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Full text of "The Baltimore city directory .."

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Class JlJ_2£ 





FOR 1858-'59: 






(■iassificd — so that Strangers and Citizens can, at a glance, find all Pirsons •■/ 
Business under their respective Business Heads : 







v^ -;,. ^ ' 


T. . T . . ^^^^' 

Banking Institutions ........ 481-2-3 

Boundaries of the Wards, ....... 478-9 

Cliurches, .......... 

. 538 II 

City Government, 


Courts, .......... 

. 480 

Insurance Companies, 


Markets and Wharves, ....... 

. 477 

Offices, &c., .......... 


Athenaeum, .......... 


Adams' Express Company, 


Baltimore Association for the Improv. of the Cond. of the Poor 

. 491 

Baltimore Cemetery Company, ...... 



Board of Trade, 


Commissioner of Insolvent Debtors, ..... 


Consuls and Vice Consuls, ...... 



Custom House, ........ 



Gray Manufacturing Company of Maryland^ . 



Horticultural Society of Maryland, 


Laurel Cemetery, (Colored,) ...... 


Loudon Park Cemetery Company, ...... 


Maryland Hospital for the Insane, ..... 


Maryland Institute for Promoting Mechanic Arts, 



Manufacturers and Mechanics' Exchange, .... 



Navy Agent, . . . . . 


Notaries Public, ........ 


Philadelphia Guano Company, . ..... 


Post Office, 


Resident Commissioners, ....... 


Susquehanna Canal Company, ...... 


The Merchants' Exchange Reading Rooms, . . . • 


United States Marshal, 


Water Commissioners, ....... 



Public Schools, 




Stages. ........... 


Steamers and Steamboats, ........ 


Streets, Alleys, Avenues, Squares, Wharves, &c., . 471-2-3- 


Telegraphs, .......... 


Transportation Lines, ........ 486 

j^- See page 517 for Removals, Changes, &c. 


The immense labor and perplexities of canvassing and printing 
a Second Edition of this work has been accomplished, and the 
publisher herewith sends it forth to its patrons with the renewed 
confidence of its giving as much satisfaction as the First, which 
he is here gratified in being able to say was universal. His capa- 
city and facilities are ample for the compilation and printing of 
such a work; and, although it has not been sufficiently remunera- 
tive, he has an abiding liope, that by making each successive edi- 
tion as fully correct and reliable as can possibly be done, his fellow- 
citizens will, in the future, appreciate and encourage him more 
liberally, so that he may be able to publish an Annual Edition. 
Although strenuous efforts were made, the number published of 
the First Edition was only 1,800, the Second, 1,900, requiring 
very little calculation to see that the profits are anticipatory in 
future Editions, by establishing a good character for such a publi- 

The reader will realize the vast labor performed, from the ftict 
of tliere being in round numbers, 40,000 names in the work- 
showing an increase of 10,000 over the last edition, and contain- 
ing, in printer's technicals, 1 ,848,000 ems. A large corps of can- 
vassers for names (not for advertisements) required eight weeks, 
not losing one working day by inclement weather. The Printing 
was accomplished in 23 working days— an exploit never equaled 
before in Baltimore. 

This work contains, in addition to the Directory proper, a Busi- 
ness Directory and other useful inforniaiion, needed ; but tlie pub- 
lisher only professes to publish a Reliable City JJlrectorij, and that 
accomplished,, should be satisfactory. 

Tlie publislier feels it his privilege here to refer to another 
Directory being published in opposition to his edition. He has 
not objected to a gentlemanly business competition, but to mis- 
representation and falsehood — many citizens having called at the 
publication office to say that they were imposed upon by the other 
party, by representing that '''Woods had abandoned his publica- 
tion" — that "it was Woods' Directory they were getting out," &c. 
Now, all this he resisted, and it is with grateful feelings he an- 
nounces, that the people of his native city met the imposition 
with overwhelming indignation. 

Woods' Directory is an entire Home publication, and worthy the 
patronage of the citizens of Baltimore. 

He returns his warmest thanks for the kind feelings manifested 
towards him in the course of the publication, and for the uniform 
courtesy extended to his canvassers in giving them the desired 


164 W. Baltimore-st., front outside cover. 
Baker, 118 ^V. Fayette street, 
Paints, Oils, Window Glass and Glass- 
ware, 32 and 34 s Charles street, 
Baltimore College Dent'l Sur'y, N. E. corner Hanover and Lombard-sts., 

Adams Express Company, 
Arnold George W,, 
Baker Brothers & Co., 



19 South street, 

53 St. Paul street, 

S. W corner Greene and Lombard-sts., 

15 South street, 

Office, 3 Light street wharf, 

Looking-Glass, Picture Frames, &c., 72 

W. Baltimore street, 
Iron Founder, 1, 3 and 5 President-st. , 
Carpets and Coverlet Manufs. 93 Bank-st., 
Bookseller, 252 W. Baltimore street. 
Stove Dealers, 39 Light street 
Hatter, 193 W. Baltimore street. 
Dealer in Porter, Ale, Cider and Hops, 

14 S. Gay street, 
Boot and Shoemaker, 255 W. Pratt-st. 
Candy and Fruit Dealers, 20 Light-st., 
Engineers and Machinists, 75 Front-st., 
Coal Dealer, cor. Gough and Central av. 
Marble Cutter, 49 E. Madison street, 
Clothier, 70 Market Space, and 119 W. 

Baltimore street. 
Importers and Dealers in Housekeeping 

Goods, 216 and 218 W. Baltimore-st., 
Cromwell Line Charleston Steamers, 116 Spear's wharf, 

Baltimore Equitable Society, 
Baltimore Female College, 
Baltimore Infirmary, 
Baltimore Life Ins. Company, 
Bait. & Phila. Steamboat Co., 
Barrett & De Beet, 

Bates James, 

Benedict, Kissner & Co.. 

Berger John, 

Bibb & Co., 

Bourne James, 

Boyd John, 

Butler Thomas, 
Clarke & Jones, 
Clarkson Joseph & Son., 
Colton William, 
Connolly J. B. & T. F.. 
Coonan Daniel, 

Cortlan & Co., 








Crook Walter, Jr., 
De Ford Charles D. 
Dietz Lawrence D., 


Denmead A. k W. & Sons, 
Dorry E. G., 
Ellicott & Hewes, 

Upholsterer, 220 W. Baltimore street, 
Tobacco Merchants, 37 S. Gay street 
Fancy and Variety Goods, 151 Franklin 

street, near Paca, 
Iron Founders, corner North and Monu- 
ment streets. 
House and Ship Plumber, Gas Fittings 

and Hydrants, 314 E. Pratt street. 
General Commis. Merchts. and dealers in 
Butter and Cheese, 59 Exchange place. 











Faringer Charles, 



Field A. 

Fireman's Insurance Co., 

Forster & Slack, 

George Francis, 

Gilmour's N. Y. Bakery and 

Groebel & Volkmar, 

Hammer, Leib & Co., 


Hazlitt James & Co., 
Hickman William H., 

Hiss & Austin, 

Hunt Samuel, 

Howard Insurance Company, 
JefireysT. R., 

Johnson R., 

Johnson Thomas D., 
Keenan James, 
Kelly C. A. 
Kensett Thomas, 
Korchner Francis W., 

Kimberly Brothers, 

Knabe William & Co., 
Knight A. L., 
Koehler F. X., 

Kunimer Wolf, 
Lay Si Brother, 

Lee John AV., 

Logan J. H. cS: Co., 
Jjucas Brothers, 

Soap and Candle Manufacturer, ^Consti- 
tution street, near Buren, 28 
Oyster Packer, 309 W. Lombard street, 25 
N. E. cor. South and Second-sts., 40 
Coal Dealers, cor. South and Lombard-sts. 54 
Fresco Painter, 341 Franklin street, 37 
Confectionery, 243 W. Pratt street, 37 
Patent Improved Marquetry, 108 Penn- 
. sylvania avenue 57 
Coal Dealers, 67 Second street, and cor. 

German and Paca streets, 20 

Bell, Hose and Card Manufacturer, 33 S. 

Eutaw street, 21 

Liquor Imps. & Deals. 39 & 41 S Gay-st. 20 
Cabinet Maker and Undertaker, 234 N. 

Gay street, 27 

Upholsterers and Furniture Dealers, 128 

W. Fayette street, 21 

Saddler and Harness Maker, 202 W. 

Baltimore street, 15 

corner Howard and Clay streets, 41 

Fancy and Sign Painter, corner Fayette 

and North streets, (up stairs,) 33 

Sash, Door and Building Materials, 69 

W. Pratt street, 55 

Insurance, 73 Second street, 42 

Horse Shoer, 39 

Coppersmith, 40 York street, 35 

Oyster Packer, West Falls avenue, 35 

Boot and Shoemaker, 178 W. Baltimore 

street, inside back cover page. 
Provision Packers, corner Patterson and 

Pratt streets, 25 

Piano Manufs. 1, 3, 5 & 7 N. Eutaw-st., 31 
Paper Dealer, 5 S. Charles street, 26 

Seal Engraver and Die Sinker, 140 W. 

Fayette street, 26 

Watchmaker, 79 Thames street, 35 

Eagle Printing Ink Works, 241 Dock-st., 

below Third, Philadelphia, 32 

House Carpenter, Contractor and De- 
signer, 31 Park street, 47 
Cabinet Makers, 41 N. Paca street, 26 
Booksellers, Stationers and Blank Book 
Manufacturers, 170 W. Baltiinore-st., 56 


Marine & Inland Ins. Co., 
Marsters J. D., 
Maryland Oil Company, 
Maryland Gas Co. of Bait. 

Mason Brothers, 
Mathews & Zollickoffer, 
Meeth John, 

McCallJ. H., 
McCleUan J. S., 

McClymont "William & Co., 
McCullough John G., 

Murray James, 
Murphy John, 

National Fire Ins. Co., 
Newman Bro. & Sons, 

Newton University, 

N. Y. & Bait. Line Steamb's 

Ninde James, 

Page George & Co., 
Parker E. L. & Co., 
Pearson George, 
Perkins P. L., 
Peters William, 

Proud J. G. & Sons, 
Richards John, 

Bobbins & Co., 
ll'ibinson J. S., 
luibinson L. & G., 
I'loscnfeld & Co., 

Scheifcrdecker C. C, 

Sexton S. B. & Co., 

SUryock Henry S. & Son, 

51 W. Lombard-st., opp. Custom House, 42 

Ambro typist, 147 Lexington street, 38 

71 South street, 16 
Office, cor. Baltimore and St. Paul-sts., 

over Bank of Baltimore, 30 

Cotton Duck Manufs. 79 Smith's wharf, 35 

Commission Merchts, 128 N. Howard-st., 21 
oot and Gaiter Maker, corner Warren 

and Light streets, 33 

Practical Gas Fitter, 15 W. Fayette-st., 22 
Hat and Cap Manufacturer, 343 W. 

Baltimore street, 39 

Coal Dealers, West Falls Avenue, 34 
Coal Dealer, cor. Pratt and Fremont-sts., 

and N. W. cor. Park and Fayette-sts, 24 

Millwright and Machinist, 42 York-st., 25 
Bookseller, Printer and Stationer, 184 

W. Baltimore street, 

13 South street, 41 
Piano Manufacturers, 510, 512, 518 and 

522 W. Lombard street, 43 
71 Lexington street, 11 
3 Light street wharf, 4 
Jewelry and Watch Dealer, 148 W. Bal- 
timore street, 26 
Portable Saw Mill M'ks. N. Schroeder-st. 29 
Tin and Iron Dealers, 83 S. Charles-st., 37 
Coffee and Spice Dealer, 5 N. Liberty-st., 28 
Ambrotypist, 90 W. Baltimore street, 38 
Brass and Bell Founder, corner Concord 

and Pratt streets, 51 \ 

Fire and Life Insurance, 63 Second-st. , 43 
Gas Fixtures and Chandeliers, 374 W. 

Baltimore street, 34 

Stove Dealers, 46 Light street, 14 

Paper Dealer, 24 S. Charles street, 19 

Brick Manufacts. 314 E. Pratt street. 18 
Dealers in Cigars, Chewing and Leaf 

Tobacco, 10 S. Gay street, 18 
Water Cure, cor. Ilollins and Mount-sts., 

opposite Union square, 48 
Stove Manufs. and Iron Founders, 111 

W. Lombard street, 53 
Cabinet, Chair and Sofa Manufs. and Up- 
holsterers, 6 S. Calvert street, 36 




Sharp, Henderson &JjO., 
Singer I. M. & Co.,"" 
Sisson Hugh, 

Sloan & Calwell, 
Spies Charles L., 

Stewart C. J., 

Sweeney Peter, 

Taylor Robert Q., 
Toland WiUiam, 

Torsch John W 

Tschudy C. Howard, 

Turner Samuel E. 
Tyler G. K. & Co., 
ITniver. of Md. , School of Med. 
Van Trump & Silver, 

Waltzi JohnH., 

Warner Joseph P., 

Weaver Levi, 

Weaver William H., 

Webb Charles & Jas. & Co,, 
Weiskittel & Foos, 

Wheeden & Son, 

Wheelwright & Mudge, 
Wilkes Jabez, 

Williams John, 
Wilson & Canby, 

Cement Roofers, 117 W. Baltimore-st. , 6 

Sewing Machine Mkrs. 105 W. Balto.-st. 23 
Steam Marble Works, corner North and 

Monument streets, 24 

Liquor Dealers, 17 and 19 Cheapside, 27 

Dancing Academy, corner Baltimore and 

Charles streets, (up stairs,) 28 

Builders' Hardware, Locksmith and Bell 

Hanger, 3 S. Liberty street, 50 

Provision Dealer and Packer, 205, 207 

and 209 Lexington street, 38 

Hatter, 5 N. Calvert, front inside cover. 
Manufacturer of Saws, Trowels, &c., 85 

N. Front street, 22 

Designer and Engraver, over 117 W. 

Baltimore street, 58 

Agricultural Implement and ,Seed Store, 

97 N. Paca street, 17 

Htaple & Fancy Station'r, 3 S. Charles-st. 19 
Steam Saw Mill, Wolfe-st., Fell's Point, 17 
N. E. cor. Lombard and Greene streets, 44 
Watch Case Makers, Wine street, between 

Light and Charles streets, 43 

mbrotypist, 63 W. Baltimore-st., and 

19 E. Baltimore street, 88 

Watch Case Maker, 7 Patterson building, 

cor. Gay and Baltimore streets, 34 

Paper Box Maker, S. E. cor, Baltimore 

and Sharp streets, 34 

Decorator aud Sign Painter,. 147 W. 

Baltimore street, 47 

Soap and Candle Manufs., 136 Enscr-st., 39 
Stove and Hollow Ware Foundry, 304, 

306 & 308 Aliceanna street, 2> 

Ambrotypists and Photographists, 135 S. 

Broadway and 464 W. Baltimore-st., 37 
Paper Dealers, 14 Hanover street, 3 i 

Flour, Grain and Feed Dealer, 380 and 

382 Canton avenue, !£■ 

Bookbinder and Stationer, 2 Water-st , 33 
Abbott's City Block Mills, at Drawbridge, 

West Falls avenue, 52 

W O O D S' 




§:^n, north; s, south; e, east; to, west; st. street ; et. court; av. avenue; al. alley. 
la. lane ; dw. dwelling ; L. P. Locust Point; cor. corner. 


Aakerman Henry, laborer, 88 Albemarle 
Aaron Lewis, second hand clothing dealer, 

21 Pine 
Abbett Samuel R. 25 Hollins 
Abbett Thomas M. treas. Susq. Canal Co. 

13 Lexington, dw 25 HoUins 
Abbes Francis H. hatter, 163 Chesnut 
Abbes Mrs. Sarah C 1C3 Chesnut 
Abbot Alex, clerk, 48 Stiles 
Abbott Asbury, boiler maker, Hamburg 

near Charles 
ABBOTT D.W. butter depot, n e cor How- 
ard and Richmond 
Abbott Edwin A. lumber merch. and steam 

saw mill. East Falls av. dw 113 s High 
Abbott Elizabeth B. boarding house, 74 

Abbott Francis, moulder, 55 Eastern aT 
Abbott George, cooper, 48 Stiles 
Abbott Horace & Son, Canton rolling mill, 

Hudson Canton 
Abbott Horace (H. A. & Son) 67 e Pratt 
Abbott Henry, 101 Montgomery 
Abbott Henry M. salesman, 25 Hollins 
Abbott John E. laborer, rear G. Hughes 

near Light 
Abbott John, shoemaker, 51 Bank 
Abbott John, shoe store, 52 s Broadway, dw 

208 Eastern av 
Abbott John W. toban. deal. 212 Lexington 
Abbott James F. speculator, 130 n Bond 
Abbott Martin, shoemaker, 30 Dewberry al 
Abbott Noah, cabinet maker, Cross 
Abbott Wm. tobacconist, 238 •■» Broadway 
Abbott Wm.H. police officer, Hamburg near 

Abohen Ambrose, shoemaker, 9 Bevan al 
Abel Christopher, butcher, 177 Perm av 
Abel (Christian, tailor, 57 Bank 
Abel Deborah, !)d s Central av 
A.bel Hannah, 1(3 n Fremont 
Abel Ignatius, collector, 55 s Paca 
Abel John, tailor, 46 German 
ABELL A.S.& Co publishers B;ilt Sun, s e 
cor. Balt.& S«.uth,dw A.S.A.36 Mulberry 


Abell Edwin F. clerk, 36 Mulberry 
Abell Leonard, tailor, 324 Henrietta 
Abell Sarah E. seamstress, 191 Vine 
Abell Thomas P. tailor, 156 Henrietta 
Abell William, tailor, 33 s Poppleton 
Abenderffer Christian, laborer, 131 Mont- 
Abendsheim Andrew, barber, 164 s. Bond 
Abendschoen Clem, carpet weaver, 232 9 

Abendschoen Lewis, glass flattener, 60 Hill 
Abercrombie David, bookseller, 79 Chew 
Abercrombie Thos machinist, 376 Ostend 
Abercrombie Thos. variety store, 66 Camden 
Abesmyer Henry, hackinan, 243 s Bond 
Abey George, hatter, Ann near F'ajette 
A bey George, laborer, 83 Washington 
Abey Joseph, hu( kster, William nr Fort av 
Abey Jos. W. clerk, 341 e Pratt 
Abey William H. grocery, 369 Light 
Abhan Henry, 211 Chesnut 
Abrahams & Ashcroft, ship builders, cor 
Wolfe and Thames and cor Thames and 
Abrahams Jacob D. n Broadway near Bait. 
Abrahams John J. (A. & Ashcroft) dw n w 

cor Broadway and Baltimore 
Abrams John .1. ship builder, cor Thames 
and Philpot, ft. Caroline, office 58 Philpot 
Abrahams Mary Ann, 96 s Caroline 
Abrahams Wm. H. clerk, cor Broadway & 

Abrahams Woodward, (T J.Cochran & Co.) 

1 IS 9 Kr03(iw£iv 
ABRAMS ALEXANDER J. marble cut- 
ter, opp. Greenmount, dw 268 Green- 
mount av 
Abrams &. Easley, boat builders, 10 Philpot 
Abrams Jacob, 287 e F:i\i'iie 
Abiams Jacob D. (A.(fe Easley) 2 n Broad- 
Abrams Washington, boat builder, 235 Can- 
ton av 
Abui n Charles, grocer, 67 Lancaster 
Aburn Emily, grocery, 321 e Baltimore 





A burn James, ship carpenter, 7 Philpot 
ABURN JOHN, grocer, cor Thames & 

Aburn Johnson, carpenter, 321 e Baltimore 
Aburn Wm. ship carpenter, 92 Block 
Abt John, shoemako", 230 Cathedral 
Achey Chas. F. (F. i & Son) 132 German 
Achey Fredk. &, So.:, curriers, 22 s Liberty 
Achey Fredk. (F. A & Son) 129 German 
Achom George, tailor, 79 Bank 
Ackenback Henry, butcher, 417 Green- 
mount av 
Ackermaii Benj rigger, Hampstead hill 
Ackerman Frederick, 125 s Exeter 
Ackerraan Henry, laborer 88 Albemarle 
Ackerman John B. tailor, 75 s Regester 
Ackerman Lewis, rigger, 2'M Aliceanria 
Ackert Henry, shoemaker, t)4 Central av 
Ackland James, lottery, 38 North 
Ackland James, bookkeeper, 325 d Gay 
Ackleman John, tailor, 89 s Wolf^ 
Ackmand Henry, cigar maker, 61 Boyd 
Ackman Jacob, cooper, 234 Henrietta 
Ackwood Wm. F. sailor, 155 e Pratt 
Acomb James, clerk, 52 Josephine 
Aconib John, basket maker, 4() t'>osS 
Acomb Joseph, basket maker, li Ross 
ACOMB WILLIAM, basket & brush man- 
ufacturer & cedar cooper, 125 Fratiklin 
Adair John, machinist, 95 Preston 
Adair Wm. R. attorney, 41 St. Paul 
Adam John, blacksmith, 23 Hillen, dw 25 
Adams A. F. carpenter, SPg Cider ai dw 

233 Mulberry 
Adams Ann, Mulliken ct 
Adams Adelaide, boarding house, 59 Les- 

Adams Albert, shoemaker, 96 Ross 
Adams Ann F. seamstress, 101 Montgtmicry 
Adams Benjamin F. hatter, Warner near 

Adams Charles S. clerk, 239 e Baltimore 
Adams Charles, shoemaker, 165 s Eden 
Adams Charles, com. mercht. 87 s Bond 
Adams Edward, grocei , and provision deal. 

226 Hoilins 
Adams Edward, conductor B. &.O. R. Road 

dw 72 Chaisworth 
Adams Elizabeth M. boarding house, 12 St. 

Adams Eliza Jane, 18 w Lombard 
Adams Eiiza, dressmaker, 107 Montgomery 
Adams Elizabeth, dressmaker, 1h9 s Paca 
AUAMS EXPRESS CO. 164 w Baltimore 
Samuel M. Shoemaker, resident partner, 
[See Cover.] 
Adams Frederick, blacksmith, 51 n Exeter 
Adams Francis, cigar maker, 75 n Fremont 
Adams Capt Geo. W. mariner, 236s Charles 
AUAMS REV. GEORGK F. 239 e Halt. 
Adams Henry, piano maker, 194 w Fayette 
Adams Hannah E. board, house, 128 Conway 
1 Adams Henry, gold and silversmith. No. 2 
Basement of Jarvis building, cor North 
and Baitimoie, dw 233 Lexington 
Adams H. E. boarding house, 87 Lee 
Adams Henry, laborer, 75 n Fremont 
Adams James C. beef and pork packer and 
provision inspector, 28 Second, dw 147 w 

Adams Jacob, watchman, 161 Hughes 
Adams Jacob, carter, 5 Abbey al 
Adams John A. clerk, DO Ross 
Adams John F. carpenter, 54 Clay, dw 222 

Adams Capt. John,U. S. A- 258 Madison av 
Adams Capt. John E. 116 Chew 
Adams John E. brickmaker, Charles near 

Adams John Q. 1 5 Columbia 
Adams John K. barkeeper, n e cor Fayette 

and Harrison 
Adams John W. collar maker, 445 w Bait. 
Adams John H. sail maker, 83 William 
Adams John, policeman, 159 s Paca 
Adams John H. (Millburn, A. & McGee) 

83 William 
Adams John T. lumber inspector, West 

Falls av, dw cor Bond and Gough 
Adams Joseph, plasterer 32 Warner 
Adams .Foseph, pri v. watch man, 256 s Eutaw 
Adams Joseph, clerk, 46 n Exeter 
Adams Joseph F. carter, 4 Church 
\dams Joseph S carpenter, 221 Ross 
Adams Joseph, plasterer, 32 Warner 
Adams Joshua, brass founder, 435 n Gay 
Adams Margaret, 31 s Durham 
Ailams Matthias, laborer, 295 Aliceanna 
Adams Orson, clerk Bank of Commerce, s e 

Cur Gough and Bond 
Adams Richard, boiler maker, 59 York 
Adams Capt. Robt. A. manner, 42 s Caroline 
Adam;; Samuel T. 388 w Fayette 
Adams Samuel, watchmaker and jeweler, 

20 e Pratt 
Adams Silvester, 120 Hoilins 
Adams .-iamuel H. carpenter. Elbow lane 

rear L>-2 Columbia, dw 52 Columbia 
Adams T. W. machine sewing and stitch- 
ing, ovtr 116 w Baltimore 
Adams Lhos. E. M. clerk, 248 w Fayette 
Adams William, watchman, 179 n Dallas 
Adams 'tV-.'jam H. pilot, 133 Gough 
Adams W,,, W. clerk, 248 w Fayette 
Adamson .^aiiuiel, tailor, 86 s Eutaw 
Addison & !Jro. shoe store, 208 w Pratt 
Addison CalJiarine, 55 n Fremont 
.Addison Dennis, laborer, 140 Dallas 
Addison Edw. II. machinist. 56 s Poppleton 
Addison Geoim C. (A & Bro.) 208 w Pratt 
Addison G. C 51 Conway 
Addison George M. & Co. grocers, 210 

Addison Dr. John, southern dispensary, 48 

Addison John, steward, 137 e Lombard 
Addison Samuel S. shoestore, 230 w*Pratt 

dw IVlcMechin between John and Oliver 
Addison Theodore, engineer, 56 s Poppleton 
Addison Win. H eni;ineer,60 s Poppletou 

at law and U. S. district attorney, Law 

buildings cor Lexiri^onand St. Paul, dw 

Annapolis Junction. " 

Addison William sr. carp, s e cor Hanover 

and Williamson al. dw 75 William 
Addison Wrn. W. (A. & Bro.) 208 w Pr^tt 
Addison Wm. jr. brickyards, foot Leaden- 
hall, dw 75 William 
Adelman Charles, coopei , 20 n Spring 





Adkisson & Clark, sailmakers, cor Light & 

Camden and l^dDugan's wharf 
Adkisson James, barber, 52 Knsor 
Adkisson Wm. (A. & Clark) 210 Franklin 
Adler Aaron, grocer, IG Harrison 
Adler Abraham, clerk, 9t>e Baltimore 
Adler Adolph, salesman, 49 n Howard 
Adler Andrew, cabinet mk. 246 n Caroline 
Adler Christopher, tailor, 38 Morris al 
Adler George, blacksmith, 8 s Fremont 
Adler Henry, (Simon Frank & Co.) 96 e 

Adler Julius, dry goods dealer, 210 and 212 

s Broadway 
Adler Joseph, property agent, 64 s Eden 
Adler Lewis H. merch. tailor, cor Liberty 

and German, dw 177 s Charles 
Adler M. & Co. clothiers, 372 w Baltimore 
Adler M. (M. A. «fc Co.) 71 s Sharp 
Adler Marcus, dry goods, 195 s Broadway 
Adler Philip, com. mercht. 10 s Charles, dw 

15 s Liberty 
Adolph John, 21 Shakspeare 
ADREON C. C. sup't iVorthern Central 

Railway, dw 316 Franklin 
Adreon Elizabeth, seamstress, 522 Pennsyl- 
vania a.v 
Adreon Hannah, 316 Franklin 
Adreon Henry C. clerk, 136 Hanover 
Adreon Pearson, collector and agent, Broad- 
way, between Orleans and Jefferson 
ADREON WILLIAM & Cu. auctioneers 

and commission merchants, 2v2 s Charles 
Adreon Wm. T (W A. .V Co.) 136 Hanover 
Ady James, variety store, 161 Sharp 
AtFayroux Appelotte, carpenter, 14.i n Eden 
Atfelder iVIax, book keeper, 15 s Liberty 
Alilick James, tool manuf. 45 Oregon 
AlHick James, conductor, 45 s Oregon 
Atllick Thomas, painter, dw 53 German 
Agan Francis, laborer, 83 McElderry's whf 
Agathusians or Good Ladies Beneficial So- 
ciety, cor Lexington and Eutaw 
Age Florida, 193 s Charles 
Aged Women's Home, n w cor Lexington 
and Calhoun, Hannah Hardester, matron 
-Agen Martin, 73 Stirling 
Ager John, laborer, 13 Henry 
Agler George, coachsmilh, Raborg near 

Green, dw rt s Fremont 
Agnew 1 homas, carpetiter, 169 Cathedral 
Ahard Wm. shoemaker, 157 e Fayette 
Aharn Daniel, 24 Fawn 
Aheen Lawrence, shoemaker, Port al Can- 
ton av. 
Ahern Daniel, laborer, 123 s Chester 
Ahern Jeremiah, wagoner, 100 Mullikin 
Ahf rn John, bricks and iron. Canton, dw 

253 n Eutaw 
Ahern Laurence, tavern, 7 Fish Market 
Ahern Nathan T. umbrella maker, 142 e 

Ahlers Geo. F. cigar maker, 167 e Balti- 
Ahlers Henry, laborer, 101 s Ann 
Ahling Henry, tavern, 74 Buchanan's whf 
Ahrens Adolph, (Stirling & A.) 77 n Eutaw 
AHRENS AHREND, vinegar depot, 2G 

Eastern av 
Ahrens Augustus, 263 Eastern av 

Ahrens T. blacksmith, 3 House's court, dw 

94 s Sharp 
Ahrenz Martin, shoemaker, 72 Camden 
Aich Tabion, huckster, 206 Bethel 
Aidt Joseph, carpenter. 257 Aisquiih 
Aidt L. .--hoemaker, 56 Ross 
Aihenbach Adam, conlec. 104 n Howard 
Aikin John, finisher, 25 Hainilion 
Aikin Dr. Wm. E. A. prof, chemistry Uni- 
versity of Maryland dw 25 Hamiliou 
Airey Capi. Basil, 63 s Ann 
Airey Edward, carter, 170 Orleans 
-Airey Elia.-., shoemaker, 56 Prestun 
Airey Hiram, shoemaker, 53 Preston 
Airey James, shoemaker, 152 Ross 
Airey James, tailor, 13 Church 
Airey James, wharfinger, 4 s Central av 
Airey Jerome, detective police, marshal's 

office, dw J9 Popplelon 
Aiiey Jerome, policeman, 89 n Popplelon 
Airey John B. clerk, 4 s Canal 
Airey Tobias, policeman, 146 Preston 
Airey William, cooper, 82 Preston 
Aisquith Geo. R. tobacconist, 9^., n Eutaw, 

dw 248 w Fayette 
Aitche-on James, brassfounder, 67 North, 

dw 173 Hotfinan 
Aiiken, Alei. M. clerk Marine Bank, 52 s 

Aiiken Henry L. grocer, n w cor. Gough 

and Caroline 
Aitken Mrs. Dr. James, 13f» n Gay 
Aiiken Mrs Sarah, 272 Saratoga 
Akers Charles, carpenter, 216 Biddle 
Akers Edward, watch iiaker and jeweler, 74 

s Charles 
Akers Edwin, dry goods dealer, ]3S Lex- 
Akers George W. engin. 169 Montgomery 
Aibach George, laboier, 49 Constitution 
Alband Charles, porter, 31d Sliarp 
Albaugh Daniel J. tobacconist, 148 Light-sl 

wharf, dw 79 Hanover 
Albaugh Edward W. huckster, 155 
Albaugh Grafton, shoemaker. 121 Ross 
Albaugh John (White & A.) 20 Tes>ier 
Albangh John, blacksmith, 24 Tessier 
Albaugh John, paver, 90 n Ann 
Alberger Aiiam, butcher, 89 Mullikin 
Alberger John, black-horse tavern, 111 n 

Albers Dr. Henry, 2.37 w Pratt 
Albers Seibolt, oil cloth manufacturer, 266 

s Ann 
Albert Adam, grocery, 70 Mulberry 
Albert Augustus, (A. & M. A ) 62 n" Eutaw 
Alb( rt Augu.stus J. (A. &. Bro.) 75 w Mon- 
Albert A. & M. paper hangers, 62 n Eutaw 
Albert St Brother, hardware merchants, 352 

w Baltimore 
Albert Daniel, shoemaker, 61 n Frederick 
Albeit Daniel, harness maker, 32 Consii- 

Albert Elizabeth, 175 Raborg 
Albert Frederick, clerk, 226 n Howard 
Albert Franklin, tailor. 202 Stirling 
Albert H. paper hanger, 66 Mulberry 
Albert Jacob, moulder, 141 Henrietta 
Albert Jacob, Mailison near Lanvnie 





Albert Mrs. Jacob, ()4 n Charles 
Albert John, butcher, Garrison la 
Albert John, paver, 68 Mulberry- 
Albert John, turner, 15 Spring court 
Albert John, provision store, 156 s Paca 
Aloert John, locksmiih, 43 Pearl 
Albert Joseph S. carpenter, U4 Preston 
Albert Michael, (A. & M. A.) Gfi Mulberry 
Albert Moses H. gaiter manufacturer, 191 

w Pratt 
Albert William J. (A. & Bro.) Cathedral, 

n ot^ Monument 
ALBKRTI HENRY F. & CO. importers 

ol fancy goods, 6 and 8 s Liberty 
Alberti Henry F. (H. F. A. & Co.) 278 

Alberison Isaac, proprietor Mansion house, 

61 w Fayette 
Albicker Solomon, butcher, Frederick roa'd 

near first toll gate 
Albraht Jacob, cooper, Frederick road, near 

Calverton road 
Albrecht Wm. piano maker, 331 s Charles 
Albrechl F. W. barber, 147 w Madison 
Albright Charles, shoemaker, Fori avenue 
Albright, Chas. cooper, Frederick avenue, 

near Calverton road 
Albright Charles, machinist, 216 Columbia 
Albright Frederick, cooper, Frederick av 

near Calverton road 
Albright Christopher, laborer, 32 Lancaster 
Albright Frederick Lewis, brass founder, 

1.5 Rock 
Albright Henry G. coppersmith, 12 Barre, 

dvv 27 s Schroeder 
Albright Joseph, laborer, 214 s Wolfe 
Albright Timothy, shoemaker, 15 n Spring 
Albright Henry, coppersmith, 124 Elbow al 
Albright Henry, cooper, Frederick avenue, 

near Calverton road 
Albright Julius, blacksmith, 36 s SchrOedei 
Albiicher George, butcher, Garrison la 
Albricht William, cabinet maker, 331 s 

Alcock Frederick, 293 w Biddle 
Alcock William H. D. book-keeper, Josiah 

Lee&.Co. 293 w Biddle 
Alcock William J. shipsmith, 29 Church 
Aldmerer Simon, 105 e Lombard 
Alden Mary Ann, 219 e Baltimore 
Aldridge, Andrew, jr. (A. Higdon & Co.) 

124 n Charles 
Aldridge Andrew, Sr. (A. Higdon &. Co.) 

121 n Charles 
Aldridge Christian, grocery, 209 Cross 
Aldridge, Higdon & Co. importers British 

dry goods, 5 German 
Aldridge G. L. 49 s Schroeder 
Aldridge George W. carpenter, 163 Lee 
Aldshinskey FaMine, HI Stirling 
Aldwell Margaret, millinery, 28 e Balti- 
Aii'feld John, shoemaker, 223 Henrietta, 

Aler Ann Jane, 79 Hollins 
Alcr Christopher, laborer, 228 Cathedral 
Aler & Sisselberger, pump makers, 43 n 

Aler John, smith, 82 n Eiitaw 
Aler John, machinist, 93 Hollins 

Aler John, (A. & Sisselberger,) 103 Mul. 

Aler Reuben, 79 Hollins 
Aler Svlvanius, shoemaker, 93 Hollins 
Aler William, laborer, 452 w Lombard 
Aler Martin, pattern maker, 93 Hollins 
Alexander Benjamin, tailor, 225 Mont- 
Alexander E huckster, 225 Montgomery 
Alexander George W. engineer U. S. N., 

171 Hoffman 
Alexander H. Eugene, clerk, 262 Lex- 
Alexander James T. mariner, 27 Church 
Alexander James, merchant tailor, 18 n 

Howard, dw 209 Mulberry 
Alexander Jno. H. engineer, 262 Le.xington 
Alexander James, proprietor black horse 

tavern. 111 n High 
ALEXANDR JOHN, London watch and 

jewelry store, 159 w Baltimore, dwelling 

3 Courtland 
Alexander John, engineer, U. S. navy, 171 

Alexander John J. watchman, 96 Raborg 
Alexander Margaret H. fashionable dress 

maker, 3 Courtland 
Alexander Myer, tobacconist, 250 w Pratt 
Alexander Mena, milliner, 147 William 
ALEXANDER THOMAS S. attorney at 

law, 55 Lexington 
Alexander William, attorney, 26 St. Paul 
Alexander William, trea.s. George's Creek 

Coal Company, 19 South, dw 262 Lex- 
Alfadder Conrad, tailor, Aliceanna street, 

Alford Jas. E. tobacconist, 50 w Pratt, dw 3 

AHelter Lewis, shoemaker, 79 Orleans 
Algie James, stamp maker, 86 Caroline 
Algier Jacoli, carpenter, 48 Durst al 
Albert Geurge, blacksmith, 32 Ross 
Ailiouse William, tavern, Dugan's wharf 
All William, machinist, 219 Alice Anna 
Allan James I salesman, 22 Camden 
Allander, Frederick, stove founder, 360 

Harford avenue 
Allard Edward C carpenter, 325 n Gay 
Allard Jos. carpentei , 27 McClellan, dw 2 

St, Mary 
Allard Joseph, carpenter, McClellan's al, 

dw 300 Aisquith 
Allard John E. tailor, 4 Raborg 
Allard John E. shoemaker, Orleans 
Allard John, tailor, 4 Raborg 
Allard Thomas B carpenter, 381 n Gay 
Allard William, carpenter, 346 n Gay 
.Alltright Je>se P. magistrate, 72 s Eutaw, 

dw i:}2 s Paca 
Allbright Jesse, bricklayer, 9 McHenry 
Ailbaugh, J W, shoemaker, 218 s Charles 
Alleinand Conrad, clerk, 54 s Howard 
Allen Alexander & Co. Inmb. mts. West 

Falls avenue near Wilk st. dw A. A. 204 

Allen Ann, 220 Preston 
Allen Charles, engineer, 22 Henrietta 
Allen Charles, fireman, 22 Henrietta 
Allen Elizabeth, 187 Stirling 

Allen Ehel, cooper, 227 Henrietta 
Allen Geurge S. agent, 210Aisq.nih 
A en George, carter, 230 s Charles 
Allen GeralJus S. at Adams' Express Co , 

dw JtlT Saratoga 
Allen Henry A. prof, of music, 213 Garden 
Allen Henry L. baker, 86 Fear! 
Allen Flenry, house carp, and ship joiner, s 

Wolfe, near Aliceanna, dw 203 s Ann 
Allen Isaac, watchman, 40 Cross 
Allen Capt. Isaac J. 103 s Ann 
Allen James, clerk, 159 e Fayette 
Allen James J. machinist, 61 s Oregon 
Aien, John, coaclismiih, Eiitaw near Bait 
A ,en James, glass blower, 25 Church 
A en Jas W. carter, Lombard e of Guest 
A Men John S. tailor, 93 Aisquiih 
Allen Joseph, carpenter, 103 s Ann 
At" ^"'^^Ph' ("arpenter, 203 s Ann 
A en James W. cooper, 375 w Lombard 
A en John, machinist, 140 n Fremont 
Alien John, shoemaker, 63 South, dw Jose- 
phme near Pine 

^','oo ^"J^"' ci'oper. 76 Napoleon alley, dw 

liJ s Green 
Allen John, 241 Gough 
Allen, Capt. John E. 320 E Baltimore 
Allen John N. boot makrr, 14 Josephme 
A en Joseph, plonghmaker, 18 Warner 
Allen LB. clerk, 213 Monument 
A enL. B. clerk, 143 e Madison 
A en Lawrence, baker, 36 Hammond al 
A en Mary, Ramsey nearPoppleton ' 
Allen Mervin, 158 w Fayette 
Allen, Michael watchman, Observatory, 

Federal Hill ^ 

Allen Mary, teacher, Gough near Bond 
A len Nathaniel S. carpenter, 26 Scott 
A en Peter, shoemaker, 5 Scott 
Allen Robert W. (Thomas Wilson & Co.) 

163 St. Paul ^ 

Allen Robert J. bricklayer, 297 Columbia 
Allen Reulien, 1 Walker 
Allen Sjmael. painter, 97 s Bond 
A en Solomon, carpenter, 163 Yoik, dw 

Jn Lee ' 

A I'l''" ZtT^' ^- -shoemaker, 145 Henrietta 
A I ^' J^'"' carpenter, 343 Mulberry 
f 1 r"L^M''.'j^'V'/''"'''^' 9« e Lombard 
AH ^S n^'^^''^'^'> restaurant, 8 Light 
Allen Wilham A. sawed and split wood 9 
bouth,dw28Albema;le ' 

Allen w"'- ?• '"■'^- * ^"''- 252 e Baltimore 
A en Wm custom officer, 10 Geor-e 
A le?hr'f Chas. T. plumber, 53 OrchanI 
A enbauoh, Geo. plasterer, 103 s Ponpleton 

Conway ' ^^^'^''^ '^"' ^"'^^^ "^^^ 
L^,','^*'"^ Herman, 410 s Charles 

I iSwFa"Ae"^"'^^'^^^''''''^''^'^^^'^" 
Allfater Jacob, tailor, 10 State 
Allison Ann, 202 n Eutaw 

Allison Ann, 65 s Eden 

Allison H. silversmith, 21 Armisiead lane 

A ison Jaines S. carpenter, 166 Chesnut 

Al iway John, carpenter, 10 Wyeth 

A ison Philip S. clerk, 109 s Eden 

Allis.m William, carpenter, Fremont near 

I'enna av 
Alli.son Robert H. clerk, 65 s Eden 
A nisi Salvator, medalion maker 12 East 

A ""I' ?.• ^r, ^7>^^^ ^ A.) 60 s Sharp 
Allnutt G. R W. (Gittings, A.& Co. 209 

w Lombard 
Alnutt James' W. president Bank of Com- 

merce, dw 177 Saratoga 
AllnutiThoma.s, clerk, 127 Sharp 
Alwel Wesley, boatman, 70 Castle alley 
A Iworth James, confectioner, 173 E<.st. av 
A mack Geo.W. blacksmith. 317 Mulberry 
A man George, fruiterer, 7 China alley 
A man John, blacksmith, 104 HiUen 
Alman William, 88 Canal 
Almandinger Jacob, carpet weaver. 199 

Almong Elizabeth, grocery, Division near 

Almony Mordecai, carpenter, 241 n Bond 
Alois Francis, tailor, 26] Aisquith 
A pstag Jacob, cooper, 82 Bethel 

m^n' f'^'rTn ^^•.'''>' &""'*« ^'^^ler, Ger- 
man, dw 61 Courtland 

Altevogts Fred k, grocery, 281 Aliceanna 
A ^ ""T"" ^^" ^- 'ai'"^ 5' Forrest 
AT T^ATN? oo^'i':^"^"'"'-^'' 154 s Greene 
^7 p^ .^EI^THA, French millinery, 

•37 w Baltimore 
Altman M, portmonnae manufacturer, 57 

w Baltimore 
Altman Rev. Nehemiah, 42 Conway 
Alton Lewis, carpenter, 175 e Fayette 
A tvater Harriet, 67 n Exeter 
Aivater Jacob, clerk, 10 State 
A tvater John, grocery. 297 s Bond 

Ahv'ar'er w'll'"" ^^ ^'-^'Tenter, 155 n Eden 
A . ' Wilham, carpenter, 1 Mav 
A tvater William, carpenter 46 n Eden 
Alvey Mary, 182 e Pratt 

"^'iTkin ^'^P*"^" '^- '■ope maker, 130 Mul- 
Ambach Andrew, tailor, 228 Eager 
Ambach Simeon, porter, 70 n Gay 

courr'^'" ■'''^"' ''''^^'^■^">''h, 10 Baker's 
Ambrose James L. engineer, 528 w Lomb. William, painter, 271 s Paca 
Amean George, wagoner, 78 Harri.son 
Amer George, laborer, 18 Regester 
Amcr Martin, grocer, 108 West 
Americ John, laborer. 37 James lane 
Ament .Toseph, porter, 122 Central av 
A'^'F«7rA'A';ji"'"^' -^''oemnker. 13 .-pruce al 
DAILY ADVERTISER, office 128 w 

Ames Emerson, proprietor of Suflolk works 
5U5 w Pratt 

Amey Joseph H. tavern, 1 n Greene 
Amey Mrs. Rebecca, 449 w Prai» 
Amey Philtp, cooper, 61 McHenry 
Amey Samuel, cooper, 35 Scoit 






Amey Samuel, cooper, 175 Preston 

Amich James H. wagoner, Towsend near 

Amigerth, Thomas, stone cutter, 55 n 

Central av 
Am ken Henr}', laborer, 24 s Regester 
Amelang Augustus, tailor, 11 Spring 
Ammel Philip, boot crimper, 33 Camden 
Ammer Jacob, currier, 3 Sharp 
Ammerine John, shoemaker, 220 Harf'd ay 
Ammesberg Andrew, 14 Anthony 
Amos B F. halter, 39 n High 
Amos Dr. Corbin, 145 n Paca 
Amos Henry, plumber, 7 Rose 
Amos h2lizabeth, 2 L. Broadway 
Amos Frederick A. bricklayer, 208 Ross 
Amos Jos. bricklayer, Townsend, 4 doors s 

Penna av 
Amos Joseph, engineer, 32 Lemmon 
Amos John E. clerk, n w cor Baltimore and 

Fron t 
Amos Lemuel, carpenter, 3 Etna lane, dw 

338 Aisqiiith 
Amos Susan R. 259 Central av 
Amos Willinm E. grocer, 85 Preston 
Amos Wm. W. carpenter, 338 Aisquith 
Amrhein Henry, shoemaker, 258 Franklm 
Amrhein Jacob, shoemaker, 75 Somerset 
Amthor Dr Robert. 181 n Central av 
Aiichias Valentine, locksmith, 17 n Dallas 
Anderson Ann, 137 Ensor 
Anderson & Brother, grocers, 222 n Gay, 

dw Brown's Hotel. 
ANDERSON BROTHERS, import, hard- 
ware, n w cor. Light and Pratt 
Anderson Charles, black.'^mith, n e corner 
Eutaw and German, dw 435 w Baltimore 
Anderson Chaney, carpenter, 128 Pearl 
Anderson Charles C. collector N. C. Rail- 
way, dw 39 Fawn 
Anderson Charles, blacksmith, 1 Spring 
Anderson Cromwell B. clerk, 5 Bolton 
Anderson David, blacksmith^ 54 Carpenter 

alley, dtvf 78 Columbia 
Anderson Edward, carp. 82 Republican 
Anderson Elizabeth, huckster, 116 York 
Anderson Elizabeth, 109 e Madison 
Anderson Elizabeth B. 137 Ensor 
Anderson George, machinist, 112 Boyd 
Anderson Gralton, laborer, 110 s Howard 
Anderson Dr. Henry, 65 e Baltimore 
Anderson Isaac J. hihorer, 357 e Monument 
vers, over 14b w Baltimore, dw J. M. 78 
e Baltimore 
Anderson Jcanette M. 65 Forrest 
Anderson James, baker, 79 Block 
Anderson James, ship carpenter, 11 s Ann 
Ander-on James K. mule trader. Three 

Tuns Tavern 
Anderson James, hack driver, 14 Garden 
Ander.son James Y. (A. Bros.) 139 Park 
Anderson John, tavern, 35 Thames 
Anderson John, carpenter, lOH St. Mary 
Anderson John W. 41 Lee 
Andetson John, rigger, 144 William 
Anderson Jnhn W. blacksmith, 118 Hollins 
Anderson Jesse N. plaisterer, 220 Saratoga 
Anderson John, hack keeper, 141 w Madi- 

Anderson Joshua, carpenter, 26 St. Mary 
Anderson Leah, milliner, 41 Lee 
Anderson Mary, milliner, 160 Hanover 
Anderson Maria, 62 Perry 
Anderson Michael, stone mason, 196 Raborg 
Anderson Morris, carpenter, 225 Forrest 
Anderson Oliver H. painter, 493 w Balti- 
Anderson Richard B. tobacconist, 114 s 

Anderson Robert, hatter, 53 e Lombard 
Anderson Robert, carpenter, 119 w Biddle 
Anderson Robert, batter, 15 Jackson 
Anderson Sam'l E. clerk, 177 Montgomery 
Anderson Thomas, blacksmith, 131 Chew 
Anderson Thomas D. (A. & Bros.) 204 n 

Andeison Thoma.s, carpenter, 58 e Eager 
Anderson Wm. blacksmith. 432 w Lombard 
warehouse, 10 and 12 Second, dw 97 s 
Anderson Winfield S. (Jas. M. A. & Son) 

78 e Baltimore 
Anderson Wm. P. of custom house, 149 

Anderson Wm. carter, Henryst 
Anderson Wm. painter, 180 Chesnut 
Anderson Wm. S. cigar maker, 18 n Bond 
Anderson Wm. hackinan, 10 Garden 
Au(,eioon Wm.H. painter, 12 L. Sharp, dw 

n w cor. HoM'ard and Franklin 
Anderson Wm. rigger, 308 Eastern av 
ANDRE & BARTZ, importers wines and 

liquors, 134 Saratoga 
Andre Christian, barber, 177 Hanover 
Andre Francis, painter, 322 Sharp 
Andre John C. painter, 822 Shprp 
Andreae Christian, milliner, 190 s Charles 
Andreae Theodore, machinist, 190 sCharles 
Andres Martin, shoemaker, 104 Lancaster 
Andrew Charles, public weigher, 5 Spear's 

wharf, dw 34 n Caroline 
Andrew Robert, clerk, 86 n Charles 
Andrew Mary A. 177 n Edeu 
Andrews A. Kent, policeman, 15 Ross 
And lews Amanda, ^-I'i e Lombard 
Andrews Anna, 83 s Exeter 
Andrews Benjamin F. (A. & Simpson) 157 

n Eutaw 
Andrews Elizabeth, maker, 220 Ger- 
Andrews George W. (A. & Thompson) 237 

n Eutaw 
Andrews Isabella, dress maker, 50 s Central 

Andrews James, wood dealer, 253 Hollins 
Andrews James, waterman, 132 s Central 

Andrews Jane, 39 Harmony lane 
Andrews John, boot maker, 11 Constitution 
Andrews John B. nightman, 149 s Chester 
Andrews Michael, huckster, 201 Lexington 
Andrews R. H. W. 6« Bane 
Andrews Richard S. architect, 7 and 8 Car- 
roll hall, dw 48 w Monument 
Andrews & Simpson, house and sign paint- 
ers, n e cor. Baltimore and Holiday 
ANDREWS & THOMPSON, druggists 
and chemists, 5 w Baltimore 



Andrews Siephen, drover, 1!> s Carey 
Andrews Gen. T. P. 48 Mt. Vernon place 
Andrews Dr Tllman, herb practitioner, 11 

e Monument 
Andrews Wm. moulder, 47d w Lonnbard 
Andrews Wm A. painter, 3 Brnne 
An^el James B. grocery, 349 CaiHon av 
Angel John T. stone cutter, 151 n Caroline 
Angel Thomas, blacksmith, 31 Liberty al. 
dw 7 e Monument 

Angermever , litho^rap.338 s Charles 

Angfeldt John, shoemaker, 22.5 Henrietta 
Anijl«meyer M. grocer, cor. Oiegou and 

Ansrlemver Joseph, tailor, 269 Central ay 
Ankle Earnest, tavern, 28 w Lombard 
Anker John, shoemaker, 216 e Eager 
Ankerbrandt George, 185 Eastern av 
Ankerbrandt Henrietta, 185 Eastern av 
Annsly Robert, 4-3 Hill 
Anschall Charles, piano maker, 533 w Lex- 
Ansel M. (R. H. Dryden &Co.) l74wBal- 

Ansel M. & Co. lottery and exchange office, 
s w cor. Light and Baltimore, dw M, A. 
174 w Baltimore 
Ansick Wm. rope maker, 373 e Eager 
Anspach Rev. F. R. Lexington, west of 

Anthony George W. blacksmith, 218 e 

Anthony Henry A. book keeper, 27 Orchard 
Anthony John, puddler, 167 s Ann 
Anthony John, harness maker, 24(3 Light 
Anthony Sister Mary, superior St. Antho- 
ny's Asylum 
Anthony Robert E. book keeper, 186 Lee 
Anthony Wm. carpenter, 270 Aisquilh 
Anioine Bernhard, tailor, 222 Columbia 
Anton Henry, carpenter, 131 Thames 
Anion Henry, tailor, 216 Eager 
Anzinan Joseph, shoemaker, 19 Arch 
Appel Adolf, tailor, 241 Eastern av 
Appel Casper, boot fitter, 139 Henrietta 
Appel Henry, laborer, 37 Goodman's alley 
Appel Henry, tailor, 24 Jasper 
Appel John, shoemaker, 86 n Spring 
Appel Samuel, tailor, 103 e Lombard 
Appert Valentine, tavern, 5o Lanraster 
Apple Chris, confectioner, 225 w Fayette 
Apple Elizabeth, 209 s Ann 
Apple Henry, tailor, 141 ii Bond 
Apple John, tailor, 32 s Bond 
Apple Joseph, ship carpenter, 290 s Ann 
Appleby Aim, 22« n Eden 
Appleby Bignal, baker and confectioner, s 

w cor. Pearl and F^exington 
Appleby Georsje R. primer, 121 e Lombard 
Applegarih A. J. W., 109 s High 
Applegarth Alexander, commis. merchant, 

72 South, dw 201 n Eulaw 
Applegarth & Bro. railwav, foot of Cros? 
Applegarth Elizabeth, 14-J Montgomery 
Applegarih Henry C. grocer, 173 s Howard 
Applegarth Capt.John A. agent Steam Tug 

Co. oi]]re 37 w Pratt, dw 64 n Caroline 
Applegaitb John A. 109 .s High 
Applegarth Capt. L^wsoo J. (A. dk Bro.) 
305 e Pratt 

Applegarth Nathaniel, com. mr. 37 w Pratt, 

cor. Buchanan's whf. dw 48 Fawn 
Applegarth Robt. loharconist, 207 Hanover 
Applegarih Tiiomas, mate, 322 Canton av 
commission mercliant, 37 w Pratt, corner 
Buchanan's whf. dw 109 s High 
Appier Ariliur M. pnp. hang. 60H w Balto 
Appier Chas. wheelwri2;hl,37e Monument 
Appier Dr. David. 84 Pearl 
Appier Orlando M pap, hang. 60S w Balto 
Appier Peter, brickmaker, 424 Light 
Appier Urbanus M. prop. Lamb tavern, n 

w cor. Paca and Franklin 
APPLETON &, CO. exchange office, 214 

w Baltimore 
Appleton Wm. S. (A. & Co.) s e cor. Cal- 
vert and Madison 
Appley George, clerk, 31 Carpenter alley 

Appold , cor. Euiaw and L. Monument 

Appold Andrew, tanner, 97 Ensor 
Appold George & Sons, hide and leather 
dealers, tannery North near Madison, 
store 8 and 10 Water 
Appold George J. jr. (Geo. A. & Sons) 120 

Si. Pan! 
Appold Samuel (Geo. A. & Sons) Calvert 

n of Read 
Appold Theodore R. (Roloson & A.) 174 n 

APPRAISERS' OFFICE, s e cor. Gay and 

Appy Wm. drayman, Jenkins' alley, above 

Aralilo Vincent, board,, 66 President 
Arbenschine John, lab.»rer, 90 s Wolfe 
Arbor Mary, 99 s Bethel 
Arbuschine Andrews, laborer, 64s Regester 
Archanbel Julia, 78 George 
Archer Mrs. Ann, 47 McCulloh 
Archer Jas. P. & Co. stock, bill and real 

estate brokers. 19^ South 
Archer James P. (J. P. A. & Co.) 97 n 

Archer Capt. James, U. S. A. 47 McCulloh 
Archer Thomas G. baggage master B. Si O. 

R. R. dw 158 Dover 
Arden Van, picture repairer, 69 vr Fayette 
Ardent Charles, nail culler, 150 Henrietta 
Ardia Rev. Joseph, S. J., Loyola College, 

Calvert nenr Madison 
ARDIN DAVID, ladies' shoemaker, 83 w 

Baltimore, dw 312 n Eutaw 
Ardin John F, shoemaker, 6 East 
Ardisson Charles, prof Spanish, Loyola 

College, Calvert near Madison 
Ards Henry, shoemaker. 101 Lancaster 
Ardtler Andw. cabinet mak. 216 n Caroline 
Arcns Henry (Von Kapfl & A.) 75 Lex- 
Aring Frederick, blacksmith, corner Cam- 
bridge and Leakin 
Aring Jr.sse, hiicksier, Dolphin near Penn- 
sylvania avenue 
Arlow John, tinner, 12 McElderry 
Armacost Marcaret, seamsiress, 13 Lewis 
Armacost Priscilla, grocery, 23 Lewis 
Armager Jesse, grocery, 194 Hanover, dw 

Armager Jesse, brickmak. 59 Elliott, Canton 





Armager Jesse S. clerk, 18 Hanover 
Armager Joseph, grocer, 83 n Bond 
Arnnan Fertner, painter on glass. 24 w Lom- 
Armbrust John, painter, cor. China al and 

Armbruster Earnest, blacksmith, 237 Lem- 

mon alley 
Armbuster J. M. C. bookseller, 3 s Gay 
Armen Christopher, laborer, 14 Guilford al 
Armiger Benjamin, cooper, 453 n Gay 
Armiger Charles W. clerk, 16 JelTerson 
Armiger Eli, printer, 35 Jackson 
Armiger John H. carpenter, 128 n High, 

dw 291 Caroline 
Armiger Joshua, carpenter, 16 Jefferson 
Armiger Rosetta, 453 n Gay 
Armiger Richard & Joshua, carpenters, 87 

Armiger Rich'd (R. & Joshua A.) 55 Chew 
Armistead C. Hughes, (A., Riggs & Co.) 

238 n Howard 
Armistead, Riggs & Co. tobacco agents, 57 

Exchange place 
Armiiage Geo. T. painter, 112 Preston 
Armitage Hall, 14 n Paca 
Armitage Dr. James, n e cor. Paca and 

Armitage Wm. H. clerk, 169 w Biddle 
Armor George F. auction and com. mercht. 

27 and 29 Hanover, dw 65 Lee 
Armor John, 37() w Fayette 
Armor Mrs. Joseph G. 86 n Greene 
Armor Wm. 133 w Madison 
Armstrong Andrew, coach trimmer, 88 

Eastern avenue 
Armstrong Andrew, boat builder and oar 

maker, 58 Block 
Armstrong Asa, shoemaker, 495 n Gay 
Armstrong Benj. H. huckstr. 266 e Madison 
Armstrong Bentwald, milliner, 54 Pearl 
ARMSTRONG & BERRY, publishers, 
booksellers, bookbinders, &c.l56w Balti- 
Armstrong Chas. machinist, Luzerne, Can- 
Armstrong, Cator & Co. millinery goods 

dealers, 237 w Baltimore 
Armstrong & Denny, cabinet makers, 263 

Light, cor. Monisomery 
Armstrong Eliza, 23 Church 
Armstrong Eliza R. 329 w Fayette 
Armstrong Ethalinda, Cross near Sharp 
Armstrong George W. grocer, 122 s Caro- 
Armstrong H. A. clerk, 18 e Fayette 
Armstrong Henry (H. & J. A.) 97 n High 
Armstrong Hosea, grocery, cor. Clinton 

and Boston 
candle manufacturers, 31 Concord, dw J. 
A. 30 Stiles 
Armstrong James (Charles & Jas. Webb & 

Co.) 30SliIes 
Armstrong James, carpenter, 93 High, dw 

250 e Monument 
Armstrong James, painter, 7Poultney 
Armstrong James, tanner, 19 s Washington 
Armstrong Jimes. tavern, 338 s Bond 
Armstrong John L. blacksmith. 226 Bank 

Armstrong John, jr. clerk, 57 n Exeter 
Armstrong John, com. mercht. 134 Sharp 
ARMSTRONG JOHN A. attorney at law, 

29 St. Paul, dw 37 Cathedral 
Armstong L. millinery goods dealer, 52 a 

Armstrong Mary, 53 McCulloh 
Armstrong Mary J. 109 Ross 
Armstrong Robert G. (A. &, Berry) 14 n 

Armstrong Samuel S. printer, 45 Stirling 
Armstrong Solomon, watchman, 87 n Caro- 

harness maker, 11 n Liberty 
Armstrong Thomas, (A., Cator & Co.) 73 

n Paca 
Armstrong Thomas, (James A. &, Co.) 30 

Armstrong Thomas, (Chas. & Jas. Webb & 

Co ) 30 Stiles 
Armstrong Thos. sailor. Star al. s of Pratt 
Armstrong Victor C. provision broker, 4 

Grocers' exchange, dw 18 e Fayette 
Armstrong Wm. H. shoemaker, 495 n Gay 
Armstrong Wm. (A. & Denny) 76 William 
Armsworthy Benjamin, blacksmith, 118 

Armyer Henry, laborer, Henry-st. 
Arnd Francis, vinegar depot, cor. Windsor 

and Boston, Canton 
Arndt Carlos, nail maker, 150 Henrietta 
Arndt Jacob, basket maker, 1 Biddle alley 
Arndus Leopold, piano mak. 238 Henrietta 
Arnelt Charles, baker, 244 e Madison 
Arnett James, mariner, 254 n Gay 
Arnett Levi, policeman, 451 n Gay 
Arnett Louis, laborer, 17 s Washington 
Arnett Wm. H. salesman, 365 n Gay 
Arnold Dr. Abraham B. 7 s High 
Arnold Adam, laborer, 129 Camden 
Arnold Benjamin, carpenter, corner Green 

Mount av. and Belvidere road 
Arnold Clement, porter, ^96 s Charles 
Arnold Conrad, blacksmith, 960 w Balti- 
Arnold Davis, carter, 113 s Poppleton 
ARNOLD FRANCIS, snrgical instrument 

maker, 15 s Sharp, dw 343 w Lombard 
Arnold George, carpenter, 210 Washington 
ARNOLD GEORGE W. baker, 118 w 

Fayette— [S'«e p. IS Mvertisements ] 
Arnold Henry, bricklayer, 297 Columbia 
Arnold Isaac, Cologne manuf. 36 Holland 
Arnold James, 188 s Dallas 
Arnold James, bricklayer, 25 McHenry 
Arnold John, laborer, 3 s Poppleton 
Arnold John, drayman, Mitchell's ct. near 

Arnold Lewis, porter, 146 s Eden 
Arnold Mary A. 10 Greenmount av. 
Arnold Nicholas, tailor, 169 Happy alley 
Arnold Peter, tavern, 61 s Charles 
Arnold Richard, cabinet maker, 96 Raborg 
Arnold Wm. shoemaker, 264 e Madison 
Arnold Wm. Y. surgical inst. maker, 433 

w Lombard 
Arnold Wm. jr. bricklayer, 297 Columbia 
Aro Joseph, gardener, Harford avenue near 
Point lane 





Aro Lewis, huckster, 115 Light 
AroM John, sec. hand deal. titiO w Baltimore 
Arold Jiihn, shoemaker, IG Dewberry al. 
Arscoil Richard, mate, IH Ceniral av. 
Arsooit Richard, mate, 4H s Regesler 
Arthur A. H*nry, baker, 44 Second and 53 

n Eutaw, dw 32 Camden 
Ariliur David, huckster, 171 e Madison 
Arihur Hugh, millwiighi, 371 Saratoga 
Arihur James, saddler, 3C>9 Saratoga 
Arthur John, laborer, 79 Booth 
Arthur John, hitler, 3t> Jackson 
ARTHUR ROBERT, dentiM, 79 n Charles, 

dw 607 w Fayeiie 
Arihur Robert, dravmnn, 105 n Spiing 
Arihur Wm. halter, 1 w Biliimore 
Arihur Wm. C- coppersmith, Lexington 

near Gilmor 
Arweiser Andrew, blacksmith, 242 s Dallas 
Asbeck Louis, of Germ So'y,165w Lombard 
Asbrecker George, shoemaker, 221 Light 
Ash Mrs. Eliznbeth, 15 Temple 
Ash George 8. cleik, 44 Jackson 
Ash Israel, liq. siore 170 Light, dw 130 Lee, 
Ash Jacob, 186Huglies 
Ash Louis, (M. Gutman & Co.) 92 s Sharp 
A-h Nicholas, carter, 318 Ea^iern av. 
A-h Samuel, coach .^mith, 172 Dover 
Ash Thoma.s P. painter, 58 Albemarle 
Ashcom Alexander, pilot, 141 Bank 
A-hcom John L. pilot, 78 s Ann 
A.^hcroftRbt. (Abiahams«fe A.)266e Lom- 
Ashcroft Wells ship joiner. 111 s Ann 
Asher Martha, 30 Chcsnut 
Ashford Henry, brass moulder, Central av 

near Madi-^on 
Ashford Stephen, brass moulder, 192 Cen- 
tral av 
Ashland Manufacturing Co. 4 German 
Ashleger Christian, 159 s Fremont 
Ashleger Wm. clerk, 159 s Fremont 
Ashlev Wm. H. carpenter, Elbow lane, dw 

177 German 
Ashman Alfred, stone cutter, Camden near 

Euiaw, (Iw 179 w Praii 
Ashman Mary A. 25 Orleans 
AshrickGeo. cooper, Frederick av. below 

Calverton Road 
Ashion John, clerk, 90 Centre 
Ashton J )hn, hatter, 10 Fi h Market space 
Athlon J. F. carpenter, 130 n Front 
A-hion John M. macbinist, 191 Columbia 
Ashton Marrow, groct-r 92 Finnklin, dw 90 
Ashion Thos. iron moulder, 194 Columbia 
Ashton Wm. haiier, 23 Cousiitiiiion 
Ashton Wm. R. book keep- r, llH sPaca 

Ashwell , laborer, 17 Si* miner's alley 

Askew Chas.L. carpentei, 13H Preston 
Askew Jorn, in'«pecior weights and meas- 
ures, 2^14 Sharp 
Askew Susan, 300 n Euiaw 
A-kew Thos. B. engineer, 71 Grundy 
Askey James, cabinet maker, Is Broadway 
Askey John HOO Canton av 
Askey Joseph, carter, 83Granby 
Askey Wm. cooper, S niih's whf. dw 233 

e Prati 
Askey Nancy, seanosiress, 24 n Bond 
Asmus Daniel, blind maker, 23 Batre 

Aspeline Joseph, pilot, 94 s Charles 

Askins Nancy. 67 s Broadwav 

Aspril David T. 61 sEden 

Asiley Wm. A. hatter, 147 Wolf 

Assfelt Mary, Locust Point 

A.s.sociate Presbyterian Church, east side 

Courtland nearSaraiciga 
ANCE CO. 4 South, John R. Moore, 

Associated Reform Church, Fayette betw 'n 

Liberty and Charles 
Assum Wm. agent Baltimore Wecker, 3 n 

Atchison James, brass foundry, 67 North, 

dw 173 Hoffman 
Athenaeum Place School, 61 Saratoga, A. 

Clarke and H. W. Taylor, principals 
Aikin Margaret, 139 n Gay 
Atkinson Allen, quarryman, 596 Saratoga 
Atkinson Brodnax, salesman, cor. St. Paul's 

and Lexington 
Atkinson Ge)rge, butcher, 431 Penn. av 
AikiiLson Henrv, iron moulder, 323 Mulb'ry 
Atkinson Dr. Robert. 21 1 n Euiaw 
Atkinson James, barber, 403 n Gay 
Aikinson John W. carpenter, 294 n Gay 
Atkinson Joseph, laborer, 532 Saratoga 
Aikinson Joshua, collector, 273 e Prait 
Atkinson Joshua I. treas. Bait, and Ohio 

R. R. Co. Camden station, dw95St Paul 
Aikinson Mail. W. (Wesi&A.)(W Buren 
Aikinson Samuel E carpenter, w Baltimore 

near Pine 
Aikinson Samuel E. deputy warden ciiy 

jail, dw w Baltimore near Pine 
Atkinson Samuel C. professor Newton Uni- 

versiiy, Strieker near Saratoga 
Atkinson Thomas, carter, 594 Saratoga 
Atkinson Thomas, bricklayer, 5 Moimi 
Aikinson Thus. J. prof, belle lettres Striek- 
er near Saratoga 
Aikin.son Tho.s. W. (Hopkins, Hull & Co.) 

Baltimore co r^ 

Aikinson Wm. weaver, 64 Preslon 
Aikinson Wm. T. grocery, 8 Aisquilh 
Atkinson Wm.H. blacksmith, Oregon near 

Atler Francis, bricklayer, 206 Lee 
Atson Henry, rigger, 5 Fell 
Alwaiers Morris, japanner, 4 Mullikin 
Atwaleis Rinsar, carpenter, 4 Mullikin 
Atwell Daniel, (Pate, Harrison & A.) 

G lUgh e of Washington. 
Atwell Geo. ship carpenter, 141 Argvle al 
Alwell Jos. W. blacksmith, 245 Gough 
Alwejl Martin, carpenter, f'H Warner 
Atwell Nicholas, grocery. 14 Abbuli 
Atwell Richard H. & Co. imp. and mamif. 

mis. 68 South. dw R. H A -IS CoiiriLind 
Alwell Wm. ship larp. 249 Ali'eanna 
Atwood &. Boring, broom iminuf. 464 w Bal- 
At Wood Capt. Benjamin, 129 s Eden 
Aiwood Benj. H. (A. & Boring) I02 0ileans 
Aiwooil John, cabinet maker, 102 Orleans 
Aiibel Frederick, cabinet maker, 15 n Pop. 

Aubrev & Co. comm mis. 61 Exch. place 
Aubrey W. P. (A.&Th(.mav) U n Cl>arles 





Auburn Wilson, carpenter, 6 Church 
Audibert John H. bricklayer, 39 Chatsworth 
Audoun Susan, 51 n Front 
Audoun Joseph H. mag:istrate 1st ward, 

office Bank, dw 107 Bank 
Audoun Oliver, (Binyon & A.) 130 Bank 
Audoun Lewis, iinp'r hardw. 187 s Broad- 
way, dw 267 e Baltimore 
AUER FREDERICK, tavern, 132 Saratoga 

n Howard, cor. Mulberry 
Aner John A. laborer, 47 President 
Auerman Jacob, japanner, 46Rabor^ 
Ausfee Henry, tin and sheet iron worker, 39 

Aul Mich'l, shoemaker, 253 e Eager 
Augei John, 3 s Bethel 
Augeobrecht Henry, laborer,223e Lombard 
Auiti Benj. F. ship joiner, 198 Eastern av 
Auld & Bowen, ship smiths, foot of War- 

len, s side basin 
Auld Hugh, magistrate 2d ward, 247 s Bond 

dw 198 Eastern av 
Auld Hadaway, clerk Eutaw House 
Auld Joseph, (A. & Bowen) 42 Warren 
Auld John, tailor, 177 Argyle alley 
Auld Joseph H. blacksmith, sside of Basin, 

dw 42 Warren 
Auld Mrs. F. Virginia, dress maker and 

milliner, 332 w Baltimore 
Auld Mrs, JMary, 137 Mulberry 
Auld Richard, mariner, 112 s Ann 
Auliieide Frilz, shoemaker, 241 e Lombard 
An It Mrs. Mary, 347 n Gay 
Ault Mary Jane, 287 Aisqu'ith 
Ault Samuel is. Sou, dealers in shoe findings 

and garden seeds, 2S Calvert, dw corner 

Aisquith and Chew 
Aunchulz Hy. upholsterer, 230 e Lombard 
Ausheiman Thoma.s, 62 s Eutaw 
Austen Alex. R. book keep. 63 n Poppleton 
Au-ten Dr. Philip H. dean Bait. Col. Dent. 

Surg, office 79 n Charles, dw 76 s Sharp 
Austerbar Ludwig, turner, IS Aliceanna 
Ausiin Adam, distiller, 97 Albemarle 
Austin Alex, bricklayer, 80 McElderry 
Austin Thomas, clerk, Broadway s of Mon- 
Austin Geo. C. carpenter, 347 w Lombard 
Austin Theodore I), police, 24 Welcome al 
Austin Wm. (Culliraoie & A) 243 Wolfe 
Austrian Betty, c^p maker, 223 s Bond 
Avell John, baker, 112 s Howard 
Averill Elisha, wood dealer, 164 Sharp 

Avery , s e cor. Central av & Baltimore 

Awbrey And'w, cigar mak. 156 n Caroline 
Au brey Andrew J. cigar store, s e cornej- 

Gay and Eden 
Awbrey Presilev, shoemak. liSG n Caroline 
Awhrey Thomas P. painter, 156 n Caroline 
Ayd John, carpenter, 165 Stirling 
Aydclott Peter, carpenter, 244 w Fayette 
Ay.-rs Chas. 78 s Paca 
Ayers George, laborer, 157 Aliceanna 
Ayers Capt. Samuel, 214 s Ann 
Ayler &. Meyer, wood dealers, s e cor. Car- 

ohne and Lancaster 
Ayler John W. (A. & Meyer) 115 Bank 
Ayres Henry H. (Jacob A. & Son,) 158 w 


Ayers Jas. K. master rgger, loft 232 Wo f, 

dw 79 s Ann 
Ayres Jas. H. master rigger, s e cor. La i- 

caster and Wolf 
Ayres Jas. A. engineer, 67 Washington 
Ayres Jacob St Son, grocers and com. mti, 

154 w Pratt, dw J. A. 158 w Lombard 
Ayres Jacob, (A. J. & Son) 158 w Lombard 
Ayres Littleton, 7 Chatsworth 
Ax Chri.stian, (G. W. Gail,) 28 Barre 
Axt John, cooper, Frederick road, ne£.r 

Snake Hollow 

Babb John D. baker, 68 s Charles 

Bahb John D. jr. 68 s Charles 

BABBITT E. B. asst. quar. mast. U. S. A.. 

76 Courtland 
Babe Frederick, shoemaker, Canton av. 

near Burke 
Bach Adam, feed store, 322 Aisquith 
Bach Albert, tinner, 213 Aliceanna 
Bach Mrs. Ann, 55 Bank 
Bach Christian, carpenter, 124 s Howard 
Bach Henry, glass blower, 55 Bank 
Bach John, tailor, 191 Eastern av 
Bach Philip, salesman, 227 e Monument 
Bach Sebastian, laborer, Madison near 

Bacharach Abraham, dry goods dealer, 77 

Bacharach Aaron, second hand fur. dealer, 

157 Canton av 
Bacharach Henrietta, 226 Canton av 
Bacher Jacob F. confectioner, 23 Pennsyl- 
vania avenue 
Bacher Magdalena, 36 s Regester 
Bachman Ernst, tailor, 44 Abbot 
Bachman Henry, (Beck & B.) 124 s Sharp 
Bachmann H. W. clothier, 316 w Pratt 
Bachmann Margaret, tailoress, 316 w Pratt 
Bachmann Wm. H. tailor, 155 s Charles 
Bacigaluppo Vincenza, fruit dealer, 60 n 

Backer Conrad, huckster, 25 Lancaster 
Backer Godleib, groc. and liq. dealer, 243 

Backer John H. laborer, Clinton near El- 
liott, Canton 
Backer Jacob, cooper, 358 s Charles 
Backer John G. grocer, 122 Lancaster 
Backer Thomas, baker, 129 Hill 
Backes Peter, shoemaker, 128 Gough 
Backman James E. pattern maker, 13 Mc- 

Backus Rev. John C.22 North 
Bacon Dr. James E. 87 Hollins 
Bacon Mrs. Jane, 87 Hollins 
Bacon James, daguerrotypist, 472 w Balti- 
more, dw 87 Hollins 
Baden August, shoemaker, Port alley, near 

Canton av 
Baden James, 92 n Green 
Baden Jeremiah, pilot, 104 s Ann 
Baden Wm. H. gents, furn. store, 11 n Eu- 
Bader Jacob, varnisher,21 Jasper 
Bader Civiakus, tobacconist, 244 e Eager 
Badger Ezekiel, shoemaker, 15 Wyeth 
Badger Thomas P. sewing machine opera- 
tor, 38 Hanover 





Bailger Jo'^eph, slioemaker, 38 Hanover 
Baehr Lewi:;, music teacher, 21 n Poppleton 
Baepler Henrv, baker, 120 Columbia 
Baer Charles"W.''lerk, 48 McCulloh 
Baer Dr. Etlward R. 9 s Greene 
B^er Geo. H. clerk, 48 McCulloh 
Baer Henrv, shoemaker, 178 e Lombard 
Baer James, clerk, 9 s Greene 
Baer John Henry, blacksmith, Light, cor. 

Fort av 
Baer Rev. John, 48 McCiilloh 
Baer Joiin, cooper, 250 s Eutaw 
Bner John, grocery, 78 s Spring 
Baer Louis, pedlar, 26 n Dallas 
Baer Michael, shoemaker, 5 Mulberry 
Baer Wm. H. clerk in Critn. Ct. 9 s Greene 
Baer Wm H. clerk, 11 s Greene 
Baerke Christian, shoemaker, 332s Charles 
Baetjer Henry, pro. horses and drays, 93 s 

Baeyer Louis, machinist, 80 Lee 
BaeyerMary, conl'eclioner, 80 Lee 
Bae:ge Thomas, baggage exp. agent, 132 s 

Bi^gotl Charles, wire worker, 185 Raborg 
Baggott Mrs. dress maker, 70s Paca 
Baggott Thomas, wire worker, s70 Paca 
Baile Elizabeih, 46 Lemmon 
B\ierlien Adam, tavern, 11 Stiles 
Biiierlipp John, tailor, 247 e Fayette 
B.iiley, Craft & Co. hat manl. 77 n Front 
Bailey, Capi. Edwin, (Coleman & B.) 14 s 

Bailey Edward, painter. 144 Preston 
Bailey Elijah, 339 w Pratt 
Bailey Rev. Enoch, teacher, 110 s Caroline 
Bailey Elizabeth, 96 w Monument 
Hailey George, wood corder, 134 Bank 
Bailey Henry, pilot, 17H Gough 
Bailey James, manner, 16 Hamburg 
Bailey John F. mariner, 16 Hamburg 
Bailey John M. carpenter, 4 Hoffman 
Bailey John F. carpenter, 3ii Cross 
Bailey John, carpet weaver, 78 Green 

.Miiunt ar 
Bailey Lewis E. (Cushings & B.) 237 w 

Bailey Margaret, 162 Gough 
Bailey Otho, policeman, 67 s Oregon 
Baili.-y Patrick, laborer, 130 Henrietta 
Bailey Wm. grocer, 226 Eastern av 
B .iley Wm. grocer, 367 Catheilral 
Bailey Wm. wood inspector. 1-24 Conway 
Bailey Wm. (B. CraCi &, Co.) 367 Cathedral 
Bailey Wm. L. tailor, 261 Eastern av 
Bailey Wm. L. taiKir, 130 Washington 
Bailone Pa.schal, carp. 248 e Monument 
Bailone Paschal, carpenter, 47 n Eden 
Baily George, (B. & Worthington) Madison 

near St. Paul 
Baily Jaines, (Canby, Gilpin & Co.) 42 s 

Baily James, manuf. alcohol, Green near 

Baily Mo e.s, laborer, 176 Hnghe.s 
Bnilv &, Worthington, millers, 7 Spears whf. 
Bain Francis, mate, 249 Gough 
Biin John, cooper, 83 Amity 
Biin Wm. nursery man, 218 Mulberry 
Bains Charles, bricklayer, 78 Warner 

B*!ns John, cigar maker. 109 French 
Bains John, carter, 117 Hamburg 
Bair George, laborer, 130 Lexington 
Baird James, principal Cent. High School, 

dw 51 Lexington 
Baird Virginia, 3 watch house al 
Baiizel Jacob, carpenter, 1-0 s Sharp 
Bakel Lewis, tailor, 61 n Eden 
Bakeman Julia, 195 s Bethel 
Baker Alfred, 77 n Liberty 
Baker Asbury, clerk, 40 Lexington 
Baker August, shoemaker, 90 Orchard 
Baker Augustus, tailor, 232 Barre 
BAKER BROTHERS 8t CO. manufactur- 
er's agents for Baltimore is. New Jersey 

glass works, 32 and 34 s Charles— (see p. 

8 Mverlisements) 
Baker Charles J. (B. Bros. &Co.j 66 n Paca 
Baker Charles, tavern keeper, 57 Hanover 
Baker Charles, keeper of Union Squaie. 

455 w Fayette 
Baker Charles, blacksmith, 62 Vine 
Baker Christian, baker. Baker's court 
Baker Christian, tin and sheet iron worker, 

203 Canton av, dw 175 Canton av 
Baker Conrad, ship carpenter, 123 s Bethel 
Baker Conrad, cabinet maker, 110s Eutaw 
Baker Corbin C. machinist, 568 w Lombard 
Baker David. 77 n Liberty 
Baker Davis, mariner, 295 e Madison 
BAKER Dr. EDWARD, n w cor Charles 

& Conway 
Baker Edward, brass fini.sher, 178 Chesnut 
Baker Eliza, 525 n Gay 
Baker Frederick, tailor, 237 e Lombard 
Baker Frederick, shoemaker, 162 Durham 
Bakkel Charles, shoemaker, Frederick road 

near tollgate 
Baker Frederick, sen. cedar cooper, 28 

Baker Frederick, jr. cooper, 248 n Eden 
Baker George, clerk, 184 n Broadway 
Baker George, milkman, .V25 n Gay 
Baker Greenbury, machinist, 525 n Gay 
Baker G. G. shoemaker, 161 n Eden 
Baker G. Alex, bookkeeper, 94 Saratoga 
Baker George, tailor, 75 Lombard 
Baker Gideon, nightman, 178 s Wolfe 
Baker Capt. George C. 50 s Ann 
Baker Henry, cedar cooper, 412 n Gay 
Baker Henry, mate, 7 n Bond 
Baker Henry, yeast maker, 90 Chew 
Baker Henry & Co. successors to D Baker 

&.S>n,bark mill, s e cor. Caroline and 

Baker Henrv, (H. B. & Co.) 77 n Liberty 
Baker H. 419 Light 
Baker Henry, paver, 258 e Eager 
Baker Henry, cabinet maker, 161 e Fayette 
Baker Henry, tailor .50 Short 
B.\KL<:R, HOLMES& BROWN, brass & 

bell founders &, edge tool manufacturers, 

13 e Pratt 
Baker Jacob, brakesman. SO Lemmon 
Baker Jacob, butcher, 510 Pennsylvania ar 
Baker Jacob, bricklayer, 199 Hamburg 
Baker Jacob, cooper, 504 Light 
Baker James, cooper, 358 s Charles 
B.iker James, ship carp. 175 Bank 
Baker James M. 2^9 e Baltimore 





Baker James, machinist, 81 n Amity 
Baker, James furu're wagoner, 275 Madison 
Baker John, ship carpenter, 158 Canton av 
Baker John J. coJporier, 32 Jackson 
Baker John H. tailor, 8 e Lombard 
Baker John, nail smith, 76 Somerset 
Baker John, tavern, 314 s Bond 
Baker J. Herman, chair and basket maker, 

538 w Baltimore 
Baker John T. shoemaker, 263 n Dallas 
Baker John, laborer, )2 Sterrett 
Baker John H. clerk, 75 s Fremont 
Baker John J. clerk, 9 Hollins 
Baker John L. officer custom house, 286 

Eastern av 
Baker John W. (J. W. Bruff & Co.) 354^ 

w Lombard 
Baker John C. blacksmith, 67 n Poppleton 
Baker John, brakesman, 5 Scott 
Baker John, shoemaker, 4 Fell 
Baker John, bricklayer, 198 Sharp 
Baker Joseph, 194 Saratoga 
Baker Lewis, blacksmith, 568 w Lombard 
Baker & McCracken, paper dealers, 120 w 

Baker Maria, 95 n Charles 
Baker Mrs Mary E. 9 Hollins 
Baker, Mary E. 9 Hollins 
Baker, Nelson R. clerk B. & O. R. R. 9 

Baker, Mrs. Margaret, 143 Bethel 
Baker Nicholas, prop, green tree hotel, s w 

for. President and Eastern av 
Baker Nelson, (B. & McCracken) 291 

Baker Nicholas, cooper, 56 Dnrst alley 
Baker Nicholas, upholsterer, 3 Chesnut 
Baker, Olrick, tailor, 86 Holiday 
Baker Rachael, 75 s Fremont 
Baker Richard J. manufacturer of dye 
wood and dealer in dye stuffs and chemi- 
cals, 36 s Charles, dw Windsor mill road 
Baker Richard J. 66 n Paca 
Baker Robert B cabinet maker, 34 n Fre- 
Baker Robert B. jr. cabinet maker, 34 n 

Baker Samuel, butter dealer, 42 Pearl 
Baker Sarah A. 188 Constitution 
Baker Thomas, carter, 116 Montgomery 
Baker Wm G. salesman, 75 Hill 
Baker Wm. boatman, 132 Gough 
Baker Wm. lumber wagoner, cor Biddle & 

Hakei Wm. tailor, 168 s Central av 
Kakor Wui. tailor, 68 s Regester 
Baker Win. ^ror-eiy, 129 York 
Baker Wm. ropemaker, 290 Aisquith 
Baker Wm. cabinet maker, 202 Stirling 
Baker Wm. shoemaker, 74 Jackson 
Baker Wm. 77 n Libenv 
Baker Wm. C. clerk, 75 Hill 
Baker Wm. A. ship carpenter, 121 William 
Baker Wm (B., Holmes & Brown) 6 Gough 
Baker Wm. O. carpenter. 20| Lee 
Raker Wm. H. K. clerk, 13 Pearl 
Biker Wm. A. clerk, 66 Chew 
Halant Philip, painter, 38 s Central ar 
Balbirnie Mrs. Ann L. female academy, 320 
w Lombard 

Balbirnie Geo. dyer and scourer,-4 sFro»U, 
Balbiinie Thos. architect, over 117 w BaiUi*' 

more, dw 320 w Lombard V 

Balch Rev. 'Lewis P. 24 Holiday 
Bald Fred. W. lock & gun'smith 91Penn.av' 
Bald Wm. carter. 1 James alley 
Balders John, laboier, 153 Stilling 
Balderston A-^aH. (B &S..n)21 Lexingtcn 
workers, 12 s Calvert, dw H. B. 150 w 
Balderston Isaiah, (B. & Son) 21 Lexingtjn 
Balderston Jactib, (Hugh B. & Son) 150 w 

Balderston John C. boot & shoe commissim 
merchant, over 14 Hanover, dw 103 Sharp- 
Balderston Marcellus, clerk, 329 n Euiaw ^ 
Balderston, Oliver H.21 Lexington 
Balderston & Son, dentists, 21 Lexington 
Baldner Fransinah, mantua maker, '7 

Baldwin C. (Woodward, B. & Co.) 236 a 

Baldwin C eb C. tavern, 20 s Bond 
Baldwin David, as.sistant treasurer Savin, ? 

Bank, 4 s Broadway 
BALDWIN Dr. EDWIN C. 137 n Exeit : , 

dw Brown's hotel, II!) n High 
Baldwin Frederick, cleik, 337 s Bond 
Baldwin George E. machinisi, 108 Boyd 
Baldwin John, engineer, I'^S McHenry 
Baldwin John, carpenter, 199 Gough 
Baldwin Mary, 34 s Bond 
BALDWIN, MYER& Co. oyster packe.s 
and preservers of fruits and herm. seah i 
meals, oysters, &c. West Falls av 
Baldwin Robl. board, house, iBOColumbi i 
Baldwin Rubt.T. (B. Myer & Co.) SOsPa. i 
Baldwin Summerfield, (Norris & B) 2.i6 ;i 

Baldwin Thos. J. moulder, 527 w Lombai ! 
Baldwin Waller T. (Hook & B.) s e C( r 

Greene and Saratoga 
Baldwin Wm. H.jr. (Woodward, B. & Co ) 

236 n Eutaw 
Baley Geo. W. A. T. policeman, 116 Vini 
Baley Martin, 16 Eastern av 
Ball David, dealer in china and queenswai ' 

166 Franklin 
Ball Frederick, 3 New Church 
Ball George R policeman, 17 Rose 
Ball George, policeman, 125 s Caroline 
Ball James M. 84 n Green 
Ball John L. (J. B. & Son) 314 n Gay 
BallJames& Sun, shoemakers. 53 e Bait 

Ball John, shoe cutter, 31 Peail 
Ball John L. bricklayer, 88 Chester 
Ball John D. carpenter, 28 Richmond 
Ball John, engineer, 245 Aliceanna 
Ball John W. 651 w Lombard 
Ball Mattrom M clerk, ■..;04 e B iliimore 
Ball Philip A (Warwick, Flick & B.) Hofi 

man near Ross 
Ball Dr. R. H. 160 Saratoga 
Ball Robert, mariner, 88 Wolfe 
Ball Sam. T. (James B. & Son) 304 n Gay 
Ball Thomas A. 278 w Madison 
Ball Waller, painter, 11 Barnums buildings 
Fayette, dw 81 n Greene 





Ball Thus. Walker, clerk, 337 w Lombard 

Ball Waller, jr. clerk, 19 Pearl 

Ball William, huckster, Baltimore near 

Fulton % 

Bill Wm. D. bailiff criminal court, dw 1~7 

Ball Wra. bricklayer, 16 Fails 
Balla John R. grocery, 4-26 Light 
Ballaniine Alex. B. ship carp. 102 s Ann 
Ballard Edward J. 158 German 
Ballard James, coachsmiih, 1 w Chase 
Ballard Levin E. com. merchant, orer 79 

South, dw 588 Lexington 
Bfiiiard Ruth, boarding bouse, 61 Second 
Ballard Wm. carpenter, 321 n Gay 
Ballenger Henry, 65 s Howard 
Ballenger Joseph, dry goods dealer, 162 

Ballentine Archibald, lime burner, 263 s 

Ballett Catharine, milliner, 58 n Eutaw 
Btllirder Cuntad, tailor, 195 Orleans 
Bailman James, machinist, 463 w Lombard 
Balman Clement, grocer, cor China alley 

and Montgomery 
Balman Henry, tailor, 69 e Lombard 
Balmer James, apothecary, n e cor Baltimore 

and Hi^h 
Balloch James, 345 w Lombard 
Ballouf Augustus, mor. dealer, 69 Harrison 
Balsier George, stevedore, 290 Canton av 
Balsier Jonn,stovemaker, 202 s Bond 
Baltien John, laborer, 297 Aliceanna 
Baltimore Athenaeum cor St. Paul and Sar- 
atoga sts. occupied by Baltimore Library 

Co., Mercantile Library Association & 

Maryland Hi.--torical Soci.^ty 
Baltimore Academy of the Visitation, cor. 

Paik & Centre 
Baliimore Association for Improving the 

Condition of the Poor, 24 w Fayette 
Baltimore Bag Factory, 2 Wood, Bowly's 

BALTIMORE CLIPPER, 134 w Baltimore 
Baltimore Club House, 45 w Fayette 
Baliimore Copper Smelting Co. Clinton st. 

Canton, D Keener, a^ent 
Baltimore Custom House, n w cor. of Gay 

and Lombard 
Baltimore & Cuba Smelting & Mining Co. 

copper works. Whetstone Point, office 

56 s Gay 
Baltimore Cemetery Co's office, over s w 

cor Baltimore & South 
Baltimore City and County, Cal- 

verton road 
Baltimore Coal Co. office, s e cor Commerce 

and Exchange Place 
Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, cor 

Lombard 8t Hanover, entrance Lombard 
Baliimore Dispensary, n e cor Fayette and 


for insuring houses from loss by fire, of- 
fice 19 S luih, Francis A. Crook, Treas. — 

(see p 40 ^dvertuements) 
Baliimoie Farm Co. 35 w Pratt st. Edward 

Brady, President 
Baltimore Female College, 63 St. Paul— (se< 

p 12 Mvertiaements) 


cor South and Water, J. I. Cohen, jr. Pres. 
Baltimore Infirmary, s w cor Greene and 

Lombard — [see p. 45 Mvertisemenls] 

15 South, John 1. Donaldson, president — 

{See p. 42 Mvertisements) 
Baltimore Marine Observatory, e end of 

Montgomery, Thos. N. Neilson. prop. 
Baltimore Museum, n w cor Baltimore and 

Baliimore Orphan Asylum, Strieker near 


CO. office Camden Station 

and Baltimore 
Baltimore Price Current, office Merchant's 

Exchange Reading Rooms, Porter & To- 

bin, publishers 

WILMING rON R. R. depot, cor Presi- 
dent and Canton av 
MORY, Patterson building, n e cor. Bal- 
timore and Gay 

SI'EAMBOAT CO., office 3 Light st. 

whf J. Alexander Shriver, agent. [See 

p. 4 Mvertisements] 
Baltimore Steam Packet Co. office, s end 

Concord, Fenby's whf. M. N. Falls, agent 
Baltimore and Savannah Steamship Co. 

Fenby's whf. James Girvin, agent 
Baltimore & Susquehanna Steam Co. office 

w Falls av. Joseph Jas. Taylor, agent 
Baltimore Weekly Dispatch, Gobright & 

Norris, proprietors, over 93 w Baltimore 
Baltimore Wecker, German newspaper, 3 n 

Frederick, Wm. Rapp, editor 

basement I e Baltimore, next to bridge, 

E. R. Craven, proprietor 

UNION, 5 s Frederick 
Ballzell Alexander, clerk, 350 w Baltimore 
Baltzell Columbus, 13 George 
Balizell Emanuel, 90 Hanover 
Baltzell Emma, 2 Buren 
Balizell Henry, tailor, Aliceanna, Canton 
BALTZELL Dr. WM. H. 90 Hanover 
Ballzell Wilsun, 103 Sharp 
Baltzer Henry, tailor, 149 s Eden 
Bambach Frederick, tailor, 72 Granby 
Bamberger Ansel, clerk, 71 n Howard 
Bamberger Abraham, butcher, 186 s Caro- 
line si 
Bamberger 8t Bro. dry goods dealers, 43 

and 55 n Howard, dw 27 n Eutaw 
Bamberger David, dry goods dealer, 43 n 

BAMBERGER ELKAN, millinery, em- 
broidery and dress trimmings, 253 w 

Bamberger John, 210 n Caroline 
Bamberger Mrs Rebecca, 284 e Pratt 
Bamberger R. H. shoemaker, 60 McElderry 
Bamberger Wm.H. grocery, 243 e Madison 
Bambery Tudor, tailor, 12 e Monument 
Bancroft John D. bricklayer, 12 n High 





Bandell Ann Maria, '201 Madison 
Bandell Charles S. farmer, -225 e Lombard 
Bandell G-eo. machinist, 93 n Eden 
Bandell Geo. W. dyer & scourer, 187 e Bait 
Bandell Hy. M. shoemaker, '204 e Madison 
Bandell J. L. block & pnmp maker, 97 Mc- 

Elderry's wharf, dw % s Exeter 
Bandell James L. shoemaker, 204 e Madison 
Bandell John W. clerk, 20 Commerce 
Bandell John M. (Humrichouse & B.) 353 

e Pratt 
Bandell Justina B. 96 s Exeter 
Bandell Michael H. shipsmith, 97 McElder- 

ry's wharf, dw IttO Bond 
Bandell Philip, 119 s Exeter 
Bandell Samuel L. clerk, 13 n Bond 
Bandell Wm. bacon dealer, 70 n Bond 
Bandle Edward, carpenter, 204 e Madison 
Bander Michael, machinist, 160 s Bond 
Baner Mary, cedar cooper, 112 n Gay 
Bangeri Jacob, laborer, 419 n Gay 
Bangert Joseph, baker, 6 Fell 
Bangert Philip, camphine wagon, 93 Mc- 

Bangert Rudolph, hatter, 216McElderry 
Bangs Charles, clerk, 165 s Paca 
Bangs Edward, (Carev, Howe&Co.)nw 

cor Monument and Park 
Bangs George, policeman, 146 s Green 
Bang« James, carpenter, 116 Bank 
Bangs John, boot and shoemaker, 229 w 

Pratt, dw 144 Barre 
Bangs Joseph, feed store, 258 e Madison 
Bangs Mary A. 113 s Bond 
Bangs Reid, machinist, 55 McHenry 
Bangs William, architect, HO Low 
Bangs Wm. H. shoemaker, 4S Albemarle 
BANK OF BALTIMORE, n e cor. Balti- 
more and St. Paul. See Appendix 
BANK OF COMMERCE, 26 South. See 

Bankard Henry, carpenter, 6'23 Penna av 
Bankard Jacob J. butcher, Hampstead near 

Bankard Jacob, Baltimore e of Chester 
Bankard James M. butcher, cor Hampstead 

&t Wolfe 
Banltard John L. butcher, Baltimore e of 

Bankard Michael, carter, '228 n Dallas 
Bankard Nicholas D. carpenter, 592 Penn. 

av. dw 594 
Bankard William, carpenter, 588 Penn av 
Banker David, dry g'ds dealer, 600 Penn av 
Baiikhead Robert, clerk, 30 n Fremont 
Bankinship Daniel, engineer, 5 William- 
son alley 
Banks Andrew, clerk, 194 Franklin 
Banks Benjamin, furniture wagoner, 48 

Banks Daniel B. Pres't Union Manuf. Co. 

office cor. Howard A German, dw 194 

Banks David, (Han.son &, B.) 47 e Lombard 
Banks James, stone cutter, 33 Chew 
Banks John, machinist, 7 s Schroeder 
Banks John, boiler maker, 12 Williamson 
Banks Lewi.«, machinist, 23 s Poppleton 
Brinks Robt. T. importer china ware, 105 w 

Baltimore and 55 South, dw 10 Watson 

Banks Samuel, finisher, 5ol Lexington 
Banks W. H. S. tobacconist, 47 e Lombard 
Banks William J. grocer, 48 Jefferson 
Bannan H«gh, laborer, 28 Morris alley 
Bannan John, grocer, 194 Lexington, dw 38 

Bannan Michael, drayman, 79 York 
Bannan Michael, laborer, 2 Buren 
Bannan Mary, tavern, Towson, Locust pt 
Bannenberg Fredk, shoemaker, 338 w Pratt 
Bannett Wm. H. carpenter, 148 Hollins 
Banning Catharine, 360nEutaw 
Banning AJana, 360 n Eutaw 
Bannister Mrs. Mary E. 880 w Baltimore 
Bannister Saiah, 14 Maiden lane 
Bannister Wm. plasterer, 687 w Baltimore 
Bansemer Wm. G. (Handy & B.) National 

Bantum James M. coachmaker, 289 Cross 
Baniz Dr. Edward, (Theo. S. B. & Co.) '22 

Bantz Frederick, shomaker, 167 s Caroline 
Banlz John, shoemaker, 3 Regesler 

shoe, hat & cap dealers, over 320 & 322 

w Baltimore, dw T. S. B. n w cor. Lex- 
ington and Chatsworth 
Banz John, shoemaker, 7 Buren 
Baptist Chapel, Chase near Caroline 
Baptist Church, Lee between Sharp and 

Barhee George B. clerk, 626 w Baltimore 
Barbee Gabriel T. 594 w Fayette 
Barbee Nicholas, iron roller, 128 Argyle al 
Barbee & Royston, wholesale dry goods, 

3 n Howard 
Barbee Wm. R. sculptor, 8 Eutaw house, 

dw Baltimore near Calhoun 
Barber Heniy, bricklayer, 172 Mulberry 
Barber John G. 55(5 Lexington 
Barber Wm. machinist, 195 Hollins 
Barbine Joseph, grocery, 172 William 
Barclay Walter C, 69 McCulloh 
Barclay Z. Lewis, ladies shoe store, 118 

Bard, Tbos. E. bookkeeper, 139 Lexington 
BardoU' Isaac, shoemaker, 133 n Eutaw 
Bardrofl Joseph, plasterer, 3 Jackson court 
Barenthack Edward, jeweler, 24 Centre 

market space 
Bargar Deeter, bricklayer, 65 Franklin 
Bargar Joseph H. moulder, 7H Henrietta 
Bargar George W. bricklayer, 101 Ross 
Banckman Jno. upholsterer, 52 n Schroeder 
Barker Alfred, pattern maker, 89 French 
Barker Benjanun, plumber, 334 e Fayette 
Barker E. dressmaker, 11)4 n Howard 
Barker E. W. clerk, 362 n Eutaw 
Barker Frank, clerk, 190 Preston 
Barker Mrs. H. A. 190 Preston 
Barker George, clerk. 190 Preston 
Baiker John, 362 n Eutaw 
Barker John, 362 n Eutaw 
Barker Joseph, clerk, 190 Preston 
Barker Joseph W. hatter. Canton 
Barker Joseph W. hatter, 23 Fountain 
Barker Wm. machinist, Rising Sun hotel, 

74 n High 
Barker Wm. K. tobacconist, 265 Pratt, dw 

159 Conway 





Barker William H. ship carpenter, 176 

Barker Wm. harness maker, 9 JefTerson 
Barker Pliilipenia, 231 Hanover 
Barkhouse Cunrad, cabinet maker, 87 Jef- 
Baiklage G. H. (Hucht & B.) 15 Cow- 
pen al 
Barkley George L. machini.-;t, 2 Regester 
Bnrkley Hannah, 235 e Pratt 
Berkley John H. salesman, Eutaw house 
Berkley Robert, tailor, 27 Eastern av 
Barkman Joseph, cigar maker, 86 Pierce 
Barlag Elizabeth, grocery, 82 n Dallas 
Bailage Frank, grocery, 260 Monigomery 
Barlage John G. grocery, 407 w Pratt 
Barlage H. Henry grocery and liquor, 81 

Barler John, cooper, 42 Hampstead 
Bailey Ann, washerwoman, "29 Plum al 
Barling Joseph, distiller, 70 Henrietta, dw 

123 s Paca 
BARLOW JOSEPH, grocer, 38 n Paca 
Barlow Joshua, clerk, 14 George 
Birlow Thomas, carpenter, 239 Central av 
Barnard Oliver, conductor N. C. Railway, 

192 Garden 
Barnard Randolph, bricklayer, Walsh, 2 

doors w of Greenwillow 
Barnes Agnes, 150 s Ann 
Barnes Capt. Benjamin, 134 Conway 
Barnes Christian R. detective police, dw s 

w cor. Eden and Goiigh 
Barnes Daniel J. policeman, 194 Bank 
Barnes Hanson P. huckster, 285 e Madison 
Barnes Henry, ship carp. 119 Albemarle 
Barnes Jas. E. wheelwright, 287 Eastern av 
Barnes John A. clerk B. & O. R. R. dw 16 

e Fayette 
Barnes Joseph A. 119 Albemarle 
Barnes John R. stairbuilder, 134 Conv/ay 
Barnes John H. general agt. Cin. Will. & 

Zanesville R. R. dw 16 e Fayette 
Barnes Mason, in Custom house 
Barnes Richard, ship carpenter, 3 s Ann 
Barnes Richard, 49 Lexington 
Barnes Robert C clerk city collector's of- 
fice, 560 w Fayette 
Barnes R. M. runner Mechanics' Bank, 49 

Barnes Samuel, printer, 13 Scott 
Barnes Samuel F. moulder, 13 Scott 
BARNES SAMUEL J. iron moulder. Ma- 
son, bet. HoHVnari and Dolphin 
Barnes Thomas H. waterman, 6 William- 

s(m al 
BARNES & TAYLOR, grocers and com- 
mission merchants, 128 Dogan's wharf 
Barnes Winston (B. & Taylor) 1 1^ s Calvert 
Barnes Wm. M. carpenter, 319 n Eutaw 
Barnei Peter, suilmaker, 28 Gough 
Harnett De warren H. millinery goods, 65 n 

Burnett John, 129 Washington 
Harnett Rose A. tailoress, 129 Washington 
Harnett Thomas, painter, 162 Bank 
Barnett William, clerk P. O. 82 Hill 
Barney Elizabeih, 76 n Charles 
Barney James H. (John Sulliran & Sons) 
76 n Charles 

Baiiney Thos. draughtsman, 57 Columbia 

Barnhill Andrew H 16 Comet 

Barniiz Alexander H. (B. & Brinton) dw 

211 w Lombard 
BARNITZ & BRINTON, lumber com*is. 
merchants, West Falls av and forwarding 
merchants, 120 North 
Barnitz C. D. attorney, 50 M«sS'ulloh 
Barniiz Michael, 29 George 
Barns Christian, policeman. 111 Eden 
Barns John M. blacksmith, 10 Addison 
Barnnin Allen S. clerk, 52 Courtland 
Calvert, St. Paul and Fayette, Barnum & 
Co. proprietors 
BARNUM & CO. proprietors Barnum's 

City Hotel 
Barnnm Zenos (B. & Co.) Baltimore co 
Barow Edward, painter, 203 Columbia 
Barr John, proprieior Susquehanna Hotel, 

125 n Calvert 
Barr Samuel, route agent, 72 w Biddle 
BARREDA F. & BRO merchants and 
agents Peruvian government, over s w 
cor. South and Water 
Barrenger Jacob, laborer, 24 Shakspeare 
Barrens Wm. finisher, 2S9 Hamburg 
Barrett Asa, upholsterer, 10 s Greene 
BARRETT & DEBEET, looking glass & 
frame makers, 75 w Baltimore. [Seepage 
10 ^idverlisemenls] 
Barrett Eliza, millinery dealer, 101 e Balti- 
Barrett F. O. bookkeeper, s w cor. German 

and Greene 
Barrett George, silversmith, 241 Hollins 
Barrett Gregory, weaver, 118 Freniont 
Barrett James, finisher, 234 German 
Barrett James J. musician, 17 McElderry 
Barrett James J. glass blower, s e cor Pearl 

and Lexington 
Barrett J. L. (B. & DeBeet) Jackson square 
Barrett John, cooper, 36 Eastern av 
Barrett John, grocery, 2H9 e Pratt 
Barrett Joseph E. engineer, 53 s Poppleton 
Barrett Luke, clerk, 1H8 Saratoga 
Barrett Mary, 165 Saratoga 
BARRETTM.& BRO. carvers and gil- 
ders, 82 n Howard, dw M. B .34 w Biddle 
Barrett Patrick, gardener, 234 German 
Barrett Patrick, grocery, Ml Canton av 
Barrett Thomas, moulder, 234 German 
Barrett W. T. (M. B. & Bro.) 97 w Buldle 
Barrett Wm. chief operator western tele- 
graph. Sun building, dw 323 Mulberrv 
Barrett W. D. (G. A. Warder & Co.) n w 

cor Monument and Park 
Barrickman Jacob, cedar cooper, 200 e Bal- 
Barringer John, bacon deal. 63 McElderiy 
Barringer Lewis L. butcher, 2H8 Saratoy^a 
Barril Robert, clerk, 85 n Charles 
Barrington Edward P. clerk, 23H German 
Barrington Frank F. prof, music, 88 s Exe- 
Barris George, cooper, 312 e Monument 
Barroll Benj.C. Bttornev,23 Lexington 
Barroll Edward J. 92 McCulloh 
Barroll Henry B. 92 McCulloh 
Barroll Henry, 109 w. Monument 





Barroll James E. attorney, w Madison; pear 

Barroll James W. 48 Franklin 
Barroll Mary Ann, 109 w Monument 
Ba«roll Mrs. R. J. 92 McCulioh 
Barron Catharine, grocery, 53 n Front 
Barron Edward, cement roofer, 9 Scott 
Barron Ja'qies O. clerk, 18 s Calvert 
Barron John, steward, Eutaw house 
Barron John, carpenter, 142 v Madison 
Barron John, huckster, 195 s Paca 
Barron Thos. coachman, Chatsworth, opp. 

Birron Thos. D. clerk, 275 w Baltimore 
Barrow D. H. book-keeper, 53 Albermarle 
Barrow James, carpenter, 131 e Lombard 
Barrow H. P. book-keeper, 24 s. High 
Barrows Philip, rigger, 3 Philpot 
BARRY & HOOGEVVERFF, com. brok- 
ers, 4 Grocers' Exchange 
Barre Caroline, 81 n Charles 
Barry Jas. C. (B. & Hooeewerff) 155 n Paca 
Barry James, laborer, Hargrove nr. Centre 
Barry John L. teller in Franklin Bank, 58 s 

Barry John W. & Co. apothecaries, 440 w 

Barry John S. wholesale dry goods com. mt. 

20 Hanover, dw 70 Saratoga 
Barry John J. collector, 222 w Fayette 
Barry John W. hucksler, 381 w Pratt 
Barry John, gas fitter, 129 n Spring 
Barry Llewellyn F. attorney^ 80 w Fayette 
Barry Michael, laborer, 13 Spring ct 
Barry Robert C. attorney, 4 Courtland, dw 

Baltimore County 
Barry Samuel M. 49 St. Paul 
Barry William, laborer, 81 York 
Barry William, laborer, 9 w Chase 
Barry William, Porter, 67 Vine 
Barry William H. huckster, 381 w Pratt 
Barry Dr. William J. IGti Preston 
Barrv William R. (Schaeffer Jit Loney) 56 

n High 
Barry William T. wood sawyer, 9 Abbey al 
Barstow Joshua, blacksmith, 48 n Paca, dw 

cor. Frankjin and Eutaw 
Bart Louis, brakesman. 17 Barnet 
Bariclier August, '.ailor, 45 s Regester 
Bartcher Joiin, tailor, 45 s Regester 
Bariel Christopher, cabinet maker, 65 Lom- 
Barienslager John, woodsawyer, 293 Eager 
Bartjjis John M. salesman, 159 Chesnut 
Barth Christian, shoemaker 192 Lexington 
Barth John H. book-keeper, 5 Chatsworth 
Barth Samuel, sales agt. Piedmont Coal & 

Iron Co. 18 Columbia 
Bartholdt John F. jeweler, 63 n Gay 
Bariholof iVlrs. Eve, 165 s. Eden 
Bariholomaei Ciirislian G. cabinet maker & 

f-plints for fraci. bones, 15 Chase, dw 13 
Bartnolomew Ailam,cabmet mk. 158Raborg 

9^< Albemarle, and s. w. cor. President & 

Bartholow Andrew J. police, 81 Pierce 
Banholow B. F. Howard house 
Bartholow John, butcher, 554 Penn av 
Bartholow P. J. proprietor National Ho 1 

Bartholow J. M. C. clerk. National Hotel 
Bartholow Thomas, 344 Franklin 
Bartles Henry, cigar maker, 101 Regester 
BARTLETT BROS, wholesale druggists, 

70 s Calvert 
Bartlett David L. (Hayward, B. &. Co.) 57 

Bartlett Eleazer S. Treas. Maryland Soap 

Stone works, 94 s. Sharp 
Bartlett George & Co. hide and leather deal. 

134 w Fayette 
Bartlett Geo. B. (G. B & Co.) 65 n Liberty 
Bartlett Isaac C. 36 Philpot 
Bartlett James, boat build. 37 Philpot, dw 

146 s Caroline 
Bartlett John M. (B. Bros.) 31 Camden 
Bartlett William E. office s e cor. Eutaw and 

Dover, dw 110 Hanover 
Bartlett Wm. E. Jr. (B. Bros.) Barnum's 

Bartley Robert, tailor, 27 Eastern av. 
Bartling Thomas E. 54 n Central av 
Baitm John, tailor, 114 Hamburg 
Bartman Christopher, brass finisher, 21 Lan- 
Bartman Peter, tavern, 287 s Bond 
Bartol Henry B. coachmaker, 219 Aisquith 
Bartol George, 219 Aisquith 
Bartol James L. attorney, Spurrier's court, 

dw Windsor Mill road 
Barton Andrew C sailmaker, 102 Granby 
BARTON &. CO. lottery & exchange office 

188 w Pratt 
Barton Gieen H. clerk, 18 George 
Barton Greenbury, 104 Granby 
Barton Henry E. 238 Montgonaery 
Barton Ignatius T. reporter, cor. Hoffman 

and Pennsylvania av. 
Barton Jennings, ship joiner, Chester, near 

Barton Jas. ship joiner, 121 s. Washington 
Barton James 1. merchant tailor, 15 n Gay, 

dw 223 e Fayeite 
Barton Jno T. carpenter, 62 s. Washington 
Barton John, furnilure wagon, 113 Hillen 
Barton Joshua, machinist, 117 Grundy 
Barton Louis, 238 Montgomery 
Barton Mary Ann. 6 e Second 
Barton Patience, 102 Granby 
Barton Samuel, sail maker, 176 e Pratt 
Barton Saml. R.J. carpenter 173 Orleans 
Barton Samuel S. carpenter, 70 Mullikin, 

dw 173 Orleans 
Barton Selah, lumber inspector, 23 Regester 
Barton Thaddeus I. 238 Montgomery 
Barton William, bricklayer, 30() e Lombard 
Barton Wm. J. & Son, curriers, cor. Cheap- 
side and Lombard 
Barton Wm. J. (W. J. B. & Son) 62 e Lom- 
Barlscher Dr. F. 192 Aisquith [bar«i 

Bartscheer Susan, 74 Lancaster 
Bari7 Daniel, (Andre & B.) 134 Saratoga 
Eai wick Saml. J. jnnk shop, 261 sBroad'ay 
Basch Henry, furniture deal. 44 Chatsworth 
Bi.sford John, dagnerreotypist, 56 Pearl 
Basiord Richard A shoemaker, 23s Oregon 
BASH HENRY M. office 13 North, dw 82 

w Monument 
Easier, Martin, cooper, Frederick av. below 

Calverton road 





Easier John, blacksmith, 562 Penna av 
Bass Abraham, shoemaker, 77 e Lombard 
Bass Fiedk. coachmakcr, 330 Sliarp 
Bass W. Alex. Republican near Lexington 
BassellJohn, moulder, 37 sSchroeder 
Bassett Freeman, boiler maker, 2'2tj Mont- 
Bassett John, mariner, 257Gough 
Bassford ReT. Thos. Courtl'd near Pleasant 
Bassford Mrs. 121 Vine 
Basshor Tllomas (^. bookkeeper, Mansion 

Bast John, baker, 73 Eastern av 
Bastable Gilbert M. cattle dealer, 21 n Cal- 
houn, Franklin Square 
Bastart August, iron forger, Cannon, Canton 
Bastch John, currier, SG n Ann 
Bastien Emile, finisher, 43 n Liberty 
Bastien Teresa M. ladies' it children's hair 

dres?er, 43 n. Liberty 
Baswitz M. milliner, 187 n Gay 
Batch Jacob, shoemaker, 1G6 s Bond 
Batcher Christian C. policeman, 192s Ann 
Batcheler Rev. B. 452 w Fayette 
Batchelor Andrew, ship carpenter, 5 nWolfe 
Batclielor Columbus, ship carp. 5 n Wolfe 
Batchelor Joseph, police, 263 c Madison 
Batchelor Joseph, gas fitter, 34 Constitution 
Batchelor Kennedy, baker, 114 Mullikin 
Batchelor Lewis, sheet iron worker, Fre- 
mont, near Penna. av 
Batchelor S. L. 40 Courtland 
Batchelor Wallace, papeihang, 135 s High 
Batchelor Wm. watchman, 5 u Wolfe 
Batching John, 122 Siirlmg 
Bateman Benjamin, tinner, 211 s Charles 
Bateman J as. J. btiokkeeper, 247 w Fayette 
Baieman Jus. tobacconist, cor. Hillen and 

Baieman Jas. O. 400 w Lombard 
Bateman John L. laborer, 237 Hollins 
Bateman John, elk. Elbow la. /opp. Warner 
Bateman John C. laborer, 247 e Fayette 
Bateman Laura, milliner, 211 s Charles 
Bateman Wm. L. 104 s Charles 
Baieman Wm. Luther, 8) n High 
Batemiin Wm. L. clerk, 81 n High 
Bates Chas, machinist, 22 McElderry 
Bales Franklin L. manf. hoisting wheels & 
trucks for warehouses, over 1, 3 and 5 
President, dw 341 e Baltimore 
Bates Hy. E. watchmaiter, 163 w Baltimore 
BATES JAS. Jr. iron founder & hoisting 
wheel manuf. 1, 3 and 5 President, dw b 
s Broadway 
Bates John A. distil'r, Strieker n of Fayette 
Bates Wm. H. cabinet mk, 233 e Lombard 
Batesell John, bricklayer, 2-43 s Paca 
Batsmyer Wm. baker, 18 Daw.son 
Balsuld John, buictier, 25 Abbott 
Battee Richard Ridgely, attorney, Marshall 

building, St. Paul, dw i()3 Hanover 
Bailee John S. .'•ail maker, 336 e Lombard 
Battee John, policeman. 111 n Eden 
BATTEE Dr. JOHN S. n w cor. Hanover 

and Lee 
Batten Hariman,n Broadway, near Orleans 
Batten Samuel, clerk, 318 Saratoga 
Baiiencap John, 18 Stirling 
Baitenfeld Anna, grocery, 309 Canton av 
10 === 

Baitenfeld Chris, grocer and liq. deal, 201 

Hatienfield Daniel, tailor, (?1 President John, mariner, 228 Washington 
Baty John, bricklayer, 85 McElderry 
Bally John. tav;rn, 1 Camden 
Batiy Michael, 9 s Bethel 
Baizer John G. tailor, 225 e Eager 
Baizer Joseph, tailor, 24!) e Eager 
Hauchardt Wm. umbrella mk. 75 n Eutaw 
Bauch Philip, tailor, 239 e Eager 
Bauchta John, blacksmith. Plowman, opp. 

Bauchaiiip R bt. S. mt. lailor, 234 Light 
Bauer Adam, porter, 19 Happy al 
Bauer Andrew, laborer, 1 Smith al 
Bauer August, cigar mk. 200 Montgomery 
Bauer Conrad, tailor, 33 Albermarle 
Bauer Conrad, grocer, 35 s Oregon 
Bauer David, bacon curer, 08 s Central av 
Bauer Elizabeth, 35 s Caroline 
Bauer Frederics, cabinet maker 102s Eutaw 
Bauer George L. tailor, 259 n Gay 
Bauer George, cabinet maker, 151 Chesnut 
Bauer George, quarryman, 35 Pieston 
Bauer Henry, 1)4 s Eutaw 
Bauer John, shoemaker, 133 n Howard 
Bauer John, laborer, 217 s Bond 
Bauer John, shoemaker, 147 Chesnut 
Bauer Joseph, grocery, 15 Jefferson 
Bau&r Nicholas, ship carpenter, 197 s Bond 
Baugher J. 41) Park 
Baugher A. O. (P. Tiernan & Son,) 138 

Baugher J. C. (P Tiernan & Son,) 149 

B.'iugher Joseph, 138 Park 
Baugher Joseph L. tavern, 158 Franklin 
Baughman Ann, 79 Grundy 
Baughman Chas. W. police, 252 n Eutaw 
Baughman Francis M. marble worker, 209 

n Howard 
Baughman Geo. salesman, 434 w. Fayette 
Baughman Jacob, trader, 115 Columbia 
Baughman John, laboier, 29 Eastern av 
Baughman Jos. K painter, 222 Pierce 
Baughman Jos, K. painter, 44 n Amilv 
Baughman Michael, (Schierhold & B.) 19 

Baughman Saml. W. painter, 2!>5 n Eutaw 
Buihans Wm. lailor, 142 Eulaw 
Baulig George, tailor, 28 Lee 
Baum Abraham, eurtier, 118 Henrietta 
Baum Chrisiaiii, cariienirr, 220 Saratoga 
Banm Ellei., dry goods deal. 81 Pearl 
Baum Frederick, cooper, 424 w Pratt 
Bel urn Michael, shoemaker, 230 s Dallas 
Baum John, shoemaker, 3(>9 e Eager 
Baum John, lailor, 291 Alieranna 
Baum John, shoemaker, 59 Gough 
Bauman August, laborei, 171 e Lombard 
Bauman Christopher, laborer, lG3sE(ien 
Baurnan George, laborer, (j5 Preston 
Bauman Wm. shoemaker, 129 s Fremont 
Baumerster Wm. grocery iV shoe findings, 

206 Aliceanna 
Haumgart Jacob, cabinet maker, 230 Canal 

Baumgart , laiKir, 59 Amity 

Baumer Sigmond, cooper, 163 s Eden 
Baumshla Henry, lailor, 284 s Charles 





Baunigarten Sele^s, engraver, 45 e Fayette 
BauniKardner Andrew, lager beer saloon, 

65 e LombaVd 
Baumgardner John, shoemaker, 64 Orleans 
Baufflgardner John, carpenter, 108 Preston 
Baus Conrad, drayman, 108 Franklin 
Bausley Cliailes, cigar maker, 202 Pennaav 
Bawden John H. clerk, 62 s Bond 
Bawden John, clerk, 12 s Caroline 
Bawn Thomas, weaver, 91 Peirce 
Baxley Eliza, 165 Chesnut 
Baxley Dr. Heniy W. 1(^5 w Fayette 
Bailey Jacks^on Brown, apothecary and 

druggist, 138 n Howard 
Baxley James, millwright, 106 Orleans 
Baxley Jame^, 168 Spring 
Bajiley Wm. H, tinner, 114 Hullins 
Baxter Christiani, boarding house, 317 n 

Baxier Elijah T. collector, 84 w Fayette 
Baxter James, cooper, 73 s Washington 
Baxter Joseph V. clerk, 43 Gittings 
Baxter, Joseph T. primer, 8^4 w Fayette 
Baxter Wm. cc oper, 191 n Dallas 
Baxier William, stone cutter, Freston near 

Bay Edward, carpenter, 81 Garden 
Bay Hugh, carpenter, 281 n Howard 
Bay James, millf r, 369 Cathedral 
Bay Nathan, 2H1 n Howard 
B^iy Oliver, carpenter, llo Pine . 
Bayer Andiew, tailor, 36 e Baltimore 
Bayer Christian, prov. store, 9 s Poppleton 
Bayer Geoige, lailor, 447 w Baltimore- 
Bayer George, shivemaker, 67 Richmond 
Bayer Michael, carter, 68 Boyd 
Bayer Orenz, musician, 255 e Pratt 
Bayei Peter, comb maker, 151 Stirling 
Bayess John H. drayman, 169 s Eden 
Bayfield &i Gregg, distillers, 88 &.90 Spear's 

Bayfield Jas.H. (B.& Gregg,) 148 n Howard 
Bayfield James, carpenter, 153 n Paca 
Bayless Bemard, (B.& Co.) 3 Columbia 
Bayless George H. clerk, Ills Exeter 
Bayless & Co. wholesale dealers in boots, 

shoes, hats, caps & bonnets, 16 a Charles 
Bayley Chas. grocer, 22 n High 
Bayley Chas. F. clerk, 65 n Front 
Bayley Elizabeth, 139 Sharp 
Bayley Geort,'e W clerk, 65 n Front 
Bayley George, policeman, 104 Preston 
B yley iJ. P. City commissioner, City Hall, 

dw Biddle n ol Modison 
Bnyley Hamilton H.J. elk at Mayor's office, 
Bayley Joim, 57 Johnson 
Bayley John H. caipenier, 127 w Biddle 
BayUy rhilip H. carpenter, 127 w Buldlc 
B<n ley R. P. merchant, w Lombard near 

Bayley Wm. slater, Union dock, dw 65 n 

Baylies Charles F. grocer, 140 n Eden, dw 

Baylies Edward, clerk, 20 s Exeter 
Baylies Geo. H.\;leik, 111 s Exeter 
Baylies James H. flour meichant, 130 s 

Baylits Nlchilas, miller and flour mer. 18 

Speai'.s wharl, dw 20 s Exeter 

Baylies John H. clerk, 20 sEutaw 
Baylis Isaac T. carpenter, 232 Columbia 
BaylisJas.R. lumber deal. 391 w Lombard 
Bayly Wm. book keeper, 177 n High 
Bayne Benjamin C. pilot, 264 e Lombard 
Bayne Charles, (Moiriss & B.) n e cor 

Charles and Lexington 
Bayne Lawrence P. Fayette 3d door w of 

Bayne Stephen, bricklayer, 90 McElderry 
Baynes Charles D. rope mk. 218 Stirling 
Baynes Geo. B. bookkeeper, 144 Lexington 
Baynes James & Son, wood dealers, liwl- 

lingswonh near Lombard, dw 49 Aisqerith 
Baynes James, carpenter, 41 Ensoi, dw 218 

Baynes John B. (James B. & Son) 144 Lex- 
Baynes Jos. P. hay and feed dealer, 199 n 

Eden, dw. 258 Madison 
Baynes Thoma? bone dust manuf. Harris' 

Creek, dw. cor. Pratt and Choplank 
Bayrard Dr. George, 27 Cathedral 
Bayzand Wm. H. boys' clothing store, 84^ 

w Baltimore, dw 106 Aisquith 
Beach Thomas J. editor Sun, dw cor. North 

and Lexington 
Beach Waldren, machinist, 248 Central av 
Beacham Mrs Catharine, 60 n Exeter 
Beacham Elizabeth, 289 Light 
Beacham Emily V. 9 s Caroline 
Beacham James A. clerk, 44 s Broadway 
Beacham Jno. S. shoemaker, 94 Franklin 
Beacham John W. wood dealer, 44 VV arren 
Beacham Jos. R. (Miller & B.) 51 Lex- 
Beat ham John S. (A. Flannigan & Co.) 

Warren, below William 
Beacham Lenox, 68 w Biddle 
Beacham Stanly, machinist, 82 s Bond 
Beacham Silas, ship smith, foot of Mill, dw 

24 s High 
BEACHAMP JOHN, wood dealer, cor. 

Hughes' quay and William st dock, dw 

44 Warren 
Beack Phihp, tailor, 227 e Monument 
Bt-ager Michael, policy dealer, 43 Marion 
Bealafald Jos. tavern keeper, 248 e Eager 
Beale Alexander L. feed dealer, 367 e Bal- 

Biale Capt. Alex. 367 e Baltimore 
BEALE A. L. flour mer. 122 Dugan's whf 
Beale Mrs. Sarah U. lancy dry goods deal. 

270 n Gay 
Beale Solon, teacher, 270 n Gay 
Beale Wm. 367 e Baltimore 
BEALE WM. E. carpenter and builder, 93 

n Bond 
B. all H. D. printer, 35 w Baltimore 
Btall Rachel, 15 Barnet 
Beall W. Francis, teacher, .332 e Baltimore 
Bealmear Catharine B. 216 n Howard 
•Bealmear Francis, 216 n Howard 
Beulmear Thomas, clerk, 88 Columbia 
Beam George F. (Orendorl, Ensey & Co.) 

3,s Bolton 
Beam Henry, pattern maker 75 Hanover 
Beam John, laborer, Aliceanna, Canton 
Be..m R. M. liquor-gauger, 87 w Lombard, 

dw 66 Pearl 





Beaman Manly R. book keeper, "23 s Eiitaw 
Beaman Wm. broom and wooden ware 

dealer, n e cor. Franklin and Eutaw, dw 

•23 s Euiaw 
Beaman Wm. clerk, 23 s Eutaw 
Bean Christian, laborer, 184 Canton av 
Bean Chrisiopher, driver, 1 Hampstead 
Bean Christian, 149 s Ann 
Bean Mrs. C. T. A. fancy and millinery 

siore, 195 w Baltimore 
Bean Eper. lailore*?, 188 s Wolfe 
Bean Geo. L. cooper, 156 Henrietta 
BEAN & JONES, grocers and commission 

merchants, 130 Dugan's wharf 
Bean John, pilot, 162 s Ann 
Bean John, tailor, 492 Pennsylvania av 
Bean Joseph H. carpenter, 20 McClellan, 

dw 27 n Liberty 
Bean Joseph, boat builder, cor. Will and 

Block, dw. 58 Block 
Bean Mary, 198 Forrest 
Bean Richard, pilot, 175 Washington 
Bean R M. (B. & Jones) 71 s Ann 
Beanard John, gardner, 196 Canton av 
Beaner Otto, artist, near cor. Franklin and 

Bear Fangett, Gist near Eastern av 
Bear Jos, sec. hand dealer, 34 s Caroline 
Bear Rev. John, 48 McCulloh 
Bear Jacob, carp. Canton av. near Gist 
Bear John, cooper, 22 Sierreit 
Beard Catherine, huckster, 56 Penn. av 
Beard Geo. W. R. collector and property 

agent, 53 Lee 
Beard Geo,*W. tinner, 90 Ensor 
Beard Mrs. John, 58 Lee 
Beard Capt. John, jr. harbor master, 52 

Beard Dr. John W. n w cor. Barre and 

Beard Joseph, 19 a Front 
Beard JMaria, boarding house, 57 Columbia 
Beard Robert, machinist, 263 s Charles 
Beard Samuel, carpenter, 185 n Exeter 
Beard Samuel, coach maker, 245 e Fayette 
Beard Wm. huL'ksier, 56 Penn. av 
Beard Wm. huckster, 37 Plum al 
Ueasiall Wm. H. clerk, 95 Raborg 
Beaslen Susan, 169 Lee . 

Beatin Malcolm, ship carpenter, 1 Patuxent, 

Beailey Capt. Nathaniel, Gough near 

Beailey Robert, book keeper, 261 e Pratt 
Beaison John, clerk Citizens' Bank, dw 255 

Beatton John, foreign book keeper Citizens' 

Bank,dw2'>5 Saratoga 
Beatiy Cornelius E. 50 St. Paul 
Bentiv Chas. W. clerk, German west of 

Beatiy & Cole, com. mts. and agents of Bel- 

lona Gunpowder Co 153 w Pratt 
Beaity Edward W. custom house officer, 47 

St. "Paul 
Beattv James, cracker baker, 4 O'Donnell's 

whf. dw 12 Barnet 
Beaity John, bricklayer, 85 McElderry 
Beailv John, (Taylor, Fo.ster 8t Co.) 141 

Washington Place 

Beatiy Joseph, biscuit baker, 1.35 s High 
Beatty Wm. H. wood dealer. Union dock, 

dw 150 e Pratt 
Beatty Wm. blacksmith, 16 Barre, dw 15 

BEATTY WILLIAM H. Baltimore bis- 
cuit and cracker manufactory, 4 O'Don- 
nell's whf dw J3!> Washington place 
Beaumont Ann, board, house, 17 n Calvert 
Beaumont Isaac, book keeper, "IS s Liberty 
Beaver George, grocery, 228 Cathedral 
Bebee Samuel, brickmaker, 189 Pierce 
Bebie H. artist, 53 n Gay 
Bechenbacker Andrew, laborer, 146 French 
Bechenbacker John, cabinet maker, 146 

Bechler Andrew, tavern, 57 n Frederick 
BECHTEL JOHN W. plumber, 40 St. 

Paul and 93 n Eutaw, dw 177 n Eutaw 
Bechtel John W. plumber, 46 St. Paul 
I'echtold Henry, shoemaker, 29 May 
Beck Adam, tailor, 51 Durham 
Beck Adam, wagoner, 55 Preston 
Beck August, brewer, Fiedk road near Pratt 
Beck Berry, shoemaker, 417 Light 
Beck Francis, machinist, Mount near Ca- 
Beck Francis, tailor, 191 Aliceanna 
Beck Frederick, coachman, «8 Mount near 

Beck Frederick, cane and umbrella manu- 
facturer, 125 w Baltimore 
Beck Frederick W. (B. & Bachman) 122s 

Beck George, cabinet and furniture dealer, 

38 and 40 Harrison 
Beck George, carpenter, 408 Lexington 
Beck George, brewer. 352 Penna. av 
Reck Jacob, tavern, 323 s Bond 
Beck Jacob, tavern and cigar store, dw 491 

n Gay 
Beck John G. piano maker, Plum al near 

Beck John, ostler, 64 Jasper 
Beck John, butcher, n e cor. Franklin and 

BECK & BACHMAN, com. merchants 

and importers, 1 13 w Lombard 
Beck Joseph, tavern keeper, 320 s Wolfe 
Beck Mrs. M. E. furnishing store, lln a 

Beck Nicholas, varnisher, 57 Durham 
Beck Pnilip, whip maker, 55 Mi Elderry 
BECK THOMAS, R,u k Spiir,>; lager beer 
brewery, Ba|iinu>re near Calverion road 
Beck Wm.R furni. carriage, 408 Lexington 
Beck Wm. tinner. 6(j Orleans 
Beckel Heniy, .second hand dealer. 235 s 

Beckell John, shoemaker. 111 Miillikin 
Beckenbaugh George, clerk, .'>3 German 
Beckenbaugh James, medical student, 53 

Beckenbaugh John, printer, 53 German 
Beckenheimer David, .sec. haiyj furniture 

dealer, 13 n Eden 
Beckenhoffer Max. shoemaker, 17 s Cen- 
tral av 
Becker August, porter, 232 Barre 
Becker August, shoemaker, 213 Henrietta 





Becker Conrad, piano maker, 110 s Eutaw 
Becker Elizabeth, tailoress, 31 Carpenter al 
Becker Frederick, baker, iHG Penna av 
Becker George, piano maker, 3-39 Mulberry 
Becker Geo. W. shoemaker, 41 s Liberty 
BECKER HENRY, tavern. 85 Harrison 
Becker H. Lewis grocery, 515 w Lexington 
Becker J. A. H. bookkeeper Chesapeake 

Bank, dw 154 n Exeter 
Becker John, shoemaker, 256 Canton av 
Becker John, laborer, 2 Cuba, Locust point 
Becker John, laborer, Aliceanna, Canton 
Beckett Thomas, engineer, 50 Portland 
Beckley Dennis, laborer, 60 L. Monument 
Berkley John, cooper, 70s Foppleton 
Beckley Michael, milk dealer, Greenmount 

av. near city limits 
Beckley Wm. H. paper hanger, 202 n Gay 
Beckman Frederick, Harlord ar near 

Point lane 
Beckman Fredk. grocery, 246 s Eutaw 
Beckmyer Wm. porter, 132 Aisquith 
Beckweih Horace, fisherman, 27 s Front 
Btfckwith David G. cooper, 183 Gough 
Beckwith E. 11. clerk, 57 n Fremont 
BEDEL ADAM, tavern, 219 Light 
Bedlurd Chtis. H. D. printer, 58 n Fremont 
BeiliordJohn D. clerk B. &. O. R. R. 184 

Bedger Augustus, furniture dealer, 28 

Penna. av 
Bedlow Edw. D. plumber, 19 w Baltimore 
Bte Henry, pattern maker, 65 s Paca 
Beebe Elizabeth, 147 s Paca 
Becbe John, brickmaker, 147 s Paca 
Beech Sarali G. 89 Lexington 
Btfeitel A. A. 135 e Baltimore 
BEE HIVE HOTEL, .37 Pennsylvania av. 

Micliael HoHman, pioprietor 
Beehler C. dyer, 66 Albitmarle 
Beehler F, n e cor. Greene and Saratoga 
Beeliler Francis, umbrella manuf. s w cor. 

Sharp anil German, dw 24 s Sharp 
Beehler George, halter, 66 Albemarle, 
Beeler Charles, laborer, 71 fonland 
Beeler Francis, shoemaker, 33 Fenn 
Beeler Henry, caipLUler, 23 McElderry 
Beekley Rachel, 205 Gough 
Beeman James J. clerk Mechanics' Bank, 

dw 19 Monument square 
Beeman Lorenzo, painter, 26 s Caroline 
BecmiUer Fredk. milkman, Light below 

Beer Lizette, 24 s Sharp 
Beethy Robert S. book keeper, 261 e Pratt 
Behler Charles, ship carpenter, 2 Hill 
Beelley James, carpenter, 242 Eastern av 
Begger John, stevedore, 64 s Durham 
Beggs Wm. wagoner, 162 n Spring 
Behrend Cusel, dry good mt. 152Lexington 
Behrens Burnhard, lithographer, ii61 n Eden 
Bi^hrens Fredk, confectioner, 43 Albemarle 
Behrens Isaac, watchmaker and jeweler, 

217 n Gay 
Behrens John, machinist. il3 Cross 
Behrens Jacob, watchmaker, 99 n Gay 
Behrens Morris, watchmaker and jeweler, 

206 n Gay 
Behrens Mrs. Theresa, millinery, 267 n Gay 
Behringer George confec. 370 Saratoga 

Behy Francis, carpenter, 110 n Fremont 
Behy Jacob, 110 n Fremont 
Behy John, stone cutter, 110 n Fremont 
Behy Lewis, carpenter, 110 n Fremont 
Behy Rosanna, senmstress, III) n Fremont 
BeiersdoiT Charles, tailor, 90 Dover 
Beihler Sigmund, tailor, 17 Spring ct 
Beil John, artificial flower mauer, 130 Lex- 
Beilego Julius, 218 Canton av 
Bein Henry, grocery, 83 Orleans 
Beine Jo-^eph. laborer, 17 Orchard 
Beissler Francis, 20 Regester 
Beiszwanger Jacob, shoemaker, 49 
Beitzel Chas. cabinet makei, 61 Preston 
Beitzel Francis, ^hoemaker, 111 Raborg 
Belbin Wm. blacksmith, Flannigan's whf. 

dw 254 e Fayeite 
Beldeon Jas. civil engineer, 1 Jarvis build- 
ing, cor. North and Baltimore 
Belfry James, 87 s Pofipleton 
Belknap Eben, Adam and Eve House, 13 

Lovely lane, dw 144 w Baltimore 
Bell Abraham, plasierer, 258 e Lombard 
Bell Albeit, hack driver, 3s Greene 
Bell Archibald, 168 Aisquith 
Bell Andrew J. clerk, 190 East 
Bell Alex, dealer in malt, 40 Second 
Bell Ailtiur, book keeper, 168 Aisquith 
Bell David, principal Canton Public School, 

cor. Clinton and Boston 
Bell Edward H. wheelwright, 104 Granby 
Bell Elizabeth V. tutoress, 93 Hillen 
Bell G. W. C. clerk, 162 Franklin 
Bell George W- wheelwright, 404 Granby 
Bell George, tin and sheet iron woiker and 

stove dealer, 474 w Baltimore 
Bell G. W. shoemaker, 100 n Fremont 
Bell Henry, 305 w Fayeite 
Bell Harry, clerk, 53 German 
Bell Hugh, stone cutter, 56 Chew 
Bell Isaac, carter, 4 Dewberry al 
Bell James B. accountant, 35 Couriland 
Bell James 1, paper siainer, 306 Mulberry 
Bell Jemima, 215 Mullikin 
Bell John, stone cutter, 46 Valley 
Bell John H. flour and Iced dealer, 530 \v 

Bell John C. millwright, 1 Swan, dw 145 s 

Bell John, tavern, 162 Franklin 
Bell John W. pattern maker, 51 Albemarle 
Bell John A. grocer, S4 Guugh 
Bell John, laborer, 215 Mullikin 
Bell John, millwright, 479 w Lombard 
Bell John, feed stoie, w Baltimore, between 

Pine and Fremont, dw 162 Franklin 
Bell John W. pottery, 99 Peat 1 
Bell McHenry, laborer, 49Elliotf, Canton 
Bell Mai garet, seamstress. 245 e Fayeite 
Bell JNicli. R. foreman grist mill, 56 s Bond 
Bell Nelson H. clerk, 20 s Howard 
Bell Samuel, butcher, 44 Orleans 
Bell Seneca P. iron moulder, 61 Scott 
Bell Thomas B. 263 e Pratt 
Bell Thomas, stone cutler, 56 Chew 
Bell Wm. M. stone cutter, 271 Franklin 
Bell Walter, gunsmith, 158 n Dallas 
Bell Winfield S., U. S. Revenue Marine, 





Bell W. cigar maker. 227 e Lombard 

Bell Wm. farmer, '210 Mnllikin 

Beliam A. laborer, 212 Hanover 

Be lien a Rosa, 20 Watson 

Bellis John, male, l!t5Aiin 

P,-_-llinan Thomas, shoemak-er. 110 French 

Btllinoni John, grocer, s e cor. Monument 

and Constitution 
Bcllinan Emanuel, tailor, 22 Sarah Ann 
iiellman Frank, painler, 80 French 
Bellman John, shoemaker, 110 French 
1-ellmeyer Thomas, clerk, 8rt Columbia 
Belmoiit George John, fur. wagoner G7 

Bellman Wm. 99 s Ann 
Belois Charles, clerk, 51 \v Baltimore 
Belt & Bowie, tobacco and general com- 
mission merchanis. 1 Ellicoit 
Belt E. N. 284 w Madiscm 
Belt Elisha, blacksiniih, 127 Vine 
Belt Francis, potter, Gl Booth 
Bell Hickman, carpenter, 48 Holiday, dw 

Monument, near Canal 
Belt Humphrv, blacksmith. 20 s Carey 
Belt Thomas H. 21 Pleasant 
Belt Trueman, (B. & Bowie,) 77 St. Paul 
Belt Robert, clerk, 1 12 s Sharp 
Belt's Wharf, s end of Fells 
Beliz Hartman, shoemaker, 201 s Bond 
Bemersdoffer John, tailor 291 Happy at 
Bemlhausel Wm. baker, cor. Lombard and 

Benbury James H clerk, 3H w Lombard 
Bencobf Martin, baker, 12 Ensor 
Bender Andrew, laborer, 17 Church 
Bender August, (B.&Bichv,) Baltimore cu 
Bender & Bichy, mt. tailors, IS n Liberty 
Bender Christian, baker, 10 Union 
Bender Daniel, G44 w Baltimore 
Bender Fred, tailor, 256 n Eden 
Bender George, shipsmilh, 238 s Eutaw 
Bender Herman,(B. & Bichy,) 13 n Liberty 
Bender John, cigar maker, (5 n Republican 
Bender Jacob, cigar maker, 52 s EuO w 
Bender John, butcher, 18 Rock 
Bender Joseph, saddler, 3.5 w Pratt 
Bender Lucas, paper carrier, 245 Lemmon 
Bender Samuel custom-house officer. 32 

Bendewalt Henry, laborer, 358 s Charles 
BendorfT August, tobacconist,268> Caroline 
Bendr iSs Fred, carter, 122 Bethel 
Pienedict Joseph, pedler, 85 e Lombard 
Beniker Chns. machinist, 25(t Canton av 
Benjamin George, moulder, 7 Lee 
Benjamm Jacob, pawn-broker, cor Gay and 

Benjamin Levi, pawn-broker, 22 n Gay 
B'-njamin Samuel, grocer, 42 Douglas 
Beiiner Feidinand, machinist, 302 Light 
Bennemen John, foundry man, 315 Light 
Benner Mary A. 134 Mnllikin 
Benner Nicholas, tailor, Choptank, near 

Canton av 
Benner Patrick, drayman, 120 Columbia 
Benner Samuel, silver plater, 302 Light 
Benner, Spurrier &Co. bankers, 176 w Bal- 
Benner Thomas S. (B. Spurrier & Co,) 147 

Benner Thaddeus, tavern, foot of Cross 
Benner Wm. H. shoemaker, 285 Columbia 
Benner Wm. (B., Spurrier & Co.) 147 Ais- 
Bennet Adolphus, 32 Hanover 
Bennet D. Curtis, butcher, 95 e Madison 
BENNET EDWARD h CO. glass factory. 

Central av. near Canton av 
Bennet Edwin, (Edw. B. & Co.) 327 e Bal- 
Bennet Eliza, grocery, 131 Ensor 
Bennet George W. shoemaker, Hi7 Stirling 
Bennet Geo. 1. carpenter, 271 e Baltimore 
Beimel G. W. slate wharfincer, 95 Gough 
Bennet Harriet, 305 e Balliinore 
Bennet Harriet A. 73 McHenry 
Bennel Jacob, shoemaker, 200 Durham 
Bennet Jane, dry goods dealer, s e cor Ais- 
quith and Chew 
Bennei John, lottery vender, 282 Canton av 
Bennet Jcdm I. lottery vender, 42 Thames, 

dw 251 e Pratt 
Bennet John, excavator, 165 s Paca 
Bennet John, 251 e Pratt 
Bennel John, grocer, 218 Lexington 
Bennet John, ship carpenter, 175 s Ann 
Bennet Capl. Joshua, 44 Fawn 
Bennet Lewis H. sweep master, 187 Ross 
Bennet Livingston M. agent, 57 Second, 

dw 219 Garden 
Bennet Matthew, clerk, 305 e Baltimore 
Bennet Patrick Henry, 29 Pleasant 
Bennet Patrick, currier, 35 Hillen 
BENNET RUFUS, carpenier, rear 143 

Bennel Saml. confectioner, 3 Hawk 
Bennel Thos. S. teacher, 12.'? e Monument 
Bennet Wm. J. clerk P. O,305e Baltimore 
Bennett Andrew, laborer, 108 Cruss 
Bennett Ann E. 23H n Eutaw 
Bennett Col Anthony B. lumber insp. West 

Falls av. dw 113s"Exeier 
Bennett Benj. F. (B. & Hopkins,) 130 s 

Bennett Clarissa, boarding, 52 n Liberty 
Bennett C. W. 115 Mullberry 
Bennett D. Curtis, butcher, 25 e Madison 
Bennett Dan. H. carpenter, 10 Cambridge, 

Bennett Enoch, notion house, 32G w Balti- 
more, dw 80 u Paca 
Bennett Edward, lottery office, 210 Eastern 

av. dw 251 e Pratt 
Bennett Edward, coachman, 50 Bethel 
Bennett F. W. Ik. Co. aucis. and com. mis., 
28 and 30 s Charles, dw F. W. B., Mul- 
berry, opposite Cathedral 
Benneii G. R. coal agent, 2GI n Howard 
Bennett George F. shipsmilh, 21 Church 
P,ennetl& llitpkins, carpenters, ()9 Hanover 
Bennett Joshua, machini>l, 48 C)rleans 
Ben net I John, cake shop, Gl Watson 
Bennett John, carpenier, 15 Fountain 
Bennett Litliclon S. mariner, 10 Lee 
Bennett Robt. of cu«;tom-house, 183 s Ann 
Benneil Silas, salesman, 105 w Fnveile 
Bennett Thos. druggist, n e cor Baltimore 

and High 
Benicker Antoine, tailor, 147 n Bond 
Benoch Henry, tobacconist, 7 Second 





Benney Jo>eph, brush maker, L. Water, 

chv 181 Hamburg 
Benney Jonaihan,shoe maker, 23(5 n Gay 
Benney Joseph, brush maker, 375 Light 
Bensley John S. shoemaker, 67 n Frederick 
Benson Ann, boarding house, 128 Pearl 
BENSON BENJ. S. iron founder and ma- 
chinist, 52 e Monument, dw 131 n Exeier 
Benson Charlotte, 374 n Gay 
Benson Fanny J. 40 s Spring 
Benson Francis A. (J. Fussell & Co.) 151 

e F.ayette 
Benson Erasmus, mariner, 187 Chester 
BENSON Dr. GEO. W. 199 Hanover 
Benson George, ship carp. 259 Aliceanna 
Benson John P. paint store, 170 Franklin 
Benson Robt. P. clerk B. P.tfcW. R. R. 

105 s Exeter 
Benson Rache), Fayette, near Central av 
Benson Wm. druggist, 55 Hill 
Benson Wm. painter, 150 n Howard 
Benson Wm. carpenter, 144 w Lombard 
Ben>er Henrv, laborer, 137 s Spring 
Bensal iVIichael, cooper, cor of Hamburg 

and Plum al 
Bensel Kom, cooper, 94 Thames 
Bensen Henry, carp. 81 n Schroeder 
Benteen Fredk. D. dealer in pianos, 181 w 

Baltimore and 84 w Fayette, dw 272 w 

Benihall Cnpt. Robert, 313 e Baltimore 
Benthall Win. McR. book-keeper, Frank- 
lin Bank, dw n w cor Baltimore & Bethel 
Benthall Wm clerk, 273 e Baltimore 
Beridheim Leopold, 109 Low 
Bentley Chas. W. prop. Bait, steam boiler 

works, 25 s Front, dw 81 Aisquith 
Bentley Joseph, machinist, 550 w Lombard 
Bentley Thomas, brickmaker, 265 s Paca 
Benton Benj. watchman, 41 n Schroeder 
Benton Benj. carpenter, Morton al. near 

BENTON & DEETZ, steam cabinet manf. 

E. Fells av. s of Pratt dw 3 n High 
Benton W. D. 128 s Charles 
Benton Saml. (B. & Deetz,) 164 e Fayette 
Renting Henry, cooper, 32 Lee 
Beniline Joseph, laborer, 37 Brown 
Benville Lawrence, 4 President 
Ben well ler George, sh^p carp. 250 s Ann 
Bentz Andrew, baker,42 Columbia 
Bentz Caspar, baker, 443 w Fayette 
Benziil Jacob, potter, 69 Hampstead 
Benzineer Fredk. F attorney at law, 19 

Law Buildings, 4 Chatsworth 
Benzmser John S. paver, 62 e Fayette 
Benzinger Mathias, paver, 79 n Paca 
^errh .Tnmes, ship joiner, 253 Easjern av 
Berberich Jos. cab. maker, 65 Washington 
Berg .Ann E. grocery, 30 Chatsworth 
Berg August T. clerk, 156 Mulberry 
Berg Francis, shoemaker, 12 Anthony 
Berg O. H. exchange broker, over 31 s 

Charles, dw Lombard near Hanover 
Bergen Michael, tailor and clothier, 113 n 

Berger August, nightman, 52 Chatsworth 
Berger Adam, carpenter, 234 Eastern av 
Berger Clemment, 52 n Fremont 
Berger Christian, laborer, 32 Barnes 

Berger Conrad, laborer, 535 Lexington 
Berger George, baker, 493 w Lombard 
Berger Henry, watchmaker and jeweler, s 

w cor Baltimore and Frederick 
BERGER JOHN, bookseller and stationer, 

252 w Baltimore, dw 43 n Front 
Berger John P. house carpenter, 331 n 

Howard, dw Decker, near Chase 
Berger John, blacksmith, 608 Light 
Berger Joseph, butcher, 130 Stirling 
Berger Jacob, wagoner, Calverlon, near 

Frederick av 
Berger Maurice, trunk mkr, 514 Lexington 
Berger Martin, baker, !<0 French 
Berger Philip, tailor, 25 Somerset 
Bergheimer Henry, clothier,206 Lexington 
Bergman H. (Woif & B.) 244 w Pratt 
Bergman Henry, shoemaker, 188 Canton av 
Bergman Henry, shoemaker, 213 s Bond 
Bergman John, shoemaker, 32 Hampstead 
Bergman Samuel, butcher, 312 Eastern av 
Bergner John, tailor, 31 s Caroline 
Berline Christian, cigar maker, 3 Park 
Berliner Robert, shoemaker, 43 s Chapel 
Berlick Edward, shoemaker, 166 Eastern av 
Berlinke Gustis, cigar maker, 3 Park 
Berkley Edris, 225 n Eutaw 
Bermer Henry, iron roller, Canton av. 

near Gist 
Bernard Edward, barber, 47 Portland 
Bernard Hy. laborer, back of 576 Pennav 
Bernard John, farmer, 34 s Schroeder 
Bernard Wm. fisherman, 137 West 
Bernei Seligman, clothier, 74 Centre Mar- 
ket Space 
Berner William, rigger, 277 Aliceanna 
Herney B. shoemaker, 54 Harrison and 9 

Bernhard August, tailorr246 Hanover 
Bernhard Charles, nightman, 10 Amity 
Bernhard Joseph, (Struth & B.) 96 n Gay 
Bernhardt John, laborer, 26 Shakspeare 
Bernhart Leonard, shoemkr, 60 Carpenter 
Berney Dr. James, 16 HoUins 
Bernstecher Henry, brewer, Calverton road 

near Cattle Scales 
Berries George, tailor, 241 e Eager 
Berresford John, iron roller. Eastern av 

near Castle 
Berret Lewis, tailor, 118 n Eden 
Berry Benj D, brickmaker, 220 Sharp 
Berry Mrs. C. D. 64 n Paca 
Beiry George, moulder, 40 s Oregon 
BKRRY GEORGE R. fire brick maker, 

294 Montgomery, dw 160 s Sharp 
Berry George W. shoemaker, 284 n Gay 

dw — Aisquith 
Berry G. Henry, (Armstrong &. B.) 110 

Berry George W. 216 Aisquith 
Berry Jas. L. foreman planing mill, 8 Essex 
Berry James W. furnishing and variety 

store, 283 w Pratt 
Berry Jasper M. (B. & Stinchcomb,) 492 

w Fayette 
Berry John H, 26 McCullough 
Berry John, carpenter, 95 North 
Berry John S. speaker house of delegates, 

Calverton Mills, near almshouse 
Berry John S. 145 s Greene 





Berry John T. flour mercht. Howard near 

Pratt, dw 260 Lexington 
Berry J. Tliomas, (Walter & B.) 260 Lex- 
Berry Win. B. teller Western Bank, Paca 
Berry — planing mill, 8 Essex, Canton 
Berry L. C. fire proof brick maker, 160 s 

Berry Mary, 23 Elliott, Canton 
Berry Margaret Ann, 8 s Schroeder 
BERRY N. E tobacco, produce, grain and 

commission merchanl, 63 Pratt, dw 87 

Berry Robert D. grocer, 19S Aisqnith 
Berry & Slinchcomb, lumber merfhants, 

4(!3 w Pratt and cor Cathedral & Howard 
Berry Walter W. wholesale and retail dea- 
ler in scgars and tobacco, 174 w Prati, 

dw 121) Hanover 
Berry Wm.H. grocer, 65 Camden 
Berry Wm. clerk, 205 Hollins 
Bersch Cliarles, hod carrier, 164 Canton av 
Bersch Christian, butcher, Calverlon road, 

near w Baltimore 
Bersick Michael, provision store,swcor 

Lombard and Poppleton 
Bersch Henry, Jr. clerk post-office 
Bershell Geo. laborer, Washington road 

near Carey 
Berstein George, shoemaker, 165 e Fayette 
Bert Peter, furrier, 68 s Frederick 
Bertholf Jas. H. Duller dealer, 167 Hollins 
Benlein John, laborer, Clinton near Elliott, 

Bertoldi John, stencil cutter, 123^ west 

Bertram Chas. shoemaker, 768 w Baltimore 
Bertram John, shoemaker, 768 w B iltimore 
Bertram Wm. shoemaker, 768 w Baltimore 
Berz Wm. baker, li) Stirling 
Best Elizabeth, 2 West Falls av 
Bessel Sebastian, halter, 230 n Gay 
Bessley James, copper smelter, Cotton row 

s of Bo.ston, Canton 
Bestor, John R. ooi>kkeeeper, 105 n Exeter 
Bethel Church, (African) 10 Saratoga 
Bethschaias Albert, shuemaker. 9 Barnes 
Belschler Adam, laborer, 214 s Charles 
Betschler Martin, shoemaker, 244 s Charles 
Betson Joseph, cooper, L Garden 
Beiton Catherine, 737 w Baltimore 
Belts Alexander P. sail maker, 129 McEl- 

derry's wharf, dw 73 s Caroline 
Belts Charles H, buiter depot, 42 Henrietta 
Betis John, porter, |MH Park 
Belts John, tail ir, Port al, Canton 
Bells John, millwriglii, 6'J n Poppleton 
Belts Robert, book keeper, 37 Jackson 
Belts Robert Oliver, jr. .saddler, 37 Jackson 
Beits William, printer, 74 e Lombard 
Belts Wm. E. prov. dealer, 61 Lexingion 
Betz Andrew, blacksmith, 58 Cliatsworth, 

dw 56 
Betz Christopher, clerk, 23 German 
Betz Eliza, shin store, 19;)Ciinion av 
Betz Frederick, laborer, 173 s Bond 
Betz Gnstav, wheehvriglil, 2ri0n Central av 
Betz John, cabinet maker, I8.> Argyle al 
Belz Thomas, shoemaker, 199 Canton av 
Belzold Mrs. Caroline, 41 s Chapel 

Beizold Fredk, omnibus driver, 98 Preston 
Betzold John, carpenter, 132 e t'ratt 
Beumont John, miller, near Viaduct B. & O. 

R. R. 
Beumont Thomas, miller, near Viaduct B. 

& O. R. R. 
Beurrier EloiseLe, collars, laces, muslins, 

and curlain dealer, 122 n Howard 
Bevan Chas. F. (B. & Son,) 285 n Howard 
Bevan Frazier, clerk, 100 s Paca 
Bevan Gcv.rge (B. & Son) 100 s Paca 
Bevan George (Samuel B. &. Co) 100 s Paca 
Bevan Henry, laborer, 47 Consiiiution 
Bevan John (J. Crosby & Son) 219 w Lom- 
Bevan John T bricklayer, 117 n Paca 
Bevan Joseph (Blake & B.) 354 w Fayette 
Bevan Mrs. Capi 139 e Pratt 
Bevan Samuel, (8. B. &. Co.) 120 Park 
Bevan Samuel & Co. importers and jobbers 
ill English.French and German dry goods 
279 w Baltimore 
Bevan 8c Sons, marbleworkers, 140 Saratoga 
Bevan Thomas, copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Boston, Canton 
Bevan Tnomas H. 147 Biddle 
Bevan Thomas W. (B., Phillips & Co) cor 

Pratt and Spring 
Bevan Wm. J. stonecutter, 131 Pierce 
Bevan Wm. S. 93 w Biddle 
Bevan Wm. (Morgan &t B.) 86 Penna. av 
Bevan Wm. F. (B &. Sons) 93 w Biddle 
Bevans David, furniture wagon, 121 n Paca 
Bevans James, machinist, 47 Constiuiiion 
Bevans Jas. H. (B. & Knoti) 5 Courtland 
Bevans John C. < lerk, 235 n Gay 
BEVANS & KNOTT, attorneys, 5 Court- 
BEVANS, PHILLIPS & CO. general com- 
mission merchants, 14 Bowly's wharf 
Bevans Reuben A. L. cabinet maker, 281 e 

Bevans William, copper smelter, Clinton s 

of Bosicm, Canton 
Bevans, W. A. bricklayer, Bond 1 door n of 

Beveridge John, saddler, 279 w Pratt 
Bey John, shoemaker, 18 Knox al 
Beyer Catharine, grocery, n e corner Lom- 
bard and Exeter 
Beyer Christian, tailor, 41 Bank 
Beyer Frederick, tailor, 39 Albemarle 
Beyer Frederick, musician, cor Lombard 

and Exeter 
Beyer John, shoemaker, 144 s Eden 
Beyer John, tavern, 392 Canton av 
Bezeck John L. salesman, 92 n Greene 
Beziet Francis, finisher, Carey near Pratt 
Bialla Moretz, French millinery, 21 &, 23 n 

Bians Wm. H. block and pump maker, 117 

Biays, Mrs. Jane C. boarding house, 25 n 

Bibb B. C. (B. & Co.) Lanvale cor Ma.son al 
Bibb 8c Co. siove warehouse, 39 Light 
P.ibelheiser John, pedlar, 21 Preslon 
Bible Depository, 75 w F^ayette 
Bice, Etterman, tailor, 288 s Ann 
Bichersiair James, laborer, 55 Tyson 




Bichsler Andiew, glass blower, 370 Ostend 
Bickell Dr. Charles, 85 Pine 
Bickerman John, porter, 154 s Bond 
Bickeiton George, cooper, 101 Bank 
Bickerlon Joseph, clerk, 76 s High 
Bickle)' Samuel, shoemaker, 15 e Lombard 
Biddels Frederick, laborer, 1G6 s Eden 
Biddison James A. plasterer 211 Orleans 
Biddison Zachariah, 494 w Lombard 
Biddle Joseph, fisherman, 29 s Front 
Biddle Peregrine, master carpenter, B. St O. 

R. R. 99 HoUins 
Biddle Samuel, 101 L. Greene 
Bidvvell Lorenzo, clerk, 555 w Lombard 
BIEDE ADOLPHUS, apothecary and che- 
mist, 2i8 s Broadway 
Biemler Henry, milkman, 245Penna av 
Bien A. shoemaker, Tovvnsend near Pa. av 
Bieu Henry, laborer, 27 Preston 
Bier Fredk, harness maker, Charles near 

Bieran George, clerk, ",6 Williamson al 
Bierbower Leinuel, 146 Montgomery 
Bierly George, shoemaker, 72 Portland 
Biekner Jt)hn, carpenter, '9s Regester 
Biers Wm. tinner, 731 w Baltimore 

Bine Charles, -jeweler, 20 Park 
Bines Robl. deputy naval officer, 81 s Paca 
Bingham Benj. T. carpenter, 291 Franklin 
Bingham John, agent .for Mason &. Co's 

crackers, 52 Jefferson 
Bingham Robert, stone cutter, 55 Centre 
Bingham V. D. clerk, 52 Jefferson 
Binnacourt Deitrick, 80 s Bethel 
Binney Capi. Joshua, surveyor of vessels 
and cargoes, office s w cor Gay and Lom-<» 
bard, dw 44 Fawn 
Binney R(tbert, laborer, 214 Eastern av 
Binnie Robert, laborer, 50 s Bond 
Binnix John, harness maker, 169 e Madison 
Binnix Lewis D. machinist, 112 Grundy 
Binnix Martha, 169 e Madison 
BINS W ANGER E. furniture dealer, 6 and 

8 Harrison 
Biiiyon &. Audoun, house carps, 137 s Ann 
Binyon Benj. F. carpenter, 55 s Caroline 
Binyori Sarah, prov. store, 55 s Caroline 
Binyon Thos W. carpenter, 250 Eastern av 
Bitiyon Thomas, prop, horses and carts, 284 

Canton av 
Binyon Wm. (B. & Audoun) 130 Bank 
Binz John, baker, 40 Chatsworth 

Bigel Margaret, milkvvoman, 378 s Charles Birch Charles, deal, second hand wares, 198 

Bigsar John (J. F. Jamison & Co.)151 Park 
Biggar Jacob, tailor, 20 Regester 
Bigger Margaret, 186 Bethel 
Biggins Philip, laborer, 243 n Bond 
Biggins Wm. H. boot maker, 141 n Gay 
Biggs John A. butcher. 7 n Caroline 
Biggs Joseph, police, 90 n Eden 
Biggs Josephine, 13 Mul-likin 
Bigham John, grocer, n w cor Eutaw and 

Franklin, dvv 77 n Paca 
3IGHAM & BLACKBURN, produce com- 
mission merchants, n e cor Franklin and 
Bigham M. M. (B. 8t Blackburn) 167 n Eu- 
Bighan Mrs. Elizabeth, 303 w Fayette 
Bigler Geo. cabinet maker, 117 Low 
Biker Jacob, cooper, 221 Henrietta 
Billans Edward, clerk, 112 Burgundy al 
Billings John, poller, 171 s Wolfe 
Billington Gover, lottery and exchange of- 
fice, s e cor Centre mark, space, and Fish 
mark, space, dw 155 n Central av 
Billington Wm. L. tinner 40 n Bond 
Eillman Geo. provision store, 1 s Poppleton 
Billman Michael, shoemaker, 170 Vine 
Billman Michael, laboier, Elliott near Pa- 

luxent. Canton 
Bilmnn Johannes, wood saw'r. 343 Franklin 
Billmeyer Catharine, 122 Chew 
BiUmeyer Jacob, shoemaker, 176 East 
Billmeyer Joseph, shoe store, 142 w Pratt, 

dw Fountain hotel 
Billups Benj. F. .salesman, 15 McEldery 
Billups Cecelia, 3 Hydes ct 
Bdson Andrew J plasterer, 94 Preston 
Bilson Daniel, ornamental plasterer, 237 w 

Bilson Henry, machinist, 469 w Lombard 
Bilson John, plasterer, 237 w Fayette 
Bilson Samuel, plasterer, 154 n Howard 
Bilson Samuel, pla.sterer, 237 w Fayette 
Binding Henry, cooper, 31 Lee 


Birch Chnrles, clerk, 113 Sharp 
Birch Franklin, ship join. 85 s Washington 
Birch Thomas B. ship joiner, 119 .s Bond 
Birch Wm. R. clerk, 113 Sharp 
Birch Mrs. Wm. S. 113 Sharp 
Birckhead ikBro. commission and shipping 

merchanis,~9 Commerce 
Birckhead Mrs. C. A. 48 n Charles 
Birckhead Christopher, tailor, 146 n High 
Birckhead James (B. & Bro.) 87 Park 
Birckhead John W. police, 189 n Central av 
Bird Alfred, attornev, 234 n Eutaw 
Bird Charles, 46 s High 
Bird Geo. (Wyman & B.) 234 n Eutaw 
Bird E Caret e, tobacconist, 28 w Pratt, dw 

23 n Calvert 
BIRD J. EDWARD & BRO. wholesale 
and retail dry goods dealers, 213 w Balti- 
more, dw J.'E. B. 110 vv Fayette 
Bird Joseph (J. E. B. & Bro.) 40 Lexington 
Bird Peter, grocery, 243 Chase 
Bird Mrs. Sarah, 35 s Chapel 
Bird Stephen L. &. Co., dry goods dealers, 69 
w Baltimore, dw S. L. B. 187 vv Lombard 
Birdsall Samuel, huckster, 36 Harford av 
Birely Lewis A. agent for Val. Birely, 247 

w Lombard 
BIRELY VAL. hide and leather dealer, 15 

Birkenwald Solomon, shoemak. 52 Thames 
Biikett Marv,20 n Liberty 
BIRKEY THOS. H. grocer, 74 Hanover 
Birkholz Chas. piano maker, 11 Barnet 
Biritz Ernest, laborer, 354 Penn.sylvania av 
Birmingham Andrew, carp. 169 n Caroline 
Birmingham Caleb, laborer, 16 n Amity 
Birmingham Daniel, stone quarrier. Green- 
mount av near city limits 
Birmingham James'E. plasterer, n w corner 

Warner and Montgomery 
Birmingham Thomas, painter, 43 Ross 
Biscoe Mrs. Ann, 89 s Paca 





Biscoe James, clerk, i"25 s Paca 
Biscoe Samuel C. pilot, V25 s Wulfe 
Biseoe Wm. M. ship joiner, 194 s WoKe 
Bischoff C. F. tobacconist, 167 Franklin & 

20 n Paca 
Bischoff Christopher, cabinet maker, 239 s 

Bishop Adam, cooper, 13-2 French 
Bishop Adam, laborer, 204 s Durham 
Bi^hop Caleb, 75Ensor 
Bishop & Curry, feed and flour dealers, 161 

Bishop David, 185 e Fayette 
Bishop Elias, deputy sheriff', Court House 
Bishop Elizabeth, 1H4 s Howard 
Bishop Klizabeth, 2U e Prait 
Bishop Francis, shoemaker, 265 e Lombard 
Bishop George, carpenter, 114 Ensor 
Bishop James H. carpenter, lUEnsor 
Bishop James E. 316 Aisquith 
Bi--hop James, painter, 179 HoUins 
Bishop Jatnes, tavern, 49H w Pratt 
Bishop John, policeman, 17 Holiins 
Bishop John, ship carp. 246 Eastern av 
Bishop John T. stonemason, 327 Cathedral 
Bishop Nicholas, painter, 88 s Washington 
Bishop Patrick, grocery, 419 w Lombard 
Bishop Richard, coach manuf. 93 w Fayette 
Bishop, Wm. baggage mast, steamboat, 194 

Central av 
Bishop Win. rigger, 1.35 s Wolfe 
iJi^hiip Win. jr. custom house officer, 260 e 

Bishop Wm. H. watchman, 94 n Caroline 
Bishop Wmchester, 114 Ensor 
Bishop Wm. T. (B.& Curry) 157 n High 
Bisofbach Charles, laborer, 4 IH Canton av 
Bisseti Thomas, jr. stone cutt. 85 McHenry 
Bisson Wm. mate, Chester, bet Gough and 

Biter Wm. boot and shoemaker, 294 s Bond 
Bitter Ferdinand, bar keeper, Citizens' Re- 
treat, near Observatory 
Bitter Henry, cabinet maker, 45 Saratoga 
Bitter Lewis, tavern, 5 w Pratt 
Bittinger John D. shoemaker, 7 Penna. av 
Hittner Andrew, laborer, 41 Eastern av 
Bitzel John, butcher, 675 Penna. av 
Bixler B. M. clerk, B. &.O. R fl.dw 50 Pearl 
BIXLER LOUIS A. tobac. 102 n Howard 
Bixler Wm. T. clerk, 414 w Lombard 
Black Archibald, 23s Regester 
Black Benjamin F. painter, 79 Exchange 

place, dw 33 McHenry 
Black Catharine, 413 w Pratt 
Black D. H. trunk maker, 107 n High, dw 

96 Aisquith 
Black Harmon F. yeasi mak. 197 e Fayette 
Black Gilbert, 1 s Bond 
Black Mrs Hannah, 35 McHenry 
Black Henry, baker, 141 n Fremont 
Black Horse Ilolel, 111 n High, James Al- 
exander, prop. 
Black James, stone cutter, 270 Mulberry 
Black James F. messenger Adams'Express 
Co 4 13 w Pratt 
1 Black Capt. James G. mariner, Ann, n of 
I Lombard 

1 Black James H. engineer, 99 Regester 
I Black John, buikif r, 32() Saratoga 

Black John, stone cutter, 370 Mulberry 
Black John, cooper, Smith's wharf, dw 1H7 

Black John, clerk, 35 n Fremont 
Black Lewis W. painter, 33 McHenry 
Black Samuel, cooper, 11 Centre mki space 
Black Samuel, stone cutter, 370 Mulberry 
Black Samuel, marble yard, 182 Cathedral 

dw Saratoga near Chalsworth 
Black Susan, Division near Dolphin 
Black Wm. machinist, 270 Mulberry 
Black Win. scale makes 270 Mulberry 
Blackburn Cyrus, (Bigham &.B.) 167 nEu- 

Blackburn John C. attorney, 34 St. Paul dw 

s e cor Pine and Saratoga 
Blackburn Samuel, tinner, 114 Saratoga 
Blackford David, shoemaker, 184 w Biildle 
Blackiston & Greene, cabinet makers, 491 

w Baltimdre 
Blackiston John B. (B. 8t Greene) 307 Mul- 
Blackiston Wm.C. lumber inspector, \\ est 

Falls av. dw 138 Sharp 
Blackistone Wm. D. grocer, s w cor. Han- 
over and Barre 
Blacklar Alexander C. clerk, 5 n Ann 
Blacklar Charles, provision dealer, 130 e 

Blacklar John T. sailmak. Ann nr. Fayette 
Blacklnck Nicholas F. paper stock dealer, 

118 Light-st wharf, dw 440 w Fayette 
Blackway Wm. miller, 102 York 
Blackweil Elizabeth, boarding house, 46 s 

Sharp r u J 

Blackweil Wm. C. clerk, s w cor. Lombard 

and Sharp 
Bladders George, laborer, 19 Covington 
Blades Charles, butcher. 80 n Central av 
Blades John L. chair maker, 106 s Wolfe 
Blades Samuel, chair maker. 157 n Exeter 
BLAIR &.C0. gas fitters, 366 w Baltimore, 
adjoining Eutaw house —[Set p. 10 Jid- 
Blair George W. copper plate printer, 232 

Blair J. A clerk, 14i sCalrert 
Blair John, tailor, 93 n Schroeder 
Blair L. P. (Blair & Co.) 247 w Fayette 
Blair Matilda, 8,S McCulloh 
Blake & Bevan, importers and dealers in 

watches, jewelry, &c. 217 w Baltimore 
Blake Charles (B. &. Bevan) Garden, north 

of Lanvale 
Blake David, boot cutter, 189 East 
Blake Edward V. house and sign painter, 

6^ n Eden, dw 5 . 
Bl.ike George, 151 York 
Blake Henry, painter, 5 n Eden 
Blake Joel N. machinist and founder, cor. 

Franklin and North, dw 200 n Eutaw 
Blake John, barber, 2M) Canton av 
Blake John W. saddler, 170 s Paca 
Hlake John, carpet weaver, 47 Tyson 
Blake John R. bricklayer, 112 n Caroline 
Blake Martin, grocer, 5 n Eden 
Blake Richard, hatter, Front-st. hotel, 100 n 

Blake Sarah, 10 Josephine 
Blakeney Wm. coach painter, 409 n Gay 





Blaker Edward R. brass finisher, 87 Albe- 
Blaker Henry, saddler, Dorsey's hotel 
Blakeslee Ransom, jr. successor to Balto. 
Clock Co. 18 s Charles, dw 72 McCulloh 
Blakey Alexander, brewer, Saratoga near 

Blakey Wm. proprietor Saratoga brewery, 

Saratoga near Fremont 
Blakney John, carpenter, cor. Dolphin and 

Mason ai 
Blanch James C. potter, Bond, betw. Mulli- 

kin and Fayette 
Blanchard E. Wyatt, attorney, 41 St. Paul, 

dw 155 Cathedral 
Blanchard Thos. H. grocer, 91 e Lombard 
Blandei George, Canton av. near Cannon 
Blanck John, tavern, 471 w Baltimore 
Blandy Dr. Alfred A. surgeon dentist, 51 

n Charles 
Blaney James W. bricklayer, 20 s Fremont 
Blaney John, carpenter, 161 Green Mt. av 
Blaney Sarah, 266 Green Mount av 
Blaney Wm. B. & Co. general com. mchts. 
97 Smith's whf dw W. B. B. cor. St. Paul 
and Saratoga 
Blandford Elizabeth, 144 n Bond 
Blank Charles, tailor, 33 e Lombard 
Blank Jacob, brakesman, 17 McHenry 
Blanke Wm. grocery, 313 Canton av 
Blanker Henry, shoemak. 41 Albemarle 
Blaut Abraham, harness mak. 345s Charles 
Blass Wm. H. cabinet maker, 5 n Gay, dw 

114 Pearl 
Blatner John, shoemaker, 14 Camden 
Blattan Margaret, Choptanknear Fayette 
Blaufuss Wm. L. tailor, 267 Franklin 
Blee James, Basin, point 
Blessing Daniel, carpenter, 47 n High, dw 

100 n Central av 
Blessing Frederick, labr. 28 L. McElderry 
Blessing John, tobacconist, 241 n Gay 
Bleum George, tailor, 3G e Baltimore 
Blew Robert W. clerk, 94 n Charles 
Blick William B. &Co. lottery office, 93 w 

Blickhan George H. clerk, 86 n Howard 
Blimline Henry, furniture dealer, 25 Penn- 
sylvania avenue 
Blimline Joseph, propr. Merchants' hotel, 7 

n Liberty 
Blinberger Adam, laborer, 206 Penna. av 
Blinsfield Alverta, tailorcss, 266 Light 
Blinsinger George, carpenter, 145 Ross 
Blissard John, coppersmith, 178 William 
Blizzard C. H. grocery, n w cor. Mulberry 

and Ogston 
Blizzard Siephen, cigar maker, 48 n Cen- 
tral av 
Block Augustus, bookkeeper, 34 North 
Block Andrew, coachsmith, 106 Monument 
Block F. engraver, 99 Orleans 
Block George, laborer, 221 Light 
Block Julia, 4 n Schroeder 
Block John, (Thomsen, Woods & B.) 7 

Block Lewis, second-hand dealer, 58 McEl- 
Block Louis, cigar maker, 31 Lee 
Blocker Daniel, 541 w Fayette . 

Blocksidge Levi, machinist, Boston, west of 

Binney, Canton 
Blome John, tavern, 26 w Lombard 
Blondheim Hertz, tailor, 105 n Howard, dw 

59 n Eutaw 
Blont Levi. 187 Canton avenue 
Blood Wm'. omnibus driver, 131 Regester 
Bloom Daniel, second-hand furniture deal. 

205 e Lombard 
Blooman Anthony, laborer, 34 w Lombard 
Bloomer Earnest, shoemaker, 92 LancsTster 
Bloomer Frederick, teacher, -10 Constitution 
Bloomer John W. hatter, 97 Aisquith 
Blotkamp Wm. watchmaker, 225 s Bond 
Blottenberger Benj. waggoner, 178 Green 

Mount avenue 
Blottenberger Philip, waggoner, 151 Green 

Mount avenue 
Bloxham John, furniture deal. 45 Harrison 
Bliick Henry, Aliceanna, Canton 
Blum Antoine, laborer, 36 Barnes 
Blum Barbara, 103 s Bond 
Blum George, confectioner, 56 Portland 
Blum George L. tailor, 75 Hanover 
Blum George, barber, 96 Richmond 
Blum H. F. barber, 395 n Gay 
Blum Henry, barkeeper Rock Spring Gar- 
den, Frederick av. below Calverton rd 
Blum Isaac, sec. hand deal. 193 e Lombard 
Blum Isaac, clothier, 216 s Caroline 
Blum Isaac, (Hess & B.) 47 s Exeter 
Blum Lewis F. glazier, 184 n Eden 
Blum Solomon, (Hess & B.) 47 s Exeter 
Blum Valentine, wheelwght. 378 Saratoga 
Blumauer Louis, clothier, 230 s Charles 
Blume Earnest F. moroc. dress. 19 Walker 
Blumenberg L. manufacturer cloaks and 

talmas, 276 w Balto. dw 117 Mulberry 
Blumenthal Abraham, dry goods dealer, 262 

s Charles 
Blumenthal Bernard P. dry goods dealer, 

655 w Baltimore 
Blumsick Henry, furniture wag. 235 s Ann 
Blundell Dennis, clothier, 103 Garden 
Blundell Malachi, mail agent, 80 Ross 
Blundell Wm. hackman, 67 Mulberry 
Blumenberg Julius J. jeweler, 69 Aisquith 
Blunt George, 20 Durst alley 
Blush Samuel, sailmak. 130 s Washington 
Blyman Charles, cabmet maker, n e corner 

Fayette and Eutaw 
Blyman John, 94 Raborg 
Boak Robert, weaver, Peirce nr Franklin 
BOARD OF TRADE, office Exchange 

buildings, George U. Porter, Secretary 
Boardman Lyman, 555 w Lombard 
Boarman Geo. S. carpen 743 w Baltimore 
Boarman Rebecca C. dry goods store, 743 w 

Boas Jane, 98 Eastern avenue 
Bobart Wm. ship joiner, 63 s Ann 
Bobb Antoine, shoemaker, 179 s Bond 
Bobee Joseph F. clerk, 207 Light 
Bobeth Charles, (Eggert & B.) 643 w Balti- 
Boch John, laborer, 12 Regester 
Bock Henry, shoemaker, 294 s Bond 
Bock Julius, portmonnae maker, 274 Cen- 
tral avenue 
Bockelman Conrad, tailor, 147 Barre 





Bockelman Henry, tailor, 147s Greene 
Bockmiller Wm. tanner, 98 Chew 
Bockmiller Wm P. coachsinjth, 98 Chew 
B'>cksle Franz, tailor, 3 Slate 
Bocksti Win. laborer, 11 Albemarle 
Bocock John J. salesman, 2()8 w Baltimore 
Bode August, carpenier. '218 s Ann 
Bode Conrad, cooper, 143 Arijyle alley 
Bode Charles, tailor, 29(i n Gay 
Bodein Charles, basket maker, 19 Barnes 
Bodein John, umbrella mak. 34 Barnes 
Boden Jane, 139 e Madison 
Boden Marg. J. dress mak '293 e Monument 
Boden Wm. confectioner, '293 e Monument 
Bodenburg Chas. cabinet mak. 251 w Pratt 
Bodener John, shoemaker, 193 Orleans 
Bodensick Charles, book bind. 338 Franklin 
Bodensick David, cabt. mak. 2(i3 Franklin 
Bodensick David A. printer, 2fi3 Franklin 
Bolensick Geo. H.l-ook bind. 3-24 Franklin 
Bodensick George, miller, Frederick road, 

near (oll-gaie 
Bodiger John G. carpenter, 216 Columbia 
Bodine Frederick, tailor, Aliceanna, Canton 
Bodine Marlillema, 30 Barnes 
Boilman Wm. oyster dealer, Fort avenue 
Boeher Christian, cooper, ]b6s Bond 
Boehm Dr. Ad. '205 Hanover 
Boehm Conrad, laborer, Townsend near 

Pennsylvania avenue 
Boehm Charles T. clerk, 125 Hanover 
Boehm C. G. 125 Hanover 
Boehm Charles G. commis. merchant, 2'2^ 

s Charles, dw 125 Hanover 
Boehm John L. clerk, 215 w Fayette 
Boehm John W. blacksmith, 1 n Bond 
Boehnie Augustus, 130 Hanover 
Buehme Charles L. office 61 Second, dw 

219 n Eutaw 
Buemer Charles, laborer, 141 s Greene 
Boerner George C. cabt. mak. 372 Saratoga 
Boerner Henry, salesman, 42 Jackson 
Boessel Earnest, sunsmiih, 351 e Eager 
Boetel Frie, gas fitter. 25 n Frederick 
Boettinger Peter, shoemaker, 11 Etna lane 
Boeitner Francis R. tobacconist, 183 e Pratt 
Boger George, printer, cor. Frederick and 

Boger Michael, blacksmith, 130 Raborg 
B()?gs Alexander L. 75 e Baltimore 
BOGGS, COTTMAN & CO. importers 
and dealers in wines, liquors, &c. and 
commission mchts. 44 and 46 w Lombard 
Boggs Charles, clerk, 75 e Baltimore 
BOGGS & CO agents Connecticut Mu- 
tual Lite Insurance Co. cor. South and 
Boggs F. Henry, (R. M. Lockwood& Co.) 

75 e Baltimore 
Boggs Harmanus, (B., Cottman & Co.) 185 

St. Paul 
Boggs J. Greer, book keeper, 50 e Fayette 
Bosgs Robert, clerk, 75 e Baltimore 
Botrgs Wm. A. (B., Cottman & Co.) 185 St. 

Boggs Wm. (B. & Co.) 100 n Exeter 
Boggs Wm. 144 n Eutaw 
Bogle James, ship carp. 2 Essex, Canton 
Bogue Henry, (Harrington & B.) 71 Frank- 

Boguejame^, grocer and liquor dealer, 11 

Bogue John, 230 w Fayette 
Bogue Maria, confectioner, 38 s Frederick 
Bogue Thomas, grocer, 94 s Eutaw 
Bohan Jame<, gardener, 3-4 Rock 
Bohei?er Francis, grocery and liquor store, 

19 Bank 
Roherd Michael, shoemaker, 23 St. James 
Bohnlofink John, sh^^emak. 195 e Lombard 
Bohner John, shoemak. 418 Canton av 
Bohn Jacob, boarding hou>e, 105 w Fayette 
Boice Edward, shoemaker, 402 Saratoga 
Boice George M. postmaster, iiiagistrate 
and miller, Calverlon mills, nr almshouse 
Boim Henry, baker, 9 George 
Bokee George M. china rnercht. 41 n How- 
ard, dw -233 w Pratt 
Bokee Howard, clerk, 233 w Pratt 
Bokee Mnrv, 233 w Pratt 
BOKEE WILLIAM F. & Co. china mer- 
chants, 1 and 3 Harrison, dw 105.n Front 
Bokel John G grocery, 283 e Eager 
BOKEL JOHN H. shoemaker, 62 Park 
Bokel Theodore A. grocery, 146 Stirling 
Bokern John F.cabt. maker, 332 s Bond 
Boland Edward, drayman, 26 Hillen 
Boland James, grocer and liquor dealer, 148 

Canton avenue 
Boland Michael, 47 Hillen 
Bnland Thomas, clerk, 120 Ross 
Bolden B. laborer, 65 s Oregon 
Bolden Robert, blacksmith, 16 s Oregon 
Bolden Wm. machinist. 12 s Oregon 
Bolden Wm. 1 12 s Wolfe 
Bolgiano John. (Samuel Ault & Son) cor. 

Aisquith and Chew 
Bolivas Leilzer, painter, 250 e Eager 
Boll Nicholas, paver, 233 n Bond 
Bollack Joseph, 70 Chapel 
Bollard Jane, 108 Barre 
Bolles J. N. constructor Artesian wells, box 
95 Mechanics' E.\change, dw 88 n Exeter 
Bollinger Ann, fruit store, 84 Camden 
Boilman Earnest, drayman, 217 Conway 
Bollman Edward, carpenier, 335 Franklin 
Boilman F'red. W. drayman, 178 e Fayette 
Boilman Mrs. Frederick, grocer and liquor 

dealer, 74 Portland 
Boilman Henry, tavern, Light , cor. Winder 
Boilman Harman F. draym. 178 e Fayette 
Bollman Wendel, of B.&O. R. R. Co. 112 

Pennsylvania avenue 
Bolman Christian, laborer, 86 Eastern av 
Bolman John, cigar maker, 90 Hamburg 
Bollock Peter, grocer, cor. Canton av. and 

Port al. 
Bolster Tlios. H. machinist, 485 Saratoga 
Bolt Capt. Edward, 56 Raborg 
Bolt Wm. pilot, 8n Gough 
Bolte Simon, clerk, 543 w Baltimore 
Bolton Daniel K. cumphene and ethereal 

oil dealer, 198 e Fnyctte 
Bolton E. trimnnn^'^; store, 167 G. Hughes 
Bolton Eliza, 15 s Bond 
Bolton Francis, 193 St. Paul 
BOLTON HUGH & CO. glass, oil and 

Baint store, 81 McElderry's wharf, dw H. 
;. 20 n Front 
Bolton John H. druggist, 16 s Bond 





Bolton James T. (H. B. & Co.) 1 Jackson 
Bolton James K. clerk, 95 s Caroline 
Bolton Station, Norih. Central Railway, cor 

Cathedral and Bolton 
Bolion Wm. H. oil and paint dealer, 84 w 

Pratt, dvv 3 Jackson 
Boltz Casper, laborer, 53 Biddie alley 
Bnltz John, laborer, 117 s Beihel 
Boltz Nicholas, laborer, 237 Durham 
Bom Krigman, butcher, 204 Canton av 
Bomherser Geor|:e, laborer, Frederick av 

near Fulton 
Bomberger Isaac, trim'gs, &c. 27 n Exeter 
Bomberger John H. shoemak. 698 w Balto. 
Bonaparte Jerome N. 95 Park 
Boneylee Frederick, shoemak. Madison nr 

Bond Anna, lis High 
Bond Aquilla, waterman, Hudson near Bin- 

ney, Canlon 
BOND ALEXANDER, tavern, 85 w Pratt 
Bond Alexander J. carpenter, 183 Ross 
Bond Alfred, carpenter, 183 Ross 
Bond Barnet, huckster, 8 Richmond 
Bond Mrs. Daniel C. 50 e Eager 
Bond Elizabeth, trimming and variety store, 

27 e Lombard, dw 56 
Bond Fred, well digger, 135 Eastern av 
Bond George L. engineer, 210 w Pratt 
BOND HUGH L. attorney at law, 44 St. 

Paul, dw 71 
Bond J aines, prod, dealer, 348 e Monumen t 
Blind James, tavern and eating house, 65 

wPtait, dw49 s Caroline 
Bond J. W. & Co. (J. W. & James H. B.) 

booksellers, 86 w Baltimore 
Bond John W. cooper, 39 n Caroline 
Bond James, wood huckster. 15 Church 
Bond Jas. (Jas. B. & Bro ) 348 e Monument 
Bond James & Bro. fruit and produce deal- 
ers, 1^ Hollingsworth 
Bond J. Bosley, bookkeeper, 12 St. Paul 
Bond John R. clerk, 149 Hanover 
Bond John, wagoner, rear of e Second 
Bond Josias, gardener, Philadelphia road 

near city limits 
Bond Joseph H. pyrotechnist, Baltimore 

near Ann 
Bond John W. pyrotechnist, Baltimore near 

Bond Lambert W. 40 Pine 
Bond Lorenzo D. tavern, Fall.g road near 

Northern av 
Bond L. D, carpenter, n w cor Cathedral 

& Frick's lane 
Bond Leander, carpenter, 183 Ross 
Bond Mary, 34 Chcsnut 
Bond Michael, wood turner, 116 e Fayette 
Bond IVIichael, trader, 49 s Caroline 
Bond Peter, carpeiiler, 1H3 Ro^s 
Bond Samuel, laborer, Hudson nearBinney, 

Bond Samuel, carpenter, 183 Ross 
Bond Thomas J. grocer, n w cor Aisquith 

ami Low 
Bond Thos. J. clerk, dw western hotel 
BOND THOMAS, produce dealer, cor 

Calvert and Pratt, dw 197 n Bond 
Bond Thomas, laborer, 151 e Fayette 
Bond Wm. carter, 60 Richmond 

Bond Wm. pyrotechnist, Wolfe near Fay- 
ette, dw Baltimore near Ann 
Bind Wm. B attorney at law, 32 St. Paul 
Bond Wm. (Jas. B. & Bro.) 49 s Caroline 
Bond Wm. produce dealer, 2^7 e Pratt 
Bonday James, wharfinger, 273 s Ann, dw 

187Gough ■ 
Bonday & Thurlow, oak coop. Ill Thames 
Bondes Adam, shoemaker, I Saraloga 
Bone Wm. coal deal. Lombard e of Chester 
Bonheira Martin, dyer, I50 s Eulaw 
Bonheim Wm. tailor, 110 Low 
Boninger Brothers, com. & ship merchants, 

22 German 
Bonn Anthony S & Co. imp. and wholesale 
dealers ia leaf and manuf, tobacco, 172 
w Pratt 
Bonn Anth. S. (A. S. B. & Co.) 75 Lee 
Bonn Dan. W. (A. S B & Co.) 120s Paca 
Bonn Richard, (A. S. B. & Co.) 62 s Paca 
Bonne Wm. cabinet mkr. 788 w Baltimore 
Bonnelt, Joseph L. currier, 80 Enslern av 
Bonney Ellas, (J. Nolen & Co.) cor Eutaw 

and Pratt 
Bonsai Charles, paperhanger, 29 Low 
Bonsai John, bookbinder, 3 Josephine 
Bonsai Louis, bookbinder, .52 w Baltimore 
Bonsai Robert F brickmaker, 351 Columbia 
BOOKER JOHN L.Sec'y Great Council 

of Red Men, 22 Chatsworth 
Bookhotf Wm. segar maker, 116 MuUikin 
Bookhout Peter, milkman, 636 Light 
Bookman Joseph, cooper, e Centre, dw 26 

Bookman J. cedar cooper, 28 Willow 
Bookman Henry, clerk, 192 Canton av 
Bookhultz Geo. nightman, 214 Columbia 
Bookhuist Elizabeth. 7 Low 
Bool Daniel W. bookkeeper, Pratt opposite 

the Spring 
Boon Benjamin T. printer, 10 Lee 
Boon Gardner S. tinner, 114 Pine 
Boon John, shoemaker, 139 Low 
Boon John, blacksmith, 103 Dolphin 
Boon John R. machinist, 44 n Popplelon 
Boon Joseph H. hay dealer, 122 Ross 
Boon John, carpenter, 5C n Central av 
Boon Robert W. cabinet mkr. 21 Harford av 
Boone Francis Marion, moulder, 186 Ais- 
Boone Henry, shoemaker, 226 e Lombard 
Boone John, carpenter, 13 Lewis 
Boone Jcdin Wesley, shoemaker, 254 s 

Boone John H. D. lottery dealer, 35 Second, 

dw 103 Ensor 
Boone Nicholas, runner Farmers and Plan- 
ters Bank, 186 Aisquith 
Boone Samuel, dry goods dealer, 213 e Bal- 
Boone Thomas, S. J., Loyola College, Cal- 
vert near Madison 
Boone Wm. cabinet maker. Dolphin near 

Pennsylvania av 
Boone Wm. G. mariner, 7 Will 
Boone Wm. H. machinist, 186 Aisquith 
Boone Wm cabinet maker, 141 n E.xeter 
Booth Mary A.7n High 
Booth John C. Aisquith near Chew 
Booth John C. upholsterer, 219 Aisquith 





Booih Joseph C. plasierer, 40 Preston 
Booth Joseph, uphol>ieiei, 10 s Central av 
Booth James H. ci{(ar maker, 3 Thompson 
Booth llichard J. b'rench teacher, Mosher 

near Pennsylvaniei a.v 
Booih Samuel A. painter, 171 e Pratt 
Bi)oth Sarah, 79 .s llegester 
Booth \Vm. U. L. painter 79 s Regesier 
Booth Wm. bookkeeper, s e cor iialtiinore 

and Euiaw 
Boi'th \Vm. J. (Ohenoweih & B.) 10 Cen- 
tral av 
B lolsh VVm. O. L. painter, 17 Gough 
Booiler Jolin, paver, 30 Bank 
Booz it Bro. ship builders, Boston, Canton 
B'joz Henj. ship carpenter, 1-23 Washinjjion 
Booz Chas. W.(ti.& Bro.) 126 Cambridge 
B>ioz Edward, ship carp. ibvJ Aliceanna 
jjooz John J. ship carpenter, 107 Lancaster 
Booz llichard, ship carp. Chapel between 

Gougti and Pratt 
Booz Thomas. (B. & Bro.) Chesapeake e of 

O Donnell, Canlon " 
Bjoz Thomas, 149 Gough 
Booz Valentine, cooper, 133 s Caroline 
Booze Jas. W. brass finisher, 81 s Caroline 
Boozer, George, potter, 3tii) e Monument 
Boj-'P George, sawder, 49 Preston 
Bojip L. dry goods dcalei, 393 Light 
Bi'pp Lawrence, clothier, 1J4 Lignt-yt whf 
Borchei, John, sailor, '-241 Aliceanna 
Borchers Henry, cigar mkr. 3l2 Aliceanna 
Borchordiug John G. tavern. J4 Park 
BURCK EDWARD, h;ur dres»cr and per- 
fumer, 15 and 17 Holiday 
B.irck John 11. hair dresser, 201^ Lexington 
Bord Michael, rigger, 3ii2 Eastern av 
Boriiley Mar-iarei,49 St. Paul 
Bordley Isabella, Grundy near Preston 
Bordley Or. James. 74 n Cliarles 
B inllcy J- Beale, engineer, 46 Saratoga 
Burdley T. H. clerk, 49 St. Paid 
Bordley Win. C. clerk, r22 Madison 
Bordley \Vm. C. jr. ( W. B. Blaney & Co.) 

cor. St. Paul and Saratoga 
Boreing John T. tobacconist, 73 Columbia, 

(iw 171 Cv)nway 
B'^revich Geo. confeclioner, 131 Franklin 
Bjr^eall Altred, painter, 2;iH Mulberry 
Bi»r:;eali Wm. ti^tl ilealer, 11 Walker 
B'Tgerding Henry, paver, 1 Smith al 
Boiiiig Elias H. stone culler, 30-' Franklin 
Boring Wesley, (Atwood & B.) 2S4 Mul- 
Boricainp Herman, laborer, 17o Argvle al 
Borland Sarah B. board, house, 7 Courtland 
Bormuih John, butcher, Hartord av near 

Point la 
Born Geo. M. shoemaker, 33 e Lombard 
Born Herm in, blacksmith, 3^0 Saratoga 
B irn J>iseph, blacksmiih. 3so Saratoga 
B 'rn Tobia-., wagoner, Hi n Schmeder 
Boriicage Fred, shoemaker, 91 n Eutaw 
B iinhorn H<'nry, carpenter, 73 Bank 
Bornsladle George, laborer, 201 William 
Borrouich Thomas, Congress Hall Hotel, 

IH s Gay 
Borry Ferdinand, laborer, 291 C<-niral av 
Bory Frederick, laborer, Bouldin al near 

Bosch Francis, painter, 15 Jasper 

Boschad Martin, carpenter, 10 Regester 

Hose Elizabeth 41() Liglif Joseph L. sailor, 414 Light William. 114 St. Paul 

Bose William F. sailor, 414 Light 

Bosenberger Henry, tailor, 159 n Eden 

Bosey Louisa, 27 n Fremont 

Boshaminer Henry, wagoner, 64 s Regesier 

Bosley E. M. wholesale hardware dealer, 71 

Light St vrhC, dw Fountain hotel 
Bosley Ijam, com. merchant, dw 37 s Exeter 
Bosley James, silver plater, cor Saratoga 

Boslev James H. forwarding and com. mt. 

124 North, dw 91 McCulloh 
Bnsley John, p^diceman, 143 s Spring 
B.)sley John, groier, 61 Hampstead 
B)5ley John, cooper, 5 Young 
Bosley Mary J. 40 Biddle al ' 
B )slcy Nicholas M. clerk, cor. Hanover 

and Barre 
Rosley Talbot, wagoner, 276 Aisquifh 
B.isley William, artist, 90 Pennsylvania av 
B (sley Washington, 25 Stirling 
B isman Edward, laoorer, 72 Decker 
Bosman Wm. H. wagoner, 238 Sharp 
Boss Anioine, cooper, 150 Spring, lager 

beer saloon, 160 s Caroline 
Boss Daniel, tailor, 12 .'\bbott 
Bo~« Mrs. Daniel, 23 Watioa 
Boat Henry, plumber, 109 Thames, dw 139 

!? Bond 
B I«nac, watchman, 2S n Bond 
Boss Maigaret, grocery, 4 Sarah Ann 
Boss Nap. police otficer, dw 1 .Maiden la 
Bosse Andrew, shoemaker, 277 w Pratt 
Bosserman Rev. Alex 142 e Monument 
Bossle Charles, baker, 5 e Pratt 
Bossier David J. clerk, se cor. Madison and 

Bossinan Thos. policeman, 177 Aliceanna 
Bosson James W. upholsterer, 123 Biddle 
Bostich Jacob, lager beer saloon, Philadel- 
phia road e of Guest 
Bostoldt Christian, tailor, 92 s Eutaw 
Boston Charles, house carp. ll!l >, Eden 
Boston Francis, boiler maker. 291 sCiiarles 
Boston Jacob, clerk, 39 Fawn 
Boston John B. (B. & Pnce) 369 e Baltimore 
Boston John E. H. bookkeep. 364 w Fayette 
Boston .Mary, 169 Eastern av 
Boston (fe Price, Imtters, 129 w Briliiinore 
Boston Samuel A. |aiddler, 163 s Wulle 
Bosion Sieamnhip wharf, foot of Flanigan's 

whf, H. U. Mear's, agent 
Bosion W m. W. nightnnan, 90s Coniral av 
Boston Wm, bleacher and presser, 10 Haw 
Bo>twick Joseph, foundryman, 130 s Cen- 
tral av 
Boswell Benj. sergeant police, 55 Raborg 
Boswell James E piano forte manufacturer, 

5 s Eutaw, dw 317 e Baltimore 
Boswell Mordecai F. S. (Townsend, Perrie 

6 Co.) 51 German 

Boswell Marioit, clerk, 171 Saratoga 
Boswell Win. bnckmaker, 134 Columbia 
Boswurth Barbara, l.s.j Urleans 
Bosworih Tiiomas, lumber maiker, 26 n 



JOHN W. woods' 


Bosworth John, laborer, 185 Orleans 
Boteler George, carpenier, Kiti s Paca 
Boieler Bev. W. clerk, 481 w Fayette 
Bothman Charles, grocer and tobacconist, 

210 Hanover 
Bothman Gustavus, cigar maker, 225 Cross 
Boihman Frederick, watchmaker, 42 Han- 
over dw 225 
Bothman Henrietta, Charles near Cross 
Bothman John, 32 Philpot 
Botsford J. B. !>4 Sharp 
Bollinger Andrew, shoemaker, 91 n Spring 
Bott Frederick, plasterer, 125 Ross 
Botlomer Ann, 5 Watson 
Bottomer Uriah, printer, s w cor Hillen and 

Bottomer John, hackman, 84 German 
Bottomore Thomas, shoemaker, 123 n Paca 
Bollomore Frederick J. shoemaker, 108 Sar- 
atoga, dw 123 n Paca 
Bolireill Isabella, 173 e Monument 
BottriU Francis, furniture wagoner, 234 

Bouchart John, painter, 81 Preston 
Boucher, Wm. jr. musical mst. maker, 38 

e Baltimore, dw 151 Cathedral 
Bouch John J. tailor, 13 Someiset 
Boucsein Lewis, apothecary, s e cor. Pratt 

and Eden 
Bouer A. grocer, 1 Morris al 
Bouis Charles, laborer, 8 Gould's ct 
Bouis John H. clerk, Briiton near Madison 
Bouis Stephen, jr. clerk, 40 Portland 
Bouis Stephen, tinner, &c. 40 Portland 
Boiilden David P. grocer, 43 s Bond 
BouldenJ.E. P. (McGinn & B.) 165 St. 

Boulden Wm. J. (Mason & B.) n w cor. 

Lombard and Bond 
Boulden Wm. carpenter, 42 s Bond 
Bouldin Mrs.Anaua, 215 Ai>quith cor Chew 
BOULDIN AUGUSTUS, surveyor, s w 

cor Fayette and North, dw 38 Aisquilh 
Bouldin Charles H. clerk, 23 n Calvert 
BOULDIN OWEN & BRO. surveyors, 18 

North, dw 63 e Fayette 
Bouldin Randolph J. attorney, 18 North, 

dw 298 e Lombard 
Bouldin Richard J. (Owen & Bro.) 63 e 

Bouiguel Francis, (Deville & B.) 67 e Fay- 
Boiirke Richard, laborer, cor. Conway and 

Bourke Tliomas, laborer, 140 n Eulaw 
BOURNE GEORGE, com. rat. 19 Com- 
merce, dw 379 w Lombard 
BOURNE JAMES, Hal Go's store, 193 w 
Baltimore, dw 29 Granby — [Seep. 2 M- 
Bourne Samuel, hatter, 22 Somerset 
Boury Edw. (Jos. B. & Sons) 75 McCuUoh 
Boury Jos. & Sons, imp. French, English, 
German & Italian goods, 210 w Baliiniore 
Boury Jos. (Jus. B. &Son-) York road 
Bouys John, plumber, 70 Raborg 
Bowden James, shoemaker, 411 n Gay 
Bowdoin George E. com. rat. 95 Smith's 

whf. dw 130 n Charles 
Bowen Benjamin, baker, 225 n Bond 

Bowen Charles H. clerk, 133 Hamburg 
Bdwcu Charles H. lax collector, dw 133 

Bowen Edward L. butcher, Pennsylvania 

av near Townsend 
Bowen Geo.W. & Co. book and job printers, 

Franklin building, North 
Bowen George A. bricklayer, 93 Mount 

near Cathedral 
Bowen Geo. W. (B. & Mercer) 2 e Balti- 
Bowen Geo. W. (Geo. W. B. & Co.) 173 n 

Bov/en Granville, carpenter, 148 McHenry 
Bowen John L. clerk, 35 n High 
Bowen Joseph M. clerk post office, Eagle 

hotel, 132 Hillen 
Bowen John W. carpenter, 181 Mulberry 
Bowen Levi.shipsmiih, s side of basin, dw 

67 Warren 
Bowen Levi, (Auld& B.) 67 William 
Bowen Mary A. 6 Preston 
Bowen — , laborer, "47 Elliott, Canton 
Bowen & Mercer, lamp and oil dealers, 2 e 

Bowen Nathaniel M. shoemk. 166 w Pratt 
tiowen Oswald, painter, 59 n Caroline 
Bowen Richard S. sailmaker, loft cor. Cam- 
den and Light ,dw 22 Hill 
Bowen Richard, shoemaker, 35 n High 
Bowen Samuel W. plasterer, 63 Jeflerscn 
Bowen Solomon, flour deal. 407 w Lombard 
Bowen Thomas H. house and sign painter, 

23 German, dw 124 e Pratt 
Bowen Wm. K. carp. 362 n Eutaw 
Bower Barbara, 494 Saratoga 
Bower Bernard, laborer, 155 s Fremont 
Bower Caspar, shoemaker, 27 Bank 
Bower Christopher, merch. tailor, 48 Ensor 
Bower Francis, carpenter, 23 Josephine 
Bower Francis, cooper, 148 Spring, dw 33 


Bower ,204 Stirling 

Bower Frank, laborer, 13 Armistead lane 
Bower Franklin, pedlar, 354 e Lombard 
Bower Franklin laborer, 13 Armistead lane 
Bower Frederick, brush maker, 159 Raborg 
Bower George, blacksmith, Knox ct 
Bower Golleib, milkman, 169 Barre 
Bower Henry, 13 e Fayette 
Bower John Jacob, butcher, 510 Saratoga 
Bower John, seive maker, 146 Penn. av 
Bower John, tinner, 15t) n Eden 
Bower John, shoemaker, 95 n Calvert 
Bower John, lab'r, cor. Cathedral & Biddle 
Bower John, shoemaker, 81 s Wolfe 
Bower John, sawyer, 7 Philpot 
Bower John, grocery, 19 McElderry 
Bower Joseph, cooper, 198 s Bond 
Bower Julius, tailor, 145 West 
Bower Wm. laborer. Elbow lane near Scott 
Howerfrank Henry, watchman, 29 Regesler 
BOWERMAN HENRY N foreign agent, 

cor. Exchange place and South, dw 179 

Bowerman J as. B. clerk, 179 Garden 
Bowerman Margaret H. boarding house, 

29 Holiday 
Bowers Adam, laborer, 26 Lemmon 
Bowers Adam, cooper, 19 H^ppy al 




Bowers Mrs. Emma, 419 w Fayette 
Bowers Fredk. Custom House, 138 s Greene 
Bowens Fredk. J. jHiinier, 138 a Greene 
Bowers Geo. E. 183 Hanover 
Bowers Geo. coijfeciioner, 49'2 Lexington 
B<iwers Geo. W. pension agent, 186 East 
Bowers George, butcher, 517 Saratoga 
Bowers Henry A. coach painter, 683 w Bal- 
Bowera Henry, carter, rear 12 Davis 
BOVVERS JAS. W. apotli. 705 w Baltimore 

dw. 544 Lexington 
Bowers James, shoemaker, 110 Preston 
Bowers Jolin, laborer, 26 Lemnion 
Bowers John F. painter, 1'26 Raborg 
Bowers Jolin, moulder, 355 Columbia 
Bowers John, tailor, 172 s Central av 
Bowers Jolui, shoemaker, 152 s Sprmg 
Bowers John, grocery, 19 McElderry 
Bowers Mary, tin store, '242 s Bond 
Bowers Nicholas, 13 Chew 
Bowers Nathan J. seaman. Cheater between 

Gough and Pratt 
Bowers Rufus, caqieiuer, 75 Poppleton 
Bowers Thomas M. plasterer, 176 e Fayette 
Bowers Thomas, boarding house, 27 w 

Bowers William, blacksmith, 48 Elbow la 
Bowers Wm. coach maker, 4U6 w Baltimore 

Bowers Wm. T. coach maker, 683 w Balti- 
Bowersock Geo. W. tailor, 282 Saratoga 
Bowersox Aug. carp. cor. Brunswick and 

Bowersox Edward M. carpenter, 39 Bryan 
Bowersox Theodore King, 258 Mulberry 
Bowes James, tavern, 28 Thjimes 
Bowes John, clerk, 317 w Lombard 
Bowie Elizabeth, 102 Green Mount av 
Bowie Mrs. Nancy, 45 s Chapel 
Bowie James, tailor, 11 n Bond 
Bowie Reuben S. painter, 9 e Monument 
Bowie Richard C. (Belt & B.) 144 Cathedral 
Bowie Wm. J. tailor, 11 Park 
Bowles John R. clerk, 339 w Fayette 
Bowles Jane J. 339 w Fayette 
Bowitch Elias, tailor, 1 Guilford al 
Bowling Henry, cabinet maker, 199 n Exeter 
Bowling John L. ship smiih, 173 Bank 
Bowling Jas. P. ship carpenter, 172 s Bond 
Bowling Thomas, pilot, 56 s Ann 
Bowling Wm. J. custom house, 112 s Wolfe 
Bowly Samuel H. officer in Bank of Balto. 

197 n Howard 
Bowly Samuel, clerk, 197 n Howard 
Bowman Mrs. Cathtrine, 379 w Fayette 
Bowman John, 164 w Madison 
Bowman Robert, clerk, 87 n High 
Bowman Thomas, laborer, 15 '1 hames 
Bowman Wm. general deal. 116 Eastern av. 

dw 127 s Exeter 
Bowiiaa Jos. dtul. in iron, 318 Mulberry 
Bowne Edward S. (Plumber & B.) Eutaw 

Boxwell Wm. tailor, 415 w Baltimore 
Boyce CapU Albert G. 280 e BaiUinore 
Boyce Edward, collector, 280 e Baltimore 
BOYCE JAM lis, coal merchant, 57 Second, 
dw Baltimore County 

Boyce John, brickmaker, 120 West 

Boyce Thomas, brickmaker, 120 West 

Boyce Thomas, dairy, 108 s Paca 

Boyd Alexander, coach triin'r, 195 Forrest 

Boyd Aloysius, moulder, 195 Forrest 

Boyd Ann, 96 s Eulaw 

Boyd A. McHenry, (Fisher, B. & Brother,) 

Lombard, 4th door w of Penn 
BOYD FRANCIS H. B. carpi. Bradenbaugh 

al. dw 1U9 n Exeter 
Boyd Frederick, butcher, 146 Columbia 
Boyd Geo. S. clerk, 156 Sharp 
Boyd Henry, wagoner, 30 Wayne 
Boyd Howard, 39 n High 
Bowd Heman, baker, 136 Lexington, dw 74 

Boyd Hugh S. property agt. and constable, 

35 Stirling 
BOYD ISAAC L. magistrate, 17th ward, 

213 Montgomery, dw 325 Light 
Boyd Jacob, shoemaker, 109 n Howard 
Boyd James H. carpenter, 69 Henrietta 
Boyd Jamea^T. cakes and fruit, Buren near 

Boyd James T. grocery, 1 Liberty al 
Boyd James, janitor at institute for the blind, 

ii58 Saratoga 
Boyd James, property agt. 42 w Fayette 
Boyd Jas. painter, 80 Block 
Boyd James H. saddler, 9 n Eutaw, dw 372 

w LombiU'd 
Boyd John H. house carpenter, 39 n High 
BOYD JOHN, malsterand bottler, 14 s Gay, 

dw Northern av 
Boyd John, grocery, corner Fremont and 

Columbia, dw 12 St. Peter 
Boyd John C. clerk, 87 n High 
Boyd John T. painter, 4 Ensor 
Boyd John J. (Fisher, B. & Bro.) 275 w 

Boyd John L. carpenter, 126 Chew 
Boyd John L. carpenter, 32 William 
Boyd John W. 133 s Eden 
Boyd Joseph H. lumb. mt. 12 s Caroline, dw 

270 e Baltimore 
BOYD JOSEPH C. attorney, 71 w Fayette, 

dw 54 Hillen 
Boyd Margaret, 42 St. Peter 
Boyd Mrs. Sarah, 46 e Eager 
Boyd Philip D. cl'k in Bank, 260 e Baltimore 
Boyd Sam i. sr. lumb. mt. 196 e Baltimore 
Boyd Samuel, shoemaker, 24 Eutaw ct 
Boyd Thos S. W. saddler, 741 w Baltimore 
boyd Wm. P. 136 Lexington 
Boyd Wm. grocery, distiller, 65 e Monument 
Jioyd W III. merchant tailor, 3 n Charles, dw 

176 .Mulberry 
Boyd Wm. II. ship joiner, 133 s Eden ^ 
Boyd Win. B. saddler, 741 w Haliimore 
Boyd Wm. engineer, 73 e Alonuiiient 
Boyd Wm. A. &. Co. n.ip. jobbers & manuf. 

of tobacco, cigars and sii.lis, 3'3 South 
Boyd Wm. b. house carpt. 196 e Baltimore 
boyd Wm. J. (Duvall, Iveighler &, Co.) 

•Maltby House 
Boyd William H. Merchants and Mechanics 

Exchange, Sun Iron Building 
Boyer Charles S. book-keeper, 42 Albemarle 
Hoyer David, cigar maker, 171 Eastern av 
Boylaii Jas. hacks and stables, 98 s Howard 





Boyer Charles S. book-keeper, 42 Albemarle 
Hoyer David, cigar maker, 171 Eastern av 
Boylan Jas. hacks and stables, 98 s Howard 
Boylan Michael, laborer, 213 Lemmon al 
Boylan Owen, mail driver, 128 s Howard 
Boylan Thos. ostler, 24 Conway 
Boylan Thos. hackman,98 s Eutaw 
Boyle Mrs. Agnes, 100 w Monument 
Boyle Ann I. upholstress, 108 Lexington 
Boyle Benj, ship carpt. 43 Rose 
Boyle Charles, teamster, 30 Ryan 
Boyle Edward, 101 Biddle 
BOYLE JAMES, gro. & feed dealer, n w 

corner Hillen and Chesnut 
Boyle James, carpenter, 173 Mulberry 
Boyle Jas. W. book-keeper, 35 Courtland 
Boyle James D. machinist, 39 n High 
Boyle John S. sexton West Potter's Field, 

173 Mulberry 
Boyle John P. clerk, 101 Biddle 
Boyle Lawrence, grocer and liquor dealer, 

23 w Chase 
Boyle Michael, laborer, 40 Ryan 
Boyle Michael, laborer, 510 Lexington 
Boyle Richard K. deputy U. S. Marshal, 173 

iVJul berry 
Boyle Robt. liquor store, 64 s Howard, dw 68 
Boyle Wm. H. J. carver, 40 n Bond 
Boyle Wm. K. printer, 108 Lexington 
Boylen James, laborer, 58 s Central av 
B'jza John N. dentist, 3s n Calvert 
Bozman Alex, carpenter, 157 s Fremont 
Bozman Alexander, 56 Henrietta 
Bozman Capt. Isaac, 131 Barre 
Braby Henry, grainerand ornamental painter 

103 e Lombard 
Brackett John, baker, 11 Chatsworth 
Brackin Henry, 152 Cathedral 
Brackland B. jeweler & watch mak. 8 e Pratt 
Brada Conrad, gun and locksmith, 654 w 

Bradberry John W. brass founder, 154 s Ann 
Bradburn Louis T. mate, 185 e Pratt 
Braden Jas. oyster deal. Bolton near Lanvale 
Braden John, wagoner, 86 Mount near Cathe- 
Braden Wm. tavern, n wcor. Richmond and 


56 s Gay 
Bradenbaugh Jacob, watchmaker, 320 w 

Bradenbaugh John, carpenter, 57 n Liberty 
Bradford A. W. attorney at law, 134 Park 
Bradford A. M. 360 n Gay 
Bradford Dr. Chas. H. 76 Aisquith 
BRADFORD GEO. W. & CO. wholesale 

and retail hardware dealers, 102 Franklin, 

dw G. W. B. 282 n Howard 
Bradford James, laborer, 53 Chatsworth 
Bradford Jesse D. engineer, 353 Columbia 
Bradford John, N. C. Railway, Falls road 

near Mount 
Bradford John, blacksmith, Baltimore near 

Gilmor, dw 448 Lexington 
Bradford Jos. miller, Calverton Mills, near 

Bradford Mary, 206 Eutaw 
Bradford William, teamster, Calverton Mills, 

near Almshouse 

Bradford Mrs. Sarah, teacher, 367 Lexington 
Bradford William, Jr. blacksmith, Calverton 

Mills, near Almshouse 
Bradley Alexander, watchman, s e cor. St. 

Paul and Hamilton 
Bradley C. C. clerk, 41 w Baltimore 
Bradley Francis, carpenter, 314 Aisquith 
Bradley Hugh, hack keeper, 26 n Fremont 
Bradley Jas. tavern, 46 Low, dw 32 Edward 
Bradley James H. cigar maker, Eutaw near 

Bradley John, grocery, 96 Stirling 
Bradley John, iron moulder, 12 s Front 
Bradley John, engineer, 154 n Calvert 
Bradley Margaret, 12 Albemarle 
Bradley Mary, 12 s Front 
Bradley Patrick, grocer, 168 e Pratt 
Bradley Robert H. 4 s High 
Bradley Robert, tin and sheet iron worker, 9 

Eutaw ct 
Bradley Saml. ship joiner, 139 s Chester 
Bradley Thos. dw Eutaw House 
Bradley Wm. E. bookbinder, 40 Albemarle 
Bradley Wm. C. agent, 171 Cathedral 
Brads Rev. James, Fremont near Penna. av 
Brady Andrew, laborer, 114 Dugan's whf 
Brady Anna, grocery, 282 Montgomery 
Brady Amanda, grocery, 218 e l''ayette 
Brady Bernard, boiler maker, 60 York 
Brady Chas. varnisher,218 e Fayette 
Brady Dennis, laborer, 41 Slemmers al 
Brady Edward, Chapel near Gough 
Brady Edward, carpenter, 21 Garden 
Brady Edwin, tailor, 84 n Eden 
Brady Francis, laborer, 47 Guilford al 
Brady Francis, marble polisher, 66 Clay 
Brady Geo. W. sail maker, 19 Gough 
Brady Greenbury, machine carpenter, 153 

Brady Henry, wood sawyer, 202 Canton av 
Brady Henry, tavern, 27 e Madison 
Brady James, ladies' shoemaker, 472 w Bal- 
Brady James, 212 s Charles 
Brady James, carpenter, 239 Columbia 
Brady James T. printer, 150 Conway 
Brady James W. clerk, 49 s Bond 
Brady James W. book-keeper, 89 s Bond 
Brady J. W. S. (J. Parkhuist, jr. & Co.) 18 

Brady John, bookseller, 437 w Baltimore 
Brady John, gdder, 104 n Calvert 
Brady John H. clerk, 31 w Biddle 
Brady John, laborer, 409 w Pratt 
Brady John, laborer, 302 s Caroline 
Brady Lawrence E. grocery and dry goodi 

deal. 216 and 218 Harford av 
Brady Margaret, 48 Lemmon 
Brady Michael, cellar digger, 146 Ross 
Brady Patrick, carter, 302 s Caroline 
Brady Robert H. painter, 345 e Monument 
Brady Thomas, teacher, 150 Conway 
Brady Thomas, engineer, 2 Morris al 
Brady Thomas, machinist, 239 Columbia 
Brady Timothy, carter, 302 s Caroline 
Bradyhouse Richard, boat builder, s Bond, 

dw 29 Thames 
Bradyhouse Capt. Thomas, 246 Canton av 
Bradyhouse Wm. watchman, 138 Wolfe 
Braemer Baltzer, locksmith, 66 s Caroline 





Brafman Abraham, cloihier, 32 Centre iMk.t 
Brafman Samuel, cloUiier, 108 w Pratt, dw 

57 Sou til 
Bragg Solomon, furniture dealer, 45 Penn- 
sylvania av 
Rra'hm Polly, Johnson above Fort 
Bramble Chas. H. collector, 244 e Monument 
Bramble Henry, 123 William 
Bramble K. huckster, 8 s Bond 
Bramble Sarah, 92 Chesnut 
Bramble Sol. W. harness maker, Lombard 

near Oregon 
Bramble Capt. Thomas, 91 s Caroline 
Bramble Wm. huckster, 315 Harford av 
Brandell Ferdinand, boot fitter, 18 n Front 
Bramer William, tailor, 734 Pennsylvania av 
Bramwell George, retail dry goods, 143 Co- 
Branagan Michael, hackman, 54 Chatsworth 
Brand Charles, machinist, 28 Harford av ] 
Brand Charles, tailor, 65 Harrison j 

Brand Conrad, basket maker, 33 Philpot al 
Brand Henry, cigar maker, ^Etna lane 
Brand John, laborer, 13 Church 
Brand Lewis, cigar maker, 155 e Pratt 
Brandan Frederick, cabt. maker, 59 President 
Brandan Rev. G. H. 6 George 
Brandan John, shoemaker, Frederick road 

near toll gate 
Brandell George, trimmer, 303 n Central av 
Brandell M. brewer, Bloomingdale road near 

Western Cemetery 
Brandell M. brewer', Saratoga near Calhoun, 

dw near Western Cemetery 
Brandes Fred. F. dry goods deal. 27 e Pratt 
J]randes Wm. confectioner, 27 e Pratt 
Brandey Michael, 155 L. Green 
Brandinski John, blacksmith, 97 n Paca 
BrandmuUer Geo. shoemaker, 16 Ross 
Brandmuller Michael, hostler, 21 Preston 
Brandou Fred, cabinet maker, 59 President 
Brandon Jacob, shoemaker, 653 w Baltimore 
Brandt Aug. shoemaker, 207 s Washington 
Brandt Herman, morocco dresser, 3 Park 
Brandt Henry, shoemaker, 41 n Liberty 
Brandt & Hurshburg, clothiers, 8 Centre 

Market space 
Brandt Jacob, jr., agt. Richmond steamboat 

line, 78 Light st. wharf, dw 49 Courtland 
Brandt John, butcher, 119 Vine 
Brandt John G. porter, 73 Albemarle 
Brandt John H. clerk, 424 w Lombard 
Brandt 'Louis, (B. & Hurshburg) 8 Centre 

Market space 
Brandt Mary, seamstress, 83 McHenry 
Brandy Henry, tailor, 137 n Bond 
Brandy Henry, tavern, 27 e Madison 
Brandy Michael, horse shoer, 138 Camden 

dw 155 s Greene 
Braner Sarah, 25 Chesnut 
Brannan Bernard, trader, 87 n Central av 
Brannan Chas. H. S. segar maker, 10 Lee 
Brannan Edward P. carj). 87 n Central av 
Brannan Eliza, chair caner, 59 n Spring 
Brannan John, (B. (t Pearson,) 62 McCulloh 
Brannan John, carpenter, 73 n High 
BRANNAN & PEARSON, merchandise 
brokers, 3 Grocer's Exchange, cor Ex- 
change place and Commerce 
Brannan reter, grocery, 114 North 


Branigan Patrick, laborer, 28 Callendar al 
Brannan Eliza, 24 Hill 
Brannan John, laborer, 4 L. Broadway 
Brannan James, laborer, 191 Raborg 
Brannan James, engineer, 3 Hill 
Brannan John, coach trimmer, 144 s Sharp 
Brannan John, carpenter, 87 n Central av 
Brannan Mary A. trim, store, 120 Cathedral 
Brannan Michael T. carp. 87 n Central av 
Brannan Patrick, drayman, 21 Tv'son al 
Brannan Robert, patentee, 54 n Caroline 
Brannan Sarah D. tailoress, 10 Lee 
Brannan Wm. puddler, 264 Canton av 
Brannigan Mich, hack driver 54 Chatsworth 
Branning John, cigar maker, 132 n Caroline 
Brannock John, ship carpenter, 1U5 William 
Bransby A. C. tinner, 197 Lee 
Bransby John C. shoemaker, 12 Comet 
Bransburry Charles, tinner, 172 Conway 
Branson Joseph, 22 n Paca 
Brannon Philip, laborer, 59 Chesnut 
Brant George, laborer, 125 Hamburg 
Brant Henry, cigar maker, 1 .^tna la 
Brant John, 220 Washington 
Brant Jno. L. confeci. 65 Centre Market space 
Brant John, glove maker, 65 Centre Market 

Brantz Conrad, basket maker, 67 Mulberry 
Brashaw James, manuf. cassimere and doe- 
skins, Wetheredsville, Balto. county 
Brashears Alex. G. (W. Shamburg & Co.) 

29 s. Liberty * 

Brashears Eli, coach trimmer, 160 German 
Brashears Francis, coach maker, s e cor Eu- 

taw and German, dw 157 German 
Brashears Geo. W. coach maker. North near 

Madison, dw 95'._, Green Mount av 
Brashears Dr R. J. dentist, 144 e Madison 
Brashears Jeremiah, coach pni'r 160 German 
BRASHEARS JOHN B. cabinet maker, 36 

Brashears John T. captain central police sta- 
tion house, 62 Holiday 
Brashears Wm. blacksmith, 134 s Howard 
Brashears Z. D. sec'y of poor association, 24 

w Fayette, dw 181 Hanover 
Brass John, ragman, 146 Argyle al 
Brass Joseph, coffee roaster. 85 Barre 
Bratt John Thos. 83 Washington 
Bratt Noah , engineer, 53 Warren 
Braudekainp Adam, tailor, 37 s Chapel 
BRAUDERS & CARY, plumbers, 31i Park 
Brauders Thos. (C. & Cary) 31 '.^ Park 
Rrauer Henry, cabinet maker, 80 n Eden 
Brauer Henry, locksmith, 168 e Lombard 
Brauer Jno, lager beer saloon, 182 e Madison 
Brauer Peter, blacksmith, 19 Josephine 
Brauer Win. cabt. maker, 261 e Monument 
Braun John J. baker, 178 Columbia 
Brauns F. L. &. Co. general shipping & com. 
merchants, s ecor. liomijard and Cheapside 
Brauns Rev. F. W. 320 Lexington 
Brauns Miss H. 320 Lexington 
Brautigam Martin, shoemaker, 54 Park 
Brautigam Martin, shoemaker, 215 Cross 
Bruwduss John, butcher, 39 IIolTman 
Brawner Andrew, 78 Ensor 
Brawner Andrew H. letter carrier, Aisquith 
Brawner Andrew H. 171 Aisquith 
Brawner Catherine, 142 n Exeter 





Brawner Charles A. bricklayer, 78 Ensor 
Brawaer Daniel W. clerk, 78 Elisor 
Brawner Geo. A. printer, 18 n Ensor 
Brawner J. H. clerk, 142 n Exeler 
Brawner Wm. M. clerk, 78 Ensor 
Brawnold B. dry goods store, 91 n Paca 
BRAZIER ROBT. boot and shoemaker, 263 

Brajiiker Chas. 83 Johnson 
Bready Patrick, laborer, 136 Henrietta 
Biebach Charles, varnisher, 118 Raborg 
Breck Christian, carpenter, 13 Buren 
Brecht Charles, translator custom house, 396 

e Monument 
Breckenridge Thomas, carter, 51 Tyson al 
Brecker John, cigar box maker, 232 Sharp 
Brecker Joseph, tailor, 164 Stirling 
Breckner Charles, carpenter, 27 Brown 

Bredbach cabinet maker, 140 Henrietta 

Bredbaker George, shoemaker, 65 L. Church 
Bredekamp Harman, grocery, 3U2 s Sharp 
Bredenkofi'Ludwig, laborer, 140 Durham 
Breen Michael, trader, 31 Haw 
Breganser Casper, stone mason, 84 Albemarle 
Bregel John, slioemaker, 220 s Caroline 
Bregel John J. saddler, 48 Green Mount av 
Bregel John J. carpenter, 112 McElderry 
Bregel Joseph F. confectioner, 71 n Gay 
Bregener Casper, mason, 78 Albemarle 
Bregenzer C. millstone maker 84 Albemarle 
%eger Ferdinand, carpenter, 321 n Central av 
Bregg Wm. carpenter, 21 McHenry 
Brehler Francis, shoemaker, 20 New Church 
Brehme «&, Co. importers and commission 

merchants, 12 Hanover 
Brehme George, laborer, 8 Gough 
Brehme 0. (B. & Co.) 96 Sharp 
Breidenb ugh J. carpeiitei', 270 n Central av 
Breinig John, painter, 199 Lee 
Breisthwerd Conrad, blksmilh. 241 Aliceanna 
Brekault lieiuy, laborer, Btuney near Liiiht 
Brem Balderson, laborer, Aliceaima, Canton 
Bremer Andrew, wagoner, 123 n Front 
Bremer Charles, tailor, 90 s EuUiw 
Bremer Geo. tailor, 39 McElderry 
Bremer Henry G. shoemaker, Frederick road 

near toll gate 
Brenan F. X. (R. France & Co.) cor. Cal- 
vert and liJank la 
Brenan Hugli, laborer 70 Richmond 
Brenan James, ship carpenter, 413 n Eden 
Brenan Jolm, tinner, 413 n Eden 
Brenan L. Oliver, book keeper. 61 e Fayette 
Brenan Peter E. mahogany dealer, 21 n Gay 

dw o5 
Brendel Christiana, midwife, 190 s Bond 
Brendel J. George, baker, 83 Warner 
Brendel Michael, Johnson near Fort 
Breii fleck George, vinegar maker, 38 s Cen- 
tral av 
Brennan James, cor. Eden and Gay 
Brenner J(thn, cabt. maker. Port al.. Canton 
Brenner Joseph, (B. & Bro.) 86 s Bond 
Breimer & Bro. wholesale and retail clothiers, 

344 s Bond 
Brenner Samuel, tailor, 153 s Fremont 
Brenner Sol. (13. & Bro.) 70 s Broadway 
Brent Gottfried, currier, 49 Orchard 
Brent Joseph, grocery, cor Chatsworth and 
Cliesiiut al 

BRENT ROBERT J. attorney, 31 Lexing- 
ton, dw 58 w Madison 
Brent Vivian, attorney, 45 St Paul, dw 58 w 

Brenthausel Thomas, 153 e Pratt 
Brenton Alf. (Towsen &, B.) 218 Franklin 
Brerrelon John, lamp maker, 128 Vine 
Breslaer Henry, shoemaker, 3 Bakers ct 
Breslauer Abraham, second hand furniture 

dealer, 176 s Howard 
Breslow Wm. locksmith, 185 Hamburg 
Bresner John, hatter, n e cor Madison and 

Bressler Henry, shoemaker, 487 n Gay 
Brestler Peter, shoemaker, 371 n Gay 
Brets Joseph , cigar maker, 61 n Front 
Bretsel Jacob, milkman, 135 Johnson 
Breul Jacob, cabinet maker, 66 Granby 
Brevitt Charity, 204 n Eutaw 
Brevitt Joseph W. clerk, 204 n Eutaw 
Brewer Celia, 295 e Madison 
Brewer Charles, lottery office, 191 w Pratt, 

dw 173 Convray 
Brewer Charles, moulder, 121 Washington 
Brewer Dr. G. G. 160 Pennsylvania av 
Brewer Geo. G. pension and property agent, 

59^ w Fayette, dw McCulloh near Dolphin 
Brewer John, butcher, 106 Green Mount av 
Brewer John^ plasterer, n e cor Ogsden and 

Brewer John, plasterer, 84 n Schroeder 
Brewer John .M. attorney, 304 Mulberry 
Brewer Dr. Marbury, 160 Pennsylvania av 
BREWER NICHOLAS, bounty land and 

property agent, 2 s Front, dw 99 Aisquith 
Brewerton Major Henry, U. S. engineer's 

office, exchange build's, dw Fayette w of 

Brew^ier John M. 7 s Central av 
Brexm Sebastian, shoemaker, 79 Jasper 
Brezel Patrick, tailor, 101 s Charles 
Brian EJward, farmer, 2^7 e Fayette 
Biian John G. hardware ilealer, 136 n Gay 

(Iw 8'J Enisor 
Biian Joseph, farmer, 89 Fn.sor 
Biian Ma run P. saddler, 176 n Gay, dw 400 
Biiarly Win. carpenter, 17 Riugold 
Brice Ann M. 103 St. Paul 
Bi ice G. A. clerk, 46 Saratoga 
BRICE GEO. H. attorney, 46 St. Paul, dw 

159 w Biddle 
Biice Mi.'-ses, boarding house, 46 Saratoga 
Brice Nicholas C accountant, 26 Columbia 
Brice Thos. H. cotii. mer. 1 bowly's whl. 

dw 46 Reed 
Brice William N. 46 Saratoga 
Brickcrd Emanuel, caipenler, 477 n Gay 
Bruke.mari Henry, tailor, 42 n Liberty 
Bruki'ii Jcdin, conlec. 146 Lighi-st. whf 
Biickhou;»e Peter, butcher, 169 Haiford av 
Brickhouse Smith L. carp. 240 Columbia 
Biickmaii Rev. Arthur O. S s Caroline 
Bride Angustu.-, rustic manuf. cor. Biddle 

and Bulion 
Bi iile Cdiler, rustic manuf. 105 Grnndy 
Biidc Daniel, carpenter, 124 Fresion 
Biide Mrs. E. l^!9 w Madison 
Biide Jjimes, 139 w Madison 
Bndcnei John, chair oiuamenter, 25 n 






Briilener Mariin, baker, 25 n Fremont 
Bridenbaugh Albert, shoem'ker, l28Goug;h 
Bi iilerhahn John, curled hair worker, Wii- 

kill^' iaciory, Frederick road 
Bridge Stephen, dry goud^; dea'er, 157 and 

I'JO n Gay 
Bridges John C (Woods, B. & Co.) 567 w 

Bridges Wno. fruiterer and confec. 313 w 

Balumnre, dw 12 German 
BRlDliVG EARNEST W. saddler, harness 

nnd collar iiiaiml'. Ih3 w Pratt 
Binling Susan, washerwoman, '244 Light 
Biiele Henry, piano maker, 73 Henrietta 
B iieman Margarei, niidwile, 2'3 Barre 
Briers Mrs. Catharine, tailoress, 1 15 Peirce 
Briese Heniy, carver, cor. Chailes and 

Uhler'> al 
Bnfraan Catharine, 40 Fell 
Bii^^ernan Charles, tailor, l2Siiiling 
Brijjgaman Fredk. carpenter, 135 Eager 
Briggs Ann,9 Hill 
Briggs Jas. Andrt', Locust Point 
Briggs Sarah, seamstress, 73 Ross 
Briggs Thomas, butcher, Boundary av near 

Penn. av 
BiighaiL Elijah W. 38 n Calvert 
Brigham William T. book keeper, 252 w 

B.-ighi Henry, plasterer,*220 e Monument 
Bright Nathaniel, tailor, '205 n Central av 
Bright Thos, paper car. ;{7() e Monument 
Biighiling Jacob, laborer, 191 Eastern av 
Hrighiman Cipt Wm. P. 295 Light 
Brigraan Wm. shoemaker, 152 Henrietta 
Briijney John, tailor, '217 n Central av 
Brill Christian, buictier, n w cor. Baltimore 

and Amity 
Brill Frederick, barber, 7.^ Thames 
Brill William, tailor, 21.S s Sharp 
Biimline Margaret, 101 Durham 
Brinck Antoine, musician, 170 Happy al 
Brinckmeyer Conrad H. shoemaker, '202 w 

Brinckmeyer H. tobacconist, 3 e Baltimore 
Briiieling J(jhii, laborer, 56 Johnson 
Bring* Albert, laborer, 18 New 
Bnngman Jos. T. H. proofreader, "Ameri- 
can," 177 German 
Brink Henry Ad. (H. F. Alberli & Co.) 

155 Ross 
Bruiklev A. W. boarding house, (»2s Eutaw 
BRlNlCLEY JOSEPH B. wh grocer and 

coin. mer. 59 s Calvcr', dw 13'< Cathedral 
BRINKMAN HENRY C. grocery, 13»s 

Bniiton Nathan S (Barnitz & B.) dw Bar- 

num's hotel 
Briscoe Andrew, cigar maker, 102 Mullikin 
Briscoe Chapman, clerk Fountain hotel 
Hriscoe Mary, 11 W'aisdn 
Briscoe Philip, wheelwright, 17 St. James 
Bri-coe Saml. W. (Robertson & B.) Foun- 
tain hotel 
Briscoe Thomas, clerk at Po.-^l Oflice 
Bri>coe W.n. H porter, 195 s Charles 
Briscoe Wm. D. cigar maker. 102 Mullikin 
Bris.^el August, tailor, '222 Lexington 
Bri-sel Chrisiian, tailir, 222 Lexington 
Bri»el John, lailor, 22-.4 Lexington 

Bristor & Co. lottery office, 5lJ \v Pratt 
Brisior Wm. B. (B. 8t Co.) 110 n Exeter 
Britain Francis, gardener, 19H Bank 
Britt George, bookbinder, 1()2 Pearl 
Bntt Se»ern, grocer, 102 Pearl 
Briitain J. H. clerk, 18 s Carey 
Briitain Rev. Thos. 18 s Carey 
Biittenheimer Moses, prof. Hebrew lang. 

366 Saratoga 
Broadway Bapti^t Church, Broadway near 

Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church, 

Broadway, between Pratt and Gough 
Broadway Presbyterian Church, cor. Broad- 
way and Gough 
Broadbent A G. 8c Co. fancy dry goods 

dealers, IH n Charles 
BROADBENT J. S. & BRO. office 41 w 


BROADBENT JAS. F. lottery office cor. 

Baltimore and Centre Market Space, and 

s w cor. Fayette and North, dw 37 n Gay 

Broadbent Scoili J. (J. S, B. &.Bro.) 37 n 

Broadbent Stephen, 44 w Fayette, dw 37 n 

Broadbent Stephen, Sr. (J. S. B. & Bro.) 37 

n Gay 
Broaders Henry R. pro. Washington hotel, 

cor. Camden and Eutaw 
Broadloot C. 44 n Liberty 
Broadfoot A. Louise, 44 n Liberty 
Broadloot Witi. T. 44 n Liberty 
Broadwater Richard, moulder, 337 Light 
Broadwater Wm. R. shoemaker, 70 East- 
ern av 
Brochus Perry E. 96 Sharp 
Brock John M. larern, 80 Harrison 
Brockener Samuel, shoemaker, 897 w Pratt 
Brocker George, brakesman N. C. Railway, 

'205 Preston 
Brockmeyer F. gro. and liquor dealer, s w 

cor. Stirling and Eager 
Brockmeyer Rd. fctovemaker, 159 Stirling 
BRODBECK W ILLIAM, dyer & scourer, 

45 German 
Brodheck Amos, potter, 228 e Monument 
Bioderick Ann, boarding house, 4 Hillen 
Broilerick Dennis, plumber, 50 e Baltimore 
Broderick John, 33 Green Mount av 
Broderick Thos. laborer, 209 Lemmon al 
Broderick Wm. grocer, 33 GrcL'n Mount av 
Brodick John, grocer, 59 s Spring 
Brodie Alex. Fremont s of Smith 
Broening Hy. blacksmith, 01 s .Schrocder 
Broessel Justus, cabinet mki. 2'2'2 Lexington 

Brofield , lemon pedler, '2J Slemmers al 

Brogan Jas. hackman, 90 s Howard 
Rrogan Jas. siereoiyper, '230 Hanover 
Brogan Joseph, goMsmiili. rear 111 Ensor 
Brogan Richard, sawyer, 30 Eastern av 
Brogilen Wm. jr. (Lemmon & B.) 68 d 

Bnikheiser Geo. tailor; 63 Washington al 
Brokman Philip, engineer, 311 Aliceanua 
Broine Wm. H. piloi, .'{6 Gough 
Broiiilev Thos I. miller, 7 Centre Mar. space 
Broinell John, blacksmith, 291 Aisquilh 
Bromley Jesse, 75 Washington 
Biomwell Alfred, tailor, '297 e Monument 





Bromwell Edward, cabinet maker, 9 Ba- 
ker's ct 
Bromwell Geo. W. ladies' shoemaker, 158 

s Ann 
Bromwell H. J. grocer, 342 Lexington 
Bromwell John E. com. mer. 71 South dw 

116 Hanover 
Bromwell Josiah R. clerk in city comptrol- 
ler's office, 254 n Howard 
Bromwell Thomas, carpenter, 81 Vine 
Brook Rev. B. F. 169 w Fayette 
Brook Francis, clerk, 16 n Eutaw 
Brook John R. 102 Hillen 
Brooke Rev. George Gibson, 60 Lee 
Brooke Jas. J. (Kilburn & B.) 96 s High 
Brooke Richard H. broker, 18 North, dw 

10 n Exeter 
BrookhartWm. plast. 164 Green Mount av 
Brookley Robert, tinner, 57 n Frederick 
Brookmyer Annie E. tavern 195 Light 
Brookmyers Henry, laborer, 525 n Gay 
Brooks Charles, tailor, 45 n Caroline 
Brooks Charles, tailor, la7 Mulberry 
Brooks Chauncy, president Bait and] Ohio 

R. R. and Western Bank 
Brooks Chauncy, (B., Fulton & Co.) dw Bal- 
timore county 
Brooks Chas. Calverton mflls, nr Almshouse 
Brooks Eliza Ann, confect'ry, 16 Courtland 
Brooks, Fulton &t Co. wh. deal, in boots, 

shoes and hats, 346 w Baltimore 
Brooks, Fahnestock & Co wholesale dry 

goods dealers, 345 w Baltimore 
Brooks Geo.W. of cust. house, 57 McHenry 
Brooks Geo. W. carpenter, 59 Chew 
Brooks Geo. C. tinner, 137 s Washington 
Brooks Hester, seamstress, 95 Hillen 
Brooks Henry, P.atto'y at law, I Law build- 
ings, dw 169 n Eutaw 
Brooks Henry, cigar maker, 221 Conway 
Brooks Col. H., U. S. A. 265 w Pratt 
Brooks Isaac, 117 n Front 
Brooks James, laborer, 5 Guilford al 
Brooks James, laborer, 18 Chapel 
Brooks James, bricklayer, 162 Vine 
Brooks James W. painter, 26 Spring 
Brooks Jesse, cigar maker, 689 w Baltimore 
Brooks John, cow keeper, 71 Holland 
Brooks John, bird dealer, 198 w Fayette 
Brooks John H. merch. tailor, 94 e Lombard 
Brooks John, shoemaker, 9 e Pratt 
Brooks John W. 65 n Charles 
Brooks Dr. Joseph D. 166 Aisquith 
Brooks Jonathan, machinist, 2a9 Hollins 
Brooks Lewis, cap maker, 230 n Central av 
Brooks Louis L. cap maker, 230 n Central av 
Brooks Margaret, tavern, 110 a Howard 
Brooks & Mann, restaurant, s e cor Lom- 
bard and Spring 
BROOKS N. C. principal of Baltimore Fe- 
male College, 53 St. Paul.— [See p. 12 
Brooks Peter B. 319 s Charles 
Brooks Priscilla, nXirse, 126 Hamburg 
Brooks Richard, milkman, 168 n High 
Brooks Robt. turnkey western police station 

dw 57 McHenry 
Brooks Samuel, tinner, 144 Columbia 
Brooks Samuel, (B.& Mann) 20 Spring 
Brooks Samuel, 22 n Front 

Brooks Sophia, 22 n Front 

Brooks Shadrach, mt. tailor, 6 North, dw 

94 e Lombard 
Brooks Thomas, 12 Williamson 
Brooks Walter B. (B., Fahnestock &t Co.) 

178 w Lombard 
Brooks Wm. shoemaker, 116 Burgundy al 
Brooks Wm. laborer, Ramsey near Scott 
Brooks Wm. stone cutter, Ramsey nr Scott 
Brooks Wm. agent, 26 n Front 
Brooks Wm. grocer, 329 Aisquith dw 293 
Brooks Wm. variety store, 42 Henrietta 
Brooks Wm. policeman, 208 e Madison 
Broom Robt. butcher, Calverton road, near 

Frederick av 
Broon Ellen, grocery, 152 Bank 
Broskey Chas. provision dealer, 313 Light 
Brosrus Jacob, butcher, 420 Penn. av 
Brossal John, tailor, 222 Lexington 
Brotherton John, collector, 594 w Baltimore 
Brotherton Capt. Thos. W. 172 e Lombard 
Brotzell Henry, brickmaker, 39 Gittings 
Brotzell Jacob, brickmaker, 39 Gittings 
Brouch Mathias, 227 e Eager 
Brouggy Matthew, laborer, Arcade near 

Brosker Charles, provision dealer, 308 Light 
Broughton &. Bro. commission merchants, 

67 w Pratt 
Broughton Henry C, ship joiner, 71 s Spring 
Broughton Isaac, sr. carpenter, 139 German 
Broughton Isaac, printer, 139 German 
Broughton John, plasterer, 139 German 
Broughton Joseph, huckster, 42 Orchard 
Broughton Capt. Jos. D. mariner, 2 Watson 
Broughton P. W. (B. & Bro.) 127 e Pratt 
Broumel Jas. carpenter 554 w Fayette 
Brotsman John, shoemaker, 12 Walker 
Broizel John, confectioner, 2 Columbia 
Brotzman Conrad, plane mak. 54 Josephine 
Brotzman Sebastian, tailor, 11 ^ew 
Brown Abel, clerk, 116 Scott 
Brown Abel, jr. speculator, dw 116 Scott 
Brown Abel, porter, 106 Scott 
Brown Abner C. stair builder, 82 Pine 
Brown Albert M. alty. at law, cor Court- 
land and Lexington, dw Jackson sq 
ers, 162 w Baltimore (up stairs) 
Brown Alexander E. (Wm. H. B. & Bro.) 

n w cor Lanvale and Grundy 
Brown Alexander, moulder, 150 s Fremont 
Brown Alexander P. tailor, 41 Watson 
BROWN DR. ALFRED J. surgeon den- 
tist, 32 n Charles 
Brown Alfred, tailor, Watson near Loyd 
Brown Adolphus, carpenter, 259 Columbia 
Brown Augustus, butcher, Choptank n of 

Brown Amanda, tailoress, 226 e Lombard 
Brown Andrew, tavern, s w cor Broadway 

and Canton av 
Brown Ann B. 18 Watson 
Brown Ann, boarding house, rear of 86 s 

Brown Ann, 21 Constitution 
Brown Aulay, jr. clerk, 21 e Lombard 
Brown Aulay, gen. collector, 66 s Bond 
Brown Arthur, gas fitter, 4 Bevan al 
Brown Anton, cooper, 103 Lancaster 





Brown Benj. (B. B. & Co.) 212 Lee 
Hrown Benjamin J. painter, 143 Vine 
Brown Benjamin, liuckster, 57 Cross 
Brown Benjamin O. 9.> Bethel 
Brown Benjamin, laborer, s e cor Gay and 

Brown Benj. machinist, Grundy nr Preston 
Hrown Benj. ship carp. 46 Montgomery 
Brown B. & Co. wholesale and retail dry 

goods dealers, 79 w Lombard 
BROWN, BROS. & CO. bankers & deals. 

in foreign exchanges, IG2 w Baltimore, up 

BROW\ & BRUNE, attorneys at law, 40 

St. Paul 
Brown Berry F. huckster, 8 Church 
Hrown Chas. H. seaman, 34 n Eden 
Thrown Chas. E. clerk, Lanvale nr Grundy 
Brown Chas. E. pain extractor, 355 Lex- 
Brown Charles il. H. 315 w Madison 
Brown Charles J. police, 91 Poppleton 
Brown Charles, shoemaker, 158 Canton av 
Hrown Catharine, 49 Booth 
Brown Catharine, vest maker, 55 s Eutaw 
Brown Charles, painter, 19 Kast 
Brown Chas. huckster, 230 Franklin 
Hrown Capt. Charles, 246 e Fayette 
Brown Cornelius, huckster, cor Pine and 

Brown Cornelius, police, black horse tavern, 

111 n High 
Brown Christian, shoemaker, 46 Chatsworth 
Brown Uavid R. attorney, 4G St. Paul, dw 

326 w Fayette 
Brown Edward, 'aborer, 177 Cathedral 
Hrown Edward, liquor dealer, 13 Lancaster 
Hrown Edward, carpenter, 7 Cambden lane 
Brown Elias, (Clark & B.) 186 Saratoga 
Brown Eliza & Caroline, school teachers, 

20 n High 
Brown Eliza, 279 Forest 
Brown Elizabeth, 19 East 
Brown Elizabeth, 145 e Pratt 
Brown Elizabeth, 61 Chatsworth 
Brown Elizabeth, 102 North 
Brown Elizabeth E. 76 Chew 
Hrown Elizabeth, 99 Mullikin 
Hrown Francis, shoemaker, 271 s Bond 
Brown Francis, ship carpenter, 3 Castle al 
Brown Franklin, huckster, 182 Sarah Ann 
Brown Frederick, mariner, 323 s Bond 
Brown George A. painter, Madison av near 

Brown George A. painter, Madison avnear 

Brown George, mariner, 144 William 
Brown George S. (Alex. B.& Sons)s w cor 

Cathedral and Madison 
Brown Geo.W. M, (B. & Brune) 40 St Paul 
Ijrown Capt. Geo. F. 271 e Pratt 
Brown George, 22 lloflman 
Hrown Geo C. carpenter, 186 Saratoga 
Brown George, huckster, 11 Church 
Brown George W. tinner, 315 n Gay 
Brown George, baker, 84 s Central ar 
Brown Geo. (Alex. B. & Sons) Cathedral 

3d door n of Monument 
BROWN GEO. W.& SONS, deal, tobacco 

& cigars, 11 w Baltimore, dw 58 n Exeter 

Brown George, baker, 4 Baker'* ct 
Brown Gustav. tobacconist, 526 Lexington 
Brown Gustavus, baker, 157 s Bond 
Brown Henry G. (H. G. B & Co.) 96 s Paca 
Brown H 'y, (B. & Robinson) 289 Eastern av 
Brown Hugh, laborer, 265 s Dallas 
Brown H. G. & Co. contractors and pavers, 

146 Camden 
Brown Capt. Hiram, 228 Aisquith 
Brown's Hotel, 119 n High, Lewis Brown 

Brown Henry C. & Co. saw manuf. Uhler's 

al, dw H. C. B. 16 Watson 
Brown Ira, carpenter, shop 199 Hanover, dw 

211 Franklin 
Brown Eliza, school, 21 e Lombard, \ 

n High 
Brown Isaiah, turner, 13 n Sharp 
Brown Isaiah, shoemaker, 106 Cathedral 
Brown Isaiah, 50 s Regester 
Brown Isaac, jr. machinist, 105 Smith's 

whf. dw 33 Chew 
Brown Isaac, patentee, 39 Chew 
Brown Jacob, boot and shoe maker, 27 w 

Brown Jacob C. sail maker, 262 e Pratt 
Brown Jacob, shoemaker, 147 Welcome al 
Brown Jacob, dry goods deal. 215 Hanover 
Brown Jacob C. manuf. of gold and silver- 
ware, Bank lane near Charles, dw 326 w 

Brown James, laborer, 134 McHenry 
Brown James, engineer, 194 e Fayette 
Brown Rev. James H. 262 Eastern av 
Brown James, stone cutter, 177 Cathedral 
Brown Jacob, 63 Lexington 
Brown Jacob, milkman, Frederick road near 

double spring 
Brown Jas. M. tobacconist, 11 w Baltimore, 

dw 58 n Exeter 
Brown James, clerk, 95 n High 
BROWN JAMES, tavern & restaurant, 85 

Brown Jas. M. letter carrier, 273 Saratoga 
Brown James, laborer, 49 Booth 
Brown Jas. R. carp. 135 Green Mount av 
Brown Jas. M. 58 n Exeter 
Brown Jas. R. Charles near Northern av 
Brown Jas. V. watch maker, 123 Franklin 
Brown James, 28 s Caroline 
Brown Jas. H. trunk maker, n w cor Front 

and Hillen 
Brown Jas. W. machinist, 4 Williamson 
Brown Jasper, carpenter, 27 Balderslon, dw 

47 s Charles 
Brown Jas. W. finisher, 4 Williamson al 
Brown James, huckster, 116 Boyd 
Brown James, liquor store, 149 York 
Brown J. Harman, (B. Bros. &, Co.) 110 St. 

Brown John A. bailifTCourtCom. Pleas, 276 

e Pratt 
Brown John W.& Son, com. mts. & packet 

agents, 81 Smith's wharf, dw J. W. B. 93 

Brown John W. clerk B. & O. R. R. dw 110 

St. Paul 
Brown John C. tinner, 53 Stirling 
Brown John N. custom house otllcer, 190 e 






Brown John, tobaconist, 70 Conway 
Brown John, writing school, 334 n Gay 
Brown John N. carpenter, 141 Conway 
Brown John, varnisher, 20 Wyeth 
Brown J. Frank, (H. G. Brown & Co.) 95 

s Paca 
Brown John, laborer, 29 Philpotal 
Brown John, cond'rrail road, 167 s Wolfe 
Brown John, (B., Mittan & Co.) 95 n High 
Brown John L. express agent, cor Gilmor 

and Baltimore 
Brown Jno. (Baker, Holmes & B.) 57 e Pratt 
Brown John N. (B. Bros. & Co.) 18 s Eutaw 
Brown John, laborer, 90 Granby 
Brown John, laborer, 59 Chapel 
Brown John W. agent for Phila. packets, 

93 Saratoga 
Brown John W. jr. clerk, 93 Saratoga 
Brown John, milkman, Choptank near Can- 
ton av 
Brown John, laborer, 16 L. Broadway 
Brown John, silver polisher, 1 Truxton 
Brown Jonathan, tin & sheet iron worker, 

12 Douglas 
Brown Joseph K. 326 w Fayette 
Brown Joseph, tailor, 129 s High 
Brown Joseph, sec. Gas Co. 326 w Fayette 
Brown Joseph M. chair maker, 300 Franklin 
Brown Joseph, 14 Jackson 
Brown Joshua L. police, 367 Penn. av 
BROWN JOSHUA, wheelwright, 347 Sa- 
ratoga, dw 110 Pine 
Brown Laura, 460 Light 
Brown Lewis, proprietor Brown's hotel, 119 

n High 
Brown Levy, music store, 31 n Greene 
Brown Lewis P. shoemaker, 120 Poppleton 
Brown M. J. (M. J. & W. A. B.) 18 Green 

Mount av 
Brown M. J.& W. A. flour and feed dealers, 

1 1 w Pratt 
Brown Martin S. engraver, 2 s Calvert, 3d 

story, dw 208 Mulberry 
Brown Margaret, teacher, 22 n Paca 
Brown Martha T. 358 w Lombard 
Brown Mary Jane, tailoress, Phila. road e 

of Guest 
BROWN, MITTAN & CO. coal dealers, 
110 n Front and North, between Monu- 
ment and Madison 
Brown Lewis B. stationery deal. 99 Garden 
Brown Lemuel, huckster, 395 Lexington 
Brown Mrs. M. M. select female seminary, 

526 w Fayette 
Brown Mrs. millinery, 32 n Charles 
Brown Mary, 55 e Baltimore 
Brown Mary, tailoress, 209 Preston 
Brown Mary, 49 e Fayette 
Brown Mary, 67 s Schroeder 
Brown Mary, 224 Canton av 
Brown Mary, seamstress, 242 Light 
Brown Mary, 122 Saratoga 
Brown Mary M. 58 n Exeter 
Brown Mary, 229 Durham 
Brown Mary, variety store, 61 Ross 
Blown Mary, 81 Bank 
Brown Mary Ann, dress mak. 20 n Caroline 
Brown Matthew, jeweler, 61 Ross 
Brown Mercer, apothecary, n e cor Popple- 
ton and Fayette 

Brown Michael, sawyer, 204 Stirling 

Brown Michael carter, 62 Bank 

Brown Moritz Si Sol. dry goods dealers, 155 

s Broadway 
Brown Moses, policeman, 79 Granby 
Brown Nichs. V. grocer and liquor dealer, 

36 Second 
BROWN & O'DONOVAN, manf,& whol. 

deal, in liquors and oil, II Patterson 
Brown Peter, cooper, 255 Aliceanna 
Brown Peler A. mariner, 117 Rege.ster 
Brown Ralph, 132 Garden 
Brown Reuben T. huckster, 300 Franklin 
Brown Dr. R. W. 91 William 
Brown Richard, grocer, 48 n Euiaw, dw 296 

Brown Richard, carpenter, 19 East 
Brown Robert jr. (B. & O'Donovan) dw 

Hoffman, nenr Ross 
Brown Robert D. (B. & Winchester) Relay 

house, B. & O. R. R. 
Brown Robert, sr. imp. and deal, in watches 

and fine jewelry, s w cor. Baltimore and 

Calvert, dw 76 e Pratt 
Brown Robert, carter, 189 Washington 
Brown Robert, huckster, 172 Sarah Ann 
Brown Robert, jr. prov. merchant, Hoffman 

neai Ross 
Brown & Robinson, riggers, Kerr's wharf 
Brown Samuel H. clerk, 3()l w Fayette 
Brown Samuel, stone conirac. 359 n Eutaw 
Brown Samuel, cigar maker, 21 Sierrett 
Brown Mrs. Sarah, tavern. Falls road, near 

Northern av 
Brown Sarah, 114 Cider al 
Brown Susan, nurse, 132 Garden 
Brown Stewart, attor. 40 St. Paul, dw 110 
Brown Dr. Septimus, cor. Pearl and Penn. 

av. dw Lanvale near Grundy 
Brown Thomas, superintendent Baltimore 

steam boiler woiks, ilw 33 Jackson 
Brown Thos. H. (R. Howard & Co.) Jack- 
son sq 
Brown Thomas M. (B., Mittan & Co.) 95 n 

Brown Thomas R. 304 w Madison 
Brown Thomas, moulder, 50 n Fremont 
Brown Thomas, moulder, 44 Rock 
Brown Thos. W. blacksmith, 546 Saratoga 
Brown Thomas, carpenter, 72 Richmond 
Brown Tliomas, laborer, 49 Booth 
Brown Thomas, sailor, 242 Light 
Brown Thomas J. gold and silversmith, 90 

w Baltimore 
Brown Thos. restaurant, 550 w Baltimore 
Brown Timothy, produce deal. 457 n Gay 
Brown V. J & Co. wholesale grocers and 

coin. ints. 14 Commerce, dw V. J. B. 443 

w Baltimore 
Brown Mrs. Washington, 134 n High 
Brown Capt. Washington, mariner, 45 Hen- 
Brown William B. shoemaker, 64 East 
Brown William & Co. iinpt>rter and mannf. 
of watches and jewelry, 276 w Baltimore, 
dw W. B. 121 Saratoua 
Brown William, 132 Garden 
Brown William A. cabinet maker, 424 w 

Brown William H. machinist, 33 Chew 





Brown Win. T. silver-miih, :<-2t> w Fayette 
Brown Win. (Jameson & B.) 14S Pre-ton 
Brown U illiam J. clerk, t217 w Franklin 
Brown Wm. A. (.M. J. & W. A. B.) 121 n 

BROWN WM. H & BRO. druggists, 4 s 
Liberty, dw W. H. B. n w corner Lanvale 
and Gmndy 
Brown Wm. G. rapt, night police Western 

Dist. dw ."^2 s Poppleion 
Brown William R. clerk, cor. Hanover and 

Brown William T. IS Wais(m 
Brown William, 121 Saratoga 
Brown William T. printer, 32f> w Favette 
Brown William W. s;ilver<initli, 121 Chew 
Brown William, grocer, 42 Eager 
Brown William, stevedore, IH'.) Chester 
Brown William H. miller, 70 Albemarle 
Brown William, clerk, N. C. Railway, dw 

•228 w Fayette 
Brown William, ship carpenter, 81 Bank. 
Brown William L. carpenter, s w cor. Front 

and Low 
Brown William, coal yard, 304 n Howard, 

dw 148 Preston 
Brown William H. carpenter, Chester n of 

Eastern av 
Brown William M. printer, 37 n Fremont 
Brown William, clerk, ^-i^ w Fnyetie 
Brown William H blacksmith, 1G;» HLollins 
Brown William L. carpenter, Low near 

Front, dw 2l<) e Baltimore 
Brown Wm. shoemaker, 33-2 Eastern av 
Brown W. T. bricklayer, 1H2 s Paca 
Brown & Winchester, commis. merchants, 

and importers of linens, 18 Hanover 
Browne Elisha N. collector and property 

agent, bo Saratoga 
Browne Horace E. com. mt. 58 Exchange 

place, dw Gilmor house 
Browne H. E. 122 w Favette 
BROWNE JAS. H. &' BRO flonr, grain, 

feed and guano dealer. 40 and 42 s Fred- 
erick, dw J. H. B. Bariiuin's hotel 
Browne James, laborer, 49 Booth 
Browne Jo.seph K. (James H. B. &. Bro.) 

14 Jackson 
Browne Lncv, 72 Lexington 
Browne William Hand, (Thos. J. Hand & 

Co.) 188 n Calvert 
Browning Edward, rope maker, Hanover 

near Cross 
Browning Edward, iron moulder.lOD s 

Browning James S. coachmaker, 69 North 
Browning Mary L. trimming store, 103 

Browning Rilson, house carpenter, 75 s 

Browning Samuel, 38 n Calvert 
Browning William, painter, 103 Riddle 
Browning William E. clerk, 103 liiildle 
Browning, Wm. S. printing telegraph trea- 
surer, 318 n Etilaw 
Brownley Ann,, 5 Hyde's ct 
Brownlev Dr. Joseph, 3 s E.xeler 
Brownley, Joseph, blacksmith, 282 n Eutaw 
Brownley Thomas J. engineer. 230 Light 
Brownley John W. ship carp. 175 s Wolfe 

Brownsjott. B. dyer, 87 Ensor 

Rrownold Bernard (B. .t Bro.) 91 n Paca 

Brownold & Bro. dry goods dealers, 157 

Lexington and 157 s Broadwav 
Brownold Moses, (B. >."t Bro.) 5 Pearl 
Brownold Samsun, 175 s Broadway 
Bruce Charles, cooper, 57 James lane 
Bruce James A. supermteiideni Maryland 

Gas Woiks, -220 M<.nigomerv 
BRUCE JOHN M. coppersmith. 94 n Cnl- 

veit, dw KU) Ai-(jaitli 
Bruce Margaret, 172 w Lnmhard 
Hni-^e, Oliver, mnr-hinisi, 230 Hill 
BRUCE ROBERT, truss and bandage 

maker, 115 w Lombard 
Bruce William, grocer, 153 e Madison 
Bruce, Rev. William, 5.')ll Lexington 
Bruchev Joseph, engineer, 18 .\miiy 
Bruchey John, lal)orei, 36 L^mmon 
Bruck Henry M. tailor, 320 w Pratt, dw 

278 Hanover 
Bruckhuff Louis, cabinet mak. 39 n Greene 
Brueckner Jno. F. piano mnker, II Sierreit 
Bruehl Jusius, baker, 157 s B'ind 
Bruehl John, cigar maker. 157 s Bi nd 
Bruehl John, carpenter, 154 n Eutaw 
Bruehl William, clerk, 157 s Bond 
Bnien Thomas, apothecary, t)3 Aisquith 
Brufi" Charles W ship cirpenier, 182 Ann 
BriifT Jas. M. (J. W. B. isi Co ) dw Foun- 
tain h'liel 
Brulf John W. (J. W. B. & Co.) 295 w 

BruffJohn W. «fe Co. dry goods merchants, 

245 w Ball I more 
Brulf John K. bricklayer, 212 n Bond 
Bruff Thomas, ship carpenier, 205 GL>ugh 
Brutjgman Catherine, 4(1 Hill 
Bruggman Henrv, carpenier, 42 Hill 
Bruggman John J. tavern, 40 Fell 
Briimer Hesper, laborer, Caroline near 

Bruinmer Carsen H. grocery, 231 s Charles 
Biiuiimell All>crt, travelling agent, 79 n 

Biiimmell Mary, 37 Pearl 
Brnmmeng Henry, grocer and liquor deal. 

50 Clay 
Brunck Julius, clerk, 52 s Broadway 
BRUN FRANCIS, book-keeper, 86 Lex- 
Brnn Mad. F. child's mak. 80 Lexing- 
Brnndige Charles FI sr. clerk, 52 n Calvert 
Brundige James, book-keeper, 52 n Calvert 
Rrundige Jas. 74 South, dw 6iJ n Calvert 
Brundige Peter, rope maker, 37"* Li^ht 
Brundige Thos. V. com. mt. 74 Souih, dw 

203 n Howard 
Brundige Wm. grocer and liquor deal 109 

n Eutaw 
Brundiire Wm. blacksmith, 570 w Lombard 
Brundige William ('. clerk, 52 n Calveri 
Brundige Wm. sr. cleik, 52 n Calvirt 
Brun<li£fe Zeb. machinisii, 570 w Lombard 
Briinsart Frank, shoemaker, 1;^ Sierreit 
BRUNE F. W. \- SONS, meichanis, 8:i & 
91 Smith's whf, dw F. W. B. 70 n Calveri 
Brune F. W.jr. (Brown &. B.) n Charles, 
Bait. Co. 





Brune John C. (F. W. B. & Sons,) 26 

Brune William H. (F. W. B. & Sons,) 42 

Mount Vernon Place 
Brunner Andrew, sr. clerk, 54 Pearl 
Bruner Andrew jt. carpenier, 54 Pearl 
Bruner Jacob, laborer, 126 IMcHenry 
Bruner Joseph, currier 29 n Greene 
Brunei Chas. cabinet maker, 40 n Liberty 
Brunhorn Christopher, tavern, 26 Fell 
Brunner Abel, book binder, 120 n Eden 
Brunner Andrew, clerk, 54 Pearl 
Brunner Diuiel, 15 Columbia 
Brunner Henry, tailor, 25 Sterrett 
Brunner Jacob, carpenter, 15 Columbia 
Brunner Jno. L. merchant tailor, 26 Centre 

Marke/ space, dw 44 
Brunner John, provision store, 178 s Bond 
Brunnert Ad;im, machinist, 35 Lemmon 
Brunhover John, shoemaker, 193 s Bond 

Brunine , 158 s Howard 

Bruning George, cabinet maker, 57 Thames 
Brunins: H. H' teacher, 208 s Eutaw 
BRUNING SOPHIA, dry goods dealer, 

208 s Eutaw 
Bruns Bernard, shoemaker, 281 n Gay 
Brusman Gerhart H. shoemaker, 188 Can- 
ton av » 
Brunt Ralph, dairyman, 487 Penn av 
Brunt Richard, carpenter. 36 George 
Bruscup Albert, tailor, 83 n Caroline 
Bruscup Columbus, house carpenter, 74 n 

Bruscup Thomas, jr. merchant tailor, 58 w 

Baltimore, dw 83 n Eden 
Bsuscup Thomas, of Orphan's Court, 91 n 

Brusette Jacob, baker, 137 s Fremont 
Brush C. W. 3 Eldon hall, 317 Garden 
Brushweller William jr. house painter, 81 

w Biddle 
Brushweller William sr. chair maker, 81 w 

Brusnan John, grocer, 257 n Bond 
Bluster James, salesman, Franklin house 
BRUSSTER HENRY, ship carpenter, 
Boston, loot of Patuxent, dw n e cor Pa- 
tapsco and Boston, Canton 
Bluster Jas. salesman, Franklin house 
Brustman John, laborer, 525 n Gay 
Brutsman Antoine, cab. maker, !)6 s Cen- 
tral av 
Bryan Christopher, stove manufacturer, 53 

s Calverl, dw 134 Lee 
Bryan Capt. Frederick C. 96 s Bond 
Bryan Hanson, clerk, 638 w Baltimore 
Bryan John, wire worker, 216 Light 
Bryan John S. watchman, 147 Mulllikin 
Bryan John S. bricklayer, 18 Sharp 
BRY.'\N, MAITLAND & CO. distillers 
and rectifiers, Clinton s of Boston, Can- 
ton, wnrehouse 89 South 
Bryan Patrick, marble rubber, Walnut 
Bryan Thomas E. clerk, 15 Orleans 
Bryan Thomas, shoemaker, 131 Chew 
Bryan VVjlljam, engineer, 156 McHenry 
Bryan William S. attorney, 32 St Paul, dw 

Strieker near Saratoga 
Bryan William, tavern, 63 President 
Bryant Wilson P. 354 Lexington 

Bryarly Robert, tailor, 157 Conway 
Brvden George W. carver, 58 Jeffer.son 
Bryson B. A. conductor B. & O. R. R. dw 61 

Bryson Franklin J. civil engineer, dw 61 

Bryson Gilbert H. city surveyor and civil 

engineer, City Hall, dw 95 Aisquith 
Bryson Hugh, shoemaker, 219 n Caroline 
Bryson James, porter Merchants' bank, 95 

Bryson James, officer Merchants' bank, dw 

61 Aisquith 
Bryson James R. iron moulder, 499 w Lom- 
Bryson Wm. J. of Eastern Shore Steam- 
boat Company, 124 Light-st whf, dw 78 
s Eden 
Bub Godfrey, laborer, 147 Aliceanna 
Bubart Harman, drayman, 171 s Eden 
Bubart John G. blacksmith, 91 Dover 
Bubee Adam, boot maker, 23 French 
BUBERT JOHN D. tavern, s e cor Cam- 
den and Charles 
Buch Wm. tailor, 258 n Eden 
Buchan Alexander, dry goods dealer, 176 

Buchanan Elizabeth, 54 w Fayette 
Buchanan Henry, mariner, 6 Abbot 
Buchanan James H. clerk, 49 Lexington 
Buchanan James M. attorney, 30 St. Paul, 

dw Baltimore co. 
Buchanan James, Franklin house, n w cor 

Franklin and Howard 
Buchanan Jas. E. (Kauffelt & B.) McCoy's 

Bucher Jacob, cabinet maker, 214 Canton 

Bucher John, laborer, 29 Union 
Burhheimer Frederick, upholsterer, 25 Eas- 
tern av 
Buchheimer George, 55 President 
Buchheimer John, grocer, 55 President 
Buchheimer Peter, clothier, 4 e Pratt 
Buchta John, blacksmith, 5 Swan, dw Plow- 
man, opposite Albemarle 
Buchmaster William, 2 Williamson 
Buchner Conrad, tailor, 22 Dawson 
Buck Albert, (B. B. & Son.) 301 e Balti- 
Buck B. & Sons, sail makers, 85 Smith's 

wharf, and foot of Ann 
Buck Mrs. Benjamin J. Chatsworth w of 

Buck B. W. (Wright & B.) 17 n Calvert 
Buck Benjamin C. (B. B. & Son,) 255 w 

Buck Benjamin G. plasterer, 75 s Greene 
Buck Capt. Charles W. mariner, 99 s High 
Buck Christopher, tailor, 163 Aliceanna 
Buck Edward (John B. & Co.) 75 e Pratt 
Buck George W. proprietor Fulton house, 

34 w Pratt 
Buck H. B. paper hanger, Chatsworth w of 

Buck James, moulder, 120 Burgundy al 
Buck Joseph, 42 n Poppleton 
Buck John, paper hanger, 81 Grundy 
Buck John M. cashier Franklin bank, dw 
318 Lexington 





Buck James, seaman, 101 e Fayette 
Huck James, engineer, 448 w Lombard 
Buck Jno. M. (Shipe &. B.) Howard House, 

dw 5 n Howard 
Buck John & Co. importers and dealers in 

hardware, 86 «fe 68 w Prall, dw J. B. 75 e 

Buck Joseph A. junk store, 100 Light, dw 

81 FIill 
Buck Jacob J. en<rineer, 174 w Pratt 
Buck James, butcher, 35 Hoflman 
Buck John, bricklayer, 2»U n Eden 
Buck Leander, brick mak. 6 Essex, Canton 
Buck Louis F. clerk, 101 s Exeter 
Buck Susanna, tailore«s, 34 n Bond 
Buck Wiu. H. clerk, 73 n Liberty 
Buckelman Wm. upholsterer, 37 n Fredk 
Buckerman Peter, grocery and liquor deal. 

96 s Spring 
Buckey Jas. H. engineer, 458 w Lombard 
Buckheimer Geo. grocery, 442 Penna. av 
Buckingham C. W. brickl'r, 194 Columbia 
Buckingham Isaac, music teacher, 39 Pine 
Buckingham James, coach trimmer, 238 e 

Buckingham John W. carp. 48 s Schroeder 
Buckingham Marion F. U7s Paca 
Buckingham Perry G. tencher, 279e Bait. 
Buckingham Susan, 39 Pine 
Buckingham W. H. cooper, 415 n Gay 
Buckinghan, J. 0. machinist, 194 Columbia 
Buckler Dr. John, 135 n Charles 
Buckler L. H. (B. & Shipley) cor Charles 

and Centre 
Buckler Dr. Riggin, 135 n Charles 
Buckler Samuel W. C'asile near Canton av 
BUCKLER & SHIPLEY, general western 

produce com. merchants, 85 s Charles 
Buckler Dr. Thos. s e cor Charles J^ Centre 
Buckler Dr. Thomas H. 41 Lexington 
Buckler Wm. wharf builder, 121 s Chester 
Buckle.s.s Henry, pilot, 126 Gough 
Buckley David, 13 Abbey al 
Buckley Mrs. Eliza A- millinery deal. 173 

n Gay 
Buckley Jeremiah, stove maker, 12 Gough 
Buckley John, (Likes & B.) 42 n Paca 
Buckley John, furniture wagoner, 90 s Re- 
BUCKLEY JOHN, wholesale dealer in 

oysters and ice cream. 144 Hillen 
Buckley Martin, hod carrier, 18 Chew 
Buckley Michael, laborer, 87 McElderry's 

Buckley Robert L. boarding house, 179 n 

Buckley Wm. mariner, 174 Ann 
Biickmann Henry, cabinet iiinkcr, 71 Park 
Buckmiiler ilcbi. tan'r. North n of Madison 
Buckner Dr. Charles, 64 Franklin 
Bucksbaum Henry, tailor, fi."? Granby 
Biick>baurn John, tailor, 63 Granby 
Bucksbaum Julius, dry goods dealer, 196 s 

Buckwaldt Michael, provision dealer, s e 

cor Lexington and I'oppleton 
Buchwalier Abraham, miller, 38 Coiumerce 

dw 131 Hanover 
^udd Benj. .sailor, 110 William 

iidd John R. house carp. 257 Gough 

Budder Wm. blacksmith, 59 s High 
Buehler Henry L. tailor, lH] Franklin 
Buehler Thomas H. clerk, ICS Franklin 
Buehler Wm. tobac. 159 Franklin, dw 182 
Buengener Geo. Wm. shoemak. 271 s Sharp 
Buering Lewis, barber, 10 Park 
Buettner Lenhardi, shoemaker, 242 s Ann 
Buffler Elijah, cellar digger, 
Buflep John, laborer, 16 Shakspeare 

Bugel japanner& painter, 222 German 

Bugel Max, painter, 42 Harrison 
Buhman Danl. shoemaker, 269 s Charles 
Buhman Danl. laborer, 269 s Charles 
Buhre Elizabeth, 58 York 
Buhike Henry, tobac. 254 w Pratt 
Building Association, 4 Carroll Hall, up st. 
Buker Aaron, engineer, Boston, near Ches- 
Buker George, blacksmith, 360Penn. av 
Bukoffskey, George, iron roller, Port al nr 

Canton av 
Bulack Joseph, shoemaker, 248 w Pratt 
Bulack Michael, shoemaker, 11 Spring ct 
Bulger Patrick, private watchman, corner 

Hanover and Conway 
Bulginer John, carpenter, 230 Aisquith 
Bulkard Geo. laborer, Port al nr Canton av 
Bull Asahel. carpenier, 2 Wfbb 
Bull Dr. Benj. H. D. 260 w Pratt 
Bull Daniel W. clerk, 96 s Sharp 
Bull Edmund, (B. & Tuttle) 196 w Biddle 
Bull Frederick, plumber, s e cor Saratoga 

and Park.dw 136 w Fayette 
Bull Henry, hardware and grocery dealer, 

320 s Bond 
Bull Isaac, lottery vender, s e cor Pratl and 

Bond, dw 193 e Pratt 
Bull Jarrett, 121 n Euiaw 
Bull John, clothier, 262 Hanover 
Bull John, laborer, Cuba, Locust Point 
Bull Shadrack, constable, 13 Chatsworlh 
BULL & TUTTLE, publishers of Clipper, 
and book & job printers. 131 w Baltimore 
Bullen Margaret, 360 w Fayette 
Bullen Wm. property agent, 181 s Paca 
Bulling Charles (Gerdes, B. & Wehrhane) 

118 Hanover 
Bullock Caswell J. glue mak. 339 Columbia 
Bullock Daniel, potter, 72s VVashingion 
Bullock Edwin, hatter, t w cor Fish market 

space and Concord 
Bullock Ilezekinh, carpenter, 49 Stiles 
Bullock James, collar maker, 21 Mercer, 

dw 229 Saratoga 
Bullock John jr. carpenter, 213 Columbia 
Bullock John, glue maker, 243 Columbia 
Bull's Head Hotel, 130 n Front, John Skip- 
per, prop. 
BumpJosephus L. provision dealer, Chats- 
worth near Hofiinan 
Bump Samuel C. trader, 57 s Ann 
Bumsiein Solomon, second hand clothier, 

l.')0 s Fremont 
Biince Robt. lab. Harford av, nr Point la 
Bunce Richard, bricklayer, 199 n Dallas 
Bunch John A. tavern, 19 w Lombard 
Bunger Charles, carpenier, 2K2s Ann 
Bunger John H. shoemaker, 79 s Spring 
BUNN JOHN, baker, cor Warner and 





Bunn Jos. laborer, 355 s Charles 
Bunnell George, 340 Canton av 
Bunting Capt. David G. mariner, 84 Hill 
Bunting Edward F. surveyor, 84 Hill 
Bunting Elizabeth, 7 L Gough 
Bunting George, butter dealer, 105 Ensor 
Bunting George R. clerk, 7 Trinity 
Banting George W. carpenter, 7 Gough 
Banting John, clerk House of Delegates, 72 

n Bond 
Banting John C. clerk, 70 n Howard 
Bunting John J. cleik, 40 Aisquith 
Bunting John J. tailor, 40 Aisquith 
Bunting Capt. Robt. waterman, 34 Warren 
Bunting Smith K. carp, dw 548 Lexington 
Bunting Wm. J. shoemk. 70 n Howard 
Buntzinthal Frank, grocery, 37 Rose 
Banyan Polly, 305 n Gay 
Banyan Wm. carp. 130 Bank 
Burbage John, salesman, 332 Aisquith 
Burbank David, clerk, 133 s Paca 
Burch Fredk D. comb maker, 377 Franklin 
BarchinalJerem'h (B &. Noll) 82 Eastern av 
Burchinal & Noll, horse shoers, 151s Cen- 
tral av 
Burdell John, brewer, 284 Eastern av 
Burdett Aaron, copper plate mak. 366 Lex- 
Bardick Wm. 24 sHigh 
Bure Henry, 122 w Fayette 
Burgan John P. carp. 128 Orleans 
Baigan Marcellus, cigar mk. 128 Orleans 
Bara:an Sarah, 128 Orleans 
Burgan Thomas T. painter, 88 MuUikin 
Burganstock Henry C 70 n Caroline 
Bargard Michael, glass blower, Henry 
Bargdorf Chas. cabinet mk. 507 w Baltimore 
Burger Christian, tailor, 54 n Exeter 
Burger Charles, grocery, Frederick road, w 

of Calverton 
Burger Francis, tailor, 196 Eastern av 
Burger Nicholas, grocery and liquor deal. 

cor West and William 
Burgess Barney, nightman, 3 Abbot 
Burgess Basil, 450 Lexington 
Burgess B. T. & Co. grocers, 166 n Gay 
Burgess B. T. (B. & Co.) 190 e Fayette 
Burgess Benj. pattern mk. 41 s Poppleton 
Burgess Caleb W.(B.T. B. &Co.) 162 n Gay 
Burgess C. R. (Wm. B.& Son) cor Greene 

and Mulberry 
Burgess Henry H. civil engineer and acct. 

4 Spurrier's ct, dw 3 St. Mary's ct James, carpenter, 156 n Dallas 
Burgess John M silver plater, 151 w Fay- 
ette, dw Baltimore county 
Burgess Loammi, upholsterer, 121 Sharp 
Burgess Owen, 450 Lexington 
Burgess Wm. & Son, merchant tailors, 4 s 

Sharp, dw cor Greene and Mulberry 
Burgess Stephen F. carp. 232 e Fayette 
Burgess Thomas, carpenter, 86 Mullikin 
Burgess Wm. blacksmith, 93 Pine 
Burgess Wm. H. clerk, 110 Orleans 
Burgmyer Ballach, wood saw'r, 260 e Pratt 
Burgot John, laborer, Aliceanna, Canton 
Burgot Peter, glass cutter, 122 G. Hughes 
Burgunder Joseph, 115 s Sharp 
Burgunder Simon, clothier, 53 w Baltimore 
Bark Augustus, harness mk. 122 e Fayette 

Burk Andrew J. stone cutter, York road, nf 

Burk Cornelius, lab. 83 McEkierry's whf 
Bark David, clerk, 22 Albemarle 
Burk Edward, fruit dealer, 101 s Charles 
Burk Edward, laborer, 120 ;i Washington 
Burk Elizabeth, 35 Forrest 
Burk Jane, 193 Lee 
Burk John, laborer, 23 Barnes 
Burk John, laborer, 126 s Washington 
Burk John, carter, 3 Hammond al 
Burk Mary, 16 Liberty al 
Burk Michael, drayman, Williamson al,nr 

Burk Patrick, lab. Mosher,near Division 
Bark Patrick, lab. 17 n Amity 
Burk Robert, tinner, 261 Canton ar 
Burkamp Francis, baker, 149 n Eutaw 
Burkamp Fredk, shoemaker, 111 n Eutaw 
Burkard Conrad, laborer, 27 Regester 
Burke Andrew Jackson, stone cutter, 262 

Greenmount av 
Burke Edwin R. stone cutter, 157 Garden 
Burke Eliza, 65 Chesnul 
Burke Eliza, 100 s Ann 
Burke Eliza J. 157 Garden 
Buike George B. clerk Savings Bank, 307 e 

Burke George W. butcher, 144 Harford av 
Burke Geo. W. custom storekeeper, 

Henderson's whf, dw 307 e Baltimore 
Burke Henry, paper hanger, 282 s Charles 
Burke Jacob, 99 Ross 
Buike Jerome, plasterer, n w cor Howard 

and Franklin 
Burke John, cooper, 122 e Fayette 
Burke John, grocery and liquor deal. Cook- 

sie. Locust pt 
BURKE JOHN H. H. grocer, 580 w Pratt 
Burke Michael, tailor, 77 Orleans 
Burke Michael, lab. Haubert, Locust pt 
Burke Michael, lab. 14 Cuba, Locust pt 
Burke Martin, botanic physician, 127 Peirce 
Burke Nicholas, city bailiff, 41 Greeamt.av 
Burke Nicholas, 105Hollins 
Burke Oliver, 99 Ro.'^s 
Burke Owen, blacksmith, Jenkins al, near 

Burke Patrick, laborer, 56 Bovd 
Burke Richard, teacher, 161 Bethel 
Burke Richard, laborer, 219 Lemmon 
Burke Robert, weigh ma.ster, Cotton Row, 

near Clinton, Canton 
Burke Mrs. Sarah, 127 n Eden 
Burke Thomas, painter, 518 vr Baltimore, 

dw 211 Mulberry 
Burke Tobias, cooper, 126 e Fayette 
Burke Wesley, police, 3 Mo.rris al 
Burke Wm. 634 Light 
Burke Wm. pattern maker, 2 s Poppleton 
Burke Wm. B. oyster iransp. 122 Camden 
Burke Wm. J. sail maker. Smith's whf, dw 

51 s Washington 
Burke Wm. R. custom house officer, 256 

Gieenmount av 
Burker Charles, baker, 68 n Schroeder 
Burker Joseph, carpenter, 68 n Schroeder 
Burkert George, shoemaker, 69 n Eden 
Burkert John, paper carrier, 69 n Central av 
Burkert Wm. shoemaker, 82 North 





Burkeii \Vm. carpenter, Dorsey's Hole! 
Burlrhard Adnm, tailor, 25 Regester 
Burkhart Fredk R. piano maker, ]2 Light 
B'-irkheimer Henry, cooper, 2:i3 s Ann 
Burkins Wm. moulder, 36 n Schroeder 
Kurklev John, cooper, 198 e Lombard 
Burkoti Charles, tailor, 219 Edward 
Burleigh John L. blacksmith. 274 Barre 
Burleigh Joseph B. author, 3t)2 \v Favette 
Burley Henry W. shoe dealer, 258 n Gay 
Hurley Isaac, shoemaker, 116 Ensor 
Burley Thomas JeflVr^on, 142 e Madison 
Burman Ernest, confectioner, S-2 Penn av 
Burman Jer. p(diceman, 7(ir> w Baltimore 
Burman John, iron roller, 10 Shakspeare 
Burmasier John, rigger, 202 Montgomery 
Burmingham Mary, 45 w Lombard 
Burn Edward, laborer, 27 n Amity 
Burn James, gardenei, 241 w Riddle 
Burnap Rev. George W. 45 n Calvert 
Burnes Wm. M. tavern, 64 Thames 
Burneston Isaac B. bookkeeper, 189 w Fay- 
Burneston Thomas, clerk, dw Eutaw house 
Burnett Alfred, 33 s Bond 
Burnett George, carpenter, 5R n Eden 
Burneit Jane, confectioner, 188 e Baltimore 
Burnett Joseph P. jr. carpenter, 10 Gough 
Burnett Capt. Joseph P. 10 Gough 
Burnett & Moreton, carpenters and builders, 

Paiapsco av 
Burnett Samuel, (Smith & B.) 140 Lee 
Burnett Solomon, painter, 272 e Prait 
Burneit Sol. G. A. sign painter, 21 Fell 
Burnett Washington, Andre, L P 
Burnett Wm. (B. & Moreton) 140 Lee 
Burnett Wm. furn. wareroom.«, 5H n Eden 
Burnett Wm. clerk post office, 82 Hill 
Buroey Mrs. J. boarding house, 98 Preston 
Burnfield Henry, laborer, 9 Mercer 
B'lrnham Chas. stone cutter, 369 n Gay 
Burnham Capt. Enoch, mariner, 341 e Bal- 
Burn ham John F. watchman, 81 Granby 
Burnhain Kesiah 396 n Gay 
Burnham Samuel, 105 Chew 
Burnham Thomas, policeman, 38 Warner 
Burns Andrew, laborer, 95 Granby 
Burns Andrew, laborer, over 130 e Lombard 
Burns Charles, quarryman, Falls road near 

Northern av 
Burns Charles M. blacksmith, 17 Scott 
BurnM Dennis, laborer, 95 Granby 
Burns Edward, carpenter, 16G Vine 
Burns Dennis, laborer, 31 Stockton 
Burns Dennis, laborer, 281 Cioss 
Burns Edward, china packer, 126 Lee 
Burns Edward, painter, L. Garden 
Burns Edward, hatter, 38 Centre Market 

Burns Edward, 422 Harford av 
Burns Eidward, laborer, corner Howard and 

Burns Edward, painter, 42 Orchard 
Burns Edward,, 266 Light 
Burns Edmund, grocery, 168 Columbia 
Burns Findley, 168 w Fayette 
Fiurns Francis, 168 w Fayette 
Burns Francis, sr. (B. Russell &. Co.) 168 
w Fayette 

Burns Francis, jr. (Wilson & B.) cor. Hol- 

lins and Fremont 
Burns Franklin, blacksmith, 124 L. Greene 
Burns Geo. W. cleik, l»i8 w Fayette 
Burns Geo. W. blacksmith, 17 Scott 
Burns Henry, pro. Jackson Hall, n w cor. 

French aiid Buren, dw 239 Forrest 
Burns Henry, moulder, 22 Slemmer's al 
B irns James, hack driver, 57 German 
Burns James, hack owner, 61 German 
Burns John, laborer, 45 e Favette 
Burns John, laborer, 68 s Spring 
Burns John T. feed store, 43 n Spring, dw 

135 Orleans 
Burns John, stone cutler, 4 Foster al 
Burns John, blacksmith, 15 Scott 
Burns John, sailor, 88 Granby 
Burns John, plasterer, 14 Pearl 
Burns Joseph, laborer, Back Basin, near 

Burns John, tailor, 70 Orleans 
Burns Lawrence, barkeeper, 46 s Central av 
Burns Lawrence, grocery, 103 French 
Burns Lewis H. blacksmith, 283 s Paca 
Burns Luke, laborer, 52 Buren 
Burns Margarei,239 Forrest 
Burns Mary, 152 n Calvert 
Burns Mary, 39 Hillen 
Burns Mary, liquor store, 281 Cross 
Burns Matthew, laborer, 11 w Lombard 
Burns Matthew, laborer, 18 .Morns al 
Burns Mniihew, carter, 121 Eastern av 
Burns Michael, l.nilor, 12') e Monument 
Burns Michael, Fort near Washington 
Burns Pairick, laborer, 91 Central av 
Burns Patrick, laborer, 290 Montgomery 
Burns Pairick, laborer, 94 York 
Burns Pairick R. tailor, 70 Orleans 
Burns Patrick, engineer. 138 Hamburg 
Burns Pairick, guilder, 88 McElderry 
Burns Patrick, laborer, 136 s Central av 
Burns Patrick, laborer, 37 Stcjckton av 
Burns Peirce, laborer, 184 McHenry 
Burns Peter, 46 s Central av 
Burns Peter, tailor, 290 Montgomery 
Burns Peter, sailor, 74 Block 
Burns Peter, tailor, 78 s Wdfe 
Burns Peter, grocery, 12 Bath 

Burns Richard, sailor, 296 Montgomery 
Burns R. D. attorney, 5 Counsellor's Hall, 
dw 49 Lexington 

Barns Robt. A. harness mak. .564 Lexington 

Burns Robert, ship carp. 183 Washington 

Burns Robt. L. carpenter, 338 w Lombard 

BURNS, RUSSELL & CO. brickmakers, 
30 Columbia 

Burns Saml. carpenter, w Pratt near Fulton 

Burns Saml. (B. Ik Sloan) 81 n Eutaw 

Burns Susan, 2)6 Franklin 

BURNS & SLOAN, lumber merchants, 132 
Lighl-sl. whf. and cor German St Eutaw 

Burns Thomas, laborer, 87 Flampsiead 

Burns Thomas, carpenter, ;i6 Orchard 

Burns Wm. clerk, 189 Aisquilh 

Bums William. P. (B. Rus.sell & Co.) 88 s 

Burns Wm. F. blacksmith, 142 Camden, 
ilw Greene, 1 door w of s Pata 

Burns Wm. tavern, 1 s. Eutaw 

Burns Wm. T. F. X. coach mak. 74 Peirce 





Burns Wm. sportsman, 32 McElderry 
Burnside Thos. grocer, 18 n Eutaw, dw 24 
Burnsion Catherine, 16 East Falls av 
Burnup Elizabeth, 40 Gough 
Burnup W. G. brass found. 14 Williamson al 
Burras Edward, painter, Chesnut al near 

Burrier Esau, miller, Calverton Mills, near 

Burrier Jas. bricklayer, 280 e Monument 
Burrier John, bricklayer, 171 Orleans 
Burriss James, omnibus driver, 10 Walsh 
Burris John, tavern, 7 Centre Market f^pace 
Burr, Haight &, O'Connell, coach makers, 

29 n Gay 
Burrough Jacob (Griscom & B.) 174 Pres- 
Burroughs Chas. O. speculator, 130 Du- 

gan's whf. dw Bond near Pratt 
Burroughs Chas. O. grain dealer, 16 s Bond 
Burroughs Elizabeth, tailoress,3n Fremont 
Burroughs Henry, clerk, 752 w Baltimore 
Burroughs Silas, rigger, 108 S. Eden 
Burt Alfred P. 3 n Front 
BurtRev. N. C. 13 McCulloh 
Burt Thomas, 73 s Paca 
Burton Charles, 131 e Monument 
Burton Geo. W. furnishing store, 36 w Bal- 
timore, dw 7 Courtland 
Burton Jane, grocery, 28 n Eutaw 
Burton James A. machinist, 12 Mulberry 
Burton John F. machinist, 104 Boyd 
Burton Dr. O. A. dentist, 56 Lexington 
Burton Robert, tailor, 162 
Burton Thos. C. baker and confectioner, n 

w cor. Pine and Fayette 
Busby Abraham, salesman, 21 s Howard 
Busby Robt. baker, n w cor. Ross & Biddle 
Busch And. glass blower, 113 Montgomery 
Busch Bernard, cabinet makr. 84 Somerset 
Busch Dietring, laborer, Light below Heath 
Busch George, laborer, 183 Aliceanna 
Busch Geo. L. cabinet maker, Frederick 

road, near toll gate 
Busch Henry, jr. clerk in post office, 7 Hen- 
Busch Henry, letter carrier, 7 Henrietta 
Busch Leopold, tailor, 268 Lee 
Busch Wm. laborer, 108 Lancaster 
Busch Wm. 56 President 
Buschman Christian, tavern, Calverton road 

near city limits 
Buschman & Ellermeyer, merch. tailors, 9 

n Liberty 
Buschman Francis (B. & Ellermeyer) 9 n 

Buschman. Henry, (B. & Ellermeyer) 9 n 

Bnschmann Harmail, clerk, 99 n Howard 
Buschmann Victor H. (B. & Weber) 113 

Buschmann & Weber, tailors' trimmings. 

Sic. 2 Hanover 
Busey, Jas. brickmoulder, 776 w Baltimore 
Busey Sarah Ann, 186 Penn. av 
Bush Abraham, 5 Henrietta 
Bush Christian, cabinet maker, 2 Stevens al 

bet. High and Front 
BUSH CHRISTOPHER, watchmaker & 
jeweller, 109 Saratoga 

Bush Elizabeth, 235 e Pratt 
Bush Geo. hotel at Ferry Ear, dw 14 Hen- 
Bush George H. C J. police, 339 Light 
Bush Henrv, cigar maker, 224 Montgomery 
Bush Henry, sr. 9 Lloyd 
Bush Henry, furnaceman, 43 s Oregon 
Bush Henry, jr. letter carrier, 9 Lloyd 
Bush Henry, laborer, Cambridge, Canton 
Bush John M. dry goods dealer, 74 Union 
Bush John, jr. cigar maker, 1 Somerset 
Bush John, sr. turnkey at middle station 

house, dw 1 Somerset 
Bush Kesia, 73 Penn. av 
Bush Lorenz, watchmaker, 279 n Gay 
Bushe Maurice, grocer, 107 n Central av. 
Bushman August, laborer, 106 Lancaster 
Bushman Clem. A. tailor, 220 Lexington 
Bushman Frederick, grocer, 317 Hanover 
Bushman Geo. J. shoemak. 218 Columbia 
Bushman John, carpenter, 142 Pine 
Bushman Samuel, shoemaker, 14 Josephine 
Bushman Wilhelm, cigar mak'r, 74 s Eutaw 
Busick Joshua, shoemaker, 59 Ensor 
Busick Levin, boot fitter, 449 n Gay 
Bussard M. L. engineer, 523 w Lombard 
Bussard Matthew, inspector trains on rail- 
road, lis Republican 
Bussick Daniel, boot fitter, 53 Ensor 
Buss Margaret, 36 Park 
Busse John, cigar maker, 354 w Pratt 
Bussei John, blacksmith, 69 Portland 
Bushey Frederick, book keeper, 174 Pearl 
BUSK DR. THOMAS M. 52 s Broadway 
Bussey Dr. B. F. cor. Hillen and Exeter 
Bussman Wm. shoemaker, 240 s Charles 
Bust Antoine, cooper, n Caroline 
Bustian Henry, brewer, Calverton road, 

near cattle scales 
Bustoh V. beer brewer, 109 Eastern av 
BUTCHER ALEXANDER, confectioner, 

160 w Baltimore, dw 15 HoUins 
Butcher Benj. F. carpenter, 132 Pearl 
Butcher's Hide and Tallow Depot, corner 

Falls and Buren 
Butcher Henry, mate, 182 Gough 
Butcher Wm. ladies shoemaker, 61 s Fre- 
Buthoff George, cooper, 320 s Charles 
Butler Abel, machinist, 42 s Oregon 
Butler Absalom C. bootmaker, 9 s Sharp, 

dw 68 Pearl 
Butler Andrew K. carpenter, 365 Saratoga 
Builer Albert, brakesman, 164 McHenry 
Butler Charles I. machinist, 365Saratoga 
Builer Charles, (Nathan Rogers & Co.) 199 

Builer Elizabeth, tailor, 303 s Charles 
Butler Frederick, laborer, 279 Happy al 
Butler George brickmoulder, 61 s Dallas 
Butler Geo. T. carpenter, 230 Preston 
Butler James, carpenter, 126 Saratoga 
Butler James, 247 e Eager 
Butler J. 62 s Sharp 
Butler Dr. James H. 8 n Greene 
Butler John H. milkman, Canton near El- 
Butler John, book keeper, 29 Camden 
Butler John, cooper, 28 Williamson's al 
Butler Joseph J. carpenter, 365 Saratoga 





Builer Lewi'<, laborer, Ulrick 
Butler Martin, laborer, 39 Block 
Butler Martin, laborer, 11 Ulrick 
Biiiler Martin, stonecutter, 48 Ross 
BUTLER MARTIN, stone cutter, n e cor. 

("a hen and Centre 
Butler Richard, engineer, 52 s Poppleton 
Butler Robert, shoemaker, Gl Parle 
Butler Samuel, (Cooper & B.) cor. High &. 

BUTLER THOS. boot and shoemaker, 

225 w Pratt [Seep. 14 Mvertitementn.] 
Butler Thoma--, carpenter, 1U5 Hanover 
Builer Thomas C. clerk Bait. Fire Ins. Co. 

Greene near Raborg 
Butler Thus. E. painter, 29 Camden 
Builer Wm. laborer, 1 Camden 
Builer Wm. J. blacksmith, Philadelphia 

road, near city limits 
Butt Andrew, lace weaver, 69 L. Church 
Butt Chas. grocery, St. Mary 
Butt Henry, grocery, cor. Hoffman and 

Penn av 
Butt John, new and second hand furn. deal. 

466 w Baltimore 
Buit John, lailiT, 59 President 
.B'ltl Josiah, (B. 6*. Ricketts) 48 s Calvert 
Buit & Rickeits, wholesale dealers in fruit 

and candies, IS s Calvert 
But Samuel, plasterer, 174 w Biddle 
Butterhoof Peier, laborer, 37 s Reeester 
Buitner John A. baker, 334 e Eager 
Button Emory, shoemaker, IIG Chew 
Butiou Mrs. Harriet, '2^2 .•< Bond 
Butner Frederick, shoemak. 219 Lexington 
Buiniiz Henry, cigar maker, 118 Henrietta 
Butts John, laborer, 16G s Central av 
Buvirveer George, tinner, 138 Pine 
BUXBAUM JACOB, grocery, 27 Clay 
Buxbaum Julius, 122 e Lombard 
Buxner John, shoemaker, 171 Ensor 
Bu.\ton Eunice P. 12Gi.j Broadway 
Bu.xion Jolu) T. firemaii, 5H s Republican 
Buxton Upton, baggage master B. & O. R. 

R. 41 Portland 
BUZBY DAVID T, general com. merch. (J 

Exchange Place, dw 178 Franklin 
Btizby Joseph A. 15 Perry 
ByL'r George, confectioner, 234 Barre 
Byer John, laborer, 41 Block 
Byers Frederick, laborer, 14 n Poppleton 
Byers Lewis, piano maker, 2G4 Lee 
Byers James F. clerk, 10 n Fremont 
Byers Wm. bricklayer, 22 n Poppleton 
Byrnes Michael, harness mak. 214"n Etitaw 
Byrd Alfred H. attorney, 17 St. Paul, dw 

234 n Eutaw 
Bvrd Francis O. 142 n Charles 
Byrd Geo. H. (Wyman B. &. Co.) 234 n 

BYRN WM. dry goods dealer, 163 n Gay, 

dw 76 n Front 
Bvrn Wm. T. sailmaker, 31 e Lombard 
Byrn Wm. H. salesman, 53 St. Paul 
Hynie Bridget, grocery, 47 n Frederick 
Byrne Daniel, carpenter, 247 n Gay 
Byrne Hugh, barkeeper, Lloyd's Hotel, 69 

Byrne Rev. J. P. 25 n Front 
Byrne Jas. P. cabinetmaker, 43 w Lombard 

Byrne Lawrence, porter, sw cor. Britton &. 

Byrne Marv, 130 e Madi.soa 
Byrne Owen, 120 Wolfe 
Byrne Peter, cabinet maker. 103 Ross 
Byrne Thos. iron moulder, 3 Hammond al 
Byrne Thomas, carpenter, 373 Lexington 
Byrne Wm. (Hooper & B) 31 e Lombard 
Byrne William, wheelwright, 74 Peirce 
Byron Edward, machinist, 261 Hollins 
Byron Henry, shoemaker, 79 n Spring 
Bysell Charles, carpenter, 356 Penn av 
By us Joseph H. 123 s Sharp 
Byus John W. engineer, f 1 Granby 

Cabelman Christian, baker, 34 Thames 

Cabel George S. plasterer, 209 e Madison 

Cacy Rosetta, 93 Garden 

Cade Clarissa, 232 Chase 

CadeCapt. Nelson, mariner, 94 Regester 

Cadel Samuel, watchman, 21h e Pratt 

Cadell John, laborer, 11 Durham 

Cadell Mary, 102 s Poppleton 

Cadez John, watchmaker, 218 n Eden 

Cadimore John, watchman, 239 s Ann 

Cadow & Co. grocers and produce deal. 16 

Penn. av 
Cadow James E. (Cadow & Co.) 348 w Lex- 
Cadwallader Abel, contractor, 136 Conway 
Cadwallader Edward J. sweepmaster. 23 

Harford av 
Cadwallader Lewis W. brakesman, 136 

Cadwallader S. E. clerk, 136 Conway 
Cafferty Thomas, officer at Penitentiary, 95 

n Central av 
CAFFREYTHOMAS.grocer. 360 w Pratt 
Caha Noah, clothier, dw 56 e Fayette 
Cahill John, carp. U. S. Navy, 332 e Pialt 
Cahill John, boiler maker, 3 Abbey al 
Cahill John, machinist, 7 Hill 
Cahill Patrick, lumber insp. n e cor. East 

Falls av and Canton av, dw 179 Cathedral 
Cain Charlotte, 17 s Canal 
Cain Frederick, tailor, 30 Jasper 
Cain John, tavern, 97 Albemarle 
Cain John, miller, Frederick road, near 

toll gate 
Cain Michael, laborer, 58 Boyd 
Cain Thomas, laborer, 1 Slemmer al 
Cain John, carter, 217 s Paca 
Cairns James, clerk, 379 Pennsylvania av. 
Callaghan Patrick, gas fitter, 3 Valeiy 
Calahan John, blacksmith, over 25 Bariiet , 
Calahan Patrick, laborer, 93 Albemarle 
Calahand John, coppersmith, 236 s Sharp 
Calbert Adam, plasterer, 15 Bevan al 
Calder Robert A. paper hanger, 58 s Ann 
Calder Rosanna, grocery, \b'-i Eastern av 
CALDWELL ALONZO, chemist and 

druggist, s e cor. Madison and Biddle 
Caldwell Catherine, n e cor. Saratoga and 

Caldwell Daniel, dyer, 113 n Calvert 
Caldwell Elijah, milkman, 21 w 
Caldwell Mrs. Edwin, 115 n Paca 
Caldwell James A. chairmaker, 21 and 23 

Light, dw 18s Calvert 
Caldwell John K. (Norris, C. &Co.) 82Lee 





Caldwell John C. block and pump maker, 

157 e Pratt 
Caldwell John, carver, 132 Hillen 
Caldwell Margaret H. Ill Pine 
Caldwell Maranda, 115 n Paca 
Caldwell Martin, grocery, 140 Cross 
Caldwell Patrick, book binder, 57 Centre 
Caldwell Rudolph P. carpenter, Decker nr. 

Caldwell W. W. clerk, 22 Josephine 
Caldwell Wm. M. clerk, 445 Lexino-ton 
Caldwell Wm. d. architect and measurer, 

85 w Fayette, dw 204 Saratoga 
Cale Lar. dentist, 231 n Central av 
Caleai; Patrick, hack driver, 38 Low 
Caleb James, 264 Franklin 
Calhoun Charles, silversmith, 38 Constitu- 
Calhoun Charles, clerk, 166 w f^ombard 
Call James, laborer, 412 s Charles 
Callahan Anna, 115 North 
Callahan Daniel, painter, 389 s Charles 
Callahan Daniel, grocery and liquor store, 

298 Eastern av 
Callahan Edward, laborer, 20 Comet 
Callahan James, grocery and liquor dealer, 

51 Tyson 
Callahan Michael, laborer, 10 Little 
Callahan Martin, cigar packer, 164 Lee 
Callahan Thomas, huckster, 79 Peirce 
Callahan Timothy, plasterer, 90 Grundy 
Callahan Timothy, laborer, 8 s Eden 
Callahan Thomas, laborer, 71 Bethel 
Callaway Geo. huckst. 19 Williamson al 
Callaway Wm. S. plasterer, 27^ Aisquith 
Callender Wm, pla>terer, 100 Aisquith 
Callis Geo. R bricklayer, 74 s Caroline 
Callis James H. .street commissioner, office 

City hall, dw 6 Regester 
Calmer Casper, laborer, Clinton nr Elliott, 

Callow John, tailor, 20 Scott 
Calvaladge John, grocery, 307 s Charles 
Calveri, Joanna, binder, 51 Scott 
Calvert John, stonecutter, 33 Scott 
Calvert Station, Northern Central Railway, 

n e cor. Franklin and Calvert 
Calvert Wm. pattern mak. 116 n Caroline 
Calverton Carpet Manuf'actor) , Gwynn's 

falls, Franklin road, office 1 > Charles 
Calviere Francis, wtchmak. 26 w Lombard 
Calwell L. B. (Sloan & C.) cor Conway and 

Camalier Vincent, clerk, 4 Commerce 
Camby Thos. private waichmn. 26 Warner 
Camden Station, B. & O. R. R. fronting 

Howard, Camden, Eulaw and Lee 
C;imell Catherine, 124 n Central av 
Cameron Charles C. salesman, 13 s Howard 
Cameron H. tailor, 73 Forrest 
Cameron Henry, prof music, 22 n Paca 
Cameron Hugh, tailor, n e cor. Mercer and 

Cameron James, clerk, 283 w Pratt 
Cameron Mary Ann, trimming store, 107 

Cameron P. H. tobacconist, 180 Lexington 
Cameron Rachel, 71 Ensor 
Camp Jas. L. (Jas. D. Mason & Co ) 278 w 

Campbell Ann, 35 s Frederick 
CAMPBELL ARCHIBALD, silver plater, 
saddleiy and hardware dealer, 13 Light, 
dw 340 w Fayette 
CAMPBELL B M. & W. L. .slave dealers, 

282 w Pratt 
Campbell Bernard M. (B. M. &. W. L. C.) 

x84 w Pratt 
Campbell Bernard, laborer, 38 Valley 
Campbell Charles, gardener, 17 s Fremont 
Campbell Caiharine, tailoiess, 183 Orleans 
Campbell Elizabeth, Jenkins' al. near Hoff- 
Campbell Edward J. of Farmers' and Mer- 
chants' Bank, 7 Lexington 
Campbell George W. 46 e Pratt 
Campbell George, 388 Harford av 
Campbell Henry J. tinner, 309 w Pratt 
Campbell James Mason, attorney. Court- 
land nr. Lexington, dw 55 Franklin 
Campbell James, boiler maker, 92 Regester 
Campbell James J. clerk, 147 German 
Campbell James S. mate, 290 e Pratt 
Campbell James, sailor, Windsor nr. Essex 
Campbell John J. dry goods and grocery, 

cor. McHenry and Po( plelon 
Campbell John, collector, 116 Orleans 
Campbell John, (R. C. & Sons) 75 Mount 

Vernon place 
Campbell John, machinist, 10 Lanvale 
Campbell John W. painter, 64 Fiench 
Campbell John, stone cutler, 105 Chesnut 
Campbell John, sr. collector, 25 n High 
Campbell John H. silver plater, 340 w Fay- 
Campbell John, shoemaker, 196 East 
Campbell John, carpenter, 84 Proton 
Campbell Joseph, baker, 144 Orleans 
Campbell L. H. book agent, 81 n Fremont 
Campbell Matthew, caip. 149 Penna. av 
Campbell M. Fort av. Locust ?ohn 
Campbell Michael, laborer, 53 Davis 
Campbell Mary, dry goods deal. 250 n Gay 
Campbell N. P. (Brooks, Fulton &. Co.) dw 

Howard house 
Campbell Patrick, 298 e Monument 
Campbell Peter, stone cutler, 32 Addi.son 
Campbell Peter, laborer, 9 Graces' cl. 
Campbell R. & Sons, imp. and manufactu- 
rers of watches, jewelry, &c. over 205 w 
Campbell Robt. (R. C. & Sons) 75 Mount 

' Vernon place 
Campbell Robert, clerk, 50 Josephine 
Campbell Robert, jr. (R. C. &. Sons) 75 

Mount Vernon place 
Campbell Ross & Co. wh com. merchants, 

•24 Hanover, dw R. C. Eutaw house 
Campbell Samuel, carpenter, Oregon near 

Campbell S. Kennedy, silver plater, 340 w 

Campbell Mrs. Sophia, Read, betw. Charles 

and Cathedral 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, 1 Pleasant 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, 2 e Foundry 
Campbell Thomas W. 39 Lee 
Campbell Wm. H. 48 e Pratt 
Campbell Wm. copper smelter, Lancaster, 






Campbell Waller L. (B, M. 8t W. L 

2S2 w Pi ail 
Campbell Wm. L. caipt. 183 n Fremont 
Camphell Wm. (Ke(aiiver&,C.) 23 George 
Campbell Wm. laburei, 42 t'ie>u>ii 
Camper Aleiamier, coacli iiimr. •2i'2n Eden 
Camper Ciiailes, tuach tnmr. 21- n fcldcn 
Camper Isaac, carpenier, 'J'i.') n Eilen 
CamptT Mary, provision >.tore, 242 n Eden 
Camper Napoleon, plane and lool maker, 

12.S Lexingion 
Campion Thomas, music teacher, 284 Lee 
Campon John, gas fixture luanuraciurer, 45 

w Biilumore 
CANliV, GILPIN & CO. wholesale drug- 
gists, n w eor. Lis^lil and Lombard 
Cauby Samuel, bookbinder, l"J8 n Exeter 
Caiiby Samuel & Co. corn meal inill, West 

Fails iiv 
Canby Samuel, (Wilson & C.) 288 Madi- 
son avenue 
Canby Thomas Y. (C, Gilpin & Co.) 48 

Canby Wm. (C, Gilpin & C ) 9t) w Moo- 

Cai.cer John, seamen, 27 May 
Cane Dennis, 20o e Madison 
Cane G. K. 19.j e Monument 
Cane Michael, laborer, ')H Bovd 
Cane Thomas, laburer, 210 Raborg 
Canhelil, Broilier & Co. jewelry and fancy 

goods, 229 w Biiliiinore 
Cantield Ira C. (Canfield, Bro. «fe Co.) 157 

Si. Paul 
Canfield Wm. B. (Canfield, Bro. & Co.) 99 

Canleld John, laborer, Monroe near Frede- 
rick road 
Cann Christian, carter, 291 s Wolfe 
Cann Edward R. painter, 7G Barre 
Cann George H. carp. Walnut nr. Cross 
Cann Henry, carp. Warren ni . West 
Cann James R. punter, 76 Bane 
Cann Jacob, carier, 'Mo s Washington 
Cann Paul, cooper, 12 Abey al. 
('ann Samuel, (MineSi Co.) 2tJ Pearl 
Cannon Bariine A. lypelound. 21G Stirling 
Cannon Mrs. Elizabeth, 8 George 
Cannon Capt. James, o( steamer North 

Carolina, 89 Albemaile 
Cannon James H. clerk, 89 Albemarle 
C.innoii John J. C. salesman, Fayeiie near 

Cannon John S. clerk, 144 Lexington 
Cannon John B. (C & Matthews) 108 w 

Cannon & Maiihews, auctioneers and com. 

meichanis, 42 and 44 s Charles 
Cannon Capt. R;chard, Nti Cioss 
Cannon Wm. painter, 111 L. Greene 
Cannon W m. II. carpenier, 2,i Wayne, dw 

119 Barre 
Canuoles Chas. fur. wagon. 48 Preston 
Canoles Charles, coachinuU. 1;)4 e Madison 
(;anole-< Win. hackman, 27'^ Ai^quilh 
Canon John, hiboier, :l^5 s Charles 
Canox Josf'ph, dealer in leather and garden 

seeds, 197 Lexington 
Canlor Levin R laiicy store, .193 w Pratt 
Canty Patrick, plasieier, 1 18 Raborg 

Caiiion Company's warehouse, bonded tor 

U. S. purposes, s e cor. Chester and 

Canzler Christian, 102 Gough 
Cape John C. grocery, 193 n High 
Caples Wm. shoemaker, 71 n Euiaw 
Cappeau Misses Cecilia and Frances, mil- 
liners, 673 w Baltimore 
Cappeau Jabez, r>73 w Baltimore 
Cappeau Jos. jr. grocery, s w cor. Baltimore 

and Calhoun, dw 513 w Fayeite 
Cappri.>€ Jos. sliipwiight, 54 s Washington 
Capron Fiancis B. (Lippincott, C & Co.) 

Euiavv house 
CAPROJN &, GWYN, commission mer- 
chants, 73 South 
Capron R. J. {C. & Gywn) Charles near 

Carback David, laborer, s w cor. Mullikin 

and Bethel 
CARBACK ELISHA, shoe dealer, 165 

Lexington, dw 251) w Madi.>-on 
Cavback Elisha, painter, 150 Bank 
Carback John, lur. wagoner, 175 Orleans 
CarL)ack Wm. policeman, 203 n Central av 
Carcaud Gilbert, carpenter, 109 Ross 
Card Wm. S. sadmaker, 162 German 
Carder George W. salesman, 27 s Howard 
Caidle Thomas, Haubert, Locust Point 
Cardwell Jackaon, 160 e Madison 
Care Robt. laborer, 573 w Lombard 
Carey Elizabeth, shoe binder, 5 Marion 
Carey Francis, carter, 157 s Eden 
CAREY GEO. insuiance agent Franklin 

insurance Co. ol Philadeliiiiia, 1 North, 

dw Cathedral, 1 door n ol Madi>on 
Carey George G. teacher, Cathedral near 

Carey Henry G. clerk. Cathedral near 

Carey, Howe & Co. wholesale deal, in boots 

and ^hoes, 2G6 w Baltimore 
Carey Henry, poiter, 22 s Eutaw 
Caiey Henry, ol Gilmor house, 30 n Eutaw 
Carey Jas. (C, Howe & Co.) Franklin rd 
Carey Jeremiah, hor^eshoer,14 Dewberry al 
Caiey John, carpenter, U) Booth 
Carey Jas. jr. book keeper, Cathedral near 

Carey Matthew, laborer, 320 n Howard 
Carey Thomas, laborer, 78 Richmond 
Carey Thomas, carp. 42 Cohiinbia 
Carey Wm. laborer, 176 Cathedral 
Caiey Wm. porter, 14 Decker 
Carhort Chailes, luilk and butter depot, 65 

Carigan George, shoemaker, 94 s Charles 
CARISS SAMSON & CO. looking glass 

and picture sioie, 140 w Baltimore, dw S. 

C. tiO w Fayette 
CARL JOSEPH, magistrate, 47 n Eutaw, 

dw 212 Biddle 
Carl John, cabinet maker, 67 n Frcilerick 
Carlan Matthew, tavern, 7 Camden lane 
Cailaii Thomas, drayman, 5 Camden lane 
Carle lleniy, shoemaker, HI Saratoga 
Carlilc Anna, 1 s Greene 
Carlin Louise, 38 n Exeter 
Carling Michael, tavern, 63 Penn. av 
Carlisle Amos, wlieelwriL;ht, 29 McHenr^, 





Carlisle James H. collector and agent, 32 

Carlisle Wm. H. stone cut. 90 n Central av 
Carman Henry, huckster, 73 Perry 
Carman Joseph, shoemaker, 73 Henrietta 
Carman Jacob, Pres. Western Telegraph 

Co. Sun building 
Carman Jacob, 13 Franklin 
Carman Joseph, clerk, 194 Mulberry 
Carman Michael, laborer, 54 Lancaster 
Carman Wm. shirt cutter, 4 Bath 
Carmelite Female Academy and Convent, 

68 Aisquith 
Carraichael Thos. H. lieut. police, 64 Al- 
Carmichael Wm. butcher. Butchers' row, 

Pennsylvania av extnd 
Carmichael Wm. clerk, 64 Albemarle 
Carmichael Wm. saddler, 64 Albemarle 
Carmichael Wm. carpenter, 445 w Fayette 
Carmine Charles G. 190 n Eden 
Carmine Francis, huckster, 236 Bank 
Carmine James, tinner, 105 McElderry 
Carmine Joseph M. plasterer, 174 n Eden 
Carmine Thos. J. painter, 105 Granby 
Carnahan Rev. Daniel T. 135 Aisquith 
Carnan Bishop, pattern mak. 701 w Balto 
Carnan Johnson, machinist, 13 Stirling 
Carnell George, brick machine manufac- 
turer, Lee near Fremont 
Carnes Alexander G.W. clerk, 36 n Greene 
Carnes Andrew J. clerk, 27 Holland 
Carnes John, jr. clerk, 27 Holland 
Carnes Robert, policeman, 70 Preston 
Carnes Susan, dress maker, 48 n Eden 
Carney John, hackman, 46 Hilien 
Cams" Alex. G. W. salesman, 350 w Balto 
Cams Wm. plasterer, 19 Brune 
Caroline Methodist Episcopal Church, Ca- 
roline, between Baltimore and Lombard 
Caroline Mission Chapel, n e cor. Chapel 

and Eastern av 
Carpenter Barney, laborer, 83 Durham 
Carpenter P>,ebecca, 113 Hill 
Carpenter Samuel, huckster, 53 George 
Carpenter Wm. N. clerk, 138 e Monument 
Carpenter Wm. E. gas fitter, 294 s Sharp 
Carr Bernard, coal trimmer, 235 Gough 
Carr Chas. carter, Bank nr Central av 
Carr Charles G. attorney, Counsellors hall, 

Lexington, dw 262 Madison av 
Carr Eleanor, 172 n Eden 
Carr Edward, ship carp. 146 Hughes 
Carr E. N. & Co. lottery and exchange bro- 
ers, 172 w Pratt, dw E. N.C. 25 e Fayette 
Carr Francis M. 172 n Eden 
Carr Francis, laborer, 73 Castle 
Carr Edwd. ship carpenter, 146 G Hughes 
CARR, GIESE& Co. produce and lumber 

commssion merchants,.21 Spear's whf. 
Carr George, blacksmith, 110 York 
Carr George, tallow chandler, 32 Chew 
Carr Greenberry laborer, 6 s Schroeder 
Carr Henry, tailor and clothier, 66 w Pratt 

cor. Gay, dw 2 s Broadway 
Carr Isabella, 238 Columbia - 
Carr Isaac, 25 e Fayette 
Carr James E. hatter, 119 n Howard 
Carr James, laborer, 101 Green Mount av 
Carr James, brass finisher, 477 w Lombard 

Carr James, shoemaker, 94 Franklin 
Carr James, ship carpenter, 146 G Hughes 
Carr John, ship carpenter, 146 G Hughes 
Carr John, policeman, 151 Orleans 
Carr John B. (R. H. C. & Bro.) 88 Barre 
Carr John, stone mason, 241 e Chase 
Carr M. A. 119 Ross 
Carr Mary, 39 Tessier 
Carr Nicholas, hackman, 92 Ross 
Carr Patrick, laborer, 75 Castle 
Carr Patrick, laborer, 23 Chew 
Carr Robt. H. & Bro. gro. & com. merchts. 
145 w Pratt, dw R H. C. 136 Cathedral 
Carr Roseby S. 494 w Fayette 
Carr Samuel, drover, 18 Rock 
Carr Wilson C. N. attorney, 31 Lexington, 

Taney buildings, dw 128 w Madison 
Carrere Wm. com. merchant, dw 235 Mad- 
ison av 
Carrere Wm. 57 St. Paul 
Carrick Mrs. Mary, seamstre^^s. Eager near 

Carrick Wm. stone mason, Falls road nsar 

Northern av 
Carrie re Henry, grocer, 237 n Bond 
Carrigan Danl. shoemaker, 105 Harford av 
Carrigan James, morocco manufactory, 26 

French, dw 28 
Carripner Chris, fur. wagon, 107 Pierce 
Carroll Andrew, tavern, cor. Charles and 

Spring court 
Carroll Charles, gunsmith, 196 s Fremont 
Carroll Charles R. attorney, 66 n Charles 
Carroll Charles, rope maker, 388 Harford av 
Carroll Charles, Jr. 56 Mt. Vernon Place 
Carroll Col. Charles, 46 Mt. Vernon Place 
Carroll Charles, 162 e Monument 
Carroll Daniel, tinner, 146 Dover 
Carroll Ellen,212b Charles 
Carroll Edw. (Harding&Co.) 223 Saratoga 
Carroll Edw. machinist, 294 e Monument 
Carroll Edw. ship carpenter, 54 Fawn 
Carroll George, mate, 132 William 
Carroll George R. 189 n Howard 
CARROLL HALL, s e cor. Baltimore and 

Carroll Harry D. G. 90 w Monument 
Carroll Harry D. G. Jr. 90 w Monument 
Carroll Henry J. bounty land agent, 56 Ex- 
change place, dw 46 e Lombard 
Carroll Mrs. Henrietta, 117 Pearl 
Carroll Hamilton, clerk, 119 e Baltimore 
Carroll Henry P. grocer, 130 Preston 
Carroll James, brakesman, 109 Harford av 
Carroll James A. tobacconist, 223 Saratoga 
CARROLL JAMES, attorney, 31 St. Paul 

dw 66 n Charles 
Carroll .lames, 105 w Monument 
Carroll John, shoemaker, 105 Peirce 
Carroll John Lee, attorney, 16 Law build- 
ings, dw 147 Cathedral 
CARROLL JOHN, propr. Eutaw house 
Carroll John, pedler, 97 Low 
Carroll John W. rope maker, 224 s Sharp 
Carroll John, ship carp. Hamburg below 

Carroll John, 154 n Calvert 
Carroll John, grocery, 107 Pine 
Carroll J. K. cooper, 27 Commerce, dw 25 
Carroll John, 114 Low 





Carroll John, (C & Uniack,) 4-2 Hughes 

Carroll Jolin B. rope maker, 31>0Harl'ord av 

Carroll Joseph, .sr. 159 n Caroline 

Carroll Joseph, 15'» n Caroline 

C irroll Kate, 57 Albemarle 

Carridl Lamb. J. china dcqueeniware, 238 

Carroll Margaret, 24 Hillen 
Carroll Margaret, dressmk. 108 Mulberry 
Citrroll Mary, milliner, IKO Lexington 
Carroll Mary, 24 Hillen 
Carroll Manin, laborer, 43 s Wolfe 
Carroll Maiilda, 51) Lexington 
Carroll Patrick B. 57 Albemarle 
Carroll Patrick, 256 s Eiitaw 
Carroll Perry, laborer, 878 w BAliiniore 
Carroll Robert B. tinner, 195 e Madison 
Carroll Sinclair, machinist, 40 s Poppleton 
Carroll S. A. china and glass deal. 238 Lex- 
ington, dw 223 Saratoga 
CARROLL THOS. G~ straw & millinery 
goods, &c. 101 w Baltimore, dw 159 n 
Carroll Thomas, 26 Penn 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, Ensor near East 
Carroll Thomas, saddler, 57 Albemarle 
Cirroll Thomas, porter. 5 Dover 
Carroll Tht)s. W. restaurant, 114 Franklin 
Carroll Thomas, co^-per, 22Us Eutaw 
Cirroll Thos. C. boiler maker, 290 Light 
Carroll & Uniack, fchip carps. G Hughes 
Carroll VVm. P. clerk, 57 Albemarle 
Carroll Win. laborer, Bloodtrood court 
Carruihers John, gas filler, 171 Preston 
Car-on David, brick moulder, 176 Ramsay 
Carson David, builder, 46 Jo>ephine, dw 330 

Carson Elijah, bricklayer, 242 s Paca 
Carson George, brickmaker, 219 s Paca 
Car-ion James, grocer, 119 s Central av 
Carson John, attorney, 71 w Fayette, dw 565 

w Fayette 
Carson, John N. plasterer, 65 n Bond 
Carson John L. machinist, 2 e Pratt 
Carson John, plasterer, 128 Pearl 
CARSON JOS. & CO. western wholeiale 

provision merchants, 43 and 45 Light 
Carson Joseph, cooper, 145s Fremoni 
Carson Jt)seph H. carpenter, 57 Pin alley 

(Iw. 55 Josephine 
Carson Joseph, (Jos. C.&Co.) Eutaw house 
Carson Joseph D. book agent, 85 Second, d w 

150 n Caroline 
Carson Joshua, builder, 57 Pin aL dw 429 

w Fayette 
Carson Martin, laborer, 30 Brunswick 
CARSON T. J. hanker, 204 w Baltimore, 

dw Barnum's hotel 
Carson Washington K. (Young &C.) 273 w 

Carson Wm. blacksmith, 254 Hollins 
Carsters Hetiry, carpenter, 156 Mulberry 
Carstone Waller, clerk, 272 Barre 
Carswell John S. dealer in lamps and oil, 

211s Broadway 
Carl Frederick, laborer, 233 Lemmon al 
Carter Alexander M. teller Bank of Balli- 

m )re, 83 Camden 
Carter Asburv, clerk, 2H s Paca 
Carter Ann Maria, 57 JefTerson 

12 ====== 

Carter Bernard, attorney, Courtland near 

Lexington, dw H2 n Charles 
Carter Clement. 72 n Front 
Carter Durus, carpenter. 295 n Caroline 
Carter Desmus J. biicklaycr, 158 Aisquith 
Carier Edward F. clerk, American office, 

dw 78 e Pratt 
Carier Flavins, carpenter, 152 Aisquith 
Carter Henry Clay, teller Mechanic's bank 

dw 51 s Sharp 
Carier Henry, 241 w Pratt 
Carter Jane, 57 s Washington 
C'arler Jacob, machinist, 218 s Bond 
Carier John \V. grocer, 61 Camden, dw 94 

Carter John, shoemk. Elliott near Canton 
Carter John, shoemaker, 242 Aisquith 
Carter Joseph, laborer, 83 Cross 
CARTER JOS. shoenidker, 10 e Fayette 
Carter Louis, cap maker, 272 Light 
Carter Mary, 22 Greenwillow 
Carter Margaret A 157 Eastern ar 
Carter Matilda, 161 Raborg 
Carter Rebecca, 71 n Central av 
Carter Rubt. E. treas. Green Mi. Cemetery, 

52 n Calvert 
Carter Robi. A. sale.-nian, 376 w Lombard 
Carter Urban, shoemaker, Carey near Lom- 
Carier Wm. laborer, 35 Bevan al. 
Carter, W. W. buokKeeper, 78 u Front 
Carter Win. moulder, 32 Fountain 
Carter Wm. laborer, 38 Amiiy, 
Carlier Alphon.-us, 59 Lexington 
Cartier Arthur, 59 Lexington 
Carvalho D. iS. 7ti n Calvert 
Carvalho Emanl.N. auctioneer,9 Courtland 
Carvalho R. N. child's furnishing store, 119 

CARVALHO S. N. ariist,81 n Liberty 
Carver Mary, t)7 Pine 
Gary Patrick, blacksmith, 198 Garden 
Gary P. (Braudcrs & C.) 12 Si. Mary 
Gary Mrs. Wm. F. corset maker, 45 n Gay 
Gary Wilson M. notary public, 51 Second, 
Exchange Buildings, dw 12m w Madison 
CARY WM. F. agt. for Dr. S. S. Fiich, 

45 n Gay, dw 206 Aisquith 
Case J. Madison, engineer, 329 Harford av 
Casey Abram, coachsmitli, 309 Harford av 
Casey Ellen, Bloodgood cl 
Casey Eleanora, milliner, 108 n Eden 
Casey James, laborer, 75 s Spring 
Casey John, tinner, 346 Canton av 
Casey Mary, giocery, 67 French 
Casey Patrick, laborer, Coiton row s of 

Boston, Canton 
Casey Thos. moulder, 4 Scott 
Casey Thos. 39 w Fayeiie 
Gaser Wm. laborer, 78 McElderry's wharf 
Casey Wm. grocery & flour deal. 84 Hillen 
Cashmyre August, cooper, 9 s Eden 
Caslimyre Henry, coojier, 11 s Eden 
Cashmyre Peter, laborer, 7 s Eden 
Caskey John W. ship carp. 335 Light 
Caskey Jos. carpenter, Grundy near Preston 
Caskey Robt. carpenter, 100 Pine 
Caspari l-'erdinand A. bookseller, 9&n How- 
ard, dw 446 Lexington 
Caspari Frederick, tailor, 215 Cross 





Caspar! Woi. (Wm. & Chas. C.) cor. Bid- 
die and Penn. av 
Caspar! Wm & Chas. apoth. and chcmisis, 

44 n Gay and 70 Penn. av 
Casper Harriet, 440 Lexington 
Cass Moses T. brtxim factory, cor. Monu- 
ment and Harlord av. dw 18 McEltlerry 
Cassady Bernard, grocery, 4 Green Ml. av 
Cassady John G. teacher, 10 Jefferson 
Cassady Michael, tailor, 70 Orleans 
Cassady Owen, grocery, 32 Jefferson 
Cassady Patrick, n e cor. Madison and Stir- 
Cassady Thos. J. bricklayer, 7 Rock 
Cassard Francis, (Giluert C. & Son,) 119 

Cassard F. W. clerk, 119 German 
dealers, 407 and 409 w Baltimore, dw G. 
C. 119 German 
Cassard George, com. merch. and provision 

dealer, 40 South, dw 343 Lexington 
CASSARD GILBERT, lumber merchant, 
West Falls av. dw Lombard near Carey 
Cassard Jas. D. clerk, Lombard near Carey 
Cassard John, piov. dealer, dw 1 19 Geiman 
Cassard Lewis A. lumber deal. West Falls 

av. dw Lombard near Calhoun 
Cassard Thos. (G.C. & Son,) 427 w Balti- 
Cassell Abraham, bricklayer, 23 McHenry 
Cassell Daniel, painter, 38 n Amity 
Cassell George R. bricklayer, 231 Biddle 
Cassell Heniy P. bricklayer, ■J72 Mulberry 
(Jassell John S. painter, 100 n Schroeder 

dw 468 Saratoga 
Cassell John, laborer, 16 East 
Cassell Jos. carpenter, 280 Saratoga 
Cassell Leonard, cai penter, 8'J w Biddle 
Cassell Samuel, biiiklayer, 94s Eutaw 
Cassell Thos. D. painter, 2S w Saratoga 
Cassell Wm, H. bricklayer, 153 Garden 
Cassen Jas L. clerk in U. S. Paymaster's 

office, 81 w Fayette, dw Gilmor House 
Cassidy Bartholomew, weaver, 549 Saratoga 
Cassidy Chas. shoemaker, 157 n Exeter 
Cassidv Francis, grocer, cor. Bethel and 

Cassidy James, shoemaker, 33 w Pratt 
Cassidy James, caipenier, 549 Saratoga 
Cassidy John, carpenter, 84 Dolphin 
Cassidy Louisa, grocery, 2:^1 e Monument 
Cassidy Luke, grocery, 49 Harford av 
Cassidy Martin, (McDevitt & C.) s. e cor 

Hillen and E.xetcr 
Cassiily Owen, marble rubber, 99 Pine 
Cassidy Fatiick, laborer, 12 Swan 
Cassidy Pairick, huckster, 2-4 Lexington 
Cassidy Patrick, sexton St. Jo.seph's Church, 

dw 93 Barre 
Cassidy Patrick, grocery, 52 s Frederick 
Cassin Mis. Maiy, 69 w Biddle 
Casterean Alphonses, artisi 537 Saratoga 
Castine Emanuel, cigar maker, 43 Holland 
Castine Moses, tobacconist, s w cor. Ais- 
quith and Low, dw Gay near Central av 
Castle George, baker, 147 Sarah Ann 
Casile »Iohii, desk maker, 422 w Fayette 
C.islle Wm engineer, 358 Eastern av 
Castmcr John, tailor, 47 Holland 

Casiner August, cabinet mk. w Pratt nea' 

Caswell Robert, ship carp. 306 .<? Charles 
Caswell Susan, butler depot, 306 s Charles 
Caswell Thos. F. machinist, 98 Warner 
Cate Amon, lumber yard and steam sash 

factory, n e cor. East Falls av. and Fawn, 

dw 148 w Lombard 
C'aiez Chas. bricklayer, 160 Harford av 
Cathcart Chas. H. elk. Bank of Commerce, 

dw 83 s Broadway 
Cathcart George, carpenter, 222 Hollins 
Cathcart Robert (R. & W. H. C.) 51^ s 

Cathcart Robert & W. H. block and pump 

makers, 115 Smith's whf and 113 Thames 
Cathcart William H. (R. & W. H. C.) 83 s 

Cathedral (Roman Catholic) cor. Mulberry 

and Cathedral 
Cathell Priscilla, 52 e Lombard 
Gather George R. attorney, 244 Conway 
Gather Ja>. R. carpenter, 244 Conway 
Gather Wm. carpenter, 244 Conway 
Catheron Joseph, mate, 214 Eastern av. 
CathersEllioit,(J.C & Bro.) M).^ s Calvert 
Gathers Jas. (J. C. & Bro.) 14>^ s Calvert 
GATHERS JOHN & BRO. booksellers, 

102 w Baltimore 
Gathers John, (J. C. & Bro ) 14}4 s Calvert 
Catings John, mariner. 64 Thames 
Caton John, blacksmith, 11 L Gough 
Caton Thos. laborer, 6 Tyson 
Cayton Wm. W. clerk, 1 12 Calvert 
Caior Benj. F. (Armstrong, C. & Co.) 151 

Cator John L. brickmaker, 100 Barre 
Calor Robinson W. (Armstrong, C. & Co.) 

08 Baire 
Catrup Samuel P. 49 Fawn 
Calrup Samuel, millwright, 66 n Bond 
Caitan Lepman, millinery and trimmings, 

170 e Baltimore 
Catterton Wm. J. police, 37 Hill 
Cartzen.->tine Moses, todacconist, 128 Ais- 

quith,dw 380 n Gay 
Cauby Samuel, (Willson & C.) Abbott's 

ciiy block mills. West Falls av 
Caufman E. G. drnsgisi, Howard house 
Cauflield Hugh, laborer, 122 Boyd 
Caughy Benj. & Co. grocers and liquor 

dealers, 9 Penn. av 
Caughey John H. (Noah Walker & Co.) 

12 Aisquith 
Caughey iVlartin, clerk, 12 Aisquith 
Caughey Michael, tailor, 2() Aisquith 
Cautheld John, laborer, 61 Lorman al 
Caiilfield Robert, boiikkeeper, 89 s Exeter 
Caulk Adeline A. dress maker, 151 e Baito 
Caulk Aloiizo, painier, 52Hill 
Caulk James, lailor, 18 Lloyd 
Caulk James T. boiler maker, 43 Warren 
Caulk James, laborer, 43 Warren 
Caulk James H. wood sawyer, 43 Warren 
Caulkers' Hail, Dallas s of Eastern av 
Caull\ Fredk, shoemaker, 272 Canton av 
Causey James, policeman, 45 Hill 
Causey Uiiah F. shoemaker 471 n Gay 
Cavana John, sign painter and grainer, 90 
Camden, dw Columbia House 





Cave Charles & Son, dealers in oils, paints, 

&c. 201 n Gaj 
OavenaghPeier, baker, 19 e Mmlison 
Cjveiiaugh Edward, jjardnei, 57 Mulberry 
Cavenaugh George cooper, lOd Raborg 
Cavenaugh John, laborer, Smiib al, near 

Cavenaugh John, laborer, 151 Vine 
Caveiider Peier, laborer, McMechin, near 

Calender Lewi^•, cij^ar mkr. 274 s Fremont 
Cawlay Roderick, labort-r, 7D Elliott, Can. 
Cay ton Jane, 79 Goodman al 
Cecil Erntst, land agent, 59 w Fayette 
Celeghan Edward, laborer, '23 Abbey al 
Celio Consianiine, confectioner, 57 a Chas. 

dw 1)6 Lexington 
Central High School, n e cor Holiday and 

Centre Market, Baltimore, opposite Harri- 
son, 10 Pratt 
Central Police Station, cor of Holiday and 

Central Presbyterian Church, s w cor Sara- 
toga and Liberty 
Ceoraa Edward, coach trimmer, 139 n High 
Cerney Ellen, 13G s Sharp 
Cesati Angelo, siencil cutter, 115 w Lom- 
bard, dw 107 
Chabot Gabriel H. clerk American oflice, 

27 e Fayetle 
Chaboi Lawrence J. 230 e Madison, dw 102 

n Gay 
Cliadbuurn Chas. ircn dealer, 83 s Charles, 

dwc(ir Fayetle and Eiiiaw 
Chafinch Eli^ha W. cabinet maker, 117 s 

Clmfinch Sam. cigar mkr, 107 s Caroline 
Cha tinch Wm. VV. policeman, 107 s Caro- 
Chailfou Augu-^tus', brush maker, 15 Haw 
Chailon August, Diick maker, 15 Haw 
Chailon Barbara, 15 Haw 
Chailon Eugene, fisherman, 15 Haw 
Chaisiy Dr. Edward J. 15S Mulberry 
Chalfanl E. J. clerk, 72 Barre 
Cdalk James ,\. grocer, 120 Garden 
Chalk Levi, grocer. 102 Richmond 
Challamore Uenjamia F. mariner, 233 e 

C'halmeis James, cab. maker, 250 Franklin 
Chalmers James, rope maker, 256 e Biiiille 
Chalmers Piloman, lailor, -lOli w Fayetle 
Chamberlain Mr>. Ann E. dry goods dea- 
ler, Calveilon .Mills, near almshouse 
Chariiberlain Fernando, morocco dres.ser, 

232 n Caroline 
Chambcrlaine Henry, Jr., cashier Chesa- 
peake Bank, 170 Pieslon 
Cnamberlain John, shoemaker, 2 Carlton 
Chamberlain John Iv messi nger Grand 

Lodge, I. O. O. F , 117 e Monument 
Chainbeilain John C. shoemaker, 285 w 

Chamberlain Mary A. I68Saratoga 
Chamberlain Phil, iailor, 2'»4 e Monument 
Chainberlim Ruben, lamplighter, 31 Chew 
Chamberlain Sarah L. teacher, Bank, near 

Chamberlain Wm. police, 3fi7 Penna. av 

Chainberlalne Samuel L. bookke Ches- 
apeake Bank, 168 Pre.slon 
Chambers Charlotte, 85 n Fremont 
Ciiambers Elizabeth, seamstress, 242 north 

Chambers Helen M. principal No. 22 pri- 
mary school, dw 122 Barre 
Chambers James L. clerk, 157 s Paca 
Chambers John, blacksmith, 85 n Fremont 
Chambers James, policeman, 30 Gitlings 
Chambers Martha, 197 Hollins 
Chambers Robert, police, 30 Giitings 
Chambers Robert, carpenter, 197 Hollins 
Chambers Robert M. plasterer, Oregon, 

near Wagon al 
Chambers Samuel, carpenter, Eastern av. 

near Eden 
Chambers Wm. laborer, 76 Granby 
Chambers Wm. grain inspect., 72 s Repub- 
Chambers Wm. brass finish. 85 n Fremont 
Champayne David, carp. 10 Chaisworth 
Champavne Henry R. coachsmith, 84 Ger- 
man, dw 10 Chaisworth 
Champayne John R. coichmaker, 84 Ger- 
man, dw 544 Saratoga 
Champayne Wm. R. carpenter, 77 Raborg, 

dw 10 Chatsworili 
Champayne Wm. R. coach painter, 10 

Champness Joshua, chemist, 147 Wolfe 
Champness Wm. A. 147 Wolfe 
Chance Edwd. conductor, 517 w Lombard 
Chance & Green, auctioneers, 98 and 100 

w Baltimore 
Chance Jas. R. (C. & Green,) 33 Courtland 
Chance Marinas, grocer, 45 s Oregon 
Champion Wm. seaman, 10 s Ann 
Chanceaulme Martin, carver, 229 n Caro- 
Chanceaulme Richard P. bookkeeper, Gil- 

mor House 
Chanceaulme Wm. watchmkr, 143 n Eden 
CHANDLEEEDWlN,deaiist, 15 s How- 
ard, dw 413 w Fayette 
Chandler Abarilla, 340 Canton av 
Chandler D M. (Fisher, Boyd & Bro.) 44 

s Sharp 
Chandler D M. Fayette, 2 doors e Carlton 
Chandler George W. huckster, 410 Light 
Chandler Keniiard, clerk, 171 Montgomery 
Chandler Nancy, huckster, 4 10 Light 
Chandler Thomas J. 23lJ e Chase 
Chandler John H. ethereal oil dealer, 732 

w Baltimore 
Chandler Win. T. clerk, 354 w Baltimore 
Chaney And'w W. shoemaker, 119 c Pratt 
Chaney Benj. tlepuiy warden jail, 55 Booih 
Chaney Crali, blacksmith, 373 ii Gay 
Chaney Eliz;ibelh, hiuksier, 143 n Fremont 
Chaney Giafion (Toner &. C.) Gay, n of 

Ashland sq 
Chaney John, tailor, 41 Bank 
Chaney Michael, shoemaker. 188 Bethel 
Chaney Mary J. 1 Williamson al 
Clianey Vallelter S. 73 n Schrocder 
Chaney Win. clerk, 431 w Lombard 
Chancy Wm. clerk, 1 II Hollins 
CtLinfrau James E. clerk, 33 Edward 
Chapman Andrew, ship carp. 7 Will 





CHAPIN PHILIP, turner and screw manf. 
2AS s Caroline, and hardware dealer, 151 
s Broadway 
Chapman Allen A. (Kirkland, Chase&Co.) 

Chapman Mrs. Ann B. 163 e Madison 
Chapman Chas. L. machinist, Carey, near 

Chapman Greenbury, shoemaker, 81 n Pop- 

Chapman George R. trunk maker, 77 Ross 
Chapman Henry, milkman, Greenmount 

av. near city limits 
Chapman Jas. B. machinist, 221 e Lombard 
Chapman J W.& Co. halters, 114 n Eutaw 
Chapman John Lee, prop. Maryland glass 
works, cor Lancaster and Caroline, dw 
41 Stiles 
Chapman J. W. (J. W. C. & Co.) 77 Ross 
Chapman Jonathan J. wholesale glass dea- 
ler, 40 s Charles, dw 141 e Baltimore 
Chapman Nicholas P. bookkeeper, 6S Ross 
Chapman Ruth, 77 Ross 

foot Cro.-s, s side basin 
ChappellJ. G. & S. M. 17 Mercer and 6 

Chappell Miss, 106 JiCxingioa 
Ciiappell Mrs. Priscilla L. 88 n Eutaw 
Chappell P. Edmund, bookkeeper, 88 n 

Chappell S. M. corner German and Penn 
CHAPPELL PHILIP S. chemiii, 134 w 

Lombard, aw 86 s Sharp 
Chappean & Co. grocery and feed, 87 Har- 
CHARLES BENJAMIN, prop, agent and 
collector, 135 Broadway, dw 18u Gough 
Charles David, copper smelter, Clintjn, s 

of Boston, Canton 
Charles Ebenezer, engineer, 70 Albemarle 
Charles Hy. smelier, Clinton, s of Boston 
Charles Peier farmer, 53 e Fayette 
Chai les Street Methodist Episcopal Church, 

cor Charles and Fayeite 
Charles Thomas J. hatter, 203 Broadway, 

dw 180 Gough 
Charlson Charles, lock.^miih. 180 McHenry 
Charlton Frederick, carver, 392 n Gay 
Charlton John, rope maker, Lancaster, 
CHARRON J. B. & CO. agents and im- 
puiteri of wines, brandies, &c., 132 and 
131 w Lombard 
Charron John B. (J. B. C. & Co.) 378 w 

Chase Algernon S. (Rice, C. & Co.) dw 

187 St. Paul 
Chase Alexander H. tobacconist, 152 Pearl 
Chase Charles F. book keeper, HO e Pratt 
Chase Daniel, (Kirkland, C. & Co.) 245 w 

Chase Frank, bookbinder, 152 Pearl 
Chase Hannibal H. brickmaker, Locust Ft. 

dw 111 Conway 
Chase Henry, bookbinder, 152 Pearl 
Chase Isaac, machinisi, 152 Pearl 
Chase Isaac H. ladies shoemaker, 253 n 

Chase John, ship smith, 38 Philpot 
Clinse Mrs. Mary Ann, 153 Pearl 

Chase Jeremiah T. clerk, s e cor Fayette 

and Eden 
Chase R. W. clerk. 42 Lexington 
Chase Capt. Stephens, 293 e Pratt 
CHASE & TOWNEK, manufacturers' and 

machinists' warehouse, 6 s Howard 
Chase Thoindyke, Baltimore near Ann 
Chase Wells, (C. &, Towner,) 92 n Paca's Wharf, w Thames, foot of Philpot 
Chasehory Miles, bookkeeper, 141 e Monu- 
Chassaing P. M. 69 Centre 
Chat.ird Dr. F. E. 30 n Charles 
Chatard L. T. (McLane& Co.) Courtland 
Chasm Richard, salesman, 152 e Madison 
Chaughey Mrs. Anna, lU8n Exeter 
Chusieau Mary A. 62 Fawn 
Chasteau Thomas E. 67 Hill 
Cheney Reverdy, morocco dresser, 88 s 

CHENOWETH & BOOTH, wholesale & 

retail dealers in liquors, 159 n Gay 
Cheiioweth Benj. F. machinist, Lombard, e 

of Ann 
Chenoweih Elizabeth, 233 n Eden 
Chenoweth George E. machinist, 111 e 

Chenoweih Hor. 53 George 
Chenoweth Mary Ann, 366 n Gay 
Chenoweih M. J. dressmaker,233 n Howard 
Chenoweth Richard, painier,233n Howard 
Chenoweth Robert, confec. 56 n Poppleion 
Chenowetn R. B. (C. cV Booth,) 159 n Gay 
Chenoweih Thomas, carp. ".^93 s Charles 
Chemical Works, e end G. Hughes 
Cherry Ann, 103 Vine 
Cherry Edward, tobac. 420 w Baltimore 
Cherry Dr. M. J. dentist, 43 Hanover 
Cherry James, cigar maker, 21 s Caroline 
Cherry James W. printer, 12e(Mulbeny 
CHEHRV T. F. D. dentist, s w cor Balti- 
more and Liberty 
Cherubin Bonher, assist, teacher Si. Vin- 
cent de Paul's Asylum 
CHESAPEAKE BANK, s e cor North and 

Fayette. — [See Appendix] 
Cheseborougn Capt. Robert C. 41 Fawn 
Chesney Benj. H. wheelwright, 38 n Bond 
Chesney Benj. H. plasterer, 'zbti e Fayeue 
Chesuey Hairiet E. 252 Ai.squiih 
Chesney John W, house carp. »7 Chew 
Che^^ey Jesse F. printer, 75 s Bond 
Chesney Jesse, cierii, 252 Aisquiih 
Chesney Robert, coal dealer, lanners' Ho- 
tel, Front 
CHEsiNEY SAMUEL, coal dealer, cor 
North and Monument, dw 87 Green- 
mount av 
Chesney Wm. F. carpenter, 38 n Bond 
Cheser Shadrach. mariner, 24tj Liglit 
Chesley Wm., Chapel, near Peniia. av 
Chesnut Gerard, agt. Eastern Shore steam- 
boat Co., 27 s Bond 
Chesnui Samuel, coal dealer, 60 Green- 
mount aT 
Chesnut Washington, clerk, 104 e Balto. 
Chestnut Chas. cork cutter, 80 s Bond 
Chestnut Joseph C. cork cutter, 36 s Spring 
CHESTNUT SAMUEL, cork dealer, 40 s 
Calveri, dw 36 s Spring 





Chestnut Wni. db Co. wholesale grrocer and 
commis. menhanis. cor Pratt and South, 
Hw Wm. C. in4 e Baliimore 
CHESTKR WM. shoeing smith, 9 Pleas- 

aot, dw 1 1 
Cheston Galloway, (Jam«s C. & Son,) 39 s 

CHRSTON JAMES & SON, shipping 

mercht?. cor Cable and Patterson 
Chew Charles, tailor, 310 Canton av 
Chew James W. deptv. clerk U. S. conrt, 

dw92 n Eotaw 
Chew Robert, W. bookkeeper, 4 Calhoun 
Chew Dr. Samuel, prof, at University of 

Md. 70 n Paca 
Chew Wm. clerk, 59 Lexington 
Chickerin? Eldridge C. bookseller and sta- 
tion. 293 w Pratt 
Child James W. plasterer, 86 Preston 
CHILD SAMUEL, coachmaker,29 n Gay, 

dw .1:^ e Favette 
Child Samuel, Jr. (Cortlan & Co.) 38 e 

CHILD WILLIAM, com. merchant and 
coal dealer. 82 South, dw n e cor Lexing- 
ton and St. Paul 
Chillis Benj. E. bookkeeper, n ecor Eutaw 

and Madison 
Childs Charle>J, tavern, 67 President 
ChildsGcorse W. clerk. 177 Orleans 
Childs Margaret, 251 Hollins 
Childs Samuel, salesman, 21 Hanover 
Childs Sarah H. 9.3 Chew 
('hilds Wm. H. salesman. 156 German 
Childs Zachariah, policeman, 177 Orleans 
Childress Wm. boiler maker, 232 Mont- 
Chiffelle Thos. P. surveyor, offiee 6 South, 

dw 117 w Madison 
Chincenbeck Josh, ship steward ?58 s Ann 
Chinnweth Asbury, tras filter, s e cor Pratt 

and Hanorer, dw 69 Camden 
CHIPMAN GEORGE, wood and willow- 
ware dealer, cor Calvert and Lombard, 
dw 88 e Baltimore 
Chipman Marcus M. bookkeeper, 88 e Bal- 

tim ire 
Chisholm Henry, boiler maker, 19 Hill 
Chisholm Capt. James K. 2 Central av 
Chisler John, tailor, 19 n Dallas 
Chiverel Alexander, tailor, lOJackson 
Chiverel Alex, mariner, 43 Eastern av 
Chiverel James, pilot, 103 Bank 
Chlosav Martin, laborer. President al' 
Choaen Margaret, 113 Aisrjnilh 
Ohoalf John, carpt. 179 n Caroline 
Choatp Edward, bootmaker, 104 Hill 
Choupin Joseph, pedler, 19 e [..ombard 
Christ Adam, cooper, 2G7 Eastern av 
Christ Church, (Episcopal,) corner of Gay 

and Fayetta 
Christ Church Asylum for fbmale children, 

2.5 Garden 
Christ Jacob, grocer and liquor dealer, 344 

Christ Joseph, cooper, 317 s Charles 
Christ Wm. cabinet maker, 26.T e Eager 
Christanz John, shoemaker, 23.3 Hughes 
Christhilf George H. cooper, 188 Pearl 
Christhilf Henry, cooper, 168 Pearl 

Christian Frederick, confectioner, 20 Green- 
mount av 
Christian Richard, grocery, 281 Eastern av 
Christiane Eliza, seamstress, 111 Ross 
Christiane Frederika, seamstress, 111 Ross 
Christiane Maria, seamstress. 1 1 1 Ross 
Christie Charles, engineer, .'if* Bank 
Christie Edward G. book keeper, Franklin 

Bank, .322 Saratoga 
Christie Jas. glass blower, 124 G. Hughes 
Christman Abraham, (C. k Wellington,) 43 

Christman John, wood and bone turner, 87 

Christman & Wellington, Union Hotel, 43 

Christopher Jane, 86 North 
Christopher Joseph, police, 182 Raborg 
Christopher L. Woollen, book keeper, 227 e 

Christopher Michael, 477 w Pratt 
Christopher Milton, painter, 1,30 Chew 
Christopher Nicholas, dry goods dealer, 189 

s Broadway 
Christopher Oliver, clerk, 182 Raborg 
CHRISTOPHER R. W. Western China Hall 

dry goods store, 545 w Baltimore, dw 100 

n Paca 
Christopher Thomas, engine tender, 213 Or- 
Christopher Thomas J. clerk, 34 n Caroline 
Christopher Virginia, 86 North ■ 
Christopher Wm. merchant tailor, 502 w 

Baltimore, dw 240 Saratoga 
Christy Mrs Elizabeth, Frederick road, near 

1st toll gate 
Chronistcr J. B. prop. Washington Gardens, 

100 Pennsylvania av 
Chronister John W. carp. 100 Penna. av 
Ghrystal John, grocer, 226 n Gay 
Chudburn Wm. machinist, 269 Hanover 
Chul Godfrey, finisher, 465 Saratoga 
Chunn Dr. James T. Madison av, nr Orchard 
Church of Ascension (Prot. Epis.) Lexing- 
ton near Pine 
Church Edward J. lumber dealer, cor Ais- 

quith and .Monument, dw 218 Aisquith 
Church Francis, baker, 104 McElderry 
Church Home Society, Broadway, nrBalto. 
Church Home Society, 275 w Biddle 
Church James A. trader, 104 McElderry 
Church James, bricklayer, Chapel, nr Gough 
Church John C. engineer, 458 w Lombard 
Church of the Holy Innocents, (Episcopal,) 

cor Chase and Eden 
Church of the Immaculate Conception, Mo- 

sher, bet Penna. av and Ross 
Church Dr. S. T. 51 n Charles 
Church of the United Brethren in Christ, cor 

Scott and St. Peter 
Church Wm. police, 10 Stirling 
Churchill Lorev, silver plater, 277 n Eutaw 
CINNAMOND'GEO. R. conveyancer and 

att'y, 8 Law buildings, dw 287 w Fayette 
Cinnamond Morehead, conveyancer, 8 Law 

buildings, dw n Charles, nr Eager 
Circle John, laborer, 2.30 s Dallas 
CITIZENS' BANK, 234 w Pratt [See Appen- 

, dix.] 
CITY JAIL, cor Madison and the Falls 




,, > 


CITY COMMISSIONERS office, City Hall, 

2d floor 
CITY HALL, cor Holiday & Lexington, in 
which are the Mayor's office. City Collec- 
tor's, Register's, Commissioner's, Auditor's, 
Appeal Tax Court, Comptroller's, City 
Surveyor's, Fire Inspector's, Engineers 
Water Works, and Health offices 
City Spring, n Calrert near Saratoga 
City Yard, Fort av, s side Basin 
Clabaugh E. A. distiller, cor Russell andOs- 

tend, dw 8 Carey 
Clabaugh Henry, 98 s Sharp 
Clabaugh Jas. A. book keeper, 356 w Fayette 
Clabaueh Jas. Addison, clerk, 532 w Fayette 
CLABAUGH JOHN, carp. 169 Mulberry 
Clabaugh W. H. 98 s Sharp 
Clabaugh Wm. H. Fountain Hotel, 5 Light 
Clabbell George, seaman, 33 s Bethel 
Clabby Bridget, 79 Goodman al 
Clabby Honora, grocery, 29 Hillen 
Clackerty Peter, laborer, 16 Spruce 
Clackner Elizabeth, 32 n Eden 
Clackner Capt. Joseph, inspector, s w corner 

Gay and Lombard, dw T Aisquith 
Claggett John, (Wm. C. & Co.) 257 w Mad- 
Claggett Lewis H. clerk, 93 Pearl 
Claggett Mary, 257 w Madison 
Claggett Mrs. Sally, 97 n Charles 
Claggett Thomas, 139 e Lombard 
Claggett Thomas J. clerk, 93 Pearl 
CLAGGETT WM. & CO. brewers, e Lom- 
bard, adj. Falls, dw Wm. C. Bait, co 
Claggett Wm. moulder, 47 Fawn 
Claiborne, Booth & Co. tobacco com. merchts, 

20 s Calvert 
Claiborne Ferdinand L. (C.,Booth & Co.) 530 

w Fayette 
Claire Isaac, 160 Hanover 
Clampitt Elias, brass and bell founder, 96 n 

Calvert, dw 202 Saratoga 
Clancy Jeremiah, porter, 80 Pearl 
Clany Thomas, laborer, 55 Lancaster 
Clapp Ann, 140 n High 
Clapp Christian C. dancing academy, 78 s 

Bond, dw 53 s Ann 
Clapp Francis A. hatter, 6 Jefferson 
Clapp George C. hatter, Hillen near Exeter, 

dw 6 Jefferson 
Clapsaddle Francis, blacksmith, 125 Hollins 
Clare Owen, waiter, 66 Mt. Vernon pi 
Claridge John H. tinner, 205 e Baltimore 
Claridge Lloyd, painter, 148 Burgundy al 
Clark Abis, 9 Walker 
Clark Albert H. newsman, 400 Saratoga 
Clark Ann, dairy, 87 Lexington 
Clark Anthony, grocer, 237 Gough 
Clark Augustus, blacksmith, 132 Henrietta 
Clark Austin, laborer, 43 s Durham 
Clark Austin S. watchman, 336 e Pratt 
Clark Benjamin D. jeweller, 86 Ross 
Clark Benj. J. clerk Centre mar. 121 nBond 
Clark Bernard, (C. & Brown,) 159 n Exeter 
Clark & Brown, carpenters, 17 Pleasant 
Clark Charles, sailmaker, 118 a Broadway 
Clark Chas. H. (C. & Luckett,) 140 wBiddle 
Clark Daniel, attorney, 23 Lexington, dw 99 

St. Paul 
Clark Daniel H. shoemoker, 6 Orleans 

Clark Charlotte, boarding house, 42 Albe" 

Clark Edward, ship builder, 34 Fawn 
Clark Elizabeth, 311 Franklin 
Clark Gabriel D. importer watches and fine 
jewelry, cor Calvert and Water, dw cor 
Monument and Hargrove al 
Clark George, clerk, 2 n Poppleton 
CLARK GEO. T. dealer in glass, oils and 

paints, 173 w Pratt, dw 33 n Exeter 
Clark George W. (Hartzell & C.) 20 s Paca 
Clark Geo W. paint mill, 202 n Poppleton 
Clark Henry, (Levi Perry & Co.) 179 w Bal- 
Clark Henry W. carpenter, 141 Hollins 
CLARK HENRY H. arobrotypist, 23 w Bal- 
CLARK JAMES, locksmith, 147 w Fayette 
Clark James, clerk, 72 William 
Clark James, carpenter, 337 Mulberry 
Clark James, rigger, 236 Canton av 
Clark James, clerk, 166 Hughes 
Clark James, fur dealer, 224 Lexington 
Clark James, tavern, 224 Lexington 
Clark James E. clerk, 72 William 
CLARK JAMES G. cooper, 13 Commerce, 

dw 41 s Exeter 
Clark James R. (M. B. C. & Bro.) 280 w 

Clark James S. carpenter, 167 Chesnut 
CLARK JOHN, bottler of porter, ale and ci- 
der, 21 Thames, dw 23 
Clark John, clerk, 51 s Exeter 
Clark John, engineer, 153 Montgomery 
Clark John, furniture wagon, 100 n Caroline 
Clark John, grocery, 220 s Ann 
Clark John, grocery, 303 Eastern aT 
Clark John, hatter, 17 Sterrett 
Clark John, lime dealer, 73 w Biddle 
Clark John, lottery office, cor Baltimor« and 

North, dw 235 Lexington 
Clark John, lotterj^ off. Greene nr Franklin 
Clark John, porter, 30 Hillen 
Clark John, president Citizens' Bank, 41 n 

Clark John, 211 Vine 
Clark John A. 204 s Charles 
Clark John B. 179 n Paca 
Clark John F. pilot, 61 s Exeter 
Clark John H. 347 e Baltimore 
Clark John N. shoefinding and leather deal. 

113 n Gay 
Clark John P. prov. dealer, 319 n Howard 
Clark John W. machine carp. 28 s Schroeder 
Clark John W. police, 89 n Caroline 
Clark John W. prop, morning glory cottage, 

672 w Baltimore 
Clark Jonathan T. ship carp. 25 Henrietta 
Clark Joseph, grocery, 177 e Eager 
Clark Joseph, laborer, 8 Willow 
Clark Josephus, locksmith, 61 Cross 
Clark Lawrence, 240 Aisquith 
Clark Lawrence, laborer, 80 Richmond 
Clark Lester, carpenter, 20 Anthony, dw 507 

n Gay 
Clark Levi, carpenter, 332 Raborg 
Clark Lewis, auctioneer, 480 Lexington 
Clark L. P. com. water board, 33 n Exeter 
CLARK & LUCKETT, dealers in boots 
shoes, hats, caps and bonnets, 273 w Bait, 





Clark Lucretia E. 67 St. Paul 

Clark Mrs. >fargaret, 441 Lexington 

Clark Martin, '^ .Marion 

Clark Martin, grocery, 130 Gough 

Clark Mary, 30 Harmony lane 

Clark Mary, grocery, Greenniount av 

Clark Mary C dress maker, 27 s Republican 

Clark Marv .M. \^ s Howard 

Clark Matthew, hook agent, 106 e Pratt 

Clark Matthew, hook keeper, 11. "i Ensor 

Clark Matthew B. (M. B. C. & Bro.) 272 w 

CLARK M.\TTHEW B. & BRO. flour mer- 
chants, 37.S w Baltimore 
Clark Michael, lahorer. IS! East 
Clark .Michael, coach painter, 168 n Front 
Clark Patrick, lottery Tender, 61 Centre mk. 

space, dw 86 n Front 
Clark Peter, confectioner, Lee near Howard 
Clark Richard, artist, Washington Hotel, cor 

Eutaw and Camden 
Clark Richard J. lottery and exchange oflSce, 

61 Centre mk. dw 6S n Front 
Clark Robert T. trunk maker, 132 s Paca 
Clark Samuel, bricklayer, 8 Bath 
Clark Sarah, 84 s Caroline 
Clark Sarah, grocery, 1.">G Aisquith 
Clark Sylvester, moulder, 5,5 Madison 
Clark Teressa E. 161 East 
Clark Thomas, coppersmith, 86 n Front 
Clark Thomas, miller, Frederick road, near 

1st toll gate 
Clark Thos. carter, cor Warner and Fremont 
Clark Thomas S. ( Adkissou & C.) 83 e Pratt 
Clark Thomas S. jr. clerk, 83 e Pratt 
Clark Wm. cooper, 74 Hamburg 
Clark Wm. police, 292 n Eutaw 
Clark Wm. ship carp, cor Gough & Chapel 
Clark Wm. 13,5 s Fremont 
Clark Wm. A. machinist, 334 Raborg 
Clark Wm. H. foundryman, 73 w Biddle 
Clark Wm. H. jeweler, 38 Greenmount av 
Clark Wm. H. jeweler, 2 s Calrert 3d story, 

dw 40 York av 
Clark W^illiam H. sail maker, 128 Dugan's 

whf. dw 83 s Broadway 
Clark Zachariah. pilot, 118 Broadway 
Clarke Ashur, ladies' seminary, 61 Saratoga, 

dw ,56 w Biddle 
Clarke Addison, book keeper, 56 Biddle 
Clarke Daniel, attorney, 23 Lexington, upst. 
Clarke George, trader", 85 .McElderrj's whf, 

dw 417 w Fayette 
Clarke George B. 575 w Fayette 
Clarke Rev. James M. 126 n Bond 
Clarke .John, (C. & Jones,) 20 Light 
Clarke John, grocery 276 s Ann 
Clarkt John, rear 67 Ensor 
CL.VRKE & JONES, candy manufacturers 
and fruit dealers, 20 Light [See p. 7 Ad- 
CLARKE J. LYLE <fe CO. manufs. leaf tobac- 
co, cigars, snuff, &c. 106 w Lombard 
Clarke J. Lvlc, (J. L. C. & Co.) 81 Park 
Clarke John T. (C. & Laws,) 222 s Charles 
Clarke Joseph H. professor of languages, 20 

Clarke Lawrence, tavern, 122 s Howard 
Clarke k Laws, com. merchts, and dealers in 
flour, grain, bricks, &c. 46 Grant 

Clarke Levin P. water com. 33 n E.xeter 
Clarke Margaret A. milliner, 182 w Madison 
Clarke Mrs. Maria. 40 Mt. Vernon place 
Clarke Phoebe D. 56 Biddle 
Clarke Robert A. grocer, 30 e Lombard 
Clarke Robert T. (R. T. C. k Co.) 132 s Paca 
Clarke Robert T. & Co. trunk makers, 117 

Clarke Samuel T. salesman, 11 Aisquith 
Clarke Thomas, builder. 14 Calhoun 
Clarke Wm. (McDougall & C.) 50 e Pratt 
Clarke Mrs. Wm. B. 40 Mt. Vernon pi 
Clarke Wm. H. printer. i::l .Mulberry 
Clarke Rev. Wm. F. 03 Barre 
Clarksou Alfred, bricklayer, 07 n Central av 
Clarkson Ann, grocery, 02 Block 
Clarkson E H. X. machinist. 67 n Front 
Clarkson Geo. L. shoemaker, 07 Central av 
CLARK.SOX JOSEPH k SOX, machinists, 

75 n Front [See y. 6 Adier:isnncnts'] 
Clarkson Joseph, (J. C. & Son,) 67 n Front 
Clarkson Wm. W. (J. C. k Son,) 67 n Front 
Clarvoe Wra. H. T. book keeper, n w cor 

Hanover and Barre 
Clary Aaron, property agent and collector, 

244 Aisquith 
Clasby Anthony, laborer, 326 Canton av 
Classen Harman. 155 Sharp 
Classen Henry W. grocery and feed dealer, 

147 Sharp 
Claulice Ann. dry goods dcjil. Ill Penn. av 
Clautice Francis, provision dealer, 21 Cheap- 
side, dw 274 Greenmount av 
Clautice George, wheelwright k blacksmith, 

151 Penna. av 
Clautice Henry C. ship carpenter, Gough 
Clautice John, wheelwrielit, 17 Harl'ord av 
Cbiuiice Jt)seph, 152 ii S iiirg 
Claulice Pete.-, blacksmith, cor Emory and 

Porilan.i, dw 110 > P.nca 
Claulice Wm coachmnker. 220 Biddle 
Claveli Edward, inaie, 71 Wasliin<iton 
Clawson John, .shoemaker, 475 Saratoga 
Clay George, engineer, 55 .«; Schroeder 
Clayingion George, lab irer. 59 Cross 
Clavpoole Jas. cleik. 314 Franklin 
Chyponle Capt. John, mariner, 232 Ais- 
Claypoole Septimus, chairmnker, 79 Ensor 
Clavion Alfreds, buiier depot, 82 Hanover, 

(Iw 53 Conway 
Clayion Edward, clerk, 71 L^e 
Clayton John T. car pouter, "Jati n Eden 
Clayion S. Siiton. com. a-jcni, 84 Lee 
Clayton Samuel, 53 Conway 
Cleary Wm. S. J. prof. French and Math- 
ematics, Lovola College, Calvert 
CLEAVELAND A. J. prof music, New- 
ton University, dw 44 Sar;»io2a 
Cleavelanil Eras: us, mach. 300 n Eutaw 
Cleavelaiid Jctscph S. 5 s Ann 
Cleavelnnd Sylvester, clerk, 164 n Exeter 
Cleaver Sylve-ier, shoemaker, 55 Gough 
Clemens Aug. 0. pro|)eiiy ngeni, 49 Second 

(Iw Gilmor near S;\raloga 
Clemens Aug, D. Beech hill, head of Sara- 
Clemens John B. 2!8 e Pratt 
Clemens John D. cooper, 161 n Canal 
Clemens Jno. laborer. H3 McEIderry's whf 





Clements John F. mariner, 167 Vine 
Clemm Charles, cigar maker, 92 French 
Ciemm John R. sportsman, 40 McElderry 
Clemm Joseph E. commission merchant, 69 

Exchange place 
Clemm Peter S. carpenter, 170 n Paca, 

Clemm Wm. E. jr. printer, 40 McElderry 
Clfmm William E. porter, 40 McElderry 
Clemmanes John C. sr. laborer, 454 Light 
Clemmaiies John C. jr. brickmaker, 454 

Clemments John S. carpenter, 117 Ais- 

Clemmons John R. segar maker, 18 Penn- 
sylvania av 
Clemmons Patrick, millstone maker, 91 e 

Clemmons Wm. cabinet maker, 4 Georee 
Clemper Bernard, cigar maker, 700 w Bal- 
Clemsen William, seaman. 208 s Ann 
Clendenen Mary A. milliner, 110 Lexington 
Clendenin Wm. K. gilder, 53 Eastern av 
Clendinen Dr. Alexander, fiO e Baltimore 
Clendinen Arthur A. miller, 53 Eastern av 
Clendinen J-iseph, 13 s Bond 
Clendinen Wm. carrer and gilder, 53 Eas- 
tern ar 
Clendinen Dr. William H. 91 n Greene 
Clendinen Mrs. Dr. Wm. H. Madison av 

near Northein av 
Cleveland John, 5 s Exeter 
Cleveland Sylvester, salesman, 164 n Exe- 
Click Chri>tian, coachmaker, 14 Liberty 
Click Conrad, milkman, 385 e Easrer 
Clickner Samuel A. shoemaker, 27 n High 
Cliffe R. W. & S. Dunninglon, Home 

school, 52 s Sharp 
CliflTe Mrs. (R.W. C. & S. Dunnington) 52 

s Sharp 
ClefTord cheese deal. 148 German, 

dw George near Fremont 
Clefford Samuel, cheese dealer, 8 George 
Clifford Edward, carter, 168 s Wolfe 
Clifford James, 5 Morris al 
Clifford Julia A. 2 Abbott 
Clifford Sylvester, collector and property 

agent, 421 w Pratt 
CllHord Sylvester jr. lottery office, 121 n 

Howard, dw 248 Lexington 
Clifford Sylvester, fancy store, 248 Lexing- 
Clifford William, grocery, 12 Neighbor 
Clilt Catherine, seamstress, 5 Edward 
Clifton Mrs. Alphonsa, boarding house. 42 

Clifton J. A. commission merchant, 138 

Clifion J. M. tailor, 113 Mulberry 
Cline Anthony, brickmaker, Baltimore near 

Wolfe, dw 297 e Pratt 
Cline Catlierine, bookfolder, 32 e Monu- 
Cline George, pattern maker, 186 Mont- 
Cline James P. boatswain, U. S. N. 301 e 

Clinefelter Oliver, 87 n High 

Clinefelter Washington, 87 n High 

dinger John, tailor, 86 s Wolfe 

Clinton DeWiit, huckster, 2 Preston 

Clipper Caspar, Johnson near Cross 

Clishom Martin, laborer, 15 French 

Cloak James, laborer, Canton 

Cloak Patrick, drayman, s e cor Monument 

and Buren 
Clocker Hezekiah, (C. & Smith) Fayette 

near Spring 
Clocker & Smith carpenters, cor. of Caro- 
line and Canton av 
Clogg Geo. S. boot maker, 13 s Calvert, dw 

80 n Gay 
Clonan Martin, laborer, 15 Amity 
Cloonan Timothy, laborer, Hull, Locust 

Close Alexander, (C & Bro.) 59 n Charles 
Close & Bio. dry goods cemmission mer- 
chants, over 2.37 and 2S9 w Baltimore 
Close James, (C. & Bro.) 49 Lexingion 
Close Nicholas, huckster, 139 Gough 
Close Robert, salesman, 110 w Fayette 
Cloiworthy Alexander, furniture dealer, 76 

n Howard 
CLOTWORTHY & FLINT, wholesale 

druggists, 339 w Baltiu^oie 
Clotworthy William, laborer, 230 Saratoga 
Clotworthy William P. (C & Fint,) 76 n 

Cloud Benj. furniture wagoner, 253 e Mon- 
CLOUD CHAS. F. eating house, 415 w 

Cloud Daniel (Daniel Miller & Co.) 38 

Eutaw house 
Cloud Mrs. Robert M. 53 Holland 
Cloud Laura, music teacher, 126 s Bond 
Clough M. V. B. (Mitchell, Sear & Co.) 

122 s Charles 
Clouse Edward, tailor, 23 n Caroline 
Clouse John, paver, 66 s Beihel 
Clug Anthony, laborer, 4U0 Canton av 
Clutls George, tavern, 60 Orleans 
Clunet Victor, clerk, Maryland Peniten- 
tiary, 234 n Howard 
Coady Thomas, 35 w Lombard 
Coakley Philip H. broker, 22 Second, dw 

86 n Charles 
COALE & CUGLE, importers and dealers 

in fancy goods, 2n7 w Baltimore 
Coale Ellis P. clerk, 67 Lexington 
Ooale E. H. dry goods dealer, 67 Lexington 
COALE GEORGE B. secy Merchants 
Mutual Ins. Co. Commercial buildings. 
Gay, dw 77 Park 
Coale Heltie, 238 Aisquith 
Coale Issac jr. (C. & Cugle,J 94 w Monu- 

men t 
COALE JAMES CAREY, agent Marine 
Ins. Cos. 2 Exchange buildings, dw 84 
Coale James, bricklayer, 25 Brune 
Coale James J. rlerk, 7 Spear's whf 
Coale James, book-keeper, 7 Coiirtland 
Coale Mrs. Marv Ann. 45 Mulberry 
Coale Thomas E. bookkeeper, 50 s Sharp 
Coale Wm. E. & Son, stock and bill brok- 
ers, 2 Exchange, dw W. E. C. and W. E. 
C. jr. 50 Sharp 





Coale S. Robinson, (E. H. Stabler & Co.) 

446 w Fayeiie 
Coarts Jiihn, police, 369 Franklin 
Coarnes Susan, dressmaker, 48 n Eden 
Coaies George, machinist, '209 Raburg 
Coaies Israel B. coachsiniih, 188 Green- 
mount av 
Coaies James A. confectioner, cor Balti- 
more and Frederick, dw 105 Albemarle 
Coates John, lumber and coal int. Pratt w 

of Greene 
Coates John, lumber merchant, Pratt near 

Greene, dw 262 w Lombard 
Coates Thomas, clerk, h2 e Pratt 
Ccath Frances. 107 s High 
Coath John, 18 e Lomboard 
COATH THOMAS J. proprietor Gun- 
ner's hall, 46 e Lombard 
Coaih William, 46 e Lombard 
Coals John, gas fitter, 55 n Frederick 
Cobb George F. salesman, Lombard w of 

Cobb Josiah & Son, gro. and prov. dealers, 

31 n Liberty 
Cobb John, tobacconist, 210 e Monument 
Cobb Jacob, leather dealer, 205 Canton av 
Cobenh Lloyd, engineer, n w cor Hanover 

and Hill 
Coblens Charles, horse dealer, 137 German 
Coblens Daniel, horse deal. 196 Eastern av 
Cohlens Samuel, horse trader, 64 Portland 
Cobner William, fireman, 61 Holland 
Coburn Cornelius, painter, 3 Slemmer's al 
Coburn Henrv, bricklayer, 49 n Gay 
COBURN JAMES, bonnet and fancy store, 

19 n Gay 
Coburn Tnomas, stone mason, 58 Buren 
Cochlan Edward, 134 Garden 
Cochlan William, machinisi, 134 Garden 
Cochran Alexander C. 20 Brune 
Cochran Andrew, shoemaker, 31 Orleans 
Cochran Charles, teller Farm's & Planter's 

Bank, 165 Hanover 
Cochran David, '.veaver, 73 Preston 
Cochran John, gardner, 173 Carpenter's al 
C .chran Jas. E. (Dowell & C.) 18 Holland 
Cochran John D. (T. J. C. & Co.) 112 

Cochran John, moulder, 37 Ea.stern av 
CoCTiran Mary, 206 Forrest 
Cochran Michael, laborer, 5 Camden la 
Cochran S. Morris, (C. & Siockbridge) n w 

cor. Lombard and Sharp 
Cochran & Stockbridge, attorneys, 9 Law 

Cochran Samuel H. clerk, 165 Hanover 
Cochran Thomas J. & Co. ice dealers, 128 

s Exeter, dw T. J. C. 121 s High 
Cochran William, sculptor, 137 Park 
Cochran William T. primer, 53 s Caroline 
Cochrane James, 47 Albemarle 
Cochrane Dr. Robert M. C. 47 Albemarle 
Cochrane Richard, 47 Albemarle 
Cock Geo. D. (Werdebaugh, Smith & Co.) 

58 s Paca 
Cocke Wm. E. jr. (Geo. W.;Howard & Co.) 

dw Eutaw house 
Co.key Edward C. clerk, P. O. 202 n 

Cockey Edward, guager, 202 n Howard 

COCKEY & CO. lumber commission mis' 

West Falls av 
Cockey Dr. J. C. 2 s Exeter, dw cor. Lom- 
bard and Albemarle 
Cockey Jno. G. (C. & Co.) dw Baltimore co. 

Cockey , (Thompson & C.) 203 w 

Cockey Dr. J. Paul, 24 e Lombard 
Cockey Mary, 436 w Fayeite 
Cockey Samuel O. 68 n Greene 
Cockey Wm, H. carpenter, 330 Saratoga 
Cockrill Dr. J. J. 23 s Broadway 
Codd Ertward J. engineer and machinisi, 

223 e Pratt 
Codd Simon, tavern, n w cor. Buren and 

Codd William H. 200 e Pratt 
Codd William, butcher, 17 s Washington 
Codet Joseph, 60 n Exeter 
Codet J. R. dancing master. Metropolitan 

Hall. 84 w Baltimore, dw High near 

Codey Michael, shoemaker, 176 e Lombard 
Codling John Q.. carpenter, 27 Josephine 
Codling John, carpenter, 27 Josephine 
Coe C. H. P. book keeper, 72 n Greene 
Coe Mrs. Margaret E. 72 n Greene 
Coe Rebecca, 107 Chew 
Coe William H. clerk, 91 Albemarle 
Coen Derby, tailor, 196 Montgomery 
Coffee Daniel, 203 w Baliimore 
CofTev Michael, shoemaker, Bloodgood's ct 
Cofley Thomas, keeper of hacks, 181 n 

Coffebager Adam, blacksmith, 215 e Pratt 
Coffield G. C. H. 296 n Howard 
Coffin Capt. Charles, 97 s Ann 
Colfin John, carpenter. 126 Barre 
Coffroth George R. (C. & Miller) 132 n 

En taw 
COFFROTH & MILLER, tobacconists, 

330 w Baltimore 
Cofran John L. ofllcer custom house, 392 w 

Coggins George, paper carrier, 106 e Madi- 
Coggins John W.376 e Monument 
Coggins James, paper carrier, 130 Jefferson 
Coggins Rev. Thomas, agent Association 

Improv. Cond. Poor, 50 Ensor 
Coggins William, 376 e Monument 
Cogswell George A. carpenter, 116 Raborg 
Cogswell James, hatter, 211 e Monument 
Cohen Charles, upholsterer, 28 East 
Cohen Edward, bill broker, 5 North, dw 195 

St. Paul 
Cohen Gershon, clothier, 19 Second 
Cohen Herman, salesman, 45 n Howard 
COHEN ISRAEL, stock and bill broker, 

5 Franklin buildings, North, dw 195 St. 

Cohen Jacob I. jr. president Baltimore Fire 

Ins. Co. dw 115 n Charles 
Cohen Joseph, vnrnishcr, 36(; Ostend 
Cohen Lewis, tailor, lOaj e Pratt 
Cohen Lewis, tailor, 87 n Eden 
Cohen Moses, dry goods deal. 7 Hanover, 

dw 157 Lexington 
Cohen Col. M. I. 115 n Charles 
Cohen Dr. Joshua I. 115 n Charles 





Cohen N. E. N. clothier, 21 Second 
Cohen Simon, dry goods deal. 181 and 183 

n Gay 
Cohlman George, stove maker, 182 s Cen- 
tral av 
Cohn Moses, merchant, 72 s High 
Coignard A. confectioner, 166 Saratoga 
Coignard C. D. French teacher, 166 Sara- 
Cikes Dennis, tallow chandler, 84Hillen 
Colb George F. clerk, 387 w Lombard 
Colbert Lewin A. architect and builder, 

Exchange al near Exchange place, dw 

120 Lee 
Colbert Levin, commission merchant, 144 

e Lombard 
Colbert Sarah P. 183 Aisquith 
Colburn Dr. A. W. 165 Conway 
Colburn Rev. Edward A. 504 w Fayette 
Colburn Dr. Edmund E. 293 w Fayette 
Colburn Dr. H. dentist, 504 w Fayette 
Colburn Nathaniel K. 504 w Fayette 
Cole Adam, stone mason, 4 Anthony 
Cole Benjamin, huckster, 108 Mullikin 
Cole Chas. F, A. book keeper, 139 Aisquith 
Cole Cornelius, jr. clerk, 98 n Exeter 
Cole Cornelius M. (C. & Heuisler) 98 n 

Cole Elleanor, 178 w Lombard 
Cole GeorgeH. pilot, Lombard near Chester 
Cole George B. 138 n High 
Cole George, barber, 54 n Spring 
COLE & HEUISLER, conveyancers and 

accountants, 12 Law buildings 
Cole Hannah, 60 n Spring 
Cole Henry, comb mkr. 252 e Monument 
Cole .Tacob, lottery office, 531 w Baltimoie 
Cole Jacob, carpenter, 127 Ross 
COLE JAMES WM. mail clerk "Sun'' 

office, dw 257 e Monument 
Cole Capt. James, 285 Eastern av 
Cole Jarret, 80 s Exeter 
Cole John H. (George W. Howard & Co.) 

178 w Lombard 
Cole John, laborer, 210 Pennsylvania av 
Cole John R. carpenter, 94 HoUins 
Cole John E. house carp. 234 e Lombard 
Cole John R. grocer and tea dealer, 50 and 

52 n Eutaw, dw 62 n Greene 
Cole John H. clothier, 92 Low 
Cole Capt. Joseph B. surveyor of vessels and 

cargoes, office s w cor. Gay and Lombard, 

dw 248e Pratt 
Cole Mrs. J. bakery and conf. 86^ Hanover 
Cote Joseph M. machinist, Grundy near 

Cole Joshua, tinner, 75 HoUins 
Cole Leander, clerk, 62 n Greene 
Cole Lewis M. officer Bait. &. O. R. R. Co. 

dw 201 w Lombard 
COLE LEWIS H. tobacco com. merchant, 

70 w Lombard, dw Baltimore Co. 
Cole Lewis P. miller, Calverton mills near 

Cole Merryman, hat, cap andl fur dealer, 

n e cor. Exeter and Gay, dw 86 n Exeter 
Cole Michael, laborer, 84 n Spring 
Cole Martin, mariner, 245 s Ana 
Cole Nicholas, laborer, 4 Armistead lane 
Cole Philip, ship joiner, 107 Regester 

Cole Philip, blacksmith, 98 n Schroeder 

Cole Robt C.(Meakin (fe C.) 99 n Caroline 

Cole R chanl, bricklayer, 64 Chew 

Cole Samuel C. tinner, 164 n Eden 

Cole Selah, carpenter, 137 n Exeier 

Cole Stephen, meal seller. Farmers' hotel, 

cor. Hillen and Forrest 
Cole Taylor, grocer, 257 e Monument, dw 

Cole Wm. H. (Spear & C.) 3 n Exeter 
Cole Wm. H. book keeper, 92 Preston 
Cole Wm. L. plasterer, 281 e Madison 
Cole Wm. tailor, 10 n Bond 
Cole William R. (W. P. C. & Son) 252 

w Madison 
Cole Wm. H. jr. attorney, 32 St. Paul, dw 

42 Bolton 
Cole W. P. & Son, halters, 274 w Balti- 
more, dw W. P. C. 138 n High 
Cole Wm. plasterer, 73 n Spring 
Cole Wm. G. pile driver, 10 n Bond 
Cole Wm. miller, Frederick rd nr tollgate 
Cole Wm. H. (Hiss & C.) cor. Charles and 

Colebert Mrs Julia, 245 Central av 
Colebert Lloyd, laborer, 216 Montgomery 
Colehip Michael, Cross near William-st. 
Colehouse Wm. H. tailor, 224 e Lombard 
Coleman Capt Abraham, 44 Portland 
Coleman Alexander, stone cutter, 96 Ham- 
COLEMAN & BAILEY, ship chandlers, 

105 and 107 Thames 
Coleman & Cox, grocers and com merchts. 

corner Franklin and Paca 
Coleman Charles, butcher, Boundary av. nr 

Pennsylvania av 
Coleman Charles, mariner, 64 Block 
Coleman Charles R. cashier Mechanics' 

bank, 58 w Biddle 
Coleman Capl. 10 Hamburg 
Coleman CharlesW. tobacconist. 82 Gough 
Coleman & Cleaveland, junk dealers, 48 

Coleman Capt. Geo. A. (C. & Bailey) 116 

Coleman & Cleaveland, ship smiths,'corner 

Block and Point 
Coleman Edward, pump maker, Wolfe^be- 

tween Bait, and Lombard, dw 129 Gough 
Coleman Eliza, seamstress, 78 s Fremont 
Coleman Edward B. coach painter, 121 w 

Coleman Edward, laborer, 130 Lancaster 
Coleman Ellis C. (C, & McCauley) Orleans 

near Bond 
Coleman Francis H. blacksmith, Raborg nr 

Coleman Henry C. painter, 152 Burgundy 

Coleman Jas. H. tobacconist, 139 Orleans 
Coleman Jas. T. brush maker, 208 Raborg 
Coleman James, brush maker, 201 Raborg 
Coleman Jas. huckster, 255 Harford av 
Coleman John R. carpenter, Townsend nr. 

Coleman John, shoemaker, 28 Hamburg 
Coleman John, labr. cor. Biddle and Bolton 
Coleman Joseph, bricklayer, Philadelphia 

road nr City limits 





Coleman Joseph, clerlr, 13'J Mulberry 
Coleman Mary A E. CDnfeci. 12 w Pratt 
Coleman Mary, 164 Canton av 
C'lleman & McCauley, boot and shoe mak. 

27 w Faveite 
Coleman Morgan, (C. & Cox) 94 n Paca 
Coleman Noah, shoi'maker, 113 Mullikin 
COLEMAN & ROGERS, chemists and 

drtiggisis, 173 w Baltimore 
Coleman Robi. shoemaker, 213 s Durham 
Coleman Samuel, (C. & Wilson) 76 • Ann 
Coleman Sarah, 264 e Pratt 
Coleman Thomas, (C. & Cleaveland) 73 s 

Coleman Uriah, paper hang. Mount near 

Coleman Wm. W. shoemaker, 8 Henrietta 
Coleman Wm. H. blacksmith, 58 s Wash- 
Culemtn Wm. conductor N. C. Railway, 

3 Mount nr Cathedral 
Coleman Wm. F. blk"-mth. 58 sWashington 
Coleman Wm. W. book keeper, 5!^ w Biddle 
Coleman Wm. tailor, 49 n Spring 
Coleman & Wilson, wood dealers, Caroline 

below Lancasier 
Coles & Coats, ladies boot and shoe store, 31 

e Baltimore 
Coles Wm. (C. & Coats) 13 Front 
COLES W.Vl. ladies shoe store, n w cor. 

Front and Fayetie 
Colesiine Simon, cap maker. 206 s Charles 
Golfer Nicholas, grocer, 78 East 
Colflesh Conrnd, tinner, 16 Baker's court 
Colflesh (C. «fe Scofield) 207 Mulberry 
Colflesh & Scofield, coach makers, German 

near Greene 
Colfor John J. carpenter, Caroline near 

Colford Patrick, laborer, 17 Willow 
Colgan Charles, drayman, 12 House's ct 
Colgate Charles, policeman, 191 German 
Colhoon Benjamin C. book keeper Bank of 

Baltimore, 52 McCulloh 
Colineau L. G. imports. French leather, 5 s 

Calvert, dw Annapolis Junction 
Coll Ellen, Smith's court near Euiaw 
Collabee John, pump maker, 148 Vine 
Colladay Joseph, clerk, 46.") w Fayelle 
Colladay Joseph S. grocer and provision 

dealer, 461 and 465 w Fayette 
Collegiate Institute for young ladies, 160 

Collenberg Antoine, shoemaker, 104 s Bond 
Collinberg Christian, shoemaker, 229 east 

Collenberg Henry, shoemaker, 104 s Bond 
Collenberg Theodore, shoemak. 44 s Bond 
Coller Christian F. clothier, 234 Canton av 
Collewell George, lamplighter, Foster al 

near Cathedral 
Colley Alex, butcher, 752 Pennsylvania ar 
Colley John W. tinner, 17 Grundy 
Colley John, laborer, 5 House's court 
Colley John W. carpenter, 518 w Baltimore 

dw corner Strieker and Hollins 
Colley Patrick, carter, 9 Pieavant al 
Colley Wm. H. carpenter, 66 Raborg 
Collier ('has. E. gas inspector, 94 Mulberry 
Collier Henry, blacksmith, 212 Hollins 

Collier Henry, bras- finisher, 216 n Eden 
Collier Rich'd, shoemaker, 4 New Church 
Collins Ann, 6S Harf.rd av 
Collins Anna, 299 William 
Collins Charles S. (C, Heath & Hutchin- 
son) 385 w Lombard 
Collins Divid, tailor, 70 Orleans 
Collins Dennis, laborer, 321 Penn. av 
Collins D.miel, brickmnker, 421 Light 
Collins Eveline, tavern keeper, 75 Thames 
Collms Eilward, laborer, 12 Webster al 
Collins Dr. George T. 46 Richmimd 
Collins George, shipsmiih, 305 Eastern av 
Collins Ge irge E. 183 s Charles 
Collins George H. painter, 301 Eastern av 
Collins Henry, brickmaker, 490 Light 
Collins Henry, carpenter, 23 Garden 
Collins Henrv. drover, 52 Boyd 
stove, range and furnace manufacturers, 
22 Light 
Collins Honora, cuke and fruit shop,Chesa- 

peake, s of Hudson, Canton 
Collins Isaac M. bar keeper, n e cor. Bond 

and Baltimore 
Collins Rev. Isaac, 41 n Exeter 
Collins John, laborer, Mosher near Penn- 
sylvania av 
Collins John, miller, Calverton mills near 

Collins James, cooper, 9 Young 
Collins James, blacksmith, 319 n Howard 
Collins James B clerk, 79 Aisquith 
Collins James, tinner, 14 w Fayette 
Collins Jc)hn, mariner, 32 s Regester 
Collins John, laborer, 323 Pennsylvania av 
Collins Joseph, laborer, 58 Lancaster 
Collins John, mason, 136 Mullikin 
Collins Lee, tailor, 513 w Pratt 
Collins Levi, cooper. 114 Burgundy al 
Collins Mariiarei, 43 Harrison 
Collins Michael, machinist, 11 Amity 
Collins Mary, 183 s Charles 
Collins Mary, 6 s Frederick 
Collins Mary A. hurkstress, 209 Aliceanna 
Collins Nancy, 24 Hillen 
Collins Patrick, boarding house, 53 Presi- 
Collins Patrick, laborer, 32 President 
Collins Patrick, new and second hand fur- 
niture dealer, 83 Harrison 
Collins Patrick, laborer, 53 President 
Collins Patrick, grocery, 3 Watson 
Collins Robert, policeman, 40 George 
COLLINS DR. STEPHEN, .36 n Calvert 
Collins Sarah, confect. Ill s Wolfe 
Collins Sarah, 50 n Charles 
Collins Thomas. 4H Saratoga 
COLLINS WILLIAM H. attorney, 34 St. 

Paul, dw 36 n Calvert 
Collins Wm. carpenter, 411 Saratoga 
Collins Wm. J. clerk, 195 Aisquith 
Collins Wm. H. Cooksie, Locust Point 
Collins Wm. R. butcher, Point lane near 

Greenmount Cemetery 
Collinson Joseph C. prih. Emory Institute, 

66 n Pica 
Collison Daniel, caulker, 88 s Central av 
Collison Edward, 141 Stirling 
Collison Ja«. R policeman, 299 e Mnilison 





Collison Perry O. huckster, 236 Bank 
Collison Sarah A. dry goods dealer, sw 

cor. Lombard and Ann 
Collison Thos. W. house carp, s w corner 

Ann and Lombard 
Collison Wm. draper and tailor, 7 s Sharp, 

dw 180 s Paca 
Collmann George, millwright, 15 s Spring 
Collmus Solomon, saddler, 123 n High 
Colored Presbyterian Church, cor Madison 

and Plover al 
Colt Charles, machinist, 314 Light 
Colt Elmer, machinist, 189 Orleans 
ColtartMrs. Mary, 164 e Pratt 
Colter John, laborer, 80s Republican 
Colter Samuel, brass finisher, 40 Ross 
Colthart John, pattern mak. 90 Holiday 
Coltmyer Wm. carter, 43 Albemarle 
Colton H. H. stocking weaver, 475 n Gay 
Colton John, stone cutter, 8 e Second 
Colton John, sawyer, 90 s Central av 
Colton John, carpenter, 139Hollins 
COLTON WILLIAM, coal dealer, corner 

Gough and Central av. dw cor. Bond and 

Fayette.— [S«« p. 7 Mverlisemenls.] 
Colton Wm. H. stocking manuf. 76 Hillen 
Columbia Street Church (M. E.) Columbia 

e of Fremont 
Columbian Fire Co's Engine House, Ann, 

between Gough and Pratt 
Columbus W. F. plasterer, 134 Raborg 
Colvin Richard, 77 e Baltimore 
Com Henry, tailor, 253 n Gay 
Comber Amick, huckster, 47 Perry 
Comber Bernard, tavern keeper, Clinton, s 

of Boston, Canton 
Combs John T. nut and washer maker, 55 

e Madison 
COMEGYS BENJAMIN, insurance agent 

and broker, 3^ Exchange buildings, dw 

10-2 s Sharp 
Comegys Benjamin, clerk, 102 s Sharp 
Comegys Edward, finisher, 559 w Lombard 
Comegys Elias H. teacher, 240 German 
Commercial & Collegiate Institute, Frank- 
lin opposite Courtland 

cor Howard & German.— [S«e Appendix.] 
Commercial Buildings, n e corner Gay and 

Commercial Wharf, Thames, below Ann 

and Broadway 
Commissioners of Public Schools, cor. of 

Fayette and Holiday 
Common James, boiler mak. 130 Saratoga 
Compario Julia, 207 Hanover 
Compton James, clerk Merchants' bank, 

Eutaw near Mosher 
Compton Joseph H. machinist, 18 n Exeter 
Compton Wm. blacksmith, 517 w Lumbard 
Compton Wm. clerk Merchants' bank, Eu- 
taw square, betw. Mosher and Townsend 
Comptroller's oflice. City hall, Sam'l Mac- 

cubbin, Comptroller 
Conaway Daniel, laborer, 18 Amity 
Conaway Francis, machinist, 11 Amity 
Conaway Geo. private watchm. 88 Dolphin 
Conaway Isaac, mariner, 10 Comet 
Conaway Wm. E. cigar maker, 119 n Gay 
Concanon John, laborer, 182 Forrest 

Condiff Ann, 21 s Eutaw 
CondiffCapt. Wm. 186 s Paca 
Condon Edward, cabinet maker. 35 s Front 
Condon James, cabinet maker, 18 Ensor 
Cone Cyrenius O., M. D. dental surgeon, 

72 n Charles 
Coney Wm. paper carrier, 20 Forrest 
CONINE WILLIAM C. broker, 16 n 

Frederick, dw 15 
Conklin Leon, barber, 14 s Howard, dw 5 

Conklin Wm. barber, 14 s Howard, dw 5 

Conkling Julius, clerk, 20 Maiden lane 
Conkling Capt. Wm. H. 167 s Broadway 
Conlan John, prop, sand carts, 223 Saratoga 
Conley Anthony, cooper, 19 Amity 
Cunley James, laborer, 14 Liberty al 
Conley John, laborer, 25 French 
Conley John, tailor, 404sChnrles 
Conley John, cooper, 22 s Fremont 
Conley Thomas, of B. & O. R. R. 123 Vine 
Conley Thomas, grocery, 136 Bank 
Conley Wm. pattern maker, 177 n Exeter 
Conn Frederick, butcher, Calverton road 

near Frederick ar 
Conn J. C. grocer, 101 Franklin 
Conn Jane, 47 n Central av 
Conn Simon, pedler, 55 n Frederick 
Conn Wm. laborer, George-st. alley 
Connar John, cabinet maker, 1 1 Ha rrison 
Connaughton Jamei, drayman, 127 North 
Conneil Charles M laborer, 73 Richmond 
Connell Ellen, 19 Hillen 
Conneil Francis A. book keeper, 9 Barnet 
Connell Frederick, painter, 75 Aisquith 
Conneil Philip, laborer, 230 Lemmon 
Connelly Anne, washerwoman, Smith's ct. 

near Eutaw 
Connelly Edward, clerk, Hanover nr Ham- 
Connelly James, plasterer, 182 n Eutaw 
Connolly Hugh, ostler, 21 Garden 
Connolly Catharine, Hughes nr Charles 
Connelly John, plumber, 361 Saratoga 
Connelly John, shoemaker, 71 Somerset 
Connelly Patrick, tailor, 33 e Monument 
Connelly Wm. F. finisher, 23 e Lombard 
Connelly Wm. H. clerk, n e corner Fine and 

Connelly Mrs. Wm. H. grocery, n e corner 

Pine and Mulberry 
Connelly Francis E. meal dealer, 331 Har- 
ford av 
Connelly James, drayman, rear of 411 

Connelly John, tavern, corner Eden and 

Connelly John, laborer, 2 Little 
Connelly Martin, laborer, Chesapeake s of 

Hudson, Canton 
Connelly Michael, tavern, 114 s Howard 
Connelly Michael, watchman, 956 w Bait 
Connelly Patrick, laborer, 136 Vine 
Connelly Wm. hackdriver, Hargrove al near 

Conner Mrs. Amelia, seamstress, 212 Vine 
Conner Bernard, 14 Block 
Conner Conrad, cabinet maker, 301 e Madison 
Conner Henry, coachman, 103 n Spring 





Conner Hannah, boarding house, 2'2 Albe- 
Conner James W. teacher, 121 s Paca 
Conner John, laborer, 17Slemmersal 
Conner John, slop dealer, 131 Holiday 
Conner John, laborer, 307 Aliceanna 
Conner Joshua, tin safe mkr. Peirce near 

Chatsworth, dw 345 Mulberry 
Conner Michael, carter. Central av nr Bank 
Conner Michael, laborer, Oregon near Lex- 
Conner Maxwell, chandler, 91 BetheW 
Conner Margaret, Pratt near Eutaw 
Conner Philip, laborer, 150 n Front 
Conner Richard R. painter, 116 Lee 
Conner Samuel, tavern, 154 Eastern &r 
Conner Thos. W. painter, 271 e Monument 
Conner Thos. W. dealer in hardware, 648 w 

Conner \Vm. W. carpenter, Ross nearTown- 

Conner Wm. carter, 27 Abbott 
Connery John, moulder, 27 Abbott 
Connolly Ann, tavern, 9 Fish Mkt. space 
Connolly Ann, grocery, 48 Hillen 
Connolly Dennis, carter, 88 s Central &y 
Connolly Edward, 300 e Monument 
Connolly Edward, salesman, 136 Garden 
Connolly James, ship joiner, 116s Regester 
Connolly James H. (C. & Lloyd) corner of 

Broadway and Baltimore 
Connolly John B. & T. F. C. marble dealers, 

49 e Madison — [See p. 7 Advtrlitements.J 
Connolly John F. marble dealer, 28 e Monu- 
Connolly John, malster, 362 Ostend 
Connolly Joseph, glass blow. 148 G. Hughes 
Connolly J. B. painter, 28 n Liberty 
Connolly Laurence, laborer, 40 Chapel 
Connolly & Lloyd, boot and shoemakers, 146 

w Baltimore 
Connolly Mary, 55 George 
Connolly Mary, 122 Forrest 
Connolly Michael, teacher, 109 Mulberry 
Connolly Michael, tavern, s e cor. Howard 

and Conway 
Connolly Patrick, porter, 7 Georges al 
Connolly Her. Patrick, 93 Barre 
Coimollv Patrick, tanner. 240 e Chase 
Connolly Thomas F. (J. B. k T. F. C.) 28 e 

Connolly Timothy, huckster, 125 Hill 
Connolly Wm. porter, cor. Pine and JIul- 

Connor Francis, laborer, 10 Webster al 
Connor Jacob, carpenter, 67 Union 
Connor John, laborer, 24 Neighbor 
Connor Rogers, laborer, rearof2Gl Forrest 
Connord Cornelius, confect. 263 Wolfe 
Conrad Mrs. A. .M. H. 92 HoUins 
Conrad Christopher, 282 Penn. ar 
Conrad David, 412 Lexington 
('onrad Fred, plasterer, 271 Saratoga 
Conrad Jacob, butcher, 54 IlofTinan 
Conrad Jacob, grocer, 167 Pennsylvania ar 
Conrad J. Suniinerfield, clerk, 290 w Fayette 
Conrad John, laborer, Clinton near Elliott, 

Conrad John Jacob, porter, 54 Hoffman 
Conrad Julius, hair dresser, 18 e Baltimore 

Conrad Lewis, cooper, 269 Hughes 
Conradd Pfaff (Duker, Dannettel A Co.) 9 

Conrad Philip, carter, 108 Hill 
Conradt Geo. M. 42 s High 
Conradt Geo H. (Walsh &C.) 304 w Fayette 
CONRADT THEOPH. M. upholsterer and 

paper hanger, 87 w Baltimore 
Conron Vinton, carter, 49 President 
Conroy John, laborer, 21 Regester 
Conroy John, ship carp. Chesapeake near 

Elliott, Canton 
Conro}' Martin, laborer, 2 Bedford al 
Conroy Patrick, Cotton row, s of Boston, 

Conroy Thos. huckster, Arcade al near 

Conry .Margaret, dressmaker, 96 Centre 
Conry .Michael, carter, 30 Chew 
Conscorn Michael, shoemaker, 67 French 
Conser Rev. .S. L. M. 190 Penna. av 
Constable Benjamin, porter, 71 Dover 
Constable Catharine, 44 Courtland 
Constable, Walker & Co. gentlemen's fur- 
nishing goods, 155 w Baltimore 
Constable W. R. (C, Walker & Co.) 42 

Constadt Frederick, cabinet mkr. 31 Preston 
Constam Aaron, second hand dealer, 169 a 

Constance Joseph, tailor, 44 Park 
Constantine Danl. ship carp. 95 Washington 
Conslantine Henry, shoemaker, 52 s Paca 
Constantine .Michael, huckster, 146 Vine 
Constantine Michael, huckster, Arcade al, nr 

Constanzer Theodore, plumber, 44 Park 
Constitutional Presbyterian Church, s e cor 

Greene and German 
Contee Benj. Lexington, 4 doors w of Strieker 
Contray John, miller, 91 n Eden 
Convent of the Immaculate Conception, Sis- 
ters of Mercy, 12 s Poppleton 
Converse Emily, 243 n Eutaw 
Converse John H. attorney, 243 n Eutaw 
Conves Wm. tailor, 112 n Eden 
Conway Alfred, paper carrier, 221 Mulberry 
Conway Benj. F. 25 Fawn 
Conway Chas. laborer, back of Washington 
Conway Charles, coach painter, 149 n Bond 
Conway Charles R. coach paint. 149 n Bond 
Conway Columbus, house carp. 220 s Bond 
Conway .Mrs. Frances Ann, 112 Ensor 
Conway Francis, machinist, 171 Hollius 
Conway James, carpenter, 68 Johnson 
Conway Jamei, clerk, 15 Aisquith 
Conway James, tailor, 8 Ross 
Conway James F. blacksmith, 62 s Oregon 
Conway Jane, grocery, 51 Lancaster 
Conway Jesse, machinist, 171 llollins 
Conway John, moulder, 171 llollins 
Conway John F. blacksmith, 52 s Oregon 
Conway John H. (C. &. Bro.) Iu7e Fayette 
Conway John 11. & Co., grocers and tea deal- 
ers, n e cor Ensor and Chesnut, dw 107 e 
CO.NWAV JOHN R. A SON, wholesale gro- 
cers and commission merchants, 31 and 33 
Cheapside, dw J. R. (,'. 57 Barre 
Conway John W. plumber, 221 .Mulberry 





Conway Lawrence, tavern, 124 Block 
Conwaj' Martin M. 91 Garden 
Conway Mary, 62 s Oregon 
Conway Patrick, bar keeper, 3 Centre mk. sp 
Conway Patrick, (C. & Bro.) 107 e Fayette 
Conway Patrick, ne cor Ensorand Chesnut 
Conway Patrick, tavern, 59 Centre Mkt. sp 
Conway Richard H. (J. R. C. & Son,) 101 

Conway Robert, house carp. 220 s Bond 
Conway Robert J. carp. 104 n Calvert 
Conway R. H. teacher, 6 s Broadway 
Conway Samuel, fisherman, 131 Washington 
Conway Thomas, tavern, 5 Dover 
Conway Wm. machinist, 17I Hollins 
Conway Wm. H. collar maker, 221 Mulberry 
Conyball James, hack driver. Smith's ct. nr 

Cook Adam, shoemaker, 4 Spruce 
Cook Addison, blacksmith, 86 Columbia 
Cook Alex. G. A. shoemaker, 282 Franklin 
Cook, Capt. Alexander, 62 Stiles 
Cook, Amon, shoemaker, 117 McElderry 
Cook Anthony, gardener, Mulberry near Re- 
Cook Archibald L. assistant operator tele- 
graph, e Baltimore, near Patterson Park 
Cook Benj. F. machinist, 448 w Lombard 
COOK BENJ. M. shoe dealer, 801 w Bait 
Cook & Bro. instrument makers, 133 west 

Cook Chas. 128 Exeter 
Cook Columbus Edw, broker, Jarvis build- 
ing, cor North & Balto. dw 657 w Lomb'd 
Cook Cha?. W. book-keeper, 7 Courtland 
Cook Chas. W, clerk, 7 Courtland 
Cook Chas. (C. &^Bro ) 52 s Charles 
Cook Clarissa, Haubert, Locust Point 
Cook Daniel, cabt. maker, 132 s Fremont 
Cook David. 119 Stirling 
Cook Edward, shoemaker, 18 Garden 
Cook Elhanan W. laborer, 58 s Republican 
Cook Elizabeth, 244 Montgomery 
Cook Mrs. Elizabeth, Eager near Cathedral 
Cook Francis A. (Geo. Sanders &, Co.) 65 

Exchange Place 
Cook Francis, hostler, 22 Garden 
Cook Fre<lerick, butcher, 242 Montgomery 
Cook Frederick, jr. butcher, 242 Montgom'y 
Cook Mrs. Frederick C. 44 n Front 
Cook Frederick sergeant of police, Central 

Station dw 15 Stirling 
Cook Frederick, butcher, 116 Hoffman 
Cook George, grocery, 236 e Lombard 
Cook Mrs. Geo. A. 44 n Front 
Cook George W". huckster, 11 Sterrett 
Cook G. Louis, porter, 17 Rock 
Cook George, wheelwright, 53 L Church 
Cook George W. stonecutter, 150 n Eutaw 
Cook Geo. L. carpenter, 17 Rock 
Cook Henry W. cashier Adams Express Co. 

490 w Fayette 
Cook Henry C. clerk, n e cor Bait & Pine 
Cook Henry (C. & Bro.) 133 w Lombard 
Cook Henry F., clerk, 76 w Baltimore 
Cook Henry W. (V. J. Brown & Co.) n e 

corner Baltimore and Pine 
Cook Henry, machinist, 100 York 
Cook Henry, cooper, 22 Lee, dw 24 
Cook Jacob, book-keeper, 17 Rock 

COOK REV. ISAAC P. bookseller and sta- 
tioner, 76 w Baltimore 
Cook Rev. Isaac P. register of wills, Record 

Office, dw 76 w Baltimore 
Cook Jacob, shoemaker, 46 Williamsons al 
Cook James, wood dealer, 124 William 
Cook Jas. H. & Co. prov. com. merchants, 61 

South, dw J. II. C. 126 n Exeter 
Cook James, clerk, 3 w Chase 
Cook James, shoemaker, 83 McHenry 
Cook Jas. H. grocer, 158^ Light st whf. dw 

124 William 
Cook Jasper, laborer, 83 Hamburg 
Cook John P. machinist, 701 w Baltimore 
Cook John F. printer, 37 Ensor 
Cook John, carter, 172 s Bethel 
Cook John, 230 w Madison 
Cook John, paper carrier, 374 e Monument 
Cook John, laborer, 460 Light 
Cook John, lab. Aliceanna nr Burke, Canton 
Cook John, carpenter, 456 Saratoga 
Cook John A. wood dealer, 44 n Front 
Cook John H. engineer, 87 Mount near 

Cook John H. cabinet maker, 707 w Bait 
Cook Joseph, shoemr. cor AlcHenry & Scott 
Cook Joseph B. cabinet maker, 707 w Bait 
Cook Joseph M. book-keeper, n e cor Bait 

and Pine 
Cook Josephine, 330 Canton Av 
Cook Lucy, 10 Josephine 
Cook Margaret, dress-maker, Eager near 

Cook Nicholas, huckster, 59 n Exeter 
Cook Capt. Robert, 120 e Lombard 
Cook Robert (Shirley & C.) 22 e Fayette 
Cook Susan, 128 Hamburg 
Cook Susan, 366 e Eager 
Cook Thos. shoemaker, 182 n Caroline 
Cook Thomas, 165 w Biddle 
Cook Warren E. (C. & Webb) n Charles nr 

North av 
COOK WM. tinner, 144 n High 
Cook Wm. H. tinner. High near Hillen 
Cook Wm. hostler, 22 Garden 
Cook Wm. B. printer, 22 Anthony 
Cook Wm. huckster, 211 Aliceanna 
Cook Wm. W. male, 55 William 
Cook Wm. shoemaker, 13 Madison 
Cook Wm. S. police, Fayette near Wolfe 
Cook Wm. pianoforte maker, 454 w Pratt 
Cook Wm. stone cutter, 17 Rock 
Cooke George, com. mer. 7 Light st whf. dw 

52 Franklin 
Cooke Isaac McKim, (C. & Johnson) 3 s 

Cooke John, 184 s Saratoga 
Cooke John, cot. fact'y, 148 Garden, dw 151 
COOKE & JOHNSOiN, fancy soaps and per- 
fumery, 3 s Frederick 
Cooke Michael, laborer, 109 West al 
Cooke Sarah, boarding house, 274 w Pratt 
Cooke Wm. laborer. Portal, Canton 
Cooke mer. 7 Light st whf. dw 

52 P>anklin 
Cooksey Mary G. 284 e Baltimore 
Coolahan Edward, coachman, 50 Jladison 
Cooley Edward, sjieculator, 51 Granby 
Cooley Henry F. broker, 89 Saratoga 
JJoombs Moses, p ainter , 2 27 n Carolin e 





Coombs Saml. oyster dealer, 164 Hamsaj 
Coon C. Louis, tolmcconist, 383 w Pratt 
Coon Elizabeth, 12 Josephine 
Coon John G. blacksmith, 7 Bakers ct 
Coon Wm. upholsterer. 1'2 Josephine 
Cooaan Mrs. Ann, iL'I liegesier 
COOiNAN DANIKL, clothier, 70 Centre 
market space. — [Sre p. 9 Mverlitements.] 
Coonan John N. 70 Centre market space 
Coonan Lawrence, 25 e .Madison 
Coonan Michael, blacksmith, 50 Lancaster 
Coonan Michael, clothier, 119 \r Bait, dw 7U 

Centre market space 
Coonan Pat. F. clothier, 70 Market space, dw 

158 e Pratt 
Coonan P. F. cutter, 168 e Pratt 
Coonan Wm. fireman, 50 Lancaster 
Cooney Christopher, grocery, 148 e Fayette 
Cooney George, boat builder, \'2li Hank 
Cooney James, cooper, 112 Thames, dw 148 

Cooper Dr. Alex, druggist, 210 Central ar 
Cooper Amanda, seamstress, 2 Mullikin 
Cooper Ann C. 82 s Caroline 
Cooper Anthony, llaubert. Locust Point 
Cooper Anthony, grocery, 120 s Fremont 
Cooper Benj. C. butcher, n w cor. Baltimore 

and Chester 
COOPER & BUTLER, shipbuilders, 25 Phil- 
Cooper Chas. stocking weaver, 338 e Eager 
Cooper Capt. Edward 0. 18 s Broadway 
Cooper Elijah, city jail 
Cooper Capt. Edward K. office 5 O'Donnels 

whf. dw 18 s Broadway 
Cooper .Mrs. Electa, 120 Chew 
Cooper Geo. laborer, iiaubert. Locust Point 
Cooper George, tin and sheet iron worker, 

139 s High 
COOPER GEORGE E. sate and iron railing 

manufacturer, 242 w Pratt 
Cooper George, cabinet maker, 252 e Eager 
Cooper Henry, ship carp. Hamburg below 

Cooper Hugh A. (C. & Butler) 161 s Broad- 
Cooper James, 191 n Howard 
Cooper James B. ship carp. 122 Gough 
Cooper James, bootmaker, 22 i'ine 
Cooper James, boot maker, 9 n Fremont 
Cooper Jas., carp. Eagle hotel, 132 llillen 
Cooper Jarrett, 42 e Eager 
Cooper John, brush maker, 74 n Broadway 
Cooper John H. pilot, 208 e Pratt 
Cooper John, 159 Eastern av 
Cooper John, brush maker, 74 n Broadway 
Cooper Jno. W. printer, 101 n Eden 
Cooper Joseph M. plumber, 244 n Eden 
Cooper Joshua, 23 Brunswick 
Cooper .Mrs. Mary, 130 s Wolfe 

Cooper Mary, 139 s High 
Cooper .Michael, tavern. 21 Concord 
Cooper Philip H. pilot, 208 e Pratt 
Cooper Samuel, 191 n Huward 
Cooper Samuel, laborer. ;{u2 Johnson 
Cooper Thos. tinner, 130 s High 
COOPER k TYSINGER, forwarding mer- 
chants, 203 North 
Cooper Wm. m(jiilikT, 57 s High 

Cooper Wm. S. E. oak cooper, corner Wolfe 

and Fell 
Cooper S. W. (C. & Tysinger) Fountain 

Cooper Wm. machinist, 130 e Lombard 
Cooper Wm. 164 Canton av 
Copenhaven Ag. paper hanger, 150 8 Broad- 
Copland Robert, huckster, Townsend near 

Copland Robert, grocer, 36 St. Mary 
Coplen Samuel, horse dealer, G4 Portland 
("oplin Daniel, 8 Emory 
(Copper, Jas. H. ladies' shoemaker, 57 Ensor 
Copper Samuel, shoemaker, 120 Central av 
Corbett Emanuel, (Jones &C.) 128 Hughes 
Corbett Emanuel, ship, master, 1 28 G. Hughes 
Corbitt John, laborer, lol s Charles 
CORBITT ISAAC, umbrella and india 

rubber dejiler, 93 w Baltimore 
Corbell Peter, tavern kee|)er, 58 Harrison 
Corbbold Fred, waiter, 74 Cathedral 
Corbray John, butcher, 20 Abbot 
Corcoran Mary, tavern, West Falla av. dw. 

28 Preston 
Corcoran Michael, blacksmith, 84 York 
Corcoran Patrick, shoemaker, 144 Canton av 
Corcoran Stephen, 28 President 
Cord Catherine, 53 Harford av 
Cordery James C. 161 s Ann 
Cordra^- Henry F. cabinet maker, cor Mo- 

sher and Walsh 
Cordery's Ship Yard, now Jenkins' coal and 

wood yard, w side of Philpot 
Cordery Wm. H. 195 e Baltimore 
Cordray Wm. H. 20 3 Broadway 
Cordus Henry, shoemaker, Frederick road 

near Snake hollow 
Core John, 400 w Lombard 
Corey Benj. J. saddler, 123 n Eutaw 
Corey Eliza, dress maker, 123 n Eutaw 
Corey F. chair painter, 21 Holland 
Cork Susan, teacher, n e cor iluUikin and 

Corke James, laborer, 43 Warren 
Coriell Isaac, teacher, Calhoun near Hollins 
Corkin John, laborer, 3 Abbey al 
Corkran Alexander .M. .73 Hill 
Corkran Benj. W. teller Farmers and Mer- 
chants' Bank, 114 s Sharp 
Corkran Bridget, grocery, 13 Liberty al 
CORKRAN Francis's, lumber and coal 

dealer, West Falls av. dw Bait, co 
Corkran Wm. book-keeper, 172 Hanover 
Corletts Eliza, 104 s Ann 
Ci>rman Stephen A. shoemaker, 49 n Pop- 

Corn and Flour Exchange, 77 & 79 South 
Corn Jacob, hay dealer, w Baltimore near 

Cornelius Charlotte, dress maker, 135 s 

Cornelius John, huckster, 133 llillen 
Cornelius Juhn W. carpenter, 135 a Sharp 
Cornelius Mary, 33 RcKcster 
Cornelius Nicholas, grocer and com. merch. 

165 Forrest, dw 163 
Cornelius iiichard, oi' Farmers and Planters' 

Bank, 148 a Sharp 
Cornell Mark J. 90 8 Sharp 





Cornell & Dorsey, produce com. merchants 

70 South 
CORNELL MICHAEL, carpenter, 13 Morris 

al. dw 242 w Madison 
Cornell Wm. C. (C. &Dorsey) 46 Sharp 
Cornelle Elizabeth, boarding house, 33 n 

Corner B. Mezick (James C. & Sons) 50 

Corner Edgar W. commission merchant, 62 

s Gay, dw n w cor St. Paul and Pleasant 
Corner George W. (James C. & Sons) 20 n 

CORNER JAMES & SONS, shipping and 
com. merchants, s end Corner's whf. foot 
of Frederick st dock 
Corner John, iron moulder, 21 T e Pratt 
Corner Sarah, 309 e Baltimore 
Corner Sol. miller and flour merch. 36 Com- 
merce, dw 122 St. Paul 
Corner Thos. ( Jas. C. & Sons) cor Monument 

and Park 
Corner's Wharf, foot of Ann, between Broad- 
way and Ann 
Cornes Charlotte, 25 n Wolfe 
Corney James, teamster, 82 s Poppleton . 
Corney Thomas, 84 Armistead 
Cornthwait Robert, hatter, 14 Pratt, dw 74 s 

Corprew Thos. boiler maker, 374 Eastern av 
Correa Matthew 0. machinist, 108 n Caroline 
Correll Abraham, millinery dealer, 486 w 

CORRIE DR. JAMES, dentist, 56 s Sharp dw 

197 Penn. ar 
Corrigan Catherine, 205 n Exeter 
Corrigan Michael, grocer, 96 Mullikin 
Corrigan Patrick, grocer, n w cor Baltimore 

and Ann 
Corrigan Patrick, soap manuf. 66 n Dallas 
Corse Wm. painter, 214 s Wolfe 
Corser C. F. agent, 90 s Charles 
Corson Henry, rigger, 264 s Ann 
Corson Ann E. confect'y, 508 w Baltimore 
Cort George, wagoner, 96 Biddle 
CORTLAN & CO. importers of house-keep- 
ing goods, table cutlery, fancy hardware 
&c. 216 and 218 w Baltimore.— [-Sicp 1 
Cortlan James, sr. 34 e Baltimore 
Cortlan James, jr. (C &Co.) 202 n Charles 
Cortrey Wm. plasterer, rear of 26 Raborg 
Corum James C. 169 Hanover 
Corwine Elizabeth, 19 Greenmount ar 
Corwine Wm. moulder, 254 Aisquith 
Cosgrove Ann, 227 Eastern av 
Cosgrove John P. 370 s Charles 
Cosgrove Patrick, laborer, 265 Eastern av 
Cosgrove Patrick, tailor, 80 Granby 
Cosgrove Patrick, grocery, 397 Lexington 
Cosgrove Peter, 370 s Charles 
Cosgrove John, laborer, 40 Brunswick 
Cosgrove Michael, laborer, 121 Regeater 
Coskin Patrick, 42 Albemarle 
Coskery Dr. Felix S. 117 n Calvert 
Coskery Re.r. H. B. 106 n Charles 
Coss George, lottery dealer, 150 Franklin 

dw 206 
Cost George W. pilot, 138 Gough 
Costello Edmund, laborer, 1 Pin al 

Costcllo James, laborer, 15 s Bethel 
Costello James, tailor, 193 e Pratt 
Costello John, bricklayer, 181 Orleans 
Costello John F. plumber, 104 Regester 
Costello Patrick, laborer, 24 Green Mt. av 
Costello Thomas, laborer, 15 Elizabeth la 
Costen John, harness maker, 95 HJllen 
Coster E. 227 Eastern av 
Coster Joseph, lumber marker, 417 Light 
Coster Thos. currier, 32 Hillen 
Costigan Wm. superintendent dredging ma- 
chine, 297 e Pratt 
Costolay Patrick J. (Gruver & C.) 123 Ross 
Cotrell Margaret, 7 Rose 
Cotter Jane, 53 Harrison 
Cotter Nicholas, meat packer, 181 Chesnut 
Cotter Richard, teacher, 252 n Howard 
Cottingham Samuel, agricultural implement 
maker, 150 Pratt-st. wharf, dw 46 Warren 
Cottingham Thos. blacksmith, 38 Grant, dw 

222 Montgomery 
Cottman Jas. S. (Boggs, C. & Co.) 73 St. 

Cottrell Capt. Clark, pr. marine watering 
place, e end of G. Hughes, dw32 G. Hughes 
Cottrell Daniel, glass blower, 28 G. Hughes 
Cottrell Jas. W. grocer, 298 n Eutaw 
Cottringer Misses, young ladies' school, 85 

Couchlan Cornelius, porter, 13 Stirling 
Couchlan Cornelius, laborer, Cuba, Locust 

Couchlan John, laborer, 10 Block 
Couchman David, carpenter, 250 e Pratt 
Couchman George H. carp, cor Hampstead 

and Gist 
Coughlan James, laborer, Cookrie, Locust 

Coughlan Michael, grocer, 216 e Lombard 
Coughlan Patrick, bookkeeper, 114 s Exeter 
Coughlan Wm. bottler, 169 and 171 s Central 

av dw 114 s Exeter 
Coughlin Mary, 2 Rock 
Coulbourn Stephen D. commission merchant 

79 South, dw 23 Conway 
Coulburn Josiah, ship carp. 20 Lee 
Coulson Andrew, rigger, 220 s Wolfe 
Coulson Ann, 78 n Exeter 
Coulson & Co. plumbers, 88Penna. av 
Coulson George J A. book keeper, 84 e Pratt 
Coulson Georgiana, teacher, 82 e Pratt 
Coulson John, horse market, cor Front and 

Plowman, dw 88 Pennsylvania av 
Coulson John (C. & Co.) 88 Penn. av 
Coulson John B. painter, Lexington near 

Coulson Joseph H. collector, 59 s Paca 
Coulson Robert, clerk, Lexington near Rep'n 
Coulson Thos, H. book keeper, 82 Pratt 
Coulson Thos. F. 295 Columbia 
Coultan James, laborer, Binney, s of Elliott 

Coulter A. B. Sec. Bait. Life Insurance Co. 60 

Coulter Alexander, teller Merchants Bank, 60 

Coulter Alexander, broom and wooden ware, 

62 s Calvert, dw 81 Granby 
Coulter Archer, clerk, 60 Biddle 
Coulter Charles, sawyer, 17 Elizabeth la 

Coulter & Co. provision dealers, 53 Light and 

4 Ellicott 
Coulter Evans P. bookbinder, 111 n Eutaw 
Coulter George, tobacco wareh. 116 Granby 
Coulter Dr. Henrv S. 104 w Biddle 
Coulter Henry, (C. & Co.) 507 w Fayette 
Coulter John C. 507 w Fayette 
Coulter J. M. (Jas. Hazlitt & Co.) 226 n 

Coulter James J. pilot, 83 s Regester 
Coulter .Mrs. Lydia J. 116 Granby 
Coulter John, teacher, 311 Light 
Coulter John, well digger, 126 Dolphin 
Coulter John P. collector, 178 Preston 
Coulter .Mary, 3 Centre 
Coulter Samuel, tailor, 113 n Eutaw 
Coulter Samuel, jr. Irass finisher, 40 Ross 
Coulter Thos. B. book-keeper, 60 Biddle 
Councill Ruth T. tailoress, 195 e Fayette 
Counsellor's Hall, 46 Lexington 
Counselman George F. ostler, 39 n Poppleton 
Counselman Jacob, contractor, 131 German 
Counselman Robt. A. (Thompson & C.) 

Lombard near Greene 
Counselman Wm. H. of B. & 0. R. R. 437 w 

Countess Joseph, carter, w Pratt n of Fulton 
COUPL.'VND RICHARD, hatter, 40 w 

Baliimore, dw 165 Barre 
Courlc-ander B. music teacher, 10 Barnet 
Count Fisher, rag dealer, 60 Chapel 
Cours William, cabinet maker, 4 n Regester 
Courser Benj. F. shoemaker, 383 Cross 
Court House, Baltimore City, cor Calvert 

and Lexington 
Court of Common Pleas, Court House, 2nd 

floor, Wm. L. Marshall, judge; Wm. J. 

Ilamill, chief clerk, office 1st floor 
Courtenay David, clerk, 203 Franklin 
Courtenay David S. officer Farmers and Mer- 
chants' Bank, 203 Franklin 
Courtney D. S. & J. A. (C. & Gushing,) 215 

w Madison 
Courtney & Cushing, tobacco commission 

merchants, 65 s Gay 
Courtney Edward, clerk, 38 Mulberry 
Courtney Edward, laborer, 43 s Durham 
Courtney James A. (C. & Cushing,) 269 w 

Madison " 
Courtney James, boiler, maker, 19 e Lombard 
Courtney John, carter, 275 e .Monument 
Courtney Robert, jeweler, 50 n Eutaw 
Courtney Wm. drayman. 149 n VAen 
Courts Edward, machinist, 124 n Poppleton 
Courts George W. weigher custom house, 290 

Pennsylvania av 
Courts Jacob, machinist, 15 Arch 
Courts James, butcher, 124 n Poppleton 
Cousins John, oak cooper. .Mill, dw 28 Fawn 
Cousins Lawrence, coarh smith, 19 Barre 
Cousin Stephen, blacksm. 2 Fitzpatricks ct 
C'ousins Thomas, boiler maker, 19 Barre 
Covan Wm. H, shoemaker, 152 s Fremont 
Covan Joseph, shoemaker, 152 s Fremont 
Covell Joel, supt. B. & O. R. R. 408 w Lom- 
Covell E]i7.iibeth, 225 Eastern av 
Covell Wm. engineer, 440 w liombard 
Cover Benj. butcher, 155 Muiiikin 
Cover Thomas F. ((". <t Kulin, ) Western hotel 


Cover & Kuhn, rectifiers and distillers, 142 

Covington Henry, carpenter, Grant near 

Lombard, dw 169 Asquith 
Covington James, machinist, 134 Ross 
Cowan David. (Nourse & C.) 42 n Liberty 
Cowan .^bniham, scourer, 43 n Liberty, dw 

Mansion house 
Cowan Edward, hackman, 53 Boyd 
Cowan John, plasterer, 493 Saratoga 
Cowan Thomas, proprietor hacks, 30 Boyd 
Cowan Dr. Wm. L. surgeon dentist, 50 s 

Cowan Wm. H. attorney at law, 8 Court 

house lane, dw 111 e Fayette 
Coward Ann, McCulioh, near Townsend 
Coward Esther .M. 24 St. Peter 
Coward Thomas, 89 McCulioh 
Cowen C. W. glass blower, 142 G. Hughes 
Cowen Wm. A. tavern, 142 G. Hughes 
Cowfeltz George, 70 Harrison 
Cowles L. 61 St. Paul 
Cowles Henry M. teacher, 1 w Baltimore 
Cowles W. & Sons, china and glassware 

dealers, 25 s Calvert, dw 186 n Calvert 
Cowls George W. 186 n Charles 
Cowls John W. 186 n Charles 
COWMAN & BROTHER, trimmings, hosiery 

and glove de^vlers, 59 n Howard 
Cowman Edward (C. & Bro.) 248 Saratoga 
Cowman Joseph, clerk, (Walton & C.) 194 

Cowman Martha, trim, dealer, 71 Lexington 
Cowman Mary Ann, 1 n Eutaw 
Cowman Richard, baggage master, B. k 0. 

R. R. 215 s Charles 
Cowman Samuel S. sr. (C. & Bro.) 65 Lex- 
Cowplan William S. lottery office, 30 w Pratt 

dw 200 e Pratt 
Cox Amos A. lime and feed dealer. Rose al 

near Grundy, dw Grundy near Biddle 
Cox Ann, 63 Holland 
Cox Anthony, laborer, 86 s Central et 
Cox Elias, shoemaker, 104 n Caroline 
Cox Esau, brickmaker, Chester s of Bank 
Cox Elisha, (Glass & C.) 88 Bank 
Cox Dr. E. Gover, apothecary, cor Pine and 

Baltimore, dw 93 n Paca 
Cox George, notion house, 58 s Paca 
Cox Isaac, bricklayer, 3 Young 
Cox ISAAC, hat and cap store, 190 w Bal- 
timore, dw Lombard near Cove 
Cox James H, bx u Greene 
Cox James, paver, Carey near Pratt 
Cox Jennings S. book keeper, Glenwood 
Cox Joseph, salesman, 85 n Charles 
Cox John H. jr. paying teller Citizens Bank 

58 n Greene 
Cox John, yeast maker, 110 Muiiikin 
Cox John R. (Coleman & C.) 93 n Paca 
Cox Luther J. jr. com. merchant, 4 Bowles 

whf. dw. 143 Hanover 
Cox Mrs. Margaret, indian vegetable med- 
icine, 158 e Baltimore 
Cox Midiacl, carter, 46 French 
Cox Nathl. attorney, 9 Court house lane, dw 

224 Krankiin 
Cox Melcher, stone mason, 486 Lexington 
Cox Perrv, coach finmier 735 w Baltimore 





Cox Stephen G. bricklayer, 158 e Baltimore 
Cox Thos. foremau Malt. House, West Falls 

Cox Wm. H. merch. tailor, 551 w Baltimore 
Cox Wm. H. clerk, 85 n Charles 
Cox Wm. tobacconist, 34*7 e Monument 
Cox Wm. A. shoemaker, 286 Mulberry 
Cox Wm. F. book-keeper, tO n Broadway 
Cox Wm. H. tailor, 600 \v Baltimore 
Cox Wm. P. receiving teller Citizens bank, 

dvv 58 n Greene 
Coxe Rev. A. Cleveland, 213 w Madison 
Coxon Charles, potter, 24 Bank 
COY BRYAN F. dentist 70 n Charles 
Coy John, machinist 6'(4 w Pratt 
Coyle Bernard, grocer and provision dealer, 

250 Pennsylvannia av 
Coyle Jas. B. S. book keeper Howard Bank, 

cor Penn. av and Lanvale 
Coyle John, tinner, 42 Albemarle 
Coyle John, ship carpenter, 66 Hamburg 
Coyle Margaret 152 n Calvert 
Coyle Mary, tavern keeper, 16 Centre 
Coyle T. J. carpenter, 19 Centre 
Coyle Terrance P. siirg. dent. 105 Saratoga 
Coyle W. Francis, bookkeeper, 250 Penn. av 
Coyne Jeremiah, carpenter, 26 n Poppleton 
Coyne John, 263 Eastern av 
Cozine Mrs. Alary A. 219 n Gay 
Cozine James W. gents. furnishing store 219 

n Gay 
Coyne Timothy, laborer, Chesapeake near 

Hudson, Canton 
Crabbe John E. R. clerk 115 Conway 
Crabbs Frederick, clerk, 418 w Lombard 
Craft Charles H. reporter Baltimore Patriot, 

8Y s High 
Craft Daniel Parker, hatter 182 e Monument 
Craft Geo. coachmaker, 145 n Central av 
Craft Jacob, oil and paint dealer, 23 Cheap- 
side, dw 38 s Eulaw 
Craft John C. (C. k Meusel) 417 Lexington 
Craft & Mensel, upholsterers, 264 w Balto. 
Craft Wm. G. (Bailey, C & Co.) 58 Holiday 
Cragg Jas. laborer, 354 Ostend 
Cragg John, laborer 352 Ostend 
Cragg John, glass blower, 35 Ostend 
Cragg Joseph, engineer, 54 Warren 
Cragg Wm. seaman, 352 Ostend 
Cragge Samuel, clerk, 54 Warren 
Craggs Robert, keeper of city spring, dw 

179 e Pratt 
Craggs Wm cracker baker, 184 Chesnut 
Craggs Wm. carpenter, 139 n Fremont 
Craig Horaiio E. grocer, s e cor. Ross and 

Craig John, stone cutter, Ogston near Frank- 
Craig John, type caster, 350 e Monument 
Craig Levin, sailor, 80 Henrietta 
Craig llobt. grocer & dry goods dealer, cor 

Gough and Chapel 
Craig Robert, dry goods dealer, 22 Centre 

market space, dw Baltimore co 
Craig Capt. Thomas, mariner 16 Henrietta 
Craig Wm. clerk, 52 n Front 
Crainbk't George, bricklayer, 142 Vine 
Cramblel Henry, gas fitter, 140 Vine 
Cramhlet John, carpenter, 140 Vine 
Cramblet Stephen, paper hanger, 140 Vine 

Cramblet Stephen P. bricklayer, 142 Vine 
Cramblet Thos. A. carpenter, 297 Saratoga 
Cramblet Wm. bricklayer, 142 Vine 
Cramblitt Edward, Chester betw Gough and 

Cramblitt Francis, blacksmith, Chester near 

Cramblitt John, bricklayer, Chester betw 

Gough and Pratt 
Cramblitt Thos. A. nightman, 297 Saratoga 
Cramer Caspar, barber & dent. 120 Eastern av 
Cramer Wm. tavern, 44 Camden 
Cramford Francis, clerk, 154 Hanover 
Cramford Geo. R. inspect, tobacco ware- 
house. No. 3, dw 290 s Sharp 
Cramford James, clerk, 154 Hanover 
Crampton Thos. grocer, s w cor Schroeder 

and Lexington 
Cramyre August, shoemaker, 33 Fountain 
Crandal Hiram machinist, 352 n Gay 
Crane And. Fuller, (Wm. C. & Son,) 295 w 

CRANE BENJAMIN & CO. wholesale deal- 
ers in silk and straw goods, over 229 and 
231 w Baltimore 
Crane Benj. (B. C. & Co.) 62 w Madison 
Crane Charles, clerk 62 w Madison 
Crane Dr. Wm. B. 300 Saratoga 
Crane Dolly, 17 Thompson 
Crane Elizabeth, 14 Regester 
Crane John, (B. C. & Co.) 62 w Madison 
Crane Jeremiah, 'laborer, 31 Lemmon 
Crane Mary, milliner, 221 n Gay 
Crane Rev. Wm. 26 Stiles 
Crane William & Son, hide and leather deal- 
ers, s e cor Cheapside and Water, dw W. 
C. 180 w Lombard 
Craner Antone, laborer, 35 n Central av 
Cranford David, bricklayer, 210 Barre 
Crangle Jas. E. brickmaker, 128 Columbia 
Crangle John W. carpenter, Williamson al 

dw 108 s l^utaw 
Cranmer Chapel (Episcopal) corner of Mul- 

likin and Spring 
Cranmer Joseph, moulder, 2 Scott 
Cranwell Geo. W. cabinet maker, 22 s Re- 
Craper Christopher, tailor, cor Grant and 

CrapffJohn tailor, 13 Spring 
Crapin Capt. Samuel, mariner, 87 Orleans 
Crampton Osias S. book keeper, 34 n Eutaw 
Cravel George, laborer, 296 Franklin 
Craven E. R. prop. Balto. Steam Laundry, 
basement 1 e Balto. next to the bridge, dw 
3 s Front 
Craven Isaac, clerk, 3 s Front 
Craver John S. policeman, 225 Henrietta 
Craver M. M. clerk 29 Short 
Crawford Alexander, 23 Cathedral 
Crawford Alfred, clerk B.& 0. R. R. 242 Sa- 
Crawford A. A. tonnage cashier, N. C. Rail- 
way, 242 Saratoga 
Crawfurd And, coach wheelvvr't, 90 Hollins 
Crawfurd Ann. fancy goods dealer, 42j Han- 
over, dvv 107 Sharp 
Crawford Caufield, brickmaker, 893 w Pratt 
Crawfoni Charlotte, dry goods dealer, 21 n 





Crawford Dixon, hackman, 291 n Eutaw 
Crawford Eliza, "242 Saratoga 
Crawford Henry ship carpenter, 111 Rank 
Crawford Harrison, brickmaker, 8t>3 w Pratt 
Crawford Jacob, carpenter, 57 s. Paca 
Crawford Jas. R. travelling agent, 21 n High 
Crawford James W. chair ornamenter, 146 

n Bond 
Crawford John L. sec. X. W. Va. R. R. dw 

23 Cathedral 
Crawford John, printer, 220 e Fayette 
Crawford John, ship carpenter, 111 Bank 
Crawford Lewis, engineer, Carey near Lom- 
Crawford Patrick, grocer, 41 Amity 
Crawford Robert K. bacon dealer, 302 Sar- 
Crawford Sarah, 9 n Bond 
Crawford Thos. provision store 46 Orchard 
Crawford Thomas, printer, 9 n Bond 
CRAWFORD \VM. H. & Co. prop's Spice 
Mills, warehouse 62 South, spice mill 40 n 
Crawford Wm. M. jeweler, 338 e Fayette 
Crawford Wm. agent Phila. W. & B. R. R. 

115 s High 
Crawford Wm. R. clerk, 119 s Sharp 
Crawford AVm. H. (Wm. H. C. & Co.) n e 

cor Pratt and Exeter 
Crawley Mrs. Jane, monthly nurse, 433 w 

Crawly Alfred, mate, 136 e Pratt 
Creager Francis N. clerk, 33 n Poppleton 
Creager Frank, 45 Scott 
Creager George, machinist 33 n Poppleton 
Creager Jonathan P. bookseller, 33 n Pop- 
CreaghGeo. W. shipwright, 128 8 Broad- 
Creagh Henry, ship carpenter, 190 Bank 
Creagh John, 1 74 Park 
Cream John, lal)orer, 76 Eastern av 
Creamer Alexander, saddler, 388 n Gay 
Creamer Ann, n e cor Fremont and Portland 
Creamer Casper, laborer, 156 Argyle al 
Creamer Catherine, fruit and cake shop, 200 

s Sharp 
Creamer Christian, conf. 8 Green Mount av 
Creamer Mrs. Cordelia , 15'J e Monument 
Creamer David, (J. C. & Sons,) 127 e .Mon- 
Creamer Elizabeth, 93 n Fremont 
Creamer Frank, cabinet maker, 181 Canton 

Creamer Fredk. cabinet warerooms, 197 Can- 
ton av 
Creamer Geo. shoemaker, 47 Harrison 
Creamer Jacob, Uiltorer, 224 s Dallas 
Creamer Jacob, shoemaker, 78 Warner 
Creamer James (J. tinner, 363 w Baltimore 

dw 365 w Fayette 
Creamer John, gas fitter, 62 Ross 
Creamer John, cigar maker, 205 Eastern av 
Oeamer John, brickmaker, 2iiO s .Sharp 
(,'rcarner Joseph, maker, 89 ii Front 
Creamer Joseph F. deputy sheritt", 136 e .Mon- 
Creamer J. & Sons, com. lumber merchants, 

West Falls av 
Creamer Mrs. Mary, nurse, 60 Holland 

CREAMER THOS. city sheriff, 123 s High 
Creamer Valentine, tavern, 271 s Ann 
Creane Charles bricklayer, 38 Center market 
I Creaney Thos. S. clerk, Saratoga near Park 
I Cree Peter, laborer, 55 s Eutaw 
j Creed Wm. egg packer, 37 Pennsylvania av 
I Creegan Phillips, blacksmith, 95 Watson 
' Creely Patrick, laborer, 2 Diamond 
Creep Jacob, porter, 14 n Poppleton 
Creery Wm. R. teacher, 235 Saratoga 
Creiger Conrad, cooper, 255 Aliceanna 
Creigh Michael, carpenter, 1 Rose 
Creighton A. W. clerk, 12 n Pine 
Creighton Dorothy 151 s Sharp 
Creighton Francis 291 w Pratt 
Creighton Capt. Henry, 379 Light 
Creighton Capt. Henry, mariner, 45 Warren 
Creighton Capt. James, 39 Warren 
Creighton Michael, tavern, 39 Center Mar- 
ket space 
Creighton Nancy, board, house, 41 Scott 
Creighton Patrick, carp. 204 w Madison 
Creighton Capt. Samuel, mariner, 358 Light 
Creighton Thomas, clerk, 41 Scott 
Crein Thomas, laborer, 78 Cross 
Cremmer John, jeweler, 432 Lexington 
Crcny Margaret, 38 Ross 
Creos Michael, laborer, 21 Slemmer's al 
Cresale Hester A. boarding house, 36 Henri- 
Cress James, wheelwright, 69 s Washington 
Crev-er Rev. B. H. 7 s Caroline 
Crew Richard, omnibus driver, 791 w Balto. 
Crew Wm. carpenter, 791 w Baltimore 
Crey Elizabeth .Mary, 70 Buren 
Crey Henry J. 70 Buren 
Crey Thomas, laborer, 120 s Washington 
Creyelt Thos. furniture wag. 490 w Lombard 
Crichton Wm. (P. Malcom & Co.) 36 Mount 

Vernon place 
Crider Charles, chair maker, 120 n Poppleton 
Crider Jacob, cabinet maker, 340 s Charles 
Criger Rebecca, 123 s Bond 
Crimmins Cornelius, laborer, 19 Willow 
Crimmins Patrick, China alley near Lee 
Crimmins Timothy, teacher. Division near 

Cripps John, brass moulder, 251 e Madison 
Cripps Thos. J. laborer, 267 e Madison 
Crise John L. 228 w Madison 
Crisman Jacob, tinner. 256 s Dallas 
Crisp Charles, tobacconist, 41 Thames, dw 

288 Canton av 
Crisp Benjamin, laborer, 179 Wolfe 
Crisp Elijah, painter, 89 u Greene,dw 275 Sar- 
Crisp Joseph, tobacconist, 253 Canton av 
Crisp Richard O. 17 s Broadway 
Crispins Conrad, glass blower, 119 Hamburg 
Crispins Peter, laborer, 132 Hamburg 
Criss .Michael, 26 Hollins 
Crist Jacob, drayman, 90 Eastern av 
Crist Jacob, Three Tuns Tavern 
(,'ristic Michael, blacksmith, iMcMcchin near 

Cristner Joseph, potter, 32 n Poppleton 
Crislopher AquillaB. puddler, 213 Orleans 
Criswell Levy, machinist, Falls Road near 
Northern av 





Critzbarg Chas. cigar maker, 200 Chesnut 

Critzer Casper, wagoner, 132 Orleans 

Critzer John, wagoner, 132 Orleans 

Crock Rose, 228 n Dallas 

Crockard John, stone cutter, 1 56 n Fremont 

Crocker Charles, clerk, 245 Eastern 

Crocker Emanuel, 293 n Carolina 

Crocker Daniel, huckster, 156 Dover 

Crocker James, clerk, 245 Eastern av 

Crocker Lydia, 323 Aisquith 

Crocket Benton H. boarding house, '73 s 

Crockett Nehemiah, shoemaker, 362 Lexing- 
Crockett Theodore, bell hanger, 1 Grace's ct 
Crockran Marj', 20 Slemmer's al 
Crockran Michael, laborer, 20 Slemmer's al 
Crockran Patrick, laborer, 20 Slemmer's al 
Crockran Peter, laborer, 20 Slemmer's al 
Crogan Thos. laborer, IST Forrest 
Crogin Jane, 16 Wyeth 
Crom August, shoemaker, 7 Regester 
Crom Michael, carpenter, 5 Regester 
Cromach John, shoemaker, 164 Eastern av 
Crombower John, laborer, 62 Philpot 
Crome Wm. boot maker, 23 French 
Cromer Elizabeth, 29 Lemmon 
Cromer Hannah, 16 s Eutaw 
CROMER & HOFF, tobacconists, 341 w Bal- 

Cromer John, laborer, 29 Lemmon 
Cromer Thos. W. (C. & Hoft,) 324 n Eutaw 
Cromwell Geo. H. cabinetmaker, 74s Broad- 
Cromwell's Great Eastern, Western and 
Southern Steamship Line, 116 Spears whf 
A. C. Hall, agent — ^Seep. 5 Advertisements^ 
Cromwell Jacob, cabinet maker, Walsh, 5 

doors e of Mosher 
Cromwell Jacob, carp. 122 n Poppleton 
Cromwell Jacob G. bricklayer, 24 Brune 
Cromwell Jacob G. jr. carpenter, 122 n Pop- 
Cromwell John, 183 Conway 
Cromwell John, (J. C. & Son) 136 s Ann 
Cromwell John, pattern maker, 31 Scott 
Cromwell Joshua & Son, sail makers and 
ship chand. Conner's whf. foot of Ann and 
127 Thames, dw J. C. 136 s Ann 
Cromwell J. lottery office, 8 Park 
Cromwell Levi, gunsmith, 263 Ann, dw 118 

Cromwell Oliver, gunsmith, 118 Thames,dw 

157 Gough 
Cromwill Oliver, tinner, s e cor Calhoun and 

Cromwell Oliver H. booksellers, 17 w Bal- 
timore, dw 288 Aisquith 
Cromwell Oliver T. coachmkr. 288 Aisquith 
Cromwell Richard, jr. 89 n Paca 
Cromwell Wallace, blacksmith, 200 Lee 
Cronan Charles, 65 Ililien 
Cronauf Conrad, 115 Eastern av 
Crone Edward, coach manuf. ne cor Fremont 

av and Monument 
Crone Edward, tavern, 70 Harrison, dw High 

near Gay 
Crone Wm. messenger Adams' express co. 

119 Albemarle 
Croney John W. 48 e Baltimore 

Cronchan Mrs. Nelly, s w cor Bank and 

Croney Philip H. tobacconist, 28 s Caroline 
Cronhardt John C. jeweler, 88 n Gay 
Cronhardt John, shoemaker, 33 Ensor 
Cronin Daniel, laborer, 201 n Exeter 
Cronin James, laborer, lis Regester 
Cronin John, grocery, 214 e Lombard 
Cronin Patrick M. tailor and scourer, 60 

Centre Mkt space 
Cronin Timothy, 81 s Spring 
Cronis Jacob, hackdriver, 192 Chesnut 
Cronnelly Mary, grocery, 17 French 
Cronnin Jerry, laborer, 70 Harrison 
Crook Columbus S. ( Wm H. Crawford & Co) 

Biddle near Madison 
Crook Daniel, 51 Harford aT 
Crook Francis A. (Geo. Sanders & Co.) cor 

Madison aud Townsend 
Crook Francis M. of Adams & Go's Express, 

41 Biddle 
Crook Francis, laborer. Port al near Alice- 
anna, Canton 
Crook Geo. W. M. (Levi Perry & Co.) 179 w 

Crook Henry, clerk. Bank of Baltimore, dw 

Harford avenue 
Crook James, book-keeper, 190 n Eutaw 
Crook Joseph & Son, cabinet and chair 

makers, 69 w Fayette 
Crook Joseph, (J. C. & Son) 404 Saratoga 
Crook Philip, telegraph operator, Sun Build- 
ing, dw 51 Harford av 
Crook Vil. mariner, 35 e Baltimore 
CROOK WALTER, jr. upholsterer and paper 
hanger, 220 w Baltimore — [See p. 6 Ad- 
Crook Wm. house carp, s w cor Caroline 

and Fayette 
Crook Capt. Wm. S. 103 s Eden 
Crookman John, cooper, rear 1035 w Pratt 
Crookshanks Chas. S. ship joiner, Mill, dw 

36 Fawn 
Crookshanks & Green, gro. and com. mts. 

102 Light St wharf 
Crookshanks John (C. <fc Green), 92 Barre 
Cropp William, plasterer, 27 Pearl 
CROPPER & BRO., grocers and commission 

merchants, 56 South 
Cropper Josephine, 153 n Eutaw 
Cropper .James (C. & Bro.) 35 s High 
Cropper Reuben, laborer. 30 Abbey al 
Cropper Thos. J. (C. & Bro.) 44 s High 
Cropper Z. H. H. (C. &Bro.) 108 Hanover 
Crosby Charles T. 62 Jefferson 
Crosby Francis T. clerk, 33 n Calvert 
Crosby John, laborer, Lanvale near John 
Crosby James, carpenter, Hudson al near 

Crosby Joseph & Sou, imp. fruit, Bowly's 
whf, foot of South, dw J. C. 219 w Lom- 
Croscup Catharine, 90 Albemarle 
Cross Adam, sawyer, 38 Hammond al 
Cross Rev. Andrew B. 26 e Lombard 
Cross Alex, painter, 3 s Liberty, dw 154 Ais- 
Cross Andrew, fireman, 5 Constitution 
Cross David, painter, 179 n Eutaw 
Cross Edward, rigger, 216 s Wolfe 





Cross E. A. priacipal gram, school, No 4, dw 

139 Camden 
Cross Frederick, bookseller, 88 n Paca 
Cross John W. P. carpenter. 73 Poppleton 
Cross John H. blacksmith, 103 s Ann 
Cross Jonathan, agent Amer. Tract Society, 

302 w Lombard 
Cross Leo. G. bricklayer. 98 Granby 
Cross Philemon, carpenter. 230 n Central av 
Cross Samuel B. coach maker, G9 s Howard. 

dw 139 Camden 
Cross Stephen, gas fitter, 28 Boyd 
Cross St. Market House, Cross between 

Charles and Light 
Cross Thos. W. bricklayer, "73 Poppleton 
Cross Thomas, mate. 127 s Central av 
Cross Truman, cashier Com. and Farmers' 

Bank, dw. 9 s. Howard 
Cross Walter B. cooper, 174 Forrest, dw 14 

e Monument 
CROSS WM. S. dealer in staves, shooks, &c. 
cor Eastern ar and President, dw 26 e 
Cross Wni. blacksmith, 139 Camden 
CROSSLEr J. P. coal dealer, 31 1^ South, 

dw 24 North 
Crothers David, coal dealer, 60 North, dw 

28 8 Spring 
Crothers Robert, carpenter, 62 Courtland, dw 

28 s Spring 
Crouch Alex, plasterer, 167 e Pratt 
Crouch Anthony, police. 4 Williamson 
Crouch David, 226 Montgomery 
Crouch David, jr. police, 192 Montgomery 
Crouch Edwin, machinist, 220 Montgomery 
Crouch Geo. W. mate steamboat, 252 s 

Crouch Hugh B. boiler mkr. 64 Henrietta 
Crouch John, laborer, 1 1 Henrietta 
Crouch Julia Ann, n w cor Gough and Caro- 
Crouch Stewart, boiler maker, 216 Washing- 
Crouch Thomas D. blacksmith, 206 Mont- 
Crouch Wm. printer, 101 e Lombard 
Croucher John, seaman, 7 Will 
Crouse Isaac, painter, 28 Brune 

Crouse , tailor, 284 Light 

Crout Hezekiah, tin worker, 87 Penn. av 

Crow Ezckiel, 9 French 

Crow Jane, grocery, 109 Aisquith 

Crow John, laborer, 109 Aisquith 

Crow John, 2 Albemarle 

Crow John T. 20 Barnet 

Crow Malnchai, clerk, 2 Albemarle 

Crow Nathaniel J. painter, 9 French 

Crowe .Mrs. J. G. 313 Saratoga 

Crowe Michael, porter, 2G Conway 

Crowe Sarah, grocery, 66 s Spring 

Crowell George F. tavern, 312 s Bond 

Crowl Henry, 187 e Madison 

Crowl Sarah, 194 n Exeter 

Crowley Amos, policeman, 100 n Schroedcr 

Crowley Frederick, shoemkr. 556 Peon, av 

Crowley F. C. 85 s Greene 

Crowley John, weaver, 64 s Spring 

Crowley James, 229 Aisquith 

Crowley James, clerk, 229 Aisquith 

Crowley Peter, rigger, 259 Happy al 

Crowley Thomas, grocery, 36 s Caroline 
Crowley Wm. S. clerk, 108 Lee 
Growling Henry, tailor, 357 s Charles 
Crown Albertus, cabinet maker, 50 Somerset 
Crownfield H. F. 26 n Charles 
Crownfield Mrs. A. J. 24 Camden 
Crowther Capt. John, 137 s High 
Crowther John, carpenter, 68 George 
Crovall Robert M. bailiff Super. Court, 50 

s Exeter 
CROVEAU AUGUSTIN, importer of French 

goods, 171 w Baltimore 
Crozier Ann .M. 172 e Pratt 
Crozier Charles, hatter, 198 s Broadway 
Crozier James, moulder, 46 McElderry 
Crozier Thos. J. bricklayer, 379 e Eager 
Cruden Edward, carter, 117 n Canal 
Crum James, conductor, 700 w Pratt 
Crumbacker Charles, clerk, B. & 0. R. R. 

s e cor Hoffman and Ross 
Crumbacker Ephraim, assist post master, 

s e cor Hoffman and Ross 
Crumlas John, laborer, G Webster al 
Crumm Christian, ship joiner, 3 n Eden 
Crummer Daniel, 126 e Madison 
Crummer Eliza, 126 e Madison 
Crummer Nathan J. grocer, 74 Hillen 
Cruse Elias T. (John H. & Elias T. C.) 131 

Cruse Elizabeth, Ramsey near Scott 
Cruse Isaac, cabinet maker, 235 Hanover 
Cruse John H. & Elias T. tobacconists, 83^o 

Exchange Place 
Cruse John H. (John H. & Elias T. C.) 8 East 
Cruse Joseph, machinist, Ramsey near Scott 
Cruse .Mrs. Jane, 123 Mulliken 
Cruse Matilda, confect. 44 Thames 
Cruse Wm. mariner, 44 Thames 
Cruser Isaac, clerk, 235 Hanover 
CRUSSE JOHN, tavern, Boston e of Leakin 
Cruze Charles, engineer, 12 Scott 
Cubach Charles D. brassfinisher, 5 Josephine 
Cubach Daniel, tailor, 5 Josephine 
Cuddy Isaac, grocery, 212 Central av 
Cudney Albert, oyster saloon, 546 w Bal- 
Cud worth Benjamin, shoemaker, 179 e Pratt 
Cuff Patrick, grocery, 36 Douglas 
Cuff Patrick, laborer, 28 President 
Cugle John (Coale & C.) 110 n Eutaw 
Culbert Albert C. draughtsman. 154 Hoffman 
Cullan James, grocery, 81 Forrest 
Cullen James, laborer, 125 Ensor 
Cullen James, tavern, 37 Centre Mkt. space 
Cullen Mary, cupper and leecher, 22 n Eden 
Cullen Michael, laborer, 190 Washington 
Cullen Patrick, laborer, 13 e Madison 
CuUey Langley B. 164 Montgomery 
CuUey Robert, ship carp. 98 William 
Cullimore James, Gay near Frederick 
Cullimore John, ship smith, 338 Canton av 
Cullimore John (C s Austin.) 75 s Ann 
Cullimore & Austin, ship smiths, 1 and 3 Fell 
CuUison David, mariner, 281 Hajipy al 
Cullison Geo. E. bricklayer, 228 Bank 
Cullison Geo. W. pilot, 209 Gough 
Cullison Jesse M. hay dealer, 263 Biddle 
Cullison J. M. wheelwright, 261 Biddle 
Cullison Noah, feed denier, 77 Penn. av 
Cullum Nelson, carpenter, 187 Monument 





Cullum Ann, grocery and confect. 163 Green- 
mount av 
Cullum George, miller. Falls road, near Lan- 

vale factoi-y 
Cullumber Rebecca, tailoress, 229 Light 
Cully Henry, carpenter, 20 s Schroeder 
Culnan Samuel, combmaker 265 Central av 
Culp Michael C. blacksmith, cor Oregon and 

Happy al 
Culver Charles, engineer, 229 n Eden 
Culver Heman, millwright, 35 Camden 
Culver John, blacksmith, 1 Central av 
Culver Wm T. oak cooper, 4 n Sharp, dw 

Elbow lane 
Culviner Susan, 319 Eastern av 
Cumberland Chas. grainer, 231 e Fayette 

A. Phipps, agent, Locust Point 
Cummings Edward, confect. 48 n Exeter 
Cummings Francis, grocery, 50 Davis 
Cummings James, house carp. 94 s Wash- 
Cummings John, jr., carpenter, 48 n Exeter 
Cummings Patrick, laborer, 153 Castle al 
Cummings Wra. stone cutter, 252 Franklin 
Cummins Alexander, 44 s Spring 
Cummins Grace, 1 19 Peirce 
Cummins Jacob, laborer, Ramsey nr. Amity 
Cummins John, carpenter, 48 n Exeter 
Cummins John, stone cutter, 119 Peirce 
Cummins John, gardener, Fayette extended 
Cummins Jonathan P, painter, 481 w Balto. 
Cummins Lewis H. tinner, 155 Garden 
Cummins Matilda, 9 Tyson al 
Cummins Jlargaret, 98 s Ann 
Cummins Robt. P. bricklayer, 105 n Caroline 
Cummins Wm. J. edge tool maker, 12 Stiles 
Cummins Wm. blacksmith, 65 Sarah Ann 
Cummins Wm. gardener, Philadelphia road 

near city limits 
CUMMISKEY EUGENE, attorney, 14 Bar- 

nums Building, dw 231 n Eutavv 
Cummiskey John, 231 n Eutaw 
Cundiff Anne, 21 s Eutaw 
Cunnane Edward J. clerk, 22 Ross 
Cunnane Michael, laborer, 22 Ross 
Cunningham Ann, 106 Barre 
Cunningham And. coach painter, 370 e Mon- 
Cunningham Arthur, nail maker, 152 s 


67 Second, dw 38 n Calvert 
Cunningham Cornelius N. shoemaker, 218 

Cunningham Mrs. Edward, 166 Raborg 
Cunningham Eliazabeth, 14 Pine 
Cunningham Ellen V. dressmaker, 77 n Eden 
Cunningham Geo. A. restaurant, 39 e Fayette 
Cunningham Geo. A. painter, 2 Carpenter 

al, dw 18 s Calvert 
Cunningham Jane, 141 North 
Cunningham Jas. (J. C. & Bro.) 68 Gough 
Cunningham Jas. grocer, cor Front and Bal- 
timore, dw 78 e Fayette 
Cunningham Jas. M. (A. Nachman & Co.) 

206 Aisquith 
Cunningham Jas. mason, 21 New Church 
Cuuningham James & Bro. machinists, 238 
and 240 s Caroline 

Cunningham Jas. stone mason, 84 Mullikin 
Cunningham Dr. J. T. C. cor Central av and 

Pratt, dw 130 e Pratt 
Cunningham John, laborer, 38 s Regester 
Cunningham John E. A. clerk, 234 n Eden 
Cunningham John (J. C. & Bro.) 68 Gough 
Cunningham John, grocer, 95 McElderry's 

whf. dw 93 French 
Cunningham John T. coach trim. 22 Stirling 
Cunningham John, restaurant, 72 n Gay 
Cunningham Joseph, carpenter, 11 Centre 

Mkt Space 
Cunningham Merriken B. machinist, 206 

Cunningham Mortimore, 130 e Pratt 
Cunningham Margaret, tavern, 152 s Eutaw 
Cunningham Peter, laborer, 104 West 
Cunningham Robert, shoemaker, 218 Hollins 
Cunningham Saml. hackman, 257 Forrest 
Cunningham Sarah J. milliner, 54 Barry 
Cunningaam Thomas, blacksmith. Grant 

near Pratt, dw 222 Montgomery 
Cunningham Wm. H. flour, feed and lime 

dealer, 145 n Gay, dw 290 n Caroline 
Cunningham Wm. gas fitter, 94 n Front 
Cunningham Wm. C. of Auditor's office, 234 

n Eden 
Cunningham Wm. R. clerk, 117 Ensor 
Cunningham Wm. Amos, clerk Marine Bank, 

dw 79 Lee 
Cunningham Wm. W. collector, 234 n Eden 
Cunningham Wm. W. bookseller, n w cor 

Balto. and Eden, dw 77 Caroline 
Cunningham Wm. C. clerk, 42 n Calvert 
Cunningham Wm. A. bricklayer, 149 n 

Cunningham, Wm W. druggist, 77 n Caro- 
Cupp Daniel, tailor, 183 s Caroline 
Curby, Thos. cigar maker, 141 Castle al 
Curlett Edward W. plasterer, 207 Gough 
Curlett John, attorney, 86 n Calvert 
Curlett John k Sou, coachmakers, 33 North 
Curlett Mrs. John, 155 Biddle 
Curlett John, jr., (Smith & C.) 86 n Calvert 
CURLETT LEWIS G. flour, grain, mill feed 

dealer, 6 e Lombard, dw 173 e Fayette 
Curlett Martin, carter, 45 Union 
Curlett Mary, 101 Mullikin 
Curlett Thos. coach painter, Gough near 

Curlett Wm. (J. C. & Son,) 155 Biddle 
Curley Bernard, laborer, 21 Register 
Curley Geo. E. bootfitter, 164 Forrest 
Curley James W. hardware dealer, 17 n 

Howard, dw Baltimore Co 
Curley James, clerk, 286 n Howard 
Curley Dr. Joseph H. 727 w Baltimore 
Curley Owen, wood sawyer, 29 Haw 
Curley Thos. laborer, 99 York 
Curley Wm. carp. 206 n Howard, dw 360 
Curley Wm. carp. 360 n Eutaw, dw Bait co 
Curney Lewis, merchant, 45 Granby 
Curran Edward, laborer, 151 Aliceanna 
Curran Edward, laborer, 110 Dugan's whf 
Curran Francis, laborer, 40 Slemmer's al 
Curran John H. blacksmith, 15 Buren 
Curran John, stonecutter, 22 Eastern av 
Curran Mary, 20 Eastern av 
Curran Mich, private watch. President al 





Curran Patrick, grocery, cor ArVjel and 

Webster alleys 
Curran Surah, dressmaker, 109 Saratoga 
Curran Thomas, laborer, 17G Tyson 
Curran Wm. sailor, 28 Church 
Currell Nancy, 157 Eastern av 
Curreil Samuol, grocery , 40 Leadenhall 
Curren Bernard, stonecutter, 5 Willow 
Curren Miihael, cook, 310 Light 
Curren Nicholas, pattern maker, 310 Light 
Curry (ieor<re, blacksmith. 50(i Lexington 
Curry Hugh. dyer. 47 Ilarmonvlane 
Curry Jane, boarding house, 28 n Liberty 
Curry James, clerk. 705 \v Baltimore 
Curry John P. carpenter, 6o7 Pennaav 
Curry John, flour and feed store, Forrest 

near Ilillen, d\v 28 Orleans 
Curry John, (Bishop & C.,) 28 Orleans 
Curry John, carter. 147 Castle al 
Curry John R. house carp. 96 e Lombard 
Curry John T. shoemaker. 84 Peirce 
Curry .Mrs. Rosetta. 5G0 Le.\iug>on 
Curry Samuel P. grocer, 199 e .Madison 
Curry Wm. carpenter. 75 Gough 
Curry Wm. IL watchman. ilO Decker 
Cursch Walter, tailor, 91 Pennsylvania av 
Curtain Joanna, huckstress, 17 Diamond 
Curtain Michael, tailor, 404 s Charles 
Curtain Robert, painter, 197 Forrest 
Curtain Samuel, 227 n Eden 
Curtin Mary, dressmaker. 88 Saratoga 
Curtis John D. cabinet maker, 230 German 
CURTIS & POST, com. merchts, 43 South 

and 41 w Pratt 
Curtis Patrick, lab'r, Aliceanna near Canton 
Curtis Peter, laborer, 239 Lemmon al 
Curtis Reuben S. (C. & Post,) Broadway 

near Orleans 
Curtis Thomas, laborer, Charles near North- 
ern av 
Curvel Charles, bricklayer, 49 George 
Curvel John, brickla5'er, 323 n Eutaw 
Curvill Lewis, marble cutter, 167 York av 
Curvill Wm. sailmaker, 47 s RegesUir 
(Jiisack John, shoemaker, 72 I'earl 
Cusick .Nbary, 24 Fawn 
CUSHIXGS k BAILEY, booksellers and sta- 
tioners, 262 w Baltimore 
Cushing David, (Ham k C) 07 w Fayette 
CushingJohn, (C. & Bailey) cor Lombard 

and i'aca 
Cusliing Joseph, (Whitney & C.) d\v 60 a 

Cushing Joseph, jr. (C. & Bailey,) 99 

w Fayette 
Cushing Jos. M. (d k Bailey,) 99 wFayette 
Cushing Joseph M. 99 w Fayette 
Cushing Peter, laborer. G9 French 
Cushing [{obert Il.'derk, !»7 w Fayetto 
Cushion Richard, nail and brick maker, 213 

s Washington, dw 20,") Happyal 
Cushman Cephas, manufacturer window 

sliadcs and li.vturcs, 1 s Charles 
Cushman J. R. agent, ship cliand. and com. 
uierch't, lO'J Smith's whf, dw 95 n Bond 
Cushman Peter C. carp. 392 Lexington 
Cusbnian Wm, H. seaman, 120 Granby 
Custis Wni. P. salesman, St. Paul, near Bait 
Custom House, n w cor (Jay and Lombard 
Custy Dennis, laborer, 31 Rock 

Custy John, tailor, .*) Cowpen al 
Cutcher Francis, bricklayer. 41 n Rehroedcr 
Cutler Chas. S. dry goods dealer, 647 w Bait 
Cutler David G. shoemaker. 148 n Caroline 
Cutler Smith, carpenter, 472 w Pratt 

Dabos Joh.v. lumber piler. 49 s Bond 
Dack John, laborer, 8 Amity 
Dack Leonard, carter, 99 Peirce 
Daekenhauseu Henry, cigar maker, 41 Al- 
Dacan Capt. Levin, 90 Block 
Dacley .Mrs, Mary E. seamstress, 375 Lex- 
Dadds Harriett, seamstress, 308 Franklin 
Dadds Wm. laborer, 101 I'eirce 
Dadey Daniel, trader, 119 n Bond 
Datlin Bcnj. culler. 2 Holiday, dw 44 n High 
Dnffin Chas, (.'. D. engineer, l,'i4 Garden 
Dafiin Robt. S. cutler, 44 n High 
Dagen Geo. porter, Etting near Townsend 
Dagner Samuel, grocery, 214 s Caroline 
Dahl Jacob, grocer, 11 Union 
Dahl Lewis, boiler maker, 293 Columbia 
Dahle John II. C. tailor and clothier, 85 n 

Dablweraer Joseph, carp. 548 Saratoga 
Dalim Peter, moulder, 138 Lee 
Dahman Theodore, cartnian, 55 Conway 
Duiger Charles F, carpenter, 150 Franklin 
Daiger Edward, carpenter, 150 Franklin 
Daickerii John, tavern, 100 Lexington 
Daig(a' Francis \. hosiery and trimmings 

dealer, 122 n Greene 
Daiger Francis A. cabinet maker, 116 Ra- 

Daiger Fred, hardware dealer, 324 w Pratt 
Daiger Goliah, laborer, 174 Burgundy al 
Daiger Joseph, collector, 109 n Kutaw 
Daiger Josei)h, jr. charcoal deal. 132 s High 
Daiger Mat. A. cabinet maker, 178 Broadway 
Daiger Susan, 35 n Front 
Daihl Henry, laborer, 164 Aliceanna 
Dail Daniel, carp. 4 Tripolett's al, dw 126 

s High 
Dailey A. II. grocer, 125 Ilillen 
Dailey Chas. segar maker, 30 Marion 
Dailey Ephraim V. brush manufacturer, 52 

s Charles, dw 125 Ilillen 
Dailey Francis, groom, 10 Garden 
Dailey Peter, carter, 20 s Front 
Diiilor Phili[), painter, 517 Saratoga 
Daily John, carter, 258 Baborg 
Daily Owen, drayman, cor Cathedral and 

Daily Thomas, saddle and harness maker, 

41 South, dw 16 s ("alvert 
Daily Wm. F. surgical instrument maker, 

105 w Fayette 
Daingerfield John B. clerk, 40 Sharp 
Dainhardt Henry, tailor, 25Gittings 
Dalby Ca|)t. R. .M. 244 e Lombard 
Dalby Wm. T. (Dinsmore & Kyle,) 94 o 

Dale Henry, slater, 90 Lancaster 
Dale Robert, car jiainter, 515 Saratoga 
Dale Samuel, grocer, 515 Saratoga 
Dale Samuel, carpenter, 270 .Mulberry 
Dale Wm. K. maehinisi, 3o s Popi)letou 
Dalev Andrew, laborer, l.')5 Castle al 





Daley & Bro. tinners, 759 w Baltimore 
Daley Chas. marble polisher, 6 Pleasant 
Daley Edward, salesman, Eaerle hotel, 132 

Daley Elijah, chairmaker, 68Ensor 
Daley Henry R. cabinet maker, 295 Saratoga 
Daley Henry, 75 Stirling 
Daley Jacob, jr. 162 e Fayette 
Daley James, baker, 751 w Baltimore 
Daley John C. trunnel maker, 18 Ham- 
mond al 
Daley John, laborer, 95 Albemarle 
Daley John, bookseller, 56 Holland 
Daley John, blacksmith, 9 Wyeth 
Daley John, sailmaker, 1 s Caroline 
Daley John, sailmaker, 1 Centre Market sp. 
Daley John, (D. & Bro.) 759 w Baltimore 
Daley Joseph, cabinet maker, 273 w Pratt, 

dw 24 Jackson 
Daley Martin, tailor, 56 Orleans 
Daley Matthew, distiller, 29 e Monument 
Daley Michael, laborer, 53 Tyson al 
Daley Michael, laborer, 24 Willow 
Daley Michael, confectioner, 107 n Calvert 
Daley Owen, 6 Pleasant 
Daley Owen, carter, cor Howard and Cath- 
Daley Patrick, shoemaker, 59 Chesnut 
Daley Thomas, laborer, 9 Willow 
Daley Thomas, cooper, 124 s Charles 
Daley Thomas, cigar maker, 22 Preston 
Daley Wm. conductor, B. & 0. R. R., dw 

Broaders' Washington hotel 
Daley Wm. J. carpenter, 92 German 
Dall Austin, (D., Gibbons & Co.) 74 Cath- 
Dall, Gibbons & Co. dry goods commission 

merchants, 22 Hanover 
Dall James, Penna. av extended near 1st toll 

Gibbons & Co.) 155 

(Fitzgerald, Booth & 

Dall Joseph E. (D. 

Dallam Edward B 
Co.) 89 St. Paul 
Dallam H. C. attorney, 10 Marshall build- 
ings, St. Paul, dw 72 Saratoga 
Dallas Street Church, (M. E. colored) Dallas 

n of Canton av 
Dalle Peter, blacksmith, 299 William 

Dalmane , artist, over 244 w Balto. 

Dalraead George, 6 s Exeter 
Dalrymple Rev. Edwin A., D. D., prest. Uni- 
versity of Md. 32 Mulberry, dw 195 w 
Dalrymple George W. messenger, Adams' 

Express Co. 112 Hill 
Dalrymple John, pattern maker, 55 Buren 
Dalrymple John, machinist, 112 Hill 
Dalrymple Robert, clerk, 112 Hill 
Dalrymple Robert, bookkeeper, 112 Hill 
Dalrymple Thomas, carpenter, 259 Forrest 
Dalrymple Dr. Wm. D. 143 n Eutaw 
Dalrymple Wm. 195 w Lombard 
Dalsheimer David, dry goods and clothing, 

280 s Charles 
Dalton Mrs. Elmira, tailoress, 48 Amity 
Dalton Morris, tailor, 183 e Lombard 
Daly Eliza, 5 Camden 
Dame Frederick, butcher, 219 Lexington 
Darner John, piano maker, 224 s Paca 

Damer Christian, coal burner, Patuxent 3 of 

Elliott, Canton 
Damer Thomas S. music teacher, 168 s Paca 
Damil John B. machinist, 73 n High 
Damm Conrad, tailor, 155 Orleans 
Damman Peter, police, 2 Hill 
Dammann F. Wm. & E. dry goods impor. 

and com. merchts. over 254 w Baltimore, 

dw 254 Chatsworth 
Dammann Dr. Lewis H. 137 n Fremont 
Dammann Wm. barber, 94 e Madison 
Danaher Mrs. Mary, washerwoman, 23 Rock 
Danaher Thos. millstone maker, 44 s Chapel 
DANDELET FRANCIS, Bait. Brewery, cor 

Conway and Hanover, dw 107 Hanover 
Dandelet Francis, dyer, 40 n Liberty 
Dane Charles, cooper, 907 w Pratt 
Daneham Thomas, laborer, 25 Morris al 
Daneker Henry, sheet iron worker, 228 

Daneker John F. millright, 375 Franklin 
Daneker John J. 143 Cross 
Daneker Orman A. clerk, 26 Monument 
Danels Bolivar D. jr. attorney, and consul 

Venezuela, 57 w Fayette, dw 183 Hoffman 
Danels John D. jr. (Claggett & Co.) 67 e 

Danest Philip, laborer, 203 Montgomery 
Danhar Thomas, millstone maker, 44 Chapel 
Danhouse Caroline, 81 Spring 
Daniel Andrew, shoemaker, 109 Peirce 
Daniel Aug. varnisher, 8 Grindle 
Daniel John, millwright, 312 Harford av 
Daniel John B. machinist, 73 n High 
Daniel Robert, of college institute for young 

ladies, 60 Saratoga 
Daniels George W. chairmaker, 10 Low 
Daniels John, brass finisher, 73 n High 
Daniels Lieut. U. S. N. 166 Preston 
Daniels Walter, artist, 41 Hoffman 
Daniels Capt. Wm. B. 69 s Caroline 
Dann Conrad, tailor, 155 Orleans 
Dannenberg F. K. 339 Lexington 
Dannenfedder David, 358 William 
Dannenfelser Lewis, cooper, 166 s Central av 
Dannettel Henry L. cabinet maker, 214 s 

Dannettel John H. (Duker, D. & Co.) 3 Vine 
Danskin Washington A. jr. clerk, 11 n 

Danskin Washington A. & Co. gents furn- 
ishing store, 64 w Fayette, dw W. A. D. 

254 Hanover 
Danson Capt. Lewis, 298 Franklin 
Dantziger Julius, professor of languages, 89 

Danz Edward, tailor, 35 Eastern av 
Darber John, bell hanger, 19 Perry 
Darby Benjamin, (Kephart, D. & Sons) 319 

w Fayette 
Darby David, (Kephart, D. & Sons) 341 w 

Darby Franklin, clerk, 319 w Fayette 
Darby Philip, clerk, 319 w Fayette 
Dare Eliza J. 118 s Paca 
Dare Gideon G. (Tabb, Sproston &Co.) 40 

Dare Margaret, 161 Hanover 
Dare Wm. H. clerk, 183 s Paca 
Dare W. H. carpenter, 108 s Greene 

Darley John, shoemaker, 325 e Monument 
DARLING F. TAYLOR, dry goods dealer, 

157 Forrest 
Darling James, sexton Monument 8i. M. E. 

Church, dw 40 StirlinK 
Darling James, stoue cutter, TG Albemarle 
Darling John, letter carrier, 285 n Ghy 
Darling Lewis, baker, 137 n Eutaw 
Darling Mary A. millinery goods dealer, 307 

n Gay 
Darlyman John, ship carp. 232 e Eager 
Darr George, grocer, 146 Saratoga 
Darraugh Daniel, imp. shoe findings and 

leather, 16 s Calvert, dw 28 s Broadway 
Darrell Charles, clerk, n e cor Charles and 

Darrell Stewart, 81 n Charles 
Darrington Jlrs. Mary E. 34 s Broadway 
Darrough Wm. shoemaker, 164 e Madison 
Dart John R. collar maker, 130 Orleans 
Dartcrway Peter, shoemaker, 418 Canton av 
Dasch Adam, quarryman, Bloomingdale 

road near Western Cemetery 
Dasch John P. tavern, 189 Hollins 
Dashields Mrs. Ann 175 Bank 
Dashields Daniel, painter, 44 s Exeter 
Dashields Ellen, tailoress, 06 n Caroline 
Dashields George, painter, 175 Bank 
Dashields George M. 44 s Exeter 
Dashields James T. mariner, 175 Bank 
Dashields John, waterman, 66 n Caroline 
Dasliiell Jesse, hoarding house, 38 n Calvert 
Dashiell Levin F. pro. Gersham hall, 172 s 

Bond, dw 170 
Dashiell Mrs. Mary, 207 Broadway 
Dashiell Matilda, board, house, 27^ Aisquith 
Dashiell Capt. Mitchell, 27^ Aisquith 

Dashiell Robert, board, house, 144 s Exeter 
Dashiell Wm. J. clerk, 27J Aisquith 
Dashiell Wm. R. bricklayer, 50 Holland 
Dashiells Rev. R. L. 99 Mulberry 
Dattenthaler Joseph, watchman, nail works, 

Locust Point 
Dauch Peter, stevedore, 151 Ann 
Dauer Xrfer, shoemaker, 72 Somerset 
Daughaday John T. carver, 125 Aisquith 
Daughaday Richard, stone cut. 219 n Eden 
Daugherty Cornelius, 42 Albemarle 
Daugherty Daniel, carter, 184 Washington 
Daugherty Daniel, brass finisher, 3 Slem- 

mer's al 
Daugherty George, laborer, 164 East 
Daugherty James, printer, 80 Harford av 
Daugherty John W. coal dealer, n e cor 

(Jentral avand llampstead, dw Jacksonsq 
Daugherty John, tavern, 29 w Lombard 
Daugherty John, ship carp. 138 s Ann 
Daugherty Joseph, bricklayer, 166 n Spring 
Daugherty Mary, 183 e Lombard 
Daugherty Michael, hack driver, 137 n High 
Daugherty Patrick, laborer, 32 s Durham 
Daugherty Peter, tavern, 322 Aliceanna 
Daugherty & Sands, feed and flour dealers, 

29 w Lombard 
Daugherty Sarah II. dry goods dealer, 283 
Daugherty Wm. salesman, 46 Hillen 
Dauglierty Wni. H. (D. Ac Sands) 58 e Mon- 

Daugherty Wm. H. seaman, 11 n Bond 
Daughton James M. machinist, 53 French 
Daughton John B. tailor ,53 French 
DauU Wm. marble cutter, 77 Henrietta 
Daum Jacob, shirt maker, 29 e Fayette 
Daum John, cooper, Clinton s of Elliott, 

Daum Lewis, cooper, Clinton s of Elliott, 

Daumas Louisa, Gilmor, near Saratoga 
DaumasMrs. Victoria, Gilmor, near Saratoga 
Davault Jacob, fireman, 91 Hamburg 
Davenport Joseph, teacher, 98 n High 
Davenport, Joseph B. clerk, 98 nHigh 
Davey Margaret, grocery, 47 e Monument 
David Margaret, grocery, 33 s Front 
Davidge Rebecca, 76 McCulloh 
Davids Josiah A. chair caner, 2 Hull's lane 
Davids Mrs. Rachel C. 2 Hull's lane 
Davidson Armeda H. 207 Hanover 
Davidson A. B. imp. and dealer in cloths & 

cassimeres, 219 w Baltimore, dw 246 w 

Davidson Chas. A. clerk, 258 w Fayette 
Davidson Chas. C. shoemaker, 224 n Eutaw 
Davidson Clurk Y. gas fitter, 188 Chesnut 
Davidson Francis, 119 n Central av 
Davidson George, potter, Ann nr Baltimore 
Davidson Jas. blacksmith & .wheelwright, 

14 & 16 East Falls av 
Davidson John G. clerk, 276 e Baltimore 
Davidson James, painter, 112 n Bond 
Davidson Robert, weaver, 53 Chatsworth 
Davidson, Samuel G. ropemaker, cor Point 

lane and Harford av 
Davidson Dr. Samuel A. 67 s Charles 
Davidson Sarah J. 103 Jefferson 
Davidson Solomon K. (Harrison,. D. & Co.) 

81 Hill 
Davidson Susan, 83 North 
Davidson Wm. ropemaker, cor Harford av 

and Point lane 
Davies Mrs. Jacob G. 64 w Madison 
Davies John A. attorney, 99 Saratoga 
Davies Mrs. Mary A. 99 Saratoga 
DAVIES & WAKFIELD, merchants and 

millers, 16 Spear's whf 
Davies Solomon B. (D. & Warfield) 155 

St. Paul 
Davies S. K. clerk, 99 Saratoga 
Davies Wm. H. 99 Saratoga 
Davis Adam, laborer, 39 s Bethel 
Davis Albert, machinist, 5 w Hiddle 
Davis Archer H. boot fitter, 185 Forrest 
Davis Alfred, sailmaker, 118 Bank 
Davis Ann, tavern, Clinton ■ of Boston, 

Davis August, tailor, 19 Low 
Davis Augustus, shipsmith, 58 William 
Davis Andrew, laborer, 4 Church 
Davis Alexr. H. mail agent, B. & O. R. R. 

dw 106 s Greene 
Davis Archibald T. tinner, 465 w Lombard 
Davis Beiij. cop. smeller, Clinton s of Bos- 
ton, Canton 
Davis Benj. coach maker, n w cor Forrest 

and (lillen , 
Davis Benj. hair dresser and barber, 806 w 

Davis Charles, grocery, 75 Forrest 



JOHN W. woods' 


Davis Bradford A,,(D. Goslee & Co.) Pratt 

near Eden 
Davis Ciiarles, upholsterer, 7 Columbia 
Davis Charles H. pilot, 73 s Bond 
Davis Mrs Charles 29 n Fremont 
Davis Charles policeman, 83 n Eden 
Davis Chas. W. book keeper, 134 Mulberry 
Davis Daniel, copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Boston, Canton 
Davis David, carpenter, 149 n Central ar 
Davis Edward, miller, 353 Franklin 
Davis Edward, miller, 349 Franklin 
Davis Edward, carpenter, 26 Grundy 
Davis Elizabeth, 36 s Caroline 
Davis Elizabeth, 85 Hamburg 
Davis Edward, carpenter, 23 Walker 
Davis Eugene V. collector, 65 Hanover, 

dw Lexington 
Davis Eugene V. Fayette w of Fulton 
Davis Elizabeth, grocery, 198 Forrest 
Davis Frederick, blacksmith, 60 Holiday 
Davis George S. plasterer, 86 Pine 
Davis George P. engineer, 499 w Lombard 
Davis George H. stone cutter, Vine near 

Davis G. W. property agent, Ross near 

Davis Geo. A. carpenter, 287 w Lombard 
Davis, Goslee & Co. sailmakers, 81 Smith's 

Davis Harriet, 177 Chesnui 
Davis Henrietta, teacher, 2 Walsh 
DhvIs Henry W. attorney, 56 St. Paul 
Davis Howard, millwright, 349 Franklin 
Davis Hugh, laborer, 184 Montgomery 
Davis Isaac, hat dealer, 332 w Pratt 
Davis Jacob T. millwright, 353 Franklin 
Davis James W. shoemaker, 140 Conway 
Davis James, boarding house, 140 Conway 
Davis James C. house carpenter, 123 s Car- 
oline, dw 109 s Eden 
Davis James, laborer, 55 e Monument 
Davis James, seaman, 70 Little McElderry 
Davis James E. carpenter, 494 Lexington 
Davis John, brakesman, 45 McHenry 
Davis John, ladies' shoemaker, 506 w Bait. 
Davis John, port warden, 203 Gough 
Davis John, junk and iron dealer, Caroline 

near Lancaster, dw 180 Ann 
Davis John, 215 Barre 
Davis John, plasterer, 104 n High 
Davis John, nightman, 96 McElderry 
Davis John, sailor, 170 Hughes 
Davis John, moulder, 13 Williamson al 
Davis John C. carpenter, 177 Hollins 
Davis John E. master machinery N. C. R. 

Road, dw 63 w Biddle 
Davis John W. house carp. 69 n Caroline 
Davis John, 134 Mulberry 
Davis John R. 71 Garden 
Davis John, rigger, 215 s Ann 
Davis John E. machinist, 235 Hollins 
Davis John, laborer, 198 Canton av 
Davis John Thompson, Northern av near 

Davis John G. ship carp. Light near Mont- 
Davis John, tailor, 70 Somerset 
Davis John E. machinist, 148 n Fremont 
Davis John, mariner, 102 Pine 

Davis John, silver refiner, cor Clinton and 

Davis John, hackman, 51 Pine 
Davis John H. S. bricklayer, 62 e Decker 
Davis John W. deputy naval officer at cus- 
tom house, dw Warren near William 
Davis John F. carp, and builder, 50 Elbow 

lane, dw 58 Columbia 
Davis John, carpenter and stairbuilder, 169 

n Caroline 
Davis John W. clerk, cor Warren & Wash- 
Davis John W. ostler, 44 Conway 
Davis Josiah, sergeant of police Central sta- 
tion, dw 113 e Lombard opposite Lloyd 
Davis Joseph, millwright, 115 Chesnut 
Davis Joseph, chairmaker, 3 Mulberry 
Davis Joseph, brewer, 394 Saratoga 
Davis Joseph, miller, Hollins near Carey 
Davis Joseph, laborer, 334 Lombard 
Davis Julia A. tailoress, L. Garden 
Davis Lena, lager beer house, 243 s Bond 
Davis Lawrence B. clerk, 287 w Lombard 
Davis Louisa, 58 William 
Davis Louis C. moulder, 30 s Poppleton 
Davis Maria E. 224 Canton av 
Davis Margaret, seamstress. Beam's lot w 

of Schroeder near Peirce 
Davis Margaret, 13 n Eutaw 
Davis Margaretta, 30 Church 
Davis Mary E. dressmaker, 173 e Pratt 
Davis Mary, 70 Somerset 
Davis Michael, oak cooper, 144 Raborg 
Davis & Miller, druggists, 12 n Howard 
Davis Presley P. shoemaker, 44 Boyd 
Davis Priscilla, 148 e Lombard 
Davis R. W. (Pegram, Paynter & D.) cor 

Saratoga and Liberty 
Davis Richard T. dry goods dealer, 212 Sa- 
Davis Robert, laborer, 60 Hamburg 
Davis Robert, (D. & Miller) 246 Saratoga 
Davis Robt. P. manuf. hats, caps, &c. 22 e 

Davis Samuel K 99 Saratoga 
Davis Stephen, shoemaker, J50 Lexington 
Davis Thomas, shoemaker, cor Lexington 

and Paca, dw 500 w Fayette 
Davis Thomas L. ship carp. 58 William 
Davis Travis, ship carpenter, 58 William 
Davis Thos. smelter, 1 Cuba, Locust Point 
Davis Thomas, moulder, 188 East 
Davis Thomas, tailor, 133 e Monument 
Davis Thomas, blacksmith, 10 s Carey 
Davis Thomas H. house carp. 173 e Pratt 
Davis Thomas B. messenger to mayor, 236 

Davis Thomas, copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Boston, Canton 
Davis Wm. H. ship carpenter, 2 Warner 
Davis William, sailor, 5 Armistead lane 
Davis William, barber, 54 Rock 
Davis Capt Wm. H. 106 Hamburg 
Davis Wm. T. machinist, 183 Hollms 
Davis Wm. H. constable, Washington near 

Pleasant al 
Davis Wm. ship carpenter, Patapsco s of 

Washington, Canton 
Davis Wm. mariner, 73 Thames 



Davis Wm. L. traveling aijent, National hotel 
Davis Wm. M. 2:<9 Franklin 
Davis Wm. shoemaker, 174 n Caroline 
Davis Wm. daguerreian gallery, over 121 w 

Diivis Wm. machinist, Ql Constitution 
Davis Wm. G. ship carp. 8(1 Columbia 
Davis Wm. constable, 156 s Washington 
Davis Wm.R. plowmak. Bethel n of Orleans 
DAVISON W.M & CO. manuf. chemi- 
cals, paints, varn. &c 104 w Lombard 
Davis Wilson, machinist, 7 Bolton 
Davy Barney, dyer, 115 Peirce 
Davy Charles, stone cutter, 115 Peirce 
Davy Mary, bobbin maker, 115 Peirce 
Davy Patrick, in e Monument 
Daw Wm. T. shoemaker, 211 Central av 
Daws Henry, carpenter. 466 w Baltimore 
Daws John, grocer, 101 Mullikin 
Dawes Edward B. constable and collector. 

178. s Eutaw 
Dawes Francis A. sr. oak cooper. Centre al 

near w Fayette, dw 116 Cathedral 
Dawes Henry, cooper, Marion, dw 159 w 

Dawes, Hudgins & Co. edge tool manufs. 

cor Pratt and Mill 
Dawes John, (D. Hudgins & Co.) Mullikin 

near Bond 
Dawes Richard, cooper, 154 Garden 
Dawes Richd. cooper, Garden near Preston 
Dawson Anne, washerwoman, 17 Jew al 
Dawson David, engineer, 152 Garden 
Dawson Maria, 344 e Lombard 
Dawson Philip T. sash dealer, 63 w Pratt, 

dw 66n Broadway 
Dawson Richard, grocer and feed dealer, 

127 n Front 
iwson Samuel, grocery, 256 e Pratt 
Dawson Saml. C. agent for the London Pub- 
lishing Co 15 St. Paul, dw 24 Chatsworth 
Dawson Thomas R. 6l) n Broadway 
Day Alexr. ship carp. Chester near Gough 
Day Alfred G 221 Saratoga 
Day Asa, cooper, 14 Little Broadway 
Day Edward H. ship carp. 214 Bank 
Day George, puddler, Burke, near Alice- 
anna, Canton 
Day Rev. Gideon H. 254 e Baltimore 
Day Hazen P. baker, 107 Vine 
Day Joseph E. bricklayer, 344 Mulberry 
D;iy Jacob, tinner, 48 Holiday, dw 304 e 

Day Oliver F. saddler, 47 s Liberty 
Day Oliver F. clerk, 17 s Liberty 
Day Samuel, 240 e Lombard 
Deacon John, grocery, 30 Hampstead 
Deagen Wm J. 43 n Charles 
Deady John, grocer, Baltimore e of Chester 
Deal Catherine, 8 Harford av 
Deal Francis, piano maker, 169 Mulberry 
Deal George W. bricklayer, 2H7 Madison 
Dial CJeorge J. butcher, 135 Penn. av 
Deal Isaac, laborer, Phila. road e of Guest 
Deal John, bricklayer, 26 Constituiien 
Deal John, porter, 13 Goodman al 
Deal Lemuel, cab. maker, 245 e Madison 
Deal Mary, 26 Constitution 
Deal Thomas T. milkman, Phila. road e of 

Deal D. Barbarv 125 Harford av 

Deal Wm. C. plumber, 88 North, dw 25 

Deal Wm. carpenter, 25 Buren 
Dean Charles M. owner of Gilmor house 

coaches, dw 38 Holiday 
Dean John, laborer, 77 s Poppleton 
Dean Michael, carter, 277 e Monument 
Dean Richard, turner, 48 Holland 
Dean Thomas, carpenter, 241 Franklin 
Dean Wm. wagoner, 88 Greenmount aT 
I^ean Wm F. clerk, 52 n Liberty 
Dean W. A. & Co dry goods merchts. 213 

w Baltimore, dw W. A D. 161 w Lombard 
Dean Wm treasurer Canton Co. cor Bos- 
ton and Patuxent 
De Arcy Margaret N. 131 St. Paul 
Dearing Notley W. blacksmith, 433 w 

Deasel Andrew, 134 Canton av 
Deauch Anthony, stevedore, 22 Regester 
Denver Ford, tailor, 327 e Monument 
Deaver Jehu C. machinist, 158 High 
Deaver J. W. lightning rod manuf. German 

near Paca,dw 536 w Lombard 
Deaver James, mariner, 317 e Monument 
Deaver John, blacksmith, 19 Sterrett 
Deaver Mary Ann, 91 Hillen 
Deaver Stephen, painter, 261 s Paca 
Deaver Wm. blacksmith, 240 e Madison 
Deaver Wm. R. house painter, Federal nr 

De Baufre Ann, board, house, 52s Broadway 
Dp Baufre Wm. butter depot, 262 Eastern av 
Debaugh George, painter, Collin's ct. back 

411 Saratoga 
Debeck John, laborer, 18 Knox al 
Debeet Duncan H .(Barret&D.) 23 e Fayette 
Debeet Wm. ornamental painter, 4 n Front, 

dw 23 e Fayette 
Debering Jarret, grocery, cor Pearl and 

Debow John, 245 Hollins 
Dcbow Lemuel, oys. deal. Lanvale nr John 
Debow Sophia, grocery, 245 Hollins 
Debring Adolph, engine clean. Foster al 
Debring John G. shoemaker, 133 n Futaw 
Deck John, bakery, 280 n Howard 
Deck William, grocer, 455 Saratoga 
Deckelman Geo. shoemaker, 34 St. Mary 
Deckelman Jno. shoemaker, 33 Chatsworth 
Deckenbaugh Christian, pump maker, 2^23 

8 Durham 
Decker Addi<on, butter depot, 113 n Exeter 
Decker Balthazcr, tobacconist, 257 Aisquith 
Decker Chas. butcher, 15 Washington 
Decker Francis, tailor, 273 n Central av 
Decker Fredk. laborer, 174 Regester 
Decker Henry, baker, 11 Fountain 
Dicker Henry, tailor, 19 Orleans 
Decker Henry, porter, 3 Hamilton 
Decker Jacob F. of Com. & Farm, bank, 149 

w Fayette 
Dc Con'nick Amelia W. 21 McCulloh 
De Connick Francis, clerk, 21 McCulloh 
DE CORMIS& ROGERS, imp. and deal. 

in wines, brandies, &c. 4 Commerce 
De Cormis Edward, (De C. & Rogers) 46 n 

De Coiirsey Ann, 224 r Lombard 





DediasDr. E. 16 Garden 
Dedig Andrew, mattress maker, 49 Harrison 
Dedpass John, policeman, 124 Jeferson 
Dedricii John, shoemaker, 36 L. McKlderry 
Dedricks Menno, engineer, 67 n Frederick 
Dee James, laborer, 25 Lemmon 
Deeg John, furniture wagoner, s e cor Cam- 
den and Charles 
Deegan Finton, plasterer, 128 s Wolfe 
D'Elpeux R. 181 Cathedral 
Deemer Henry, cooper, 102 s Bond 
Deemer Joseph, blacksmith, 179 Chester 
Deems Adam W. blacksmith, 17 Sterrett 
Deems Edward, moulder, 116 Scott 
Deems George, machinist. Ill s Poppleton 
Deems Jacob, jr. (Sloan & D.) 6 HoUins 
Deems Jacob, moulder, 94 Grundy 
Deems Jacob C. painter, Warner nr Cross 
Deems Susannah, 1 Hollins 
Deems William, moulder, 19 s Warner 
Deerhott August, harness mak. 247 s Bond 
Dees Franklin, cabinet mak. 218 n Caroline 
Deets Eliza, 166 East 
Deets Fredk. (Benten & D.) cabinet maker, 

34 McElderry 
Deets Geo. W. bricklayer, 13 Wolfe 
Deets John, cooper, 216 s Bond 
Deets Tobias, laborer, 149 William 
Deis Henry, butcher, Garrison lane near 

Frederick road 
Deis Nicholas, butcher. Garrison lane near 

Frederick road 
Deffenbaugh John, tavern, 211 Lexington 

leather and oil commission merchants, 42 

s Calvert, dw 105 n Charles 
De Ford Benj. F. (Benj. De F. & Sons,) 105 

n Charles 
DEFORD CHARLES D, & CO. tobacco 

commission merchants and importers of 

Havana cigars and leaf tobacco, 37 s Gay 
De Ford Isaac B. (Benj. De F. & Sons,) 105 

n Charles 
De Ford George H. clerk, 336 w Fayette 
De Ford Richard, clerk, 336 w Fayette 
De Ford Thos. G. clerk, 336 w Fayette 
De Ford Thomas, 15 n Charles 
De Ford Thomas, (Benj. De F. & Sons) 105 

n Charles 
De Ford Wm. Y. (Chas. D. DeF. & Co.) 42 

Defreese Fredk. shoemaker, 63 Albemarle 
Degan George, porter, 121 Smith's whf 
Degan Joseph, cigar maker, 6 Truxtoa 
Degaw Thos. carter, 444 w Lombard 
Degele John F. watchmaker, 271 n Gay 
Degenhard Dorothy, tobac'nist, 56 Thames 
Degenhardl Herman, wood dealer, 92 s 

Degleman Joseph, 78 Somerset 
Degoey Chas. wharfinger. Chase's whf. dw 

cor. Thames and Philpot 
Degoey Ellen T. 20 Ogsden 
De Goev Wm. hat store, 212 w Pratt 
DegroflTMri. S. 10 s Schroeder 
Dehne Henry, shoemaker, L. Montgomery 

near Eutaw 
Dehoof Jesse, wheelwright, 112 Vine 
Deibel Jacob, confec. and baker, n w cor. 

Arch and Saratoga 

Dehreng George, porter, 78 Albemarle 
Deible Peter, baker, n w cor. Baltimore and 

Deichelbore Michael, butcher, Hampslead 

near Gist 
Deifner Michael, tailor, 40 Durham 
Deiger George, carter, 474 Saratoga 
Deiser George, blacksmith, 31 s Oregon 
Deist N Martin, baker, 34 s Poppleton 
Deist William, baker, 843 w Baltimore 
Deilch Wra. carpenter, 174 n High 
Deiter Caroline, tailoress, 28 Maiden la 
Deiirich Chas. cigar mkr. 63 e Monument 
Deitricii John H. shoemaker, 27 Ruck 
Deiirich Louis, gardener, 12 Lee 
Deiiz Chas. paper carrier, 14 Barnes 
Deitz George, scissors grinder, 224 Dallas 
Deilz Henry L. blacksmith, 24 Comet 
Deiiz John, laborer, 57 Gough 
Deitz John, scissors grinder, 255 n Dallas 
Deitz Rheinhart, grocery, 115 n Eutaw 
Deilz Wm. cigar maker, 24 Comet 
Deitz Valentine, tailor, 145 s Spring 
Deitzel Frederick, tailor, 290 Canlon av 
Deitzer Francis, iron founder, Aliceanna, 

Deiz Killion, shoemaker, 31 s Chapel 
Dekenry Augustus, engineer, 226 Wash- 
DelaMar. B. agent sale of gin, branily,&c. 

40 e Lombard 
Delacour Wm. L. bricklayer, 315 Saratoga 
Delahay Jacob B. livery stables, 24 Conway 
Delahay Jas. C. shoemaker, 20 George 
Delahay James H. carpenter, 39 Henrietta 
Delahay James H. carpenter, 31 Henrietta 
Delahay Jesse S. carpenter, 70 Camden 
Delaney Chas. boiler maker, 124 ii Fremont 
Delaney Dennis, drayman, 72 Eastern av 
Delaney Edward, shoemakr. 151 e Lombard 
Delaney John, gilder, 122 Saratoga 
Delaney Dr. Robert, herb doctor and prop. 

Indian veget. compounds, 9 w Lombard 
Delante Wm. laborer, 140 Canton av 
Delanty Wm. bricklayer, 359 Light 
Delany James, tailor, 61 s Euiaw 
Delcanibre Alexis, hatter, 10 North, dw 83 

Delcher Edward W. huckster, 132 n Bond 
Delcher George, huckster, 83 Pierce 
Delcher John, brewer, 79 Columbia 
Delcher John T. painter, 126 n High, dw 65 

Delcher John W. fish dealer and grocer, 

406 Harford av 
Delcher W. G. painter, 511 w Lombard 
Delcher Wm. J. trader, 89 s Oaioline 
Delevet Matilda, 57 Watsun 
Delevie Solomon, 18 Siiles 
Delevigne Theodore H. steward Maryland 

Club, dw 479 k Gay 
Delius Charles (D. & Halvin) 30 n Greene 
Delius Gotleib, tailor, 140 Orleans 
DELIUS & HALVIN, importers German, 

English and French fancy goods, over 

306 w Baltimore 
Dell Mary H. 464 w Baltimore 
Dell Thos. E. bookbinder, 16 Cowpen al 

dw 1 s Exeter 
Dell Wm. sr. 481 w Baltimore 





Dell Wm. bookbinder, 204 Mulberry 
Delia Peter, brickmaker, 301 s Charles 
Dellenburg Anna, lil4 e Baliimore 
Dellenburf? David, (Leon & A. Frank & 

Co.) 124 e Baltimore 
Dellevie Bridget, procer, s e cor. Bo.>ton 

and Windsor, Canton 
Dellevie Samuel, tobacconist, '20 w Pratt 
Dells Christian, blacksmith, 3-2 Ross 
Dellivie Urv (Liebman & D.) Front near 

De Loan Conrad, tailor, 179 s Caroline 
Delougherv Dr. Edward, 138 Saratoga 
DELl'HEY GEORGE, Swan tavern, 1'22 

Deline Henry shoemaker, L. Montgomery 

near Eutaw 
Di' Manjjin Francis A. 263 w Fayette 
Deinelmiiii Jos. optician, 1H9 e Baltimore 
Deuiiiz Chas. H. cooper, '26 Lee 
Deinlin John, tailor, 100 e Lombard 
Demliiig Conrad, provision dealer, 69 s 

DemliDg John, laborer, 39 Penn 
Dfinkin William, mate, H6 Granby 
DEMITZ HENRY F cigar maker, IISJ 

Light si whf. (hv 136 s Howard 
Demitz Henry, 310 Franklin 
Di-'mmer Sebastian, huckster, 49 Dia- 
mond al 
Dempsey Jarae.s, shoemaker, 82 Hillen 
Dempsey John, laborer, n e cor Madison & 

Dempsey John F. clerk, llOn Calvrrt 
Dempsey M. 117 e Baltimore 
Dempsey Thomas, fireman, 13 William- 
son r>l 
Dempsey Timothy, "28 n Exeter 
Dempsey Wm. saddler, 110 n Calvert 
Dempster James, 105 Cross 
Dempster James, lottery office, 315 w Prait 

dw 115 Cross 
Dempster John, moulder, G'2 Henrietta 
Dempster John, fi,>herman. 79 Cross 
Demuih August, machinist, 158 Spring 
Demuth Franz, lager beer saloon, 151 

Deinuih John, collector, II Rock 
Deinuih John, jr. bricklayer, 11 llock 
Demmh Lewis, shoemaker, '20 s Oregon 
Demuih William, machinist, II Rock 
Denborp \lis. Mary Ann, 443 n Gay 
Deneonuin Suiiiiel, clothier, \&2 Li^ht and 

s w cor Holland and Canal 
Denge> J(>hn, laborer, 90 Biddle al 
Denge^ Peti r, shoemaker, G4 Park 
Dengler Win. tailor, 15 Smith's al 
Deiiig John H. clerk, HG Lifjht 
Dfni.son Andrew W. (D. & Bro.) 13 s Gay 
Deni^on Ann Eliza, 102 n Eden 
DENISO.N & BRO. grocers, 219 w Pratt 
Deiiison Franklin, police. Dolphin near 

Penna av 
Denison H. C. clerk, 13 s Gay 
Deiiison John, plasterer, 111 n Eden 
Denison John M. (I). & Bro.) I3 s Gay 
Denison John, cabinet maker, Lexington 

near Kutaw 

tea dealers, 51 w Baltimore 

Deni>on Marcus (M. D. & Son) 13 s Gay 
Deni.'on Marcus, agent for Fisher & Bro. 

102 n Eden 
Denison Thomas, confec. 40 s Exeter 
Denson James H. cleik, 130 n Exeter 
Dei kler Andrew, laborer. 1H8 Happy al 
DENMEAD A. & W. & SONS, Monu- 
ment Ftpundry. cor. North & Monument. 
[See p \7 Mvertisements] 
Deninead Adam, (A. & W.'D. & Sons) 

Charles near Monument 
Denmead Edward, (Adam & W. D.&Sons) 

70 n Front 
Denmead Franci."^, 176 n Calvert 
Denmead Isaac, master machinist, 118 Ca- 
Deninead Philip H. cabinet maker and up- 
holsterer, 88 St. Paul, dw 79 Lexington 
Denmead Talbot, (A. & W. D. & Sons) 190 

n Calvert 
Denmead Wm. (A. & W. D. & Sons) 127 

Dennenberg Isaac, second hand clothier, 57 

Dennie Thomas, importer French & British 
goods, over 1 Hanover, dw Eutaw house 
DENNIES LOUIS, tavern and furniture 

wagon, 5(i President 
Denning George, carpenter, 27 Ross 
Denninger John, drayman, 312 s Eutaw 
Dennis Andrew T. cooper, 8 Rock 
Dennis Benj. M. sr. paperhanger, 14 Rock 
Dennis Benj. M. jr. paper hanger, Popple- 

l(m near Franklin 
Dennis Henry, tailor, 154 n Caroline 
Dennis James R tailor, 107 Wolfe 
Dennis James R. tailor, 239 Canton av 
Dennis John M. paper hanger, 177 Mul- 
Dennis Littleton Cl. 74 William 
Dennis Oliver, dyer, 51 Josephine 
Dennis Wm. cooper, 8 Rock 
Dennis Wm. jr. bricklayer, 16 Rock 
Dennis Win A. carpenter, 239 Conway 
Deiinison Maria, 171 Sharp 
Denny Daniel, wheelwright, 14 L. Gough 
Denny Elizabeth, 114 e Pratt 
Deni y George, carpenter, 14 L. Gough 
Uennv John, 212 Montgomery 
Denny Mary, 14 Lilile Gough 
Denny Owen, tavern, 52 Caniden 
Denny Patrick, hoarding, 16 Concord 
Denny Piier, laborer, 119 St. Paul 
Denny Mrs. Sally 130 s Wolfe 
Denny Thomas, cleik, 114 e Pratt 
Denny Wm. M carpenter, 36 Abbey al. dw 

154 Washinglon 
Denson Isaac M. & Buck, dealers in metals, 

furs, paper stock, &c. 100 Light si whf 
Denson Uaac M. (Isaac M. D. & Buck) 143 

n Exeter 
Denson James H. (Isaac M. D & Buck) 

130 n Exeter 
D>nson Wm. J. bookbinder, 130 n Exeter 
Dent James H. salesman, Howard house 
Dental Col lege, over New Assembly Rooms, 
n e cor Hanover and Lombard — [Heep. 
46 ^IdvertiiemerUo.] 
Dentry R. B. china store, 40 Pearl 
Denvir lloht. slmemaker, 2(> Thotnp'-on 





Denzer Gotleih, tavern, 1(J>S Canton av 

Depae John, rigger, 1-J7 s Chester 

Depert John, curled hair worker, Wilkin's 

factory. Frederick road 
Depfer Henry, laborer, Falls road near 

Depkin Henry, tailor, 27 n Eden 
Depser Casper, baker, 313 s Bond 
Deptford Fire Company's Engine House, 

cor Gdugh and Dallas 
DEPUTY J. M. & CO. segar store, 8^^ w 

Deppel John, blacksmith, Lexington near 

Deppert John, shoemaker, 9 Smith's al 
Dejipish Francis, cedar cooper, 150 Chesnut 
Deppish Wm. cedar cooper, 112 n Gay 
Deppre Lenora, tailoress, 261 s At.n 
Derenberger George, confectioner, ti? Ross 
Derenberger Jacot>, confeciioner, tJ7 Ross 
Derlin Charles, umbrella mkr. 50 Camden 
De Ronceray Louis, 101 s High 
De Ronceray Margaret, 101 s High 
DerrJohn P. 56 Lombard 
Derr John J. fireman, tiO s Republican 
DERR, THOMPSON & CO produce and 

general com. merchants, 6 Camden 
Derr I'homas, 50 Lombard 
Derr Samuel, carpenter, 6(5 n Poppleton 
Derr Wm. carpenter, 70 s Republican 
Derr Wm. carpenier, 753 w Baltimore 
Derrenberger David, confectioner, 308 

Derring George, cabinet maker, 141 Ar- 

gyle al 
Der.-h Mary, 170 s Eden 
Desch Henry, blacksmith, 210 Penna av 
Desch John M. cooper, 134 s Spring 
Deshtm Chri>toplier M. coal agent, 253 w 

Despeaux Ann I. 137 s Bond 
Despeaux Anthony, ship carp. 20 Philpot 
Despeaux Anthony, spar maker, 137 s Bond 
Despeaux Catherine, boarding house, 20 

Despeaux Henry, ship carp. 1"22 s Bond 
Despeaux John J. male, 137 s Botid 
Despeaux Jos. ship carpentii, L~s7 e Pratt 
Despeaux Joseph, tailor, 15 Jacksun 
Despeaux Jos. jr. clerk, 15 Jaikson 
Despommiers Eugene, 103 Monument 
Dess Joseph, cabinet maker, 223 e Madison 
Des! John, laborer, 147 Durham 
Desvarreaux Jas. shoe findings dealer, 104 

n Gay 
Dsicher Conrad, laborer, 60 Philpot 
Deters Benj. laborer, 112 Cross 
Deiken Frederick, seaman, 'JOO s Ann 
DetlricI) Frarn-is J. cap manufacturer, 178 

n Giy, dw 211 Chesnut 
Deuchler John, carter, Annapolis road 

Deuring George S. bricklayer, 347 Franklin 
Dt'uisch Francis, porter, 2**3 Penna av 
Devaine Charles, laborer, 44 Guilford al 
Deval Juliei, 6-^ Chew 
Devalin Hugh, smith in general, 89 Harri- 
son, dw 46 n Front 
Devaughan John E. blacksmith, 22 s 


Devetier Alexander, cooper, Chesnut near 

Develin Patrick, laborer, Chesapeake s of 

Hudoon, Canton 
Deven John, laborer, 123 n Exeter 
Deveaun Mrs. Ann, 110 Lancaster 
Dever J. W. lightning rod manufacturer, 

536 Lexington 
Devil Christian, blacksmith, SH Albemarle 
Deville & Bourguet, hair dressers and wig 

makers, 125 w Baltimore 
Deville Francis, (D. & Bourguet) Newton 

Grove, Baltimore co 
Devillen Henry, cooper, Britton near 

Devine James, fireman steamship, 56 Henri- 
Deviiie John, laborer, 456 w Lombard 
iJevine Mary, washerwoman, 16 East 
Devine Margaret, grocery, 3!i Biddle al 
Devine Peter, 45tj w Lombard 
Devine Peter J. laborer, 450 w Lombard 
Devine Wm. ship carpenier, 22 Philpot 
Devine Wm. shoemaker, 37 McElderry 
Devinny Mary, shoebinder, Spring st al 
Devit Mrs. 42 n Liberty 
Devittier Alexander, cooper, Half Moon al 

near Chesnut 
Devlin Bernard, shoemaker, 176 East 
Devlin Felix P. grocery, n e cor East and 

Devlin Henry, bricklayer, 5 Barnes 
Devlin John, 13'J e Madison 
Devoe Wm. H. saddler, 900 w Baltimore 
Devoe Wm. saddler, 4 iVIaiden lane 
Devouges Mad. A. hair dresser and perfu- 
mer, from Paris, old stand Jouvin gloves, 

141 w Baltimore 
Devries Chas. W. (McKim & Co.) 72 Lee 

wholesale dry goods dealers. 320 w Br It. 
Deviies Wm. "(D. Stephens & Tiiomas) 115 

w Monument 
Dew George F. carp 37 Greenmount av ■> 
Dew Dr. James, agent periodicals, dw 27 

Dew Jdhn, carpenter, Harford av 
Dew VVilliain, pattern maker, 37 Green 

Mmint av 
Dew William J. carver and gilder, 96 e 

Dewali Christopher, engineer, 100 William 
DE WlTl' LOUIS 13., U. S. Engineer's 

olfice, Exchange buildings, dw 581) w 

Dewlin:.; Thomas, blacksmith, 137 Cross 
DE WOLF BENJ. jobber and dealer in 

diamonds, waiches, jewelry, &c., 10 

Hai rison 
De VViiHe Jacob, variety store, 31 Harrison 
Dexler Thomas, huckster, 185 East 
Dexter Chas. Lexington st. bakery, 130 

Dexter Charles, tinner, 28 s Caroline 
Deyenhart Lewis, tailor, 03 North 
De Young Thomas, brass founder, 110 n 

Diamond Hugh, brickmaker, Cambridge, 






Diamond James, oal^ cooper 18 Philpol, 

dw 143 s Ann 
Dibbs John, junk dealer, 143 McElderry'!-- 

whf, dw 1!>4 n Briindway 
Dichewald Henry, laborer, 2>?1 Aliceanna 
Dick John T. sale man, 19 n Howard 
Dick John, clerk, 114 Lexinsion 
Dick Joseph, gardener, Madison av near 

Boundary av 
Dickas Henry, barber, 208 s B..nd 
Dirkel Charles, carpenter, 115 Eastern av 
Dickfl Conrad, carpel weaver, 144 s E len 
Dickel George H. ailor, 4K Hill 
Di( kel John, shoemaker, 12(» William 
Dickerson Capt. Geo. W. I!)4 e Pratt 
Dickerson Peter, general agent. Locust Pi. 

dw Lombard near Calhoun 
Dickerson Rich. W. tavern, 175 Eastern av 
Dickey Charles E. !»1 Saiat<.ga 
Dickey George S. 9 s Euiaw 
Dickey John M. teacher, 118 n Caroline 
Dickey Robert L. teacher, 118n Caroline 
Dickey Wni. J. maiiufac. domestic goods, 

4.35 Saratoga 
DICKINSON DAVID A. Franklin hall 

billiard sakK'U, Noith, dw 3l> H .Hday 
Dickinson Enoch H. niaehin 202 s Charles 
Dickinson Elizabeth, 21)2 > Chailes 
Dickin.-on George W. photogiaphisi, 244 

w Baltimore, dw 3o Holiday 
Dickinson Gideon, carp. 411 w Lombard 
Dickin.son James A. clerk, 202 s Charles 
Dickinson John, jr. clerk, 'MMi w Favetie 
Dickinson John, >alesman, Hl-^ w Bilri-nore 
Dickin-;on John, carpenter, 'MiG w Fayette 
Dickinson Juhn S. (Whedbee & ^D.) 43 

DICKINSON SAMUEL L. superintendent 

warehouses at custom !<>u<e, 12 St. Paul 
Dickons John, laborer, Wolfe near Gough 
Dickson Agnes, 2rt3 Sarauiga 
Dickson Rev. Cyrus, 297 Le-xingion 
Dickson Eliza C. & Malvina, teachers, 474 

Dickson Dr. John, 152 Cathedral 
Dickson Jame.-, bonnet manufacturer, 188 

s Broadway 
Dickson Margaret, 132 Garden 
Dick-ion Wm. John, linner, '^83 Saratoga 
Didier Eugene L. clerk. 56 Georpe 
DIDIER HENRY A. agent N. American 

Insurance Co. of Phil ulcljihia, 45 Com. 

buildings, dw Cathedral 
Didier John D. clerk, 154 w Lombard 
Didier Julia. 5(5 George 
Dieble George, carpenter, 89 Hanover 
Diece John, cnoper, 61 Pi>rilaii(l 
Dieckmann John H. tavern, 22 w Pratt, dw 

lOrt Dugan's whf 
Di»del Henry, tanner, McMechin near 

Diertenbach Charles H. (Moore & D.) 203 

Diener Israel, tailor, 260 s Bond 
Dienhard Freileiick, ccioper, 1(19 s Eden 
Dierker Henry, drayman, >^H Y'nrk 
Dierin Herman F. tavern, Paiierson near 

Diersick Sebastian, cooper, 85 Lancaster 
Dieler John, 9t> Saratoga 

Dieter Peier, paperhanger. 15() Raborg 
Dieter Valentine, paper hanger, 28 n How- 
ard, dw 9(i Saratoga 
Dieterlv Chas. J. bookkeeper, 81 s Sharp 
Dietrich Adam F shoemaker. 354 s Charles 
Dietrich Adam, shoemaker, 205 w Fayette 
Dietrich Caspar, cooper, 53 Durst al 
Dietrich Daniel, paver, 84 n Ann 
Dietri h Frederick, bookkeeper, 21G Lee 
Dietrich H. collector, 150 Pearl 
DIETRICH HENRY, .second hand furni- 
ture denier, 55 Harrison 
Dietrich John, shoemaker, 747 w Baltimore 
Dietrich Leinhard, weaver, 74 Harrison 
Dietrii-h Philip, shoemaker, 347 w Fayette 
Dietsch Fred, cabinet maker, 2 Garden 
Dietz Get>rge, baker, 115 s Ann 
Dieiz Henry, furniture wag.>n, 200 Hollins 
Dietz Jacob, varnisher, hO Lee 
Dieiz John, grocery, 2t>0 s Sharp 
Dietz John B. merchant tailor, n w cor Pratt 

and Charles 
DIETZ LAWRENCE D. wholesale and 
retail dealer in fancy and variety goods, 
151 Franklin 
Dietz Lawrence, carpenter, 322 Sharp 
Dieiz William clerk, 24 Comet 

Dietz , trunk siore, cor. Pratt and 

Charles, dw 2;).'-i Sharp 
Diffenbaugh Christo()her, ladiesshoemaker, 

45 Chaisworth 
DiifendertTer Ann, 54 e Baliimore 
DiflVnderfler Elizabeth A lb3 n High 
Difteiidtrffer George. 54 e Baltimore 
Dirtenderfler Harry, cl»rk. 1 s High 
DiflVndeifl'er Jidin. 1 s Frederick 
Diffenderrter John, machmist, 18 Columbia 
Diffendertier James, carpenter, 143 n Paca 
Diffenderifer John, fanner, 54 e Baltimore 
Diffen.ierrter Dr. Michael, 1 s High 
Dirienilerlfer Michael, jr. clerk, 1 s High 
DiriVn.lertier Oclavius, (Chas H. Ross& 

Co.) s ecdr. Baliimore and Eutaw 
Diffenderfler Dr. Wm. 1 s High 
Difi'endorf Samuel, cleik, 7 Jenkins al 
DilJey Victor, horse trader, (>'.I2 w Pratt 
DilHey John, grocer 237 e Fayette 
Diggans Henry, itipe maker, 33 Gitlings 
Digges Dudley, bookkeeper, IH s Greene 
Diggs Benjamin F. salesm.iii, 49 Hanover 
Diggs Beverly, carpenter, 63 s Eden 
DiggsChas. F. Sec'y Bali. Coal Co. 30 Fawn 
Diggs Daniel, printer, t)3 s Eden 
Diggs hidward G. clerk, 30 Fawn 
Diggs Heniy, clerk cu^idin house, G3 s Eden 
Diggs Jainvs, cleik, 30 Fawn 
Diggs James, ship carp. 181 Washington 
Diggs John R. lancy goods, toys, &c. 219 w 

Baliimore, dw 39 s Exeter 
Diggs Richard H. & Son, com. mcrch. 2.58 

s Caroline, dw R H. D. !i-i s Broadway 
Diggs Samuel J. (Ki. h. M. D. & Son) 94 s 

Diggs Capt. Thomas, .59 William 
Diggs Capt. Wm. .'>9 William 
Dignan Jerome, laborer, 21 High al 
Dihm John P. grocer, 22 Lemmon 
Dikeman John, cooper, 45 Bank 
Dilevingiie Tlieo. H. barkeeper, 472 n Gay 
Dill August, shoemaker, 317 s Charles 





Dill Capt. Andrew, policeman, 57 n Spiin 
Dill Ellen, 163 Hoffnaan 
Dill Frederick, cooper, 307 Sharp 
DillJohn, grocer, 53 Ross 
Dili John, matt, 74 Lancaster 
Dillahay Mrs. Jane, 21 s Howard 
Dillahunt Elizabeth, Chester near Pratt 
Dillahunt John G. tobacconist, Chester bet 

Pratt and Lombard 
Dillaway D. carpenter, 32 Preston 
Dillaway John C. tobacconist, 22 Preston 
Dillaway Thomas, teacher, 22 Preston 
Dillehunt & Booth, cabinet furniture ware- 
rooms, 94 w Lombard 
Dillehunt John, cabinet maker, 230 e Mon- 
Dillehunt S. S. cabinet maker, 20 St. Mary 
Dillehunt Wm. cabinet maker, 181 e Monu- 
Dilling Henry, laborer, 392 West 
Dillon Edward, tailor, 33 Haw 
Dime Savings Bank, n Calvert, opposite 

Barnum's Hotel 
Dimmock Charles H. 117 w Monument 
Dimund Anthony, carpenter, 281 e Eager 
Diner James, laborer, 85 w Pratt 
Dinkleman B. H. tailor, 98 St. Paul 
Dinnire John, porter, 2 Albemarle 
Dinnis Henry, curled hair worker, Wilkin's 

factory, Frederick road 
Dinnis John, cuiled hair worker, Wilkin's 

factory, Frederick road 
Dinnish John, shoemaker, 237 s Ann 
Dinsmore David, stevedore, Clinton s of 

Boston, Canton 
Dinsmore Edmund, 94 Block 
Dinsmore James, finisher, 21 n Oregon 
Dinsmore James, machinist, 15 Stiles 
Dinsmore John T. iron moulder, 15 Stiles 
Dinsmore & Kyle, wholeale grocers and 

com. merchants. 156 w Pratt 
Dinsmore Rosanna, 21 s Republican 
Dinsmore Thomas, bricklayer, 15 Stiles 
Dintzer John, laborer, Frederick road near 

Snake hollow 
Dippel George, flour, feed and produce 

dealer, 105 Franklin, dw 110 s Bond 
Dippel Sophia, confectionary, 119 Bank 
Dippel Wm. cabinet maker, Happy al near 

Canton av 
Dipley John, blacksmith, 487 Lexington 
Disciples' Meeting House, Paca bet Lom- 
bard and German 
Disenrote Jacob, ship carp. 266 s Broadway 
Dishman Arih. B. clerk, dw National hotel 
Disney Benj. painter, 276 Canton av 
Disney David, pamter, 192 s Paca 
Disney George, laborer, 168 s Broadway 
Disney John W. painter, 91 Warner 
Disney John W. (J. W. D, & Co.) Ashley 

hall, Greenmonnt av 
DISNEY JOHN W. & CO. pavers and 

contractors, 100 Chew 
Disney Leonard, engineer B. & O. R. R. 177 

Disney Oliver M. painter, Camden near 

Euiaw, dw 180 Conway 
Disney Richard E. painter, Camden near 

Euiaw, dw 149 Conway 
Disney Samuel T. pedler, 328 e Lombard 

Disney Solomon, 167^ Bank 
Disney Wm. A. clerk*, 263 n Howard 
Disney Wm. E. painter, 149 Conway 
Disney Wm. H. carter, Chester near Bank 
Disosway Capt. Mark, 133 n Exeter 
Dissel Willameniii, 137 Eastern av 
Disselbart George, blacksmith, 17 Jasper 
Dis.sey Rev. Paulinus Francis, prof. St. Sul- 

pice Seminary, Penna. av near St. Mary 
Ditman John, plasterer, 330 Raborg 
Diiman Thomas M. clerk, 103 Chew 
Ditman Wm. H. clerk 220 e Madison 
Diiiman Herman, grocery, 245 Hughes 
Dittman John H. grocer, J 13 McElderry's 

Dittrich C. & Bro. cap nnanufacturers, 178 

n Gay, dw C. D. 172 n Eutaw 
Dittrich Francis, (C. D. & Bro.) 211 Ches- 

Dittrich Frank, tailor, 187 n Gay, dw 201 

Dittus Frederick, butcher. Butchers' row, 

PennsyWania av extended 
Dittus J F, carter, 363 Pennsylvania av 
Ditusch Nicholas, tailor, 321 Central av 
Diven Elias R. regulator B. &, O. R. R. 

210 Hoi tins 
Diven Edward R. carpenter, 45 s Poppleton 
Diven John, R. R. superintendent, 25 s 

Divens Thomas, collector. 251 HoflTman 
Diveny Thos laborer, 78 McElderry's whf 
Divers Matilda M. 177 n Fremont 
Divine Francis, carter, 14 s Front 
Diviny Edward, grocer, 27 Booth 
Dix Joseph F. (Schwartz & Dix) 153 Sara- 
Dix Preston, huckster, cor. Greene and 

Dixon Aug. bricklayer, 882 w Baltimore 
Dixon Bradley S. pumpmaker, 720 w Balt- 
Dixon Mrs. Bradley, dry goods dealer, 718 

w Baltimore 
Dixon Charles, 136 Preston 
Dixon John, brickmaker, 415 Light 
Dixon James M. (Thos. & Jas. M. D.) Mt. 

Washington, Baltimore Co. 
Dixon John, (Sharp, Henderson & D.) 36 

Dixon Lydia, 49 n Eden 
Dixon Robert, 154 G. Hughes 
Dixon & Richardson, grocers and com. 

merchants, 114Li2:ht st whf 
Dixon Robert W. K. (D. & Richardson) 52 

Dixon Samuel, policeman, 2 s Oregon 
DIXON THOS & JAMES M. architects, 

117 w Baltimore, up stairs 
Dixon Thomas, (Thos. & J. M. D.) Mt. 

Washington, Baltimore Co 
Dixon Wm. J. T. 11 Watson 
Dixon Wm. 22 Biddle al 
Doane Hezekiah, mariner, 20 Church 
Dobbin Alexander, hackman, 45 n High 
Dobbin Francis M. policeman, 4 Emorv 
Dobbin George W. (D. & Talbot) dw 93 n 

Dobbin Joseph T. clerk, 56 e Baltimore 
Dobbin James, ropemaker, 88 St. Mary 





DOBBIN &, FULTON, publishers Ameri- 
can and Commercial Ailveiiiser, ICS w 
Dobbin Robert A. (D. &. Fulton) 56 e Bal- 
Dobbin & Talbott, attorneys at law, 42 St. 

DOBBIN& WARFIELD, minersandship- 

pers nf coal, 56 I£xchani;e place 
DOBBINS JOHN, hack and livery stable, 

28 n High.dwIJG 
Doberer John, Louisiana House, 199 Lex- 
Dobi Lewis, shoemaker, 18 Lancaster 
Dobler Anna C. fancy and millinery dealer, 

It!'.? e Baltimore 
DOBLER DANIEL, paper box manufac. 

4[) Lewis, dw 88 n Central av 
Dobler David, clerk, 150 French 
Dobler Frederick, clerk, 15*i French 
Dobler Geor:^e, clerk, Iti.'? e Biltimore 
Dobler John, baker, 171 Chesnut 
D.)bler John, bi.okkeeper, 15S French 
Dobler IVlrs. Ma^dalena, 35 Buren 
Dobler Richard J. gun and locksmith, 65 n 

Dobson Ge.>rge H. clerk, 229 e Fayette 
Dobson John T. shoemaker, 220 n Eden 
Dobson John, painter, 229 e Fayetie 
DOBSON JOHN A. & C.>. dealers in china, 

glass and queensware, 2 & l n Charles 
Dobson John A. (John A. D. & Co.) 229 e 

Dobson James T. painter, 229 e Fayette 
Dobson Rob. H.slioemak. 220 e Monument 
Di)bson Thomas H. painter, '2J9 e Fayette 
Dobson W'm. bricklayer, 100 Jefferson 
Dochtermann Conrad, confect'r, 203 Light 
Dockerly Inloes, Farmers 8c Merchants' 

Bank, 276 Saratoga 
DocwMM Frances, 14 n Republican 
Dodd Daniel, cracker dealer, ISO Aliceanna 
Doild Joseph L. shoemaker, 222 n Eutaw 
Dodd John, grave digger, Frederick road 

near l^t toll gate 
Dode Frederick, cdiinet maker, 17 Harrison 
Dode Peter, clothier, 38 \v Pratt 
Dodge George R.. & Co. artists and painter's 

store, 42 w Baltimore, dw 2.')5 n Eutaw 
Dodge John W. clerk, 128 German 
Dod»on George, wireworker, 171 s Ann 
Dod?e Henry, clerk, 255 n Eutaw 
DodMin Robcri, 17 n Exeter 
Dodson Samuel, grocery, ir)9 German 
Do Isiin Wm. R.. clerk, 17 n E.xeier 
Dody John, laborer, 50 n Euiaw 
Doe'Wm. R. ;30 n Exeter 
Doebrir.k Ni -h cigar mak. 7.'>8 w Baltimore 
Doegan John, copper smeller. Cotton row 

s of Boston, Canton 
Doenges A. paper cariier, 33'<1 s Charles 
Diienges Eriist, shoemakei, 133 liaborg 
Doer John, stevedore, 61 Chapel 
Doering Valentine, tnilor, 34 Bank 
Doet^ch Joseph, shoemaker, (Jti Jasper 
Doevel Henry, shoemaker, IIG Conway 
Doged Martin, clerk and wood dealer, 196 e 

Dogge Charles, grocer, S04 w Pratt 
Dogged Anihonv, carpenter, 26 President 


Doherty M. & E. dry goods dealers, 223 

Dohme Louis, clerk, 2(i3 w Pratt 
Doize Armor, clerk, 78 George 
Doize Lucien, bookkeeper, 78 George 
Dolaii Rev James, 112sBroadway 
Dolan John, 458 n Gay 
Dolan James, laborer, 82 s Republican 
Dolan Martin, laborer, 25 Haw 
Dolan Mary Ann, seamsires>, 525 w Lom- 
Dolan Patrick, stone mason, Monroe near 

Calvert on road 
Dolan Patrick, laborer, Morion al nr Riddle 
Dolan Thomas, drayman, 70 n Exeter 
D./lan Tlios. blacksmiih,2()') e Monument 
Dolan Tlios. blacksmith, 2lJ5 e .Monument 
Dolan Val. shoemaker, 212 e Lombard 
Dolch John, blacksmith, 268 Biddle 
Doleman Wm. trader, 92 Gianhy 
Dolfield Frederick, cooper, 323 s Bond 
Doll Joseph pedler,326 e Lombard 
Doll Daniel, regulator B. & 0. R. R. 14 Mo- 
ll en ry 
Doll George, brickniakcr, 111 West 
Doll CJeorge, shoemaker, 5G Union 
Doll Lewis, curled hair worker, Frederick 

road near Snake hollow 
Doll Rev. Pcntield, G2 Centre 
Doll Wm. stonecutter, 77 Henrietta 
DoUantre Wm. laborer, 3G s Frederick 
Dollar Lorins, blacksmith, 215 Peirce 
Dolphin Francis, pork and beet'iuspector, 201 

Doltou Edward, backdriver, 142 n Calvert 
Doltou Wm. laborer, 77 s Spring 
Domel Wm. laborer, 70 Johnson 
Dominie John, (D. & Sloan,) 156 n Eutaw 
Dominie & Sloan, plain and ornamental plas- 
terers, 85 .Mulberry 
Domleiig George, tailor, 239 e Lombard 
Domler Conrad, coachsmith, 39 Greene 
Domulan Frank, laborer, 24 President 
Donahue Cornelius, laborer, 25 Rock 
Donald Daniel, type founder, 7 Trinity 
Donhauser George, painter, 2(55 e Eager 
Donaldson Alexander, clerk, lOo Preston 
Donaldson Catherine, 99 n Charles 
Donaldson Edward, Lieut. U. S. Navy, 231 

Donaldson George E. veterinary surgeon, 85 

Donaldson (Jeorge W. n w corner Caroline 

and Biddle 
Donalilson Jas. L. cigar maker, s e cor Car- 
oline and Jefferson 
Donaldson John, baggage master railroad, 

1 1 1 Albemarle 
Donaldson John I. president Baltimore Life 

Insurance company, dw ,30 Franklin 
Donaldson Josepli, clerk, l(i5 Preston 
Donaldson .Major J. L.,U. S. A. "i^t n Charles 
Donaldson Julia .\nii, 10.'» Preston 
Donaldson Richard, cigar maker, s e corner 

("art)liiie and Jefferson 
Domildson Samuel 1. attorney, 39 St. Paul 
Donaldson ."Stephen, mariner, 120 e fvOmbard 
Donaldson 'fhoinas, iiltorney, 41 St. Paul 
Donaldson Thomas, collector. 111 Albemarle 
Doiiuili'n .\nilrew. wlii'cl wright. 3K'2 Light 





Donavan John, carter, 4 President 
Donavin Matthew, clerk, T Courtland 
Donavin Simpson K. printer, 7 Courtland 
Dondotf John A. carpenter, 16 Sarah Ann 
Done Mary & J. H. boarding house, 44 Lex- 
Done Stephen, laborer, 256 s Dallas 
Donehue Bernard, bonnet presser, 60 Lex- 
Donehue James, carter, 23 Foundry 
Donehue John, laborer, 29 Low 
Donehue Mary, 43 Guilford al 
Donehue Thomas, milkman, 22 French 
Donehausen Andrew, laborer, Wolfe, near 

Donelan Anthony, tailor, 15 Albemarle 
Donelly Mary, corset maker, 1T2 Lexington 

dw 184 Saratoga 
Donenfeldt Martin, shoemaker, Cotton row s 

of Boston, Canton 
Donevan John, harnessmak. 188 Constitution 
Donkmyer Theodore, baker, 661 w Baltimore 
Donivan Alexander, heater, 53 President 
Dijiiley Joliii, gr.icer, 44 l^ancaster 
Donlin John, porter, Frederick near Pratt 
Donn Margaret, 6 Elizabeth la 
Donnan Matilda, 182 s Sharp 
Donnavon John, laborer. Bank near Exeter 
Dontiell Charles W. carpenter, 224 Hollins 
Dounell Emily, 202 Canton av 
Donnell John S. s w cor Lombard and Gay, 

dw 90 Cathedral 
Donnell Wm. Ross near Hoffman 

Donnelly brickyard. Light below Heath 

Donnelly Daniel, clerk. Beam's lots, nr Pop- 

Donnelly Daniel, type caster, 7 Trinity 
Donnelly Daniel, laborer, 19 Jordan al 
Donnelly Daniel, brickmak. 114 Greenmt. av 
Donnelly Francis, hustler, 84 Pine 
Donnelly Hugh, hostler, 13 New 
Donnelly Hugh, hostler, 2 s Paca 
Donnelly James, confectioner, 232 e Pratt 
Donnelly James, laborer, ]74 Hughes 
Donnelly James, laliorer, 48 Biddle 
D(Hiuelly James, laborer, 7 Plowman 
Donnelly James, porter, 7 Spruce 
Donnelly James, porter, 12ij Washington 
Donnelly James, watchmaker, 551 Saratoga 
Donnelly John, blacksmith, 39 French 
Donnelly John, printer, 89 McElderry 
Donnelly John, weaver, 19 Preston 
Donnelly Joseph F. carp. 147 Penna. av 
Donnelly Michael. i)orter, 62 Chesnut 
Donnelly Owen, grocery, 21 Foundry 
Donnelly Patrick, grocery, 89 McElderry 
Donnelly Thomas, 14 Cuba, Locust Point 
Donnelly Wm. blacksmith, 52 Eager 
Donner .Maurice, paver, 16 Jackson ct 
Doiiner Zachariah, brush maker, Aliceanna, 

Donohne Cornelius, laborer, 30 Addison 
Donohue Cornelius, laborer, 25 Rock 
DoMohue Daniel, 111 Ensor 
Donohue Edward, laborer, 161 Aliceanna 
Donohue Geo. ship joiner, 143 Washington 
Donohue Henry, blacksmith, Watson ct 
Donohue James, bricklayer, 71 Gough 
Donohue Janus, ship joiner, 202 Bank 
Donohue Janus, Innilier inspector. 25 s An n 

Donohue John, grocer, 65 L. McElderry 
Donohne John, tobacconist, 121 se cor Ais- 

quith and McElderry 
Donohue Marcus L. ship joiner, 25 s Ann 
Donohue Michael, grocery- and liquor dealer, 

cor Boston and Chesapeake 
Donohue Patrick, laborer, 92 Mullikin 
Donohue Patrick, laborer, 135 Vine 
DONOHUE RICHARD, shirt manufactory, 

240 w Baltimore, dw 9 Pearl 
Donohue Thomas, blacksmith, Harrison near 

Ellicott, Canton, dw Chesapeake nr Elliott 
Donohue Thomas, engineer, 303 William 
Donovan Charles, pressman, s e cor Exeter 

and Fayette 
Donovan Clarissa, grocery, 185 Lexington 
Donovan Dennis, laborer, 3 Hamilton 
Donovan P^lizabeth, grocery, Fremont near 

Penna. av 
Donovan Hannah, 219 Chesnut 
Donovan James, pressman, s e cor Exeter and 

Donovan Jane, 47 e Fayette 
Donovan Joseph S. 196 w Lombard 
Donovan Simon, pedler, 206 e Lombard 
Doolan Morris, currier, 27 Grant 
Dooris John, laborer, 5 Camden lane 
Dooris Thomas, blacksmith, 296 Canton av 
Doran John, blacksmith, 208 Raborg 
Dorbacker Adam, butcher, 91 s Fremont 
Dorbacker Wra. prop. Three Tuns Hotel, s w 

cor Pratt and Paca 
DORBACKER WM. Three Tuns sales sta- 
bles, n w cor Pratt &Paca, dw 87 Columbia 
Dorenberg John D. shoemaker, 151 Conway 
Dorendorf Wm. butcher, Chester, sof Balto. 
Dorgan Gust, ship carp. 294 e Pratt 
Dorgan Theo. A. (Wm. H. Stran & Co.) 74 

s Eden 
Dorguth August, boot and shoe maker, 13 n 

Doring Valentine, laborer, 130 Pine 
Dorley Edward, nail manuf. 215 n Exeter, 

dw 73 French 
Dorman Ann, confectioner, 75 s High 
Dorman Eliza, 124 Bank 
Dorman James, ship carp. 293 Eastern av 
Dorman Jane G. boarding house, 2 e Pratt 
Dornum John, constable, 76 s Spring 
Dormady Mary, 76 Albemarle 
Dormady Michael, stone cutt. 76 Albemarle 
Dorman Samuel, constable, 24 Second, dw 

75 s High 
Dorman Wm. T. plasterer, 75 s High 
Dormus P. B. plasterer, 9 Garden 
Dorn Geo. laborer. Division near Dolphin 
Dorn John, baker, 11 East 
Dorn John, cooper, 61 President 
Dorn John, grocery and feed store, s e cor 

Park and Richmond 
Dorn John, laliorer, 59 s Howard 
Dorn Philip, clerk, 463 w Fayette 
Dorny Richard, mate, 319 e Lombard 
I>orr Casper, engrav. & printer, 268 Hanover 
Dorrell Nathaniel, shoemaker, 89 Bethel 
Dorriugton Matthew, nail mak. 34 President 
Dorritee L. paititer, 23 Holland 
Donitee Robt. jiainter, 23 Holland 
Dorritte t;. W. bookkeeper, 153 e Fayette 
Dorry J. Campbell. 3 Aisquith ' 



DORRY EDNV'D i\. iiluraber and pus fitter, 
18 Thames, and n w cor Pratt and Broad- 
way, dw 25 3 Broadway. [See p. 18 Ad- 
verdsemenls .] 
Dorsey Alexander, clerk to sheriff. Hand Tav- 
ern, 42 n Paca 
Dorsey Allen, supt. Bait, and York and Bait 
and Fredk. turnpikes, dw 243 w Lombard 
Dorsey Bartus C. clerk. loi2 Sharp 
DORSEY CALEB, coal dealer, E.\change pi. 

2d door e ot South, dw lo2 s Sharp 
Dorsey Caleb (J. painter, 44 Pe;irl, dw 84 n 

Dorsey Catherine, milliner, 97 Franklin 
Dorsey, Comfort W. .SO Pleasant 
Dorsey Edward H. 4;i Albemarle 
DorseV Edward R. clerk, lu2 Sharp 
Dorsey Evan L. cond. B. &O.R.R. dw 59 

Dorsey George W. shoemaker, 291 n Eutaw 
Dorsey Jacob J. D. carpenter, 203 Orleans 
Dorsey James, laborer, 20 Centre 
Duriey James B., clerk, 23 Calvert 
Dorsey James tax collector, 35 Conway 
Dorsey John, laborer, 34 Durham 
Dorsey John, tailor, 105 Columbia 
DorseV John T. shoemaker, 92 Vine 
Dorsey John T. B. attorney, 35 St. Paul 
Dorse}' Joseph J. 321 Franklin 
Dorsey Jos. S. (MidJlelon & D.) 40 n Calvert 
Dorsey Joshua W. A. clerk, 220 w Pratt 
Dorsey Lafayette, 401 Lexinjiton 
Dursey Leonard, bricklayer, 8 s Broadway 
Dorsey Margaret, 27 Durliam 
Dorsey .Michael, 181 s Charles 
Dorsev Michael & Co. lime and feed dealers, 

112"Light-st. whf 
Dorsey Rachel, 50 Pine 
Dorsey Richard, clerk, 102 Sharp 
Dorsey Richard B. prest. Mechanics' Savings 

Bank, 4G Courtland 
Dorsey Richard B. jr. clerk, 46 Courtland 
Dorsey Richard H. shoemaker, 233 e .Madison 
Dorsey Dr. Robert R. 2'J n Calvert 
Dorsey Samuel C. bookkeeper, 24 Chatsworth 
Dorsey Samuel II. 4'.t Albemarle 
Dorsey's Hotel, Paca bet. Lexington and Sa- 
ratoga, Wm. N. Dorsey, prop. 
Dorsey Truman, wh. dry goods com. merch. 

over 1 Hanover, dw 8 McCuUoli 
Dorsey W. H. G. attorney, 35 St. Paul 
Dorse}' Wm. coachsmith. 73 Columbia 
Dorsey Wm. tailor, 24 Booth 
Dorsey Wm. A. (Cornell & D.) 47 s Greene 
Dorsey Wm. J. II. tobacco com. merchant, 

Charles nr Conway, dw 92 Pearl 
Dorsey Wm. H. engineer, 114 s Central av 
Dorsey Wm. II. receiving teller of Western 

Bank, n w cor Franklin and Howard 
Dorsey Wm. N. pro)). Dorsey s hotel, 42 n Paca 
Dorsey Wm. T. G St. Paul 
Dorsschee Michael S. Chapel near Pratt 
Dorwart Edward, machinist, .372 n Gay 
Dole Wm. laborer, Chesajjeake near Boston 
Doty Caleb, salesman. 130 (Jerman 
Doubleday Saml. engineer, 300 w Lombard 
Doud Charlotte R. dressmaker, 179Che8nut 
Doud Francis, shoemaker, 203 Chesnut 
Doud John, laborer, 120 I.ow 
Doud Thomas, blacksmith, 44 Durham 

Douda Bartholomew, laborer, 7 Camden lane 
Doudring John, tavern, 35 n Frederick 
Dougherty Charles .M. (Egerton, D., Woods 

& Co.) Barnum's hotel 
Dougherty Hugh, carpenter, 54 Regester, dw 

310 e Pratt 
Dougherty James, carpenter, 11 w Biddle 
Dougherty James, grocer, 181 n Eutaw 
Dougherty James, laborer, 1 China al 
Dougherty James, printer, Harford av 
Dougherty Joseph, clerk, 9 n Exeter 
Dougherty J. J. C. clerk, 9 n Exeter 
Dougherty Julius, officer Farmers' and Mer- 
chants' Bank, d\v267 Saratoga 
Dougherty Lawrence, carter, 135 Albemarle 
Dougherty .Michael, carter, 287 s Paca 
Dougherty Philip, paper dealer. 23 Comet 
Dougherty Wm. clerk, 158 e .Monument 
Dougherty Wm. trunk maker, Bevan al 
Doughton J. P. (Swayne & Co.) 38 n Calvert 
Doughty John E. 189 Mulberry 
Douglass August, 157 w Lombard 
Douglass Bernard, wholesale com. merchant, 

157 w Lombard 
Douglass Charles, laborer, 172 n Front 
Douglass Clara, grocery, 13 Chew 
Douglass David J. cooi)er. 148 Ensor 
Douglass George W. cooper, 9 Walker 
Douglass Jackson, book keeper, 120 Mulberry 
Douglass James B. accountant, 51 Orleans 
Douglass James B. oak cooper, 51 Orleans 
Douglass Jules, 175 w Lonibaid 
Douglass Louis, veterinary surgeon, 157 w 

Douglass Peter, cooper, 12 Thompson 
Douglass Peter, cooper, 11 Centre .Mkt. sp 
Douglass Peter, cooper, 10 Knox al 
Douglass Thomas, shoemaker, 195 Vine 
Douglass Thomas J. cooper, 243 s Paca 
Douglass Wm. H. cooper, 9 Walker 
Douglass Wm. R. painter, 51 Orleans 
Dounmatch Philip, tailor, 207 llnnover 
Dove Benj. baggage master R. R. 548 w Pratt 
Dove Capt. U. S. N. 89 Saratoga 
Dove George, tinner, 109 Ilillen 
Dove Jas. H. (Hinshew k D.) 14 J s Calvert 
Dove Wm. C. iron roller 27 (iough 
Dover John, shoemaker, 121 Hamburg 
Dover Joseph, carjienter, 42 Ooss 
Dowart John, shoemaker, 22 Lancaster 
Dowd Willis W. i)rin. Franklin Ladies Scm- 

nary, 502 w Fayette 
Doweil & Cochran, gro. and com. merchts. 

84 Light-st. whf 
Doweil John, (D. k Cochran.) G3 Aisquith 
Doweil Wm. S. dentist, 209 n Eutaw 
Dowie John, boiler maker. 543 Saratoga 
Dowliiig Catharine, 22 Ilillen 
DOWLLNt; EDWARD, 310 e Baltimore 
Dowling Elizabeth, grocery, 57 s Ann 
Dowling Elizabeth, millinery dealer,33 Ensor 
Dowling James, millstone maker, cor. Fawn 

and .Miiemarle 
Dowling James C. cambric weaver, 134 Sa- 
Dowling John L. shipsmiih, 173 Bank 
Dowlint; Mary, 310 e B.iliimore 
Downing Geo. A. pattern maker, S2 n Pop- 

Downing' ('•■ F. IJl C.inw.iv 





Downing Howell, 158 Biddle 

Downing James, bricklayer, 82 n Poppleton 

Downing Nathaniel F. bricklayer, 82 n 

Downing Win. H. brickl. 82 n Poppleton 
Downey Charles, carpenter, 82 McElderry 
Downey Edmund, carpenter, 82 McElderry 
Downey Ed. marble polisher, 241 Forrest 
Downey John, dry goods deal. 154 n Euiaw 
Downey Mary S. searns'ls,207 n Ceniral av 
Downey Mary, 819 w Baltimore 
Downey Patrick, stonecutter, 53 President 
Downev Win. B. 23 Garden 
Downey Wrn. fnrn. wagon, 46 St. Peter 
Downey Wm. T. watchman, 149 Dover 
Downs Chas. produce deal. 191 Conway 
Downs Elizabeth, confectionery, 46 n Cen- 
tral av 
Downs Harris T. butcher, 69 McElderry 
Downs Jas. Henry, paper hanger and up- 
holsterer, 126 George 
Downs John, furnish. & trimming store, 11 s 

Downs Joseph, butcher. Bait, e of Chester 
Downs Joseph, laborer, 318 Mulberry 
Downs Mrs. J. B. 22 n Caroline 
Downs Oliver P. butcher. Bait, e of Chester 
Downs Robert, millwright, 127s Cart)line 
Downs Samuel, iron moulder, Franklin, w 

of Schroeder 
Downs Sarah, 126 George 
Downs Thaddeus, blacksmith, 148 s Sharp 
Downs Wm. cellar drgger, 18 Sterrett 
Dows Mary Ann, dressmaker, 139 n Exeter 
Doyle Ann, confectionery, 61 Clay 
Doyle Bridget, 34 Douglass 
Doyle Edward, baggage express agent, 132 

s Howard 
Doyle Edward, nail maker, 73 French 
Doyle James, laborer, 12 Swan 
Doyle Jas. blacksmith, Ceniral av. near 

Bank, dw Bank near Central av 
Doyle Jas W. blacksmith, 202 Raborg 
Doyle Jas. engineer, 183 Raborg 
Doyle James, liquor More, 45 s Charles 
Doyle John, laborer, 25 Amity 
Doyle John, 18 Abbey al 
Doyle John, tavern, 12 Swan 
Doyle John, laborer, 310 Canton av 
Doyle Martin, grocery, 252 n Caroline 
Doyle Martin, laborer, 54 China al 
Doyle Michael, laborer, 17 Centre 
Doyle Michael, clerk, 78 Barre 
Doyle Michael, sawyer, 48 Johnson 
Doyle Patrick, tavern, 11 w Lombard 
Doyle Patrick, laborer, 172 Stirling 
Doyle Patrick, laborer, 140 s Howard 
Doyle Sarah, 297 n Gay 
Doyle Thomas, mason, 140 s Howard 
Doyle Thomas G bookseller, 297 n Gay 
Doyle Thomas, laborer, rear 54 Johnson 
Doyle Thomas, cooper, 9 Philpot 
Doyle T. J, butter depot, 150 Camden 
Doyle Terrance, hostler, 167 n Howard 
Doyle Wm. sailor, Oregon, near Saratoga 
Doyle Wm. grocery, 42 Park 
Doyle Wm. carpenter, 252 n Caroline 
Doyle Wm. laborer, 3 Camden lane 
Drake Emma, dress maker, 116 s Howard 
Drake Wm. blacksmith, 152 s Greene 

DRAKELY & FENTON, wh. prod. com. 

mchts. 387 w Baltimore 
Drakely Henry W (D. & Fenton,) 291 w 

Drane Hugh, laborer, 26 Biddle al 
Drane Jas. grocery, 9 Mercer 
Dra3'er John, carpenter, 88 n Spring 
Drebert Capt. Francis, 153 Mulberry 
Drechsler George, shoemaker, 75 Penn. av 
Drechtel John, clerk, Frederick road, w of 

Calve rton 
Dreisch Joseph, porter, 56 Richmond 
Drellenk John, carpenter, 248 e Eager 
Dre.vel Werner, (F. L. Brauns & Co.) 65 

St. Paul 
Dresler Adam, wagoner, 239 e Eager 
Dressel Joseph, tailor, 73 Somerset 
Dressel John G. wood^awyer, 70 Somerset 
Dressel John, woodsawyer, 70 Somerset 
Dressel John, music teacher, 212 Canton av 
Dressel Leon hard, blind paint. 358 e Eager 
Dressel John G. bal^e^, 172 e Madison 
Dressel John J. baker, 200 Eastern av 
Dresser Adolph, laborer, 352 Wrlliam 
Drew Michael, laborer, 95 Albemarle 
Drexlei Ferdinand, laborer, 167 s Eden 
Drexler Frederick, tailor, 8 Spruce 
Drey Elkan, (Lewis Laurer ii Co.) 283 w 

Dreyer Christian, carpenter, 185 Happy al 
Dreyer Ernst, fresco painter, 175 w Fayette 
Dreyer Frederick, carpenter, 49 McHenry 
Dreyer Wm. shoe store, 178 s Broadway 
Drice Joseph, porter, 56 Richmond 
Drier Chas. cigar maker, 31 Albemarle 
Drill J. M. clerk transp. office B. & O. R. R. 

180 e Baltimore 
Drill Wm. blacksmith, 47 Johnson 
Driller Conrad, stevedore, 158 Canton av 
Driiidell Wm. machinist, 632 w Pratt 
Drink Gotleib, laborer, 228 s Dallas 
Driacoll Capt. Cornel. F. 97 s Eden 
Driscoll D. C. variety store, 972 w Baltimore 
Driscoll Dennis, laborer, 217 Cliesnut 
Driscoll Mary, tavern, Fort McHenry 
Driscoll M. A. dress maker, 16 s Liberty 
DRISCOLL RICHARD J. tailor, 16s. Lib- 
Driver Silas, brickmaker, 355 Columbia 
Driver Wm. carter, 281 Columbia 
Droge Emil, clerk, 9 n Eutaw 
Droney Martin, tailor, 83 York 
Drost G. A. (Lewis, D. & Co.) 253 w Lom- 
Drought Francis, carp'ntr, 46 Montgomery 
Drought George, wheelwright, 96 Preston 
Drugen Thos. cedar roofer, 218 Lexington 
Drum Sarah Ann, 250 e Pratt 
Drumador Christian, gardener, 8 Barkerscl 
Drurndoole Patrick, carpenter, 58 Orleans 
DRUMMOND LEVIN J. watchmaker & 

jeweler, 31 w Pratt, dw 15 s Exeter 
Drury Chas. H. agl. implement maker, 204 

s Howard, dw 146 Sharp 
Dryden Alexander, huckster, 64 Clay 
Dryden Chas. H. hat manuf. .^tna lane, dw 

97 e Fayette 
Dryden, Gibbons & Morris, dry goods deal, 

89 and 91 w Baltimore 
Dryden John H. piano mak. 102 s Howard 



Dryden John, jr. piano mak. 102 s Howard 
Di ytlen Joi-hiia, brickm'r, 215 w Lombard 
UrVilen J(.^hua R. (D., Gibbons & Morris) 

64 n Greene 
Drvdeii Robert W. G8 e Prait 
Drvden Robert H. ladies' shoemaker, 257 n 

Central av 
Dryden Robt. H. «fc Co. apoth. and chemists, 

174 W. Baltimore 
Dryden Robt. H. (Robt. H. D. & Co ) Bank 

Diyden Samuel F. bricklaver, 47 Henrietta 
Dryden Samuel, shoemaker, s e cor. Balti- 
more and Liberty, d\v H s Euiaw 
Drvlei) Wm. H. clerk, II s Ku'aw 
Dryer John, shoemaker, 175 Cliapel 
Duana John, coachman, 1 Edward 
Dubel A. 122 s Bond 
Diibree John, carpenter, 72 Chew 
Duoaiel HyppoliieG. tobacconist, GO w Bal- 
timore, dw Centre 
Ducatel Joana, K) Saratoga 
Dubreul Rev. J. Paul, ireas. St. Sulpice 

Seminary, Penn. av. near St. Mary 
Dubruil Arisiide, liquor store, n e cor. Gay 

and Monument 
Diicker Geo. E. salesman, 326 Baltimore 
Ducketi Richard G. clerk, 80S Saratoga 
Dndle>s Jas. fireman, lit Church 
Dudlev A. R. grocer, s e cor. German and 

Dudley Joseph, blacksmith, 8 Douglas 
Dudley Christopher, machinist, 287 e Eager 
Dudley Mildon, 83 Hamburg 
Dudley Marcu> L. clerk, 2f)9 Light 
Dudley Thomas, black>mith, 121 Ensor 
Duker Harinan, piano maker, 3G Marion 
Duker Wm. .36 Madison 
Duer Edward N. (Murdoch & Duer) n w 

cor. Mulberry and Cathedral 
DUER & JOHNS. millers,24 Commerce 
Duer John, sr. Eutaw square, next to cor. 

Duer John, jr. (D., Norris & Co.) cor Wash- 
ington place and Madison 
Duer Norris & Co. importers of hardware, 

H Hanover 
Duer Samuel (D. 8t Johns) 8 n Pine 
Duering John S. shoeuinker, 104 St. Mary 
Duering Sarah, 122 Orchard 
Dueriim Christian, tailor, (>'.) Mullikin 
DulTC;ipt. Henry, surveyor of vessels and 
wharfinger, 37 Fell, dw 3.51 e Baltimore 
Dutf Henry, sash and door factory, 10 East 

Falls av, dw 219 e Monument 
Duff Henry, carpenter, 219 e Monument 
Dutf James, stevedt)re, 90 Granby 
DufifJohn L. biMcher, 7v.'2 Penn av 
Duif John W. carpenter, 559 Saratoga 
Dutfey John, hosiler, (it) Raborg 
Duffy Bernard, tavern, n w cor. Centre & 

Duffy Bridget, grocery, 31 s Spring 
Duffy Daniel, watchman, 42 Raborg 
Duff'y Edward, attorney, 28 St. Paul, dw 

186 n Eutaw 
Duffy Hugh, barkeeper, 123 Aisquith 
Duff;y Hugh, 123 Aisquith 
Duffy John, weaver, McMechin near Robs 
DuflTy John, lRb(>rer, 110 SchroeHer 

Dufl^y Jame.s, hack driver, Hargiove al 

near Centre 
Duff'y James, grocery, 55 Holland 
Duffy Michael, marble polisher, 1 Edward 

DuffV , Hanover, near Cross 

DulTy Mahley, 199 e Lombard 

Duffy Michael, gioc. 18ii(fc 183 Cathedral 

Dufl^v Peter, carter, C2 Union 

Duff'y Peter, laborer, Madison, 1 door w of 

Duff'y Peter, grocery, 29 Douglas 
Dufi'y Peter, bark dresser. 311 e Madison 
Dnfur Geo. J. (Orlando D. & Co.) 65 Co- 
Dufur Orlando & Co. blacksmiths and pat. 

wire railing makers, Uhlei's al 
Dugan Catharine, dress maker, (18 Clay 
Duijan Cumberland (D. & Jenkins) 62 n 

Dnsan Frederick J. 127 n Charles 
DUGAN HAMMOND, coal office, cor. 

Exchange place and South, dw 127 n 

Diigan & Jenkins, hardware com. merchs. 

21 > Charles 
Dugan John, laborer, 93 Harford av 
Dugan Joseph O. dry goods deal. 129 n Gay 
Dusan Michael, laborer, 5 Rock 
Dugan Patrick, laborer, 48 China al 
Dugan's Wharf, foot Centre Market, wside 
Dugas Lewis C. clerk, Register's office, dw 

34 Josephine 
Dui.'dale Geo. (Macdonald & D.) 100 Han- 
Dugent Eli, cor. Ann and Fayette 
Dngent Francis, carpenter, cor. Durham & 

Dugent Francis, grocer. 248 e Lombard 
Duggan Thomas, grocery, 147 s Eden 
Duhamel J. bag dealer, 13 Bowly's wharf, 

dw 163 n Paca 
Duhurst Benj. laborer, 248 Franklin 
Duhurst Cha.s. H. druggist, 27 w Pratt, dw 

1 n Front 
Duhurst Chas. H. sec'ry Fireman's Ins. Co. 

1 n Front 
Duhurst Henry P. 1 n Front 
Duhurst Mrs. Mary, 1 n Front 
Duke Augustin W. druggist, 225 Central av 
Duke Augustine W. baggage master B. & 

O. R. R. 226 Central av 
Duke James, plasterer, 202 Mulberry 
Duke James B. gro. and feed dealer, 382 n 

Duke'Mary, Necessity al near Chesnut 
DUKE MARK A. laml agent, 286 n How- 
Dukehart Adam, huckster, 173 s Caroline 
Dukehart B. hosemaker, 18 Water, dw 64 e 

Dukehart Edward W. bookkeeper, 90 Lee 
Dukehart Henry, livery stables, 36 North 
Dukehart John'P. conductor B. & O. R. R. 

dw 91 n High 
Dukehart John, Sec. Associated Firemen's 

Ins. Co. 91 n High 
Dukehart Joseph R. ^'t Co. dealers in fishing 

tackle, twine &c. 130 w Baltimore 
Dukehart Joseph R. (J. R. D. & Co.) 151 






Dukehart Mary, 73 e Fayett 

Dukehart Rubt. W. hosem'r, 64 e Lombard 

Diikehart Samuel T. watchmaker, 67 n 

Dukehart Samuel M. clerk, 61 s Eden 

Siieet Hotel, dw 111 e Lombard 
Dukehart Thomas, machinist, 34 North 
Dukehart Wm. hosemaker, 18 Water, dw 

67 n High 
Dukir'r, Dannettel & Co. box makers and 

carpenters. 9 McClellan 
Dnker Otto, (D., Dannettel «fe Co.) 12 New 

Dukes James, sailor, Aliceanna, Canton 
Dukes, Capt. Levin, ■210 e Baltimore 
Dulaney Capt. Edward G. mariner, 96 s 

Dulanev Grafton L. attorney, 36 St. Paul, 

dw 59 Couriland 
Dulaney & Harris, merchant tailors, 46 n 

Dulaney John, mason, 16 Lancaster 
Dulaney R. attorney, 36 St. Paul, dw 59 

Dulaney Wm. (D. & Harris) 316 Saratoga 
Dulariy John N. (Norris & D.) 215 Mul- 
Duley Mary, butter depot, 203 Preston 
Duley Mary. 49 Ensor 
Duley John C. iron m'lder, 563 w Lombard 
Diilin Dr. Alex. F. 16 n Charles 
Dulin Lilly, 114 William 
Dnling Patrick, laborer, Cotton row, s of 

Boston, Canton 
Dull Casper, fisherman, 113 West 
Dull Michael, brickmaker, 113 West 
Dull Jacob, laborer, 31 McElderry 
Dumax Benj. L carpenter, 267 Happy al 
Dumax Mary E. 117 Pearl 
Dumbler Conrad, currier, 29 n Greene 
Dumbler John P. pumpmaker, 29 n Greene 
Dumbler John T. collarmak. 29 n Greene 
Dumbler Joseph, currier, 29 n Greene 
Dumler JVlattis, porter, 10 Diamond 
Dumling Nich. laborer, 23 Perry 
Dumphew Patrick, broker. 127 Conway 
Dunan Loui^^, clerk, 34 Columbia 
Dunbar Mrs. Frances, 35 Hamilton 
Dunbar Josepli, 35 Hamilton 
DUNBAR DR. JOHN R. W. 151 w Lom- 
bard, dw 43 Hanover 
Dnnbar Wm. W (Stanley &Co.) 35 Ham- 
Duncan Adam, salesman, 289 Saratoga 
Duncan Adam, huckster, 311 Penn. av 
Duncan Adam, clerk, cor. Chatsworth and 

Duncan Alexander, vegetable agent, Fred- 
erick road, near first t(dl gate 
Duncan Charles, huckster, Chesnut al near 

Duncan Crisy, seamstress, 65 Chatsworth 
Duncan Eliza, produce deal. 47w Lombard, 

dw 12 e Lombard 
Duncan George W. brushmaker, 155 G 

Duncan Harrison W. grocer, 254 w Fayette 
Duncan Jas. W. nightman, 236 e Lombard 
Duncan James, grocer, 289. Saratoga 

Duncan John, mathematical inst. maker, 

155 G Hughes 
Duncan John F. policeman, 49 Wolfe 
Duncan John, ship carp. 23 s Chapel 
Duncan Joseph, boot maker, 6 Holiday, dw 

169 e Baltimore 
Duncan Misses, 148 Cathedral 
Duncan Mary, '55 G Hughes 
Duncan Ninian, book-keeper, 289 Saratoga 
Duncan Capt. Peter, 33 s Bond 
Duncan Thos. M. engineer, 51 s Oregon 
Duncan Wm. engineer, 156 e Lombard 
Duncan Wm. lime inspector, 5 e Madison 
Dundon James, laborer, 389 w Pratt 
Dundon Michael, tobacconist, 265 Light 
Dunela Philip, painter, 4 Gough 
Dunela Wm, block maker, 4 Gough 
Dungan Emily, dress maker, 28 n Eutaw 
Dungan David, tobacconist, Farmer's hotel, 

n w cor. Hillen and Forrest 
Dungan Francis D. (D. &. Waikins,) 297 

vv Fayette 
Dungan Francis D book-keeper, 297 w 

Dungan Henry S. clerk, 33 n Calvert 
Dungan Henry, book-keeper, 297 w Fayette 
Dungan Jesse, machinist, 76 s Republican 
Dungan John, blaiksmiih, 29 s Republican 
Dungan Joshua T. tailor, 67 Raborg 
Dungan Lewis, pr. scows, 51 w Pratt, dw 

247 e Baltimore 
DUNGAN WILKINSON, shoe deal. 163 

Lexington, dw 357 w Fayette 
Dungan & Watkins, wholesale dealers in 

boots, -hf)es, hals,&c. 232 w Baltimoie 
Dungan W. W. com. mercht. 90 s Charles, 

dw 28 n Paca 
Dungas Francis, laborer, 18 Cambridge 
Dugent Ely, carpenter, 334 e Fayette 
Dugent Emilv, grocery, 334 e Fayette 
Dunham & Kearfott, imp. and jobbers dry 

goods, 285 w Baltimore 
Dunham Thornton C. (D. & Kearfott,) 281 

w Lombard 
Dunham W. C (Lee i& D.) 281 w Lom- 
Dunham Wm. C. 1 O'Donnell's wharf 
Uunigan Jane, 144 Canton av 
Dunigan Jas. C. A- 1h7 Bank 
Dunigan Patrick, sawyer, 164 Happy al 
Dunigan Thos. A ship joiner, 255 Gough 
Dunigan Wm. 191 Bank 
Duniiig David, cigar mk. Farmer's hotel, 

cor. Hillen and Forrest 
DUNKEL J. L. attorney, cor. Lanvale and 

Dunkerly George L. watchcase maker, 178 

e Pratt 
Dunkerly George, machinist, Carey near 

Dunkerly Reid, machinist, Carey near Pratt 
Dunkle Joseph, basket maker, 41 Abbot 
DUNLAP C. LEWIS, family grocer, 13 

w Baltimore, dw 24!) Saratoga 
DUNLAP CHARLES, grocer, s w cor. 

Howard and Lexington, dw 249 Saratoga 
Dunlap John, police. Cross near Light 
Diinlap Thos. H. coppersmith. Cross near 

Dunlap Wm. bookseller, 96 n Central ar 




Dunlevy Andrew F. (McConkev, Parr & 

Co.) 20>^ Ai.-quilh 
Dunlevy Jonathan, laborer, 21 French 
Dunlevy Thomas C. livery stables, u Fred- 
erick, .Iw 20',< .'\isqniih 
Diiiilo.i John, 167 Conway 
Dunn Ann, IH Cenire 
Dunn Andrew, tailor, 7 F^reinont 
Uunn Alexander, laborer, ci.'r. Eutaw and 

Dunn Bainey, lab>rer, '^[ Jordan al 
Dunn Biidijei, 5'.) n High 
Dunn Hrien, laborer, 214 Che-^nut 
Dunn iMirisiopher C. clt-rk, liil) Cathedral 
Dunn Daniel H. b iok-kee[)er, 15 > Greene 
Dunn Daniel, lime merchant, 115 Preston 
Dunn E Iward H. baggage master, B. & O. 

R. R. dw 2:^) German 
Dunn Edward, carter, 534 w Pratt 
Dunn Kdwar.l, grocery, IIG North 
Dunn Francis, huckster, 177 Conway 
Dunn Fredk. stevedore, Aliceanna, Canton 
Dunn Georu:e W hucsster, 38 Warren 
Dunn George, telegraph operaior,-243 Mul- 
Dunn Helen, grocery, 298 Canton av 
Dunn James, tin worktr, 1G7 s Greene 
Dunn James, .V.) n Hii^h 
DUNN JAMES, lumber deal. Commercial 

whf. dw243 .Mulberry 
Dunn John,5yn High 
Dunn John, siove moulder, '32 Boyd 
Dunn John, cond. N. C. R. 216 Preston 
Duim John S. marble yard, 483 w Pratt, dw 

205 s Paca 
Dunn Joseph, sailor, 32 Warren 
Dunn Joseph, shoemaker, Welsh al, near 

Dunn Matthew, laborer, i-iO Preston 
Dunn Michael, laborer, 100 Harford av 
Dunn Michiel, machinist, 1^^2 Chcsnut 
Dunn Patrick, grocery & liq. deal. 34 Car- 
penter al 
Dunn Patrick, lal)orer, Lanvale near Jasper 
Dunn Patrick, laborer, 77 s WoH'e 
Dimn Paul, laborer, 121 Harford av 
Dunn Peter, tailor, 214 Chesnui 
Dunn Peter, carter, 80 s Poppleton 
Dunn Richani, rigger, 57 s High 
Dunn Kobt. W. moulder, 38 Warren 
Dutm Rosanna, 157 Eastern av 
Dunn Susannah, -iS') Light 
Dunn Thom,is, laborer, 136 Mullikin 
Dunn Thomas, laborer, 85 n Dallas 
Dunn Thomas, grocery, 115 Preston 
Dunn Thoma-., wagoner, 31 Rooth 
Dunn William telegraph operator, 243 Mul- 

Dunn Wolfe, laborer, 81) Albemarle 
Dunning Daniel, wagoner, 77 Orleans 
Dunning John, farmer, 148 Pearl 
Dunning Samuel, butcher, 77 Orlean.s 
Dunning Thomas B. painter, IH Pearl 
Dunning Win. S. bricklayer, 1 18 Pearl 
Dunningham Owen, tailor, 31 Lorman al 
Dunnington S (Clitfe & D.) 52 s Sharp 
Dunnington Thus, carpenter, 2(;i G Hughes 
Dunninjjton Win. A plaster mill, lower end 

G Hughes, dw 43 McCulloh 
Dunn II George, carpenter, I3G w Fayette 

Dunnit Wm. plumber, 136 w Fovelie 
Uunnock S. R. (Wallace Sc D.) Lombard 

near Sharp 
Dunohiie J(din, lalHTcr, 00 s Poppleton 
Dunphy John, shoemaker, 54 Harford av 
Duiiphy Mrs. Mary, boarding house, 54 

Harford av 
Dnnpliy Thomas, shoemaker, 51 Harford av 
DUNS JOHN, stone cutler, 483 w Pratt, 

d« 205 s Paca 
Dunsmore R. W. 7 Fi.^h .Market space 
Dunsmore Mary, s e cor. Garden v^ Mosher 
Dupkens HeiMj', car driver, 348 Canton av 
Dupman Julia, 38 Gi'Ugh 
Duranl John H. rope ink. 22'J Harford av 
Dnianl Felix, l)arber,5 Penna. av 
Dm and Thus. W . grocer, n w cor. Harford 

av. and Biddle 
Durb irow Hammond. 35!) LexiuL'ton 
Durdiug Ann D. tioardii.g house, 10(ie Pratt 
iJurdmg Ji'hn T. grocer, 4()() Light 
Durding Leander A. printer, li)6 e Pratt 
Durfey Jo.'^eph P. salesman, 38 n Calvert 
Duifling Jacob, tailor, 51 .McEMerrv 
Durham .\lberl, laborer, ](>') s Wvdfe 
Durham C. P. 5!)J w Fayette, dw 14 Holli- 

Durham Catherine, diess maker, 132 Vine 
Durham Cliailes W. chair painter, 53 Pine 
Durham James, clerk, 327 n Eutaw 
Durham R. lail.uesN, M New 
Durham Susannah, 2()8 n Howard 
Durham Win. tailor, S!) Hamburg 
Durham Wm. carter, Lanvale near John 
Duihain Za<h. flour inspector, 49 s How- 
ard, dw 327 n Eutaw 
Duringer Henry, grocery, 2f)7 Hughes 
Durkee Henry H. bricklaver, 4? n Eden 
DurkeeMrs.L R. 138 Saratoga 
Duikin .Martin, laborei, 12,') s Chester 
Durkin Patrick, grocery, 50 s Durham 
Duikin Win. laborer, II Bcihel 
IJurlmg Edwar.), 133 s Caroline 
Durlinger Fredk, bl.tcksiuiih, 'M s Spring 
Durning iVlarv grocer, 147 u Central av 
Durocher A. H. danc'g mas 317 w Fayette 
Dursse Laurent, apoih. and druggist, n w 

cor. Lombard and Ann, dw 70 Gough 
Durst Catharine Y. 187 IJauover 
D.iist John, wa<liinig maker, 123 West 
Durst Susan, 123 West 
Dusenbery II. IJ. lt>4 w Lombard 
Dusenberv Maggie, .Vllen al. 
Dushane John, builder, 76 Sharp 
Dushane John, of V. 323 w Lombaril 
Dushane John A. clerk, 7(i s Sharp 
DUSHA.NE NATHAxX T. measurer ainl 

superinti'ndent, 57 n Paca 
Du-hane Valfiiiine, clerK, 53 German 
Dushane Valentine, book-keeper, 381 w Bal- 

Duskey Ernest, stove maker, 1 JEina la 
Diiiro George, tinner, 1 17 Raborg 
Diiirow Cunis, clerk, 50!) w Faycile 
Duirow John S boatman, 535 w Favelte 
Duirow Robi. H. engineer, 125 Raborg 
Duiton George H. C(un. mcrch. Lexington 

1 door e (d' Carey 
DUTTON JOHN R. flour and feed deal. 
170 s Caroline, dw (>!) 





Dutton Jfthn, 69 s Caroline 

Duiton Mary A. 3-25 e fratt 

Dutton Capt. Nathan, 53 s Washington 

Dutton Robt. J. clerk, 278 e Baltimore 

Dutton Samuel, carpenter, 304 Lee 

Duval Madam H. astrologer, 66 Pine 

Duvall Ann E. 91 Camden 

Duvall Alfred, civil engineer, 7 Penn 

Duvall Benjamin, 232 Hollins 

Duvall diaries, salesman, cor. German and 

Duvall E. G. (D., Keighler & Co.) Eulavir 

Duvall Eldridge D. (D., Keighler & Co.) 

Eiitaw place near Dolphin 
Duvall George W. cleik, 10 Pine 
Duvall George W. shoemaker, 77 Hillen 
Duvall Henry, (D. .>v: Iglehart,) 13 Hollins 
DUVALL & IGLEHART, gro. and prod. 

mts. 128 Light-st wharf 
Duvall Isaac H. machinist, 326 Raborg 
Duvall Jacob, shoemaker, 212 Hanover 
Duvall John H. (D., Rogers & Co.) 299 

Madison av 
Duvall John A. clerk, 299 w Madison 
DUVALL, KE1GHLER& CO. whols. deal 

Am. drygoods.,& impors. 275 w Baltimore 
Duvall Leml. E. notary public, Mechanics' 

Exchange, Sun building, d\v 18 s Greene 
Duvall Mary B. 40 s Greene 
Duvall Peter, stone cutter, 36 Orchard 
Duvall Richard, blacksmith, 408 w Fayette 
Duvall Richard, clerk, 299 w Madison 
Duvall, Rogers & Co. wholesale dry goods 

mei chants, 281 w Baltimcre 
Duvall Thos. J. ladies' shoemaker, 96 Mul- 

Duvall Wm. B. (Henry Tiffany & Co.) cor. 

Eutaw place and Dolphin 
Duvall Wm. Henry, machinist, 326 Raborg 
DUWEES JNO. C. moulder, 248 Central av 
Dwen Peter S clerk, 88 n Calvert 
Dwindle Dr. James, 117 s Broadway 
Dwyer Daniel, bricklayer, 118 Pine 
Dvvyer .Jeremiah, laborer, 20 Eastern av 
Dwyer John, basket maker, cor. Eutaw and 

Dwyer Michael, blacksmith, 7 May 
Dwyer Peter, potter, 142 Hollins 
Dwyer Thos. C. carpenter, 86 VVarner 
Dyer Benjamin, City Tax collector, dw 640 

w Baltimore 
Dyer Levi, machinist, 9<) s Poppleton 
Dyer Waller, clerk, 26 n Paca 
Dvkes Alex, shoemaker, 319 Saratoga 
Dykes Josephus, shoemaker, 319 Saratoga 
Dykes John, book-keeper, 91 Garden 
Dyott Aaron, carpenter, 151 n Cential av 
Dyott James, carjienier. 272 e Monument 
Dyott John, wheelwright, 218 Biddle 
Dyrnforih &, Co. fur dealers 178 Light-st vvf 
Dysart Moses A. collector, 150 Ai.squith 

Eachus Edwiw, dry goods dealer, s w cor. 

Pratt and Hanover 
Eage Thompson, 71 Lexington 
Eagean Ann, 150 w Payette 
Eager James, paperhanger, 54 n Spring 
Eager John, laborer, 192 w Fayette 
Eager Michael, 192 w Favette' 

Eager Thomas, hostler, 110 St. Mary 
Eagle Artillery Armory, Canton av. near 

Eagle Henry, tailor, 263 Aisquilh 
Eagle Hotel, 132 Hillen, Samuel Hanway, 

Eagle John, hostler, Biddle al. near Biddle 
Eaglebright Martin, laborer, 96 Lancaster 
Eagleston Alex, lavern, City block 
Eaglesion Mrs. 221 MuUikin 
Eagleton John, morocco dresser, York av n 

of Eager 
Eagy Martin, laborer, 525 n Gay 
Eakie Hiram S. salesman, 37 n Calvert 
Ealey Wm. H. ship carpenter, 118 Bank 
Eames Wm.A. guardmaker, 156w Lombard 
Earbil Martin, tailor, 66 xMullikin 
Eareckson Chas. C. carp. 229 e Baltimore 
Eareckson Chas. F. clerk, 53 Fawn 
Eareckson Chas. F. clerk, 53 Stiles 
Eareckson Edwin, druggist, s e cor. Balti 

more and Caroline 
Eareckson Henrietta. 53 Stiles 
EARECKSON ROBERT, lumber merch. 

'West Falls av. dw 66 s Exeter 
Eareckson Vincent O. clerk, 98s Bond 
Earhart August, locksmith and bell hanger, 

59 German 
Earhart George W. 153 n Eutaw 
Earhart Jacob, clerk, 23 Pearl 
Karl James, cigar maker, 95 Peirce 
Earl John, baker, 495 Saratoga 
Earland Francis, 39 Henrietta 
Earles Francis A. fish dealer, 11 Walker 
Earley Thos. wheelwright, 21 Centre, dw 

19 e Monument 

Earlougher 439 Lexington 

Earlougher John M. 439 Lexington 
Earlougher Mary, 15 Orleans 
Earlougher Mary, 439 Lexington 
Earlougher Wm. clerk, 439 Lexington 
Early Rev. John, S. J, prest. Loyola Col- 
lege, Calvert near Madison 
Early Joseph I. attorney, 5 Courtlaud 
Early Thomas, (Thompson & E. ) 19 e 

Earnest Charlotte, board, house, 68 Raborg 
Earnest Elizabeth, 35 Pearl 
Earnest Mrs. Rachel, 186 n Calvert 
Earp J. shoemaker. 149 Ross 
Easley John, 186 e Fayetie 
Easley John T. boat builder, 21 n Eden 
Easley Thomas. (Abrams & E.) 66 Block 
Easman John, huck-ter, 646 Penna. av 
Eason John Henry, 60 Hamburg 

Watson, Thos. Gale, principal 
East Baltimore Methodist Prot. Ch. cor. of 

Aisquilh & Fayetie 
East Ballimore Literary Inst. 84 s Broadway 
East Caleb prov. deal. 874 w Baltimore 
East Henry, prov. deal. 784 w Baltimore 
Easier Hamilton J<t Co, imporiers, jobbers 

and retailers of dry goods, 199, 201 & 203 

w Ballimore 
Easter Hamilton Scott, (H. E. & Co.) 199 

w Baltimore 
Easter James H. (Hamilton E. & Co.) dw 

Barnum's hotel 
Easier Dr. John, dentist, 113 w Fayette 





Easter John, jr. (Hamilton E. & Co.) 24 s 

Eastern Avenue Methodist E. Church, 

Eastern av. w of Bruatlway 
Eastern Dispensary, cor. of Central av. and 

Easterman Michael, laborer, 20-2 sWolfe 
EasterdayJuhn, shoemaker, 228 Eastern av 
Eastern Hail, cor. Eastern av & Broadway 
Eastern Hay Scales, corner Monument and 

Eastern Police Station. Bank cor. of Beihel 

124 Light St whf, Chesnut Gerard, agt 
Eastern Spring, bounded by Pratt, Lom- 
bard, Elen and Spring 
Easterly John, carter, 77 Amity 
Eastman Louis, 19 Hanover 
Eastwood Jas. cabinet maker, 157 n Exeter 
Eastwood Noel, porter, Lanvale la near 

Green Mount av 
E ASTON Dr. T. surgeon demist, n w cor. 

Baltimore and Pine, entrance on Pine 
Eaton Alfred, boiler ranker, 2 Arraisteadla 
Eaton Mrs Ann. 2 Armistead la 
EATON BROTHERS & CO. dry goods 

com. mts. 13 s Charles 
Eaton Chas. J. M. 52 Mt. Vernon Place 
Eaton George N. (E. Bros. & Co.) 54 Mount 

Vernon place. 
Eaton Hooper C. (E. Bro. & Co.) 54 Mount 

Vernon place 
Eaton Isham, 8 Armistead la 
Eaton John, carter, 164 Vine 
Eaton Robinson, policeman, 183 Chester 
Eaton Thos. boiler maker, 2 Armistead la 
Eatt Philip, laborer, 53 William 
Eaverson Geo. W. & Co. silk hat manufs, 

57 s Charles, dw G. W. E. 185 n High. 
Eaverson Peter, blacksmith, 21 Watson 
EBAUGH HENRY, walchmkr. Ill n Gay. 
Ebbeghauser Henry, tobacco, 238 Canton av 
Ebherts Alex, segar maker, 42 s Republican 
Ebberts Lemuel, tobacconist,50s Republican 
Ebberts Sylvester, blacksmh. 52sRepublican 
Ebbs Henry J. clerk, lfi7 w Madison 
Ebel Conrad, carter, 152 .\rgyle al 
Eherk Raymond, tailor, 428 w Fayette 
Eberi Adam, conduct. R. R. 31 s Republican 
Ebert Frederick, laborer, Henry 
Ebert John F. tailor, 118 Henrietta 
Ebert O. A. (Theodore S. Baniz & Co.) dw 

4 M'Culloch. 
Ebert Peter, tailor, 170 Wolfe 
Ebenezer Methodist Chuich, colored, Mont- 
gomery near Charles 
Eberharl Conrad, tailor, 304 Sharp. 
Eberhart Joseph A. grocer and hardware 

dealer, 324 Aisquiih 
Eberhart Mary Jane, 131 Cross 
EBERLE JOSEPH, stove and tin ware 

dealer, 2!)5 n Gay 
Eble Conrad, shoemaker, 70 n Caroline 
Ebley Frederick, laborer, 5 Mary 
Ebley Geo. laborer, carpenter al 
Ebline George, cooper, 145 Argyle al 
Ebner Martin, shoemaker, 196 JHollins 
Ebron Francis, 211 Canton av 
Ebs worth Thomas J. 20 Llovd 
Echart Lewis, shoemaker, 322 s Charles 

Echinger Geo. laborer, 5 Spring ct 

Eccleson Samuel, clerk, 159 Park 

Eck Henry, tobacconist, 212 Canton av 

Eckart Lewis, cabinet maker, 21 Eutaw ct 

Eckel Conrad, baker, 235 e Fayette 

Eckel Daniel, harness maker, 128 Raborg 

Eckel Henry, shoemaker, 234 s Ann 

Eckel John,' laborer, Mullikin ct 

Eckel L. V. M. 142 Hank 

Eckel Win. J . clerk, Ericcson line office, 30 

Greenmount av 
Eckelman Herman R. shormak. 10 w Lomb. 
Ecke'.inan Herman S. mach. 291 n Howard 
Ecker Henry, tobacconist, 40 St. Mary 
Ecker John, engineer, 243 Lemmon a) 
Eckerbush Chas. jeweler, 24 Center Market 

Eikerman John, pump maker, 64 Walnut al 
Eckerman Nicholas, tailoi, 89s Wolfe 
Eckert Adam, carter, 2() Constitution 
Eckert August, box maker, 445 w Pratt 
Eckert Charles, 115 n Central av 
Eckert Frederick, balcer, 36 s Republican 
ECKERT FREDERICK, baker, 239 n Gay 
Eckert George W. turn, wagon, 119 n Paca 
Eckert Henry, shoemaker, 64 s Central av 
Eckert, Martin, paver, 17 Baker's ct. 
Eckert Wm. laborer, 24 Abbey al 
Eckhard Henry, cap maker, 455 w Ballimo. 
Eckhardt Conrad, grocery, 5 Pine 
Eckhardt Jno. (L. E. & Bro.) 115 Central av 
Eckhardt Louis, (L. E. & Bro.) 13 Second 
Eckhardt L. & Bro. carvers and gilders, 25 

w Baltimore 
Eckhardt Wm. tavern, 13 Second 
Eckhardt Wm. upholsterer, 3 Camden la 
Eckhart Henry, cooper, 470 Saratoga 
Eckttart Lewis, gilder, 58 n Gay, dw 13 

Eckheit John, engineer, 234 Lemmon 
Ecklaufsein Jacob, tailor, 43 Bank 
Erkler Benj. J. shoemaker, 119 L. Greene 
Eckler Fredk. Wm. baker, 119 L. Greene 
Eckman Jacob, shoemaker, 696 w Baltimore 
Eckstein William, laborer, Townsend near 

Pennsylvania av 
Eckstorm Henry, 168 e Lombard 
Edeki John, Cuba, Locust Point 
Edel Josiah,240eBiddie 
Edel John W. 240 e Hiddle 
Edel Philip, tailor, 337 e Eager 
Edeler George, saddler, 350 w Pratt 
Edeler Wm. saddler, 1 12 Forrest 
Edelman Valentine, carpet weaver, 61 Cen- 
ter Market space 
Eilelinan Val. book binder, 387 w Pratt 
Eden Alex, butcher, Strieker near Baltimore 
Eden Mark, huckster, 149 Aisquith 
Eden Wm. butcher, Northern av near Penn- 
sylvania av 
Eder Francis, potter, 166 Spring 
Edes Mrs. Mary A. 173 Garden 
Edgrir Geo. H. & Co. com. merchants, 174 

Light St whf 
Edgar Geo. H. (Geo. H. E. & Co.) 77 Lee 
Edgar John M. attorney, 5 Bible House, w 

Fayette dw 95 n Charles 
Edgar Thomas, mate steamboat, 61 Granby 
Edgar Thomas, shoemaker, 79 Forrest 
Edgar William, nfi s Paca 





Edgar Wm. ship carpenter, 198 s Charles 
Edgerton Henry, clerk, cor. Li)mbard and 

Edkins Francis, confectionery, cor. Central 

av and Lombard 
Edleman Philip H. 872 w Rallimore 
Edling John, piano maker, 3 Carlton 
Kdmeads Wm. T. clerk, 13 Watson 
Edmonds Albert L. blacksmith, 658 w Pratt 
Edmonds Catharine, 85 French 
Edmonds John, fireman, 658 w Pratt 
Edmonds Mrs. dress and cloak maker, over 

85 w Baltimore 
Edmonds Mrs. Mary, 332 w Fayette 
Edmunds Page, dentist, 41 Hanover 
Edmonds Rebecca, 51 n Fremont 
Edmonds Samuel & Bro. grocers, n w cor. 

Pearl and Lexington 
Edmonds Samuel (S. E. & Bro.) Fremoni 

1 door n of Lexington 
Edmonds Wm. E. (S. E. & Bro.) Fremont 

1 door n of Lexington 
Edmondson Horace^S. Custom House, 606 

w Fayette 
Edmondson Capt. Jas. mariner, 241 s Sharp 
Edmondson Capt. J. N. 20 Warren 
Edmondson Capt. John 318 Light 
Edm(jndson Jo>. A. (Smith & E ) 56 Barre 
Edmondson Dr. Th. 95 n Charl'-s 
Edmon^^ton Leonidas. carpenter, 344 n Gay 
Edward Avatilla, 45 n Broadway 
Edwards Mrs. Amanda, 203 e "Monument 
Edwards Benjamin, mariner, 170 Gough 
Edwards Benj. F. engineer,115 Washington 
Edwards Charles E. ck-rk, 220 e Baltimore 
Edwards Charles, laborer, 178 McHenry 
Edwards Chas. machinist, Hudson, Canton 
Edwards David, copper smelter, Clinton 

near Boston 
Edwards Daniel, tavern, Forrest between 

Gay and Ensor 
Edwards El ihu, fireman, 178 McHenry 
Edwards Eliza, 69 Lancaster 
Kdwards Emory, clerk, 464 w Lombard 
Edwards George M. clerk, 78 Pine 
Edwards Henry, mate, 12 s Ann 
Edwards Jane F. 135 e Lombard " 
EDWARDS JAMES, cabinet maker, 2 

Barre dw n e cor. Lee and Charles 
Edwards Jno. C. cabinet mkr61 Leadenhall 
Edwards Joseph H tavern, 214 Light 
Edwards Richard, ladies' shoe store, 278 e 

Edwards Richard, Sr. 440 w Fayette 
Edwards Richard, Jr. (R. E. jr. & Co.) 

Paradise, Baltimore Co 
Edwards Richard G. huckster, 118 William 
ware merchls, 24 s Charles dw 49 St. Paul 
Edwards Richard, Superintendent Suuthern 

and Western Exchange Rooms, Sun Iron 

Edwards Richard, s e cor. Broadway and 

Edwards Robert, rear of 39 n Eden 
Edwards Samuel, ( lerk, 9 n Caroline 
Edwards Samuel H. huckster, 2 e Second 
Edwards Mrs. Sophia, music teacher, 135 

Edwards Wilson, carpenter, 12 Brune 

Edwards Thomas police, Hudson al near 

Edwards Thomas J. gas fitter, 268 w Pratt 

dw 102 Pearl 
Edwards Rev. Wm. B. rear of Light street 

Edwards Wm. M. teller, Mechanics' Bank, 

dw 77 w Biddls 
Eeley Jo-eph, carter, 89 Amity 
EELEY SAMUKL, restaurant 14 South 
Etfin John, huckster, 133 L iw 
Egan John J. painter, 88 Saratoga 
Egan Lavinia, 208 Saratoga 
Ege M ichael M agent, 374 w Baltimore dw 

18 Pearl 
Egenton Margaret, 148 Pine 
Egger Henry, cigar maker, 40 St. Mary 
Eggert Goileib, cooper, 87 Granby 
Eggert &.Bt>beth, piano inanufs. 244 w Pratt 
Egert George, ropemaker, 305 Central av 
Egerton A. Dubois, lottery broker, South, 

dw 70 Courtlrtnd 
EGERTON & BROTHER, lottery and ex- 
change o(Iice,cor. South & Exchange place 
Egerton Charles C. (E. & Brother,) Reed 

near St. Paul 
Egerton C. C. Sen. 136 Hanover 
Egerton Charles, jeweler, 38 Granby 

CO. Baltimore Steam Sugar Refinery, 

corner Lombard and Concord 
Egerton John B, (E. & Bro.) 143 St. Paul 
Egerton John, (E , Dougherty, Woods & 

Co ) corner Eutaw Place and Lanvale 
EGERTON PHILIP A. lottery dealer, 7 

Light, dw 24 s Exeter 
Egerton Samuel E. lottery office, 84 Camden 
Egerton Wm. A. 136 Hanover 
Eglebunner Thos. gas filter, 55 McHenry 
Kggleston Chas. S. clerk, 212 Mulberry 
Eggleston .loseph W. carpenter, 26 Peirce, 

dw212 Mulberry 
Egleton John, morocco dresser, 8 McKim 
Egling Charles, oil seller, 107 Grundy 
EGNER LEWIS, grocery and provision 

dealer, 49 Columbia 
Eharhardt August, locksmith & bell-hang'r, 

59 German 
Eherns Philip, gilder, 339 e Eager 
Ehiears John D. engraver, 18 s Calvert 
Ehlen J. H. 1.37 n Paca 
Ehler James T. huckster, 158 William 
Ehlers B. H. clerk, 69 Camden 
Khlers Henry, grocery, 2t)0 e Madison 
Ehlers Lewis, grocer, 37H Light 
Ehlert George, sign painter, 242 Mulberry 
Ehlies Aaron, baker, 177 e Monument 
Ehren Andreas, crockery ware, 681 w Bal- 
Ehrhard Albert, teacher, 227 Saratoga 
Ehrhardt George, tailor, 244 s Eutaw 
Eh rlich Jacob, sec. hand, furniture dealer, 

201 s Charles 
Ehrlick Alexnnder, pedler, 47 Hampstead 
Ehrmnn Charles, of Adams Jk. Co's Express, 

2 e Pratt 
Ehrman Charles H. 50 Lee 
Ehrman Frederick, grocer, 338 s Caroline 
Ehrman Geo. blacksmith, 338 s Caroline 
Ehrman Geo. M. (E. & House) 24 s Eutaw 





EHRMAN 8t HOUSE, flour, feeH. and pro- 
duce dealers, n w cm. Hitwani and Pratt 
Ehrinan Jacob, carpenter, 5U German, dw 

^4 s Eutaw 
Ehrman John, carpenter, 188 w Maiiison 
Etirnian John, carpeiiler, 1510 n Hov^aril 
Klirinan John, carpenter, 74 Albemarle 
Kill Ml 111 John & Co. planing mill, 210 s 

Khiman John (J. E. &. Co.) lift w Madison 
Ehrman Lewi>. gro. ami ship chandler, cor. 

Nicholsi.n and Towson 
Khiman Nicholas, porier, 55s Bind 
Ehrman Win. inininuig and variety store, 

43 w Haiti more 
Eichelberger A. G. clerk, 245 Mnlberry 
Eiehelher},'er C. W. painter, 165 .Mulberry 
EichelbiT^er Emanuel W. (E. &. Turner) 

1»:> s Paca 
Eichelberger Mrs. Henrietta A. 1.59 Park 
Eichelberger J & Co. dry goods dealer, 310 

-s Charles 
Eicheiberger John M. house painter, 167 

Eicheiberger John W. painter, IC? Mulberry 
Eiclielberger John, cigar maker, 215 Mul- 
Eicheiberger J. F. tobacconist, 139 Franklin 
Eicheiberger M. sawver, 83 Union 
Eicheiberger Oiho W. liquor dealer. I s 

Howard, dw 41 n Calvert 
Eichellier^er & Turner, lumber merchants, 

cor. Pralt and Greene 
Eicheiberger Wm. O. 41 n Calvert 
Eicheiberger Win. salesman, 153 Park 
Eichenjjreen Moses, dealer in second hand 

tiiriiiiure, 1.54 Low 
I'^ichhen Theodore, piano maker, 19 Pearl 
Ei.;iiinger Geo. black-miiii, 5 Sprin:j ct 
En-'hinan John, piano maker, 7 Sierrett 
Eichman Julius C. cutter, 49 Hanover 
Eichner Andrew, cooper, 3t)5 w Lombard 
Eichner Charles, Garrison la near Western 

Eichner Jacob, shoemaker, 70 Harrison 
Eichner John, butt-her, Garrison la 
Eichner John, tailor, 9 n Dallas 
Eii'khoni George, tailor, 29 May 
Eichorn Henry, Iti Gough 
Eickman J. J. piano maker, West near 

Eidinan J. M. bakery, 91 Orchard 
Eifluiger John, milkman, Calverton road 

near Gwynn's creek 
Eigenbrodi Daniel, bi).x maker, 155 s Eden 
Eigenbrot John, (Rehling Sc Co.) 148 n 

Central av 
Eisenrauch Frederick, 45 n Paca 
Ejger George, blacksmith, 775 w Baltimore 
Eigner Sebastian, baker, H5 Preston 
Eikieman Jo-eph, paver, 78 Somerset 
Kilau Uavid, dry goods, 29:{ CeiUnil av 
Kilau Wm. catiinet maker, 210 s 
Eib.'r John, paper box maker, 304 w Pralt 
Eiman Charle>, carver, .'il President 
Eimer George, grocer, ;il)l Pcnna. av 
EimholfJohn, laborer, 400 Canion av 
Einbrod Chas. confectioner, 105 s Paca 
Einghenger Frantz, laborer, 398 Canton av 
Einhorn Dr. David (13 n High 

Einhorn Edward, turner, 53 Harmony la 
Einhouse Henrv, laburer, 214 EaNierii av 
Einklemver WoUkiiid, laborer, 15 St. James 
Einolf Conrad, shoemaker, 70 Portland 
Einstein Abraham (Z. E. & Hro.) 91 e Pratt 
Einstein Mrs. cigar store, (il Hanover 
Einstein Zadok & Bro. clothiers, 102 w 

Lombard, dw 91 e Pratt 
Einstein Samuel, tobacconist, 81 Hanover, 

dw 61 
EinwaechterAdam,blacksmith,6n Fremont 
Einwaechter Alexander, wheelwright and 

black-miih, IKi Columbia 
Riseman Moses, shoemaker, 7 Second 
Ei--enbefser George, beer brewer, 138 e 

Lombard Christopher H. manufacturer 
musical instrts. 78 w Balto. dw 8 Watson 
Eisenbrandi Henry W. musical instrument 

maker, 78 w Baltimore 
Eisenhaur Franklin, gro. 218 Central av 
Eisenhouer Adam, carpenter, 174 .McHenry 
Eisenhnt Chas. wheelwright, 390 Canton av 
Ei.ser Ulricli, lager beer saloon, Fredk. road, 

near Calverton 
Eisfeld L. shoemaker, 62 s Spring 
Eisfield Isaac, umbrella maker, 212 s Bond 
Eisler John, clerk, 62 e Fayett: 
Eisman Bernard, butcher, 1)3 Orleans 
Eisman George, hostler, 51 Orchard 
Eisman G umbrella maker, 51 Orchard 
Eisor Charles, harness maker, cor. Frede- 
rick av and Calverton road 
Eisor John U tavern, neai Frederick road 
Eitel Gotleib, 57 s Eutaw 
Eiiel Jacob, cooper. 26 Leadenhall 
Kitel Marv, conleciioner, 2t; Leadenhall 
Eitel Philip, milkman, 309 s Sharp 
Elbert h Lawrence, cabinet maker, 173 East 
Elder Rev. A. J. St. Sulpice Seminary, Penn 

av. near St. Mary 
Rider Allen, 20 Holland 
Elder Ann, 8 s Republican 
Rider BaMl T. 20i; n Charles 
Elder Benjamin, machinist, 318 Mulberry 
Elder Charles M. lumber inspector, West 

Fails av dw 117 e Baliimore 
Elder Francis, custom house officer, dw 79 

Elder Francis W. (White & E.) 80 w 

Elder Jeremiah B. shoemkr. 136 Henrietta 
Elder John J. painter. 134 Ross 
Elder P. Lawrence, clerk, 80 w Monument 
Elder Samuel E. &. Co. Hour merchants, 32 

n Howard, dw S. E. E. 15(i n Howard 
Elderkin James K. silversmith, 437 w 

Eldon Hall, 78 w Fayette 
Eldrick William, traveling agent, 183 n 

Rldriilge Charles, shoemaker, 20 Orchard 
Ridridije Wm. D. policeman. Mil Che^nut 
Eldridge K. B. commission merchant, 10 

Grocers' E.xchnnge 
H^leece John, Cowpeii al 
Elem Win. shoemaker, 161 s (^hester 
Eley Charles, carter, 275 Light 
Eley John, shoemaker. 1.39 Stirling 
Elev John, clerk, i:{7 Vine 





T. office 130 w Lombard, 
T. jr. (H. Wm.E. & Bro.) 

Elger John, 156 Lomba/d 

Elgert Conrad, 52 President 

Elgert John, shoemaker, 78 Granby 

Elias Joseph, second-hand goods dealer, 55 

Pennsylvania av 
Eliel Solomon, shoemaker, 108 Low 
Elisha Brother, assistant teacher, St. Vin- 
cent lie Paul's Asylum, Frontj 
Ellender Charity, huckster, 11 Orleans 
Ellender Frederick, bricklayer, 11 Orleans 
Eller Warner, whitewasher, 30 Low 
Ellermeyer Charles (Buschman &. E.) 32 

New Church 
Ellet James, moulder, 19 Gittings 
Ellibert Chas. musie teacher, 76 Lexington 
ELLICOTT ANDREW, office s e corner 

South and Second, dw 95 Cathedral 
Ellicott Benj. bill broker, -203 Mulberry 
Ellicott B. H. (J. S. Wilson & Co.) 301 

Ellicott Evan 

dw 174 
Ellicott Evan 

ELLICOTT H. WM. & BRO. iron manu- 

faciurers, s side Basin 
Ellicott Henry W. (H. Wm. E. & Bro.) 

95 Cathedral 

ELLICOTT & HEWES, butter dealers, 

59 Lombard, Exchange Place. — [Seep 9 


Ellicott John, jr. civil engineer, 139 St. Paul 

Ellicott John, clerk, n e cor Charles and 

Ellicott John, office cor South and Balti- 
more, dw cor Charles and Pleasant 
Ellicott Louisa, 139 St. Paul 
Ellicott Thomas P. (Wm. M. E. & Sons) 5 

St Paul 
ELLICOTT WM. M. & SONS,. commis- 
sion merchants. 3 Spear's whf. aw W. M. 
E. 5 St. Paul 
Ellicott Wm. M. jr. (W. M. E.& Sons) 5 

St. Paul 
Ellicott Wm. brickmaker, 217 Washington 
Ellinger Jacob, cow dealer, 541 n Gay 
Ellinger John, shoemaker, 168 William 
Ellinger Saml. calile dealer, 214 Mullikin 
Ellinger Wm. restaurant, 1 n Liberty 
Ellingsworth William, rigger, 29 Bethel 
Elliott Abraham, dry goods dealer, 70^^ 

Hanover, dw 30 German 
Elliott Mrs. Amanda, 281 Lexington 
Elliott Ann, hucksteress, 8 Hawk 
Elliott Benj. policeman, 65 n Bond 
Elliott Curtis, fireman, 45 s Schroeder 
Elliott Daniel, brickmaker, 35 Giddings 
Elliott Edward, carpenter, 24 Orleans 
Elliott Elizabeth, 73 Watson 
Elliott George, aeronaut, Baltimore e of 

Elliott George, carpenter, 442 n Gay 
ELLIOTT HENRY A. & BRO. apothe- 
caries and druggists, 286 Lexington 
Ellioit James, shoemaker, HO Mullikin 
Elliott James, tobacconist, 28 Ensor 
Elliott James, bricklayer, 81 Chew 
Elliott Jas. T. huckster, 330 Aisquith 
Elliott John T. ornamental painter, 8 n 

Elliott John, carpenter, 88 Aisquith 
Elliott Jdhn, miller, Falls road, near Lan- 

vale factory 
Elliott John, piano tuner. 135 w Madison 
Elliott John, blacksmith, 10 Abbott 
Elliott Joseph P. salesman, Gilmor house 
Elliott Joseph, flour inspector, 161 w 

Elliott Joseph S. ship carp. 13 s Spring 
Elliott Joseph, laborer, 5I» Granby 
Elliott Matilda, 40 n Caroline 
Elliott Naihan J. clerk, 8 n Caroline 
Elliott Robert, bricklayer, 88 Aisquith 
Elliott Robert, carpenter, 2>'6 Aisquith 
Elliott Robert, laborer, 169 Stirling 
Elliott Robert O. carpenter, 14 Mott 
Ellioit Snmuel, shoemaker, 11 s Poppleton 
Elliott Samuel, plasterer, 236 n Eden 
Elliott Thomas, painter, 241 n Eden 
Elliott Thomas C. produce dealer, 110 s 

Elliott Thomas, jr. painter, 241 n Eden 
Elliott Wm. H. carpenter, 98 Pearl 
Elliott Wm. laborer, 219 Washington 
Ellioit Wm. jr. teacher, 307 Caroline 
Elliott Wm. H. painter, 66 McElderry 
Ellis Alexander B. book keeper, 303 e 

Ellis Alexander, commission merchant, 303 

e Baltimore 
Ellis Benjamin, ship carpenter, 105 s Bond 
Ellis Betsey E. 24 French 
Ellis Charles, machinist, 200 Montgomery 
Ellis George, carpenter. East near Ensor 
Ellis Henry, 193 s Paca 
Ellis Isaac, machinist, 33 Lemmon 
Ellis Isabella, grocery, cor Light & Heath 
Ellis James N. ship carpenter, 146 s Bond 
Ellis James, morocco dresser, 137 n Front, 

dw 38 Low 
Ellis John C H. horse dealer, 10 St. Mary 
Ellis Joseph, furniture wagoner, 76 Granby 
Ellis Thomas, 14 s Gay 
Ellis Thomas H. carpenter, 54 Orchard 
Ellis William, actor, 180 n High 
Ellrich Peter, moulder, 310 Aliceanna 
Ellsler Henry, cleik, 61 Stirling 
Elmer Frederick, cooper, 31 Bank 
Elmer Lewis, (E. & Sipes) 22 Hill 
Elmer & Sipes, jeweler.-, 174 w Pratt 
Ellmore Richard, mariner, 12 Sierrett 
Elmore Charles E., R.R. agent, Grundy 

near Preston 
Elmore James, butcher, Baltimore e of 

Elmor Mary, tailoress, 251 Hanover 
Eloffi? C. milliner, 88 Franklin 
Elphinstone Jas. saddler, 34 Maiden lane 
Elphring Mrs. William H. grocery, 488 

ENenroad Fredk. tailor, 166 s Bethel 
Elseroade Francis, laborer, Elbow laue near 

Elserode John, foundryman, 266 Canton av 
Elsirod Heniy J. drayman, Marion near 

Elton Chas W. ^o^per, 1 s Ann 
Eltonhead Sarah, fancy goods dealer, 35 e 

Ely Charles, furniture wagon, 129 s Chester 




ElwDod Thomas, laburer, cor Boslou and 

Ely Charles W. shoemaker, 144 n Gay and 
•«ilS w Prati. (Iw n e cor Gay and Exeler 
Elv Enoch, 18j s Ann 
Ely James, carter, 3.')2 Eastern av 
Elv Jesse F. biok keeper, 127 Aisquilh 
Elv John W. wheelwright, Eagle hotel, 132 

Ely Julin C. saw and grist mill, cur Hud- 
son and Luzerne, Canton, dw 185 s Ann 
Ely John N. bridge and wharf builder, 143 
s Broadway 

Ely , mariner, 76 s Washington 

Ely Mahl.jn S. ladies' shoe store, 170 n Gay 
Ely Sebastian, wood sawyer, 294 Aliceanna 
Ely Wm. N. brid<,'e and wharf builder, lfs5 

s Ann 
Ely Wm. T. apothecary, s e cor Saratoga 

and Calvert, dw 52 n Eden 
Elzey Capi. Arnold. 155 Park 
Einack Wm. (Holges & E.) 3-3 n Eutaw 
Enniiuel Chapel, (Episcopal) 121 Grundy 
Einanuel Chuich (Episcopal) cor Read and 

Einhrauce Samuel, confec. 320 n Dallas 
Knielde Henry, laborer, 1 Albemarle 
Emeiich Conrad, clerk, 254 Hanover 
Einericli Philip, shoemaker, 28 Harrison 
Einerick David, boot and shoe maker, 56 n 

Howard, dw 145 Pennsylvania av 
P-inerick Ludwi;^;. porter, 162 Dover 
E.MERICK WILLIAM H. shoemaker, 
5 and 6 Eutaw house, cor Baltimore and 
Eutaw, dw 20 Chatsworth 
Emerson Edwin, tinner, 140 Camden, dw 

1 12 s Greene 
Emery A. F. (E. & Stoddard) 99 w 

Einerv Johana*;, laborer, 212 s Durham 
Emery John B. brickmaker, 7fi s Paca 
Emt-ry Samuel, brickmkr. 304 w Lombard 
Emge Peter, bla^ ksmith, 214 e Eager 
E inch Andrew, car builder, 11 s Oregon 
Emich Coluin. V. druggist, I'.iG n Howard 
Einich Daniel J. 191 e Baltimore 
Einich Henry, litliogiaplier, 259 n Dallas 
EmichJolin V. stove and tin worker, 27 

Light, dw 34S w Lombard 
Einich Peter, stove smith, 3 s Schroeder 
Emich Wesley D. bricKlayer, 3 s Schroeder 
Eiiiler Charles, piano maker, 32 Dew- 

l)errv al 
Emmart Charles E. clerk, 107 Mullikin 
Einiiiart David, coachsmilh, 157 n Paca 
Eiiiinari Francis, tailor, 210 Stilling 
Euiinart Gorge H. clerk, \^b Mulberry 
Einmart J^imes E. carter, till Cross 
Eiiimart Mrs. Joseph, 163 Mulberry 
Eiiim;iri Mary Ann, i^mcery, 107 iVliillikin 
Eiiunart Michael, carpenter, 96 Mullikin 
Emiiiart Philip Thomas, silversmith, lb5 

Alui berry 
Emmart Wm. Wirt, stone cutter, 157 n 

Emmei Conrad, baker, 11 s Bond 
Kinmel J(jhn, confec. 249 Canton av 
Emmel John, confectioner, cor Fleet and 

Emmerich Ludwiir, porter, 162 Dover 

Emmerich Christian, shoemaker, 18 South, 

dw 324 w Lombard 
Emmerson Win. boatman, 51 Stiles 
Einmert Jar ret, guagei, 86 Pearl 
Einmert Philip, cooper, 452 w Pratt 
Eiiunett Charles C. clerk, 296 n Eutaw 
Emory .Ambrose M. clerk, 96 Park 
Emory Dr. August W. 44 e Pratt 
Emory Mrs. Ann, 127 Regester 
Emory Elias, carter. Vine 2 door e of 

Emory E- Maria, seminary for young ladies, 

n e cor Fremont and Lexington 
Emory Diniel C. H. attorney, 17 St. Paul, 

dsv Baltimore Co 
Emory Daniel G. clerk Bank of Baltimore, 

dw Hotlman 4 doors e of Ross 
Emory George, tailor, 120 e Fayette 
Emory Henry, carpenter, 123 Raborg 
Emory John W. brakesman, 28 Lemmon 
Emory J. K. B. (Moore & E.) 221 n Howard 
Emory J. K. B. jr. clerk, 58 Albemarle 
Emory John, tailor, 238 n Eden 
Emory M. E. Church, Pennsylvania av 

near Hoflman 
Emory R. W. attorney, 49 Pine 
EMOkY & STODDARD, sewing ma- 
chines, 99 w Baltimore 
EMORY WM. ii.& D. C. H. commission 
merchants and grain and produce dealers, 
11 Bowly's wht. dw 78 St. Paul 
Einrich George, hair dresser, 215 Barre 
Einiich Peter^, (Flynn, E. & MurriU) 143 e 

Einrich Simon, watchmaker and jeweler, 

169 w Pratt 
Einrick Andrew, turner, 6 Jasper 
Emrick John, wheelwright, 75 s Paca 
Emrinc John, tailor, 285 e Eager 
Enders Conrad, confectioner, 92 s Caroline 
Endley Francis, bust maker, 11^ Hamburg 
Eney Benjamin F. shoemaker, 196 Vine 
Eney Jeremiah, shoemkr. Calverton Mills 

near Almshouse 
Eney Oliver, paper haui^er, 143 Hollias 
Eney Thomas, shoemaker, 114 Vine 
EoL-el George, shoemaker, 5r0 w Baltimore 
ENGEL GEORGE, tavern keeper, 43 n 

Engel Henry, grocery, 2V.< s Exeter 
Eiigel Hugo, clerk, 327 iVfulberry 
Engel Jacob, carpenter, 39 n Central av 
Engel John, cooper, 9 Leadenhall 
Engel John, cooper, Warner, near Henri- 
Engel J. Otto, beer house, 172 Aliceanna 
Engel Lazarus, second hand dealer, 222 s 

Engel Peter, tailor, 251 s Wolfe 
Engel William, police ollicer, 25 n Wolfe 
Engel Yugo. piano maker, 327 Mulberry 
Engclbacli Emanuel, 75 Hani)ver 
Engelberg Mayer, tailor and furniture deal. 

108 e Fayette 
Engelberi Martin, tailor, 52 s Central av 
Ei)gelh;irt Henry, shoemaker, 54 Portland 
Engel haidt M. cupper and leecher, 11 

Engelhaupt Wm. tailor, cor Mulberry and 





Engelroann A. shoemaker, 16 e Lombard 
Engelmyer Solomon L. pawnbrok. 6U Park 
Enyerd Jolin A. tinner, 5 Smith's al 
Engers Philip, tailor, 84 Dallas 
Engert Casper, tailor, 176 Eastern av 
Enghausen Heniy, tavern, 75 Park 
Engineer ol Water Works, office City Hall 
England James R. tailor, 12 n Exeier 
England John, gardener, Light below 

England John H. carter, 122 Garden 
England Joseph T. freight agent B. & O. R. 

R. 79 Sharp 
England Mary, 12 n Exeter 
England Robert A. carter, 122 Garden 
England Wm. sailor, H n Exeter 
England Wm. G. brakesman, 122 Garden 
Englar Henry, police officer, 12 Lanvale 
Engle Caper, laborer, 213 s Duiham 
Engle George, tailor, 28() s Charles 
Engleberg Lewis, dyer, 3 May 
Engleharut Gotleib, piano maker, 264 Lee 
Englehart Mary, grocery, 8y Gough 
Englehart Moses, 89 Gough 
Englehaupt Adam, tailor, 102 s Exeter 
Englekmg Frederick, tailor, 36 L. Mc- 

ENGLER ADOLPB, foreign exchange 

broker, 34 Second, dw 125 w Fayette 
Englert John, stove mounter, 5 Smith's al 
Engles Elizabeth, 13 Calveit al 
Engles Henry, police. Dolphin near Penn- 
sylvania av 
Engles Samuel, bricklayer, McMechinnear 

Engles William, laborer, McMechin near 

Engleman Palmer, engineer, 180 Columbia 
English Henry, brass founder and faucet 

maker, 119 n Front 
English John, laborer, 235 Lemmon al 
English John, policeman, 8 Molt 
English Patrick, carter, 48 Chapel 
English Thomas J. conductor, 60 s 

Enhofl' George, tailor. Gay near Eager 
Enke Charles, 21 e Fayette 
Enke Ludwig, artist, 114 w Baltimore 
Enkhausen Henry, stationery dealer, 

Pennsylvania av 
Eukst Martin, laborer, 1*4 Canton av 
Ennalls Juo. VV . (Frederick Fickey & Sons) 

28 s Greene 
Enney Benjamin, shoemaker, 196 Vine 
Enney Julia, nurse, UHi Vine 
Enney Jeremiah, blacksmith, 196 Vine 
Enney John, plasterer, 196 Vine 
Enney Thomas, shoemaker. 114 Vine 
Ennig John, blacksmith, 14 s Republican 
Ennis John, drayman, 9 Commerce 
Ennis Mary, 14 s Republican 
Eao Richard, baker, 42 n Eden 
Enos Wm. J. printer, 3 Albemarle 
Ensberg Jacob, laborer, 30 Lanca>ier 
Ensel Mever, rag dealer, 150 s Greene 
Ensey Lot (Orendorf, E. &. Co.) 311 w 

Ensey Marcellus P. daguerreian gallery, 127 

s Broadway, dw 147 Lexington 
Ensey Richard, clerk, 339 w Fayttte 



Ensinger George, carpenter, 293 Eager 

Ensor A bra in, 116 n Exeter 

Ensor Charles, watchman, Hampslead near 

Knsor Columbus, 116n Exeter 
Ensor Eliza, seamstress, 794 w Baltimore 
Ensor Edward, ship joiner, 38 Milliman 
Ensor Hiram, carpenter, 423 w Lombard 
Eii5or James, 1 n Front 
Ensor John H. 483 w Fayette 
En-or John, carpenter, 816 w Baltimoie 
Ensor Washington G. 1 16 n Exeter 
Ensor Wm. tinner, 260 e Monument 
Enssle John C. harness maker, 31 Lee 
Entler Julia, 24 Pine 
Eniz Andrew, clerk, 132s Sharp 
Enlz Henrietta, 48 n Poppleton 
Enzely Frances, tailoress, 279 s Charles 
Episcopal Reading Room, over 244 w Bal- 
Epler Jacob, cooper, 15 Spring ct 
Epp Charles, cooper, Leadenhnll near Cross 
Eppe Wm. varnisher, cor Henrietta and 

Eppert Chas. laborer, 354 s Eutaw 
Epple Martin, carpenter, 242 e Eager 
Eppley James M. clerk B. & O. Railroad, 

214 w Madison 
Epron Lewis, shoemaker, 91 s Regester 
Kpron Peter, botii and shoemkr.148 n Eden 
Epworlh M, E. Chapel, cor Washington and 

Erb Adam, stone cutter, 215 w Pratt 
Erbach Sebastian, barber, 12 w Lombard 
Erbe Henry, carter, 360 s Charles 
Erdbring Herman, cigar nik. s w cor Charles 

and Conway 
Erding Henry, tailor, 229 e Monument 
Erdbrink Harman, 126 s Charles 
Erdman Susan, 210 n Caroline 
Ereck Henry, cigar maker, Dorsey's Hotel 

n Paca 
Erek Caspar, tobacconist, 184 Lexington 
Erek Wm. H. tobacco merchant, 96 w Lom- 
bard, dw 94 s Paca 
Ergood E. S. milliner, 132 n Exeter 
Ergood G. S. clerk, Exeter near Gay 
Erhrue George, 163 Eastern av 
Erickson Sarah, 144 e Fayette 
Erickson Wm. painter, 53 President 
Erison Henry, carpenter, 242 s Broadway 
Erkotr George, shoemaker, 151 n Eutaw 
Erline Antoine, mason, 31 s Chapel 
Ermaling George, laborer, 244 Eastern av 
Ermer John G. laborer, 62 President 
Ermer Margaret, fancy store, 62 President 
Ernold George, carter, 179 Conway 
Ernst Andrew, laborer, 254 s Dallas 
Ernst Antoine, laborer, 254 s Dallas 
Ernst August, cigar maker, Washington near 

Eastern av 
Ernst Daniel, ostler, 966 w Baltimore 
Ernst Henry, cigar maker, 182 Wolfe 
Erphenback Henry, tavern, 167 Canton av 
Erting Henry, mattress maker, 55 Harrison 
Ertler Martin, carpenter, 30 n Bond 
Ervin C. T. provision deal. 492 w Baltimore 
Ervin George C. broker, 34 Second, dw 35 

Erv n Thos. Jr. 35 Cathedral 





Erving Langsion, aitorney, 99 iSaraloga 
Escaladu Joseph, 59 Lexington 
Escaville Josejih IJ. 4 n Eden 
Eschhach Frederick, naver, 46 w Biddle 
ESCHBACH JOHN, street contractor, 46 

Esclibach John E. paving contractor, 46 

Eschbach Dr. Josepli A. Caroline near Eager 
Escheman Charles, tobacconist, 63 North 
Escoit Edward, baker, 11 Fisli Market space 
Esender Jas. butter dealer, 26'2 s Broadway 
Eser Henry, mariner, '21'2 s Caroline 
Esham Fanny W. confect. 176 w Madison 
Eslierick Antoine, gunsmith, 477 w Baltimore 
Esherick Chas. cooper, 38 Bank 
Eslierick George, iron founder, 190 Columbia 
Esherick Thomas, grocer, 166 e Pratt 
Esherick Topeff, 26 Cross 
EskolTey John, laborer, 179 Argyle al 
Esler Edward, driver B. 0. R. R. 239 Co- 
Esler Frederick, drayman, 79 n Amity 
Esler John, carter, 77 n Amity 
Esper John, laborer, 171 Orleans 
Espey Jas. cigar manuf. 225 s Ann 
Espey Wni. P. cooper, 225 s Ann 
Espey Wm. S. cooper, 27 Fell, dw 223 s Ann 
Espich J tailor, 52 w Fayette 
Espich John, tailor and scourer, 22 w Lom- 
Espich Leonard, piano maker, 268 Henrietta 
Essender James, hardware dealer, 171 Lex- 
ington, dw 1 Pearl 
Essender Dr. James, 1 Pearl 
Essender Thos. car builder, 117 HoUins 
Essert Geo. nightman, 50 Chatsworth 
Este Conrad, shoemaker, 236 Hollins 
Estel Jacob, cooper, 26 Leadenhall 
Estabrook Endor, clerk, 98 Lee 
Estlack Hiram, shoemaker, 95 JefTerson 
Etchberger Capt. Jas. 86 s Eden 
Etchberger John F. boat builder, Caroline 

near '[Thames, dw 64 Eastern av 
Etchberger John, carpenter, 196 Chesnut 
Etchison Frederick, grocer, 404 w Lombard 
Etman Daniel, huckster, Fremont near Penn- 
sylvania av 
Etielmiller Christian, boiler maker, 314 e 

Etter Phillip P. clerk court, 73 e Baltimore 
Etting Barnard G. commission merchant, 71 

Smith's whf. dw 270 Lexingion 
ETTING SAMUEL, ship, and commission 
merchant, 71 Smith's whf. dw 22 n Eulaw 
Ettmger Benj. blacking manuf. 49 n Caroline 
Eubert Adam, shoemaker, 25 St. James 
Euell Edward, machinist, 1 Hill 
Euell John, clerk, 1 Hill 
Euell Thomas, shipsmith, 1 Williamson al 
Euker Wm. rectifier liquor, 38 South 
Euler C. A. paper box maker, 304 w Pratt 
Euler Ernst, shoemaker, 1»4 e Baltimore 
Euler John, shoemaker, Frederick road near 

1st loll gate 
Eulon Philip, watchmaker, 104 Franklin 
Full Margaret 1. 35 Perry 
Eustice .\dam, tailr)r, 41 Bank 
EUTAW HOUSE, n w cor l^aliimore and 
Eutaw. John Carroll, projuietor 

Eutaw Club, 212 n Eutaw 

Eulaw Street (M. E.) Church, cor Eutaw ct. 

and Eulaw si 

Eutaw and Fayette 
Evans Alfred D. boot and ahoe etore, 204 w 

Evans Amos, plasterer, 265 Biddle 
Evans Andrew, blarksmith, 82 Albemarle 
Evans Andrew, blacksm. 242 Strawberry al 
Evans Andrew J. pilot, 1U4 s Ann 
Evans Benjamin, copper smelter, Cooksie, 

Locust Point 
Evans iJ. F. trader, 43 Columbia 
Evans Chas. D, gaiter (upper^ manufacturer, 

26 Harford av 
Evans Chas. W. salesman, 134 n Gay 
Evans Daniel, pilot, 135 s Ann 
Evans Daniel L. boiler maker, 68 s Carey 
Evans Daniel W. constable, 228 Bank 
Evans David, carpenter, 88 s Bond 
Evans Edward, carpenter, 87 Pine 
Evans Evan, gilder, 74 Harford av 
Evans Evan, copper smelter. Clinton s of 

Boston, Canton 
Evans Evan, composition worker, 74 Britton 
EvtUis Francis B. engineer, 167 Lee 
Evans Franklin, (Grattan it E.) 119 n Gay 
Evans Frederick, safe maker, 494 w Pratt 
Evans George, 31 s Washington 
Evans George & Co. coopers, 22 Patterson, 

dwG. E. 84 e Baltimore 
Evans George 11. 110 Mulberry 
Evans Geo. W. feed dealer, 8U8 w Baltimore 
Evans Henry, copper smelter, Cuba, Locust 

Evans Henry, oyster packer, 134 s High 
Evans Hiram, salesman, 26 Pine 
Evans Hiram P. book keeper, Pine north of 

Evans Capt. Iliram, waterman, 158 Cross 
Evans Hugh D. attorney, 80 w Fayette, dw 

360 n Eutaw 
Evans Hugh W. plasterer, 197 w Fayette 
Evans &. lloyt, gift bookstore, 41 w Baltimore 
Evans Isaac, sr. 96 e Fayette 
Evans Isaac, jr. (Purvis & Co.) 96 e Fayette 
Evans Jacob, machinist, 265 Biddle 
Evans James, plasterer, 29 McHenry 
Evans James, deputy .-lierilf Baltimore Co. 

Frederick road, near Fairview Inn 
Evans James, paver, 179 Peirce 
Evans Job & Son, carpenters, 19 Garden, dw 

211 n Howard 
Evans John, plasterer, 265 Biddle 
Evans John, machinist, 158 n Spring 
Evans John, tinner, 29 n Eden 
Evans John, manuf. tin ware and dealer in 

housekeeping articles, 18 w Baltimore, dw 

29 n Eden 
Evans John, nightman, 31 s Washington 
Evans John collector, 98 Barre 
Evans John B. painter, cor. Park and Sara- 
toga, dw 87 Pine 
Evans John C. carncnter, 237 Central av 
Evans Josejih, leather dealer, 94 s Ann 
Evans Joseph, shoemaker, 24 Church 
Evans Josh. J. Pratt st. Gardens 474 w Pratt 
Evans Joshua, carter, 75 Castle 
Evans Lydia V. S. 48 s Ann 





Evans M. 114 HoUins 

Evans Mrs. Maria, board, house, 49 Hanover 
Evans Mary, 139 Hollins 
Evans Mary C. seamstress, 355 e Eager 
Evans Maybury, 21 n Exeter 
Evans Mitchell, mariner, 36 Church 
Evans Resse, clerk, 823 w Baltimore 
Evans Richard, laborer, 10 Church 
Evans Rosella, provision store, 53 North 
Evans Rosetta, boarding house, 76 North 
Evans iSallie A. boarding house, 53 German 
Evans Samuel M. bricklayer, 63 President 
EVANS, STORM &, KENT, produce com- 
mission merchants, 123 w^ Pratt 
Evans Thos. carpenter, 24 Stirling 
Evans Thos. sexton, 87 s Wolfe 
Evans Thos. shoemaker, 25 Thompson 
Evans Theodore W. clerk, 49 Hanover 
Evans Dr. Thos. B. druggist, 240 Ahceanna, 

dw 88 s Bond 
Evans Thomas F. coach trimmer, 65 Cross 
Evans Thomas G. (Job E. & Son,) 211 n 

Evans Thomas H. (E., Storm & Kent) 64 

Evans Thomas J. clerk, 140 Bank 
Evans Watkins, edge tool manuf. 37 Light, 

dw 106 Mulberry 
Evans William, carpenter, 157 Montgomery 
Evans William, teamster, 186 McHenry 
Evans Wm. H. H. sergeant of police, Central 

Evans Wm. M. Calverton road nr. Fred'k av 
Evart Caspar, cooper, 304 Henrietta 
Evatt Edward, gun and locksmith, 35 Light 
Evalt Mary, dressmaker, 144 Pearl 
Everett Thos S. harness maker, 39 Garden 
Everhart George, machinist, 73 s Eden 
Everhart Geo. G. salesman, 44 Hanover 
Everhart Geo. Wm. printer, 73 s Eden 
Everhart Henry, brickmaker, 227 Hollins 
Everhart Jacob, tobacconist, 26 Eutaw ct 
Everham Joseph, stone cutter, 61 Buren 
Everhart J. J. clerk, 49 Pearl 
Everliart Lewis, paper stainer, 57 s Fremont 
Everliart Lewis, laborer, 12 Harmony lane 
Everhart Martin, tobacconist, 88 s Howard 
Everett Jas. constable. Bond near Pratt 
Everett Jas. T. plasterer, 119 s Bond 
Everett John, engineer, 28 Warner 
Evering B. 91 s Wolfe 
Everist Mrs. Frances, 139 Bank 
Everist John M. cooper, 108 Holiday, dw 74 

s High 
Everist Thos. C. huckster, 173 Gough 
Everitt John, seaman, 73 Chapel 
Everitt Thos. J. plumber, 3 Hawk 
Everlins; John, 28 Cross 
Evers Henry, shoemaker, 2 L. Gough 
Evers John, mattress maker, 60 Thames 
Eversman Frederick, 81 s Bond 
Eversman Fredk. tavern, 262s Bond 
Eversman Gerard G. grocery, 309 s Charles 
Evert Jas. lumber w^. 271 Aliceanna 
Evey John, painter, 70 s Republican 
Ewald Caspar, laborer, 27 n Dallas 
Ewald Bernk. baker, 39 Harrison 
Ewald Jacob, cooper, 200 Canton av 
Ewald John P. edge tool maker, 14 s Central 

Ewald John, tailor, 200 Canton av 
Ewald Philip, carter, 22 Hampstead 
Ewaldt August, (Jas. Meyer Sf Co.) 105 

Pennsylvania av 
Ewalt Samuel A. tinner, 462 w Baltimore, 

dw 50 n Poppieton 
Ewell D. F., M. D., 55 Columbia 
Ewert James, architect, 365 Franklin 
Ewert John, clerk, 365 Franklin 
Ewert Wm. 365 Franklin 
Ewig John, tailor, 43 Pearl 
Ewing Jeremiah, harness maker, 82 Pierce 
Ewing John, officer Penitentiary, 64 Green- 
mount av 
Ewing Samuel W. shoemaker, 246 n Eden 
Ewing Thos. carter, 7 Camden lane 
Ewing Thos. W. clerk, 77 Chew 
Exchange Buildings, fronting Second, Gay 

and Lombard 
change buildings, entrance Gay, Second 
and Lombard 
Exeter Street (M. E.) Church, 135 n Exeter 
Extine Geo. laborer, 514 Pennsylvania av 
Eyell Charles, machinist, 98 Warner 
Eyerley Jacob S. printer, 36 Chatsworth 
Eyinson John, plumber, 278 w Pratt 
Eyll John, shoemaker, 148 s Greene 

Faber Conrad, laborer, 69 s Regester 
Faber Dedrich, 470 Canton av 
Faber Frederick, 468 Canton av 
Faber Henry, tailor, 206 Lexington 
Faber James, machinist, 67 Cross 
Faber John, umbrella maker, 252 Montgom- 
Faber John C. clerk, 70 n Eden 
Faber Wm. cigar maker, 26 Brune 
Fabian Griffith, wheelwright, Clinton s of 

Boston, Canton 
Fabill Francis J. blacksmith, 35 Barnes 
Fablel Herman, tinner, 330 s Charles 
Fabri Raphael, artist, 88 n Front 
FabriU Francis J. blacksmith, 35 Barre 
Fach August, pile maker, 253 e Eager 
Fach Jacob, shoemaker, 376 Saratoga 
Fachad Francis, laborer, 270 s Caroline 
Fadeley, James, tinner, 153 Ensor 
Fagan Catharine, 128 Garden 
Fagan James, upholsterer, 192 Raborg 
Fagan John, baker, 128 Garden 
Fagan Joseph, cabinet maker, 25 n Schroeder 
Fagan Owen, porter, 66 n Exeter 
Fagan Owen, drayman, 66 n Exeter 
Fagan Robert, drayman, 235 Cohimbia 
Fagas Louis, blacksmith, 335 s Bond 
Fagely, Robins & Co. coal dealers, yards, 
20 s Eden and cor York and William, office 
7 South, Sun building 
Fagenz Henry, shoemaker, 84 Harrison 
Faglein Jos. pottery ware maker, 21 n Dallas 
Pagret Francis, carpenter, 40 n Liberty 
Fagret M. ladies' hair dresser," 40 n Liberty 
Faherty John, carpenter, 140 Ross 
Faherty Mary, 187 s Bond 
Fahey Chas. tinner, 329 Franklin 
Fahcy John, laborer 124 St. Peter 
Fahey John, laborer, 32 Addison 
Faherty John, laborer, 108 St. Peter 
Fahn Arnold, porter, 34 Mulberry 





Fahnestock Derick, (Brooke, F. k Co.) 300 

w Lombard 
Fahnestock Edward, clerk, 244 Saratoga 
Fahnestock Goo. W. clerk, 244 .Saratoga 
Fahnestock Jesse, clerk, ii. & U R. U. 311 

w Favotte 
Fahnestock Joseph D. (P. F. & Son) 109 w 

Fahnestock Peter A Son, hermetically sealed 
oyster and fruit dealers, 143 German, dw 
P". F. 315 w Fayette 
Fair Alex, shoemaker, 210 Hughes 
Fairall p:iizabeth A. 49 Scott 
Fairall Geo. E. iron moulder, 73 s Fremont 
Fairall Wm. blacksmith shof), s w cor Elbow 

lane & Fremont, dw 40 St. Peter 
Fairbank Andw. J. conductor, 16 McFIenry 
Fairbauk Chris, shoemaker, 17 n Central av 
Fairbanks Charles, foreman of soap stone 

works, 131 Conway 
Fairbanks Ed., (F. & Ray) 230 s Broadway 
Fairbanks Henry, 25 Penn 
Fairbanks Hcnrv T. carp. 243 Franklin 
FAIRBANKS HEXRV, prop. Gen. Wayne 

Hotel, n w cor Baltimore and Paca 
Fairbanks John, conductor B. & 0. R. R. 

361 w Lombard 
Fairbanks & Ray, shipsmiths, n e cor. Phil- 
pot and Block 
Fairbanks Thos. J. clerk, 44 Hanover 
Fairchild William, (Hopkins & F.) 196 e 

Fairley Thos. florist, Ross near Lanvale 
Fairmount Sabbath School, Orleans e of 

Faistenhamer Barnhard, cigarm'r, 106 Low 
Faite John, confectioner, 78 Saratoga 
FAITHFUL WILLIAM T. apothecary, 466 

Lexington, dw 70 s Pop[)leton 
Falch Casper W. grocery, 348 s Charles 
Falconar Abraham S. bookkeeper, 83 Sharp 
Falconar Edward, clerk, 83 Sharp 
Falconar Jonathan, clerk, B. & 0. R. R. 83 

FALCONER JOHN, dry goods com. merch- 
ant, 12 Charles, dw 103 Lexington 
Fales Capt. Ebenezer, seaman, 90 Orleans 
Faies James G. pilot, 134 a Ann 
FALK GEORGE, tavern, cor Dover and 

Camden la 
Falk John, tailor, 59 Albemarle 
Falk Powell, cooper, 42 Lee 
Fallingsby Thomas, clerk, 1 09 w Lombard 
Fallin Daniel, wood corder, 373 Light 
Fallon John, weaver, 00 Preston 
Fallon John, laborer, Fredk av near Fulton 
Fallon Patrick, cooper, 27 e .Madison 
Fallow Peter, tavern, 216 Lexington 
Falls Moor N. president Baltimore Steam 
Packet Co. and prest. Board of Com. of | 
Public Works of Md. 19 n Calvert | 

Falls Moor, 19 n Calvert 
FALLS WILLIAM K. attorney, 19 n, 

Falls Wm. K. weaver, 117 Pcirce 
Fanarigan Jos. cabinet maker, G Antbonj 
Fancy John, hatter, 169 York av 
Fannan John, hackdriver, 31 n High 
Fannan John, laborer, 103 Vine 
Fanning Juli.a, 18 Albemarle 


Fanning Thos. clerk, 18 Albemarle 
Fantom William T. nightman, 254 n Eden 
Farber Henry J. (Stellmann, Hinrichs & Co) 

40 Columbia 
Fardwell Isaac, wood dealer, 49 Hill 
Fardwell Isiiac, jr. carpenter, 49 Hill 
Fardwell Wm. bricklayer, 41 Hill 
Fardy John T h Bro. ship carps. Hughes 

St. e end, and foot of Montgomery 
Fardv John T. (F. k Bro.) 47 Lee 
Fardy Matt'w J (Jno. T. F. & Bro.) 97 Leo 
Farcn Hobart, carpenter, 118 8 Caroline 
FARINGRU CHARLES, soap and candlo 
manufiic. 5 Liberty al.dw 14 Constitution 
[Seepage 28 Adcertiserii€nts.'\ 
Farland John F. sailmakcr, over cor. Pratt 

and Spear's whf. dw 100 e Pratt 
Farland Lewis, painter, 134 Ross 
Farland Robert, sailmakcr, 112 s Caroline 
Farlando Robert, sailmakcr, 15 s Bond 
Farlan Abram, mariner, 152 C;istle al 
Farley Matthew, tiiilor, 360 n Howard 
Farley Patrick, boarding house and tavern, 

16 Grant 
Farley Philip, laborer, 18 Calendar al 
FARLOW JOHN T. grocer, 158 s Broadway 
Farmer Blizabeth, Scott near Hamburg 
Farmers' Hotel, u w cor Ilillca and Forrest, 

Thos. Street, proprietor. 

n w cor Soulli and Lombard 
Farmer Philip, china store, 178 Lexington, 

dw 21 n Eutaw 
Farmer Wm. butcher, 189 Penn. av 
Farnan Alice, washerwoman, 68 James la 
Farnan John, sicvemakcr, 190 Dalhis 
Farnan Michael, 131 William 
Farnan Peter, grocer, 108 Bank, dw 106 
Farnandis Walter, jr. attorney, 1 Spurrier's 

ct., Lexington, dw 13 Carey 
Farnham Charles T. jeweler, 230 Hollins 
Farnheimer Samuel, butcher, 226 Aliceanna 

Farnholdt , cor Ensor and Madison 

Farnwell Michael, blacksmith, 73 French 
Farquhar Geo. A. 21 Chatsworth 
Farquharson Charles, real estate agent, 82 

Exchange buildings, dw 42 e Lombard 
Farquharson Catlierine, 315 c Pratt 
Farquharson Francis L., saddle and harness 

maker, 21 s Calvert, dw Mansion house 
Farrell Ann II. grocery, 36 East 
Farrell Bernard, blacksmith, 20 s Front 
l'"arrcll John, laborer, 36 s Exeter 
Farrell Jolin, bookkeejier, 55 Portland 
Farrell Julia, 20 s i'ront 
Farrell Jeremiah, laborer, 61 Boyd 
Farrell Mary, 128 Garden 
Farrell Matthew, laborer, 5 Dover 
Farrell Mary, tailoress, 7 Abbey al 
Farrell Michael, groc. k liq. dealer, 40 Haw 
Farrell Partley, laliorcr, 102 Cathedral 
Farrell Peter, tailor, 14 Anthony 
l''arrell Peter, waiter, 51 .Marion 
Farrell Patrick, laborer, 5 Bank 
Farrell Patrick, tinner, 53 Carpenter al 
l''arrell Thos. 1 Morris al 
Farrell Capt. Tlios. 189 Bank 
Farrou Henry, malster, 302 Ostend 
Farring Ellen, 425 n Gay 





Farrester Alex, tavern, 69 s Oregon, dw cor 

Lombard and Schroeder 
Farring Gus. 425 n G&j 
Farringer Benjamin F. painter, 67 McElderrj 
Farringer Jacob A. varnisber, 6*7 McElderry 
Farringer John F. paper hanger, 67 Mc- 

Farris Sarah, 73 Canton av 
Farron Michael, laborer, 374 Ostend 
Farrow Anna, dressmaker, 746 w Baltimore 
Farrow Joseph, oyster dealer, 95 Conway, 

dw 380 w Fayette 
Farson Mrs. Elizabeth, 47 s Ann 
Farson Geo. W. ship carver, 47 s Ann 
Fasbender C. P. watchmaker, 301 w Pratt 
Fastie John, paver, 18 Baker's ct 
Fatch Frederick, grocery, 105 West 
Fath Michael, grocery, 279 Central av , 
Fauble John, shoemaker, 141 s Wolfe 
Faucett James H. shoemaker, 14 Low 
Faucett Michael, clerk, 74 Chew 
Faucks Catherine, 9 Webb 
Faulk James, blacksmith, over 405 w Pratt 
Faulkner Jas. blacksmith, 55 n High, dw 

118 n Exeter 
Faulkner James, laborer, 94 York 
Faulkner M. tavern, cor William and Cross 
Faulks Meyer, butcher, 276 Canton av 
Faust John, (Bayles «fe Co ) Mansion house 
Faustill John, laborer, 5 Hampstead 
Fauth Henry, shoemaker, 1 Albemarle 
Fftvier John, policeman, 120 Hamburg 
Favier John, coal agt. 70 n Eden 
Favier Geo. laborer, 248 Sharp 
Favorite John, med. student, 53 German 
Fawcett Christopher, supt. Union Protestant 

Infirmary, 866 w Baltimore 
Fay Fordyce, currier, 52 Granby 
Fay Henry, dry goods dealer and clothier, 

48 and 50 Centre Market space 
Fay James, labon^r, cor. Wagon al and 

Fay Margaret, 45 Chesnut 
Fay Martin, 224 e Pratt 
Fay Michael, laborer, Wayne near Fremont 
Fay Patrick, poi'ter, 60 Chesnut 
Faye Joseph, carpenter, 173 German 
Fayette Street (Methodist Epis.) Church, 

Fayette near Fremont 
Feartel Frederick, laborer. Falls road near 

Feast John E. (Samuel F. & Sons,) n w cor 

Franklin and Gilmor Samuel, Jr. (Samuel F. & Sons,) nw 

cor Franklin and Gilmor 
FEAST SAMUEL & SONS, florists and 

nurserymen, n w cor Franklin & Gilmor, 

and 55 n Charles, dw S. F. sr., Cockeys- 

ville, Balto. Co. 
Feathcrson E. M. 163 Hanover 
Featherson Mercer, clerk, 163 Hanover 
Feazel Bernhardt, carter, 168 s Wolfe 
Feberts Eliza, Hope al 
Fcchtel Dr. Wm. 82 e Lombard 
Fechtig Geo. druggist, 155 Monument 
Fechtig Geo. F. apothecary and druggist, s 

w cor Gay and Forrest, dw 125 e Monu- 
Feckenger John, deal, in old rags, 242 


Federal Hill Steamboat Co. foot of Hughes, 

and West Falls av 
Federal Hill Glass Works, G. Hughes near 

Federleicht & Stine, clothiers, 278 w Balto. 
Federleicht Abraham, (F. & Stine,) 214 w 

Fedler John, laborer, 122 Thames 
Fedou Francis, tailor, 2 Clay 
Fee Jacob, laborer, 11 s Schroeder 
Feecher Henry, laborer, 64 Granby 
Feeder George, match maker, Port al. near 

Canton av 
Feehan Daniel, bookkeeper, Barnum's Hotel 
Feehan John, grocery, 193 s Caroline 
Feehen Patrick, laborer, 3 Wilson 
Feemert Joseph, laborer, 262 s Ann 
Feenerty Francis, grocery, 77 Richmond 
Feenhagen Capt. Thos. 62 s Ann 
Feeny James, tinner, 394 w Lombard 
Fefel John, huckster, 16 s Republican 
Fefel Jos. jr. tav. keeper, 783 w Baltimore 
Fefel Joseph, sr. 797 w Baltimore 
Fefil John, coppersmith, 81 William 
Fegland Christopher, box maker, 21 Low 
Feiiler John, tailor, 71 Hillen 
Fehsenfeld Louis, tobac'st, 209 s Broadway 
Fehte Charles, tailor, 112 s Exeter 
Feig Andrew, tailor, 23 Caroline 
Feig Ferdinand A. tailor, 23 n Caroline 
Feig Joseph, tailor, 23 n Caroline 
Feige August, upholsterer, 84 s High 
Feige Frederick, jr. blacksmith, 84 s High 
Feige Frederick, sr. carp, weaver, 84 s High 
Feige Martin, carter, 193 Orleans 
Feitch Florence, laborer, 100 Lancaster 
Fein James, laborer, 394 s Charles 
Feinour Ewd. broker, 6 Second, dw 88 

Feinour Dr. Thos. 496 w Fayette 
Feir John, cabinet maker, 62 Vine 
Feirnouf, Henry, butcher, 183 s Charles 
Feitz, Henry, cigar maker, 205 Eatern av 
Felber Edward, stocking weaver, 179 Alice- 
Felber Gotleib, stocking maker, 129 Green- 
mount av 
Felber Lewis F. hosiei-y, 215 s Broadway 
Felbush Henry, tailor, 170 e Madison 
Felder Henry, barrel dealer, 144 s Central av 
Fekler John, pump maker, 9 s Regester 
Feldhaus Courad, blacksmith, 248 Barre 
Feldhaus F. A. tobacconist, 28 e Fayette 
FELDHAUS JOSEPH A. tobacconist, 51 e 

Feldhouse Henry, tinner, Hamburg near 

Feldman Bernard, tailor, 65 MuUikin 
Feldman Daniel, musician, 2 Etna la 
Feldman Henry, tobacco'st, 188 Albemarle 
Feldman John D. drayman, 9 Ulrick 
Feldpush John, barber, 73 Mullikin 
Feklt Wolfton, tailor, 287 Hanover 
Felger Henry, gun smith, 49 Ensor 
Felger Joseph, laborer, 272 s Bond 
Feigner F. W. merchant tailor, 162 w Balti- 
more, dw Madison av 
Feigner John W. Madison av near Mt. Hope 
Felheiser Joshua, morocco dres'r. Bulls Head 
Hotel, n Front 





Felix Peter, laborer, 15 Hillcn 

Fell Charles B. clerk, 31 McHenry 

Fell Chiis. H. coachsmith, (Jharles near Pratt 

Fell Jasper, laborer, 450 w Pratt 

Fell Mrs. Mary, 227 Harford av 

Felle Thomas, laborer, 41 Brown 

Feller Charles, oak cooper, 139 s Caroline, 

dw Caroline between Bank and Gough 
Feller Valentine, furniture wagoner, 7 Clay 
Fellink John, laborer, 192 Cross 
Felhnon Frederick, mate. 221 s Wolfe 
Fellows Bernard, 42 n Exeter 
Broadway between Canton and Eastern 
avenues, west side 
Fell's Point Market, s Broadway, bet Ann 

and Bond 
Fells George, carpenter, 24 Orchard 
Felluner John, oyster packer, 205 s Broad- 
Felt John, laborer, West al 
Felte Fredk. cooper, 16 Gough 
Feltc George, 23 Orleans 
Felthouse Wm. H. tin k sheet iron worker, 

Hamburg near Charles 
Feltmeyer Wm. butch. Fayette near Chop- 
Fenan Patrick, 7 Jenkins al 
Fenby S. cfe Bro. commission merchants, 70 

w Pratt, cor Gay 
Fenby Theodosia. "dry goods deal. 137 n Gay 
FendiiU E. H. feed store, 408 w Baltimore, 

dw 495 w Fayette 
Feudall Emilv. 495 w Favette 
FENDRICH JOS. & BROS, tobacconists, 155 

Fendall P. R. (Duvall, Keighler & Co.) 275 

w Baltimore 
Fenhagen James C, house carpenter, Eden, 

near Lombard, dw 93 s Eden 
Fenn Emilv, 115 Vine 
Fennell Maurice, clerk B. & 0. R. R. 131 

Fennell Thomas, painter, 4 s Caroline 
Fennholland John, police, 97 Columbia 
Fenneman Dedrick, grocery, 113 Hollins 
Fennell Wesley, lumber agent, Mill st, dw 81 

s R.veter 
Fenner Henry, sr., shoemaker, Hamburg near 

Fenner Richard, 292 Penn. av 
Fensley Wm. boot and shoe dealer, 141 s 

Broad wav, dw 132 
Feiiton Aaron, (Drakely & F.) 307 w Fayette 
Fenton John, tvilor, 31 Hampstead 
Fenton John, watchman at National hotel 
Fenton Michael, clerk at National hotel 
Fentress George, tavern, 110 Light 
FERCIOT PETER, wine and com. merchant, 

34 Holiday 
Ford Charles, tailor, 261 s Broadway 
P'erger Henry, sugar baker, 239 e Lombard 
Ferguson Ann, 230 Saratoga 
Ferguson Ann, variety store, 51 n Greene 
Ferguson Benj. 40 Lcnirnon 
Ferguson Chas. A. conf. 157 s Greene 
Ferguson Cartiline, Calveri nr. Saratoga 
Ferguson Catherine, 59 Hollins 
Ferguson David B. property agi.'iit, 18 North, 
dw 284 w Favette 

Ferguson David, clerk, 283 s Charles 
Ferguson Eliza, seamstress, rear of 439 

Ferguson Eliza, board'g house, 84 s Charles 
Ferguson George, 148 s Sharp 
Ferguson George, shoemaker, 159 Orleans 
Ferguson Henry, tailor, 159 Orleans 
Ferguson Jas. W. dry goods deal. 171 s Bond 
Ferguson James, (Kennard & F.) Chsster 

near Pratt 
Ferguson John H. 169 w Lombard 
Ferguson John, 76 s Howard 
Ferguson John, grocer, 337 Franklin 
Ferguson Saml. L. brickmaker, 594 Light 
Ferguson Thomas, coachmaker, 167 J Colum- 
bia, dw 167 German 
Ferguson Thomas, railroad agent, 283 s 

Ferguson Wm. tinner, 7 s Oregon 
Ferguson Wm. H. grocer, 159 Orleans 
Fergusson Chs. (F.. MurphvA Co) 59 Hollins 
FERGUSSON, MURPHY & CO., wholesale 

grocers & com. mts. 121 w Lombard 
Fergusson Wm. machinist, 55 e Madison 
Fergusson Wm. M. boilermak. 62 McElderry 
Ferman Julia, 58 Albemarle 
Ferman Wm. sailor, 77 Granby 
Fernan Ann M. grocer, n w cor. Wolfe and 

Fernan Bernard, n w cor Wolfe and Gough 
Fernandis Mrs. Walter, 48 Hanover 
FerrandiniCipriano, hairdresser, CaWert, un- 
der Barnum's hoiel, dw 250 e Baltimore 
Ferrall Matthew, marble polisher, 117 Pres- 
Ferrell Elisha, iron moulder, 1 Scott 
Ferrell Capt. Joshua, 320 e Pratt 
Ferrich John, cooper, Frederick road, near 

Snake hollow 
Ferris Baldo, fruiterer, 25 Grant 
Ferrv Daniel, conductor B. & 0. R. R. 14 

Ferry Elizabeth, 43 s Greene 
Ferry John & Co. wholesale grocers and com. 

mts. 51 Light 
Ferry John, (J. F. k Co.) 43 Lee 
Ferry John, tavern, 10 Foundry 
Ferte Rev. Stanislaus, prof. St. Sulpice Sem- 
inary, Penn. av. near St. Mary 
Fcsch Gotleib, tailor, 20 s Schroeder 
Fesel John, tailor, 89 Booth 
Fesler Austin, confectioner, 32 Perry 
Fessel Joseph, shoemaker, 167 s Eden 
Fetsch John T. stone cutter, 337 s Charles 
Fetter Henrv, lottery dealer, 107 Aliceanna 
PETTING JOHN, watchmaker, 171 e Balto. 
Fetzil Lanahard, woodsawyer, 250 e Ea^er 
FEmiT.MAN S. manufact'er of cojiper, tin 
and sheet ironware, and dealer in stoves 
and hardware, 80 J n Eutaw 
Feuerliaum John, carpet weaver, 25 e Pratt 
Fcug John, varnisher, 144 s Sharp 
FEUILLAN J. &C0. French steam scourers, 

80 n Howard 
Feuss Andrew C. book keeper, 21 s Liberty 
Fey Augusus, cabinet maker, 29 n Greene 
Fey Wm. piano maker, 29 L. Greene 

Fey , laborer, 253 e Pratt 

Fliole .\rnhold. cabiiu't maker, 55 Mulberry 
Firk Ahlert, tailor, Cliapel near Gou^h 





Fick Charles, porter, 84 s Bethel 

Fick Ferd. piano maker, 37 Pine 

Fick Geo. A. shoemaker, 104 Cross 

Fick \Vm. G. grocer, 336 s Bond 

Ficker Chas. E. tavern, 182 Pearl 

Ficker Mary, 188 Dover 

Fickey And'w J. (F. F. & Sons) 83 n Liberty 

FICKEY FREDERICK <& SONS, fancy goods, 

250 w Baltimore, dw F. F. 83 n Liberty 
Fickey Frederick, jr. (F. F. & Sons,) 83 n 

Fickey John H, 182 Pearl 
Fidler Frederick, tailor, 67 Park 
Fieenger John, tailor, 148 Dover 
Fiel William, carter, 236 s Eutaw 
FIELD JOHN A. JR. dry goods com. mer- 
chant, 14 & 16 German, dw 280 Lexington 
FIELD ABIATHAR, oyster dealer, 309 w 

Lombard. — \ 26 Advertisements.'] 
Fieldcamp Harman, grocery, n w cor Ham- 
burg and Leadenhall 
Fielding Mary, 340 e Pratt 
Fields Capt. Anthony B. mari. 243 e Fayette 
Fields Caroline, 41 Durham 
Fields James, (Patterson & F.) 84 s Ana 
Fields James, 209 e Baltimore 
Fields James, cooper, 52 n Spring 
Fields James, pilot, 84 s Ann 
Fields John, police, 68 Portland 
Fields John, mate, 37 n Eden 
Fields John, collector, 52 n Spring 
Fields Mary, seamstress, 61 Holland 
Fields Mitchell B. wharfinger, 120 Spears' 

wharf, dw. 25 s Bond 
Fields Rebecca, 112 North 
Fields Wm. H. wheelwright, 202 s Paca 
Fields Wm. coachsmith, 52 n Spring 
Fields Wm. M. 123 n Bond 
Fiemeyer Charles, tailor, 21 Preston 
Fit'euback Frank, shoemaker, 10 Liberty al 
Fifcnback George, laborer, 10 Liberty al 
Fifer Andon, cooper. Chapel near Gough 
Fifer Christopher, engineer, 9 Bolton 
Fifer Francis, blacksmith, !54 Ross 
Fifer Godfrey, coach trimmer, 80 Mount, near 

Cathedral, dw 287 Cathedral 
Fifer George, fireman N. C. Railway 
Fifth Presbyterian Church, Hanover betw. 

Lombard and Pratt 
Figbert Adam, tailor, 224 s Fremont 
Filbert George, shoemaker, 114 Orleans 
Filbert John A. clerk, l04 n High 
Filbert Michael, butter depot, 228 e Madison 
FiUiin Patrick, laborer, Elliott, Canton 
Filchner Christian, laborer, 16 Abbey al 
File H. tinner, 118 Ross 
File Thomas, 119 En?or 
Files Joseph, bootmaker, 31 Preston 
liles John, ship carp. Cambridge, Canton 
J'iller John, tailor, 123 McP^lderry 
Filling John, 131 Lexington 
Filling Lewis, milkman, 596 w Pratt 
Fillinger Jno. prop, livery stable, 9 Columbia, 
and gro. and liq. dealer, 1 Columbia, dw 7 
Fillius Olivia Ann, 172 Orleans 
Finch John, bricklayer, 65 n Poppleton 
Finch Mary Ann, shoe binder, 101 Jefferson 
Finch Mrs. Wm. A., Mosher near Grundy 
Fincknaur Wm., grocer, 85 n Paca 
Findley Dr. Washington, 283 Lexin g ton 

FINDLAY CHAS. treas. Rowlesburg lumber 

and iron Co. 83 Second 
Findley Wm. clerk, 98 Harford av 
Findley Wm tobacconist, 83 McMechin 
Findling Wm. tailor, 41 Tessier 
Finegan Lawrence, laborer, 142 Holiday 
Finegan Lewis, butcher, 328 Canton av 
Fink Adam, cabinet maker, 275 Central av 
Fink Alfred, carpenter, 197 Fremont 
FINK & CO., grocers and commission mer- 
chants, 124 Franklin 
Fink Charles, tailor, 153 e Lombard 
Fink Elizabeth, dry goods dealer, 71 Ross 
Fink Frederick, varnisher, 247 s Paca 
Fink H. S. (F. & Co.) 178 n Eutaw 
Fink Henry, cooper, Frederick road, near 

Snake hollow 
Fink Henry, shoemaker, 20 President 
Fink Jacob, tailor, 304 Franklin 
Fink John, shoemaker, Aliceanna, Canton 
Fink John, car driver, 184 s Ann 
Fink Joseph, (F. & Co.) 221 Franklin 
Fink Peter, tailor, 259 e Eager 
Finke John, painter, cor Mercer and Grant 
Finkeldey John, cabinet maker, n e corner 

Lexington and Schroeder 
Finkenhour John, butcher, 144 Fremont 
Finkmyer John, cigar maker, 500 Lexington 
Finlay James, hosiery and trimming store, 

122 n Greene 
Finley Eliza J. 80 n Front 
Finley Eliza W. 10 Pearl 
Finley Francis, cigar maker, 93 n Caroline 
Finley Francis H. cigar maker, Caroline near 

FINLEY JAMES J. commission agent, 59 

Biddle, near Bolton 
Finley James J. com. agent, 69 Garden 
Finley James, shoemaker, 530 Saratoga 
Finley Jane, 35 Aisquith 
Finley John, clerk, 275 Franklin 
Finley Roberts. (SchaelFer & Loney, ) Foun- 
tain Hotel 
Finley Thomas, shoemaker, 274 Canton av 
Finley William, tobacconist, 80 n Front 
Finley Wm. J. cigar maker, 80 n Front 
Finn John, drayman, 271 n Eutaw 
Finn John F. tailor, 111 St. Paul 
Finn John, tailor, 114 s Exeter 
Finn David, laborer, 83 McElderry's wharf 
Finn Michael, laborer, 86 Richmond 
Finn Patrick, laborer, 45 President 
Finnagan John, weaver, 58 Preston 
Finnan Bernard, grocery, 103 n Calvert 
Finnegan Charles, omnibus driver, 4 s Re- 
Finnegan Ferdinand, grocer, 225 Canton av 
Finnegan J. omnibus driver, 4 s Republican 
Fmnegan Mary Ann, 4 s Republican 
Finnegan Patrick, laborer, 42 Valley 
Finnen Barney, laborer, 14 Harford av 
Finncn Mary, 25 Chew 
Finney Alexander, plumber, 168 n Eden 
Finney John, laborer, 168 n Eden 
Finney James, carpenter, 168 n Eden 
Finsel Franklin, tailor, 294 Aisquith 
Fintzell Bankhartz, tailor, 14 St. James 
Fiors, John, laborer, 601 Penna. av 
Fiquet Dominic, 813 w Baltimore 
Firor Uriah S. carpenter, 45 n Poppleton 





Fire Brick Factory, Boston e of Clinton 


H. H. Bovd, Inspector 
Soinh and Second, John Reese, president, 
[Sr /niffe 40 Advertist'inents ."] 
Firnstein Valentine, boot and shoemaker, 

411 Lexington 
Fi roved David, grocer, 232 Franklin 
Firoved John, grocer, 141 Ilollins 
Firoved John, grocer, 53 s Schroeder 
First African Presbyterian Church, cor Sar- 
atoga and North 
First Baltimore Hose Goiupanv's House, 10 

McClellan's al 
First Baptist Church, cor Sharp & Lombard 
First German Jerusalem Church, 106 e Lom- 
First German Reformed Church, Second, bet. 

Soutli and Gay 
First Presbyterian Church, cor of North and 

First Presbyterian Church, n w cor Park 

and Madison 
Firstenhoffer Conrad, milkman, Clinton near 

Elliott, Canton 
Firth Jonas, coachmaker, 111 Preston 
Fischer Bernhard, ladies' shoemaker, 76 s 

Central av 
Fischer George, boot and shoemaker, 65 

Fischer Herman E. pump and block maker, 

75 Hamburg 
Fischer John, piano maker, 121 Franklin 
Fischer Margaret A. tailoress, 75 Hamburg 
Fischer Peter, 296 Aisquith 

Fischer , musician, 134 Barre 

Fish Allen C. seaman, 102 s Eden 
Fish Ann, 102 s Eden 
Fish Sarah, 102 s Eden 
Fishac John, stone cutter, 13 Biddle 
Fishard John, laborer, 20 Knox al 
Fishbaugh John, laborer, 243 Ilollins 
Fisher Abraham, variety dealer, 173 Lexing- 
ton, dw 244 Mulberv 
FISHER ADAM & SONS, grocers, 22 Penn- 
sylvania av 
Fisher Audre\v, laborer, 287 Aliceanna 
Fisher Mrs. Ann, 105 n High 
Fisher Antone E. (F. & Bro.) 137 w Fayette 
Fisher August C. tailor, rear of 12 Daris 
FISHER, BOYD St BRO. importers and 
whol. deal, in dry goods, 327 w Baltimore 
Fisher & Bro. booksellers and stationers, 64 

w Baltimoio 
Fislier Catharine, 51 n Paca 
Fisher Catharine, tiiiloress, 147 Peirco 
Fi.shor Charles, stove and tinware, 90 n Gay 
Fisher Charles, laborer, 73 Eiistcrn av 
I'isher .Mrs. C. tailoress, 72 Jefferson 
Fislier Christian, carpenter, over 297 w Pratt 
I'isber Daniel, tailor, 8 Pearl 
Fisher Emanuel, dry goods deal. 245 n Eden 
Fisher Elizabeth, 40 Warren 
Fisher Elizabeth, 300 Saratoga 
FISHER E. & BRO. French steam scouring, 

137 w Fayette 
Fisher Frank M. stove dealer, 14 w Lombard 
Fisher Frederick, tailor, 93 w Fayette 

Fisher Frederick, laborer, 185 Canton av 
Fisher Frederick, laborer, 51 Chew 
Fisher Frederick, tailor, 271 e Eager 
Fisher Frederick, 41 Gittings 
Fisher George, confectioner, 91 Harrison 
Fisher George, tiiilor, 152 n Caroline 
Fisher George, tin and sheet iron worker, 

244 Hanover 
Fisher George W. clerk, cor Saratoga and 

Fisher George W. (Adam F. & Soni,) 85 

Fisher George W. carpenter, 164 Hanover 
Fisher George F. shoemaker, 131 n High 
Fisher Goifrey, tailor, 441 Bethel 
Fisher Gotleib H. tavern, 203 s Howard 
Fisher Henry, shoemaker, 141 Low 
Fisher Henry, clerk, 44 n Eden 
Fisher Hcnrv, clerk, 100 Lexington 
Fisher Henry, (W. F. & Son,) 124 St Paul 
Fisher Henrj', liutcher. Division near Dolphin 
FISHER JAMES I. & SONS, ship and com. 

merchts. 54 s Gay, dw 32 Pleasant 
Fisher James I. ( J. I. F. & Sons, ) 32 Pleasant 
Fisher Capt. James, 57 William 
Fisher James H. (W. F. & Son,) 124 St. Paul 
Fisher Jeremiah I. (F., Boyd & Bro.) 12 s 

Fisher John, laborer, 7 Hubbard al 
Fisher John, carter, 44 Montgomery 
Fisher John, carter, 216 Cross 
Fisher John, tailor, 5 New Church 
Fisher John, cooper, 221 Light 
Fisher John M. carter, 482 w Lombard 
Fisher John A. shoemaker, 4 Comet 
Fisher John, laborer, 364 Cross 
Fisher John C. paper hanger, 118 MuUikin 
Fisher Dr. John, 205 Franklin 
Fisher John W. house builder, 216 Mulberry 
Fisher Joseph, planing mill, Bond near Lan- 
Fisher Lewis, 237 w Pratt 
Fisher Martin, moulder, 26 Somerset 
Fisher Mary Jane, tavern, 70 Davis 
Fisher Mary, 119 Monument 
Fisher Nicholas, shoemaker, 80 n Spring 
Fisher Robert, laborer, 233 Conway 
Fisher Samuel, teamster, 164Calverton Mills, 

near Almsliouse 
Fisher Sarah, 164 Hanover 
Fisher Thomas, dyer, 10 s Calvert 
Fisher Uriah, laborer, 650 w Pratt 
FISHER WM. & SON, stock brokers, 22 

South, dw 124 St Paul 
Fisher Dr. Wm. 205 Franklin 
Fisher Wm. porter, 228 s Paca 
Fisher Wm. Thomas, carpenter, 57 George 
Fisher Wm. tiiilor, 90 n Caroline 
Fisher Wm. A. plasterer, 70 Warner 
Fisher Wm. H. cigar maker, 40 n Greene, 

dw 170 Franklin 
Fisher Wni. F. machinists, 101 L. Greene 
Fisher Wm. (F. k O'Connor,) HO Ilillen 
Fisher & O'Connor, pa[)er manf. and dealers 

in paper stock, 12.'i Ilillen 
Fisher Wm. butcher, Townsend near Penn. av 
Fishlage Geo. grocer, 120 s Fremont, dw 130 
Fishpaw Aquilla, 129 Franklin 
Fishpaw Henry, farmer, 20 Ross 
Fisler Charles, tailor, 81 Scott 





Fisselburg Patrick, driver, 100 Granby 

Fiszler Charles, sailor, 31 McHenry 

Fitch Adolphus P. book keeper, National 

Fitch John, boot fitter, 81 Rosa 
Fitch Mrs. Mary, 110 Saratoga 
Fite Conrad R. 2 Cathedral 
Fitzberger Henry, blacksmith and bell han- 
ger, 102 Lexington, dw 116 Garden 
Fitzen John, shoemaker, 119 L. Green 
sion and shipping merchants, 6 s Gay 
Fitzgerald Daniel, 29 Haw 
Fitagerald David, clerk, 6 e Fayette 
Fitzgerald Edmund H. tailor, n Oregon 
Fitzgerald Edward, boiler maker, 33 Ryan 
Fitzgerald James, ship chandler, 132 w Pratt, 

dw Light near Gittinga 
Fitzgerald John B. 281 w Madison 
Fitzgerald, Magruder & Co. wholesale im- 
porters and dealers in hardware, 265 w 
Fitzgerald Mary Ann, 102 n Caroline 
Fitzgerald Martin, laborer, 5 Chapel 
Fitzgerald Capt. Richard B.(F. .Booth & Co.) 

190 Franklin 
Fitzgerald Thomas B. (F., Magruder & Co.) 

89 n Charles 
Fitzgerald Capt. Thomas H. (Friend, Rick- 

etts & Co.) 8 Calhoun 
Fitzgerald Wm. bonnet bleacher and press- 
or, 115 Hollins 
Fitzerodt John G. laborer, 38 Siemmer's al 
Fitzhugh Henry W. (S. Willis & Co.) 612 

w Fayette 
FitzofFAirhard, 223 e Monument 
Fitzpatrick Andw. hotel, 43 Centre Market 

Fitzpatrick Bernard, drayman, 61 n Exeter 
Fitzpatrick Catharine, dressmaker, 300 n 

Fitzpatrick David, laborer, 12 Booth 
Fitzpatrick Eliza, boarding house, 63 s High 
Fitzpatrick Hugh, drayman, 15 Low 
Fitzpatrick Hugh, laborer, 54 Boyd 
Fitzpatrick James, moulder, 554 w Lombard 
Fitzpatrick James, salesman, 156 Pearl 
Fitzpatrick James, 53 Low 
Fitzpatrick Joanna 156 Pearl 
Fitzpatrick John, Vauxhall Gardens, 223 

Fitzpatrick John, laborer, 111 Dover 
Fitzpatrick John, bricklayer, 466 Light 
Fitzpatrick Jeremiah, laborer, 16 n Poppleton 
Fitzpatrick John, laborer, 7 e Second 
Fitzpatrick Owen, 3 Marion 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, grocery, 250 e Lombard 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, laborer, 7 e Second 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, drayman, 61 n Exeter 
Fitzpatrick Peter, grocery, n e cor. Eager 

and Valley 
Fitzpatrick Peter, furniture wagon, 27 

Fitzpatrick Thomas, laborer, 73 York 
Fitzpatrick Thos. C. salesman, 156 Pearl 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, beer wagoner, 39 York 
Fitzpatrick Wm. laborer, 105 York 
Fitzpatrick Wm. laborer, 82 Richmond 
Fitzsimmons Christopher, porter, 129 n Fre- 

Fitzsimmons Christian, prop, hacks, Cowpen 
al between Eutaw and Howard, dw 129 
Fitzsimmons Edmond, laborer, 449 Saratoga 
Fitzsimmons Michael, porter, 130 Vine 
Flack Edward, tailor, 117 McElderry 
Flack Geo. W. (Lentz & F.) 142 Mulberry 
FLACK THOMAS J. dealer in foreign and 
domestic liquors, cor Bowly and Guilford, 
dw 168 w Lombard 
Fladung Martin grocer, 71 Mullikin 
Flaharty Anthony, laborer, 165 Chester 
Flaharty Charles, laborer, 136 Vine 
Flaharty Edward, laborer, 48 Albemarle 
Flaherty Edw. spar maker, 168 Bank 
Flaherty James, ship carpenter, 121 Bank 
Flaherty John A. printer, 399 Lexington 
Flaherty Joshua, carpenter, 318 e Monument 
Flaherty John, printer, 399 Lexington 
Flaherty Martin, ship carp. 108 Regester 
Flaherty Mary, 167 Chester 
Flaherty Matthew, laborer, 136 Vine 
Flaherty Miles, laborer. Cannon, Canton 
Flaherty Michael, carpenter, Pleasant al 
Flaherty Morgan, 256 n Eutaw 
Flaherty Patrick, painter, 90 Regester 
Flaherty Patrick, laborer, 19 Marble al 
Flaherty Patrick, 19 Arbel al 
Flaherty Thos. laborer, s e cor Patapsco and 

O'Donnel, Canton 
Flanagan Jno. soap & candle mkr. 18 French 
Flaharty Thomas, omnibus driver, 72 s Re- 
Flaherty Stephen, ship carp. 165 Chester 
Flaherty Wm. carpenter, 81 s Fremont 
Flamm Magdalene, grocery, 32 Holland 
FLAMM PETER, confec'r. 88 Lexington 
Flamm Wm. baker, 157 s Bond 
Flammant Rev. Alphonsus, prof. St. Sulpice 

seminary, Penna. av near St. Mary 
Flanigan James, porter, 52 Carpenter al 
Flannagan Luke, clerk Post OflSce, 140 

Flannary Mrs. A. 32 w Biddle 
Flanerry Michael, laborer, 5 s Schroeder 
Flanerry Patrick, laborer, n e cor. Eutaw 

and Ostend 
Flanigan Charles G. 6 Mullikin 
F'lannagan Patrick, carter, 125 Albemarle 
Flannagan John, carter, 125 Albemarle 
Flannagan Luke, clerk, at Post Office 
Flannagan Michael, laborer, 38 Boyd 
Flannigan Andrew & Co. ship builders and 

railway, foot of Mill and Hamburg 
Flannigan Andrew W. 106 w Monument 
Flannigan Andrew, (A. F. &. Co.) 106 'W 

Flannigan Andrew, (A. F. & Co.) cor Gar- 
den and Monument 
Flannigan James, porter. Carpenter al 

near Pratt 
Flannigan Peter, tailor, 39 Lewis 
Flannigan Wm. driver, 32 Warren 
Flarka Frederick, cooper, 61 L. Pleasant 
Flauding Philip, tailor. 111 McElderry 
Flaveu Thomas, tavern, 47 s Frederick 
Flaxcomb Wm. engineer, 6 n Schroeder 
Fleck Jacob, tinner, 68 Camden 
Fleckenstine John, laborer, 185 Aliceanna 
Fl8ckenstine Peter, laborer, 161 e Lombard 





Fleeharty Hugh, policeman, 214 e Madisoa 
Fleier August, cooper. 925 w Pratt 
Fleisher Heury, carpenter, Garrison la near 

Frederick road 
Flciseman John, baker, 1 Shaksjieare 
Fleishley Mary Ami, 342 e Loniliard 
Fk'ililermiiii Johu G. luerclit. tailor, 14 St. 

Paul, dw 94 Saratoga 
FLKDUERMAN JOHN H. tailor, 99 n How- 
Fleischinan John, tavern keeper, 15 Dover 
Fleishell John F. painter, 61 Penna. av dw 

Fleishman John, tailor, 273 e Eager 
Fleishman Philip, lab. Cambridge. Canton 
Fleischinan Simon, butcher, 206 Canton av 
Fleishman Wolf, laborer, 175 s Eden 
Fleming Kmauuel, tailor, 55 Pine 
Fleming Fredk. A. clerk, Claggett's brewery 
Flemming Henry, (Oliver & F.) 40 llillen 
Flemming Henry, laborer, 3 Fremont 
Flemming James, shoemaker, 121 n Gay 
FLEMMING JA.MES R. leather store, 121 n 

High, dw 84 n Exeter 
Flemming John C. clerk, 425 w Baltimore 
Flemming John, blacksmith, 97 Amity 
Flemming Dr. John Perkins, 120 n Greene 
Flemming Michael, laborer, 88 s High 
Flemming Patrick, tavern, 57 s Frederick 
Flemming Samuel B. plumber, 148 u Eutaw, 

dw 137 w Madison 
Flemming Samuel B. plumber, 148 Eutaw, 

dw .Madison near Garden 
Flemming Thomas, gas filler, 17 Calendar 
Flemming Wm. H. officer Penitentiary, dw 

32 Greenmount av 
Flemming Wni. S. clerk, 425 w Baltimore 
Flemming Wm. tavern, 55 s Frederick 
Flesher Nathan, rag dealer, 20 Dawson 
Fletcher James, lottery and exchange office, 

2 s Calvert, dw 62 e Pratt 
Fletcher Louisa, tailoress, 186 Ramsay 
Fletcher Jeremiah H. tailor and clothier, 140 

w Pratt, dw 318 n Gay 
Fletcher John, roi)e maker, 448 Light 
Fletcher Mary, 210 e Lombard 
Fletcher Philip, baker, 127 Vine 
Fletcher W'm. gunsmith, 138 Cross 
Fleury Harriet, 171 s Sharp 
Flevert George, carter, Potomac, near Hud- 
Flick Wm. cigar maker, Farmers hotel, cor 

Hillcn and Forrest 
F'ligdoche Frederick, clothier, Baltimore, near 

Sharp, dw 16 Albemarle 
Flinn James, bricklayer, 180 w Biddle 
Flinn Joseph, shoemaker, 9 Centre Market 

Flinn Joseph, boot maker, 133 Henrietta. 
Flinspach Ferdinand W. currier, 122 Light 

St whf. dw Henrietta near Eutaw 
Flint Edward, (Clothworthy & F.) 40 Lex- 
Flint Wm. 152 Cathedral 
Flister John F. butcher, Calverton road 

near Baltimore 
Flishman Sebastian, shoemaker, 22 Douglass 
Flodeck Henry, potter, 171 s Wolf 
Flohr Alexander, printer, 57 n Frederick 
Fliiod .Vnthony 11. seaman, 92 n Front 

Flood Alfred M. seaman, 92 n Front 

Flood Elizabeth. 92 n Front 

Flood Elizabeth, 160 Montgomery 

Flood Thomas G. ship carpenter, 767 w 

Flood Thomas, ship carp. 767 w Baltimore 
Flora Tempel, 8 Park 
Fiorey Frederick, tailor, 24 Elizabeth la 
Florkey Frederick, cooper, 261 L. Pleasant 
Floss Sarah, dry goods and millinery dealer, 

222 s Broadway 
Flour Inspector's office, 49 s ITanover 
Floyd Clem, laborer, 3 Will 
Floyd Charles T. carpenter, 127 Garden 
Floyd & Hadaway, dealers in old iron, s e cor 

Hillen and Chesnut 
Floyd Jas. blacksmith, 21 Armistead la 
Floyd Joseph, watchman, 227 Light 
Floyd W. T. (F. .t Hadaway,) cor Light 

and Hampstead la 
Floyd William, printer, 127 Garden 
Flue Elizabeth, 327 s Bond 
Fluhartv Jas. &Co. boot and shoe dealers, 

16 McClellan, dw J. F. 14 Gough 
Fluks Edward, tavern, 2 Park 
Flusky John, laborer, 41 w Lombard 
Fly Thomas, boiler maker, 22 Dawson 
Flyn David, stonecutter, 88 Richmond 
Flvn Cornelius, moulder, 346 Canton av 
Flyn Ellen, 11 Hawk 
Flyn Joseph, shoemaker, 11 Centre Market 

Flynn Bartholomew, 187 Hughes 
Flynn L)aniel. salesman. 211 e Fayette 
Flynn, Emrich it Muirill, coach lace manu- 
facturers, 53 Holiday 
Flynn James, laborer, 171 Greenmount av 
Flynn James, grocery. 51 Elliott, Canton 
Flynn John, laborer. 43 s Wolfe 
Flynn James, (F., Emrich & Murrill,) 180 

Flynn John, laborer, 124 e Lombard 
Flynn John A. tinner, 190 Conway 
Flynn Lawrence, grocery, Elliott, Canton 
Flynn John, iron forger, Cambridge, Canton 
Flynn John F. tailor, 5 Fricndsliip 
Flynn John, clerk. P. 0. dw 2 Jefferson 
Flynn John, moulder, n w cor Centre and 

Flynn John T. clerk, 235 Mulberry 
Flynn Lewis, clerk, 235 Mulberry 
Flynn Morris, car[)enter, 15 Chesnut 
Flynn Michael, well borer, 78 Durham 
Flynn Patrick, grocery, 84 Holiday 
Flynn Thomas, laborer, 213 Lenimon al 
Flynn Thomas, bar keeper at Union hotel 
Flynn Wm. T. puddler, Chesapeake, near 

Hudson, Canton 
Foard Addison K. prov. broker. Grocers' 

Exchange, Exchange place, dw 175 Garden 
Foard Joseph O. (F. & Rogers,) 117 Hanover 
Foard .Mrs. K. 117 Hanover 
FOARD .t ROGFRS, siiip and commission 

merchants, 1(] Bowly's whf. 
Foble Ann, 104 Ilollins 
Foble k Fornian, ornamental plasterers and 

manuf. of plaster ornaments, 85 Preston 
Foble Henry, (F.& Forman,) 374 w Lom- 
Focke Earnest, baker. 47 n Dallas 





Focke Edward L. book-keeper, 354 w Lom- 
Focks Jacob, milkman, 228 s Paca 
FOERTSCH JOHN, grocer, n w cor Elliott 

and Chesapeake, Canton 
Fogalson Jacob, grocery, 73 and 75 Cross 
Fogalt Henry, carpenter, 109 Montgomery 
Fogel Henry, tailor, 314 w Pratt 
Fogelstein Charles, piano maker, Lee near 

Fogerty John, laborer, Essex, near Alexander 

Fogerty Patrick, malster, 362 Ostend 
Fogle Andrew, tailor, 472 Canton av 
Fogle Henry, copi>er smelter, Canton av near 

Foglehuler Leonard, tailor, 40 Maiden Ia 
Fogler Adam, huckster, 27 Sliakspeare 
Fogler John, brick maker, 359 Columbia 
Fogler John, cabinet maker, 21 e Monument 
Fohr Peter, laborer, Bank near Central av 
FokT Eve, 196 e Pratt 
Foldright Christopher, 23 s Spring 
Foley Ann, 17 Ensor 
Foley Charles, laborer, 74 Durham 
Foley Daniel J. (D. J. F. & Bro.) 72 St. Paul 
Foley Francis, clerk, 92 e Pratt 
Foley John, blacksmith, 33 Barnes 
Foley John, 214 Chesnut 
Foley John, coachsmith, 33 Barnes 
Foley Michael, porter, 15 Bath 
Foley Matthew J. (D. J. F. & Bro.) 43 Mul- 
Foley Matthew, grain and feed com. mercht. 

2 Bowly's whf. dw 43 Mulberry 
Foley Patrick, drayman, 216 Chesnut 
Foley S. J. mail agent, Norfolk steamboat, 

dw 546 Lexington 
Foley Rev. Thomas, 106 n Charles 
FOLEY D. J. & BRO. wholesale grocers and 

commission merchants, 50 South 
Folk Adam, cabinet maker, 39 Goodman al 
Folk Caspar, milkman, 238 s Paca 
Folk Eliza, 109 e Madison 
Folk Georee F. carpenter, 15 n Sharp, dw 

122 Muliikin 
Folk John, laborer, s e cor Camden & Charles 
Folks Nicholas, laborer, Muliikin near Bond 
FolKenstein Peter, shoemaker, 2 Gough 
Foil John, laborer, 270 s Bond 
Folmar Christopher, tinner, 134 w Biddle 
FoUmer Frederick, shoemaker, 202 Can- 
ton av 
FoUmare Lewis. br\ker, 26 Hampstead 
Foliz Emanuel, 116 Chesnut 
Foliz Jacob (J. loitery and exchang;e office, 
s w cor Camden aid Charles dw 215 w 
Folp Henry, laborer. 5 1 Johnson 
Fiinder Richard, painter, ror Gay and Har- 
rison, dw 115 n Caroline 
Fondersol iMnrgaret, con fee. 2-3 Fell 
Fonerden Dr. .lohn, medical superintendent 
Maryland Hospital, dw Monument jiear 
Fones Richnrd, siain dealer. 272 n Gay 
Fontaine J. L. tailor, •2'.](\ w Pratt 
Fnntz Gcoijre, hrickmnker, 390 West 
Fuiiiz Jacob, carter. 646 Light 
Fonville Alexnmler. cocik, 84 n Front 

Fooksluger Jacob, tailor, Chapel, near 

Foos Edward H. bricklayer, 143 s Bond 
Foos John, huckster, 302 Franklin 
Foos John C. tinner, 420 Saratoga 
Foos James, (Weiskitlel & F.) cor High 

and Lombard 
Foos J. hoot crimper, 57 Pine 
Foos Wm. A, bricklayer, 30 s High 
Foos Wm. (Barnham &F.) 214 n Eden 
Foo< Wm. L. ship joiner, 167 Orleans 
Foose Henry, bricklayer, 56 n Central av 
Foose John, tailor, 52 Bank 
Foose Mrs. Mary, 166 Spring 
Foose Sarah Ann, 22S Saratoga 
Foot Mrs. Major, 9 Hillen 
Foote Charles W. carpenter, Barre, near 

Fopless J. H. watchmaker, 26 Holland 
Foran James, wholesale prov. dealer, 181 

and 183 Chesnut 
Foraig Lewis, tailor, 1 17 n Bond 
Force Wm. C. clerk , Eutaw House 
Force Moses M. steward Gilmor House, 

dw 175 Pearl 
Forbes James S. carpenter, 328 n Eutaw 
Ford Adam, carter, 23 n Schroeder 
Ford Angu-tus, conductor, B. & O. R. R 

10 s Fremont 
Ford Amelia H., Lombard e of Ann 
Ford Antoine, porter, 2!> Neighbor 
Ford Benj. A. ladies shoemaker, 6 Lanvale 
Ford Charles T. watchman, 276 Hanover 
Ford Columbus W. 1 Carey 
Ford Caroline, 67 s Eden 
Ford Dramatic Association, s w cor High 

and Lombard 
Ford Elizabeth. 7 Hammond al 
Ford Edmund, hatter, 18 Jo.sephine 
Ford Edw.C. oyster dealer, 166 n Caroline 
Ford Edward, mariner, 246 Light 
Ford Elias, boot and shoemaker, s w cor 

Paca and Mulberry 
Ford Edward, shoemaker, 2 Willis 
Ford George T. blacksmith, 267 e Madison 
Ford Hani ah, 246 Light 
Ford Jacob, laborer, 3!) n Schroeder 
Ford James, 159 Lee 
Ford James E. flour and feed dealer, 315 n 

Howard, dw 14!! Dolphin 
Ford John, carpenter, 28 n Eden 
Ford John, hostler, 71 Moore al 
Ford Jiihn T. agent, 186 Mulberry 
Ford John D. carpenter, 201 n Gay 
Ford John, cierar maker, 343 e Eager 
Ford Joseph Y. merchant tailor, 1 Hollins 
Ford Joseph, clerk, Dolphin, near Grundy 
Ford Li'wis, clerk, 67 s Eden 
Ford Moses, moulder, 159 Lee 
Ford Margaret, 6 Bull's lane 
Ford Nicholas, carpenter, 18 Josephine 
Ford Patrick, laborer, Potomac, near El- 
liott, Canton 
Ford Ruth, dress maker, 45 L. Church 
FORD & REYNOLDS, tavern keepers, 71 

Ford Thoma.*, rigger, Hammond al. near 

Ford Thomas, laborer, 96 Preston 
Ford Thomas C. clerk, 291 n Gay 





Fiird Thomas J moulder, 79 Scott 
Fold Wm. H. merchant tailor, 31 n How- 
ard, dw 127 w Fayette 
F.ird Win. H. shoemaker, cor Pearl and 

.VI ul berry 
Fi.rd Wm clerk, 61 Hifjh 
Ford Wm. (F. & Reynolds,) 71 Hanover 
Fordham Hy. brass finisher, 273 Franklin 
Foreman John, carpenter, 33.") Mulberry 
Foreman John D. shoemaker, 134 Bond 
Foreman Joshua, carpenter, Philadelphia 

road, near city limits 
Foreman Joshua, shoemaker, 97 Mullikin 
Foring Lewis, tailor, 117 n Bond 
Fork Christopher, laborer, 125 Sarah Ann 
Forman Alexander D. plasterer, 473 w 

Forman Catharine, nurse, 109 Mullikin 
Forman David, laborer, Hanover, near 

Forman Elizabeth, 53 n Fremont 
Formal) Evan M. plasterer, 9 Hollaid 
Forman Francis R. carpenter, Ct5 s Caroline 
Forman Ferdinand, lab. 17 Chatsworth al 
Forman Geo. W. machinist, 312 e Fayette 
Forman Henry, clerk, 452 w Fayette 
Forman Henry C. painter, 31-2 e Fayette 
Forman Joseph, shoemaker, 312 e Fayette 
Forman Joseph R. gatekeeper Greenmount 

Forman Joshua, cooper, Philadelphia road, 

near city limits 
Forman Leander, cor Walsh and Town- 
Forman Margaret, 65 s Caroline 
Forman Susanna, 129 Vine 
Forman Valentine, (Foble & F.)cor Walsh 

and Townsend 
Formholtz Henry, tailor, 42 Marion 
Korner Burkhardt, shoemaker. West al 
Forner James, butcher, 538 Penna. av 
Forner Wm butcher, 53'.J Penna. av 
Fornes Richard, trader, 274 n Gay 
Fornev George M. clerk, 6 Commerce 
Forney Henry S. (F. & Stine) 165 Madi- 
son av 
Forney Isaac C. carriage trimmer, 167 d 

Forney Jacob, private watchman, 49 Mc- 

Forney Jemima, 43 Greenmount av 
Forney & Siine, wholesale tobacco and se- 

gar dealers, 5 s H<)war<l 
Fornev Win. C. clerk, 389 w Fayette 
FornoflT Adam, carpt. weavr. 1!)9 Aliceanna 
FornofT Lewis, tailor, 133 Argyle al 
F(jrresiel Edward, chemist, 24 Chesniit 
Forrestel James, chemist, 24 Che>nut 
Forrestel Mrs. Margaret, 24 Chesnut 
Forrest Alex, venitian blind mkr. 61 York 
Forrest Francis, laborer, 672 w Piatt 
Forrest Henry, carpenter, 307 e .Vlndison 
Forrest Capt. James T. mariner, 99 e 

Forrest James H. maciiinist, 3 Henrietta 
Forrest Jno.moulder, Forre>t,near Madison 
Forrest Joshua, clerk, 103 West 
Forrest Leonard, blacksmith, 73 Columbia 
Forrest Mary L. 9H e Biltimore 
Forrest Mathias, fireman, 255 Canton av 

Forrest Thomas J. paper hanger, 48 s 

Forrest Wm. tinner, 251 Columbia 
Forrest Wm. engineer, 150 s Caroline 
Forrester Allen E.(Geo. W, Bowen&Co.) 

Walsh, w of Hoffman 
Forrester, Alex, tavern, Oregon, nr. Pratt, 

d\» 458 w Lombard 
Forrester Benj. F. carpenter, 52 n Para 
Forrester Benj. plasterer, Farmers' Hotel, 

cor Hillen and Forrest 
Forrester Charles, carpenter, 52 n Paca 
Forrester D. clerk, 284 n Gay 
Forrester George, plasterer. Farmers' Ho- 
tel, cor Hillen and Forrest 
Forrester George, caipt 189 Montgomery 
Forrester John, laborer, 111 Montgomery 
Forrester John, shoemaker, 163 s Spring 
Forrester James, policeman, 96 McElderry 
Ft)rrester Nicholas, baker. 213 Eastern av 
Forrester Patrick, 67 James la 
Forrester Wm. H. marble cutter, 100 e 

Forrester Wm. H. carpenter, 166 Ross 
Forrop John E. shoemaker, 11 n Dallas 
Forshill Charles, tinner, 198 Bank 
Forster Charles, Jr. (F. & Slack,) Gil- 

mor House 
Forster & Slack, coal dealers, s w cor South 
and Lombard, and Howard, opp. Centre. 
— [Seep. 54 Mvertisements.] 
Forsyth Alex, bricklayer, 5 Brune 
Forsyth Alex, milkman, 41 Tyson 
Forisyth Amlrew, undertaker, 33 Holland 
Forsyth Ann, 5 Brune 
Forsyth Alex. D. blacksmith. 113 Hamburg 
Forsyth Alex. I^. plumber, 35 Holland 
Forsyth David, carpenter, 1(55 Hoffman 
Forsyth Edward, painter, 7 Brune 
Forsyth Francis, clerk, 19 n Oregon 
Forsyth Edward S. printer, 131 s Exeter 
Forsyth Joseph J. blacksmith, 113 Flamburg 
Forsyth John A. tobacconist, 113 Hamburg 
Forsyth Robert, tinner, 204 Lee 
Forsyth Robert, laborer, 35 Holland 
Forsyth R. G. lithographer, 149 Hoffman 
Forsyth Thomas, bricklayer, Chesnut al. 

near Fremont 
Forsyth Wm. postoflice clerk, 219 Mont- 
Fort Harriet, 61 Conway 
Fort Leander A. carpenter, 187 Ross 
Fortling John H. (McCoy & F.) 312 Sara- 
Foriling Leonard, bricklayer, 312 Saratoga 
Fortman .\tlam, carpenter, 221 Dover 
Fortinai) Arnold, tobacconist, 354 w Pratt 
Fortman Barney, laborer, 10(5 West 
Fortman Minor, cab. maker, 38 Leadenhall 
Fi)rtney Thomas, huckster, n w cor Canton 

ar. and Gist 
Foriune Mary, boarding house, 9 Barnet 
Forward Wm. L. 231 n Eden 
Forward W. Henry, ship timber, 138 s 

Fortye Jacob, drayman, 13 Arch 
Fo^benner Wm. G. bricklayer, .59 Lee 
Poslar Henry, paver, 10 Harmony la 
Ftjsler George, carpenter, 9 n Wolfe 
Fosler Jabe, carpenter, 9 n Wt)lfe 





Fosler Uriah, carpenter, 9 n Wolfe 

Foss Charles M. tinner and sheet iron ware, 

10 n Euiaw, dw 245 Franklin 
Foss Jacob, laborer, 180 Willidtn 
Foss John, boiler maker, 121 Cross 
Foss John S. bricklayer, 112 n Bond 
FOSS & POUDER, manuf. cabinet fur- 
niture, chairs &c.. 30 n Howard 
Foss Thomas, brieklaver, 112 n Bund 
Foss Wm. W. (F. & Fonder,) 189 Saratoga 
Fossett John, shoemaker, 116n Eden 
Fossett John, collector, 67 s Caroline 
Fost Fred, surgeon and leecher, 60 Thames 
FOSTER Dr. A. T., 695 w Baltimore 
Foster David B. plumber, 7 Eutaw House 
Foster David C. printer. 115e Pratt 
Foster Doritha, boarding house, 160 G. 

Foster Francis S. ship joiner, 174 Bank 
Foster George S. clerk, 116 e Lombard 
Foster James T. carpenter, Lombard, e of 

Foster James K. carpenter, 245 s Sharp 
Foster James M. ship, carpt. 132 s Wolfe 
Foster James W. steamboat hand, 233 

Foster John T. clerk, Maltby House 
Foster Mahlon, shoemaker, 253 Dallas 
Foster Margaret, 4 Stirling 
Foster Misses Mary F. and Susan W., In- 
stitute for young ladies, 56 n Greene 
Foster Samuel, carpenter, 173 Columbia 
Foster T. J. (Rossie & F.) 271 w Madison 
Foster Thomas Y. horse dealer, 73 Pearl 
Foster Wm. J. machinist, 176 Ramsay 
F(tster Wm. J. glass cutter, 130 s Caroline 
Foster Wm. T. carpenter, 148 n Bond 
Foster Wm. T. (Taylor, F. & Co.) 87 n 

Foster Wm. bricklayer, 170 Penna. av 
Foudriat Peter, scourer and fluter, 64 Lex- 
Fouik Rev. J. S. 36Colnmbia 
Foulkes Robt. F. machinist, 70 Camden 
Foulds James H. boat build. 100 s Caroline 
Fountain Eilward C. mariner. 49 Fawn 
FOUNTAIN HOTEL, Wm. H. Clabaugh, 

propr. Light, near Baltimore 
Fountain John, Ann n of Lombard 
Fountain John T. tinner, 25 Scott 
Fountain Marcy, aucl. 100 w Baltimore 
Fountain Wm. clerk, 31 Pine 
Fourth Presbyterian Church, 628 w Bal- 
Fouse D Henry, tinner, 163 Orleans 
Fowble Abram, carpenter, 18 Vine, dw 259 

w Fayette 
Fowble Wm. clerk, 179 n Paca 
Fowble Wm. H sailmaker, 241 w Pratt 
Fowler Catharine, 101 e Baltimore 
Fowler David d. bookkeeper, Greene,near 

Fowler Francis, wire worker, cor Fayette 

and Liberty, dw 46 Pearl 
Fowler George, huckster,, 183 Eastern av 
Fowler Isaac, plasterer, 350 n Gay 
Fowler Jeremiah, carpt. 259 Eastern av 
Fowler Jacob, clock and watch maker, n 

Coptank, near Baltimore 
Fowler James H. painter, 24 n Schroeder 

Fowler James W. carpt. 136 s Greene 
Fowler John, clerk, 94 n Charles 
Fowler John, (Niemyer & F.) 350 Lex- 
Fowler John P. bookkeeper, 180 w Balto. 
Fowler John, market trader, 12 n Bond 
Fowler Martha, 259 Eastern av 
Fowler Matilda, 222 e Lombard 
Fowler Robert, boiler maker, 154 Cross 
Fowler Robert, (F. & Ziegler,) Balto. co. 
Fowler Samuel, huckster, 390 n Gay 
Fowler Susan, tailoress, 156 n Exeter 
FOWLER THOMAS, grocer and hard- 
ware dealer, 17o and 177 e Baltimore 
Fowler Thomas H. silverplater, 91 Preston 
Fowler Wm 37 n High 
Fowler Wm. carpenter, 153 G. Hughes 
Fowler Wm. H. 53 s Broadway 
Fowler Wm. C. pilot, 281 e Fayette 
Fowler Wm. W. brass founder, 158 n Bond 
Fowler Wm. W. hatter, 50 n Schroeder 
Fowler Wm. H. carpt. 66 Holland 
Fowler Wm. private watchman, 120 Bur- 
gundy al 
FOWLER& ZIEGLER, flour merchants, 

91 and 93 s Charles 
Fox Andrew, drayman, 22 s Eutaw 
Fox Chas. cigar mkr. cor Eutaw and Clay 
Fox Conrad, laborer, 5 Elizabeth la 
Fox Frederick, porter, 104 n Paca 
Fox Hugh, carter. Central av. near Bank 
Fox Harman, laborer. Sharp, nr. Hamburg 
Fox Henrv, 120 s Bond 
FOX HIRAM E. 522 w Fayette 
Fox Henry, laborer, Frederick av. below 

Calverton road 
Fox Jesse, miller, Frederick road, near first 

toll gate 
Fox James, grocery, 64 Bank 
Fox James, grocery. 31 Douglas 
Fox John, tailor, 120 n Central av 
Fox John, shoemaker, 20 Bevan al 
Pox John, shoemaker, 260 s Eutaw 
Pox John, laborer, 27 Chesnul 
Fox Luther, 308 w Lombard 
Fox Michael laborer, 3 e Second 
Fox Martin, shoemaker, 15 Bevan al 
Fox Patrick, l.'iborer, 50 Richmond 
Fox Stephen P. ladies shoemaker, 510 w 

Fox Thomas, shoemaker, 165 Lee 
Fox Wm. laborer, 76 Booth 
Fox Wm. H. B. brakesman, 22 s Eutaw 
Foxall Mary, 35 Buren 
Foicroft Nich. grocery, 46 Chesnut 
Fox well Chas. L. clerk, Bank of Baltimore, 

dw 140 s Broadway 
Foxwell Capt. George W. 109 William 
Fox well John, ship carpenter, 181 Bank 
Foxwell Joseph, ship carp. Binney near 

Foxwell Tabitha, 299 s Charles 
Foy Eliza, 235 n Bond 
Foy Frederick, teacher, House of Refuge, 

Balto Co 
Foy Geo. W. cigar store, s e cor Madison & 

Foy James, gunsmith and hardware mer- 
chant, G4 s Calvert, dw 61 Hill 
Foy Philip, ship joiner, 9 s Ann 





For Joha H. shoemaker, 8 e cor Bond and 

Fraas Frederick, shoemaker, Central &t 

near Ballimore 
Fraas Miuna. cook, 148 w Lombard 
Fraatz C)tto. bookkeeper, 255 Eager 
I'laiky Elziua M. M. 215 n Howard 
I'riiley Leonard, 173 \v Fayette 
Fiaily Mauis, dry goods dealer, 78 n Caro- 
Fraky J. J. hatter, s e corner Franklin and 

Fiiiuier Wni. cabinet maker, 36 Marion 
Frames George A. (J. P. F. & Bro.) 214 

t- .Monument 
FRAMES J. P. & BRO. apothecaries and 

druggists, necor. Monument and Aisquith 
Frames James P. (Jas. P. F. & Bro.) 270 

York ar 
Flames James P. apothecary, 214 e Monu- 
Frames John M. 2T0 Greenmount av 
Frampton Henry, clerk, 233 e Fayette 
France Andrew, 206 Stirling 
France Charles, shoemaker, 73 Somerset 
France Charles, tailor, 35 Hampstead 
France John, custom house inspector, 46 s 

France John M. cooper, Lancaster near 

Caroline. d\v 168 Ann 
France Joseph, stove dealer, 281 w Baltimore, 

dw n w cor Fayette and Strieker 
France Joseph, (Ward & F.) n w cor of 

Fayette and Strieker 
France Michael, counterpane weaver, 268 

Canton av 
France Peter, grocery, 67 Somerset 
FR.VNCE R. & CO. managers Maryland 

State Lotteries, office 8 n Calvert, dw R. 

F. 5i) Mount Vernon Place 
France Thomas, clerk, Mt. Olivet Cemetery 

Company, 71 Lee 
France William C. (R. F. & Co.) Barnum's 

Francis Ferdinand, baker, 275 Eastern av 
Francis Fleetwood, 90 Gough 
Francis Jesse M. carp. 67 Holland 
Francis John H. baker, 198 e Pratt 
I'rancis John, plasterer, 109 s Bond 
Francis John, pa[)er carrier, 108 s Eden 
Francis Roliert, brickmaker, 10 s Broadway, 

yard Canton 

butcher, Baltimore e of 

baker, Philad. road e of 

Francis Robert, 

Francis Thomas, 


Francis Thomas H. clerk, 10 s Broadway 
Francis Thomas, baker, 120 Ann 
Franciscowich Ludwig, confect. 68 Park 
Franck George C. tobacconist, 97 w Biddle 
Franck Peter, 16 e Monument 
Frank A.lam, (L. & A. F. & Co.) 94 e Balto. 
Frank Adam, tailor, 1 Barnes 
Frank Andrew, 49 Stiles 
Frank Andrew, baker, 2.''.9 Light 
Frank August, bookkeeper, 278 Lexington 
Frank Benj. wagoner, 437 n Gay 
Frank ("lirislian, piano maker, Fredk road 

near toll gate 
Frank Chris. L. grocery, 33 Brown 

Frank David, dry goods dealer, 195 n Gay 
Frank Ernstine, clothier, 1(;7 Forrest 
Frank Ernest, machinist, 230 s Paca 
Frank Frederick, shoemaker, 8 Baker's ct 
Frank Frederick, tin and sheet iron worker, 

26 Barnes 
Frank Geo, live stock dealer, 241 w Fayette 
Frank George, cabinet maker. 28 Hamburg 
Frank Geo. M. junk dealer, 316 s Bond 
Frank Henry, carpenter, 163 e Fayette 
Frank Henry, boot and shoe dealer, 193 n 

Frank Henry, laborer, 159 n Eden 
Frank Henry, barber, 322 s Bond 
Frank Jacob, baker, 248 Hanover 
Frank John, laborer, dw 282 Aliceanna 
Frank John, barber, 85 Eastern av 
Frank John G, piano maker, 28 Hamburg 
Frank John G. baker, 103 William 
Frank John, dry goods store, 352 Light 
Frank John, 89 Johnson 
Frank John, chair painter, 220 s Charles 
Frank Capt. John T. 293 e Lombard 
Frank John 31. cabinet maker, 120 n Cen- 
tral av 
Frank Joseph, shoemaker, 82 Durham 
Frank Kaufman, butcher, 272 s Broadway 
Frank Leon, (L. & A. F. & Co.) 124 e Balto 
Frank Leon it Adam & Co. wholesale deal- 
ers in ready made clothing, 347 w Balto. 
Frank Lewis, tailor, over 228 s Broadway 
Frank Lewis, grocer, 67 n Eden 
Frank Jlichael, laborer, 11 Perry 
Frank .Moses, 145 s Bond 
Frank Nathan, dealer in iron and brass, 105 

Frank N. tailor, 110 w Pratt, dw lit e Lom- 
Frank O. milliner, 145 e Baltimore 
Frank Rosanna, 23 s Caroline 
Frank Samuel, butcher, 233 s Bond 
Frank Simon & Co. importers & jobbers of 
dry goods, 255 w Baltimore, dw F. S. 96 
e Baltimore 
Frank Solomon, clerk, 53 Jefferson 
Frank Wolfe, copper furnace, 264 Happy al 
Frank Wm. grocer, 106 Gough 
Frank Wm. tassel maker, 242 Chase 
FRANKE FRICD. WM. grocery and liquor 

dealer, 184 and 186 e Lombard 
Frankel B. bookkeeper, 91 e Lombard 
Frankel Leopold F. (F. Bros. & Lewitoch) 

16 w Pratt 
Frankel Bros. & Lewitoch, merchant tailors, 

16 and 71 w Pratt 
Frankenstein Samuel, butcher, 933 w Pratt 
Franklin B. A. k Co. com. & shipping mer- 
chants, 59 s Gay 
Franklin B. A. (B. A. F. & Co.) 49 St. 

FRANKLIN BANK, 11 North.— [5ce ^j3- 

Franklin Benj. house carp. 207 s Ann 
Franklin Bernard, bookkeeper, 91 Lombard 
Franklin Buildings, North, near Baltimore 
Franklin Fire Co's engine house, Eastern av 

betw Bond and Bethel 
Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Phila- 
delphia, 1 North, George Carey, agent 
Franklin (Jeorge, watchman, 102 Scott 





Franklin Hall, 26 n Exeter 

Franklin Henry, watchmaker and jeweler, 

54 Camden 
Franklin Henry, plasterer, Farmer's hotel, 

cor Hillen & Forrest 
Franklin House, n w cor Howard & Franklin 
Franklin Isaac, pedler, lYl e Lombard 
Franklin John, carpenter, 22 s Paca 
Franklin Joseph & Bro. tobacconists, 275 

w Pratt 
Franklin Joseph, (J. F. & Bro.) cor Greene 

and Baltimore 
Franklin Joshua, (J. F. & Bro.) 275 w Pratt 
Franklin Margaret, milliner, 117 Saratoga 
Franklin Rebecca, 207 s Ann 
Franklin Sab. School, No. 5, 540 Saratoga 
Franklin Saml. D. bricklayer, 273 e Lom- 
Franklin Street Methodist E. Church, cor 

Franklin and Poppleton 
Franklin Street Presbyterian Church, cor 

Franklin and Cathedral 
Franklin Square Baptist Church, Calhoun 

between Lexington and Saratoga 
Franklin Wm. engineer, 133 Hollins 
Franks Wm. W. 9 Comet 
Frantom John H. laborer, Fayette near 

Frantom Wm stone cutter, 519 Saratoga 
Frantz George, laborer, 593 Penna ay 
Frantz John, tailor, 70 Somerset 
Frantz John, tailor, 67 Perry 
Frantz John, laborer, 116 Lancaster 
Frantz M. J. willow worker, 49 French 
Frantz Peter, old iron and rag dealer, 178 

Eastern av 
Franz Charles, shoemaker, 32 Douglas, dw 

73 Somerset 
Franz Jacob, grocery, 174 Eastern av 
Fraund Jacob, shoemaker, 426 Saratoga 
Fray Jacob, ethereal oil manuf. Light be- 
tween Pratt and Camden, dw 17 West 
Fray Samuel, fireman, 327 Canton av 
Fray Samuel, laborer, 327 Canton av 
Fraser David, engineer, 211 Barre 
Frazer Anthony, clerk, 70 Columbia 
Frazer Elisha, blacksmith, 782 w Baltimore 
Frazer Wm. R. grocer, Armitage Hall, 14 n 

Paca, dw 70 Columbia 
Frazier Charles, huckster, 205 Montgomery 
Frazier Charles, clerk, 322 Eastern av 
Frazier Charles, policeman, 64 Bank 
Frazier Daniel, carter, Clinton, n of Boston, 

Frazier Edward H. nut and washer manufac- 
turer, 134 Thames, dw 125 s Ann 
Frazier Edward E. hatter, 72 s Eden 
Frazier Elizabeth R. 61 Henrietta 
Frazier Frances, 114 Hanover 
Frazier Capt. James, president of Fells Point 

Savings Institution, 274 Canton av 
Frazier James A. clerk, 58 P'awn 
Frazier James F. carpenter, 1 Raborg 
Frazier John, old iron dealer, 101 Camden 
Frazier John, painter, 62 Clay 
Frazier Jos. B. turner, 249 s Bond, dw 108 
Frazier Priscilla, 27 Brune 
Frazier Rebecca, 1 1 4 Hanover 
Frazier Snmuel R. (Hack & F.) 330 e Pratt 
Frazier Mrs. Sarah, 26 Brunswick 



Frazier Walter, watchman, 58 Fawn 
Frazier Wm. fisherman, 184 Burgundy al 
Frazier Wiliam H. ofiBcer in Penitentiary, 

dw 4 Jefferson 
Freader Frederick, shoemaker, 13 jEtnalane 
Freadman Albert, shoemaker, 28 Sarah Ann 
Freeh Wm. shoemaker, 222 n Caroline 
Fredenberg Mary, 510 Penna. av 
Frederick Christopher, tailor, 101 n Cen- 
tral av 
Frederick Christopher, carpet weaver, 

Frederick Henry, clerk, 83 Pine 
Frederick John, 112 Hamburg 
Frederick John, 123 Chew 
Frederick Lawrence, cedar cooper. 

Franklin, dw 181 n Paca 
Frederick Lewis, cigar maker, 10 Park 
Frederick Lloyd, carpenter, 195 Fremont 
Frederick Margaret, Gist near Eastern av 
Frederick Michael, cabinet maker, 206 s Ann 
Frederick Peter, cabinet maker, 10 Har- 
ford av 
Frederick Robert, cabinet maker, and un- 
dertaker, 146 e Monument 
Frederick Thomas, machinist, Carey near 

Frederick Thos. machinist, 796 w Baltimore 
Frederick Wm. bell hanger, 41 Orleans 
Frederick Wm. shoemaker, 130 Jefferson 
Frederick Wm. clerk, 187 w Pratt 
Frederick Wm. cooper, Mosher near Division 
Fredish Anthony, laborer, Potomac near El- 
liott, Canton 
Free Alex, shoemaker, 126 Welcome al 
Free John, cooper, 134 s Greene 
Free Milton, cooper, 134 s Greene 
Free Wm. shoemaker, 27 Morris al 
FREEBERGER GEO. A. tavern, Grant near 

Freeberger Geo. W. policeman, 470 Canton av 
FreebergerH. G. bailiff Court of Common 

Pleas, 18 Armistead lane 
Freeberger Peter, bricklayer, 57 McIIenry 
Freeburg Andrew, tanner, 318 Forrest 
Freeburger Andrew, fish dealer, 275 s Paca 
Freeburger Francis, last maker, 152 n Front 
Freeburger George, 7 House's ct 
Freeburger Jacob, huckster, 203 Conway 
Freeburger James M. bricklayer, 388 Lex- 
Freeburger L. second hand furniture dealer, 

47 Pennsylvania av 
Freeburn Wm. finisher, 171 Montgomery 
Freedy John H. carpenter, 493 Light 
Freeland Edward, clerk, 223 w Lombard 
FREELAND, HALL & CO. grocers, 143 w 

Freeland Robt. (Thos. I. Hall & Co.) Ill 

w Fayette 
Freeland Thomas H. (F. Hall & Co.) 233 

w Lombard 
Freeland Thos. engineer, N. C. R. R. 1 Fos- 
ter al 
Freeman Caroline, seamstress, 111 s Bond 
Freeman Cornelia, 159 Monument 
Freeman Daniel, ladies shoemaker, 23 n 

Freeman Edward, attorney, 325 Lexington 
Freeman James, carpenter, 18 Scott 





Fitc'inan James, carpenter, Watson al 
I'l tL'iiian John, book keeper, 35 Pine 
r:i(.-in:m John, clerk. 3') n Pine 
Frci-nian John T. policeman, 8"J1 w Balto 
l'n( Mian Joseph, grocery. 127 Hill 
Freeman I.evin, carpenter, 197 e .Monument 
Freeman Samuel U. tobacconist, 18.5 Ross 
Freeman Rer Thomas, Md. Tract Missionarj 

'.','> I'ine 
Freeman ^Ym. P. block and pump maker, 

111 Tliames, dw 70 s Eden 
FREEMAN, Weekly Paper, office 3 Jarvis 

buildings, North, Wm. D. Hughes, prop 
Freer Wm. wharfinger, 288 e Lombard 
Fieise Francis, tailor, CG s High 
Freese Michael, drayman, 4 Fitzpatrick's ct 
Freid Henry, clothier, 88 Harrison 
Freide! Conrad, Uiilor,n w cor Park and Lex- 
Freidenricb Abraham, (Springer, F. & Co) 

(■>8 .Mulberry 
Freideuwald Jonas, 111 e Baltimore 
Fr(ideri(h John, laborer, l(i7 Henrietta 
Frei>iii>h Christian, rag deal. 21 1 Eastern av 
Freidy Henry, brick maker, 420 Canton av 
Freiga Henry, cigar maker, 40 s Central av 
Freiiisheim Chas. goldsmith, \^>3 w Madison 
Fnis Bernard, laborer, 23 Shakspeare 
l-'reis (Jeorge D. instrument nik. 34 Marion 
Freis Jacob, cooper, 183 s Caroline 
Freis John, tailor, 183 s Caroline 
Freise Dr. Bernard, 208 Aliceanna 
F'reitag F'erdinand, restaurant, 24 Centre Mk. 

Freitsegus George, cabinet maker, 28 n Dallas 
Frcitle Henry, stevedore, 28 Shakspeare 
Fremont Savings Institution, ne cor Eutaw 

and Paca 
French Andrew J. plasterer, 2.')6 e Fayette 
French Chas. tailor, 258 Hanover 
French Darius, ship carp. 18 Jackson 
I'rench Dominic, painter, 244 e Fayetto 
French Geo. plasterer, 19G n Edward 
F'rench James, ship carp. IG.'i Aliceanna 
French Jasper, laborer, 13 Regester 
French John C. k Son, uinbrella makers, 31 

French John IT. cor John and Northern av 
French Jos. J. brass finisher, 128e Eager 
Frem h Richard, machinist, t',^ Sarah Ann 
Fnn< h Richard, boot filter, 34,5 e Monument 
Fitihli Wm. butcher, 51 e .Madison 
French Wm. clerk, 16 Constitution 
F'reucli Wm. plasterer, 70 Chew 
Frencli Wm. music engraver, 31 South 
Fremh Warren, (Gerrish & W.,) 171 

Ft'M' J. H conk, 8 Bnrnes 
]•'■<■■. ■ Jdlin F. lohncC'iniM, 32 Orleans 
I !' '<■ } . Henry, sliocnmker, 32 e Fayette 
r '■-liin;in Joseph, porter, 127 Hill 
I'e-liuiir Wm. H.cleiU, 13H w Fayeiie 
l-'r.-/.lei Chrisiian, shiiemnker, I'JG Hnllinv 
Fre'Menilial Herman, salesman, 43 noith 

Fr -iind Rev. J. W. Mosher nr Penna. av 
Fieusch Charles, tinner. 88 s nroadway 
FrciiN.h Linhnnlt, hhorer, 61 s Bethel 
Ficy nenjamiii G. IJ') w Lombard 
Frey Ciiarles, teacher, .51 n Gay 

Frey Charle."; S. 11 Greenmount av 
Krev Charles, baker, 303 n Putaw 
FREY E. & S. wholesale druggists, 311 w 

Balunioie, ilw 75 n Paca 
Frey George, tavern, Mill 
Frey George, barber, 441 Pennsylvania av 
Frey George W. fireman, 17 s Schroedcr 
Frey Gotleib, milkman, 12l .s Eutaw 
Frey Jacob, tadur, 11 Spring ct 
Frey Jacob, box maker, 50 Elbow lane 
Frey Joseph, laborer, I'Jb Moiiigomery 
Frey John J. uphol.slerer, lUl Aisquiih 
Frey John B maiirass maker, 9 York nv 
Frey JVlalinda, 12h Barre 
Frey Peiei , cabinet maker, 87 Eastern av 
Frey Susan, 75 n Paca 
B'.'eyman George, cabinet maker, 86 Dover 
Friaul Isaac, pedler, 60 Hanipsiead 
Fiibiizhausen Harman, porter, 161 Penn- 
sylvania av 
Frick Aui;u<t, shoemaker, 82 North 
Frick Auffusi, miner, 40 Raborg 
Flick i^t Ball, wh. dealers in tobacco, cigars, 
&c. 1 Hanover. — [See p. 27 Mvertise- 
Friek Dr. Charles, 103 Park 
Frick E. A. (Haniz, F. & Co.) Franklin 

hoiel, cor. High and Hillen 
Frick Frank, (Warwick, F. & Ball) 1.32 n 

Frick George A ^81 w Favette 
Frick Dr. George, 89 Saratoga 
Frick George P. (Shaw, F. & Co.) corner 

Grundy and Mosher 
Flick James, clerk, 132 n Charles 
Frick John, vinegar maker, 116 n Frcmcmt 
Frick Wm. F. attorney. 82 w Fayeiie, dw 

61 Franklin 
Frick Wm. machinisi, 237 n Bond 
Frick Mrs. Wm. 132 n Charles 
Fricke Frederick, 30 Edward 
Fricker John, gihler, 74 Harford av 
Friday Frederick, cigar manuf. 258 e Pratt 
Friday Henry, cigar mak. 200 Montgomery 
Fridman Mugne, tailor, 273 Pratt 
Fiiebertshauser Hermann, porter, 161 Penn- 
sylvania av 
Fried Henry, clothier, 88 Harrison 
Fiied Lewi.^, shoemaker, 6 Centre Market 

Fried Michael, labr. 512 Pennsylvania av 
Friedherger WoH, grocery and'liquor store, 

32 s Paca 
I-^riedel George, laborer, 37 s Central av 
Friedel Cici-rge N. oarber and tobacconist, 

IN9 ,s Sharp 
Friedel John C. shoemnk. 63 n Frederick 
Friedel John, boot crimp. 9 GuiKord al 
Friedenhein Julius, (Joel Seleger «& Co.) 

31 s High 
Friedenwald Aaron, clerk. 111 e Baltimore 
Friedenwald haac. cleik, 111 e lialiiiiiore 
Friedi-nwald Jonas, clerk, HI e Baliiriiure 
Fncdenwtild Joseph, cleik, I lie Baltimore 
Friedenwald Joseph, (Wiesenfeld & Co.) 

U; Lloyd 
Friedenwald Moses, clerk, 111 e Baltimore 
Friedericli Jcdrii, watchmaker and jeweler, 

1S3 e Baltimore 
Friedhoiler Dr. John G. 79 n Central av 





Friedhoffer Dr. Jacob, 92 Hambur^, 
Friedhoffer Mary, 9-2 Hamburg 
Friedhoffer Paul W. coachsmith, Diamond 

near Fayelte 
Friedmann Menzka, clothier, 160 w Prait, 

dw 273 w Pratt 
Friedrich John M. clerk, 60 Mulberry 
Friedrich John, carpenter, 374 Osteiid 
Friend Alfred, (Fnend, Rickelts & Co.) 42 

Friend Henrv, machinist, 8Ct n Schroeder 
FRIEND, RICKETTS & CO., whole.saie 

dealers in foreign fruits, 53 w Lombard 
Friends' Meeting House, (Eastern district,) 

cor. Aisquiih and Fayette 
Friends' Meeting House, (Western district,) 

Lombard, e of Euiaw 
Friends' Meeting House, (Orthodox,) cor. 

Couitland .ind Saratoga 
Friendship Fire Company's Engine House, 

11 n Frederick 
Friendship Active Association, cor. Balti- 
more and Frederick 
Fries Herman, ag't for Cincinnati Catawba 

wine oil, 63 Second 
Fries John, printer, 374 e Eager 
Fries John A. tavern, 16 Fell 
Fries L. J. cutter, 6(J s High 
Friese John, variety store, 680 w Baltimore 
Friese Philip C. attorney, 14^ Mansion 

house, Fayette, dw 294 n Howard 
Frine John, ]ock^mIth, 43 Pearl 
Friuger Nicholas, butcher, 574 Penn. av 
Frishy Andrew, furnit. wagoner, s e corner 

Bethel and Mullikin 
Frishy Bridget, factory hand, Falls' road 

near Northern av 
Frisby Catharine, 1'22 Gough 
Frisby Wm. G. 2-23 Franklm 
Frisby Capl. Wm. 96 s Bond 
Frisch Conrad, vinegar manuf. 141 n High 
Frisch John N. tailor, 202 Mulberry 
Frish Ambrose, Imtery vender, 279 Canton 

Frish John W. soap and candle dealer, 46 

Green Mount av 
Friss Frederick, tailor, 10 Regester 
Frist John, coach maker, 113 n Eden 
Frist John, coach maker, 19 n Eutaw, dw 

Pine near German 
Frist Thomas, coach maker, Lombard nr. 

Frist Thomas, 167 German 
Fritch Lewis, wheelwriglit, 259 e Eager 
Frilsacus Frederick, laborer, rib s Bethel 
Frilz Andrew, laborer, 149 Johnson 
Fritz August, carter, 103 s Spring 
Fritz Frederick, boiler maker, Charles nr. 

Friiz George, cooper, 51 President 
Fritz George, ice deal. Gay e of Broadway 
Fritz John, laborer, 384 Penna. av 
Friiz Joseph, laborer, 9 Regester 
Frilz John, glass blower, 15 Armistead lane 
Frilz Jidin, tavern, 153 s Ann 
Priiz Valentine, barrel irader, 17 China al 
Fritz Wm. T. bricklayer, '253 e Lombard 
Friize Michael, blacksmith. "205 Ensor 
Fritzener George, tailor. Bethel, n of Or- 

Frizell Mrs. A. 118 Hoffman 

Frizell Rebecca, grocery and feed store, 525 

w Baliimore 
Frizell Elizabeth Ann, dress maker, 5'-9 

w BaJ timore 
Froelich Volsier, tailor, 236 Aliceantia 
Froesich Golleib, stock, weaver, 8 Fountain 
Frohlich Geo. cabt. mak. 297 Canton av 
Frohwitter Chas. cabiiiel mak. 210 Hanover 
Fiohwiiter Chas. cabinet mak. 110 Hanover 
Fiolingei Nicholas, china dealer, 197 s 

From Christian, shoemak. 354 Penn av 
Fromme Fred.W. lithographer, 139 n High 
Front John, laborer, 75 Somerset 
Front Street Hotel, 100 n Front, W. J. 

Hulchins, proprietor 
Front Street Theatre, cor. Front and Low 
Frost James T. glass blower, 275 Light 
Frost John, painter, n w cor. Baltimoie and 

Frost Thos. book agent, 88 Grundy 
Frosi Wm. 38 n Front 
Frush F. D. 50Chesnut 
Frush Julia, 150 Chesnul 
Frush Ferdinand, 46 s Caroline 
Frush Jacob, 46 s Caroline 
Frush Luther M. grocer, 576 Penn. av. dw 

s e cor. Madison av and Hoffman 
FRUSH & SNYDER, produce dealers, 

95 Franklin 
Frush Wm. W. (F. & Sn}der) 348 north 

Frush Wm. 292 Madison av 
Fry Gauntlet, (Wm. H. Fowler & Co.) 64 

s Bond 
Fry Capt. John H. mariner, 23 s Ann 
Fry Jo-eph, teamster, Frederick road near 

ist toll-gaie 
Fry Joseph A. Calvertcn road near Frede- 
rick av 
Frv Wm. T. blacksmith. 36 s Poppleton 
Fry William, 50 Holland 
Frye Joseph, (Thurston & F.) 43 Hanover 
Fryer Andrew, shcemak. 67 Bethel 
FrVer& Heiner, Uroking glass manuf. 37 s 

Fryer Henry, shoemaker, rear 77 Fremont 
Fryer Jas. (F. &. Heiner) 325 e Pratt 
Fryer Thomas, grocer, 77 Watson 
Fryer Thomas, shoemaker, 67 s Bethel 
Fuchenberger Geo. laborer, 45 Eastern nv 
Fucheiiberger John A. ship carpenter, 43 

Eastern av 
Fuck^ John, laborer, 2 Smith's al 
Fucks John, shoemaker, -18 Aisquiih 
Fugilt George T. painter, 108 Jefierson 
Fuginann John, turner, 54 Raboig 
Fuhr Michael, tailor, 127 w Lombard 
Fuhrman Absalom, teamster, Bee Hive tav- 
ern, Pennsylvania av 
Fuld Abraham, stove dealer, 69 Orleans 
Full! Ephraiin, dealer in furnit. 69 Orleans 
FULD ISAAC, tobacconist, 6 Elisor 
Fuld John, shoemaker, 38 w Pratt, dw 62 

Centre Market space 
Fuld Lawrence, rag deal. 1 Friendship ct. 
Fulda Bernhard, dry goods dealer, 64 s Ann 
Fullord John R. cleik, 164 e Pratt 
Fnlfort John, salesman, 187 e Pratt 





Fulkutt Jotin, os^iler, '266 vr Buldle 
Fullancamp John H. gioceiy, '3H Portland 
Fuller Benjamin F. clerk, I'Jii Hanover 
Fuller Benjamin G. phunlier, 177 Ctiesnut 
Fuller B. Franklin, clerk, lt»J Hanover 
Fuller B. M. miller, 9y s Exeier 
Fuller Charles F. house carp «1 n High 
Fuller Charles E. clerk, 5 L. Gough 
Fuller Mrs. E. K. I--1 s Broadway 
Fuller George, male, 161 Bank 
Fuller George, cooper, 131 s Spring, dw 42 

Fuller Henry C. mate steamship, 192 Han- 
Fuller James, miller, 99 s E.xeier 
Fuller Joshua M. I'Jl ii Exeier 
Fuller John B. plumber, 211 e Lombard 
Fuller John M. moulder, js Caroline 
Fuller Capt. Josiah, I'M s Broadway 
Fuller Josiah W.carp. 130 s Broadway 
Fuller Joseph, raaclnnisi, Ida Jerf'erson 
Fuller Mai-garei, ISO Hu^ijlies 
Fuller Philip, wheelwright ami blacksmith, 

12 East Falls av. dw 107 s Exeier 
Fuller Robert, carpenter, ll!l w Biddle 
Fuller Rev. Dr. Rictiard, 97 Park 
Fuller Wm. book keeper, 76 n Paca 
Fuller Wilson N., City Auditor's office, Oily 

hall,dw Hampstead near Chester 
Fullerton George, dry goods ami groceries, 

106 Richmond 
Fullertou Robt. B. (Wroth & F.) 42 Lex- 
Fullerton Rosanna. 4 St. Mary's ct 
Fullerton Thomas D. clerk, 30 s Paca 
Fulluin Francis, machinisi, 51 Boyd 
Fulman Frederick, laborer, 184 s \Volfe 
Fulmer Thomas, cont'eci "260 e Lombard 
Fulton Alex, telegraph agent, 62 s Exeter 
Fulton Albert K. reporter American, 44 e 

Fulton Charles C. (Dobbin & F.) 44 e 

Fultim Charles, clerk, 393 Lexington 
Fulton David C. (Jessop & F.) 373 west 

Fulton Edinglon, (Dobbin & F.) 37 Fawn 
Fulton Henry, clerk, 393 Lexin;;ion 
Fulton Henry, book keeper, lOj Goiijfh 
Fulton Henry K. 47 German 
Fulton Henry, clerk City Collector's office, 
Fulton James, (Brooks, F. &. Co.) 322 Lex- 
Fulton James, ciijar m.iker, 36 Orchard 
F ilton John B. H. 176 Presion 
FULTUN DR. ROBERT, 53 s Sharp, dw 

47 German 
Fuliz John, laborer, 87 Lancaster 
Funk Augustus, barber, 92 n Calvert 
Funk F. H. grocery. 114 n Cjridine 
Funk Henry, cabinet maker, 3:{l) n Gay 
Funk I lenrv, grocery, 336 n Giy 
Funk John W. carpenter, 3G Orchard 
Funk Jacob, keeper of Isi tcdi-gate, Penn- 
sylvania av 
Funk Jacob, 89 Johnson 
Funk .Michael, cabinet mak. 136 s Eden 
Funk Rudolph, baker, 44.'> w Lombard 
Funk Wm carpenter, 3(J7 w Fayeiie 
Furev Jackson N. laborer, 21 Lemmon 

Fuilong Elizabeth, 55 McHenry 
Furlong John, book keeper, 33 n Calvert 
Furlong John, Light, below Heath 
Furlong John, laborer, rear 90 s Spring 
Furlong VV. G. clerk, 120s High 
Furlong Sarah, G7 Lee 
Furney Andrew J. stone cutter, lb6 e Mad- 
Furney John S. boiler maker, 308 n Eutaw 
Furry Wm. H. driver, 40H Lexington 
Fiirst Joseph, carpenter, 115 Ross 
Fursi John, cooper, 240 Sharp 
Fuss Francis J. 2 Smith 
Fuss John, watchman, 131 Peirce 
Fusselbangh John S. letter carrier, s e cor. 

Central av and Chase 
Fusselbangh William H. B. dealer in oils, 

painis, paper hangings, &c. 1(JW n Gay 
Fussell Clarissa, 25 Pleasant 
FUSSELL J. & CO. ice cream and conn 
trv produce dealers, Saratoga building nr 
Fust John.watchm. Peirce nr Fremont 
Fusz Wm laborer, 12 Calendar al 

Gabcll Frederick, currier, 3G Park 
Gabell Jacob, baker, 22'> w Fayette 
Gable Benjamin J. pla^ierer, 37(1 n Gay 
G.tble Charles, halter 24 s Schroeder 
Gable Henry, 37(i n Gay 
Gable Jacob, fireman N. C. Railway, Falls 

Toad nr Northern av 
Gable John tailor, 34 n Dallas 
GABLK, McDowell & CO. importers 
and dealers in carpets, oil cloths, &,c. 264 
w Baliiinore 
Gable Paul, butcher, Gist near Fayette 
GableRoiert, boiler maker, 410 West 
Gable Wm. cigar maker, 80 s Bethel 
Gable Wm. H. plasterer, 376 n Gay 
Gabriel Frederick, bricklayer, 14 Baker's 

Gabrio Henry, tailor, 42 Harrison 
Gadd Luther C. shoemak •JOWilliamson al 
ter, corner Sharp and Geriiian, dw 13 s 
Gaddess Alexander, artist, 28S Mulberry 
Gaddess Alexander C.jr. 28.'^ Mulberry 
Gaddess CharlesW. marble cut. 13 s Liberty 
Gaddess George, cigar mak. 32 n Schroeder 
Gadde>s Thos. S. marble cut. 13 s Libeiiy 
Gaddiss Virginius, marble cut. 13 s Liberty 
GadeJohn, lace weaver, 114 e Fayette 
Gado Michael, basket maker, 26 s Eutaw 
Gaebler Charles, shoemaker, 90 s Spring 
Gaehle Dora, 346 Lexiiifii^.n 
Gaehle Henry, piano maker, 34(5 Lexington 
Gaehle Lewis, piano varnisher, 167 Car- 
penter al 
Gaehle Wm. (VV. G. & Co.) 26 n Eulaw 
GAEHLK WILLIAM & CO. piano man- 
ufactii rs, cor. Eulaw and Fayette, and 
17, 19 and 21 n Euiaw 
(Jatlney Edward, huck-ier, 96 s Eutaw 
Gatriicy James, 107 Garden 
GaiFnev Michael, carter, 8 Haw 
Giliord M irv, lailores^, 300 Fianklin 
Galford Samuel D. bout liner, 28 Scolt 
Gagan Patrick, labr. Hi .Mc EKlerry's whf 





Gage W. L. clerk, 70 s Bond 
Gager Peter, shoemak. 467 w Baltimore 
Gagiiis Juhn, omnibus driver, 968 w Balto 
Galiagan Reid, machinist, 141 Conway 
Gahagan Thomas, cellar digger, 162 Ca- 

Gahau Dr. Edward, 182 n High 
Gahn Patrick, boot maker, 133 Henrietta 
Gaikner Frederick, cooper, 504 Light 
GAIL GEORGE W . tobacco manufactu- 
rer, 28 Barre, dw 122 Hanover 
Gail George, shoemaker, yi Lexington 
Gain Elijah, policeman, o4s Schroeder 
GAiTHER GEORGE R. merchant, No. 
3, over Bank ot Baltimore, dw '68 Cathe- 
Gaiiher Thos. E. silversmith, 92 e Fayette 
Galbreih Samuel, chair maker, 340 e Lom- 
Galbreth William, painter, 340 e Lombard 
Gale Miss E. H. 16« Pieslon 
Gale Henry L. coal agent, cor. Park and 

Gale John, laborer, 20 Morris al 
Gale Lewis, varnisher, 167 Carpenters al 
Gale Levin, attorney at law, 34 St. Paul, 

dw 48 Bolton 
GALE ROBERT W. commis. merchant, 

'J4 Light-si wharl', dw 170 Hanover 
Gale S. G. 44 Lexington 
Gale Thomas, teacher, 15 Watson 
Gale Thomas (Wilkinson & G.) 15 Watson 

ValeniineJ 82 Ross 
Gallagher Arthur, drayman, 8 L. Paca 
Gallagher Dr. Charles R. 116 St. Paul 
Gallagher Edward, ship carpenter, 163 

GALLAGHER F. H, Mercantile Col- 
lege, teacher ol book keeping, over 207 
and 209 w Baltimore, dw 5Ui w Fayette 
Gallagher Frant;is P. clerk, post office, 171 

n Paca 
Gallagher Francis, laborer, 8 L. Paca 
Gallagher Francis, attorney, dw 74 Pine 
Gallagher Jas. hackinan, ia4 w Madison 
Gallagher James. L. manager HoliUay-si 

Theatre, dw 5 Mullikin 
Gallagher James, laborer, 496 w Pratt 
Gallagher James, carpenter, 269 s Sharp 
Gallagher James, wheelwright, 568 Penn- 
sylvania av 
Galh'.gher James, 171 n Paca 
Gallagher John, tailor, U Dover 
Gallagher John, carpenter, 2 s Poppleton 
Gallagher John, laborer, Dallas n of Lan- 
Gallagher Michael, saddler, 6 Dover 
Gallagher Michael, carpenter, 26 Orchard 
Gallagher Michael, laborer, 32 President 
Gallagher Mrs. Michael, soap and candle 

maniifaLlurer, 135 Lexington 
Gillagher Michael, laborer, 201 Vine 
Gallagher Owen, laborer, 3 Rock 
Gallagher Patrick, laborer, 36 Lurman al 
Gallagtier Patrick, hackman, 217 e Pratt 
Gallagher Pairic k, machinist, 267 s Charles 
Gallagher Patrick, soap and candle manu- 
facturer, 213 n Eden 
Gallagher Philip, tailor, 400 w Fayette 

Gallagher Samuel, carter, 22 Rock 
Gallagher Thomas, shoemaker, 56 n Paca 

and shoemakeis, 112 n Eutaw 
Gallagher William, laborer, 63 Boyd 
Gallaugher Jno. stone mason, 47 n Oregon 
Gallary Henry, plumber, 119 s Regester 
Gallaway De Kalb, sailmaker, 125 s Edea 
Gallaway Goldsmith, painter, 123 s Eden 
Gallaway Greenbury, sailmaker, 128 s 

Gallaway Jesse, finisher, 95 s Fremont 
Gallaway Mary, 123 s E.len 
Gallissaire M. dress maker, 62 Lexington 
Galloway Aquilla, fireman, 696 w Pratt 
Galloway Isabella, 123i^ Lexington 
Galloway James, gardener, cor. Dolphin 

and Ross 
Galloway John, shoemaker, 157 Mullikin 
Galloway Thomas, carpenter, 6 Brune 
Galloway Vincent, blacksmith, 43 Har- 
mony la 
Galloway William, bricklayer, 215 n Eden 
Galloway Wm. engineer, 138 McHenry 
Galium William, tailor, 96 St. Peter 
Gallun John, blacksmith, 68 Leadenhall 
Gallup John F. varnisher, 200 e Fayette 
Gallup John W. carpenter, 200 e Fayette 
Galster Frederick, tailor, 139 n Bond 
Galster John, tailor, 139 n Bond 
Gait Capt. Henry, mariner, 98 s Eden 
Gait Dr. John M. 146 e Pratt 
Gait Thompson, grocer, 357 n Gay 
Gall Capt.Washiiiglon, mariner, 112 e Pratt 
Gambell James P. clerk, 2 n Caroline 
Gamble Jane, variety store, s w cor. Caro- 
line and Fayette, dw 209 e Fayette 
Gamble James, cleik, '^288 e Madison 
Gamble James, horse dealer, 210 n Bond 
Gamble Mrs. Mary, tavern, 186 McHenry 
Gamble Nicholas, mariner, 172 Regester 
Gamble Robei t, carpenter, 49 n Centrl av 
Gamble Thomas B. officer, 154 e Eager 
Gambrill Angusiin, 139 n Paca 
GambriU Charles A. miller, 32 Commerce, 

dw 191 w Fayette 
Gambrill Eliza, 32 Harford av 
Gambnil Henry C. 102 Pine 
Gambrill James, shoemaker, 113 s Ann 
Gambrill John W. trunk maker, 102 Pine 
Gambrill Thomas, grocery, 162 Pine 
Gamelich George, 40 Block 
Garnmail John, laborer, 14 Thames 
Gammon Henry, cigar maker, 255 Alice- 
Gampert Paul, provision store, 129 Barre 
GAIVGWEZE E. C. printer, 60 n Eutaw 
Ganner Heniy, pile driver, 171 s Caroline 
Gannon Barney, laborer, 114 Dugan's whf 
Gans Simon, second hand dealer, 167 Hen- 
Ganss Mrs. Jennie, milliner, 275 n Gay 
Gantt Martin Van Buren, daguerreotypist, 

60 Q Poppleton 
Gantt Mary, 60 n Poppleton 
Gantt Elwood, oysterinan, 142 n Bond 
Ganir Isaac, 58 China a! 
Gantzer John, cooper, Frederick road, near 

Snake hollow 
Ganz John, tailor. 164 Conwav 





laborer, VJ\> West 

Capetz P. shuemaker, Dolphin near Bolion 
Garbatia Jacob, tobacco de.iler, 4U Lee 
Garbar Ilociis. laborer, 73 Washington 
Garber Uriali, shoemaker. 151 Hollins 
Garden Bernard, cooper, 477 Saratoga 
Gardiner Augustus, l)ulcher, 542 Fenn av 
Gardiner Mrs. Eliza, 47 St. Paul 
Gardiner John T. house and si^n painter, 

99 w Baltimore, dw 22-2 Chesnut 
Gardiner James, sail maker, iOt! s Kden 
Gardiner Susan, 73 Muliikin 
Gardner Alfred S. cooper, 301 w Lombard 
Gardner Alison, watchman, 122 Cross 
Gardner B. F. (Taylor & G.) 96 n Eutaw 
Gardner Christopher, conlectioner, 352 w 

Gardner Elias N. grocer, 107 Franklin, dw 

Western hotel 
Gariiner Eliza A. fancy store, 179 Lexing- 
Gardner Ephraim, oak cooper, 13 Com- 
merce, dw 3Ul w Lombard 
Gardner Eliereon, of custom house, 122 

Gardner Francis, lager beer saloon, 8 n 

Gardner George, tavern, 1 Will 
Gardner G. N. clei k, 262 Franklin 
Gardner George W. tinner, 217 Mulberry 
Gardner George, painter, 310 Harford av 
Gardner Geo. jr. clerk, Fell's Point Savings 

Institutitm, 159 s Broadway 
Gardner George, omnibus driver, 283 e 

Gardner Geo. (Wm. & G. G.) 159 s Broad- 
Gardner George, ship carpenter, 17G Ann 
Ganlner Isaiah, brickmaker, dw 175 s 

Gardner James, carpenter, 19 Penn 
Gardner James S. shoemaker, 225 w Pratt 
Gardner James C. bricklayer, Philadelphia 

road, near city limiis 
Gardner James, shoemaker, 147 n Eden 
Gardner John T. painter, 222 Chesnut 
Gardner John, coachsmitli, 7a Muliikin 
Gardner John B. shoemaker, 3 Mount 
Gardm-r James, ship carpenter, 170 Ann 
Gardner John, laborer, 20 Walnut al 
Ganlner John, laborer, Binney opposite 

Elliott, Canton 
Gardner John M. painter, cor. Fayette and 
Holiday, dw n w cor. Calvert and Reed 
Gardner Joseph, moulder, 5n Henrietta 
Gardner Lovelace N. clerk, 262 Franklin 
Gardner Capt. Levin, ll>6 e Fayette 
Gardner Margaret, confeciicnery, 278 e 

Gardner Mary, variety store, 1H8 n Eden 
Gardner Mary, seamsiress, 50 Henrietta 
Gardner Mary, 176 s Ann 
Gardner & Mathews, carpenters, 179 w 

Ganlner Maria, dry goods dealer, H9 s 

Gardner Peter, laborer, I'X) Eastern av 
Gardner Philip, porter, 144 Franklin 
Ganlner Robert, dealer in old iron, 203 n 

Gardner Thomas H. clerk of Criminal 

Court, 96 s Sharp 
Gardntr Wm. ( W. & Geo. G.) 159s Broad- 
Gardner Wm. sr. shoemak«r, Ostend near 

Gardner Wm. jr. moulder, Ostend near 

Gardner William, shoemaker, 278 e Monu- 
Gardner William, carpenter, 29 Orchard 
Gardner William T. tinner, 26 Warner 
Gardner William, carpenier, 123 n Eden 
Gardner William, carpenier, 82 Muliikin 
Gardner Wm. &, Geo. ship builders, e end 

of Lancaster, dw 139 Broad wav 
GAREY HENRY F. attorney, bs w Fay-. 

eite, dw 90 s Sharp 
Garhard Jacob, nighiman, 134 Hamburg 
Garhard Valeniine, nightman, 217 Cross 
Gariiy James, haikman, 124 Ensor 
Garlis George, shoemaker, 10 e Monument 
Garland Capt. James U. 14H s Ann 
Garland & Cunningham, com. merchants, 

80 South 
Garland Daniel, cooper, 106 n Calvert 
Garland James, porter, lOti n Calvert 
Garinan Joseph W. iron moulder, 29 Scott 
Garmhausen John, shoemaker, 131 Raborg 
Garner Edelin, clerk, 169 w Lombard 
Garnett (G. F. S.) & Smith, school teach- 
ers, 285 Lexington 
Garnett Benj. M. (Hodges, G. & Co.) Park 

near Madison 
Garney E. clerk, 269 w Lombard 
Garraud Mrs. Edward, fruiterer and con- 
fectioner, 104 w Baltimore 
Garret Geo. copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Boston, Canton 
Garret James P. lottery dealer, 208 Cross 
Garret James, rolling mill, 354 Eastern av 
Garret John, grocery, 183 Bank 
Garrett Ann, 42 Hillen 
Garrett Benjamin H. carpenter, Walsh 

near Mosher 
Garrett Elizabeth, 94 Ross 
Garrett Henry S. (R. G. & Sons) cor Mon- 
ument and Cathedral 
Garrett Capt. James, s ecor Pratt and Eden 

Garrett John, market master, 239 s Broad- 
Garrett John H. bricklayer, 189 s Ann 
Garrett John W. (R. G'. & Sons) 27 Cal- 
Garrett John L. carpenter, 193 n Dallas 
Garreil John, laborer, 4K Durham 
Garrett Joseph, policeman, 93 n Dallas 
Garrett Joseph, laborer, 310 e Fayette 
Garrett Mrs. Mary, s w cor. of Bank and 

Garrett Robert & Sons, exchange and com. 

merchants, 34 n Howard 
Garrett Thomas B. gold and silver plater, 

6l^ n Caroline 
Garrett William A. tavern, 239 s Broadway 
Gaireit William W. carpenter, Walsh near 

Garrettson John B. wheelwright, 8 Hoff- 





Garrettson Robert L. attorney, 17 fcjt. Paul, 

dw 21 Holliiis 
Garrick Charles, tobacconist, 16 Orleans 
Garring James, chair maker, 12'J n Cen- 
tral av 
Garring William, chair maker, 129 n Cen- 
tral av 
Garrison Cornelius, boat builder, 330 East- 
ern av , 
Garrison Jeffersop, 224 Mulberry 
Garrison Thos. J; capenler, 224 Mulberry 
Garrison Thus, ship carpenter, 292e Pratt 
Garritee Chas. A. moulder, l!S5 Ramsay 
Garriiiee William L. builder, 231 Aisquith 
Garriison G. W. custom house, dw p'arm. 

Hotel, cor. Hillen and Forrest 
Garrity John, wheelwright, 48 n Paca 
Garroti William, cattle and hog dealer, 98 

s Paca 
Garihe August, slater, 255 Hanover 
Gariling Michael, wheelwright, Philadel- 
phia road, e of Guest 
Gartner Conrad, wagoner, 352 s Eulaw 
Garton William C. glass blower, 250 Sharp 
Garvey Ellen, 45 s Wolfe 
Garvey Jas. hack proprietor, 154 n Calvert, 

dw I5t) 
Garvey John, 148 n Front 
Garvey Patrick, huckster. Farmer's Hotel, 

cor. Hdlen and Forrest 
Garvey Patrick, brewer, G7 East 
Garwig John, laborer, 10 Calendar al 
Garwood Clayton, gaiter and shoe upper 

manufacturer, 5;}6 w Baltimore 
Gaskin Priscilla, Castle al n of Bank 
Gavkins Simuel S. 59 n Greene 

Joseph Brown, Secretary 
Gas Works, Holiday near Saratoga, and 

Spring Gardens 
Gas Works Maryland Portable Gas Co. 
cor. Oslend and Ridgely, office over Bank 
of Baltimore 
Gas Works, Spring Garden foot of Leaden- 
Ga^saway Noah A. & Co. flour and grain 
me;chants, 12 Spear's whf, dw N. A. G. 
66 McCulloh 
Gassaway Mis. Noah, 66 McGuUoh 
Gastenslayer George, laborer, 621 Pennsyl- 
vania av 
Gaston Henry, shoemaker, 8 Preston 
Gaston John, potter, 35 Douglas 
Gaston William, drayman, 54 Preston 
Galeh Conduce, millvvrighl, 93 Columbia 
Gatch Chas H. machinist, 93 Columbia 
Gatchell Hannah Ann, 7 s Exeter 
Gaichell John, clerk in custom house, dw 

117 n Charles 
Gatchell William, jr. 1 17 n Charles 
Gaichell Wm. H. attorney, 51 w Fayette, 

dw 117 u Charles 
Gate John, cooper, 224 s Paca 
Gately John, stone mason, 6 Falls 
Gately Patrick, laborer, 67 Watson 
Gates Adam, 47 Forrest 
Gates Ezra (G. & Small) 166 Sharp 
Gates Jacob, cabinet niaker, cor. Centre 

Market space and Second 
Gates John L. milkman, 230 s Paca 

Gates John, police, 8 Hawk 
Gates Lemuel, boiler maker, 153 s Chester 
GATES & SMALL, manufacturers and 
dealeis in ladies' dress trimmings, 221 w 
Gaitetmiller, Herman, porter, 63 Albemarle 
Gattn Dominico, barber, Miller's hotel, dw 

174 Dover 
Gatto D. barber, s e cor. Gay and Second 
Gatz Edward, shoemaker, 40 s Dallas 

Gauder John L. tailor, 193 e Madison 
Gauges Joseph, butcher, 73 Union 
Gaul Geo. W . tobacconist, n e cor Eastern 

av and Ann, dw 201 s Bond 
Gaule George (G. &. Zastrow) cor. Boston 

and Eastein av 
Gaule Stephen, milkman, 42 Diamond 
Gaule & Zastrow, tobacconists, 252 Eas- 
tern av 
Gauline Joseph C. sign painter, 149 e Mon- 
Gauline James, carpenter, 184 e Monument 
Gauline Mary Ann, 60 Holland 
Gauli & Bro. gianiie cutters, 324 w Pratt 
Gault Cyrus (G. & Bro.) 335 w Lombard 
Gault James, cigar maker, 218 w Biddle 
Gault John, shoemaker, 218 w Biddle 
Gault Matthew, (G. &. Bro.) 312 w Lom- 
Gault Robert, type founder, 92 Holiday 
Gaunt John, bricklayer, 265 Central av 
Gaunt John, bricklayer, 222 n Central ar 
Gavet Capt. James, mariner, Baltimore 

near Ann 
Gavin John, blacksmith, cor French and 

Gavin John, grocery, 23 Pine 
Gavin Patrick, drayman, 204 n Exeter 
Gavin Thos., tailor, 16 Chew 
Gawne Ann, variety store, 413 8 Charles 
Gawne John, boot maker, 413 s Charles 
Gawroiiski L. R., prof, music and lan- 
guages, 219 Ross 
Gawthorp Benj. F., shoemaker, 305 Sar- 
Gawthorp James, custom house officer, 

168 Ross 
Gawthorp Wm H. clerk, 123 Garden 
Gay Daniel, currier, 278 w Pratt 
Gayland Noah, blacksmith, 652 w Pratt 
Gayle Capt. Benj 81 s Ann 
Gayle Capt. Joseph R. 77 s Ann 
Gaynor John, prov. dealer, 67 w Pratt, 

dw 6 n Caroline 
Gaynor John, laborer, 4 French 
Gazan Jacob, china dealer, 141 Chesnut 
Gazan Nathan, collector, 141 Chesnut 
Geager Henry, gro. J!t liq. dealer, 44 Fell 
Gearhart Wm. tailor, 85 McEldeiry's 

Gebb Geo. butcher, 261 Green Mount av 
Gebhart John, baker, 9 L Paca 
Gebhart James, collector, 3 s Central aT 
Gebhart Thos. tailor, 285 Aliceanna 
Geddes Adam, tailor, 15 Pine 
Geddes Alex, tailor, cor Pearl and Mul- 
Geddes Alex., tailor, 148 Raborg 





Geddes Chas. engineer, 80 Green Mount 

GEUUES JAMES W. tinner, 92 Mul- 
Geddes Wm. frame maker, 93 n Amity 
Geer Alfred S. carp. Cambridge, Canton 
Geer George G. carpenter, Idd French 
Gee Henry P. trunk maker, 1U6 e Balti- 
Gees B. F. (Wm. A. Boyd & Co.) 141 

w Biddle 
Gees Henry, shoemaker, 5 Hoffman 
Gees Olivia, 1'25 Biddle 
Gees Richard, deputy sheriff, 3'25 n Eutaw 
Gegan Jos. prof, of music, 128 n Charles 
Gehring Andrew, 5 Gold's ct 
Gehring Charles, jeweler, 7)2 Ensor 
Gehring Conrad, b'3 3 Durham 
Gehring Geo. J. tinner, 74 n Howard 
Gehring John, laborer, 35 Elizabeth 
Gehring John G. jeweler, 194 n Gay, dw 

7)2 Ensor 
Gehrmg Thos. tanner, 25 6 Pratt 
Gehrman J. Alonzo, (C. G. & Son) 580 

Gehrman August, tobacconist, 71 Thames 
Gehrman Charles, cigar maker, 8U n Gay 
Gehrman C. a Son, importers of tobacco 

and cigars, '21 Centre Market Sp 
Gehrman C. (C. G. & Son) 580 Saratoga 
Gehrman Julius, tobacconist, a4 n Gay 
GE1G1:;k EDMUxND L. H. stove and tin 

dealer, titi n Howard, dw 61 
Geiger Mrs. Helen, dry goods, 180 s Car- 
GeiRcr John, confectioner, 16 e Pratt 
Geiger John, cooper, 51 Bank 
Geiger Joseph, cooper, 180 s Caroline 
Geiger Wm. capmaker and furrier, 31 s 

Geiger Wm. baker, 19 s High 
Genius Theodore, tailor, 61 Chew 
Geilhard John, shoemaker, s e cor Charles 

and Lee 
Geis Christopher, tailor, 32 Josephine 
Gets Mrs. Eve, 14 Anthony 
Geis Geo , brickmaker, 899 w Pratt 
Geis Peter, clerk, 163 Stirling 
Geis Richard, plasterer, 325 n Eutaw 
Geii Sebastian, laborer, 112 Lancaster 
Gels Thomas B. 325 n Eutaw letter carrier, 566 

Geisengathcr Wm., laborer, 511 w Pratt 
Gci!>ke G. clerk, 9 w L'.>inbard 
Geiser Michael, shoemaker, over 217 b 

Geiser John, coachman, 55 Mulberry 
Gei.iS Henry, tailor, 113 n Bond 
Geiss Nicholas, tinner, 43 Portland 
Gekler Wm. G. clerk, 17 s Liberty 
Gelbach George, jr. broker, 24'^ Sec- 
ond, dw Mt. Washington, Baltimore 
Geldmacher Frcd'k. hair rope spinner, 

Wilkins' Factory, Frederick road 
Geller Charles, tinner, 304 Franklin 
Geller Peter, shoemaker, rear of 411 

Gelston Victor D. salesman, 1 s Charles 

Gelston Hugh D. planing mill, 197 s Car- 
oline, office 1 ■ Charles, dw Baltimore 
Gemmell Alex, stone cutter, 25 Chase 
Gemmell Walter, carp. 529 Lexington 
Gempf George, paver, 55 Amity 
Gempp John, paver, 304 Franklin 
Gemundt Charles, leather manuf. 26 s 

Gengnagel Jacob, butcher, cor Hamp- 

stead and Chester 
Gengnagle Sophia, dressmaker, 138 Hen- 

Gen. Wayne Hotel, Henry Fairbank, pro- 
prietor, n w cor Baltimore and Paca 
Genly Patrick, shoemaker, 176 /.asl 
Gennett Samuel, tailor, 268 Hollins 
Gens Charles, music teacher, 417 w Bal- 
Gensor , butcher, Chapel near Penn- 
sylvania av 
Gent John, moulder, 137 Henrietta 
Gentler George, shoemaker, 321 Mul- 
Geoghegan Capt. Henry, 195 Preston 
Geoghegan John, seaman, 159 Lee 
Geoghegan Louisa, 14 s Bond 
Geoghegan Capt. Stewart, 41 Warren 
George Andrew J (R. Edwards, jr. & 

Co.) cor Baltimore and Dallas 
GEORGE ARCHIBALD, Jr. grocer and 
commission merchant, n w cor Howard 
and Mulberry, dw 49 St Paul 
George Dr. Archibald, cor Garden and 

Madison, dw 71 Mt. Vernon Place 
George Alfred, (Stcph. G. & Son,) 151 

George Chas. W. (Steph. G. & Son,) 111 

George Ezekiel, laborer, 235 Hollins 
George Elizabeth, tailorcss, 6s Central av 
GEORGE FRANCIS, fresco painter,341 

Franklin. — [Step. 37 Jldvertiseinents-] 
George Frederick, mariner, 44 s Exeter 
George G. W. printer, 6 s Caroline 
George Isaac S. wholesale and retail 
dealer in boots, shoes, &.c., "6 Centre 
Market space, dw 214 e Baltimore 
George James, grocer and com. merchant, 

27 s Frederick, dw 162 n Huward 
George Jas. B. jr. mail agent, 85 s High 
George James B. sr. prop, agent, and 

collector, 2<)8 e Baltimore 
GEORGE a JENKINS, provision and 

commission merchants, 3 Commerce 
George John, piano maker, 233 Lexington 
George Philip T. (G. & Jenkins,) 2 

Waterloo Row 
George Saml. K com. merchunt,50 s Gay, 

dw 71 Mount Vernon place 
George Stephen & Son, lumber dealers, 

37 n Greene 
George Thomas, clerk, 20H e Baltimore 
George Wm. S. carpenter, 7 s Ann 
George Capt. Wm. T. seaman, 5<) n Bond 
George Wm. H. W. waterman, 14 Bevan 


CO., 19 South, up stairs 
Gephardt Frederick, labr. 466 Canton av 





Gephardt John, tailor, 181 Chester 
Gephart John, laborer, 27 Bank 
Gephart John, jr. wh. dealer in tobacco, 
cigars, &c. i;93 w Baltimope, dw 303 w 
Gephart Valentine, laborer, 239 s Wolfe 
Gepora Michael, boiler maker, 51 s Bond 
Geppel Henry, dry goods dealer, 166 s 

Gerahty Mrs Peter, 78 Block 
Gerahty P. J. spar maker, 78 Block 
Gerber Anna, Hamburg near Sharp 
Gerber Charles P. carpenter, 222 s Paca, 

dw 126 s Paca 
Gerber Christian P. carpenter, 126 s Paca 
Gerber George, tailor. 111 Lancaster 
Gerber John C. ethereal oil dealer, 188 

Gerber Mrs. Rose, 166 Spring 
Gerbrick Jos. watchman, 30 Liberty al 
Gerbrick Mary Ann, 76 Ross 
Gerdes, Bulling & ^Werhane, shipping 

and com. merchants, 143 w Lombard 
Gerdiner Wm. coach maker, 29 Orchard 
Gere Rev. John A. 602 w Fayette 
Gerety Roger, blacksmith, 57 Buren 
Gerhard James, painter, Lombard e of 

Gerhardt Andrew, shoemaker, 94 n 

Gerhardt Conrad, letter carrier, 85 Mc- 

Elderry's whf 
Gerhardt George, laborer, 147 William 
Gerhold George, shoemaker, 38 Hanover 
Gerhold Jacob, laborer, 114 Dolphin 
Gerlach Adam, shoemaker, 173 Mullikin 
Gerlach John, shoemaker, lU e Monument 
Gerlach Peter, laborer, 384 Penna av 
Gerhman Wm. laborer, 40 Philpot 
Gerken Wm. grocery, 72 Boyd 
Gerlicher John, blacksmith, 500 Penn av 
German Benj. C. butcher, 216 e Fayette, 

dw 131 Mullikin 
German Clias. B. grocer, 228 e Lombard 

Raine, proprietor, 3 s Gay 
German Mis. Catheiine, 9 Somerset 
German Mrs. Catherine, 39 n Exeter 
German (Methodist) Mission Church, rear 

141 s Broadway 
German Evangelical Reformed Church, 

Conway near Sharp 
German Lutheran Reformed Church, cor 

Saratoga and Holiday 
German Methodist Church, Penna. av 

near Mosher 
German Reformed Church, Calvert s of 

German George F., letter carrier, 33 n 

German Jacob, tavern, 248 s Broadway 
German Jane G. actress, 42 n High 
German Job, 223 n Central av 
German John, policeman, 12 n Caroline 
German Joseph S. 20 s Oregon 
German Michael P. tanner, 9 Lancaster 
German Thomas, buicher, 9 Somerset 
German Thomas, miller, 225 Harford av 
Germanhouse Louis, grocery, 1 Vine 
Germath Andrew, shoe'ker, 366 Saratoga 

Germer George, drayman, Johnson near 

Germer John Henry, shoemaker, Burke 

near Canton 
Germer Joseph, shoemaker, 65 s Bethel 
Germershausen Francis G. shoemaker, 

281 Central av 
Germershausen John, tinner, 25 3 Wash- 
Gernhardt John Wm. & Son, glass stain- 
ers, 16 North, dw J. W. G. 33 n Calvert 
Gernhardt Herman T (J. W. G. &. Son,) 

154 Aisquilh 
Gernn Charles, tailor, .33 n Frederick 
Gernn George F. grocery, 33 n Fredeiick 
Gerner James, 306 s Bond 
Gerok Theodore, apothecary, n e corner 

Charles and Montgomery 
Gerrish & French, grocery and com, mer- 
chants, 212 Light 
Gerring George, iron roller, Hudson, 

Gerrish Henry P. (G. & French,) d^y 

Maltby House 
Gerry Wm. carpenter, 29 Walnut al 
Gerting Wm. engineer, 106 Dolphin 
Gerweng Francis, wheelwright. 111 Sara- 
Gerwig George, artist, 143 e Baltimore 
Gerwig Jacob, milkman, 803 w Pratt 
Gerushman John, tailor, 3 Spring ct 
Gessel Christopher, carpenter, s w corner 

Biddle and Somerset 
Gesselman George, machinist, 31 Rose 
Gesnor Nicholas, blacksmith, 283 Central av 
Gestler John, pauiter, 41 n Central av 
Gestler Joseph, shoemaker, 32 Jasper 
Gestlick Chas. clerk, 294 Franklin 
Gestner Peter, laborer, 190 s Wolfe 
Gettier Augustus, carpenter, 88 Hoffman 
Gettier Cor. E. painter, 102 Hoffman, dw 

Walsh near Smith 
Gettier Edward, painter, 235 w Biddle 
Gettier George, laborer, 104 Ross 
GETTIER HENRY L. restaurant, 35 n 

Gettier Henry, turner, 235 w Biddle 
Gettier Jacob, 69 Pine 
Gettier John L. carpenter, 102 Hoffman, 

dw 104 
Gettier Jos. leather inspector, 186 w Biddle 
Gettier Wm. bricklayer, 142 Preston 
Gettier Wm. P. tobacco and cigar dealer, 

52 s Eutaw 
Gettings Henry N. 157 n Exeter 
Gettslick Ernest, 71 Amity 
Getty Aug. dry goods, cor Gay and Front, 

dw 38 n Calvert 
Getty James, 141 Saratoga 
Getty James, 69 Paca 
Getty J. dry goods dealer, 101 n Gay, and 

67 n Howard, dw 69 n Paca 
Gevaerts John, cigar maker, 13 Albemarle 
Gelz Andrew, tailor, 139 n Bond 
Gelz Charles C. artist, 109 n Calvert 
Getz Conrad, tailor, 259 n Caroline 
Getz Conrad, barber, 151 s Bank 
Getz Christian, grocer and liquor dealer, 193 

Getz Earnest, shoemaker, 30 May 





Getz Frederick, shoemaker, 153 e Pratt 
Getz Henry, tailor, 50 Short 
Getz Henry, laborer, '213 s Durham 
Getz John, laborer, 142 s Eden 
Getz Joseph, machinist, 180 s Caroline 
Getz Michael, carpenter, 262 Aisquith 
Getz Powell, laborer, 72 Somerset 
Gentzendauner Chas F. laborer, 110 Vork 
Getzier Fnincis, shoemaker, 259 e Lombard 
Getzinger Lewis, blacksmith, 180 n Caroline 
Geur Charles, harness maker, 92 s Eutaw 
Geust Henry, brickmaker, 903 w Pratt 
Gewecke Conrad, confectioner, 1 St Paul 
Geyer Adam, laborer, 206 Bethel 
Geyer Edw. G. 279 Lexington 
Geyer Margaret, tailoress, 50 Durst al 
Ghager Charles, carpenter, Frederick road, 

near toll gate 
Gheo Andrew, confectioner, 70 w Balti- 
more, dw 31 w Fayette 
Ghemin Augustus, Miller's hotel 
Ghent Henry, ship carp. 12 Hamburg 
Ghent Thomas, ship carp. 12 Hamburg 
Ghequiere Miss, 220 Franklin 
Ghiegric Ignatius, tailor, 5 s Regester 
Giesman Christian, Fort av 
Giannini Joseph, grocery, 72 Eastern av 
Gibberich Joseph, tailor, 84 s Wolfe 
Gibb David, painter, Morton al near Biddle 
Gibbons Alfred W. (Dryden, G. & Morris,) 

12 St Paul 
Gibbons Daniel P. (Dall, G. & Co.) 256 w 

Gibbons Francis A. government contractor, 

160 Cathedral 
Gibbons John T.sailmaker, overlSBowly's 

wharf, dw 174 s Charles 
Gibbons John, blacksmith, 16 Grant 
Gibljons John, Liberty al 
Gibbons Mary Ann, washerwoman, 2 Bed- 
ford al 
Gibbons Sarah A. milliner, 46 e Baltimore 
Gibbs Edward A regalia and banner manu- 
facturer, 23 n Gay, dw 108 Aisquith 
Gil)bs Gilbert, clerk, 396 Lexington 
Gibbs Henry, turner, 104 Cathedral 
Gibbs John, cooper, 162 Raborg 
Gibbs Sarah Ann, 110 Stirling 
Gibling Patrick, hod carrier, 5 Calvert al 
Gibney C. drayman, 66 Clay 
Gibney Christopher, drayman, 66 Wagon al 
Gibney George J. (G. & Hall,) 40 s High 
Gibney Henry, hostler, se corner Franklin 

and New 
Gibney & Hall, com. merchants, cor Cable 

and Spear's whf 
Gibney Patrick, grocery, l.'<6 Saratoga 
Gibney Dr. Richard, dentist, 32 n Gay 
Gibson .Andrew, shoemaker, 207 Forrest 
Gibson Andrew, bar-keeper, Sherwood's 

Gibson Ann, boardinp house, 30 Holiday 
Gibson Charles C. (G. & Co.) 226 n Eutaw 
Gibson & Co. auctioneers, 7 n Charles 
Gibson Charles T. (G. & Kirk,) 210 e Mon- 
Gibson David, paper hanger, 273 e Monu- 
Gibson Edward, carter, Cooksie, L. P. 
Gibson Eveline, 142 Raborg 

Gibson George, (G. & Co.) 119 n Charles 

Gibson Dr. George S. 116 Park 

Gibson Dr. G. S. jr. 116 Park 

Gibson Henry W. painter, 70 Ross 

Gibson Capl." James, Gibson's whf, foot of 

Fell, (Iw 63 n Charles 
Gibson Joseph, printer, 4 Ensor 
Gibson John, printer, 4 Ensor 
Gibson James, jr. 90 Saratoga 
Gibson John, 21 Perry 
Gibson James, gas fitter, Forrest opposite 

Belair market 
Gibson John R. clerk, Monument near Eden 
Gibson John, laborer, 38 Valley 
Gibson J. S. confectioner, 3 s Greene 
Gibson Joseph, laborer, 17 s Washington 
Gibson Joseph, shoemaker, 4 Ensor 
Gibson Joseph, brass founder, 33 Jefferson 
GIBSON & KIRK, lock manufacturers & 

bell hangers, 1 Cheapside 
Gibson Lizzie, 4 Orleans 
Gibson Mary, 1 15 n Calvert 
Gibson Michael, laborer, 29 Buren 
Gibson O. B. hainess maker. 87 n High 
Gibson Patrick, cashier Bank of Baltimore, 

29 Cathedral 
Gibson Robert, printer, 4 Ensor 
Gibson R. F. (J. B. Welsh & Co.) 122 e 

Gibson Robert, mariner, 93 Regester 
Gibson Robert F. 122 e Baltimore 
Gibson Robert, plumber, 7 Eutaw house, 

Baliimore, dw 833 w Baltimore 
Gibson Wm. cleik, 103 s Ann 
Giildons Edward, moulder, 30 n Fremont 
GIDELMAN MAURICE, restaurant, 5 

Gidler Fred, laborer, 581 Penn av 
Giefel Francis, locksmith, West al 
Gier Adam, tailor, 60 Portland 
Gies Adam, stone cutler, 129 West 
Gies Andrew W. smith in general, 35 n 

Central av 
Gies John, grocery, 261 Forrest 
GIESE J. HENRY & CO. coal dealers, 9 

South, and 21 Spear's whf, dw J. H. G. 

156 Cathedral 
Giese J. Henry, (Carr, G. & Co.) 156 ta- 

Giese Lewis W. H. com. lumber agt. East 

Falls av, dw 150 Caihedral 
Gieske Gustavus, clerk, DJ n Eutaw 
Gieil Alois, tavern, 89 Hanover 
Gifflin George, cabinet maker, 131 s Greene 
Gilford James J, carpenter, 188 e Fayette 
Giffoy Patrick, laborer, 36 Rose 
Gig Adam, blacksmith, 81 e Lombard 
Gigan Wm. laboier, 389 s Charles 
Giglea John C. butcher, Oregon near Sara- 
Gilbert Andrew, laborer, 23 Guilford al 
Gilbert Aquilla, carpenter, Kimrael al, dw 

98 Pearl near Saratoga 
Giliieri B. i.^ J. E., Clifton house, 413 w 

Gilbert Edward, 24 Harford av 
Gilbert Fuller, carpcnttr, 98 Pearl 
Gilbert James E. (B. & J. E. G.) 413 w 

Gilbert John, 40 Booth 





Gilbert John, printer, 40 Booth 

Gilbert Lewis, carpenter, 335 n Howard, dw 

131 Garden 
Gilbert Martin, shoemaker, 140 n Caroline 
Gilbert Win. B. shoemaker, 152 Columbia 
Gilbert Wm. H. tailor, 37 s High 
Gilbert Wm. D. tailor, 74 s Broadway 
Gilchrist James, drayman, 52 Carpenter al 
Gilday Jt)hn, laborer, 207 Vine 
Gildea Francis, bricklayer, 31 St. Mary 
Gildea .T(jhn, bellows maker, over cor. Pratt 

and HuUingsworth, dw cor. Lloyd and 

Gildea John, huckster, St. Mary nr Madison 
Gildea J. 1G2 Park 
Gilder L. L. conductor B. & O. R. R. 257 

GILDERSLEVE GEORGE, note and bill 

broker, 34 Second, dw Charles n of Eager 
Gilegan Patrick, huckster, 7 Jasper 
Giles Mrs. Alice A. 75 n High 
Giles George, laborer, Haubert, Locust Pt. 
Giles Henry M. clerk, 222 e Baltimore 
Giles' Hotel, 124 w Baltimore 
Giles John R. hotel, 124 w Baltimore 
Giles John W. tinner, 114 Burgundy al 
Giles Joseph, cooper, 264 s Eutaw 
Giles Mary, tailoress, 145 Eastern av 
Giles William, oak cooper, 34(i Mulberry 
Giles Hon William F. judge U. S. District 

Court, 17 Franklin 
Gill Absalom, shoemaker, 82 Peirce 
Gill Alexander, 142 German 
GILL BRYSON J. mechanical dentist, cup- 
per and leecher, 56 s Sharp 
Gill Charles, wood dealer, Canton, dw 296 

e Piatt 
Gill Chas. M. cupper and leech. 56s Sharp 
Gill Daniel, plasterer, 8 Fremont n Fenn av 
Gill Lewis R. painter, 136 Conway 
Gill Elizabeth R. 129 Columbia 
Gill Edward C. saddler, 89 Barre 
Gill Elisha P. gardener, Aliceanna, Canton 
GILL GEORGE, fisherman, 250 Eastern av 
GILL GEORGE M. attorney, 36 St. Paul, 

dw 38 
Gill Henry, typefounder, 340 Aisquiih 
Gill James H. stone cutter, 101 Pearl 
Gill Lewis, painter, 136 Conway 
Gill Luther, saddler, 336 w Pratt 
Gill Mary, 166 e Baltimore 
Gill Nicholas, shoemaker, 136 Conway 
Gill Nich. cedar cooper, 757 w Baltimore 
Gill Noah, cooper, 419 n Gay 
Gill Owen A. (Martin Gillei't & Co.) 160 w 

Gill Olivia M. 62 St. Paul 
Gill Samuel, carpenter, 247 Gough 
Gill Samuel, dentist, 38 Hanover, dw 56 s 

Gill William F. dentist, 87 n Greene 
Gill William L. teller Merchant's Bank, 41 

Gill Wm. D. cleik. Bank near Ann 
Gill Wm. F. plasterer, 240 Mulberry 
Gill Wm. house painter, 96 n Fremont 
Gillac Ann C. grocery, 56 Ensor 
Gillan James, laborer, 207Lemmon al 
Gillan Mary, notion house, 340 e Pratt 
Gilland George, teamster, 116 Carpenter al 

Gillard Wm. H. whip maker, 12Chatsworth 
Gillard Wm. whip maker, 12 Chatsworth 
Gillaspey Robert, painter, 23 St. Mary 
Gillbee Catharine, 203 Ross 
Gillen Robert, printer, 64 n Front 
Gillender William, (C. Bennet & Co.) 98 

Eastern av 
Gillespie Patrick, laborer, Chesapeake near 

Hudson, Canton 
Gillespie Wm. copper-plate and wood en- 
graver, over 244 w Baltimore, dw 467 
Gillett Martin &. Co. importers and jobbers 

of tea, 38 w Lombard 
Gitley Capt. Isaac F. mariner, 166 e Lom- 
Gillian James, cooper, 51 e Monument 
Gillin Daniel, hosiler, 63 Centre 
Gillin John, laborer, 75 Boyd 
Gillin Patrick, marble polisher, 61 Hillen 
Gillingham Edward dispatcher B. & O. R. 

R. 538 w Fayette 
Gillingham Edwin D. engraver, 671 w 

Gillingham George H. bookkeeper, 82 e 

Gillingham Geo. drayman, 161 Carpenteral 
Gillingham Henry R. machinist, 538 w 

Gillingham Kale, 10 Walker 
Gillingham Mary C. 173 w Lombard 
Gillingham Mrs. R. A. 322 Madison av 
Gilman Chailes, 6 Cathedral 
Gilman Elizabeth. 156 William 
GILMAN DR. JUDSON, assistant health 

commissioner, 54 s Greene 
Gilman John S. (Horace Abbott & Son) 67 

e Prait 
Gillmeyer George I. property agt. and col- 
lector. 303 Pennsylvania av 
Gillmeyer George S. omnibus driver, 303 

Pennsylvania av 
Gilmor Chas. S. cor Northern av & Decker 
Gilmor House, Monument square, S.S.& 

Wm. M. Stone, propiietors 
GILMOR ROBERT, Jr. attorney at law, 

20 Law Buildings, dw 193 n Howard 
Gilmor William, 47 Franklin 
GILMORE JAMES D. confectioner and 

baker, n e cor. Madison & Eutaw 
Gilmore James, 3 Aisquiih 
Gilmore Robert, 193 n Howard 
Gilmnre Robert, grocery. 85 Hillen 
Gilmore Whfi jr. clerk, 193 n Howard 
GILMOUR ANDREW M. bakery andcon- 

feciionery, 243 w I'ralt 
Gilmour J. D. confectioner and baker, 243 

w Pratt— [Seep. 37 Mvertisements 
GILMOUR WM. W. confectioner and ba- 
ker, 73 n Charles 
Gil mi Lewis, grocery and liquor dealer, 107 

n Eutaw 
Gilpin Albert G. clerk, 72 Barre 
Gilpin Bern. (Canby, G. & Co.) 6 s Greene 
Gilpin David, plumber, 220 s Wolfe 
GILPIN k. HELSBY, apothecaries, cor. 

Calhoun and Baltimore 
Gilpin E. C. (G. & Helsby,) 5 Hollins 
Gilpin John W. produce dealer, SO Light st 

whf, dw 241 Light 
Gilpin John, giocery, 241 Light 





Gilroy James, laborer, 445 Hamburg 

Ginder John, turner, 126 Arpvie al 

Cinder Martin, biirber, 3>) n Euiaw 

Ginclrat Dr. A. 326 n Eiitaw 

GmsCeliler Henry, shoemaker, 1 13 s Greene 

Giiiijkel Jdhn. tailor, 39 s Re-jcste:- 

Gmney James, laborer, 117 n Calvert 

Ginlhen Henry, tailor. 7 Perry 

Ginier John, carpenter, ii w cor Howard 

and Fr.inklin 
Ginter John A. carp. Cross near Greene 
Girviii John, printer, 29'j Frnnklin 
GIRVIN JAMES, com. merchant and ag:t. 
of Savannah packets, 93 Smith's whf, Ow 
149 n Paca 
Girvin J. M. gr(x;er, comini'sion merchant 
and produce dealer, 93 Smith's whi, dw 
n w cor Howard and Frat.klin 
Girvin Robert, carpenter, 295 Franklin 
Gischel Adam, tailor, n w cor. Light and 

Gischel Conrad, tobacconist, 104 York 
Gi-.-se Henry, shi emaker, 73 Hilien 
Gis-«el tailor, 122 Henrietta 
Gist Jos. (G. & Well-,) :>(Hi w Lombard 
Gi-t Margaret, 24 n Pnca 
Gi5t William, clerk, 21 n Paca 
Gitiings Jas. S. com merchant, G Grocer's 

Exchange, dw 2 McCiiIloh 
GITTINGS JOHN S. & CO. bankers, s e 

cor. South and Second 
Gittin^s John S. (John S. G. & Co.) 149 

St. Paul 
GiiliimsJohn S. pres, Chesapeake Bank, 

149 St Paul 
GITTINGS LAMBERT, com. and ship, 
merchant, 5H Buchanan's whf, dw (J2 
Miiuiu Verncm place 
Giiiings Richaid J. State's Attorney Balti- 
more Co. 33 St Paul 
Giiiings Richard, bncklaver. 9 -Etna la 
Gi'tings Win. S. 223 w Madison 
Giitings Win R. S. 144 Cathedral 
Gitlman A<lam, laborer, 185 s Bethel 
Giiisiiniani Rev. J. Mosher near 
GIVEN JOHN C. Chinaman's tea More, 

37 and 3;t w Baltimore 
Givney John, cabinet maker, 327 Saratoga 
Glaab Georu'e, shoemaker, 57 Holland 
Glaab Magdalena, confectioner, 57 Holland 
Glailson Andrew J. bricklayer, 212 Har- 
ford av 
Gladson Charles A. bricklayer, 208 Har- 
ford av 
Glaeser Frederick, shoemaker, 193 s Bond 
Glaeser John, shneniaker, 193 s Bond 
Glam John, 32 s Dallas 
Glanden Alexander, mariner, 150 Gough 
Glanding Jas. II. nry, policy dealer, coi 
Biliimore and Amity, dw3-)n Schroeder 
Glandiii? Mary Ann, 139 Raborg 
Glann Sam. John, earpenier, 63 n Caroline 
Glanville James W. collector, s w cor. Car- 
oline and Eager 
Glanville John W. (Gould .^ G.) 122 Con- 
Glanville Thomas, shoemaker, S87 w Fay- 
Glanz Christian, tailor, 37 n Frederick 
Glaozer Charles, grocerv, ft7 n Eden 

Glapp Peter, tailor, 201 e Eager 
Glarmarn Henry, laborer, SIS Penn av 
Glaser Henry, sh.iemnker. 1*»5 e Fayette 
Glasgow J ihn, bookkeeper, 23 n Calvert 
Gla-hoff Daniel, manner, 11 Bunk 
Glasner Wm. stone cutter, 137 Park 
Glass Charles, saletman, near cor. Franklin 

and Shrocder 
Glass& Cox, livery stable keep's, cor. Bank 

and B^•lhel 
Glass & Co. refreshment saloon, 3,S n Gay 
Gla^s Dav. (G. & Hanson,) 31R e Baltimore 
Glass Emory, shoemaKer, 148 C'lumbia 
Glass George, carpentei, 318 e Baltimore 
Glass George, cooper, 62s Central av 
Glass & Hasson, tob,icioni-is, 31 n Gay 
Glass Isaac, (G. «S: Cox,) 9() Bank 
Glass John, laborer, 29 James la 
Glass John, 3IR e Baltimore 
Glass John, whiiewa>li<'r, 7 Philpd 
Glass Wm. carriage trimmer, 142 Columbia 
Glauber Jacob, laborer. 5 A2tna la 
Gleas(pn Bridget. 246 e Madison 
Gleason D A. caipenier,H9 Pieston 
Gleason Wm. E. student at law, 24(j e Mad- 
Gleghorn John, shoemaker, 4 Armisiead la 
Gleicell Patrick, 1 iborer, 4(1 s Chapel 
Gleifous Samuel, ra^ dealer, 3t) n Dallas 
Glen James, engineer. 3 Humes 
Glen John, cooper, 170 s Central av 
Glenn Alexander, groceiy. 1^() n High 
Glenn Anthonv, piano maker. 38 Portland 
Glenn Benjamin, carpenter, 238 Bank 
Glenn Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, n e cor. 

Forrest and Lnw 
Glenn E B. (Samuel G. & Bro.) 275 e 

Glenn Mrs. John, 20 n Charles 
Glenn John, laborer. 12 Dicker 
Glenn John, cow keeper. 197 n Eden 
Glenn Daniel, actor, 145 e Baltimore 
Glenn Josepli, swee[) master, 68 s Bond 
Glenn Patterson, clerk. 63 Pennsylvania av 
Glenn Rachael, 13.^> Ar;ryle al 
GLENN SAMUEL & BRO. imp. and whole- 
sale dejilers in hardware, guns, &c. 52 
Light, dw 275 e Baltimore 
Glenn .Samuel .NL tobacconist, 122 s Aim 
Glenn Samuel, painter, 122 s Ann 
Cleun Wm. grocery. 238 Bank 
Glenn Wm. B. shoemaker, 20 Orchard 
Glenn Wm. C. 50 n I.ihcrtv 
GLENN WILLIAM W. attorney at law, 20 

n Charles 
Glichinan John, tailor, 144 s Caroline 
Glick Casper, paver, 124 Stirling 
Glick Charles, dyer. 20 s .•\nn 
Glick Johnetta, 'ill Stirling 
Gliney Catharine, 287 Central av 
Glinn Peter, laborer, 4 Grace's ct 
Glissman Henry, carter, 32 Fountain 
Glocker k Norris, conveyancers and pro- 
perty agents. 6.'' w Favette 
Glocker Theo. ((!. .\: Norris,) 201 w Fayette 
Gloningcr John R. (P. Ticrnan k Son,) 42 

Glorenrye Wm. gro. and li(j. deal. 5 L. Paca 
Glorenz Wm. carpenter, 34 Thames 
Gloriis Martin, tailor, 112 n Eden 





Gloss Bilthis, baker, 59 n Exeter 
Gloss John, grocer, 65 Green Mount av 
Gloudel Jno. Magnolia House, 401 w Balto. 
Glover David F. huckster, 501 Saratoga 
Glover James, boiler maker, 684 w Pratt 
Glover John W. boiler maker. 285 William 
Glover Joseph, tavern, 2 e Lombard 
Glover Joseph, 6 East Falls av ct 
Glover Thos. boilermaker. Cannon, Canton 
Gluck Adam, shoemaker, 165 s Ann 
GLUCK HENRY C. grocery, n e cor Madison 

and Ensor 
Gluck Wm. tinner, 81 n Gay 
Gluckstein Alois, shoemaker, 91 n Eutaw 
Glue Christian, tanner, 205 Peirce 
Glynn Patrick, laborer, Morton alnr. Biddle 
Gnier Frederick, tailor, 38 s Central av 
Gobell Philip, shoemaker, 399 Saratoga 
Gobright Covington G. coachmaker, 100 n 

Gobright John C. newspaper agt. 44 e Pratt 
Gobright Joseph S. clerk, 35 e Fayette 
Gobright & Norris, publishers of the Balti- 
more Weekly Dispatch, over 93 w Bixlto. 
Gobright Wm. H. (G. & Norris,) 70 n How- 
Gocker Lewis, sailor, 24 Barnes 
Gocking Anton, carpenter, 307 Canton av 
Goddard Charles, dealer in patent medicines, 

95 w Fayette 
Goddard George, clerk, 114 Franklin 
Goddert August, laborer, 416 Canton av 
Goddert Jacob, tailor, 241 Eastern av 
Godey Henry, clerk, 41 Hanover 
G< )DEY THOMAS, cabinet maker and under- 
taker, 54 Hanover, dw 41 
Godfrey Charles H. gardener, 63 Albemarle 
Godfrey Edward A. clerk, 44 Saratoga 
Godfrey James, (J. G. & Co.) 15 Mott 
Godfrey James & Co. manufs. coal hods, 

shovels, &c. 135 n Gay 
Godfrey John, grocery, 712 Penna. av 
Godfrey John, tailor, 12 McElderry 
Godfrey Johnson, carter, 673 Penna av 
Godfrey Sarah, 11 Mott 
Godman Araminta, seamstress, 9 McHenry 
Godman Robert, butcher, 898 w Baltimore 
Godman Thos. W. butcher, 898 w Balto. _ 
Godman Wm. butcher, Division nr. Dolphin 
Godwin Ann, 188 Conway 
Godwin Jacob, baker, 150 East 
Godwin Jer. mariner, 105 Mullikin 
Godwin John D. butcher, Penna. av extend. 

near 1st toll gate 
Godwin Littleton, trunk maker, 188 Conway 
Godwin Walter E. machinist, 188 Conway 
Godwin Wm. jr. com. mercht. 6 Bowly's 

whf. dw 283 Lexington 
Goebe Michael, 110 s Bethel 
Goebel Charles, tinner, 90 Albemarle 
Goedke Francis, shoemaker, 106 Green Mt. 

Goepel L. salesman, 105 w Biddle 
Goepfert Christian, harness maker, 247 s 

Goerman Conrad, turner, 186 Aliceanna 
Goertz Frederick, variety store, 144 Hill 
Gocrtz Hugo, piano maker, cor Lexington 

and Park 
Goctman John, grocer, 194 Ross 

Goetre August, tinner, 153 e Monument 
Goetz Geo. M. tailor, 55 s Eutaw 
Goetz Gregory, barber, 109 w Lombard 
Goetz John A. G. tin store, 8 e cor Brown 

and Elizabeth la 
Goetz & Spies, piano factory, 4 s Gay 
Gofif Thos. 6 Armistead lane 
Gofieng John, shoemaker, 19 Eutaw court 
Goforth Geo. W. bacon dealer, 8 Orleans 
Goghegan Catherine, 73 Hill 
Gogle Chas. baker, s e cor Aisquith and Gay 
Goheen Rev. Maybern, pastor Franklin St. 

Methodist Church, 356 Franklin 
Going A. machinist, 14 St. Mary 
Going Daniel, clerk, 14 St. Mary 
Gokelen John, laborer, 32 Albemarle 
Gola Chas. prof, music, 45 Courtland 
Gold Abraham, dry goods dealer, 545 "w 

Baltimore, dw 1 n Pine 
Gold Chas. W. Supervisor N. W. Ya. R. R. 

185 Conway 
Gold Frederick, shoemaker, 179 Raborg 
Gold George, clerk, 293 w Pratt 
Gold Joseph, brickmaker, Frederick w of 

Gold Mary A. 68 French 
Golden John, sugar refiner, 178 Greenmount 

Golden Lucas, seaman, 50 Henrietta 
Golden Michael, laborer, 169 Columbia 
Goldenburg D. J. & Co. millinery dealers, 

147 Lexington, dw 141 
Goldenburg, Jacob, grocery, 80 n Caroline 
Goldenburg Levi & Co. embroid. and milli- 
nery goods dealers, 67 w Baltimore, dw 

L. G. 68 n Front 
Goldenburg Reuben, embroidery and milli- 
nery goods, 55 w Baltimore 
Golder Arch. 127 w Fayette 
Golder J. C. & Bro. paper hanging manuf. 

35 Hanover, dw J. C. G. 239 n Howard 
Golder L. Howard (J. C. Yates & Co.) n e 

cor Charles and Pleasant 
Golder Robt. jr. (G. & Unduch,) 293 n 

Golder & Unduch, paper hanging dealers, 

33 Hanover 
Golder Wm. W. (J. C. G. &Bro.) 127 Pearl 
Goldinhorst Geo. tavern, 15 Commerce 
Goldman Benj. clothier, 4 Center Mkt. space, 

dw 110 e Fayette 
Golds Dr. Christian, 691 w Baltimore 
Goldsborough Alex. W. dry goods dealer, 30 

n Paca 
Goldsborough Mrs. Ann, boarding house, 42 

n Calvert 
Goldsborough Chas. H. ship carp. 135 n Eden 
Goldsborough C. E. clerk, 42 n Calvert 
Goldsborough Dr. Leander, 182 Penna. av 
Goldsborough Louisa, 42 Lancaster 
Goldsborough Martin, agricultural commis- 
sion merchant, 42 Calvert 
Goldsborough Nich. W. (Robt. M. Lockwood 

& Co.) 180 Preston 
Goldsborough Thomas, police, 83 Stiles 
Goldsborough Wm. J. clerk Farmers' and 

Planters' Bank, 135 n Eden 
Goldsclimidt Hertz, second hand dealer, 124 

8 Durham 
Goldschmidt Sol. shoemaker, 219 Aliceanna 





Goldschniidt Michael, second hand furniture, 

3 Hampstead 
Goldsmith E. com. merchant, 91 w Lombard, 

up stairs, dw 48 s Hiph 
(^roldsmith Eliza, 61 n Liberty 
(Goldsmith Jacob, grocery, 36 s Central av 
(Joldsmith Mrs. Jacob, 109 n Central av 
tJoldsmith John S. deal, second hand stoves, 

&c., 38 Douglass 
Goldsmith John T, 24T e Madison 
(Goldsmith Lewis, omnibus driver, 25 Orchard 
Goldsmith Reuben S. dry goods dealer, 196 

Goldsmith Samuel, ladies' shoemaker, 538 

Goldsmith Samuel H. 85 n Calvert 
Goldsmith Thomas G7 McHenry 
Goldstein Aaron, ink maker, 221 n Central 

Goldstein Solomon, confect, and cigar store, 

154 n Bond 
Goldstrom M. hat and cap dealer, 198 n Gaj' 
Goldsztgn Mendgt, glazier, 10 Dallas 
Golibart Joseph R. clerk, 355 e Baltimore 
Golibart Simon R. (Randolpli, G. & Co.) Bal- 
timore near Ann 
GOLIXGHORST JOHN, tavern, 100 Light 

street whf. dw 86 Light 
Golion Andrew shoemaker, 59 n Frederick 
Goll Elizabeth, 229 Hollins 
GoU James B. propiietor Franklin hotel, cor 

Franklin and Howard 
Gompf Peter, shoemaker, 76 Pearl* 
Gontrum Peter, shoemaker, 455 n Gay 
CJood John B. furniture dealer, 33 Harrison 
Good Patrick, wheelright, 24 Buren 
Good AVm F. grocery, 180 Pearl 
Goodacre Daniel, stonecutter, cor President 

and Stiles, dw 85 Albemarle 
Goodall .Matthew, collector, 148 Stirling 
Goodermuth John, shoemaker, 415 Saratoga 
Goodey George, 99 s AVashington 
Goodhand James B. carp, 87 n Calvert 
Goodhand John (G,, Tucker & Smith,) 17 n 

in boots, shoes, hats, &e., over 3 8 Charles 
Goodloe T. W. National hotel 
Goodman Aaron, clothier, 75 & 105 n How- 
ard, dw cor Clay and Howard 
Goodman Abraham B. (Samuel G. & Co.) 

200 w Pratt 
Goodman Edward C. boot and shoemaker, 

172 n Gar 
Goodman H. & Bro. clothiers, 66 Center Mkt 

Goodman Henry (H. G. & Bro.) 39 e Lom- 
Goodman Isaac, second hand furniture deal. 

02 Harrison 
Goodman John, tailor, 240 B Paca 
Goodman John G. distiller, 42 Penn. av 
Goodman, John, tiiilor, 80 s Bethel 
Goodman Joseph, clothier, 10 Center Mkt 

space, dw 127 e Lombard 
Goodman Josiah (II. G. & Bro.) 127 e Lom- 
Goodman Lewis, second hand fura. dealer, 

08 Harrison 
(Joodman Lewis, rag dealer, 75 Orleans 

Goodman Mrs. Maria, 241 3 Paca 
Goodman Samuel & Co. clothiers, 206 w 

Goodman Simon, clothier, 91 n Howard, dw 

75 n Howard 
Goodman Thomas S. butcher, 892 w Balto. 
Goodman Winnebald, tailor, 115 McElderry 
Goodmood John, laborer, 415 Saratoga 
Goodrich Henry, com. merht. 122 Dugan's 

whf. dw 71 Aisquith 
Goodrick Geo. W. carpenter, 271 Forrest 
Goodrick J. W. in Custom House, dw 28T 

Goodwater John, tailor, 21 Mott 
Goodwin Chas. assist, cashier Merchant's 

bank, 209 w Lombard 
Goodwin Chas. H. feed store, 8 Peters' row, 

w Pratt 
Goodwin James, waiter, 122 n Gay 
Goodwin Mary Ann, 39 Abbot 
Goodwin Richard B. (G. & Stevens,) 27 

Goodwin Sarah J. confect. 145 e Pratt 
GOODWIN & STEVENS, ship builders, Phil- 
pot near drawbridge 
Goodwin Thos. (Mayhew, Hawkins & Co.) 

29 Hollins 
Goodwin Thos. shoemaker, 90 Holiday 
Goodwin Wm. H. conductor, P. W. & B. 

R. R. 138 8 Broadway 
Gordon Alex. B, attorney, 9 n Calvert, dw 66 

Mount Vernon place 
Gordon Catharine E. 150 Greenmouut av 
Gordon Cornelius, moulder, 47 Henrietta 
Gordon David, baker, 72 Albemarle 
Gordon Eliza, 133 n Charles 
GORDON GEO J. real estate agt. 24 Second 
Gordon George, ink dealer, 135 e Lombard 
Gordon George W. wood dealer 94)-^ Light 

street whf. dw 105 s Eden 
Gordon Henry D. coach trim. 4 n Poppleton 
Gordon James, laborer, 154 Greenmount av 
Gordon James, laborer, Hull, Locust Point 
Gordon John, drayman, 98 Albemarle 
Gordon John M. prest. Union Bank, 101 w 

Gordou John T. periodical store, 149 n Gay, 

dw 7 Watson 
Gordon Josiah, cigar maker, 348 Franklin 
Gordon Joseph, oak cooper, 102 n Fremont 
Gordon Jos. watchman, 316 e Monument 
Gordon Lemuel S. general freight agt. B. & 

0. R. R. 39 Courtland 
Gordon Martin, laborer, 19 Pleasant al 
Gordon Patrick, huckster, 108 Low 
Gordon Wm. F. 412 Franklin 
Gordon Wm. H. C. II. of Custom House, 74 

n Broadway 
Gordon Wm. H. coach painter, 4 n Poppleton 
Gordon Wm. cooper, 310 c Monument 
Gordschell Fredk. 156 Ross 
Gordschell Fredk. OS Pennsylvania av 
Gordshell Geo. W. grocery, 103 n Fremont 
Gore John W. (Hopkins & G.) 141 Dolphin 
Gore John W. clerk, 8 Jackson 
Gore Philip M. furnaceman, 66 8 Carey 
(Jore Thos. 11. clerk, 8 Jackson 
Gorman Bryan, grocery, 79 Richmond 
Gorman Christena, 74 n Exeter 
Gorman Ellen, confect. 41 President 





Gorman Henry, blacksmith, 89 York 
Gorman Henry, laborer, 214 Raborg 
Gorman James, grocer, 25 Bethel 
Gorman John E. 63 s Howard 
Gorman J^jhn 0. drayman, 22 Rose 
Gorman John, agricultural impl. maker, 74 

n Exeter 
Gorman & Lyle, ship smiths, 143 McElderry'e 

Gorman Mary A. 143 Peirce 
Gorman Mrs. Mary Ann, McHenry near 

Gorman Nicholas, printer, 191 e Madison 
Gorman Thos. painter, 57 Chatsworth 
Gorman ThoB. W. restaurant, 317 w Pratt 
Gorman Thomas, detective policeman, Mar- 
shal's office. Holiday 
Gorman Wm. bricklayer, 151 Peirce 
Gorman Wm. (G k Lyle,) 91 s Washington 
Gormer Jacob F. tailor, 7 Jackson's ct 
Gormley John, tinner, 230 Lexington 
Gornell John, coppersmith, 169 Hofifman 
Gorner Margaret, 5 Camden lane 
Gorr Artridge, 76 Chew 
Gorr Charles, 188 Broadway 
Gorsuch Dan'l H.draughtsman,227 Aisquitb 
GorsLich Daniel H. architect, 227 Aisquith 
Gorsuch James, watchman, 52 Philpot 
GORSUCH JEHU, hardware dealer, cor 

Gay and Front, dw 78 n High 
Gorsuch John, agricultural imp. maker, 30 s 

Gorsuch John T. bricklayer, 227 Aisquith 
Gosuch Levin, 231 Durham 
Gorsuch Peregrine,conveyancer,32 St.PauI, 

dw 227 Aisquith 
Gorsuch Robert, 157 e Monument 
Gorsuch Robert, clerk, 188 Mulberry 
Gorsuch Theodore, carpenter, 85 Mulberry, 

dw 124 George 
Gorsuch Thomas, tailor, Front Street hotel, 

100 n Front 
Gorsuch Wm. G. carpenter, 29 Courtland, 

dw 100 n Eutaw 
Gorsuch Zac moulder, 167 n Caroline 
Gorte Henry, shoemaker, 81 s Bethel 
Gorter G. O. consul for Belgium and com. 

merch. 52 s Gay, dw 31 n Calvert 
Gorton C M. clerk, 105 s Eden 
Gorton Wm. S. 190 s Ann 
Gosden John T. prof, of music 12 s Exeter 
Goshell Rugenia, milliner, 102 s Broadway 
Goslee Daniel W. (Davis, G. & Co.) 121 e 

Gosman Adam J. druggist, 194 e Fayette 
Gosnell E. D. clerk, 285 Franklin 
Gosnell Knoch G. policeman, 8 Thompson 
Gosnell Francis, carpenter, 210 e Madison 
Gosnell Francis, carpenter, 64 s Poppleton 
Gosnell Geo. laborer, Falls road near Lan- 

vale factory 
Gosnell George W. 210 e Madison 
Gosnell Jesse T carpenter, 142 Preston 
Gosnell James, machinist, Falls road near 

Lanvale factory 
Gosnell John T. silver plater, 17 Hill 
Gosnell Joshua, stone mason, 81 Hillen 
Gosnell Lemuel W. WaTcrly Terrace 
Gosnell Matthew T. 347 e Pratt 
Gosnell Philip H. tobac'st, 181 n Fremont 

Gosnell Philip H, mercht. tailor, 72 Pop- 
Gosnell Quincy, carpenter, 144 Preston 
Gosnell Rebecca, trimmings, 144 Preston 
Gosnell Talbot & Son, carpenters, 83 Mul- 
berry, dw 15 Josephine 
Gosnell Thos. (T. G & Son) 15 Josephine 
Gosnell Thomas, carpenter, 210 e Madison 
Gosnell Wallace, carpenter, 185 n Fremont 
Goss Robert, farmer, Bioomingdale road 

near Almshouse 
Goss Winfield S. clerk, 62 s Sharp 
Gossage Eliza, trimming store, 65 Holland 
Gossee Michael, teacher, 25 s Caroline 
Gosweiler Danl ice cream deal 74 Penn. av 
Gotschel George, tailor, 200 Aliceanna 
Gott J . C. carpenter, 12 s Eutaw, dw 325 

Gott Wm. carpenter, 155 Hoffman 
Gottbehurst A. cigar maker, 21 s Liberty 
GOTTE CARSON, horse dealer, 119 East- 
ern av 
Gottleib Henry, butcher, 97 Jefferson 
Gottleib Philip, butcher, 97 Jefferson 
Gottlin Philip, tailor, 15 Arch 
Gottschalt Adam, butcher, 533 w Lexington 
Gottschalt Henry, tobacconist, 113 Penn.av 
Gotwalt Jacob, salesman, 33 n Calvert 
Gotz George, barber, 277 w Pratt 
Gouce John T. farmer, 12 Tyson 
Goudy Albert, clerk 386 w Lombard 
Goudy David, moulder, 386 w Lombard 
Goudy J§hn, machinist, 386 w Lombard 
Goudy John, miller, w Lexington near Cal- 

verton road 
Goudy Stephen, miller, w Lexington near 

Calverton road 
Goudy Susan, 386 w Lombard 
Gough Dr. Dixon, 70 s Sharp 
Gough F. grocer, 126 Holiday 
Gough James, clerk, 293 w Pratt 
Gough Wm. laborer, 18 Abel al 
Gough Wm. R. carp. Washington nr Gough 
Gould Alexander, sr. farmer, 368 Light 
Gould Alexander, jr. property agent, 79 

Second, dw 70 Barre 
Gould Alexander F. clerk, 368 Franklin 
Gould Capt. Edward, 135 s Eden 
Gould Edmund G. clerk, 76 Albemarle 
Gould Frances, boarding house, 23 Sharp 
Gould & Glanville, cabinet makers, s e cor 

Pratt and Sharp 
Gould James, (G. & Ward,) 38 Franklin 
Gould Jas. A. (Marriott & Co ) 131 s Paca 
Gould Jas. furniture wagoner, 17 Thompson 
Gould John H. clerk. Sun office, dw 90 e 

Gould John G. 76 Albemarle 
Gould John R. clerk, 91 French 
Gould Thomas N. (G. & Glanville) 91 w 

Gould & Ward, importers clocks, watches, 

chronometers, jewelry, &c. 168 w Balto. 
Gould Wm. clerk, 109 Bank 
Gould Zaccheus, clerk, 157 William 
Gouldthamer Peter, cooper, 5 James lane 
Gouley Louis, jr. vegetable medicine deal- 
er, 38 w Baltimore 
Gouliart John, grocery, 192 s Sharp 
Gourley Geo. laborer, 53 Tyson al 




Gourley Geo. shoer and smith, 7 President, 

dw 65 Albemarle 
Gourley Jame«, clerk, '26 n Frederick 
Gourley John, clerk, 4 Slenimer al 
Gover Geo. P. (Jojiak Lee & Co.) I Ais- 

Gover Gerard, (Josiah Lee & Co.) 90 e 

GOVKR. PHILIP Sc CO. exch. broken, n 

w cor Briltitiiore and Harrison 
GoTer Philip, (P. G. & Co.) 64 e Baltimore 
GOVER SA.MUEL H. auctioneer and com. 

mercht. 84 w Baltimore, dw 54 e Fayette 
Gower Christian, carter. 19"2 Henrietta 
Gowt James, hackman, 43 Hillen 
Graher Charles, tailor. 8 New Church 
Graber Henry, shoemaker, 188 s Wolfe 
Grace A. 179 n Howard 
Grace Church, (Episcopal) cor Park and 

Grace Jas. C. bookseller, 117 McEJderry's 

Grace Jas. carpenter, 151 n Central av 
Grace John, carter, 346 s Charles 
Grace Julia A. 82 s High 
Gracen John, salt and plaster dealer, 235 

Gracey Benjamin, clerk, 55 Aisquith 
Gracey Henry, carpenter, 55 Aisquith 
Gracey John, teacher, 55 .Aisqiiilh 
Gracey Robert, carter, 15 York av 
Gracey Thomas, carpenter, 55 Aisquith 
Gracey Wm. distiller, 355 e .Monument 
Gr;<cey Wm. carpenter, 55 Aisquith 
Graden Charles, carter, 156 n fiiKh 
Graden Conrad, milkman, 81 n Central av 
Gradwohl Martin, 2IU(/anton av 
Grady (^'hristian, tailor. 42 Marion 
Grady John, boilermaker, 9 s Central av 
Grady James, fi Garden 
Grady John, stone quarrier, ^^l Cathedral 
Graeile Casper, laborer, 10 Barnes 
Graesen Gustav, piano maker, 50 s Oregon 
Graf Frederick B. vice consul Sweden and 

Norway, and ship and com. mt. 52 s Gay, 

dw Eutaw house 
Grafe August, shoemaker, 10 Camden 
Grafe Clemens, s e cor Canton and O'Don- 

nel, Canton 
Graff Araminta, 66 s Ann 
Graff E Beatty, attorney, 14 '< Mansion 

House, w Fayette, dw l.'i6 w liiddic 
Graff & Co. impors and deals, in liquors, 

38 South 
Graff F. B. foreign exchangee, s Gay near 

Lombard, dw Kutaw House 
Graff Geo. U., (G & Co ) Baltimore county 
Graff Jacob, 274 [..exington 
Graff James H. clerk, '-i n Kden 
Graff John, cooper, .115 s Bond 
Graff John D. (.\lohler, G.&Co.) 2n Eden 
Graff Peter, clothier, 91 n Caroline 
Graff Thomas, carpenter, 66 s Ann 
Gralllin Charles C, (Mason Bros.) 655 w 

Grafflin George W. (Geo. W. G &,. Co.) 296 

w Lombard 
Grainin Geo. W. & Co. dry goods merchants, 

5 Hanover 
Grafflin J. C. (Loane & G.) 7 Hollins 

GrafTln Jacob W. locust timber and trenail 

deal. West Falls av. dw :<3 Stiles 
Graft J. Thomas, butcher, Point lane near 

Graft Thomas, gravel roofer, over 49s Paca 
Grafton .\lcHenry, (Meixsel & G ) 133 w 

Grafton Mrs. M. li)9 w Fayette 
Graham .\manda, 40 e Favette 
GRAHAM ANDREW, tobacconist, s w 

cor Gay and Aisquith, dw 114 .Aij^quilh 
Graham Andrew, private hospital, 242 n 

Graham Capt. Campbell, 64 Franklin 
Graham Christian, 43 Fawn 
Graham Daniel, (W & D G.) HI J. fferson 
Graham Danl. cabinetmaker, 107 Jefferson 
Graham Edward, bottler, under s w cor Bal- 
timore and Sharp, dw 169 n Central av 
Graham Ellis J. C. carpenter, 141 nPaca 
Graham Felix, blacksmith, 366 Light 
Graham Frederick, cabinetmakr. 81 Cider al 
Graham Capt. G. R. 109 William 
Graham H Harris, S54 w Baltimore 
Graham James, book keeper, 477 w Fayette 
Graham Jas. pattern maker, 400 s Charles 
Graham James, blacksmith, 308 Canton av 
Graham John, laborer, 104 St. Peter 
Graham John, shipsmith, 166 Canton av 
Graham John, tailor, 153 Light 
Graham John, soap atid candle maufacturer, 

s w cor Caroline and Canton av 
Graham John, bookseller, 520 w Baltimore, 

dw 45 Scott 
Graham John, (Potee, G. & McKinley) 248 

Graham John, potter, 103 Jefferson 
Graham John H. sugar refiner, 14 Concord 
Graham John, livery stable keeper, dw 62 

s Eutaw 
Graham Josiah, shoemaker, 49 Constitution 
Graham Matilda, 76 Saratoga 
Graham Michael, bottling establishment, 100 

n Central av 
Graham Peter, Chester near Gough 
Graham Robert, carpenter, 315 Mulberry 
Graham Robert, 19 Albemarle 
Graham Sarah A. 71 s Ann 
Graham Thomas J. 76 Saratoga 
Graham William, blacksmith, 45 Scott 
Graham Wm. J clerk, 141 n Paca 
Graham Wm. H. agent Brown Bros. & Co. 

<."athedral, 3d door n of .Monument 
Graham Wm. printer, 92 n Exeter 
Graham Wm. cabinetmaker, 109 Jefferson 
Graham Capt Wm. com. int. and President 
.Merchants' .Mut. Ins. Co. Commercial 
buildings, s Gay, dw 130 n Charles 
Graham W & D. furniture manufacturers, 

11, 13, and 15 George 
Graham Wm. (W. AD. G.) 109 Jefferson 
GRAHAME ISRAEL J. apolh. and drug- 
gist, 334 w Baltimore, dw H2 Columbia 
Grain John M. furn. wagoner, 112 Regcster 
Grainger Wm. laborer, 63 Henrietta 
Graley John, laborer, 73 Durham 
Gramm Rev. Gustav. E. 45 s Bond 
Grandeman Charles, porter. 221 Hanover 
Graiiiinger John, tinner, 28 Liberty al 
Graneiigcr John, laborer, 9 Calvert al 



JOHN W. woods' 


Grange Wm. & Co. shipping and general 
com. mts. and agents, Bait. Shovel and 
Spade Manuf, Co. 119 w Lombard 
Grange Wm. (W. G. & Co ) 12 Lloyd 
Grange Wm. tobacconist, 127 Saratoga, 

dw 60 Mulberry- 
Granger E. tailor, 25 n Frederick 
Granger Mrs. F. toy and variety store, 60 

Granger Geo. R. 185 w Lombard 
Granger Henry, 185 w Lombard 
Granger John, 44 Diamond 
Granger John, tavern, 40 n Frederick 
Granger Levin H. wood deal. Warren be- 
low William 
Granger Matthew J. segar mak. 50 George 
Granger Nathan, wood sawyer, 10 Armis- 

stead lane 
Granger Wm. laborer, 252 s Sharp 
Granruth Mary A. grocery, 25.3 s Bond 

Grant , missionary, 317 n Howard 

GR.ANT & BRO. com. merchts. 67 Lom- 
bard, Exchange Place 
Grant Edw. B. (G. & Bro.) 44 w Madison 
Grant Francis, carpenter, 117 Ross 
Grant Geoge W. blacksmith, 125 s High 
GRANT J. M. agent for religious periodi- 
cals, 73 w Fayette, dw 117 Grundy 
Grant Jas. B. (G. & Bro-) 44 w Madison 
Grant Jas. A. tailor, 78 s Regester 
Grant James, 29 Stirling 
Grant Joseph P. 44 w Madison 
Grant Mary, 20 Mott 
Grant Michael, carter, 23 Stirling 
Grant Xenophon, hat and cap maker, 498 

w Baltimore 
Grape Andrew, trunk mak. 121 Hillen, dw 

135 6 Monument 
Grape Mrs. Charlotte, 151 e Monument 
Grape Geo. S. principal public school No. 9, 

dw 137 e Monument 
Grape Jacob, bacon dealer, 119 Hillen, dw 

97 Hillen 
Grape John, wood dealer, 36 Granby 
Grape John, salesman, 119 n Gay 
Grass Francis L. tailor, 139 Bethel 
Gratian Brother, assist, teacher St. Vincent 

de Paul's Asylum, Front 
Grattan & Evans, practical gas fitters, 8 

Grattan Thomas, (G. & Evans) 30 n Liberty 
Gratzer Conrad, stevedore, 302 Canton av 
Grau Francis, shoemaker, 96 n Dallas 
Grau Thomas, shoemaker, 145 Mullikin 
Graue Herman H. (Wilkens &, Co.) 16R 

Grauer Ignatius, dry goods deal. 179 n Gay 
Grauer Saml. tobacconist, 616 w Baltimore 
Grauling George, shoemaker, 57 n High 
Graupner Frederick, carpet weaver, Plow- 
man opposite Albemarle 
Graus Adam, shoemaker, 11 China al 
Grauser Franklin, carter, Elliott near Patu- 

tauxent. Canton 
Gravenstine Jas. H. wire work. 15 Holland 
Gravert Benjamin, mariner, 64 Block 
Graves Elizabeth, 198 e Madison 
Graves George, trader, 21 Brunswick 
Graves Geo. W. blacksmith, 198 e Mydison 
Graves Dr. John J. Windsor Mill road 

Graves Henry M. assistant engineer city 

water works, office City Hall 
Graves Theopilus, omnibus driver, 4 3 Re- 
Graves Wm. B. clerk, Windsor Mill road 
Gray Adelaide, 45 s Caroline 
Gray Adam, ship master, 55 s Exeter 
Gray Alexander P. shoemaker, 23 East 
Gray Andrew, (Kelsey & G ) 58 e Baltimore 
Gray Ann L. 164 w Lombard 
Gray Ann M 21 Barre 
Gray Angustus, bricklayer, 16 Thompson 
Gray Bernard, grocer, 127 Holiday 
Gray Charles E. brick maker, 142 s Paca 
Gray David W. merchant, Eutaw House 
Gray Francis E. painter, 103 Wolfe 
Gray Francis W. cracker agent, 19 s Bond 
Gray Frederick, bookseller, 106 s Spring 
Gray George W. huckster, 18 s Bond 
Gray George W. laborer, 37 Durham 
Gray Hamilton, carpenter, 137 e Monument 
Gray Henry, bottler, Howard near Mul- 
berry, dw 215 Hollins 
Gray Hugh, tallow chandler, 103 n High 
Gray Isaac, laborer, 128 n Spring 
Gray James E. shoemaker, 46 Williamson al 
Gray James A. painter, 138 Bank 
Gray James, brick maker, 298 s Charles 
Gray Jekial, 153 Greenmount av 
Gray Lewis, machinist, Lexington nr Cal- 

verton road 
Gray Zeikel, jeweler, 64 George 
Gray Jame.s, laborer, s w cor. Buren and 

Gray Jolin, laborer, s w cor. Buren & Mon- 
Gray Jonathan, carpenter, 223 Harford av 
Gray John, huckster, 92 Goug;h 
Gray John T. shoemaker, 241 Central av 
Gray John W. sail maker, 114 Bank 
Gray J. Joseph, sail maker, 50 s Broadway 
Gray Leonard, hueksier, 97 
13 Lexington, Chas. Marean agt. dw s 
w cor. Lexington and Charles 
Gray Mary, 30 Haw 
Gray Mary, cigars and confeclionary, 187 

s Charles 
Gray Patrick, laborer, 216 s Durham 
Gray Patrick, laborer, 109 Dover 
Gray Patrick, drayman, Dover near Paca 
Gray R. W. tobacconist, Gilmor near Lex- 
Gray Richard, soldier. Locust Point 
Gray Sarah, 124 s Ann 
Gray Thomas, cabinetmaker, 187 s Charles 
Gray Thomas laborer, 17 Centre 
Gray Vincent, tailor, 497 w Pratt 
Gray Wm. M. (Sheckles & Co.) 162 n Fre- 
Gray Wm. carpenter, 166 n Fremont 
Gray Wm. jr. paper hanger, 16 Thompson 
Gray Wm. & Son, sailmakers, Kerr's whf. 
Gray Wm. hatter, 16 Thompson 
Gray Wm. (Wm. G. & S.m) 152 s Broad- 
Greas John, blacksmith, 30 New Church 
Greaser Casper, cabinetmaker, 354 Mul- 
Greaser Lewis, carter, 258 Eastern av 





Greainger Frederick, porier, 63 Mulbeny 
Greasley Jacob, buicher. Butcher's Row, 

I'eiin. ay exieiideit 
GreasDii George, omnibus prop. 252 Lee 
Greason Robert, carter, 252 Lee 
Grtasoii riu>mas, huckster, 2l)4 German 
aiid Treas. office, Patapsco buildings, 
Great Geo. W. saddler, Division, near Dol- 
Greb Peter, groc. s e cor. Howard & Center 
Greble Christian, tailor, 8G Eastern av 
Greble Michael, lab. 316 Canton av 
Greble Wm. stone and earthenware fact. 

TtJ Ensor, dw 230 e Madison 
Grebt Fulton, tailor, 184 s Central av 
Giemerser Joseph, laborer, 33-4 Eastern av 
Greely Patrick, laborer, 78 Durham 
GRKEN A.MON k CU. rnanul". of cotton 
yarn, wrapping twine, candle wick, and 
carp, chain, n w cor. E.xeler &. Hilien 
Green Amon (A. G. & Cu.) 70 Hilien 
Green Ann, 107 Baltimore 
Green And w. coach trimmer, 358 Franklin 
Green Andrew, huckster, 383 n Gay 
Green Armistead, paper hanger, 128 Ais- 

Gieen Mrs. Benjamin, 75 n Spring 
Green Biauschus, lab. 2()G s Caroline 
Green Bernard, barkeeper, ItJl w Pratt 
Green Chas. A shipsmith, 77 Lancaster 
Green Chas. B. groc. n w cor. Gay & High 
Green Charles Bennet, (Chance & G) 147 

Green Cornelius, barber, 29 w Pratt 
Green Edwin, manner, 71) Buren 
GREEN EDWARD J. grocer, n2 n How- 
ard, dw 167 w Madison 
Green Capt. Edward, 76 Buren 
Green Francis, bricklayer, Walsh, near 

Green George M. bricklayer, Walsh, I door 

w of Greenwillow 
Green George M. carpenter, Walsh, 1 door 

e ol HolTmaii 
Green Geo. W. house and sign painter, 51 

Green Henry, sr. (Blackiston & G.) 450 w 

Green Henry, jr. cabinetmak. 124 llollins 
Green Hugh, laborer, 9 Addison 
Green Henry H. currier, 191 Lexington, 

dw 41 Pearl 
Gr( en Henry L. gas finer, 10 Fell 
Green Jacob, lime and hair deal. 44 Buren 

dw 185 e Monument 
Green Capt. James, Ann, i» of Lombard 
Green James, librarian Mercantile Library 

1:')7 German 
Green James, prov. deal, dw 206 e Fayette 
Green John, 27 Gitlings 
Green John, iron moulder, TjS Hilien 
Green John J. blacksmith, 119 Grundy 
Gn en John, carpenter, 126 Preston 
Green John, laborer, 32 Liberty al 
Green Jiilin,dagnerre()iypi>t, 148 c Madison 
Gieen John, |.rinier. 4r>() w Fayeite 
Green Capt. John M. (Crookshanks & G.) 
I.i6 n Exeter 

Green Joseph, laborer, l!t2 Constitution 
Green J<i.seph, tailor, 51 Chatsworth 
Green Josejih N. carp. Riddle near Walsh 
Green Josefih, shoemaker, 253 Columbia 
Green Joseph D. machini-t, 134 s Bond 
Green Joseph N. carpenter, Walsh, 1 door 

e of HciUman 
Green Joseph, bricklayer, 119 n Bond 
Green Joseph, cotton bat maker, 192 Con- 
Green Joshua, laborer, 220 Mulbetry 
Green Joshua H. machinist, 118 Jetl'erson 
Green Mary Ann, 63 n Exeter 
Green Michael, laborer, 184 Ramsay 
Green Morris, painter, Walsh, 1 door e of 

Green Mrs. Nancy, upholsterer, 135 Mul- 
Green Philander, (Keach 8t G.) Howard, 

near Fayeite 
Green Rebecca, 102 Ensor 
Green Richard C. cooper, 49 Commerce, 

dw 167 s Paca 
Green Richard M. blacksmith, 296 n Eutaw 
Green Robert F. bookkeeper, n e cor. Mad- 
ison and Hoffman 
Green Samuel, moulder, 228 s Eutaw 
Green Samuel, huckster, 383 n Gay 
Green Saml. ladies' shjemak 184 Chesnnt 
Green Samuel, huckster, lUO n Dallas 
Green Thos. proprietor Traveler's Home, 

47 Thames 
Green Thomas M. (G. & Yoe) 88 w Balto, 
Green Thomas P. 132 n High 
Green Thomas, prop. Wakool House, s e 

cor. Bond and Baltimore 
Green Wm. F. merchant tailor, J 79 w Pratt 

dw cor. Baire and Eutaw 
Green Win. carpenter, 2t!9 Biddle 
Green Wm. moulder, 228 s Eutaw 
Green Wm. P. restaurant, 98 w Pratt 
Green Capt. Wm. 107 s High 
Green Wm. H. conductor, 5 s Republican 
Green Wm. shoemaker, 450 vv Fayette 
Gieen Wm. H. clerk, 23G n Howard 
Green Wm. iron foundry, 204 s Howard, 

dw Eutaw near Montgomery 
GREEN & YUE, grocers, 88 w Baltimore 
Green Zai heus, carpenter, 167 Washingit)n 
Gteenbaum l.>aac, pedler, 200 s Broadway, 

dw lUlsBond 
Greenbaum Isaac, tailor, 146 w Pratt 
Greenbaum Jacob, (S. G. &. Bro.) 304 w 

Greenbaum M. tailor and clolheir, 430 w 

Greenbaum Meyer, clothier, s w cor. For- 
rest and French, dw 168 French 
Greenbaum Nathan G. grocer, 157 Orleans 
Greenbaum Solomon & Bro. clothiers, 298 

w Pratt 
Greenbaum Solomon, (S. G. St Bro.) 29S w 

Greenbaum Wolf, grocery, 417 Saratoga 
Greener Jtjseph, regulator B. &. O. R. R. 

37 lirun-^wiik 
Greenfield .Vrjuilla H. hardware dealer, 167 

L'-Xiiigioii, dw 261 Saratoga 
Greenfield Caleb VV. hardware merchant, 
23t» Lexington 





Greenfield Isaiah, ship joiner, 89 h High 
Greeniield Rachel, shoe binder, 3 Har- 
mony al 
Greenfield Thomas K. (J. & T. King & G.) 

89 s High 
Greenfield Wm. bracket sawyer, 119 n Gay 
Greenliood A. biiker, 80 Harrison 
Greenley Ann M. 58 Albemarle 
Greenrnount Cemetery office, 1 Courtland 
GREENSFELDER & BRO. imponers and 

jobbers in millinery and fancy goods, 25 

n Howard 
Greensfelder Joseph G. (G. & Bro.) 25 n 

Greensl'ehier & Kent, wholesale and retail 

fancy dry goods, 140 Lexington 
Greensfelder Samuel. (G. St tiro.) 71 Pearl 
Gieeni-teen Simon, fancy goods dealer, 27 e 

Greetisteen Simon, dry goods dealer, 190 s 

Greenlree Andrew D. painter, 373 Franklin 
Greeniree Dr. Hiram, apoth. ami drug. cor. 

Grundy and Pieston 
Greenlree Jacob, (Newman & G.) 61 e 

Greenwalt Abraham, sec. hand fnrn. deal. 

64 n Spring 
Greenwali Bankra'^, shoemaker, 42 n Fred- 
Greenwalt Ernest, laborer, 7 Philpot 
Greenwalt Michael, pedler, 228 s Bank 
Greenway Ann, tailoress, 262 Durham 
Greenway Edward M. jr. cor. Ml. Veinon 

and Washington places 
Greenwell Thomas F. block and pumpmak. 

112 Diigan's whf. dw Prait near Ann 
Greenwood Geo. Z. com. merch. 2 Bowley's 

whf. dw 229 Light 
Greer Alex'r, sexton St. Paul's Church, 7 

Greer Henry C. 15 n High 
Greer Isaac, 15 n High 
Greer Isabella, 133 n Paca 
Greer John, huckster, 162 n Spring 
Gieer Reid, regulator B. & U. R. R. 186 

Greer Robert, shoemaker, 162 Chesnut 
Greer Sophia, 36 s Exeter 
Greer Wm. speculator, 104 Dugan'a whf. 

dw 36 s Exeter 
Greeves David, carpenter, 71 Warner 
Greesear Adam, shoemaker, 123 Columbia 
Gregeiy Mary, 55 s High 
Gregery Win. stonecuiier, 55 s High 
Greg- Andrew A. (Bayfield it G.) 58 

Gregg James, (A. G. & Co.; 58 Franklin 
Gregg John, (A. G. & Co ) 126 n Charles 
Gregg John H. bookkeeper, 64 n Poppleton 
Gregg Mahlon, tinner, 19 w Baltimore 
Gregg Rob* rt, 43 Holiday 
Gregg Thomas, tailor, 398 w Fayett* 
Gregg Wm. clerk, 137 L. Greene 
Gregor Bernard, tailor, 23 East 
Gregory Amos, gro. 210 s Charlc«, dw 220 
Gregory David, laborer, 160 s Wolfe 
Giegory H. D. tobacconist, 247 Light 
Gregory Henry N. painter, McElderry near 


Gregory Herman, laborer, 69 Cress 
Gregory John B. grocery, 199 s Charles 
Gregory John b. plasterer, 102 Hollins 
Gregory Jo^eph, carter, 402 Harford av 
Gregory Joseph, ship carpenter, 119 Gough 
Gregory Mary, 26 Chatsworih 
Gregory Thomas, cigar wiaker, 21 Wil- 
liamson al 
Gregory Wm. ship carpenter, 137s Eden 
Gregory Wm. plasterer, 102 H( liins 
Grehle Francis, laborer, 72 Portland 
Giehle Philip, shuemaker, 72 Portland 
Greilie Henry, tailor, 240 e Eager 
Greicery Frank, finisher, 236 Fraiiklin 
Grcif Levi, salesman, 229 Broadway 
Greifeiistein George, tailor, over s w cor. 

Pratt and Eulaw 
Greig Wm. carpenter, 14 Thames 
Greimer Andrew, wheelwright, Bank, near 

Central av 
Greiner Mrs. E. R. 262 Mulberry 
Greipner Henry, lab. 116 Lancaster 
Grell John, tailor, lb8 Cross 
Gremm Elias, barber, 190 e Monument 
Grendlemeyer J. car painter, 336 Mulberry 
Grennel Joseph, tailor, 71 Hampstead 
Grenzebach Henry, shoemaker, 228 s Sharp 
Greshofl Francis A. gold and silversmith, 

Wine, bet. Light and Charles 
Gresner I'heod. soldier, 354 William 
Grever Julius, shoemaker, 215 Henrieita 
Grew John, ropemaker, 354 Light 
Grewe Wm. blacksmith, 4 Thompson 
Grey Ezekiel, clerk, 153 Greenrnount av. 
Greyer Charles, lab. 389 s Eutaw 
Gribben Patrick, lab. 234 Columbia 
Giice Eli/a, 295 e Baltiiiiore 
Grice Joseph T. (Scott & G.) 295 e Balto. 
Gridley John & Co. lottery and exch, office, 

130 n Gay 
Grieneisen Adam, tailor, 74 s Eutaw 
Greis Joseph, boiler maker, 25 Penn. av 
Gries John, turner, 512 w Pratt 
Gries Leonard, shoemaker, 251 n Gay 
Grief David, rag dealer, 104 Lancaster 
Griet Michael, carpenter, 315 s Bond 
Griefzue Christian, tobacron. 333 Canton av 
Grier Eleanor, 187 n Howard 
Grier Dr. Wm. U. S. N. 187 n Howard 
Gneshaber Emanuel, 128 L. Greene 
Griesmer Henry, cabinet maker, 267 w 

Pratt, dw 478 Saratoga 
Griest Muses, lime and feed store, s w cor. 

Light and Perry dw 58 Hill 
Griest Moses, (Michael Dorsey & Co.) 58 

Griffeth Franklin, slater, 194 Montgomery 
Griffin Anthony, drayman, 239 Columbia 
Griffin Chas. H. butcher, 26 Greenrnount av 
Griffin Clara, 27 Edward 
Griffin Geo. millwright, 17 Armistead lane 
Griffin Geo. jr. machinist 226 Light 
Giiffin Geo. cabinet maker, Lee, near Fre- 
mont, dw Greene near Conway 
Griffin Geo. machinist, 226 Light 
Griffin Henry Clay, 20 s Howard 
Griffin Henrietta, 75 s Paca 
Griffin James, laborer, 31 w Chase 
Griffin James, shoemaker, 102 n Bond 
Griffin John, lab. 26 Calendar al 





Griffin John, plasterer, "259 Franklin 
Griffin Joseph, silverMniih, 211 Lexington 
Griffin Levi J. buu her, 1 13 Qough 
Griffin Luke, tavern, 10 P'ish Market space 
Griffin Michael, lab. 103 Vine 
Griffin Patrick, aailmaker. 34 President 
Griffin Richard, carpenter, G7 President 
Griffin Ruhert J. carpenter, 213 Barre 
Griffin Robert B. jr. bookkeeper, 96 n Paca 
Griffin Robi. E. carpenter, Hanover, oppo- 
site Dover, dw 178 s Eutaw 
Griffin Robert B. deal, boots, shoes, hats, 

caps and bonnets, over 17 s Charles, dw 

% n Paca 
Griffin Robt. plasterer, 24 McElderry 
Griffin Susanna, 102 n Bond 
Griffin Timoihv, 13 Comet 
Griffin Thos. W. magistrate 1st ward, 178 

s Broadway, dw Chester s of Pratt 
Griffin Wm. butcher, Washington near Bait. 
Griffing Daniel S. tobacconist and cigar 

dealer. 74 w B;il(imore 
GriffissMis. John I. cor of Baltimore and 

Central av 
Griffiss Sarah Ann, 36 Chesnut 
Grilfiss Thos. J. 2G n Front 
Griffith Albert G. (G. S. G. & Bro.) 18 

Griffith Allen, lab. 143 s Fremont 
Griffith Aleiai:der, ctoper, 19G Conway 
Griffith Catharine, clothier, 174 e Eager 
Griffith Ch;is. G. Judge Orphans Court and 

silversmith, 201 Raborg, dw3.s4 w Fayette 
Griffith Chas. clerk, 331 w Pratt 
Griffith Edv/. (Merryman & G.) 19 Armi- 

stead lane 
Griffith Eliz.ibeth, 21 Perry 
Griffiih Evelina, 19 Armisicad lane 
GRIFFITH G. S. & BRO. imp. and job. of 

carpets, &c. 77 w Baltimore 
Griffiih Goldsborough S. (G. S. Q. & Bro.) 

18 Hollins 
Griffith G. S. jr. clerk, 18 Hollins 
Griffith Henry, stone cutter, 53 n Fremont 
Griffith Henry, tailor, 162 e Eager 
Griffith Howard, 17 Mulberry 
Griffith Israel, s e cor Baltimore and Sharp, 

dw 43s Sharp 
Griffith James T. shoemaker, 80 Peirce 
Griffith Jerome, tavern, 223 Light 
Griffiih Capt. John, 04 Barre 
GRIFFITH JOHN A. merchant teilor, 187 w 

Baltimore, dw 40 n Front 
Griffith Capt. John R. .'ij Lee 
GRIFFITH J. HtnVARD, attorney at law, 

31 Lexington, Taney building 
Griffith Joseph A. slater, 6 Walsh 
Griffith Levi P. Thomsonian practitioner, 302 

e Monument 
Griffith I.,ewis P. bouse and sign painter, 355 

Griffith L. F. (Marriott & Co.) 1 Hanover 
Griffith Nicholas R. ^Edwd. Hyatt & Co.) 85 

w Monument 
Griffith Paul, gardener, n w cor Franklin and 

Griffith Robt. A. attorney at law, 17 St. Paul 

dw 350 w Lombard 
Griffith R. R. jr. com. merchant and dealer 

in fish, 13 .Mercer, dw 43 s Sharp 

Griffith Hichard H. 558 Lexington 
GRIFFITH R. R. sr. guano and phosphate 
of lime agent. Exchange place, dw 88 Mc- 
Griffith Samuel, hatter, 225 w Biddle 
Griffith Samuel G. miller, 42 w Biddle 
Griffith Teresa, 107 n Caroline 
Griffith Wm. 316 Forrest 
Griffith Wm. cedar cooper, 284 n Eutaw 
Griffith Wm. watchman, 24 St. Peter 
Griffiih Wm. B. 63 Greenmount ar 
Griffith Wm. H. (B. Crane & Co.) 17 Mul- 
Griffith "Wm. H. clerk, 389 w Fayette 
Griffith Wm. H. upholsterer and paper hang- 
er, 13 n Gay 
Griffith Wm. R. clerk, 81 McCulloh 
Grigg John, tailor, 280 n Central av 
Griggs George, pilot 8G Gough 
Griggs John J. machinist, 28 n Caroline 
Griggs Oscar, 86 Gough 
Griggs Wm. pilot, 144 s Bond 
Grill Christian, carver, Portland near Emory 
Grill John, cabinet maker, 05 Portland 
Grill John F. cabinet maker, 05 Portland 
Grill Peter, shoemaker, 72 Portland 
Grim Edward 0. carp. 45 n Poppleton 
Grim Francis, cabinet maker, 47 Harmony la 
Grim Wm. D. carp, dw 458 Lexington 
Grimes Charles E. cl«rk, 542 w Fayette 
Grimes Charles E. 164 n Calvert 
Grimes Elijah J. carpenter, 236 Preston 
Grimes James, 46 Hanover 
Grimes Jehiel, lab. 57 s Schroeder 
Grimes Josiah, 70 s Poppleton 
Grimes Richard, rigger, 149 s Washington 
Grimes Vinson, boatman, 116 s Caroline 
Grimm Rev. Christian F. 131 Gough 
Grimm Geo. cap maker, 251 Hanover 
Grimm Ludwick, tailor, 73 Regester 
Grindall J. J. cust. house officer, 97 n Eutaw 
Grindall John T. carp. 179 Montgomery 
Grinder Leonard, lab. (Jregon, nr Saratoga 
Grinenrayer Robt. coachsiuith, 28 Liberty al 
Grinnell Charles A. (G. & Jenkins,) 139 w 

Grinnell & Jenkins, wholesale dealers boots, 

shoos, hats, &c. 272 w Baltimore 
Grisselman James, shoemak. 166 s Greene 
Griswold Benj. B. teacher, 405 w Fayette 
Gritz Francis, cabinetmaker, 172 East 
Grivs Wm. turner, 154 s Charles 
Grob Wm. cap maker, 645 w Baltimore 
Groby Henry, laborer, 26 May 
Grocers" Exchange, s e cor Exchange Place 

and Commerce 
Groebel Charles, tinner, 90 Albemarle 
Groebel Francis, prof, music, 414 Lexington 
Groeble Francis, (G. & V'olkmar, ) Lexing- 
ton near Poppleton 
Groeble &. Volkmar, marquetry, 108 Penn- 
sylvania av. [See p. 55 A(ivtrlitfments.'\ 
Groener John, blacksmith, 87 Bank 
Groeninger George, furniture dealer, 127 n 

Groeninger Henry, tailor, 215 n Central av 
Groeninger John, shoemaker, 15 Courlland 
Groeninger Joseph, grocer, cor Fremont and 

Groff Lewis, saddler, 22 s Oregon 





Groff Wm. L. carpenter, 133 Hoflfmaa 

Grogan John, carpenter, 5 Rose 

Grogan James J. asst. engineer, Engineers' 

office, City Hall 
Groh Lornens, tailor, 22 President 
Groh Philip J. copper smelter, Aliceanna, 

Grohe George, tailor, 64 s Carey 
Groll Sylvester, grocery and liquor dealer, 

19*7 e Eager 
Groman Casper, 31 Carpenter al 
Gronau Edward, clothier, 300 s Bond 
Gronau Wm. tailor, 300 s Bond 
Groneberg Edward, jeweller, "70 e Baltimore 
Gronewell John, cooper, 75 William 
Gronewell Margaret, tavern, 104 s Howard 
Groom Edward, 111 Preston 
Groom Henry, salesman, 65 Boyd 
Groome Charles C. clerk, n e cor Baltimore 

and Calvert 
Grooms Charles E. plasterer, 238 Caroline 
Grooms Elizabeth, 263 n Gay 
Grooms Thomas, plasterer, 95 MuUikin 
Grooms Wm. H. plasterer, 95 Mullikin 
Grooms Wm. L. jr. plasterer, 111 e Madison 
Grooms Wm. sr. plasterer, 113 e Madison 
Gropp George, cooper, 86 Eastern av 
Gror Christian, porter, 34 Bank 
Grosbender Edward, finisher, 104 L. Greene 
Groscup Ann J. 30 e Pratt 
Grosehands Jacob, brewer, Frederick road, nr 

Snake hollow 
Grosh Eugene, sailmaker, 48 n Bond 
Groskopf Philip, tailor, Hanover nr Hamburg 
Groskopf Michael, cooper, 346 e Lombard 
Grosman Elizabeth, 213 e Eager 
Grosemick John, drayman, 149 s Eden 
Gross Armgate, shoemaker, 138 Argyle al 
Gross Frederick, cabinet maker, 254 n Cen- 
tral av 
Gross Jacob, inspect, of customs, 106 n High 
Gross John I. 99 Aisquith 
Gross Julius, cooper, 67 Perry 
Gross Lewis, clerk, 85 Harford av 
Gross Peter, mason, 211s Paca 
Gross Wm. mason, 211s Paca 
Gross Wm. H. carpenter, 251 Mulberry 
Gross Wm. J. tinner, 208 w Fayette 
Gross Wm. S. com. mercht. 204 Harford av 
Grosscors Herman, book keeper, 165 German 
Grossenp George, laborer, 247 Bethel 
Grote John, tailor and clothier, 102 n Gay 
Groth Henry, barber, 272 s Ann 
Grothaus Christian, tailor, 165 e Lombard 
Grothaus George F. merchant tailor, 1 e Bal- 
timore, dw 243 
Grothe Christian, 40 Somerset 
Grotjahn Mrs. Agnes, worsted and fancy 

store, 417 w Baltimore 
Grour John, tailor, 55 Gough 
Grous John, cooper, 72 Leadenhall 
Groushaufer Emanuel, upholst. 128 s Greene 
Grove Daniel, inspector at custom house, 24 

s High 
Grove Francis, bookkeeper, Balto. nrBond 
Grove Francis, grocer and prov. dealer, 8 and 

10 Penna. av, dw 110 n Greene 
Grove Jacob F. clerk, 259 e Baltimore 
Grove James J. 188 Pearl 
Grove & Henry, me rchan t tailors, 4 St. P aul 

Grove Martin, carp. 185 Constitution 
Grover Charles Gustavus, 218 e Monument 
Grover Jacob, trunnel maker, 383 e Eager 
Grover Leonard, B. 119 Camden 

com. mercht. 54 South, dw n e cor Charles 

and Eager 
Groverman Henry, 2 n Carey 
Groves Charlotte Ducket, 106 Pine 
Groves Eliza A. vest maker, 180 Montgomery 
Groves George W. police, 124 Johnson 
Groves Capt. Wm. H. 105 s Wolfe 
Grub Charles, grocery, 433 Lexington 
Grubb George W. cedar coop. 421 w Balto 
Grubb Henry, clerk, 93 Orleans 
Grubb John, cedar cooper, 18 Preston 
Grubb John, engineer, 161 Hollins 
Grubb Richard B. mor. dresser, 93 Orleans 
Grubb Samuel, mariner, 93 Orleans 
Grubb Wra. A. clerk, B. & 0. R. R. 179 Lee 
Grubb W. A. plane maker, 260 Mulberry 
Grubbs Thos. B. com. prov. mercht. 6 Bow- 

ly's whf, dw2 Henrietta 
Gruber Felix, carpenter, 2 Lanvale 
Gruber Jacob, jeweler, 71 Orleans 
Grueninger John, 45 n Paca 
Gruetter Frederick L. oak cooper, 312 Mont- 
gomery, dw 210 Sharp 
Gruis Alphonse, poet, 7 New 
Gruissinger C. S. barber, 54 s Howard 
Grugh John, baker, 160 Dallas 
Grugle Thomas, laborer, 4 McKim 
Grunbine Emanuel tinner, 105 Pearl 
Grundgrieper Christian, upholsterer, 428 w 

Grundrum W. 0. boot fitter, 229 n Caroline 
Grunebaum Joshua, clothier, 64 Aisquith 
Grunebaum M. baker, Orleans 
Grunebaum Marcus, clothier, 319 w Pratt 
Grunebaum Mark, clothier, 134 w Pratt, dw 

64 Hanover 
Grunebaum Samuel, dry goods dealer, 204 s 

Gruner George, cabinet mak. 31 Albemarle 
Grunewalet Samuel, second hand clothing 

dealer, 137 Conway 
Grunsbaum Isaac, clothier, Pratt, dw 97 e 

Grunter John Henry, shoemak. 441 Saratoga 
GRUPY FRANCIS H. hide and leath. deal. 

42 s Calvert, dw 226 Aisquith 
Gruscup John, boiler maker. 111 William 
Gruth Jacob, shoemak. Henrietta nr Fremont 
Gruver & Costolay, cedar coopers, 120 and 

148 Franklin 
Gruver George W. (G. & Costolay,) 274 

Gruver Wm. H. lieut. western district police, 

dw 111 Pearl 
Guaut Samuel, huckster, 7 Aisquith 
Guass Henry, carpenter, 57 Preston 
Guckert John, lumber wagoner, 136 s Eden 
Guckert John jr. carpenter, 136 s Eden 
Gude Frederick, milkman, near cor Franklin 

and Schroeder 
Gude Justus C. grocery, 67 German 
Guentzerode Ferdinand, tailor, 8 New Church 
Guerand Francis, French dyer, 124 n Howard 
Guest J. Wesley, bookkeeper Bank of Com- 
merce, dw 156 w Lombard 





Guest Miihala C. boarding house, 156 w 

Guest Richard S. salesman, 3G-t w Fayette 
Guest Samuel, rciil estate broker, 140 w 

Guest W'm. hatter, 8S Hill 
Gudsuiuth Jacob, rag dealer, 85 Bank 
Guggeuheimer Samuel, 109 e Lombard 
Guider John F. tailor, 193 e Madison 
Guild Chas. II. book keeper, 123 Camden 
Guildener Hannah, 58 n Liberty 
Guiuzburg Rev. Dr. Aaron, prof. German, 

101 .Mulberry 
GUITEAUKev. SHERIDAN, agentfor Sun- 
day School and Tract Depository, 73 w 
Fayette, dw Baltimore county. ^Seep. 53 
Guiton Francis, 58 Lexington 
Gullet Thomas, laborer, 58 (Jhina al 
Guiiider Anion, lailor, 'S6 Park 
Gulrick Conrad, plumber, 118 Lancaster 
Gulrick Matthias, laborer, 118 Lancaster 
Gulroy John, ship carp. 332 Eastern av 
Gumbert Joseph, tailor, 100 Ensor 
Gumbert Nicholas, gardener, Scott, near 

Gummel Gotleib, carp. 497 Penna. av 
Gump .Mary, dry goods deal. 170 e Baltimore 
Oi-mp Samuel, teacher, 71 e Lombard 
oump Simon, pedler, 176 e Baltimore 
liiimpman Charles, paver, 20 Preston 
Gumpmau Georgs, laborer, 5 Fi-eniont 
Gumpman John, mason, 025 Penna. av 
Gumpuian Michael, wagoner, 38 .Morris al 
Gunby Capt. Francis A. 281 e Lombard 
Gunby James \V. mariner, 128 s Ann 
Gunby Joseph D. mariner, 128 s Ann 
Gunby Maria, 128 s Ann 
Guudelach \Vm. sailor, 133 n Bond 
Gundell John, turn, wagon, 91 Harrison 
Gundell Lainhart, cooper, 90 York 
Gander Francis, laborer, Washington road 

near Carey 
Gunder Jacob, stone cutter, 60 n Eutaw 
Gunderholf Peter, milkman, 821 w Pratt 
Gundersdorf Christian, boot and shoe mak. 

277 Saratoga 
GUNDERSUEIMER J. clothier, 231 w Pratt 
GUNDINA LUUIS, prop. Girard House, 74 

8 Eutaw 
Gunelach Conrad, shoemaker, 145 Columbia 
Gunelach Geo. shoemaker, 145 Columbia 
Gunn Ann, 172 Columliia 
Gunn Bernard, laborer, 172 Columbia 
Gunn John, sawyer, 4 Slenimcr's al 
Gunn Dr. John P. 290 .Madison av 
Gunn .Michael, brickmaker, 172 Columbia 
Gunnell Wm.T. coach trimm. 28 Thomjison 
Gunnison Wm. com. merchant, G3 Exchange 

Place, dw 213 Hoffman 
Gunsclman Adam, shocmak. 170 Canton av 
Gunter Charles, carpenter, I.,ec, nr Fremont 
GUNTIIER CONKAD,, 183 e Balto 
Gunther F. cabinet maker, 150 Ilaborg 
Gunther (Jeorge. tailor, 09 Ilampstead 
GUNTHER JOSEPH, .stevedore, 53 Buchan- 
an's whf, dw cor Howard and .Mulberry 
Gunther L. \V. general com. mercht. and to- 
bacco factory, 90 w Lombard, dw 627 w 

Gunther Wm. piano maker, 150 Raborg 
Gurgand Theodore, grocer, 145 e Lombard 
Guriey John, hack ilrivei, 32 Chaisworih 
Gurley Wm. grocery. 130 En.-ior 
Gurry James, 32 Chaiswwrih 
Guriler Francis, lager beer, 102 Thames 
Gusdorff Alex, dry goods ileal. G41 w Balti- 
Gusdurii Bernard, dry goods dealer, 653 w 

Gu>man Lewis, gunsmith, Barre near Fre- 
Guichalk Adolph, cooper, 202;? Durham 
Guihlein Michael, giy goods dealer, 226 s 

Broadway ,. ,- 

Guihrie Joseph, police, 141 Vfashi^a^mn 
Gutinan E. dry goods dealei , 56 En.sor 
Giilinaii Joel, diy goud-s dealer, 2!> n Eutaw 
Guiiiian Moses & Co. clothiers, 331 w Bal- 
Guiwald Michael, laborer, 184 s Eden 
Guttermuih Gephart, coniectiouer, rear 73 

Giittert George L, tallow chaiidr. -27 Biirea 
Guilsinan Cliaile.s, tailor, 200 Chcsiiui 
Guy Andrew, clerk, 38 Jo.sephine 
Guy Elizabeth, 186 n Exeter 
Guy Isaac, milKinan, 175 Constitution 
Guy Jane, 16 Stiles 
Guy James, drayman, 46 n Bond 
Guy John, jr. pro|)r. Monument House, U, 

13 and 15 n Calvert 
Guy Lfwi.s, shoemaker, 160 n Caroline 
Guy Moses, shipcarpenier, 16 Stiles 
Guy Robert, dry goods dealer, s w cor Park 

and Lexington 
Guy Wm. ship carpenter, SSlemmer al 
Guyer David, coachmaker, 31 ii Schroeder 
Guyer George, cabinet mk. 21)7 Central av 
Guyer John J. bootmaker, 7li Foriest 
Guyhene Alex, iron woiker, i'27 Aliceanna 
Guyther Henry, pilot, 118 e Pratt 
Guyion Abraham, carpenter, Eagle hotel, 

132 Hillen 
Guyton Beale S.(G.& Hyde)24» w Lombard 
Guyion C. (Guyton & Maittiews.j S.i Chew 
Guyion & Hytle, dry goods mis. 02 Hanover 
Guyion &, Matthews, grocer.^, n e cor. Cen- 
tre Market and Fish Market spaces 
Guytun J(;hn, colkctor, 83 Chew 
Gu\ ton Wm. fur dealer, 78 n Howard 
GWINN CHARLES J M. aiioriiey,4l St. 
Paul, dw s w cor. Monument A St. Paulj 
Gwinn Chas. H. machini.-'t. 21 n Schroeder 
Gwinn Capt. Joseph, 52 s Spring 
Gwinn James R, clerk, 77 Camden 
Gwyn Charles W. clerk, Malibv house 
Gwyii John R (Cnpnm & G ) (i()!t w Fayette 
Gwynn Mrs. Eliza, 75 n Cliailes 
Gys Joseph, jeweler, 42 Harrison 

Haar FIkh.mann, clothier, 115 n Howard 
Haas Valentine, pedler, 3s Albemarle 
llaa<; John, shoemaker, 10 s C-cniral av 
llabbcrseil Win. carp. 135 Green .Mi. av 
Habberinehl Henry, teacher. l!>5Snraioga 
llaberkamb John, millstone cutter, 61) East- 
ern av 
Haberland Ruppert, shoemaker, 7fi Penn. av 
Habenhausen John, grocery, (M President 



JOHN W. woods' 


Habighaust Fredk. sugar refiner, 93 e Pralt 

HaOic ivuuiiiz, tailor, 279 Light 

Hable Lewis, sexton, 4/ VVuison 

Hable Herman, {;rucer, i:Jrt Oileans 

Hable Wiii. cailer, 2:9 Light 

H:iblision John M. cashier. Sun office, dw 

Franklin Inn, cor High and Hillen 
Hachnii Geoige, barbei, 73 n Fremont 
Hachcmeister Heury, cabinet nmlser, ir.2 

Hachtel Christian, shoemalier, 37 s Paca 
Hachtel George, grocer, l()7 0rchaid 
Hachtel John L. grocery, H Biiine 
Hachiel Leonard, shoem;iker, 22 Jasper 
Hachteil John C. bookkeeper, 22 Jasper 
Hack Andrew A. &, \Vm. A. pro\ ision 

dealers, 36 n Howard, dw 321 Lexm^ ton 
Hack& Ffiizier, provision and commis.s.on 

merchants, :i79 w Baltimore 
Hack Frederick A. (H & Frazier,) 32t 

Hack Geoige W. clerk. Western hotel 
Hack H. C. shoemaker, 178 Baltimore 
Hack Henty, shoemaker, lOli w Fayette 
H;ick Henty C. clerk, U)6 w Fayette 
Hack & Klaunhurg, importers of cigars 

brown linen, &c. 61 s Gay 
Hick Oliver H. attorney, 7 Counsellor',- 

hall, Lexington, dw 74 Lexinoion 
Hacker Andrew, tavern, 3H2 Saratoga 
Hacker Henry, propr. oyster saloon, 178 t 

Hacker John C. shoemaker, 630 Light 
Hacker John, porier, 46 Preston 
Hackennan Robert, upholsterer, 19 Grain 
Hacket Jas. (Brehitie & Co.) 43 CourilaiK 
HacKett Patrick, laborer, 55 Carpenter a 
biackett Hannah, 16 Mulberry 
Hackett John, watchman, 69 n Spring 
Hackey Jas. carter, Hanover near Cross 
Hackie John, stableman, 95"J w Baliimon 
Hackman Lewis, giocer, 425 Saratoga 
M.ickney Eleanor, 93 Ross 
Hndauav Albfri, ^nilor. 177 s Ceniral a^ 
Hadaway Jas. H. (Floyd & H.) Bethel near 

Hadaway Jas. H. junk dealer, cor Hillen 

;irid Cticsnut 
Hadaway Elizabeth, 83 Gough 
Hadaway Oakley, bricklayer, 83 Gonsrh 
Hadaway & Reckert, tobacco merchants, 

63 Camden 
Hadaway Wm. (H. & Reckert) 106 s Eutaw 
Haddock Jas. huckster, 8 Dewberry al 
Jlrulcl Will. cleik,ool w Fayette 
Hadley Mar;;aret, l-29Aisquith 
Haetfler Nicholas, cooper, 14 Thames 
Hii'lkn (Ji-cr-ze, inihn, 173 Hanover 
Haenkamp Wm. piano maker, 3 State 
Haenlein John, piano maker, 125 Franklin 
II e-- Uonraii, grocery, 45 Albemarle 
Haes Ciniiad, cor Eden and Hampstead 
iri.'tbM RndMlpl,, lahorer, 268 s Bond 
Hafelkorn Wm. mutfician, 246 Hanover 
Ha II .inhn, tailor, 170 Slirling 
Hagan Ann, huckstress, Welch al near 

Hngan Charles, plasterer, 200 Lee 
Hagan Charles, tavern, 74 French 
Hasan Daniel, digger, Chester s of Bait 

Hagan Hugh, carter, 1 Centre 
Hagan Dennis, weaver, 175 Feirce 
HAGAN JOHN H. bottling e.-tablishment, 

4 Water, dw 132 n Howard 
Hagan James, tavern, 1 w Biddle 
tlagan James, carpenter, c^r. Bank and 

Central av 
Hagan John, cigar maker, Warner near 

C ross 
Hagan John, blacksmith, 73 French 
Hagan Michael, laborer, 33 China al 
Hagan Michael, milkman, Cotton row, s of 

Boston, Canton 
Hagan Owen, laborer, 5 Bank 
Hagan Peter, tailor, 122 s Charles 
Hagan Peter, shoemaker, 95 Harford av 
Hagan P. O., grocer, n e cor. Ensor and 

Chesnut, dw Farmer's hotel, cor. Hillen 

and Forrest 
Hagan Wm. T. huckster, 23 Morris al 
Hagel Herman, shoemaker, 340 s Bond 
Hagelen Anthony, laborer, 321 s Charles 
Hagelin John, 54 Bethel 
Hageman Louis, cabinet mak. 74 s Eutaw 
Hagenheim Henry, carpt. 27 Guiltord al 
Hager August, tailor, 46 L. Pleasant 
Hager George W. carp. 176 e Monument 
Hager Jacob, cooper, 126 Orleans 
Hiiger John, 499 w Fayette 
Hagerich George, piano mak. Henrietta nr 

Hagerty Andrew, paper hang. 43 Forrest 
Hagerty James, laborer, 33 e Monument 
Hagerty John, bricklayer, 113 Low 
Hagerty John, 32 e Lombord 
Hagerty J. S. (Keen &lH.) 52 Fawn 
Hagerty Michael, labr. Cannon, Canton 
Hagerty Michael, hackman, 48 s Poppleton 
Hagerty Susan, 48 Raboig 
Hagerty Wm. miller, 136 Holiday 
Hagger & Bro. mathematical instrument 

makers, cor. Pratt and Spear's wharf 
Haggerty Chas. E. clerk, -^99 w Fayette 
Hagger "John W. (H.& Bro.)499 w Fayette 
Haggert Fiancis, laborer, 215 e Pratt 
Haggerty James S. tinner, 32 Granby 
Haggerty Levi, cooper. Bethel btw Orleans 

and Jefferson 
Haggerty Michl. blacksmith, 33 Brunswick 
Haggerty Palik. blacksmith, 33 Brunswick 
Haggon John, nail maker, 8 Little 
Haginston John, labr. 79 s Poppleton 
H.igner Adam, boiler mak. 8 Armisiead la 
Hagner Charles, machinist, 9 Rock 
Hagner Fredk. stone cutter, 405 w Pralt 
Hagner Wm. machinist, n w cor Schroeder 

and Boyd 
Hagner Wm. machinist, 513 w Lombard 
Hague James G. clerk. High near Hillen 
Hahn Charles, shoemaker, 228 s Charles 
Hahii Ferdinand, tailor, 107 w Lombard 
Hahn George L. varnisher, 1 Paca ct 
Hahn George, laborer, 104 s Spring 
Hahn Hammond, tailor, 56 Portland 
Hahn Henry, blacksmith, 165 Henrietta 
Hahn Henry, carpet weaver, Watson 
Hahn Henry, 501 w Baltimore 
Hahn Henry, furnit. wagon. 192 Eastern av 
Hahn Henry, cabinet maker, 405 w Balti- 





Il.ihn Henry, butcher, 124 Miillikin 
1 lahn Jdiii). paver 1:20 Eisleiii nv 
n ihn JdIiii VV. sn^aibikLM , t)3 n Lil>erty 
}I:ihn John, lahorei, fi Half Wonn al 
Harm Jnlin, cih)[)i.t, liti w Lninhartl 
Hihn John, shoemaker, TlJ Penna av 
llahn John & Daniel, teachers, 501 w Bal- 
Mihi) Liulwisr, tailor, .'5!^ All)pinarle 
llTlin Le^^is, varnnher, 31M Saratoga 
Hahn Lewis, •.rocer, 16 Parkin 
Flahn Lorenzo, cabinet maker, 4 Jasper 
Hahn Michael, tanner, 101 Eastern av 
Hnhn Otto, clerk, (>:} Caindcn 
Hahn Peter, 18 Abbot 
llahn VVm. bricklayer, 1 Baker'.s ct 
Hahn Wji. grocer, Itj Te>sier 
Hahn Win. butcher, 1-21 Mnllikin 
Hahnbauin Mrs. E. R. teacher, 309 Sara- 
Hahneinan Lewi-, turner, Frederick road 

near Snake hollow 
Hahnerinan Frederick, turner, 15 Sierrett 
HAIG GEORGE H. hosierv & trimmings 

store. 1211 w Baltimore, dw 38 n Calvert 
Haig JainesM. (J. M. H.&Co.) Barnum's 

Haig James M. & Co. importers and mnn- 
ut'actnrers ladies' dress ttimmings and 
mantillas, QaH w Baltimore 
Haight Grover, trader, III) Ensor 
Hain Christian, tailor, 200 Monigomery 
Hain Christopher, confectioner, 24:{ East- 
ern av 
Haiues Benjamin F. hardware dealer, 1(50 

Franklin, dw 31.') w Favene 
Ilaines Catharine, 41 Hillen 
Haines Capt. Frederick, TJT William 
Haines Mrs. Louisa, 40 n Popjdeton 
Haines Robert L. lottery vender, 219 East- 
ern av 
Hakesley George VV. clerk, 333 n Gay 
Hakesley Win. J. carpenter, 33S n Gay 
Halbach C culler & hardw. deal. 94 n Gay 
Halbert Mary Ann, 38 n Caroline 
Halbeng Herman, basket maker, 375 n Gay 
Halbritter Francis, tobacconist, 247 Canton 

Helblach Nicholas, tailor, 258 e Pratt 
Hale Annie M. 81 s Howard 
Hale Chas W. policeman, York nr. Charles 
Hale David D. clerk, bi) Ais(|uiih 
Hale G'-orge C. jirincipal St. Peter's Prot. 

E;'is. Free School, 27 German 
Hale James, bricklayer, 109 Columbia 
Hale John, coachsmiih, 22 St. Mary 
Hale Capt. Philip M. mariner, 5!) Ai-q :ith 
Hale Weslev, biicklaver, 100 Columbia 
Hales Capt.'vVashiiigiMii R. 31 Neighbor 
Hales VVm. J. mariner, 33 Arbel al 
Haley Ann, boarding house, 127 s Ann 
Halev Dennis, tailor, 16 Fr>'nch 
Haley Diiiicl, laborer, 44 Fountain 
ilalcy Michael, Chapel near Pratt 
Halfp'iiny Samuel W. 1 .borer, H3 R''gesier 
Hall Aaron, carpenter, 223 e Monument 
Hall ,'\lex. brickhis'er, 239 Aiscjiiith 
HALL AM AHA C. agi. Cromwell's steam 
ship line, IK! Spear's wharl, dw 250 w 
Lombard. — [See p 5 Mverliseinenls.] 

HALL CARTER A.& T. merchs. 
4 Camden, dw C. A. H. 220 w Lombard 
Hall Caihanne, 3H Edwards 
Hall Chas.G. (J. G. Harvey & Co.) 17 n 

Hall Edward, fire proof safe mk. 1N7 n Eden 
Hall E Iward, finisher, 344 >• Lombard 
Hill Edward C salesman, Ki s Calvert 
Hall E. a. blackMnith, 318 William 
Hall Eliza S. 4.5 Le.xingion 
Hill Elias, shoemaker, 182 n E.xeter 
Hall Elizabeth, 71 Chapel 
Hall Ezercus. boiler maker, 13(1 Hanover 
Hall Francis J shoemaker, 3t)2 n Ciay 
Hall Francis I), painter, 241! e Baliimore 
Hall Freeborn, waterman. 224 e Madi-on 
Hall Freeborn G. pilot, Madison nr Eden 
Hall George H. cleik, 02 Albemarle 
Hall Geo. H. M. bookkeeper, 62 Alhemarle 
Hall Geo. W. S. & Co. merh--. 65 Second 
Hall George W. S. (G. VV. S. H. & Co.) 49 

Hall George H. cedar cooper, 42 Cider al 
Hall George, traveling agi. 21 Jackson 
Hall George, shoemaker, 223 n Bond 
Hall Henrv W. brakesman, 226 Preston 
Hall Capt. Henrv, mil iner, 3(»1 e Baltimore 
Hall Hester, CO s Bond 
Hall Henry, plasfrer, 172 n Caroline 
Hall I-aac'C. 33 s Caroline 
Hall Israel, clerk, 230 n Caroline 
Hall Jac- T. cleik post olHce, 18 sPoppleton 
Hall J. B. 23 n Calvert 
Hall James, 323 e Baltimore 
Hail James P. 2d book-keeper Merchanis' 

bank, dw 48 Lexington 
Hall James B. shoemaker, 32") e .Monument 
Hall James, laborer, 1 Henrietta 
Hall James, organ builder, .52 George 
Hall James, (Freeland, Hall & Co.) 7 w 

Hall Dr. James, colonization agent, 65 

Second, dw 49 Mulberry 
Hall Jame-^ B. shoemaker, 17 Liberty al 
Hall Mrs. Jas. boarding house, (14 n Gay 
Hall Job Henry, policeman, 129 Hamburg 
Hall .lohn, plasterer, 54 Harf)rd av 
Hall John H. a.sst weiylier Custom house, 

24 4 e Biddle 
Hall John, mariner, 8() Hamburg 
Hall John, grocery, 1(12 n Caroline 
Hall John H. rope maker, Harford av near 

Point la 
Hall Jtdin W. prevision store. 19 n Caroline 
Hall John II. painter, 2H s Charles 
Hall John H. jr. porter, 241 Biddle 
Hall John H. jr. huckster, 152 e Eager 
Hall Joseph, properiv agent. 137 .Mulberry 
Hall Joshua, shoemaker, 172 s Greene 
Hall Joshua M. purser in Navy, 323 e Bal- 
Hall Kinney, mariner, .50 n Dallas 
HALL & LONEY, general cm. and ship- 
ping merchanis, 5(> Hnchanan's wharf 
Hall Levin J. barkeeper, 73 n High 
Hall Moses, .-lone culler, 213 HoHinan 
Hall Nathaniel, 75 n Caroline 
Hall Owen D. shoemaker, 79 Somerset 
Hall Richard, cabinet mk. I9t'i e Baltimore 
Hall Richard H. shoemaker, \G'.i Ais(|iiiih 





Hall Robert L. tavern, 83 McElderry's whf 

dw 252 e Madison 
Hall Robert, jr. clerk, 61 South 
Hall Robert, lottery vender, 252 e Madison 
Hall Robert, merchant tailor, Rechabite hall, 

dw 308 Aisquith 
Hall Susanna, U6 Chew 
Hiill S. clerk, 83 Saratoga 
Hall Saml. laborer, Harford avnr Point la 
Hall Samuel, carpenter, 301 Light 
Hall Sophia, confectioner, 2.56 s Ann 
Hall Sarah R. 181 n Fremont 
Hall Susan & Carjline F. academy, 96 e 

HiUMis^ S. 172 n Eulaw 
Hall Thoma-, carpenter, Barre nr Fremont 
Hall Thos. H. (Carter A. & T. H. H.) 220 

w Lombard 
Hall Thomas W., 82 w Fayette, 

dw 38 Mount Vernon place 
Hall Thcw. E. leath dresser, 100 s Caroline 
Hall Thomas J. carter, 36 William 
Hall Thomas I & Co. tobacco and general 
commission merchants, over 143 w Pratt, 
dw T. [ H. Anne Arundel co 
HALL THOMAS W. stock & bill broker, 

51 Second, dw. 38 Mount Vernon place 
Hall Thomas W. jr.(Chas. G. Kerr & Co.) 

3A Mount Vernon place 
Hall Mrs. T. laundry, 132 n Caroline 
Hall Wells R. clerk, s w cor. Washington 

and Lombard 
Hall Walter, clerk, 51 Lexington 
Hall Wm. S. varnisher, 50'.) Saratoga 
Hall Wm. Henry, printer, 49 n Eden 
Hall Win. E. pattern maker, 230 n Caroline 
Hall Wm. tinner, 193 n Caroline 
Hall Wm. T. tailor, 32 Elisor 
Hall Wm. C. clerk, 144 w Biddle 
Hall Wm. Taylor, (H.&Loney,) 45 Lex- 
Hail Wm. P. shoemaker, 325 e Monument 
Hall Wm. W. produce broker. Exchange 

place, dw 103 Conway 
Hallar Abner, carpenter, 1G8 German 
Halle Conrad, cigar maker, 9H Warner 
Halle Henry, porter, 74 Portland 
Halle Simon H. tailor, 131 Frankiin 
Haller Frances, milliner. Ill w Baltimore 
Hallet John T. clerk, 61 Stirling 
Hallnrk Zerubabel,deal. in paper hangings, 

264 n Gay 
Halpen Tiiomas, laborer, 1.53 Aliceanna 
Hallamyer John, tailor, 2.57 Caroline 
Hallamyer Joseph, tailor, 257 Caroline 
Hallwig Bruno, gilder, 200 Montgomery 
Hillwig Gustav. tailor, 200 Montgomery 
Hallwig 0<car, painter, 200 Montgomery 
Halmayer Matilda, grocery, I Buren 
Halsiead John, bark mill, 79 e Monument, 

dw 1h7 Forrest 
Halton Margaret, erocerv, 3(14 Monument 
HAM & CUSHING, importers and whole- 
sale dealers in watches and jewelry, over 
263 w Baltimore 
Ham John F. carpenter, 110 Regester 
Hamal Henry, locksmith, 5t) Rnborg 
Haman Elizabeth, grocery, 75 Albeinarle 
Haman James, 75 Albemarle 
Haman John, butcher, Choptank nr Fayette 

Hamann John, grocer, 21 Goush 
Hambler John, shoemaker, GO French 
Hambleion John A. & Bro. wholesale dry 

goods dealers, 269 w Baltimore 
Hambleton J. (John A H. & Bro.) 294 

Hambleton &. Perry, sailmkrs. 6 Bowly's al 
Hambleton Thomas B. (H. & Perry) 97 e 

Hambleton Thomas E. 27 Calhoun 
Hambleton T. Edward, (Jno. A. H & Bro.) 

307 Lexington 
Hambleton T. E. jr. (John A. H. & Bro.) 

cor. Charles and Pleasant 
Hamburg John, laborer, 20 Hamburg 
Hamburg Manas, clothier, 237 s Broadway 
Hamburg Solomon, tailor, Broadway near 

Hamburger A. dry good.s deal. 169 n Gay 
Hamburger Abraham, shoemaker, 78 n 

Hamburger Francis, cooper, 125 s Spring 
Hamburger Laac. clothiei, 185 s Broadway 
Hamburger Kaufman, (H. K. & Co.) 20 e 

Hamburger K. & Co. clothiers, 72 w Pratt, 

and 30 Centre Market space 
Hamburger Louis, (H. K. & Co.) 20 east 

Hamburger Lazarus, dry goods dealer, 185 

e Pratt 
Hamburgers, dry goods deal. 171 n Eutaw 
Hamel Adam, cooper, 39 James lane 
Hamel Dr. Earnest F. 227 s Bond 
Hamel Frederick, laborer. Plum alley near 

Hamel George, b^ker, 42 Portland 
Hamell Patrick, grocery, 10 Dugan's whf 
Hamer Sophia, grocery, 68 Harford av 
Hamer William H laborer, 60 Chew 
Hamer Wm. H. ladies' boot and shoemak. 

51 Hanover 
Hamill Alexander, 250 Aisquith 
Hamill Alex. jr. miller, 144 n Central av 
Hamill Bernard, grocery, 38 Chew 
Hamill & Cu. bakers, s e cor. Monument 

and Biitton 
Hamill Jacob, (H & Co.) s e cor- Monu- 
ment and Briiton 
Hamill James H. clerk, 7 Holland 
Hamill John, laborer, 196 Columbia 
Hamill Patrick, laborer, 89 Richmond 
Hamill Robert, 2.i0 Aisquith 
Hamill Robert, shoemaker, 150 n Eden 
Hamill Thomas, tavern, 58 North 
Hamill William J clerk Court Common 

Pleas, 101 Aisquith 
Hamill Wiliam V. Ill n Caroline 
Hamilton Charles, clerk, 16 Comet 
Hamilton Charles R. tavern, 25 Concord 
Hamilton Caleb B. carp. 168 McHenry 
Hamilton Caleb B. jr. carpenter, 168 Mc- 
Hamilton Mrs. Eliza, female physician, 6 

s Poppleton 
Hamilton Geo. agent, dw Broaders' Wash- 

ingiim hotel 
Hamilton Geo.W. tobacconist, 184 Light-st 

wharf, dw 176 s Sharp 
Hamilton Rev. George D. 286 Elarford av 




Hamilton Hugh, bricklayer, 47 Boyd 
Hamilton Huph, contractor, 539 w Balto. 
Ilamiliun Jas. bacon cut. 197 e Monument 
Hamilti n Dr. James, 119 n Gay 
Hamilton Jn<. B. painter, I'M e Monument 
Hamilton James, clerk, t* Hill 
Hamilton James, milk dealer, n e cor. Bal- 
timore anil Gilmor 
Hamilton Jas. dravman, 9.') Mi.EKlerry 
Hamilton John, painter, 1!> Ogsion 
Hamilion J( hn, laborer, 71 Perry 
Hnmilion John, iaboier, (■)62 w Piatt 
Hamilion John, millstone mak. 69 Eastern 

nRmilk)n John, machinist, 112 Dolphin 
Ha.Tiilton John, hostler, 355 Columbia 
Hamilion John, tailor, 53 n Exeler 
Hamilion John, ice dealer, John near Res- 
Hamilton John, wenver, 113 Peirce 
Hamilton Juhn, ^hip carp. '-.69 > Bond 
Hamilion John, chair maker, 13 Mott 
Hamilion Jos. E carp 263 Central av 
Hamilton Ji)sepli, cellar digr. 539 w Balto. 
Hamilion Mary J. teacher. 139 Cathedral 
Hamilton Mary C. 04 Counland 
Hamilton Marg:aret 51 n Frederick 
Hamilion Mrs. M. A. milliner, 67 w Fayette 
Hamilton Rebecca R. 46 George 
Hamili(jn Robert, grocer, 70 Camden 
Hamilion Robert, carpenter, 113 Vine 
Hamilton Silas M. "277 vv Lombard 
Hamilion Thomas, carter. 174 Siirling 
Hamilhin Rev. \Vm. 1>^5 Franklin 
ney, 7 Coiirtland, dw 79 Mulberry 
Hamilton Wm. auction and commission 

merchani, 177 w Pratt 
Hamilton Wm. watchman, 130 Garden 
Plamlen Wm. seaman, 38 Henrietta 
Hamlin Rev. B B. 95 s High 
Hamin Emanuel, miller, Calverton mills 

Hammack Geo. M. shoemaker, 309 n Gay 
Ilamman Anthony, (Oslendorf & H.) 23 

Hamme Mrs. Marcell, 12S e Fayette 
Hainmel Philip, shoemaker, 63 French 
HaiTimei Wm. dravman, 57 French 
Hnmmelburirer Ferdinand, 194 William 
Haminen James, brake.-man, 2.'{H Mulberry 
Hammer .Andrew, whip maker, 7 Humes 
Hiinmer John A. hat and cap store, 104 

Franklin, dw n Howard ni Madison 
Hammer John, laborer, 28 n Schroeder 
HA.M.MER, LEIB & CO. coal dealers, 
67 Second, and n w cor. Paca and Ger- 
man — [Step. 2^) Mvfrtisementi.] 
Hammer Mrs. .Marv, 138 Pearl 
Hammer Peier, millwright, 52 Orchard 
Hammer Peter G. book keeper, 138 Pearl 
Hammerbacker Daniel, cooper, rear of 1035 

w Pratt 
Hammerbacker Litih. cooper, nr. Plum al 
Hammerboahr Martin, cooper, 74 Leaden- 
Hammerding Frederick, grocery, 1 Ches- 

nut al 
Hammerslaugh, Lewis, dry goods merchnt. 
155 Lexington 

H A M \1 ERSLEY DAVID L. confectioner, 

216 Le-xinglon 
Hammeit John R clerk, 92 e Fayetie 
Hammill Peter, teamster, Calverton mills 

near Almshouse 
Hammon C'harles, 262 w Fayette 
Hammon Johanna, seamstress, 173 n Fr«- 

Hainmond Angelica, 59 Hillen 
Hammond Aiwell, carpenter, inc s Bond 
Hammonil Charles H. clerk Western B;>nk, 

dw 55 ('allied ral 
Hammond David, hack driv. 10 Richmond 
Hammond Eliza, 118 Pearl 
Hammond Francis, 2H2 Ann 
Hammond George W. carpenter, 402 w 

Hammon.! Geo. G. clerk, 779 w Baltimore 
Hammond Henry, carp. 61 Ensor 
Hammond Henry P. (H. 8t Smith) 61 

Hammond John, carter, 81 Orchard 
HAMMOND JOHN D. saddler and har- 
ness maker, 355 w Baltimore, dw 324 w 
Hammond John A. conductor P. W. St B. 

R. R. 17 JackM)n 
HnmmondJohn L. (John L. H. «fe Son) 49 

Hammoiicl J.ihn S. bricklayer, 202 s Ann 
HAMMOND JOHN L. &. SON, brokers 
and commission agents, Bank of Balti- 
more building, St, Paul 
Hammond Michael, tinner and plumber, 

UI6 s Bond 
Hainmond Mich'l, moulder, 232 Canton av 
Hammond Marcus, baker, 204 Montgomery 
Hammond Mary Ann, 182 s Sharp 
Hammond Peter, grocerv, 202 s Caroline 
HAMMOND St SMITH, house carpen- 
ters, 8 Grant 
Hammond Wm. Z. printer, 43 n Exeter 
Hamncr Rev. James G., D. D., 135 Si. Paul 
Ilamner Patrick, 2 Hammond al 
Hampe Francis, tobacconist, 195 Saratoga 
Hampe Frederick Adolph, scale maker, 25 

HAMPSON A. J «fe SON, grocers, 7 St. 

Hampson Edward, hatter, 70 Lee 
Ilampson James S. (A. J. H. fitSon) 7 St. 

Hamp.son Jo.seph, bricklayer, 116 Green- 
mount av 
Hampson Mary, millinery, 12 Mulberry 
Hampton Mis. Eleanor P. 260 Mulberry 
Hampton John A. E. carp. 488 Lexington 
Hampton S. E. dress maker, 36 Ross 
Hamslev Capt. Henry, 47 Fawn 
Haiian H. Murray, clerk, II Counland 
Haiian H. N. clerk, Greenmount Cemetery 
Hanan J. S aiiorney, 15 Law Buildings, 

dw 11 Counland 
Hanan John, aitorney and U. S. Commis- 
sioner, 1 1 Coiirtland 
Hanan John, laborer, 4 Centre 
Hanan Patrick, tavern. Plowman nr Front 
Hanan Thomas, laborer, 61 Davis 
Hanaway Patrick, grocery, s w cor. Buren 
and Moniiincni 





Hauce James, apothecary, 84 Columbia 
Hance Seth S. apothecary, lOS \v Baltimore 
Hanchen Michael, laborer, 96 Albemarle 
Hanciick Ab.-alom, collector, H-25 e Balto 
Hancock F. IVI. book keeper, 325 e Balto 
Hancock Henry C. huckster, 30 East 
Hancock John F. apothecary, cor. Balti- 
more and Caroline 
Hancock John T. mariner, 342 e Lombard 
Hancock Stephen W. 263 e Fayette 
Hancock William, 107 Cross 
Hand Alexander, boot maker, 65 n Eutaw 
Hand Edward, butcher, 2u9 Orleans 
Hand Henry, policeman, 17ti Goiigh 
Hand Henry, bricklayer, 59 McHenry 
Hand Jacob, bricklayer, 59 McHenry 
Hand John B. fireman, 4 Hawk 
Hand John, turner, 107 s Caroline 
Hand Mars;aret, teacher, Gough nr Wolfe 
Hand S. G. (S. G. H. & Co.) Eutaw house 
HAND S. G. & CO. general commission 

and shipping merchts. 101 Smith's whf 
HandThos. B. (Hanson, H. & Co.) 193 e 

HAND THOMAS J. & CO. shipping and 
commission mchts. 5(j s Gay, (upstairs) 
Hand Thos. J. (T. J. H. & Co.) 1H8 n Cal- 
Hand Thomas R. book keep. 38 Penna. av 
Handerhan Maurice, porter, 88 s Charles 
Handley Andrew G. huckstr. 325 Mulberry 
Handlin John, laborer, 7Lancaster 
Handlin Michael, laborer, 140 Canton av 
Handly James, laborer, 85 Mulberry 
Handner Andrew, grocery, 113 n Bond 
Handriiz Luke, laborer, 38 Eastern av 
Hands George, inspector customs, dw 207 

n Eutaw 
Hands John M. engineer, 63 s Oregon 
Hands Tabitha, 00 e Lombard 
HANDY & BANSEMER, wholesale gro- 
cers, 108 w Lombard 
Handy Chas. C policeman, 124 Vine 
Handy Edward J. moulder, 23 Brune 
Handy Edward H. policeman, 23 Brune 
Handy George W. boot and shoe maker, 

185 Vine 
Handy Henry, (H. & Bansemer) 221 w 

Handy Henry, 221 w Pratt 
Handy James, laborer, 234 Lemmon al 
Handy Dr. Jesse, 49 St. Paul 
Handv Dr. Wra. W. 221 w Pratt 
Handy Mrs. Dr. Wm, R. 57 e Pratt 
Hane Walter, potter, 50 Jefferson 
Hanegan Thomas, laborer, (i2 China al 
Hanehan Owen, laborer, 2.') Morris al 
[4aneison Mary, milliner, 399 n Gay 
Hanes Eliza, US Vine 
Hane.s John, painter, 47 Columbia 
Hanes Manley R. coach mak. 129 n E('.en 
Haneway Edward, plumber, 9 Fall 
Haney Jehu, seaman, 77 Cross 
Hanf Jacob, porter, 55 Pennsylvania av 
Hanflling George, shoemnk. 144 Henrietta 
Haniev Stephen, boat builder, 1(59 s Ann 
llank'Dr. J. W. F. 83 Biddle 
Hank Rev. Wm. 2H5 e Lombard 
Han key Andrew J. public weigher, 238 e 

Han key Conrad, laborer, 2fi May 
Hankey Joseph, iron deal. 31 e Lombard 
Hanlan John, carter, 405 s Charles 
Hanlan Thomas, laboier, 38 n Amity 
Hanlein Christian, laborer, 44 Guilford al 
Hanlett Charles, inachinist, 8 s Oregon 
Hanley Timothy, laborer, 180 Lemmon al 
Hanlme Mauritz, grocery, 138 s Bond 
Hanlon James, tanner, 26 Valery 
Hanlon Patrick, laborer, 195 Chesnut 
Hanly Patrick, laborer, 9 ScotI 
Hann James H. Strieker nr Saratoga 
Hann Jas. H. butcher, 227 Green Mount av 
Hanna Alexander, tavern, 79 McElderry's 

Hanna Alexander, clerk, 7 Jackson 
Hanna Bersheba, 31 e Pratt 
Hanna Charles, cooper, 61 Mullikin 
Hanna George, (Geo. H. & Bro.) 81 Hillen 
Hanna George & Bro. furniture warerooms, 

66 Ensor 
Hanna H. M. (Harding & Co.) 7 Jackson 
Hant^a James H. shoemak. 5 n Frederick 
Hanna John, tobacconist, 7n Calvert, dw 

27 Pleasant 
Hanna Phebe, 139 n Exeter 
Hanna Robert, (Geo. H. & Bro.) Somerset 

near St. James 
Hanna Wm. importer tobacco, segars, &c. 

7 Calvert, dw 27 Pleasant 
Hantian Bernard, 16 Fish Market space 
Hannan Patrick, grocery, 71 Watson 
Hannan William J. weaver, 62 Preston 
Hannabal Henry, box maker, 70 Harrison 
Hannagan Thomas, fuinilure wagoner, 151 

Eastern av 
Hannaman George, coach maker, 188 Park 
Hannas.-ay Hugh, hackman, 13 s Front 
Hanney Mrs. Mary, boarding house, 123 

Hannibal Henry, carpenter, 70 Harrison 
Hanning Brod. labdrer, 50 Johnson 
Hanning Frederick, laborer, 81 Washing- 
Hanou Michael, baker, 86 Si. Paul 
Hanrahan Bernhardt, >tone mason, 13 Chase 
Haniahan Maurice, cleik, 88 s Charles 
Hanrahan Mariin, laborer, 49 Liberty al 
Hansche John, shoemaker, 179 s Bond 
Hanshaw John G. cigar store. Light near 

Barre, dw 204 s Charles 
Hanshell Christian, 183 s Caroline 
Hanshell Christian, ship carpenter, 183 s 

Hanshell Henry, ship carpenter, 183 s 

HANSON & BANKS, furniture dealers, 

35 s Calvert and 59 South 
Hanson Enoch O. carpenter, 40 Milliman 
Hanson George H. shoemaker, 292 e Madi- 
HANSON, HAND & CO. tin ware and 

house furnishers, 33 e Baltimore 
Hanson John, shoemaker, 292 e Madison 
Hanson John, carpenter, 41 s Poppleton 
Hanson John (H., Hand &. Co.) 189 e Fay- 
Hanson John F, comb maker, 7 Young 
Hanson John P. 346 w Lombard 
Hanson Notley, clerk, 128 s Paca 





Heiiscin Neil, black.smiih, cor. O'Donnell & 

Canlon, Canion 
Hanson Priscilla, 128 s Paca 
Hanson Peter (H., Hand & Co) 207 e 

Hanson Thonnas H. (H. & Banks,) 206 e 

Hanson Thomas B. (H., Hand & Co.) 181 

e Lombard 
Hanson Washinjjion R. clerk. 241 n Eden 
Hanson VVjUiani E. nianntaciiirer of insu- 
lated liffhinin? rods, 32Si Saratoga 
Hanson Wm. H. sadiller, lod e Lombard 
Hanihorn Jt)hn, laborer, 79 s Greene 
Hanilev Anios, carpenter, 85 n Popplelon 
HANTZ, FRICK & CO. foreign and com- 
mission merchants, 1<)1) North 
Hantz .Matthias, iocksniiili, 27.5 .s Bimd 
flanize Frank, carpenter, 103 McElderrv 
Hanwav Samuel, proprietor Eajjle Hotel, 

132 Hillen 
HANZSCHE & CO. Englich and German 
book and job printers, oi'er IGG w Balti- 
Hanz^che E. (H. & Co.) 26 North 
HANZSCHE F. A. English and German 
book and job printer, over 212 w Balti- 
more, dw IS| Saratoga 
Hanzsrhe H. (H.&Co.) Mansion House 
Hape Samuel (Perkins & Co.) 11)6 n Euiaw 
Hapner John R. laborer, 6 VVyeth 
Hapoldt Elizabeth, 33 Rea:ester 
Happel Henry, importer and wholesale 
dealer in watches and jewelry, over .'< e 
cor. of Baltimore and Charles, dw 13 s 
Happel John, cabinet maker, 1 10 u Caro- 
Happel John, plasterer. 40 Chat^worth 
Happel Peter, blacksmith, 4 s Amity 
Happy VVm. drayman, Jenkins al near 

Harbach Anna E. milliner, 2f)l n Gay 
Harbach F. M. clerk, 84 Eastern av 
Harbach Francis M. Fountain hotel 
Harback Charles, saddler, 21.5 n Bond 
Harback John S. saddler, 245 n Bond 
Harback Stephen, .saddler, 215 n Bond 
Harback Samuel, painter, 245 n Bond 
Harback Wilhelm, 215 n Bond 
Harbason Jane, .-eamsiress, 51 Harmony la 
Harbaugh Benjamin, collector, 13 Llovd 
Harbaugh Gustavus, machinist, 1)2 Grundy 
Harbaugh Charles L. W. clerk, I'J .s Ore- 
Harbaugh Edward McC. 19 s Oregon 
Harbaugh Felix, iron moulder, 92 Grundy 
Harbaugh James O. chairmaker, 147 s 

Harbaugh Martha, 19 s Oregon 
Harbaugh Tlios. chairmaker, 18<) e Fayette 
Harliaugh Thomas, shoemaker, 92 Grundy 
Harbel Christian, wood sawyer, 43 .Marion 
Harchdeagner Herch, second hand furni- 
ture dealer, 93 Mullikiu 
Harcourt Wdliam, mariner, 21.1 e Pratt 
Hardcasile John, commis. traveling agent, 

16t> w Lombard 
Hardcasile Marcus, clerk, 40 Orchard 
Harden Casper, tailor, .58(5 Petina av 

Harden John S. (Hopkins, H. & Kemp,) 

31 Hollins 
Harden Capt. Peter, 48 s Spring 
Harde.Mer Hannah, mat. Aged Woman's 

Hardesier Mrs. 36 s High 
Hardesier Thomas, lamp and oil stoie, s w 

cor Lee and Warner 
Hardesiy Achsah, 276 e Monument 
Hardesty Charles R. tobacco and commi.s- 
sion mercnant, 92 s Charles, dw 251 n 
Hardesty Charles R. jr. clerk. 251 n Euiaw 
Hardesiy Capi. David, 14 Orleans 
Hardesty Mrs. E. McLean, 31 Cathedral 
Hardesty George, enu'ineer, 14 Orleans 
Harde>ty James H. salesman, 236 w Balti- 
Hardesty John, machinist, 14 Orleans 
Harde.-ty John H. clerk, 25] n Eutaw 
Hardesty John J. carpenter, 24 s Caroline 
Hrrde>ty Richard W. salesman, 276 e 

Hardesty William, sailmaker, 14 Orleans 
Hardey William, ()9 Pearl 
Hardin Sarah, 51 Booth 
Haiding Barnhard, harness maker, 285 

Central av 
HARDING & CO. ship chandlers, 109 

Smith's wht 
Harding & Carroll, flour, grocery and com- 
mission merchants, 12(1 n Howard 
Harding Francis, cabinet maker, 37 n 

Harding Geo. carpet weaver, 220 Eager 
Harding Henry, clock maker, 3 Chevnut 
Harding & Hopkins, whole-ale grocers and 

commission merchants, 2 Bowly's whf 
Harding James, carpeniei, 14 Cowpeii al, 

dw i)3 Pearl 
Harding Joseph, brakesman, 34 s Schroe- 

Har.ling Norman B. (H. & Carroll,; 27 s 

Hatiling Capt. Peter, 48 s Spring 
Harding Wm. brakesman. 34 s S'hmeder 
Hardiner Jacob, sugar refiner, 132 Colum- 
Hardtner J. Leonard, carpentei, 10 Daris 
Hardwick Henry, paper carrier, 58 Green 

Mount av 
Hardwick Wm. grocery, 44 Green Mount 

Hardy George, wood dealer, 155 Gonsh 
Hardy George W. ploughsmilh. 111 Ham- 
Hardy Hugh M. carter, 95 Bovd 
Hardy John D. auctioneer, 47 Chew 
Hare Eilward, block an<l pump maker, cor 

Broa'way and JetlVrsoti 
Hare George, shoemaker, 25 May 
Hare .Miehaei, carpenter, 331 Cathedral 
Hare William, poiliaii painter, 21 1 n Eden 
Harforii Avenue (M. E.) Church, corner 

Harford av and Biddle 
Harlord Robert, shiemaker, 136 s Bond 
Harfonl Wash, caipenter. Falls road, near 

Lanvale factory 
Hargan Cornelius, laborer, 112 Scott 
Ilargan Dennis, 23 s Beihel 





Hargan David, 112 Scott 
Hargrave Robert, shoemaker, 71 Raborg 
Hargrove Miss M. milliner, 75 Pearl 
Hargrove William H. painter, 75 Pearl 
Hang Bernard L. (J. & B. L. H.) 65 .<= 

Harig Henry, tailor, 282 s Ann 
Harig Henry, tailor, 319 s Bond 
Harig John B. sen. 94 Hill 
Harig J. & B. L hardware and stove deal- 
ers. 72 Hill, dw J H. 60 Hill 
Harken Henry, carpenter, 148 Conway 
Harker Charles, lamplighter, 77 Hillen 
Harker George, huckster, 162 Green Mount 

H;j rker James H. bricklayer, 40 Green Mt. 

Harker John V. tavern, 122 Green Mount 

Harker John J. carpenter. 214 Harford av 
Harker Richard M. J. teacher, 77 Hillen 
Harker Samuel, printer, 96 York 
Harkins Charles, 9 Perry 
Harkins Cornelius, boot and shoemaker, 

396 Saratoga 
Harkins Hannah, butter dealer, 115 Chew 
Harkness M. milkman, Franklin near Re- 
Harkne-ss Rosannah, 319 n Gay 
Harkness Thomas, 19th Ward house, n w 

cor. Franklin and Fremont 
Harkness Thomas, grocery, 107 n Fremont 
H;irr James W. machinist, 287 Columbia 
Harkum Jaraes, painter, 60 Hamburg 
Harle Louis, shoemaker, 342 w Pratt 
Harley James K. artist, over 244 w Balti- 
more, dw 26 s Caroline 
Harley Joseph, Chester s of Pratt 
Hnrlocker Henry, laborer, 114 West 
Harlow Bridget, 11 Hawk 
Harlow Isaac, shoemaker, SI Orleaba 
Hnrman Amos, clerk, 123 s Paca 
Harman Anna B. 87 Pearl 
Harman Adam, ship carpenter, 34 Shak- 

Harman Anthony, farmer, 26H Franklin 
Harman Charles, tailor, 13 Smith al 
Harman Christian, cooper, 28 Liberty al 
Harman Elizabeth, 2{W Franklin 
Harman Enos, Long Bridge, Annapolis 

Harman George, hosiery and trimmings, 

193 w Pratt 
Harman R" v Henry L. 265 w Fayette 
Harman Jiimb, shoemaker, 13 Perry 
HARMAN JACOB T. tavern, 9 Camden 
Hnrman John. 105 Hanover 
Harman John, potter, 143 Orleans 
Harman John (H. & Norfolk) 100 Orleans 
Harman John, laborer, 36 Thames 
Harman Leonard cooper, 121 Scott 
Harman Leopold, cigar maker, 166 Park 
Harman Michael, carpenter, 37 Pearl 
Harman & Norfolk, ship joiners, foot of 

Harman Peter, potter, 193 Mullikiu 
Harman Philip, porter, 107 York 
Harman Samuel, brick maker, 33 Conway 
Harman William, professor of music, 214 
w Fayette 

Harman Susanna R. 235 Hollins 
Harman William, butler depot, 1 s Repub- 
Harman William H. carpenter. Abbey al 

near Cross, dw Warren below William 
Harmer Samuel clerk, 84 s Paca 
Harmer Thomas, tailor, 77 s Bethel 
Harmes Henry, tailor, 6 Lewis 
Harmon A.ssociation, Reben Laabe, 21 n 

Harruon Casper, 86 s Bethel 
Harmyer Anthony, grocery, 88 French 
Harnig Ferdinand, cooper, 222 s Charles 
Harnet Daniel, clerk. Eagle Hotel, 132 

Harney E. R. ladies' school, 11 s Howard 
Harney Frederick, drayman, 15 Commerce 
Harney Luke, carter, 21 Abbot 
Harnson Wm. laborer, 206 e Pratt 
Hnrold Charles^ cooper, 70 s Eutaw 
Harp Cecilia, 125 Bethel 
Harp Edward, policeman, 98 Regeste? 
Harp Hezekiah, 157 s Wolfe 
Harp Petei, laborer, 68 Somerset 
Harp William, trader, 117 Regester 
Harper Elizabeth, dry goods dealer, 67 n 

Harper Elizabeth, 120 Hoffman 
Harper George, stone cutter, Frederick 

av below Calverton road 
Harper Joshua, plasterer, 12 Orleans 
Harper John P. .salesman, 18 w Lombard 
Harper Presbtirv, shoemaker, 439 n Gay 
Harper Gen. R. G. 10Cathe<lral 
Harper Samuel B. laborer. 12 Orleans 
Harper Washington, tobacconist, 28 St. 

Harper William, shoemaker, 67 n Eutaw 
Harper William, Poppleton near Franklin 
Harr George, machinist, l8l Vine 
Harr John, laborer, 12 Garden 
Harr Peter, collector, 28 St. Paul, dw 190 

e Fayette 
Harrar John, wood sawyer, 126 French 
Harrig George, tailor, 9 Regester 
Harrigan Andrew, collector, 222 e Monu- 
Harrigan C. F. machinist, 256 e Monument 
Harrigan Daniel, tailor, 28 Neighbor 
Harrigan John J. laborer, 256 e Madison 
Harrigan John, carter, 114 s Exeter 
Harrigan Mark, laborer, 3 Bank 
Harrigan Thos. W. policeman, 14 Somerset 
Harrington Ann, grocery, GO t Calvert 
Harrington & Bogue, importers and deal- 
ers in tailors' trimmings, &c. over n e 
cor. of Baltimore and Charles 
Harrington & Cook, restaurant, 218 n Gay 
Harrington Elisha I. agent Boston Union 
Mutual Life Ins. Co. 79 Second, dw 303 e 
Harrington Elizabeth, 51 s Ann 
Harrington Elisha, jr. (Samson Cariss & 

Co.) 303 e Baltimore 
Harrington George W. engineer, 22 Bruns- 
Harrington Henry L. (H. & Bogue) 259 

Harrington Henry C. coach painter, s w 
cor. Gay and Forrest 




Harringion Capt. James, mariner, 162 

Harrington Joshua S. machinist, 3 Somer- 
Harrington John, grocery and provision 

dealer, 125 n Fremont 
Harrington Mrs. Joseph, teacher of music, 

79 n Charles 
Harrington Jno. jr. gardener 125 n Fremont 
Harrington Milton, varnisher, 29 Chats- 
Harrington Nichs. grocer, 50 Harford av 
Harrington Richard, laborer, 253 Gough 
Harrington Robert, laborer, 248 s Ann 
Harrington Samuel, carpenter, 125 n Fre- 
Harrington Samuel, 4ft Warren 
Harrington Samuel, rarnisher, 256 n Caro- 
Harrington Thomas, mariner, 68 Henrietta 
Harrisse A. 65 n Hii;h 
Harris Alice, 8 Park 
Harris Bernard, tailor, 103 Montgomery 
Harris Benjamm G. (Neale, H. & Co.) 23 

Harris Buelah, dry goods dealer, 82 n 

HARRIS Dr. C. A. dental surgeon, 51 n 

Harris Charles W. chairmaker, 212 e Pratt 
Harris Edward B. grain com. merchant, 6 

Bowlv's whf. dw 616 w Baltimore 
HariisFredk. tinner, OH Perry 
Harris F O. clerk, dw Maltby house 
Harris Dr. George, (Townsend & H.) Bible 

Harris George, clerk, 126 French 
Harris George M. agent, 118 Forrest 
Harri> George, blacksmith, 4 Calendar 
Harris George, blacksmith, Clinton s of 

Boston, Canton 
Harris George, blacksmith, 57 Columbia 
Harris Geor<je M. traveling agent, s w cor 

Gay and Forrest 
Harris Henry C. coach painter, 118 Forrest 
Harris Henry VV. (Samuel Harris iSt Sons) 

189 St. Paul 
Harris Hicks, (H. & Shoemaker) 83 n 

Harris James, moulder, 24 s Oregon 
Harris James T. 116 Jefferson 
Harris James B. house carpenter, 36 n 

Harris James, laborer, back of e Second 
Harris J. Morrison, attorney, 27 Law build- 
Harris John, stone quarrier, s e cor Grun- 
dy and Lanvale 
Harris Joseph, sexton Emanuel Church, 1 

Harris Jos. (Dulaney & H.) 2.14 Saratoga 
Harris Joseph, clerk, 44 Saratoga 
Harris Josephine, 54 Ktst 
Harris Lethe Ann, 755 w Baltimore 
Harris Mrs. Mahitabel, 118 Forrest 
Harris Mrs M. s w cor Gav and Forrest 
Harris Richard, carter, 118 Boyd 
Harris Richard, plasterer, 15 Ross 
Harris Robi-rt, laborer, Chesnut al near 

Harris Robert, porter, cor Saratoga and 

Harris Mrs. S. G- 289 n Howard 
Harris Samuel, 163 Montgoinery 
HARRIS SAMUEL, jr. stock broker, base- 
ment Chesapeake Bank, dw Monument 
HARRIS SAMUEL, Insurance agent and 
broker, 49 Exchange place, dw 90 Mc- 
196 w Baltimore, dw S. H. 189 St. Paul 
HARRIS SAMUEL, architect and meas- 
urer. 141 w Fayette 
HARRIS & SHOEMAKER, grocers, 43 n 

Hnrris Sophia, dress maker, 68 Perry 
Harris Thomas, ship carpenter, Covington 
Harris Thomas C. (Saml. Harris & Sons) 

93 Cathedral 
Harris Wm. E. clerk, 14 V< s Calvert 
Harris Wm. T. cooper, 86' York 
Harris Capt. Wm. N. 67 s Broadway 
Harris Wesley R. hatter, 30 Thompson 
Harris Wm. D. ship joiner, 300 e Pratt 
Harris Wm. gunsmith, 116 w Pratt, dw 4 

Harris Wm. cabinet maker, 70 Thames 
Harris Wm. (Hoffman & H.) 15 Columbia 
Harris Wm. water supplier fur ships, 76 

Harris Wm. laborer, 136 s Exeter 
Harrison Ann Rebecca, 157 Chesnut 
Harrison Basil, huckster, 35 Camden 
Harrison Benj. F. stock and bill broker, 20 

Second, dw 26 Franklin 
Harrison Benjamin, clerk, 113 German 
Harrison Benjamin H. carpenter, 147 e 

Harrison Benj. F. carpenter, 306 Mulberry 
Harrison Caroline, 69 n Euiaw 
Harrison Catharine, 143 Mulberry 
Harrison Charles T. ship carpenter, 170 

Harrison Charles, 1st book keeper Me- 
chanics' Bank 
Harrison Charles E. clerk, 614 w Fayette 
Harrison Clement D. carp. 315 Mulberry 
Harrison Danl E. painter, 194 e Baltimore 
Harrison, Da vid.son & Co. wholesale cap 

manufacturers, 20 s Charles 
Harrison Edwin H. barkeeper, 313 n Gay 
Harrison Elizabeth, 182 Sharp 
Harrison Mis. Elizabeth, 379 w Pratt 
Harri.son Edward, printer, 279 e Madison 
Hairison Edmund A. clerk, 614 w Favette 
Harrison Francis, police, Black Horse 

tavern. 111 n Hijrh 
Harrison Francis, 215 Orleans 
HARRISON GEORGE L. commis. mcr. 
6 O'Donnell's whf. dw Eutaw place near 
Harrison Gtorge H. boiler maker, 24 

Harrison Lieut. Ge(»rge W. 59 Lexington 
Harrison Heniy E. plasterer, 114 Hoffman 
Harrison James W. caipenter, 44 Valley 
Harrison James W. carpenter, Eager near 

Harrison James, carpenter, 21 Buren 





Harrison James B. carpenter, 36 n Caroline 
Harrison Jerry, tailor, 77 n Caroline 
Harrison John, painter, 187 Eastern av 
Harrison John W. bricklayer, 134 Preston 
Harrison John O. ship carp. 64 Hamburg 
Harrison John K. engineer. Boston, Canton 
Harrison John, clerk, 67 Pearl 
Harrison John, painter, 36 Siemmer's al 
Harrison Joshua, barkeeper, 2 e Lombard 
Harrison Louis, (H., Davidson & Co.) 108 

s Sharp 
Harrison Mark, hatter, 169 Greenmount av 
Harrison Mary A. 134 Preston 
Harrison Mary A 259 w Lombard 
Harrison Mary, 28 s Caroline 
Harrison Murray, clerk, 614 w Fayette 
Harrison Nathan, broker, 6 South 
Harrison Nichloas S. collector Adams Ex- 
press, 56 Josephine 
Harrison P. H. tobacconist, 319 \r Lombard 
Harrison Mrs. Randolph, 47 Franklin 
Harrison Richard, ship carpenter, Ham- 
burg below William 
Harrison Robert G. (Pate, H. & Atwell) 6 

s Broadway 
Harrison Dr. Samuel A., Charles 2 doors 

n of Eager 
Harrison & Son, dry goods com. merchts, 

2 German 
Harrison Susanna, 698 w Baltimore 
Harrison Thos. ship carpenter, 201 Gough 
Harrison Thos. (H. & Son) 614 wFayette 
Harrison Thos. carpenter, 242 Canton av 
Harrison Thomas, plumber, 32 Maj^en la 
Harrison Thomas, plumber, 94 Vine 
Harrison Wm. E. C. book agt. Post office, 

dw 86 Hanover 

Harrison William. G. president George's 

Creek Coal and Iron Co. 56 Mount 

Vernon place 

Harrison Wm. S. boiler maker, 23 Church 

Harrison William R. carpenter, 255 e 

Harrison Wm. S. carpenter, 279 e Madison 
Harrison Wm. A. shoemaker, 104 Hill 
Harrison Wm. M. carpenter, 16 Stirling 
Harrison Wm. M. shoemaker, 204 Hill 
Harrison Wm. N. book agent, Post office, 

dw 37 Stirling 
Harri.son Wm. stone cutter, 23 Preston 
Harrison William. H. bricklayer, 275 e 

Harrison Zedekiah G. collector, 65 Wil- 
Harrold Anthony W. cabinet maker, Mo- 

sher near Division 
Harrold John, cooper, 31 Bank 
Harry Wm. W. milkman, Clinton s of 

Boston, Canton 
Harryman Ann, 28 s Caroline 
Harryman Joshua, policeman, 218 e Lom- 

ba rd 
Harryman John, clerk, 169 n Eutaw 
Harryman Josiah. bacon dealer, 207 e 

Harryman Julia Ann, 82 n Exeter 
Harryman Thomas, furniture wagon, 86 

Harryman Walter, furniture warehouse, 39 
South, dw 191 Lee 

Harryman Wm. laborer, 51 s Regester 
Har Sinai Synagogue, High n of Fayette 
Harshaw James, teacher, 45 Harford av 
Hart Alex, car builder, 478 w Lombard 
Hart Asa, carpenter, 185 Aisquilb 
Hart Barnet, salesman, 10 n Charles 
Flart Edward, laborer, 5 Pleasant 
Hart Francis, (H. & McGowan) Northern 

av. n of McMechin 
Hart John, carpenter, 88 s High 
Hart John, huckster, 88 Hamburg 
Hart John, carpenter, 1 Dover 
Hart Joseph, laborer, 17 Preston 
Hart & McGowan, coal dealers, 226 Ca- 
Hart Margaret, dry goods dealer, 156 Lex- 
Hart Marx M. wood engraver, over 244 w 

Biltimore, dw 15(i Lexington 
Hart Mrs. Mary, 85 Bank 
Hart Robert M". 5 n Calhoun 
Hart Samuel, grocer, 59 North 
Hart Sarah J. dress maker, 2'26 n Gay 
Hart Stephen, 264 Aisquilh 
Hart Wm. tailor, 272 s Caroline 
Hart Wm. J. bricklayer, 192 e Fayette 
Harten John, carter, 100 Dulphin 
Hartfelfer Frederick, shoemaker, 350 s 

Hartfordf , cabinet maker, 420 w 

Hartford Margaret, 11 n Central av 
Hartge & Co. piano makers, 12) Franklin 
Hartge Emile, (H. &, Co ) n e cor Park and 

Hartge Henry, (H. & Co.) 121 w Fayette 
Hartgans Christopher, grocery, 2 Josephine 
Hartigan Jno. cellar digger, 358 e Lombard 
Harligan Morris, 85 s Poppleton 
Hartigan Thomas, laborer, 20 Haw 
Hartigan Thomas, cooper, 93 York 
Hartlein Henry, porter, Tessier near Riddle 
Hartley Geo. ship joiner, 320 Canton av 
Hartley John L. private watchman, 21 

Hartley Thomas, driver, 21 Ogston 
Hartley William T. ship carpenter, 324 

Canton av 
Hartlove Chas. H. brickmaker, 79 Warner 
Hartlove George, brickmaker, 183 William 
Hartlove Geo. brickmkr. 19 Washington 
Hartlove John, brickmaker, 612 Light 
Hartlove Mary A. 295 s Paca 
Hartlove Wesley, brickmaker, 333 Light 
Hariman Alfred Z. school teacher, 103 

Hariman Andrew, 147 Johnson 
Hartman Dr. Andrew, 176 Aisquith 
Hartman August J. tavern, 6 n Frederick 
Hartman Caspar, cooper. 111 n Spring 
Hartman Conrad, tailor, J2S n Eden 
Hartman Daniel, tailor, 284 s Bond 
Hartman Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 133 

Hartman Francis, grocery, 132 Low 
Hartman Fredk. shoemaker, 93 Lexington 
Hartman Geo. cabinet maker, 261 n Eilen 
Hartman George, laborer, 76 s Central av 
Hartman Golleib, laborer, 43 Albemarle 
Hartman John, laborer, 2C5 Wolfe 





HARTMAN ISAAC, merchant lailor, 5 s 

Gnv, (Iw 2H n Gav 
HARTMAN JACt)B P. meichant tailor 
and cloihier, 11)7 w Baltimore, dw 27d w 
Hariman John, clerk, 171 s E-^en 
Pliriman John, caricr, 26 Dewberry al 
ilurduan John, draytnan, 43 Albemarle 
llrtrtinan John H. shoemaker, 2(i7 Aisquith 
llartinan John, tailor. H-i Orleans 
HARTMAN JOHN, shoemaker, G78 w 

Hart man John, porter, 171 s Eden 
Hariinan John, tailor, 9'J s Central a7 
Hariman John C. clerk, ;i"29 Saratoga 
Hartinan John, tailor, til Booth 
Hariman John, jr., ii e cor Baltimore and 

Hmmaii Joseph, variety store, 656 w 

H irtman Leon, 179 Eulaw 
Htriman Maria, variety siore, 120 Sharp 
fl iriman Mary, 271 Hughes 
Hariman Michael, laborer, 21 Union 
Hciriiiian Michael, hrickmakr. 391 s Eiitaw 
ilartman Paul, laborer, 24 Somerset 
Hiriman Philip, cooper, 2^5 Aliceaniia 
H.irimier Richard, buiciier, 55 Hoffman 
Hart ner John, cabinet maker, se cor Frank- 
lin and Eutaw 
Hartoe;ensis Edward S. 10 Orleans 
Hariogeiisis Henry S. stationery, 10 Orleans 
Hirtoon Henry, butcher, 540 Penna av 
H.irishnrne Joshua, iron warehouse, 92 w 

Lombard, dw 129 w Fayette 
Hartiund Ferd. shoemaker, .30 s Regester 
FLiriy Danl. dravman, 170 Greenmount av 
Hariy John, laborer, 170 Greenmount av 
Ilirty Mary. 30 President 
Hariy Patrick, 30 President 
Hany Peter, clerk. 150 President 
Hartz Jno. ship carpenter, 322 Canton av 
Hariz Sampson, dry good> deal. 197 ii Gay 
Hartz Tobias, clothier, 15 Second 
Ilartzel B. F. 89 Ross 
Hartzel & Clark, livery and hack stables, 

76 German 
Harlzei David, (H. & Clark) 342 w Lom- 
Hartzel George, hack owner, H9 Ross 
Hartzel J. F. hack driver, 150 Ross 
Hartzel Jacob, of Custom house, 15 Rose 
llarizel Leonard, prop, hacks, 95 n Paca 
Hartzel Lewis, moulder, 2 Fminlain 
Hartzel Wm. H. hackman, 12 Rose 
Hartzell John, tavern, Three Mile House, 

tlooksiown road 
Ha rtzo;( George, broker, 22 South, dw 85 

1 liirtzog John H. laborer, 7 Elliott, Canton 
1 1 artzoy Boleycarpuz, laborer, 187 n Caro- 
Harvey Archibald, 30 Maiden la 
Harvey Ann C. grocery. 2l(i Hollins 
Harvev f^harles T. principal runner Citi- 
zens' Bank, dw Baltitm)re Co 
Harvey Charles W. conductor R. R. 777 

w Baltimore 
Harvey Charles, (Wm. T. Walters & Co.) 
31 Sharp 

Harvey Charles A. clerk, 216 Hollins 

Harvey Daniel, carpenter, Ogsden near 
Peirce, dw 265 MuU)erry 

Harvey EUwanl, shoemaker, 87 Warner 

Harvey G. W. 125 n Paca 

Harvev Henry D. (Henry D. H. & Co., 
147 Park 

Harvey Henry D. & Co. wholesale grocerj, 
105 w Lombaid 

Haivey Henrv, shoemaker, 209 Eastern uv 

Henry Jacob F. plasterer, 7 Chew 

Harvey James, cashier Western Bank, 283 
w Lombard 

Harvey James, jr., 283 w Lombard 

Harvev James K shoemaker, 225 e Fayetle 

HARVEY J.G. & CO produce and com. 
merchis. 75 w Lombard, Exchange place 

HARVEY J. W. real estate broker, 61 
Second, dw Baltimore Co 

Harvey J. G. (J. G. H. & Co.) 313 w 

Harvey John E. (Joshua H. & Co.) 143 

Harvey John W. bricklayer, 133 West 

Harvey John, collar maker, 23 n Greene 

Harvey Capt. Joseph, jr., Strieker near 

Harvey Joseph, properly agent, 540 w Fay- 
ette, dw Saratoga near Strieker 

Harvey Joseph, jr. coal dealer, 549 w Fay- 
ette, dw Strieker, near Saratoga 

Harvey Joshua G. prov. dealer, Exchange 
place, dw 313 w Lombard 

Ilai vev Joshua & Co. dry i^oods merchanls, 
66 Hanover, dw J. H. 239 w Lombard 

Harvev Napoleon, laborer, Chester near 

Harvey Patience. 30 Wayne 

Harvey Robert, laborer, Hudson near Bin- 
ney, Canton 

Harvey, Ross & Kemp, wholesale grocers, 
105 w Lombard 

Harvey Robert J. painter, 93 Preston 

Harvey Samuel T. collar maker, 7 Jose- 

Harvey Thomas J. letter carrier, 80 Mul- 

Harvey Thos. collar maker, 23 n Greene 

Harvey Thos. P. secretary Eutaw Savings 
Bank, 20 Penn 

Harvey Wm. carpenter, Republican near 

Harwood James K. purser U . S. N., 51 

Harwood Elizabeth, 223 n Howard 

Harwood Henry, carpenter, 53 Garden 

Harwocd Susan, 51 Saratoga 

Harwood Valentine, shoemkr. 352 e Eager 

Harzberg Jacob (II. & Sliel'el,) 149 south 

Harzberg Levi, grocery, 63 Bank 

Haizberg & Sliefel, clolhiers, 168 w Pratt 

Hasenbalg Harmon, druggist, 177s Broad- 

HASKELL JOHN II. machine card fac- 
tory, 33 s Eutaw, dw 106 n Eutaw.— [S«e 
p. 21 J]dverlisemeiUs.] 

Haskell Mrs. Mary, 31 s Howard 

Haskell T. J. hosemaker, Schroeder, near 





Haskell Theodore, beltmkr. 65 s Schroeder 
Haskey Henry, sr., tavern, 7 Fell 
Haskey Henry, jr., blacksmith, 73 Lan- 
caster, dw 7 Fell 
Haslam James, tavern, cor Front and 

Haslam Samuel, tavern, cor Frederick and 

Haslett George, clerk, 275 Saratoga 
Haslett James, blacksmith, 8 Low 
Haslett Sarah, 21 Park 
Haslett Thomas, miller, 40 s Republican 
Hasley Elizabeth, 116 West 
Hasley George W. brickmaker, 116 West 
Hasloop John, carpt. 8 McClellan's al 
Haslup Benj. coachtrimmer, 31 n Exeter 
Haslup George, cigar mkr. 148 s Fremont 
Haslup Henrietta, 31 Aisquith 
Haslup John, 55 s Poppletcn 
Haslup John, tobacconist, 148 s Fremont 
Hasinp & Small, general commis. merchts. 

75 Smith's wharf 
Haslup Lemuel W. brush and variety store, 

127 Lexington, dw Frederick 
Haslup Lloyd coachmkr. 124 n High 
Haslup Marion J. (H. &. Small,) 30 Front 
Ha!>lup Rezin, smith in general, 57 North, 

dw 49 n Frederick 
Haslup Sarah, 31 Bevan 
Haslup Thomas, fisherman, 148 s Fremont 
Hasmar Henry, shoemaker, IGO Sarah Ann 
Haspel Charle>-, silver plater, 45 Portland 
Hasper Charles, shoemkr. 10 Jackson's c.t 
Haswell John, carpt. 192 Pearl 
Hass Ignatius, cabinet mkr. 90 s Central av 
Hass John, box maker, n e cor Sharp and 

Hassauer Andrew, grocery, 70 McElderry 
Hassencamp Ferdinand, apothecary, 73 

Hassel F. printer, 55 Mulberry 
Hasselberger Louis, butcher, 364 Light 
Hassinger John, laborer, 221 Henrietta 
Hasson Hugh, rigger, Hudson al 
Hasson John & Son, grain and feed dealers, 

67 s Gay, dw J H. 122 e Pratt 
Hasson John M. (Glass & H.) 31S e Balto. 
Hasson Malcom, engineer, 156 Garden 
Hastings Amelia A., 110 Lexington 
Hasiii gs Joseph S. jr., (J. A. Dobsou & 

Co.) Chatsworth, near HotTman 
Hastings Wm. hatter, 113n Euiaw 
Hasted N. Lewis, grocery, 143s Eden 
Hatch Alfred G. clerk, 191 s Paca 
Hatch Charles B. (Hatch, iVlann& Co.) 68 

Hatch Elizabeth C. milliner and dry goods 

dealer, 160 Lexington 
Hatch Jane, tavern, 12 Harrison 
Hatch, Mann & Co., oyster packers, 111 

McElderry's wharf 
Hatch Samuel T. builder, 237 n Howard 
Hatch Sam'l T. jr. plasterer, 237 n Howard 
Hatchett Adam, labt)rer, 29 Eastern av 
Halcheson Benj. O. shoemaker, 77 Block 
Hathaway Capt. Albron,56 n Caroline 
Hather Mary, 267 Happy al 
Hatler Chas. W. clerk, 133 n Gay 
Halter Martin, confectioner, 133 n Gay 
Hatton Henry, carpenter, 226 n Caroline 

Hatton Maria, seamstress, 185 n Dallas 
Haublin George, tailor, 10 Cowpen al 
Haucenaur Michael, milkman, Elliott, near 

Haueplipe John, hostler, Hookstown road, 

near Biddle 
Hauffee Mich, blacksmith, 179 s Caroline 
Haugh Solomon, farmer, 191 Germao 
Haughey Benj , Dolphin, near Penna. av 
Haul Charles, cabinet maker, 265 Aisquith 
Haulwost Philip, cooper, 306 s Charles 
Haunser Peter, rigger, 101 Lancaster 
Haupet John C cooper, 88 Dover, dw 90 
HAUPHOFF JOSEPH, tavern, cor West 

Falls av, and Enstern av 
Haupt David, prof, of music, 94 Hamburg 
Haupt George, tinner, 191 n Eutaw 
Haupt, Henry, tailor, 6.3 n Frederick 
Haupt Joseph, laborer, 221 s Durham 
Haupt John M. G. pamter, 129 Ross 
Haupt John, paper hanger, 130 Jefferson 
Haupt Joseph, shoemaker. 130 Jefferson 
Ha urande Joseph B. cigar store, 32)^ w 

Haurand Louisa, tavern, 61 Harrison 
Haurand VVm. jeweler, 10 Harrison 
Hausch Philip, wagoner, 25 Gough 
Hausdaffer John, bed comfort factory, 140 

w Fayette 
Haus John, apothecary, 44 e Baltimore 
Hause John A. police, 34 Willamson al 
Hause L. V. clerk, 157 Biddle Martin, Port al. near Canton av 
Hausner John, cooper, 1H6 s Bond 
Hausenvald John H. grocer and feed dea- 
ler, 3 Penna. av 
Haulier Herz T. dry goods dealer, 285 

Central av 
Hausler John, tailor, 80 e Lombard 
Hausknecht Franz, wheelwright, 566 Penn- 
sylvania av 
Hausson Lewis, 212 Canton av 
Hautman Joseph E. shoemkr. 218 HoUins 
Hauton Nich. tailor, 70s Central av 
Havel, coachsrnith. 6 Gaiden 
Havered Michael J. shoemaker, 83 s Bethel 
Haverkamp John, laborer, 225 Bethel 
Haversta(!er'Everhardl, tailor, 177 s Bond 
Havey Thomas, carter, 49 York 
Hawkes Mrs. A. L. millinery-^store, over 

205 w Baltimore 
HAWKES BENJ. F. photographs, over 

205 w Baltimore 
Hawkins Barney, 62 n Fremont 
Hawkins Charles, saddler, 229 n Eden 
Hawkins Charles, jr. saddler, 229 n Eden 
Hawkins Charles, provision store, 64 n 

Central av 
Hawkins John H. temperance lecturer, 67 

Hawkins Patrick, laborer, Binney, s of El- 
liott, Canton 
Hawkins Sarah, 51 Warren 
Hawkins Susanna, 244 e Pratt 
Hawkins Wm. (Mayhew, Hawkins & Co.) 

146 Lexington 
Haw kens Wm. grocer, 163 e Pratt 
HAWLEY R. K. & CO. lumber commis. 
merchants, 16 Eastern av. dw R. K. H. 
253 Madison av 



Hawksett John, artist, 62 President 
Hiiwihorne Capt. James, 120 s Bond 
Hax Christian, paver, 117 n Can line 
Hax J. B. contractor and paver, 62 n Caro- 
Hax John B. milkman, 221 s Paca 
H.ix John P. cooper, Caroline near Block, 

dw 8« Blovk 
Hax Valentine, laborer, 213 Bethel 
Hay F. M. paver, 653 w Lombard 
Hay George, hincksmiih, 19(> w Madison 
Hav Georee M. bricklaver, 4tJ n Schroeder 
HAY JESSE, paver, 304 Hollins 
Hav James, bookkeeper, \i.i Mulberry 
Hay John C. clerk, 304 Hdlins 
Havden Elizabeth. 175 w Biddle 
Hayden Frank, laborer, 29 Elizabeth la 
Hayden Geo. draughisman, 175 w Biddle 
HayilenH.'ister'.sclerk,74 McCulloh 
Hiyden Dr. H. Mozart, denial surgeon, 98 

n Charles 
Hayden Capt. John F. J75 w BiHdle 
Hayes Charles F. ship carpt. ll>5 s Wolfe 
Hayes Dorothy, Baltimore, near Ann 
Hayes Edward F. painter, 8t) Barre 
Hayes Mrs. M. A. ladies' seminary, 612 w 

Haves James, blacksmith, 2ri5 e Monument 
Hayes John, hack driver, 3 Garden 
Hayes John, painter, 91 w Fayette, dw 86 

H lyes Peter D. painter, cor Lombard and 

Ann, (Iw 60 s WasMngion 
Hayes Robert, 14i.< s Calvert 
Hayes Reverdv, painter, 125 s Eden 
Havne Mr^. Eliza, 33 Hamilton 
Hayiie Airs. Ellfn, lailoress, 377 Franklin 
Havne George W. blacksmith, 14G n Fre- 
HayneCapt. James, Luzerne, Canton 
Hayne Wesley, blacksmith, 503 Saratoga 
Hayiiel Dr. Ferdinand Adolphus F. 90 n 

Haynes Chas. bookkeeper, 2'22 w Madison 
Havnes D. Francis, cleik, 31 s Eden 
Haynes George, cooper, 344 Canton 
Haynie Elizabeth, 14 s Ann 
(laynie John, pil't, 196 s Ann 
Haynie Capt. John F. 93 s Ann 
Haynie .Martin, piano maker, 21 St. Peter 
Havnie Willard S. ship joiner, 196 s Ann 
llanis John, huckster, 44 Heniieita 
Miivs August, cooper, 330 Sharp 
Hays Catharine, liquor store, 93 Elliott 
llav.> Caiharine, 175 n Howard 
Hays David, carpt. 241 Lee.dw 150 Barre 
Havs Daniel, clerk. Black Horse tavern, 

111 n High 
Hays George, blacksmith, 196 w Madi.son 
Havs James, blacksmith. Mill, dw 2G5 e 

HiysCapt. James A. 1G5 Sharp 
Hays James H. carver, 132 Aisquith 
I lavs James, tur. wagon, 15H s Fremont 
H.iys Joseph, laborer, 3.53 Columbia 
Hays John, stonecutter, 11 Centre Market 

Havs John M. tailor, 2 Addison 
Hays John, porter, 209 Hollins 
Hays Michael A. chair maker, 140 Pine 

HAYS St. MORSE, carvers. Clay, nr. Park 
Hays Robert, (H. & Morse,) S9 Ai.squilh 
Hays Robert, policeman, 104 n Paca 
Havs Wm. hi)ckstei,35 Camden 
Havs Walter C. clolbier, 48 w Pratt, dw 30 

Hays Wm. butcher, 30 French 
Havs Wm. laborer, 53 s Hish 
sale stove warehouse, 24 Light 
Hayward Elizabeth, dry goods dealer, 47 

s Liberty 
Hayward Ely B. assistant secretary Balti- 
more Equitable Si'ciety, 171 Garden 
Haywanl Jacob, orna. painter, 23 Diamond 
Havward Jonas, (H., Bartlelt & Co.) 320 

Havward IST. P.(H.. Bartlelt &,Co.) 119 Park 
HAYWARD WM. H. magistrate. Man- 
sion House, cor. Fayette and St. Paul.dw 
320 Franklin 
Havwood John B. painter, 112 Mullikin 
Hazelip Benj. M. 31 n Eden 
Hazelitt Nelson, blacksmith, 9 Swan, dw 

31 n Eden 
Hazle Wm. machinist, 19 n Poppleton 
Hazlett Georae, clerk, 279 Saratoga 
Hazlehurst Henry R. (Murray & H.) 70 n 

HAZLKHURST& FHELAN. miller.sand 

flour merchants, 17 Spear's wharf 
Hazlehurst Samuel, (H & Phelan,) 224 w 

Hazlitt Boston, (Jas. H. & Co.) 242 w 

HAZLITT JAS. & CO. importers & deal, 
in foreign liquors, 39 and 41 s Gay. — [See 
p. 20, Mvertiseinenls .] 
Hazlitt Jas. (J. H. & Co.) 242 w Lombard 
Hazlitt Wm. shoemaker, 133 s Exeter 
Hazzard Robert, boiler maker, 103 West 
Head John, varnisher, 112 Jefferson 
Head John, 115 n Bond 
Head Washington, pap. hang 702 w Balto. 
Head Wm. A. painter, 112 Jefferson 
Heafly Antoine, laborer, 184 s Central av 
Ileuge Jas. 157 n High 
Heague Augustina, 40 e Pratt 
Heagy Wm. clerk, 66 I'earl 
Heagy Wm. H. salesman, G6 Pearl 
Heald Howard, 162 w Fayette 
Heald Jacob, jr. clerk, l."i8 w Fayette 
Heald Jacob & Co. tobacco and commission 

merchts. 58 s Gay 
Heald John R. clerk, Lexington nr Charles 
HEALD JOHN H. & CO. Patapsco tan- 
nery. North, dw J. H. H 72 w Madison 
Heald Wm. H. (John H. H. & Co.) 74 w 

Heald Wm. (Jacob H. & Co.) 158 w Fay- 
Healey Francis J. teacher, 152 n Eutaw 
HEALEY DR. JAS. E. druggist, n w cor. 
Baltimore and Eden, dw 220 e Hillimore 
Healey John, grocprv. 20 c Pratt, dw 1 

City Hall. Holiday 
Healy Sylvanus, clerk, :!8 n Calvert 
Healy Wm. grocer, n ecor Hill and Charles 
Heaney Joseph, 314 e Baltimore 





Heany C. H. conductor B. & O. R. R 133 

Heany Martin, piano maker, 24 St. Pc/er 
Heany John, wliolesale deal, bricks, lime, 
hair, cement, (fee. 3 HoUingswortii, dw 
178 Garden 
Heaps Elizabeth, 169 Orleans 
Heaps Earnest, huckster, 218 s Bond 
Heaps Capt John B. 53s Ann 
Heaphy Michael, laborer, 3 Bank 
Heard Capt. Wm. mariner, 37 s Bond 
Hearling George, fireman, 158 s Greene 
HEARN ALPliED J. hosiery and trim- 
mings dealer, 137 w Baltimore and 225 
Heartzog Valentine, locksmith, 307 n How- 
Heath Ann, 39 Greenmount av 
Heath ElishaS. (Collins, H.& Hutchinson) 

531 w Fayette 
Heath Francis W 523 w Fayette 
HEATH HARLOW W., L. L. D. Presi. 
Newton University, 11 Lexington, dw 71 
Lexington — [See p. 11, Advertisements.] 
Healon Richard H. hatter, 40 Jackson 
Heaton Richard H 40 Jackson 
Heavel Ross, blacksmith, 6 Garden 
Heaze James, 159 n High 
Hebb John, pilot, 80 s Ann 
Hebh Josiah, pilot, 157 Ann 
Hebbebrand Peter, shoemaker, 590 w Bait. 
Hebbel Charles, baker, 160 Orleans 
Hebbel Earnest, tailor, green grocery, 1 s 

Hebbel John, cabinetmaker, 140 n Caroline 
Hebburn Samuel, nightman, 11)6 German 
Hebler Christiana, tailoress, 220 Chesnut 
Hebden Margaret, 3 Lancaster, 
Hebden Wm. H. Powhatan Hall, 251 s 

Hebner Martin, shoemaker, 502 Lexington 
Hechen^er David, clerk, 59 Forrest 
Hechen^er Supliia, 59 Forrest 
Hechenthall Louis, artist, 180 Penn av - 
Heclier Wm-, Hauber, Locust Puint 
Hecheimer Henry, confectioner, 205 s Ann 
Hechman Lewis, 600 w Pratt 
Hecht Absalom, dry goods dealer, 148 s 

Hecht Abraham, salesman, 47 n Front 
Hecht Asher, dry goods dealer, over 211 w 

Baltimore, dw 68 n Exeter 
Hecht David, 68 n Exeter 
Hecht Elias, clothier, 47 n Front 
Hecht Frederick, carver, 17 Jasper 
Hecht Henry, cabinetmaker, 17 Jasper 
Hecht Jacob Bros. & Co. clothiers, 304 w 
Baltimore, and n w cor. Center Market 
space and Pratt 
Hecht Jacob, (J. H. Bros. & Co.) 14 Lloyd 
Hecht John, cabinetmaker, 257 Eastern av 
Hecht Lewis, (H. & Putzel) 129 Mulberry 
Hecht Lewis (Jacob H. Bros. & Co ) 127 

Hecht Lipman, apothecary, 60 Hampstead 
Hecht. Meyer, 68 n Exeter 
Hecht Moses, (Jacob H- Bros. & Co ) 72 e 

Hecht & Putzel, boot and shoe store, over 
257 w Baltimore 

Hecht Reuben, 68 n Exeter 
Hecht Saml. dry goods deal. 252 Canton av 
Hecht Saml. dry goods deal. 186 s Broadway 
Heck Chas. shoemaker, 25'^ Light 
Heck Frederick, tobacconist, 294 Mulberry 
Heck George, whifimaker, 8lJ n Eutaw 
Heck George W. 9hoen)aker, 142 Conway 
Heck Henry, shoemaker, 119 w Biddle 
Heck Henry, tailor, 10 Slate 
Heck Jacob, furnilure wagon. IKi French 
Heck John, confeci inner, 27 Buren 
Heck John, laborer, 235 Wolfe 
Heck Simon, dry goods dealer, 31 Chats- 
Heck Wm. tailor, 90 s Eutaw 
Heckaihorn Wm engineer, 489 w Lombard 
Hecker Henry, laborer, 48 Chatsworlh 
Hecker Jacob, iron roller, Canton av. near 

Hecker John, Canton av. near Port al 
Heckman Saml. butcher, 219 n Bonk 
Heckrotte Wm. 20 Camdeu 
Heddinger James H . printer. 16 n Caroline 
Heddinger Michael, plasterer 54 n Bond 
Heddinton James, trunk maker, 31 Pearl 
Hedge George, teamster, Falls Road, near , 

Hedian P.J printer, publisher, bookseller, 
& stationer, 82 w Baltimore, dw40n High 
Hedian & Rosensteel, carvers and gilder^, 

9 n Gav 
Hedian T.J. (H.& Rosensteel,) 144 Ensur 
Hedley Chirles B. marble polisher, 141 n 

Hedrich John, tailor. 39i^ Canton av 
Hedrich Nicholas, tailor, 250 s Eutaw 
Hedrick George, shoeinak. 44 Hampstead 
Hedrick John, potter, 232 s B ind 
Hedrick John, machinist, 112 Grundy 
Hedrick Jackson, butcher, 58 n Central av 
Hedrick Wm. watchmaker, 120 e Fayette 
Hees Aaron, pedler, HO Hirrison 
Heesh Chas. coachsmiih, 212 e Biddle 
Hefner Benj. engineer, 175 Hollins 
Hefner D. tailor, 317 e Lombard 
Hefner Joseph, laborer, 12i) McHenry 
Hefner Valentine, 175 Hollins 
HefTel, Henry, tailor, 21t) s Caroline 
Helfner August, leaeher, 120 e Fayette 
HEFFNER EDWARD, superintendent, 

Greenmount av 
Hetiern Patrick, 244 Franklin 
Hetferman Patrick, laborer, 78 Richmond 
Heflnacht Michael, bricklayer, 285 s Paca 
Hetflel Henry, tailor, 2l(j s Caroline 
Heffler Anton, miller, 25 n Dallas 
Hetfier Geo. P. tailor, 276 s B(md 
H ti'ran Hugh,cailer, 11 Centre Market sp 
Hegan Patrick J. 40 n High 
Heginbotham Edward, grocer, 54 n Broad- 
Heginbotham Thos. A.clerk,dw 190n Eden 
Heggele John, machinist, 61 Richmond 
Heihack N. Grove, cabinet maker, 11 Cow- 
pen al 
Heiasn Herman,boarding house, 280 Broad- 
Heibert George, harness maker, 27 w Lom- 
Heibner John, miller, 253 s Ann 





Heib.schman Geur^e, laborer, IW s DuihaiU 
IK'i'l John, booiiiiak.-T aud grocery, VJ2 s 

H- ider HenrVi grocery, 273 Hanover 
Hauler J04.. Canion av near CaiiDun 
Heiileiiian Augubius H paper carrier, 158 

IK'ulerick Antoine, tavern, 26 s l^iberty 
IK'iilis Joliii, laborer, 3i)d Caiiioii av 
lk-it,'he H -iij. M. aiioniey, 24 cii. Paul, dw 

14 Mulberry 
Ueiskiiiaii Win. laborer, 354 s Charles 
Hi i;ile Jolui, manner, 102 Jeri'erson 
ll.i-le Mary, lU'J Jetierson 
lleil August, provision st:)re, 137 Ross 
lleil Adam, laboier, "Jlj Bethel 
Ileil Chailes, >hiiemiiker, I'JG HoUins 
lieilaud CiiriNiiaii, lalujrer, 'J23 w Pratt 
Heilaiid Henry, wiieelwiighl, Mount near 

Mc Henry 
Hi.'i ai,d Tiieodore, cuiled hair worker, 

Wilkin,*' factory, Fiederick roatl 
IKilbig Augustus, baiber, 'Jjl Canton av 
Hi'ilbruii Henry, dry goods dealer, 47 n 

Hriliiurn Michael, dry goods dealer, 52 

Heilbrun & Oberndorf, who. clothiers, 350 

w BaJiiinore 
Jledi^run 8. (.H. St Oberndort,) 122 German 
lleillos Wm. laborer, 14 Proident 
llfihnan Piiilip, shoemaker, 107 York 
Ht- liner Rev. L. 115 e Lombard 
Heiui Albert, tailor, 113 Eager 
Heim Albeit, ,-awyer, b2 Urchard 
Heim George, poner, 265 Hanover 
Heim Jacob B. (H , JN'icodemus & Co.,) 

dvv cor Euiaw and Favette 
Heim Joseph. 34 Elizabeth 
Helm John, laboier, lh5 Gough 
H'lm JN'icholas, porter, 57 Preston 
HEIM, NICUDEMUS & CO. importers 
and dealers in loieign and domestic li- 
quors, 3,s3 w Baltimore 
Heimann John, cooper; 13 e Lombard 
Hcimer ^Nicholas, carter, 197 s Bond 
lieimerdinger Chiistian, giocery, 80 Or- 
Heimerdmger John C. shoemaker, 14 Ross 
Htimiller Hy. coach 'ker, IGl e Madison 
Hi-imiller Paul, cooper, 427 w Lombard 
Hemphill James, lalmrer, 2 n Cartiline 
Heimwaldl George, cooper, 3y Brown 
Heimiiie John, brickmakei. Canton av near 

Heinbech Conrad, laborer, 1S4 Canton av 
Heindle Wm. H. clerk Sun office, 157 n 

Heine Charles, cabinet maker. 122 s Spring 
Heine Francis, lahoier, 71 Bank 
Heme Mary, tailoress. l-riCro>s 
H-^ne Wm' gn.ceiy, 32.'t e Lombard 
Ht-iner Rev., 30 Second 
Ht-mer Fredeiuk, l.iburer, HO Lancaster 
Hrinef Gfoige, carter. IMil w Pratt 
Heiner Henry, cooper, 112 Hamburg 
Heincr John B. (Fiyer tV; H.,) Mount 

Washington. Baltimore Co, 
Heiner John, 'Si s Washington 
HtinerJolin H. shoemaker, 2(i() s Ann 

Heineman Henry, grocer, 71 s Paca 
Heinickons Ernst F. carpenter, 242 Mul- 
Heinland George, porter, 113 Penna. av 
lleinlein John, lager beer house, lUd Alice- 
Heinlein John, bakei, 84 Thames 
Heinlein Michael, laborer, 311 s Charles 
Hcinmiller Jacob, carpenter, 10 Penn. av 
Heinneman Mary, tavern, 2o2 Lexington 
Heinrichs Fredeiick, blksmnh, 29 Preston 
Heins Jacob, tailor, ()2 James lane 
lleiiitz George, boot and shoe store, fi8 s 

Heinz Andrew, boot and shoe maker, 80 n 

Heinz Frederick, tavern, 35 n Paca 
Hemzelman Matthew, wheelwright, 257 

Heinzerling August, baker, 63 Ensor 
Heinzeiliiig George C. cigar maker, 67 

Centre Maiket space 
Heiiizlemg John, sawyer, rear 58 Johnson 
Heiiizinann Henry, lagei beer, WoUe near 

Heiid Henry W. (Trego, H. & Co.) 14G 

e Lombard 
Heiilicli John, laborer, •J32 Eastern avr 
Heirz John, shoemaker, 213s Bond 
Heirring Louis, cooper 270 s Caroline 
lleis Jolin, tavern, 85 Eastern av 
Heise Ellas, book binder, 12 w Fayette 
Heiser August, iailoi,2J Spring 
Hei.^er Henry, tailor, Moshernear Penn av 
Heisler John, tobacconist. 79 Bunk 
Hei-ler Louis, plasterer, 41 Burgundy al 
Heislcr Wm. |)olicempn, 352 n Euiaw 
Heisierman Wm. cabinet mak. 56 Hamp- 

Heller Charles, grocery, 39 s Liberty 
Heitmiller Wm. tailor, 240 e Pratt 
Heitmuller Henry, shoemaker, 330 Can- 
ton av 
Heitzeller John, carpenter, 59 York 
Held Chas. carpenter, near 73 Hanover 
Held Francis, sugar refiner, 12 President 
Heldajdier Sebastian, cooper, I'M s Bond 
lleldman Dr. Ailam J. 120 Pearl 
Heldinan Henry, butcher, Garri.son lane, 

near Western Cemetery 
HeldidFer John, cooper, 194 Eastern av 
Heldroiig Aug. shoemaKer, 44 Milliman 
Helemstutter Peter, 70 Washington 
HeU'enben Henry, grocery, H3 Ross 
Hellrich Damin, baker, 141 Aisquiih 
Helliich Geoige, clerk, 13 s Republican 
Hellrich Jacob, painter, 42M Saraio-a 
Hellene Paul, grocery, 222 Columbia 
Hellen Henry, cement rooler, 12 s Euiaw, 

dw 60 e Eager 
Hellen John K. 275 e Pratt 
Htllen Thomas VV.275e Pratt 
Heller Frederick, tailor, 1()5 Uaborg 
Heller H nry, wagoner, 223 Bethel 
Heller Henry, tailor, 3 Regester 
llellei Wm. H. green gr. cer, 46 Aisquith 
Hellman Joseph, halter, IHO n Gay 
Hellman John, porter, 6> Granbv 
Hellstem & Oeitingcr, wh. and retail clo- 
tlilers. I7l> w Pratt 






HelLstein F. 

(H. & Oettinger,) 123 e 

Hellstein Philip, (H. & Oettinger,) 128 e 

Hellweg John H. tobacconist, 289 w Pratt, 

dw 57 s Eutaw 
Hellwig Augustus, varnislier, cor. Leaden- 
hall and Henrietta 
Hellwig George, grocery, 155 s Fremont 
Hellwig Jacob, varnisher, 55 Pearl 
Hellwig Wm. tobacconist, 82 Thames 
Helm Conrad, grocery, 60 Bank 
Helm Frederick, baker, 220 s Ann 
Helm John F. im and sheet iron worker, 

52 s Calvert, dw 254 Aisqmih 
Helm John, blacksmith, Frederick road, 

cor. Calverton road 
Helm Jos. N. ship carp. 142 Bank 
Helman Wm. cigar maker, 30 Brnne 
Helmcamp Wm. furniture wagon, 51 Eas- 
tern av 
Helmer John, shoe tool manufacturer; 169^ 

w Pratt 
Helming Anthony, engineer, 87 e Fayette 
Helinley Charles, cabinet maker, 42 Abbot 
Helmling Anna, 4 Henrietta 
Helmling Chas. machinist, 108 Columbia 
Helmlrng Geo. R. moulder, 108 Columbia 
Helmling Jas. E bricklayer, 108 Columbia 
Helmling John, clerk, 115 Ross 
Helmling Wm. block and pump maker, 

Calhoun al, dw 10b Columbia 
Helmling Wm. H. mach. lOH Columbia 
Hi-lins Jones, coach trim. 37 Constitution 
Helms John, tinner, 254 Aisquith 
Helmsmeier Henry, shoemaker, 54 Hamp- 

Helpman Catharine, grocery, 222 Penn av 
Helpash Lewis, carpenter, 192 s Bond 
Helpeg Paul, hay dealer, 45 St. Mary 
Helsby Pamelia, 154 Enoor 
Helsby Sanil. mer. tailor, 11 s Liberty, dw 

108 n eine 
Helsby Thomas H. (Gilpin & H.) 108 Pine 
Helslager Christian, 157 s Fremont 
Helthaller Robert, shoemaker, 57 s Eutaw 
Helve Conrad, teamster, Calverton Mills, 

near Alms house 
Helwing Mrs. Ann J. 292 Eastern av 
Hembrook Joseph, laborer, 267 s Ann 
Hemble Henry, printer, 17 Watson 
Hemling Heni-y, prop, billiard saloon, 62 w 

HEMPLE FREDERICK, tavern, 25 n 

Hempel Henry, s e cor Watson and Exeter 
Hempel John C. fancy trimmings, 268 n 

Hemphill James, laborer, 2 n Caroline 
Hemsler Frederick, lager beer saloon, 796 

w Baltimore 
Hemmell Jacob, coach trimmer, 154 Hen- 
Hemmell John D. bricklayer, 154 Henrietta 
Hemmeton Wm. piano maker, s w corner 

Warner and Henrietta 
Hemmick Augustus, moulder, 120 Bur- 
gundy al 
Hemmick Caroline V. 148 s Bond 
Hemmick Geo. A shoemak. 184 n Eutaw 

Hemmick Jacob, ladies' shoemaker, 30 n 

Hemmick Wm. H. 144 Mulberry 
Henchy Edw., S. J. Loyola College 
Henck Fred W., Walsh, 2 doors e of Mo- 

Henck Lewis, teacher, 16 Lanvale 
Henck Sarah, 124 Pearl 
Henderson Alice A. milliner and dress 

maker, 61 e Baltimore 
Henderson Anthony, carter, 159 s Eden 
Henderson And. machinist, 565 w Lombard 
Henderson Catherine, nurse, 21 s Exeter 
Henderson Catherine, 94 iVlullikin 
Henderson David, packer, 116 Chew 
Henderson David, hardware dealer, 333 w 

Henderson Detrick, laborer, 7 Albemarle 
Henderson Francis, wagoner, 30 St. Mary 
Hendersan Gustavus A. clerk, 73 s Broad- 
Henderson Gustavus R. (John H. & Co.) 

15 Aisquith 
Henderson Henry, shoemaker, 137 Stirling 
HEN DEKSON j AMES A. & CO. boot and 

shoemakers, 5 n Calvert, dw J. A. H. 15 

s Gay 
Henderson James, clerk, 3 Courtland 
Henderson John, policeman, 159 s Eden 
Henderson John, jr. clerk, 75 Broadway 
Henderson John (siharp, H. & Dixon) Pratt 

near Sharp 
Henderson John, 124 w Fayette 
Henderson John &. Co. ship chandlers and 

commission merchants, cor Commerce & 

Pratt, and block and pump makers, 53 

Fell, and rope walk, 425 Harford av. dw 

J. H. 75 s Broadway 
Henderson John C book-keep. 89 e Fayette 
Hendeison Maria, dressmaker, 6 Pine 
Henderson Saml. clerk, 89 e Fayette 
Henderson Susan, 71 Cathedral 
Henderson 'I'hos. F. attorney, 6 Counsel- 
lor's Hall, dw 71 Cathedral 
Henderson Thos. book-keeper, 89 e Fayette 
Henderson Wm. M. draughtsman, 285 e 

Henderson Wm. H. 161 s Washington 
Henderson Wm. P. painter, Johnson near 

Henderson Wm. marble cutter, 71 s High, 

and 33 e Pratt, dw 42 s Exeter 
Henderson Wm. (Sindall !si. H.) 89 n Eden 
Henderson Wm. tinner, 89 n Eden 
Henderson Wm. laborer, 166 n Fremont 
Henderson Wm. W. 71 Cathedral 
Henderson's Wharf, end of Fell 
Hendell Andrew, stevedore, 10 Anthony 
Hendricksoii Geo. O. varnisher, Fayette 

near North 
Hendze August, cabinet maker, 159 e Pratt 
Heney Rebecca, 59 Chesnut 
Hengmiller Henry, 177 Ensor 
Hems Mary, ll?7 e Fayette 
Henkel August, shoemaker, 397 n Gay 
Henkel Chas. cigar maker, 224 s Bond 
Henkel Dr. Wm. 241 Aliceanna 
Henkelman Frederick (Hilberg & H.) 138 

Henkelman Henry, grocery, 294 s Charles 





Henkelman Michael, cabinet maker, 163 s 

Henkle Jd.seph, tailor, 17 Si. James 
Heiikle Jcsepli, tobaccmiisi, -JiJ s Bond 
Heiikie Mariiti, shoemaker, 228 e Eager 
Henkle Peter, cigar box maker, 'S.H bharp 
Henkle VVm. cigar box maker, 2.SU Sharp 
Henkleinati Andrew, tailor, llrf J^ow 
Henkleinan John, tailor, IKJ Low 
Henkleman Jwhn, tinner, !•! Linv 
Henkler Geo. varnisher, oJl w Baltimore 
Henley T-abella, hneksiress, 3S e Lombard 
Henloii Edwanl, laborer, 101 Tyson 
Henly John, marble polisher, 17 Centre 
Heniiaman Anion, huckster, Clinton opp 

Elliot! , C'anion 
Hennaman Jos. currier, 76 Goiigh 
Hennaman Mary Jane, dressnik., ivl n Eden 
Hennaman Win. block and pump maker, 

74 Goiigh 
Heniieghausen Geo. barber, Hamburg near 

Hennernan Jesse, variety shop, 40 Albe- 
marle, dw lOi) Pearl 
Hennemati John T'. tobacconist, 195 Lex- 
Hennernan John, clerk, 14f> Saratoga 
Henneman VVm. clerk, ]2t) Pine 
Heiiner Jeremiah, shoemaker, 194 Conway 
Hennessy Jas. laliorer, 1-2 Hammond al 
Henni;<s Ernest A. com. merchant, 3 Hun- 
over, dw Chillies n ol' Northern av 
Henniiig Elizabeth, 12.5 Saratoga 
Henning Geo. tailor, 2i)7 e Eager 
Hennmg Harman, carver, 41 Marion 
Henning Henry, -hoemaker, 41 Marion 
Henning John H. shoemaker, 41 Marion 
Henning Win. shoemaker, 246 Mulberry 
Hennicli Francis, IH Regesier 
Herinich Joseph, tailor, 209 e Eager 
HeiiiiKk Albert, shoemaker, 59 Gough 
HeiiiiKk Edward, 461 n Gay 
Heniiick Capi. John C. 120 Barre 
Hennick John P. haticr, 120 Barre 
Hennighausen Chns. barber, 42 Leadenhall 
Hennynieyer VVm. tavern, Elliott near Po- 
tomac, Canton 
Henri Chas. actor, 43 s High 
Henriokle GeorL;e W. cooper, F>9 Barre 
Henrix Beihiah, 1(16 Howard 
Henrix Charles, tobaeconisi, fi Pearl 
Henrix Edw. Hmr ilealer, 1 10 Orleans 
Henrix Mary, 6 Peail 
Heniy Aqiiilla, 24"j H.dlins 
Henry Alex. (Giove .t H.) 109 e Lombard 
Henry Aiihiir, (H & Riley) dw Golden 

Horse tavern 
H-nry B. T. clerk, 42 n Calvert 
Henry Charles, lailor, 54 Portland 
Henry David, carpel weaver, 117 Chew 
Hiiiry Geoigi- \V. fireman, ;{5'2 n Euiaw 
Henry Geo. VV. lamplighter, 31 Sarah Ann 
Henry Jacob C. drayman, 112 n Fremont 
Henry James, p(diceinun, 1 e Second 
Henry John, bricklayer. 242 Columbia 
Henry Joseph, shoemaker, .'tO Sarah Ann 
Heniy John C. clerk, 12 n Calvert 
Henry James, laixjrer, 13 Neighbor 
Henry Joseph, machinist, 57 Scott 
Ileiiiy Jcilin, moulder, 57 Scott 

is === 

Henry James, laboier, 4 L Broadway 
Henry John, machinist, 117 Cliew 
Henry Jacob, >iove fitter, 26 Scott 
Henry Mary, 57 Scott 
Heniy Mary, huckstress, 220 Raborg 
Henry Michael, grocer. 314 Eastern av 
Henry Pat. harnessmaker, 16 New Church 
Henry & Riley, tailor.^, 93 n Howaid 
Henry Samuel T. clerk, 13 Oregon 
Henry Stephen, stevedore, Burke near Can- 
ton av 
Henry Thomas W. carp. 4r)6 w Lombard 
Henry Thomas, laborei, 5(1 n Spring 
Henry Val. piop. hacks, 30 Sarah Ann 
Henry Win laborer, 1(17 Vine 
Henry Wm. L. carpenter, titiS w Pratt 
Hensehen Christopher, (Torney & H.)32 

s Charles 
Hensel John, porter, 25 Biddle 
Hensel Philip, carpenter, 103 Penna av 
Hensell Jacob M. moulder, 17 McHenry 
Hensen Edward, tailor, 269 n Dallas 
Henihorn Thomas, carter, 250 Lee 
Heiitz Charles, 74 e Lombard 
Henze Henry, shoemaker, 13 n Eutaw 
Henze Mrs. Rebecca, 26 n High 
Henzell George, butcher, Canton av near 

Hepburn David, carpenter, 167 Gough 
Hepp Adam, Burke nearC;inton av 
Heppel Michael, lailoi, 48 Wayne 
llepfdey Julius A. clerk, 214 w Madison 
HERA Rev. E. R. DO e Fayette 
Herald Albert, dry gootis dealer, 191 Sharp 
Heibeck John, laborer, 168 s Ann 
Herbenner John H. tailor, 2iS9 Sharp 
Heibert Bridget, 42 Henrietta 
Herbert Chas. oyster shuck. 23 Harmony la 
Herbert Daniel, second liand variety store, 

HI Henrietta 
Herbert Jcdin, shoemaker, 43 Low 
Herbert Joseph, blacksmith, 18 n Republican 
Herbert Jame» R. (Lancaster & H.) 89 n 

Herliert Joseph, carter, 310 Aisquith 
Herbert James, policeman, Washington nr 

Herbert Nicholas, foundryman, 19 Elliott, 

Herbert Rebecca, 145 Gough 
Herbert Thomas, laborer, 351 Columbia 
Herbert Wm. laborer, 71 York 
Herbes John, shoemaker, 121 n Spring 
Herbes Jo.sephine, morocco sewer, 124 n 

Hcrclieiiinc Henry, tailor, 35 Lewis 
Ilerclilelt Robert, 5 Hamilton 
Herdel Robert, slioemaker, 237 Chase 
HERFORD JULIUS, tavern, 93 Thames 
Hertbrd Spanger, 93 I'hames 
Herger John, stevedore, 2:>3 s Wolfe 
Hergesheimcr Charles, (H.& Sherwood,) 

167 Aliceanna 

shipsniith. Bond s ol'Tliames, and Paiaps- 

co, Canton, and 33 Fell, dw Ui3 Ann 
Hcigesheimer, Chas. shi[)smith, 12 Thames 
Hergcsheimer Christopher, jr. .shipsmith, 

12 Thnmts 
Hergesheinier Elij:ih, shipsniith, 12 Thames 





Hergesheimer Jos. ship carp. 31 Regester 
Hergesheimer & Sherwood, shipsmuhs, 154 

Thames, and Philpot near Will 
Hergenhem John, blacksmith, 79 MuUikin 
chant tailor, GO Park 
Herget Edw. C. conlec. 94 William 
Hergenheimer Conrad, liil Orleans 
HenngDr.J L. W. 1U3 Pearl 
Hering D. S. flour inspector, 188 w Madison 
Heritage Mrs. Ann, 145 s Caroline 
Heritage Hy. irunkmaker, 74 Albemarle 
Heritage I'hoiiias, carpenter, 145 s Caroline 
Herrlich Charles H. stove and lock dealer, 

2;} Second, dw 86 e Lombard 
Herling Ferdinand, cooper, 323 s Charles 
Hei man Aaron, shoe store, 174 n Gay 
Herman Bernard, tailor, lUO Gough 
Herman Bernhardt, tailor, 1513 s Euiaw 
Herman Clements, butcher, 132 s Spring 
Herjnan Christian, cont'ec. 83 n Charles 
Herman Daniel, dry goods deal. 280 n Gay 
Herman George, shoemaker, 263 e Eager 
Heiman George, shoemaker, 136 Durham 
Herman George, shoemaker, 62 Park 
Herman H. Sl Bro, boot & shoemakers, 72 
Center Market space, dw H. H. 79 Exeter 
Herman Henry D. 104 w Fayeiie 
Herman Henry, cigar maker, 133 Raborg 
Herman Jacob, dry goods deal. 53 Jelieison 
Herman Johannah, scourer, 64 n Eutaw 
Herman John, buicher, 34 Hainpstead 
Herman l^eopold, (,H. H. & Bro.) Baltimore 

hous3, Mercer 
Herman Lewis, clerk, 401 w Piatt 
Heiman Martin, scourer, 64 n Euiaw 
Hermans Selman, sec. hand dealer, 59 

Henninanerba Lainhard, coop. 20 Bevanal 
Hermange Edward V. clerk, cor. Piait and 

Hermann Philips, porter, 107 York 
Herpel John, lat)urer, 15 Sliakspeare 
Herscher George, laboier, 28 Barnes 
Herold Elizabeth, 280 Canion av 
Herold George, whedwri^ihi, 9 Regester 
Herold Jtihn, tailor, 18 H;imp.siead 
Herold Peter, shoemaker, 177 s Bond 
Heron Caroline, 121 Garden 
Heipig Simon, shoemaker, iU4 Low 
Herphy Wm. liquor dealer, 131 s Exeter 
Herr Francis, tobacconist, 301 Aliceanna 
Herr George, shoemaker, 42 Booth 
Herrgoit Henry, tailor, 262 s Eutaw 
Hengoii John, rag picker, 6) Walnut al 

Police, City Hall, dw 99 f Fayette 
Htrring David, clerk, 54 s Exeter 
HERRING GEORGE W. & CO. importers 
china, glass and crockery, 7 s Charles, dw 
G. W. H. 32 Stiles 
Herring Henry, jr. lumber inspect. 82 s Bond 
Herring Henry, commission lumber mer- 
chant. West Falls av, dw 26 Stiles 
Herring John L. McMechin near Grundy 
Herring John Q,. A. oC Adams' Expresf;,86 

e Fayette 
Herring Lawrence A. tavern, 7 Fish Mar- 
ket space 
Herring Maria, I Ross 

Herring Michael, porter, 99 Eastern av 
Herring Origonal, paper hanger and uphol- 
sterer, 3U w Baltimore , 
Herrman Louis, porter, 301 w Pratt 
Herrman Nicholas, porter, 55 s Bond 
Herrod Wm. shoemaker, 39 s Eden 
Herschbach Casper, paver, 24 Dewberry al 
Herschberg Henry, paint, oil and glass deal 

209 s Bond 
Herscher Harlman, laborer, 33 s Chapel 
Herschon Peter, laborer, 210 Bethel 
Hersey John, mr-sionary, 142 Pearl 
Hersh Peter, tailor, 305 n Eutaw 
Hersh Wm. omnibus agent, 12 Republican 
Herst Conrad, baker, 189 s Caroline 
Hertel John, cabinetmaker, 227 Canton av 
Heriline Henry, porter, 41 Tessier 
Hertz Aaron, second hand clothing dealer, 

245 s Bond 
Hertzing George, laborer, 258 Eden 
Herwig Casper, laborer, 183 Lerew's al 
Heizberg &, Bro. clothiers, 2 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Herzberg Philip, (H. & Bro.) 34 Hanover 
Herzberg Seliginen, (H. & Bro.) 2 Centre 

Maikei space 
Herzberg Lazarus, carpet weaver, G6 Har- 
Heizberg Meyer, 214 Aliceanna 
Herzberger Kev. Frederick, rear fifth Ger- 
man Reformed church 
Herzmger Jacob, clotheir, 191 Canton av 
Herzog Conrad, lager beer brewer, Burke, 

n of Biision, Canton 
Herzog & Co. locksmiths, n e cor. Lexing- 
ton and Park 
Herzog John, tailor, 278 n Howard 
Herzug John, (H. & Co.) n e cor. Lexing- 
ton and Paik 
Herzog Joseph J. carver, 278 n Howard 
Heizog Levi, butcher, 44 Harrison 
Herzog Levi, furniture deal. 134 Franklin 
Heschnian George, carpenter, 177 Happy al 
Heslen & Rogers, ship brokers and com. 

merchants, n w cor. Gay and Piait 
Heslen Richard M. (H. & Rogers,) 102 Lee 
Heslen Wm. barkeeper, 104 s Howard 
lltsler Adam, cigar maker, 251 Eastern av 
Liess Ann M. 90 Preston 
Hess & Blum, clothiers, 315 w Baltimore 
Hess Caroline, lt)2 e Madison 
Hess c;onrad, siove and tinware dealer, 166 

Hess Emanuel, carpenter. 137 Dover 
Hess E. (H. &. Blum,) 125 e Lombard 
Hess Dr. Frederick, 66 Holiday 
He>s Fite, club house, 9 s Frederick 
Hess Frederick, laborer, 72 Preston 
Hess Francis, Potomac near O'Donnel 
Hess Faherty, milkman, Potomac near 

Hess Isaac, carpenter, 150 Saratoga 
Hess John, boxmaker, 208 Sharp 
Hess Jacob, tailor, 59 Preston 
Hess John, laborer, 137 s Exeter 
Hess Joseph, cooper, 72 Cider al.dw 123 

Hess Joseph, shoemaker, 12 Anthony 
Hess John, butcher, Hampstead nrChoptank 
Hess John, laborer, 27 Fawn 





Hess Lewis, millinery dealer, :^5 n Howard 

Hess Mi>>es, drv good^ deal. 39 n Howard 

H-ss Man-US, (H. & Blum,) '.iJ s Exeter 

Hevs Mycr, glass hl..wer, 10 Abbey al 

Hess N. clothier, 314 w Prali 

Hess Peter, tailor, 371 Pennsvlvania av 

Hess Samuel, carpenter, '205 Ross 

Hes^ Solomon, 47 s Kxeier 

He-cse Christian, barkeeper, 300 w Pratt 

Hesse John, tailor, 31 Lead.'nhall 

Hessenour John, baker, 149 Eastern av 

Hessler Adam, cigar maker, 251 Eastern av 

He^^sler Adam, laborer, 'i5t> Eastern av 

Hessler George, shoemaker, 16') s Ann 

Hessler George, shoemaker, 136 Argyle al 

Hessler Miry, 165 s Ann 

Hessman Andrew, shoemaker, 151 w Biddle 

Hesiry Steven, grocery, n w cor. Hillen and 

Hett Henry, tavern, 141 w Lombard 
Heti John, tavern, 126 w Lombard 
Heiz Andrew, fur store, 15!) s Bond 
Heiz Geo. lager beer saloon, 1:»1 s Bond 
Heizell John G. metal roofing and tinware, 

74 n Howard 
Heizler Francis D. bookbinder, upper story 

Sun Building, dw 190 n Cnroline 
Heizler Fredk. painter. H9 Orleans 
Heizler William, painter. 149 Orleans 
Heizinger Mrs. ISlnry, l^^t; s Bond 
Heubeck George F. iinner, 347 Lexington 
Heughes James, laborer, 33.S n Howard 
Heuisler Chas. C. carpenter, l()() n Entaw 
Henisler George, caipenter, cor. Mosher & 

Eutaw place 
Henisler Jos. S. (Cole !<t H.) Iti6 n Eutaw 
H'^nisler Joseph S. clerk, Kit! n Eutaw 
Heunsch Goilieb, piano maker, Lombard 

near Oregon 
Heuser Dr. Charles F. \H Lee 
Heuser Edward, varnisher, 154 Lee 
Heusy John, chair & lounge manufacturer, 

239 s Bond 
Hevener Louisa J. millinery dealer, 5ft.i n 

Hevener Samuel, painter, 164 Saratoga 
He well James L. tobacco and cigar store, 

79 Hnnover 
Hewell Lewi-^, tobacconist, 16-2 n Gav, dw 

179 n High 
Hcwes Henry, baker, 141 Ais(|uith 
Hewes James E (Ellicott & H.) Gilmor nr 

HEWES JOHN G. dealer in flour, grain 

and mill feed, 366,368 & 370 w Pratt, dw 

32 s Greene 
Hewes J<ihn, ho«tIer, 1 17 n Euiaw 
Hewes Robert, grocery, .s w cor. Ogsfon and 

Hewes Sarah. 141 Lexington 
Hewett John, laborer, 10-* n Fremont 
Heweit Robert C. conductor B. & O. R. R. 

17 McHenry 
Hewing Thomas, .ship carp. 170 Saratoga 
Hewut Asatel VV. sergeant police centra 

station, dw 13 Hollins 
Hewitt Eliiic-r, jr. currier, 50 s Calvert, dw 

233 e Hill i more 
Hewitt Franklin, (H. & Miller,) 257 n Gay 
Hewitt Franklin, tavern, Gay opp. Molt 

Hewitt George W. gilder, 5 Aisquith 
Hewitt George, currier, 217 Aliceanna, dw 

2f^5 e B.iltimore 
Hewitt J(hn H. prof, of music, 5 Aisquith 
Hewitt Mary Jane, I9() s Sharp 
Hewitt & .Miller, restaurnnt. 257n Gay, and 

n e rcr. Fave'ie and Harrison 
HEWLETT JOHN a & SON, hide, 

leather, and oil deals. o6 w Lombard ami 

9 Water, dw J. Q.. H. Baltimore couiilv 
Hewlett J. W. (J. Q.. H. & Son,) 180 Mul- 
Hexter George & Bro. 166 s Broadway 
Hexter Geo. (Geo. H. & Bro.) 26^ e Fayette 
Hexter Levi, (Geo. H. & Bro.) 41 s Eden 
Hexier Mver & Son, clothiers, 166 and 21G 

s Broadway 
H<yden Francis, clerk, 250 e Pratt 
Heydorn John, silver plater, 74 s Eutaw 
Heyen I. T. post office clerk, 508 w Fayette 
Heyer Henry, tobacconist, 156 Cnesnut 
Heyer William, clerk, 8 n Gay 
Heyn Martin, tailor, 23 s Fremont 
Hey wood Reuben W. (Meacham & H.) 209 

w Fayette 
Heoy John, hod carrier. 20 s Bethel 
Hihbitts Patrick, plumber, s w cor. Pine 

and Faveite, dw 34 Rock 
Hibner Alexander, carler, I Young 
Hibner John H lock-miih and bell hanger, 

cor. Decker and Chase 
Hibner William, locksmith and bell hanger, 

41 Orleans 
Hichew Simuel, carpenter, 294 e Lombard 
Hick Peier, carpet weaver, 194 Wasbmgion 
Hickcox Samuel B. com. merchant, dw 378 

Hirkey Edward, clerk, 1 Clay 
Hickey Elizabeth, 1 Clay 
Hickey Rev. John, 86 Hollins 
Hickey Mary, 165 Columbia 
Hifkey Michael J. carppnicr, 9 n Poppleton 
Hickey Wm. laborer, 28 Calender al 
Hicklev Eleanor, 149 Saratoga 
Hickley James, (Robert H. & Bro.) 149 

Hi( kley Robt. & Bro. hardware merchls. 8 

n Howard, dw R. H. 149 Saratoga 
H if kley Robert J. hatter, 44 n Howard, dw 

62 George 
Hickley Mrs. Robert, 149 Saratoga 
Hickman Chas. T. plasterer, 368 w Fayette 
Hickman Emmerson, pln'«teier. 40 n Amity 
Hickman Geo. grocery, 210 w Fayette 
Hickman Henry, chairmaker, 79 n Eden 
Hickman Jas. furniture wagoner. .3 Abbot 
Hickman John, laborer, 212 Ooss 
Hickman John F. bl'ksmith. 233 e Lombard 
Hickman Nathaniel, 9 s High 
Hickman Susan Jane, seamstress, 245 e Fay- 
HICKMAN WASlIINGTON.tobacconist, 208 

e Fayette 
Hickman Wm. IT. undertaker, 234 n Gay. — 

[Sec p. 21 Aflrerlisrmenti.'] 
Hicks George, teamster, 290 Eastern av 
Hicks Herculla, 60 n Bond 
Hicks James, mariner, 129 Montgomery 
Hicks John, salesman, 31 Gough 
Hicks Mary, nurse, 18 Harden 





Hicks Reuben, cooper, Lee near Fremont, dw 

16 Warner 
Hicks Thos. E. salesman, 113 Lee 
Hicks Capt. Wm. H. seaman, 60 n Bond 
Hickson Wm. C. (Shaw & H.) 129 n Eutaw 
Hicky John, hiborer, Hamburg near Sharp 
Hiddleston James, painter, 123 Regester 
Hide Nathan, 131 Montgomery 
Hieatzman M. grocery, 732 Penn. av 
Hiem George, tailor, HI n Bond 
Hierman Christian, tailor, Aliceanna near 

Burke, Canton 
Hieronimus George, piano maker, 13 Chase 
Higbie Theodore, clerk Meclianics' Bank, dw 

34 Conway 
Higdon Alexander, fisherman, 412 West 
Higdou Raphael, fisherman, 388 West 
Higdon Sylvester, 106 Green Mount av 
Higdon Thos. C. ehairmaker, 244 e Baltimore 
Higdon Thomas, fisherman, Goodman al near 

Higer Leinhardt, cooper, 321 s Bond 
Higginbotham John, Hoffman nr McCulloh 
Higgins Anna, baker, 44 Second 
Higgins Asa, Franklin Square 
HigginsEdward, jr. bookkeeper, 76 n Calvert 
Higgins Edward, foreign fruit dealer and 

candy manufacturer, 144 w Pratt, dw V6 

n Calvert 
Higgins Elizabeth, rear 12 Davis 
Higgins Eugene, clerk, 76 n Calvert 
Higgins Dr. James, State agricult. chemist, 

29 Exchange buildings, dw cor. Mulberry 

and St. Paul 
Higgins Rev. James, 97 Biddle 
Higgins John, moulder, 35 Penn 
Higgins John H. shoemaker, 114 Boyd 
Higgins John, of Adams' Express, 45^- Hill 
Higgins Maria, 13 McElderry 
Higgins Mary, Necessity al, near Chesnut 
Higgins Michael, 47 York 
Higgins Richard, laborer, 8 Low 
Higgins Thomas, machinist, 48 Albemarle 
Higgins Thos. T. rear 12 Davis 
Higgins Walter, saddler, 140 McHenry 
Higgins Wm. policeman, 139 Peirce 
Higgins Wm. painter, dw 161 Gough 
Higgins Wm. baker, 2 e Pratt 
High Alfred, painter, 158 n Fremont 
High Andrew, hod carrier, 415 Saratoga 
High David, bricklayer, *j8 Ross 
High Ezekiel, bricklayer, 12 Dolphin 
High Francis, moulder, 474 w Lombard 
High George, tobacconist, 17 s Carey 
High Henry, wagoner, 79 Booth 
High Joseph, painter, lOl Columbia 
High Joseph A. painter, 213 Conway 
High Louisa, seamstress, 28 Haw 
High Rachel, 474 w Lombard 
High Samuel, painter, 158 n Fremont 
High Sarah, tailoress, cor. Peirce & Ogsden 
High Street (Baptist) Church, High n of Fay- 
High Street (Methodist Episcopal) Church, 

cor. High and Stiles 
High Thomas, moulder, 474 w Lombard 
High Thomas, blacksmith, Poppleton near 

High Wm. tobacconist, 161 n Fremont 
High Wm. i>ainter, 212 Lee 

Highmiller Christian, cabinet maker, 171 n 

Central av 
Hignat Mrs. Caroline, dressmaker, 73 nEden 
Hihn John P. grocery, 288 s Bond 
Hikel Fredk. 52 Durst al 
HILBERG FRANCIS L. merchant tailor, 8 

South, dw 146 Hanover 
Hilberg Fredk. merchant tailor, 144 s Charles 
Hilberg & Henkleman, merchant tailors, 127 

w Baltimore 
Ililbert Adam, laborer, Elliott near Potomac, 

Hilbert Dr. Henry, sr. 336 w Fayette 
Ililbert J. Alex, inspector of leather, 217 w 

Hilbert James A. currier, 217 w Fayette 
Hilbert John, furniture wagoner, 70 Pine 
Hilbert John, carpenter, 208 w Biddle 
Hilbert Philip, laborer, Fremont, north end 
Hilbert Thomas, carter, 133 Montgomery 
Hild Anthony, clerk, 156 Columbia 
Hi Id Francis, hostler, 71 Moore al 
Hild W. tavern and grinder, Dhler's al, dw 

58 s Charles 
Hildebrand Chas. shoemaker, 18 Jackson ct 
Ilildebrand Fredk. butcher, 10 n Schroeder 
Hildebrand Frederick, tinner, Fremont near 

Hildebrand Geo. cigar maker, 34 Boyd 
Hildebrand Geo. woodsawyr, 18 Jackson's ct 
Hildebrand Henr}', laborer, 41 s High 
Hildebrand John, printer, 65 Boyd 
Hildebrand Henry, cooper, 29 s Poppleton 
Hildebrandt Samuel & Son, musical instru- 
ment makers, 19 n Liberty 
Hildebrandt Wm. carpenter, 40 Barre 
Hildebrandt Wm. carpenter, 40 Barre 
Hilderbrand John, wheelwright, 462 n Gay 
Hilderman Henry, sugar refinery, 9 Hawk 
Hilditch Wm. H. bricklayer, Philadelphia 

road near city limits 
Hilditch John, bricklayer, 140 s Central av 
Hilduer Adam, laborer, 46 Spring 
Hildreth Isaac C. clerk, 85 w Baltimore 
Ilildt Rev. George, 174 Aisquith 
Hile Chas. shoemaker, 245 s Broadway 
Hilgardner Lewis, confectioner, 72 s Bond 
Hilgenberg Chas. hosiery and trim, dealer, 

37 n Eutaw 
Hill Martin, porter, 32 Sarah Ann 
Hill Alexander, sr. grocer, 9 w Pratt, dw 

35 Concord 
Hill Charles, laborer, 171 Barre 
Hill Charles, collector, 120 Jefferson 
Hill Charles II. engineer, 10 L. Broadway 
Hill David, shoemaker, 5 Bloodgood ct 
Hill George, 60 Chesnut 
Hill George, tavern, 77 e Monument 
Hill Geo. II. moulder, 351 e Monument 
HILL ISAAC, grocery, 27 Slemmer al 
Hill James, laborer, cor. Fort & Washington 
Hill John E. tinner, 174 e Monument 
Hill John H. boot and shoemaker, 53 n Gay 
Hill John, conductor N. C. Railway, 289 

Hill John, shoemaker, 175 Argyle al 
Hill John H. clerk, s w cor. Aisquith and 

Hill John, hat and bonnet presser, 14 Mc- 

Clellan's al 





Hill John W. moulder, 2ti6 e Madison 
Hill Joseph, glass blower. 193 s Caroline 
Hill Joshua, carpenter. 97 Mount near Cathe- 

Hill Luther, carpenter, 3.'>6 w Fayette 
Hill Mark, hat and bonnet presser, Sl^n 

Hill Marv E. cap maker, 43 Haw 
Hill Nanissa, 131 Cross 
HILL RICHARD, hat and bonnet bleacher, 
ne cor. German and Sharp, dw 30 German 
Hill Richard, clerk. 136 w Fayette 
Hill Capt. Robert M. harbor master, 394 Lex- 
Hill Samuel C. paper hanger, 124 Orleans 
Hill .Samuel, harness maker, Aisquilh near 

Hill Samuel, furn. remover. 319 Mulberry 
Hill Samuel H. saddler. 118 Aisquith 
Hill Samuel, upholsterer, 191 Forrest 
Hill Sarah, seamstress. 27 Edward 
Hill Thos. moulder, 191 East 
Hill Thos. conve\ancer and property agent, 

11 Counsellors' Hall 
Hill Wra. grocer and feed dealer. 22 Bond 
Hill Wm. bandbox maker, .")5 s Eutaw 
Hill Wm. grocery, 227 e Madison 
Hill Wm. barber, 668 w Baltimore 
Hill Wm. H. variety store, 274 Light 
HILL WILLLVM B. attorney, 20 St. Paul, 

dw York road near Towsontown 
Hillany John, blacksmith, 173 Ramsay 
Hilleary Augustus, clerk, 44 Hanover 
Hillebrand August, furniture wagoner, 273 

s Charles 
Hillebrand Chas. emigrant agent, 97 Thames 
Hillen Charles, laborer, Elbow la near Scott 
Hillen Col. Solomon, G2 Franklin 
Hiller Lewis, prov. dealer, 83 Eastern av 
Hilleyer Wm. currier, 214 n Bond 
Hillgardaer Henry, shoemaker, 193 s Bond 
Hiilgcisi Fredk. barber, 1<k) Forrest 
HILLMAN AUGUSTUS, carpenter, 89 

Hillman Christian, grocery, 298 s Bond 
Hillman Miry Ann, milliner, II Thompson 
Hillmeyer Wm. currier, 2()7 n Dallas 
Hdlmevrs Thos. hurksicr, Hampstead hill 
Hills Margarei, Hj Durham 
HillyarJ Dr. lienj. U. Tiiompsonian prac- 

liiioner, 144 Aisquilh 
Hillyaril Cliarles, carpenier, G6 Pearl 
Hillyard Mary, :VJ George 
Hilt John K. shoemaker, 14fiPenna. av 
Hiltim Edward F. fireman, Bolton depot, 

28 Grundy 
Ililion Francis C painter, 338 n Kutaw 
Flilion John, brass finisher, 413 w Lombard 
Milton .Vlaria, II Forrest 
lldion Sarah, <)7 Chesnut 
Hilton William W. botanic physician, 74 

It Caroline 
Hilton Win. policeiniin, 102 n Bond 
Hiliz Charles VV. painter, 237^ n Gay, dw 

Ai.>^qiiith near Eager 
Hil'z Joliii, huckster, 25l)s Ann 
Hiltz Lewis, cabinet maker, 23 Molt 
Hiliz Wm. picture dealer, 23 Molt 
liiltzberu' Fredk. Cambridge. (Janton 
Ilillzer .lacob. |)aintcr, 1!> (ioodinan al 

Hiltzman Frederick W. laborer. 60 Stiles 
Himan Julius, second hand clothing dealer, 

148 Durham 
Himeler Paul, cooper, 427 w Lombard 
llimes Patrick, laborer, 8 McKim 
Himsel George, butcher, 106 .McElderry 
llimz Henry, butcher. Point la nr Greenmount 
Himmel John, shoemaker, 17 Watson 
Himmel Leopold, furniture dealer, 50 and 50 J 

Himmelreich Bernhardt, doth'r, 123 Franklin 
llimmer Christopher, laborer, 228 Eastern av 
Hinbook John, tailor, 222 s Bond 
Hind Mary, 45 Holland 
Hinder Frederick, plumber. 115 St. Paul 
llindes Benj. F. saddler, lOO Sharp 
llindes Daniel B. tinner, 28 Stirling 
Hindes Geo. brass finisher, 77 Hill 
Hindes Jacob, bricklayer, 100 Sharp 
Hindes Mrs. Margaret A. 159 Garden 
Hindes Mary A. 199 w Lombard 
Hindes Michael, tailor. 18 Josephine 
Hindes .Moses G. (Wilson .t 11.) Ill Camden 
HINDES SAMUEL & SUN, hatters, 100 n 

Gay, near bridge 
HINDES WILLIAMS, merchant tailor, 75 w 

Second, dw 13 s High 
Ilindle James, variety dealer, 34 n Greene 
Hindler Ch.irles. leather finisher, 226 s Paca 
Iliiidman John, laborer, 12 Fall 
Ilindman Wm. mariner, 25 Lee 
nine Stephen, laborer, 244 Happy al 
Ilinebecker Henry, shoemaker, 150 Raborg 
lliner Wm. basket maker, 101 Durham 
Hines Andrew, clerk, Gilmor house 
nines Daniel, laborer. Gl s Wolfe 
nines David, glass blower. 362 S Charles 
Hines John C. clerk, 9 McElderry 
Hines Margaret, 19 McHcury 
nines Michael, tailor. 18 Josephine 
Hines Moses, 11 Camden 
nines Thomas A. rigger, 139 Washington 
Hines Peter, grocery and provision store, 154 

s Paca 
Hines Wm. officer city yard, 8 McIIenry 
Hingerty Jerry, laborer, Harrison u of El- 
liott, Canton 
Hinkel Adam, daguerreotypist, 531 w Balti- 
Hiiikel Jacob, laborer. 150 Canton av 
Hinkel Martin, 10 Somerset 
Hinkhouse Henry, blacksmith, 574 w Pratt 
Hinkle Rev. Richard. 230 n Eden 
llinkle Wm. wheelwright, 1 Elizabeth la 
Iliiikle Wm. grocery, flour and feed dealer, 

359 e Baltimore 
Hinkley Charles. (McKim & Co.) 73 Centre 
Hinklev Edward O. (II. k .Morris) 73 Centre 
HINKLEV & MORRIS, attorneys at law, 22 

n Charles 
Hiiikley Willard H. (II. k Morris) North av 

near Bel Air av 
Ilinks Charles D. & Co. flour merchants, 41 

s Howard, dw C. D. H. 257 w Lombard 
Hinks Samuel, (C. D. H. & Co.) 243 w 

Hinman Anna M. grocery, 106 g Caroline 
Ilininan Joel, clerk, 1H2 Saratoga 
HINNKliS IIENUV, cigarmkr, 13 e Lombard 
liiiiniTs Nicholas. 14 e Pratt 





Hinrichs Christopher, (Stellmann, H. & Co.) 

251 w Lombard 
Hinshew & Dove, tobacconists, 158 Light st 

Hinshew John G. (H. & Dove) s Charles 
Hinshey Geo. laborer, Walsh nr Lexington 
llinsley Jacob, founder, 168 Dover 
KINSLEY JOHN, hiring and livery stables, 
s w cor. Calvert and Pleasant, dw 79 n 
n intern H. D. cabinet maker, 36 Marion 
Ilintze Albert, machinist, 93 s Fremont 
Hintnach George, tailor, 255 n Caroline 
Hinternesch Herman D. ornam'l sawj'erand 
fancy moulding mkr. 49 Clay and 1 Dover 
Hintnach John, tailor, 255 n Caroline 
Hintnach Peter, tailor, 255 n Caroline 
Hinton John, policeman, 77 n Schroeder 
Hinton John S. clerk, 29 n High 
Hinton Thomas, saddler, 29 n High 
Hinton Wm. ship carp. 249 Aliceanna 
Hinton Wm. F. carter, 122 n Fremont 
Hinton Wm. saddler, 13 Philpot al 
Hintze Dr. Frederick E. B. 21 s Gay 
Hinz Chas. painter, 83 n Schroeder 
Hinze W. A. (V. Smith & Co.) 87 Hanover 
Hiob John, butcher, Fredk road near Snake 

Hipsley Enoch G. grocery, 184 n Gay, dw 

220 Aisquith 
Hipsley Nathan S. conductor B. & 0. R. R. 

3 Parkin 
Hipsley Sarah, 3 Tripolett's alley 
Hires A. C. tailor, 43 Pearl 
Hirsch Chas. coal dealer, 26 n Gay 
Hirsch Caroline, 80 Durham 
Hirsch Chas. H. plasterer, 18 Hamburg 
Hirsch Herman, clerk, 223 w Pratt 
Hirschberg John, 13 Clay 
Hirschberg John, cutter, 71 e Lombard 
Hirschfeld E. J. clerk, 30 n Greene 
Hirsh G. clerk, 641 w Baltimore 
Hirsh Jacob, laborer, 92 Hamburg 
Hirsh Lazarus, sexton, Eden street Syna- 
gogue, dw 24 n Caroline 
Hirshberg Isaac, clothier, 231 i s Broadway 
Hirst Mrs. A. E. milliner, 97 Saratoga 
Hirst Robert R. 97 Saratoga 
Hirth Ferdinand, tailor, 93 n Central av 
Hirtler Christian, bottler, 270 s Caroline 
Hiser Adam, miller, 196 Eastern av 
Hiser Henry, carter, Cambridge near Alice- 
Hiser Henry W. (H. & White,) 161 w Fay- 
Hiser J. H. F. clerk, 161 w Favette 
Hiser John, carpente'", 8 Comet 
Hiser Samuel R. carp. 241 Biddle 
Hiser & White, grocers and com. merchants, 

19 n Howard 
Hiskey Albert, moulder, 525 w Lombard 
Hiskey Jno. F. machinist, 525 w Lombard 
Hisler John, 244 Central av 
Hisner John, slevedore, 231 Canton av 
HISS & AUSTEN, cabinet makers, 128 w 

Faj'ette, — \_See p. 21 Advertisement,^.'] 
Hiss Benjamin, brickmkr. 295 William 
Hiss Charles D. clerk, 32 Fawn 
Hiss & Cole, hardware and commission mer- 
chants, over 27 and 29 s Charles 

Hiss Chas. J. brickmaker, 224 Washington 
Hiss Elizabeth G. 42 n Poppleton 
Hiss George M. Secretary Jlutual Fire Insu- 
rance Co. 2 Franklin buildings, North, 
dw Balto. CO. 
Hiss Hanson H. (H. & Austen,) Decker near 

Northern av 
Hiss Jacob, jr. Balto. steam chair factory, 2 

East Falls av 
Hiss James, (H. & Cole) cor Charles and 

Hiss Jesse L. 5 Trinity 

Hiss Jesse L. jr. ornam'l painter, 37 Holland 
Hiss P. H. (Hiss & Austen,) 104 w Monu- 
Hiss Philip, sr. (H. & Austen.) 229 w Madi- 
Hiss Philip H. jr. ( H. & Austen,) Ross near 

HISS WM HENRY, steam chair factory, 2 

East Falls av, dw 38 e Fayette 
Hiss Wm. J. (H. & Austen,) Ross near Mo- 
Hissey Eli, laborer, 199 Preston 
Hissey Henry, policeman, 231 Hollins 
Hissey James, blacksmith, 167 Hoffman 
Hissey Wm. furniture manuf. 30 n Poppleton 
Hissey Wm. nightman, 162 Conway 
Hitch Capt. Andrew, 151 Washington 
Hitch Capt. Marcellus, 151 Washington 
Hitchcock Daniel, bricklaj'. 264 n Central av 
Hitchcock Gabriel, stone cutter, 182 Conway 
Hitchcock James, engineer, 87 Mullikin 
Hitchcock Joshua K. lime inspect. 3 Bolton 
Hitchcock Josiah, blacksmith, 131 Bank 
Hitchcock Wm. T. fireman, 82 Mount near 

Hitchcock Wm. printer, 15 n Front 
Hitchcock Zachariah, clerk, 11 Scott 
ITite Charles, tailor, 12 President 
Hites Benj. harness maker, 27 Bevan al 
Hiteshew Samuel, prov. deal. 172 n Eutaw 
Iliteshew J. W. baggage master, B. &. 0. R. 

R., dw National hotel 
Hittle Martin, wheelwright, corner Frederick 

av & Calverton road 
Hitz John, grocery. Chapel betw Gough and 

Hitzel Geo. mustard dealer, 128 Burgundy al 
Hitzel Henry P. piano maker, 93 e Lombard 
Ilitzelberger August, booksell. 203 Canton av 
Ilitzclberger Caroline, 68 n Gay 
Ilitzelberger Elizabeth, 104 e Pratt 
Ilitzelberger Henry, tailor, 6 Butler 
Ilitzelberger John, painter, n e cor Eager & 

Harford av 
Ilitzelberger John, supt. Washington Monu- 
ment, dw 73 Franklin 
Ilitzelberger Peter, morocco dresser, 77 Har- 
Ilitzelberger Wm. gas fitter, 59 Stirling 
Ilitzelburger Joseph, bricklayer, 5 Buren 
Hitzinberger Jos. brushmaker, 17 Harrison 
llitzrock George, 34 Philpot 
Hoban Rev. James, S. J. vice president and 

treasurer Loyola College 
Hobbs Alex. H. attorney at law, 32 St. Paul 
Hobbs Alexander W. finisher, 266 s Charles 
Hobbs Andrew, painter, 48 George 
Hobbs A. R. machinist, Lombard near Carey 





llobbs Brice 11. clerk at public store, 209 

Hobbs Caleb, gro. and prov. dealer, 208 Rol- 
llobbs Daniel D. of custom house, 209 Sara- 
Hobbs Dennard, fireman, 359 Cathedral 
Hobbs Geo. W. clerk, 33 n Greene 
Hobbs Horatio, 110 .McElderry 
Hobbs Lorenzo, clerk, 85 George 
Hobbs -Mary, huckstress. 68 Jasper 
-llobbs Mary, 273 Forrest 
llobbs R. F. collar maker. 23 n Greene 
llobbs Samuel, carp. 48 Georjje 
llobbs Samuel F. jilasterer, 270 e Lombard 
llobbs .S.un. I), custom house, 1 In .McElderry 
Ilobl)S .Sarah E. cake shop, 206 s Charl?s 
Hobbs \Vm. P. T. hat and cap dealer, 86 

Centre .Market space, dw 73 e Fayette 
Hobbs \Vm. M. miller, 208 llollins 
Hobelmau Henry, jiiauo maker, 'J8 s Howard 
Hobert Chas. shoemaker, 43 n Caroline 
Hobey Ernest, tailor. 106 Pearl 
HoblitzellJ. 172 Lombard 
Hoblitzell 0. C. J. clerk, B. & 0. R. R., dw 

54 Henrietta 
Hoborg Fred'k, cabinet maker, 118 Mullikin 
Hobury Fred'k, cabinet maker. 247 Conway 
Hobson John, 153 w Lombard 
Hock Henry, porter. 217 Central av 
Hock Jacob, milk deal. Harford av near 

Point lane 
Ilockheimer Rev. H. 03 e Lombard 
Hocklzier Leonard, tailor, 3 Barnes 
Hodsre James, wood dealer, Hughes' Quay, 

near Light, dw 345 Light 
Hoiige Patrick, drayman, 241 Columbia 
Hodge W'm. merchant tailor, 218 Light 
Hodges Amanda .M. confe(-t. 32 Valley 
HODGES BENJAMIN M. JR. shipping mer- 
chant, over s w cor Gay & Lombard, dw 
45 Mount Vernon place 
Hodges Benj. M. sen. 125 Park 
HODGES BROTHERS, importers German 
and British hosiery, gloves, trimmings, &c. 
23 Hanover 
Hodges Charles, insurance agent, 125 Park 
Hodges Christian B. 170 Ross 
Hodges Elizabeth, 113 Clu-sruit 
Hodges, (iarnett <& Co. importers & whole- 
sale dealers in hardware, 1 lo w Lombard 
Hodges Henry, painter, 64 .Mullikin 
Hodges Jas. (H. Bros.) lo^ w .Monument 
IIod';rcs .lohn, upholsterer, 66 n Eutaw 
Hodges John E. painter, 65 .Mcllenrv 
Hodgis J. \V. (II. k Emack.) 125 Park 
Hodges John, fisherman, 125 Washington 
Hodges John, blacksmith. 160 (J. Hughes 
Hodges Rev. Jno. VV. 8!t n Bond 
llodv-'es .Mary A. 2s7 e Loml)ard 
Hodges Robert, (11. k Bros.) (Jilmor house 
Holies Robert, cabinet maker, Front st. ho- 
tel, loo n Front 
llodires Thomas H. attorney at law, 161 St. 

Hodges Wm. cabinet maker, Front st. hotel, 

loo n Front 
Hodges Wm. R. (if. Bros.) Barnum's hotel 
llodgkinson Robert S. tobacconist, 23 Cen- 
tre Mkt. sjiare, ilw 17 .Sijles 

Hodgson James B. machinist, 774 w Balto' 

Hodnett Elizabeth, seamstress, 2 Bruue 

Hodson John H. 79 s High 

Hoei'k Henry, cabinetmaker, 51 Harrison 

lloetler Valentine, 239 e Eager 

Hoehn John G. shoemaker, 453 Lexington 

Hoehnschmidt Christian, laborer, 504 w 

Hoemann Peter, boiler maker, 248 Hanover 
HOEN A. & CO. lithographers and engra- 
vers, 75 Second, dw August and Ernest 11., 
York road, Baltimore county 
Hoen Henry, lithographer, Vork road 
Hoenel .Mrs. Margaret, 93 n E.xeter 
Hoenge Geo. shoemaker, 9 Brune 
lIoei)ner Casper B. lock and gunsmith, 237 s 

Hoey Geo. shoemaker, 162 s Central av 
Hofer Leopold, machinist, 22 Eastern av 
Hofelkamp Henry, clerk. Three Tuns hotel 
Hoferwar (Jeo. I'\ cooper. Cotton row. Canton 
Hoff Andrew M. clerk B. & O. R. R. 18 a 

Hoff Bernard, cigar maker, 25 New church 
Holf Daniel W. salesman, 162 Biddle 
Hoff Francis, shoemaker, 141 s Bethel 
Hoff Henrv, laborer, 19 Abbey al 
Hoff Jacob, (Moffett, Mockbee & II.) 12 Han- 
Hoff Jacob, (Cromer & 11.) Penna. av beyond 

toll gate 
Hoffart Frederick, butcher, cor Harapstead 

and .Madeira al 
Hoffer Robert, laltorer, 177 Lemon al 
llotl'mau Aaron, butcher, 83 Hoffman 
Holfman Adolph. machinist, 446 Saratoga 
HOFFMAN ALEXANDER, designer and 

carver, 114 w Baltimore 
Hoffman Anderson, grocer, 83 n Schroeder 
Hotl'man Andrew, tailor. 261 e Lombard 
Holl'inan Ann, 11 Josephine 
Hotl'man Anton, laborer, 43 Elliott 
Iloll'man Catharine, 118 Low 
Hoffman Charles, porter, 112 Franklin 
Hoffman Charles, butcher, 84 Hoffman 
Hoffman (.'harles, bacon merchant, 377 w 

Baltimore, dw cor Fayette and Greene 
Hotl'man Charles, rope maker, 443 Lexington 
Hotl'inan Christ'r, butcher, 75 e .Monument 
Hotl'man ("liristian, confectioner, 8 Trinity 
Hoffman Conrad, laborer, 241 Aliceanna 
HOFF.MAN CONRAD, brewer, 53 Penna. av 
HOFFMAN DANIEL, grocery, 452 .Saratoga 
Hotl'man Dr. D. P. 279 w Fayette 
Iloll'man David W. who. grocer, 375 w Bal- 
timore, dw 243 w Fayette 
HoU'man Edwin, (11. k Harris) 15 Columbia 
Hotl'man Edwin R, i)ainter, 15 Columbia 
Hoffman Elizabeth, 35 n Amity 
Hoffman l']inatz, tailor, 307 Central av 
Iloll'man Frank, tinner, 6(1 Ross 
Hoffman Frcdfrick, grocery. 29 e Pratt 
Hoffman FrediTick, varnislier, 296 n Gay 
Hotl'man Frederick, butcher, 85 Hotl'man 
Hotl'man Frederick, basket maker, 205 a 

Hotl'man George, shoemaker. 253 s •\na 
Iloll'man (Jeorge, 26o w .Madison 
Holl'mau (Jeorge, confectionery, lo2 Orleans 
Iloll'man ( H'o. carter, llamtmru- near Eutaw 





Hoffman George, cabinet maker, 30 Hanover 

Hoffman, George B. 45 Franklin 

Hofi"man George L. (Stansbury & H.) 344 

w Lombard 
Hoff"man Capt. George W. mariner, 8 Lee 
Hoffman Gilmor, broker, s w cor Cathedral 

and Centre 
HOFFMAN & HARRIS, house & sign paint- 
ers, 266 w Pratt 
Hoff'man Henrv, coachmaker, 21 George 
Hoffman Henry, cork cutter, 189 Wolfe 
Hoffman Henry, laborer, 29 Fountain 
Hoff'man Henry, locksmith, 275 s Bond 
HUFFMAN HFNRY F. tavern keeper and 

hatter. 55 Centre Market space 
Hoffman Isaac R. currier, 397 w Lombard 
Hoffman Jacob, musician, 1*70 Happy al 
Hoffman Jas. L. (H. & Co.) Northern ave- 
nue, Balto. Co. 
Hoffman John, who. gro. & liquor dealer, 25 

Cheajjside, dw 407 w Fayette 
Hoffman John F. currier, 96 Columbia 
Hoffman John, cigar maker, 689 w Balto. 
Hoff'man John, laborer, 315 Central av 
Hoffman John, brewer, Calverton road near 

Hoffman John, cabinet maker, 13 Baker's ct 
Hoff'man John, laborer, Cannon, Canton 
Hoff'man John, shoemaker, 30 Cross 
Hoffman John, i)orte monaie maker, 29 e Pratt 
Hoff'man John, cooper, 108 Lancaster 
Hoffman John, laborer, 154 William 
Hoff'man John, blacksmith, 418 Saratoga 
Hoffman John, fisherman, 87 Johnson 
Hoff'man John F. currier, 96 Columbia 
Hoffman John H. cork cutter, 189 s Wolfe 
Hoff'man John T. clerk, 15 Penn 
Hoff'man Joseph, in sugar house, 191 Orleans 
Hoff'man Joseph, harness maker, 64 Perry 
Hoff'man Joseph H. restaurant, 552 w Balti- 
Ilofi'.man Lewis, laborer, 168 Biddle 
Hoffman Lewis, butcher, 224 s Broadway 
Hoff'man Lipman, grocery, 168 Gough 
Hoff'man Louis, stone cutter, 29 e Pratt 
HOFFMAN M. Bee Hive hotel, 37 Penna. av 
Hoff'man Martha, 462 w Lombard 
Hoffman Mary, 15 Columbia 
Hoff'man Michael, jr. currier, 500 w Balti- 
more, dw 149 s Paca 
Hoff'man Michael, leather inspector, 397 w 

Hoff'man Michael, cabinet maker, 24 Ivy al 
Hoff'man R. C. clerk, 40 Franklin 
Hoff'man Robert G. (H. & Co.) 82wMadison 
Hoff'man Rudolph, piano maker. 296 n Gay 
Hoff'man Mrs. Samuel, 40 Franklin 
Hoff'man Saml. Owings, 82 w Madison 
Hoffman Thomas, shoemaker, 76 Henrietta 
Hoff'man Thos. C. 58 Barre 
Hoffman Tilghman, police, 109 Vine 
Hoff'man Valentine, laborer. Chapel near 

Penna. av 
Hoff'man Werner, tinner, 53 n Oregon 
Hoff'man Wm. tobacconist, 221 s Eutaw 
Hoff'man Wm. H. bookkeeper, 269 w Lom- 
HOFFMANS & CO. auctioneers and commis- 
sion merchants, 8 n Charles 
Hoffmeister Wm. porter, 146 n Caroline 

Hoff'myer George, piano maker, 219 s Paca 
Hoff'nagle Bald, bricklayer, 3 Shakspeare 
Hoft'nagle Catharine, 2'24 s Bethel 
Hoffnagle Samuel, milkman, Clinton s of 

Boston, Canton 
Hofheimer Moses, 254 e Lombard 
Hofmeier Henry, turner, 192 Conway 
Hofmeister August, beer wagon, Monroe, 

near Fredk. road 
Hol'mester Henry, shoemaker, 3 n Dallas 
Hofsteter John, laborer, over 385 w Pratt 
Hogan Daniel, laborer, 19 Arbel al 
Hogan Daniel, marble polisher, 19 Eager 
Hogan James, tavern, 49 President 
Hogan John F. grocer, s e cor Fremont and 

Hogan Sylvester, laborer, 70 Durham 
Hogan John, laborer, 87 Boyd 
Hogan John, porter, tiO n Euiaw 
Hogan Patrick, clerk, 91 e Lombard 
Hogan Patrick, grocery, 92 Hillen 
Hogan Patrick, laborer, PJ Jackson's court 
Hcigan William, porter, 60 n Euiaw 
Hogan William, laborer, 50 n Eutaw 
Ho2;arih Wm. policeman, 39 s Schroeder 
Hogetlorn Henry, shoemak. 203 s Charie.s 
Hogendorp Elias, clerk, 54 Lee 
Hogg Alexander, Maltby houi^e 
Hugg David, clerk, 153 Dover 
Hogg Jame.^ H. &. John S. carpenters, 10 

Clay.dwJ. H. H 254 Lexington 
Hogg Jas. D. clerk Bank of Baltimore, dw 

87 e Pratt 
Hogg John S. (J. H. & J. S. H.) 252 Lex- 
Hogg Samuel, shoemaker, G6() w Pratt 
Hocg I'homus R. laborer, 60(5 w Praii 
HOGG WM. & SON, French burr mill 
stone mariufs. s e cor. North and Centre, 
dw W. H. LI e Fayette 
Ho;;gin John, policeman, 2l2 e Lombard 
Hogue Waller, clerk, 26S w Lombard 
Hohamm Andrew, tailor, 152 l^ine 
Hohen Jjhn G. shoemaker, 453 Lexington 
Hohensiein Senet, ba-ket maker, 134 Penn- 
sylvania av 
Holilbein Jacob, millinery deal. 70 Pearl 
Hob I week Frank, glass blower, foot of L. 

Hohman Andrew, tailor, 321 Mulberry 
Hohman Atlam, laborer, 13S Argyle al 
Hi liman Chas. shoemak, 5 Goodman al 
Hohman John A. grocery, 385 Saratoga 
Hohmaim John, shoemak. 88 Presion 
Hnhn David, buicher. Garrison lane near 

Western Cemetery 
Hohen Henry, grocer, 504 w Lombard 
Holm Wm. carpenti I, 120 Baborg 

89 Lee 
Hokamp Joseph, shoemak. 5 s Poppleton 
Hoke Henry, porter, 217n Central av 
Hoke Henry P. tinner, 12 George 
Hoke John, laborer, 22 Eliza beih la 
Hiike Wm. blacksmith, 177 e Lombard 
Holbrook Chas. J. painter, 45 n Frederick, 

dw 238 Central av 
Holbrook Chas. shoemak. 86 Eastern av 
Holbrook Eliza, 10 East 
Holbrook F. clerk, 80 Buren 





Holhrook George W. silversmiih, cor.^Poi t- 

land aiiii Haw 
Holbrook Jane L. 4 1 s Spring 
HOLBROOK. PA I'RICK M. city p.iver 
odice, cor Madison and liuren, dw bO 
Holbrook Win. G. constable, 72 w Fayelle, 

dw 15 H;(rrison 
Holdbrock James R. 116 s Charles 
Holdear Win. laborer, 57 Harlurd ar 
Holdefan John, dry froods dealer and gro- 
cer, 111 and 113 Eastern av 
Holdefer John, grocery and dry goods d«al. 

113 and 115 Eastern av 
Hohlen Caleb T. tailor, 12 e Pratt 
Holdeo E. P. clerk B. & O. R. R. 13 n 

HoKlen Geo. W. rope maker, West Falls av 
Holden G. W. rigger, 113 s Wolte 
Holden IraS. 49 .VlcCuUoh 
Holden John, ethereal oil agent, 5ij'2 Lex- 
Holden Joseph K. morocco dresser, 560 

Holden Patrick, grocery, 15 Ensor 
Holden Win. laborer, 47 Brittun 
Holderfer Capi. Henry, cooper, 170sCanal 
Holehan Mich.iel, carter, 235 Chase 
Holleder John G. sliuemaker, 32 n High 
Holger Rev. Loreuz, Saratoga, 2d door e 

of Park 
Holts Ann, 56 Pine 

Holiday Street Tlieaire, Holiday near Fay- 
Holl Powell, tailor, 188 s Wolfe 
Holland Amanda, 224 w Fayette 
Holland Albert, professor music, 524 w 

Holland Andrew J. 193 Hanover 
Hollar.d Barney, 32 e Fayette 
Holland Elizabeth, 153 s Sharp 
Holland George W. 21)7 e Eager 
Holland Franklin G. restaurant, 235 n Cen- 
tral av 
Holland Geo. W. discount clerk Citizens 

Bank, dw vJiij Harford av 
Holland George, cooper. G Apple al 
Holland Henry, wheelwright, 22 Lancaster 
Holland Isaac, blacksmuh, 82 Albemarle 
Holland Jesse, cooper, 77 Monument 
Holland John, laborer, IS Slemincr's a) 
Holland John, carpenter, Eiting ar Town- 
Holland John, shoemak. 176 e Lombard 
Holland J. (Speddea &. ii.) Hanover near 

Holland James, seaman, 193 e Monument 
Holland Joshua, shoemaker, S6 George 
Holland St Muldoon,loi)accouists,276 n Gay 
Holland Nathan, 453 w Fayette 
Holland Patrick, iohacconi>t, 29 Albemarle 
Holland Uoberl & Bro. butchers, Point la. 

near Greenmount 
Holland Wm. clrrk, 2 McElderry 
HOLLAND WILLIAM, upholsterer and 

paper hanger, 72 ii Howard 
Holle Henry II. porter, corner Portland 

and Penn 
Holle Julius, tailor, 89 Hanover 
Holler Barbara, 159 e Pratt 

Holler F.ank, laborer, 341 s Charles 
Holler John A. lab'Tr-r, 19 Guilford al 
Holler John, tavern, 6l) Caiiulen 
Holleren Anthony, lOKs Rt-gester 
Hullet James, drayman, 241) Franklin 
Holllelter Juhn, tailor. 111 Saratoga 
Hollibine Frederick, lace weaver, 24 Har- 
mony lane 
HollitJay Daniel, clerk, 109 s Sharp 
Holliday Jesse L. printer, 91 Lexington 
HoUiday Robert, florist, Dolphin nr Penn- 
sylvania av 
Holliiigshead Amelia, 62 Lee 
Hollingshead Amelia, 55) Warren 
Hollinsshead Davi.l A. teiiclier. 151 Ross 
Hollingshead George, clerk B. & O. R. R. 

68 Lee 
Hullinjjshead James, (H. & North) 62 Lee 

Steamer Keni, 144 Lit;ht-st. whf 
Hollingshead Capl. Samuel, wood dealer, 

2'»1 Sharp 
Hollingsworth Alexander, paper manufac- 
turer, 181 Lee 
Hollingsworth & Co., Gunpowder copper 

works warehouse, 56 s Gay 
Holliiig-worih Cyrus, dry goods mercht. ill 
n Howard, dw cor Mulberry & Diamond 
Hollingsworth Jas. O. blai-ksmith, 181 Lee 
Hollingsworth Jared, 158 Franklin 
dealers in druggists' glass, earthenware, 
pertuinery, &c. 36 s Charles 
HoUingswoVth Mary, 300 w Fayette 
Hollingsworth Richd. J. clerk, 95 n Charles 
Hollingsworth Thos. B. machinist, 181 Lee 
Hollingsworih William B. (H. & Johnson) 

Lombard near Hanover 
Hollingsworth Zebnlon, clerk, 69 William 
Hollins Bridget, washerwmn. 319 n Howard 
Hollins Cumberland D. merchandise broker 

Exi-hange place, dw 145 St. Paul 
Hollins C. Dugan, clerk, n e cor St. Paul 

and Lexington 
Hollins George, family grocer, importer of 
•vines, liquors and cigars, s w cor Charles 
and F.iyetie, dw 57 Couriland 
HOLLINS ROBERT S. secretary N. Cen- 
tral Railway, 131 Park 
Hollins Rebecca, 57 n Liberly 
Holloway Alexander, clerk, 118 n High 
Holloway Chas. T. watchmaker and jewel- 
ry, 94 w Baltimore, dw 14 n Front 
Holloway Eilward, aitiirney at law, 51 w 

Fayette, dw 118 n High 
Holloway Geo. sr. manufacturer of Japan 

varnisii, 300 Lexington 
Holloway Geiirge, jr. clerk, 300 Lexington 
Holloway J. Q,. A. (Turner tt Co.) n w cor 

High and Trinity 
Hulloway John M. waichmak. and jeweler, 

2-i0 w Baltimore, ilw 176 Saratoga 
Holloway Robert, watehmak. 118 n High 
Hollstein John C. (Marriott & Co.) 1 Han- 
Ilolman David, clockmak. 100 Mulberry 
Holmes Adam, machinist. 107 n Eden 
Holmes Able, Custom house ollicer, 45 

Holine^ Charles, book agent, 278 w Pratt 






Holmes Charles, morocco dresser, 17 Con- 
st! union 
Holmes David, harness maker, L.Greene 

near Barre 
Holmes George W. carter, Barney nr Light 
Holmes George, saw maker, 105 n High 
Holmes Geo. W. grocery, cor. McElderry 

and Bond 
Holmes Henry, carpenter, 294 Penna. av 
Holmes James, machinist, 107 n Eden 
Holmes John, butter depot, 271 n Howard 
Holmes John, machinist, 107 n Eden 
Holmes John E. gilder, 20G Mullikin 
Holme> John M. clerk, 13 Penn 
Holmes Joseph, fisherman, 279 William 
Holmes Mary Ann, 105 n High 
Hcdmes Richard, grocer, 171 Penna. av 
Holmes Robert S. (Baker, H. & Brown) 

103 s Exeter 
Holmes Samuel, bricklayer, 1-22 Ross 
Holmes Thomas, fisherman, 301 William 
Holock Gotleib, liaker, Frederick av. below 

Calverion road 
Holson Mary, 550 w Pratt 
Holste Arnold, tobacconist, 56 North 
Holstein Wm. H. tinner, 197 s Paca 
Holt Charles, bricklayer, 41 Chatsworlh 
Holt Frederick, omnibus driver, 10 Walsh 
Holt Joseph, bricklayer, 278 e Lombaid 
Holt Philen)on & Co. ship chandlers and 

grocers, West Fulls av. City block 
Holt Wm. H. moulder, 294 e Madison 
Hoi ten iVlrs. Mary, dress maker, corner 

Oregon and Saiatoga 
Holien Owen, laborer, 70 Richmond 
Holthaus Francis H. cigar mak. 6 Anthony 
Holihiuis Finncis T. glass, oil and paint 

deal. 10 w Baltimore, and 183 s Broad way 
Holtman Henry, tailor, 275 Central av 
Hoitoii Charles, clerk', 172 n Charoline 
H'dioii David, clerk, 172 n Caroline 
Holton Fiancis, cai|)enter, 14 s Ann 
Hulion John, clerk, 21 s Howard 
Holton John, grocer and liquor dealer, 160 

e Lombard 
Holton Josiah, salesman, 21 s Howard 
Holton Wm. plasterer, 356 e Lombaid 
Holtz Charles, music printer, 140 Conway 
Holiz Emanuel, paper hang. 107 ri Howard 
Holtz Geo. G. paper hanger, 350 Mulberry 
Huliz John, macliini>t, 55 Scott 
Holtz John C moulder, 55 Scott 
Holiz Mrs. Louise, 254 e Eager 
H(j1iz Martin, laborer, 12M Canton av 
Holizinan And. J. engineer, I60 McHenry 
Holtzman C. C book agent, 112 s High 
Holizman Emanuel H. porter, 162 n Eutaw 
Holtzman Frederick, tavern, Patterson, s of 

Holizman George, 1C>2 n Eutaw 
Holizman Plenry, grocery, 95 Ci'oss 
Holizman Lewis, laborer, HO s Howard 
Holizman Samuel, carpir. lOl n Greene 
Holizman Wni. tavern, 10 n Fredernk 
Holzkrever Wm laliorer, 5(i4 w Lombard 
Holzmer Theodore, cooper, 4G Bank 
Holznar John, sawyer, 45 Albemarle 
Holzoeder Frederick, shoemaker, 5 Wills 
Holzshuher John, cabinet maker, 44 Lee 
Homan Casper, laborer, 19 Mercer 

Homan K. tailor. West alley 
Homberg H. shoemaker, 3 I'essier 
Homberg Nicholas, carpenter, 7 New 
Homburg Albert, tobacconist, 84 Ensor 
Hume of the Friendless, Pearl nr Franklin 
Home Mission Chapel and Sunday School, 

Eastern av near Chapel 
Home Mission for West Baltimore, 117 

Homer Christopher, bacon deal 239 Gough 
Homes Alvaro M. architectural drawing, 

over 207 w Baltimore, dw Jackson near 

Central av 
Hompinan Samuel, laborer, Haubert, Lo- 
cust Piiini 
Hon Oto, clerk, 63 Camden 
Honeman Herman, draymn. 17 Cowpen al 
Honer H. painter, 55 Mulberry 
Honeywell Cliarles B. cleik, 213 Mulberry 
Ploneyvvell Jno. (Purvis & Co.) 67 w Riddle 
Honnoule Casper, laborer, Washington nr 

Honour Henry, shoemaker, 82 North 
Honslow John, officer in Penitentiary, 202 

n Eden 
Hood Conrad, tailor, 74 Somerset 
Hood Georgf, lador, 74 Somerset 
Hood Henry, tailor, 2.'i{) e Eager 
Hood Kilty Ann, -123 Lexington 
Hood Mary, irimming store, '2'2l Harrison 
Hood John W. conductor B. & O R. R. 73 

n Schroeder 
Hood Wm. M. machinist, 33 n Caroline 
Hoodiiian Michael, tailor, 307 Central av 
Hoods Frank, tailor, 39 Slemmer's al 
Hoofhaber Adam, cooper, 1^8 Cross 
Hoofnagle John, engineer, 29 Hill 
Huoi'nagle Richard H. carpenier, 8 Hill 
Hoofner Clirisiian, lailor, 164 Spring 
Hoogewerfl" John A. (John Williams & 

Son) 69 St. Paul 
Hook Andrew, painter, 41 George 
Hoogewerff' Samuel, (Barry & H.) Relay 

hoii>e, B. ik O. R. R. 
HOOK & BALDWIN, grocers, s w cor. 

Greene ami;ton 
Hook Catherine, 552 s Charles 
Hook Charles F. linner, 127 e Monument 
Hook Enorli, clerk, 41 George 
Hook E. F. (H.& Baldwin) 41 George 
Hook Frederick, painter, Clay nr Howard, 

dw 122 Saratoga 
Hook Frederick, lailor, 46 Bank 
Hook John, shoemaker, 169 Durham 
Hook John, cabinet mak. 38 L. McElderry 
Hook John A. bricklayer, 97 n Fremont 
Hook John T. millwiighi, 42 n Schroeder 
Hook Jacob, omnibus diiver, lOt! Preston 
Hook James M. cdfi. post office, 30 George 
Hook Josefih, boiler mak. 470 w Lombard 
Hook Josepli A. coach mak. 470 Lexington 
Hook Maria, 138 w Madison 
Plook Marcellus, ship. carp. Hamburg 
Hook R. W., Sheriff Baliimore County, 11 

Franklin building:, North 
Hoojier AiisusiusD. cleik,()5() w Baltimore 
Hooper Benjamin A. caipenier, 174 Sharp 
HOOPER CHARLES W. ship chandler 

and grocer, s w cor. South and Pratt, dw 

Madison w of Biddle 





Hooper Charlf.-; L. clerk, 172 s Charles 
Hooper & Lheebborough's Wharf, Wolfe 

near Fell 
Hooper George, 2:}H Mnilison nv 
Hooper Geo. W. reMaiir;un, 116 Franklin 
Hooper Capl. Henry, I'JS William 
Hooper Capt. Henry, .'581 Light 
Hooper Hannah, 62 Harre 
Hooper H. C. H. Ul w Fayette 
Houper John Geo. grocery, 2^0 Aisquith 
Hooper Jas. winxl deal. 174 Montgomery 
Hooper James carp. 3U8 e Baliimore 
Hooper James, jr. (James H. & Sons) 59 

Bar re 
Hooper James, (J. H. & Co.) Baltimore Co 
Hooper James A. office cor. Stuih and Pratt 
Hooper Jas. dentist, l'J7 e Baltimore 
Hooper Jas. J. grocer, (i50 w Baltimore 
Hooper J. l!t Co. ship|)ing and com. mrchis. 

Com. buildings, cor. Gav and Lombard 
Hooper James & Sons, millers, cor. Spear's 

whC. and Cable 
Hooper W. H C, 141 w Fayette 
Hooper John, artist, 415 \v Baltimore 
Hooper John, 150 Chesnut 
Hooper John E. (J. H. & Co.) cor Saratoga 

and Strieker 
Hooper John P. (J. IL & Sons,) 61 Barre 
Hooper John P. jr. clerk, Farmers' and Plan- 
ters' Bank, 17 South 
Hooper John T. bricklayer, 2.')6 w Fayette 
Hooper Joseph, cabinetmaker, 341 e Eager 
Hooper Levin, carpenter, 13 Biddle 
Hooper Mary Ann, lol s Bond 
Hooper .Mary A. toy store, 140 Columbia 
Hooper .Michael, clerk, 155 Garden 
Hooper Oliver P. clerk, 31 tjrchard 
Hooper Robert, 127 Hanover 
Hooper Robert, jr. asst. engineer city water 

works, City Hall, dw 1G4 Hanover 
Hooper Susan, Eutaw square, bet.Mosher and 

Hooper Theodore, clerk, 72 e Baltimore 
Hooper Thomas H. reporter Sun, dw 150 e 

Hooper Thomas H. (Trego, Tall & Co.) Light 

near Cross 
Hooper Tlios. J. (Kemp & II.) 283 e Lombard 
Hoo[)er Capt. Thos. T. mariner, 162 Cross 
Hooper W'm. 60 e Pratt 
Hooper Wra. boat builder. 59 Block 
Hooper Win. rigger, 248 s Ann 
HttOPER W.\l. E.k CU. Woodbury factory 
cotton duck, cor Pratt and South, dw W. 
E. II. 72 e Baltimore 
Hooper Wm. H. (Wm. II. Fowler & Co.) 204 

e Pratt 
Hoo[)er Wm. J. & Co. maniif. machine net- 
ting for seines, 55 w Pratt, dw W. J. H. 
11<; 3 High 
Hooper's Wharf, (formerly Patterson's,) Phil- 
pot, 8 of Pratt 
HUOPES D. II. attor. and counsel, and com. 

of deeds tor Mississippi, O'.i Lexingtcm 
Hoopes Dr. Wm. H. dentist, 175 w Fayette, 

dw 15 s Howard 
Hoops Amo.s, carpenter, 171 Bank 
Hoops Franklin, machinist, Hlillollins 
Hoover (Mias. constable, 348 Eastern av 
Hoover Edward, lO'J Preston 

Hoover Francis, butcher, 199 Columbia 
Hoover George, butcher, 113 Columbia - 
Hoover (Jeorge R. police, 1 s Chajiel 
Hoover Henry, carpenter, 318 Fayette 
Hoover Ignatius II. butcher, 01 Columbia 
Hoover John, butcher, 183 Columbia 
Hoover .Michl. bo.x maker, 22 May 
Hoover Wm. huckster. 113 French 
Hop Philip, artesian well borer, 45 Albemarle 
Hope Association Rooms, 76 s Bond 
Hope Chas. II. carpenter, 314 Harry 
Hope John T. (Johns & II.) 270 Light 
Hope Rebecca, preceptress, 74 u Greene 
Hope Soi)hia, preceptress, 74 n Greene 
lloj)!' John, shoemaker, 139 Henrietta 
Hopkins Basil B, (II., Hull k Co.) 54 Franklin 
Hopkins Chalkley, carpenter. 34 Pearl 
Hopkins Charlotte W. 84 e Fayette 
Hopkins Davy, copper smelter, Clinton, n of 

Boston, Canton 
Hopkins Elizabeth, 74 Saratoga 
Hopkins Ellison, 315 w Lombard 
HOPKINS & FAIUCHILD, merchant tail- 
ors, 230 w Baltimore 
Hopkins Francis, 264 s Broadway 
Hopkins Franklin, tinner and stove dealer, 

86 s Broadway, dw Jackson square 
Hopkins (ieorgc, 117 Conway 
Hopkins Geo. W. lumber merchant, 91 Barre 
Hopkins Gerard, (T. W . & G. II,) 58 Court- 
Hopkins Gid. P. (II. & Gore,) 48 Columbia 
Hopkins & Gore, house carpenters and build- 
ers, 68 Dover 
Hopkins Greenburv, ship carp. 30 e Balto 
HOPKINS, HARDEN & KEMP, importers 
and dealers in hardware, 336 w Baltimore 
HOPKINS, HULL & CO. wholesale dry 

goods merchants, 258 w Baltimore 
Hopkins James, agent, dw Broaders' Wash- 
ington hotel 
Hopkins James, clerk, 35 s High 
Hopkins James, furniture car driver, 38 Low 
Hopkins James, police, 299 e Lombard 
Hopkins James, saddler, 336 w Pratt 
Hopkins James, ship joiner, 94 Regester 
Hopkins James A. dyer and scourer, 30 e 

no|)kin3 Jas. II. (H.& Marshall) 83 Columbia 
Hopkins John, tin and sheet iron worker, 

Jackson square 
Hopkins .lohn C. conveyancer, 449 w Fayette 
llo|)kins John T. tinner, Washington, near 

Hopkins Johns, president Merchants' Bank, 

81 Saratoga 
Hopkins Josei)h (II. k Fairchild,) 26 s Greene 
Hopkins Joseph .1. hanlware merchant, 15 n 

Howard, dw Haltiiuore county 
Hopkins J. S, clerk, Fayette near Schroeder 
Hopkins Lambert N. (II. , Harden k Kemp,) 

5 McCiilloh 
lloi)ktns Lawrence H. salesman, 34 Pearl 
Hopkins Lewis N. 74 Saratoga 
Hopkins .Mrs. Margaret. 330 Eastern av 
Hopkins .Margaret, teacher, St. Alphonsus' 

School, 79 Barre, dw 91 
Hopkins k Marshall, carpenters, 31 s Eutaw 
Hopkins Nicholas, grocery, 52 L. Church 
Hopkins Richard, carpenter, 83 Hollins 





Hopkins Robert, glass blower, 4 Hamburg 
Hopkins Samuel, 19 Franklin 
Hopkins Samuel, (Boggs & H.) 69 e Fayette 
Hopkins Samuel, clerk, 12(] s Bond 
Hopkins Samuel, insurance agent, cor South 

and Second 
Hopkins Samuel H. clerk, 262 w Fayette 
Hopkins Sophia, teacher, 84 e Fayette 
Hopkins Capt. Thos., Washington, nr Gough 
Hopkins Thos. (T. W. & G. H.) 21 Franklin 
Hopkins Tbos. S. coal dealer, 262 w Fayette 
HOPKINS T. W. & G. grocers and com. 

merchants, 68 Light, cor Pratt 
Hopkins Wm. (Bennett & H.) 171 Conway 
Hopkins Wm. cigar maker, 18 Regester 
Hopkins Wm. painter, Washington nr Gough 
Hopkins Wm. trunnel maker, 313 Eastern av 
Hopkins Wm. jr. bookkeeper, 46s Exeter 
Hopkins Wm. (T. W. & G. H.) 68 Light, 

cor Pratt 
Hopkins W. C. grocer and com. merchant, 4 

Bovvly's whf, dw 94 s Charles 
Hopkins Wm. C. (Harding & H.) 84 n Charles 
Hopkins Wm. L. clerk, 141 s Paca 
Hopkins Wm. M. clerk, 180 n Eutaw 
Hopkins Wm. S. (Orem, H. & Co.) 221 w 

Hopkinson Francis, bricklayer, 100 Holiins 
Hopkinson Dr. Moses A. dentist, 29 s Eutaw 
Hopp Casper, porter, 4 Biddle al 
Hopp Jacob, sexton Trinity church, 191 s 

Hoppe Ferdinand, William near Cross 
Hoppe Henry, cigar maker, 41 Albemarle 
Hoppe Herman, (Claas Vocke & Co.) 116 s 

Hoppe Rev. Wm. C. pastor St. Stephen's Lu- 
theran Church, 212 Hanover 
Hoppell Henry, tailor, 154 n Caroline 
Hopper Charles C. carp. 401 Saratoga 
Hopper Francis, moulder, 23 Neighbor 
Hopper George, clerk, 387 w Lexington 
Hopper Harrison 11. clerk, dw Mansion house 
Hopper Samuel W. T. insurance agent, 67 

Second, dw 167 Saratoga 
Hopper Thomas W. (Freeland, Hall & Co.) 

75 s Paca 
Hopper Wm. cellar digger, 324 n Howard 
Hopper Wm. moulder, 34 Greenmount av 
Hoppert Christian, cabinet maker, U^-Etnala 
Hopps Antona, carpenter, 708 Penna. av 
Hopps Margaret, 221 Orleans 
Hopps John, drayman, 2 Thompson 
Hopps Joseph, 204 n Eden 
Hoptner Catharine, 194 s Wolfe 
Horan John, shoemaker, 38 Gough 
Horan Wm. J. shoemaker, 6 Stirling 
Hordis August. 71 Durham 
llorgen John, grocery, 36 w Lombard 
Horichis Wm. cabinet manuf. 70 Thames 
Horn Alexander, carp. 275 n Eutaw 
Horn Benj. piano maker, Eutaw, nr Lee 
Horn Benj. tanner, 577 Penna. av 
Horn Charles, rag dealer, 239 Montgomery 
Horn Hannah, 179 German 
HORN JACOB, dry goods merchant, 69 n 

Horn Jcffry, painter, 125 William 
Horn John, 55 Pin al 
Horn John, carp enter, 102 Hillen 

Horn Joseph, grocer and liquor dealer, n e 

cor Paca and Lexington, dw 67 Paca 
Horn Joseph, mariner, 10 Chapel 
Horn Lawrence, laborer, 57 Lorman al 
Horn Lewis, polisher, 394 Saratoga 
Horn Mary Ann, tavern, 53 s Frederick 
Horn Matthew, trunk maker, 30 Grant, dw 

122 Pine 
Horn Michael, laborer, 90 Grundy 
Horn Rachel, 16 Comet 
Horn Theodore, grocer, 378 Penna. av 
Horn Wm. F. tinplate worker, 94 s Eden 
Horneck John, shoemaker, 76 Preston 
Horner C. Wilson, confectioner and fruiterer, 

301 w Baltimore, dw 122 Mulberry 
Horner Ernest, baker, 39 Harrison 
Horner Elizabeth, 48 Lee 
HORNER E. R. & BRO. wh. deal. German, 

French and English fancy goods, 316 w 

Baltimore, dw E. R. H. 175 Saratoga 
Horner Franklin F. & Bro. wh. deal. German, 

English and French fancy goods, 305 w 

Baltimore, dw F. F. H. 9 n Eutaw 
HORNER JAMES 0. clerk, 175 Saratoga 
Horner John, ship carp. 7 s Chapel 
Horner John, tavern. West Falls av 
Horner John A. clerk, 52 n Paca 
Horner Joshua, bone dust manuf. n w cor 

Stirling and Chew 
Horner Keziole, 295 Light 
Horner W. Harrison, salesman, 175 Saratoga 
Horner Wm. 122 Mulberry 
Horner Wm. (E. R. H. & Bro.) 95 w Biddle 
Horner Wilson G. bookkeeper, 175 Saratoga 
Horner X. cabinet maker. Park, nr Saratoga 
Horney Charles T. police, 34 n Bond 
Horney Edward, shoemaker, 230 Broadway 
Horney James W. ship carp. 207 Gough 
Horney Levin, laborer, 324 Eastern av 
Horney Mary, 357 e Monument 
Horney Samuel, engineer, 56 Granby 
Horney Samuel C. engineer, 103 s Caroline 
Horney Thomas, plasterer, 37 Bevan al 
Horney Thomas, ship carp. 321 e Pratt 
Horney Woodford, shoemaker, 6 Fountain 
Hornick Adam, carter, 42 s Central av 
Hornig Godfrey, tailor, 339 s Charles 
Horning John G. cabinet mk. 182 Aliceanna 
Horning Joseph A. tavern, 161 Canton av 
Hornis Thomas, tailor, 77 s Bethel 
llornong George, cabinetmaker, 222 s Ann 
Hornong John, tailor, 109 S Ann 
Hornsby Richard, moulder, 322 Eastern av 
Horpel John N. shoemaker, 200 w Fayette 
llorpel Philip, shoemaker, 148 Vine 
Horr John W. cooper, 291 s Bond 
Horsclineider Henry, 14 Regester 
Horse Lewis, cabinet maker, 191 Raborg 
Horseman Wm. B. ship carp. 220 Bank 
llorst Conrad, baker, 189 s Caroline 
llorst George H. green grocer, 187 s Caroline 
llorst Geo. provision store, 104 Eastern av 
llorst Lewis, feed dealer, 102 Eastern av, 

dw 107 
Horstman Charles, carpenter, Washington, 

n of Gough 
Horstman John, house carp. 107 Wolfe 
Horten Rebecca E. teacher, 13 Orleans 
Horter Andrew, laborer, 180 s Bond 
Ho rtes Georg q ^ laborer. Can ton 



Hortlove W'm. L. brick maker, 104 William 
llditon ("atliiiritie H. 13 Orleans 
IIORTON HENRY P. hosemaker, 41 n Fred- 
erick, dw 80 e Fayette 
llorton Wm. com. merchant, dw Washing- 
ton hotel 
Horwell Edward C. 85 n Hish 
Horwitz Benj. F. attorner, 53 w Fayette, dw 

90 n Charles 
Horwitz Orville, attorney, 29 St. Paul, dw 

90 n Charles 
Horwitz B. Theophilus, attorney, 23 Lexing- 
ton, opp Court house, dw 90 n Charles 
Hoshall Daniel, trader, Farmers' hotel, 150 

IIOSIE & PEACH, stone cutters, 132 n Cal- 
Hosie Robert, (H. & Peach,) 45 French 
Hosking George, pattern maker, 6 s Carey 
llosking Zel])ali. teamster. 502 Saratoga 
Hoskins Joseph T. flour dealer, Ills High 
Hosman Thomas, mariner, 105 s High 
Hosmer Amos H.. Fayette, w of Fulton 
llosmer Mrs. Harriet, Fayette, w of Fulton 
Hosmer Margaret R. boarding house, 83 

Hoss Jolm. tailor, 140 n Bond 
Hossbacli Adam, whip maker, 1 n Dallas 
Hossbach Christopher, piano maker, 255 

Hossbach Fredk. piano maker, 244 w Pratt 
Hossbach Jolm A. whip maker, 11 n Dallas 
Hossbach Phil, piano maker, 301 s Sharp 
Hossefros Francis, bricklayer, 28G Franklin 
Hossefros Geo. brick moulder, 03 Moore al 
Hossefros Jos. bricklayer, 329 Saratoga 
Hossefros Lewis, bricklayer, Peirce, nr Fre- 
Hostler Joseph, tailor, 230 Aliceanna 
Hotchkinson John, tobacconist, 47 Stiles 
Hotchkinson Robert, 47 Stiles 
Hotchkiss J. hatter, Front-st. hotel, 100 n 

Hotchkiss Sherman, 80 Garden 
Hott George, tailor, West al 
Holz Henry, coachsmilh, 16 Washington 
Houch Chas. cigar maker, 507 Saratoga 
Houck Anthony V. dry goods deal. 2.!.'> Lex- 
ington, dw cor Smitli and Chatsworth 
Houck (,'harlcs A. carj). 158 Hoffman 
Houck Elizabeth, boarding house, 60 n Eutaw 
Houck George, clerk, 66 (Jeorge 
Houck George A. carp. 108 Richmond 
Houck Henrv. 45 Hiilen 
HOUCK I)R". JACOB W. health commission- 
er, office City Hall, dw lo n Front 
Houck John, musician, 2()7 n Dallas 
Houck Samuel, cari)enter, 122 Franklin 
Houckshouse Endon, butcher, 78 a Wash- 
Hough Benjamin B. sergt. police, 14G German 
Hough Bernhart, laborer, 188 Durham 
Hough Robert, (S. H. & R. H.) Charles, nr 

Hough Samuel H. & Robert, wholesale gro- 
cers and com. ra«rclits. 158 w Pratt 
Hough .Samuel H. (S. H. k Co.) 7 Franklin 
Hough Samuel J. clerk, 7 F'ranklin 
Hough Wm. T. book keeper, dw National 

Hough Wm. clerk, Charles near Eager 
HoughtonMary H. 86 Mulberry 
Houlton Geo. J. butcher, 324 e Monument 
Houlton Samuel C. (Tilyard & H.) St Paul 

near Lexington 
Houlton Wm. Cumberland Coal and Iron 

Co., Law buildings, dw 38 n Calvert 
Houneinan Hermoml, grocer, 414 n Gay 
House Charles H. (R. B. Porter & Co.) 184 

House Edward, painter, 9 n Front 
House Edwin J. painter, 29 n Exeter 
House Geo. W. bricklayer, 209 e Monument 
House of Industry. 337 w Pratt 
House Jesse, carpenter, 29 n Exeter 
House's Printing Telegraph Co. s w cor Bal- 
timore and South 
House of Refuge, near Frekerick road, beyond 

1st toll gate 
House Saml. A. (Ehrman & H.) 27 Camden 
House Wm. A. (Washburn & H.) 116 Han- 
House Wm. A. carpenter, 85 Hollins 
Houseman Augustus, propr. Calverton hotel, 

Calverton turnpike 
Houseman Geo. drayman. 22 Sterrett 
Houston James, clerk, cor Ann and Hamp- 

Houston James F. laborer, 336 Franklin 
Houston John, machinist, 97 s Poppleton 
Houston John, laborer, 70 Boyd 
Houston Saml. T. book keeper, 156 Saratoga 
Houss John, tailor, 291 Hamburg 
Hover John, blacksmith, 4 Painter's ct 
Hover John, tailor, 22 Douglas 
Hover Philip, laborer, 66 James la 
Hovlitch Adam, blacksmith, 19 Rock 
Howard Anna, 43 Orleans 
HOWARD BANK, 81 n Howard 
Howard Benjamin, boiler maker, 48 Orleans 
Howard Benjamin C. 39 Mulberry 
Howard Bridget, grocerv, 112 York 
Howard Rev. Chas. R. 221 n Eutaw 
HOWARD & CO. vinegar and pickling 

house. 48 s Howard 
Howard Mrs. Cornelia A. 31 Franklin 
Howard Eli D. collector Water Department, 

273 e Pratt 
Howard Elizabeth 171 a PacA 
Howard Elizabeth C. 138 s Broadway 
HOWARD F. K. attorney, 24 Law build- 
ings, dw lol n Charles 
Howard and Clay, Andrew Reese, presi- 
dent. — [^S^e p. 41 Aiivcrlii<emcnt.i.] 
Howard George W. & Co. wholesale dry 
goods dealers, 349 w Baltimore, dw G. 
W. H. 230 w Lombard 
Howard Geo. W. bricklayer, 43 Orleans 
Howard Hy. laborer, Burke near Canton av 
Howard Henry, pajicr hang, and uphol. 203 

e Baltimore 
Howard Hester, 247 e Lombard 
HOWARD HOUSE, 5 n Howard, Shipe & 

Buck, projirictors 
Howard Isaiah S. clerk. 75 n Bond 
Howard James, 221 n Kutiw 
Howard Jacob, 153 s Charles 
Howard John, (Shipley, H. & Co.) 54 s 





Howard John, laborer, West al 
Howard John, blacksmith, 112 York 
Howard Johnson, trader, 82 Dolphin 
Howard Joseph, tinner, 30 Jackson 
Howard Lycurgus, clerk, 212 Hanover 
Howard Lycurgus N. salesman, 211 Hanover 
Howard Margaret, 81 n Charles 
Howard M. (H. & Co.) 48 s Howard 
Howard R. millinery goods deal. 37 e Balto. 
Howard Richard, hatter, n w cor Balto. and 

Howard Robert & Co. wholesale grocers, 35 

w Pratt, dw R. H. Jackson square 
Howard Robert M. (H. k Co.) 48 s Howard 
Howard Thos. J. bricklayer, 27 Ringgold 
Howard Wm. H. carp. 143 Bethel 
Howard Wm. H. policeman, 105 s Caroline 
Howard Wm. H. ship joiner, 66 Bank 
Howard Wm. G. 39 Mulberry 
Howard Wm. 149 Barre 
Howard Wra. Key, cor Charles and Read 
Howe Calvin, restaurant, n w cor Harrison 

and Fayette 
Howe Matthew H. (Carey, H.& Co.) 127 St. 

Howe Patrick, carp. 24 Ross 
Howe Richard, hatter, 19 w Baltimore 
Howe Saml. J. W. tinner, Lombard near Gay 
Howell & Bros, importers and manufactu- 
rers of paper hangings, 260 w Baltimore 
Howell Chas. 83 Cathedral 
Howell D. C. (IL & Bros.) 188 w Lombard 
Howell David, smelter, Clinton s of Boston, 

Howell George H. baker, 75 Barre 
Howell George H. plasterer, 240 w Madison 
Howell Hy. W.(Appleton & Co.) 79 Park 
Howell Mrs. JohnB. 44 Franklin 
Howell Mrs. Margaret H. 31 Hamilton 
Howell JIurdoch, clerk, 31 s Eden 
Howell Wm. & Son, wholesale grocers, ship- 
ping and commission merchants, 60 s Gay, 
warehouse Buchanan's whf. 
Howell Wm. coppersmith, Clinton s of Bos- 
ton, Canton 
Howell Wm. W. banker, 79 Park 
Howley Chas. laborer, 73 Durham 
Howser Gassaway S. clerk, Pine s of Balto. 
Howser George, garbageman, 654 Light 
Howser George, brush maker, 44 French 
Howser George, plasterer, 259 n Bond 
Howser Gotleib, cabinet maker, 46 Henrietta 
Howser Jacob, milkman, 598 Light 
Howser Jacob R. japan ner and ornamental 

painter, 1 Harrison, dw 36 e Fayette 
Howser James, brickmaker, 654 Light 
Howser Lewis A. bucon deal. 17 Aisquith 
Hoy Elmira, 9 Constitution 
Hoyer Amos, miller, Calverton mills, near 

HOYLE GEO. A. restaurant, Thames oppo- 
site Caroline 
HOYT HENRY E. bookseller, 41 w Balto. 
Hoyt Starr, tavern and boarding, 276 s 

Hubball Eben, plumber, 8 n Liberty, dw 105 

Hubball Josiah S. (B. Crane & Co.) 342 w 

Hubball Pamelia, 'M2, w Fayette 

Hubbard Andrew J. (H. & Moore,) dw 133 

Hubbard Daniel, cooper, 157 Greenmt. av 
Hubbard Edwd. laborer, 58 n Spring 
Hubbard Edwin 0. painter, 62 n Dallas 
Hubbard Eliza, tailoresss, Hamburg near 

Hubbard Emeline, 104 n Bond 
Hubbard Geo. W. ship carp. 21 Fountain 
Hubbard Capt. Henry, 274 e Lombard 
Hubbard James, of Penitentiary, 158 Orleans 
Hubbard James, mariner, 259 e Monument 
Hubbard James J. hack stables, 23 Consti- 
tution, dw 29 
Hubbard James W. blacksmith, Gist near 

Essex, Canton 
Hubbard Jonathan, upholsterer, 191 Bank 
Hubbard John, painter, 69 York 
Hubbard John H. receiving ship, 145 s 

Hubbard Mary, 56 Chapel 
Hubbard & Moore, block and pump makers, 

3 Fell 

Hubbard Rebecca, 402 n Gay 

Hubbard Sarah, 390 n Gay 

Hubbard Tilgham H. lottery dealer, 39 w 

Fayette, dw 293 w Pratt 
Hubbard Thomas S. 182 w Biddle 
Hubbard Thomas, shipsmith, 286 Canton av 
Hubbard Capt. Wra. 268 e Lombard 
Hubbard Wm. cigar mkr. 152 e Monument 
Hubbard Wra. rigger, 149 Gough 
Hubbard Wm. 145 n Exeter 
Hubbel Benedict, cigar mkr. 6 Constitution 
Hubbell John, book keeper, 23 Chesnut 
Hubberd Simon, grocery and liquor store, 

Hudson near Chesapeake, Canton 
Huber, Ant. turner, 13 Pine 
Hubcr Boston, laborer, 142 s Eden 
Huber Edward, scale maker, 109 Preston 
Huber Geo. laborer, 1 Wyeth 
Huber Geo. tailor, 315 Central av 
HUBER HENRY E. book and job printer, 

4 n Charles, dw 70 n Poppleton 
Huber Ignatius, tailor, 18 Walker 

Huber Jacob, cabinet mkr. 128 n Central ar 
Huber John, 4 Painter's ct 
Huber John, tavern, 3 n Central av 
Huber Lanhart, wood sawyer, 50 Abbot 
Hubert Charles, lal)orer, 82 Somerset 
Hubler Fredk. cabinet maker, 16 Ensor 
Ilubner Martin, cooper, 105 Eastern av 
Hubschman Geo. shoemaker, 38 Harford av 
Hucht & Barcklage, packing box makers, 15 

Cowpen al 
Hucht Bernard, painter, 8 L. Monument 
Hucht Henry, shoemaker, 133 n Howard 
Hucht Jno. B. (.11 & Barklage) 7 Cowpen al 
Huck Richd. S. agent, 573 w Fayette 
ILiddeston John, slater, 94 Warren 
IIUDGENS CHAS. H. plasterer, 4 Orleans 
Iludgens James, silver plater, Charles uear 

lludgcns Jesse, ship carp. 21 Gough 
Iludgins Jas. C. clerk, 14}^ s Calvert 
Iludgins John W. police, 35 Chesnut 
Iludgins John R. (Dawes <fe H.) 18 President 
lludnall Milo F. collar maker, 229 Saratoga 
Hudson Catula, 17 Abbey al 
Hudson Mrs. Elizabeth, 70 Lancaster 




Hudson David W. H. (H. & Storm,) 38 

Spring; row. Spring 
Hudson Georjre W. ci'jr;ir ninker. 89 Barre 
Hudson James F. market m;islcT, 109 Ross 
Hudson John, fireman, ISO Iliifrhes 
Hudson Jolin. mariner. 6 (Church 
Hudson Mrs. Rebecca. 177 Preston 
Hudson Richard, baker. 3G4 w Lombard 
Hudson & Storm, coal dealers, 78 and 88 

Hudson Wni. carter, 4.5 St Peter 
Hudson Wm. R. cisrar maker. 31 s Oregon 
Huebner Julius, varnishcr, 477 w Balto. 
Huehnk'in Adam, milkman. 648 Light 
Huess .John G. grocery. 180 Orleans 
Huet Dr. Autjustus. IG s Frederick 
Hut!' U. waslierwoman, Henry 
Huffington ('apt. Wm. W. 103 s Eden 
Hulfington Wm. C. watchman, 341 Mulberry 
Huffna Wm. 39 Rlock 
Hutfnaple Sebastian, boot and shoemaker, 

2()0 Eastern av 
Hugert John, tailor, 130 Orleans 
Hugg Benjamin, shoemaker, 524 Penna. av 
Hugg rajit. Jacob, 36 s Broadway 
Hugg Capt, .Tacob, jr. 36 s Broadway 
Hugg John H. book keeper, 88 s Caroline 
Hugg Richd. inspector Western Hay Scales, 

188 Pearl 
Huggins Josiah, cabinet maker, 10 Hammond 

Hughes Anastasia. 74 n Eutaw 
Hughes Anne, huckstress, 129 Franklin 
Hughes Ann, 111 Dover 
Hughes Anthony, laborer, 12 L. Broadway 
Hutrhes Aqnilla, D. watchmaker, s \v cor 

Eutaw and Saratoga 
Hughes Barney, laborer, 51 Carpenter al 
Hughes Christopher, carp. 177 Sharp 
Hughes ('hristopher C. tanner, 74 Ross 
Hughes David copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Boston, ('anton 
Hughes Rlizabeth, 46 Lee 
Hughes Mrs. Feli.K, 14 Mulberry 
Hughes George W. bricklayer, Eastern ar 

near Castle al 
Hughes George W. clerk, 74 Ross 
Hughes George W. pro. Whitehall, 92 Bank 
Hughes Hugh, engineer, 11^3 Forrest 
Hughes James, tavern. 141 n Hutaw 
Hughes Rev. Jas. E. 202 l-'ranklin 
Hughes Jas. (Ellicott & H.) Gilmor near 

Hughes James, bricklayer, 90 Chester 
Hughes James, Clinton near Boston, Canton 
Hughes J. Thos. 18 s Calvert 
Hughes John C. C. watchmaker, 1 Watson 
Hughes John, clerk, 330 w liombard 
Hughes John, podler. 140 Iloss 
Hughes John, laborer, 101 i'reston 
Hughes John, laborer, 20 Pleasant al 
Hughes John, carter, 92 French 
Hughes John, copper smelter, Locust point 
Hughes .lohn k Son, cabinet makers and 

undertakers, 65 s Broadway 
Hughes Joseph, plasterer, 4 Brune 
Hughes Lu<relia, 302 e Lombard 
Hughes .Martin, laborer, 3 Pleiusant al 
Hughes .Matthew, laborer, 38 Orchard 
Hughes Michael, carp. 11 Fall 

Hughes .Morris, rope maker. Point lane near 

Hughes Patrick, candle moulder, 311 e Lom- 
Hughes Patrick, laborer. 124 e Lombard 
HUGHES PETER, wholesaleand retail deal. 

in foreign and domestic liquors, s e cor 

Lombard and Centre Mkt. space, dw 311 

e Lombard 
Hughes Philip, grocery, 135 Conway 
Hughes Reese, smelter, Clinton, s of Boston, 

Hughes Robert, plumber. 417 w Lombard 
Hughes Sarah. 417 w Lombard 
Hughes Sarah, 196 e Madison 
Hughes Capt. Scott, mariner. 88 s CaroHne 
Huirhes Stephen, laborer, Haubert, Locust 

IIu</hes Mrs. S. W. fancy dry goods dealer, 

38 n Charles 
Hughes Thomas S. 65 s Broadway 
Hughes Thos. com. mercht. cor Baltimore 

and Hanover, dw 330 w Lombard 
HUGHES THOS. L. & CO. hat and cap 

manufacturers, 34 w Balto. dw T. L. H. 

644 w Baltimore 
Hughes Wm. policeman, 4 s Bond 
Hughes Wm. 1). printer, 54 Buren 
Hughes Wm. H. inspector of cars, B. & 0. 

R. R. 183 Conway 
Hughes Wm. W. brick moulder, 183 Ramsay 
Hughes Wm. T. carter. 152 n Eden 
Hugy John, laborer. Beam's la near Franklin 
lluhn Francis, tobacconist, 115 s Bond 
Huhn Wm. P. stove moulder. 14 Scott 
Huibner, George, cooper, 132 e Fayette 
Hulings Thos M. attorney, s w cor Charles 

and Fayette 
Hull Anil, dressmaker, 3 Ross 
Hull Elizabeth, 34 Somerset 
Hull Creo. shoestore. 168 e B.altimore 
Hull Robt. (Hopkins, II. & Co.) 61 n Ch.irles 
Hull Wm. collar maker, 25 Josephine 
Hull Wm. G. V. teller at bank, 47 s Eden 
Hullet Jas. carter, 240 \v Franklin 
HULLS JOHN, deal, in paper haninggs, oils, 

paints and glass, 128 n Gay 
Hulmeyer Chas. boot maker, 62 Ensor 
Flulse Amanda, dressmaker, 4"2 Pine 
HiiKe Frederick, co.iper, 20(1 s Euiaw 
liulse James II. sica'^.i dyeing establish- 
ment, 1 13 Li'xingion 
Flulse John, dyer, oli Holiday 
Hulse Wm. blacksmilh, 230 e Prnit 
Hiilseman Charle>, shoemaker, 7D Hcnri- 

Hulscman Henry, tavern, 128 Thames 
HuUeman Theodore, cooper, 4ti Bank 
Hulsmann John, bookkeeper, cor Mercer 

and (Jr.uit 
Hnlshotr Gerhard, shoemaker, 22 Park 
Hullhonse Frederick, laborer, l.,ocust point 
Hulls Robcrl, shoemaker, .M CN-nire 
fliiliz G' orge, hmk>ter, 2.") Sliak<peare 
Hnliz Win. P. lobaccoiiist, 90 w Lombard, 

dw 1()6 e Moniiincnl 
Hume Robert, ela-s culler, 130 s Howard 
Hume Win. rabinei maker, I30 s Howard 
HUMES .V UUI.MX, iKjuor merchanl.^, .s w 

cor Hilh'n unci 1 Ii;,'li 





Humes Samuel, (H. & Q.uinn) 150 n High 
Humes Thomas, sr., 148 n High 
Humes Wm. J. bricklayer, 31 s Poppleton 
Humiish Rjchard, organ bujlder, 2ti8 Cen- 
tral av 
Hummel Aug. shoemaker, 467 w Baltimore 
Hummel Casper, laborer, 6(1 Penna av 
Hummel George, shoemaker. Arch near 

Hummel Geo. .shoemaker, 47Chatsworth 
Hummel Henry, lailor, 3« Hampslead 
Hummel John, laborer, 32 Abbot 
Hummer Henry, grocery, 03 s Fremont 
Humph Catiierine, 170 s Kden 
Humplirie.'? Andrew, 1 HydeV ct 
Humphrey Thos.W. livery stables, 34 Lan- 
caster, dw n Broadway 
Humphreys Henry, tavern, n e cor Shnrp 

and Camden 
Humphreys Hugh, Commercial Hall, base- 
ment Exchange buildings 
Humphreys Edward, blacksmith, 532 w 

Humphreys Owen F. tnvern, 101 Conway 
Hum|)hries Andrew, 7 Fish Market space 
Humphries James, gas filter, (J8 Raborg 
Humphries Jane, (> Wills 
Humphries John H. finisher, 366 w 

Humphries Robert, cltrk, 44 McCulloh 
grocers and com. merclits. 20 Commen e 
Humrichouse Chas. W (H. & Bandel) 46 

s Spimg 
Humrichouse George, liquor dealer, 211 

Monigomerv, dw Brown near Charles 
Hunckel O. (H.dt Son) 48i^ Conway 
Hunckel & Son, iithographc^rs, 34 Second 
Hunger & Bto. boot and shoemakers, 66 n 

Hunichenn Henry, tinner, 32 Leadenhall 
Hunigcn August, cigar maker, 225 Cross 
Hunlein Martin, .shoemaker, 69 Perry 
Hunt Andrew, shoemaker, 249 Light 
Hunt Andrew, wheelwright, 7 Leadenhall 
Hunt Bernard, cooper, 42 Liberty al 
Hunt Edward, dealer in second hand good.s, 

Hum Eliza, milliner, 123 Lexington 
Hum Elizabeth, 407 n Gay 
Hunt Ethelbert, clerk, 418 w Fayette 
Hum German H (Poole & H.) 141 w 

Hunt Henry A. house carp. 194 s Ann 
Hunt Dr. Henry S 204 Eastern av 
Hunt Henry, shoemnker, 253 Light 
Hunt James, cooper, 68 n Fremont 
Hunt John H cleik, 50 e Fayette 
Hunt John, carpenter, 149 ii Central av 
Hunt John W. grocer, 50 e Fayette 
Himt Jesse, president Eutaw Savings Bank, 

3() s Euiaw 
Hunt Jesse S. Calvert near Madison 
Hunt Lewis, cleik, 61 Columbia 
Hum Matthew W. blacksmith. Gravel al. 

near Fr.irjklin, dw 154 East 
Himt M black>niith, 264 Greenmount av 
Hunt Montgomerv, clerk, 165 s Paca 
Hunt Prudence, 61 Columbia 
Hunt Robert K. carpenter, 65 s Bond 

Hunt Robert K. carpenter, 22 s Bond 
Hunt Samuel, carpenter, 527 w Lombard 
HUJNT SAMUEL, manuf. saddles, har- 
ness, trunks, &c., 202 w Baltimore, dw 
253 Saratoga. — [S«ep. 15 Mvertisements] 
Hunt Stephen, blacksmith, 74 n Fremont 
Hunt Thomas J. 79 Washington 
Hunt Thomas T. clerk, 173 Lee 
Hunt William, :J51 e Pratt 
Huntemuller H. merchant, 75 Camden 
Hunter Adam M. printer, 363 n Gay 
Hunter Miss Agnes, teacher, 40 Richmond 
Hunter Alex, laborer, 138 Welcome al 
Hunter Alexander, tavern, 330 s Bond 
PLjnter B. Alexander, laborer, 133 Wel- 
come a I 
Hunter Andrew, plumber, 308 n Howard 
Hunter David, locksmith, s e cor L Green 

and Elbow la 
Hunter Mrs. Ellen, 141 Park 
Hunter Eliza, seamstress. Beam's lot near 

Hunter Edw G. school teacher, 100 Bank 
Hunter George, sawyer, 66 Johnson 
Hunter John F. (Mullmyer & H.) 329 e 

Hunter John M. carp. 207 e Monument 
Hunter John W. book keeper, 39 n High 
Hunter John S. carpenter, 35 Aisquith 
Hunter Joseph, 270 Eastern av 
Hunter Richard, bricklayer, 16 Decker 
Hunter Robert, furniture wagon, 70 Clay 
Hunter Samuel, laborer, 30H n Howard 
Hunter Thomas, painter, 308 n Howard 
Hunter Wm. restaurant, 98 Richmond 
Hunting George B. clerk, 31 s Eden 
Hupfeld Henry, importer of German goods, 

over 21 Hanover, dw 312 Lexington 
Hupfield Frederick, cabinet maker, 25 Low 
Hupp John, shoemaker, 191 sCaroline 
Huppel Andiew, 92 Thames 
Huppel Gi'orge, 92 Thames 
Huppman N. A. (King & H.) 307 w Bal- 
Huppman Nich. merchant, 232 w Madison 
Huppman Valentine, saddler and harness 
maker, 31 Centre Market space, dw 79 e 
Hurlbut Samuel, com. mer. 20 Bowiy's 

whf. dw Barnum's hotel 
Hurley Dennis, laborer, 163 Aliceanna 
Hurley Jonn H. plasterer, 117 n Bond 
Hurley John, looking glass and frame mkr. 

11 e Baltimore, dw 127 n High 
Hurley Michael, ice dealer, 9 South, dw 

Frederick road, Baltimore Co 
Hurry John C. clerk, 204 n Eutaw 
Hurshbiirg E. (Brandt &. H.) 8 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Hurst & Co. imp. and deal, dry goods, 241 

w Baltimore 
Hurst Jacob, huckster, 204 Lee 
Hurst John E. (H. & Co.) dw Malt by 

Hurst John, (IT. & Co.) dw Maltby house 
Hurst John, impor. and deal, in dry goods, 

241 w Baltimore, dw Calverion Mills 
Hurst Richard, (H. & Co.) 293 w Pratt 
Hurieg Andrew, laborer, Wilson near 




Hurst T. A. paper hanger, 8 Si. Marv 
Hnrit Henry N. hat and cap maker, 224 w 

Hunt Jrtme>5 A. tinner, 15 n Central av 
Huslmnrl Albert, clerk, 54 Saraioi;a 
Fhishand Jacob L. book keeper, 125 n Gay 
Husband John J. architect, 143 Park 
Hu>bnnil Marsaret, dealer in dry goods and 

iriminin<;s, 125 n Gav 
Husband Sarah A. 54 Saratoga 
llu>banil Wm. cleik, 54 Saratoga 
Husoen James, porte monuaie inanuf. 178^ 

w Baltimore 
Hush Henry, cooper, 21 George 
Hush Mrs. Abraham, Frederick road near 

l>t lull gate 
Hushback Chas. machinist, 100 s Popplelon 
Hushebeck Mary A. 7 s Po[)plelon 
Husin? J. D. 186 w Madison 
Hussel Caspar, engineer, ISGsEuiaw 
Husselberger Enos, carter, IGl Burgun- 
dy a! 
Husselberger George, omnibus driver, 2 

Husselbangh Henry, carp. 160 Raborg 
Hussey Albert, carpenter, 5 Somerset 
Hussey Catharine, washerwoman, 171 w 

Hussey Jacob A. carpenter, 43 s Caroline 
Hussey James, ladies' shoemaker, 12 Low 
Hussey Martin, clt-rk, 42 Albemarle 
Hussey (Jbed, manuf. of reaping machines, 
Easiern av. below Eden, d w 22 Albemarle 
Hussinan John, laborer, 71 Hofinian 
Hussneder George, It! China al 
Husier Andrew, sr. butcher, Ht3 Columbia 
Husier Andrew, jr. butcher, 193 Coluinl)ia 
Hutcheson David, clerk, Bond near Balti- 
Huichins Alfred, (Ijains & H.) Front-st 

hotel, 100 n Front 
Hutchins Elizabeth, dressmkr. .^1 Jefferson 
liuichins Francis J. bricklayer, 25 Chats- 
Hutchins George H. printer, cor Light and 

Huuliins J. H. flour and feed store, 444 w 

Baltimore, dw 339 w Lombard 
Huichms Jas. A. (Ijams & H.) Front-st 

hotel, 100 n Front 
Huichins Lewis H. grocer. 233 n Gay 
lluicliiii.s Marv, liSGough 
Hutchins Mrs."M. &Co. milliners, 53 Han 

Huichins Nicholas & W. J. Front Street 

Hole), 100 n Front 
Huichins Peier Alex, caiier. 29 Booth 
Huichins Richard, jr. clerk, 49 Hanover 
Huichins Richard, confec. 49 Hanover 
iluichiiis Richard, painier, 5 Hill 
Huu hills Tiun T. attorney, 51 w Payette 

dw l.i-2 Park 
Huichins Win. J. proprietor Front-st hotel, 

lUO n Front 
Hutchinson Allcalh, lOR York 
Huichinson Elias F. clerk, ."120 Hollins 
Hutchinson Francis, foreman Maltby's oys- 
ter house, 122 s High 
Hutchinson II ay ward M. (Collins, Heath 
& H., Fountain hotel 

Huichinson James, shoemaker, 304 e 

Hutchinson James H. flour dealer, Balti- 
more near Pearl, dw H39 w Lombard 
Huichinson Jesse L. cleik, 320 Hollins 
Huichinson John, 102 e Lombard 
HutchiiKson Thomas, tobacconist, 684 w 

Huichinson Wm. H. gas fitter, Eagle hotel, 

132 Hillen 
Hutch Charles, cooper, 251 Sharp 
Huih Charles, shoemaker, 37 » Paca 
Hulh Jacob, baker, 272 s Ann 
Huth Michael, (:o<iper, 179 s Bethel 
Hutson Mrs. Caroline, 37 s Caroline 
Hulson John, shipsniiih, 63 s Regesler 
Huison John, wlieelwrighl, 112 Raborg 
Hutlon Abraham, caille dealer, 703 w Bal- 
Hution Ann, G3 Chapel 
Hiiiion Andreas, jr. ship carpenter, 352 

Canton av 
Hutlon Andrew, police, 352 Canton av 
Huiton Henry, butcher, 540 Penna av 
Hiiiton Jane, 123 Park 
Huiton Job, caiile dealer, 703 w Baltimore 
lluiton Josefih G. gas filler, 328 Aisquiih 
Huiion Wilson, rope maker, 180 Gieen- 

inount ar 
Huilon Wm. gardener, 244 Penna av 
Huizler A. G.(M. H.&Son)71 n Howard 
Hulzler Moses, dry goods dealer, 649 w 

Hutzler Moses 8c Son, embroideries, trim- 
mings and fancy goods, 71 n Howard 
Huxibrd David, painter, 233 Chase 
Htixford Elizabeth, 2G(i e Monument 
Htixly John, merchant tailor. 92 n Gay 
Huzza Columbus, primer, 179 n Central av 
Huzza Columbus, carpenier, 99 Ensor 
Huzza Henry, carpenier. Mount near Ca- 
Hwortt Walter, 103 e Fayette 
Hyam Abram, paper hanger, 49 e Lombard 
Hyall Allen B. omnibus driver, 37 Penn- 
sylvania av 
Hvatt Alpheus, (H. & Slump) s w cor 

Schroeder and Franklin 
Hvait C. C. fk. R. H. commission morchts. 

147 w Pratt, dw R. H. H. 60 Barre 
Hyait Charles, blacksmith, 17 Park 
Hvati C. C. cicik. 60 Bane 
HYATT EDWARD& CO. liquor dealers, 
376 w Baliimore, dw E. H. cor Monu- 
ment anil Tyson al 
Hvati &. Stump, wholesale grocers, 56 

Hvbaniih A. 37 n Calvert 
Hyde Arnold S. clerk, 26 Pleasant 
Hyde Henry K. (Guyton &. H.) 62 Han- 
Hyde James, ailorney, 49 w Fayelte, dw 

116 n Kxeter 
Hvde James, sailor, 4 Church 
Hyde James, futniiure dealer, 251 Light 
Hvtie John, moulder, 97 Conway 
Hyde John, seroiid hand furniture dealer, 

175 Monigomery 
Hvde John G. moulder, Elbow la near 





Hyde Margaret, 116 n Exeter 

Hycfe Moses, fancy soap maker, 210 e 

Monument, dw 128 e Madison 
Hyde Oliver, 51 n High 
Hyde Richard H. shoemaker, 221 n Gay, 

dw 192 e Monument 
Hyde Robert, tavern, 138 e Fayette 
Hyde Samuel G. 26 Pleasant 
Hyde Samuel N. dry goods and carpet deal. 

146 s Broadway, dw 144 
Hyde Sally, 146 Canton av 
Hyde Thomas, carp. Lee near Fremont 
Hyde William J. clerk in City Collector's 

office, dw 202 e Madison 
Hydon Wm. H. fisherman, 387 s Eutaw 
Hver Frederick, tinner, 20S e Lombard 
Hyland Benjamin, miller, Frederick road 

near toll gate 
Hyland Frederick, miller, Frederick road 

near toll gate 
Hvland George R. (H. & Woods) 37 St. 

Hyland Henry J. clerk, 33 n Calvert 
Hyland Mrs. Harriett. 461 Lexington 
Hyland Jacob, of Jacob, commission mer- 
chant, 1 Bowly's whf 
Hyland Jacob, clerk. Western hotel 
Hyland Jacob, 4'20 w Lombard 
Hyland Jnmes C. 97 n Charles 
Hvland Wm. blacksmith, 3 Bloodgood ct 
HYLAND & W^OODS, general merchan- 
dise brokers, 81 Exchange place 
Hvman Christopher, foreman distillery, 

Clinton s of Buston, Canton 
Hyinan Wm C. tobacconist, s w cor Chats- 
worth and Mulberry 
Hymes Alexander, carpenter, 377 n Gay 
Hymes Eliza, tailoress, 216 e Lombard 
Hymes Emanuel, umbrella makr. 25 Ensor 
Hymes Teresa, tailoress, 216 e Lombard 
Hyndes Mary, dry goods, 220 Columbia 
Hynes Benj. F. .fireman, 16 Walker 
Hynes Caleb, engineer, 165 Washington 
Hynes Caleb B. hay and feed dealer, Alice- 
anna, between Chester and Boston 
Hynes John, laborer, 75 Amity 
Hynes John, carpenter, 353 Lexington 
Hynes Joshua H. & Son, flour, feed, lime 

and hair dealers, 726 w Baltimore 
Hynes Patrick, hod carrier, 24 Rock 
Hynes Thomas, properly agent, 206 e Bal- 
HYNSON BENJAMIN T. paper hanger, 

52 n Howard, dw 182 Mulberry 
Hvnson John Ringold, lirery stables, 30 w 

Lombard, dw ]50 e Monument 
Hyser George, tailor, 186 Washington 
Hyser Henry, Cambridge, Canton 
Hyser M rs. Mary , dressmaker, 302 n Eutaw 
Hvser William, shoemaker, 59 n Frederick 
Hyser William, 302 n Eutaw 
Hyson Charles F. tavern, 59 Hughes 
Hyson James, Hope al 
Hyson Thomas, plumber, 134 Vine 
Hyson William, moulder, 210 Light 

TcH Henry, carpenter, 66 n Spring 
Ichhon Adam, laborer, 22 Dawson 
Ickels John, pump maker, 42 Philpot 
Ickes Christian, well digger, 151 n Eden 

Ickes Henry, well digger, 151 n Eden 

Ickman Wm. tailor, 49 Hanover 

Iddings Wm. P. (B. S. & W. A. Loney & 

Co.) 28 Holllns 
lelencvske Marzelles, laborer, 216 Lee 
Ighenbrod Daniel, 155 s Eden 
Ighenbrod John, brickmaker, 184 s Cen- 
tral av 
Iglehart G. L. (Duvall & I.) 82 Camden 
Igo Catherine, confecticnery, 38 French 
Igo Michael, grocery, 26 Bath 
Ihde Henrv, tobacconist, s e cor Central av 

and Baltimore 
Ihlea John Jacob, painter, 71 Granby 
Ihlea Jacob, gardner, 71 Granby 
Ijams Alfred, (1. &, Huichins) 2 Aisquith 
Ijams Franklin F. magi-trate 18th ward, 

514 w Baltimore, dw 4K5 w Fayette 
Ijams Gassaway, machinist, 428 w Lom- 
IJAMS & HUTCHINS, grocers, n w cor. 

Gay and Front 
Ijams John, carpenter, 4 Aisquith 
Ijams John, carpenter, 230 Hollins 
Ijams John T. clerk, 42 n Fremont 
Ijams John W 239 Hollins 
Ijams John, clerk, 53 n Fremont 
Ijams Oliver, grocery, 38 s Republican 
Ijams William H. clerk, 4 Watstm 
Ijams William H. clerk B. & O. R. R. 50 

Ike Albert, barkeeper, 8 Albemarle 
Ilomann John, shoemaker, 69 Washington 
Ilgenfritz John, blacksmith, 74 Lancaster 
Ilgenfritz M. S. clerk, B. & O. R. R. dw 68 

Ilkman Adam, paver, 198 s Bond 
Iman William, carpenter, 45 n Greene 
Iman William, baker, 75 Barre 
ImhofI George, Adelphia House, 34 w Fay- 
Imhoff John, Reservoir house, Charles ex- 
Imhofe John G. tavern, 8 Camden 
Imhofe Henry H. tavern, 23 w Pratt 
Imwald H. S. clerk, 47 Conway 
Immich John, flour dealer, 81 McHenry 
Immel Frederick, carver, 300 w Pratt 
Independent Engine House, cor. Gay and 

Independence Hall, n w cor. Gay and Fay- 
Inderreiden Joseph, hatter, 175 Hanover 
Infnnge John, tailor, 63 Albemarle 
Ing Edward, sr. 95 Albemarle 
ING JOHN H. attorney at law, 59i w Fay- 
ette, dw 16 s Broadway 
Ing William, bookkeeper, B. & O. R. R. 95 

Ingalls Diamond, stone cutter, 12 McHenry 
Inger^ol Thos. J. mariner, 1(» Conlitution 
Ins-ham William, grocery, 70 Hill, dw 68 
Inghart Edward, cabinet maker, 67 n Fred- 
Ingle William P. bookkeeper, Merchants' 

bank, 342 n Eutaw 
Inglefritz Oliver, ship carpenter, 233 s Ann 
Inglemver Casper, piano maker, Henrietta 

near Fremont 
Inglesby Mary, milliner, lis High 





Ingles George, ladies shoemaker, 81 w Fay- 
In°;leson John C. puHdler, 234 Preston 
Ingram Eliza, 1 14 n Eden 
Ii,trr;im John W. tanner, Eagle hotel, 132 

Insrahani John W. coachsmith, 372 n 

In hof George, tailor, 19 Somerset 
liiimer Lewis, cabinet maker, (> Mulberry 
Inloes F. H. (Joshua S. I. & Co.) 24 Mul- 
Inloes Dr. Henry A. 92 Broadway 
Inlc>e> Josiiua S & Co. wholesale dealers in 
staple and fancy dry goods, 25 Hanover, 
dw J. S. I. -24 Mulbeiry 
Inloes Mary, 333 e Baltimore 
Innes Wm. M. book and job printer, 164 w 

Baliiinore, dw (iKJ w Fayeite 
Insco James H. policeman, 53 Elizabeth la 
Institute Cor Children, 25 Pleasant 
lodhed Frederick, shoemaker, f)! President 
Iitdunce Henry, laborer, 39 Slemmer'.-> al 
lohim L. laborer, 52 President 
Irelan Charles, clerk, 29 w Fayette 
Irelan David, wholesale manuf. fine boot? 
and shoes, over 347 w Baltimore, dw 79 
Ireland Edward, 232 n Howard 
Ireland John, dealer in cigars, IKG Park 
Ii eland Saaiuel R. bricklayer, "248 e Madi- 
Ireland J. Thomas, clerk, 293 w Biddle 
Irlhack Joseph, cutter, 56 Siiies 
Irlback John, cuiier, at) Stiles 
Ironmonger Edward L. grocery, 17 Court- 
Irons Emanuel, bricklayer, Hampstead hill 
Irons Jacob, plasterer, Baltimore near 

Irons John A. bricklayer, 117 Orleans 
Irons Lewis, bricklayer, Baltimore near 

Irons Robert, policeman, Baltimore • of 

I'ons Serinda, seamstress, 200 s Bond 
Irons Thomas, bricklayer, 117 Orleans 
Irons William H. bricklayer, 117 Orleans 
Irvin George VV. (Mathers & I.) 7h n Paca 
Irrin George W. machinist, 109 Grundy 
Irvin Henry, hiicksier, 107 Harford av 
Irvin Jacob H. rigger, 73 Hnmbnrg 
Irvin Jas. W. cigar maker, 175 n Fremont 
IRVIN JOHN A. confectioner, 1 St. Paul 
Irvin John, engineer, 193 Chester 
Irvin J. T. carpenter, 168 Ross 
Irvin Laura, 8 Park 
Irvin Matiliew, blacksmith, Welsh uear 

Irvin Robert, drayman, 212 n Eden 
Irvin Robert, painter, 10!t Grundy 
Irvine A. S. clerk, 17 s Howard 
Irvine Elizabeth, 314 n Euiaw 
Irving Abraham, laborer, 8 Armistead la 
Irving Thomas J. bookkeeper, 50 n Exeter 
Irving Thomas VV. police, 54 Sides 
Irving Win. II. butter dealer, 57 Jefferson 
Irwin Alexaniler, clerk, 60 Jerter>on 
Irwin Anna, 2lrt w Madison 
Irwin Edwd. paper liangLT, 369 w Lombard 

Irwin &, Co. lottery and exchange office, 
Barnuin's Hotel, 8 n Calvert 

Irwin George C. & Co slock and bill bro- 
kers, 34 Second 

Irwin Henry J. bookkepeer, 131 w Madison 

Irwin John, book agent, 22^ s Charles, dw 
127 n Fremont 

Irwin William, marble polisher, 146 Pine 

Isaac R. & W.W. tobacco commission mer- 
chant', 116 Lisht-st whf 

Isaac R. (R. & W. W. I.) 89 Sharp 

Isaacs Columbus C. tobacconist, 36 South, 
dw 374 w Lombard 

Isancs Jonathan, carpenter, Chatsworth near 

Isaacs John, carpenter, Chatsworth near 

Isaacs William, carpenter, 96 Moore al, dw 
170 w Biddle 

Isele Geo. butcher, Hampstead near Chop- 

Isenhard Anthony, lamp manufacturer, 14 

Iser John, laborer, 85 John.son 

Iseit George, actor, 47 Penn 

Isett John, haiier, 47 Penn 

Isett John J. Kihiopian perlormer, 47 Penn 

Isiiiocher Adolph, stove maker, 57 s Paca 

Ison Wm. ooach painter, 123 e Madison 

Israel Church, (Colored Meth. Prol.) 211 

Israel Edward, Mill 

ISRAEL EDWARD, attorney at law, 
7 Tract House, Faveite, dw IIH n Greene 

cers, n w cor. St. Paul and Fayeite 

Israel Rev. Fielder, 69 Barre 

I.-rael John R. (F. I. & Sons) 118 n Greene 

ISRAEL STEPHEN G. ambroiype gal. 
photographs in colors, over 91 w Balti- 
more, dw 103 

I>^rael Sarah, 118 n Greene 

Israel Thos. B. (F. I. & Sons) 120 n Paca 

Israel William H. (F.I. & Sons) 118 n 

Iizel Peter, barber, 107 e Pratt 

Ivers Michael, shipcarpenicr, 163 s Chester 

Ives Hiram, hack owner, 8 s Paca 

Ives John A. brass founder, 41 n High 

Ives Thomas W. blacksmith, Frement near 

Ives Wm. M. brass founder, 2 West Falls 
av. dw 41 n High 

Izer George, coachmaker, 191 n Central av 

Jack Charles B. clerk, 2 s Central av 
Jack Jacob F. shoemnker, rear 516 Penn av 
Jacke Henry, i.nilor, 75 Jasper 
Jackel John, grocer, 2(;Gitiin£rs 
Jackel John J. clerk, 5 New Chi'.rch 
Jackel John, baker and confectioner, 169 

Centre Market space 
Jacksch Theodore, iron former, 103 Reihel 
Jackscm A. l.W. printer, 4lf^ w H;iltiinore 
Jackson AUre.i, laborer, 185 Wolfe 
Jnckscn Ami. hriishinnkcr, 439 Saratoga 
Jackson Andrew, hticksier, 37 n Higti 
Jack.son Arthur, printer, 85 s Bonii 
Jackson Benjamin, seaman, Ulick 
Jackson Eliziibcih M n7 McCulloh 





Jackson Charles, copper plate engraver, 
over s w cor. Baltimore and Light, dw 
112 s Bond 
chandlers and grocers, cor. Smith's whf 
and Pratt 
Jackson Charles M. (C. M. J. & Co.) Bar- 

nnm's hotel 
Jackson Elizabeth, 439 Saratogra 
Jackson Elizabeth, teacher, 16 Aisquith 
Jackson Fannie, 129 s Fremont 
Jackson Frederick L. 186 Preston 
Jackson George, retail dry goods dealer, 

99 w Biddle 
Jackson Geo. W. lottery office, 98 Camden 
Jackson Henry F. office Patterson near Ca- 
ble, dw 78 w Monument 
Jackson Isaac, police, 21 Gitiings 
Jackson James F. tailor, 118 e Monument 
Jackson James M. livery stables, Spring 
near Baltimore, and grocer, 199 e Balti- 
more, dw 211 
Jackson Jas. coachmaker, 144 n Howard, 

dw 217 Saratoga 
Jackson Jas. R. jr. policeman, 34 Warner 
Jackson James R. 123 Conway 
Jackson Jane, 3 Abbey al 
Jackson Jarrett, lailoress, 5 Abbey al 
Jackson Jesse, puddler, 53 President 
Jackson John, finisher, 237 Hollins 
Jackson Capt. John J. 261 e Baltimore 
Jackson John G. Gilmor near Saratoga. 
Jackson John, laborer, 235 Hollins 
Jackson John S. clerk, 439 Saiatoga 
Jackson Joshua, policeman, 120 s Res;ester 
Jackson Jonathan, bailitf Criminal Court, 

l(i s Bond 
Jackson Laurinda, 180 Munlgomery 
Jackson Louise, grocery, 95 n Caroline 
Jackson Mary E. 63 n Charles 
Jackson Peter, carpenter, 99 Biddle 
Jackson Robert, shoemaker, 173 Monu- 
Jackson Samuel J. 26 s Bethel 
Jackson Samuel, cutler and surgical instru- 
ment maker, 194 w Baltimore, dw 126 w 
Jackson Samuel A. cabinet maker, 53 Co- 
Jack.>on Samuel, gas filter, 88 e Madison 
Jackson Susan, tavern, 129 Eistern av 
Jackson Thomas, boiler maker, 12 s Re- 

Jackson William H. grocer, n e cor. Paca 

and Greene 
Jackson William R. coal mine asent, office 

Patterson near Cable, dw 7 n Exeier 
Jackson William L. painter, 21 Rose 
Jackson William, pndiller, 53 President 
Jacob Charles, painter, 268 Aliceanna 
Jacob Elizabeth, 403 s Chailes 
Jacob John F. harness inaker, Lombard 

near Centre Market space 
Jacob John, tailor, 173 Ensor 
Jacob John, tailor, 22 Harmony la 
Jacob Lorenz, carpenter, 36 Union 
Jacob Myer, clothier, 40 Centre Market 
space, and 5 Second 

Jacob Michael, cabinet maker, 173 Ensor 
Jacob Samuel, grocery, 77 Harrison 
Jacobi Lewis, civil engineer, 228 w Biddle 
Jacobs Ann, milliner, 62 Mulberry 
Jacobs Charles, grocery, 21 Pearl 
Jacobs James M. carpenter, 4 e Lombard, 

dw 43 Granby 
Jacobs James E. basgage master, N. C. 

Railway, 106 Presion 
Jacobs John George, cabinet maker, 91 

Jacobs Julian, spar maker, 120 Bank 
Jacobs Mordecai, brickmaker. Heath near 

Jacobs Margaret, 151 Montgomery 
Jacobs Nathan, sec. hand furn. dealer, 267 

Canton ar 
Jacobs Samuel, bookkeeper, 67 Bnrre 
Jacobs Samuel, bookkeeper, 16 Water 
Jacobs William B. clerk, 103 Hanover 
Jacobsen Henry G. Vice Consul to Den- 
mark, 6l n Liberty, dw 166 w Fayette 
Jacobsen Henrv G. (Laurence Thomsen & 

Co.) 166 w Fayette 
Jacobsen John J. bookkeeper, 166 w Fay- 
Jacoby Jacob, tailor, 30 Edward 
Jacoby Jacob, baker, 222 Aliceanna 
Jacoby William, tailor, 28 Ensor 
Jager John G. tailor, 130 Argyle al 
Jaeger Etiward, cigar maker, 41 n Central 

Jaeger Henry, cigar maker, Lee near 

Jaeger Henry, grocer, 257s Ann 
Jaeger William G. W. lamp black manuf. 

151 West, dw 189 Hanover 
Jagmetti Joshua G. eating house, Wine 

near Charles 
Jahn H. C. paper box manufacturer, 3 

Camden la 
Jamart Louis, clerk, 41 n Front 
Jamar Mary E. 16} Aisquith 
Jamart R. H. conductor, P.W. &. B. R. R. 
James Abraham, paper hanger, 251 e Lom- 
James Ann, 33 n Calvert 
James Mrs. A. dressmaker, 59 n Liberty 
James B. H. 181 Saratoga 
James Benjamin cop. smelter, Clinton, s of 

Canton, Boston 
James Daniel, sailor, 21 Abbey al 
James David, smelter, Clinton s of Boston, 

James Edward, tailor, 6 n Poppleton 
James Edward C. tailor, 6 n Poppleton 
James George, chair maker, 127 s Bond 
James George, cooper, 260 Canton av 
JAMES GILBERT C. dealer in tobacco, 

cigars, snuffs, &c. s w cor. Lombard and 

High, dw 12 Albemarle 
James George, 153 Aisquith 
JAMES HENRY & CO., lumber merchts. 

Aliceanna, between Albemarle & Exeter, 

dw 194 w Lombard 
James Henry, laborer, 361 Canton av 
James Isaac, engineer, 386 Lexington 
James James, speculator, 811 w Baltimore 
James John, ariist, Gilmor near Lexington 
James John, cooper, 154 Argyle al 





James John, copper smelter, Clinton s of 

lio^ioii, Caiiluii 
James John A. bookkeeper, 96 s Eutaw 
James Joliii W. carpeniei, "J'JS n Emaw 
James John, 221 e Monument 
James John T. nilist, 35 n Eutaw 
James John H. lohacconisi, 155 s Chester 
James Jo.-eph, plasterer, i.''2 Maiilen la 
James Levi, boat builder, 15S Thames, dw 

1()3 Ann 
James Martin, Clinton, s of Boston, Canton 
James Maria, 130 s Boiul 
James .M.iry, 10(5 s Eutavr 
J4me> Uoben, tobaeeoiiisl, 130 s Bund 
Jatnei Reese, Copper Works, Clinton, s of 

Boston, Canton 
James Richard, hatter, 2(^1 n Eutaw 
Jamci Hubert M. manulaclurer and dealer 

in cigars and tobacco, 97 w Lombard 
James tiolomon, sailor, 142 Hamburg 
James Thomas C. warden Jail, dw same 
James William J. 331 n Gay 
James William H. oyster packer, cor York 

and Patnpsco, dw IfSl Sirati>ga 
James Wm. house carpen. 251 e Lombard 
James Win. constable, 406 Lexington 
Jameson Andrew, (J. & Brown, )234w Biddle 
Jameson & Brown, coal dealers, 340 n How- 
Jameson Charles M. dep. clerk Sup. Court, 

dw 2^5 Mulberry 
Jameso . John W. (J. & Toner,) 140 Pearl 
JAMESON THOMAS, propr. Franklin 

Inn, 50 HiUen 
Jameson & Toner, saddles, harness & trunk 

makers, [iO n Howard 
James, n Walker, clerk, 140 Pearl 
Jamet Dr. Edw. surgeon dentist, 1)2 n Charles 
Jamison Alex. muMciau, 55 HiUen 
JamiMjn Andrew, laborer, 79 Watson 
Jamison Archibald, weaver, 104 n Fremont 
Jamison Catherine, 34 n Frederick 
Jamison C C. president Bank Baltimore, 

dw 49 Mount Vernon place 
Jamison C. M, clerk. •J()7 xMnlberry 
Jami>on James, plumber, H3 Waison 
JAMISON JOHN, coal office, 31>^ South, 

dw 65 Aisqunh 
Jamison John W. saddle and harness mak. 

90 n Howard, dw 140 Pearl 
Jamison Joseph, clerk Hank of Baltimore, 

11 Grundy 
JA.VliSO.N ROBERT, hacks for hire, 16 s 

Jamison S. B. salesman, 90 Sharp 
Jami.Non Thomas, bricklayer, Fremont near 

Jamison Wm. shoemaker, 203 Vine 
Jamison Wm. 110 Pearl 
Jamison Wm. policeman, 503 Saratoga 
Jandort Reuben, shoemaker, 22 n Exeter 
Janes Henry, (E. Pratt &, Bro.) 26 Pleasant 
Jaiiney Edward, laborer, Fall.s road near 

Laiivale facturj 
Janney Hannah H. 31 s Sharp 
Janney Richard M. (R. M. J. & Co.) 87 n 

JANNEY R. M. & CO. coal dealers, over 

s w cor. South and Baltimore 
Janney Samuel A. salesman, H7 n Paca 

JANNEY & STOTV, produce and general 

commissiuu merchaiiis, 101 Scnilh 
Janney Win. W. (J. & Stow.) 319 e Pratt 
Janney Wm. 31 s Sharp 
Jaiiowiiz Simon, watchmaker, 25 Granby 
Janty Wm. hair dresser, and perfumer, 158 

w Baltimure 
Jarden Saml. letter carrier, 66 s Washington 
Jarboe Rev. John R. com. merchant, 141 n 

Howard, dw Lexinguui near Fulton 
Jarboe John A. salesman, 70 w Fayette 
Jarboe John R. (F. Medcalf & Co.) Lexing- 
ton near Fulton 
Jarboe John W. barber, 191 Lexington 
JARRETT ASBURY, clothier, 10 and 12 

e Baltimore 
Jarrett A. B. clerk, n w cor. Baltimore and 

Jarreli Chris, bricklayer, 215 Sarataga 
Jarrett John, seaman, log Hamburg 
Jarrett Lefevcr, clothier, I2G w Baltimore, 

w 22 Aisquith 
Jarrett Samuel, mariner, 63 York 
Jarvis Amos, cooper, 100 Hill, 
Jarvis Mary A. 49 n Charles 
Jarvis Robert B notary public, 44 » Gay, 

dw 23 n Fremont 
Jarvis Mrs'. Sophia, 236 Monument 
Jarvis Thomas W. agent, 260 n Eutaw 
Jarvis Win. H. bookseller, 11 Penna. av 
Jason John, watchman, 274 s Broadway 
Jatho Henry, watchmaker, 42}oe Baltimore, 

dw 43 Fawn 
Javins Grandison D. shoemaker, 20 Orleans 
Jay Chas. E. currier and tanner, cor. Cen- 
tral av. and Banir, dw 131 s Eden 
Jay Th.-mas W. clerk, 190 Hanover 
Jeamson Hannah J. D. 127 Aisquith 
Jean Ichabod, builder, 47 Pine, dw 269 

Jeli'ers Alex, policeman, 159 s Paca 
Jellers James, nightman, 122 Regester 
Jetlers Joseph, machinist, Chapel near Pratt 
JEFFERS MADISON, agt. 25Courtland 
Jellers iViary, lailoress, 160 n Dallas 
Jellers Maithia~, plasterer, 116 Preston 
Jellers Samuel, moulder, North nr Pleasant 
JelTerson James, huckster, 171 s Ann 
Jelferson John B. boot and shoe maker, 118 

s Bond 
Jefferson Thos. shoemaker, 148 n Caroline 
Jefferson st. M. E. Church, s e cor. Jeffer- 
son and Bond 
Jelferys Thomas R. painter, IS North, dw 
170 Central av. — [See p 33 Mvertisemenls] 
Jeffrey Charles, gilder, 11 n Wolfe 
Jeffrey John W. watchman, 36 Morris al 
Jeffries Ann E. 7 Watson 
Jeffries Magdalin, seamstress, 82 Dolphin 
Jeffries John, produce dealer, 292 Light 
Jeffries J(j3epli, carter, 372 s Euiaw 
Jeffries Timoihy, moulder, 230 Columbia 
Jelley David, drayman, 22 Armistead la 
Ji'lley Elizabeth, 7 Armistead la 
Jelley George, boiler maker, 7 Armistead la 
Jelley Henry, boiler maker, 7 Armistead la 
Jelley Hugh, tailor, 7 Armistead la 
Jelley John, boiler maker, 7 Armistead la 
Jelley Saml. boiler maker, 7 Armistead la 
Jell-y Wm. boiler maker, 7 Armistead la 





Jemison & Knotts, trunk and harness mkrs. 

2 Euiaw huuse 
Jenes George W. blacksmith, Grundy near 

Jenisiin Elizabeth, dressmaker, 101 n Front 
JENKINS HENRY W. cabinet maker, 16 

Jenkms Alfred, painter, 21 n Caroline 
Jenkins Alfred, (Ewd. J &Sons)77 n Greene 
Jenkins Anihony H. 15 Conway 
Jenkins Au-tin, (Edw. J. & Sons) 128 Park 
Jenkins A. Pollard, (Zimmerman & J.) 167 

St. Paul 
Jenkins iVIrs. Catharine, 184 Vine 
Jenkins Constantine, hatter, 153 e Monu- 
Jenkins E. Courtney, clerk, 38 Mulberry 
and dealers in saddlery and coach hard- 
ware, IHU w Baliimore 
Jen kins Edw. (Wm, J.& Sons) 38 Mulberry 
Jenkins Edward F. (,Edw. J. &Sons,) 99 w 

Jenkins Enoch F. hatter, 263 n Gay 
Jenkins Geo. T. (Taylor & J.) 159 St. Paul 
Jenkins Henry W. 56 Lee 
Jenkins Henry, n e cor. Fayette & Chesnut 
Jenkins Henry, wheelwright, 378 Saratoga 
JENKINS HUGH &CO. ship andcommls. 
merchts. 18 Second, dw H J. 54 St. Paul 
Jenkins Hugh, jr. (Hugh J. & Co.) 95 n 

Jenkins James, 25 Thames 
Jenkins James W. (Wm. J. & Sons) 204 n 

Jenkins James W. 38 Mulberry 
Jenkins James, carpenter, Chapel nr Gough 
Jenkins Joseph, policemnn, 116 Scott 
Jenkins Joseph W. (Poland, J. St Co.) IS 

Jenkins Joseph, painter, 13 s Caroline 
Jenkins Levin W. ship carpenter, 11 Wil- 
liamson al 
Jenkins Mark W.(W. J.& Sons) York road 
Jenkins Marcus, 16 n Eutaw 
torney, 3 Spurrier's court, Lexington, dw 
47 Couriliind 
JENKINS M. W.8c CO. .saddlers and trunk 
mnks. 10South,dwM.W. J. 145wFayelte 
Jenkins Capt. Richard E. J. 255 Columbia 
Jenkins Thomas C. jr. (Dugan & J.) 180 n 

Jenkins Dr. Felix, 145 w Fayette 
Jenkins G. Taylor, dry goods dealer, over 

241 w Baltimore, dw 159 St. Paul 
Jenkins John VV. 93 Hamburg 
Jenkins John W.(Grinnell &. J.) York road 
Jenkins John S. 63 St. Paul 
Jenkin.« Joseph W. (Poland, Jenkins & Co) 

cor. Hamilion and C'aihedral 
Jenkins J. Strieker, (Hugh J. &. Co.) G3 

Si. Paul 
Jenkins Levin W. 11 Williamson al 
Jenkins Thomas P. cor. Chesnut k Fayette 
Jenkins Thomas C. (Poland, J. & Co.) 167 

St. Paul 
Jenkins Thomas M. copper smelter, Clinton 

n of Boston, Canton 
Jenkins Thomas P. 29 n Front 

Jenkins Thomas, coachmaker, 147 n High 
Jenkins Thomas, primer, Penna av. exten. 

leather dealers, 94 w Lombard & 7 Water 
Jenkins VV m. machinist, 180 Constitution 
Jenkins Wm. Custom house, 268 Aisquith 
Jenkins Wm. butcher, 540 Penna av 
Jenkins Wm. copper smelter, Clinton n of 

Boston, Canton 
Jenks Jane, bread & cake bak. 58 e Fayette John, clerk in market, 175 n Eden 
Jennings Abraham, 34 Brunswick 
JenningN Arthur, carpenter, 6 Emory 
Jennings Edward, 56 Buren 
Jennings Elizabeth, Cooksie, Locust point 
Jennings, carter, 202 HoUins 
Jennings Grason, carter, 202 Ht)llins 
Jennings John W. printer, s w cor. Front 

and Fayette 
Jennings Joseph, carter, 202 Hollins 
Jennings Joshua, wagoner, 202 Hollins 
Jennings Joshua, laborer, 14 Dewberry al 
Jennings Maiy A 36 Somerset 
Jennings Michl. P. huckster, 82 Harford av 
caries, 88 n Charles 
Jennings N. Hynson, (N. H. J. & Co.) 210 n 

Jennings Patrick, huckster, 56 Buren 
Jennings Patrick J. tobacconist, 36 Somerset 
Jennings Patrick, laborer, 13 Church 
Jennings Robert, shoemakt-r, 5 s Bethel 
Jennings Richard, clerk, Barnum's hotel 
Jennings Robert, bootmaker, 1 s Bethel 
Jennings Samuel T. tavern, 1 e Fayette, dw 

s w cor. Front aud Fayetie 
Jennings Wm. potter, 792 w Baltimore 
Jeniner George, shoemaker, 321 Mulberry 
Jerger Charles, tavern, 67 Centre Market 

Jerkel Peter, grocery, 68 Lancaster 
Jerome John H. T. & Uo. grocers, 34 n Paca, 

dw J. H. T. J. Govanstown, Balio. Co. 
Jervis Win. & J. file munufaciurers, 197 

Jessop Charles, salesman, 72Barre 
Jessop Edward, (J. & Fullon) 4 Hanover 
Jessop& Fulton, imps, and deals, in foreign 

and domestic hardware, 4 Hanover 
Je.ssopGeo. W.(John:.on & J.) 18 s Calvert 
Jessop Samuel, moulder, cor. Saratoga and 

Je.ssop Wm. engineer B & O. R. R. 496 

Jessup Ann, seamstress, 126 n Fremont 
Jester Benj, E. 7 Courlland 
Jevens John W. (West & J.) 299 w Fayette 
Jewetl Caroline, nurse, Clement nrWilliam 
Jewett Isaac W. attorney, 69 Second, dw 

cor. M(.Cnlloh and Dolphin 
Jewish Synagogue, 12 s Eden 
Jewish Synagogue, Lloyd near Baltimore 
J eyes Elizabeth, 86 s Paca 
Jhee John, trunk maker, 207 e Baltimore 
Jillaid John, 46 e Baltimtire 
Jmkinson James, printer, 7 Hillen 
Jocel George, shoemaker, 72 Camden 
Jockel George, barrel dealer, 423 Light 
Jockel Martin, baker, 194 Sharp 
Joh Jacob, locksmith, 62 Penna. av 





John Augustus, leaclier drawing and paint- 
ing, 24 George 
John Charles, purler, 59 Preston 
Johr. David, copper smelter, Clinton nr Bos- 
ton, Canton 
John George, carpet wea<rer, 223 Aliceanna 
John John, copper smeller, Clinton nr Bos- 
ton, Canton 
Johannes John G. jeweler, Wine, dw 409 \v 

Johaimes John G. jeweler, Frederick road 

near 1st toll gale 
Johanning Henrj', varnisher -133 w Pratt 
Jiihns Albert, cigar maker, 6 Thompson 
Johns Ann M. dress maker, 119 Pearl 
Johns Charle>, ship carp. 17G Eastern av 
Jiihns Klizalieih, 83 Garden 
Jotins Heiirj', painter, (> Thompson 
Johns Henry V. D. jr. (Stewart & J.) n e 

cor. B.ilion and Lanvale 

Bolton and Lanvale 
Johns & Hope, brush manufacts, 15 s Sharp 
J.ihns Ken>ey, (Duer & J.) Barnum s hoiel 
JohnN Rev. L. H. prof, lantjuages, Newton 

Universiiy, dw 'J43 n Eutaw 
Johns Richard H. collecior, 43 s Ann 
Johns Richard H. carpenter, 43 s Ann 

Juhn> Thomas, mate, 37 e Pratt 
Johns Win. H. (,J. & Hope) 40 s Poppleton 
Johns Win. clerk, 117 S;)raioga 
John Wesley Chapel (M. E. colored) s e 

cor. Sharp and Hughes 
Johnson Adolphus, liv. stables, 100 Thames 
Johnson Albert A. clerk, 100 e Fayeite 
Joiinson Alexander T.(Duer, Norris&Co,) 

J.'S* Hoffman near Grundy 
Johnson Arthur Livingston, pateniee man- 
ufacturer iron shutters, 201 Franklin 
Johnson Arthur L. jr. machinist, 201 Frank- 
Johnson Alfred O clerk, 49S w Fayette 
Johnson Mrs. Ann E. boarding house, 87 n 

Johnson Aquill i, hoanlingiiouse, 137s High 
JOHNSON BALLARD, coal agent 24 

Si'Uth, dw National Hotel 
Jiihns.m Benjamin, 87 n High 
Johnson Charles, carpenier, 94 Dolphin 

Johnson Charles W.(J.& Jessop) IH Calvert 
N. C. R 
dw 2-28 Preston 

Johnson Charles, engineer >f. 

Lai I way. 

Johnson Charles, runner, 94 Block 

Johnson Caroline, 24 Front 

Johnson Catherine, d-iO w Pratt 

Johnson C. G. block and pump maker, 70 

Johnson Christian, over 299 w Pratt 
Jotiiison Cornelius, clerk, 2" Pearl 
Johnson Capt. Caleb, 103 Willirim 
Johnson Daniel W. laborer, 77 Stirling 
Johnson David, 43 Pre ident 
Johnson Delilah, 342 Aisquith 
Johnson Doras, 33tj Kasiern av 
Johnson Edward L. clerk, 77 Lee 
Jolinstin Edward, tavern, 1 12 e Lombard 
John-on Dr. Edward, 2^ Camden 
Johnson Edward, caipcnier, 45 n Greene 

Johnson Capt. Edw. P. mariner, 1"2I s Ann 
Jolui>on E Iwaid, clerk, n.'j Warner 
Johiison Edward, clerk, 2s ('amden 
Jiihnson Edward, fireman, 00 Decker, 
Johnson Edward, grocer, Ibii}^ Franklin, 

dw 15H 
Johnson Edwin, tobacconist, 61 n Euiaw 
Johnson Edwin P. moulder, 192 n Broadway 
Johnson Elsey, tailoress, d3 Harford av 
Jcdinson Emily, 375 Franklin 
Johnson Ezekiel C. a§eui, 95 s Bond 
Johnson Fergus, weaver, 115 Peirce 
Johnson Finlev, 6t> Conway 
JOHNSON FRANCIS iM. restaurant, 92 L 

Mc-Klderry, ilw 181 n biden 
Johnson Frances, tailoress, Beam's lots near 

Johnson Francis, huckster, 18] n Eden 
Johnson Fredk. seaman, 89 s Regester 
Johnson George N. boiler ink 37 Henrietta 
Johnson George, clerk, 2:i0 w Fremont 
Johnson George W. clerk, 18 s Fremont 
Johnson Gerard, h' n Hit;h 
Johnson Grafton, clerk, 190 East 
Johnson Grafion. bookbinder, 87 n High 
Johnson Hannah, 2(>1 Franklin 
Johnson Capt. Henry, Ann n of Lombard 
Johnson Henry, carpenter, 22 Brune 
JohiiM)n Henry, tailor, 106 Raborg 
Johnson Henry, rigger, 218 Eastern av 
Johnson Henry, carpenter, Warren near 

Johnson Hitam, teacher, 106 n Howard 
Joiinson Howard, chairmak. 42 McElderrj 
Johnson Indiana, dres>in;iker, 342 Aisquith 
Johnson Irwin, laborer, 244 Light 
Joiinson Isabel N 93 n Spring 
Johnson Isaac, policeman, 112 Henrietta 
Johnson James A. clerk, 259 Hollins 
Johnson Jaine>, grocery, 188 German 
Johnson James chairmak. 2Chesnat 
Johnson James M. coach painter, 148 Mul- 
Johnson Jared, huckr, Mosher nr Division 
Johnson Jackson L cigar maker, 137 s High 
Johnson Jus. bootmaker, 15 Mechanics' ct 
Johnson James H. lelt and comp. roofer, 2 
Jarvis buildings, dw u w cor Lexington 
and Republican 
John.?on Capt. James D. 95 s Bond 
Johnson James S. lithographer, 87 n High 
Johnson James W. contractor, B.&O.R. R. 

3U8 Mulberry 
Johnson James, ship carpenter, Gough near 

Johnson James, tobacconist, 135 North 
Johnson Jas. (Maughlin & J.) 24 Aisquilh 
Johnson James F. 31 Warren 
Johnson James VV. laboror, 90 Dolphin 
Johnson James N. hatter, 1(1 Rose 
Johnson James, carpenter, f07 w Pratt 
Johnson Jas. gravel roofer, 2 Jarvis build- 
ings, dw 49(j w Fayette 
Johnson John, attorney, Marshall building, 

dw 72 iVlonunient 
Johnson John, spar maker, 202 s Ann 
Johnson John, huckster, 43 President 
Johnson John Hy. police, 49 Elizabeth la 
Johnson John M. surgical inst. maker, 283 
n Kulaw 





Johnson John, ship carpenter, 162 Regesler 
Johnson John T. clerk, 192 n Broadway 
Johnson John, attorney, 29 St. Paul, dw n 

w cor Monument and (cathedral 
Johnson John N. machinist, 73 n High 
Johnson John J. cabinetmaker, 121 e Mon- 
Johnson John M. grocer, 92 Washington 
Johnson John M. instrument maker, 283 n 

Johnson John, blacksmith, 19 Calendar 
Johnson John, grocer, n w cor Hillen & East 
Johnson John W. bookkeeper, 96 Sharp 
Johnson John, mariner, 4 William 
Johnson John, groc. cor Madison and Buren 
Johnson Joseph F. tinner, 7 Jefferson 
Johnson Joseph S. clerk, 2U1 Franklin 
Johnson Joseph T. machinist, 52 Warner 
Johnson Joseph H. blacksmith, 213 Orleans 
Johnson Joseph, Eagle Hotel, 132 Hillen 
Johnson Joseph G. tea dealer and grocer, 

657 w Baltimore 
Johnson Joshua, laborer, 31 Bethel 
Johnson Joshua, plasterer, 99 Preston 
Johnson Julius A. bookkeeper tax depart- 
ment. City Hall, dw 199 Aisquith 
Johnson Jos. T. Sec, Marshall, police, 103 

Johnson Lewis M. clerk, 87 n High 
Johnson Luther J. distiller, 468 Light 
Johnson Lucius L. (Cooke &,J.) '6 a Fred- 
Johnson L. 56 Raborg 
Johnson Margaret, 13 Spring ct 
Johnson Margaret, tailoress, 25 Perry 
Johnson Mrs Margaret M. 73 Chew 
Johnson Martin R. teacher, 63 Lee 
Jolinson Mary, dress maker, 279 s Charles 
Johnson Mary A. 192 n Broadway 
Johnson Mary, 25 s Fremont 
Johnson Mary, 120 Durham 
Johnson Mary J. 154 s Ann 
Johnson Mary C. fancy store, 31 e Lombard 
Johnson Michael, glass blower, 354 Osteiid 
Johnson Monroe, laborer, 38 Williamson al 
Johnson Moses, weaver, 1U3 Peirce 
Johnson Neville, designer and engraver on 
wood, over 1(J6 w Baltimore, dw 34 e 
Johnson Patrick, gardener, n e cor Eager 

and St. Paul 
Johnson Peter, laborer, 297 Aliceanna 
Johnson Philip P.supt. lamps. Western dist. 

42 Pine 
Johnson Philip, farmer, Philadelphia road, 

near city limits 
Johnson Philip, carter, 247 s Dallas 
Johnson & Peters, tavern, 280 s Ann 
Johnson Priscilla, grocery, s e cor Fremont 

and Peirce 
Johnson Reverdy, attorney, n w cor Calvert 

and Fayette 
Johnson Reverdy, jr. attorney, 23 Lexing- 
ton, dw 20 South 
Johnson Richard, tavern. West Falls av 
Johnson Rich, stone cutter, 31 n Poppleton 
Johnson Richard L. moulder, 7 n Wolfe 
Johnson Richard, huckster, 43 President 
Johnson R. sash, door and blind manf. 69 
w Pratt. — [See p. 55 Mvertisements.] 

Johnson Richard Austin, ship joiner, 95 s 

Johnson Robert, drayman, 93 n Spring 
Johnson Richard, tavern, 26 Gough 
Johnson Robert, Chesnut al near Brune 
Johnson Sallie E. dress maker, 6 n High 
Johnson Samuel, laborer, 244 Light 
JOHNSON SAMUEL M. agent George 
Creek Coal and Iron Co. Nicholson, Lo- 
cust Point, dw 89 s Ann 
Johnson Samuel, shoemaker, 37 Henrietta 
Johnson Saml. P. boiler maker, 37 Henrietta 
Johnson Sarah A. seamstress, 3U6 e Fayette 
Johnson Sarah, 35 Abbot 
Johnson Mrs. Susan, 63 Chew 
Johnson Dr. Thos. F. 246 Madison av 
Johnson Thos. M. (Geo. Sanders & Co.) 

28 Pine 

Johnson Thomas, (Wm. H. J. & Bro.) 133s 

Johnson Thomas, bricklayer, 38 Chatsworth 
Johnson Thos. laborer, 13 Central av 
Johnson Thomas, mariner, 76 Eastern av 
Johnson Thomas, clerk, 120 s Caroline 
Johnson Wilmot, agent Treverton Coal & 
R. R. Co., 4 South, and Boston, foot of 
Leakin, Canton, dw 94 Madison 
Johnson Wm. H. jr. clerk Bank of Com- 
merce, dw n w cor Fayette and Aisquith 
Johnson Wm. O. blacksmith, 127 Jefferson 
Johnson Wm. H. draftsman, 25 s Fremont 
Johnson Wm. sailor, 244 Light 
Johnson Wm. J. clerk, 473 w Pratt 
Johnson Wm. Henry, agent Scott's prem. 
seine twine, cotton rope, &c. 72 w Pratt, 
dw 259 Eutaw 
Johnson Wm. M. cabinet maker, 1 House's 

Johnson Wm. laborer, 90 Dolphin 
Johnson Wm. H. hatter, 111 n Eutaw 
Johnson Wm. R. (Holiingsworth & J.) 

Lombard near Hanover 
Johnson Wm. currier, 186 n Caroline 
Johnson Washington, rigger, 116 Hamburg 
Johnson Wesley, sailor, :^44 Light 
Johnson Wilmer N. cigar maker, 137 sHigh 
Johnson Wm. blacksmith, 186 McHenry 
Johnson Wm. manner, Thames nr Caroline 
Johnson Wm. huckster, Penn. av, near 1st 

toll gate 
Johnson Wm. painter, 342 Aisquith 
Johnson Wm. carter, 391 Cross 
JOHNSON WM. A. clerk, 125s Ann 
Johnson Wm. shoemaker, 137 Bond 
Johnson Wm. architect, 25 s Fremont 
Johnson Wm shoemaker, 110 n Gay 
Johnson Wm. pattern maker, 30 Aisquith 
JOHNSON WM. H.& BRO. snuff makers, 

29 Center Market Space, dw W. H. J. 41 
n Eden 

Johnson Wm. H.boot and shoemaker, 92 
w Baltimore 

Johnson Rev. Wm. rector House of Indus- 
try, 337 w Pratt 

ing house, 19S w Baltimore 


Johnston Edward, laborer, Montgomery, nr 





Johnston Jacob, 8"2 Block 
Johnston James, grocer, 34 Ross 
Johnston Dr. Jolin M 7 s Frederick 
Johnston & Jessop, wire workers, 58 s Cal- 
Johnston Josiah Lee and Henry, (J. Bros 

& Co,) IVlonunient near Cathedriil 
Johnston & Marsden, merch. tailors, 357 w 

Johnston John R. portrait painter, 5 Carroll 

Hall, up stairs 
Johnston Richard L. moulder, 19 Granhy 
Johnston Robert, (J. & Marsden) 357 w 

Johnston Robert, blacksmith, Chesnut al nr 

Johnston Susanna, seamstres8,2 Harmony la 
Johnston Mrs. Thomas D. Monument, '2d 

door w of Cathedral 
Johnston Thomas, clerk B. & O. R. R. dw 

25 Warner 
JOHNSTON THOMAS D. ins. agent, 73 
Second, dw s e cor Liberty & Saratoga — 
[See p. 42, Mvertiiements.] 
Johnston Wm. J. clerk, 96 s Sharp 
Johnston Wm painter, basements w cor of 
St. Paul and Fayette, dw 318 w Lombard 
Joice Elizabeth N. candy shop, 155 Conway 
Joice George spice manuf. Bond a of Mon- 
Joice Jane, G. Hughes 
Joice Peter, ship carpenter, G. Hughes 
Joice Patrick, shoemaker, 7 French 
Joice Richard, painter, G. Hughes 
Joice Stephen J. 238 w Fayette 
Joiner Wm. boiler maker, 35 Warren 
Jolly Henry, laborer, 93 n Poppleton 
JOLLY JOHN C. magistrate, 4 e Fayette, 

dw 9U Jefferson 
Jolly John, blacksmith, 61 s Schroeder 
Jolly Wm. H. carpenter, 2G7 Central av 
Jones Rev. A. D 81 n Charles 
Jones Alfred H. painter, 159 West 
Jones Annie, 2 Watchhouse al 
Jones Anna C milliner, 137'^ Lexington 
Jones Adiian, miller, Frederick road, nr 

toll gate 
Jones Mrs. Alabama, 242 e Pratt 
Jones Alfred H. painter, 156 Gough 
Jones Mrs. Ann, 95 n Eden 
Jones Ijeniamin, 78 Columbia 
Jones Benjamin, stonemason, 90 Ross 
Jones Benjamin, laborer, 5 Pleasant al 
Jones Benjamin, laborer, 156 s Washington 
Jones Benj. bricklayer, 361 e Monument 
Jones Ijcnj. carpenter, Abbey al nr Cross 
Jones Benj. P. cooper, 1h3 e Madison 
Jones Bennett, blacksmith, Pratt near Car- 
Jones Dr. Buckler, 94 s Broadway 
Jones Dr. C. H. 415 w Fayette, dw 498 
Jones Mrs. Catherine, seamstress, 562 Sa- 
Jones Caroline, 188 Montgomery 
Jones Catherine, dress mak.l IH s Central av 
Jones Charles, mate, baker, 171 Argyle al 
Jones &, Corbitt, merchts & seamen s ship- 
ping office, over n w cor Fred'k& Pratt 
Jones Capt. Chas. R. 154 Cross 
Jones Mrs. Capt. Christopher, 115 e Balto. 


Jones Charles, cigarmaker, 205 Orleans 

Jones Clement, hostler, 104 Scott 

Jones Cordelia, 14 Comet 

Jones David, carpenter, 123 n Eden 

Jones David, shoemaker, 18!^ Light 

Jones David, nailmaker, 34 President 

Jones David, (J. & Levingston,) Light near 

Jones David A. teller Merchant's Bank, dw 

Kutaw near Mosher 
Jones Kbenezer, shoemaker, 233 Harford av 
Jones Edmoiid, 34 n Front 
Jones Edward, machinist, 40 Stirling 
Jones Kdward, clerk, 108 n Caroline 
Jones Edward, cigarmaker, 138 Pine 
Jones Edward R. printer, 75 n Eden 
Jones Edw. H. book-keeper, 16 w Lombard 
Jones Edwin, blacksmith. Eastern av near 

Castle al 
Jones Eliza, 42 McCulloh 
Jones Elizabeth, 160 n Fremont 
Jones Emily, 31 Pleasant 
Jones Evan, coppersmeller, Cuba, Locust Pt. 
Jones Capt. Ezekiel, 85 s Caroline 
Jones Capt. Ezekiel, 94 s Exeter 
Jones George, boatman, 164 Castle al 
Jones George L. ship carpenter, 127 s Ann 
Jones George W. chemist, 298 Saratoga 
Jones George H. w^ood dealer, 319 e Pratt 
Jones George, ship carpenter, Gough near 

Jones George T. moulder, Montgomery nr 

Jones E. D. milk dealer, Greenmonnt av 

near city limits 
Jones E. D. hair and husk mattress, n w 

cor Baltimore and Pearl 
Jones Hannah, 14 Regester 
Jones Mrs. Harriet, 270 w Fayette 
Jones Henrietta, dry goods store, 297 Al- 

Jones Henry, wheelwright, 183 e Madison 
Jones Henry P. coachpaint. lOS w Fayette 
Jones Henry C salesman, 61 n Howard 
Jones Henry, shoemaker, 236 s Ann 
Jones Henry C. clerk Firemen's Insurance 

Co. 164 Hanover 
Jones Hetty, tailoress, 195 Montgomery 
Jones Hugh B. Sec. Bait. Equitable Soc'y. 

34 n Front 
Jones Isaac, tavern, 558 w Pratt 
Jones Isaac S. (McNeal 8c J.) cor Lombard 

and Sharp 
Jones Isaac W. clerk, Maltby house 
Jones Jacob, carpenter, 43 George 
Jones Jacob, laborer, 249 e Fayette 
JONES J. H. & BRO. chair makers, 196 

Jones Jas. H. conductor P. W. & B. R. R. 

dw 141 Aisquith 
Jones James, clerk, 29 Jackson 
Jones James, jr. carjientcr, 29 Jackson 
Jones James 11. plasterer, 108 n Caroline 
Jones James, draper and tailor, 28 South 
Jones James, (Bean ?c J.) 82 s Charles 
Jones James, tirmer, 128 George 
Jones Capt. James, 173 Preston 
Jones John H. 123 William 
Jones John, huckster, 305 s Charles 
Jones John CL. silk hatter, 17 St. Mary 





Jones John, shoemaker, 473 w Lombard 
Jones John, painter, 17 Diamond 
Jones John P. printer, ^6 Aisquith 
Jones John, mathematical inst. maker, 110 

w Baltimore, dw 54 Hillen 
Jones John T. finisher, 511 Saratoga 
Jones John, carter, 162 Aliceanna 
Jones John, machinist, 193 s Car oline 
Jones John, shipsmith, 5 Pleasant al 
Jones John, laborer, 13 s Washington 
Jones John D. tanner, 123 Vine 
Jones John W. grocer, 43 Orchard 
Jones Capt John, mariner, 194 e Lombard 
Jones John T. tailor, 135 Montgomery 
Jones John P. P. prop, agent, 4 n Calhoun 
Jones John R. cleik Firemen's Insurance 

Co. 201 Lexington 
Jones John, (J. H. & Bro.) 196 Lexington 
Jones Dr. John T. 154 w Lombard 
Jones John R salesman, 65 Henrietta 
Jones John, bricklayer, 101 Orleans 
Jones Joshua, bricklayer, Fayette nr Wolfe 
Jones Joshua, 33 Pleasant 
Jones Capt. Lemuel, mariner, 99 Granby : 
Jones Levin, wood dealer, 47 Warren 
Jones licvin, imp. of iron, chains, anchors, 

&c. 168 Light-st whf. dw 1G2 s Charles 
Jones Levin, 144 Cross 
Jones Levin, shoemaker, 226 e Pratt 
Jones Levin H. & Co. painters, 10 Grant, 

dw L. H. J. 176 Orleans 
Jones& Levingston, bootmakers, 210 wPratt 
Jones Lewis, jr. (J. & Stewart) 136 Co- 
Jones Lewis, butter dealer, 36 s Poppleton 
Jones Lewis, sr. prod, dealer, 12 s Howard 
Jones Lewis, brickmaker, 484 Light 
Jones Louis clerk, 41 n Liberty 
Jones Lydia, 303 Ramsay 
Jones Margaret, 5 Armistead lane 
Jones Margaret, 73 Chapel 
Joues Margaret, 231 e Madison 
Jones Margaret, 64 n Fremont 
Jones Mary J. 85 n Eutaw 
Jones Mary, 25 Eastern av 
Jones Mary, Eutaw near York 
Jones Martin C. waterman, 170 Cross 
Jones Mathias, 42 McCulloh 
Jones Michael, tailor, 188 Washington 
Jones Michael, laborer, 311 e Madison 
Jones Morris J. attorney at law, 26 St. Paul, 

dw 45 Pearl 
Jones Philip R. tobabconist, 6 n Liberty, 

dw 137 3'., Lexington 
Jones Polly, 163 Cathedral 
Jones Planner, boatman. Bethel nr Orleans 
Jones Rachel, fancy and variety store, 108 

n Calvert 
Jones Rebecca, 118 s Sharp 
Jones Richard, carpenter, 55 Stirling 
Jones Robert H. (J. & Corbett) s w cor 

Sharp and Perry 
Jones Robert B. blacksmith, 288 Light 
Jones Samuel E. machinist, 221 e Pratt 
Jones Sarah, 156 Hanover 
Jones Sarah, huckstress, 481 Light 
Jones Sarah, 179 s Central av 
Jones Sarah, 86 Lee 

Jones Sommerfield, butter dealer, 36 s Pop- 

Jones Samuel, prod, dealer, 30 Sarah Ann 
Jones Sophia, dress maker, 55 Lee 
Jones Sophia H. 105 s Sharp 
Jones Stephen W. clerk P. W. & B. R. R. 

dw 90 s Exeter 
Jones & Stfcwart, produce dealers, 70 & 90 

Light-st whf 
Jones; Sophia E. confectioner, 287 e Balti- 
Jones Talbot, produce dealer, 4 s Paca 
Jones Thos. carver, dw Franklin house, cor 

Franklin and Howard 
Jones Thos. huckster, 138 William 
Jones Thos. huckster, 140 William 
Jones Thos. O. printer, 102 Ai.-quith 
Jones Thos. S, painter, 405 Lexington 
Junes Thus. W. shoemaker, 379 w Pratt 
Jones Capt. Thos. 170 Cross 
Jones Thos. 41 G. Hughes 
Jones Therome, pro. dealer, 12 .s Howard 
Jonci Timothy M. chair maker, 44 n Bond 
Jones Turbil, chair manuf. 172 e Baltimore 
Jones Uriah, jr. & Co. dry goods dealers, 73 

Centre Market space, dw U. J. jr. 221 

Jones Walter, clerk, 10 s Carey 
Jones Washington, mariner, 99 Granby 
Jones Wesley, teamster, Carpenter al near 

JONES WM. F. proprietor " Home," 161 

w Pratt, dw 11 Penn 
Jones Wm. C. nut and washer manuf. 

Covington, dw Montgomery near William 
Jones Wm. carpenter, 180 Garden 
Jones Wm. huckster, 112 L. Green 
Jones Wm. mariner, 47 n Carohne 
Jones Wm. huckster, 250 Eastern av 
Jones Wm. machinist, 130 Monigomery 
Jones Capt. Wm. mariner, 87 s Caroline 
Jones Wm. B. & Co. lottery dealers, 2 n 

Frederick, dw W. B. J. Baltimore near 

Jones Wm. D. clerk, 65 Franklin 
Jones Wm. H. engineer, 223 Conway 
Jones Wm. T. coach trim. 183 e Madison 
Jones Wm. H. salesman, 21 Hanover 
Jones Wm. H. restaurant, 184 e Pratt 
Jones Wm. sailor, 85s Caroline 
Jones Wm. huckster, 165 s Ann 
Jones Wm. H. collection clerk, 4 Calhoun 
Jones Wm. H. (Clarke & J.) 255 Saratoga 
Jones Wm. H. tobacconist, 343 e Baltimore 
Jones Wm. H. niachmist, 22 Chatsworth 
Jones Wm. T. cooper, 37 Constitution 
Jordan & Co. wholesale & retail clothiers, 

157 s Broadway 
Jordan Edward (J. & Co.) 76 s Broadway 
Jordan Eliza, 218 German 
Jordan Francis, variety goods dealer, 104 

w Pratt, dw 222 w Pratt 
Jordan James B. agent B. &,0.R. R. 493 w 

Jordan John C. undertaker, 93 Mulberry 
Jordan John, blacksmith, 84 n Poppleton 
Jordan Levi, clothier, 34 and SO Centre 

Market space and 52 w Pratt, dw 18 s 

Jordan Luther D. carp. Franklin House, 

cor Franklin and Howard 
Jordan Owen, laborer, 100 North 





Jordan Pauline, 5 Holland 

Jordan Dr. R. M., Jordan Springs, Va., dvr 

7 Lexington 
Jordan Sarah, 199 s Ann 
Jordan Siiuon, tavern, 32s Paca 
Jordan Wni. huckster, 11 1 s Bond 
Jorden Henry, laborer, 43 George 
Jorden Heury F. coach painter, 43 George 
Jordou Haruian, candy manuf. 137 e Monu- 
Jordon James, tallow chandler, 47 Hillen 
Jordon Jane, 172 Burgundy al 
Jordon John, baker, 3(10 e Eager 
Jordon Robt. grocery, cor Gough & Chester 
Jordon Sarah, huck,>tress, 2 Hammond al 
Jordon Solomon, drover, 2l!5 n Gay 
Jordon \Vm. H. clerk, 493 w Fayette 
Jorey Wm. shoemaker, 866 Light 
Jory Ann E. fancy millinery, dw 363 w 

Josah Andrew, painter, 167 e Baltimore 
Joseuhaus Chas. C. butcher, 811 w Pratt 
Joseph Geo. paver, 233 n Eden 
Joseph Jas. hack driver, 30 \v Biddle 
Jo-eph Jesse, rag dealer, 33 Orleans 
Joseph Mark, machinist, 56 Tyson 
Joseph Margaret, 34 Milliman 
Joseph Shimon, shoemaker, 600 w Baltimore 
Joseph Wm. blacksmith, .'16 Tyson 
Josie Francis, mariner, 93 Granby 
Joss Fr' d. pi-ino maker, 102 Pleasant 
Jouch Christian, tailor, 33 Bank 
Jours Geo. 222 Aisquith 
Joyce Barthol. laborer, HuU, Locust pt 
Joyce Francina, 27 Thompson 
Joyce Geo. ship carp. 312 Sharp 
Joyce Joshua, brass finisher, 142 Aisquith 
Joyce John, laborer. 101 West 
Joyce Michael, bricklayer, 176 Conway 
Joyce Thos. bricklayer, 291 e Baliimore 
Joyce Wm. clerk, 85 Chew 
Joynes Daniel, sailmakcr, 121 n Central av 
Joynes Elizabeth, grocery, 237 n Eden 
Joynes John, sailmaker, 237 n Eden 
Joynes John T. R. reporter, 234 e Madison 
Joynes Joseph, potter, 22H e Monument 
Jubb ("has. E. huckster, 202 Conway 
Jubb Edward, laborer, 247 s Wolfe 
Jubb Lloyd, huckster, 16:5 s Washington 
Jubb Ricii. fish dealer, .Miceanna, Canton 
Jubb (.'apt. Wm. H. 175 Conway 
Judah Uavid, public weigher, 6is Gay, dw 

cor Courtlatid and Saratoga 
Judd John M. Hanover near Camden 
Judd John, Turn, wagon, 2S9 Aliceanna 
JudefindChas. blacksmith, 32 Lee 
Judefind John, carpenter, 144 Lee 
Judefind Mary, 32 Lee 
Judelin Asbui'y, printer. 38 Stirling 
Judeiin Elizabeth, 38 Siirling 
Juilelin Henry, paper hanger, 38 Stirling 
Judge Henry, piano and organ tuner, 170 

Judik Jo.s. stock broker, 216 w Lombard 
Juhl Wm. cooper, rear f)() Dover 
Jump Mary, Block near Drawbridjje 
Juhn Abraham, shoemaker, lITPennaav 
Juhn l^aac, cigar maker, 117 Penna av 
Juhne Theo. piano maker, Lee nr Warner 
Julenberg Christopher, mate, 260s Ann 

Julian Thos. tobacconist, 120 L. Greene 
JUNG DAVID & SON, apothecaries, 310 

n Gay 
Jung Fredk. locksmith, 30 n Gay 
Jung John, tailor, 47 Holland 
Junker Philip, shoemak. 221 Light, dw 348 
Jurgens John C. sa.ldler, 45 n Paca 
Juste Lewis, porter, 202 s Fremont 
Justice Rebecca, seamstress, 331 Franklin 
Justin John, furniture mover, 387 Franklin 
Justis A. d. 1 Watson 
Justis Wm. S. watchmaker, 80 w Pratt, dw 

1 Watson 
Justis Wm. S. jr. clerk, 1 Watson 
Jury Stephen, tavern, City Block 

Kaab Geo. blacksmith, 114 Lancaster 
Kabel Fredk. lab Foster al near Dolphin 
Kabell August, porter, over 407 w Pratt 
Kabeniagel Henry H. grocery, 90 George 
Kabernagel John, grocer, 4 Republican 
Kabernagel John H. clerk, 49 Marion 
Kubor Christian F. shoemak. 8 Walnut al 
Kach Jacob, tinner, 190 s Charles 
Kackner John, cooper, 4il9 3 Charles 
Kaden Louis, laborer, 32 Shakspeare 
Kadie Benj. F. policeman, 251 Eastern av 
Kady Mury, 90 Preston 
Kabier .Adolph, butcher, 186 n Eden 
KAEFTNER JOHN G. ambrotypist,213 n 

Kaeinpff G. A. watchmaker and jeweller, 

719 w Baltimore 
Kaeneg Chas. stevedore 223 s Wolfe 
Kaes Peier, 163 Stirling 
Kaeser Geo. D. grocery, Gay near Bond 
Kasser John H. grocery, 76 e Fayetie 
Kaflinski Chas. gas fitter and fixtures, 129 

Lexington, dw 42 Bat re 
Kagy Aaron, com. agent, Calverton road, 

near Frederick av 
Kahel Martin, engineer, 186 McHenrj 
Kahl G. F. arti!«l, 54 Albemarle 
Kuhlahar Thos. laborer, Hull, Locust pt 
Kaliler Adam, flour and feed merchant, 1 n 

Paca, dw48 Pearl 
Kahler Ca.sper, tailor, 185 Bank 
Kaliler Frederica A. tailorcss, IS Pine 
Kahler Geo. cooper, 32 Lcadenliall 
Kaliler Geo. butcher, 370 Harford av 
Kalder Henry, shoemak. 353 Saratoga 
Kaliler John, laborer, 184 s Eden 
Kahmer Casper, brooin maker, 1H5 East 
Kahmer Henry, broom maker, 115 Fiench 
Kahmer Philip, broom maker, 185 Ea^t 
Kahn Ann, 2;'.9 e Lombard 
Kahn Bernard, ptdler, 14 Hampstead" 
Kalin Jos. .sec. hand deal. 20ti s Caroline 
Kahn Martin, laboier, 10 Baker's ct 
Kahn Sebastian, shoemaker, 23t> L. Greene 
Kahrl John, tailor, rear of 3!) n Eden 
Kail'ir J. R. moi. dres.ser, 154 e Monument 
Kain Fredk. A. tailor, 30 Jasper 
Knin John, grocery, 29 Pleasant al 
Kaiser Clia.s. carriage maker, 13 Clay 
Kaiser Chas. watchmaker and jeweler, 133 

Kaiser Geo. porter, n e cor Fayette & 
Kaiser John rl. grocer, n e cor Fayette and 






Kaiser Jacob, tavern, 56 Park 

Kaiser Sebastian, cab. maker, 65 Canton av 

Kaisiiiger Adam, rag dealer, Alley near 

Patuxent, Canton 
Kaiss John, cooper and barrel dealer, 30 

Leadenhall, dw '252 Hanover 
Kaite Edw. W. tailor, 121 s Chester 
Kalahari Mary, 18 Slemmer's al 
Kalb Henry, tailor, 31 Carpenter al 
Kalb Michael, 49 Eastern av 
Kalbfleisch Conrad, lab. 274 Aliceanna 
Kalbfus Lewis, jr. (K. & Locher) 272 Lex- 
Kalbfus Lewis, 274 Lexington 

Kalbfuse , bricklayer, Gough e of 

KaUit Andrew J. saddler, 336 w Pratt 
KALBFUS &. LOCHER, morocco dresser, 

8 s talven and 137 n Front 
Kalbfus Margaret, 57 n Greene 
Kalihar Daiil. laborer, 12 Jackson's ct 
Kalkman Catherine, seamstress, 344 e Eager 
Kalknnan Henry F. clerk at post office 
Kalkman Von Hollen, attorney, 13 Lexing- 
ton, dw 51 Biddle 
Kailagher Patrick, laborer, 11 s Front 
Kaller Conrad, rag dealer, 278 Aliceanna 
Kalt Adolph, tavern, 319 3 Bond 
Kaltenbach Christian, glas.sblower, 85 Wil- 
Kaltenbach John Wm. glassblower, 140 

Kalvalage Tobias, laborer, 106 West 
Kalvelach Henry, grocery, 143 William 
Kaman Mary, 25 s Regester 
KAME JAS. rectifier and deal, in liquors, 

62 Thames 
Kamera Matthew, laborer, 399 s Charles 
Kainerer August, tailor, 121 Vine 
Kamni Geo. tailor, 238 s Dallas 
Kamp F. H. milkman, 376 e tager 
Kamp Geo. machinist, 122 Elbow la 
Kamp John, shoemak. Dolphin near Bolton 
Kamp Jos. H. ship carp. 14U Bank 
Kamp Peter, brickinaker, 179 s Bond 
Kamp Thos. ship carp. 140 Bank 
Kampmar Geo. brewer, Frederick aV below 

Kamprhouse Adolph, carp. 72 Mulberry 
Kamps Martin, laborer, 168 s Dallas 
Kamtman Geo. lager beer saloon, Frederick 

road near Snake hollow 
Kammel Chas. tailor, 38 Bank 
Kammer Henry, tailor, 51 Diamond al 
Kammer Wm. baker, 319 Sharp 
Kammerer Fredk. tailor, 33 St. Mary 
Kammerzell George, boquet maker, 261 

Greenmount av 
Kane Amelia S. 110 Sharp 
Kane Bernard, grocery, 250 Eastern av 
Kane Francis, laborer, 32 s Durham 
KANE COL. GEORGE P. prest. Mer- 
chants Exchange, 12 Exchange buildings, 
dw 64 Barre 
Kane Jas. carter, McMechin near Division 
Kane Jas. boot fitter, 20 Wilson 
Kane Jas. waiter, cor Saratoga & Schroeder 
Kane Jas. M. 225 Franklin 
Kane Jas. laborer, 35 s Front 
Kane John, carter, 217 s Paca 

Kane John, laborer, Fatapsco n of O'Don- 

Kane John, bookkeeper, 119 s Sharp 
Kane John, laborer, 9 Grace's ct 
Kane John, laborer, 326 Sharp 
Kane Martin, laborer, 52 China al 
Kane Martin, laborer, Chesapeake near 

Hudson, Canton 
Kane Matthew, huckster, 320 Forrest 
Kane Michael, laborer, 184 Hughes 
Kane Pati ick, carter, 26 Sterrett 
Kane Patrick, laborer, 27 Pleasant 
Kane Robt. R. machinist, 166 Mc Henry 
Kane Thos. baker, Eutaw house 
Kane Wm. F, painter, 217 s Paca 
Kanich John, cellar digger, 217 s Bond 
Kanely Thos. engineer, 204 Hollins 
Kaner Adam, bricklayer, 7 Sliakspeare 
Kaney Andrew, Luzerne, Canton 
Kang John, tailor, 8 Regester 
Kann Gernard, saddler, 17 Reben hall, 

Fayette, dw 36 Second 
Kann Julius, salesman, cor Mulberry and 

Kann Sol. J. imp. hardware, 42 Harrison 
Kann Julius, 288 e Fayette 
Kann Solomon, clerk, 148 s Broadway 
Kansler Chas. huckster, 32 Bank 
Kapraun Conrad, blacksmith, cor Frederick 

av and Calverton road 
Kappler Andrew, tailor, 147 e Pratt 
Kapperberger Herman, mariner, 11 Spruce 
Kapp John, printer, U Stiles 
Karber John, shoemaker, 14 President 
Karcher Gotleib, laborer, 17 Biddle al 
Karg Andrew, currier, cor Preston and 

Peirce al 
Karg V. grocery, 10 Preston 
Karins Jas. laborer, 37 s Front 
Karl Chas. cabinet maker, 19 Jasper 
Karmiott John, confect. 434 w Baltimore 
Karney John, laborer, 407 s Charles 
Karney Patrick, laborer, 4 Little 
Karr Henry, 95 York 
Karr James, tailor, 51 Holland 
Karr John B. attorney, 12 Hollins 
Karr Thos. soapmaker, 32 Chew 
Karring Andrew, laundry. 291 Central av 
Karthaus Frederica, 399 w Fayette 
Karlhaus Peter A. jr. 399 w Fayette 
Kary John, cabinet maker, 90 Low 
Kasta Ernest, laborer. 8 Leadenhall 
Kaskie Sanil. boiler maker, 78 Mount near 

Kaslen Chas. shoemaker, 90 n Exeter 
Kastendike Lewis, iron front fini.sher, 66 

Kaston Chas. jr. clerk, 90 n Exeter 
Kate Kaufman, cK.'lhier, 201 Light 
Katemkamp David, whip maker, George 

near Brune 
Kathman John J. grocer, 20 Jefferson 
Kathman Jos. mer. tailor, 2 State 
Katson John, clerk, 25 Harford av 
Katon Michael, drayman, 152 Preston 

Katon , 280 a Gay 

Katz Daniel, pedler, 106 Low 
Katz Hersch, dry goods deal. 234 s Broad- 
Katz John (K. & Leupold) 25 Sharp 



Katz & Leupuld, ship and commission mer 

chants, 17 German 
Kaizt'nberger John, scissor grinder, 38 

Waison ai 
Katzenbur? Samuel, grocer, 2G9 Canton av 
Katzenburger Lewis, laborer, 44 Clay 
Kaizenstein Wolf, dry goods, 133 s Fretnonl 
Katten Emanuel, looking glass and frame 

manuf "iS- Broadway 
KAUCK JOHN, tavern, 26G s Broadway 
Kauder Andrew J. finislier, 7!) William 
Kauderer John, stove and tin dealer, 299 

Kaiifer Fredk , Clinton near Elliott, Canton 

and commis. merchants, 130 North 
Kaiilfelt J;imes B. (K. & Buchanan,) 

McCoy's hotel 
Kaufholz Fredk. cabinet maker, rear of 206 

e Monument 
Kaufman Ann, 6 Wyeth 
Kaufman Adolph, clerk, Baltimore house, 

Kaufman Brothers, fancy goods dealers, 

over 331) w Baltimore, dw Baltimore 

house, Mercer 
Haiifman Chas. (K. Bros.) Fountain hotel 
Kaufman Christian, butcher. 111 s Pop- 

Kaufman Chas. var. store, 300 Montgomery 
Kaufman Daniel, painter, 151 n Paia 
Kaufman Geo. laborer, 3SS West 
Kaufman Geo. H. whip maker, 181 Peirce 
Kaufman Rev. J. Henry, 65 Barre 
Kaufman Hiram, butcher, Calverton road 

near w Baltimore 
■ Haufman Henry F. clerk at post olTice, 778 

w Baltimore 
Kaufman J. K. (K. Bros.) Baltimore house, 

Kaufman Jesse, butcher, 422 Penna av 
Kaufman Josiah, butcher, '3i>2 Light 
Kaufman Jos. baker, s w cur Bank & Eden 
Kaufman Jos. baker, 31) Harrisou 
Kaufman Jo.s. clothier, 44)^ w Pratt 
Kaufman Lewis, shoemaker, 31 George 
Kaufman Muses, second hand furniture 

dealer, 10 Emory 
Kaufman Nicholas, cab. maker, 34 Booih 
Kaufman Solomon, laborer, 170 Columbia 
Kaufman Solomon, pedler, 30 Low 
Kaufman Warner, tailor, 33 s Ann 
Kaufman Wm. shoemaker, 17 Watson 
Kaufman W. tailor, 51 s Ann 
Kantfman Casper, mnnuf of curlod hair, 

Frederick' av near Calverton road 
KaufTmanJohn C. carpenter, Wayne neat 

Greene, dw Barre near Greene 
Kaupt Martin, ship joiner, 15 Abbot 
Kaus John, carter, 53 Forrest 
Kause John, laborer, Clinton near Elliott, 

Kauzt Andrew, tailor, 309 Central av 
Kavanagh Alice, 107 Albemarle 
Kavinagh Dennis, grocer, n w cor Eosor 

and East 
Kavinagh Palk. ship carp. 107 Albemarle 
Kavanaugh Dennis, carter. Bank e of Cen- 

triil av 
Kavenaugh Martin, drayman, 120 Scott 

Kavanaugh Patrick, clerk steamboat Co- 
lumbia, 17 n High 
Kavenaugh Michael, machinist, 93 North 
Kavenaugh Michael, painter, 45 McHenry 
Kaylor Henry, shoemaker, 3 Baker's ct 
Kaylor John,' watchman, lot) s Paca 
Kaylor John, laborer, 97 Sarah Ann 
Kayser Alexander, gold beater, 11 Clay 
Kayser Henry, blacksmith, 19 Rock 
Keach C. W. (K & Green) 258 w Pratt 
KEACH & GRKKN, eating house, Ger- 

man-st. Hall, 26 German 
Keach Lawson P confectionery and fancy 

goods, 118 n Gay 
Keachen Julius, piano maker, Sharp near 

Keahert Charles, painter, 92 n Ann 
Kean Jonn, grocery, )86 e Monument 
Kean Capt. Michael, 501 w Pratt 
Keon Capt. Wm. Warren near William 
Keane Hugh, tailor, 124 e Fayette 
Keaough John, carpenter, 244 Franklin 
Kear Harmon, painter, 66 Chapel 
Kearfott R. W. (Dunham & K.) 3 Hollins 
Kearn James, laborer, 3 Swan 
Kearn Thoma>, laborer, 3 Swan 
Kerney Edward, Mount Vernon livery 

stables, 56 Centre, dw 63 
Kearny Patrick, laborer, 4 Littell al 
Kearns Alexander, painter, 194 n Eutaw 
Kearns Bernard, carpenter, 21 Calender al 
Kearns Edward, porter, 140 Mullikin 
Kearns John, huckster, 35 Haw 
Keating John, tailor, 42 Somerset 
Keating Patrick, laborer, 31 Carpenter al 
Keber Daniel, book keeper, Pearl nr Mul- 
Keck Geo. cooper, 207 s Bond 
Keck Philip, laborer, 152 Henrietta 
Keck Samuel, blacksmith, 149 Hollins 
Keeble Henry, shoemaker, 65 n Eden 
Keebler Chas shoemaker, 5') Albemarle 
Keef Benjamin, drayman, 217 Chesnut 
Keef Morris, blacksmith, 28 Addison 
Keefe W. D. book keeper, Gen. Wayne Inn 
Keefe Wm. stone cutter, 53 President 
Keefer Jacob, cooper, 194 McElderry 
Keefer John, blacksmith, 133 Saratoga 
Keefer Justus, machine sewing, n e cor Ger- 
man and Liberty, dw Light near Cross 
Keegan Patrick, grocer, 141 Front 
Keegans Bernard, 299 Eastern av 
Keehne Augustus, baker, H4 Centre Market 

Keelan Bernard, clerk, 25 Vallcry 
Keen Chrittian, laborer, 164 Eastern av 
Keen Geo. V. (K. & Hagerty) 5J F'awn 
Keen George, blacksmith, 25 St. Mary 
Keen & Hagerty, dealers and manufs. tin & 

sheet iron ware, 37 s Calvert 
Keen Dr. John, 46 e Lombard 
Keen Wm. G. furniture wap;. 6 Dewberry al 
Keenan .'\nthotiy, cooper, Fayette nr Wolfe 
Keenan Daniel, blacksmith, and wheelwrt. 

32 Barre 
Keenan Hugh, clerk, 74 Pine 
KEENAN JAMFS, blacksmith, 84 Holi- 
day, dw 87 North. — [Hee p. 39 Jldvertise- 
Keenan James W. clerk, 78 s Caroline 





Keenan Joseph D. 122 Lexington 
Keenan Matilda, 78 n Central ay 
Keenan Owen, carter, cor Grundy & Cam- 
el al 
KEENAN THOMAS J. JR. paperhanger 

and upholsterer, 469 n Gay 
Keenan Thomas J. 469 n Gay 
Keenan Thomas, porter, 9 Graces ct 
Keenan Wm. shoemaker, 122 Lexington 
Keenan Wm. G. clerk, n w cor Baltimore 

and Front 
Keene Adam, laborer, 89 Watson 
Keene Anna, 62 Holland 
Keene Benjamin R. clerk, Sun office, 40 e 

Keene John H. carpenter, 20 s Broadway 
Keene Rachel, 151 s Sharp 
Keene Susan, 118 Sharp 
Keene Capt. S. R. 12 Penn 
Keene Wm. A. carpenter, 87 Lee 
Keegan John, china dealer, 11 L. Faca 
Keener Andrew, shoemaker, 243 Canton av 
Keener Augustus D. clerk, n Bond nr Bait. 
Keener Charles, rolling mill, Cambridge, 

Keener Christian, office 130 w Lombard, 

dw 120 Hanover 
Keener Geo. P. guns, rifles and pistol mak. 

3 Water 
Keener Dr. David, 16 n Charles 
Keener J. Harrison, clerk, n Bond nr Bait. 
Keener John H. brass founder, 46 Thames 
Keener John, tailor, 5 Josephine 
Keener Joseph, cab. maker, 197 Lexington 
Keener Dr. Wm. H. 16 n Charles 
Keener Wm. C. chairmaker, n Bond near 

Keenright John, ship carp. 101 n Eutaw 
Keenright Nicholas, machinist, 416 w Lom- 
Keerl Henry, 143 Hoffman 
Keerl John W. clerk Mount Clare station, 

dw i.i7 s Paca 
Keerl Margaret, 47 German 
Keerl Susan, 164 w Fayette 
KEERL THOMAS M. attorney. Bank Bal- 
timore build. 4 St. Paul, dw 164 w i'ayelte 
Kees Ann, 146 e Fayette 
Kees Frederick, machinist, 288 n Gay 
Kees John B. book keeper, 351 w Lombard 
Kees Lawrence, cedar cooper, 125 n High 
Kefauver & Campbell, flour and produce 

commission merchants, 43 s Howard 
Kefauver Jno. (K. & Campbell) 25 s Eutaw 
Kegel Wm. cabinetmaker, 198 Hollins 
Kegle George, cabinetmaker, 46 Henrietta 
Kehrer Henry, cooper, Warner near West 
Kehn Henry, clerk. Plowman opposite Al- 
Kehneman John, laborer, 19 n Dallas 
Keho James, porter, 62 Stiles 
Keho Matthew, sawyer, 65 Granby 
Keho Michael, laborer, 34 Liberty al 
Kehoe James, porter, 114 e Lombard 
Keht John, tailor, 244 n Caroline 
Keibler Jacol>, cabinet maker, 32 n Dallas 
Keich George, cooper, 207 s Bond 
Keidel Charles, book keeper, cor Hanover 

and Barre 
Keidel Conrad, grocer, 2 Tessier 

Keidel Edward, clerk, n e cor Barre and 

KEIDEL DR. GEORGE, 139 Hanover 
Keidel Herman F. book keeper, cor Hano- 
ver and Barre 
Keiger John, sawyer, 92 s Spring 
Keifel George, confectioner, 13 Warner 
Keifel Henry, segar maker, 13 Warner 
Keifel Jacob, blacksmith, Barre nr Fremont 
Keifel John, tinner, 13 Warren 
Keigel Elizabeth, 300 n Gay 
Keighler Wm. H. (Duvall, K. & Co.) 34 

Keighler Wm. H. jr. 34 Cathedral 
Keighler Samuel, clerk, 34 Cathedral 
Keihren Henry, laborer, 49 Eastern ar 
Keil Leopold, jeweler, Barre near Fremont 
Keildel Wm. shoemaker, 2 Tessier 
Keitholtz Charles, painter, 50 German, dw 

267 8 Paca 
Keilholtz Geo. marble worker, 381 Franklin 
Keilholtz Jacob, well digger, 21 Sterrett 
Keilholtz Otis, clerk, 352 Lexington 
Keilholtz Wm. 352 Lexington 
Keily Mary A. seamstress, 12 Sterrett 
Keily Richard, grocery, 41 Penn 
Keim Casper, hod carrier, 24 Union 
Keimig John, tailor, 72 n Schroeder 
Keirle Henry, carpenter, 169 n Paca 
Keirle John, telegraph operator Mt. Clare, s 

Paca near Greene 
Keirnan Margaret, 246 Franklin 
Keiser Aldrich, laborer, 162 Spring 
Keiser Anthony, varnisher,217 Montgomery 
Keiser Henry, cooper, 37 Brown 
Keiser John, furnit. varnish. 335 s Charles 
Keiser John, tailor, 79 Eastern av 
Keiser Joseph, grocery, 117 Hill 
Keislinger Henry, shoemaker, 14 Fountain 
Keist Frederick, 500 Pennsylvania av 
Keith Chas. puddler, Essex near Canton av 

Keith E. M. (M. K. jr. & Son) 105 Park 
Keith Hugh, weaver, 17 Harmony lane 
Keith M. jr. & Son, dealer, in American 

hardware, iron, &c. 23 s Charles, dw M. 

K. 105 Park 
Keitler Geo. laborer, Choptank near Canton 

av. Canton 
Keiton Rachel, 40 Second 
Kekler Jacob, laborer, 31 Guilford al 
Kelbaugh Jehu, stonemason, 95 Amity 
Keleher Jane, 18 Barnes 
Kelletiberger James, carpenter, Townsend, 

5 doors e of Pennsylvania av 
Keller Andrew J. butcher, 33 Orchard 
Keller Conrad, laborer, 77 Eastern av 
Keller Edward B. butcher, Frederick road, 

near 1st toll gate 
Keller Eliza, dressmaker, 155 Penn. av 
Keller Frank, 162 Stirling 
Keller, George, tailor, 177 Happy al 
Keller Geo. W. butcher, Frederick road, 

near 1st toll gate 
Keller Geo. laborer, 191 Eastern av 
Keller Henry, tailor, 85 n Central av 
Keller John H. clerk, 214 e Baltimore 
Keller John, 49 Clay 

Keller John, saddler, Walnut al near Ross 
Keller J. H. shoemaker, 214 e Baltimore 





Keller Joseph, baker, Warner near Paca 
Keller Joseph M. brewer, 1)62 I'enn. ar 
Keiler Ji>siah, butcher, 340 Mulberry 
Keller Josiah G. clerk, 168 FraiikliD 
Keller Afary L. seamstress, W^ Ross 
Keller Nicholas, laborer, 2U1 William 
Keller Otto, shoemaker, 4'27 ti Gay 
Keller Win. grocery, 92 Thames 
Keller Wm. i>. cleik, 96 n Bond 
Keller Wm fireman at glass house, 164 s 

Central av 
Keller Wm (Robbins & Co.) 96 n Bund 
Kellerman Fredrick, tailor, 263 Aisquith 
Kellersmith Geo basket maker, 207 s Bond 
Kellogg O. 67 St. Paul 
Kellinorear Joseph, cooper, 17 Abbott 
Kellner John, tobacconist, 193 Canton av 
Kellinger Wm. J. (McCay, Bro. & Co.) 

Maltbv house 
Kellum Susan E. 58 Holland 
Kelly Alexander, coachsmith, President al 
Kelly Ann K. 198 Montgomery 
Kelly Mrs. .Ann, 6 Richmond 
Kelly .Archibald, ship carpenter, 179 Bank 
Kelly Bernard, grocery, 29 East 
Kelly Bessy, 121 Dover 
Kelly Bridget, 84 St. Paul 
Kelly Caleb & Co. who. & ret. grocers and 

feed dealers, 402 w Pratt, dw C. K. 39 

Kelly Charles A. copper smi<h, 40 York, d w 

National hotel. — [See p.'AF).idvertisements.] 
Kelly Charles, waiter, 73 Watson 
Kelly Christopher, machinist 115 Preston 
Kelly Dominick, laborer, 10 Neighbor 
Kelly Kdward, laborer, Hamburg nr Sfiarp 
Kelly Elizabeth, dressm:ik. 140 w Lombard 
Kelly F.manuel, ship carp. 325 s Charles 
Kelly Francis, carp, cor Biddle and Bolton 
Kelly Francis, stone cutter, 183 n Paca 
Kelly Francis, moulder, 15 Willow 
Kelly Mrs. Fanny, 85 s Exeter 
Kelly Fredk. instrunient maker, 189 Raborg 
Kelly F X. attorney at law, 59 w Fayette, 

dw 79 Liberty 
Kelly George, barkeeper, 53 s Frederick 
Kelly .Mrs H L. 194 Preston 
Kelly Harry, clerk, 16 n Futaw 
Kelly Henry, ship carp. 179 G. Hughes 
Kelly Henry, clerk, 6 Richmond 
Kelly Hugh, grocery, cor Paca & Ridgely 
Kelly Is., blacksmith, 143 Hollins 
Kelly Jackson, painter, 1H6 Vine 
Kelly James, printer, 218 e Eager 
Kelly James, Fremont 5 doors e of Penn. av 
Kelly James, blacksmith, 2SS e Monument 
Kelly Capt. James, 4 I'arken 
Kelly James C. tavern, 2 e Pratt 
Kelly James, potter, 139 ("hesnut 
Kelly James, tavern, li>3 s Charles 
Kelly James, laborer, 27 Haw 
Kelly James, laborer, 11 Painters ct 
Kelly James, n w cor Eutaw and Hamburg 
Kelly James, 14 Liberty al 
Kelly James, 30 President 
Kelly James, bod carrier, 123 n Exeter 
Kellv John, laborer, 22 Slcmmcr al 
Kelly John, hostler, 106 York 
Kelly John, carter, IHi-i Holland 
Kelly John, laborer, 63 Bakers ct 

Kelly John, barkeeper, 65 Buren 
Keliy John, laborer, 19 Tyson al 
Kelly John, tavern, 16 East Falls av 
Kelly John, tailor, 134 n Fremint 
Kelly John \V. carpenter, 11)3 Preston 
Kelly John, carpenter, 57 Schrocder 
Kelly John, laborer, 129 Front 
Kelly John, clerk, 6 Richmond 
Kelly John, machinist, 74 n Exeter 
Kelly John, laborer. Neighbor near Bolton 
Kelly John, carpenter, se cor Madison and 

Kelly John, barber, 97 n Calvert 
Kelly John, carpenter, 57 (.hatsworth 
Kelly John, carpenter. 103 Preston 
Kelly John, laborer, 30 President 
Kelly John, carpenter, 27 Chase 
Kelly Joseph D. carpenter, 61 n Howard 
Kelly Joseph M. plasterer, 97 East 
Kelly Joseph, watchman, 187 Chester 
Kelly Johanna, 7 Thompson 
Kelly Johanna, 58 Harrison 
Killy Julia A. trimmer & fancy dealer, 428 

w Baltimore 
Kelly Lewis, blacksmith, 553 Saratoga 
Kelly Luke, laborer, Goodman al nr West 
Kelly Mark, porter, 28 s Eutaw 
Kelly .Martin, labor. Republican nr Franklin 
Kelly Mary, music teacher, 85 s Exeter 
Kelly Mary, 106 Holiday 
Kelly Mrs. Mary, 31 Rock 
Kelly Margaret, grocery, s w cor Jefferson 

and Short 
Kelly .Mrs. Matthew, 51 s Broadway 
Kelly Michael, carter, 180 s Central av 
Kelly Michael, laborer, 5 Camden 
Kelly .Michael, bar keeper II South 
Kelly Michael, provision dealer, 28 Guil- 
ford al 
Kelly .Michael, laborer, 251 e Fayette 
Kelly .Michael, porter, n w cor Hamburg 

and Eutaw 
Kelly Michael, wheelwright, 4 Albemarle 
Kelly Michael J, (John Murphy & Co.) 73 

Kelly Michael, draymen, 168 s Howard 
Kelly .Michael, shoemaker, 110 Dugan's whf 
Kelly Nicholas, restaurant, 215 Lexington 
Kelly Oscar F. barkeeper, 215 Lexington 
Kelly Owen, porter, 19 Centre 
Kelly Patrick, laborer, 28 s Eutaw 
Kelly Patrick, quarryman, Falls road near 

Northern av 
Kelly Patrick, laborer, lR9s Charles 
Kelly Patrick, baker, 1(I4 Richmond 
Kelly Patrick H. carpenter, 21 Biddle 
Kelly Patrick, laborer, 5 s Poppleton 
Kelly Patrick, laborer, 75 n .Amity 
Kelly Patrick, grocery and liquor store, 26 

s Schroeder 
Kelly Peter, tavern, Cooksie, Locust Point 
Kelly Peter, laborer, 21 Tvson al 
Kelly Peter A. (Tim. K. & Son) 32 Sharp 
Kelly Philip, laborer, 17 Centre 
Kelly Philip, laborer, Cooksie, Locust Point 
Kelly Robert, laborer, cor Paca A Ridgely 
Kelly Sophia, embroiderer, 140 w Madison 
Kelly Thomas, 30 President 
Kelly Thomas, blacksmith, 13 Fell 
Kelly Capt. Thomas, .')1 s Broadway 





Kelly Thos. laborer, Cooksie, Locust Point 

Kelly Margaret, tailoress, 51 Warren 

Kelly Thomas, cigar maker, Clay 

Kelly Thomas, grocery, 9 Park 

Kelly Thomas J. 19 n Liberty 

Kelly Thomas, laljorer, 7 Henry 

Kelly Thomas, shoemaker, 28 Buren 

Kelly Thomas, trader, 84 s Poppleton 

Kelly Thomas S. 205 Columbia 

Kelly Timothy, ship carpenter, 76 Sarah Ann 

Kelly Timothy & Son, merchant tailors, 3 

n Liberty, dw T. K. 19 
Kelly Washington, bookkeeper, 51 Broadway 
Kelly Wm. weaver, 12 Pear al 
Kelly Wm. laborer, 4 Bloodgood ct 
Kelly Wm. H. clerk. Brown's hotel 
Kelly Wm. ship carpenter, 41 Henrietta 
Kelly Wm. fireman, 5 Williamson's al 
Kelly Wm. carpenter, 185 Ramsay 
Kelly Wm. machinist, 185 Ramsay 
Kelly "Wm. stone mason, Ogsden near Peirce 
Kelly Wm. stone cutter, 58 Boyd 
Kelly W. hostler, s w cor. Jefferson & Short 
Kelner Michael, millinery, 25 Ensor 
KELSEY & GRAY, ship brokers, and com. 

merchts, cor. Pratt and Frederick st Dock 
Kclsey Henry, (K. & Gray) 58 e Baltimore 
Kelso James, wagon driver, 137 n High 
Kelso JohnR. 51 Sharp 
Kelso John R. jr. salesman, 51 Sharp 
Kelso John T. 110 e Baltimore 
Kelso Mrs. R. R. 22 Hollins 
Kelso Thomas, 110 e Baltimore 
Kelso Wm. watchman, Hull St., Locust Point 
Kelton Frederick, carpenter. Falls road near 

Northern av 
Kelty Wm. tailor, 134 Henrietta 
Kemmel Eliza, 124 w Fayette 
Kemp Ann, confectionery and cake baker, 

244 s Broadway 
Kemp Chas. L. 25 George 
Kemp C. E. (Hopkins, Harden & K.) n e 

cor. Baltimore and Calhoun 
Kemp Edward, clerk, 9 n Pine 
Kemp Edward D. attorney, 110 Park 
Kemp Frederick C. bricklayer, 88 Chew 
Kemp George W. 220 Mulberry 
Kemp Geo. W. harness maker, 256 Mulberry- 
Kemp Henry, shipsraith, 159 s Washington 
Kemp Henry, confectioner, cor. Grant and 

Kemp Henry, livery stables, ^2 German, dw 

313 w Fayette 
Kemp Harman, grocer, 16 L. Gough 
Kemp & Hooper, grain, flour and mill feed 

dealers, 59 s Frederick 
Kemp Jas.T. (S. Will is & Co.) 93 s Broad way 
Kemp James T. ship carpenter, 172 Ann 
Kemp John, blacksmith, 235 e Lombard 
Kemp John H. brickmaker, 119 West 
Kemp John, brickmaker, 119 West 
Kemp Joseph, s w cor. Franklin & Schroeder 
Kemp Joseph F. K. draughtsman B. & 0. R. 

R. 116 s Paca 
Kemp Nannie, 110 Park 
Kemp Peter, bricklayer. Port al, Canton 
Kemp Richard jr. bookkeeper, 30 Pine 
Kemj) Richard, secy, shot works, dw 30 n 

Kemp Richard C. (K. & Hooper) 291 e Pratt 

Kemp Ruth, 256 Mulberry 

Kemp Sarah, 110 Park 

Kemp Simon, feed dealer, 149 s Central av, 

dw 46 Fawn 
Kemp Susan, 89 Booth 
Kemp S. I. clerk, 46 Fawn 
Kemp Thomas, (Henry D. Harrey & Co.) 

355 w Fayette 
Kemp Dr. Wm. M. 55 n Greene 
Kemp Wm. clerk, Pine near Lexington 
Kemp Wm. brickmaker, 119 West 
Kemp Wm. 87 n Exeter 
Kemp Wm. ship carpenter, 304 e Pratt 
Kemper Henry, shoemaker, 73 Albemarle 
Kemper John G. furniture deal. 21 Harrison 
Kemps Jno. A. piano maker, West nr Warner 
Kempton Moses, 90 Ross 
Kempton Samuel, clerk, 180 Mulberry 
Keenan Thos. porter, Carpenter al nr Eutaw 
Kenan Anthony, 46 e Pratt 
Kenan Bartley, laborer, Wagon al near Pop- 
Kendall Henry Lee (K. & Schroeder) 354 e 

Kendall Henry M. grocer, 28 n Fremont 
Kendall Mary, 341 w Lombard 
KENDALL & SCHROEDER, plane makers, 

3 Clay 
Kendall Wm. ship merchant, dw 293 w Pratt 
Kendrick Francis Patrick, archbishop. 106 n 

Kenley James, carpenter, Mount nr MeHenry 
Kenley Susan, boarding house, 31 Pearl 
Kenly Edward, Judge Appeal Tax Court, 441 

w Baltimore 
Kenly George T. (K. &. Tilghman) 299 av 

Kenly John R. attorney, 57 w Fayette 
Kenly & Tilghman, commis. merchants, over 

8 Bowly's wharf 
Kenly Wm. L. assistant engineer city water 

works, dw 441 w Baltimore 
Kenna Edward, watchman, 70 Hamburg 
Kenna John, chandler, 79 Albemarle 
KENNARD ALEX. A. agent Pean. Mutual 

Life Insurance Co. 59 Second 
Kennard & Bro. apothecaries, n w cor. Bal- 
timore and High 
KENNARD & FERGUSON, block and pump 

makei-s, 10 Thames and 17 Philpot 
Kennard George I. grocer, 235 n Gay 
Kennard Richard, (K. & Ferguson) 135 Ann 
Kennard Susan, dry goods deal. 191 e Eager 
Kennard Thos. A. clerk, 402 w Lombard 
Kennard Thomas, tailor, 191 e Eager 
Kennard Thomas, carpenter, Fremont nr Lee 
Kennard Wm. H. 396 w Fayette 
Kennard Wm. H. jr. ornamental carver, 24 

s Sharp, dw Lexington near Republican 
Kennard Wm. H. carver, 574 Lexington 
Kenneba Deunis, hack driver, 158 n Front 
Kennedy Alexander, drayman, 194 n Eden 
Kennedy Miss Ann, dress maker, 127 w 

Kennedy Catharine, grocer, 38 Hillen 
Kennedy Dennis, laborer, 1 McKim 
Kennedy Elizabeth, 73 Raborg 
Kennedy Eliza,, dress maker, 295 e Fayette 
Kennedy E. P. (Harris & K.) 49 Lexington 
Kennedy Henry, l aborer, 656 w Pratt 





Kennedy Felix, laborer, n e cor. Amity and 

KENXEDVMRS. HUGH, restaurant, 2 South 
Kennedy James P. sec. hand furniture deal. 

36 Pennsylvania av 
Kennedy Jane, dress maker, 127 w Monument 
Kennedy John, board, house, 18 Eastern av 
Kennedy John, carter, 9 s Schrocder 
Kennedy John T. ropemakcr, 295 e Fayette 
Kennedy Lawrence, laborer, 279 s Eutaw 
Kennedy Patrick, distiller. 62 President 
Kennedy Paul, marble polisher, 80 French 
Kennedy Philip, clerk. 49 Lexington 
Kennedy Robt. superintendent J. McKillop 

& Co. 179 Constitution 
Kennedy Rosanna, boarding house, 50 e 

Kennedy Dr. S. D. 145 w Madison 
Kennedy Tim. shoemaker, 37 n Poppleton 
Kennedv Wm. W. (Jno. & Jas. Williams & 

Co.) 133 Hanover 
Kennedy Wm. W. portrait painter, 272 e 

Kennedy Wm. President Mount Vernon 

Co. dw Baltimore County 
Kenner John, laborer, 235 s Wolfe 
Kenney Adeline, teacher, 110 s Exet«r 
Kenney A. & W. k F. gold pen and case 

manufs. 291 w Baltimore 
Kenney Benj. F. sailmaker, 110 s Exeter 
Kenney Conrad, laborer, 5 Elliott, Canton 
Kenuey Edward, carpenter. 140 Cross 
Kenney Jas. shoemaker, 5 Elliott, Canton 
Kenney James, boarding house. 66 Pearl 
Kenney Jeremiah, grocery, 54 North 
Kenney John, tjivern, 260 Hanover 
Kenney Patrick, ice cart driver, 165 s Cen- 
tral av 
Kenney Thos. laborer, 79 s Poppleton 
Kenney Wm. moulder, 83 n Popi)lctoa 
Kenney Wm. type founder, 67 Hillen 
Kenney Wm. A. brakesman, 60 e Decker 
Kenney Wm. J. conductor, 60 e Decker 
Kenny Cornelius, tailor, 37 China al 
Kenny Frederick, rigger, 16 s Front 
Kenny Geo. mariner, 103 Bank 
Kenny -Mary, grocery, 35 s Front 
Kenny Mary, boarding house, 07 Hillen 
Kenny .Matthew, 31 Carpenter al 
Kenny Thos. conductor railroad, 21 s Oregon 
Kenny Thos. bricklayer, 282 n Gay 
Kenny Thos. laborer, 20 Knox al 
Kenny Tlios. carpenter. Central av nr Bank 
Kensett Elizabeth, 8 (Jough 
KE.VSETT THO.S. preserver of fresh provi- 
sions, oysters, fruits, &c.. West Falls av, 

dw Pennsylvania av, near toll gate 
Kcnsler Lewis, cooper, 143 s Caroline 
Kent Antoine, tailor, 40 Granby 
Kent Charles B. wholesale liquor dealer, over 

1 O'Donnell's whf, dw cor. Howard and 

Kent Edward E. (Evans, Storm & K.) 392 

Kent K. E. milliner, 140 Lexington 
KentEllen E. milliner, 449 w Baltimore 
Kent Henry M. cigar maker, Mount near 

Me Henry 
Kent Philip E. (Greensfelder A K.) 140 Le.x- 


Keogh Michael, iron moulder, 114 s Howard 
Keoster Henry, blacksmith, 3 Josephine 
Keppel Jacob, blacksmith, 5»'.2 Penn. ar 
Keppel John, laborer, 700 Penna. av 
Kephart, Darby & Sons, wholesale dealers 

in foreign fruits and confectioners, 296 w 

Kephart Geo. C. butcher, 55 Milliman 
Kephart John, tailor, 139 s Bethel 
Kejihart John, laborer, 161 s Eden 
Kephart Peter, (K., Darby & Sons,) Fountain 

Kephart Wm. wheelwright, 125 e Madison 
Keiiler Geo. W. tobacconist, 139 e Monument 
Kejilinger John, East near Ensor 
Kerby Dennis, engineer, 69 Richmond 
Kerby Francis, laborer, 253 n Bond 
Kerby James, ship cari)enter, 149 Gough 
Kerchener John, carter, Hope al 
Kercher Anthonv, carpenter. 124 French 
KERCHNER FRAN'Cl.^ W. shoemaker, 178 

w Baltimore, dw 18 Chatsworth. — [^See 

inside back cover page AdvcTtisement .~\ 
Kerchner Frederick A. newspaper carrier, 

20 Josephine 
Kerchotf Charles, organ grinder, 222 Dover 
Kerchoff Geo. tobacconist, cor. Clay & Eutaw 
Kerholt Henry, cigar box maker, 46 Orleans 
Kerker Conrad, miller, 11 Albemarle 
Kerkuer John, street paver, 21 n Dallas 
Kerl Andrew, grocer, 30 Ross 
Kormode John, fancy goods deal. 91 n Eutaw 
Kern John, shoemaker, 178 Columbia 
Kern Michael, lal)orer. 111 Peirce, 
Kern Peter, collier, 35 Haw 
Kern Simeon, tailor, 4 Walker 
Kernan Bernard, grocer, 99 Watson 
Kernan James, broker, 81 Exchange place, 

dw Fountain hotel 
Kernan James H. sexton St. Vincent de 

Paul's Church, dw 84 n Front 
Kernan John, periodical agent, 63 s Howard 
Kernan John, laborer, 22 Willow 
Kernan Matthew, wagoner, 27 Neighbor 
Kernan .Michael, grocery, 481 w Pratt 
Kernan Owen, dealer in cotton waste, 127 

Kernan Peter, Charles near Eager 
Kernan Thomas, grocer, 90 Harford av 
Kernan Thomas, laborer, 12 Block 
Kerndel Charles, dyer, 45 German 
Kerner Elizabeth, grocer, 151 n Bond 
Kerner Henry, shoemaker, 164 Henrietta 
Kerner H. F. tobacconist, dw 43 e Baltimore 
Kerner John F. tobacconist, 43 e Baltimore, 

dw Garden w of Dolphin 
Kerner Mrs. .Margaret, 42 Columbia 
Kerner Nicholas, tailor, 6() s Regester 
Kerncy Arthur, shoemaker. 90 Holiday 
Keriicy Martin J. attorney, 52 w Fayette, dw 

39 n Front 
Kerney Nicholas, laborer, 122 Henrietta 
Kerney Samuel, shoemaker, 83 Booth 
Kerngiit & Bro. dry goods dealers, 537 w 

Kerngut Marcus (K. k Bro.) 537 w Baltimore 
Kerngut Tobias (K. k Bro.) 537 w Baltimore 
Kerns Alexandei, painter, 88 St. Paul, dw 

Eutaw near Monument 
Kerns .Idliii I', timier, 7:'.4 w Baltimore. 





Kerr Catharine, tailoress, 61 Mulberry 
KERR CHARLES G. attorney, 4 Counsel- 
lor's hall, Lexington, dw 2G2 w Madison 
KERR CHARLES G. & Co. publishers Daily 
Exchange, Carroll hall, cor. Calvert and 
KERR GEORGE, agent Thistle Factory, 146 

w Fayette, dw Baltimore Co. 
Kerr Jacob R. 2*7 Chatsworth 
Kerr James, carpenter, 451 w Fayette 
Kerr John, laborer, 29 Chatsworth 
Kerr John, laborer, 60 Buren 
Kerr John M. 128 n Charles 
Kerr Joseph H. carpenter, 45 w Fayette 
Kerr Joseph, 192 s Ann 
Kerr Michael, laborer, 191 s Bethel 
Kerr Robt. J. teacher, n Bond near Baltimore 
Kerr Robert, teacher, n Bond near Baltimore 
Kerr Thos. grocer, 190 n Exeter 
Kerr Thomas, baker, 6 e Faj'ette 
Kerr Wm. P. stone cutter, 61 Mulberry 
Kerr Wm. teacher, 101 Gough 
Kershner Benjamin P. hat and cap dealer, 

426 w Baltimore 
Kersinsky Henry, cigar maker, 124sRegester 
Kersting Conrad, tailor, 342 s Charles 
Kertzner Charles, upholsterer, 294 Aisquith 
Kerwin Bernard, grocer, 124 Ross 
Kery Martin, omnibus driver, 43 North 
Kesler Amor, barber, 251 e Eager 
Kesler Margaret, 364 Ostend 
Kesler Runwitz, tailor, 32 Aliceanna 
Kesmodel Frederick, pickler. Garrison la, 

near Frederick road 
Kesmodel Jacob, plumber, Garrison la, near 

Frederick road 
Kesmodel Martin, 170 Exeter 
Kesse Wm. coachman, 67 Garden 
Kesselring John, basket maker, 168 s Eden 
Kessler Andrew, machinist, 118 n Poppleton 
Kessler Andrew, painter, 263 Aisquith 
Kessler Francis, piano maker, 60 Carpenter al 
Kessler Frederick, laborer, 410 Light 
Kessler John, omnibus driver, 139 s Wolfe 
Kessler George, bricklayer, 136 McHenry 
Kessler George C. cabinet mak. 229 e Eager 
Kessler Margaret & Co. millinery and trim- 
mings dealers, 214 Lexington 
Kessler Michael, wheelwright, 317 Franklin 
Kessner Mrs. Dorothy, 168 s Central av 
Kessner Henry, tailor, 127 Barre 
Kessner Nicholas, confectioner, 195 e Pratt 
Kesterson Wm. painter, 72 s Washington 
Kesting Lewis, shoemaker, 129 Preston 
Resting Philip, filemaker, 49 Perry 
Kests Clinton, clerk, 114 Light st. whf 
Kett Emel. artist, 54 n Liberty 
Kettler John (Hamill & Co.) s e cor. Monu- 

naent and Britton 
Kettler Mary, 224 Central av 
Kettlewell Elizabeth, 122 w Fayette 
Kettlewell John, proprietor agricultural de- 
pot, &c., 8 Bowly's whf, dw 95 s Sharp 
Ketzmyer, Bartol M. shoemaker, 47 s Bond 
Keuchen Julius, piano maker, 320 s Sharp 
Keugler John, cooper, 409 s Charles 
Keuhau John, grocery, 115 Saratoga 
Key Chas. H. attorney, 1 Spurrier's ct. up 
stairs, dw Charles biw. Madison and Read 
Kev Mrs. F. S. 81 Cathedral 

Key Gabriel P. painter, 1 McHenry 

Keyes Benj C. stone cutter, 325 w Lombard 

Keyhan James, mason, 181 Raborg 

Keys Bayly & Son, grocers and com. merchts. 

2 s Eutaw, dw B. K. 198 w Madison 
Keys Charles, tailor, 6 Gould's ct 
Keys Henry, shoemaker, 181 Peirce 
Keys Hugh (Jas. N. K. & Son) 98 w Monu- 
Keys Isabel, seamstress, 45 w Lombard 
Keys James G. W. engineer, 182 Bank 
Keys James N. & Son, liquor merchts. 93 

Franklin, dw 98 w Monument 
Keys Joseph T. (Taylor & K.) 148 Lex- 
Keys Rich'd B. (Taylor & K.) 43 n Calvert 
Keys Robert T. (K... Bayley & Son,) 22 

Keys Wm. carpenter, 73 n Caroline 
Keys Walter, drayman, 43 Hillen 
Keyser Catharine, 30 n Eutaw 
Keyser Chrisi'n, sailor, Cambridge, Canton 
Keyser Christopher, Cambridge, Canton 
Keyser Christopher, ship carpt. 34 Thames 
Keyj^er Charles M. china merchant, 12 n 

Howard, dw 55 n Paca 
Keyser Dr. Charles C. 170 German 
Keyser Derick W (Sharkey & Co.) 12 

Keyser Herman, drayman, 124 Granby 
Keyser Henry, carpenter, 67 Watson 
Keyser Irvin, (Samuel Keyser & Co.) 66 w 

Keyser Joseph, porter, 62 South 
Keyser James, china merchant, 12 n How- 
ard, dw 23 n Paca 
Keyser Jacob, carpenter, 17 Diamond 
Keyser John F. pi inter, 373 Saratoga 
Keyser John, carpenter, 12 n Greene 
Key.ser John, tinner, 7 Perry 
Keyser John, carpt. 9 Elliott, Canton 
Keyser John, varni.sher, 335 s Charles 
Keyser M. colporier, 73 Granby 
Keyser Mo.'^es, dry goods, 72 Hanover 
Kevser Nicholas, carpenter, 13 Orchard 
KEYSER P. L. merchant tailor. 358 w 

Key.'^er Samuel S. (K., Troxell & Co.) 6G 

w Madison 
KEYSER, TROXELL & CO. iron mer- 
chants, 21 s Calvert 
Keyser Wm. M. (K., Troxell & Co.) 66 w 

Keysner File, blacksmith, 45 Elliott, Canton 
Keyworth Charles B. & Son, merchant 

tailors, 286 w Baltimore 
Keyworth Daniel F. (C. B. K & Son,) Eu- 
taw near Ross 
KEYWORTH E. dealer in tobacco and 

cigars, 189 w Baltimore 
Kesmodel Martin, mannf. of jewelry, over 

212 w Baltimore, dw 175 n E.veter 
Khune Mrs., French scourer, 66 Mulherry 
Kibbet Philip, carpenter, 269 Aisquith 
Kiblea Frederick, engine and locomotive 

builder, 92 Dolphin 
KiddBenj. blacksmith, 156 Harford av 
Kidd Benj. blacksmith, rear of 39 n Eden 
Kidd Charles, edge tool manufacturer, 400 
w Pratt, dw 48 Portland 





Kirid Charles, jr. edge tool maker, 58 Port- 
Kidd Jarrad, millwrisht, ti Bolton 
Kidd Jame<i, laborer, 25 French 
Kidd Jame> R. wiiole^ale and retail confec. 

and fruit store, 35 w Baliiinore 
Kidd Joshua, tavern, 130 Forrest 
Kiild John, grocery, cor Ensur and Aisquilh 
Kidd Mosps, milhvrijrhi, 177 n Gay 
Kidd & White, confectioners and fi uiierers, 

16 w Baltimore 
Kidd Wm. coachmaker, 65 Richmond 
Kidd Wm. policeman, '290 Aisquith 
KIDDER CAMILLUS. commission mer- 
chant, 16 Bi)\vlyV whrf dw 51 Lexington 
Kidel John, carpt. Hudson, Canton 
Kiel Conrad, shoemaker, 101) York 
Kiel Ferdinand, varnisher, Engine al. be- 
low Mulberry 
Kiel John H. watchmaker, 25 e Baltimore 
Kiel John, laborer, 72 Washington 
Kieley Lewis, drover, cor Calverton road 

and Frederick av 
Kiele\' David, gardener, Frederick av. near 

Calverton road 
Kieley Emeline J. 251 Aliceanna 
Kiefei Peter W. tavern, cor Elliott and 

Clinton, Canton 
Kiener Kliment, barber. 7 w Pratt 
Kieser Caroline. 161 e Lombard 
Ki^sin John, milkman, Clinton near El- 
liott. Canton 
Kilbourn Miss D. T. academy for young 

ladie-', 1 and 3 Lexington 
Kilbiurn E. G. attorney, 32 St. Paul 
Kilbourn George, tinner, 143 Carpenter al 
Kilburn Andrew, tinner, 126 n Fremont 
KILBURN & BROOKE, butler merchts. 

Guilford near South 
Kilhurn Uri, (K. & Brooke,) 120 e Pratt 
Kiiduff Arthur, 15 Rath 
Kilduff Mary Ann, 16?^ East 
Kiduff Stephen, hackman, 12 Wyeth 
Kile Christopher, carter, 131 West 
Kile George, cabinet iTiaker. 461 Saratoga 
Kile Philip, carpenter, 461 Saratoga 
Kiley Wm. hostler, 1 JE[n<i la 
Kil?nnr David, iron fmndrv, York near 

William, dw 144 G. Huffhes 
Kil?nur George, pattern maker, 144 G. 

Kilsrove Edward J. tailor, 32 n Amity 
Killa John, laborer, 6 Swan 
Killnr ('asper, grocery, 301 s Bond 
Killen Barney, laborer, 135 n Central av 
Killen Joseph, stone cutter. 103 Central av 
Killen Matthew, carpt. 260 e Monument 
Killen Wm. H. carpenter, 135 n Central av 
Killensiine John A. (^rocerv, 296 Aisquith 
KiUenstine Stephen, furniture wagon, 264 

Central av 
KiUenstine John, stevedore, 226 e Eager 
Killenline George, tailor, al 
Killenline Peter, tailor, 15H Stirling 
Kill'-rlay Thomas, laborer, 2-^ n Poppleton 
Killgore A. B. laborer, 134 Garden 
Kilian Justus, bookkeeper, 1 17 w Fayette 
Kilmaier Jo-eph, cooper, 17 Abbot 
Rillman Charles, stevedore, 265 n Dallas 
Kilman Capt.J, 75 s Washington 

Killman Capt. G,, G. Hushes 
Kilman Noah, laborer. 48 Leadenhall 
Kiliineir Marcus, tavern, 42 Clay 
Killmer Wm. potter, Frederick road near 

toll gate 
Kilmoii Thomas W. ship carpt. 5 Low 
Killmond Thomas, engineer, 5 Low 
Kilmarlin Jame.s, soap boiler, 48 President 
Kilpairick John, engine cleaner, 186 Mc- 

Kilpairick Mary, 714 Penna. av 
Kilpairirk Thos. carpeiUer, 34H Penna. av 
Kilpairick Wm. D. clerk, 714 Penna av 
Kilvieni Aususius, tailor, ]3H Aisquith 
Kiltv Mrs. Catharine, 41 Mulberry 
Kim Charles, tailor, 261 s Broadway 
Kimball Caroline, 122 n Caroline 
Kimball Caspnr, laborer, 235 s Wolfe 
Kimball Daniel, hatter, 15 Hill 
Kimball Horace, broom maker, 76 Green- 

mouni av 
Kimball Moses, 15 n Front 
Kimball Marv, Chesiernear Bank 
Kimball M. P. (K., Tyler & Co.) 15 n 

KIMBALL, TYLER & CO, stave yard 
and coopers, cor of Canton and Central 
Kimball Wm. P. machinist, 219 n Eden 
Kimber Leonard, stone mason, Frederick 

road near loll ?ate 
Kl.MBERLY BROTHERS, provision dea- 
lers and packers, and soap and candle 
manufacturers, 28 Buren, and 51 w Pratt, 
cor Patterson — [See p. 25 Mvertisements] 
Kimberlv Charles W. reporter American, 

44 e Fayeite 
Kimberlv Mrs, C. J., Calhoun near Hollins 
Kimberlv Edward, (K. Bros.) 173 n High 
Fvimberly Elizabeth, 52 French 
Kimlierly Francis A.M. 47s Broadway 
Kimberlv Flenry, (K. Bros.) 52 French 
Kimberlv Henry E. teller Franklin bank, 

47 s Broadway 
Kiinberly Jer. M. wholesale dealer in boots, 
shoes, hats, &c.,327 Baltimore, cor How- 
ard, dw 23 Calhoun 
Kimherly JVlargarel, 4 Buren 
Kimberly Wm.H.(K. Bros.) 60 Harford av 
Kimbler George, tailor. 47 n Spring 
Kinimel Andrew, laborer, 55 Durham 
Kiininel Fredk. lot ksmilh, 66 s Caroline 
Kiinmel Jacob, tavern, 140 Eastern av 
Kinimel Jacob, wood cordcr. Ills Spring 
Kimmel John P. shoemaker, 393 Light 
Kinimel John, laborer, 2.55 s Ann 
Kimmel Wm. custom officer, Bal- 
timore Co 
Kimmell Solomon, salesman, 620 w Balto. 
Kimmerling Peter, laborer, 114 Cross 
Kimley Kredk. cooper, Cannon, Canton 
Kincade (Jatharine, 1 Low 
Kindig Catharine, boarding house, 2 n Pop- 

Kinders George, tavern, 124 Thames 
Kindler Jacob, laborer, 9 Abbot 
Kinemund Fredk. C. confec 528 w Fayette 
KINES & BROTHER, tin and sheet iron 
manufacturers, uor of Williamson and 
Hardens ct 





Kines Francis, (K. & Bro.) 303 Light 
Kines John G. (K. & Bro.) 102 William 
Kines John G. tinner, 303 Light 
Kiner Charles, laborer, 316 Canton av 
King Adam, 244 e Eager 
King Ann, 266 e Pratt 

King August, shoemaker, 30 n Frederick 
King Amos, farmer, Broadway, between 

Monument and Gay 

King , tinner, 76 Albemarle 

Kins Bernard, carter, 52 Davis 
King Bridget, 96 Holiday- 
King & Bro. book and job printers, over 

10 Sauth 
King Rev. Charles F., S. J. professor of 

rhetoric Loyola College 
King Chas. carpenter, Biddle near Ensor, 

dw 2H5 n Euiaw 
King Catharine, tavern, 186 Lexington 
King David, butcher, s w cor Hampstead 

and Chester 
King Darby, laborer, 85 Amity 
King Edward, rod dresser and finisher of 

dry iToods, 16 MeClellan 
King Elizabeth, 10 Jackson 
King F. (J. & F. K. & Greenfield,) 10 

King F. W. & Richard, manuf. engineers, 

surveying and daguerreotype instruments, 

226 w Baltimore 
King F. W. (F. W. & R. K.) 19 Conway 
King Francis X. painter, 86 s Poppleion 
King Francis, blacksmith, 29S Canton av 
King Francis, 95 Garden 
King Francis T. (George A. Warder «& 

Co.) 47 n Charles 
King George VV. & Co., druggists, s e cor 

Hanover and Lombard 
King George, oak cooper, 18 Thames, dw 

86 Block 
King George R. machinist, 228 HoUins 
King George W. 37 n Eteier 
King George W. j r. (K. & Bro.) 37 n Exeter 
King George W. carpenter, 115 Vine 
King Hy. S. (K. & Huppman,) 53 n Paca 
King Henry, carter, 45 L. Monument 
King Henrietta 187 Lombard 
King Hugh, blacksmith, 48 s Oregon 
King & Huppman, importers and dealers in 

hardware, cutlery, guns, &c., 307 w Bal- 
King J. & F. St Greenfield, ship joiners, 115 

Smith's wharf 
King Jacob, egg dealer, 120 n Eulaw, dw 

■23 Orchard 
King Jacob, shoemaker, 61 Warren 
King James W. coachmaker. Chew near 

HarCord av. dw 401 n Gay 
King James A. hatter, 103 L. Green 
King James, confectioner, 221 e Baltimore 
King James C. carpt. Chapel near Pratt 
Kmg .lames H.(K. & Bro.) 34 n High 
King Jarret T. bricklayer, 52] Lexington 
King Dr. John T. 556 Lexington 
King John, telegraph operator, over s w 

cor Baltimore and South 
King John, laborer, 2 Fall 
King John, shoemaker, 401 n Gay 
King John C. dry goods dealer, dw 365 w 


King John, (J & F. K. & Greenfield,) 55 

KING JOHN C. attorney at law, Taney 
buildings, 31 Lexington, dw 187 w Lom- 
King John, jr. auditor B. & O. R. R. dw 

186 Preston 
King John H. engineer, 180 Conway 
King John, policeman, 122 s Washington 
King John W. iron forger, 161 s Wolfe 
King John C. ship carpt. Chester between 

Gough and Pratt 
King John, laborer, 283 Aliceanna 
King John 8t S )n, paint and glass dealers, 

48 n Howard, dw J. K. 53 n Paca 
King Joseph, laborer, 260 e Eager 
King Joseph, druggist, 118 Chew 
King Joseph R. carpenter, 28 s Schroeder 
King Joseph, shoemaker, 17 e Monument 
King Joseph F. painter, 229 Durham 
KLMG JOSEPH, Jr. 45 n Charles 
King Josh. T. carpt. Lexington nr. Giimor 
King Livingston, machinist, 390 Lexington 
King Marv A. 175 Chester 
King Mary Ann, ladies' nurse, 26 Maiden la 
King Philip, butcher, 123 n Front 
KingPatrick, carter, 50 n Spring 
King Richard (F. W. & R. K.) 19 Conway 
King Samuel, clothier, s w cor Baltimore 

and Amity 
King Samuel R. clerk, 59 s Broadway 
King Samuel, 311 s Bond 
KING SOLOMON, wholesale druggist, 1 

s Calvert, dw 36 Greenmount av 
KING THOMAS, restaurant and eating 

ht>use, 128 Forrest 
King Thoma-^, ship joiner, 55 Stiles 
King Mrs. Thomas, 154 Mulberry 
King Thomas, carpenter, 154 Mulberry 
King Wm. carpenter, 399 n Gay 
King Wm. (J. K. &t Son,) 219 Franklin 
King Wm. F. shoemaker, 34 Orleans 
King Wm. J. letter carrier, 35 n Exeter 
King Wm. J. carpenter, Carpenter al. dw 

25 n Poppleton 
King Wm. H. carpenter, 399 n Gay 
King Win. S. bricklayer, 149 s Fremont 
King Wm. & Bro., paint, oil and glass deal- 
ers, 22 s Calvert, dw 219 Franklin 
King Wm. H carpenter, 73 n Central av 
King Wrn. laborer, 441 Hamburg 
King Wm. H. bookkeeper, 154 Mulberry 
King Wm. gardener, Guest belw'n Gou^g^h 

and Pratt 
King Wm. 15 Durham 
King Wallace, (Wm. K. & Bro.) 53 n Paca 
Kinghorn Elizabeth T. 101 c Lombard 
Kings worth Elizabeth, seamstress, 16 Hen- 
Kinninsham Mary A. 88 Warner 
Kinkie Dr. J.C. 729 w Balliinore 
Kinnard Mrs. A. dress maker, 134 n Charles 
KINNAIRD A. cabt. maker, 134 n Charles 
Kinnear John W. grocer and distiller, 80 

Kinnemon Dr. Perry S. 73 e Pratt 
Kinniear George, shoemaker, 154 e Fayette 
Kinnier Joseph, shoemaker, 39 Orleans 
Kinnersley Wm.T. bookbinder, 58 Jefferson 
Kinlein Michael, shoemaker, 147 Spring 





Kinsar Nicholas, shoemaker, 306 n Howard 
Kiiisellar John, clerk, 170 Greemnounl a.v 
Kinsey Josiah, tinner, 207 e Baltimore 
Kinsey John. 261 Ai^quiih 
Kuisey Peter, 71 Somerset 
Kinslar Joseph, waterman, S-'iS s Bethel 
Kin.-ley barney, tavern. 181 Lexington 
Kinsler Charles, grocery, 37 n Spring 
Kinsley Wenciel, grocery, 30G Light 
Kiosiendorl' Charles, grocery, n e cor. Gay 

and Caroline 
Kint George, cabinet maker, 7 Regester 
Kinlervatter Christian, baker, 592 w Baiio. 
Kipp George, shoemaker, 217 Eastern av 
Kipp John W. leather manulactiirer, 7 

Clu-apside, dw 150 Hanover 
Kirby Allen, pilot, 295 Canton av 
Kirby Basil, laborer, 371 Franklin 
Kirby Calvin, ship carp. 1!)2 Washington 
Kirby Charles A. (John K.& Son) Pratt, 1 

door w of Exeter 
Kirby Edward, trunnel maker, 1 s Bethel 
Kirby Elizabeth, 63 Stirling 
Kiiby Frederick-, paper carrier, 225 e Mon- 
Kirby Hiram, blacksmith, 371 Franklin 
Kirby Henry, tinner, 134 e Pratt 
Kirby I-^aac, seaman, IIG Bank 
Kirby James, purler, 310 Franklin 
Kirby James H. shoemaker, 12 Pleasant al 
Kirby Jiio. E. exprss messngr. 340 Franklin 
Kirby John W. grocery, 126 s Sharp 
Kirby John, shoemaker, 249 e Madison 
Kirby John & Son, lumber merchants, cor. 
Mill and Bowly, dw J.K., Mosher near 
Kirby John, shoemaker, 13 Perry 
Kirby John Thos. blackMniih, 121 Hollins 
Kirby Joseph, druggi.-t, 118 Chew 
Kirby Lofius, carpenter and cedar tar fac- 
tory, dw 107 n Exeter 
Kirby Mary, 32 Lornian al 
Kiriiy Michael, laborer, 72 Boyd 
Kirby Rich'd W. S , ship carpenter, Chester, 

between Gough and Pratt 
Kiiby Robert, harness mak. 95 Caroline 
Kirby Robert, grtcery, 1 Washington 
Kirby Rubt. grocer, Washington, s of Pratt 
Kirby Samuel R. grocery, 245 n Gay 
Kirby Samuel, (J. K. & Son) Mosher near 

Kirby Thos. bricklayer, Gough near Wash- 
Kirby T. Edward, pharmaceutist, 148 Ais- 

quith, dw Hrown'.s hotel, 119 n High 
Kirby Win. H. carpenter, 108 s Caroline 
Kirby Wm. K. ship carpenter, Essex near 

Canton avenue 
Kirch Cant. John H. 142 s Ann 
Kircher Frederick, private watchman, 87 s 

Kircher Godfrey, blacksmith, 30 n Amity 
Kircher John, grocery, 2t)l Hanover 
Kircher Joseph, shoemaker, 149Chesnut 
Kirchner Michael, carter, 336 n Howard 
Kirghner John, shoemaker, 5 Harmony la 
Kirk Elizabeth, dry goods dealer, 288 Penn- 
sylvania avenue 
Kirk Francis, provision dealer, s e corner 
I'reinont and llaborg, dw 64 Raborg 

Kirk Henry C. (Samuel K. & Son) 157 w 

Kirk James, laborer, 269 n Dallas 
Kirk Jaried, tailor, 212 n Euiaw 
Kirk James, butcher, '288 Fenna. av 
Kirk Jane, 185 Pcnna. ar 
Kirk John A. clerk, 18 Maiden la 
Kirk Mary, midwife, 18 Maiden la 
Kiik Robert S. carp. 156 e Monument 
Kirk R. Edwin, coach maker, 156 e Mon- 
Kirk Samuel, teller Chesapeake Bank, 187 

KIRK SAMUEL &. SON, gold and silver- 
smiths, 172 w Baltimore, dw S. K. Cal- 
vert, Lovola place 
Kirk Samuel E. (Gibson & K.) 156 e Mon- 
Kirk Washington, carpenter, 39 Arch, dw 

21() w Fayette 
Kirk Wm. J. butcher, 162 Penna. av 
Kirk Wm clerk post otfice, 187 Aisquith 
Kirklander Alexander, (K., Chase & Co.) 

IHI w Fayette 

KIRKLAND, CHASE & CO. commi>- 

mission and shipping merchants, 83 and 

85 Smith's wharf 

Kirkland Ogden A. salesman, 136 Hanover 

Kirkland Robert R (K., Chase & Co.) 181 

w Fayetie 
Kirkley Edward, 12sCarey 
Kirkley John W., hardware merchant, 132 

Penna. av.dw 454 Lexington 
Kirkley Joseph W. clerk, 132 Penna. av 
Kirkinan John, confect. 496 w Baltimore, 

dw 441 
Kirkpairick David, oyster dealer, Falls rd. 

near Northern av 
Kirkpairick James, oyster dealer, Falls rd. 

near Northern av 
Kirkpairick Mary Ann, 256 Franklin 
Kirkpairick Samuel, laborer, 84 s Charles 
Kirkum Wm. piiddler, 195 Canton av 
Kirkwan Capt. George W. 102s High 
Kirkwood John, huckster, 17t) William 
Kirkwood John, shoemaker, 135 Cross 
Kirkw(rod Philip, sen. ship carpenter, 22 

Kirkwood Philip, huckster, 347 Light 
Kirkwood Wm. H. ship carp. 28 Giitings 
Kirschbaum Hannah, 63 Albemarle 
Kirvan John R. engineer, 50 Stiles 
Kirvin John, mariner, 162 G. Hughes 
Kirwan Capt. George W. 58 Hamburg 
Kirwan Capt. John H. 86 Hill 
Kirwan Daniel, salesman, 326 w Baltimore 
Kirwan D. clerk. National hotel 
Kirwan Sophia, tailoress, 37 n Caroline 
Kirwan Capt. Wm. T. 1.51 s Para 
Kirwin Patrick, whip sawyer, 170 s Spring 
Kirwin Peter, grocer, 63 s Spring 
Kirwin Capi. Wm. B. 24 Warren 
Kirwin Capt. Zebode, 351 Light 
Kirziiisky Geo. H.C.cii.'arinak.l24 Regester 
Kisbee George, U. S. Rendezvous, 123 w 

Kisewetter Charles, butcher and inspector 

hides, n Choptank near Baltimore 
Kismyer August, cooper, 45 s Eden, dw 9 
Kisner Adam, (K. & Co.) 93 Bank 





Kisner Benedict, (K. & Co.) 93 Bank 

Kisner & Co. carpet weavers, 93 Bank 

Kisner Conrad, huckster, 131 n Central av 

Kisner John, tailor, 23 Low 

Ki.-ner Lawrence, grocery, 356 e Eager 

Kisner Lawrence. (K. & Co.) 93 Bank 

Kisner Wm. stevedore, 53 Chapel 

Kissel John, tailor, 197 Orleans 

Kisselheiser John, basket mak. 168 s Eden 

Kissick Mary A, 139 s Greene 

Ki^tern Mary, 46 Fountain 

Kistler Jacob, shoemak. 228 Eastern av 

Kitt Joseph, 9 Hammond al 

Kittner Sigmund, tin and sheet iron worker, 

254 e Pratt 
Kitts John, 1 Mulberry 
Kitzinger Frederick, cabinetmaker, 1 Jack- 
son's court 
Kitzmeyer John, shoemak. 81 e Lombard 
Klaeurann Wm. machinist, 27 Brown 
Klahm Margaret, 109 s Wolfe 
Klaproth Frederick, 14 Davis 
Klare John B. (K. & Wmkelman,) 70 Park 
Klare & Winkelman, box makers, 15 n 

Klannann Sebastian, tailor, 235 e Eager 
Klarmann Wm. tailor, 235 e Eager 
Klassell Rosanna, grocery, 271 Hanover 
Klassen Charles F. jr. agent Norfolk line 

steamers, 128 n Eutaw 
Kla'isen Jacob S. clerk Boston steamers, 

128 n Eutaw 
Klauhold Philip, ivory and wood carver, 

Klaunburg Aug. F. (Hack & K.) 6 Watson 
Klaus Frederick, tailor, 182 s Bond 
Klaus John, piano maker, Henrietta near 

Klaul^heck F. prof of music, 364 Lexington 
Klees Henry, morocco and linings and wool 

dealer, 19 Saratoga 
Klees John T. cigar maker, 17 Raborg 
Klehm John, shoemaker, 275 Canton av 
Kleibacker Bernard, tav. 100 Dugai/s whf 
Klein Elizabeth, gaiter binder, 6 s Dallas 
Klein Frederick, tavern, 39 Lancaster 
Klein Frederick, straw cutter, 208 n Bond 
Klein George, tailor, 151 s Eden 
Klein George, blacksmith, corner Howard 

and Pratt 
Klein Henry, machinist, 198 s Fremont 
Klein John, laborer, 57 Preston 
Klein John, milkman, 425 Light 
Klein John, shoemaker, 294 s Charles 
Klein John D. baker, 217 Henrietta 
Klein Wm. shoemaker, 52 Henrietta 
Kleineibst Adolphus, dry goods dealer, 213 

n Gay 
Kleingohann Charles, tailor, 84 Centre 

Market space 
Kleinhein Wm. machinist, 27 Brown 
Kleinhenu George, piano mak. 246 s Sharp 
Kleinhenn Jacob, pawnbroker, 181 Lem- 

mon al 
Kleinhenn Jacob, piano maker, 181 Lem- 

mon al 
Kleinle Michael, paver, 100 n Bond 
Kleis John, seamen's boarding house, 66 

Klepper Charles, carver, 47 s Bond 

Kleppish Charles F. tailor, 130 n Eutaw 
Kleppish Fredk. A. tailor, 78 n Schroeder 
Kles.sel John, Charles Street house, 228 s 

Klessner Rebecca, 40 n Eutaw 
Kletzan Joseph, tailor, 256 n Eden 
Kletzgow Michael, tailor, 238 e Eager 
Kleudeloin John, 15 Somerset 
Kleutjen Francis, (K. &Noa) 81 n Front 
Kleutjen & Nua, tobacconists, 79 n Gay 
Klever Chas. shoemaker, 132 s Caroline 
Kleye Wm. grocery, 491 Saratoga 
Kleyensteuber Frederick H. clerk, High nr 

Klick Casper, rear 111 Ensor 
Klitf Arnold, clerk, 3 e Madison 
Kliffler Charles, 182 e Lombard 
Kline Eli, moulder, 536 w Lombard 
Kline Elizabeth, Fremont near Franklin 
Kline H. S. pattern maker, 77 Scott 
Kline Jacob, pattern maker, 77 Scolt 
Kline Jacob, machinist, 358 e Lombard 
Kline L., milkman, Chapel near Penna. av 
Kline Marion F. moulder, 31 n Schroeder 
Kline Wm. shoemaker, 52 Henrietta 
Klinefelter Charles, clerk, 73 Grundy 
Klinefelter David, carpenter, 73 Grundy 
Klinefelter G. clerk, 45 Gough 
Klinefelter Henry, officer Custom house, 

45 Gough 
Klinefelter Jesse, tavern, 57 w Favette 
Klinefelter Jesse, (S. & J. K.) 194 e 

Klinefelter S. & J. forwarding and commis- 
sion merchants, 165 North 
Klinefelter Van V. flour and feed dealer, 

180 Light-st. whf. d\v 72 e Baltimore 
Klines Mary, 6 s Dallas 
Klineshunt Charles, tailor, over 84 Centre 

Market space 
Kling John, 124 German 
Klingel Peter, carpet weav. 76 n Schroeder 
Klinger John, sawyer, 57 Bank 
KLINGMYER H. A., box maker, 8 

McClellan,dw 18 
Klingmyer Wm. 18 McClellan 
Klingworth Frederick, grocery, cor. Gough 

and Wolfe 
Klink John, carpenter, 349 e Eager 
Kloch Frederick, tavern, 192Hollins 
Klockgeiher D. cleik, 80s Howard 
Klockgether William, carpenter, 150 Bur- 
gundy alley 
Kloke Anton, lock and gun smith, 10 n 

KLOMAN E. druggist and apothecary, 

107 s Paca 
Kloman Felix, merchant tailor, 107 s Paca 
KLOMAN FREDERICK, grocery and 

provision dealer, 116 William 
Kloman Dr. Wm. C. 65 n Eutaw 
KlopfEnglehart, laborer, 34 Shakspeare 
Klopf George, shoemaker, 3 Chesnut 
Klopp Chailes, carpenter, 204 Lexington 
Klopphein John, butcher, Townsend near 

Pennsylvania av 
Klose Joseph C. teacher, 53 Watson 
Kloiz Adam F. glove and suspender maker, 

251 w Pratt 
Klotz Christopher, distillery, 110 St. Mary 





Kluiz John, carpet weaver, 79 Penna. av 
Kloiz Chrisiiaii, (Stoiier &. Co.) St. Marjr 

near Pennsylvania av 
Klotz Will, cigar iiKiker, 20 Conway 
Klounberg John K. shoeinak. 4 n Regester 
Klou>ing Henry, laborer, 8 Trinity 
Kloiisiier John, tailor, 72 Orleans 
Kl^)u^ne^ Mattie, book binder, 69 Wash- 
Klox David, clerk, 557 w Lombard 
King Daniel, tailor, CA Ross 
Klug Jacob, shoemaker, 72 Camden 
King John, cabinet maker, 80 n Eilen 
Klug John M. sec. hand deal. 3-26 s Charles 
Klug Joseph, harness maker, Frederick av 

and Calverton road 
Klump Jacob, carter, 31 Forrest 
Kluinp Matthias, slioemak. 194 Henrietta 
Kluriipp David, laborer, 99 n Paca 
Kluney Robert, tailor, 77 York 
Klunk Charles, carpenter, 304 Saratoga 
Klunk Jo?eph M. carpenter, '29'-i Mulberry 
Khink Lewis W. bricklayer. If) Lanvale 
Knabe Ernest, clerk, 105 w Biddle 
KNABE WILLIAM & CO. piano makers 

207 w Baltimore, and 1, 3 and 5 n Eutaw. 

[Se$ p. 31 ^Idvertisemenls] 
Knabe Wm. (Wm. K Ci: Co.) 10.5 w Biddle 
Knackstedi John T. 248 n Gay 
Knalinan Jacob, tanner, 32 Liberty al 
Knap Christian, tailor, 58 n Caroline 
Knapp Barnet, laborer, 24 Sterrett 
Knapp Conrad, shoemaker, "219 Henrietta 
Knapp Charles, tavern, '204 Lexington 
Knapp Daniel, carpenter, 106 s Fiemont 
KNAPP FREDERICK, select school, 13 

s Frederick 
Knapp Samuel, aetor, 27 Warner 
Knapp Hairiet, 92 n Eden 
Knapp Wm. grocery, 49 Chesnulal 
Knarr Mariis, baker, 323 Canton av 
Knau Henry, sawyer, 237 Dallas 
Knauff I'aul, varnisher, cor. Frederick road 

and Mount 
Knauff Paul, brewer, cor Frederick av and 

Knauff'Wm. carpenter, 101 e Lombard 
Knaur Michael, shoemaker, 256 e Eiger 
Knaus Fertner, stove dealer, 10 Ensor 
Knechol Christian, tailor, 258 Canton av 
Kiiecht John, 65 President 
Kneeland Eli^ha J. ship carp. 2.')1 n Eden 
Kneeland Rachel, 251 n Eden 
Kneeland Richard, biicklayer, 251 n Eden 
Knees Peter, shoemaker, 4Second 
Knefely Henry, grocery, 7 Harrison, dw 48 

Kneiling Peter, bak^r, 238 Columbia 
Knell Anilrew, cabinet mak. 20ti Columbia 
Knell George Adam, shoeinak. 158 Biddle 
Knell Henry, butcher, 85 HofTman 
Knell Philip J. carter, 66 Boyd 
Knelier John C. flour merchant. North, dw 

231 w Fayette 
Knelles Charles H. huckster, 215 s Bond 
Knepp Lewis, grocer, 13 Calendar 
Knepper Henry, 6 Columbia 
Knierim Philip, tailor, 31 Founlaia 
Knight Albert, mineral water saloon, 99 w 


KNIGHT A L. paperdealer, 5 s Charlesf 

dw Mallby house. — [See p. 26 Mverti3$- 

Knight Anthony, seaman, 188 York 
Knight Charles P. clerk, Mallby house 
Knight George, carter, 10 VViliiamson al 
Knight Mrs. Isaac, 57 w Biddle 
Knight Isaac, miller, 150 Pine 
Knight Jacob, shoemaker, 311 Harford av 
Knight John, cooper, 390 w Fayette 
Knight John, .-exton Friend's burial ground, 

dw Aisquith near Baltimore 
Knight John, salesman, Aisquith near Bal- 
Knight Jonathan, officer at penitentiary, 84 

n Central av 
Knight John, carter, 244 Light 
Knight John, laborer, Mount nr McHenry 
Knight John, brickmaker, 253 s Paca 
Knight Jo.veph, black?.iniih, 160 
Knight Joseph, plasterer, 71 n Eden 
Knight Marv, 448 Li-ht 
Knight Mary T. milliner, 150 Garden 
Knight Michael, blacksmith, 7 Tessier, dw 

93 Pine 
Knight Michael, laborer. 110 Hollins 
Knight Nancy, 14 Stockton 
Knight Orman, blacksmith, Frederick road 

near first toll gate 
Knight Peter, ship carpenter, 116 s Wolfe 
Knight Peter, shoemaker, 273 Franklin 
Knight Robi. huck.sier, 8 Market space 
Knight Dr. Samuel T. 112 n Greene 
Knight Thomas, fisherman, 180 William 
Knight Wm. huckster, 325 Harford ar 
Knight Wm. attorney, 38 n Calvert 
Knight VV m. H. plasterer, Republican near 

Knight Wm. H. mariner, 230 Light 
Krighi Wm. H. blacksmith, 491 w Lombard 
Knigtitoii Mrs. Harriet, 115 n Exeter 
Knighton Richard, grocery, 99 Jelferson 
Kniker Adam, shoemakerj 137 s Wolfe 
Knipe Jacob, silver plater, 14 n Frederick, 

dw 59 Centre 
Knipe Wm ship joiner, 46 Philpot, dw 177 

Knipp Francis, cabinet maker, 320 n Eutaw 
Knipp Jacob, porter, 131 Henrietta 
Knipp Jacob, jr. clerk, 218 Sharp 
Knj|)p John C. carver, 131 Henrietta 
Knipp Maker, 34 Marion 
Knipshiie Augustus, cigar maker, 25 New 

Kiiirii Henry, porter, 157 Stirling 
Kniss Karl, rag dealer, 283 .s Bond 
Kniss Wm. tobacconist, 391 w Baltimore 
Knobel Christian, baker, 181 n Dallas 
Knobt'l Werner, tailor. Canton ar near 

Kiiobloih John C butcher, Point lane near 

Green mount Cemetery 
Kiiocke Christian, shoemaker, 168 William 
Knoebel Henry, liquor deal. 95 Lancaster 
Knogi'ti Francis, tailor, 66 Granby 
Knollinyer Mary, 313 Central av 
Knonig Uirick, tailor, 1«2 n Broadway 
Knonmiller John M. 91 Walnut 
Knoon Michnel, tailor, 22 Second 
Knorr Mrs. Ann, 227 e Lombard 





Knorr Edward W. ropemaker, Fayette near 

Knott A. L. attorney, 5 Courtland, dw 476 

Knoit Charles H. carpenter, 5 Clay 
Knott Chrisostum, bricklayer, 328 Mulberry 
Knott Corn. L. bricklayer, 3 n Fremont 
Knott Edward, 47G Lexington 
Knott Edward, machinist, rear of 108 s Eden 
Knott Emory, 107 Chesnut 
Knott James L. painter, 228 Harford ar 
Knott James M. shoemaker, 221 w Fayette 
Knott Jane, 153 n Central av 
Knotts Edward, trunk maker, Garden near 

Knotts Edward, 63 Garden 
Knotts Joseph, laborer, 182 Barney 
Knotts John, clerk, Eden bet Pratt & Gough 
Knotts Maria, 76 s Eden 
Knouft John F. shoemaker, 177 n Dallas 
Knouse Henry, painter, 66 Albemarle 
Knowles Capl. 129 s Ann 
Knowles George G. jr. clerk, 88 w Lombard 
Knowles Henry, grocery, 34 East 
Knowles James, policeman, 26'i Eastern av 
Knowles James W. gre. & com. merchant, 

yO Dugan's whf, dw 153 Chesnut 
Knowles Dr. Win. G 55 Sharp 
Knox Adam, blacksmith, 205 s Paca 
Knox Anastasia, 336 n Eager 
Knox Bernard, painter, 85 n Poppleton 
Knox Catharine, 85 n Poppleton 
Knox & Co. shipping and com. merchants, 

9 Grocers' Exchange, Exchange place 
Knox David, clerk, 557 w Lombard 
Knox Geo. plumber. Chapel near Gough 
Knox George S. clerk, 58 Albemarle 
Knox Wm. gate maker, 336 e Eager 
Knupi Lenhart, tailor, 293 Aliceanna 
Knulz Charles, laborer, 127 Harford av 
Kobe Chas. furn. mover, 272 Aliceanna 
Koburn George, hackman, 244 s Bond 
Koch Bernhardt, shoe store, 92 Harrison 
Koch Bernard, well digger, 194 Eastern av 
Koch Christian, shoemaker, s w cor. War- 
ner and Henrietta 
Koch Frederick, 10 Sarah Ann 
Koch George D. tailor, 80 Somerset 
Koch Henry, painter, 4 Walker 
Koch John, shoemaker, 92 Harrison 
Koch John cooper, Frederick av near Cal- 

Koch John, lager beer house, 94 Thames 
Koch Jacob, piano maker, 454 w Pratt 
Koch Ludwig, cooper, 44 James la 
Koch Wm. & Co. watches, jewelry &c. over 
209 w Baltimore, dw W. K. Mansion 
Koch Wm. clerk, 274 s Charles 
Kochel Michael, shoemaker, 233 s Wolfe 
Kochlin John, laborer, 12 President 
Koeber Fred, tobacconist, 251 Eastern av 
Koechlin Henry M. apothecary and drug- 
gist, 95s Broadway 
Koechline Lucy, seamstress, 120 Gough 
Koehler Ambrose, cabinet maker, 232 e 

Koehler Henry, bookkeeper, 54 German 
KOEHLER F. X. die sinker and jeweler, 
140 w Fayette 

Koehlert Mrs. G. French millmery, 469 w 

Kuen Joseph, 120 Cathedral 
Koen Levi, tailor, 184 n Eden 
Koenig John, shoemaker, 44 Penn av 
Koepman Fred, cabinet maker, 4 Jasper 
Koerber Chas. tobacconist, 223 Aliceanna 
Koeiber Solomon, 223 Aliceanna 
Koerner Dr. Ernst, 84 n Eutaw 
Koester Henry, blacksmith. 3 Josephine 
KOESTJN'ER" THOS. tailor, 57 Forrest 
Kotfman Joseph, 70 e Fayette 
KofTman John, baker, 460 n Gay 
Koffenberg Jacob, baker, 124 Elbow la 
Koffenberger Jaccb, carpet weaver, 136 s 

Kogelschartz Adolph, cabinet maker, 75 s 

Kohlbus Fred, nailsmith, 256 s Ann 
Kohlenberger, Chas. undertaker, 21 Ensor 
Kohlenberger Christian, cabinet maker, 19 

Kohlensiein Simon, pedler, 70 Perry 
Kohler Augustus, Russian Vice Consul, 16 

and 17 Exchange buildings 
Kohler Augustus, (Schaer & K.) 16 and 17 

Exchange buildings 
Kohler Ferdinand, tailor, 309 Sharp 
Kohler George, tailor, 180 s Bond 
Kohler John, tavern, 18 Lee 
Kuhler Jacob, cooper, 250 Hanover 
Kohler Jacob, tavern, 65 Park 
Kohlhepp Geo. cabinet maker, 28 Jasper 
Kohlhepp Geo. cooper, 43 Slemmer al 
Kohlhepp John, shoemaker, 76 Penn av 
Kohlhepp John, furn. wagon, 8 Tessier 
Kohlhepp John, shoemaker, 1 Penn. av 
Kohn Julius, artist, over 65 Second 
Kohn Samuel, tailor, 163 e Lombard 
Kolb Catharine, washerwoman, rear of 516 

Pennsylvania av 
Kolb John J. tobacconist, Lombard near 

Kolb John, painter, 186 s Ann 
Kolb Michael, blacksmith and wheelwright, 

74 Hampstead 
Kolb Michael C. tailor, 461 w Lombard 
Kolb Theodore, laborer, 47 President 
Kolber Christian, boot fitter, 8 Walnut al 
Kolbus Wm. carter, 305 Aliceanna 
Kolcher Lew. glass blower, 114 G. Hughes 
Koles John, beer brewer, Wolfe nr Gough 
Kolhe GiiNiave, teacher, 6 Tessier 
KoUe George, lock!.mith, 93 Lexington 
Kolle Henry, Arbeiter hall, 5 s Frederick 
Koller Isaac, carpenter, 100 Preston 
Koller John, mariner, 346 Eastern av 
Kollip Hartman, 107 McElderry 
Kolman Henry, engineer, 352 s Eutaw 
Kolmeyer Fred, locksmith, 9 Portland 
Komman Michael, tailor, 128 Burgundy al 
Konig Frederick, cigar maker, 63 Clay 
Konig George, tavern, 150 Eastern av 
Konig Maria, 22 n Greene 
Konig Wm. tailor, 129 Bethel 
Konn Julius, clerk, cor Pine and Mulberry 
Konrad John, grocer, 71 s Regester 
Konstadt Peter, tailor, 41 s Regester 
Kontner Henry, tailor, 582 w Baltimore 
Kontz Andrew, blacksmith, 131 Bank 





Konze Lewi<, shoemaker, 296 w Pralt, dw 

50 Cdluiiihia 
Koockof^ey George \V. printer, 321 w Lom- 
Kodk Hnrinan, lavem, 261 s Bond 
Kooke J.)hn, Nlioeiiiaki'r, \'J0 s Dallas 
Koou AllVeii, shoeimiki.-r, 100 ilaburg 
Kooii Conri'.d, .-lioemal<er, 313 Cauion av 
Kooii Lireiilz, p^ver, 207 Pierce 
Koune Jacob, laborer, 23:1 Dallas 
Koone Joliii, .slKiemaker, 12G Stirling 
Koone Vai. laborer, 121 Siirliiijtc 
Kooiies Andiew, clerk, 237 Mulberry 
Koons Chailes H (Magraw & K.)' 195 w 

Koonlz Charles, shoemaker, 11-1 York 
Koop Frederick, mariner, 3 Philpot 
Koop Michael, sawyer, 186 Eastern a7 
Koops Peter, liquor ileaier, 17 Gou^'h 
KOORS WM. resiaurani, 3tJ w Fayette 
Koo->man Fraii'.-is, cooper, 72 s av 
Koosmaii Michael, cooper, 12 s Central av 
Kopler Wm. laborer, 1 s Greene 
Kiijip Frederick, lavem, lOH G. Hn^hes 
Kopp Frederick, wood sawyer, 07 Chapel 
Koppel Charles, designer, 117 e Baltimore 
Koppelinan Garret, grocery, 2 Euiaw ct 
Koppelinan John G. tavern, 71 n Gay 
Korach Isaac, (Louis K. & Bio.) 61 s 

Korach Louis & Bro. wholesale cap maks 

60 s Charles 
Korach Louis, (Louis K.Sc Bro.) 272 Light 
Korb Aiulrew, varnisher, 1<) n Paca 
Kiirch Georj^e, piano maker, 84 Leadenhall 
Korinann John, huckster, 58 s Beiliel 
Kormann John, tailor, 131 Camden 
Kora Charles, artificial llower maker, 465 

w Haliimore 
Kornauer Simon, cooper, 73 Ellii)tt, Canton 
Kiirnbihler I. piano maker, G3 Portland 
Korner Dr Carl, 209 s Bond 
Koriiman Charles, shoemaker, 17 Watson 
KURXMAN HENRY, shoemaker, 17 

Kornman Peler,shoemakcr, Gl Mulberry 
Kintz J. laliorei, 11 Union 
Ka-iziitr Margaret, washerwoman, 25 n 

Kusel Moses B. grocery and liquor dealer, 

H5 Oileins 
Kosmoii Frederick, tailor, 10 s Eden 
Koss Henry, turn, wagon-, 2!»1 Aliceanna 
Kossman Christopher, shoemak.204 Bethel 
Kossman Ludwig, shoemaker, 201 Bethel 
Kossiier Bernard, lawyer, 7G Jasper 
Kosier Albert, collector, 274 s Charles 
Kosier Albert J. macliinist, 259 s Charles 
Kosier John, bakei , !> L. Paca 
Kuster Mary A. 187 Hanover 
Kosiner August, cabinet maker, 435 w Pratt 
Kothe Fied. caljinel maker, 26 Amiiy 
Koihe Gustave, teacher, G I'essier 
Kothe John Vcrner, music teacher, 48 Jo- 
Kotte Fiederick, blacksmith, 12Sliakspeare 
Kotier Fjenno, carver, 2'J3 Eager 
Koup Fredeiick, paver, 77 McEldcrry 
Kouis John, sawyer, 70 s Regester 
Krabe Louis, carver, 328 s Charles 

2! ^^'^~" 

Kiaber Daniel, bookkeeper, 154 Pearl 
Kraeger Frederick, tailor, 250 s Kutaw 
Kraeger Ilairy, shoemaker, 12"> Barre 
Kraemer Chas. shoemaker, I'J H.impstead 
Kraemer John, gas finer, G2 Ross 
Kraemer Jo-eph, milkman, 202 Shnrp 
Kraemer John V. siiocmkr. o'JG Ilarl'ord av 
K'al't Adam, carpenter, 375 Penna ar 
Kraft Conrad, tavern, 21 e Pralt 
Krad Conrad, pickier, 53 Bank 
Kraft Conrad, laborer, 1(> Union 
Kraft Conrad, gardener, 3'J'J Saratoga 
Kiaft Charles F. attorney at law, 63 w 

Krafi Christian, tailor, 71 s Beihel 
Kraft Chnsioplier, butcher, Hampstead s 

of Chester 
Kraft Charles A. machinist, 75 n Fremont 
Kratt Frederick A. constable, GOl w Balti- 
Kraft Frederick A. G04 w Fayelte 
Kraft Frederick, tailor, 231 n Bond 
Kiaft Geo. cabinet maker, 262 Aliceanna 
Kraft George, preserving and pickling es- 

tablishinenl, 4G anil 48 s Howard, ihv G04 

w Fayelte 
Kraft George, car|ienier, 98 Dolphin 
Kiafi Geoige, sjxionmaker, 3y!) Saratoga 
Kral't Henry, grocery and liquor dealer, 45 

11 Liberty 
Kraft Henry, baker, 81 Harrison 
Kraft Hester, Chesnut al near Brune 
Kiafi Hans, carpenter, 146 Durham 
Kraft J. Ciirisiiaii, butcher, 47 Greenmt. av 
Kraft J.TCob, butcher, 25'J Cathedral 
Kraft Jose H. miller, Cliesiuit al nr Brune 
Kraft Jacnb, laborer, 9G Bethtl 
Kraft John, shoemaker, 27 Abb -y al 
Kiaft John, baker, 35 s Caroline 
Kraft John, stone mason, lllis n Paca 
Kialt Michael, carpenter, Fremont near 

Pennsylvania av 
Kraft Nicholas, shoemaker, 8 Stale 
Kraft Philip, butcher, 259 Cathedral 
Kiaft Peter, baker, 302 Franklin 
Krager Heniy, bricklayer, 257 Aisquilh 
Krager Henry, jr. carpenter, 257 Aisquilh 
Krager Elenry, bricklayer, 74 Aisquiili 
Krager John, bricklayer, 11!) Columbia 
Krager Peter, buicher, 7U4 w Pratt 
KraUal Henry, stevedore, 181 r Ann 
Kr. liner August, shocmakei, 271 s Bond 
Kramer Casper, ship carp. 2G5 Canton av 
Kiamer Frederick, watchmaker & jeweler, 

304 e Madison 
Kramer Frederick, brickmaker, 4 Wyeth 
Kramer George, labnrer, 101 Lancaster 
Kramer Gotleib, lailoi, 83 s Bethel 
Kramer George, shoemaker, 231 Aliceanna 
Kramer Gotleib tailor, 346 Eastern av 
Kramer Henry, sailor, IGS D'Vcr 
Kramer Henry, shoemaker, 85 n Gay 
Kramer Jacob, blacksmith, I7fi w Buldle 
Kramer John, blacksmiih, 2.^ Cliaisw orih 
Kiamei Jas. S. bookkeeper Citizen's Bank, 

dw lliiincsiead 
Kramer James, clerk, 170 Sharp 
'vra'iier Samuel, wliolesale ilruggist, tor. 

Pratt and Uowly's wlif, dw 170 s Sharp 
Kran/. r'unrad, tailor, 3G n Frederick 





Kranz Geurge, boot and shoemaker, 269 u 

Kranz John, shoemaker, 194 Consitution 
KRANZ JOHN C. clerk, 94 Eastern av 
Kraps Chas. lithographer, over 2J9 w Pratl 
Kiatewes Ambrose, 31 Barnes 
Kiatz Alexander, cooper, 'S n Bond 
Kratz August F. tailor, 5^ n Bond 
Kraiz Conrad, carpenier, 57 Gough 
Kratz Henry, baker, 96 Hollins 
Kraiz Henry, wheelwright, 81 Eastern av 
Kratz Henry, clerk, 94 Eastern av 
Kratz John N. grocer, s w cor. Park and 

Miillierry, dw Frederick road 
Kratz John N. butcher, cor. Park and Mul- 
berry, dw Frederick road 
Kraiz John, cabinet maker, 172 East 
Kraiz John, cabinet mauer, 161 s Bond 
Kiaiz Jacob, l)utcher, Frederick load near 

1st toll gale 
Kratz Johi), tobacconist, cor. Conway and 

Kratz Philip, glass blower, 246 Conway 
Kratzeiisline Fred, laborer, 37 n Amity 
Krau Adam, cooper, 249 s Dallas 
Kraubeg Win. shoemaker, 304 w Pratt 
Kraubert Michael, cooper. 186 Eastern av 
Kiauk William, (Luhmuller & K.) Balti- 
more county 
Kraus Rev. Dominick, Saratoga, 2d door e 

of Park 
Kraus Fiantz & Sisters, hat and cap manuf. 

32 e Baltimore 
Kraus Jennie, (Frantz K. & Sisters,) 32 e 

Kraus Lizzie, (Frantz K. & Sisters,) 32 e 

Kraus Lewis & Jacob, dry goods dealers, 

l!>-2 Broadway 
Kraus Michael, shoemaker, 139 s Spring 
KRAUS PHILIP, glass painter, cor. Mer- 
cer and Grant 
Kraus VV in. blacksmith, 74 Boyd 
Krause Adam, cabinet maker, 138 Raborg 
Krause Frederick, mathematical inst.inak. 

7 s Gay 
Kiause Henry, grocery, 20 Presiilent 
Krause John, laikr, li4s Washington 
Krau-e John C. machinist and grocery, 23 e 

Krauss Jfdin, basket maker, lG7e Lombaid 
Krause Fredk. machinist, 272 s Caroline 
Krause Wm. tailor, 145 Stirling 
Krauser S. M. coal dealer, yard cor. Cathe- 
dral and Preston, office 77 Second 
Krauskop Godfrey, 92 Albemarle 
Krauspe Julius, gunsmith, J A'e near Fremont 
Krauss John, cal)inet luak. 270 s Caroline 
Krauss Wm. H. carpmter, 254 Sharp 
Krausse Wm. tavern, 272 s Caroline 
Kraut A. milliner, 84 Harrison 
Kraver Fredk. shoemaker, 257 e Lombard 
Krawl Fredk. cooper, Clinton near Elliott, 

Ki-eamer John G. macbinist, 119 Hollins 
Kreasger Jacob, gardner, 17 Smith al 
Kreb Anthony, tailor, 31 Jlay 
Krebs August, stone cutter, 333 Saratoga 
Krebs ("lias. W. agent, Piedmont Coal & Iron 
Co. 21 South, dw 54 Columbia 

Krebs David H. S. butcher, Baltimore e of 

Krebs Edw. F. ticket agent Bait. & 0. R. 

R. dw 108 Hanover 
Krebs George, cooper, 31 n Caroline, dw 

Fayette near Dallas 
Krebs George W. imp. & com. hide mer- 
chant, 5 Water, dw Charles n of Eager 
Krebs Geo. L. cooper, 214 e Fayette 
Krebs George M. clerk, 64 Pine 
Krebs Henry W^. provision merchant, 212 e 

Fayette, dw 214 
Krebs James W. clerk Mechanics' bank, 245 

w Fayette 
Krebs John W. of Union Bk. 245 w Fayette 
Krebs Lemuel, plasterer, 171 n Eden 
Krebs Mary, 78 McCulloch 
Krebs Wm. secretary Ocean Mutual Insu- 
rance Co. 78 iMcCulloh 
Krebs Wm. J. carpenter, 3 s Caroline 
Krelis Wm. George, judge Circuit Court, Bal- 
timore city, 265 w Madison 
Kreckhan Richd. piano mkr. 428 w Fayette 
Kreen Andrew, umbrella maker, 78 French 
Kregel Otto, clerk, 21 Penn 
Kreider John, varnisher, 367 w Pratt 
Kreider Rebecca, 123 s Bond 
Kreig Josiah, watchman, 171 G. Hughes 
Krein John, tavern, 254 Central av 
Krein Lewis, shoemaker, 321 Cennral av 
Kreisel C. F. jacket maker, 126 n Central av 
Kreisel Frederick, weaver, 126 n Central av 
Kreiser George, Port al, Canton 
Kreitch Robert, shoemaker, 437 w Pratt 
Kreitzcr Margaret, 114 William 
Kreis George W. carpenter, 17 Josephine 
Kr&is John, blacksmith, 30 New Church 
Kreis Peter, deputy U. S. Marshal, 127 n 

Kremelberg John D. (F. L. Brauns & Co.) 

42 s Sharp 
Kremer Frederick, goldsmith, 304 e Madison 
Kremer James C. (Robinson & K.) 365 w 

Kremer Margaret, 51 St Mary 
Kremer Nicholas, jjaper hanger, 51 St Mary 
Kremm Elizabeth, 368 w Lombard 
Krems Jane, 179 Franklin 
Krems J. Frank, clerk Ericcson steamers, 

179 Franklin 
Krems John S. clerk Ericcson steamers, 179 

Krener John, cabinet mkr. 133 Stirling 
Krqjp Nicholas, tailor, 58 Somerset 
Kresh (icoige, cooper, 57 Amity 
Kress Anthony, tailor, 200 Stirling 
Kresse Charles, toy dealer, 196 n Gay 
Kresser Augustus, instrument maker, 50 s 

Kretchmyer John L. grocer, 91 s Exeter 
Kreter llarman, shoemaker, 231 Aliceanna 
Kretzer August, tailor, 47 Dover 
Kretzer Jacob B. butcher, 113 Caroline 
Krelzer John, saddler & harness maker, 151 

Kretzer Theo. clerk, 30 n Greene 
Kreuzar Theo. tavern, 59 s High 
KRKUTZEZ GEORGE, restaurant, 69 n Gay 
Krichton Joseph, wheelwright, 137 Green- 
mount av 



Krithton Lewis, carpenter, 158 Franklin 
Kriefr Peter, lager beer brew. .'>!> s High 
Krieg Peter, lager beer brew. 237 Alieeanna 
Krieger Geo. W. baker, Leadenhall near 

Krieger John P. tailor, 143 n Bond 
Kriel Chas. G. butcher, 480 Light 
Kriesman \Vm. proprietor Eastern hotel, 99 

Kriesz Frank, stone cutter, Foster al near 

Kriete George, grocery, 33 s Oregon 
Krile Jacob, butch. Fremont near 1st toll gate 
Krill John, gunsmith, Cannon. Canton 
Krintsch Charles, tailor, 118 Henrietta 
Krise Klizabeth, 223 Hollins 
Krish Fredk. tailor. 372 n Gaj 
Kritzer .Mich, hostler, Hiddle al near Biddle 
Kritzer Peter, tailor. 23 Lancaster 
Kritzer The. F. boarding house, Mn Greene 
Kroder John, tavern, 39 German 
Kroeger Lewis, grocery, 30 s Schroeder 
Kroesen Isaiah, bookkeeper, 33 Hollins 
Kroesen .Mary Ann, 33 Hollins 
Kroft Jacob, wagoner. 234 s Eutaw 
Krog Falden, tailor, 252 e Eager 
Kroger Clem. A. grocery, 72 Henrietta 

Kroger , cooper, Hamburg near Howard 

Kroli Ferdinand, bo.x maker, 48 s Central ar 
Kroli Geo. L. iron and junk dealer, 222 k 

228 s Bond, dw Balto. Co 
Kroh Harman, barber, 217 .Montgomery 
Kroh Theodore, German printer, 20 Second 
Krok John, laborer. Canton av near Burke 
Kroli Henry, cooper, 5G Durst al 
Kroli Philip, shoemaker, 382 Lexington 
Kroli T. S. piano maker, 291 Saratoga 
Krom Conrad, cabinet maker, 54 Lancaster 
Kromeyer Myer, tailor, G3 Camden 
Kromiller John, porter, 93 Warner 
Kronmi Jacob, cabinet mak. 338 e Lombard 
Kron Henry, laborer, 145 Central av 
Kron Henry, box maker, 227 Columbia 
Kronan Henry, clerk, 478 Lexington 
Kronan John, 478 Lexington 
Kronberger Charles, porter, 70 Harrison 
Krone John C. prof, music, 33 n Calvert 
Kroner Geo. stonemason, 200 Chesnut 
Kronester John, baker, cor Castle al and 

Eastern av 
Kronmiller (^eorge, ivory turner, 27 Low 
Krojjp W'm. \V. tobacconist, Boston, (,'anton 
Krouse August, artist, 200 .Montgomery 
Krouse David, painter, 2i)2 .Montgomery 
Krouse John, laborer, 12 Abbey al 
Krouse John, tailor, 79 s Bethel 
Krouse John, 187 s Bethel 
Krouse Joseph, coppersmith, 374 Lexington 
Krotb Philip, cooper, 20 Dewberry al 
Krown Stephen, 257 e Eager 
Krozer Dr. J. H. 255 Lexington 
Kruft Henry, shoemaker, 05 n Eden 
Krug George, book liiiider, ;t52 w ilaltimore 
Krug (Justorf, locksmith, 952 w Baltimore 
Krug John, shoemaker. 0.3 Chapel 
Krugh Christiana, 22 Thomi)Son 
Kruger Daniel, shoemaker, 49 n Gay 
Krumholtz Flemniing, stioemkr. 58 .Mulberry 
Kubert John, butter depot, 23 e Pratt 
Kubler (,'hristian, tavern, 14 n Frederick 

Kublcr Geo. shoemaker, 94 Amity 
Kuchling Wni. baker, 105 Aisquith 
Kucliler Geo. clerk, Lombard near Sharp 
Kuenzer Uev. F. Saratoga. 2d door e of Park 
Kuenckle Conrad, cabinet maker, 58 Park 
Kufer Appoline, dairy, 130 n Central av 
Kufer Henry, tailor, 130 n Central av 
Kugan Patrick, laborer, 90 s Pojiplcton 
Kughler Samuel, confectioner. 202 w Pratt 
Kughler Thos. clerk. 2G2 w Pratt 
Kugler .Mrs. Angeline, 159 Vine 
Kuhl Fredk. baker, 206 and 208 s Charles 
Kuhl Wm. tinner, 127 L Greene 
Kuhlman Herm. tobacconist, 822 w Balto. 
Kuhlmoiis John, tailor, 15 St. James 
Kuhn Alexander, tailor, CO Park 
Kuhn (has. pocket book mak. 73 n Eutaw 
Kuhn .fc Co. clothiers, s e cor Greene and 

Kuhn Francis, machinist, 5 Jackson's court 
Kuhn Franklin, (Cover & K.) 88 Biddle 
Kuhn Geo. carpenter, 2o e .Monument 
Kuhn Geo. W. carpenter, 188 Vine 
Kuhn John, paver, 257 Hughes 
Kuhn John, oyster dealer. 35 Pearl 
Kuhn Joseph, clerk, 115 Saratega 
Kuhn Joshua, wireworker, 185 Raborg 
Kuhn Leo{iold, rag dealer, 33 n Dallas 
Kuhn Robert N. pattern mkr. 34 n Schroeder 
Kuhn Simon, shi[) carp. 38 Cross 
Kuhn S. J. (K. k Co.) 23 n Eutaw 
Kuhner Jacob, board, house, 135 w Fayette 
Kuhst G. H. cabinet maker, 83 Lexington 
Kull Jacob, baker, 1 Tessier 
KuUmann Adolph, baker, 51 President 
Kulp John, weaver, 120 Knox al 
Kul[) Jacob, laborer, cor Aliceanna and Port 

al. Canton 
Kumberger Jacob, cap store, 455 w Balto. 
KU.M.MER AUGUST, musical instrument 

maker. 113 Harrison 
KUM.MER WOLF, watch mak. 79 Thames— 

l_Sfe p. 35 Advert isc7iunts.] 
Kummert P. cabinet maker. 255 Franklin 
Kundson Augustus, shoemkr. 594 Penua. av 
Kunkel George, musician, 39 Holland 
Kunker Henry, confectioner, 179 Sharp 
Kunkle Henry, miller, 41 Granby 
Kunlach (!eorge, shoemaker, 08 sGAntral av 
Kunne Caroline, 22u Light 
Kunsman Wui. H. restaurant, 126 Light st wlif 
Kunzman Chas. cigar maker, 78 Eastern av 
Kunzuian .Michael, shoemkr. 43 Low 
Kuper Francis, dealer in boots and shoes, 

251 n Gay 
Kuper George, blacksmith, 468 Penna. av 
Kiirkland Thos. mariner, 10 Fountain 
Kurlay Daniel, c'.erk, 57 Richmond 
Kuru Joseph, shoemaker, 3 Chesuut 
Kurrmyer Wm. tailor, 8 Regesier 
Kurtz Ann. 7 Gough 
Kuriz Ca.>;|iar, laborer, 191 Argyle al 
Kurtz ( 'hrLsiian, shoemaker, 11 Second 
Kurtz Edward, com. incrcht. .323 Lexington 
Kurtz (ieo. tailor, 151 s Eden 
Kurtz Geo. T. coachmaker, 44 s Eutaw, dw 

464 w Baltimore 
Kurtz Henry, carpenter, II Dover 
Kurtz .lacoli, coaclisiuith, 17 .\r(h 
Kurtz John .Facoli, tailor, 150 Mulberry 





Kurtz Peter K. 26 s Paca 

KURTZ T. NEWTON, bookseller, 151 w 

Pratt, dw 133 vv Fayelte 
Kurven Saro'l, plasterer, 1G7 Greenmountav 
Kurz Geo. cabinetmaker, 35G e Eager 
Kurz Henry, lab. Smith lane near Penna. av 
Kusick Michael, laborer, 29 Stockton al 
Kussniaul Wm. gunsmith, 48 Chatsworth 
Kuster A., English and German academy, 98 

Kuster Mrs. Chas. L. 31 Conway 
Kuszmaul Lawrence, shoemaker, 306 e Mad- 
Kutzburger John G. laborer, 52 Albemarle 
Kutler August, old iron deal. 254 s Bond 
Kyle A. P. jr. foreign dry goods merchant, 

over 7 German, dw 88 Hanover 
Kyle Adam B. sen. 88 Hanover 
Kyle David, jr. 72 n Paca 
Kyle Geo. H. (Dinsmore k K.) 88 Hanover 
Kyle Samuel S. (Dinsmore & K.) 23 s Sharp 
Kyle S.Lee, (Dinsmore & K.) Paca near 

Kyper Jolin, clerk 16 Mott 
Kyne Michael, laborer, 12 Haw 
Kyne Peter, laborer, 77 s Poppleton 

Laake Harmai^ B. grocery, 267 s Ann 
Labby Lewis, nightman, 509 n Gay 
Labaiian Henrj^, carpenter, 18 xMcClellan's al 
Laberer Margaret, 7 Spring court 
Labraquere Louisa L. milliner, 344 n Gay 
Lacey Daniel, miller, 164 w Lombard 
Lacey Henry E. (Daniel Miller & Co.) 329 w 

Lacey James, laborer, 82 Hillen 
Lacey John, laborer, n Bond near Baltimore 
Lacey Richard, sailmaker, 73 Gough 
Lachearier Daniel, gardener, 146 i^enna. av 
Lachmeyer Lewis, stone cutter, s w cor 

Broadway and Gay 
Lackey Josejih, baker, 221 s Ann 
Lackey Wm. blacksmith, 181 Ramsay 
Lacy James, laborer, 33 Eastern av 
Lacv Patrick, laborer, 96 Alljemarle 
Ladkin James, tailor, 93 North 
Ladomus Wm. ship carpenter, 153 Chester 
Laebler Martin, ]al)orer, 262 s Ann 
Laemlein Edward, 25 s Caroline 
Laepig John C. butcher. Garrison lane near 

Western Cemetery 
Laepig John H. bookkeeper, Garrison lane 

near Western Cemetery 
Laessig John G. grocery, 386 Penna. av 
Lafaucherie Louisa, 84 n Charles 
Lafayette Fire Go's Engine House, cor Caro- 
line and Holland 
Lafever Catharine, 32 Milliman 
Lafever David, whip and cane maker, 18 

Lafever John, bricklayer, 282 s Bond 
Lafever AVm. painter, 4 Front, dw 16 s Cen- 
tral av 
Laflferty Catharine, 174 Montgomery 
Lafferty John, huckster, 139 e Eager 
Lafferty Roljert, laborer, 100 Greenmountav 
Lafferty Wm. tinner, 31 s Schroeder 
Lafllin Jas. P. policeman, 115 Hollins 
Lafluer Andrew J. clerk, 87 Ross 
Lagroue F. cook, 24 Hamilton 

Laherss John, shoemaker, 152 Pine 

Lahn Valentine, tailor, 353 s Charles 

Lahne Nicholas, whitewash. 182 Eastern ar 

Lahr Peter, cooper, 306 s Charles 

Laib Jacob, laborer, 22 Bevan al 

Laib Jacob, laborer, 44 Pearl 

Laib John, tavern, 208 Lexington 

Laib John C. (Plummer & L.) 208Leiington 

Lainhardt Mary A. 82 s Regester 

Lake Amelia, 57 Watson 

Laker John, porter, 59 Durham 

Lallay Jas. drayman, Etling near Townsend 

L'Allmand Conrad, clerk at post office, 54 

s Howard 
Lallv Malachi, wheelwright, 126 Franklin, 

dw 28 
Lamb Geo. D. (L. H. L. & Bro.) 136 n Eu- 

Lamb Geo. M. 119 Conway 
Lamb Henry, laborer, 66 Somerset 
Lamb Joseph, cellar digger, 304 n Eutaw 
Lamb L. H & Bro. confects. 163 n Eutaw 
Lamb Nicholas, laborer, 38 s Frederick 
Lamb Tavern, n w cor Franklin and Paca, 

Uriandus M. Appier, proprietor 
Lamb Thos. P. wire weaver, 97 Holiday, 

dw 199 Orleans 
Lauiback John V. saddler and harness mak. 

197 Aliceanna 
Lambden Caroline, 70 George 
Lambden Thomas, moulder, 73 Raborg 
Lambdin Danl. shipwright, Aliceanna near 

Canton av 
Lambdin Edward S. sailmaker, 126 Dugan's 

wlif. dw Gough near Bethel 
Lamdin John H. (L. & Waddy,) 111 e 

Lambdin Thos. J. sailmaker, 43 Gough 
Lambdin Thomas H. ship carpenter, 131 s 

Lambdin Wm. D. ship carp. 294 Eastern av 
Lambdin Wm. S. ship carpenter, 49 s Ann 
Lamberry Chas. cigar maker, 238 Canton av 
Lambert Elijah, carpenter, 7 Philpot 
Lambert Jolin P. shoemaker, 66 Jefferson 
Lambert Joseph, shoemaker. 22 Abbey al 
Lambert Mrs. Mary E. tailoress, 117 Pearl 
Lamljert John P. ship joiner, 201 Aliceanna 
Lambert Capt. Robt. H. mariner, 198 s Ann 
Lamliert Wm. C. carpenter, 81 n Eden 
Lambie James, carpenter, 96 n Eden 
Lambright Christopher, painter, 14 n High, 

dw 368 n Gay 
Laml)right Wm. plasterer, 233 n Central av 
LAMDIN & WADDY, sail makers, s w 

cor Frederick and Pratt 
Lamdin Jas. M. 55 n Eutaw 
Lamdin John, sailmaker, dw 111 e Lombard 
Lamdin Nicholas, sailmaker, 99 e Pratt 
Lamdin Thos. S. sail maker, 126 Dugan's 

wiif. dw 110 Gough 
Lamdin Wm. K. clerk, 99 St. Paul 
Lame David, 34 Chatsworth 
Lamey Patrick, musician, 52 s Broadway 
I^ammers P. H. saddler, 55 Mulberry 
Lamoin Heloise, confectioner, 56 Bank 
Lamping Wm. & Co. general tobacco com- 
mission merchants, 89 s Charles 
Lamping Wm. (L. & Co.) 266 Lexington 
Lampley John, waterman, 108 Mullikin 




Lampley Nathaniel L. harness maker, 43 

Lampley Oliver O. cooper, 43 Watson 
Lanipman Conrad, 19 s Spring 
Lamy John, spar maker, 334 Canton av 
Lanalian Darby, huckster, 39 Camden 
Lanahan Dermis, stone mason, 179 Vine 
Lanahan John, carpenter, 25 Rose 
Lanahan John, carpenter, 467 n Gay 
Lanahan .Midiael, carter, Gl Eastern av 
LANAHAN & STh:WART,deal. in foreign 
and domestic liquors, 53 and 55 s Calvert 
Lanahan Thos. drayman, "235 Columbia 
LANAHAN THOMAS M. attorney at law, 
31 Lexington, Taney buildings, dw 29 s 
Lanahan Wm. (L. & Stewart,) 197 w Lom- 
Lanan Patrick, laborer, 18 Gould's ct 
Lanan Terrance, wagoner, 20 Eastern av 
Lancaster B. B. (L. & Herbert,) Mulberry 

near Cathedral 
Lancaster it Herbert, brokers and commis- 
sion merchants, 33 Grant 
Lancaster Hannah, 1 L. Gough 
Lancaster Isaac, waterman, 106 Muiiikin 
Lancaster John, laborer, 16 Elizabeth la 
Lancaster Rachel, rag dealer, 66 Penn. av 
Lancaster Thomas, carpenter, 98 Preston 
Lanck Davis, drayman, 22 Davis 
Land Capt. James, 106 Hamliurg 
Lander John, hackman, 139 Ensor 
Landerfeit John, tailor, 34 Bank 
Landers Barney, carter, 94 Jefferson 
Landers James, watchman Barnum's, dw 306 

e Baltimore 
Landers Wm. laborer, 139 n Eden 
Landgerbe Valentine, cigar store, s e cor Mc- 

Elderry & Eden 
Landis Capt. David C. mariner, 77 e Pratt 
Landis Dr. Edmund, 117 e Baltimore 
Landin Edward S. sail maker, 117 Eden 
Landin Wm. laborer, 187 Washinjjton 
Landin Wm. 139 n Eden 
Landman Henry, saddler, 350 w Pratt 
Landman Wm. baker, 70 Portland 
Landon Wm. plasterer, 1 Bolton 
Landstreet Ann V. 66 n Greene 
Landstreet Beverly, clerk, 66 n Greene 
LANDSTREET WM. F. commission mer- 
chant, 10 s Howard, dw 190 Ross 
Landware Henry, tiivern, 42 Second 
Landwehy Henry, wagoner, Frederick av 

near Fulton 
Lane Chas. huckster, 353 Lexington 
Lane Chas, porter, 13 Union al 
Lane Christopher, chairmaker, 292 Franklin 
Lane Edward, laborer, 22 Morris al 
Lane Mrs. Emily H , Fayette w of Fulton 
LANR DR. FRA.NKLIN, 505 w Fayette 
Lane John T., Fayette w of Fulton 
Lane Jose()h, spar maker, 20 Bank 
Lane Lloyd, painter, Front street hotel, 100 

n Front 
Lane Peter, laborer, French near Ruren 
Lane Thomas, chairmaker, 292 Franklin 
Lane Wm. varnisher, 292 Franklin 
Lanehart Andrew, laborer, 21 Guilford al 
Lanehart Al)raham, butcher, 271 Franklin 
Lnnehart IJelthazer, tailor, 200 e Madison 

Lanehart Samuel, 271 Franklin 

Laneing Cha.x. butcher, cor Orleans & Ann 

Laney Rev. Wm. H. 171 Hanover 

Lanfare Capt. Wm. 91 Gough 

Lanfare Capt. Wm. 47 Granby 

Lang Antoine, shoemaker, 116 Low 

Lang Conrad, shoemaker, 84 Barre 

Lang & Co. timber and wood dealers, cor 

Spring and Lancaster 
Lang Frederick, tailor, 363 e Eager 
Lang Geo. teacher, Broadway n of Orleans 
Lang George, shoemaker, 181 e Pratt 
Lang John, milkman, Madison avenue near 

Boundary av 
Lang John H. basket maker, 94 s High 
Lan^ Robt. (L. & Co.) 132 s Bond 
Lang Thos. clerk, 109 Pine 
Lan^ William & Son, boot and shoemakers, 

488 w Baltimore 
Langa Capt. Henry, 132 s Bond 
Langdon James, huckster, 124 Rabor^ 
Langdon Marion, liorse dealer, 136 e Pratt 
Langdonfeld Theodore, baker, 49S Lexington 
Langdorf John, sawyer, Dewberry al near 

Lange August, blacksmith, 75 Eutaw 
Lange Bernard, ciear box mkr. 230 Sharp 
Lange John G. (Wm. Lamping & Co.) 84 

LANGE RALPH, gold and silver electro 

plater, 91 Lexington 
Lange & Son, .saddle, harness and trunk man- 
ufacturers, 16 South, dw 13 Barnet 
Lange Thomas, 26 w Fayette 
Laiiger Henry, wood sawyer, 250 e Eager 
Langford Ann, seamstress, 249 e Madison 
Langhammer Ernst, moulder, 310 Aliceanna 
Langhorn Peter, carpenter, 46 Lancaster 
Langlettcr August, cigar maker, 277 Saratoga 
Lanjley Edward, jr., 60 s Broadway 
Langley Edward, sr., cabinet maker 64 s 

Langley Edward, jr. tobacconist, 296 e Pratt 
Langley Jas. R. (Milbourn it L.) 163 Biddle 
Langley Patrick, drayman, 9 Slemmer's al 
Langlitz Wm. locksmith, 23H Hanover 
Langly George, carpenter, 152 McHenry 
Langly James, carpenter, 146 McHenry • 
Langly Philip, carpenter, 152 McHenry 
Langman, Wm. baker, 70 Portland 
Langood Nicholas, Cambridge, Canton 
Langrock Fred, shoemaker, 271 s Bond 
Langville Elizabeth, 414 Light 
Langville John, brickmaker, 414 Light 
Lanier Bros, (t Co., wholesale dry goods 

merchants, 256 w Baltimore 
Lanier Lieut. E., U. S. N. 77 McCulloh 
Lanier L. L. (L. Bros.& Co.) Fountain Hotel 
Lanier R. V. (L. Bros. & Co.) Barnum's 

Laning & Shriver, sign painters, over 276 w 

Laning Wm. M. (L. & Shriver,) 41 Colum- 
f.ankell John, blacksmith, 264 EiL-stem ay 
Lankford Amanda, tailoress, 185 Rams;,y 
Lankford Ed w:\nl, lamj) lighter, 37 .Marion 
Lankford Henry S. (Nliles A L.) 31 Sdies 
Lanks Oliver S. flour dealer, Howarj f^^^^f 
Baltiniori', dw H4 .Muli>erry 





Lankfor^'~^Sfary Ann, 132 n Canal 
Lannan John, carpenter, 444 Lexington 
Lannay Louis C. foreman Wilkins hair fac- 
tory, dw Frederick av near Fulton 
Lannay Priscilia, book folder, 132 n Howard 
Lannon Patrick, laborer, 5 Grace's court 
Lanphi John W. 19 Amity 
Lansdale & Bro. oyster and fruit packers, 

Jackson near Cross 
Lansdale Francis, (L. & Bro.) 106 Barre 
Lansdale I. W. (L. & Bro.) 142 s Charles 
Lansdale Robt. Vinton, ambrotypes, over 293 

w Baltimore, dw German near Pine 
Lant Michael, painter, 138 Columbia 
Lantgraf Michael, shoemaker, 246 Happy al 
Lantz Christian, laborer, Mount near Mc- 

Lantz Frederick, cooper, 242 s Ann 
Lantz Henry, 161 s Greene 
Lantz John P. 8 Lewis 

LANTZ JOHN G. manufacturer of smok- 
ing tobacco, 117 Barre 
Lantz Joseph, watchman, 65 Granby 
Lantz Oliver F. (Samuel Elder & Co.) Mul- 
berry west of Howard 
Lanye Albert, tailor, 77 Albemarle 
Laport Arnold, saddler, 576 w Baltimore 
Laport Henry, boiler maker, 113 w Biddle 
Lapouraille Alfred P. carpenter, 126 Aisquith 

Lapp Henry, huckster, 679 Penna. av 
LAPSLEY & THOMAS, engineers and 

steam water fixtures manuf. 26 Light 
Lapsley T. G. (L. & Thomas,) 83 High 
Laracy Andrew, brickmaker, 191 Montgom- 
Laragat Thomas, mariner, 348 e Lombard 
Lare David W. carpenter, 8 McHenry 
Lare Geo. H. carpenter, 8 McHenry 
LaReintrie John L. French teacher, 83 n 

Larkin Andrew, laborer. 31 Hampstead 
Larkin Augustus J. B. 1 s Republican 
Larkin Daniel, stone cutter, 47 Buren 
Larkin L. 1 s Republican 
Larkin Michael, 10 s Spring 
Larkin Michael, laborer, 59 Lorman al 
Larkin Patrick, drayman, 112 e Lombard 
Larkin Thomas, 76 Durham 
Larkin Timothy, mail driver, 128 s Howard 
Larkin Dr. Wm. D. F. 3 s Republican 
Larngan John, carter, 21 Abbot 
Laroque Chas. clerk, 20 w Baltimore 
LAROaUE EDWARD, surgeon dentist, 98 

w Fayette 
Laroque John M. chemist and druggist, 20 

w Baltimore 
LARMOUR WH.LIAM B. watchmaker 

and jeweller, 10 Light, dw 125 German 
Larp Conrad, carpenter, 225 s Charles 
Larrabee Edward W. last maker, 13 s Exeter 
and dealers in shoe findings and Thomson- 
ian med. 24 s Calvert, dw E. L. 33 Calhoun 
LARRABEE HENRY C. steam engine 
works and foundry, cor. Front and Plow- 
man, dw 13 s Exeter 
Larrabee William F. wh. deal. French calf 
skins, morocco, &c. 24 s Calvert, dw 33 
Larrabee Wm. 179 w Madison 

Larry Martin, laborer, Wilbor al 

Larus John R. com. merchant, over 6 Spear's 

whf. dw 239 w Fayette 
Larvacy Matthew, wheelwright, 17 Sterrett 
Lasner Powless, laborer, 348 Canton av 
Lassahn Charles, 466 Canton av 
Lassman John, looking glass and picture 

manuf. 290 s Charles 
Latchum John, carpenter, 299 s Charles 
Latham Abner O. book keeper, 53 German 
Latham A. D. clerk, 53 German 
Latham Edward, messenger to custom house, 

297 e Lombard 
Latham James D. clerk, 53 German 
Later John, stevedore, 6 Regester 
Lathe Eli, machinist, 312 Light 
Latier Wm. clerk, 128 French 
Latimer Benj. C. druggist, 150 Mulberry 
LATIMER JAMES B. com. of deeds, &c. 
s w cor. Fayette and St. Paul, dw n w cor 
Hoffman and Ross 
Latimer R. W. clerk, Hoffman near Ross 
Latimer Randolph, jr. book keeper, n w cor. 

Ross and Hoffman 
Latimer Randolph B. (Randolph & L.) 263 

n Eutaw 
Latrobe Benj. H. civ engineer, 146 Wah-sli 

ington place 
Latrobe Benjamin H. jr. student, 146 Wash- 
ington Place 
Latrobe Chas. H. engineer, 146 Washington 

Latrobe Ferdinand C. (Merrill, L.& Thomas) 

6 Hanover 
LATROBE JOHN H. B. attorney, 33 Lex- 
ington cor. St. Paul, dw Howard Co. 
Latrolie Osmun, attorney, 33 Lexington, dw 

Howard Co. 
Latta Samuel, clerk, V^Q n Fremont 
Latter Peter, laborer, 526 Penn. av 
Latter Thomas, carpenter, Fremont near Lee 
Lattuce Jacob, laborer, 5 Baker's ct 
Laty John J. boat builder, 81 Aisquith 
Laubach Henry E. blacksmith, Raborg near 

Laubhamer Moses, laborer, 82 Chesnut 
Laubner Thomas, tailor, 29 n Greene 
Laubuk John, tailor, 290 Mulberry 
Laueheimer & Eichburg, wholesale and retail 

clothiers, 305 w Pratt 
Laudebach Henry, cooper, 25 s Central av 
Laudenbach Jno. sec. hand deal. 118 Orchard 
Laude)islager Theodore, tailor, 155 Stirling 
Lauder Sophia M. 24 Thompson 
Lauderman Fred, mariner, 107 Gough 
Lauderman Henry R. 56 s Broadway 
Lauer George, porter 130 n Howard 
Lauer Henry & Co. dry goods dealers, 139 n 

Gay, dw 39 Albemarle 
Lauer Ignatius, dry goods deal. 211 w Pratt 
Lauer John, tobacconist, 27 Scott 
Lauer Jacob J. tobacconist, 12 Light, dw 

rear Light st. Church 
Lauer Leon, (Orendorff & L.) 381 w Lom- 
Lauer Lewis & Co. gents furnishimg goods 
and tailors trimmings, 283 w Baltimore, dw 
L. L. 64 Conway 
Lauer Peter, paper hanger, 26 Knox al 
Lauer Thomas, pedler, 10 Williamson 
Lauer Wendel, tailor, 27 Scott 





Lauf Edward, 75 s Eutaw i 

Laughlin James 0. currier, 152 Vine I 

Laugliliii James, drayman, 364 Franklin 
Lau2,liflin John, carpenter, 12(1 Ensor, dw 42 

Lan2;hhn Patrick, asliman, 70 n Central av 
Lauffhlin Patrick, laliorer, 63 Buren 
LAUGH LIN TIIOS. boot and shoe maker, 

2 St. Paul, dw Eutaw House 
Lauj^hlin Wm. drayman, 298 Mulberry 
Laujjiiran Daniel, stone cutter, 47 Huren 
Lau2;iiran Patrick, soap nikr. 70 n Central av 
Laughton John W. shipsmith. Federal Hill 

near Cross, dw 143 Mont^onery 
Laumann Louis, wheelwright, cor. Frederick 

av and Calverton road 
Laupheimer Jacob ifc Co. clothiers, 71 w 

Lauster John D. baker, 93 n Caroline 
Lautenijerger William, merchant tailor, 21 a 

Liberty, dw 94 Raborg 
Lautenbach Joseph, piano maker, 452 w Pratt 
Lautenberger Adolph, tailor, 94 Raborg 
Lautenberger Louis H. tailor, 94 Raborg 
Lauterbach Ferdinand, confectionery, 89 Hol- 

Lauterbach John F. locksmith, 203 s Bond 
Lavalle Francis, shoemaker, 65 s Regester 
Lavender Thomas, carter, 55 Carpenter al 
Lavenstein Mannus, butcher, 211 s Bond 
Law James S. huckster. 250 c Fayette 
Law Mrs. Louisa. 126 Mulberry 
Law Robert, caudle and soap wagoner, 235 

Law Sarah, 37 Ilollins 
Lawanthall Abram, grocery, 35 Chew 
Lawdcr George W. collecter, Masonic hall, 

St. Paul, dw 195 n Eden 
Lawder John, coojter, Fayette, near Wolfe 
Lawder Samuel M. 72 w Fayette, dw 195 n 

Lawder Samuel M. jr. shipsmith, 82 Gough 
Lawd.'-r Wm. S. blacksmith, 23 McClellan, 

dw 144 L. Greene 
Lawless John, hod c<arrier, 23 Rock 
Lawless Patrick, laborer, 30 Addison 
Lawless Richard, machinist, Pratt, near 

Lawn Christopher, furn. deal. 24 Harrison 
Lawn Marv K. 1.V2 w Biddle 
LAWRASON & SMITH, stock and bill bro- 
kers, 3 North 
Lawnison W. W. (L. k Smith.) 4 n Carey 
Lawrence Alex,, 17.S .Montgomery 
Lawrence Andrew, saddler, 242 e Eager 
Lawrence Col. A. N. Hi2 w. Madison 
Lawrence Dr. Daniel H. 124 s Broadway 
Lawrence Francis L. grocer, 219 Lexington, 

dw 303 
Lawrence George, finisher, cor Williamson 

and Light 
Lawrence George W. engineer, Cambridge, 

Lawrence Henry, liq. dealer, 344 s Charles 
Lawrence Hugh, iron forger, 5o2 w Lombard 
Lawrence Jacob, waterman, Boston, w of 

Hinney, Canton 
Lawrence John, laborer, Preston, nr Penn. ay 
Lawrence John W. laborer, 220 s Dallas 
Lawrence Joseph, watroner, 2-lRn Kdcn 

Lawrence .Montgomery, moulder, 178 Mont- 
Lawrence Richd. pattern mak. 10 Henrietta 
Lawrence Thomas, grocery and liq. dealer, 

ln9 Ensor 
Lawrence Thomas W. 178 Montgomery 
Lawrence Wm. laborer, 220 Dover 
Lawrence Wm. ship carp. Chester, nr Cen- 
tral H.V 
Lawrence Wm. jr. pattern maker, 178 Mont- 
Lawrence Wm. sr. pattern maker, 178. Mont- 
Lawrence Wm. W. book keeper, 56 s High 
Laws David G. (L. k Moore, ) 322 w Lombard 
Laws J. Tliouipsoii, watcliuiaker and jewel- 
er, Exchange Place, opp Custom house, dw 
.52 n Calvert 
Laws k Moore, imp. and deal, in foreign and 
domestic fruit and cigars, n e cor Light 
and Pratt 
Laws Wm. (Clarke k L.) 403 w Lombard 
Lawesy .Mary A. 39 n Caroline 
Lawreiison Slary Ann, dry goods deal. 767 

w Baltimore 
Lawson BennetR. carp. 191 s Chester 
Lawson Henry S. ship smith, 2 Fell, dw 65 

Lawson James, butcher. 169 Penna. av 
Lawson James, clerk, 12.'! n Calvert 
Lawson John F. salesman, 187 s Paca 
Lawson John T. clerk. 164 Penna. av 
Lawson Mrs. 123 n Calvert 
Lawson Robert, saddler, 294 w Baltimore, 

dw 11)2 n Eutaw 
Lawson Wm. Graham, coach paint. 11 Gough 
Lawton Edward L. harness maker, 636 w 

Lawton Geo. B. bookkeeper, 106 e Lombard 
Lawton Jervis, second hand dealer, 752 w 

Lawton John L. turner, 292 Saratoga 
Lay Christian, locksmith. 710 w Baltimore 
Layer Adam, silver plater, 474 Saratoga 
Layer Chr. provision dealer, 44 Henrietta 
Layer David, provision dealer, 285 Sharp 
Layfield George, stevedore, 3.'i8 .Eastern av 
Layfield Capt. Howard, 1 17 e Baltimore 
Layfield James, house carp. 158 Gough 
Layfield Capt. Wm. 63 s Washington 
Layfield Wm. 88 n Eden 
Layha Christian, tailor, 65 s Bethel 
Layman Barnhard, 48 s Bethel 
Layson Thomas, smelter, Clinton, s of Boston, 

Layton Wm. sailor, 59 n Eden 
Lazarevitch C.&Co. French gas fixtures, <kc. 

over 163 w Baltimore 
Lazel John, 91 Washington 
Lazenby Daniel L. butter depot, Slln Gay 
Leach Benj. painter, basement n w cor Bait. 

and North, dw 7 JefTerson 
Leach Benj. painter 300 e .Madison 
Leach Caleb L. lottery deal. 10 Eutaw house, 

dw 85 n (Jreene 
Leach k Co. lottery office, 301 w Baltimore 
Leach (Jeorge, blacksmith, Cathedral, opp 

Chase, dw 317 n I If) ward 
Leach James, carpenter, 380 Harford av 
Leach James, jr. rojie mk. .3K() llarlbrd av 





Leach John, gas metre inspector, 61 Jefferson 

Leach Michael, laborer, 62 York 

Leach Wm. gold beater, over 127 w Balto 

Leach Wm. (L. & Co.) 85 li Greene 

Leach Wm. rope maker, Harford av, n of 

Point lane 
Leadekamp Henry, cooper, 352 Mulberry 
Leaf Henry, grocer, 45 Centre Mbt. space, 

dw 171 n Exeter 
Leaf John C. hatter, Barre, near Fremont 
League Abi-aham, shoemaker, 77 s Castie 
League Capt. Albert, 295 e Pratt 
League Columbus, s-hoemaker, 317 Light 
League ColtimJ)us W. grocer and com. mer- 
chant, 153 Forrest 
League Geo.B. (Carr, Giese & Co.) 9 Watson 
League James, shoemaker, 225 e Fayette 
League Joha S. clerk, 225 e Fayette 
Lakay Wm. carpenter, 152 Preston 
League Capt. Luke, 37 s High 
League Thos. C. shoemaker, 225 e Fayette 
League Wm. T. hatter, 62 n Eden 
Leaken John, carpenter, 118 Orchard, dwSl 

Leakin Andrew J. carpenter, 41 n Exeter 
Leakin Rev. Geo. A. 84 s Eden 
Leakin Sheppard A. attorney, 11 Law build- 
ings, dw 179 w BidcTle 
Leaman Rev. Thomas, ^62 n Eutaw 
Leanen Patrick, laborer, 125 s Chester 
Lear}- Cornelius L. L. attorney, Eastern hall, 

dw 39 s Broadway 
Leary Jeremiah, painter, 46 s Bethel 
Leary John, (Ober & Co.) 45 s Broadway 
Leary Mary, seamstress, n Bond, Jir Balto 
Leary Peter, 45 s Broadway 
Leary Tlios. H. H. book keeper, 29 s Ann 
Leas Dr. Charles A. 57 Lee 
LEASE JACOB F. tobacconisi, 104Light-st. 

whf, dw 1 28' s Charles 
Leason M. C. coachsmith, 72 n Fremont 
Leatherhury Edward, farmer, 2 Mullikin 
Leatherbury John E. grocer and liq. dealer, 

6 w Pratt, dw 14 s Calvert 
LeaTcnthail Levi, baker, 105 n Central av 
Leaverton Mary A. 44 Jackson 
Leavitt Charles, tailor, 169 Vine 
LeBeurrier Eloise, cleaner of collars, laces, 

muslins, &c., 122 n Howard 
Leber H. & J. H. grocers, s w cor. Fremont 

and Lexington 
Leliker Henry, Aliceanna, nrBtirke, Canton 
Lebon Charles, salesman, 309 w Pratt 
Lebranthwaite Mary M. millinery and fancy 

store, 179 e Baltimore 
LERROU & BROTHER, ship chandlers, I 

Lebrou John F. (L. & Bro.) 142 e Pratt 
Lebrou Capt. Jos. (L. & Bro.) 180 e Pratt 
Lebnrn Wm. laborer, 245 Forrest 
Lechner Martin, laborer, 18 Lancaster 
Lechthaler Justus, grocery, Canton av, n«ar 

Lechtner Peter, lumber wag. 89 Eastern av 
Lecompt Thos. engineer, 32 Williamson al 
Lecompte Lavinia, 329 n Gay 
Lecompte Lloyd, engineer, 234 s Charles 
Lecompte Wm. W. clerk, 79 Lee 
Lecount Augu.sta, 1 Abbey al 
Ledden Samuel, city express, 66 Washington 

Led don George, rope, oil, &c., Broadway, n 

of Jefferson 
Leddon George, trunk dealer, 124 Dugan's 

whf, dw Broadway, nr Jefferson 
Ledere John, tailor, 183 e Pratt 
Lederer Henry, lager beer saloon, 341 s 

Lederer John, lottery office, 165 s Bond 
Ledley Daniel, miller, Frederick road, nr Ist 

toll gate 
Ledley Daniel H. brick maker, Lombard, nr 

Ledley Jacob, brick maker, 139 s Fremont 
Ledley Jacob, laborer, 150 McHenry 
Ledley Jacob, laborer, 68 s Howard 
Ledley John, machinist, 142 s Greene 
Ledley Wm. California livery stables, 86 

German, dw 83 s Fremont 
Ledley Wm. carpenter, lo&s Fremont 
Lednum Ann, 58 Chew 
Lednum Ann, 490 Lexington 
Ledsinger Thomas, pattern makes', II Jose- 
Ledwith Michael, drayman, Richmond, near 

Loe Andrew, carpenter, 128 Pearl 
Lee Barney, grocery, 217 n Exeter 
Lee Beal, laborer, 102 Boyd 
Lee Beaj. clerk, 110 w Fayett* 
Lee Charles, tailor, 72 Gough 
Lee Charles, wheelwright and blacksmith, 

412 w Baltimore, dw 15 Pearl 
Lee Charles S. (Josiah L. & Co.) 67 n Charles 
I^ee Columbus, painter, 80 George 
Lee Daniel P. bricklayer, 80 Warner 
LEE & DUNHAM, grain and general com- 
mission merchant.=^, 71 South 
Lee E. G. cellar digger, 130 Orleans 
Lee Elijah, photographist, 991 w Baltimore 
Lee Edmund, painter, 256 e Fayette 
Lee Edward, police, 804 w Baltimore 
Lee F. laborer, 1 Dover 
Lee George A. ambrotype gallery, 265 w 

Pratt, dw 298 Franklin 
Lee George (Lee & Dunham,) Maltby house 
Lee Herman, porter, 49 Clay 
Lee Hezekiah, carter, 190 Broadway 
Lee James F. (L. & Welby, ) 83 n High 
Lee James 0. brickjayar, 14 McElderry 
Lee Jesse, clerk, 14 McElderry 
Lee Jesse Wm. custom house off.cer, 14 Mc- 
Lee John, bar tender, 99 Camden 
Lee John, painter, 376 Ostend 
Lee John A. cigar maker, 385 w Fayette 
Lee John A. painter, 109 Raborg 
Lee John IT. machinist, 46 s Broadway 
Lee John R. carpenter, 125 Garden 
Lee John S. (J. L. & Co.) 07 n Charles 
LEE JOHN W. carp, and builder, 31 Park, 
dw 16 Josephine [_See jd. 47 AdverCise- 
Lee John W. plumber, 516 Lexington 
Lee Joseph, grocery, s e cor Hudson and 

Binney, Canton 
Lee Joseph S. carpenter, Lee, nr Fremont 
LEE JOSIAH & CO. bankers, n e cor Bait. 

and Calvert 
L(?e Mrs. Josiah, 67 n Charles 
Lee Capt. Leander C. 10 n Bond 





Lee Levi, blacksmith, 34 n Amity 

Lee Lycurgus W . 57 Aisquith 

Lee Mrs. Mary Ann, 156 Spring 

Lee Nathaniel, flour and feed dealer, 46 B 

Inroad way 
Lee Tatriik, grocery, 2 French 
Lee Richard, carter. 925 w Pratt 
Lee Richard C. clerk. 216 s Charles 
Lee Richard Henry, merchant. 122 Park 
Lee Samuel, horse dealer, Oregon, nr Lex- 
Lee Samuel, officer R. R. 3 s Oregon 
Lee Sarah, cor Fort and Garden 
Lee Steplien, iron and coal merchant, 50 s 

Gay, dw 144 n Charles 
Lee Susan, 3 .Mcllenry 
Lee Thomas. 248 Madison av 
Lee Thomas, laborer, 275 Forrest 
LEE & WELBV, steam flour mill, cor Presi- 
dent and Fawn, store 97 and 99 South-st. 
Lee U'm. harness maker, 80 George 
Lee Wni. laborer, Littell al 
Lee Wni. (Miles & L.) 192 Preston 
Lee Wm. prop, of carts. 287 e Monument 
Lee "\Vm. H. plasterer, Walsh, near Hoffman 
Lee Wm. T. 33 Pearl 
LEE Z. COLLINS, judge Superior Court, 

122 Park 
Leeberry Francis, 142 Cross 
Leech George F. eigar maker, 32 n Caroline 
I^ech Ruth, 32 n Caroline 
Leechletncr John, shoemaker, 111 Lancaster 
lyoeds Edward, painter, 487 w Pratt 
LEEDV J, & BRO., tobacconists, 494 w 

Leef Henry, grocer, Centre Mkt. dw 171 n 

Leef .John, machinist, 171 n Exeter 
Leef .Mary Ann, 245 e Pratt 
Leef Wm. machinist, 171 n Exeter 
Leeke James, 13 n Fremont 
Leer George, laborer, 39 Perry 
Leers Theodore, tobivcconist, 217 n Bond 
Lees Wm. cutler, 14 s Schroeder 
Leese Wm. S. blacksmith. 4 Emory 
Lecser .Theresa B. dry goods dealer, 100 s 

Leeson John, carp, 488 Lexington 
Leeson .Maurice, blacksmith, 72 n Frenlont 
Lefaivre Ferdinand, clerk, Mercer 
Lefairre Joseph, pedler, 23 Grant 
Lefaivre Joseph L. i>edler, 23 Grant 
Lefaivre Louis, pedler, Mercer 
Lefevre Rov. Jacob A. 562 w Fayette 
Lefevre Madame, French school teacher, 122 

n Howard 
LefTermaa William, tanner and currier, 32 

Lcffler Ann, 224 Montgomery 
Leffler Constant, butcher, Garrison lane, nr 

Western Cometery 
Leffler Capt. Daniel S. 50 Warren 
Leffler George, laborer, 209 Washington 
Leffler George R. H. 158 s Paca 
Leffler Johu, engineer, 224 Montgomery 
Legare James, conductor, 103 n Fremont 
Legg John H. soap manufacturer, 41 Chew 
Legg John T. blacksmith, s w cor Orleans 
and liond 

Legg Joseph, 4 .Mott 
Lehay James, wire worker, 12 Littell al 
Lehey August, 153 Raborg 
Lehman Charles, baker, 383 Light 
Lehman Fredk. paipter, 70 Chatsworth 
Lehman George, tailor, 37 Lewis 
Lehman Jacob, watchman, 5G0 w Lombard 
Lehman Jacob S. shoemaker, 17) Vine 
Lehman John C. music teacher 4 s Exeter 
j Lehman Lewis, magistrate and grocer, Fred- 
erick road, nr 1st toll gate 
Lehman Nicholas, former gate keeper, Fred- 
erick road, nr toll gate 
Lehman Louis, confectioner, 130 Henrietta 
Leenian Mrs. Rebecca, 165 s Bond 
Lehman Theodore, baker, 29 n Poppleton 
Lehmann Edward G. fencing academy, Sara- 
toga buildings, s e cor Calvert and Sarato- 
ga, dw 34 Mulberry 
Lehmann Geo. shoemaker, 172 Gough 
Lehmeyer & Bro. wholesale clothiers, 298 w 

Lehmeyer Joseph (L. <k Bro.) 75 n Liberty 
Lehmeyer Simon (L. & Bro.) 75 n Liberty 
Lehmuth Henry, carter, 897 w Pratt 
Lchnert Charles, vinegar depot, 100 Sharp 
LEHXERT SEBASTIAN, restaurant, 199 

w Pratt 
Lehnhoflf Wm. tailor and scourer, 31 s Fred- 
Lehr Mrs. Frederick, washerwoman, 474 Sa- 
Lehr Herman, cooper, over 125 Camden 
Lehr John, blacksmith, 104 St. Peter 
Lehr Robert (Honinger Bro.s.) 24 Cathedral 
Lehrs Claus, sugar refiner, 51 n Exeter 
Leib George D. coal "agent, n ecor Paca and 

German, dw 45 Garden 
Leib George, coal dealer, 287 Mulberry 
Leib George K. clerk, 45 Garden 
LEIB JOHN S. treasurer N. C. R. R. Calvert 

station, dw Franklin honse 
Leibenhusen Clement, porter,5 Tripolett's al 
Leich Robert, brass finisher, 2 Humes 
Leicht John J. carp, Fremont near Penn. av 
Leidenfrost Wm. dyer, 33 Thames 
Leidig George, cooper, 356 William 
Leidy Thomas, clerk, 3 s Calvert 
Leikauf John, tavern, 138 Hollins 
lytjike Wm. F. carpenter, 135 n Fremont 
Leimkuhler Albert 11. shoemaker, 38 s Bond 
Leimkuhler Albert H. shoemak. 152 Raborg 
Leimkular Edward, shoemak. 86 Orleans 
Leinert Casper, laborer, 230 Cathedral 
Leinez Daniel, tailor, 196 n Central av 
Leingrube Rev. Maximua, Saratoga nr Park 
Leinklein Lenhard, 186 Hughes 
Leipole Jacob, irou smelter, 43 Leadenhall 
Leinsz H. clerk, H)6 n Central nv 
Leinze Fredk. confccti.mer, 87 Hiiiille 
Lf-inze Win. carpenter, I3.J n Gay 
Leip Valcnline, .shoemaker, 2D1 C;-ntral av 
Leipker Frederick, Aliceanna near Burke, 

Leipp Adam, shoemaker, 41 Low 
Leis Chn.s laborer, is4 ? Ann 
l..ei.><er An'jusi, carter, 2.')J s Eutaw 
Lei.shear .Vlbcrt, stone mason, -202 e Eager 
Leishenr Richard, carp. 13(1 Do phin 
Leisz Jacob, tailor, 252 s Eutaw 





Leist Fredk. stone cutler, 152 Madison 
Leister Israel, clerk, 301 n Eulaw 
Leistner Jos. confectioner, 2"2'J Aliceanna 
Leitch Edw. bookkeeper, 102 n High 
Leitsch Jos, furn. dealer, 265 Aliceanna 
Leitz Andrew, cabinet maker, 49 Penna av 
Leitz Fredk. laborer, 121 Ro~s 
Leka Wm. clerk, 41 Tessier 
Lelchan Patrick, tavern, 7 Pleasant 
Leinan Ella, lire^s nuxker, 191 Hanover 
Leinan Waller, comedian, J91 Hanover 
LemckeG. H. (C. Kelly & Co.) 402 w Pratt 
Lemkul Chas. watch and jewelry store, 419 

w Baltimore 
Lemstein Geo. 348 Canton av 
Lemm Nicklehouse, 177 Stirling 
Lernmerman Dietrich, blacksmith, Peirce 

near Fremont 
Lemmin Gilbert, wood sawyer, 8 Wil- 
Lemmon Dr. A. H. dentist, 109 Gough 
Lemmon B. F. pressman, 7 Floyd 
Lemmon Bernard, road contractor, 434 n 

Lemmon 8c Brogrden, auctioneers and com. 

merchants, 60 Buchanan's wharf 
Lemmon Geo. clerk, 8 Cathedral 
Lemmon Jas. oak cooper, Green's ct 
Lemmon Jas. H. cooper, 220 s Sharp 
Lemmon Jas. oak cooper, 118 York 
Lemmon Jacob, salesman, 171 Vine 
Lemmon John W. policeman, 316 Sharp 
Lemmon John W. policeman, 6 Sevan 
Lemmon Joshua P. carter, 49 St. Mary 
Lemmon Josiah H. apothecary, 659 w B - 

Lemmon Noah, carter. Dolphin nr Division 
Lemmon Richard, carpenter, 15 McHenry 
Lemmon Richard (L. & Erogden) 8 Cathe- 
Lemmon Richard, jr. 8 Cathedral 
Lemmon Robert, 69 n Charle.s 
Lemmon Robeit of Wm. P. (L. & Son,) 40 

Lemmon & Son, shipping merchants, 64 

Buchanan's whf 
Lemmon Tbos. J. wood yard, dw 7 Lloyd 
Lemmon Thos. laborer, Russell near West 
Lemmon William P. president Merchants 
Shot Works, s e cor Front and Fayette, 
dw 40 Mulberry 
Lemmon Wm. P. (L. &. Son) 40 Mulberry 
Lenard Capt. Saml. C. 135 Gouo:h 
Lend Sebastian, paver. 164 s Bethel 
Lendor Saml. shoemaker, 132 Hamburg 
Lendonr Geo. laborer, 6 Harmony la 
ment sq 
Leneis Geo. cooper, 12 President 
Lenenroth Wm. ship joiner, Port al near 

Ciinton av 
Lenger John, blacksmith, 482 Penna av 
Lenhardt John, shoemaker, 253 e Pratt 
Lenhardt Peter, fancy store, 54 n Eutaw 
Lenice Conrad, laborer, 38 Slemmer's al 
Lenker Louis, cabinet maker, 15 Diamond 
Lennan Patrick, fireman, 87 York 
Lennox Thos. shoemaker, 154 Burgundy al 
Lenschow Chas. prof, music, 89 Franklin 
Lentz Alex, shoemaker, 246 Sharp^ 

Lentz Charles W. (L. & Flack) 146 Mul- 
Lentz Conrad, cooper, 504 Light 
Lentz & Flack, wholesale fancy and dry 

goods, over 231 w Baltimore 
Lentz Henry, cooper, 352 Mulberry 
Lentz Henry, painier, 32 Giitings 
Lentz John, shoemaker, 39 n Amity 
Lentz Peter, laborer, cor Eutaw and Yoik 
Lenz Henry, tin and sheet iron worker, 13 

Lenz John D. cooper, 117 s Ann 
Lenzberg Henry, cigar maker, 56 s Howard 
Lenzenberg Helen, grocery, 108 s Howard 
Lfnzburg Julius, cap maker, 108s Howard 
Lenzburg Maurice, tobacconist, 56 s How- 
Lenzner Chris, machinist, 390 Penna av 
Leon Hester, dry goods and millinery, 215 

n Gay 
Leon Saml. trimmings store, 42 Harrison 
Leonard Daniel, ship carpenter, 222 Bank 
Leonard George, carpenter, 560 w Lombaid 
Leonard John, drayman, Slemmer's al near 

Leonard John, tavern, 22 s Front 
Leonard John, huckster, 255 e Monument 
Leonard Lawrence, carter, 155 Burgundy al 
Leonard Mary B. tailoress, 265 w Pratt 
Leonard Mary, grocer, 65 Sarah Ann 
Leonard Mary, 125 McElderry 
Leonard Patrick, cailor, 35 Burgundy at 
Leonard Wm. millinery and embroidery 

store, 1(59 w Baltimore 
Leonhardt Chas. barber, 82 n Eden, dw 97 
Leonhardt Wm. sr. tailor, 156 Light st whf, 

dw 101 Hamburg 
Leonhardt Wm. jr. tailor, 101 Hamburg 
Leopold Wolf, pedler, 185 n Gay 
Lepold Francis, 21 St. James 
Lepp Conrad, shoemaker, Brown, near Eli- 
zabeth lane 
LepperChas. V. clerk, 287 Franklin 
Lepper Mrs. Geo. A. 287 Franklin 
Lepson Daniel, painier, 15 s Poppleton 
Lerch John & Bro. grocery, 16 Park 
Leroy Chas. blacksmith, 105 s Poppleton 
Lermann Conrad, grocery, 614 Light 
Lerp Amelia, variety store, 198 Sharp 
Lerp Conrad, (H. H. Theye & L.) 225 s 

Lertz Renhold, piano maker, 69 Garden 
Lerew Chas. J. (L., Sander & Co.) 186 w 

Lerew, Sander & Co. (successors to Chas. 
Fischer & Co.) importers of German, 
Eng. and French goods, 338 w Baltimore 
Lerew Jas. gilder, 82 n High 
Lerew Robt. 109 s Poppleton 
Lerwer Geo. clerk, 113 u Howard 
Lesch Casper, brickmaker, 466 Canton av 
Lesfaures Sarah A. tailoress, 13 Hill 
Lesher Jacob, gardner, 172 Ross 
Lesher Paul, laborer, 172 Ross 
Leslie Robt. shipping mer. 61 s Gay, dw 

219 w Madison 
Lessner David, cooper, Henrietta near Fre- 
Lessner John B. tailor, 116 Henrietta 
Lest Jacob, grocery, 948 w Baltimore 




LESTER JAMES M. pnxluce and com. 
warehi)U-e, 165 n Howard, dw Grundy 
near Ni)rihern av 
Lesier John G. cashier Howard Bank, dw 

1*27 s Pnca 
Lesier Capt. John, 9t n Charles 
Lrsler Jo-<eph, cnrpenter, \M Conway 
Lester Michael, lab^irer, 50 Bovd 
Lesier Shipley, nnderiaker, 132 Conway 
Lesier Samuel, Bryant Seininmy, s w cor 
Favetie and Repiihiican, dw 132 Conwny 
Lester TholI)a^ & Samuel T., Newtcm 

Academy, 79^1 w Baltimore 
Lesier Wiij. carpenter, -20 Wayne, dw 219 

Letcher Adolph. drv poods deal. 78 Hano- 
ver, dw s e cor Howard and Piait 
Letmate F. & Win. inaiiuf. tin and sheet 

iron ware, 59 Penna av 
Letmate Julia Ann, 5iove deak-r, 47 Ensor 
Letournau Francis VV. 4 s Ann 
Leiournau Lncreiia, 4 s Ann 
Leioiirnau Peter, maie, 4 s Ann 
Leiz Henry, porter, Cowpen al 
Letzer Joseph, teacher. KJO n Eden 
Letter John, shoemaker, 4.3 James lane 
Letterer Geo. laborer, 1^2 s Central av 
Letierer Michael, hucksier. 151 s Wolfe 
Leiterman Lawrence. 19'2 Stirling 

n Frederick 
Leuibecker Cha-. 19 n Frederick 
Leiiihold Mrs. Chris. S. -J!) Ogsdcn 
Leutner Francis, boot maker, 26-2 Sharp 
Leuiner Fredk. carpenier, '2(H> Sharp 
Leveniliail Fanny, 14 Mai.ip lead 

Leventhall , 199 Eastern a'/ 

LcTerina; A. J cleik. Camden nenr Onarles 
ters china, 98 and lUO w Lombard 
Leverinjj 8c Co. wh. srocers and connmis- 

sion merchants, 2 Commerce 
Levering Clil'ion, 104 w Monuineni 
Leverinf; Decatur E- (L. Bros. & Co.) 174 

Levering: Eugene, (L. & Co.) 308 Madi- 
son av 
Levering Fredk. A. (L. & Co.) 1G8 Park 
Levering Madison. (L. Bros. & Co.) 284 

Levering Peter R.(Tho.s. W. L. & Sons) 

5G w Madison 
Levering S S. (Th.W. L. 8t Sons) Monu- 
ment near Calvert 
Levering Thos. L. bookkeeper, 49 Biddle 
Leveling Thomas W. k Suii>, grain, seed 
and com. merchaiii<, 113 w Pratt, dw T. 
W. L 56 w Madison 
Loverion Win. seaman, 13 May 
Levi David, millinery and fancy store, 185 

n Gay 
Levi Jos. clothing and jewelry dealer, 138 

Light St wharf 
Levingston Peter, (Joue> & L-i w Pratt 
Leviiison Saml. (Harrison, Davidson 8t 

Co.) lOH Sharp 
Levinson Saml. 20 s Charles 
Levy Albert, clerk, 84 Harrison 
Levy Charlotte, \2b e Baltimore 
Levy Mrs. Elizabeth, teacher, 37 Orchard 

I Levy Erastus, restaurant, 11 Holiday 
Levy Era>tus, c nsiable. 72 w Fayelte 
Levy Jo>eph, painter, 102 McElderry 
Levy Joseph .VI. 165 e Prati 
Levy Louis, cigar maker, 114 Low 
Levv Mitchell, clothier, (;9 Centre Mkt sp 
1 Levv Saml. carpenter, 41 Moore al. dw 37 
I Orchard 

I Levy Thos. P. painter, Fayette nr Spring 
Lew'alt Hfnrv, lot. vender, 30 Shakspeare 
Lewis A. T. (L., Drost &. Co.) 92 n Paca 
Lewis Capi. .Abraham, 153 Cioss 
Lewis AHred M. omn. driver, 37 Penna av 
, Lewis Alfred M. farmer, Bee Plive tavein, 
j Penna av 

Lewis Amanda, tailoress, 174 Gough 
I Lewis Andrew, rope maker, 304 e Lombard 
Lewis Ann R. boarding house, 10>^ Hillen 
Lewis Benj. H. salesman. Fountain hoiel 
Lewis Charles, chair maker, 4S Henrietta 
Lewis Charle>;, garbase man, 101 Vine 
I Lewis David J. hoilermaker, 3 n Wolfe 
LEWLS, DROST & CO. importers and 
dealeis in fancy drvgds. 271 w Baltimore 
I Lewis E. & Bro. tailors. 36 Hanover 
Lewis Edward (E. L. & Bro.) 30 Hanover 
Lewis Francis H. piper siainer, 52 Hill 
Lewis George, (E. L. & Bro.) 36 Hanover 
Lewi^ Mrs. Eilen, dry goods dealer, 6S2 w 

Lewis George, shoemaker, Fremont near 

Penna av 
Lewis George W. miller, 682 w Baltimore 
Lewis Henry, piano maker, 53 Marion 
Lewis Hvj B. comb maker, 27 .^ Republican 
Lewis Jas. M plasterer, 91 Aiscjuiih 
Lewis Jacob S (L. & Perry) n e cor Caro- 
line and Biddle 
Fjcwi,^ John, 394 e Monument 
Lewis J(din, pilot, 122 s Wolfe 
LKWIS JOHN, grocer, 92 n Calvert 
Lewis John, policeman, 1.39 West 
Lewis Capt. John B.219e Fayette 
Lewis Jonn T. clerk, 185 Saratoga 
Lewis John G. tailor, 155 n Eden 
Lewis John, laborer, 124 Eastern av 
Lewis John, carpenter, cor Richmond and 

Clover al 
Lewis John T. pilot, 8 Cambridge 
Lewis Jos. N. secretary and treasurer Short 

Mountain Coal Co. 010 w Fayelte 
Lewis Jos. butcher, Knox ct 
Lewis Jos. mariner, 40 Douglass 
Lewis Jos. N. jr. clerk, 610 w Fayette 
Lewis Levi, block and pump maker, Flani- 
gan's ship yard, dw Johnson nr Warren 
Lewis Martin, stock and bill broker, over 6 

South, dw 302 Madison av 
Lewis Mary E. confectioner, 73 Penna ar 
Lewis Mary, 54 Philpot 
LEWIS MILO, agent Mutual Ben. Life 
Insuranca Co. 159 w Baltimore, dw Cal- 
houn s of Hollins 
Lewis M. H. clerk, Calhoun near Lombard 
Lewis & Perry, wh. ami retail boot and 

shoe store, 137 s Broadway 
Lewis Peter, confectioner, 55 Pearl. 
Lewis Redmond, p irter. Bank nenr Exeter 
Lewis S. Edwin, clerk, n ec(jr Fayette and 





Lewis Sarah, 156 Sarah Ann 
Lewis Saml. omnibus driver, 10 Walsh 
Lewis Theodore, grocery, 9 Tripoletts' al 
LEWIS THOMAS, Ottoway hall, s w cor 

Bond and Pratt, dw95 s Bond 
Lewis Thos. B. clerk, (Birckhead & Bro.) 

Gilmor near Saratoga 
Lewis Wm. machinist, 102 n Schrneder 
Lewis Wm. A. shoemaker, 153 e Lombard 
Lewis Wm. A. machinist, '28 Sierrett 
Lewis Wm. M. junk dealer, 147 Canton 

av. dw IGO Hanover 
Lewis Wm.P. importer and jobber of laces, 

embroideries, &c. 283 w Baltimore, dw 

351) w Fayeiie 
Lewis W. P. quarter master U. S. N. 211 s 

Lrwis Capt. Wm C. 134 s Broadway 
Lewis Wm. 238 e Lombard 
Lewis Wm. J. pump maker, 19 Bevan al 
Lewisson Chas. furrier, 189 w Baliiinore, 

dw 25 Conway 
Lewiioch Jacob (Frankel, Bros. & L.) 1(5 

w Pratt 
Lewyt Solomon H. jeweler and watch deal- 
er, 63 Front 
Leyburn Thos. confectioner. Id North 
Leydan Patrick, carpenter, 405 w Pratt 
Leyer Stephen, carpenter, 309 Central av 
Leyshon Davil, lab. Marriott, Locust pt 
Leyshon Matthew, lab. Marriott, Locust pt 
Leyshon Reese, copper smelter, Marriott, 

Locust pt 
Libender John, laborer, 22 Tessier 
Liberty Fire Go's. Engine House, junction 

Liberty, Park and Favette 
Lichty Saml. tailor, 127 s Broadway 
Lickle Fredk. cabinet maker, 16 L. Gough 
Liddan Patrick, carpenter Pratt near Penn 
Liebig Frederick, bacon ilealer, McMechin 

near Division 
Leiblich Marcus, dry goods dealer, 154 

Lhomine Rev. Francis V. superior St. Al- 

phonus Seminary, Penna av between 

Franklin and St. Mary 
Llebman Dr. Giistav. 50 n Front 
Licnzanmeir Geo. shoemaker, 411 Lexington 
Liete Rev. Fridolin, 25'5 Aisquith 
Lieutand Dennis, carpenter, 756 w Balto. 
Light-st Methodist Episcopal Church, Light 

s of Baltimore 
Lightfoot Edward, machinist, 11 Holiday 
Lighthouse Chas. cabinet maker, 53 Bank 
Lighthiser John N. shoemaker, 10 Bevan al 
Lightner Chrisr. nightman, 48 Somerset 
Lightner Mrs. Fanny, 109 n Gay 
Lightner George, laborer, 25 Perry 
Lightner Henry, boiler maker, 118 Hamburg 
Lightner Jacob, tailor, 24 May 
Lightner John, bricklayer, 318 e Monument 
Lightner Wm. H. tin and sheet iron worker, 

51 Milliuian 
Lightner Wm. P. property agent and col- 
lector, 51 w Fayette, dw 146 n Exeter 
LIKES & BUCKLEY, gas fitters, 2 McClellan 
Likes Hy. (Jordan k Co.) 157 s Broadway 
Likes Jacob, (L. k Buckley,) 42 n Paca 
Liller Fredk. ivory turner, 3 Park 
Lillienthal Mrs. Fredk. 70 n Schroeder 

Lillis Ralph, grocery, 121 Dover 

Lilly Alonzo, merchant, 95 w Monument 

Lilly George W. carp. 164 Preston, dw 156 

Lilly John, laborer, 14 Abbey al 

Lilly Richard, saddler, 7 s Calvert, dw 17 e 

Lilly Richard, jr. book keeper, 17 e Fayette 
Lilly Wm. H. trimmer, 17 e Fayette 
Liman Chas. W. grocery, 2 n Plarrison, dw 

80 s Broadway 
Limebeck Mart, coal heas^er, 38 Eastern av 
Liramerraan Deidrick, blacksmith, 175Peirce 
Limpert August, tailor, 173 Wolfe 
Limpert Christian, shoemaker, 67 s Regester 
Limpert Jacob, carpenter, 71 s Regester 
Limpert John, tailor, 94 Eastern av 
Limpert Peter, tailor, 67 s Regester 
Linaweaver Hy. L. shoemaker, 345 Franklin 
Linaweaver John N. capt. police, West Dis- 
trict, 44 George 
Linberg August, piano maker, 125 Vine 
Linck Geo. lager beer tavern, 31 Ensor 
Linck Joseph, glass blower, 193 s Caroline 
Linck Michael, butcher, 146 Henrietta 
Lincoln EInathan, bakery, 296 Saratoga 
Lincoln Francis, clerk, 295 Saratoga 
Lincoln Joseph, book dealer, 119 n Gay, dw 

Front-st hotel, 100 n Front 
Lind E. G. (L. & Murdoch,) 23 Monument 

Lind George, shoemaker, 26 s Oregon 
Lind & Murdoch, architects and superintend- 
anls, 3 and 4 McEldowney's buildings, 
s w cor Charles and Fayette 
Lind Samuel H. dry goods merchant, 49 n 

Lindeman Edward C. book keeper, 209 Han- 
Lindeman Fredk. shoemaker, 316 s Howard 
Lindeman Gustav, tailor, 316 w Pratt 
Lindeman John, carpet manuf. 173 e Balto. 
Lindeman John F. book keeper, 82 e Balto. 
Lindeman Margaret' 56 China al 
Lindeman Wm. laborer, 296 Wolfe 
Lindeman Wm. turner, 231 s Bond 
Linden Ernest C. wool and fancy goods 

dealer, 143 w Baltimore 
Linden Heriuan tinner, 134 Franklin 
Lindenburger Mary, shoe dealer, 368 Lex- 
Lindenburn David, grocer, 42 St. Mary 
Linderbaum Henrj', laborer, 46 L. Pleasant 
Linderman Conrad, baker, 188 William 
Linderman Daniel, broom maker, n e cor 

Sharp and Henrietta 
Linderman H. N. grocer, 112 s Eutaw 
Linderman John, hardware dealer, 216 Can- 
ton av 
Linderman Nicholas, tailor, 35 Chatsworth 
Lindle Abraham, shoemaker, 57 Harrison 
Lindnar Wm shoemaker, 63 Durham 
Lindner Conrad, laborer. Cannon, Canton 
Lindner John, shoemaker, 212 s Bond 
LINDNER LOUIS, tavern, 114 n Front 
Lindner Michael, cooi)er, 218 Penna. av 
Lindon Dr. C. M. 331 Light 
Lindon Capt. John, 97 e Pratt 
Lindsay Andw. B. lottery office, cor Ensor 

and Forrest, dw 166 n High 
Lindsay Elizabeth, 36 Orchard 





Lindsay Geo. W. prop, agent and collector, 

\<t St. -Miiry 
Lindsuy James, carpenter, 36 Orchfird 
Liiids;iy J. D. com. merclit. 73 s Charles 
Lindsay John, cari)enier, 3'J Durham 
Lindsay Wni. R. book hinder, over 114 w 

Baltimore, d\v 39 Urchard 
Lindsey Alexander, bricklayer, 66 Barre 
Limlsey John D. plasterer. 2i>;> e Eager 
Lineberger .\nn. dressmaker, 32 Marion 
Linehan Patrick, 81 Stirling 
Linenliaum Deitrich, laborer, 34 \v Lombard 
Ling i'etpr, laborer, 3 Smith's al 
Lingar Henry, Cambridge, Canton 
Lingar Philip, coojier. 71 Granby 
Lingebach V. barber, G9 Penna. av 
Lingenfelder Francis, grocery, 7.5 n Cen- 
tral av 
Lingenfelder Fredk. II. grocer, 301 Light 
Lingenfelder Geo. shoemaker, 5'1 Albemarle 
Li nginfelter James D. cabinet maker, 75 n 

Central av 
Lingemann Henry, baker, cor Paca and Ross 
Lingert ."^ebastain. ])ainter. 80 Boyd 
Lingner Henry, tailor, 109 Peirce 
Lintrnern Nicholas, grocery, 85 Rank 
Linhard Andrew, musician, 15 Comet 
Linhard George, musician, 8 .Stirling 
Linhard Jacob, clerk. Fremont near Lee 
Linhard John, musician, 14 Stirling 
Linhard John, baker, 217 .= Bond 
Linhanl Pliilij), musician, 14 Stirling 
Linhard Thomas, musician, 14 Stirling 
Liiihart .Mrs. Francis. 256 Happy al 
Link ISaltasar, piano maker, 242 s Sharp 
Link Geo. smelter. Canton av near Gist 
Link Lewis, shoemaker, 75 Somerset 
Link Mary, 47 s Wolfe 
Link .Simon, shoemaker, 104 .Stirling 
Link Thos. H. fisherman, Co.\, Locust Point 
Link Valentine, cooper, 121 Scott 
Linkempher John, huckster, 147 Stirling 
Linkenberg August, brickmkr. Kio w Pratt 
Linker John, tailor, 57 Booth 
Linker Lewis, cabinet maker, 15 Diamond 
Linker Wm. cooper, 71 Granby 
Linn B. livery stables, 5u Ross 
Linn Charles, hostler, 50 Ross 
Linnard Bernard, cor Gay and Chew 
Linnard Bichard, huck.eter, 204 Lexington 
Linnc Philip, blacksmith Poppleton near 

Linnehom Rudolph, shoemaker, 141 s Wolfe 
Linnerman Lewis, tobacconist, 148 s Eutaw 
Linsey .Mrs. Catharine, washerwoman, Ful- 
ton al, bctw. Howard and Tyson 
Linsmyer Joseph, tailor. 68 .Somerset 
Lint Joseph, pickler, 47 St. Mary 
LitHeiiberger .lohn. tailor, 372 e Eager 
Linthicum (.'has. A. attorney, 55 Lexington, 

dw .'i2 Columbia 
Linthicum ('has. G. horse dealer, 3 Penn 
Linthicum Francis, shij) carpenter. 111 Wil- 
Linthirum .John R. ship carp. Ill William 
Linlliicum Josiah, mariner, 111 William 
Linthicum .Saml. 26 Hamburg 
Linthicum Swectser, produce dealer, 37 Col- 
Linlliicum Thos. 220 TTollins 

Linthicum Thos. carp, n w cor Baltimore 

and Greene 
Linthicum Wm. 0. merchant tailor, 3n Cal- 
vert, dw Baltimore Co. 
Lintner Henry, shoemaker, 52 Thamas 
Lintol Frederick, shoemaker, 85 s Poppleton 
Linton Jane, 18U Lemnion 
Linton John, agricultural implement maker, 

140 e Madison 
Linton John, brickmkr. Johnson near Fort 
Linton Joseph, drayman at Camden station, 

dw 93 Conway 
Linton Saml. property man Holiday-st The- 
atre, 24 -Maiden lane 
Linton Wm., .Md. Potteries, cor Pine and 
Lexington, and 6 and 8 n Eden, dw 289 
Linwogon Joseph, baker, 56 Davii 
Linzey Arch. 201 Orleans 
LiuzeV John li. plasterer, 100 e Eager 
Linzey Saml. .M. chairmaker, 327 n Gay 
Linzey Wm. tinner, 327 n Gay 
Liones Henry, blacksmith, 91 Castle al 
Lipford Fredk. blacksmith, cor Pratt and 

Lipfrat Frederick, tavern, 101 Thames 
Lipkey August, cigar maker, 40 Liberty al 
Lipp Christian, (L. & Vogle,) Calverton road 

near Baltimore 
Lipp Francis X. 48 s Exeter 
Lipp James, clothier, 389 w Baltimoce, dw 

23 n Eutaw 
Lipp John, carter, 268 William 
Lipp Louisa E. milliner, 23 n Eutaw 
Lipp Sophia, 163 Eastern av 
Lipp & Vogle, soap and candle manuf. Cal- 
verton road near Baltimore 
Lippe Geo. car])enter, 80 n Poppleton 
Lippe Jacob, carpenter, 2 Baker's ct 
Lippe Jacob, carpenter, Chester s of Balto. 
Lijiper B. millinery and fancy goods, 153 

Lippert Peter, laborer, 206 Penn. av 
Lippey George, carpenter, 338 Franklin 
Lippey H. W. lightning rods. Dolphin near 

Lippey Jesse L. carpenter, 241 Conw.ay 
Lippey Joseph, tobacconist, 342 Franklin 
Lii>pincott, Capron & Co. provision brokers, 

Grocers' Exchange, Excliange place 
Lippincott James B. (L., Capron k Co.) 529 

w Fayette 
Lippman & Dellerie, tobacconist, 13 n Gay 
Lippnian J. (L. it Dellevie,) Front near Gay 
LippscotI Lawrence, omnibus driver. Dolphin 

near Penna. av 
Lippy Henry B. carpenter, 110 Dolphin 
Lipscoinl) George, clerk, 110 Camden 
LIPSCOMB J(»H.\ D. attorney, 4 Law 

buildings, dw Calhoun s of Flollins 
Lipscomb Rev. P. D.Calhoun near Ilollins 
Lisner Abraham, millinery, 83 n Gay 
List F. tailor, 26 Lloyd 
List Frederick, tailor, 16 e Lombard 
List Jacob, shoemaker, 213 Lexington 
List .John, varnisher, 167 ("arpenler al 
List J. Adam, shoemaker, 123 Columbia 
Lister .Martin, laborer, 102 St. Peter 
Lister Thomas, carpenter, 9 n Sharp, dw 
Saratoga w of Chatsworth 





Lister Thomas, moulder, 102 St. Peter 
Listler John, cooper, Frederick av near Cal- 

verton road 
Listner Ann, 89 e Lombard 
Litchfield Samuel A. machinist, 185 Hollins 
Litsinger Mary J. variety store, 229 wBiddle 
Litsinger Richd. pattern maker, 33 s Repub- 
Littig Caleb B. collector, 20 s Howard 
Littig Mrs. Caleb B. boarding house, 20 s 

Littig John M. clerk, 64 St. Paul 
Littig Luther, (Price & L.) 64 St. Paul 
Littig Philip, jr. cashier Marine Bank, 66 

Little Catharine, 102 n Greene 
Little Charles A. butcher, 2T0 Harford av 
Little David, clerk, 36 Albemarle 
Little Elizabeth, 32 George 
Little George H. wheelwright, 128 Pine 
Little George 0. editor, 16 Ogston 
Little James, marble polisher, 117 Preston 
Little James, stone cutter, 60 Buren 
Little James, shoemaker, 463 n Gay 
Little John Q. provision deal. 17 n Eden 
Little John A. 127 Sharp 
Little John, grocery, 25 e Lombard 
Little John, (L. & Simms,) 25 e Lombard 
Little Joseph, blacksmith, 132 Chesnut 
Little Joseph 1). engineer, 17 Warner 
Little Margaret, 2 McHenry 
Little Dr. N. W, office s e cor Mulberry and 

Greene, dw Gen. Wayne Inn 
Little Patrick, huckster, 71 Perry 
Little Rachael, 55 Chatsworth 
Little Richard, weaver, 557 Saratoga 
Little Robert, porter, cor Lombard and 

Little Robert, metal worker, 244 Hanover 
Little Robt. W. sailmaker, 25 e Lombard 
LITTLE & SIMMS, grocers and commission 

merchants, 64 s Gay 
Little Stephen C. messenger Adams' Express, 

dw 63 s Caroline 
Little Thomas, collector, 63 s Caroline 
Little Wm. S. 102 n Green 
Littlefield John W. ship carp. 151 Ross 
Littlefield Rufus P. (Reed, Stiltz & Co.) 16 s 

11 o ward 
Littleton Cecelia, boarding house, 30 n 

Litz Adam, cooper, 33 Elizabeth la 
Litz Francis, brewer, 238 e Eager 
Litz Frederick, gas metre maker, 27 Albe- 

ma rle 
Litz George, cooper, 8 Preston 
Litz Henry, clerk, 12 Cowpen al 
Litz Henry, tavern, 236 e Eager 
Litzenberg Jno. conductor, P. W. & B. R. R. 
Lit/.enberger Fredk. tailor, 173 Chesnut 
Litzeiiger Henry T. pattern maker and mill- 
wright, 29 Chase 
Litzkey Faliden, shoemaker, 87 Johnson 
Liverpool Packet Wharf, formerly Patter- 
son's, Philpot near Point 
Livereston John, tinner, 26 n Eden 
Livers John, boiler maker, 348 Franklin 
Livezej Elias, 28 McCuUoh 
Livingston Mrs. Jllizabeth, 60 Forrest 
Livingston Francis, hatter, 232 Light 

Livingston George A. painter, 60 Forrest 
Livingston John P. moulder, 60 Forrest 
Livingston Peter, (Jones & L.) 210 w Pratt 
Livingston Selh F. boot and shoe manuf. 165 

G. Hughes 
Livingston Susan, 108 Hillen 
Livingston Wm. 258 n Eutaw 
Llewelling James, carpenter, 338 e Pratt 
Llewellyn Thos. copper smelter, Cuba, Lo- 
cust Point 
Lloyd E. Rusk, (W. C. Woodside & Co.) 

107 Conway 
Lloyd Frisby, (Connolly & L.) Bond near 

Lloyd Horatio, paper bag maker, 329 Har- 

Ibrd av 
Lloyd J. H. clerk, 107 Conway 
Lloyd J. P. grocer, 30 s Exeter 
Lloyd John, hackman, 118 Conway 
Lloyd John, tinner, 352 e Lombard 
Lloyd John H. clerk, 107 Conway 
Lloyd Philemore, butter depot, 139 e Balto. 
Lloyd Reuben, tinner, 136 n Eutaw 
Lloyd Street Synagogue, cor Lloyd & Watson 
Lloyd Thomas, mariner, 9 Joppa row 
LLUYD THOMAS, hotel, 69 President 
Lloyd Thos. 317 Eastern av 
Lloyd Wm. B. ship carp. 313 e Pratt 
Lloyd Wm. locksmith, 221 Hollins 
Lloyd Wm. J. Union hotel, cor Charles and 

Lloyd Wm.H. machinist, 221 Hollins 
Llufrio Capt. John, mariner, 131s High 
Loane Edward, clerk, 154 e Pratt 
Loane Eliza Ann, 114 s Caroline 
Loane George B. teacher, 246 e Monument 
Loane George J. ship joiner, cor Covington 

and Montgomery, dw 97 s Bond 
LOANE & GRAFFLIN, Balto. bag factory, 

10 Bowly's whf. and 2 Wood 
Loane Henry, bricklayer, 148 Pine 
Loane Jabez W. (L. & Grafflin,) 353 w 

Loane John, master bricklayer, Ross near 

Loane John, cabinet maker, 72 n Eden 
Loane Joseph, cahinet maker, and underta- 
ker, 4;iO w Baliimore 
Loane Joseph J. ship carpenter, 174 Mont- 
Loane JVirs. Mary, 154 e Pratt 
Loane Richard, saleisman, 65 Pine 
Lobe I-aai-, pawnbroker, 32 w Lombard 
Li ber Cotjiad, 3LI s Howard 
Lober Ccniad, coacbsmiih, 177 w Lombard 
Lober Gecrge, coachmaker, 256 Central ar 
Lober Julii', coachmakei, 45 Orchard 
Lochaiy Mary, fancy milliner, 271 e Balti- 
more, dw 274 
Lochan Michael, laborer, ne cor. Hamburg- 

and Plumb al 
Loche Geo. H. (Kaifbus & L.) 154 e Monu- 

Lochstampcr Jacob, shoemaker, Frederick 

road ntar Snake ho low 
Lock Fredk. locksmith, 39 s Oregon 
Lock Jos. messenger at Mi. Clare, dw 161 

n Kxeier 
Locke Henry, turner, 245 s Paca 
Locke Jo-eph. clerk. 164 n E.xe[er 




Locker Chri-iian. tailor, 173 Chesnul 
Locker Geurge H. (Kalfbus & L.) 154 e 

Lockhart VVni. silv ■r<;inith, 236 n Caroline 
Lockingion Joslma & Co. wti. lesale grocers 

and commission inercliants, :W Clieapside, 

dw J. H. H Hollins 
Lockman Gotleih, 05 ii Kden 
Lockner Charles, laijor, 4o n Eiitaw 
Lockner George, laburt-r, 181 Aliceanna 
Lockrett John, carter. 112s Euiaw 
Lockwood Crandte E. shoemaker, 754 w 

Lof kwood E. book store, 42 n Greene 
Lock wo (1 John, tailoi, 3S2 w Lombard 
chandise hroki^rs. 69 Exchange place, dw 

R. M L. 72 Saratoga 
Ltickwood Wm. F. salesman, Lombard 2d 

door w of Carev 
L )cust P.iint Sieain Ferry, Kerr's wharf 
li)ebei)siein Jonas M. secondhand lurni- 

tnrc, 234 Mun gomery 
L.ieffler Charle^, >h()emaker, 4 Lewis 
Loewar Conra I, cabinet mk. 157 s Fremont 
Loewenstein Lewis, ^later, 219 Lexington 
Loewensiein Jo!m, tailor, 300 w Pratt 
Lowentlial Mis. J. la>hioiiable silk & .straw 

millinery, 27 n Howard 
L 'Hand John, • arpenler, 42 Chew 
L'lltus Mary, lt> s Front 
Lifiiis Richard, stonecutter, 8 Scott 
Lofins Thomas, machinist, 1() s Front 
Loiins Wm. ijuarryiMan, Noilhern av. near 

Logan Chas. W. clerk, G3 n Pine 
Logan Hugh M. (J. H. L. & Co.) 388 Lex- 
L'.)GAi\ J. H. &. CO cabinet makers, 41 n 

Paca. — [See;) 2(J Jdvertistments.] 
Logan James H. (J H. L. & Co.) 299 Sar- 
Logan Jaines. jr. (L. & Son,) 9i> s Eden 
Logan Jaines jr SiSon, feed store, cor. Pratt 

and Mill 
Lo^an Junes, weaver, 121 Peirce 
LOG.AN JOS. T. ma',Mstrate UthWard, 

411 w Baltimore, .|w Gen. Wayne Inn 
Lo?an Jo-eph T. 3SS Lexington 
Logan Mary, Ml n Emaw 
Lo^an Robi. V. book-kcrper, 294 n Eutaw 
Logan Samuel L baker, ■J^7 s Paca 
L'gan Wm. niouller, 99 s Eden 
L iu"-ilon Win plasterer, 75 Ross 
LOGUE JAMES&CtJ. com. merchant?, 

flour, pro luce. &c. 137 and 139 n Howard, 

ilw Jas. L. 2^9 II Eiiiaw 
Lngue James, laborer, 111 Harford av 
Li'gne Mary .V. 161 Ensor 
Lohman A lam, laborer. 163 s Spring 
Lohman Augustus, barber and cupper, 6 n 

Lohman Frederick, barber, 149 Franklin 
Lolimann Henry, lobacconiM, IH Albeniarle 
Lohrnever Henry, confcc'r, |.'j7 Franklin 
Lolimiiller Fredk. shoemak. 112 e Lombard 
LoliiniiJler 8t Krauk, tin and stove makers, 

227 Aliceanna 
Lolimiiller Thomas, tin and itove maker, 

326 n Howard 



Lohneis Christopher, shoemak. 71 Moore a 
Lohrfink Caspar, lavein, 37 Lancaster 
Lohirink John, cow dealer, 114 n Spring 
L hrfiiik Lewis, cow dealer, IIG n Spring 
Lohptr John, coacli.smiih, 45 Orchard 
Lohrman Henry, shoemaker, 317 s Charles 
Lohrman Michael bak- t IIS Henrietta 
Loisean Elizabeth, 212 Mulberry 
Loker Michael, pilot, 316 e Baltimore 
Lokainp Charles, porter, 5t> Richmond 
L iinax Win sh emakei,341 e Monument 
/..ombard Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 235 Cath- 
Lombard .street Meth. E. Chapel, Lombard 

between Gue>t and Chester 
LONEY B. S. 8t W. A. & CO. dry goods 

commissi. in merchants, 13 German, dw 

B. S. L. 2ti7 w Ma hson 
Loney Francis B. (SchaefTer & L.) 294 w 

LONEY HENRY D. attorney, 3] Lexing- 
ton, dw I61-1 n Calveit 
Lonev John, shoemaker, 391 w Pratt 
Loney Mrs. John W. 2!tH w Mailison 
Lonev Robert, coppersmith, 153 n Caroline 
Loney Robi.W.(Mahler&L.)153n Caroline 
Lonev Thomas U.(Hall & L.) 6 McCiilloh 
Loney Wm. A. (B. S.«& W . A. L. & Co.) 

237 w .Madison 
Loney Wm. lUH n Calvert 
Long Abiaham, brickmaker, n wcor. York 

and William 
Long Baibara. 72 Washington 
Long Caspar cooper, 271 William 
Long Charles, carpenter, 134 n Paca 
Lonu' Charles, confectioner 7 n Pine 
Long Conrad, shoemaker, 424 Saratoga 
Long Cornelius B. mate, 343 e Baltimore 
Long Daniel, conductor B. & O. R. R. 19 

Long David, clothier, 1283.< Forrest 
Long David W. carpenter, "45 w Baltimore 
Long Eliza, nurse, lH(i Montgomcrv 
Long Elli-B. (E. B. L. & Co.) 2(5 n Charles 
Long E<lward P. book-keeper, 26 n Charles 
Long E. B. iV Co. whol. (leal, and impors. 

dry goods, 3<l2 w Baltimore 
Long Francis, machinist, 185 Ramsay 
LONG GEORGE, painter, 72 Washington 
Long George, grocery, Ifsl Ramsay 
Long George, l.iborer, 192 Aliceanna 
Long Geo, shoemaker. Eager near Harford 

Limg George, laborer, 206 Penna. av 
Long George, carter, Potomac near Elliott, 

Long Henry, furniture wagon. 179 Stirling 
Long Henry, lea her inspci-ior, 1.3S Ross 
Long Henry, sawyer. Walker's ct. near 

Long Harriet, 171 n Gay 
Long H. K. clerk, 27 Cimway 
Lon;; Jabob, cigar box maker, 232 Sharp 
Long James, machinist, 13 Constitution 
Lcmjj James. 203 n Eutaw 
Lon« John, tailor. 2't2 s Bond 
Lon? John R. book kt-ep'r, 26 n Charles 
Long John, tailor, 32H f Lombard 
Long John. i.'as tiller, 13 Coiistiiuiion 
Lonu John T. boot m:iker, IH n Poppleton 





Long John, tailor, 253 Hughes 

Long John, shoemaker, 241 e Lombard 

Long John, woodsawyer, 149 e Pratt 

Long John, baker, 177 s Bond 

Long John, tailor, 107 n Spring 

Long John, shoemaker, 85 Lexington 

Lung John C. baker, 65 Ross 

Long John, painter, 179 Stirling 

Long John D. carpenter, 7 Chapel, dw 323 

e Pratt 
Long John, paper stainer, 416 Penna. av 
Long Joseph L. (E. B. L.& Co.) 44 s Sharp 
Long Joseph, carpenter, 13 Constitution 
Long Laura, seamstress, 83 s Poppleton 
Long Leonard, carpenter, 416 Penna. av 
Long Louis L. architect, over cor. South 

and Water, dw 67 Aisquith 
Long Mary, 416 Penna. av 
Long JVIichael, laborer, Greenwiliow near 

Penna. av 
Long Michael, huckster, 277 Columbia 
Long Michael, blacksmith, 356 Penna. av 
Long Michael, Fort av 
Long Rebecca, 181 s Eden 
Long Reuben, 215 Franklin 
Long Richard, 38 n Calvert 
Long Richard M. shoemaker, 153 n Exeter 
Lung Robert, ship carp, 186 Montgomery 
Long Samuel, ship carp. 120 Gough 
Long Stephen B. carpenter, 103 Ross 
L'.nig Thomas D. grocer, 117 s Exeter 
Long Thomas, clerk, 240 Saratoga 
Long Thcmas W. carpenter, Washington 

n of Bank 
Long Wm. shoemaker, 249 s Broadway 
Longcope Wm. (Wier, L. & Co.) 81 e 

Longerer, John, rigger, 87 s Castle 
Longhenry Wm. carriage mak. 271 n Cen- 
tral a v. 
Longkenry John, carriage maker, n e cor. 

Jeflersun and Spring 
Longley Clias. H. brickmaker, .33 Church 
Longley John, brickmaker, 20 Gittings 
Longley Samuel T. Division nr. Townsend 
Longman Jonas, mariner, 149 Aliceanna 
Longood Moses, cabinet mk. 223 Canton av 
Lons Conrad, tailor, 185 Chester 
Loock Charles, piano maker, 23 Chatsworlh 
Loos Henry, shoemaker, 122 Hollins 
Lous Henry, tailor, 22 s Washington 
Lopiccolo Francisco, hair dresser, 1.36 w 

Lops Nancy, 100 s Ann 
Lord Charles VV. (Robinson & L.) 316 w 

Lore Michael, milkman, Saratoga near 

Lorentz John G. harness maker, 588 w Bal- 
LorentzEngleworth, laborer, 230 Eastern av 
Lorentz Henry, baker, 421 w Lombard 
Lurelz Jacob, cabinet maker, 212 Chesnut 
Lories Olivei L.(Wm. Koch & Co.)Charles 

between Pleasant and JMulberry 
Lorrnan Alexander, 52 Lexington 
Lorman Arnold, milkman, 554 Saratoga 
Lorman Catherine, 84 Block 
Lorman John, keeper of drays, &c. 57 s 


Lorton Charles, shoemaker, 26 William a' 
Lortun Richard, police, 42 Henrietta 
Lorton Wm. laborer, 16 Henrietta 
Lorts John, cake shop, 109 Hill 
Lorz John, cabinet maker, 18 Park 
Losch John, shoemaker, 17 Jew al 
Losco Christopher, laborer, 132 e Piatt 
Loscomba Jane, Cox, Locust Point 
Loscumb Henry, 129 Cross 
Lo.scumb James, ship carp. 202 s Ann 
Losey Lewis, tanner, 100 s Central av 
Loskein John, carter, 62 s Caroline 
LOSIER E. K. principal Baltimore Com- 
mercial College, over n e cor. Baltimore 
and Charles, dw Gilrnor House 
Lother John, shoemaker, 13 n Dallas 
Loiz George F. shoemaker, 187 Conway 
Loud Grenville, (C. M. Jackson & Co.) 

24 s High 
Loudenbaugh John, wood turner, 236 Dallas 
Loudenslager Adam, box maker, 126 Low 
Loudenslager Conrad, carpenter, 350 w 

Loudenslager Jacob, 103 s Spring 
Loudenslager John W. hiicklayer, 412 Sar- 
Loudenslager Sylvanus, piano maker, 102 s 

Louderbaugh Jacob, shoemaker, 272 Can- 
ton av 
Louderman Mrs. Eleanor, 125 Bank 
Louderman Fredk. mariner, lU7s Broadway 
Louderman Capt Frederick, 107 s Ann 
Louderman Henry R. 56 s Broadway 
Louderman Jacob, machinist, 125 Bank 
Louderman Jas. S carpenter, 56 s Broadway 
Louderman Wm. H. machinist. 125 Bank 

1 North 
Lough Joseph, book-keeper, 51 Lexington 
Loughlin John, laborer, 1 Dover 
Louer Daniel, grocery, 233 Aliceanna 
Louis Ch;irle» F. shoemaker, 242 Hanover 
Louster George, laborer, 10 Spruce 
Lout Conrad, lottery vender, 5 Fountain 
Loulenberger Wm. tailor, 94 Raborg 
Love Ann, 5 e Secon-^ 
Love Augustus, grower, 118 Burgundy al 
Love Geo. omnibus driver, 272 s Ann 
Love James, bricklayer, 95 s Fremoit 
Love James, policeman, 259 Aisquith 
Luve Mrs. Jane, 6 Comet 
Luve John E. police, 113 e Lombard 
Love Joseph, 69 Granby 
LOVE, MARTIN &C0. produce and pro- 
vision commission merchants, 56 Ex- 
change place 
Love Oscar, police, 5 e Second 
Love Robert Horace, (Love, Martin & Co.) 

138 Park 
Love Dr. Wm. S. 26 s PacA 
Love Wm. E. machinist, 26 s Paca 
Love Wm. B. family grocer, 136 n Charles 
Loveatl Wm. laborer, 6 Swan 
Loveday Eliza, 455 w Fayette 
Loveday Thos. tobaccon'i, 280 Greenm't av 
Lovegrove James, bailiff Sup. Ct. 71 nHigh 
Lovegrove Thomas J. engineer, 341 n Gay 
LOVEJOY AMOS, 563 w Fayette 
Lovekamp Frederick, porter, 197 Mulberry 





Lovejoy Abbot L. clerk, cor. Lexington and 

LOVEJOY PERLEY R. acting Presi. in 

Newion Uiiiversiiy, ilw Mansion House 
Lovell George, haiier, 110 n G:iy,dw34 

Lovell Solomon G. 34 Conway 
Loverin? Geo. A. butcher, 164 e Eager 
Loveit Will, ij Swan 
Low Wui. seaman, 77 Cross 
Lowe Henry, paper manufact. Republican 

near Lexiris^tou 
Lowe John H. deputy, Sup.Ct. 3 s Broadway 
Lowe Ji)hn, 'As Broadway 
Lowe Levi B condr. freiglil car, N. C. R. 

66 s Ann 
L.)we Patrick, tavern, 17 s Front 
Lowe Peter, cooper, 71 Jasper 
Lowe Tiiomas W. printer, 43 Jackson 
Lowe Til imas, lab irer, 20 Abbey al 
Luwe Will, plasterer, 35 Garden 
Lowe Win. 144 Bank 
Lowe Wui. .shoemaker, 437 Le-tington 
Lowekamp John H. tailor. 64 Park 
Lowenbiirg Henry, grocery, 18(5 e Baltimore 
Lowenihal Simon, grocery, cor. Harrison 

and Fayette 
Lower Alex, shoemaker, 91 Amity 
Lowery Ale.f. Adaiu'^ Express driver, n w 

cor. Jetferson and Spring 
Lowery Cnas. express agt. Wolfe between 

Lombfu-j and raltimore 
Lowery Mary, 149 Forrest 
Lowiuan Chas. fireman, 23rt Canton av 
Lowman Christian, laborer, 51 President 
Lowman Georiie, inilor, 221 Eastern av 
Lownian Henry, tailor, 100 s Spring 
Lowman Lawrence, wholesale and retail 

cloihier, l!*o w Baltimore, dw ()5 s Eutaw 
Lowman Martha, seam's, IGi Burgundy al 
Lowman Lewis, 184 w Pratt 
Lowman Wm. laborer, 48 n Spring 
L.wniies And. J. 101 Mulberry 
Lownds James. (Siokes 8c L.) 42 n Front 
Lowrey Wm. Sec. Butchers Hide &Tallow 

Association, 317 Saratoga 
Lowrie John, huckster, Gi e Eager 
Lowry Francis, flour deal. Ill iVIcElderry 
Lowry George N. machinist, 101 Hollins 
Lowry Edward, fi.shennan, 22 Durst al 
Lowry James D. clerk, SO s Caroline 
Lowry John, ship carp, 181 Regesier 
Lowry Mary R. 30(J e Pratt 
Lowry Capt. Robr. J. seaman, 120 Orleans 
Lowry Thomas, tailor, 80 Chew 
Lowry Capt. Thomas, 160 e Pratt 
Lowry Win. L. public weigher, 48 s Gay, 

dw 5 s Broadway 
Lowry Win N. clerk, 80 Chew 
Lowther James, carpenter, 10 s Oregon 
Linvihers Wm. machinist, 341 Saratoga 
Lowver Conratl, cabinet maker, 157 s Fre- 
LOYOLA COLLEGE, s w cor Calvert & 

Lubliehusen Clement, 691 w Baltimore 
Lubecker Anna, grocery, 274 s Bond 
Lubecker John, porter and mineral water, 

274 s Bond 
Luber John, tailor, 271 Aisquith 


Lubke Adam, shoemaker, 211 s Charles 
Lubking Augustus, cigar iiiki. 40 Liberty al 
Lubuiig Charles, blacksmith, 142 n Cen- 
tral av 
Luby Thomas, grocery, 7 Hamilton 
Lucas Amos F. cigar inkr. II Harmony la 
Lucas Amos, tobacconist, II Harmony la 
LUCAS BROTHERS, publisher^, station- 
ers and lype founders, 170 w Baltimore. — 
[See p. 5lj Mvertisemenls.] 
Lucas Bros, type I'oiindry, 7 Bank la 
Lucas Edward B. shoemaker, 289 e Eager 
Lucas Edward C. (L. Bros.) Baltimore Co. 
Lucas Eliza M. 39 Saratoga 
Lacas Ferdinand, millwright, 298 n Eutaw 
Lucas Francis, butcher, 752 Penna av 
Lucas Francis M. 270 vv Fayette 
Lucas Henry A. (L. & Bros.) 199 St Paul 
Lucas R. Henry, flour and feed dealer, 421 

w Baltimore, dw 270 w Fayeile 
Lucas James B. machinist, 307 Eastern av 
LUCAS J AS. &t SON, book & job printers, 

over 15 s Calveit, dw 96 n Exeter 
Lucas John W. paperhanger, 148 s Caroline 
Lucas John H. policeman, 3G4 e Eager 
Lucas Major C. 140 Hamburg 
Lucas Osburn, laborer, 17 n liepublican 
Lucas Sylvanus, clerk, 103 Hanover 
Lucas Thomas E. shoemaker, 4*9 n Gav 
Lucas Thomas W. shoemukei , -lts9 n Gay 
Lucas rhos.O. shoemaker, 43 Miiliman 
Lucas Valentine, cigar maker, Poppieton 

near Mulberry 
Lucas Valentine, cigar maker, rear of 439 

Lucas Wm. R. clerk, 270 w Fayette 
Lucas Wni. B. carpenter, 279 n Eutaw 
Lucas Wm. F. (L. Bros.) 59 Saratoga 
Lucchesi Frederick, prof, of music, C8 

Luch Henry, cook, 234 e Fayette 
Lucketi& Young, produce com. merchts. 

119 w Lombard 
Luckeit Roger C. (Clark & L.) 2G7 w 

Ludeking Phil, saddler, 433 w Baltimore 
Ltider Christian, huckster, 3 Jackson's cl 
LudgerChas. laborer, 17 Elizabeth la 
Ludington Lewis, 340 Canton av 
Ludley John C. machine card maker, 156 

s Fremont 
Ludley Wm. livery .stable, 86 German, dw 

Fremont near Portland 
Ludlofl" Jacob, ship carpenter, 24 Block 
Lualow Thos. hostler, 171 Ramsay 
L'ldmann Arnold, laborer, 231 e .Monument 
Ludvigh Samuel publisher "Torch," 26 a 

Gay, dw 89 s Eden 
Ludwic Edward, shoemaker, 69 e Lombard 
Ludwig Andrew, blacksmith, Bank near 

Central av 
Ludwig Caspar, laborer, 15 Biddle al 
Ludwig Herman, varnisher, over 131 Cam- 
Ludwig John, grocery, n e cor Hanover 

and West 
Lu Iwig John A. mer. tailor, 111 Saratoga 
LUUWING JOHN, tavern, 53 n Frede- 
Luecking Herman, saddler, 179 s Bond 





Luerbeii John, laborer, 193 Ar^yle al 
Luke Ernesl, boarding, 274 s Charles 
Luke Francis, painier, 184 n Caroline 
Lukehart Lewis, 2GI Broadway 
Lukehart Mary 25U e Eager 
Luman Capt. James W. 24 n Bond 
Lumbay George, laborer, 28 Philpot 
Lumpkin Robert G. (John Ferry & Co.) 

li;7 Sharp 
Lutnstlen Robert, grocery, 41 Cheapside, 

dw 92 s Bond 
Lupton E. F. (L., Shryoclf & Ce.) 131 e 

Lupton, Shryock & Co. lightning rods, of- 
fice Sun Iron Building 
Lupton William H. agent, Pratt near 

Luniz Michael, tailor, 196 e Pratt 
Lurmari Gustav W. (Uelricks & L.) dw 59 

Lurman John S. clerk, 59 Franklin 
Lusby Amelia, 35 s Ann 
Lusby Ann, 129 Hanover 
Luaby Chas. A. huckster, 79 s Fremont 
Lusby Doioihy Ann, (J Neighbor 
Lusby R. Edwaid book keeper, 209 w 

Li'sby Henry W. painter, 77 e Fayette 
Lusby John D. (Wingnte & L.) 36 s Ann 
Lusby Mary C. 2S0 w Madison 
Lusby Robert H. 477 w Fayette 
Lushbaugh Martin, cabinet maker, 67 

Lusk John, carpenter, 71 s Eden 
Lusiges Christian, furniture warerooms, 

556 w Biltimore 
Lusinauer Charles, grocery, n w cor Penn. 

an<l Northern avs 
Luihardt Loronz, Ijaker and confectioner, 

775 w Baltimore 
Luther John C. huckster, 38 e Lombard 
Lutheran Church, (English Evang ) Ches- 
apeake, Canton 
Lutheran Church, (German) Eastern av e 

of Broadway 
Lutie Rev. F. Saratoga 2d door e of Park 
Luits John, capt. waich custom house, 225 

LUT'i S JOHN F. Ferry house, 49 Thames 
Lutis John, labiirei, 3 Gold's ct 
Luiz Adam, lager beer house, 24 Fell 
Luiz Andres, wagoner, 50 President 
Lutz Charles, scissors grinder, 224 Dallas 
Lutz Charles, huckster, 185 Eastern av 
Lutz Christian, wagoner, 54 President 
Lutz Chri?!tian, carpenter, 3U Constitution 
Lutz Conrad, shoemaker, 26 s Oregon 
Lutz Conrad, vinegar depot, 321 Saratoga 
LUTZ DAVID, grocery, 240 Eden 
Lutz Edward, bookseller, 128 s Paca 
Lutz George, tailor, 62 .s Central av 
Lutz Jacob, shoemaker, 146 n Front 
Lutz John, shoemaker, 17 Fish Market 

Luiz John, carpenter, 276 n Cential av 
Lutz Jo.veph, tailor, 259 e Eager 
Liiiz Martin, carter, 50 Piesident 
Lutz Martin, cooper, 62 s Central av 
Luiz Nicholas, house and sign painter, 116 

n Front, dw 150 

Lutz Nicholas, cooper, 253 s Ann 
Lutz Philip, tinner, 130 Peirce 
Lutz Mrs. Susan, 274 Eastern ay 
Lutzbach Henry, shoemaker, 77 Leaden- 
Lutzus Henry, shoemaker, 193 s Bond 
Lux George, baker, 285 Light 
Lyceit George, bookseller, 36 n Greene 
Lycett Wm. C. book binder, 8 n Liberty, 

2d floor, dw 292 Penna av 
Lyden James, laborer, 200 Raborg 
Lyeth Andrew H. marble worker, 363 Co- 
Lyeth Caroline, 273 Franklin 
Lyeth Edward, carter, 363 Columbia 
Lyeth Samuel H. carter, 363 Columbia 
Lyell John E. apothecary and druggist, 44 

Lykes Jacob, gas fitter, Dorsey's hotel, 

Paca near Saratoga 
Lyle Henry W. (Gorman & L.) Dallas near 

Lyle Samuel, weaver. Beam's la near 

Lyles John, clerk, 160 Washington 
Lyies Wm. com. mer. 67 w Pratt, dw 65 

Lyman Mary, 184 n Calvert 
Lyman Wm. O. carpenter, 98 Hollins 
Lynch Daniel, blacksmith, 188 n Eutaw 
Lynch Daniel, ashman, 85 s Spring 
Lynch Dennis, hack driver, 67 North 
Lynch Dixon S. bricklayer, Forrest hotel, 

cor Hillen and Forrest 
Lynch Eleanora, 362 e Monument 
Lynch Henry, ship carpenter, Gough e of 

Lynch Jane, 6 Maiden la 
Lynch James, laborer, 4 Addison 
Lynch James, laborer, 14 Webster al 
Lynch James, machinist, 6 Maiden la 
Lynch James, engineer, 2 Booth 
Lynch John H. plasterer, 97 Bond 
L3ncli John, laborer, 75 Eastern av 
Lynch John, nightman, 219 Mullikin 
Lynch John, iaik)r, 228 Saratoga 
Lynch John, laborer, 6 Maiden la 
Lynch Dr. Jeihro, 298 Saratoga 
Lynch Joseph W. carpenter, 76 Chew 
Lynch Joshua, (Newton & L.) 188 Bank 
Lynch Luke, straw, hat &, bonnet bleacher, 

202 n Exeter 
Lynch Jos. S. painter, 302 e Monument 
Lynch Matthew, wheelwright, 124 Holiday 
Lynch Matthew, laborer, 9 Booth 
Lynch Matthew, laborer, 151 Aliceanna 
Lynch Michael, 33 Ross 
Lynch Michael, iron founder, 311 East- 
ern av 
Lynch Nicholas, sailmaker, 160 e Pratt 
Lynch Patrick, 48 Boyd 
Lynch Peter, laborer, 184 McHenrv 
Lynch Stephen, shij) joiner, 277 e Pratt 
Lynch Thos. E. ship carpenter, 143 Bank 
Lynch Thos. laborer, 253 s Dallas 
Lynch Wm. puddler, 45 Fawn 
Lynch Wm. tanner, Front-st hotel, 100 n 

Lynd John, laborer, 210 Bank 
Lynd John D. carpenter, «5 s Castle 





Lvnker Henry, baker and confectioner, 38 

n Greene 
Lyon Chas. H. painter, 330 n Eulaw 
Lyon Ira C. (K(>se & L.) -JVJ vv Lombaril 
Lvcm James W. ckrk, '.)■_• w Monument 
Lyon John H. hou>e and urnamen'al pain- 
ter, 2;J Pliilpot, dw 165 e I3;iliimore 
Lvon John T plasterer, 301 R.tmsay 
Lynn John B. clerk, 221) Franklin 
Lyiin Leniuel Z. veterinary sur^^eon, Har- 
ford av 
Lyiin Robert, laborer, 187 n Exeter 
Lyon Robert, engineer, otiti Cathedral 
Lyon Samuel H. 'J2 w Monument 
Lyon Thomas, clerk, 9-2 \v Monument 
Lvon Win. H. clerk, 22 Perm 
Lyon Wm. L. clerk, 229 Franklin 
Lyons Charles E. carpenter, 173 Hollins 
Lyons Cornelius, ensjinecr, 3 Arniisiead la 
Lyons Eden, tavern, 54 Li;,'ht 
Lyons Honora A. dtess maker, 5 n Fremont 
Lyons James, wheehvriirlu, 'J Armistead la 
Lyons John, tobacconist, 11 Warner 
Lyons John, laborer, 114 Scott 
Lyons Laurence, laborer, Mosher near 

Pennsylvania av 
Lyons iVialachi, laborer, 11 s Front 
Lyons Mary, ^4 Si. Paul 
Lyoas Richard L. carpenter, 3ol Ram.say 
Lyons Timothy, laborer, cor Mosher and 

Williamson al 
Lyons Ttiomas, laborer, Booth 
Lyons Wm. J. plumber, 17G n Caroline 
Lytle Robert A. watchmaker, 29 vv Fayette, 

dw '.ioH n Eutaw 
Lyde (Mrs. J ) & Shipley, (Mrs, S. J.) 
gents furnishing store, 108 Lexington 

Maasch Theodore, butcher. Gist n of Bal- 
Mabee Thaddeus, cutter, 393 w Pratt 
Maben Eliza, 51 s Caroline 
Maben Mis3 xMargarel, 51 s Caroline 
Macartney John, miller, 42 e Eaf<er 
Maccomac John, laborer, 15 China al 
Maccotler Joseph, ship carp. 198 s Charles 
Maccubiii Henry W. lailor, 73 s Greene 
Miccnbin Robert W. planemaker, 17 

Li^ht, dw 403 Lexington 
Muccubin Samuel, brush manufacturer, 

10 s Calvert, and Judge Appeal Tax 

Court, and Comptroller, dw 292 Chase 
Maccubin Thos. C. painter, 42 North, dw 

294 Chase 
Macdonal John Alexander, police, 554 w 

Macdonald & Du::dale, flour and grain 

com. inerchants, 75 McElJerry's whf 
Micdoiiald Peter, (M. & Dagdale) 11 s 

Mace Alford & Co. loiterv dealer^, 132 n 

Gay, dw A. M. 119 n High 
Mace & Brother, grocers and feed dealer^, 

237 e Baltimore 
Mace Dr. Carville B 289 e Fayette 
Mace George, clerk, fiO n Caroline 
Mace Franklin, (M. &. Iko.) 2HJ) e Fayette 
Mace John H. (M. & Bro.) 289 e Fayet'e 
Mace Stejihen T. ladie.s' shoemaker, 60 n 


Mace Oscar, cigar mkr. 294 e Monument 
Macebray Mary, weaver. Beam's la near 

Macgill Mrs. Anna E. 54 Pine 
Macgill George, miller, Wetheredville, 

Baltimore County 
Macgill Patrick, clerk, 236 n Eutaw 
Macgill Richard, clerk, 23(j n Eutaw 
Mache Cliarle.s, 278 s Bond 
Maclien Arthur W. attorney, 33 St. Paul, 

dw Saratoga w of St. Paul 
Machen John, milk seller, Holiday near 

.Macher John S. cabinet maker, G7 s Paca 
Mac.;k Christian, laborer, 104 s Spring 
Maik George, laboier, 15 Gin I font al 
Mack Henry, watchmaker, 125 Saratoga 
Mack John, wheelwright, 118 Columbia 
Mack John, laborer, 3H n Amity 
Mack John, laborer, 81 Goodman al 
Mack Joseph, drayman, 27 Lancaster 
Mack Thomas, wheelwright, 76 Columbia 
Mackall Dr. L''onard, 53 Saiaioga 
Mackamul .lacob, shoemaker, 18 Somerset 
Mackbier Frederick, cooper, 22(3 s Paca 
M tcken Mary, confec. 31 e Monument 
Macken Thomas, carpenter, 487 Saratoga 
Mackenliammer John, hatter, 113 Chew 
Mackenheimer Frederick, tobacconist, 4G 

Mackenheimer John, 17 Ogston 
Mackenheimer JNicholas J. cigar maker, 17 

Mackenheimer Wm. tailor, 17 Og.'^ton 
Mackenzie Colin B (Tlios. M. M. & Sons) 

69 Franklin 
Mackenzie Cosmo T. (Thos.M.M. & Sons) 

69 Franklin 
Mackenzie Colin, agent Great Western In- 
.surance Co. of N. Y., Commercial build- 
ings, dw Read near Charles 
MACKENZIE & CO. apothecaries, 68 w 

Mackenzie George N. (Thos. M. M. & 

Sons,) 195 Franklin 
Mackenzie Dr. James S. 35 Lexington 
Mackenzie Dr. John C 118 Park 
Mackenzie' Dr. Jolin P. 35 Lexington 
imp. and dealers in hardware and sad- 
dlery, 222 w Baltimore, dw T. M. M. b9 
Mackiiizie Thomas G. (M. & Co.) 68 w 

Mackenzie Thomas G. jr., 35 Lexington 
Mackert Catherine, 216 Bank 
Mackey John, pattern maker, 120 n Fre- 
Mnckin Bernard, carpenter, 257 Franklin 
Mackin Marv, grocerv, 77 Jetl'erson 
Ma( km Miciia.-l J. 2.')7 Franklin 
Mackiniire Joshua G. wateiman, 200 Con- 
Mackintosh Margaret, 93 JefTerson 
Mackintosh Wm. clerk, 17 McCulloh 
Maclcisun Daniel, >tonc mason, Freiierick 

road near toll gate 
Mickort Jame.s, butcher, Choptank near 

Macks Isaac, dry goods dealer, 165 n Gay 





^hip caipenier, 75 

Mackswell Williani, 

Macleay D. clerk, 151 Park 
Maclellan R. C. supt. at Barnum's hotel, 

dw 50 n Paca 
ecaries and druggists, '257 w Baliimore 
Macoinber Gideon, stone cutter, 332 w 

Mactier Samuel, merchant miller, 8 Spear's 

whf. dw 40 Cathedral 
Madden David, coachsmith, 139 w Biddle 
Jhidden Dennis, carpenter, 96 Preston 
Madden Elizabeth, 138 Lee 
Madden Henry, carpenter, 229 Aliceanna 
]\ladden Jane, TS Booth 
Madden Jeremiah, tailor, 53 s Bond 
Madden John, wagoner, 48 President 
Jh^dden iMartin, lal)orer, 50 u Eutaw 
Madden Michael, baker, 217 s Bond 
Madden Patrick, laborer, 96 Preston 
.Madden Thomas, hackman, 96 Preston 
Madden Thomas, laborer, 1 Grace's ct 
Madden \Vm. T. painter, basement 34 St. Paul 
Madden Wm. T. painter, 136 n Eden 
Maddess Mrs. Mary Ann, nurse, 66 n Fremont 
Maddigan John, 196 liaborg 
Maddigan Thomas, laborer, Falls road, near 

Northern av 
Maddison Henry, mariner, 210 Bank 
Maddox Charles T. Judge Appeal Tax Court, 

59 St. Paul 
Maddox Edward, clerk, 133 Lexington 
Maddox George W. boilermaker, 151 Cross 
Maddox James, painter, 71 s Bond 
Maddox James T. tavern, 136 Hollins 
Maddox John T. painter, 18 Jeii'erson 
Maddox Julia, 65 s Bond 
Maddox Wm. F. engineer, 312 n Eutaw 
Maddux Charles, painter, 753 w Baltimore 
Maddux James, shoemaker, 753 w Baltimore 
Maddux Thosmas, carpenter, 753 w Balti- 
Maddux Thomas, shoemaker, 12 Light, dw 

753 w Baltimore 
Madigan Ann, 7 Thompson 
Madigan James, nail maker, 75 French 
Madison Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, 

cor. Madison av and Townsead 
Maemble Charles, painter, 1035 w Pratt 
Maempel Wm. printer, 3 n Frederick 
Maer Andrew, shoemaker, 159 s Sharp 
Maer John H. laborer, 45 Hampstead 
Maffei Angelo, dealer in fancy goods, 94 w 

Maffett Martha A. preacher, 369 w Lombard 
Maflitt John, printer, 108 Columbia 
Maffitt T. T. 95 Fremont 
Magaha Samuel, shoemaker, 720 w Baltimore 
Magan Henry, blacksmith, 29 e Monument 
Magar John M. pilot, 20 n Bond 
Magarity John, 20 Thompson 
Magee George A. magistrate, cor. Eutaw k 
Saratoga, dw cor. Howard and Cathedral 
Magee John, gardner, 2 Walsh 
Magee John M. dry goods and trimmings 

dealer, cor. of Franklin and Ogston 
Magee Wm. P. trimmings and furnishing 
I store, 80 n Eutaw 
) Mager Martin, boil.ermaker,^O^^mity___ 

Magers Elias, wholesale tobacco dealer, 10 

Exchange place, dw 38 Fawn 
MAGERS GEORGE W. bookseller, 175 Lex- 
ington, dw 192 Saratoga 
Magers J. W. (Waugh & M.) 189 Saratoga 
Magers Peter A. butter dealer, 210 n Gay 
Magers Samuel, cigar maker, 79 Somerset 
Mages Nicholas, musician, 140 e Lombard 
Magher Mrs. B. grocery, 13 n Poppletou 
Magill Ann E. 54 Pine 
Magill Daniel, feed dealer, 81 Penn. av 
Magill John M. machinist, 185 n Central av 
Magill Patrick, feed store, 410 w Baltimore, 

dw 50 Josephine 
Magill Wm. A. tailor, 305 n Gay 
Maginney Daniel, omnibus driver, 10 Walsh 
Magne Edwin, foreman at cedar ware fac- 
tory, dw 49 s Greene 
MAGNE HORACE, proprietor cedar ware 
mill, 404 to 418, office 408 w Prait, dw 35 
Hollins. — [See Advertisement.'] 
Magnes Zach. brickraaker, 166 Lee 
Magness Benj. chairmaker. 459 n Gay 
Magness John A. painter, 46 Harford av 
Magness Samuel L. at city collector's office, 

190 Hollins 
Magness Thomas H. Rising Sun hotel, 74 n 

Magness Wm. A. bricklayer, 287 e Eager 
Sun buildings, s e cor. South & Baltimore 
Magrady James, laborer, 20 May 
Magrath John, grocer, 193 s Charles 
Magraw James, nightman, 98 Stirling James C. (M. & Koons,) 71 Biddle 
MAGRAW & KOONS, forwardinghouseaud 

freight agents, Penn. depot, 80 North 
Magraw Robert M. 37 n Calvert 
Magruder Mrs. Eliza, boarding house, 236 w 

Magruder Hez. C. (Fitzgerald, M. & Co.) 36 


Magruder James E. inusic teacher, 167 Ross 

MAGRUDER JESSE H. attorney. Mansion 

house, 61 w Fayette, dw Walsh w of Biddle 

Magruder John, fireman, corner Pratt and 

Magruder John R. secy. National Insurance 

Co. 236 w Lombard 
Magruder Joseph, policeman, 6 Somerset 
Magruder Robt. B. clerk, 236 w Lombard 
.Maguire James, coach painter, 209 n Exeter 
Maguire James, baker, 209 n Exeter 
Maguire Jno. A. carpenter, 117 Eden 
Maguire John, laborer, 79 Richmond 
.Maguire i\Iary, 192 s (Uiarles 
Maguire Patrick, grocery, 41 e Eager 
Maguire Philip, laborer, 182 Lemmon al 
.Maguire Thomas, bookseller, 2 Rechabite hall, 

Fayette, dw 25 Chatsworth 
Maguire Thomas, coachmaker, 209 n Exeter 
Maguire Wm. baker, 192 s Charles 
.Maharty .Michael, laborer, 23 Slemmer al 
Mahan James, tavern, 45 s Frederick 
Mahan John, laborer, 11 Centre Market sp 
.Mahan John, collector, 109 n High 
Mahan Michael, clerk, 130 e Lombard 
.Mahany James, chairmaker. 249 e Monument 
Maheney Michael, porter, 148 Bank 
Maher Jos. blacksmith, 87 n Schroeder 




Maher Alban, clerk, s e cor. Eutaw and 

Maher Mark, tailor. 37 Marion 
Maher Patrick, sexton St. Patrick's Church, 

Pliiladclphia road, near city limits 
Mahleis Martin, baker, 292 s Bond 
Mahler C. coppersmith, back of 119 Front, 

dw 122 s (Central av 
Mahler Christian, .M. (M. & Loney,) 8 Cen- 
tral av 
Mahler Danl. eno;ineer, 15 Sterrelt 
Mahler & Loney, uianuf. of copper ware, 28 

Mahnken Chas. 121 Thames 
Mahon John, laborer, 11 Centre Market sp 
Mahon Owen, laliorer. 15 s Front 
Mahon Dr. O. S. 184 n Calvert 
Mahoney John C. (Rowe, M. & Co.) Bank 

near Chester 
Mahool Mrs. Eliza, procery, 252 s Broadway 
Mahool Geo. W. clerk. 48 s Sharp 
Mahorney .Mathias. machinist, 73 n High 
Mahr Charles, musician. 23 Pleasant 
Mahr John, shoemaker, 490 Penn. av 
Mahr Michael, ship carpenter. 20 Stiles 
Mahr Peter, tavern, 296 s Bond 
Mahr Philip, huckster, 56 Goujrh 
Mahrenqr Adam, milkman, Clinton near 

Fllliott. Canton 
Maiar John, laborer, 7 Albemarle 
Maid Geo. cutter, 179 s Bond 
Maidlow Chas. produce dealer, 309 Penn. av 
Maier John J. grocery, cor. Frederick & Gay 
Maier John P. grocery. 127 Barre 
Maier John, baker, 78 s Wolfe 
Mailhouse Joseph, dry goods dealer, 213 

Canton av 
Mailhouse Lewis, cigarmaker, 25 Albemarle 
Mailiiorn .Michael, laborer, 30 ? Regester 
Mailhorn Zach. shoemaker, 30 s Regester 
Mainlev James, dealer in horses, 199 n Eden 

dw 210 
Mainley Samuel, tinner, 28 Jackson 
Mainley Thomas, carpenter, 95 Orleans 
Mainsier Israel, ropemaker, 259 Gough 
Mairreks Augustus, varnisher, 20 Schroeder 
Mairs James, porter, 241 Light 
Maisel Antoine, rag dealer. 102 Lancaster 
Maisel Jasper, turner, 58 Forrest 
Maith Wm. mate. lo3 West 
Maitland Benj. (Bryan, M. & Co.) 254 w 

Maitland B. jr. (Bevan, Phillips & Co.) 254 

w Lombard 
Maitland John W. (Bryan, M. & Co.) 254 w 

Makemall Anthony, shoemaker. 103 Stirling 
Makepeace Benj. .M. (Henry Tiffany & Co.) 

28 Cathedral 
Maker John, blacksmith, Lombard near 


Maker . laborer, 20 Hamburg 

-Mrtkesy Edward, laborer. Gist nr Canton av 
Makiliben Thos. machinist, 132 n Fremont 
Makibbin James G. merchant tailor, 30 Park 
Miiksall Chas. rigger. 187 Argyle al 
.Malaney .Matthew, baker, 5 Dover 
Male Wm. tailor, 168 s Bond 
-Males Wm. salesman. 122 s Caroline 
Malbon James, grainer. 'Ml Lexington 

Malcolm Jas. attorney, 27 Lexington, dw 

Baltimore County 
Mftcolm, P. & Co. grain, flour and guano 

merchants, 12 Bowly's wharf 
Mallalieu Edward. ]iluinlier, 61 w Fayette, 

dw Mosher near Grundy 
Mallalieu Franklin, machinist, Aisquith near 

Mallalieu Jane, 20 L. McElderry 
Mallalieu vSarah, Mosher near Grundy 
Mallalieu Sarah, 110 Dolphin 
Malley James O. grocery, 38 President 
Mallinckrodt Wm. dry goods merchant, over 

31 s Charles, dw 182 Preston 
Mallon Francis, laborer. G Neighbor 
-Mallon James, grocer, 121 Chesnut 
-Mallou John, block and pump maker, cor. 

Patterson and Cable, dw 73 Lee 
Maloy Thos. laborer, 19 Slemmer al 
Maloy Wm. C. bookkee|ter, .'^9 n High 
Mallon Patrick, grocer, 44 Chesnut 
Mallonee Wm. jdasterer, 270 Franklin 
Mallonnee Wm.ship carpenter. 7 AN'ill 
^lalloy Charles P. 260 Lombard 
-Malloy James A. clerk, 231 e Baltimore 
Malloy John, clerk, Union Bank, 223 e Balti- 
Malloy Michael, blacksmith, 64 s Republican 
Malloy Patrick, shoemaker. 64 s Republican 
Malloy Thos. blacksmith. 64 s Republican 
Malloy Wm. clerk, 39 n High 
Malole Jas. laborer, 109 Garden 
.Maloly Thos. tavern, 17 Stiles 
.Malone Daniel, laborer, Cuba, Locust Pt 
Malone James, smelter. Cotton row. Canton 
Malone Johanna, dry goods store, 549 w 

Malone .Michael, laborer, Lancaster, Canton 
Malone Owen, ship carpenter, Chesapeake 

near Boston, Canton 
Malone Richard, watchman, 105 Raborg 
.Maloney Arch. 18 Ogston 
Maloney Barney, laborer, Hanover nr West 
Maloney Daniel, carpenter, 65 Garden 
Maloney Elizabeth, 135 n Paca 
Maloney Jackson, police, 135n Paca 
.Maloney John, carpenter, 135 n Paca 
Maloney Joseph, 1,35 n Paca 
Maloney Michael, laborer, 18 Parkin 
Maloney Patrick, laborer, 5 Fitzpatrick's ct 
Maloney Peter, chairmaker, 313 s Charles 
.Maloney Peter, chairmaker, 10 Hill 
-Maloney Richard, tailor, 19 Barre 
•Maltby C. S. oyster dealer, foot of West Falls 

av. dw .Maltliy House 
MALTHY HOU.SE, Henry M. Smith proprie- 
tor, 180, 182 and 184 w Pratt 
Maltby Lucius U. bookkee]>er, .Maltby house 
.Maltcr Mrs. Susan, 528 Lexington 
Malville Mary, washerwoman, 83 Preston