattie Annette, 21 

Hattie Cordelia, 123 

Hattie (Lathrop), 125, 187 



Hattie Minerva, 61, 149 

Hattie Sabrina (Northrop), 18 

Hazel, 218 

Hazel Belle, 187 

Hazel Frances, 148 

Hazel Hart, 153, 201 

Hazel (Liebhart), 46 

Hazel 0., 77 

Hazel Y. (Miller), 129, 192 

Hector W., 99 

Helen, 74, 164, 210 , 60 

Helen Anita, 100 

Helen (Arnold), 214 

Helen Augusta, 18 

Helen (Barnes), 43, 129 

Helen C, 25, 100, 108 

Helen Corey, 113 

Helen Dudley (Brown), 104, 176 

Helen E. (Jnye), 7 

Helen Elizabeth Driscoll, 97, 169 

Helen Elizabeth, 138 

Helen Emogene, 21 

Helen Erminia (l^iiliams) Flagg, 28 

Helen Finette, 69 

Helen Gertrude, 32 

Helen Heath (Shedd), 19, 77 

Helen (Hindon), 44 

Helen June, Melisse, 171 

Helen Kilby, 105 

Helen (Magill), 45, 132 

Helen Margaret, 74 

Helen Marie, 126, 187 

Helen Woodhull (Strong;, 103 

Henrietta, 40, 48, 138 

Henrietta Ada (Brown) , 97 

Henrietta M. (Bauschard) , 108, 175 

Henrietta Theresa, 47 

Henriette (Vernon), 41, 186 

Henry, 18, 14, 29, 61, 90, 185, 218 

Henry Arthur, 124, 184 

Henry Bowen, 33 

Henry Calvin, 175 

Henry Childs, 36, 122 

Henry Clay, 39, 108 

Henry Darling, 90 

Henry Edmund, 28, 93 

Henry Franklin, 59 

Henry Harris, 150 

Henry Latimer, 112, 178 

Henry Lincoln, 92, 168 

Henry Martin, 64 

Henry Maturin, 19 

Henry Oziel, 93 

Henry Porter, 100, 172 

Henry Smith, 44 




Henry W., 50 

Ina Lydia, 98 

Henry Welcome, 108, 177 

Ina M., 85 

Herbert, 44, 85 

Ina May, 59 

Herbert Arnold, 134 

Inez Hutchins (itemlngton), 35, 114 

Herbert Chappell, 85 

Ira, 85 

Herbert Ellsworth, 122 

Ira Arnold, 85 

Herbert Elwood, 122 

Ira Earl, 217 

Herbert Hadley, 23 

Ira Persons, 6, 21 

Herbert Leslie, 90, 167 

Ira Reuben, 216, 217 

Herbert Louis, 39, 121 

Irene Margaret, 170 

Herbert Ralph, 99 

Irvine W., 5 

Herbert Ross, 105 

Irvine liing, 16 

Herman W., 23 

Irza Mae, 126 

Herman Wallace, 98 

Isa (Butler) Buttrick, 133 

Herbert Woodman, 32, 105 

Isaac Clark, 8, 23 

Hermlone (Wade), 128 

Isabel, 218, 219 

Hervey Tilton, 180 

Isabel Adelaide, 176 

Hester, 136, 193 

Isabel Ann, 176 

Hiland, 7 

Isabel Hammond, 41 

Hilda, 196, 209 

Isabel Nancy, 41 

Hiram, 14, 41, 61 

Isadore, 218 

Hiram Peabody, 7, 22 

Italy Vashti, 41 

Homer, 60 

Italy Vashti (Ballou), 41 

Homer B., 60 

Iva (Roadhouse) Consterdine, 100, 172 

Horace, 6, 65 

Ivah H., 185 

Horace Augustus, 7 

Iza Cushman, 108 

Horace Berthier, 18, 74 

Horace Mann, 52, 145 

Jack Wayne, 164 

Horace Selden, 7 

Jackson, 15 

Horace Spencer, 71 

James, 41, 127 

Hosea, 6, 14, 60, 18, 41, 126, 188 

James Alanson, 145 

Hosea Cushman, 214 

James Alfred, 86 

Hosea Starr, 63, 150 

James Bissell, 139, 196. 

Howard, 188 

James Crawford, 212 

Howard A., 151 

James Duane, 18 

Howard K. , 23 

James Kmraet, 209 

Howard Metcalf , 105, 176 

James Frank, 38 

Howard Willis, 59 

James Garfield, 19 

Howard Winchester, 210 

James Henry, 74 

Hubbard Walter, 205 

James John, 71, 163 

Hugh, 77 

James Madison, 139 

James Monroe, 125, 186, 208 

Ichabod, 31 

James Newton, 29 

Ida, 33, 72 

James T., 3 

Ida B. (Thompson), 127, 188 

James Talbot, 140 

Ida (Clay), 41, 127 

James William, 29, 94, 95 

Ida Elizabeth, 73 

Jamin, 133 

Ida Frances (Bates), 38 

Jamin A., 183 

Ida Gertrude (Heath), 21 

Jane A. (Woodman), 32 

Ida I. (Hastings), 8, 23 

Jane Adelia, 38 

Ida Jane (Girard), 85 

Jane Dorothy (Katz) Gordon, 144 

Ida M. ( ), 98, 171 

Jane F. (Williams), 105 

Ida Mabel, 53 

Jane (Rayner), 38 

Ida Mary, 29 

Jane Washburn (Cotton), 33 

Ida May (Hagerhorst) , 213 

Janet, 209 





Janet Bedford, 72 

John Francis, 40, 124 

Janet Crabbe, 150 

John Hosea, 92 

Janet (UacLaggan) , 72 

John Lawrence, 97, 169 

James McWiiliams, William, 98, 171 

John Maturin, 15 

Janet (Milne), 112, 178 

John McKnight, 99 

Janey Adelaide (Reed), 1S4 

John Milne, 179 

Jasper Newton, 29 

John Parkin, 150 

Jasper Richard, 29, 95 

John Preston Leonard, 140 

Javan, 121 

John Qulncy Adams, 51 

Jean, 214 

John Roscoe, 124, 185 

Jean Meek, 137 

John Sanford, 15 

Jean Scouler, 170 

John Waldo, 219 

Jean Eliza, 187 

John Viesley, 7, 23 

Jeanie Barbara, 62 

John William, 28 

Jeanne (Hurrel), 127, 188 

Joseph, 127, 188, 218 

Jeannette, 39 

Joseph Clinton, 172, 173 

Jefferson, 35 

Joseph Daniel, 188 

Jemima (Pierce), 35 

Joseph Eugene, 218, 219 

Jennie A., 125 

Joseph Frank, 186 

Jennie Belle, 108 

Joseph H. , 814 

Jennie (Burrington), 40 

Joseph L. , 40 

Jennie E. (Ellor) , 29, 94 

Joseph Ladd, 214 

Jennie E. (Foster), 14, 61 

Joseph Marvin, 201 

Jennie M., 218 

Joseph Warren, 40, 184 

Jennie Tabling (Heckle), 108 

Joseph Willard, 90 

Jennie (Woodmansee), 142, 198 

Josephine A., 36, 124 

Jeremiah, 210 

Josephine (Payne), 63, 150 

Jerome, 133 

Josephine (Taylor), 133 

Jerome Bonaparte, 124 

Josephine (Warner), 124, 185 

Jesse, 41, 125 

Josie B. (Hartwell), 124, 184 

Jesse Howard, 187 

Josie (Beaton), 70 

Jesse Lincoln, 17 

Josie Marie, 108 

Jesse Potter, 210 

Judith Anne, 105 

Jessica Emily, 219 

Judith Jefferson, 181 

Jessie (Bissell), 48, 139 

Judith Olive, 133 

Jessie Caroline, 139 

Judson C, 171 

Jessie Cecelia, 209 

Julia, 37, 49 

Jessie Estelle, 61 

Julia ( ), 48 

Jessie Eugenia, 119, 140 

Julia A. (Barnard), 46 

Jessie Mary, 153, 201 

Julia A. (Jerome), 40, 185 

Jessie Potter, 211 

Julia A. (hinter), 18, 72 

Jessie (White), 15, 62 

Julia Ann, 127, 190 

Jlrah, 2, 12 

Julia Ann (Hendrick), 216 

Joan Helen, 212 

Jiaia Bertha, 217 

Joanna, 1, 166 

Juliaet Warner (Allen), 48 

Joanna (Upsall), 100 

Julian Edgar, 108 

Job Oscar, 119, 182 

Julian Wheeler, 77, 166 

John, 92, 212, 214, 218 

Julius Staples, 113 

John A., 8, 23, 213 

June Claire, 182 

John Aldrich, 28 

John Arthur, 42, 127 

Kate H. A. (Deighton), 124, 184 

John Benjamin, 18, 73 

Kate Stanley, 113, 179 

John David, 92 

Kate Stewart, 34 

John Edward, 28 

Katherine, 197, 218 

John Fillmore, 29, 93 

Katherine (Colvin) , 40 




Katharine Howse, 101 

Leon Herbert, 187 

Katherine (Fletcher), 139, 195 

Leon Howard, 45, 135 

Katherine Isabel (Bennett), 128, 191 

Leon Lem, 101, 173 

Katherine (Lennon), 98 

Leonard, 12, 40 

Kathleen Marie, 188 

Leonard Sequine, 40 

Kathryn, 104 

Leonora, 35 

Kathryn E., 151 

Leonora (Holley), 53 

Kathryn (Little), 129, 192 

Leontine, 61 

Kelly Ann (Kaskela), 119, 182 

Leroy, 85 

Kenneth, 187 

lieRoy Ovel, 128 

Kenneth Alfred, 201 

Leslie Stowell, 68 

Kenneth E., 129, 192 

Lester Charles, 205 

Kenneth Stevens, 131, 192 

Levi, 214 

Kenneth Williams, 177 

Levi Bartlett, 7 

Keziah (Biinn), 42, 127 

Levi Chambers, 72 

Kiah, 17 

Levi Herbert, 180 

King, 60 

Levi Melson, 131, 43 

Levi Oliver, 102 

Laban, 1 

Lewis, 52 

Lance Chaffee, 108 

■L-ewis Asa, 12 

Landon H., 15, 16, 64 

Lewis Irvine, 16, 68 

Larinda, 12 

Lewis Perry, 50 

Latimer Hervey, 115 

Lewis Sidney, 100 

Latimer Willis, 112, 178 

Libbie, 55 

Laura, 26, 43, 210 

Liberty, 218 

Laura Ann, 12 

Lillian, 47, 121, 155 

Laura Ann (Clark), 29 

Lillian C, 198 

Laura B. (Carpenter), 140, 196 

Lillitn Claire, 167 

Laura C. (Crocker), 59 

Lillian Eugenia (Kind), 214 

Laura £., 91 

Lillian Isabel, 219 

Laura Cortelyou (Hutchins), 104 

Lillian (Uelvin) , 75 

Laura Elizabeth, 131 

Lillyen Elise (Waters), 115, 180 

Lavira Frances, 151, 200 

Lily (Hart), 42 

Laura M., 8 

Lizzie, 214 

Laura M. (Foster), 139 

Lizzie T. (Rouse), 106 

Laura Mandana, 64 

Lloyd, 125, 187 

Laura Uanaur (Staples), 112 

Lois, 99 

Laura P. (Taylor), 77 

Lois (Bates), 60 

Laura Whiting, 18 

Lois C, 16, 64 

Laurance Waters, 113, 180 

Lois D. (Wright), 5£ 

Laurence Havens, 205 

Lois Lillian, 151, 200 

Laury, 216 

Lois Matilda, 146 

Lav1n1a, 12, 40 

Lois i'riscilla, 186 

Lavinia (Ballou), 12, 40 

Lola Ann, 98 

La Verne Kenneth, 201 

Lola Esther, 188 

LaVonne Jean, 148 

Lora, 48 

La Vonne Veloy, 190 

Lora Olive (Eberly), 18, 33 

Lawrence Frank, 186 

Lorena (Whitehead), 141 

Lawrence Holbrook, 186 

Lorenzo, 41 

Leavitt, 17 

Lorinda, 12, 28 

Lena (Mills), 124 

Lorinda (Ballou), 12, 28 

Lena (Robinson), 77 

Lorraine Edna, 200 

Lensy Elmer, 134 

Lou Blanche, 101, 173 

Leoda (Merritt), 125 

Lou Blanche (Ballou), 101, 173 

Leon Earl, 124 

Louis, 218 



Louis C, 198 

Louis Howard, 210 

Louis L., 29 

Louis Leonard, 122 

Louis Marvin, 15S, 202 

Louisa, 13 

Louisa Corcas, 107 

Louise (Bridges), 219 

Louise Landon, 173 

Louise Marsh (Udall), 99 

Louise Ripley, 113, 180 

Lovinia, 13 

Lovisa Jane, 72 

Loyal Edgar, 53 

Lu Anne, 190 

Lucena S. (Upham), 90, 167 

Lucia (Burnott), 107 

Lucian Augustus, 7, 22 

Lucinda, 14, 5 

Lucinda Jane, 54 

Lucinda Sawtelle (Peck), 106 

Lucinda (Watts), 8 

Lucy A., 8, 62 

Lucy A. (Carpenter), 8, 23 

Lucy Ally (Mathewson), 210 

Lucy Ann, 53 

Lucy (Dickins), 44, 131 

Lucy Edna, 45 

Lucy F., 124 

Lucy Farnsworth (Dustin), 108, 177 

Lucy Hardiman (Hunter), 212, 213 

Lucy S. ( ), 210 

Lucy Tyson, 176 

Lucy Viola, 70 

Luella (Bates), 15 

Luella G. (Tenney), 50, 142 

Luella Hattie, 85, 166 

Luella M., 48 

Lugenio, 49, 140 

Luisde Leon, 6 

Luke Phillips, 38 

Lulu Beatrice, 108 

Lulu (Karp), 72, 164 

Lulu (Laughlin), 139, 196 

Lulu May, 23 

Lulu (Werlau), 73 

Luman Adolphus, 133, 134 

Lunette Maria, 40 

Luther Farwell, 63, 150 

Liles, 1 

Lydia, 2, 5, 16, 31, 42, 126, 216 

Lydia Ann, 128, 191 
Lydia Lucena, 70 
Lydia Mary, 13 
Lydia Phillips, 1 


Lydia (Phillips), 1 
Lydia (Smith), 121 
Lyman, 60, 148, 149 
Lyman Ellsworth, 106 
Lyndon Everett, 145 
Lynn Burton, 190 
Lysander, 90 

Mabel, 40 

Mabel Bernice (Murray), 77 

Mabel Flora, 124, 185 

Mabel Florence, 105 

Mabel Howard (Vaughn), 108, 177 

Mabel Louise, 44 

Mabel Maria (Wheeler), 77 

Mabel (Parker), 61 

Mabelle Gertrude (Stratton), 93 

Mable, 126 

Madeline Marian (Ganyea), 210 

Madge, 60 

Madge N., 122 

Maggie (Duntz), 41, 126 

Half red (Watson), 102 

Malinion Gertrude, 118 

Mamie Emily (Bishop), 214 

Marcella R., 14 

Marcus Hunter, 213 

Margaret, 40, 74 

Margaret ( ) , 2 

Margaret Alice, 113 

Margaret (Allan), 38, 121 

Margaret Adelaide, 95 

Margaret Amanda (Wilson), 29 

Margaret Anna (Gerald), 33, 114 

Margaret Barclay (Kelly), 71, 163 

Margaret (Fox), 17, 71 

Margaret J., 46 

Margaret (Philpot), 36, 122 

Margaret Ray, 29, 94 

Margaret (Mulready), 99 

Maria, 14 

Maria Ann, 8 

Maria Ord (McClxire), 98 

Maria (bchaff), 41 

Marian, 84, 127 

Marian Ellsworth, 132 

Maria P. (Moore), 65 

Marian R., 133 

Marie Adele (Marchessault), 52, 144 

Marie Louise, 112, 178 

Marie Ord, 98, 170 

Marietta Frances (Collins), 140 

Marion, 33, 150, 151 

Marion Ada, 134, 183 

Marion Alcott, 120 





Marlon Bessie, 140, 196 


Charlotte (Baillie), 47 

Marion D. (Mott), 58 


Childs, 36, 123 

Marion E. (West), 131, 192 


Childs (Saunders), 36 

Marion Ella, 167 


(Cosgrove), 74, 164 

Marion Gibson, 77 


(Cluet), 126 

Marion Glendeen, 93 


(Drunka), 126 

Marian Lenora (Yale), 77, 180 


E., 50, 62, 127 

Marion May, 134, 184 


E. (Ellis), 92 

Marion Pearle (Williams), 213 


Edith (Secor), 38 

Marion (Walker), 145, 199 


Edna, 97 

Marion (Winkley), 107 


Edna (Bushee), 38 

Marjorie, 127 


Elizabeth, 29, 208 

Marjorie June, 12S 


Ella (Chappell), 85 

Marjorie Mae, 190 


Ellen, 168, 204, 214 

Martha, 1 


Ellen (Fish), 7, 22 

Martha A., 36, 122 


Elmina, 21 

Martha Adelaide (Sahds), 50, 142 


Estelle, 140 

Martha Ann, 29 


Etta, 94 

Martha Ann (Churchill), 21 


Etta (Holbrook), 29, 94 

Martha Ann (i'otter), 106 


Eva, 22 

Martha Ellen, 145, 198 


F. (Slater), 106, 177 

Martha Elnora, 18 


(fisher), 90 

Martha Grace, 22 


Frances, 112 

Martha H. (Larrabee), 15, 16 


Grafton, 176 

Martha J. (Dimon), 100 


(Hammond), 41, 126 

Martha Parsons (Gerrlng), 15 


(Hanks), 151 

Martha (Udell), 52 


Hannah, 42 

Martin, 5, 15 


(Haskins), 70 

Martin Emor, 48, 139, 196, 208, 209 


Ida, 29 

Martin Frank, 38 


(inman), 2 

Martin Gene, 38 


Isabel, 167, 203 

Martin Grant, 38 


J. (Arnold), 50 

Martin M., 5 


Jane, 6, 7, 193 

Martin VanBuren, 12 


Jane (Robertson), 213 

Mary, 1, 2, 5, 14, 23, 48, 59, 210, 216 


Jane (Smith), 42 

Mary ( ), 216 


Jean (i^oe), 180 

Mary A., 8, 28, 40 


Jeanne, 202 

Mary A. (Huntoon) Holmes, 7 


Johnson (Patterson), 17, 71 

Mary Abigail, 15, 16, 64 


(Kerlin), 39 

Mary Abigail (Ballou), 15, 16, 64 


(Klocker), 100, 172 

Mary Agnes (Stott), 100 


L. (Smith), 50 

Mary Ailenie, 128, 191 


Lizzie, 218 

Mary Angeline, 214 


Louisa (Mills), 152 

Mary Ann (Arnold), 14, 50 


Lovina, 42 

Mary Ann (Smith), 8, 23 


Lucinda, 18 

Mary Anna (Draper), 133 


(Mackey), 61 

Mary Aurilla, 213 


Maxine, 201 

Mary (Baker), 44, 131 


(McClintock), 43, 129 

Mary Barbara, 214 


(McPherson), 212 

Mary Bean (Simonds), 7 


Olive, 182 

Mary (Boswell), 8 


(Perigo), 92 

Mary (Brown), 40, 125 


(Potter), 210 

Mary Brownell (Bamford), 112, 178 


Rathbone (Jielly), 34 

Mary C. (Farwell), 63 


(Shoales), 17 

Mary (Calif), 31 


Onabelle, 41, 124, 185 





Mary Onabelle (Ballou), 41, 124, 185 

M. Jennie (Buxton), 43 

Mary W. (Hoyt) , 62 

Moses Harold, 45, 132 

Masseua B., 21 

Mosetta (Brown), 120 

Uassena Hosea, 21 

Myra, 47, 135 

Mason H., S9 

Myra Ann, 38 

Matilda Jane (Price), 29 

Myron Clarence, 108, 177 

Mattie, 65 

Myron S., 106 

Mattie (Southwick) , 41, 125 

Myrtle Alta, 148 

Maturin, 2 

Myrtle Desire, 45, 132 

Maude, 42 

Myrtle (Mydland), 149, 199 

Maude Adele, 210 

Muriel I. (Davis), 90, 167 

Maude Carey (Chase), 45 

Murray, 77 

Maud (Dudley), 44 

Murray Hosea, 21, 83 

Maude Gerring, 15 

M. Vivian, 100 

Maude Mae, 123 

Maude (Slife), 126 

Nadine, 46 

Maurice, ISl 

Nancy, 150 

May, 46, 154 

Nancy (Allen), 31 

May Bernice, 104 

Nancy LaVonne, 128 

May (Wilson), 212 

Nancy Oscelia, 13 

Maybelle Irwin (Hummer), 86 

Nancy Pearl, 201 

(McClaire), 126 

Nancy (Tirrell), 8 

Merle Lane, 186 

Watalie Anna, 163 

Merle Lloyd, 187 

Nathan, 13, 6 

Melissa (Carter), 41, 126 

Nathan F., 43, 129 

Melissa J. (Vaughan), 15, 64 

Natnaniel, 125 

Melvina (Helton), 133 

Nathanlen, 13 

Mercy Ann, 210 

Nellie, 8, 106, 128, 147, 192 

Mercy (McWilliams) , SO, 98 

Nellie (Allen), 65 

Mesota Izaphine (Kamsey) , 97 

Nellie (Colman), 125 

Mildred (Chubb), 101 

Nellie E. (i-ane), 125, 186 

Mildred E., 142, 198 

Nellie Emeline, 44 

Mildred F., 65, 154 

Nellie Eve (howe), 89, 95 

Mildred H., 121 

Nellie (Fisher), 124, 185 

Mildred Irene, 46 

Nellie Louise, 31 

Mildred Louise (Hoover), 163 

Nellie M. (Buxton), 33 

Mildred (Manley) , 196, 208 

Nellie M. (Marden), 8 

Mildred P. (Lamb), ISl, 193 

Nellie Mae, 44 

Milia E., 151 

Mellie(Rice) Grafton, 134 

Milo L., 41 

Nellie ^osien, 100 

Miner Hart, 151 

Nellie S., 214 

Miner Mahlon, 153, 201 

Nellie Sadie, 97 

Minerva, 14, 60 

Nellie Washburn, 115 

Minerva Evelyn, 122 

Nellie (Wiiley), 12, 39 

Minerva Louise (Smith), 36, 128 

Nelson Amariah, 100 

Minetta Vera, 123 

Nettie Adela, 138 

Minnie, 38, 818 

Nettie (Allen), 61, 149 

Minnie Christine, 44, 131 

Nettie Gertrude, 85 

Minnie Ella, 23 

Nettie i-enora, 142 

Minnie Estella, 42 

Newton E., 48 

Minnie F., 7 

Nora A., 124 

Minnie Lizzie, 98 

Nora E. (iyler), 38 

Minnie Taylor (Wightraan) , 210 

Norman T., 133 

Miranda P. (Frost), 218 

Norman Vaughn, 177, 206 

Miskel Fayne, 97 

Morris i^ierlyn, 188 





Olive, 6, 35 

Peter, 1 

Olive Clorinda, 71 

Peter Brown, 176 

Olive Finette, 69 

Phebe, 2 

Olive M. (Jackson), 17, 


Phebe L., 185 

Olive R. (Pickering), SI 

Philip, 218 

Oliver, 21 

Philip Carrier, 30, 96 

Olivia (Crosier), 40 

Philip Clark, 171 

Olney, 121 

Philip E., 192 

Olney E., 121 

Philip Holden, 150 

Ora Sylvester, 125, 186 

Philissa (Cole), 12, 41 

Oran, 141 

Phyllis, 132 

Oren, 107 

Phyllis (Christopher), 45, 135 

Oren Wright, 148 

Phyllis Gale, 122 

Oren P., 60,148 

Phyllis L., 121 

Oria Asa, 13 

Phoebe, 41, 125 

Orison, 8 

Phoebe A. (Bruce), 92 

Orlando Ralph, 47, 136, 


Polly, 215 

Orrin, 29 

Priscilla, 83 

Orsamus, 17 

Prosper, 12 

Oscar, 17 

Prudence (Phelps), 5 

Oscar Adelbert, 38 

Prussia, 2 

Oscar Brown, 11, 39 

Oscar F., 23 

Rachel, 106 

Osborn J., 33 

Rachel (Bowen), 12 

Otis, 23, 48, 196 

Rachel D. (Krancks) , 140, 197 

Otis Lincoln, 48 

Rachel (Dains), 39 

Otis Martin, 139, 196 

Rachel Evelyn, 196, 209 

Ovel E., 43, 128 

Rae Eleanor, 205 

Owen Ellsworth, 105 

Ralph, 132, 210 

Owen Francis, 210 

Ralph Arthur, 46 

Oziel, 12, 28 

Ralph Chester, 62 

Oziel A., 29 

Ralph E., 151 
Ralph G., 192 

Pamelia Atwood (Laha), . 


Ralph Linwood, 16, 69 

Pardon D., 48 

Ralph Maturin, 99 

Pardon Davis, 48 

Ralph Worton, 46 

Patience, 1 

Ralph Sanford, 15, 62 

Patricia Ann, 101 

Ralph W., 126, 187 

Paul Carpenter, 205 

Rardilla (Batcheller) , 12, 41 

Paul Holton, 168, 205 

Ray, 61 

Paul P., 187 

Raymond, 128 

Paula Jane, 2i2 

Raymond Cotton, 77, 116, 180 

Pauline, 136, 193 

Raymond Ellsworth, 45, 132 

Pauline Marion, 132 

Raymond S., 70 

Pearl, 218 

Raymond Willard, 181 

Pearl (Dickerson), 152, 


Rebedca Frances (Thompson), 219 

Pearl (Dickinson), 125, 


Rena Ellen i^e Matty), 29, 94 

Pearl L. (Wilson), 17, ( 


Rena (Reil), 149, 199 

Pearl L. (Wilson) Ballou, 16, 69 

Renata Emma, 163 

Pearl Lou, 23 

Rene, 98 

Percy Elmer, 137 

Retta, 86 

Percy Fremont, 102, 175 

Reuben Albee, 46 

Perry, 72, 126 

Rexford Russell, 132 

Perry Eugene, 17, 71 

Rhoda (Medbury), 13 

Persis Garland, 7 

Richard Guard, 180 





Richard iienneth, 199 

Ruth Edna (Sweeney), 212 

Richard Lovils, 148 

Ruth ii-lnora, 146 

Richard Lowe, 218 

Ruth Hill, 101 

Richard Marvin, 202 

Ruth (Kent), 85 

Richard Milne, 179 

Ruth Louise (Weston), 186, 208 

Richard Pitt, 95, 169 

Ruth Mae (Shadier), 72 

Richard West, 193 

Ruth iiaomi (Smith), 153, 201 

Richard Wilson, 69 

Ruth Olive, 106 

Rilla Mae, 125 

Ruth Sawyer, 97 

Rita Louise, 150 

Ruth Winthrop, 15, 62 

Rizpah, 1 

Rd)ba, 2 

Sabin, 14, 50 

Robert, 126, 149, 215 

Sadie (Billmire), 15, 63 

Robert A., 151 

Samuel, 2, 216 

Robert B., 70 

Samuel Burlock, 39, 40 

Robert DeForest, 205 

Samuel Edwin, 217 

Robert Edgar, 43 

Samuel Roy, 122 

Robert Edmund, 70 

Snnford, 145, 199 

Robert G., 48, 138 

Sara Elizabeth, 71, 162 

Robert Hosea, 19 

Sarah, 1, 3, 13, 16 

Robert Ingram, 212 

Sarah A., 29 

Robert Lloyd, 93 

Sarah A. (Davis), 59 

Robert Martin, 150 

Sarah (Allen) Round, 90 

Robert Maturin, 205 

Sarah Ann, 12, 39 

Robert Miner, 201 

Sarah Ann (Greaves), 127, 190 

Robert Myron, 217 

Sarah Anna (Miller), 214 

Robert Oleson, 214 

Sarah Augusta (Heath), 7, 22 

Roger Clarence, 201 

Sarah (Butts), 49 

Roland Hunnewell, 112, 178 

Sarah (Cojtrell), 12 

Rollin Elwood, 120 

Sarah D. (Taylor), 12, 40 

Ronald, 185 

Sarah Eliza, 127, 190 

Ronald L., 151 

Sarah Elizabeth (Clark), 210, 211 

Roscoe E., 125 

Sarah Elizabeth (Lawton), 106 

Rosa A. (Moyer), 45 

Sarah Ellen (McPhee), 18, 74 

Rosa E., 121 

Sarah Emily (Darling), 34 

Rosa Willetta, 107 

Sarah Etta (Hall), 44 

Rose (Heldt), 196 

Sarah H., 21 

Rose (Patterson), 47, 136 

Sarah (Hawkins) Arnold, 2 

Rose (Williams), 151, 199 

Sarah Isabelle (Finnegan), 49, 140 

Rosette, 216 

Sarah J. (Leonard), 12, 41 

Rowena (Eddy), 14 

Sarah Jane, 6, 33, 41, 91, 107, 125 


Roy, 131 

210, 88 

Roy B., 46 

Sarah (Kuhns), 42, 127 

Roy Stanford, 151, 199 

Sarah L., 28 

Rufus M., 8 

Sarah Lavlnia, 16 

Rufus Willis, 37 

Sarah M., 5 

Russell Arnold, 18, 19, 77 

Sarah M. (Sampson), 214 

Russell Kenneth, 153, 201 

Sarah Maria (Graham), 50 

Russell Raymond, 201 

Sarah (Noble), 217 

Ruth, 132, 

Sarah Town (Houghton), 16 

Ruth Aldrich, 104 

Sarah V. (Bodwell), 213 

Ruth Ann, 177 

Semantha, 35 

Ruth C, 70 

Seth, 1, 210 

Ruth Clementine (Sweet), 104 

Seth Talbot, 49, 140 

Ruth Ebba, 186 

Sherman Asa, 16 




Shirley, 1S8, 193 

Sidney Miller, 107 

Sierra Ella (Meek), 1S7 

Silas, 7, 12, 60, 90 

Silas Warren, 12, 13, 41, 42 

14, 41, 126, 198 

Sofia (Madrigal), 99, 172 

Sophia (Anderson) , 1 

Sophia L., 91 

Sophronia (Johnson) , 133 

Spencer, 92 

Stacia Louise, 138 

Stanley, 172 

Stanley A., 213 

Stanley Bowen, 104 

Stanley Theodore, 44 

Stella, 214 

Stella (Sayles), 141 

Stephen Burnside, 32 

Stephen Cook, 30 

Stephen Jackson, 33 

Stephen Silas, 18 

Stephen Talbot, 141 

Stephen W. , 33 

Stuart L., 192 

Sula A. (Courser), 7 

Susan, 214 

Susan Ann (Cook) , 112 

Susan Annis, 99 

Susan (Brown), 43, 128 

Susan Caroline (Van Buren), 48 

Susan Emellne, 38, 121 

Susan Emeline (Ballou) Cook, 38, 121 

Susan Etta, 147 

Susan Hester, 48, 138 

Susan (Holt), 14, 60 

Susan Ida (McNeal), 195 

Susan (Jones) , 213 

Susan Mary, 108 

Susan May, 97 

Susanna, 12, 41, 126 

Susanna ( ), 215 

Susanna (Arnold) , 2 

Susie Gertrude, 22 

Susie Jane, 128, 191 

Susie Marjory, 139, 196 

Susie (Reed), 48, 138 

Sybil, 90 

Sydney Reed, 166 

Sylvester Allen, 46 

Sylvia, 12 

Sylvia D., 41 

Sylvia (Phillips), 12 

Sylvia Wadsworth (Read), 77, 166 


Tabitha M. (plumbley) Coombs, 12 

Thelma, 121 

Thelma G. (Havens), 168, 205 

Theo Martha, 187 

Theodore Oliver, 163 

Theodore Roosevelt, 186 

Thirza Evans, 7 

Thomas, 216 

Thomas Carleton, 53 

Thomas Cosgrove, 164 

Thomas Warren, 72 

Thomie Morgan (Duke), 107 

Truman L., 41, 124 

Ulysses G., 52 

Urania, 210 

Uriah, 216 

Vairis Czarina, 97 

(Vance), 126 

Vashti May (Wood), 151 
Vera Kern (Edwardsen) , 214 
Verah Elizabeth, 106 
Verna (Rowley), 138, 195 
Verne Hiram, 14,61, 149 
Verne Longley, 77 
Victor, 98, 170 
Viola, 43, 128 
Viola Adelphia, 128, 190 
Viola E., 124, 183 
Viola (Lang), 151 
Viola (Ryden), 120, 182 
Violet (Cratsley), 217 
Virgil, 126 
Virginia Louise, 99 
Volney J., 45 
Volney T., 46 



















, 186 

Angell, 176 

Allen, 121 
B., 213 
Bruce, 69 
Burnside, 32, 104 
C, 65, 154, 155 
Edwin, 217 
Ernest, 131 
Hiram, 100 
Jenks, 33 
LeRoy, 214 
Linlie, 16, 69 
Seymour, 113 
Smith, 177 
Thomas, 22 
Warren, 167 








William Wells, 39 


Adelbert, 50, 142 

William Yale, 181 


3eorge, 23 

William Z., 92, 167 

Warren ] 

Russell, 36 

Willie, 14 


Simeon, 14, 50, 51 

Willie J., 29 


, 8 

Willie Otis, 50, 142 



Willie S., 98 


Elwin, 121 

Willis, 19 



Willis Dwight, 101, 172, 173 

Wilhelmina F. (Mulliken), 


Willis George, 133 


, 12, 40 

Willis Howard, 59 


Alger, 115, 180 

Winifred, 132 


Earl, 44, 131 

Winf red M. , 65 


F., 124, 185 

Winona (Fessenden), 106 


Hastings, 134 

Winslow Faxon, 18, 73 


Irving, 40, 41 


R., 106 

Zarah, 7 


Whipple, 45 

Zarah Marshall, 7, 22 


, 12, 13, 33, 100, 

186, 218 

Zelma, 141 

William Abijah, 217 

Zelma Naucler (Peterson), 




Albert, 33, 74, 115 

Zerlina Luella, 45, 132 


Albertus, 147 

Zilpha (White), 8 


Arnold, 177 

Zoe Anne, 141 


Arthur, 74 

Zoe (Kingsbury), 98 


Birthier, 65, 154 

Zola, 141 


Bowen, 104 

Zora Isabelle, 127, 188 


Chase, 12 

Zula Inez (Pitt), 29, 95 


Clinton, 28 


C, 48 

, 23, 28, 39, 41, 61, 




Edward, 163 

133, 141, 185, 190, 


, 218 


F., 5 

( ), 17, 23, 28, 


98, 108 


Foster, 16, 64 

121, 126, 128, 150, 


, 185 


Franklin, 29 

187, 214, 218 


Henry, 140, 197, 216, 217 


Henry Riley, 39 



Herbert, 77 

Almlra Edaon, 1^5 


Rosea, 58, 154 

Christine, 17^, 205 


Houghtaling, 182 

Cora Oretta, 127, l88 


Jasper, 95 

Fannie Roxa, 86 


John, 92, 168 

Ida G. (Irons), 130 


Leander, 140 

J. Kendrlck, 202 


Martin, 106 

Saxah Lestina, l62 


Rice, 219 

Sarah M. (Tobey), l62 


Richard, 219 


Ripley, 218 


Robert, 190 


Ross, 11 


Sabin, 92 


Seth, 168 


Shelton, 168 


Silas, 190 


Southworth, 108 


Starr, 15 


Steele, 64 


Washington, 42, 127 


ABBOTT, Emma Luce, 137 

Ethel Luce, 137 

Solon M., 137 
ABERNATHY, Caroline (Gaskill), 10 

Levi, 10 
ABRAUS, Alida Bogardus, 40 
ACKES, Helen E., 71 
ACKLAKD, Annie, lOS 
ADAMS, Abbie Eliza, 38 

Alice Hazel, 180 

Anna Uaud, 163 

Arthur, 85 

Charles, 24 

Clarence Lynwood, 24 

Elgy, 125, 186 

Ella E. , 86 

Ella (Gallup), 24 

Emily E. (Jillson), 26 

Eunice, 105 

J. W., 26 

Jason B. , 86 

Obadiah, 38 

Sarah, 160 
AINSWORTH, Asenath, 83 
AITKEN, A ndrew, 211 

Beulah Clark (Rathbun), 211 
AKED, Dr., 53 
ALBION, James, 63 
ALBRO, Vilata (Kenyon), 28 
ALCORN, Asa Allen, 54 

Bernice Irene, 54 

Elizabeth ( ), 54 

Fairle (Johnson) , 54 

Florence, 54 

Harry Ellsworth, 54 

Harry Carter, 54 

Helen Frances, 54 

Elsie Marilla, 54 

Lorraine (Walkup) , 54 

Uary Idell (Gray), 54 

Merwin William, 54 

Ora Lucille, 55 

Ruth (Carter), 54 

Thomas, 54 

William Wilson, 54 
AGAN, Charles S., 173 
ALDEN, E. J., 46 
ALDEN, William Harrison, 32 
ALDER, Rev., 213 
ALDERMAN, Dorcas, 74 
ALDRICH, Aida Newhall, 30 

Alice Harriett, 30 

Carole Jeanne, 192 

Edwin Herbert, 192 

Ellen Frances (Brown) , 29 

Elsie Louise, 30 

ALDRICH, Emily A. (Lynk), 129, 192 

Emma Gertrude (Harrison), 30 

Enid L., 192 

Esther lone, 192 

Flora L., 192 

Grace Evelyn, 30 

Harriet Ellen, 30 

Hattie Grace (Parlsen), 30 

Herbert, 129, 192 

Ira Talcott, 30 

Julia A., 32 

Louisa (Ballou), 13 

LUella Ann (Poole), 192 

Margery, IS 

Nathan, 13 

Roger Edwin, 192 

Susan, 131 

Thomas Parlsen, 30 

Thomas Talcott, 30 
ALEXANDER, Abbie F., 94 

Jenny, 138 
ALER, Esther V. (Lynk) l^anders, Penn, 192 

N. B. 
ALGER, R. F., 101 

H. T., 174 
ALGER, Sarah, 107 
ALER, Esther V. (Ljonk) Sanders, Penn, 129 

N. B., 129 
ALLARD, Louise, 104 

Rose ( ), 104 

, 104 

ALLCOCK, Arthur, 212 
ALLEN, Ahaz, 33 

Alexander, 121 

Anderson, 92 

Angelena Orinda (Nichols), 116 

Alice Louise, 63 

Anna Marilla, 44, 123 

Annis White (Gleason), 44 

Arthur W. , 63 

Charles, 63 

Charles E. , 59 

Clarence A., 16, 63 

Comfort, 40 

Cynthia, 3 

Doris C, 187 

Dut«e Ballou, 44 

Ebenezer, 48 

Edwin, 59 

Elizabeth, 4, 10 

Ella Jane (Ballou), 63, 16 

Esther lone (Aldrich), 192 

G. H., 116 

Geraldine, 63 

Harold, 63 

Henry F., 112 




ALLEH, Ina May (Ballou), 59 

ANDERSON, James Thomas, 149 

Juliaet Warner, 48 

LaDona Jean, 148 

Louise, 62 

Llla Eva (Stafford), 165 

Margaret, 38, ISl 

Mads, 149 

Margaret Josephine, 174, 206 

Mary (Carlson), 166 

Marlon, 63 

Mat tie (Thompson), 149 

Mabel (Crabbe) Enders, 63 

P. M., 148 

Merlyn H., 192 

Peter, 165 

Mancy, 31 

Robert, 165, 172 

Nellie, 65 

Russell, 165 

Settle, 61, 149 

Sarah Ruth (Case), 172 

Olive (McCloud), 149 

Selma, 94 

OllTe W., S3 

Shirley Sue, 149 

Oliver, 149 

Sophia, 1 

Polly (Osman), 31 

Thomas C, 149 

Rose, 117 

ANDREWS, Barbara Evelyn, 206 

Samuel, 31 

Carrie i^ovlsa (Raymond), 101, 174 

Sarah, 92 

Corabell (Darling) Ballou, 85 

Susan (Eddy), 92 

Esther Amanda, 98 

Shirley Evelyn, 123 

Francis Raymond, 174, 206 

Willis Edwin, 59 

Francelia (Tilton), 174 

ALLIS, Battle A. (Ballou), 40 

Frank, 174 

Wells, 40 

Frank E., 101, 174 

ALLIH, Diana Margery, 174 

Jonathan, 85 

Emily Fenner (Maxson), 174 

Lida Dorina (Morin), 174, 206 

Louis P., 174 

Lincoln, 92 

Lydia Ballou, 174 

Mary, 15 

Marguerite Leonard (Almy), 102, 174 

Melvin Francis, 174, 206 

William Ellery, 102, 174 

Myrtle Irene, 174, 206 

ALMFKLDT, Oscar, 182 

R. D., 131 

ALMSTEAD, Christina, 165 

Raymond Joseph, 206 

Clara May, 165 

Ruby Viola (Moore), 174, 206 

Mabel Alta (Stafford), 165 

ANDRUS, James, 69 

Raymond Walter, 165 

Lydia (Dodge), 69 

Walter, 165 

ANGELL, Ida (Ballou), 33 

AT.MY, Caroline Stowell (Webb), 101 

Stephen, 33 

Christopher, 28 

ANHALT, Anna, 190 

Leonard Ballou, 101 

ANTHONY, Doris, 85 

Lydia Ballou, 102 

Jeannette (Ballou), 39 

Lydia (Hill), 28 

Margaret, Peggy, 39 

Marguerite Leonard, 102, 174 

Robert, 39 

Rhoda, 28 


AMBLER, Grace Margaret, 53 

Mary (Ballou), 48 

Mary (Breen), 53 

APPLEBEE, Warren, 23 

T. A., 53 

ARBUTHNOT, Daniel H., 146 

Thomas Alfred, 53 

Elnora, 52, 146 

AMBROSE, Judge, 145 

Jane (Holden), 146 

AMORI, Augustine H., 103 

Robert A., 146 

ANDERSON, Andrew, 166 

Sarah Matilda (Leavelle), 146 

Arleta Rae, 148 

ARENDS, Gloria Jeanne, 189 

Arnold, 148 

Henry, 188 

Elizabeth, 200 

Marian Irene (state), 188 

Dorothy, 165 

ARMINGTON, Dorothy Margaret, 116 

Florence Irene (Ballou), 148 

Elizabeth Randall, 116 

Dorothy Helen (Ballou), 149 

Annie Washburn, 116 

Helen, 166, 84 

Grace Read (Ballou), 33, 116 



ARMINGTON, Lemira WheatoE 

, 116 

ATWOOD, Catherine (Hutchinson), 7 

Lero7 Cotton, 116 

Carrie J., 7 

Mabelle (Taylor), 116 

Hannah (Smith), 2 

Russell, 33, 116 

Selah, 215 

AEMOOR, Elizabeth, 49 

Stephen F., 7 

ARMS, Frank, 147 

Timothy, 2 

Susan Etta (Ballou), 147 

AULTMAN, Elsie M., 63, 150 

William, 147 

AUSTIN, Douglas, 200 

William Charles, 147 

Bertha, 151, 200 

ARMSTEAD, Isabel Annie (Michols), 117 

Elizabeth ( ), 200 

John H., 117 

Lillian, 87 

Lister, 117 

AVERY, Belle, 147 

Priscilla ( ) , 117 

AXTELL, N. H., 218 

ARMSTRONG, Harry G., 167 

AYDOLOTTE, Comfort Christine, 193 

John, 8 

AYERS, Gilbert, 178 

Marion Ella (Ballou), 


Mabel, 193 

William, 44 

Samuel, 207 

ARNOLD, Annie Elizabeth, 

119, 181 

AYSTANT, John, 75 

Atitia (Whelan), 124 

Alice (Smith), 2 

BABCOCK, Alice Josephine, 67 

David, 2 

Alice Josephine (Babcock) Card, 67 

Duma C, 124 

Anne N. (Simpson), 158 

Eleazer, 2 

Barbara Elizabeth, 158 

Freelo»e, 11 

Carrie A. (Field), 158 

Freelove (Arnold), 11 

Charles R., 157 

Florence Eliza, 103 

Clarence H. , 67 

Helen, 214 

Fanny (Miller), 67 

Job, 11 

Henry W., 16, 67 

John, 50 

Hilda Wall (Butler), 158 

Lucien, 210 

Hilda Worden, 158 

Mary Ann, 50, 14 

Horace M. , 67 

Mary J., 50 

Howard Edward, 158 

Nancy, 124 

Howard Worden, 67, 158 

Oliver C. W., 50 

John Butler, 158 

Sarah, 11 

Letitia Climena (Sheldon), 16, 67 

Sarah (Hawkins), 2 

Hugh, 66 

Susanna, 2 

Maria (Stowe), 157 

Thomas Burton, 124 

Mary, 16, 66 

Drania (Ballou), 210 

Mary (Donahue), 67, 158 

ARTHCJRS, Arthur, 212 

Phila Estella, 67, 158 

Emma (Ballou), 212 

Porter Spencer, 67 

Jenny, 212 

Russell, 67 

ASHLEY, Eleanor, 72 

Sarah Elizabeth, 66, 157 

Gertrude (Smith), 72 

Sarah (Stone), 66 

Marian, 72 

Worden, 67 

Nat, 72 

BACON, Alma E. ( ), 76 

ASHTON, James M., 183 

Augusta M. , 87 

ATHERLY, Pauline, 136 

BAILEY, Abby E. ( ), 37 

ATKINS, Carlos, 161 

Betty Brown, 130 

Elizabeth (Blanchard), 


Brendon Stinson, 130 

Francis Warner, 161 

Clifford C, 37 

Helen Louise (Warner), 


Elizabeth (McQuestion), 130 

Laurence Almon, 161 

Ethel, 148 

ATKINSON, Isabella, 74 

George, 130 

ATWOOD, Aaron, 2 

George W., 130 

Amy (Straight), 215 

Inez Gertrude, 37 



BAILEY, Louisa, 219 

Maude Sanford (Brown), 130 

Mr., 99 
BAILLIE, Mary Ann (Hodgins), 47 

Mary Charlotte, 47 

Thomas, 47 
BAILY, Dora (Mitchner), 67 

Gordon F., 82 

Harry Francis, 67 

John Ewing, 67 

Phila Estelle, 67 
BAINES, Adele Whitney (French), 198 

Joan Adele, 198 

Percy F., 198 

BAIRD, , 29 

BAKER, Alice, 121 

Bridgman C., 16, 66 

C, 70 

Edna Beers, 99 

Ella Mable (Ballou), 42 

Ellen, 30 

George F., 62 

G. Homer, 42 

Lillian, 42 

Mary, 44, 131 

Myrtle Eliza, 66, 155 

Nellie May, 66, 156 

Sarah Anna (Sheldon) Whitney, 16, 66 
BALDWIN, Catherine L., 27 

Mary, 155 

Mattie, 155 

S. B., 167 
BALLINGER, Douglas, 100 

Helen (Ballou), 100 
BAMFORD, Charlotte Jane ( ), 178 

Frederick, 178 

Mary Brownell, 112, 178 

Susan A. (Darling), 178 

Thomas, 178 
BANER, George Cross, 36 
BANKS, Gen., 34 
BANNING, Florence Evacelia (Ballou), 153 

Hetty Jane (Roberts), 153 

Ida Elizabeth, 161 

John, 153 

William Burgess, 153 
BARBER, W. N., 65, 154 

Mr., 51 
BARDEN, Nancy Helen (Mann), 167 
BARHBDT, George Weed, 77 
BARLOW, Jennie, 179 
BARNARD, A. S., 46 

Elizabeth (i^eynolds) , 46 

Julia A., 46 
BARNAT, Charlotte (Haviland), S9 
BARNES, Helen, 43, 129 

BARNES, Bessie Roberta, 189 

^ugh, 141 

(Ballou), 141 

BARJSET, Grace Belle, 87 

Oscar, 87 
BARNEY, Barbara (Ballou), 

Israel, 214 

James, 214 

Phebe (Greene J, 214 

Samuel, 102 

Sarah, 215 


Miss, 164 
BARNUM, P. T., 142 

family of, 98 
BARR, Preston, 132 
BARRE, Emanuel, 151 

George F., 151 

Marion (Ballou), 151 
BARRON, Alexander R., 163 

Hattie A., 15, 63 

Henry S., 63 

Mary M., 127 
BARRUS, Estella, 151 
BARRY. Sarah E. . 

BARRUS, Estella, 
BARRY, Sarah E., 197 

Miss, 174 
BARSTOW, Anna Oslegi 

Ardella, 148 

;aara, 148 

Ardella, 148 

Edith (Ballou), 60, 148 

Edwin Harrison, 148 

Esther (Carpenter), 148 

Florence, 148 

Glen Amos, 148 

Guy, 148 

Ethel (Bailey), 148 

Myrtle, 148 

Pearl, 148 

Joyce Eva, 148 

Susie Ann, 148 

Walter Bruce, 148 

William Bruce, 60 
BARTELS, -l-nez Gertrude (Bailey), 37 
BARTER, M. E., 165 
BARTLETT, Abner, 43 

Alfred E., 43 

Almeda S. (Pickering), 43 

Amanda Elizabeth (Darling), 43, 130 

Donald Henry, 130 

Dorothy, 130 

Dwight Kellogg, 206 

Edna (Elliott;, 145 

Elisha, 25 

Ellen Elizabeth, 206 , 177 

Fayette Earl, 49 

Francis layette, 49 

Harriet Augusta, 43, 129 



BARTLETT, Harriet Frances (Reynolds), 49 

Harriet Phebe, 11, 25 

Henry William, 43 

Herbert A., 43 

Herman, 130 

Herman L. , 43 

Jennie Belle, 145 

Jennie L. (Titus), 145 

Loretta (Huge), 130 

Lucina (Estes), 43 

Malena Susan, 43, 130 

Marion Delcina, 49 

Martha (Inman), 25 

Uarvella Minerva, 49 

Mary, 50 

Maude ( ), 49 

Maude (Orr), 206 

Melzar A. , 145 

Philadelphia, 38 

Ralph James, 145 

Ralph Melzar, 145 

Roscoe, 43, 130 

Sophia Louise, 49 

Waldo Reynolds, 49 

, 130 

BASSETT, Elizabeth, 106 

Ellen Margarett, 28, 92 

Emily Rhoda, 28 

Frederick J., 182 

Henry, 210 

Rhoda (Almy), 28 

William, 28 
BATCHELDER, Ethel, 69 
BATCHELLER, Alexander F., 36, 123 

Emma Minerva, 123 

Mamie Kezia, 123 

Martha Wallin, 123 

Mary Childs (Ballou), Z6, 123 

William Earl, 123 

Rardilla, 12, 41 
BAICHELOR, Anna Maud (Adams), 163 

Daniel, 163 

Elizabeth (Cheley), 163 

Grace Jean, 163 

Julian, 163 

Julian Daniel, 163 

Renata Emma (Ballou) , 163 
BATES, Eliza J. R. (Wesson), 38 

Ida Frances, 38 

Joseph, 38 

Luella, 15 
BATIST, Nannie, 155 
BATTLE, Louisa, 142 
BAUSCHARD, Catherine ( ), 174 

Fred, 174 

Genry, 174 

BAOSCHARD, Henrietta M., 102, 174 

Margretha (Hartleb), 174 
BAXTER, Richard, 177 
BAY, Clara Tina (Buck), 75 

Eva Grover (Ballou), 18, 75 

George P., 75 

Hiram H., 18, 75 

Helen Elaine (Whitmarsh), 75 

Margaret Emily, 75 

Marlon Clara, 75 

Maturin Ballou, 75 

Philip Horace, 75 

S., 75 
BAYLESS, Gladys Ann, 192 
BEACH, Ellsworth, 79 

Hope Viola (Wheaton), 79 

Ralph S., 79 

G., 121 
BEALL, Caroline, 147 
BEALS, Abby L., 68 

Albert E., 68 

Ebenezer, 16, 68 

Elmina Josephine (Sheldon), 68, 16 

Grace I. (Rindge), 68 

Jane Hedrick, 68 

Josephine Amanda, 68 

Mary Hedrick (Taylor), 68 

William, 68 
BEAN, Frederick Herman, 22 

Herman Orvil, 22 

Mary (Storer), 22 

Susie Gertrude (Ballou), 22 
BEANE, Henry M., 39 
BEATON, Josie, 70 
BEATTIE, Benjamin, 65 

Cherrie, 65 

Lora (Emerson) , 65 
BEAODOIN, Albert, 198 

Bernice E., 198* 

Doris L., 198 

Harold, 198 

Leslie A. (Greene), 198 

Marian E., 198 
BEAVEN, J. H., 135 
BECKFORD, Georgiana, 121 
BECKMAN, Bernard C, 46, 134 

Elizabeth (pfeiffer), 134 

Eleanor A. Ballou, 134 

Bernice, 134 

Hay (Ballou), 46, 134 

Philip, 134 

Sylvia Allen, 134 
BEECHER, George, 38 
BELDEN, Sylvia, 70 
BELL, Mary Eva (^allou), 22 

Orpheus Edward, 22 



BELLEFLEDR, Rev., 169 

BERRY, Samuel W., 125, 187 

BKI.T.IVEAO, Alice Edida (Bowen), 162 

BERTHA, Lydia, 190 

Georg e 

BEUINS, Annie 0., 74 

BELLOWS, Charles Alonzo, 9 

BICKIE, Clara M., 72 

Clare Abby (Carpenter), 9 

Harriet (Gregory), 72 

Martha Ann, 154 

Joseph, 72 

BELT, Florence (McMillen), 69 

Bigelow, Caroline Lois (Clark), 64, 


Hazel, 69 

Eurilla Gertrude (Franklin), 86 

Wallace, 69 

Hayes, 64, 150 

BEBEDICT, George B., 118 

Lois Hayes, 150 

RKNNER, Eleanor Ballou (Kennedy), 94 

Mary (Hayes), 150 

George Patrick, 94 

William, 150 

John William, 94 

, 86 

Wilhelmina Josephine (Bolton), 94 

BILLINGS, Alice, 167 

William Chauncey, 94 

Alia M. (Mack), 163 

BENNETT, Amy Leonora (Ballou), 37 

Alvin, 163 

Blanche Snyder (Schneider), 191 

Betty, 164 

Charles, 147 

Charles T., 109 

Elizabeth, 113 

Coral Ballou (Evans) Wells, 71, 


Elizabeth E. (Davis), 147 

Herbert W., 71, 163 

Emma, 79 

John, 164 

Hattie, 186 

William Evans, 164 

Henry, 191 


Jennie F. (Newton), 37 

W* £• ^ So 

Katherine Isabel, 1S8, 191 

BILLMAN, Dorothy, 157 

Mark C, 37 

Eunice, 157 

Mark N., 37 

John, 157 

Maud E., 54, 147 

John A., 157 

BENZE, G. A., 175 

Vera Victoria (Sheldon), 157 

BENSON, George, 60 

BILLMIRE, Elizabeth ( ), 63 

John, 10 

G. A., 63 

Phebe (Gaskill), 10 

Sadie, 15, 63 


BINGHAM, 92, 141, 168 

BENTON, Adonijah, 9 

Edith Irene (Snell), 141 

Austin, 9 

Ella, 23 

Benjamin D., 9 

Eugene Cook, 141 

Edith (McKinney), 35 

Harris, 141, 168 

Emily, 9 

Ira, 141 

George, 9 

Lucy Ann (Warner), 141, 168 

Henry, 9 

Mary Lucena (Cook), 49, 141, 168 

Julia Ann (Mathewson), 9 

Sophia (weeks), 141 

Polly M. (Mathewson), 9 

William Harrison, 49, 141, 168 

Wilbur, 9 

BINNING, Clara uaria (inman), 3 

H. E., 37 

Helen Inman, 3 

, 36 

John, 3 

BERGMAN, Erick, 147 

John Wesley, 3 

Kathryn, 147 

Mary E. (Billington), 3 

BERGREN, Amelia Matilda (Johnson), 186 

BIRD, Anna, 30 

Elvira Pauline, 125, 186 

Amos, 30 

John Andes, 186 

Lola (Cook), 30 

BERGSTEN, Carl A., 167 

Sarah, 31 

BERRY, Clyde Raymond, 187 

BISHER, Carrie, 127, 190 

Ethel (Duntz), 125, 187 

BISBEE, Alice L., 27 

Frances Permelia (Blount), 187 

Annetta (House), 111, 177 

Glendene Permelia, 187 

Austin A., 27 

Michael Martin, 187 

Betsy, 17 


BISBEE, Clara Augusta, 111 

BOARDMAN, Sarah Eliza, 45 

Clara L., 27 

BODVl'ELL, Albert Edward, 21 

Ethel (McMaster), 110 

Alpheus, 213 

Eugene Shade, 110 

Helen Emogene (Ballouj, 21 

Haymond Bird, 111, 177 

Sarah V., 213 

Katharine Ballou, 111, 177 

BOGLE, Frank A., 32 

Helen H. (Uontross), 177 

Fred Mason, 32 

Louise Lucille, 111 

Hannah Frances (Ballou), 32 

Lucy Katherine (Shade), 109 

Jeannette, 32 

Martha A., 178 

Peter, 32 

Mary P. (Hollingsworth), 177 

Sullivan Ballou, 32 

Mary V., 178 

Susie Durfee (Brown), 32 

Melissa (Scott), 27 

Willie E., 32 

William, 27 

BOISSERE, U. C., 200 

Robert A., 178 

BOLTON, Emma, 206 

William Haymond, 177 

Wilhelmina Josephine, 94 

William Henry, 109, 110 

BOND, Alice, 188 

Robert H. , 177 

*-apitala, 186 

BISHOP, Abigail (Blakeslee), 6 

Capltala (Ballou), 126, 188 

Alice (Bower), 20 

Esther, 188 

Aurilla, 6 

0. M., 56, 57 

Beverly Ann, 20 

, 188 

Bruce Alden, 20 

BORGMAN, Katherine, 201 

Eleanor J. (Ballou), 41 

BOSWORTH, beryl L., 93 

Eva L. (Young), 19 

Glendeen Laila, 93 

Emma Maggie Lee, 20 

Herbert, 214 

Ernest Sumner, 20 

Jessie Elvira (Johnson), 93 

Frank S., 19 

Leon Henry, 93 

Elson Spencer, 19 

Levi, 93 

Gertrude, 20 

Maria L. L. (Wood), 93 

Harold, 20 

Mary Angeline (Ballou), 214 

Inez M., 19 

BOSWELL, Mary, 8 

Jay, 152 

BODRN, Ansel, 12 

Jennie ( ), 20 

Laura Ann (Ballou) , 12 

Joy, 6 

BODRNE, Amelia (Spencer), 153, 202 

Laurene, 20 

Bert Allen, 153 

Lorra Katherine (Schmidler), 20 

D. M., 153, 202 

Loyle W., 20 

Dorothy Rhoana (Ballou), 153 

Mamie Emily, 214 

Essie Maude, 153, 202 

Marjorie Louise, 20 

Mr., 124 

Martha C. Phelps (Stafford), 19 

BOUTWELL, Ethel Frances (Thompson) 

Nancy, 9 

Clark, 111 

Nellie Celia, 20 

Ida (Lyman), 111 

Ralph, 20 

James M. , 111 

Rhoana, 152 

Rex M., Ill 

Robert Dean, 20 

BOTTOMLEY, Clara E. (Phillips), 5 

Ruth Rachel (Sloan), 20 

Edward, 5 

Samuel, 41 

James, 5 

BISSELL, Flint M., 97 

Jesse, 5 

James, 139 

Sarah Ellen, 5 

Jessie, 48, 1S9 

BOULLAS, Beatrice, 70 

Sarah (Rumsey), 1S9 

Blanche, 70 

Sarah (Thompson), 139 

Earlene, 70 

BIXBY, Henry, 217 

Eugene Felix, 70 

Mary Lavina, 123 

Eugene L., 70 

BOARDMAN, M. B. , 77 

Helen E. (Haskins), 70 



BOVilLAN, Mary ilatilda (iuhrmeister) , 57 

Samuel M., 57 
BOYCE, Comfort (Allen), 40 

Gratis, 12, 40 

Hannah, 41 

Paul, 4 

Phillis (Jillson) Cook, 4 

Silas, 40 
BOYD, Elizabeth B. , 45 

Elizabeth, 47 

Eliza (Saylor), 47 

Gardner, 45 

Grace Wolcott, 45 

John, 47 

Lucille Murray (Blanchard), 45 
BOYDEN, Adelaide, 80 

John, S4, 58, 44, 111, 112 

Jonathan, 142 

Wallace A., 193 
BOYMTON, Blanche, 13S, 183 

Elbridge, 183 

Polly, 21 
BLACK, Archibald, 73 

Elizabeth MacKensie (Hoadley), 51, 143 

Emma L. (Thompson) Panton, 51, 143 

George Ashton, 51, 143 

George Wasnington, 51 

George James, 143 

Gertrude Leone, 143, 51 

Grace, 51 

Ralph Waldo, 51, 144 

Lucy (Davis), 51 

Sarah, 69 

Simeon, 51 
BLACKMER, Mr., 125 
BLACKV/ELL, Addle, 168 
BLACKWOOD, Elizabeth, 101, 174 

James, 174 

Sarah Jane (Kelso), 174 
BLAGE, Arnold, 147 
BLAIR, Arthur, 85 
BLAKE, S. A., 16 

BLAKESLEE, Abigail, 6, Amelia, 68 
BLALOCK, Jesse, 135 

Lillian (Ballou), 47, 135 

Panthea (Durham), 135 

Nelson Gales, 135 

Phoebe Irene, 135 

Ura (Lipps), 135 

i:ancey C, 47, 135 
BLAl^CHARD, Ada Rosetta (Sherman), 76, 165 

Aimee M-, 155 

Allen, 45 

Almira Louise (Ballou), 65, 

Almira L., 155 

Alva Elvira, 166 

BOULLAS, Hazel, 70 

Lewis John, 70 

Lydia Lucena (Ballou), 70 

Myra, 70 

Ralph, 70 

Roy, 70 

Vernon, 70 
BOVtEN, Albert E., 162 

Alice Eaida, 162 

Alta Lestina, 162 

Bertha Myrtle, 162 

Clovis H., 175 

Edith, 175, 206 

Edwin S., 175 

Elma Sophia (Brown), 175 

Eliza, 11, 26 

Emily J. (Ballou) Martin, 93 

Faith, 175 

Flora Belle, 162 

George, 3 

Hannah (Simon) , 175 

Harold Clovis, 175 

Inspiration (Peck), 3 

Joseph, 175 

Joseph Brown, 175 

Lavinia ( ) , 26 

Lunday B., 93 

Lydia, 29 

Marjorie (Phillips), 162 

Martha, 1, 3 

Mertice Wheaton (Ogilvie), 

Minnie M., 93 

Minnie Belinda (Coonrad) , 

Nancy W. (Steere), 175 

Nathan, 12, 26 

Orin, 162 

Orin George, 162 

Rachel, 12, 

Rachel (Stoddard), 12 

Robert Orin, 162 

Russell Sylvester, 82 

Stella (Zounglass), If 

Willard F., 82 
BOWER, Alice, 20 

Hobart, 137 

May Minerva (Mather), 
BOV.llRING, Mary, 160 
BOViTiEK, Charles H. , 178 

Francis Sewail, 178. 

Frank Sewail, 112, 178 

Marie Louise (Ballou), 112 

Mary (Grant), 178 
BOVvliAN, George A., 163 

Francis, 57 

Hortense, 57 

Margaret Ann (Miller), 57 






BLANCHARD, Ariadne, 45 

BLANCHARD, Mary (Shippee), 165 

Ariadne Josephine (Ballou), 45 

Merritt Emerson, 166 

Arthur William, 65, 155 

Mildred Desire, 45 

Audry Vera (Lake), 165 

Muriel A., 66 

Barbara Florence, 66 

Myrtle (Thatcher), 66 

Bradford, 45 

Wancy (Cutler), 65 

Bradford J., 45 

Norman William, 65, 155 

Carlton Douglas, 45 

Paul Donald, 66 

Carlton W., 66 

Percy V»., 155 

Charlotte A., 66 

Rachel (Carberry)-, 45 

Charles, 45 

Ralph v., 66 

Charles Edward, 45 

Robert V., 65, 155 

Christopjier, 165 

Virginia, 45 

Cora ( ), 155 

Warren, 45 

Cyrus, 45 

Rev., 106 

Danforth Whiting, 66 

, 165, 166 

Danforth Verne, 66 

BLISS, Anthony H., 196 

David Eugene, 165 

Bertha Jenks (fiallou), 140, 196 

D. Henry, 66 

Catherine (Carpenter), 196 

Dora ( ), 66 

Cora Ball (Sherman) Hill, 76 

Doris H., 66 

Harlow Elvin, 76 

Dorothy, 45 

Henry, 196 

Douglas, 45 

Frank H. , 140, 196 

Edith May, 66 

Luther C., 76 

Edward Rollin, 45 

Sarah 0. (Rice), 76 

Elizabeth, 161 

Sherwin Leroy, 76 

Elizabeth (Buchan) , 45 

BLOOMER, Charles Purdy, 68, 160 

Elizabeth C, 155 

John David, 161 

Elsie Lestina, 165 

John Purdy, 160 

Emerson W., 165 

Lucy Marion, 160 

Eugene W., 76, 165 

Lydia Ballou (Sheldon), 68, 160 

Flora Ellen, 65 

■argfBt Bose, 160. 

Florence (Sweet), 45 

Mary Esther (JOansburg), 160 

Florence ( ), 66 

Stephen Sheldon, 161 

Floyd D., 66 

BLOOMFIELD, George J., 118 

Fred Eugene, 165 

BLOUNT, Cornelius, 152 

Gertrude Martin,45 

Emily (Halsted), 152 

Harold Bradford, 45 

Flora, 152 

Harold L., 155 

Frances Permelia, 187 

Harriet (Smith), 45 

BRACE, Leon, 161 

Hattie Louise, 66 

BRADEN, Ida I., 190 

Hazel Elizabeth (Carrier), 165 

BRADFORD, Abram Clark, 144 

Helen ( ), 155 

Allis Kimball (Ballou), 52, 144 

Henry Sherman, 165 

Elizabeth Salisbury, 144 

Hilda J., 165 

Elizabeth Whipple (Wager), 144 

Jeanette, 45 

Katherine Wager, 144 

Joanna ( Jillson) , 165 

Wager, 52, 144 

Laura Ada, 165 

BRADLEY, Eliza, 802 

Lila M. ( ), 155 

H. G., 185 

Lloyd Henry, 45 

BRADY, Barbara Charlene, 70 

Lucille Murray, 45 

Charles A., 70 

Lyle T., 66 

Clara A. (Ballou), 70 

Marion (Ward), 155, 65 

Flora ( ), 70 

Marjorie June, 66 

Geraldine Edith, 70 

Mary, 45 

Stephen, 70 

Mary E. ( ), 155 

BRAGG, Mary, 208 



BRAINERD, Gilbert, 107 

Sarah (Alger), 107 

Sarah Elizabeth (Babcock), 66 
BRALEY, Bertha Julia, 184 

Clyde Edward, 184 

Elbrldge James, 184 

Katherine Elizabeth (Callahan), 184 

Ida Frances, 22, 8S 

Lavina (Waldron), 184 

Marlon May (Ballou), 184, 1S4 

Weston James, 134, 184 
BRANDON, Edith, 191 
BRADN, Daniel Ephraim, 128, 191 

Viola Adelphia (Ballou), 128, 190, 191 
BRAY, Edward Clayton, 191 

Beatrice Evelyn, 191 

Helen Lucille (Brown), 191 

Robert Edward, 191 
BRAYMAN, Alice, 198 
BRAYTON, Sarah Paine, 181 
BREEDY, Barbara (Bhaefer), 190 

Ella Ar villa, 190 

Fred W., 190 
BREEN, Mary, 5S 
BREMNER, George, 44 
BRENTON, Ebenezer, 216 
BRIANT, Alonzo, 5 

Anna (Ballou), 5 

Annie, 5 

Asahel, 5 

Barbara, 5 

Belinda, 5 

Jacob, 5 

Leafy, 5 

Lydia (Giles), 5 

Lydia Eorton, 5, 17 

Martin, 5 

Rose, 5 

( ), 5 

BRICE, Calvin S., 62 
BRIDGE, G. M., 26 
BRIDGES, Floyd J., 149 

Gladys M. (Ballou), 149 


Louise, 219 

Robert iiane, 149 
BRIGGS, Caroline Atherton, 14S 

Chloe A., 119 

Ann Eliza, 32 

Joseph, 36 

Rufus, 32 
BRIGHAM, Abel Rice, 101 

Adelaide (Tabor), 101 

Barbara Elizabeth, 74 

Delia Adelaide, 101 

Elisha, 74 

BRIGHAM, Elizabeth (Smith), 74 

Emma Julia (Ballou), 18, 74 

Eva Marie, 74 

Henrietta M. (Hubbard), 74 

L. Ward, 18, 74, 75 

Leonard Warren, 74 
BROKENSHIRE, John J., 170 
BROMLEY, Edwin, 87 

Mr., 198 
BRONNER, Edith Yates (Whitney), 155 

Mary (Baldwin), 155 

Myron G., 155 

Nellis Baldwin, 155 
BROOKS, Besaleel, 13 

Daniel, 13 

George, 43 

(Forrestall), 12, 40 

Ethel Alice (Ballou), 109 101 

Emma Bell (Raymond) Smart, Magoun, 174 

George W,, 101, 174 

George H., 109 

Frances Corey (Smith), 178 

John H., 178 

Philly (Cook), 13 

Sarah (Cook), 13 
BROUGHTON, Beulah, 72 
BROWER, Clara, 35 

Diantha (Ballou), 35 

George, 35 
BROWN, A. J., 79 

Abby F., 5 

Abigail Ann (Smith), 11, 32 

Abigail (.Smith), 5 

Alice, 11 

Alice Richmond, ill 

Arthur V., 176 

Barbara Hunt, 176 

Benjamin, 130 

Bertha Emily (Needham), 103 

Bessie Amelia (.Howard), 111 

Bessie Ballou, 33, 106 

Bessie Belle, 169 

Betty, 8 

Caroline Mehetabel (Craig), 111 

Charlotte Bronte, 103 

Clarence Frederick, 191 

Clarinda (Burton), 75 

Cora, 119 

Cynthia (Trafton), 79 

Daniel Ephraim, 128, 191 

David, 47, 137 

Delores Marie, 191 

Donald Thurman, 191 

Donnie Martin, 191 

Dorothy (Hicks), 191 

Edith (Brandon), 191 



BROWN, Edna Adelaide, 175 
Edward U., 69 
Elihu, 11 
Eliza Ann, 124 
Eliza (Robbins), 125 
Elizabeth A. (Girmsey) , 103, 176 
Elizabeth (Carr), 216 
Ellen Frances, 29 
Ellen Jane (Dodge), 69 
Ellen M. (Sebastian), 97 
Elma Sophia, 175 
Elsa Hopkins (Young), lOS, 176 
Ethel Farnum, 175 
Emma (Ballou), 33 
Florence Craig, 111 
Florence Perdita (Ballou), 47, 137 
Frank, 33 

Fraye L. (Ballou), 155 
George, 32, 43, 130 
George Elmer, 75 
Gordon Ballou, 137, 194 
Grace Bartlett, 130 
Harley, 119 
Harriet U. , 11 
Harriet S. (Randall), 130 
Helen Darllne, 191 
Helen Dudley, 104, 176 
Helen Elizabeth, 137, 194 
Helen Lucille, 191 
Henrietta Ada, 97 
Henry, 111 
Homer Eugene, 191 
Horace W., 75 
Hortense Iveagh, 111 
Howard Ballou, 111 
James, 5, 11, 32, 216 
James Arnold, 11, 32 
Jerusha, 151 
John R., 97 
Joseph, 11 

Joseph Carpenter, 103 
Leigh Alfred, 191 
Leigh Edward, 191 
Leila E. (Miller), 194 
Leonard B. , 155 
Lester Ballou, 111 
Levi, 119 

Lorenzo Smith, 5, 11 
Lucy W. (Streeter), 5, 11 
Lydia Ballou (Almy) Chappell, 102 
Lydia (Eddowes), 137 
Ualena Susan (Bartlett), 43, 130 
lianley, 155 
Marion, 103 
Martha (White), 119 
Mary, 3, 40, 125, 193 

BROWN, Mary A. (Sweet), 32 

Mary Eliza, 103 

Mattie (Baldwin), 155 

Maude A, (ivadcliffe), 176 

Maude Sanford, 130 

Mildred, 130 

Miranda (Gleason), 119 

Mosetta, 120 

Mathaniel, 125 

Needham JSallou, 103, 176 

Nettie Viola (Sherman), 75 

Richard Hunt, 103, 176 

Richard Trviman, 191 

Ruth C, 79 

Sally i'ouise, 176 

Sarah, 132 

Sarah ( ), 111 

Sarah (Arnold), 11 

Sarah Ide, 103 

Sarah (Pray), 11 

Stephen, 11 

Stephen H. , 111 

Susan, 43, 128 

Susie Durfee, 32 

S. S., 137 

Sylvia Naudain, 137, 194 

Vienna Wilkinson (Sheldon), 11, 32 

Viola Adelphia (Ballou), 128, 190 

Viola Lorraine, 191 

Wilson, 102 

Mr., 54 

Rev., 118 
BROWNE, Margaret, 216 

N. Foster, 203 
BROWNELL, Clark, 65 
BRUCE, Barbara Aldrich, 30 

Elsie ijouise (Aldrich), 30 

Phoebe A., 92 

Robert Moorhead, SO 
BRYANT, Austin, 66, 158 

Carrie (Griswold), 66, 158 

Charles Henry, 66, 157 

Charlotte V. (Harrington), 66, 157 

Claire, 157 

Craig Rogers, Mrs., 66, 157 

Cora, 154 

Cordelia Emogene (Sheldon), 16, 66 

Harriet (Crane), 66 

Harry, 158 

Martin M., 66 

iMellie Alberta, 66 

William Wallace, 16, 66 

Willis Merton, 66 

( ), 158 

BOCHAN, Elizabeth, 45 
BUCIGALUPI, Ernest, 46 





BOCIGALOPI, Marilyn, 46 

Mildred Irene (Ballou) , 
BUCKLER, Frank D., 818 

Julia Bertha (Ballou), 218 
BUCKLIN, Elizabeth Mary (Kelly) Ballou, 

George, 134 

Stephen ti. , 20 
BUCKTON, Lyle, 187 

Wilma Beatrice (Green), 187 
BUDD, Judge, 153 
BUELL, Ada (Moore), 46 

Albert Noyes, 1S5, 193 

Amelia W. (Ballou) Frost, 46 

Avis Lorene, 193 

Bonnie (Fry), 46 

Clyde Lewis, 193 

Earl Edward, 135 

Effie Helen (Winans), 135, 

Emma (Felt), 46 

Eona Evelyn, 135 

Eona Lorraine, 193 

Essie Bernice (Moore), 135, 193 

Essie Bernice (Moore) Buell, 135, 193 

Florence Arline, 193 

Friend Leo, 135 

Gen., 109 

Guy A., 46, 135 

Henry H., 46 

Ida M., 46 

Leon Seymour, 193 

Lillian Noyes (^ovell), 47, 135 

Norman Strickler, 135 

Orrin Raphael, 135, 193 

Park A., 46 

Park Allen, 135, 193 

Ross, 46 

Ross Isaac, 47, 134 

Samuel, 46 

Sidney K. , 46 

Walter Henry, 193 

, 46 

-— ( ), 46 
BUFFUM, Olive (Gaskill), £4 
BUKER, Fred Ld., 142 
BULKELEY, B. R., 77 

BULLARD, Elizabeth Adeline (Jiilson), 11 
J. H., 26 

Lavina E. (Jiilson), 26 
Marcus, 11 
BULLOCK, Carrie E., 83, 166 

Emma Geneviave (Wheaton) , 82 
Everett \\heaton, 82 
Fred, 82 

Fred, 82 
"aynard 1 
incy, 100 

i'rea, az 

Maynard Edwin, 82 

Nancv. 100 

BULLOCK, Ruth Virginia, 82 

William Robert, 82 
BUNKER, Alton S., 105 

Dorothy Woodman (Ballou) , 105 
Priscilla Anne, 105 
Roy, 105 
BUNN, Keziah, 42, 127 
BUNYON, Provided (Gaskill), 10 

, 10 

BURGEN, DeWitt T., 78 
Donald Edgar, 78 
Melvin Lee, 78 
Nettie Minora (Dunbar), 78 
Owen Ralph, 78 
BURGER, Johanna, 171 
BURGESS, C. A., 117 
Lenora Helen, 77 
BURNHAM, Augusta, 64 
Eliza (Doty), 52 
Frank, 62 
Julia A., 52 
Mr., 64 
BURINGER, Emma (Ballou), 107 

Mark, 107 
BURKE, Nellie, 29 
BURLEIGH, Napoleon, 8 
Nellie (Ballou), 8 
BURUOTT, Lucia, 107 
BURNS, i>-ena (Kinter), 36 

, 36 

BURPEE, Aldonna Louise (Grey), £2, 83 
Andrew Fales, Q, 2c:. 
Annie Lora, 83 
Claude basil, 83 
Darius George, 83 
Don iilphonso, 22, 83 
Ellen Maria (Ballou), 6, 22 
Frank Ira, 83 
Harry Don, 83 

Hattie Belle (Tully), 22, 83 
Ida Frances (Braley), 22, 83 
Ira Ballou, 22, 83 
Lena Maud, 83 
Lewis Lampson, 83 
Lottie Lola, 83 
Nellie Maria, 22 
Sally (Fales), 22 
Samuel, £2 
BURfilNGTON, Jennie, 40 
BURROUGHS, Leona, 78 
BURTON, Clarinda, 75 
Sarah Ann, 190 
Spence, 174 
BUSH, R. Perry, 15, 111, 143 
BUSHEE, Lorenzo, 38 
Mary Edna, 38 



BUSHEE, Mary Jane (Chapman), 38 
BDTLER, Bertha Martha, Peggy (Ballou), 100 

Charles W., 153 

Emily Annis, 18 

Frances, 81 

F. W., 158 

Hilda Wall, 158 

Isa, 133 

Joseph Benjamin, 18 

Sarah A. (Wall), 158 

Sheppard, 100, 172 

Stanard Dow, 37 

Augusta, 159 
BUTTON, Chloe Allen (Wichols), 116 

Harriette, 116 

James, 116 
BUTTRICK, Isa (Butler), 133 
BUITS, Sarah, 49 
BUXTON, Ann J. (Hall), 43 

Henry, 43 

H. Jennie, 43 

Nellie M., 33 
BUZZELL, Effie Auguata, 125, 187 
BIRAM, B. P., 85 
BYRON, Carroll Estill, 104 

Emily Brooks, 104 

Ruth Aldrich (Ballou), 104 


CABEEN, Gertrude, 195 
CADWELL, Sarah Kellogg, 
CALIF, Mary, 31 
CALKINS, Edna E., 214 

F. E., 214 
CALLAHAN, Agnes (O'Connell), 184 

Katherine Elizabeth, 184 

William J., 184 
CALLEY, Mr., 133 
CALLIGAN, Thomas J., 79 
CAMPBELL, Andrew, 198 

Aurilla (Marshall), 88 

Edward Raymond, 206 

Elsie, 139 

Florence Estelle (Hubbard), 

Guy, 58 

James J., 88 

John, 40, 206 

John Walter, 174, 206 

Leonard Sargent, 206 

Leslie Andrews, 206 

Malcolm, 27 

Margaret ( ), 27 

Myrtle Irene, 174 

Myrtle Irene (Andrews), 206 

Nancy Mae, 206 

Nancy (Sargent), 206 


CAMPBELL, Robert Walter, 206 

Samuel, 27 

Sarah, 27, 88 
CANFIELD, Helen M.,154 

Roy, 154 
CANNON, Fannie Bennett, 101 
CAPWELL, Caroline Elizabeth, 114, 181 

Remington Pendleton, 181 

Sarah Paine (Brayton), 181 
CARBERRY, Rachel, 45 
CAREY, Eva B., 151 

George, 151 

Jerusha (Brown) , 151 

Nielsen Poe, 174 
CARD, Abel, 67 

Alice Jssephine (Babcock), 67 

Amy (Eddy), 30 

Anson B. , 30 

Carrie (Crossman) , 30 

Corydon Wheeler, 30 

Eleanor (loan), 30 

Ellen (Baker), 30 

Etta (Nourse), 30 

Florence (Marsh), 30 

Harriet Maria (Ballou), 50 

Harriet Villa, 30 

John, 50 

John Franklin, 30 

Marcelius Ballou, 30 

Mary Effie, 30 

Milan Arthur, 30 

Phila Estelle, 67 

Rollin Eugene, 50 

Sarah (Tebey), 30 

(Southern), 67 

CARGILL, Amy Ann, 5 

Barton, 3 

Benjamin, 3 

Cynthia Anna, 3 

David, 3 

Fanny, 3 

James, 3 

Jason, 3 

Olney, 3 

Rhoda, 5 

Stuart, 5 

Susan, 3 

Thankful (White), 3 

Willard, 3 

William, 3 
CARLIN, Mary, 164 
CARLSON, Anton Frederick, 205 

Elna Josephine, 205 

Esther, 57 

Helen (Liliquist), 57 

Mary, 166 
CARLYON, Elizabeth Mary, 46 



CAEMAN, C. Wesley, 31 

Carroll Wesley, 31 

Georgd Mansfield, 31 

Grace Irene (Mansfield), 31 

Janice Grace, 31 

Ruth Portia, 31 
CARPEMTER, Annie (Lee), 9 

Annie U. (Beulns), 74 

C. Fred, 140 

Catherine, 196 

Clare Abby, 9 

Cora May (Weston), 205 

Cynthia Anna (Cargill), 3, 9 

Edwin Francis, 9 

Emily Ann, 9 

Emily ( ), 140 

Esther, 148 

Eva (Warne), 148 

Fannie Marie, 74 

Florence, 140 

George, 116 

George H. , 196 

Grace F., 168, 205 

Ida (Lees), 9 

Idella May (Wild), 116 

Jesse Albert, 9 

John, 9 

John Gibbs, 148 

Laura B., 140, 196 

Lewis, B3, 9 

Lewis B., 196 

Lucius, 205 

Lucius Allen, 205 

Mark, 133 

Medora (Jenckes), 9 

Hancy (Bishop), 9 

Nancy White, 9, 24 

Orin, 74 

Rac hel A. (Jacobs), 196 

Sarah Evelyn (Proctor), 196 

Sue Wentworth (Hadley), 205 

, 116 

CARR, Alice, 130 

Donald, 129 

Dorothy, 129 

Elizabeth, 216 

Frank, 129 

Frank Winf ield, 129 

Robert, 216 

Ruth (Clark), 129 

Ruth (Jenks), 129 

Studlejr, 13 

Thelma, 129 
CARRIER, Hazel Elizabeth, 165 

Leslie, 165 
CARROLL, Aimee M. (Blanchard), 155 

CARROLL, Edward, 155 
CARRON, Ada W., 87 

Cora May (Scott), 87 

Florence M. , 87 

Jerauld W., 87 

Maud C, 87 

Thomas W., 87 
CARSON, Frederick William, 107 

Grace Lillian, 27, 88, 107 

Herbert Henry, 107 

John, 107 

John F., 113 

Lucy (Richards), 107 

Mary ( ), 107 

Ruth L., 107 

Sarah Jane, 33 

Sarah Jane (Ballou), 88, 107 

William, 139 

William Henry, 33, 88, 107 
CARTER, Bernice E., 122, 183 

Catherine Margaret, 54 

David B. , 183 

Elsie Marilla (Alcorn), 54 

Fannie ( ), 54 

James, 54, 126 

James Wilson, 54 

John, 54 

Lucy A., 8, 23 

Melissa, 41, 126 

Rhoda ( ), 126 

Ruth, 54 
CARY, Elizabeth (Malone), 17 

Gus, 17 

George, 17 

Fred, 17 

Kate, 17 

Charles, 17 

Mary, 17 

CScDpll Birdsall, 205 

Daisy Nellie, 171 

Delia Lois, 171 

Daisy Elizabeth (Saunders), 99 

Carroll Edward, 172, 205 

Elna Josephine (Carlson) , 205 
CASE, Fred E. Bissell, 99, 171 

Fred Jackson, 171 

Harriet, 94 

Mills Ballou, 99 

Morris, 99 

Morris Allen, 171 

Robert Edward, 205 

Sarah huth, 171 

Susan Annis (Ballou) , 99 

Susie Almeda, 171 

Sylvia Emma, 171 

Thomas Butler, 171 



CASE, William Ballou, 171 
CASS, Daniel, 41 

Elmina Beeman, 41 

Hannah (Boyce), 41 

Angelia E., 41 
CASSIDI, Bertha, 60 

Charles, 60 

Fred Irving, 131 

Grace Annie, 131 

Grace Inez (Ballou), 41, 131 

Ida Frances, 131 

John A., 44, 131 

John Alfonzo, 131 

Susan (Aldrich), 131 
CATE, Emma R. (Ballou) Chipman, 129, 192 

Harry B. , 129, 192 

Harry H. , 192 
CATHELL, J. Ernest, 95 
CECIL, Abigail (Clark), 106 

Bessie Ballou (Brown), 33 

Mae Lillian, 106 

William Kimball, 33, 106 

Wyrum, 106 
CHAFFEE, Jessica (Ballou), 219 

William, 219 

Caroline (Stone), 75 
CHAMBERLAIl^, Glara J. (Willard) , 75 

Ebenezer, 76 

Elvira (Hammond), 62 

G eorge, 62 

Harley H., 15, 62 

H. W., 75 

L. A., 75 

Mabel I., 75 

Ruth Winthrop (Ballou), 15 
CHAPIN, George F., 168 

Laura, 154 
CHAPMAN, Alice Burton, 3 

Henry Thurman, 128, 191 

Lydia Ann (Ballou), 128, 191 

Mary Jane, 38 

Mildred Genevieve, 191 

Ralph, 216 
CHAPPELL, Donald, 102 

Mary Ella, 85 

Jeremiah, 85 

Lydia Ballou (Almy) , 102 

Mary (Sisson), 85 

Thomas H., 174 
CHASE, Eunice (Hammond), 91 

Frank, 91 

Harriet Messenger, 112, 179 

John Leonard, 45 

Maude Carey, 45 

Nancy, 63 

CHASE, Pearl Maud, 125 

Rufus D,, 85 

Sarah Eliz a (Boardman) , 45 

William Sheaf e, 86 
CHEEVER, Harriet, 161 
CHELEY, Elizabeth, 163 
CHENEY, Bishop, 104 
CHESLEY, Elsie (Ballou), 

Fred, 127 
CHESNA, 0. H., 55 


CHILCOTT, Delia, 14 
CHILDREY, J. M., 117 
CHILD, Cora iiott, 89 
CHILDS, Emily, 29 
CHILSON. Bertha. 

CHILD, Cora iiott, 
CHILDS, Emily, 29 
CHILSON, Bertha, 112, 178 

LeRoy L., 178 
CHIPMAN, Claude, 129, 192 

Emma R. (Ballou), 129, 192 

Franklin V., 192 
CHRISTIANSON, Annie ( ), 200 

Annie Dorothy (Ballou), 151, 200 

Audrie Kay, 200 

Clifford F., 151, 200 

Joanne, 200 

Neal, 200 
CHRISTIE, Elmer, 194 
CHRISTOPHER, George Parker, 133 

Martha (Lloyd), 133 

Olive (Hill), 133 

Phyllis, 45, 133 

Zenas, 133 
CHRITTEN, Ethel, 78 
CHDBB, Harriet, 73 

Mildred, 101 

Harriet, 73 

Ward, 101 
CHURCH, ivnna Gustin, 176 

Bertiia Amelia (Ballou), 

Barbara Jean, 194 

Bertha Jean, 136 

Charles P., 136 

David Allen, 136 

David Thompson, 194 

Donald Ballou, 136, 194 

Donald Lawrence, 194 

Elizabeth, 136 

Julia, 136 

Julia (Dement), 136 

Nina Marie (Porter), 136, 194 

Robert Dement, 137, 194 

Ruth Genevieve, 136 

Sammie Ruth (Thompson), 136, 194 

William Dement, 47, 136 
CHURCHILL, Martha Ann, 21 

Marvin, 141 

Samuel, 21 

47, 136 


CHURCHILL, (Ballou), 141 

CLAPP, Adelaide (Boyden), 80 

Agatha Burnett, 80 

Frank Herbert, 80 

Grace Louise (Wheaton), 80 

Richard Holmes, 80 

Robin Archibald, 80 

Roger Wheaton, 80 

Ruth Anne (Wilke), 80 

Samuel H., 80 
CLARE, Daniel H., 76 
CLARK, Abigail, 106 

Abram, 100 

Adeline, ( ), 33 

Annie (Meehan) , 105 

Caroline Lois, 64 

Caroline N. (Ballou), 33 

Charlotte, 129 

Cora Agnes, 139 

Cornelius, 129 

Cynthia (Warren), 64 

David, 10 

Delbert F. , 138 

Dorothy Jean, 105 

Edgar, 106 

Edith, 60 

Edna Mabel (Stanley), 138 

Edward Salisbury, 176 

Ella Josephine, 210 

Ellen, 10 

Elsie Bodwell (Ballou), 105 

Ethel Frances (Thompson), 111 

Etta Belle, 100 

Ettb May (Shepard), 138 

Fanny, 19 

Franklin D., 105 

Frederick Sheffield, 129 

Gardner, 81 

Hannali (Culver), 64 

Herbert J., 16, 64 

Herman F., 33 

Hiram, 33 

Irving S., Ill 

Isaac G., 29 

James, 64 

Janice Lorraine, 129 

Jason, 64 

Kenneth C, 105 

Laura Ann, 29 

Letitia S., 116 

Lillian Mary, 64 

Lois C. (Ballou), 16, 84 

Lottie Geneva, 129 

Lucinda A., 116 

Lucy Tyson (Ballou), 176 

Lydia (Hill), 100 



CLARK, Martha, 19 

Mary (Twitmyer), 139 

Mildred, 165 

Myra (French) Fairfield, 

Myron, 129 

Morman, 210 

Olive (Gaskill), 10 

Percy, 60 

Rebecca Alma (Locke), 210 

Richard, 138 

Rufus W., 178 

Russell Stafford, 129 

Ruth, 129 

Sarah Elizabeth, 210, _ 

Sarah (Vose), 129 

Susan Hester (t>hepard), 138 

Susan Stanton (Wilbur), 211 

Vern 0., 138 

Walte, 211 

William, 139 
CLARKE, Abby Ann (Smith), 

Alleen Ballou, 179 

Earl S., 107 

Eleanor Myrle (Little), 

Fiske, 107 

Helen Doris 




Helen Doris, 179 
Jay Smith, 113, 179 
Kate Stanley (Ballou), 
Katharyn Ballou, 179 

li^tnaryn caxlou, 179 

Margaret ^ouise, 179 

Mary, 44 

Rachel, 11 

Roger Ballou, 179 

Ruth, 107 

Ruth L. (Carson), 107 

Sidney Ballou, 179 

Silas M., 179 

Walter Seymour, 179 
CLAY, Ida, 41, 127 
CLEAVES, iirthur W., 182 
CLEMENT, Elsie, 84 
CLINE, Mr., 162 
CLOUGH, David Gray, 

Ellis h., 55 

Ida A., 192 

John, 55 

Naomi Marguerite (Gray) , 
CLOWE, Carolyn, 104 

Charles F., 104 

Charles Francis, 104 

Garrett Marcellus, 104 

Helen (Cutler), 104 

Margaret, 104 
CLUET, Mary, 126 
COATES, Alice, 77 

Christina ( ), 158 

113, 179 




COATES, Fred, 158 

COLLER, Edna May, 58 

Hannaii (Hudson), 77 

Ethel (Loy), 58 

John, 158 

Grace Fidelia, 57 

Myrtle L. (Sheldon), 158 

Henry, 57 

Oliver, 77 

Inez Amanda (Gray), 58 

COBB , Betsy, 65 

Josephine Fidelia, 58 

COCKERILL, Elsie Louise (Cook), 


Norman Franklin, 58 

H. L., 181 

COLLINS, Alice (Treganza), 189 

COCHRAN, Jacqueline, 169 

Alvin Victor, 189 

COCKS, Sampson, 150 

Annie, 45, 132 

COCROFT, Thomas, 5 

Bonnie Lois, 189 

CODDINGTOM, Bessie Gertrude (Penney), 26 

Catherine (Murdook), 132 

Floyd, 26 

Charles, 132 

lulia Sylvia, 189 

Clarence Alvic, 189 

Lillian Bessie, 26 

Daniel S., 140 

COEH, Addie, 212 

Darwin Willard, 189 

COFFER, Letitia, 196 

Earl F., 134 

COLBDRN, Charles W., 196, 209 

Emma L., Emily (Ballou), 41 

David L., 209 

George S., 132 

Etta (King), 209 

Grace Sophia (State), 189 

Joan, 209 

Hester StalLa, 189 

Rachel Evelyn (Ballou), 196, 


Josephine, 107 

Sandra, 209 

Jvianlta Marie, 189 

COLBY, N. L., 21S 

Judith Alice, 189 

COLE, Addle (Blackwell), 168 

Lee Roy, 189 

Carroll, 71 

Margaret Cora, 189 

Charles, 168 

Marietta Frances, 140 

Donald Kenneth, 200 

Nelson A., 41 

E. D., 44 

Sophronia (Trask), 140 

Elisa ( ), 200 

COLMAN, Frederick W., Ill 

Clara Eliza (Crosby), 31 

Nellie, 125 

Ellen, 104 

COLVIN, Amey (Phillips), 9 

Frances Marion, 168 

Earl, 9 

Frances Ora (Ballou), 217 

Caroline (Day), 40 

Frank, 151, 200 

James A., 40 

George, 21 

Katherine, 40 

Jesse, 55 

COLWELL, Ernest, 101 

John, 200 

COMKR, John Preston, 96 

Laura Frances (Ballou), 151, 


Laura, 96 

Louisa, 142 

Lucretia (Garfield), 96 

Lucille (Slagle), 71 

S. A., 96 

Hancy (Wakeley), 41 

COMFORT, Ezra, 152 

Nellie Mae, 44 

COMPTON, Ella, 6 

Philissa, 41 

Ella C, 21 

Simeon, 41 

COMSTOCK, Amie Smith, 45 

Spencer, 217 

Emor, 45 

Theron, 217 

Lucy (Haliday), 45 

COLEMAN, Catherine, 119 

Mary, 4 

COLLAMORE, Earle Davis, 215 

CONAUT, P. M., 57 

Earle Read, 215 

CONGDON, Olivia, 34 

Luther, 215 

CONNELL, Catherine D. ( ), 74 

Lydia P., 215 

Gertrude C, 74 

Sally Lenardson (Read), 215 

Thomas J., 74 

COLLBR, Andrew, 57 

CONNELLY, Arthur T., 74 

Cecil Wrey, 58 

CONNER, Ralph C, 176 

Dorothy Esther, 58 

CONNOLLY, Annie (Kelly), 106 




CONHOLLY, Edward, 105 

Frances, 105 
COMMOR, Beecher B., 157 
CONRAI), John B., 68 

Rev., 20Z 

Itr., 65 
COMSTERDIKE, Iva (Roadhouse), 100, 172 
COHVIS, L. A., 171 
CONWAY, John, 106 

Mary ( ), 106 

Raymond T., 106 

Ruth Olive (Ballou), 106 
COOK, Aaron, 11 

Alice May, 36 

Allen Zebina, 38, 121 

Almeda, 13 

Alpha Uadora, 86 

Altha, 13 

Amelia ( ), , 34 

Asenath (Grout), 27 

Benjamin M., 34 

Bertha U., 130 

Calista, 13 

Calvin A., 13 

Calvin, 4 

Charles, 34 

Charles A., 117 

Charles Francis, 161, 206 

Charles Irving, 117 

Charles Lee, 49 

Clarissa (Winslow), 4 

Clark, 34 

Cornelia (Coryell), 161 

Cynthia Stowell, 34 

Cyrena (Thayer), 112 

Daniel A., 34 

Daniel Purington, 118 

Davis Bills, 34 

Delilia (Harris), 4 

Donald Latimer, 206 

Dorothy Henrietta, 208 

Edward H., 117 

Elijah, 1 

Ella Maria, 38, 121 

Ella P., 34 

Eliza A., 28 

Elizabeth, 11 

Elizabeth Maria, 118 

Elizabeth (Staples), 4 

Elsie Louise, 181 

Emma Frances, 88 

Bmmeline, 27 

Esther ( ), 34 

Ethel Gertrude, 87 

Eugene Bertram, 208 

Everard Rufus, 87 

COOK, Finneas Augusta (Stowe), 34 
Florence M., 116 
Francis Latimer, 118, 181 
Frederic Werner, 117 
Freelove (Ballou), 1 
Gladys Henrietta, 208 
Grace P. (Denholm), 118 
Gustavus Vasa, 13, 49 
Harriet Pendleton (Cromb), 118 
Harry Allen, 118 
Hattie Miranda, 118 
Hsntyf 3116 
Henry A., 34 
tienry Allen, 181, 208 
Henry Granville, 118 
Henry James, 208 
Herbert Davey, 208 
Herbert Leigh, 181, 207 
Hila (Lee), 13, 49 
Ichabod, 116 
Ichabod W., 34 
Isabel (Morrow), 118 
James Knight, 181 
Jason, 27 
Jennie Louisa, 49 
Jeremiah, 4, 13 
Josephus, 49 
Julia, 13 
Keziah A., 34 
Letitia S. (Clark), 117 
Lillis(Hix), 4 
Lola, 30 
Lola Belle, 208 
Louis, 33, 116 
Loxiis Atwood, 116, 117 
Louisa, 34, 116 
Louisa (Cook), 34, 116 
Lucina, 4, 13 
Lucinda A. (Clark), 116 
Luella J. (Davey), 181 
Luke Cass, 4 
Luther, 4 
Lydia, 4 

Martha Emma (Knight), 118, 181 
Mary (Comstock) , 4 
Mary Etta, 38 
Mary (Fitch), 13 
Mabel Louise, 38 
Mary L., 162, 168 
Mary Lucena, 141, 49 
Mary (Raymond), 34 
Miranda (Kelley), 117 
Naomi Paine, 54, 117 
Naomi Paine (Cook), 34, 117 
Nathaniel, 4 
Nellie Burt (Coombs), 87 
Nicholas, 4 



COOK, Olive Emily, 54 

Olive *. (Allen), S3 

Olivia (Congdon), 34 

Orinda Ballou, 33, 116 

Orinda Ballou (Cook), 33, 116 

Phebe, 34 

Philadelphia (Bartlett), 38 

Phillis (Jillson), 4 

Philly, 13 

Rachel (Clarke), 11 

Rhoda Wilder, 27, 90 

Ruth Lydia, 49 

Ruth (Martin), 4, 13 

Samuel, 117 

Sarah, 13 

Sarah Eliza J., 34 

Sarah Eliza J. (Cook), 34 

Sedonia (Schauder), 181, 208 

Sidney R., 117 

Stephen U. S., 34 

Susan Ann, 118 

Susan Emeline (Ballou), 121, 38 

Susan (Wel(&an), 34 

Uriah, 4 

Vera, 87 

Vienna Best, 27 

Vienna U., 34 

Waity Ann (Whipple), 34 

Walter, 112 

Whipple, 27 

Willis, 112 

Willis Andre, 118 

William, 4, 87 

Zebina, 38 

Zimri, 33 

Zimri A., 34 

Rev., 116 

, 34 

COOKE, Eliza A., 90 
COOL, Mary, 201 
COOLEY, Sophronia, 25 
COOMBS, Elmina, 201 

Ida Blanche, 25 

Nellie Burt, 87 

Chester, 12 

Tabitha M. (Plumbley), 12 
COOHEY, Susan, 161 
COOMRAD, Charles M., 162 

Minnie Selinda, 162 

Sarah Lestina (Ballou), 162 
COOPER, Emma, 39, 12 

Florence, 171, 98 

Martha Minnie, 19 

Mary ( ), 39, 171 

Peter, 171 

William, 39 

COPELAUD, Aileen Knight (Ballou), 36 

Lyman, 36 
COPP, ^lla H., 92, 167 
CORCORAM, Mary, 56 
CORDER, Eugene C., 175 
COREY, Bert, 35 

Edith, 112, 178 

Ella Hill, 113 

John Allen, 113 

Lafayette, 35 

Lovica (Gay), 




ijovica ^viay; , xxo 
Nellie Ballou, 35 
Semanth a (Ballou), 35 
CORKRAN, H. D., 53 
CORNWELL, Charlotte Taft, 43 
CORSON, Martha, 180 
CORYELL, Cornelia, 181 
COSGROVE, Mary, 74, 164 
Mary (Carlin), 164 
Mary (Flanagan), 164 
Thomas, 164 
COSTELLO, Mr., 163 
COTTON, Grace Vaughan (Read) , 
Harriet Villa (Card), 30 
Jane Washburn, 33 
Orlin, 30 
Preserved, 33 
COTTRELL, Sarah, 12 
CODGHLIN, Eva, 53 
CODLTAS, Doris Ruth, 156 
John, 156 
John Wilson, 156 
Ruth Harriet (Cummins), 
Susan (Edwards), 156 
COURSER, Rice, 7 
Sarah (Page), 7 
Sula A., 7 
CODRTNEY, Michael J., 119 

Olive Ruth (Gifford), 119 
COVEY, Laura, 199 
COWES, Mr., 100 
COWING, Emma E., 171 
CRABBE, Edward, 150 
Emily M., 63, 150 
Marion (McEwan), 150 
CRABTREE, Shirley, 188 
CRAIG, Caroline Mehetabel, 111 
CHAIN, Abigail (Faulkner), 9 
Charles, 3, 9 
Georgia Anna, 9 
John, 9 

Sarah Jane, 9, 24 
Sarah M. (Hazen), 9 
Susan Ella, 9 

Susan Perry (Phillips), 3, 9 
CRAMER, Maud (Minor), 76 



CRANDALL, Norman, 91 

CROSBY, Emily Althea, 31 

Ursula (Hammond), 91 

Fanny Ellen, 31 

Rev., 169 

Martha, 37 

CRANE, Harriet, 66 

Mary, 68 

CRANSHAW, Alice (Kenyon), 103 

Sarah, 163 

Harriet, 105 

CROSS, Theodore G., 56 

Nicholas, lOS 

CROSSEN, Iva I. (Greene), 198 

CRAPO, B., 44 

William, 198 

CRATER, Rev., 148 

CROSIER, Dollie E., 65, 154 

CRATSLEY, Levi, 217 

Loin F., 154 

Violet, 217 

Martha Ann (Bellows), 154 

CRAWFORD, Esther Ann, 111 

Olivia, 40 

Mary A. (Shea), 111 

CROSIN, Frank, 70 

Robert J., Ill 

Mary (Robertson) Gore, 70 

Rev., 16S 

CROSSMAU, Carrie, 30 

CRESSER, H. A., 200 

CROTEAO, Lucy Esther, 169 

CRESSY, Charles, 128 

CROWELL, Amaziah, 119 

CRETSINGER, Adolphus, 78 

Avis J. (Fuller), 119 

Dorothy Fenn (Dunbar), 78 

Charlotte Avis, 36, 119 

CREWS, Carol Lois, 160 

Catherine (Coleman), 119 

Edith Marguerite (Lewis), 160 

David Augustus, 119 

Edward John, 160 

CROSER, Dorothy Louise, 118 

John, 160 ( 

Ethel May, 118 

Margaret Ann, 160 

Ethel May (Houghtaling), 118 

Mary (Bowering), 160 

George W., 118 

CROASDALE, Anna (Deputy), 179 

Harold Everett, 118 

Georg e Washington, 179 

Paul I., 118 

Helen Doris (Clarke), 179 

CRDICKSHANK, Angela Kathryn (Swan), 146, 

Joseph Bozorth, 179 


Joyce Alleen, 179 

Alejcander, 199 

CROCKER, Antoinette (Ballou), 120 

James, 146, 199 

Alice Ballou, 120 

CDLLOM, tien., 217 

Ebenezer, 59 

CULVER, Hannah, 64 

Elisha, 120 

CUMMINS, George iJaker, 156 

Jeanne tte (Horton), 59 

Harriet (Wightman), 156 

Jemima, 4, 10 

Jacob, 66, 166 

Laura C, 59 

Margaret Elizabeth (Sempill), 156 

Mary Antoinette, 120 

Mildred Lucille (Schriver), 156 

Sally (Lombard), 59 

Nellie May (Baker), 66, 156 

Thomas Conant, 120 

Ruth Harriet, 156 

William, 59 

Wilson Jacob, 156 

CROMACK, Arthur, 165 

CUMNER, Allen, 196 

Gladys, 165 

Ann ( ), 196 

Nellie ( ), 165 

Georg e, 196 

CROMB, George Washington, 118 

Harriet Ellen, 196 

Harriet Pendleton, 118 

Susie Margery (Ballou), 139, 196 

Lydia (Sheffield), 118 

CURRAN, Elizabeth, 111 

CROMBIE, David L., 147 

CURTIN, Rev., 176 

James Duncan, 147 

CURTIS, Arvilla J. (Mellen) , 90 

Mary (Duncan), 147 

Calvin, 4 

Nellie (Ballou), 147 

Emily Caroline, 105, 176 

CROOKF.R, Florence Kollock, 111 

Eva C. (Smith), 176 

CROSBY, Benjamin, SI 

Henry H. , 176 

Charlotte Vilas, 31, 98 

Henry 0., 90 

Clara Bllea, 31 

Lydia (Cook), 4 

Eunice (Ballou), 30 

Mr., 131 


CDSHIMG, Alice Mary, 97 

DARLING, Herbert Clinton, 180 

CDSHMAU, Douglas, 127 

Ida G. (Irons) Ballou, 130 

Essie (Gardner), 127 

Juliet E. (Smith), 85, 130 

Henry I., Z8 

Lottie Geneva, 129 

Luella, 127 

Lottie (Hall), 180 

Ray, 127 

Marie Camilla (St. Martin), 129 

CUSTIS, Dr., 108 

Marietta P. (Jillson), 129 

CDTTING, Lydia, 83 

Mary Lucille, 130 

Philinda E., 108 

Maude E. (Temple), 130 

CDTLER, Charles D., S2, 104 

Perciral Leroy, 130 

Elizabeth Calista (koore), 104 

Robert Earl, 130 

George, 121 

Robert Elwin, 130 

Frank Harris, 32, 104 

Ruth Helen, 130 

Helen Gertrude (Ballou), 32, 104 

Sarah Emily, 34 

Helen, 104 

Seriah L. (Olney), 34 

Lester Ballou, 104 

Susan A., 178 

Louisa, 116 

Susan C, 50 

Louise (Allard), 104 

Theresa Ceclle, 129 

Nancy, 65 

Welcome B., 34 

COTTER, Alice, 200 

Welcome Green, 129 

Carrie Crawford, 218, 219 

Welcome Leslie, 129 

Mary Ann (Stanwood), 219 

DARWIN, Mr., 122 

Richard, 219 

DASHEL, Nellie (McKinney), 25 

CDVELIER, Gertrude Irene (State), 188 

, 35 

Orlo v., 188 

DAVEY, Luella J., 181 

CDNNINGHAM, Gerald, 179 

DAVIDSON, Clara Winifred (Mather), 137 

, 56 

DAVIS, Ada Maria (Ballou), 50 

DAGGETT, Charlotte Anna, 80 

Jabez, 80 

Almira, 134 

Elder, 131 

Claude Hart, 73 

DAINS, Rachel, 39 

Donald Walter, 160 

DAKIN, Agatha Burnett (Clapp), 80 

Dorothy Elsie (Ballou), 73 

Harold B., 80 

Edward James, 167 

Myron Edward, 80 

Elizabeth, 218 

DALEY, Martha Ann (Ballou), 30 

Elizabeth E., 147 

Truman B., 30 

Elizabeth Rogers (Wells) Van Buren, 


DAMOS, Mary A., 93 

Ellen, 25 

DAUA, H. C, 116 

Emma, 22 

DANIELS, Clara May, 126 

Fred, 50 

Ella Belle (Ballou), 126 

George W., 147 

Mevin, 126 

Hart, 73 

Vern, 126 

Irene Hazel (Sheldon), 160 

DAUNER, Lois (Dunn), 35 

Jean Elise, 73 

, 35 

Laura (Ballou), 210 

DARLING, Alston Elwln, 43, 129 

Leslie Mae, 166 

Amanda Elizabeth, 43, 130 

Lillian (Gillette), 167 

Annie (Knowles), 129 

Linnie (Richardson), 160 

Arthur Alexander, 129 

Lloyd, 79 

Claire Rita, 130 

Lucy, 51 

Clifford Leroy, 130 

Merrill Franklin, 160 

Cora E., 140 

Muriel I., 90, 167 

Corabell, 85 

Pardon, 48 

Grace Adele, 130 

Robert Lester, 160 

Grace Adeline, 180 

Samuel, 210 

Harriet Augusta (Bartlett), 43, 129 

Sarah A., 59 

Henry Martin, 85, 130 

William, 160 


DAVIS, Rev., 95 

DAVISON, Anna Maude (Hewitt), 170 

Charles Meade, 170 

G race Hewitt, 98, 170 

Harvey, 137 

Joseph A., 170 

Mary Ann (Latta), 170 
DAWLEY, George, S5 

Roxa Ann, 25 

Roxa S. (G allup), 25 
DAWSON, Augusta ( ) , 202 

Maud Ellen, 152, 202 

Thomas Henry, 202 

Dr., 52 
DAY, Addle L. (Kellogg), 60 

Alice (Wilson), 61 

Evelyn, 611 

Howard, 61 

Merton, 60 

Caroline, 40 

Frank, 81 
DAYTON, Bertha Wese, 64 

Cora Orcella, 64 

Eva Nell, 64 

Ira H., 64 

Jiillus Kendrlck, 64 

Lulu Mary, 64 

Mary Jane ( ), 64 
DEACON, Mr., 190 
DEAN, Vienna M. (Cook), 34 

William Russell, 34 

, 34 

Mr., 93 
DEANE, Emily Althea (Crosby), 31 

Mabel, 31 

Minnie, 31 

Oscar Brlgham, 31 

Palymoe (Rloux), 31 

Velma, 31 

William, 31 
DEARNLEY, Emma, 88 
DEEMS, C. P., 202 
DEBT, Henry, 91 

Josephine (Hammond), 91 
DEIGHTON, Catherine M. (Forsyth), 184 

Horace, 184 

Kate H. A., 124, 184 
DELAHOOKE, Chester, 55 

H. A., 55 

Janice Marie, 55 

Myrna Marie (Gray), 55 
DELAPLAIN, Minora, 19, 76 
DEMAREST, G. L., 34 
DEMENT, Jiilla, 136 
DEMING, Edgar Moses, 207 

MarthaaEllen (Poole), 207 

DEMING, Martha Poole, 207 

Vernon H., 59, 131 
DENFIELD, Charles A., 87, 180 
DENHOLM, Grace P., 118 
DENNET, W. E., 36 
DENNIS, ^eoaa. Mae, 161 

Loren, 161 

Rose (Reed), 161 
DENISON, Arthur, 42 

Jennie Maria (HolbrookJ, 42 
DENNISOH, Mr., 121 
DENNISTON, Benjamin, 179 
DENTON, Bessie, 53, 146 
DEPEW, Delia, 158 
DEPUTY, Anna, 179 
DES MARTEAU, Evelina, 206 
DEXTER, Ada Wheaton, 81 

David Edwin, 81 

Edwin F., 21, 80 

Ella Frances (Wheaton), 21, 80 

Jean Wheaton, 8ill 

Laura R. (Larkin), 81 

Richard Larkin, 81 
DIBBLE, Edward Verity, 164 

Elmer Nickason, 73, 164 

Florence Mary (Ballou), 73, 164 

Lavinia (Watts), 164 

Mildred Jean, 164 

Ruth Florence, 164 
DICKERSON, Alice (Cutter), 200 

Charles Craig, 200 

Elizabeth (Anderson), 200 

Harry, 200 

Pearl, 152, 


T^^Mj., j.^i^, 200 
DICKINS, Eugene 

Liii^v /LA 


Lucy, 44 
DICKINSON, Joseph, 186, 

Mary (Eaton), 186 

Pearl, 125, 186 
DIMMICK, Barbara (Brlant), 5 

, 5 

DIMON, Hiram, 100 

Jvistus, 100 

Martha J., 100 

Nancy (Bullock), 100 
DIMOND, All'ce, 165 

Allen, 165 

Chester, 165 

Eleanor, 165 

Fiu-ber W., 165 

Helen Maria (Stafford), 165 

Mary Martha, 165 

Mildred, 165 

W. L., 165 
DINGEE, Amanda L., 218 

Carrie Ida (Sheldon;, 218 


DINGEE, Mary J. (Hinard), 218 

DRISCOLL, Helen Elizabeth, 169 

Solomon, 218 

DROWN, Asenath (Alnsworth), 83 

Sqtilre, 218 

Carrie E. (Bullock), 83, 166 

DIMGELL, Mr., 108 

Charles H. , 132 

DIHGLEY, Elmer Albion, 117 

Carroll Howard, 83, 166 

Florence Louise (Paine), 117 

Charles Carroll, 21, 83 

Louise Alice, 117 

Constance Smith, 133 

Kicliard Klmer, 117 

Dorothy Frances, 133 

DINWIDDIE, Jennie, 201 

Josephine Louise, 83 

DOCTOR, Albert W. , 179 

Juna Sleeper, 133 

DODGE, Charles Walter, 69 

Gladys Irene, 166 

Edward Alonzo, 69 

Goldie Arline, 166 

Eleanor (Malone), 17, 69 

Harlow H., 45, 132, 133 

Ellen Jane, 69 

Harry Erwin, 83, 166 

Eva Blanche, 69 

Ida M. (Smith), 83, 166 

Frank Bryant, 69 

Laura Fidelia (Howard), 21, 83 

George Albert, 69 

Laura Mae, 166 

Sarah (Black), 69 

Leslie Mae (Davis), 166 

Sarah (Rankin), 69 

Margaret Carol, 166 

Lydia, 69 

Margaret Carol, 166 

Walter E., 17, 69 

Myrtle Desire (Ballou), 45, 133 

Walter Erastus, 69 

Nellie A. (Sleeper), 133 

DOGGETT, Mary, 195 

Ollf Potter, 83 

DOLAN, Bridget, 67 

Richard Comstock, 133 

DONAHDE, Annie (Griffin), 158 

Seneca, 83 

John, 158 

Theodore Adolf, 119 

Mary, 67, 158 

DROZ, Angle Aileen (Sherman), 119, 182 

DONALDSON, Annette, 37 

Georgiana Mildred, 182 

DORAN, Dean, 215 

Henrienk Barbara (Gruetzner), 182 

John, 215 

Herman E. A., 182 

John T., 215 

Marvin Arnold, 182 

Lydia P. (Collamore), 215 

Theodore Adolf, 119, 182 

Rosamond, 215 

Wallie Clinton, 182 

DORETA, Dorothy, 217 

DRDNKA, Mary, 126 

DORMAN, Henry, 141 

DDBBS, Alice (Carr), 130 

(Ballou), 141 

Fred, 130 

DDBBBr, Eliza, 20 

Frederick A., 130 

Henry C. L., 20 

Lois Susan, 130 

DOSS, Edith, 169 

Mildred (Brown), 130 

DOTY, Eliza, 52 

DUBIN, Genia, 99 

DODB, Mary Elizabeth, 156 

DUDLEY, Eliza Oilman, 79 

DOUGLASS, Jane, 71 

Maud, 44 

DOWLING, John, 182 

DUKE, Thomie Morgan, 107 

Thomas, 24 

DUNBAR, Adelaide Nancy (King), 19 

DRAKK, A. J., 148 

Alice E. (Goode), 79 

DRAPER, Gatrie I. (Ballou), 141 

Arthur Owen, 78 

Claude, 141 

Betty Valdene, 78 

George H., 132 

Burt Hallaway, 19, 79 

John, 141 

Charles Henry, 19, 78 

Mary A. (Hastings), 133 

Charles Homer, 78 

Mary Anna, 133 

Claire Wesley, 78 

Samuel, 141 

Clara ( ), 78 

DRAVES, Estella Augusta, 188 

Cleland Paul, 78 

DRISCOLL, Cornelius, 169 

Daisy Kathryn, 79 

Hannah (Lombard), 169 

Darnel Eugene, 78 

Helen, 97 

Donaid Machell, 79 



DDNBAR, Dorothy Fenn, 76 

DONLAP, Max W., 20 

Durward Adalbert, 79 

Nellie Celia (Bishop), 20 

Ernest Henry, 78 

Dorothy (Doreta), 217 

Esther Theresa, 78 

DDNMF.T,, Bill, 157 

Ethel (Chritten), 78 

Juanne, 157 

Ethel May (Province), 78 

Lois Ade (Sheldon), 157 

Frances U. (Howell), 78 

DDNN, Carey, S5 

George Wilder, 19 

Emma, 35 

Harlie Monroe, 19 

Lenora (Ballou), 35 

Henry Miles, 19 

Lois, 35 

Howard Allan, 79 

Maria, 94 

Howard Riley, 79 

Mattie, 35 

Irl Charles, 78 

DUNTZ, Donald Dean, 187 

John Arthur, 78 

Ethel, 125, 187 

Leona (Bnrrougbs), 76 

Fern (Sutliff), 125, 187 

Lillian (Hamilton), 19 

George Peter, 125, 188 

Lois (Thompson), 78 

Henry Francis, 187 

Lois Elizabeth, 78 

John Francis, 187, 125 

Margaret Luetta, 78 

John Henry, 41, 125 

Maria, 106 

Lois Elaine, 187 

Martha (Clark), 19 

Maggie, 126, 41 

Martha Minnie (Cooper), 19 

Maiine Lorraine, 187 

Mary Catherine, 78 

Mildred Claire, 187 

Mary Crystal (Miller), 78 

Norma Mae, 187 

Melissa Amelia (Truesdel), 19 

Sarah Jane (Ballou), 41, 125 

Minora (Delaplain), 19, 78 

Sarah Lorise, 187 

Naomi Frances, 78 

, 187 

Meteie Eleanor (Stites), 78 

DDKHAM, Panthea, 135 

Nettie Fannie, 19, 78 

DDSTIN, Benjamin, 177 

Nellie Melissa, 19 

Corrine Dwight (Tillotson), 177 

Nettie Minora, 78 

Erdix Frauslin, 177 

Olga (Thorne), 79 

Lucy Ann ( ), 177 

Paul Audley, 78 

Lucy Farnsworth, 108, 177 

Paul Irl, 78 

DDTCHER, Betty Grace, 59 

Percy, 19 

Elizabeth (Stanton), 59 

Rachel Ruth, 78 

lane ( ), 59 

Rae Edwin, 78 

Ernest, 59 

Raymond Earl, 78 

Madeline (Westervelt), 60 

Reta Rae, 78 

Marie, 60 

Roland Dean, 78 

Nellie (Rice), 59 

Roy William, 19 

Mary, 59 

Sarah Elizabeth, 79 

Ruth Mae, 59 

Sarah Frances (Hobby), 19, 79 

Raymond, 59, 60 

Thelma Bernice, 78 

William, 59 

Theron Edward, 78 

William Edward, 59 

Velma Margaret (Gathers), 78 

William Henry, 59 

William, 19 

DOTTON, Alice, 62 

William Albert, 78 

Delia, 61 

William Miles, 19 

DWIGHT, Emma (Dunn), 35 

William Riley, 19 

, 35 

DONCAN, Eliza, 145 Mary, 147 

DYER, Daisy (Ballou) Root, 41, 127 

DONLAP, Adda, 217 

Eva (Pratt), 134 

B., 20 

J. W., 127, 41 

El son Bishop, 20 

Sarah, 53 

Helen, 20 

John, 217 

EADAILE, Ada (Parker), 91. 


EADAILE, Alexander M., 91 

EDDY, Keziah (Ormsbee), 6 

RAMRS, Alice Claire (Ballou), 153, 201 

Lauriston, 6 

Alicia May, 201 

Lydia Julia (Proctor), 6, 17 

Eliza Ann (Brown), 124 

Lydia (Moses) Kingsley, 6 

Flora U., 40 

Lydia (Ross), 28 

Flora Maria, 124 

Martha Poole (Deming), 207 

Henry, 124 

Olivia, 28 

Jenniie (Dinwiddle), 201 

Rowena, 14 

Prescott W., 153, 201 

Sabra (Lapham), 39 

W. B., 201 

Sarah D. iTowne), 17 

Wilmer Ballou, 201 

Semantha, 6 

RARL, Clarence E., 113 

Spencer Deming, 178, 207 

Elizabeth (Bennett), 113 

Stephen, 14 

Gladys, 113 

Si;i3an, 92 

John W., 113 

Vilata (Kenyon) Albro, 28 

Margaret (Fuller), 113 

Zeruah (Ross), 14 

EASTABROOK, Almira L. (Blanchard), 155 

— - ( ), 6 

Philip G., 155 

EDGECOMBE, Dorothy Hester (Hughes) 


EASTMAN, Mary, 70 


EASTOH, Charles F., 28 

Margaret, 89 

Charles R., 28 

Thomas George, 89 

Elizabeth M. (Jordan), 28 

EDISON, Thomas A., 114 

Laura A. (Peck), 28 

EDSON, Mayor, 143 

Mabel R., 28 

EDWARDS, Ariel Ballou, 26 

EASTWOOD, Mary, 38 

Azariah, 26 

EATON, Ada Russell, 22, 83 

Bert, 137 

Cyrus, 42 

Catherine (Mann), 26 

David, 83 

Clifford J., 78 

Edwin A., 34 

Edith, 26 

Franklin, 83 

Esther Theresa (Dunbar), 78 

Lydia (Cutting), 83 

Daniel Mann, 26 

Marian (Russell), 83 

George N., 104 

Mary, 186 

Herbert, 26 

EBERHARD, Mattie (Ballou), 65 

Hugh, 127 

, 65 

Jean Mareen, 78 

EBERLY, Harriet (Chubb), 73 

Joyce, 88 

Lora Olive, 18, 73 

Laura (Ballou), 26 

William, 73 

Leonard, 188 

EDDOWES, Lydia, 137 

Lilly (Parsons), 188 

EDDY, Alleen 0» Conner, 36 

M. L., 194 

Albert Lewis, 39 

Mary E. (Ballou), 127 

Amy, 30 

Percival, 26 

Barbara (Ballou), McDowell, 178, 207 

Ruth Anne, 188 

Celia (Taft), 36 

Ruth Genevieve (Church), 137 

David, 6 

Susan, 156 

Eliza (G ardner), 6 

Sylvia, 188 

Elizabeth 0., 28 

EDWARD6EN, Vera Kern, 214 

Fenner, 36 

EHLE, AHT.E, Ada Amelia (Heath), 15 

Frank Stetson, 207 

Charles Edward, 15 

Hannah Brown, 39 

Charles Heath, 15 

Hattie (Ballou), 28 

Clarissa (Merrick), 15 

James, 28 

Elijah, 15 

James Madison, 6, 17 

Elsie Lauretta, 15 

John Proctor, 17 

Vernie May, 15 

Jonathan, 6 

EIBEN, Barbara Jean, 187 

Joseph, 28 

Mildred Claire (Duntz), 187 




EI BEN, Raymond, 187 

ESTES, Lucina, 43 

ELA, Walter, 181 

Ruth, 26 

ELDRED, Alta, 151, 200 

ESTY, Annie Elizabeth (Arnold), 119, 


llayne ( ), 200 

Frank Spaulding, 119, 181 

William, 200 

Marion Arnold, 119, 181 

ELIOT, Alice May (Ballou), 35 


George Worcester, 35 

EVANS, Ada, 111 

RT.KLDND, Mr., 131 

Adelia E., 71 

ELLIOTT, Edna, 145 

Albert, 159 

Mary, 174 

Alice, 159 

ELLIS, Cyril P., 192 

Annie L., 26 

Dorothy Hester (Hughes), 89 

Aurelia Elzina (Ballou), 71 

£• ^* 9 * *^ 

Barbara D., 71 

Frances (Howe), 24 

Charles Harvey, 211 

Florence Annah (Sanders), 192 

Charles J., 71 

Henry, 93 

Coral Ballou, 71, 163 

James Richard, 192 

Dorothy A., 72 

John Waldo, 24 

Edwin A., 71 

Marion, 24 

Edward S., 206 

Mary E., 92 

Eleanor A., 71 

Mary (Finster), 92 

Elmer E., 71 

Sherman, 82 

Ethel Langdon, 97 

William, 92 

Evan William, 71 

ELLISON, Judge, 199 

Frank A., 71 

ELLOR, Harriet (Case), 94 

Gardner, 7 

Jennie E., 94, 29 

Garfield C, 71 

Luke, 94 

Gloria M., 72 

ELLSWORTH, Grace, 44, 132 

Helen Ballou, 212 

ELTON, Lucy, 4, 10 

Helen E. (Ackes), 71 

ELY, Albert Wells, 46 

Jane (Douglass), 71 

Ida May (Buell) , 46 

Joseph E., 71 

EMERSON, Lillian Claire (Ballou), 167 

Joseph William, 71 

Lora, 65 

J. Arthur, 199 

, 167 

Levina (Wells), 7 

EMERY, Cora Mabel (Southwick), 49 

Louise (Helmer), 71 

Hopkins, 121 

Mabel L., 71 

Joseph H., 49 

Marie A., 71 

MyEa Scott (Whipple), 86 

Patty C, 72 

Stanley, 86 

Robert Ballou, 212 

EMMONS, Susan, 96 

Thirza , 7 

ENDERS, Mabel (Grabe), 63 

William L., 71 

ENGHAUSEN, Ethel Sarah (Ballou), 190 

EVERETT, Blanche Elizabeth (Ballou), 


John, 190 

Marcella, 190 

FAIRFIELD, Myra (French), 129 

Maurice, 190 

FALES, Sally, 22 

Orlo, 190 

FARLEY, Olive J., 68 

ENGSTROM, Carl, 138, 195 

FARNSWORTH, Calvin, 54 

Claire, 195 

Rmmn S. (George), 54 

Ella Florence (Ballou), 138, 195 

Mary Jane (Underwood) , 54 

John, 195 

£\ • W • L/ * ■ 04 

ERNEST, Beatrice Ellen, (Ballou) , 131 

Ruth Winifred, 54 

Charles, 131 

FARR, Flora, 118 

Lucy (Kennedy), 131 

FARWELL, Alonzo, 61 

Percy, 131 

Asa, 139 

ERNST, Gebbart A., 190 

Ella, 14, 61 

ESMOND, Laura, 54 

Luther, 63 



FARWELL, Uary,C., 63 

Nancy Chase, 6 3 
FASSETT, Julia Ann (Ballou), 190 

Sherman, 190 
FADLHABER, Fredericka, 99 
FAULKNER, Abigail, 9 

Carol, 100 

Estella (Harrison), 100 

John, 100 

Leon Charles, 100 

Marian, 100 

M. Vivian (Ballou), 100 

Richard, 100 

Roger, 100 

Theodore, 100 

Vivian Ballou, 100 
FAWCETT, Mary Jane (Smith) Ballou, 42 

, 42 

William, 101 
FAY, Cyrus H., 34 
FEARN, Jeannette (Ballou) Anthony, 39 

, 39 

FEATZ, Florence, 71 
FEFEL, Dorothy (King), 177 

Edith L. (King), 177 

Jessie E. (Kelley), 177 

Joseph M., 177 

Katharine Ballou (Bisbee), 111, 177 

Louise v., 177 

Lucy K. , 177 

Mary Elizabeth, 177 

Thomas, 111, 177 

Thomas B., 177 

Wayne B., 177 

William Ballou, 177 

William Richard, 177 
FELLOWS, Jean Marie, 127 

Lloyd, 127 

Marian (Ballou), 127 

V. G., 56 

, 127 

FELT, Emma, 46 
FENN, Clara Rose, 36 

Mercy, 28 

Rose (Pelton), 36 

William Beach, 36 
FEHNINGER, Helen, 190 
FENTON, Elizabeth Anna (Ballou), 139 

John Edward, 139 

LaBelle ( )> 139 

William, 139 
FERGDSON, Ellen, 132 
FERRY, Ella, 71, 17 
FESSENDEN, Louisa ( ), 106 

Willard, 106 

Winona, 106 

FICHTELMANN, Dorothea (Trunk), 88 

John, 88 

May, 27, 88 
FIELD, Carrie A., 158 

Clarence H., 109 

Harrison, 174 

Henry, 158 

Lulu Beatrice (Ballou), 109 

Lydia Ballou (Allyn), 174 

Minnie (Webber), 158 

Marion (Harrison), 174 

Tyler, 174 
FIELDS, Joseph, 38 

Mary Etta (Cook), 38 
FIFIELD, L. Kendall, 180 
FIGGINS, Aileen La Vera, 191 

Alfred Daniel, 128, 191 

Alfred Eugene, 191 

Mary Ailenie (Ballou), 128, 191 

FILLEY, , 61 

FINNEGAl, Sarah Isabelle, 49, 140 
FINSTER, Mary, 92 
FISCHER, Alva A., 159 

Amelia ( ), 159 

Benjamin, 159 

Ethel, 159 

Florence Daisy (Sheldon), 159 

Geogrge, 159 

Murton, 159 

Opal (Hofman), 15 9 

Stanford, 15 9 

Virgil, 159 
FISH, Ansel, 22 

Augustus J., 52 

Bessie (Denton), 53, 146 

Charles 0., 53 

Charles Walter, 53 

Edith Elvina, 53 

Elda M., 53 

Elizabeth , 53 

Emma Isadora, 53, 146 

Hamilton A., 53, 146 

Irene, 146 

Julia A. (Burnham), 52 

Linda E., 53 

Lucy M. (Hare), 53 

Mabel Lavina, 52, 146 

Mary Ellen, 7, 22 

Mary (Mills), 22 

Mildred Lavina, 53 

Sarah Miriam, 53 

Stanley Augustus, 146 

William Thomas, 53 
FISHER, Adam, 174 

Bliss, 185 
Frances, 102, 174 



FISHER, Lettie (Smith), 174 

FOLLETT, George Dexter, 101 

Mary, 90 

George Francisco, 174 

Mary (Elliott), 174 

Hattie ( ), 66 

Mellie, 124 

Lavinia (Weatherhead) , 101 

Neuman, 90 

Leslie Ballou, 121 

William, 174 

Lewis Whipple, 38, 121 

FISK, Agnes (Monagan), 183 

Mabel Elizabeth, 121 

Charles L., 134, 183 

Meredith Helen, 121 

Chester Ballou, 183 

Minnie Bertha, 121 

Elisha, 33 

Whipple M., 121 

Marion Ada (Ballou), 183, 


William, 86 

Marion Agnes, 183 

FOOTE, Doris, 203 

Martin, £7 

Edward, Renouf , 203 

Nathan, 183 

Esther Manton (Young), 203 

Sarah Ann, 27 

Doris (Russell), 167, 203 

Sophia Earle (Sweetser) Howe, 27 

George Bradford, 203 

Wilbur Nathan, 183 

George Luther, 167, 203 

, 183 

George W., 144 

FISKE, Mary, 103 

FORBES, d— , 141 

FISSETTE, Ella F., 75 

FORD, Amey, 3, 9 

FITCH, Mr., 126 

Charles, 34 

Mary, 13, 49 

Dorothy, 152 

Lydia (Matthews), 49 

Joseph, 9 

Thomas Mason, 49 

Olive Emily (Cook), 34 


Olive (irons), 9 

FLACK, Grace, 214 

FORRESTALL, Abigail, 12, 40 

FLAGG, Helen Ermlnia (Williams), 28 

Jesse, 40 

James W., 80 

, 12 

Mary, 24 

FORSYTH, Catherine M. , 184 

FLANAGAN, Mary, 164 

FORWARD, Esther ( ), 173 

FLANSBDRG, Mary Esther, 160 

John, 173 

FLEMING, Helene, 56 

Victoria Hester, 101, 173 

James, 56 

FOSS, Ella (Bingham), 23 

Mary (Corcoran), 56 

Elwin, 23 

FLETCHER, Benjamin, 196 

Frank Elwin, 23 

Clarence H., 87 

Grace M. (Ballou), 23 

Cora May (Scott) Carron, 


FOSTER, Delia (Dutton), 61 

Hester ( ), 196 

Dr., 94 

Katherine, 139, 195 

Emma,H. , 8, 23 

FLEORY, Elizabeth (Seymour), 


Harriet A. (Kelley), 23 

James, 108 

Henry, 61 

Norma, 190 


Jennie E., 14, 61 

FLYNN, Dennis, 71 

John McYaw, 219 

Eleanor A. (Evans), 71 

Laura M., 139 

Eleanor Ann, 71 

William, 23 

Jean M., 71 

FOURNIER, David Gerard, 177 

Moira J., 71 

Eugene, 177 

Sheila C, 71 

Lucy ( ), 177 

FOLLETT, Albert, 101 

Maurice G., 177 

Annie May, 86 

Ruth Ann (Ballou), 177 

Delia Adelaide (Brigham), 


FOWLER, Esther, 8 

Elsie Eliza, 121 

Fannie Eldora (Holbrook), 42 

Elizabeth Mabel (Ballou), 

38, 121 

F. L., 42 

Flora Estelle Ballou, 174 

Grace Evelyn (Kahrman), 89 

Flora Estelle (Ballou), 101 

Hadley B. , 6 

George Andrew, 101, 174 

Hannah, 103 



FOWLER, Harlow, 8 

Harry, 8 

James, 8 

Mans on, 42 

Robert, 89 

Rosalie Gretchen (Uclntyre), 89 

Susanna (Mathewson) , 8 

Vimeria, 8 
FOX, James, 71 

Margaret, 71, 17 

Margaret ( ), 71 
FOy, Robert W., 100 

Vivian Ballou (Faulkner), 100 
FRAflCONER, Earl, 149 

Evelyn (Ballou), 149 
FRANCKS, Henry, 197 

Rachel D., 197 

Sarah E. (Barry), 197 
FRANKLIN, Alfred, 86 

Arleta, 86 

Bertha Abigail, (Ballou) , 86 

Eurilla Gertrude, 86 

Gertrude, 86 

Jesse W., 86 

Lucy, 106 

Vincent Ballou, 86 
FRANKS, James P., 96 
FREAR, Barbara, 159 

Clarence, 159 

Florence Elizabeth (Heslop), 159 

Leland, 159 
FREDERICKS, Mary, 171 
FREELAND, Deborah, 58 
FREEMAN, E. A., 200 

Benjamin S., 22 

Myra Ann (Ballou), 32 
FRENCH, Adele Whitney, 198 

Ann Ross (Whitney), 198 

Byron, 129 

Caroline Isabel, 90, 167 

Carrie Evelyn (Ballou), 142, 198 

Evelyn Luella, 198 

Everett Ballou, 198 

Gertrude ( ), 129 

Myra, 129 

Nancy Helen (Mann) Barden, 167 

Samuel Prescott, 167 

Stephen, 198 

Stephen Adelbert, 198 

Stephen Everett, 142, 198 

Stephen Warren, 198 
FRENZ, Elizabeth ( ) , 86 
FREW, Elizabeth, 91 
FRISBIE, Maria, 47 
FRISKE, Mary, 57 
FROST, Althea A., 46, 47 

FROST, Amelia W. (Ballou), 46 

Caroline Wheelock, 50 

Charles, 46 

Edna M. (Marcy), 159 

Edward, 154 

Elbert, 46 

Eliza, 17 

Miranda P., 218 

Orin, 46 

Stephen W., 154 

Stewart E., 154 
FRY, Bonnie, 46 

John J., 34 
FRYE, Emily Scoiiler (Ballou), 170 

Frank, 170 

Sheldon, 170 
FUHRMEISTER, Mary Matilda, 57 
FOLK, Margaret, 100 
FULTON, Dr., 219 
FULLER, Ann Elizabeth (White), 84 

Avis J., 119 

Charles C, 124 

Christopher, 84 

Cora, 18, 

Cora P., 23, 84 

Eda, 40 

Eda E., 41, 124 

Elsie (Clement), 84 

Elizabeth, 19 

Joseph Eugene, 84 

Margacet, 113 

Stella (riosley), 124 
FURBISH, E. B., 30 
FURMELL, J. B., 73 
FURNALD, Mabel, 101 
FURNESS, George, 186 

Mr., 94 

GALBREATH, Ada, 149 

GALENTINE, Ada Wheaton (Dexter), 81 

Edwin Dexter, 81 

Elinor Louise, 81 

Frances (Butler), 81 

John, 81 

Ruth Dexter, 81 

Walter B., 81 

Walter Wheaton, 81 
GALLAGHER, Florence Ellen (Ballou) 
^uckins, 133, 183 

Frank E., 183 

Harry A., 183 

John, 133, 183 

Mary, 84 

Richard P., 183 

Virene M., 183 

Walter F., 183 



GALLAGHF.R, Warren A., 183 

GARDNER, Ethel, 127 

GALLANT, Walter, 59 

Ethel ( ), 125, 126 

GALLOP, Amos Jacques, 24 

Frank W., 125 

Bertha (Sprague), 24 

Henry B. , 125 

Ella, 24 

Herbert Eugene, 125 

John Grain, 24 

Lester, 125 

Laura, 205 

Mable P., 125 

Luther, 24 

Maggie, 127 

Martha, 24 

Margaret, 73 

Martha (Gallup), 24 

Pearl Maud (Chase), 125 

Roza S., 25 

Phoebe (Ballou), 41, 125 

Sarah Jane (Grain), 24 

Ray Charles, 125 

GANYEA, Madeline Marian, 210 

Samuel, 125, 126 

GARDE, Henry, 58 

Susanna (Ballou), 41, 126 

Josephine Fidelia (Coller), 58 

William, 41, 126 

Baggy Lucille, 58 

William B., 127 

GARDINER, Catharine, 216 

GANERS, J. G., 125 

Clara Miriam (Thompson), 111 

GARFIELD, Abram, 96 

Elizabeth, 216 

Alicia Rudolph, 96 

Elizabeth (Carr) B rown, 216 

Belle Hartford (Mason), 95, 96 

Esther Ann (Crawfocd), 111 

Edith (Towns end), 96 

Frances, 216 

Eleanor, 96 

Frank Halsey, 111 

Elizabeth Ann, 96 

George, 216 

Edward W., 96 

Janet, 111 

George Hodges, 96 

Jeremiah, 216 

Harriet W. (Pew), 96 

John Holmes, 216 

Harry Augustus, 95, 96 

Joseph, 216 

Helen (Newell), 96 

Katherine (Holmes), 216 

Irvin McDowell, 96 

Louise Carpenter (Hixon), 24 

James, 96 

Lydia, 216 

James Rudolph, 96 

Lydia (Ballou), 216 

Jane, 96 

Margaret (Browne), 216 

John Robinson, 96 

Martha, 216 

Louise Huntington, 96 

Mary, 216 

Lucretia, 96 

Mary Peregrine, 216 

Lucy S. (Hodges), 96 

Michael, 216 

Mary Burnett, 96 

Ogden Ballou, 111 

Mary Louise, 96 

Patience, 216 

Mason, 96 

Robert, 216 

Sarah Granger (Williams), 96 

Samuel, 216 

Stanton, 96 

Sarah ( ) , 216 

Susan (Kmmons), 96 

Stanley Rollins, 111 

Gariepy, Elaine Marie, 87 

Stephen H., Ill 

Gertrude May (Whipple), 87 

Warren B. , 24 

Leo Delphis, 87 

William, 216 

Hao\il, 87 

(Rollins), 111 

Robert Earl, 87 

, 21S 

Wilfred, 87 

GARDNER, Alvira ( ), 125 

Roland, 87 

Charles, 41, 125 

GARNER, Dale Gary, 148 

Donald, 127 

James, 148 

Dorothy (Ralston), 127 

Susie Ann (Barstow), 148 

Earl A., 125 

Vivian, 148 

Eliza, 6 

GAREIETT, Caroline, 203 

Emile, 125 

GARVIN, Alice, 204 

Essie, 127 

Doris, 204 


GARVIN, James H., 204 
Joseph L., 204, 168 

Mar/ Ellen (Ballou), 168, 204 
Ruth, 204 
GASKILL, Alice (Pickering), 4 

Allen, 10 

Anna (Van Bront), 10 

Caroline, 10 

Clara Eldridge (Hughea), 25 

Cordelia, 25 

Cynthia, 10 

David, 4, 10 

Eleazer, 10 

Elizabeth, 4, 10 

Elizabeth (Allen), 4, 10 

Elizabeth (Allen), Gasklll, 10 

Eliza (Teter), 25 

Ellen (Clark), 10 

Ellen (Davis), 25 

Elwin, 191 

Elwin Thurman, 191 

Emily (Reed), 25 

Fanny, 10 

George Washington, 25 

Georgia Ann, 191 

Hannah (Pickering), 10, 24 

Ida Blanche (Coombs), 25 

James, 10 

James hiley Monroe, 25 

Jemima (Crocker) , 4, 10 

John Quincy Adftms, 25 

Jonathan, 4, 10 

Joseph, 4, 10 

Joshua, 10 

Julia, 10 

Julia Ann, 25 

Katherlne, 10 

Lamar, 10 

Laura, 25 

Lucy, 10, 25 

Lucy (Elton), 4, 10 

l^ucy ( ), 4, 10 

Mahala (Riggin), 10 

Marian Minerva, 25 

Marinda Pickering, 25 

Mary, 10 

Mary ( ), 4, 10 

Maryan, 10 

Mildred Genevieve (Chapman), 191 

Nancy, 10 

Nancy (Teter), 25 

Nicene, 10 

Olive, 10, 24 

Paul, 4, 10 

Phebe, 10 

Provided, 10 


GASKILL, Robert, 10 

Sally, 4, 10 

Samuel, 10 

Sarah, 10 

Sarah (Jillson), 4 

Sarah fMcMahan), 4, 10 

Sarah (Winship), 25 

Silas, 4, 10 

Silvanus, 10, 24 

Silvanus Duane, 25 

Sophronia (Cooley), 25 

Stephen, 10 

Stephen Wilder, 25 

Sylvanus, 4 

Uriah, 4, 10 

Wesley, 10 

Wilder, 4, 10 

William, 10 

( ), 4, 10 

GASSETT, Bessie May, 43, 131 

Charles A., 131 

May (Taylor), 131 
GASSMAN, Mr., Ill 
GATES, Lucy (Gaskill) , 25 

Norman, 25 
GATHERS, Velma Margaret, 78 
GAUCHAT, A. J., 48 

Mina, Maria Louisiana (Scovill), 48 
GAUCHER, Mildred H. (Ballou), 121 

, 121 

GAUGHEY, Lyon, 199 

GAY, Clark Frederick, 209 

Frank, 209 

Harvey Weir, 196, 209 

Hilda (Ballou), 196, 209 

Lovica, 113 
GAYLORD, Alice, 92, 168 
GEER, Grace E., 36 

James A., 36 

Ursula A. (Mathewson) , 36 
GEORGE, Emma S., 54 

Joseph, 102 

Mary (Welch), 102 

Mary ( ), 102 

Theresa May, 102 
GERALD, Margaret Anna, 33, 114 
GERRING, Abigail A. ( ), 15 

George W. , 15 

Martha Parsons, 15 
GERVASIO, A. U., 181 

Reynold, 181 

Ruth ChloB (Gifford), 181 

Ruth Ballou (Gifford), 181 
GIBSON, Mary, 76 
GIDDINGS, Gratia, 147 

Gratius, 147 


GIERSBACH, Elise, 183 

GIRAED, Lovina, 144 

Marlon Agnes (Flsk), 183 

Ida Jane, 85 

W. C, 183 

Frederick, 86 

GIESE, Elizabeth, 190 

GIRMSEY, Catherine ( ), 176 

GIFFORD, Alice Maud, 119 

Elizabeth A., 103, 176 

Arnold Francis, 182 

John, 176 

Beatrice Emma (Worrall), 181 

GIZA, Enid L. (Aldrich), 192 

Carol Ann, 181 

Gerald £., 192 

Charles B., 119, 181 

John, 192 

Chloe A. (Briggs), 119 

Josephine H. , 192 

Cyril Earl, 119 

GLEASON, Annis White, 44 

Doris Elizabeth, 18£ 

Miranda, 119 

Earl M., 119 

Oriah, 44 

Ella M. (Young), 119, 181 

GLITSCH, Fritz, 204 

George Washington, 119 

Greitchen, 204 

Averill Luella, 181 

Jane (Hart), 204 

George W., 119, 181 

Myrtle ( ), 204 

Georgiana Westbrook, 181 

GODDARD, Gertrude Pauline, 44 

Helen Inez, 181 

Lucius, 44 

Henry, 33 

Mary, 160 

Irving Ballou, 119 

Mary (Clarke), 44 

Jeremiah, 65 

GOEWEY, Frances, 75 

Marion Arnold (Esty), 119, 181 

GOLD, George S., 52 

Mary Maud, 119 

GOLDEN, Melissa, 197 

Nancy, 138 

GOLDRICK, Catherine A., 182 

Olive Ruth, 119 

Dennis, 182 

Ruth Margery (Esty), 119 

Doris Esther (Ballou), 119, 182 

Ruth Ballou, 181 

Robert B., 182 

Ruth Chloe, 181 

Thomas D., 182 

Seth, 119 

GONNGBERG, Daniel, 136 

Seth Manning, 181 

Ida ( ), 136 

Weston Briggs, 181 

Pauline, 136 

GILBERT, Alexander, 24 

GOOD, Eleanor, 72 

Ann Elizabeth, 24 

Marian (Ashley), 72 

Eleanor May (Ballou), 29 

Myron, 72 

Emily (Chiliis), 29 

GOODE, Alice E., 79 

George Wallace, 29 

E. A., 79 

Harriet Mary, 24 

GOODELL, Lucy, 19, 75 

Harriet Fidelia (Phillips), 24 

GOODENOOGH, Edith Lodelia (Ballou), 

Helen Elizabeth (Locke), 24 

59, 148 

H. B., 29 

Henry William, 148 

John Ellis, 24 

Isaac, 148 

Marion (Ellis), 24 

Mildred Adelaide, 148 

Marion Louise, 24 

Muriel Sarah, 148 

Martha Bowen, 24 

Sarah (Stevenson), 148 

Oscar Bowen, 24 

William 0., 59, 148 

GILES, Lydia, 5 

GOODFELLOW, Harriet M. (Morgan), 124, 

GILLETTE, Lillian, 167 


OILMAN, Abby Caroline (Ballou), 213 

Herbert ^ames, 185 

Eva Maude, 179 

John Ballou, 185 

John, 86 

John E., 185 

Lewis Bartlett, 213 

Mabel Flora (Ballou), 124, 185 

Nellie Augusta (Whipple), 86 

Walter H., 124, 185 

GILSON, Alice (Buzzell), 187 

GOODING, Florence Mae, 156 

Samuel, 196 

GOODMAN, C. M., 179 

Solomon, 187 

Margaret Catherine, 82 


GOODMAN, Terrence, 82 

GRAHAM, Alexander, 67 

GOODRICH, Earl, 147 

Betsey (Morrison), 50 

Ellen J., 13, 44 

Elizabeth (Osborne), 63 

Frederick, 44 

Kmma, 16, 63 

Jennie, 25, 84 

Florence, 67 

Julienne, 147 

Josephine, 149 

Mary (Gallagher), 84 

Lewis J., 149 

Massena, 49, 80, 81 

M. E., 151 

Uilo, 44 

Sarah Maria, 50 

Phebe (Bartholomew), 44 

William, 50 

Timothy Edmund, 84 

William P., 63 

GOODSPRKD, Frank, 18 

GRANDSTAFF, Evaline, 150 

Gloria Jean, 56 

GRANT, Amasa Smith, 28, 90 

Grace Winifred, 56 

Clara Eliza, 90, 170 

Helene (Fleming), 56 

Elephaz, 90 

Helen (Jeffreys), 56 

Eliza A. (Cooke), 90 

Martha Elnora (Ballou) Moffett, 18 

Lloyd, 90 

Mildred lone, 56 

Mary, 90, 178 

Nellie Fietta (Gray), 55 

Opianna, 90 

Orma Fidelia, 56 

Rhoda Wilder (Cook), 27, 90 

Owen Elmer, 56 

Sarah (Padelford), 90 

Samuel, 55 

Alice May, 73, 164 

Samuel N., 55 

Ahiia (Howard), 164 

Sarah (Messing er), 55 

Byron Irving, 102 

Stewart, Samuel, 56 

Rmmett C., 164 

GORDON, Jane Dorothy (Katz), 144 

Gertrude, 102 

Susanna C, £1 

Helen Marion (Wheaton) Ogilvie, 82 

GORE, Edith E., 70 

Henry, 82 

Mary (Robertson) , 70 

Herbert Gifford, 82 

Weston Asahel, 70 

Irving Oliver, 102 

— -, 70 

Phyllis Norrene, 82 

GORMAN, Nellie M. (Marden) Ballou, 8 

Ruth Isabel, 103 

William, 8 

Theresa May (George), 102 

GODCH, Irene (Fish), 146 

Joseph W., 102 

Lyman, 146 

Lillian, 111 

Paul, 146 

Rev., 141 

Ruth, 146 

, 90 

Winifred, 146 

( ), 90 

GOUGH, Avis Gertrude, 102 

GRADSE, Annie Natalie, 71, 163 

Barbara Edna, 102 

GRAVES, Amanda (Ballou), 31 

Annie (Ackland) , 1Q2 

Amasa , 31 

Gertrude (Grant), 102 

Nelson, 31 

William, 102 

Cora May, 206 

William Thomas, 102 

H. P., 43 

GOULTY, A. J., 127, 190 

Laura (Ballou) Gray, Hunt, 43 

Cecil, 190 

Nelson iimariah, 31 

Blanche, 190 

Sarah (Bird), 31 

Edgar, 190 

GRAY, Alice Marilyn, 57 

Gladys, 190 

Charles Henry, 57 

Lyle, 190 

Doris Dorothy, 55 

Sarah Eliza (Ballou), 127, 190 

Edward Elton, 55 

GRABE, Ernest, 63 

Eliza (Smith), 55 

Helen, ( ), 63 

Esther (Carlson), 57 

Mabel, 63 

Fidelia Amanda (Ballou), 57 

GRAFTON, Nellie (Rice), 134 

George 9., 43 

GRAHAM, Ada (Galbreath), 149 

Hortense (Bowman), 57 



GRAY, Inez Amanda, 5 7 

Kenneth Everett, 57 

Laura (Ballou), 4S 

Leila Ann, 57 

Lewis Ballou, 57 

Lois Dietta, 56 

Mary Idell, 54 

Myrna Uarie, 55 

Naomi Uarguerite, 55 

Nellie ^ietta, 55 

Orpha, 55 

Richard Ballou, 57 

Vera Lucille, 55 

Viletta (Smith), 55 

Viva Mae, 55 

Walter Ballou, 57 
GREAVES, Henry, 190 

Sarah Ann, 127, 190 

Sarah Ann (Burton), 190 
GREEN, Andrew, 169 

Anna Ballou, 138 

Anor Ballou, 1S8 

Augusta (Butterf ield) , 159 

Charlotte (Whipple) Sheldon, 67 

David L., 103 

Delia, 97, 169 

Dyer P., 67, 159 

Edna (Wigton), 138 

Eliza Emma (Jillson) Kelton, 85 

Elizabeth Asenah, 157 

Elsie (Ballou), 125, 187 

Florence, 138 

Louise, 67, 159 

Harold, 125, 187 

Henrietta, 138 

Henrietta (Ballou), 48, 138 

John S., 48, 136 

Joseph, 85 

Julia Ann, 138 

Julius, 17 

Kiah (Ballou), 17 

Leslie W. , 85 

Lois Lillian (Ballou), 151, 200 

Lucy Esther (Croteau), 169 

Margaret ( ), 200 

Mark, 200 

Mary ( ), 85 

Phebe, 106 

Philamon Ballou, 138 

Preston Wallace, 151, 200 

Robert, 187 

Ruth, 17 

Susan Caroline, 138 

Victoria, 157 

Vivien, 17 

Wilma Beatrice, 187 

GREEN, Winifred, 138 
Yvonne Elaine, 200 
, 17 


, 17 

GREENE, Alice (Brayman), 

Clara E., 198 

Dorothy, 198 

Edmimd, 142, 198 

Elisha, 198 

Iva I., 198 

Leslie A., 198 

Mildred E. (Ballou), 142, 198 

Phebe, 214 

Handorf V., 198 
GREGORY, Davis, 34 

Harriet, 72 

Louisa (Cook) , 34 

, 34 

GREIM, Chris, 127 

Luella (Gushman) , 127 

GREY, Aldonna Louise, 22, 83 

Fremont A., 83 
GRIFFIN, Annie, 158 
GRIFFITH, Emma, 8 

James W., 8 
GRIGGS, Chief, 114 

Margaret Crawford, 190 
GRISWOLD, Carrie, 66, 158 
GROSVENOR, Charles P., 3 
GROTON, William, 103 
GROUT, Asenath, 27 

Asenath ( ), 27 

Joel, 27 
GROVER, Curtis ^owell, 156 

Doiag las Lee, 156 

Ellen Gladys, 156 

Fidelia Ida, 157 

Florence Elizabeth, 157 

George Oliver, 157 

Gordon Arthur, 156 

Gould, 156 

Harold Edward, 156 

Ida Belle (Sheldon), 66, 

Jerry, 157 

Josephine ( ) , 157 

Julane (Salsbury), 156 

Kenneth Harvey, 156 

Lucille Alice, 156 

Mary Abbie, 156 

Richard Oscar, 156 

Robert Gerald, 156 

Roger Alan, 156 

Ruth Ann, 156 

Ruby (Prehn), 156 

Samuel Gould, 156 

Silas Arthur, 156 

Silas Edward, 66, 156 




GROETE^ER, Henrienk Barbara, 182 
GDMP, George F., 57 

Marian Florence (Smith), 57 

Stanley Elton, 57 
GDNN, Edward Mansfield, 88 

Emily (Mansfield), 87 

Emma S. (Wood), 87 

Horace Edgas, 87 

Stanley Morton, 87 
GDNTHER, Frederick J., 195 

Kathryn Lucille (Stanley), 195 

Robert Stanley, 195 

Augusta (Johanson), 131 

Ella v., 43, 131 

Lars, 131 
GOTTERSON, Edward, 69 

Minnie (McMillen), 69 

, 69 

Edward Leslie, 161 

George E., 161 

Harriet (Cheever), 161 

Helen Louise (Warner) Atkins, 161 

HAALAND, Edward, 148 

Gina, 60, 148 

Johanna (Stang eland) , 148 
HADLEY, Sue Wentworth, 205 
HADLOCK, Emma, 37 
HAGEMAN, Evangeline Ellen (Ballou), 153 

Maurice, 153 
HAGEN, Irene Inez, 192 

Kenneth E., 192 

Kenneth Earl, 192 

Velma (Stout), 192 
HAGERHORST, Christian Frederich, 213 

Ida May, 213 
HAIGH, Francis, 100 

Helen Anita (Ballou), 100 

Herbert, 100 

John, 100 
HAILEY, Stella May, 47, 137 
HALBERG, Emma, 67, 158 

Joseph, 158 

Mary ( ), 158 
HALE, Abigail (Wright), 97 

Anna R., 97 

Carrie Emergene (Ballou), 124, 185 

Chloe (Rice), 185 

Edwin E. , 124, 185 

John, 185 

John D., 97 

Mildred Emergene, 185 

Minnie M. (Bowen), 93 

Wilbur, 148 

HALE, Willard Ballou, 185 
HALEY, Elizabeth Jane, 201 
HALIDAY, Lucy, 45 
HALL, Agnes (Kelsey), 53 

Alfred H., 74 

Ann J., 43 

Anna M. (Page), 109 

Anne, 117 

Anne M. (Saben), 44 

Chandler, 44 

Corra Mott (Child), 89 

Edward Carl, 53 

Edward Cyrus, 53 

Edward Parker, 53 

Electa A., 16, 67 

Electa Almina (Thurber), 67 

Elmer Edgar, 53 

Ernest Collin, 53 

Ervena (Shower), 53 

EsthCEiOrinda, Ann (Nichols), 117 

George Stephen, 117 

Harriet (Moore), 53 

Jane, 117 

Joseph Kelsey, 53 

Joseph Lindsay, 89 

Latimer, 109 

Latimer Ballou, 109 

Lemuel Webster, 109 

Lottie, 180 

Lucy Ann (Ballou) , 53 

Lucy Pond, 109 

Mabel Haywood, 109 

Peter, 89 

Philip Armstead, 117 

Ruth, 37 

Ruth Winifred (Farnsworth) , 54 

Sarah, 194 

Sarah (Dyer), 53 

Sarah Etta, 44 

Sarah Fiske (Redfern), 89 

Stephen fiske, 89 

Stephen Nichols, 117 

Thomas, 67 

Wallace Ballou, 109 

William P., 53 

William Mott, 89 
HALLECK, H. W. , 109 
HALSEY, Edward, 144 

Gertrude Estelle, 52, 144 

Juana B. (V«ensche), 144 
HALSTED, Emily, 152 
HAMBLETON, Alma, 86 
HAMILL, Helen Bartlett, 145 

Jennie Belle (Bartlett), 145 

Lafayette C, 145 



HAMILTON, Lillian, 19 

HAPPERSBERGER, Maud Ellen (Dawson), 153, 

Lucy Taft ( Jillson) , 11 


Peggy, 39 

Rose Ethel (Makinson), 153, 202 

Ranselier Gilbert, 11 

Stanley Marston, 202 

John, 11 

HARDING, Allan Leighton, 187 

HAMMOND, Alice Lovina (Holbrook), 42 

Alonzo, 101 

Amy, 133 

Eugene Byron, 101 

Angelia P., 12, 40 

Frank C, 126, 187 

Josiah, 40 

Helen Marie (Ballou), 126, 187 

Auges, 91 

J., 193 

Charles R., 133 

Jiilia, 3 

Clinton, 91 

Katharine Howse (Ballou), 101 

Ella, 91 

Mary Ellen, 187 

Elvira, 62 

Minna ( ), 101 

Eunice, 91 

Nancy, 3 

Josephine, 91 

Rhoda, 3 

Mary, 41, 126 

Rhoda (Cargill) Vanaznum, 3 

Sophia L. (Ballou), 91 

Seth, 3 

Ursula, 91 

Silence, 3 

William, 91 

Sophia, 3 

Winifred, 42 

Mr., 201 

HANBY, Judge, 151 

HARE, John, 53 

HANDY, Celinda, 2 

Lucy M., 53 

Deborah (Ballou), 2 

Sarah Jane (Pratt), 53 

George, 26 

HARGEAR, Allan, 137 

Katherine Lucy, 190 

Elizabeth (Church), 136 

Maria C, 11, 26 

HARRIMAN, D. P., 36 

Ruth (Estes), 26 

HARRINGTON, Charles E., 108 

Stephen, 2 

Charlotte V., 66, 157 

HANKEY, Jane, 159 

Cilvina (Ballou), 2 

John, 159 

Diana V., 157 

John W., 159 

Donald Elmendorf, 118 

Robert, 159 

Elisha, 2 

Vivian Letitia (Heslop), 159 

Freelove ( ), 2 

Will J., 159 

H. 0., 118 

HANKS, Arthur, 151 

J. S., 78 

Mary, 151 

Mary (Ballou), 2 

HANNATORD, Rev., 167 

Sampson, 2 

HANSHUE, Elizabeth (Transue), 


Mildred Opilla (Houghtaling), 118 

Harmony Patricia, 139 

Oliver, 2 

Harris Mathewson, 139 

Robert Osmond, 118 

Irene Victoria (McMillen), 


Osmond A., 118 

Elizabeth ( ), 139 

Sylvia, 2 

John, 139 

Thomas, 2 

John Harris, 139 

HARRIS, Abby Ann, 14 

John Jay, 139 

Almon, 121 

Mary Revi (Mathewson), 139 

Benjamin, 14 

HANSON, Ellen, 65 

Benjamin Pearce, 86, 203 

Frank A., 132 

Delilia, 4 

Ruth (Ballou), 132 

Elizabeth, 46, 150 

Victor H., 132 

Henry F., 131 

HAPPERSBERGER, Beverly, 202 

Jane, 121 

Eliza (Zigler), 153 

Kathleen Elizabeth, 203 

Evangeline, 202 

Luclnda, 76 

Frank, 153, 202 

Lucy W. (Joseph), 203 

Harry, 202 

Lydia (Hutchinson), 14 

HARRIS, Mona Elizabeth (Tower), 86 

Thelma (Ballou), 121 

Thomas, 86 
HARRISON, Constance U., 81 

Geneva (Wheaton) , £1, 81 

Emma Geneva (ll/heaton), 21, 81 

Emma Gertrude, 30 

Estella, 100 

Louise, 81 

Marion, 174 

Wallace Kasson, 21, 81 

William R., 81 
HARSHA, Diana V. (Harrington), 157 

George, 157 

Charlotte V.. 157 


168, 204 

Charlotte V., 157 
HART, Alda, 42, 127 

Beulah Jane (Ballou), 

Edward, 154 

Gaylord, 204 

James S., 204 

Jane, 204 

Lily, 42 

Margaret ( ), 204 

Patrick, 204 
HARTLEB, Margretha, 175 
HARTLEY, Ethel, 99 
HARTVi'ELL, Josie B. , 124, 184 
HARVEY, Ada Rosetta (Sherman) Blanchard, 
76, 165 

Eunice, 21 

Frank, 76 

Frank Edwin, 165 

John, 165 

Rev., 128, 129 
HARWOOD, Mr., 18 
RASKINS, Helen E., 70 

Mary, 70 
HASTINGS, Ida I., 8, 23 

Mary A., 133 

Priscilla E. (Straw), 

Robert S., 23 

Stephen T., 59 
HATCH, Edward N., 91 

Helen (Wells), 91 
HATHAWAY, Rev., 92 

Mr., 186 
HAUCK, Catherine Dora, 156 

Dora (Kroger), 156 

Laurence, 156 
HAVENS, Laura (Gallup), 

Sanford William, 205 

Minnie (Stephens), 205 

Thelma G., 168, 205 

Walter Louis, 205 
HAVILAND, Charlotte, 40 

Julia (MacDonald), 40 



HAVILAND, Roe, 40 
HAWES, Ebenezer, 105 

Elijah F., 105 

Ellen Frances (Ballou), 105 

Laura B. ( ), 105 
HAWK, U. S., 214 
HAWKINS, Sarah, 2 
HAWLEY, Bred V., 81 
HAWTHORNE, George Paul, 166 

George Pullman, 166 

Gladys Irene (Drown) , 166 

Joyce Eleanor, 166 

Nancy, 166 
HAYES, Cecil, 161 

Mary, 150 

Wallace, 131 
HAYNES, Hannah, 65 
HAYWARD, Mr., 42 
HAZEN, Sarah M., 9 
HEALD, Omer, 133 
HEALEY, Alexander, 7 

Charles E., 159 

Eveline (Ballou), 7 

Frances Hall, 159 
HEATH, Ada Amelia, 15 

Albert Henry, 15 

Dora M., 41 

Elizabeth, 21 

Emily Wells, 21 

Emily Jane, 8 

Eugene Horace, 15 

Ida Gertrude, 21 

Jacob, 22 

Levi N., 21 

Milo, 15 

Nancy (Sanborn), 22 

Polly (Boynton), 21 

Robert, 21 

Samuel, 21 

Sarah Augusta, 7, 22 

Susanna C. (Gordon), 21 
HECHT, Ervin, 157 

Fern Ellen (Sheldon), 157 

John, 157 

Mira (Sauffer), 157 
HECKLE, Jane (Tapling), 108 

Jennie Tapling, 108 

William, 108 
HEDRICK, Mary A., 68 
HEGARTY, Richard, 164 
HEIBBEL, Mr., 167 
HELDT, George, 196 

Mary (Plambeck), 196 

Rose, 196 
HELLIKER, William, 28 
HELMER, Louise, 71 




HEMENWAY, Benjamin F., 133 

Celia (Ballou), 133 
HENDERSON, Cecil H., 58 

Edna May (Coller) , 58 

Eleanor May, 58 

Emily, 30 

Ellsworth, 55 

Donald, 55 

Howard, 55 

I. D., 55 

Lucille, 55 

Mamie L. (Walker), 58 

Lillian Lavone, 58 

Wesley, 58 
HENDRICK, Celise, 14 

Chester, 14 

Cora May, 217 

Edith, 14 

Emma Ballou (Mowry) , 14 

Jerome, 14 

Lester, 14 

Julia Ann, 216 

Samuel Burt, 216 
HENDRICKS, I. W., 170 
HENRY, Carl F., 104 

Charles, 105 
HEPBURN, Rev., 138 
HERVEY, John McD., 89 

Sarah, 115 
HESLOP, Alice (Evans), 159 

Alice Pamelia, 158 

Betty Belle, 159 

Edward Evans, 159 

Florence Elizabeth, 159 

Frances Belle, 159 

Frank, 67, 158 

Henry Babcock, 159 

Joan, 159 

John, 158 

John Albert, 159 

John Heery, 159 

Mary Emily, 159 

Pemelia (Wallin), 158 

Phila Estella (Babcock), 67, 158 

Vivian Letitia, 159 
HESS, Evelyn (Day), 61 

Georg e, 61 
HESSE, Henry, 25 

Laura (Gaskill), 25 
HEWETT, Julia Ann, 49 
HEWITT, Anna Maude, 170 
HICKMAN, Thomas H., 54, 55 
HICKS, Dorothy, 191 
HIGGINS, Edith Julia (Ballou), 46 

John M., 46 
HILL, Alice May (Ballou), 213 

HILL, Charlotte Julia (Sheldon), 159 

Cora Ball (Sherman), 76 

Fred D., 219 

J. H., 213 

H* £• , Xo«7 

Kenneth Albert, 159 

Louise (Bridges) Ballou, 219 

Lucretia, 31 

Lydia, 28, 100 

Olive, 133 

Sherwin Leroy, 76 

Sophia Lucinda, 97 
HILLMAN, Donald G., 77 

Hazel 0. (Ballou), 77 

Joyce Marion, 77 

Ralph G., 77 

Verne Richard, 77 
HILTON, David Henry, 37 

Florence May (Mc^^enzie), 37 

Frederic Williams, 37 

Genevieve Alice (Jillson), 37 

Martha (Crosby), 37 

Nathan, 37 
HILYARD, Sarah, 24 
HINARD, Mary J., 218 
HINCKLEY, Elmer, 72 

Gertrude (Smith) Ashley, 72 
HINDON, Helen, 44 
HINKLE, Paul V., 193 
HINKLEY, Martha Alzina, 16, 67 
HITCHCOCK, Albion F., 62 

Ellen Sophia (Wells), 62 

Sarah J., 109 
HIX, Lillis, 4 
HIXON, Abby White, 24 

Cynthia Alice, 24, 89 

Edmund T., 9, 24 

Jotham, 24 

Louise Carpenter, 24 

Louise (Pickering), 24 

Mortimer Jay, 24 

Nancy White (Carpenter), 24, 9 
HOADLEY, Elizabeth MacKensie, 51, 143 

Elmira B. (H