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Full text of "C. Hart Merriam papers relating to work with California Indians, 1850-1974. (bulk 1898-1938)"

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(Yokiah-Boyah Division Porno) 

K/J'J-M()'-AH Tribes, Bands and Viila.,es 
3 pages (Zcof>U%) 

^^ /^ 



A Pomoan tribe closely related to Boyah 

KAN-NO-AH. . .Tribe of Yokiah-Bo^h group, extending from upper 
part of 6*rcia River to coast, which they reach between Pish 

Rock and Gualala River. N Fork Gualala River lies wholly in 

( Imraediately to tho south (south or Gualala 

their territory.--! River] are the We-shah-chum^mi »-a tribe 

Vjpeakmg a quite different dialect.^ c^v^ 

cane^^oa (Barrett 1908). . .See also Shah- n§- oo- shah . 

Chahm-soom-lS ( tcaunsumli Barrett). • .Village on ridge dividing 

head waters of Garcia Riv^er from those of N Fork Gualala River 
, probably Z\ mi. from latcupda. —Barrett . Jiithno-Geog. Pomo. 

165. Feb. 1908. 

^ iwltcal (jBarrett 1908). . .See W^-ctehl 

Kan-no^ah list cent. J) 


• kamli (Barrett 1908). . .See^I^hatli 

kasasam (Barrett 1908). . .See . Kah-sah-sahn 

♦ katatiwani (Barrett 1908). . . See^ Kaht-sl-wah-ne . 

* kleteL . . "tillage in mountains between Garcia River and headwaters 
oTTI Fork Gualala River, probably 3i mi. NW of Lachupda . — Barrett, 
Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 165, 1.908. 

* Knova. . ."the people from Rock Pile (Mbamui or Knoya)".— 

Edwin M. Loeb, Pomo Folkways, p. 194, Sept. 29, 1926. 
Note.- Error: Rockpile Rancheria is Kah-bU-ho . and belongs 
to tho We-shah-ohuph-mi tribe. Kmya is an obvious error 
for Kan-no-ah.— 

Kahn-li (kamli Barrett). . .Camp i mi. N of Bowen's Landir^ and , 
1 3/4 mi. NW of Gualala.— Barrett. Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 1^'. 1908. 

Lah-chup-dah ( latoupda - Barrett) . , .Village on N^bank. amall 
flowing into N To A Gualala. li mi. upitream from"Ti««iW 

katsaiwanl . —Barrett . Ethno-Geog.. Pomo, 164, 1908. 


ll^^Mfi¥^J3^ffik^^Hle-8?§gk,^S«S^g^a^ ^f1SSSt?on 
167^ 1908 "^^^ ^^^ Gualala River. -Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 

atcupda (Barrett 1908). . .See 



-fSoiS^^L!®^ i^^.f ^i^®^ from masiiBnft and on N bank smll 
stream flowing into it, Barrett, Jfithno-Gecg. Pomo, 164, 1908. 

macanena (Barrett 1908). . . See 

Mah- shah-ne^nah 

' M 

lahah-ne-nah (macanena Barrett). . .Village on NW bank N Fork 
Gualala River, 7 mi. from iunction with main stream.— Barrett, 
Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 164, 1908. 

Kan* no^yah list cont. 3- 

.,.»..■ „ah.mah (maiaaaEia Barrett) . . -'^^^^^S'^f.^^^^^^J 

aualala River » 1 mi. NE of macanena . —Barrett , Ethno-Ueog. 
Porno. 166, Feb. 1908. 

matasaira (Barrett 1908). . .See 

Mah- tah- aah«mah 

- Mbamui (Loeb 1926) . . See jOm Knova Loeb 

Shah>ne-oo-shah ( caneaca B arrett). . -Camp on N bank g^^^l^Ji^^jAp 
12 or 15 mi Tup from mouth.— Barrett, Ithno-Geog. Pomo, 166. 1908. 

?^,e (ao'^i Barrett). . .Curr.p near N bank N fork Oualala River. 

li m. up from junction with main stream, —Barrett . Ethno-Geog. 

Pomo. 167. 1908. 
tcamsumli (Barrett 1908) . . .See 9dm^ nhahm-soom-le 

leki . . .Camp on rid^ ininediately S or N Fork Gualala River. 

2 mi. east of its junction with main stream.— Barrett, iithno-ueog. 

Pomo. 167. Feb. 1908. 

le»chahl . . . Bo-yah name for 

very large permanent ^v i Ilage 

on N side of mouth of Gualala River. 


recognized as a distinct tribe. We-chahl will have 
ferred from Bc-yah to Kan- no- ah territory. — 'i^w*^- 
Synonony : 
Iwltcal . . Barrett. Ethno-Geog. Pomo. 167. 1908. 

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I t^\ ajp/t.i^iq'a^j-c?.;^. 



ribj: list of kai^-'io-ah 

A Po'Tioan trib^^ closely related to lioyah 

yMuvpl'-fT . , .Tribe of Yo'-in.h-f^A^,y,'.h roup, oT'-ondin'^ frorr upper 
part of r*fi*rGia Piver *.o ooti3^, 7/hicVi they re ^ch between Fiah 

T'ock and '^ualala ^iver. ^*^ Fork Hualala T?ivor lioa wholly in 

Jlmmediately to the south (south of Gualala 

their territory.-- cv,r^»^< River) are the We -ahah-chum mi — a tribe 

(^speaking a quite different dialect. — cj^*v^ 

caneuca (b.».rrctt lOOr^) . . .oec filno ori.ih-ne-no- ihcJi. 

Cha.hjr-noofp-l S ( tsrur-inrrJi uarrett). . .Vili'. e on rid :e dividiri: 

heui watera of O^ircia ^ivor^from those of N Fork (Xialala River 

hno-''''ef>/,. lorro, 

• ^ rrohablv 2i mi. frorr IfitcapdH . — i. rrtjtt, i^t,\ 
ir.b, Feb .' I'^OB. 

_ _' 

l^ltca (Bvrrett POR). . .:^ee We-oWihl , 


n- ncH ah liB^ oont. 2- 

b^dl (Barrett 190n). . .3ee ^'^ahrr-ll 

V)-na%.'im (Barrett 190^0 • • "See ^'ah-aah-aaVin 

kataaiwani (Barrett l*^On). . .See K-iht-Bi-wah-ne ♦ 

Knoya. . ."the jieoiile from %ok Filo ( llbap-iAi or Knoya )*.-- 

Edwin M. Loeb. Porno Folkways, p. 194. So] t. -'^'. 1^^6. 

No^^e.- ?>ror: Hockj ile f^ancheria is KaVVt-ho, and V)elon"3 
to the K-e-ihah-o'^iufr-rni tribe. KnoV''. ii •• n obvious error 
for Kan-no-ri.h.--<iwv — 

'^''' ^- ll (Wli I>irrett). . .axmp -| rri. N of Bowen*3 Land in^^ and 1 
1 Vt rr.i. NW of ^"-ualala. --Barrett , Ethno-Heo \ Porro, 1^. PO^ 

rl'L^r. "^ ' ?" 1 ( kasa^un B<^rmtt) > . .C.«rnp, in moun'.^ina bet?/een H 
f rk ^u' i. la la ~ 1 ve r i no Rock Pile Crefek, «*i 5 mi. ^ of junction 

of n Fork vdth main '^ualala River.— Barrett, J:-thrx)-neo . Tomo. 
167, :90B. 

^aht-s1-v;.-ih>i»ne ( kats rj^fanl Bfirrett). . .Vill-i^;e hear opposite 

bank of N Fork '^ualala River fron^ maSi'-ena and on M bank ^rrall 
streajT! flow in-" into it, B'.rrett, Ethno-necy-. Porno, 164, 1^0^. 

Lah-chup-d :>.h ( latcup ■■ Barrett). . .Yill:; e on M-ban 
flowing, into N Fork nucjala, U rri. up at re.' an from 

katq:tiw:inl . — Barrotl, Lthno-Heog. Porno, 161, 1^0". 


l^^tc^pdA (Barrett r^On). . .See ^^ia© lah-ohup-d-h 

r*aoanenri (Barrett TK)^). . . oee 


X^ahl^haVi-ne-nah ( rucanona Barrett). . .Vill;;^-e on k\V baiik li Fork 
Hualfila River, 7 - i. rr'VD iiaiction with rain strcrj^.— narrett, 
tthno-Oeo >:. Por-o, K" : . loo^. 



^<'an-no«vfah li3*> cont, 3 

^^ah"t-j.h-g h-r-ih ( m ^' in f.r -a. B arrett ) . . .VilL- -e on ?1W bank N F 
^-uulcla River, 1 ri. Vt o f r-;icar,e rxi , —I-a rrot t . IAhno-'^eor% 
Porro, lf*>6, F^.^b. 190B. 


mta^rrra (Barrott I90r^) . . .See ;*isp M^ih-t.a'-i»n;.hT^Mh 

?%arui (Loeb 1926). . 3ee -si^ t^noya Loeb. 


or Iv 

- ne- o^iiria, 
5 ri 

( CM > leT; c V i-> .' ^r re tt ) . . •'^^fnp on K bank ^'ualala "River, 
Uj- from routh. — i.urrett, Ethno-^^'eo •. I'orr.o, 166, 190?"*. 

8tt). . .Canip near N bank N fork Gualala Rifer. 

It rn. up from ^"unotion with main atream.— Barrett , Ithno-Oeo % 

Poro, 167, 190f\ 

r^iumli (Barrett I'^OHJ . . .See fci=8^ Chahm-soom-le 

tseVi . . .Camp on ri j '3B irwiediat-ely S or N Fork 
J' rr;i. east' of itn iunotion with 'uin atreu/n.- 
^-^orro, 167, Feb. I9()f\ 

Gu tlala River, 
■L.irro vt , Jithno-Oco 

^'e>ehahl . . . bo- yah n.ine for t^zuir very lar-e j. errranenf^^v i i UT-q 
on N aide of ir.outh of C'ualala Piver. If the Kan-no-uh are 
reco.f2nij5ed as a distinct tribe, We-ch;:.'il wiil have to be trans- 
ferred frorr Bo- yah to V?.n- no* ah territory. — c^**-- 

i.ntcal. . i;arrett, ii.thno-neo ". Porro, 167, 190^'. 

^'■ "" " I 

n— 1^— « I i«ii»««»x«««i%i##i<»*a»«— ^<»^ 

'^P q//l/ IP 



(Kah-chi'-ah Porao division 

KAH-CHI«-AH Tribe, Bands, Villages and Camps 
39 pajes ccpy / 

KAH-CHI«-AH Rancherias. 3 pages (2 api^^S 

KAH-CHI'-AII Villat$es and Caraps, i| 9^c,QS ^ 2 CtP/dS\ 

> " ■•ji 


■'fc^**^-* ' — « «f -«A^. 

f \ 

" A o • '^/'AjOA . y^\ 


1^ ;. ^ '^.i\ TRIBE LISTpg KAHCHIAH POMO^ 

Including rancherias and cainp sites 


^tfcatoatia. . See Ah^shalvohalvte^oo. 




Ranchr-Barrett 236. 1908]. 

Ab-che-win:»nah.ATa^chim-win«nkh ( hat cTwJna ^ Barrett). . >01d ^ah-ch: 
ah village near where present Duncan? Mill stands Von nortn 
side Russian Riveri-Told me by member of tribe a-^ mouth of 
mssian River in 1905.- «^^ - [Camp site 5 miles above 
mouth.— Barrett 238, 1908] See also hatclwma . 

^ Ah-mah^vah-labiohe (amaveilatci . Barrett 234, 1908). . Village 

about 2 mi S of Ft. Ross.— cm»»^.^ 

ihh- shah- chahi- 1 e« oo (tfoattoatiu. Barrett 1908). . Village on 
long point S of Russian River mouth, on ridge i mi from tip 
of point— Barrett 232. 1908. See aso-WVaX^. 

Kahohiah Pomo 2 

. i-kow-wah-tol . . Village on S side of mouth of Russian River. 
The people of this village are called i-kow»wah-tol«bah 
ka- oha-mah. Told me by old native woman at this village 

in 1905.— cMfUiv 


. anayaklatei • . See Ah»mah^ yah- lah^ ohe . 

atcacinatcawalli . , , See Ahch^afe^she-nah-chah-wah-le 

, baoewl . • See Bah-shft-we. 

♦ baoeVokaill. . See > Bab-8ha-yo-ki-le . 

• ••••• •* 

» Bah-sha-^we CbaoSwi . Barrett 234. 1908). . Village (Barrett 
says camp) 3/4 mi N of Fisks Mill.— t5vy<o^ 

Kahohiah Pomo 3. 

. Bah..ahfc»vQ-ki-le Uaeevokain . Barrett 231. 1908). . Village 
3 mi S of Ft. Roaa.— c%a./s. 



. bataatsal . . See Bab-taah-aahl. 

At * 


Kahohiah Pomo 4. 

> BQO»lah;ko-we (- bulakowl . Barrett 226, 1908). . Village in 
mountaina 2 or 3 mi N of Wolf Creek, piE of^blea.— ^i-^*^^ 

. bulakowi . . See Boo-lah^ko-we . 

> V "' '^ 

.' I* 

r«^ \' r- 1, ^* ./J w 

' OapetCTna* . Camp near fe bankL-main branch Gualala River about 1 
of Seaview.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo ,238, Feb. 1906. See. 


SKa.K-p€- to- >»»« • 

(la^V\U - - 3> oV r I tv ^"^ o ^ \'\1'\, (CWvtotCa\\3 tTv^iT^Use ,VNo.rt\-> ^) 


( blmukaton 



i mi N of Lee Noblea.— c^^*'^-^ 

♦Cl»h-lahm^ke-o-mahlle C tcalamklamall . Barrett 1908). . Village 

Kahohiah Reaenration.-- c^w^ [On r: 
Lb out i mi SE of Kah^ le- ahah- dim*'. 

236, 1908]. 


. blinukatSn. . See Be^moo-kah^lol. 


. n 

> Chah-lahn^chah>wit ( toalantoawi . Barrett 1908). . Village on 


S bank of lagoon i^Tmouth of Ruaaian River.— Barrett 232, 


Kahchiah Pomo 5 

» Chah»mo^kah-me- ( toamokome . Barrett 237. 1908). . Village on 

o\ MW( 

ridge about 1 mi N^of Sea View (orv Mi side of main road.— c*«-^ 


ah-moo-kah C toamuka . Barrett 1908) . Village about 5 mi S 
of Ft. Hoss^ [i mi W of Charles Bale ranch house on same 
ridge— Barrett 232 . 1908] . 

-a,Vv~ pe~dLo.v>^ . . yvMJiw aiu^a^^^CjL^ 'K-Jct^*^ sU^^lo.rb?6l«^ , claimed by both 
Kah-chi-ah and V/e-shah chum-mi. — tJ^^A^-^ 

tcapida . . .Villap;e about 1 mi. N of B\ack Point. — Barrett, Ethn^ 
^ Creos. Pomo, 229, 1908 

Le-ko^bS-dah ( tcik(felda . Barrett 1908). . . . Camp site 1 mi 
~ Point Stewarts 


Barrett 233, 1908. 

?hiah Pomo 6. 

Jt '^.'^ 

. Che^to^now-le ( toltonS . Barrett 1908). . Village -^8^ mi S 


of Salt Point.— ^i*«^[l mi SEof Salt Point.— Barrett 230,1908]. 

, Chi* ko- 8 ah- do« chah» ne ( toaikoseuio^tcani . Barrett 1908). . Camp 
in mountains 3/4 mi from N£ bank of Kiddle Fork Gualala 

/ -. « 

River and 3/4 mi £S£ of He-boo^ we . —Barrett 238, 1908. 

Chit-te be-dah'kalle ( tcitl'bidakall . Barrett 1908). . Village 
[Barrett says camp] about 1 mi S of Fisks Mill where Planta- 
tion Road joins Coast road.— c«^. Same name as old village 
3/4 mi N of Timber Cove. See Ch$-te-bg-dah-kah-le . 

te^te ( tci'tl . Barrett 1908). . Canip 
Russian River. —Barrett 235. 1908. 

. Chr-teibf-dah-kah^le ( toitl^idakall . Barrett 1908). . Village 

3/4 mi N of Timber Cove; also same name for camp site about 
2i mi up the coast . —Barrett 230. 234, 1908. See Chjt-t? 


« Choo-mah-te ( tcumatl . Barrett 236. 1908). .Village on top 
of ridge between main Oualala River and Middle Fork, about 

midway between junction of these rivers and Kahchiah 
Res ervat i on. — c^>^^~- 



Kahchiah Porno 7. 

Kahchiah Pomo 8. 


ChTaohamaj a. . See Kwakamavu. 

. danafaa . . See ' Duinna^kah. 

^hva^ynajo. i See Kwakamayu.. 9ft t 



;vC<A^ >^ ^^ -' 



Chvaohamayu . . See Kwakamayu . 


ChwaQhamaj a. . See^ Kwakanayu 

> Dan-na3>kah ( danafaa . Barrett 229, 1908). . Village at Stewarts 
Point. Also given aa Soo^noo^noo^she-nal .— cj^ia^ 


danaga. . 

Danaga. . 

Danaga . . 

.Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 229, 1908. 
.Kroeber, Handbook Indiana Calif. , 234, 1925 
.Loeb, Pomo Folkways, p. 210, Sept. 29, 1926. 

. Be^kab-tah (dfeata, Barrett 1908). . Village ^^ mi S of Salt 

..j!*tw [Camp site about 1 mi SE of Salt Point.— Barrett 

234. 1908]. 


Chwachamaj u. . See Kwakamayu. 

» Doo-kah»8hal ^ dtJkaoal . Barrett 1908). . Village on ridge 
i mi NNf of Haupt Banch (Barrett 237 , 1908) and about 6 mi 
£ of Kahchiah Hesenration.^ d^v^N*-^ 


Chwaohamayu. . See Kwakamayu. 

^ Do<Awe de-tern ( dawldllem. Barrett 7Ze>, 1908). JVillage 3.x q /wx, 
>4^faoL5U*v4. <?folf Creek, 1/Vv^*:^:.--^-}^**^.^...,,^;^ i^^juk 

Kahchiah Pomo 9 

kah»lah wah^kah-le (^ 
ige [Barrett says cainpj 


^00.5^ Village about li mi S^ 


^ 'fPoBsibly *^hah-kow-we chum-mi J 

Do-we-kah-ton (Dowikaton Barrett]". . ,j^\^ "village'!-, [probably camp]^ 
on ridf,e separatir^ hec^dwatera of Wann Springs O'reek from 
Middle Fork Gualala River about li mi, NW of Leppo's dairy, 

which is at„3ummit.of^ridge, on, road betwean, Russian Biver_„- , 
valley and Stewart^- Poir^ 6n the coast.— Ethno-Greog. Pomo, 221 ,/oo5 

.dukao^l. . See Doti-kah«ahal. 

duwiditon. • See Doo»we de»tem. 

■ daWlkalanakall . . See Doo^we kah^- lah wah^kah-le 

dGwlmatcaeli. . See Doo^we mah-ohah el»le 

Kahohiah Pomo 10. 

♦ E-ri»o (Erio). . Band at mouth of Russian River.— Powers, 
Tribes of Calif. 194. 1877; Powell. Linguistic Families 
88, 1891; Handbook American Indians Pt. 1. 432, 1907 

(after Powers). [Name said to be Spanish or Russian]. 
Barrett after Powers, Ethno-Geog.Pomo, 231, Feb. 1908 

E-ru8»8i (Erussi, Erusi). . Band at Ft. Ross. — Powers, Tribes 
of Calif. 194. 1877; Powell, Linguistic Families 88. 1891; 
Handbook American Indians Pt. 1. 432. 1907. [Probably of 

Russian origin— Powers]. Barrett quotes Powers, Ethno-Geog. Pomo 
230, Feb. 1908. S^cT^wttka-vna^a.^ 

Gualala(Wal-halla, Valhalla).. Not Kah-chi-ah;^^as been used for both 
We- shah" ohum^mi and Kan- no- ah. ~c»^^ &*^>M<^kUKtt.Ki'-uk. 

>T%h»fth<C^ft»ir>ii.h (' hatolwina. Barrett 1906). . Village at Duncans 

Mill on N side of Russian River.— ^tesJI Camp site 5 mi aboTe 
mouth. —Barrett 238. 1908]. Ste <ci*» /4l1-a^^e-»vl>1'->.a).^^WcV^\W-w.'h-1aa.V^ 

Hjahihtanrno. . Village on S side Russian River about 8 mi 
from coast, at point now occupied by Monte Rio.— ^^^t^^--' 

> - 


Kahohiah Porno 


H«h»pah^moo ( hapairiu . Barrett 1908) . . •Western Moqueluninan* 
[-Olamentko] name. Cairgp site 2 mi S of Duncan Point.— Barrett 

hapffou . . See Hab»pahpmoo 



<A R^o- 


hatolWlna. . See. Hah-che^we^nah . See -^ti» 



* He-boo- we (hlbufirl . Barrett 1908). .Village in mountains K of Middle 
Fork and W of Puller Creek. —e>uw [i mi N of Middle Pork.— Barrett 
237, 1908]. .Hilpo-wi.. Powers. Tribes Calif. p. 189, 1877. 

hefaalakahwalau. . See Henwwah^lah kah^wah-low. 

Hem-wahllah kah^wah^low ( hdmalakahwalau. Barrett 1908). . Village 
about 3 mi S£ of Stewarts Point — ^^w [Camp site. Barrett 234. 1908] 

s^ i 






nahl^mo (hlwalbmii 

^ hlbukl . . See He>boo'^-we . 


• Hi»po»wi . .Powers .Tribes of Calif, p. 189. 1877. See Hq^boo-wg 

thlWlhrmi. . See He-wahl»mo . 

Hum^ohoo^wah. .Village on coast li mi N of Fisks Mill.— ti^«-^ 

Japiam, . Tribe i^ Russian. Valley^or north of Fort, Ross. --Kostrpmi^ 

^ ^J^ltrage WacHenJeiches/l^S^^ May be We-sh^^g^^g^h^ - 

♦ kab^at ell . . See Kah^ba^bah-ta^la . . 

jcabefaall . . See Kah-ba^mah"le. 

'kabeallawlna. . See Kab^bah-ail^lah^we^nah . 

• Kacava . and 

Yutava . . * The people of Stewarts Point".— Edwin f/.Loeb 
Folkways . p,, 194, 5e"pV. ' 29 , 1926. Sc€ K<tK-cK.*-aK> 

Kahchiah Porno 13. 

kadjuseunall . . See Kab- joo^sah-mah^le 

Kab-ba-bah«ta^li ( kabs'bat ell . Barrett 1908). . Camp site 
at or near Cazadero. — Barrett 238, 1908. 

'Kah;bah-3il-lah;we-nah CkabeallaWlna. Barrett 230, 1908) 

Village at Salt Point. — ciw>^ 
Kah-bah«te-we . . -Village across canyon from !^ 



Taber ranch (east 

_^, NNW 

of Lee 'Noble T^nch. -S^^^ ^irJib^tUL -Cairip site in mts. N of Middle Fk 

Gualala river and about li mi.NW of^^ 

Pomo. P. 226, 1908. Q4?^^s^ 

i. ^hibuw^j3 ^Barrett .Ethno-Heog. 


. Kah-ba^mah-le (kabemall . Barrett 1908) . . Village at Duncan 

Point.— c«^-v[6 mi S of mouth of Russian River. - 

>ulamma. ♦ .Western Moguelumnan'^ dialect name 
arrett, Ethno-Geog. Porno, 232, 1908. 

-Barrett 23(2,1908]. 

for this village.— 

Kahchiah P«ao 14. 

Kah-bo-ohe chah 


about i mi N of 

Plantation.— ci«*w- 

Kah-chiiah. . Coast tribe extending from 4 or 5 miles south of the 

" mouth of Crualala Eiver southerly to about 4 miles south of 

routh of Russian Piver. Their name for themselves, ^ciw^ 

.Kah- JQQ-aah-mah^le ( kad jusamali . Barrett 1908). . Village, 
i mi 3 of Bladw Pointj--^ [Cainp site 1 mi S.— Barrett 

233. 1908]. 

^ Kahlle-choo-mi-al f kaletoumaial . Barrett 1908). . Village 


237, 1908. 

Kah- le-mah' 


mouth.— Barrett 231, 1908. 

. Kah-l^o>3hah: ..Kahchfah npe for their^ojTigr yUlajge^^.on rj ^^ 
tween heads of Nort>h'TCi^ Middle FoilfsEiirmncheria "CfeSl^ Told 
me by members of the tribe. — c**-*— '^ j' ^-^'^a^UjBxi^ 

Kahchiah Pomo 15. 

» Kah^le ahah-djan^ ( kalecadim . Barrett 1908) . . Village on ridge 
S ftf Giialalfl. River a littla fafcther S than ihch-ah-ahe-nah- 

chah^wah-le . Given me as H mi "W" [S] of Kahohiah Reserva- 
tion.--c^»v^ [i mi SE of iho]> ah- she» nal> chah^ wah« le and 4i mi 
due W of Pot 51.— Barrett 236. 1908]. 

(feih-lin-dah C kallnda . Barrett 229. 1908). . Village about 
W i mi N of Blacks Point.— 


i mi N of 

Mill.— c«^^[2 mi N.— Barrett 230. 1908]. 

' ' [0 ( oopo^tomQ . 


Barrett 100 8 )* . Oomp oito on Gualftla 

Kahchiah Pomo 16. 

^ Kah^se-le ( kaslle . Barrett 227, 1908). . Village^on ridge near 

head of Wolf Creek.-- c^^^ 
Kah-ahi-yah. .Bg^:^ and Yfikiah pronunciation for Kahchiah. l>»^^se^j. 


Kah-tah-kah G katatka . Barrett 1908). . Village 1 mi NE of 
Charles Rule Ranch house.— Barrett 231. 1908:> \(katmatcj^) .f* Probably We- shah chum^mi . - 

Kaht- 3al;i-no a-mah ( featsanoama Barrett). . .Villaa;e on ridge be- 
tween headwaters Warm ^rings Creek and thoseof Middle Fork 
Gualala River. 2 miles NHl«3(Lappo) davv;/i*vM.u<4»-«.»^<-i^'^^^ 

™ (KawatCHJinoTb arrett lQD 8j ^^*^*^* 

Kah-wah- chanr nah vs «« rPu ii s IJJ \^p SBiK=iBt iim&s3^ee aaBadi S^. ^Village(6^ea4ka>) 
on Dixons pla<Qe on top Kl%W/on Healdsburg Road , 19 mlZJ from 
Kahchiah Reservation. [E limit Kahchiah tribe y [On the E is-tkc. 


[At Leppo's 

dairy.— BarreU, Ethno-Creos. Pomo, 224, 1908] 

' Kah-wahm^ ohah el- le feawamtcalell . Barrett 1908). .Village 
immediately W of Lee Nobles.— «i*^ [On flat W of Nobles 
bam.— Barrett 225, 1908]. 

Kajatschim. . Tribe in Russian River Valley north of Fort Ross.— 
Kostromitonow, Beitrage Russischen Reiches, I, 80, 1839. 

Kajatschimt . Bancroft (after Kostromitonow) .--Nat. Racea Vol.1 
449, 1874 . . "-L.1. 

Kahohiah Pomo 17. 

'kalecaclim. . See Kah^le shah-dim. 



.kalemalatS. . See Kah^le-taah-lah^to. 

w » 

• kalewica . .See Kah^leo-ahah. 

.kali'nda. . See Kah-lin^dah. 

.kaletoumaial. . See Kah» le- choo»mi-al . 

> kapaolnal . . See Kah^pah- 3he-nahl . 

Kahohiah Pomo 18 

. kata^ka . . See Kab^tah^kah* 

«kaivaintoa'eli. . See Kah-i>ahrr^ chah el»le» 

kawatcannS Barrett. . . See Kah-wah-chan-nah 

Ke-8hah^ve tocaiyl . Barrett 237. 1908). . Village about i mi 

S of Plantation.— 

<i*v — 


Khwakhamaiu. . See Kwakamayu 


Khitakhamayu . , See Kwakamayu . 

•kiMilXe. . See Kah^aerlS* 

. •«« 

Kaahia. . . India n Tr ib e at St ewa rt 5 Po 5 n t . — ak 1 and [Ca ] iJflr r i b una Idi^jfA 


Khwakhlamayu. . See Kwakamayu. 

Kahohiah Porno 19. 


Khwaklamayu . . See ^ Kiakamay xi 

> kloaiyl . . See Ke^ahalvve. 

Kah-bo-che chab' 

^ Ko^lo«mah«le . . .Village^ at Cdzadero 


on ridse back of Fieka Mill.— '^^^♦-E Camp 
Fiaks Mill.— Barrett 238, 1908]. 



.koomtcoboLcali. . See K5in» chah- bo^ chah- le 

Kahohiah Pomo 


. Ke-we-ehal (kowical . Barrett 229, 1908). . Village at Blacka 


' kowical . . See Ko-we^ahal . 

NW of .Leppo*s dairy, on road between Russian River valley and 
Stewartcts Point on coast,— Barrett, Ethno-Cxf-^ ■^— '^'^^ ■"^' 

vakhamaiu . . See Kwakaaaayu . 


Kwakamayu . . Nazne given by Huaaiana to band of Kahohiah on coaat 

north of Ft. Roaa. 
Synonyny: C 


^.— Ludewig. im. Aborig. Lang. 
Corrected m Errata to ChVach 




i3i.r^-Ltidewig , Am. Aborig. Lang. 170, 

Chia^3Sfflaj:u.— W. W. Turner, in Ludewig. Am. Aborig 
Lang. 212. 1858. 

Chwachamaja. — Ludewig . Am. Aborig. Lang. 170, 1858. 
Corrected in Errata to Chwacnamaju. 

Kahohiah Pomo 


Synonymy (Cont) 

Clflfislaaiii-^^ng®!! . Ethnol. Nach. 80, 1839. 

Kostromitonow. Beitrage Russischen Belches, 
I, 80. 233. 1839. 

Ludewig, Am. Aborig. Lar^. Zj^, 1858. Corrected 
in ^rata from flnyftffliqjrpft jf^-hN^<\g-^<>.-mAj.<x. .hno- 

'Buschmann. Die Spuren Aztekischen Sprache, 
Berlin. I. 568. 1859. 

.Bancroft, Native Races Pacific States I, 449. 
1874. III. 566. 648. 1875. 

•S. I. Colls. 414". 

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515-517. 1877. 

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Hist. t. 162. 1877. 

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stammes. Zeitschrift flir Ethnologie, X. 
457, 18*^8. , 

Barrett (After Powell) Ethno-Geog. Pomo 231, 1908. 

Chwachainayu- -Wilh. Herzog, Verwandtschaft des 
Yumasprachstammes , "Zeitschrift flir Ethnologie, 
X, 452, 1878. 

Khwakhamaiu— (after Barrett] Handbook of Am. Indians, 
Pt . 1, 

680-1. 1907. 

lQ]ffiyd3a2sa^--Wilh. Herzog, 
sprachstajnres . Zeitschr. 
450, 1878. 

Verwandtschaft des Yuma- 
far Ethnologie. X, 


Kahchiah Pomo 22. 



Synonymy (Cont.) 

SaisadblSfflaffll..- -Latham (after Baer's Beitrage) 
Proc. Philolog. Soc. London. VI. 79, 1854. 

Latham, ,0puscula 308, 1860. 

Khwaklamavu . — "Latham . Trans. Philolog. Soc. L 
77 , 1856" (quoted by Powell. Linguistic Fa 
87. 1891). 



Latham. Opusoula M3. 1860. 

Kv^chamaiu.— W. W. Turner, in Ludewig. Aborig. 

Lang. 239. 1858. ^, .... ,, _>.l«u 

La^dah-mab^le G ledamaill . Barrett 234. 19 
says camp) just S of Salt Point.— *^«^ 

'Lah^lahk-kah Glalaka . Barrett 1908). . Village 2i mi S of 

t I 1 

Kahchiah Reservation (probably farther).— o*«^ [On E slope 
of ridae E of GualaiaRiver.— Barrett 237, 1908]. 

Kahchiah Porno 


.Istlaka. . See Lah-lahk-kah 



Mad-ahui-nui : Indian name for site of Fort Boss /some 18 miles above 
Bodega Bay,*.— Bancroft, Hist. Calif. II. 298, 1^85. ^f^j^j^wj^^ishw^^ 
Ma/i^Bhniimui .-.R. A. Thompson. Russian Settlement ifrTfliT:p75^ 
AvvaJk. UcOv'-tS BarrettVbased on Thompson) .Ethno-Geog. Porno ,231, 1908. 

. Mah-oho^ko (matcSko . Barrett 238, 1908). . Village (Barrett 

^•i^'^isjL'i Mti\%t'n >«***ti^ 

says cam^fon ridge just W of Gualala River 1 mi S of 
Sea View.— t>u^-^ 

Kahohiah Pomo 24. 

.methmS. . See Mah= -mo. 

<Qn coaat^ 
^ Mahlte-mah^'le (megtimal i . Barrett 233, 1908). . Villag^^^arrett 

says camp) 2 mi S of Stewarts Point. — c!uw^ 


Middle Fork &i Gualala River and Haupt Creek.— Barrett 225,1908 




neously called Po^tol by Barrett. —c^ia^ 

Mah^^ (mahmo^ Barrett 226, 1908). . Village at Taber Ranch 

(•old John Fisk place") o^t».««iVvAi<)l«,Vv*«.<IL<iXc^«TWCLvA«.UVivu' 

. matcoko . • See - Mah- cho^ko . 



.mBktlmall. . See Mah>te-mah-le. 

from shoreline. 

08 fi^- c^^^ 


Kahchiah Porno 


natlwl » . See Malvte^we . 

.metehi. . See Ma^te»ne« 

Kahchiah Porno Z6. 

NS-kah-we ( nelcawl . Barrett 1908). . Camp site on ridge E of 
Fuller Creek and 3/4 mi from junction with Middle Fork 
Gualala River.— Barrett 238, 1908. 

> napagipulak . . See Nah»pah-^e-poO" lak 

Moo-chah-we Cmutcalwi . Barrett 236, 1908). . Village on ridge 
E of GKialala River about 3 mi S of Kahchiah Rancher ia.— <^ 

♦nelcawl. . See N&-kah-we. 

.mutcawl. . See Moo» chah" we . 


«oh6int51. .See 0-hum^lol. 

( Nah-pah-ge-poo-lak ( napagipQlak . Barrett 1908). ."Western Moque- 
lumnan"(=01amentko) name for camp site 1 mi S of Duncan Point.— 
Barrett 235, 1908. 


» 0»hum^lol ( ohOTitol . Barrett, 230, 1908), .Village about li mi 

of Stewarts Point^'«»>K^^^l^^^^ot>'->*e-7noLVi'^ha.i» «l-W. 



Kahchiah Porno 27. 

Oo-keo- cbawlc ( ukutoo'k . Barrett 1908) . . "Western Moquelumnan* 
C-Olamentko] name for camp site on coast 2i mi 3 of motith of 
Russian River.— Barrett 234, 1908. 

O-to-ris:' (otdhoe . Barrett. 1908). . Village about i mi S of Timber 
Cove.— C4.^ [near Polmer Gulch.— Barrett 230, 1908]. 

X otsViSe . . See O^to^naTl 


Kahchiah Pomo 28. 

fpacuftcitaawall . . See Pah" shoo^kit^mah^wah* le . 

. Pah- shoo- kit^mah-wah'le (paci&itmwall . Barrett, 233, 1908). 
Village i mi S.(tf Stei»arts Point.-«=^ (■B-.^rc^ ^<»r '"'^^ ? 

Po-tol (p5^ol . Barrett , 1908) . . Vulgar name (meaning venereal 
disease) given as name of rancheria at Charley Haupt Ranch.— i 
Barrett 235, 1908. ^^^ >>l«LV>-Ke-ia.W cki^^'w 


L=01ameftt)co] name for former villlfcge at mouth of SaMon Creek 

N side.— Bar 


ret t 235 . _ 
loame of this i:illage given me by tl 
IWah-la-kum. ~ - (^t^^.^./ 

r^ay Olamen^kQ ^ 

~ eyg«G5c^ --r— 8ee- - ya - moo ^ooY 

^^ ^jf.'iAZA^y, h ff^l^a^i- cL'-A^ 

# p8Wioana . . See Po-wish^ g V^ rmh^. 

Po- wish^ shfc" nah ( poWicana . Barrett, 1908). . Village 4 mi S of 
Ft. Ross.— e«v^ [on Walter Pisk Ranch. —Barrett 231. 1908]. 

Kahohiah Pomo 29. 

Kahohiah Pomo 30. 



at Sea View.— <^^^v^ 

• 8oO"bah- ohe-mah^le ( tsubaftoemall . Barrett 1908) . . Village 

1 mi HE of Russian Biver mouth and 3/4 mi back from ocean. -c^u^ 
Charles Bale Banch house now on site.— Barrett 232, 1908. 

^ seeplnamatci . .See Se* a- pe^ nah^mah- che . 

■ Sevemovskia .. Bancroft (after Kostromitonow) .Nat. Races. Vol. I, p. 449, 
7 Severnov3kia .Sevegncfeer..Ludewip:. Abo rip:. Lang. 170, 1858. Se^Kw«.l(ft.>*»avu, 

■: V \- .. \ . '-^ 

Sewemowzer (northerners). . Bussian name, used at Ft. Boss. 

for the Kwakamayu ( ChwachEuna.iu) . — Barrett (after Powers) 
231, 1908. 

. Shah»p^~ t o» me . C capetgme Barrett) . ..Camp near E bank main Oualala 
River about a mi. NE of Seaview. — Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 
238, Feb. 1908. 

> So»he-e be^dah ( soholbida. Barrett 234, 1908). . Village (Barrett 

•ays camp) i mi N of Fisks Mill.— 


soho'ibida. . See So^he^e be^dah 

. Sool-jo»too>mah;ie (suldj^iumali, Barrett 233, 1908). . Village 
(Barrett says camp) -J mi N of Stewarts Point. — c.^-— 

* Soer»me-we ( sulmewl , Barrett 230 , 1908) . . Village on N shore 
of Timber Cove. — o*w^. 

* 8oo^no ( tsuhno . Barrett, 1908).. Village (Barrett says carap) 
in mountains N or HE of Taber Banch.— «»-- Di mi Nf of Nobles. 
—Barrett 226, 1908]. 

^ Soo-noo^noo she«nal . . Village on ridge at Stewarts Point.— «i^«— 

See Dan-nah-kah . See a,\5o ja.rt(M|(&. 


Kahohiah Porno 31. 

'fiuldjdt^Dj^l. . See Sool» jo»too»mah»le« 

» sulmewl . . See Sool-me-we» 

tabatewi , . See Tah^bah-ta^we . 

> tadono . . See Tah-do^no . 

Tah^bah-ta^-we ( tabatewi . Barrett 230, 1908). . Village at Pisks 

Mill.— c^t~^ 

Tah^ohe be^dah ( taitoblda . Barrett 234, 1908). . Village (Barrett 
says cairgp) i mi N of Salt Point.— 

Kiiihohiah PomQ 32. 

^ Tahfahi^kah ( tat oaka . Barrett 1908). . Village (Barrett says canip) 

near Haupt Banoh.— ci^m^ [1 mi W of Haupt Ranch.— Barrett 239, 1908]. 

. Tab- choo^mah«wah» le ( tfafecumawall . Barrett 1908). . Village 
li mi S of Kahchiah Heserration.— c%v«v [on ridge £ of Gualala 


River about 2 mi SE of Tah-do^ no. — Barrett 237, 1908]. 

* Tab- do- no ( ta^lono . Barrett JL9D0) *. . . Village on ridge E of 
Gualala River about t mi SE of Chan- lahm-ke-o-mah-le.— Barrel 

236. 1908. 





, Tah^nah-he^mo ( tajiahlmo Barrett 238, 1908). . Village (Barrett 
says caiop) on Gualala River li mi N of Sea View.— cju^^ 



' talalUpu ...See Ah-ahah-chah-te-oo . see also apat cat iu^ 

Kahohiah Pomo 33. 

. ta^mhlmo . . See Tah»nah«-he«mo « 

Kahohiah Pomo 34. 

.t^^iunlcf ama.!"! . . See Chah-lahanke-O'-inah^'le . 

taiMun. • See Tah-nahmC 

* tealahboawi . . See Chab- lahn^ chah- wt ♦ 

. taft^oaka . . See Tfchbh^kJBih . 

» tcamSkome . . See Chah^moH-kah^me . 

<ta^tcblda. . See Tah^ohe be-dah. 

' tcamdka . . See flVm-^-wTriftn^lcflji. 

toapida Barrett. . .See Chah~pe-dah 

»t*a^toumawali. . See Tah- ohQo^ mft>^-wfi>^- \^ - 

toaikSsadSloanI . . See Chi»ko- eah- don ohah" ne . 

«tclk^'blda. • See Che^ko^be^dah. 

* tolll . . ' See Che^te. 

• « 

Kahohiah Porno 35 

•tcitl\)idakall. . See ChT-te-br-dah-kah>le. 

♦tcftono. . See Che-to^now-le. 

— 9 

toumatl* • See Choo-mahAte. 

/ telcalewl . . See Tek-kah-l&«we . 

> Tek»kal>lai^we ( tekalewl . Barrett 1908). . Village (Barrett says 
oainp) on ridge 3 or 4 mi S of Kahohiah Heserration.— otuu^[l-| mi 
Si of Haupt Panch. —Barrett 239. 1908!]. 

Kahohiah Pomo 36. 

Ton- to* che-mal^ ohe ( tchtoclmatol . Barrett 233, 1908). . Village 



y i — . ■» 

■t^^iltOgl"^^'?!- . See Ton- to- c h^-.yr )Ahl g he . 

Too»lS-kah-la^yo ( tulekaley o. Barrett 1908). . Village (Barrett 
says camp) close to (N of) Stewarts Pointy.— <^wuvl1 mi N^of 
Stewarts Point.— Barrett 233, 1908]. 

> Tsa-poo-wil ( tsapuwil . Barrett 1908). . Village about 7 mi SSE 
of Kahohiah Resenration.— (^«^on mountains between head of 
iaktin Creek and Gualala River about 3 mi SE of Tah-nahml 

—Barrett 238, 1908]. 

» tsapuwil . . See Tsa-poo^wil . 


Kahohiah Porno 37. 

Kahohiah Pomo 38 


, Tfloo-tahn-too-we (tailkantitoanawl . Barrett 1908). . Village 
1 mi N of Charlea Rule Ranch house and 2 mi N of Russian 
River mouth.— Barrett 231. 1908. - f^-^^r^ 

fUkutcolc. . See Oo-koo-chai*k'. 

»t8ubaitoemall. . See Soo»bah- che«-!nah» le . 


, t atfkant it oanawl . . See Taoo«tahn»too-we. 

»t>uhn6. . See Soo^no. 

» Venaainbakaiia. . Tribe about Ft. Ross.— S. I. Colls. 334 & 364. 

Synonymy: Venaanibaka!ia .--Powelirin Cont. N. A. Ethnol. III.Towe/s^Ws 

^S3, 1877. ^ 

/• Handbook Am. Indians Pt. 1, 880, 1907. 

Venaairibakiia. ^ -Powell in Powers, Tribes of Calif. 

504-508,1877. (%j>. W w-^*^^ ^«^^*-'^^»-^*-*'*-' •^1^*-'" ^''^^'^'^'^'V^'^- 
^'VanaajnbakiiaV— Wilh.Herzog. Verwandschaft des Yurrassrrach- 
atamnes.Zeitschrift far Ethnol. X, 457, 1878. rSpelt 
jLi jtjej^'iaj'ibak i la on next page.) 

Walhalla. . See 

. Waah-koo-pe-nah. . Village 3 mi N of mouth of Russian River.— c»uv^ 

. tulekalSyg. . See Too-le-kah-la^yo 

. laa-aaa-mo^loo . . Hoo^koo-e-ko & Olamentko name^orl Pomo Ivihn 

at mouth of Russian River.— ^"^ — 

V^'V*' ! 


• • • 

Word meaning ' our pROple '. >purselvg?', 


applied to themselves by the Kah-chi~ah of Stewarts Point 
(and doubtless also by other K^,3b-chi~ah b&nds). Not in 
any sense e tribal or band name — though so misunderstood 
by me for some years. -C'^fc'^ — ^ J ^ 

Kahchiah Porno 39 

N ^, 



.YlitayaCand Kacaya). ."The people of Stewarts Point" . —Edwin M.Loeb, 
Porno Folkways, p. 194, Sept. 29. 1926. See Y<th--to-vxK. 

Yapiam. . An unidentified Porno division living on Russian R. --B>retb, 
^ . .._«.,_ «^- T.-j_ -ni. o ^ noi iQn7 See also Japiam 

in Handbook Am. Inda. Pt. 2. p. 991. 1907. 


KAH-CHI«-AH Tribe, Bands, Villa^^es and Cainps 
39 pajes « ca^/ £. 

KAH-CIII«-AH Rancherias. 3 pages (^ af>/^^) 
KAH-CHI'-AH Villa^jes and Caiaps* h paries ^2 C6/?/>5N 


The following document is a duplicate of the 
preceding document. It may contain annotations 
and corrections not found on the original. 



including ranoheriaa und oainp sites 

a'oiCtoatltt. • See At^ 8hah» ohah^te* oo ♦ 


^Afta m 

Kahohieh Pono 2. 

in 1906.—" 


illage are oalled A»kow>iiah»tol*bah 
e by old native vomoin at^tlM filla^ 

>Qh-a>>.ehe>nalwQ>mh;»ii&h»le Utqaoil^tpa^yaUl* Barrett V 


Village on ridgs K of Oualala Rl?er^[4i mi f of Hawpt 
Tlanoh— Barrett 236, 1908]. 



ah-chi-ah viTTairTieaTwTiere present Duncans Mill stands 
von north aide Russian River)— Told m by member 9! tribe 
at mouth of Russian River in 1905. — ^^^>^ [Ca/np^site 5 miles 
above mouth.— Barrett 238, 1908J See also hatciwina. 

il>wiMA;.va>vlah;Qhe ( amay^latol . Barrett 234, 1908). . Villa^ 
about 2 mi 8 of Pt. t^oee.— ^^^'^^ 

A)nh ehah" ohah^ t e* 00 


mouth, on rid^ i 1 


See also talaL uiu. 



ama yalatol. . See Ah-inab^ yah* lah^ ohe . 

agoi^toatiu. • See Ah^ehah»Qhah^te*oo . 

baceWl. • See Bah»8hi»we . 

'.< / f 


baoeyokaill . • See Bah»»ha">yo>ki>le. 

Bi^ihUwe ( baoiwi , Barrett 234, 1908). . Tillage (Barrett 
•aye oaop) 3/4 mi H of Fieke Uill.— C^^^ 

Kahohiah Powo 3 

Bah-»h&>yo>ki>la ( baodvokaiH . Barrett 231, 1908) • . Villagt 

9 mi 8 of Ft. Rot8#*» ^^ai,^-^ 

Bah>fah:«ahl ( bataaii»l > Barrett 234. 1908). • Tlllege (Barrett 
•aye mn^) 31 ni 8 of Steearte Point. -^ ^^^^•^— 

bateataal . • 8ee Babi»teehi»aahl . 

BelaQO>kah:>lol (blinakaton. Barrett 226. 1908). . tilla^i in 
mountaina on K eide of Middle Fork of Oualala Biter and about 
i «i H of Lee Noblee .•• c^^^ 

bliBukatSn. . 8ee Be^noo^kah^lol 

Kahohiah Pomo A* 

>o»lahi>ko>ee ( bcdakowl . Barrett 226, 1908). . Vill 

(^bou t 1 mile N or 

mountaine 2 or 3 mi N of Wolf Creek7\NI of Noblea 

b€(lakoel. . See BoooM^Jco-we. 

oagetdne. . • Camx_neafjBa3t bank main branch Gualala River about 
1 mile nottheaat of Seaview. —Barrett, Ethno -Geo g. Pomo 238, Feb. 
1908. See Shah -p^- to -me . 

Cashia . . . Dorrington 1927. (Chico [Calif.] Enterprise, March 9). 

Ghah» lahfr>ke* e^Bieh^ le ( toalaiBkleiBaH . Barrett 1908). . Villa^ 

about 1 mi 8 of Kahehiah Beeervation.*^ [On ridga 


Oualala Rlter 'about i mi 8S of yahi>le^ehah*diHf ^ .->*Bi 


236, 1908], 

Chah»lahn^ohah»we ( toalaj^itoawi . Barrett 1908). . ViUa^ on 


8 bank of lagoon w^ mouth of Huaeian River. —Barrett 232, 
1908. ' ' 

Kahohiah Pomo & 

Chiih»if!0^kah»tn> ( tojunokome . 1 

Cor m 
ridge about 1 ml wiof Soa 

toandka. Barrett 1908) . Vllleee about 6 ml 8 
^VTmi f of Charles Bale ranoh houee on earn* 

idgo..Barrett 232 

Barrett, Ethno-Geog.Porro 229, 1908. 

Chft»k(i:»b8>dflh( tclkAlda . Barrett lOOO). ./.-. Camp ilte 1 ml 

— q? Cand 400 yds south of Toolekahlayo . 

Hjof Stewarta Polii^-fiarrett 23.^, 1908. 


Kahohiah Porno 6* 



ol S 

of Salt Point.— cwCl ml 8Eof Salt Point.— Barrett 230,1900]. 

Chi>ko>aahi>do>dhah»n> ( toaikoaadotoani. Barrett 1908). . Camp 
In mountains 3/4 ml from, m bftnk of Middle Fork Oualala 
Rlf er and 3/4 ml K8B of He-bfl<4».*-Barrett 238. 1906. 

Ghitlte be>dah^ kalle ( toittbldakall . Barrett 1908). . Village 
[Barrett aaye oamp] about 1 ml S of Pleke Mill where Planta- 
tlon Boad joins Coast road.— <i^^. Same name as old Tillage 
3/4 ml N of Timber Cove. See Ghe^t5*b»>dahpkah»' le . 

Camp site on ooast 

Husalan PUer.— Barrett 235, 1908. 

( tflittbidakall 

name for oarap 

2* ml up the coast. -Barrett 230, 234, 1908. See Chlt^te> 

ba^dah^ kalle. 

Ghoo»roah^te ( toDaittl . Barrett 236, 1908) . .Village on top 
of ridge betneen main Oualala HlTer and Middle Fork, about 
midway between Junction of these rivers and Kahohiah 

• * • • * 

p 6 

Kahohiah Por^o 7. 



Chvaohaniaja ^ . 3ee^ Kwakejnyiyu, 

• Sae 1^ 

:;;;a..«^ . 

Sk^^e^-w:! ^ 



,-L^ JhM^'>'^^^ 

Ctoraohaaftya* • See 

Chwaohainaja* • 8e«^ KwakwBftyu 

tTwaohanaJu« « 8ee^ 

Chwaohamayu. • Se 


Kahohiah Porno 8. 

daiwup^* • See Ikii»nah^kah 

I)Mir>»fiahi>kah (dana|i;fc. Barrett 229, 1908). .Village at Ste 
Point. Also given as 8oo»noo^noQ»ehe«naI. »» 


danaga. . .Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Porno, 229, 1908. 
Danaga. . .Kroeber, Handbook Inds. Calif. 234, 1926. 
Danaga. . .Loeb, Porno Folkways, p 210, Sept. 29, 1926 

De^kah^tah ( dfeata. Barrett 1908). . Village %i 8 of Salt 
Point*** ICmp Bite about 1 mi SE of Salt Point.— Barre^ 

2M, 19083* 

Do<Hkah*Bhal (dlJikaoal . Barrett 1908). . Village on ridge^ 
i ml Nut of Baupt Handi (Barrett 237 , 1908) and about 6 mi 
B of Kahohiah Beeenratlon.-^JA^v^ 

Doo^we de^tem (duirldl^emt Barrett 226, 1908). . Villare 3 or 4 

miles east of Lee Nobles. -"'^•'^'■iven by Barrett aa^ear south 
bank. Wolf Creek 1-1/4 mile up s-tream from junction with Middle 
Fork Gualala. 

Kahehlah Powo 9. 

KahoMfth Pome 10. 

(^ mil 

Vill«e» [BarreU taye 

kal— akali . Barrett 254, 1908) 


Tv^nL»ii «iaK.flhah al^le (4wrWtqa»Xi. Barrett 230. 1908) • . 
Coast niiage about limtLelAewarta Point.-- ^i^^ 

Point tn the coast. -Ethno-Geos-Pomo, 221, 1908. 






(aftar Po»en). [Name »ald to bo Spanish or l^aaian]. 

Barrett after Powers, Ethno -Geo g. Porno, 231, Feb. 1908. 

g,.rua*ai ( grata i . Eru«i )> . Band at Ft. Roaa-- Powom, Tribes 

of Calif. 194, 1^77; Powell, lingiiiatlo FamlUea m. 1B91; 

Handbook Ait«rican Indiana Pt. 1, 432, 1907, [Probably of 

Buaaian orlrin— Powera]. Barrett (liiotes Powers, Ethno-Geog. Porno 
230, Feb. 1908. See also Kwakajnayu * 

Gualala (Wal-halla, Valhalla) . . . Not Kah-chi-^ name has been 
used for both Werahah-chum -me and Kan no'^-ah .— o»^ See Vvahl-hahl-1 

duwldliero. • 8m IH^wa delteia. 

d ^^kalaaakall . • See I^o^^wa kah^lah efth^kfth^lo* 

dueimatoaeli. . See Deo^ee iMth ;>Qhah el-le. 


fkh»ehe^«e-mh ( hatolWlna. Barrett 1908)^. . ^ 
Mill on H side of Russian Ri?er.— Cc«m«P 




Ah-c he-win-nah , Ah-chi m'- win-nah . 

«Mif»'tant»nb . . tillas* 


Kahohioh Pono 


lkh»pah^inoo ( hftpdnS. Barroit 1908) • • *f ••t«m ttoauolwmn* 

D=01aiDBntko3 imim* Ouip sit« 2 mi 8 of Bonoan Point •«*BftiT«tt 

230, 1908» Error, included by Barrett, in Southern Pomo, but is 

hftpAfi . « Soe" l&ih»pah>>mQO • 





HRh*aho!^»so-> fifth 

Ho^boo;.— (lO&lM. Barrett 1908) • • nxin^Bt in noanUim 8 of Uiddls 
Fork and f of Fullor CrMk.-^'^t^^ Ci ni V of Middlo Fork«««Barrott 

237, 1908], Hi-po- wi . Powers, Tribes Calif.p 189, 1877. 

hainalakahiialij^. • See 


lah^lah ka hi>iah»>low> 

HeaKnah^lah kah^waho^ow ( hemalakaheqaau. Barrett X908}. • Villain 
about 3 mi 8K of ateearts Point •^•^''^(Oaqp aite^ Barrett 234, 1900. 

Kahehieh Pomo 12. 

He-eahl^mo (hiealhwu. Barrett 226. 1908). .Village at Uo Nobleo. at 

junction of ttipij^r Creek with Middle Fork Ckialala. — cm»-^ 

liUmki* • Bee He»»boo^we * 

Hi-po-wi . . . Powers, Tribes of Calif, p 189, 1877. See He -boo - we 

hiealhai. . See He>iiahl>»e. 

Hiaa^ohoo^eah. .Village on ooatt li mi H of Fiake Will.— ci^*^^~- 

Japiam . . .Tribe in Russian Valley or north of Fort Ross.-- 
■ Kostromitonow, Beitra^e Rus^schen Reiches, I, 80, 1839; Bancroft 
(after Kostromitonow) "Nat. Races Vol I, 449, 1874. May be 

We-shum' tat'tah. See also Yap i am . „ , ch m ^. i. 

Katf-bah-t^ -we^r'. . VillaF;e across canyon from Map"-mo, Taber ranch 
— T eas t bT "TtJ. about a mile north of Middle Fork Gualala and 2 miles 
kabibateii . . Bee Kab»>ba>bah«'ta»»l i . NNf of Lee Noble Ranch. — «^»>^ 

kabimall . • See Kal»>bft^iBah«»le . 

kabeallaWiim . . See Kah;>bah>ail*lah^we^mh. 

Kaca-va and Yutava . . . "T he peo ple of Stewarts Point."- 
'~Pomo Folkways, p 194, flyi.L. .89 . 1926. See Kah -chi -ah. 



Kaiiohiah Porno 13. 

Vad,1uB«inaIl > .8«e Kah'joo^aatHrnah^Ie* 

Ka^ba;>bah»t&»li ( kab^tell . Barrett 1908)* . Qamp site 
at or near Caiodoro.— Barrett 238 » 1908« 

Kahlbah»ail>lah^w»>mh ( kobeallaWlna , Barrett 230, 1908) 

Villapse at Salt Point.— ^i^*-- ^ „ ^ch .v -.^ 

KaH-bah-t6-we . . . Village across canyon from Mah''"-mo, the old ranch 
eria aTTaber ranch (east of it), about a mile north of Middle Fork 
Gualala and 2 miles NNW of Lee Noble Ranch. —c^vw^ 

kabatui . . . Camp site in mountains north of Middle Fork 
Gualala River and about H mile NW of hib\iwIB l He-wahl-mo ?J — 
Barrett, E th no -Geog. Porno, p 226, 1908. 

Kah>bS^mah*le ( kabsfaall . Barrett 1908) . . Tlllege at IXmcan 

Point. -^'^^ [6 ml 8 of mouth of Pueelan Rl?ert— Barrett 232,19083* 

lirmlamma . . . "Western Moguelumnan" r=01amentko] dialect ^^ 
— name' To r this village. —Barrett, Ethno -Geog. Porno, 232, 1908. 

Kahohlah Pomo 14. 

>ohe ohah'kfth»le ( kobfttoltoalcall Barrett 237, 1900) 

Village on ridge f of 8 Fk Gualala RlYer about i ml M of 

Plantat Ion.— c^»»^^^ 

Kah-chi^-ah . . . Coast tribe extending from 4 cr 5 miles 
the mouth of Gualala River southerly to about 4 miles 
mouth of Russian River. Their mme for themselves.- 
See also Kacaya, Kaahia, Kah-shi-yah, Cashia. 

south of 
south of 

lC>h»Joo^eah»mahi'le ( kadjueainall . Barrett 1908). . Vlllege on coast 
i nl 8 of Blaoke P(^l|.— ^^--Ifwu^ site T li 8.— Barrett 
233, 1908]. 

irah^l»>oheo«>wl>al ( kaletoufaalal . Barrett 1908). . Village 

on ridge 8S of Plantation and about li ml SE of Tah* nahn.' —Barrett 
237, 1908. 

Kah:>le«wah> (kalemalato. Barrett 1908) . • Village i ml 
H of Charlet Pule Hftnoh house and li ml N of Hues Ian Fiver 
mouth.— Barrett 281 « 190^. 

Kah-l^o- shah ( Kalewica . Barrett 227, 1908) . . . Kahchiah n9jr.e for 
their former villa/je on ridge between heads of North and Middle 
Forks of Gualala River and Kancheria Creek on rid^e across from 
Wickersham's place. Told me by members of the tri'oe.— 

Kahbhlah Powo 15. 

ICahehiah Poaio 16* 

■hfch»dto ( kal»oadim . Barrett 1908) • . Yllltee en ridgf 
Oualala KiT«r a littla Mther 8 than Ahoh»ah*th»>nah» 



81 of Ahoh>ah»aha»nah»ohah^iiahpla 
.Barr«tt 236. 19083. 

Kah»lii^dah ( kaljnda. Barrett 229, X908). . Tillage ftbout 
i ni » of Blaoka Point.— ^^^^^v^ 

Kah»pah.ahe^nahl ( kapaoinal , Barrett 1908) ♦ . Yillagt about 
i mi H of Piika Mill.— ^^(^[2 ni H.— Barrett 230, 1908]. 



( oai)^ttw» T Barr ett W^ vy^iam^ ilt a on\Ou>l%l* 




\ V_ 

Kah^a»>le ( kg^Ile > Barrett 227 , 1908) . 

Yillac^ on ride* ^^ 

head of lolf Creek.— ^i^^— 

Kah-shi^'-vah . . . Boyah and Yokiah pronunciation 
(which see). 

for Kahchiah. 

Kah.tahi'kah ( katiflca . Barrett 1908), . Tillage 1 mi HE of 

Oharlee Rule Bwioh houee. --Barrett 231 , 1908. n ^ n o n-o . gahV-m ah-che (kateatci. Barrett 226. 1908). . . Village 
kt junction Widdle Fork with ma in Gualala River. Probably 

Ka ht-sah'-nOa-mh'^U atsanSania . Barrett) . . .Village on ridge^ between 

. headwaters Wanii 
2 miles NNW of 

l^jSiiliwSSll^ . 'Jo rme rvilW 

-TTTZ-^fri (ttdge Imain divide) Ceasterl}:; ^JJ^*e.»| 

Aon Dlxoni plaoe «« tow hleB\on Healdebum Road. 19 muTffm \^7noi 
Kahohiah Reeenri 

Dry Creek tribe*, Shah-koW'-we chum^ mi.]— '=^<i*'^~^- 

[At Leppo's dairy.— Barrett, E thno -Geo g. Porno 224, 1908J 

ICah^waha^ohah el-le ( kawamt 

♦ I ; 


ismediatolx t of I«ee Moblee.— ^5^^^. 

bam.— Barrett 226, 19083. ^^ . 

Kah-wah>tol ... See A-kSw-wah-tol. Rancheria on point on south si 
• side of mo uth of Russian Kiver; the inhabitants called Kah-wah- 
tol-bah-ka-cha-mah. Visited by me Aug. 19, 19Q&.— C'^*'— 

Ka.iatschim ... Tribe in Russian Ri»r Valley north of Fort Ross.- 

Rostromitonow, Beitra^e Rusaischen Repches. I, 80. Ib^y. 
Kaiatschim . . . Bancrcft (af ter Kostromitonow). —Nat. Races, Vol. I, 
— i™ — — '4. 

Kahohiah Poino 17 


kalecaHlm. . Sec Kah^'le Bh>h»diB> 

kalemala^o* • See Kah» le*B«h>» lah^ t o > 



V f 

kale%ica . . • See Kah-leo-shah . 
kalihda> . See Kah»lin^dah. 

kaletoumaial . * See TCahp le* Qho»^ai»aI . 

kapa'olnal > • See Kalvpeh^ehe^nehl > 

kajille. » See lCah*9e>le» 

Kashia . . . Tribe at Stewart's Point.— Oakland Tribune, Oct. 3,1926 
viee Kahchiah. . - 

Kahohiah Pomo X8« 

kat^ca. • See ITah^tah^koh* 

Kat aano ama (Barrett 1908) . . . See Kaht-aah-noa-rah . 

k>miitcwteli > • See Kah^mhW'' chah el^le > 

kawatoafcno Barrett. . . See Kah-wah-c han-nah . 

Ke>8hah^ye (islMisd, Barrett 237. 1908) • • Tillage about i nl 

8 of Plftntatiom— ^^^'-'-- 


ahuM M a w alttt « 8ee^ Kwakawa yii > 

1Chwakhai!iiy u> * 8ee > MiakaiBayii « 

al 30 

KhiwUthlamaya * • See^^ KiakaiMaytt t 

Kahohiah Porno 19, 

l^OhlfilL PfiBS. 


Khwaklr^ayu. • 3eo / jCwakata&yu 

Mcaiyi . . See Ke»BhBih^ye . 


^ahchiah rlbrmerly 
Ko^lo»fnah^l»» T^V il la{:;e /^it Caaade ro« *- e^u~^ 

K6m» ohah*bo^oha1>le 


Fiaks l!ill*-«Barr©tt 238, 190R3, 

kooaitoobotoall . • See KeB»» oh>h»bo^ ohfch* le ♦ 


Ko»wei>ahal ( kdwlbal . Barrett 229, 1006) • • Village at Blacks 

kSwlbal * • See ICQ»we^«lial > 

Ku -laK- te -o ( Kuleitio Barrett) . . . [Possibly Shah-kow-we chum-mi] 
Old Village [ppobably camp] on summi t^fof ridge between headwaters 
of Warm Springs Creek and Middle Fork Gualal'a River, about 3/4 
mile NW oi Leppo's dairy, on road between Russian River Valley 
and Stewarts Foint on coast. — Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Porno, 221,ly08. 


e • 



8ee) KwJc«^y tt> 

Kwakanmy u* • Heme giren by RueeiMM to band of Kahohiah on ooatt 
north of Ft. Boot* 




iJft.*»tudevig, Ib* iborig. Lang; 170, 
Tuorrootod in Irrata to Chfa( 


.O-.^^ ^"t-^C.^A^/C/^ , 


^^.--W. W» Turwr, in Ludewig, An. Aborig 

Lang/ 212, 1868. 

ChuaohMaa j a. o^Ludewig . Ad. iborig. Lang. 170, 18&6. 
Oorreeted in Srrata to Chvaomnaju. 

Kfthohiah Porno 


Kwakairayu . 

Synonjfmy (Cont) 



•Wimr^n» Sthnol. Ka<^. 60» 1689. 

Kostromitonow, Beitrlkge Bussisohen B»ioh9«. 
I, 80. 233, 1839. 

Ludowlg. An. Aborlg. Ung. ttSrS. 1868. Corrected 
in Ermta frar. CnwaQhmy»Ja . and Chvac hamaja . p 1 

Buaohmann, Die Spuren Astokie^en Spmoho. 
Berlin, I, 668, 1869. 

Banoroft, Iktive Ikoee Paoifio States I, 449, 
1874. III. 566. 648. 1876. 

Powell in Powers, Tribes of Calif. 493, 609*614, 
516-617, 1877. 

Qatsohst. Ind. Lang. Ptkoif io States, Usg. In. 
Hist, t, 162, im. 

filh. Her«o«, ▼•msndts^mft des Yiwaspmoh- 
Btamziss. zeitsohrift nir Xthnologie, X, 

PoU'^l 3?inmi3tic Families, p 88, 1891. 

Barrett (after Powell) Et>MfJO-0eog. Posio 231, 


C> apu^ismyur >Wilh. HersoB, y«lf'™ft*^£^ ?®** 
YuiT&sprmohstfimmes , Zeitsohrift fur Bthnologie, 

X, 45S, 1878. 

Kfai ak 

JlB@di>« (after Barrett) Hsndbook of im. Indians, 
. 1. S80*l, 1907. 

KhBktemxa»*Wilh. Hsrsog, Terwandtsohaft des Yuna< 
sprGkonstammes . 2eitsohr. fUr Ethnologie, X, 
460, 1878. 

Kahohiah Powo 22* 

Synonyipy (Cont.) 


-Latham (after^Baer's Beitriige) 
lolog. 80c. London, VI, 79, 1864. 

Ua^ham.OpuBOula 308, 1860. 
87, 1891). 

Lathsn, Oposoula 443, 1 

Kv^lm^dli*— *♦ "• Turner, in Ludewig. Xborig. 
Lai:^. 239 , 1868. 

See also E-rua-si, Venaambakai ia , Venaambakiia, 
Severnovski, Sewernowzer. 


ti:.dah>ineihi>le ( ledaiiwili. Barrett 234, 190B). . Villaf?* 
says oanS) just 8 of Salt Point.— c5^«— 


Lahllahk^kah ( ladaka 

farther) .— ^i^A-^Oi 

rid0» S of QualalaBiYsr. 

Kahohiah Porno 


lalaka* • 8oe Uhi.lahk»kah. 

liPTulgfo nia . . • See Kah-ba'~mah-;le . „ „ , „ - -.o -V 

Mad-shuPnui . . . Indian mime for site of Fort Ross, "some 18 miles 
"^ove Bodega Bay. "-Bancroft, Hist.Calif.II, 298, 1885. 

Mad-shui-mui, P.A.Thompson, Russian Settlement in Calif., p 4, 
1896. "^TUo used Mad-shui-nui ; Barrett (based on Thompson), 

Ethno-Geog.Pomo, Z61 , ly Uti . ^ „ ■ ^ ^^ ^ x. x „ -i 

w ,- to -n. ._i„ ..iiT 4. u^v^.. M^w^c ranch., about 4 miles, 


Foimar village^i 

^, Bwrr«t€ »8 

Wilson ranch" ^ ^ . , 

ridgt just w of QuaUla 


Sea Tiew* 


(air line) south of Taber Ranch.^^=«^ 


Hftlwti^lah . . Band ai Charley Haupi Banoh. Krrt- 
noouily oallad Po^tol by Barrett.- 

Uah' (mithmS* . Barrett 225 

Tillage at Taber ftunoh 

(•old John Fiek plaoe") on north side Middle Fork aulala River 
about 10 miles east ofBlack Point. —^i^^> — 

KahPhlah Poibo 24, 


MpTng* • See lfah-*ino . 

lfah;>te>iimh^le (iie:tliBall . Barrett 233, 1908). . Vllla^ (Barrett 

•aye oeiigp) 2 ni 8 of Stewarts Point*— ^^^^^'^-^ 

Ifalwte^iie (mtlWl ■ Barrett, 1908) . . Ville^e on ridg^ between 
Middle Fork 9t Oualala River and Hwipt Creek.— Barrett 226.1908. 

matoCko . * See lieh>oh<>»ko * 

;t»>ne («etehl . Barrel 230, 1908). . Village at Ft. Roes at some 
distance irom shoreline.— ^i/wvv^ 


wttlwall . • See IJah^te-wfth^'le . 

Kahohiah Pomo 


Kahohiah Pomo 26* 

matlWl ♦ . See lliU>t»»wo» 

liipk>hi>w ( fwfhfcwl . Barrett 1908}. • Cair^ site on ridge E 
Fuller Creek and V4 ni from junction with Uiddle Fork 
Oualala Rifer. —Barrett 23f^, 190R. 

iretShl. . See IIS^te*ne. 

lfoo*ohah^we (initoibl . Barrett 236. 1906). . Village on ridge 
B of Oualala Rifor about 3 mi 8 of Kahohiah Ranoheria.«-^i^''— 

mutoekwl* • See Woo»ohah^we. 

liah>pah>ge«pooilak ( napagjpulak . Barrett 1908). ."festem llo«iue- 
lumnan" (^Olanentko) nune for oamp site 1 ni 8 of Ikinoan Point— > 
Barrett 235, 1908. 


na peglpulak . • See 1tah»>pah>p»'»poo^ lak * 

nekawl . • See tli^kah^we . 


ehehtgl* tS— O^huw^lol . 


Barrett. 230, 1908). .tiUa^ 






Kahohiah Pooio 28. 


£= OlamentkoJ name for oamp site on 
Russian Ri? or. ••Barrett 234, 1908. 


Oo?e Cnear Folmer Gulch.— Barrett 230, 1908]. 



otonge. . See 0«>to>ni,' ^ 

0»yft»meo^coo ( Syirndku . 

>^1908). . 

CsO lament ko3 Tmm^^or former yII 

stem Uoquel 
at mouth o^^ 

on Greek 

N side •••Barrett 235, 1908., 


f this TUH^e gifen^ b^^^bhe Bt^e^'^^y Olamentko 

A>uA^ cAi'cd^ 

paodkitmaiali. . See ftLh»sheo«>kit^iBahpiiab>le. 

Pah»shoo>kit;>mah»>iiaht>le ( padCfkitnatwai . Barrett 233, 190B). 
Vllla^ # Hi S-^ Stewtrts Point.— ^^^-^ (Barrett saya^'camp.') 

H*tol (pglt5l . Barrett , 1908) • • Viilgar name (meaning Tenereal 
diseaae) gifen as name of ranoheria at Oharley Baupt Bwioh*** 

Barrett 23ft, 1908* See Mah-he-lah chunmi l. 

p8%ioana* • See Po»wieh*shl^nah'. 

Pe^wiebi.ehMimh^ (p^fa^a^wL, Barrett, 1908). . Tillage 4 ml 8 of 
Ft. Rots.*«ti^»^ [on falter Piak Hanoh.— Barrett 231, 19063* 

TCahohlah Pono 29. 

Kahohiah P 



flft>&.T»;.mh>n«h*ohe ( aaeplhamtol. Barrett 237, 1906). . 7in««i 

at 8«a View.— ^i^*-^ 

Boo^bah^ ohe^mah^le ( tagba^oemall . Barrett 1906). • Villa^se 
1 mi HE of Husaian BlTer mouth and 3/4 mi badk from ooefiui.-<^^«^ 
Charles Itule Ranch hoiuie now on site.— Barrett 232, 1908. 

seeplnamatol . tSeo Se^'a^pe^nah^aab* ohe . 

Severnovskia . . . Bancroft (after Kostromitonow) , Nat.Races, I, p 449 
Severnoygkia. Severnovz er. Ludewig, Aborig. Lang. 170, 1858. See also 

Sewemowger (northemere) . . Huesian mm* used at Pt. Itoss, 

for the Kwakamayu ( Chwaohainaju) * '-*' Barrett (after Powers) 
231, 1908. 

Shah-pS-to -me (cap^tome. Barrett) . . . Camp near east bank mam 
Gualala River about a mile NE of Seaview. —Barrett, Ethno-Geog. 
Porao, 238, Feb. 1908. 

SQ>hai>e h»^dah ( sdho^ibidtt . Barrett 234, 1906). ♦ 7ill*ee (Barrett 



soholblda. . See So^hb^e be^dah. 

Lo.dLe^vNv^^V'^v ^^5-t 

I ■ ----- 

8eol*JQ.>too>Mahi>le ( suldj6iumali . Barrett 233, 1908). . Village 

(Barrett says oamp) i mi N of Stewarts Point.— 


8o^l*«s»we (stfLmewl . larrett 230. 1908). . Village on N shore 
of Timber Cove.— ^i'*--- 

Soot'nQ ( tstfaio . Barrett ,1906). .Village (Barrett says oamp) 
in mountains H or HE of Taber Bsnoh.**':'^ Di mi Hi of Nobles. 
««Barrett 226, 1908]. 

8oo»noo^noo she^nal . . Village on ridge 
See Dan>nah*kah . See also danaga. 


Kahohiah Powo 31 

Kahohiah Pomo 32. 

guldj6^uBiaH> . See Seol^Jo-too^inah^le^ 

ih^kahttiifeoakfc. Barrett 1908) • . Village (parrott eaye oamp) 



eulmewl • * See Sool^we-ie 


tabatewi . • See Ta>>»bah>»t»»ite. 

talons > • See Tah»»do*no« 

Tah^bah*ti;^ife ( tabetiiil . Barrett 230» 190B). « Tille^ at Flake 

Tahi»ohe be^dah ( tatoblda. Barrett 234, 190B). . Tillage (Barrett 
eaye oaaip) i mi V of Salt Point ••« ^*^*^>^ 

Tfth>ohoo:»mal»>eah>le ( tWtouHiaeall . Barrett 190B). . Villa^se 
li ni S of Kehcdiieb Beeeryatiom— ^^^on ridge S of Oualala 
Tliver about 2 ni SB of Tab>do^no. >*Barrett 237. 1908]. 

Tab>do^ne ( taiionS . Barrett 
Goalala Birer about i mi SB 
236, 1908. 

• • 

.. . Tillage on ridge S of 

tcalgfok'imali ^ ^ 

of ChahAlabe»ke*o«>miaii>le,**'Barrett 

Tabi.nahi» (tahahlroo .Barrett 238. 1908). . Tillage (Barrett 

oemp) on Oualala 


Tab-nebm' (tanAi, Barrett 237, 1908). . Tillage on ridge B 
Plantation (aoree« Oualala Biter toward Auetin Crook).- 

talal&Q » . . See AH'-ahah-c hah-te-oo . see also icatcatiu. 

Kahohiah Porno 33. 

ta'nfthlhio. • S^ci Tah^mh»he^no« 

tanuR* • 8o6 Ta)>naJhfR« 

tatoaka. . Sa^ TWhbl>-kah. 

tatoblda. • 8e« Tah^ohe be^dah. 


tiatoumawali • • 8«» Tah»6hoo^iBah»«iih»l«. 

toaikdtadgiioaril « • 8m Chi>ko»»ah»d»>ohah»n»» 

Kahohiah Powo 34* 

toalaaikiainall. • See Chah»lahaB»>ke*o»nah^le. 

toalahtoairi. • See Chah>lahn^ohah»«e. 

teaaekflme. • See Chah»iB<^kah»«e « 

teaiwEika* • See Chah»moo»kah. 

tcapida . Barrett . . .See Chah'-pe -dah . 

iolk^lda> • See Che*ke»bei>dah . 

%aM* • See Ohe;.te . 


Kahohiah Poibo 36. 

Kahohiah Pomo 36« 

toittbidakaU. • 8m Cha»t»>b»»dahpkahF le > 

Torv'to* ol»»n»V ohe ( td'ntoolmtol . Barrett : 
(Barrett aajra ''oamp) 3/4 mi N of Stewarto 

toltono. • See Che»tflN>now>le» 

t&htBotBiatol • . See Ton* t o> oh»»mah^ ohe * 

toumattl * • See Choo^nah^te* 

ti^kaliwl . • See Teklkah»la;»we. 

Too>l»»kah*la^yo (t 
•aye^oamp) oloae 

ulekaljyo. Barrett 1906) . • Ylllage ^(Barrett 

( Tand' 40 yds N oT Chekobeda 

to (» of) Stewarte Pointy— cmw^lX ml NVfof 

Steearto Point*— Barrett 233, 190B]. 

>kikaJ»>li;>we ( t<^kalewl . Barrett 1906). . Tillae» (Parrett 
oanf ) on ridge 3 or 4 mi 8 of Kahohiah Reserfation»*«f^^^^ 
8i of Haupt Banoh.*«Barrett 239. 1908]. 

ipawil , Barrett 190fl). . Vlllaga 

of '^ahohiah Beeenr&tiom 


Auitin Creek and Omlala River about 3 mi 8S of Tah»nahm, 
^•Barrett 238, 1906]. 


teapuwil . • See Taa«»poo^wil 

Kahohiah Pomo 37. 

Kahahifch Pone 98. 

T«Q<H>tAhfi^too»w ( tadkantltomMil . Barrett 1908) • • tilUgt 
X mi H of CterlM Rule Hanoh house and 2 si M of lUuisiaii 
RiTor iwuth.— Barrott 231, 1908,-^i^*-w 

QkOboolc * • See Qo*keo*ohawk . 

teubiktoenall. . See Soo*bah"> ohe*iieih» le 


teCfttantlt oanawl . • See Teoo* tahi>»t oo»we * 

teflhnS * • See Soo^no* 

tQlekaleVo * • See Too*le»»kahi>H^ye* 

YemMtoakaiia . . Tribe »bout H. Rosa,— 8. I. Colls. 334 

CaXier Gov.J.Furuielm, 
Synommnrs Yeaaiii4ikiii.**PowelIl in Cent. N. 1. Bthnol. 

Handbook im. Indians Pt. 1, 880, 1907, 

Venaambakaia . . . Error in quoting Powell* a spelling, 

. Ifendbook Am.Inds, Pt. 2, p 880, 1910. 

Yeimagtoakiia. ^>Powell in Powers, Tribes of Calif. 

604^508^1877. On p 493 uses Venaambakaiia . after Grov. 
" Vanaambakiia. * --Wilh.Herzog, Verwandschaft des 

YumaBsprachstamme 3 , Zeitschrift fur Ethnol. X, 457, 
1878. \Spelt Venaambakiia on next page.) 

See also Kwakamavu . 

^ Gualala. 

Walhalla ... See Wahl-haM-lah [ We-shah chum_-mi list]. See alsoA 
faah*kQo>pe^nsh. . Village 3 ni H of mouth of Russian Riter.— '*^«rw 


.moi»loo . • Hoo^koooQ^ko k Olamentko 

li -an Pomo 

ith of Russian Rifsr.— c)^»^^ 

Yflh-to-vah . . . 


elves ' 

applied to themselves by the K«h-chi-ah of Stewarts Point 
(and doubtless also by other K^-h-chi-ah bands). Not in 
any sense a tribal or band name — though so misunderstood 
bv me for some veers. "^cHu.^ See dso Yutaya. 

Kahchiah Pomo 39. 

Yapjam ... An unidentified Pomo division living on Busaian River. 
Barrett, Handbk Am. Inds, Pt. 2, p 991, 1907. See also Japiam. 
May be We-shiam' tat>tah . 

Yutava . (and Kacava ) . • . "The people of Stewarts Point."— Edwin Loeb. 
Pomo Folkways, p 194. Sept. 29, 1926. See Yah-to-yah. 






ON OR NEAT^ OCEAN COASTft/vJL«wUA,o-^^»»ta.w^"i.»f<^T; 
' ^ah-lin~d ah. About 1/4 mi N of Blacks Point (also B). 
^ K'o-we'-shal . At Blacks Point (also B). 
I Kah -ioo-sah-mah-le . 1/2 mi So of Blacks Point (l m So— B). 

■ ^ I I II M ■■ ■ I ■ ■■ II I — — 

* Too-ld'-kah-la-vo . Close to (N of) Stewarts Point (l m N "^ ^ 
"~ and little N of Chekobeda — B) [which I didn't get.] 

^ Chekobeda. (l m N/Stewarts Point— B), 

// Ton- to- che-mah -che. 3/4 m N of Stewarts Point (also B). 

■ Sool~;iO"too-mah-le « 1/4 M N of Stewarts Point (also B). 

'^ Ban-nah-kah . At Stewarts Point. Also given as Soo-noo'-noo - 

sTie-nal (Danaga— B), 

-'' Pah-shoo-'kit'-mah-wah-le . 1/2 m So4' Stewarts Point (also B). 

^" Doo-we-mah-chah el'-le * About li m So Stewarts Point (also B). 

^ 0-hum-lol . Just E of Doo~we- mah-ch ah el-le (also B). 

^- Mah^te-mah-le » 2 m So of Stewarts Point (also B). 

^ Hem-wah-lah ka h'- wah-low . About 3 m SE of Stewarts Point 

^^ (also B). 

' i^' Bah-tsah-sahl . 3i m So of Stewarts Point (also B). 

B^ »" Doo'-we-kah-lah wah'-kah-le . 4 m So of Stewarts Point(5*^*) 

'' Hum-choo-wah . On coast li m N of Fisks Mill. 

i— — — — — II ■ I I II ■ "• 

^ Kah-Dah-she-nahl . About 1/2 m N of Fisks Mill (2 m— B). 
/ ' Bah«3ha-we . 3/4 m N of Fisks Mill (also B). 

' Kom-chah-b o-chah-le . On ridge back of Fisks Mill (2i m N of 

isks Mill— B). 

' So-he-e be'-dah « 1/2 m N Fisks Mill (also B) . 


-2 - 

*^ Tah-bah-ta«we . At Fisks Mill (also B). 

^ Chit*-te be-dah' kalle . About 1 m So/Fisks Mill where Planta- 

tion Road joins Coust road (also B). 

Tah'-che be~dah . 1/2 m N of Salt Point (also B) . 

1 $ 

d -^--^P ^ KaK-bah-s il- lah-we«nah . At Salt PointC^^^^I: 
^ UidaVt-BAW-lt. .Just So of Sali Point* .(alsp^B) 


?ri;gK:Eafi . 1/4 m So of Salt Pdint Calso B). 

^ Che-to-now-le » 2/3 m So of Salt Point (Tcit ono — B, and 

given as 1 m So). 

f^ Che-tS-b§-dah-kah-le. 

% )»iIfl.-«>«:.<» 

3/4 m N of Timber Cove village (also Bj . 


Sool-me-we . On N shore of Timber Cove (also B). 
^ O-to-na l About 1/2 m So of Timber Cove (near Palmer Gulch— B). 
^ Ma-te-ne. At Ft. Ross (also B). 

^ Ah-mah'- yah- lah- che . About 2 m So of Ft. Ross (also B). 
^ Bah" sha- YO-ki'ie .' 3 m So of Ft. Ross (also B). 
•^ Po^wi3h-8h§.-nah ^ 4 m So of Ft. Ross (on Walter FiskRanoh— B). 

^ TsoQ-tahn-too-we . ( Tsu-kan-tit-can-a-wi . 1 m N of Charles 
■ ■ Rule RanchLOnd^ m N of Kussian River mouth— B J. 

^ Kah- le-mah- lah-t o . 1/2 m N Charles Rule Ranch^and li N of 

Russian River mouth (B). 



^ Kah-tah-kah . ("1 m NE of Charles Rule's RanchT— B). 

K So o-bah~ che-mah^ 1 e . "1 m NE of Russian River igouth and 3/4 

m back from ocean. Charles Rule Ranch^^now on site.' 

^ Chah-moo'-kah . About 5m So of Ft. Ross (1/2 m W of Charles 

ICTe Ranch J^^n same ridge— B). 

»- Chah- lahn- chahHse . On So bank of lagoon at mouth of Russian 
River (B). 

Remarks in parentheses followed by "B 
Ethno-geograph^r Porno, 1908* 

refer to S. A. Barrett; 


- 3 - 

'^ Hah-che-we-nah. At Duncans Mill on N side of Russian River 

NB-rian. az uunca^^rAiii on w s 
(& m above mouth^^^i»A^>sjot>t ii^??.) 

■^ Ah'- shah- chah- te- 

-te-oo . On long point So of Russian River mouth 
ridge 1/2 m from tip of point (B). 

^ Oo-koo-chawk . On coast 2i m So mouth of Russian River (B). 
" Che-te. On coast 4 m So of Russian River (B). 


w I 

^ Kah-ba-mah-le ., At Duncan Point (6 m So of Mouth of Russian 

River) [B]. 

f^ Nah~pah-ge-poo- lah k. [Mussel Pond]— 1 m So of Duncan Point (B) 
" Hah-T)ah-moo . 2 m So of Duncan Point (B). , ^^ , 

•^'-koOA ^^^^lnouth of Salmon Creek 46)- North side^/w3^ 

The following document is a duplicate of the 
preceding document. It may contain annotations 
and corrections not found on the original. 

Kahchia <Uj».t5^ 

• 2 • 

,;- -t 


ON OH ME/T^ OCEAN (XiA^VJ^^<>^^^ '^'^^'^^'^'^'^^'^'^ ' 
Tah»lirwdah . About 1/4 mi S of Blacks Point (also B). 
Ko-we-ghal. At Blacks Point (alfjo B), 
Ka h- ioo^sah-irah'l0> 1/2 rri So of Blacks Point (l m So— B), 

Too»le-kah»la>vo « Close to (N of) Stemrts Point (l m N 
and liUle N of Chekobeda «>B) [which I didnH get.].. 

C hekobeda. (l m N/Ste?/art3 Point— B). 

Ton-to-chgHmah'-chg . V4 m H of Stewarts Point (also B)* 

Sool» ;io«too-rnah-le > 1/4 M H of Stewarts Point (also B) • 

I)an>nah«kah . At Stewarts Point. Also given as Soo^noo-noo« 

Hsne-nal vDanaga— B). 

Pah-shoO"k it "mah-wah~le > 1/2 m So. Stewarts Point (also B). 

Doo-we mah~chah el-le . About li m So Stewarts Point (also B) 

0*huirAlol . Just E of Doo^we-mah-chah el-le (also B}. 

e»mah'"le . 2 m So of Stewarts Point (also B), 

Henvwah^iah kah«wah~low. About 3 m SB of 8tewart.« Point 
^ lalso B). 

Bah'tsah'-sahl. 3i m So of Stewarts Point (also B). 

poo~we kah'lah wah-kah-le . 4 m So of Stewarts Point. 

Hum-choo-wah . On coast li m H of Fisks Mill. 

Kah--Dah»she-nahl* Ab-ut 1/2 m H of Pisks Mill (2 m— B). 

Bah»3ha»we . 3/4 m N of Fiiiks Mill (also B). ^ 

Kom>ohah~bo'-chah- le> On rid^e back of Fisks Mill (2i m N of 
Fisks Will-B). 

So-h^-e be'»dah. 1/2 m H Fisks Mill (also B). 

Pemarks in parent-hese* foi lowed by "B* refer to S. A. Barrett; 
Ithno-geography Pomo, 19o8» 

Tahlbah-ta-we. M Fisks Mill (also B). 

CbU/.in ba^dah'kalle . About 1 m So/lPisks Mill where Plai 

tion Itoad joins Co st road Ulso B). 

yahiche be^dah^ l/St m N of Salt Point (ulso B). 

• At Salt Point., . 

[o of Salt Point (al»o,B) 

/4 m So of Salt Pdint (also B). 

Ghe-tolnow«le . 2/3 m So of Salt Toint (Tcitono — B, and 

given as 1 m So). 


Cbe-te»b§>dah'kah» le . V4 m N of Tiniber Cove villoge (also By.| 

Sool«me«v» . On H shore of Tiuiber Cove (also B). 

Q«to»naI About 1/2 m So of Timber Cote (near Palmer Gulch— B). I 



At Ft. Ross (also B)» 

About ? m So of Ft. Ross (also B). 

Bah> sha-vQ-ki«le, S m So of Ft. Ross (also B). 
Po-wish-sha-nahl 4 m So of Ft. Ross (on Walter FiskRuich-B) 



( Tsu»kan»t it«can-a-wl . 1 ra H of Charles 
lanoh and 2 m fl of Huasian River rri0uth--B). 

1/2 m N Charles Rule Hanch and li H of 
iver mouth Ob)« 


yah^tah'-kah . (•! m NE of Charles Rule's Ranch"— B). 

8ni ^bahlohe-m>Hle. "l m NE of Russian River mouth and V4^ 

m baoV from ocean. Charles Rule Ranch now on site. 


About 5 m So of Ft. Ross (1/2 m f of Charlee 
Beufich on sfjne ridge— B). 


River \fii 

On So bank of lagoon at mouth of Russian 



Kahchia ^^-^^^ 

. 3- 

gj^^ At Duncans 
m above mouth)* 

.8hah.chah^tfc:2a. , On long P9^-- - V^ '^^^^^^ ^^"""^ "^'^^^ 
on ridge 1/2 m from tip of point 

On long point So of 



On coast 2i m So mouth of Russian Bifer (B)- 

On coast 4 m So of Russian River (P). 
Kg^h^b^^aab^ At Duncan Point (6 n> So of Mouth of R^a.ian 

ii.v^ p.>,.«.-Booilahfc. [MuB«el Pon<Q-l » So of Duncan Point (B) 

2 m So of IKincan Point (B)« 


At Eouth of Salmon Crook (B) Korth side. 



'-te . On top of ridge between main Gualala River and 
Middle Fork, about midway between junction of these 
rivers and Kahohla Reservation, ^ck. i/^j 


Mah°^-mo. At Talm Ranch ("old John Fisk place"). W.«^^ } 
Soo-no . In. mountains N or NE of Tahwr Ranch. (i'>fv^Ji/V/<^'KfrM^-'^) 

Be-moo-kah-lel . In mountaiAs on N side of Middle Pork and 

about i m N Lee Nobles. 

Boo-lah~ko-we . In mountains 2 or 3 m N of Wolf Creek, NE of 

Nobles. oJU^^i 

Kah-le(^«shah . On ridge between heads of North Fork, Middle 

Fork and Rancheria Creek. 


Kah-se-lS. On ridge near head of Wolf Creek. fcJU^B) 

Poo- we de-tem . So of Wolf Creek, H m E of Nobles. oiU^P^ 

He»wahl-mo« At Lee Nobles. fJU^^^^ 

Kah-wahtti^ohah el -le. Immediately W of Lee Nobles (on flat W 

of Nobles Bam— B), 

Na-kah'-we . ^n ridge E of Fuller Creek and 3/4 m from junction 

flif-'Middle Fork (B). 

Mah-te«we . On ridge between Middle Fork and Haupt Creek (B). 

Doo~kah-3hal . On ridge i m^\NW of Haupt Ranch (B)'^nd about 

6 m E of Kahchiah Reservation. 




Sd^fil. VulgpT nan* (maning ? enoreal disease] giyei 

as name of ranoheria at Charley Haupt Ranch 

Tahch-kah . Near Haupt Ranch (l m W — B) . 

Moo-chah-we, On ridc^e E of GualalaAabout 3 m So of Kahchia 

Tek-kah-l§."we . On ridge 3 or 4 m So of Kachia Reservation 

dim SW of Haupt Ranch— B). 

Ahch- ah- a he - nah- chah- wah- 1 e . On ridge E of Gualala R. 

(4i m W of Haupt Ranch— B). 

ICahlle shah-dim: On ridge E of GuaUleJ^iiriittle farth^ So.J^»-- 

Given by B «ii'i m SE of Mo o'C h ah^^we^ and 4i m due W 
of 'Potol. 'J Given me as \\ m "N'tiof Kacaia Reser- 
vation. L ^ r 

Chah- lahm-ke- o-mah- le . On ridge E of Gualala "about i m SE 

of la3t".[Kahi^ld-^ahah:-dina (B).. Given me as about 
1 m So of Kacnia Reservation. 

Tah-do'-no« On ridge E of Gualala about i m SE of Chah-lahm^ 

ke-o-marf-le (B) 

Tah-choo-mah wah-le . On ridge E of Gualala about 2 m SE of 

Tah-do-no (B), Given me a H m So of Kahchia Re- 

K6m- ohah-b o- chah- 1 e . On ridge back of Fisk Mill (2i m N of 

Fisk Mill— B). 



- 4 - 

Lah"lahk-kah . On E slope of ridge E of Gualala (B). Given 

me as about 2i m So of Heservation (prob. farther). 

Kah-b 0- cbe chah' kah- 1 e . On ridge W of So. Gualala about i m 

.. N of Plantation, (also B). 

Ke-shalv-ve . About i m So of Plantation (also B) 

Tah4nah«he-mo. On Gualala River U m N of 'Sea View. '^^^ 

Chah-mo"kah-me . On ridge about 1 m N of Sea View (or on 

side of main road). (Also B). 

Kah-pe'-to-me. On Gualala River 1 m N of Sea Vi6w)(B). 

Se- a-p e- nah-mah- c he . At Sea View (also B). 



Mah-cho'-ko . On ridge just W of Gualala River 1 m So of 

Sea View (also B), 

Tah-nahm* . On ridge E of Plantation (across Gualala River 

toward Austin Creek). fruWo R»^ 

Kah" 1 e- ohoo -mi- al . On ridge SE of Plantation and about li 

m SE of Tah-nahm'(B). 

T3a-T)oo-wil . Given by Barrett as on mountains between head 

of Austin Creek and Gualala River about 3 m SE of 


Tah-nahm; Given me as about 7 m SSE of Reservation. 

Kah-ba-bah-t5,-ll. Given by B as at or necw: Gazadero. 

The following document is a duplicate of the 
preceding document, it may contain annotations 
and corrections not found on the original. 



fShULdm^LstM^ Oft Up of ridM botvMB Mia QmltlM Biwr and 

lidla FoTk^aWnt ■id^ay tetvam JanatioB of ttioaa 
rivara aad tmhA i a Btaarfatioa* 

■ • I _ LI 

lah^-'^mQ . At TtW Ranch ("old Joiin Fiak ^ ]iice*). 
J?ooi-no. In moimte Iiw K or US of Tao» Ba.nch. 



B<<»moo»kab'16l > In monn^.&.\m on K aide of Ti^^dlo Pork and 

about t IK ^^ Loe Koblee. 



Kah»leot-shah« On ridf^ between heads of J»orth Fork, Hiddlo 

Fork and Ikncheria Creek* 

KiLhkse-le. On rid re naar head of folf Creek. 

DQo'«??e de-tae. So of Wolf Creek, H m E of l<cft)lc«. 

He^wMhro ro* -^-t Leo Nob lea* 

K&.yy&bp-chah el'-le^ linried lately I of L«« lioblea Con flat f 


of Noblea Bam— B)» 

W».-WaV-W» . On ridr;© E of Puller Creek and 3/4 ri frcci junction 

of Middle ?nrk tt). 

rah>te»fro . On ridre be^^een Ifidrfle Fork and ftuipt Creek (B)« 


ppf^kah^ghH^ > On rid^e f m Mf of H8.upt iknoh (B) "{and about 

6 rn S of )Cahoh1fih Resenratlom 

• 3„ 



Tahfch-kah . Near HgAipt Banch (l m W — B), 
|^»hffL^a>i Qhlfn^«<- Band at Charley Haupt Banc^.- 

liloo-chah*»o > On ridge E of Gualala about 3 m So of ICahchia 


Tok'kah- la-«e* On ridge 3 or 4 ie So of Kachia Pesenrabion 

(li m SI7 of Ha.upt Be-nch— B). 

Ahoh*>aV8be»nah~ohah^wab»1 e > On ridge £ of Ou^lala 

(4i n W of Haupt Ifeinoh— B) 


Giren by B aa i m S£ of Moo-ohah-we and 4-i m due W 
of 'Potol.' Given me aa li m •N* of Kac'ilu Reser- 

Chah« 1 ahm^ke« o~wabr la > On ridge B of Oualala •abint i m SE 

of las'i" [fTfiih'-^le-alPiah-^.iiiQ (B). Given ne aa about 
1 n So of TCachia Heaenration. 

Tab-d<A>no. On ridga E of Gualala about i m SE of Ghah-lahm- ^ 

ke»o>mahl-le (B) 

Tah»ohod-inah wah-le . On ridf?;e E of Oup.lala about 2 m SE of 

Tah-do*-no (B). Given me a li m So of Kahohia Be- 

K |tt*ohah-bo- ohah- 1 , ^ . On ridge back of Fiak Mill (2i m N of 

Piak Mill— B). 


' rahehiah 

- 4 - 

Lah^lahk-kah* Or E slope of rid^e E of Gua.lala (B). Given 

me as about Zi. m So of Peservation (prob. farther). 

Kah»bo'"Che chah' kah>le 



M of Plantation, (also B). 

Ke-ahahrza* Ahout -^ m So of Plantation (also B) 

yah-nah-he«mo. On Gualala Ri^er li m N of Sea View* 


haih- mo-kab-me. On rid^o about 1 m H of Sea View (or on 

* i 

aide of 'nain road). (Also B). 
Kab-pe'-to-me. On Gualala Kiver 1 m H of Sea Tiew)(B). 

Se> a-pe- nah'Piah" che . At Se- View (alno B). 
Mah>ohot-ko> On ridge just W of Gualala River 1 m So of 


Sea Tiew (alao 6). 


Tah-nabfp/. On ridge t of PlantW^ion (acrosa Gualala Piter 

toward Auetin Creek). 

Kahile-choo-mi-al. On ridge 81 of Plantation and about li 


SE of Tah-nahm' (B). 

TeS^pob^wil. Given by Barrett aa on mountai na between heaxl 

of Austin Creek and Gualala River about 3 m SE of 
Tah-nahal Given me aa about 7 m SSI of Reservation. 

Kah-ba-bah-t&-l|. Given by B aa at or near Caaadero. 


(Hah'-^kah-mo-chum'-mi or Ue-shum'-tat- 
tah division of Porno) 

yiAH»-KAIKiO-CirJM»-MI, KAH'-TAIi-V/E-CH jI'I'-MI and 
i:ir^KO«-NAH-CHU:!«-MI Additional Villai^es given 
by Barrett. $ pageif (f^ ccpie^ 

KAH'-TAH-WB-CHUM'-MI Villages, 1 page (2 CCfif^ 

t^mmrwma i ■ ■ i m ■ . . 




Additional Villages given by Barrett 


Ah-*kah-mo-cho-lo-wah-ne . . Near west bank Russian River 1/2 

mile southeast of Cloverdale. 

Ah-mahl-poo-wali- le . . On west bank Russian River 1-1/4 miles 

down from Healdsburg, 1 mile down from 



A h-mah- skah- ohe- lahn . Near- foothills on east edg© Dry Creek 

Valley and 2 miles north- northeast of west 


BaH^k'ah-tse-o .... Just south of railroad depot at Healdsburg. 
Bah-shah-kle-kah-oo . 1 mile north of Healdsburg where Lyttons 

and Dry Creek roads diverge 


Russian River 2-1/2 miles a little north 
of west of Windsor. * 

Be-doot-sah-kah-lsryo On wes t bank Russian River 1/4 mile down 

from confluence of Dry Creek. 

Kah-tah-we, Mah-kah-mo, Min-ko-nah 

Additional rancherias 



Boo- doo-che- lahn . On east bank Russian River, probably 5-1/2 

miles up from Guerneville; was on TSiomas 
Hill's ranch and but short way down stream 
from confluence of Markwest Creek with 
Russian River. 

Dal-e-mah On Porter Ranch 3/4 mile west of 

Russian River and 2 miles north of confluence 


of MarkMrest Creek with Russian River. 

D.jopten ..... . On 'Brumfield Ranch' on east bank Russian 

River almost opposite confluence of Dry 


Camp imm 

lahn ... On ranch fonnerly called 'Lewis Ranch' mmL 

just east of Russian River 2-1/2 miles WSW 
of Windsor. 

Kah-tah-we, Mah-kah-mo.Min-ko-nah 

Additional rancherias 

He-e-man Near west bank Russian River 2-3/4 miles 

south of Healdsbuiig. 

shahn . On west bank 

from Heal ds burg. 


'Kah- be- ton 

bank Dry Creek 2-1/2 miles NNE 

of Healdsbuig. 


over Dry Creek on road from Healdsburg 
down west bank Russian River. 

Kah-laht-ken . . . .On west bank Russian River 4-1/4 miles 

south of Healdsbuiig. On former J. G, Dow 


• • • 



Kah-wah-me-o » . . .1-1/4 mile ESE of Healdsbuig. 

Kah-we-kah-we . . . Near east bank Russian River 2-3/4 miles 

a little east of south of Healdsbuig. 

Kah- wink-wit- e-mahn . Near east bank Dry Creek 1/4 mile up 

from confluence of Pina Creek. 


4v Kah- ta h-we chum-mi Additional Rancherias 

Kaw-law-kaw ... .2 miles ESE of Healdsburg. 


•On "Miller Ranch" in Dry Creek Valley. 
1-1/2 mile NW of Healdsbuig. 

llQ0-kah-kQ- fthah-*Vi1i . .At NE foot of Fitch Mountain and 1-1/4 

mile NE of Healdsburg. 
Mp-'te-chah-ton . . .1/3/4 miles south- southeast of Cloverdale. 



.On "Miller Ransh" 1 mile E of Russian River 
and 2-3/4 miles ^ of Windsor. 

On "Thompson Ranch 1/4 mile west of Dry Creek 
and 1/4 mile north of Mill Creek. 


Sha-chah-le . . . Near east bank Dry Creek 3-1/4 miles up from 


Healdsbuig; one places it 1/2 mile south of 

Shah-te-nea . . . Near west bank Russian River 3-1/4 miles south 

of Healdsburg. 


She- o-hoo t-mo- ko- ne . . Probably on White and Wilscn's ranch, 1-1/2 

miles east of Russian River, and 1/4 mile north 
of MarkJtest Creek. (Indefinite) 

She-ye-le .... At town of Cruemeville [Name of this village 

given me as Mo-koe?^ 

Kah-tah-we, Min-ko-nav Mah-kah-mo 

Additional Rancher ias 

Tah- ko- kah» la- we . . At or near LyttonI Sprir^s in low hills 

between Rubs i an River and Dry 


Creek, 1 mile west of Lyttonlf. 

Tah- ko- ton . . . . .On east bank Dry Creek Just up from con- 
fluence of Warm Springs Creek. 

Tse-we-da Near east Bank Russian River 2-1/2 miles 

a little south of west of Windsor. 

Waw- tawk-kah- ton . .1 mile northeast of Healdsbu|*g cemetery 

(on opposite side Russian River from 
Wah- tahk-kah-we) * on Luce Ranch* 



Yo- shik- la- to-wah- ne . .At south end of wagon bridge across 

Russian River at HealdsiuiTg. (One says 
on west bank almost opposite). 

The following document is a duplicate of the 
preceding document. It may contain annotations 
and corrections not found on the original. 

AdditionJil Villar:^n Iven by Barrett 

Ah" * k H.h- mo " cho» 1 0- wah» ne . . Near west hank Rinaian T^iver 1/2 

mile fioutheaat of Cloverdale* W-ft4--mo 

/h-nvOil-ico-wah-le . . On .vest bank Riussian Kiver 1-1/^ milee 

—————— —^ ^— — 

dovm frorr Healdaburg, 1 mile doTm from 


Dry Creek brid{ie, rjid on east bank of 


Valley and 2 miles north-nortieaflt of 

Herddsburs. ifVe-sW- i^^^W 

Boh-kah^tse-o . 

. . . Just south of railroad de^iot at HealdRbuits» 

Bah» BhD}>'kle^kah» oo • 1 mile north of HealdBbuxg where Lyttowi 

and Dry Creek roads diterse 


Russian River 2»l/2 miles a little north 

of west of Windsor- We- sK.^ ta.Ha.k 


Be-doot-sah-kah'-lt^yo On wen t bank Russian Piver 1/4 rrdle down 

from confluence of Drr Croek. VYe-s\\*.>vA ia.-tt<iU 


Koh-tah-we, Mah-kah-mo, Min-ko-nah 

Add i tional raric^ e rias 

nah . .On west bank Russian River 4 niles down froa 

Healdsbum. We- 4^- ^^^tr^w 

Boo«d6o«che»lahn . On east liank Ri.\ssian River, ^rob'-oly 5-1/2 

miloo up from Guerneville; was on Thom^js 
Hill's ranch and but nhort, way down stref^ 
from confluoncG of Harkwest Creek with 
Russian River. " We- sKu,Mt.ff-.>k 

Djopten » . • 

• • 

On Porter Ronch 3/4 rile went of west ^lank 
Russian River and 2 milea nortJi of confluence 
of Uarlcwest Creek with Russian River. , , 

We.- Shuw ta.tta.k 

On *Brt||field Ranch* on east T^ank Russian 
River almost opi^osite confluence of Dry 


♦ • 

• Cajip imrrodiately south of Asti railroad 
station. Vvl*.K-l<^K->v^o• '^^^r<^r. t+u»-(ieoj.i-'o-<.,^**'-/-^^?: 


e • 

. On ranch formerly called 'Lor/is Ranch' and 
just eastof Rissian Fiver 2-1/2 milon V/SW 
of Wincisor. '^<l-sV^^y^ UttA 

Kfth- tah-f» , Wah- kah-mo ,Mi n- ko- nah 

Additional ransherias 

He»e«man Noar was t bank Buasian Kiver 2«3/4 miloB 

south of IIoalcisbuxTg* 

Hel» wah- ma' shahn . On V7est bonk Ruasian Fiver 3/4 mile down 

from Heal 08 burg* 

Kt^h»be-ton Nenr east l>ank Dry Creek 2-1/2 miles ME 

of IIoald6buiB« lV£-sK^>vv tJ^K 

h- tih-we chiun-nd AlJitio no. 1 R m oheriofl 


Kaar-law^kaw ... .2 miles ESE of IleaMsbiirG. 

Vte S\^yv^."<t k • 


On nUllor Ranch* in Dr/ Creek Valley, 1-1/2 
mile m of Healdsburg. * vVe-sK.». Utr<.K. 

Moo-kah'- ko'-chah- *hli . .At JIE foot of ritch fountain and 1-1/4 

mile ME of Tloaldsburs. vife-5U>K t^n.y. 


MO - * te- chah> ton . . .^3/4 miles south- noutheast of Cloverdale. 
Oop-ah-wah-np . . .On "* iller Rinch* 1 rrile E of Russian Rivor 

and 2-3/4 miles SW of Windsor. we-sK.»virr*> 


Kah- bek- 

er Ranch' just vTest of bridge 

ireek on road from Healclaburg 

bonk RuoBian Riyer. w<s.$)iu-»^ to-iUVv 

Kah-laht-ken ... .On wei^ t bank Russian River 4-1/4 miles 

south of Ilealdsbuxig. On former J. (1, Dov 

K ih- to- we Near north shore of lake coverin-^ several 

acres » lrl/2 miles SE of HeallsbuiTs (now 

a mere pond)* 
Knh-wah-me-o . . • .1-1/4 mile ESE of Healdsbuxig* 


NA6.-sKu>n t<ttrA 

Kfth-we-kah-we . . . Near east bank Russian River 2-3/4 miles 

a little east of south of HeaianbuiB* W<3-^KuvHt.tAai 

K€th«>wink-wiVe^mahn • Near oast bank Drj^ Creek 1/4 mile up 

f rof: confluonoe of Pina Creeks 





Oop-ah- vfAh-ne . . On Tsomj^son Ranch 1/4 mile west of Dr./ Creek 

and 1/4 mile north of Hill Creek. v^ s^..- tatd-W 

8ha-chah-le . . . Hear ear t bimk Dr; Greek 3-1/4 miles u] frcm 

RealdsbuxTSi one places it 1/2 milo south of 
WataWc^rowe* Vte^KK-w^Mttk. 

bank Ruesian River 3-1/4 miles south 

We --sK W.-VM. XdLtT<a. k • 

of IIoaldflbLurs 

She-o-hoot-mo-ko-ne . . Probably on ^ite and V/ilsm's ranch, 1-1/2 

miles east of R ssian River, and 1/4 mile north 

of Markwest Creek* (Indefinite) 

VVc- 3 k tx »t lA t fa k. 

She-yo-le . . . . At to n -f ^uemeville [N jnc of thi«3 vi 'loiGe 

:'3iv0n me as Mo-kos.— 3 VVe sK>a»^ t<ttr<i,U 


^Ojh-taVwe, ^'in-Vo-na, 'J-^-kjih-riO 

Ad ! i ti on aJ^i e r las 

Tnh-ko-kah-la»w6 . . At or near Lyttons S},ring8 in low billi 

Tah-ko-ton . . 

Tse-we-da . • • 

of divide between Pueeian River and Dry 
Creek, 1 mile west of Lyttons. wesK».>»^ ta.+t4.. 

. .On east bank Dry Creek Just up from 0( 
fliionce of Warm Srrin ;s Creek. 

. . Near east Bonk Russian River 2-1/2 miles 


of^ c> 

a little south of west of i'indsor. . v^- / 

Wt-sh u.>^Ta. iXtu^- 

Waw-tawk-kah-ton . .1 mile northeast of Healosbur^ oeiretery 

(on opposite side Russian River from 
Woh-tahk-kah-we) •on Luce Ranch* 

Yo»8hik-la-tQ- wflh^ne . .At south end of wagcn bridge across 

Russian River at HealdBiurg. ( 
on west 'ank alno«?t opposite). 

We sKuvx. tatT-S-iv- 

^ffh-tnh-i*? Qh^i"^^ 


^/n rl^j // 

' ('^'t '. ;7i:l -^ 


3 -mo . between Russian River and Kah-tah-we lagoon, 

about a quarter of a mile west of the lagoon 


Kah-ley or^ Kul-lfl^ a large rancheria, the site of fliiich is 

covered by the present town of Healdsburg. 
Wah-tah-kow-we . a large rancheria about a mile east of 


To-taeiwahn . on the bend of Russian River beyond (east of) 

Fitch Mountain. 


. Iti-e-yu . about 3 miles from Healdsburg C«»vKi<Ule-^t«.<Lk. 


I I 

(from Min-ko-nah or Min-kowinah. the name of Dry Creek). 
They talk nearly same as our people. They had a large 
rancheria named Show-wahk-ko . It was situated on Dry 
Creek about 8 miles from Healdsburg. The exact place was 
about 2 miles south of Cozaens, at liie junction of Dry and 
Pena Creeks. There is, or recently was, an adobe house 

there. - ciAw««^^». 

- * • 

•3& ••*V • • - - • • V* • 

■ ■ 1 ■«■■ I ■ >i I I m «i 11 111. I 1^ ~*->'-»»«--» m »MM«— ^r»*— — »^^ 

^1 iZhl A/iZ 

(Hah'-lah-mo-chun'-ml or 
V/e-shu;i>-« tai-tah Porao) 

MAH'-Wi.l^:ii>CHUI'-MI Tribe and Villages. 5 pages 

■ ■ IJJ. ' " ' ' 




I II I iwmmmmmrmim'i ' '■' ■■ ■> w^iwyi^—^^anw^pii 

•'""••^••^^•WWiW''^* • • »^'"'»»'" »'■ ■ ' " ■ ■ ' i^i»iii » «i ■ < »■«■>«— ^|f^>^w^^^>1»—^»^l^^ 



\,\ (Had- (J)v i^ 


Tia]>kah-mo chum- mi . . . Cloverdale Valley tribe; their name for 
themselves. On the north their territory includes McCray's, the 
whole of Oat Valley. Preston, and all of Cloverdale Valley; on 
the south it extends to about a mile south of the Swiss Colony 
AstiCor half a mile south of Chianti). Both east and west of 
Cloverdale Valley it reaches only to the top of the first ridge- 
about 6 miles each way from the river. On the east (over the 
first ridge) and on the south it abuts against the unrelated 
Alexander Valley Mi sh- aha- wel {band of Yukean Mi-yahk-mah ^ whom 
they call AK-sho chum-mi (or Ah-cho chum-mi ); on the west they 
are in contact with the Shah-kow-we chmnlmi— the northwestern 
division of the dry Creek tribe, both divisions of which they 
CQ'll T/a-hin kow-nah (slurred Min-kow-nah ) ; on the north, with the 
• Pi eta Den-nol-vo-keah (whom they call Kah^wel-lah ). Their north- 
em boundary crosses Russian River just north of the covered 
bridge at Preston. Told me by John Thompson, member of the tribe. 
Tribal name given me as ^Iah»kah-mo by the We- shah^ chum^mi ; and 


Ah-kah-mo- cho- lo- wah- ne ( akam&tc;5lgwanl B arrett) . . .Villa, 
bank of Russian River about i mi. SJii of Cloverdale. — . 

'B near W 
arrett , 

Ethno-Geog. Porno, 221. Feb. 1908 


giksunStcolowani Barrett. . . See Ah-kah-mo- cho- lo- wah- ne 

aiaako Barrett. . . . See Ah-muk-ko 

E- chah- chah- i-hl i ( itcatc^iLi Barrett). . . Old Camp site iust 
south of R. R. Station at Asti. — Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 
224. Feb. 1908. 


- gabatihmo Barfett. , • Sec Crah-shah-te-mo 


-shah-te-mo ( gcabatihmO Barrett) . . . Name forX vi e iniTy on 
of moijth of Sulphur Creek. — Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 221, 

See Makahmo. 

S side 

Gah-che-te-yo (gatcitiyo Barrett). . . Village near W. bank of 
Russian River about i mi. south of Preston. — Barrett, Ethno- 
^og. Pomo, 221. Feb. 1908. (5«vir .{ v.u.,^ 

Gre-shgp-tS-ton (giciptaton Barrett). . . Name forl T ^ iQinity on N side 
of mouth of Sulphur Creek.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 221, 1908 

See Makahmo. 

g:icipte'ton Barrett . . . See Ge-shep-tg-ton. 

itcatcaiLj Barrett. . . See E- chah- c hah- i- hi j . 

Kah-luiK-ko. ( kalanko Barrett ) . . . Mah*kah-mo name for their village 
on west side of Russian River about H mile south of Cloverdale. 
Place now washed away — gravel bed with irailroad passing over formeir 
rancheria site. Told me by John Thompson, member of tribe. — ^^h-*-^ 
Barrett says 1 mi. SE of Cloverdale. Site on Caldwell ranch. — Ethno- 
Geog. Pomo, 221, Feb. 1908. 

Ah-muk-ko ( amakS Barrett). . . Pomoan T>feth-kah-mo name for their village 
on east side of Rusaiin River about 4 miles south of Cloverdale 
(on ranch of Sam Berry) . Netir the Swiss Colony. Told me by John 

Thompson, member of tribe.-- «?!««--. ^ ^^ , . _ . •, ^ a i. . 

Barrett says east of winery of Italian-Swiss colony at Asti. 
Site on Black ranch or the old Landsbury ranch.— Ethno-Geog. 
Pomo, 221, Feb. 1908. 




Kah-ahet- te-mo. . . Mah-kah-mo name for their village on east side of 
Russian River and south side of junction of Big Sulphur Creek, 
extending up Big Sulphur some distance. Told me by Kah-bis-soon . 
member of tribe. — cm»^ 

Kai^me. . . See Ki-me' 

Kalanko Barrett. . . See Kah-lun^-ko 

Ki-me*. . .Name of uncertain origin applied by Powers to Cloverdale 

Synonomy : 

Xai-me*. . .Subtribe between Greyserville and Cloverdale.— Powers, 
Tribes of Calif., p. 174, 183, 1877. 

Kaime. . . Powell, Linguistic Families, p. 88, 1891. 

Kaim^ ( Kai-m^ ) . . . Barrett (after Powers). — Handbook Am. Indians, 
Pt. 1, pp. 642-643. 1907; also Ethno-&eog. Porno, p. 213,1908 


Ki. . . Keane, App. Stanford's Comp. (Central and So. Am.) 476. 
1878 (also quoted by Powell, Linguistic Families, p. 87, 1891; 


Makoma . . .Mentioned by Kostromitonow in 1839 as tribe in , 

Russian River Valley. --Be it rage Russiphen Reiches, I, 80, 1839. 

Makomas . . .Bancroft after Baer ( Kostromitonow, Beitrage Russischen 
Reiches).— Native Races Pacific States, Vol. 1, p. 449, 1874. 

Makoma . . . Erroneously referred to Mi-vahk-mah . —Barrett in Hand-bk. 
M: Indians, Pt 1, p. 792. 1907. 

— M 

Mas all a Map:oons . . . See Mu-sal-la-kun 
Misalamagun . . . See Mu-sal-la-kun 

Mi- sal- la MagunC . . See Mu-sal-la-kun 

•I ■ • attits mt^ •»• • 

t|r.-r*' 'f»- 



te-chah-ton ( motltcaton Barrett). '. . 
W of Russian River about 1 3/4 mi. 
Ethno-Geog. Porno, 221, Feb. 1908. 

Old village short distance 
SSE of Cloverdale. --Barrett , 

_> ^ 

motltcaton Barrett. . . See Mo-te-chah-ton 

^ ^ 

Musakakun. . . See Mu-sal-la^-kun 

_ r 

Musalakon. . . See Mu-sal-la-kun 

Musalakun. . . See Mu-3al-la-kUn 

Mah-hah-mo' ko-chaK. . . Name given me by Potter Valley Porno for Porno 

of Cloverdale region, whose proper name is Mah-kah-mo chum?-mi. — c»va^ 

^ ( makt^hmO Barrett) 
Makahmo ^ . .'Vilia^^e at junction of Sulphur Cr^^k with Rusdian Bive'/ 
Just NE 6f Cloverdale'; occupied both'sideii of Sulphur Greek.— <J<»w 


Barrett says naaie noV^stricted to village but applied to 
inmediate vicinitT?x^oT5r^f creek was called Ga'cat i hmo , p<^\ «ft v.\\»a «. 
N. side Gibi£t^5n.— Ethno-Geog. Porno, 221, Feb. 1908. ^ 

. Kroeber says "was principal village of a group most frequently 
referred to as Musalajbn*.— Handbook Indians Calif . .233, 1925; 
also p. 237 and Gen. Index, p. 983. 



Mu-sal -la-kun ( Mi-sal- la Ma-p:unO . . . Mentioned by Powers in 1877 


as tribe between Geyserville and Cloverdale.— Tribes of Calif ^_.^. 
174, 1877* Mentioned also by several authors under various <rbur"*r-^a 
without information. (See Synonomy). Kroeber states that Makahmo • 
"at mouth of Sulphur Creek, was the principal village of a 
group most freguently referred to as Musalakon".— 

Synonomy : 

Masalla Magoons . . . Bancroft (after Powers. Porno MS)--Native 
Races Pacific States, Vol. I, p. 499, 1874 

I , 


Mu-aal-la^kun Synonorry cont. 

Masai lamap-Q on . . . Division of Pomo. — Bancroft, Native Races, 



566; Masallaina^oons . 643, 1875. 

Misalamajajln or Musakakun . . . Powell, Linguistic Families, p. 
' BB. 1B91 ■ 

Mi-sal-la Ma-p;un ^or Mu-sal^la-kun. . . Powers, Tribes of Calif. 

1747 1877; 

Mi- sal- la Ma^n^ or Musal-la-kun. — Barrett 4fter PowersV-Ethno- 
iTeog. Porno, 513-214, 1008. 

Musakakun (Misalajnagun ) . .'. Powell, Linguistic Fajnilies, p. 88 

Musalakun . . . Barrett in Handbk. Am. Indians, Pt. 1, p. 958, 
■ r507.' 

Musalacon . . . Source of a Fomo ^lace name , 
name . — Kroeber , Handbk . Ind ians Cal if . , 
p. 985. . 

perhaps a chief's 
p. 89Bi Croii.' Index 

Musalakon . . . Kroeber, Handbk, Indians Calif., p. 233, 1925. 

/V.'. .W. 

»v v.v. >o 


• ,*««•« V * 

■'fff. ■ 


MIN-KO-NAH-CHUM'-MI and ^>HAH-KOW-Wb-CHra -"^ 
(of the Mah'^ah-mo-chum'-mi or We-^*^'^ f^^^f ^ 
division cf the Porno) Village names. U pages 

><i-. .•.. 




m^^tmim v* * w^i^iW— ^W^HMWP'*'**^ >»■ » '* 


>» ll»W»l»»1 

M/ It v/ 









/5f Dry Creek down to a'' few miles above 

.Dry Creek tribe, occupyirp entire valley 

e . Heal daburg , where its* 

territory joins that" of the dlosely related Kah-tah-w ? (*hnm-mi , 
by whom Lhey are called Min»lco-nah chum^mi (name probably also 
used by thwnselves). The name of Dry Creek is Min-ko'-nan. 
The tribe consists of 2 divisions: the Shah-kow-we chuni^i of 
the upper creek, retching about to junction of Dry and Pena 
Creeks (about 2 miles south of Cozzens); and the fJin-kon-nah 
chum^mi from Pena Creek to just above nealdsburg. 

The tribe is called Ma-hin kow-nah chum^mi by Mah-kah-mo 
chuntfni of Cloverdale Valley. --cm^. 

Ma-hin-kow-nah chum-mi 

Kah-baf-pt^-we (kabSptewi Barrett). . .Old village, site inde- 
finite, Drobably ne.>x Sff bank of Rancheria Creek, one of ex- 
treme headwaters of Warn Sprir^s Creek, at a point probably 
■ about I mi. from junction of Rancheria Creek with Warm Springs' 
Creek proper. --Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 220, Feb. 1908. 
[Shah-kow-we chum- mi] 

Kah-ho-wah-ne (kahowani Barrett). . .Old village at Skag^s Springs 
on E bank of Hot Springs Creek, a branch of Warm Springs Creek. 
Mr. Mulgrew, proprietor of Skaggs Springs, has found inrole- 
ments on i:.his site.— Barrett, Blthno-Geog. Pomo, 220, Feb. 1908. 
L Shah-kow-we chum-mi] 

cawako Barrett. 

See Show-wahk-ko 

kahowani Barrett. . .See Kah-ho-wah-ne 

Do-we-kah-tgn ( dOwJkaton Barrett). . .Old "village [probably 
camp] on ridge separatir^ headwaters of Warm Spring;3 
Creek from Middle Fork Gualala River about li mi. NW of 
Leppo's dairy, which is at summit of ridge, on road be- 
tween Russian River Valley and Stewarts Point on the 

" '^- -' 1908.' [Not 

age uo-we-Kan-Lon was ivan-chi-ah or 
Shah-kow-we chum-mi] 

coast — Barrett v'J^hho-Geog::Poiri<>, 22a, leb* 1908.' D 
^certain whether village Do-we-kah-ton was Kah-chi-ah 

kabeptewi B arrett.. .. .See Kah-ba*pt§-we 




Kaht- s ah- no- smah (katsanosma Barrett) . . .Old village on ridge 
between headwaters of Warm Springs Creek and Middle Fork 
Gualala River, about 2 mi. NNW or Leppo's dairy, at sunmit 
of ridge, on road from pussian River Valley to Stewarts Point. - 
Barrett. Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 220, Feb. 1908. L)iot -cei?feairi whether 

riflk -wi-te-mai in ( kawirlkwitiman Barrett) . . .Old 'tallage near 
ITbank of Dry Creek about i mi. above junction of Pina Creek. -- 
Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 220, Feb. 1908 [ Shah-kow-we chu nki] 

katsanosma Barrett. 

See Kaht -3 ah- no- smah 


M-hin kow-nah chum-mi 

kawinkwitiman , Bari^ett. . .See Kah- w i nk - w i- 1 e-mahn 

Ma-hin kow-nah chum-mi 

Tah-ko-ton ( takoton Barrett). . .Old village on E bank of Cry 

Creek iust above junction of Warm Springs Creek. --Barrett, Ethno- 
Geog. Pomo, 220, Feb. 1908 [ Shah-kow-we chum^mij 

Ku-lah-te-o (kulatio Barrett). . .Old Village [probably camp] on 
siunmit 6f ridge between headwaters of Warm Springs Creek and 
middle Fork nualala River, about 3/4 mi. NW of Leppo's dairy, 
on road between -nussian River Valley and Stewarts roint on , i^ 

coast. —Barrett, Ethno-Geo^. Pomo, 221, 1908. [Probably Kah-chi-ah ^. 
may be Shah-kow-we chum-mi J 


/ 1 — 

takoton Barrett. . • Tah-ko-ton 

■ I' — } * 

Ma-hin kow-nah churrnmi. . .Name given me by Pomo an Mah-kah-mo 
ohun^mi Tof Cloverdale Valley) for main Dry Creek tribe. - 

- C,»JK. 

in-ko-nah £hum-mi. . Name given me by Pomoan KaH-tah-we chum-mi 
(of HeaHsburg region) for Dry Creek tribe. 

Probably used by the Min-ko-nah chum^mi for themselves. 
The name of Dry Creek is Min-ko-nah .— 

Wahl-noots^ ( walnutse BarrettJ . . . ^iyakma name for Show-wahk-koy 

Which see. 


Shah-kow-we chum-mi . . .The part of the Min-ko-nah chum-mi which oc^ 
cupies the upper part of ^» Dry Creek ¥alley down tO/^mil 
south of Cozzens, -y^co^ junction of Drv and Pena Creeks. — CiUow 

Show-wahk-ko . . . Name given me by Pomoan KaK-tah-we chutrHmi (of 
Healdsburg) for rancheria of the closely relat ed~ Tli n- kd- nah 
chum- mi about 8 miles from Healdsbui^ and 2 miles south of 
Cozzens, at the junction of Dry and Pena Creeks. — cuv^ 


cawako . .Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 220, Feb. 1908. 

3e y wainutse Barrett). . . Mivakma 

Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo. 220, 1908. 

The following document is a duplicate of the 
preceding document. It may contain annotations 
and corrections not found on the original. 

.. V 


r *~* 

0^ \p (LSVV u^WVV^ 

Ita-hln-kow-nah chum-mi 

WBfi-LIST OF MIN-?:0-NAH Cimuui 




'he *.ribo conoiats of Z divisiona: the 3)mh-kow-we ohun>>rrl of 
the upper creek, refishirv^ about '.o junotion of 'Dry and i^ena 
Cr^eka (about 2 miles aouth of Cozzena); and the f.!in-ko^nah 
churni>nti from Pena Creek to just above Healdaburg. 

The tribe is called ya^hin kow^nah ohufTHrri by FaK-kah-mo 
dhummi of Cloveniale Valley. — Cj*vt^. 

Kah-bZC-pt6-we ( kabgptewl Barrett). . .Old villfi^e, site inde- 
finite, probably nejp Sf bank of Ranohoria Creek, one of ex- 
treme headwaters of Warm Sprir^-ja Creek, at a point probi^bly 
about i mi. from junction of Rancheria Creek with WFtrm Sprin:a 
Creek proper.— Barrett, Ethno-Heog. Porno, 220, Feb. iPOB, 
C Shah-Kow-we ohumrmij 

Kah-ho-wah-ne ( kah^wanl Barrett). . .Old village at SVa-7^a Sjrinnia 
' on E bank of Mot i>t}rir\r,8 Creek, a bfanoh of '^'arm Sprin-^ Creek. 
Mr. Muln;rew, proprietor of SkaPT^^a Sprinr^s, has found irrjjle- 
ments on thia site.— Barrett, Ethno-Oeor^. Porno, .?20. Feb. 190B 

[Shah-kow-we ohum^mi] 

/t — r 

cawako i^arrett. 

See Show-wahk-ko 

kahdwanl Barrett. . .See ^ah-ho-wah-ne 

Doiyve-Vah-ton ( dov?lkatoi Barrett). . .Old "vlllfi^f^e [vrobribly 
ciunpj on rid'^e aeparating headwaters of Warm Sprin'^s 
Creek from Middle Pork Trualala River about H mi. NW of 
Leppo'a dairy, which is at aiimmit of ridge, on road be- 
tween Ruaaian River Valley and Stewarts Point on the. 
coa8t#— Barrett , Jthho-Geog. Pomo, 2Z1\ Feb. 1908. X^'o^t. 
certain whether villfiGe Dtf-we«'kah-ton was Kah-chi-ah or 
Shah-koW"we chum-mi J 

Kaht-sah-no-amah (kataanosma Barrett). . .Old villa<^:;e on rid'^e 
' between headwaters of Warm Springs Creek and Middle Fork 
Crtialala River, about 2 mi. mV of Leppo'a dairy, at summit 
of ridge, on road from rjuasian River Valley to Stewarts Point.- 
Barrett, Ethno- f^epg. ^omo, 220, Feb. 1908. iSjot certain »hotiier 
vfllapie ?Caht-.iah-no-amah was Kah-ohi-ah or Shah-kow-we chum^mij 

>if^-wi-te-mahn ( kawinkwitlman Barrett). . .Old Trill^i^-e near 
£ bank of Dry Creek about i mi. above iunotion of Pina Creek. -- 
Barrett. Ethno-Heog. Porno, 220, Feb. 1900 [ Shah-kow-y/e chunrnij 

kfliVeyitewI Barrett. . . See Kah-bS»pt§-we 

kataanosma Barrett. . . See Kabt- aah- no* am<ih 




^^a-hin Vow-nah chun-mi 

A * 

V, • 

. "* 

Wa-hin kow-nah chum-mi 

kawlnVwltlmar^ > Ivtrrett* . .See Kah- w i nk«w i- 1 e-nv-chn 

Tah-ko-t5n ( tpkdton Barrett). . .Old Filiate 
Croek just iibore junction of Warm Si;rir\-;a 
C/eog. Fomo, 220. Teb. 1900 [ Shfih-kow-ye 

on E bank of Lry 
Creek. — burreit , ithno< 


I'th-^e-o^kulati6 Barrett). . .Old! Village [i:robably carri)] o.i 
aumit of ri'ise between heo.dwatera of Warm Sprinsa Creek and 
riddle Fork nualala Biver, fib out 3/4 mi. M of Loppo'a oairy, 
on road bet?;een 'xiasian River Valley and Stewarta Point on 



f>V '4^J!t^^^^l'M^^'f 

Pomo, 221, l^OP. LProbably ^'ah-chi-aH. ; 

^.^a-hin ko?;>nah chum^mi . . .Name i.dven me by Eomoan Mah^kah-mo 
chufTr-mi Uf Cloverdale Valley) for main Dry Creek tribe,— 

tak5ton Barrett. 


^ * — 

* • 

ah^ ko- ton 

''in-^'O-nah ch um-mi . . Name^r.iven me by Pomoan ^ah-tah-we chumfmj , 

fof HealdabuiK region) for Try Creek tribe. , ^ _ , _ 

"^rob^blv used by the Fin-ko^nah chumrj for themaelves. 

The of Ury Creek ia Min-ko^nah. -" 

Wahl-nootse (mlnutsfi Barrett^. • . Miyakira xxxxm for 3how-wahk-ko^ 
Which see. 



Show-wahk-ko . . . Name ^'iven me by Pomoan Kah-tah-we chu^^n.j (of 
Healdabum) for rancheria of ^he cloaely related liij>ko-nah 
ohum^mi <jiout B miles from Healdsbum ^nd 2 mileo touth of 
Cozzens . at the junction of Dry and Pena Creeks.— <i>*vw^ 


caw<^k^ . .Barrett, i^thno-Heog. Pomo, 220, Feb. 1908. 

Wahl«noot- a6 (walnutae Barrett) . • . T'iyakma name for Show-wahk«-ko 

Barrett. Ethno-Oeoc. Pomo, 220. l^On. 

II w ' " I 


» * 



(Mah«kah-mo-chum*-mi or VJe-shum-t<*fc*tah 

v;£;»-3:I/Ji ClIU:i»-:iI villages and Camps. 1 pa^e. ^?co^/<^. 

WL;«-.->HAli C'fJ:!' mi Tribe, Bands, and Villages, Jj paijes, 




.«*v,'■^v •/. 









loiS. 0-.^ ^zX^^^ -^^J 


.bah>poo-oheUiah^le (kfib&iuil 

coast about 2 miles SE of Gualala mouth. (B) 
Se-e-t5n ( flee'-ton Barrett 229). On coast about 4 miles 

SB of Gualala mouth, on Hans Peterson ranch. 
• GhahLpa-dah (toatida Barrett). On coast 1 or 2 miles N 

of Black Point. - 

P op-t 



«^o«»e . 

Gualala Biver. (B) 
Kah~be~t aLyo . On E side Gualala Eiver about 1/4 miles S 

of mouth of Rockpile Creek. 
Qhah-^yah-kah-to 1 (toa'yahakat 


of Buckeye Greek, o^— A-'^*^ ^ 
(or Kahibah-too«»e ). At Annapolis.^ 
Mah-koiffisha . About 1 mile E of Annapolis (important villagi 
KfihutLflL- In mountains SE of Annapolis and N of Middle Fork 

Kaht~mah'-ohe . At junction of Middle Pork with main Gualala 
Eiver (on point of ridge). Southernmost village of 

i Hfl-boo'-we . In mountains N of Middle Pork and W of Puller (Tr^]:^ At Rode pile on upper Rockpile Creek.- 

loiS 0^^ -Xu^-i -i^J 

thelmah-le f kabaputcemali Barrett 22 

coast about 2 miles SE of Gualala mouth, (B) 
Se-eiton ( aeeLton Barrett 229). On coast about 4 miles 

SB of Gualala mouth, on Hans Peterson ranch, 
^ • Ohah'.^pe.dah (toatida Barrett). On coast 1 or 23iles N 

of Black Point, ^g^^-^ 
Doo>.taahi.kQl. About 2 miles N of Annapolis. ; c^-^ ""->■ 
Koo~bahg-mo-e . At junction Rockpile Greek with main 

Gualala River. (B) 
Kah~be-t a'-yo . On E side Gualala River about iV^ miles S 

of mouth of Rockpile Greek. [^ 


of Buckeye Greek. ^^^^-^-^-^ ^ 
(or Kah-bah-too-e ). At Annapolis.- 
Mah-kow-sha . About 1 mile E of Annapolis (important villagi 
Kahm~le . In mountains SE of Annapolis and N of Middle Pork 

Kaht-mah'-che . At junction of Middle Fork with main Gualala 

River (on ^Doint of ridge). Southernmost village of 

|f<.>Lghah~Qhum-mi. - 



-^ He-boo'-Yte. In mountains N of Middle Pork and ?/ of Fuller (Tti^ 
Kah-ba-ho^ At Rodcpile on upper Rockpile Greek.- 

r^— - . , 




Barrett 229). On 

oosst about 2 miles SE of Gualala mouth. (B) 

V V / * -^ 

aealton Barrett 229). On coast about 4 miles 
SS of Gualala mouth, on Hans Peterson ranch* 
Ghflhlpft-Aah (tca'pida Barrett). On coast 1 or 2 miles H 

of Black Point •- <!*'—' 

About 2 miles » of Annapolis. <^33> 
At junction Bockpile Creek with main 

Gualala BiTer. (B) 
gah-bft-taiyo. On 1 side Gualala Biwr about 1 /4 miles S 

of mouth of Bockpile Creek. ^ 

(toayahaka ton, Barrett). On S siie Gualala 

BiTer S of Buckeye Creek* 


About 1 mile E of Annapolis (important Tillage) 


e Foik 

At junction of Middle Pork with main Gualala 
Biver (on point of ridge). Southernmost village of 

Kft^q^ah-ehum^mi «- v^V — .,/>- i,«^r! 

"" '■ ' !&•. In mountains N of Middle Pork and W of Puller Cr 

(a\ao fWei I\Tv>rne-V>o ) . 

At Bodcpile on upper Bockpile Creek.- 


HqJcX (tyn ttiAiLC'l^ -tuJt; , xj 








a^Ufc^tfa (ttisli& B«?r«i% 229). Qi Mi^ «b*«l imiUB 

■ • 

81 •£ Q»1»U Mtttii, M Ham Bttsiaam nuM^ 

ilMul 2 ailts B of A]iB«p»Ut. 
At ^nfllffi BMkFll« On^ wilk mIs 



(tafilMtailMk^B«rrHt)« en B siit QwH^ 

^ i^^^mL^AA ^ iVont 1 «il« I 0f Aiaaf*li« (laporlaftt Tillti»}« 
IA«LU^ la mnUlM 9B tf iimsptU* aal i af Iiiil« B«iir 

mwr (oft paint af ridft)* Bau^anMit TiUaft tf 
-BJii'i^'iiil'.''' la -mteiM I •< Uddl* iMk •■« W tf hUw Or,. 

— / 






We- shah chunHmi 

WE-SHAH CHIM-MI (WE-ShX TUM-?n). . .Tribe extendii^ from mouth of 
Gualala River on the coast" easterly to the high divide between 
headwaters of Rockpile Creek on the west and those of Dry Creel 
(tributary to Russian River) on the east; and from the lower 
Dart' of Gualala to Middle Pork Gualala. The We- shah' chunwni in- 


elude Kah-bl^-ho at Rockpile and ttah-tow-sha at Annapolis. 





*.. Village in mountains imnaediately N of Middle Pork Gtialala 
-iver and probably about 3 miles a little N of E of confluence 
with main txualala River.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Porno, 225, 

Feb. 1908.-- Ir . &»^ Sbabimlfii 

^^'^ -' h-kah-tol ... Kah-Qhi-ah name fnr Wft-ftViAh r>hiinwm4 camp 
^jA^^li miles NE of Black Point - ^ - 

[SitSn. . • Old camp 

bably about li mi above confluence of Buckeye Creek. — 
Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Porno, p. 226, Feb. 1908. 

DQQ-t3ah-k5l...Kah-chilah name for We- shah' chumlmi 
2 miles N of Annapolis.— 

dutsakol ...01d camp site in mountains E of Gualala river and 

about 1 mi. If of confluence of Middle Fork with main stream- 
Ne£ir end of B'iddle Ri dl^e,* -Barrett , Ethno-Geog.Pomo,226. Ho% 

Chah-pe- dah . . Kah- chi- ah and We-ahah chumpmi name for village about 
2 miles N of Black point, claimed by both tribes. — 1^**-~~ 

..Vill'ce about 1 mile N of Black Point. --Barrett , Ethno-Geos 

'omo. 229, Feb. 1908. 

ia.v\-S«.«9t3tri ~ ^* 

dutsakol . . .See Doo-tsah-kol p. 1. 

4*~ k.Q.U>\>-5.-kc I ^-*^«V taiL. 
O-lSO ^ 

kabaputo email * . » See Kah-bah-poo- che-mah- le 

"' ' " ..Village near E bank of Gualala River about li mi. above 

confluence of Rockpile Creek. — Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 
• p. 226, Feb. 1908. 

Kah-bS-ho . . . We- shah chum- mi name for their large town at Rockpile, 
This was their principal headquarters in summer. Name often used 
by the Indians m a tribal sense. — cu^^ rHj;t'1u.WVv'v^<.l' »^ Uel>l 

Kah-bah-pQO-ehe-mah-le ( kabaputcemali J . * tVillage about 2 miles SE 
of mouth of Gualala River, near coast. --Bs 

Pomo. 229. Feb. 1908. 

Kah-ba-ta-vS. . . See kabetevo . 

•Barrett, Ethno-Geog. 

Riter.— oi>.w^ 

fiah-che) . . .Kah- chi -ah name for Wa-ahah ffhnm.mi 

at junction of Middle Fork Gualala and main Gualala 

See also katmatci ♦ 

* r 

We-shah' chumJ-mi 


• • 

We"3hah chumlml 

/ J. - 1 - 


, a branch 

katmatci , » .Camp near aumnit of ridge between Middle Fork Grualala River 
and main stream, and about 3/4 mi. SE of junction of the two. — 
Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 226, Feb. 1908. See Kaht-mah- j e. 

kawantS^ llmani. . .Old village near head of Buckeye Creek. — Barrett, EthnO' 
Ethno-Greog. Pomo, 225, Feb. 1908. See Kah~wahn-ta la-mah-ne • 

jabtilt. . . Kahifihi=fliL name for We-ahah' nhiinvmj village at Annapolis J 
ee also k^b^te . 


ate ... Village on Biddle Ridge N of Middle Fk Gualala about 2 miles 
NE of junction with main Gualala. — Barrett, Ethno-Greog. Pomo, 225, 1908 
See Ko-bah-ta 

TrQQ-bah'^"-mQ-e. . .Village near S6bank Rockpile CreeJc at junction -wi 
with Gualala River. --c-*w>^- 


knbaHmoi . . . 

Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 224, Feb. 1908. 


"Kubahmoi" at ^Bock Pile-"; the name afk 
.yvObviously Loeb either forgot to add the 

Kate.--Loeb puts 

which is Kah- . ^ _ 

word Creek to Rockpile or else misplaced the village. — Loeb, 

Pomo Folkways, 244, 1926.— 

Mah»kow-3hah. . . We^ahah^ chunwmi 

le for their large town about a 

Kow-anan. . . we-anan cnum-mi name lor tneir large town aoout; a 
mi £ of Annapolis (Ko-bah.ta.) . Name often used by the Indians 
themselves' in a tribal sense.— <J**^-^ See fegkawioa. 

asLKa*. •Village about midway between Buckeye Creek and M 
Gualala River, and about li mi a little N of E of koba^te 
Ethno-Geog. Pomo. 225. 1908. See Mah-kow-shah . 

See^-fftn . ..Old Village near coast about 4 miles SE of mouth of Gualala 
River. Site on Hans Peterson ranch. —Barrett , Etnno-Geog.- Pomo, 
p. 229, Feb. 1908. 

Shahin-l9 (cWlB^^rrett)... Village north of Middle Fk Gualala. —Civ*v^ 
Located by Barrott about 3 miles N of E of junction of Middle 
Fk with main Gualala.— Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 225, Feb. 1908 

tcapida. . . See Chah^pe- dah 

tcayahakaton . . . See Chah- yah- kah- tel 

Kukahrrioi. . . Error for Kubahmoi. --Loeb, Pomo Folkways, 361, 1926 


t • • 

Welahah^ chumlmi 

Wah« I ah~ 1 e . , . ^anche ria on south side mouth Gualala River; t^rriton^ 
reJ^ched south nearly to Chah-re-dah Uine just N of Chah--pe-dah j .^ 

Wahl«hah-lah ( Wahl-hol-lah) . . .Primarily, ^eopy&phic name of region im- 
mediately south of lower part of Gualala River, extending south 
to Middle Fork Gualala and in the interior to Rockpile. Occupied 
by the Wfllahah'nhumlmi . and often used by Indians of region as 
tneir tribal name. 

Walhalla (often spelt Gnal ^1 a ) used in tribal sense by Ste- 
phen Powers, Bancroft, Barrett, and others. uju^^V'j >i-Ax^U=fe«, ^^ ^o 



«f -tx;, iCJu] jbLXA^ 


• rrnfl..1aLla Pal ( or Wal-halla ). . .Tribe on Gualala creek, Sonoma Co.— 
Powers, Tribes of Calif ., p. 186. 1877. 

"The Gualalas live on Gualala or Wallalla Creek".— Powers, Pomo 
MS quoted by Bancroft, Nat. Races,!. 449, 1874. 

'' The Gualalas . onltie creek which takes its name from them, about twen- 
ty miles above the mouth of Russian River."— Bancroft, Nat. Races, 
" I, p. 362-,^i^' 1874. Gualalas.. Ibid. ■586, '449:VajII, 643, 1875. 

♦ Gualala . . . " Gualala (northwest comer of Sonoma County)".— Powell, 
Linguistic Families, p. 88. 1891. Tjjb o of Kulc^nflgfta family 

Sualala.— Mason, Directions for Collectors 
Bull. 39, U.S* Nat.Mus., p. 28. 1902. 




^na-lala ( 
Nat. Rai 



Glial a1 a . 

Gualalas ( Walhallas ) . . .W.E.Wilde , ' Indian Tribes I have Known iP^QS.' , 
Stockton (Dalif] Record, Apr. 11. 1925. 

\ Gualala Pomo. . Kroeber. Handbook Indians Calif. 233. 1925; Gen.Index.97i 


of Mendocino Co, Calif. -fidward Denny 

Walhallas (Gualalas ). .l.EwWilde.- 'Indian Tribes I have known; Pomes', 
Stockton ICalif) Record, J^pr. U, 1925 

The following document is a duplicate of the 
preceding document. It may contain annotations 
and corrections not found on the original. 


We-<ihah chum-"ml 

TPTBK Lir^T OF Vl-r.H/I? CHII^T-VJ P0»»0 

^^l-fir/iTI m?VT ("E-rF,^ TIP'-T^T)... Tribe exter.din^^ from mouth of 


Oualala Hivor on the coast easterly to the hi^-h divide between 
headwaters of Rock} ile Creek on the west and those of Dry Creek 
(tributary to "RiaBr^ian Piver) on the eant; and from the lower 
part of Crualala to TUcMle Fork Oualala. T he Vc~ihah chu"?- rrl in- 
clude Kah-hM-ho at Rockj ile and ^iah-B-n w»rxha at Anna] olis. 

T>ieir name for themaelvea; used a]ao bv Kah-tah-we ahum-ri 
of Ilealdsburg and l'ah«kah-rro chuml»ri of Clovordale Valley.— c^tw 

/ n- 

bf&nli. ..Village in mountains inuiediately N of Middle Fork Gfualala 
'■ Hiv«r and ; robably about 3 milea a little N of E of confluence 
with mxin.uualala River. — Barrett, Ethno-Goog.Porno, «ii25, 
Feb. 190n. - rC<ge Shahmle ) 

CkflcK-'oe-ota.W. . . See pi. ^ 

Chah- yahi kab- ^ n 1 . , . ^ah-c ^i-ah nare ^n r "«> a n.^ h r^ } n irrw 1 cjwp 

^ Villa rty^ miles N£ of Black Point {in i.ioutib .. ino) v rrryud-. 


tna^'ahakaton> . .01 ri canp lite near E b-.nk of Crualala River, | 
bably about II rri above confluence of Buckeye Creek. — 
Barrett. Ethno-Oeo ■;. Ponio. p. '^26. Fob. 190fi. 


Do « 1 3 ah- k o 1 . . . K^. h - c ' 1 i - ah n ame for ' .6-;^hah chufr.»p.l camp or villafre 
Z rrilos N of Annapolis. — C4^-^ 

dut^.akol . . .Old site in nountaina E of Oualala riv63r and 

[about 1 fr;i N of confluence^of Tliddle Fork v^ith rain strefiT'-. 
Ne* r ond of Biddle Ridbxe**-- Barrett. tthno-Oeog.Porr/o.226, 

Chah«-pe- dah . . Kah- c hi « ah und VVfl-flhah r^hiim-w4 nturre for villa/^e about 
H miles N of Black point, claimed by both tribes. — ^^'**^'*— 

tQapida . .Villanre about i rile N of Black Poi nt.- -Barrett . Etbno-^eo 
Pomo . 229, Feb. lOOP, 

dut3akol .«.See Doo-tiah-kol p. 1 

kabapuicemali...See Kah-bah-pf) n-f»hftlm».ln-1 a. 

"'...Village near E bank of Gualala River about li mi. above 

confluence of Rpckpile Creek.— Barrett, Ethno-Geop;. Pomo. 
p. 225, Feb. 1908. & «. 

^fth«bS-:b9 » » . Wg-^1^^ chum-rni name for their lar^e town at Rockpile. 
ihis was their principal headauarters in summer. Name often ua 
by the Indians in a tribal sense.— ts^w 


Kah-bah-|' oo- g he-rnah- 1 e (kaba|'nt.c^f!K\1 i ^ ^ . .Vi 1 la^^a about 2 miles SE 
of rr.outh of Oualala River, ne.r coaat.--barrott , Ethnp-Geof^. 
Pomo, 229. Feb. 190P. 

^ah»ba-ta,-VQ. . . See . Vab^tayg . 

Kaht-fjah-je (yahtTah^nhfi) . . . Kah-cTii-ah nfi/re for ' >Ve-a}iah C'.ufn-fr4 
^^^ at^ junction of ?Uddle Fork (Kialala and r ain Oualala 

Soe also k' 


• j" a' 

er.— c^w^-^ 


We-ahah o^ur-r^i 

We-qhah ghuffHtni 


ah-'^-thn-tE Ia~rah-ne» ««ViIl»/^.e ne ir head of buokeye Creek, a branch 
of Gimlala Hi /er. — cm*,-^ See also kawanieUlirani . 

Mah»Vow~>^hah . . • We» shah chum^rn^ name 
rri E of Annapolia ( Ko«ba!?tA. ) . 
themaelves in a tribal aenae.— 

for their li^-rge town about a 
Ntone often ^uaed by the Indiana 

v.M^rr tc?i« ..Canp nenr of rid(-e between ^'iddle Fork Hurilala Hivor 
and riuin atreajn, and about 3/4 mi. SE of junction of the two.— 
Barrett, Ethno-Oeofi^. Porno, 226, Fob. 190R. See Kaht«mah«.ie. 

kawan tell ir anl . . .Old 
i'>thno-Cleo^^. Pomo 

villafl;e nefir head of Buckeve Creek. --Barrett, 
, 225," Feb. 1908. See Kah-wahn-ta la-rr-ah-no 


yp^hah-ta. . . . y'ah-chi-ab name for We-?^hah churr-mj villaf-e at i^nnapolia; 
oee alao k"&bate. 

~-i 1% 

kobate . ..Villaf^e on Biddle Hidre N of Middle Fk rrualala about 2 miles 
^lE^f function with main Gualala.— Barrett, Kthno-Geos«Pof!0,22ri, 190' 
See T^o-bah-tB. 

^ee-ton. ..01d Village near ooaat about 4 rrilea SE of routh of Oualala 
T?iver. Site on Hans Peterson ranch.— Barrett, iit*no-Oeo(> lorro, 
p. 229, Feb. 190^. 

a i S 3 

Shfthm-lQ/'Ccamli Barrett) . . .Village north of Middle Fk Gualala.— C^^^-^ 
Located by Barrett about 3 miles N of E of Junction of Middle 
Fk with main Gualala.— Ethno-Creog. Pomo, 225. Feb. 1908. 

7oo.b.-h''^-»-o-e ...Vi]l-igre ne^tr S br-.nk Rockpile Creek at junction 
with Ciualala Riv«r» — 


kabahr ol . . .Barrett , Ethno-f^oog. Porco, 224, Feb. 190B. 

..Note.r-.-, • -Loeb put* "Kubahrnoi* at Rook Pile, the name of which 

is ^ah^b^faov . Obviously Loeb either forgot to add the word 
CreeK to Kockpile or else misplaced the village. — Loeb, Pomo 
Folkways, 244, 1926.— 

Kukahmoi. . .Error for Kubahrrioi.— Loeb, Pomo Folkways, 361, 1926 

tcay ida . . .See Chah-|)e»dah 

t cavahakaton . . . See Chah- vah-kah- tol 



9 * i 

We-^hah chunrHmi 

V*ah-lah-le...Rancheria on south side mouth ^^ualala River. Territory 
\r*an lan le. . u ^^^^ ^^ Chah-pe-daK Tline just N of Chah-pe«dah ).> 


reached south ne 

Wah1«hah>lah ( Wahl-hol>l>ih ) . . >?rinarilY geograjihic name of re[;ion im- 
ediately south of lower port of Gualala River, extending aouth 
-0 Middle Fork Gualala and in the interior to Hocki ile. Occupied 
by the W^lahah' nhnrrvmi , ftrid often used by Indiana "of region as 

tneir tribal name. 

Walhalla (ofte.. ..^ ^„.,,.„, _.. ...... 

I hen Powers. Bancroft. Barrett, and others. Usually indefinite as 
to boundaries and apparently includes both sides Gualala «iver and 
in some cases North^Fork Gualala also. Hence, may be considered an 
indefinite blanket name for both WeishaH chum^mi and Kan- no- an .^;:^ 

uri-Ja-lM. r^l (or W?J-'tMll-. } . » .Tr^be on '^ualala creek .Sonor 
Pownrs. 'Vibes of Calif., p. YX~>, ll^ll , 


' The "u;..Lula3 Jive on Oii^1ul;:t. or ?^r'11 ;11:> Croek".— Foyr*<-jr3. Pofr.o 
MS juoled hy bfvncro''t,;!at. Rfices.I, t49. 1H74. 

'The Gi2i.i.1a]a.a . on he creek which ta.ke8 its name from thorn, u-bout twen- 
ty nilos '-hove ^he routh of RuBsian Rivor.*--b vncroft .Nat. P c«s, 
I, j. %Z^^^i}^^^_^^ 613. 1875. 

Gu? >■] a 1 p^ . , . " Gu: ! ] ala (northwest corner of Sonoma County)*. — ?o ell, 
nn>i8tic Families, p.. B8, 1B91. T^a!4be--9ilJCul^w'»rOTriT^ 

Gualala. '^Mason. Directions for Collectors of /.meriwin Basketry. 
Bull. 39. U.S. Nat.Mus., p. 28, 1902. 

5r;ilhalla . . . Gualala oroek •8}e"'led V.alballa on sore mfipa". — Ban- 
/ croft, Nat. Races. I^ p. 3613 footnote, 1^74. 

Gu'dala. . .^ax-'rott .Handbook i^m. In-i iana 

Pf>. 'I. p. 50^. 1907. 

-ualalas (Walhallas) .. .W.E. Wilde, • Indian TH^ss I have '/nowniPornos' . 
Stocktnr^ Calif Record, ^pr. 11, l^Zt, 

\Cualrila Por;<j^.X'roeber, Handbook Indiana ^alif. Z62>. V^Zb, Gcn.In iex,976 

lalalla ■ 't:. .i^enny'a LOcket rsa; of ■•er^docino Co.Calif. fedward ijenny 
ix Co., San Francisco. 19iil . 

tr. T -I \ w IT c \^f\A •Tn.iian Tribos I huve knovvn*. Porr.oa , 
Walhallas (^'ualalaa)..«f.E.wilde, in..ian iriooa 

Stockton Calif Record. \^. Jl. 1^-*^ , 

(Mah'-kah-mo-chun'-mi or 
We-shura« tVt-tah PomoJ 

liE-SHU:i«-TAT-TAH Tribes, Bands- and VUlages. 
33 pages (Z.^j^i,;^ 


^<y / j& 


V %%•• 



p tn^-^-> 

t > 

We-ahum^ tat-tah . . .Ruaaian River tribe occupying Lytton Valley on 
W aide of Alexander Valley, ilgj' extending south over Santa R 
plain from Healdaburg to Santa Rosa and Rincon Valley, and 1 
to Sebastopol.Alao referred to under the names Cainameros . 
Chujuluva . Gallinoireros . Kanajnaraa» - which aee. ^ — 
The We- a hum tat-tah tribe conpriaea 4'aubtribes: 

(1) 0-80- to chuPHmi . of Lytton Valley 

(2) Kah-tah-we chunriVmi . of HealdabuiK Valley 

(3) Bah-tin-kah-le chow-we (or Ba-tik-lah-keih-le chuirf-mi ) , 

or bebastopoi region. 

(4) Me-dah-kah' chum^mi . of Santa Roaa (includii^ ffl-lidr 

of Rincon Valley) 

acaben. . . See Ah-ahah-ben. 

Ah-kah-po- lo-po- lo-wah-ne ( akapglopolSwani Barrett) which aee. 

Ah^mah-mh-k^ ke-wah-le> .«.Trah-tah-we chum-mi name for their bij 
town on little hill on Middle Creek i mi weat of county roa„ 
to Guemeville (not far from bridge) and 3 miles from Healda- 

burg. — ClALv^ 

Synonony : 

Ah-mah-ti-e-vu and Ah-mah-ti-e->m also used by menibers of 
tribe for this town. — c^ka-^- 

d-affiii3i. —Barrett . Ethno-CreogT^Pomo , 216. Feb. 1908, S«* -m*-^^ 


Ah-mahl-poo-wahl-lfe ( amalpuwali Barrett).— filla^ 

"" Russian River l-J mi down from Healdsburg.— 

Geog. Pomo. 216, 1908. 

;e on west bank 
■arrett. Ethno- 

• f 



We-shum tat-tah 




ai-mah'-ti-e-iT i or Ah-niah-ti'-?-TO. . . See Ah^mfth-i^ti-Kiw kg-wah- l e . 

Ah-mah- ak ah- che- 1 


ilan 1 

e-iaii ■ v amaaKat . ^ 

at eawt side Dry Creek Valley and 2 milea NNE^of Healdaburg.— 
Barrett. Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 2l9, Feb. 1908. 

Ah-ahah-ben ( acab en Barrett) . . .Old Eqeq. village 
about a mi NE of Lyttona atation.— Barrett, 
272, Feb. 1908. 

in Alexander Valley 
Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 

Ah-aho-bok-ke eah-mah or We-aah-bah -Ve atch-mah. . . Kah-chii 
Healdabuiig Pomo tribe. — c^ka-^. liee Kah-tah-we churri-mi 

chiah names for 

A^kah-p7^-l?)- ph-l&-wah-n| (akar7^'lor,6l?>wani Barrett)... Village in Santa 
Roaa valley, li mi SE of Bebastopol on Sebaatppbl-Petaluma road.-- 
Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo. 223, Feb. 1908. 


_ I 


_/ "Bo-rf**^ 


amaakatcilan. . . See Ah-mah- akah-chg- layi 

amatig . . . c^-iA ^uiafi;© near north baiik ..of Mill Creek, which entera Tr 
Creek near jun^ion with Ruaaian gi^^^. Site about | ^i from 
Dry Creek. --Barrett, Ethno-C^og. Pomo, 216, Feb. 1908. bee syn- 
onomy under /h-mah-mah - V im ke- wah- 1 e . 


We-3huin tat-tah 

We-shum tat- t ah 


n>. . See Bah"3hah-kle-nO"nah 

Bah«kaht-3e-5 ( ba^ Icataifi Earrett).— Yillagft iust S of R.R. depot at 
Healdsbui^. —Barrett , Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 218 » Feb. 1908 

B ah- nurn- tah» dah. . . Kah- tab- we chum-mi name for closely related neighbor- 
ing tribe or subtribe at Mark West and Santa Rosa. — <iw*^ 

Se«. S»t'v>.ovvo*»v«« v.v.i.*» 0'Vt«..JL<»Jk-W*W \ru»t.L-i»V 


Geog. Pomo, 219. Feb. 1908 

k l^ au Barrett) . — Vill 
Creek roads 

e 1 mile N of Healdsburg 
come together. — Barrett, Ethno- 

Bah-shah-kl^-nO-nan ( bacaklenSnan Barrett). — Village on J.W. Calhoun 
ranch near E bank Russian River 2i miles a little N of W of Windsor 
Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 215, Feb. 1908. 

* ..w 


chow- we . Baktik-lah kah-le chum-mi or 
We- ahum' tat-tah band and rancher ia at Sebast ^ 

batikletcawl . . .Barrett . Ethno-Geog.Pomo, 223, Feb. 1908 

tfatifikletcawl . . .Barrett . Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 213, Feb. 1908. 

Batiklechawi . . .Kroeber. Handbook Indians Calif. 233, 1925. 

doot-sah-kah- l§.-yo ( bldGtsakalSyo Barrett) . . .Village on W bank Rus 
sian Kiver t mi down from junction of Dry Creek.— Barrett, Ethno- 
Geog. Pomo. 216, Feb. 1908 

Be -he-kah-oo-naJ k( behekauna Barrett). . .Villa^^e on W bank Russian River 

4 miles down from Healdsburg.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 215, Feb. 1908 

bidutsakalgyo . . . See Big-doot-sah-kah-lgUyo . 

bOhosole . — f illa^ in Santa Rosa valley on Sebastopol-Petaluma road 
irobably 3 miles SE of Sebastopol. --Barrett. tthno-Geog. Pomo. 
:23, Feb. 1908 ^ . ' & . 

Boo-doo-chg-lap ( bTldutcilan Barrett).— Village on N bank Russian River, 
about 5i miles up from Guemeyville not far down stream from iunc- 
of Markwest Creek.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 215 r Feb. 1908^ 

Boo-tah-k ah-chah-to-kah-ny ( batakatcatSkani Barrett) .--Village in 
Santa Rosa Valley on Sebastopol-Petaluma road, ^i miles SE of 
Sebastopol . —Barrett . Ethno-Geog. Pomo. 223. Feb. 1908 

Boot-swah-le ( butswall Barrett).— Village in Santa Rosa valley on 
w bank Laguna de Santa Rosa 1 mi from N eitremity. — Barrett. 
Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 222, Feb. 1908 





budtitcllan*..See Boo-doo-che-lalh 

bntakatcat^kanr^. .See Boo-tah-kah-chah' 

ir. . . Se< 

butswali yt . . See 


/ CacGia. 

>i-»0>»«-<^ rti-meS. 

».. RanCh^HaZ — Book of Mission San Francisco Solano, 

Original mSS" 1824-1837, Bancroft Library. Probably same as 
LiHuancacaa-Yomi . Co-n tWCs lr« %a>ne *.% Ca-Vo. (!flL\(iL > 


^ve-3h\xnfi tat-tah 

Cainamero . . r'^^« spelled in varieus •<»; 
Synonomy : 

"" tured for the Wft-ahuni tat^tat^ 

) • • 

^Cainainerol-S.Vaiejo. Ancient Days in Calif. 98,MS. Bancroft Libr. 1874 

cfcsnndifc:Qii^^iaa.--M.G.Val^ Hist. Calif .vol.2.21-27. 

B^croft Libr. 1875. 

Caj name^ro . -B^.pefoft .Hiat . Call^^SQS ftnote.lSgS-^^infonnation) 

(]aimmero3 . Cayname roe . -Tribe in Santa Rosa regon.-- Jose' Fernandez, 
-^^^^^^fils de Calif . 87.91. MS.Bancroft Libr.lB7b(or 1876J 


Cainameros .- Bancroft .Hist Calif .IT.7i. 72. 1886. 

Cainameros .-See also Chniuluva ref.Libro Bautismos.Mision SanFrancisco 

-"^ SoTaHo, Sonoma, MSS Bancroft Libr. 

Angeles, 1911 
^Caina^eros ^r Rant.a Posa8% -Tom Gregory. Hist. Sonoma County. p.54, Los^ 


CjdrHiieros.--J.B.i^lvarado.MS Hist Calif. vol. 2l,33, tni <i^<i 

CainemeroB .^-Kobert /.Thonipsonlafter W^ and Descr. 
Sonoma County.Calif .p.70,Phila.l877. 



(misprint for Cajiimares). --Bancroft. Nat. Haces, I, 400. 1874. 



Canimares . -Taylor, Calif.Farmer.Yol.Xin.No.4.lIar.2. 1860 
Caynam^ .-M.G.Vallejo.Hist. Calif. .vol.l.p.M5.?'S Bancroft Libr.lB75 

Caynan-ero. — A.Pinart (after Book 

of Baptisms .Miss ion San Bafae],) 

» -^ 

-w ■' - * 



We^shum tat-tah 

Cainamara synonony cont 

Cavnameroa ( Cainajneros) . . . Jose de Jesus Vallejo, Reminiscencias 
HHist . de Calif. MS. Bancroft Libr., pp. 136, 141. 1874. 

Cavnamero s ( (^llinameros ) . . .M. G. Vallejo. Hist. Calif., Vol .3, 
pr~B4, MS. Bancroft Library. 

Cavnameroa . Cainameros .. .Jose Fernandez. Cosas de Calif., pp. B7, 
91. mS. Bancroft Library 1876 (or 1875) 

oakakmo^ . . See Shah-kahk-mo 

r • 


We-shum tat-tah 

Cala-Cala . . . IRancheria mentioned z. once. 3.--Book of Baptisms, 

San Francisco Solano, Original MSS, 1824-1837 Bancroft Libr. 
Can this be same as Cacaa and L ihuancacaa- Yomi ? 

Canit3ua ..rTecho, chief of Can it sua and Livptolomi .--Book of Bap- 

tiims, Mission San Rafael, 1 BIB- 1839, Mb Uopy by A. Pmart, 

Bancroft Library. 1878. 



, .^^J.e<^non9iiQr"under Q 

Casi-Lajnma, Yomi . . . "Rftncheria of " Nacion Chujuluy a vulp;o Cainamgros ) " » - 

~ " - ~ • iggig-- San Francisco oolano, mz^ 

mentioned once. --Book of Bap' 

1837, Original MSS, Bancroft Library. 

catcall (Barrett V . . See Shah-chah-le 
calytnen fearrettj . « See Shah-te-nen 

Cauvomi . . .See synonomy under Gualomi 

CayntoB^ Cayfl^ero > X^e Cajjg^ero synprlomy. 

Chftif^ha-wah-nl ( tc^tc§wani Barrett) .. .yilla^e ^t north end of Santa 
Rosa La^Toon. iust west of where it flows into Mark West Creek. - 

Barrett; Ethno-Creog. Porno, 222, Feb. 1908. Can this be same as 

'•' ChiGhe vomi? 

Ch e-hla-ton (tclLeiaa Barrett). . .Village on west shore of Santa Rosa 
Lagoon, Similes from north end. —Barrett , Ethno-Creog, Pomo. 
223, 1908 


We- 8 hum tat-tah 

■■■-.'I-lg , 
valley. -- 

B arre' 
arret feia% 

(^^. /a.'nv.\e .^^Jalle5>--Ethno-Geo2% Fotao, 271, Feb. 1908. 

ah- 1 ah- we " chignmi. aJLHeal dsbu r(^) 
graphicTiamexror Alexander 
old Pomo Village in Alexander 




"^^^ Yw-He.ou'w TYiiskoLwel. 


Chicheyomi . . .Rancheria mentioned repeatedly in books of Sonoma 
Mission: (Written Chicheyomi 20 times, Chichayomi once). — 
Books of Mission San Francisco Solano, 1824-1837,J)riginal 
MSS, Bancroft Library. Can this be Barrett's tcetcSwani? 

Synonony : 

Chichovomi . . . 'Tribe'.-T^Iist. Calif., II, Footnote 506, 1885. 

Chickoyomi . . . * Tribe * . — Tom Gregory (after Solano Mission Re- 
cordsJT History Sonoma Co., p. 52, Los Angeles, 1911. 


• • • 

e under 

• «» 


Chuiuluya -.. .Name spelled in various ways in Books of Mi'saioti 
Bah Francisco Solano at Sonoma, Original MSS, 1824-1837, 
Bancroft Library for the We-shiim" tafit ah tribe. Written: 
""--^-" Chujuluya (vulgo CainajnerQa) * , " Nacion Chujuluye* . 
~*~ ^.wwion Chuculuya * ; also Chujuya in Book of Baptisms, 
San Rafael Mission, 1818-1839, MS Copy by A. Pinart, Ban- 
croft Library, 1878. ■ 

* #» 

We* ahum tat-taK 

We- ahum' tat-tah 


cimela.. . v See Shft-ma.- 1 a.h 

— '^ \ 

cutawanl^ frSee SVirxv-t.ah-wah-ne. o^3&,^t/"s>ts, 

CotlvomL , . Rincheria mentioned once.--BookAof Mission San Rafael, 181B< 
1639. MS Copy by / Pinart, Bancroft Library, 1878. /So-toyo-me. 

PS- 1^-mah ( delema Barrett)... Village west of Russian River and 2 
miles north of junction of Markwest Creek.— Barrett, Ethno-Creog. 
Pomo, 215, 1908. 


d jelheldjisekani. . . See J&l-hel- .je-se-kah-ni- 
diopter^. . . See J5pten 


Gallinomero. . .Name, 3pel]?<^in various ways by Spanish and other writers, 
for We-shum^ tat^tah tribe. 

Sy nonomy ; 

GalinomarQ. ▼'•Bancroft, Nat. Races, III. 644, 1875. (Spelled 
Gallinomero elsewhere in chapter.) 

Gallinanro (error for Crajlinomero). — G. Wharton James, Calif. 
Indian Herald, p. 6. J^'eb. 1924. 

Ga 11 inameros . -» Cayname ros incorrectly called Qallinameros by H. H. 
Bancroft in" Nat. Places.— M. G. Vallejo. Hist. Calif. Vol. 3, 
p. 84, MS, Bancroft Library. 

Call lh Q m»> 6.— Powers , Overland Monthly, IX, 498, Dec. 1872. 

1 GalllnoBi e r e^— Powers, Tribes Calif., p- 174, 1877 (Vocab-491,494-502) 

Gallinomero dialect.— Bancroft, Nat .Races, 
(numerals and grammatical remarks) . 

III. 644-646. 1875. 

E-vQ- ko chum-ml . . . Mah-kah>mo ( of Cloverdale Valley) name for Healdsburg 


by the Potter Val ley Po-mo-ke-chah^ — 
(dhum-mi synonomy. i 

Called Yo-ke 
See Kah-tahy«e 

gaivet cin . . . See 

Gallinomero.— Tribe of K 

nomero .— Tribe of Kulanapan family. — Powell Linguistic 
Families, p. 88. 1Q9I7 

Gall inome ros . — Bancroft. Nat. Races, Vol. I, map opp. p. 322 
ppr352, 372. 386. 390. 449,, lb74i Ibid, Vol. Ill, 643. 


' 1 

\ 4/-et.v y^w-^rvci ""^ ' 

Gallinomero8. -»Gat'chet (after Bancroft) Ind. Language, Mag. Am. 
Hist. . Vol. r, 162, 1877. 

Gall inome ros or Yokiah Indians at Hopland.— Enos Brown, Sci. Am. . 

July 3. i89r: 


e o 

Preceding Frame 

t \ 





H^nbmt U^i-^mi 


r r-»ttl_ 

/ vSojrP'e.'tx) 

ff^Rhn»jwRlr?w ^ P . .Sea 9hfl" o-hQOti-mn*kQ- 

cutawaBflT . .966 Shft (v» tah«w&h-nft . «^^«^^<S7ks, 

CoMYQffi£»VVl&ncheria mentioned once.— BoolLof Mission San Bafael, 1818- 

. MS Copy by A Pinart, Bancroft Library, 1878. /So-toyo-me. 

Pf^lJ-ir^ (dilfiBft Barrett)... Yill 
miles north of junction of Ma 
Pomo. 215. 1908; 

west of Bussian Hitejf and 2 
irest Creek. --Barrett, 


djelheldijisekefei^. . .See J&l-hel- ie-sg-kah-nf 
d.i 6ptei}^ . . See ^[g^sn 


e # e 

flhuBHaii # • ^ vUb 





tee^ synonony 





Name, spelWin Yarious ways by Spanish and other writers, 


^♦Bancroft. Nat. Races, III, 644, 1875. (Spelled 
ififiateOL olaewhe re in chapter.) ^ 

GaUtaanro (error for Gallinomero ).— 0- Wharton James, Calif. 
Indian Herald, p. 6, Feb. 1924. 

p. 84, 

— Cavnameroe incorrectly called Gallinameros by H. H 
in NatVHadM.— M. G. Vallejo, Hist. Calif. Vol. 3, 
, Bancroft Library. 

r--Powers. Overland Monthly. II, 498, Dec. 1872. 

-•Powers, Tribes Calif., p. 174, 1877 (Vocab. 491 ,494-502) 


dialect— Bancroft, Nat .BEices. Ill, 644-646. 1875. 
i *]^ |p;wnatical remarks) . 

e of %lanapan family.— Powell Lingaistic 
ea , p. 88, lo9l. 

::|«ioroft, Nat. Races. Yol. I, nap opp. p. 522, 
m, 386, 390. 449,, lS74i Ibid. Vol. III. 643, 1875 


^«-Gmh0t (after Bancroft) Ind. Language. Mag. im. 
#1» r, 162 , 1877 • 

ah Indians at Hopland. — Enos Brown. Sci. im. , 




• f 

We- ahum tat-tah 

Galllnomero synonomy cont 


We-shum tat-tah 

Gallinomftyt)fl «— "Keane. App. Stanford's Conro. (Cent, and So. 
Am.) 476, 1878* . — (Quoted by Powell, Linguistic Fajnilies, 
p. 87. 1891). 

Gal linomeros. — Carl Purdy, Porno Indian Baskets and their Makers, 
2d ed. 7, 1902. 

Gallinomero.— Handbook, Am. Indians, Pt. I, pp. 4B2-483. 1907. 


allinon iero .— Loeb. Porno Folkways, p. 287, Sept. 29, 1926. 


their Klakers, 

Gynomehro.— Dixon, Preliminary Bulletin Census 1910: Indian Popu- 
lation, p. 16. pub. June 26, 1913; also Census of Indian 
Population U. S; & Alaska, 1910, pp. 89. 139. 1915. 

Gi-ye-chin ( gaiye'tcin Barrett)... Old village in Alexander Valley about 
" a mile N oi Lyttons station.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 272, 1908 

lomi. ..Rancheria, called by Spaniards Santa Bosa de Lima, at 
or near Santa Rosa. 134 Indians. 

Spellings in Book of Baptisms, San Rafael Missioh, 1818-1839, 
MS Copy by A Pinart, Bancroft Library, 1878:^^ 


C' Gualomi called Santa Rosa de 
Lima" ^ (Gualomi occurs 41 

Jauyomi (20 times; Chief "Casi" 

*.Ta.nhjomi are people of differ- 
ent language 




Guapa Indians , Guapps fWappoal . . . Spanish name for Yukean Mi yahkmah , 

used ftrrnnftnnflly fftr SoTto-yoLme . See flynonomy under SO-tO-yo- 


Gui-loc . . . See Wg-lok. 

We-3hum tat-tah 




We-shum tat-tah 

Hah-che-lan ( hatciian Barrett). ..Villa^eAE of Husaian River 2i miles 
WSW~o? Windsor.— Barrett. Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 215. Feb. 1908 

heeman. .. Village neMr W bank THisaian Biver 2 3/4 milfrs S of Healds- 
" biirg.— Barrett, Ethno-Cxeog. Pomo, 216, Feb. 1908 

Hel-wah-maW-shan (he lwamScan Barrett) . . .Village on W bank Russian River 
3/4 ftni down from Heal dsburg. —Barrett . Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 217, Feb. 1908 

bankSanta Rosa 

Barrett . 

Hoo-kah-be-tah-we ( hukabei/awi Barrett).. • Village on S bankSant 
Creek near depot of Calif. Northwestern Ry m Santa Rosa. — 
Ethno-Geog. Pomo. 222, Feb. 1908. 

Huilantul ivami . . « R&ncheria in vicinity of Santa Rosa, mentioned in 1823. 

Thought to be identicfctl with Libantilivami .— Bancroft .Hist. Calif 
1 1 , 506iH,^885 . See also Libantilivami t/> s^»Ao>Hy toA.>(aA.uya.wto\o»ig. 

Huiluc . Huili g; . . See We-lok 
htlkab etaw] L . . See ^oo-V^-b-hft-t.aVilwft 


Jaiiam. .Tribe in Russian Valley or N of Fort Ross.— Kos^^,romi^.onow, Bei- 

trace Russiachen Reiches . I, 80. 1839. May be Kah-chi-ah. See also^ ^ 
To.^ \<K^. ■ laa^c^ M- (<.^k«ux«>«^<^'*«-v-) yx^, (j?»^ . /o I ■ I, p . y y /, y? 7f (Yap lam 

Jauyomi . JauMfimi, . . See Qualozni 

-n^ ( djelheldjisekani Barrett) . . .Old Pomo 

'Vc- oo-VvoWtvkuV 



ip ( 4jnptaYi^ fearrett)...Qld viilage^on E bank of Russian River 
almost opposite junction of Dry Creek.— Barrett , Ethno-Geog. 
Pomo, 216, Feb. 1908. 

Juiluc.See Well ok 

kabston. . . See Kah-ba-ton. 
k abetciCiwa . . . See Kah-be-che-oo-wa 

, (Bo-rcett) ^ 

kabekad5gani« . . ^«o^»^-^^-K^h-(^^-p;»-b-nft 

kaclntui^. . . See Ka.h.Rhftn.tno.e 

( kab^ton Barrett ) 
ih-ha-ton . . .Village near east bank Dry Creek Z\ miles 
buiB*— Barrett. Ethno-Geog. Pomo. 219, Feb. 1908. 

NNE of Healds- 

Kah-be-che-oo-wa (kabetoiuwa Barrett)... Village in Santa Rosa valley 
in east E of Santa Rosa town a mile from Hoo-kah-b e-tah-we.— 
Bttrrett, Ethno-Geog Pomo, 222, Feb. 1908. 

Kah-be-kah- do-gah- ne ( kabekadogani Barrett) . . .Village on *Hopper Ranch* 
iust W of D ridge over Dry Creek on road from Healdsburg. down west 
bank Russian River.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 216, F^. 1908. 


Kah^le . Kol-le . or Kul-I e (kale Barrett).— Kah-tah- we chum-mi name 
for their large ranchefla7 the site of which is covered by the 
present town of Heal dsburg. — c>wv*^ ^ Barrett locates it on 

the Healdsbuig plaza.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 223, 1908. 

Kah-Iaht-ken ( kalatken Barrett) 
4i miles S of Healdsburg. - 

..Village^ on W bank Russian River 
Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 215, 1908 

Kah-shSn-too-e ( kacintui Barrett). ..^ Village on west shore Santa Rosa 
Lagoon, 2i mi NW of Sebastopol^— B arrett . Ethno-G eog. Pomo, 223,1908. 

Kahp-t en ( kapten Barrett) . . . Village on west shore Santa R)sa Lagoon 
2 miles from north extremity.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 222, 1908. 

We-ahuir tat -t ah 


We-shum tat-tah 


Kah»tah-we or Kah-to-e ( katMi Barrett) . . . Katf-tah-we chuni- mi (of 
Healdsbuiig name for their old village on Ka«h=iiah=Efi. pond It or 
2 miles S of Healdsburg, on E side of highway. Tribe named 
for this pond.- Healdsburig ranche>ias land Indialns often referred 
to as So» ^^,^ . >- g^yv-v**- ^ " See aynonomy under So~to-yo-me . 
See also RStOwi . 

TTah-tah^we chu m-rrii. Subtribe of We-ahum' tat-tah centering in 
Realdsbuiig Valley on Russian River and extending from L3rtton 
Valley on the north to Mark West Creek on the. south, and fol- 
lowing Russian River westerly to a little below Guerneville 
where their territory adjoins that of the Kah-chi-ah .-" ci><«t>^ . 


See Katch- 

Katch-ah-we chum-mi ( We-sha tum-mi pronunciation). 
ah-we chum-mi in main list.n 

■Ah-sho-bok-ke esh^mah and V/e-s&h-bah-kE atch-mah ( Kah-chi-ah 
names) See in Main list. 

£-yo-ko chuir-mi ( Mah-kah-mo. name). See in main list. 

Yo-ke ( Po-mo-ke-chah name). See in main list. 

O-nah-chil-ish ( gnnatsllic Barrett) . . ( Mi-yah-k ah-mah name) . . 
See 0-nah-chil-ish in main list. See also onnatsilic. 

/'^Lo-e • • See l\<Lti-'ta.V\-wg> 

Kah-wah"me»o (kM^miQ. Barrett)... Village li mi ESE of Healds- 
burig. —Barrett . Ethno-Geog. Porno, 218. Feb. 1908. 

Kah-we-kah-rwe (kawikawi Barrett ) . . . V i lla; 
River 23/4 miles a little E of S of 
Geog, Porno. 216. Feb. 1908. 

;e near east bank Russian 
ealdsburg. — Barrett , EthnO' 

Kainamare . Kainomero . Kaina-meah. . . See Kan-a-ma- ra . 

, (") / 

Kamtken . * . See Kflh.lflM..Vpn 

I, kale^. . JCah»le 

Kaiatschim. . Tribe in Russian r River Valley N of Fort Ross.— Kostro- 
mitonow. Beitrage Russischen^eiches'. I, 80 1839. Bancroft, 
(after KostromKonow) Nat. Raees. Vol. t. 449. 1874. H^ay be Kachiah 

Kapten (Barrett 1908) ... See Kahp'-ten . 

So-to-yo-roe . . .Name used by Le»kah-te-wut of Petaluma for old 
rancheria and people at Healdsburg. Published under 
various spellings by many authors as village and band 
name, and also by some erroneously as tribal name . — ©'•»*-- 
See aynonomy under So-tQ-yo^me in main liat.- 

• • r 


We- ahum tat-tah 


Kan-a-m^-ra . . . Name . spelled in various ways by Spanish and other 
writers , for the V/e-ahumHat-tah trioe. 

Synonomy : 

Kainama * -r-Kostromitonow . *Steppen-Indianer' , Beitra^e 'Russischen 
T^eiches, Vol. I. p. 80. 1839^ 

"Kai-na-meah or K ai-na-me-ro" , Spanish pronunciation " Kai-na-roe-ro* 
(HbBs, Schoolcraft. Vol. III. 102, 1853. 

^ai-no-me'ah .— Cribbs . Schoolcraft, Vol. Ill, 112. 1853. 

Kainama. —Bancroft (after Kostrorcitonow) , Nat. Races, Vol. I, p. 

449. 1874. 

"Kainamares or Kainameah s* . —Bancroft (after Gibbs, spellir^ not 

eHct), Nat. Races. Vol. I. 449, 1874. 


Kain ainare s. — Bancroft, Nat. Races, Vol. I, map opp. p. 322, 1874; 

J. • 

v- * 

Kai narr.are . - ^»ti f^rfrjt^ Nat. Races, Vol. Ill, p. 566, 1875. 
Kanamara ( Kanima res , -[animarres . Canimares . — Taylor Calif. Farmer, 

March 5U , i860T ' ^ee a^\So Ca.'y\xma,y-<t s **^<><*^ CA.»''Kft>Ha.rfa. . 

^'^ Kanimares . —BaTicro ft . Nat. Ra-ces. Vol. I. p. 362; 449 (after Taylor) 

lB74i Ibid (after TaylorJ.— Vol. III. p. 648. 1875. 

Kan- a- ma- ra . — Merriam, Dist. and Claaaif. MfiffiSH Stock of /Calif. . 

>mer. Anthropologiat . NS IX. p. 352. June 1907./ , 

In 1904 and l^Oh the Hoo»koo'-elko and 0- lah-ment- j ^ ,gave me 
the .nam6 aa Kj^e.- nah-mjsih and Ki-e-nam^rr^ ah.-— c^ha^.- '' 

We- ahum tat-tah 

Kan-a-ma-ra aynonomy oont 


Kianamaraa. — Austin Wiley. Rept. Conmr. Tnd. Affra. for 1864. 

Ki-e-nam-mah. — Name uaed by Bodega Bay O lamentko for tribe on 
Sebaatopol- Santa Roaa plain. — CHlli , MS .Aug. 1905 . - c-h^-^ 

Ki-e-najk-irah k— NajmPi for Sebastopol- Santa- Roaa tribe 
uaed by Tomalea Bay Hoo-koo-e-ko. — OHM. MS. Aug. 1. 1905. ~ 

I V 

Ki-nah-ma-rah . — See Kan-a-ma-ra^. 

gyanamara.— Tribe on Ruaaian River below the Canyon, Sonoma County. 
H. L. Ford in Rept. Comr. Ind. Affra. for 1856, p. 257. 1856. 

Kvanamaraa . — Bamc roft . Nat. Racea, Vol. I. p. 499. 1874. 

• A 


We- ahum tat- tab 


» t 


We- 8 hum tat- t ah 


» \ 

^,^'. 8-^- iu--^^-^ 


KatQh-ah-we chum-mi. 



katt>wl .... Barrett. Ethnp-aeog. Pom.o, 217, Feb. 1908. See Kah'-tah-we 

Kad^w^-me-bL (kawdinio Barrett ).\. Village M mi ESE of Healdaburg.— 

^ F^retK-2thri^Creo^ Porno N^8, ^908 ^ \w- --:. /-('a.k- Ky<j.K->»ie-o 

fta-we-kah-we (kawikawi Barrett).— Village nearE BaiiH Russian River 
"^ 2 3/4 miles a little S of S of HealdsburB. — Bari*«|it , Ethno-Geog. 
Porno, 216. 1908 ^<ke /<'ic k - wve ~ /< a,\ - v^^ . 


Kol-le . . . See Kah-le 

Ko- lo 

-KQ^ . . Kancheria n&S^Jimtown in Alexander Valley, on E side 
Russian River, 4i miles NE of Healdsburg. jillage of Q-ao-to 

chunf-mi b efore the Mivakjm. war. — cn/v-v Barrett says about 
2 mi ESE of Healdsburg'— Ethn6-Geog. Porno, 218, 1908. Barrett 
also gives name to another location on NE bank Russian River 
about 3i miles NE of Lyttons station. — Ibid, 272. 1908 

Kgn-hom tat-tah . . . Kah-tah-we chum-mi name for Guemeville band of 
' We-shum' tat- tah. — c^^atv^ 

' ICo-te-sho-mo-tah ( kOticOmSta Barrett) . . ^ Wappo pame given to the old 
Porno village tcelhelle after the Pomo-Wappo war. — Barrett, Ethno- 
^-eogl Pomo: 271, Feb. 1908. beeA Chel-hel-le 

1 1 

Levantolome . (Livancacayomi ) . . . Rancheria on west side of Si^nta Rosa 
Lagoons, or 5 miies north of Sebastopol.— cww^^ 


'Kuilantuiiyaiid{Life«/ntiii>»^\)l.":B<v^e'*'cst,H Co.i.x ii:,506,\H5- ^ 
Llbantone. /.Taylor. Cfalif. Famer, Oct. 18, 1861 — 

Libantone . --Bancroft . Nat. Races, I, 453, 1874. 

Libantone. — (After Taylor) . Handbook Am. Indians, Pt. I, 
pr765, 1907. 

Libant il ivami. —Bancroft . Hist. Calif., II, 448-449, 1885 
(footnote after Ordaz MS Diary) 

Libantilogomi .— Hittell . Hist. Calif. I, 496, 1885. 

Libantiloquemi , er Libantilovami l* — Bancroft, Hist. Calif., 
~ Vol, II, 498 footnote, 1885. 

L ihuancacaa-Yomi (!_ 

Cisco Solano, urigma^ 
as Cacaa and ^ Gala Gala ) 

. — Book of Mission San Fran- 
, 1824-1837. (Probably s.ume 


ivancacayomi . — San Rafael Mission Book, 1813-1839 j MS Copy by 
A. rinart, Bancroft Library, 1878. Soo ftloo Lihuanoaoaa. r^ 


L iva.nt»lomi . Livanto lomi. Livantaloyomi. — San Rafael Mission 
Book, 1818, 1839, MS Copy by A', Pinart, Bancroft Library, 

Kul-l e. ..See Ka^le 

Livantonome. --Bancroft. Hia[t. Calif. II, 597 footnote, 1885. 

- ! 

ivantuli-Yomi . — Book of Mission San Francisco Solano, Original 
"S, Bancroft Library. 


aliquini . — M. G. Valleio, letter to 
1B33T MSS Bancroft Library, g\ 143, 

to Gov. Figueroa, May 6, 

Livantuyolomi. — J. M. Amador (Eiped. prior to 1823) Hemorias 
sobre Historia Calif., MS, Bancroft Library, p. 49, 1877. 

' r 

V/'e-ahum tat- 1 ah 


Lib ant one . . . See Levantolome s«>uowv^v.-n 

Libantiliyajni . Libantiloysuni . or Libantiloguemi * . .See Levantolome.. 

Libantilo^.omi . . . See LgYn^^t <^'> o"^ft - 

Lihuancacaa Yomi ( L i vanoaeayomi ) . . . See Levantoloire. 

Livancaca yomi . » . See Levantolome 

Liv^intolomi , Livantalomi . Livantoloyomi. . . See Levantolome . 
Livantonome. . .See Levantolome . 

Livantuli-Yomi . Livantuliquini . Li vantnyol nmi > . . Saft Levantolome . 

Con 'Miller Ranch* 

Loole (lull Barrett).. .Village /^n E bank Dry Creek li miles NW of 
Healdaburg. — Barrett, Ethno-Creog. Porno, 219, Feb. 1908. 

Loo-men- tah-kah- lah (lu mentakala Barrett).— ViU a^^ indefinitely 

located by Barrett" in hilla fonning the divide between the Sonoma 
and Santa Rosa Creek drainages, and at a point probably a short 
distance south of the Pomo-Moquelumnan interstock boundary .— 
Ethno-Geog. Porno, 314, 1908. [May have been Lekahtewut Mewan. J 

We- ahum' tat-tah 




Mah-kaha-mo (majcasmo Barrett). . . Kah-tah- we c^humLm^ (of Healdsbuig) 
name for their rancheria between Russian River and Kah^-tah-we 
lagoon, about a quarter of a mile we^t of the La^Troon and ' 

li or 2 miles south of Healdsburg.— d/t^w^. 
\Ethnd-aeog. Porno, 216, Feb. 1908. 

Barrett jav s >»««.•- 

Mah-tah-lah-chahihle ( malalatcaL i Barrett). . .Old Porno villa.Q-e in 
Alexander valley atout i mT-N of Lyttona Static. -Barrett V 
Ethno-Geog. Porno, 272, Feb. 1908. ov.. 

. ..jsa Lagoon. It miles WWW of Se 
ranch. Ethno-Geog. Porno 223, Feb. 1908. 

imo. . . See Mah- kaha-mo 

malalatcaLi. . . See Mah- lah- lah-chah-hle . 
maslkawan^ ^. , . See Mah- se-kah-wah- ne 

Me-dah-ka!rtuj3hm^y> . Santa Rosa bmnch of We-shum tat-tah trihftj 
Hxtendir^ north to Mark West Creek , and including We^luk 
(or We-lok ) of Rincon Valley immediately E and NE of Santa 
RosaT-'^^^^ ^°'' themselves. 

Mo-dam'-fnon . . . Old Kah^'-t^h- we ch um m d rancheria at mouth of gulch 
St)OUt a mile east of highway and a mile north of Mark West Creek. 


e- tVct old. 

H5qV«.«a,o,,i Wli^e- QmCrV. \AJtit ^^eek. \rr\<i-<^e'). TW«. IrvLloun-a rru»vedL ^ro-rtv oiae «,i'W tc "tki 

o-ttL«.r o!b(iorii>iva''iD s.eou^o'vta. (SomAxx. 'Heao^ tt^llre). 

. ' r 

We- ahum tat- tab 


We-shum tat- tab 


?:0-ko3 . » .Old rancheria on site of Creyaerville before tbe Miyakma- 
? Miahaw el war by means of which trie Miyakma extended their do- 

i^p^u :>\^^.^-/v< main over the eastern edge of tbe We-shum' tat- tab of Alexander 
'^^ '- Valley. — c**^ Saio(VhoI«>( K»k-ck.-*^ w-**-.— -^-h-.*->*^^/2u..m-a»~^:^2»^ 

Moo-kab-ko - rihablhle ( mflkakntc^Ll Barrett). . .Old village at NE foot 
of Fitch Mountain and 1-i- mi NE of Healdsburg. — Ettino-Oeos;. Pomo. 
219, Feb. 1908. 

. . . Kah-tab-we chum-mi 
of present t\k station Lytt 

name for rancheria in gap just w 
on. Principal villa;5e of 0- sol to 

west -> 

^ r 

O-so-to. cbum^mi. .. KaH-tab-we chum-mi name for Lytton Valley division 


of We-ahmri' tatlta.h. Before tbe war with the Mivakma tbe Q-so-to 

r • 

chum-mi were tbe original Alexander Valley tribe.— 

mQkakotcaLl. . .See Moo-kab-kd-chah-hle 

Mus-aa-ko ( Mus-ba? ko'-we ) . . • Former Kab- tab-we chummi rancheria 
at forks of road 4i miles south of Healdsburg (^auneta gas station 
there now) where tanch roajto Russian River leaves State Highway. 
The old rancheria was west of Highway and east of the other road 
(in fork between). 



•yName used by 

3Q-yi» .'i Mab'-kah-mQ chum^mi 
cbum-mi . — c^ti^ 

of Cloverdale Valley for the O^aotfeo 

^3sokowi...Pomo name for their village in Alexander Valley about 
5 miles NE of Healdaburg . Tbia village waa taken by the 
Mi-yah-kab-mab and tbe name changed to Sheinma-lab (ci'fnela).-. 
Barrett, Etbno-Geog. Pomo. 271, Feb. 1908: gee 7Bhe'-ma- J ah 

Nacion dhu.iuluva (vulgo Cainameroa ) . —See aynonomy under Cbujuluya 

/> ■ 

U,>t (/ch 

Ota imtata. . . See " Sotivomi or Otaimtata* ^ Mrc aj'^nonomy -ok So-t^g- yO'>w& ■ 




' ^S^'?^^u'''^°" - • ' ^ i -yah-kah-ma h name for Kab ^ ^......-... j. ^,^^^ c,, 

Healdsburg on mssian River. -GJiven me in 190&fty old H'^i-yab-kah- 
mab man. — c^h.^^ 

naht-|p-]igh (jnnatailifl Barrett )...l^^^ame for Eoma 
of Qimela in Alexander Valley, on Rua 

r..^;r-TJ ^^^-:i--i'-J^^SlA °" RS38ian^'Riv8r:--Barrett7^Ethno- 

(reog. Pomo, 265 footnote, 1908. -" ' 

^^^^^5-%Tf A'^^^^^^^^^fJ^^i^r^^^i^S^Ai mi W of Dry Creek and i mi 
N of Mill Creek.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 216,. Feb. 1908. 

Oo-pah-wab-nY (npvaffiani Barrett). . .Vi 11^"?^^^^^ Ruaaian River and 

^ 3/4 miles SW of Windaor. -Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 216, 1908. 

Pe-po-hol-mab ( pipDholma Barrett) . . .Wappo. name for old Pomo village 
d ielbeldjiaekani in Alexander Valley" i mi upstream from Geyser- 
ville bridge.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 271, 1908. 

Pptriqui-Yomi (Potriquillome ) . . . R&,ncberia of " Nacion Chu^iuluya (vul 
CftinaiTiemj''.— gook of Mission San Francisco Solano, Orin-inal 
MSS, 1824-1837, Bancroft Library. " 



We-3hum tat-tah 


We-shum tat-tah 


Santa Rosa de Lime ...See Gualomi 

Santa Rosas... See " Cainameros or Santa Rosas" in Cainamero synonomy. 


Satayomi . . . See ■ ; synonomy under ^LOr irO' •yg-'?H.e » J . 

Sat ivomes . Sat ivomi . Sativomies. . .See " i synonomy under ' $o-to-'ko-?iie . 

Vw<^ . J, • 

Sha^chali-le ( 
up from 

catcall Barrett). . .Village near E bankDry Creek 3-t miles 
1 Healdsburg. —Barrett , Ethno-Geog. Porno, 220, 1908. 

Shah-kahk-Mrfi ( cakakmo Barrett). ..Village on W shore Santa Rosa Lagoon 
3 miles from N end. —Barrett , Etfino-Geog. Pomo, 222, 1908. 


( catinen Barrett). . .Village near W bank Russian River 3i 
miles S of Healdsburg. --Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 216. 1908. 

t-lah (cfrnglaL Barrett )...&id Village of^Wapp^'^on NE bank of 
Russian JRiver about 6 miles NE of Healdsburg. Originally occup: 
by PQBls!rcalled it ^ssPk^wl (which see).— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. 
Pomo7265, 271. Feb. 1908. See also Simela.. 



o-hoo t-mo-ko-ne ( ciohutmSk'Sni Barrett). ..Village li *b E of 
Russian River and li mi N of Markwest Creek, probably on 
White and Wilson's ranch.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo. 215. 
Feb. 1908 


She-yo-l§ (cly^le ; Barrett ).. .Village at 
Recent Indian tmmm it. - M'okrfcpeula ^- 

214-215. 1908. , Name of this village given me as 

Mo-koB by oJd Kah-chi-ah woman at mouth of Russian River. — c^vw^ 

See Mo-koa , See also Inokocpeulu . 





ShoQ-tah-ko-wf» GsDiakSsi Barrett)... Villa; 

in SE part of Healdsburg.— Barrett. 

|e on N bank Russian River 
-thno-Geog. Pomo. 218. 1908. 

ShQOrtal>wah-nft (olltafflam Bar rett ) . . » Village 2 miles m of Santa Rosa 

Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo. 222. Feb. 1908. 
Show-wah-ko tummi . . , Kah - tah -we c humm i rancheria about a mile 
below Cuzzens on Dry Creek. Old 'dobe' house on rancheria site. 

imela... Rancheria.— San Rafael Mission Book, 1818-1839. MS Codv bv 
A. Pmart, Bancroft Library 1878.^ May be same as Tamalsimela 
m same book. See^ShflkskUah i<^-^^^W B«.rr«it) '. 

/ ,1^ 

=^. . .liiryajl name for tribe at Santa Rosa 
Healdsburg Kah- tah- w e chumimi co raider th 
distinct and call it Bah-nnmif.fthlH«>i.,3>...^,^ ^,.,. ... 



between Bode 
to Gov. Figueroa, I 
if.. MSS,'2?, 143, r 

and Santa Rosa.— M^G. Va;Lle1o/ 
x-l^^ . BpcumentoA para^la Hist.oria 

1634, Bancroft Li^rarv^si^ 

. •■ p •? -n 

•t - . » 

' /-> r 

T' 1 / 


.& ., , 

■ f 

We-shurr' tat-tah 


Soteomeloa ♦ « . See synonomy under So'-to-yo-me 
Sotiyomi . . . See synonomy under So- to- VO" me 

So-to-yq-me . . «Najpe used by Le-kah-te-wut of Petaluma for old rancheria 
and people at HealdsDui^^i Published under various spellings by 
many authors as village and band name, and also used by someCer- 
roneD>u8 ly) as tribal name . - - c^i^^ 

Synonomy : 

? Cotiyomi ,. «See in main li st. 

C Satayomi ( taatiyomi ) . . . *Tribe * , — Book of Mission San Francisco 
Solano, 1824-1837, Original MSS, Bancroft Library. 

Satayfiini... Village. —Bancroft, Hist. Calif. II, 506, 1885. 

Satavomi . . .Village.— Handbook Am. Indians (after Barrett) , Pt. 2, 
p. 470, 1910. 

Sat iy orris , or Sot oy . generally known as Guapos . or "braves". - 
Bancroft, Hist Calif. IV, 72, 1886. {Error, the Guapos are 

S at iyom i . . . Enem i es of Indians in vicinity of Sonoma in 1834. — 
Salvador Valleio, Narrative of Ancient Days in Calif., 85, 
MS, Bancroft Library, 1874. 

Sat iyomies ♦ . . Spel 1 i ng by Salvador Valleio, Orig 
de Calif., J15S Bancroft Library, 5, 1875. 

en de los Indios 

We-shum' tat- tab 

So-to-yo-me synonomy cont. 


Sat iyomies nicknamed Guapa Indians* » « «M. G. Vallejo, Hist. Calif., 
3: 18, MS, 1875 Bancroft Library. (Error, Guapa are Tukeaifl 

Satiyomies... Tribe.— M. G. Vallejo, Hist. Calif., 3: 22-27; Ibidi 
^' ^^' SMtiyomi . — Ibid 1: 9; MS Bancroft Library, 1875. 

Sat iyomi . Satiyomies ; . .Tribe at Santa Rosa, chief Sue cara.— Jose' 
Banc ro 

t iyomies;.. Tribe at santa Kosa, chief Succara.— Jose 
dez. Cosas de Calif., pp. 46, 87, 88, 91, 92-94, MS. 
ft Library. 1876. grror in place^ 

Satiyomes . . .Iribe under Sucarra . chief,— Bancroft , Hist. Calif.. 
III. footnote 257. 360, lf^85. 

Satiyomies . . . Spelling in J. B. Alvarado*s MS History Calif.. Vol 
3, p. 33 no date . 

Sotiyomi or Otsimtata * . . .Rancheria. --San Rafael Mission Book, 
iHl8-1839, MS Copy by A. Pinart, Bancroft Library, 187§ . 

Soteomelos or Yapoa (braves) , or probahly Sotoyomos is the miore 
correct name!— Tom Gregory, History of Sonoma Co., p. 52, 
Los Angeles, 1911. ^rror, Yapos or Guapos are Yukfian^l 


We-shuiT: tat-tah 

So-to-yo-me synonomy cont 


We-shum' tali-tah 


me. . .Bancroft (after Alvarado) , 
p. 299 footnote, 1885. 

Hist, Calif., Vol. II. 

Tah»kO"kah-l$-we ( takokalewi Barrett) . . . 
Springs, about a mile W of Lyttons. 
220, Feb. 1908. 

■illage at or near Lyttons 
-Barrett, Etiino-Geog. Pomo , 

" Sotovome rancho. now Healdsburg?. . . Bancroft, Hist. Calif., Vol. 
il, p. 669, 1885 . 

Sotovomes. . .Tribe. -Bancroft. Hist, Calif., Vol. Ill, 722, 1885; 
Ibid, Vol. IV, p. 74, 1886. 

S otoyomi Indians. . .Bancroft (after Vallejo) , Hist. Calif., Vol. 
IV, p. 678, 1886 . 

Sotovome. .. Barrett. Ethno-Oeog. Pomo , 218-219, 1908. 

Sotovome. Rancho . . .Barrett (after Bower's "Map of Sonoma County", 
1882),, Jilthno-aeog. Pomo, p. 219 footnote, 1908. 


" Sotovomi" . J.. People. --Barrett (after Engelhardt, 1897), Ethno- 

Pomo, p. 219, 1908 

Sotovomos ( Soteomelos o r Yapos (braves) . . . See Soteomelos 

Tahui-Yomi . . . Rancher ia of " Nacion Chuiuluv a (vulgo Cainarneroa ) " . — 
I Book of Mission, San Francisco Solano, 1824-1837, Original 
MS, Bancroft Library. 

tcelhelle. . . See Chel-hel-le 

t ciLSt on Barrett. . .See Che-hla-ton 

Toh-mah-kah-QQ. ( t^hmakau Barrett). . .-rrillta^ on N bank Markwest Creek 
where Pulton-Windsor road crosses. --Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo. 
222, Feb. 1908. 


hah I totolagotca Barrett J. .. wOat em Mogueliimmn i 
Eoma i''illaf!;e at Sebastopol( bati^kletcawi Barrett 

: synonomy under 

Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 213, Feb. 1908. See 
Bah-tik-la chow-we 

To-tae-wahn. . . Kah-tah-we chum-mi name for their rancheria on 
bend of Russian River beyond (east of) Fitch Mountain. 

— Okvv 

?Suluyomi. . .See Suluvomi in main list. 

Tsativomi . . .See in synonomy unaer ^tf-to-H-o-^ Tng. ^ j 

Tsatiyomi ( Satavomi) . . .Tribe.— Book of Mission San Francisco Solano 
1824-1837, Original MbS, Bancroft Library. 

Tae-we-dab ( 


Pomo, 215, 

Barrett). . .Village ner^r E bank Russian River 
ittle S of W of Windsor.— Barrett, Ethno-Geos- 
Feb. 1908. 


Sninynmi . . . Rancheria between Bodega and Santa Ro8a.--M. G. Valleio, letter 

to Gov. Figueroa, Mav 6, 18^3, Eocurrentos para la Historia de Calif., 
. MSS, 2: 145, 18 )3-18M, Bancroft Libr. Can this be same as So-to-^rQ.rre > 

Tso-le-kah-we ( ts^llkawi Barrett).. .Vill^ige at "old Windsor", i mi E 

of H. K. town of Windsor. --Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 222, 1908 

Tsoo-le ko w-we (Blackbird water) . . . Old Kah-ta.h- we churrimi rancheria 
at site of ] reaent town of Windsor (old Windsor) on mainHiir-hway 
between Santa Rosa ^'*^ HeaVclal>-u,^Q. CM<.t vMe-st vA;i-«.dLe.o\-, vmWvovv cUt«5 ir-o-m. 

• / 

We-shum tat-bah 


__, tBarr«^J 

upawani. . . Oo-pah-wah-ne 

upawani. . . See Oo-pah- wah- nl 

Wah » t,ah» k ow- we ( watakkawi Barrett) . . . Kah-tah~we chunHmi name for 
their large rancheria about a mile east of northern part of 
Healdsburg. — Ci*>^. Barrett says 3/4 mi E of Healdsburgi ffealdS' 
burg cemetery covers site.— Etnno-Creog. Porno, 218, Feb. 1908 

Wah-tahk« kO'We ( watakkowi Barrett). . .Old grillage (?) at edge of 

Dry creek valley, about 1 3/4 mi NNE NNW of Healdsburg. Ma^ 
be place name only. — Barrett, Ethno-Oeog. Porno, 219, Y&Oi* 1901 

watakkawi . . . See Wah- tah- k ow- we 
atakk^wl. r.See Wah-tah-ko-we 




"kah-ton ( wotoklcaton Barrett).. .Village a mile NE of watakkawi 
on opposite side Russian River; on Luce Ranch". — Barrett, 
Ethno-Geog. Porno, 218, Feb. 1908. 

We-lok or We-luk . . . Rancheria Abelonging to the ^^g-dah-kah^ chunwrd 

Santa Rosa ( In "RinconvaTIey immediately E a ndri^'Df santa ^^ 


Qllilias... 'Tribe*. — San Rafael Mission Book. 1B18-1859, MS Copy 
by A. Pinart, Bancroft Library, 1878. 

We- s hum' t at'- tah 

We-lok synonomy cont. 


HuiliiQ^.. Tribe '.--Books of Mission San Franciaco Solano. 1824- 
1837, Original MSS, Bancroft Libmry. 

...Tribe in vicinity of mission at Sonoma, Calif, in 1B23. — 
ttncroft, Hist. Calif., II, p. 506 footnote, 1885 
"Hiiiluc" .. .Barrett (after Engelhardt), Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 222, 190R. 

Hiiilic..Tom Gregory, History 45£ Sonoma Co., d. 52, Los Angeles, 1911 

♦Tuilac. . .Spelling in Register of San Jose Mission erroneosly 
labeled San Fernando Original MS, Bancroft Library. 

wilo^. ..Old ;iillage about 3 mi. NE of Santa Rosa.— Barrett , EthnO' 
Geog. Pomo, 222, Feb. 1908. 



We-shum tat- tab 

w.U^-h^.kS^atch-n^ and.A htBho-hoV-ke esh^mh^ .^h^^^ names 

Kah-taih-we chun(-mi. 



Yapos (bmve8X..".Naine used ©rrpneouslv for |e£to^ 
-^^Sr^t.fiofnelQa in symonomy under So-tQ-yo-me . 

v?f ,.^/vMi *n-wa"h-ne (vocikletowanl Barrett) .. .Village at S end of 
^"•'^^on b?id|e ao ro IaClian Hi ^/er at Healdebuig; ^^^/^Xf^^^^^^oB 
baS almost opposite this. -Barrett. Etbno-aeog. Porno, 218. IVU" 

Tu-50 1 

iap=mi. . .IfitshalLchi^ ^TS 5?Iv w rni ^^^ ^°''''' 

-- CAb^— 

'^ Sebaatopol and Santa Rosa. - a^^^ 


• • 

P.,..<<.Vg.ohah- (of Potter valley), ?«5\^°rjSi?-- ^ 
ref^i on whose proper name is Kan-tab- we . <?n iMD=raj.. 
sle ia synonoiry under Kab-tab-we gbum-mx. 

Woo-r,e-lB-wah (warrlltwa Barrett). . .Old village near Agua Caliente in 
'Sonoma Valley. --Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Porno 314, 1908. ^ , 

[Referred by Barrett to Mewan stock, but is probably V/e-shum tat-ta^ 

The following document is a duplicate of tlie 
preceding document. It may contain annotations 
and corrections not found on the original. 



C \ O^ 1 J l'^ i r <r, / , rppj^g L jc^rj, QP ^rj;.ni!U?!' t/tIt/H POIW fv^ H ^ V J fj I^' 

We-shum tat-tah 

ffe-3hurn tat-tah. . .T^iaalan River tribe ocoui^yinf^ Ljrtton Valley on 
^ aide of Alexan-ler Valley, fidsd extending south over Santa Posa 
plajn from Healdaburg to Santa Boaa and Rincon Valley, and W 
to Sebaatopol.Alao referred to under the names Cainarr; 

Chujuluva. wM.llirioreros . TTanamaraB— which aee.-^cMi^^ 
The V/e-shum' tat-tah tribe corrpriaes 4 aubtri^ies: 
(l) O-ao-to chum-mi . of Lytton Valley 
iZ) ^- >i-tah» we chum'*-7n if of Healdaburig Valley 

(3) Br'.h- M nC Vah- le_ chow-we (gr Ba-tik-lah-koh-le chum-FjX, 
ofSebaBtopoIre/Hoh . "^ 


(4) Me-dah-kah' churl'-mi . of Santa Rosa (inoludin^^ We- luk 
of Rincon Valley) 

agabep. ..See Ah-ahah-ben. 

/h-kah-po*lo-po- lo-wah-ne ( akapolOpolowani Barrett) which see. 

burg.— c«^*^ 

/h-rriah-ti-e-yu and Ah -mah-ti- e-yu alao uaed by n-embers of 
tribe lor this^^wn.— c^^wF^ 

arratlS.— Barrett , Ethno-Oeog. Pome, 216, Feb. 190B» S«e mt^X-h 

Ah-rah-ti-e-^o i or Ah-mah-ti-e-\^i. .. See Ah-mah- mah-k im ke- wah- 1 e . 


Ah-fT ah- ak ah- ch§- Ian (atriaakatci'lan Barrett). ..Village ne'^r foothills 
at east aide Dry t; reek Valley and 2 milea NME of Iloaldaburg. — 
Barrett, Ethno-tJeog. romo. 219, Feb. 1908. 

Ah-ahah-ben (aoAben Barrett).. .Old Pornavillapie 
about a ri NK'of LHtona station. —Barrett , 
272, P'b. 190B. ^ 

in Alexander Valley 
Ethno-rTeo£-. Porno, 

Ah-aho-bok^-ke eah-msth or V/e-gah-bah-ko. atQb-mah^ .. Kah-ch^h names for 
Healdfl^UTig Porno ^ribe. — «*«?-■ See Kah-tflh-wft flhnm-mi synonorry. 

A. Vah-pP- 1 g-p?>- 1 o-yah- ne (akarSlSpOlSwani Barrett ) . . . V i 1 la^e in Santa 
^ Rosa valley, 1-f. mi SE of Seba'atopol on Sebastpoil-Petalurra road. — 
Barrt;tt, Ei^hno-rreof;. ?omo, 223, Feb. 190P. 

^<i.vrett , 

dBnalpOwalX* • • See Ah-mahl-poo-wah..-le 

amaskatollan. . . See Ah-mah- akah-ehe- laji 

' ' . ' r north -bs^Tik- of ^^iir e»rpek which enhera Try 

Creek ^Sar' i^ction with Ruaai^n {J^^^^^- ^^i^^f^^^U ''^eravn- 
Drv Cr^ek.--Br'rrett, i.thno-nt;o'> Porno, ^16, J- b. l.U . oce a/n 
onbrv under /h-rah-r ah - V im ^- e-waVi- 1 e . 

/h-rahl-roo-rahl-le ( aralpGwali Barrett).— ¥i 11 n/je on west bank 
Huaaian River It ri down from Healdsburc.— Barrett, Ethno- 
Ceos. Ponio. 216, l^On. 


We-ahur. tat- tab 

We- ahum tat-tah 

bacaklejaii . . • See Bah-ahah-kle-kah-oo 
bacaklenQnan. . . See B ah- a hah- k 1 e- n5- nan 


^aht-aS-o ( ba^^katato Barrett).-* Village iuat S of R.R. depot at 
HealdsbuiK. —Barrett . Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 218, Feb. 190R 

Bah-num-taK-dah . .* Kah-tah-vve ohum-nil name for closely related nei^hbor- 
ir^ tribe or aubtribe at !.fe.rk West and Santa Rosa.— cn**^ 

Bah-^hah-kle-kah-oo ( baoakleau Barrett) . — VillfcMg:e 1 mile N of Healdsburg 
where Lyttona and Dry Creek roads oome top-ether.— Barrett, Ethno- 
Geog. Pomo, 219. Feb. 1908 

blMsakal^yi^ . . See Bg-doot-aahikah-lk-ya 

— r^CT^^J^'^ in Santa Rosa valley on SebaatoDol-Pfetaluma road 
23 FeS 1908^* ^^ Sebaatopol . —Barrett . Ethno-Geog. Pomo. 


(oTK TWo4 H»\\s vantK 

^5T»Lu* '"Pn® up from GuerneyviUe^not frr down atrean from ^unc- 
of y^rkweat Creek.— Barrett. Ethno-Geog. Pomo. 215. Feb. 1900'. 


)-tah-k^h-(?hah-to-kah-njE ' (»^| Rm r.r.^ff.) , .j^.\ ] \ ..^q j^ 
Santa Rosa Valley on Sebastopol-Petaluma road, Z\ miles SE of 
Sebaatopol . —Barrett , Ethno-Geog. Pomo. 223. Feb. 1908 

Bah- a hah- k 1 e- no- nan (bacaklenSnan Barrett).— Villa-ge on J.W. 
ranch near E bank Russian River 2f miles a little N of W 
Barrett. Ethno-Geog. Pomo, ''15. Feb. 1908. 

of Windsor. 

Bah-t.ik-la ah owl we, BaV^tik-lah kah-le chum^mi or Bah-tin-kah«le chow-W9»r 
We-shum tat-tah band and rancheria at Sebaatopol.— 

batikletcawi. . .Barrett , Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 223, Feb. 1908 
Vatinkletcawi . . .Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 213, Feb. 1908. 




iib8ati...^roeber, Handbook Indians Calif. 233, 1925. 


doQt-3?ih -kah- la-vQ (bidutaakaleyo Barrett).. .Village on W bank ^\x%' 
aian Hiver i mi down from junction of Dry Creek.— Barrett, Ethno- 

Geog. Pomo, 216, Feb. 1908 

Be-he-kah - oo-na U behekaQna Barrett). . .Villaf'^e on W bank Russian River 

4 miles down from Heal dsburg. —Barrett , Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 215, Feb. 1908 


iwahHe ( butaw^n 

bank Laguna de S 

Ethno-Gecg. Pomo. 222. Feb. 1908 
bQdutollan. ..See Boo-doo-che-lan 

batakat cat okan i . . . See Boo-tah-kah-chah-to-kah-nc 

'Souv- T •itr 

butawaH. ..See Boot- shah- le 



tC«T»e.flC 4 U''*^**! 

. vs^^^^;*-. Rancheria. --Bock of >'1P!nlon J>rin Fran-^^co Solano. 
Ori>--5nal Vf,^, ]P''4-1^'^'>. Lancroft Libn^r}'. rroV,r:V,iy ni'jne as* 

L i huanc ac aa-*^' Om j . Cou-)^ fS»» V^c sa.7ne a* Ca.\a C«.W > 

f • 






t V. 




Caina^^...-*^aflje (spelled in various ways) uaed^ for the We^i ^hum' tiat^i ah^ 





i V'. 

CaiharrerCK—S.V.lleio. Ancient Rwfl in^ncrpft Lib^> 1674 

4^t bV,«'- 

Cainemro Tnctjanfl. CainamerQa .-«^^G»VaIlejo.!^S Hiat. Califi\yol0»^>-:-^7, 
— ^iTnc-iF^ftTlbr. 1^75. l\|\ \ 

Cainamem. >-B;.nc rdft Jiiat . Cali f > 11.598 ftnote.iePb (no 


V ■ ' ' X ' v ^ 

Calnamet-og . Cavnareroa. . —Tribe in Snnta Bosa re^'ion.— JoaeJt^rnamieas, 

ciiPs .te Calif. B7,91. MS,B*.ncroft Libr.lB7b(or 1876; 1\ ^ 

'■ V 


Cainarnproa • — bancroft,,Hi8+, Calif, IV, 71 ,72, 1886 • V 


Cajni[ir'oroa. >«''oee also Chu iuluva ref.Libro bautiamos.Miaion GanFrartpiaco 
Solano, SonoiTia, ?.1SS Bancroft Libr. 

^, ^^ /n^.e] 68,1911 

' Cainar^eroa or Si^nta PoaaaU ^Ton-! ^rrorpxy , Hiat. Sonorra County,! .£)4, Loa 


Gal nar^eroa > » J .E . / Ivamio J'S /Hint Calif.vol.1,'^.3, • U«> <<»-+«-J 

Cai neraroa . — '^ob 

nrt A.Thon^paonCafter AirioroaayKjat. and Toacr. Sketch, 

Sonoma Coimty 
QaaimreaCrriiaprint for Canirrarea ) . --■Lancro ft , Nat . Racea , 1 , 400 , 1B74 

Canirnarea. —Taylor. Calif.,Vol .XI II, No. 4. Mar. 2. 1^360 


Cavmirra .—^^ Calif, .vol .l,p.l';5.T'S Li.ncrcft Libr.lP75 

Cavnarero .— A.Pinart faf^ar Look of Baptiam8.?*i83i'>n San 

Copx, Sa.v»cv-aft V^\^r■, i?/r- 

Hafaey MS 

V ., -J/ 

: "/ -• 



We-ahuin tat-tah 

Cainwnara oynonorty cont 

Ca3a]amerQS_ (Cjdnasffi^ de Jesus Valleio, ^eminiscenciaa 

^^ist! ci e Calif> I s. Bancroft Libr. . pp. 136. 141. 1R74. 

Caynarr^e rofl 
p. 64, 

Ga llinainerDfl )>..M« G. V^llejo, Hist. 
, Bancroft Library. 

Calif. . Vol .3. 

CynfmeroB, C ainareros .. .Joae Fernandez. 809 aa 
' 91. H^3, Bancroft Library 1B7d lor 1^75; 

de Calif., TV' ^^ • 

caVakr? . . . See Shah-kahk^no 

We-ahur' tat-Uvh 


Wo- ahum tat -tab 


CtilM-r..Ia» »» Fanchoria "en^.ionea , once^ .—Book of B'tptiarra, 

3an Francisco Solano. Cricinal HSS, lP.:i4-16::7. B,.ncroft Libr. 
Can this be apjne as U:-caa. and Lihuancucaa-'Yor i? 

CMPJtnua . . rTecho. chief of C^mitnua ?;nd Liv...n'.olorii* «--L6Qk of Eap< 
ti3iri3, *'i3ni'»n San Rafael, 1-1^V-1B59, LiS Copy by A. Pinart, 
B^-ncroft Librury, 1B7B. 

Cn\20viare8 , Cariri'-.rc9. » «See rjynonomy under CaJnanoro . 

•^ai-Larrra. Yorrl . . . lyncher ia of * 'kc ion Chuiuluva vuLco CVHnar proa) " , 
rrentioned once. — look o"^ B'»Tti3rr"3; San Fr?tnci3C0 t^olano, If^r'A- 
1P.Z7, Oric;inal MSS, B-ncrofl Libra n^. 


Valley. --c%^^ 

^ <U3 ed by Ilealdabu rg Kah-tah-we chumrn i 
■^ . .rSeO'Tajihic najnd><f or Alexander 
.arrets Ois dl<t Pomo Vill' •« in /-lexandrr 

Cnichovofni...^Tnbe*.-7jii3t. Calif., IT, P^>otnote iiC6, l'"8f). 

Chickovomi... •Tribe* •--Torn Orecory (txfter Solano T'iasinn >- 
GordgTV Hiatorj' Sonoma Co., p. ^2. Los An;;;elen, 1911. 


(Barrett) .. .Seo Shah- f^hxh- 

oat'lnpn Barrett... Slmb-tS-ncn 

Cauyon.i . . .See aynonomy under nualorii . 

ChUCUluya ...§g| ^^^^ Chuiuluva. . 

Chuiuliiya- . . . %rr!ft 3r;e"! 1«H in various wava in Books of ' in.iion 
San Francisco Solano -t Sonoftia, Ori ind MSS, ldu.i^^m//r , 

croft Libr ry. 1B7B. 

Caynarna , Cavnorero. . . See Cainaf:ero nynonor.y 


a-oha-wah-ne ( tcetoewani Barrett) .. .?illa<c;e at north end of Santa 
^ona La'-oon, ;iuat west of where it flows into f*ark V-'eat Creek. - 
Barre %t , i^thno-C/oog. Forr.o, 2.Z?,, Feb. 19C8. Can this he '5rij!:e as 
' Chi'-;he'^or'.i ? 

Ch^-hl?i-ton I tciLeton Barrett; . . .Vi31 'i.^^e on we3t shore of Sttnta Roa. 

Lti^oon. 3-^ rilea fron' north end. --Barrett, Bthno-rTeo;- lono, 
22i, 1908 

We-shum tat-tah 

We-shum tat-tah 


cltnela. «« See. C»he~.^:a"lah 
g1 ?^hritpnVonl'^ T*oee r>he»o«hoo t»rrQ-ko-ne 

cl vo 1 e ^ . . oee 3na=;LQ=Ifl.. 

Coti'or i » « ,T^^.ncheria mentioned once.- -BookAof -'iaalon San Pafae] , I^IP- 
U\'6o^ K<5 Q^py v^y ^ T^inart, Bancroft Library, l'"'?^. > oo>»,o*ro-f &, . 

Da»lX«fna h (delesa. Barrett).. .Village^ west of Ruaeian River and 2 
rriilea north of junction of y&rkweBt Creek.— Barrett, Lthno-Oeog. 
Porr.o, ;:15. 1908. 

djel>^eldjisekani. . . See Jel^hel^je-no-Vah-nt^}^ . • See Jo pj^en 

Oa 1 1 i nori^ TO . . . Napie spell^ in veirloua ways by 
for A'e-ahurri tat-tah tribe. 

Sj&niah and othor 7/ n't era 

Synonorry : 

GfLlinomero* ▼♦Bancroft, Nat. Hacea, III, 
Oallinomero elaewhere in chapter.) 

Hallinanro (error for (Tajlinorrero) . — G . 
Indian Herald, p. 6, Feb. 1<?24. 

644, 1B75. (Spelle^i 
Wharton Jamea, Calif. 

Oa llinameroa . — Cayn&rreroa incorrectly called ^allinaroroa bv IT. H, 
Bancroft in Nat. Tlacea.— }L G. Vallejo, Hist. Calif. Vol. 7>, 
p. R4, MS, Bancroft Librfiry. 

.^al 1 j'nomftro . > -Power a . Overland I'onthly, IX, 498, Dec. 1872. 

OaU indrnero . --Powe ra . Tribes Calif., p. 174, 1877 (Vocab.491,494-t;02) 


Gallinomero dialect . — Bancroft, ^t .FJacea, III, 644-6*^6, 1875. 
V numeral a and grammatical remarka). 

E-vo-Vq cKum-mi , . ♦ rah-kah-rro (of Cloverdale Valley) name for Healdaburg 
tribe, whoae proper name Iw Kah-tah-we ohun^mi . Called YcT-ke 

by the Potter Valley Po-mQ-Ve- nhahl «- ^Mha^ 
Qhurn-mi lynonomy. 

r %y 

See Kah- tahv- wb 

g aiv^toin . ..See ai-y^-chin . 


one ro .— Tribe of Kulanapan family.— 
ami 1 iea , p. 8B, 1891. 

Powell Linn,;i3tic 

Ga 11 inofneroa . —Bancroft . Nat. I^acea, Vol. I, map orp. p. 31'2, 

pp. 362, 372, 386. 390, 449., 1874i Ibid. Vol. Ill, 643, 1875 

T iS^Vj^Jt^A^^ 


Hi nome ro^ . --Gatohet (after Bancroft) Ind. Lamma.^e, K;br. Ar.. 
Hiat.,, Vol. I, 162. 1877. ^ 


9 ' 

■all jnorero^ or Y okiah Indiana at Hopland.— Enoa Brown, Sci. Am., 
July % 189*7. 







We- ahum tat- tab 

Ha 11 i nornoro 9y nonomj' cont 

OpninomflYtJS.— 'Keane. App» Stanford*a Coirp. (Cent, and So. 
f^Tm 187R-;--(QuSted by Powell. Linguietic ItvmHiea, 

p. e?. 1891). 

,1.1 1 i nor e roa . « -Carl Purdy, Fomo 
2d ed. 7. 1902. 

In«iian Btioketa and their Fiikera, 


Gallynomeroa. . .Carl'Purdy. The Pomo Indian Baskets and their 
Makers. Land of. Sunshine, p. 442 Dec. 1901. 
(Spelled Gallinoraeros m reprint, p. 7. ivu^. ; 

nynomehrc — 

Gi-v^-chin ( gaivetcin Barrett)... Old village in Alexander Valloy about 
^ a e N oFlyU ona 3tation.-Barrett, Lthno-Qeog. Porno. 272. 1908 



We-ahum tat-tah 

^-ualori , . . R'lncheria , called by Spaniards Santa T^osa de Li/re. at 
or ne ir 3'A.nta T?o3'u 154 Indians. 

otellin-^ in Book of E;i,ptiarr3. Han %fvel '^i-^aioVi. iniP-lP39, 
'^S Copy by / Fino-rt, Bancroft Library, 1R7B; 



hanlofyj c'llled uanta Poaa 'le 
XTria" ^ (GuiJjiEii o?cura 41 
t im«<5 ) 

Jauyorr.i (20 l^imea, Chief "Caai" ) 

Juuhiorr.i are people of differ 
ent l«,nf^:uttgp'' 



nwirn TrdJana^ 

unish narr;© for Yukean '^ivahkrah, 

Ouajjoa f j'appoa] . . . opani ^ 

U3ed errcneoualy for" So-LO-yo-rrie. Gee aynonorny under bo-to-yo-ne 

Gui-loo » . «See Y/e- 1 ok » 

Ve-3hum tat-tah 




We- ahum tiat^itah 


Hah-chjb-lan ( hatculan Barrett )...Villf!^e^ 
WSW of Windsor. — Barrett, Ethno-Geog. 

B of misaian River 2i miles 
Porno, 215, Feb. 190B 

Heeman . .. V 11 1 ac^e ne.r W bank T^ssian Plvor 2 3/4 irilw S of Healda- 
" 5urg.— Barrett, fcthno-Oeog. Pomo, 216, Feb. 1908 

He 1 ~ wah- rraV shan (heli 
3/4 mi down from Hi 


Hoo«k h-b^-taH^we ( hilkabeWwl Barrett).. . Village on S bank Santa Poaa 

Creek near depot of Calif, Northwestern Py in Santa Posa.— Barrett . 

Ethno-Goog. Pomo, .'^22, Feb. 1908. 
Huilantul iyami , . . Pancherla in vicinity of Santa Rosa, mentioned in 1823. 

Thour,nt to be identical with Libantiliyajni . —Bancroft .Hiat.Cal if . 

11,506, 18fi5. See also Libantilivaini..«^ to ioy>%e. ?i».o».o»«v- 

HuiluG, Huilip%..See 7/e-lok 


hUkabetawl. , . See TIoQ>kah~be-tah-we 

Japiam . . . Tribe in Ruaatan Valley or north of Fort Roas. — Koatromitonow 

iiey or noron oi :?orTi itoaa. — R-oaLromiLonoi 
, 80, 1839; Bancroft (after Koatromitonow) 

, Nat.Racea i, 449,1874. May be Kah-chi-ah. See also Yapiam. 
Jauvomi , Jauhiomi , . . • '' " 

eitrage Ruaaiachen Reichea, I 

■ ~ " 174. May t 

iee Crualomi 

Jel-hel- ie-ae«kah>nl (d jelheldjiaekani Barrett)... Old Pomd vin;.gft in 
Alexander Vail ev.— Barrett' Ethno-Geoar. "^ " ' ' 

'Pe - p - W \ - >via W . 

Porno. 271, 1908. See *A^o 

* . ; ■ 

JT}p-ten (djoEtea Barrett)... Old viUfige^on £ bank of Rasaian River 
almoat opposite junction of Dry Creek.— Barrett, Ethno-Geop*. 
Pono. 215, Feb. 1908. 


kabeton. . . See Kah^Va-ton 


kabetclQwa^ s . r See Kah->be^che-oo*»waV N 
kabekad?i^anl> • • See Kah^b e^ kah*- do- r :ah^ ne 


( kabSton Barrett) 
Ka h~ba»ton. . .Village near east bank Dry Creek 2i mihsa 
burg. —Barrett , Ethno-Geog. Porno, 219, Feb. 1908. 

mi of Healds- 

Kah«be^che'-oo»w8^ ( kabetol uw g. Barrett). •• Village in Santa Roaa valley 
jn eaat E of Santa Rosa trown a mile from Hoo-kah^be-tah^we . »- 
Bttrrett. Ethno-Geog Porno. 222, Feb. 1908. 


'fr Pancb* 

i-be-kah'* do»raV ne . ( kctbekadgg-a nl Barrett).. .Villa^'e on *Ho|p 

iuat i& of bridfTe over L'ry Creek on road from Healdahum down v;e3t 
bank Ruaaian River.— Barrett, F.thno^Geog. Pomo, 216, F^b. 1908. 


Kah" 1 e , ^ol-le . or Kul-l e ( kale Barrett). — Kah»tah~we chum-»fr.i name 
"^or tneir large rancherla , the aite of which is covered by the 
present town of Haal daburg. — c^w^ Barrett locates ib on 

the Healdabuig pla7:a.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 21!3, 190^, 

Kah-Iahtrken ( kalatken Barrett) . . . Villw^e. on W bank Ruaaian River 

4i miles S of Healdsburg.— Barrett, iithno-Oeog. Pomo, 215, 1908. 


Kah-ahen-too^e ( kaolntUl B arrett ) . . . i Y i 1 la^re on weat shore Santa Roaa 
La.^oon, 2-^ mi NW of 8ebaato£o)^.j;^Barr ett , Eth no«Geor;. Pomo, 223,1908 

KahiT-ten (kapten Barrett). . . vWtage on* W*wkore Santa Roaa Lagoon 
miles from N' extremity. —Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 222, 1908. 





shurr tat -t ah 


Kah-tah«we or Kah-tQ» e dcritTSusn Barrett). . . Kah-tuh»v/e chor-.-rri (of 
Ilealdabur^^name for their old villa e on Kah-tah-v^e pond Iv or 
2 miles S of Healdsburg, on h aide of hi^';hway. Tribe named 
for this pond. HealdabuFt?; ranch© riaa ;.nd Indiana often referred 
to as^^n»frea .«» c^^^ ' See nynonomy under So»to»yo-n.e. 

See also ktTtgwl . 

^a^" tah» V' e cburrf-r i . Subtribe of ^e^shurrf tat^tah centering In 
Healdaburg Valley on Pussian Hiver and ettendin/'; frorr* Lytton 
Valley on the north to Mark Wej^t Creek on the south, ^nd fol- 
lowing Riwsian Hiv^jr westerly to a little bellow Guerneville 
where their territory adjoins thit of the Kah-ohi»ah .— » c/^/u^ 




K? ;.tch- ■' :.h-v7e churr«r.i ( We- aha turr-rri pro nunc iation) . 
ah-wfl chur^-rr.i in rnain liat. 

/h-aho-bck-ke esh^mah and W e - sah-b ■ th- ka at ch-mah ( Vah-chi-?;h 'y- 
nurres) See in h^ain list. 

iii-vo-ko chufi-r/ii ( Mah-kah-ma name) . See in rrain list. ■'' 

Yo-ke ( Po-r o-kc-chah" name) . See in nain list. 

0-r«ih-ohil-ish ( onnatsllio Barrett) . . (■ i-yah-kah-r ah r-ane}.. 
See Q->'uh-chir-iah irTnatin list. See also rinriatollic . 

So-to-yo^pe . . .Name used by Le-kah-te-vvut of Petalun.a for old 
rancheria and |>eople at Ileal d3bur^> Published under 
various spelHri's by man}' authors as village and b.^nd 
nfxme, an(i also by some (erroneously) as tribal name.--"' 
See synonomy under So-to-yo-me in main list. 


We- ahum tat-tah 

• ^ 

►. f : 


Kah-wah-m9-a ( kawf^ilo Barrett)., •Village li mi EiJE of HealdB- 
burig,— Barrett, Kthno-Geog. Pomo, 218. Feb. 1908. 


^(kMi^wi Barrett)... Villac'6 near eaat bank Ruaaian 
•eo,,. Etrllr. ?o^?%»a! "' ' "' Heal1.bunB. -Barrett . Ethno- 

^ftinamre. ^ainor^ero. ^aina-rne ah. . . See Kan-a^itA- ra . 


kalfl^tken.. . .See Koh-laht-ken 

Kapten (Barrett 1908). . .See Ka hp-ten . 

Kajatschim . . • Tribe in Russian River Valley north of Fort Roas. — 
Kostromitonow, Beitrage Ruasiachen Reichea, I, 80, 1874. Bsuricroft 
tafter Koatromitonow) Nat.Racea, I, 449, 1874. May be Kachfah. 

We-<!^urr \ni*.-t.ah 


Kan-a«r.^- ra. . . Mtire . spelled in various wave by Spanish and other 
wri^.era.for the V/e« ahum t at»tah t r ibe . 


Ka i namft , -r -^ont rop i tor ow . •Sterpen-Tndlaner* , Beitra^e T^ussisc^en R 
Heiches. Vol. T, p. HO, 1^3^. 

" ^-''n.i-na'-ireah or Kf^^-^^p-'^P'*^'' , Spanish t ronuncia,tion " Kai^na'tyft^ro* . 

rn^g, Sohoolsra.^t. Vol. IT/. 102. 1B53. 


T^ ««rTibb8 . Schoolcraft. Vol, III, 112, 1053. 

Kai naroa . —Banc ro ft (after Koatromitonow) , Nat. Races, Vol. 
^449. 1874. 

I. p. 

' Kainorrares or ^inaTieaha* . — Bancroft (after Gibbs, spelling not 

exact), Nat. Hacoa. Vol. I, 449. 1874. 

' ^^'ainarares . — Bancroft. Nat. Races. Vol. I, map opp. p. 322. 

IFBidv VolT-Ili,-p. 566. -^"■ 


^a i narare . - -"^oxcr ojt. Nat . Prices, Vol. Ill, p. 566. 1B75. 

Ka ntima r a ( K'anirria.res . ^''animarre s . Caninmres . -^Taylor Calif. Farmer. 

March 30, 1660T '. Sea cu\so Ca.-w\>Ha.veS un<(.ty- flfl-i->tflL>H«.ir>.- 

animres.— Bancroft. Nat. B^ces. Vol. I, 

1874, Ibid (after Tuylor;.— Vol. 


. 362; 
II. p. 

449 (after Taylor) 
6 IB. 1B75. 

We- ahum tat-tah 

Kan-a-ira-ra aynonomy eont. 


Kianarnaraa. --Austin Wiley, T?ept. Conrnr. Ind. /ffra. for lB6i. 


TT i - e - nftrn- r tth .. — » Name used by Bodega Btty Olamentko. for 
Ijobaat 01 ol- Santa Koaa jlain. — Qr. MS .Au(^. 1905. 

tribo on 


e-na>vn'ah h. K i- e- nah-mah- k o . - 
used by Tomales bay tiofl^Eoa: 

Name **or Sebaatoi ol- Santa- Ros- bribe 
^a^.— CPft^ MS, Aug. 1. 1905. 

Ki-nah-ma-rah. ''-See Kan-a-ma- raK. 

Kvanarrara . 
' H. L. 

- Tribo on Riasian River below the Canyon, 
Ford in Rept. Conmr. Ind. Aff rs. for lB5t5, 

Sonoma County. 
p. 2t;7, 18.^6. 

?va>^arara3 . —Banc roft . Nat. Paces, Vol. I, p. 4^", 1B7^. 


Kan-a-mii- ra . — Merriam . Dist. and Olaaaif. ?.^ewan Stocfc of Calif., 

r. Anthropologist, N8 IX, p. 352, June 1907. 

In 1904 7nd 1905 f,be Hoo^koo-eiVo r.nd 0-lah-rent-ko 
Abe rcLT^e as Ki>.&- nah^a.-.h nd Ki- e~ najtwrah . — ^t*.^. 

7ive rre 

We-shuF tat- tab 


^ -J 

Katoh-ah-we ohun>'ini« . . See Kah-tah-ffe chum-mi iWAono-mM' 

kat0wl ..> "armt't;. r-.thfio-^eo^,. Porro, 217. Feb. 190P. Sec Kah-t:.h>we 

Ta^wah-rT5»-o (ka-wamio B€Crrett),.^3CHlftge JrTmi ESE of Healdsburg.— 
&tCrrett»-Sbhr)o-^eog. Vor^yfZlB, 1008. ^c<s. Maj^-w^K-r^tt-o 

Ketwe-Vah- wre (Vawikawi I^arrett ) . • 
Z yA miles a Httle E of S 

e near E 



Huaaialf Kiver 
arrett, Ethno-Geog. 

Kol-le •..See K'ah-» le 

, ( koUkvJ xKT^^W) 4 short ^^^^'^^^^"j ; 

Ko^lo-kjrrr^ancheria near^^Jim^wn in Alexander Valley, on E aide 
Ruaa ian River, 4i miles NE of Healdeburg. villaf^e of Q- a otto 
chum^mi before the Mivakma war.—d^^**^ Bfirrott aaya about 

2 ml Ki5K of Healdsburg,— JJJthnd-Geog. Porno, 218, 1908 j Barrett 
also r^ivoa name to another location on NE bank Ruaaian River 
about 3i m.il83 NE of Lyttona atat ion* — Ibid, 272, 190B 

^gn-hom tat^-tah» * « Kah-tah-ge ohunvmi name for Ouemeville band of 
We- ahum' tat-tah.- -gm. 

Ko-te-aho-mo-tah ( kOtlcpmota Barrett) . 
Homo villag:e tcelheUe after the^'P 
• Geog. Pomo. 271, Feb. 1908. 

. .^Ei^iid'/(rmne given to old 
-Wapp Q" war. — Barrett, Ethno- 
ee^ I^hel-heHe . 

Kul-le . ..See KaW"le 

We-shum tat-tah 









Kaioh»ah»we ohunHmi . . . See . Kah*tah»w ohum^mi 3yxo»owiv. 


kaCtOwi . . > -nrmtt. Sthno-Heo/^. Pomo, 217, Feb. 190B. See Kah^tah-we 
KaJ>wah-rp»«o (k&wawlo B«Crr«tt) . .^3Ur31afl»JHrmi BSE of Heald»burg» — 

^ (kawikawV^arrett).— Vi 
mi lea a Kttlt E of 8 oj 
216, 19d8 

:e near E 


arrettt, Ebhno-Goog 

Kol-le • • • See Kiftli^lfl 

, l ko\AvJ >a.T^*.i^) (^ »HorV ^^t t^ovtw "^ 

Ko> lo> k<i « > V Hanohe rla near^^Jim^wn in Alexander Valley, on K aide 
Russian River, 4i niles N£ of Healdsburg. Tillage of Q^eo^tQ 
ohum^mi b efore the Miyakma war*— (2<«ih^ Barrett says about 

2 mi mm of Healdsbungf £thn6«Oeog. Pomo,218, 1908; Barrett 

also gives name to another location on NE bank Russian River 
about 3i miles NE of Lyttons station*— Ibid, 272, 1908^ 

,fth> > .ICah»tAh»we ohmr^mi 

at • tah • • -c«^*-^ 

Ko» t e^^ aho»mo- 1 ah >. -. ( k&t 1 cPmo t a Barrett) . /.Ifc4pa\i5aine~giv en to old 
iiomft village tfifilhfiHa after the'^EomfirlaDJiQ!' war.— Barrett, Ethno< 
• Greog. Pomo. 271, Feb. 1908. See^ Chel-heHe . 



Kul»le . ..See Kalrle . 

We-3huir tat-tah 



We-shum tat-tah 


Levantolome. ( Livcnc^tcavoml ) . » . ^anoheria on weot aido of St.nta Roaa 
Lagoons, 5 or 6 milea north of SebaBtoi;ol. 



mntoneXTTaylor, Calif. Fanner, Oot. 18, 

^X H«st.c<)uUi|vlI, roto, \rtC 


Libantone.- -Bancroft, Nat. Raoea, I, 453, 1B74. 

L ibantone > — (After Taylor) . Handbook Am, Indiana. Pt. I, 
p. 765, 1907. 

"^i^f^tfW CiyfSie.\\i> ^ /»*/ 




Libantilo/Tomi. — Hittell.- Hiat. Calif. I, 4%, 1885. 

Libanhiloqueyil^ -or L ibantilo^ 
Vol. II, 498 ?ootnote, 

•.—Bancroft, Hiat. Calif., 

"> Libantone . . . See Levant oloir.e j^noTiowv. 

I Libantllivaxni . Libantilovaini . or Libantiloquenj .. .See Levantolornp . 

Lib.jitilo^^.orri. . .See I»eYfmt,olome . 

Libua noacaa Yomi (Livaiiuuuayoffll)'. . .See L evant olorre . 
LivanoflLCftyomi . . . See Levan'-olome 

Livojitolomi. Livantalomif Livgntolovofri . . .See Leyantolo mg 

Livantonome . . . See Levantolome . 

Livantuli~torri .Li vantuli.:^uini^ Livantuvoloml . . .See LevAntol nrrf . 

Llhuancaoaa Yomi tMyarioa e ay w Hj ). 
ciaoo Solano, Original MSs, 
aa Caoaa and? .Cala Cala ) 

-Book of T.'iasion San Fran* 
1824-1837. iProbably sume 

L i vancaoaYomi . » - San Rafael Miaaion Book, 1818-1039. MS Copy by 
A. Pinart. BanoiDft Library, 1878. ^oo nlaa Llhumneaoaa.^ 

r . . »-.> 

*^ * ^ 



.LimntoloFri . Livantal<<mi'; Li vi^ntftloyomi . —San Rafael Mia 

book, 1818, IB^y.'MS Copy by A. Pinart. Bancroft Li 


Livantonotne. >-EanQ roft , Hiat. Caljf. 11, 597 footnote, 1885. 

L ivtintuli Yomi.— Book of Miaaion San Francisco Solano, Original 
MS, Bancroft Library. • e^ 

--M, ^'« yallejo, letter to Gov. Pirrueroa, IW 6. 
Bancroft Library, 2: 143, • / . 


Uvantuyolorri.-.J. M. Arrador (Exped. -rior to 18^3) 'err-oriaa 
nobre Iliatoria Calif., MS. b-moroft Liorary. p. 49. 1877. 

l^Sil& (liili Barrett )...Villfige on E bank Dry Creek 1?. rrilca ?X of 
h'ealdebuiTg.— Barrett, Ethho-Geog. Pomo, 219, Feb. 1908. 

^°?>."!rffJ^i?"^§^"^ " '!? ^i J'™g»H^^^l»' Barrett). -Vailage indefinitely 
in^^f^f^? Barrett-in hilla forming the divide between the Sonoma 
and SantaRoaa Creek drainagea, and at apoint probably a short 
pJw P® ^°S^ of the Pomo-Moquelurrinan mterslock boundary." - 
Ethno-Geog.Pomo 314, 1908. May have been Lakahtewut Mewkn. ] 


^e-ahun' tat- tab 



Wd-ahum tat-tah 

TT.)V^^v.^>^3.ry»Q f rn,kiiar'5 Barrett) .. * Kah"tah-Tye chuf>r!i (of HealdabuilS- 


n.'irne for their ranoheria between Russian River and Kuh" tab- we 
lagoon, about a quarter of a mile we?^t of the La-';oon, ;.nd 

H. or 2 miles aouth of Healdsburg.— Cnw*»v 
ALtbno-'ioog. Pomo. 216. Feb, 190B. 

Barrett ixxus Taecur 

^-^ah> lah- lah» ohah-hle ( nialalatcdLi Barrett). . .Old Pomo villar«;e in 
Alexander Valley about i rri N of Lyttons Station.— Barrett , 
Ethno-Heop;. Pore. 272, Feb. l^O*^. 


oe-ka h-v/ah -ne (Eia8ik.aH&nLBarrett)...Villap;e near weat shore 
of Santa "Rosa Lap;oon , li" rri lea WfJft^ of Sebastorol on Sobring 
ranch. i:thno«Oeo?^ Pomo 223. Feb. 1908. 

ra^^aamo ... See ^^h- Va ha~mo 



alatcaLi.. . . See ?.!ah.» lah» Ifi-h-chah-hle . 

Tnaal Vaw anl^ . . See ?^ah- ae-kah-wah-- ne 

Ke«»dah~kah tum»mi^ . . . S:>nta Rosa bn;nch of We^ahum tat-tah tribe> 
Bxtendinr^ north to Vark ?7e3t Creek ; and including W- luk 

(or We-lok ) of Rincon Valley insnediately E and NE of Santa 
Rosaif - cl^*^v^ 

Mo'-rfcim-»vO>i.. 0\(l KdK-taV^-'A/g cKu-vuvkI i-a.nLhgfift. at wvoath of aulcVx aboi^r aWle east of 
Kuhway aU a. milcKot-th o^ M*vK West CrteK. R^M^e, canyon «.v»(!l c>-eeK. bo«-esa>ne >tA.vne, »>»* 
|>Cldyifl«i to Sa,>vtct Rosntrvbe. Anithcr ranthtnct of s*»re navne w«.$ on no-th s^f^C of^S(».vvr«- 
Rni«.<Ir«tk apposite tKe old Mfti-K VVest <i(ll»bt, wx'i ov^thtio^th sUz o^ the c^eeK-^v«Ale 
e*.st 0^ f»-esent Hitth-^o-v t>Kdi(ie: (M^rK vtrest Cr«eK bnc^tjcV Tht I.ului.Hs v.tovt<tfw»K ou« ^itc to 
'K^ ot^tr attof-dCvia'' to jcrt-sovf. ^^wTo- Rosal t^ibe). 




di^AM^ Said by old Kah-ch i-ah woman at mouth of T?usaian 
at Guerneville.— -See alao She-ytf-le (ciyole) 

River to be — -, ^ . 

and Mo-koah- pa-oo -loo C mSkoc p^ulu) . 

Moo>kah-Vo» ohah'^-hle ( mukakotcall Barrett). ..Old vill'ir.e at NE foot 
of Fitoh ^'ouniain and 1-i rri NB of HealdsbuiK.— i^thno-Oro,c^. Pomo. 
219. Fob. 1908. 




rukaVot'?aLl. ..3f>e Mo o- k ah ~k o» chah " hla> 

mia=ai=k° (Mii'^-r>g?¥°-w?j-.. .!g]:r«; /5i:^s!:K!;.°yg ..?°°g««''^?«ti 


l;^*^ nf road U mi les south of HealdaOurg (Wauneta g§f 3^8^^°° 
other road (in fork between). 

" Nacion Chu^iuluva (vul^^o Cainam.eroa ).— See ayr^onoir.y under Chuiuluva 

Q» nab- chi 1- i«h . . . Mi-vah-kab-oiah nar-e for Kah-to-we chum-rfi tribe at 
Healdaburg on ''uasian Riw*r.~- ^"^^ 

^naht-ae-liah ( ^nnatallic Barrett) . . VvVap^;o *i nriine for Pomo inhnbitaliba 
of cTwe^HL in Alexander Valley on Ruaaian Rivf^r.— BarreU, itltbno- 
Heof^. Fomo. 265 footnote, 1908. . . . set o-vv^w-cww-uw 

K«wah»ne C upawanl Barrett). ..Village^ i mi W of Dry Creek and I rri 
N of Mill Creek.— Barrett. Ethno-Oeog. Pomo. 216, Feb. 1908. 

OQ-|ah»wah>n^ l upcwani Barrett )...Villaf^e^a mi E of Ruaaian River and 
2 3/4 r^iles SW of Windaor.— Barrett. Ethno-Heor;. Pomo. ^If). F-O^^. 

We-aHirr tit-tah 


We- 3 hum tat-tah 




iu3t weat 

n o» c hah » « . Kah- tah - we ohuin-rrii name for ranoheria in ^ap iu3t w 
of present RK station Lytton. Principal vilia.;e of^ Q"3o«'tQ 


0»aQ«tQ. chuf,.-mi . . , Kah~taJi-»/e churn-frd name for Lytton Valley division 
of V/e-ahum^ ts.t-tah. Bofore the war with the ?.Uyakm a the 0-ao-to 

chum- mi were the original Alexander Valley tribe. — <i^*^^ 


^ l^ome^uaed by 
Q-vi . . j^l^ ah-kah-mo chum^mi 
ohum^mi . — cai*-^ 

of Cloverdale Valley for the 0-aoM:o 

— . «/ 

" 5 3 8 ok owl ... Porno name for their vill^ige in Alexander Valley about 
Dmilea NE of Healdsburg . Thia village waa taken by the 
Mi-vah-kah-r,ah and the riame changed to She-ma- lah (ciniela)>— > 

Barrett. £thno-Geog. Porno. 271. Feb. 1906U 5ee ^he>rra- lah 



Ot^imtata. . , 9>ee " SoMvottj or Ots irtata* under ajTionomy «^ iftrtp->^->te . 

Pe- r^ 0- 


r o- ho 1 ~ rah ( pf o^hS Ivma Barrett) . . . rarpo nejne for old Potto villr./^e 
■l ^ ^Glhel'TTT '^eWAni in -filexander Va"; lev_, i f i upatrearr "^rorr! "^rvaer- 
villo bndne. --Barrett. Kthno-Heog. Por.o. 271. 190P. 

ijui-Yomi ( Potri .plllop^fi ) * ♦ « Pvancheria of * IIacion Chiijulura fvul^o 
ainameroa)".— Book of Wiaaion San Franciaoo Solano, Ori""inal 

MSS. ir':.>4.1R'-'S7, Bancroft Libro^ry. 

Santa Hosa de Limct ...See Gualoml 

Santa Po8aa...See ' Cainaneroa or Santa Rosaa" in Cainarero 3ynonorr.y. 

Satayomi . . .Cee , ; aynonomy under Sc-to-y-o-Tne- 

Satiyomea , Satiyomi . Sat iyomiea . . . See lynonomy un^'er So-'to^o->Kft . 

Sha^chah-le ( catcall Barrett)...Vill(JU5e near E VankDry Creek ^i milea 
"up from Healdsburg.— Barrett, Ethno-Oeog. Porro, 220, 190^^. 

Shah-kahk-iho f oaVaVnTO Barrett) .. .Vill.xcce on W shore Santa Roaa Lagoon 
^ rriles ^rom N end. —Barrett . Bthno-aeo<% Porno. 222. 190r.. 

te*nen ( catinen Barrett)* ..Villar^e near W bank Russian River 3* 
miles S of Healdal 

aburg. --Barrett, Ethno-Creog. Pomo, 216, 190B. 

(aimfilii Barrett )...v>..a.Vj 11a ;e of ' Waiipo Von ]]£ b'.nk of 
T^uaaianPiver about b milea NE of Heal dab urg. OrifT^naily occupied 
by Pomctfilled it ^aaokowl (which see).— Barrett. Xthno-Geog. 
Pomo72o5. 271. Feb. 190B. See also Simela . 


o-ho ot -fTio-ko- ne ( ciShutm5k0al Barrett).. .Village HvlV<.E of 
1^88 lan Pirer and li mi N of ?»^ark7;eat Creek, rrobably on 

ftTiite and Wilson's ranch.— Barrett, £thno-CIeog. Porro, 215, 
FSb. 1900 

She-yQ«»l j (cIySIS') Barrett 
K$6 ent 'nalan 

Eaire of t^^io vill?t,^e rivpn re : 



214»215 l^O'^. 
Ko-kos by old rah-ohf-a h woran at mouth of Puaaian Pivor. 
See Mo*koa . See also YnokocDeulu . 


We-ahorr. bat- 1 ah 

Shoo-^^ah-Vo-'^ye ( cutak^wl Barrett). ..VI ]lac?;e on N ba,nk Runaian Plver 
•« n SE part of He-^ldsburg.— Barrett, Hhrio-Geos. Porno, 2ir, 1900. 


Shoo-ta h> wah-ne ( cuteWnl Barrett).. .Vjllaf^e 2 rrilea MW of Si^nta Rosa.- 
EarretT7~Ethno-Creog . Pome , 222. F«b. 190B. 

014 'd«bt* hoast on ra-AtKtVLO. sift. 

-> Sirrela . .^Pancheria. —San Pafael ^'iaaion Bqok,_ 1618-1B39.J^S €0^)7 by 

ft. Pinart. Bancroft Library. IP'78.^ ?.!av be nttnie aa 

In a.'^wie book. Sae^ShakEaslah (cTTvieiflLBa.v*-etr)' 


/ • 

» aa 


Rose tribe tell me their tribal name is Me-dah-kah chummi. — 


Suluyori . . .^nc^oyja be 
letter-^K>-4Jbv. Fin 
de Calif./MSS^, ^5 X 


18^*5 , 

54. Banc 

ir-ientoa pa: 


I'l )v^storia 

»> »r- 


We-H>^urr ta^-tah 


Sotoo^reloa . . .See aynononiy unler oo-to- o-r'ie 
Sotiyomi. . .See s^Tionopy under So"r,o~yc/-fte 


tO'-'o-rft , , J-ltijoe u3od by Le»kah-te»vvut of Petaluria for old rannheria 
:.,nd f-eorJe at Healdaburs. Published under various ajellinf^a by 
many aulhora 3 villtii^e and band name» and alao uaed by some (.er- 
roneous ly)a3 tribal riare.- «i-H^*^ 


?Cot,ivor:-i. . .See in main liat. 

Sutayori ( tac^tiyom i) . . . 'Tribe*. --Book of I isaion S-^n Fninci3Co 
SoTano, lA24-ln57. Original MSS, Bancroft Library. 

Siltayomi-- -Village.— Bancroft. Hist. Calif. IT, f>06, \^Pt. 

Satavoni...Villa.Te.— Handbook /r,. Trdiana (after Barrett) , Pt. 2. 
pr"470. 1910. 

S.).t1.Yori3j or r,otoyor ea . j-rnerally known aa Cruaroa. or "bravea".- 
B"ncrAft. Hist Calif. IV, 72. 1^86. [:r?^Sr7~f/ne (.uai oa ure 



Mti--omi. ..Enep!iea of TnrUana in ^-icinity of Sonon. in 1B54.— 
[CTmior Valleio, Marrative of Ancient h^y^ in Calif., Pb, 

MS, Bancroft Library. 1074 


ativoffdea . . . Spell inrr. by Salvador Valleio, Crimen de loa Indioa 
cie Calif. , MS Bancroft Libn^r/, 5, lP7b. 



We-nhur^^ tat* t ah 

no^to-yoHme aynonorry cont 

3.=tlyoriea nickn-jneu Ouapa Indiana * , , .M. G. Va?]ejo, Hlot. Calif., 
Z: IB, MS. ir)75 Bancroft Lib ran'. |.rror, Ouara are Yukea nl 

3». tivories... Tribe. —M. G. Vallejo, Hiat. Calif., 3: .2-27; Ibid: 

II ^ 

^- ^1' Sntivoni .-olbid 1: 9; MS Bancroft Library. lV7b\ 

Sativori, S ativoniea ;>»TrJbe o.t S;.nta Posa. chipf Succara.— Jo^e' 

F^r andez. Cosaa cle Calif., pR, 16, ^7. ^^8.^1. o?.-04^ i^s, 

Bancroft L1bran^ 1^76. [Jrror in place^ 

rvti\'ome3... Tribe unoSer Sucarra. chiefs— Bancroft, Hiat. Calif., 
" ^m, footnote 2f)7, .%0, PBe). 

Hat 1 -«-or i eB . . ♦ Ht e 1 1 i m, in J. B. /'Ivara^Jo's l/S History Calif., Vol. 
."5, p. 53 no d i.te . 

"Sotiyomi or Ot-'.irr.tata* . . .P.ancheria.~-San T?afael Mifjoion Book^ 
^"TRin-inr^TrT^ITCopy by A. Pimirt, Bancroft Library, 1^.7^ . 

* noteomolo 3 or Ya]:;oa (bravesy, or probably Sotoyofr'0i3 ia the more 

correct name? --Tom Ore/^ory, Iliatory of Sonora Co. , p. 52, 
Loa Ai^;elea, 1911. jtrror, Ya] oa or Qua , oa are YukeanT ) 


We-ahun tat-tah 

So-to-yo-me aynonomy cont 


Hotoy oFie. . .Bancroft (aftar Alvarad.o) , Hiat, Calif., Vol. 11, 
pTT'^n footnote, IPm. 

Sotoyorne rancho » now Healdabur*?. . . Bancroft, Hiat. Calif.. Vol. 

Tl, p. 689, irm. 

Sot oyornea . . . T ribe . »-E.- .. nc rof t . Hiat, Calif., Vol. Til, 722, IPPb; 
\ Ibid, Vol. IV. p. 74. l^P6. 

Dotoyomi Indiana . . .Bancroft (aftftr Vallejo) , Hist. Calif,. Vol. 

IV, p. 678, lenc. 

5 ot oy ore ... Barrett. Ethno-^eo5> Por.o, 21B-:Jl", 190B. 

Hotoyome. "Ramho . . .Barrett (aft^r Bower's "I'ap of Sonona 
im), Kthno-Oeo;-. Poro, p. 219 footnote. 1908. 

County" , 

* Sotoyorri ". . .Peoi^le. — Barrett (after Lr^^el'iardt . 
, Ceo-;. Porr<o,'p. 219, 19Gn. 

1'97), i^thno- 

Sotoyoii 3 ( Soteorelo a or Ya[)03 (bravea) . . . See ooteorr elo.i . 

?3uluvorri.. .Soe ouluvori in rain list. 

T3atiYomi ( S.'.tayorr:i) . . .Tribfi.-»Bonk of ^- ins ion San Fr nci^co Solano 
^^'!4-r':57. Orif-uial Mt>S. B.-ncroft Libr ry. 

Suluyorri. . . Rancher ia between Bodega and Santa Roaa.— M.G.Valleio. letter 
to Gov. Figueroa, May 6, 1833, Documentoa para la Kiatoria de Calif. , 
MSS, 2: 143, 1833-18:^. Bancroft Libr. Can thia be aame aa So»tQ-yo-nie? 

'''e-'»>UTn t'^t-tah 


Ve- "5 hum' tnii-tah 


T-h~kQ«kah« lo> wq ( t.aVroVa ley?! Barrett). ..vill'tge at 
Syriirra, about a rr.ile"¥ of Lyttona. — i^arrctt, 
22C. Feb. 190^. 

or neur Lyttons 
iiithno-GtiOg. Porno , 

Tahu j »Yo;- i . . . T?-^.ns}ie r la of "M ac ion Chu juluya (vuU-o Cainarneroa) 
rEook of Mission, San Franciaoo Solano, ISIi^-in^?, Uri< 

I^S, D'Ancroft Library. 



tcelhelle* ..Soe Chol-hel-le 

rob^rhv-h-kah" 00 . ( t^^'hra kau Barrett). . .V ill ^'^ on N bank I-Sarkwoat Creek 
where Ful ton-WIndaor road crosaoe.— Barrett, Jithno-C^fc^'T, Pomo, 
222, Feb. 1908. 




■o-la h-^g -chnb ( t^tfflay-otca B a r ro tt ) . . . jT^-tem ?bquelijrtrm a\ narro 
for old Pnn.a t^illaf^e a*. Hebaatox-oll batfkl8tcav»i Barrett) • — 
Ethno-'"?; Otv ^omo, ^13, F.3b. 190B. See in aynonoiry under 
Bah-tik-la chow-we 

To«t'3e»wahn . . . ' ^ah-tah^we ohurn^ni n^xme for t|}eir noncheria on 
~ bend of Puaaian Hiver beyond (east of; Fitch Mountain.- 

Taativoni . . .See ist aynonorny un'er So-4^o~yo--7>ie 

Tae-v o-cjah ( tnr.'i'li;^ Barrett).. .Villaj^,e ne^ir il bank RioBian River 

S^rr!ile3 a little S of W of Windsor.— Barrett, i!.thno-r'T«o^% 
Porro. 21f>. F<ib. 1908. 

T3o-le-kah"'.?e U ^olik xwl Larrett}. . .VillM^e at "old V/indaor" , -f mi E 

of R. R. town of Windsor. —Barrett, Kthno-Otog. Pomo, 222, 190B 

■H-tflih - V «cW«*iai»vi. 

Tsoo-le kow-we (Blackbird water). IJIcOlfraficEeria at site of present 

town of Windsor (old Windsor) on main highway between Santa 
Rosa and HeaidsbuTR. [Not West Windsor, Tiiiich dates from 
arrival of railroad.] 

upawanl. . . Oo-pah»ws^h"ne 

uT-awani . . . See Oo-pah-wah-nl 

Wah« tah-'kow'-'^e ( watakkawi Barrett) . . .^C ah-tah^'ge chmrvmi iiair.e for 
their large rsinoheria about a n^ile east of northern part of 
Hfr Idsbur?^. — c-***^. Barrett ^aya 3/4 r,i E of liealJ3i/urr;i Heald 
burg cemetery covers site. — i)thno-Geog. Fumo, 218, Ftb. 190B 


Wah- tahk - k o» we ( watakko<^/i Barrett). . .Old villfV';e (?) at edrjd of 

Dr/ creek valley, about 1 3/4 mi NNK IJuT/ of llealdaburg. May 
be place name only. — Barrett, i!.tVino-Oeog. Pomo, 219, Feb. 190B. 

wataVkawi . . . See Wah" tah- k ow> we 


witakkoffi . .^Taee Wah- 1 ah- ko« we 

Waw- iawk- kah4 1 on (w^tgkkaton Barrett;.. .¥i 11 Jif^e d mile UK of v.atakkawt 
on opposite side Hua^ian Hiver; on "Luce Ranch". --Barrett, 
Uhno-Ceos- P«no, 21B. Feb. 1908. 

We- 1 ok or We«-luk. «^TtaDcherirjJb^elon'' inp^ to the T'e -c) ah-kah ^^lup^mi o f 
Santa_RoM/( iTi "Rinoon Valley '"ifrteciianeiy '1 and i^i?. or STTTtiai 


nuiluc. .'.*Trjbe*.-S..n %fael ^'i stolon Book, F]^-F"i^, ^'S Copy 
[ by A, Plnart, Bancroft Library, 1878. 

^e-nhurr tat-tah 


We^lok aynonomy confc. 



*Tribe'. — Eook^ of T'iaaion ^kii FrHnciJCo 3oluno, 1824- 

Orirrlnal rS3, Bancroft Library. 

Hujluc. . . , Tribe in vj/^inlty of rrif53ion at Sonoma, Calif, in 1823. — 

F«:ncroft. Hiat. Caji'f • , 11, p. 506 footnote, la^b 
" liinluc *.. J'lrrett (an^r En'-elhanit; , Kthno-Oeog. Pomo. 222, 1^0^. 

nuiliC wTom Hre/^ory, History of Sonoma Co., p. D2, Lo3 >n'^ele8,1911 

JiiiliAS' • '^'^ellin^: in l^rister of San Jose V'iaaion.erroneogly 
labeled San Femando,Oricrinal MS, Btmcroft Library. 


We-3hurr! tat -tab 

• 33 

We- s ■•i.h- ' -' -xh- kn. at ch- rrah and Ab-gho-'bok>ke eab-m^ib. . . Ka h «• c b i- : -h nair e a 
for 'CjLb'»tah"Vve chufn~rni <>4-Y^fe<»^viL»<..v^<-<t.-cw. Uoa~in oynonofty under 
Kah~tah"ye cburrh-mi . - "* 

Yar ofl f h flQ,v ea V.^. .- . :' : ire unod erroneously ^or So-to«^^o-ne . 3oe 
Sot eor g 1 05" ~ln ~ avrroriOf/.v unler So-to-y^o-re. 


3b!t-kle -to »wab*ne ( v6olk]et5wani Barrett) ...?i 

la^rpn brid";e acrosa Ruaaian Hi-rer at K 

[i/re at S end of 

one aavg on W 

wa^rpn Drici-^e acro33 ^xiaaian r^i-rerai, r<ep*l(?Jibl5,^,, ...v^. „„,« 

bank almoai opposite tbi«.— Barrett, Etbno-i^^of;. ?omo, Sl^. PO^ 

wilSk . ..Old iillac^^e abrut 3 mi. NE of Santa I^osa.— Barrett, Ethno- 
Geog. Pomo. 222. Feb. 190B. 

Yul-'o tuff-ri . ♦ . ^e-ahaK chum- ni D^mv. Jot Canta Pcsa Porr.o.-- 


Yu~,-Q ohun-^rr.i . .> raB=t.<>-A'o cirar-rri !ian-.os for Ponoan bunds at 

Sebaatopol und Santa Foaa.- 

Yft»ke. . . pQ-mo~ko-c>iah (of Totter v?ille}'), rxmm ""or "^on:© of H 

reyAon, whose proper r«mi> la ^.b-t ab-we ch^rr-rii . > » c 
See in aynonory under Vey-tr-M^we cburr^rnl. 



Wu-ge-le-igah (WQmliwa Barrett). . . Old village in Sonoma Valley " 
— nearlfflia Calien^teT [Referred by Barrett to ^oqualumnan V Mewan 
but orobibly Pomo. 1— Barrett, Sthno-Oeog. Pomo, 314, 1908. 

/2-> - 1*-^ 




-_— ja- -•- " T^ 


Clear i^ake i'omo 

CLSiXR L^K;-; Tr:.oes and ViUat^es, Including Upper 
Lake but not inclixlin^^ Kulanapo of iiig Val]ey or 
Ml£u>*fo of Lower Lake ^ ^ pti^ps 






'■'" . g " 







(To t ^f^<c Vn^v U*VoL >.«.vs^,^ •, t*..!^ »-»^ ^.i^.-^. aA*4vi4- l^^j "tke 

Ah-kop" 8ho_QL . chian-mi nam for Upper Lake Dflji-no-kah. j-- 

«» / 

camp) on 

• • . Griven by Barrett as village at foot of hills 

on E side Upper Lake Valley ,4:\ mile E of town of Upperlake. 


j3sl;^(or I^ 

valley of Middle Creek and Clover Creek (including the 
Ho-al-lek of Middle Creek). Original rsuicheria on Clover 
Creekil Present remnants of both Ho-al-lek & Dan-no^kah 
are at Hah-be-mat-to-lil on Middle Creek.— <i»v— 



Clear Lake Z 

t ■ 

Dan-niib-be-dQw ' . . Small settlement (few houses) of She^kum 
Pomo on purchased land on E side of rotid opposite Ne-po^shel 
and on opposite side of Upper Lake from territor}'- of She-kum 
tribe* — cs^— 


Dan-Q>flho. . Given by Barrett as village i mile E of Dan-no-kah^oh 

. . Griven by Barrett as village on sniall knoll i mi 
SE of tovm of Upperlake. 


Upper Lake, 1 mile NNW of Kabel. at R e oky Point . 

Hah-be-mat- to- lil ' (or Hab-be-mat-to-lil ) . . Village on Middle 
Creek 4 or 5 miles N of Upperlake village. Now occupied by 
remnants of both Dan-no-kah & Ho-alllik. — <tMv^ 


Clear Lake 3 ^" 

• — * 


, (Dan-ne-kaJi-^ 
ki>yah >-r^f&iicheria a short 

di stance N of Upper Lake, on 

£ side Ho-dan-no Mountain, —a.^^ 

Hah-le«kah . . Given by Barrett as village on NE shore main 
body Clear Lake, 7 miles SE of Upperlake village lind i idle 
SB of Bank Ranch village. 

Hah-nali-bah— (or Haji-na-bah^-' ) . . Collective tem applied by 
Potter Valley and Russian River tribessto all the Clear 
Lake tribes, except those of Sulphur Baiik & Lower Lake, and 
now accepted by these tribes as a permissable name for 
themselves. — ^i'V.'v-. 

HQ-al«lek « . Former 

and^S^e^'^lrjMiddle Cr«^N of 

Upper Lake. The Ho-al'-lek and Danr-no^kah now live together 
at rancheria Hab-b e-mat- to- 1 i 1 on Middle Creek (on purchased 
land ) . — «:^i*^— 

HQmichah«te > . Given by Barrett as village -:| mile N of Tule Lake, 


village on W side Upper Lake . 

Clear Lake 4 

Katbel' . . . Cfen-no^kah village on W side of narrows between 


gflh»bah- i ... Given by Barrett as caaip on W shore Clear 
Lake 2Wle8 N of Lakeport. 

Trflh-Vi,ow .. . . Ki-yow-bflh- rancheria in Batchelor Valley 

Kah.kuhlikah-lahlwe.flhal . . Sh6-kum rancheria aruong: the oaks 
m east sid6" Upper Lak^ NafroM.V*--^ V*— -^^^^'^-J^'. Vi»^«-,^i--^ 

0«.Ve Vt«.0. ~ 

Kah-lat>-be»da' . . . Given by Barrett M caiSap on W shore .Clear 
Lake J^. mile N of Lakeport» 

Kah"le«8ho-kon . . Given by Barrett as camp on V/ shore Clear 
Lake ^ mile N of Lakeport* 

Clear Lake 5 

Kah^na l . . Kah-tah-we chunHmi name for Ki~yQW"bah'= ' ^ 

dAit. — 


Kah-rah-ka . . . Given by Barrett as village on E border 
Scott . Valley li miles NNf of Lakeport. 

Kaht'Sah"moo-gal . . . Given by Ba ire tb as camp on W 
shore Clear Lake li mile N of Lakeport . 

J [ 



Ki "vow-bah 9& . . Tribe in Tule Lake and Blue Lakes region. 
Language said to lean toward that of Potter Valley Porno. -^ 

Ko»bah- tap . . . Given by Barrett as camp on W shore Clear 
Lake, 4 miles N of Lakeport. 

Clear Lake 6 

KoTn-le . , Given by Barrett as camp in Eight-mile Valley at 
head of Scott Creek 3 miles NNE of Red Mountain. Written 
Cum- le -bah by PaMer who gives it aa a tribe at upper end 
of Scott Valley. 

' Kq 0- shah- dah- no^yb 

2ja Vn;v 


. • Griven by Barrett as village on S 

- CMvw^ 

bank Scott Creek i mile SW of UpperlaJce town. 


Lah-poot-aooq; . . . Given by Barrett as village on E side 
of narrows between Upper and Clear lakes. 

Mah-dan-no . . . Dan-no-kah rancheria on slope of hill a 



projecting into Tule Lake from N shore near outlet. 

Clear Lake 7 

Clear Lake $* 

• 1 • 

O ' ' 

• I' ■• 



, Upper Lake probably 3^ miles SSE of Upperlake town. 

Mi- ye' . . . Given by Barrett as village at foot of hills on 
extreme W side Upper Lake Valley, a little N of Scott 
Creek where it cuts divide between Tule Lake and Upper 
Lake Valley. Spelled Mayi by Kroeber who calls it an 
important village, L^--^'-^^'^-V-'^^'^^°^-'^'^- 


chased land li mile S of Upperlake village. Their own 
name, but location on opposite (W) side of Upper Lake 
from their own territory. ~ 


Scott Creek, 2i miles NNW of Lakeport. 

. . . Roujid Valley 'Yuke* name for Upper Lake 
Dan-no- kah.—e^' — 


Upper Lake 3i miles SSW of Upperlake town. 

Sah-mah- kfth- na , . Given by Barrett as village on W bank Scott 
Creek H miles NNW of Lakeport, 

U.^4«^ U4<j^ ^ £,^»L tiJU^jL^JIjJlii^, 

Se-wah-kal . . Given by Barrett as village on W slope and 
summit of ri^ge W. of Clear Lake, 2 miles N of Lakeport, 

She-kumlbah^ . . Tribe on E side Clear Lake from southern 


Commonly called 

She-kum . from village of same name at Morrison Landing 

on £ side of Clear Lake.— 

She-wah . . Given by Barrett as village on E shore Upper 
Lake near N extremity, almost due E of Bloody Island. 

Shnalkeya . . .Given by Hudson (MS 1906) as small Kulanapan 
tribe living near town of Upperlake at head of Clear Lake. 

Sho-ke . . . Potter Valley Porno name for Upper Lake Dan-no-ka! 

Clear Lake f 

Tah-ah be-dum-me . . Daji~nQ»kah village on hill a little 
S of Upperlake village.— . . G-iven by Barrett as village on S slopi 

tlprobably Floyd Hill 
of small ridge just N of Bald Mountain), 4i miles SSe of 

Bank Ranch village, and Z miles SE of Morrison Landing. 

.*-i3u^t^i:ju t-J^u-J**.," '^^'^-^N 

Tse-vah-kah' b S^yo . . Given by Barrett as village on creek tribu- 

j tary to Middle Creek heacling on S side Buckner Mountain. - 
Tsi-no-mah-aain- f o ( Tsl-no-aug-sa ) . . ^Ham-fo name for tribe 

at Upperlake. — 

Ye-mab>bah=« . . Tribe in southern part of Scott Valley. Their 
name for themselves. Best regarded as division of Bo-al ka-ahS ii^ 

Yo-bQo»toQ-i . . Given by Barrett as village near W 
bank Scott Creek 2 miles SSW of Upperlake town. 

V.U L<xfcjL. 

Yo-to»gah«go . . Given by Barrett as caip in very small valley 
onheadof Scott Creek, 2i miles NE of Red Mountain. 

Clear Lake Pono 


^f [ ^ 


HAN-NAIlt-B,.lf^ Villages, 

1;6 pa(ies. 

:-■ •- :^»-:\J^^^ik~'*y-^:''^ 




6C,-0J,-'^ \i '^^'^.- ^.'>^ V' . ^CLEAR LAKE TPBES & VILLAGES 
^-^ 1 \ ^ r HAN-NAH«BAH^ 


Thia list coniprises the Upper Lake and main Clear Lake tribes, 
including the Kulanap o and Habenapo of Big Valley, but not in- 
eluding the Ki-vow-bah°^ of Tule Lake, Blue Lakes, and Batchelor 
Valley, or the 'Ham-fb of Lower Lake. 

The Ki-yow-bah'S^ and 'Ham- f o represent different groups of 
the stock and speak dialects quite distiot from that of the 
Han-nah-bah^.— cMVv^ 

Ah^k op-shoo . . .Former rancheria of Upper Lake Dan-no^kah at 
or near site of Upperlake village. Their own name; applied 
to them also by the Kah-tahwe chunf- mi of Healdsburg. Called 

Dan-no ka-ah by the Yo-ki^^h; Sho-ke by the Potter Valley 
pQ-mQ'-ka..>chah^; and Ts i- no-mah- sam- f o by the Lower Lake ' Ham-fo.^ i^ 

5nnapotl LBah-d5n-nah-go-teJ Bc^xv^V^ . . .f Pan-nolk^ ) viiw 
vnow modern oantp) on S slope Bloody Island at extreme N end 
of Upper Lake. — Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Porno, 189 & map, 1908. 

Synonymy : 


. .Kroeber (after Barrett) , Hdbook Indians 

. . 231, 974. 1925. 

Clear Lake Porno 2. 
Ha n-na]>^g^ 2 

Baht-som-ke-t em ( Batsomkitem Barrett). . .L Kulanapo j camp on 

S shore Clear Lake 2i mi . W of St. Turibius Mission. — Barrett, 
Ethno-Oeog. Porno, 201, 1908. 

Baht-su-me-se ( Batsumiae Barrett). . .f Kulana po J camp 3/4 mi 
WSW of St. Turibius Mission. — Barrett , fithno-fxeog. Pomo, 
201, 1908. 

Bank Ranch. . . CShe-kum J village of 6 houses and about 20 inhab' 
itants on NE shore oi Clear Lake about 6 mi. SE of Upperlake 
town. — ^Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 186, 1908. 

Clear Lake Porno . 

BataOmkitem (Barrett 1908) . . . See Baht- s on>- ke» t em 

3at 3Qmi8e (Barrett 1908). . «See Baht-su-me-se . 

Be-dah- rr|~we-nah. . .See Bidamiwina Barrett in aynonomy of 
fifi-r dum -me-w"e" nah . 

Be''duni»me-we"nah. . . Ku-lan n a p«po name for Hab'-be napp o rancher ia 

near Kelaeyville.--C^Vv^ (»%'^-^'^---i--l^'^^*''r^^^*~^'^'^^ 

Synonymy: . 

Bidamiwina [pronounced Be- dah-m e- we- na h I . ^ . /^.Village on E bank 
Kelsey Creek, 1 3/4 mi. down from Kelseyville. — Barrett, 
Ethno-Geog. Porno, 197, Feb. 1908. 

Bida miwina. . .Kroeber^, Hdbook. Inds. Calif., p. 228, 1925 


Beh^pal r Be-he^-pahl "]. . i01d/villag©"on E side of Upper Lake Valley 
about 3/4 mi'. E of town or Upper Lake . — fBarrett , Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 
188, 1908. Sometimes called Habeh e [ Gah-b^-h eJ whicn see. 

Bidainiw ina (Barrett 1908), Bidami wina (Kroeber 1925). . .See Be-dum - 

Clear Lake Pomo ':: • ' 


Bx)-al ka-ah. . .Tribe in northern part of Scott Valley. Name usually 
stretched to cover the Ye-mah-bahQ ^ in southern part of Scott 
valley. — 

Synonomy : 

Boalkea. Kroeber in Plandbook Aip. Indians, 155, 1907. 
3oii-kai-r omo . Kroeber, Hdbook. Indians Calif., 231,^1925, 

T^oil-ka-ya . Palmer, Hist. Napa & Lake Counties, pub. Slocum, 
Bowen & Co.. pp. 35, 37. 1881. 

T^oil-ka- _ya^ Barrett (aft erPalmer) Ethno-Geog. Pdmo, 156. 1908 
See atso No^W^i-^rg^a- . ; 

Mo-al-kai . 18 Calif. Treaties, 1852, Senate reprint, pp. 
4, 53, 56, 1905. 

Moal-kai . JohnMcKee, Senate Ex. Doc. 4, Special Session, p. 
136. 1853. 

Moal-kai . Gibbs in Schoolcraft, III, 109. 1853. S.e^h.;v«>. 

(fiiftsr ribbs) 
Mbalkai, Bancrof^. Native Races, I. 451, 1874. 

Mo-al-kai. Royce, 18th Ann. Rept. Bur. Eth. for 1896-97, Pt. 
2, p. "^84, 1899 [publ. 1901]. Without hyphens p. 956. 

Moal-kai , Barrett (after Gibbs), and Moal-kai (after McKee) 
Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 156, 1908. See «t\so n^> , U^^ir^>>V 


Mo&l-kai o r Bpil-Vai-pomQ . . .Kroeber, Hdbook Indians Calif. , 
231, 1925. Moal-kai-pqmo . Index, p. 984. 

Clear Lake Pomo 



Po-awm-ie CBoo'rll barretb). r^'^TlLine in Lakeport, on knoll 
Bellevenue Hotel now is.— Barrett, Ethno-rTeor.voro. 1"^. 



Doalkea (Kroebor in Ildbook -1907). . .Hee Bo-al ka-ah 

Eoil-kai»pomo (Kroeber 1^25). . .See Sj^'nonomy of Bo«al ka-ab . 

Boil«ka» ya (Palmer IPBl) . (Barrett 190P). . .See avnonorw of Bo-al 
kli-ah ^ . 

S Oo'mll (fearrett 190P).1)*o'm\\,(\^vo«Ve>-lSa.f'). .. c,<.g.-Bo.awr;.\fc . 

, ^ Kob^lan nyp o 

Ca-ba-na-po (McKee 1853). . .See aynonymy of Hab-be iiappo and of 

Cab^gok (Barrett 1908). . .See Shah-b&-gawk . 


Clear I«ke Pomo 

Ca-la-na-poA • Seer)Koo-la^n«.-Too omti lA(x.\r-lr^ na.p-p^ 

Che- c Am ('18 Calif, TreatieB (1852)1905) . , See She-kum^bah^. 

Gigom (Barrett 1908) . . . See AShe-kum-bah ". 

CiW (Barre tb 1908) ... See She-wah^, . 

Cum-le^bah (Palmer 1881) . . . See Korr^le. 

Dah-no-habe (Gibbs 1852) . . . See Dan- no- hah-bah ~ . 

« * 

Pah- no-b t- dah- oo . . .See DanbbidaQ Barrett in synonifBiy of jBan- 


^^^bftw(^.•aT\oco"&cLTrft1t). . ■^^irv>HB4^^ -^ mile east 

or. yah- no- kal^ on east slope of same hill. 





Dah- tain* . . . Camp on west side of Clear Lake li mile 

south of Narrows . — ci'^i.w^ r-^^.v-^<c ^:^^ ^k. ^ V^'-^^^^^ ^--^ .h~- ^^ - 

Synonymy : Ifa!tsin %*;Barrett >190e: "^^V^*^^, <^o<^-\ or^o, ' ft ifo<^^ 



Clear Lake Porno 
Han- n»tf^bafi5h 7 

Dan-noi-hah-bahv^ (or Dan-no-kah )« . .Upper Lake tribe holding val- 
ley of Middle Creek and Clover Creek (including the Hp-al-lek 
of Middle Creek). Original rancheria on Clover Creek about 2 
, miles E of Upperlake village. Present renmants of both Hp^al- 
lek and Dan-no-kah are at Hab-be-mat-to-lil on Middle Creek.*=:^i^ 


•Dahr no«- 


Schoolcraft. III. 109. 1853 

See also Na«po»batln . 

Dahjtohabe. . .Bancroft (after Gibbs) Native Races, I» 451, 

Dahnohabe . . . &>frobt Uafter GibbsjTmlfeJidbook Amer. Indians^ 
pt I, p. 375, 1907.^--- — — — -^ 

^_____ (or Den«no-hah ka-ah) . . . Yo-ki-ah name for 
Upper Lake tribe. — 

Dan- no ka-ah 

Da noha . . . Village community some miles up eastern tributary 
of lower Scott Creek.— Kroeber. Hdbook Indians Calif.. 
231. 1925. 

Da-no-haJbCL. . .Mention.— '18 Calif. Treaties'. 1852; Senate 
— reprint, 4, 53, 55, 1905. 

Da -no-ha-bo . . .Mention.— C. C. "Royce. 18th Ann. Rept. Bur. 
— Eth. for 1896-97. pt 2 p. 784. 1901. 
Written Danohabo . p. 954. 

♦ Danokha ( PanoXa) . . .Village on N shore Clear Lake.— Barrett, 
in Handbook Amer. Indians, Pt. I, p. 382. 1907. 

( Panokakea . . .Mason (after Hudson), Aboriginal Amer. Basketry. 
^ 328. 1904. ' , 

Panokakea . .. Barrett (after Hudson). Ethno-Geog. Pomo. 188, 1908 

Clear Lake Pomo . 
Han-nah-bah^ 8 

Dan- no- hah-bah v^ (syn, dont. ) 

DanoIa( Hdbook 1907). . .See Danokha . 

I)anoxa [ Dah-no-hah ]. . .Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 188, 1908. 

Danoxa . . .Loeb (after Barrett), Pomo Folkways, 207. 1926. 
Den- no- hah ka-ah. . .See Dan- no' ka-ah 


Ko 0^ Ian- nap-po name for 
noo-ha ^ vah . >-xband on N side of head of Clear Lake, E of 
head of Clear Lake. — Palmer. Hist. Napa & Lake Counties. 
Calif., pub. Slocum. ,Bowen a Co.. pp. 35. 37. Spelled 
Di-no-ha-vah . p. 3'i') 1881. 

Di-noo-ha-vfch. . .Barrett ( 
188. 1908. 

Palmer). Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 

Do-no«ha-b e. . . ftfontion jC^^^cRee. S^natB Ex. Doc. 4, Special 
Session, p. 136, 1853. 

Clear Lake Pomo 
Han-nah-bah*^'^ T 

Dan-^no ka-ah (or Den-no-hah ka-ah) . . . Ypk iah name for Upper Lake 
Tribe. — c^^a^ See synonomy of Dan- nO" ^h-b ah^^ . 

Dan-nub -be-dowT . .Small settlement (few houses) of She-kum Pomo 
on purchased land on E side of road opposite Na-po-shel (li 
mi. S of Upperlake village) and on opposite side of Upper 
Lake from territory of She-kum tribe. — ^^^ — 

Synonymy: w _/ r 

^ or Mapocal [Na h-po-s hafelJ 

Banob idau [ Dah-no-be- da h-oo j>^. . .Camp site ori W shore of Up- 
per Lake at its N extremity. Also called Fishcanm by both 
whites and Indians. — Barrett, Ethno-Oeog. Pomo, 191, 1908. 

Danob idau ( Napocal ). . .G-ifford (after Barrett) , Pomo Lands 
on Clear lialce, Hearet Mem. Vol., 77, 1923. 

C lear Lake Pomo /t> 

VVa'n-no>.Vi'-\raV>':' '- 

JQanSb idaa (Barrett 1908) and Danbb idau (Gifford 1923). . See^D4.r,.n>.kvi- j 
Dang 00 (Barrett 1908) ... See MfeQftat5tof' 


Danobabo (Royce, 1899,1901). . See Dan-no-hah-bah°^ . 
Danokake a (Mason 1904). . .See synor.njuny of Dan-n o-hah-bah 


Danokha (Hardbook 1907) ... See Dan-no-hah-bah 


Danoxa (Barrett 1908XrrT . See Dan-no-hah»bah ^» 

' •; ( 

\ • < 

■■ ■ i»..l— ^^^— »li*' * "% 

Pats in ( Barrett 1908) . . . See Dah- ts in. 

Den-no-hah ka-ah (or Dan- no ka-ah ) . . . Yo-ki-ah name for 
Upper Lake Dan-no^kah . — ciM-wc^ 

De»we»lem {IkTwTteTn DarteW • v • ^village on small knoll 
\ mile SE of town of Upperlake. Present residence on Rice 
Estate stands on site.— Barrett. Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 188, 1908. 



Clear Lake Porno il 


Di-no-ha-vah Si Di-noo-ha-vah (Palmer 1881) . . See Dan- yk^- hah-b ah^ 

^ijvilem (Barrett 1908) , . See De-we-lem. 

Do-no-ha-be (MoKee , 1851, 1853). . ^ Dan-no-^itah-bah^^. 

^behe .(narrett! 1908) . . . See ^Bab^ial. 

Gah~b e--i.e (Q;<ioehe Barrett). 



Gab- 1 1- ah- kah- la- yo (G &laikaleyo Barrett 
Upper Lake 1 mile'litw of Ka-bel'.-- r 
p. 190, Feb. 1908., 

. . .Carnp on west shore 
arrett, Lthno-Creot;. Pomo 

eiaAaakalevQ (Barrett 1008). . See" Gah-ll^ah-kah-l^-yo . 

\ T 


{■Hdt'W^ ^"i^y)^ • • « Se et j^" o o - 1 an- n5.- ' 


"''Bab-be-mat-to-lil. . .See iiatf-be-mci,t-to-lil. 

Clear Lake Pcmo 1-2^- 

* ^ab'-be nap«po » . . Clear Lake tribe occupying eastern part of Big Valley, 
(jiimed iat ely" eaa t'o?'^^^ *Ko cT- Ian nap«po^ aawlCh etween Adobe Creek and 
Cold Creek^ Rancheria of same name on Kelsey Creek, about half a 
mile south of Clear Lake. Another rancheria, called B e- dum^me-we- nah . 
was near ^elseyville. — ct^v-w 



•ba~na-po . . .Tribe in council at Camp Lup i yuma . Clear La 
Aug. 18, [20] 1851. JohnMoKee, Senate Jfix. Doc. 4, Spec 
Session, p. 136, 1853. Spelled Ca-la-na-po in 18 Calif. 

Ca^lBi-na^po. . .Tribe meeting U. S. Treaty Commr. at Camp Lu-'pi- 
li^jna. on Clear Lake. Aug. 20, 1851.— 18 Calif Treaties, 1852; 
lenate Reprint, 4, 53, i)5, 1905. See also Ca-ba-na-po 


Hft-bft-na-pn. , .One of the Clear Lake tribes.— Gibbs( 1852) in 
Schoolcraft, III, 109, 1853. S<s^oj,^oH^?oUt>^. 

Habe Napo. . .Redick M'Kee in Schoolcraft III. p634, 1853. 
^iabenapo or^ stone house'.' . .Bancroft, Nat. Races. I. 451, 1874. 

Habe- nap- . . .Lyman L. Palmer, Hist. Napa & Lake Counties, Slo- 
' cum, Bowen & Co., San Francisco, pp. 35, 37 [Lake Co.], 1881. 

See also Ila-he-nap-po 

Habe-na-po (or Kabinapek) , the stone peo" 
Kroeber, ffeindbook Indi 

Habe- napo . p. 232. 

nHaans Calif. , p. 

le of BidaiTiiwina* .— 
28, 1925. Written 

Ha-be-nap-p o. . .Palmer, Hist. Napa & Lake Counties, Slocum, Bowen 
& Co., p. 4 [Napa Co.] 1881 . >*y^>\>ie ^G:-Wft>v .^o ^^J^p^. 

Clear Lake Porno ' • 
Han'-nah-bah^ /3. 

Hab'-be-nap-po synonomy cont: 

Ha-bi-na-pa. . .John McKee, Senate Ex. Doc. 4, Special Session, 
p. 136, 1953. 


Ha-bi-na-pa . . .18 Calif. Treaties, Secret Doc. 1852, Senate Re- 
print, 4. 53, 55, 1905. 

Ha-bi-nft-p o. C. C. R6yce, 18th Ann. Rept. Bur. Eth. for 1896- 

' 1^7 , ^Fart 2, p. 784, 1899 publ. 1901. Written Habinapo p. 954. 


^Hah-b e' Ko i- im- f o . . . Hajihfo (of Lower Lake) name for Hab-be nap^pol ^ 

Kabe napo. . .^{ason (after Hudson) , AboriGrinal Ameri 
Report U. S. Nat. Mus. for 1902. ]^. o29. 1904. 

rican Basketry, 



yabenapo . . .Barrett. Ethno-Geog. Porno, p. 192, 1908. 

Kabenapo . . .Loeb, Pomo Folkways, 205. Sept. 29. 1926. Spelled 
Aabe napo and xabe napo on p. 234. 


Ka-bi-na-pek. . .Villare on lower Kelsey Creek. — Powers. Tribes 
of Calif., p. 204. 1877. (Vocab. 504-508) 

Clear Lake Porno J v 

Hftt<.-na.yvVo.\x'=i> ^j^ . 

* Hab"be naT>-po aynonoray bont: 

Kabinapek * . . Wihl. Herzog (after Powers) , Verwandtschaft 
' YlimassprachstaOTnes , Zeitschrift fur Ethnologie, X, 457, 


Kabinapek. . .Kroeber (after Powers) .Handbook Indians. Calif., 
pT 232 , 1925. 

Kabinapo. . .Mason, Aboriginal American Basketry, Report U. S. Nat. 
THusT for 1902, p. 368, 1904. . 

Khabenapo , • .Barrett in Handbook Am. Inds., Pt i, p. 677, 1907. 



Uu-pi-^vu-ma. . .Name applied to Clear Lake Indians of Bi^ Valley 



Kelsey Cr. region) in 1851 by Major H. Wj. Wessells in command 
of soldiers escorting Redick McKee, Indian Treaty Commr. to 
Clear Lake, 1851. --House Ex. Doc. 76, 34 th Cong. 3rd. 
Session, p. 60, 1857. 

Lupuyama . . . Kroeber, Hdbook, Indians Calif., p. 232. 



Rock Tribe' 

. • 

.See Xabenapo , Loeb 

Rock People . . .See Kabenapo . Purdy. 

Xabenapo , " Rock Trib e* (xabenapo). . .Loeb, Pomo Folkways, 234, 
■ SepT. 1925"; 

For village synonyinles see under Locnpu-yo-me and Be-duiB« 
me-we-nah . 

Clejtr Lake Potio 
Han-nah-bah°^ 16" 

Habel or Kabel (Kroeber 1925) » . . See synonymy of K^-bdl. 

Habe-n apQ (Gibba 1853); Habe Na pQ_(R..McKee 1853); Habenapo 

(Bancroft 1874); Habe-n ap- o TPalmer 1881); Habe-na^po' iKroeber 
1925); H^*-be-riap-pQ IPalmer 1881). . .See Synonymy of 
Hab-be, na^r.£Q,. 

Ha-bi-na-pa (J. MoKee 1853;18 Calif .Treaties 1852); Ha*>bi-na-T)o 
(Royce 19010; Habinassa (Palmer 1881). . .bee synonymy ol 
Hab-be nap^-p o. 

Hadabatun (Kroeoer 19^0). ..See Hah- dah-b o o- 1 oon . 
-Hada lam (Kroeber 1925). . .See Hah~dah-lahm. 

Ha^aahobagil (Kroeber 1925). . .See Hah-gah- sho-bah-gil 

Hah-b e' Ko i« im- f o . . .See 


Hah-be-mat-to-lil (or Hab-be-mat-to-lil ) . . .Village on Middle 
Creek 4 or 5 miles north of Upperlake village. Now occu- 
pied by remnants or both Dan- no- Kan ana Ho-al-lek . — c»^^ - 


Kabfimatglil [pronounced Kah-bd-mah-to- 1 il J . . .Barrett, 
Ethno-Geog. Pomo. 186» 1908. 

Khabemadolil . . .Handbook (from Kroeber MS) 677. 1907. 

Clear Lake Pomo 
Han-nahlbah°^ 16 

Hah-b 1 ( Xabal Barrett). . .See Kah-b i^ (KaJi^ Barrett) 

Hah-dah-boo-toon (Xadabuton Barrett). . .Uninhabited modem 

LKul<mapoJ village 1 mi. SSE of Lakeport.— Barrett, Etnno-ireos 


Had9but\jtn. . .Kroeber (after Barrett), Hdbook. Indians 
Calif.. 229, 1925. 

Hah-dah-la hm ( JfeTdalam Barrett). . .Uninnatoited modern Habenapo 
village«it* Clark Ranch" on W bank Kelsey Creek, 1 mi. S orSt. 
Turibius Mission.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 199, 1908. 

Synonymy : 

Hadalam . . .Kroeber (after Barrett), Hdbook. Indians Ualir. . 
'229, 1925. 

Hah-gah-sho-bah-gil ( Xrigacobagjl Barrett). . . Habenapo village on 
site of present village of St. Turibius Miss ion. --Barrett, 
Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 197, 1908. 


Hagashobagil . . .Kroeber (after Barrett) , Hdbook, Indians 
Ualir., 22y, 1925 



Upper Lake on east side Ho-dan-nft Mountain. — (i4fc>^ 

Clear Lake Porno 
Han-nah-bah°^ 17 

Hah-l e»bem' (Xalibem Barrett). . .F Habenapo ] village on E bank Adobe 
Creek 2i mi. NW of Kelseyvi lie.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 198. 

( Halibem . . .Kroeber (after Barrett) Hdbook Inds. Calif . ,229, 
1925) . 

Hah-le-kah ( Halika Barrett). . .f She-kuml village on NE shore ipain 
body Clear Lake, 7 mi. SE of Upperlake village and i mi. SE of 
Bank Ranch village. — Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 190, 1908. 


Hah-nah-bah (or Han-n cu .-bah^ ). . .Collective teim for all tribes 
of main Clear Lake. Originally applied by Potter Valley and Rus- 
sian River tribes to all Clear Lake tribes except those of Sulphur 
Bank and Lower Lake, and now accepted by main Clear Lake tribes 
as a permissible name for themselfes, — c^im*^. 

H*hana . . .Erroneously placed by"Bartlett on upper Sacramento 

River, Calif. , Bartlett. Personal Narrative II, 7-8. 1854. 
Bartlett in Powers Tribes Calif.. 492,^^v£^'«^'v(5c.<»-^<^^ve'T^.<^'?o1^^• 

> 1^377. , .(Vocalj. obtained from "stray Pomo at San Diego." 

TJranslitera^ ion of vocabulary. -aibbs. S. I. Colls. 558.) 



^^^f^?^^^* • .^aid to be a collective name for the Pomo 
Tillages on upper Clear Lake, Calif. --Handbook Wter 
Kroeber MS, 1§D3) Pt. I. p. 678. 1907. 

Clear Lake Pomo 
Han-nah-bah°^ 18 

Haikalolise. (Kroeber 1925). . .See Hi-kah-lo-le-ae . 

Halibem (Kroeber 1925). . .See Hah-le-bem^. 

Halika (Barrett 1908). . .See Hali-le-kah. 

Hi-kah-lo-le-se (Xaikalolise Barrett). . .Uninhabited modem [ Habe 
napoj village i mi. SSE of St. Turibius Mission. — Barrett, Ethno- 
Geog. Pomo, 199, 1908. 

THaikalolise. . .Kroeber (after Barrett) , Hdbook Indians 
Calif., 229, 978, 1925.) 

Hi-ki-yah-oo ( Xaikaivau Barrett) . . [ Kulanapo ] camp in small val 
ley at head of Adobe Creek and 2i mi. SJH of Highland Springs. - 
Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, p. 204, 1908. 

Lh-rah- ge-mo-we-nah ( Hmaraglmowina Barrett). . . IHaben apol village 
near W bank Kalsey Creek on "Lamb Ranch" . 1 mi. SSW of St. 
Turibius Mission. — Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 197, 1908. 

( Hnaragimo-wina . . .Kroeber (after Barrett) , Hdbook. Indians 
Calif.; 229. 979, 1908., 

Hmaragimowina (Barrett 1908); Hrttq rag^mo-wina (Kroeber 1925). . . 
See Hmah- rah-f^e-m o- we- nah . 

Khana . 

m» . .A term descriptively applied to the Pomo c 
Lake.— Hdbook (after Barrett inf *m 1906) pt i, p. 


of Clear 

Clear Lake Podk) 
Han-nah-bah^" 1 <? 

Ho-al-'ltUc, . .Former rancher ia and band on west side Middle 

Creek about a mile north of Upper Lake. The Ho-al»la k 

and Dan^no'-kah now live together at rancheria Hab-be^maiT - 

to-lil on Middle ureek (on fjurctiasea lana). — cjia^v^ 

bynonynny : 

Hwoi-lak or Quo i- lac! . . . Kulanapo name for tribe. — 
Palmer's Hist. Lake & Napa Counties, 35, 37. 1881. 

Khoalek . . I'Villagel— Hdbook (from Kroeber MS 1903) 
p. 679. 1907. 

Quoi-lack (Palmer 1881). . .See Hwoi«lak. 

" Quoi-laK or Hwoi-iak". . .Barrett (after Palmer) Ethno- 
Geog. Pomo. 187 ftnote, 1908. 

, [.^o-wah-l«y 

lowalek. . .Village.— Barrett , Ethno-Greog. Pomo. 187. 1908 

Ho»hla-nap-po . . .See synonymy of Koo-lan nap«po 

Hoo-la-nap^^ (Palmer 1881). . .See synonymy of Koo«lan nap-po . 


Ulear Lake Fomo 

rtan-nan«baai°^ 20 

Hp-pitsewah or Sacred Town. . .Given by Revere as largest village 
on west side Upper Lake. 

Synonyny : 

"Hopitse-wah or Sacred Town ' 
■ 130, 1849. 

. .Revere, Tour of Duty, 

Hopitsewah ...Bancroft (after Revere) Hist. Ualif., ¥, 
""5^'/' rtnote, 1886. 

Handbook (after Revere) pt I. 563. 1907. 

Ho-wah»lek . . .See Xbwalek Barrett in synonjony of Ho»al«lek . 

Hula»napo (Gibbs 1852; Bancroft 1874). . .See synonymy of KoO" 
Ian nap-po . 

Hut a- nap . . .Misprint for Hula-napo. . .See aynonyray oi Koo'-i 
Ian r»T>-i)o . 

Hwoi-lak (Palmer itJoi). . .tJee synonyny of Ho-al-lek. 

Clear Lake Poma 
Han~nah-bflh^ 21 

Kabai (Barrett 1908). . .See Kah-b i" . 

Ka-bel . . . Dan-no-kah village on west aide of Narrows between 


Upper Lake and main body of Clear Lake. A famous fishing vil' 
lage where other Clear Lake tribes were allowed to come to 
camp and fish. — ci/Wx-^^ 

Synonymy : 

K^I or label [ Hah-bel] 
157, 186, 1908. 

• • 

Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Porno, 

Kab_el or Habel . . .Kroeber (after Barrett) Hdbo ok Indians 
Calif.T^l, 1925. 

Kabel. . .Loeb (after Barrett) Porno Folkways, 207, Sept 
29, 1926. 

Xabel . . .See Kabel Barrett. 

Kabematolil (Barrett 1908). . .See synonymy of Hab'-be-mat-to-lil. 

Kabenapo (Loeb 1926). . .See synonymy of Hab'-be nap'«p Q. 

Ka^bi-na-pek (Powers lB77).. Kabinap ek (Herzog 1878), and (Kroeber 
1925}. . .See synonymy of Hab~be nap~po . 

Clear Lake Porno 
Han-nah-bah°A 22 

Kacibadon (Barrett 1908). . .See Kah-she-bah-don 

Kah'bdrchah. . . Kah-tah-we chum- mi name for Koo^lan nap-po 
and Hal3-be nap-po . — csu*«-v 

Kah"bl;-mah-t 0- 1 i 1 . . .See Kabemat olil Barrett in synonvmv of 
Hab^be-raat'-to-lil. " 

Kah-b i or Hah-bi ( Kabaj or Xabai Barrett). . .[ Bo-al-ka-ah l camp 

on west shore Clear Lake Z\ mi. N of Lakeport.— Barrett. Ethno- 
Geog. Porno, 158. 1908. 

Kah-kuhl-kah-lah-we-shal . . . She-kum rancheria among the oaks on 
east side Upper Lake Narrows, Name from Kah-ko ol" kah-le, 
Blue oak trees. — e%w^ 

Kakulkalewical . . .Village.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Porno. 
189, 1908. 

Kakulk alewical . . .Northernmost Cigom [ She-kum] tract.— 
Gifford Ufter Barrett) Pomo Lands on Clear Lake. 
Hearst Mem. Vol.. 85, 86. 1923. 

Clear Lake Pomo 
Han-nah'-bahO^ 23 

/ .. «# 

Kah-lah~be-dah ( Kalabid a Barrett). . »[ Kula: 

shore Clear Lake V4 mi. N of Lakeport (olTL. P. Buiiger*3 

camp on W 

place).— Barrett, Ethno-freog. Pomo. 159, 1908. 


Kah- le~8ho «kawn (Kalecokon Barrett). . .Camp on W shore Clear 
Lake 1 3/4 mi. N of Lakeport.— Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 158. 1908. 

Kah»rah-kah ( Karaka Barrett). . .[ Bo-al-ka-ah ?] village on East 
border Scott Valley \\ mi. NNW of Lakeport. Part or all on 
ranch of J. P Burger. --Barrett, Ethno-Oeog. Pomo, 156, 1908. 

Kah- 3 he -b ah- don ( Kaclbadon Barrett) . . 
within S limit of Lakeport, on W sho 
of knoll immediately S of flour mill. 
Pomo, 196, 1908. 

Synonymy : 

u lanapo l village iust 
Clear "Lake, on E slope 
-Barrett, Ethno-Greog. 

Kashibadon . . .Principal town of the Kulanapo . — Kroeber 
(g||rBarrett) Hdbook. Indians Calif., 228, 229.232, 

Clear LaJce Pomo 
Han-nah-bahOfr 24 

Kah- tot . . . Kulanap o name for their principal rancher ia, 
which was' on the spot now occupied by the reservation 
rancheria at St. Turibius Mission.— e*vw^ 


.See Katbtnapbti Barrett. 

L -tsah^inu -gal (Katsan^^ 
Lake li mi. N of LakrSDo 
159. 1908. ^^ 

Kah-wo-ah-kah (Frog Sprir^s). . .Former Kulanapo rancheria at 
Highland Springs. — e^-^^-v 

Synonymy : 

.Cajnp i mi. due E of Hia-hland 

l^awc^axa [ Kah-wo-ah-ha l . . .uamp t mi. due J!i of Highland 
qprir^ on head waters of Adobe Creek.— Barrett, Ethno- 
Geog. Tomo. 203. 1908. 

LiKaieEifiai ^barrett 1908; Kakulkalewi 
synonymy of Kah- kuhl- kah- 1 ah- we- s hal " 

Clear Lake Porno 
Han-nah-b8h°A 25 

Kalab ida (Barrett 1908). . .See TCah-la1i»be-dah. 

Kal& leo. . .Old camp site on NW corner of Clear Lake i mi. S 
o7 T&-ber INarrowa ) . - -Q^^^^^-^ 


kilelio . . .Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Porno, 158, 1908. [Not 
to be confused with place of same name on east side 
of Buckingham Peninsula, in territory of ' Hajn-f o . -- C4<,^J 

Kalecokon (Barrett 1908). . .See Kah» le- sho- kawn . 

Karaka (Barrett 1908). . .See Kah-rah-kah. 

Kashibadon (Kroeber 1925). . .See Kah-ahe-bah-don. 

renounced Kah-tot»nah-po«te ] . . . [ Kulanapo ] vil- 
lage" near E bank "Rumsfey's Slough* (Carei Creek) , about 3 mi. 
Sw of St. Turibius Mission.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Porno, 196, 

Synonymy : 

Kato-napo-ti . . .Kroeber 
Calif., 229, 1925. 

(after Barrett), Hdbook. Inds. 

Clear Lake Pomo .* 
Han-nah-bah^ 26 


Kat samurai (Barret 1908). . . Kah-ts ah-mu-gahl 

Kawbaxa (Barrett 1908). . .See Kah-wo-a h-kah 

KKabemadolil (Handbook 1907). . .See synonymy of Hah-be-mat-to-lll. 

Khabenapo. . .See synonymy of Hab-be nap-po. 

Kho alek (Hdbook 1907). . .See synonymy of Ho-al«lek . 

Kilelio (Barrett 1908). . .See synonymy of Kalaleo. 

Klam-TOi''am-fo (obviously slurred form of Kol-lah-mi-am- f o) . . . 
' Ham-'fo name for Habbe nap po or' Kod-Ian nap-po. — cs<«aL^ 

Kobatap and Kobatamk [ Ko-bah-tahp ]. . . f Bo-al-ka-ah ] camp on 
west shore Clear Lake, 4 mi. N of Lakeport. — Barrett, Ethno- 
Geog. Pomo. 158, 1908. 

Ko 1-1 ah- mi- am- fo . . . Ko i- im- f o name for "Mission tribe* (Koq^ 

Ian nafi-po ). — C»Uw 

See also Klam-mi-am- f o . 

Clear Lake Pomo . ;.• 
Han-nah-bahO^ E7 

K5m-le. . .Tribe and rancheria fomerly located on ground now 
covered by northern part of city of Ukiah. Stephen Kni^t. a 
t?ittwSrtiiy Yokiah Indian was ^old by an old ^k^ 
(Mother-in-law of Dan Scott, a Lah-ta o^ Jofky il lei that ^ny 
years ago [several hundred years ago Knight thinks] t;he Kom-le 
occupied the northern part of Yokiah Valley including present 
site of Ukiah and the Ssylum at Talmage. They quarreled with 

the Yokiah aSd were driven out of the 5^1}?y^,?f2v''Lfke Co 
. mounUi^to the east and Bettlirg in Scott Valley Lake Co. 
Some of the old people sav the Kom-le established fhen^seives on 
the narrow flat between Blue Lakes gad Cold Creek Lbut this was 
in the territory of the Ki-vow-bahS^ tribej. Knight does not 
bSlieve thiJ Iher^ the Kom^ came fromSio one knows . 

Stephen Knight adds, "They spoke a language 
half Cal pella L^^ MO^ii^h^^ki^-^ 'C l' 

d^^'^«w^ • ^d.4L>ooi^b^ 

)-tah-ki-ahj.--cY-r^ ^^^^^^^'^f^ 

1 Koo-lan napHM name for / „ ,, . . 

Ciim-le-bah . Tiriberin^er ' end of Scott i Valley, on the 
^'''''iteli^pl^e.r.' PaL^ History of Napi & Lake Counties. 

Calif, .pub. Slocum. Bowen & Co.. San Francisco . 35. 37, 


Cum-le- bah . 

.Barrett (after Palmer) , Ethno-&eog. Pomo, 158, 

komll:. . .Old camp site in Eight -mile Valley at head of 
*^Sitt ireek; afcout 3 mi. nBe of Bed Mountain. -Barrett. 
Ethno-Geog. Pomo. 158, 1908. . 

(Old village of same name at Ukiah. Ibid lo/'-i.w; 

KorrQi. . -The Komli people as a whole left theif village in 
"■ the north end of Ukiah Valley, lourneyed up the East Fork 
to Blue Lakes, and finally settled m Scott Valley. - 
Kroeber. Hdbook. Indiana Calif., pp. 235-236. 19^5. 

Komli . . . " Scott *^ val ley tribe *.— Loeb^. Pomo Folkways, 
p. 207. 1926. 

Scott *s iyalley trib e. . .See Komli Loeb. 

Clear Lake Pomo 
Han-nah-bah9t 28 

Koo«lan-n&»po . . .Tribe of Clear Lake Pomo in western part of Big Val- 
ley, south of main body of Clea.r Lake and west of Adobe Creek. Name 





Ca-ba-na-po. . .Tribe in council at Camp Luf. ivuma . Clear Lake, 



fct-na-po . . .irioe meeting u. o* Treaty uommr. at camp 
on Qlear Lake, Aumist 20, 1951. — 18 Calif. Treaties, 
reprint, 4. 53, 55, 1905. See also Ca-ba-na-po 

Calanapo. . .C. C. Royce. 18th Ann.^Pept. Bur. Eth. for 1896-1897. 
JtT^. p. 952, 1899 [pub 1. 1901]. 

6hula-nap0'. ^ A. L. Kroeber, inf'n, 1906.— Handbook Am. Indians. 
H. 1, p. 732, 1907. 

Ghulanapo. . .Loeb, Pomo Folkways 226, 1926. 

Hcnhla-nai^po. .Pronunciation given me by menfcer of the tribe at the 
mission village in August 1906. — 

'xijU ^ cUiry^jUu,^ M^^^f»*~-^,.^-f ^-6..^■3•^<»*'>-*•-- 
Hoo-la-nag-Bo . >L. L. Palmer, History of Napa and Lake Counties, 

Calif." SXocuin. Bowen k Co.. San Francisco, pp. 35, 37. 1881. 
%n^-.ten Hoo-la-nap-po p. 4. . * 

Hula-r^o. • Gibbs (1852) in Schoolcraft, III, 109, 1853. 

Hula-napo. . Bancroft (after Gibbs) . Native Races, I. 451, 1874. 


Huta-nago, ^^ Misprint for Hula-napo . -Gibbs in Schoolcmft. Ill, 

Clear Lake Pomo ' 
Han-nah-bahOfe 29 

Koo-lan-na»-po synonomy continued: 

Kah-lan nap-po . . . Yo-kf-ah ntjne for ypo-lan-nap-po. — <M4*^ 

Kuhlanapo Uit. 'yellow water-lily village'). . .Barrett, in'f 
I9D57 in Handbook Am.. Indians, Pt. 1, p. 732, 1907. 

Kuhla-napo. . .Kroeber (after Barrett ) , Handbook Inds. Calif., 
p. 232, 1925. 

Kuhlanapo . . . Loeb (after Barrett), Poro Folkways, r>p. 207- 

. 209; L!^Wftter lily Tribe" ' 

210, Spelled Kullenapo on p. 
(kuhlanapo), 234; Sept. 1926. 

Kuhlenapo . . .Loeb, Pomo Folkways, p_. 209, Sept. 29, J926. 

Kula-napo . . .Gibbs in Schoolcraft, III, 421 (vocabulary 428-434- 

Kuia-napo. . .Ludeijig, Aboriginal, Languages,, 97, ia^8^ .-- , 

Kulayapo . . .W. 1. Turner /(after Gibbs) in.Ludewig, Ab o r i.^inal , x 

5. 212, 239. 1858-' •. . . "^.---b) 

■ Languar^e s , 212 , 239 , 1858 

Kulanapo. . .Busohmann, K. Akad. Wiss. Berlin fiir 1859. 505, I860 
VPhiTilog. u. hist. Ab'iand.) . -i-^v, 

Kulanapo . . .Bancroft, Nat. Races, III, 643-6^i4, 647, 1875. 

Kulanapo . . .Gatschet, Ind. Languages Pacific States, Mag. Am. Hist. 

17162, 1877. (^cc^-s^s:^ 

Ku-la-na-po . . .Powell, Vocabularies, p. 492,^(1877^ 

Clear Lake- Porno 
Han-nahi-bahQ^ 30 

Koo-lan nap o (synonymy cont.) 

^U-la-na-po. . .Power, Tribes of Calif., 492 (vocabulary 
428-434) 1877. 



kuLanapQ . . .Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Porno, p. 192, Feb. 1908. 

Kulenapo . . .Wihl. Herzog, Verwandtschaft des Yumassprachstam. 

^^^' ?SJS?°^^^^ f ar Ethnologie , X. 468, 1878. On same 
page 1458; spelled also Kul anapo . Kulenopo . 

Kura napp .. . (Mason after Hudson), Aborig. Aner. Baskekry. 
Report Nat. Mus. 1902, p. 329, 1904. 

Pal ana po. . . Name uaed for Ku-la n n&p-po .—Carl Purdy, The 
Pomo Indian Baskets and their Bakers , Land of Sunshine, 
442. Dec. 1901. 

(Changed in reprint to Talanapo . which See.) 

(Pond- lily people ) Talanapo . . .Carl Purdy , Pomo Indian Baskets 
and their Makers, 2nd ed. $, 1902. 


Talanapo ( Pond- lily people ) TT^arl Purdy, Pomo Indian Baskets 
ari their Makers, 2nd ed. 5, 9, 1902. pi 

1st ed. Land of Sunshine, 1901. 

*rinted Palanapo in 


Clear Lake Pomo 
Han-nah-bah<^ 31 

Koo-shah-dah-no. . .Ponner village on west side of Upper Lake 
just west of the Soda Spring. — c%^w 

kuoadanoyo rKu-shah-dah-no-yol. . .On Scott Creek li mi. SW 
of Upperlake village.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 187, 1908. 

Kuanapan stock [typog. error for Kulanapan l. . .Loeb, Pomo Folk- 
ways, 310 ftnote, 1926. 

kucaiiandyo (Barrett 1908) ... See synonymy of Koo-sh ah-dah-no 

Kuhlanago (Barrett im Hdbook 1907), Kuhla-napo .(Kroeber 1925) 
iymlan^^ VLoeb 1926). . .See aynonomy of Koo-lan n^-po. 

Kuhlenapp (Loeb 1926). . .See synonjsmy of Koo^-lan na-po. 


Kal a-napp (Gibbs 1853; Ludewl 
buschmann 18601 Bancroft 
(Powell 1877; Powers 1877 
Kulenop o (Herzog 1878| 

Powell /S9 1) 

875^ .Uttuouiieu xoffj ivu-ia-na-po 
kuLampo (Barrett 1908) Kulempo, 


Kura napo (Mason 1904). . .See synonymy of Koo'-lan na-po . 


Ku- g hah- dah- no- y o . . . kucadandvb Barrett in synonvmv of 
Koo-shah-dah-no. j j j 

'Water Lily Tribe *. . .See Kuhlanapo Loeb. 



Clear Lake Porno 
Han-nah'-bahCh 32 

Lah-poot-soom ( Laxputaum Barrett), 
into Clear Lake" on S shore 1 mi 
Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 201, 

. .Camp on point projecting 
W of St. Turebiua Mission.* 

Laxputsum (Barrett 1908) . . . See ^Lah-poot-soom. 


shpo-e-kah-li^-ho-wah (iJc uikaleiBwa Barrett). . .Uninhabited 
mo'dern village on W bank Kelsey Creek directly opposite KeL 
seyVille.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 200, 1908. 

licuikalexowa (Barrett 1908). . .See Le- sho 0- e- kah- 1 e- ho- wah 

1[§08}. . . ?ee synonjnry 

Clear LaJce Pomo. 
Han-nah-bah°i^ 33 


LoQ-pu-yo-me . . . Name used by yfi-jiotia tribes and authors for old 
y^illog e ^ + ' Hab-be nap-po'Tn^Sr Kel3eyville.--<i^^>~- 


(Not to be confused with Loo-pu-yoi^me on E side of Lower Lake, 
nor wi^ the one in Tuleyome Valley 3 or 4 miles 8 of Lower 

Lake . ) 
Synonomy : 



? LoT)illaiiiillos or Lupilomis . . .Tribe on Clear Lake 
Calif. Fanner. Mar. 30. 1860." (Indefinite) 

?Lo pillamillos or Lupilomig . . .Bancroft (after Taylor), Nat. 
Races, I, 451, 1874; Lopillamillos located NE of main 
body of Clear Lake, map opp. p. 322. 

?Lopill ajfnil los or Lupilomis . . .Barrett 
"eog. Pomo, 195, 233. 1908. 

(fc^fter Taylor) , Ethno- 

Lu-pa-yu-ma . . . Name 
of Coyote Valley 
Indians. — Gibbs, 

Lu-pa-yu-ma . Lupavuma. . 
Fcmo. 195 . 233, 1908 . 

(meaning 'stone house') used by Indiana 
on Putan Creek for * Habe-napo* Clear Lake 
Schoolcraft III. 110. 1853. 

a. . .Barrett (after Gibbs) , Ethno-Geog. 


i-yu-ma . . ^Name applied to Clear/Indians of Big Valley in 
I80I by Major H. W. Wessells, who escorted Redick McKee, 
Indian Treaty Commr., to Clear Lake, Aug. 1851. — House Ex. 

Doc. 76. 34th Cong. 3rd Sess. , p. 60, 1857. 

Luppoyomi . . .Mission Book Spelling. See Lupuyomi . 

t * 

. r.: 

• r- 

Clear Lake Porno . . 
Han-nah«bah^h 34 

Loo-pu-vo-me (synonorry continued) 

Lupuyama . . ."The Ltike Miwok C Tuleyome ] translated the 
word r H^be-nap o I inMiU puyama . "--Kroeberf Handbook 
Indians Calif. , p. 232. 1925. 

Lupuyomi . . .Spelling used 15 times in San Rafael Mission 
Book of Baptisms, 1818-1839. (MS copy. Pinart, Bancroft 
Library, lo78). Liji ppoyom i used 9 times, Lupucyomi 
2 times. 

Lupuyomi . . .Tribe near Clear Lake. Name means 'stone (lup) 
town C yomi ) . -~ Salvador Valleio, Origin de los Indies 
de California, MS, Bancroft Library, p. 8, 1875. 

Lu- pa»Yu>ma (Gibbs 1853 1 [Barrett 1908). . .See synonomy of 

Lu p i lorn is (Tavlor 1860). . .See Lopillamillos in synonomy of 
LoO"pu-vo«me . 


Clear Lake Pomo 
Han-nah-bah<3^ 35 

Lup poyomi ^(San Rafael Mission book 1818-1^39). . .See synonomy of 
Loo^pu- vc Hme . 

W A t# 

Lupuyama (Kroeber 1925). . .See synoncmy of Locnpu-yo^me . 

Lupuyomi . Lu ppoyomi . Lupucyomi (San Rafael Mission Books, 1818-1839) 
See synonomy of Loo-pu-vd-me . 

Lupuyomi (Vallejo /^^O. • See synonomy of LocKpu-yo-me . 

Clear Lake Porno. 
Han-nali-bah^ 36 

Clear Lake Pane 
Han-nah'-bah^ct 37 

Mah-dan-no . . . Dan-no^kah rancheria on slope of hill a little 
west of ^JwioMcah. — <A^^-^ 

Mahrh-ah-tol ^amt5l Barrett). . .Uninhabited modern^. village 
near E bank Adobe Creek, 2 mi. WNW of Kelseyville.— Barrett. 
oEthno-rreog. Porno, p. 198, 1908. 
• "^"" Manltol . . .Kroeber (after Barrett) . Hdbook. Inds. Ualit:,^^^ /f^^" 

Mah-tel-nah-po-te Ojatelnapot i Barrett). . .Camp on E shore Upper 
Lake probably 3 3/4 miles SSE of Upperlake town. — Barrett, Eth- 
no-geog. Porno, 190, Feb. 1908. 


_. . .Gifford (after Barrett), Pomo Lands on Clear 
earst Memorial Volume, p. 86, 1923. 

lahatol (Barrett 1908) Manatol (Kroeber 1925). . .See Mahn-ah-tol. 

Mat elnapoti (Barrett 1908) and Klatelnapoti (Gdff ord 1923) ... See 
M ah-tel-na h-po-te . 

]\fQ^l-kai (18 Calif, 
Moal-kai (Gibbs 
Mo-al-kai (Rpyce 
of Bo-al' ka-ah 

Treaties 1852); Moal-kai (John McKee 1855) ; 
1853 j BancroftlF75;ancr Barrett 1908); 
190i yiloal-kai (Kroeoer 1925). . .See synonomy 

Nah-po-shal . . .See Napocal Barrett in synonymy of Na-po-shel 

110. 1853. 

BanbToftXafter Gi^s). . .Nativ^ Races I. 4^1, 18',^, 
Napobatifli. map opp. p. 322. \ 

Hapoc al (Barrett 1908) . Nap#cal (Gifford 1923). . .See synonym/ of 
Na-po-she l. 

Na-po-3iiel . . .Present rancheria oi' She- k urn, tribe on purchased 
land li mi. south of Upperlake village. Their own name, but 
location on opposite (W) side of Upper Lake from their own 
territory. — <i^ — 


Na-pScal [pronournjea Wah-'po-ahal 2. • . Camp. --Barrett, Ethno- 
Geog. Pomo , 191 , 19r 

Napocal. . .ftifford (after Barrett), Pomo Lands on Clear 
Lake, Hearst Mem. Vol. 77, 1923. 

Clear Lake Pomo 

/ oh 
HanHiah-bah *^ 38 

aw- rah l iNoboral Barrett}. . .Village on W bank Scott Creek, 
2i mi. NNW of Lakeport.— Ethno-Geog. Fomo. 156,1908. 

(Barrett says the people of this village may be the MfeaL- 
kai of Gribbs and the Boil-ka-ya o f Palmer.) 

Nob oral . . .Kroeber (after Barrett ) , Hdbook Inds. Ualif. 

Mob oral (Barrett 1908) and Nob o ral (Kroelier 1925). . .See No- 
b aw- rahl. 

Nobutu fNo-bu-tul. . . [ Kulanapo] camp on S shore Clear Lake near 
~ ^Tbank Adobe Creek and 2 mi. W of St. Turibius Mission. — 
Barrett, iitnno-Ueog. romo, 201, 1908. 

Nonapoti r No-nah-po-te ]. . 
Kelseyville. — Barrett, 
Synonymy : 

.Ha}^-be naplpn") village in E part of 
EtHo-GeogrPomo , 197, 198, 201. 1908. 

No-napo-ti . . .Kroeber (after Barrett) , Hdbook. Indians 
ualii. .229, ly25. 

o"pawt''-nil . . .Pound Valley *Yuka- ( Op-kiim-niim ) name for Upper 
Lake Dan-ncf-kah. — cj*ew^ 

BflLJAnapo (Purdy 1901). . .Misprint for T^lanapp^ See synonymy 
of' Tprf^lan naT^-pQ . ^ • •- *-- -• . ^'| \„ 

Clear Lake Pomo. 
Han-nah-bah - 39 

Ppl itsCwj [ Po-lit-surweJ ., . .i Dan-nc^-kahl camp on W shore of ' 
Upper Lake about 3i mi. SSW of town of Upper Lake.— Barrett. 

Ethno-Oreog. Pomo; 190. iloB 


Pond-lily people (Purdy 1902). . .See synonymy of Koo-lan nappo . 

Quo i- lack or Hwoilakv (Palmer 1881). . .Koo- Ian 
tribe N of 'Upper Lake. See synonymy of Ho-a 

name for 

Rock People 

Hab fbe nap p^. 

Rock Tribe * (Loeb 1926). . .See synonymy nf Hab-bfl, na.p-p(^. 

Sacred Town (Revere 1849). . .See Hopitsewah. 

Samakahnfii [ Sah-mah- kah- nahj \ . , ' \ . .i Bo-al ka-anJ village 
on Vl/ bank iJcott Creek Z\ mi. NNW of Lakeport.— Barrett, 
Ethno-Geog. Pomo. 156, 1908. 

Scott's Valley Tribe * (Loeb 1926). . .See synonymy of K6m-le . 


Clear Lake Pomo 
Han-nah-bah*^ 40 


juat east of Bloody Island. — c^w^ 

, Habenapi) 

^ed'-de-leu * . » Koo»lan nap-p o name for old^ village on Hulbert 

Ranch near Kelseyville.— <Jh^^ 

S^dileu r S^~de>le-oo 1. . 
shore , 1 mi. a little 
St. Turibius Mission. 
46 ftnote, 199, 1908. 

.Village 3/4 mi. from lake 
S of W of present village at 
-Barrett, Ethno-G-eog. Pomo, 

Sedileu . . .Kroeber (after Barrett) , Hdbook Indians 
Calif. , 229, 1925. 

SecHleCL (Barrett 1908)^ and Sedileu (Kroeber 1925). . .See 

synonyn^ of Sed-de-lev. 

Se-wah- kah l ( Siwakal Barrett). . .[ Bo-al k&-ah ] village on W 
slope and near summit of ridge W of Clear Lake. 2 mi. N 
of Lakeport. — Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 156, Feb. 1908. 

Shabegok (Kroeber 1925). . .See Shah-ba-gawk . 

teui-uwL-^irtwK y uapegoK carreLTiy. . .i nappe nap py ^ viIJ 

both sides small stream emptyir^ into Clear Lake at old 
camp site '^' Laxputsum T LaK-poot-soom ] 1 mi. W of St. Turibius 
Mission.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 46 ftnote, 196, 1908. 

Synonymy ; 

Shabegok . . .Kroeber (after Barrett) , Hdbook. Indians 
Calif., 229, 1925. 

Clear Lake Pomo 
Han-nah'-bah^ 41 

She^m. . . See C iggm Barrett in synonymy of She-kum.-bah^^ 

Shegumba (Palmer 1881). . .See synonymy of She-kum-bah^fi; 

She-kum-bah° . . .Tribe on east side Clear Lake from southern 
part of Upper Lake to Floyd Hill. Commonly called She- kum 
from village of same name at Morrison Lainding on E side of 
Clear Lake. Their own name; used also by the Yokiah. — ^^^*^ 


Che- com . . . '18 Calif. Treaties' 1852; Senate ^reprint . 

2^753, 56, 1905. 

McKee, Senate Ex. Doc. 4, Spec. Sess. 136, 1853. 

Cigom [ Sh^-^gm] . . .Barret^, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 190, 1908. 

Cigom. . .Loeb (after Barrett) , Pomo Folkways, 152,176, 
Sept. 29, 1926. 

Cigomites. . .(iifford, Pomo Lands on Clear Lake, R6, 877^ 

She-gum -ba. . . Kula napo name for tribe. — Palmer, Hist. 
Napa k Lake Counties, pub. Slocum, Bowen & Co. , 35, 

of Lake Co . , 1881 


She-kom . . .Gibbs in Schoolcraft, III, 109, 1853. 

Shekom. . .Bancroft (quoting Gibbs) , Nat. Races, I, 451, 
~ IB74. 

Shigom . . .Handbook (after Barrett inf 'm 1907) 547, 1910^ 
iCroeber, Hdbook Inds. Calif^231, %Zi, X'iz, ^fo-. i=lJ-i* 

Clear Lake Pomo 
Han-nah-bah^i^ 42 


She-wah' (CIesl Barrett). . .f Pan-no^kah villa^ on E shore Upper Lake 
Lake near N extremity, aLnost due east of Bloody Island. — Bar- 
ret Ethno-Creog. Pomo, 189, 1908. 

Shigom (Handbook 1910^ Kroeber 1925). . .See synonymy of S 

^ (G^^^^'-^l G^ their 

Sho-ke . T^Potter Valley Pomojy^name for Upper Lake Dan-ncnkah . — c*w^ 

Carl Purdy gives Shoke Pomo as Yokiah , Redwood, and Potter 
Valley Pccio name for Clear Lake Pomo.— Purdy, Pomo Indian 
Baskets and their Makers, Land of Sunshine, 444, Dec. 1901; 
Reprint (same title) 2nd ed. p. 7, 1902. 

SlwaJcal (Barrett 1908). . .See Se-wah-kahl. 

■be-dah-me (S^idame Barrett). . . C Kulanapo] village 
wet weather slough 3/4 mi. a little w of s'of St. Tu 
Miss ion. r-Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 199, Feb. 1908. 

Synonymy : 

S^-b ida-me . . . Kroeber (after Barrett) Hdbook Indians 
CaTifT. 2.29, 1925. 

Sdhldajne (Barrett); Sd-bida-me (Kroeber 1925). . .See So-be-dah-me . 


Stone Hou se. . .Built by Kelsey and Stone at or near Kelseyville. 

Clear Lake Pomo 
Han-nah^bah*" 43 

Taawina (Barrett 1908). . .See Tah-ah"we-nah . 

Tah-atf b e» dum-me . . . Dan-no-kah village on hill a little south 
of Upperlake village.— 

Tah-aK-we-nah ( TajLwina Barrett). . .F She-kum ] village on south 
slope of small ridge just north of Bald Mountain (probably 
on Floyd Hill) 4i mi. SE of Bank Ranch village and 2 mi. 
SE of Morrison Landing. — Barrett, Ethno-Creog. Pomo, 190, 1908. 

Talana po (Purdy 1902). . .Error for Koo-lan nap-po . which see 

Clear Lake Fomo 

Han-nah'-bah^ 44 

Ta aii» lahl (T aalal Earrett). .. « ... Camp on S shore Clear Lake 
2k miles W of St. Turibius iiission and on E bank of 

"Eumsey's slough. "-3o.vrcV\, ^VV^o-Q.to5.TD-yvvD, ^Aoo,iqo^ 



taalal (Barrett 1908). . .See Taah-lahl . 


TasCrjainamau [Tsahn^mah-mah-oo].^. . Hab enapo damp near E bank 

Kelsey Creek 4 miles up 
Porno, p. 203, Feb. 1908 

from Kelseyville.— Burrett , Ethno-Geog 

_ f 


/.mI i— 

, ( ufa iw 1 cb } da/r.1 napSt 1 Barrett) 

Tse-wis h-b e-dah-m e-nah-po-te ". . . Given by Barrett as camp on 

S shore Clear Lake 3 miles W of St. Turibius Mission; on 

slight elevation in the Tule.— Barrett, Ethno-rieog. Porno, 200, 190 

^T. qewic bidumi . . .J^oetr^Tomo Folkways, 234, Sept. 29, 1926. 

Tse-yah-kah~bg-yo (T fl.lvakabevo Barrett). ^^ Village on creek 
tributary to Middle Creek, heading on south side Buckner 
'iviountain, and 3 miles south of village of " fttnekai " (Sh^h- 

na-ki ) on summit of Buckner Mountain. --Barrett. Ethno-Geog. 
Ponio. 156, 1908., ... , . 


* / 

< * 

Clear Lake Porno 
Han-nah'-bah°j^ 45 

Ta i- no-mah" sam- f o ( Tai-no^sus-aa ) . . . *Ham- f o names for tribe at 
Upperlake. — ^j^^a-v 

T aiwlcb idaminapotl (Barrett 1908). . .See Tae- wiah-b e- dah-me- nah~ 
po-te . 

T aivakabevo (Barrett 1908). . .See Tae-yah-kah-ba-yo . 

T aubahaputgum [ Tau-bah'hah-poot-aoom J. ~r~ZCajnp on S ahore Clear La 
i mi. W of mouth of Kelaey Creek.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 
p. 201. 1908. 

" Water Lily Tribe " ( Kuhlanapo ). . .Loeb, Pomo Folkwaya, 234, 1926. 
See avnonomy of KocC-liayina^po. 

Xabai C Hah^b i ] . . .See Kah«b i ^ ( kabai Barrett) 
Xubel (Barrett 1908). . . See^TKsdifil . 

Xabenapo (Loeb 1926). . .See aynonyny of Hab- be nap-po 

XadabotUn (Barrett 1908). . .See Hah- dah -boo-toon 

Xadalam (Barrett 1908) . . . See Hah ~dah-lahm 

iXagacoba^il (Barrett 1908). . .See Hah«p:ah-aho-bah~ g:il 

Clear Lake Poino 
Han-nah-bah# 46 



Ralkalolise (Barrett 1908). . . Hjlkah-lo-le-B^ 

XaikaiyaQ (Barrett 1908). . .See Hi-ki«3mh«oo 

XalTVe^rvj (Bavvctt l^^OS;) ... Sec. RoViAeAreM. 

Xowalek (Barrett 1908). . .See THo^l-lek . 

t * 

Ye-mah-bah't}^. . .Tribe in southern part of Scott Valley. Their 
name for themselves. Best regarded as a division of the 

^ % — .^ 

Bo-al ka-ah. — <^v^*^ 
Synonymy : 

Ye»mah . . .Name used by Kulanapo . — 

Yemabak. . .Loeb, Pomo Folkways, p. 280, 1926 

Yo»k ah-koi-bah°v^ . . .Name used by Clear Lake Han-nah^bah^ for the 

K oo-lan na-po. — <i^*^^ 




Y'otof^raso [Yo^to-gah-pio] . . )i^Omp~in very small valley on head of 
Scott' Creek. 2i mi. north»e«A of Red Mountain.— Barrett,, Ethno- 
Geog. Pomo, 158, 1908. <^*^ 





irmnrn-ifrtii— ^piata 

/^//;z k/ -a ^ //^ // 

[fcUtrl of Z) 


Clear Lake Pomo 

HA.\UNAII»^3..H^h villages. 




%?// ^ 


* y* •'• 


The following document is a duplicate of the 
preceding document. It may contain annotations 

and corrections not found on the original. 

tt-Af^^ \j\'^3.q- (p,i. 




This li3t compriaea the Upper Lake and main Clear Luke triboa, 
includinr; the ^^ulanafo end IlabenHio of Bis^ Valley, but not in- 
cluding^ the Ki^vowbah*^" of Tule Lake, Blue Lakej^und batchelor 
Valley, or tlie Hufrnfo. of Lower Lake, 

The Ki-yow-bah^ , and IIctm~fo re] resent different ,iP:rou|/a of 
the stock and apeak dialects mite distiot from that of the 
f Ta n* n-ah-b ah° . ••- ti*Ao>^ > 

_ r 

Ah- k Of:- shoo . , .Forcier rancheria of Upjer Lake Dan- nO' kah at 
or near site of Upperlake villa{i;e. Thciir own najme, applied 
to them also by the Kah-tahv/e chum-rni of 'lealdsbui^:. Called 
t'ln-no kfT-nh by ^be To-Vi-ah ; Sho-ke by the Potter Valley 
Po-rro-ke-chab ; and Tn i- no-r^b- if jy> f o . by the Lo-ver I.? Hap!- f o .^Sys-^ 

_ / 

Badonnapotl [ Bah-'lon-nah- f n-te j -bo-v-rett ^ .f D-in-no-kah l vill.. 
(now rro Ujrn canp) on S nlo^e I- loody Island i.t extren-e w erd 
of Upper Lake.— Barrett. n^thno-Oeo > Fomo, T'^ ti. map, KOH. 




Badonnaj:oti. . 
Calif » . 231 , 

.Kroeber (after Barrett) , 
^74. 1"25. 

Hclbook^ Indiana 




5 shore Cle'.rUke2i mi. * of St. Turibiua ^-iaaion.— barrett, 
Kthno-aeor,. Por.o, 201, 190B. 

B? '^u-rne-jJO 

O?/ of ^t. 

201, 190B. 

( rv.taufnine B arrett) »' . .[Kulanaj.o] cump 5/4 nii. 
Turibiua f'.i3 t io n . — I > ? ^r r e 1 1 . U hn o- n e o^r, .. Porr o , 

Bank R.-mch , . .[ She-kurp J villas-e of 6 houaea f^.nd about 20 inha 

itanta "on NE :ibore of Clear Lake about 6 mi. oL of iJpi erl.'..k 

toy;n.--B; rrett, Ethno-Ocor;. PotuO, 1^-6, 190B. 


Cle.*r Lake ?ono 
Hari-nah^bs^^h 3. 

' Bat^orVl^erp (Barrett V^O^) . . . r>ee B^ibt-nor^^-e^^em 

BatBuniBe (Brcrrett 1<^C^^). . . H (^ e h ah t» 3 Li» r e^- a e . 

Be-duh-r e>we- n cih.. . .Seo JldiurivTna B.'irrett in ^ynonorny of 
be-dun-fo-v/e- Piih . 

5e-(}afr >-fr.e«we"nuh. . . Vu-litn nap~ p o n- nre for llab-be na ^'po rancher ia 

ne r ^''el^oyville. — 
r^ynonyr y : 

[1 3/4 mi. down from Kel8eyville.-'B«»'»^^] 

^Tditr.l/,!na [] rorionnced h e » dah- !<• i - .v e-iiaJiJ . T^l^^ti 1 Z^-jd on E be 
^-^olaey Creek, 1 VI r'^i* down from Kelaeyville. --Barrett. 

hthno-neor.. ■Pono. 197. Fob. 190B. 

Bikurniwina . . .Kroeber, lktbook« Inda. Calif., p. 2-^n, 19I't) 



tD<fc1<N->\0'V^CLV vl ) 

vmr-l r re-he^r?:^} ]. . .01d,<yTnTr<e on K side of U] rer Luke ^Mley 
a.^ out V ^i» K of town of IJpior Lt>e.-*Barrett. Lthno-C;eo^.> romo. 
IP". lOQf^. Soretinea c- -lied Sal 'ehe [Qikbkii^rihfiu v.hic i aee. 

3To>tri'.vina (Larrett 190^), B i dar i w j m {'•^. roeb er 19::^5). . .See be-ditfr/- 

Clear Lake Pona.\ 
Han«nah»b ah^^ </•. 

Bq-:x1' ka-.ih . . .Tribe in northern part of Scott Valley, \hire usually 
■jtretchod to cover the Yo«nah-bahQ^ in souUiern part of Scott 
valley.— ^5'W — . 

• Boalkea . Kroeber in IKndbook /rp. Indians, 1^6, 1907. 
Boil-k' i»ror:0 . Kroeber, lldbook. Indiana Calif., 231,^1*^:^0. 

poil-Vri-ya. Fairer,. Hi at. Hapa & Lake Counties. ]ub. Glocuir, 
EoienXCo.. pp. .%, .37. 1881. 

T^oil»ka-ya . Barrett (afterPalrror) ji^^thno-rJeoiJ. Porno, lf;6, l%n 

Sec fl-\SO No-\ra.w'>CLV^ \. 

ro-til-^ai . IP Calif. 
4, M, 1)6, 1905. 

Treaties. 1052, Senate reprint, pp 

Moal-kai, Johnllc^^ee. Senate Er. Doc. 4. Special 3e33ion. j 

l^oal-kai, rTibba in Schoolcraft, III. 109. 1^5:.. 

(after ^ibba) 
M(5al!<ai, Bancroft. i\ative Traces, I. 4M. 1P7U 

^^o-al-Hxi . Povce, IPth Pm, T?ert. Bur. Eth. <*or ^'96-^7, Ft. 
J>. p. 7P4/ im'' [publ. 1901J. Without hyphena p. ^56. 

V5al->/:i . Barrett (after Hibba] and 
EtHno-Cooe. Porro. 1^6. l':^08. 

Voal-kai. (after McKee) . 

See IP \ g O^ \^QJ\r ttW' YCl\\\ .^ ^TfyQ^ JU.^ 

^^al-kai or Boil-kai-]'OiTO . . .^roeber. Hdbook Indians Calif. . 
231, 1925. roal-kai-pomo . Index, p. 9P4. 

Clear Lake Pomo i 

Han-mlvbrih^^t"^ ^ 

Bo-a wm-le (B'5dmll Barrett), .^^ilage in Lakeport, on knoll 
Belllvenue Hotel now is. — Barrett, Ethno-Creog.?omo, 195, 


OQ-ml r . - . K^oc Ve Y (a^te.V~Bavrttt) , HdlW^m . ^cCn • CJIA^ 

Boalkea (Kroeber in Hdbook 1907). . .See Bo»al^ kft-ah 

Boil»kai-pomo (Kroeber 1925). . .See Synonomy of Bo-aJ k&«ah . 

Boil^ka^ya (Palmer 1881), (Barrett 1908). . .See synonomy of Bo-al ^ 

BaiMi , (Parrett 190e)l^to€V«v i<^i^...Sea"Bo-aw>vi'-\« 

Cix-ba-nar.i -Q (McKee inb3) 

• • 


gynonyniy of l!fi>)-be 

ry^-' Hiid of • 

Qabsjok (Er.rrott l^QP). . .r,ee ^hHh=^jT>l^' 

ar Iid^efyno^jr 

Ca-la-na-po (18 Calif. Treaties 1852). . .See aynon. of Koo-Ko^na-po^ 
Ch».oom ('18 Calif, Treaties (1862)1905) • . See She-kunnbah = > 

X?Igoin ( Barrett 1908) * . . See, 3h»«kuia-bah^ ♦ 

Cigomites (Gifford 1923). . .See synonymy of She:^kum^bahV^ 

Clia (3arrett 1908) « . • See Shi»>wah« 

Gum» le«bah (Palmer 1881) . , • SeelJ3&^ilA» 

13Bh«no>habe (Gibbi 1852) 

Dah" no«be-dah- oo . . .See 

; .oh 

• . . See Dan*no*heh»bah^» 

danobidau Barrett in synonymy of 

= >ahaw 

of. pu»»no>kah i on east 

Gepg. Pome, 188,. 1908- 


Dah> tfl in^ . . . Cawp on weat tide of Clear Lake li mile 


Synonymy : .I!a4alll>[Dah-tsiri). .'.Fishing camp, \ mi. back 

from lake.— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Porno, 159.1908. 


Clo'ir LaVo "Poro 
Han-nah-bahch 7 

Pan- n o^ ^ah-b ah^C^ ( o r D-.n-no»Vah) . . .Upper Lake tribe holding val- 
ley of Vicidle Crook and Clover Creek (includir^; the ilorul^-iek 
of Middle Croek). Ori/^.inul rancheria on Clover Creek about 2 
milea E of UpporL'-ke villa.'58. Present remnfints of both Ho-al- 
Ick and Dan-no-kah are at Hab*-be-nat-to«lil on Tiodle Creek.— 


ruh-no-habe . 

• • 

oce xlao !Ia-po-batin. 

Ti»«T?feF9n.— Oibba in Schoolcraft, III. 109, IBb."^. 

e -f^-roi ^ to y ^L mzUg vi l l -' ,c 

Diibnghabe. . .Bancroft (after Cibbs) Native Facea, I. 451, 

IkhnohabQ. . .£ rai'Hjtt ( (after Gibba/ ifi. Handbook /rrer. Indiana, 
pt I. p.,^)7r). loo7> y 

Ij-.n-nd k^l-rih ' (or Do n- no- hah kt" - ah) . . . Yo-Vl-ah np,me for 
Upper Lake tribe. --«^ww— 

lanoh a. . . Village con^muriity aorre milea up eaatern tributary 
of lower Scott Creek.— Kroeber, Hdbook Jndiane Calif., 
^-51, 1925. 

r'^.-riQ-ba-bo . . .Mention.— '18 Calif. Treaties*, 1852; Senate 
reprint, 1. 53, 55, l^^Ob. 

Da-no-ha-bfL. . .Mention.— C. C. "^oyce. l%h i^nn. Pept. Bur. 
— Kth. for lP%-^7. pt 2, " . 7R4, l^Ol. 
V/ri'ten lar'ohabo . p. <^54. 

fVTokha (ftinoZa.). . .Vi]];. •;e on N 
in Han (lb ok /rn-er. Indiana, Pt. 

nhore Cle r Lake. — Larrett . 
I, p. .'502, 1907. 

inokak ea. . .Tkaon (after I'udaon) , /bori -inal /-raer* Basketry, 
328. l':^04.'' 

Par)oWaV€». ■ ♦ Barrett (af ',er Hudaon) . x^thno-Deo-. Pofr;o,l''P,1^0H 

Clerr Lake Foro 
Han »nah-bM.h^N!>^ H 

Dun- no- ' rih-H ;h?J^ ( a vn . cont.) 

Danofc:. (Hdbook 1907}. . .See Panokha . 

l ^nnora f Pah- no- hah ], . .Barrett, Ethno-neo'-. Poro, 1^^, 1908. 

D anoxa . . .Loeb (i^-fter Barrett) , Ponio Folkways , 207, 1926. 
Len-no-htvh ka-ah. . .See Pan- no ka-ah 

t Ko(>- 1 an- .nap- po narre for 
noo-ha-vah . 77J(Band on K liue of he d of Clear Lake, E of 
head of Cle''.r Lake.— Palmer. Fiat. Napa k Lake Counties, 
Calif., pub. Slocur;,.Bowen & Co., pp. "^5, 57, Spelled 
Pi-no- ha- vah , p. 37) 1^81. 


Pi-nco-n;i.»vah. . .Barrett ( 
l^^R, 1908. 

Calmer), Ethno-Coor';. Poro, 


e L/w 

' ^ ^!:?^!^1*^*^ 


. ^ 'en^ 1 orC T^K'cKee" , Senate Er. Doc. 4, Sjeoial 
p. 1.36, r^55. 

Clear Lake Porno 

tHrt-ro^^Valah (or iW-no-hah kr/-,.,h ). . .Yo^^ n,,„e. for U..for Uke 
irine. — «%.w^ :>ee uynonor?/ of LHn» n o» hg} i>b ah'^Jk 


I >iivnub»he-dow ^ . .SrrMill aet'lement (few houaes) of 3he»kum Por-o 
on j'Urohuiaed l»tnd on h aide of road opposite Na^nplnhel (l^ 
rr.i. S of Upporlake villi.f?;e) and on opposite Bide of Upper 


LvMo from territory of She^kuun tribe.— 


^ ' . , r^ , or >i^p^c»] [ Kah-j o«ahahI l 

mnoh idan L I >ih« no>be >dah» ooj . . .Camp nit© on W shore of Up- 
per Lake atTitaTirex^rerriity. Also called Fiahcamp by both 
whites and Inciianii.— Larrett , iithno-Oeo,^ Porno, 191, 1^08. 


Danob idag ( Napocal ). . .Oifforxi (after Barrett) . 
on Clear Lake, Hear&t Hem. Vol.. 77, 1923. 

Vatp.o Lands 



Cle ar Lake Pomo 0- C 

jSanob jq ia u (Barrett 1908) D anobidau (Gifford 1^23). 
ymy of Dan-nub-bg-dow ." 

PanSoo (Barrett 1908) ... See Dah-nsSglahaw . 

. See synon- 

iJangna VKroeber 1925>. . .See synonymy of Dan-no-hah-bah^h. 
Danobabo (Royoe. 1899,1901). . See Dan»na-hah>bah^j^ , 

Danokakea (Mason 1904). . .See synonymy' of Dan-no-hah-bah^^ 

Danokha (Handbook 1907) ... Sea Dan-nolhab»bah^* 

, c DS'noxa (Loeb 1926) 

Danoxa (Barrett 1908)r7~. . Soe i:&n-nol.haJ>bah*?&. 

D&ts in ( Barrett 1900) . . • See Dah-tsW 

no* hah 


De"»w»l0m (3)'vw>\e-m "B 



;6 on snail knoll 


Estate stands on site.— Barrett, Ethno-Creog. Pomo. 188, 1908 


Cle '.r T^omo //.' 




Di-no-Hi-v'^h k Pi •» no o- ha- yah (Palmer leOl) . . See hxn-nc^hfxh-hnh'^P 

Dl.vlleni (Barrett 1900). . See re-77e-}em 

Do-no-ha-be (Mo^ee , 1^51. l'^l)3). . .>r>no>h.ah>bah^" 

J' _ 

GabeSie Xi^firrott, 190B) . . . 3ee Jehe^al. 

Gah«b8-h <: ( Grab e he Barrett) • . .See Joh«pal 


rah~ll>ah-k?ih»l^yo ( galafkaleyo Barrett) . . .Cfirrp on we«t sboie 

^- of Ka-bel . ^ ^Barrett. ii;thno-"eo . Porr.o 

U] i:er L ike i rrile 
p. 190, Feb. I'i^OB. 


goLla ^colgyo (Barrett POB). . See n ab> 1 i> ah> kah- 1 a- yo 

rThulampo (\\dLWoV-\'^07'). - . >^ee ^^oo-'l-^a>nft«-o .. 

UttK-be-rr.a^-to-lil. . .«^ee 

. !; i.h-be-rrat^ to-liV. 


Cle-^r Like Pomo 1^- 


Ikh~'>w ruc^i.Q. . . Clo^r hike tribe occufyin • eastern |)art of tip; Vallej^ 
rrrriediahely east ,of the ^oo-lan nar^ p.p. W*^ Q^etween /uiobe Creek and 
Cold Creek,/ %ncheria of aame Y]iiim on Keloey Croak, ubout half a 
ni]e noutb of Cle.i.r L'\ko. Another nincheria, odled be-dun^'ne-'/.e-nah . 
W13 near ^plaevville. — cw-^ 


• • i 

ribe in coancil ul Cunp Lujiyunia. Cle .r Lake, 
l(\)l, John McKee. Sfirwita Ex. r)nr»- /i qr«/,^oi 


5i^_>.lt3, L20J -IRi;!, John McKee, Semite Et. Doc. ^. Spocial 
Session, p. LT). 1P63. opelled Ca-la«na-po in IB'fialif., 

Oa»la»na«y)Q . . .Tribe 


a-na,«rQ . . .Iribe ineetin^^ U. S. Treaty Connr. at Carm Lu. 
umi, on Cle/<r Lake Au^^. 20. in&l.-l^ Calif Treatiea.~Ti 
enate Ifernnt . 4, 6-3, f)5, 1^.05. See also Ca-ba-n^- o 

Ilabe-rmfo. . .One of the Cle.'ir Lake tribes. —aibba (105^) in 
SoHoolcnxft. III. 109. 1B5;5. s.^^ ^\^o t4o.poW^»v ^-^ ^'^^ i" 

Me_Na£o. . .Redick M'Kee in Schoolcraft III, pG^H, 1853, 


HabemT.o, or ^tone hnviriel . .Bancroft, ^Jat. mcea, I, r^l, 1^74, 

H'ibe^nap^o . . ^Ly-un L. Palrnpr, Hist. IW & Lake Countiea, SJo- 
C!im, Eo7,'en h Co., San Franciaco. rp. %, 37 [Lake Co.] 
woe also na»^^e«nap'-| o * 

*Habe~n-,«rq (or rabinapek) , the atone 
'Croeber, Handbook Indiana Calif., J.. 

iIabe»rjaTO . p.:i52. 


^ile of h i dar iw i na* > — 


IIa»be-n.a; »{.o 

^X''^^' ; Tm ■^'"''n''''V^i;3i'^ ^^'^^® CoLin'iea, 31ocum,B 


t ' 


Clear Lake PorrK) ' 

.Hab''be''nai.''-po nynonomy cont: 

Ha"bi«na~pa. . .John McKee, Senate Kx. Doc. 4, Special Soeajon 
p. lixS, 1853. 

Ha«bi«na«ra . . .18 Calif. Treatiea, Secret Doc. lSb2, Senate I^e- 
irint. 4, 53, 55, 1905. ^ ^^ 




Ha:::M-^na^, C. C. Poyce, IBth /nn. Kept. Bur. Eth. for 1896- 

Itwy, i'art 2, p. 784. 1899 publ. 1*>01. Written Habinapo p. 954. 

TIah«be K ol-jrr-fo. . .*HiJThfo_ (of Lo?/er Lake) name for Il-b-be m/^po. ^. 

Kabe napo. . .Mason (after Hudson 
i^ojort U. S. Nat. V^n. for 19 

'U ^p?''l^"49te^^°^" Baaketry, 

Kabenaro or Rock Peor-le * . ♦Carl Purdy. Porr.o Indian Basket 
. their ^-'aVftra. L.».rid of Sunshine, p. 144, Dec. 1901 


J>w« * 

Itoenapo . . ^Barrett, Stbno-Geot^ Podo, p. 192, 1908. 

Kabenapo . . .Loeb. Porro Folkwaya, 205, Sept. V.9, 1926. 
Aahe napo and xahe napo on p. 234. 


Ka»bi«nfi«pek. . .Village on lov/er Kelaey Creek. --Powers, Tribes 
of Calif., p. 204, 1877. (Vocab, 504-508) 

Cle-r Lake Porr.o if" 
* Hab^-be nap^po aynonorriy 60 nt: 

Kabinayck4 . . Wihl. Werzorr; (after Powers) , VerwandtiSchaft 
I umafiiirach^t'^mrea , Zoitschrift fur Ethnologic, X, 4*)7, 


Kabinapek * . .Kroeber tfter Povvera) .Handbook Indiana Calif., 

Kab i nai..o » . .?':v3on» /-borldnal /merict 
PuaT for 190i^. p. 368; 1904. 

an Basketry, Report U. S. Mat. 

^abena]>,o . . .Barrett in Handbook Am. Inda., Ft i, p. 6^7, 1907. 

"L u-pa^yu-ma* . . .Name (meaning stonehouse) used by Indiana of 
Coyote Valley on Fatah Creek for Habenapo.--Oibb8 in Shhool- 
craft.III, 110. 1853. 

Lu^pi-vu-y^a . . .K;!me applied *,o Clenr Lake Indiana of B-ipj. Valley 
V^olney Cr. region) in V'^bl by Major H. V*. Wesaella in nommand 
of soldiers eacortin : Hediok l!cKee , IrcJian Treaty Corrr. to 
Cloar Lake, IB&l,— House Ex. Doc. 76, 34 th Cor\^V 3rd. 
Session, p. 60, 10f)7. 

Luvur-ama . . .Kroeber, ..dbook, Indians Calif., p. 232, i*? 

Rock Tribe *. . .See Xabempo, Loeb. 

Pock Pe ople. 

• • • 

See ^(ibenapo , Purdy. 

Xabena po. " Pock Tribe * ( yahe naro) . . .Loeb, Pomo Folkways, 1.34, 
?rept. 1926. • 


Clesr Like Por;o 
Han-nah-bah°" IS 

* t 

Habel or Kabel (Kroeber 1920) » . . See synonyny o: K!^«bql . 

Habe-narn (Cribb 


HaK-be nap- n o. 

aro (CTibba 1^5); Habe K vpo , (p. J!cKt,e 1H5.5); Habenapo 
ahcroft 1874), H? ib e •» nap- o ( Paln.o r IBPl); l-abe-ru-pQ ^ r^ 
925) i. Haiabe-mp-po (Palrrcr I'iBl). . . ljco iiynonyny of 


Ha-bi-na-pa (J. l^cKee 18!)3jia Calif. Treaties 
(Pojce 1901); H/.binanaa (Palmer ]f'.01). . 

Hab-he nar-po . 

1B52), !l-.-bi-na-TQ 
ioe svnonvP'V of 

Had'ibutun (Kroeber 192D). ..See H{».h-d^..h-b 00- 1 oon . 
Had a lam (Kr oofefer 192b). . .See Ibb-dab-lalini . 

TTa^^aabo bap:il (Kroober 1925). . See Hah-tmb-sbo-bah-sil. 

Ifah-be ^oi-im-fo . . . See nynonyrry of Hah -be naiAyo 

! lah-b e-mat- 1 o- 1 i 1 (or Hab^-be-r atr-to-1 il ) . . .Villa'-e on Middle 
Crpek 4 or 5 riiles north of lipperlake villai^. Now occu- 
pied by remnants of both p? n-no-P-/;.}-! nn-?:l-lelc . — tv-- 


Kab^iatglil [i-ronounced Kah- b g-mah- 1 o- 1 11 'I . . .Barrett. 
Ethno-Oeoo;. Pomo, 1^^6, 1908. 

Kbtbemadoljl , . .Handbook (from Kroeber WS)677, 1^07. 

For village synonymies see under Loo^pu-yo-me and Be-du m- 



Clear Lake PorriO 


Hah»b i ( labeii Barre*.t). . .Hee Vtxh-h i ( ^ib?!.! Barrett) 

^H hp'dt j firh r> o- 1 o on ( Xodfxbutun Barrett), . •Uninhe^^ited rrodem 

' L Kulanapo J vill' e 1 ri. SSE of LaVei ort. — Bnrrott. iLt-^ro-ireofr.. 


H»clatbutun^ , J'roeber (after Barrett) ^ Hdbook, Indiana 
Cui/if. , 22Q, 1925. 

Hi^ h-^j-^^h".l?i.1fn ( I^Xdalwi Barrett). . .UninmiJ:)ited rr.odern Habenaro 
village "Clark Ranob" on W bank '-^elaey Creek, 1 mi. S of 5^. 
Turibiua Miaa ion. —Barrett. Ethno-r.eop;. Pomo, 199, 190a. 

Sj'non^Tny ; 

Kadalam. . Troeber 

(a rt^*r Barrett), Hdbook. Irdiana Ualir. , 


ab-fflh>3bQ"bah«-'-il (Xa^^ic^ba-il Barrett ) . . . Habenapo villa-^e 
site of present villa^^ of St. Turibiua '*i3a ion. —Barrett, 
Uhno-Geog. Pomo. 197, 190B. 




r:aahoba<-il . . .Kroebor (after Barrett) , Hdbook. Indiana 
Calif., 2;'9. l<^»2t) 

Hah->Vi»y.--.h, . . Dan-no^kah rancheriti. a abort diatanco north of 
Up] er Lako on eaat side Ho-dan»no >^ountain. — c^u->_ 


Clear Lake ^orro 
Han-nah-bah^^ 17 

Hah«le- bem^ ( Xallbenf Barrett) . . .[llabenapo] villa-e on E bf.nk Adobe 
Creek 2i nii. NW of Kelaeyvi He.— Barrett, Ethno-Gco;;. Porro, I'^n, 

( Halibem , . .Kroeber (after Barrett) Hdbook Inds. Cixlif . ,22^^, 
1925) . 

Hah-le-kah ( Halika Barrett). . .r She-VumJ village on 'JE shore irain 
body Clear Lake. 7 mi. SE of Ikueri^-ke vill^:© ^"-^ t r-i. SE of 
Bank Ranch villa{?;e. — Barrett, hthno-Oeo^;. Pomo, 190, }908. 

Hah-naH-bah (or Han-ncurbah ). . .Collective term for all tribes 

- * 

of main Clerr Lake. Orir;inally applied by Potter Valley and Rus- 
sian River tribea to all Clear Lake tribes eroept those oTnalphur 
Bank and Lower Lake, and now accepter), by rain Clear Lake tribes 
an a permissible npme for themiSel'dies. — '^='*».' — 
^ynonyrry : 

H*hana . . .Erroneously placed by "BoytUti; on u|per Sacranento 
River, Calif.. Bartlett. Personal Kurrative II, 7-8, l^M-, 

Khakaiauwa. . .n>i,id to be a collective name for the Pomo 
• villa<:ea on upper Clear loke. Calif. ^-Handbook Uifter 
kroeber MS, l^m) Pt. I, p. er\ 1<^07. 

Khar?a . . 
Lake . 

.A term descriptively applied to '.he Pono of Clear 
—Hdbook (after Barrett inf V 1906) pt I, p. 67B, 

Clear Lake Poro 

naikaloliae (Froeber 1925). .! .See Hi-Vah>lo«l6"Be« 

Ha lib er r (^roeber 192f)). . .Soe Hah^le-bem. 

H?!ilika (Barrett 190B). . .See Hah-le-kah. 

■! Jf' ' • I 

H W_aj3J\. l."BaAX(t^ I Off) >. .. ^ce St/>,oy»-M>«-M ^ H(xn-; 

Hi»kah-l o«le»a§ ( Xaikaloljae Barrett). . .Uninhabited modern f Habe. 
napo J vinar;e i ri. SSh of St. Turibiua ^'iaaion.— Barrett, Etlmo- 
Oea'% Pono. 1^9 » 1908. 

( Halkaloline . . .^'roeber (after Barrett) . Hdbook Indiana 
Calif., J20. 07B, 19:^5.) 


?i''ki"yab'>oo ( Xaikaiyau Barrett). . [Kulanaioj cfmip in small val- 
ley at head or v^dobe Creek and 2i mi. SE of Hif,v 

Barrett, Ethno-rJeo/^. Pome, p. 204, 190B. 

;hland Sjrin/^a. — 

Hmah« rah- re^n^ o-we-np^h (I IrrvxrarinewTna Barrett ) . . .l labenapql v i 11 a'-e 
near W b;tnk Kalney Creek on "Umh "Re-nch*. 1 mi. SSV' of St. 
Turibiua Tlirja ion. —Barrett, Ethno-Oeor.. Por^o, 197, 1^0^. 

( HFara^ino-wina . . .'/roeber (o.fter Barrett) ,. Ildbook. Indiana 
Calif., :i2P, ^79, 190B.) • 

Umant •iPX)w ina (Barrett 190H); H^ara^jmo-wina (Kroeber 19<I5). . . 
See Hrnah-ruh-f,e-rriO-we-nah. 

Clear Lake Pomp 
Han«nah-bah^" i q. 

IJo^al-lek. . .Former rancheria and band on went aide Middle 
Creek about a pile north of Upjer Lake. The Ho-al^lak 
and Dan-^O'^kah now live to""etber at nincheria Hab-hn-rrat- 
to~] il on Middle Creek (on [nrcnaned land). — ti».'>^ » 


lak or 


r Cuoi'-lacR ; . . T^ulanapo naire for tribe.— 
•a lliat. Lake k Mapa Counties, ."^5, 37, IBBl. 

Khoalek . . .Villa/^e.— Hdbook ( f rom Kroebe r MS inQ:^) 
pr679, 1907. 

Quoi-lack (^almer IBPl). . .See n-^oi-la ] ; . 

" Or^i-lak or IjwM^vLLk-. . .Barrett (after Painter) Ethno- 
^^eog. PorriO, 1B7 ft note, 1908. 

^ tHo-wah-\«Wl 

XOwalek^-. .VilL'i{';e. — Barrett, Ethno-Heo^^. Porno, 

in?, 190B 

Ho- h 1 it- na p* po . . .See sj^nonymy of Koo^-lan nap-po . 

Hoo-la-nap-po (P;.ilf;er K^l). . .See aynonymy ol t^ on- Inn yiy ^-pn. 

Ule .r LaKc Poi o 

Jtar-nan-hah°^ 20 

Hojltioivnh or S.-Q reci Town. . .Oiven by Revo re as lar/-eat villarr,e 
on wef^t aide Ih]er Luke. 


t.' v 

ITopi ^ ae-wah or Btic red Town 

. . Revere, Tour of Duty, 

Ilopit.nev.".h . h-^ncroi't (al'tar Revere) Hist. Ualir., 
2^^>7^triote, 1BB6. 

Handbook (aP-er Revere) pt I, 667, 1907. 


Ho-wab-l ek. . ."oe Jowalek Barrett in aynonyniy of no»al»lek . 

Hula-napQ (G ibbs 
Ian na})-p o. 

181)i?.i Bancroft 1^74). . .See aynonymy of '^od'«-_ 

Huta" nai}^. . ."iajrint 

Jan nay '-pp . 

for Hula-napo . . .S«e lynoryr-^'' of K>m>-,! 

H'woi-lak (Paj'^er ifnl). . .See aynonyrry of IIo»al«lek . 

Clear Lake Porno 

Kabal (Barrett 1908). . .3oe Kah>b i\ 

Ka-bel . . . D'-:n~nd'''kah vill^a^e on wea*. aide of N'arrowa between 
Upi)er Lake and main body of Clear Lake. A forioua fiahi nr- vil- 

la^'ie where other Clear Lake tribes were allowed to corre and 
canip and fiah. — Cwx~-- 


Kabel or Xahel r Hah«bel ]. 
157, IfVS7l^0f^^^ 

. .Barrett, Ethno-neo:> Poro, 

TCabel or Ilabel . . .Kroeber (aftor Barrett) lidbook Indiana 
CalifTT^l. 1925. 

Kabel . . .Loeb (after Burrett) Porno Folkwaya, 

Xabel . . .See Kab^ Barrett. 

KabematSlil (Barrett 190n). . .See aynonyny of liab "" to« 1 i 1 . 

Kabenapo (Loeb 1926). . .See ayrionyrny of Hah'^-bo nap-po . 

1925). . 

(Powers 1^77) ^a^ i r.{ipek (llerso' P'^B) and (^roeber 
.See aynon3rrn,^ of llaV-be nap»po . 

Cle'.r Lake Poro 
Han- nal>b ah ^ 22 

T^acibadon (B irrett, 190P). . .ooe ^^uh-^ a he -b .- j.h- don 

^%h-ba-f;hah« . . Kah-tah-y/e chmrr-mi rvme for Koo-'lfin nar-po 
and Ha^^^-be nar-po » — cvw«^. 

^ab-bfe- riab -ticT-l il . . ."ee ^aboriatblil Barrett in synonymy of 
ITfib^ e-mat- 1 o« ] i 1 . 

^Hh-bi or '^kh-b i ( KabiCi or Xabai fc-arrett). . .[ bo-al~ka.«-ah 3 car;p 

on weat shore Clear L.-ke PJ2 ni. N of Lukeport.— Barrett , Lthno< 
rreo% Pomo. 158. 1908. 

Kah- ku hi- kah- 1 ah- v/e- g Vial . . . Sho-kufr. rancher ia arr:onf^ the oaka on 
east aide Uijer Lxko Narrows. N{*r-e from Kah-koor kah^le . 
Blue oak trees. — ^y^*^^ 



^akulkaley/ica. . .VilWe.— BarreU, Ethno-OoQtr. Porr.o. 

1^?9, 1908. ^ 

Kakulkalevyiffa] . . .Uorthernr.oa*, Ci^om [. 
Cdffoni (after larrett) Poro Landn 
Hearst Mein. Vol., R5. '^6, 1923. 

)" kum1 tract, 
on Clear Lake, 

Clear Lake Pomo 
Ha n-nah-bah^ 23 


lah-b^-dah ( Valabida Barrett). . .f Kulan-apo ?] camr on W 
shore Clear Lake 3/4 mi. \\ of Lakej^ort Ion L. P. Bur^^er' 
place).— Bar rott, Ethno-f^'OOf-. Pomo, lon, 1906. 

Kah-lan"" nap- pp . . . Yo-ki-ah n-one for Koo-lan nap-r p .— '^-^^— 



Kah-le-aVio-kawn (Kaldcokon. Barrett). . .Camp on V,' shore Clear 
Lake 1 .'5/4 mi. N of Lakeport.— iithno-f'reo/-^ Pomo. l()n, 1908. 

Kah- mh-ko.h (Ka'raka Barrett). . .P Bo-al-ka-ah "! villaf-e on E 
border ScofTTValloy \\ mi. y^M of Lakeport. Part, or all on 
ranch of J. F Purrer. — Barrett, Lthno-Geor:. Pomo, lf)6, 1908. 


^ab--=tV'.e-bib- \^r\ ( ^acibadon Barrett). . . l^ulj-^naTol v i 1 L^^e just 
within S limit of Lakeport, on w shore Clear Lake, on E alo^e 

of knoll immddiatoly S of flour mill.— Barrett, tthro-Ceois. 
Pomo. 196. 1908. 


Kaahibadon. . .Principal town of the Kula nap Q* — Kroeber 

(sifter B. rrett) Hdbo-'. Indians Calif., 228, 22«.:*:')2. 
19;ib. . . . . 

Cle r Lake Fomo 
Hawiahlbah^J^ 24 

V'ah «tot . . . KulanapQ ruone for their principal rancheria, 
which wtB on the spot nov/ occupied by the reoervation 
rancheria at St. Turibiua ^liaaion. — ^^<^- 

Kah»tot»nah-po-te . . . See KatotnaT^oti Barrett . 


Kah«-t3ah-mu»fr;al ( KgBarru^ral Barrett). . .Cfar>p on W shore Clear 
Lake li gi« N of Lake port.. - -Bar re H, Ethno-Oeo^. Porr-o. ' 

Kah«wo^ah-kah (Frog Sprir^p^a). . .Former ^ulanapo rancheria at 
Hif^hland Springs. — cv-- 

K'awoaxa r Kuh-wo-ah-ha l. . 
"prifK? on head watera 
Heor^ Fomo, 20-5, 1908. 

.Camp i mi. iue E of Hi^^hland 
of Adobe Creek. — Bnrret,t, Ethno- 

Kakulkalowical (Barrett 190n) Kakulkalewical (Oifford 1^23. . See 
3ynon}7ny of Kah-kuhl-Vah-lah-Vv'e-.-^hal. 


Cle .r Lake Porno . 
Han-nah-bah^ 26 

Kalabida (Barrett POR). . .See Kah-lahlbe-dah. 

Kalaleo. . .Old camj^ site on NW corner of Clear Lake i. rvi, S 
of ^a-hel vNarrora) . -- c^»^ 



Kilelio. . .r.arrott, Ethno-neo;. Pon^o. lOH. 1908. [Not 

'*^^o~Fe CO nf uaed with place of aume name on eaat aide 
of Buckinf/a'tm. Peninaula, in territory of*Ha£>fQ. — * 

<i«A>-^ J 

^alecokon (Barrett 190B). . .See Kah» 1 e» aho«- kawn. 

KaTraka (Barrett 190B). . .Gee Kah-rah-kah. 

Kaahibadon (Kroeber 1925). . .See Kah-ahe-bah-don . 


Synonyry : 

Kato-napo^ti . . " .^roebor (after Barrett), Ildbook. Inda. 
Calif., 229. 1925. 

Clear L^ke l^ono 
Han-n€Lh-bah^^ 26 


KixtnixmVirul (Barret 190P;). . . yrAh«-t3ah«r.u»^7ihl 

Kawoa-ra (Barnat.t 1^0"). . .See Kah-wcf-ah-kah 

^ habemadolil (H-indbook 1907), . .Sue synonymy of IIa-i-be~fTK'.t"to«] il 

K'habenano . . . See aynonymy of ! lab "be nap»p o. 
Kboalek (Hdbook 1907). . .See 'synonyr^' of Ho^alllck . 

KllelJQ (Barrett 190^0. • .See nynonymy of KalaJeo. 

yiajn'-Tni'. m'-fo (obviously alun-ed form of Kol ~ 1 ab^enj- am- f ) . , . 
'IT/un-fo name for Habbe - nappo or ^oo'-lan 'vn «] o. — (i\u^ 


nitap 'ind Vo\r^?itiiJnik f^^'o-bab -tabi) ]. . . r Bo»a l 
veV-, iihore Clear Lake, 4 riTH of Lakeiort. 
Heor,. Pomo, ir^R, 1908. 

»al«Va»sb 1 carnj- on 

—Barrett, jtthrio- 

Kol«lah«ri-ain~ fo. . . Koi»irn-fo ni*mo for "^ui3aion trioe" ( Koo 
Ian na|.»po ).— ti^^^ S«e v.1bo T^lajn-ri-a/n-fo. 

Clear Lake Pomo *" 1 
Ha.n-nab-bah'^ 27 

. "Ba.>uJL and rancher ia fonrierly locat,«d on ,^rouna now 
covered by m yurt of city of Ukiah. Stephen Kii 



y, mciuain; preaont 
aine'of Ukiah and the asylum at Talma: ;e. I'hey quarreled ^ith 
the Yokiah i^nl were driven out of the valley, cross in,": the 
mountains to the east and aettlin?; in Scott Valley, Luke to. 
Sor.e of the old popple aay the K(^i«le e?j*,abliahea theraelves on 
the narrow flat between Blue Lakes /nd Cold Creek I but this was 
in the territory of the Ki^vow-bahSx tribe j. '-r'ht does not 
believe this. V/here the ^^oim-le c.^ire from "no ore kriows. ^ ^ 


V(vVVe-* 5^^,,„ . 

'lynoiMy : 

^o.o ~3f^n na} -po nwe for . 

Curr.-l e-bah . . ViVlbe in upxer ond of Scottcj Valley, 

Deminr: pl^^e.- P.-dmerS History of riapa a Lake Counties, 
Calif., pub. Slocum, Bowen a Co.. San Franciiico , '^o, ^f , 

on u 



Cum-le-bah . 

.Barrett (after Palmer) , Ethno-aeof-;. Porno, IbB, 

komli. . .Old ciirip site in Eiaht-mile Valley at head of 
^^^itt creek, atout 5 mi. N& of %d -ountain.-Bar^e^t, 

TTf V,nn-r,Anf- Pmr.O . lf)R . 190R. , v 

(old villaf-e of same nwne at Ukiah. Ibid l.)/^-i.'>r; 

Kom-li . . .-he Komli peoj !e as a whole left theif vil lr.p;e in 
the north end of Ukiah Valley, ^ouerieyed up the i^^st Fork 
to Blue Lakes, and finally settled 1^,^^?°;^^ ll.lley.-. 
Kroebei:<,__Hdbook. Indiana Calif., pp. ^.5f)-.36, 19^.^ 

Konli . . "Scu^ tt^a valley trib j^'.^-Loeb^ For..o Folkways, 
■pi* 207 . 19.:5. 

Scott* 3 vulley tribe. . .See ^orrli Loob. 

Clear Lake Porno •"< - 
Han-nah«bah^^ 28 
^oo~lai>na-ro . . .Tribe of Cle r Lake rorro in weatem p^rt of Big Val- 
ley, 3 jut.h of rain body of Cle-r L'^ke and woa^ of Adobe Creek. Name 


UBed by themselves t.nd by ^he northern Cle»vr Lake tribes.— <i^M^ 



Ca»ba«*^f!L-ro . . 

^fi tfpl 18f)l , 
"relied Ca-l 

.Tribe in council at Carnp Luj iyuma, Clear Lfike, 
, McKee, 3emdA,Ex. Doc. 4, Spec. Sesa. p. 136. 



.la-n'i,"pn. . .Tribe meetin,^ U. S. Treaty Comnr. at camp LurEi=i3a*ica 
on eie-r Like, /u-iist 20, 1^'=)1.— IP Calif. Treaties. 1^52 iSe-ate 
rejrint, i, 53, f*.^, 1*^05. oee also Ca-ba-na-T'O 

C'ilan?xpo. . .0. C. 'Hoyce. IBth 
pt. 2,1* 952, 1B99 Lj;ubl. 

Ann. Kept. Bur. Eth. 
1901] . 

for 1B96-1B97 

Ghula-nftpo^ k A. L. Kroeber, inf*n, 1906.— Ikndbook Api. Indiana, 
?t. 1. p. 7;52, 1907. 

• ■ ■ ' 

Gbulanaro. . .Loeb, Por.o Folkways 226, 1926. 

Holhla.»na ^lpo. .Pronunciation ;iven me by merrber of the tribe at the 
mission villi^^.e in Au^tust 1^06.— , . , ^ t <^ t^ 

!^oo-la-nap-j^ vXL. L. Palmer, History of Najm and Lake Counties, 

Calif. S Locum. Bowen h Co., San Frfincisco. w 
^ ri"en HooMfi-^ap-t o p. 4. 

'•b, 37, ] 

Hule^n<.i]-o. .'Gibbs (lB52) in 3choolcraft, III, 109, ia&3. 

Hula^napo . . B'«ncroft (after Gibba) , Mative Races, T, 451, 1B74. 

Huta»n>TO. . Misprint for nuln.-naro . -»rr jbbs in T'ohool craft. ITI. 



Clear Lake Porro , 
Han-naht-bah^ 29 

^ K od^- 1 an- na» p o ;^y n onomy continued; 

Kah- Ian nap- j)0 . , . Yo-ki-ah nume for Koo-L;. n- nap-}d . — t^^«-*-x 

Vuhlanapod it. 'yello?/ water-lily villa^^e*) • • .Barrett, in*f 

57 in Handbook Am. Indiana, Pt.i. p. 732, lf^07. 

lKla.>n'->ni-'«^-^o • • • 'Hair>>--^o na'yyNC for Vt\V« V^ -J ^ "f<^'f^ '^ VovMCt VaNce. -<*•»-- 

Kuhla-napo . . .Kroeber (after Barrett), Handbook Irjds. Calif., 
p7~23?, 1925. 

\Cuhlanai)0 . . • Loeb (after Barrett) , Pomo Folkw-va, pp,. 207- ^ 
" 210. 'Spelled Kuftlenar^o on p. 209; ""VA/o^ter ut^|^TKV<CKu.klo.1r.a.po), 

X.^% ^V>^. WX6. 

Kublenapo . . .Loeb, Porno Folkways, p. 209, Sejt. 29, J926. 

Kula-naro. . .Gibba in Schoolcraft, III, 4'U (vocabulary 428-134- 

K"ulcc-n?i4'0 . . .Lude'*(ig, Ahorir;inal Lang-Jges, 97, 1056. 

^u.lanaro. . .W. W. Turr-er (after nibba) in Luuewl;. ^bor? inal 
L^uageg. 212, 239, 1B58 

MarvjBO. . .Buac' nn, V. Akad. Wiaa. Berlin fur 1B59, 505. ICUIO . 

I'l'.i I •' 'og. u. "nat. Ah^\and.) 

Kulana] >o. . .Bancroft, Mat. Racea, III, fVl^-r/Vl. 647. l'7b. 

^ulanapg. . .Gatschet, Ind. L' n •u- ea Pacific States. '' 
T. 162, 1B77. CvciouVr. bos-bo?; 

Ku-la-ria-' 0. . .Powell, Vooab.Jarioa, p. ;"2 ,^1^-77. 

. /m. Hist 


CI oar LaVe ^^^'9^^" • 
Han«aahf-bah8ft^ 30 

■<oo-lan nti] o (aynonyfy oont.) 

^ ^\i-].-i.«.n>i-T.o . . .Power, Triboa 

of Calif., 492 (vocabulary 

^^'ulanapo. . ."b.than, Trma. Phililo:> 3oc. Lond. . 77, 18[.6. 
■ — ^tSoted by rowell, Lin;:ui3t.ic PViiiiea. p. ^7, 1H91). 

kuLi,myo, . .birre^.t, Eth»io-n(30C. Pomo, p. 191^ rvb. 1900. 

^''ulenar.Q . . .Wihl. HerzO''-, Vrrwancitnchaft des Yur^uanf rachat.tiin« 
paT^Zeit.snhrift for rthnolo'ie. X. 4I>B, 1078. On a^.me 
'ip-fi {'\b^ ) spelled alao ^^ulanaj)©, lienor o . 


^untjmiig. . . (Tiunon = f tor Hudson) , Aborig. hter, Eaakefcry, 
Roiort; IhiX. Ihifi, 1901!. p. 329, 1904. 

/ ^ 

Palanano . . 'Name used 

i for Ku-lannnj^!i2Q>-- Carl Purdv, 'ihe 
I'orr.o Indian buakots and thair jv^ake raTLand of nunanine, 
442. Lfec. 1901. ^ . 

V0han:;(d in rDprint to Talanapo . which See.} 

f PonrWiilv reo^.Tft ') Talf.'-! . - .Carl Purdy , Pomo Indian Baskets 
•vnd '.heir ^'aVorn, .?n ? ed. 9 , 1*^02. 

ralanp. -0 ( T 'o nd» 1 j 1 v r e op 1 e ) T~77JC ? . r 1 ?u rd y , ■•omo Indian baske 
HriThe i r Vak e ra . : ! nd ed . h, '^, 19q2. Printed B^kii^fi in 
lat ed. L^nd of Sunahino, 1901. 


" Water liilv Tribe ". . .See Kuhlanar o Loeb. 


Yc-hih-'-oi-bah^ik^ . .N^ine uaod bv C3e'i.r Lake Han'-nah-bah-^^ 
for ^"oo«lan rar-po .«-c^*'^ 

f 3/ 

Clear Lake Por.o ii6. 

Ran-nali-bah^ 31 

Koo- ah ah- dah» no . . .Porr^er vi]l'i;*e on we?»t aide of I]}*| er Lake 

juat west of the Soda Sj rin'-. — cV-- 

Sy nonj^rr-y : 

Vfigadanoyo F ^u- nb?iK«- • ■ah^no- •'^o ] . . .On Scott Creek li rr.i. SV, 
of Upi'orlako vi] L'i";;©.— b.-'Trett , i:.thno-neo'-. Porro, 107, 190r5. 

^^uanapan a took [typo;;, error for ^Ailanapan 1 . . .Locb, Por.o Polk- 
way a, .310 ft note, 1^'26. 

kuoudanoy o (Barrett 190B). . .3ee aynonyry of ■^oo »?thah"da h«no 

Kuhlarmpo (Barrett it'i Ilcihook 1907), ^uhla-.n,v-o ,(^Voober 1925) 
. Kunlan..ij o (Loeb 1926). . .riee :?ynonor;y of ' ^o(<~lan ntt-pfi . 

Kublonapo (Loeb 1926). . .See synonymy of ^'oo» la n na-po. 

^u»la h-nap-po . . . 

Yxil a- 

Kul eno})o (llerzoc lP7nJ 

^ura napo (^\iaon 1904). . .See nynonyr^y of rp oil ran n>%T^ « 

T^u»nh ah~ dah- no- vo . . 
^^00- fBhah^dan- no . 

.ItucadanovQ Bnrrett 

in aynonjTry of 


Clear Lake "Poro 
Han-nati-bah^ 32 

'Lrt.h- root-noor. ( bvnutBum Barrett). . .Camr on point ^Togeotin^^ 
into C rear Lake on 13 shore 1 rri. W of St. Turebius ^'laaion.- 
Barrett, Ethno-Oeor:. Pomo, :'01, 190B, 

Laxj utaijm 

(Barrett POB), . . See Lah-pc)ot«'aooin 

llculkaleyowa (Barrett 1908). . .See Le-Bhoo-e-kah-le-hoowah 

Lorillarlll^S or Lnpilomia (Taylor 1^60) . (Bancroft 1^74) and 
"^Barrett E90B), . . See aynohyny of Loo^pu^vo^me . ^'^^/"y*" 

Clei.r Lake Porno. • :• 
Han- nali-b ah ^ 33 

Loo»pu-vo- me. . ..Name used by varioua tribes and authors for old 

Hab-b e naippo villagejnear Kelseyville. — oi.^ 

' (Not to be confused wjtli Loo»t u^vplre on E side of Lov/or L -ke, 
nor with ♦.he one in '^uleyorre Vallev ?> or 4 rrilea S of Lower 

Lake • ) 

'' Lot ilhinnilloa or Luj J I or in . . .'^ribe on Cle/.r Lake. — T-'ylor, 
Calif. Famor."Vta\ni07 l^O." (ln.lefini',e) 

'^ Lopillarj] Ion or L'.nilorrin. . .Bancroft (after Taylor) , t^at. 
Pacea. I, 451, 1R74; LopilJar illoa located ?JE of rain 
>"'ody of Clear Lake, oij opj . p* ?>22» 

? Ioril]arj]loa or Lupilof in . . .Barrett (after Taylor), EthnO' 
• neo^'-. Poro, l^i\ ;'^5, 190^^. 


• • 

pa-yu-ira . 
of Coyote Vtdley 
Ind iana . — r^ibba , 

(moaninr^ *3tone house*) used by Indians 
on Putan Creek for * Habe-na] o * Clear Lake 
Schoolcraft III. 110. IBb/). 


a-yu-p'a . LuToyuma . . 
Pcno, 1%, ^:«, l^QP . 

."fearrett (af^er Oibba) , Kthno-ripor,* 


Lu-pi-yu-TTa.. . -Man^e applied to C"!o:.r /Indiana of I I* "alloy in 
if>6l hy Viix^or H. Vr. ^^Ve^Bolla. wh^ escorted Pfvlick 'V^oe, 
Indian Treaty Cornr. to C]e<...r Lke, /up:. Pll.— Ilouae Ex. 

^'f^f^' 76. M'h Con*^ 3rd Seas., p. 60. in57. 

L^ ir^T vor i . . . . r i a 8 i n B ok Sr-e 1 1 i n • ,. S ec Lurir^ori . 

■ Ill ^ ii iiM I. I ^ ' ~ -^ •' . 


Clear Lake Porno 
Harif nah-bah^ 34 

I.Qo-j u-yo-r.e (nynonony continued) 


Lupiiyr^ra . . ."The I/ike lUwok f TulByor o l trannlated the 
word r Hab e- na| o J j n &Lu]: uyufrai , * — -'roeber, ilandbook 
Inctiana Culif., p. i;'^2, 192:). 

Lupi»yor:i . . . Spell ir\'^ used lb times in San Rufael Mission 
Book of baptisms, 1P1B-In:'>9. O'lS copy. Pinivrt, Bancroft 
Library, 1B78). Luppoyori usod 9 times, Lur-ucvorri 
2 times. ^ 

LuT'uyomi . . .Tribe near Clear Lake. Name means 'stone (lup) 
tov.n (yomi). --Salvador Vallejo, Ori^-in de los Tndios 
do California, ?!S, Bancroft L^brarJ^ p. fi, Vlb:' 

Lu-r:a-\ai-ma (Ojbbs in5.'5) ; (Barrett 190n). . .See synonomy of 
LoQ-i:'iV\ ''Q«'me. 

"• '" — " *' » « 

Lup i T orr i s ^ ( 'iVuv lor r^60). . .See Lofill^irnllos in nynonony of 

Lu-i^i-vu-rra (^.esaells l^i?). . .S^e synonomy of Loo''-'}'U-y(>»me . 

Clear Lake Porno /- 
Han-nah-bah^ 35 

Luppoyomi 'JSan Pafael Itission book I^IR-IB:',*^) . 
Loo^pu-vo^me * 

.Soe Bvnonomv of 

Lupuvarna C^roeber 19;\'i). . .See aynonrrry of Lod^pu-vo-rc 


Lupuvorii . Lujipovorri . Luj ucvor 1 (S.-m "Rafael 
^ 3e.e ^^ynonnmy of jiOO-prA-vo-me . 

!.ii33ion Looks, lUir'-l'>.59) 

Lupuyom i ( Val le j o ' 3^^) . . See 3ynon^}ny of Loo^pu-vo-me 


Clour Lake PorrtO. i 
Han-nah-bah^ 36 

Mah-dan-no. . , IXi.n~n(>kah mncheria on sloro of hill a little 
west of Dan-iTv-krih, — ^^••^^ 

MRhn-ah-toJ ( Hamtol Barrett). . .Uninhabited modern ^villa^o 
ne->r £ brtrjc V.obe Croek. ^ ml. rm of Kel 3 eyvi lie.— Barrett. 

^Ethno-Oeoi-:. Poro, p. 1^^. l^P. 

^"^^'" ^aruitol . . .Kroobor (after Barrett) . Hdbook. Irda. Calii,a^9.i'J-^i>' 

Vab»^pl■^mb»T•o-te ( Hatel miyotl Barrett). . .Camp on E shore Upper 
L'lke probnhly 3 V^ rriles.tsSE of Upperlake town.— Barrett, Eth- 
no-f»oor,. Pwo, 1^0. Ff>b. PC8. 


Mitelmpoti. . .Oi^ford (after Barrett) , 
Lake, Hearst I'emorial Volume, p. B6, 

Pomo Lands on Clear 

*.j • 

Manatol (Barrett 19C^>) ?'anatol .(rroeber:X^25). . .See Mahn-ah-tol. 

Mitel naT-otj (Barrett 1908) -ind Matelnapoti (Oirford 1^23). 
I ■ah'- 1 e 1" nah" p o» t e . 

. . 


/ViQ-»l-V^ft< (l8Ca]if. Tre^ities ie52);Mni4-^Mi (John l/cKee T-b^) j 
T^oal^kui (Oibbs 1853 1 . •B.uicroftl^'74', end Barrett 1908)^ 
} ^OHQl^kiii (l^ovce POl^^Wl-hii (Kroeber 19?.b). . .Coe aynonomy 
of Bo-ar ka»ah 

Clear LaJce Pomo 
Ilan-nah-bah'^ 37 

Nal>po>aha l. . .See Napocal Barrett in synonymy of Ka-io-^hel 


Na»To«batin . Nai>o»batin3 . . .Oivon by Oibbn as collective nair.e 
(meaninfr "many houses") for Kulanar.o . Habc-juve. I>ih^o»h.':be, 
M^al-k aj . She"Ciip-i h. HoW'-'--u-rr-v . .uiooo in iicnoolcnilt , III, 
116. 1853. 

Bttncroft (after Gibbai. . .Native Races I, 451, 1874; 
llupobatim, map opp. p. y<dZ». 

Ha f .^cal (Barrett 1908) Kapeoal (Clifford 1923). . .Seo synonyr-^^ of 

Ma-pg-fi'-el . . .Fref^ont nincnerla of Shc-t^un- tribe on purchased 
land H mi. south of Upperlake vilU'-e. Their own narrie, hut 
location on oppo^^ite (T) li^e of Upiper Lake from their own 
t e r r i ^o ly . - - ^^'^''^ 

?)y no ny r ly : 

Nfr?^cal, L^roTouncea Nab- P0> sVw^l l . . . Carrp.--Barrutt, Lthno- 
ue(r> t^orro, I'^l . TWt 

Napocal. . .Rifford ( iftor Bi.rrott) . Pomo Lands on i;ie=r 
Lake. Hearst !'ern. Vol. 77, l^:iZ. 


Cle «.r Lake Fono«bah^ 3B 

ott Creek, 

No-.baw«rahl (MT^boraX Barrett). . .VilL'xf?;e on W bank Scot 
. 2v mi. }IW of Lukeiort.— Ethno-Oeoc. i-'or-o. lf)6»1^^0B. 

(Barrett naya the [eople of this villrj^e may bo the ■•oal-> 
V'li of Oibbe ''.nd the Boil-Vi-va of Palmer.) 


Noboml. . .Kroober (after Barrett) , Hdbook Tnd8. UaJif., 

d/;l. i'VX>. 

NoboV'^3 (Barrett 1^0^) and Nob o ml (KroeWor 1925). . .oee ^- 

bav-'-nibl . 

Mobutu [No-bu-tu]. . .[^ulanar-o] camp on S shore Clear Lake near 
W bank Adobe Croek and 2 mi. W of St. Turibiua Miaaion.— 
Barrett, Kthno-iieo'^. Pomo, ^01. J90J3. 


?(nnj2ftt.? r Nolmh>po»te 1. . .llab^be na^f-po] vi^^S-^ i" ^X^t of 
■"^^oyville. --Barrett. Et^mo-GeojS. Porro. 197. 19B, 201, 190B 

Mo-napo-tj. . . .Kroeber (after Barrett) . Hdbook. Int 
UJii .^29. 1'.U'5. 



. .^oimd Valley 
t ak e I>i n- n o^ k a> li - - tf^i^/v^ 

* Yuko ( Oo»kum-nam ) ' nfme for \1j>ier 

ftL\an^-po (Purdy 1901). . .''iaj-rint. for ? 
of ^oo-lan nap-po. » • 


al anapo . See synonyiry 

Clear Lake Porno. 
TIar - n aW-b ah '"^ 


Pgl it auw i L Po- 1 it-su- ^ve 1 . . .r D?in-no»kah] c.-'mp on W «^hnre of. 
UTDer Lnke about :5i rri. SSW of town of l.hpcr Lake,— Barrett. 
Ethno-rJoo;-^. Pomo. l<:»0,l'io«. ' 

Pond-lily peopi)e (Purdy 190i!). . .See aynonymy of Koo-lan r.api o . 

Quoi-lack or Hwoil; 
tribe N of Upper 

_ (Palmer IB'l). . . Koo-lan rm\ o n.'ime 
Lke. See synonymy of Ho-ur-Iek . 


Rock Foo}l e (Purdy I90L'j. .bee oynnnyrry ol' Ilab-be napro. 

Rook Tribe * (Loeb 1926). . .Soe ??ynon)rry of Hnb-be nap-po . 

Sficred Tpy/n (Pevere l^A*^). . .Soe I!opitaow>ih . 

Stxfnakahna [ Bf.!.h-f?)a] i- kah- nah j '. . . 
on W bank Scott Crook M, mi. NNW 
Ethno-Creot^. Pon,o. \bCu 190n. 

. .L Bo'icQ.l k"-;xh j viiPi. e 
f L<- iwkep o rt . - -B a r re It , 

' Scott *n Val l ey Tribe " (Loeb 3a?6). . .See aynonyry of IliDfL^. 

Clear Lake Pomo 

Se^"-ah-i';o . . , D.i.n»no''-k«-h aumrer carp on east aide IIj } er Lake 

iuat eaat of EJoody Is lard ♦ — 


f > ^ 

Sed"de»leii . . « K()o«lr.ri nap-'po n?vne 

' Habenapo 
for old vill'; -e on llulbert 

Pancb near '^olaeyvi lie.-- <5^»^ 
SynonjTny : 

abore, 1 ri. a little 
St. Turibiua "iaaion.- 
46 ft note, 199. 1^08 . 

.Vill.Hf-e V'l r^i» from lake 
S of W of preaent villure at 
-Burrett, Ethno-Heo^-. Porio, 

Sodileu . . .Kroebor (after Barrett) , Kdbook Indiana 
Calif., :^29. 1925. 

Sodileu (Brixrett 190B), and OMilfiLL (^roeber 1925). . .See 

aynonymy of Sj^d-de-lett . 

Se-yyah-^r-hl ( Slwakal Barrett). . .[ Bo-al kE-ab] villa^^e on W 
n]o|e :;nd near aunnit of rid -e W of Clear Lake. 2 mi. N 
of Lakoport.— Barrett. Kthno-Oeo^^. Pon^o, 156, Fejb. 1*^0R. 

Shabe'-ok (Kroeber ]<^?5). . .See Sbab-ba-,n;awk . 

3bah-bou>rr;-.wk ( Caberok Barrett). . .[ Ilal^be rr j/po l vilLi^^e on 
both aides atreiim ©mptyin* into Clear Lake at old 
ctirip aite ' ' La'rputaiW L Lab-poot-ar-oml 1 mi. W of St. Turibiua 
Ml33ion.--harre^t, Bthno-Oeof^. Pomo. 46 ftnote, 196, 1^00. 


SbabO'^ok. . .V'roober (after Barrett) . Hdbook. Indians 
Calif.. 229, 1925. 

C]e r Lake Pomo 
flar.-nab-bah^ 41 

She- om. . .See Cl^.om Barrett in aynonyrny of Sbe-kiur-b;-hSK 

She/Ti-mba (Palrrer IB'^^])-. . .See aynonyrry of Sbe-k^^rrlbab^ 

Sbe-kijfn-bbh . « .Tribe on eaat aide Clear Lake fror. southern 
part of IJj^per Lake to Floyd Hill. CoFnonly called Sbe-kum 
frorr vill?-*^.e of a-ime myrne at Tlorriaon Landinr on E aide of 

Clear Lake. Their own n-»/ne; uaed also by the Yokiah. — o»w^ 


Che- com . . .* IB Calif. Treatioa' Vfil. Senate reprint, 
57&5. 56. 1905. 

HcKee, Senate Et. Doc. 4, Sjec. Seaa. l.V). 1B63. 

Clp:om r Sbe-yom l. . .Barrett. Kthno-HcoR. Poro, 1^0. 1^0". 

Ci-:oF . . .Loob (after Barrett) , Pomo Folkway«. 152.176, 
Sept. 29, 1926. 


Ciromitoa . . .aiffoni, Pomo Landa on Clear Lake, ^'6. ^^7. 

She- Ttm-ba . . . Kul-mapo name for tribe. — Palmer, Hist. 
Mapa oi Lake fount iea. iub. Slocur,, Bowen a Co 
of L ke Co.. iwi 

, '.JO , 


She-ko m. . .Gibba in Schoolcraft, TU, 109, 1^53. 

Shekon. . .Bancroft ('Uiotin^^ -jbba) , %.t. Pace!^, I, 451. 

Sbirrorr. . .Handbook (after Barrett inf'm 1^07) 517. FlOi 
^roeber, Hdbook Inda. Calif. ^31, 2.3^>«2 3r, ^^c*. ly-zj. 

Clear Uike Porno 


Hhe-waVf (ClwrL Barrett,). . .r pr.n-r:o»k?i.h vilhtf-e on E ah'; re Ujpor Lake 
Lake ne.r N ortroritv, alifioat due east of Bloody Inland. — Bar- 
ret, FAhno-^eorr. Poro', IP*^. 1908. 

Shi '.orr (Handbook 1910$ ^^rooher 191-15). . .See aynonyrriy of She- 



r Valley TatnoCplrie for Upper Lake Dtm-r.CHkah . — cw^^ 

Carl Purdy p;ivo3 Slioke Por-io !ia Yokiah . Redwood and Potter 
Valley Pomo ntime for Clear Lake Porr'o. — rurdy, Porno Indian 
Laaketa and their Make ra, Land of Sunahine, 444, Lccfc. I'^^Ol, 
Peprvit (a;ane title) 2rid ed. p. 7, 1902. 

Slwakal (B irrett 190n). . .See Se-vvah-kaM . 

So-be->^i.-ih«fne ( S bb i dVi me B f ; r re tt ) . . . r ^^ulanapo l vil]a/»;e on ^mall 
jvet weather alotv'-h V4 ri. a little w of B of St. "Turibiun 
Mission. — Barrett, Ktbno-Heo^;. Porro, P^, Feb. I'^On, 


So»b jdM^r-e . . . Kroober 
' Calif., 2?.^, 1^25. 

(after Barrett) Hdboak Indiana 

Sobidar^Q (Barrett), Sc^bida-n-e (Kroebcr 1925). . .See So-be-dah-rre . 

Stone Houae . . .Built by Kelaoy and Stone f^t or near Kolaeyville. 

Clear Lake P«r.o 

t oh 


Taawina (Farrett 1*^09) , . .See Tah-ab-'/'e-nah . 

Tah-a h^ v^e-durr-r-e . . . Drin-no^kah villiv^e on hill a little aouth 
of Upperlake ""illase. — o«— 

Tah-ah-we-nah ( Taawina Barrett). . .r She-kum l villa^/e on south 
slope of nmall ridi^e juat north of Bald rountaih (jTobably 
on Floyd Hill) 4-^ mi. SE of Bank Panch villt^-.e and 2 ni. 
SE of Morrison Landing.— Barrett, Ethno-f'reof^. Pomo, 1*^0. ]90R. 

Talanapo (Purdy 1902). . .Error f or^ Ko p. Ian nap-})Q . which aoe. 



Hasnah^bah^ 44 

Ta&h-lahl (tsalal. Barrett). . . ^^V on S shore Cl«ar lake 
Zi mll«8 W of St. Turibius Mission and on E bank of 

"Rumsey's slough, •♦ —Barrett, Ethno-ae<^. Pomo, 200, 1908. 

Tsainmamau [Tsahn-maH-mah-oo]. • .Flabenapo dsaap near I bank 

Kalsey Craek 4 milos up from Kelseyrl 11a. —Barrett, Ethno- 
aeog. Pomo, 203, Feb. 1908. 

t.aala l (Barrett 1908). . .See Tsah- lahl 


Ts a "Hi sh*'ba'>dahHia*nah'» po«» ta ( t aiwicbldajnlnapgtl Barrett). . .Camp 
3 shore Clear Lake 3 miles W of St. Turibius Mission; on 

slight eleration in the Tule. —Barrett, Ethno-rxeoe;. Pomo. 
200, 190 

Synonymy: . . 
T 3ewio bidumi . . .Loeb (after Barrett) , Pomo Folkways, 234, 
Sept. 1926. ^ ,. ,, 

( T^ivtCkab oVo Barrett )'r;^I^ag« ^^ «^««^ 

tributary to Middle Creek, heading on south side Buckner 
lloimtain. and 3 niles south of Tillage of **Qfinfdcai'! (Shah> 



:^) on sunmit of Buokner Mountain. —Barrett, 

omo, 156, 1908. 


...aao.- - 

-• / 

Clear Lake Pomo 

Han-nah-bah^ 45 

T a 1" no» nuh- na/!!» f o ( Tiii«'no-Brt8«'aa ) . . ♦ 'Hftrp.»fo name for tribe at 
U}.pe rl ake • - - Oiw,-.- 

T il.v1cb iriarinapbt.l (Barre'.t 190B). . .See T3e-v/iah-be«dah-ne-nah' 

|:0-te « 

T.aiv>ikabftyo (B .rrett 190P), . .See Tae~yah«kah*b5.-'V0 » 

T HubahapufBum L T3U"b.-xh»hah»pont-8oomJ . . .^Carr^) on S shore Clear Lake 

i ni. W of rrouth of •''e]aey Creek.— Barrett, Ethno^f^'eor'. forro, 
. p. 201, 1900. 

" Waiter Lily Tribe" ( Kuhlanayo ). . .Loeb. Pomo Folkways, Z'U, l^PS, 
Sne "lynonomy of Too-lfiVn? p-'po. 

Jrhii [ll-h-hi]. . ,?.()e ^^?i.>i»b i' ( kabai Barrett) ' 

label (B;j.rrett 190P) , 


Xabenapo (Loeb l^i'6). . .See aynonyny of Hab«be raL-po ' 

X-i^abOtun (Barrett l*^On). , .See Haff«'dfch»boo»toon 

IiduL..m (Barrott 190n). . .See ' 

Xaf^.aooba-'-ll (Barrett 190r). . .See Ifah^'T-h-aho-bab^.-jl 

Cle.'ir Lake Pomo 
Hirwial>bah^ 46 


t^ikal^liae (Bnrrett 190P). . , Hjlv>ib»lo..lf<.ne 

iralltniy>iu (Barrett l^QP). . .See ni^Vj.yah-oo 
f-gwalek (Barrett 190^).., .See^ IIo«al~lek. 

Ye-mah-bab'^^. . .Tribe in aouthern part of Scott Valloy. Their 

name for themselves. Beat regarded aa a nviaion of 

Rp-al'' ka-ah . — ^iv^-^— 
Synonymy : 


Ye-mah . . .Nfui-e used by Kulanaiio.-- 

Yerrabak. . .Loeb, PorriO Folkways, p. 2B0, 1926 



Yo-kah-koi-buh^ . .M^'Jre uaed by Clear Lake Han-naK-bah^for the 

Voo-lan n^-po.— ^^^>^'^~- 

"jee alao aynonyry of Koo-ian 


YQ>,ora^o rv o>to.qr(Lh-^o ] . ^^p^fln very^ nr. 11 valley on^ head of 
^ ^ gcott Creek, 2? rl. northW' of ried ^^ountam.— i i^rrett , M.hno. 
Geop;. Pomo, LOB, rOB. ^^"^ 



.f^ ., - v^^ , . .,^^^^. > 


wl A/ IB 


(Han-nah»-bah^'^ or Clear i-^ke 
Division of ?omo) 

DA!KNO«-K;\H or UPPEH UKC TRIBE Viila(5es. 1 page 




* • ■ * 

,. , \}w^vwm 




Villages of Dan-no'-kah or Upper i«ke Tribe. 

Dan-no-kah. — Large rancheria on a little hill on Clover 
of Uppe£Mke village. 

Ho-al-lfc.— On Middle Creek. 

:_ i^jj,^^ 


^ — t ^ruZX>^ 

HaV-be-mat'-to-lil (or Hah-be-mah'-to-lil) on Middle Creek 4 or 5 

miles north of Upperjake village. The present rancheria/ occupied 
"by remnants ^«w both Dan-no'-kah and Ho-al-lik. 


Tah-ah'^e-dum-me). — On hill a little south of UppeiCJ^ke village. 

Hah-ki-yah.— A short distance north of iJpperJfeke^ 

^)m east side of Ho-dan-no Mount8in(jie8r a mine). 



h ex. 


— Village with large roundhouse .on tfe^ south 

slope of t&e hill 1.3 mile **^ (or SSE^of UpperGJ^ake village. 

H/iH-'> UN-JWUT MI3C}!LL/\NK0U3 N0T!!3 

The Ueh-wun-kmit occupy the extrene north 

em corner of California 

from the Oregon line south to Cres^Rt City and ^^ileon Creek 

There are a few dialectic differj^es between the Crescent City tiuss 
end the Smith River Hah-wunJlrwut. For inntance, the initial " " 

letter 'j* often used by^^e 3raith River 


mf f. ^ a mmm ii im 

« ^/a/ /7 

(Clear Lake Vomo) 

CL JR u.Kii po-'o, BCQ v/j.l:^ Dr/ISIOM 

•KOO'-UvI-l-NAP'-PO aiid HftB'-BK-NAP'-PO Tribes, Bands 
and Villages. 6 pa,.;es. 






ww f t n I ! » ■ 

^W*— WWIW . iyi'i " !' " ■ » » <> 


/H//1 ^-f^^/f^it 


&v7. nji't 


* Koo-lan»napKpo and HaK-be nap-po 


(For references and synonymies consult Clear Lake. ( lfeLn-nah»bah°" ) 

E»Kt«3b m"ke~tem( bataamkit em Barrett) . . .Camp on S shore Clear 
Lake 2| mi. W of St. Turibius Mission.— Barrett, Ethntt-Geog. 
Pomo, 201, 1908 

Ba.Vvt-«i^e-3e ( batsumiae Barrett). . .Camp 3/4 mi. WSW of 
St. Turibius Mission. 

Be-dum^me-we-nah . . Ku»lan nap^po n&me for Hab^-be nap-po rancheria 

near Kelseyvi 


Bo-awm-le ( boomll Barrett). . .Village in Lakeport, on knoll 
where Bell venue Hotel now is. — 'Bt»/,A*^ 


Hab- be nap«po. . .Tribe in eastern part of Big Valley c inSmediate- 
ly east of the Koo-lan nap^po and between Adobe Creek and Cold 
Creek. Rancheria of same name on Kelsey Creek, about half a 
mile south of Clear Lake. — 

Hah" dah-b QO- t_(mii ( xadabutun Barret 
1 mii SSE of Lakeport. - - 'Ba^.ut 

.Uninhabited modernTvillage 


Lake Porno- - Big Valley Division 2. 

OuVY* TpL*::PJB5^ 

Hah-dah- lahn ( Xa^alam^ Barrett ) . . .Uninhabited mode rn?irirfage on 
"Clark Ranch" on W bank Kelsey Creek. 1 mi. S of St. Turibius 

Mission. — 


i-crah- sho-bah-gil ( ^agacdbagj;il Barrett). . .Village on site of 
present village of St. Turibi 

ius Mission. 

Hah-le«bem' ( Xallbem Barrett). 
E bank Adobe Creek 2-k mi. 

. .Uninhabited mo dern/viTlage on 
NW of Kelseyville.— 

Hi»kah-lb-le-se (^ikalolise Barrett). . .Uninhabited modera^l- 

i mi. SSE < 


of St. Turibius Mission. 

gi"ki -yah"00 (^ikaiyau Barrett). . .Camp in small valley at 
"~ head of Adobe Creek and 2i mi. SE of Highland Springs. 


Hmo- we^nan unmaragimowi na 
. Kelsey Creek on "Lamb Ranc 
Turibius Mission. 


. XVillage near 
SSW of St. 

Kah-ba-Qhah . . . Kah-tah-we chum- mi name for Koo-lan na-p Q and 
Hab-be nap-po . — cv-s. 

Kah-la.h-be-dah ( kalabida Barrett). . .Camp on W shore Clear Lake 
3/4 mi. N of Lakeport (on L. P. Burger's place).— Barrett. 


Clear Lak Porno - Big Valley Division 3, 

" Kah- she -bah-d on ( kacJbadon Barrett). . , KoO"lan»nap-po village 
just within S limit of Lakeport. on W shore Clear Lake; on 
E slope of knoll immediately S of flour mill,.— Barrett 
Kroeber says^rincipal town of Koo'lsm nia jpr-fiQ. 

Kah-to t. . . Koo>lan na p-po name for their principal rancheria, 
which was on the spot now occupied by the reservation ranch- 
eria at St. Turibius Mission. — 

i-tot-nah po-t_e ( kato'tnapbti Barrett) . . 
E bank "Rumsey's Slough' ^Carex Creek), 
St. Turibius Mission.— Barrett. 

. Kula napo village 
about 3 mi. SW of 

Kah-wo-ah -kah (Frog Springs) . . .Fomer Koo-lan i?ap-po rancheria 
at Highland Springs.— 

Barrett spells it Kawoaxa and gives it as a carap i mi. 
due E of Highland Sprii^a^ on headwaters of Adobe Creek. 

Kah- tsah -moo-gahl ( Katsamugal Barrett ) . 
Lake 1-^ mi. N of Lakeport. — Barrett 

.^;^£arap on W shore Clear 

Klam-mi-am-fo (Obviously slurred form of Kol»lah-mi-am-fo) . . . 
Ham^fo name for Hero -be nappo or Koo-lan nap-po . -- 

Clear Lake Pomo - Big Valley Division 4 


Big Valley, south of main body of Clear Lake and west of 
Adobe Creek. Name usedtby themselves and by the northern 
Clear Lake tribes. — c^»-~ 

Lah- poot -soom ( Laxputsum Barrett). . .Habbe nappo cam 
projecting into Clear Lake on S shore 1 mi. W of S 
iss ion. -Barrett . 



on point 
. Turibius 

HaB-be nap- 

/ iHab-be nap-pa 

Le-shoo- e-kah-le-ho-wah (Licuikalexowa Barrett ) . . ^Sninhal) ited 
modem village on W bank Kelsey Creek directly opposite 
Kelseyville. — Barrett . 

Loo-pu-yo-m e. . .Name used by various tribes and authors for 
old Hab-be na p-po village near Kelseyville. 

Mahn^ah-tol (Manatbl Barrett). . .Uninhabited modern Hab-be nap-po 
village xi(d'^ E bank Adobe Creek, 2 mi. WNW of Kel8eyville.-:B«^^,tt. 

Clear Lake Pcmo, Big Valley division 5. 

Na-po-batin. . .Given by Oilnibs as collect ive name (meani 




No»nah-p o-te ( Monapotl Barrett). . 
part of Kelseyville. — Barrett. 

JHabbe nappq ) village in E 

Sed-de-leu . . . 


on Hulbert Ranch near Kelseyville. — c^*"— 

Shah-bai-gawk (Cafoegok Barrett), .^jilla^e-oi* both sides small 
stream empty ins; into Clear Lake at old camp site Lah-poot - 


So-be-d€ih-me ( Sobidam e Barrett). . . 
small wet-weather slough 3/4 mi. 
Turibius Mission. -Barrett. 

f Hab-b e nap- 
a little 

oj village 
~S of St. 



Clear Lake Pomo - Big Valley Division 6 

TaahT-lah l ( Tsalal Barrett). . 
Clear Lake Z\ mi. W of St. 
•Rumsey's sloush'.-'^j,,,,,^!^. 

. Ij^QQ-lan nap-pQ\ camp on S shore 
Turibius Mission and on E bank of 

E bank Ke! 




camp near 
arrett . 

Tserwisli-be-dah-me-nah-po-te ( Ts iwicb id amlnapot i Barrett ) . . . 
i Koo-lan nap-po l camp" on S shore Clear Lake 3 mi. W of St. 
Turibius Mission; on slight elevation in the Tule.— Barrett. 

i-bah- hah- poot- s oom i Tsubahaputsum Barrett;. . »Lnao-oe nap-po 
camp on S shore Clear Lake i mi. Sl of mouth of Kelsey Creek. - 
Barrett . ~ 'Ba/.AjtTt-. 

Y<Hkah-koi-bah^ . . .Name used by Clefar Lake Han.nah-bahch for 
the Koo-laji nap-po . — c«m-^ 

The following document is a duplicate of the 
preceding document. It may contain annotations 
and corrections not found on the original. 


[5^ iiij(. 

Cle:xr Lake Poro- - bi^; Valley Eiviaion li 


* T''o o~ 1 an> nap»p und H?th—be na|^»po 

(For reforoncen unci Synonymies consult Cle'-r L^vke ( iKr-n^.h-huh^''^) 

Bft.Vvt-nor':»Ve'-^ern ( B{.±'iorr:i- Ttorr F-xrrett) . . .Crj-r. on S shore CI0 r 
Luke 'H rii. ^'' of St. Vuribiua Miaaion.— Barrett , Ethn^-i^'eo,^. 
^^orio, ;>01, 190R 

BokWt~9^J>^cwMe fB?;.t^rini?^e E^arrett). . .Carp 3/1 rni. WSW of 
St. Turibius ''iiiaion. 

Be-'dur'^re-we-nt-Lh. . ^u-1' n nap~po murie. for P- b-be rn.p~ro ranoheria 
ne-ir ^©laeyville. — 

Bo-\v/rr,-]e ( boor J 1 iiicrrott). . .^'ill -,6 in Lakeiort, on knoll 
where hoi 1 venue Hotel now irj,— "Borrttr. 

Ilab^bo na}}>;}0 . . .Tribe in eaatern part of hi^r Valley ■ ir-ffed late- 
ly east of the Koo'-lan naj-jo and betwrjen /dobo Creek -md Cold 
Creek. Panc'noria of 3fime ntune on Kelaey Creek, about half a 
mile aouth of Clear Lake.-- 

Hah»dah«lahn- ( yii^alam Earrett). . .Uninhabited modern v 111- ^e on 
^lark Ranch" on W bank Kelaey Creek, 1 rri, S of St. Turibiua 
Mifiaion. — 

Hah»^nh«BbO''b-.h»'-41 (Ta--^acoba'-il Bnrrott). . .Villr.r^P on ^lite of 
rreaent villa^'.e of St. Turibius Vir^sion. 

Hah- 1 e-b err ( ml lb em Barrett ) . 
E bank /dobe Creek 2} mi. 

. .Uninhabited modern villa;^e on 
i of Kelaej'-ville, — 

Hjikah-lo-le-se ( xajkalol iae Barrett). . .Uninhabited modern vil 
la^-e i r-i. SSE of St. Turibius ?4ii3ion. 

H2~ki -yah-oo ( xaikaivau Barrett), 
^'ead of Adobe Creek -and 2i mi 

. .Cjjjnp in amall valley at 
SE of Hif^hland Sprinc;3. 

{ Imtih- r'r ih" ■^e-rno-we- n ^h ( hniara^'-lriov/l na B ■ ir re tt ) . 
^ bank Kelaey Creek on "Uonb Hanch* , 1 ri. 
Turibiua lliaaion. 

. .TTill -e no/ r 
SSr of St. 

Kah-ba-cbah . . . ya>>-t,ab-re chum-ri n're for ^oo-1fi.r ra-to and 
Ha)^«b e n; v] --fo . - «» '^•^^^>— 



. ah-boo-t Qon (yudabutun Barrett). . .U-inhabited modern villae 
1 rl. bbiti 01 LaKejJort. — "'Qeo.A.xf 

Kah'^liih-be-dah (kalabida Barrett). . .Carr]* on W ohore Cle-.r Lak 
3/4 mi. N of Lakeiort (on L. P. Burner *n place). -Barrett. 

Kah-lan nap-po . . . Yo-ki~ah n ame for " ^^oo-l-'-r! nar-TO 

Cleur Lab Ponio - Big Valley Diviaion 5. 

Cl0';.r Lake Pomo - Big Vtilloy Dlviaion 4 

yph-flhe^ b >j.b«don ( kaclbadon B?trrett) « . /^'no»lan«nar~pQ village 

T^unt, within S limit of Lakejort, on »V ahore Clei.r Likei 
E 3]or-e of ''noil irmieaiately S of flour mill.--Larrett 
^''roeber aaya^jrincipal town of Koo^lun ndp^f q » 


Koo"lan na|>-po > . .Tribe of Cle^-r Lake Porno in v/ostorn i art of 
Bi^ Valley, aouth of main body of Cle^r Lake and went of 
Adobe Creek. Name used by themaelven and by the northern 
Cleur Lake tribes.— «i***- 

' / / 

Kah«-tbt . . . Koo-lun nap-po nf;.me for their principal rancheria, 

which was on the sjj'ot now oGCU].ied by the reservation ranch- 
eria at St. Turibius Mission.-- <i'K— 


<'ah-tot-n^ih f;o-te ( katottnarotl Barrett). 
E bank " Fums ey ' s Slow^li (Ca rey 
St. Turibius Mission.— Barrett. 

. . .Kulanac villf^^e near 
rex Creek), fiEout 3 mi. SW of 

/ Kah-wo^a h'-'kah (Frof^, Sprin'~:3) • . .PorrriGr ^''oo-lar nap.»po rancheria 

at Highland ^prinf^s. — 

Barrett npollt^ it Hivnoix^s, '>n^ '^avea it as a camj i r'i, 
due E of Hirhland Sj-rir^^a on iieadwaters of Mobc Creok. 


Kah- ts ah-noQ— >i.^ il ( Kat?safnu.^:al Parrett ) . 
L'uke li r.i. U of Lakepo rt . --uarrc ' t 



on W shore Clear 


3^ipCrri,am-fo (Obvi unly slurred ^onm of ' ^ol-lah-r j-ap-fo ) , . . 
Ikr-fo nijjrs for l lab-be^ nap^o or Koo-lun napr-rp .--. 


Loh-poot- snori ( LaxpTitsum Barrett). . . Hub be na]j^.o Ciirm- on yoint 
TTOjeotin?; into Clear Lake on S shore 1 roi. w of St. Turibius 
' ''iss i on. -B irrett . 

Le-9 h oo-e-kah» le- ho» wah IL? r^ulkal erSwa b^^.r rett ) . r^uninhabited 
modem vill^r,© on W bank '^''elsey Creek directly opposite 
Keloeyville. --Barrett . 

Loo-Tvu-yo-rne . . .NjoTie unod by vari-xis tribes .'md authors 
old ]Iab'-be nar1])o villaf^e near ^olseyvillc.-- 


Mahn^ah ^tbl ( Hanatbl B arrett). . .Uninhabited norJern ^ ^nX-be nap~po 
villi/'^e im'\T E bank Adobe Creok, ?. ni. ^HP^ o^ ''olaeyvil le.-'B«rrel't-. 



Cle- r L?ike ^or;o, Bi'^^ Vulloy ▼^iviaicn ^ 

^ ^OL-ro^ba^ln . . .Hiven bv njinba ua collective nme {\^ 
■¥-;.nv hou^^ra") for ^'nl^^.n.-v n ,> nar p . r^ . IjLLrkiii, 
^he-Vum and Hov7-Vu»f^-'.. — Olhb^ in ochooloruft, IJI, 310, VV^, 

No«bu>*u » . .feulMiarp] c'^rrir; on S ahore Clear Lake near W bark 
Adobe Creek and 2 mi, * of St. Turibiun Hiaaion.— Larrett. 

No»n a!>po«te ( Hon aj'otl Barrett), 
part of Kelaeyville. — iarrett. 

. Ilahbe iMij po V i 11 ;i('je in E 

Sed" ie-leu . . . Too^lan n if~po n- me for old HaK-^e nar-ro v ill !,""e 
on Hulbert T^ancb near ^olnovville.-- 

V A aVrVg-hg^^ ig^ 1 

{)ba h>bot«"-fi.';yk ( C^'.b^^ ok Barrett). . ~J|,viiJ.i5^ or* both aides ^irrall 
j^tro'-n erjtvin'- i»"to CleM-r at rid cfinp lite L'-h-poot- 
aoon 1 mi', ^' of St. Turibiua TUaaion.-f rrett. 

3o»V)e-d ;.h>mo (^obldame Barrett). . . [ 
w-ll wet- went her alou")! 3/4 ri. a 
Turibiua ^Haaion.-I rre*t. 

I lab'-be m^p-po J v i 1 ] ' • ;e 
little "if o^ S of St. 


— ♦ — - •-'•• • 


Cle irLake Porno - Bir, Valley Division 6. 

raah-lihl (TatflQ B'-.rrett). . . Koo»lan na^wpo owrp on S ahore 
Clear Lake 2« ni. W of St. Turibiua Miaaion and on E bank of 
■Runiaey'a slou-'.h". — "BaA^i^r. 

Ta a^^ma}-!* maV v o o ( Tae^nrrarnau. Barrett). . .fj lab-be nap~p j ccunp near 
Fbank '^elaey Ureek 4 nd. up from T''elaeyville.--Farrett. 

Tau'ba h-'hah -'p oot-a oon; ( Taubahaputaun Barrett). . .r il::b-be nap^po ] 
ctyrip on B^ahore Clear Lake \ mi. S of mouth of Kolaey Creek. - 

Barrett . 

Yo»kah"koi-bah^cV . .Name uaed by Cle;xr Lake !ian»nah-b£.hg!> ^for 
the M)0"lan riaT:-t)o «'"-<^'*w~- 

(Shoteah or Stony Creek Porno) 

3HOTE«-AH or NORTIP.ASTERN POM) (Stony Creek Division) 
Tribe and Villages* 10 pages ( 2 cdf?i€5^ 

SHO TE' AH (Shannen) Tribe and Villages, 3 pages 


^fmm^mmfififffffmmtmffmfmm'imMir^mmft^^ I'f i w ii > i j ) W»» > 


--JU^- Jr' A H 

^/. t 




Am-o-tah-te .— Village on 3 bank Big Stony Greek 3J miles W Stonyford. 

oynonomy : 

Barrett, St hnogeog. Porno, 245, Feb. 1908. 

amCtati. — Barrett. See Am-o-tah-te. 

baksmtati. — Barrett. See Bak-kum-tah-ta. 

Bak-k uifl' tah-ta .— Shoteah name for former large village on site now 
occupied "by flour mil6 on south side Stony Greek a little 7?est 
of Stonyford. — C*w»^ 


f / 

pyn o nomy : 

bakamtati Barrett, Sthnogeog. Porno, 245, Feb. 1908. 

torodiLabe 'Southerly «Vintun' [Choohel'memsel] name for 

baka m'tati . Barrett, Sthnogeog. Porno, 245, Feb. 

Toro'd e ^hlab'-be Llerriam M3. Choohelmemsel name. 


Ee-she/-chil rBes-sah-e^ -chil . BepL se-e^-chil . slurred Be-s>ie^-ch il).— 
Shoteah name for present village on Stony Creek 2i miles W of 

Stonyford, — ^'^»'^~^ 
Synonomy : 

Bo-de-ta Present Stonyford rancheria. 
No-ka-we Name used by Grindstone Win. 

L by B&rrett\as 'Southerly Vimtun' LChoohel 
"or present Stonyford rancheria; called by 

no pnokewi Given 

name for pr 

themselves Bes'-se-e'-cnil. — cut^^ 


Bo-de-ta.— Same as Be-she-chil , which see. 

CMrierte^do^— Given by Barrett, as village 3^ miles N of Stonyfa^d 
and 1 mile W of Big Stony Creek, on ME side "Salts oring valley** 
near salt-bed. But Chief San Diego says "no village there— name 
of small lake only."— c^^^*-- 

;:> ynonomy : 

>tceetido Barrett, Ethnogeog. Porno, 245, Feb. 1903. 

Ghok-hlabe .— Ghoohelinernsel name for Kakoskal' on Big Stony Greek 
Z\ miles K of Stonyford. 

p jnonomy : 


X^ Given bv Barrett as 'Southerly Wintun' [Choohelinegsel] 
^^^^namefSrMlskE- Barrett ,Ethn4geo^.romo ,^4d ,Feb.l9ob. 

Pe^-leh-ka.— Pormer sipbII village on 3 benk Stony Creek about 

2 miles W of Stonyf ord» — cMtA>^ -^ 

^ ynonomy : o 

odiiaka Barrett, Sthnogeog. Fomo, 245, PelD. 1908. 

TW^oolltfim-tel^ah. -Given by Barrett as old village on N bank 
Big Stony Creek im-ediately N of 3 tony ford. Given ne by Chief 
3an Diego as place name only.— 

— »iia« 

3 ynon om y : 

d-:>^i-l tamtiW Barrett. Ethnogeog. Porno, 245, Feb. 1908. 

r^^irlabe Given by Barrett as 'Southerly Wintun' [Choohelr^emsel] 

name for rivibriltamtiv/a , Ethnogeog. Pomo, 245, 1-06. 

diMltanitImXBarrett).See Dno-hnoVtam-te-wgh. 

ThnLjiQ te-do.-3hoteah name for their former rancheria on south 
side Stony Greek about i mile iwest of Stonyford.— 


E-wel-han-nom . — Yuke nan^ for Stonyford people. Barrett 
(written iwilrJmil^noa), Ethnogeog. Pomo, 254, 1908. 

iml-han-nom .— Yuke name for Stonyford tribe. Barrett, Ethnogeog. 
Pomo, 254, 1908. See K-vgel-har-ngm. 

Kah=korSMhi.— Given by Barrett as village on Big Stony Greek 
2t miles N of Stonyford (on Bickford Ranch). Given me as place 


name only. 

Synonomv : 

Qhok-hlabe or Gho' klabbv: Choohelmemsel name. See GhSk'-'hlabe 

kakoskal Barrett, Ethnogeog. Pomo, 245, Peb. 1908. 

Kah-tak-ta .— Old village on Big Stony Creek 4- mile N of Stonyford, 
where road turns in (west) to present rancheria*— cj^u^ 

Synonomv : 

T^fitakta Barrett, Sthnogeog. Pomo, 245, Peb. 1908. 

kakSskal Barrett See Kqh-kp-skghr. 

katakta Barrett, ^iee Kah-tak-ta . 

i:i-hil-tam-te-?/£h «— Given liy Barrett as old village near foothills 

» * 

E of Big Stony Greek 3/4 mile NE of Stonyford". Given me as 

place name only. — cm^^^ 

Synonomv : 

mihiltamtiwa Barrett, Ethnogeog. Porno, 245, Feb. 1908. 

mihiltamtlv/a Barrett. See Mi-hil-tam -te-wah. 

No-ka-we .— Win name for Stonyford tribe. Same as B^-she~chil, 
vThidi see. 


Nomin. — Choohelmemsel name for old village on N bank Big Stony 
Creek just II of Stonyford. — cUvv.^ 
Synonomv ! 

Doo-hool-tam-te-wah Shoteah name. See Doo-hocl-tam-te-wah . 


Nomin ^hlab-be Choohelmemsel name. Merriam MS 1908. 

—' . 

nominLabe Barrett, Ethnogeog. Porno, 245, Feb. 1903. 

See Doo-hool-tam-te'-v/ah. 

NSmin *hlab-be . — See Nomin and Doo-hccl-tam-te-wah . 

No-pno-ka-we f nopno k ewi B arrett). — Choohelmemsel name for 

present Stonyford rancheria. — cju«.^ 

See Be-she'-chil. 

nopnokevd . — Barrett See No'-pno-ka-we . 

Nuk-kon-me (or Nuk-ko'-na-me ). — ^Yuke name for romo tribes. 
Synonomy : 

No'-kon-me ; Oo-kot-on~tilka name for Pomah. Merriam IJS3. 


odilaks.— Barrett. See De-lch-kah . 

Pa h-katch-ah-hco-vah f ?a-kali-chah-hoc-vah ),— Old camp site gUen 

by Barrett as halOvay up SE slope of 3t. John Mt. Given^me as 

place name only. — cj-wa.^ 

Syncnomv : 

pakatcahuva Barrett, Ethnogeog. Pomo, 245, Feb. 1908. 

pakatcahuva .— Barrett.- See Pah-ka tch-ah-hoo~ yah . 


.--One of their names for their own tribe. — cikuL^ 

See Shoteah. 

Sho-te-ah .— Name used by the Po-mo~ke- chsh' (Potter Valley Pomo) 
for Stonyford Pomo. Name means 'Easterners'. — ^iK^^ 
Synonom'.'" : 

To-ro'-de-he Merriam ,^ MS 19 lin and Choohelmepisel name 

for Shote'ah tribe.- cm^ 



One of their names for their Ovvn tribe.— c*- 

To-le-taUe-GhMhelmem«el name for Stonyford tribe. 


Tah-tah-shali . — Old village (small) on M bank Big Stony Creek 
2 or 3 miles N of Stonyford. — ch--. 
Synonomy : 

ta^taca Barrett, Ethnogeog. Pomo, E45, 1908. 

ta^taca See Tah-tah-shah . 

tcee^tido Barrett. See Oha-e-te-do . 

tcokLabe Given by Barrett as 'Southerly Wintun' LOhoohelmerasel] 

-, />, 

name for kakoskal . Ethnogeog. Pomo, 245, 1908. See Ohok hlab -be. 

To-le-ta-v,'e . — Oh o ohel mems e 1 name for Stonyford tribe (Shoteah). — cs*^ 
See Shote'ah and To-ro-de-he . 

Too-rco-roo-ri-"be-da . — Given "by Barrett as old village on Middle 
Pork Big Stony Greek 1 mile from junction with S Fork. Chief 
San Diego says it is the nsm.e of a small creek on north side 
Pouts Spring, and that there never vvas a rancheria there. — cim^ 
Synonomy : 

turururaibida Barrett, Ethnogeog. Porno, 245, Peh. 1908. 

To-ro-de'-he ^hla"b-be . — Name used by the V/in tribes of western Glenn 

County for the tribe at Stqnyford. ^^•'**^-^ 

Synonomy : 

to rod! La be Given by Barrett as 'Southerly Wintun' [Choohelmemsel] 

name for Bak'um't ah't a rancheria on 3 side Stony Creek 
at site of grist mill just iii of Stonyford. — Barrett, 
Sthnogeog. Pomo , 245, Peb. 1908. 

— / 


— See To-ro-de-he hlab-be . 

Tshee-te-do . — See tceetido and Cha-e-te-do . 


Wah-im-moon . — Gi ven by Barrett as old camp site near summit of 
St. John Mt. Chief San Diego says there was no camp there— 
merely place name. — c*-**- 
Synonomy : 

wa^imun Barrett, Ethnogeog. Forao, 245, 1908. 

I. ~ 

I • 

waimun . — See Wah-im-moon . 

W 1 - s i 1 . - - Kl e t - w i n name (meaning 'north tribe') for Shoteah. — cHv^ 

turlirursibida . —See Too-roo-roo-ri-be-da. 

The following document is a duplicate of the 
preceding document. It may contain annotations 
and corrections not found on the original. 

P in A N 

Am-oltflh^ te ^V illage on S bank Big Stony Creek 3i miles If Stonjford 

amoteti Barrett, Bthnogeog.Pomo, 245, Feb, 1908 

ftno'tati . — Barrett. See 4'»^0''^sh«te. 

L— Barrett. See 

^klkmn^ tah«ta .— Shoteah name for former large village on site now 
occupied by flour mile on south side Stony Creek a little west 
of Stonyford. — ^J^*^ 

Synonomy t 

^akpmtati Barrett, Bthnogeog. Porno, 245, Feb. 1908, 

•Southerly Wintun* [Ohoohel'memael] name for^ 
■ " '* Barrett, Sthnogeog. Pomo, 245 .Feb, 




Merriam MS. Choohelmemsol name* 


Mrghe-ghil (£eg-ggb"g~ghil, £aa~ge-e~chil> slur red Se-ghe^hil)*— 

Shote'ah name for present village on Stony Creek 2i miles W of 
Stonyford.— "^^"^ 

Synonoigy ! 

Present Stonyford rancheria. 
Name used by Grindstone Win* 

Given by Barrett^as 'Southerly Wintun* [Choohelmemsel] 
name for present Stonyford rancheria; called by 
themselves Bes-se-e-cnil. — cn.^ 


»de~ta. — Same a'a Be«>ehe»ohil t ?iiich see. 

Qha»e* t e~dQ . - ■■Gi ven by Barrett as village 3i miles N of Stonyfcrd 
and 1 mile W of Big Stony Creek, on NE side "Saltspring valley" 
near salt-bed. But Chief San Diego says "no village there— nams 
of small lake only.**— 
Synonomy : 

toe e tide Barrett, Bthnogeog. Pomo, 245, Feb* 1908 




Qhokllhlabe ,— Ohoohflljnemsel name for Kakoskal on Big Stony Creek 
2i miles N of Stonyford. 

Synonomy ! 

laokLftbft Given by Barrett t as 'Southerly Wintun» [Choohelfnemsel] 

name for kakogkal . Barrett, Ethnogeog.Pomo, 245, Feb. 1908. 



De»3 ,eh>k^- . —Former small village on S bpn'< Stony Creek about 
2 miles W of Stony ford.— <!.u^ 

— / 

ftd il9k ?l. Barrett, Ethnogeog. Pomo, 245, Feb. 1908 

Doo»hool-tam»telwah ,-»~Sivfln by Barrett as old village on N bank 
Big Stony Greek imrediately N of Stonyford. Given i» by Chief 
San Diego as place name only. — ^^'**-- 

duhfiltfimtiVfl Barrwtt, 2thnogeog. Pomo, 245, Feb. 1908. 

nominLflbft Given by Barrett as 'Southerly ffintun' [OhoohelWmsel] 

name for dtthttltamtiwfl, Sthnogeog. Pomo, 245, 1908. 

dtthBl \m\ 1 TO .'^Barrett See DoQ-hQol>tam-.teiwflh. 

[:rdfi.***Shote'ah name for their former rancheria on south 
side Stony Creek about J mile nest of Stonyford.— ^i^-*-- 



E-CTel^han-nom . —Yuke ncirfi for Stonyford people. Barrett 
(written iwiUhan-nom ) Ethnogeog. Pomo, 254, 1908. 


Barrett, Ethnogeog 

Pomo, 254, 1903. See E>vrel-han>nom. 

i^fl|i,lf n^wkahV — Given by Barrett as village on Big Stony Creek 
2i miles N of Stonyford (on Bickford Eanch). Given me as plaoe 
name only.— '^^^"*~ 

Svnonomv t 

QhokJhlabe or Qho' klabbv: Choohelinemsel name. See ghok^hlfltg * 
>rakogkfll Barrett, Ethnogeog, Pomo, 245, Feb. 1908. 

Old village on Big Stony Creek i mile N of Stonyford, 
Tihere road turns in (west) to present rancherial— ""^^-^ 


I rffitflkta Barrett, Ethnogeog. Pomo, 245. Feb. 1908. 

kqkoakfll Barrett See Kp^-^»*"^»^'^ 

Berrftt, <5ee l^ch-tak^tfx . 

,— Glren \)y Barrett as old villege near foothills 

E of Big Stony Creek 3/4 mile KB of Stonyford, Given me 8« 
place name only* — 

<^A».^ . 



— / 

Porno, 245, Feb. 1908. 

— / 

Barrett. See Ij^hil^tam^tftlwah, 

No-ka-we.— Win name for Stonyford tribe. Same as 

#ii(ii see. 


Hcaiiur- Ohooholmemsel name for old village on N bank Big Stony 

Creek just N of Stonyford.- 
Synonomy ! 



Shoteah name. See DoQ^hool-tam^taiwah 

^oVttn 'hli 

Barrett, Ethnogeog. Pomo, 245, Feb. 1908 
See DoQ-hool»t am^te»wah. 

Ngmin'hlab-be .^» See UsodlL and l?00-bQQl-taffl-'tC~W9h 

(no pnokewi B arre 1 1 ) 
present Stonyford ranoheria.— 


Le»chil . 

nopnokewi . »~Barret t See ^o*pno»kB>we. 

gynonomv ! 

No'>kon>ma : Qo-kotlonltilka name fo r Pomah. Merriam MSS 




Miiaka*— Barrett. See Dellah-kah. 


>(>hflh>hQo>vflh).»~ Old camp site given 

by Bsrrett as half way up SB slope of St. John Mt. Giren me as 

place name only. — ^ 

Barrett, Ethnogeog* Pomo, 245, Feb. 1908. 

••• Barrett. See ^flh^ka teh>ah>hoQ^ 

ShiUen One of their names for their om tribe. -.^-*-^ 

See Shsiiakk* 

T£JiLtah-shah .>-Qld village (sm&l 
2 or 3 miles N of Stonyford.— 

tataca Barrett, Kthnogeogt Pomo, 245, 1908. 

* r 

tfltaca See Tahltah-shah . 

toflfltido Barrett. See Ohfl^e-te-do 


kukoakfll . Sthnogeog. Pomo, 245, 1908. See Qhok' hlwb^ba. 

i«te-»ah . — Name used by the pQ*mQ*ge* 

(Potter Valley Pomo) 

for Stonyford Pomo» Heme means •Easterners*.— 

Synonpwz< ^ , . _ 

Io>r o>de '-hft Merr iam ., MS 19 11a, 

for SllfilUBflll tribe. -~v 





- 1 

One of their names for their own tribe, — ^^v-- 

name for Stonyford tribe. 

— Q^oohelrnemsal name for Stonyford tribe (Shote'ah).— 


See ghoteah and 

•~— ~ 







Pork Big Stony Creek 1 mile from Junotion isith S Pork. Chief 
San Diego says it is the name of a small oreek on north side 
Pouts Spring, and that there nerer was a rancheria there»- 

Synonomy t 

Barrett, Bthnogeog. Pomo, 245, Feb* 1908. 


lab-be . 

County for the tribe at Stony ford. - ^'^^ — 

Synonomy t 

torodlLabe Given by Barrett as 'Southerly Wintun* [Choohelmemsel] 

name for Bakum'tah'ta rancheria on S side Stony Creek 
at site of grist mill Just 1? of Stony ford.— Barrett, 
Bthnogeog* Pomo, 245, Pebt 1908. 

yqhLliii*inooti> «M^i iran by Barrett as old camp site near summit of 
St. John Ut. Chief San Diego says there was no camp there— 
merely place name*— 

Synonoay i 

WLaaXL Barrett I Sthnogeog* PomOt 245, 190d« 

>• - 

ffl|t«an> ^- See 

yii>ail. >i piit>ffin name (meaning •north tribe*) for Shoteah 


torodiLabe .-- See To^roide^he 'hlab*bft. 

T^heeLte-do — See tgeetido and QhB-Q-te-dQ* 

..^ee XQQ-yoQ-'^='QO'"y^^^»*^a* 

» # 




3 1/2 mllee W of Stonyford (Berrett) 

/ . >j 

Bak-kum-tah-ta (Bak-kon-ta-te, Bakazatatl 

on site now ooonpled feiy flour mill on Stongr Creek 
Just W of Stony Ford. Called Torode'hlal)~'be "by 
the fatwln.- e^yi^ 

BeB-sah-e-ohil tah-ta (BeB-ee-e-chll) ... Present Stony Ford 

Hancheria on Stony Creek 2 l/E miles W of Stony 
Ford. Also called B<y-de-ta-^ <^**'*^ 


Eah*>t8k*ta (Eatakta Barrett) 

1 1/E Biles I of Stonyford (Berrett) 

Bd^de-ta. .. Present Stonyford ranoherla. Same as Bes-sah-e-chll -(j**va^ 

Chok^^hlabe (TookLabe Barrett).-. Patwln name for Kakoskal on Big 

Stony Creek 2 1/2 miles H of Stonyford (Barrett) 

Ml-hll-tam-te-wah (Mlhlltaratlwa Barrett)... Old vlllaee near 

foothills E of Big Stony Creek 3/4 mile 3E of 
Stonyford (Barrett) 


Barrett) . . . Patwln name for old village on 5 bank 
Big Stony Creek jtist I of Stonyford. Called 
2)oo-hool-tam-te-wah by their own tribe 

-^'' — — 

lo^pno-ka-ve (Hopnokewl Barrett)... Patwln nsne for present 

Stony Creek ranoherla. Called by themselves 
Bos- se- e- ohll . - cm m^ 

0-de-lah-ka (Odliaka Berrett)... Old village on S bank 



tsB-te-wah (Dohultamtlwa)... Old village on 9 bank Big 
Stony Creek Immediately N of Stonyford (Barrett) 
Called Noraln^hlob-be by the Patwln 

P&b-katoh-ah^hoo-yah (Pakatoahnya Barre 




Shannon. •• Shelr name for themselves 


shahl' (Kakoskal 

2 1/2 miles H of Stonyford (on Blokford Ranoh. 
Called Choklabby by the Patwln) Barrett 

Tah-tah-shah (Tataoa Barrett)... Old village on Stony Creek 2 

miles I of Stonyford (Barrett) 

g^ f^.-^- 

>- ■^rf^'^^*~r--r 

in r;"i rtJi'iTM .rrJ 



Too-roo-roo-rl-bo-da (Tnrururalblda Barrett) . • . Old Tillage on 

Middle Forlc Big St 02^7 Creek 1 mile from jmiotlon 
with S Fork (Barrett) 

To-ro-de^'hlab-be (TorodiLabe) ... Patwln name for Bakomtahta 

ranoherla on S side Stony Creek at site of grist 
Hill Just W of Stony Ford (Barrett) 

Tshee^te-do (Toeetldo Barrett)... Old Tillage 3 I/2 ndlee H of 

Stonyford and 1 mile W of Big Stony Creek (Barrett) 


-lah-xaoon (Waliaah Barrett) ... Old eamp site near snnolt of 

St. John Mt. (Barrett) 

^^. , . ..V,. 


* *A ^.i 




(Lower Lake or 
Ham'-fo Porno) 

HA!i«-FO Tribes, Bands and Villages 
33 pages (^ copit^ 



T^jfer ^^^ ^"ST^^^Sl^ 



Territory ccnqprised the whole of Lower Lake and Sulphur- 

bank Ann (East Bay) with included islands, the adjacent mainland, 
reaching north to include Mt. Konokti, Buckingham Point and the 
southeast half of Floyd Hill; east to High Valley, and the divide 
between the southeastern part of Lower Leike and North Fork Cache 
Creek, thus including Burns Valley; south to northern limit ei 
of Too-le-yo-me tribe (Lowerlake village); southeast to a hill 3 
miles east of Lowerlake village (hill called La-lish by Ham^fo . 
Al-lok ko-bo-je by Tuleyome ) . 


; whose language differs radically from that of the 

other Clear Lake 
Ham-fo and Oom-t 

The ^ Ham^ f o regard themselves as oomprisii^ 3 bands according 
to the territory belorigir^ to each of the 3 principal villages. 
9mk of which 

situated on aft island^, as follow' : 
Koi'^im-fo . . « naffi^^ Band originally on Koi-e Island and claiming 

mainland on both sides of south end of Lower Lake; on the 
west including the mountains extend iiTg from Mt. Konokti south- 
southeasterly to Mt. Hannah; on the east reaching the divide 
between North Fork Cache Creek and Lower Lake, and continuing 

^Ham-fo 2. 



southward to a hill 2i' miles east of Lowerlake village (the hill 


Kom^dot jm-fQ. . .Band originally on Komdot Island and claimij^ 
the northern two-thirds of the weat shore of Lower Lake, including 

Buckingham Pen^ insula and the main bo 
including Long Point (Sulphurbank Poini 


f Mt* Konokti; also 

r6d by t»h6B!B6lT6B 

Ke lle; and said by E. W. Cfiff ord ,i>e inoludo alo e a »t1rip on 
the north side of the strait connectirg Clear Lake with East 
Bay. This northern area is shown on^*B map (p. 79) as situ 
ated directly north of Buckingham peninsula and includes the 
southeast part of Floyd Hill with the bay immediately on the 
east, and extends in the interior to the High Valley 

El-lem^fo . . .Band originally on Ell em Island at east end of East 
Bay and claiming adjacent mainland on both sides excepting Long 
or Sulphurbank Point and the narrow^Floyd Hill strip;^belonge<t 
to KomclQt.-- 

Ham-fo 3. 

Ham-fo ^. 


Koi-im- fo. . Originaliy restricted to ^inhab iltants of Koi-e Id. 
soDie^iines used in general way for ^ Ham-fo . '^^txr »ww ■K.<L'.»c<..-ejt«~- 

See Kg i- jm- f o . j^.t^^.»w-*«,tLoii4'^^*^^v.-~'W ^•^•^-^^'*^V-"*~^ 

K ow"b 0- k 00- 1 i- nah . .'%'^ee Kow-e-nab-bah . see also synonomy of 
KoW-b o-koo- 1 i- nah . 

Kow-e-nab-bah and Kow-b o- k o o- 1 i - nah » . .Names used by &he-kum 
lor Lower Lake tribe. --oi*^ 

Kow-e-nab-bah may probably be used in sense of Khawina . See 
synonomy of Khawi na . 


• • 

N^me^uyed by\Rus3^n 

onomy df Kow-p:oo-mh 

Iver Pomo for\Lower Laice 


fQ, in a loose sense for whole tribe v Haai' 
bee synonomy of Kow-goo-mah . 

L innmahk- mah. . .Koo-lari na p-po name for KoBiido^ . used in loose 
sense Tor whole tribe ('HaiB^ f o ) . — r i^>¥,^^^. 
See synonomy of Lim-mahk^mah . and also of Komdot . 

• Behepkobel . . .Overflow village from E l- l eg!. (Gifford 1923). . 

See El'-lem-fo ocu^ <sjxJikJ^ >(.<xc^ku.vwtaiy^ (.^lcijo*^ \nii}. 

cakai (Barrett 1908), . . See Shatf-ki 

Ohe-vQl-kit-hlah-le ( tclyolkitLa ll Barrett). . .Village on NE point 
of Buckir«hin Peninsula which projects northerly as St corner 
of Clear ^e foming western boundary of strait between mam 
body of Clear Lake and East Bay (.Sul^ohuibank Am) and Lower Lake 
Barrett. Ethno-Geog. Pcmo, 206. 1908. 

4 • 

Cho- tan- o-man- aa (.Gibbs 1853). 
ntik and Koi-im-fo. 

• * 

'8oe' aynonofty of Uhoo-tow-no-roan- 

^■0 ftr.l 


Ui^^ K' 


-v^W.^> , 

'K • Cow-goo - mah (Palmer 188 


•v r 

« *►• 

cutefclyomariuk (Barrett 1908). . .^Northern P4afto"L apparently main 
Clear LakeJ name fo/ village Koi. See synonomy of Shoo-tow- 
noT-man- n^ , and Koi-e under ko'i Barrett. 

elem (Barrett 1908): SlfiO (Gif ford' 1923) and El^(Kroeber 1925; . . 
See synonomy of El-lem : 

Sah- chah- let^-a-ml . . . We- shum- tat- tah name for Ham-fo .— 


Shoo- tow- no-man- nok. . .Dan-no-kah name for Hannfo • - - c^m^ 

synonomy of Shoo- 1 ow- no- man- niik . 

Elemite . Elemites (Gifford 1923). . .See synonomy of El-lem^fo. 

Ham- f ?' 

•El-lemC . .T^Principal village of El-lem-fo on E 1-1 em' Id./^ 
east end of East Bay. — c>jiw^ 


^ elam [pronounced El- lem 3 . 
208, Feb. 1908^^ 

. .Barrett, Ethno-Greog. Porno, 
See also aynonomy of El-lem-fo 


t I ■ ~ -- '- 

i^li^fMlil *■ 

El em. . .&ifford (after Barrett^ , Pomo Lands on ulear Lake. 
HefeiBSt Memorial Vol. 79. 19<J3. See also synonomy of 


Elan. . .Kroeber (after Barrett) . Hdbook. Indians Calif.. 
232. 1925. See also synonomy of El-lem-fo . 

Elemite vf Elemite». . . Name used by Gifford for the people 
of £lem .--Gifford> Pomo Lanls on Clear Lake, Hearst 
Memorial Vol. 80-81, 1923. See synonomy of El-lem-fo 

Ham-fo ^. 



from El-lem' island at east erd of East Bay, the site of their 
principal village. The survivors now live on the mainland at 
Sulphurbank. The El-lem-fo territoiy included the mainland on 
north, south, and east sides of Sulphurbank Arm. — c^»^w^ 

Synonony : 

Behepkobel . . .An ov^flow village from Elem, which since the 
abandonment of Elem has become the only village; located 
on the adjacent mainland.— Oif ford, Pomo Lands on Clear 

Lake, Hearst Memorial volume, p. 86, 1923. 
lau kumaiin 

See also 

Cow-p:oo-mah . (■ Palmer 1881). See synoaiOnqrVof K:Qw-g QQ-ina.h 

4. « 

elem. . .Bar rett , 

— — ^ (^iuj5— 

Ethno-freog. Pomo, 208, Feb. 1908. 

Elem . . . Fe^r^^jwn 

Take, Hearst Memorial 

Elem . . .Kroeber ( 
Calif., 232, 1925. 

......^ Crifford. Pomo Lands on Clear 

Volume, pp. o7, 92, 1923. ( (^♦-o.>>^i/a^viji->o 

after Barrett). — Hdbook. Indians- 

ElfifflitM. . .Used by (Jifford for El-le 
Clear Lake , Hearst Memorial Vol . , 


80-81 , 

PoiQO Lands on 

Hnnkcirm -l^tti^rett" 4907)^^ -Bee SyaonoRy of Kow-gconaaaii.o^ 

.A KwYK-iol 

Hawina . lKroeber;9.2.t> ) .. See synonomy for Kow-e-nab-bah 

Hfiun-fo 7. 

Ham-fo 1 

El-leir-fo aynonomy conbirued. 

How-gQ o-mi- e- nah or Kow-p;o o-mi - e- nah . . .Name used by Yoklab Pomo 

and by Clear Lake tribe? (Han-nah-bahch) for El-lem-fo.-'^^ 
See synoncMDay for Kow-p:oo-mah 

How»koo»Bah or Kow-Koo-mah 
El-lertt-fo.— ^i^*'^— • 

Name used by ' Koo-lan'-nap-px ) for 
See synonomy for Kow^goo^m ah 

How-ku-ma . . Spelling used by gibbs m Schoolcraft. 1853; by 

leci^lif. Treaties^ 1853; Senate reprint. 4, 53. 56. 1905; 

by Bancroft (after Gibbs) 1874; by Royca 1901; and How-ru-me . 
[obviously a misprint for How-ku-ma J by John McKee, 1803, 
all of indefinite locality but probably referring to El- 
lem-fo. See synonony for Kqw» goo-man. 

See also Na-po-batin G ibbs, main list. 

r Northe rn Pom o "L C appa rent ly main Clear Lake J name. 
kar'mina (BarrettT 1906) . .~~^*$pee synonomy for "Ko^ft^^^^fiab-b^ Khoiwi-vic, 

Kajnina (Kroeber 1925). . .See synonomy for ^ i^Koirre-isftb-bah K^I«.vyi>^«- 

" East em Pomo** LShe-kumJ name. , 
eSagimia (Barrett 1908). . v^ee synonomy for Kow- 
■^vUied also for Komdot) 

I fKi 

KauguD®. (Kroeber 1925). . .See synononiy for KQfcgoqjo&b 

Khawim^fltrrett (after Kroeber, MS4 1903)^Hdbook. im. Indians, 

1907. See synonony for g |> » . e ■ n a b boh \lVa.w;.-Ac.. 

Ti!l-lem-fo synonomy continued. 


Kow- 0" nah-ka-ah . . ^See aynonomjr for How«fcoo-mah . 


(Name for Kemciqt wron d^ referred by Palm er t o £l= Igm.7 
-mah-mah (Palmer 1881 ) . "T^See synonomy for Xig-^mahk-mah 

Na-po-bat 'ita (in part). . .Gibbs in Schoolcraft. III. 110. 1853. 
See Na-po-bafin (Jibbs. main list. 

Xaukumaiina (Gifford 1923jT~7'^ee synonomy for Kow«'P:oo-mah ^ 


Ta-wina (Barrett 1908). . .5ee synonomy for iCow e' iwb-bah K w o-w j-a a. 
under ka»mi na Barrett . 


Ham-fo 9. 

Hah«we-nah ka-wjna Barrett). -vv in synonomy oi-Row^^neb-t>ah 

'Hajn-fo. . .Lower Lake tribe. For fuller definition see head of 
this tribe list. 

Ham-fo to 

nah-di . tonadai Barrett). . .Villagefcn E shore East Lake \ mi. 
N of Sulphur Bank and directly opposite old village on Rattle- 
snake Island [ El-lem1 .— Barrett. Ethno-Geog. Poino, 205^208, 1908 

Gifford says, Xunadai . not a village, name applied only to 
the boat landing there.— Gdf ford, Porno Lands on Clear Lake, 
Hearst Memorial Volume, p. 86, 1923. 

Ha ukoma (Barrett in Hdbook. 1907). . .See synonomy of Kow-goo-mah^ 
Hawina (Kroeber 1925). TX^eeTsynonomy^of Kow-e-nab-beOi ^Va-WT^g, <wx_ 

S£- u^>vii -^• 

t y^ '^ 


Na/ng^uaQci by Yp^ki'^ah Pr>nnn and b y ClBar La ke tribea/TorElW^j: 

If ■ w . -->,^^^ — W ' - - ' — — ' 

' How-go o»m i« e« na h or Kow-p.oo-mi-e- nah . . .^ee synonomy of Kow-fyoo-mah 

( !Kqo- lanVii| tpy po name tor El" 1 em- f oy 
How-koo-mah or Kow-gob-mah . . "^ee synonomy of Kow-g o o-mah o^ ^Wft-w-^o 

How-ku-ma (Gibbs 1853) and others. . .See synonomy of Kow-p:oo«mah 


How- r u-ma (McKee 1853). . .See synonomy of Kow-goo-mah 

Ho»ye (xoyi Barrett). . . See;r^nonony of Koi-e t .. 

I. » 

t > 

Hoyi (Kroeber 1925). . tfame -for Vill,^;e, Koi::e. See Kai Kroeber in 
synonomy of Koi-e . See also xoyf barrett . 

1 s 

H^W-\r'<C(xube Barrett). . .Village on E shore Lower 
Floyd'*8 Landirg and li mi. NW of IMkA. outlet. 
Porno ,^207. 1908. 

Lake i mi. N of 
-Barrett, Ethno-Geog. 

kaalkfai (Barrett 1908). .,.See Kah-ahl k-fi 

i-ahlk-fi ( kaalkfai Barrett). . .Camp on west shore Lower Lake 

grobably 3 mi. Sil of little Borax Lake (which is at base of 
uckir^fiam Peninsula).— Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 209, 1908. 

■>. T * 

'^ ^ 

t • 

/ ♦ 

. ./ 

♦ ( ^ f . ,. 

«A. y • 



^^^^^.^ * . _.. «- Buckingham or Kahm'dot Island.--- 

Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Fomo, 206, Feb. 1908^ y 

arretL, fiLnno-ueog. romo, ^uo, rev. ivuo. 

• • 

,[Sm IMi 

Kah-mah-dot . Kah-mah- dot- 1 im- f o , Kahm-dot . Ham- dot. . .See KorndSl. 


Kah-me-nah . (ka-mina Barrett). . .See synonomy of Kow.^«Kn8Lb-bah 


^ Ham-fo //. 

'Ham-fo la. 

' • -Seej 

^ Sy^.tr.^^^^^ 1^ ,\^0ur.U-k'H)-^-yuJ. o^- f 

Kah- oo-bo-ko ^ i /Jcaubo^olai Barrett^ a •-.- iCof^ifflrfo 

) . •* • 

• • ' Se 



about due W of B 


Ka^ke-yo-me. . > TuIeyome name for Koi-im«fo or Ham: 
bee synonomy of FCoi'^in^fo and ' Ham- f o » . : ;.. _ 



. Oortherri Porno ", Lagl 

(Barrett 1908). . -^See 


and also of El-lem'-fp 



kaubofkolai (Barrett 

1908)rX7rSee synonomy of Kow-bo-koo-li-nah 

klaucel (Barrett 1908). . .See Kah^oo^shal 

yEaatern Pomd' [She-kumJ 
kfiju^ gl_CBa rrett 19 06! 

n ame for Elleiii '; u sed also for .Kom- dot^^ 
See aynonoriy of Kow»f:oo-'miih t *^<<^ -^^^ 

kecelwai (Barrett 1908). . .See Ke-ahel-wi 

Ke-shel-wi (kefeelwai Barrett). . .Village on or near north end Buck- 
ingham peninsula, on strait connecting main body Clear Lake with 
Lower Lake. Oiven by Barrett as -k mi. NE of cakai p— Barrett . EthnO' 
Geog. Pomo, 206, 1908 -^Cn- 


Ke-ye-oot-set ( kiyeatsit Barrett). . .Village on S shore East Lake 
:i miles W of Sulphur Bank.— Barrett. Ethno-CTeog. Pomo, 208, 1908 


t > 1 

* r 

t - 

♦ » 

• \ 

• »• 


■• • 

\ » 

Hani-fo /'3 

Khawina . . TUpper Clear Lake* name for Pomo village at Sulphur 
Bank.— Barrett (.after Kroeber. MS, Univ. Calif., 1903), Hdbook. 
Am. Indians, 678, 1907. tiee also synonomy of El-lem-fo 

Sy no nomy : 

Hawina or Kamina or Kaaig uma. . .Names used for village com- 
munity of El-lem ." — ICroeber (after Barrett), Hdbook. Indians 

Calif., 252, 1925. 

See also synonomy of £llem-fo . 

VVvoovr^teA kftK-w€ 


^ j[«^jk*s*.;?a{L, nuU^ ec*^ -<'-4lI 

ka-minai ^ . .Northern PpmoAname Tor village of 
and luauguma are>vihe-kum] names for the same 

^~^ .4 « « X ^^ ^v .^^ «. .^ ^v ^^ ^ 



Ethno-Cxeog. lr'omo\^Q8,_1908 . 

people. — barrett , 

bee also synonomy of 

Kamina. . .bee Hawina Kroeber. 

used in sense of Khawina.-- 

Hamefp may probahlj 
.Iso SYtionomv of Ham- 

Jf i*-fc •'>' ■' -M«ty •> ^ sy^ 

xa-wina. . .See ka-mi na Barrett. 

Ham-fo 14. 

klyeutait (Barrett 1908). . .See Ke-ye-oot-aet . 

koiCBarrett 1908) i Koj, (Gifford 1923); a»d Kai (Kroeber 1925). 
See synonimy of Koi-e . 


'Ham-fo /^"" 

' Koi-e « . .Name of village on island of same name near south end 
of Lower Lake from which the Ko i- im- f o sub-tribe takes its 
name. — ov^a^ 

Koi . . .Barrett in Hdbook. An. Indians, Pt. 1. p. 721, 1907. 
See also synonomy of Makhelchel . 

"koi, xgyi . cQ tauyomanuk " . . ."Northern Pomo" [apparently Main 
Clear LakeJ name ^,uaad, by .Barrett for village. of Koi-e . — * 
Barrett, Ethno-^xeog. Pomo, 207, 1908. See also synonomy or 
Ko i- im- f . 

Koi. . .Crifford (after Barrett) . Pomo Lands on Clear Lake, 
Hearst Memorial Volume, pp. o7. 92, 1923. ^(Boundaries 
of territory). tiee also synonomy of Ktfi- im- f o 

•]Coi, Hoyi , Shutauyomanok . or Kaubokolai* . . .wames used by 
Kroeber for village on Kqj^ Id. — Kroeber (after Barrett), 

Hdbook. Indians Calif., 232, 1925 
of Kof-im-fo 

See also synonon^ 

xoyi [pronounced Ho-ye J. . .See under koi Barrett. 


Ham- f 1 (> 

Koi-im-fo ». .Tribe on southern part of Lower Lake; one of the 3 
principal divisions of llam- f o . Properly restricted to inhabi- 
tants of Koi-e Island and adjacent mainland, but sometimes used 
for all Lower Lake Xi^U^.thus including the Kom-dot-im-fo . Sur- 
vivors now^on CfttVi© Creek about 1 mi. east of Lower Lake. — C4vv^ 


Cho-tan- o-man-as (G-ibb 3^1853). . 
no-man- nuk. 

.See synonomy of Shoo-tow- 

cutauvomanuk (Barrett 1908). . .See synonomy of Shoo-tow- 
no-man-nuk . 

Hoyi . (Kroeber 1925). . .See synonomy of Koi-e under Koi Kroeber 


Ka-ke-yo-me . . .Tuleyome name for Kf^j-im-fQ or Ham-fo . — c***^ 
See also synonomy of ^ Ham-fo . 

Kaubokulaiina. . ^Eastern Pomo" [ She-kum J name i or village 

on Kai Id.— Crifford, Pomo Lands on Clear Lake, Hearst 
Memorial -rrolume, 86, 1923. 

kaubgk^lai [pronounced Kah-oo-bo-ko-li ]. . /Eastern Pomo" 

[She-kum] name for Koi.— Barrett, Ethno-Oeog. Pomo. 207. 

Kaubokolai . . .Kroeber (after Barrett), Hdbook. Indians 
Calif. , 232, 1925. 

Ham-fo H' 

Synonomy of Koi»im-fo continied. 

Kai (Barrett in Hdbook. 1907); k^i (Barrett 
(Gifford 1923) and Y^ CKroeSer 1925). . 
of Koi-e. 

1908) , Soi 
.See synonomy 

Mahelohel (Kroeber 1925). . ^See synononiy of Makhtel-chel 

Makh-el-chel (Powers 1877): Mkh-el-chel (Barrett 190i 
Makhelohel (Powell 189i);~l^eichfil (Barrett 1907 
J^khelchel (Purdy 1901) and Makhelchel (Mason 1902 
See synonomy of Makh-el-chel . 



•^•t. >i. A '»*4x« 

• • • 

Sho at - ow- no- ma- n o ok (Palmer 1881). . .See synonomy of 
Shoo- 1 ow- no-maM 'm tf X . 

Shoo- to w- no-man- niik . . . Dan-no-kah name for Ham-fo . | 




" See^ synonomy of ^ ^oo-tttw«^no-'^man-nuk ; see also synonomy of- 

Shutauyomanuk (Kroeber 1925). . .See synonomy of Shoo-tow-ao 

ffla n -n u k* 

': [Too-lej 

tulX^ . ."Northern Moquelumnan* [Tuleyome] and Southerly 
Wintun [flnj name for Koi . --Barrett , JUthno-GeoK. Pomo. 
207. 1908. ■ 

Tuli. . .Name given by Kroeber as "Lake Miwok" [TuleyomsD 
name for Koi. --Kroeber (after Barrett) , Hdbook. Indians 
Calif.. 232, 1925. 

xoyi [pronounced Ho-y^ ] . . .Name used by Barrett for village 

Kqi--»- Barrett, Kthno-Geog. Pomo, S07, 1908. See syn- 
onomy of Koi-e under koi Barrett. 


Ham-fo 18 


1 0-1 ah- hah ( kl blolaia Barrett). . .Ctunp on west shore of strait 
connect i IK main Clear Lake with Lower Lake a little W of NE pro 
iection of Buckingham peninsula.— Barrett , Ethno-Geoc. Pomo. 
209, 1908. ^ ^ 

Ham-fo /f. 

i-dot . Kah«mah-dot . Kahm-dot . Horn-dot. . .Ham-fo village on is- 
land of same namex^rfweit' side of north end of Lower Lake near 

east base of Mount Konokti. — 

Se.^ also Ko>*»— <^"t i-tH-^J-o 

" kamdqt [ Kahm^dot ] . or lemakma f Le-mahk-mah l o r ^ kaugu^ LK o'^J '^-^ 
LK ah-oo-,g!:oo-mah J'' . - -• -^ 

Barrett, liithno-Greos. 

Iia®©3 fQX-Vill§:S©__of Komdot . — 

06, 191 

SuSX-vn_ ^^^'^^ y 

Kamdot or Lemakma . . .Kroeber (after Barrett), Hdbook Indians 
Calif., 232, 1925. 

Kamdot . . .Gifford Ufter/Barrett) , Pomo Lands on Clear Lake, 
Hearst Memorial Vol.,^p. 87, 92, /^Boundaries of territory) 

Hara-fo 2o 

' Kom-dot-im-fo . . .One of the 3 principal divisions of ^ Ham-fo 

tribe, y^ Originally on Komolot Id. from which it takes its name.^^^ 

Synonomy : 

Haukoma ^ (Barrett in Hdbook. 1907). . .See synonomy of 
Kow-goQ-mah . 

kamdot (Barrett 1908) ; Kamdot (Gif ford 1925 and Kroeber 1923) . . 
See synonomy of Kom-dot. 

KaGgPmia (Barrett 1908) and 

Pma (Barrett 1908) and Kaugunna iKroebc 
synontJiflr of Kow-goo-mah . (i^tZ^rt^jz^ |^ 

er 1925). . . See 

Kow> goo> mah ^''\ .Name used by clear Lake tribes (Hart-mh-bah^ 




V. . > • 

' I — 

lefaakma ,. . ^'JKastem Pomo L She-kumJ names for village of ^ssndo^*' 
Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 20b, 1908. See synoncmy of 
L im-mahk-mah . cu>u^ cjCvo <t/ ^CsstkatL. m«v^ Aci^oCet S^-^a^^' 

LemaJona (Kroeber 1925). . .See synonomy of Lim-mahk-mah . 

L im-mahk-mah . . . Ko o- Ian- nap-p o name for JBkA>s-f«. — 
synonomy of Lim-mahk-man ■* 




Ham-fo J2/ 

Kon>-'dot'*'im~fo aynoncmy continued' 

^ • - 

Lim «niahk-mah bah- dun . . /Ku-lan-na,p-po name for KemdoiW.- ^^^ — 
See synonomy of Lim^mahk-mah 

Shutaunomanok . . .Name for Koi-e wror^y referred^ by Barrett 
to Koniclot .— aee synonomy of Shoo- tow- no-man- nuk 

Ham-fo 22. 

• KoO"Qol-bi-di (kuQlb idai Barrett). . .Village on NE shore Lower 
Lake on west edge of Bums Valley, 2 mi. NNW of Lake outlet. 
LHouse of T. G. Turner is on site J.— Barrett, Ethno-Greoc. Porno. 
208, 1908. ^ 

Kow-bo-koo-li-nah . . i^ She-kum names f 

or Ham-fo, ^g«tw ^ 

ro^^ I. 



kaubokslai [pronounced Kah-oo-bo^ko-lj] . . ."Eastern Porno" 
L Shfirkiffifl name for Koi . —Barrett , iilthno-^eog. Porno. 207, 
See also synonomy oF' Koi-im-fo . 


Kaubokolai. . 
232. 1925. 

.Kroeber (after Barrett) , Hdbook. Indians Calif., 

See also synonomy of Koi-im-fo . 

Kaubftk ul aiina . . ."Eastern Pomo" LShe- kumJ name for village on 
Koi Id. — Giffoni, Porno Lands on "OlearXake , Hearst Memorial 
Vol., 86, 1923. See also synonomy of Koi-im-fo 

Kov/-goo-mi-e-nah or How^aoo-mi -e- nah . . . Yok iah and Clear Lakej^liime 
for El-lem^fo .— 

See synonomy of Kow-f>:oo-mah and also of El-l e m-fo 

Kow-e-nab-bah. .^'iSaej^kum names for ^ Hajn^fo . 
See synonoBay of ' Ham-fo tind of Khawi na. 

Hain-fo is 


imb^ . .Name (moanir^ Fisherman) used by Clear La&o unuo 
•ower Lake tribe (Ham-fo) as a whole, especially the inhab 

,j w 



Kom-d5 t-iin»fo> 


See^ synononQT of El-lem-fo . (i«4 

Cow- goo-mah. . 

-VOft '>l.<t.^<%<wC 


_^ _ at Sulphurbank.— L. L. Palmer, Hist. Napa 

& Lake bounties, ;56. 37, 1881. See^synonomy of El-lem»fo 

Hauk oma, . .Division or band on W side of Clear Lake. —Barrett 
in Hdbook Am. Indians, Pt. 1, 537, 1907. See synonomy of 
Kom- dot - im- f o . $>fe^ KovM->ae«'-v.^xK 


El-lem-fo. — c.i!^vw^ ' Sj^^^K 





Porno and by Clear Lake tribes ( Han-nah-bah^^ ) for El-lem-foT^ ^i«^ 
See^ synonomy of El-lem-fo . ^^^ Ko2^-_^««Uv^ 

Ham-fo 2f* 

Kow- igoo-mah synonomy continued. 

Howkuma. . .Bancroft (after Gibbs) Nat. Races, I, 451, 1874. 

Howkuma. . .C. C. Royce, 18th Ann. Rept. Bur. Eth. for 1896-97, 
part 2. p. 954.^1899;[^Fubl 1901^ Written Eow-ku-ma . p. Y84 

* How- ru- 



. 136. 

.Tribe in council at Camp Lupi yuma . ClearLake, Aug. 
1851.— John McKee, Senate Ex. Doc. 4, Spec. Sess. 

katSigCima [pronounced Kah^ oo-p^PO""^^^ .-. • .Eastern Porno [She-k 
name Tor people of e lem ' LEI- lenU . — Barrett, Ethno-Cxeog. 
Pomo, 208, 1908. rtJsed also for people ofKiMtt^ ' 
3ee ^Iso^-^y.nonomy of El-lem-fo and of ICom- dot- im-fo. 

J u 

Kauguma. . .Kroeber (obvicusly after Barrett) Hdbook Indians 
Calif., 232, 1925. 

Kow-^oo-mah. . .See How-koo-mah 


How-k u-ma . . 
in7T09 , 

Tribe belonging to Clear Lake^.— Gibbs in Schoolcraft, 
1853. See also Na-po-batln in main list, s^<'J^ 

Hfiw-ku-ma. . .Tribe meeting U. S. Treaty C}x)mmr. at camp 
on Clear Lake, August 20, 1951.— 18 Calif. Treaties. 
Senate reprint, 4, 53, 55, 1905. s«^K*v^.^«'.v^k 


Kow-g oo-mi-e-nah . . . Seel How- koo- mi- e- nah . 

Kow-oo -nah. . .Name used by Russian River Pomo for Lower 
Lake tribe. — £>ee 'also synonomy of 'Ham-fo. 

Kow- 0- nah- ka-ah . . . Yo-ki-ah Pomo name for Sulphurbank tribe, 

formerly on El-lem' Island. Same as El-lem-fo and Ifejn-fo.^ 
: Scleral So synonomy of El-lem-fo and of Hatri- f o . 


Ham-fo Ai . 


Kbi^goo^mah synonwny continued. 

Xaukumaiina. . i Ea o t io rB Pomo She-kunrJ name for village of 
El-.lein " used also for Behepkobel.— Irifford, Porno Lands o: 
Clear Lake, Hearst Memorial Vol. p. 86, 1923. 
See also synonomy of El-lem-fo . 


Ham-fo 26. 

/ « - 

••fjo-r gni-K.g.^^ah, . .Yokiah name for El- ?-?°^r^^ ^^'^ ^^^ Ham-fo.— 
See synonomy of Kow-goo-mah . also of iiil-leni-fo and of Ham- f o . 

•o-kah-wi or Pah-tol-kah-le-vo ( ktsukawai or patl>lkale3?:o Barret 
Village on N shore East Lake ^Sulphurbank Ann! in deep bay im- 
mediately east of Floyd Hill (on ranch of I.l^lter) . —Barrett . 
Ethno-Oeog. Pomo, 209, 1908. 

• • 

ktsukawai (Barrett 1908). . .See Ktsoo-kah-wi. 

kulai (Barrett 1908) . . . See Kul-li . 

Kul- li (kulai Barrett). . .Village on M shore Lower Lake on edge of 
BurnsTalley, 2i mi. NNW of lake outlet i semrated by small creek 
from kualbidai r Koo-ool-bi-di 3«— Barrett , Ethno-Goeg. Pomo. 208, 


kanlbidai (Barrett 1908). . .See Koo-ool -bi-di. 

Le-mah-mah (Palmer 1881). 
Palmer at lllfinu See 

. .wame lor gtomaoi; wrongxy pj-auou uv , 
synonomy of Lim-maiik-man and of El-lem-fo 

Le-mahk-mah . . .See ieroakma Barrett in synonomy of Lim-mahk-mah . 

lemakma (Barrett 

Limakmaiina (Oirt'ord 1923). . .See synonomy of Lim-mahk-mah 

Ham-fo XI' 


L im-mahk -mah . . « Ku»lan-nap-po name ^o^ V.cvv^cL^> - diiv^'W* Hot: 

i..-r » 



See^synonomy of KomdSt and of Hanlrfo * . 


Le-ma h-mah- * 'Wrongly placed by Palmer at El-lem Id., 
History of Napa and Lake Counties, Calif. . pub. 
Bowen a Co., San Francisco, pp. 66 , .37, 1881. 
synonomy of El~lem-fo . 


r T w' , \n "1^3^^^ Pomo" 

lemakma Lpronounced Le-mahk^mahJ - - jShe- kuml 

Palmer ' s 

See also 

Barrett , Ethno-Oeoi 
synorlomy of Kom-do" 

Pomo, 206. 

name for Kom-dot , 

See klso 

J r 

Lemakma , .. Rroeber (after Barrett), Hdbook. Indians Calif., 
232. 1925. Se^^feynoncmy of Kom^-dot . 

Limakmaiina^ ^he-kuml name for Kom"^ dot ' ~ -Qi f f o rd . Pomo Lands 
~ on Clear^ake, pearst Memorial Vol. p. 86, 1923. See "^^ 

synonomy of Kom-ddt , 

Ham-fo 28 

Lim^mahk-mah bah- dun. . .See synonomy of L im-mahk'-mah « and of 



Lopiilamil loa. . .' Northeast of Main Clear Lake. 
Vaftor Jaylort), Native Races, I, Sadt map opp. 

p. ^)22, 18Y4 

Loo-pu-yo-me . . .Old rancheria on East side of Lower Lake, Lake Co., 
about 4 mi. north of present town of Lowerlake. Called 
Wo-ka h-yo-wah by Lower Lake Koi-im-fo. — °*^ See also Wo-kah-yo-*)'a,V. 

l,Not Loo-pu-yo-me of Big Valley, which see in Clear Lake List.) 

? Lupilomia . . .See Lopiilamilloa . 

Lim-mahk-mah bah-dun . . . Koo- lan-nap-po 
See also synononoy of Kom- d&t . 

/ i~ 


name for Kom-dot.— ci**w^Jtoc 




Maheloh el (Kroeber 1925). . . Wintun name for Kai. See synonomy of 
Makhelchel . also of Koi-im-fo. 

Warn- f ^ f • 

llakh-el-chel. . .Wintun name for PpmpjDand at Koi-e. «« 
See also synonomy of Ko i" iiO" f o » 

Syno nomy : 

Mahelchel. . 
t>ee also 


. Kroeber, Hdbopk. Indians Calif . » 232, 1925 
synonomy of Ko i» im- f o « 

\feikh-el-chel . Makhelchel , . .Powers, Tribes of ^alil., 214-215, 
1877. [Powers erroneously relers it to one oi the Fatwm 
Tribes.] See^ynonomy of Koi-im-fo . 

Makhelohel . . .Barrett (after Powers) gives them as of, Kulanapan 
(Pomo) stock" and says they called the village and island 
KoIT— Hdbook Am. Indians, Pt 1. 793, 1907. See also synonomy 
o7~ Ko i- im- f o . 

V . TMakhelchel . . ..Powell (after Powers). Linguistic J^'amilies. 70, 
V " 189lr' See also synonomy of Ko i- im- f o . 

Makh -el-chel. . .Barrett (after Powers) , Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 207, 
19D8. See also synonomy of Koi-im-fo . 

Makhelohel. . .Carl Purdy, Pomo Indian Baskets and their Makers, 

Ist ed.Cin Land of Sunshine), p. 442, Dec. 1901. 

<ind ed. ,-j» 1, 1902. See also synonoiry of Koi-im-fo . 

Makhelohel. . .Mason, Directions for Collectors of American 

^ Basketry. ^^H- 39, U. §.,Nat. Mus. , p. 29. 1902. 

■ See also synonomy oi Koi-im-fo . 


'Hwn-fo ^^ 

Moo'- sho-kol ( muookol Barrett). . .Camp on very small slender penirH' 
sula (almost cut off from mainland) on N snore Jslast Lake about uue 
North of Kl-lem ' of Sulphurbank Id.— Barrett, Ethno-(ieof^. Pomo. 
209. 19087^"^ • 

Mucokol . .. Icfif ford (after Barrett )give3 xt asja mainland village.- 
Pomo Lands on Clear Lake. Hearst Memorial Vol., 86. 1923. 
Mgc^kol (Barrett 1908); Mucokol (Gifford 1923). .See Moo-sho-kQl . 

Na-po-bat in* . . . p6TX5"ct i ve name Uor themselves) used by the Kula- ' 
napo . Habe-napo . Dahno-habe. Moal -kai . She-kom, and Hftw-rkUHma be- 
longing to Clear Lake.— Gibbs in Schoolcraft, III, 109-110, 1853. 
See El-lem-fo 

Napobatin. —Bancroft (after Gibbs), Native Races, I, 451, 1874 
Spelled Napobatim on map opp. p. 322. 


' Oom^tim-fo> . .Another name for Hsufn'-fo .--Cjv<^^ 

' Pah-tol-kah-le-yo (patolkaleyo Barrett). . .See Ktsoo-ka h-wi . 

patolka leyo (Barrett 1908). . .See 


Sah- chah- let-a-mi . . .Name for Lower Lake Indians ( Hajn-fo) . used by 
Kah-tah- we- chum-mi or We-shum- tat- tah. — ck*^-^ 

shah-ki ( cakai Barrett) . . .Village on NW point of Buckingham Penin- 
sula, fronting on northwest end of narrows leading to Lower Lake. 
Barrett, Ethno-Geog. Pomo, 206. 1908. 


V^ctW-Jo - Al 

Shutauyoman ok (Kroeber 1925). . 

See <^^^>>^->^ Shon--tflvir-y.o'-^*-n.--^>^^< ^^^ 

' t ciyo'lkitLall ^Barrett 1908). . .See Che-yol-kit-hlah-le 

• Too- le': ^tuli Ba rre tt , V'l o« S\ Ko i- im- f o ^-^t tr^^n^ . 

' tuU' CBarrett 1908). . .See Koi-im-fo 
' yilabal (.Barrett 1908). . .See Taah-bahl 

' Taah -bahl ( ts! abal Barrett). . .Camp on S shore Lower Lake, probably 
'^^ mi. Ww of Koi-e Id.— Barrett. Ethno-Ueog. Pomo, 209, 1908. 

Tae-we " (tsiwi Barrett). . .village on east shore of Buckingham Penin- 
sula, facing strait between Clear Lake and Lower Lake and just 
NE of "Little Borax Lake". --Barrett. Ethno-Oeog. Pomo, 206 1908 

Ham-fo ZX / . / n 

Shoat-ow-no-me-ROok (Palmer 1881). . .Niune for tribe on Koi-e Id. a 

See synonomy of Shoo-tow-no-man-nuk and of Koi-im-fo. 
Sh£iii=tahri)QrYO-mah-nook, . .See cQtatiy6manQk Barrett in synonomy of 

Lower Lake tribe. -- ^>»^' 

r Ham-fo . the ^ , 


See also synonomy o.^ 

Cho-tan-o-man-as . . .Barrett (after Gibbs) , Ethno-ieog. Pomo, 
207, 1908. bee also synonomy of Koi-im-fo . 

rett ."^Ethno-GeogT* Pomo,* 20?"^ 1908. See also'^synonomy of 



Koi-e under Koi gar rett . 

Shoat- ow- no-ma- no ok . . .ta hoftt ow no ma nook — .—.Tribe on an 
island near the lower end of Uino- lake. --"Palmer's History 
of Napa & Lake Counties, Calif., pub. Slocum, Bowen & Co., 
San Francisco, pp. 35-.^, 37, 1881." See also synon- 

omy of Koi-im-fo . 

Shoat-o w-no-ma-nook. 
Pomo , "207 7 19DF: 

. .Barrett (after Palmer) , Ethno-(ieog 


Wp^kah:::y_q:^^. . . ^ojlim-fp ^name f or Lbo-pu-yo-me , which see. 


ahutauno manok . . .Wron^dy placed by Barrett on Buckingham Id. 
Barrett (after Kroeber inf*n, 1903), Hdbook^. Am. Indians, 
pt. 2, 561, 1911. See also synonomy of Kom-dot . 

Name for village Koi.-- 
Shutauyomanok A . . Kroebervafter Barrett) , Hdbopk. Indiana 
Calif. , 232, 1925. See also synonomy of Koi-e under 
Koj. Kroeber, r ' - - 



Ham- f ^3 . 

Used for both El-l em'and B ehepkobel . 
XaukumaiinalrTifford 1923). . .^ee El-lem-fo 

xtC-wina (Barrett 1908). . .fEetstern Pomo-" [She-kuraJ name for villa;^ 
of El em. Sge/ 3 jmo noray of Khawina under ka-mina Barrett >-xUo vtvvt-M-^ 

ifibe' (Barrett 1908). . .See Hub-ba'~; 

xunaolai (Barrett 1908). . . See Hun-nah-di 

Xunadai (Gifford 1923). . .See 


Yo. . .Camp at S extremity of Lower Lake and adjacent narrow neck of 
land running into lake just W of outlet. Named Irom Yo Island- 
Barrett. Ethno-Geog. Porno, 209. 1908. 

The following document is a duplicate of the 

preceding document. It may contain annotations 

and corrections not found on the original. 


^]mCvo 'T^^TBE LIST 

'[lajylfo or Oor;-tln-fo (alao j ronounced Co-Mfn-fo )* . .Lov.'er Liike 
Triho, Vi?rri',ory cw.} rined the .Y'lole of Lowor Like ^nd oulfhur- 
bunk ''rm (Ea^it H.-iy) v/i*.h incluued it^l.-^nda, \he adjo-cent ruinland, 


rexchin^ noH-h '.o include Mt. ^^onokti, iiuckia^hijxii Point and *.he 
iou«.hej-;3t> \v>.lf of Floyd i'lill, e -at, to i;i-h Vulley, md ♦hQ divide 
between '■.he nouthoaatorn r i.rt of Lower Lake !.nd 'lorth Fork Crmhe 
Crack, ^hua includin^^ gurna Vdley; nouth no nort/nern limit 
of Too«le-vn'-re tribe (Loworl -ke vill ^e), aouthoast to a hill 3 
rriles euat of Loworlake villa,';e Criill c- lied La- ] i n h hy Harrwfo, 
M-loV Vn-v»o-ie by Tulevor-o ) . 

p I ■ • »' 

'"hia tribe vhoae lan;u-.. :e iiffora radically froni thit of tiie 
other Cle-- r L<-ke triben, has tw > .-general namea for ita own peoi le- 
'Tl»,r-fo and Oom-tim-fo (noretimea cdled Oo-tiri»fo ). - 

The 'lltm-fo ref?;ard thensfclvea u3 corrj riairr, '^ bifida Jccordinf^ 
*o the territory belo'7':in:-: to each of the ') irinci]al villages, 
c^^V of whiC'iv<«-'t«-:5itu-ted on i3lanLi§, aa follow;. 

^oi-ifT-fo . . / Hu-^ B-nd orii:iriully on ^oi-e T'Uua. and cl;>indnr, 
rainland on both aides of 3oi;th end of Lower L-ke, on '>he 
weat inoludini.: the nountf.ins expend in": from V't. ^onokti aowth- 
nouthe •■.:■■! terly to ?'t. 'Ij-.nrah, on the east re cbinf^ the divide 
between N^rth Fork Cache Croek :xnd Lower Lake, nd con' invdrv: 

H^orr-fo 2 . 

narr-fo continued* 


nouthwurd to a hi]l y.Vrile^ eaat of Lov/erLike vilL^^^o (the -lil] 
called L"-li3h, Hy ',ho H^rn-fo, ) 
For- dot iF'»fo « . .Evind ori^;inally on ^^onidot l3h;,nd and clain.iri^ 

the northern tv/o-thirda of *,he we ^t shore of Lowor Luke includin:-^ 

buck i n '.h^y^i Peryinnula and the main body of ?-t. ronokt^L, hIbo 
including Lon3 Point (Sulphuri:)ank ?oinw\ o-A lodbyl, hewacly ea 

»d a . id by E. W. Qifforti to includ o ulaq u atrip on 

the north aide of the atrait sonnectirj'; Cle.';.r Lake with Eaat 



Bay. Thi3 northern are-'i ia shown on^^n^ip (p. 79) as situ- 
ated directly north of Buckin";hain reninaula <'ind includes the 
3outhea?»t part of Floyd Hill '.-dth the bay irnmediatoly on the 

e?2.nt, and extends in the interior to the llii-h Valley divide. 

(Gifford, Porno Lands on Clear Lake, Hearst Memorial volume, map 

p 79 1923. ) 
1 err - f o . . .Band ori finally on Kl 3 enl Ti^land ^t vjxit end of lu^st 

Bay and claiming* adjacent nainland or] both aiues erce.tin/^ Lorv^^ 
or Sulphurbank Point and the n^trrow^Floyd Hill atripj^beloni-e^ 

rr - ..<i ■= 

to '^ ornd6t.--Oi4^v^ 

llir-fo 7>. 

HfiPi-fo ^. 


tI-.(,-fo nvrionorr^/': 

Kg^-lcy/o^rpe* . . ?ul eyone name uied ;it ecifiOHlly for ^oi-irr 
in a V ncral wuy for all * ] h j- ~ f o « «■ - cw,v^ $««. jcoi- \>.^-*o. 


^^oi^im^Jo * . Orl:inul^y restricted '.o inhabitants of Koj-e Id. 
Home tinea uaed in' ;en»n-l Viiay for *l!ar:l~fo «^A^^. »v^ 7x«um*— - ^»^- 

Kow-b o-koQ-li^nah. %i1See Kow-e«nab~bah , see also synonomy of 
Kow-b 0- koo- 1 i- nah 

^■' ovi- o» "": Sn -b.x>i - ■ nd Kov^ .'^bo^Voo- 1 j ~ 'r^'h * * 
''or Lo7.'er L.'iVe tr^be. — <^^*'^ 

.^^O'.V" e ~ n.'^b»b ih '"">''iy T'.rob'-bly be iincd 
nyriouoriiy of ^^bcvwina. 

• Names uaed bv ahe-kiAfn 
in Bf'nne of ^^^mvnrri. Hee 


T''oY;-ooi.'n.h." . ^T^VvriG u3ed by Rates mn '^iver Porno for Loy/t>r Lc..ko 
trine.--, x^ ^ X /\ 

"♦^e ivrtbn^r.y-vof '^ov- '•oo-n><Ti.\ / \ 

4 f ■ $ ' 

'C ow -' o o- n: .. h- V"i- f-'.b . . .YoiiLiriib nrune uaad 'v eoifioiilly for ^ 
I'o. in ri looje for v/hole tribe Tihliiilo) • — en^. 
iiee aynonomy of Kpy-t oo-ru.;)! . 

- 1 om-'-!T,->/':k-r'D,h. 

. . Koo-lo.n rvj-i'-po n^'/rie for Kor/ciot . ur.ed 
".enBG for w ho 1 e tribe I ' 1 K."r?"f o > « - -r ^.^»/u^ 
r>oe •ijmo nomj'' of Lir-r';abi'--rr.uh, .-.ind ■ Ifio of ^''nrfi(|ot. 

in loo'ie 

S- h- ch.'^h- 1 « t-fv-'f i . . . ^ e^q^um~ta♦^- taVi n-t/vie for ilarr-fo . — *^^*a^ 

S}^ o- 1 .v - n o- rii m- > uk . . .L.n-no-kf.h v\ for^«*ws, 
. Sec Hynonomy of Unoo- 1 ov;- lo-ran- nuk . 


Behe p kobel . . .nyerflov; vill>-4^e located on adjacent mainland, from 
Ellem on Sulphur Bank Id.— Gifford, Porto Lands on Clear Lake, 
Hearst Memorial volume, p 86, 19E3...3ee l ?l-lem-fo . Also 
called laukumaiina. 

c/iVai (Br-rrett l^C^). . . T.oe Sbah-ki 


Che-yo llVit-'hlab-:!e (tcI-?livitUJJ Ivtrrott). . .Villurre on NE t oint 
of Luck1n'";hiin Fenimula vvhic"'^i projects r;ort lerly a.i SE aorncr 
of Cle-ir Lake ^orrriin.^^ weiitern bound'>ry of ntnxit 'lotween ; ain 
ody of Clear Lake and E^vt Bay (3aU/hurbank Arr-:) .-^ Lowor L-ke. — 

Barrett. Etrino-Ooo,> T'oroo, 206, 190^.. 

Cb 0- tan- o- r a n- aa ^ ( G ib h a lBb5). . . See aynonomy. of Shoo-tow-no-man- 
nuk . and Ko i» m- f o 

. J'\Bo.\a.- >v--»t*p- yict-««.«t^.yfc^».S££t^w.-l^ 

Co.v-^.oo-f-ah tPalner inBl)7~; JSee synonomy of Kow-,p:oo-mh '; ala 

El-lem-fo > also Kah-oo-goo-ma . 

out.'iuvgnianak (Barrett 190B). . . "Northern Pomd' L apparently main 
Clear Lake] name for village Koi . See synonomy of Shoo- tow - 
no-man- nuk and Koi-e under ksTBarrett \ also Shoo~tah~oo-vo- 
mah-nook . 

eSam (Barrett 1908) i El em (Gifford' 19123) and ElemfKroeber 1925) . .. 
See svnonomv of El-lem^ 

Flerr.jte . pleriitea ("'if ford 1^23). . .Hoe nynonopiy '>f x.J-le^ -fo > 

CU^/li Co c- 'te^>*t- . 


Tlor - f iT 

Hji,r-fo 6 

FMerr.' . ...Principal viH -c of ri-lcplfo on r^^lor IJ./^ 
aM.■^^ end of Eaat B;i.y. — 


20B; Feb. 190B. 

Jv^rrett, Lthno-Cifjo^',. Porro, 
oee a] 30 lynonopiy of ^LJj^lerr^fp 


... .. .^ifford (after Burrei). ?orr.o Lands on Uler.r Uke, 

learai. Menioriul Vol. V<.\ 19i:5. ^ee al;jo aynonorny of 


Zl&rr. . .^--oeber (after ^. 'if rett) , Hdbook. Infliana Calif.. 
2^?.^ 1925, See ulao lynononiy of hl-lem^fo . 

Klendto . Klernite& . . . ^me used by Oiffora for the jeoyle 
of j:iit.Jfn.--^'ifford. Por.o^L-rda or Cleur L'^-ke. i.earat 
Memorial Vol. PO-Oi. 1923. Zee aynonomy of Ll-lern-fo - 

El-]err«^o . . One of the three cliviBionn of Harr.-fo tribe. Ihm 
from El-lem' island at east end of Efist Bay, the site of their 
principal villf^e. The survivors now live on the rrainland at 
rnilphurbank. The E l-leni^fo territory included the rainland on 
north, nouth, and east sides of Sulphurbank /rm.— ci%^^ 


Behprkob el. . .An overflow villaf?;e ^rorn Llem, which since the 
• anandonment of £lem h'ls the only vill..i;';e, loc;..ted 
on the adjacent nainlfinci. — ^rifford. Porno Lands on Cio r 
Lake, Hearst ^'emorial '^oliure, p. 96^ 192:5. Gee also 
XaukuTTi'iiina . 

Cow- :-o>mah, (.Palmer IBBl}. See synonory of ro,Uoo^v,.h 

' > 

diem . . j^ ^ rro 1 1 , 

Ethno-9eo-. Poro , 209, Fob. 1909. 

Elem . . .J ' o r bound ari o o 
Like, Heari'Jt I'errorif 1 

El em . . .Kroebor (fth^Hmtt 

Calif,. ^^?, l^r'b. 

■See- "iffonL Pono L'inds or; C]e' r 
Volure, pp. 97, '^2, 1925. C'B>w..^<-^-:to 

after b'i,rrett).--l!dbook, I'^dians 

J-lendtes. . .Used bv CHfford for Ll-lern-fo. — Fo^o Lands on 
Cleor Luke. Hearst * 'em o rial Vol.. "0-91, 1903. 

Hauk«a4tr - -H^ttrf^-tr - -190 7 J ■ uiJ4>^~Sy-nofiot-y- -e-f-^^ 





iKroebor /f<^ O '•^e© aynonomy f or Ifow-e-Rftb-bah- 

Har-fo 7.. 

■^i.TrvpIro n^T.onorv co?!tiai«-'d. 

!Io,v'-^oo-r i-e- :a]i or roA- -oo-r j'-e-ra h, . .ll.ime used by YokuJi Forrio 

md by Clear Lake tribes ( l!\ri«mh>bai'^^ ) for El^lon'-fQ.— 
Hoe '^ynonor.y for ■^qv/- nc-i.-uh 

r-,v/.>oo.^:ih or •\ow~roo~riah . . .^iare used by *^^oo»ltm«'nt.] -t o for 

Har»'-fo 'S^ 

Fl»lrp«fo .— -c^^ , 

See nyronorny for T^oy> -cc-nah 

HoH'-'ry-ra. . Bpallin^ uj^^pd hy ^ibbs in ocbool craft, l^b/;» bv 
~ F~U^lif. Tre-.tie3. 1^''^:; ^Qr^.'.o roiriiit, 4, .'x5. : 6, 1%;., 
bv Bancroft af*->er Oibbs 1R74; V^v I^oyce 1001; ma. Imi-vwra 
[obvi^'usly a rri3 rint for rov.-ku-r'H j by Jobn IV' ee, If'b/). 
nil of indefinite locality but, i robably referrir^: to LI- 
1 er « '"o . 'jee 3yno/:orry for '""ov." 'oo«pan « 

See also Na~po-batin Gibbs. main list. 

/ » 

, , . ■ "Northern Pome" [apparently main Clear LakeJ najnsJ 

px- r intx (B;,rv■>^t 1900). . .^"^oe aynonrriy for Keww«F=T]sb-=tjaii KhfluwixoL. 

Kiurijii:. (Kroobor 19:!f)). . .3eo 3y no nfxy for KoW ^ e^n tfo ^t bate^ KKft-i^tVo.. 

"Eastern Porno" [SheT-kum] namev 

Vau-ura (B^i^^^^tt F'0^9. -x^f^e ay'icnory Jor ^^ow^-.oo-mah 

(Used also for Konldot) 

'^..ui ■ufr.u (-^roeber I'^^b) . . .Sre 'wnorioniy for ^^oy.'- •o(r'ab 


ha«,im. Burre'.t 0>.ftor ^Voeber. ...^ 'igQ.s) Ildbook. >^u. Inai^ina. 

'.ee iiynonorry for Kow-e-npb-bah Kh(».yyi>>ft.. 



Fl-leM''-fo aynonorny contiriued. 


^•^0//^ o 0" nn.'i'kS.-ab . . y^Too i^ynonory for Kor/~ .0Q~m;-i.') » 

^ Name for Kgnj^ot wrorp;ly referred by I^lmer_ii0^ £1-1^''^ 

Le-m.Ih-rpu h (iTilfr'.er V'^l) rT^C^LtT aviionoir.Y for~ Lio^'^hlc.^h 


Na-ro-b..t'in (iripurt). . .'^ in nohoolcnft, TIT, JIG. i''-5.'^. 

See Hflc-Vo'b atV^v fiiibb%v»ift.v>x ICst. 

jStern Porno " L She«kum J name ^.^ f^M.SU^ -^ 

Xitukufraii-^m (-ifford 19:':5). /Xf^^e nynonon-y for -o-7«--o-wr'- b 

»» » 

Easttem Pome* LShe^kum J name.^ 
r a'-'-viria (l .rre^t l^O^O^ rTiTeo 5»vro>iai;y for ^ ow - e- n ab~bah Kvia.w{>,«c. 
under Ka-mina Barrett. 

xunadai (B^.rre ",t 190n). . .t>oo Hun» nali-di in rtin lint. 

g-tah-me~ah-me . . .General mime for Porno tribes of Lake and 
Mendocino Counties as used by Modesse and Atchomawe.— 

lliir-fo 9. 

. f 

* ' ' » 1 J 

See. ^ < oj^nTTia, 'baAAf^i 


OLW N 'Via. 

syronory of K ow - e- n a b ^bah 

n-tr..fg^ or 00 -tim-fo .,, Tribe occupying both sides of Lower Lake, 

Sulphurbank Arm, and contained islands. Their name for themselves. 

For fuller definition see head of this tribe list. 

H'AuWora (ivirret/t in Ildbook. 19C7). . ,3eo aynonorriy of Kow- "oo-nah . 


■ <Nain e used by Kroeb 

HMAvina (^'"roeber 191!i}; . T^ioc) aynonnrr.y 

^ \ CtkK-><iLVx'-W^]j 

16 used by Yokiah Porno and by Clear Lake triha a / y ^ yU wi^ 
-nah or Kow-p-.oo^mi-e-na n. . ^ee synonomy of K.o ws-p:oo-maJi 

lKQo»lan naplpo na me for El-lom-fo-j , , ^ ^xv 

^o-m-^h ^r Tn>'/— "oo-rr!'';.lf. 775n^e' .r/nororv or Kov.;- oo-nTi.n '^^* t\U >fyv\o- 

__i> -*-■■' ^ k/' •/ * III. ■ II 

aTso Kah-oo-gQO-ma : also gl-lem-fo . 

'.'TinnoiTiV of -'rpw - •oo-r;..h • 

•/ , •/ — ■ f 

Howru-ra- (?:Cj^oo IHblS) . 

. .jC6 

nvnonory of ^"^ow-^v^o-r^ 

/ \ 



Iloyi (Kroober rx^t)). . Nam <r for villa^ Koi-e . See Koi Kroeb er in 
synonomy of Koi-e ^ see also xoyl Barrett. 

VW\rAri'(r^be' b;.-rrelt ) . . 
i'^loyd'^.^ Lnndif);.: • mi 
Forr.o, 2C7, 190fi. 

.ViU'f^^e on K shore Lov/cr Luko v 'ri. n of 

\i ni. !lv. of ouMet. — b-'.rrctt, Lthno-r^'oor. 

Harr-fo 10 

ke \ rri. 

Hl-n-nrih-HiYl^ninadai Barrett). . .Vj llr..-e(on K shore Ei.a^ Lo..^ • 

N 0-^ Suh. bur Bank ari lirectlv o]|.psite old viIL.:e on 

Sulphur Bank rancheria is on sile (Barrett). 

Hi f ford isava, Xunadfd., not a villar.e. n?une applied only t.o 
the bo.t landing, there.— dtiffoni, Pomo Lunda on Cle r Lake, 
r.eurat -'erporial Volur.e, p. %, I'^^S. 

kaalkfai (Barrett 190B). . .See Kti.h-a hlk-fi 

Kab-!ihlk-fi (b^lkfai Burrott). . .Cftmp on v. eat ahoro Lo,rior L>e. 

Tro^aBTy :5 'niiT^SE of little borar Lidce (which la at base of 

buck i a* -n^^ Pof! insula).— Barrett, Lthno-^^eon;. joro, ^iO'^, J'^OP. 

v' ' 


J(^aiS_iY?Barrett ) . . .Oldvilliase on ^ /^ ,^ . , _, ... ^. 

'^ buckintiwr. ieninaula iuat iA. of DUCKin'^harn or 'Oihmjot I^jiand.— 

Barrett, Ethno-aeor. T'oro, 206, I eb. 1,^^^^-,,, „„. ^^,,^ ,;i,^ ,0 \ 

UVt. Ho.YTovN» K«:\^ .ra'/^ wWt so*.VK o^ A<XTTo>Nts'^ ipart o^Na.rTONNS, O-xvi. tTn. "VtrriTOT>j p^ 



KaJwnaWSt', '•^ah-r.v. ■ .- << $<- S irr> f , ^^ahr -ciot , Ilor-'-dot . . .^ee ^•^ or'lot . 

^^iVilro«"^ah . (ka-rlna E. rre'-.t) . . '.oee .ayriononiy of KewHpnab-bah 


'v. rife ;/, 

^ HM,r-ro /jl. 

• • » ^ 


— ' — — /A ' 

tt ^ Vol- in- 2 

synonomy of Kowif^^oHonah 

K?ih-oo- i^el v k/ ^~iqel I>arrett). . .Vill?A..:.e on E shore Lowtfr Lake 
"^ 'vvot^iue V. of r i''; Bora^ L;ke. — Barrott, KVi^o-^co-'N '"'orfo, 'OB, 

>-^>o«re « . . Tuleyo me name for Koj-im-fo or Hamfo ^ — c^^*-^ 
See avnon^ynv of Koi-im-fo and iia/n- f o . 

^Ivlelivo (B^;rrott lOOB). . .Hoe tCoLh-l^lli-yo 

, ? V^{*rtf^*^r^ Pomft* fap parently, mai 

^^kri 'tK vh rn.'lt }'-'}?^ij. . i^ 't synonomy o 

and also of fil-lem-fo 

e j name for Ellflmr) 
==©fl«- Knawlnsc — 

lK.uhr.>ul-iina ((laffard 1925} 

.See synonoiry of Kow-bo-koo-li^nah 

, ,Kaubokolai (Kroebec. 1925), . rEasi;ern.Poffio" [S} 

V •ubo''ol.a (horrott l^^on};^ *.^bee synonomy or rCor-ho-koo- 

and also of Koi-im-fo. 

Vecelwai (Barrett 190"). . .See K^--shel-/d 

^e-'i^eL-d ( Vecelwai Barrett). . .Villr.-.e on or near north end 
"Ml^i^peM^iiiu: on ntndt connecting bod^ Cle r Uke .vith 
Lower Lake. Given by Barrett aa i mi. NL of ciiW.--i- rrott. ..thno- 

Ho^rr. Pnr.^r. ?.Ori. IW r^V\a>>A<ii 

Geof-,. Porno. ?,06. 190^ 


( kTvcfotnit Barrett). . .Vil^trje on S ^^'i-re ...3t L- ke 

2i irih^a ' J.' of Sulphur Bank.— Barrett. Lthno-Geog. Pomo. ^0? . 10... 





> « 


.•■♦ >■ >.>• 


! n 

I ^ 



kliucel (b.^rrott I008). . .Safe Kah-oo-iV&l 


• • 

kfiu -uf^-'t. Ovrrett l%n) • . Kauguma (Kroeber 1925). . .•Baatem Pomo" 
LShe-kumJ name for El-leffi C used also for Kom- dot . See synonomy 
of Kow-p:oo-m ah. and also of El-lem-fo and of Kom- dot- im- f o . /B. 

llcun-fo 14. 

Vha^jna . . r^T per Clo 'T Li-Ve" inio for PofricL villu 'e -^t sulphur 
nirnli<.— Barret.t l^f^er "roeber. T-'S, Univ^ Ci^iif. . 1905). Habook. 
/m. Indiana, 67B, 1907, Hee >aao aynonomy of bl-Tep-^fp 


ilawjn.r or ^;.r jng or ^"urigna . . .NW.e'Vuaed for yilla:^e oom- 
rilr^ty of £]~](?pf .--'^roeber v-ftr.r Barrett), I'dbook. Tndiiins 
Calif., Vui, 1925. ^'Cf ^'lio v/nonorry of IlJnpAfo . 

^ Gfif^l/i ^^!a>«:J 

kiVina ^ . .*;ort,bern Vomo^&^jrs 'or village of nl 1 em^ xa-^/i-a 
and VuQi :mix tire ,pbo-Vur1 '•rftri-ea for Mie a.'jne pcoijlc. --I'^^rrett , 
Ethno-(i{iO,> ^' ^f^'^^E^!^}22!^' * ^^^^ ^^^^ '-^ynonortv/ of 

r..i»lon>fo . 

" ■ I > » III < » It 

'ivBut.f^ib (B,..rrobt 19CP). . .See Ve've-oo^.'^V^ . 

» ' ' ^ ' »i 


Klam-mi-am-fo * • . 'Hamf o name for tribe on W side of N end of 
Lower Lake (may be Miyakma). — 

koi (Barrett 190B), J^^ COin'ord 
oee rjynonbmy of 'j.p i»e . 

r;:;V);«-H Koi (rroeber 19c'b) . 

Kapiina., . .'ice i^awjna Vroobor. 

ypv/le-nab'^-b.-.h . . . t^hc-Vurr Foro nJinft for TWr-fo may pfobably'^^e 
uie-i in sense of Khawina.-- r,ec :^l3o ayhonorry of IJ'^rr>fo 

^ /N — ■ 



Knjlp . . .Ktkr.n or vilU^^o.on ial.nd of 3Jxnie n^^.e nor south end 
of Lov^or Like from Wiich the ^ ^Ailin>fo sub-tribe taVea its 


Synonomy : 
novi • • " 

tr ^ i 

01 . 

^ee Ko\ uvotVer. 

.r.s.rrott in illbook. t'm* Indiana, 

^t. i. p. va. 1907. 

ooe al30 avnonoriy of »akhelchel. 

^^io^rTakaJ Siie^ used 1^ BarreU for village of Koi^^e.- 

harrett, Kthno-neo^;. Vam, ZOf, I90H. Se« «.lso s>i>vouov*vv| of 



• • 

Ciffp>Ti 'aff^.e'- Barrot.i), Toro l.'>,nil3 on Keir L ke. 
noarst-enorial Volume, rp. '^7. ^2. 1025. (I,oun<l...rie9 

of t.t rr it nry} . Set aWo sv(yvoyvo vk>^ o^ Koi-vm-to . 

•T^oi Hovi. Chut'^uvonf.nok . or ^^Auhokolai" . . v'^^j.';'®^ ^^^^ 17n 
-^^o^ f or vilK'-c on V oiie Td.-^Vroebor ( Barret.lK 
IHSo-^^-. Tn-liann (Xlif. . :^'''. 1925* Set a.\so sNitvo>o>yvy o^ 

YOVi f I ror.ounr^ed !^6-: cj . . .Soo umler VrT^ f- rrett 

Ilam-fo /6- 

^■^oi'-im-f- ,. .?ribe on aouthern part of Lower Lake, onv. of ♦"le "^ 
principal divisions of ^Uin-fo . Froperly rootrictod to inhabi- 
tanta of ^''oi-G Inland -d d.iacent r; ,i nL'-nd . but rsor.etiroa i-^ed 


vivorg no.'!an C(tcKe Creek .Jbout 1 ri. ea:.t of Lovor l-.kc.-ci^^ 



(ribb3 IPW). . -^^:e ^ynonopy of C^V^o-to v ^ 

nTif.,(uv?^ra>iuk ^ (L^rrett ]"'0a). . .3Be aynonomy of :3hoo>tO'^ « 


Kovi.C'roeber 19r;5). . .^ee i-.y''""^^^-/ ^^^ '^^^^^^^^ '""'^^ -^ 

^••«i T,"-,, 


Ka.>ko«vo>r^:e. . .Tuloyofno harre^'or 
ee J 30 Bynonom^; of 1 !arr~ f o . 

'^ •■> •! - i f?;- f 


r llLiLrJjl* — ^*^^ 


^•..ubakuLoina . . IL'.ntcrn ) or.c" [^ho-kunj ncirio tor vilJ- e 

'^n -'oi Id.— Si f ford, T>ono Land;i or. Clear Luko, Iloarat 
^■en-oHal ^'olune, ""0, 1^:!5. 

k;iubi6kg]<..i [pro noun ::od T(.-;-i. -.)o.v> ol k o- 1 i I . . ri^.-.?itern pfjn.o'* 

I Sho-kiiml nar.o for Koi.— barrett. i^t-mo-'^itio; ;. Pcxr.o, ."'O?, 


^^aubokolai . 

. .^^roober 

9 TO TOO*, 

(after Barrett) , i'l^iook, I .liana 

Harr.-fo 17 

H./ IB 

•ynonory of '^oi-im-fo -jontirxied. 

Yjii (l>'-rrot,t in lldbook. FQ7), !:oi (luirreU 190B) , I^ 
' ' ^oi (rroobor 19;.5). . ~ 

(Oifforci 10':3) and ^' 
of ^''oi-e. 

. ove ayr.onory 


: \ • «.' 

'/ ^-'--cl-gho] . f 'c'ft e m ! ^^77 ) : >^fiVt^loI..chel (B a r re 1 1 1 ^ ^' ) : 
^'Hkhelc>ud ;rowo.ll 1 ^-<:'' 1 ] : TTH^ ^ ^ ] obol (r >:.rroht 3<"07 ; 
'•^•K^'MmI (Furdv }^Cl) v.nd -^uVHelcbel (ifo.non 190:^). 
Sr'p ^ynonomy of MaVh-cl-chel. 


./ i'l'iUboM 


nho^ih-ovj-no-f ..."rooV (P;;lf'ior P^Bl). . ...vce rjynonorry of 

i-tow-no^ man" rmk . . , Dan-no»kah name for Harrf-fo . \i robob ly 

u ood in)r o otrict § d 'aenae for Toi ii ft »fo. — o<fc^ 

See synonony of Shoo- tow-nO" man- nuk . see also aynonomy of 

"Ham-fo . 

(Kroebor 10i*,J)). . .Cee nynonoriy of Shoo-t,oy/~nO ' 

r-.:ut-riuk « 

[ Too-3e .i 
tuli . . . prthern "o.iieliirran" 

207 » fOOR. 

[T\]levon:o3 "d Sou^horlv 

I me ^'or ^[oj* — Frre^.t, ii^hno-'lrOf'*. For-'O, 

TiAli. . .■hme "ivr.r. by Kroeber aa "U^ke riwok" [TuleyorjaJ 
n-xye for 'loj. — '^roebor {uP,v.r l--rro'.tj , iKilook. Indian 
OMlif, , • ' ', 19P[). 

ypyi [ironounced Ilo-ycj. . .-'-.rrc uned bv bari^th for vill o 

I^ai.— Barrett, Et)ino-Geog. Pomo, 207, 1908. 
of Koi-e under k^ Barrett. 


Io-Ii;h-'vih (k' Q](^I?-A-a Barrett) . . ,Cujmv ol 
cornioctir*:: Clear L; with Lov/er L-ko 
iection of Buckifvcb^^- leninBula.— J ^-rratt . 
i509. 1900. ■ 

3 obore of a^rdt 
a liutlo "i of iiE ^ro 
ii'.ihno-v'eo '. PcriO, 

4 Ij. 

Ikm-fo 20- 

1 1 ^ 

ea.^^ h-ine of 'lOunt. ''onokM.-- 

glue of nortV. ond of lomir L-Ve -.a^r 

f ,^ 

.One of ^.ho '^ rincira] livi^^i^n^ ' f- ^-^^'-'^Q 

^ribo/v^ri -inKllv on ''<^pv^ot Id. ^ror v^hic'^ i^ t Von 1^:^ ^r^e.^^?^ 

S^e qlVso KSYvt-dot. 

%j %• 

>!auVorTia (b-.Tre^t in Hd'->ook. r07). . .r>f>o aynonorr.y of 
otJe ^vnonoTiV of '^Ofn-iot * 

• • 

•iiilLMi or Utnakii. . .Kroobor iftor B' rrott) , Il.tbook Indians 




Tr-..rr,dof,. . .'Mfford U.fnor i rroU). ^-'^ro Lands on U'.ke, 
:;eur3l. "ernorial !^ol.. ij. ''7, o:>jin3.lBoc.nd..rioa of tnrrr^oryj 

K-'u-aV'- lEurrett 1908) nd I^uiom .(I'roebor 1^-^- •, • ,^^«® 

^ /of ^Ov;»:oO«rrah. C^^aA-t- itrdx-jf^ Cflg- &■>.«■' .cwX JCtrrk/^) 


Kow-P:oo-mah (oi^ How-koo-mah) and How;g;op-roi-e>nah, • -Nanie 
- used by Clear Lake tribes (l lan- nah-bah ^" . espec lal ly Kulanapo ) 
for inhabitants of bu^phurbank id. — «i>**— 
See synonony of Kow«p:oO'-mah . 

/_ _^ 

V^r^. . avu^^en-; Vnro i .; -;-'•; r-J r..-i-f.ei for viil... .0 Ci /'O . 
narrett.^^^.-po-noo-;. Forr.o. ^'/■•', 1^;0''-. ..oo ■.^y-ior; f.;y oi 

l^-j ;-.-lp-;\Vl}<;l.p-; :,h , <XnrJ. aJjuo of l^yy^^iijfrC \Aj'v^M/x. k«^i^<> f Bv.^^vn 

Lo( ikria (Kroobar 19;:.')). 


ay ri o riorr^y o f I;it -f'-nk-r.i i . 


/ w / ^ 

nynon f'iy -^f Lin»r:ahk~riari 

n'^r.e for V^o>>n.^o — 


Hi.n-fo -2/- 

Hajr.-fo 22. 

/ ^'^ 

Seo a^'.^noaomv of Lir>ir>ahk^r.)u.h 

i^.„rr,e for 

T r 

or-' i 6^1=- 


oo-ool " hi~(il ( kuulhidf.d Barrett). . .Vjllt. ;e on Ki u'^ore lower 
L;ke~on v/c^^ ed'-o of Burna V Hey, T^ t i. ""y ,V of Lf;.ke ouMet, 
L^bir.e <-»f V. ^'. Turner is -^ri iif/«j. — hiirrett, , hthro-Hoo •. Por.o, 

■jm, I90f\ 

l)hut>aunoranok . . .'.I.'Tne for ''oi-e wrorv::ly refirrod by i..r.,rrett. 
to KonfJot . — wee i^ynonovy of 3haO"to;V''!^Q"r>'.n-'- ilk 


''^ ov^ -b 0- k 0- 1 i- rvth . 




kr^boVoKi [vronoiinced ' ^ah-^o- V o^' o»l j ]« . ."I!- ;=5'-orn V-po" 
1 y)H e"Vurr . r'-jnn for Toi • — T ?!.rr«*-t , i*/,hno-'iPo:> '•-Vrc, ''C7, 1 
I i)oe .1.10 Bvnonor'^,'' of '•'' rj-ir-fo. 

I n-y^p ^ Y^P.?\ r>Qe ;il30 aynojioPiy of '''oi^in-Jo . 

1 • r. 

• f 

'^^^ijjbaVu lajina * . ."riiu^'orn Porio" L e^l^l^linJ n jno for -jilL- e > ' 

"t'^oi Id. — ^'iff o H , rono L.-,n!ia on CJle.».r L^.ku, i«;;.rnt, ^'f-vr'jri^d 

fol», ^G, K^2/). St56 -ynonory of ^oi-in-fo 


.0:: -■'•^O-/. i-'Pj^LQiib ''>r How»)l'^0''r i~e" i^i.h . . . Y oV ^ ah 
for E}-lerr:ifo.--<i^^^ 

? i. • >.c« 

/ /» 

See avfjonorny of ■ '^ov;- oo-rMh ;i.n<t .-^.iao of hl-ler -fo 

'^ow'-e-' ub-b.ih 

See Bynono,"?/ 

• /^le-kMC n snes for iIam>fo. 
of lliAjD-fo n'l of ^'"riKwint-. 




^Q.l -oo.fn;;.h , . TVmo {r^ennin; f^iahemb-n) u.ied by lleur U&.e ^rlbe3^ 
Tor lo^jer Luke tribe (iW-fo) >ab a whole, enxecially the inhabi- 

Uxnt^ of P:i-len I U ?ind udyrcent Sulphurt)ank; 

' — 


CcH^^oo-ioiih.. . jj4>ana at Sul|:>iurb{.nk.— L. L. r-iltrer, fiiBt. Aaji 
(TLake ttoanMoa . %, Z.?, IP-'U. Seej^rTynononiy of i:.l>ler:-fo 

]\ru^(w-x , . .PiviBian or band on '" p.ido of Clefir Lake.— Earrr-ht 
in ildbook /n, Indifins, P^. 1, ^■'')7, 1*^07. ^eo .r/nonor:y 0/ 

V:nrM«;iot-ir..-fo. S*t Row- qjoo- YwaV) 

T!ovv-koo-rt ih or row - -:oo»r]ab . . .Marne u3ed by * Koo«l;^.n~fia>-lvo for 

l!oy»}^o« r;i»o»nah or Ko'.v- 'loo-p-i-o- :uh . . used by lokSah 

Por.o and by Clei-r Lake IriboB ( Han-nah-bah^^ ) for Id - 1 em- f Ot ^^ 
See i^'nonorv of El~lnrr-fo- See Kow-<|0(>- ywft^. 

Han- f Xf . 

Kow- -oo-rah ip'-nonony contiriiod. 


m. . .Bancroft (after ^-ib-a) !:ut. Trices . I, 11)1 • l'^74. 

part '(.I, p. 

::. ^oyoe. F'th /nn. ^ept. Bur. i.t'-.^ for r'^6-^^?, 
'^54, J"'^9, /abl J^Ol. v rit^oI! i;c .•-ku-'- ■■ . >. fr i. 




ra-rra ♦ . .Tribe in i^Oin-.n! 
IJnpiOj IBM.— John I.^cK«e, 


at C>i/!ip Lu) ivufiu.. . Clo rL^ kr, /i; 

■'>6 . 

1 <"^h'' 

krmil^ia pronounced r. h-;o-^- Qo>r.rb], . ; T>.-i'^)rM JV^ro'mr^V^.n] 

For'O ?0". 190n. (^j^^cd^.lnoTor ^eorJe of Komdpt) . ^ -^ 
S^e alsov synonony of El-lem-fo and of Koiyjo t- im- f o . 

* * 

niu^^-ur-n , . /^roeber (obvi unlv BarrtU.) t'dbook Ifdi.viia 

(>nif. . ^^:^ 1'":;'.^). 

^'o/' oo-Puih. . .Soo llow-koo-rr-rn 

P?ow-Vu-ra . . Tribe ^eloni^iri^ to Clear Lake.— ui>^h9 in Hcboolcroj 
TTT» 30^?, P-5.^. See a]",o ^^;l>T^.hatl^ in rair; liijt^«WaA. 


Su7t.ft-vi.rt-rKY <>/ E\-\e>^^'-^ o- Se« kovy-(^o«-WN.o>.K . 

rov -^"n-rn;'. . .Tribe r.eotirr; U, 3. Tre ttv fiorj-r. t c?'-rrp 
on Cle-.r Liko. /u-uat i^C. 19;;1, — T' talif. xreatiea, 
lienate reprint, 4, r>-. b.b, I'^Oi). Sti Ktv(^t>'-wnth. 

I.u~t i- 

l^ow- -oo-ri'-e-nah. . .3€ie How->'oo>f J~e'r?:.b .>/.rii.h . . .f-anc uciod by PuaaiJivnivor Vono for Lower 
, -^ Lake '.ribo.— " -oe '^tx^ s^*^^ .g W^-f «> 

yov;-oo-r':.h^^:n-ah . .' . ^o-V jWh Porv") n- fro for l>uJi iurba£>. '.ribe, 
fomiorly on E3-low 1:3 la rid, o-cir.e an £]-ler -fo • o>-tw. 
See also avnonomv of El-lam- fo and of Hani*-fo. 

Harn-fo -lit 

^o:;^^'QO-fr.ah ^^ynonony notinued. 




U-le mr 'J-^od also for bghep'^cbel . — ^ j f f nrd . ^' 'oro U iln on 
Cle-ir Take, Henrat ?"erori-xj V->i, j . '*6, 19i'.''j. 

^ee il^o sr/nonorT,'' of rl 1 " 1 en~ f o . 

Tl-ir-fo '6. 

'-^ /- •■ >-nLil>_LrLi}. . - VoVJ-h -mo for -'^l^-l^r-f o and forW^. — c^^v^ 
.>oo aynonomy of Kovv-'-oo>r .h , .-lao of ;.]-]er»fo f.nd of iiii_z_lL- 


-ro-^- •^'-•'•^ or ^f^>«^ol">^^V3o- vo ( kt.guk>v;;ai or ^^^tolk .levo I rrott). 
viii-.c-e'on i: shore i-inn l..uke (5yulphurb?aik/nrl;n deoi r,...y ir.- 
r-Pfliatelv ermt of Kloyd Hill (on ranch of I A^^er;.— . -rre >t , 

Kt'rno-''-oor. For o , '^C*:^, POR. 

ktiuikavv.d (Lurre^t 1900). . .ooo rtaoolhuh-wl 

Wiiha (I.irrett l^On). ..nro Kul>li. 

'r..i-n' (<Ql-:'i r.i.rrott). . .Vill^^.e on :'£ ahcro LJ^e on tKir;e of 
— FITrnaT^incy. Zh ni. miW of lake ouMet , pemrateu by^.sri.all creek 

^■ron^ kualbiJ^'.i [ ^oo-oo3^bl.ri 3,-i urreM, L^^.no- •oc;;.. roro. -Oc.. 



mr-rVd (i- rre^t rOR). 


I.o-r;;.Vi-rr..h (Pulror iO'^l j . . .'^arie for ^onlot .vrvr'ly . l-...ced V/ / 

\^r:^r ■J. E 11 cru ^oe avnvior.y of >■-•-'-" •: r^- '-^ ;. -l<v-«fo. 

Hulanapo name for band on ^lem Id. at Sulphurbank and at Komdot. 

] ,p' . - .>'ee ioriukfa 5arre*-ti in 3ynoii'>ri'y of i^jp^r :^hk-r ah . 

■1 / 


lj3r]akmfi Crro(/')tr 3'^"\'"')). . -uo :r/-^norr:y of 

Lir~krr,dina IGirford 19i;:3). . .iJotj aynor. f^.y of Li' -i'^h k -nuh 

\hm'fo%1';vhV-rah. . J"^!;-!- ri~r<-'p»i>o m'.ne /^^ Uni^'-rih^ chUv^ 

f ^ 


orr.y o^ 

^•^oTLloi 5-ndi of li?~m- f o . 


.0.,^- .h-nmh" • "V^nrl y f Iv.ced by at E ] » 1 en; Tu.- 
Hii+.ory of "rxa and Lake' Counties, Calif., rub. 
Fowen a Co., tian Franoinco, }p. ;'6, ."57, lOBi. 
nvnonomv of Kl'lon-ro. 


ijue -Iso 



^ »«— 

>f.;ikmi. [• ronounced L^:>faahk-m>vhJ ' .C 6he»kur:al rwjm^ for ^^ cm- d ot 
barreit , j^thno-Hooi^. Fonio, 206. ^ce aVso 
aynonomy of Koni-dot » 

Lef'iVmH .«.*^^roeber (.^fter Barrett) » IJ^book. Indiana Ual if. , 
:^3?, 19?5. s«e a<*4> nynonnny of -■ om~dot . 

^TTTi^r T'.ke , Ho-jrat ''crorial VoJ. ]:. ^'6. l^-23. See 

avnon'^mv of 7orr«ddt. 


/" _ 

Lir^nahk ^r^tb ba'^^-dun . . . K^ .lu.n~natf~ro ritu^e ^"^"^ ^ofr«uot»- 
See aiao r^ynonorny of Korvijot. ^^f Tari-nap-DO name for 
principEl Hain-f6 rancheria on Bull Island (Kah-mah-dot 



HMr«fo 2R. 

I. i m-rr'abV-n< >h b :.h- iun . . .3re aynonorr/ of Lir-riahk-rrah, M.d of 

? Lo- ir ianillo'i or Lu; iloria . . ."On tbe borders of Clear l";;^^" . 

^^o^^To— not oert..inJ. -Taylor. ^^^'^^ ' ^^.^'^^^T'''* ^^f^ ' S 
^'ni^fAHhv Bancroft, "r.t. Rvcen. I. |. If J , IHM i ror. . o. rap.) 

Cited by 

Synonomy: ........ ,n t i. 

Lopillamilloa. . .■^ort^heaat of ''ain Clear Lake. 

Wtor rt'aylot" ) , Jiativo Racon, I. wx^^ r-ap opp. 


p. .'):"2, vy(\ 

Lo oTU.Yo»re . . .Old rancberia on iaat uide of Lower Like, Co., 
abouh * mi. north of | re^^ent town of Lower lake. Called 

Wolkab»y o-wab by Lovyar Lake Koi«in.-fQ .-"^^»-- ^^'^e a J so V<^q»'- '•>yo-^^h. 
(Not Loo-^-u-vo-r.o of hi^ Valley, vnicn aee in Clear Lake List.) 

?LaviloTrii9. * .•^>*^e Lm-iilar'illoa . 

rahel-^bel O^^-oober 1^25). .^ . intun r> for KrrL ^»ee nynonorry of 
^^iVhelo'iel . alno of ^ ^ - -j - ir ~ f c . 

f.\i.r^^O 2f. 

Ihr-fo 30s 


. r 

• ^,kh^-eJ>ohol > . . r in^^ii) n^e for Por^ hand a^ ^''oi-o > 



{ M /hole he 1 . . . "roebeir, ndbcK^kt 
bee ' ' v.] !ri . a}'' no nory c f • ijni^_r^ 

IruicuiB Calif* . 

-^ak h -f^ '-cbol . ' ' r-Mhol (^hel , . .Pov/fra, Triben of Calif., "31- If^ 

ir<77. Il.l'ov.'crT errone »u3ly rel ;^r3 i*. 'o one of '.he F.ct'.vin 
jTi'T'iB.J ooo^^iynonDniy of ^ oi-irn-fo. * 


ivea ^heru 3 of "^^ul^^naT an 

^^".V:'nelaK«'l . . .b'lrrQlA (after Powera) 

U x o j B'iOck" ...nd aaya vhoy C' lied the vill^- f and inlina 

T£oj.--Hdhook />!. TrKJi'^na, Ft 1, 7^\''>, 1907. ->ro als^o •v/'^onony 
of ' m-im-'To* 

oee ali^o avnonomv of "^ "M^rirr-fo • 

1 / 

. .r>? rro^t (after ro?;er3) , KMino-Of:of> T'orto, 2iV/', 
Ct>e 'xlao nynonony of ^^)i~jr«fo . 

^'M.vhelc'iel . . .Ci.r] "^"'ui'^y, Porno Inuian Laaketa ana their '..kura, 
l3l ed. in Lmti of iJuns dne, p. 412, Doc. 1901. 
c.'id oii.,{>,7, I'^OI:. 3ee alno Hy.^on-riy of 


VaV^olohol . . .*'aaon, Direc'inna for Coll«ctora 

Laaketry, Bull. -^^ , .M-^ 0,. J'^-u. '-'ua. 

cf ^pierican 

Voo^-aho-Vol ( mil^okol Barrett), . .Carri on vory 3rn.-.ll slender penin- 
— "njlH Cilr"^?!t :?ut>'>*'f "^'ror r^Hj nl ;■• nd) or. N ■'hnre Iv .it L ^.'-f th'^ut ue 

Morth of Kl»lem or Sulrhurbank Id. --Barret, Kthno-'i* o •. Pono, 

i^09, l^OB. 


I'ucokol . ..Hifford (afttjr Barrett Jgivua it. aali. ^ rrainland 7illr^;e. 
Pore Lar^rlfl on Clear Lake, Ilearit Perrori*i.l Vol., ?^S, V}zi» 
rrubokol (P>:.rr»tt P'^CH) ; rucokol (■•ijioni 19;:;5). . o«^e I_u)i-j^MO-kol . 

IW-i o-bati ^^i?"^^oii ^ i?c tive narr.e U'or thenaelvoa) .sedby 'he IxOa.-. 
r^nf^to Cfeaf IZk^--^-ibb3 in ;;choolcraft, ITT. KFMT.. Pb^. 


Hee il-lerr-fo 

Ijaj ob atin. -Bancroft (after Oibha) , -'ative 
JpeTTed )japobatim on rap oj-p. p. o^.^^ 

Puicea, I. 4L1, IWl. 

C on- ^ . in- f o . 

, . . Another n- rrc 


for Ham-fo. — <^«*^-v 

Pah-*.ol'-kah-le-yo (pat Sl kaleyo.! ?^rrett) . . . Hee n 

patolVale^ro ('-arrott l<^Or'). . ."^"^b 

^■'tnoo-' Mh-'vi 

Sah-chah-hit-a-r.i. . .N^^e for Lowor L>e Indiana (\iarr.-fo). a.ied y 

^^ah-tah-<-e-chuf'>r. i or V.e-ii^uirr 

' - - i 

,iv.t;-.t ih*-- ^^^^-^ 

ee. ^'M'nonft')^ 


^ihahi-ki (cakai P'.rrett) . . .Vill--.e on ^-W roint of Duckin-harn Porin- 

'iuTa,^ToT!tin- -n r.orthvvent end of .rrora le-dir- to P^ 'er I/ike. 

Barrett , ilthno-^-oo,";. Por o . 20r^ l^OP. 

— -~-^ — 'tj 


" ^-lutau yorfanok ( '^ r r^eb or l^'^b). 

• • 

0(' S'«4t^*-*vo-vv«/ fl7 oKoo-"ta>^->va- 


Ho\ -v/<X<.'4o 

,\^ <x-,jLj^«2 . 

Ham-fo 3X. 

Shoat - ow- no-me- n o ok (Palmer 1881 ) • '" 3aSie for tribe on Koj-e Id. 

See synonomy of Shno^tow-no^man-mk and of Koi-im-fo . 
Shoo-tah«oo-YO»inah-nook . . .See catauvdmanuk Barrett in synonomy of 
Shoo- tow- no^man- n5^ and of Koi-im-fo . , ^ 

Shoo- 1 01. - no- r-f.. n- nuk . . . Dnn-no-k^.h Pono rvime for IkjlidjJ, '''le ' 

tr^yrol'MM/Q-! 'Parre'.t mP). . .3oo (:^-o-vol->i^--i\iy>!le.> 






^^^^^•T K^V-e 

T o- ] e' ^tT^ 1 ^ r^. rr^> tt , 

T^U^,^^,^.v ,^^^ ^^^^, 

r .' . 

-.u 1 i' (b,:rront FO'O. • -^tje Ko i- im- f o . 
ta.'toU '.Lci.rro'.t 190e). . .3ee Ta ih-bahl 

T:v-'.h-b ahl I tcil jiiul 1) .' I r re 1 1 ) . 

":.Hl^. 7,>r" ^f '^oi'-e Ic;.- 

. .CarT on r> shore lower Lfiko, r robably 
-B'trrett, tthno-''eor,. rorno. ;^09, l^OB. 

we' (^,n5i,a i.arrctt). . .-iU^ ^,e on om^, :^h)re of i'^ucVin-htjn Penin 
'nria''T.dn- 3truit botwoen Cle. r .-nJ Louver ^.nci just 
NE of "Lrtlo Borax L !.ke"-.-^' rrelt , Ii.thno-(>PO:> Fono. ;^C(".» POB 


• • 

'Avi-jrr-fo nf.jne for Loo-u-yo-.' e, VJ^'ich aeo 

Lower Lu-ke tribe.--^^**^- 


' J 

H-iir-fo . 
Iso lyfoyj'Xiy of^ 

uy no noriiy : 


K :n-o~rmn-aa. , .Tribe or band livirr; on Cle-r h-Mo "to- 
w^rd ^he ouM(3t."— Hibba in Schoolcraft. TU, ]0, l-^.^. 
[Bar re 

Tctt 3 Y3 thia is the J'irat rent ion of "Ke ] eo] le , 

the villa !e of -^oi-.f^ J ^'-ec ^ Irio :^yn'^por\- of ' '^oi-irr- 


)ho-tan-o-nan-?i.o . . .b...rrett (.-(.fter Cabba) , hthno-^^eof,. T-orr;0, 
; '07, 1^0''. oce ulao lynonony of ^oi-ir:-fo . 


^^^ ^K«*-«»<-»-H.«t-^»<7 Ikppareitly main Clear Lakel 

Gu tauvQra-:uk. .. . ."'"'orthem T or.o*\ r ■ re for vill-i'-e ' oi-e « 

rtJtt, Kthno-^^'^p'^':. ^ono. '^07, rOH. 
^^oi-e un:)er I"?©! Barrett. 

^ mm' J * ?•— 

?oe alao gynonorny of 

r>bor t- '^T-^^o-na-nook. 

• • 

• • 

.Tribe on an 

inland no sr ^he lower enJ ol ljO'wt\'lf-ke»--''J-'<»-If't;r'3 Victory 
. of Napa h Lake Ooun<ie'3, Calif., rub. Sjocurn, Bowen a Co.. FTi nciaco, pf. 3J:-/6, '^^ rTl." Geo alao 3ynon- 

ony of •'oi-irr-:''©. 

Shoa t-:.o'A - ^'o-ra- no ok . 
Vono, 207, PO^?. 

. .Barmtt (af 1. or r aimer) , LMirio-'Jco '•. 

Shu^auno- i-nok. . . W ron -ly r'.':.'.?ed b-"" Barrett -^r Fuci'irTbfim Id. 
iiarrott (after -^roeber inf'r^ l^Or^) , Hdbook. h^, Indians, 


t. '', fSGl, l^'ll. Seo alao ayoi^Try of 'Vr-'iot . 

_,■ Name for .village Koi.— . _v ,.^. , _ ,. 

Shutatr/ora>-:oT: . . ./^- roe>.)er vufter Barrett; , Hdbo^ok. Tndinna 

Calif., ' v', I'^IU). See also nynonorny of Koj-e urder 

•''oi ■'roeber. 

Ikrr«fo 3(^. 

< - oo -^^OO'-VVN q. 

liw^ (Brirrf^U ro^). . . "Eastern Porno* [Sherkum ] name for inhabitants 
of JLlem. bee ,^ynonomy of Kh&wina under kacinirB ~ 

of El-lem-fo 

kaciiiiria. Barrett, also 

H^|v-^»<-Kt.|[>, «L ■»■<>) 

I ' 


t,.: . 

— J ' - 

°« •«K!ra!^:::!SSi^- '^"^' ■ '»° 

Zube" (Barrett r>OB). . J5 



mi»^6lM^{h rrv.jt 1"0^'). . 



Xunadai (Oifford 19^:5). . .See 


Yp. . .Ctyr^ip t SEertremity of Lovvor L Ve and ?idiaco'nt 'uirrov/ '-^ecV 
land runnin.'^ into lake' juat W of ou' let. ".j.rnoJ from Yo Lil.-.nd. 
Barrett, £thno-Oeo ■. lore, :'0^, 1^0^. 



'. f.. 





t . 

tt,y ; 

#- • •/ • - 
• • V ■ 

• • 1 •# 


SOUTHVffiSTElW DIALECT POMOj Tribes, Bands and 
Villages. 8 pages 



»"t^ 'M^ '^J''^ "^ ^"""^l^^ 




Coast DiviBion. 

Amahyalilaliche (amayala^i Barrett). Camp 2 miles SE of Fort Ross 

A^shalichaliteoo fa*catcatiu Barrett)* Village 1/2 mile from U 

extremity and near summit of ridge immediately 
S of mouth of Russian River; WMi near some 
prominent rocks on summit 

... ,s 


>^T .^/^/*--^*^ ) 

tjBashawe ("baoewi Barrett)* Camp 3/4 mile UW of Fisk's Mills 

— ^ 


\L\^ s. ( ^ . /^A o 

w «^.^ 

"^^J^c }V>^ • >» 

(baceyokaili Barrett) ♦ Village near shore 3 miles 
SE of Fort Ross; a large spring shaded by buckeye 
tree here 

» f 


(batsatsal Barrett) . Camp 
of Stewart's Point 

on coast 3 l/£ miles SB 

■y * 

Chalahnoliahwi (toalantcawi Barrett) . Village on S bank Russian ^ 

River near mouth; 8 Indians living in 8 houses 
on the site 

Chamooka ftoamuka Barrett) . Village l/S mile W 

ranch house; on same ridge, and "but 
from shore 

of Chas. Rule 
short distance 

hapida (toapida Barrett). Village 1 mile N of Black Point 


I V 


•O^. Vv. 






V V. 

^ « f 



^ o^'-^'^ * 


^NM Towvo 

CkvVAjL- U ~lsX! kJiSb^ ^ H •TOt.-'^-^-P 



ftcikobida Barrett). Camp 1 mile m of Stewart's Point- 
400 yards S of Toolekahlayo 

Chete ftciti Barrett) . Camp 4 miles SE of mouth of Russian River * 
S^u!^*«^5;L..i*°^'*2J^ loinf *^* ^^^^""^^ ''^^'' shore'l'mile SE of 


(toitibidakali Barrett) . Camp 1 l/4 miles S of 
Fisk's Mills; at or near where road on ridge 
Just W of Gualala River, passing Seaview and 
Plantation, comes into main coast road from 
Stewart's Point to Port Ross 

S «i t, - a 


Chitebidahkahle ftcitibidakali Barrett) . Village 3/4 mile U of ^ 

Soolmewe, at Timber Cove 

^ Danahga (danaga Barrett). Village at Stewart's Point just S of 
<;^o.'n.^c^k.K^u- store at landing and about where present Indian 
, village now stands 

\ De'kahta (de'kata Barrett). Camp I mile SE of Salt Point. 

"^5:,^' Vav.-io.K (indefinite) 

) Do owekahlahwahkahl e { duwikalawakal i 3arr e 1 1 ) . 
(^oo- vv<i- kaK'.U^vvva[/. |<>i. L ^ miles SE of Stewar 

Camp on coast 



Doowemahchaheli fduwimatcaeli Barrett) . Village 1 l/4 miles 

Hco-WA. -vv^^Jv'^e^K tll|<_ 0^ Stewart's Point; on small conical hill 
•> (Ju.vwc^ _, ; ocean shore-line 







(i^ti^ttl ;^^^5i- 



l^-'^'^^Js/^ C^ovv^t^ ) 

>- — U*^ •*-<i- 

.M^OL. M^M'^j^^.^^. 


rk^« ; a..kWll «- ^T.'.'V ^■.• 

re - .1 

SNH ToNvvCi 




(hapamu Barrett) . >OCamp E miles S of Duncan^ 
8 miles SSE of mouth of Russian River 

■Icet name) 

Point and 

r Hemalilahkahwhahlalioo (hemalakahwalau Barrett). ^Camp on coast 5 ^^ ^ 

miles SE of Stewart's Point 

■^ Kal)alipoocliemale ( kabaput c emal i Barret't! . Village 2 miles ^^ of . 
f ^ mouth of Gualala River and near ocean shore-line -^ 

'''r "Kabamahle (kahemali Barrett). Village at Dune 

" SE of mouth of Russian River 

^•^^'^"^"KaVeselahwena (kabesilawina Barrett). Village at Salt Point; 

county road near shore-line goes through or 

, very near , , , j. >i • t xi, 

Ka-chi-ah. .Coast tribe from mouth of Gualala to about 4 miles south 

of mouth of Russian River. Their name for themselves a pronounced > 

in the same way b\^ the Kah-tah-we chum-mi of riealdsbung.but^iso-vah. 

SiBooBahmahle tkadjusamali Barrett) . Camp near ocean shore-1 
*• • ■ " . -V - >/» . - n-n - j> T»- T — T «4- T)T ««i^ Point 

„t 4 miles south 
if 'rrouth'orRussian River.- *i^^— . See K^^-chi-ah. 

C Kalemahlahto Ckalemalato Barrett) . Village l/^^^ileU of Charles 
V i w , i. \ I'V Rule ranch house and 1 1/2 miles U of mouth of 

«£^__ Russian River 

s«.v<.>'vku.'-'Ia. ^-£j3CoJ»0 ^Inile SE of Eoweshal at Black 

Yah-shi-yaii! . • Coast tribe fr9m Gualala to about 

Zalenda fkalinda Barrett). Village l/4 mile H of Black Point 

rapahshenal (kapacinal Barrett) . Village 2 miles HW 
1/ I i^^L %iJr. 1 Mills and near shore-line 

of Pisk^B 


Eatahka (kataka Barrett). Village 1 mile m of Chas. Rule ranch ^ 


5)NM T^wvCi 

( Koweshal fkowical Barrett). 

Village at Black Point; a family of 

12-lndians 1 ivin^ Jisre xiow- -— xa^^m^hv^ 

KV\>NO.\^\\O.TOO-VW. .^K\v\NaKKCL'WvOL'llK., <Vv\N^<V\A>«-*'^^ ' 

Xedahmahle (ledamali Barrett) . 
Svnonomv: Mad< 

Camp Just SE of Salt Point 


:^Matemahle fmatimali Barrett) . Camp near ocean shore-line 2 miles * 
^/>vvaK'-K->-*JV-)3. ''^- SE of Stev^art's Point 

^Metane fmeteni Barrett). Village at Port Ross; some little 

distance from shore-line and just in edge of redwood 
forest covering adjacent mountains to the E 

^jd^\>.iiaj^ ft^K. fuJL lU-o.J.iL^'W-us, 

iw.>..v.o.Lu.. JiL:-;^-^:*:!. 

fTit i 


Hrfpahgepoi^lak fnapagipulak Barrett) . Camp 1 mile S of Eahamahle i< 

at Duncan's Point and 7 miles SSE of mouth of 
Russian River (Western Moquelumnan dialect name) 

^ Ohomtol. 

1 *A 

Village a1 1/4 miles SSE of Stewart's Point and just E 
of Doowemahchaheli 

Oo!k^oobhawk fukutcok Barrett) . Camp near small creek which empties 

into ocean 2 l/2 miles SE of mouth of Russian River 
(Western Mo(iuelumnan dialect name) 

Otonoe. Village on SE shore j^Timher Cove and near Polmer Gulch * 




QlcX-Vrv x.^ko 

r^*K (.ft., — K 

_ » ' » 

oyemuku Barrett). Camp on sand-bar at mouth of Salmon 
Creek at extreme S limit of Southw^n dialectic area 
as given by the Moqueluranan (Western Moquelumnan 
dialect name) 

Pashookitmahwahle fpacukitmawali 


Wa^k .)-OH>.-/.-V.v.^k'T<^' ^^^ 

Barrett] • 


Camp 1/2 mile S of 

^'■•■-^ -iij«ii .i^iiiafc >ia^igiiafnv_" 


^MM To\wo 

. jii^^,j,L,^,.ujjyiMi-J.- >. -, . ' - ' -v ' ' ''U ' Jii ' . iPP!?'!gggawWRWW^ffqw^i^lWMIMB^J' 

S\(M To>^o 

River Division. 


Powishahna fpowioana Barrett) • Village 

T, ., , ,# ^'-4 miles SE of Fort Ross; 
To-\MW»^-3f^iN-'^'^" here 

on "Walter Fisk ranch" 
a reddish'tinted spring 




Seeton. Villace probalDly 4 miles SE of mouth of Gualala "R 

^ and near ocean shore-line; on "Hans Peterson" ranch 

^■' t Vh., 


i<s. Y' 

(Sohoihida. Camp 1/E mile WU of Fisk's Mills 
Soolmewe (sulmewi Barrett). Village on U shore Timher Cove 

i^Suldjo ' toomahle 

fsuldjo'tiimali Barrett). 
Stewart's Point 

Camp 1/4 mile I of 

CTahahtawe ftahatewi 

Barrett). Village at Pisk's Mills 


CTachbeda ftatchida Barrett). Camp l/2 mile IW of Sal;^ Point 

Tontoohemahche (tontotcimatoi Barrett). 
T &K.Ve- ■-«'vV.>/-eK.Stewartt^ Point 

Camp 3/4 mile mw of 

Aich|ah|she|na]3|ohaljwaha|le fatcacinatoawalli Barrett) . Village on 

E slope of STimrait of ridge Just E of 
main Gualala Hiver and 4 l/a miles 

a» I ^ » ^ u ^ 'w.t. almost due ^ of Potol 

Capetome. Camp near E bank main Gualala River, 1 mile IE of 


•n»i « 


\ % » 


Potol and l/4 mile SE of Kaleshahdim 

Chalahmlceohmahle ftoalamlciamali Barrett) . Village on E slope 
^ K RuaoLKW k«i n ^^. L'l °^ summit of ridge immediately E of main 
^V^ rCJLp, ..j^'i^^LT^I 5^^^?^^ ?^yi^' f J°^l®s a little S of W of 

Ghamokome ftcamokome Barrett) • Village 1 mile m of Seaview; 
ci.Ka^>-^-^^k(vh.>w^ W of Seaview- Plantation stage road on ridge* 


f tcaikosadotoani Barrett) , Camp in mountains 
3/4 miles from IE banlc of middle fork 
Gualala River and 3/4 mile ESE of Heboowe 

Ohoomahte (toumati Barrett) . Village on summit of ridge between ^ 
^ K £. -'K^ K'vV ijiain branch Gualala River and middle fork, 3 miles 
tt^-r 2^ M K^^ ^^°™ *^®^^ confluence 


(tulekaleyo Barrett). Camp a little over 1 mile 
m of Stewart;^ Point; near shore, and 400 yards 

^T- %^ IT of Chekobeda 

r Tsoobachemahle (tsubatceraali Barrett). Village 1 mile IE of mouth 
-^^ . , t, I ,, , of Russian River and 3/4 mile back from ocean 
^ S - Wk - e^ v^t^- -■«. ahore-line: Chas. Rule ranch house now on site 

\ Tsookahnteohahnahwe 

(tsukantitcanawi Barrett) . Village 1 mile nearly 
due I of Chas. Rule ranch house and 2 miles 
.1 of mouth of Russian River . ^. 


^-^ J^\JI. 

Dookahshal (dukaoal Barrett) • Village l/2 mile HM of Potol 

HolW-^^^'-^^^^^ (KV^I^^-^'^'^-^*^^ 


Barrett) • ^"^e^^n U bank Russian River at 
Duncan's Mill, 5 miles up from ooean 

^ 1 

^M/. Heboowe fhibuwi Barrett) . Village l/s mile I of middle fork 

Gualala River, 5 miles E of confluence with main 


S \N T "vvv 


^V\\ To'Vwo 




fnekawi Barrett) . Camp 3/4 miles EUE of conflu 
Piaier Creek with middle fork Gualala River 



i« i 


KaTDatahtale (katebateli Barrett). Camp at or near Cazadero; one "^ 

Bays near large rook just H of Cazadero, and one 
near large rock a little SE 





Kale oho omial fkaletoumaial Barrett) • Village in rf6untains between 
1<^IV h ->v».K,^ >A.-^)^ headwaters of Austin Creek and main Gualala 

Hiver and 1 1/E miles SE of Tanahm 

Kaleshahdim (kaleoadim Barrett). Village on ^ slope of sunmit 
\<j>-^ Ik^a\. \ J^ ' ^^ ridge just E of main Gualala River and 4 l/4 

miles almost due W of Potol; l/4 mile SE of 
AchahshenahOiiahwahll e 

5 KsL.^5 Vm^K' v- 
<^ Keshahiye 

fkioaiyi Barrett) . Village 1/E mile SE of Plantation > 


-^ KolDOcheohahkalile fkobotoitoakali Barrett) • Village on summit of >■ 
Kck-Wb'v e. k . <t Kok K'. knikk ridge just W of main Gualala River and l/4 ^ 
'^ mile N of Plantation 

\\n. it ' I 


_ I ^^omch.o'booliahle (koomtcolDotcali Barrett) . Camp near siiminit of a 
H ^"^Yy. '<• VoT^~^*K \^_^ ridge immediately W of main Gualala River 

\^^\^ \^va^'V^^ frw- «*^X;;> ^^^ 2 1/2 miles almost due I of Fisk's Mills 

Lalahka flalaka Barrett) . Village on E slope of summit of ridge v 
j^^j^r 1^^ j^^l^ E of main Gualala River, E 1/E miles SSW of Potol 

C Maohoko (matcoko Barrett). Camp on "Chas. V/ilson ranch" on summit ^i. 

of ridge immediately W of main Gualala River and 1 afii 
^ mile SSE of Sea¥iew 

Mah-he-lali chuiThmi » . Ka]>tah«we ohumr-mi name for "tribe" at Charley ♦. 
Haupt ranch (nsMT head hriUDt Ureek. so. branch Middle Fork G-ualala. 

V Bivei:). ^ . . ^ ^ 

Moojbhalifwe (mutoawi Barrett) * village on summit of ridge separating 
3_^Mfsv^^ main Gualala River from middle fork, 6 miles SE of 

%» confluence and 5 miles a little N of Jj{ of Potol 


Seepenabmahche fseepinaraatci Barrett) Village at Seaview; 
Se oC pV-'h^ VaL ^■^■'^®°*''"^ ^^ front, west, of Seaview hotel 

Tachahka ftatcaka Barrett) • Camp 1 mile due W of Potol 




""^^^f-.^ Y^ry' 


TJaolioomaliwahle ftiatcumawali Barrett). Village on E slope of 
fl ^ „L-.«. . . .. summit of ridge immediately E of main Gualala 


aK-<iK^vOv,j^.v«,a..0L Riyer and E 1/S miles SW of Potol and E miles 

I 'X. Ji K iv«> 

''v^ Vt^ 

'^-v^ SE of Tadono 

Tadono. Village on E slope of summit of ridge immediately E of * 
T<^.v^ j^^ main Gualala River, 3 3/4 miles a little S of W 

^ of Potol and 1/E mile SE of dialahmkeahmahle 

Tanahhemo ftanahimo Barrett)* Camp on E "bank main Gualala River 
I'fx.K'^ ^ -^ :- Kt^-vwft 1 1/2 miles almost due H of Seaview 

Tanahm ftanam Barrett) • Village in mountains "between headwaters 
TctKvVvaK'K^^ of Austin Creek and main Gualala Hiver, and probably 
— _. -^ 5 miles SE of Potol 

Tekahlawe ftekalewi Barrett)* Camp 1 l/4 miles SSW 6f Potol 

^-^k '^ Week A oi^ ^AM. Tl^^ 6Ct^ ^ JUV f^ 

C Tsapoowil f tsapuwil Barrett) • Village in mountains bwtween 
<"T5<>.u^^uk^ headwaters of Austin Creek and main Gualala 

) River and 3 miles SE of Tanahm 


KJk *>. 



30UTHEHN DIALECT POMOj Gualaii River Division 
3 pages 


V / 



9v fU 


Be-moo kah-lol Village in mountains iinmedietely 

ue-moo Kan xux ^j ^. ^^^^ ^^^^ Guelela i^iver an d 

1/2 mile N of Noble »s. o ic 








V / 



Village 1 mile N of Noble »s ranch. 


Virile^ on Buckeye Creek, in mountains 
3 miles NE of Black Point. Ve-^f- 

^ cJlcAU^vvVbt 

Camp 2 miles N of Annapolis. V/c^<^w<^-<^--*-^ 

Village t mil^is^ E of Lee; Noble »s 

Lee Noble's place 

Camp across from (E of) Taber's rch. f 

^"bixon's place on top hill on Healdsburg ^ 
" Eoad 19 miles from Kahchiah. Eastern 

limit Kahchiah tribe. East of this 

place is Dry Creek tribe. 

Camp at head of "olf Creek, probably A 
near N branch. (p x . \ 

Camp on ridge across from Wickersham»s ^ 

l^. > t-- 



C^-»T»ji.iwC<jC.* *■ C- 




Camp at junction Middle^and South ^orks 

Kah,,ah«ichah elile Village i^ediatelj^c^^^^^ 


la-mahUe Village near head gf buckeye Creek 
an affluent of Gualala Miver. (inaeiinii- 

- e, 



Koo-bah^ mo-e 



Old rancheria at Annapolis. ^ ''tuiLw-- 

Village near S bank ??°^JiH,^^®trSS 
confluence i»ith bualala ^iTer.^^CJL^ 

Hahn Noble's. 

Taber Ranch, '.'old J?^«^, ^,f,^;Pif Siie^^ 
mile E of middle fork Uualala i^iver. 

NVguU -Vc.^'v^'-'i^^ \ "fwU g ^ ^y^>^<^^t\Ki, 





Village in mountains i^nediately N of 
middle fork Gualala ^^ver fd Probably 
1 1/2 miles a little N of ii of Ko-pan-iia, 
midway between Buckeye Creek aid middle 

fork of Gualala Mvet. -W-*.x^c.*-tcr' 

Villaf^e on summit of ridge separAtini 
middle fork Gualala! River from small 
"Haupt Creek" to the 3; almost due N 

of Potol. ' ^ 0A\ .:^ 

vniaoe im uunntains immediately N of 
iidfle fork Gualala River and probably 
1 miles a little N of I of oonfluence 
with main branch. ^.^rt^.J .. i 






Poo-wah- Sim-mul-le, ,Weii,^e or chisel of elk horn 
Also, *APoo-wah'; ..Boo-ah'^"'liorns 




^oo-.^<::h-\ve to-se f Poo-a^h . horni und tP-^e.. deer); ko-sah-^e; .0-sah-^^; ,uo-Fo\v-wer 


Ko-Soh-we do 3'^ Buck 

Poo-ms-chsh End 




Also, Pco-wis-chsh; ''^a-wl-sah Point (noun) 

Por>ch; .'Pawts Far or way bff 





;*Poo-sahk Flat tule or 

PGich*-D<lhs stir-lc^-pa'^ Lud-Jforenoon (about 9 or 10 o^clock 


|Kah -mah 

K£W-t^*;Ko-tinf'ts4ll Fod^ymbus ) 
/-wil-lan'; Lg-seg'^ ^olym.i3us^C)Cc i den t alis 

Kah-raah-wi s- ta h; Ke l-lafse-se'^ (4 

tmnophorus occidentalig 
- irjs-ir ■■..,■ , fD>ites californicus) 

Skil'^T^ax^d Grebe). / amu- Hell-diver or Grebe 

-Pc - tls ; i-ipo 0/- 1 is ; 


'.Patch -§-let 



Pah -c h i 1 - 1 p -r, Orj 

'Pish hawk 

A* K 



Hain'-mo-moo^mah''>TOue |ly);;Mo-iROoin^'*" 
blowKP.y)l TelVle-mo-r,J'el'>le-md -A fly 


( Artemisia tridentatg ) 



sagebrushJSagebrush Hole (or 

•Pah-tah Sagebrush 

"A \ "irf-^ »ii ! of 

P..h-t&h te-loo-che ;Itch-o-lWh-ga;Jp-hah-^e; / Eus' ! e-loo-ge; 

\Wah=5tsah'-ha tar-lootch"-^ .\„ Brush wil^iup 

Pah-W, 'Pehrte-Tev Bah-fee-te'' 

Pruit of V/ild Pluir. 

»Pah-teiloi' Bah-te-ft'; P.-ht-^e-lo'; -Paht-pJ; .'Pah-te-lo'; 
Paht'-te-lo''^'> Wild plum 



PaK-Uo'j Puh'-too? Bah-t?o;rahVtSu'; 'P^i-leu Purs'nia 



B;, h-te-te ; 



Pah-teu; 'Pa-teu; 

Bah- too; 


Fruit of wild 

ieo Purs hi a 

Pah-te-^ah; Yam-me ;;"'Mook'mo-ke'^(/of\ shell ) ; 
Tah-pah-da mug-ga 


ah-pah-da mug-ga^ Nose y^tidk v^^V 

-tit-se; Hah-v;8hp-t itch-Let;/ le-yoimt- Hah-wahp-tich'-e 
(inside of elbow) LoTi^tcn.l •La-poon-Te, Ver-nah-pot- 

o^je^ :.'lbqw 

Aiso^, X^-poon-te'Jf'' crazy bone 

Pah-to^i Pah-te4 B hltol)/ • P;r-t^'; 

^ t . ^^' u.' \^' 

?aht-pe ; i-<.h t-pe-lo ; 

Paht-te-ld^' ■ 

Furp' ia 

luh-ts'e; .E-pah-che ; 

B;(4i-te-lo; •P=.,h-te-lo; 
Wild plum • 








N of Taber Rch. Ethno-Geog.Pomo 226./^ 
Camp in mountains N of middle fork 
Gualala ^iver and probably 1 \ miles 
Nir of Noble »s. 

Gua-la-la, Wal-halla, Wallhalla, Valhalla, Wahl-hah-lah 

Indians on Oualala ^'iver (Powers). 



Tribe in Sualala Valley and thence easterly 
to high divide between headwaters ,of N.Pk. 
Gualala ^^iver and Rockpile Or. on ^the west, 
and those of Dry Cr. (tributary to Russian 
River) on the east.— 

Their name for themselves; used also by 
Kahitah-we^Ghmnimi (of,Healdsburg). ^ 

Pronounced <!(e-|Jiflli=fihjp-mi by Mah-kah-m o- 
chum-mi of ftliverdale Valley. — 



Pal-mus ; :Pahl-inus; Pah - la h -mum; Mh\ 






Black-headed Grosbeak 



Pa-tah; vPah-tah? •Pah-tah-ld' Sagebrush (Artemisia 


Also , Pah- 1 ah' 




•Pat-cha; tPah-chah Manza^ita^ berries ( Arctostaphylos 

Y;sQid a) 

Pat-chah; iPah-chow-yel-lo^/ Pat-tsah; Pat-choi-yo; *" 
Pa-cha; Pe-tah Manzan^ita f ^rctostaphyloa pa tula ) 


v1 \ A 

;Patch-S-lee-moo';' 'Bah-che-flim-mo; \ah-chil-le-moo-ah; 
Po-tsal-le-mo'-ah^" Fly /(a fly) 


Pat-tsali; ]iPah-chow-yel-lo; Pat-chaK; 

V ,.A ..,..uH->.__|^.^^ ^ 

Pa-cha; Pe^tah Man 

rctost^phy log pa tula) 

Pa-teu; Pah-teu; Pah 


/A I K 

Pah-too; Bah-too Purshia 


CHUHASHy\N Tribes, Bands and Itanchcrias 
$0 pages 

%<^/ / <^ 


/ , 







7,/'l'i-? O, ■£ 

i • 



Absunta....See Asunta 

to Stinta I oii :;iBaiun (Taylor). _ 

\tiTr^M&^^'^^^"^^''^°"^^' "^^'^^ 


A^-nan... "03 A^^in 

Uhuam, Huama, Rhuaim,) ^ ^ r ^■■ir,cW^^u'^^ar), 

(Ahuam, Huama, Ahuama) 


1^:.::Z^:'^^^:Sr;\:'^:i:^uC^i<^ (ffi-^on Archives) 
feuep. . See Tequepae. 

Aguin (Ar?i.n)... Kxtinct ».iim?9 on'mtdnland "..ita B^rb>u-a Channel 

"(Locatod by T:.ylor at "boaoh of Los Llwroa Canada"). 

- - ., , / 

Aquitsmu. AquitBama. Aquiteumu. AquiechurriU Aguitsi^^ 
Ah-ko-taoorn (Aketsura, A^-u.t8m:u,^^3iiama, -4r6itt«fl<, rtu^u^i , (jq^q 

Mw.o<r (Ainuu^^iSun Uia.rxntJ. Los Borrcs, Laa Floros)... ^m. used 

by Santa Im^ IndiunB for raltxtod tribe to W and H (U Pu- 
risina to S^^ta ^iaria ai.d Sisquoc ValloyB)-,^-^^-^^-^— ' 

.«m-oahn... Placo on presont Boell ranch. 9 nil.n dcvn S^ta In.z R. ^ 

from PtnUi In.J:;, was W boundary ?anta Inai; torrinory. 

Ahuamhouo... Ranohoria tributary to In-3. Vission (Ttylor). 
Ahuaslayee. GuaiBlaique, Guaalaique, Guasliao. Guaislacjasleiciue 


A^.t-)^Jrk S.leagues from Bite Of 

"^(Ihuaalayoe ^Amahl.urk^. .. Ronch.ria ^*GH4ary-4o .rnnta In.. 

® ^ "^ .t^L..-.*^^. rontionod by Tapis 17^ib. 


A^aoiiumas. . . • Soo Ah-k(.-tnoG!L. 


e o 

Preceding Frame 

\ • 


te^;; • '^'L^^* tributarx to Santa Inoz Uieeion (Taylor). 

♦ - ■ 

Agnon,.* See Agftin. 

Archive 8 

(Ahuam, Huama. Ahuama) ^ „ ^ t u^-oi«^$i?ior^. 
Aguama!:. Itocheria tributary to Santa I.^«^^"«^*^^l^/^^^^^ 
Cex. . . .Rancheria tributary to I\iri8ima Mission Mission Archives; 
^uep. . See Tequepae. 

Aguin (Agnen) . . • Kxtinc t v411a^ on max nland SaAka 

(LocaW % Taylor at "boach of Los Lla^^o 

--■••••- ^ , ^ 
>^tmmu... See Ah-ke-tooom . ~- 


Ah-ke-tsooB lAketauB, Aguitsunm.^tarana, lomima, iviwui««f/ ^^ ^ 

rant^ria or village about ^ Jiiles^K of Santa In^Hleagues 
^^- Jvli^ ' Urom Sta. 

/Uhi-sap. .PonneTTInoheria iVeiti^i'L^^^HS^'e^J: 



(AlBUU,^.; — . ~- 

by Santa Inex Indians for related tribe to f and N (La 
risima to Santa Maria and Sisquoc Vanoy8);*«— ^^^'^'^^^ 



Ahuamhoue... Rancher ia tributary to Santa Inez Mission ^1 
Ahuaslayee. Guaislaiqua, Guaslaique. Guasliac. Guaislj 

I A. ... J, A-y»<M.')^irk 3 leagues from site of 

''^''-^•-'^'^(Ihuaslayee ^Awaahlaurk^ . • . Ranch«ria tributary- to Santa 

- dlaiidbuuk) . Mentioned by Tapia 1796. 
Akachumaa. . . See Ah-ka-tGoonT. 


CKw»w j.sK«.n ^ 


/\h-kT'^(Akait8uk ^A-kar t-stik) . . . Kxtinct villap/i abou4> Santa Inez lisoion^ 

Akjtsum,.. Soe Ah-ko-tooom 

Alacupuflviion. . . Soo Alsacupi (Mission Arch- 

Alahue (Malahue) . . Rancheria tributary to San Buenaventura Mission 

Alaham. .Rancheria tributary^ to.La.Purieima MifSfiipnp. (Misflion Archives), site of La*^Puri3 3ima Mission wni.t)mJ[S^;;;5^ye^.§£fgBk 




_ t Mission CJ.T.-Omg|S gijrea.gjffDK^ 

4y^hula|W, Lan-\YO-lah-po, Lajalupo, Lajulap, Alajurapa, 
«a;jTitepe, Agalapu 
llajalapu, kajulapa, f?:.nta Ineo).*. Original site of S'nta 

Inez Liasion (Ortofta). About 2i loaguos NW of CalaJmass^ 
(Mali, 4A-la-li). .. KxtmcV yi'll: 


>Aiko^a^s\rAlcaa, /^^ so--- x 

AlcifflJB, San Rafael J 
of -anta Biirbara CHoycoQchoa 1796;«ed 

Moore* 8 house (HensHa»r)« 

AlapaiKus or La Purisima [Mission]. 

Algsacupi... Soe Alsacupi, 

flleKa>i (Alican).. Old villa(^ at Canada Ignacio near 

ta Barbara (T^or). 

Chumaslian o 


(Algsacupi, Alacupusyuon, Lalsacupij^Salsacupi, Lompoc). 
First aita of la Purisima Mi88ion,»v«^>'^u,^x/vAA,Iv^Rx»»aH,. 

Aiwa thai ama. .. Soo Allvatalair.a. 

Amoiiano.., See San Pedro Amoliano. 

AmolcfmSilT!''^Extinot villar-O at old v/harf at Santa Barbara 

A . 

Amuu, AffiSf^'r. See Jih-moo'T 

Anacarck... Soe Anacbuc. 


I ... ■ 

Anacbuc (Anacbue [mispritt], Anacarck, Anacavck)... Kxtinct village 

on mainland Santa Barbara Channal (Locat d by Taylor 'near 

Uio islet of La Patera, near tho aaa shore"). 

Anacat... Soe Ajiakot. 

Alizv/ay... Vill^^^ at Jonos Carap tributary to Saita Inez Mission (Tayll)^! ftno^Koo.!^ (Anacoac^ 


?Iln:.ian,^an Marcos 
lV>€ma>v(Aljimanj 4sijiman, Sljraan, Elcmana).., Rancheria near windmill of La 

Patera, ivmr S.anta Barbara (jay lor)-;, 5 lej^uea from Santa 
Ynez Mifesion vTapis). 

Al-ka-ac... Sq3 Alkas. 

/\i\oK (Alloc,.. Villaf-e on wtiinland Sm ta Barbara Channel 

(Located by Taylor "on Rancho Ortega, near thu baacl-fl.. 

Alwath thalmn , Asv/al thatana 
Allv talama (Alvfathalana) . . . Rancheria near La Goleta Esturo (Taylor). 


Alraacoac... See Anakoak. Santa BarbaraC^'i^-*^] 

Alpincha (Al-pin-tca) ... Sxtinct vilifAge near cont-.^r pres-mt town of^ 

Channel (Taylor spells it Almacoac and lo- 

cates it near Pt Conception), 

ft>xo.kot (Anacot^ 4Anacat,|Vo.^ooue^. )... Villan? (extinct) on mainland Santa 

Barbara Channel. (Taylor says W of Santa Barbara). 

Inayapa. . . Indliame for Anacapa Id. off coast of SaAa Barbara (James L. 
.-^ ^ Ord M§. Haves Scrapbooks, Bancrof t,Libr. See also An-t-a-pa. 
/ JKaTui Kaiue. Najagues or Najaue, Nahuey . Nahaj uey 

|\WwJ(Anajue, (ASojueV ffip):??'l>ncVria tributary td Santa Barbara 

^^ Mispion (Tapis 1798ji, - - -•'-/•., ^ , , /„ u \ 

A^i-a-pa (Luktikai). .Chumashati name of Anacapa Id. iHenshaw;. 

Antap... Extinct village ao liUii nuar San Podro, Ventura Co. (Henaha-j). 

AcfTii... ^"Ixtinct^villago in Vantura Co. (Te/lcrXsee^taso^LpJoa Aorjii). 

Sasuaguel.Sasg^agel, Suaoejs^.ya-hc^ Ysguaaeli. \»^^^^„'+r^S^®f<?i,.nH fTnnis) 
AshuSger (Sasua^%ol, Sasagucil) ... Kaich^jria orrlSanta !Tru2 Island UapJ^A 

Sashuaguel , 181:^6661 ^ K 

Ap^.... Rancheria tributary to La Purisima Mission (Mission Archives) 
ifsipiuil. • See Asiuhuil. „, , x v i 

Ap-wifi<. .Former rancheria. on Santa Barbara Channel, just below 

Hueneme (Henshaw). 

ChiJ9M.ehdJi 4 



Aaimu... Kxtinot villa^^ on mainland Santa Barbara Ghannal 


(Taylor says W of Santa Barbara). 

Jisiguil. Asnisehue, « . r C^y^l 

(/Bnisihul;... Extinct vilie^ tributary to r.uita Inaz Liaaioii 
9 leagues from Santa Ynez Mission ^.Tapis 1798>. ^ 

Aanisihuo... See Asiuhuil. _ . . „. «_ ^n- 

Aspili or Aipili..Rancheria tributary to Purisima Misskon l^Mission 

Asumpta... Hoe Aaunta. 


Asuncion... Sec Asunta. 

Absunta Asuncion de Nuestra Senora 

Asunta CAsur.pta, Assucipta, Asuncion, la Asuncion, ^Sisolop, Sisolopo) 

... Randioria, doubtloss at ?an Buena?©ntura . 3^s;^./o/»o. 

(See Allvatalfima) , « ^ r /« i. i *.\ 

Aswalthatajis... Tribe at Santa Barbara or Santa Inez irratscliet; . 


Auiman... Soo Quiaian = Kw-e>woL>». 

. , Au-haOu J ai , Auhay . Hau j ay , 
AujaY* • • Sao Ujai =o-Fn . 

Ausion... Village tributary to La Purisima Mission (Taylor). 

/ w 

Alaurkl't".''^5lo Ahuaolaye e /\hwas!<^KVA. 

Awha^hilashrau (A..ha.whi.lad'..u) . . . ^^^Jj^f pliiii^.^UTi^ 
Axpitil (Paxpili bara 

^ ' Ranchoria tributary to La Purisima Kisaion (Taylor). 

Baile de las Indias. ...Rancheria 2 leagues N of Santa Inez River 
Bel en. . See Alaleyque, Somes ^ VPortola; 

Bilarin (Santa Clara de Monte Talco) .. . LaiHo pucfclc on exroyo 4 

lea^rues W from San Buenaventura (Portola 1769). 
Barbarenos (Barbaranians . Barbaraians) . .Name used by Harrington for 

Indians of Santa Barbara region. 

Chumaahan i. 

Bis... Extinct villarre on nainland Santti Bijrbfa.ra Channel (^«^) 

(Apparently in vicinity San Buonavenlura) . 

Buchcn (Kl Buciion, San Ladislao)... Ranchoria 3 loa^ 

Luis Obispo (Portola 1769). 

08 S^of San 

Bulito... See Kstait. 

Caacac...^(C«uicat, C 

on raoifilf 

Cacat... Soe Caacac 

:' Coaacac. Guncfaae)^;. Kxtmct villafre 

Barbani^^hwinQl ^(TiLylpr says W of Santa 

Caco... Soe Xacc 

KouK-Kouts CajatB 

Cajas. Jajas, Cajachs. Cajatssa 
(Cajatsa, Cojata)... Extinct villale^wSw'^anSa Barbara Kission 
(Tapis gives Cajatsa as on Limu l»Santa Cruz] Island). 

Cajpilili... Extinct ▼ 

tributary^to^ Kisoion. » 

illarodSflftf Santa BarbaraJliaylcr). 

CalahS^il^'''^' Calla Wassa^Calabaza.^Calabazat .Calahuacha, 

rofe :6^tfero^V. '»-'A Iri^t^ta^if t%;«^^^ MiBBion 

-wa... See Shalaira. ^Mission Archives;. 

Cafflulas... See Kamula8 = k5.-vv^o<5-lu.s, 



... Ranch'jria apparently between San Kmidio and Guyarna(f»^^^i^^i). 


Cancac... Soe Caiicac=: KaK-oLk-ka-W. 

(See Shi-sho-lop . 
Canoas, Puoblo do las... Poniier adttljcwnt at or near ^jruaont Ventura.A 

Carom i sopona. . . See Caromisopona. 

Chumashan* 6 

Carpinteria (La Carpinteria, San Roquo)... Largo puoblo 5 or 6 

loaguas W of San Buanavantura (Craopi, Hoycoochoa)* 

Gartsxa... Soo Kas-ta'k. 
Casalic, Casaliu.*. Soo Casil. 

Gascol.,. See Casil=-H'«tsil. 

Cascollis... Indians at S-mta Inez (Gatachot). s*^^a-si'. 

Cashwali. • . See Kashwah. 


Kasii; / X 7 . ^^ / 

Ca8Con,Kir8il,N)ieva, •j3asil orHueva*><.. Ranc^aria soi«6 

/•■•■' A' / . / y^ / .^ ^^^ 

lea^^8 W of /Sfya^a Barbara' (G^yCooch6a,Tapi8^jyiza). ^^^'^^^^p^voj^ 

Caxtec»Ca8tec«Ca8htec» apparently 
Gasitec ("named San Pablo")... Place^in or near mouth of Santa 

Barbara Canyon, W of upper part Cuyacaa Valloy. Not 

Gastac (Kastak) in Ganada do las Uvas. 


Caanahacmo . . . E xtinct villa^A near San Buanavontura (Taylor). 

<^atTanta Clara Kancho) 

Gastako... See Kaa-ta'k. 

Caetegue... See Kaa-ta'k. 

(Gasulnamu, Casunalmuc, Casunalmu, Stu. Claria 
KahswW^o Caounalmo . . . Extinct vill^ige near San Buenaventura (Taylor). 

Ka-yo'-zAoc, Cay eve sh, Cai^uas 
KoJi-ya-vo* Cayeguae (Cayeguea, Gayuguio)... Extinct village mar San Buona- 

Ventura (Taylor)* Between Ventura and San Gabriel (Padre 
, Santa MariaJ796). . ^ 

Chahua (Xagua, Xagna, Xaqua, Sajay? Sajcay?). Bancheria tributary to 

5an Buenaventura Mission vWission Irchiveo; "On the island". 

Chumashan 7 

rTr«.l'^-'-iic) Ch.oloshush, Cholochuch, Choluchuch, Oholochua 
Chcil^f Auf. . ." iSttincl village on Santa Cruz Island (Taylor).; on SW 

^ part of island IHenshaw). 

Chichilop... Extinct village tributary to San Buenaventura Jrission 

(Taylor). See Shi-sho-lop. 

Chichucchuihui , Cohiucchiuc. Chiuchiu» Siucaiu . ,„ , ^ 
Chihucchihui... Village tributary to Stin Buenaventura l^issipn (Taylor). 

On island of Uuima L Santa Rosa] (Mission Records) See 

Chiuchin... Village tril3utary to Santa Barbara Mission (Taylor)L 

Cholicus... Village tributary to Santa Inez l»ii88ion (Taylor). 


♦ * 

Cholosoc... Rancheria tributarr t,o Santa Barbara Kission (Taylor). 

Chosho (Tca-oo)..r^^xSfnct: viffl^f'on Panta Cnizld,.,i)rcba^^ 
^"-\'/. ^'i(M'%\i WtenT- ^^^''^ (Taylor). .=:TOTstJmrFil^ arbor. 

teSk/ •/'iSS^a' of'S&r f u^av'Sh'ter Mi s s ion (Mission Archives). 

Laah... Stock 

Ventura (-Chumashan Farrdly, Powell, 1891 «Tdiuma8han, 
Honahaw and Moonoy, 1685). 

Chumpache . . . Village tribut:iry to San Buenaventura Miaaion (Taylor). 

Chumuchu (Chumuchn, misprint)... Vil^ tributary to Santa Inez 

Itiaaion (Taylor) ("auparently two distinct villuns") 

ChwaveHl ( o^ «^'^"' name.-J*»V. ) 

Chw&iyok (Tc-^ai-yolgTTT Extinct villaro in locality now called Loa 

Pitos, 5 of ^)an Buonavuntura. s<>.r-L/n«isTu«t)i> 
Cicacut (Cicauit,'9»Gttt,Cincacut^ Ciu e uty Cuiou^ . . . Extinct village 

on mainland Santa Barbara Channel, (flenahaw locates it at 

preaent Goleta), (CabriUo'a "Puublo do las Sardi.nas")- 
Ci.cawc-ku«i... See Sisjulcioy. 
Cicut... Seo Ciucut. 

Chumashaii 8 

Ciinof^iita (Spaniah naraa for Kaauo)... Soo Kashwair. 

Gi-mi-i... f>90 Simi, 

Cincacut, (jinotiti . • . Soa Oicacut . 

Gincut... SoQ Giucut. 

Cinihuay ('Jinibjai, Los Gatos)... '•*!xtinct villamv tritoiaiy t o 

Ghusnaslian 9 

El Conejo, Sapue, San Lucas . 

CoYvil^o (ConQJo)L . . Ranch ?ria mantionod in 1783 <u yx4A^ S^.^*;^ I^^mtoa^? . . . See Sapue. 

Santa Barbara {Tiiylor):m^»( ^t loa Oatos 

S3Q Liquimuyirti 
GiquimDynzii^. .. Sxtmct villago on Santa Barbara lalanda (Yarrow). 

Giucut (Cincut,Cuicut,Cici)t)... Kxninct villa^ije on mainland Santa 

Barbara Channol (Taylor aaya about 10 mi. W uf ?!enta BarbardJ 

Soo Soo^tcon 
Civ'uktim... Ritinct villap-o noar Santa Barbara maaion 



Go&acac • . • Sqq Gaacac = K^KaK k<vk . 
Cojata... Seo Cajata . 


Ko-Ko Goio 

p^^^ \ Coxo'/Xezo;Xiio,Xono' 

(GojotocVKl Gojo Siailopo, Santa Toresa)... Extinct 
f^ near Pt Conception (oaat ). 3>vUi4 Sk (^ . ^-^^JiMi^^^ 
Ss9 Shi-sho-lop <^ 



Kolok^ Goloc 

, Kolok.^'-a-i^ . Coloc, K.olak, El Paredon, 

(Colve 7... Extinct vi liana on mainland Santa Barbara Channol. 



Coloco (Botocoloco^Estoloco^Sstilococo).** Extinct villfj^o on Srmta 


t f 

Colvd*.. Soo Coloc. 
Goncopcion... Boo Kspada . 

'Conopcion Laguna (pueblo de la Lafami^"... Vory large ranchoria about 

8 league a W of San Buenaventuraj«/./t.cj.wj8y,^w..tx^^^a«ii^ 

Corral (Santa Roaa de Viterbo)... Ranchoria bot</don f^an Kornando 

Valloy and oanta GlaraTHivQr^V'nQar Hart* a" (Crespi 176^.^). 

Cortona... Soo tfescaltitlan. 

u_e ^'^' 

Coycoy... Sxtinct villai^a on^Santa Barbara lalanda (probably Santa 


luciaoo... .See San toa Marti re a IpoliJ^o y Guciaho, ^ „, . 
luchojonesvSan Pedro de Alcantara; Near Son Buenaventura Mission 

Cu-cu-tci,.. Soe Shuahuchi. amission Recorda; 

Guia. .. Place 4 lea/n^ea eaat of Liaaliua, ovidontly in Cuyania Vallayj 

Cuicut..* See Giucut. 

Guncaao... See Gaacac. 
Cfip... See Shup. 

Gurtakaa. -. Seo Kaa-ta'k. 


Guyam (KuyaX.^tiyaina) . . . Rancl^ria tributary to S?jita Inez I'iaoicn 

[donbtleaa in upper part Guyama Valley ]_, j^l^-^a ^ /ktifliz*^, >v, /f^v. 

,KuiyaDiu 0y».4^ *^ 
Cuyamu (Cuyumus) • • . Jx)rra;r ranchoriaa looatod by Taylui uu raiiclic - 

**rDo8 Puoblos (Taylor givaa Cuyajnua aa on raoaa noar f^anta^ 

Echeeman. . Rancher ia tributary to La Puriaima MiaaionVMiasion Arcnr; 
81 Bulito Eatait... See Satait. 

El Gojo Siailopo... Tji^Ki Gojo 


El Paredon... RiincJheria 7i lee^^ias W from San Buanaventura (r-oycocchea^ 

Kl Kincon... Soe Rincon, 
Blcmana... Sao Alj^iraan, 

Chpmashan iU 

SlQunaxciay?.. SancBeria formarly near or tributary to Santa Barbara 

kission (Taylor)' 

Eljiman, Eljman.,* See Aljiman, 

EltTM/.y^ftiiGria formerly near or tributary to Santa Barbara 

Kisaion (Taylor). 

Chymashan 11 

Estoooloco, Estoloco... See Coloco. 

Estuc... Extinct village near ^an Marcos, Santa Barbara reprion (Taylor). 

See Stucu 

Faii.^^Extinct village tributary to La Purisima lisaion (Taylor). 

Elquis... Extinct village on mainland Santa Barbara Channel. 

(Apparently E of Santa Barbara.) 

(Eleunaxciay.Gloviaxcuqii.Gleuaxcuyu", Eluashcui , Elehuaclrwuyu 

Eluaxcu... R'iiicheria formerly near or tributary to Santa Barbara 

Enemes ^Eneraesp) . .^^e. fo^ Santa Cruz I si and (Mission Records). 

lU.BBion . rj;ay.loi:J. 


Eniceu. . . .Kancheria 


ra Miaaion^ , 
Escurnawash. . . Extinct villaf^o at San Jose, about 6 mi. from Santa Barba^ 

Eshhulup... Extinct village at Bujnaventura Mission (Taylor). g^l.g^Q.^o 


sj aluiiiii (Ex j ol iuil imu , Yal ihui 1 irau 
Tal ihuil imit , Achil 1 imo ) . . Ra 

or Jal ihuil imu, Xaliliuirau, 

Rancheria tributary, to S^in Buenaven- 
tura, Santa tnez and La PurisimaJ-flissioBS (Mission Archives). 

Esmischue... Extinct villaf^e tributary to La Purisima Mission (Taylor). 

Eniceu. .Rancheria tributary to La Purisima Mission (Mission Arch.) 
T''°"°-'"Ieyei5ue(Shanhaleyuhue» Esnajalishue, Snajaley^ue, Asnaj al eyequo 
Shnajaliyehue, Casnajc'ilegue, Jasnaj alayegue , Esnagaleyegue, 
CasnaJ al lyehueJ . .Rancheria of San Buenaventura Mission vMission 



„xHnct v illa/^e tributary, to La.rurxsi ^..^^-^^ 

snaiaiayej-ua, snaJale^^.-BTiajalayehua, Uhnajalay^gaair inami 


esnajalayegua, Esnajalegue, Najalayegua, Najalie^ia, Naxjalajagua 

Espada (La Espada, Concepcion) ... Rancheria just N of Pt Conception 

Espiiluima. .. Extinct villa^^e tributary to La Purisima Mission (Taylor) 

Estait (Kl Bulito Kstait)... Extinct village 14i lea^^os W of Santa 

Barbara . ( Ohu) ^^ ijc ^ 4^ >,a^v $^ '^^^^j::^;^^^^ 
On El Bulito Creek, according to aoycoechtea. 

Est ep... Rancheria tributary to La Purisima Mission (Mission Archives) 

Garomisopona (Carornisopona) ... Extinct villaf-o on mainland !>unta Bar- 
bara Channel (Taylor says W of Santa Barbara). ^^^"^^-^ ^^^ 

Gaviota (La Gaviota, San Luis Roy)... Rtinclioria about 4i leaguos E 

of Cojo (Crospi 1769). IZi leagues W of Santa Barbara 

(Goycouchea 1796). Apparently at mouth Gaviota Canyon 
according to Goycoechea. 

Gecp... Rancheria 15 leagues N of Santa Inez Mission (Zalvidea lb06) 

[Apparently in Topusquet Canyon or La Brea Canyon.- ]. 

Geguop... ilxtiniit^^illa{je tributary to Santa Inez Mission (Taylor). 


.JOB W 01 J^anta 

Barbara (Goycoechea 179b). Near islei. of La Patera (Taylor). 
Gelihahuinat. . Rancheria tributary to Santa Ynez Mission (Mission Arch.) 
Gerepi. .Rancheria tributary to Santa Ynez Mision U^ission Archives}. 

San Miguel, Gelui,\ 
Gelo (Geloo)X.. Rancharia between 2* and 5i leo^es W of S.nta Bar- 

"near Santa Barbara" 
bara (OoycoQChea 1796) . On islet of Patera (Taylor). 

Gitzumo. . .Rancheria tributary to La Purisima Mission (Mission ArchiTes) 
Glouaxcuqu, Oleuaxcuyu. . . See Eluaxcu. 

CHunsushan 12 
Gna..*See Gua 

Gua (Gna, Quanoaugua, Quannuogua [»Quanmu ♦ Gua] ) . . . Extinc t 

village on mainland Santa Barbara Channel (Taylor aays 
near Sta. Barbara) (Handbook says Quanmugua frobably 




Gusu^aya*. ^ea Xugua. 

pGuainonaa , 
Guainonost (Guainnonoe^) . * . Village 

Barbara Mission (Taylor). 

formerly near site of Santa 





kasljiyoOj Ysluyo 
(Guiislaiqp.f .Gvaa^iaoX^^uaislaa^gge, 

« • t» 

See Ah-wae-lah 

Extinct village tributary to Santa Inea and La Puriaima 
Misaionfl (Taylor). 



Raeruap. . •^ee Tof;uep8 

Ha-hw (See Cajataa. Jajas, Gajda, Hahaa,)..- Extinct villa/^^e at 

principal p^rt Santa Cruz Id., probably at Pris ner'a 
Harbor (Kanshaw) 

Hol\-ko (Xaco, Zaco) 

Hanava.(.Ha-na-ya) . ..Rcha in Mission Canyon 
'5ee Janaya. 

Haujay. . See 0-hi 

near Santa Barbara. 

Holapoonuch. . . Extinct village abcut 15 mi. fr<M Sta. Barbara 

Mission (Timeno 18f?6). 

Hsl-i-ck. Hear ocean n^ar Moore's Id. (Honshaw) . . .See Gell«o». i. 

Gualpa...Rancheria tributary to Santa Ynez Wiasion (Mission Archivea 

Guanono 30. . .Baptism (Archivos de la Mision de Santa Barbara, Bancrof 
Libr. Extracts, 7:17, 1876. 

Guima (Guima)... Village tributary to Santa BarbamMi8Bion(Taylor) 

(Giiisaoa, Huisaoa. Gisaw. Huixapa. Huixapapa,) 

^ CGiiisapa, Huisapa, Gisap, Huixai)a, Huixapapj 
Gtuissapfil ..nanclieria tributary to santa Inez Mi 

ssion (Mission Archi 



Hello Geloo. Gelo. Hel-lo', Hel-oh... Extinct village 9 miljo f of 

Santa Barbara (on Oolcta or La Patera ranch) (Taylor) 
(Hensha* aays on Moore's Id.). 

uch or El Triunfo, Triunfo^ 
Hi-piic (YjAic, Ip^)...Fonn3r. village in VoT\uura Co. at present 

El Tritinfo (Henshaw). 

Chumashan IS I j^ 

Hitachc-on (Hite-tco-^on, Kiche-..cnV -Extinct village on harbcr 

cf Sta. Grua Id. 

HGnn-.oyauEhu (Hon-mo-yau-cu . Hon-fii^-yai-yu, Joiimoyoso) . . .KiUnct 

villa^o at ^II Barranco, near San Pedro (Honshaw). 



• ■ M 

c-^^Hccn-hcrn-na-tah...(Tonjonata, Jonatao, JonaU. Jun&ta, Huhunata, 

Icnata) Santa Inea rar-ohsria or vilii2^ near present 
Zaca station on BR ab ut 3 mi. W or Ht of Lea Olives. - 
In 1796 Jonlonata -gaa located 3 laagu s H of Santa Ynex 
Kisaion, but by 1B06 it had been raoved (ZQlvid?.a, Tapis) 

Huama. . .Tancheria tributary to San Buenaventura Mission (Missiftn 



ta ^ 

Bion (Taylor). 

Hue lemin 

nueiemin _, ■. * ^ 

Hu^lomon (Hualomin ^^liac^)... Extinct villfi/^o naar isxst of 

Patoro Har«chD (Taylor). 

Kwanatel (Huonigel, Huenejel). ..Extinct villr^-o tributary t U 

Puriekmklinsion (Taylcr). (Taylor mentions it aa if 
distinct frcw; Huonopal). 12 laag: rs from J^anta Ynoz 
kiission (Tapis). 


Chumaahan Jfl, "* < * 



Huenome... Kxtinct villofre on coast a few milos S of ''aticoy R 
A ^ 

Pre son 'i town Iluenoraa nariod for it (Taylor), 

Hnonapel... Kxtinct villaf^ tributary to La Purisima Mission (Tajjlor), 

(Taylor mentions it as if distinct from Husnejol). 

Huhunuta... Sxtinct villaf:? notr Ban ta Inoz MiSRion Vn9ns*ia-??'.5«.Ho.>,-Koow.H«.-taK. 



d (HuililiCjHuililoe, He-liyec, Huililicque, Huililcque, 
auililic. auilisl,-Hel-l-ok. Guililigue. Cmiligue.). . . 
Extinct village to Santa Barbara Mission vMission Arch.;; 

9 leagues from Santa Ynez Mission (Tapis, 1798). 
Huimai...Ind. name of Sta. Rosa Id. (MS A. Pinart, Bancroft Libr.} 

(Huimas, Huyma. Hurmal , Wi-malj Wi-mahl^) 
Huina. • . Kuna of Santa Rosa Islaiia Utipxs ItiO^-o;. 

HWeltaKpcx. Huixapa (lluixapapal... Ranch; ria fonnr^rly near or trioutary to 

Sfiinta Barbara kission (J<*ylorf' ,^ee JSuissajoa. . , r, ^.x 

Huiuar. ..Name of Santa Cruz Id. X.L.t)rd, MS, Hayes ^^bks, Bancroft . 
^-z. -^ Libr. 

KM.maH-le-wuHumalija..V\i?3S?ct vilH^^itributary to Simta Barbara Mission (Tayloir). 

Le_and inportiiiny 


^^s_andippQrtiiiny . /., , \ 

IncTviTlago near Pt Conception IHonohaw;. 

Humkak. . / 

Huniw"urp.^72 Extinct villa{:5t3 near f!anta Inez llission (Hanshaw), 


I{unxapa... See Huixapa. 

Ifusictaic... Sxtinct villcic^ tributary to La Purisirca l:ission (Taylor). 

lalaama (laliuiine) ... Extinct villago tributary to La Purisirm end 

Santa Ineii Miasions (Taylor). 
X»ca.«. See Isha. 

Irunahal... Sxtinct village near Han Buenaventura Mseion (T%'lor) 

. * 

"not far from Josa Carrillo's rancho\ 

• • 

Inajalaihu (I 

Najalayof^u,NajalaY'3gua tajalayf^htia , Ynajalay 
n-galayahuaJ... Villa/'o noar Santa Barbarci (Ta^ 


Botwoon Ventura and Purisimu (aoycoec)ioa 1796). See 

Incpupu... Sxtinct villa^ on mainland Santa Barbara ChiJinol^ 

(Apparently 4 leagues E of Dos Pueblos). 

Iniman. . . See Quiman. 

jineseno. . .Inds. Sarta Inez Mission, Santa Clara Mission Archives, MS 
^- •• Bancroft Libr. Extracts. 

Ineseflc.Name used by Harrington for Inds in vicinity of Santa Inez 

Mission, 191/. 

X»ohcL Inoje 


San i'arcoB (Taylor). 

lonata... Vi 

i'^utdry toJ^iiRtfTlrhz MisflioR^ftFiy^r). 
ook saTKL-fibr^Arontly Soallaf^sftho 

(YpucjH)-pak) _ auul^an BuBnavantura , * 

Ip©c... /illaga tributary to SantaiiarbaraTissionslTaylor;, 

Ipolito... Soo Santos Martiros Ipoiitc y Cucit-Jio, 

Isha (l-c4)... Former populous viUa^re near f^an Podro, Ventura Clo. ^ 

Ishgua (Ishgua^^et)... Villago noar mouth Saticoy River (Taylor). 

(Handbook says porhapa same us Isha). 

Isla. •• See Kescaltitlan. 

Isnicequa. ..Bancheria tributary to La Parisima Mission (Mission ArchivesI 

Itaes... ISxtinct randioria connoctod with Dolores Mission (Taylor)^ 

Ituk (Ituc)... Kxtinct villa^^a tributary to Santa Barbara I' iss ion 


Jalama. ..Rancher ia tributary to La Purisima Mission (Mission Archives) 


Santa Barbara Missior. . (in k^ssion Canyon). 

Elsewhere Taylor gives "Taynaya orHaynaya" as original site 
of Santa Barbara Mission. 

Jlaacs (Jlacus, Slacus)... Sxtinct villugo tributary to L^. P;;rij:irr:a 

Mission (Taylor). 

Churaaahaji H^ '*» 

/ w 

Jonetaa.. .J^oa Hoon-hcon-na-tah. 

Churaashsn $6 ' ^ 
Kah-hatdB (Cajats) 

Ka-a-hal-kai-hutc... Former ranch^ria E of Insoma Ranch, Vantura Co 


Kah-p3-l9-lo (Cajpilili). 

Kachisupal... Extinct villa^ tributary tc La PuriBiiria Kissicn (Taylo, 

^K^she-n^Jia-moo' .. Hanta Inea nm^ for tribo fomerly inhabiting 

Cuyama Valley.- 

Kachuraa...Sae Ah-ke-taoom. see CWtt.6.-> ». ml.^Yotr. ^t:..Xxv»*.. 

K'-a-lak...Seo Coloc. 

Kachyayakuciv (Katc-ya-yS-kutc, Cacl^oyocuch)...Sxtinct villaf?) at 

Alazumita, near San Buonaventura (HQnahaff)^ 

Ka-c^m-c6m-mai... Former rancheria cl0 3© to Vantura Mill (Henshaar) 

Kal-a-wali-Baif (Kal-ali-wah-aah. Kal-lah-wah-aah. Calahuasa. 

fCalawashuk, Ka-la-wa-cuk, Cal^ihuaaaa, Calla Waeaa. 
Calahuaza. CalpJiuaaat, Kalahua8a)...Large3t rancheria of 
. Santa Inez trite. (On S bank Santa Inoz R. ? or 4 mi .below 
Santa Inez villaso).-Al8C call 3d San Lucas Village (Taylor) 

Kah-ah-kak (Caacac, Caacat, Cacat, Cancac, Coaacac, Cuncaae)... 

Extind village on mainland Santa Barbara Channel between 
Golita and ?t. Concepcion. (Taylor aays W of Sta. Barbara 

Ka-Kiaii-ti-putc... Fomt^r rmoh^rieL in vicinity VsnUira^) 

Ka-mih-ne...Fortti)r rano 

iheria near Ventura (Henajiaw). 

Ka-h'o...Se3 Kauf^ii. 


(Ka-mu-lifs. Ca«.Sfi^/3amul^»1:'i'.8xtiAct village .fdiWe 

Piru, tributary to San Buenaventur^i yiaaion l^ayiori 
(At or near prssant Camulca). 



KanwadakaJcu (Ca an waya ca cuw, Ka-an-wa-ai-ka-ku-hu, Kan-wai-a-ka-k 

...Extinct villofre m^tr San Buenavontura MiaoionCKenshaw). 

Kasakcupox'c {tonyzn do Co ta)... At or noar Santa Ynez in l676.(Pinai 

Kasaktikat (Ca sakti cat)... Extinct Tillage at "Bajada do la Canada", 

Ventura Co. (Honshai*). 

Kashj Tre 

(Cas hi wey, Ka8-hi-:sfo). ..Kxtinct nUi^-r® TJsar Koifcall, 
Ventura Co., at place now ccJlod Cuesta S$u^ta Su8anaiHet\f*iv.i 

Kashtok (Kac-t4,Caah-tak)...SxUnc t Viliaf^o in interior Ventura Co 






Chumaehan 1^ ^" 



(Gaail, Caailic, Casalic, Gasaliu, Casc^l, Cascellis, Gascil, 
Casili, Casai, , 

Caadle, Cascili, Cascen, Kusil, Mu )va, "Gaail or Fu va, 

"Caaillen la Nu )my...Rancheria Sfina l88gu ;8 W of San'A 

Barbara (Goycoachea, Tapis, Anza). Two villagoa are here 

confused: one near Santa Inaz; the othsr at or near 

Refuerio. W of Santa Barbara. 

(Ka- 80, Coj ao)...Kxtinct villiif'.e at Canada del Diablo .Ven- 

tura Co. (Heriahaw). 

Kas-pat-ka-whi* Jl'onner rancheria B of Santa Ana Ranch, Ventura Co 


Kaa-Bwah. .. Santa Inez name for tribe at Santa Barbara. See Kaahwah 




Kashtu (Kao^, Cash tu) ...Sxtinct Yxll&ge on thePiru, Wantura Co 


Katahuac (Ka-ah-ta-waK)...Villafce tributary bo Santa Inez Hiaaion 

(Taylor) . 


4k -I' 

Kaahwah (Kaaua, Koi«8-wah, Kas-awah, Cashwah)..:. Indians of Santa 

Barbara (at Cianeg^ita, 3 rr^ilea NE of ijS8sion.--Loew)•- 


» CaHcelliBy^Caae ilr , GoBoilo 

, ChuL'-.aahan 


Kas-ta'k (Cas take ,Ca8- take, Cartaka,0urtal£as,Ca8t©giie,<5*^^»57Su.TviVltir{ 

...Village en lake sama name at fork of Ft Tejcn or Uvas 
Canyon. E of Santa Ana Ranch, Vontura Ck>% (Konsha;*). 

Katstayot (Kat-eta-yot)... Extinct village at place now callod Santa 

Anita, W of Santa Barbara (Henshaw). 









^a-tcu-ku-tcuk. .Eorraer rancheria in vicinity Ventura (Henshaw) 

/ Ca je 

Kauf*hii (Ka-h o)... Kztinct villaro at La Canada dol Corral, tvbout 

ZZ miles from Santa Barbara 
Ka-witc-witc-hap-nara. .Formbr rancheria on site main street Ventura 

^ Kai-jur-wurc VHenshaw) 

Ka«y6-',voc. .• see Oayo/niaB. . 

Ka-yur-'ffur-j.-wac. .Fonrier rancheria in. vicinity Ventura vHenshaw) . 

Kosmali^. .. Extinct villa^^ of Tan Luis Obispo Indiana of the Cfhumashan 

fa^-ily, at Pt Sttl, San Luis Obiapo Co. (f^churcachor) . 

fKin-oL-p^-Ke) Ki-na-pu-e , Qinapuv.chi 
KinapuKi* . . Sxtinct villaga on Hfrn Buanavant 

ura R., near raouUi (Henshaw), 

(KWk<v-«^^^, L.aooyamu, Lacayamu, lucuyurnu, Laycayamu 
Klakaanu. .. Extinct village on ?antc. Crua Id, H of Puntf 

K^ho (Cojo).. 

dol Diablo 

(Koi'-Ko, Coyo f % 

Koiyo,2. ?!)xunct villafrie at Canada del Coyote, Ventura Bo. (Henshaw;. 

ChwTiashan V^ S^'^ 




c^Kl-S-lak)" K'a-lak, Coloco, Holoc, El Paredon 

oioi^f. .. rS«« Goloc) ^Tormar villa^'o at old mill in Carpintoria, E 

^I ?,^^^^ Bq-bara. O^ •i^AA^LtsX *i vS'o^.vdtJu' ^-^ . Landing place 
of the Carpmteria vHenshawJ. <^ 

Ko-3ah-ne-}ivjTg«o-kunu,. fiorrano numQ for Indirme of Santa Brirbixa 

/., ., , ^and oun Buenavontura (Chumaah). 

Kuiyuiiii^. • . See Cuyawu. 
^uyLuTia... Sea Cuyjira. 

Kow8-'3?r^..-^j^Jee Kaaliwoh. K'ciwukciwu, Xiucxiui, Chihuicchui.Chuichui, 

Kahift-uKa/u^fiu^.. Axti/ict villur^ on "^anta Roca Island ( vinB-'i-.J. 
Kulahuasa.., SfiG Kal-a-wali-aan. 

Kusil... Seo Casil. 
Kuyam... See Cuyam* 

Kwe-kvyo'-nah-vet. .. Gabriel (Tonfnra) nono for Ventura tribo (OhuEaoh).-«w*\ 

L'l Cfirpinteria... Seo Carpintoria. 

Lacaynau (Laycay&iiu; 1 • . Sxtinct villr^^iB tributary to ^anta Barbara and 

San Buenaventura liissions (Taylor). ^-^^^ *| a*-**^ kou-^ajl^ r^^^r^J 
3<v/v.^f4>i> ^Vj** -SfL., fkt, t^khi, ^^ ^UA^'xM^^Jt)' See Klakaamu 

Laco (La^ay, Liigcay)... Extinct villa^T^ tributary to Santa Barbara 

iiiiBsion (Taylor). 

004 e 

flOV • • • S»awAj «^ Li fll/ftO 

La Laguiia do la Concepcion. •. See Conc^jpcion Lofr^mb. 

Site of *ufaurq presidio and rsiasion of Santa Barbara! 

Laliraanue, Lalimani^, Lalimanue. San Pedro). .Rancheria ofl San 

Buenaventura Mission (Mission Archives). 

(l^<x,i «lI u.|p e_,T.a i^^^J^^^SX 

Lah-w(r« lah»po (See 

Inez (I'cLeod). 

Lajalupo, Lajulap... See Alajulapu.(^5i')^ »^ 5q.W:^ Xa-^ VWa^^*..^^ ) 

Lalale. .Rancheria tributary to San Buenai entura Mission (Mission Srch.J 

.a-hhootKufLajuchu... Kxtinct village tributary to La Purisiqia Vlitssion (Taylcr), 
^Lalimanue (Lalimanug, Lalimanuc, Sn Pedro 1,. .Rancheria oT MiSaion 

San Buenaventura. (Mission Archives; 

La Puri 

LBsirDa. ff^ri/rinal aito of niasionwas Alr8acupi,Alo?iCupi, 

Lator sit/i -.vas An^uu.Aicun (rriiBprintT^i«inoo,Los Borroa,^ 

Las Florea.,.(3orfLa Puri88ima> Name uaod by Romero (1813) for later 

: Bittj of Purisit a LiBsion, U leaniop from old Bita. 
Las Imedaciones de la8 Rancherias de Mescaltitan. ..Soe Mescaltitan 
layci yGi?al. . • S'iio Lucayainu. 
Lemez*. . .Rancheria on island (Archives La Purisima Mission) 

L&^yf^*vli!^4j(^iuS8fc?fH^^^^ (Taylor). On 

Limn i*BunU Cni;J Islarid (Tapis), (Liyan^on 3ta.Cras Id, 


Liliboqud (Lilibiquu.Lillibiquo^Lllobaquu)... Kxtinct villairu on 

St-uita Barbara. I slards. (Handbook eays probably Panta Hoaa). 

T inii* 1 imiie Limooh. Liraoo-eh, Mi-chu-mac 
Li-ni, (Limll^'ixniW:.: Kx°"5(;t yillae" on SanU. Barbara UU^s; 

more probably, Hanfia Crui', island itaolf. 
Lintia:!t Kxtinct villaco near f^anta Barbnra (Taylor). S^t.u.e f^to,. 
Lipook... Kxtinct villa(-o close by La PuriBiaia KiBsion (Taylor). 

Liquirauynu (Ciq.ui!nuyrnu,Ziquirnu:ymO ... Indian namo for San Miguel Id. 


Lioaliuato)... Rancheria 4 leaoJQs W of Sc^na. very noar 

A«iia Cali^int^, in Cuyurna Valley. (Taylor iv-JS Liaahuato 
as naar Purisima Kisai on), Vf^^.-^.^^^ f»ft^»AJu^ 

' I. Lesecsi, Li^sicsi, M^iii. Lvsic^ii. L^^^^ 


Chumaahiin J^/if^\^^^jcSi\,\\) LojostOkini, Lojostqgni 

C Lohastslmi,.. -Extinct vill&ro in Ventura Go. (!Icn3}ui<7). 

CLojoB Aogni... Extinct village tributary to San Buinavon^ura (Taylor), 

{'Uvan as t//o places, Lojoa and AofTii, by "andbook). 

Loifipoc... Soe Alsacupi. 

Lo3 ^arroa fcae La Puj^issima) . "Los Berros Canada, or Amun", p:ivon aa 
^ rww &i%e La Purisima kission, in Miseion St-Papera. 

Los patoB... See Cinihuay. 

P^e Lacayarau) . . 

Lucui^amu. . . ForLior ranchoria on Santa Cruz IslfJid (Taylor). 

Lugups... Ejctinct villo^ tributary' to Srjita Barbara Kiss ion (Taylor). 

Calif. MS Bancroft Libr. [anpagedj 1821-1837. bee also iiigini. 

(Sea Lint j a) 
Luijta... Ranch ;ria formorly noar or tributary to Santa Barbara Isia- 

oion (Taylor). 

. ( A n " i - a " pa-) 


,pa , I aland (Piiiart, 1S 7B 

Lujanisuiasilac... Rancharia fonr.tirly tributary to Santa Inez 

Mission (Taylor). , r , /«• .^ ,or,o\ 

Luktikai (An-i-a-pa) tme of Anacapa Id. VPinart 1878;. 

r Cluuptc. Luupsh, Luupa, Lujqub^ Luupch . 

jLuupicK... Sxtinct Tillage tributary to San Buenaventura I iSB^ on 

I Taylor) - 

(Handbook says perhaps znmo aa Luciups). 
( Lupa... Rancheria of Santa Cruz Island, tributary to San Buenaventura 

X Mission (Mission Archives). 

Kacamq (l^acano)... Sxtinct villar,e on Srnta Barbara Islands. 
.4ia.Aa**V\e,'^V^i^ uiandbook says on San Lucas Island). 

tanahalTT. Extinct village on San Cayetano Ranch, Ventura Co. (Fenahaw). 

cv.a-no7v,iIa-hau, Maiauli) . , « r^ 

tahowi.. Sxtinct villafpe on Joso Carrillo's rancno, noar .-an Buena- 

vontura (Taylor)- (Handbook says perhaps on Las Posas Rancho) 

Kajalapu, I'ajulapa... See Alajulapu (^SaJx Sc^^vJ:^ Xvs>^ >vw^'^^ 

(Seo Inajal«ihu)M^+<^P^if^^'^^'^^ 
Irlajalay^ua... Sxtinct villarp in S;jita I 

tos) (Taylor). 

Barbara rorion (near Los Prie- 

GJ-;i5nfi.BJ:ijiJ '¥f ^ ^ 

(Kalahu, Hu-ma-li-'/m ^^dliuo, Umalibo, Humgliiu, Alahue) . 


^ at Raricho da lalali,''©, Ventura Go. 


yalapica.,. Placo (probably ranca ria) apparently W3st of ^lji Knidio 

and betv/'.Km San Smidio and upper part Guyanu yalloy(Portilla), 

Matapuam (Malapnam, Matuapam, Matuapan, Sn Juan de la Cruz, HAalapuana, 
Malarua) . . .Rancheria tributary to San. Buenaventura "" --- --- '- — - - 

!,^alapoa (Hapolea)... Hiinoiwria ajiparontly in hills noar W a? 

Mission (Mission 


rjTiigdio It' . 
^ (m«,i- ho k-«e), Jfe Iho i shi J , 
MElhokBii^'.... Kxtmat vill( 


Cue stL. do la v:oj onc ra(Han8haw 
nrontura Uo.,at pTac7 callom 

Malice... Kxtinct villa^a on hills S of Homo, Buonavantura rii^ion^ 
l!^ali^oV!:'tH:xtinct villa^-To in locality called Punta del ^i^rnlylorK 

.!alulewenJ5M£^^^^^ eallr^d Cuesta Hanta Rosa.intario 

Vbf Ventura Co. (HenjirJiv/l. •*.,-• v • 

I'aquin... Sao Maquinanoa, 7/hich Taylor writaa'Ivaquin, Nanou 
Ma-pau-wac. .Former rancheria S of In-so-ma Ranch, Ventura Co. 'sHsnshawj 

liaquinanca (Maqumanoa, •|^aquin,Nanoa») ... Extinct villa^o on r-iainland 

Santa Barbara Ghannal. (Apparently W of Santa Barbara). 

(jJIaschala Mastchaala 

CMas-tcai* Ma::ul", Maschala, Maschhal , Maschalo, Mascal , Masax, 
llacchal... }ktinct villaf^e on Santa Cruz Island (Taylcrj . 

Mascui/^. Indian name for Santa Rosa Id., Santa Barbara, J.L.Ord MS, 

Ha3''e3 Scrapbooks, Bancroft Libr. 


MasQVAik... :^xtinct villafT? near. S^mta Barbaru (Taylor) . q,^ 

Matapjahua (Tlajalayghua'^. Matajahua) . .Rancheria tributary to San 

Buenaventura MissionlMission Archives). . ^ . -S^^^ 

I'a-ti-la-ha, Matilja, Matf- -ki-la-la, Mat.ilaha, Sjin Antonio ^ 
Matiliha ^atilija,Matillija) ... -Extinct villare t.riDutai*y to Santa 

Inen and San BuonavonUira Kisoions (Ta^or). ("^aid by In- 
dians to hava been on Buenavjntura R., Ventura Co?— Handbook). 

Matita... Rjinch^ria apparently boV/z^jn San Buonaventun-. and Purisima 

(Goycosclwa 17'j6). 

(See llaschal) 
L^axul... Kxtinct villafp on Santa Barbara Islands 


-sflf iL7 

Mekev/e... "xtinct villfi^ra na^ir Santa Ina;! itiGsion (Tfxylor). 

Kerolicm (lier-c6*'(r^*^.**^:xtinct villart3 at Canada de Ice Seucoa, W of San 

* ■. , .. Duenavjntura. 

ttescaltitlan (l!3scaltitan.l8la,San l^ir^uol, Santa i:'aiT;arita do Cortona) 

- — ... Rancheria a fex; niloG W g^ Santa Barbara. ^ «• -, 1- 

Mickiewee. . . for Dos Pueblos. (A. S.Taylor, Calif. Fanner Vol. 13 

May 4, 1860. 
Me «v?ah-wan . . . SjJita Inex rancheria or villafo in San Rafael I'ts. about 



Michiyu. .. ..xtinct villa{^-j at placa iWy Siin Onoira,W of Sta.Barbara 

Mi-chu-mash (Mi-chu-mac,Mitc-tcu-mac,Michumas) . .Name of Santa Cruz^ 

"^ J si and in ,Sttii. B^enayjEmtura Lan;niage(Hensh.ay/).See, LimuJun/-^a 

iccmaT.** :!.XT,inct Vill,«u:e on vnunnrana Santi*. .•mrL. ra iJhannel. 


— (Apparently near Pt Conception;. t t /% j 

Mickeivici. .. Inds. of Dos Pueblos on Santa Barbara Channel. J.L.Ord.Mb, 
^^ Ha^'-es Scrapbooks, Bancroft Libr. 

H^if'iu, Miguiiui , San Luis Obispo, Dos Pueblos 

li^igui£;ui (Liguihui) ... Hancheria tributary to Santa Barbara and StJi 


Buonavcntr.ra L-issions (Taylor) • 5i laaf;^30 W of Santa Bar- 
bara (Goycoochoa 1796), (Ona of 2 villa{^3 knovn as pes Pueblo 

Meke^^-we(Mikique)... Village right at Santa Barbara town (Hoffman l88o)* 

Milyahu. . .Rand^jieria Cafiaola de las Uxas. 
^ Miquosesquolna, 

Liquesosquelua (teiquose6qu8la,''iquese8qu3lua) ... Extinct villarrc on 

Santa Barbara Islrnda . 
Lna^a. ..Native name for Santa Cruz Id. (San Buenaventura Bk of Baptismi 


l:itc-ka-na-kaii\ Mitch kanakan . 
iscfinaka... Kxti.ct villaiiB on sj 

sity San Buenavtin'.ura '.'ission (Taylor). 

(Said by Indians to }iavb baon- on site of present schoolhouae 


isosopano (!:i3ifiopano,";!"issisicsepono,lwis8cpi}no,L'i88iB3ipone,Pona^Pono, 

Michopsno. Misopino, Pisopsno ,, « , 

Sopono? Sopono?7... Kxtinct village on riainl?.nd Santa Barbara 

Channol (Taylor says on Rafel Cronzfide's rancho on Sati coy Rp 

Rn.iufl Mi saViRno Mi nhonRhnou .Mi ahODsno J^f iaooano . M{<£teSftAr 86a^ 

Misohsno or San Rojue, ?5»i3a^8: 
Kishpapana (Icic-pap-sni 






. sh tapalwa ( J- i c - ta-4al'.*5^.^^'''(J'ni ."r % i ll£/-e at La Tatanaa-^ ^^^-^^^^)- 
\^..t. i„.. 1 V. f.,... i.4» ..^,.1.' ' u^^neitr San Tuom.vunturadlunahaw). 

r,, , , , , , « I. • i. I'v rf^neitr >:'an - uom.vunturaClIunahai 
Kieh-talt-ha-v/tJ:!... Sou kis-JitaV.-K )-y/iJi. ^ • : „ 

^ishtapa.m {: ic-ta-pii--va) ...Extinct village neer Santa Inoz^ lusionp 



ChuuiaaUiwM *i C^ee timu ^ i^^ ^.^ tha Hta.Gruz ialanderB (Henohaw). 

Mi8hii;.;'jL3hMi"ic-hu«mac,nativ-5 nanj Santa Cruz Id. and iBlanclors) ...A vil- 

Ir:!^!!^!,^!^'. (kisinajua) ... Eitinct/ vill*i5%) on midnlnnd nrjita Bn.rbara 

Chumashan ^ vL^ 

(Nacbu3 jnispr.) 
Nacbuc... Kxtinct villas on mainland Santa Barbara Channel- 


I»t i ah- "taJ-i^ 

Itie-a '^h-ktt-v;p„h 

now caloi 
iu, oua.i5arDara, m l ocality now-> 

. .. Santa Inoz ranchoriaTlYr^-^tf Pi * ^^JQ- 


L y t 



idno. « 



ifi^ about 16 inilcs ESS of Santa Inea/at San L!arco8 RancS).- 

i 3 tai; ;-h cho wauf '^ . . ^x t i nc t v i 1 

bara (Tiimn o lbi'6) - 

coai S i . m i. ffw i w S 

Mitc-ka-na-kau... So9 lliscanaica. 

Ititochti. .. Oanjp (doiibtlDss rf-.ncheria) near San ^mi-dio (PorLilla 1824). 

MisopiJ (Miasap, Miasapa, Miosap, Mi sops) • .Bancheria of San Buenaventura 

Mission (Not same as Misesopano) . 

?/noc... Soa Lluoc. 

Naj agues or Najaue , Na^^ue, Nahuo) See Anajue. „. . 
N8dw»*-#-cRefeftohe-i»id -^pi-bu-ta-FjF- -W -JaOr -Pu:]»irainia 4ftie«i^R - ^ir&&irO'» -Arohi-v^s; 
Ns^iia... Extinct village tributary to Lci Purisima Mission (Taylor). 

* "Majalay 


9gui (Najalay8gua,.Najaliegua, Maijalajagua). .See Esnajaleyegue 

Kanahuanil'li^r^ixtincf^r^cHeria^Sa^a^ Cruz Island (Tsylor), 

Montocito... Ranch;ria Bi, iej^^uos W of San Buonavontura(Ooycoochaa 1796), 


/,, ., Santa P?iula y .Cfiffiulos,. Sn, B-emardo 

lEupoo, tlu-pu;,.. TTlTjnulsn \fiiy<i m Oji Valloy, Vontura Co. 

(itiCLood) . On itupu Arroyo near S9B|)0 (Tty lor) . "Mupoo is 

San Gafttano near Santa PiU-ila* (Kroeb^r)- 


Nanoa. .. See Maquinanoa, ^ich Taylor writes "Maquin, llanoa*. 

Naucc... Rancher ia tributary to La Purisima Mission (Mission Archives) 

Na-wa-niiNajffanyJ ,. .Former rancheria on SW part Santa Rosa Id(Henshaw) 
Naplea. • . oee Malapoa , 


Niakla^.. Extinct villaf^j on Santa Crus Id.,E of harbor (Hensha.?). 
Nicalque... Indian name for one of Santa Barbara Islands, apparently 

Santa Rosa. 

Mufin... Rj^ncboria bot^^-jun S*in BuonavonUira and S?an Gabriol (Padre 

Santa Idari a 1795). 5>«Sti^ /vKUfd:4J^ , 

(Mu-wu,IVIu-«u.tes,/viooju.s) Mu'U, .S'^ Jor^e 
I^u{ni... Extinct, viila^.'ia on nland S 

anta Barbara Channsl (Taylor says 

. "Below Saticoy, some SO milas, naar tha sea"; also "on coast 
on Guadalasca ranch, not far from point of same naixio"). 

Iftuoc (luoo, Knoc ).i. Kxtinct villaf^ on Santa Barbara Islands Lappar- 

ntly Santa Cruz}. (Handbook says probably Santa Rosa). 

Kupoo, k^u-pu... Seo lloo«po. 

Nicochi (Nicoche, Michochi)... Extinct villas on Santa Barbara Ida 

(Handbook says on Santa Cruz), 


Nicoma... S ee Micom ^-^-— ('^''<'^>->^^-r}» Nilal.hui, Ni^Laay, Nilaluy,Ninaluy 
Nilalhuyu^. Sxtinct village on Santa Cruz Island (rlonsha/ij. / , u i 

(NimatlaM.. Extinct villa^,e on Sta.Cruz Id.,S of Prisondrs HarboH^'****^;- 
Nimitapol^^Iimetapel. Nimi toped) ... Extinct village on Santa Barba- 

HN^imitapal, ijimatapal) 
ra Isl&unds (Handbook says Santa Cruz Id.). 

Nilauy... Rancheria tributary to La Purisima Mission (Mission Archives) 

.Mimoyoyd) NimiloXp , t <. •• 

imolloUo fNimollolli)... Extinct village on San Micuol Island. 

iMimgel^l, Nemgelii^, N^fff-k61-k61, Ninyuelgal) 

Blquei/^. .Rancneria tributary to La Purisima Mission (Mission 

On Santa Rosa Id., W of Harbor (Henshaw) 


Chumuahan gJ^ 30 

N imurnu 

OUnuTuU- Ninimu).,. Kitinct yillaf-6 on S 
(i^andovok says probably ^anta Hosa), 

CwTita Barbara Islands. 

Ninaluy. .Rt-^j^cheria tributiar^/ to San Buenaventura Miss ion (Miss ion Arch.) 

See Nilalhuyu. 

N inyu 3 If-iial • . Kx^inct villaf^u tributary to La Puriair.jx lionivm (Taylor) 

See Nimquelquel 

yj — 


(Jiipomaj t^iii^orno?) • • . Kitinct vil Ir^ tribut-.ry to Suntu Insa I ission 


NiquoBOBcuolua. .. Soo HiquuaesiiUelua. 

Niquipoa (Nquipos)... Extinct villaf-o en Santa Barbara Islands 

Niecue.... Rancher ia tributary to La Purisima Mission (Mission Archives) 

Nitol ('itrs)... Extinct village on ■' jita Bixbara IslfJids. 

(Handbook says Santa Cruz). 

Noooi3.,, Kxtiuct vill.'v^a iin yainL-indx Sant^i Barbara ChaJiiiol, 

UKiJiaDoo.< sayo W of olata;. 

>?octo... Kxtinct vil.lago tributary to La Purisima I'ission ^Tajrlor). x 
Norrigio...Rancheria tributary to La Purisima Mission (Mission (ifonsfia^) . 
'Ncmkclkol (•'tki-kol-kol) Vonnor yill'V-« on Santa Cr;.,; Id.,K of harbor^ 

Nonyc.Rancheria tributary to La Purisima Mission (Mission Archives) 
Hquipcn... Saa ^liquipog. 




Nutontc... Extinct vill&i^ tributary to Santa Inor. I'ission (Taylor). 

L Almost cortainly th.; Yokut Nutonoto of Tularo Lakt) ro^-ionr 
Obispeno. .Name used by HarriiKton for Indians in vicinity of Mission 

of San Luis Obispo, 1917. 



Au-hai^ Auhay, Aujai, Haujay, Purisima Concepcion 
^STjAujay) ... Extinct villaf-,3 tributary to Scm Buunavont: 


(Ojai, 4wis;ji 

ilisaion, about 10 milus up ^rin Buc^iavontura Rivor (Taylor), 

?(Greliiec, Heliyek, Creliac etc.)? , \ « i 

OkabulloYi,.* Hxtinct villa^^e on rJolota or La Patera ranchc(Taylor} •iw'*^ 

«f >vlJU4 V\r»P. SouJC5o VSUkV^j^wo . 

Olesino (Olssina)... Kxtinct villa-^ on riainl.-^Jid Santa Barbara Channel, 

(Apparently W of Santfi Barbara). 

01omosou/^.«. Hanchciria 11 learrjoa H of Santa Inez iiisr^ion (?.alvidea IbOtJ 

iProbably on lowor part of Siaquoc Rivor noar moutri of 
To pus quo t Canyon.- ], 

Omonrmi. •• P.qq Ouaniau. 

(Ximaxtux) - 

Omaxtux... Kxtinct villa^^e tributary to La Purisima Lisaion (Taylor). 

Nuova... See Caail. 

l!urri£;^ualf-ar... Ranch?} ria formerly nocr or tributary to Hcinta Barbara 

laaaion (Taylor), See Nimquelquel. 

0njio../.R9ncheri?-a tributary to La Purisima Mission (Mission Archives} 
Un-katOnxot, (On-Kot/)... Kxtinct vilL;.£;a in Ventura Go. {ll^ni^ii.:.)- 

►nomi . ! . j^xtlnc t InTl la^o^ q i > lin tc. Btrbura, at La Pfiivictu (llonaliav;). 

Opia... Extinct villa/^ on nainland Siinta Barbara Channel, 'V of Guleta. 

(Taylor says near Pt Conception). . 

Os-be (Os-bi)... Extinct village about 5 miles from Point Sal (Shuraacher)| 

Opistopia (Opistopoa) ... Extinct villafp on ^nainl nd H nta Btjrbara 

Channdl. (Taylor Says near Pt Conception)* 

Otinashmoo... Kxtinct villu>-;i at "La^Posaaa •about Z rrii.fro i ''t.a.Barbura 

_ ^ Mission CT Aylor). 

noirgio, Onohjto,0numio,0nogio» Honoingio) 


PaC3iol.., ??xtiiic^ villr'v^e t.ribut,ary to La P^jriBiria Maaion (Taylor) 

Paltatn3 (?fJ.tatrOd,Paltara,Paltatro) ... Kxtinct villr^^ on ntiinland 

Ssjitc Barbara Oliannal. (Apparently f of Banta Barbara). 

Pal toe ac (PaltoctvO )... Kxtinct villa(;i6 on rr air. land Panta Barbara 

Ciisnn-^^], HAi ^ parofitl - y . .W of Santa B 
as aaim as Partocac). 

(HandbooK erivos it 

Paraja dc los P-jdtjrrxalos.. . Sou PodarnfJas. 



(Partocaa) | 

Partocac... Kxtinct villarr; on mainlc.nd "finta, Barbara lOka.'inol, 

(Apparently between Ventura and Goleta) .(Handbook gives it as 
same as Paltocac). 

Patiqnilid (Patiiiuilod, Patiquilia) ... Extinct villar!X3 on f^C;nta 

Barbara Islands. (Handbook says probably Santa Rosa). 

Patiqiiin (Patiqniu).. . Kxtinct villaf^ on !>anta Barbara Is'finda 

(Handbook says probably Santa Rosa). 

Chucoaalian X ^'b 

Pilidquay (p.iidguay, Pxliaquay, Poledquoy) . . . 7iXtinct villaga on 

Santa Barbara lol.Jida (Handbook says probably ^>jjita Hosa). 

PirooB, Pirutes... See Piiru. 

Pisqutjno... Kxtinct villaf^e on Santa Barbara Islands 

(llandlook says probaJily Srmt^ Hcsa). 

Poelo (Pocle)... Extinct villa'-Q on Sjjita Barbara Icl.iids (apparently 

Santa Cms). (Handbook says probably Santa Rosa). 

Poloptuc... Sea Potoltuc* 

A Pona) 
Ponq.* • . 

See Misesopano 

Port^2uelo do llescaltitlan... See Mescaltitlan. 

Potcltuc (Potoptuc, Poloptuc)... Kxtinct villaf*o on mainland S^mta 

Barbara Channel. (Apparently between Ventura and Sta.Barbar^l, 

Pualnacatup... Kxtinct vill?V',3 on Snta Barbapt Isi.ndB 

t Hand book says probably Santa Hcsa). 

Paxpili... See Axpitil . 2>^-r.f|«^uuAtyj^ . 

Pudomalas (Paraje do los Podurnalaa, Stui Juim Bautista)... Rancheria 

just north of Pt Conception. 

Peledouoy... See Pilidouay, 
riachi. . .Rancher ia tributary to La Pur isima Mission (Mission Archives) 

Piiru... Rjincheria on arroyo of same name on Saticoy Rivor near Sospe. 

Territory of tribe reached from Malillija Range of Santa 
Ynez to San Ernidio at Tejon (Taylor) . 

Puriaiaa. .. See La Purissima- 

Purisima Concepcion. . See 0-hi 

Puri gimayjo^ . Ind i nnn about La Purisima Mission (Harrir^ton,1917} . 

Quanrau (Onianmu^ Quan.'nufua, Quannuo^oia) . . . Extinct vill otto on main l^md 

•Santa Barbara Channel- (Apparently VV of SiiJita 
(Handbook says Quaa-nugua ^j^JrobabTy co.'-roctj. 


and Oua. (Handboo:: fcaya the one 

CuanmufTia, Quannuer?aa... See Quarmiu and Oua. vnanoDoo.. saya 

7/0 rd probably correct ^md *(>janBiu,riua" a r:istajie;. 

GhUL'-^alii.'i a* 34^ 

Qjjie 1 qu'smo (C"u«lQ.urni, Otnl quonvi) . . . I^xUnct villa^ on miiinlpnd J^fJita 

Barbar .. Ghannal, {Apparently|E of Santa Barbara) - 


, „. , d •• Shushuchi, Cu-cu-tci, Sucha[lAchi?3 

CSuBuchi, Sisuchi^ )... Kxtinct villaf^j tributary t.o Btmta 

Ino;-. Ivlission (Taylor). 9i l&oi^rsa If of .(laUrii S^jfita 

Barbara {Goycoochsa 17v!::). Apparently on Arrovo la Quemada. 
Probably same as Susu^uey discovered by Cabrillo in 1542- 

Quiinan (ininan, Auiinan) . . . Extinct village on mtdnland Sr-nta Bar- 
bara CViannol, (Apparently W of Santa Barbara)' 

Quimishas(Quimitshas). .Rancheria tributary to San Buenaventura Mission 

(Mission Archives). 

(Rinconado, Rinconada, El Hincon)... Rancharia in Santa Bfir- 
5 lea^Tiies W of ?.an Buenaventura (Goycoechoa 1796). 


Sa-ak-ti-k^-i... See Saticoy. 
Saca... See Zaca. 

Sacpili.-. (3Jteai ^ ilt, Saqpili ^ Stills pQ^Q- 

Ranchoria 2i lei^uos W of (later) Santa Barbara (Hoycoe- 
ch«a 1796), At Partora near Santa Bari:)ara (loffman). 




^ 35 

8<Lh-K^ Sajay (^ajcay, Xaqi 

Sacsicl... Kxtinct viila/-o tributary to La P^risima Misaiion (.Jwl^r^^^^ 
Sact^paquiahua. .Rancheria tributary to Santa YnezMissionmssiorf Archives 
Sa&xlat... Rancher ia tributary to La Purisima Mission (Mission Archives; 



Saccaya. Sajcaya, Sacaiya, Sajcaia 

taqua ).-. Extinct vilLire neai' rTanta ;;r.J-ban 

See Xa;-rua 


hu (Laiuchu, Sanchu, Sauchu, Santa Rosa)... Rancheria tributary 

.9 La Pdrisiria Mission (Mission ArchivesH leagues from Sta^Ynej^j^ 


do Santa ?! 


ua.-pi-li,S*pi-lil,Silpalils, S.a^l^tl 
Salpilol (Salp^ilil.^Silpal'iils, ?aur:lipil>3:i]^ ... Rajich^ria fcr.'ijrly 

on Patora ranch, near Santa Barbari. (jn-ylor). See Sac pele 

San Antonio de Padua. . See Matilja 
San Bernardo. . See Mupu. 
Saji Bernardino. . See Tapue. 

Salsacupi... Soo Alsacupi. 
San huenavon .ura(LisCiinaka; . . . 

San Cayetano... Soo Sespe. 

oan Imiri, ?^an Juris, . ,. jt '.^ f ■ j- <» ^ 

San Emidio (San Imiric^an Imir-xlio) ... Suo Taahlepou!r.(«^-^^^-^-T^ ^^r-^ 

Sail Guide. . .Indian rancheria 8 leagues WNW of Santa Barbara (P^^tola^^ 
San Juan Bautista... f^ee Pedem;.aQB.(>vf>te^^.^'fw-*^^*^ r^ ^^^-^^ j ^. 
San Juan dTla'^i. - "S^ff^^^a&puam. 

San Juris... Hrror for ^an Ir 1 ri C»San Imi^io). 

San Ladislao..^ See Buchon. 
iffi te5t*0bls|S?.?fSS-S^eria on coast 13 miles W of Santa Barbara [Not 

to be confused with present San Luis Obispo] 

Stm Luis Hay... Sea Gaviota, 
San Marcos... Seo AlUfaan. 

San Pablo... Seo Casitoc. 



jacpiix, riacsi)iii,,DaqiJiixJ... Kancheria 2i l^a^^es W of aite 
orSania Barbara (Go ycoecfte a 1796). At Patera,near Sta^arbaci 

^ (Hoffinan). 

Churaashan as^ 3^ 

San Pedro. . See Laliraanu 

San Padro Amoliono... Ranclwria between San remandc Valley ard San 

Buenaventura, apparently 4i lea^^es up Santa Clara Rivor 

• from the sea (Crespi L»Portola] 1769). 
San Pedro de Alcantara^ . See Cuchojones. 

San Roque... Soe Carpintoria. 

San Soforino.^ ^««?^^aJa». Rancheria 5-1/2 leagues E of Pt. 

Concepcion . (Portola 1769) 

ChumashaQ fi© S '^ 

Santa Karp^.rita de Cortona... See L'soca.ltitlan 
Santa Paula y Caroulos. . See Mupu. 

Santa Roaa... See Sanchu. 

Santa Rosa de Vitefbo... See Corral. 

Santa Teresa... Soa Co jo. 

See. 5o-'joc.>\\i 

Sanchu ("or Santa Rosa*, Sauchu)... Ranche 



Santa Ana,.. "?an Se ferine . . an Indian pueclo, Santa Ana rancheria", 


7>i le«^^98 iiaetorly froa Pt Conception (Portola 1769). 

Santa Barbara... Sijanish name for Indiana at Uisaon of 

Also used by Gatachet as stock name »Chuma8h. 
See also Kaahwah and(Taynaya,' 

Santa Clara do Uonte Talco... Sao Bilarin. 
Sta. Clara. . . See Casunalmu 
Sta. Clara. ..See Canaputegnon. 

Santa Conofundis... See Volante. 

iland3... Indiana of Santa Cruz Id. near Santa Barbara 

Santa Inez tribe (See also Alajulapu, Kal-a-w<ih-8ah) . . . From S-nta 


Inez their torri^ory axtondod K about 27 mi. into mta.; 


domi rivor to Alin-s;u>m, on present Buoll ranch; and N 13 milea 


or more into San Rafael Ranf^e. - 

Santa Texas (Santa Tcr5aa')... Randicria li^- Ica^uoo ^ of Santa 

Barbara (GoycoacVioa 1796). 

Santa Ynea 

(See Santa Inez)... Villico^K sidd Santa Barbara Jlta. 

Santos yartiras Ipolito y Cuciano.,; Ranchoria betwoen San '^'omando 

Valley and San Buena entura, app'^rently 2i leafijes up Santa 
Clara R. from the aea. 

Sapaquonil... Extinct villa;^ on Jimeno's ranch n«iar San ^^'^'^^^"J^J^ 
Sapue. . See Saptuui. 

Sapelok... Extinct Tilla^ naar Santa- Inez (Taylor). 
Sa-pi-li... See Salpilol. 
Sapono... See Sopono. ^ ^ S.apjtuuy, El Conejo» San Lupaa 

Saniinaa, Puoblo do laa... See Cicacut. 
8a8uagel( Saaa^^ue ]p. . . See Aahuacol . 

(Sa-ak-ti-ka-i, Sa.aktic.oy _ ^ , „ .. r» u v .,♦ 

Saticoy... Vill^ige oh lo«rer part Santa Paula or Saticoy Ranch, about 

8 milea from aea (Taylor). 


Caiumashan itf .J5 ? ■' - \ 

■^ir.T>McV^fiiie^^ at, Hanoho Alazuna. interior 7oni,ura Co. 

Su,uchu..« Hgq 


9.Uji W -|5>v(| V. <'J)Vu-?.V- ) 

(H^nBhaw) . 

[Taylor probhbly in orror whin saying "^auchu or Quernada" ]. 

Saugiipilool... Heo Sidx^ilol. 

Sautatho... ^oe Sitolo. 


Sotonocumu, Sotonocmo. Sotonoemu, Sotonocnii,Sotomoenu, 

w•ta^/-n'6*l^-md' (or Saw-tav^-nah^i'-rao) ... Cunta Inoz rarxhiria or 

vill'a{p on U himk Scjita Inoi; Rivar oppooitci Kal-lah-vfah-Bah.- 

Sayokinck (Stisroksnak)^.. Extinct villaga nsar Rio Burro, Santa Bar- 

bara ration (Taylor). 

Socpo..» Sao Sosps. 

So-Sk-pe... SoQ Soapo. 

Siguaya, Sihuaya, Siguay, Siguuia, Siiguaya, Yi. 
Soguaya... Pl'.ca (probably ranchoria; on San Gorvaaio 

or tl»3 creak itsolf (Portilla 1824). 


aya , S iuhaya , , 
■t!ono?J (Troek, 



Sayuktoon Ciyuktun/'iuktun.Si-ulc.tun Siujtu Siugtu. 
(SioqcSrT...'SanU BarWa tribo (r.offman) . Villaro noar 

Santa Inez Mission (T^lcr). (Ventura Inds. say on harbor of 

Santa Barbara.— Handbook;. 

, Sacp^, Sd-ok-pa Se-ekp,©ej Secpe, Secper 
Saspe (Sacpo Hun Gaystano)... Village on 3:Ji Cayatano Ranch on Sati- 


coy Rivor, 20 milse fran sea abova San Buenavanlura, 

Setiinarai. Situnami. .Rancheria tributary to San Buenaventura Mision 

(.Mission Archive 


Seyuktoon... Sao Seo^^tuon, 


U Vy\ 





S^one. . Poncheria apparently at oite of j resent Cuyaraa Ranch house 

(Nc.l) in upper pai-y Cuyaxna Valley (Zalvidea 1806). 

Sh.hal waj. Sala/^uay, Saluag or ?/Qnt.6cito „, „ ^ .^ _ . . 

Saluhay alias Montecito, SaTuhay, Suala^^ue, iil Montecito .Sala^suaj , 
SalaWo, Salahuas, Sal^Suat, Salahuax.ClnalaMSuas. Chala^ua^Salugua, 
awatShhalwaj . Cal-a^^mTx^ • Villat<^!e near Stmta Inez Miasion 


(Taylor). (Handbook says given by Ventura Indians as 
between Santa Barbera and Carpinteria» in place now 
called La Matanz&(»?fontecito]). 

Shalikuwewioh (Shal icuwewech , Cal-i-ku-te-wito). • • Village at 

Lae Lajas, on coast Ventura Co» (Henshaw)* 



Shalkahaan (Calkahaan, Sholchohoon) . ♦ . Village at La Canada del 

Sal to, interior Ventura Co. (Henshaw)* 

/ Shishloraow 

Shishlamau (Cio-l&-ma*u. pron Shish-la-rr^L-u). . Fonnor villa^re 

near Huoneme, Ventura Co. (Henshaw 1864). 


e • e 

Name meanir^ *iw4 place* applied to 2 villages: 

Shi-sha-l^, Sisolopo , Eshhula^', Solop, , 

1. Shi-sho-lop ((ShiahoJop. Shishalap. Xhichilop. Ci-^oa-lap, Boglop 

Asimta, SiaoIop.C^.icholop, Sisoiop or S-B-- I 
Absunta, Arumpta.^Assmpta, Asuncion, La Aiuncion, i 


Asuncion de Nuestra Sehora, Carx inter ia[ error in 

Font's Diur. of Anza Expd], Pueblo de Canoas, Pueblo 

Pueblo Cojnoas, 
de las C;noae,;^Xucu, Xuxu. Xuco, Xuoer. Shuou. Shuku. 

Shukku). . Former village on site of present town of 

Ventura [at plac- Iter called Frente de la C.lle 

de Fezuaora.-Handbook] 

2. Shi-sho-lop (Sisolop. El Cojo Sisilopo, 21 Cojo. Santa 

Teresa Xexo? Xix4? Xeno? Coxo?). . Former village on 

Santa B rbara Channel near Pt. Concepoion [in locility 
now c^idled SI Cujo Vie jo. -Handbook J. 


\)nm a*^rioL>^ 

w ^^ 


Shopeshno. . . Village near Santa Inez Mission (Taylor). See Wiaopeno 

Shucuw, Sucu, Siin Mateo , ^, ^, 

Sniktheo. Sn '.Tat-hso de] Hinoon,Xuxu.^^^°^''^' ^'^^^^'i'^' ^^^^^ 
Shukku (Shuku. Shu-ku, Shuou, Xuco. Xucu.^Xuoer, rueblo do la e 

C^^flo aa, Fuoblu do C noao^ Pm bio Cunoag ). . . Indian 

at El Rincon 
villiii^fl C M ait ' of r:i" '' a e ni Viuitui ' a . discovered by 


IPC ted at Tlincon ?!• 

by Tylor and in Hawibook. Cabrillo s.dd that v.he > hole 
priviooe of ^^4 viUiSes from Ventura to '^oleta i-t,» 

was olso c; 

name is no 
tract of c 

Ventura - 

K that the 
I a small 
tho propoit* ^ 

Shup (Cup). . Former village ne r Cariiinteria, N of £1 Rincon 

(Henshaw 1884). 

See Sisuchi 
Shushuohi (Susuohi. Cd-cu-tci. Querrada). . . Fonter village 

between S' nta Barbara ^md Pt. Concopcion. in loo'.ility 

now called Fuernoda [typo;> error for QuemadaJ (Handbook). 


Qiumaohan 931^ ^' ^ 

Shuwalajaho . ^ n n- 

Shuwalaahu (Cu-wa-la-cu) ... Fonnur villago at Canada do Iob Aliaoo, 

Vontura Co. 
Sif;uecin'.f? Ranchsria apparently in Cuyama Valley (Zalvidaa 1606). 


Sihimi... Sae Simi. (Taylor locatee Sihimi aa near Purioima Kiasion) . 


Siguiconr* Sigueco, ^Siguecom, Sigueoin, Tigueco^.'' 

•^iSuiccomo»-tSihuison,^Siuiooin,+Sihuicora6,+Sihuecon, Ziuyoon» 
ihuicorn,^. I';xtinct,yillaca tributary to Santa Ba|^hfl|^iiliafiionslTaylor; 

i33ion Archives. 


Sikitipuc. Extinct village tributary to 3anta Inez tiaaion (Taylor). 

Sikutip...Rancheria at Sta. Barbara.— J.P.Harrington, S.I. Misc. Colls, 
vol. 78, No. 1, t) 109, Mar. or Apr. 1926. 

ISilimastux, Sllimaxtu*; , « . . „• • fm ^ j\ 

Silimastua^.. Kxtinct village tributary to La Purisima liiaaion VTaylor) 

Silimi... Extinct village tributary to La Puriaima liiaaion (Taylor). 

Silino... Extinct villago tributary to La Purisima laiasion (Taylor) 

Chmnashon «f- 4- fl- 

Silisna... 1?xtinct villa^ tributary to La Purisima I'iaion (Taylor) 

Si-li-^d=Jii^ V 

/^iliwihi);* Extinct villas 

Silpaleel... See Salpilal 

K of harbor 

SiXpopona>new..^Fpm|r^llla(^ at Son Antonio. aboutJ^|ijf|oyffi 

Simi (Simi, SihimS... VillagJ on Simi iknch. 

ninSor.T^ Important village N of estero near Pt lluf^u. Perhaps same 
^ Sorao (Henahaw). 



Sinicon... Extinci village tributary to Santa Barbara Mission (Taylor). 

(^^Sihuicon j[ 



Sioqtun... See Soo^toon. 

(^jpucu , Sjipuc ) 

,/.o .^ Vv+nnrtt. villfwra tri hiitaTv to La Purisima Mission (2 lea^e 


Siaa, Siza, Sisah 
stJ^.\ ^miSf'^mi^^tk^ik^to*?^^ Buenaventura Llasion (Taylor). 


icheria formerly near or tributary to Santa Barbara 

Miaaion (Taylor)- 

4 »• 

Siaahiahut... Rancharia forrtjerly near or uributiiry to Santa Barbt..r& 

liiaaion (Taylor). 

Sisichii... Fonaar ranchoria located by Taylor as en RiJicho T»os Puebloa. 

(Handbook says compare Liauchu and Sisuchi;. 

Ghuciaahan 8* ^^ - 

(Sisulcui, SisculcurV, Siaiulciir,^/ ,.„.., «, . , , \ 

(Si8iulicoy,flhi-aha-wo-ku-i,Gi-c-iwc-KU-i , Sijulcur, Shiahwaahcuy; 

Siajulcioy... Extinct villa^^ tributary to :'an Buonaventura Useion 

A ^ (Taylor). 

(llandboo auya in locality now callad Punta Gorda). 

Chicholor). Solop,Soolop. Chicbolop, 
Sisolop, Siaolopo. . . - ^n A a nrr tei A-^^v*>L^ ^cttovJMsjL^ o*^ y3A^ft...^xNW?3ix^(^«^<*<^^/7f^ 

Siasabanonaao.*. See Siaabanonaae. 

Seauahi, Sisutxi, Sisuchy 
Siaiich, Si8ucl:i«.. $90 yiujrr!tj4fct in 1861 ^Taylor giVQa disuchj. "^Jijqj^^^^) 

Inez L'.isaion; in 1663 
ivea ?> i such aa Sta. 
ara. Handbook aaya cfsm- 


Sitai. Al^ncheria tributary to La Puriaima Miasion IMiaaion Archives; 

Sitolo (SautaUio).,. Extinct villa^ tributaiy to La Puricima IfiBsion 


Situoho s;sv>c«^W\ ^^^^ house of Santa Rosa farch 

Situchi... Seo ^WL'toda ^«^a^^»a- <ASW)t Yvsuxh.-S.M^^j'vA^ (I^vV iTfey. c><it««Au»-'*'*' 


Siuitu... Seo Yuctu. , ^x Pii^^rt) 

Si-ws.t(Sinot [Siuot?]. . Chu/n£i3ha,n name of Santa Barbara IdiHenaha/i/, 

Siuktun... S9Q S^o^iHuon. (Henshaw) 

HkonifiiJfJ'^Forcior villagj noar J? ta. Barbara, in placo now Arroyo del Burro^ 
Slacua*** •S««'(Jlaac8)---"^»'U'vot^ ''tH«^ :*i^^^^ l^y^J- 

Smuwitah.,. Band at Cathedral Oaka, Santa Barbara (Hofftnan). 

8nihuttX..V Extinct villa^;o tributary to :s an Ui haroara iiiaaion vrayior) 

Sojpe...Rancheria tributary to La Puriaiir^a Miaaion (Miasion Archives) 

S*o-mua , Sumo, So-murs, S»ohmes, Sumo, Scnxei, -"l^d. Helen 


(Soraoa)... Extinct villfi^ in hilla of aaaio muno near ^,im 
Buejnaventura . (Handbook aaya comparu Siroi) . 

Chumaahan SS ^^ 


(Sopono, Sapone)... Extinct villa^ on mainland Santa Barbara 
Channel. (Apparently in icinity of San Puomtvon -ura). 
CoopartJ L'iBeaopano, 

^ Sotonocmu. See Saw-taw-noi -mo' ^ ., i. 
SotcMioenu (Sotdnoemu, Sotonocnni) . . . Extinct villa© at or tributary 

to Santa Inez Misaion, on M of College Rancho (Taylor). 

>i c 


otonocnni«..(See Oetiomoenii) , "Canada do Sotonocnni*, on or near Santa 

Inez R. (Tapia 1798) . 

Souacoc... Extinct village tributexy to Santa Inez Miaaion (Taylor). 

S'pi«lil... See Salpilol. 

Spookow... Extinct villa^ on beach N of San Buenaventura l^i^sion 

Stipu... Extinct village tributary to La Puriaima Miasion (T^lor). 

Stucd, Stuc<S, Estucu, Tucu, Tuc\d . . / ,h . 

Stucu,.\ Extinct villaf^p ril)utary to Santa Inez Miaaion I near Aketaoom 

^ Ijm &J^ f r cr.i Santa Ynez Mission^ 
. iStm-taonetfc-^Byl'i'apia, 17'yti. 

or Kachiana— 4Tttylor) 

Sugutea... Name invented by Taylor for Xucu, which see. 

Suieai^... Village tributary to Santa Inez Miasion (Taylor). 
Suk?am&an;u"i':V Extinct villago near Hanta Iner, iuiasion (Hen 
Sulapiifri. Extinct village in Ventura Co. (Henaha^). 

shawl ♦»^%--'»^- 

fr\ o 

luntaho... Villago tributary to La Puriaima Miaaion (Taylor). 

iniuahuahua (SumoiKua , S-amognal . . Rancher ia tributary to San Buenaventura 

MissionuHssion Archives), 
ijuamulahuit. .Rancheria tributary to Santa Ynez Mission (Miasion Archivtja 
Silmo:^a See Sumuahuahua. . .Rancheria tributary to Miaaion San Buena- 
ventura (Miaaion Archives). 



r. (Soo Ouomoda). "Susuchi or Quomaila",mentionGd by Tapis, 1798 

Tacui... Soo Ta-koo-yii , 



Tahijuas... 'Of Ortecu'; ranotoria tributery t" P""*"^ I"^^ ItI^Io?). 

Ta-koo'-yu (Tacui) ... Rancheria in Tocuya Canyon.^^i 

Korr la'KDs, visited by "^alvidea in 1B06. 
T,}^^^:^^^ o^ «i^ ^^ Hewhall.Loa /^^Iob Co.(HansK. 

Tc.kU^>^o TalajLano... Villags tributary to Santa In^z Mission (Taylor). 

Talihuilirnitl?/Ri^ch^^^^ apparently in Santa Maria Valley beloi, 

Cuyajna Vallay (Zalvidaa 1806). 

Tallapoolina... Villar,« at Rancho Viojo up ?:nta Clara River from 

Buonavantura (Taylor). 

Chumasban H^ 


TashL'licun^Xashlipun.Taiglipu, , 
(Ta8lupi,Tashlibunau,Taxlipi^...Villa^5e at San Eraigdio. — 


TapanissilaC... Village tributary to Santa Inez I'ission (Taylor) 

Ta.aTj-O, Tahapu « . . « r, a — 

Tape (Ta-ax'-pu).. Village on Noriega rancho of Simi, near San Buenaventura 

Tarkepsi (Tar-kftp-si).. Extinct villa^^,e near^Santa Inez Miss ion (Henshaw.lOf 


Tai(Fax)...Rancheria tributary to La Purisima Mission OUssion Archives. 

Taxlipu ...See Tash-le-poom. 

Taynaya...See Janaya. "Taynaya or Haynaya" . original site Santa Barbara 
•^ "^ ?.Us8ion (Taylor; 

Tca-la-cuc...See Chalosas , .... ^r . ^ ru u ..^ 

Tc'ak-pi-nin. .Former raricheram vicinity Ventura IHensna^vj. 
Tchumaahan. . .Family name (Henshaw 81 Moon^ ^685) . See Cbijnash^. 
To j-m-un-ku-va.. .Former rancheria E of Santa Ana Ranch. Ventura 

Tcb-co...See Chosho. 

Tcumao.**See Chumaeh. 

Tc- wal-yl5k . . . S e e C\3i.vaiy ok . 

Teai...Rfmcberia tributary to La Purisima Mission (Mission Archives) 

T^^uopo (Teguepe)....See Te^iuepas. 

Tekep (See Tequepas) .. .Villa^s© tributary to Santa Inez Mission (Taylor) 




Temeteti (T^-mS-t^^) ... .Extinct vilL-^-e of San Luis Obispo Inds. of 
Chuniaslian f^^.ily nefir Pt. Sal, SanYuis Ojispo Co. (Scliumacher.1874) 

Tenoqui... Rancheria mentioned in connection with Santa Barbara in 1790 
^ Te-iueps, A-iuep, Ge^ruop, Haeguep., Aguepe, T^uer.s , T^^aepscl^^ 

Tequepas (Te^uepis, Teiue^es, Teguepe. Te/iueuo, Tekep).... Extinct vi 
on upper Santa Inez River at lo.ver edge San Marcos Ranch VTayJ.or 

Toxa... Rancheria tributary to La Purisira Mission (Mission Archives" 

Texaxa... Rancheria tributary to La P'^risima Mission (Mission Archives) 

Texche... Rancheria tributary to La P^isima Mission (Mission Archives) 

Texmaw... Extinct village at La Canada de las Annas. 12 mi. f rom Sahta 

^ Barbara nissionUaylor/ 

Theas...Rnribheria tributary to La Purisima Mission Mssion Archives) 
jria;a. .. .Rancheria tributary to La Purisima Mission (Mission ^fchives; 
/Tinachi... Extinct village tributary to Santa Inez rission (Taylor) 

Tixlini...Site of San Luis Obispo Mi3 3ion;--Archiv.mJlW^^ 

" "ibr. Also, Bancroft, Hist. *>'^iii: 
,ixx;.xxix.....^xiauo.^.^ vx ^cv.iLuis Obispo Mi33ion.--De la Cueat . 
m tfalif. .MS Bancroft Libr. [unpageS] 1821-1837. See Luiseno. 



ChuBaohtsn 38 4*7 

Chumtiaha^i 39" ^^ 

Tocane (Tot&u) ... Extinct vill^i^TS on mfdnliixid f5anta Barbara Channel. 

(Apparently between Golota und Pu Conception). 


Yolante (Santa Gonofimdis) ... Ranchoria 2 leai^weo f of ?>(in Buonavontura 

(Portola 1769). 


(Waleklie)... Former villaf^e on f^anta Karia Creek, San Luio 

Topotopow... Extinct village on Hernando Tico's ranch near fvan Buena- 
ventura (Taylor). --^ St t^.|5 <^ j» <^ . 

Rancheria between Santa Clara Rivor and *m 
route via Simi* (Portola 1769). See Ili-puk 


HQmRhC^ii extinct village near Santa Inez Mission (Gould). 

Tshuroa... Hau Ah " kj»t - Buu!t! (Tribe formerly on Santa Cruz IslaM. 

Ilof fraan) . 

Tucromu... See Tucumu, for vhich it is evident misprint. 

^ Obispo Co» /fpf 

f « -ne -Em<^.^|j^>^ Kuen'ime . (HonshaijJ. 

fihatsejjy.. Populous villain formerly at Punta Pedregosa, near Pt I'U^^ 

C^'-^*-^-'lf^:SrtWi-mahl .Huimax, Huyma, Huina. nurnial). .SaJita T^osa Id. (Henshaw^ 
Wimat...Nsune San Miguel Id^Santa Barbara, J. L.Ord, MS-Havea^ScrcaA ru/v,«^ 

Xabasu^ua (Xabagua, Xab fiuaia)... Extinct villiigo on 

Barbara Channel. (Apparently between Ventura and Santa 

Barbara) . 

i^S^'l'^'^^h^^'^ln'rku^t.xJd Santa Barbct 

Q/yKrui^ fvSinXo\)^ 

' (Appay^^fely bt^tweon Santa Barbara and Goleta). 

Tii-kan (Tukkan , Two- a- can , Tucan) . . San Migu d I si und (Pinart » Henshaw) 
Tujanisuiasilacr... VilLnf^e tributary to Santa Ine;: Kission (Taylor). 

BuonttVwn tura (;i«^^^«A*^ z?^'/^. 

Tutachro... Vill*i^re tributary to La Purisima Mission (Tayl 
Ijporr! Extinct village noar Pt Conception^iHunsha^'^^ 
Uvas (Uras) . . . Tribe of Carlada de las Uvas. --Place r^( 




Yasleique.'i. Rancheria tributary to La I^risima Miss^ion Wssion Archive 
Vontunuioans... Indians about vontura (Wantworth 18G2). 

Umalibo. .See Humalibu. 
en"ture?io3. .. Indians about Ventura (Harrington 1917). 

Via-kon-nok... Indicjis at Ventura (L'cLeod), 
Vitarbo... See Corral. 

Xaco ("or Gaco*^ 2acoK.. Villa^^^e on San Ui^al Island, -^oj Jk>^ ^ 


Xagua (Xagjia, Xaqua)... Sitinct villafra on mainliJid Santa Barbara 

„ . iApparently new Santa Barbara^. 

Channel. See also Sajay.-^*^^ ^^ ^ 

See Shalawa / , \ 

Xalanaj... Hxtinct villags tributary to Tanta Barbira Ifission (Taylor). 

Xaliluiina... Rancheria tributary to La Purisima Mission (Mission Archiveff 
Xalou... Sxtinct village tributary to Santa Barbara Mission (Taylor;. 


Xaqua... See Xagua. 

Xoxo (Xixo, Xeno)... Extinct villass on mainland Santa Barbara Channel 

near Pt Conception (no.v Goxo)- 

Xeiu... Province, having over 40 towns, from Ventura to Pt Concopuon , 

( Cabrillo,) 

Chumashrui "^^ '^ 9 

- ^xliaU^ 

•of Tularas* nsar Tanta Barbara yisBipn 


Ximartux (Omaxtux) . .Kancheria tributary to La fariBiiLa Mission v«axj,«.ux. 
Xiucxiui...Eancheria tributary- to La P^r^^s m|^^iaB^o^(Mission Archives) 
Xixo.., Hae Xdxo. 

Chumashan « 5 ^ 

Yut« (Yutuin, Yatum)... Kxtinct villagp on mainland ^anta Barbara 

Channel . (Apparently betv/oon Ooleta i:Jid Pt Conception) • 



Yiaulo}!f''Ex?lnct tillaf? tributary to Santa Barbara Mission (Taylor) . 

Xocotoc . . . Seo XotocoG . 

XotGCoc (Xocctoc).., ixtirxt vills^a on irainlfond Hanta Barbara Ghamel. 

(Apparently between Ventura ^uid Santa Barbara) . 

Pueblo do las Canoas, Shu-ku, S^^-tes, 
Xuou (Xuco, Xuca, Xucer, Xuxu, Shucu, 5?hukku)... Kztinct Yjlla^ at 

Ban Buenaventura . ((Cabrillo) ,^ The ^ I ndiane^al so-called 
their province of 24 towns from Ventura to Goleta XucuvtaDrili 
See Shukku 


V. .7N' t?-.V;« 



Xus»a (Xuqua)'... KxUnct vill^e on ^^nta Barljaj^ Isla^^^^ 

aa^B on Santa Oru;: IdT. and probably identical witdi iruacaya/ . 


Saicava Sacaiya^ Sajcaia, Sacoaya „4i^o 

Zaca (la^af^^' R^cherla d or near place of same name a few miles 

VM of Loa OlivoB, Santa Biirbara Co. -C^M 

Zaoo... See Xaco. (Hrir lfe-Ce./«^^v.|vMt^Ax/^ 3^<x.<^a.) 

ZdXijon de Cota. .See Xasakoupex'c 
Ziquimuymu... See Liquimuymu . 

Xuxu... See Xucu, . . , • \ 

Yacapix.. Bap-Cher ia tributary to La P>^isima Mission (Mission Archives) 

Yachi or Achi...See Achi 

Yanonalit... L^e native town near r>anto Barbara presidio. Chief, 

also namod Yanon&lit, had authority over some 15 rancheriaa 

Ychaumen. Ychuema^Ti. Ychemen, Cheaumen. . Former raacheria on Santa 

Cruz Island vWission Records; • 

Yatum... See Yutum- * v.. \ 

Yaxlaic.Bancheria tributary to La Pur isiir.a Mission (Mission archives) 

Ypuc... See i^*" (Handbook says Ypuc formorly in Ventura Co.) . ^ 

^ahat...Rancheria tributary to La Purisima Mission (Mission Archives) 

3guagel...See Ahms-lah-urk. See also Ashguagel. . 
Yuctu^ (Yuchtu, Siujtu)... Villa^Ta at or near Santa Barbara L^j-^^*^'^ ^7 ?b^ 

^<W<I .^4 On Santa Bcirbara HarborCHenshav/) . 
See Seo^'toon 



YUr^AN Tribes, Bands and Villages* 
Diegueno and Mohave • 10 pages 

Not including 



S f 





^vC^.>- C ct- 



jt^.' ,y,\'i J- ^'( 


Except Diegueno end Mohave 

Aguacliaclia (Aquacliacha; . . .Yavapi. name for Yuma 

Colorado (G-arces; Cortez). 

on Icv/er 

Alchedcma ( Alcl ledomas , 

Alcliedome s ,. Alclied\;iinas , Alchidomas , 

Alcliedum, Alf:pdomes, Al{^:odorxes, Gliidurnas, Halchedoraa, 

• « 

Halched^jiiaas, Halcliidom, Halcliidlioma, Hudcosdan?, 
HudcoadaTiias?, Jalcliedom, Jalcliedon, Jalcliedum, 
Jalcliedunes, Jalcliedunrs. Jakechedimes, Talchedon, 
iliedums, Yalcliediine s , XaHtciidhom~j . . . 


Tribe for- 

merly on botli sides of Colorado River between the 
Mohave and the Yuma. 

• Apache -Mohave ...See Yavapi. 

' Aripe. ..Dip^lect of Wi-koo-ra. 

•Asumpc ion... Group of Alchedoma villages on or near lower Colorado 

River (Garces, 1776). 


•Aiua (Axuaf.'.^^ribe found by Hardy in 1626 on Colorado River 

iust above Gila, and said to be Gomeya. 

• G'ajuenche^ . .See Kali-vren-che . 

* Coanopa. . .See Ko«an-o-pa. 
Cocheme (Cochimi) . . .See Ko-che-me. 




Coco MaTr\copa5 






■ Cocopa. . .See Ko-ko-pali. , .. ^ At. /^a ^ T-v,</i /.-»,« vx,-,.- 

Come ya , C orao y a^ &c . . .See Ko-mo~yah. 

• Concepcion^f . .Former mission, established by Garces in 1780, on 

W side Colorado River en site later occupied by B'ort 
Yuma (Handbook) . 

* Cuchan (Cu-cha-no, Guchj'-an, Kuchan, Kutchan) . . .Same as Yuma. 

See Kuchan. 

/ Ca.juer>cV>e&) KoViao-na, 

* Guculato (GuculutesJ . . .iFomier Yumyn tribe ?/ of Golorjixlo River 

in 1701. 

Gutganes, Gutguanes.. .See Kuchan. (Cutganes, Kino's map 1701). 

as tOji-opas, Bagioparj . . .Piraa name for tribe Tormerly on 



Lower Colorado (Handbook). 
Guanabepe (Guanavepe) .. .Yavapi name of Yuman tribe on lower 


^>VUU. 0^ \T(a\ (icM^ltfV^) 

Co 1 r ad o (Gar c e s ) . 

Guchyan. ..Cheraev;eve ntjne for Yuma (Kroeber) . 

Gutcan (Gutganes, Cuchan, Kutchan) .. .Diegueno name for Yuma 

(Boas). See Kuchan. 

- - ■ ■ - ■ -- 



•Gwichvana...Ghemeweve name for Yuma tribe (Kroeber) . 

. Hah.wal.coe^8^.7.YS^ti^ tribe on E side Colorado 8 days above Gila 

mouth (Wbippfe). See Walapi'. 

" aoL>-K.«wtlJU|js.<iut^<L^vw*.CKt'^>*^'^^ 

■ Halchidhoma (Halcliidom, Xalltclidlidm^). . .See Alchedoma. 

• Halliquainaya Qallicumay, Jallicuamay, Jalliguamay, Jallaiquamai; . . . 

Tribe on lower Colorado River below the Yuma. Language 
same as Kokopa, of which they may be a subtribe. 

•Hamechuwa...Gomeya band or village in lower Colorado River region. 
•Hatawa...Comeya band or village in lower Colorado River regioEP. 

• Hava-Bupi (Havasupai, Ak-ba-su-pai , Akuesu-pai, Avesupai. 

Coconinos, Cosninos, Supai).. .Isolated tribe ira Cat- 
aract Canyon, S of Grand Canyon, Arizona,. Ifelated to 




vtVvcOus.Vty) owo-w^o-a 

•Heabonoma (Heabonomas, Hoabonomas ,Hebonm^ ... Tribe on W sid8 

lower Colorado River in 1698 (Kino). Probably band 
of Kokopa (Hodge). 

Hepowoo...Comeya band or village in lower Colorado River region, 

• Hitltebvanak. . .Diegueno nyme for San Felipe (also called by 

them Patltokonak- -Kroeber). 

•Hualapai CHwalapai) . . .See Walapi. ^ ^ 

' Inlav ape... Wall api name for Yavapi (Harrington). 

"\X% , 

• Itayrdy-^.Comeira bcind or village in lower Colorado River region 
' JalchediM.**See Alchedoma* 


e<x\ vc<.waVv€,s , ^* V ^'^^*-* f^^^^'^. 

ali-wen-che (CajuencheJCafuenche, Carjuenche,^CojuenCiiis,Co.^u.owcW<.s, 

Kaklmana, Kokliuene, Oajuenches (misprint), Cawina?,Cu.Va\\.a3, 
Quokim?)...Yuman tribe related to Kokopa, formerly 
on both sides of Colorado River below the Gila. Fow 
probably extinct. 

' Kive-za-ku (Kivezaku) ...Former btijid or tribe on lower Colorado 
. ^ River (Bourke - -Handbo ok) . 

* Ko-an-o-paii (Coanopa). ..Tribe fomerly on ar near lower Colorado 

River. May have been Ko'-ko-pa. 




Ko-che-me' (Cocheme', Cochemi, Cochirai, Cochime, Cochiemes, 

Gochimies, Cochimy, Cocliimas, Colimies, Cotshimi,^otsc,^'\'»^v, 
Colimies, Cuehimies, Cuchinu) . ..Tribe in N Lower Calif, 
from Mission San Xavier northviard (Baegert 1772). 




•Kokliuene (KakJiuaaia ; Gajuenchss of Garces) . ..Tribe on loYjer 

Colorado (Kroeber) . See Kali-wen-clie. 
CocopahB. Coaopah Indians. Eebellion Records 1B97; 
• KokopaK (Kivekapa, Gocopa, Gocopali, Goeapas (misprint}, Kokopa, 

A At 


Kwikapa, Gucopa, Gucapa,,v.Gucupaii» Gupachas,Ci*.cu,j>o.«.8, 
Gucapachas). ..Tribe on Golorado River Delta and lower 
river, S of the Yima. 

Ko-rno-ya (Go -mo -yah, ComoycJi, Gomoya, Como^re, Gomeya,^Gomoyei, 

Comoyee,^llomoyatz, Co-mai-yali, Gainilya,^Gomogei, 
Comedas?, Kam^ra, Kamiaakhwe, Quemexa, Quemeyab, 
Quemoya, Quemaya, ^Axua-probably Kokopa name; JL-um 
0-otam, Yum) . ..Diegueno tribe on New River from south 
end of Salton Sea to across Mexican border, and from 
San Felipe easterly nearly to Yuma (Wliipple, 1849). 

•Kuchan (Kutchaji, Guchan, Gutganas, Gutchanas, Gutf^uanes, 

Cuer;a:aas, Cuteanas, Outca'n, Kertchan, Ko-u-chans). .. 
Same as Yuma. 

Ku-tsa-ni. ..Yuma name for themselves (lirdlicka) . 

\^\Aiew'tci,aL'V\_ > v^ \u-»vv9> 

<:).^4»yi-T<itdLsL,E.-tK.>vo«r.Xv^'w>jkl'wU»-s«. i^l. l'^5\. 


Kwig-yuma (Quigyuma, Quiquimo, 

Quigyamas ,^ Qi>ii quiiaa, Quin quiinas , 

Quicaiaa, Quicoma, Quiciinas, Quicamopa Quihuimas, 
Halliquamayas, Jallicuamai, Jalliqua-nai, Jalliqua/nay, 
Jallicuama^r, Jallicuinay, Talliguarnais, Tallignamaj^ 
Talliguama37-s, Tlalliguamajras, Tlalliquamallas, 
Talliguaoiaj'-oue,^ iguanas?, Iguanes?) .. .Tribe in 1775 on 
lower Golorado from near Ogdens landing (lat. 32 18*) 
southward, between the Gajuenche and the Gocopa (G-arces). 

lOjyikapa. . .Yuma name for Kokopa (Harrington) . 

' KwitcJaSix . . .Yuma name for themselves (Harrington). 

. Lagrimas de San Pedro... Name given by Garces in 1776 to group 

of Alchedoma villages on or nec.r lower Golorado River, 
50 miles or more below Bill Williams River. 

' Limon (Laimon, Layamon, Layraona, La^inon, Lay^nones, Laj/rrionen, 
^ Laimones) . ..Tribe on Peninsula of Lower California. 

•Llagas. . .Name given by Garces in 1771 bo f^roup of Kokopa 

rancherias on W side lower Golorado River^ 

C Va;, 



• Maricopa. ..Tribe .on Gila River, v;estem Arizona. 

1*-^Ho je-^^ 

' Mel-co-to-nac (Mileo-to-nac, typog. error) .. .Diegue no villa,ge 

at Sail Felipe inentioned in Treaty of Santa Ysabel, 
Jan. 7, 1852. 


. Me reed,.. Spanish for group of •Gajuenche* rancherias in M 

Lower Califoraia (Garces). 

'Mii^-b'/il'-tle-mahJc (Mel-co-to-nac, Mileo-to-nac) . . .Diegueno 

villao-e at San Felipe (Mesa Grande Diegueno name). 

• Moiiave -Apaclie ... See Yavapi 

• New River Indians. . .Tribe on Nev/ River 60 miles ¥ of Yuina, ^ of 

Sal ton Sea. See Ko-rao-yah. .^ ^ j <f 

Oo-che^te (Ucliiti, Uchitas, Usliiti, Utschis, Utschiti, Vehitis)... 

Tribe in S part Peninsula of Lower California 
. 1772). . 

» -(Puerta de la Putisiina Cbncepcion) . .See Goncepcion. 


• Quatlil-met-lia...Comeya band or villa^-e in lower Colorado River 


• Quema^ra, .Quemexa &c...See Ko-Txai-ali. 






San Felipe (San Fe 11 ippe ). ..Spanish name for Diegueno village m 

valley of same name, in pass just W of Colorado Desert, 
East San Diego County. (=Mel-ko-to-nak). 



' San Jacome...Cajuenche? rancheria near the Mount-ins in lat. 

55° 08' 

(Garces- -Handbook) . 

San Pablo (Laguna de Stm 


Former Yuma village 8 or 10 miles below present Yuma 
(Garces; Handbook). 

• San Pedro y San Pablo (San Pedro-Pablo) .. .Mission established 

by Garces in 1780 among the Yuma on W bank Goloradd 
near Pilot Knob, 8 or 10 miles below present Yuma^ in 
extreme SE California (Handbook). 

• ^A feMif : :f o^a?"f-Ma°v\^fa6e on S side Gila River. . 



adjacent coast of Sonora. 

•Supai...See Havasupi. 

^lliguamais (Talli^amay, Tall igumai) .. .See Kwigyuma. 

• Tolkepia (Tolkopaya, Tolkepaya, Tolkipeya, Tolgopeya, Tolekopaya, 

Tulkepaia, Tsilgopaya, Apache Yuma) . . .Band of Yavapi ok 
E side Colorado River. 

• Tutum (S. Matias Tutum) . v.Fomer Yuma rancheria (Kino; Bancroft). 





• Wal-la-pi 

(Walapi, Walapa, Walapai, Wallajai, Y/allupis, Wallipes, 

Hualapais, Rebellion Records 1897: . tt i „^^„ v. i '• v 
Hualapai, Hualipl, Hualopais, Hualpais, Hualapies,Hu.4.^<tvA, 

• • • 

Kowalapai, Hwalapai, HaJa-wal-coes, Xa\7a!iyapa^) 
Tribe in M Arizona,fomerly reaching Colorado River. 


• Wi-koo-ra (Waicura, Waikur, Waicuri, Waicuren, Waicuros, Waicum^, 

auaicura, Guaicuri, Guaycura, Vaicura) . . . Lai^e tribe in 
S Lower California, 

I 'Yampais. . .See Yavapi. , , , >- -v u^^ps W^' /?7o(rta.veS SpVh.,4>ft.-ntM4t" *. 

•Yavapi (Apache Mohave, Apache Mohaves, Apache -Mo jaoes, Apacne- 

Mojaves, Apaches, Apache Yuma, Cruzados, Dil-zha, 
E-nyae-va Pai, Gohm, Har-dil-zhays, Mavape, Jum-pys, 
Kohenins, Ko-uavi, Kowavi, Ku-we-vs-ka pai-ya, Nyavapai, 
Nyavi Pais, Tares, Tolekopaya, Tubessias, Tulkepaia, 

Yabapais, Yabijoias, Yabipaeos, Yabipais, Yabipaiye, 

Yabipay. Yabipi, Yabipias, Yah-bay-paiesh, Yahipais, 

(Xa|:iii-o tWh;Lpple 1851) 
Yalipays, Yain^aloX Yampai o, Yampais, Yampaos, Yainpas, 
^ "^ ^ Yapupies, Rebellion Records 1897; 

Yainpay, Yampi, Yampias, Yapapais, Ya-pa-pi, Yavapai, 

Yavapaias, Yava-pais, Yavape, Yavapi, Yavapies, 
Yavipais, Yavipay, Yavipi, Yevepai, Yevepayf", Yubipias, 
Yubissias, Yuma Apache, Yum-pis, Yupapais, Yurapeis)... 
Tribe on Bill Williams Fork in W Arizona; formerly 
reaching Colorado River. 





Yum. ..Tribe on New River, SW part of Colorado Desert (Heintzelman). 

las^ Rebellion Records 1897; N(u>v,a>. Hairnet. 7o-o^-^^^^^^ 

.^a, Youma,^Yuraa-cuchan, ^Yumi^^akgi, T\mai^ , Juinal . . . 
• (Yumk 3] -Gen. E.A.Hitchcock. Jan.. 30. 1852. . ^ ^ 
Large tribe on Lower Colorado River cenbering about. 

and below mouth of Gila. See also Kwitc^oiil', Cuchan, 

Y^MA^J FAMILY. . .Stock name (Yuma family Latham, 1656; Turner, 

1856). Yuman family Powell, 1891. . 

Yuir.Fisa3-Gen.E.A.Hitchcock. Jan. 30. 1852. ..On Colo.Riv. 60 mi. 

above Yuma. 
.XalJ-tcI-idl-iom^...Yuma name for tribe fomerly just above Yuma 

on Colorado River (Harrington). See Halchedora. 

•Xawal?apa!y?'...Yuma name for Wallapi (Harrington). 


The following document is a duplicate of the 
preceding document. It may contain annotations 
and corrections not found on the original. 


^L<^-fi,/vv7,«- ^<Jl 

A^Cfc^ iruor< *. T^»w«AJtt 

f^ "^ -^ . -7, I <^ i e^ 





» • 


Except Diegueno and Mohave 


Aguachaclm (AquachachfiJ . . .Yavapi name for Yuman tribe on lower 

Colorado (Garces; Coirtez), 



Alchedoma (Alchedoraaa, Alchedomes, Alchedumas, AlchidomaB, 

Alchedum, Algodomes, Algodones, Chidumas, Halchedoma, 
KalchedumaSy Halchidcxn^ Halchidhoma, Hudcoadan?, 

Hudcoadamas?, Jalchedcci, Jalchedon, Jalchedum, 
Jedchodunes, Jalchedunrs, Jakechedimea, Talchedon, 
Talchadiane, Yalchedunes, Xalitc*idhr- 

Lom «) . . .Tribe for- 

merly on both aides of Colorado River between the 
Uohave and the Yuma. 

Apache -Mohave . • • Se e Yavapi • 

Aripe... Dialect of Wi-koo«ra. 

Asumpc ion.. .Group of Alchedoma villages on or near lower Colorado 

River (Garces, 1776)* 

Axua (Axua)... Tribe found by Hardy in 1826 on Colorado River 

just above Gila, and said to be Comeya. 

^&'\jOljcLo vrb^cn^rvh 

Cajuonche.. .See Kah«wen»che. ^ 

Coanopa...Soe Ko'<->an*o-pa. 


eaknovm aa^^W^ fi?^' 

' ' ^ ^^ ^^difma, or MisItorT rndirans 
-Lo3 Angeles Examiner 

Dec.4, 1925. [Wronged by 


C-OCO VYVaTN CoPOuS Coco A\olTT\«:-0 ^Ci.S 

Cocooa^.jSeeJo'-kogia^ Ysabel tribe, .sqmeti 

Su-rv>ls ".r^l^^nt^CSl.f'^'^^'^ ^'^^^^ f --£o3 Ingelgs Exajriiner , 
Comeya, Comoya^&c . . . See Ko-ino'-yah. I ^®9 '/^'^^ 

Concopcion... Former mission, established by Garces in ITbO, on> 

f side Colorado River on site later occupied by Fort 
^ Yoaa (Handbook). 

^" "" ^°;\Wc.^, CuC.Wa^ . ClusW-s, eocW^os, CucVvW^ . CucV .\c.. 

Cuchan (Cu-cha»no, .Guchyan, Kuchan, Kutchan) • . .Same as Yuma. 

See Kuchan. 


Cuaaletes , C u tu \ oJVo S , Cu<Lo\oVes) 

. .Former Yuman tribe W of Colorado River 

in 1701. , 

. . S>.- Co coco-jVo Ho^OL'^oJbtio Cio.^vieYkCVxe. t= ^'<<A\-NS>e-n-c.V\e] 

giaenos .^" ."Smni ah n flie^^^^pr J nds. around San D^ego . - -Hdbk Rt . J . p ,390^ 
^uies, Cutguanes... See Kuchan (Cutganes, Kinos map 1701;. \ 1907 . 
ueeanas. . . See Kwigyuma. , „ , ., ^^ ^n,«\ ISee 

ieguiftos...'. B.Hayes MS 1670 (Hayes Skrps, Bancroft Libr. ,38:172)JJ^q 

See also Dieguenos. '^ - [Ya-ha-no 

Giopas (Ojiopas, Bagiopa?) . . .Pima name for tribe fonnerly on 

Lower Colorado (Handbook). 

Gaginga. . Tribe near foot of Guyamaca Kta. in 1661 (Taylor) 

Guanabepe (Guanavepe) • . .Yavapi name of Yuman tribe on lower 

Colorado (Garces). 

Guchyan. ..Chemewevo name for Yuma (Kroeber). 

Gutcan (Cutganes, Cuchan, Kutchan) . . .Diegueno name for Yuma 

(fioas). See Kuchan. 

C cheme ( Go cliimi ) . . . S e e Ko -che -me '. 




(Kroeber) • 

Hah-wal.coe8;^..Yuman trite on E aide Colorado 8 days above Gila 

moutli (Whipple). Seo falapi. , s ^ ., ^ .^^^ 

HaicomhaUaxJum. Ju^wnehoB. Hakoom. Ho comb a . &c).. Tribe on d slope 

Cuya:r;aca ?At8. near Mexican boundary. 

Halchidhoma (Halchidom, XalItclidhoBi*)...See Alchedoma. 

Halliquamaya (Jallicumay, Jallicuamay, Jalliguamay, Jalliquamai; . 

Tribe on lowor Colorado River below the Yiana. Language 
eame as Kokopa, of ishich they may be a subtribe. 

Haoechuwa...Cameya band or village in lower Colorado River regiott, 
Hatawa...Comeya band or village in lower Colorado River region. 

Akuesu-pai, Avesupai 

Coconinoe, Cooninoe, Supai)... Isolated tribe in Cat* 


' ♦ I 


Heabonoma (Heabonomaa, HoabonomasrHebonamaJ^ . . .Tribe on W side 



of Kokopa (Hodge) • 

Hepowwoo...Comoya band or village in lower Colorado River region. 





HitltekwanaJc.Diegueno name for San Felipe lalso called by 

them Patltokonak— Kroeber) • 

Huvarepshach. .Chemewev^e neide for Walapi (Kroeber) . 

Hualapai (Hwalapai)... See Walapl. 
Inlavape'...Wallapi name for Yavapi (Harrington). 



Itaywiy...Comeya band or village in lower Colorado River region. 

Jalchedtm. . • See Alchedoma. . -r .1 • \ 

^.wen-che (Cajtienche,^Cafuenche, Carjuenchei^Cojuenchis, 

Kakhnana, Kokhuene, Oajuenches (misprint), Cawina?, 
Quokim?) . . .Yonan tribe related to Kokopa, fonnerly 




aku) . . .Former bond 
(Bourke • -Handbook) 

Ko-an-o-pah (Coanopa) . . .Tribe formerly on er near lower Colorado 

River. May have been Ko'-ko-pa. 

KoH5he-oe' (Cocheme', Cochemi, Cochimi, Cochime, Cochiemes, 



Cochimies, Cochimy, Cochimas, Colimies, CotshimipCots^v, 
Colimies, Ctwhimies, Cuchinu) .. .Tribe in K Lower Calif, 
from Mission San Xavier northv/ard (Baegert 1772) • 




Kokhnene (Kakhuana; Cajuonchos of Garces) ...Tribe on lower 

(Colorado (Kroeber). See Kah-wen-che • 

. _ CocV>opa,cioc.V\o^oLS, Cloc.v^opces• 

Kclko4)a^^(Kwekapa; Cocopa, Cocopah, Coeapas (misprint), Kokopa, 

Kwikapai Hucopa, Clucapa,.Cucupah, Capacha8,Clocxx.paes. 

Gucapaciias)... Tribe on coloredo Ri?er Delta and lower 


river, S of the Yuma. 

^Co-irio'-yah, Comoyah, Comoya, Coaoye . Gomeya, Comoyt 
Coraoyeo, Comoyatz, Co-mai«yah, Camilya, Comogei, 
Comedaa?, Kamya', Kamiaakhwe, Quemexa, Quemeyab, 
Quemeya, Quomaya, AxixU-probably Kokopa name; I-ub 



San Felipe easterly nearly to Yuma (ihipple, 1849) • 

Kucban (Kutchan, Cuchan, Cutganas, Ctitchanas, Cutguanea, . 

Cueganas, Cuteanas, Gutca'n, Kertchan, Ko-u^chima) • • • 
Same as Yuma. 

Ku-tsa-ni...Yuffla name for themaelves (Hrdlicka) 



.yuma (Quigyuma, Quiquimo> Quigyamaa, Quiquima, Quinquiraas, 
Quicama, Quicoma, Quicimas, Quicamopa Quihuimaa, 
Halliquamayaa, Jallicuamai, Jalliquamai, Jalliquamay, 
Jallicuamay^ Jallicumay, Talliguanaia, Tallignamay, 

Talliguanays, Tlalliguamayaa, 
Talliguamayoue, ^%iana8?, Igu; 


southward, between the Cajuenche and the Cocopa (Oarces) 

Kwikapa. . .Yiaaa name for Kokopa (Harrington) . 

KwitcIan-...Yuma namo for themselves (Harrington). 



50 miles or more below Bill Williams River. 

Limon (I^aimon, Layamon, laymona, Laymon, Laymones, Laymonen> 

laimonos)... Tribe on Peninsula of Lower California. 

Oilegeenos. .. 
Ua6aa...Name given by Garces in ir/1 to group of Kokopa 

ranchsrias on W side lower Colorado Rivor. 

a-ha-os (Mah-hah'-os)... Whipple 1851. 
Maricopa. . .Tribe on Gila River, western Arizona. 


Mel-co^to-nac (liileo-to^nac, typog. error)...Diegueno village 

at San Felipe mentioned in Treaty of Santa Ysabel, 





laQrcod...SpaJiiBh for group of •Caiuenche* rancheriaa in HE 

Lower Call 

(Gorcoa) • 

Mii^.kwil'-Ue^ahk (Mol-co-to-nax5, Uileo-to-nac) . . .Diegueno 

villaeo at San Felipe (Mesa GraMo Diegiieno name) 

Uoliave-Apaclio,.,See Yavapi. 

Indians, . •Tribe on New Rive 
Sal ton Sea, See Ko-mo»yah* 

Oo-che-te (Uchiti, Uchitae, Unhiti, Utschis, UtschiU, Vehitis)-.. 



Pashawerach. Chemeweve narrie for Havasupi lKroeb«r} 

Puerto , ev. eoTXex-oe-Vo .d.e\a Co^ce ^cvo-.% 

(puerta de la Pufcisima Concepcioxi^^.Soe Concepcion 



Quemaya, Quemeia &c..*Soe Ko-rai»ah. 

Quigytma. . • See Kwigjfuroa. 

Santa Sulalia. . See Ga.nta 01 ay a. 
San Felipe (San Fell ippe) ...Spanish name for Diegueno village 

valley of 8»mo name, in pass juet f of Colorado Doae 

Bast San Biego County. («Uel-ko»to*nak) . 

J - 



San Jacc»ne...Cajuancho? ranohoria near the Uounttvino in lat 

53° Ob* (Garcos— Handbook) . 

ft. >-ULCvn> S Ouv% ^-»-*-«t«6 m15'-^'^1 b -(j)\egu«Tr>o-t»idt) 

San Pablo (Laguna do San Pablo, Laguna del Capitan Pablo)... 

Former Yuma villr4ge 8 or 10 miles below present Yuma 
(Garcds; Handbook). 

San Pedro y San Pablo (San Pedro«Pablo) .. .Mission established 



Qxtrome SE California (Handbook). 
Santa Isabel... Former Yuma village on S side Gila River. 

/ « 


sa1«4-.^ 4-«>4'Ka n-n "PiVmrv^n Tftlnrw* fUll f of fialifomia fll^T^^^'^J 

Isolated tribe on Tiburon Island, Gulf of California and 
adjacent coast of Sonera. 

Supai...See Havaaupi. 

» Ou\c.V\eciu-Aes < « . S-ajL A\c.\fie.^oTrv\(x. • 

Talliguamais (Talli^Mmay, Tall igpmai)... See Kwigyuma. 

Tolkepia (Tolkopaya, Tolkepaya', Tolkipeya, Tolgopeya, Tolekopaya^ 

Tulkepaia, Tsilgopalya, Apache Yuma) . . .Band of Yavapi onrw 
E side Colorado River. 

Tutcm (S. Matias Tutum)... Forme r Yima rancheria (Kino; Bancroft). 






WalUa«pi (falapi, Walapa. Valapai, Wallapai, Wallupis, WalXipes, 

Hualapai, Ifoalipi, Hualonaia, Hualpaia, Hualapie8,\\vjaV-fa.KVA^ 
Howalapai, Hwalapai, Hah-wal-coeo, Xawallapayt) • • • 
Tribe in W Arizona formerly reaching Coloradd River. 

Wi-koo-ra (Waicura, Waikur, Waicuri, Waicuron» faicuros^ Waicuru^ 

Guaicura, Guaicuri, Guaycura, Vaiciira),..LaiiBe tribe in 

S Lower Ceilifomia. 


Yampai8..*neo Yavapi 

Ya-' - 


ha-nos. .."True name of DiegueBo nation."--?. Haves MS 1870 VHayes 
Spbka. Bancroft Libr. 38: 1727 See also DiegueRo. 

(Apache liohave, Apache Mohaves, Apache*4[ojaoeo, Apache- 

l?oja?ea. Apaches, Apache Ytma, Crcaados, Dil-zha, 

K-nyao-¥a Pai, Gohun, Har-dil-ahaya, InXaVape, Jum«?yB» 

Kohenine, Ko-uari, Kowavi, Ku-we*Te»ka pai-ya, Myavapai, 



Yabipay, Yabipi, Yabipias, Yeh-bay-paieBh, Yahipaia^ 

Yalipays, Yampaio, YampaJL 6, Yampaia, Yampaoa, Yampas^ 

Yapupies, Rebellion Records 1897^ 
Yampay, Yampl, Yampiae, Yapapais^ Ya-pa»pi, Yavapai^ 

Yarapaiaa, Yava-paia, Yavape, Yavapi, Yavapiea, 
Yavipaia^ Yavipay, Yatipi, Yerepai, Ye'?epa[yt, Yubipiaa, 
Yubiasias, Yuma Apache, Yom-pia, Yupapais, Yurapeis)... 
Tribe on Bill filliama Fork in f Arizona; foraerly 
reaching Colorado River# 
Ys-ge^-no...See also Dieguerlo, Llegeenos, Ya-ha-noa. 




ANiO^^G-S . - SjLJi- iauo.>>es 

Y™...Tribs on Kov, Hiver. SW jMirt of Colorado Ttoaert (HoinUelj««) 




Wi^'ifn fe4? CcTorab'o River centerine about 
and below mouth of Gila- See also KwitdahS, Cucha 

YlfiSAN FAMILY... Stock name (Yma family Latham, 

1856) • Yuman family Powell, 1691. 


Colorado River (Harringt< 

See Halchedom. 

XawalXapa^ . .Yuma neiao for Wallapi (Harrington) • 




p-^^l^e^j.AiAeA^^eJec- ; Ipt^ ><>^^^^^X. 

\ I 

< t 

t \ 

1 6^.,,^Y,^ 

'* * *jr — 

• >#.•• w/U .%■ 
•^ •■ . . ^ / ,■ ■ 

ill 1 1 » n aaiaKiJM^i 

MOHAVE (Yuman Stock) Bands and Villai/es; 2 pages 



■ I ifci' ^WIIW^PWIPWIMW^P— ^^n— w 

IX>>»i»,«^.»Mj^>.*j>) y ■ ■■»»!■ 9 i*<^W^»^^w<i^m^B^iW 

•^^iWMV ■«■■ II ■ « 



lioliavev See I -at. 

Aiat. ..Chemev/eve noiiie fori 

Amakliaba (Ali-mok-avGs, Amacava, Amaciiay e ,X Amakliau , Amochave,^vw«.Jv.»rfu^^,| 

^ Arno= •ah-we,^AinoIav/i, Amuchaba} . . .See Hama-k-have « /vionaNe.% 


E-e' s-kaii- turn. . .Cahuilla name for Mohave tr ibe . ■- c^*^^-^ • 

Hamak-have (Hamockliave , Harnokavi, Hainook-habi, Hamukli-habi, 

•Hu-muk-a-ha'-va> Humuka--ha,va, Hurmiockahavi, Hamahava- 
yira, Arnacava,, Amaguaguas, Amakhaba, AmoXawi, 
Amuciiaba,«Aniajabas, ^Amajavas, A-moc-ha^ve, Amojaves,lW«.v.Mo 



Waniaka'va, Waiiiaqavf', Xamaqavf', Yamajab) . . .Proper name 
of Mohave; their name for themselves. 


I-ah-pah. ..Galmilla name sometimes applied to Mohave tribe 

- C^*fv^. 

l'- i{ 



(Aiat) . ..Ghemewove mime for Mohave."^ (proeber) . 

MOHAYE - , 2 

Mohave (Mo lave, Makhava, Mkhave, Mac-ha-ve, Macjave, Ma-ha-os, 

Mah-hali-os, Majabos. Mpjprs^^Mohavi Molxave x 
Xsmaquav^, Wamaqavf', Yamagas, Yamajab, Jamajab, 
Tamajabs, Tamasabs) . . .Same as AHiakliaba,^Hahi£uk-have, 
which see. Tribe on both sides Colorado River be- 
tween Black Canyon and Needles. 

Molxaves... See Mohave. 

San Pedro (San Pedro de los Jama j ab^] . ..Mohave village on W side 

Colorado River about 8 miles above Needles (Garces; 
Handbook) . 

Santa Isabel. . .Name applied by Garces in 1776 to group of Mohave 

villages on W side Colorado River near present Needles 

Tamajab (Tamasabs) ...* Jama jabs -Mohave 

Wah-muk-a-hah'-ve...See Hamak-have « Mohave. 

iL^^jii^ ^^♦>-.^ \uL^ . 

Jama jabs. ..Same as Mohave. 

Mali-hah-os (Ma-ha-os) . ..Yuman tribe on W side river 7 days above 

mouth of Gila (Whipple) .= Mohave s. 

Masipa ('Coyote*) .. .A gens of the Mohave (Bourke, 1689). 

Wamaqav...Wallapi name for Mohave. 

Xamaqavl... Yuma name for Mohave (Harrington) 

The following document is a duplicate of the 
preceding document. It may contain annotations 
and corrections not found on the original. 

tz. -Wmi. Jfe.V'*^'' 






Aiat. ..Ghomar/eye n?i/no for Uohavo. He-j I -at. 

Ajnakliaba (Ali-mok-avos, Auiacava, taachave, Atnakliaii, Amochavo, '^'^^^^••^'••"n 

. ... A.»!iQ-^«ah«77,o. AnqltasV/i, AritiohahaJ . ..'loo Hajriak -have 
Armiuchiebes, Missouri Ttepublicah (after anith) 1827. 

Am-mu-che-eb^s, Ainrou-che-ebfes (Ldo Nouvellea Annales des Voya, 
E-o's-kali-tnrn. . .Cahuilla nnno for I^ohavo tribo. - C^ia^s— after anith 


Hariak-hav3 (Hfjrnoekhavf^ , Homokavi, Hej/iook-hilbi, Eoi-iukli-habi,' 

Hu-muk-a-ha«va, Hurnuka-hava, Ifufnriookahavi, Hamahava- 
yiiKj^Ajnacava, Awachavo, Ainaguaf ;iias , Amakhaba, AmoXawi^ 
Amuchaba, Amajobas, AriajavaB,^A-f30c-ha'-vo, Amojavaa,AT"^*^'^» 
R«a'8*kah«tum, I-ah-pah, Jamajabe, Wahrauk-a-hah'-ve, 
Wamakava, ^ainaqav-, Xarnaqav-, Ycnajab) . . .Proper namo 

of llchavo; thoir name for tliemselveB. 
fHayata 3. ..Antonio Annijo...See I-6t (or I'-at). 

I-ah-pah. ..Cahuilla name somotimoa appliad to Hohave tribe •- tt^u^-v^ . 

I-at (Ai 


et-tem ^_^_^ 

. ..ChomeA'cve namo for Uohave/ ftCroebir} 

XN^Altt^ ACcut 




Q^ohaves; Mohave, Mohave -Chemehuevi;^ Treaty 1867; 
.v^(Uojave, Uakhava, Mkhavo, Uac-ha»ve, Uacjave, Ma-ha-oj 

Mah-hah-08, Majaboa. Moiaura. Mohavi. Moliave. 
Muchabas Indians, Muchaba Indians, Dale IMS 1829;, 
X82saqua?ty Wamaqavt, Yamagaa, Yamajab, Jamajab^ 

Tama jabs, Tamanabe) • • .Same as Amakhaba. Hamak-haYe, 
which see. Tribe on both sides Colorado Riier be- 
tweon Black Canyon and Needles. 

llolzaTe8*.*See Moha?e. 


San Pedro (San Pedro de los Jamajabs) . . .iiohaYO tillage on w side 

Colorado River about 8 miles above Needles (Garces; 

Santa Isabel;.. Name applied by Garces in 1776 to group of Mohave 

villages on f aide Colorado River near present Needles 

Tamajab (Tamasabs)...* Jamajabs ■ Mohave. 

f ah-nuk-a»hah-ve . . . See Bamak-have ■ Mohave. 

C. IrUnsJl,, 

Jama j aba ... Sane aa Uohavo. 

Mah-hah»08 (Ha-ha-os; . ..Yumon tribe; on H sido rivor 7 days above 

mouth of Gila (Whipxdc) .» l*ohaveB. 

Wamaqav...tallapi name for Mohave. 

Xamaqavt. . .Yuma namo for Mohave (Harrington) 

llasipa (•(loyoto*) ..-A gone of tho Mohuvo (Bourke, lBb9). 
Mac-ha-vi3 (Whipple, Pacific R.R. Reports, Vol. 3 b, Pt. l,p 110,1856. 


DIEGir;NO ( Kanv-me-i ) Tribos, nands and Villa'-'es 
27 pages (2 <itf>ui^ 

• • 




^m m L iiwii 











Abascal (Abusc^/Asusca, • .'ai^egu0no^;:^cheria near Sen Ciego^^^^^ 

(Ortega 1795 —Bancroft) 


Aiatae, Acta) „ ,. ,, 

Ajata or Las Llagas (Ata/. .Rancheria in or near Warner Valley. May 

not be Diegueho. 



Awhut. . .Dieguefto ranheria in N Lower Calif, speakir^:; the Hataam 

dialect (Gatschet 1886). 

Aiua (AiuaT. . -Tribe found by Hardy in 1826 on Colorado Fiver just 


above Gila and said to be Cpmeya 

Alapi. . .Luisefio name for San Pasqual. 

Alsualcapa. . Rancheria in Warner Valley (Grijalva 1795) . 

\ V 

Amacqacoc, Macucoc, Macocop) ^ x m + • a- ..^m^a 

Amatkokhatv . ©ieguefto name for their village at Matajuai, called 

Toov by the LuiseRo (Kroeber). 

Anahuacjie . j^ee In-yali-hah 

A."^ MS JU*<j^ 1^ ^i clu>^AA...*--^?UfjiV--h*^^««H'J^^ ^^"^^ 

Aoyi. . Luiseflo name for Diegueno place at Carrizal (Kroeber). 

Apusquele, or ?urisiina Concepcion. . .Bsncheria on San x^iego Missigi^^ 

Eseya, '^seQB, Jasaij, 
ria of Guyamaca (^an 

Diego' 'uVpi on ^1ecords^i7§7-l8i8) 

Assampei-oes... 'Rancheria at pamo (San i^iego Mission itecords. 1797). 

Ata. . .See Ajata. < , .^Kwi,*>5^Vt>.w3.M^jr. 

A-vah-ha*n-yah. . .Kam-me;i Diegueno name for their tribe S of San 

'n■ioo•#^ r*n ^foTTir'nn Hide of boundarv»— tJ'Kw'^ 

Ballena. . . See i^gepam 

Cajon (El 

Cajon, Santa Monica. Boca de ffanta Monica) . . Spanish name 
for Diegueflo settlement about 10 miles NE of San Diego 
(Hayes - Bancroft). 

Calagua. . Bancheria in Warner Valley (Grijalva 1795). Stock? 

Ca-ma-jal (Caraajal, Co-ma-jal). . See Co-ma-jal. 

Campo. . Southern Diegueflo village in mountaine of SE San Eiego Counfcy 

ilose to S boundary •-- =*( 

Canapui. . Rancheria on plain of Pamo, 18-19 miles NE of Sa.n Diego 

' Mission.— Sanchez 1821 (Bancroft). 


I kor'. 

Calif. -Mexican boundary at and S of Campo. Their name for 

themselves. — <^W^/s- 


arm -"tn e.^ 





/ . ' 


Abase al 

CAbu80^/%uscaj, .aj^u^i^ojwmcheria near San Diqgo 
(Or^igsi, 1795 -Bancrdft) 


^ Ajatae, Acta) „ ., ,, 

' Las Llagae (Ata/ . .Rancheria in or near Warner Valley 


not be Diegueho. 


Awhui. . •Dieguefto ranheria in N Lower Calif, speaking the Hataam 

dialect (Gatschet 1886). 

Aiua (Asuaf."". .Tribe found by Hardy in 1826 on Colorado River ju 


above Gila and said to be Cpmeya. 


Alapi. . .Luisefio name for San Pasqual 

^n\a..( ''(Wj'^a^ 'J^jl^ uooca' 

Algualoapa. . Rancheria in Warner Valley (Grijalva 1795) 

Amacqacoc, Macucoo, Maoocop) j. ■,, ± i,, i. »^^^c.A 

Anatkokhat7 . Oiegueflb name for their village at Matajuai, called 

Toov by the LuisSfio (Kroeber). 

Aofi. . Luisefio name for Dieguefto place at Carrizal (Kroeber) . 
ArM,«n««i« ftr thirisima nonceDcion. . .Rencheria on San A^iego ilissi 

Apuaqt;iele. or ?urisima Concepci 


A'^nF^i'^*'^^^^^^^ °^ ^^°^^ '^^ ^^^^^ ^ 
Ata. . .See Ajata. « . .^K*.bA>9v^»w4.»*ar. 

X-vah-ha*n-yah. . .Kam-mel Dieguefto name foi 

boundary.*— ^Ma^^ 

Ballena. . . See ifeepam. 

Cajon (El 

Cajon, Santa Monica, Boca de fanta Monica). . Spanish name 
for Dieguefto settlement about 10 miles NE of San Diego 
(Hayes - Bancroft). 

Calagua. . Rancheria in Warner Valley (Grijalva 1795). Stock? 

Ca-ma-jal (Camajal, Co-ma-jal). • See Co-ma-jal. 

Can^o- . Southern Di.g-aeao village in mountains of SB San Biego County 

iXose to S \)0\xndaxj'—''*f~^. 


Canapui. . Rancheria on plain of Pamo. 18-19 miles NE of Sail Diego 

■ Mission.— Sanchez 1821 (Bancroft). 

•whali-kah-walk (^ah-kaii-wahk) 

of Dieguefto on and below 

Calif. -Mexican boundary at and S of Campc Their name f-or 

themselves. — c%^A^^ 




Capatay. . Rancheria in Warner Valley (Grijalva 1795). Stock? 

Capitan Grande. . Spanish name of Diegueno village at place of same 

name in S California. Inhabited by Kain-me-i, a subtribe 
of Diegueno. — ^i^K^,^^. 

Chaturrpum-puly *raai . . Luisefio name for DiegueRo Canada de las Llehuas 

(,owls» eyes). Kroeber. . \ v. 

Chiyap (Chiap, Jaiop Allop?, La Punta, Santo Domingo, Chiay). .Former 

rancheria at La Punta (San ^iego Mission fiecords); near 3E corner 

San iJiego Bay (La perouse, 1797; %ory 1847). 

Choyas (Chollas-, Las Ghollas.'San Antonio: or Las Choyas')* • Old 
(Choyai. Choya, Chuyay, Las Choijas,) 

DiegueRo village on E side San Diego Bay on N side Creek of 

saire name, between present San Di^o and National City.. 

(Sho\'7n on La Perouse 's map, 1797, and De Mofra8,1844) . 

Called ITnuv by the Luiseno (Kroeber).— T Probably 

San Jorge same*-c4w^)^ 

Cojuat. . Former Kam-me-i rancheria near San Die^o (Ortega 1775 - 
Bancroft) near Santa Tsabel (San i^iego Mission Records); in 5an 
Jose ?r.liey, (Grijalva 1795). 

Cumecal, Comelcal, Cometcal, Guemejall, Jamajalle) 
Co-ma- jal (Ca-ma-jal/. . Diegueno village mentioned in Treaty of 

Santa Ysabel, 1852, San A>iego Mission Records (1815-20). 
Comeya (Comedas, Comoya, Comeyan). . See.Ko-mi-ah, Kam-mi-a, Kam-me-i 

Conajo (Conejos, Los Conejos). . Spajiish name for Di^ueno village about 

7 miles from Capitan Grande. 



e w or 




(Guaguip, Guaguipe, Ouaguit^ Hurhuip, Uheill, (Jucguil. Guaguill 
Guaufuill, Hurguill, Huahuil, Hurill, Gueguel) 

Co-qtiiit/ . Diegueno village mentioned in Treaty of Santa Ysabel, 

Jan. 7, 1852, near Santa Ysabel (Sen Diego Mission Records). 

Corral (El Corral). . Said to be former Diegueno village near San 

Diego (Ortega 1775 - Bancroft). .^ ^ . u « - *, n - *. 
Cosmit (Oosmeait, Cosmi, Coxmit , Cogmi, CUgmit, Ousmich, Gusmit .Cusmits, 

Jusmit, Ju5!mi. Josmit). .Rr-^ncheria near Santa Ysabel (San ^i ego 

Mission Records); NE of N Cuyamaca Peak (U. 3. Geol. Survey map 1904). 

Cosoy. . Extinct Di^gueRo village on site of Old Town, San Diego. 

(Quamip) ^ 

Cuami/ . Rancheria in little valley of Escjia, 3 leagues fron Warner 

Valley (Grijalva 1795). Prob. at Mesa Grande. 
(Uuneil (Cunyeel, Cunyeil, Cuneils, Curiai). . A division of Diegueno. 

cSyamS^a (tTiiliam^r^TJui'-llamac.^Cuiamac. Cullamat, Cayamac. Guiamac, 
Juiamac, El Oapitan Grande, Cuillamacan Indians)...One of 5 principal 
Cuyamaca rancheriaa. Located in pile of rocks at i> end of i^ry Lake 
in Uuyem sRa Y al l§y .\ (Bay es 1870 ) . 

Cuyapepa (Cuiapaipa, Cuyapipa, Cuyapipe, Cuyapipi, Cuayapipe, Cuiapipa, 

Guaypipa, Guyapipaj . .^Diegueno village in Lor^ Canyon, 
San Diego Co. See Kwe-a-pi-pa. 

licstla ccKo - - - t<^-.>...^^T^i'v-«,*- N^- TJC.^^c. \m. 

Dieguerio (Diagueno, Diagano, Dd^uinos, Daigano, Dieguenoe, Diegaila, 

DiegeKa, Diegeno, Diegenoa, Diegino, Diagenes, DugunOi, 
Diegeeno, Dieseenos, Diegenes, Dieguinas, DieguinoB^ 
Die^moB, Digenes, DioGanio, Diogenes, Diegmons.Disguino, 

<. Ncvn't-t r> . S<^tv 1> Nea o VJlyv'i o n )^_1+1 

Kamia, Kam-me-i, Llegeenos . LI i^uno s , ban^ DiegolF7)(San 
DieginoBW.' . Spanisft name for southernmost tribe of coast 
region and mts. of So. California.. 

'DieQa9{ o 


(Eienal, Aj^nsl, AJ8n8ll,5p,nal, Acnale , Agnan? Jonall?) 
%enal/ . PAncheria near Santa Isabel Mission. -Sanchez 1821. 

Efeepam. or Ballena. • . Rancheria NE of San Diego. - Sanchez 1821. 


— CVv. 



Lower California, about 30 miles S of San Diego (Taylor 1860). 

See El-kwal Kam-me-i. 

El Cajon. . .See Oajon 

El Capitan Grande. . Spanish name for Diegueno village at place of 

same name 

E19t-kah-ti. .• (Milquatai?). . Easterly division of Diegueno. Present 

villages at Manzanita.^La Posta, and We-ah-pi-paCearly 
name Wil-kwah-pi*p~ 'leanirE rock -J— (Hu~^. 

El-kwal -kam-me-i (Ekquall?).. . Original gens name (for themselves) of 

Kam-me-i, a subtribe of Diegueno formerly living near 
San Diego.— 


Elguanan, Alcuenan. Elouanal 

El^-kwan-nan (Elcuanain, Elcuanam). . Diegueno village at Santa 

Isabel (Mesa Grande Diegueno name.)— 

Slmogua..,Fonner ranchej.- ^" ^^ °^J^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^S© Mission 




AJ"\.a^^« ■ 


W.^ o^ v^^*-Wi^^t^-iJ^-. l^J"^ .s^.'^^'^^-^-'^-^ 

Escha./. A "little valley" 9 miles from Warner Valley. — probably 

Mesa Grande or Santa Isabel (Grijalva 1795). . 

Esnaupi can... Former rancheria in 3an i^emerdo rancho (San i^iego Mission 

Eecords (1819) . , . v v-. • c i -4T~ 

Estepua (Ystagua, La loledad).. .Former rancheria, probably m Soledad 
Eyeguky ... See Yguai . [ Canyon (San Diego Mission Jiecord s). 

Fo-eo-mae (Focomae). . Error for To-co-mac. Diegueno village mentioned 

in Treaty of Santa Isabel, 1852. See Too'li^-a-mahk. 

Ganal. . Rancheria 9 miles from Warner Valley (Grijalva 1795). Prob 

near Mesa Grande. 

Gante. . Rancheria in Warner Valley ^(Grijalva 1795). Stock? 

Gecuar. . Rancheria near Santa Isabel/^ - Sanchez 1821 

*. ? 


Gelonopai. . Rancheria near Santa Isabel Mission. 

- Sanchez 1821 

Geonat./. .Rancheria near Santa Isabel Mission 

— Sanchez 1821. 


Grichamkochem. . Luiseno (and %ua Caliente of Warner Valley) name 


for Diegueno (Boasi Kroeber). ^ . 

Guacapull f Acopul. Jscotull)....R8ncheri8 of La Punta (San i^iego ^i^sion 

Guanayael fGuanayuel).. .Pomer rarcheria near Descanso (San ^^^^^^g> 

tei. GnetaiorGuBto", Guatop. Huatei» HuataJ. H«8 
.••Formerly most, important of ^principal Cuyama 
d"-ni ^atay C= i^efeaaneo] Valley (Hayes , 18?aK 

.y most important oi ^WF^'^^^P^S^X^J^ 
:y [= Woaneo] Valley^&yes. 1870.)^ 

V/r: ' on [ "^ 


^ -i. o .., 


Cruaypipa (Guyapipa)* • See Cuyapipa, Kwe-a-pi-pa 

Gueymura. . Fomer Diegueno 'tribe' near Santa Catalina Mission, N 



Lov.'er California (De Mofras 1844). 

:. Set Co. -w •.'Ws. o-ta. - 

. Eancheria near Santa Isabel Mis si 

H(.-eo... Yakum, Hoco^W-.Tcxcv.^v.ta,, . ^ , , 

Ha-koom (Jacum, Yacum) . . .DiegueTTo village mentioned in ireaty of 

Santa Isabel, Jaji 7, 1852. ?u*'K*A^i*-^*»--^-^^»\^^**^- 
Huacapin (Huacupin, Hua3opin)...0ne of 5 principal Cuyamaca rancherias. 
In 1870 located in long ^;vooded canyon between Ureen Valley and 
Huacupin Mesa [probably West Mesa] (Hayes, 1870). 

Hamechuwa . Comeya band or village in lower Colorado Piver region. 
(Guamasui. Guaimasui , Guamisui. Guamesui, Guameyiu, Huamasai) 

Hassasei. . Fomer Diegueno rancheria near San Miguel Mission. 30 

miles S of San Diego (Taylor 1860.) 



Jajmaltd, Jsmolt?) 
Ha-Boo-malc (Ha-soo-male, Hasoomale, Jasmalc,/ ,- . Diegueilc village meai' 

• tioned in Treaty of Santa Isabel. Jan. 7, 1852. 

Hataam (Hta-am). . DiegueRo rancheria in NW Lower Calif, near Santo 

Tcmas Mission (Gabb 1867). Bel orgs to Southern or Hataam 
aialect (Gabb 1867, 1877). 

Hawai. . Diegueflo ranaheria near San Miguel Mission, 30 miles S of 

San Diego (Taylor 1860). 

Hepowwoo. . Comeya band or village in lower Colorado River region 
HiguaiJ . . . See Yguai 

HilS-^-me-yow'b'. . DiegueJlo 'family' or gens name, now corrupted to 


Hitltefcwanitk . Diegueno name for Sam Felipe (also called by them 

Patl t ok onak. —Kroeber) . 


Ho-mi-ah. . Subtribe of Diegueno? 





Hon-wee ("Hon-we-Vallecito" , Honwee Jallecito, How-wee). . Diegueno 

villags at Vail ecito, mentioned in Treaty of Santa^sabel, 
Jan. 7, 1852. 

Hta-a'm. . Coraeya band near San Tomas Mission, NW Lower California. 

Ko^ti-U- «!.«^«.3«.l Vl\tW-t3lv^ Woo-^ak Oa.O.''^ HoJO^^fctis, . 

Huike. . Luiseno name for Diegueno village at San Bernardo [So of 

EscondidoJ Kroeber. 

Hul^i^-mah-wah . . A Diegueno gena»— t%u^. 

Icaiine. . Fomer village possibly Diegueno but probably Luiseno, near 

upper jar"; Luis Rey River. 

Iguae (lgaai,Yguai)...See Yguai, see .-Uso Ya^-uai Hi-uaii ,Eye-uay., 
Ihupi , Hiuhaaii, Eyahuay, Eieguay, Yagcay)...Porine'r rancheria on 
SE side Forth Cuya'maca Peak. Inhabited until about 1870 (Hayes 1870) 

In-hah-hah or^ In»vah-hah (Inaja, Ineja, Inija, Injaha, Injaya, Inyaha, 

" 'liiyaxai AnaJiuaO, AnehK* Aijnaja^ Anaja, Anaie, Mac, i. 
• Analg,' MeKegua?, Mifiagua)..'. Rancheria at W base North 
Cuyamaca Peak (Hayes 1870). Spelled Inaja on U.S. Geol. 
Survey maps. * . 

In-ke-pah. . Dieguerio tribe about Jacumba in eastern part of mts. 

between Carrpo andColorado Desert and S across' borddr 
into Lower California. May be same as Injaja, Inyaha.— c^i^-^ 

Inomassi. . Former Diegueno- rancheria near San Miguel Mission. N 

Lower California (Taylor 1660). _ 

Itaywiy. . Comeya band or village in lower Colorado River region. 

llyel-raoo-kah-tem (I'-iXl-moo-kah-tem, I-el-moo-kah-tuTD, I-el-moo-kah. 

singular). .Cahuilla name for Diegueno.— ci^ 

Jacum or Yakum (Jacum. Ha-coom. Yalcum. Yacum|. . Diegueno tribe in E 

part of mountains just W of Colorado Desert, on both 
sides Calif .-Mex.boundary (Heintzelman) . Probably Yuma name 



Not to be confused with^Jacome de laMarca. 
Jajnatagune.-.One of 5 principal Cuyainaca rancher ias head of Jomat 

^y^^vonwf Haves ^'^^ fiovr.r.hlra. 1 R70 ^.anriro J t Libr..?ff.*/7^ ;7^ / 



MS .Scrapbks . 1870 ,r.ancrol t Lior. 

tETVJPT^Bl BIS ) . I \ 

J-821 . , 

Former rancn- 

Ja«oo^~^£.'/S^dV\^& or Jamocha'). - Ranoheria io San 

Dieguita Yali^ vigited *y Costanso in 1769. 


(Janat, Aj^nat, Ojanathfn lo 

in Miguel/ • RancheriaJ^m^tior 

wer .Califorjiia 

- ^ -- Taisaion 

Janat -or San Miguel/- • Rancheriarmehtibned m rjiission BooV of J^ Die go. 
JaTld (Jar 10, j1)tfo, J<^t|l?l-iofsr'' ^^"^^"^^ "'^' Santa Tsabel 
JataS-.'lo^r^r-cSe^^^^^^ Di^o Mission U Poway Valley 

^._j. .x» »f4jji«, ft,-.irc.»rteir»n„ Pftftk (Haves. lorUJ. _ .■ - ■ 

Juai-cu'Cuisn vjaxoouxo, ^^*^;i^"*"'y„ *xx^ 1070^ 

foot of Middle Cuyamaca Peak (Hayes }^10J'^ 
Jellcuichspachs (Jaljulpach J^Iiotpachs)... Former 

n .- -nf iir;««nrNr, oMr^ Pamo (San DieKO Mission 

rancheria b^twe^en 

San DieKO Mission and Pamo ,^^^f ^°iTiomaii Gelcum^i. Alcomaij. 

Jalcomai iJaTcomy. ^^l^^'Zll'^ZkeAa^^^^ also near 

Akcomai, Allcomaij)... Former ^^^^eria ne^r ^at^ ^^^^^^^ 

San Jacome de la Marca or Jamochav^"^" ux^^j 1812). 




a iX 

J epuc. ..Former rancheris between 3an i)iego Mission and San Miguel 
[rencho, or Mission in Lower Calif.? in either case Kam-me-i] 
(Sen iJiego Mispion -i^corcis). 

Kam-me-i (Kamiyai) . . Subtribe of Diesueno on coast near San Diego 

(old name El-kwal- kam-me-i). Indians originally on San 
Diego Bay, at or near site of present city of San Diego. 
(Tribe to which the name Dieguenos was originally applied 
by the Spaniards) .—CJ^tA-.^ 

Josir J8...?5ee San Jose Valley. 

Jopsil (Jopsill, Josillp, Joobsill, Locsil, Jo joscuil?)... Former 

ranch erie near Santa Isabel in the mountains (San i^iegi Mission 
Records. 1783-1820). 

Kawakipai. . Diegueno's name for themselves (meanirg southerners) • H ' 

^Kichamguchum (Gichamkochem) . . Luiseno name for Digueno (Kroeber). 

Kiliwi. . Tribe or' band near Santo Toraas Mission, NW Lower California, 

referred to Comoya (Gabb 1867, 1677). 

Ko-mi-ah (Comoyei, Co-mai-yah, Comeya, Comeyan, Comoye, Comoyei, Como^aJi, 

Comoyatz, Comoya,, Camilya, Compgei, Comoyee, 
Quemeia, Quemeyab, ^smiaiiha, Quemeya, Quemaya). . Diegueno 
tribe on New River near Salton Sea (Whipple 1849). 

Kulau. . LuiseHo name for Diegueno village at San Elijo (Kroeber). 

Kulaumai. . LuiseRo name for Diegueno village on the coast S of 


Agua Hedionda (Kroeber)* 






Kun-yeel or Ku-neel (Cuneil, Cunyeel, Cunyeil). . An ancient gens of the 


Kwalwhut. . Eancheria in N Lower Calif. speaJcir^'Hataam* dialect' 

(Henshaw MS Vocab.1884) . 

W) ee a. ja ip e. , J3 cysn* , V*ll!?» ,. 

Kwe-a-pi-pa CCuyapipa, Cuyapipe, 'Cuyapipi, Guyajiipa. . Tillage of 

Southern Dieguefio in Long Canyon, San Diego Co. .Calif .- 





La Buista (La Pasta). . Village in S California (Error for La Poeta) . 




Bancroft). Poseibly misprint for La Paerta. 

M^ vx » S C ■-^< . 


La Puerta* • Spanish name of DiegeRo village Mat-mak mentioned in 

Treaty of Santa Ysabel . Jan . 7 , 1852 . 

La Soledad. . Former village in Soledad Canyon near Junction of 

Lob Pen is qui to 8. (Font of Anza Expd.^ IJIentioned but n 
named by Crespi & Costanso of Portola Ej:pd. of 1769) 


Las Flores. . Spanish name for Dieguena- village (Aiguello). 

Llegeenes (Lligunos). . Error for DiegueRos (Whipple) 


Long Canyon. . See Cuyapepa and Kwe-af?pi-pa 

La- Chap-pah. . Modern name of El-ya-chap. 

Lorenzo. . Spanish name for fonner Dieguefio villay-NE of San Diego 

(Hayes 1850-Bancrof t) . 

Laguna, Lagunas, La G-unj 
S Califpmia near Caiipo 

La Posta (La Pasta, La Buista). . Spanish name for village of 

Els kah-ti Dieguefio at La Posta, San Diego County.— e*t*~-. 

Los Conejos (Conejo, Conajo). . Spanish name of northern Diegueno 

village about 7 miles frcm Capitan Grande. 

Los Cayotes. . Name used by Dr. Hoffman in 1864 for Dieguefio Indians 

about San Diago. 




LU-ah-pi (Su-ah-pi). . Dieguefto village mentioned in Treaty of Santa 

Tsabel, Jan. 7, 1852. 

Mejatst, Mattat, Mectac, Matac, 
^lactati (Magtate San Miguel). . Former Diegueno. village tributary 

to San Diego (Ortega 1775 - Bancroft). In Lower Calif. 
30 miles S of San Diego. 

Malakash. . Luisefio name for Dieguefio Tlkwananu at Santa Isabel (Kroeber) 


Manzanita CManzenita). . Spanish name for a Diegueilo village imntB. 

of E San Diego County, inhabited by the ll=.-kah-ti.— tJ^vu^. 

UlaramoydOB. . Former Dieguefio village near San Diego (Ortega 1775- 

•^ Bancroft}. 

(Matpoguau, Meopogueu, Mecpaguau, Macpuhuau, Macpagua, Magpoau, 
(M^tpin'uaaua, SlacDOguaj^ui , Metpahuau, Metpaguau. Meppaeuague) 
Jilatacawali.Ir. Tlace, pfobabfy rancheria, between ISaji Die^o S^ Cuyamaca 

Valley, mentioned in Indian campai^ of 1836 (Ronero MS 1872) 
32 of Guatay Valley 


Mataiuay, Metjuay, Metjwai, Matjuay; 
juai (Matahuay, Matajaui, Matagua, Matajuiai, Mataj 

nay, Mataguay, 

Mootaeyuhew, Mattawottis?). . Former Diegeiio village on 
upper San Luis "Rey River mentioned in Treaty of Santa 
Tsabel, Jan. 7, 1852. Called Amat KoKJMit by the Dieguefio 
and Toov by the Luiseiio. 


<i ■■>.•■.• 

.^y \ 

O ,u. 

Matagua (Grijalva 1795). 

Matarop:ua ( Matano'^ua. J^atanagua K .. Rancheria.'-- Mision San Li ego, 

L 1 D ro de ba,ut i smo a , 1 76y- 1 822 . 
Matara£:ui . . . One of 5 principal Cuy;i/aaca rancherias.— B. Hayes, MS, ow.^ 

^^crapbk3.,lS70, Bancroft Libr. 2a: 172 k 173. ^ ^ „ . 

JJatirom (Iiiatironn) . . Dieguefio village mentioned m Treaty of Santa 

Isabel, Jan. 7, 1852. 

Matnoc, Matanoc, Macnoc, Metenoc, Metnoc, ^ 
Mat-mak Ofatmork, Matamo?. Matmork la Puerta). . Dieguefio village at 

La Puerta, mentioned in Treaty of Santa Ysabel. Jan. 7, 1852 
Mate Otay (Mataotay, Matotay). . .Pormer i^^^gueno rancheria on road fr^^ 
San iJiego Mission to site of present town of La Punta on oan Diego 
Bay (San i>iego Mission Records, 17by-ld^<i}. 

Mattawotffsif^.^!)ieguefio rancheria near San Miguel Mission, 30 miles S 

of San Diego (Taylor I860) . 

at San Felipe mentioned in Treaty of Santa Isabel, Jan.7,1852 
' ■ See Mil9:^-kwil-tle-mahk. 

'Wfiiiiflio' Millocua* Mel llejo, Melijo, Milijo', Meyejq, Mellalacay, 
'?Spl^ir'MGlla?f Mel-laio. Millajo' Mellojo, Metlla o, Marllajol 


iieaf site of present towi of La Pu|ita on San X'lego Bay (San i^iego 

Mission Records, 1769-1823);. 

Mesa Grande. . Spanish name for^Dieguerio village at place of same name 

in mountains of San Diego County.— e^vtw. Sec Too- -a-mahk. 

Mescuanal...Grioalv8 I'^^S.Ksch a Valley. 
Mocoguil (Mocoqui)...Gri08lva 1795, Ascha Valley. 




Mescuanal. . Rancheria near Mesa G-rande or Santa Isabel in 1795 


6-3/4 mi . , 

Meti (San JoiKe). . Former rancheria /S of San Diego (Ortega 1775- 


Michesua/Mich^uha, Mechogua, Mechoa . M8lchagua.)/..Fomer pncheria.^j^.^. 
lleague N of Santa Monica Rancho in ^1 Cajon Valley, in Canada del 
Arrastradero [San Vicente Creek.?] Sanchez. 1821; ♦»in San Luis 
Valley" (San Diego Mission itecords. 1779-1801). 

(Milcuatay. Milquatay) 
Milquataifi, . Place, probably rancheria, mentioned in route of Indian 

campaign 1836 (Ronero 1872). On W edge Colorado Desert, on 

» • 

Carrizo Greek about 50 miles S of junction with San 
Felipe Creek. See ^1 -kah-ti. 

Mil^-kwil-tle-mahk (Mel-co-to-nac , Mileo-to-nac) . . Diegueilo village 

at San Peljpe (Mesa Grande Dieguefio name).— 

Mish-kweosh. . An amient gens of the Dieguerioi now a family name. — ciu^ 

Mucusquir, Mucusujir, . ,, . ., 

Mocpquit, Mosquiguia. Mocuguec. Mocoquir, Mocuscum. Muccuccum, 

Mocoquil (Mucucuiz). . Rancheria near Santa Isabel or Mesa Grande 

(Grijalva 1796). 

Molcatn. . Misprint for Volcan. A Dieguefio village in mountains of 

E San Diego County. 

MucucuiZc: (Moooquil). . Rancheria near Santa Isabel '(Sanchez 1823*) 


"Nace language of San Diego.*'— Grijalva 1795. 
Nellmole. . Dieguefio r^cheria near San Miguel Mission N Lower Calif 


(Taylor I860). 

Nipaguay (NypaguUj^. .'Former Kam-me-i rancheria on site of old 

San Diego Mission (Taylor 1860). 


OsunA, La Poza de Osuna. . Rancheria 6 leagues M of San Diego in 1769. 

See San Jacome de la Marca. 

Ot8...Grijalva 1795. 

(Otay. Ota"y. Otsi. Ohatay. Atay. Optay.) ,„„« r, ^^n 

Otai^ . Fomer Kam-me-i rancheria near San Diego (Ortega 177S - Bancroft; 

Otat . . Diegueno rancheria near San Miguel Mission. N Lower Calif. 

(Taylor 1860). 

I ^ 

Paguay (Paguai). . See Pah-w5 

Pakhwa. . Luisefto name f or' Diesueflo village at San Felipe (^Die^^ueno 

Patltokonak) . Kroeber. 

, ' w)an i^emardo 

Pah-wa (Pawai, Paguay, Paguai). . Luisefio name for Dieguerio place S 


of Escondido C=Poway valley] (Kroeber) . Mentioned as 
rancheri a by Mart in in 1828 (Bancroft). 


Panau. . Luiserto name for Diegueno place at Encinitas (Kroeber) 

(psmo", La ^sumpcion, La Asoncion) 
Pamo> . Ranbheria about 4-1/2 miles W of Warner Valley & 25 NNE of 3an 
Diego near Ramona. Grijalva 1795. 


Paskwa. . Luiseno name for Diegueno village Tawi-San Jose, on upper 

San Luis Rey Tiiter (Kroeber) . 

Patltokonak« . DiegTieiio name for their village at San Felipe; also 

called Hitltekwanak (Kroeber). 

Paulpa. . Luiseno name for Dieguerio place at El Puerto (of San Diego). 


Pelcha (Pelcuac? Petlua? Pothua?)... Former rancheria near Ballena (San 
Diego Mission i-T^ecords). 

• • 

Luiseno name of Dieauefio village at Batiq.uitos (Kroeber). 

Pojol, PeculJ , 
Pocol/ . Former Kam-me-i rancheria near San Diego (Ortega 1775-Bancroft) 

Pohiksavo. . Luisefto name for Dieguefio San Buenaventura (Kroeber). 




Puerta Chiquita. . Village in Warner Valley. Possibly Luiseno? 

Puerta de San Jose. . Former Dieguerio rancheria on upper San Luis Rey 

River (Jackson h Kinney). 

•^^Purifiimv- ar~ipuoquel6^.:«- -^ -^ame b Mi s's 

ok tf S^ Diego . L oc at j on 



and„^t oGk uncerbaitr.- 




Pushuyi. . Luiseno name for Dieguefto San Piego (Kroeber). 

Quemaya (Quemaxa). . See Ko-mi-ah. 

Queptahua •( Qu©^P t agua ; G a pe t ague ' , C a pt a qua , Ga pt e quau , Ca p t a i j a . t a pt i pua 
J^tajuan J... Former Diegueno village between EI Cajon Valley and 
Santa Maria Valley (Pemo) probably on branch of dan Vicente Creek 
(iianchez, 1821; San i^iego feission ^cords. 17S7-1818). 

Rinconada de San Diego (Rancheria de los Ojitos de Rindonada de 

San Diego). . Portola 1769 (Crespi). 

Rosario. .Rancheria at Barrabas on boundary between Calif, k Lower 

Calif, in 1804 (Bancroft). 

Prick-a-way (Prickaway). . Diegueflo village mentioned in Treaty of 

Santa Tsabel, Jan. 7, 1852« 

Sakishmai. . Luiseflo m 
Sampsoy— Grijalba 1795 

San Antonio or Las Choyas?. . See Choyas 




San Bamardo 

San Luis. . Spar.ieh name for fomer rancher ia near ^^g^i^g^j^^Joftf^ 

San Diego (San Diegos). . First Mission established in California 

(1769). Name sometimes used for DieguefSo * Indians at 
Mission San Diego. 

San Dieguito (San Diequito) . . Spanish name of Sinyaupichkara, a Dieguen 

village, about midway between San Luis Bey and San Diego, 
mentioned in Treaty of Santa Ysabel, Jan. 7, 1852. 

San Felipe (San Fellippe, San Fillippe). . Spanish name for Diegue'fto 

village in valley of same name, in pass just W of Colorado 
Desert, Eastern. San Diego County (»Mel-ko-to-nak)» 


San Joi^e (Meti). . Rancheria 7-1/2 .miles S of Mission San Diego 

Probably same as Las Chollaa (Choyfiis).. 

*San Jocome de la Marca' or Jamocha (Saji Jacome de la Marca or La 

Poza de Osuna). . Eancheria in" San Dieguito Valley 
visited by Costanso in 1769. 


San Jose (San Jose de Yalle. San Jppe del Valle). . Spanish name for 

(San Josef; Jo?ir Ja)— Grijalva 179o. 

Dieguefio village in Warner Valley (on Warner Ranch). Native 

name Tah-wee : Luiseno name Paskwa. 
San Juan C^jpistrano, or Ma tamo... Rancheria on 3an i^iego Mission Books. 

San Miguel de/rontera (Magtate? Janat?) . . Dominican Mission establishe. 

in 1782 in N Lower California, about 30 miles S of San Diego. 
Connected with it were the Dieguefio rancherias Ekquall , 
Hassasei, Hawai, Inomassi, Mattawottis, Nellmole and 
Otat (Taylor I860). 

San Pasqual (San Pascual) . . Spanish name for Diegueno village in San 

Diego County (Called Alapi by the LuiseRo - Sparkman) . 

Santa Monica or El Cajon (Boca de ia Santa Monica). . See Cajon. 

Santa Ysabel (San Isabel, Santa Isabel). .Spanish name for northern 

Diegueno village in valley of same name, in mountains of 
San Diego County. Diegueno name El'St-kwa-nan.— 

San Tomasefioe (San Tomaseno) . . Spanish name for^Comeya at Santo Tomas 

Mission, N Lower California. 

Santo Tomas. . Dominican Mission established in 1790 in H Lower Calif. 

(lat. 31*40') near Todos Santos Bay. Inhabitants spoke 
S dialect of DiegueRo^ closely related to Htaam and Kiliwi 
(Taylor 1069; Handbook). 





Sa-quan. . Diegueno village mentioned in Treaty of Santa Isabel, 

Jan. 7, 1852. See Sycuan. 
3emojo...Pormer rsncheria near Jamul (San ^^iego Mission nee. 1815). 

Sec^uon. . See Sycuan. 



Toaqui, Tehuig, Tasiguc , Tajcoe, Toque, i'eque, lequi, Tajuy. Tagueyo 
Tehui. Thagui. Thehui, Tahui, Tahuil, Tahuip, Tanuyi, laccae, Taque, 
Tab-wee (Tah-wie, Tagui. Taqui, Tawy. . Dieguefto name for their 

village at Sail Jose, on headwaters San Luis Key Biver. 
Mentioned in Treaty of Santa Tsabel, Jan. 7, 1852. Called 
Paskwa by the Luiseilo (Kroeber) . 

Shukutpupau. . Luis -no name for Diesueilo village at La Tinaja (Kroeber) 

Tamatia (Jamatai). . Rancheria near Santa Isabel (Sanchez 1821) • 

Sinyaupichkara . . Dieguerio name for their place at San Dieguita. Called 

Unov by the Luiseilo (Kroeber). 
Soledad [San I'Varciscc Lb Soledad, Eancheria of Soledad]. ..Early 

rcncheria 10 mi. from 3an ^iego (only 4 or 5 mi. from old Mission), 
Bartlett, Engelhardt .^others. 

Su-ah-pi (Suahpi). . Error for Lu-ah-pi. Diegueno village mentioned in 

Treaty of Santa Tsabel, in 1852. 

Sa-q,uan, Secau, 
Sycuan (Syquan, Sycuan, Saquan , . Sequan , Sequon). . Northern Diegueno 

village in Sweetwater Canon, San Diego County. ♦ 

Ta-cah-lay (Ta-cah-lay, Tacahlay, Ta-cah-tay.,Tetecate,Tecate).Diegueao 

village mentioned in Treaty of Santa Tsabel, Jan. 7, 1852. 
Tacat (Tacac)... Former rancheria near rancheria of San Miguel (San 

Diego Mission Books). 

Tagui (Taqui, Tahwie). . Former village, Dieguerio or Luisefio, near 
(Tsuhi) j^^g^^g^^Q^g ^f San Luis Rey River (Grijalva 1795 -Bancroft). 

[In Warner Valley.] [See Tah-we] 

Tapanque. . Fomer Kam-me-i village, near San Diego (Ortega I'^^^^T 

Tatayojai. . Rancheria near Santa Isa,bel lAission (Sanchez 1821). 

T.gil,ue ^T^-^fii^lay?). . fomer Dieguerio village in or near Santa 

Iskbel Valley (Sanchez MS 1821 -f Bancroft). 

Tekumak (To-co-mac, Tooi^-a-mahk , Tukumak) . • Diegueno dialect at 

Mesa Grande (Boas i Kroeber) . Too9^-ll-mahk is the name of 
Mesa Grande villsge in their own 1 angutge . -- cu^, — 

Tlkwananu. . Diegueno name for Santa tsabel (Kroeber). 

(Tonapay, Tonapai.. Tonoppi, Tonapaij) 
Tonapa/^ . Former village in 'Escha Valley' 

near headwaters of San 

Dieguito Creek, San Diego Co., doubtfully referred to the 
Diegueno (Grijalva 1795 - Bancroft). The word Tonapa 
is the Shoshone n^ame for greasewood (Sarco b atus) suggest- 
irg a possible Shoshonean origin.— cJ-^vw^ . 




^' fe"ilfe-TucV Indian g at Mesa Grarde-La Jolla Journal,A^ae.l6^ 
■mahk (Tekumak, To-co-raak, Fo-co-mae misprint). . Diegueno 




(^Northerners). Applied by Southern Liegueno to those 





Volcan. . Spanish name of DiegueHo village in mountains of E San 

Diego County. The more southerly Diegueno call those 
Volcan and Mesa Orande Toot^-e-pah or Too^-le-bah, 
meanirg Northerners.— cJ'Maa^ . 

f v> I 

Wah-koo-wahk . . .See A-whah-kah-wahk. 

Too-weal (Too-wed. Toowed). . Di^ueno village mentioned in T-^eaty 

of Santa Ysabel, Jan. 7, 1852. 

Wah-ti (Wahti). . Diegueno village mentioned in Treaty of Santa 

Ysabel, Jan. 7, 1852. 

Toov. . Luiseno name for Diegueflo place at Matajuai (called Amat 

Kckhat by the Di^ueilo). Kroeber. 

Wil-kwah-pi'p. . Original name of El- -kah-ti, subtribe of Diegueno, 

at We-ah-pi-pa.— cvu^*^. 

Totakamalam. . Luissno name for Diegueno place, La Punta (Kroeber). 

Unov . . Luiseno name for Diegueno Sinyaupichkara = San ^^^^^j^Og^^^j^ 

Unuv. . Luiseno name for Diegueno village Las Chollas (Kroeber). 

Valle de las Via^as. . Spanish name for/omer Di^ueno village in 

San Diego Co. (Hayes 1850).: 

Xamacha. . Fomier Kam-me-i village near San Diego (Ortega ^^^^^^^^n 

Xana CXanat) . . Fomer Kam-me-i village near San Diego (0rtega^l775r^ 


Yacum or Jacum. . Diegueno band in E part of mouT\tains just W of 


(Major Heintzelman). S^ji^W-Voot.^. 
YoL-Vo^-Tvoi -- See olVso l^v^-^^^-'^^'- 

YaiBiwana. . Luisefio name for Dieg-aefio Tekumak at Mesa Grande (Sparkman; 

yguai(Iraaae.I^uai). . .■Rancheria SE aide 3d Cuvamaca ridcre.H rni. H- 
f ,. ^^ '^^J. Lak©.--Iiayea MS.Scrapbks ,1870 .-^^ncroft I-ibr^. iJ.' /76l j<i«- ^^""^ 


I * 


Were they KanT-me-i or Pivumko ? 

Batequitos (Batequitos ). 
San Diego Mission an 
San ^Jabriel Mission. 
Sap ifieguit<? by the 
ban benito Palermo , 
Batequitos." Indian 

Bateqnitos ! ^ Apo~i]8 

ranch eria of iian Ben 
Juan Oapistrsno el v 
Records, 1774-1808). 

..Lentioned repeatedly in Book of Baptisms, 

d m i-iegister of iJan Luis Hey Mission; also 
Their rancheria was first called 

Spaniards and later (1777) changed to 
Also spoken of as "San ilexos or 
names for rancher ias belonginp to the 

c, Jeyal , Jallagua' ! Ajopunquile . The 

ito Palermo spoke the language of San 
lejo [;3an Luis hey] (San'i^iego Mission 

Jamenaja (Jamenaya)... Former ranc'^eria near San Benito (San ^iego 
Mission records. 

Jeyal (San ^lejo). ..Former rancheria mentioned in ^an Diego Mission 


Pulaba (Polabe, Polavo)...Bancheria of the Batequitos mentioned in 

San Gabriel Mission Records. 

Jallagu^ (Jallauha', Jalliau, Jayuaxa, Jahuaxa, Jayugua, Jayegua, 
Elequi, 3an ile jo). ..Mentioned in Mission Books of San Diego, 
San Luis P^ey and San Gabriel. 

Teljua (Aljua. San Dieguito)...Eancheri8 of the batequitos mentioned 
in San Gabriel Mission Records. 

The following document is a duplicate of the 
preceding document. It may contain annotations 
and corrections not found on the original. 





If' Hbascnl 

ApuBquele, Apus^juale, Acus^uel , Xft^ufi^ue, Apuo^^uele. Purisima 
(Abu9Cal / A^^usoa^^ ronchoria ne ..r San Diogo 

(Ortega 1795 —Bancroft) 

^ <Z VaVsSi>>^r, 



A 1 ft-tfl,rL ^cta / 

Ajata or Las Llagas (Ata/r •Hancheria in or noar Warner Valley. May 

not be Diegueno 


Ai;7hut. . .Diesueflo rr^heria in K Lower Calif, epeakin; the Hataain 

dialect (Gatechet 10B6) . 

Axua (Axua^rf'.Tribe found by Hardy in 1826 on Colorado Piver just 

above Gila and said bo be Cpmeya. 

Alapi. . .Luiseno name for San Pasqual 

AJLgualcapa. . Rancheria in Warner Valley (Grijalva 1795). ^-\ 

V\O.Kr<u\x*^,N Kr>opa^' 

Amatkokhat!•^?'6l^rfS§^fo^?Se^'P^ at Ifatajuai; called 

Toov b\j the LuiseRo (Kroeber). 

Anahuao/ * 

Anaja, Aijnaja, Ynjija. 
ASee In-yali-hahJ_E^ncheria 
fey^ 3cr8pblcrl870. 

"at Hi base of 3rd Cuyamaca Ridge"- 

Aoyi. . Luisefto name for Di^^uefio place at Carrizal (Kroeber). 

Apuaquele, or Purisima Concepcionv . .Rancheria on San Diego Misgjon 

Apuociuele or Purisima. . See Purisima.. _ ^ _ t • • 

AsaiTailAsaija, Asaiihi, Esaii . Esaiai , Esseye, Eseya. Sseca. Jasaij , 

Jasoii . Jasai, Saiai , SaijH). . Fomer rancheria of Cuyamaca 

(San Dieri;- Mission Pecords. 1797-1818) 

Assampeioes. . Rancheria at Pamo (San Diego Mission Records, 1797). 

Ata. . jSee Ajata. 
A-Vf'Ji-ha'n-yah. . .Kam-me"i Di^ueno name for their tribe S of San 

Diego, on Mexican side of b oundary • — CVt^i^^ 


A..hai>kah...ahk ( W«k^-..ahk) . . Subtribe of Diecueno on and below 

Col if. -Mexican boundary at and S of Campc Their noine for 

themselves. — 

Ballena. . • See iJ^epajn. 

Cajon (El Cajon. Santa Monica, Boca de fifanta Monica) . . Spanish name 

for Dieguefto settlement about 10 miles NE of San Disgo 
(Hayes - Bancroft). 

Calasua. . Rancheria in Warner Valley (Grijalva 1795). Stock? 

Ca-rra-jal (Camajal, Co-ma- j al ) . • See Co-ma-jal. 

CaiTipo. . Southern Dieguefio villase lin mountains of SE San Bie^so County 

dlose to S boundary.— 


Canapui. . Rancheria on plain of Pumo, 18-19 miles NE of San Diego 

Mission.— Sanchez 1021 (Bancroft). 




Capatay. . Rancheria in Warner Valley (Grijalta 1795). Stock? 

Capitan Grande. . Spanish name of DiegueRo vill-ige at place of sjune 


mtrae in S Calif orni^i. Inhabited by Kain-3ie-i» a subtribe 
of Die^ueRo. — cam^ 

Chatumpum-puly *mai . . Luisefio name for Dieguefio Cafiada de las Llehuaa 

(owls' eyes)* Kroeber. Chiay 

Chiyap (Chiap , Jaiop Allop?, La Punta. Santo Dor^ir^o) . . Former rancheria 
at La Punta(San Diego Mission Becords); near SE corner San Diego 

^, BayTLa^Perou8e.l797i BtnoryHJ-S^V'i. r nu i> a-.^ 

Choyas Ichollai, Las ChoTlaB, San Antonio or Las Choyas'}. . Old 

(Choyai, Choya, Chuyay, Las Choijasjy 

DiegueRo vilL-)5e on E side San Diego Bay on N side Creek of 

same name, between present San Diego and National City. 

(ShovTn on La Perouse's map, 1797, and De Mofra8,lS44) . 

Called Unu y by the Luiseiio (Kroeber).— (Probably 


San Jor^e same*-^-^**— ^ 


Records) . 

t a e , Oojotr^ ISqoua, Goo6^^, Cogu)cCu, (T^guaj^, Ubpoa^y ^ojcto , Cucua sl 
Cojuat. T Fonrer Kam-me-i rancheria near San Diego COrtega 1776-Bar.3roft)| 
near Santa YsabelCSan Diego Mission Records); in San Jose Valley 

, Qu o 4^ a. Qu ro 


(Guaguip, Guaguipe , Guaguit Huahuip. UhaiU r^uesaxiel 

iGuaguil, Guaguill Guauguill, HuaguiU, Huahuil , HuaiU ...ueguei 

Co-ciuiltP. Di^uefio Yillr^e r enoioned in Treaty of Santa Ysabel. 

Jan. 7, 1B52, near Santa Ysabel (Ban Diego Mission Records). 

Corral (El Corral). . Said to be former Diegueao village near San 

DieKO (Ort^a 1775 - Bancroft). 
Co.™it(Coerr,ea?t, Cc^i,_Co™^t, Cos.i,^C^it.^Cu^^^^^^ 

an Diego 

Cuami^Tiicheria in little vaiey of Escha, 3 leagues fro.^, Warner 

Valley (Grijalva 1795). Prob. at Mesa Grajide. 
eSiJ!rWiy%f?yeSg^ln. Cuneils. CunaD. A ^^^^if^f^^lyeel.^'^'''^"' 

Cuyamaoa (Cullamac, Cul-llamac Cuiahiac. Cullamat ^aya^ac Guiamac 
Juiamac. El Capitan Grande. Cuillamac^m Indians). .. One of & FJ^'^^F'^^ 
Cuyamaca rancherias. Located in pilw of -rocks at S end of Dry LaKe m 
Cuyamaca Valley (Hayes. 1870). 



^Cuiapaipa, Cuyapipa, Cuyapipe. Cuyapipi, Cuayapipe, Cuiapipa, 
Ouaypipa. Guyapipa) . .^Diegueno villa'';e in Lon-;: Canyon, 
San Diego Co. See Kwe-a-p£-pa. 

Cumecal ^ - Cornel c al . Cometcal. Gueraejall, Jamajalle) 
Co-ma- jal (Ca-ma- ,1 al 1 . . '' Die^jueno villa^^e mentioned in Treaty of 

Santa Ysabel, 1852f San Diego Mission Records(l815-20) . 

^»^ M'j>.n 

Comeya (Comedae, Comoya, Correyan). . See Ko-mi-ah, Kam-mi-a, Kam-me-i 

Conajo (Conejos, Los Conejos). . Spanish n^^me for DiegueSo villfige about 

7 miles from Capitan Grande. 

f-^ V 


iXuL. W<ScXa. 

m^*timm»*m9mm >iti^m0^ 



iaguefio, Diagano. Deguino«. Daigano. Dieguenoe. Diej^afia. 

DiegeRa. Diegeno. Di^^onoa, g^^^^^^^it^^w^ , 

Diegeeno. Dio-eenoe, Diegenle^Tti^SuinaiT i^ie^Suinos 7^ 

^ Naeito, 3an ihego UnLon 1S24; 

Kamia. Kam-me-i. Llegeenos. Lli^^nos, San DiegoB ,/Ban 
Sbi-w-nos, >Ji-Qa-Tf»o , liegueno, Hearings. Hous.eot5ep(.^ 

^ DiLeginos)? . Sp^ish nrmie for Southernmost ^ribe oT coast l^^O 

region and rrts. of So. Calif omia.- 



(Ejenal, A j anal, Ajanall, %nal , Acnale, Aenan? Janall?) 
I^Senaljs^ . Pancherla noar Santa Isabel TJfiseion. -Sanchez 1G21. 


or B.aiena. . . Ranchoria NE of San Di^o. - Sanchez 1P>21. 

Ekj^uoll. . Former Karf.-nie-i mncheria in rr.te. near San Tilisuol ^lission, 

Lower California, about 30 miles S of San Diego (Ta^Aor I860) 
See El-kiViil Knin-me-i. 

El Cajon. . .See eajon. 

El Cap i tan Grande. . Spanish nar.e for Diegueno vilL-i^e at place of 

saflie namei also Spanish nane forCuyamaca rancheria. 

E19i^-kah-ti. . (Mil^uatai?). . Easterly division df Diesueflo. Present 

V ill (3,36 s at Manzanita, La Posta, and We-ah-pi-jpa Learly 



El-kwal-kaffi-me-i (Ek^iuall?). . Original sens name (for themselves) of 

Kam-me-i, a sub tribe of Die^-^ueflo fomierly living near 
San Diego.— 

, Elguanan, Alcuanan, Elcuanal .^, ^ « . 

Ell? -kwan-nan Ulcuanain, Elcuanan). . Diesueflo villtige at Santa 

Ysabel (Mesa Grande Die^^eno name.)— 



ISb-n^oh . . Old nme of a Die-uef?o gens, now the ffiZP.ily name NeJO.-c*i^^ 

Escha./ . A -iittle valley- 9 miles from Warner Valley. - probably 

Mesa Grande or S^xnta Isabel (Grijalva 1795). 

EsfJiupican. . Former raroheria in San Bernardo repcho(San Diego Mission 

Records (1819) . . ^ .-, ■ o«i«^orj 

Estagua(Ystagua,.La Soledad). .Fonner rancheria. probably in Soledad 

CanvontSan Die^o Mission Records;. ^. , ... ^*.i^^^A 

^o-oo-maeiFoooSae). . Error for To-oo-mao. Diesuefio vxlU^e mentioned 

in Treaty of Santa Isabel. 1852. See Too^i'-^-mahk. 
Eyegua y. . . See Yguai, 

Ganal. . Rancheriii;9'''mil^rom Warner Valley (Grijalva 1795). Prob. 

near Mesa Grande. 

Gnjite. . Rancheria in Warner Valley (Grijalva 1795). S'.ock? 

t • 

AA i^5»o-vi . 

Gecuar. . Rancheria near Santa Isabel^j - Sanchez 1821. 
Gelonopai. . Rancheria near Snjita Isabel Mission. - Sanchez l^^^l 

Geonat^'f "^RlLheria near Se.nta Isabel Mission. - S-mchez 1821. 

Elmogua. . Fonner rancheria in El Cajon de San 

Luis(San Diego Mission 






for DiegueRo (Boas; Kroeber). 
GuacapulUAcopul, Jacotull). . Rancheria of La PuntaCSan Diego Mission 
Guanayael (Ouanayuel ) . .Former rancheria near DescansolSan Diego Wjj3|iog| 

Cmatay .(Guatei . Cniataic, Guato, Guatpp. Huatei. .Huatay . Huato. Jata. 
Uatei). . Formerly most important of 5 princip^ Cuyaniaca rancherias. 
Located in Guatay [sDescanso J Valley vHayes.loYOr , . 


Guaypipa (Guyapipa). . See Cuyapipa, Kwe-a-pi-pa. 

Gue^rmura. . Former DAeccueno* tribe* near Santa Citalina TiSissicn, N 

Lov,er California (De Mofras 
Guiam8C...3ee Cuyamaca. 


Guiohopa. . Rancheria near Santa Isabel Tassion. -Sanchez 1821. 

Ha-coom Yakum, ^^oco^fv^\^a.,«».•mV>(x- 

Ha-koom fjaoum, Yacumj. . .Die^-sueno villai-e mentioned m Treaty of 

S«ntn ^«bel, Jtm 7. 1852. Situated near boundary some 

miles E of Campo.^ . . , « i • 

Huacapin (Huacupin, Huaiopin). . One of 5 principal Cuyajriaca rancnerias 
In 1870 located in long wooded canyon between Green valley and 
Huacupin Mesa [ probably West MesaJ ^Hayes.1870) . 
Hgmechiwa . Comeya hKnd or village in lo^er Colorado River region. 
(Guamasui, Guaimasui, Guamisui, Guamesui, Guameyiu, Huamasai; 

Hasaaaei. . Former Dic^ueno rancheria near San Miguel Mission. 30 

miles S of San Diego (Taylor I860;) 


\h<^\h> A\>*w*^ ^ 



>.^V.v^ q^k-Jt. .r. <=^Y^ CxO...,...^ 


.Jaimaltd, Jamolt? , , , .. > _. _ ... ^ 

Ha-Boo-male (Ha-soo-male, Hasoorf;ale. Jasmalc, 0- • Dieguefio village mea- 

tioned in Treaty of Santa ILsabel. Jtui. 7, 1852. 

H£;.ta,am (Hta-am) . . DiegueKo rancheria in NW Lov.or Calif, near Santa 

Tcroas Mission (Gabb 1867). Belongs to Soutiiem ot Hataam 
dialect (Gabb 1B67, 1677). 

Hawai. . Diep;ue!io ranoheria near San Migual Mission, 30 miles S of 

San Diego (Taylor I860). 

Hepowwoo. . Comeya band or village in lovver Colorado River region. 
Higuaij...See Yguai^ 

HililWie-yow'b. . Die'^uarto 'farrily' or j';ens narne, no.v corrupted to 

Hil-me-up.— ci^^*-^ — 

Hitltekwaoak . Diegueno nair.e for Sam Felipe (also called by them 

Patl tokonak. —Kroeber) . 

Ho-mi-ah. . Subtribe of Die^ruefio? 


Kon-wee (•Hon-we-Vallecito* . Ilonwee Jallecibo, How-woe). . DieguefSo 

village al/ Vail eci to, mentioned in T^^eaty of Santa Isabel, 

Jan. 7, 1652. 

Hta-a*m. . Coraeya band near San Tomas Mission, N\V Lower Ctaifomia 

Huacapin (Huacupin). . .Pancheria in canyon S of Cuyamacas.— Hayes 
Scrapbks MS ld70 (Bancroft Libr.38. 172 & 173. [Not to be 
confused with the Koo-pah (Goo-pah) Hah-ko-pin.J 

Huike. . Luiseno name for Diepaeno village at San Gemardo [So of 

Esoondido] Kroober. " 

Hiil?,"-mah-wah . . A Diegueno gens.- 


Icaj'me. . Former village possibly Dieguefio but probably Luiserlo, near 

^ upper 8an Luis Key River. 


i-hah-hah or In^ yeh-hah (Inaja, Ineja. Inija» Iniaha, Injaya. Inyaha, 
Inyaxa,,Anahuac, Anaha, Aiinaja^ Anaja, Anaja, Anac. Anal.5. Mefl^ua? 
Minagua) . i.Hanchei'ia at % base North Cuyaraaca PeakAHaye8»I870j -. 
Spelled Inaja on U.S.Geol. Survey maps 

-^ •» r» 

In-ke-pah. . Diecueflo tribe about Jacumba in eastern part of mts. 

botveen Cj'rrpo .-ind^olorado Pesert and S across borddr 

into Lower C^xlifornia. >'ay bp srinie as Injaja, Inyaha.— etu^ 



Inomassi. . Former r^iec^uef^o rancheria necT San ?'i£;uel liiseion, N 

Lover CoJifomia (Taylor I06O) . 

Itaywiy. . Comeya band or villa|^,e in lo;.'er Colorado River region. 



' ' I ' , 

I-yel-moo-kah-tem (l-ul-mo6-kah-tera, I-el-moo-kah-tum, I-rel-moo-kah 

Jal3hagua(Julchagua, Jelcagua, Cusiwagbi!aT«' M^orn^r rancher ia in Valle 

de las ViejasCSein Diego Mission Records 

Hocomba, Jacumba) 
JacuiTi or Yakum (Jacum, Ha-coora, Yakum, Yacumy. . Die-rueRo tribe in £ 

part of mountains just W of Colorado Desert, on both 

sides Calif —Mex. boundary (Heintzelman) . Probably Yuma name 

for Iri-ke-pah.— 

S Qwy\ 

on W side of lame pile of rocka at head of Jamatagune canyonL Sama- 

Not to be confused with J?%come de 1?, Marca. 
Jamatagune. . Fonnerly one of 5' principal Cuyamaca rancherias. Located 
on W side of large pile of roc' 
f.atuma Valley oiLpr^afintjDaPsi 

J?ijnau;ui (Tamatia). . Rancheria he^.r StnUi. Isabel. -Sanchez lo^l 
JajnoUamio, Japmo, San Francisco del Rincon, El Rincon) . .Farmer rancher 
ia mentioned, in SankUiegoJ/ission Records, 1773-1806. 
Jamocna, Jomacha, Jamacha 

Jamocha (San Jaoorr.e de la Viirca or Jair.ocha'}' • Rancheria in San 

Dieguito Valley visited by Costanso in 1769. 

Janat , A j anat , Ojanat (Z~ Uovm<,v<**jl4---I*- 
Janat or San Wi^cuel. . HancharitTXrnentioned ii. _ ^ 

Jarl6(Jarlo,Jotl6, Jotllo) Former rancheria near Santa YsabeKSan Diogo 

Mission ,1817-1819)k. . . rj. v ^^ ^.ri^.r. 

Jatapac. .Fpnner rancheria bet /.'een. .San. Diego Missionji Powav V^llevlSan , 
^ (Jalocuis, .Jelcocuis. Alco.^isJ^ ^ ,^.^,, Diego Mission IJecorasj 

Jual-cu-cuish. . Former rancheria at foot of Middle Cuyamaca PeakVHayes, 

JellcuichspachsUaljutpach, Jaliotpachs) • . Former rancheria between 
San Diego Mission and PamovSan Diego Missi 

Jalcumai, Je - . „ 

Alccomai, Allcbmaij) . • Former rancheria near Matamo and also near 

ego Mission ana ramovsan Diego Mission Records). 
Jalcpmai(Jalcom<^, Jalcumai, J el comai , Jail jomaij , Gelcumai, Alcomaij , 

San Jacome de la Marca or JamochalSan Diego Mission Records(l782- 


KA\V).ffi- 1 


Jepuc. . Former rancheria between San Diego Mission and San Miguel 
[rancho,or Mission in Lower Calif.? in either case Kam-me-i] 
(San Diego Mission Records). 

Josir Ja. ..See San Jose Valley. 

To'^o s 

Jopsil(Jopsill. Josillp, Joobsill , Jocsil^ . . Fomer rancheria 

near Santa Ysabel in the mountains (San Diego Mission Records, 


Kam-me-i (Kamiyai) . . Subtribe of Die^s^eHo on coast near San Diet^o 

(old n.'.>jme El-bi'al-kam-Ke-i). IndieJis orijinally on San 
Diefro Bay, at or new.r sits of present city of San Diego. 
(Trib<5 to v»'hich the xirme Die^^ueflos was originally arplied 
by the Spaniards) .— ti4^.^.^. 

Kawakipai. . Die;;tuen6*8 nsjme for themselves (meanirvj southerners).^ 


Kichacqguchum (Gichajrikochem) . . Luiceno niMae for Di^TiueKo (Rrocb^r;. 

Kiliwi. . Tribe or band ne r Santo Tomas ?'ission, MW Lower California, 

referrc>d to Comoya (Gabb 1867, 1G77) . ^ 

Ko-ffii-ah (Comoyei, Co-niai-yah, Conieya, Corceyan, Conoye, Comoyei, Corao^ah, 

Comoyatz, Comoya, Co-mai-yfih, Camilya, Comogei, Comoyee, 
Quemexa, Quemeyab, J^iauha . Querneya, Quemtiya). . Die;:ueno 
tribe on New River near Sal ton Sea O^hipple VA9) » 

Kulau. . Luiseiio name for Diegueno villa;;;c at San Elijo (Kroeber). 

Kulaumai. . LuiseRo name for Dia^mefio vill^ige on the coast S of 

%ua Hedionda (Kroeber)* 



Kui^-yeel or Ku-neel (Cuneil, Cunyeel. Cunyeil). . An ancient gens of the 



Kwalwhut. . Eancheria in N Lo«.ver CfUif . speak ing'Hataam* dialect* 

(Henshaw MS Vocab.1884) . 


(Cuyap*i^a,^%uyapiVo .* ^yapipi . G^uyapipa. . Village of 


Kwe-hahB. /An ancient game of the Diegueno; now a farrily name,— 

Kwil-tle-mahk. • Diefsuefio villar>e at Cap i tan Grande (Mesa Grande 

Dier:;ueiio name).— 

La Buista (La Pasta). . Village in S California (Error for La P^eta) . 

La-Chap-pah. . Modern name of El-ya-ohap 

La Lasuna,(LagurA, Lagunas. La Guna). . Southern Dieguefio village in 

S California near Cafipo • 

La Posta (La Pasta. La Buista) . • Spanish name for villa^^e of 

Eli^kah-ti Diesueiio at La Posta, San Diego County.— 



La Punta. . Former Dieguefio village near Saji Diego (Ortega 1775- 

Banoroft). Possibly rrisprint for La Puerta. 

(LaiU'^o ' 

La Puerta. . Spanish name of Diegefio village Mat-mak mentioned in 

Treaty of Santa Isabel. Jan. 7, 1852. 

La Soledad. . Fonner village in Soledad Canyon near Junction of 

Las Penisquitos. (Font of Anza Exfd. ?»!entioned but not 
named by Crespi & Cpstanso of Portola Expd. of 1769) . 

Las Floras. . Spanish name for Dieguefio villi\ge (Aiguello). 

Llegeenes (Lligunos). . Error for Dioguefios (Whipple) 

LoiK Canyon. . See Cuyapepa and Kw6-a**pi-pa. 

Lorenzo. . Spanish name for Die.^eao villa)j|.SE of San Die^o 

(Hayes 1850-Bancroft). 

Los Conejos (Conejo, Conajo). . Sptmish numa of northern Oiegueno 

vilhige about 7 miles from Capitan Grande. 

Los Cayotea. . Name used b;. Dr. Hoffman in 1864 for DiegueRo Inditins 

about San Disgo* 



L«^ah-pi (Su-ah-pi). • Diep;:ueao villa,5e mentioned in Treaty of Santa 

Isabel, Jan. 7, 1852. 

Majatat, Matt at, Mactac , Mataoi 

Maotati (Magtate San TJfiguel) . . Former Diegueflo Tillage tributary 


In Lo'//er Calif. 

30 milf« S of San Diego. 






du Mj.t t miQi S 

ano Mutamo, - 
177o • Bano ro: 

Ma^aragui vMatarqgua , Matanogua , MatanaguaJ . . 

Cuyamaca ranoheriae vHayee, 1870;. 
Lioro de Bautismos, 1769-182E. 

Formerly one of 5 principad 
Also Mieion ^^sn Diego, 

Matirom (Uatironn) . . DiecueKo villcvs© tnen'.ionod in Treaty of Santa 

Isabel* Jan* 7^ 1052. 

Ufalakash. . LuiseRo n?ane for Diaeuefio Tlkwanaiia at Santc Isabel (Kroeber) . 

Ulanzanita (Manzenita). . Spanish name for a Di^uefSo villf^ge m tiits. 

of B San Diego County, inhabited by the 11= -kah-ti.— <M4^v^ 

Matnoc, Matanoc, Macnoc, Metenoc, Metnoc 
Kat-mak (Matmork, Wataino?, Matmork la Puerta) . . Die":uefio vilL-ige at 

La Puerha, mentioned in Treaty of Santa Tsabel . Jan. 7 . 1862 
Mata Otay (Mataotay , Matotay). .Fonner Diegueno ranoheria on road from 
San Diego Mission to site of present town of La Punt a on San Diego 
Bay (San Diego Mission Records, 1769-182 2). 

(Motaguata) } . « „. , «•• -• ^ -xr <i«- o 

Ma ttawottiSr^rDieguePio ranoheria near San Miguel Miaeion, 30 miles 8 

f San DiefiO (Taylor I860}. 

Maramoydog. . Former DieguefSo villaf^e near San Diego (Ortega 1775- 

'' Bancroft;. 



?iacpuhuau, Macpagua, Magpoau) 
Rletpaguaw, Meppaguague, } 
bet:7een Ssin Diego % Cuyamaoa 

Valley, mentioned in Indian otuTiiaigti of 1836 (Ronero MS 1872). 




M \l^XUw* • 

l/atajuay, Metjuay, Wetjwai, Ma.tjuay, 
Matajuai (Matahuay, Matajaui, Matagua. Matajuiai. Matajnay. !iataguay, 

Mootaeyuhew, Mattawottis?) . • Fonner Diegefto village on 
upper San Luis Rey River mentioned in Treaty of Santa 
Isabel, Jan. 7, 1852. Called Anat KokHat by the Diegwifio 
;And Tooy by the Luiseflo. 


Melcutanac, Melcotanac. Milcutenac, Megcutenac, Melci^pe 
Mel-co-to-nac (lUleo-to-nao, Mielo-to-nao,Melcutanap, • Die >ieno vill 


at San Felipe mentioned in Treaty of Santa Isabel, Jan.7,1852 
See MiloJ^-kwilUle-malik. 

TIelejo. . Die ueflo ranoheria near San Uiego vun^ega lYYu-oancroiw, near 
site of present town of La Punta on San Diego Bay (San Diego Mission 
Record8U769-1822). -^ ., r. 

Heaa Grande. . Si-anish n:ime for^Die-rueflo viUf\se at pLice of same name 

in frountains of San Diq^o County.— 






(Vtsr M<^ 


fHocoauAl (^OfWocc^x^.x) 

♦ \ 


Mesouanal. . Rancheria near Meoa Grande or Santa Isabel ^g^^^^^^^^^ 
Meti (San JoiE©)- • Fonner rancheria aeacr^San Diego COrte^^a 1^^^"^.^^^) 

MifshecmaC^Uchauha^ Mechogua, Mechoa, Malchagua). '. Fomer rancheri 
^T^^ue N of ianta ?.^nica Rancho in El Tan on Valley.m Cqfiada 
ii_i:_v^,j ^ro,.« v^^^vi¥.^ pr.aoV0lc«nf»inAz TR21: " m San Luis Vail 


i Teague N of Santa Monica Rancho m El Caion Va 
^rrastraderoCSan Vicente C reek? jSanchez, 1821, i 
(San Diee, ^^ission Records, 1779-1801). Cj|fiada del 

in San Luis Valley 

(Milcuatay, Milquatay) . , . . ,- t^-; « 

Milquatai\ . Place, probably rancheria » mentioned m route oi Inaian 

cajnpai-n 1836 (Ronero 1072). On W edg^e Colorado Desert, oh 


Felipe Creek. See El?.^-kah-ti. 

Mil5^-kwil-tle-mahk (Mel-oo-to-nao . Mileo-to-nac) . . Dieg^uefto village 

at San Peliipe (Mesa Grande Diegueiio name)*— 




(X^^ \.o<stK< 



^ t»j Scx.vxiiv^«^o'!-^<i,xV^«'"VV(v- nis-. 


Nellmole. . Dieguefio r^cheria near San Miguel Mission N Lower Calif. 

(Taylor I860). 

Nipa'Suay (Nyp^u^^.^'. Former Kain-me-i nmoheria on site of old ' .\ 

San Diego Mission (Taylor I860). 

Osuna. La Poza de Osuna. . Rancheria 6 lea-ucs W of San Diego in 1769 

See San Jac(anie de la Marca* 

Ots, Grijalva 1795. .^ 
r ? fo°rli- ^^.TrZ^l^tl ;,2g^Sa«-«^ (Ortesa 1775 - Bancroft) 


Otat . . Dieruefio rancheria near San Miguel l^ission, N Lo^er Calif 

(Taylor I860). 

MiBh-kwe«8h. . An amient gens of the Diegueftoi now a family name— cw^ 

Wucusquir, Mucusujir, . „ . „ 

Mocojuit, Mosjuiguia, Mocuguea. Mocojuir . Mocuscuin.Muccuccuin. 
(MuouQuiz) . ; Rancheria near Santa Isabel or Mesa Grande 


(Grijava 1796) 

Molcan. . Misprint for Volcan. A Die'^ueno village in mountains of 

E San Diego County. • 

Mucucuiz (Mocoquil). . Rancheria near Santa Is;ibel (Sanchez 1321). 

/ ^ 

Paguay (Paguai). . See Pah-wa 

Pakhwa. . Luisefio name for DiegueRo viUage at San Felipe ( = Diesueno 

Patltokonak) . Kroeber. 


San Bernardo 
(Pawai, Paguay. Poguai) . . Luisefio xitme for DiegueRo place 

of Escondido tPovvay valley] (Kroeber;. Mentioned as 
rancheria by Mar'. in in 1^28 (Bancroft). 




Paunau. . Luiseiio name for Diegueflo place at Encinitas (Kroeber). 

Puerta Cbiquita. • VilLj/^o in Warner Volley. Popsibly LuiBeno? 

(pamd, La /sumpcion, La Asoncion) 
Paino. . Ranhheria about 4-1/2 milee W of Warner Valley ^izs" WME .[, SL.u_i^jo||. 

Ua^v,'Hx^^>*— ^^ Grijslva 1795. . • t /^ 

Puerta de San Jose. . Forfr;©r Bic^u«fio ranohoria on upper San Luis Rey 

nivor (Jackson i^ Kinney). 

Paskwa. . Luiseno name for Diegueflo village Tawi= San Jose, on upper 

San Luis Rey River (Kroeber) . 

Patltokonak. ♦ DiegdefSo name for their village at San Felipe; also 

called Hitltekwanak (Kroeber). 

Paulpa. . Luiseho name for Eie.'^efio place at El Puerto (of San Diego). 

_ , , ^ Kroeber. 

Pelcha. .Former rancheria near Ballena(Sari Diego MiBsion Records). 
PiiT. . Luisefto n^jme of Die|Juo!io village at Bati-iuito« (Kroeber). 

(Pojol, Pecul) 
Poool. . Former Kazn-rae-i rancheria near San Diego (Ortega 1775-Bancroft) 

Pohiksavo. . Luisoflo name for Die^^uefio San Buenaventura (Kroeber). 

Prick-a-way (Prickaway). . Diegueilo village mentioned in Treaty of 

Santa Tsabel, Jan. 7, 1852* 

Puahuyl. • Luiseflo name for Die^^uefto San Diego (Kroeber). 

Quomaya (Quemaxa). .See Ko-mi»ah. 

Queptahutt)^ . rdnner Dicgusno village "between El Ca.ioh Valley and 

ape ta^ueTkCapt aqua, Captequau, Ca 

Santa Mar4a Valley (Pamo) probably on branch of San Vicente Creek 
(Sanchez ,1IB21 ; San Diego Miss ion Records ,1797-1818) . 

Rinconada d© San Diego (Rancheria de loa Ojitoo d<^ Hindonada de 

San Diego). « Portola^l769 (Creapi). 

Rosario. • Rancheria at Barraba* on boundary between Calif, h. Lower 

Calif, in 1B04 (Bancroft). 

Sakislimai. . Luiseflo narie for Diegueno village at Guejito (Kroeber). 
San Antonio or Las Choyas?* . Soe Choyas. 




San Bamardo 

San Diego (San Diegoe). . First T^iseion established in California 

(1 769). Nam© sometimes used for Dieguefio . Indians at 
Mission San Diego. 

San Die,5uito (San Die^uito). . Spanish name of Sinyaupiohkara, a Die^^ertS 

villrige, about midway between San Luis Key and San Diego, 
mentioned in Treaty of Santa Ysabel, Jtm. 7,- 1852. 

San Felipe (San Fellippe, San Fillippe). . Spanish name for Diegueiio 

village in valley of same name, in pass just W of Colorado 
Desert, Eastern San Diego County (=Mel-ko-to-nak). 



San Joi^e Oileti). . IRancheria 7-1/2 miles S of Mission San Diego. 

Probably same as Las ChollaB .(ChgyAsl* " 

•San Jocome de la Marca' or JaAooha (San Jacome de la Maroa or La 

Poza da Osuna). . Rancheria in San Dieguito Valley 
visited by Costanso in 1769. 


San Jose (San Jose de Valle. Son Jose del Valle). . Spanish name for 

(San Josef; Josir Jaj-Grijelva 17i^5. 
~ie(i;ueflo vill^ige in Warner Valley (on Warner Ktmoh). Native 

name Tsoi^wee ; Luiseno name Pas kwa. 
San. Juan Capistrano, or Matamo.,..Rancheria on San Diego Mission Bks. 

San Luis. . Spanish nme for forrrer rancher ia near f^^.^^^^^^^^Joftf^ 

San ?.Uc;uel de Frontera (Magtate? Janatf) . . Dominicf-n lUssion establishei 

in 1782 in N Lo?/er California, about 50 miles S of San Diego. 
Conneoted with it were the Diegueno r£incheria« Ekquall, 
liassasei. Hawai, Inomasei, Mattawottie, Nellmole and 
Otat (Taylor 1860) . 

San Pasqual (San Pascual) . . Spanish name for Diegueno village in San 

Diego County (Called Alapi by the LuiseRo - Sparkman) . 

m-inris ValleyiR^fiMoned m I 
Santa Monica or El Cajon (Boca^de 1* Snnta Monica). . See Cajon. 

■ • (. 

Santa Ysabel (San Isabel, Santa Isabel). .Spanish name for northern 

Diesuefio village in valley of syjne name, in mountains of 
San Diego County. Diegueflo name El^kwa-nan.— 

San Tomasefloi • (San Tomasefio). . Spanish name for'aomeya at Santo Toraas 


Mission, N Lower California. 

Santo Tomas. . Dominican Mission established in 1790 in H Lower Cali 

(lat.* 31 40*) near Todos Santos Bay. Inhabit:3Jits s;oke 
S dialect of Dieguefio closely related to Htaarn and Kiliwi 
(Taylor 1869; Handbook). 




Sa-q[uan. . Diej:ueno villti^e merit iorisd in Treaty of StJita Tio.bel» 

Jan. 7. 1852. See Sycuon. . ^ ' ,„,.> 

Semojo... Former rancheria near Jamul (San Dieso Mission Records, ieit)J 

Se-iuon. . See Sycuan. 





Toajui, Tebaig 

Tasique. Tajcoe, Toque . Teque.Teciui, Tajuy, Taguevo, T^hui, 

(TSfewie. Tagui, TSJii. Tawi}. . Die-ueno name for their 
villa^^e fit S;?Ji Jose, on headw • terr;, San Luis Pey River. 
Mentioned in Treaty of Santa Ysabel , Jan. 7, 1852. Called 
P.iskv/a bv tVie Luiseno (Kroeber) . 

Shukutivupau. . Luis lio n«jne for Die^ieiio village at La Tinaja (Kroeber). 


Tari-atia (Jamatai). . Hancberia near Santa Isabel (Sanchez 1G21) 

Sinyaupichkara . . Die'suerlo name for the:ir plaoe at San Diegulta. Called 

Unov by the Luisefto (Kroeber). 

Su-ah-pi (Suahpi). . Error for Lu-ah-pi. Di»::ueno village mentioned in 

Treaty of Santa Yaabel , in 1B52. 

Sa-quan, Secau 
Sycufin (Syquan, Sycuan. Saquan, Sequan, Sequon}. . Northern Diegueno 

village in Sweetwater Ca!ion» San Diego County. 

Ta-C£>h-iay (Ta-cah-lay, Tacahlay, Ta-cah-tay,, Tetecate.XecatejDieguefto 

yi'.hiir.e mentioned jn T^^eaty. of S;3Jita Isabel. .Jan. ,7, 15^2. 
Tacat(Tacac). 'Former rancheria near fancheria of Saj?. MigusUSan Diego 

Wission b 

ooks) . 

Ta^i (Taqui, Tahy/ie). . Former village. Dieniefio or Luisefio, near 

V^^^^^'^^^l^Q^.QX?, of San Luis T?ey River (C-rijalva 1795 -Bancroft). 

[In Warner Valley] 

Tapanque. . Former T-d^m%-i villa-e. near San Diego ^^^^^^J^^^f^j 

Tatayojai. . Buncheria near Santa Isabel Mission (Sanchez 1021). 


Tegilque (Ta?cah-lay?). . Former DioGueno village in or near S(inta 

Ifllabel Valley (Sanchez MS 1821 -Bancroft). 

Tekumak (To-co-mao, TooCi-a-mahk , Tukumak) . • Diesueflo dialect at 

Mesa ar^mde (Boas i Kroeber) . Too^^-&-mahk is the name of 
?J[esa Grande villf^e i" ^'^©^^ °'*" langut^se.— 

Tlkwananu. . Diegueno name for Santa "fsabel (Kroeber). 

(Tonapay, Tonapai , Tonopoi, Tonapaij, 
Tonapa . . Former vil 1 age m 'Escha valley 

* near head/.aters of San 

Die(^ito Creek. San Di^go Co.. doubtfully referred to the* 
DiegueRo (Grijalva 1795 - Biinorof t) . The word Tonapa 
is the Shoshone nojme for ^reasewood (Sarcobatus ) su:Eest- 
ir^^ a possible Shoshoneiiii orii^in.— 





■mahk (jfekumak, Tc 


Village at Me ea Gran dd (their own name). — . 

Too-ke-muck, Indians st Viena Grande.— La Jolls Journfil, Aug. lb, i^^. 

Too%^-e-pah Cloo =^-le-bah) . . S Dies^eilo name for norbham Die^^erio 

( =.Northemers) . Applied by Southern Die/piefio to those 
of 'vtesa Crrjinde and Volcan.— 

Tco-weal (Too-wed» Toowed). . Di^ueho villti^e mentioned in T^^aty 

of Santa Ysabel, JsJi. 7, 1852. 

Toov. . LuisefSo name for Diegueiio plaoe at Matajuai (called /mat 

Kokhat by the liie%\x^7io)* Kro'^ber. 

Totakamalam. . luiseno mme for Diegue'^o place, La Punta (Kroeber) 

Unov . . Luiseno n-jine for Diegueno Sinyaupichkara =San Dieguitoo 

Unuv. . Luisefio name for Diee;uQno village Las Chollas (Kroeber). 

Valle de las Vie^as. . Spanish name for former^Diogueno villa^^e in 

San Diego Co. (Hayes 1650) ♦• 





Volcan. . Spanish name of Di»^ueflo village in mountains of E San 

Die^^o County. The more southerly Diegueno call those 
Volcan and ?Je8a Grande Too= -e-pah or Too'iT-le-bah, 

mcrjjiins Norlherners.— 

Wah-koo-wahk . . .See A-whah-kah-wahk. 

Wah-ti (STahti). . Die^^ueflo villa/^e mentioned in Treaty of Santa 

Ysabel, Jqxi. 7, 1852. 

Wil-kwah-pi *p 

e e 

Original name 
at We-ah-pi-pa. 

of El= -kah-ti, subtribe of Die^^ueflo, 

Xamaoha. . Former Kam-rae-i village near San Diego (Ortega 17T5 - 


Xana (Xanat). . Former Kam-me-i village naar San Diego (Ortega 1775) 


Yacum or Jaoum. . Die^ueno band in E part of mountains just W of 

Colorado Desert, on both siden Calif .-Mexican boundary 

(Major Heintzelman).S«* H<K-Voom 

ya-ha-nos...3ee also iJiegueno. 

Yar^iwana. . Luisefto nme for Disjjuoflo Tekum^ik at Mesa Grande (SiarkmaiJ 





y)A/sfR4^ncheria SE si 
a MS.; ^crapbka 1870. 

ide 3d 



(Bataquitos) „ T^. 

BatequitOB. . Mentioned repeatedly in Book of Baptisms, San Ci^o 

& in Register of San Luis Rev Mission ; alwo San ^:raV)riei 
Mission. Their rancheria was first called San Dieguito by the 

Spaniards and later (1777) charged to San Benito Palermo. Also 

spoken of as'San Alexos or Batequitos". Indian names for 

rancherias belorKii^ to the Batevjuitos: Aijo-i.iac . Jeval . 

Jallagua ; A.iopunguile . The rancheria of San Benito Palermo 
spoke the language of San Juan Capistrano el viejo tSan Luis 
Hey] (San Diego Mission Records ,1774-1808). 

Jamenaja(Jamenaya). . rancheria near San Benito (San Diego 

Mission records. 
Jeyal(San Alejo). . Former rancheria mentioned in San Diego Mission 

Reccirds) . 

PulabaCPolabe.Polavo). .Rancheria of the Batecpitos maitioned in 
San Gabriel Mission Keoords . 

.allasu4(.alW^^aIli.Jj ^Sed^fnXsi»"o^s Iff^' 

Diego, San Luis Rey and San Gaoriel . 

Teliua(Aliua, San Dieguito). . Rancheria of the Batequitos mentioned 
^^-^J^^^^^'in San Gabriel Mission Records.