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To be had of the Journal Agents. 


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ie^ :r ]B o o :ki 

(JUuntg JHwctorj) 




To he had of (It* Journal 4j#nts. 

This Issue of the Year Book, the Twenty-fourth, contains, it will be seen, several 
additional items of Information. 

Banff, December 30, 1897. 



Aberlour ... 

Agricultural Societies 

Agricultural Statistics 

Alterations in Boundaries of Banffshire 


Banff Burgh and Voters List 

Banff Parish 

Bank Holidays 

Bob arm 





Cattle Prices, 1897 

Cattle Sales, 1897 ... 

Chalmers' Hospital ... 


Cornhill ... 

County Constabulary 

County Councillors ... 

County Lists 

County Officials and Committees 

County Valuation ... 

County Voters — 

First or Qardenstown Polling District 

Second or Banff do. 

Third or Cornhill do. 

Fourth or Aberchirder do. 

Fifth or Portsoy do. 

Sixth or Findochty do. 

Seventh or Buckie do. 

Eighth or Portgordon do. 

Ninth or Keith do. 

Tenth or Rothiemay do. 

Eleventh or Fife-Keith do. 

Twelfth or Dufftown do. 

Thirteenth or Aberlour do. 

Fourteenth or Tomnavoulin do. 

Fifteenth or Tomintoul do. 

Parish of Bellie ... 

Parish of Cairnie . . . 

Parish of Glass ... 

Parish of Rothes . . . 

Cullen Burgh and Voters 
Cullen Parish 
Deputy-Lieutenants, &c. 
Deskford ... 
Deveron Fishery Board 
Dufftown ... 



Educational Organisations ... 




Events in 1897 


Extent of Banffshire 


Farms in Banffshire 


Fiars' Prices 


Fif e- Keith ... 


Findoohty ... 








Game Law Terms 






Glenrinnes ... 


Grain Prices in 1897 




Herring Fishing 


Inveraven ... 




Justices of Peace 


Kalendar ... 


Keith, Parish and Town 



Live Stock in Banffshire 


Macduff and Voters List 


Markets in 1898 




Members of Parliament 


Money Market in 1897 


Mortlach ... 




Obituary of 1897 ... 




Ordiquhill ... 


Parish Council Wards 


Portessie ... 








Property and Income Tax 






Salmon Fishing Seasons 




School Board Returns 




Terms, Quarterly and Servants' Removal 








■^ " 

B -* 


°, .3 7: 




The County of Banff Las an area of 435,251 acres, or 680 square miles. Under orders 
issued by the Boundary Commissioners in November 1890, considerable alterations were 
made in the area of the County, as from 15th May 1891. Under these orders, there were 
struck off from the County the portions it previously contained of the parishes of Bellie, 
8336 acres ; Rothes, 851 acres ; Gartly, 6339 acres ; and Glass, 4732 acres. Under the same 
orders, there were added the portions of the parishes of Boharm, 7835 acres ; Inveraven, 
1588 acres ; and Keith, 1883 acres — formerly parts of Morayshire ; and from Aberdeenshire, 
a detached portion of King-Edward, 1081 acres, and a portion of Cabrach, 1465 acres. 
The total extent subtracted was 20,258 acres, and the extent added, 27,401 acres. By 
these changes, Banffshire, while gaining in acreage, lost in rental, the aggregate rental 
of the parishes added being £6610, while for the portions subtracted it was £8972, 
Banffshire thus losing a rental of £2362. Besides the foregoing, the parish of St Fergus 
and part of the parishes of Old Deer and New Machar, which were all situated in Aber- 
deenshire, but formed parts of Banffshire, were, by orders issued by the Boundary 
Commissioners on October 24, 1890, declared ' to cease to be parts of the County of 
Banff,' and to ' form parts of the County of Aberdeen.' 

The length of the shire from N.E. to S.W. is 67 miles ; greatest width, E. to W. on 
coast line, 32 miles ; narrowest part, between Keith and Boharm, about 9 miles ; average 
breadth, 12 miles. The Cairngorm Mountains form the Southern extremity, Ben Macdhui 
(4296 feet) being partly in Banffshire. On South and East, Banffshire is bounded by 
Aberdeenshire ; on the West, by Inverness and Morayshires, the river Spey being the 
boundary line for about 17 miles ; and on the North, by the Moray Firth. 

The County, as modified by the Orders of the Commissioners, comprises 22 Civil 
Parishes — namely, Aberlour, Alvah, Banff, Boharm, Botriphnie, Boyndie, Cabrach, 
Cullen, Deskford, Fordyce, Forglen, Gamrie, Grange, Inveraven, Inverkeithny, Keith, 
Kirkmichael, Marnoch, Mortlach, Ordiquhill, Ilathven, and Rothiemay. 

There are 11 Parishes Quoad Sacra — namely, Buckie, Enzie, Gardenstown, Glenlivet, 
Glenrinnes, Macduff, Newmill, Ord, Portsoy, Seafield, and Tomintoul. 

The County contains two Royal Burghs, Banff and Cullen, and seven Police Burghs — 
namely, Macduff (which is also part of the Parliamentary Burgh of Banff), Portsoy, 
Buckie, Keith, Dufftown, Aberchirder, and Aberlour. 

Population in 1891, 64,190, forming 13,748 families, living in 12,707 houses. The 
proportion of inhabitants to each square mile is 90. Population of the various parishes, 
and other particulars in following pages, are according to census of 1891. Valuation, 
£264,111 7s. lid., or including Royal Burghs, £281,466 3s. 7d. 

Fully one-third of the area of the county is arable, and an advanced system of 
agriculture is practised. The tenure is almost universally nineteen years' lease ; and 
farming is generally conducted upon the five and six years' rotation of cropping. On 
clay and heavy soils, in the lower district, along the coast, wheat is grown, but the 
grain crops are for the most part barley and oats. 

In 1897, the total acreage in the county under all kinds of crops, bare fallow and 
grass, was 160,033 acres, compared with 160,000 acres in 1896. Under corn crops, there 
were, in 1897, 57,195 acres, compared with 57,760 acres in 1896. The following gives the 
acreage under the various corn crops for the two years, the figures for 1897 being given 
first :— Wheat 12—1, barley or bere 10,965—9096, oats 45,980—48,379, rye 66—122, 
beans 127 — 99, peas 45—63. Under green crops, there were in the county, in 1897, 
25,238 acres, compared with 25,380 acres in 1896. This acreage was made up as follows, 
the figures for the previous year following those for 1897, viz. :— Potatoes 1958 — 1984, 
turnips 22,242—22,368, mangold 17—5, cabbage, kohl-rabi, and rape 6—4, vetches or 
tares 997 — 1004, other green crops 18 — 15. There were under clover, sainfoin, and 
grasses under rotation 63,693 as compared with 63,206 in 1896. Of this there were for 
hay 9139 acres, as against 10,137 acres in 1896 ; and there were 54,554 acres not for hay 
as compared with an acreage in 1896 of 53,069. Under permanent pasture, or grass not 
broken up in rotation, exclusive of mountain and heath land, there were in 1897 
13,794 acres, as against 13,533 acres the former year. For hay there were 1209 acres in 
1897, and 1956 in 1896 ; and not for hay there were in 1897 12,585 acres, and 11,577 
acres in 1896. One acre was devoted to flax, compared with 8 acres in 1896 ; 20 acres 
were under small fruits, being a decrease of 1 acre ; and under the head of 'bare fallow ' 
there were 677 acres, as compared with 615 acres in 1896. 


There were within the county in 1897 9122 horses, made up of 6752 used solely for 
agricultural purposes, including mares kept for breeding ; 1693 unbroken horses, one- 
year-old and above, and 677 horses under one-year-old. The figures for 1S96 were — 
total, 8983 ; for agricultural purposes, 6633 ; unbroken horses, one year and above, 1735 ; 
do., under one year, 615. The total number of cattle was 43,960 (composed of 13,140 
cows or heifers in milk or in calf, 6412 cattle, two years and above, ] 2,775 cattle, one year- 
old and under two, and 11,633 cattle under one year), In 1896, there were 43,790 cattle 
in the county (12,890 cows and heifers, 7034 two-year-olds, 12,668 yearlings, and 11,198 
cattle under one year old. There were in the county iu 1897 68,245 sheep, compared 
with 63,809 in 1896. They consisted of ewes for breeding, 26,218—23.692, and sheep one 
year and above, 15,236—14,513, sheep under one year, 26,791 — 25,604. The figures for 
1896 follow those of 1897. Of pigs there were 2696 in 1897 against 2986 in 1896, 356 
being sows for breeding (in 1896, 392), and 2340 other pigs (in 1896, 2594). 

The live stock in the county is very valuable. It comprises many pure-bred herds of 
Shorthorns and Aberdeen-Angus. Of Shorthorns, herds are maintained at Gordon 
Castle; at Rettie, Ordens, and Cairnton, in Boyndie; Durn, near Portsoy; Auldtown of 
Netherdale, Marnoch ; Stoneytown, Boharm ; Holl, Boharm ; and Minmore, Glenlivet. 
There are herds of Aberdeen-Angus cattle at Mountblairy, in Alvah ; Blairsliinnoch, in 
Boyndie ; Tochieneal, Oullen House Home Farm ; Nether Blairock and Ardoch, in Desk- 
ford ; Inchgower, near Buckie ; Inchcorsie, Rotbiemay ; Stripeside, Grange ; Aberlour 
Mains, Lync of Carron, and 'Kinermony, Aberlour ; Broomhead, in Mortlach ; Mains 
of Mulben, Ballindalloch Castle, and Upper Coull, Ballindalloch ; Drumin, Auch- 
oracban, Nevie, Blairfindy, and Bogarrow, in Glenlivet ; Glenconglass, Kirkmichael. 

Sheep are mostly kept in the south or upper district of the county. At Gordon Castle 
Home Farm, Mains of Pittendreigh, Marnoch ; Seggiecrook, Grange ; and Brae of 
Culphin, Ordiquhill ; Silverford, Gamrie, breeding stocks of Leicesters are maintained ; 
at Auchip, Shrops ; and at Auchorachan, Lettoch, Auchnarrow, Newton, and other 
farms, blackfaced flocks are kept. 

A staple industry in the County is fishing. There are 13 fishing stations. The largest 
boats are 45 tons register, and they generally range from 25 to 40 tons. 


Lord-Lieutenant— The Duke of Richmond and Gordon, K.G. ; Vice-Lieutenant— Sir 
John Innes, Bart, of Edingight. 

Deputy-Lieutenants — The Duke of Fife, K.T.; Earl of March and Darnley ; Sir George 
Macpherson Grant, Bart, of Ballindalloch ; Sir R. G. Gordon, Bart, of Letterfourie ; 
Thomas Duff Gordon Duff, of Drummuir ; John Harvey of Carnousie ; Adam Hay 
Gordon ; Archibald Young Leslie, of Kininvie, 1867 ; Adrian Elias Hope, 
London ; Andrew Steuart of Auchlunkart ; Thomas G. Rose Innes of Netherdale; 
John Patrick Gordon of Cairnfield, 1880 ; William George Stewart Menzies, 
of Culdares, yr. of Arndilly, 1880 ; William Francis Day Steuart, yr. of Auchlunkart, 
1880 ; Sir Reginald A. E. Cathcart of Carleton, Bart., 1882 ; Lieutenant-Colonel William 
Gordon Gordon-Cumming, Forres House, Forres, 1882 ; Alexander Stuart of Inchbreck 
and Laithers, 1882 ; F. E. R. Pollard Urquhart of Craigston, 1882 ; Lieutenant-Colonel 
F. de'Lemare Morison of Mountblairy, 1883; William James Grant of Beldorney, 1884; 
John Macpherson Grant, yr. of Ballindalloch, 1884 ; William Thomas Reid of Ardmeallie, 
1884 ; William Gillespie Bryson of Strathlene, 1887 ; John Ritchie Findlay of Aberlour, 
1887 ; John Hannay of Cairnhill, 1887 ; Edward Alexander Thurburn of Mayne, 1889 ; 
Colonel John Foster Forbes of Rothiemay, 1890 ; General Sir Peter Stark Lumsden of 
Buchromb, G.C.B., 1892 ; Colonel Smith of Delnabo, 1893; Alister Norwich Tayler, yr. 
of Glenbarry, 1893 ; George Stewart Leslie, yr. of Kininvie, 1894 ; Robert William Duff 
of Fetteresso and Glassaugh, 1894 ; James Campbell, Old Cullen, 1894 ; John Peter 
Grant of Rothiemurchus, 1894 ; Alex. Francis Leslie, Montcoffer House, 1894 ; Captain 
George Cosmo Abercrotnby, Forglen House, John Ritchie Findlay, yr. of Aberlour, 
Francis Alexander Garden of Troup, Geddes of Blairmore, Skirving of Glenrinnes, 1896; 
and Provost of Banff. Clerk of Lieutenancy — Alexander Watt, solicitor, Banff. 

Sheriff of the County, Donald Crawford, advocate. Sheriff-Substitute, John 
Peter Grant, advocate. Honorary Sheriffs-Substitute, Alexander Colville, A. O. 
Morison, and George Cumming, Banff ; John Macdonald, Buckie ; T. A. 
Petrie Hay, Keith ; J. G. Smith, Minmore ; and W. M. Skinner, Drumin, 
Tomintoul. Procurator Fiscal, vacant ; Deputy Procurators Fiscal, James Forbes 


and W. J. Watson, Banff. Sheriff Clerk, Garden Milne Hossack ; Depute Clerk, 
Robert G. Shirreffs. Courts— Small Debt at Banff, Tuesday ; Ordinary, Wednesday, 


The Officers of State, Privy Councillors, Lords 

of Session, and Justiciary and Jury Court 
Charles Henry Duke of Richmond and Gordon 
Alexander William George Duke of Fife, 1876 
The Hon. Lewis Alexander Grant 
Sir G. Macpherson Grant of Ballindalloch, Bt. 
George C. Abercromby, Forglen House, 1880 
C. D. Abercromby, Forglen House, 1880 
Walter Adam, Corskellie, Rothiemay, 1894 
Joseph Addison, merchant, Portknockie, 1897 
Alexander Aiken, Fochabers, 1880 
G. M. Allan, Montbletton, 1890 
John Alcock, factor, Balvenie, 1892 
Wm. Alexander, Banff, 1893 
John Anderson, slate merchant, Macduff, 1892 
Adam Annand, bank agent, Keith, 1885 
Jas. Annand, ironmonger, Keith, 1880 
F. Anderson, Easter Melrose, 1890 
T. J. Anderson, bank agent, Buckie, 1885 
John Anton, bank agent, Buckie, 1885 
\V. Auchinachie, merchant, Aberchirder, 1880 
Thomas Balmer, late of Fochabers 
John Bannerman, Marypark, 1893 
James Barclay, Easter Corrie, 1893 
James Barclay, late of Buchromb, 1875 
John Barclay, M.D., Banff, 1880 
Daniel Baxter, bank agent, Banff, 1892 
James Bisset, Macduff, 1890 
Alexander Bow, merchant, Macduff, 1892 
James Bremner, chemist, Buckie, 1890 
John C. Brodie, W.S., Edinburgh 
George Bruce, farmer, Tochineal, 1896 
William G. Bryson of Strathlene 
A. Cameron, Ballinleish, Kirkmichael, 1880 
Alex. Cameron, M.D., Drumin, 1893 
James Campbell, factor, Old Cullen, 1888 
David Chalmers, Gardenstown, 1893 
James Christie, house carpenter, Banff, 1892 
James Clark, druggist, Portsoy, 1890 
Stewartson Clark, M.D., Cullen, 1880 
Sir Arthur Clay, Bart., Ardmeallie House, 1897 
James Collie, Tomfarclas, 1893 
Alex. Mitchell Cowie, M.D., Dufftown, 1896 
James Cowie, fisherman, Buckie, 1894 
Col. W. G. Cumming, Auchintoul House, 1875 
George Cumming, writer, Banff, 1875 
Alex. Cumming, Wester Gauldwell, 1893 
Robert Ramsay Cunningham, cloth finisher, 

Fife-Keith, 1894 
Alex. Dallas, merchant, Macduff 
James Dey, Forkins, 1^93 
Geo. Donald, commission agent, Grange, 1888 
William Donald, M.D., Banff, 1896 
Geo. Donaldson, Auldtown of Netherdale,189(i 
Capt. Benjamin Duff, Hatton 
Colonel James Duff, at Knockleith 
Sir Mountstuart E. Grant Duff 
Thomas Duff Gordon Duff of Drummuir, 1875 
A. H. G. Duff, Drummuir Castle, 1892 
Wm. R. Duguid, M.D., Buckie, 1875 
Robert Dunbar, bank agent, Newmill, 188S 
Robert Duncan, merchant, Banff 
John Duncan, Muirake, Fordyee, 1880 
Jas. Duncan, merchant, Linden, Macduff, 1892 
Alexander Edward of Sanquhar, 1893 
F. L. Farquharson of Greenwood, Cairnie, 1880 

Wm. Fergusson, M.D., Banff, 1885 

George Fiudlay, merchant, Whitehills, 1890 

John R. Findlay of Aberlour, 1888 

John Ritchie Findlay, yr. of Aberlour, 1896 

J. F. Forbes, lieut.-col., of Rothiemay, 1880 

Wm. Forbes, Cowhythe, Fordyee, 1S85 

John Fordyee, merchant, Gardenstown, 1885 

L. W. Fraser, Auchroisk, Boharm, 1880 

Capt. H. E. Galton, late of Glassaugh 

Wm. M. Garbutt, bank agent, Portsoy, 1888 

A. T. Garden, Brankanentham, Portsoy, 1888 

Francis Alexander Garden of Troup, 1896 

George Garden, Rannachy, by Buckie, 1890 

Alexander Geddes of Blairmore, 1888 

J. H. Geddes, coal merchant, Buckie, 1S90 

AVm. Geddes, fishcurer, Portgordon, 1894 

W. Gellie, Greenskairs Cottage, Gamrie, 1892 

J. George, flour manufacturer, Fife-Keith, 1890 

James Gerry, fishcurer, Buckie, 1890 

Adam Lind Gillan, Portsoy, 1890 

James Gordon. Bank, 1893 

Geo. Gordon, Brachlach, Cabrach, 1893 

G. Gordon, late of Glentrommie 

George Gordon, Tullochallum 

William Gordon of Rosehall, 1888 

John Patrick Gordon of Cairnfield, 1878 

Peter G. Gordon, Nevie, Glenlivet, 1880 

Sir Robert G. Gordon, Bart, of Letterfourie 

Donald Grant, bank agent, Grantown, 1880 

G. S. Grant, bank agent, Auchorachan, 1S80 

J. Grant, farmer, Balnellan, Kirkmichael, 1896 

J. M. P. Grant, yr. of Ballindalloch, 1885 

John Grant, Glenconglass, Kirkmichael, 1885 

John Grant, Croughly, Kirkmichael, 1885 

W. J. Grant of Beldorney, 1885 

A. Grant, fishcurer, Grant Street, Cullen, 1892 

Wm. G. Grant, Tomnavoulin, 1893 

R. Green, Aberlour 

Arthur Thomas Gregory, late of Buchromb 

John Hannay, 20, Allan Park, Stirling 

Charles J. Harvey, Carnousie, 1880 

John Harvey of Carnousie 

William J. Harvey, Carnousie, 1SS0 

Dr Geo. Petrie Hay of Edintore 

Thomas A. Petrie Hay, Keith, 1880 

Peter Henderson, factor, Ballindalloch, 1892 

Alex. Hendry, Buckie, 1880 

Andrew Henry, late of Banff, 1890 

Wm. Hitchcock, merchant, Portknockie, 1897 

James Hunter, bank agent, Portsoy, 1888 

John Hutcheon, Dounepark, Gamrie, 1894 

John Hutchison, Inverness, 1875 

J. Ingram, Middleton of Troup, Gamrie, 1880 

William Ingram, Gardenstown, 1875 

William Ingram, merchant, Gardenstown, 1896 

Thomas F. Inkson, Kinermony, 1S93 

George Innes, Laggan, Dufftown, 1890 

George Rose Innes, Ardfour 

Sir John Innes of Edingight 

T. G. Rose Innes of Netherdale 

Wm. Joss, farmer, Blairshinnoch, 1896 

James Kelman, merchant, Keith, 1880 

James Kemp, merchant, Keith, 1880 

Colonel John Grant Kinloch, Arndilly, 1875 

D. B. Leask, bank agent, Aberchirder, 1892 

Alex. F. Leslie, Montcoffer House 




Arch. Y. Leslie of Kininvie, 1867 

Alex. Leslie, Tomintoul, 1893 

Alexander Leslie of Braco, 1892 

Wm. Livingston, Newton of Mountblairy, 1896 

Wm. Logie, sailmaker, Buckie, 1890 

Gen. Sir P. S. Lumsden, of Buchrorab, 1892 

John Macdonald, bank agent, Buckie, 1875 

Thomas Mackenzie, Carron, 1896 

W. Macintosh, factor, Drummuir, 1892 

John Macpherson, Mulben, 1880 

John Macpherson, draper, Dufftown, 1888 

John Mantach, Dundurcas 

Lord March, M.P., 1875 

Alex. Milne, merchant, Banff, 1885 

Robert Milne, merchant, Portsoy, 1S90 

George Mitchell, clothier, Keith, 1888 

William Mitchell, Protston, Gamrie, 1S75 

Joseph Moggach, Mains of Towiebeg, 1893 

Jonathan Moir, Kinloss, 1880 

A. O. Morison, bank agent, Banff, 1885 

Lt.-Col. F. de Lemare Morison of Mountblairy 

J. O. Morison of Culvie, 1885 

John L. L. Morrison of Tollo, 1875 

John Morrison, Eastside, Forglen, 1880 

John Morrison, Mill of Boyndie, 1894 

George Muirhead, factor, Gordon Castle, 1S97 

Henry Munro, Banff, 1890 

W. Munro, retired moulder, Banff, 1892 

Geo. Murdoch, Macduff, 188S 

Alex. Murison, Charlestown of Aberlour, 1S96 

James Murray, late Burnside of Delgaty 

Wm. Murray, Mains of Pittendreigh, 1830 

John M'Combie, Auchinhamper, 1880 

Francis G. M'Connachie, farmer, Ardoch, 1896 

J. M'Connachie of Heads of Auchinderran, 1890 

Robert M'Culloch, Mains of Newton, 1893 

Ranald Macdonald, Cluny Castle 

Wm. M'Gowan, Charlestown, Aberlour, 1S85 

James M'William, Stoneytown, 1893 

Alex. M. Ogilvie, Tillynaught, Fordyce, 1S80 

Wm. Paterson, Auldtown of Carnousie, 1880 

Alex. Forbes Proctor, M.D., Aberdeen, 1S78 

Alex. Ramsay, editor of Banffshire Journal, 1875 

John Reid, advocate, Aberdeen, 1880 

John Reid, Swailend, Deskford, 1888 

Robert Reid, shipowner, Buckie, 1890 

William T. Reid of Ardmeallie, 1885 

William Riach, Greenloan, Cabrach, 1885 

Geo. Riddoch, wood merchant, Fife-Keith, 1894 

John Ritchie, merchant, Macduff, 1890 

Alex. Robertson, bank agent, Macduff, 1875 

John Robertson, bank agent, Dufftown, 1885 

John Robertson, bank agent, Fife-Keith, 1890 

William Robertson, Linkwood, 1885 

George Shand, Ordens, Boyndie, 1875 

John Shand. Aultbeg, 1893 

John Shearer, late bank agent, Buckie, 18S0 

J. S. Sharpe of Whitestones, Rothiemay, 1892 

Charles Simpson Hillend, 1885 

J. Simpson, late Bogbead, Denlugas, 1875 

John W. Simpson, shipowner, Banff, 1880 

Patrick B. Simpson of Cobairdy 

William Simpson, M.D., Buckie, 1875 

.lohn Sinclair, Cullen, 1876 

William M. Skinner, Drumin, Glenlivet, 1875 

Robert Skirving of Glenrinnes, 1896 

Alexander Smith of Greenlaw, 1S90 

Alex. Smith, fisherman, Buckie, 1894 

Alex. Smith, Bogs, Enzie, 1897 

Alex. Smith, Leitchestown, Enzie, 1897 

C. Smith, surgeon, Kinnairdy 

George Smith, Hungryhills, Alvah, 1880 

George Smith, Ordens, 1896 

Harvey Hall Smith, London, 1S8S 

James Smith of Elmbank, Banff, 1890 

James Smith, grain merchant, Portsoy, 1S90 

James Smith, Mullochard, 1893 

John Smith, Inverallan, 1880 

John Gordon Smith, Minmore, 1875 

J. F. Souter, bank agent, Inverness. 1890 

James Stables, Lynemore, 1893 

Alex. O. Stevenson, Blairshinnoch, 1875 

Andrew Steuart of Auchlunkart 

W. F. D. Steuart, Auchlunkart House, 1880 

Wm. Strachan, Ribrae, 1880 

Wm. Stuart, Thain, Braes of Glenlivet, 1SS5 

A. R. Stuart, Inverfiddich, 1893 

John Stuart, Chapelton, 1893 

J. E. Sutherland, Portsoy, 1890 

John Symon of Pittyvaich, Dufftown, 1892 

G. S. Tayler, R.N., Glenbarry 

James Taylor, M.D., Keith, 18 96 

Wm. L. Taylor, bank agent, Cullen, 1885 

James Taylor, Tomintoul, 1893 

Geo. Thomson, Mains of Gollachy, Enzie, 1897 

John Thomson, assistant factor, Cullen, 1888 

Wm. Thomson, Tynet Mills, Enzie, 1897. 

Edward A. Thurbum of Mayen, 1896 

Robert S. Turner, M.D., Keith, 1875 

Robert Turner, Cairnton, Boyndie, 1885 

Wm. Turner, Knowhead, 1893 

F. Walker, Craignetherty 

Alex. Walkinshaw, bank agent, Dufftown, 1888 

John B. Wands, bank agent, Kilmarnock, 1888 

Alexander Watt of Hillhead, Banff, 1880 

George Watt, Monedie, 1875 

James Watt of Whitehall, Gamrie, 18S0 

Wm. Watt, Dinnyhorn, 1893 

James B. Webster, bank agent, Dundee, 188S 

John Webster, Buckie, 1875 

James Wedderspoon, Fochabers, 1888 

AlfredB. Whitton,M.B.C.M.,Aberchirder,18W, 

Geo. Williamson, late Shempston, Aberdeen 

James Williamson, merchant, Banff, 1885 

Alex. Wilson, shipowner, Macduff, 1896 

Andrew Wilson, Montgrew, Keith, 1875 

James Wilson, Inchgower, Rathven, 1880 

John Winchester, Loanhead, Rathven, 1890 

Robert Wyllie, bank agent, Banff, 1892 

William Young, H.E.I.C.S., Upper Canada 

Sheriffs-Depute, and their Substitutes, of 

Banff, Aberdeen, and Inverness 
Provost and Bailies of Banff, Inverurie, Kin- 
tore, and Macduff 
Town-Clerk of Banff 
The Chief Magistrates of Peterhead, Keith, 

Portsoy, Fochabers, Huntly, and Dufftown 
Procurators-Fiscal of the Sheriff Courts at 

Banffshire, Aberdeenshire, Inverness-shire, 

and Elginshire 
Provost, Bailies, and Dean of Guild of Cullen 
Sheriff-Clerk of Banffshire 
Baron Bailie of Fraserburgh 
Chairmen of the District Committees of the 

County Council of Banff 
Chairmen of Parish Councils in County of 



Quarter Sessions of Peace held at Banff on first Tuesdays of March, May, and August, 
and last Tuesday of October. John Allan, clerk ; James Grant, LL.B., depute clerk. 
James Morrison, Banff, and John M'Donald, Buckie, Procurators-Fiscal. 


Tbe third County Council, under the Local Government (Scotland) Act, 1889, was 
elected on December 3, 1895. To initiate procedure in the first County Council, there 
were included four ex officio members — Lord-Lieutenant of the County, Convener of the 
Commissioners of Supply, Chairman of County Road Trustees, and Chairman of Local 
Authority under Contagious Diseases (Animals) Acts. In the election in 1892, the 
ex officio members as such were dropped, and all the members now represent an electoral 
division of the county. The elections took place on the divisions fixed by the Boundary 
Commissioners. Under an order of the Commission, issued in November 1890, the 
Banffshire portion of the Parish of Bellie, which was represented in the Banffshire 
Council by a member, was, from 15th May 1891, annexed to Morayshire for all pur- 
poses, and to provide an electoral division in place of the alienated territory, the Com- 
missioners divided the Parish of Inveraven into two electoral districts — Inveraven and 
the quoad sacra Parish of Glenlivet. 

The Banff County Council is constituted as follows :— 

Convener— James Campbell, Old Culleu 
Vice-Convener — Sir John Innes, Bart, of Edingigbt 

Lower District. 

1 Portgordon— Win. Geddes, fishcurer, Gollachy 

2 Porcknockie and Findochty district of Bathven — George Flett, merchant, Findochty 

3 Enzie and Bathven district of Bathven— James Wilson, Arradoul House, Buckie 

4 Cullen and Deskford— James Campbell, Old Cullen 

5 Fordyce (ex Portsoy) — Wm. Forbes, Cowhythe 

6 Ordiquhill— T. D. Gordon Duff of Druramuir and Park 

7 Boyndie — Robert Turner, Cairnton 

8 Banff (ex burgh) — Wm. Joss, Blairshinnoch 

9 Gardenstown {quoad sacra parish)— Robert Alexander, The Garden, Gardenstown 

10 Gamrie (ex Gardenstown) — F. Anderson, Easter Melrose 

11 Alvah — A. F. Leslie, Montcoffer House 

12 Forglen — Wm. Paterson, Auldtown of Carnousie 

13 Marnoch — Jas. O. Morison of Culvie 

14 Inverkeithny — Dr M'Killigin, Midtown of Haddo 

15 Buckie, east — Wm. Simpson, M.D., 15, Cluny Square, Buckie 

16 Buckie, west — James Gerry, 1, Union Terrace, Buckpool 

17 Macduff, south — Alexander George, Viewmount, Macduff 

18 Macduff, north--P. H. M'Pherson, timber merchant, Macduff 

19 Aberchirder — Wm. Auchinachie, Square 

20 Portsoy — John E. Sutherland, Upper Aird 

Upper District. 

21 Rothiemay— Alex. Leslie, Moss-side 

22 Grange — Sir John Innes, Bart, of Edingight 

23 Keith, landward — John M'Connachie of Auchinderrau 

24 Boharm and Botriphnie— Alex. R. Stuart of Inverfiddich 

25 Aberlour — Robert Green, Rutbrie 

26 Mortlach — Dr Cowie of Dullanbrae 

27 Cabrach — Wm. Riach, Greenloan 

28 Inveraven — Sir George Macpherson Grant, Bart, of Ballindalloch 

29 Glenlivet— Wm. M. Skinner, Drumin 

30 Kirkmichael — J. G. Smith of Delnabo 

31 Dufftown — John Symon of Pittyvaich 

32 Fife-Keith— Jas. George, Earlsmount 

33 Keith Burgh— James Kemp of Parkmore 


Representatives of Royal Burghs. 

Banff — Provost Henry Munro and Councillor Alexander Watt. 
Cullen — Provost Grigor 

County Committees. 

County Licensing Committees- -Lower District — Ex-Provost George, Macduff ; Thomas 
Duff Gordon Duff, of Drummuir ; Ex-Provost Duguid, Buckie ; Ex-Provost Clark, 
Portsoy ; A. F. Leslie, Montcoffer ; James Campbell, Old Cullen. Upper District— Sir 
John Innes; James Kemp, Keith; James Annand, do.; James George, Fife-Keith; 
Adam Annand ; and A. R. Stuart, 

Standing Joint Committee — Appointed by the County Council — John E Sutherland, 
Portsoy ; James Wilson, Arradoul ; Wm. Forbes, Auchmore ; John M'Connachie, of 
Heads of Auchinderran ; W. M. Skinner, Drumin ; Ex-Provost George ; and Col. Smith. 
Appointed by Commissioners of Supply — James Campbell, Old Cullen ; Sir John Innes, 
Bart, of Edingight ; Thomas Duff Gordon Duff, of Drummuir ; A. F. Leslie, Montcoffer 
House ; James Kemp of Parkmore ; Sir George Macpherson, Bart.; and E. A. Thurburn 
of Mayen. Sir Geo. Macpherson Grant, Bart., Convener. Appointed by Sheriff 
Crawford, Sheriff of the County — Sheriff Grant, Banff. 

Finance Committee — The Convener, the Vice-Convener, Bailie Christie, Banff ; 
Provost Grigor, Cullen ; Ex-Provost George, Macduff ; A. R. Stuart ; Provost Munro, 
Banff; Sir Geo. Macpherson Grant, Bart.; T. D. Gordon Duff; John E. Sutherland, 
Portsoy ; A. F. Leslie ; W. Forbes, Cowhythe ; Jas. Wilson, Inchgower ; James Kemp, 
Keith ; Robert Turner, Cairnton ; John Alcock, Balvenie — The Convener, chairman. 

Executive Committee of County Council, being Local Authority under Contagious 
Diseases Animals Act — Sir John Innes, Bart., chairman ; Francis George, clerk. Inspec- 
tors—Alex. E. M'Gillivray, Banff ; Wm. Mackie, Aberlour ; Wm. Anderson, Fife-Keith ; 
James Cowie, Little Greendykes, Ordiquhill ; and J. Murray, Cullen. 

Banffshire Prison discontinued in 1878 ; but in 1880 the building was purchased from 
Government by the County and Royal Burghs, and licensed for the detention of prisoners 
for periods not exceeding fourteen days. Visiting Committee appointed by County 
Council— Provost Munro, Banff ; William Joss, Blairshinnoch ; R. Turner, Cairnton ; 
Alexander Watt, Banff ; and Ex-Provost George, Macduff. Appointed by Magistrates 
of Banff— Bailie Lyon. County Council appoint yearly one member to Visiting Com- 
mittee of Aberdeen Prison, T. D. Gordon Duff of Drummuir ; one member for Inverness 
Committee, Sir George Macpherson Grant, Bart. 

Lunacy Board— Appointed by County Council — The Convener, Vice-Convener, Ex- 
Provost George, A. F. Leslie, R. Turner, T. D. Gordon Duff, and Dr Simpson ; and by 
Burgh of Banff — Provost Munro, T. D. Gordon Duff, convener ; James Morrison, clerk 
and treasurer. Asylum at Lady's Bridge — Dr Fergusson, visiting physician ; David 
Fowler, supt.; Mrs Fowler, matron. 

County Road Board — The Convener, the Vice-Convener. Sir George Macpherson 
Grant, Bart.; Messrs Joss, Stuart, Turner, Riach, Sutherland, Forbes, Paterson, 
Skinner, M'Connachie, J. G. Smith, Auchinachie, Symon, Gordon Duff, Flett, Wilson, 
Leslie, J. Green, A. F. Leslie, R. Alexander, F. Anderson, Dr M'Killigin, J. O. Morison, 
and Dr Cowie. The Convener of the County, chairman; Francis George, Banff, clerk ; 
George Cumming, Banff, collector. 

County Officials. 

Clerk of supply and county clerk, Francis George, Solicitor, Banff. Collector of 
county assessments and county treasurer, Geo. Cumming, Banff. County medical officer 
of health, Dr J. A. Cameron of Firhall, Nairn. County sanitary inspector, James 
Mackintosh, Banff. Chief constable, David Haig, Banff. Deputy chief constable, 
William Chapman, Banff. Inspector of Weights and Measures, Wm. Shaw, Banff. 

Road and Health Districts of the County. 

The Lower or Banff District embraces the parishes of Alvah, Banff, Boyndie, Cullen, 
Deskford, Fordyce, Forglen, Garrrie, Inverkeithny, Marnoch, Ordiquhill, and Rathven. 
Chairman — James Campbell, Old Cullen 
Members of District Committee— County Councillors in District 


Parish Council Representatives : — 

Alvah — Wm. Livingston, Newton of Mountblairy 
Banff— Alexander Taylor, Blackloanhead 
Boyndie — John Hay, Black Culphin 
Cullen — Alex. Kitchen, Clune, Deskford 
Deskford — Francis G. M'Connachie, Ardoch 
Fordyce — vacant. 

Forglen — James Ross, Newton of Carnousie 
Gamrie — J. J. George, Macduff 
Inverkeithny — George Alexander, South Balnoon 
Marnoch— George Donaldson, Auldtown of Netherdale 
Ordiquhill— F. Fiddes, Scatterty 
Rathven — Alex. Smith, Leitchestown 
Officials. — Clerk and treasurer, Geo. Cumming, Banff. Road surveyor, Wm. 
Macdonald, Banff. Medical officer of health— Dr Cameron of Firhall, Nairn. Sanitary 
inspector and inspector of dairies, James Mackintosh, Banff. 

The Upper or Keith District comprises the parishes of Aberlour, Boharm, 
Botriphnie, Cabrach, Grange, Inveraven, Keith, Kirkmichael, Mortlach, and Rothiemay. 
Chairman— Sir George Macpherson Grant, Bart, of Ballindalloch 
Members of District Committee— County Councillors in District 
Parish Council Representatives : — 

Aberlour — Thomas F. Inkson, Kinermony 
Botriphnie — James Dey, Forkins 
Boharm — James M'William, Stoueytown 
Cabrach —Alex. Scott, Milton, Upper Cabrach 
Grange — Wm. Simpson, Stripeside 
Inveraven — Peter Henderson, Marionburgh 
Keith— James Ward, Seafiehl Cottage 
Kirkmichael — John Grant, Croughly. 
Mortlach — Wm. Grant, Glenfiddich Distillery 
Rothiemay — E. A. Thurburn of Mayen 
Officials.- Clerk and treasurer, Alex. Walkinshaw, Dufftown. Road surveyor, 
Robert Davidson, Dufftown. Medical officer of health, Dr Cameron of Firhall, Nairn. 
Sanitary inspector and inspector of dairies, James Mackintosh, Banff. 

County Constabulary. 

Headquarters, Town House Buildings, Banff. Chief constable, David Haig. Deputy 
chief constable and superintendent, Wm. Chapman, Banff. Inspector, Wm. Morrison, 
Keith. Strength of force, 35. 

Banff Division. — 1 Superintendent, 1 sergeant, and 13 constables. Stations — Banff, 
Macduff, Gardenstown, Forglen, Aberchirder, Cornhill, Whitehills, Portsoy, and Fordyce. 

Buckie Division. —1 Sergeant and 6 constables. Stations— Buckie, Portgordon, 
Findochty, Portknockie, and Cullen. 

Keith Division.— 1 Inspector and 11 constables. Stations— Keith, Rothiemay, 
Newmill, Dufftown, Craigellachie, Aberlour, Ballindalloch, Glenlivet, and Tomintoul. 


Under the Local Government (Scotland) Act, 1894, the first election of Parish 
Councillors took place on the first Tuesday of April 1895. On and after 15th May 1895, 
all enactments regulating the constitution and election of Parochial Boards were repealed, 
and from said date a Parish Council came in place of a Parochial Board, being deemed to 
be a continuance thereof, and has and may exercise all the power and duties, and being 
at same time subject to all the liabilities of a Parochial Board. 

In the county of Banff, there are 22 Parish Councils, in all 232 Parish Councillors, 
elected as follows : — 

Aberlour (2 wards— Charlestown 4 and Aberlour ex Charlestown 7) — 11 ; Alvah (1 ward) 
—9 ; Banff (2 wards— Burgh 9, Landward 9)— 18 ; Boharm (1 ward)— 7 ; Boyndie (1 
ward)— 9 ; Botriphnie (1 ward)— 7; Cabrach (1 ward)— 7; Cullen (2 wards — Burgh 8, 
Landward 5) — 13 ; Deskford (1 ward)— 7 ; Fordyce (2 wards — Portsoy 7, Fordyce ex 
Portsoy 8) — 15 ; Forglen (1 ward) — 7 ; Gamrie (3 wards — Macduff 7, Gardenstown and 
Crovie 2, Gamrie, Landward, 0) — 15 ; Grange (1 ward)— 7 ; Inveraven (2 wards— Glen- 


livet 5, Inveraven ex Glenlivet 4)— 9 ; Inverkeithny (1 ward) — 7 ; Keith (2 wards — Keith 
Burgh 10; Keith, Landward, 7)— 17 ; Kirkmichael, (2 wards — Tomintoul Village 4, rest 
of Parish 5) — 9 ; Marnoch (2 wards — Aberchirder 5, Marnoch ex Aberchirder 8) — 13 ; 
Mortlach (2 wards— Dufftown 6, Mortlach ex Dufftown 7)— 13 ; Ordiquhill (1 ward)— 7 ; 
Rathven (4 wards — Buckie 9, Portknockie, Findochty, and Portessie 4, Portgordon 1, 
rest of Parish 7) —21 ; Rothiemay (1 ward)— 7. 

Parish Council Auditors— Upper District, John A. Badenoch, Banff ; Lower District, 
W. Thomson, Fife-Keith. 

Djeveron District Fishery Board. 
A. F. Leslie, Montcoffer House, chairman ; Captain John Cosmo Abercromby, 
Forglen ; Alex. George, Macduff ; Alex. Stuart of Laithers, Turriff ; John Wilson, 
Huntly ; James Campbell, Old Cullen ; Robert Duncan, Banff ; Francis George, 
solicitor, Banff, clerk ; Robert Kennedy, Banff, superintendent. 

Prgpeety and Income Tax. 
A. W. Bunn, Aberdeen, surveyor ; Geo. Cumndng, Banff, clerk to the Commissioners. 
Distributor of Stamps and Collector of Taxes — Jas. Morrison, Banff. 

Educational Organisations. 

County of Banff Bursary Fund— This fund was constituted by Order in Council of 
date 1st May 1890, and relative Scheme No. 232, under the Educational Endowments 
(Scotland) Commission, annexed thereto. The governing body, therein called the 
governors, consists of nine members, viz.: — Two — Provost Henry Munro and Bailie 
Christie, Banff, elected by the Town Council of Banff ; one — Mr Franci3 George, 
solicitor, Banff, elected by the School Board of Banff ; one — Mr John Stephen, farmer 
and miller, Newmills of Boyne, elected by the School Board of Fordyce ; two — Mr 
Robert Turner, farmer, Cairnton, and Mr Alexander T. Garden, farmer, Brankanentham, 
elected by the Chairmen of the School Boards of Boyndie, Cullen, and Deskford ; one — 
Rev. Professor Cowan, D.D., Aberdeen University, elected by the University of Aber- 
deen ; one — Rev. James Grant, D.D., minister of Fordyce, elected by the Presbytery of 
Fordyce ; and one — Mr James Campbell, factor, Old Cullen, appointed by the Countess 
Dowager of Seafield. Mr Campbell is chairman of the governors, and Mr John A. 
Colville, solicitor, Portsoy, is clerk and factor. 

The benefits of the Dick Bequest are shared by the schoolmasters in Banffshire. 

County Committee on Secondary Education — Members appointed by County Couucil— 
Sir George Macpherson Grant, James Campbell, John E. Sutherland, and John Gordon 
Smith. Appointed by Chairmen of School Boards — James A. Stephen, Keith ; Rev. J. 
B. Gumming, Dufftown ; Rev. Alex. Miller, Buckie ; Francis George, Banff. Appointed 
by Commissioners of Keith, Bailie Kelman. Appointed by Scotch Education Depart- 
ment — Alexander Lobban, H.M. Inspector of Schools, Keith. Clerk— -J. G. Fleming, 
solicitor, Keith. 

Banffshire Branch of Educational Institute of Scotland — David Stewart, M.A., 
Aberchirder, president; John Reid, M.A., Portgordon, vice-president; James Innes, 
M.A., Botriphnie, secretary ; Alex. Donald, M.A., Ordiquhill. treasurer. 

Inspector of Schools — Alexander Lobban, Keith. 

Miscellaneous Societies and Institutions. 

United Banffshire Agricultural Society— Duke of Fife and Duke of Richmond and 
Gordon, patrons ; John A. Badenoch, accountant, Banff, secretary and treasurer. 

Central Banffshire Agricultural Society — The Duke of Richmond and Gordon, 
president ; George Donald, Ladyhill, secretary. 

Spey, Aven, and Fiddichside Farmer Club— Duke of Fife, K.T., patron ; Sir George 
Macpherson Grant, Bart, of Ballindalloch, president ; A. R. Stuart of Inverfiddich, 
Craigellachie, secretary. 

Marnoch and Cornhill Agricultural Society— J. O. Morison of Culvie, convener; 
D. B. Leask, secretary and treasurer ; George Smith, Ordens, hon. assistant seoretary. 

Banffshire Horticultural Society — Duke of Richmond and Gordon and Duke of Fife, 
presidents ; John A. Badenoch, Banff, secretary and treasurer. 

Banffshire Temperance Union, established 1882— C. Y. Michie, Cullen, president ; 
Rev. George Ross, Cullen, vice-president ; Rev. R. E. Gilbert, Grange, secretary ; and 
John M'Murtrie, Macduff, treasurer. The Union consists of Temperance Societies, 


Good Templar Lodges, and Bands of Hope within the County. It has two annual demon- 
strations, in spring and autumn, and is supported entirely by voluntary contributions. 

Banffshire Field Club — William Forbes, Macduff, president; John Yeats, M.A., Banff, 
secretary ; Win, Simpson, Banff, assistant secretary ; Garden M. Hossack, Banff, 
treasurer. Corresponding secretaries — Rev. George Sutherland, Portsoy ; Rev. Alexander 
Bremner, Fyvie ; Messrs James Lawson, Huntly ; John Macdonald, Buckie ; Wm. 
Cramond, LL.D., Cullen; John Runcieman, Auchmill; and A. W. Farquhar, Bracoden. 

Moray Firth Fisheries Association — Wm. Logie, Buckie, president ; Councillor West, 
Macduff ; W. Geddes, Portgordon ; and A. Cowie, fishcurer, Lossiemouth, vice- 
presidents; John L. M'Naughton, solicitor, Buckie, secretary; James Cowie, ■Carrot,' 
Buckie, treasurer. 

Chalmers' Hospital, Banff, for the support and cure of destitute, sick, and diseased 
persons in Banffshire, founded and endowed under trust deed by late Mr Chalmers of 
Clunie. Trustees — Lord-Lieutenant and Member of Parliament for Banffshire ; Sheriff 
and Sheriff-Substitute of Banffshire ; Provost of Banff, Parish Ministers of Banff, Gamrie, 
and Marnoch ; and President of the Society of Solicitors of Banffshire. Factor — Robert 
Duncan, Banff. Matron — Miss Calder. Chaplain or Scripture Reader — Alex. Cowieson. 

Central Banffshire Farmers' Defence Association — President, John Morrison of Knock ; 
secretary and treasurer, George Donald, Ladyhill, Grange. 

Banffshire Society of Solicitors — President, James Morrison, Banff; treasurer, W. J. 
Watson, Banff ; librarian, R. G. Shirreffs, Banff. Poors Agents for 1898 — Alexander 
George, Macduff ; John L. M'Naughton, Buckie ; and Wm. Robb, Keith. 

Banffshire Constabulary Athletic Club — President, D. Haig, chief constable ; 
secretary, Sergeant Sloracb, Banff. 


There are 649 Volunteer Artillerymen, including Companies at Fraserburgh and 
Peterhead ; and 668 Rifle Volunteers attached to the county, the Rifles belonging « holly 
to Banffshire. 

1st Banff Volunteer Artillery— Headquarters at Banff. Staff Officers— Hon. 

Colonel, The Duke of Fife, K.T.; Lieut. -Colonel 

Major C. G. Masson, Peterhead ; Major J. J. George, Macduff ; Adjutant, Captain W- 
R. Arnold, R.A., Banff; Quarter-Master, J. Cranna, Fraserburgh : Surgeon-Majors, W- 
Fergusson, M.D., Banff ; W. L. Stewart, M.D., Portsoy ; Surgeon-Captains, F. W. Grant, 
M.D., Elgin ; Stewartson Clark, M.D., Cullen ; Surgeon-Lieutenants, W. D L Ander- 
son, Peterhead ; A. B. Lyon, M.B., Macduff ; Acting Chaplains, Rev. A. M. Gibson, 
V.D., Portsoy ; Rev. J. B. Davidson, Peterhead ; Rev. P. T. Clark, Gardenstown ; Rev. 
W. S. Bruce, D.D., Banff ; Rev. M. P. M. S. Johnstone, Fraserburgh ; Rev. W. T. T. 
Macdonald, Cullen ; Rev. J. Wellwood, Lossiemouth ; Rev. R. Coupar, B.D., Macduff. 
Sergt. -Instructors— Sergeant-Major, F. W. Cooper, Banff ; Company-Sergeant-Majors, 
W. Davidson, Cullen ; F. J. M'Lintic, Lossiemouth ; G. Higgens, Portsoy ; G. Hogg, 
Gardenstown ; G. Sealey, Macduff ; J. Smith, Fraserburgh ; and J. H. Tripp, Peter- 
head ; Quarter-Master-Sergeant J. S. Mearns, Banff; O.-R. -Sergeant G. Pine, Banff; 
Armourer-Sergt. G. Littlejohn, Gardenstown; Sergt. -Trumpeter J. Stewart, Cullen. 

6th V.B. Gordon Highlanders (Banffshire Rifles). — Headquarters, Keith. 
Staff Officers — Hon. Colonel, John Gordon Smith ; Colonel Commanding, George Smith 
Grant, Auchorachan ; Major John G. Fleming, Keith ; Captain A. F. Douglas Hamilton 
(Cameron Highlanders), Keith, Adjutant ; Surgeon-Major R! S. Turner, Keith ; Rev. 
W. R. Pirie, Keith, Chaplain ; Surgeon-Lieut. W. R. Duguid, Buckie ; Surgeon-Lieut. 
J. Taylor, Army Medical Reserve, Keith ; Surgeon-Lieut. A. Grant, Dufftown ; Surgeon- 
Lieut. T. A. Se.llar, Aberlour ; Surgeon-Lieut. A. B. Whitton, Aberchirder ; Quarter- 
master A. Davidson, Keith ; Lieut. T. Mitchell, Keith, commanding the cycle section. 
Staff-Sergeants— Sergeant-Major J. Inns, Keith ; Quartermaster-Sergeant W. Robertson, 
Keith ; Sergeant-Instructor J. Davidson (Gordon Highlanders), Banff ; Sergt. -Instructor 
P. Galletly (2nd Gordon Highlanders), Aberlour ; Sergeant-Instructor A. Stewart (2nd 
Gordon Highlanders), Buckie ; Sergeant-Instructor W. Murray (Gordon Highlanders), 
Minmore ; Sergeant-Instructor E. Reynolds (1st Gordon Highlanders), Dufftown ; Orderly 
Room Sergeant W. E. Dawson, Keith ; Sergeant-Bugler A. Ettles, Keith ; Bandmaster 
Sergeant J. M'Gregor, Keith ; Pipe-Major J. Fraser, Banff ; Sergeant Master Tailor G. 
Mitchell, Keith. Amount of capitation and other allowances for 1897, £1438 15s. 
Enrolled strength, 663, being 618 efficients and 45 non-efficients. 




(From Banffshire Journal of March 30, 1897.) 

By the courtesy of the several officials of School Boards in Banffshire, we are enabled 
to present our readers with what we believe will be considered an interesting tabular 
statement of the remuneration made to them for the discharge of their duties by their 
respective Boards. There are no details of these payments to be found in any of the 
Blue Books published for the Scotch Education Department : — 

Returns relative to the Remuneration of School Board Officials in Banffshire, 1897. 



"o to 

GO h 


School Boari 




.2 § 

m ^ 

Election — 




£ CO 

.2 £ 

Retun ling- 

paid to 



r3 CB 


03 O 


Fee if 










5 j>j 

.3 CO 

a s 

5 c 

Election is 


:S ^ - 

■O <D 






£ s. 

£ s. 




£ S. 


£ S. D. 

£ B. 




12 12 

8 1 



6 6 








5 5 

1 "i 


Banff (B), ... 







6 6 



Do. (L.), Ord... 

















Botriphnie, . . . 














5 *5 





3 10 



5 5 











Desk ford 







5 5 





16 11 




3 3 




37 10 

11 4 




12 12 








2 10 



5 5 









6 6 

2 "2 

3 "3 






2 10 



3 13 


10 6 









6 6 

1 10 





15 15 




3 3 















9 "6 

3 3 


Kirkmichael ... 




2 10 



3 3 










4 4 










4 4 








3 « 6 

Rathven and 









3 3 









6 (i 

* In the cases of Ord and Cabrach, the allowance for polling- clerk is included 
in the returning officer's fee. 

In almost all the parishes and school districts, the fees to returning officers, above 
specified, are exclusive of allowances to polling clerks and of the necessary outlays 
disbursed by them for printing, postages, stationery, posting notices, &c, and for making 
copy of the electoral roll when authorised by the Department. 

Where the number of polling stations is not stated above, it is believed there is only 




Area, 11,585"137 acres. This extent includes the detached part of the parish of King- Ed ward, 
comprising the estate of Montcoffer, and containing 1081 acres, which, under an Order of the 
Boundary Commissioners issued in November 1890, was from 15th May 1891 separated from 
Aberdeenshire and from the parish of King-Edward, and added to the county of Banff and to 
the parish of Alvah. Valuation for augmented parish, £9931 0s. 7d., of which about £470 10s. 
for fishings and shootings; and £11 for railway. Population in 1891, 1332, in 243 families, 
with 260 houses. St Comb's Well, a spring on farm of Tipperty, and rivulet at Burngrains 
supply the town of Banff with water. Bridge of Alvah erected 1772. Mountblairy House 
erected 1791 ; Dunlugas House erected 1793. 

Heritors — Duke of Fife; Tutois and Curators of Sir George Wm. Abercromby, Bart, of 
Forglen; Colonel F. de Lemare Morison of Mountblairy; Major Francis E. R. Pollard. 
Urquhart of Craigston ; George and Alex. Smith, jun., of Greenlaw ; John Warrack of 
Netherwood; Miss Eliza "Watt of Gellyhill; John Mitchell of Over Inverichny ; John Smith, 
The Coppice, Queniborough, Leicester ; John Pirie of Malyrust ; Mary Smith of Bythston ; 
Charles Todd, S.S.C., 119, Princes Street, Edinburgh ; Thomas G. Watson of Sandlaws, &o. 
Peter Hay of Malyrust; James Mitchell, &c. The Dod, Inveiichny ; Wm. Rae of Lower Wan 
ford, &c; Edward B. Thomson of Eden; clerk, James Morrison, solicitor, Barff. 

Minister, Hugh Fraser. Registrar and Session Clerk, John Kidd, M.A. 

Patronage — £298 0s. 2jd. awarded to late Sir Robert John Abercromby, Bart, of Forglen, 
as compensation under the Church Patronage Act. 

Sacramental Fast Days Thursday before first Sunday of March and Thursday before first 
Sunday of August. In 1898 they will thus be March 3 and August 4. 

Parish Council — Rev. H. Fraser, E.C., chairman ; Wm. Livingstone, Newton of Mount- 
blairy ; J. S. Rae, Burngrains; Geo. Strachan, MoDtcoffer Mains; John Hutcheon, Donnepark, 
Gamrie ; Jas. M'William, Deucbries; Jas. Troup, Brecdless; and Alex. Smith, Greenlaw; F. 
W. Runcie, Brantbrae, inspector ; Wm. Fergusson and J. Barclay, Banff, joint medical officers. 

School Board — Wm. Livingstone, Newton of Mountblairy, chairman ; George Strachan, 
Montcoffer Mains; Adam Davidson, Boghead of Dunlugas; and Col. Morison of Mountblairy. 
F. W. Runcie, Bruntbrae, clerk and treasurer. Teachers — J. Kidd, M.A., Miss J. Wood, and 
Mies J. Low, Alvah School; Mis Panton and Miss Jeannie Glennie, Dunlugas School; 
Linhead School, Mr John H. Fraser, Miss Charlotte S. Dawson, and Miss Mary H. Fraser. 

Mails — Mrs Home, Pole of Itlaw, postmistress. Arrival, 9'35 a.m. ; despatch, 9'45 a.m. 
by runner to and from Banff. Telegraph Office — Banff. 


Area, 6217-996 acres. Valuation, £18,880 7s. 6d., of which in landward part £6299 6s. 6d.j 
£590 for fishings in river and sea; with £496 for railway; and in Burgh £12,581 Is. 
Population in 1891, 4763, forming 1116 families, living in 942 houses. In landward portion of 
parish population is 901, forming 177 families with 176 houses. 

Old Castle of Inchdrewer dates from 16th century. Duff House, built by Earl William in 
the years 1740-45, after design by the elder Adams, at an expense of £70,000. 

Parish Council — Henry Munro, chairman ; Geo. Camming, Wm. Robertson, Peter Lyon, 
Peter Milne, James Christie, James Lobban, David Shier, John Wood. Landward Committee 
—John Barclay, Cowfords, chairman; James Pirie, Little Blairshinnoch ; James Dawson, 
lOchagan ; John Low, Easter Lochagan ; Alex. Taylor, Blackloanhead ; and Wm. Joss, Blair- 



shinnoch ; inspector, Chas. W. Cosser ; John Barclay, medical officer ; Alexander Scott, 
Scboolhouse, Hilton, Clerk ti Landward Committee. Cemetery — George Mavor, keeper. 

Ord, erected quoad sacra parish July 25, 1869. It comprises part of Banff Parish, with popu- 
lation of 355, part of Alvah, with population of 143, part of Boyndie, with population of 190, 
and part of Marnoch, with population of 100. Minister, vacant. 

Ord shares with Mamoch the benefits of the Glasgow Bequest (see under Marnoch). 

Heritors — Duke of Fife, Dowager Countess of Seafield, Trustees and Executors of late Sir 
Robt. J. Abercromby, Bart, of Forglen; Jas. Simpson & Sons of Inverboyndie, Alex. Watt of 
Hillhead, Dr Barclay of Linksfield. Jas. Bisset of Paddocklaw, A. O. Stevenson of Blairsbinnoch, 
A. Chalmers of Gowanhill, Jacob Chalmers of Gawnsmoss ; clerk, D. Baxter, T. & C. Bank. 

Banff and Ord School Board — John Barclay, Cowfords, chairman; Alexander Milne, Tod- 
holes; Wm. Cock, Culbeuchly; Alexander Beanet, Lower Blairmaud; John Alexander, Weachey- 
burn. Wm. Joss, Blairshinnoch Cottage, clerk and treasurer. Alexander Scott, M.A., 
teacher, Hilton School; Miss Nellie Ferguson, assistant teacher. Miss Maggie AdamsoD, 
teacher, Headrooms School. Miss Betsy Adamson, sewiDg mistress. 

Holidays in lieu of Fast Days. 

Industries — Distilling — James Simpson & Sons. 


Area, 7119'934 acres. Population in 1891, 2113, in 398 families, living in 373 houses. 
Valuation, £86-10 15s. 10d., of which about £966 is for buildings, £194 for fishings and shoot- 
ings ; with £670 for railway ; and £137 2s. miscellaneous. Banffshire Lunatic Asylum at 
Ladysbridge, opened May 1, 1865. Woodpark Asylum opened June 1, 1880. Ruins of 
ancient Castle of Boyne on farm of Brangan. 

Village of Whitehills has population of 1097, in 237 families, living in 222 houses. Formed 
iuto Special Water Supply District in 1879. 

Whitehills Harbour Commissioners — Chairman, Geo.Findlay; clerk, John A. Badenoch, Banff. 

Heritors— Dowager Countess of Seafield, Duke of Fife, Banff shire Lunacy Board; clerk, 
Fm-tor for Seafield. Cullen House. 

Ministers — Jas. G. Ledingham, M.A., Established Church ; Wm. Anderson, Free Church. 
Registrar, John M'Cullooh ; and Session Clerk, John M'Culloch. 

Sacramental Fast Days have been abolished in parish. 

Parish Council — John Hay, Black Culphin, Chairman ; Alex. Bennett, Geo. Lovie, Robert 
Napier, Wm. Rae, Wm. Seivwright, Henry Watson, William WatsoD, and Wm. Wright ; 
John M'Culloch, Inspector ; Wm. Fergusson, Banff, medical officer. 

School Board — Robert Turner, Chairman ; George Smith, James Addison, Alexander 
Murray ; and Robert Napier, members ; John M'Culloch, Clerk and Treasurer. Teachers — 
Boyndie Public School, Wm. Ledingham, M. A., master; Miss Cowie, assistant ; Whitehills 
Public School, Geo. Wilson, M.A., master; Miss Barclay, Miss Stuart, Miss Alexander, and 
Miss Michie, assistants ; Blairmaud Public School, Miss Adamson, teacher. 

Parish Church Library — Rev. J. G. Ledingham, president ; Wm. Ledingham, M.A., 
librarian ; John M'Culloch, treasurer. 

Boyndie Conservative Association — Robt. Turner, chairman ; John M'Culloch, secretary. 

Detachment of No. 2 Coy., 1st Banff Artillery Volunteers. 

Industries — Brick and Tile Works, Alex. Brodie. Fishing, 32 boats. 

Mails — James Addison, postmaster, Whitehills. First arrival, 9 a.m., and seoond arrival 
and despatch, 1*30 p.m. Telegraph Office — Whitehills. 


Area, 6306'854 acres. Population in 1891, 714, in 137 families, living in 135 houses. 
Valuation, £4689 17s. 2d., including £183 for shootings and fishings. Forglen House founded 
1839 ; the old house was built about 1440. 

Heritors — Trustees and Executors of late Sir R. J. Abercromby, Bart. ; J. Harvey of 
Camousie ; Lieut. -Colonel Morison of Mountblairy ; clerk, James Morrison, solicitor, Banff. 

Ministers — George Lawson, M.A., Established Church; Free Church, Rev. Peter M'Laren. 

Sacramental Fast Days on Thursday before the first Sundays of March and August. In 
1898 they will thus be March 3 and August 4. 

Registrar— William Lorimer. Session-Clerk — William Lorimer. 


Parish Council — Wm. Paterson, Auldtown of Carnousie, chairman ; Rev. George Lawson, 
Rev. Peter M'Laren, Alex. Davidson, Bogton ; Fred. Henderson, The Smithy, Carnousie ; Jas. 
Ross, Newton of Carnousie ; and Wm. Smith, merchant, Bogton ; John L. Keith, Turriff, 
inspector. Parish holds two shares in Buchan Combination Poor-house, and nominates 
as manager, Wm. Smith, Bogton. 

School Board — Rev. George Lawson, chairman ; Alexander Davidson, Bogton ; Wm. Bisset, 
Carnousie; James Ross, Newton of Carnousie; and Geo, Webster, Eastside. John L. Keith, 
Turriff, clerk aud treasurer. Teachers — Forglen Public School, William Lorinier, M.A., 
headmaster; Miss Hadden and Miss Wilson, assistants. 

Mails — Alex. Scott, postmaster. Messenger leaves Turriff at 9'40 a.m.; arrives at Forglen 
post-office at 11*15 a.m.; and Netherdale receiving box at 12'20 p.m. Leaves Netherdale at 
12'25 p.m.; Forglen, 1'45 p.m.; and reaches Turriff, 3'15 p.m. Messenger leaves Turriff, 9'40 
a.m.; arrives Kebholes, 125 p.m. Leaves Kebholes at 1 p.m.; and reaches Turriff 3"15 p.m. 


Area, 17,293-270 acres. Population in 1891, 7003 forming 1529 families, living in 1323 
houses. Valuation, £22,079 15s. lid. Value of railways, £1071. Old Kirk of Gamrie, 
erected 1004, and used as a place of worship till 1830. In 1874, the Estate of Greenskares was 
presented by Dr James Taylor to Aberdeen University, the revenue to be applied to bursaries 
for students belonging to or wholly educated in Banffshire. 

Heritors — Duke of Fife ; F. A. Garden of Troup ; Senatus of Aberdeen University as 
Trustees for Greenskares; James Watt of Whitehall; Mrs M. Mitchell of Balgreen ; G. M. 
Allan of Montbletton ; Alex, and Miss Jane M'Robert of MaiDS of Cullen ; Miss Eliza Watt of 
Gellyhill; Alex. Mitchell of Dounepark ; George Gill of Bloodymire ; Wm. M'Kay of Easter 
Melrose : Alex. Cowie of Easter Montbletton ; Alex, and George Shand of Cornhill ; James 
Cowie of Silverford; Mrs S. Mitchell of Crystal Dounepark ; Francis Fordyca of Easter Silver- 
ford ; Miss Helen Beg? of Boghead ; Alex. Murray of Hillside of Jackston ; Alex. George of 
Viewmount ; Walter Donald of Newton of Melrose ; ReDrs. of Alex. Walker of Whitestones ; 
Alex. Minty of West Longmanhill ; John Riach of Outseat ; Reprs. of A. M'Donald of Bonny- 
ton ; Mrs Janet Paterson of East Longmanhill ; Wm. Birnie of Easter Melrose Croft ; George 
Hay of Cairn of Melrose ; James Geddes of Bogs of Melrose ; Miss Jessie Clark of Mid Long- 
manhill ; James Murray of Faichfaulds -, Wm. Irvine of Bruntyards ; Wm. Leslie of Gellymill 
Haugh ; Miss Agnes Barry of Jackston Croft ; George Taylor of Fortrie Croft ; Joseph Robinson 
of Jackston Croft ; John Ridded of Overseat; James Raaburn of Easter Melrose Croft, and 
A. Watson of Melrose. Residences — Tore of Troup and Greenskares House. 

Parish Council — John James George, chairman ; Macduff members — Rev. R. Coupar, E.C.; 
Rev. Joseph Gardner, F.C.; and John Gordon. Landward Committee — Gamrie members, 
Rev. P. T. Clark, G. M. Allan, W. Davidson (chairman), W. A. J. Kidd, J. Reid, and W. 
Wilson ; Gardenstown members, William Watt and George West. James Gray, Macduff, 
clerk, inspector, and collector ; J. Milne, Dubford, assistant inspector, and clerk to Landward 
Committee; Drs A. B. Lyon, Macduff, and A. D. Vardon, Gamrie, medical officers; D. 
Chalmers, Gardenstown, and J. Morrison, Macduff, registrars. 

School Board — Rev. P. T. Clark, Gamrie, chairman ; Rev. Joseph Gardner, F.C., Rev 
R. Coupar, E.C., Macduff; Rsv. A. Drummond, Congregational Church; Joseph Bisset, John 
Ritchie, Alex. Wilson, Macduff; W. Davidson, farmer, Northfield ; and R. Alexander, The 
Garden. Alexander George, solicitor, Macduff, clerk and treasurer. John Barclay, officer 
for Macduff district ; and G. Wallace, for Gamrie district. Teachers — David Renton, Macduff 
Public School ; Mrs Nicol, Murray's School, Macduff ; A. W. Farquhar, Bracoden 
School ; John Badenoch, M.A., Clinterty School ; James Carnie, Longmanhill School. 

Sacramental Fast Days in 1898 — 23rd June and 10th November. 

Mails — Miss G. Ingram, Dubford, postmistress, and W. Ingram, Gardenstown, postmaster. 
Post leaves Gardenstown at 8 a.m., and Dubford 8'20 a.m.; Macduff, 9'40 a.m.; arrives at 
Banff 9'55 a.m.; leaves Banff 3'15 p.m.; Macduff, 3'30 p.m.; arrives at Dubford 5 p.m., 
arrives at Gardenstown 5'25 p.m. Post leaves Banff 7'15 a.m ; Macduff, 7'30 a.m.; arrives 
at Dubford 9 a.m.; arrives at Gardenstown 9"15 a.m.; leaves Gardenstown 3'15 p.m., and 
Dubford 3"30 p.m.; arrives at Banff 5'10 p.m. Post leaves Dubford at 9"10 a.m., arrives 
at Aberdour at 11"50 a.m.; leaves Aberdour at 12'30 p.m., arrives at Dubford at 
3*10 p.m. : foot runner leaves Dubford at 5 p.m. in summer, and 9 '15 a.m. in winter, 
goes to Clinterty, Minnonie, Logie, and Cushnie, and returns to Dubford at 7 p.m. in 
summer and 11*15 a.m. in winter. Post runner leaves Longmanhill at 8'45 a.m., arrives at 
Silverhillocks at 9'15 a.m. ; leaves Silverhillocks at 3 - 55 p.m., arrives at Longmanhill at 
4'25 p.m.; at Bush at 5'10 p.m. L. Henry, postmaster, Longmanhill. Mail gig carrying 
passengers leaves Gardenstown 8 a.m. and 3 - 15 p.m., and Dubford 8'20 a.m. and 3*30 p.m. for 
Banff ; leaves Banff 7'15 a.m. and 3*15 p.m. for Gardenstown. J. Johnston, mail contractor. 


GAMRIE (Quoad Sacra). 

The quoad civilia parish of Gamrie contains three ecclesiastical divisions — Macduff, Gamrie, 
and Gardenstown. (For Macduff, see page 25.) 

Gamrie q.s. population 1334, forming 248 families, living in 242 houses. 

Churches— E.C., Rev. P. T. Clark ; F.C., Rev. D. S. Dykes. Session-Clerk— A. W. Farquhar. 

Societies — Gamrie Literary Society, A. W. Farquhar, secretary ; Amateur Dramatic Society, 
J. L. Murison, secretary; Public Games Committee, George Littlejohu and James Young, 
secretaries; Women's Guild, Miss M. Clark, secretary : Debating Society, W. Wood, secretary. 

Gamrie Ploughing Match Association — Geo. Littlejohn. secretary. 

GARDENSTOWN (Quoad Sacra). 

Gardenstown erected quoad sacra parish in 1885. Population 1505, forming 323 families, 
in 257 houses. 

Churches— E.C., Rev. Jas. Wilson, M.A., B.D.; U.P., Rev. A. T. Ogilvie, M.A. Session 
Clerk — John Fordyce, Gardenstown. 

Societies — Choral Society, W. Chalmers, cooduetor; Branch of Moray Firth Fisheries Associa- 
tion, Wm. Still, secretary ; Women's Guild, Mrs WilsoD, secretary. Good Templar Lodge. 

Public Offices — Bank (North of Scotland), D. Chalmers, M. A.; Savings Bank, Telegraph Office, 
&c, W. Ingram, M.A. ; Coastguard Station, H. Mogford; Harbour Master — Capt. J.T. Nicolson. 

No. 3 Company 1st Banff Volunteer Artillery — A. D. Vardon, captain; William Laird, 
lieutenant; D. Tudhope, 2nd lieutenant; chaplain, Rev. P. T. Clark. G. Hogg, sergeant- 
instructor. Total strength, 72. Capitation grant, £161. 


Village of Gardenstown founded 1720 by Alexander Garden of Troup. Present superior, 
F, A. Garden. Population 1139, in 242 families, living in 180 houses. Valuation, £1406 5s. 10d. 

Village of Crovie, about a mile east of Gardenstown, dates from beginning of last century. 
Population 298, forming 73 families, living in 71 houses. Valuation, £220 10s. 

Industry of Gardenstown and Crovie is fishing. Herring boats, 50 ; haddock boats, 45 ; and 
tenders, 40 — total, 135. Gardenstown was the first herring fishing station on the Moray Firth, 
fishing having been commenced 1812. Ropeworks, James Daniel. 


Area, 7685'041 acres. Population in 1891, 826, forming 154 families, living in 154 houses. 
Valuation, £5470 6s. 10d., of which £135 lis. for shootings and fishings. 

Heritors — T. G. Rose Innes of Netherdale ; William M'Hardy of Balnoon ; Trustees 
of John Forbes of Haddo ; Representatives of William Byres, Mains of Tollo ; Trustees of 
Chalmers' Hospital; James White of Lenshaw; Trustees of late Alex. Andrew of Easter, 
field- Alex. Stuart of Laithers; John M'Combie, Shiel Cottage; Alex, Murray, jun., and 
Annie and Jeannie Murray, Hillbrae; Chas. Shearer, Mains of Auchingoul ; Rev. Jn. Souter, 
Auchingoul ; clerk, Jas. Morrison, solicitor, Banff. 

Minister — J. Souter, Established Church. Registrar — William Martin. Session-Clerk — 
Rev. J. Souter. 

Sacramental Fast Days second Fridays of May and November. In 1898 they. will thus he 
May 13 and November 11. 

Parish Council — Alex. G. D. M'Killigan, Midtown of Haddo, chairman ; Rev. John Souter, 
The Manse; John M'Combie, Auchinhamper ; Jas. Lumsden, Lenshie; Geo. Hall, Balnoon; 
Geo. Alexander, South Balnoon ; and Wm. Anderson, Backhills ; P. Chapman, inspector; C. 
Smith, A. B. Whitton, and Peter Grant Hay, medical officers. 

School Board— Rev. John Souter, chairman; Alex. G. D. M'Killigan, Midtown of Haddo; 
George Alexander, South Balnoon ; Jos. Garden, BoyndsMill House, Forgue; Joseph Mathie- 
son Woodlands. Peter Chapman, Bogour, clerk and treasurer. John Cowie, officer. 
Teachers— Miss Gatt, Easterfield ; Wm. Martin, Kirkton. 

Mails — Mr James Walker, sub postmaster. Messenger despatched from Turriff daily at 
10 a.m. for Inverkeithny, arriving there at half-past 12, Messenger leaves Kirktown Post-Office 


at 1 p.m. on the return journey, Turriff being reached in time for afternoon south mail. 
There is no Sunday delivery. 


Area, 15,04r273 acres. Population in 1891, 3006, forming 676 families, living in 676 houses, 
Valuation, £12,506 16s. 10d., of which £48 is for railway. Mansions— Netherdale, Auchintoul, 
and Clunie. , 

Heritors- -Duke of Fife; Reps, of W. J. Tayler of Glenbarry ; Reprs. of late Sir R. W. Duff of 
Fetteresso, Trustees of John Forbes of Haddo ; T. G. Rose limes of Netherdale ; Edward 
Alexander Thurburn of Mayen ; John Harvey of Carnousie ; James O. Morison of Culvie; 
L. D. Gordon Duff of Thorax ; W. T. Reid of Ardmeallie ; Trustees of Chalmers' Hospital ; 
Alex. George of Viewinouat, Macduff; Win. Patersoa of Longhaugh ; Win, Iugratn, Rothen; 
Dr Charles Smith, Turtory House ; James Low, Janefielii ; James Bodie, Alex. Bodie, Alex. 
M'Hardy, and Alex. M'Pherson, Aberchirder Unexhausted teinds, £521. 

Ministers — Eev. James Allan, M.A., Establi<?bei Church ; George Johnston, Free Church; 
John M'Raith, U.P. Church; vacant, Episcopal Church. Registrar, Henry Wilson. 
Session Clerk— David Stewart, M.A. 

Sacramental Fast Days Thursdays before first Sunday of March and last Sunday of August. 
In 1898 they will be Mirjb 3 and August 25. 

Parish Council — Parish Ward, 8 Councillors — Wa. Barclay, Glenbarry; Geo. Donaldson, 
Auldtown of Netherdale; Francis George, Littlefield; Wm. Grant, lOonghaugh; Alexander; 
Minty, Brae3ide ; James O. Morison of Culvie; Wm. Murray, Mains of Pittendroigh; and 
Charles Webster, Mill of Auchintoul. Burgh of Aberchirder Ward, 5 Councillors — Frank 
Anderson, Wm. Auchinachie, Joseph M'Keozie. Charles Paul, Wm. Smith ; chairman of 
Council, Wm. Auchiaachie ; chairman of Parisb Ward, James O. Morison ; Henry Wilson, 
inspector; Charles Smith and Alfred B. Whitton, medical officers. The parish rents two 
beds in the Buchan Combination Poor House. 

School Board — Wm. Auchinachie, Aberchirder, chairman ; Wm. Barclay, Glenbarry; Wm. 
Murray, Mains of Pittendreigh ; John S. Stewart, Aberchirder ; J. O. Morison, yr. of Culvie; 
Charles Bodie, Aberchirder ; and Alexander Minty, Braeside. Wm. Smith, clerk and trea- 
surer. Teachers — Aberchirder Public School, Davil Stewart, A.M., headmaster; Jessie 
Smith, L.L.A.; Jeanie Duncan, Mrs Eobina Findlater, and Mary T. Benuie, assistant 
teachers. Marnoch Public School, William C. Shand. Blacklaw Public School, Thomaa 
M'Lennan. Netherdale Public School, Jessie Merson. Culvie Public School, Jessie M'lvor. 
Episcopal School, Aberchirder, Annie M'Gillivray. 

The Glasgow Bequest, founded in terms of the will of the late George Christie, merchant, 
Glasgow. The fund amounts to £2656, and the revenue is to be bestowed on poor persons of 
respectable character above fifty years of age, not on the parish funds, resident in Marnoch 
and Ord, the amount paid to each recipient not to exceed £5 per annum. The Trustees 
are the two Senior Bailies of the Burgh of Banff, and the Parish Ministers of Banff and Ord. 

Aberchirder, founded 1746. Superior, Alex. George of Viewmount, Macduff. Population 
in 1891, 1222, forming 331 families, living in 32S houses. Valuation, £1926 13s. 8d. Aber- 
chirder constituted a bur^h on 27th November 1889 by adoption of General Police and 
Improvement (Scotland) Act, 1S62. Number of Commissioners, nine — Provost, William 
Auchinachie; Biilies — William Smith and Douglas B. L9aek ; Joseph M'Kenzio, Frank 
Anderson, William Grant, Leslie Grigor, Charles Paul, John S. Stewart. North of Scotland 
Bank — Douglas B. Lea9k. Solicitor — Wm. Grant. Horticultural Society — President, 
Wm. Murray, Mains of Pittendreigh; secretary, Wm. Auchinachie ; treasurer, Wm, Smith. 
The Marnoch Deposit and Friendly Society — Henry Wilson, secretary. St Marnan's Lodge 
of Oddfellows — James Watt, saddler, secretary. Total Abstinence Sooiety — President, Wm. 
Smith; secretary, W. Auchinachie. Curlirig and Skating Club — President, Mr A. Cowie, 
Turtory; secretary, Mr D. B. Leask. Draughts Club — President, Mr John S. Stewart; 
secretary, Mr W. Grant. 

Sub-Di vision of A Company, 6th V.B. Gordon Highlanders— Lieut. W. M. Smith, 2nd Lieut. 
A. M. EobertsoD, Surg.-Lieut. A. B. Whitton. Total strength, 50. Capitation grant, £102 7s. 

Bose Innes Cottage Hospital at Aberchirder, for benefit of parishes of Marnoch and 
Forglen, founded in terms of will of late Miss E. O. Rose Innes of Oldtown of Netherdale. 
Matron, Nurse Bella Oughton Stewart. 

Mails — Mrs Geddes, postmistress, Aberchirder. Box closes for despatch for Huntly, 10 
p.m.; to Banff, 1215 p.m. Arrivals from Banff, 9 - 30 a.m.; from Huntly, 12'55 p.m. Side Post 
Office at Bridge of Marnoch, sub Huntly ; and pillar box at Netherdale, sub Turriff. Tele- 
graph Office— Aberchirder. 



Area, 4758"104 acres. Population in 1891, 684, forming 134 families, living in 134 houses. 
Valuation, £3973 12s. Id., of which £609 is for railway. 

Village of Cornhill founded 1817. Population, 111, forming 30 families, living in 30 
houses. Mutual Improvement Society — A. Gray, secretary. 

Sole heritor — Thomas Duff Gordon Duff of Drummuir and Park. 

Ministers — Wm. Macvicar, Established Church ; G. G. Macdonald, Free Church. 

Registrar and Session Clerk — Alex. Donald, Schoolhouse, Gordonstown. 

Parish Council — T. D. Gordon Duff, chairman ; Francis Fiddes, Scatterty; Wm. "Walker, 
Midtown ; Peter Robertson, MosBtown; Alex. Roes, Claymires; Wm. Taylor, Auchandland ; 
and Jas. Chalmers, Cornhill ; Alex. Gray, Mill of Park, inspector ; Charles Smith, Kinnairdy, 
and A. B. Whitton, medical officers. 

School Board — James Cowie, V.S., Little Greendykes, chairman; William Taylor, Aucb- 
andland ; Alex. Ross, Claymires; Wm. Walker, Midtown; Geo. Allan, Oldtown. Clerk 
and treasurer, Alex. Gray, Mill of Park ; W. Neish, officer. Teacher — Alex. Donald, M.A., 
Gordonstown ; Miss Dawson, assistant teacher. Park Female School — Miss Farquhar, Cornhill. 

Cornbill Horticultural Society — Alex. Donald, Schoolbouse, secretary. 

Loyal Corncaim Lodge of Oddfellows, No. 1153— G.M., Geo. Raffan ; N.G., W. Fraser; 
V.G., John Neish; secretary, A. Stewart; Treasurer, Abercromby M'Gregor. 

Cornhill Draughts Club — Secretary, A. Murdoch, Cornhill. 

Cornhill Musical Association — Hon. president, Mrs Gordon Duff ; president, James Hay; 
vice-president, William Walker: secretary and treasurer, William Gray. 

Gordonstown Draught Club — President, Mr A. Donald, M.A.; sec. and treas., J. Webster. 

Hay's Memorial Hall in Cornbill, presented to Ordiquhill by William Hay, Wyuna, 
Australia (a native of the parish), and opened by Mr Thos. D. G. Duff of Drummuir and Park, 
on Thursday, 18th January 1894. Trustees — Mr Duff of Drummuir; Rev. Wm. Macvicar, 
E.C.; Rev. G. G. Macdonald, F.C., Mr John Hay, Black Culpbin ; and Mr James Hay, Bracken, 
hills, and their heirs and successors. The hall cost over £2000. 

Sacramental Fast Days will be observed in 1898 on Friday May 6, and Friday November 4. 

Mails — John Chalmers, saddler, Cornhill, postmaster. Arrivals from Banff, by foot, 
messenger, 10 a.m.; by train, 7'30 p.m.; from Keith, 11*40 a.m. Despatches for Banff, 8'40 
a.m., 11'50 a.m.; for Keith, 11'45 a.m. The messengers from Banff and Keith deliver letters 
in village of Cornhill. A foot messenger goes to Brodiesord daily on the arrival of foot 
messenger from Banff; and returns at 11'55 a.m. 

The other portions of the County are contained in — 

Section II. — Cullen (Burgh and Parish), Buckie, Buchpool, Portgprdon, Enzie,. 
Rathven, Deslford, Portsoy, and Fordyce. 

Section III. — Keith, Fife-Keith, Grange. Rothiemay, Ca.brach, Botriphnie T 
Mortlach, Duftotvn, Glenrinnes, Boharm, Aberlour, Inveraven, and Kirlc- 




Banff is reputed to have been made a Royal Burgh by Malcolm Caninore, and is mentioned 
as Royalty 1057. Population in 1891 — in Parliamentary burgh, 7598, in 1807 families, with 
1507 bouses ; in Banff (Royal) burgb, population, 3876, forming 939 families, living in 766 
houses. Valuation, £12,581 Is.; and £286 for railways— ►otal, £12,867 If. 

Banff Castle is of early date, and was the birthplace of Archbishop Sharp, 1613. Chalmers' 
Hospital, founded 1861. (See under County.) 

Bequests — Alexander Pirie bequeathed his estate to the Town Council for provision of a 
free school for 'children of poor, honest people;' School in Cluny Street (after »n existence 
of eighty- three years), with trust funds, £1200, supplemented by £895 from late Miss Strachan 
of Cortes, transferred to Banff Education Trust, 22nd November 1888. — Alexander Cassy's 
charitable fund, of which Town Council are Trustees, has capital of £18,489 7s. 5d. The 
interest is spent in annuities to pojr, aeed, and infirm persons incapable of maintaining 
themselves by labour, helpless orphans, and other deserted children bom within the burgh 
of Banff. List year, 54 adults, and childrea of 16 different families were recipients to the 
amount of £438 12s. 5d, — Misses Russell's bounty provides about £10 a year to each of 15 old 
women belonging to the town of Banff or neighbourhood. — Miss Wilson's bounty provides about 
£6 ayear to each of six tradesmen and six unmarried females, who have resided in Bauff for 
twenty years. — Miss Anderson's bequest yields about £5 annually to each of two indigent old 

Museum in Public School Buildings transferred to management of Magistrates and Town 
Council in 1875. Keeper and curator — John Lemmon. Convener of Committee — Bailie 

Town Council — Provost Henry Munro, Bailies .Tas. Christie, P. Lyon, and Win. Alexander, 
Treasurer, James Forbes. Dean of Guild, R. Mitchell. Councillors. Alexander Watt, Geo. 
Anderson, and another Councillor to be elected. Town-clerk, John Allan. Chamberlain, 
George Shearer. Clerk to the Council as Commissioners under the Burgh Police Act, 1892, 
as Local Authority under Publio Health Act, and Road Trustees under Road Acts — Francis 
George. Alex. SimpsoD, collector and treasurer. John A. Badenoch, auditor. Surveyor and 
Sanitary Inspector, John Briggs, C.S.A. 

Burgh Court — John Allan, clerk ; Francis George, Procurator-Fiscal; W. J. Watson, Pro- 
secutor under section 25 of Public Houses Acts. 

Harbour Trustees — The Provost, Bailies, Dean of Guild, and Treasurer. Elected by ship 
and boat owners — John W. Simpson, Wm. Robertson, grain merchant; Wm. Crawford, and 
Alex. Watt, " Watt." Elected by traders — Geo. Reid, sawmill owner, and James Williamson, 
merchant. Geo. Shearer, clerk. Harbour master, collector of dues and berthing master. 
Captain James Dockar; George CummiDg, auditor. 

Burgh School Board — Rev. Dr Bruce, chairman ; Wm. Alexander, Joseph Eankine, Peter 
Milne, John Barclay, M.D., Wm. Donald, M.D., Alexander Watt, Robert Mitchell, and John 
Garden. Clerk — John A. Badenocb, accountant. Wm. Watson, treasurer. Teachers — 
Rector, John Wilson, M.A., LL.D. Higher Department— Wm. Philip, M.A., B.Sc; Edward 
Mearns, M.A.; and Miss Bruce, LL.A. Standard teachers — William Shand, M.A., Miss 
Shepherd, Miss Mearns, Mis9 Sheriffs, Miss M. A. Thomson, and Miss Hughina Dawson. 
The Ramsay School (Infant Department of Banff Burgh School) — Teacher, Miss Mortimer; 
assistant, Miss Georgina Nicol. Episcopal School — Miss Duguid. 

Banff Educational Trust, constituted on 29th June 1888 by scheme under Educational 


Endowments (Scotland) Act. Nine Governors elected as follows : — By Town Council of Banff 
— James WilliamsoD, James Smi'h, and Henry Murjro. Bv School Board of Binff — Dr 
Barclay and Wm. Alexander. By Kirk-Session of Banff — Rev. W. S. Bruce and Alex. Simpson. 
By Sheriff- Substitute of Banff — Alex. Ramsay. Jas. Williamson, chairman ; John Allan, clerk; 
and Wm. Watson, faotor. 

Science and Art Classes — W. Philip and Miss Cruickshank, teachers. G. Shearer, secretary. 
Solicitors — John Allan, Alexander Colville, George A. Cummin?, Clement W. Duncan, James 
Forbes, Francis George, James Grant, Garden M. Hossack, James Morrison, W. J. Watson, 
Alexander Watt. 

Holidays — 1st January, second Monday of May, third Monday of July, and thirl Monday of 

Banks — Union Bank, Robert Wyllie ; Commercial Bank, N. Watt; National Bank, Robt. 
Hardie ; North of Scotland Bank, A. O. Morieou ; Town and County Bank, Daniel Baxter. 

Banff Town and County Property Investment Company — President, James Williamson ; 
vice-president. H. Munro ; law agent, F. George; manager, Wm. Watfon, accountant. 

Gas Light Company — Chairman, G. M. Hossick ; vice-chairman, Henry Munro; manager 
and secretary, W. Marshall. 

Public Accountants — George Cumming, High Shore ; William Watson, North Castle Street ; 
and J. A. Badenocb, High Street ; George Shearer, town chamberlaiu. 
Shipwrecked Mariners' Society — Provost Munro, secretary. 

Ministers — W. S. Bruce, Established Church ; J. W. Geddie, Free Church ; A. B. Rogerson, 
U.P. Church; T. N. Ritson, Methodist Church; A. Boyd, Episcopal Church; Alex. 
Bisset, Roman Catholic Church. 
Registrar — Robert Leask, bookseller. Session Clerk — C. W. Duncan, solicitor. 
Lower District Branch of Scotch Girls' Friendly Society — Mrs Pirie, hon. secretary. 
Bible Society — James Lobban, secretary ; Robert Hardie. treasurer. Young Men's Chris- 
tian Association — Ex-Provost Williamson, president; W. A. Kelman, secretary; James 
Kindness, treasurer. Rooms and hall, Seafield Street; James Williamson, treasurer of building 
fund. Banff Monthly Visitor — Secretary aud treasurer, Mrs Pirie, Castle Street. 

Parish Church Woman's Guild — Hon. pr3ti3ent, Rev. W. S. Bruce; presideat, Mrs Ramsay, 
Earlhill ; vice-president, Mrs Watt ; organising secretary and treasurer, Mrs Bruce. 

Free Church Work Party — President, Miss Miller; vice-president, Mrs Dr Fergusson; 
secretary, Miss Williamson ; treasurer, Miss Rue. 
Band of Hope — Rev. T. N. Ritson, president. 
Lloyd's Agent — John W. Simpson. 

Vice-Consul — Danish, Wm. Watson, North Castle Street. 

Literary Society — Alex. Ramsay, preses ; George Shearer, treasurer ; John W. Simpson, 
secretary ; Alexander Cowieson, librarian. Library contains over 6000 volumes. 

Mutual Improvement Society — Hon. president, Ex-Provost Williamson; president, Thomas 
Waugh; secretary, Alex. Paterson; treasurer, H. Barlow; editor of magazine, James Kindness. 
Musical Association — Conductor, T. Wright; secretary. George Younie. 
Deposit and Friendly Society — Jas. Milne, printer, president; Wm. Longmoie, cabinetmaker, 
secretary ; Bailie Wm. Munro, treasurer. 

Burgh Licensing Joint Committee — Provost Munro, Bailies Jas. Christie and Wm. Alex- 
ander, Banff; ex-Provost George, Macduff; and A. F. Leslie, Montcoffer. 

St Brandon Lodge of the Ancient Noble Order of United Oddfellows, Bolton Unity Friendly 
Society, established at Banff 26th January 1880. Meets every alternate Tuesday. Peter 
Stewart, secretary ; John Wood, treasurer. Wm. Donald, M.D., medical officer. 

6th V.B. Gordon Highlanders, A Company — Captain, George Lyon, officer commanding; 
Lieutenants, C. A. Simpson and E. F. S. George ; Sergeant-Instructor, J. Davidson, 1st 
Gordon Highlanders ; Pipe-Major, John Fraser. Total strength, 80. Total capitation grant, 
£169 19s. 

No. 2 Company, 1st Banff Volunteer Artillery — Captain, Thomas A. Simpson ; Surgeon- 
Major, W. Fergusson, M.D., Army Medical Reserve; ChaplaiD, Rev. Dr Bruce; Sergt. 
Instructor, Sergt.-Major F.W.Cooper; Qr.. Master Sergeant, J. S. Mearne; Ord.-Room-Sergt., 
G. Pirie. Total strength, 67. 
Lifeboat — James Williamson, chairman ; R. Hardie, secretary and treasurer. 
Town and County Club, Boyndie Street, opened September 30, 1881 — The Duke of Fife, 
K.T., president ; Robert Duncan, vice-president ; James Grant, secretary ; G. G. Simpson, 
treasurer. Bowling GreeB and Tennis Court. 

Working Men's Club and Reading Room formally opened by Alex. Ramsay, November 9, 1894. 
Open every week day from 7'30 to 10 - 30, and on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. News- 
papers, magazines, and works of reference are available, as well as bagatelle, draughts, and 
•ther recreations. Five volumes a week are on loan from the library of the Literary Society. 


Hon. chairman, Dr Ramsay; chairman, Bailie Alexander; vice-chairman, Alex. Dick; directors 
— John Shand, George Wilson, Wm. Kiudnese, Wo, Sliaw, J. R. Taylor, James Whjte, and 
A. Pennie. 

Lawn Tennis Club — The Duke of Fife, hon. president; Sheriff Grant, president; W. S. 
Leask, secretary and treasurer. 

Skating and Curling Club— The Duke of Fife, K.T., president; John Forbes, secretary and 

Football Club— W. Rhind, captain; A. Browning, vice-captain; E. F. S. George, secretary 
and treasurer. 

Golf Club — President, Sheriff Grant; captain, G. M. Hossack; secretary and treisurer, D. 
Haig. Secretary of Ladies' Club, Mrs Shirreifs. 

Local Branch Moray Firth Fisheries Asiociation — President, W. Wood, 'King'; vice-pre- 
sident, James Wood, 'Park'; secretary, A'ex. Cormack. 

Dispensary and Soup Kitchen — Provost Munr a. chairman j hon. secretary, Peter Stewart. 

Provincial Grand Lodge of Free Masons of Banffshire — R.W.M., W. T. Beid of Ardnaeallie ; 
D.M., W. F. D. Steuarr, of Auchlunknrt ; S.M., John Chalmers, Banff; S.W., James TouDg, 
Por;soy ; J.W., G. G. Simpson, Banff; Treasurer, A. L. Gillan, Portsoy; secretary, John 
Macdonald, Buckie; Chaplain, Rev. Alex. Boyd, Banff; S D., Alex. Pennie, Banff; J.D., 
John S mppoi, Buckie: Architect, W. Swindler, Dufftown; I.G., Andraw Wilson, Macduff; 
Jeweller, W. J. Marsdtu, Banff; Bible Bearer, James Smitb, Keith; Director of Ceremonies, 
Sergt. Davidson, Cullen ; Director of Music, D. scott Robertson, Banff; Standard Bearer, 
Alexandrr Begg, Duff own ; Sword Bearer, Alexander Dick, Banff ; Tyler, Alexander Scott, 

St John's Operative L^dje of Free Masons — R.W.M , W. J. Mar3den; P.M., G. G. Simpson; 
D.M., John Chalmers; S.M., Dr George Wil?oa ; S.W., James Grant; J.W., James Christie, 
jun.; treasurer and secretary, W. Watson ; S D., Wm. Murray; J.D., A. Gordon; 1st steward, 
Captain Ironside; 2nd steward, A. Horn; chaplain John Simpsoo ; Bible bearer, Leith 
Longmore ; director of music, D. Scott Robertson; inner guard, Jas. Slater; jeweller, Alex. 
Chalmers; architect, John Fraser ; and tyler, Alex. Scott 

St Andrew's Lodge of Free Masons— The Duke of Fife, Honorary Grand Master ; R.W.M. , 
Alex. Peonie ; I. P.M., Alex. Dick; senior warden, Joseph Taylor; junior warden, Forbes 
Watt, ; secretary, Wna. Marshall ; treasurer, G. Anderson; chaplain. Rev. Alex. Boyd, M.A.; 
senior deacon, J. Gordon ; junior deacon, W. Levenie ; stewards, H. Watson, and W. Dick ; 
inner guard, F. W. Cooper, P.M.; tyler, A. Henderson. 

St John's Operative Royal Arch. Chapter No. 4 — 1st principal, W. J. Marsden ; past 1st 
principal, Captain W. R. Arnold, R.A., P.P.Z.; depute principal Z , Garden M. Hossack, 
P.P.Z.; 2nd principal, W. Simpson; 3rd principal, J. S. Fraser; scribe E, Captain W. Ironside; 
scribe N., Sergeant-Major F. W. Cooper; recorder, Captain J. Massie; chancellor, James 
Simpson; treasurer, Wm. Watson; 1st sojourner, R. Murray; 2nd sojourner, J. M'Ewen ; 3rd 
sojourner, Alex. Anderson; sword bearer, James Gilchrist, P.P.Z.; superintendent of works, 
John Chalmers, P.P.Z.; 1st standard bearer, Captain J. Farqubar ; 2nd standard bearer, W. 
Watt; janitor, Alex. Scott. 

Benevolent Society of St Andrew's Lodee of Free Masons — Committee of Management, Jas. 
Smith, Elm Bank; Henry Munro, Rope Walk Cottage; Charles W. Cosser, Carmelite Street; 
Robert Morrison, merchant ; and Petar Lyon, Low Street, secretary and treasurer. 

Industries — Foundry, Watson Brothers. Engineering Works — T. Paton. Printing, 
" Banffshire Journal " Office. Boatbuilding, Messrs Stephenson & Asher and Messrs 
Stephen. Rope and sailmaking, Henry Munro. Brewing, Wm. Graham & Co. Stone 
cutting, Wm. Lawrence and Wm. Milne. Gas Works, W. Marshall, manager. 

Carriers, Coaches, and Omnibusses — J. Milne, to and from Aucbmedden on Friday ; W. 
M'Kenzie, for Aberclairder on Thursday; Geo. Hosie, for Aberchirder on Tuesday and Friday; 
G. Burnett, for Fishrie ou Friday. Coaches from Banff via New Pitsligo to Strichen, and 
vice versa each day, leaving Strichen on arrival of Fraserburgh morning train at 7'28, and 
Banff at 1*50 p.m. from Royal Oak Hotel and Old Market Place. Omnibus runs between 
Banff and Macduff, and between Banff and Whitehills daily. Coach runs between Banff and 
Aberchirder daily, leaving Banff at 7'15 a.m., and Aberchirder at 12'20 p.m. Coach between 
Banff and Gardenstown twica daily, leaving Banff at 7 - 15 a.m. and 3'15 p.m., and Gardenstown 
at 8 a.m. and 3'15 p.m. 

Mails— William Munro, Postmaster. Despatches — Box close* for South and West, 515 
a.m.; West and Local, 650 a.m.; North and West, 8'55 a.m.; Local, 9 25 a.m.; South and 
Elgin, 10'20 a.m.; General, 12"20 p.m.; Whitehills, 1 p.m.; General, 2'35 p.m.; Local, 2 50 p.m.; 
Local, 3'15 p.m.; General, 4'20 p.m.; West, 5 p.m.; Macduff, 5'50 p.m.; Local, 6 p.m.; General, 
T30 p.m. Deliveries by postmen — North, South, and West, 7'15 a.m.; General, 1020 a m.; 
""■eneral, 4 35 p.m.; South and Local, to callers at 7 - 30 p.m. Outgoing Parcel Post closes 8 



Sec. I. 

p.m., 12 Noon, 2'0 p.m., and 7'0 p.m. Deliveries — 7'15 a.m., 10'20 a.m., 4 - 35 p.m., and to 
callers at 7'30 p.m. Parcels sent per parcel post must be handed in at Post Office half an 
hour before box closes for each despatch. 

Rural Messengers — Banff box closes 7 a.m., and all messengers leave at 7'15 every lawful 
day. Comhill runner meets runner fr >m Grange at Cornhill at 10 a.m.; and arrives at 
Banff at 3 p.m. Brineh postman leases Cornhill daily for Newmills of Boyne at 10'5 
a.m., returns at 1T55 ; and for Sk rfolds at- 10'5 a.m., returns at 1'5 a.m. Aber- 
chirder runner reaches that place at 9'30 a.m., leaves at' 12'20 p.m., and returns to 
Banff at 2'20 p.m. Gardenstown post, with 'bus carrying passengers, leaves Gardenstown 
at 8 a.m. and 3'15 p.m.; arrives at Banff, 9'55 a.m. and 5"10 p.m.; leaves Banff at 7'15 a.m. 
and 3'15 p.m., arriving at Gardenstown at 9'10 a.m. and 5'15 p.m. King-Edward runner 
reaches end of walk 10"15, leaves 11'30, arriving in Banff 1"30 p.m. Whitehills runner 
reaches end of walk 11'5, and arrives at Banff 1'30 p.m. Itlaw runner reaches end of walk 
at 9"55, leaves 12'10, and reaches Banff 2'20 p.m. Branch post from Itlaw delivers in Rosie- 
burn district en Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; ard in Mountblairy district 

Andrew Longmore 


Fair Wind 


Built. Tons. Owner. 
1874 135 J.W.Simpson 
1882 99 .T.W.Simpson 
1876 147 J.W.Simpson 
1874 100 H. Munro 

Lord Clyde 

Built. Tons. Owner. 
1878 135 J.W.Simpson 

1869 99 J.W. Simpson 

1870 87 W. Robertson 


Abel, William, watchmaker 
Adam, Isaac, carriage insp'tor 
Adnm, John, carter 
Aiken, Alex, buicher 
Alexander, William, druggist 
Allan, Geo, shoemaker 
Allan, Jas, post office clerk 
Anderson, Alex, fisherman 
Anderson, Geo, merchant 
Anderson, Ueorge. grocer 
Anderson, John, shoemaker 
Anderson, Win, innkeeper 
Angus, Alex, coachman 
Annand, James, coachman 
Argo, David, innkeeper 
Armstrong, Maurice, residing 
Arnold, W B, Captain R.A, 
Asher, Alex, boatbuilder 
Asher, George, salmon fisher 
Barber, Wm, labourer 
Barclay, Alex, farm servant 
Barclay, John, M.D. 
Barclay, William, printer 
Barclay, Wm, jonrnalist 
Barlow, Alex, ropemaker 
Barlow, Alex, fisherman 
Barlow, Henry, clothier 
Barrie, James, labourer 
Barron, Alex, baker 
Barron, James, ropemaker 
Baxter, Daniel, bank agent 
Beale, Wm, seaman 
Beaton, James, carter 
Bennett, John, residing 
Bisset, Bev Al, R C clergyman 
Bootb, Wm, carpenter 
Borrowman, James, painter 
Boyd,Bev Al, Epis. clergyman 
Brander, Joseph, gardener 
Bremner, Geo, photographer 
Briggs, J, sanitary inspector 
Brodie, Alex, residing 
Brown, Alexander, seaman 
Brown, Jas, millwright 

Bruce, Alex, fisherman 
Bruce, James, fisherman 
Bruce, Wm Straton, minister 
Burnett, Peter, cabinetmaker 
Burns, Jas, slater 
Burns, W A, shipmaster 
Cameron, Alex, ropemaker 
Cameron, F, excise officer 
Campbell, J, railway carter 
Cassie, James, late seaman 
Chalmers, Al, house painter 
Chalmers, Jas, vintner 
Chalmers, John, residing 
Chalmers, Joseph, carter 
Chalmers, Robert, residing 
Chapman, Jam^s, butcher 
Chapman, Joseph, labourer 
Chapman, W, supt. of police 
Chiffelle. Lewis, engineer 
Ohivas, Jas, residing 
Christie, Jas, house carpenter 
Christie. Jas, jun, joiner 
Clark, Francis, roadman 
Clark, Robert, sailor 
Cloeg, Wm, sailmaker 
Collie, William, labourer 
Collie, Wm, auctioneer 
Colville, Alexander, solicitor 
Cook, Adam, postranner 
Cook, Jas, labourer 
Cooper, F W. sergeant-major 
Corrnack.'Alex, fisherman 
Cormack, Charles, fisherman 
Cormack, James, fisherman 
Cormack, John, jr, fisherman 
Cormack, J, sen, fisherman 
Cormack.William, fisherman 
Cormack, William, fisherman 
Cosser, C W, architect 
Cowie, Alex, merchant 
Cowie, Alex, groom 
Cowie, James, baker 
Cowie, James, dairyman 
Cowieson, Alexr, residing 

Craib, William, fiesher 
Crawford, W W, fisherman 
Crockett, Wm, eiigine-driver 
Cruden, James, shoemaker 
Cumming, George, writer 
Cumming, George,blacksmith 
Cumming, J K, salmon fisher 
Currie, Alex, shoemaker 
Dallas, Alexander, tailor 
Dallachie, Charles, seedsman 
Davidson, G. farm servant 
DavidsoD, Wm, blacksmith 
Dey, John, labourer 
Dick, Alex, shoemaker 
Dickson, John, butcher 
Dickson, Wm, butcher 
Dockar, Jnmes, seaman 
Donad, Henji-min, hostler 
Donald, Frank, postboy 
Donald, Geo, farm servant 
Donald, James, labourer 
Donald, James, tailor 
Donald, Walter, gasman 
Donald, Walter, salmon fisher 
Donald, Wm, lorrvmau 
Donald, Wm, M.D. 
Donald, Wm, postboy 
Donaldson, John, mason 
Douglas, John, carter 
Driscoll, J, coastguard officer 
Duncan, Alex, labourer 
Duncan, Andrew, fireman 
Duncan, C W, solicitor 
Duncan, George A, founder 
Duncan, George, shoemaker 
Duncan, Robert, residing 
Dnncan, Wm, slater 
Duncan, Wm. postman 
Duncan, William, tailor 
Duncan, William, slater 
Durie, Alexr, hempdresser 
Dustan, George, labourer 
Ellis, George, chemist 
Falconer, James, fisherman 

Sec. I. 


Falconer, James, fisherman 
Falconer, J H, fisherman 
Ferguson, Adam, seaman 
Fergusson, William, M.D. 
Findlater, C, retired farmer 
Findlay, John, sen, fireman 
Findlay, John, labourer 
Findlay, Win, auctioneer 
Finnie, Alex, stonedresser 
Forbes, Alex, currier 
Forbes, Frank, plumber 
Forbes, James, solicitor 
Fowler, Alex, nurseryman 
Fraser, George, roadman 
Fraser, James, book-deliverer 
Fraser, John, cabinetmaker 
Fraser, WWH, warehouseman 
Gammie, James, labourer 
Garden, John, draper 
Garrow, James, merchant 
Gauld, John, ins. collector 
Gault, David, fisherman 
Gault, David, fisherman 
Gault, Thomas, fisherman 
Geddie, Rev. J Watson, F.C. 
Geddie, John, ship carpenter 
George, Francis, solicitor 
GibsoD, James, plasterer 
Gilchrist, James, baker 
Gill, Thos. labourer 
Glennie, Win, blacksmith 
Gordon, A, jun, cvole agent 
Gordon, J R, bookseller 
Gordon, John, cycle agent 
Gordon, J, jr., house carpenter 
Gow, John, insurance agent 
Graham, John, merchant 
Graham, William, brewer 
Grant, James, grocer 
Grant, Jas, solicitor 
Grant, Matthew, postman 
Grant, Robert, merchant 
Gray, Jas, watchmaker 
Greenlaw, James, carter 
Greenlaw. John, carter 
Gregor, Alex, printer 
Greig, Charles, gardener 
Greig, George, surveyor 
Greig, Robert, labourer 
Greig, William, postboy 
Grieve, J B, hotel keeper 
Gunn, Adam, fisherman 
Hadden, Wm, farm servant 
Haig, D, chief constable 
Halfnight, W Jap, fisherman 
Halket, Alex, cellarman 
Hall, Clements, vintner 
Hardie, Robert, bank agent 
Harper, Alex, cabinetmaker 
Harper, Wm, grocer 
Hay, James, baker 
Henderson, Arthur, engineer 
Hepburn, Francis, mason 
Hird, William, painter 
Holman, Harry, artist 
Homes, James, seaman 
Horn, George, labourer 
Horn, Joseph, 'bus proprietor 
Hosie, Alex, engine-driver 
Hosie, W, trn. engine driver 
Hossack, Archd, confectioner 
Hossack, G M, solicitor 

Hutcheson, John, slater 
Hutchison, John, labourer 
Hutchison, Peter, carter 
Imlach, Alex, labourer 
Inglis, Alex, joiner 
Inglis, James, gasman 
Ingram, Alex, carter 
Ingram, Jas, farm servant 
Ingram, J, salmonfisher 
Ironside, Geo, retired farmer 
Ironside, Wm, harbourmaster 
Ironside, Wm, farm servant 
James, John, excise officer 
Jamieson, Wm, nurseryman 
Jamieson, William, postboy 
Jamieson, Wm, labourer 
Johnston, John, residing 
Johnston, John, labourer 
Joiner, James, hostler 
Joiner, William, tailor 
Joss, Wm, storekeeper 
Kemp, William, carter 
Kennedy, R, water bailiff 
Kerr, Jas, seedsman 
Kilgour, Joseph, merchant 
Killoh, Chas, engine driver 
Killoh, James, labourer 
Kindness, Wm, baker 
Knowles, Wm, labourer 
Kyuoch. Greig, joiner 
Laird, Alex, farm servant 
Lawrence, Wm, mason 
Leask, Robert, bookseller 
Leitch, John, railway guard 
Legge, James, merchant 
Legg, John, cooper 
Lemmon, John, bird stuff er • 
Leslie, James, horsehirer 
Lippe, John, railway porter 
Lobban, James, draper 
Longmore, Wm, cabinetmaker 
Lorimer, Alex, saddler 
Lovie, Wm, shipmaster 
Lovie, Wm, seaman 
Lyall, Geo, ship carpenter 
Lyon, A, railway surfaceman 
LyoD, Geo, roadman 
Lyon, Peter, ironmonger 
Mackie, J, ship carpenter 
Mahoney, J, coastguard officer 
Mair, A, ' Bobin,' fisherman 
Mair, Alex, 'Duncan' 
Mair, Alex, " Scott,' fisherman 
Mair, Andrew, joiner 
Mair, Frank, 'Bo,' fisherman 
Mair, George, 'Bo,' fisherman 
Mair, Jas, ' Bobin,' fisherman 
Mair, Jas,'Duncan,*fisherman 
Mair, Jas. 'Findlay,' fisherman 
Mair, Jas, ' Thorn,' fisherman 
Mair, J, ' Duncan,' fisherman 
Mair, John, jun, fisherman 
Mair, Wm, fisherman 
Mann, Adam, gardener 
Mann, J ames, clerk 
Marsden, W J, V.S. 
Massie, David, merchant 
Massie, John, shipmaster 
Masson, John, shipmaster 
Mavor, J. keeper. Courthouse 
Mearns, Henry, printer 
Melivn, George, baker 

Mennie, Arthur, mason 
Milne, Alex, grocer 
Milne, Alex, jun, grocer 
Milne, Alex, tinsmith 
Milne, James, printer 
Milne, John, mason 
Milne, John, sawmiller 
Milne, Peter, draper 
Milne, Robert, flesher 
Milne, William, stone cutter 
Milne, William, lorryman 
Mitchell, George, labourer 
Mitchell, John, wright 
Mitchell, Robert, residing 
Moir, Alexander, painter 
Morison, A O, bank agent 
Morrison, Alex, labourer 
Morrison, James, solicitor 
MorrisoD, Robert, labourer 
Morrison, Wm, farm servant 
Mulligan, house keeper 
Munro, Alex, sailmaker 
Munro, H, rope and sailmaker 
Munro, James, billprster 
Munro, William, residing 
Munro. William, postmaster 
Murdoch. A, house carpenter 
Murdoch, Alex, labourer 
Murdoch, C, retired crofter 
Murdoch, George, labourer 
Murdoch, James, joiner 
Murison.F^retirea blacksmith 
Murphy, William, baker 
Murray, Robert, tanner 
Murray, William, clerk 
Mackintosh, J, sanitary insp 
M'Allister, Ferguson, hawker 
M'Allister, William, hawker 
M'Beath, William, ropemaker 
M'Donald, Alex, labourer 
M'Donald, D, late gamekeeper 
M'Donald, James, joiner 
M'Donald, James, mason 
M'Donald, Jobn, seaman 
M'Donald, Wm, postboy 
M'Donald, W. road surveyor 
M'Gillivray, Alex. E. V.S. 
M'Gregor, Jas, farm servant 
M' Hattie.G, r'l w'y surfaceman- 
M'Intosh, George, fisherman 
M'Intosh, James, fisherman 
M'Kay, Alex, postboy 
M'Laren, William, sawmiller 
M'Lean, J, telegraph clerk 
M'Leay, Walter, coachman 
M'Lennan, A, rope & sailmaker 
M'Leod, John, printer 
M'PhersoD, A, farm servant 
M'Pherson. Robert, printer 
M'Quoan, Ferguson, hawker 
M'Rae, Geo, flesher 
M'Rae, Peter, gamekeeper 
M'Rae. Peter, blacksmith 
M'William, John, carter 
Neish, Jas, saddler 
Newton, Ralph B, postrunner 
Nicol, James G, grocer 
Ord, John, basketmaker 
Ord, Robert, hawker 
Ogg, Alex, labourer 
Ogg, Francis, lorryman 
Paterson, Wm, labourer 



SEC. I. 

Paton, Thomas, engineer 
Pennie, Alexander, tailor 
Petrie, William, cooper 
Fhimister, J, coachbuilder 
Pirie, Alex, postboy 
Pirie, George, residing 
Pirie, James, butcher 
Pirie, James, shoemaker 
Pirie, James, grocer 
Porter, Alex, seaman 
Porter, James, carter 
Rae, Alexander, chemist 
Raffan, Solomon, labourer 
Ramsay, Alexander, editor 
Rankine, Joseph, draper 
Reid, Geo, woodmerchant 
Reid, Jas, carter 
Reid, Kobt, labourer 
Rennie, Geo, farm servant 
Rennie, Henry, cooper 
Riddle, Jas, farm servant 
Ririe, John, labourer 
Robb, John, iron moulder 
Robb, John, labourer 
Bobinson, AJex, lorrymau 
Robertson, J W G, slater 
Robertson, Thomas, labourer 
Robertson, Wm, slater 
Robertson, W, coal merchant 
Robertson, Wm, farm servant 
Rogerson, A B, minister 
Ross, Alex, carter 
Ross, Alexander, tailor 
Ross, Jas, vintner 
Roy, A, rope and sailmaker 
Ruacie, Charles, carter 
Russsl), Jas, cooper 
Saunders, J 0, labourer 
Saunders, Jos, jr, engineer 
Scott, Alex, tailor 
Scott, Alex, labourer 
Scott, Charles, tailor 
seivewright, Peter, labourer 
Seivewrigbt,W,jnn, fisherman 
Shand, Alex, storekeeper 
Shaud, Arthur, writer 
Sharp, J, machine agent 
Shaw, Wm, inspeotor 
Shearer, George, accountant 
Shearer, Louis, clothier 
Sheirer, Wm, postboy 
Shirreffs, R G,~S.C. depute 
Shier, David, postman 
Si ^vwright, Chas, fisherman 
Sim, James, tailor 
Simpson, Alex, shipmaster 
Simpson, Alex, shipowner 
Simpson, George G, cashier 
Simpson, James, dairyman 
Simpson, Jas, seedsman 
Simpson, Jas, grocer 
Simpson, John, jeweller 
Simpson, John, tailor 
Simpson, John, gardener 
Simpson, John W, shipowner 
Simpson, Robert, labourer 
Simpson, Wm, Sandyhills 

Simpson, Wm, shoemaker 
Simpson, Wm, clerk 
Sinclair, Geo, chimney sweep 
Skakle, Alex, printer 
Skinner, Alex, grocer 
Slater, Alex, fisherman 
Slater, Alex, fisherman 
Slater, George, fisherman 
Slater, George, fi-herman 
Slater, James, fisherman 
Slater, James, jun, fisherman 
Slater, John, fisherman 
Slater, R G, fisherman 
Slater, Wm, fisherman 
Slater, Wm, fisherman 
Slorach, Geo, police sergeant 
Smart, G, railway porter 
Smith, Arthur, fisherman 
Smith, Daniel Geo, cashier 
Smith, G C, cabinetmaker 
Smith, George, labourer 
Smith, Hugh, engineer 
Smith, Jas, cabinetmaker 
Smith, Jas, residing 
Smith, Joseph, tobacconist 
Smith, Thomas, labourer 
Smith, Walter, coastguard 
Smollet. Jas, labourer 
Souter, James F, bank agent 
Spence, Thos, labourer 
Steel, Jas, slater 
Stephen, Geo, boatbuilder 
Stephen, Wm, boatbuilder 
Stevenson, Wm, gardener 
Stevenson, James, boatbuilder 
Stewart, Alex, railway porter 
Stewart, David, farm servant 
Stewart, Geo, labourer 
Stewart, Peter, writer 
Stewart, Robt, labourer 
Still, Andrew, labourer 
Strachan, Arch, plumber 
Strachan, Geo, station agent 
Strachan, Jas, master mariner 
Strachan, John, carpenter 
Stuart, Geo, postboy 
Stuart, Jas, slater 
Stuart, James, tailor 
Stuart, W M, jun, tailor 
Stuart, W M.sen, shoemaker 
Stuart, Woa. baker 
Stuart, Wmj hotel keeper 
Sutherland, W, labourer 
Taylor, Joseph R, postrunner 
Thomson, George, tailor 
Thomson, James, fisherman 
Thomson, Wm, tailor 
Thorburn, Jas, shoemaker 
Thorogood, Thos, residing 
Todd, Wm, engine driver 
Torry, John, labourer 
Tulloch, Hugh B, janitor 
Turner, Robt C, shipmaster 
Turner, William, seaman 
U rquhart, J as, hairdresser 
Urquhart, J, wood merchant 
Walker, Adam, merchant 

Walker, Alex, shoemaker 
Walker, Alex, flesher 
Walker, W J B, traveller 
Watson, Alex, labourer 
Watson, Charles, blacksmith 
Watson, Henry, fishcurer 
Watson, Henry Jas, plumber 
Watson, John, railway carter i 
Watson, Jn, merchant 
Watson, William J, solicitor 
Watson, Wm, accountant 
AVatt, Alexander, solicitor 
Watt, Alex, tutor 
Watt, Alex, jun, fisherman 
Watt, Alex, jun, fisherman 
Watt, A, ' Watt,' fisherman 
Watt, Forbes, painter 
Watt, Francis, fisherman 
Watt, Geo, fisherman 
Watt, John, fisherman 
Watt, Robert, fisherman 
Watt, William, shipmaster 
Watt, Wm, laboun-r 
Waugh, Thos, compositor 
Webster, Wm, grocer 
Weir, Alexander, tailor 
Wbitecross.David, blacksmith 
Whyte, Jas, shoemaker 
Williamson, Jas, merchant 
Williamsou, Wm, merchant 
Willox, Alex, vintner 
Wilson, Alex, labourer 
Wilson, Charles, seaman 
Wilson, Geo, saddler 
Wilson, James, fisherman 
■Wilson, James, shoemaker 
Wilson, James, seaman 
Wilson, John, schoolmaster 
Wilson, John, shoemaker 
Wilson, John, fisherman 
Wilson, Thos, mealdealer 
Wilson, Walter, seaman 
Wilson, Wm, shoemaker 
Winton. David, sawmiller 
Wood, Alex, ' Doo,' fisherman 
Wood, Al, sen, 'Post. 'fisherman 
Wood, Alex. 'Park,' fisherman 
Wood, A, ' Park,' fisherman 
Wood, A, ' Widie," fisherman 
Wood, A, ' Crickie ' fisherman 
Wood, Frank, fisherman 
Wood, Jas, railway agent 
Wood, Jas., • Post,' fisherman 
Wood. Jas, 'Park,' fisherman 
Wood, John, 'Doo,' fisherman 
Wood, John, watchmaker 
Wood, John, 'Park,' fisherman 
Wood, John, fisherman 
Wood, Wm, fisherman 
Wood, Wm, ' King' 
Wood, Wm, ' King,' fisherman 
Wood, W, ' Park,' fisherman 
Wright, Alex, tailor 
Wright, James, miller 
Wyllie, Kobert, bank agent 
Yeats. John, carter 
Younie, George, excise officer 



The town of Macduff was constituted a Burgh of Barony of Regality by charter granted 
by George III. on 31st January 1783, under which there ware elected trienaially a provost, 
wo bailies, and four councillors. In 1853, the General Police Act was adopted, under which 
'olice Commissioners were elected. On 15th May 1892, the Burgh Police (Scotland) Act, 
L892, came into force, vesting the administration in all Burghs iu the Magistrates and Town 
Council, and abolishing separate bodies of Police Commissioners. Certain difficulties arising 
in the case of Macduff, a petition was presented to the Sheriff to appoint an election of Town 
Councillors, which wa9 carried out on November 7, 1893, when nine Councillors were elected. 

Part of Gamrie, 475 acres, including Macduff, forms portion of Parliamentary Burgh of Banff. 
Population in 1891, 3722, forming 868 families living in 741 houses. Valuation of Burgh, 
68796 5s. 7d., of which £500 for shore and harbour dues, £82 for salmon fishings, and £200 
for railway. 

Macduff, with adjoining district, was formed a parish quoad sacra in 1866 ; and a Registration 
District from 1st January 1882. The population of the Registration District attached to 
Macduff, but outside the buri;h boundary, is 442, comprising 84 families living in 83 houses. 

Murray's Trust — Founded 1848, and endowed by Mr Joiiu Murray, merchant, London, 
tor the free education of children in Macduff. Scheme hy Educational Endowments Com- 
missioners for Murray's Trust and Leisk's Trust came into operation on 8th November 
1887. Governing body of seven members — three elected by Macduff Town Council, viz.. 
Provost Bisset, es-Provo3t George, and Bailie Morrison; three elected by Gamrie School 
Board, viz., Rev. P. T. Clark, Rev. R. Coupar, and Rev. J. Gardner ; one elected by the 
pheriff of the County, viz., Walter Gerrard. Mr Robertson, banker, factor. 

Town Council — Provost, Joseph Bissel ; Bailie?, Jas. Morrison and Alex. Wilson ; Council- 
lors, William West, High Shore, George Duncan, George Gibson, A. Paterson, James Duncan, 
ind P. H. M'Pberson. Town Clerk, John Jas. George; collector and treasurer, James 
jtray; medical officer. Dc Lyon; sanitary inspector, Constable Burnett ; burgh prosecutor, 
Walter Gerrard, solicitor. Cleik of Court, John James George ; depute clerk, H. C. B. 
^orsytb. Police officers belong to county constabulary. 

Parochial and School Board — See under Gamrie, p. 15. 

Ministers — Robert Coupar, B.D., Established Church; Jos. Gardner, M.A., Free Church; 
Congregational Church, Adam Drummond. 

Session Clerk and Kirk Treasurer— H. Wiseman. Registrar cf Births, &c. — James Morrison. 

Fishery Officer — W. Jeffrey. Collector of Customs — W. J. Ferrins. 

No. 1 Coy. 1st Banff Volunteer Artillery — John Jas. George, major; James Grant, captain 
commanding) ; A. B. Lyoo, surg«on -lieutenant ; Rev. R. Coupar, chaplain; J. Sealey, R.A., 
pergeant.instructor. Total strength, 49. Capitation grant, £105 6s. 

Solicitors — Alexander George, John Jas. George, and Walter Gerrard. 

Banks— North of Scotland Bank, Alex. Robertson ; Union Bank, Wm. S. Milne. 

Collector of Shore Dues and Harbour Lessee — Alex. Wilson. 

Bible Society — Robert Gibson, treasurer. Life-boat — Ex-Provost George, deputy chairman. 

Magazine Reading Club — President, Rev. R. Coupar, B.D.; vice-president, John Leslie ; 
lecretary and treasurer, Wm. West. 

Circula'ing Libraries — W. West & Co. and John L. Gam mi r. 

Fire Brigade — Captain, Alexander Wilson. 

Bath Company — Ex-Provost George, chairman ; Miss Simpson, manageress. 

Gas Company — Chairman, Ex-Provost George; James Gray, manager. 
Mason Lodge, St James, No. 653 — John James George, R.W.M. ; James Gray, 
P.M.; Jas. MorrisoD, D.M.; Wm. Dawson, S.M.; A. Wilson, S.W.; D. Stuart, J.W.; Innes 
Walker, I.G.; Andrew West, S.D.; Alex. West, J.D.; James A. Allan, secretary ; James Gray, 
reasurer ; George Black, chaplain ; Thomas Valder, organist ; James Dawson, bible-bearer ; 
3ros. Wilson, Dempster, John Walker, and Geo. Gerrard, stewards; William Dawson and 
Thomas Valder, auditors ; Bro. Capt. Walker, R.A., Leith Fort, proxy master. 

Club — Ex-Provost George, chairman ; John Anderson, vice-president; T. J. C. Wernham, 
lecretary ; John Leslie, treasurer. 

Young Men's Club— P. H. Macpherson, president; P. Grant, M.A., vice-president; William 
Thomson and William Paterson, joint secretaries ; P. J. Macpherson, librarian. 

Fife Football Club — Captain, Ohas. Wm. Lyall; vice-captaiD, Wm. Thomson ; seoretary and 
reasurer, Jas. D. PatersoD. 

Boys' Brigade — Captain, Rev. R. Coupar, B.D.; Lieutenants A. L. Wilson, O. Walker, and 
rohn Ritchie, jun. 


Curling Club — Patron, Duke of Fife, K.T.; president, Ex-Provost George ; secretary and 
treasurer, John Jas. George. 

Orchestral Association — P. Grant, MA , conductor. 

Vice-Consul — Norwegian and Swedish, Thomas Valder. 

Total Abstinence Society — President, Rav. J. Gardner; vice-president, Chas. Innes West; ; 
secretary, Miss J.J. Strachan, LL.A,; treasurer, Miss Milne, LL.A.; chaplain, Kev. Adam i 

Young Men's Sabbath Morning Fellowship Association — Hon. president, Mr Alex. Burness; ; 
president, Wm. West; vice-president, John Hall, jun.; secretary, James D. Paterson; ; 
treasurer, Wm. Thomson; precentor, Wm. Smith; Harmoniumist, H. C. B. Forsyth. 

Parish Church Women's Guild — Patroness. H.R.H the Duchess of Fife ; president, Mrs 
Coupar ; secretary, Mies Walker; treasurer, Miss Gordon. 

Parish Church Young Men's Guild — President, Rev. R. Coupir, B.D.; vice-president, Peter 
Grant, M.A.; secretary, Robt. Gray; treasurer, G. F. Dickson; Guild correspondent, H. 
Wiseman, jun. 

British Woman's Temperance Association — Mrs Gardner, boa. president; Mrs Clark, presi- 
dent; Mrs Harper, vice-president; Mrs Drummond, secretary; Mrs Girdner, treasurer; Miss 
Mary Ann Farquhirson, assistant secretary; Miss Lyall, Buchan Bold, finance secretary. 

Cricket Club — Mxcduff — Captain, T. J. C. Wernham; vice-captain, Chas. Gill; treasurer and 
secretary, G. F. Dickson. 

Artillery Voluntesr Cricket Club— President, Mijor J. J. George ; captain, SergeaDt-Major 
J. Sealey ; vice-captain, Bombardier Nicol ; secretary and treasurer, W. Duncan. 

Ancient Shepherds (Glendhuachie) — W.M., Wm. Thomson; D.M., Wm. Crighton ; F.N., 
J. N. Forbes ; C.S., G. F. Dickson ; M.S., Wm. Reid ; Treas., Alex. Gordon ; Lodge 
Doctor, Dr A. B. Lyon, Macduff. 

Science and Art Classes — Ex-Provo^t Dallas, chairman ; H. Wiseman, secretary. Teachers 
— Mathematics and physiography, D. Renton and Peter Grant; drawing, Miss Hodge. 
Evening Continuation Classes — Teachers — J. D. Burn3 and P. Grant. Navigation Class 
— D. Renton. 

Ladies' Clothing Society — Patroness, H.R.H. the Duchess of Fife; lady president, Mrs 
Blacklock, Marine Villa ; secretary, Mrs Robertson ; treasurer, Mrs Bisset, Kilnshade. 

Local Branch Moray Firth Fisheries Association — Honorary president, Provost George ; 
Councillor West, president ; And. West, Harbour Head, vice-president ; Captain Wilson 
and A. L. Wilson, joint secretaries ; Andrew West, Low Shore, treasurer. 

Good Templars— Duchess of Fife Lodge— C.T., Rev. A. Drummond ; V.T., Robert Clark; 
L.D., Wm. Jeffrey; secretary, P. J. M'Pherson ; F.S., Geo. West; treasurer, Samuel 
M'Pherson; Marshal, Mrs Robert Clark; P.C., W. C. Wilson. 

Mails — Mrs Henry, postmistress. Despatches — Box closes 5'45 a.m. for morning general 

mail; 9'30 a.m. for general mail; general mail 1215 p.m.; for south, &c, 2'45 p.m.; 3"20 

p.m. for Gardenstown; Aberdeen and south, 430 p.m.; general mail 6"45 p.m.; Saturdays only 

I for all parts, 10 p.m. Arrivals — South, 7 a.m., aud delivery by carrier begins 7'30 ; south, 

,&c, 10 a.m., and delivery by carrier begins 10"15 ; Aberdeen and Banff, 4 p.m.; Gardenstown, 

f 5 p.m.; Banff and West, 6'30 p.m. delivery to callers. Letters delivered to callers on Sunday 

at 7'45 p.m. Delivery of parcels, 7'30 a.m., 10 - 15 a.m., 4 p.m., and delivery to callers, 5 

p.m. and 630 p.m. Box closes for despatch of parcels at 8 p.m., 12 p 15 p.m., 2 - 30 p.m., and 

4'25 p.m. 

Industries — Manure works, Aberdeen Commercial Company and Nisbet & Co. Oilcake Mills,- 
Aberdeen Commercial Company. Meal Mills, James Duncan. Saw mills, Thos. Valder, P. H. 
Macpherson & Co. Rope and sailmaking, John Leslie and Alex. Paterson. Boatbuilding, 
George Duncan. Salmon fishing, Joseph Bisset, lessee. Fishing, 47 large and 58 small boats 
—total 105. 

Shipping. Built. Tons. Owner. Shipping. Built. Tons. Owner. 

Alice 1873 99 J. Bisset Mary 1875 99 A. Wilson 

Gladstone ... 1873 131 A. Wilson Paragon 1873 36 A. Wilson 

Harvest Home ... 1885 34 F. Blair Tollo 1867 90 A. Wilson 


Allan, Alex, carter Angus. Wm, labourer Black, George, wright 

Allan, George, farm servant Barber, Geo, jun, blacksmith Booth, Peter, labourer 

Allan, Thomas, watchman Barber, Wm, blacksmith Bruce, Henry, gas manager 

Anderson, James, merchant Barron, Alex, ropemaker Campbell, Stephen, forester 

Anderson, John, fisherman Barron, Robert, cooper Cassie, Robert, labourer 

Angus, James, labourer Bisset, James, shipowner Chalmers, Alex, labourer 

SEC. I. 



Chalmers, James, mason 
Clark, James, porter 
Clark, Jas D, mason 
Clark, John, carpenter 
Clark, William, carter 
Cobban, Alexander, labourer 
Collier, Wm, cooper 
Collier, Peter, shoemaker 
Connon, Charles, labourer 
Cooper, Win, retired farmer 
Cowie, John, feuar 
Cowie, John, farm servant 
Cowie, Wm, labourer 
Craib, David, teacher 
Craib, John, farm servant 
Crnden, John, labourer 
Cruickshank, Geo, carter 
Cruicksbauk. J, labourer 
Davidson, Alex, farm servant 
Davidson. Frank, mason 
Dawsoa, Ja», carter 
Dawson, William, mason 
IDean, James, miller 
[Dempster, Jas, farm servant 
Dingwall, Wm, farm servant 
'Donald, George, feuar 
Donald, Wm, farm servant 
Drummond, Rev A, clergyman 
[Duffus, John, labourer 
touncan, A, retired farmer 
[Duncan, Alex, farm servant 
Duncan, George, boatbuilder 
Duncan, James, merchant 
Ewen, Wm, fisherman 
BTarquhar, Joseph, sailor 
[Ferguson, A, retired farmer 
Ferrins.W.collector of customs 
PPindlay, J, farm servant 
Fletcher. Wm, slater 
Forbes, James, baker 
Fordyce, Alex, seaman 
Fordyce, Wm, retired farmer 
LFraser, Andrew, miller 
[Fraser, James, labourer 
[Gardner, Joseph, clergyman 
Gauld, Alex, merchant 
IGeorge, Alex, solicitor 
George, John J, solicitor 
Gerrard, Walter, solicitor 
Gerrard, Wm, carter 
BUI, Alexander, flesher 
Goodall, Alex, farm servant 
Gordon, Alex, seaman 
Gordon, John, wright 
Gordon, Kenneth, seaman 
Gordon. Wm, wright 
Grant, Alexander, labourer 
Gray, Andrew, mason 
Gray, Henry, labourer 
Gray, James, farm servant 
Gray, John, farm servant 
Gray, John, farm servant 
Gray, John, salmon fisher 
Gray, Wm, shoemaker 
Gunn, Alex, farm servant 
Gunn, John, labourer 
Hadden, James, carter 
Hadden, John, farm servant 
Hall, John, draper 
Harper, George, labourer 
Henderson, Jas, fisherman 
Henderson, J, fisherman 

Henry, David, roadman 
Hepburn, Jobu, labourer 
Hunter, Wm, innkeeper 
Ingles, Wm, farm servant 
Ingram, Alex, labourer 
Ingram, Andrew, labourer 
Inne3, Ja?, fisherman 
•Tack, Alex, dairyman 
Johnston, Magnus, mason 
Joss, James, gardener 
Kidd, Alex, wright 
Killoh, Jas, farm servant 
Knight, Geo, miller 
I/aird, Forbes, shepherd 
Lermont, Wm, labourer 
Low. Rnbt, sailmaker 
Lyall, Geo, shipmaster 
Lyall, John, fisherman 
Mackie. John, farm servant 
M lir, Alex, fisherman 

ir. David, retired farmer 
J. issie, Alex, farm servant 
jN; .ithieson, Wm, farm servant 
JYlerson, Alex, labourer 
Metcalfe, Alex, labourer 
Middlemn, Jas, carter 
Milne, William, gardener 
Miuty, Alex, joiner 
Minty, Charles, farm servant 
Mitchell, Alex, farm servant 
Mitchell, John, farmer 
Mitchell, John, feuar 
Mitchell, John, retired farmer 
Moir, Jas, shipmaster 
Morrison, Geo, mason 
Morrison, G, jun, builder 
Morrison, Jas, merchant 
Morrison, John, residing 
Morrison, William, labourer 
Munro, Alex, crofter 
Murdoch, A, farm servant 
Murdoch, Alex, residing 
Murdoch, G, farm servant 
Murdoch, Jas, baker 
Murray, Geo, farm servant 
Murray, John, butcher 
Murray, John, plasterer 
M'Callum, Jas, merchant 
M'Callum, John, fisherman 
M'Callum, Wm, fisherman 
M'Donald, Ernest, carter 
M'Gregor, John, labourer 
M'Kay, Alex, labourer 
M'Kay, Alex, ' Saunders ' 
M'Kay, Alex, fisherman 
M'Kay, Alex, fisherman 
M'Kay, Alex, fisherman 
M'Kav, Alex, fisherman 
M'Kay, Alex, fisherman 
M'Kay, Alex, fisherman 
M'Kay, Angus, labourer 
M'Kay, Arch, fisherman 
M'Kay, Chas, fisherman 
M'Kay, Duff, fisherman 
M'Kay, G.'Duncan,' fisherman 
M'Kay, John, labourer 
M'Kay, John, sen, fisherman 
M'Kay, John, jun, fisherman 
M'Kay, Peter, fisherman 
M'Kay, Peter, fisherman 
M'Kay, Peter, fisherman 
M'Kay, Wm, « Son to Duff ' 

M'Laren, J, fisherman 
M'Leod, Neil, sailor 
M'QueeD, Alex, labourer 
M'Robert, A, retired farmer 
M'Willana, R, late farmer 
M' William, R, retired tailor 
Nicol, Alex, mason 
Nico'son, Alex, baker 
Nicolson, W, railway stoker 
Ord, Alex, labourer 
Paterson, Alex, fisherman 
Paterson, Alex, fisherman 
Pater son, Cbas W, fisherman 
Paterson, Francis, fisherman 
Paterson, George, fisherman 
Pirie, Alex, fisherman 
Pirie, Andrew, labourer 
Pirie, Jas, sawyer 
Raehurn, Alex, blacksmith 
Reid, Charles, butcher 
Reid, James, farm grieve 
Reid, Wm, slater 
Rennie, Charles, labourer 
Rettie, Geo M'E, traveller 
Riddoch, John, labourer 
Ritchie, Francis, mason 
Ritchie, James, millwright 
Ritchie, John, merchant 
Robb, Andrew, carter 
Uobertsan, Alex, contractor 
Robertson, Jas, station agent 
Robertson, JohD, fisherman 
Robinson, Thos B, shipmaster 
Ross, Alfred G, slater 
Roy, John, rope and sailmaker 
Scott. William, slater 
Shand, Jas, carter 
Sharp, Jas, carter 
Shearer, Geo, ropemaker 
Simpson, Alex, salmon fisher 
Simpson, Jas, carter 
Simpson, John, labourer 
Simpson, John, carter 
Sinclair, Arthur, shoemaker 
Sinclair, P, farm servant 
Singer, William, seaman 
Skene, James, farm servant 
Skioner, Ja=, shenherd 
Smith, Alex, blacksmith 
Smith, Alex, labourer 
Smith, Chas M, draper 
Smith, J, retired accountant 
Souter, Jas, labourer 
Stephen, George, feuar 
Stephen, Wm, dairyman 
Stuart, Donald, gasmaker 
Thompson, W, retired farmer 
Thompson, G, insurance agent 
Thomson, Chas, fisherman 
Thomson, J, blacksmith 
Thomson, Peter, fisherman 
Thomson, William, fisherman 
Tough, Ernest, grocer 
Walker, Alex, residing 
Walker, Innes, residing 
Walker, Jas, carter 
Watt, Alex C, residing 
Watt, David, cooper 
Watt, John, residing 
Watt, Joseph, fisherman 
Wenton, John, labourer 
West, Alex, salmon fisher 



SBC. I. 

Watson, Andrew, seaman 
Watson, James, blacksmith 
West, Andrew, cooper 
West, C I, fishcurer 
West, Forbes, fisherman 
West, George, fishcurer 
West, William, fisherman 
West, Wm, fishcurer 

Abel, Chas, sailor 
Allan, J A, baker 
Allau, James, carter 
Allan, John C, innkeeper 
Anderson, Geo, fisherman 
Anderson, Jas, fisherman 
Anderson, John, merchant 
Anderson, Jn, slate merchant 
Anderson, Jas, fisherman 
Badenoch, Geo, shipmaster 
Bagrie, Wm, farm servant 
Bain, Jas, agent 
Bain. Peter, labourer 
Barclay, John, janitor 
BarroD, Thos, gardener 
Barron, Wm, stonecutter 
Beaton, Donald, labourer 
Bisset, Joseph, salmon fisher 
Rlair, Frank, fisherman 
Blair, George, fisherman 
Blair, Henr.v, fisherman 
Bow, Alexander, merchant 
Boyd, Wm A, painter 
Brown, Alex, mason 
Brown, David, baker 
Brown, John, mason 
Brown, Joseph, railway driver 
Bnrnett, Jas, police constable 
Campbell, John, roadman 
Campbell, Peter, hawker 
Chalmers, Alex, tailor 
Chalmers, Alex, salmon fisher 
Chalmers, Alex, farm S9rvant 
Clark, Robert, fishcurer 
Clogg, Andrew, fisherman 
Cobban, James, fishcurer 
Cowie, Alex, fisherman 
Cowie, Alex, fisherman 
Cowie, Jas, fisherman 
Cowie, Wm, fisherman 
Craib, Wm, shoemaker 
Cripbton, Wm, clothier 
Cruickshank, Jas, farm servant 
Cunningham, Alex, merchant 
Dalgarno, George, residing 
Dallas, A, commission agent 
Davidson, Chas, hair-cotter 
Davidson, Robert, labourer 
Davie, William, traveller 
Dempster. John, postboy 
Dickson, Jas, sen, mason 
Dickson, James, jun, slater 
Donald, Alex, sailor 
Donald, Wm, seaman 
Drummond, R, railway porter 
Duff, Geo, draper 
Dnguid, Peter, miller 
Duncan, James, labourer 
Duncan, Jas, farm servant 
Dundas, Robt, labourer 
Edwards, W, railway porter 
Emslie, John, coal merchant 


Alex, coal merchant 
Alex, farm servant 
Andrew, merchant 
Geo, coal merchant 
Jnnes, residing 
John W, residing 
Wm. fisherman 
William, merchant 


Ewan, Alex, fisherman 
Ewen, Chas, fisherman 
Falconer, Geo, fisherman 
Falconer, Joseph, fisherman 
Farquharson, Daniel, cooper 
Farquharson, Jas V, fishcurer 
Farquharson, John, draper 
Findlay, Wm, fishcurer 
Forbes, John, compositor 
Forbes, W, tailor and clothier 
fr'ordyce, John, fishcurer 
Fordyce, J R, merchant 
Fraser, James, fisherman 
Fraser, John, labourer 
Gardiner, Jo?, fisherman 
Gault, James, labourer 
Geddes, Jss, merchant 
Gibb, Geo, tailor 
Gibson, George, merchant 
Gibson, Robert, merchant 
Gil 1 , Stewart, labourer 
Gill, Wm, seaman 
Goodbrand, A, seaman 
Gordon, Alex, watchmaker 
GoroloD, Geo, farm servant 
Gordon, John, tailor 
Gordon, John, jun, cxrpeuter 
Gordon, W P, carpenter 
Grant, Alex, ship steward 
Gray, Henry, tailor 
Gray, John, farm servant 
Gray, James, watchmaker 
Gray, James, coachman 
Gray, R>berr, labourer 
Gray, Thos, farm servant 
Harold, George, shoemaker 
Hatchwell, Jas, railway gunrd 
Hendersorj, 'Ihos, fisherman 
Henry, John, shoemaker 
Hepburn, Wm, labourer 
Hodge, James, shipmaster 
Horu, Geo, tailor 
Horn, Jus, mason 
Home, John, vintner 
Hutcbeon, Geo, carpenter 
Ironside, K, farm servant 
Innes, Alex, sailor 
Innes, John, shipmaster 
Irvine, Wm, shipmaster 
Jeffrey. Wm, fishery officer 
Kennedy, David, miller 
Kennedy, Wm, labourer 
Kirton, Alex, labourer 
Laing, Hugh, merchant 
Law, George, residing 
Lawrence, Alex, shoemaker 
Leith, Jas, Btation agent 
Lermont, John, labourer 
Leslie, James, tailor 
Leslie, John, ropemaker 
Liddell, William, slater 
Lyall, Alex, fisherman 

Wil'on, Wm, mason 
Wood, Alex, farm servant 
Woofl, David, ' Park,' residing 
Wood, Geo, millworker 
Wood, Geo, labourer 
Wright, Geo, retired farmer 
Wright, Wm, form servant 
Young, Wm, carter 

Lyall, Alex, ropemaker 
Lyall, Alex Carny, fisherman 
Lya'l, Alex, fisherman 
Lyall, Andw, fisherman 
Lyall, Andw, fisherman 
Lyall, Andrew, fisherman 
Lyall, George, fisherman 
Lyall, James, fisherman 
Lyall, James, fisherman 
Lyall, James, seaman 
Lyall, Jas, fisherman 
Lyall, William, seaman 
Lyall, Wto, fisherman 
Lyall, Wq], fisherman 
Lyall, Wm, fisherman 
Lyall, Wm. fisherman 
Lyall, William, fisherman 
Lyall, William, shipmaster 
Lyall, Wm, fisherman 
Lyall, Wm, fisherman 
Lyon, Alex, M D 
Mackay. Alex, tailor 
Mair, Wm, fisherman 
Malcolm, Wm, railway porter 
Mason, Andrew, stoker 
Massie, George, plasterer 
Missie, Wm, fishcurer 
Mathieson, Wm H, seaman 
Mathieson, Wm, farm servant 
Metcalf, Alex, labourer 
Milne, W S, bank agf nfc 
Mitchell, James, carter 
Morrison, Jn, retired farmer 
Morrison. Robert, builder 
Muaro, Wm, fisherman 
Murdoch. George, residing 
Murray, George, caretaker 
Murray, Wm, baker 
M'Callum, David, fisherman 
M'Callura, Jas, fisherman 
M'Callum, John, fisherman 
M'Callum, Wm, fisherman 
M'Donald, Robt, labourer 
M'Hattie, Jas, labourer 
M'Intosh, Adam, labourer 
M'Kay, Andw, fisherman 
M'Kay, John, fisherman 
M'Kay, Robert G, fisherman 
M'Kimmie, James, sawmiller 
M'Lauchlan, Thomas, sailor 
M'Lean, Malcolm, farm servt 
M'Murtrie, John, chemist 
M'Pherson, P H. woodmercht 
Nicol, James, blacksmith 
Nicol, Wm, labourer 
Ogilvie, James, grocer 
Paterson, Alex, ropemaker 
Paterson, Alex, fisherman 
PatersoD, Geo, fisherman 
Paterson, Jas, fisherman 
Paterson, Robert, fisherman 
Paterson, Walter, fisherman 

SBC. I. 



Paterson, Wm, fisherman 
Paul, Alex, shoemaker 
Ileiil, John, labourer 
Reid, Wm, gardener 
Reuuic, Alex, labourer 
Renton, David, schoolmaster 
Robertson, Alex, bank agent 
Robertson, J G, accountant 
Robertson, Wm, labourer 
Roger, Alex, labourer 
Ross, Alex, labourer 
Ross, Alex, farm servant 
Ross, Hugh, tinsmith 
Ross, Murdoch, labourer 
Russell, James, seaman 
Saagster, John. labourer 
Scott, Geo, carpenter 
Sharp, fiobt, police constable 
Shepherd, David, carter 
Sim, James, draper 
Simpson, James, plasterer 
Simpson, James, slater 
Simpson, James, sawmiller 
Skinner, Jas, labourer 
Smith, James, fisherman 
Smith, Jas, hotelkeeper 
Smith, Jos, seaman 
Smith, Wm, fisherman 
Stables, J, railway guard 
Stalker, Wm, shoemaker 
Steel, Henry, blockmaker 
Steel, Wm, blacksmith 
Steele, John, labourer 

Stephen, Wm, farm servant 
Stevenson, A, salmon fisher 
StevensoD, G, farm servant 
StevensoD, Ludovic, labourer 
Strachan, George, flesher 
Stuart, Donald, painter 
Stuart, John, merchant 
Symon, John, labourer 
ThaiD, Alex, labourer 
Thom, William, carpenter 
Thomson, John, fisherman 
Thomson, Jas, railway porter 
Thomson, Wm, fireman 
Thompson, Wm, fisherman 
Thoirs, Wm, railway guard 
Valder, Thos, wood merchant 
Walker, Alex, fisherman 
Walker, Alex, fisherman 
Watson, Geo, ship-steward 
Watt, Alex, fisherman 
Watt, Alex, fisherman 
Watt, George, engine driver 
Watt, George, fisherman 
Watt, James, fisherman 
Watt, Joseph, fisherman 
Watt, Joseph, fisherman 
Watt, Wm, fisherman 
West, Alex, fisherman 
West, Alex, salmon fisher 
West, Alex, joiner 
West, Alex V, fisherman 
West, Andrew painter 
West, Andrew, fisherman 

West, Andrew, fisherman 
West, Andrew, fisherman 
West, Andrew, ' Westie ' 
West, Geo, fisherman 
West, Geo P, fisherman 
West, Innes, cooper 
West, Innes, fisherman 
West, Innes, fishcurer 
West, James, fisherman 
West, James, fisherman 
West, Jas, fishcurer 
West, Jas, fisherman 
West, Jas, fisherman 
West, John, cooper 
West, William, fisherman 
West, Wm, fisherman 
West, Wm, fisherman 
West, Wm, fishcurer 
West, W L, fisherman 
Williams, Art hnr, innkeeper 
Wilson, Alexander, fisherman 
Wilson, Andrew, shipmaster 
Wilson, Benjamin, cooper 
Wilson, Geo, fisherman 
Wilson, Jas, jun., fisherman 
Wilson, William, joiner 
Wilson, W C, bootmaker 
Winchester, Joseph, cooper 
Wiseman, H, session clerk 
Wiseman. William, baker 
Wright, John, sawyer 
Yell, Arch, shipmaster 



Sec. I. 




So far as containing that part of the Estates of Troup, Greenskairs, and Whitehill, and Villages 
of Gardenstown and Crovie not included in the Quoad Sacra Parish of Gardenstown. 

Aitken, J, E't'n of Whitehills 
Alexander, Jas, Hilton Logie 
Anderson, Alex, Avaulds 
Anderson, Francis. Cushnie 
Anderson, N, Wr Greenskairs 
Anderson, P. Easter Miunonie 
Anderson, Wm, Denamuick 
Badenoch, John, Clinterty 
Birnie, Jas, jr, Hill of Pitgair 
Birnie, Malcolm, Northfield 
Brown, Geo, Easter Cushnie 
Brown, G, Cairnandrew 
Brown, James, Crovie 
Bruce, George, Afforsk 
Bruce, Jas. Bill of Little M0S3 
Bruce, "Wm, Hill of Logie 
Chapman, A, Whitehill 
Christie, Wm, Findon 
Clark, Chas, Easter Cushnie 
Clark,C, Headitown of Pitgair 
Clark, G, Wester Knowhead 
Clark, James, Cushnie 
Clark, John, Cross Slacks 
Clark, Rev. Patrick T, Gamrie 
Clark, Wm, Hill of Pitgair 
Collie, James, Afforsk 
Coull, Wm, Middletonhill 
Cowie, David, Roughward 
Cowie, James, Blackhillocks 
Cowie, Jos, Blackhillocks 
Cruickshank, J, Mill of Pitgair 
Cruickshank, J, W Hill,Pitgair 
Cumming, A, Den of Mnick 
Cumming, Jas, Protstonhill 
Dalgarno, John, Minnonie 
Dalgarno, J, jun, Pitgair 
Davidson, James, Bush 
Davidson, Wm, Northfield 
Davidson, Wm, Sunnyside 
Davie, W, Tore of Troup 
Dickie, Keith, Dubston 
Duff us, W. jun, Minnonie 
Duncan, W, Wards of Afforsk 
Duncan, Wm, Protstonhill 
Dykes, Rev D S. Gamrie 
Farquhar, Alex W, Bracoden 
Fenton, Jn, Middletonhill 
Findlay, Alex, Jacobshall 
Forbes, Jos, N Cross Slacks 
Fowlie, Francis, Smithyton 
Fowlie, Geo, Easter Bush 

Fra^er, Jos, Den of Mnick 
Gall, Alex, Cushnie 
Gall, James, Cushnie 
Gall, Jas, W. of Whitehill 
Garden, Francis Alex, Troup 
Gatt, Wm, Protftonhill 
Gaul, John, Darfash 
Gaul, Peter, Draidland 
Gellie, William, Greenskairs 
Gibson, Geo, Dubston 
Grant, John, Hill of Troup 
Grant, Wm, Dnbston 
Gray, A, Easterton of Whitehill 
Hardie, G, Hill of Pitgair 
Hepburn, John, Protston 
Ingram, Alex, Newtack 
Ingram, Geo. Crowhillock 
Ingram, fJ, Hilton of Logie 
Ingram, Jas, Middleton 
Ingram, James R, Middleton 
Ingram, William, Logie 
Ingram, Wm, Langland 
Innes, Alex, Newtack 
Innes, James, Cairnbo 
Innes, John, Paulsward 
Ironside, Jas, Bivehill 
Ironside, Robt, Blackhillocks 
Jamieson. Wm, Rosehall 
Kidd, G, Mains of Draidland 
Kidd, John, Minnonie 
Kidd, W. A. J , Cairnandrew 
Killab, Wm, Arnbog 
Kiloh, Jas, West Cushnie 
Kiloh, John, Den of Muick 
Kiloh, Wm, Old Schoolhouse 
Kiloh, Wm, Easter Cushnie 
Kindness, And, jun, Darshill 
King, George, Blackhillock 
Laird, F, South Cushnie 
Laird, Wm, Crovie 
Lnwrie, Geo, Logie Fair 
Littlejohn, Alex, Greenskairs 
Littlejohn, Geo, Protstonhill 
Mackay, Wm, Troup 
Maitland, Wm, Bankhead 
Meldrum, John, Northfield 
Milne, Alex, Protstonhill 
Milne. Alex, Blackhillocks 
Milne, John, Middletonhill 
Milne, John, Saddler's Croft 

Milne, John, Blackhillocks 
Mitchell, W, jr, Er Minnonie 
Mitchell, Wm, Protston 
Morrison, Wm, Crowhillock 
Mortimer, Wm, Guidyden 
Murray, John, Hill of Troup 
Murray, Wm, Blackhillocks 
Paterson, Alex, Troup 
Paton, Peter, W Rivehill 
Pittendreigh, G. Blackhillock 
Raukine, Wm, Darfash 
Reid, John, Bnchanhaven ' 
Repper, Wm, Hill of Pitgair 
Robertson, James, Darshill 
Ross, Wm, Mains of Troup 
Rothnie, Alex, Northfield 
Simpson, Wm, South Cushnie 
Sinclair, Wm, Uppermill 
Smith, John. Clinterty 
Smith, Jobn, Lichnet 
Smith, Wm, Stonewall 
Smith, Wm, Hawkden 
Stephen, Jas, Knowhead 
Stephen, Wm, Protstonhill 
Stewart, Geo, Findon 
StrachaD, And, Buchanhaven 
Strachan, John, Buchanhaven 
Strachan, J, jr, Buchaahaven 
Sutherland, John, W Rivehill 
Thomson, Charles, Minnonie 
Thomson, John. Pitgair 
Topp, W, Backhill of Pitgair 
Walker, Alex, Pitgair 
Watson, Alex, Whitehill 
Watson, John, Jacobshall 
Watson, John, Sauchenbush 
Watson, J, North Hill Pitgair 
Watson, Wm, Raffanshaugh 
Watt, Jas, Surradale, Elgin 
West, Robert, Whitehills 
West, Thos, jr, Bnchanhaven 
West, Geo, Buchanhaven 
White, Wm, Protstonhill 
Whyte, J, South Hill Pitgair 
Whjte, Jas, Greenskares 
AVilson, Ebenezer, Darfash 
Wilson, Wm, Darfash 
Wilson, Wm, Cathill 
Wood, Wm, Littlemoss 
Young, James, E Minnonie 

Sec. I. 



That part which is included within the limits of the Quoad Sacra Parish of Gardenstown. 

Alexander, A, Gardenstown 
Alexander, D C, The Garden 
Alexander, Jas, Gardenstown 
Alexander, J,sr,Gardenstown 
Alexander, J, jr. Gardenstown 

lexander, R, The Garden 
Alexander, Wm, Gardenstown 
Alexander, W W.Ga'denstown 
Allan, Johr, Gardenstown 
Anderson, Alex, Crovie 
Anderson, Wm, Crovie 
Andrew, Jas, Gardenstown 
Blackhall.W, jr, Gardenstown 

ooth, Garden, Gardenstown 
Bruce, R, Goodgrain, Boharm 
Dhalmers, D, Gardenstown 
Chalmers, John, Gardenstown 
Draigen, Geo, Gardenstown 
Daniel, James, Gardenstown 
Davidson, P. Gardenstown 
Davidson, Wm, Gardenstown 
Dean, John R, Aberdeen 
Fordyce, John, Gardenstown 
Fyfe, Chas, Gardenstown —*» 
joodall. Chas, Gardenstown 
3-att, Jas, Gardenstown 
jrant, Geo, Gardenstown 
irant, Gilbert, Gardenstown! 
Henderson, P, Gardenstown 
Henry, Alex, Gardenstown 
Hepburn, Alex, Gardenstown 
Hepbnrn, F, sr, Gardenstown 
Hepburn, F, Gardenstown 
Hepburn, G, jr, Gardenstown 
Hepburn, Geo, Gardenstown 
Hepbnrn, Jn, Gardenstown 
Hepburn, S. Gardenstown 
Hepburn, Wm, Gardenstown 
Hepburn, W W, Gardenstown 
Hepburn, W, Gardenstown 
Hogg, Geo, Gardenstown 
Ingram, Geo, Gardenstown 
Ingram, Wm, Gardenstown 
Johnston, Alex, Crovie 
Johnston, Alex, Gardenstown 
Johnston, Alex, Crovie 
Johnston, F, Gardenstown 
Johnston, Francis. Crovie 
Johnston, James, Crovie 
Johnston, John, Powiesden 
Johnston, Wm, Gardenstown 
Johnston, Wm, Crovie 
Johnston, W, Crovie 
Johnston, Wm, Crovie 
Kidd, George, Gardenstown 
TKindness, R,AVoodhead, Byth 
Laird, Geo, Gardenstown 
Laird, James, Gardenstown 
Lawrence, H, Gardenstown 
Littlejohu, A, Gardenstown 
Lovie, Alex, Crovie 
Lovie, J, 'Scott,' Gardenstown 
Lovie, Jas, Gardenstown 
Lovie, Jas, Gardenstown 
Lovie, Jos, Gardenstown 
Mitchell, Jas, Gardenstown 
Montgomery, Wm, Garden 

Murison, Jas, Gardenstown 
Murray, .1 ames, Gardenstown 
Murray, John, Gardenstown 
M 'Arthur, J I, King-Edward 
M'Donald, Geo, Gardenstown 
M'Donald, J, jr, Gardenstown 
M'Kay, Andw, Gardenstown 
M'Lean, Dan, Gardenstown 
M'Lean, Jn, Gardenstown 
M'Leod, Alex, Gardenstown 
Nicol, Alex, Gardenstown 
Niool, Alex G, Gardenstown 
Nice), Ben, Gardenstown 
Niool, Ben, jr, Gardenstown 
Nicol, Francis, Gardenstown 
Nicol, Frs, jr, Gardenstown 
Nicol, Francis, Gardenstown 
Nicol, George, Gardenstown 
Nicol, Geo, Gardenstown 
Nicol, Jas, Gardenstown 
Nicol, Jas, Gardenstown 
Nicol, Jas, Gardenstown 
Nicol, John, ■ Wallace* 
Nicol, Wm, ' son of James ' 
Nicol, Wm, Gardenstown 
Nicholson, Js T, Gardenstown 
Ogilvie, Rev A T.Gardenstown 
Pyper, John, Gardenstown 
Reid, Geo, Gardenstown 
Reid, Jas, Gardenstown 
Reid, John, Crovie 
Renuie, Chas, Gardenstown 
Ritchie, Alex, Gardenstown 
Ritchie, James, Gardenstown 
Ritchie, John, Gardenstown 
Robertson, Jas, Crovie 
•Sales, John, Gardenstown 
Sale3, Wm, Gardenstown 
Scott, Joseph, Gardenstown 
Stephen, J, Portmahomack 
Steven, John, Gardenstown 
Stevenson, Jn, Gardenstown 
Still, Wm, Gardenstown 
Vardon, Aif D, Gardenstown 
Wallace, Geo, Gardenstown 
Watson, Robt, Gardenstown 
Watt, A, sen, ' Sack,' Crovie 
Watt, Alex, jr, ' Sack,' Crovie 
AVatt, Alex, Crovie 
Watt, Alex, Gardenstown 
Watt, Alex, Gardenstown 
Watt, Alex, Gardenstown 
Watt, Alex, Gardenstown 
Watt, Alex, * Mister ' 
Watt, Alex, ' Dntchie ' 
Watt, Alex, ' Skipper ' 
Watt, Alex, 'Donelly' 
Watt, Alex, Fraserburgh 
Watt, Charles, Gardenstown 
Wait, David J, Gardenstown 
Watt, Francis,' Kitter,' Crovie 
Watt, Francis, Gardenstown 
Watt, Francis, Gardenstown 
Watt, Francis, Gardenstown 
Watt, Francis, Gardenstown 
Watt, Francis, Gardenstown 
Watt, Francis, ' Provost ' 

Watt, George, sen, 'Gilbert ' 
Watt, George, Crovie 
Watt, Geo, Gardenstown 
Watt, Geo, Gardenstown 
Watt, Geo, Gardenstown 
Watt, Geo, ' Kenny ' 
Watt, Geo, Crovie 
Watt, Geo, * James ' 
Watt, Geo, ' Donaldie ' 
Watt, G, ' Dutchie,' Crovie 
Watt, Gilbert, Gardenstown 
Watt, Gilbert, Gardenstown 
Watt, Gilbert, Gardenstown 
Watt, Jas, ' Son of William ' 
Watt, James, ' Donald ' 
Watt, Jas, ' Skipper ' 
Watt, Jas, Crovie 
Watt, Jas, ' Craick ' 
AVatt, Jas, ' Bnchan ' 
Watt, Jas, ' Skipper ' 
Watt, Jas, ' Dutchie ' 
Watt, Jas, ' Downie' 
AVatt, Jas, Gardenstown 
Watt, James, ' Mair ' 
AVatt, James, ' Captain ' 
AVatt, James, Crovie 
Watt, Jas, Liverpool 
Watt, James, sen, ' Dutchie ' 
Watt, Jas, jun, ' Dutchie ' 
AVatt, Jas, jnn, ' Mair* 
AVatt, Jas, ' Kitter * 
Watt, Jas, ' Wilsie ' 
Watt, Jas, ' Jamsie ' 
AVatt, John, Gardenstown 
AVatt, John, Gardenstown 
Watt, John, Gardenstown 
AVatt, John, Gardenstown 
AVatt, John, Gardenstown 
Watt, John, 'Keek' 
Watt, John, ' Skipper ' 
AVatt, Jno, sen, Gardenstown 
Watt, Jno, jun, Gardenstown 
Watt, John, 'Kitter' 
AVatt, John, Crovie 
AVatt, John, ' Curly' Crovie 
Watt, John, • Curly ' Crovie 
AVatt, John, ' Buchan * Crovie 
Watt, Jn, jr, ' Provost' 
AVatt, Joseph, Gardenstown 
Watt, Jos, Gardenstown 
Watt, Jos, ' Stanry ' 
Watt, Kenneth, Gardecstown 
Watt, Thomas, Gardenstown 
Watt, Wm, Gardenstown 
Watt, Wm, Gardenstown 
Watt, Wm, jr, Gardenstown 
Watt, Wm, Gardenstown 
Watt, Wm, Gardenstown 
Watt, Wm, ' Waterloo ' 
AVatt Wm, ' Gaut,' Crovie 
Watt, Wm, ' Curly,' Crovie 
Watr, Win, Gardenstown 
Watt, AVm, ■ Charlie ' 
Watt, Wm, ' Provost' 
Watt, Wm, 'Dutchie' 
Watt, Wm, Gardenstown 
Webster, Jas, Crovie 


Sec. I. 

Webster, Jn, jr, Crovie 
Webster, John, Stonehouse 
Webster, Wm, Crovie 
West, Alex, Gardenstown 
West, Chas, Gardenstown 
West, George, Gardenstown 
West, George, Gardenstown 
West, George, Gardenstown 
West, Jas, Gardenstown 
West, Jas, Gardenstown 
West, Jas, Gardenstown 
West, John, Gardenstown 
West, John, Gardenstown 
West, Thos, Gardenstown 
West, Thos, Gardenstown 
West, Wm, Gardenstown 
West, Wm, sen, Gardenstown 
West, AVm, jr, Gardenstown 
West, Wm, ' Good Lad* 

West, Wm, Gardenstown 
Willox, Chas, Gardenstown 
Wilson, Alex, Gardenstown 
Wilson, Geo, Gardenstown 
Wilson, Geo, Gardenstown 
Wilson, Rev J, Gardenstown 
Wiseman, A, ' Hatty ' 
Wiseman, Alex, Gardenstown 
Wiseman, Alex, Gardenstown 
Wiseman, Alex, Gardenstown 
Wiseman, A, Gardenstown 
Wiseman, A, Gardenstown 
Wiseman, And, Gardenstown 
Wiseman, G, jr, CJardenstown 
Wiseman, Geo, Gardenstown 
Wiseman, Geo, Gardenstown 
Wisemon, Geo, Gardonstown 
Wiseman, Gilb, Gardenstown 
Wiseman, Jas, Gardenstown 

Wiseman, Jas, Gardenstown 
Wiseman, Jas, Gardenstown 
Wiseman, Jas, Gardenstown 
Wiseman, Jas, Gardenstown 
Wiseman, Jas, Gardenstown 
Wiseman, Jas, Gardenstown 
Wiseman, John, Gardenstown 
Wiseman, John, Gardenstown 
Wiseman, John 'Arthur' 
Wiseman, John, ' Braes' 
Wiseman, Jos, Gardenstown 
Wiseman, Wm, Gardenstown 
Wiseman, Wm, ' Bob ' 
Wiseman, Wm, ' Sergeant ' 
Wiseman, Wm, 'Scaffie' 
Wood, Wm, Gardenstown 
Young, Alex, Gardenstown 
Young, Alex, Gardenstown 
Young, John, Knowhead 


Abercrouiby, G C, Forglea 
Adam, Wm, Newton 
Aird, Arch, Mountblairy 
Aitken, Donald, Gledsgreen 
Alexander, Adam, Denhead 
Alexander, J, H Witchyburn 
Allardyce, Forbes, Newton 
Alexander, Wm, Little Hilton 
Anderson, G, Briggshillocks 
Andrew, Alex, Lr Fattahead 
Andrew, J, Den of Muiryhill 
Andrew, Jas.Nn.of Deershaw 
Andrew. J n, Den of Muiryhill 
Barclay, Geo, Boggiehead 
Barclay, Jas, Weachyburn 
Barclay, John, Tamshill 
Baxter, Wm, Kiltryknock 
Bellman, Wm. Itlaw 
Birnie, Wm, Mountblairy 
Brewster. Alex, Mountblairy 
Brown, Arthur, Burnhead 
Cameron, Douglas, Tipperty 
Cameron, Dutf, Tipperty 
Campbell, K, Ard middle 
Carnegie, Jas, Itlaw 
Chalmers, Jas. Malcolmsford 
Chalmers, Jn, Malcolmsford 
Chalmers, John, Cairnhill 
Christie, Chas, Bagrie 
Christie, John, Bagrie 
Clark, John, South Itlaw 
Cook. Walter, Muiryhill 
Cooper. Geo, Easter Muirden 
Craib, Wm, South Itlaw 
Craig, John, Maryhill 
Cruickshank. A. Er Breedless 
Cruickshank, Wm, N Sandlaw 
Davidson, Adam, Boghead 
Davidson, James, Brydock 
Dewar, James, Dunlugas 
Dey, Andrew, Stonieley 
Dey, Jas, Hill of Muirden 
Diacke, Jas, Dunlugas 


Dick, Wm, Wester Itlaw 
Dickie, William, Barbethill 
Donald, J, Newton Deershaw 
Donald, John, Blackton 
Donald, William, Hiltown 
Dutf, Alex, Inverichuy 
Duncan, Jn, Gowansmoss 
Duncan, Robert, Wardend 
Dnncan,R,jr,Mains Rosieburn 
Duncan, W, N'th Burreldales 
Esslemont, Geo. Dunlugas 
Findlater, P, Bridgend 
Findlater. W, Auchinbadie 
Fiudlay, J Crawfordmoss 
Findlay, Robert, Upper Itlaw 
Fraser," Rev H, Alvah 
Fowlie, Frank. Newton 
Fraser, John H, Lynhead 
Fraser, John, Maunderlea 
Gammack, John, Brownside 
George, Francis, Banff 
Gordon, Jas H. Stonyhill 
Grant, Alex, Briggs 
Gray, Alex, Barbethill 
Gray, George, Maryhill 
Gray, James, Tamshill 
Gray, James, Herodhill 
Greig, John, South Sandlaw 
Greenlaw, W, Upr. Blackburn 
Halkett, Alex, NetherMuirden 
Harper, Jas, CraigeyhillocK 
Harper, Jas, Hillhead 
Harper, R, Craigevhillock 
Harper, W, East MidMuirden 
Hay, Alex A , North Sandlaw 
Hay, Alex, jr, Lr Blackburn 
Hay, George, Lr Johnshill 
Hay, John, Boghead 
Hay, Robt, Lower Blackburn 
Hay, Peter, Mallyrust 
Henderson, James, Pathhead 
Hendry, A, Strath of Brydock 
Hendry, F, Hill of Ryland 

Hendry, Jas, Firfolda 
Hendry, Jas, Kiltryknock 
Home, Jas, "Pole of Itlaw 
Hosie, Alex, Boggiehead 
Innes, Charles, Newton 
Jamieson, Wm, Brownside 
Jenkins, George, Maryhill 
Kidd, Jas, Wood of Shaws 
Kldd, John, Alvah 
Lawrence, Wm. Fattiehead 
Leslie, John, Kiltryknock 
Livingstone, Wm, Newton 
Mackie, Alex, Johnshill 
Manson, Alex, Kiltryknock 
Manson, And, N Burreldales 
Marr, Henry, Maryhill 
Marr, Robert, Tipperty 
Massie, J, Mill of Ryland 
Milne, John, N Brownside 
Miller, Alexander, Sketraw 
Milton, John, Itlaw 
Mitchell, Jas, Inverichny 
Mitchell, W, U'pr Inverichny 
Morison, L.-Col F Delamere 
Morrison, Alex, Linhead 
Morrison, Geo. Deuchries 
Murdo, John, Drywells 
Murdoch, Alex, Maunderlea 
Murdoch, Alex. Maryhill 
Murdoch, Alex.North Sandlaw 
Mnrison, Jas, Itlaw 
M'Donald, J, North Sandlaw 
M'Donald, Wm, Maunderlea 
M'Donald, W.LittleDeuchries 
M'Ewen. W, Hill of Muirden 
MTnto-h, Alex, Clayfolds 
M'Kenzie, Alex, Newton 
M'Kenzie. D, Bridge of Alvah 
M'Kenzie, J, Coldhome 
M'Robert, Jas, Maryhill 
M'William, Jas, Deuchries 
Ord, William, Bythestone 
Pirie, George, Mosstown 

Sec. I. 



'irie, James, Kiltryknock 
?irie, Jn, Mallyrust 
?irie, John, Kirkton 
'irie, Wm, Crawfordhill 
orter, Alex, Maryhill 
Jae, John, Burngrains 
iae, JohnS. Gutbrie cioft 
tae, Peter, Barbethill 
,ae, Win, Lower Wauford 
affan A, Middle Muirden 
eid, iEneas, Clavfolds 
iddoch, John, Brownside 
itobb, Jas, carpenter's croft 
loss, John, Ladysheet 
uincie, Fr, W, Bruntbrae 
cott, Andrew, Kirkton 
cott, Arch, Denmill 
cott, Jas, Nether Inverichny 
cott, W, LoanheadMuiryhill 
Shearer, Thos, Hungry hills 
shearer, Jas, Drywells 
Shepherd, Alex, UprWanford 
iim, Alex. Mill of Alvah 
iim, Alex, Hill of Maunderlea 

Sim, James, Maunderlea 
Sime, Eobt, Monntblairy 
Simpson, And, Rosieburn 
Simpson, D, Briggshillock 
Simpson, Geo, Brydock 
Simpson, Geo, West Deuchries 
Simpson, John, Ryland 
Simpson, Robert, Linhead 
Simpson, S, Meikle Blackton 
Smart, J, Upper Witchyburn 
Smart, Jas, Kiltrynock 
Smith, A, South Burreldales 
Smith, Chaa, Bythston 
Smith, Geo, Netherwood 
Smith, Geo, jun, Hangryhills 
Smith, Geo, sen. Hungryhills 
Smith, Hugh, Hillhead 
Smith, J. Mains of Auchinbadie 
Smith, Wm, Maryhill 
Steel, H W, Dunlugas 
Steel, Jas, Brae of Ryland 
Stephen, A, N Burreldales 
StepheD, Geo, L Blackton 
Stephen, G, N Burreldales 

Strachan, John, Scatterty 
Strachan, W, Upper Muirden 
Strachan,S,Lt-Cl, Netherwood 
Swanson, David, Bogbraes 
Symon, Alex, Lr Witchyburn 
Taylor, A, Knockies 
Thain, Chas, Stonieley 
Tbain, Robt, Alvah 
ThomsOD, Edward B, Edeu 
Thomson, Eobt,Up.Deuchries 
Thomson, Wm, Herodhill 
Tindal, James, Denmill 
Todd, Chas, Edinburgh 
Troup, James, Breedless 
Urquhart, Fras E R Pollard 
Warrack, John, Edinburgh 
Watson, Thos G, Inverichny 
Willox, Jas, Roberton 
Wilson, Alex, Lintmill 
Wilson, Jas, Kemplmyre 
Winton, Jas, Damside 
Wood, Jas, Monntblairy 
Wood, Wm, Maryhill 


Excepting part in Quoad Sacra Parish of Ord. 

Llexander, Alexjnverboyndie 
Lngus, John, Eagle's Gate 
Migus, John, Fiskaidly 
Barclay, John, Banff 
Barclay .-.Wm.iSandyhills 
Barron, Alex, Ladysbridge 
Barron, Alex, Linksfield 
Bisset, Jas, Paddocklaw 
Bisset, Joseph, Inchdrewer 
Sowie, Wm, Rackmill 
3rown, Jas, Inverboyndie 
Jhalmers, Alex, Gowanhill 
Chalmers, J, Blairshinnoch 
Chalmers, W, Little Wardend 
phrystal, F, Inverboyndie 
Dock, Wm, Er Culbeuchly 
Collie, Andrew, Bachlaw 
Joiney. Alex, Inverboyndie 
Jowie, William, Hillhead 
Davidson, Alex, Inchdrewer 
Davidson, Jas, Denhead 
Davidson, G, Little Wardtnd 
Davidson, Wm. Fiskaidly 
Duff, Right Hon M E Grant 
Duncan, James, Inverboyndie 
Duncan, Jas, Linksfield 
Duncan, Wm, Culbeuchly 
Swing, Wm, Mill of Boyudie 
farquhar, Horace B, London 
^orbes, Jas, Blairshinnoch 
'orbes, Jas, Hills of Boyndie 

Fowler. Alex, Colleonard 
Gavin, William, Linksfield 
uibb, Geo, Blairshinnoch 
Goodall, A, Mains Colleonard 
Graham, YVm, S Colleonard 
Grant, Charlep, Backlaw 
Greenlaw, James, Hilton 
Greenlaw, Jas, Banff 
Greenlaw, Jos, Culbeuchly 
Haddow, Jas, Inverboyndie 
Henderson, James, Ella 
Hendry, Alex, Whiteoutie 
Innes, John, Culbeuchly 
Joss, Wm, Blairshinnoch 
Ledingham, Geo, Inchdrewer 
Mavor, Geo, Banff Cemetery 
Milne, Alex, Todholes 
Milne, John, Inverboyndie 
Mowat, George, Rackmill 
Munro, Henry, Linksfield 
Murdoch, F, Paddocklaw 
Murray, Jd, Inverboyndie 
Murray, Robert, Banff 
M'Donald, David, Colleonard 
M'Gregor, A, Little Wardend 
M'Hattie, A, Inverboyndie 
.Napier, H J, Mill, Bl'rshiu'ch 
Ord, Jas, Upper Denhead 
Pirie, James, Hilton 
Pirie, Jas, jun, Blairshinnoch 

Pirie, James, Linksfield 
Pirie, John, Inverboyndie 
Pirie, Wm, Hilton 
Baeburn, Robt, Ella 
Reid, Geo, Inverboyndie 
Robb, John, Culbeuchly 
Scott, Alex, Hilton 
Scott, Wm, Banff 
Shaw. Wm, Er Culbeuchly 
Simpson, Alex, Orchard 
Simpson, Jas, excise officer 
Simpson, T A, Banff 
Simpson, Wm, Sandyhill 
Smith, Robt, Inverboyndie 
Stables, Alex, Deerpiik 
Steele, Alex, Blairshinnoch 
Steele, Wm, Whiteouttie 
Stevenson, A O, Blairshinnoch 
Still, Alex, Culbeuchly 
Taylor, H H, Mid Colleonard 
Thomson, Jas, sr, Culbeuchly 
Thomson, Ja?, jr, Turriff 
Urquhart, Daniel, Deerpaik 
Watt, Alexander, Banff 
Weir, Jas, Wester Culbeuchly 
Will, James. Er Culbeuchly 
Winton, C, Easter Culbeuchly 
Wocd, Alex, Hilton 
Wright, Wm, Sandyhills 
Yeats, John, Banff 


Excepting part in Quoad Sacra Parish of Ord. 

Addison, James, Whitehills 
Alexander, John, Rettie 
kllan, Alex,Mainsof Baldavie 
Allan, Alex, Ladvbrae 
Anderson, Rev Wm, Boyndie 
Barry, Geo, Bankhead 
Beaton, Wm, Whitehills 

Bisset, Jas, Meikle Rettie 
Brandy, Geo, Rettie 
Bremner, Wm, sr, Hopetown 
Bremner, W, jun, Hopetown 
BL-odie, Alexander, Blackpots 
Brodie, Wm, Blackpots 
Campbell, John, Whitehills 

Chalmers, Robt, Banff 
Clark, Alex, Whitehills 
Clark, John, Whitehills 
Clark, Theodore, Whitehills 
Cooper, John, sod. Whitehills 
Cowie, James, Drakemyres 
Cowie, J, Mill of Boyndie 



SBC. I. 

Cruickshank, Wm, Whitehills 
Dawson, A, Whitehills 
DawsOD, Alex, Mill of Boyndie 
Dawson, Al, Boyndie Ci ossing 
Dey, Alexander, Whitehills 
Donald, John, Kirkhill 
Donald, Wm, Kirkhill 
Downie, Geo, Whitehills 
Duguid, Robt, Banff Asylum 
Duncan, Alex, Mill of Boyne 
Duncan, John, Whitehills 
Ewen, James, sen, Whitehills 
Ewen, Jas, jun, Whitehills 
Ewen, Wm, Meikle OrdeDS 
Fiodlay, George, Whitehills 
Findlay, Henry, Whitehills 
FiDdlay, W, 'Sheriff,* W'hills 
Fordyce, John, Mill of Boyne 
Fordyce, Peter, Whitehills 
Fowler, David. Lun Asylum 
Fraser, Alex, School Croft 
Fraser, John, Culphin 
Fraser, John, Whitehills 
Garden, Alex, Black Culphin 
Gordon, L, Lintmill of Boyne 
Grant, William, Coolienook 
Gray, John, Whitebills 
Green, Jn, Wester Whyntie 
Hay, John, Black Culphin 
Hendry, James, Whitehills 
Hepburn, Geo, Birchwood 
Horn, Alexander, Brangan 
Hosie, James. Whitehills 
Tnglis, John, Blackpots 
Johnston, Jas, Whitehills 
Ledinghatn, Rev J G, Boyndie 
Ledingham, Wm, Boyndie 
Legg, Geo, Wester Whyntie 
Legg, William, Whitehills 
Legg, Wm. Broadley 
Levenie, John, Whitehills 
Lindsay, W, Kirkton 
Lobban, Alex, Thriepland 
Lobban, Robert, Thriepland 
Longmore, Geo, Rettie 
Longmore, Leith E, Baldavie 
Lorimer, Wm, Whitehills 
LoTie, George, Whitehills 
Lovie, Henry, Whitehills 
Lovie, H, ' Flttie,' Whitehills 
Lovie, H, ' Fittie,' Whitehills 
Lovie, Jas Moir, Whitebills 
Lovie, John, jun, 'Tontine' 

Lovie, John B, Whitehills 
Lovie, J. ' Fittie,' Whitehills 
Lovie, W.'Wattie,' Whitehills 
Mackie, James, Brangan 
Mair, James, Brangan 
Meldrum, Alex, Whitehills 
Meldrum, James, Whitehills 
Michie, Jas, Whyntie 
Michie, John, Meikle Ordens 
Milae, Alex, jud, Whitehills 
Milne, Heurv, Whitehills 
Milne, Jas, Whitehills 
Mitchell, Kobt, Whitehills 
Morrison, J, Mill of Boyndie 
Morrison, John, Whitehills 
Morrison, J, jr, WhiteCulphin 
Mnrison, Alex, Binff Asylum 
Murray, A, 'Dipple,' Wh'ehills 
Murray, Alex, Kirkton 
Murray, Jas Geo, Whitehills 
M'Bain, John, Whitehills 
Murray, Richard, Whitehills 
M'Culloch, John, Whitehills 
M'Donald. Wm, Ordens 
M'Ewen, John, Auds 
M'Ewen, Wm, Whyntie 
M'Hardy, J, Lintmill of Boyue 
M'Hattie.W, Muir of Whvntie 
M'Intosh, B, Mill of Boyndie 
M'Kay, Neil, Meikle Rettie 
M'Kenzie, Thomas, Lodgehill 
M'Kenzie, JohD, Er. Baldavie 
M'Queen, A, Old Schoolhouse 
M'Queen, J, Lintmill of Boyne 
M'Rae, Jn, Nether Blairmaud 
M'Rae, John, Whitehills 
W William, J.OldSchoolhousa 
Napier, R, Nether Dallachy 
Nicol, Donald, Whitehills 
Nicol, James, Inverboyndie 
Park, Jas, Broadley 
Paul, James, Ladybrae 
Quirie, John, Meikle Rettie 
Rae, William, Whitehills 
Rattan, Georee, Whitehills 
Rattan. Ja°, Whitehills 
Rennie, Wm, Brangan 
Ritchie, Alex, Whitehills 
Ritchie, Geo, Whitehills 
Ritchie, J, ' Ross,' Whitehills 
Ritchie, John, Whitebillb 
Ritchie, Wm, Whitehills 
Eobb, Ja=, Lochside 
Robertson, G, Easter Whyntie 

Robertson, G, Muir of Rettie 
Robertson, Jas, Whyntie 
Robertson, Jas, Dennistoun 
Ross, Geo, Lodgehill 
Ross, Wm, Boyne 
Runcie, George, Lochside 
Russell, Joseph, Rowantree 
Scott, David, Bankhead 
Shearer, Chas, Lodgehill 
Simpson, Alex, Meikle Rettie 
Smart, John, Whitehills 
Smith, Alex, Lodgehill 
Smith, Alex, Whitehills 
Smith, AlfreJ, Whitebills 
Smith, Geo, Ordens 
Smith, Jas, Blairmaud 
Smith, Wm, Whitehills 
Spalding, Jas, Warylip 
Stevenson, J, Muir of Rettie 
Stewart, Geo, Whitehills 
Stitchell, James, Whitehills 
Sutherland, Alex, Glasgow 
Taylor, Alex, Whitehills 
Thain, Cha*, Easter Baldavie 
Thomson. G, Muir of Rettie 
Turner, Robert, Cairnton 
Watson, Geo, Whitehills 
Watson, Geo, ' Lairdie's Son ' 
Watson, Geo, ' Hally ' 
Watson, Geo, sen, Whitehills 
Watson, Henry, Whitehills 
Watson, Henry, Whitehills 
Watson, Henry, Whitehills 
Watson, Henry, 'M'rch'ts Son' 
Watson, Henry J, Whitehills 
Watson, John, Whitehills 
Watson, John, Whitehills 
Watson, John, Whitehills 
Watson, J, Whitebills 
Watson, Wm, seD, Whitehills 
Watson, Wm G, Whitehills 
Watt, A, Lintmill of Boyne 
White, James, Whitehills 
Williamson, T, Muir of Rettie 
Wilson, Alexander, Auds 
Wihon, Alex, Whitehills 
Wilson, Geo, Whitehills 
Wilson, Geo, Nether Dallachy 
Wilson, George, Warylip 
Wilson, James. Whitehills 
Wilson, John, Whitehills 
Wilson, W, Upper Dallachy 
Wright, John, Auds 
Wright, Wm, Cairnton 


Except Estates of Troup, Greenskairs, and Whitehill, and Villages of Gardenstown 
and Crovie. 

Alexander, Alex, Bloodiemite 
Addison, Peter, Gellymill 
Allan, G M, Montbletton 
Allan, Wm, Mains of Cullen 
Anderson, F, Easter Melrose 
Anderson, John, Macduff 
Anderson, Wm, Outseat 
Barber, Geo, jun., Macduff 
Begg, George, Outseat 
Birnie, Chas, Easter Melrose 
Birnie, Wm, E'r Melrose 

Bisset, Joseph, Macduff 
Black, George, Macduff 
Bremner, G, E'st'r Headitown 
Burness, Alexander, Gellyhill 
Carle. Chas Bruntyards 
Carnie, Jas, Longmaohill 
Cassie, Andw, Blooiiiemlre 
Chalmers, James, Macduff 
Chapman, James, Bogs 
Christie, Alex, Tarlair 
Clark, William, Macduff 

Coupar, Robt, Gellymill 
Cowie, A, sr, Mains of Melrose 
Cowie, A, jr, Mains of Melrose 
Cowie, Charles. Fortrie 
Cowie, James, Silverford 
Cowie, John, Macduff 
Cruickshank, C, Longmanhill 
Cruickshank, Geo, Outseat 
Cruickshank, Geo, Macduff 
Cruickshank, W.Longmanhill 
Cruickshank, Wm, Jackstoae 

Sec. I. 



humming, G, Longmanhill 
Davidson, Wm, Longmanhill 
Dawson, Jas, Macduff 
Dawson, Wm, Macduff 
Deane, James, Macduff 
Dempster, Chas, Bloodiemire 
Dempster, Geo, Bruntyards 
Dempster, Jas, Macduff 
Donald.W.Newton of Melrose 
Downie, Alex, Hungryhills 
Duff, Wm, Hillside 
Duffus, James, Headitown 
Duffus, P, Melrose 
Duncan, James, Macduff 
Duncan, John, Mill of Fortrie 
Fiddes, James, Silverhillocks 
Fordyce, Francis, Silverford 
Geddes, James, Blackcairn 
Beorge, Alex, Viewmount 
Gerrard, Walter, Macduff 
Gill, G, Bloodymire 
Sill, Geo, Gellyhill 
Goodsman, Jn, Longmanhill 
Bow, Wm, Gellyhill 
Bray, George, Hillside 
Bray, Wm, Montbletton 
3rieve,D, Bonny toun of Culleu 
Halkett, Alex, Macduff 
Hay, Geo, Cairn of Melr03e 
Hendry, Lewis, Longmanhill 
ETorn, John, Macduff 

Hutcheon, John, Dounepark 
Ingram, G, Newton of Melrose 
Irvine, Jas, jr, Hungryhills 
Joss, David, Silverford 
Joss, Peter, Bloodiemire 
Kilou, Geo, Moss 
Kindness, Gea, Silverford 
Leggat, Wm, Balgreen 
Legge, John, Longmanhill 
Leslie, Wm, London 
Mann, Frank, Old toll house 
Milne, J, Macdaff Crossroads 
Minty, Alex, Macduff 
Mitchell, Alex, Edinburgh 
Mitchell, Jas, Nn of Melrose 
Mitchell, Jas, Melrose 
Mitchell, R, Melrose 
Mitchell, W,Bonnvt'wnCullen 
Morrison, Alex, Melrose 
Murdoch, Alex, Macduff 
Murdoch, A, Mill of Cullen 
Murray, Jas, Dounepark 
Murray, Jas, Faichfolds 
Murray. JG.Hi'sideof J'ckst'n 
M'Donald, Ernest, Macduff 
M'Donald, John, Longmanhill 
M-Pherson, P H, Macduff 
M'Robb, J, Easter Headitown 
M'Robert, Alex, Foulzie 
Niven, Jas, Gellymi'l 

Paterson, Jas, Burnside 
Pirie, Wm, Gellymill 
Porter, Wm, Bogs 
Raeburn, Jas, Easter Melrose 
Reid, Alex, Burnside 
Riacb, John, Strathdon 
Ritchie. John, Hogland Park 
Robinson, Jos, Jackstone 
Ross, David, Moss 
Russell, John, Melrose 
Scott, Alex, Mains of Cullen 
Shand, Alex, Cornhill 
Shand, George, Cornhill 
Sharp, Adam, Longmanhill 
Sharp, A, jr, Longmanhill 
Shepherd, D, Longmanhill 
Shepherd, Wm, Moss 
Sim, James, Silverhillock 
Simpson, James, Banff 
Skene, John, Lodge croft 
Smith, Wm, Gellymill 
Smith, Wm, Longmanhill 
Smith, W, E Headitown 
Strachan, Geo, Macduff 
Wildgoose, Jas, Longmanhill 
Wilson, Jas, Wester J ackston 
Wilson, James, Melrose 
AVilson, John, Bogwell 
Wilson, John, Balgreen 
Wilson, Wm, Fortrie 

PARISH OF KING-EDWAR D— Voting in Banffshire. 

Carrie, Geo, Corskie 
iremner, Alex, Montcoffer 
iammie, J, Mains Montcoffer 
lepbum, C, Montcoffer Mains 
nnes, John, Lodge croft 
!>awsou, Alex. Kirkside 
Leslie, Alex F, Montcoffer 

Michie, James, Kirkside 
Meldrnm, W, Kirkside 
Morison, A O, Gavenwood 
M'Intosb, Jas, Corskie 
M'Kenzie, Colin, Gavenybrae 
M'Killigan, Wm, Kirkside 

Simpson, Cbas, Montcoffer 
Skene, Frarik, Corskie 
Smith, Alex, Beekie's land 
Strachan. G, Mains Montcoffer 
Tough, Wm, Lodge croft 
Wilson, John, Corskie 



Ulan, Geo, jun, Auldton 
Vnderson, John, Fionygaud 
Andrew, John, Skirfolds 
ienzies, J ames, Inchtamack 
3rander, Rose B, Macfaulds 
Chalmers, Jas, Cornhill 
Jhalmers, John, Cornhill 
Jhalmers, Theo, Cornhill 
Jbristie, Alex, Cornhill 
Jhristie, James, Seaview 
Jooper, Chas, Skirfolds 
Copland, Geo, Rotben 
Jorbet, James, Cornhill 
Jowie, Alex, Finnjgaud 
Jowie, G, Cairdwell 
Jowie, J, Little Greendykes 
Jowie, John, Culphin 
Jowie, John, jun, Overtown 
Jowie, John, sen, Hornsward 
Jowie, Jn, jr, Hornsward 

Cowie, Wm, Culphin 
Cruickshank, Geo. Grantown 
Cruickshank, J. Seaview 
Cruickshank, Jas, Greendykes 
Cushnie, James, Cornhill 
Dalgarden, Geo, Grantown 
Davidson, Geo, Scatterty 
Donald, Alex, Gordonstown 
Donald, Alex, Ordiquhill 
Downie, Alex, Old Cornhill 
Duff, A H G, Worcestershire 
Duncan, Alex, Greendykes 
Duncan, Andrew, Glenforkie 
Duncan, Jas, Little Rowater 
Duncan, John, Pathhead 
Edward, Alex, sen, Inchford 
Edward, D, Newpark 
Edward, G, Drums of Park 
Edward, John, Craigmartin 
Ellis, John, Cornhill 

Fiddes, Francis, Scatterty 
Fiddes, Peter, Bogton 
Flaws, Wm, Cornhill 
Forsyth, Wm, Fiddieston 
George, Rt, Butler's cottage 
Goodall, Geo, Craigmartin 
Gordon, John, Cornhill 
Gray, Alex, Seaview 
Gray, Geo, Nethermills 
Greig, Alex, Cornhill 
Harper, John, Drums of Park 
Hendry, Jas, jr, Rothen 
Hendry, Js, sr, Upper Culphin 
Inglis, James, Tappicks 
Ironside, John. Cornhill 
Johnston, A, Little Claymires 
Johnston, Jas, Skirfolds 
Johnston, Wm, Cornhill 
Kirkton, Alex, Coxton 
Lauder, Alex, Reidside 



Sec. I. 

Lauder, John, Skirfolds 
Lauder, Jn. Uppermills 
Lauder, William, Uppermills 
Lauder, Wm, Gordonstown 
Lawrence, Jas, Crossfolds 
Lawrence, Jas, Starmires 
Leslie, Theodore, Grantown 
Mackie, Alex, Brooms 
Mackie, Wm, Gordonstown 
Middleton, J, Grantown 
Milne, George, Scatterty 
Milne, Geo, Seaview 
Milne, James. Seaview 
Milne, Geo. Gordonstown 
Moir, David, Berrydrum 
Morrison, John, Whitewells 
Mutcb, Alex, Cornhill 
M'Donald,Rev GG.Ordiquhill 
M'Gregor, A, Cornhill 
M'Hardy, J, Gordonstown 
M'Kay, Alex P, Cornhill 

M'Kay, W, Cornoaim Villa 
M'Kenzie. Jas, Cornhill 
M'Vicar, Rev W, Ordiquhill 
Neish, Alex, Gordonstown 
Neish, Wm, Wauikmil 
Norrie, George, Brooms 
Ogg. Jas, Grantown 
Pedder, William. Cornhill 
Raeburn, A, Meikle Rowater 
Raeburn, Joseph/Cornhill 
Raffan, Geo, Old Cornhill 
Raffan, J ames, Cornhill 
Raffan, Wm. Castle Needless 
Riddocb, John, Hillfolds 
Robertson, C, Cornhill 
Robertson, Geo, Mosstown 
Robertson, Geo, Cornhill 
Bobertson, J R, Cornhill 
Robertson, Peter, Mosstown 
Robertson, R, Old Cornhill 
Ross, Alexander, Cliymire9 

Simpson, Geo, Knabbymoss 
Stephenson, Alex, Drums 
Stewart, Alex, Moss-side 
Stewart, D, Park New Cottage 
Stewart, John, Gordonstown . 
Stewart, John, Park 
Stewart, John M, Balwarren 
Taylor, W, Auchanland 
Thain, James, Calviehill 
Thomson, Alex, Scatterty 
Thomson, Robt, Claymires 
Thomson. Robt, Gordonstown 
Urqubart. Robt, Park 
Walker, Wm, Midtown 
Watt, A, Little Greendykes 
Webster, James, Woodside 
Webster, Jos. Gordonstown 
Whyte, Jas, Swilebog 
Williamson, A, Gordonstown 
Williamson, R, Inchbrnick 
Woo:!, John, Swilebog 


Barry, John, Moss of Reidside 
Bennett,A, Nether Blairmaud 
Donald, John, Black Culphin 
DuSus, John, Rothen 
Farquhar, Cbas, U Blairmaud 
Farquhar, J, Cormackhillock 
Fetch, Geo, Rothen 
Findlay, John G, Loanhead 

Garden, Alex, Loanhead 
Gardiner, J, Upper Culpbin 
Hendry, Geo, Cormackhillock 
Hutton, David, Loanhead 
Meldrum.Alex, White Culphin 
Middleton, J, Black Culphin 
Morrison, Alex, Loanhead 
Robertson, J, Corm'khiU'ck 

Bobsrtson, J, Moss Reidside 
Scott, Jas. Rothen 
Seivwright, W. Moss Reidside 
Smith, Alex, Upper Culphin 
Smith, Geo, Cormackhillock 
Stuurt, J, jr. Moss of Keidside 
AVatt, Geo, Upper Blairmaud 

QUOAD SACRA PARISH OF ORD— (Parish or Banff). 

Aiken, Rev James. Ord 
Andrew, Robert, Todholes 
Barclay, John, Cowfords 
Chalmers, Geo, Blackshank 
Christie, James, Blackhills 
Christie, Peter, Blackhills 
Clark, Alex, Boghead 
Cooper, Henry, Blackhills 
Cowie, G A, Easter Culbirnie 
Davidson, John, Shanneltown 
Davidson, John, Boghead 
Dawson, James, Lochagan 
Featch, Wm, Oldtown 
Fraser. Jas, Boghead 
Gordon, Geo, Alehouseburn 
Grant, John, Alehouseburn 
Henry, Alex, Hill of Ord 

Hunter, J, Quarry Croft 
Lawrence, John, Boghead 
Low, John, Easter Lochagan 
Lorimer, James, jr, Ella 
Lyon, Alex, Boghead 
Lyon, James, Backhill 
Main, John, Todholes 
Monro, Alex, Cairns of Ord 
Morgan, Jas, Lochagan 
Morrison, Alex, Blackshank 
Munro, A, Bellman's croft 
Munro, Wm, Bellman's croft 
M'Currach, John, Blackhills 
M'Rae, Geo, Rawgowan 
M'William, J, W .Lochagan 
Porter. James, Headrooms 
Reid, William, Boghead 

Seller, Wm, Easter Culbirnie 
Smith, Alex, Qnarrycroft 
Smith, Jas, Hill of Ord 
Stevenson, Geo, Oldtown 
Stevenson, Jas, Boghead 
Stevenson, Jas, Auldton 
Stevenson, Wm, Headrooms 
Stewart, Jas, Oldtown 
Taylor, Alex, Blackloanhead 
Taylor, Wm, Blackloanhead 
Thain, Wm, Boghead 
Urquhart, Alex, Lythbrae 
Wilson, Alex, Hilton Park 
Wilson, Geo, Easter Culbirnif 
Wilson, J, Headrooms of Ord 
Wilson, W, Headrooms of Ore 


Addison, Wm, Summerton 
Aiken, Jas, Newmillsof Boyne 
Allan, James, Aucbip 
Allan, John, Burnside 
Allan, Wm, Muttonbrae 
Barclay, Alex, Cold well 
Bissett, Joseph, Auchip 
Bremner, Chas, Summerton 
Bremner, John, Winterton 
firuce, Chas J, Bogmucbals 
Cowie, A, Muir of Knockhill 
Cowie, James, Corry 
Cumming, J M, Newbigging 
Davidson. G, Badenyouchera 
Donald, George, Dam croft 
Donald, Geo G.UpperBegburn 

Duncan, J, Muir of Knockhill 
Duncan, John, Muirake 
Ewing, G, Little Summerton 
Farquhar, W, Canterbury 
Fasken, Alex, Bogmucbals 
Flaws, John, Bnrcside 
Forbes, George, Craigieford 
Fraser, John, Bogmucbals 
Gardiner, Wm, Butterytack 
Goodall, C, Muir of Muirake 
Gordon, John, Windsole 
Grant, And, Windsole 
Hutchison, William, Auchip 
Inglis, Wm, Auchip 
Ingram, John, Bogrow 
Lamb, Alex, Muirake 

Lauder, W,jr,Rothmackenzi( 
Lawrence. Wm, Coldwell 
Main, D, North Canterbury 
Main, James, Burns 
Main, James G G, Burns 
Mearns, J, Muir of Badiehinki, 
Mearns.W.Mnir of Badiehink: 
Milne, John, Burnside 
Milne, PM, Newmills of Boyn< 
Montgomery, G, Bogmuchal 
Montgomery, Jas, Auchip 
Morrison, Francis, Muirake 
Murray, James, Ordenhoves 
M-Connachie, Robt. Meadow 
Raffan, Robt, Knowiemoor 
Simpson, Charles, Hillend 

Sec. I. 



Smith, James, Williamston 
Steinson, Jobn, Little Toux 
Stephen, F, Moor Canterbury 
Stephen, Jn. Donniemaud 
Stevenson, Geo, Newmills 

Taylor, Wm, Lower Begburn 
Thomson, Geo, Burnside 
Wilson, C, South Canterbury 
Wilson, J, Muir Badenspink 
Wilson, J, Mr of Bogmuchals 

Wilson, Geo S. Limestones 
Wood, Geo. Burnside 
Wright, John, jr, Muttonbrae 
Wyness, A, Slackdale 
Wyness, William, Slackdale 


Exclusive of the portion included within the limits of the Police Burgh of Aberchirder. 

Adam, John, Finnygaud 
[Adam, Eobt, Sunnyside 
Aitken, Edward, Aucbintonl 
[Alexander, Alex, Peatknowe 
[Alexander, James, Castlehill 
[Allan, Rev Jas, Marnoch 
Allan, John, Mill of Meagie 
Allan, Wm, Hill of Culvie 
Anderson, Geo, Knockorth 
Anderson, Peter, Elrick 
Anderson, Wm. Dundee 
Andrew, Geo, Knowhead 
Andrew, J, Castle of Ki'n'rdy 
Angus, Alex, Milbethill 
Auchnie, W, South Brownhill 
Auld, Alex, Auchintoul 
Bacon, W R, Netherdale 
Balgowan, Wm, Clunie 
Barclay, Wm, Glenbarry 
Barron, Charles, Milbethill 
Barron, Jas, Pittendreign 
Barron, Peter, Ryefield 
Barron, Wm, MussbaDk 
Benzies, Robt, Milbethill 
Booth, John, Clnnie 
Bowie, W, Mains of Crombie 
Brand, Jas, Mains of Crombie 
Brebner, Jas, M'ns of Crombie 
Bremner, Peter, Dogshillock 
Bremner, Wm, North Millhill 
Bremner, Wm, Backieley 
Brodie, Alex, Cobblehouse 
Brodie, C, Mains of Crombie 
Brown, Wm, Howland 
Bruce, Robt, South Millhill 
Buchao, John, Finnygaud 
Bullock, Matthew, Glenbarry 
Campbell, J, CraigEetherty 
Chalmers, Hugh, Brownhill 
Chalmers, Bobt, Brodiefield 
Cheyne, G M, Tillydown 
Christie, Alex, Windyedge 
Christie, Geo, Clunie 
Christie, Pettr, Burnside 
Christie, Wm, Milbethill 
Clark, Alex, Yonderton 
Clark, Jos, Newton Park 
, Clay, Sir Arthur, Ardmeallie 
Cockburn, Geo, Auchintonl 
Cockburn Wm, Netherdale 
Cooper, Alexander, Rhyuock 
Cooper, James, Maunderlee 
Copland, Geo, Elrick 
Copeland, Jas, Myreside 
Coull, G. Mill of Cranna 
Coull, Wm, Clayfolds 
Cowie, James, Cleanhill 

Cowie, Jas, Pea*knowe 
Cowie, John, Elrick 
Cowie, John, Kirkton 
Cowie, Wm, Arkland 
Cowie, Wm, Pointsfield 
Cowie, Wm, Backieley 
Craib, George, Hillock 
Craig, Jas, Newton of Clunie 
Cruickshank, G, Hill of Culvie 
Cruickshank, Jn, Glenbarry 
dimming, Jas, Glenbarry 
Currie, Jas, Corskie Cottage 
Davidson, Alex, Glenbarry 
Davidson, Jn, Blacklaw Toll 
Dawson, George, Elrick 
Dawson, Geo, Milbethill 
Dawson, Wm, Elrick 
Dempster, J, M'ns of Cra'nah 
Dick, Alex, South Jiowmoss 
Donaldson, Geo, Auldtown 
Duncan, J, Mains of Crombie 
Duncan, John, Woodhead 
Duncan, John, Craignetherty 
Duncan, Robert, Thorax 
Duncan, Wm, Knowhead 
Dyker.Hobert, Sheeppark 
Edward, Geo, West Mains 
Esslemont, J, Mains Crombie 
Ewan, Wm, Hempfleld 
Ewing, Alex, Campfield 
Farquhar, Alex, Barefoot 
Finnie, Robert, Swyliefold 
Forbes, Geo, Forestmoss 
Forbes, Jas, Mains of Crannab 
Forbes, John, Battlefield 
Forbes, John, Milbethill 
Forbes, Wm, Redford 
Fordyce, John, Hill of Culvie 
Fraser, Donald, Pittendreich 
Fraser, George, Elrick 
Fraser, John, Netherdale 
Gammie, Geo, Myreside 
Gammie, Wm, Finnygaud 
Garrow, Js, Mains ©f Crombie 
Geddes, James, Crombie 
George, F W, Littlefleld 
George, John, Littledeld 
Goodall, Chas, Brae of Culvie 
Gordon, Donald, Glenbarry 
Gordon, Jas, Forgieston 
Gordon, .las, Craignetherty 
Grant, Wm, Longhaugh 
Grant, Wm, jr, Blackhillock 
Gray, George, Crombie 
Gray, Geo, Glenbarry 
Gray, Geo, Craignetherty 
Gray, John, Lythbrae 

Gray, Robt, near Aberchirder 
Gray, Wm, Hill of Culvie 
Hay, Alex, South Backieley 
Hay, George T, Muiryfleld 
Hay, John, Dubston 
Hay, John, Mason's croft 
Hendry, Archibald. Gledfleld 
Hendry, Geo, Milbethill 
Hendry, Wm, Wester Culvie 
Hepburn, Sheriffs, Milbethill 
Home, John, Elrick 
Howie, Alex, Moss-side 
Imlah, Duncan, Gledfleld 
Inglis, Alex, Midfleld 
iDglis, Wm, Meagie 
Ingram, Jas, Finnygaud 
Innes, Alex, Sheeppark 
Innes, Chas, Cairnhill 
Innes, James, Backhill 
Innes, J, Mill of Kinnairdy 
Innes, John, Cairnhill 
Innes, Wm, MuiraleshOnse 
Jamieson, W, South Crannah 
Johnstone, Alex, Glenbarry 
Johnston, John, Rynach 
Joss, John, Mains of Crombie 
King, Andrew, Muirden 
Ledingham, Jas, Hillhead 
Ledingham, Wm, Backbill 
Leith, W, Mucklebrownhill 
Low, Jas, Ellon 
Lumsden, A, Mains of Corskie 
Lyon, Andw, Craigiebrae 
Lyon, Geo, North Backielea 
Lyon, John, Auchintonl 
Matthew, Wm, Glenbarry Stn 
Michie, A. Braefoot of Clunie 
Michie, Wm, Quarryhill 
Milne, John, Sioniefield 
Milne, John, Tillydown 
Minty, Alex, South Braeside 
Moir, Wm, Rynach 
Morlson, James O, Culvie 
Morrison, Alex, Castlehill 
Morrison, Alex, Forest Moss 
Morrison, Al, Easter Corskie 
Morrison, A, N Bmkenfolds 
Morrison, C, sen, N Damfolds 
Morrison, C, jun, Tappacks 
Morrison, James, Lythebrae 
Morrison, James, Springfield 
Morrison, James, Peterden 
Morrison, James, Reekitlane 
Morrison, Jas, Crannabridge 
Morrison, Jas, Spring Garden 
Morrison, Wm, Brokenfolds 
Morrison, Wm, Crombie 



SBC. I. 

Morrison, W. Wester Corskie 
Murdoch, Alex, Elrick 
Murdoch, Wm, Hillhead 
Murdoch, "Wm, Moss-side 
Murray, James, Rhynach 
Murray, JohD, Pittendreigh 
Murray, John C, Wheetyfoot 
Murray, Wm, Pittendreigh 
M'Combie, Alex, Forgieston 
M'Curracn, John, Glenbarry 
M'Donald, Alex, Windyedge 
M'Donald, John, Stotfleld 
M'Donald, Wm, Springfield 
M'lutosh, Alex, Midmore 
M'Kay, Wm. jun, Locherbrae 
M'Lennan, Thos, Blacklaw 
M'Robert, Alex, Fill-the-cap 
M'William, Ernest, Elrick 
Nicholson, Peter, Raemore 
Ogg, Geo, Netherdale 
Ogg, Wm, Netherdale 
Paterson, Alex, Backieley 
Paterson, George, Ardmeallie 
Paterson, Johu, Kinnairdy 
Paterson, Joseph, Windyedge 
Paierson, W, jr, Forgue 
Paul, James, Framieburn 
Paul, Wm, Framieburn 
Pirie, Alex, Alliehar 
Pirie, Alex. Milbethill 
Pirie, Geo, Harperhill 
Pirie, James, Newton Culvie 
Pirie, John, Cross Roads 
Pirie, Wm, Hilton 
Rae, James, Glacks 
Raffan. John, Glenbarry 
Redford, Geo, Knockorth 

Reid, Alex, Glenbarry 
Reid, George, Skeibhill 
Reid, Hugh, Upper Backieley 
Reid, J, jr, Mill of Crombie 
Reid, Wm, Dogshillock 
Reid, Wm, Glenbarry 
Reid, Wm. Smithfield 
Reidford, Alex, Finnygaud 
Reidford, G, Mid Millhill 
Riddoch, Henry, Glenwell 
Ridgewell, John D, Dena 
Ridgewell, S, Mair's Croft 
Robertson, Alex, Elrick 
Robertson, Geo, Peterden 
Robertson, John, Braehead 
Robertson. T.Brae Ardmeallie 
Rose, William, Eawntree 
Runcie, Al, Mains of Crombie 
Shand, John, Dogshillock 
Shand, P, jun, Lythebrae 
Shand, W C, Marnoch 
Sharp, Geo, Moss-side 
Shearer, Geo, Brownhill 
Sheriffs, Wm, jun, Gledfield 
Sim, George, Barbank 
Sim, Thos, Old Crombie 
Simpson, John, Littlefleld 
Smart, G, Boit of Inv'rk'thny 
Smart, Wm, Finnygaud 
Smith, James, Sunnyside 
Smith, Jas, Glenbarry 
Smith, James, Rockfield 
Smith, James, Ardmeallie 
Smith, Wm, Elrick 
Smith, W, Backhill of Clunie 
Stephen, George, Euchrie 
Stephen, James, Netherdale 

Stevenson, G, Culvie Valley 
Stewart, Alex, Over Culvie 
Still, Arch, North Crannah 
Still, Wm, Glenbarry 
Stuart, James, Rynach 
Tayler, Alister N. Glenbarry 
Taylor, Chas, Hill of Culvie 
Taylor, Geo, Finnygaud 
Taylor, G, Corskie toll bar 
Taylor, John, Moss-side 
Tewnon, Alex, Mossford 
Tewnion, James, Burnside 
Tewnion, Jas, jr, Howelandi 
Thompson, J, Auchinderran 
Thomson, A, Mains Crombie 
Thomson, John, S Backielea 
Urquhart. John, Newlands 
Walker, P, Mains of Crombie 
Watson, David, Windyedge 
Watson, James, Glenbarry 
Watt, Alex, Finnygaud 
Watt, Alex, M'D Whitemuir 
Watt, George, Monedie 
Watt, George, Myreside 
Watt, Geo, Forgae 
Webster, Chas, Auchintoul 
Webster, Jas, Auchintoul 
Webster, John, S Brokenfold 
Webster, Jobn, Newtonmore 
Weir, Alex, Shank 
Wilkinson, Henry G, Clunie 
Will, Jas, Castleorae 
Will, John, Auchintoul 
Williamson, Jas, Denspark 
Wilson, J, Muir of Kinnairdy 
Wilson, Peter. Torston 
Wilson, Wm, Milbethill 

That portion inoluded within the limits of the Police Burgh of Aberchirder. 

Abbot, Alex, shepherd 
Adam, Wm, farm servant 
Alexander, John, clerk 
Alexander, Wm, late farmer 
Allan, Alex, labourer 
Anderson, Alex, contractor 
Anderson, Frank, clothier 
Anderson, John, carrier 
Anderson, Robt, contractor 
Anderson, Wm, shoemaker 
Andrew, Jas, manure agent 
Andrew, Jas, farm servant 
Auchinachie, John, draper 
Auchinachie, W, merchant 
Barber, Alex, labourer 
Barron, Alex, labourer 
Beange, Jas, groom 
Beattie, Wm, mason 
Bell, John, engine driver 
Boddie, Charles, merchant 
Boddie, James, innkeeper 
Bonnyman, Alex, carpenter 
Bonnyman, And, carpenter 
Bowie, James, farm labourer 
Bowie, John, farm servant 
Bowie, Wm, labourer 
Brander, Andw, feuar 
Bremner, Wm, grocer 
Brockie, Alex, farm servant 

Brodie, Alex, hotel keeper 
Brodie, James, storekeeper 
Brace, Edward, labourer 
Buchan, John, farm servant 
Buchan, Wm, mason 
Campbell, Archd. labourer 
Campbell, Geo, carter 
Campbell, Jas A, labourer 
Chalmers, Jas, farm servant 
Chalmers, Wm, flesher 
Chisholm, Wm, carter 
Christie, Wm, carter 
Clark, Andrew, shoemaker 
Clark, Isaac A, South America 
Clark, John, shoemaker 
Cooper, George, feuar 
Coull, John, carpenter 
Cowie, Jos, retired farmer 
Craig, Jas, labourer 
Doig, Alex, merchant 
Donald, George, labourer 
Donald, Jas, watchmaker 
Donald, Jas, labourer 
Donald, Jas, jr, merchant 
Donald, John, carpenter 
Drummond, Jas, labourer 
Drummond, John, labourer 
Drummond, W. 'busman 
Dunbar, Robt, hawker 

Duncan, Alex, farm servant 
Duncan, Cbas, 'busman 
Duncan, Wm, hawker 
Edward, Geo, labourer 
Farquhar, John, farm servant 
Findlater, P D, feuar 
Forbes, Alex, dairyman 
Forbes, Arthur, carrier 
Forbes, James, labourer 
Fordyce, Geo, mason 
Fordyce, Wm, labourer 
Forrest, Alex, farm servant 
Fraser, John, blacksmith 
Fraser, Thos, farm servant 
French, Robt, farm servant 
Gardiner, Alex, printer 
Gillies, John, roadman 
Gordon, Robt, sen, labourer 
Gordon, R, jr, farm servant 
Grant, Geo, labourer 
Grant, John, farm servant 
Gray, George, farm servant 
Greig, Alex, farm servant 
Greig, Jas, farm servant 
Greig, Robt, jun, farm servant 
Grigor, Leslie, feuar 
Harper, George, gardener 
Hendry, John, farm servant 
Hosie, Geo, carrier 

Sec. I. 



Eowitt, Jag, labourer 
limes, A J K, farm servant 
Jamieson, David, labourer 
Johnstone, Rev G, clergyman 
-Johnstone, J G, Aberdeen 
Johnstone, Joseph, labourer 
Johnstone, Jos, tailor 
Kellas, Peter, sen, labourer 
Kellas, Peter, jr, farm servant 
Kellas, Wm, labourer 
Kelman, Gavin, gardener 
Kelman, Jas, late gardener 
Kidd, Geo, carter 
Kinnaird, Jas, Dumfries 
Leask, D B, bank agent 
Leith, Alex, residenter 
Leslie, Jas, late farmer 
Leslie, Jas F, watchmaker 
Lindsay, Jas, hotelkeeper 
Lobban, Chas, farm servant 
Lobban, Joseph, shoemaker 
Manson, David, labourer 
Marr, Jas, carpenter 
Mathews, Geo, mason 
Meldrum, Jas, labourer 
Miller, Thos, farm servant 
Milne, George, farm servant 
Milne, Jas, farm servant 
Milne, Jas, plasterer 
Milne, Wm, farm servant 
Milne, Wm, joiner 
Milton, David, tailor 
Moir, Robt W, M.D. 
Morrison, Alex, mason 
Morrison, James, baker 
Morrison, Wm, farm servant 
Murchie, James, feuar 
Murray, Geo, merchant 

Murray, Geo, shoemaker 
Murray, John, tailor 
M'Hardy, Alex, carpenter 
M'Innltie, Dennis, labourer 
M'Inaltie, Jas, labourer 
M'Intosh, Alex, labourer 
M'Kay, W, engine proprietor 
M'Kenzie, Jas, farm servant 
M'Kenzie, John, shoemaker 
M'Kenzie.Jos, late shoemaker 
M'Kenzie, Jos, jr, shoemaker 
M'Kenzie, Wm, carrier 
M'Millan, W, 'bus proprietor 
M'Pberson, A, farm servant 
M'Pherson, Jas, labourer 
M'Rae, Alex, farm servant 
M'Rae. James, labourer 
M'Raith, Rev Jn, clergyman 
M'Robert, Wm, saddler 
Neish, Wm, police constable 
Nicholson, Geo, labourer 
Ogg, David, grocer 
Paterson, Alex, labourer 
Paterson, Wm, retired farmer 
Paul, Chas, shoemaker 
Petrie, Jas, farm servant 
Porter, Joseph, farm servant 
Rankine, Bryce, hall-keeper 
Reid, John, tailor 
Reid, Joseph, farm servant 
Reid, Wm, carpenter 
Reid, Wm, feuar 
Robb, George, labourer 
Robertson, Alex, mason 
Robertson, Alex, labourer 
Robertson, Jas, feuar 
Robertson, Wm, Banff 
Ross, David, mason 

Rnssell, Geo, late farmer 
Sandieson, Geo, farm servant 
Sandison, John, flesher 
Scott, Wm, groom 
Sim, John, sanitary inspector 
Sim, John, labourer 
Sim, Robt, labourer 
Skinner, Andw, farm servant 
Smart, Edward, labourer 
Smart, James, feuar 
Smart, John, bufcher 
Smart, Joseph, labourer 
Smith, John, labourer 
Smith, Wm, late baker 
Spence, Robert, labourer 
Stables. Robt, labourer 
Stark, Wm, tailor 
Stevenson, Wm, blacksmith 
Stewart, David, teacher 
Stewart, George, feuar 
Stewart, John, tailor 
Stewart, J S, baker 
Taylor, Gordon, farm servant 
Taylor, John, tailor 
Thomson, Alex, labourer 
Thompson, Jas, labourer 
Tocher, Jas, feuar 
Watson, Robt, farm servant 
Watt, James, saddler 
Whitton, Alfred B, MB, CM 
Wilson, H, inspector of poor 
Wilson, James, farm servant 
Wilson, Jas, farm servant 
Wilson, Wm, retired farmer 
Winchester, A, horsehirer 
Young, Joseph, roadman 
Youngson, Jas, hairdresser 
Youngson, Wm, labourer 


Adam, Geo, Maryhill 
Alexander, W.Dever'nterrace 
Alexander, Wm, Meadowbank 
Alves, Wm, Carnousie 
Anderson, John, Waulkmill 
Andrew, Geo, Craiglug 
Andrew, Wm, Forglen 
Barron, Wm, Meadowbank 
Beange, James, Burnend 
Bisset, W, Deveron Terrace 
Bonnyman, Wm, Woodside 
Brandie, And, near Church 
Brechen, John, Forglen 
Bremner, Geo. Scotstown 
Buchan, Jas, Ardreddie 
Cameron, John, Kirkton 
Chapman, Alex. Todlaw 
Clark, Donald, Forglen 
Clark, Jas, North Briggs 
Connon, Chas, Bogton 
Cowie, Alex, Scotstown 
Davidson, Alex, Bogton 
Davidson, Geo, Cairnhill 
Duncan, A, Commissary Bog 
Duncan, Alex, Penelopefleld 
Duncan, George, Bogton 
Duncan, Jn, South Briggs 
Duncan, Wm, North Briggs 
Esslemont, Geo, Meadowbank 
Fairweather, Jas, Bridgend 

Findlay, Jas, Auldtonhill 
Finnie, James, Auldtonhill 
Fraser, Alex, Brownside 
Gammie, Alex, South Bogton 
Gammie, Wm, Mill of Ribrae 
Geddes, F, Boat of Muiresk 
Gill, James, Boghead 
Gill, Wm, Kebholes 
Gold, JohD, Whitehill 
Grant, A, Mains of Carnousie 
Grant, Jas, Mill of Bibrae 
Grant, Jas, Silverstrype 
Halkett, A, Old Female School 
Harvey, John, Carnousie 
Harper, Js, Schoolhouse Croft 
Henderson, F, b'ksmith's croft 
Henry, J, Old Female School 
Johnston, Chas, Carnousie 
Joiner, John, Crossbrae 
Joiner, Wm, Cotton 
Keir, Alex, Billhead 
Lamb, J, Mains Whitefield 
Lawson, Rev G, Forglen 
Ledingham, John, Burnside 
Logie, Jas, Carnousie Haugh 
Lorimer, Wm, Forglen 
Lyon, Alex, Cotton 
Lyon, George, Waulkmill 
Massie, Wm, Forglen 
Moir, George, Forglen 

Morrison, A, Little Ribrae 
Morrison, John, Forglen 
Morrison, John. Woodside 
Morrison, J, E Waulkmill 
Murison, Wm, Whitehill 
Murray, Alex, Cairnhill 
Murray, Hugh, Maryhill 
M'Gillivray, J, North Briggs 
M'Intosh, Al, Deveron Terrace 
M'Kay, John, Maryhill 
M'Laren, Rev Peter, Forglen 
M'Lennan, D, Todlaw Point 
M'Lennan, John, Forglen 
M'Robert, Geo, Silverstripe 
Ogston, Jas, Bogharvey 
Paterson, Allan G, Whitefield 
Procter, Chas, South Bogton 
Rae. Alex, Cotton 
Riddell, Cbas, Maryhill 
Rintoul, David, Forglen 
Ross, James, Newton 
Scott, Alex, Bogton 
Scott, Jas, Carnousie 
Shanks, James, Forglen 
Sievwright, J, Forglen gardens 
Sim, John, Forglen 
Simpson, John, Burnside 
Smart, J, Carnousie Haugh 
Smart, Wm, Bogenhilt 
Smith, A W, Forglen 



SBC. I. 

Smith, Charles, Cotton 
Smith, James, Loch 
Smith, John, Westside 
Smith, John, Cairnhill 
Smith, Wm, Bogton 
Souter, Alex, Camousie 
Stewart, W, Westside 

Strachan, W, Meikle i librae 
Stuart, J, Easter Woodside 
Taylor. Jas, Anldtonhill 
Walker, Robt, "Westside 
Wallace, John, North Bogton 
Watson, John, Bridgend 

Webster, George, Eastside 
Wilson, Jas, Anldtonhill 
Wilson, J, Upper Crannabog 
Wood, Andrew, Billhead 
Wood, James, Burnend 
Wood, Jas, Little Whitefleld 


Adam, W, Newton of Haddo 
Alexander, Chas, Balnoon 
Alexander, George, Balnoon 
Alexander, John, Carlincraig 
Alexander, Wm, Ladybank 
Allan, John, Whinburn 
Allan, Wm, Hillbrae 
Anderson, Geo, Dracblaw 
Anderson, Peter, Drachlaw 
Anderson, Wm, Backhill 
Anderson, Wm, Westfield 
Aligns, Alex, Feathill 
Angus, Wm, Hairmoss 
Bacon, W B, Netherdale 
Beaton, Jas, Hill of Tollo 
Beattie, Alex, Shielburn 
Benzies, Alex, Hillbrae 
Beverley, A, Upper Fortrie 
Brandy, Wm, Logg 
Bremner, Alex, Hill of Tollo 
Bremner, Wm, S Auchinena 
Bruce, John, Fortrie 
Calder, Adam, Charterstone 
Campbell, John, Ardfour 
Cassie, Alex, Shielburn 
Chapman, Peter, Bogower 
Clark, George, Balnoon 
Cowie, J, North Auchinena 
Cowie, J, North Auchinena 
Cowie. Peter, Upper Tollo 
Craik, James, Drachlaw 
Cran, P, Mains of Auchingoul 
Currie, Alex, Auchingoul 
Deans, John, Tollo 
Duguid, Geo, Sheilburn 
Duguid, Geo, jr, Shielburn 
Durno, George, Balnoon 
Durno, Jas, Balnoon 
Dyker, G, Craigmancy 
Edwards, Alex, Shiel 
Edwards, W, Burnside 
Farquhar, Henry, Woodhead 
Findlay, A, South Auchinena 

Findlay, Wm, Upper Tollo 
Fowlie, G A, Creelwell 
Gall, David, Balnoon Cottage 
Geekie, John, Feathhill 
Gordon, Geo, Thornton 
Gray, Alex. Dyrachstrype 
Hadden, Alex, Haremoss 
Hadden, G, Southside of Tollo 
Halket, P, Upper Fortrie 
Henderson, Peter, Haddo 
Horn, Wm, Fortrie 
Howit, Wm, D.vvockstripe 
Hunter, John, Carlincraig 
Inglis, jas, Craigmancy 
Innes, T G R, Netherdale 
Jones, Benjamin, Swansea 
Largue, J D C, Craigmancy 
Ledingham, Alex, Balnoon 
Lovie, Geo, Lindsayfield 
Lumsden. Jas, Downies 
LyOD, Andrew, jr. Hillbrae 
Lyon, James, Kirktown 
Mackie, A, South Auchinena 
Mair, Geo, Haddo 
Martin, Geo, Upper Fortrie 
Martin, Wm, Inverkeithny 
Masson, John, Woodside 
Mathieson, John, Feathill 
Mathieson, Jos, Woodlands 
Minty, Alex, Mains of Tollo 
Morgan, Geo, Auchingoul 
Morrison, Geo, Wardhaugh 
Morrison, Geo, Haddo 
Morrison, John, Feathhill 
Morrison, John, Boghead 
Morrison, W.Bridg'ndCottage 
Munro, Geo, Ward well 
Murray, Alex, sr, Auchingoul 
Murray, A, jun, Auchingoul 
M'Combie, G, Auchinhamper 
M'Combie, J, Auchinhamper 
M'Hardy, Wm, Drumblair 
M'lntosti, Geo, Easterfleld 

M'Intosh, Wm, Tollomiln 
M'Kay, Wm, Auchinhamper 
M'Kay, Wm, Balnoon 
M'Kenzie, Geo, Westfield 
M'Kenzie, Geo, Easterfleld 
M'Kenzie, W, Mains of Tollo 
M'Killigin, A G D, Haddo 
M'Killigan, John, Wardwell 
Pirie, John, Easterfleld 
Porter, Wm, Hillhead of Tollo 
Reid, Alex, Auchinhamper 
Reid, John, Newton of Tollo 
Reid, Wm, Cr«iigmanchy 
Reidford, Wm, Craigmancy 
Riddoch, Alex, Mains 
Riddell. Jas, Woodside 
Ririe, James, Woodside 
Robertson. J, jr, Craigmancy 
Russell,A,Newt'n Auchingoul 
Shearer, C, Mains Auchingoul 
Shearer, John, Whinburn 
Shearer, Wm, Thornton 
Sim, J, jr, Hilltown of Tollo 
Simpson, Peter. Bogyack 
Souter, Rev J, Inverkeithny 
Stephen, Jas, Wardhaugh 
Stewart, Alex, Balnoon 
Strachan, Jas, Auchinena 
Stuart, Alex, Laithers 
Thomson, Wm, S Auchinena 
Urquharf, Geo, Inverkeithny 
Walker, Alex, Feathhill 
Walker. Jas, Inverkeithny 
Walls, James. Feathill 
Walker, Jas, Headitown 
Watt, Geo, Drakemire 
Weir, Alex, Ardfour 
White, J, Legatsden, PitcapU*i 
Wilson, And, Mains of Tollo 
Wilson, Chas, Upper Fortrie 
Wright, J, Newton of Fortria- 
Wright.John, Feathhill 
Wright, Wm, Drakemjre 





Area, 925033 acres. Population of parish in 1891, 2319, forming 528 families, living in 464 
houses. In Town of Cullen, 2100 persons, forming 488 families, in 425 houses. In landward 
part, 219 persons, forming 39 families, living in 39 houses. Valuation of landward part; 
£1405 9s. Id., and of Burgh, £4487 14s. 8d., includiug valuation of Seatown, £1118 12s. ; New 
Town of OulleD, £3765 2s. 6d.; and lands, &c, within Burgh, £411 12s. 2d.; Parish total, 
£5893 5s. 9d. Cullen House, principal seat of Dowager Countess of Seafield, dates from 
fourteenth century. There was " a chapel " at Cullen 1236, and the parish was disjoined from 
Fordyce 1616. The Parish Church, of ancient date, was renovated in 1885, and contains 
interesting mural monuments and inscriptions. Sole Heritor, Dowager Countess of Seafield. 

Ministers — Wm. T. P. Macdonald, Established Church ; J. Mackay and Win. Ross, M.A.: 
Free Church; "Wm. Henry Stonebridge, M.A., United Presbyterian Church. Registrar, 
John G. Dunbir; Session Clerk, W. Cramond, LL.D. 

Parish Council — James Campbell, chairman ; John Thomson, John BrowD, Geo. Seivwiighr, 
John Cheyne, John Wiseman, Robert Gregor, George Findlay, James Reid, Alex. Kiichen, 
and James Smith ; James W. Gordon, inspector of poor; Stewarlson Clark, medical officer. 

School Board — Rev. Wm. T. P. Macdonald, chairman ; John Thomson, Eev. Wm. Bo9s, M.A., 
Robert Grigor, Peter Hay, Rev. W. H. Stonebridge, M.A., and Mrs Annie Boss. Alexander 
Sim, banker, clerk and treasurer. Teacher, W. Cramond, LL.D.; assistant teachers, Wm. 
Munro and Matthew Mycroft; female teachers, Miss Marjory M. Menzies, Miss Margaret A. 
Menzies, Mrs A. H. Morrison, and Miss Henderson ; attendance officer, Sergt. James Carey. 

Sacramental Fast Days now abolished, and in lieu thereof holidays are fixed by the Town 


Area, 8170152 acres. Population in 1891, 745, forming 147 families, living in 144 houses. 
Valuation, £4181 Is. 31., of which £200 for shootings. Remains of Tower of Deskford 
adjoins Churchyard, and dates from fifteenth century. Sole Heritor, Dowager Countess of 

Ministers — Established Church, Geo. M. Park, M.A., B.D.; Free Church, J. Morrison, M. A. 

Registrar and Session Clerk — Wm. Smith, schoolmaster. 

Parish Council — James Campbell, Old Cullen, chairman; Eev. George M. Park, Established 
Church; Alex Duncan, Kirkton; F. G. M'Connachie, Ardoch; James Bumbles, Faucbiebill, 
Jame3 C!atk, Mid Skeith; James Lorimcr, Kirktawn; R. Cruickshank, jun., inspector; ThomaB 
M'Hardy, medical officer. 

School Board — James Campbell, Old Cullen, chairman ; Rev. Geo. M. Park, Established 
Church ; Rev. J. Morrison, Free Church ; James Clark, Mid Skeith ; John Shepherd, Craib- 
stone. Alex. Morrison, Berryhillock, clerk and treasurer. Teachers — Wm. Smith, M.A., 
Miss Johnston, and Miss Hay. 

Horticultural Society — John Watt, jun., eecretary. 

Sacramental Fast Days — Thursdays preceding list Sunday of April and first Sunday of 
November. In 1898, they will be 21st April and 3rd November. 

Industries — Carding Mill, William Grant. 

Mails — Alex. Morrison, Berryhillock, postmaster. Runner arrives from Cullen, 8*50 a.m., 
and after proceeding to Grange, leaves Deskford 1'10 for Cullen. 


Area, 17,430155 acres, of which a small portion is within the boundaries of Royal Burgh of 
Cullen. Population, 4268, forming 909 families, living in 822 houses. Fordyce or landward 
part of parish has population of 2207, forming 401 families, living in 378 houses. Valuation, 
£21,894 13s. 7d , of which £2528 is for railways. 



Knock Hill, 1400 feet, and Durn Hill, 700 feet above sea level. Mansions at Glassaugh and 
Durn. Findlater Castle was the residence of the ancient families of Stewart and Ogilvie, and 
dates from thirteenth century. 

Heritors — Dowager Countess of Seafield ; Trustees and Executors of late Sir Robt. J. Aber- 
cromby, Bart, of Birkenbog; Sir John Innes, Bart, of Edingight ; R. W. Duff, Esq. of Glassaugb. 

Ministers — James Grant, M.A., D.D , Established Church, Fordyce ; Andrew M. Gibson, 
Established Church, Portsoy; W. J. Street, M. A., Free Church, Portsoy ; James RobertsoD, 
Free Church at Fordyce; William Simmers, A.M., U.P. Church, Portsoy; George Sutherland, 
Episcopal Church; George Wiseman, R.C. Church. 

Registrar — James Grant jun., The Manse. Session Clerk — vacant 

Sacramental Fast Days on Fridays befora the last Sunday ia April and October. In 1898, 
they will be April 22 and October 28. 

Parish Council — Jas. Campbell, Old Cullen, chairman. Burehal (Portsoy) members — 
Wm. Chivas, A. L. Gillm, Wm. Simmer?, G. G. M'Robie, W. K. Gny, and John Peter, 
kin. Landward members — R. RaffaD, Knowiemoor; James Hendry, Knowebead; John E. 
Sutherland, Portsoj ; Wm. Forbes, Cowhytbe; James Hay, Brackeubills; Rev. Jas. RobertsoD, 
and Rev. Dr Grant ; R. Thow, Inspector ; W. L. Stewart, medical officer. 

School Board — Johu E Sutherland, fisbcurer, Portsoy, chairman ; Wm. Forbes, Cowhytbe; 
Jas. Hunter, bank agent, Porteoy ; G. Greig M'Robie, merchant ; Jas. YouDg, soliciior ; Adam 
Lind Gillan, lessee of fishings, and Dr Robb. W. Ingram, clerk and treasurer. Teachers — 
Alex. Emslie, M.A., Fordyce Public School ; Portsoy West School, W. M'Lean, M.A.; Wm; 
CummiDg, Sandend ; Miss Crjik, Bogmuchals ; John A. King, Brodiesord. Durn Road School, 
under a Board of Managers — James Clark, chairman ; Rev. G. Sutherland, secretary and 
treasurer. Miss Liddle, teacher. 


The Village of Fordyce, in the centre of the parish, a Burgh of Barony by charters dated 
1-199 and 1592. Population, 316, forming 76 families, living in 63 houses. Valuation, £583 
17s. 5d. Parish and Free Churches are in village. 

Mails — Wm. Thompson, postmaster. Delivery of letters commences 8'30 a.m. daily. Box 
closes for despatch, 12'35 p.m. 

Village of Sandend has population of 299, forming 68 families, living in 61 houses. 
Superior, Dowager Countess of Seafield. Industry — fishing, lai'ge boats, 13; small boats, 16; 
votal— 29. Valuation, £211 4s. 


The Town of Portsoy was made a Burgh of Barony by Queen Mary, 1550. Population 
of town and district, 2273 ; and of town alone, 2061, forming 50S families, living in 444 
houses. The town and surrounding district formed into a preaching station, 1741, and 
erected into quoad sacra parish, July 17, 1871. Formed into Special Water Supply District 
in 1879. Valuation, £5299 4s. 7d. 

Town of Portsoy adopted General Police and Improvement (Scotland) Act, 1862, in its 
entirety on 8th October 1889. Number of Commissioners, nine — Provost, Jabez Burgess; 
Bailies, W. K. Gray and John M'Connachie ; Dean of Guild, James Macdonald ; Commissioners, 
James Irvirjg, jun., Alex. Murray, James Clark, John Peterkin, John E. Sutherland; James 
Young, clerk ; John A. Colville, collector and treasurer ; W.Ingram, procurator- fiscal. 

Supervisor of Inland Revenue, Alexander Baillie. Solicitors — J. A. Colville, W. Ingram, 
and James Young. Banks — Union, James Hunter; North of Scotland, W. M. Garbutt. 

No. 4 Coy. 1st Banff Volunteer Artillery— Captain James Young, Lieutenant W. Maclean, 
2nd Lieuts. John M'Intyre and Wm. Ross, Sui-g.-Major W. L. Stewart, acting chaplain, Rev. 
A. M. Gibson; Instructor, Sgt. -Major G. Higgins. Total strength, 81. Capitation grant, £160. 

Registrar — Robert Thow, Inspector of Poor, Portsoy. 

Session Clerk — James Young. 

Horticultural Society — President, James Clark; secretary and treasurer, John Rettie. 

Young Men's Christian Association — President, James Irving, jun.; secretary, Jas. Duthie: 
treasurer and librarian, John M'Callum. 

Masons, St Stephen's Lodge, No. 746 — R.W.M., Jas. Young ; secretary, George Calder 
treasurer, John M'ConDachie. 

Harbour Board — Chairman, James Campbell; secretary and treasurer, James Young 
harbourmaster, George Wright. 

Oddfellows, Loyal Boyne Lodge of the National Independent Order of Oddfellows, No. 
1095, established 1886 — Meets every alternate Tuesday. Secretary, John Rettie ; Drs Stuart 
and Robb, medical officers. 


Golf Club — Secretary, John Eett'e ; treasurer, G. G. M'Robie. 

Total Abstinence Society — Presideof, James Irving, jun.; vice-president, John Duncan ; 
seretary, Alex. Sutherland ; treasurer, John Coull. 

Literary Society — President, John E. Sutherland. 

Bowling Club — President, A. L. Gillan ; vice-president, James Clark ; treasurer, James 
Young ; secretary, Wm. Maclean. 

Lawn Tennis Club — President, James Hunter ; secretary and treasurer, John Rettie, 

Established Church Women's Guild — President, Rev. A. M. Gibson ; secretary, Miss 
Colville ; treasurer, Mrs Baillie. 

Free Church Guild — President, Rev. Mr Street; secretary, James Angus ; treasurer, Miss 

Industries — Meal Mills. Messrs Ewirjg, Mill of Durn; Brick Works, Dowager Countess of 
Seafield, Tochieneal; Distilling, Gleuglassaugh Distillery; Rope and Sailmaking, Jas. Nicol; 
Priniiug, George Calder and Marcus Calder ; Fishcuring, J. Nicol, George G. M'Robie, Thomas 
Findlay, P. & J. Sutherland, George Dowuie, and George Wood ; Salmon Fishing, Lessee, 
Adam L. Gillan ; Engineering, C. Ritchie and Macdonald Bros ; Banffshire Copper Works — 
John Grant. Fishing, 40 boats. 

Mails — James Clark, postmaster. Box closes for despatch daily for Banff, north, and 
south, 7'30 a.m. ; north and west, 9 30 a.m. ; Aberdeen, Banff and south, 3'5 p.m.; for all 
quarters, 7 50 p.m. Arrivals — From Banff, north, and south, 6'15a.m.; Cullen,7'53a.m.; Banff 
and south, 9 52 a.m.; north and west, 3\31 p.m.; Banff, and south, 5'57 p.m. Runners — For 
Sandeud, 7 a.m ; returns, 10 a.m.; Fordyce and Bogmuchals, 7 a.m.; returns, 1"50 p.m. 
Tillyuaught, 10'30 A.m.; returns, 2 5 p.m.; Boyne and Thriepland, 10'15 a.m.; returns, 1*35 p.m' 



Tons. Owner. 

| Shipping. 

Built. Tons. Owner. * 

Colonel Moir 

... 1884 

35 J. Wood 


... 1883 38 D.Wood 


... 1S78 

70 H. Smith 


... 1873 76 G.G. M'Robie 


... 1868 

74 Jas. Smith 


Area, 23,551-030 acres. Population in 1891, 12,925, forming 2729 families, living in 2549 
liouses. Valuation, £36,561 14s. Id., of which £3851 is for railway. Binhill, 945 feet above 
sea level. Mansions — Letterfourie House, Caimfield House, Arradoul House, and Tannachie 

Heritors — Duke of Richmond; Dowager Countess of Seafield ; Sir Robert G. Gordon, Bart, 
of Letterfourie ; Trustees of late John Gordon of Cluny ; John P. Gordon of Cairnfield ; Wm. F. 
D. Steuart of Auchlunkart ; Lord Henry Gordon Lennox ; Lord Alexander Gordon Lennox ; 
clerk, John Thomson, Seafield Estates Office, Cullen. 

Ministers — Gordon Irvine Donald, Established Church, Rathven ; Established 
Church, Buckie — vacant ; Established Church, Enzie — vacant ; Alex. Miller, Free Church, 
Buckie ; Archibald Kerr, Free Church, Enzie ; Jas. M'Intyre, Established Church, Port- 
inockie ; Peter Brown, Free Church, Portknockie ; Wm. Morton, U.P. Church, Buckie; Rev. 
John W. M'Kee, U.P. Church, Findochty ; Rev. S. F. Balch, Wesleyan Church, Port- 
essie ; Rev. Joseph Short, Wesleyan Church, Portgordon ; Rev. T. W. H. White, Episcopal 
Church, Buckie; Rev. John Macintosh, R.C. Church, Buckie; Rev. John James Kyle, R.C. 
Church, Preshome. Session Clerks — Alex. Annand, Rathven ; John L. M'Naughton, Buckie ; 
John Dawson, Enzie. 

Patronage — £297 19s. lO.^d. awarded Colonel Leith Hay as compensation under the Church 
Patronage Act. 

Parish Council — Alexander Cruickshank, chairman; John Simpson, George Gibb, John 
Macdonald, John Barclay, Alex. Hendry, James GibsoD, Rev. John M'Intosh, Peter Thain, 
George M'Gregor, Alex. Christie, Rev. James M'Intyre, Rev. Peter Brown, Alex. J. Marshall, 
George Garden, William Milton, James Smith, George Thomson, Jas. Wilson, Alex. Smith, 
Bogs; and Alex. Smith. Leitchestown. Chairman of Landward Committee — James Wilson; 
R. Y. Mackay, inspector and collector of assessments ; Wm. R. Duguid and Wm. Simpson, 
medical officers. Rathven Cemetery — Geo. Black, keeper. New Cemetery — R. Ewen, keeper. 

Rathven School Board — Rev. Alex. Miller, Free Church, chairman ; John Webster, Dr W. 
R. Duguid, jun., DrW. Simpson, Malcolm Gray, solicitor; James Archibald, solicitor; John 
L. M'Naughton, solicitor ; John Anton, and John Simpson. John Macdonald, solicitor, 
Buckie, clerk and treasurer. Teachers — Jas. S. Paterson, head master, assistant, Margaret 
Cassie, Jane G. Taylor, infant department, Isa. Halkney, and Annie Grant, Rathven School ; 
Alex. Muir, head master, assistant masters, John Yuill, Norman Fleming, Don. Mackay, J. G. 
M'Pherson, Mona S. Melvin, teacher of languages, Sophia Burness and Anrjie Gibb, assistants, 
infant department, Mary Mathieson, head mistress, Maggie A. Annand, and Elizabeth Wilkie. 


assistants, Buckie School; Geo. Donald, M.A., head master, Charlotte M. Simpson, assistant, 
Mary Ann Smith, infant department, Portknockie School; Elspet A. Fowler, Shielbunt 
School- John Geddes, head master, M. H. Duncan, infant department, and assistant, B. A. 
Rankine, Findochty School; and Eliza Tolmie. Arradoul School. School Board officers — 
"Western district, George Lyall; Eastern district, Alex. Brown. 

Sacramental Fast Days on Fridajs before third Sunday of April and first Sunday of Novem. 
ber. In 1898, they will be April 15 and November 4. 

Enzie, created a quoad sacra parish 1836. It comprises part of Rathven, including Village, 
of Portgordon, with a population of 1254 ; and part of Bellie, with a population of 318. 
Population of Enzie, 2460, forming 528 families, living in 440 houses. 

Registrar— Peter Kennedy, teacher. 

Enzie School Board — Rev. John J. Kyle, Roman Catholic Church, chairman ; William 
Geddes, Porteordon ; Rev. Archibald Kerr, Free Church ; William Reid, Portgordon j George 
Thomson, Gollacby. A. J. Taylor, Post Office, Enzie, clerk; James Clark, officer. Teachers 

Clochan, Peter Kennedy ; infant department, Jearinie Christie ; Portgordon, John Reid, 

headmaster; Elizabeth Forsyth, Infant Department; Ruth Smith, E'len Hutcheon, and 
Mary M'Pherson, assistants'. 

Lady Gordon Cathcart's School — Headmistress, Mary Helen Parkhouse ; infant department, 
Mary King. 

St Peter's Roman Catholic School, Buckpool — Headmaster, William Hornby ; assistants, 
Ellen Wiseman, Edward Hornby ; infant department, Ellen Cruickshank and Charlotte Mann. 

Rathven Conservative Association — Chairman, Geo. Gardeu ; secretary, J. L. M'NoughtOD. 

Rathven District Liberal AsBOcialion — President, Dr Simpson; chairmen, Provost 
■-Webster ; secretary and treasurer, R. Y. Mackay. 

Portknockie district of Rathven (3413 acres) is included within the boundaries of Royal 
Bur<*h of Cullen. Population of Village of Portknockie in 1891, 1301, forming 292 families, 
livin°- in 245 houses. Valuation, £1706 6s. Number of boUs — brge, 91; small, 39 — total, 139; 
averse value of large boats, £228; and of small, £22. Harbour Commissicntrs — ChairmaD, 
Rev. James M'Intyie. 

Seafield District, including Portknockie, provided with Chapel of Ease 1838; erected into 
parish quoad sacra 1885. Population, 1666, forming 362 families, living in 314 houses. 
Registrar— Rev. Jas. M'Intyre, The Manse. 


Buckie which was the earliest fishing station in tbe parish of Rathven, consists of two main 
divisions, 'Easter Buckie aud Buckpool. Easter Buckie, of which Lady Gordon Cathcart is 
superior, contained, at the date of the census in 1891, a population of 3613, forming 739 
families living in 744 houses. Buckpool, of which Sir Robert Gordon, Bart., is superior, had, 
in 1891 a population of 2221, forming 485 families, living in 486 houses. Easter Buckie was, 
in 1869 formed a special district under the Public Health Act for drainage and water, and 
Buckpool was formed iuto a special water and drainage district on 5th July 1881, the 
Parochial Board being Local Authority. On the adoption of the Police and Improvements 
Act on February 16, 1888, the Police Commissioners of Buckie became Local Authority for 
the burgh including these districts. 

Buckie, Buckpool, Ianstown, and Gordnnsburgh formed on February 16, 1888. a burgh 
under the General Police and Improvements Act. Valuation, £14,036 15s. Id. Number of 
Commissioners, twelve — Provost, John Webster; Bailies, James Brenmerand Chns. Davidson; 
Commissioners, John Simpson, Downie Flett, George Merson, James Archibald, Alex. B. 
Hendry Wm. Clark, H. A. M'Bain, Robert Buchan, and Malcolm Gray ; J. L. M'Naughton, 
clerk- John Macdonald, collector; R. Y. Mackay, procurator-fiscal; John Simpson, treasurer; 
sanitary inspec'or and burgh surveyor, John Chisbolm, C.E. 

Sheriff Circuit Court for Small Debt Cases held six times a year at Buckie, on fourth 
Thursdays of January, March, September, and November, and on first Thursdays of May and 
July. Solicitors — Jas. Archibald, Malcolm Gray, John Macdonald, John L. M'Naughton, R. Y. 
Mackay Alex. B. Hendry. J.P. Procurator- Fiscal — John Macdonald. Registrar for Buckie, 
Portessie Findochty, and district— John Webster, druggist. Fishery officer— James Gibson. 
Custom House officer — An officer resides for four months in summer and visits occasionally 
at other times. Banks— Union, John Anton; North of Scotland, Thos. J. Anderson; Town 
and County, John Macdonald. 

Buckie Branch Moray Firth Fisheries Association — President, William Logie ; vice- 
president, Wm. Murray, 'Prince'; secretary, John L. M'Naughton, solicitor; treasurer, 
James Murray. 

Buckie Branch Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute for Nurses— President, Lady Duff of 


Fetteresso and Glassaugh ; bcm. treasurer, Mrs Macdonald, T. and C. Bank; hon. secretaries, 
Mrs Mackay, The Brae, and Mrs Anton, Union Bank. 

6th V. B. Gordon Highlanders, D Company — Captain, John Gedde3 ; Lieutenants, George 
Gibb and "W. A. Barclay, Buckie; Surgeon-Lieut. Wm. R. Duguid, jun. ; Sergeant Instructor, 
Alex. Stewart, 2od Gordon Highlanders. Total strength, 101. Grant, £205. 

Golf Club — Patron, W G. Bryson, Strathlene ; president, J. P. Gordon of Cairnfield ; vice- 
president, James Wilson, Arradoul House; captain, D. Gow; vice.captain, Jas. Archibald; 
treasurer, Alex. Morrison ; secretary, W. J. B. Macdonald. 

Public Newsroom and Library — Secretary and librarian, Alex. Fraser. 

Oddfellows, Lodge No. 1041 — John Simpson, secretary. 

Independent Order of Good Templars, Lodge No. 386— Secretary, John Charles; treasurer, 
William Smith. 

Gordon Lodge of Free Masons, No. 589 (instituted 1878) — R.W.M., George Merson; 
secretary and treasurer, James Archibald. Masonic and Literary Institute — Clerk to 
Trustees, John L. M'Naughton ; treasurer, R. Y. Mackay. 

Buckie Branch National Lifeboat Institution — Cha ; rman, W. R. Duguil, M.D.; hon. secre- 
tary, John L. M'Naughton. 

Horticultural Society — President, R. Y. Mackay ; vice-president, John Anton ; secretary and 
treasurer, James W. Gordon. 

Buckie Conservative Association — Chairman, Alex. Lyon ; secretary, John L. M'Naughton. 

Buckpool Harbour Commissioners — Chairman, George Hendry ; clerk, A. B. Hendry, 

Lawn Tennis Club — Captain, James Archibald ; secretary and treasurer, A. B. Hendry. 

Buckie Gas-Light Company, Limited- Chairman of Directors, John Farquhar ; manager, 
John W. Gordon. 

Orchestral Society — Conductor, James S. Paterson ; secretary, William Wright. 

Cycle Union — President, Dr Duguid, jun.; captain, James P. Pozzi ; secretary, Wm. 

Catholic Dramatio Association — President, John Simpson; vice-president, Wm. Wright; 
secretary, Alfred Kynocb. 

Thistle Football Club — Captain, R. Duncan ; secretary, Bertie Stage. 

Museum, in Masonic Institute — Curator, T. J. Anderson, North of Scotland Bank. 

Fishcurars' Association — Secretary, Geo. W. Flett. 

Science and Art C'asses — Teachers, Alex. Muir, M.A , and John Yuill, M.A., convener, Rev. 
Alex. Miller. 

Industries — Net manufactories, John Farquhar, and Wm. Marshall & Co.; rope and sail- 
making, William Marshall & Co., Joseph Sutherland, and Logie Brothers ; Derated water 
manufactory, J. & J. Cruiekshank ; saw millers and timber merchants, George Cowie & Son, 
Wm. Geddps & Co., and John Johnston; printing, W. F. Johnston; boat building, George 
Thomson, Buckie; George Smith, jun., and Peter Thain, Buckpool; flsbcuring, James Gow, 
A. Flett & Co., G. Winchester, J. Gerry, Wm. Geddes, James Scott, J. Merson, D. Chalmers, 
J. Flett & Sons, aud John S. Boyle ; sawmillers and turners, William Duncan & Sons, 
Buckpool. Harbour master, Captain James Melville. Fishing boats — large, 201 ; small, 
44 — total, 245. One steam trawler, value £3000. Average tonnage of large boa*:8, 2S tons; and 
tonnage of small boats, 5| tons ; average value of large boats, £280 ; of small boats, £28. 

Shipping. Builk Bons. Owner. Shipping. Built. Tons. Owner. 

Annie Stuart ... 1878 98 J. M- William & Konigsberg ... 1877 99 R. Reid 
Ensign 1884 99 R. Reid [Sons | Progress 1SG6 177 J. Geddes 

Mails — Alexander Hendry, postmaster. Despatches — Box closes for Banff, 6"55 a.m.; 
Keith, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, London, and East Coast of England, 7'10 a.m.; Portgordon, 
Enzie, Clochan, and Tynet, 7 a.m.; Elgin, west and north, 8 - 16 a.m.; Elgin and north, 10"5 
a.m.; Cullen, Aberdeen, and south, 10'35 a.m.; Drybridge, lO'lO a.m.; Portgordon, Portessie, 
Tynet, and Drybridge, l'lO p.m.; north. Strathspey, Elgin, Keith, and Clochan, 1*25 p.m.; 
ebst and south, 7'25 p.m.; all parts via Aberdeen, 2 50 p.m. Arrivals — From north and south, 
Aberdeen, Banff, Cullen, Elgin, and Keith, 7'30 a.m.; North of Scotland sorting carriage, 
10"35 a.m.; Keith, Elgin, and north, 1 -p.m.; Elgin and north, 2'23 p.m.; Drybridge, 
4"15 p.m.; Aberdeen, Banff. Cullen, Elgin, Findcchty, Portgordon, and Portknockie, 6 30 p.m. 
Messengers for Gollacby districts leave at 8'10 a.m.; roturn 10 a.m. For Enzie, leave 1*20 
p.m.; and return 5'50 p.m. For Rathven, Portessie, and Ianstown, leave 810 a.m. and 
1'20 p m.; return, 12'35 p.m., 10 a.m., and 7'25 p.m. For Drybridge, leave at 12'50 p.m., 
and return 12"25 For Portgordon, leave 1'20 p.m.; return 12 35 p.m. Town deliveries — ■ 
8"10 a.m., 1050 a.m., 3'40 p.m., and 6 - 50 p.m. 



Village of Portknockie, founded 1677. Formed into a Special Water Supply District Dec • 
1879. Population in 1891, 1301, forming 292 families, living in 245 houses. Valuation, 
£1706 6s. Superior, Dowager Countess of Seafielcl. Industries — Boat building, George 
Innes & Sons, Robert Mair ; fishcuring — Alexander Goodbraud, Jobn Donaldson, P. & J. 
Sutherland, and Grant & Innes; fishing boats, 91 large, 39 small — total, 139. Harbour 
master, John Macdonald. Mails — James Pirie, postmaster. Messecger from Cullen arrives 
8"5 a.m. and 12 - 15 p.m.; despatches, 9'40 a.m., 5 30 p.m., and 6 p.m. 

Village of Findochty, founded 1716. Population in 1891, 1118, forming 239 families, 
living in 238 houses. Valuation, £1450 17s. 6d Superior, Dowager Countess of Seafield. 
Industries — Fishcuring — Jas. Flett & Sons, David Chalmers, Alex. Flett & Co., and James 
Anderson; fishing boats, 77 large, 50 small — total, 127. Average tonnage of large boats, 25 
tons; of small boats, 3k tons; average value of large boats, £205; of small boats, £19. 
Boat building — John West. Harbour- master, James Herd. Mails — W. W. Mitchell, post- 
master. Messenger from Cullen arrives 9'5 a.m. and 2 p,m.; despatches, 9'5 a.m., 4"45 p. in , 
and 6 p.m. Formed into a Special Water Supply District in 1879. 

Village of Poetessie, founded by Hay of Rannes about 1727. Population iu 1891, 941, 
forming 184 families, with 182 houses. Valuation, £1015 9s. Superior, Dowager Countess of 
Seafield. Industries — Boat building, John M'Intosb, Portessie; Wm. M'Intosh, Ianstown; 
fishing, large boats 87, small boats 27 — total, 114. Average tonnage of large boats, 28 ; small, 
4; average value of large boats, £308 ; small, £24. Mails — William Beattie, sub-postmaster. 
Messenger arrives from Buckie 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Despatches to Buckie 9'50 a.m., 12'5 
p.m., and 7 p.m. 

Village of Poktgordon, founded by Duke of Gordon. Population in 1891, 1254, forming 283 
families, living in 204 houses. Valuation, £1645 Is. Superior — Duke of Richmond, who- 
provided new harbour 1874. Was formed into a special water and drainage district on 4th 
August 1885. Mails — Deliveries commence 8 10 a.m. and 2'30 p.m.; despatches 7'40 a.m., 1T35 
a.m., and 6 p.m. Messengers for Enzie sub-office, 8"10 a.m.; Clochan sub-office, 810 ; Tynet, 
8'10 a.m. Industries — Fishcuring. William Geddes ; bone mill, G. & G. Kynoch ; woollen 
manufacture, John Dawson, Mill of Gollacby ; boat building, John Giigor ; fishing, large boats 
63, small boats 25 — total 87. Hnrbour-master, Fred. Tocher. 

The average value of the large boats is £220, and for small boats £24. Average tonnage, 
25 tons and 4 tons respectively. 

The other portions of the County are contained in — 

Section I.— Banff, Macduff, Gardenstown, Gamrie, Ordiquhill, Boyndic, Alvah, 
Forglen, Inverkeithny , Abcrchirder, and Marnoch. 

Section III. — Keith, Fife-Keith, Grange, Bothiemay, Cabrach, Botriphnie, 
Mortlach, Dufftown, Glenrinnes, Boharm, Aherlour, Inveraven, and Kirk- 



Has a charter of James I., 6th March 1455, ratifying burghal privileges, granted by Robert I. 
The Royal Burgh is composed of the entire parish of Cullen, and of portions of the parishes of 
Fordyce and Rathven. Area, 4393 acres, of which 925 in Cullen, 55 in Fordyce, and 3413 in 
Rathven. Population in 1891, 2100, forming 488 families, living in 425 houses. Valuation, 
£4487 14s. 8d. 

Town Council — Provost, Robert Gregor; Bailies, James F. Grant and John Forbes; 
Dean of Guild, David Leys ; Treasurer, Alex. Urqubart ; Councillors, William Keir, Andrew 
Reid, Geo. Johnstone, John Brown, Thomas M'Hardy, Joshua Roberts, and Geo. Seivwright. 
Town Clerk, Alexander Sim. Officer, George Davidson. 

Harbour Board — Chairman, James Campbell ; members, C. Y. Michie, John Thomson, Alex. 
Smith, George Findlay, David Wood, Councillor George Seivwright, Dean of Guild David 
Leys, and Provost Robert Gregor. Harbourmaster — James Runcie. 

Burgh Licensing Joint Committee — Provost Gregor, Bailie J. F. Grant, Bailie J. Forbes, 
Dr Duguid, Buckie ; T. Gordon Duff of Park ; James Campbell, Old Cullen. 

No. 1 Company 1st Banff Volunteer Artillery — Peter Hay, captain ; Wm. Beaton, lieutenant; 
F.W.Sim, lieutenant; surgeon- captain, W. S. Clark; chaplain, Rev. W. T. P. Macdocald; 
sergeant-instructor, Coy.-Sergeant Major Davidson, R.A.; sergeant-trumpeter, J. Stewart. 
Total strength, 108. 

Solicitors — Alexander Sim and Peter Hay. 

Banks — UnioD, W. L. Taylor; North of Scotland, Alexander Sim. 

Cullen Educational Trust — Rev. W. T. P. Macdonald and Rev. W. H. Stonebridge, appointed 
by the School Board ; John Thomsorj, appointed by Kirk. Session ; and John Brown and 
David Leys, appointed by the Town Council. 

YouDg Men's Christian Association — President, C- Y. Michie; secretary, John Rumbles; 
treasurer, Wm. Eddie. Literary Branch, Y.M.C.A. — President, Rev. W. H. Stonebridge; 
vice-president, Rev. Wm. Ross, M.A.; secretary, J. M. Stephen; treasurer, Alex. Gray. 

Public Newsroom — Chairman, Peter Hay; secretary and treasurer, James Carey. 

Independent Order of Good Templars, Standfast Lodge — Alex. Gray, C.T. 

Oddfellows, Loyal Seafield Lodge of the National Independent Order of Oddfellows — Meets 
every alternate Thursday. Secretary, Wm. Roberts ; medical officers, Drs Clark and MaoHardy. 

British Order of Ancient Free Gardeners' Friendly Sooiety — Meets every alternate Thurs- 
day. Secretary, Alex. Maclean ; treasurer, J. Wilson ; medical officer, Dr Clark. 

Golf Club — President, W. G. Bryson ; captain, G. Seivwright; secretary and treasurer, James 

Cullen Curling Club — Secretary and treasurer, James Moir. 

Innocents Lodge of Free Masons, No. 224 — Secretary, D. Couper. 

Industries — Brewery, Joshua Roberts j Fishcuring, Cbas. Grant, Altx. Flett & Co., Wm. 
Wood & Co , and James Wood ; Fishing, 64 large and 20 small boats. 

Mails — Joseph Robertson, postmaster. Box closes for Buckie at 6'28 a.m.; for Portsoy, Banff, 
Keith, Aberdeen, and South, 7'10 a.m.; Buckie. Keith, Elgin, and West, 9'55 a.m.; Aberdeen, and 
South, 10 55 am.; Portsoy, Banff, Macduff, Turriff, Aberdeen, and South, 3'5 p.m.; Buckie, 
5"55 p.m.; Aberdeen, North, and South, 7*50 p.m.; 10'55 a.m. Arrivals from Banff, Keith, 
Aberdeen, and South, 6'41 a.m.; Banff, Portsoy, Aberdeen, and South, 106 a.m.; Buckie, 11*10 
a.m.; Buckie and West, 3'23 p.m.; Aberdeen, Banff, and Dundee, 6'11 p.m. Runner for Desk, 
ford and Grange leaves at 7'20 a.m., and returns at 2 35 p m. Runner for Portknockie and 
Findochty leaves at 7'10 a.m., and returns at 10'40 a.m.; leaves again at ll - 30 a.m., and 
returns at 620 p.m. Deliveries at 7'20 am., 10 30 am. and 630 p.m. Runner leaves 
Cullen at 10'35 Neon for Bxrnyard?, Kennels, Mains of Birkenbog, Gardenhead, Birkenbog, and 


Addison, David, fiherman Allan, John Innes, labourer Bremner, John, labourer 

Addison, Geo, ' Bo' Anderson, Jas, carpenter Brown, Alex, joiuer 

Addison, Geo, jr, fisherman Anderson, Thos J, bank agent Brown, John, draper 

Addison, Geo, fisherman Angus, Geo, labourer Brown, Wm, labourer 

Addison. James, fisherman Harcla.v, Gen, farm servant Buttress, Jas, merchant 

Addison, James, fisherman Barclay, Robert, labourer Campbell, Alex, sawyer 

Addison, William, fisherman Baxter. George, wayman Carey, James, drill instructor 

Altken, Chas, carter Beveridge, Wm, plumber Chalmers, Alex, cooper 

Alexander, Geo, surfaceman Bremner, James, mason Cheyne, Alex, jun, tailor 



Sec. II. 

Cheyne, Alex, tailor 
Cheyne, John F, draper 
Clark, Alex, farm servarit 
Clark, George, blacksmith 
Clark, G M, draper 
Clark, Stewartson. M.D. 
Connon, John, surfaceman 
Cooper, Donald, carter 
Cramond, Wm, teacher 
Davidson, Geo, town's officer 
Davidson, Jas, baker 
Davidson, John, scavenger 
Davidson, Wm, joiner 
Davidson, W, drill instructor 
Desson, Geo, slater 
Desson, Vincent, slater 
Don, Jas, fisherman 
Donald, Alex, labourer 
Donald, Jas, labourer 
Drew. Thos, china merchant 
Duff, John, farm servant 
Duff us, Ar, house carpenter 
Dunbar, Robert, labourer 
Dustan, Alex, gatekeeper 
Eddie, George, slater 
Eddie, John, gatekeeppr 
Findla' , A, * Pum,' fisherman 
Findlay, Alex, 'Dactyle' 
Find'ay, Alex, 'Saunders' 
Findlay, David, fisherman 
Findlay, Geo, merchant 
Findlay, George, carpenter 
Findlay, Geo, ' Finlay's Son' 
Findlay, Geo, ' Dondie ' 
Findlay, Geo, ■ Reamer' 
Findlay, Geo, 'Den' 
Findlay, .Tame , fisherman 
Findlay, James, jr, ' farmer 
Findlay, Jas, ' Beamer' 
Findlny, James. ' Knab* 
Findlay, John W, carpenter 
Findlay, AVilliam, 'Beamer' 
Findlay.W, 'Sailor,' fisherman 
Findlay, Wm, ' Pum,' jun 
Findlay, Wm, ' Hooker' 
FiDdluy, Wm, ' Knab ' 
Fisher, Luke, shoemaker 
Forbes, John, flesher 
Forbes, John, blacksmith 
Forsyth, John, coachman 
Gammie, Jas, station agent 
Gardiner, Alex, ' Stirling' 
Gardiner, Alex, fisherman 
Gardiner, Geo, fisherman 
Gardiner, George, coachman 
Gardiner, Geo, jon, ' Bo * 
Gardiner, James, carter 
Gardiner, James, 'Bo' 
Gardiner, Jas, fisherman 
Gardiner, Jas, ' Bo ' 
Gardiner, Kenneth, sailor 
Gardiner, Wm. postman 
Gardiner, W, 'Bo,' carpenter 
Gardiner, Wm, carpenter 
Gardiner, Wm, ' Skipper ' 
Garvock, James, labourer 
Gillan, Adam L, Portsoy 
Gillies, James, painter 
Gordon, Jas, gas manager 

Grant, Cba?. fishcurer 
Grant, J F, merchant 
Grant, Wm, blacksmith 
Gray, Alex, coachman 
Gray, Duncan, mason 
Gray, John, labourer 
Grigor, Robert, saddler 
Hartbill, Geo, fisherman 
Harthill, James, joiner 
Hay, Peter, sen, residenter 
Hay, Peter, jr, solicitor 
Hay, Robt, gardener 
Ingram, Jas, plasterer 
Ingram, Jas, labourer 
Ingram. Wm, footman 
Innes, Alexander, shoemaker 
Innes, James, boatbuilder 
Innes, James, labourer 
Innes, John, fisherman 
Inues, Wm, insurance agent 
Jack, Charles, shoemaker 
Johnstone, Geo, baker 
Johnstone, James, shepherd 
Johnstone, John, carter 
Keir, Walter, labourer 
Keir, Wm, grocer 
Kemp, A, grieve 
Knox, Geo, shoemaker 
Lodingham, Alex, sailmaker 
Lie, Thos, china merchant 
Legge, George, mason 
Legge, William, wright 
Ley, David, watchmnker 
Lyon, William, carter 
Mann, Alex, sailor 
Masson, James, painter 
Miller, John, farmer 
Miller, Robert, labourer 
Mitchell, Andrew, baker 
Mitchell, Andrew, slater 
Mitche'l, Henry, labourer 
Mitchell, Jas, baker 
Moir, James, clerk 
Moir, James, cooper 
Moir, William, mole catcher 
Morrison, Jas, gardener 
Murdoch, John, labourer 
Murray, John, painter 
Mustard, Alex P, grocer 
Mustard, Daniel, cooper 
Mustard, Wm, shoemaker 
M'Oomble, Peter, clothier 
M'Donald, Alex, labourer 
M'Donald, John, fishcurer 
M'Donald, Kenneth, fishcurer 
M'Donald, Rev Wm T P, EC 
M'Gregor, R, coal merchant 
M'Hardy, thos, doctor 
M'Hattie, William, brewer 
M'Kay, George, sailmaker 
M'Kenzie, Alex, hairdresser 
M'Kenzie, John, plasterer 
M'Kenzie, Norman, carpenter 
M'Lsat), Alex, grocer 
M'Pherson, G«o, fisherman 
MPherson, Wm, postman 
Newlands, John, carpenter 
Nicol, Alex, cabinetmaker 

Ogilvie, John, tailor 
Paterson, John, carter 
Paterson, Eobert, tailor 
Paterson, Thomas, wayman 
Paterson, Wm, labourer 
Paul, James, roadman 
Paul, John, labourer 
Priest. Heury. fisherman 
Rae, James, surfaceman 
Rainy, Alex, baker 
Reid, Andrew, shoemaker 
Reid, James, wright 
Reid, Wm, tailor 
Riach, James, wright 
Riach, Thomas, tailor 
Roberts, Joshua, brewer 
Robertson, Chas, labourer 
Robertsoa. Jo-i, chemist 
Ross, Alex, fisherman 
Boss, Henry, porter 
Ross. Rev Wm, PC miuister 
Rumbles, A, farm servant 
Rumbles, Henry, labourer 
Rumbles, John, merchant 
Rumbles, William, slater 
Runcie, Alex, pensioner 
Runeie, Alex, shoemaker 
Runcie, Alex, fisherman 
Runcie, Jas. ' Scottie ' 
Runcie, John, ' Laird ' 
Sandison, George, gardener 
Sandison, R, salmon fisher 
Sclater, Geo, fisherman 
Scott, A, labourer 
Seivwright, A, farm servant 
Seivwright, George, druggist 
Shearer, Geo, postman 
Shearer, John, flesher 
Sim, Peter, postrunner 
Simpson, John, wright 
Simpson, Wm, innkeeper 
Sinclair, Wm, carpenter 
Sinclair, Wm Jeffrey, farmer 
Smith, Benjamin, fisherman 
Spence, James, labourer 
Stmuard, Geo. labourer 
Stannard, Wm S, dairyman 
Stevenon, James, builder 
Stonebridge, Rev W H, UP 
Strachan, Jas, herring agent 
Stronach, Alex, farm servant 
Stuart, George, blacksmith 
Stuart, Matthew, labourer 
Taylor, John, cycle ageut 
Taylor, Wm., shoemaker 
Taylor, W L, bank agent 
Thorn, Jos, labourer 
Thorn, Wm, farm servant 
Thomson, Jn, factor's assistant 
Thomson, John, fishermau 
Thomson, John, fisherman 
Urquhart, Alexander, baker 
Wilton, William, seaman 
Wiseman, John, merchant 
Winter, Geo, mason 
Wood, David, cooper 
Wood, Jas, fishcurer 
Yeats, James, merchant 

Sec. II. 






Exclusive of the portion included within the limit? of the Police Burgh of Portsoy 
and the Estate of Bogmuchals. 

Andrew, Jas, Old Castle 
Badenoch, J, Nicolson's Park 
Barclay, John, Broomhills 
Boyd, John, Gardenhead 
Bremner. Wo. Fordyce 
Brown, Wm, Hallyhill 
Bruce, Alex, Fordyce 
Bruce, Wm, Bogs of Dytach 
Buie, Lewis, Longmuir 
Cameron, Thos. Fordyce 
Chalmers A, near Portsoy 
Chalmers, Theodore, Fordyce 
Chisholm. Geo, Knockdurn 
Christie, Alex, Rumblingpots 
Christie, George, Brae 
Clark, A, Glassaugh 
Clark, Jas, Little Dytach 
Clark, John, Auchmore 
Clark, Wm, Birkenbog 
Clark, W, jr. Birkenbog 
CouU, Jas, Fordyce 
(Cowie, Geo, Cornhill Station 
Cowie, James, Hillside 
Crichton, Wm, Mnins of Durn 
Cumming, Geo, Fordyce 
Cumming, Henry, Sandend 
Cumming, Wm, Tillynaught 
Davidson, Don, Knockdurn 
Davidson, Geo. Old Deer 
Davidson, G, Drochedlie 
Davidson, James, Fordyce 
Dickie, Wm, Brodiesord 
iDickson, Gordon, Viewfield 
QDonald, Feter, Damheads 
[Donaldson, Alex, Westside 
Donaldson, Alex, jr, Westside 
Duff, R W, Fetteresso Castle 
Dunbar, Dun. Fordyce 
Duncan, Alex, Hill of Chattie 
Duncan, Alex, Muiryhillock 
Duncan. Jas, Clashendamer 
Duncan, Robert, Meikleton 
Duncan. W, Hil'side 
Eddie, Wm, Muir Glassaugh 
Esson, C.sen, Muir Glassaugh 
Esson, Robert. Fordyce 
lEwine, John, Durn 
Farqnhar, Ja=, Fordyce 
Farquhar, Jas, Smiddy Boyne 
Fiddes, Alex, Stripeside 
Findlater, A, jr, Broditsord 
Flaws, Cha% .^andpnd 
Forbes, Geo, Dykehead 
Forbes, Jas, Hallyards 
Forbes, .TohD, Ley 
Forbes, Wm, Cowhythe 
Forrest, Francis, Fordyce 
Forsyth, Wm, Sandend 
Fortune, Jn, Smiddy Boyne 

Fortune. Wm, Broom 
Fraser, Robt, Fordyce 
Garden, A T, Brankanentham 
Gauld, Alex, Kiudraught 
Geddes, Alex, Hillside 
Geddes, Alex, Upper Breach 
Geddes, Chas, Fordyce 
Geddes, Geo, Newton 
Geddes, Geo, Cotton Croft 
Geddes, Jn, UO'ighilly Wood 
Geddes, John, Newton 
Gerry, Jas, Cowhythe 
Gifford, J, Muir of Glassaugh 
Goodall, Alex, Fordyce 
Goodall, Chas, Back Green 
Grant, Rev J, Fordyce 
Grant, John, Sandend 
Grant, John. Tillynaught 
Gray, B, Hill of Chattie 
Grny, John, Kilnbillock 
Gray, Robt, Redhythe 
Gray, Wm, Glassaugh 
Gre g, Wm, Ti lynaught 
Hall, Robert, Fordyce 
Harper, Alex, Breach 
Harper, John, Longside 
Harter, Walter, Roseacre 
Ha^lam, ARH.Glenglassaugh 
Hay Alex, Sandend 
Hay, David, Fordyce 
Hay, George, Sandend 
Hay, James, Tillynaught 
Hay, Jas, Brackenhills 
Hay, Jas, Sandend 
Hay, John, Sandend 
Henderson, Alex, Woodend 
Henderson, G, Mains of Durn 
Hendry, Johu, Newpark 
Hendry, Wm, Knowhead 
Hepburn, Geo, Wellheads 
Hepburn, Jas, Porterstown 
Horn, Alex, Tillynaught 
Horn, Wm, Fordyce 
Home, Alex, Bogierow 
Howie, Robt, Brackenhills 
Imlach, Alex, Wylieholes 
Ingram, Adam, Arnbath 
Ingram, A, Muir ot Glassaugh 
Ingram, Alex, Fordyce 
Innes, George, Fordyce 
Innes, Wm, Baobgreen 
Jack, John, Clashf-nflamer 
Joss, Geo, Birkenbog 
Keir, Wm, Fordyce 
Kindness, John, Fordyce 
King, John A, Brodiesord 
Law, G, Barny'dsof F'nd'ater 
Legg, Wm, Tillynaught 
Leslie, Wm, Badestoul 

Lowe, George, Highfield 
Lyon, Maxwell, Upper Towle 
Main, David M'G, Fordyce 
Massie, Geo, Tillynaught 
Massie, 0, Stindingmanhill 
Matbieson, E, Gienglassaugh 
Milne, George, Dytach 
Milne, Robert, Fordyce 
Milne, Robert, Sandend 
Mitchell, Jas, Midtown 
Morrison, A, Tillynaught 
Morrison, Alex, Tollhouse 
Morrison, H.blacksmith's croft 
Morrison, John, Kindraught 
Morrison, R W, Fordyce 
Morrison, Wm, Fordyce 
Munro, John, Berryleys 
Murdoch, John, Brodiesord 
M'Beith, Alfx, Dykehead 
M'Beath, A G, Sale, Cheshire 
M'Beath, Robert J, do. 
M'Connachie, A, Redhythe 
M'Conuachie. Andrew, Bailey 
M'Currach, John, Fordyce 
M'Donald. A, Kindrought 
M'Gillivrav, Geo Sandend 
M'Hardy, Dnn, Brodiesord 
M'Hardy, William, Fordyce 
M'Kar, Alex, Aberdeen 
M'Kay, Alex, Sandend 
M'Kny, Alex, Siind nd 
M'Kay, Geo, Sandend 
M'Kay, James, do. 
M'Kay, Jos, do. 
M'Kay, Wm, Sandend 
M'Kenzie, Alex, Fordyce 
M'Kenzie, Alex, Cowhythe 
M'Kenzie, George, Fordyce 
M'Kenzie, John, Longside 
M'Killigan, Geo, Springwell 
M'Kimmie, John E, Fordyce 
M'Kimmie, Wm, Fordyce 
M'Lean, Alex, Backgreen 
M'Leao, Colin, Inverkindling 
M'Lennan, Dan, Fordyce 
M'Lennan, J. Fiodlater Mains 
M'Lennan, W.Findlater Mains 
M'Pherson, J, Auchmillie 
M' William, J, jr. Mill of Towie 
M'William, J, Mill of Towie 
M'William, J, Broomhills 
M'William, Jn, Liukbraeheads 
M'William, Robt. Dytach 
Nicol, James, Portsoy 
Ogilvie, Alex M. Tillynaught 
Packman, Jns, Fordyce 
Paterson, Wm, Fordyce 
Paterson, Wm, Muiryhillock 
Paul, Wm, Hillside 



Sec. II. 

Priest, Geo, Sandend 
Priest. Wm, jun, Sandend 
Eae, Jas, Damheai» 
Rennie, Allan, Fordjce 
Rennie. Gray, Fordyce 
Riacb, Alex, Nic< Ion's Park 
Riddoch, Ch s, Fordyce 
Ritchie. Alex, GKnglns-mugh 
Robertson, Alex, Fordyce 
Roberls m. A, Hill of Uhattie 
Robertson, James. Fordyce 
RobertsOD, Kev Jas, Fordjce 
Robertson, J, Hill of Redhy tbe 
Robertson, Jobn, Auchmore 
Robertson. Wm, Towiebrae 
Ross, Alex, Knowhead 
Ross, Johu, Oor.tontnuir 
Ross, Wm, Mfiins of Dura 
Rumbles, Peter, Fordyce 
Scorgie, Wm. Fordyce 
Skinner, .Tosepb, Fordyce 
Skinner, Joseph, Fordj ce 
Smith, A, Sandend 
Smith, Alex, ' Milne,' do 
Smith, Alex, Hi 1 of i owhythe 
Smith, Al, • Milne,' Saudend 
Smith, Alex, Ley 
Smith, A, 'Wisd< m,' Sandend 
Smith, BcD, Saodend 
Smith, G, • Wisdom,' do 
Smith, G, ' Farquhar,' do 

Smith, James, ' Buckie,' do 
Smith, James, do 
Smith, Jas, ' Wisdom. ' do 
Smith, Jas, ' Milne," Sandend 
Mnith, Jas, Backgieen 
Smith, John, SnnJend 
Smith, John, do 
Smith, J, ' Wisdom,' Sandand 
Smith, John, do 
Smith, wobt, Longside 
Smith, W. ' Kirkie,' Sandend 
Smitb, William, do 
Smith, Wm, Sandend 
Smith, W, ' Milne,' do 
Mnith, Wm, Cowhythe 
Smith, Wm, Kedhvtbe 
Steinson, George, Leggesmill 
Stephen, John, Fordyce 
Stephen, Robt, Bunkerhill 
Stephen, Robt. Sanderd 
Stevenson, G, Mains of Dura 
Stevenson, Wm, lime Quarry 
Stewart, Jas, Westerwards 
Stuart, John. Hillend 
Sutherland, Daniel, Sandend 
Sutherland, Daniel, do. 
Sutherland, David, do. 
Sutherland, Jehn, 26 Sandend 
Sutherland, Peter.near Portsoy 
Sutherland, Wm, Sandend 
Taylor, Geo, Mains of Dura 

Taylor, J, Mains of Glassaugh 
Taylor, Wm, Sandend 
Thompson, Wm, Fordyce 
Tolmie, Murdo.Glenglassaugh 
Topp, Alex, Cowhythe 
Topp, John. Fordjce 
Walker, John, Viewfield 
Watson, James, Mill of Towie 
Wats-on Jn. Sandend 
Watson, J, Tollhouse, Dura 
Webster, Alex. Damheads 
Webster, James, Fordyce 
Webster, Jos, Knockdurn 
Weighton, James, Reidhaven 
Weir, A, Mains of Glassaugh 
"Weir, W R, Mains of Glasea'gh 
White, James, Fordyce 
"Whvte, Jas, Fordyce 
Williamson, Jn Gienglassaugh 
Wilson, Chas, Glengla-saugh 
Wilson, Peter, Sandend 
"Wilson, John, Dambeads 
Wilson, Wm, Fordyce 
Wood, James, Sandend 
Wood, Jaa, Roughdly Wood 
Wood, James, luverkindling 
Wood, James, Sandend 
Wood, J, ' Dousie,' Sandend 
Wright, Wm, Fordjce 
Young, Ohas, LiukbraeliEad* 
Young, James, Arnbath 


That portion included within the limits of the Police Burgh of Portsoy. 

Addison, John, fisherman 
Addison, Win, seaman 
Alexander, Geo, merchant 
Anderson, A, photographer 
Angus, A I, foreman wayman 
Angus, James, clothier 
Badenoch. James, auctioneer 
Baillie, Alex, supervisor 
Baillie, ])avid, lite farmer 
Barber, Wm. gardener 
Barclay, Andw, salmon fisher 
Barron, Alex, sa'mon fisber 
Barron. James, surfaceman 
Begg, Geo, blacksmith 
Bonnyman, Wm, shoemaker 
Bremner, Alex, coppersmith 
Bremner, John, cooper 
Buie, James, retired farmer 
Burgess, Alex, carter 
Burgess, Alex, baker 
Burgess, Jabez, carter 
Calder, George, printer 
Calder, Marcus, printer 
Campbell, Angus, labourer 
Carr, Forbes, farm servant 
Chalmers. Alex surfaceman 
Chivas, AYm, fishcurer 
Clark, Geo, Dullater 
Clark, Geo, carpenter 
Clark, Geo, farm servant 
Clark, James, druggist 
Collins, Wood, E, Perthshire 
Colville. John A, solicitor 
Cook, Jobr, pHinter 
Cormach, Alex, tailor 
Coull, John, cooper 

Craik, Wm. shipmaster 
Cruickshank, Forbes, labourer 
Cruickshank, J, farm servant 
Cruickshank, Peter, flesher 
Currie, Chas, tailor 
Davidson, J, retired minister 
Davidson, Jn, eDgine driver 
Davie, Wm, gardener 
Dickie, Robert, merchant 
Duncan, John, draper 
Duncan, Wm, carpenter 
Eddie, Jas. farm servant 
Edwards, Wm, constable 
Ewen, George, Aberdeen 
Ewing, Alex, grocer 
Ewing, James, miller 
Ewing, Wm, miller 
Ewing, Wm, sen, merchant 
Fairweather. George, painter 
Falconer, Alex, carpenter 
Farquharson, A, shipmaster 
Findlater, A, retired farmer 
Findlay, John, mason 
Findlay, Thomas, fishcurer 
Forbes, Duncan, residenter 
Forbes, John, labourer 
Fraser. Geo, fnrin servant 
Garbutt, Wm M, bank agent 
Garrow, Al-x, farm servant 
Garrow. John, blacksmith 
Gauld, George, labourer 
Gibson, Rev And M, EC 
Gill, David, station master 
Gillan, A L, salmon fisher 
Goodbrand, Geo, fisherman 
Gordon, Alex, labourer 

Gordon, Andrew, gamekeeper 
Gordon, Geo, feuar 
Gordon, Jas, engineer 
Grant, Alex, butcher 
Grant, Alex, innkeeper 
Grant, James, hotelkeeper 
Grant, John, tinsmith 
Gray, Walter, miller 
Gray, Wm K, builder 
Gray, Wm. gardener 
Greig, H W R, Soynie 
Guthrie, James, draper 
Harris, Henry, seaman 
Hay, Wm, flesher 
Higgins, Geo, drill instructor 
Horn, Robert, wright 
Hossack, Wm, carpenter 
Hunter, James, bank agent 
Ingram, James, blacksmith 
Ingram, Wm, labourer 
Innes, Geo, labourer 
Innes, Joseph, eurfacenian 
Irving, Jas, jun, c othier 
IrviDg, Jas, sen, clothier 
Trving, John, tailor 
Jack, Rev Alex, minister 
Jack, Lawrence, m. mariner 
Jack, Wm. engineer 
Keating, M, coastguard officer 
Kelman. James, labourer 
Kemp, James, merchant 
Lain,;, J, umbrella mender 
Lawrence, H, farm servant 
Lawson, Robt, carter 
Leitch, Peter, merchant 
Leslie, Alex, postrunner 

Sec. II. 



Leslie, Alex, shoemaker 
Leys, Alex, watchmaker 
Llewellyn, F, coastguardsman 
Lyon, Alex, mason 
Mackie, Jas, cattle dealer 
Mair, Alex, ' Sbavie ' 
Mair, Jacob, merchant 
Mair, J, ' Johns ' fisherman 
Mair, Jas, ' Lyon' 
Mair, Jas, fi-herman 
Mair, Jas, fisherman 
Mair, John, jud, fisherman 
Mair, John, jr, ' Shavie ' 
Mair, Tbos, fisherman 
Mair, William, ' Shavie ' 
Mair, Wm, jr, ' Shavie ' 
Marr, Arch, cooper 
Mathieson, John, merchant 
Matthew, Andrew, mason 
Matthew, John, mason 
Mavor, John, corn agent 
Maxwell, Sidney, seaman 
Mearni, John, cooper 
Metcalf, Geo, labourer 
Metcalf, Thomas, labourer 
Miller, Alex, farm servant 
Mills, Alex, dairyman 
Milne, Geo, clerk 
Milne, Robert, merchant 
Milne, Wm, railway porter 
Milton, Andrew, baker 
Milton, Wm, slater 
Mitchell, Geo, salmon fisher 
Mitchell, Geo, tailor 
Mitchell, John, draper 
Morrison, Alex, labourer 
Morrisor, John, farm servant 
Mowat, Alex, captain 
Murdoch, Wil iam, mason 
Murphy, John, labourer 
Murphy, Wm, woodman 
Murray, Alex, carter 
Murray, Wm, cabinetmaker 
Mustard, Jas, cooper 
M'Bain, Jamej, tailor 
M'Bain, John, shipmoster 
M'Bain, Wm, salmon fisher 
M'Callum, John, tea merchant 
M'Connachie, J, residenter 
M'Connachie, J, merchant 
M'Connachie, J, farm servant 
M'Connachie, Eobt, merchant 
M'Donald, A, implem't maker 
M'Donald, David, fisherman 
M'Donald, George, slater 
M'Donald, J, implem't maker 
M'Donald, Wm, carpenter 
M'Donald, Wm, painter 
M'Ewen. James, mason 
M'Farlane, A G, residenter 
M'GregOr, David, cooper 
M'Gregor, F, cabinetmaker 
M'Hattie, James, carter 
M'lntoch, Shearer, engineer 
M'Intyre, John, grocer 
M'Kay, Alex, dealer 

M'Kay, Joseph, carter 
M'Kay, Wm, (arm servant 
M'Kenzie, James, labourer 
M'Kenzie, James, labourer 
M'Kenzie, Wm, labourer 
M'Lean, Wm, teacher 
M'Pherson, Chas, labourer 
M'Pherson, James, labourer 
M'Robie, OeorgeG, merchant 
M'William, Alex, architect, 
M'William, Jas, millwright 
Nicol, Alex, cooper 
Nicol, Chas, cooper 
Nicol, Geo B, baker 
Ogilvie, John, labourer 
Oldfleld, Frank, farm servant 
Osborne, Henry, captain 
Paterson, Alex, cooper 
Paterson, Wm, retired farmer 
PatersoD, Wm, miller 
Penny, William, Colombo 
Peterkin, John, baker 
Philips, Alex, mason 
Philip, Rev Wm M, Aberdeen 
Pirie, Geo, ' Skipper' 
Pirie, Geo, fisherman 
Pirie, James, fisherman 
Pine, Jn, 'Jack ' fisherman 
Pirie, J, "Mason," ii-herman 
Plowman, Daniel, cooper 
Rae, John, plasterer 
Raeburn. John, farm servant 
Rainy, George, feuar 
Rainy, John, labourer 
Reid, Geo, fisherman 
Reid, John, joiner 
Rennie, George, labourer 
Rhind, Wm, saddler 
Riler, Wm, co<stguard 
Ritchie, Charle--. engineer 
Robb, Alex, M.D. 
Robertson, Alex, b'acksmith 
Robertson, Wm, shepherd 
Robertson, Win, salmon fisher 
Roger, George, seaman 
Ross, Jas, painter 
Ross, Wm, tailor 
Russell, Jas, shoemaker 
Russell, John, watchmaker 
Russell, Jn. shoemaker 
Sandison, Wm, labourer 
Sandison, Wm, merchant 
Saunders, John, labourer 
Scott, Walter, carter 
Shand, James, surfaceman 
Shand, Chas, surfaceman 
Sievwright, jas. farm servant 
Simmers, Rev Wm, U P 
Simpson, John, farm servant 
Skinner, George, labourer 
Slater, V indlay, carpenter 
Slater, Geo, fisherman 
Slater, John, fisherman 
Smith, Alex, baker 
Smith, Alex, shipmaster 

Smith, Alex, shipmaster 
Smith, Alex, London 
Smith, George, shipmaster 
Smith, George, carpenter 
Smith, Henry, shipmaster 
Smith, James, shipmaster 
Smith, Jas, carter 
smith, James, grain merchant 
Smith, John, shipmaster 
Stevenson, Geo, farm servant 
Stewa't, Alex, plisrerer 
Still, Francis, miller 
Strathdee, Geo, slater 
Street, Rev Win J, FC minster 
Stuart, Alex, shoemaker 
Stewart, Wm L, M.D. 
Sutherland, Alex, fisherman 
Sutherland, Rev G, clergyman 
Sutherland, John, druggist 
Sutherland, John E, fishcurer 
Sutherland, Peter, seaman 
Sutherland, Wm, fisherman 
Taylor, George, surfaceman 
Taylor, George, tailor 
Taylor, James, labourer 
Taylor, John, shipmaster 
Taylor, Joseph, labourer 
Thompson, Alex, shoemaker 
Thomson, James, carter 
Thomson, Peter, merchant 
Thomson, Wm, labourer 
Thow, K, in«peotor of poor 
Watson, G P H, Demerara 
Watson, Jas A. stationer 
Watson, Roderick, wayman 
Watson, Walter, shoe maker 
Watson, Wm, teacher 
Watt, Alex. Elgin 
Watt, Chas, inspector 
Webster, Wm, labourer 
West, Henrr, cooper 
Wilson, Geo roadman 
Wilson, Jas Duff, fisherman 
Wilson, John, labourer 
Wilson, John, coppersmith 
Wilson, Wm, tailor 
Wilson, Wm, labourer 
Wilson, Wm, labourer 
Wood, Alex, fisherman 
Wood, Alex, cooper- 
Wood, David, fisherman 
Wood, David, seaman 
Wood, Geo, jun, ' Doo ' 
Wood, Geo, fisherman 
Wood, Geo, fisherman 
Wood, Henry, cooper 
Wood, Jas, jun, ' Jamesie* 
Wood, Jas, ' Park' fisherman 
Wood, John, ' Doo' 
Wood, Wm, 'Doo' 
Wood, Wm, ' Post' fisherman 
Wood, Wm, 'Jamesie,' sailor 
Wright, George, ship owner 
Wright, George, labourer 
Young, James, solicitor 

The following Voters on the Estate of Bogmuchals, Parish of Fordiicc, 
rote at Cornhill. 

Addison, Wm, Summerton Allan, Jas, Auchip 

Aiken,Jas,Newmillsof Boyne Allan, John, Burnside 

Allan, Wm, Mnttonbrae 
Barclay, Alex. Coldwell 



Sec. II. 

Bisset, Joseph, Auchip 
Bremner, Chas, Summerton 
Bremner, John, Winterton 
Bruce, Chas J, Bogmuohals 
Cowie, A, Muir of Knockbill 
Cowie, Jas, Corry 
Cummirig, J M, Newbigging 
Davidson, J, Badenponchera 
Donald, Geo, Damcroft 
Donald, Geo G, Upper Begburn 
Duncan, J, Muir of Knockbill 
Duncan, John, Muirake 
Ewing, G, Little Summerton 
Farquhar, W, Canterbury 
Fasken, Alex, Bogmuchals 
Flaws, Jobn, Burnside 
Forbes, Geo, Craigieford 
Fraser, John, Bogiaiuchals 
Gardiner, Wm, Butterytack 

Aiken, Charles, Cullen 
Bowie, Jobn, Old 'J oil House 
Campbell, James, Cullen 
Clarke, Jas, Lintmill 
Donald, Wm, do. 
Farquhar. Jas, Lintmill 
Fordyce. Jas, Lintmill 
Gardiner, James, Cullen 
Gardiner, John, Lintmill 
Geddes, Wm, Lintmill 
Graham, John, Hillocks 
Grant, Alex, Hillocks 
Grant, Clias, Lintrnill 

GooJall, C, Muir of Muirake 
Gordon, John, Windsole 
Grant, And, Windsole 
Hutchison, Wm, Aucbip 
Inglis, Wm, Auchip 
Ingram, Jonn, Bogrow 
Lamb, Alex, Muirike 
Lauder, W.jr.Rothmackenzie 
Lawreoce, Wm, Coldwell 
Main, D, North Canterbury 
Main, Jas, Burns 
Main, James G G, Burns 
Mearn-", J, Muir of Badiebinks 
Mearns, W, M'r of Badiehinks 
Milne, B M.Newmills of Boyne 
Milne, John, Burnside 
Montgomery, G, Bogmuchals 
Montgomery, Jas, Auchip 
Morrison, Francis, Muirake 


Gray, Jas, Lintmill 
Hardy, Joseph, Cullen Hou«e 
Henderson, John, Tochieneal 
Innes, John, Lintmill 
Innes, W, Tochieneal Station 
Innes, Wm, Lintmill 
Johnston, John, Cullen 
Knowles, James, Lintmill 
Legg, Alex, Lintmill 
Michie, C Y, Cullen 
Miller, John, Seafield 
Miller, Robert, Cullen 
M'Gregor, Alex, Lintmill 

Murray, Jsmes, Ordenhoves 
M'Connachie, Robt, Meadows 
Raffan, Robt, Knowiemoor 
Simpson, Chas, Hilleod 
Smith, Jas, Williamston 
Steinson, John, Little Toax 
Stephen, F, Moor Canterbury 
Stephen, John, Donniemand 
Stevenson, (je >, Newmills 
Taylor, Wm, Lower Begbnrn 
Thomson, Geo, Burmide 
Wilson, C, South Canterbury 
Wilson, Geo S, Limestones 
Wilson, J, Muir Badenspink 
Wilson, J, Muir Bogmuchals 
Wright, John, jr, Muttonbrae 
Wyness, A, Slackdale 
Wyness, Wm, Slackdale 

M'Eae, Alex, Lintmill 
M'Rae, Robert, Lintmill 
Nicholson, John, Cullen House 
Patersm, John, Cullen 
Reid, James, Cullen 
Roberts, Joshua, Cullen 
Smith, Alex, Cullen 
Smith, James, Lintmill 
Smith, Wm, Tochineal 
Stannard, Wm S, Cullen 
Stephen, James, Lintmill 
White, James Tochieneal 
Yeats, Alex, Lintmill 


Bain, Alex, Aultmore 
Benzies, George, Aultmore 
Benzies, Wm, Kirkton 
Bidie, Geo, Lr Broadrashas 
Brander, Wm, Cra ; gie Croft 
Clark, Jas, Mid Skeith 
Clark, Wm, Altmore 
Cowie, Alex W, Inaltry 
Craib. John, Mo=s-side 
Cruickshank, R, Berryhillock 
Cruickshank, Robt, jun. do 
Donald, Alex, Berryhillock 
Duncan, Alex, Kirkton 
Duncan, George, Milton 
Duncan, James, Ardoch 
Duncan, Robt, Langlandburn 
Duncan, Wm, near EC Manse 
Duncan, Wm, Wardleys 
Farquhar, Geo, Craibstone 
Farquhar, J, Muir Squaredoch 
Fordyce, J, Muir Squaredoch 
Forbes, James, Aultmore 
Fraser, J, Bogs of Riach 
Garden, J, sen, Clochmaireich 
Geddes, Alex, Aultmore 
Geddes, A W, Kirkton 
Gibb, Geo, Berryhillock 
Grant, Wm, Deskford 
Gray, Alex, Little Cultain 
Gray, Jas, Meikle Knowes 
Green,P,01d F.C.Schoolhouse 
Home, Francis, Backies 
Howie, Alex, Berryhillock 

Jenkins, James, Ardicow 
Johnston, Wm, Aultmore 
Kitchen, Alex, Clune 
Lawrence. Jas, Bro.idrashes 
Lawrence, John, Faichyhill 
Legg, Jos, sen, Berryhillock 
Legg, Jos, jun, Berryhillock 
Lobban, Chas, Aultmore 
Lobban, George, Aultmore 
Longmore, John, Ardoch 
Lorimer, Jas, Kirkton 
Lorimer, Jas, Moss side 
Maitland, James, Raemore 
Millet, Henry. Aultmore 
Milue, Alex, Clunehill 
Milne, Jas, Burnsford 
Milton, Alex, Aultmore 
Milton, Alex, Kirkton 
Mitchell, Alex, Backies 
Mitchell, John, Kirkton 
Morrison, Al, Berryhillock 
Morrison, Alex, Ardoch 
Morrison, Rev Jas, Deskford 
Morrison, J M'Kay, Clunehill 
Muggach, Alex, Aultmore 
Murdoch, Wm, Kirkton 
M'Bain, David. Kintyward 
M'Bain, Wm, Kentyward 
M'Combie, Geo, Leitchestown 
M'Connaohie, P G, Ardoch 
M'Culloch, J, Mains of Skeith 
M'Greg-ir, Alex, Backies 
M'Hattie, James, Squaredoch 

M'Kay, Alex, Oathillock 
M'Kay, John, Berryhillock 
M'Kenzie, James, Aultmore 
M'Lean, Wm, Berryhillock 
Ogg, Wm, Berryhillock 
Ogilvie, Wm, Beiryhillock 
Park, Rev G M, Deskford 
Raffan, George, Aultmore 
Reid, Andrew, Burnheads 
Reid, John, Swellend 
Reidford, Geo, Milton 
Biddoch, Wm, Aultmore 
Ritchie, Geo, Carestown 
Rumbles, Jas, Faichyhill 
Bumbles, Jas, Aultmore 
Russell, James, Deskford 
Shepherd, John, Craibstone 
Sim, Alex, Cullen 
Smith, Geo, Upper Blairock 
Smith, Jas, Upper Blairock 
Smith, Jas, Milton 
Smith, Wm, Schoolhouse 
Spence, Jas, Craibstone 
Stephen, Alex, Hnggie 
Stephen, James, Kirkton 
Stephen, Jas. Squaredoch 
Stephen, John, Berryhillock 
Stevenson, Wm, Carestown 
Stewart, Wm, Aultmore 
Stewart, W, Nether Blairock 
Sutherland, Geo, Aultmore 
Sutherland, Jas. Hoggie 
Taylor, Alex, Little Skeith 

Sec. II. 



Taylor, Brodie, Aultmore 
Taylor, Geo, Meikle Cultain 
Taylor, Jas, Berr'yhillock 
Thomson, Jas, Mains of Skeith 
Thomson, Jn, Mains of Skeith 
Topp, Geo, Upper Blairock 

Watson, Jas, Kirkton 
Watt, John, Ordeus 
Whyntie John, Milton 
Wilson, Alex, Aultmore 
Wilson, Jas, Kirkton 

Wilson, Jas, sr, Littleknowes 
Wilson. Jas. jr, Littleknowes 
Wood, David, Aultmore 
Wright, Alex, Upper Skeith 
Wright, James, Greenhill 


So far as containing part of the Quoad Sacra Parish of Seafleld, South of the Great North 
of Scotland Railway. 

Addison, J, Moimtabor 
Addison, AVm. Sherralds 
Allan, Oha^. Lintmill 
Bain, Wm, Cullen House 
Beaton, Lewis, Cullen House 
Beattie, Jas, Kllysirie 
Brown, Rev P, Portknockie 
Bruce, Geo, Tocbie'ipul 
Buchan, Geo, Woodside 
Burnett, Jas, Tochieneal 
Caird, James, Farskane 
Copland, Wm, Fiudochty 
Crawford, Alex, Ilillhead 
Davidson, Alex. Smithstown 
Dey, John, Portknockie 
Donald, George. Portknockie 
|Farquhar, Charles, liauds 
Farquhar, Geo, Bauds 
Findlay, Wm, Bauds 
Forbes, Jus, Ellvside 
Fraser, Daniel, Bruntown 

Geddes, James, Woodside 
Goodbrand, Jas, Cullen House 
Grant, John, Portessie 
Gray, Alex, Cullen House 
Guthrie, Wm, Bruntown 
Henderson, Jas, Biuds 
Imlach, George. Tochieneal 
Kemp, James, Arnbog 
Lawrence. James, Tochieneal, Wm, Sherralds 
Longmore, Andw, Bauds 
Merson, Wm, Bauds 
Milton, George, Bauds 
Mitchell. Geo, Ellyside 
Munro, George, Portessie 
Munro, Wm, sen, Oldmill 
Munro. Wm. Lintmill 
Murdoch, Jas, Ellvside 
M'Intyre, Rev J, Portknockie 
M'Keuzie, A H, Bauds 

Proctor, Robert. Denside 
Reidford, Geo, Woodtide 
Robertson, Alex, jun, Bauds 
Robertson, John, Ellvside 
Rambles, Andrew, Eliyside 
Shepherd, Jus, Cullen House 
Scott, Alex, Old Mill 
Simpson, Alex, Woodside 
Simpson, Jas, Cullen House 
Sinclair. W J, Cruats 
Smith, Jas F, Cullen House 
Steinson, Alex, Lintmill 
Stewait, Jus, Sberralds 
Still, Wm, Portknockie 
strachan. Wm, Ellyside 
Taylor, Alex. Tochieneal 
Taylor, James, Tochieneal 
Taylor, Wm, Findochty 
Tiylor, Wm, Findocbtv No 40 
Wilson, Wm, Cullen House 


So far as containing part of the Quoad Sacra Parish of Seafleld, North of the Great North of 
Scotland Railway, and Villages of Portknockie, Portessie, Peterhythe, and Findochty. 

Campbell, David, Findochty Donaldson, John. Portkn'ckie 
Campbell, James, do Durno, Geo, Findochty 

Campbell, James, Finiiochty Duthie, LewiF, Portestie 

Addison, Jos. Portknockie 
Allan, Wm, Findochty 
Anderson, Alex, do 
Anderson, Jas, Findochty 
Anderson, J, 'Coy,' P'tkn'ckie 
Anderson, Jas, Findochty 
jAnderson, Samuel, Findochty 
Anderson, Wm, do 
Anderson, W, sen. Findochty 
Anderson, Wm, do 
Anderson, Wm, Findochty 
Bain, Daniel, Porte=sie 
Balcb, Sam F. Poitessie 
jBeattie, Wm, Portessie 
Bojle, Jas Rae, Porte«ie 
Bruce, Geo. Portknockie 
Bruce, Geo, ' Calky,' do 
Bruce, Jas, Portessie 
Bruce, J , 'Slater,' Portknockie 
Bruce, Jn, 'Jack,' Portba'ckie 
Bruce, Robt G, do 
Bruce, Wm, jun, Portknockie 
Bryeon.W G.StrathleneHouse 
Calder, David, Findochty 
Calder, Jas, do 
Calder, John, Findochty 
Campbell, Alex, do 
Campbell, Alex, do 
Campbell, Alex, jun., do 
Campbell, Alex, do 
Campbell, Alex, do 
Campbell, Alex, do 

Campbell, James, do 
C<mpbe'l, Jas, do 
Campbell, Jas, ' Campbly,' do 
Campbell, John do 
Campbell, Jo»ejh, do 
Campbell, Wm, Findochty 
Campbell, Wm, do 
Chalmers, David, do 
Christie, Chas, Portknockie 
Clark, Alex, ' Bo,' Portessie 
("Haik, Andrew, do 
Clark, Charles, Portessie 
Clark, James, do 
Clark, John, Peterhythe 
Clark, John, Portessie 
Clark, Wm, ' SanV do 
Cowie, Al.'Bnllen.'Peterh'the 
Cowie, Jacob, Portessie 
Cowie, Jas, Findocht.v 
Cowie, Jas, ' Bussie,' P'rtessie 
Cowie, Joseph. Portessie 
Cowie, Peter. Portessie 
Crjib, Alex, Findochty 
Cumming, Geo, Banff 
Davidson, Adam, Findochty 
Davidson, John, Portessie 
Donaldson, Alex. Portknockie 
Donaldson, Geo, Portknockie 

Falcooer, Geo. Portknockie 
Falconer, J, 'Fawkie.'P'tk'kie 
Falconer, Jas, jun, do 
Falconer, John, do 
Falconer, John W, do 
Falconer, Lewis, do 
Falconer, Wm, do 
Farrjuhir, J, 'Dey,' Poterh'the 
Farquhar, J, 'Rinth, 'Portessie 
Farquhar, John, Peterhythe 
Farquhar, Peter, Peterhythe 
Findlay, Jos. 'Joe,' Portessie 
Flett, Alex. Uddmg-ton 
Flett, Al, 'John?,' Findochty 
Flett, Alex, do 
Flett, Alex. 'King,' do 
Fletr, Alex, jun/oo 
Flett, Alex, ' Dodie,* do 
Flett, Alex, do 
Flett, Alex, ' Yankie,' do 
Flett, Arthur, do 
Flett, David, ' Gonial,' do 
Flett, David, Findochty 
Flett, David, do 
Flett, David, ' Tosh,* do 
Flett, David, * Dodie,' do 
Flett, David, ' Tosh,' do 
Flett, David, 'Flettie,* do 

Donaldson, J, jr, Portknockie Flett, David, do 




Flett, George, Fiudochty 

Flett, Geo, do 

Flett, Geo, ' Tochie,' do 

Fletr, Geo, do 

Flett, George, do 

Flett, George, do 

Flett, Geo, ' Corual,' do 

Flett, Geo, ' Sailor,' do 

Flett, Geo, 'Toth,' do 

Flett, Geo, jun, 'Johns,' do 

Flett, Isaac, do 

Fletr, Jas, 'Yankie Dowie.'do 

Flett, Jas, ' Yankie,' Find'lity 

Flett, Jas, ' Crawford,' do 

Flett, Jas, ' Yankie,' do 

Flett, Jas, jun, ' Jamick,' do 

Flett, John, ' Comal,* do 

Flett, Johu, 'Wallace,' do 

Flett, John, jun, 'Metal,' do 

Flett, John, do 

Flett, John, jun, ' Johns,' do 

Flett, John, jun, do 

Flett, John, Portknockie 

Flett, ,Tn, 'Yankie,' Find'chty 

Flett, John, ' Flettie,' do 

Flett, John, do 

Flett, John, ' Metal,' do 

Flett, Joseph, do 

Flett, Simon, ' Comal,' do 

"Flett, Walter J, Findochty 

Flett, Wm, Findocbty 

Flett, Win, do 

Flett, Wm, ' Flett,' do 

Flett Wm, ' Flettie,' do 

Flett, Wm, do 

Flett, Wm, ' King,' do 

Flett, Wm, ' Yankie,' do 

Flett, Wm, do 

Flett, Wm, ' Comal,* do 

Flett, William, do 

Flett, Wm, do 

Fletr, Wm, jun, ' Wallace,' do 

Flett, Wm, do 

Flett, Wm, juu, 'Scaldie ' do 

Flett, W, 'Dody,' Portknockie 

Flett, Wm, FiDdochty 

Forbes, John, do 

Fordyce, Jas, Portknockie 

Forsyth, John, Strathlene 

Fraser, James, Portessie 

Garden, Al, ' Pap,' Portessie 

Garden, John, do 

Garden, Wm, ' Pap,' do 

Geddes, John, Findochty 

Geddes, Wm, Peterhythe 

Geddes. Wm, Findochty 

Gibb, John, Findochty 

Goodbrand, Al, Portknockie 

Goodbrand, Jas, do 

Grant, Alex, Portknockie 

Orant, Andrew, do 

Grant, Robt, Portknockie 

Grant, Robt, do 

Grant, Robt. Portessie 

Gray, Wm, Peterhythe 

Green, Jas, Portknockie 

Harthill, Alex, Findochty 

Harthill, James, do 

Henderson, Alex, do 

Henderson, And, Findochty 

Henderson, J J, Portknockie 

Henderson, Wm, Findochty 

Henrlerson, Tbos, Findochty 
Hendry. Wm, Findociity 
Herd, Adam, Findochty 
Herd, George, do 
Herd, James, ' Herdie,' do 
Herd, J*s, do 
Herd, Jas, do 
Herd, Joho, Findochty 
Herd, Robert, do 
Herri, Wm B. do 
Hitchcock, Wm. Portknockie 
Howieson, A, Portknockie 
Imlach, A, 'Boats,' Peterhythe 
Imla?h. Alex, do 
Imlach, Geo, Portessie 
Imlach, J, ' Boats,' Portessie 
Imlach, J, 'Boat*,' Peterh'the 
Imlach, John, Portessie 
Imlach, W, ' Boats.' Portessie 
Innes, Alex, jun, Portknockie 
Innes, Alex, do 
Innes, George, do 
Innes, Jas, do 
Innes, John, ' Johnnie,' do 
Innes, Johu, do 
Innej, John, Portknockie 
Innes, Kobert. do 
Innes, Wm, do 
Kerr, Walter, do 
Lawrence, Franc's, Portessie 
Legge, Alex. Findochty 
Legge, Alex F, Portknockie 
Legge, David, Findochty 
Legge, John, Portessie 
Legge, Wm, Findochty 
Longmore, Wm, Portknockie 
Mair, Alex, ' Slater,' do 
Mair, Al, 'Shavie Sannders.'do 
Mair, Alex, ' Rose,' do 
Mair, A, ' Pirie ' do 
Mair, Al, 'Bobbin Shay,' do 
Ma''r, Alex, ' Brither," do 
Mair, Alex, ' Shanker,' do 
Mair, Alex, ' Johnnie,' do 
Mair, Al, ' Shavie Dooie,' do 
Mair, Alex, ' Shavie,' do 
Mair, Alex, ' Saucy,' do 
Mair, And, ' Shavie,' do 
Mair, Arthur, ' Bobbin Dear' 
Mair, Arthur, ' Pim,' do 
Mair, D, ' Bobbin Dandy,' do 
Mair, David, ' Bobbin,' do 
Mair, David, ' Bobbin,' do 
Mair, D, ' Dear ' do 
Mair, David, ' Bobbin,' do 
Mair, Davi'i, do 
Mair, Geo, ' Shanker,' do 
Mair, Geo, ' Bobbin Tells,' do 
Mair, Geo, ' Bobbin,' do 
Mair, Geo, ' Bobbin Shy,' do 
Mair, ti, sr, 'Dodie Bobbin.'do 
Mair, Geo, jun, ' Bobbin,' do 
Mair, Geo, ' Johns,' do 
Mair, George, do 
Mair, Geo, 'Pim,' do 
Mair, Jas, ' Shanker,' do 
Mair, Jas, ' Shavie," do 
Mair, Jas, ' Beanie,' do 
Mair, Jas, ' Bobbin,' jun, do 
Mair, J, ' Bobbin,' Findochty 
Mair, J.'Sbanker.' P'tknockie 
Mair, Jas, jun, * Shanker,* do 

Mair, Jas, ' Johns' do 
Mair, Jas, jun, ■ Bobbin,' do 
Mair, Jas, ' Bobbin,' do 
Mair, Jas, ' Sclater,' do 
Mair, Jas, ' Sclater.' do 
Mair, John. ' Bobbin,' do 
Mair, Jn, ' Shavie Johnny,' do 
Mair, John, Portknockie 
Muir, JohD, • Bids,' Find'chty 
Mair, Ju, 'Bobbin Tells,' do 
Mair, John, ' Shy,' P'tknockie 
Mair, Joseph, 'Saucy,' do 
Mair, Kobert, do 
Mair, Wm, do 

Mair, Wm, ' Bobbin Shy,' do 
Mair, Wm, ' Dear,' do 
Mair, Wm, do 
Mair. Wm, ' Eo-e ' do 
Mair, Wm, ' Robbin,' do 
Mair, Wm, ' Bobbin,' do 
Manson. Jas, Peterhythe 
Marshall, Henry, Findochty 
Masson, Wm, Portessie 
Merson, James, do 
Merson, Jas, jun. Peterhythe 
Milne, Alex, Portknockie 
Milne, James, do 
Milne,LA,Mainso£ Findochty 
Milne, Wm, Portessie 
Mitchell, G. Mains Findochty 
Mitchell, Wm W, Findochty 
Morrison, Jas, Portessie 
M'Arthor, Jas, Portknockie 
M'Arthnr, Jas, Portknockie 
M'Currach, Geo, Findochty 
M'Donald, Alex, Findochty 
M'Donald. John, Portknockie 
M'Ewan, John, Findochty 
M'Intosh, Alex, Portessie 
M'Intosh, J, jun, Peterhythe 
M'Intosh, John, do 
M'Intosh, Wm, Portknockie 
M'Intosh, Wm B, Peterhythe 
M'Kee, J W, Findochty 
M'Kenzie, Alex. Portessie 
M'Kenzie, Jas, Portessie 
M'Kenzie, John, Findochty 
M'Lean, Kenneth, P'tknockie 
M'Robbie, Geo, do 
M'Robie, Alex, Aberdeen 
Parker, John, Findochty 
Petrie, Jas, do 
Phimister, Samuel, do 
Phimister, Wm, do 
Pirie, Alex, Portknockie 
Pirie, A, 'Skipper,' P'tknockie 
Pirie, Alex, 'Skipper* do 
Pirie, George, do 
Pirie, James, do 
Pirie, Jas, Peterhythe 
Pirie, Jas, Portknockie 
Pirie, John, sen, ' Buxor,' do 
Pirie, John, ' King,' do 
Pirie, Wm, ' Buxor,' do 
Pirie, Wm, jun, do 
Pirie, Wm, jr, ' Willackie,' do 
Reid, John, Peterhythe 
Reid, John, ' Sailor,' do 
Robertson, Jos, Portknockie 
Robertson, Wm, Portessie 
Ross, Geo, Findochty 
Ross, Jas, Findochty 

Sec. II. 



Ross, Wm, Findochty 
Ross, Wm, Findochty 
Ross, Wm, do 

Russell, George, Portknockie 
Russell. James, do 
Sayer, Jas, Fiodoehtv 
Sc'ater, G, 'Hasser Dodie,' 
SimpsoH, Alex. Portknockie 
Simpson, Jas, Portknockie 
Simpson.W, 'Doctor,' P'rtessie 
Sinclair. Wm, Findochty 
Slater, Alex, Porlessie 
Slater, Alex, Peterhythe 
Slater, A, ' Mosh,' P'rtkn'ckie 
Slater, Alex, ' Mo=h,' do 
Slater, Alex, 'Smdy,' do 
Slater, Alex, ' Dodie,' do 
Slater, Alex. Peterhythe 
slater, David. Portknockie 
Slater, David, Portknockie 
Slater, Geo, ' Mash,' do 
Slater, Jas, Peterhythe 
Slater, Jas, Portknockie 
Slater, John, do 
Slater, Robert, do 
Slater, Wm, do 
Smith, Adam, Findochty 
Smith, Alex, ' Bo,' Peterhythe 
Smith, Alex, Findochty 
Smith, A, 'Currie,' Pet'rhythe 
Smith, A, 'Swauson,' do 
Smith, A, ' Provost,' Portessie 
smith, Alex, Findochty 
Smith, Alex, ' Smithie,' do 
pmitb, Alex, Peterhythe 
Smith, Alex, Portessie 
Smith, Al, ' Frasie,' Portessie 
Smith, Alex, ' Wildie,' do 
Smith, A, jr.'Joe,' Peterhythe 
Smith, Alex, Findochty 
Smith, A, ' Jeam,' Peterhythe 
Smith, Alex, ' Currie,' do 
Smith, Arthur, Findochty 
Smith, Ed, ' Bo,' Peterhythe 
Smith, Geo, ' Laird.' do 
Smith, Geo, 'Miss,' Peterhythe 
Smith, G, jr.'Latin,' Portessie 
Smith, G.'Sinrlair,' Fi'dochty 
Smith, Geo, Findochty 
Smith, G, • Scroggie,' Find'ty 
Smiih, Geo, 'Latin,' Portessie 
Smith, Jas, ' Geckie,' do 
Smith, Jas, 'Latin,' do 
Smith, J, j r,'Frasie,'Peterh'the 
Smith, Jas, 'Frasie,' Portessie 
I Smith, Jas, ' Son of John' 
Smith, Jas, ' Bo,' Peterhythe 

Smith, Jame->, Portessie 
Smith, .fa-, Findochty 
Smith, John, Portessie 
Smith, John, sen, ' Latin," do 
Smith, John, juo, ' Latin,' do 
Smith, J, jun, ' Frasie ' do 
Smith, John, ' Geckie,' di 
Smith, John, Findochty 
Smith, Jn, 'Latin,' Portessie 
Smith, John, ' Frasie, do 
Smith, John, 'Fling,' do 
Smith, Jos, ' Frasie,' do 
Smith, Joseph, Peterhythe 
Smith, Joseph, Findochty 
Smith, P, ' Powie,' Portessie 
Smith, Wm, Findochty 
Smith, Wm, do 
Smith, W, 'Wackie,' Portessie 
Smith, W, ' Currie,' Portessie 
Smith, W, jun, ' Frasie,' do 
Smith, Wm, jun, ' Frasie,' do 
Sna' h, W, ' Fling," Portessie 
Sn i r i, Wm, jnn, ' Latin.' do 
Sm h.W.'BoDon,' Peterh'he 
Smith, Wm, Fiodochty 
Smith, Wm, Findochty 
Smith, Wm, Findochty 
Smith, Wm, ' Wildie,' do 
Stables, Robt, do 
Stevenson, Chas, Portknockie 
Stewart, James, do 
Stronach, Wm, Findochty 
Sutherland, Alex. ' Sid,' do 
Sutherland, A, Findochty 
Sutherland, A, jun, Findochty 
Sutherland, Al, ' Murray,' do 
Sutherland, David, do 
Sutherland, Geo, do 
Sutherland, Geo, do 
Sutherland, Geo, do 
Sutherland, Geo, j un, 'uoe.'do 
Sutherland, Ja->, do 
Sutherland. Jas,'Sid,'Find'hty 
Sutherland, Jas ,' Cooper,' do 
Sutherland, James, do 
Sutherland, James, do 
Sutherland, John, Findochty 
Sutherland, John, 'Dow,' do 
Sutherland, John, ' Sid,' do 
Sutherland, Jos, ' Sid,' do 
Sutherland, Jos, Portknockie 
Sutherland, Joseph, Find'hty 
Sutherland, Joseph, ' Do,' do 
Sutherland, Joseph, do 
Sutherland, Joseph, do 
Sutherland, W, 'Son of Joseph' 

Sutherland, Wm, Findochty 
Sutherland, Wm, do 
Sutherland, Wm, do 
Sutherland. W, ' Sid,' Find'ty 
Sutherland, Wm, jun, do 
Symon, Alex, Portknockie 
Taylor, Alex, Findochty 
Taylor, David, Findochty 
Taylor, Geo D. do 
Taylor, Wm, Findochty 
Taylor, Wm, do 
Taylor, Wm, do 
Thaiu, Alex, Findochty 
Thain, Alex, ' Sailor," do 
Thain, Geo, ' Snilor,' do 
Thain, James, Findochty 
Thain, John, ' Dandie,' do 
Thomson, Gordon, P'tknockie 
West, John, Findochty 
Whvte, Jas, Pn-tessie 
Wilson, Alex, do 
Wilson, Geo, Findochty 
Wilson, Geo,'Bainy,'Portessie 
Wilson, Jas, Portknockie 
Wilsou, John, do 
Wiseman, Robt, Findochty 
Wood, Alex. Fiudochty 
Wood, A, 'Wilken,' Portkn'kie 
Wood, David, ' King,' do 
Wood, David. Portknockie 
Wood, G, ' King,' do 
Wood, Geo G, Portknockie 
Wood, Geo, ' Royal,' do 
Wood Jas, Peterhythe 
Wood, Jas, 'King,' Portkn'kie 
Wood, JohD, ' Woodie,' do 
Wood, John, ' Royal,' do 
Wood, John, ' Johns,' do 
Wood, John, sen, ' Johns," do 
Wood, John, ■ George," do 
Wood, John, ' King,' do 
Wood, John, ' Reid,' do 
Wood, John, jun, ' Post," do 
Wood, Peter, ' Mill,' do 
Wood, Peter, ' D.yoe,' do 
Wood, Peter, ' Wilken/ do 
Wood, Wm, ' Doo,' do 
Wood, Wm, ' Woodie," do 
Wood, Wm, Findochty 
Wood, Wm. Findochty 
Wood, W, 'King.' Portkn'kie 
Wood, Wm, ' Buckie,' do 
Wood, Wm, ' George,' do 
Wood, Wm, ' Reid,' do 
Wood, Wm, ' Post,' do 
Wood, Wm, ' George," do 


The Landward part of the Parish, exclusive of Findochty and Portgordon Districts. 

Iddison, Alex, Bauds 
Addison, Wm, Drybridge 
(Ulan, Wm, Hill, Letterfourie 
inderson, Alex, Inchgower 
Andrew, Wm, Mains Rannas 
Benzies, James, Arradoul 
Benzies, Jas, Barhill 

Black, Geo, Rathven Village 
Brown, Alex, Westerside 
Burgess, James, Burnside 
Cathcart, Sir R, Aberdeen 
Cattanach, J , Nr Brankumleys 
Chisholm, Jas, Westertown 
Christie, Alex, Hillfolds 

Clark, George, Inchgower 
Clarke, Wm, Carnoch 
Cruickshank, A, Scotstown 
Currie, John, Burnside 
Davidson, Alex, Puttingbrae 
Davidson, Alex, Findochty 
Dawson, Allan, Hilton Farm 




Dawson, Cosmo. Puttingbrae 
Desson. Robt, Blaemuir 
Donald, Rev G I, Rathven 
Donaldson, And. Burnlevenit 
Donaldson, Jas, Whitea9h 
Duncan, J. Muir of Scotstown 
Duncan, Peter, Hilton Farm 
Ettles, Ja=, Arradoul 
Farquhar, Alex, Bauds 
Farquba-, Alex, Carnoch 
Farquhar, Gei, 45, Buckie 
Farquhar, Jos, Findochty 
Farquhar, Wrn, Carnoch 
Flannigan, M, Rottenhillock 
Footer, Wm, Letterfourie 
Forbes, James, Baremuir 
Fordyce, John, Rosebaok 
Forsyth, Alex, Quarryhill 
Forsyth, John Sfaview 
Forsyth, Wm, Muirtown 
Fraser, Alex, Rottenhillock 
Fraser, Ja-, Eaihven Station 
Fraser, John, Snobhead 
Garden, George, Rannachy 
Garden, Geo A, Cleanhill 
Garden, Geo, Inchgower 
Garrlen, Geo, Binds 
Garden, Wm, Hill of Maud 
Garrow, John, do 
Geddes, Alex, Hilton 
Geddes, Angus. Rathven 
Geddes, Wm, Drybridge 
Gill, Wm, Mill of Bathven 
Gillies, Ja=, Bathven 
Gilliea, Wm, Hill of Maud 
Goodall, Peter. Bog&ide 
Gordon, Alex, Gollachy 
Gordon, Cha=, Bogend 
Gordon, Sir R G, Letterfourie 
Gordon, Wm, blaemuir 
Grant, Alex, Auchintae 
Grant, Geo, Inchgower 
Grant, Jas, Arra loul 
Grant, Wm, Ruhven Yillaga 
Gray, Alex, Mill of Rathven 
Gray, A, sen, Rathven village 
Gray, J A, Mill of Bathven 
Hay, Jas, Greers of blairock 
Hector, John, Mill of Buckie 
Hendry, Jas, Carnocli 
Inglis, John, Rannas 
Ingram, J, Greens of BlairoLk 

Jack, Wm, Mains of Buckie 
Jamieson, George, Newton 
Jamieson, Geo, Bvrhill 
Jamie-on, Wm, Inkerman 
Johnston, George, Blackhill 
Johnston, John, jun, Powitic 
Johnston, Wm, Findochty 
Kelman, Wm, Wester Blairock 
Kennedy, A, Rathven station 
Kerr, John, Greenwells 
Kissack, A, Craigmain 
Kissack, Wm, Lynnhouse 
Kissock. Alex. Greencraig 
Legge, Geo, Bogside 
Lobban, Jas, Mains of Buckie 
Longmore, G, Muir Scotstoun 
Low, James, Inchgower 
Mair, George, Findochty 
Miebie, Geo, Fr.mkumleys 
Micbie, Wm, Rathven 
Milne. John, Redburn 
Milton, Wm jr. Rottenhillock 
Milton, Wm, Mill of Buckie 
Mitchell Geo. B'ickie Bar 
Mitchell, John, Hill of Maud 
Moir, Geo, Ratlmn Village 
Moggach, Wm, Townhead 
Muggach, A, Upper Bogrotten 
Munro, A. fc'awm'B, BaCkpool 
M'Connachie. A, Hid of Maud 
M'Curroch, Geo, Findochty 
M'Gregor. Geo, Whitefield 
M'lni osh.C he s.R'luren Village 
M'lvor, H, Mains Letterfourie 
M'Kay, A, H ill of Letterfourie 
M'Kenzie, Alex. Inchgower 
M'Kf nzie, Donnld, Hillocks 
M'Kenzie. John, Braidbog 
M'Lean, James. Billhead 
M Lean. John, Billhead 
Newlaiuis, Alex, Oourasre 
Packman, Jas, Hill of Maud 
Paterson, Alex, Inchgower 
Paterson, James S, Rathven 
Pirie. Wm, Loanend 
Raffan. George, Australia 
Reid, Jas. Inchgower 
Bennie, G?o, Drybridge 
Riddoch, Jn, Lr Badinhannen 
Ritchie, Alex, Seaview 
Ritchie, Peorge. Drybridge 
Ritchie, Juhu, Shielburu 

Robertson, Wm Letterfourie 
Rose, John, Drybridge 
Ross, Donald Slatehaugh 
Ross, Wm, Hilton 
Ross, Wm, Williamston 
Ross, Wm, Inchgower 
Roy, Arthur, Inchgower 
Rumbles, Francis. Braidbog 
Russell, James, Hill of Maud 
Russell, John, Newtonhill 
Russell, Jos, Quarryheai 
Scott. Wm, Drybridge 
Simpson, A, Nether Auchintae 
Simpson, Jas. Hill of Maud 
Simpson, John, Backburn 
Simpson, Wm, Nr Auchintae 
Simpson, Wm, Findochty 
Skene, John, railway station 
Smith, Alex. Iochgower 
Smith, James, braehead 
Smith, Jas. Mill of Buckie 
Smith. P, Easter Darbreich 
Smith, w. Wester Darbreich 
Smith, Wm, Bogend 
Smith, Wm, Upper Auchintae 
Steinson, Jas, Pundler's Orolt 
Stephen, Wm, jun, Briggs 
Stewart, Geo. jun, Billocks 
Stuart. Jas Bi'g^nd 
Sutherland, Jos. Sunnybrae 
Sutherland, W.MuirScotstown 
Taylor, Alex, Bauds 
Taylor. A, Rathven Village 
Urquhart, Chas, Westertown 
Watson, Geo, Pa- hill 
Watt, Geo, Barbill 
Webster, G, Bill Letterfourie 
Wilson, Alex, Walkerdales 
WiUon, Geo. Kuowbeal 
Wilson, James, Arradoul 
Wilson, James, Bill of Maud 
Wilson, John, Drybridge 
Wilson, John, Buntly 
Winchester, James, Loanhead 
Winchester, John, Rathven 
Winchester, John, Loanhead 
Wiseman, James, Greenmoss 
"W right, Alex, jun. Rannas 
Wright, George, Saughs 
Wright, Robert. Saughs 
Young, Alex, Cunningholes 
Young, John, Slatehaugh 


So far as containing that part of the Police Burgh of Buckie which lies to the East of the 
Burn of Buckie. 

Allan, James, carter 
Alexander, J, Cheltenham 
Anderson. A, machine agent 
Anderson, F, watchmaker 
Anderson, Samuel, carter 
Anderson, Thos J, bank agent 
Angler. F F, watchmaker 
Annand, Robert, ironmonger 
Archibald, Alex, doctor 
Archibald, Jas, solicitor 
Badenoch, John, flesher 
Badenoch. John, fisherman 
Barclay, Geo, hotel-keeper 
Barclay, John, slater 

Barclay, Wm A, vintner 
Bennet, Peter, labourer 
Birnie, Alex, labourer 
Birnie, James, tailor 
Birnie, James, cooper 
Birnie, John, cooper 
Black, Alex, blacksmith 
Black, Wm, carter 
Bowie, James, cooper 
Bowie. John, cooper 
Boyle, John S, fishcurer 
Brown, George, porter 
Brown, George M, draper 
Bruce. Alex, fisherman 

Brace, Jas, cooppr 
Bruce, John, Ianston 
Bruce, John, baker 
Bucban, D, Gordonsburgh 
Buchan, Edward, fisherman 
Byres, AVm R, baker 
Calder, James, tailor 
Calder, John, shoemaker 
Calder, Joseph, baker 
Cameron, Robt, baker 
Campbell, Jobn, plumber 
Campbell, Richard, shoemaker 
Campbell, Wm, tailor 
Chapman, Robt, sailmaker 




Clapperton, Very Rev W, dean 
Clark. Alex, jun, lanston 
Clark, Alex, sen, fisherman 
Clark, Wm, photographer 
Clark, Wm, fisherman 
Copland, Wm, insurance agent 
Cormach. John, carpenter 
Conll, Wm, ' Claw,' fisherman 
Cowie, Adam. ' Bullen ' 
Cowie, Alex. ' Gullie' 
Cowie, A, jur, fisherman 
Cowie, Alex, ' Dozie' 
Cowie, Alex, ' Cornal ' 
Cowie, Alex, pensioner 
Cowie, Alex, ' Bullen ' 
Cowie, Alex, ' Dugal ' 
Cowie, Alex, sen, ' Dugal' 
Cowie, Alex, 'Carrot' 
Cowie, Alex, ' Dcdle ' 
Cowie, Alex, ' Bullen ' 
Cowie, George, ■ Carrot ' 
Cowie, Geo, ' Dczie' 
Cowie, Geo, Tarrot' 
Cowie, Geo, ' Puui ' 
Cowie, Geo, ' Pum,' jun 
Cowie, Ge.i, merchant 
Cowie, Geo, ' Bullen ' 
Cowie, GfO, ' Upple' 
Cowie, George, ' Pum' 
Cowie, Geo, carpenter 
Cowie, George, ' Pum ' 
Cowie, Geo, ' Carrot ' 
Cowie, Geo, fisherman 
Cowie, Geo, ■ Dougall ' 
Cowie, Jas, ' Bullen ' 
Cowie, Jas, ' Rosie ' 
Cowie, Jas, sen, ' Codlin ' 
Cowie, Jas, ' Upple ' 
Cowie, Jas, ' Upple ' 
Cowie, Jas, ' Spirl ' 
Cowie, Jas, ' Pun ' 
Cowie, James, ' Cock Carrot' 
Cowie, James, ' Dowie ' 
Cowie, James. ' Carrot' 
Cowie, Juhn W, engineer 
Cowie. Johu, ' Coup ' 
Cowe, John, 'Carrot' 
Cowie, John, ' Cornal ' 
Cowie, John, ' Carrot* 
Cowie, John, 'Sannick' 
Cowie, John, 'Coup' 
Cowie, John, ' Doale ' 
Cowie, John, ' Bullen ' 
Cowie, John, ' Duncan' 
Cowie, John, ' Dougall ' 
Cowie, Joseph, 'Pun' 
Cowie, Joseph, ' Biby' 
Cowie, Peter, ' Carrot ' 
Cowie, Wm, carter 
Cowie, Wm, fisherman 
Cowie, Wm, sen, ' Dozie ' 
Cowie, Wm, ' Bullen ' 
Cowie, Wm, 'Spirl' 
Cowie, Wm, 'Dougal' 
Cowie, Wm, 'Dozie' 
Cowif, Wm, ' Duncan ' 
Cowie, Wm, ' Codlin' 
Cowie, Wm , ' Dosie ' 
Cowie, Wm, ' Codlin ' 
Cruickshank, Alex, labourer 
Cruickshank, A, sr, merchant 
Cruickshank, A, jr, merchant 

Cruickshank, Alex, carter 
Cruickshank H, hotel-keeper 
Cruickshank. W, rnannf'turer 
Cuthbert. Alex, shoemaker 
Davidson, Chas, blacksmith 
Davidson, James, blacksmith 
Davidson, John, lanston 
Dawson, John, grocer 
Dawson, John, mason 
Dott, Alex, railway porter 
Douglas, Alex, lanston 
Douglas, •lohn, lanston 
Downie, Geo, fishcurer 
Duguid, Wm B, M.D. 
Duguid, R W, jr, M.B.C.M. 
Duncan, Jas, police constable 
Duncan, James, painter 
Duncan, Jas, wayman 
Duncan, Wm, Grantown 
Duthie, Alex, cooper 
Esslemont, Jas, baker 
Esson, Alex, tailor 
Essod, Jas, Gordonsburgh 
Esson, John L, draper 
Falconer. Robert, mason 
Farquhar, Alex, labourer 
Farquhar, George, carter 
Farquhar, G, jr.'Lily.'Ianston 
Farquhar, G, 'Dey' lanston 
Farquhar, J. net manufacturer 
Farquhar, John, jun, lanston 
Farqulur, Peter, lanston 
Findlay. John, labourer 
Flann, Thos, merchant 
Flett, Alex, lanston 
Flett, J, ' Johns,' lanston 
Flett, Wm Downie, fishcurer 
Flett W,' Yankie,' G'rd'nsb'gh 
Forbes, Alex, flesher 
Forbes, John J, chemist 
Forbes, Peter, merchant 
Fordyce, John, cooper 
Forsyth, Duncan, barber 
Fraser, Alex, labourer 
Fraser, Alex, jun, lanston 
Fraser.'Robert, sailmaker 
Garden, C W, insurance agent 
Garden, Geo, ' Wad,' lanston 
Garden, George, lanston 
Geddes, Alex, letter carrier 
Geddes, George, grocer 
Geddes, George, tailor 
Geddes, J H, late collector 
Geddes, Jas, wood merchant 
Geddes, Jas, fishcurer 
Geddes, John, fisherman 
Geddes, John, carter 
Geddes, John T, tailor 
Geddes, John, carter 
Geddes, John, tailor 
Geddes, Peter, cooper 
Geddes. W, timber merchant 
Gerry, Wm, fishcurer 
Gibson, Geo P, chemist 
Gibson Jas, fishery officer 
Gifford, Alex, dairyman 
Gill, Geo, ropemaker 
Giilan, Robt, merchant 
Gordon, A, labourer 
GordoD, Jas, baker 
GordoD, Wm, labourer 
Gordon, Wm, dairyman 

Gow, David, fishcurer 
Gow, Wm, fishenrer 
Grant, Alex, signalman 
Grant, Alex, grocer 
Grant, Wm, baker 
Gray, Alex, grain merchant 
Gray, Jas, Focbabers 
Gray, John, fisherman 
Gray, Malcolm, solicitor 
Green, John, clothier 
Gunn, Alex, cooper 
Hamilton, Chas, heckler 
Hay, Alex, fisherman 
Hay, Andrew, tailor 
Hay, Geo, tailor 
Hay, Wm, tailor 
Hay, Wm, labourer 
Hendry, Alex, postmaster 
Hendry, Alex, solicitor 
Hendry, George, carpenter 
Hendry, James, joiner 
Herd, Robert, cooper 
Herd, Wm, hairdresser 
Howie, Geo, pensioner 
Hume, John, plasterer 
Hume, Robert, plasterer 
Hustwick, Wm, Aberdeen 
Hutcheson, John, Inverness 
Imlach, Alex, grocer 
Imlach, Jas, ' Boats.' lanston 
Imlach, J. ' Boats.' lanston 
Imlach, Wm, 'Cock,' lanston 
Innes, Alex, cooper 
Innes, James, shipowner 
Jameson, Jotm, labourer 
Jamieson, Adam, engineer 
Jappie, J, 'Bonffie,' fi-herman 
Jappy, Alex, fisherman 
Jappy, A, jun, fisherman 
Jappy, Alex, ' Dad,' do 
Jappy, Alex, ' Shake,' do 
Jappy.A, 'Shake.' G'rd'nsb'rgh 
Jappy, Geo, fisherman 
Jappy, Geo, ' Shake' 
Jappy, Geo, fisherman 
Jappy, Geo, * Shake,' do 
Jappy, Jas, do 
Jappy, Jos, ' Berry,' do 
Jappy, Peter, fisherman 
Jappy, Wm, fisherman 
Jappy, Wm, ' Maunch,' do 
Jappy, Wm, sailmaker 
Johnston, Geo, scavenger 
Johnston, John printer 
Johnston, Wm F, printer 
Keir, John, saddler 
Knowles, David, flesher 
Lawson, Thomas, pilot 
Leask, Alex, fisherman 
Leask. Alex, do 
Logie, Alex, sailmaker 
Logie, Jas, sailmaker 
Logie, Wm, sailmaker 
Lorimer, Alex, sailmaker 
Low, John, carter 
Lyall, George, pensioner 
Lyon, Alex, grocer 
Lyon, Francis, carter 
Mann, John, gasmaker 
Marshall, Alex Jas, ropemaker 
Marshall. Douglas, ropemaker 
Mather, Wm, fish buyer 




Melville, Jas, harbour master 
Menzies, Jas, miller 
Merson, George, draper 
Miller, Rev Al, FC minister 
Milne, Alex, mason 
Milne, Charles, labourer 
Milne, Gordon, fisherman 
Milne, Robt, carter 
Milton, Alex, carrier 
Milton, Geo. railway carter 
Mitchell, James, baker 
Mitchell, John, grocer 
Montgomery, And, labourer 
Morgan, John, merchant 
Morrison, Andrew, mason 
Morton, Rev. Wm, minister 
Muir, Alex, teacher 
Muller, M, boot manufacturer 
Monro. Robt, carter 
Murray, Alex, fisherman 
Murray, Alex, fisherman 
Murray, Geo, fisherman 
Murray, Geo, fisherman 
Murray, Geo, ' Neiper.' sen 
Murray, Geo, ' Neiper,' jun 
Murray, Geo, * Costie Stone ' 
Murray, Geo, ■ Costie Budge * 
Murray, Geo, ' Costie Bird' 
Murray, G, 'Prince,' fisherman 
Murray, Geo, ' Costie,' do 
Murrav, Geo, railway porter 
Murray, G, 'Costi»,' fisherman 
Murray, G, jun ' Burd,' do 
Murray, Jas, ' George,' do 
Murray, James, fisherman 
Murray, J, 'Gybe' fisherman 
Murray, James, fisherman 
Murray, James, fisherman 
Murray, John, ' Drainie,' do 
Murray, John, fisherman 
Murray, John, labourer 
Murray, John, jun, ' Dottie ' 
Murray, John, ' Dottie ' 
Murray, J, sr, 'Costie Bird' do 
Murray, Jos. ' Smacker,' do 
Murray, Joseph, ' Drainie ' 
Murray, Peter, ' Costie ' 
Murray, Robt, labourer 
Murray, Wm, ' Prince * 
Murray, "Wm, ' Gyke * 
Murray, Wm, ' Gyke ' 
Murray, W, 'Gedaes,' fis'rman 
Murray, W, ' Smacker,* do 
Murray, Wm, ' Lockie,' do 
M'Bain, Henry, cabinetmaker 
M'Beath, Donald, shoemaker 
M'Beath, John, carpenter 
M'Beath, Wm, carpenter 
M'Callum, Geo, innkeeper 
M'Connachie, Geo. chemist 
M'Donald, Alex, Pitlochry 
M'Donald, John, bank agent 
M'Donald, R, hotelkeeper 
M'Donald, W, reporter 
M'Gartb, L T, ironmonger 
M'lntosh, Chas, blacksmith 
M'Intosh, Jas, railway agent 
M'lntosh, John, Ianston 
M'Kay, James, draper 
M'Kay, Jas, farm servant 
M'Kay, R Y, solicitor 
M'Kenzie, Adam, s.iwmiller 

M'Kenzie, Alex, jun, carter 
M'Kenzie, A, lemonade agent 
M'Laren, John, grocer 
M'Lean, Alex, fisherman 
M'Lean, John, baker 
M'Lean. John, fisherman 
M'Naughton, J L, solicitor 
M'Pherson, Thos, tiilor 
M'Pherson, John, sawyer 
M'Rae, John, labourer 
M'Rae, Robt, labourer 
M'Robbie, John, farm servant 
M' William, Geo, shoemaker 
M' William, G, coal merchant 
M'William, John, baker 
M'William, Wm, baker 
Nicol, Alex, cabinetmaker 
Niool, Chas, painter 
Nicol, James, cabinetmaker 
Nicol, Wm, game dealer 
Noble, Alex, grocer 
Paterson, Alex, grocer 
Paterson, Geo, tinsmith 
Paterson, Geo, shoemaker 
Paterson, John, postrunner 
Paterson, Wm, labourer 
Peace, Wm, joiner 
Perry, Jas, architect 
Pirie, John, master mariner 
Porter, Peter, ropemaker 
Porter, Robert, cooper 
Pozzi, James, bookseller 
Quaine, Harry, boatman 
Reid, Elias, plasterer 
Reid, George, labourer 
Reid, Geo, fisherman 
Reid, James, fisherman 
Reid, John, baker 
Reid, Robert, shipowner 
Reid, W, ' Reekie,' fisherman 
Reiper, Geo, police sergeant 
Riach, Alex, Aberdeen 
Riach, Alex, fisherman 
Riach, James, do 
Riach, John, fisherman 
Riach, Wm, fisherman 
Riach, Wm, do 
Riach, Wm, ' John,' do 
Richardson, W J, coastguard 
Riddoch, Jas, Ianston 
Robertson, Alex, carter 
Robertson, Jas, late I.R.O. 
Ross, John, carter 
Ross, John, Ballindalloch 
Ross, John Robert flesher 
Ros?, Wm, late I R officer 
Russell, <ieo, Ianston 
Russell, Geo, carter 
Ryan. Dr M J, County Clare 
Sandison, John, draper 
Scott, Alex, flesher 
Scott, James, Gordonsburgh 
Scott, J ohn, watchmaker 
Scott, Wm, surfaceman 
Shearer, John, bonts 
Shepherd, Geo, railway porter 
Silverstone, Marquis, tailor 
Simpson, Jas. Ianston 
Simpson, Jn, leather merchant 
Simpson, J, bank accountant 
Simpson, John, watchmaker 
Simpson, John, Ianston 

Simpson, Wm, M.D. 
Sinclair, James, fisherman 
Skinner, John, Govan 
Slater. George, Ianston 
Slater, Geo, fisherman 
Slater, Jas, ' Doba,' do 
Slater, W, ' James' too,' do 
Smith, Alex, ' Cockie,' do 
Smith, Alex, ' Miss,' Ianston 
Smith, Alex, ' Cockie' 
Smith, Alex, ' Laird' 
Smith, Alex, carter 
Smith, Alex, Ianston 
Smith, Alex, ■ Bogan ' 
Smith, Alex, railway porter 
Smith, Alex, ' Bodie ' 
Smith, And, ' Miss,' Ianston 
Smith, Geo, ' Jeam ' 
Smith, G, 'Latin,* G'rd'nsb'gh 
Smith, Geo, Vancouver 
Smith, G, ' Latin,' fisherman 
Smith, G, 'Boggan,' G'r'nsb'h 
Smith, Geo, ' Bo,' Ianston 
Smith, Jas, ' Bo,' Ianston 
Smith, James, ' Laird,' do 
Smith, James, ' Bodie,' do 
Smith, Jas, ' Latin,' Ianston 
Smith, John, postboy 
Smith, John, Gordonsburgh 
Smith, John, ' Bodie,' Ianston 
Smith, John, ' Bow' 
Smith, Joseph, Gordonsburgh 
Smith, Jos, • Mis a ,' Ianston 
Smith, J F, clerk 
Smith, N, ' Miss,' Ianstown 
Smith, Peter. ' Buxie,' Ianston 
Smith, Peter, fish salesman 
Smith, Wm, carter 
Smith, Wm, ' Latin * 
Smith, Wm, draper 
Smith, Wm. * Bogan ' 
Smith, W.'Bodie,' G'rd'sburgh 
Smith, Wm, shoemaker 
!«mith,W, 'Gauger,' Ianstown 
Smith, Wm, 'Jeam,' Ianstown 
Smith, Wm, ' Miss,' Ianstown 
Stage, Jas, draper's assistant 
Stagg, Harry, coastguardsman 
Stephen, Geo, labourer 
Steven. Alex, labourer 
Stewart, A, drill instructor 
Stewart, Geo, fisherman 
Stewart, Jas, baker 
Stewart, Wm, Gordonsburgh 
Stuart, Geo, insurance agent 
Sutherland, Geo, ropemaker 
Sutherland, G, warehouseman 
Sutherland, Robert, mason 
Symon, Alex, painter 
bymon, Alex, teacher 
Symon, Geo, labourer 
Symon, John, painter 
Symon, Wm G, carter 
Taylor, Alex, shoemaker 
Taylor, Chas, labourer 
Taylor, Geo, Ianston 
Taylor, G, 'Supple' 
Taylor, John, station master 
Taylor, John, signalman 
Thomson, Geo, boatbuilder 
Thomson, Geo, fisherman 
Thomson, Geo, fish salesman 





Geo, jun, ' Supple* 

James, late baker 

Jas, tailor 
P.'Putty,' fisherman 
, Richard Y, do 

Wm, fisherman 

Wm, do 
, Wm, tailor 

Wm, ' Supple ' 

Thomson, Wm, grocer 
Valentine, Henry, baker 
Valentine, James C, baker 
Walker, Alex, engine driver 
Wallace, Wm, storekeeper 
Webster. John, chemist 
White. Rev T W H, Buckie 
Wilson, And, ' Bain,' Ianston 

WiIsod, George, Ianstown 
Wilson, Jas, ' Benjie,' Ianston 
Wilson, James, labourer 
Wilson, John, draper 
Wilson, John, Iaristown 
Wiseman, W, Gordonsburgh 
Wood, James, blacksmith 
Young, Wm, engineer 

So far as containing pare of the Town of Buckie, West of the Burn of Buckie— Buckpool. 

Anton, John, banker 
BadeDoch, Geo, roadman 
Badenoch, John, merchant 
Barrie, Jas, fisherman 
Barrie, John, cooper 
Bennet, James, Elgin 
Bennet, Jas, late dairyman 
Bennett. Chas I, doctor 
Bisset, John, Fraserburgh 
Bowie, John C, fisherman 
Bowie, John, do 
Bowie, Joseph, do 
Bowie, Joseph, do 
Bowie, Wm, do 
Bremner, Jas, chemist 
Brown, Alex, shoemaker 
Brown, John, labourer 
Bruce, Alex, merchant 
' Bruce, Alex, fisherman 
Bruce, Jas, fisherman 
Bruce, John, plasterer 
Bruce, John, fisherman 
Bruce, Wm, do 
Bruce, Wm. labourer 
Buchan, Robert, baker 
Campbell, James, labourer 
Chalmers, Wm, labourer 
Christie, Alex, blacksmith 
Clark, Alex, fisherman 
Clark, John, cooper 
Cormack, Jas, house carpenter 
Coull, Alex, fisherman 
Coull, Alex, 'Tan,' do 
CouH, G, ' Marshall,' jr, do 
Coull, George, ship carpenter 
Coull, John, cooper 
Coull, John, fisherman 
Coull, John, ' Sanker,' do 
Coull, John, ' Campbell,' do 
Coull, Peter, fisherman 
Coull, Wm, 'Daily,' do 
Cowie, Wm, baker 
Crawford, John, hawker 
Cumming, Wm, builder 
Cuthbert, And, plasterer 
Cuthbert, And, plasterer 
Davidson. Robert, labourer 
Dawson, Joseph, grocer 
Duncan, Alex, carter 
Duncan, Robert, painter 
Duncan, Wm, Peterhead 
Duncan, Wm, sawmiller 
Elsley, John, labourer 
Ewing, Jas, crofter 
Ewing, Robt, grave-digger 
Falconer, John, fisherman 
Farquhar, Geo, carter 
Findlay, Geo, labourer 

Flann, Thomas, merchant 
Flett, Alex, shoemaker 
Forbes, Alex, mason 
Forbes, Chas, baker 
Forbes, James, cooper 
Forbes, John, fisherman 
Fraser, James, innkeeper 
Garden, James, carpenter 
Gauld, James, mason 
Geddes, A, 'Bosan,' fisherman 
Geddes, Alex, ' Thain,' do 
Geddes, Alex, ' Bosan,' do 
Geddes, George, fisherman 
Geddes, George, do 
Geddes, J G, ' Bosan,' do 
Geddes, Jas, ' Bosan,' do 
Geddes, James, fisherman 
Geddes, Jas, fisherman 
Geddes, John, fisherman 
Geddes, Peter, ' Bosun' 
Geddes, P, jun, ' Bosan,' do 
Geddes, Peter, ' Foskie,' do 
Geddes, Robert, do 
Geddes, Wm, ' Bosan,' do 
Geddes, Wm, ' Bosan,' do 
Geddes, Wm, ' Forskie ' 
Gerry, James, flshcurer 
Gibb, Geo, shoemaker 
Gibb. Wm, do 
Gordon, Alex, farmer 
Gordon, A, hide & tallow agent 
Gordon, Alex, carter 
Gordon, John, station agent 
Gordon, Wm, farm servant 
Grant, Alex, insurance agent 
Grant, George, fisherman 
Grant, James, innkeeper 
Grant, Jas, labourer 
Grant, Jame?, fisherman 
Grant, Joseph, cooper 
Grant, Robt, jun, shoemaker 
Green, John, shoemaker 
Greenlaw, Wm, labourer 
Gunn, Alex, sen, carpenter 
Gunn, John, cooper 
Guthrie, Alex, labourer 
Harper, James, plasterer 
Hay, Alex, fisherman 
Hay, Francis, cooper 
Hay, George, fisherman 
Hay, James, do 
Hay, Wm, fisherman 
Henderson, Jas. keeper 
Henderson, Jas, cattleman 
Henderson, Wm, mason 
Hendry, Alex, carpenter 
Hendry, George, grocer 
Hendry, Wm, grocer 

Hepburn, A, harbour master 
Hepburn, John, tailor 
Hillocks, Alex, cooper 
Hillocks, John, merchant 
Hornby, Wm, teacher 
Home, John, tailor 
Ingram, James, mason 
Ingram, Thomas, carter 
Inkster, James, merchant 
Kynoch, A. insurance agent 
Johnston, Jas, cooper 
Lobban, Alex, labourer 
Mair, James, flesher 
Mavor, Alex, carter 
Melvin, Wm, insurance agent 
Milton, Alex, sailmaker 
Mitchell, Peter, gardener 
Morrison, Geo, late farmer 
Munro, Archibald, flesher 
Munro, Geo, salmon fisher 
Murray, Geo, 'Farmer' 
Murray, James, ' Farmer ' 
Murray, Jas, fisherman 
Murray, John, ' Souter ' 
Murray, John, fisherman 
Murray, John, ' Farmer ' 
Murray, John, ship carpenter 
Murray, Jos, fisherman 
Murray, Joseph, do 
Murray, Wm, * Farmer' 
M'Alister, Joseph, fireman 
M'Pain, Geo, labourer 
M'Donald, Allan, pensioner 
M'Gregor, Alex, labourer 
M'Gregor, Jas. turner 
M'Gregor, J, farm servant 
M'Intosh, Rev John, R.C. 
M'Kenzie, Henry, labourer 
M'Kenzie, Jas, shoemaker 
M'Lean, Alex, fisherman 
M'Lein, W R, clerk 
Ogston, Wm, vandriver 
Packman, Alex, cooper 
Paterson, Jftnes, grocer 
Paterson, Wm, tailor 
Phimister, Jas, residenter 
Pirie, Robt, milk carter 
Purves, Alex, labourer 
Reid, Alex, jun, ' Mosh * 
Reid, Alex, cooper 
Reid, Alex, ' King,' cooper 
Reid, Alex, 'Rosie,' fisherman 
Reid, Alex, 'Reedie,' do 
Reid, George, sawmiller 
Reid, Geo, ' King,' fisherman 
Reid, Jas, ' Mosh,' do 
Reid, Jas, jun, ' Rosie,' do 
Reid, Jas, ' Rosie,' do 




Reid, Jas, ' Mesh,' fisherman 
Reid, Wm, ' Rosie,' do 
Reid, Wm, surfaceman 
Reid, Wm, fisherman 
Reid, Wm, fisherman 
Eeid, Wm, do 
Reid, Wm, fisherman 
Richardson, Wm, carter 
Robertson, Nathan, mason 
Sanderson. Henry, pensioner 
Shearer, Chas I, clothier 
Simpson, Jas, grocer 
Slater, Alex, 'Elder' 
Slater, Alex. ' James's Son' 
Slater, A, ' Mason,' fisherman 
Slater, John, do 
Slater, Wm, ' Sailor,' do 
Slater, Wm, ' Mason,' do 
Slater, Wm. ' James's Son ' 
Smith, Andrew, cooper 
Smith, Francis, merchant 
Smith, George, * Bodie" 

Smith, Jas, boatbuilder 
Smith, Jas, carpenter 
Smith, P J, commission agent 
Smith, R, ' Bo,' cooper 
Smith, Wm. labourer 
Stewart, Alex, fisherman 
Stewart, Alex, ' Will ' 
Stewart, And, farm servant 
Stewart, Jas, farm servant 
Stewart, John, mason 
Stewart, J, ' Bo,' fisherman 
Stewart, John, ' Dodem,' do 
Stewart, John, ' Dodam,' do 
Stewart, Peter, 'Lordie,' do 
Stewart, W, sailmaker 
Stewart, Wm, fisherman 
Stuart, Alex, cooper 
Sutherland, Alex, cooper 
Sutherland, Geo, Elgin 
Sutherland, Jas, ropemaker 
Sutherland, Jos, ropemaker 
Symon, Thomas, butcher 

Thain, Alex, carpenter 
Thain, Alex, ' Gollachy,' 
Thaio, <ieo, ' Gollachy ' 
Thain, James, ' Thainy,' sen 
Thain, James, fisherman 
Thain, John, fisherman 
Thomson, Adam, surfaceman 
Thomson, Alex, feuar 
Thomson, Alex, porter 
Thomson, John, tailor 
Thomson, Wm, fish salesman 
Walker, Francis, labourer 
Williamson, Peter, merchant 
Wilson, James, carter 
Winchester, Alex, shoemaker 
Winchester, A. ship carpenter 
Winchester, Jas, shoemaker 
Winchester, John, cooper 
Wood, Geo, ship carpeoter 
Young, Geo, Manchester 
Young, Thos, carpenter 


So far as concerning the Quoad, Sacra Parish of Enzie, exclusive of the portion included iu the 

Portgordon Division. 

Adam, James, Farnachty 
Adam, Wm, Muir of Holmie 
Adam, Wm, Broadley 
Addison, J oseph, Parkhill 
Allan, John. Broom 
Allan, P, Hill of Aultmorc 
Badenoch, Geo, Oran 
Barclay, Wm, Muir of Holmie 
Barron, Wm, do 
Bennett, Alex, Hill Park 
Bennett, Alex, Burnside 
Bremner, John, Birkenbush 
Bonnyman, Jas, Cuttlebrae 
Bonnyman, Peter, Clochan 
Bruce, James, Broadley 
Caie, Rev William S, Enzie 
Christie, James, Aultmore 
Clark, James, Glasterim 
Cumming, Alex, Thornybank 
Cunningham, Jn, Slackhead 
Currie, Robert. Cowfurroch 
Dawson, John, Gollacby 
Dawson, Jos, Greens of Addie 
Dean, Alexander, Slackhead 
Dean, John. Holmie 
Donald, John, Cowfurroch 
Farquhar, James, Woodside 
Ferrier, John, Rosebank 
Flett, Alex, Slackhead 
Forbes, Geo. Nether Alleloth 
Forbes, J, Upper Alleloth 
Forsyth, A, Chapel of Enzie 
Forsyth. Alex. Howcore 
Fraser, H, Mains of Tannachy 
Fraser, Jas, Cairntield 
Garden, John, Tarrymount 
Gardiner, Robert, Hill Park 
Geddes, Alex, Easter Bogs 
Geddes, James, SmeracK 

Geddes, William. Tannachy 
Gordon, James, Muir, Holniie 
Gordon, Jas, Glasterim 
Gordon, John P, Cairnfield 
Grant, Alexander, Cairnfield 
Gray, William, Broadley 
Gray, Wm, Cairnfield 
Green, Alexander, Slackend 
Green, James, Swallowholes 
Grieve, Jas, blackend 
Grigor, P, Forkland Strype 
Hay, Geo, Slackend 
Hay, Thos, Slackend 
Henderson, Wm, Arradoul 
Herd, Wm, Midwood 
Irjgram, Thos, Broadley 
Ingram, Wm, Sauchenbush 
Inkster, Thos. Slackhead 
Innes, Andrew, N Clochan 
Innes, Robert, Oran 
Johnston, John, Clochan 
Johnston, William, Smerack 
Johnston, William, Cairnfield 
Kelman, Wm, Burnside 
Kemp, Wm, Kosebank 
Kennedy, Peter, Clochan 
Kerr, Rev Archibald, Enzie 
Kissack, James, Braidmuir 
Kissack, John, Berrybauds 
Kyle, Rev J J, Preshome 
Laing, Alex, Leichestown 
Logie, Jas, Holl 
Bogie, John, Smerack 
Logie, Wm, Windsour 
Milton. Wm, Tynet 
Mitchell, And, Newbigging 
Moir, Alex, Clochan 
Morrison, Alex, Glasterim 
Munro, Wm, Glasterim 
Murdoch, John, Blackhills 

Murray, John, Oxhill 
M'Connachie, Wm, Core 
M'Curroch, P, Muir of Holmie 
M'Kenzie, F D, Enzie Rly Stn 
M'Kenzie, Wm, Farnachty 
M'Queen, J, Enzie station 
Neish, Robert, Oxhill 
Aewlands, Geo, Broadley 
Newlands, Jas, Whitestripe 
Ofre, John. Cuttlebrae 
Paterson, A, Hill of Aultmore 
Paterson, Alex, Cowfurroch 
Paterson, John, Glasterim 
Paterson, John, Preshome 
Paterson, John, Damhead 
Pirie, Johu, Glasterim 
Riddoch, Jos, Tynet Mills 
Ritchie, Robt, Slackabait 
Ross, James. Howiecore 
Ross, Jas, Clochan 
Scott, J F, Tynet Mills 
Shand, John, Pathhead 
Shand, Robt, Mimdnrl 
Smith, Alex, Leitchestown 
Smith, Alex, Tarwathie 
Smith, J. Mains of Cowfurroch 
Smith, Jas, Leitchpston 
Smith, John, Oxhill 
Smith, Peter, Thornybank 
Smith, Peter, Tarwathie 
Smith, Wm, Cairntield 
Spence, Wm, Aultmore 
Stables, Alex, Cuttlebrae 
Stables, Wm, Slackhead 
Stephen, Geo, LeUcheston 
Stewart, Andrew, Holl 
Stewart, Arthur, Broadley 
Stewart. J, Muir of Holmie 
Stewart, Jas, Glasterim 
Stewart, Wm, Muir of Holmi 

Sec. II. 



Stronach, James, Clocban 
Taylor, Alex J, Slackhead 
Thain, Alex, Cuttlebrae 
Thomson, A, Roadside, Enzie 
Thomson, George, Oran 
Thomson, Geo, Tynet 
Thomson, George, Gollachy 

Thomson, Bobt, Farnachty 
Thomson, Wm, Broadley 
Watson, Alex, Glasterim 
Watson, G, Slackhead 
Watson, John, Cowfurroch 
Wilson, James, Clochan 
Wilson, John, Tarrymount 

Wilson, Peter, Clochan 
Wilson, Wm, Farnachty 
Wiseman, George, Tannachy 
Wiseman, John, Enzie station 
Yeats, Charles, Oxhill 
Young, Geo, Cowfurroch 


That part of the.Pariah which lies to the West of the Police Bargh Of Bnckie. 

Adam, Wm, Gollachy 
Anderson, Alex, Portgordon 
Bain, Wm, Gollachy 
Bonnyman, Chas, Portgordon 
Boyne, Murray, ' David,' do 
Brander, John, TanDaohy 
Burgess. Jas, Portgoidon 
Cormack, Peter, Gollachy 
Coull, Alex, Portgordon 
Coull, Alex, 'Grant,' Gollachy 
Coull, George G, Portgordon 
Coull, Jas, Gollachy 
Coull, Jas, do 
Coull, "Jas, do 
Coull, John, Gollachy 
Coull, Peter, Gollachy 
Coull, P, 'Skipper,' P'tgordon 
Coull, Wm, Portgordon 
Coull, W, 'Skipper,' Gollachy 
Coull, William, Gollachy 
Coull, Wm, jun, do 
Cowie, J, 'Carrot,' P'tgordon 
Co wie, W.jr.'Dodle,' Golln chy 
Cruicksbank, Jas, Portgordon 
Farquhar, Alex, do 
Farquhar, David, do 
Farquhar, Jas, do 
Farquhar, John, Portgordon 
Farquhar, John, Portgordon 
Farquhar, Peter, Tannachy 
Farquhar, Wm, jr, Portgordon 
Flett, Geo, do 
Flett, Wm, Tannachy 
Forbes, Wm, Tannachy 
Garden, Joseph, Portgordon 
Gatherer, Geo. Tannachy 
Geddes, Alex, Portgordon 
Geddes, Geo, Portgordon 
Geddes, George, Gollachy 
Geddes, Jas, sen, do 
Geddes, Jas, Portgordon 
Geddes, John, Portgordon 
Geddes, Jos, Gollachy 
Geddes, Peter, Portgordon 
Geddes, Peter, ' Geddie,' do 
Geddes, William, Gollachy 
Geddes, Wm, do 
Geddes, Wm, Portgordon 
Geddes. Wm, ' Geddie,' do 
Gerrard, Alex, Tannachy 

Gordon, Chas, Portgordon 
Gordon, Chas, jun, Gollacby 
Green, Alex, Gollachy 
Green, Charles, Gollachy 
Green, Geo, Portgordon 
Green, Geo, Portgordon 
Green, Jas, jr, Gollachy 
Green. J. ' Sodger, 1 Portg'don 
Green, John, Portgordon 
Green, Peter, Gollachy 
Green, Wm, Gollachy 
Gregor, Alex, Tannachy 
Grigor, John, Gollachy 
G rigor, Wm. Portgordon 
Hay, Alex, Old Toll House 
Hendry, Charles, Gollachy 
Hendry, A, 'Joseph's Sod,' do 
Hendry, Jas, do 
Hendry, Jas, do 
Hendry, Jas A, Portgordon 
Hendry, John, Gollachy 
Hendry, John, ' King,' do 
Hendry, John, Portgordon 
Hendry, Jos. Gollachy 
Hendry, William, Portgordou 
Humphrey, Geo, Portgordon 
Humphrey. John, do 
Humphrey, Wm, Newport 
Hutchison, Alex, Portgordon 
Ingram, Wm, do 
Innes, Alex, Portgordon 
lnnes, Alex, do 
Innes, Jas, do 
Innes, Peter, Gollachy 
Inne3, Peter, do 
lnnes, Robt, Portgordon 
Innes, Wm, Portgordon 
Innes, Wm, Gollachy 
.Tamieson, Geo, Portgordon 
Johnston, Alex, Gollachy 
Johnston, Alex, Tannachy 
King, John, Tannachy 
Lning, Peter, Porfgordon 
Legg, Geo, do 

Lennox, C H G, Earl of March 
Lennox,Lord A, G ordonCastle 
Mackay, John, do 
Malcolm, Charles, Gollachy 
Mellis, Alex, Portgordon 

Morrison, John, Portgordon 
Morrison, Wm, do. 
Murray, John, Gollachy 
Murray, Wm. do 
M'Hardy, Wm, Tannachy 
M'Kenzie, John, Portgordon 
M'Kenzie, John, Portgordon 
M'William, Adam. Tannachy 
M'William, Alex, Tannachy 
Nicol, Alex, Gollachy 
Paulin, Wm, Portgordon 
Reid, Al,' Gauld,' Portgordon 
Reid, Alex, Gollachy 
Reid, Alex, Gollachy 
Reid, Alex, Tannachy 
Reid, Geo, ' Bo,' Portgordon 
Reid, Geo, do 

Reid, Geo, ' Gug,' Gollachy 
Reid, James, Tannachy 
Reid, Jas, 'Gug,' sen, Gollachy 
Reid, Jas, 'Bo,' Portgordon 
Eeid, Jas, ' Gug,' jun, do 
Reid, John, Portgordon 
Reid, John, 'Tody,' do 
Reid, John, Tannachy 
Reid, Wm, jr, Portgordou 
Reid, Wm, Gollachy 
Reii, Wm, Portgordon 
Robertson, Wm, Portgordon 
Rose, Robert, Portgordon 
Roy, Ja*, Tannachy 
Scotr, Jas, Portgordon 
Scott, Wm R, Portgordon 
Suding, Peter, Portgordon 
Sutherland, Geo. Tannachy 
Symon, Jas, Portgordon 
Taylor, Peter, Gollachy 
Thain, Geo, Gollachy 
Thain, Jas, Gollachy 
Thain, Wm. Portgordon 
Thomson, John, Gollachy 
Thomson, John, Portgordon 
Todd, J ohn, Gollachy 
Watt, Robt, Tannachy 
Webster, James, Tannachy 
Weir, James, do 
Wood, Alex, sen, Gollachy 
Wood, Alex, jr, Gollachy 





The Parliamentary Electors in the portions of the Parishes of Rothes and Bellie formerly 
included in Banffshire, still vote in Banffshire. They are : — 

Bremner.W, Lower Aikenway Menzies, W G S, Perthshire Shiach, Jn, Upper Aikenway 

Adam,',Wm, Tynet Gate 
Allan, Geo, Fochabers station 
Allan, Jas, Upper Dallachy 
Allan, John, Bogmoor 
Allan, Wm, Tolloch Moss 
Anderson, Alex, Oarsemoor 
Anderson, Wm, Roman Camp 
Bailey, John Hunter, Braes 
Bowie, John, Bogmoor 
Boyne, Andw, Auchenhalrig 
Brander, G, Upper Dallachy 
Brownie, Rev Al, Bogmoor 
Bruce, David C, Byres 
Brace, JC, Lower Mill of Tynet 
Burgess, Chas, Bjres 
Burgess, James, Bogmoor 
Cameron, Alex, Byres 
Chapman, Geo, Cowiemuir 
Chapman, James, Ejeriggs 
Christie, Geo, Ryeriggs 
Clark, Andrew, Ryeriggs 
Copeland, Wm, Auchinhalrig 
Corser, A, Quarry Gardens 
Cuthbert, Wm, the Kennels 
Davidson, A, Nether Dallachy 
Davidson, C, Nether Dallachy 
Davidson, Jas, Tugnet 
Davidson, P, jun, N'r Dall'chy 
Davidson, Peter, Bogmoor 
Davidson, R, Nether Dallachy 
Davidson, W, Nether Dallachy 
Davidson, Wm, jan, do 
Dawson, Wm, Boghead 
Donald, John, Bogmoor 
Douglas, Wm, Boghead 
Duncan, James, Tugnet 
Fraser, Alex, Dryburn 
Fraser, James, Lion's Den 
Gallon, A, Nether Dallachy 
Garden, Alex, Braes 
Garden, Alex, Wellheads 
Garden, J, Nether Dallachy 
Geddes, A, Auchinreath 
Geddes, Geo, Auchinreath 
Geddes, George, Ryeriggs 
Geddes J, Nr Auchinreath 
Geddes, W, Upper Dallachy 
Glass, Alex, Upper Dallachy 
Glass, John, Upper Dallachy 
Gordon, John, Longhow 
Gordon, John, Braes 
Gordon, W, Nether Dallachy 
Gordon, Wm, Tugnet 


GraBt, Alex, Brae33 
Grant, Geo, Home Farm 
Grant, Wm, Burnside 
Gray, Alex, Bogmoor 
Gray, James, Bogmoor 
Gray, John, Cunninghaugh 
Gray, Thos, Nether Dallachy 
Green, John, Auchinhalrig 
Grieve, Alex, Bogmoor 
Hay, Andrew, Braes 
Hutcheon,W, Lr Auchinreath 
Jamieson, John, jr, Bogmoor 
Jamieson, J, Bogmoor 
Johnston, A, Nether Dallachy 
Kennedy, Rev. D, Newlands 
King, John, Bogmoor 
Lee, George, Lion's Den 
Matbeson, Donald, Boghead 
Michie, Charles. Raefin 
Milne, A, Moors Auchinhalrig 
Milne, James, Byres 
Milne, John, Blair of Tynet 
Mitchell, G, Nr. Auchinreath 
Morrison, Ben, N'her Dallachy 
Morrison, Geo, Boghead 
Morrison, J, Bogmoor 
Morrison, Geo, Tugnet 
Morrison, J. Nether Dallachy 
M'Arthur, Wm, Newlands 
M'Donell, James, Tulloch 
M'Intosh, Peter, Carsemoor 
M'Kay, Geo, Auchinhalrig 
M'Kay, Jas, Nether Dallachy 
M'Kenzie, W, U Auchinreatb 
M'Lean, Wm, Braes 
M'Leod, Jn, Lr. Auchinreath 
Ogg, Geo, Boghead 
Palmer, Al, Nether Dallachy 
Palmer, Jas, Nether Dallachy 
Paterson, Adam, Wellheads 
Paterson, J ames, Floods 
Paterson, John, Wellheads 
Paterson, Jos, Wellheads 
Paul, Alex, Newlands 
Petrie, Chas, Tullich 
Petrie, Wm, Auchinreath 
Pirie, Alex, Bogmoor 
Pirie, John, Bogmoor 
Pirie,»Wm, Lion's Den 
Rae, John, Tugnet 
Eae, Thos, Tugnet 
Reid, Alex, Tugnet 
Reid, James, Boghead 

Robertson, Al, Auchinhalrig 
Robertson, James, Bogmoor 
Kobertson, Jas, Dallachy 
Robertson, John, Tugnet 
Robertson, Jn, Nr. Dallachy 
RobertsoD, Wm, Nr Dallacny 
Ross, Chas, Blair of Tynet 
Ross, Hugh, Mills of Tynet 
Eoss, John, Culriach 
Simpson, Chas, Burnside 
Simpson, James, Byres 
Simpson, Jn, Upper Dallachy 
Simpson, R, Upper Dallachy 
Simpson, William, Bellie 
Slorach, Robt, Auchinhalrig 
Smith, Alex, Tugnet 
Smith, J ames, Auchinreath 
Smith, Robt, Culriach 
Stephen, George, Bogmoor 
Stephen, Jas, Nr. Dallachy 
Stewart, Alex, Byres 
Stewart, Peter, Braes 
Stewart, Torquil, Starryhaugh 
Sutherland, Arch, Kennels 
Sutherland, Jas, Ur. Dallachy 
Sutherland, J, Byenggs 
Symon, Jn, Nether Dallachy 
Taylor, James, Bogmoor 
Taylor, Lachlan, Nr Dallachy 
Thorn, G. Mains Auchinhalrig 
Thomson, Henry, Bogmoor 
Thomson, James, Bogmoor 
Thomson, Wm, Burnside 
Troup, Henry, Bogmoor 
Vass, Francis, Whitegate 
Watson, Forbes, Braes 
Watson, Jas, Nether Dallachy 
Watson, W. Nr. Dallachy 
Watt, Alex, Auchinhalrig 
Watt, James, Auchinhalrig 
Weir, George, Chapelford 
Williamson, G,NrAuchinreath 
Wilson, Geo, Tugnet 
Wilson, John, Burnside 
Wood, Johu, Auchinhalrig 
Young, Charles, Bogmoor 
Young, G, Upper Dallachy 
Young, Geo, Nether Dallachy 
Young, Jas, Nether Dallachy 
Young, John, do 
Young, R, Nether Dallachy 
Young. W, Whitegate 
Yule, George, Bellie; 




Area, 14,884"371 acres. Population, 2165, forming 451 families, living in 413 houses. 
Valuation, £12,883 19s. 10d., of which £1554 is for railways. Benrinnes, 2755 feet above sea 
level. On burn of Aberlour, Lynn of Ruthrie has fall of 30 feet. Aberlour House is Grecian 

Heritors — J. R. Findlay of Aborlour, James William Hamilton Grant of Elchies, Robert 
Skirvingof Glenrinnes, R. Tborne & Sons, Ltd., and A. R. Stuart of Inverfiddich. Unexhausted 
teinds, £397. 

Town of Charlestown, founded 1812, by Charles Grant of Wester Elchies, was created a, 
burgh of barony 1814. On 27th March 1886, Charlestown of Aberlour, with adjoining lands, 
formed by the Parochial Board of the parish into a Special Water Supply District. Popula. 
tion, 1012, in 202 families, living in 180 houses. The town of Charlestown of Aberlour 
was, by deliverance of tbe Sheriff, dated 12'h October 1894, formed iDto a burgh under 
the Burgh Police (Scotland) Act, 1892. Valuation, £2681 3s. 8d. The members of the 
Commission number nine— Provost, Wm. M'Gowan; First Bailie, Rev. Cinon Jupp ; Second 
Bailie, C. S. M'Pberson. Commissioners, John LaiDg, Francis M'Kerroo, Jas. Paul, John 
Rot-ertsoa, Robert Guild, and R. Hendry. Burgh clerk, Donald Morrison ; collector, John 
Hutcheson. Banks — Union, William M'Gowan ; NorJh of Scotland, Alex. Murison. 

Mails — CharleB Grant, postmaster, Charlestown. Despatches, 9'10 a.m. (for North only), 
10 a.m. (for South only), 250 p.m. (for South of Perth), 5'30 p.m. (for all parts). Deliveries, 
7'30 a.m., 10'50 a.m., 710 p.m. Parcels despatched, 910 a.m., 10 a.m., and5"30p.m. 

Ministers — Johu Smith Sloss, Established Churcb ; James Scott, M.A., D.D., senior 
miniater, and J. Sloan Boyd, M.A., junior minister, Free Church; C»non Chas. Jupp, Epis. 
copal Church. Registrar, Chas. S. Macpherson ; and Session Clerk, Wm. M'Gowan. 

Sacramental Fast, Days on Thursday preceding first Sundays of May and November. In 
1898 tbe.y will be April 28 and November 3. 

School Board — A. R. Stuart of Inverfiddich, chairman ; Alex. Murison, Mnk agent ; J. Smith 
Sloss, clergyman ; John Sim, Upper Miins; and Robt. Hendry, butcher. H. Stewart, solicitor, 
Elgin, clerk. Teachers — Public School, Aberlour — Charles Macpherson, M.A., head master; 
Wm. Wooil, M.A.; Miss Cumming and Miss Forsyth. Edinvillie Public School — Alex. Stuart, 
M.A., and Miss Thompson. Episcopal School — Jamea Shepherd, headmaster; Mr Archibald, 
assistant ; Misses Ellice, Minty, and Hendry. Craigellachie School — Miss Andrews. 

Pariah Council — J. R. Findlay of Aberl >ur, chiirman. Lmdward Members — John Sim, 
Mains ; A. R. Stuart of Inverfiddich ; John Murray, Blairnain ; T. F. Iukson, Kinermony ; Rev. 
J. S. Sloss, Manse ; and John Shand, Glenrinnes. Burgh — D. Garrow, saddler; John Laing, 
feuar ; Robt. Hendry, butcher ; and Rev. Chas. Jupp. Wm. M'Gowan, inspector and 

6th V.B. Gordon Highlanders, B Coy. — Captain, A. R. Stuart ; Lieut., C. S. Macpherson; 
Surgeon- Lieut., T. A. Sellar ; Sergeant-instructor, P. Galletly. Total strength, 87. Capita- 
tion grant, £152 8s. 4d. 

Mutual Improvement Association meets every Tuesday — Hon. president, J. R. Findlay of 
Aberlour; president, William M'Gowan; vice-president, C. S. Macpherson; secretaries and 
treasurers, Messrs J. F. M'Gowan and W. Younie. Librarians, Mr J. Grant and Mr A. Garrow. 

Oddfellows, Skirdustan Lodge, No. 1082, National Independent Order of Oddfellows 
established 1885— Secretary, John Nicholson ; Dr T. A. Sellar, medical officer. 

Curling Club — President, A. R.Stuart; vice-president, Dr Sellar; treasurer and secretary, 
A. Murison, N. of S. Bank. 

Bowling Club — President, Major M'Gowan, bauk agent ; secretary, Dr Sellar. 

Horticultural Society — President, Rev. Canon Jupp ; secretary, John G. White. 

Temperance Society, Skirdustan Lodge, I.O.G.T. — Secretary, Mr F. M'Kerron. 

Lawn Tennis Club — President, Mr M'Pheraon; secretary, Chas. Gray. 

Choral Unioc — President, Mr M'Pberson ; secretary. J. F. M'Gowan ; conductor, John 

The Aberlour Orphanage — WardeD, Rev. Canon Jupp; sub- warden, J. G. White. M.A. 

Aberlour and District Home Industries' Association —President, J. R. Findlay of Aberlour; 
secretaries, C. S. M'Pberson and Alex. Stuart. 

Aberlour Nursing Association — President, Mrs Findlay of Aberlour ; vice-presidents, Mrs 
Inkson, Kinermony, and Mrs Green, Ruthrie ; secretaries, Mrs FlemiDg, Bank House, and 
Miss M'Kenzi ', Heath Cottage ; treasurer, Mrs Fleming, Back House ; nurse, Miss Jenkins. 



Industiies— Distilling, R. Thome & Sous, Ltd., Aberlour; Glenlivet Distillery Coy., Ltd., 
Benrinnes ; Dailuaine Gltnliver, Distillery Company, Lirni ed, Carron ; and Craigellachie 
Distillery Cj , Craigellachie. Inland Revenue — Supervisor, Mr Woodrow ; Division officer?, 
Mr Ivinson, Mr Henry, Mr AIUd, Mr Clarkson, Mr Story, Mr Warren, and Mr Fish. 

At Craigellachie is a bridge over Spey, connecting Banff and Moray shires. Bridge, 
designed by Telford, and erected in 1815, cost £8000. Weekly live stcck sale.- — Ciaigellsohie 
Auct on Mart Co. Mails — James dimming, postmaster. Despatches — 9'30 a.m. (all parts) 
230 p.m. (South), 5'30 p.m. (all farts). Deliveries — 8'30a.m., 11 a.m., 7 p.m. At Aberlour 
a public ferry boat on Spey, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Aberlour Reading and Reoeaiion Club, open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., in Drill Hall 
Buildings. Secretary, Mr J. W. NicboUon. 


Extent, 16,7-41 acres. Population, 1266, forming 243 families in 232 houses. Valuation, 
£7278 4s. 3d., of which £710 10s. is for fishings and shootings, with £877 for railways. Hill of 
Benagen is 1544 feet above sea level. Mansion-houses, Auchlunkart and Arndilly, erected 
about 1750. 

Heritors — Dowager Countess of Seafield, Mrs Grant Kinloch of Arndilly, William Francis 
Day Steuart of Auchlunkart, T. D. Gordon Duff of Drummuir, and Peter Scotc of Manse- 
tield. Cierks, Messrs Thurburn & Fleming, solicitors, Keith. 

Ministers — Stephen Ree, M.A., B.D., Established Church; John D. Hunter, Free Church. 

Registrar and Session-clerk, Robert Grant, M.A., schoolmaster. 

Sacramental Fast Days — Thursdays btfore first Sunday of May and second Sunday oE 
November. In 189S they will be Apiil 28 and November 10. 

Parish Council — John M'Phersorj, Mulben, chairman; Rev. Stephen Ree, E.C.; Messrs Jas. 
M'Williaui, Stoneyrown ; A. R. Stuart of Inverfiddicb. ; Roberc M'Culloob, Newton ; Jobn 
Henderson, Burnside ; Alex. BrowD, Drakemvres. Roberi Grant, inspector; T. A. Sellar, 
M.B.C.M., and Jamps Taylor, M.D., medical officers. 

School Board — Robert M'Cullocb, Newton, chairman; Alexander Hutchesou, Belnagarrow; 
Rev. Stephen Ree, B.D.; R. C. Cameron, W.S.; Rev. J. D. Hunter. Thurburn & Fleming, 
solicitors, Keith, clerks and treasurers. Teachers — R. Grant, M. A., and Miss Laiug, assistant, 
public school; Thomas Smith, Maggyknockater ; and Miss Bain, Forgie. 

Mails — William Neish, Mulben, postmaster. Keith runner leaves 6 a.m. and arrives 2'30 
p.m. Mails for upper end of parish sent via Dufftown. 


Area, 9480'334 acres. Population in 1891, 729, forming 127 families living in 119 houses. 
Valuation, £5337 4s. 4d., of which £1337 for railway. 

Drummuir Castle, erected in 1848 by the late Admiral Duff. 

Heritors — Thomas Duff Gordon Duff of Drummuir ; W. F. D. Steuart of Auchlunkart ; Alex- 
ander Geddes of Blairmore; Robert Forbes of Lynemore ; Alex. Dutcan of Mains of Bellyhack; 
Peter Strachan of Midtown; and Rev. James Wilson of Myrieward. Clerk, Geo. CummiDg, 
writer, Banff. Unexhausted teinds, £155. 

Ministers— Alex. M'Kay, M.A., E.C. ; R. Grant, F.C. Registrar, J. Innes, M.A. 

Sacramental Fast Days— Fridays before second Sunday of May and first Sunday of Nov. 
In 1898 they will be May 6 and November 4. 

Parish Council — Thomas D. Gordon Duff of Drummuir, chairman ; Rev. Alex. M'Kiy, The 
Manse ; James GardeD, Westertown ; Alex. Milne, Broadrashes ; Joseph Moggacb, Mains of 
Towiebeg; John Duncan, The Lodge; James Dey, ForkiDS. F. Dey, inspector; R. S. Turner, 
medical officer. 

School Board — Rev. A. M'Kay, chairman ; Rev. R. Grant ; James Barclay, Corrie ; James 
Dey, Forkins; and Win. Macintosh, factor, Drummuir; Messrs Thurburn & Fleming, 
solicitors, Keith, clerks and treasurers. Teachers — James Innes, M.A., and Miss Jessie 
Burgess, Public School. 

Representative at Committee of County Council — James Dey, Forkins. 

Telegraph Office — Despatch (only) Drummuir Railway Station. Receiving Office — Keith, or 
Auchindachy Railway Station. 

Industry — Drummuir Lime Works, Thomas Robertson. 

Mails — Alex. Sutherland, postmaster. Arrivals, 10'30 a.m. and 2'4S p.m.; despatches, 12 
noon and 6 - 45 p.m. 


Area, 34,168'205 acres. Population in 1891, 646, forming 133 families living in 133 houses. 
Valuation, £3449 12s. 2d., of which £995 are for shootings and fishings. 

Heritors — Duke of Richmond and Gordon, Trustees for Lesmurdie, William J. Grant of 


Duke of Richmond and Gordon's shooting lodge in deer forest of Blackwater. Lesmurdie 
•shooting lodge. 

Ministers— G. G. Macmillan, M.A., Established Church ; Rev. Geo. Tullocb, U.P. Church. 

Registrar — Charles GordoD, M.A. 

Parish Council — John Symon of Pittyvaicb, chairman; Win. Riach, Greenloan; John 
Sheed, Upper Ardwell; Geo. Gordon, Braeklach; Alex. G. Soott, Milton; Jas. Sbeed, Aldunie ; 
Alex. Gordon, Auchmair. James Beattie, insp.; J. A. Iunes, Dufftown, medical officer for 
Lower District ; and Dr Grant, Rhynie, for Upper District. 

School Board — William Riacb, GreenloaD, chairman ; John Sheed, Ardwell ; Geo. Gordon, 
Braeklach ; Alex. Gordon, Gaucb ; Alex. Gordon, Auchmair ; John Lipp Craig, solicitor, 
Dufftown, clerk and treasurer. Teachers — Charles GordoD, M.A., Upper Cabrach School ; 
T. Robertson, M.A., Lower Cabrach School. 

Sacramental Fast Day on Wednesday before first Sunday in July. In 1898 this will be June 29. 

Mails — James M'Combie, Croftbead, postmaster for Lower District. Box closes at 7'20 
a.m. for despatch at 7'25 a.m.; and arrival, 1'20 p.m on week days, by messenger from Glass. 
Miss Macpherson, x>ostmistress for Upper District. Messenger to and from Rhynie every 
■week day. Mails despatched from Upper Cabrach at 8*30 a.m. daily, per messenger to 
Rhynie; arrival, Eaoie day, 3'30 p.m. Letters for Lower Cabrach should be addressed via 
Huntly, and for Cabrach via Rhynie. No direct communication between the two parish 
post offices. 


Area, 15,092*839 acres. Population in 1891, 1685, forming 317 families, living in 312 houses. 
Valuation, £9186 15s. 7d., of which about £150 for buildings, £139 for shootings; with 
£1842 for railways. Edingight House, erected by late Sir James M. Innes ; Braco House, 
formerly residence of Baron Braco, afterwards Earl of Fife. 

Heritors — Duke of Fife ; Dowager Countess of Seatield ; Sir John Innes, Bart, of Edingight ; 
Lit u\-Col. J. F. Forbe3 of Eo'hiemay ; A. Leslie of Braco; John Morrison of Knock; John 
Murray of Garrowood, nnd A. M. Ross of Mniryfold. Clerk, Wm. Thomson, factor, Fife-Keith. 

Ministers — James Lumsden, M.A., E.C.; Jas. Stockdale, F.C.; Robert Erskine Gilbert, U.P. 

Registrar — John Clarke; Session Clerk — Georite Donald. 

Parish Council— Sir John Innes, chairman; Rev. R. Gilbert, U.P.; Rev. J. Lumsden, E.C.; 
W. Simpson, Stripeside; J. Ewing, Clerkseat; Geo. Lobban, Thornton ; and A. Leslie, 
Braco. John Clarke, Croftgibb, inspector and clerk ; R. S. Turner, medical officer. 

School Board — Sir John Innes of Edingight, chairman ; Rev. R. E. Gilbert, U.P.; Rev. 
Jas. Luinsdeo, Established Church ; A. Leslie, Braco ; and John Morrison, Knock. John 
Clarke, Croftgibb, clerk and treasurer. Teachers — L. S. Baikie and Miss Keir. ' The Grange' 
School; James Walker, Miss J. Murdoch, and Miss Ironside, Cross Roads School; and A. F. 
Ferguson and Miss Findlater, Sillyearn School. 

Grange Mutual Improvement Society — Rev. James Lumsden, president. 

Grange Temperance Society— Rev. James Stockdale, president. 

Whitehill Band of Hope — Rev. R. E. Gilbert, president. 

Free Church Guild — Rev. J. Stockdale, president, 

Sacramental Fast Days on Thursdays before first Sundays of May and No ."ember. In 1898 
they will be April 28 and November 3. 

Mails — J. Cruickshank, postmaster, Station. Letters arrive daily by train from Keith at 8'40 
a.m. A runner then leaves for Cornhill to meet runner from Banff ; and returns to Station 
at 3*30 p.m. A messenger from Keith arrives at Whitehill at 11*30 a.m. and leaves at 12*35 
p.m. Mrs Hay, postmistress, Cross Roads. Runner from Newmill of Keith arrives at 10*40 
a.m. and leaves at 11*20 a.m. Deskford and Cullen runner arrives at 10*45 a.m. and leaves at 
2*15 p.m. A messenger leaves Grange Station at 1 p.m. for Edingight, and returns to station 
at 3*30. 


Area, 49,284*225 acres, including 1588*195 acres formerly in Morayshire. Population in 1891, 
2319, forming 517 families, living in 486 houses. Valuation, exclusive of portion added from 
Morayshire (£921 2s. Id.), £9595 3a. 10d., of which £265 is for railway. Ballindalloch Castle 
founded in fifteenth century. 

The Glenlivet district, wholly within Inveraven, formed a Parish Quoad Sacra in 1865. 
Population in 1891, 1477, forming 341 families, in 329 houses. 

Heritors — Duke of Richmond and Gordon, Sir G. Macpherson Grant, Reprs. of Wm. Grant 
■of Elchies. Clerk, Peter Henderson, Marionburgh. Unexhausted teinds, £48. 

Ministers — J. M'Lachlan, Established Church ; R. H. Calder, Established Church, 
<Jlenlivet; Donald Robertson and John Smith, Free Church; William Stuart, R.C. Church, 
Tombae; John M'Kenzie, R.C. Church, Chapeltown. 


Saoramental Fast Dajs on Thursdays before first Sundiys in May and November. In 1898 
they will be April 2S and November 3. 

Bank — North of Scotland — G. S. Grant, Auchorachin, Glenlivet, agent. 

Registrars — Adam Myron, Sohoolhouse, for Inveraven district; and George limes, Easter- 
town, for Glenlivet district. Session-Clerk — Adam Myron. 

Parish Council — W. M. Skinner, chairman; Sir Geo. Macpherson Grant, Bart., Peter Hen- 
derson, Charles Reid, Jas. Warren, John Gordon Smith, James Smith, Win. Turner, and P. G. 
Gordon. Alex. Strathdee, Post Office, Ballindalloch, inspector; Andrew Rose, The Bank, 
Glenlivet, collector ; Dr Skinner, Inveraven, and Dr Cameron, Glenlivet, medical officers. 

School Board — Sir George Macpherson Grant, Bart., chairman ; Wm. M. Skinner, Drumin ; 
John G. Smith, Minmore; William Stuart, Thain; Peter Henderson, factor ; and Charles Eeid, 
Garline. William Phimister, clerk and treasurer. Teachers — Adam Myron, 
M.A., Miss Leslie, and Miss Macdonald, Inveraven; Miss Burness, Tomnavoulin; Thomas 
Laing, M.A., and Miss Gilbert, Gleulivet; D. M. M'Donald, Morinsh ; and Miss Myron, Bridge 
of Aven (private school). B.C. schools at Tombae and Chapeltown. School Board officers — 
John Stephen and George Grint, Old Toll. 

6th V.B. Gordon Highlanders, E Company — Lieut.-Colonel Geo. Smith Grant, commanding 
the Battalion; Captain and Hon. Mijor William Stuart; Lieutenant A. Rose; Sergeant- 
Instructor, G. Cooper. Total strength, 72. Capitation Grant, £167 13s. 4d. 

Industries — Distilling, G. & J. G. Smith, Glenlivet ; Trustees of late John Smith, Craggan- 
more ; and J. & G. Grant, Glenfarclas. 

Mails — Ballindalloch, M. O. and T., Mrs A. Strathdee, postmistress. Sub-office at Marypark 
— J. Bmnerman, postmaster. Gleclivet, M. O. and T. — Wm. Mackie, postmaster. Sub-offices 
at Auehbreck, Tomnavoulin, Knockandhu, and Chapeltown. Ballindalloch Letter Box cleared 
for despatch at 8'20 a.m. Despatches — First despatch, 8'45 a.m., letter and parcel bags to 
Craigellachie, Elgin, and Graatown, and parcel basket to Aberdeen; second, 9'45 a.m., letter 
and parcel bag to Highland Railway sorting carriage, and letter bag to Aberdeen; third, 
3 p.m., letter bag to Caledonian T.P.O.; fourth, 6'45 p.m., letter and parcel bag to Gran- 
town. Arrivals — At 8 '20 a.m., letter and parcel bags from Tomintoul, Chapel town.TomnavouliD, 
Achbreck, Glenlivet, and Marypark ; at 11 30 a.m., letter bag and parcel basket from Aberdeen, 
letter bag from Highland Railway sortirg carriage; letters and parcels from Elgin, Dufftown, 
Grantown, Banff, and Craigellachie ; at 7'45 p.m., letter and parcel bag from Craigellachie. 
Marypark — Despatches at 7 30 a.m. and 5'50 p.m.; arrivals at, 12'50 p.m. and 8 50 p.m. 
Avenside Mails — The rural postman leaves Glenlivet by Avenside at 1'15 p.m., arrives at 
Bridge of Aven, Kirkmichael, at 4'15 p.m., returns same night to Glenlivet, arriving at 8 10 p.m. 

Ballindalloch and Tomintoul Mail Cart — Leave station 1T16 a.m., leave Ballindalloch 
11*55 a.m., arrive at Glenlivet 12"50 p.m., at Achbreck sub-office 1'20 p.m., at Tomna- 
voulin 1'40 p.m., at Auchinarrow 2 p.m., and at Tomintoul 2'55 p.m. Beturn (next day) — 
Leave Tomintoul 5 '40 a.m., Achinarrow 6'35 a.m., Tomnavoulin 6 50 a.m., Achbreck 710 a.m., 
Glenlivet 7'40 a.m., and Ballindalloch 820 a.m. 


Area, 18,264"820 acres. Population in 1891, 6404 (comprising 1456 families, living in 1330 
houses) of which 2008 is outside the Police Burgh of Keith. Valuation, £26,542 3s. 5d., 
of whiah £3188 is for railways. The valuation of the parish includes the rental of the 
portion of parish of Cairnie in Banffshire, which has now been incorporated with Keith parish. 

Heritors — Duke of Fife, Dowager-Countess of Seafield, W. F. D. Steuart of Auchlunkart, G. 
Petrie Hay of Edintore ; Francis L. Farquharson of Greenwood and Tarnash ; Thomas Duff 
Gordon Duff; William Gordon of Rosehall ; John Fraser of Coldhome ; John M'Connacbie of 
Heads of Auchinderran ; Peter Bennet of Poolside; John Ross of Broadfield; Alex Skinner 
of Maisley; P. Wilson of Quarryhead ; Mr Shearer of Newton; James Weir of Tarmore ; 
Charles George, S.S.C., of Hau?hs ; Alexander Edwards of Milton, &c; and George Smith of 
Forgieside, &c. Clerk, A'ex. Thuiburn, solni^or. Unexhausted teinds, £419. 

Sacramental Fast Days on Thursdays befoie first Sundays of May and November In 1898 
they will be April 28 and November 3. 

The Old Town of Keith, of very ancient date, is incorporated with the New Town, 
founded in 1750. The town of Fife-Keith was founded 1817 by the Earl of Fife. The towns 
of Keith and Fife-Keith were constituted a burgh under General Police and Improvement 
(Scotland) Act, 1S02, on 27th September 1889. Number of Commissioners, twelve — Provost, 
T. A. Petrie Hay; Bailies, James Kelman and John Fraser; Commissioners, James George, 
Wm. Simpson, John Fraser, Robt. Cameron, James Bruce, Alex. Currie, John Taylor, William 
Robb, Geo. Kynoch, and James Robertson ; clerk, John G. Fleming, solicitor ; treasurer, 
James A. Stephen, solicitor ; procurator-fiscal, George Proctor, solicitor. Valuation of Burgh, 
.£14,548 17s. 6d. 

The population in the Police Burgh of Keith in 1891 was 4622, forming 1068 families, living 


in 944 houses. Of theee, there were in K'itb portion 3275, forming' 763 families, living in 674 
houses; and in Fife-Keith 1347, forming 305 families, living in 270 houses. 

Village of Newmill. — The Old Town of Newmill, of great antiquity, contained in 1793, 65 in- 
habitants. The New Town was founded by the superior, the Earl of Fife, in 1759, and in 1793 
had 330 inhabitants. In 1842 the Old Town had almost disappeared, and the New Town at 
that da'e had a population of 488. Valuation. JE943 Is. 6d. Prs> master — Robert Dunbar, banker. 

Newmill and district formed Home Mission Station, and Church built in 1870, and erected 
into a parish quoad sacra in 1877. Minister, the Rev. James Wodderspoon. Free Church 
Mission Hall built, by Keith congregation in 1887. Population of quoad sacra parish in 1891, 
1421, forming 321 families, living in 320 houses. 

Ministers — Rev. W. R. Pirie, B.D., Estd. Church; Mr Wodderspoon, Estd. Church, Newmill; 
Hugh Fitzpatrick, Free Church; W. H. Macfarlane, U.P. Church; John Archibald, Episcopal 
Church ; John Paul, R.C. Church. Registrar — James Kelman. Session Clerk — J. Annand. 

Parish Council — James Kemp, chairman; Jas. Bruce, brewe-; Rev. Hugh Fitzpatrick, F.C.; 
John Fraser, solici'or; T. A. Petrie Hay, Donald Munro, traffic agent; Rev. John Paul, R.C 
Rev. W R Pirie, E.C.; Woo. Thomson, factor; Wm. Wuire, supe reisor. Landward Committee 
— Geo. Cameron, South Bogbain, chiirman; Jas. Ward, Keitb; Jas. Weir. Tarmore; John 
M'Connacbie, Land Street; Alex. M' William, Newmill; Meraon Petrie, Oldmore ; and John 
Garden, Newmill. George Hendry, inspector and clerk; R. S. Turner and James Taylor, 
medical officers (poor law). 

School Board — James A.Stephen, chairman; William Thomson, Fife-Keith; Rev. Hugh 
Fitzpatrick, F.C.; Bev. W. R. Pirie, E.C.; John M'Connacbie, Auchinderran ; Geo. Cameron, 
South Bogbain; and Rev. James Wodderspoon, Newmill. Alexander Thurbum, solicitor, clerk 
and treasurer. Teachers — Keith Combined Public School, Headmaster, Mr John Mair, 
M.A.; Senior Department — Mr John Mair, M.A ; Mr Third, M.A.; Mr Lamont, classical 
assistant; Mr Brown, MA., Mr M' Allan, M. A., and Mr M'Gregor; Lady Superintendent, 
Miss Hay, LL.A ; Teachers, Miss Campbell, Miss Eobertson ; Junior Department — 
Miss Munro and Miss Tnomson ; Tarrycroys School, Miss Robertson ; Newmill 
School, Mr Johnstone; Fife-Keith Infant School, Miss Anderson; Auchanachie Public 
School, Miss M'Grigor; Gleu School, Miss Crane. R.C. School, Chapel Street, conducted 
by Sisters of Mercy. 

In Town op Keith, Sheriff Circuit Courts for small debt cases held on the third Saturday 
of each month. Sheriff-Clerk-Depute — Jas. Kelmm. Old Keith. Solicitors — Alex. Thurburn 
and J. G. Fleming, John Fraser, Jas. A. Stephen, Geo. Proctor, and Wm. Robb. 

Starnp and Tax Office — John Fraser, solicitor, Mid Street. 

Banffshire Property Investment Company, established 1871 — President, James Kemp of 
Parkmora; Trustees, R. S. Turner, M.D.; Alex. F. Leslie, factor for the Duke of Fife; James 
George, Earlsmount; law agent, John Fraser, solicitor; manager, Wm. Thomson, Fife-Keith. 

Longmore Hall — Chairman, Provost Hay; vioe-chairman, Mr Thurburn; secretary, Mr 
George Davidson ; keeper, John Ogg. 

Turner Memorial Cottage Hospital — Chairman of directors, Alex. Thurburn ; Secretary, T. 
A. Pe'rieHay; treasurer, J. A. Stephen; medical superintendent, R. S. Turner, M.D.; matron, 
Miss Leslie. 

Institute Buildings, erected in 1886 by Limited Liability Coy., for the accommodation of 
various societies. Re-erected in 1889. Chairman of Directors, Alexander Thurburn, solicitor ; 
Secretary, George Hendry, inspector; Registrar and Treasurer, J. G. Fleming, solicitor; 
auditor, JameB A. Stephen, solicitor; Keeper, Wm. Edwards. 

Museum, Institute Buildings, under management of Field Club. 

Public Library and Beading Room — Managed by a Committee, with the Rev. W. H. 
Macfarlane president. Secretary and treasurer, George Davidson ; librarian, Wm. Edwards. 

Field Club and Mutual Improvement Society — President, George Hendry ; vice-president, 
Andrew ThomsoD, Haughs ; secret iry and treasurer, John Robertson, banker, Fife-Keith. 

Parish Cbuich Young Men's Guild — President, Alex. Thurburn ; secy., John Taylor. 

Free Church Young Men's Literary Association — Hon. president, Rev. H. Fitzpatrick, 
B.D.; treasurer, Alex. Boyne. 

Banks — North of Scotland Bank Limited, A. Annand, agent ; Fife-Keith Branch, J. Robert- 
son, agent ; Union Bank, J. A. Stephen, agent; Town and County Bank Limited, Thurburn & 
Fleming, joint-agents. At Newmill of Keith there is a sub-branch of the Town and County 
Bank, managed by Mr Robert Dunbar, postmaster. 

Temperance Society — President, Rev. W. H. Macfarlane. 

Keith Hortus Club — Secretary, William Mearns, Fife-Keith. 

Bowling Club — Secretary, George Davidson, Broomhill Road. 

Lawn Tennis Club — Secretary, John G. Fleming. 

Free Masons, ' St James' Lodge, No. 713— E.W.M., G«o. Proctor; P.M., Thomas Stewart ; 
D.M., Jas. Macbeath; S.M., James Nicholson S.W., James Smith; J.W., Jobn Mitchell; 


Secretary, James Robertson ; Treasurer, James Pirie ; S.D., A. Boyne ; J.D., Samuel Giren ^ 
Chaplain, Rev. W. R. Pirie; Architect, F. D. Robertson ; I.G., And. Lediogham ; Tyler, James 
Milne; Auditor, Wm. Thomson; Stewards, Alex. Davidson and James Weir. 

Oddfellows 'Loyal Strathisla' Lodge, No. 1002— G.M., Alex. Masson ; N.G., Ja=. M'Lean ; 
V.G., Mr Watt; Secretary, Wm. Dawson; Treasurer, Robert Reid. 

British Order of Ancient Free Gardeners, ' Oliphant' Lolge, Keith, No. 207 — Meet every 
alternate Thursday in the Institute. Office-bearers— Worthy Master, Wm. Cooper; Worthy 
Deputy, John Ross; Past Master, John M'Gregor; Assistant P.M. Geo. Ross; Senior 
Warden, Wm. Wilson ; Junior Warden, Alex. Gordon ; Outside Guard, James Ruxtou ; Secre- 
tary, R. W. Davidson; Treasurer, John A. Reid ; chaplain, Wm. Wilson. 

Head-Quarters of 6th V.B. Gordon Highlanders — Major J. G. Fleming, Captain and Adju- 
tant A. F. Douglas Hamiltoa, Surgeon-Major R. S. Turner. Chaplain Rev. W. R. Pirie, Surg- 
Lieut. J. Taylor, Qr. -Master A. Davidson, Sergeant-Major J. Inns, 2nd Gordon Highlanders ; 
Qr.-Master-Ser<t. W. Rnberteon, Orderly-Room-?ergeant W. E. Daweoo, Bugle-Major A. 
Ettles, Band-Sergeant J. M'Gregor, Sergeant. Master. Tailor, G. Mitchell. Rifle Volun- 
teers, C Company — Captain, G. Proctor, Lieutenant Cameron, and Lieutenant Mitchell, com- 
manding cyclists ; Instructor, Serjeant-Major J. Inns, 2ud Gordou Highlanders. Total 
strength, 138. Capitation grrmt, £33-1 10s. 

Industries — Woollen manufactory aud manure works, G. & G. Kynocb.; manure works, 
Wm. Simpson & Co., Limited, Douglas Brae; distilling, Wm. Longmore & Co.; W. & A. 
Gilbey, Ltd., Strathmill ; aud The Aultmors Dstillery Coy, Forgia ; wool carding, Joseph 
Hunter ; flour milling, A. & J. George ; implement manufactory, Auchinachie & Simpson ; 
Coach works, Fyfe Brothers ; lime works at Braehead, J. Kemp ; and at Blackhillock, The 
Blackhillock Lime Coy., Ltd., Jas. Inglis, manager; boot and sboe manufactory, Peter Irvine. 

Mails — John Fraser, postmaster. Despatches — 7'50 a.m., Aberdeen, Banff, Craigellachie. 
Dufftown, Elgio, Grange, Gartly, Highland S. carriage, and Kr.ock; 1F45 a.m., Buokie and 
Huntly; 12'20 p.m., Aberdeen, Grange, up specibl T.P.O.; 2 p.m., Botriphnie and E'gin; 3 - 10 
p.m., Edinburgh and North of Scotland sorting carriage; 4'10 p.m , Aberdeen, Banff, Huntly, 
Cullen, Craigellachie, and Fochabers; 7'10 p m., Forres; 7'50 p.m., Aberdeen; lO'lO p.m., 
Aberdeen, Huntly, Cullen, Portsoy, Buckie. Fochabers, Elgin, and Inverness. Sundays — 
9*10 a.m., Ciledonian T.P.O., Edinburgh, Fochabers, Elgin, Forres, and Highland sorting 
carriage; 1"15 p. in., Banff; 210 p.m., Huntly; 1010 p.m., Aberdeen, Huntly, Cullen, Portsoy, 
Buckie, Fochabers, Elgin, and Inverness; also, 5 forward bigs to Aberdeen fiom the following 
places: — Banff, Elgin, Highland sorting carriage, Fochabers, and Forres. Arrivals — 6'45- 
a.m., Aberdeen, Caledonian T.P.O., Glasgow, Elgin, Inverness, and Forres ; 9'30 a.m., Banff, 
Cullen, Portsoy, Gratoge, Dufftown, and Buckie; 9'50 a.m., North of Scotland sorting carriage, 
Edinburgh. Huntly, and Craigellache; 12'20 p.m., Elgin and Highland sorting carriage ; 2 20 
p.m., Buckie; 3 30 p.m , Fochabers ; 4 p.m., Aberdeen, Craigollachie, Huntly, and Grange ; 5 
p.m., Elgin and Inverness; 5'55 p.m., Aberdeen ; 6'40 p m., Clochan, Euzie; 715 p.m.. Bot- 
riphnie; 7'50 p.m., Knock. Sundays — 9 a.m , Huntly ; 9 40 a.m., Banff ; 2 p.m., Aberdeen, 
Highland sorting carriage, do., Elgin. Fochabers, Forres, E linburgh, Caledonian T.P.O., do., 
and Glasgow. Postmaster at Fife-Keith — J. H. Dawson, chemist. 

Rural Postmen — Deliveries — From Keith to Botriphnie, Whitehills, and Newmill, at 7'30 
a.m.; from Keith to Mulben at 12 - 30 p.m.; from Keith to Greenwood, via Blackhillock, at 12 35 
p.m.; from Keith to Newmill at 4 p.m. Arrivals — From Mulben at 7'40 a.m.; from Botriphnie 
at 2 p.m.; from Newmill at 3'40 p.m.; from Whitehills at 410 p.m.; and from Greenwood at 
1'50 p.m. Grange bag despatched at 7'50 a.m. and 12'20 p.m.; and arrives at 9'20 a.m. and 
3*40 p.m, 


Area, 76,339.069 acres. Population in 1891, 1043, forming 253 families, living in 232 houses. 
Valuation, £6228 7s. lid. Ben Macdhui 4296 feet above sea level. Deer forest of Glenavon 
extends to about 60,000 acres. Lessee — F. D. Godmau, 7, Carlos Place, London. 

Heritors — Duke of Richmond and Gordon and Colonel John G. Smith of Delnabo. Clerk — 
William M. Skinner, factor, Drumin. 

Ministers — Jas. Grant, MA. , and Rev. James W. Frafer, M.A., Established Church; W. 
Dunbar Dey.M. A., B.D., Established Church, Tomintoul ; Wm. Grant, M.A., Free Church, 
Kirkmicbael; Rev. Donald Cbisholm, Catholic Church, Tomintoul. 

Registrars — For Kirkmichael district, Donald Smith, Ballacorach ; for Tomintoul district, 
William Meldrum, Post Office. Session Clerks — Alex. Iunes. Bridge of Aven, for Kirk- 
michael ; Rev. W. Dunbar Dey, for Tomintoul. 

Parish Council — Rev. Mr Grant, F.C., Kirkmichael, chairman ; Rev. W. Dunbar Dey, 
Tomintoul, representative to District Committee of County Council : A. R. Scott, Jas. Taylor, 
Jas. Meldrum, Tomintoul ; Jobu Grunt, Croughly; John Grant, Bilualon; Nathaniel Stuart, 
Campdalemore; and Johu M'Gowan, Delnabo. Alex. Innes, Bridge of Aven, inspector and 


clerk ; Dr Davidson, Tomiatoul, medical officer. Collector of rates, Donald M'Hardy, Cults, 

School Board — Wm. M. Skinner, Drumin, chairman; Rev. Win. Gran*-, F.C., Kirkmiehael; John 
Grant, J. P., Croughly ; James Grant, iun., Glenconglass ; William Meldrum, Tomintoul. Alex. 
Innes, Bridge of Aven, clerk and treasurer. Teachers — Kirkmiehael School, Miss Forbes ; 
Tomintoul School, Alex. R. Scott, M.A., and Miss Grant, assistant. 

Bank — BrHneh Town and County Bink, Limited — Aeeut, James Taylor, Tomintoul. 

Village of Tomintoul founded 1750. Formed in o Speiiil Water Supply District in July 
1897. Chairman, Jas. Taylor. Valuation of villige. £791 149., and of water district, £1018 
18s. 5d. Church built and endowed hy Government 1826. Village and Parliamentary Church 
distinct formed into quoad sacra parish in 1845. Population of village and parish, 695, 
forming 180 families, living in 162 houses. Trei Public Library — Free Library Act adopted 
1895 — Chairman of committee, Dr Davidson ; librarian — the Police Constable. General 
Interests Village Committee — Cbatrman, Jamed Grant, jua., GlenoonglasB; secretary, Alex. R. 
Scott, M.A., Schoolhouse, Tomintoul. 

Sacrimentil Fast Day on Friday be'ore last Sunday of July. In 1898 the Fast Day will hs 
July 29. 

Mails — William Meldrum, Tomintoul, postmaster. Mails arrive by car, which leaves Bal- 
lindalloch, 11'15 a.m., and arrives at Tomintoul, 3 p.m. Box closes for despatch at 9'55 p.m. 
on week days and 8 55 p.m. on Sundays; and car leaves, 5 '50 a.m., for Ballindalloch, which is 
reached 8'40 a.m. Te'egrapb Office — Tomintoul. 


Area. 34,283'681 acres. Populalion in 1891, 3035, forming 665 families, living in 641 houses 
Valuation, £15,583 19s. 2d., of which £1339 of railways. Kininvie House dates from 1502. 

Heritors — Duke of Richmond and Gordon, the Duke of Fife, Lieutemnt-Colonel Leslie of 
Kininvie, Thomas Duff Gordon Dull of Drummuir, J. R. Fin^lay of Aberlour ; James Kemp of 
Parkmore, Keith ; Jobn Walker of Edioglassie; John Symo'i, jun., of Pittyvaich ; Colonel 
Skirving of Cobairdy, for Glenrinues ; General Sir Peter Lurnsdeu, K.C.B., of Buchromh. 
Clerk— William Thomson, factor, Fife-Keith. 

Ministers— Rev. J. B. Cummine', M.A., B.D., Established Church ; Rev. Jas. Russell, M.A.. 
Free Chur.;h ; Rev. Alex. Gerry, R.C. Church; Rev. W. Dodds, Episcopal Church. Registrar, 
George Iunes. Session-Clerk, J. Sband. 

Parish Council — Rev. J. B. Gumming, chairman; Wm. Grant, Glenfiddich ; Charles Innes, 
Raws; Donald M'Kay, Dufftown ; John Macpherson, draper; John Robertson, banker; John 
Roberts m, Keithmore; R. \. Nicol, Cluoy beg ; Provost Spence, Dufftown; Jobn Symon of 
Pittyvaich; Wm. Watt, Fife Street; and George Grant, saddler. George Innes, inspector; 
J. A. Innes, M.D., medical officer. 

School Board — Rev. J. B. Cumming, chairman ; William Grant, distiller; Robert Davidson; 
Geo. Mitchell, Bellevue; C. J. Macpherson, Rev. Jas. Russell, aod G. S, Spence. Alexander 
Walkinshaw, bank agent, clerk and treasurer. Teachers — John Shand, M.A., Miss 
Annaud, Miss K-llas, Miss Scott, Miss M'ltae; Miss Gilbert and Miss Kemp, Infant 
School; Auchindouu District School, Mrs E. Campbell: KiDinvie District, School, Miss Ca:meron. 

Townof Dufftown fouuded 1817. Valuation, £5001 10s 8d. Population in 1891, 1469,formine 
362 families, living iu 330 houses. General Police and Improvement Act adopted November 
26, 1863. Number of Police Commissioners, nine — Provost, Wm. Spence, clothier ; Bailies, 
John Grant and George Mitchell ; Commissioners, Alex. Stewart, Mortlach Distil, 
lery; Geo E. M'Lennan, bookseller; John M'Kenzip, mason; John Tboms in, John Symon 
of Pittyviu«h ; and George Grant, saddler. Alexander Walkinshaw, bank agent, clerk. John 
Lipp Craig, solicitor, Burgh Fiscal. Donald Mackay, Burgh Surveyor ; Hugh M. Ross Sanitary 
Inspector. Banks — North of Scotland, Alex. Walkinshaw: Town and County, John Robertson. 

Sheriff Circuit Court for Small Debt Cases held four times a year at Dufftown, on the fourth 
Saturdays of January and October and first Saturdays of April mid July. Solicitors — John L. 
Craig, Jos. Kilgonr, and C. J. Macpherson. Sheriff-Clerk Depute — John Innes, bank accountant. 

Sacramental Fast Days on Fridays before last Sunday in June and before the Sunday prior 
to the 28th November. In 1898 tbev wi 1 be June 24 and November 25. 

Literary Association — President, John Robertson; bon. president, John Symon; secretary 
and treasurer, G. E. M'Lennan; librarian, Jobn Stuart. 

Parish Reading Room and Library — President, Rev. John B. Cumming; secretary and 
treasurer, John Innes, accountant; librarian, Sergeant Swingler. In Parish Hall, Albert 
Place, and open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. 

Young Men's Christian Association — Meetings in Board Room, Infant School, every Sunday 

Young Men's Guild — Vice-president, Wm. Watt; secretary, John A. Fraser; treasurer, 
James Kellas. 


Stephen Cottage Hospital — Opened 1890. The Board of Trustees and Directors came 
into operation in February 1889. The Trustees are — A. M. Cowie of Dullan Brae, 
Rev. J. B. Cumming, minister of the parish of Mortlaoh ; Rev. Charles Bruce, 
minister of the quoad sacra parish of Glenrinnes ; George Gordon, Tullochallum, Dufftown; 
Robert DavidsOD, road surveyor, Dufftown ; George Grant, saddler, Dufftown ; and General 
Sir Peter Lumsden, K.C.B., of Buchromb. Secretary, J. L. Craig; Treasurer, Alex. 
Walkinshaw; matron, Miss Law. 

Oddfellows, Royal Balvenie Lodge, No. 1044, National Independent Order of Oldfellows, 
established 8th June 1882 — Win. Davidson, secretary ; A. Grant, M.B.C M., medical officer. 

Mason Lodge, No. 289, St James— R.W.M., Wm. Swingler ; P.M., A. S. Begg ; DM., W. 
Sheed ; S.M., John Macpherson ; Secretary, John F. Forsyth; Treasurer, John Innes ; S.W., 
E. J. Garden; J.W., H. M. Ward ; Tyhr, D. Grant. 

Horticultural Society — President, General Sir P. S. Lumsden, K.C.B., of Buchromb ; vice- 
president, J. Robertson; secretary and treasurer. Thos. Guild. 

6th V.B. Gordon Highland* r->, F Company — Hon. Mijor Joseph Kilgour; Lieutenant J. 
Innes, 2nd Lieuteraot J. Duncan, Duff own ; Surgeon Lieut. A. Grant Sergeant-Instructor, 
E. Reynolds, 1st Gordon Highlanders. Total strength, 105. Amount of capitation grant, 
£211 lis. 

Bangers' Football Club — Captain, Charles Geddes ; secretary and treasurer, Allan Fraser. 

Golf Club — President, General Sir Peter Lumsden, K.C.B., of Buchromb; vice-president, 
Dr Cowie, Dullanbrae ; captain, Bev. J. B. CummiDg ; vice-captain, Sergt. Reynolds ; secretary, 
Sergt. Swingle- ; treasurer, John Robertson. 

Cycle Club— Captnin, H. M. Ross; secretary, James Fraser. 

Industries — Distilling — Mortlacb, George Cowie & Son j Glenfiddirh and Balvenie, Messrs 
Grant; Perkmore, Messrs Watson, Dundee; the Convalmore Distillery Company, Ltd.; and 
Duff own Glenlivet Distillery Company, Ltd.; lime works — Tininver, James Kemp; Richmond, 
John M'Kenzie, and Parkmore, James Kemp ; wool mills, Robert Laidlaw ; s'eam siwmills, 
Lewis Robertson: saw and meal mills, Balvenie, George Dean; steam threshing acd meal 
mil's. Dufftown, John Black. 

Ruins of Castles of Auchindoun and Balvenie. Malcolm II. defeated the Danes at Church 
of Mortlacb 1010. Kmiuvie House dates from 1502. Buohrornb House erected 1874. Glen, 
rinnes Lodee erected 1895. 

Mails — George Innes, postmaster, Dufftown. Box closes for despatch for South, Aber- 
deen, Huntly, Banff, and Keith, at 7'10 a.m., (parcels for this despatch have to be banded iu the 
previous evening) ; Gleulivet, Tomintoul, Aberdeen, Elgin, aud South as far as Perth and 
Dundee, at 9 "5 a.m.; Aberdeen, South, &3., at 2'35 p.m.; Craigellachie, Strathspey, Elgin, 
Aberdeen, South, Keith, &c, at5'40 p.m. Deliveries from Aberdeen, South, Huntly, &c, at 7'30 
a.m.; from Aberdeen, South, Banff, Keith, Elgin, at 10"30 ; letters from Strathspey to callers 
at 11*15; from Elgin, Aberdeen, Keith, &c, at 710 p.m. Runners leave for Glenrinnes 
Auchindoun, Maggieknockater, and Buchrnmb, at 10'30 a.m. Telegraph Office — Dufftown. 

About 5 miles long, and 2\ miles broad, is enclosed by ranges of bills, culminating on the 
north-west in Benrinnes, 2765 ft., and on the south-east by Corhabbie, 2563 ft. abive sea level. 
Highest cultiva'ed land, at Altavallie, Sheaudow, and Black-kDowe, all upwards of 1250 feet 
above sea level. It was erected into a quoad sacra Parish 15th March 1855, and into a 
Registration District 1st January 1866. It comprises part of Mortlach, with a population 
of 281, and part of Aberlour, with a population of 93 — total population, 374. Twelfth or Duff- 
towo aui Thirteinth or Aberlour P. dim? Districts. 

Heritors — Duke of Richmond and Gordon and Robert Skirving. the former having a rental 
in Mortlach district of £738 5<., the la'ter having a rental in Mortlach district of £266 3s. 
Id., and in Aberlour district of £588 7s. 2d. Miscellaneous — Church Trustees, School Board, 
&c., £53. Total valuation, £1645 15s. 3d. 

Church, seated for 218, erected 1883-4, about the centre of the Parish, 992 feet abo?e sea 
level, 5| miles from Dufftown. Minister, Rev. C. Bruce, M.A. Registrar, Rev. C. Bruce. 
Kirk. Officer, Wm. Macpherson. Church Trustees — Duke of Richmond and Gordon, Robert 
Skirving of Glenrinnes, W. M. Skinner, Drumin ; Wm. Thomson, Fife- Keith ; A. Gordon, 
farmer, Rinaiten ; G. Innes, farmer, Nether Achmore; and John Grant, farmer, Recletich; 
Clerk and Treasurer — Rev. C. Bruce. 

Ground acquired, enclosed, and laid out as Burial Ground, under the provisions of the 
Burial Ground (Scotland) Act, 1855, in 1872. Managers, joint-committee of seven of the 
Parish Councils of Mortlach and Aberlour — Chairman, Mr George Grant, Dufftown ; Secretary 
and Treasurer. Rev. C. Bruce. 

Sacramental Fast Day on Friday tefcre the first Sunday cf July. In 1898 this will be 
July 1. 


School Board — W. M. Skinner, Drumin, chairman; Peter Grant, M.A., retired teacher, 
Recletich; John Shand, farmer, Altbe? ; John Green, farmer. Nether Balandy; and George 
Innes, farmer, Easter Aucbmore. Clerk and Treasurer, Rev. C. Bruce. Officer, John Collins. 
Recletich. Head Teacher, Joseph D. Kirton, M. A. Teacher's salary, £105, with free house and 
garden, and right to participate in Dick Bequest, amount received in 1896, £29 15s. lid. Certifi- 
cated Assistant Teacher, Mrs Mary A. S Kirton, Salary, £50. School accommodation for 101 
pupils. Average attendance, 68'3. School rate, 6d. on owners, and 6d. on occupiers. Amount 
of Government Grant received, £88 Is. 6d.; grant under Section 67, £9 2s. 5d. School fees 
abolished in all classes and all hooks and stationery free. Grant in relief of fees received, 
£40 16s. Grant from County Council for secondary education, £27 15s., total income from 
grants, exclusive of Dick Bequest, £165 17s. lid. 

New School erected by the heritors in 1875 at a cost of about £400, and new dwelliog-house 
erected by the Scbool Board for teacher in 1887 at a cost of £356. 

Rifle Volunteers — F Sub- Division Headquarters Glenrinnes Drill Hall, erected 1884- Hon. 
Major, J. Kil?our, commanding; Hon. Major Williim Grant. Sergeant-Instructor — E. 
Reyrjolds, Dufftown. Strength 1 major, 2 sergeants, 3 corporals, 1 lance-corporal, 40 rank 
and file, total, 47 ; musketry certificates — 38 second class shots. Four members joined in 
1897. Strength on 31st October, 47, of whom 43 were efficient. Capitation grant, £89 19s. 

Mails — Delivery and despatch daily by rural postman to Dufftown. James Brown, post 
messenger, leaves Recletich daily, excepting Sunday, at 8'30 a.m., arriving at Dufftown at 10 
a.m.; leaves Dufftown at 10"30 a.m., arriving at Recletich at 12 noon; at Manse, 12'30 p.m.; at 
Bregach, 1 p.m., arriving at Recletich, on return journey, at 1'50 p.m. 


Area, 9468'693 acres. Valuation, £5604 0s. lOd. Population in 1891, 1291, forming 264 
families, living in 258 houses. Mansions — Rothiemay House andMayen House. 

Heritors — Doke of Fife j Lieui.-C >l. John Foser Forbes of Rothiemay ; Edward Alexander 
Thurburn of Mayen ; John Porter of Comiebaugh ; Alexander Murray of Hill of Tur- 
tory ; J. S. Sharp, Whitestooes; George Cruickshauk of Knauchland; Trustees of the late 
Rev. John Gordon of Iaverisla; William Gordon of Nortbfield ; William Walkerof Woodside; 
W. T. R»id of Tur ory; Alex. Skinner of Cross Roads; and George Riddoch of Tarryblake. 
Clerk— William Thomson, fac'or's office, F f^. Keith. Unexhausted teinds, £45. 

Ministers — William Allardyce, Established Church ; Alex. M'Tavbh, Free Church. 

Registrar and Session Clerk, James Geddes, M.A. 

Sacramental Fast Days — Established Church, Friday before first Sunday in July — in 1898 
this will be July 1 ; Free Church, Fridays before first Sundays of May and November — in 1898 
these will be April 29 and November 4. 

Parish Council — E. A. Thurburn of Mayen, chairman ; George Riddoch of Tarryblake ; 
Wm. Morrieoa, Boat of Turtory ; Alex. Leslie, Moss-side ; John Skinner, Cross Roads ; Wm. 
George, Shielpark ; and Janus Dingwall, Cai'nhill. James Primrose, inspector and parish 
clerk ; Charles Smith and A. B. Whitton, joint medical officers. 

School Board — E. A. Thurburn of Mayen, chairman ; Geo. Riddoch, Tarryblake; Rev. Wm. 
Allardyce; Alex. Leslie, Moss-side; and J. S. Sharp, Whitestone3. Messrs Thurburn & Fleming, 
solicitors, Keith, clerks and treasurers. Teachers — James Geddes, MA., Miss Innes, and Miss 
J. Stephen, Rothiemay School; Ternemny School, Mr James Mackie, M. A., and Miss J. G. 
Riddoch, Miss Jeannie G. Riddoch (Infant Department). 

There is a Reading Room in the Upper Hall, Milton, open every Saturday evening for two and 
a half hours. Papeis, periodicals, games, &c. Managed by a Committee — G. Ritchie, secretary. 

Industry — Woollen manufactory, Robert Laidlaw. 

Mails — T. Carle, postmaster. The mail service is at present under review. The present 
arrangements are — Box closes for despatch 5'15 a.m. and 12'15 p.m. Arrival, 8 40 a.m. and 
1V50 a.m., when delivery is made in Village, and throughout the Parish after 11"50 a.m. 
Runner delivers letters on route to and from Huntly, and exchanges letters with runner from 
Ruthven, Cairnie, at Bridge of Isla. Telegriph and Money Order Office. Two local runners, 
deliver letters to Corneyhaugb, Mayen, Coldhome, Auchincrieve, and by the way between 
these places. 

The other portions of the County are contained in — - 

Section I. — Banff, Macduff, Gardenstoiun, Gamrie, Ordiquhill, Boyndie, Alvah, 

Forglen, Inverkeithny, Aherchirder, and Marnoch. 
Section II. — Cullen (Burgh and Parish), Buckie, Buckpool, Portgordon, Enzie, 

Rathven, Deskford, Portsoy, and Fordyce. 







Allan, John, Blackhillock 
Annand, Alex, Delfur 
Batcheri, W, Mngguknockater 
Bremner, James, Tailzie 
Brown. Alex. Knookandhu 
Burgess, F W, Fountainhead 
Cattanach Geo. Viewfield 
Corser, Geo, Greenhill 
Cowie, John, Delfur 
Craig, W, Easter Gauldwell 
Gumming, A Wr Gauldwell 
Cumniiug, Alex lMarch«ide 
Cumming, W, Windyhillock 
Douglas, Geo, Bridgeton 
Duncan, John. Old mill 
Ferguson, J, jr. Rotten Moss 
Forbes, Jas, Balnallan 
Fra6er, Geo. Baluabraich 
Fraser, Lewis W, Knockmore 
Gill, James, Maryhill 
Gipps, Reginald, Delfur 
Grant, Alex, ShiaDS 
Grant, Alex, jan, Aidoch 
Grant, John, Delfur 
Grant, Lewis, Shians 
Grieve, Alex, Caltanach 
Hay, Wm, Starhead 
Hay, Wm, UrperTanzie 
Henderson, John, Deanshaugh 
Henderson, W, Little Newton 

Hendry, Robert, Blackpark 
Hunter, Rev J D. FC minister 
Hutcheson, Al, Belnagarrow 
Hutche-on, Geo, Aldernie 
Innes. Geo, Maggieknockater 
Kellas, Jas, Cottercowa 
Leith. Ja*, East Lodge 
Mackay, Peter, Tominachty 
Marshall. John, Co.dhome 
Milne, William, Vopire Mills 
Morrison, Wm, Deanshaugh 
Murray, A, Maggieknockater 
Murray, Jas B, Deanshaugh 
Murray, T A, Auchlunkart 
MConachie. J. Upper Auldton 
M'Culloch.R, Mains of New ton 
M'Kay, Al, Fiddoch Cottge. 
M'Kay, JohnW.Ferronderron 
M'Kay, Wm, Barns 
M'Kenzie, Donald Cobblepot 
M'Kenzle, Wm. Woodend 
M'Lean, D, Hill Auchmadies 
M'L^au. Francis, Tomheid 
M'Rae, Donald, Tomhead 
M'Kobb, Alex, Lochleask 
M Robh, Geo, Lochbask 
M'Robb, John, Lochleask 
M'William, G, Windyhillock 
M'Williain, Jas, backbhiaus 

Neisb, Wm, Blackhillock 
Ree, Rev. Stephen, Boharm 
Reid, James. Berryleys 
Reid, Jap, blackhillock 
Riach. Wm, Upper Tanzie 
Ritchie. J, WVr Gauldwell 
Robb, Alex, Arndilly 
Robertson, J, b'iddoca Cottage 
Ross, Alex, Dowalls 
Ross, Donald Windyhillock 
Rugg, Wm, 1 lackh'llock 
Scott, Peter, Manefield 
Shiach, George, Cobblepot 
Sim, Alex, Calternach 
Smith, T M, Maggieknockater 
Spicer, J E P, Chippenham 
Steuart, W F D, Auchlunkart 
Stewart, Win, nrCr.iigellachie 
Stronach, Jas. Belnagarrow 
Stuirt, Al B, Boat of Fiddich 
Taylor, J, Hill of Auchmadies 
Thorrson, Jas, Knockhillock 
Tough, Alex, Poi'ine Mills 
Tough, John, Gauldwell 
Watt, Alex, Stripetide 
Watt, John, Auchmadies 
Watt, Wm, Dinnyhorn 
"Wilson, John, Carlusk 
Wilson, Wm, Knockau 

PARISH OF KEITH— Town of Keith, 
Comprising the Remainder of the Burgh of Keith. 

Addisori, Alex, cattledealer 
Ainslie, Geo, carpenter 
Allan, George, coachman 
Allan, Jas, matou 
Anderson, C, tailor & clothier 
Anderson, Wm, vet surgeon 
Andrew, J F, farm servant 
Angus, Wm, baker 
Annand, Adam, bank sgeut 
Annand, James, ironmonger 
Ann i ml, John, constable 
Annand, Wm, mill worker 
Archibald, Kev. J, clergyman 
Aucbinachie, Jas, blacksmith 
Balgownn, Geo, labourer 
BaDKs, John, butcher 
Barclay, James, labourer 
Barnett, Jas, Glasgow 
Barnfatber, F, late eng driver 
Barritt, Job. n, organist 
Barron, Jttobeir, carter 
Barron, Robert, labourer 
Beange, Wm, farji servant 
Benton, John, Sheriffbaugh 

Beverly. George, chemist 
Birch, Thos, labourer 
Bisset, James, labourer 
Black, Allan, farm servant 
Black, George, merchant 
BLck, Robt, labourer 
Booth, Alex, labourer 
Bowie, John, surfaceman 
Bowie, John, carter 
Bojne, Alex, caiter 
Boyne, Alex, clothier 
Brander, Wm, millworker 
Bremner, Alex, engine cleaner 
Bremner, Alex, tailor 
Bremner, John, coat merchant 
Bremner, Johu. mason 
Brodie, Jas. hawker 
Brooks, J i s, labourer 
Brown, A, retired books l'er 
Brown, Andw, engine-driver 
Brown, Wm, coal merchant 
Bruce, Alex, butcher 
Bruce, James, brewer 
Bruce, James, Aether 

Biuce, John, labourer 
Burge.-s, Alex, tulor 
Kurgess, Wm, farm servant 
Burgess, W, telegraph clerk 
Burnett, Alex, labourer 
Burnett, Andrew, grieve 
Burnett, Arthur, dairyman 
Burueit. Robt, labourer 
Calder, Alfred, Islabank 
Camerou, Geo, carpenter 
Cameron, Geo, labourer 
Cameron, John, labourer 
Cameron, Robert, carpenter 
Cameron, Thos, engine driver 
Carmichael, Thos, manager 
Castles, Jas, china merchant 
Cay, John, gas manager 
Chalmers, Wm, shoemaker 
Christie, George, cooper 
Clark, Alex, mason 
Cobban James, carpenter 
Cockburn, George, feuar 
Cockburn, Wm. watchmaker 
Collins, Daniel, millworker 




Cormack, JohD, wright 
Coutts, John, cabinetmaker 
Cowie, John, engineer 
Cran, Wm, shoemaker 
Cruickshank, Alex, labourer 
Cruickshank, Charles, mason 
Cruickshank, George, clerk 
Cruickshank, George, labonrer 
-uickshank, G. cittledeoler 
Oraick6hank, Jas, shoemaker 
Cruickshank, John, carter 
Cruickshank, R, Aberdeen 
Cruickshank, Wm, shoemaker 
Cruickshank, Wm, mason 
dimming, John, shoemaker 
CummiDg, R, millworker 
Currie, Alex, ironmonger 
Cuthbert, Alex, postman 
Cuthbert, Wm, IslabaDk 
Dalgarno, Wm, farm servant 
Dalgarno, Jas, farm servant 
Davidson, A, cattle-dealer 
Davidson, A, hotel-keeper 
Davidson, Alex, mason 
Davidson, G, factor's clerk 
DavidsOD, R W, printer 
Davidson, Wm, labourer 
Davidson, Wm, labourer 
Dawson, Alex, labourer 
Dawson, Wm. clerk 
Dey, John, Oldtown, Premnay 
Dick, James, wine merchant 
Dick, W, grocer 
Dick, Wm, feuar 
Dickson, James, blacksmith 
Donald, Ali wool sorter 
Donald, G, labourer 
DODald, Jas, farm servant 
Duff, George, grocer 
Duncan, Alex, labourer 
Dnncan, Geo, butcher 
Duncan. Hugh, shoemaker 
Dunn, James, letter carrier 
Dustan, James, labourer 
Duthie, Robt, shoemaker 
Dymoud, John, merchant 
Edwards, Wm, librarian 
Ettles, Alex, grocer 
Ettles, Geo, labourer 
Ettles, John, millworker 
Ewan, John, painter 
Falconer, Malcolm, gardener 
Findlay, Alex, butcher 
Findlay, Wm, butcher 
Flnnie, Alex, labourer 
Fitzpatrick, Rev H, miuister 
Fleming, J G, solicitor 
Fleming Wm, gardener 
Forbes, Jamei-, millworker 
Forbes, Jas, farm servant 
Forbes. Wm, lime burner 
Forsyth, James, feuar 
Fraser, Geo, labour* r 
Fraser, James, shoemaker 
Fraser, John, feuar 
Fraser, John, mason 
Fraser, John, solicitor 
Fraser, Peter, labourer 
Fraser, Wm, flesher 
Fyfe, Jas, coachbuilder 
Fyfe, Wm N. coachbuilder 
Gardiner, Alex, feuar 

Garrow, Wm, druggist 
Gatherer, Jas P, gentleman 
Ganld, Alex, tailor 
Geddie, Thos, merchant 
George, Adam, labourer 
George, Alex, carter 
Gaorge, J, commission agent 
Gerrie, Chas, labourer 
Gerrie. Joseph, labourer 
Gibh, George, blacksmith 
Gibb, Wm, shoemaker 
Gillies, John, Speymouth 
Goodall, Alex, labourer 
Gordon, Alex, labourer 
Gordon, Alex, farm servant 
Gordon, George, merchant 
Gordon, George, labourer 
Gordon, George, labourer 
Gordon, Jas, late farmer 
Gordon, Jas, Forres 
Gordon, John, shoemaker 
Gordon, John, labourer 
Gordon, John, hammerman 
Gordon, Johu, shoemaker 
Gordon, Robt, labourer 
Gordon, Wm, shoemaker 
Gordon. Wm, labourer 
Grant, Alex, clothier 
Grant, Alex, labourer 
Grant, A, Fettern'r, Premnay 
Grant, George, saddler 
Grant, Gordon, horseman 
Grant, Jas, labourer 
Grant, Jas, labourer 
Grant, P, horsedealer 
Grant, Peter, labourer 
Grant, Wm, shepherd 
Grant, Wm, boots 
Gray, Alex, labourer 
Gray, Geo tailor 
Gray, Geo, cirpen' er 
Gray, Jas, sen. Bush 
Gray, James J, draper 
Gray, Jas, labourer 
Green, John, railwav porter 
Green, Peter, retired farmer 
Guthrie, J, Greenbog, Grange 
Guthrie, R, gas workman 
Hadden, James, carter 
Hamilton, A F D, captain 
Harper, Alex, hotel keeper 
Harper, John, labourer 
Harold, Wm, tailor 
Hay, Geo, carter 
Hay, Geo, labourer 
Hay, Jcs, carter 
Hay, Thomas A P, merchant 
Hay, Wm, carpenter 
Henderson, James, carpenter 
Henderson, J H, shoemaker 
Hendry, G, inspector of poor 
Hendry, Robt. cabinetmaker 
Henry, Jas, blacksmith 
Herd, Joseph, watchmaker 
Hogan, John, I.K. officer 
Imlach, James, carter 
Inglis, James, hotel keeper 
Inns, Jas. drill instructor 
limes, Alex, carter 
Innes, Alex, grocer 
Iones, Alex, tailor 
Innes, Geo, labourer 

Innes, Jas, labourer 
Innes, Johu, millworker 
Innes, Peter, I.R. officer 
Innes, Robert, labourer 
Innes, Wm, labourer 
Irvine, Peter, shoemaker 
Jack, Alex, draper 
Jack, Ja3, engine cleaner 
Jamiesoa, David, butcher 
Jamieson, G, Pones 
Jamieeon, James, mason 
Jessiman, Thos, hammerman 
Joss, Angus, plumber 
Kelman, James, flesher 
Kemp, James, merchant 
Kemp, Robert, carter 
Kidd, Wm, butcher 
Kilob, James, labouier 
Kynocn, Geo, tea planter 
Laing, B, horse-dealer 
Lairg, James, painter 
Laing, Peter, cattle-dealer 
Laing, Peter, millworker 
Laing, Wm, cattle-dealer 
LaiDg, W, juu, cattle-dealer 
Lamb, Johu. feuar 
Lamb, Wm. feuar 
Lawrence, James, gardener 
Lawrence, Jas, santary ins p 
Lawrence. Wm, pensioner 
Lawrie. Walter, millworker 
Leslie, Wm, labourer 
Leslie, Wm, late farmer 
Livingston, J, sheep manager 
Lobban, Alex, feuar 
Logan, Jas, labourer 
Lorimer, Wm, sexton 
Low, Peter, labourer 
Lyon, John, station agent 
Lyttle, James, surfaceman 
Mackie, Chas. manufacturer 
Main, John, farm servant 
Mair, Chas, flesher 
Mair, John, teacher 
Mann, Alex, shoemaker 
Mann, Alex, butcher 
Mann, Robert, butcher 
Mann, Wm, shoemaker 
Mann, Wm, cattlelealer 
Marr, Jas, ticket collector 
Masson, Alex, shoemaker 
Mavor, George, labourer 
Meldrum, Jas P, feuar 
Menzies, Johu, miller 
Menzies, Wm, plasterer 
Middleton, Alex, labourer 
Milne, Alexander, carpenter 
Milne, Alex, engine driver 
Milne, .fames, carter 
Mine, James, tailor 
Milne, James, post 
Milne, James, labourer 
Milne, James, eogine driver- 
Milton, Georee. blacksmith 
Milton, Jas, van driver 
Milton, John, labourer 
Milton, Wm, coachman 
Mitchell, George, clothier 
Mitchell, John, bookseller 
Mitchell. Thomas, draper 
Moffat, Very Rev.H B, dean 
Moggoch, Jos, gamekeeper 



Sec. III. 

Moir, James, LL. D. , Aberdeen 
Moir, John millworker 
Morrison, Duncan, labourer 
Morrison, Eobt, lorryman 
Morrison, W, police inspector 
Morrison, Wm. feuar 
Munro, Adam, labourer 
Munro, Geo. late blacksmith 
Monro, George, bawker 
Munro, Robert, cooper 
Munro, R G, New Zealand 
Monro, Wm. labourer 
Murdoch, Geo, labourer 
Murray. James, carpenter 
Murray, Jas. Aberdeen 
Murray, Wm, labourer 
Murray, Wm, clerk 
M'Connachie, Al, labourer 
M't'onnachie, Hugh, Keut 
M'Connachie, J, cattle-dealer 
M'Connachie, J, landed prop'r 
M'Connachie, John, botcher 
M'Connachie, M, painter 
M'Connachie, P, sen,re3id'ter 
M'Currach, G, brewer 
M'Donild, A, railway station 
M'Donald, D, station agent 
M'Farlane, Rev W H 
M'Gi'livray, Jas, inspector 
M'Gillivray, John, feuar 
M'Gregor, A, sheriff officer 
M'Gregor, Cbas. teacher 
M'Gregor, Duncan, labourer 
M'Gregor, P, coachbuilder 
M'Gregor, John, millworker 
M'Gregor, John, gardener 
M'Gregor, Robert, labourer 
M'Hattie, Chas, cattle dealer 
M'Hattie, Geo, cattle-dealer 
M'Hattie, Wm, merchant 
M'Hattie. Wm, labourer 
M'llroy, John, flesher 
M'Intosh, Jas, millworker 
M'Intoeh, John, wright 
M'Intosh, J, farm servant 
M'Intosb, John, labourer 
M'Intosh, W, engine cleaner 
M'Kandv. John, labourer 
M'Kay, Geo, plasterer 
M'Kay, John, tanner 
M'Kay, Joseph, blacksmith 
M'Kay, Wm, labourer 
M'Kay, Wm, labourer 
M'Kenzie, Alex. V.S. 
M'Kenzie, Alex, residenter 
M'Kenzie, G, machine agent 
M'Kenzie, Geo, flesher 
M'Kenzie, J, china merchant 
M'Kenzie, John shoemaker 
M'Kenzie, John E, tailor 
M'Kimmie, Alex, blacksmith 
M'Kimmie. Alex, slater 
M'Lean, J, railway porter 
M'Lennan, L, labourer 
M'Lennan, Ranald, quarrier 
M'Neil, J, late cattle-dealer 
M'Pherson, Geo. blacksmith 
M'Pherson, J, traffic agent 
M'Pherson, Wm, merchant 
M'Wiliiam, Geo, labourer 
M'William, J. oabinetmaker 
M' William, Jas, labourer 

M'William, John, 'bus driver 
M'Willie, Wm, merchant 
Neisb, A, grocer 
Nicol. Robert, dentist 
Ogg, John, janitor 
Ogg, JohD, mason 
Ogg, Robert, mason 
Ogg, Wm, gamekeeper 
Ogilvie, Ja<, coal agent 
Paul, Rev John, R C C 
Paul, Wm. labourer 
Peterkln, Jas, blacksmith 
Peterkin, John, dairyman 
Peterkin, Wm, carter 
Pirie, Alex, tailor 
Pirie, C, Mytice, Rhynie 
Pirie, George, labourer 
Pirie. G, bank accountant 
Pirie, James, feuar 
Pirie, James, chemist 
Pirie, John, labourer 
Pirie, Wm, clothier 
Pirie, Rev W R, EC minister 
Porteous, Robert, labourer 
Porter, Wm, labourer 
Proctor, George, solicitor 
Rathie, R K, plumber 
Reid, Alex, postboy 
Reid, David, butcher 
Reid, Henry, butcher 
Reid, Joseph, carter 
Renoie, Peter, mason 
Rhind, Gordon, flesher 
Richmond. Jas, labourer 
Riddoch, Geo, labourer 
Robb, Wm, ironmonger 
Robb, Wm, solicitor 
Robertson, &.d ; stillery worker 
Robertson, B, farm servant 
Robertson, Chas, blacksmith 
Robertson, Donald, labourer 
Robertson, G, engine driver 
Robertson, James, draper 
Robertson, Jeffrey, way man 
Robertson, John, residenter 
Robertson, Thos, clerk 
Robertson, Thos, feuar 
Robertson, Wm, labourer 
Ross, Alex, shoemaker 
Ross, Alex, cabinetmaker 
Ross, Andrew, labourer 
Ross, George, carter 
Ross, James, flesher 
Ross, Robt, innkeeper 
Roes, W, warehouseman 
Roy, Alexander, libourer 
Roy, Robert, feoar 
Russell, George, labourer 
Ruxton, Jas. millworker 
Sandison, Geo, labourer 
Saodieson, John, innkeeper 
Sandison. Wm, draper 
Scott, Walter, town's crier 
Sellar, John, shoemaker 
Sellar, John, labourer 
Sellar, William, tailor 
Sellar, Wm, shoemaker 
Shand, John, butcher 
Shearer, Adam, ironmonger 
Shearer, George, carpenter 
Shearer, Thos, slater 
Simpson, Alex, engine drivre 

Simpson, Alex, farm servant 
Simpson, Chas, engine driver I 
Simpson, Cha°, labourer 
Simpson, George, labourer 
Simpson, Geo. millworker 
Simpson, James, millworker 
Simpson, Jas, late farmer 
Simpson, J, implement maker: 
Simpson, Robt, millworker 
Skene, Jas, gardener 
Skene, James, farm servant 
Smith, Alex, plumber 
Smith, Alex, tweed finisher 
Smith, Alex, coachman 
Smith, George, farm servant 
Smith, Geo, gardeuer 
Smith, Innes, blacksmith 
Smith, James, feuar 
Smith, James, dairyman 
Smith, Jas farm servant 
Smith, Wm, wool sorter 
Smith, Wm, merchant 
Smith, Wm, Den Cottage 
Smith, Wm, Dundee 
Smith, Wm, signalman 
Smith, Wm. labourer 
Spence, Duff, labourer 
Stables, Alex, labourer 
Stables, George, carter 
Stables, JohD, merchant 
Stables, John, strapper 
Stables, Wm, labonrer 
Stephen, Jas A, bank agent 
Stephen, Wm, pensioner 
Stewart, Geo, labourer 
Stewart, James, flesher 
Stewart, James, labourer 
Stewart. James, Rhynie 
Stewart, John, clothier 
Stewart, John, labourer 
Stewart, Thomas, builder 
Stewart, Wm, labourer 
Strachan, George, Islabank 
Strathdee, Alex, coachman 
Stronacb, Wm, labourer 
Stuart, James, feoar 
Stoart, John, photographer 
Stuart, John, labourer 
Stuart, Wm, farm servant 
Sutherland, C. cattle dealer 
Sutherland, W, traffic agent 
Symon, John, painter 
Taylor, Geo, sheriff officer 
Taylor, George, baker 
Taylor, George, labourer 
Taylor, Henry, brewer 
Taylor, James, clerk 
Taylor, James, grocer 
Taylor, James, M.D. 
Taylor, John, roadman 
Taylor, John, cattle dealer 
Taylor, John N, draper 
Taylor, John, coachman 
Taylor, Jos, labourer 
Taylor, Thos, cattle dealer 
Taylor, Wm, flesher 
Thompson, Alex, Dumfries 
Thompson, Alex, auctioneer 
Thomson, Alex, grocer 
Thompson, Rev A B 
Thomson, C, cabinetmaker 
Thomson, John, engineer 




(Thomson, John, carter 
Thomson, Richard, mason 
Thomson, R, coach painter 
Thomson, W M, shopkeeper 
Thomson, Wru, carter 
Tburburn, Alex, solicitor 
Tochettie, Very Rev, Aberd'n 
Tunion, Robt, warehouseman 
Turner, Robert S. M.D. 
Tytler, Wm, hawker 
Waite, Wm, supervisor 
Walker, Jas, watchmaker 
Wallace. John K, London 
Ward, James, forester 
Watt, Geo, vaniaan 

Watt, James, labourer 
Webster, Rout, blacksmith 
Whitecross, J, millworker 
Wllkie, Thomas, tailor 
Wilkin, Wm, quarry worker 
Will. Geo, engine driver 
Williamson, Isaac, horsedealer 
Wilson, Alex, carter 
Wilson, Alex, flesher 
Wjison, Jas, late farmer 
Wilson, Jas, butcher 
Wilson, Jas, van driver 
Wilson, John, millworker 
Wilson, John, farm servant 

Wilson, Peter, watchmaker 
Wilson, Wm, carter 
Wilson, Wm, farm servant 
Winchester, W, farm servant 
Wood, Alex, carter 
Wood, John, photographer 
Wright, Alex, slater 
Wright, James, slater 
Wright, Robert, slater 
Wordie, John, Inverness 
Wordie, Peter, railway carter 
Wyness, W B, wa'c imaker 
Young. Bobeit, flesher 
Yule, David, labourer 


Adam, John, Corskellie 
Adam, Walter, Corskellie 
Allan, Alex, Retannach 
Allan, George, Moss side 
Allan, George, Riunsburn 
Allan, James, Moss-side 
Allan, John, Retannacb 
Allan, William, Cairnhill 
Allardyce, Rev. VV r , minister 
Anderson, John, Mayne 
Andrew, Alex, Manuochhill 
Andrew, Wm, Ramsburn 
Angus, James, Ramsburn 
Anton, Alex, Redbill 
Barber, Chas, Woodfold 
Barrie, Alex, Fowlfolds 
Beattie, Wm, Auchincrieve 
Biddie, Wm, Shielpark 
Black, Walter, Hill of Turtory 
Burnett, James, Ternemny 
Campbell, G, Auchincrieve 
Carle, A, Multowu 
Carle, T, Milliown 
Cattauach, Jas, wayen 
Chalmers, J, Hill of Turtory 
Christie, John, Moss-side 
Clark, Alex, Knaughland 
Clark, Allan, Oldmiils 
Cormack, Geo, Glentie House 
Cowie, Alex, Brownhill 
Cowie, Jas, Retanuach 
Craib, Hugh, Cowiewell 
Cruickshank, G, Knaughland 
Cruickshank, J, Mains Mayen 
Cruickshank, R, Rothiemay 
Cruickshank, Wm, Ramsburn 
Dawson, John, Parroch 
Dempster, Jn, Upr Inchcorsie 
Dey, Jas, Cnrskeilie 
Dick, John, Knackland 
Dickson, Peter, Scrab 
Dingwall, Alex. Milltowu 
Dingwall, Jas, Cairnhill 
Duttus, James, C.iirnhill 
Duguid, James, Scraib 
Duncan, Adam, Moss-side 
Duncan, Geo, Teinemny 
Duncan, George, Retannach 
Duncan, Jno, Hill of Turtory 
Duncan, Wm, Milltown 
Dnstan, Robt, Milltown 
Edwards, Jn, Whitestones 

Edwards. Wm, Whitestones 
Fiddes, Wm, Milltown 
Forbes, John h\ Rothiemay 
Fordjce, Leslie, shielpark 
Forsyth, Robert, Milltown 
Gauld. Alex, Greenfold 
Gauld, James, Moss-side 
Geddes, Jas, M.A.. Milltown 
Geddes, Wm, Smith's Croft 
George, William, Parroch 
Goidou, John, Moss-side 
Gordon, Lewis, Mayeo 
Gordon, Wm, Northfield 
Grant, George, Moss-side 
Grant, John, Shielpark 
Grant, Thomas, Ramsburn 
Grant, Wm, Auchincrieve 
Gray, John, Ctrskellie 
Greia. Jas, Garronhaugh 
Hamilton, Wm, Ramsburn 
Henderson, Alex, Cairnhill 
Henderson, Peter, Hacklaw 
Heury, Thos, C<r.-ktllie 
Horn, Alex, Craigmoss 
Horn. Juhn, Moss-side 
Johnston, Jn, Retannach 
Kemp, Chas, Auchincrieve 
Kessock, Robt, Ketannach 
King.Al.Muirof Auchincrieve 
King. Chirles, Anohincreive 
Knight, Robert, Milltown 
Laidlaw, Robt, Bridge of Isla 
Laird, John, Moss-side 
Largue, W, Hill of Turtory 
Leslie, Alexander, Moss-side 
Leslie, Theo, Retannach 
Leslie, Wm, Claymires 
Lobbau, Jas, Corskellie 
Lumsden, Ge->, Relashes 
Mackie. Alexr, Retannach 
Marr, Henry, Milltown 
Mathieson, John, Ramsburn 
Michie, Jas, Newton Turtory 
Michie, John, Ccldhome 
Milne, Adam, Craighead 
Milne, Alex, Greenfold 
Milne, Aurirew, Barnhill 
Milne, Arthur, Retannach 
Milne, Ernest, Knaughland 
Milne, Geo, Bamsbnrn 
Milne, John, Moss-side 
Milne, John, Knabbygates 

Milne, Jno, Hangh of Turtory 
Milne, John, Mayt-n 
Milne, Robert, Retannach 
Milne, Robert, Clovenstone 
Milne, Wm, Clashmanhillock 
Milton. Win, Moss-side 
Mitchell, Dauiel, Milltown 
Mitchell, J, Cliai mmhillock 
Mitchell, Wm, Ramsburn 
Moir, Henr.f, Milltown 
Morrison, Alex, Anlton 
Morrison, Alex, Lioven-tone 
Morrison, Geo, Auchincrieve 
Morrison, Jas, Teiueniny 
Morrison. Jas, Ooldbome 
Morrison, John. Ramsburn 
Morrison, John, Knackland 
Morrison, Job ', Craighead 
Morrison, W, Boatot Turtory 
Morrison. Wm, Coldhome 
Munro, James, Moss-side 
Murray, Alt-x, North Lodge 
M'Kay, Wm. Retannach 
M'Kenzie. Geo, Cairnhill 
M'Phail, Al x, Milltowu 
M'Pberson.A, Hill of Turtory 
M'Bae, Wm, Mos^-sde 
M'Robbip, J. Auchincrieve 
M'William, E, Moss-side 
M'William, W, U Woodside 
Ogilvie, James, Ternemny 
Paul, Alex, Mannochhill 
Pirie, Charles, Cairns 
Pirie, Charles, Milltown 
Porter, John, Huntly 
Power, Djv d. Mayen 
Primrose, Jas, Auchincleich 
Eatfnn, Gordon Ki aucbland 
Redford, Jas, Rotnoddie 
Reid, Charles F, Moss-side 
Reid, James, Shielpark 
Reid, John, Scraib 
Reid, Joseph, Ternemny 
Reid, Robt. Fowlfolds 
Reid, William, Backdykes 
iieid, Wm, Oldiuills 
Reid, Wm, Corskellie 
Reid, Wm, Co^kellie 
Rhind, John, Ternemny 
Riddoch, Alex, Claymires 
Riddoch, G, Tarrjblake 
Riddoch, John, Parroch 




Ritchie, George, Milltown 
Ritchie, Geo, , Milltown 
Ronald, William, Rarasburn 
Rose, James, Mannochhill 
Rose, Wm, Mayen 
Scott, Andrew. Eedh 11 
Scott, Wm, Coldhome 
Sharp, Alex, Milltown 
Sharp, James S, Whitestoues 
Shearer, John, Milltown 
Skinner, John, Cross Roads 
Smith, Alex, U pper Inchcorsie 
Smith, Chas,Haneh of Turtory 
Smith, George, Waulkmill 
Smith, George, Milltown 
Smith, George, Knabbygates 
Smith, Jas, Auchinclech 

Smith, John, Greenfold 
Smith, Wm, Moss-side 
Snath, Wm, Wcodside 
Spence. Wm, Barlacht 
Stephen, Alex, Claymires 
Stephen, David, Bruckles 
Stewart, John, Milltories 
Stewart, John, Cairnhill 
Stewart, Lewis, sen, Coldhome 
Stewart, Lewis, jun, Coldhome 
Stewart, Wm, Hrownhill 
Still, Eobert, Coldhome 
Taylor, Geo, Hassyhillock 
Taylor, Jas, Mo-sside 
Thorn, Alex, Cairnhill 
Thomson, Wm, Maunoch hill 

ThomsoD, Wra, Ramsbnrn 
Thurburn. Edward A, Mayen 
Tough, Alex, Auchincleich 
Tunion, Robt. Fambill 
Walker, W, Little Woodside < 
Walker, Wm, Woodfold 
Watt, Js, Home Farm, Mayen 
Watt, Robert, Moss- side 
Watt, Wm, Bruckles 
Webster,!', Muir Aucbincrieve 
Webster, Wm, Auchincleich 
AVilson, Francis. Ramsburn 
Wilson, Jas, Hill of Turtory 
Wilson Johc, Kuauchland 
Wilson, John, Clayimres 
Wilton, Alex, Temeaony 



Aitkeu, Wm, lirauge Station 
Allan, Alex, Granunch 
Allan, Jjsepb, Greens 
Allau, Knbert, Grppnbng 
Anderson. Ja=. Stripeside 
Bagrie, Wm, Bosehill 
Beattie, Ja-, Whitehill 
Henzie-, Win, t-illyearn 
Wid'e, George, Mnel 
Bowie, Alex, Foggiemoss 
Bremner, Joseph, Herryleys 
Hretnuer, Wm, Garrowooct 
Bremner, Wm, Myreside 
Brown, Alex, Balnamoonhill 
Buchan, John, Foggymoss 
Bucklow, Edward Knockdhu 
Burnet', Geo, Nethermills 
Burnett, James, Paithnick 
Cameron, Chas, Sillyearn 
Christie, Adam, Myrietown 
Christie, James, Sillyearn 
Clark, James, Croft Gibb 
Clark, John, Croft, Gibb 
Connon. Wm, Knock 
Cormack, James, Burnmouth 
Ooall, James, Burnend 
Coull, Wm, Burnend 
Cowie, George, Milligan 
Cowie, Geo, Auchinhove 
Cowie, William, Cairnhil 
Cowie, Wm, Youderton 
Craib, Alex, Kilbady 
Craib, John, Roehill 
Craib, John, Over Windyhills 
Craig, Geo, Knockdhu 
Craig, John, Nethermills 
Craigen, Wm, Todholes 
Cruickshank, Alex, Deerhill 
Cruickshank, J, Grange Stn 
Currie, F, Oaken Knowes 
Currie, Geo, Crannach 
Carrie, Jas, Oaken Knowes 
Cnrrie, Rose. Ronghpark 
Currie, William, Sillyearn 
Currie, Wm, Myrietown 
Davidson, Geo, Burnside 
Dawson, Jas J, Knock 
Donald, G, Ladyhill 
D onald, James, Haughs 

Donald, Wm, Gardenhead 
Duncan, J, Kilbady 
Duncan, Jnmes, Lurghill 
Edwards, Alex, Nethermills 
Elder, Alex, Limeliillock 
Ewing, Jas, Little Clerkseat 
Fettes, W, Baloamoon 
Forrest, Jas, Sillyearn 
Forsyth, Wm, Kilbady 
Fraser, Alex, Balnanioouhill 
Fraser, Alex, Sillyearn 
Fraser, Angus, Sillyearn 
Fra-er, Peter, Gawstack 
Fraser, Pobt, Roehill 
Fraser, Thomas, Sillyearn 
Gammie, John, Fortry 
Garden, Alex, Windyhills 
Gauld, John, Netheimills 
Geddes, Wm, Garrowood 
Gilbert, R E, Grange 
Gordon, Cba-\ Limehillock 
Gordon. James. Cairnhill 
Gordon, John, Knock 
Gordon, John, Bankhead 
Gordon, John. Woodhead 
Gordon, John, Shiel 
Gordon, Robt, Fovvlwood 
Gordon, William, Crannash 
Gordon, Wm Sillyearn 
Grant, Alex, Milligan 
Grant, John, Fowlwood 
Gray, Geo, Muckle Cantly 
Grigor, Rose C, Limeworks 
Gutnrie, James, Greeubog 
Guthrie, John, Greeubog 
Harper, Alex, Raehillock 
Harper, Hugh, Bracobrae 
Harper, Jas, Drnmnagorrick 
Hay, George, Crannach 
Henderson, John, Croylet 
Heuderson, J, near Whitehill 
Henderson, P, Oaken Knowes 
Hendry, Peter, Farmton 
Herd, John, Nethermills 
Hopkins. John, Limeworks 
Home, Alex, Reideston 
Howat, George, Sillyearn 
Howat, John, Braco 
Imlach, Alexander, Sillyearn 

Imlach, Wm, Wbitehill 
Irjglis, Wm, Farmton 
Ingram, Alex, J>astbuie 
Ingram, Andrew, Goukstone 
Ingram, George, Paithnick 
Ingram. Wm. Balnamoon 
limes. Sir John, Ediugight 
Innes, Wm. baloam.iouhill 
Jamieson, Alex, Crannach 
Jamieson, Wm, Chupelhead 
Keir, .T« mes, Crannach 
Keir, William. Fortrie 
Kemp, Alex, Knock 
King, Geo, Garrowood 
Klug, Wm, Burnend 
Lawrence, Johu, Sillyearn 
Leslie, Alex, Braco 
Leslie, George. Seggiecrook 
Leslie, James, Paithnick 
Lobban, George, Thornton 
Lobban, Wm, Sillyearn 
Lumsden, Rev Jas, EC Manse 
Lyon, Geo, Mains Edingight 
Mair, Alex, Paithnick 
Mair, Charles, Deerhill 
Maitland, Wm. Muiryfold 
Mann, John, Woodside 
Mann, Robt, Mosstown 
Meldrum, Chas, Paithnick 
Meldrum, John, Balnamoon 
Meldrum, John, Kilbady 
Michie, Robt, Knaperknaick 
Milne, George, Paithnick 
Milne, John, Damside 
Mitchell, Andrew, Burnend 
Mitchell, Chas, Limehillock 
Mitchell, Jas, Farmton 
Mitchell, Jas, Balnamoon 
Mitchell, Wm, Limehillock 
Moggacb, A, Anderton's Ward 
Morrison, Adam, Sillyearn 
Morison, Alex, Sillyearn 
Morrison, Chas. Knockbog 
Morrison, G, Drumnagorrach 
MorrisoD, Geo, Crannab ft 
Morrison, Jas, Brambleburn 
Morrison, John, Knock . 
Morrison, John, Knock 
Morrison, John, Crannach 

Sec. II r. 



Morrison, Wm. Liraeworks 
Munro, Alex, Nethermills 
Munro, John M, Glasgow 
Munro, Wm, Deershill 
Murdoch. W, Drumnagorrach 
Marie, Alex, Hillend 
Murray, A. Mains of Grange 
Murray, Alex, Rosehill 
Murray, Geo, Goukstone 
Murray, Jas, Wiinplingburn 
Murray, Jas, Balnamoonhill 
Murray, John, nr Grange Stn 
Murray, Wm, Edingight 
M'Andrew, James, Longley 
M'Callum, Simon. Auchinhove 
M'Conachie, Alex, Kilbadie 
M'Conachie, Geo, Woodside 
M'Conachie. Jas, Craiglethie 
M'Donald. Alex, Bridgend 
M'Ewan, James, Chapelhill 
M'Gregor, Geo, Cross Foads 
M'Intosh, Alex. Paithnick 
M'Intosh, D. OakeDkDOvves 
M'Intosh, Wm, Paithnick 
M'Kay, Alex, Knock 
M'Kay, Jas, Starhill 
M'Kenzie, John. Mi'linatJ 
M'Kenzie, Simon, Whitehill 
M'Kenzie, Wm, Berryhillock 
M'Kenzie, Wm, Kno^k 
M'Kimmie, G, Baluamoonhill 
M'Lennan, Alex. Mosstown 
M'Nab, Jas, Sillyearn 
M Neil, Jas, Stripeside 
M'Pherson, James, Roehill 
M'Pherson, J, Grange Station 
M' Robbie, Peter, Ga'eside 
M'WUiam, Alex, Braco 
M'William, John, Floors 
M'William, John, Rosehill 
Neish, Wm, Greenbog 
Oldtuan, Alex, Kilbady 

Ogg, James, Crannach 
Ogilvie, James, Crannach 
Ogilvie, Jn, Newton of Cantly 
Oliphant, Edward, Bueksbnrn 
Oluhant, J, n'r Grange station 
Paterson, Wm, Limehillock 
Pirie, Alex, Kilbady 
Pirie, Alex, Burn of Oldmore 
Pirie, Alex. Cri-nnnch 
Pirie, Charles, Paithnick 
Pirie, Wm, Foggymoss 
Pirie, William, Walktop 
Pirie, Wm, Bramblebuin 
Pirie, Wm, jun, Crannach 
Raffan, John, Balnamoon 
Keid, Alex, jun, Cranoach 
Reid, Alex, Balnamoon 
Reid, Alex, juo, Crannach 
Reid, Geo, Whiteley 
Reid, Geo, Anderson's Ward 
Reid, George, Crannach 
Reid, Geo, Balnamoonhill 
R unie, Alex. Allantown 
Riddoch, James, Kilbady 
Riddoch, Thomas, Sillyearn 
Riddoch, Wm, Roughpark 
Riddoch, Wm, Weetyfoot 
Ritchie, James, Crannach 
Robertson, J, jr, Mvrietown 
Robert-on, John, Sillyearn 
Robertson, John, Gateside 
Robertson, John, Paithnick 
Ross, Alex. Sillyearn 
Ross, Robert, Limeburn 
Ross, William, Limeburn 
Russell, Peter, Lansley 
Scott, Alex, N»wtack 
Scott, John, Whippiugston 
Scott, Robert, Crannach 
Sellar, James, Marchbank 
Shand, George, Gardenhead 
Shand, James, Hollodyke 

Shand, Jas. Balnamoonhill 
Shearer, W, tfjlnarooonhill 
Simpson, Robt, Sillyearn 
Simpson, Wm. Stripeside 
Smart, Wm. Youde rton 
Smith, Alex, Deerhill 
Smith, James. Reideston 
Smith, Samuel. Tarryfeuch 
Smith, William, Fortry 
Stables, Jas, Balnamoonhill 
Stephen, Geo, Whitehillock 
Stewart. Alex, Garrowood 
Stewart. James, Newton 
Stockdale. Rev Jas, Grange 
Stodart, George, Huutly 
Sr.uart, John, Mosstown 
Stuart, Robert, Burnend 
Taylor, Alex, Kilbady 
Taylor, Geo, Ladyhill 
Thom, Alex, Cranrach 
Thomson, Geo. S Wbitehill 
Thomson, J, Glack of Balloch 
Thomson, J, Oiken Knowes 
Thomson, Jn, Balnamoonhill 
Walker, James, Paithnick 
Watson, Alex, Stripeside 
Watson, Alex, Stripeside 
Watson, Geo, Nethermills 
Watson, Jas Edingight 
Watson, Jas, Knock station 
Wat f , Robr, Gnnge sta'ion 
Webster, Geo, Gallowhill 
Weir, Alex, Clerkseat 
Weir, Alex, jnn, Newtack 
Weir, John, Knockbog 
Wilson, Alex, Limehillock 
Wilson, Andw, Berryleys 
Wright, James, Netherton 
Wright, Thomas, Netherton 
Wright, Wm, Bog of Paithnick 
Yeats, Wm, Ploverwards 
Younie, Wm, Knockdhu 

Part of PARISH OF KEITH— Except Town of Keith, 

Comprising the Parish of 

Adams. Geo. Woodside 
Alexander, James, Newmill 
Allan, Alex, do 
Allan, Alex, Denhead 
[Allan, Alex, Milltown 
Allan, George, do 
Allan, J, Backhill of Oldmore 
Allan, Jas, Forgieside 
Allan, JohD, Newmill 
Allan, Wm, Newmill 
Anderson, J J. W'terChalder 
Anderson, John, Newmill 
Bain, Chts, Allachardoch 
Bain, Chas, Garrelhill 
Bannerman, George, Newmill 
Barber, John, Yonderton 
Barclay, Alex, Newmill 
Barclay, Alex, Oldmore 
iBarclay, Alex, Newmill 
Barclay, Alex, Oldmore 
Barclay, George, Newmill 
Barclay, Geo, Newmill 
Barclay, George, do 
Barclay, Jas, Haystown 

Keith exclusive of the portion included within the limits of 
the Police Burgh of Keith. 

Barry, John, Newmill 
Bennet, Alex. Hillocks 
Bennet, Peter, Poolside 
Benzies, Jas. Mair of Maislie 
Bouuymao, John, Oldmore 
tfoyue, Robert, Broadtield 
Brander, Alex, Little Cantley 
Bremner, Alex, Broadfield 
Bremner, James, Newmill 
Bremner, James, Corsairtly 
Bremner, Jonathan, Newmill 
Bremner, Jonathan, Oldmore 
Bremner, Robert, Forgieside 
Brockie, John, Newmill 
Brown, Wm, do 
Burgess, Wm, Newmill 
Calmer, Alex, Forgie Station 
Calder, Jas, Oldmore 
Calluna, Jas. Newmill 
Cameron, Alex, Newmill 
Cameron, Roaalyu, Braehead 
Chalmers, John, Newmill 
Chisholm, R, Broadfield 
Cooper, Wm, Newmill 

Cormaok, James, do 
Cowe, LewiB, Gibston 
Cowie, Alex, Glen of Newmill 
Cowie, Geo, Glen of Newmill 
Cowie, James, Oldmore 
Cowie, W, Glen of Newmill 
Crau, Robert, Newmill 
Craib, Alex, jnn, Oldmore 
Oruickshauk, Jas, Moss-side 
Cruickshank, Jas, Auchorties 
Davdson, David, Newmill 
Davidson, Geo, Oldmore 
Davidson Jae, Claypots 
Davidson, John, Forgieside 
Dean, James, Coldholm 
Donalri. W, Glen of Newmill 
Dow, Cbas, Aultmore 
Duff, Jas, Upper Broadfield 
Duff, John, Newmill 
Duff, Wm, RivehiUock 
Dunbar, Robert, Newmill 
Duncan, Geo, do 
Dunean, John, do 
Edward, Jas, Little Ardron* 




Edward, Alex, Sanquhar 
Edward, W, jun, Herrockside 
Elder, Grant, Newmill 
Ei ties. Geo, Blackhillock 
Ellis, John, do 
Ettles, James, Keichan 
Ettles, James, Gibston 
Fetch, Wm, Newmill 
Fimister, Robert, Oldmore 
Fraser, James, Newmill 
Fraser, Peter, do 
Garden, Jas, H'ds A'hind'ran 
Garden, John, do 
Garden, John, Newmill 
Gecldes, Malcolm, Bonnethill 
George, Chas, Edinburgh 
Gordon, Wm, Hillockhead 
Gordon, Wm, Rosehall 
Gossip, Jas, Newmill 
Grant, Wm, Newmill 
Grant, Lewis, Wester Chalder 
Grant, Paul, Newmill 
Gre>n, Jns, Muir ci Maislie 
Grigor, Jas, Newmill 
Harper, John, Corsairtly 
Harro'd, David, Claypots 
Hn.v, George Petrie, Forres 
Hay, Geo, Aultmore 
Hay, John, Newmill 
lnglis James do 
Inglis, Wm, Newmill 
Ingram, James, do 
Ingram, John, do 
Innes, Alex, Glen of Newmill 
Innes, Wm. Newmill 
Johnston, John, Newmill 
Johnstone, Charles, Oxgate 
Kellas, James, Newmiil 
Kelty, Geo. Keith 
King, Jas. Thaueswell 
Kissaek, Wm, Oldmore 
Lninir, Charles, Burns 
Laing, Chas, Glen of Newmill 
Laing, Wm, Newmill 
La ; ng, Wm, Newmill 
Lamb, Geo, Followsters 
Lamb, Jauaes, Oldmore 
Leitb, James, Yonderton 
Lemmor, E, Blackhillock 
Leslie, Allan, Jocksleys 
Leslie, John, Auchindachy 
Leslie, Peter, Newmill 
Lindsay, Peter, Newmill 
Lister, Robert, Newmill 
Littlejohu, W, Glen of N'mill 
Lobban, Alex, Newmill 
LobbaD, Alex, do 
Mackie, Jas, Oldmore 
Mair, Wm, Garrelhill 
Meams, A, Newmill 
Merson. W, Glen of Newmill 
Milne, George, Hairywell 
Milton, John, Forgie station 
Milton, John, Newmill 
Milton, Wm, Oldmore 
Milton, Wm, Oldmore 
Morrison, Alex, 3roalpans 
Morrison, Alex, Oldmore 
Morrison, J, Glen of Newmill 
Morrison, Jas, Newmill 
Morrison, Jas, Bodinflnnoch 
Munro, Al, Y'dton of Kil'sm'nt 

Murray, Alex, Auchinaeie 
M'Bain, Hugh, Hillbead 
M'Connachie, C, Ardrone 
M'Connachie, G, Gull.vknows 
M Connachie, J, Ardoch 
M'Connachie, Wm, Newmill 
M'Culloch, Jas, Aultmore 
M'Ourracb, JaB, Newmill 
M'Donald, John, Newmill 
M'Donald, John, do 
M'Donald, John, Broomhill 
M'Donald, P sen, Oldmore 
M'Donald, P jun, Oldmore 
M'Donald, Wtu, Newmill 
M'Gregor, Jas, Howemoor 
M'Hattie, G, Oldmore 
M'Hattie, Jas, Little Cantlay 
M'Intosb, Donald, Newmill 
M'Intosh.J, Br'mbill Oldmore 
M'Kay, Francis, Oldmore 
M'Kay, John, Newmill 
M'Kenzie, George, do 
M Kenzie, M Glen of N'mill 
M'Kinnou, Wm, Newmill 
M'L'chlan, James, do 
M' William, Alex, do 
M' William, Arthur, do 
M' William, George, Oldmore 
M' William, Geo, Newmill 
M'William, John, Oxwell 
Newlands, James, Ardrone 
Newlands John, Newmill 
Newlands, T, Little Forgie 
Oge, Alex, Newmill 
Ogg, Wm. Montgrew 
Paterson, Alex, Newmill 
Paterson, James, Oldmore 
Paterson, Robt, Oldmore 
Paterson, T B, Oldmore 
Paul, Alex. Newmill 
Peterkin, John, do 
Petrie, Merson, Oldmore 
Pirie, Adam, Newmill 
Pirie, Wm, Newmill 
Pirie, W, Mill of Newmills, George, Newmill 
Rayner, Robt, Newmill 
Reid, Jas, do 
Reid, Wm, Newmill 
Riridocb, James, do 
Robb, James, Newmill 
Robb, Jas, Bogs of Montgrew 
Robb, Wm, Bonnethill 
Robertson, &, Goldenknowes 
Robertson, Alex, Newmill 
Robertson, George, do 
Robertson, Geo, Blackhillock 
Robertson, Jas, Oldmore 
Robertson, John, Oldmore 
Robertson, John, Newmill 
Robertson, W, Glen Newmill 
Ronald, Alex, Newmill 
Ronald, James, Newmill 
Rose, James, Lockers 
Rose, Donald, Haughs 
Ross, Geo, Newmill 
Ross, Jas, Auchindasby 
Ross, John, Comrie, Perthshire 
Ross, Win, Newmill 
Rnssell, James, Garrelhill 
Sandiesou. W D.Aiichinderran 
Scott, James, Auchairn 

Scott, Jas, jun, Forgieside 
Scott, Jas, Newmill 
Shand, Jas, Newmill 
Sband, John, Newmill 
Sharp, Robt. do 
Shearer. Hugb, Newton 
Shearer, Thos, Tarnash 
Simpson, George, Newmill 
Simpson. George, Howemoor 
Simpson, John, Oldmore 
Simpson, Robt, Killiesmount 
Simpson, Wm, Old moor 
Skinner, Alex, Maisley 
Smart, J C. Mains A'hind'chy 
Smart, W J, Auchindachy 
Smith, Alex, Birdslint 
Smith, Alex, jr. illachardoch 
Smith, Angus, Newton 
Smith, C, Glen of Newmill 
Smith, Geo, Auchinderran 
Smith, Geo, Auchairn 
Smith, James, Newmill 
Smith. J^s, Bhjnie 
Smith, James, Oldmore 
Smith, James. Biggins 
Smith, Robt. Newmill 
Smith. W, Glfin of Newmill 
Smith, Wm, Newmill 
Stables, Alex, Qnarryhead 
Stables, John, Kdintore 
Stalker, John. Braehead 
Steel, Wm. Newmill 
Stephenson, a lex, Newmill 
Stewart, A, Glen of Newmill 
Stewart, Geo, Newmill 
Stewart, James, Oldmore 
Stewart, John, Burns 
Stewart, J. jun, Groalpans 
Strachan, J, Brae Montgrew 
Strachan, Peter, Newmill 
Strathdee, John, Newmill 
Stronach, aid, Tarrycroys 
Stronach.A, H'ds A'chinder'a 
Strouach, W, Newmill 
Stuart, Jos, Newmill 
Stuart, John, Gla?gow 
Stuart, Peter, Newmill 
Stuart, Wm, Newmill 
Sutherland, W, Newmill 
Symon, Adam, Oldmore 
Symon, Jas, Drumbnm 
Symon, James, Forgieside 
Thomson, Alex, Newmill 
Thomson, Robt. Bridgend 
Watson, Geo, Maislie 
Watson, J, Glen of Newmill 
Watt, Alex, Newmill 
Watt, Alex, Newmill 
Watt, Alex, Aultmore 
Watt, Geo, B*ckruoor 
Watt, Geo, Rosehall 
Watt, Jas, Killiesmount 
Watt, John, Newmill 
Watt, Jobn, Glen of Newmill 
Watt, Peter, Newmill 
Wa't, Wm, Upper Forgie 
Watt, Wm, Glen of Aultmore 
Webster, Alex, Newmill 
Webster, Chas 34 Main street 
Webster, John, Newmill 
Webster, Peter, Oldmore 
Webster, Peter, Newmill 




Weir, James, Tarmore 
Wetherspoon, Rev J, Newmill 

Wilson, John, Newmill 
Wilson, John M, Newmill 

Wilson, John, Loanhead 
Wilson, Wm, Newmill 

Part of PARISH OF KEITH— Except Town of Keith. 

Comprising that part of the Polioe Burgh of Keith which lies to the West of the 
River Isla— FlFE-KKITH. 

Alcook, John, surveyor 
Allan, Geo, late teacher 
Anderson, Alex, brakesman 
Anderson, J, surfaceman 
Anderson, Robt, hairdresser 
Barclay, John, feuar 
Barron, John, rly signalman 
Barron, John, farm servant 
Barron, John, stillman 
Bates, Wm, janitor 
Beattie, Adam, feuar 
Biddie, David, carter 
Brown, James, railway guard 
Brown, John, feuar 
Bruce, Wm, dyer 
Buchaj, Th03, porter 
Cameron, Alex, feuar 
Cameron, Kobt, labourer 
Cameron, Wm, railway porter 
Campbell, D, slate merchant 
Christie, Geo, fireman 
Christie, Geo, flesher 
Christie, G, railway employee 
Christie, Robt, labourer 
Clark, Geo, engine driver 
Clark, John, engine driver 
Conn, Alex, late cattle-dealer 
Cowie, George, carter 
Cran, James, grocer 
Cruickshank, Geo, clerk 
Cruickshank, John M, clerk 
Cruickshank, Wm D, designer 
Davidson, James, foreman 
Davie, John, brakesman 
Dawson, Geo, weaver 
Dawson, John H, chemist 
Dawson, Robt, roadman 
Dean, Jas, Achvocbkie 
Dean, Peter, carpenter 
Dennison, Job, millworker 
Douglas, David, labourer 
Dunbar, Jas, feuar 
Dunbar, Jas, labourer 
Duncan, Geo, shoemaker 
Duncan, Geo, clerk 
Duncan, Jas, blacksmith 
Duncan, John, baker 
Duncan, J, Nethertoo, Clatt 
Duncan, John, brakesman 
Duncan, Robt, retired farmer 
Duthie, John, spinner 
Dyce, Robt, fireman 
Emslie, Alex, residenter 
Esslemout, Geo, guard 
Ewing, Joseph, f >rm servant 
Farquhar, Alex, libourer 
Ferguson, John, cutler 
Forbes, John, railway porter 
Forbes, John, mason 
Forbes, Thos, railway guard 
Fraser, Alex, railway watcher 
Fraser, Francis, millworker 
Fraser, Robt, miller 
Fraser, Thos, rly pointsman 

Garden, Jas, gardener 
Geddes, Wm, labourer 
George, Jas, engine driver 
George, P C, manufacturer 
George, Wm, fireman 
Gibb, Wm, farm servant 
Gordon, Alex, dairyman 
Gordon, Donald, feuar 
Gordon, Jas, grocer 
Gordon, John, merchant 
Gordon, John, railway guard 
Grant. Alex, labourer 
Grant, Jas, rly employee 
Grant, John, millwright 
Grant, Wm, labourer 
Gray, Gordon, weaver 
Gray, John, labourer 
Gray, Robt, mason 
Gray, Thos, labourer 
Green, Peter, railway porter 
Green'aw, Johu, rJy porter 
Hadden, Jas, fireman 
Hay, George, millworker 
Hay, Wm, engine driver 
Henderson, Jos, engineer 
Hendry, Peter, tarmer 
Hepburn, David, eugine driver 
Hunter, Jos, manufacturer 
Hutcheon, Jas, farm servant 
Innes, Wm, carter 
Isaac, John, millworker 
Jamieson, John, mason 
Jeseiman, John, rly clerk 
Johnston, J, wood merchant 
Kellas, John, Cabraeh 
Kennedy, Chas station agent 
Kennedy, Wm rly guard 
Kidd, John, grocer 
Knox, George, shepherd 
Laing, Jas gardener 
Lamont, Donald, teacher 
Leddingham, A, carting agt 
Legg, William, carter 
Leslie, Allan fireman 
Lobban, Alex, farm grieve 
Lobban, Wm, feuar 
Mackie, John, farm servant 
Malcolm, Wm, shepherd 
Marshall, John, millworker 
Mavor, John, engine driver 
Mearns, Chas, mason 
Mearns, Wm, postman 
Mearns, Wm, engine driver 
Mellis, James, plasterer 
Menzies, JohD, millworker 
Merson, James, draper 
Middleton, W, engine driver 
Milne, Alex, carter 
Milne, Jas, Backshalloch 
Milne, J, sen, blacksmith 
Milne, J, jun, blacksmith 
Milton, Alex, engine cleaner 
Mitchell, G, lato farmer 
Mitchell, Jas, carpenter 

Mitchell, Jas, railway servant 
MOggacb, Wm, labourer 
Morrison, Geo, carter 
Morrison, G, railway guard 
Munro, Alex, grocer 
Munro, Donald, traffic agent 
Munro, Jas, farm servant 
Munro, JohD, grocer 
Murphy, James, maltman 
Murray, John, mason 
Murray, J, cattle-dealer 
Murray, W, telegraph insp'r 
M'Bain, Wm, Plaidy 
M'Bey, Robt, brakesman 
M'Connachie, J, gardener 
M'Connachie, John, fireman 
M'Connachie, P, cattle dealer 
M'Connachie, Wm, clerk 
M'Connachie, W, carpenter 
M Curraob, Alex, porter 
M 'Donald, 0, surfaceman 
M' Donald, DuncaD, mason 
M'Donald, Jas, feuar 
M'Gillivrav, Alex, watchman 
M'Gregor, H, railway labourer 
M'Gregor, Jas, labourer 
M'Gregor, J, pointsman 
M'Gregor, John, farm servant 
M'Kay, Wm, labourer 
M'Kenzie, Jas S, accountant 
M'Kecizie, J, railway guard 
M'Kenzie, W, railway guard 
M'Lean, Chas, labourer 
M'Lean, Jas, railway clerk 
M'Lean, W, eDgine driver 
M'Leod, Geo, railway guard 
M'PhersoD, D, gardener 
M'Pherson, John shoemaker 
M'Pherson, JohD, shoemaker 
M'Pherson, Lewif, baker 
M'Pherson, Wm, mason 
M'Rae, Duncan, quarryman 
Neish, James, feuar 
Nicholson, J, dist manager 
Nicol, George, labourer 
Paterson, Alex, grocer 
Paterson, Alex, baker 
Paterson, W, railway porter 
Pearson, Chas, engine driver 
Pearson, Wm, engine driver 
Pirie, Alex, tailor 
Pirie, James, saddler 
Pirie, John, tailor 
Pirie, Wm, cabinetmaker 
Pullar, John, railway servant 
Reid, J A, cabinetmaker 
Eeid, John, clerk 
Beid, Robert, millworker 
Riacb, James, labourer 
Riddocb, Thomas, labourer 
Ritchie, R, railway porter 
Robb, Jas, book deliverer 
Robb, John, merchant 
Robb, Joseph, merchant 




Robb, Wm, merchant 
Robertson, F D, architect 
BobertsoD, Geo, weaver 
Robertson, Jas. Cattle-dealer 
BobertaoD, JohD, bank agent 
Boss, Jas, railway guard 
Ross, John, engine driver 
Russell, Wm, carpenter 
Buxton, Jas, millworker 
Simpson. Jag, fireman 
Simpson, John, millworker 
Simpson, Wm, manager 
Skinner, Alex, labourer 
Smart, Chas, carter 
Smith, Alex, carter 
Smith, David, rly employee 
Smith, Ja9, railway employee 

Smith, Jas, baker 
Ste pben, Broue plumber 
Stewart, James, merchant 
Stewart, Jas, rly porter 
Stewart, Jas, stillman 
Stewart, Jno, engine driver 
Stewart, Wm, mason 
Straohau, Alex, rly porter 
Strathdee, Jas, labourer 
Stuart, John, Canada 
Taylor, JohD, slater 
Taylor, Thomas Vaux. draper 
Thain, Alex, engine fitter 
Thomson, Andrew, architect 
Thomson, Geo, innkeeper 
Thomson, Geo, feuar 
Thomson, Wm, factor 

Thornton, P, engine driver 
Tough, Jas, sawmiller 
Troup, J, telegraph inspector 
Walker, Alex, gardener 
Walker, G, distillery manager 
Watt, Jas, miller 
Watt, Wm, farm servant 
Weir, John, mason 
Wilson, Alex, feuar 
Wilson, John, engineer 
Wilson, John, brakesman 
Winchester, John, labourer 
Yool, Thomas, factor 
Young, Alex, engine driver 
Young, Wm, baker 
Younie, And, millworker 



Adams, Wm, Glenheath 
Alexander, Alex, Braehead 
Annan d, Chas, ^Newburgh 
Barclay, J, Easter Corrie 
Barclay, Wm, Stripeside 
Bell, Robt, Hill-leys 
Bird, Chas Old Kirkton 
Blackie, Jas, Braehead 
BUckie, Rob\ Westertown 
Bremner, Peter, Greens 
Burgess, Adam, Glack 
Burgess, A, Greens Woodend 
Burgess, A, Blackball 
Burgess, W, Broomhill 
Burgess, W, Woodend 
Cattanch, Jas, Lynemore 
Cbeyne, Chas, Towiebnrn 
Gumming, Geo, East Avenue 
Cumrning, W, Mill of Towie 
Dey, Alexander, Mid third 
Dey, Frank, Lower Tenrood 
Dey, Jas, Forkins 
Duff, T D G, Drummuir 
Duncan, Al, Mains Bellyhack 
Duncan, JohD, Wester Corrie 
Duncan John, Braehead 
Duncan, Thomas, Tenantown 
Edward, Alex, Starhead 
Forbes, R, Lower Lynemore 
Forsyth, Tb, Cachanhead 
Forsyth, Wm, Cachanhead 
Garden, Alex, Westertown 
Garden, James, Westertown 
George, Adam, Broomhill 
George, Peter, Whitecow 

Gordon, Robert, Broadrashes 
Grant, Alex, Newburgh 
Grant, Jas, seD, Shiels 
Grant, Jas, jun, Shiels 
Grant, JohD, Mill of Towie 
Grant, Rev K, Botriphnie 
Gunn, John, Glackmniek 
Hay, William, Bodinfinnoch 
Humphrey, A, Lower Towie 
Humphrey, Thos, Towiemore 
Ingram, Wm, Broomhill 
iDnes, Jas, Botriphne 
Jamieson, Geo, Starhead 
Johnston, John, Broomhill 
Legg, Francis, Kastertown 
Lobban, Alex, Cottertown 
Lobban, William, Scnrrach 
Middleton, Alex, Butterybrae 
Middleton, F. Butterybrae 
Milne, Alex, Broadrashes 
Milne, A, Mains of Drummuir 
Milne, Alex, Glack 
Milne, George. Bosearie 
Milne, George, Broomhill 
Milne, Geo, jun, Broomhill 
jflilne, James, Reyel 
Milne, J, Moss of Newburgh 
Mitchell, Wm, Glack 
Moggacb, J, Mains Towiebeg 
Moir, J.Home f arm.Drummuir 
MolisoD, Geo, Bomakelloch 
Morrison, George Bogaillie 
Morrison, JohD, Drummuir 
M'Gregor, James, Blackhall 
M'Intosh, Hugh, Glack 

M Intosh, Joseph, Glack 
M'Kay, Rev A, Botriphnie 
M'Kav, James, Sourrach 
M'Millan, JohD, Dromgrain 
M'Queen, Donald, Old Lodge 
M' William, A, Upper Towie 
Newlands, Joseph, Glack 
Newlands, Wm, Upper Towie 
Ogilvie, Alex, Ardgaithney 
PatersoD, Alex, Braehead 
Peddie, Jas, Turfhillock 
Robertson. Geo. F S Cottage 
Robertson, James, Sluggan 
RobertsoD, John, Loch 
Ross, James, Towie 
Shearer, George, Howdoup 
Shiel, George, Drummuir 
Sim, Alex, Bodinfinnoch 
Sim, James, Bluebands 
Simpson, Geo, Starhead 
Skene, Ja=>, Old Tollhouse 
Smith, Robert, Tenantown 
Stables, J, Upper Lynemore 
Strachan, Leslie, Auchindachy 
StrachaD, P.Midton Bellyhack 
Strachan, W, Forkins 
Strathdee, Jas, Blackmnir 
Strathdee, John, Blackmuir 
Stuart, Alex, Broomhill 
Sutherland, A, Midtown 
Sutherland, A. Botriphnie 
Thomson, James, Sluggan 
Wilson, W, Myriewood 
Wiseman, F, Bodinfinnoch 


Abercrombie, G C.Tomnaven 
Barclay, Geo, Tomballie 
Beattie, Wm, Todholes 
Cran, R, Maine, Lesmurdie 
Calder, Wm Bridgend 
Dow, Jas, Bcdiemulloch 
Duncan, J F, Drywells 
Fettes, Wm, Rhinturk 
Garden, Wm, Milton 
GordoD, A, Pyke and A'dtown 
Gordon, James, Bank 

GordoD, Wm, Belcherry 
Haig, Hugh V, Ladybank 
Harper, Wm, Invercharroch 
Horn, Jas, Dalriach 
HorD, John, Tombain 
Iunes Alex, Cairnbrawlin 
Jopp, James, Badobier 
Kellas, Wm, Invercharroch 
Merson, Wm, Invercharroch 
Mitchell, Alex Tomnavoun 
M'Combie, Alex, Burntrible 

M'Combie, Jas, Crofthead 
M'Connachie, A, Nr Arc! well 
M'Connachie, G, Drywells 
M'Connachie, P, Br'mknowes 
M'Donald, John, Shanvel 
M'Hardy, James, Badchier 
M'Intosh, James, Ballochford 
M'Lean, James, Crofthead 
M'Pherson, Jas, Bridgend 
M'William, Wm, Ballochford 
Battray, Wm, Fiudouran 




Riacb, Wm, Greenloan 
Robertson C, Tomnaven 
Robertson, Tnos, Cabrach 
Shand, Alex, Forteath 
Sheed, John, Upper Ardwell 

Shewan, Wm, Dalriach 
Smart George, Badchier 
Stephen, Alex, Drywells 
Taylor James, Eastertown 
Taylor, James, Milltown 

Taylor, Peter, Hillock 
Taylor, Wm, Milltown 
Thompson, Jas, Ballochford 
Tnlloch, Rev Geo, Lr Cabraoh 
Watt, Wm, Nether Ardwell 

Exclusive of the Police Burgh of Dufftown and Quoad Sacra Parish of Glenrinnes. 

Anderson, Alex, Clunybeg 
Anderson, James, Muirs 
Anderson, Jas, Glenfiddich 
Baillie, George, Er Brawlands 
Bain, Jas, Galaford 
Bain, John H, Balvenie 
Barflett, Chas, Parkmore 
Brady, Jeremiah, Kirton 
Cameron, Alex, Auchindown 
Cameron, 'Charles, Bogton 
Cameron, J, Edinglassie 
Cameron, J, Balvenie Square 
Cantlie, John,\Bakebare 
Christie, Jas Lajachro 
Cockburu, W, Hill of Kininvie 
Collie, Alex, Sandyhillock J 
Craib, Wm, Burnbrae 
Craib, W, Balvenie Garden 
Craig, John, Gibamuir 
Craik, Alex, Buchromb 
Cruden, Wm, Corsmauld 
Cruickshank, A, Pitglassie ' 
Cruickshank, J, Duff t'n Stat'n 
Cruickshauk, L, Convalhill 
Cnmming, Rev J B, Mortlach 
Dawson, Chas, Richmond 
Dean,-,Geo, Balvenie 
Dey, Lewis, Hillockhead 
Donald, John, Clunymore 
Duff, D, Braeside, Kininvie 
Duff, John, Balvenie Square 
Duncan, Alex, Newton 
Duncan, John, Burnbrae 
DnncaD, John, Parkbeg 
Duncan, J, Mains Edinglassie 
Duncau, J F, Parkmore 
Duncan, John, Galaford 
Duncan. W, Balvenie Square 
Eddie, Jas, Bnlvenie 
Ellis, Alex, Galaford 
Ellis, Jas, Convalhill 
Evans, Richard, Dufftown 
Eweu, Walter, Upper Enoch 
Farquharson, Alex, Bog 
Farquhar'oo, John, Tullich 
Fraser, J. Glack of Cluniemore 
Fraser, Peter, Galaford 
Garden, G, Hardhaugh 
Garden Jas, Balvenie 
Garrow, John, Boghead 
Garrow, Robt, Beatshaugh 
Gauld, A, Hangb, Edinglassie 
Gauld, G, Glenbeg 
Geddes, James, Tullich 
Geddes, Peter, Newley 
Gibb, G, Richm'd Lime Whs 
Gibbon, Francis, Tallich 
Gordon, Alex, Beatshaugh 
Gordon, Alex, Convalmore 
Gordon, A, Balvenie Square 
Gordon, Geo, Inverness 
Gordon, Jas, Galaford 

Gordon, J, Balvenie Square 
Gordon, :W, Balvenie fcqnare 
Graham, George. Woodside 
Graham, John, Strathead 
Grant, Geo, Allamichie 
Grant, George, Balvenie 
Grant, James, iMortlach 
Grant, James, Tullich 
Grant,' J, Haagh, Edinglassie 
Grant, J, Balvenie Square 
Grant, John, Uppermill 
Grant, Peter, Netber Cluny 
Grant, Wm, Balvenie 
Green, Adam, Alnaboyle 
Green, Alex, Er Braeton 
Green, Peter, Allachlaggan 
Green, Robt, Earnfold 
Green, Wm, Keithock 
Hamilton, Geo, Tullich 
Hay, Wm, Beatshaugh 
Hepburn, John, Convalhill 
Humphrey, J, Clayfolds 
Innes, Chas, Kaws 
Innes, Geo, Laggan 
Innes, John, Baehutcheon 
Innes, Peter, Waulkmili 
Innes, W, Sawmill, Lochend 
Innes, Wm, Cluniemore 
Johnston, J.Milton Auchind'n 
Keith, Peter, Lochside 
Kelman, A, jr, Cluniemore 
Leslie, Lieut-Col A Y.Kininvie 
Leslie, James, Hillhead 
Lindsay, Donald, Glenfiddich 
Lipp, W, Glack of Cluniemore 
Lorimer, Jas, Tullochallum 
Lumsden, Sir P S, Buchromb 
Mackie, George, Convalhill 
Mackie, Wm, Lettoch 
Malcolm, James, Haugh 
Meldruua, J, Backhill, Kininvie 
Mellis, Robert, Braeside 
Milne, Alex, Pitglassie 
Milne, James, Stockley 
Milne, John, Parkmore 
Milne, Peter, Glenbeg 
Mitchell, A, Mether Cluuy 
Mitchell, Wm, Chapelhill 
Moggach, John, Galaford 
Moir, Alex, Upper Enoch 
Moir, James, Nether Enoch 
Moir, John, Glen of Pitglassie 
Moir, John, Lochend 
Moir, Robert, Upper Enoch 
Moir, R, Glen of Pitglassie 
Moir, Wm, Upper Enoch 
Munro, John, Upper Corries 
Munro, Wm, Kiuinvie 
Murray, W, Balvenie Square 
Myren, James, Coldhome 
Myren,J,Glack of Cluniemore 
Myren, John, Earnfold 

M'Bain, A, Balvenie Square 
M'Combie, Robert, Achgorum 
M'Connacnie, Geo, Blackfold 
M^Conachie, J. Broomhead 
M'Connacnie, Robt, Boghead 
M'Connachie, W, A'hinh'nd'oh 
M'Donald, Alex, Glenmarkie 
M'Donald, Alex, Newley 
M'Donald, Alex, Hardhaugh 
M'Donald, J, Auchindown 
M'Donald, Peter.Sandyhillook 
M'Donald, Wm, Dufftown 
M'Donald, W, Balveoie Sq're 
M'Gregor, Alex, Hardhaugh 
M'Hattie, Thomas, Berryleys 
M'Intosb, J, Hill of Kininvie 
M'Intosb, Wm, Backhill do 
M'lvor, M, Balvenie Square 
M'Kay, Harry, Smithstown 
M'Kay, John, Bridgehaugh 
M'Kay, Peter, Keithmore 
M'Kenzie, John, Torbae 
M'Pherson, C J, Priestwell 
M'Pherson, Robert, Hayfleld 
M'William, Alex, Glencorrie 
M' William, Jas, Glenbeg 
M'William, Robt, Glencorrie 
Nicol, A, Glack ot Cluniemore 
Nicol, Alex. Glenmarkie 
Nicol, George, Cluniemore 
Nicol, Robt A, Clunybeg 
Niven, Ben, Balvenie Square 
Niven, Robt, Sandyhillock 
Norrie, Wm, Haugh 
Parrott, Wm F, Convalmore 
Paul, Chas, Hazlewood 
Petrie, Alex, Buchromb 
Proctor, — , Poolinch 
Ramsay, A, Corsemauld 
Ramsay, Alex. Burnbrae 
Ramsay, Peter, Glencorrie 
Ramsay, Bobert, Braetown 
Reid, j, Backhill of Kininvie 
Reid, Wm T, Hazlewood 
Robertson , A, Gin ckCluniem're 
Robertson, Geo, Tullochallum 
Robertson, John, Keithmore 
Robertson, Wm, Banfail 
Ross, Robt, Balvenie Square 
Roy, Geo, Couvalleys 
Roy, Geo, Cottown 
Russell, JC,BalvenieDistillery 
SandiEon, Geo, Parkmore 
Sandison, J, Balvenie Square 
Sellar, John, Parkhead 
Sellar, Wm, Keithock 
Shaw, John, Balvenie Square 
Shearer, Alex, Burnbrae 
Shearer, Alex, Convalhill 
Shiach, Jas, Wardhead 
Shiacb, William, Wardhead 
Sim, Jas, Wester Braeton 




Simpson, Geo,Newley 
SkeltoD, Joaepb, Tore 
Smart, G, Sandyhillock 
Smart, Jas, Sandyhillock 
Smith, Alex, Cottown 
Smith, Ohag, Parkmore 
Smieb, Geo, Parkmore 
Smith, Jas, Balvenie 
Smith, Jas, Edinglassie 
Smitb, JohD, Glenmarkie 
Smitb, J, Glackof Cluniemore 
Speedy, J, Mether Cluny 
Spence, John, Blackbillock 
Stewart, Alex, Dykehead 

Stewart, Chas, Parkmore 
Stewart, J, Balvenie Square 
Stewart, John, Convalbill 
Stewart, Wm, Mayo 
Stracban, G, Hillside, Kininvie 
Strath Wm, Berryleys 
Stratbdee, Adam, Oonvalhill 
Strathdee, John, Buchromb 
Stuart, Wm, Galaford 
Sutherland, A, Glenaughter 
Symou, John, Pittyvaich 
Taylor, Wm, Burnhead 
Thomson, A, Hill ot Kininvie 

Thomson, Wm, Tomnoan 
Walker, Jas, Bucbromb 
Walker, John, Dudley 
Wilson, Alex, Buchromb 
Wihon, George, Pitglassie 
Wilson, Jas, Priestwell 
Wilson, Thos, Raws 
Wiseman, Joun, Calternach 
Wiseman, John, Balvenie 
Teats, Jas, railway station 
Yeats, Robt, Balvenie 
Young, Wm, Hill of Kininvie 


Brown, James, Reclettich 
Brown, John, Kilnbillock 
Bruce, Rev Chas, Glenrinnes 
Cameron, Jas, Tomnagylcch 
Collins, John, Reclettich 
Gumming, Jas, Succoth 
Dallas, Robt, Dellacbam 
Dawson, Geo, Ellevried 
DawsoD, J, Tomachar 
Glass, J, Milton of Laggan 
Gordon, Chas, Acblochbrach 
Gordon, Wm, Achmore 
Grant, John, Reclettich 
Green, Alex, Altavalie 
Green, J, Nether Belandy 

Quoad Sacra Parish of Glenrinnes. 

Hepburn, A,jr, Millof Laggan 
Hepburn, Robt, Corhabbie 
Innes, G, Nether Achmore 
Innes, G, Easter Achmore 
Innes, James, Achnastank 
Innes, J, Wester Achmore 
Innes, Peter, Laglass 
Kirton, Joseph D, Glenrinnes 
Mackie, John, Achbreck 
Mann, Jas, Folds of Corhabbio 
M'Connacbie, J, N. Belandy 
M'Connacbie, Wm, Belandy 
M'Donald, D, Knockaubeg 
M'Donald, Jas, Mid Belandy 

M'Donald, Jn, Mid Belandy 
M'Grimmond, Alex, Recletich 
M'Laren, L, Shiandow 
M'Pherson, Alex, Corhabbie 
M'Pherson, J, Er. Auchmore 
M'Pherson, J, Auchlochrach 
M'Pherson, Robt, Corhabbie 
M'Pherson, Wm, Corhabbie 
Shind, Alex, Reclettich 
Shand, Wm, Lynemore 
Skirving, Robert, Cobairdy 
Smitb, Gordon, Lynemore 
Tougb, Forbes, "Viewfield 
Whjte, James, Kirkhill 


Alexander, Wm, builder 
Allan, Alex, ironmonger 
Anderson, Geo, Craigellachie 
Angus, Geo, labourer 
Bain, Peter, shoemaker 
Barclay John, ploughman 
BeatOD, James A merchant 
Begg, Alex, S, auctioneer 
Bege, James, blacksmith 
Biddie, Jas, labourer 
Black, John, mason 
Black, Wm, miller 
Booth, Alex, servant 
Boyne, James, feuar 
Brockie, David, carter 
Cameron, Chas, roadman 
Christie, John, carter 
Clark, Henry, tailor 
Clark, Wm, labourer 
Clubb, Frederick, rlesber 
Corbett, Robt, stillman 
Cowie, Alex M, distiller 
Cowie, George, distiller 
Craib, David, carpenter 
Craib, John, mason 
Craib, Robt, cartwright 
Craig, Jas, carter 
Craig, John L, solicitor 
Cromb, Geo, carpenter 
Cmickshank, Wm, clerk 
Gumming, Alex, merchant 
Cumming, John, blacksmith 
Davidson, R, road surveyor 
Dawson, Alex, stillman 
Dawson Jas, labourer 
Dawson, Jas, labourer 

Dean, Jas, carter 
Dey, John, sen, carpenter 
Dey, John, jan, carpenter 
Dodd, Wm, incumbent 
Donald, George, cooper 
Donald, Jas, labourer 
Dow, Thomas, feuar 
Duff, John, farm servant 
Dunbar, Jas, carpenter 
Duncan, Hugh, slater 
Duncan, Ja?, carpenter 
Duncan, John, feuar 
Duncan, Peter, blacksmith 
Duncan, W, distillery worker 
Duncan, Wm, inn, Glasgow 
Ellis, John, carter 
Ellis, John, coachman 
Farquharson, Geo, tailor 
Farquharson, Wm, brewer 
Fettes, Geo, vanman 
Forbes, Geo, labourer 
Forbes, Geo, labourer 
Forrest, John, labourer 
Forsyth, John F, clerk 
Fraser Alex, stillman 
Fraser, Chas, baker 
Fraser, J A, watchmaker 
Fraser, W A, draper 
Fraser, Wm, merchant 
Garden, Edward, painter 
Garrow, Alex, joiner 
Gauld, John, carter 
Gear, Wm, surfaceman 
Gerry, Rev Alex, R C C 
Gibb, George, labourer 
Gibb, Robt, gardener 

Gilchrist, Adam, carter 
Gordon, George, labourer 
Gordon, John, labourer 
Gordon, John, labourer 
Gordon, Wm, maltman 
Graham, Jas, roadman 
Grant, Alex, blacksmith 
Grant, Alex, doctor 
Grant, Alex, farm servant 
Grant, Chas, mason 
Grant, David, farm servant 
Grant, Donald, labourer 
Grant, Geo, saddler 
Grant, John, roadman 
Grant, John, labourer 
Grant, John, distiller 
Grant, Robt, labourer 
Gray, Geo, hotelkeeper 
Gray, John, shoemaker 
Gray, Thomas, labourer 
Greig, Andrew, Aberdeen 
Grigor, Peter, postboy 
Guild, Thos, tailor 
Halkney, Alex, clothier 
Hay, Jas, plumber 
Hay, Robert, Elgin 
Henderson, Wm, residenter 
Hendry, John, mason 
Howie, Jas, labourer 
Hume, Win, plasterer 
Inglis, John, insurance agent 
Ingram, Jas, printer 
Innes, Jas, stillman 
Innes J A, doctor of medicine 
Innes, JohD, storekeeper 
Innes, John, bank accountant 

Sec. ill. 



Inues J, Wincbfield, Hants 
Innes, Peter, distillery worker 
Jessiman, Geo, shoemaker 
Johnston, Thos, gardener 
Kelman, Jas, brewer 
Kelman, John, maltman 
Kemp, David, shoemaker 
Kemp, John W, dairyman 
Kilgoar Jos, solicitor 
Laidlaw, A W, wool miller 
Laidlaw, Boot, wool miller 
Legg, William, blacksmith 
Leslie, Alexander, mason 
Leslie, Alexander carter 
Leslie, John, mason 
Leslie, Wm, saddler 
Lorimer, David, grocer 
Maekie, Wm, sheepdealer 
Mair, David, labourer 
Margach, John, farm servant 
Milne, Jas, labourer 
Milne, Robert, gardener 
Mitchell, Geo G, painter 
Mitchell, G, Dufftown 
Mitchell, J, residenter 
iMitchell, JohD, Ross-shire 
iMorrice, D, veterinary surgeon 
Morrice, David, jr, baker 
Morrisou, Adam, carpenter 
Morrison, Alex, merchant 
Morrison, Wm, Cheshire 
Muirden, Wm, labourer 
Murray, James, tailor 
Myron, Adam, feuar 
[Myron, M F, Clyne, Brora 
pML'Connachie, W, labourer 
M'Donald, David, labonrer 
M'Donald, D, gardener 
M'Donald, Hector, innkeeper 
M'Donald, Jas, labourer 
M'Donald, John, stillmau 
M'Donald, Wm, carter 
M'Eachron, Rev J, late II C C 
M' Hardy, Jas, cattledealer 
M'Hattie, George, feuar 
M'Hattie, J, commission agent 
M'lnnee, John, labourer 
MTntosb, Alex, blacksmith 
M'Intosh, Jas, clerk 
M*Intosb, John, clerk 
'Intosb, John, burgh officer 
'Kay, Donald, carpenter 
YTKay, Hugh, builder 
M'Kay, Jas, sergeant 

M'Kay, John, labourer 
M'Kay, John, farm servant 
M'Kay, Wm, labourer 
M'Kenzie, Alex, flesher 
M'Kenzie, Donald, feuar 
M'Kenzie, John, mason 
M'Kenzie, Wm F, residenter 
M'Kerron, Alex, labourer 
M'Lennan, Geo E, bookseller 
M'Lennan, John, shoemaker 
M'Pherson, James, carpenter 
M'Pherson, John, draper 
M'Pherson, Wm, druggist 
M' William, Jas, carter 
M' William, Peter, carter 
M'William, Thos, carter 
Naughtie, Alex, labonrer 
Newlands, Geo, shoemaker 
Nicol, Benj, master mariner 
Nicol, Robert, baker 
Peddie, John, stillman 
Peddie, Wm, mason 
Petrie, Wm, labourer 
Pirie, Jas, distillery worker 
Proctor, James, tailor 
Proctor, Jas, labourer 
Proctor, John, Canada 
Ramsay, Alex, sen, feuar 
Ramsay, Geo, colporteur 
Bamsay, Jas, merchant 
Ramsay, John, shoemaker 
Eankiuc, Wm, labourer 
Beid, Geo, 'bus driver 
Reynolds, Ser*t, instructor 
Bitchie, Geo, flesher 
Bobertson, Alex, feuar 
Bobertson, Alex, stillman 
Bobertson, George, druggist 
Bobertson, Geo, sexton 
BobertsoD, John, bank Bgent 
Robertson, John, carter 
Ross, Hugh, plumber 
Boss, James, baker 
Boss, Wm, carpenter 
Ross, Wm, maltman 
Bussell, Jas, farm labonrer 
Enseell, Rev J, F C minister 
Shand, JohD, teacher 
Sbaud, JohD, mason 
Shearer, Wm, labourer 
Sheed, Wm, merchant 
Shiacb, James, mason 
Shiacb, James, mason 

Simpson, Geo. stillman 
Skakles, Jas, labourer 
Smart, Wm T, tailor 
Smrtb, Alex, grocer 
Smith, Alex, labourer 
Smith, James, feuar 
Smith, Jas H, organist 
Smith, JohD, coachbuilder 
Smith, Wm, carpenter 
Spence, Donald, carter 
Spence, George S, clothier 
SpeDoe, Wm, olotbier 
Stephen, Andrew, labourer 
StepbensoD, Jos, mason 
Stewart, Alex, clerk 
Stewart, David, labourer 
Stewart, D, commission agent 
Stewarr, Geo, mason 
Stewart, James, stillman 
Stewart, Jas, labourer 
Stewart, JohD, tailor 
Stewart, Bobt, labourer 
Stewart, Robt, photographer 
Stewart, Kobt, cual merchant 
Stuart, Jas, labourer 
Sutherland, A, farm servant 
Taylor, Alex, feuar 
Taylor, John, police constable 
Taylor, Wm, blacksmith 
Tewnou, James, carter 
Thomson, Alex, feuar 
ThomsoD, Jn, hotel keeper 
Walker, A H, watchmaker- 
Walker, Alex, siillman 
Walker, John, Old Deer 
Walkinshaw, A, bank agent 
Ward, Henry, painter 
Ward, J, stoneware merchant 
Watt, George, miller 
Watt, James, ironmonger 
Watt, James, gardener 
Watt, John, shoemaker 
Watt, Wm, ironmonger 
White, Geo, carter 
WilsoD, Alex, feuar 
Wilson, James, slater 
WilsoD, James, draper 
WilsoD, John, slater 
Wilson, Wm, slater 
Wink, John, Huntly 
Wiseman, Andrew, manager 
Wiseman, Wm, Aberdeen 
Yeats, Jas, dairyman 
Young, Robt, Elgin 



Exclusive of part in Quoad Sac 

Allen, Wm H, Benrinnes 
Anderson, Jas, Glenburnie 
Anderson, T, Mains of Carron 
asher, Alex, Ruthrie 
Bain, Grigor E, Craigellachie 
3alfour, D, Drum of Carron 
Birnre, John, Inverness 
iirnie, Wm, Benrinnes 
Sisset, Robt, Aberlour House 
Bremuer, L, Craigellachie 
rtrown, Jas, Aberlour 

ra Parish of Glenrinnes and in the Police Burgh of Aberlour. 

Bruce, Alex, Craigellachie 
Calder, Andrew, Lockerbain 
Cameron, Lewis, Craighead 
Cameron, B, Balliemulloch 
Campbell, Jas, Craigellachie 
Clarkson, E F,Deldonald 
Clyne, Jas, Craigellachie 
Copland, Jas, do 
Coutts, Alex, Beatshaugh 
Cruiokshank, John, Aberlour 
Cruickshank, J, Craigellachie 

Cumming, Jas, Craigellachie 
Cumming, John F, Dowans 
CummiDg, Wm, Ruthrie 
Currie, John, Deldonald 
Daun, Alex, Wbitehouse 
DavidsoD, A, Mill of Ruthrie 
Davidson, J, Mill of Ruthrie 
Donald, Jas, Deldonald 
Donald, John, Rinnochat 
Duff, Peter, Craigellachie 
Dunbar, A, Elgin 




Dunbar, Eobt, Bobarm 
Duncan, G.Mil ton of Edinvillie 
Dnstan, Geo, Deldonald 
Esslemont, J, Home Farm 
Ferguson, Jas, Strypes 
Findlay, J B, Edinburgh 
Forsyth, John, Eosebank 
Forsytb, J, Mnir of Euthrie 
Fraser, John, Deldonald 
Fraser, John, Craigellachie 
Fysh, N L, Deldonald 
Garrow, Geo, Birkenbush 
Garrow, F, Mains of Aberlour 
Gauld, Chas, Lyne of Euthrie 
Gordon, A, Milton 
Gordon, Geo, Whitehouse 
Gordon, Jas, Craigellachie 
Gordon, Jas, Deldonald 
Gordon, Lewie, Beatshaugh 
Gordon, Wm, Balliemulloch 
Graham, J, Ab'l'r Home Farm 
Grant, A, Shiandow 
Grant, A, Einuochat 
Grant, David, Benrinnes 
Grant, E A, Craigellachie 
Grant, Geo, Drum of Carron 
Grant, James, Einnochat, 
Grant, James, Craigellachie 
Grant, Jhs Balnakyle 
Grant, J W H, W'ter Elchies 
Grant, J, Grantl'ds of Carron 
Grant, John, Hatton 
Grant, Peter, North Polduie 
Grant, Peter, Drum of Carron 
Grant, Eobt, Hatton 
Gray, Wm, jun, Einnochat 
Green, Peter, Lockerbain 
Green, Peter, Delmore 
GreeD, Eobt, Euthrie 
Henry, John, Craigellachie 
Hepburn, Robert, Beatshaugh 
Imlay, A, E'dside of Euthi e 
Inkson, T F, Kinermony 
Innes, John, Netherton 
Innes, Wm, Bridge of Weir 
Ivinson, F J, Aberlour 
Kelman, Wm, Blairrhinnoch 
Kemp, D, Wester Eskiebuie 
Kemp, J, Easter Eskiebuie 
Kemp, W, Part of Eskiebuie 
Laing, Jas, Speyviesv 
Lawrence, Jas, Craigellachie 
Leitcb, Arthur, Arngarrow 
Lorimer, JohD, Carron 
Mackie, Jas, Craigellachie 
Mathieson, E, Craigellachie 
Michie, John, Upper BFrnain 
Middlemas, A, Craigellachie 

Milne, A, Craigellachie 
Milne, A C, do 
Milne, And, Kinermony 
Milne, John C, Craigellachie 
Milne, E, Craigellachie 
Mitchell, A, Ab'l'r home farm 
Mitchell, P, West Derrybeg 
Morgan, Jas, Craigellachie 
Morrison, James, do 
Morrison, Jobn, Kinermony 
Morrison, M, East Lodge 
Murdoch, John, Benrinnes 
Murray, Jas, Fisherton 
Murray, John, Blairnain 
Murray, Peter, Blairnain 
M'Connachie, J, Tombain 
M'Connachie, W, Cr'igellachie 
M'dulloch, Alex, Beuriunes 
M'Diarmid, Dun, West Lodge 
M'Donald, C, Blairshinnoch 
M' Don ild, G, Lyne of Carron 
M'Donald, J, Craigellachie 
M'Donald, K, Castle Folly 
M'Donald, Robt, Einnochat 
M'Farlane, Alex,Mnir Euthrie 
M'Gillivray, P, Uppertown 
M'Gowan, James, Aberlour 
M'Gowan, Eobt, Craigellachie 
M'Gregor, Wm, Benrinnes 
M'Intosb, Peter.Craigeltachie 
M'lntosh, Wm. Craigellachie 
M'Kenzie, H,Muir of Ruthrie 
M'Kenzie, J, Lyne of (Jarron 
M'Kenzie, E, Mains of Carron 
M'Keni-ie, T, Mains of Carron 
M'KerroD, A, B'nside Shenval 
M'Kerron, D, Drum Carron 
M'Kerron, Jas, Lyntain 
M'Kerron, Jas, Knockside 
M'Kerron, Wm, Einnochat 
M'Laren, Neil, Craigellachie 
M'Lean, Alex. Craigellachie 
M'Lean, Lewis, do 
M'Lean. Wm, Balliemulloch 
M'Rae, Geo, Milton 
M'Tavisb, John, Einnochat 
M' William, David, Milton 
M' William, John, fiothes 
M' William, W, Craigellachie 
Pirie, James, Ruthrie 
Pirrie, George, Milton 
Eeid, Hay, Eoadside 
Eennie, Geo, Carron 
Ritchie, Geo, Dufftown 
Robertson, J , Muir of Ecthrie 
Eobertson, John, Deldonald 
Eobertson, Peter, Aberlour 
Boss, David, Deldonald 

Eosb, J, Drum of Carron 
Boss, Win, Deldonald 
Sainter, J D, Craigellachie 
Shand, Robert, Craigellachie 
Shanks, J, sen, Craigellachie 
Sharp, John, ballinteem 
Sharp, Wm, Craigellachie 
Shearer, Jos, do 
Sim, J, Up'r Mains Aberlour 
Sim, Wm, Craigellachie 
SimpsoD, J, Kinermony 
Simpson, John, Mains Carron 
Simpson, Wm, Craigellachie 
Sloss, Eev John S, Aberlour 
Smith, Chas, Tomnabrock 
Smith, John, Boginduie 
Smith, Peter, Boginduie 
Souter, Eobt, Deldonald 
Souter, Robt, Craigellachie 
Speace, Wm, Balliemulloch 
Stewart, Geo, Arnagarrow 
Stewart, Jas, Boginduie 
Stewart, Jas, Derrybeg 
Stewart, Eobt, Kinermony 
Stewart, Eobt, Strypes 
Stewart, Thos, Moss-side 
Stewart, Wm, Belcakyle 
Stewart, Wm. Benrinnes 
Storey, Jos. Craigellachie 
Strathdee, Jas, Craggan 
Stuart, A, Ediuvilhe 
Stuart, Cuas Craigellachie 
Taylor, Alex, Deldonald 
Taylor, John, Cragellachie 
Tennant, W, Lyne of Euthrie 
Thomson, Wm, Einnochat 
Tolmie, Jas, Lyne of Carron 
Tougb, A, Craigellachie 
Tough, Alex, Benrinnes 
Tulloch, A, Shenval 
Wallace, J, Lyne of Euthrie 
Watt, A, Gownie 
Watt, Geo, Uppertown 
Watt, Jas, Craigellachie 
Watt, John, Deldonald 
Watt, Wm, Bush 
Watt, Wm, Hillhall 
Watt, Wm, Tileworks 
Whyte, Alex, Mains of Carron 
Wilkie, JohD, Rinnochat 
Wilson, A. Banrinues 
Wilson, Geo, Deldonald 
Wilson, John, Deldonald 
Wilson, Wm, Einnochat 
Wiseman, J A, Craigellachie 
Young, Arthur, Collargreen 
Younie, Wm, Beatshaugh 


Quoad Sacra Parish of Glenrinnes. 

Baxter, G. Wester Braigach 
Brown, Chas, Lochterlandoch 
Christie Donald, Baokshians 
Duncan, Geo, Ehinstochnach 
Gauld, Alex, Favillar 
Geddee, Jas, Lochterlandoch 

Gordon, A, Eynetton 
Gordon, C, Lochterlandoch 
Innes, James, Balmerion 
Middleton, A, Eieveach 
M'Pherson, A , Lochterlandoch 

M'PhersoD, John, Aultbeg 
Shand, JohD, Aultbeg 
Smitb, Chas, Braigach 
Strathdee, Bobt.Locht'rland'i 
Strathdee, Wm, Braigach 




PARISH OP ABERLOUR— Police Burgh of Abebloub. 

Anderson, Alex, feuar 
Bell, Neil, labourer 
Boyd, Rev J S, F C minister 
Boyne, Jas, sen, merchant 
Boyne, Jas, jun, Glasgow 
Burn, JohnL, plumber 
Calder, David, gamekeeper 
Cameron, Dun, stillman 
Cameron, Duncan, tailor 
Cameron, Jas, labourer 
Campbell, Jas, spirit dealer 
Coutts, Wm, maltman 
Cowie, John, stillman 
Cruicksbank, Alex, labourer 
Dallas, Chas, labourer 
Davidson, J, Rly Stn agent 
Dawson, Jas, carter 
Dick, Alex, labourer 
Douglas, Jas, Midlothian 
Duncan, Jas, labourer 
Edwards, Geo, feuar 
Ellice, John, carter 
Farqnharson A, labourer 
Parquharson, Wm, tailor 
Fletcher, Wm, surfaceman 
Forbes, John, labourer 
Fraser, Alex, late brewer 
Fraser, Ohae, slater 
Fraeer, Jas, Grantown 
Galitlie, P, drill instructor 
Garden, Alex, ballkeeper 
Garden, Jas, late farmer 
Garrow, David, saddler 
Garrow, JohD, blacksmith 
Gauld, Kobt, brewer 
George, John, postman 
Gordon, A, mason 
Grant, Alex, woodcutter 
Grant, Chae, merchant 
Grant, Jas, contractor 
Grant, John merchant 
Grant, John, plasterer 
Grant, Peter, carpenter 
Grant, Robt, carpenter 

Grant, Wm, carpenter 
Gray, Jas, carter 
Hendry, Kobt, flesher 
Hendry, Wm, flesher 
Jupp,RevCbas,Epis clerg'ru'n 
Keir, John, labourer 
Laing, John, feuar 
Leslie, Jas, labourer 
Lobin, Geo, labourer 
Mackie, Wm, V S, 
Marshall, James, gardener 
Middlemas, R J, salmon fisher 
Milne, John, cattle dealer 
Morrison, Chas, shoemaker 
Morrison, Donald, grain mer 
Morrison, R G, manager 
Morrison, Tlios, traveller 
Munro, Jas, plasterer 
Murison, Alex, bank agent 
Murray, Jas, stonedyker 
Murray, Jas, labourer 
M Adam, A, tailor 
M'Arthur, J, railway porter 
M'Combie, P, mason 
M'Donald, A. carpenter 
M'Donald, Alex, builder 
M'Donald, D, labourer 
M'Donald, James, mason 
M'Donald, James, carpenter 
M'Donald, John, brewer 
M'Donald, John, labourer 
M'Donald, John, blacksmith 
M'Donald, John, labourer 
M'Donald, J, feuar 
M'Donald, L, gardener 
M'Donald, Wm, water bailiff 
M'Gowan, Wm, bank agent 
M'Gregor, Geo, inspector 
M'Gregor, Peter, carter 
M'Kay, Thop, maltman 
M'Kay, Wm, police constable 
M'Kenzie, Jas, labourer 
M'Kerron, F, carpenter 

M'Pherson, ChaB S, teacher 
M'Pherson, Jas, carpenter 
M'Pherson, John, carpenter 
M'William, Peter, labourer 
Nicol, Arthur D, baker 
Nicholson, John, shoemaker 
Paterson, John, labourer 
Paul, Jas, flesher 
Petrie, John R, plumber 
Petrie, Wm, carter 
Raffan, Charles, tailor 
Biacb, Chas, ma-on 
Robertson, A, stonebreaker 
Robertson, J, mason 
Bobertson, Robt, mason 
Ross, George, labourer 
Sellar, Tbos A, MBCM 
Shepherd, Jas, teacher 
Sherrit, Robt, blacksmith 
Sim, Ambrose, late drill inst'r 
Skene, John, labourer 
Snii b, Chas, spirit merchant 
Smith. Jas, residenter 
Smitb, John, druggist 
Smith, John, tailor 
Stephen, Robt, shepherd 
Stewart, Chas, fisherman 
Stewart, Jas, labourer 
Stewart, John, labourer 
Stewart, Wm, grieve 
Strachan, P, labourer 
Stuart, Alex, cabinetmaker 
Stuart, Peter, builder 
Stuart, Wm, mason 
Stuart, Wm, mason 
Taylor, John, carpentnr 
Thomson, Wm, mason 
Tulloch, David, labourer 
Watson, Alex, baker 
Wilkie, Jas, labourer 
Wood, Wm, watchmaker 
Woodrow, Jas, supervisor 
Younie, Geo, late farmer 


Allan, Jas, Bellieheiglish 
Allan, Wm, Coldwells 
Anderson, Jas, Delcbirach 
Anthony, John, Cragganmore 
Bain, John, North Greenmoss 
Bannerman, John, Marypark 
Black, Jas, Parkhead 
Black, John, Pennycairn 
Beattie, Frank, Shenval 
Brown, Geo, Coldwells 
Burgess, W G. Phonas 
Burn, Cbas, MP, Ballindalloch 
Cameron, John, Castletown 
Cameron, Wm, Cbapelton 
Campbell, Jobn, Rechlerich 
Campbell, Lachlan, Parkhead 
Collie, Jas, Tomfarclas 
Coutts, Chas, Aldich 
Craig, Alex, Cragganmora 
Crosbie, John, Logie Cottage 

Duncan, Jas, Burnside 
Dustan, John, Ballindalloch 
Falconer, G, Kilnmaichlie 
Forbes, Alex, Delgarvon 
Forbes, John, Peterfair 
Fraser, John, Ordhead 
Garrow, Peter, Craigroy 
Geddefi, Alex, Ballindalloch 
Gordon, John, Garline 
Gordon, Wm, Parkhead 
Gordon, William, Bridgend 
Gordon, Wm, Drumnagrain 
Grant, Alex, Culphoich 
Grant, Donald, Faemore 
Grant, Geo, Rechlerich 
Grant, Sir G M. Ballindalloch 
Grant, George, Bellieheglish 
Grant, James, Peterfair 
Grant, John, do 
Grant, John, Rechlerich 

Grant. William, Faemore 
Hay, James, Bellieheiglish 
Hay, Wm, Ferrachdhu 
Hepbnrn, A, Bridgend 
Hepburn, James, Delchirach 
Johnstone, S, Bellieheiglish 
Leslie, Daniel, Georgetown 
Longmore, Alex, Lagmore 
Lyon, George, Drumnagrain 
Mackie, Lewis, Slack 
Malcolm. Jn. Bellieheiglish 
Masson, David, Parkhead 
Meldruin, Chas, Shenval 
Murray, John, Marypark 
Myren, Adam, Inveravon 
M'Beath, JohD, Bellieheiglish 
M'Beath, Wm, Balluig 
M'Donald, John, Marypark 
M'Donald, Ronald, Peterfair 
M'Gregor, James, Ayeon 




M'Intosh, James, Parkhead 
M'lutosh. Kobt, Balnellan 
M'Lachlan, Bev J, Manse 
M'Laren, John, Coldwells 
M'Pherson, John, Weirach 
M'Pherson, Wm, Blacksboat 
M'Pherson, Wm, Pennycairn 
M'William, Wm. Denhead 
Nicolson, Alex, Delrachie 
Nicolson, Jas, Delrachie 
Nicolson, Jn, Tomnabrilach 
Oxford, Joseph, Glenfarclas 
Paterson, John, Tomnaglin 
Petrie, Alex, Park Cottage 

Petrie, Bobert, Bnrnside 
Beid, Charles, Oarline 
Beid, Jas, Tomore 
Ritchie, Geo, Georgetown 
Bussell, John, Chapelton 
Shand, J, Burnside of Ayeon 
Shand, Wm, Lower Corries 
Shewan, Jas, Marypark 
Simpson, Chas, Tomnavonan 
Smith, Gordon, Cragganmore 
Smith, John, Bellieheiglish 
Smith, William, Lagmore 
Stewart, Alex. Tomnaglein 
Stewart, Lewis, Aldich 

Strachan, Jas, Balliodalloch 
Strachan, John, Parkhead 
Stratbdee, Alex, Bridgend 
Strathdee, Wm, Bellieheiglish 
Stuart, John, Ayeon 
Thomson, Alex, Cragganmore ■ 
Thomson, Frank, Pitchaish 
Thomson, Geo, Ballindalloch 
Thomson, Geo, Greenmoss 
Urqubart, Geo. Lagmore 
White, Alex, Kilnmaichlie 
Wright, Geo, Burnside 
Touuie, William, Georgetown 


Abel. John, Minmore 
Anderson, Jas, Minmore 
Barr, G. Glenlivet Distillery 
Bennet, David, Altglander 
Bennett, Geo, Deskie 
Bowie, Alex, Upper Drumin 
Boyne, Jas, Glenlivet Dist'y 
Buttress, Wm H, constable 
Calder, John, Tombreckachie 
Calder, Bev B H, Glenlivet 
Cameron, A, The Falls 
Cameron, Chas, Ballachurn 
Cameron, Geo W Corries 
Cameron, Jas, Badievochel 
Cameron, Jas, Eskimore 
Cantlie, A, Craggan 
Chisholm, A, Shenvel 
Christie, Artbnr, Gallowhill 
Collie, AIpx, Upper Drumin 
Conroy, W, Glenlivet Distil'y 
Ooutts, Chas, Corshalloch 
Craib, Wm, Mullochaid 
Cummiug, Jas, Easter Scalan 
Daun, John, Knockandhu 
DavidsoD, A, Drumin 
Dawson, Chas, Deskie 
Dawson, Wm, Deskie 
Drysdale, Bobt, Tomnarieve 
Dnlf, Duncan, Auchbreck 
EdwardB, JohD, Shenvel 
Farquharson, John, Eskimore 
Farquharson, Bobt, Bogarrow 
Farquharson, R, Tomnarieve 
Fleming, John, Achfad 
Fleming, Peter, Bridge 
Forbes, John, Delhandy 
Fraser, Adam, Corshalloch 
Fraser, Jas, Bridge 
Fraser, John, Upper Drumin 
Fraser, Wm, Corshalloch 
Fraser, Wm, Knockandhu 
Garrick, Alex. Knockandhu 
Geddes, John, Bridgend 
Glennie, Chas, Shenval 
Gordon, A, Lagual 
Gordon, Alex, Morinsh 
Gordon, John, Barufolds 
Gordon, J, Upper Clashnoir 
Gordon, Peter G, Nevie 
Gordon, Wm, Lagual 
Grant, A, Tomnalienar 
Grant, A, Corrunich 


Grant, A, Bolnaclash 
Grant, A, Knockandhn 
Grant, Alex, Tomnavovlin 
Grant, Chas, Knockandhu 
Grant, Chas, Tomnalienan 
Grant, Donald, Downan 
Grant, Donald, Delhandy 
Grant, Geo, Lynbeg 
Grant, Geo, S, Auchorachan 
Grant, J G, Eskiemore 
Grant, Jas, Bothes 
Grant, Jas, Calier 
Grant, Jas, Eskiemore 
Grant, Jas, Corshelloch 
Grant, Jas, Netherton 
Grant, Jas, Morinsh 
Grant, Jas, Cordregnie 
Grant, J, Nether Clashnoir 
Grant, John, Upper Drumin 
Grant, John A, Blairflndy 
Grant, John, Folds 
Grant, J, Easter Acbnascraw 
Grant, John, Knockandhu 
Grant, John G, Eskimore 
Grant, John, Glack 
Grant, Robt, Suie 
Grant, Bobert, Auchorachan 
Grant, Wm, Eskimore 
Grant, Wm, Hillhead 
Grant, Wm G, Tomnavoolan 
Grant, Wm, Tomnavoulin 
Gray, Alex, Gallowhill 
Henderson, Geo, Blairflndy 
Hendry, Wm, Upper Drumin 
Hepburj, Wm, Chapelton 
Innes, A. Lyne of Shanvel 
Innes, Geo, Easter Corries 
Innes, Jas, Tombreckachie 
Innes, John, Lyne of Shenvel 
Innes, John, Suie 
Innes, John, Tomnavoulin 
Innes, Wm, Craighead 
Irvine, A, Tomnavoulin 
Irvine, A, Knockandhu 
Irvine, Wm, Upper Clashnoir 
Kellap, A, Netherton 
Killett, Bobt, Chapelton 
Laing, Thos, Glenlivet 
Lamb, Wm, Tomnalienan 
Mackie, Wm, Drumin 
Mathieson, A, Scalan 
Matbieson, Chas N Clashnoir 

Miohie, Jas, Demickmore 
Murray, A, Minmore 
Murray, Wm, Chapelton 
MVonnachie, A,T'mn'chlo'en 
M'Donald, D, Mains, Morinsh 
M' Donald. Donald, Morinsh 
M'Donald, Geo, Delhandy 
M'Donald, Jas, Dnilts 
M'Donald, John, Tullich 
M'Donald, John, Achdregnie 
M'Donald, John, Nevie 
M'Donald, W. Tomnavoulan 
M'Gillivray, J Knockandhu 
M'Gowau, Jn, Upper Drumin 
M'Gregor, Jas, Scalan 
M'Gregor, JohD, Suie 
M'Hardy, A, Calier 
M'Hardy, A, Nether Clashnoir 
M'Hardy, Chas, Scalan 
M'Hardy, Chas, Calier 
M'Hardy, Jas, Calier 
M'Hardy, J, Knockandhu 
M'Hardy, J, B'rnside of Thain 
M'Hardy, James, Calier 
M'Hardy, B, Clash of Scalan 
Mackay, Jas, Tomnalienan 
M'Intosh, Johu, Raefrish 
M'Intosh, John, Mullochard 
M'Intosb, D, Mullochard 
M'Kay, John, Badeach 
M'Kay, John, Clashnoir 
M'Kay, Peter, Achnarrow 
M'Kay, B, Nether Clashnoir 
M'Kay, B B, Downan 
M'Kay, Wm, Knockandhu 
M'Kenzie, A, Tomnavoulin 
M'Kenzie, A, Lagavaich 
M'Kenzie, A, Drumin 
M'Kenzie, Bev C C, Cbapelt'n 
M'KeDzie, Donald, Claggan 
M'KeDzie, J, Tomnavoulin 
M'Kenzie, P, Upper Dramiu 
M'Lachlan, A, Achbreck 
M'Leod, Murdo, Drumin 
M'Pherson, D, Tomnalienan 
M'Pherson, J, Tomnavonlin 
M'Pherson, Jas, Scalan 
M'Pherson, Jas, Downan 
M'Pherson, John, Shenval 
M'Pherson, John, Auchbreck 
M'PhersoD, P, Tomuareave 
Neish, Wm, Downan 




Nicholson, A, Morinsh 
Petrie, John, Aohdregnie 
Phimister, Wm, Downan 
Rattray, C, Nether Clashnoir 
Rattray, Jas, Enockandhu 
Rattray, T Tomnalienan 
Reid, John, Gallowhill 
Robertson, John, March 
Robertson Wm, Achavaich 
Rose, Andrew, Tomnavoulin 
Ross, Chas, Deskie 
Russell, A, Achnascraw 
Scott, Geo, Muir of Corlach 
Shand, J, Burnside of Deskie 
Shand, John, Tombreckachie 
Sharp, John, Tomnalienan 
Sharp, JohD, Tomnavonlin 
Shaw, Alex. Bodievochel 
Shearer, John, Gallowhill 
Sheed, A, Upper Coull 
Sherris, John, Upper Drumin 
Shewan, J, Upper Clashnoir 
Simpson, Wm, Tomdnach 
Skinner, Wm M, Drumin 
Sloraoh, George, Shenval 

Smith, Chas, Croftbain 
Smith, Henry, Achavaich 
Smith, Jas, Nether Conll 
Smith, Jas, Mnlloohard 
Smith, J, Mains of Morinsb. 
Smith, John G. Minmore 
Smith, John, Inveravon 
Smith, Wm, Tomnalienan 
Smith, Wm. Auchorachan 
Spallen, P, Enockandhu 
Starkie, Wm, Lettoch 
Stephen, John, Croftbain 
Stephen, John, Nether Coul 
Stewart, Chas, Belno 
Stewart, Geo, E Achavaich 
Stewart, Jas, Tomnavonlin 
Stewart, P, Mains of Quirn 
Stewart, Robt, Enockandu 
Stewart, Wm, Belno 
Stnart, A, Achnascraw 
Stuart, A, Achnascraw 
Stuart, C, Eskimulloch 
Stnart, Chas, Cbapelton 
Stuart, J, jr, Lagancharroch 

Stuart, Jas, Tomnalienan 
Stuart, Jas, Tomnavonlin 
Stnart, John, Rhindu 
Stuart, John, Bluefolds 
Stuart, John, Laggan 
Stnart, John, Chapeltown 
Stnart, Peter, Whitefolds 
Stnart, R, Castleton 
Stnart, R, Wester Achavaich 
Stuart, Robt, Upper Drumin 
Stuart, Wm, Thain 
Stuart, Wm, Bosemonnt 
Stuart, Wm, Downan 
Stuart, Rev Wm, Tombae 
Stuart, Wm, Achnarrow 
Stuart, Wm, Knockandhu 
Stuart, Wm, Croftglass 
Stuart, Wm, Tomnavoulin 
Turner, R, Achnarrow 
Turner ,Wm, Enowhead 
Urquhart, John, Deskie 
Walker, Jas, Deskie 
Watt, B, Tomnavoulin 
White, Forbes, Upper Drumin 


PARISH OF KIREMICHAE L.-Exclusive of the Viilage of Tomintoul. 

Blacket, W, London 
Cameron, Alex, Ballenleish 
Cameron, Donald, Tombreck 
Cameron, John, Lyne 
Cameron, John, Inverlochy 
Cattanach, Alex, Lecht 
Coutts, Alex, Altnaha 
Coutts, J, Lyne of Inverourie 
Coutts, J, Lyne of Inverourie 
Davidson, Jas, Balnalon 
Ferguson, Chas, Kirkton 
Findlay, Alex, liynchork 
Fraser, Alex, Knockfergan 
Eraser, Jas, Easter Gaulrig 
Fraser, Rev J W, Kirkmichael 
Fraser, S, Mid Fodderletter 
Fraser, Wm, Ballintomb 
Godman, F D, Glenaven 
Gordon, Wm, Inchnacape 
Gordon, Wm, St Bridget 
Grant, Chas, Tomachlaggan 
Grant, Geo, Blairnamarrow 
Grant, Jas, Glenconglass 
Grant, J ohn, Fordmonth 
Grant, John, Badnafrave 
Grant, John, Balnalon 
Grant, John, Croughly 

Grant, Luke, Lynavoir 
Grant, Peter, Ruthven 
Grant, Dr Robt, Ruthven 
Grant, Rev Wm, Kirkmichael 
Grant, Wm, Tomachlaggan 
Grigor, John, Altglander 
Innes, A, Wr Fodderletter 
Lamont, Alex, Auchriachan 
.Leslie, George, Faendouraa 
Lindsay, Francis, lnchrory 
Lindsay, John, Delavorar * 
Macdonald, Alex, Tombreck 
Macdougall, Wm, Delnabo 
Macleod.Norman, Lagganauld 
Mathieson, D, Knockfergan 
Meldrum, Andrew, Elrick 
Michie, Harry, Croughly 
Munro, Alex, Altglander 
Murray, Alex, Delavrogat 
Murray, Alex, Glenavou 
M'Arthur, John, Ballintrnan 
M'Donald, Chan, Inchnacape 
M'Donald, John, Inverchoir 
M'Donald, W, Lagganavoulin 
M'Gillivray, Wm.Knock 
M'Gregor, Wm, Delnalyne 

M'Gowan, John, Delnabo 
M'Hardy, Don, Upper Cults 
M'Hardy, Wm, Achreachan 
M'Kay, Alex, Tombreck 
M'Kenzie, Jas, Croughly 
M'Lachlan, Wm, Tombreck 
M'Pherson, Chas, Ellick 
M'Pherson, Jn, Fodderletter 
Rattray, Wm, Knockanavae 
Riach, James, Findon 
Robertson, Duncan, Torrans 
Robertson, J, Lagganavoulin 
Shaw, Alex, Dellachoul 
Shaw, Donald S, Milton 
Smith, Geo, Tomachlaggan 
Smith, Wm, Balneedans 
Stewart, Alex, Ellick 
Stewart, Chas, Ballintruan 
Stewart, Donald, Glenmullie 
Stewart, Henry, Inverchor 
Stewart, John, Auchlichnie 
Stuart, Alex, Altnaha 
Stuart, Alex, Wester Gaulrig 
Stuart, Geo, Ballintruan 
Stuart, Nath,Campdalmore 
.Stuart, Robt, Bridge of Avon 

PARISH OF KIRKMICHAEL .—Comprising the Village of Tomintoul. 

Cameron, Chas, game dealer 
Cameron, Jos, Banchory 
Campbell, John, merchant 
Catannach, Jas, sheep manager 
Cattanach, Jas, late grieve 
Chieholm.Rev D, RC cl'rg'm'n 

Cruickshank, Jas, labourer 
Cruickshank, John, tailor 
Coutts, Francis, labourer 
Coutts, Jas, postboy 
Gumming, Donald, labourer 
Gumming, Wm, labourer 

Davidson, Jas F, doctor 
Davidson, Peter, mole catcher 
Dey, W Dunbar, minister 
Forbes, Alex, labourer 
Forbes, J M, Hong Kong 
Forbes, Rev Peter 




Fraser, "Ales, gamekeeper 
Fraser, Chas, labourer 
Gillan, Thos, tailor 
Gordon, Alex, farm servant 
Gordon, Wm, labourer 
Gordon, Wm, Ehepherd 
Grant, Alex, Strathdon 
Grant, Chas, shoemaker 
Grant, James, carter 
Grant, John, shoemaker 
Grant, John, jun, farm servant 
Grant, Paul, postrunner 
Grant, Peter, [carpenter 
Hamilton, P, Nethy Bridge 
Irvine, Geo, carrier 
Killbam, Thos, labourer 
Leslie, Alex, merchant 
Leslie, James, gardener 
Marshall, Robert, tailor 
Mathieson, John, shepherd 
Meldrum, J as, sen, tailor 
Meldrum, Jas, jun, tailor 
Meldrum, N, game watcher 

Milne, John, labourer 
Mitchell, L E, policeman 
M'Gillivray, P, farm servant 
M'Gregor, J as, dancing master 
M'Gregor, John, shoemaker 
M'Hardie, Al, late shoemaker 
M'Hardy, Geo. shoemaker 
M'Hardy.Bev J C, A'hriachan 
IVI'Intosh, Don, feuar 
M'Kenzie, John, slater 
M'Lacblan, Jas, labourer 
M'LellaD, John, labourer 
M'Lennan, John, labourer 
M'Pherson, Angus, shepherd 
M'Pherson, John, late farmer 
M' f hereon, Wm, saddler 
M'Tavish, Alex, hotelkeeper 
Robertson, Jas, roadman 
Robertson, Jas, merchant 
Rose, Duncan, carpenter 
Bose, R C G, Aberdeen 
Ross, John, late gamekeeper 
Scott, Alex R, teacher 

Scott, John, Elgin 
Shaw, James, labourer 
Sim, Peter, tenementer 
Sim, Wm, builder 
Smith, Wm, mason 
Stephen, Jas, flesher 
Stewart, Donald, Ballater 
Stewart, Peter, farm servant 
Stuart, Chas, carrier 
Stuart, Donald, slater 
Stuart, John, plongbman 
Stuart, Peter, jun, mason 
Stuart, Peter, farm servant 
Stuart, Bobt, mason 
Stuart, Wm, labourer 
Stuart, Wm, carter 
Stuart, Wm, mason 
Stuart, Wm, jun, sbeepdei er 
Taylor, Jas, bank agent 
Tulloch, Wm, shepherd 
Turner, John, farm servant 
Walker, Chas, baker 
Watt, John, ploughman 


The Parliamentary Electors in the portions of the Parishes of Cairnie and Glass formerly 
included in Banffshire, still vote in Banffshire. They are : — 


Allan, Joseph, Newtack 
Allan, Jos, Mains of Pitlurg 
Barron, Peter, Mains, Pitlurg 
Farquharson, F L,Greenwood 

Archibald, John Dumeath 
Archibald, Wm, Succotb. 
Berry, Wm, Greenhow 
Bremner, John, Parkhead 
Dow, Robert, Timberford 
Dow, Robt, jun, Parkhead 
Dow, Thomas, Chapelhill 
Duff, Alex, Netherton 
Duncan, Al, sen, Meiklegowls 
Duncan, A, jun, Meiklegowls 
Duncan, James, Lynbain 
Dyker, Alex, Chapelhill 
Dyker, Charles, Chapelhill 
Findlay, James, Craigdorney 

Fiddes, Robt, Little Pitlurg 
Geddes, Jas, Whitehillock 
Geddes, John, Whitehillock 


Fraser, Peter, Howemill 
Gartly, Geo, Anchinhandooh 
Gartly, James, Wrightstone 
Gauld, Geo, Parkhead 
Geddes, Alex, Blairmore 
Gordon, John, Craigwatch 
Grant, Wm Jas, Beldorney 
Jamieson, John, Chapelhill 
Law, Wm, Blacklug 
Morrison, Jas, Parkhead 
Morrison, Jas, Chapelhill 
M'Donald, Wm, Chapelhill 
Pirie, Wm, Parkhead 
Robertson, Geo, Blacklug 

Smith, James, Marypark 
Watson, J, North Whiteley 
Young, Jn, North Whiteley 

Robson, Geo, Loanhead 
Shand, Alex G, Waterside 
Shand, J, Mains of Beldorney 
Sim, Alex, Lynbain 
Smith, Geo, Edinglassie 
Stephen, John, Chapelhill 
Strachan, John, Butterwar4 
Taylor, Alex, Backside 
Taylor, J, Backhills of Gowls 
Taylor, John, Littlegowls 
Watt, John. Chapelhill 
Wilson, Peter, Chapelhill 
Youngson, Wm, Chapelhi 




A summary of the year's business may be conveniently stated in 
the following table, in which, in addition, a comparison is instituted 
with last year's prices : — 



720 Bulls, 

153 Cows 

78 Two year-old Heifers, 
122 Yearling do., . . 

72 Heifer Calves 


£26 5 1 

28 8 6 

29 3 1 

20 15 4 

21 7 8 

£18,904 2 
4,349 2 
2,274 6 
2,533 13 
1,639 16 

£25 17 £29,600 19 8 





£26 11 7 

3< 11 8 

30 13 7 

26 10 2 

26 1 3 

£27 9 

617 Bulls £24 8 11 

9i Cows 32 1 

39 Two- year-old Heifers, 34 6 8 
96 Yearling do., .. .. 22 18 
31 Heifer Calves, .. 19 10 6 

£15.084 7 

£22 3 


2,976 13 

25 11 


1,339 1 




2,198 14 

20 10 


605 6 


17 4 




£25 6 11 £22,204 2 


£25 12 7 £51,805 1 8 

£24 17 9 

The following is a note of particulars of the sales on which the 
foregoing figures are based : — 





£ S. 

£ S D. 

Perth .loint Sale, 

.. Feb. 17 



30 7 6 

Aberdeen Joint Sale, 

„ 18 


48 6 

22 8 1 

Inverness Joint Sale, 

„ 19 


62 10 

24 12 

Elgin Joint Sale, 



29 8 

21 5 

Turriff Joint Sale, 

„ 24 


26 5 

18 5 

Aberdeen Joint Sale, 



25 4 

17 3 10 

Elgin Joint Sale, 

. . Mar. 4 


30 9 

19 7 

El. of Aberdeen, Haddo House, May 13 


26 5 

25 4 

Sir G. Macpherson Grant, 

.. Sep. 14 


31 10 

31 10 

Marquia of Huntly, . . 

„ 15 


22 1 

25 1 

Sir T. Gibson-Carmichael, 

„ 16 


25 4 

25 4 

Aberdeen Joint Sale, 

.. Cct. 21 


34 13 

17 7 7 

L. E. Longmore, Baldavie, 

. . Jan. 14 



14 12 6 

Perth Joint Sale, 

.. Feb. 17 


34 13 

20 14 

Elgin Joint Sale, 

.. Mar. 4 



11 6 

Earl of Aberdeen, 

.. May 13 


i7 3 

33 19 8 

Sir G. Macpherson Grant, 

.. Sep. 14 


144 18 

61 4 3 

Marquis of Huntly, . . 

» 15 


116 11 

33 13 4 

SirT. Gibson-Carmichael, 




32 19 3 

Aberdeen Joint Sale, 

.. Oct. 21 


26 6 

19 16 10 









L. E. Longmore, Baldavie, . . 

Jan. 14 



£15 6 8 

Perth Joint Sale 

Feb. 17 



30 14 10 

Earl of Aberdeen, 

May 13 


19 19 

19 8 6 

Sir G. Macpherson Grant, .. 

Sept. 14 


68 5 

48 13 

Marquis of Huntly, .. 

„ 15 


53 11 

45 3 

Sir T. Gibson-Carmichael, . . 

„ 16 



56 14 

Aberdeen Joint Sale, 

Oct. 21 



19 8 6 




Perth Joint Sale, 

Feb. 17 


53 11 

19 9 11 

Aberdeen Joint Sale, 

„ 18 


19 19 

14 6 8 

Elgin Joint Sale, 

„ 20 


23 2 

19 19 

El«in Joint Sale, 

Mar. 4 




Earl of Aberdeen, 

May 13 


22 1 

20 17 

Sir G. Macpherson Grant, .. 

Sept. 14 



47 7 1 

Marquis of Huntly, .. 

„ 15 


78 15 

33 16 8 

Sir T. Gibson-Carmichael, .. 

„ 16 


28 7 

20 2 3 

Aberdeen Joint Sale, 

Oct. 21 


15 15 

12 10 6 



Sir G. Marpberson Grant, . . 

Sept. 14 


64 1 

32 14 6 

Marquis of Huntly, .. 

„ 15 


57 15 

21 14 

Sir T. Gibson-Carmichael, .. 

,, 16 


26 5 

16 1 1 

Aberdeen Joint Sale, 

Oct. 21 


15 15 

12 6 

The following are some of the higher 

average prices for bulls at 

Perth joint sale in February 



Wra. Why te, Spot t, 


£95 18 

Col. Smiih, Minmore, 



16 2 

T. Dixon, Leadhill, 




Sir G. Macpherson Grant, 



6 4 

G. S. Grant, Auchorachan 


40 19 

P. Chalmers of Aldbar, . 




5 10 

Geo Bruce, Tochineal, . 


38 17 

Sir T. Gibson-Carmichael, 



17 3 

D. Robertson, Fordie, 


32 10 3 

Arch. Whyte, Inverquharity, .. 




Earl of tttrathmore, 




The following are some of the higher average prices for bulla at 
Aberdeen joint sale in February : — 

No. Average. 

Col. Gordon, Culdrain, .. .. 4 

Col. Gordon of Esslemont, . . 4 

Strichen Trustees, 9 

Jas. Calder, Cairnton, .. .. 2 

Hugh Wilson, Milton of Noth, .. 16 

J. K. Findlay of Aberlour, .. 8 

Col. Ferguson, of Pitfour, .. 2 

Geo. Wilken, Waterside, .. .. 4 

G. A. Duff ef Hatton 3 

Alex. Geddes of Blairmore, .. 8 

£34 18 3 

30 3 9 

29 14 

29 8 

26 6 4 

26 3 8 

25 19 9 

25 11 10 

25 11 

25 9 3 

The highest average prices at Inverness sale in February 
were : — 

No. Average. 

J. D. Fletcher, Rosehaugta, „ 3 „ £44 2 

Sir G. Macpherson Grant, 7 „ 31 4 

Kirkwall Joint Sale, 
Inverness Joint Sale, 
Elgin Joint Sale, 
Turriff Joint Sale, 
Perth Joint Sale, 
Aberdeen Joint Sale, 





20 10 

15 10 



66 14 

24 5 3 



38 17 

21 11 5 



27 6 

17 18 8 



96 12 

26 6 5 



86 2 

22 2 11 



siiouthorn BULliS— Continued. 

Aberdeen Joint Sale, 
Elgin Joint Sale, 
Reprs. J. Stott, Powburn, 
Lord Polwarth, Mertoun, 
Lord Rosebery, Dalmeny, 
Reps. M'Gillivrav, Fettes, 
W.A. Mitchell, Auchnag'thle 
W. Duthie, '-ollynie, 
\V. S. Marr, Uppermill, 
Geo. Walker, Tiilygreig, 
A. Crombie, Woodend, 
J. Wilson, Pirriesmill, 
A. M. Gordon of Newton 
A. Geddes of Blairm^re, 
Reps S. Campbell* Kinellar, 
A. Watson, Anchrdilie, 
Aberdeen Joint Sale, 















28 7 
23 2 
75 12 

52 10 


89 5 

53 11 

43 1 
58 16 
18 18 
39 18 
23 2 
34 13 

A ?Hraee. 

£27 3 1 

19 3 

17 17 

34 3 3 

3-9 4 


■21 fi 9 

Hi 4 

44 15 I 

31 4 9 

28 2 4 

2' lfi 10 

33 7 
]« 16 
20 1 
19 8 
2j 5 


Perth Joint Sale, 
Aberdeen Joint Sale, 
Aberdeen Joint Sale. 
Reprs. J. Stott, Powburn, 
Lord Pol vrarth, Mertoun, 
Lord Rosebery, Dalmeny, 
Reprs. M'Gillivray, Fettes, 
W. A. Mitchell, Auchnag'thle 
Geo. Walktr, Tillyj-reig, 
A. Crombie, Woodend, 
J. Wilson, Pirriesmill, 
Reps. S. Campbell, Kinellar, 

Feb. 24 

„ 25 













28 7 
17 17 
43 1 
37 16 
52 10 


43 1 
54 12 
27 6 


Perth Joint Sale 

Aberdeen Joint Sale, 
Reprs. J. Stott, Powburn, .. 
Lord Polwarlh, Mertoun, 
Lord Rosebery, Dalmeny, . . 
Reprs. M'Gillivray, Fettes, 
W. A. Mitchell, Auchnag'thle 
Geo. Walker, Tiilygreig, .. 
A. Crombie, Woodend, 
J. Wilson, Pirriesmill, 
Alex. Geddes of Blairmore, 
Rep? S. Campbell, Kinellar, 
A. Watson. Auchronie, 
Aberdeen Joint Sale, 



28 7 

27 16 
25 4 
78 15 


43 2 
36 15 
55 13 
38 17 

29 8 
34 13 
66 3 
48 6 

28 7 


Inverness Joint Sale, 
Elgin Joint Sale, - . . 
Perth Joint Sale, 
Aberdeen Joint Sale, 
Reprs. J. Stott, Powburn, 
Lord Polwarth, Mertoun, 
Lord Rosebery, Dalmeny, 
Reprs. M'Gillivray, Fettes, 
W. A. Mitchell, Auchnag'thle 
Geo. Walker, Tiilygreig, . . 
A. Crombie, Woodend, 
J. Wilson, Pirriesmill, 
A. M. Gordon of Newton, . . 
Reps. S. Campbell, Kinellar, 
A. Watson, Auchronie, 
Aberdeen Joint Sale, 








27 6 
18 18 
33 12 
17 6 

28 7 
75 12 
39 18 

29 8 

37 16 
28 7 
17 6 

19 8 6 

23 12 6 
17 6 6 
22 8 10 

24 5 7 
35 o 10 

24 3 

27 12 
21 8 
bi 18 

20 3 
2: 16 6 
2" 3 2 
35 12 3 

32 11 O 

31 in 
2. 12 5 

33 12 

32 11 O 

21 7 
29 18 « 
41 7 5 
37 6 
23 2 

17 2 

17 17 

16 7 2 
15 8 e 
15 9 9 
23 12 6 
26 12 7 

22 1 
19 10 
Sfl 12 7 

23 « 2 

17 18 6 
34 2 6 

24 18 3 
22 10 
17 1 3 



Lord Rosebery, 
Reprs. M'Gillivray, Fettes, 
W. A. Mitchell, Auchnag'thle, 
Geo. Walker, Tillygreig, 
A. Crombie, Woodend, 
J. Wilson, Pirriesmill, 
A. M. Gordon of Newton, . . 
Reps S. Caapbell, Kinellar, 
A. Watson, Auchronie, 

At Inverness joint sale in February, the higher average prices 
for bulls were : — 





Sep. 7 


£68 5 

£19 9 4 

Oct. 5 


31 10 

21 16 9 

n 11 


27 6 

17 6 6 

„ 13 


32 11 

21 16 4 

■> 13 


34 13 

21 16 4 

ii 1* 



20 8 2 

» 14 


56 14 

37 3 

„ 15 


40 19 

24 6 

ii 15 


17 17 

17 17 

Duke of Richmond and Gordon, 
W. Peterkin, Dungla«s, . . 
P. B. M'Intyre, Findon, .. 
J. D. Fletcher, Rosehaugh, 
C. M Cameron, Balnakyle, 
J. Stirling, Muirton, 
Lord Lovat, 



£33 1 


32 12 


32 11 

31 15 


31 13 

30 2 

28 17 

The higher average prices for bulls at Aberdeen joint sale in 
spring were: — 

No. Average. 

Jas. Durno, Jackstown, . . 
*J. Bruce, Inverquhomery, 
D. C. Bruce, Byres, 

Sir Arthur Grant, 

W. Murray, Mains of Pittendreigh, 
J. L. Reid. Cromblybank, 
Duke of Richmond and Gordon, 

W. Adam, Baads, 

Geo. Longmore, Bettie, 

The higher average prices at Perth joint 

J. D. Fletcher, Rosehaugh, 
Duke of Richmond and Gordon, 
A. Robertson, Ballechin, 
Col. Smith, Minmore, 
Messrs Bain, Legars, 
A. B. law, Sanquhar, 
Mrs Granger, Pitcur, 
D. Fergusson, Daleapon, 
C. Munro, Mains of Murthly, 
J. M. Graham, Redgorton, 
J. Merson, Craigwillie, . . 
R. Taylor, Pitlivie, 
J. M'William, Stoneytown, 
T. J. G. Stirling, Strowan, 
Jas. Durno, Westertown, 
F. W. Christie, Dairsie Mains, 
J. Carnegie, Aytounhill, .. 
A. Crombie, Woodend, . . 


£52 8 


43 3 


29 15 

28 17 


27 13 

27 6 

27 4 


26 10 


25 19 


lay as joint sale. 

in spring were :- 


£42 10 


38 10 

37 4 

35 7 


35 3 


34 13 



33 6 


32 4 


31 11 


31 3 


30 16 10 

30 2 

29 5 


28 2 


26 5 

25 11 

25 4 11 

Sir WILLIAM WEDDEBBUBN of Ballindean, Bart., formerly in the Bombay Civil Service, 
and for some time Secretary to the Bombay Government, was elected for Banffshire, March 
16 1893- re-electerl Julv 20, 1895. 

' Alexander Asher. Advocate, has represented the Elgin Burghs (Elgin, Banff and Macduff' 
Cullen Inverurie, Kintore, and Peterhead) since 13th July 1881 ; list, retur. ei on July 18, 1*95. 
Solicitor-General for Scotland from 15th August 1881 to 9th June 1885; and from February* 
to Julv 21 1886 : and wa* reappointed to same office in August 1892, resigning it on January 27, 
1894 Appointed Queen's Counsel 13th December 1881. 





The year opened with enjoyment of peace 
throughout the world. At home, a good deal 
•was heard of the financial relations of Ireland 
and Great Britain, and the dark cloud of 
threatened famine in India caused anxiety. 
A"broad, the Turkish question bulked largely 
in men's minds, and matters connectedwith 
South Africa were in a disquieting position. 
— At Banff, New Year's Day was one of the 
mildest in recent years —New Year's honours 
were creation of two peerages (Sir Joseph 
Lister and Lord Kinnear), five baronetcies, 
and fourteen knighthoods. — Meeting at 
Gardenstown re harbour extension. 

2. Mr William Taylor, postmaster, Perth, 
native of King-Edward, appointed postmaster 

5. Colonel Smith, Minmore ; Mr Skinner, 
Drumin ; and Dr Cowie, Dufftown, appointed 
Hon. Sheriffs-Substitute for Banffshire.— Mr 
Jas. Mackie, M.A., Buckie, appointed head- 
master, Ternemny, Rothiemay.— New schools 
at Aberlour opened by Mr Findlay. — Deputa- 
tion of teachers urged Secretary for Scotland 
for Government scheme of superannuation 
and increased security of tenure of office. — 
Mr Rhodes entertained at great banquet in 
Cape Town on leaving for England. — Mr A. 
P. Bennett appointed British Consul at New 
York.— Emperor William's Order regulating 
duelling published. 

6. Mrs Gladstone presented by Armenians 
with portrait of Armenian Patriarch. — Mr 
Gladstone spoke on Armenia, and Mrs Glad- 
stone unveiled window in Hawarden Church 
in memory of Armenian Martyrs. — Meeting at 
Dufftown regarding electric lighting of burgh. 
— Troup House paintings and relics sold in 

7. Rev. Alex. Mactavish, Edinburgh, in- 
ducted colleague and successor Rothiemay 
Free Church.— Destructive Are at Mains of 
Auchnagatt, estimated damage £15C0.— Sir J. 
Sivewrisht announced that the Cape Govern- 
ment will work all Rhodesian Railways, save 
the Beira Road. 

8. Inaugurative lecture by Mr Young, 
lecturer on Agricultural Hygene in Aberdeen 
University.— Dr Temple enthroned as Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury.— Ladv Scott and two 
accomplices sentenced to eight months' impri- 
sonment for libelling Earl Russf 11. —Elginshire 
County Council refused requisition to form 
Lhanbryd village into special lighting district. 

9. Lord Mayor of London opened Indian 
Famine Belief Fund at Mansion House. — 
Banffshire Educational Institute criticised 
Keith School Board in stopping pension of 
late teacher. 

11. Treaty of arbitration between Great 
Britain and the United States signed in pre- 
liminary form.— Banff School Board by 5 votes 
to 4 adopted plans for school extension. A 
new Board got new plans, and at close of 

year these were still being considered.— Infor- 
mation received of massacre of British offi- 
cials at Benin, West Africa. Expedition was 
fitted out to punish King of Benin. 

12. Mr J. Macpherson Wattie, Lecturer 
Church of Scotland Training College, Aber- 
deen, appointed to inspectorate of schools. — 
Proposal for union of Forres and Nairn 

13. Fire at. Port Glasgow shipbuilding yard, 
damage £30,000. — Mr Pease returned for 
Cleveland division of Yorkshire. — Sugar grow- 
ing commission left for West Indies. — Dr 
Saunders, Dounby, appointed medical officer 
of Duffus. — Formation at Edinburgh of 
Scottish National Fat Show Club. 

14. British cruiser Terrible on trial run 
went at average speed of 22J knots per hour, 
beating all records of warships.— Mr J. D. 
Murdoch, Sheriff Clerk Depute of Elginshire, 
presented with gifts on completing fifty years 
service in Sheriff Clerk's office.— Rev. Jas. W. 
Fraser appointed colleague and successor 
Kirkmichael Parish Church.— Indian troopship 
Warren Hastings wrecked off Reunion Island. 

15. Confirmation of Dr Creighton as Bishop 
of London.— Mr Cameron of Lochiel opened 
New Post Office at Fort William. 

16. Much anxiety felt in connection with out- 
break of bubonic plague in Bombay. — Mr 
Byrne, M P. for Walthamstow division of Essex, 
appointed a j udge of High Court. — Fire at Glas- 
gowStorage Coy.'s premises, damage £30,000.— 
Count Muravieff, Russian minister at Copen- 
hagen, appointed minister of foreign affairs in 
succession to late Prince Lobenoff.— Keith 
Burgh Commissioners by 6 votes to 5 adopted 
one of three proposed drainage schemes and 
minority protested. At close of year drainage 
scheme being still considered.— Mr A. J. Bar- 
clay, M.A., Cairnie, appointed headmaster of 

18. Rev. Dr Blark, Inverness, presented 
with gifts on completion of twenty-five years' 
pastorate of Free High Church. — Lord 
Kimberley appointed Opposition leader in. 
Lords in succession to Lord Rosebery. — Mr D. 
Wood, M.A., appointed inspector of poor, 

19. Parliament opened by Commission. — Mr 
Andrew, Inspector of Schools for Banffshire, 
appointed to Dumbarton and Govan district ; 
Mr Lobban, in charge of Caithness, Suther- 
land, and Easter Ross district, appointed to 
Banffshire. — Mr Robt. Urquhart resigned town- 
clerkship ef Forres, held by him since 1855. — 
Mr Dillon by 33 votes to 18 elected sessional 
chairman of Irish Parliamentary Party. 

20. Crown withdrew charge against Edward 
Bell or Ivory, alleged dynamitard.— Duke of 
Fife presided at festival of Homes for working 
boys in London.— Fishing boat sank by 
collision off Peterhead, crew saved. — Annual 
meeting Highland Society.— Mr Geo. Ross, 
Cullen, appointed burgh surveyor of Clyde- 
bank, Glasgow. 



21 K-iih -. h....i Board replied to criticisms 
of Ba ftiin> f- Kdin-ational Institute.— Resig- 
nation of sheiirt Hiiir as Sheriff-Substitute at 
liivfrii-s-.— I Miiy Margaret Cameron of Loch- 
iel cut flrnt nirf i.f New Mallaig railway. 

22. Publication of important despatches on 
Turkish q itssTion.— Annual festival of Edin- 
burgh Mora> shire Club.— Agricultural Re- 
search Association at a meeting at Aberdeen 
discussed a ten year rotation of crops with 
seven-tei tliM in gr«ss. 

23. Uppt-i I »i-r rii-t Committee of Banffshire 
discussed Ht lengih traction engine traffic. — 
Earl of Aberdeen, Lieutenant-Governor of 
Canada, issued appeal on behalf of Indian 
Famine Relief Hund. — Mr Cecil Rhodes 
arrived in England. — The Goorkha, New 
Union I ine. teamship, launched at Belfast. 

2i Mr Davidson elected junior bailie of 
Bu'kie. in room of Bailie Gibson, resigned. 

26. Snowstorm in Scotland, and trains 
blocked in North —Debate on Address ended 
in <•• rontons. 

27. Abet lour and Boharm Parish Councils 
took anion in Ben Aigen right-of-way case.— 
Mr Allhiiseii (U.) elected M.'P. for Salisbury. 
No change —Mi Gordon, MP., spoke at Hope- 
man and Bur^he^d. 

28 Fire at. Belfast caused damage of 
£20 0'iO.-Mr J-inies Forbes, Ellabus, Islay, 
appointed Her Majesty's Commissioner at 
Balmoral in succession to the late DrProfeit. 
— Mr Lobban, H.M. Inspector of Schools, 
entert lined at dinner at Thurso on leavingfor 

29. New Pall at Gardenstown opened by 
Mr Garden . f Troup.— Mr and Mrs Gladstone 
left for Cannes— Intimation of Sir George 
Tieve)ynti's retirement from politics.— New 
■wins of .>ussix < ounty Hospital opened by 
Duchess of Hfe. — Mr Chamberlain acknow- 
ledged he had, on behalf of Her Majesty's 
Government, invited Premiers of Self-govern- 
ing Colonies to take part in the celebration of 
the 60 h year of Her Majesty's reign. 

:-0. Or ('leitihion enthroned as Bishop of 
London — Owing f .o great snow storm, first 
train since 25th reached Fraserburgh. The 
Peterhead and Macduff and Turriff lines were 
al'O blocked for several days. 

31. Owing to gr^at snow storm there was no 
service in m-iiiy country Churches in North. 


1. Changps came into operation of postal 
and money ordet i ules of Post Office. — Resolu- 
tion submittrd in Committee in House of 
Commons in reference to provision of funds 
for grant in aid of English Voluntary Schools. 
— Captain Sinclair (G) returned for Forfar- 
shire Noch-ige. 

2. Pr posal by Prince of Wales for larger 
endowment of London hospitals as celebration 
by London of Queen's reign.— Arbitration 
treaty signed bei ween Great Britain and 
Veneziel > — v\ rtck of Inverness schooner, 
four lives lost. 

3. Samuel Woods (R) returned for Waltham- 
stow division of Essex- Opposition gain.— 
New auction rn-irt opened at Huntly.— Girl 
drowned at Ellon while tobaggoning.— Ap- 

pointment of new Sheriffs in Scotland. — 
Intimation received of wreck off Portugal of 
British steamer City of Agra, tweDty lives 
lost.— Commons by majority of 71 read second 
time Parliamentary Enfranchisement of 
Women's Bill. At later stage in session, there 
was on purpose long discussion on bill pre- 
ceding it in orders of day so that it might not , 
be reached. — Fatal blasting accident at Peter- 
head harbour works. — Clydesdale Horse 
Society had prolonged discussion on rules for 
admission to stud book. 

4. Fire at Govan shipbuilding yard caused 
damage of £40,000. — English Voluntary 
Schools Bill introduced in Commons.— Ther- 
mometer at Ballindalloch Castle Gardens 
registered 8£° below zero.— Thermometer at 
Fyvie Castle Gardens registered 18° below 
zero.— Unfavourable opening of salmon fish- 
ings in North.— Rev. D. Mackintosh ordained 
to Rogart Free Church. 

5. All hope abandoned of Aberdeen steamer 
State of Georgia, whieh was lost on vovage to 
Canada. Crew were all Aberdeen men. — A 
Departmental Committee reported on laws 
relating to dogs, and made recommendations 
to lessen sheep-worrying evils. — Dr Nansen 
entertained at banquet in London by Royal 
Societies Club. Dr Nansen during next few 
weeks lectured at various towns throughout 
United Kingdom. — Explanation in Commons 
of further expedition to Soudan, and vote 
thereon carried. 

6. It was seen that Anglo-American treaty 
would be wrecked in American Senate. 

8. Military Works Bill considered in House 
of Commons, providing for fortification works 
and partial reorganisation of army.— Chaos in 
Crete ; many villages burned and virulent 
outbreak of racial and religious animosities.— 
Skating on Deveron below Banff Bridge. — Mr 
R. Urquhartjr .appointed town clerk of Forres. 

9. Resignation by Lord Rosmead of position 
of High Commissioner for South Africa, and 
appointment of Sir Alfred Milner.— By col- 
lapse of scaffolding at viaduct, on Cornwall 
railway, 12 persons killed.— Bill to prohibit 
sale of intoxicating liquors in England and 
Wales on Sunday defeated by majority of 57. 
—Rev. Lachlan Maclean Watt, assistant Lady 
Glenorchy's, elected parish minister of Turriff. 

10. Marriage of Sir Ernest W. Robinson, 
Bart., and Miss Grant of Glengrant.— Duke 
of Fife presided at semi-jubilee festival of 
London Morayshire Club.— Prince George of 
Greece assumed command of torpedo boats to 
be sent in aid of Crete. 

11. Capture, after severe fighting, of Beda 
by troops of Royal Niger Company.— In Com- 
mons, resolution was carried giving precedence 
to Voluntary Schools Bill.— Sheriff Scott Mon- 
crieff, Falkirk, took his seat as Sheriff-Substi- 
tute of Inverness in succession to Sheriff Blair. 

12. Much anxiety felt throughout Europe in 
connection with Crete, where there were an- 
archy and civil war; the Greek nation demanded 
annexation of island, and sent troops there, 
and Cretan waters were crowded with Euro- 
pean war vessels.— Golden wedding of Mr and 
Mrs Laing, Market Street, Macduff. — JThe 
Porte requested the Powers to restrain Greek 
action in Crete. 


14. Opening of new Parish Church Hall at 

15. Sir Charles Cameron (G.) returned for 
Bridgeton. — Announcement that Mr Mair of 
Grange had won Craven Scholarship at 

16. Agitation in Banffshire and part of 
Aberdeenshire a= to route of telephone trunk 
line. — Mr Cecil Rhodes gave evidence at first 
sitting of South Africa Committee. — St 
Saviour's Church, Southwark, reopened after 
renovations which cost £50,000.— Voluntary 
Schools Bill read second time in Commons by 
355 votes to 150. 

18. Intimation received that Transvaal Go- 
vernment wanted one million sterling as 
indemnity for raid, a considerable item being 
for 'moral or intellectual damage.' — Dr 
Nansen lectured at Aberdeen. 

19. Mr Leigh Bennett (U.) returned for 
Chertsey division of Surrey No change. 

22. As illustrating rapid change of weather, 
temperature at Banff to-day was 60". — Discus- 
sion in Commons on Greek-Cretan question. 

23. Judgment in Court of Session in friendly 
action between Duke of Fife and Deveron 
Fishery Board as to cruives on Deveron at 
Rack Mill.— Question of hospital accommoda- 
tion discussed by representatives of Bmffshire 
District Committee and Royal and Police 
Burghs in district.— Fire at Arbroath Sawmill 
Company's works; loss £10.000. 

24. Ronald Hugh Baillie, advocate, ap- 
pointed Sheriff-Substitute of Roxburgh, Ber- 
wick, and Selkirk. — British mission appointed 
to Abyssinia.— Six men killed by explosion at 
dynamite factory at Ardeer, Ayrshire, the 
vibration of which was felt in Glasgow. 

25. Lady Wallace, widow of Sir Richard 
Wallace, who inherited the great wealth of 
the Marquis of Hertford, including his art 
collection, gifted all the works of art to the 
nation; value estimated at two millions. — 
Marriage of Mr Morison, yr. of Bognie, and 
Miss Stuart of Laithers.— Rev. T. Davidson 
Inducted as assistant and successor to Rev. 
Alex. Milne, Tough. 

26. George Herbert Murray, C.B., appointed 
chairman of Board of Inland Revenue in suc- 
cession to Sir Alfred Milner.— Edward Wing- 
field, C.B., appointed permanent Under 
Secretary for the G lonies.— Celebration of 
semi-jubilee of settlement of Rev. Dr Forrest 
in West Coates Church, Edinburgh. 

27. Meeting at Rosehearty in favour of 
railway facilities. 


1. Announcement of honorary degrees by 
Aberdeen University, including D.D. to Rev. 
W. S. Bruce, Banff, and LL.D. to Sir Hugh 
Gilzean Reid. 

2. Keith Parish Council appointed Com- 
mittee to investigate question of Edindaich 
Bequest.— At meeMng of Turriff Presbytery 
letter read from Rev. Dr Gray, Auchterless, 
retiring from active duties. — The Great 
Powers addressed note to Greece calling on 
her to withdraw her forces from Crete, 
and announcing that Crete was to obtain 
autonomy. — Sheriff Blair entertained at 
banquet in Inverness on retiring from bench. 


— First sod cut of Invergarry and Fort- 
Augustus railway. 

3. Publication of shipbuilding programme 
for Navy. — House of Representatives passed, 
the Alien Immigration Bill over President 
Cleveland's veto. — Mr A. Billson(R.) returned! 
for Halifax — Opposition gain. 

4. Rev. John Kelman, Peterculter, inducted 
to Free New North Church, Edinburgh. — Mr 
M'Kinley installed as President of the United 
States.— Dutch liner, Utrecht, with all on 
board lost off Ushanr,. 

5. One hundred members of the House of 
Commons (described afterwards by the King 
of Greece as one hundred fools) sent telegram 
of appreciation to the King of Greece. 

6. Deputation urging the use of Gaelic in 
the Highland Schools waited upon Lord 
Balfour. — Greek troops were concentrating on 
the Thessalian frontier. 

8. Publication of the Archbishops' answer to 
the Papal Bull on Anglican Orders. 

9. Banff County Council agreed to petition 
Parliament in favour of Great North Railway 
Company getting running powers to Inverness. 
— Two members of the Cape Parliament and 
Sir Graham Bowers examined by South 
African Committee.— A French liner wrecked 
off Cape Hatteras; seventy-eight lives lost. 

10. Baronetcy granted to Mr Alex. Baird of 
Urie. — Two urns discovered in excavations at 
Cullen.— Rothes Burgh Commissioners ap- 
proved plans for new sewage and purification 
works.— Proclamation of Decree abolishing 
slavery in the Niger territories, to come into 
force on jubilee day. 

11. Queen of Madagascar dethroned by 
French and exiled to Island of Reunion.— The 
Queen on the way to the Riviera had a 
meeting at a suburban station near Paris with 
President Faure— Questions asked in House 
of Commons regarding operations of foreign 
trawlers in Moray Firth. 

12. The Chancellor of Germany submitted 
to Reichstag naval scheme, by which 328 
million marks were appropriated; the body 
was so stupefied by proposal that it at once 

13. Rev. P. D. Thomson, Free South Church, 
Aberdeen, appointed to Peterculter Free 
Church. — Budget Committee of Reichstag 
rejected Government demands for naval 

15. Owing to scarcity of fish, haddocks at 
Gardenstown reached 45s. per cwt. — Commit- 
tee of Privy Council heard appeal by Professor 
Johnston, Aberdeen, against Aberdeen Uni- 
versity Court. Committee decided in favour of 
University. — By explosion of gun on a Russian 
ironclad in Cretan waters fifteen men were 

16. Publication returns of France for 1895 
showed that deaths outnumbered births by 
20,000 —By death of Mrs Pringle there became 
available bequest of £3000 by her late husband, 
Mr Pringle, retired supervisor, for erection of 
new Free Church at Fochabers. — MrShreiner, 
ex-Attorney-General of Cape Colony, ex- 
amined by South African Committee. 

17. Rejoicings at Clova and Premnay on 
majority of Mr Lumsden, yr., of Clova.— Rev. 
Mr M'Raith and Mrs M'Raith, Aberchirder, 



received gifts on semi-jubilee of former as U.P. 
Minister of Abercbirder. 

18 Celebration of ministerial jubilee of 
Rev. Dr Mair, Southdean. — Voluntary Schools 
Bill passed through Committee of Commons 
after some very late sittings, the 12 o'clock 
rule being suspended. 

19. Rev. Alex. Lawson, minister of Deer, 
appointed professor of English Literature in 
St Andrews University. — Much comment 
made throughout country on refusal of 
Episcopal Bishop of Aberdeen to allow Dean 
Lefroy of Norwich to preach in King's College 
Chapel, Aberdeen, dignitaries of Episcopal 
Church themselves protesting against such 
intolerance. — Naval commanders of fleets of 
Great Powers made proclamation of autonomy 
in Crete, and 3600 European troops landed in 
island to restore order. — Publication of Mr 
Gladstone's letter to the Duke of Westminster 
on Cretan crisis. 

20. Engineers of Great North Railway Coy. 
prospected proposed railway from Dufftown 
to Tomintoul. 

21. Celebration of centenary of birth of 
Emperor William I. of Germany.— Blockade of 
Crete began by warships of Great Powers. 

22. Birmingham Lord Mayor's fund for 
Indian famine relief closed with total of over 

23. New Post Office at Rothesay opened by 
the Provost, the Marquis of Bute. 

24. Destruction by fire of Parish Church of 
Swinton, Yorkshire. — House of Commons 
Committee approved Highland Railway Com- 
pany's Bill for railway between Inverness and 
Fort- Augustus, in prefeience to those for 
similar purpose promoted by Fort-Augustus 
and Invergarry Company and North British 
and West Highland Companies. 

25. Lord Salisbury on his way to Nice had 
interview at Paris with M. Hanotaux, French 
Foreign Minister.— Lord Aberdeen opened 
Canadian Parliament. — Voluntary Schools 
Bill read third time in Commons by majority 
of 200. — Mr Stuart of Laithers entertained 
tenantry and friends to supper and dance in 
Turriff Town Hall.— Presbytery of Deer re- 
ceived resignation of active duties of Rev. Mr 
Philip, New Deer. — Hon. T. F. Bayard obtained 
consent of Chancellor of Consistory Court to 
transfer of the log of the Mayflower to the 
President and people of the United States. 

26. Lord Ranfurly appointed Governor of 
New Zealand in succession to Lord Glasgow. 
— By flooding of co*l mine at Alloa six men 
were drowned. — Mr Gladstone was received by 
the Queen at Cimiez.— Dr Jameson examined 
by South African Committee. 

27. Crown Prince of Greece left for frontier 
to take command of Greekarmy; thesituation 
in the East was alarming, for while Greek and 
Turkish armies faced each other on the frontier, 
a Greek commander practically defied Europe 
by refusing to leave Crete. — Meeting of heritors 
of Marnoch and Forglen instituted scheme for 
financial support of Rose-Innes Cottage 
Hospital.— Foundation stone laid of Carnegie 
Free Library, Wick, by Mr Hew Morrison, 

28. Persons employed on Indian relief work 
numbered 2,811,000. 

29. Discussion in Commons on financial 
relations of Great Britain and Ireland.— Duke 
of Fife presented prizes to Educational Classes 
and Athletic Clubs in connection with Y.M.C. 
Association, London. 

30. Jubilee of Rev. Dr Henderson, Abbey 
Close U.P. Church, Paisley. —Rev. D. J. 
Martin, Free English Church, Stornoway, 
accepted call to Argyll Square Free, Oban. 

31. Sir John Willoughby, the last officer 
connected with the Jameson raid remaining in 
prison, liberated from Holloway.— Mr John 
Sktlton, Vice-President, Local Government 
Board, retired from public service, under age 
limit. — Marriage of Mr Barvey of Carnousie 
and Miss Frances Reed.— Rev. W. S. Bruce, 
Banff, presented by his congregation with 
gown, cassock, and hood of Doctor of Divinity. 

1. In London, a portrait by Franz Hals, 
dated 1679, fetched 3350 gs.— Operations com- 
menced at thorough cleaning of Banff Harbour. 
— Dingley Tariff Bill passed by Washington 
House of Representatives. 

2. Transvaal claim for raid amounting to 
£1,677,938 3s. 3d., of which one million was for 
' moral or intellectual damage,' reached this 
country.— Estate of Tillyfour purchased by 
Mr Francis Buchan, baker, Aberdeen, for 
£17,160. — Very rich gold deposits reported in 
tributaries of the Yukon. 

3. Mr Rhodes sailed for the Cape, after ex- 
amination before South African Committee. — 
Marriage of Mr Grant of Wester Elchies and 
Miss Smith of Salthill. 

B. Voluntary Schools Bill passed third read- 
ing in Lords. 

6. Anglo- Venezuelan treaty ratified by Vene- 
zuelan Congress.— Convention of Royal Burghs 
discussed many questions affecting Scottish 
interests. — A House of Commons committee 
found not proved the preamble of a Bill pro- 
moted by Great North Railway Company for 
running powers to Inverness. — Rev. Mr 
Watson, U.P. Church, Forres, intimated his 
intention to retire in November, when he 
would have completed forty years' ministry. 

7. Rejoicings on Lower Speyside over home- 
coming of Mr and Mrs Grant of Wester Elchies. 
— King of Denmark conferred upon Dr Nansen 
a gold medal of merit with the royal crown — 
an unprecedented distinction.— Rev. L. Mac- 
Lean Watt inducted to ministerial charge of 
Turriff parish. 

8. Slavery abolished in Zanzibar. — Miss 
Calder, Cottage Hospital, Coldstream, ap- 
pointed matron Chalmers' Hospital, Banff. — 
Duke of Fife presided at first festival dinner 
of Alexandra Hospital for Children with Hip 
Disease, London.— Earl of Moray laid me- 
morial stone of new Free Church, Kyleakin. 

9. Band of 1500 Greeks, characterised as 
brigands and irregulars, but among whom 
there were certainly regulars, invaded Turkish 
territory, and the war between Turkey and 
Greece practically began. 

10. Tablet in Chelsea Hospital in memory of 
Field- Marshal Sir Patrick Grant unveiled by 
Duke of Cambridge.— Rev. J Ramsay Sibbald, 
assistant, St Giles, Edinburgh, elected minister 
of Crathie Parish Church. 



12. Debate in Commons on crisis in East. 

13. Master of Aberdeen trawler fined £25 
for trawling in Moray Firth. — An egg of the 
Great Auk realised in London 280 gs. 

14. Depth of snow on summit of Ben Nevis 
fifty inches. — Banffshire detached from Aber- 
deen district for surveying purposes, and Mr 
C. J. Revell appointed surveyor of taxes for 
county. — Formation at meeting in Aberdeen 
of University Kndowment Association. 

15. Rev. Peter S. Bisset inducted to pastor- 
ate of Oyne. 

16. English nurses left London for the seat 
of war. 

17. Sir Alfred Milner, Governor of Cape 
Colony, sailed for the Cape.— Active hostilities 
commenced between Greece and Turkey, the 
Sultan representing that his hands had been 
forced by repeated invasions in Macedonia by 
Greek troops. — Rev. A R. Andrew, inspector 
of schools for Banffshire, entertained at 
luncheon by county teachers, and presented 
with address on leaving for Govan. — Golden 
wedding of Mr and Mrs Forsyth, Ashalloch, 

18. James Ogilvie Grant, eleventh Earl of 
Seafield, attained his majority. — Eight deacons 
ordained in Banff Free Church. 

19. Mr Rhodes presented with address of 
welcome at Cape Town. — Dr Peters for horrible 
cruelties in Africa, dismissed, after trial in 
Berlin, from German colonial service. 

20 Turkish victory at Maluna ; the whole 
war was a series of Turkish successes, the 
Greeks, as regards coming to close quarters 
with the enemy, displaying that quality 
which has been called the better part of 
valour. — Celebration of ministerial jubilee 
of Rev. Joseph Caskey, Stronsay Parish 

21. In consequence of bitter anti-British 
feeling in Transvaal, British warships made 
demonstration in Delngoa Bay. — Rev Mr 
Munro, Kincardine, Strathspey, elected mini- 
ster of Insh, Kingussie.— Col. John Hay, the 
new U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain, wel- 
comed at Southampton. 

22. Banff District Committee adopted and 

Eroposed to burghs scheme tor providing 
ospital accommodation, making the burghs' 
contribution dependent on population, while 
these considered that valuation also should be 
an element in fixing proportions — A local 
amateur company performed ' The Mikado ' 
at Elgin.— Attempted assassination of King 
of Italy. 

23. In Dominion Parliament, Canada, it 
was enacted that British imports should enter 
country at, for first year, 12J per cent., and 
subsequently 25 per cent, less than ordinary 
tariff ; as it was found that owing to treaties 
between Britain and Germany and Belgium, 
these countries must enjoy similar privileges. 
Britain denounced the treaties, and the pro- 
British tariff law will become operative in 
1898. — A German trawler was forcibly pre- 
vented from landing Moray Firth-caught fish 
at Aberdeen, and a subsequent action in Court 
of Session was decided in favour of authorities. 

24. Fall of Larissa, headquarters of Greek 
array ; the falling back to Pharsala was a 
flight— a complete rout, in which the Crown 

Prince, soldiers, and officers alike played an 
ignominious part. — Estimates accepted for 
building new police stations at Dufftown, 
Cullen, Craigellachie, and Ballindalloch, at a 
cost of £2500.— Marriage of Mr George Forbes 
of Inverernan and Miss Milman-Main waring. 

25. Duchess of York gave birth toadauxhter. 

26. House of Commons met after Easter 

27. Marriage of Lt.-Col. Anstruther, R.A., 
and Miss Morison-Duncan of Kaughton. — 
Synod of Moray confirmed finding of Elgin 
Presbytery deposing Rev. Charles Gordon, 
Lhanbrjd, from the ministry for drunkenness 
and using unbecoming language. 

28. Treaty of friendship and commerce 
between (Germany and Orange Free State 
signed at Berlin. 

29. M. Delyannis, Prime Minister of Greece, 
refused to resign, and was dismissed by the 
King of Greece. In Athens there was great 
excitement. — Budget night in Commons — 
revenue, £103,950,000;expenditure,£102,335,0u0; 
estimated revenue for current year, 
£103,360,000 ; the chief change under budget 
proposals was large postal concessions — Mr 
Asher, M. P., opened bazaar at Elgin in con- 
nection with South Free Church. In evening 
Mr Asher addressed local Liberal Association. 
— Turkish troops captured Trikhala. 

30. Mr Chamberlain and Dr Harris 
examined by the South African Committee. — 
Mr and Mrs Paterson received gifts on leaving 
Auldtown of Carnousie. — Sheriff Crawford 
appointed Vice-Chairman of Scottish Fishery 
Board. — The masters of five trawlers fined 
at Elgin £70 each for fishing in the Moray 

1. Marker at Kirriemuir rifle butts shot 
while riflemen were at practice.— On three 
nights this week House of Commons was 
counted out, illustrating ap ithy in politics — 
Canadian Indian Famine Fund closed with 
200,000 dols. 

2. Fatal cliff accident at Gamrie. 

3. Mr Jas. Smith resigned position of Town 
Chamberlain of Banff, held by him fur over 
sixty-one years.— Opening of C.P. Synod — 
Rev. Dr Hutcheson of Bonnington moderator; 
and celebration of Jubilee of Church. 

4. Movement initiated in Australia— after- 
wards carried out— of sending for the poor of 
the United Kingdom at the Jubilee 20,000 
sheep and 500 bullocks. The Princess of 
Wales initiated fund for giving a dinner on 
Jubilee day to the denizens of the London 
slums. — Duke of Fife presided at annual meet- 
ing of Church Army.— Collision off Aberdeen 
of s.s. Collynie of Aberdeen and s.«. Girniegoe 
of Wick— former sank and crew of eight, with 
captain's wife and two sons drowned : the 
captain was rescued. 

5. Greek Government invited the Powers to 
arrange terms of peace with Turkey. — By fire 
at fashionable baztar at Paris, 130 lives were 
lost, including some who bore the highest and 
most honoured names in France.— In Com- 
mons a bill proposing to restrict miners' work- 
ing hours lost by 227 to 186. 

6. By flooding of a Durham coal mine 



eleven lives were lost.— Greek army driven 
south from Pharsala to Domoko. 

7 Transvaal Government repealed obnoxious 
immigration legislation, which was held to be 
breach of London Convention. — Anglo- 
American arbitration treaty failed to pass 
American Senate— owing to ' pure jingoism 
and hostility to England.'— Intimation made 
of gift of Duke of Richmond and Gordon to 
Tomintoul of whole plant of water supply 

8. Correspondence with Transvaal issued, 
showing that the Vaal river drifts were re- 
opened only when ultimatum was addressed 
by Great Britain to the Republic — A second 
telephone cable laid between England and 
France.— Fire in shipbuilding yard in Sunder- 
land caused £40,000 damage. 

9. Disturbances at Dunoon, where the pier 
was closed against Glasgow Sunday ' trippers.' 
— Consecration of bell of the church of 
Gatineau Point, Ottowa, presented by Lord 
and Lady Aberdeen in gratitude of her lady- 
ship being saved from imminent danger in a 
driving accident. 

10. Prince and Princess of Wales visited Mr 
Gladstone at Hawarden. -King Leopold opened 
Brussels International Exhibition. — Duke of 
Fifeexamined before South African Committee. 

12. Prince of Wales opened new municipal 
buildings at Oxford. — Greek army left Crete, 
Greece accepting scheme of autonomy for 
islands. — The Powers requested the Porte for 
an armistice — Duchess of Kife opened bazaar 
at Streatham in aid of British and Foreign 
Sailors' Society. 

13. Provisional Order (Scotland) Bill intro- 
duced in Lords. — Dispersion of Haddo House 
Polled herd.— In Commons, Foreign Prison- 
made Goods bill read second time. 

14. R"V. S. J. R. Sibbald inducted to Crathie 
Parish Church. — Mr Mackenzie, postmaster, 
Keswick, appointed postmaster of Elgin— Mr 
R. Gilbertson, Glasgow, presented his native 
town of Lerwick with public park in com- 
memoration of jubilee. 

15. Two new cruisers for British navy 
launched on Tvne —Tom Mann, the English 
Socialist, expelled from France 

17. Dublin Corporation, by 22 to 11, resolved 
not to present address of congratulation to 
the Queen on her jubilee — A subscription of 
£25,000 intimated to Princess of Wales' dinner 
fund. — Battle of Domoko— Greeks defeated 
with much loss.— Inverurie Town Council 
agreed to present Provost with chain and 
badge to appear before Qneen. — Resignation 
of pastoral charge of Monquhitter by Rev. R. 
M'Derment. — Yachting and Fisheries exhibi- 
tion, London, opened by Prince and Princess 
of Wales. 

18. The Czar made strong personal appeal 
to the Sultan to suspend hostilities. — 
Employers' Liability Bill read second time in 
Commons.— Prince of Wales Hospital Fund 
Commemoration Stamps placed on sale. 

19 Armistice signed between Greece and 
Turkey, and there began very lengthened 
negotiations between Powers and Turkey for 
terms of peace. —Land Tenure Bill for Wales, 
proposing to establish land court, rejected in 

20 General Assemblies met at Edinburgh- 
Rev. Dr Mair, Earlston, moderator of Es- 
tablished Church, and Rev. Principal Miller, 
Madras, of Free. — By blasting accident at 
slate quarries at Logiealmond three men 
were killed. — Mr Balfour announced in Com- 
mons that Local Government Bill for Ireland 
would be introduced next session. 

21. Statistics of Church of Scotland for 1S96 
showed increase in number of communicants 
of 6637. — Cambridge u ndergraduates and B. a .s 
by 1713 to 662 refused degrees to women. — 
The Queen broke her journey to Balmoral at 
Sheffield and opened new town hall. — Sale at 
London of heirlooms of the Garden Campbell 
family lairds of Glenlyon. — Mr Jas. Hendrick, 
lecturer on agricultural chemistry, appointed 
county analyst of Aberdeen. — Mr Labouchere 
censured by South African Committee for in a 
newspaper practically condemning gentlt-men 
connected with South Africa Company for 
Transvaal Raid, he being one of committee 
— Duke of Buecleuch unveiled memorial to 
Sir Walter Scott in Westminster Abbey. 

22. Thames tunnel at Blackwall, the largest 
although not the longest tunnel in the world, 
cons' ructed at a cost of over a million opened 
by Prince of Wales. Order signed by Secre- 
tary for Scotland protecting specified wild 
birds in Banffshire — Twenty-five thousand 
pounds voted as a jubilee hospital fund by the 
Cape Parliament. 

24. Meeting at Portsoy in connection with 
threatened stoppage of gas supply.— Rev. 
Charles R. H. Gordon, St Andrews Lhanbryd, 
deposed from ministry for drunkenness and 
imkcent behaviour. 

25 In General Assembly, after motion for 
deposition had been carried, Rev. John 
M'Dougall, minister of Carnach, Ross-shire, 
resigned charge, scandalous negligence being 
proved against him. — Free Assembly held day- 
long private conferences on union with U.P. 
Church —At meeting of South African Com- 
mittee, Mr Labouchere apologised for state- 
ments he had made and written against Dr 
Harris and others : the Committee heard 
evidence of Miss Flora Shaw, writer on 
colonial subjects to the ' Times.'— King of the 
Belgians visited the Queen at Balmoral. 

26. General Assembly agreed to join with 
other presbyterian churches in a common 
hymnal —Prince of Wales opened medical 
school buildings erected at cost of £12,000 at 
Guy's Hospital. — Bailie Burgess elected 
Provost of Portsoy in room of Mr J. C. Grant 
resigned.— Dr Leyds elected State Secretary 
of the Transvaal 

27. Free Assembly appointed Committee to 
co-operate with Committee of U.P Church for 
union. — Canonization at the Vatican of two 
priests— the first such ceremony at St Peter's 
for thirty years.— Owing to failure of saithe 
fishing there was great exodus from Fair Isle. 
—In Glasgow, there began by butchers a 
boycott of Auction Marts at which sales of 
cattle were made to agents of Co-operative 
Companies; the movement spread thoughout 
Scotlan d . bu t at close of year so strong was the- 
pressure brought by farmers against salesmen 
that it was again practically confined to 



28. In Free Assembly usual motion was 
carried in favour of Disestablishment — In 
Commons, four Irish members suspended for 
persisting in raising whole question of financial 
relations of Great Britain and Ireland on a 
motion for grants for harbours. — In Commons, 
the prospective utility of Peterhead Harbour 
of Refuge was questioned, and the slow rate 
of progress was criticised. 

29. At sale of pictures in London belonging 
to late Sir John Pender four Turners realised 
£30,345. — During service in Pisa Cathedral a 
taper fell ; panic ensued, and nine persons 
were killed in the crush. — It was resolved to 
present Provost Munro, Banff, with gold 
chain and badge to appear before the Queen 
at Jubilee celebrations. — Persons on Indian 
Relief Work numbered 4,064,000. 

81. Beginning of Anglo-American par- 
liamentary chess match, the moves being 
conducted by cable with extraordinary 
rapidity, one player in London getting back a 
move from Washington in 32 seconds; match 
resulted in a draw. 


1. Mr Chamberlain re-examined before South 
African Commit tee.— New Free Church opened 
at Fearn. 

2. Mr Gladstone opened Victoria Jubilee 
Bridge over Dee in Flintshire.— Rev. Peter B. 
Thomson, assistant, Free South Church, 
Aberdeen, accepted call to Culter Free Church. 
— British mission to Abyssinia reported to 
have completed its work, May 15th. 

3. Duke of York completed his thirty- 
second year — In view of gathering together 
of representatives of all British Colonies for 
the Jubilee very strong imperial sentiment 
sprang up throughout the Empire.— Cape 
Assembly agreed that arrangements should 
be made to contribute to support of Imperial 
navy.— Transvaal exhibition opened in Berlin. 

4. British trawler fined 200 kroner for fish- 
ing within Danish three mile limit. — Renewal 
of disturbances which had become almost 
chronic in Crete. 

5. Banffshire District Lunacy Board reduced 
rate of patients' board to one shilling per day 
— the lowest rate in Scotland.— Bathing 
fatality at Elgin. 

7. George Paterson hanged in Glasgow prison 
for murdering his paramour. — In ant daughter 
of Duke and Duchess of York christened 
Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary.— Banff Town 
Council resolved to send address of congratu- 
lation to the Queen on her jubilee ; the same 
course we may say here was taken by almost 
every civic body in the Kingdom. 

8. Negotiations took practical form between 
Town Council of Macduff and Duke of Fife 
for purchase of Macduff harbour ; the harbour 
was afterwards purchased at the Duke's offer 
and a provisional order will be prosecuted 
next session.— Disastrous farm fire at Mains 
of Kinmundy, Longside. — Memorial unveiled 
at Thornhill, Dumfries, to Joseph Thomson, 
African explorer. 

9. Donside Gordon Highlanders encamped 
at Insch. — Second child— both daughters — 
born to Czarina of Russia.— Mr Nicholson (U) 
returned for Petersfield division of Hampshire, 

no change. — P. & O. liner Aden wrecked on 
Island of Socotra, Indian Ocean, 78 lives lost. 

10. Mr Jas. Clark, B.A., classical master, 
Gordon's College, appointed headmaster of 
Dumfries Academy. — Marriage of Cluny Mac- 
pherson, chief of Clan Chattan, and Miss 
Stacey, Gloucester. — British detachment 
attacked and several killed on Indian frontier. 
—At sale of hackneys belonging to Prince of 
Wales an average price was realised of £164 
8s. — Transvaal Volksrnad agreed to adjourn 
and close all public offices on 22nd, Diamond 
Jubilee day. 

11. Celebration by Protestants at Iona of 
thirteenth centenary of the death of St 
Columba. — Duke of Fife entertained at dinner 
at Duff House officers of 1st Banffshire Volun- 
teer Artillery. — Duke and Duchess of Fife 
entertained in Duff House grounds over two 
thousand children belonging to Banff, Mac- 
duff, and district. — Premiers of Canada, 
Queensland, and South Australia spoke at 
Liverpool on the desire of the colonies for a 
closer union with the mother country. 

12. Cases of cattle poisoning in Rafford 
district.— Mrs Macpberson Grant of Ballin- 
dallocb opened new bridge across Spey at 
Kincraig. — Scotland won international shoot- 
ing trophy at Darnley. — Calcutta and district 
seriously damaged by earthquake. 

13. Attempted assassination of President 

14. Colonial premiers at home for the 
jubilee celebrations visited Edinburgh, going 
subsequently to Glasgow and a number of 
English towns.— Rev. Mr Adams, acting as- 
sistant, appointed assistant and successor to 
Rev. Mr Philip, New Deer. 

15. Bazaar at Keith in aid of U.P. Church. 
—In London original MS. of Scott's Lady of 
the Lake realised £1290— An experiment at 
Selkirk resulted in a suit of clothes being 
worn by a gentleman eight hours after the 
wool was cut from the sheep. 

16. The Queen, after a welcome rest at Bal- 
moral, left for Windsor for the jubilee celebra- 
tions.— Second V.B. Gordon Highlanders went 
into camp at Barry. — Temperature on summit 
of Ben Nevis was all day from 2 to 5 degrees 
under freezing point. — Severe storm experi- 
enced throughout Great Britain; at Blackpool 
Nelson's old flagship, the Foudroyant, was 
driven from her anchorage and became a 
total wreck.— Arrival of the British Mission 
to Abyssinia at Aden. 

17. Celebration by Roman Catholics of 
thirteenth centenary of the death of St 
Columba. — Degree of LL D. conferred by 
Cambridge University on Colonial Premiers 
now in England —In Commons, Lord Advo- 
cate explained legislation providing for forma- 
tion and work of Congested Districts Board 
for Highlands and Islands of Scotland. — 
Prince of Wales's horse Persimmon, which won 
the Derby of 18%, won the gold cup at Ascot. — 
Dr Peacock, Bishop of Meath, enthroned as 
Archbishop of Dublin. 

18. Treaty signed by United States annexing 
the Hawaiian Islands, giving the United States 
for the first time a foreign policy.— Five 
hundred waiters left Paris for London to meet 
extra demand created by jubilee festivities. 



19. Mr Jas. D. Cheyne, M A., assistant, 
•Grantown Grammar School, appointed head- 
master of Alves. 

20. Thanksgiving throughout the British 
Empire for the Queen's long, happy, and 
■beneficent reign; the Queen attended service 
at St George's Chapel, Windsor, the Prince of 
Wales and members of Royal Family a public 
thanksgiving service at St Paul's; members of 
the House of Lords at Westminster Abbey; 
members of the House of Commons at St 
Margaret's, Westminster; and the judges at 
St Paul's; the Banffshire Journal printed as 
a permanent record of the day the texts from 
■which sermons were preached iu all churches 
in the counties of B-inff, Aberdeen, Elgin, and 
Nairn. — Keith Free Church opened after 

21. Publication of Poet Laureate's poem 
'Victoria' — The Queen arrived in London 
from Windsor.— U. P. Presbytery of Banffshire 
celebrated their jubilee. — Publication of 
Jubilee honours ; six new peerages were 
created, among them the Earl of Glasgow 
and Sir Donald Smith; the eleven colonial 
premiers at home were made Privy Council- 
lors; journalism was honoured in Mr Willox, 
editor of the 'Liverpool Courier,' receiving 
knighthood, as did also Mr Felix Mackenzie, 
Forres; Mr Thompson, manager of the Cale- 
donian Railway; and the Lord Mayors of York 
and Edinburgh; the Lord Mayor of London 
obtained a baronetcy, and the Mayors of 
Leeds and Sheffield were given the appella- 
tion of Lord Mayors. — Public presentation to 
Provost Munro, Banff, of gold collar and 
badge, to be worn by the Provosts of the 
burgh. — House of Lords unanimously adopted 
address to the Queen on her diamond jubilee. 
In Commons a similar address was adopted by 
459 to 44 votes, the latter chiefly consisting of 
Irish members, the only member representing 
a constitu«ncy in Great Britain being Captaiu 
Pirie, M. P. for North Aberdeen. 

22. A day of rejoicing throughout the world- 
wide British Empire over the Queen's long 
reign, the celebration in London naturally 
taking the form of a display of the wealth, 
extent, and military and naval power of the 
Empire, representatives of the governing 
and military authorities from every part of 
the Empire taking part in the procession. 
Before the Queen left Buckingham Palace for 
ajourney through the principal partof London, 
she sent a message to her subjects throughout 
the Empire, and in a few seconds thereafter it 
was being read in the uttermost parts of the 
world, special arrangements having been made 
for its transmission the moment it was re- 
ceived. Like all Her Majesty's messages to 
her subjects, it was simple and heartfelt. It 
was — ' From my heart I thank my beloved 
people. May God bless them.— V.R.I.* In 
Great Britain every town and parish had its 
rejoicings, the day being wholly spent in the 
celebration of an event unique in British 
history. The only dark feature in the horizon 
was found in India, where famine, then plague, 
next an earthquake, tended to the dependency 
wearing ihe cypress rather than the bay leaf. 
— Large postal concessions in Great Britain 
came into operation.— The Queen gave grand 

dinner party at Buckingham Palace. — 
Foundation stone laid of new U.P. Church, 
Grange, by Dr Hutcheson, Moderator of 
Synod. — Maiden sitting of Aberdeen Police 
Court, the first for twelve years. — Earl ( 
of Moray laid foundation stone of new 
cottage home at Highland Orphanage, Inver- 
ness. — Inauguration of Victoria fountain 
gifted to Aberchirder by Provost Auchinaehie, 
the water being turned on and the fountain 
inaugurated by Miss Auchinaehie. — Mrs Grant 
of Wester Elchies inaugurated new water 
supply to Aberlour, Provost M Gowan at same 
time presenting to burgh beautiful granite 
fountain. — Riots in Dubliu owing to political 
feeling arising from jubilee ; claims for com- 
pensation for malicious damage exceeded 

23. The Queen held State reception at Buck- 
ingham Palace, and received members of 
Houses of Parliament, conveners of County 
Councils, and Mayors and Provosts — State 
performance at Royal Italian Opera, Covent 
Garden, attended by, it may be said, the elite 
of the world. Highland Brigade went into 
camp at Fochabers. — Opening of Manchester 
Royal Show under presidency of Duke ef 

24. At State party, Prince and Princess of 
Wales received at Buckingham Palace the 
Queen's Royal and other representative 
guests. — Under Princess of Wales's scheme, 
3u5,000 of slum dwellers in London received a 
sumptuous feast. — Inveraven Free Church 
re-opened after renovation. 

25. The Queen ordered special diamond 
jubilee medal to be struck for presentation to 
all Mayors and Provosts in United Kingdom. 
— Rontgen rays used in Paris for ascertaining 
contents of passengers' luggage without open- 
ing cases. 

26. Great review of British navy at Spithead, 
there being 165 pennants without drawing a 
single ship from detachment sin foreign waters. 
— Mrs Duff, the Rectory, laid foundation- 
stone of new hall for St Congan's Church, 

28. The first of several conferences held in 
London between Mr Chamberlain and Colonial 
premiers. — The Queen gave very large garden 
party at Buckingham Palace, and on leaving, 
for Windsor was loudly cheered by thousands 
of people who lined the streets. — In Commons 
complaints made that members of House had I 
not been received at Buckingham Palace onl 
the 23rd with that freedom and decorum | 
which, it was held, was the prerogative of the' 
people's representatives, the blame resting of 
course with the court officials. 

29. In action in Court of Session by James 
M'Donald, builder, Banff, against C. W. 
Cosser, architect and inspector of poor, 
Banff, for damages for alleged assault, latter 
settled case by payment to pursuer of £50, j 
with expenses. 

30. Evening party given by Mr Chamberlain I 
in honour of Colonial premiers was so crowded j 
that Prince and Princess of Wales could not 
gain admission owing to the crush. — Meeting 
at Huntly discussed desertion of service by 
farm servants. — School boy drowned in Speyi 
at Kingussie. 



1. Ayr Town-hall destroyed by fire.— Baron- 
etcy conferred upon Dr James Reid, Physician 
in Ordinary to the Queen. 

2. Outbreaks of disaffection at Poona and 
Chitpore.— Duke of Fife presided at festival 
dinner in aid of school for indigent blind, 
London.— Queen entertained Colonial and In- 
dian troops at Windsor. — Historical jubilee 
ball given by Duke and Duchess of Devon- 
shire. — Earl of Seafield presented with an ad- 
dress at Otago, New Zealand, on attaining his 

3. The Queen entertained members of the 
House of Commons, their wives, and, in cases 
where members were not married, a sister to 
a garden party at Windsor, representative 
journalists being also invited for the first time 
in history to a social function at court ; only 
one Irish Nationalist attended. 

5. The Queen presented officers of Indian 
native cavalry and Imperial service troops 
with jubilee commemoration medals. — Open- 
ing of Port Henry harbour, Peterhead. 

6. Countess of Aberdeen presided at annual 
meeting at Dublin of Irish Industries Associa- 
tion: — Isaac Gordon, notorious money lender, 
examined before House of Commons Com- 
mittee, said 'he would not swear he had not 
taken as much as 4000 per cent, interest.' 

7. Very successful Highland Society's Show 
opened in Glasgow.— New Queen's Counsel for 
Scotland appointed ; one of them is Mr Comrie 
Thomson.— Annual naval manoeuvres began. 

■Bristol constituted a Bishopric. 

8. Disastrous engineering strike over num- 
ber of working hours Began in Great Britain; 
dispute remained unsettled at close of year. — 
Mohammedan riot in Calcutta; discontent in 
Poona, said by some in India, and here to be 
due to the behaviour of British soldiers in 
dealing with women who might have the 
plague, or who were compelled to take sani- 
tary precautions against it ; i harge fully 
disproved. — Rejoicings over majority of Mr 
Mearns, yr. of Disblair.— Buckie fisher lad 
drowned at Fraserburgh.— House of Lords' 
Committee threw out Highland Railway Com- 
pany's bill for construction of railway from 
Inverness to Fort-Augustus. 

9. Lt. Paterson, Aberdeen, won Queen's cup 
at Aberdeen Wapinschaw. — Mr Balfour 
intimated in Commons constitution of Royal 
Commission to inquire into operation of Land 
Acts and Land Purchase Acts in Ireland; one 
of number is Mr Gordon, Tullochallum. — 
Special Commissioner of Board of Agriculture 
reported damage to crops in Essex by hail 
sti'i in to amount to quarter of million. — Re- 
ported that Royal Nigtr Coy.'s constabulary 
on June 11 captured the town shielding King 
of Benin— King escaped. 

10. Daughter of Mr J. G. Holburn, M.P., 
killed by bicycling accident. — Mr Goschen 
intimated proposed gift of ironclad to Great 
Britain by Cape Colony, proposal being made 
by Sir Gordon sprige, Cape Premier. 

12. Award of £500 damages against Mr 
Labouchere for libelling a man in 'Truth.' 
— Prince of Wales opened Lewisham Hospital, 
erected at cost of £210,060.— By railway acci- 

dent in Denmark 40 persons killed and 60 
injured— Many deaths in the Eastern States 
of America owing to intense heat. 

13. Meetings at Edinburgh of Franco- 
Scottish Society. 

14. Cutting of first sod of Crow's Nest Pass 
Railway through Rocky Mountains.— Publica- 
tion of letter of thanks from the Queen to her 
people. — Bazaar in Portsoy in aid of Roman 
Catholic Church. 

15. Publication of Report of Select Com- 
mittee on Transvaal raid.— Mr Hope, East- 
barns, presented with portrait in recognition 
of services to agiiculture.— Employers' Li- 
ability Bill read third time in Commons.— 
Qurten received deputation of and address 
from Nonconformist ministers —Mr John P. 
Haden (Par.), returned unopposed for South 

16. Mr Muirhead, factor at Hadrlo House, 
appointed Commissioner to Duke of Richmond 
and Gordon. 

17. Seventeen divorce or separation cases 
heard to-day in Court of Session.— Church 
Conference at Turriff by Presbytery. 

18. Herr Andree, a Swede, left in a balloon 
to attempt to reach the North Pole; up to 
closing days of December he had not again 
been heard of. 

19. Seven bat lung fatalities in Great Britain. 
—Opening of Millseat Church Hall. 

20. French Chamber agreed to fresh naval 
vote of seven million francs. — In Lords, Lord 
Londonderry attacked Workmen's Compensa- 
tion Bill. 

21. Great finds of gold reported on Klondyke 
river.— Remarkable sale at Culloden House of 
relics of Prince Charles. 

22. Congested District (Scotland) Bill passed 
through committee in Commons.— Duke and 
Duchess of Kife opened new municipal build- 
ings at Hammersmith.— Virulent outbreak of 
scarlet fever in Huntly. 

23. Agitation among telegraph clerks chiefly 
as to overtime— Lady Seafield visited White- 
hills and inspected harbour works. — New 
Parish Church at Nairn opened by Rev. Dr 
fccott, St George's. 

24. Dingley Tariff Bill became law.— Severe 
thunderstorm in North, and heavy loss of 
cattle and horses.- Private Ward, 1st Devon, 
won Queen's cup at Bisley. 

25. Bathing fatality at Kintore. 

26. Discussion in Commons of South Africa 
Committee's report.— Murder at Poona of 
Lieut. Ayerst and Mr Rand at the hands of 
fanatics. — Sudden and extensive tribal rising 
in Swat Valley, leading to great expedition to 
Indian frontier of British and Indian troops. 
— Mr Andrew Henderson retired from position 
of inspector of poor of Monquhitter, held by 
him for forty years.— British South Africa 
Company published refutation of Sir R. 
Martin's report on their native administra- 

27. Mr Ralph Stockman. M.D., &c , ap- 
pointed Professor of Materia Medica, Glasgow 
University.— In examination before Select 
Committee, Kirkwood notorious money-lender 
refused to say how many of his customers had 
committed suicide.— Mr Goschen made state- 
ment as to future naval construction. 

^AL /., 



28. Public Health (Scotland) iJill read third 
time in Commons. — Mr Cesari, manager, 
Station Hotel, Inverness, on leaving for 
Birnam, presented with silver salver and 
purse of 300 sovereigns. 

'29. In Lords, third reading Employers' 
. Liability Bill carried by 69 to 6.— Countess 
of Aberdeen addressed Onward and Upward 
Association at Haddo House. 

30. Meeting at Banff of Northern Literary 
and Scientific Societies. — Bazaar at Oldmel- 
dmm on behalf of Established Church. 

31. The King of Siam arrived on visit to 
England.— In Commons, Sir VVm. Wedder- 
burn apologised for having aided in giving 
currency to a charge against British soldiers 
in India which was proved unfounded. — For- 
mation at meeting in Aberdeen of 'The North- 
Eastern Counties of Scotland Auctioneers' 
and Valuators Association.' — Princess Beatrice 
laid foundation stone of hospital at Ventnor 
as memorial of late Prince Henry. 


2. New line from Ellon to Boddara opened 
for traffic. — Renewal of thunderstorm in north, 
and remarkable hail-storm, which did much 
damage to crops, especially in Benachie dis- 
trict. — Questions asked in Commons as to 
suggested Royal residence in Ireland.— Dr 
Browne appointed Bishop of Bristol. — Chak- 
dara Fort (Indian froutier) relieved. 

3. Free and U.P. Churches of Old Deer 
agreed to scheme of union, the united congre- 
gation to worship in Free Church as U.P. 

4. Kaiser's yacht Meteor won Royal Yacht 
Squadron prize at Cowes. — Bazaar at New 
Abertlnur on behalf of Parish ball. 

5. Kaiser visited Czar at St Petersburg. — 
Publication of report of Royal Commission on 
Agriculture, which found practically that 
under present conditions there is no cure for 
agricultural depression. — Temperature at 
Btiiff was as high as 77°.— Crofter in Skye 
killed by lightning. — Discussion in Commons 
on Indian affairs. 

6. For lack of docking facilities in United 
States, an American battleship went to Hali- 
fax, Nova Scotia, for repairs. — Mr Maddison 
(R.) returned for Bnghtside division of 
Sheffield— no change. — Beacon at Freshwater, 
in form of Runic cross, as memorial of Lord 
Tennyson unveiled. — Parliament prorogued. 
— Strathbogie tenantry of Duke of Richmond 
and Gordon received welcome announcement 
that the voluntary abatement of 20 per cent, of 
rents given in recent years would be perma- 
nent under new conditions. — Aberlour Parish 
Council had discussion on rights of way. 

7. Mr C. G. Smith, factor, Urie estates, 
appointed factor on Haddo House estates. 

9. Suspicion that Ameer of Afghanistan was 
stirring up Indian border tribes against us. 

10. At Ayr, Earl of Stair presented with 
testimonial in appreciation of services as 
Lord Lieutenant of County for twenty-six 
years.— Abu Haraed captured by Nile expedi- 
tion under Sir Herbert Kitchener. — Bazaar at 
Fyvie in aid of Auchterless Free Church. 

11. King of Siam visited Edinburgh and 
Forth Bridge.— Owing to strike and lock-out 

over 70,000 engineers in Great Britain out of 
employment.— Episcopal charges of St James] 
Aberdeen, and St Drostan's, Insch, raised to 
status of incumbencies. 

12. Mr Justice Cave, appointed judge of 
Queen's Bench in 1S81, intimated resignation] 
—Grand Hotel of Baden, Switzerland] 
destroyed by fire.— A rainy * Twelfth ' bun 
good bags reported. 

13. Ameer of Afghanistan issued firman forJ 
bidding his subjects to join the rising under 
the Mullah of Hadda. 

15. Duel at Paris between Prince Henry of J 
Orleans and Count of Turin, the former hav-jl 
ing charged Italian officers with cowardice at I 
Adowah ; Prince Henry wounded. — No service 1 
in church of Ord owing to unexplained absence, 
of minister.— Fatal shooting accident at 

16. Additions made to Inverness-shire] 

17. Lady Middleton of Applecross in verjj 
clever speech opened Parish Church Bazaar all 
Forres.— Gift of fountain accepted by Dingl 
wall Town Council. 

18. British Association met at Toronto, the 
second time the Association had met beyond 
limits of Great Britain.— Duke and Duchesi 
of York were in Ireland from to-day to SepJ 
tember 8. — Bomb outrage in Paris as President 
Faure left Paris for Russia on visit to Czar.-I 
At Maud new Victoria Hall opened. 

19. At Osborne, Queen conferred KnighH 
hood on Mr Felix Mackenzie, Forres. 

20. Damage by hailstorm of August 2 to 
crops in Benachie district officially estimated 
at £2877, and relief fund inaugurated — Aft 
Glasgow a man convicted of trying to bribe a 
magistrate fined £50.— Execution of murderej 
of Spanish Premier. — Mr Findlay opened 
Home Industries Exhibition at Aberlour. 

21. Countess of Seafieldlaid memorial stone) 
of Victoria Christian Institute, Grantown. 

23. Lancashire premier English cricketing 
county 1 his season. 

24. Mr Balfour and Miss M'Kie received 
freedom of Dumfries.— In speech in Volksl 
raad, President Kruger denied the existence: 
of a Briiish suzerainty over Transvaal.— 4 
Khyber Pass captured by Indian Border 
tribes. — Discussion on Huntly Cottaga 
Hospital affairs.— At the British Association* 
meeting, Mr Selous spoke on the prospects of 

25. The Czar visited Poland. — Duke of 
Argyll laid memorial stone of Campbeltown 
Free Library and Museum.— Captain Henry 
Arkwright's body found on Mount Blanc after 
thirty-one years in the ice.— Mr Bryce spokd 
at Toronto on Amity between Great Britain^ 
and the United States. 

26. Unsatisfactory salmon net fishing closed] 
in northern rivers.— Earl of March opened 
bazaar at Grantown in aid of Tomintoul 
Parish Church.— The German pencil uiamM 
facturing firm of Faber fined in United State* 
30.0U0 dollars for persistently declaring goodflJ" 
on entering at less than real value, to reduce; 7 
tariff duties. — President Faure, on leaving)^ 
Russia, was accompanied to a French warship J * 
by Czar, who, to the great relief and joy of l ■> 
France, declared that Russia and France werej " 



4 friendly and allied nations.' 

27. Sir Donald A. Smith assumed title of 
Baron strathcona (in Glencoe) and Mount- 
Royal (in Quebec).— Fire in wool stores at 
Leith caused loss of £15,000. — Lamentable 
fatal driving accident at Bridge of Turriff. — 
Adoption of agreement between Lord Tweed- 
mouth and Aird District Committee for 
upkeep of Strathglass road, damaged by 
Guisacban locomotive traffic. — Marriage of 
Prince Charles of Sweden to Princess Ingebord 
of Denra^ik. 

28 Garioch District Committee entertained 
at dinner their chairman, Mr Gordon of New- 
ton. — Purchase of i-state of Hobbister, Orkney, 
by Mr Jas. Grant, Highland Park Distillery.— 
Herring fishing closed with great shortage in 
total catch ; so scarce was fish that one Banff 
boat had for a season's catch of 450 crans £575, 
and another crew for a single night's catch of 
116 crans got £237. 

29. Bathing fatality at Buckie. 

31. Bomb outrage in Paris. — Memorial 
window unveiled in King's Colle. ■•■ Chapel, 
Aberdeen, in memory of Dr Roberuon Smith. 
— Rev. John S. Macdonald inducted to Free 
English Church, Stornoway. 


1. Dr James Webster, Bellevue, Elgin, 
appointed Hon. Sheriff-Substitute of Elgin- 
shire.— Highland Railway Company agreed to 
raise new capit 1 to extent of £300,000. — 
Queen arrived at Balmoral. — British Medical 
Association met at Montreal. 

2. Tenantry entertainment at Clova.— Fatal 
driving accident in Forglen.— Rev. Mr Camp- 
bell, Kinghorn, Fife, elected minister of 
Monquhitter. — Mr Sutherland, M.A., bead- 
master, New Deer, presented with gifts on 
leaving for South Africa. 

3. Earl of Moray opened bazaar in aid of 
new Free Church for Macduff. — Keen discus- 
sion in North in connection with butchers' 
boycott.— Return of Jackson - Ilarmsworth 
Polar expedition. 

4. Mr Asher, M.P., opened Macduff bazaar. 
The Kaiser and the King of Italy met at 

Homburg.— Violent gale in Moray Firth : 
number of fishing boats wrecked, 

5. Ordination of elders Macduff Parish 

6. Telephone communication opened between 
Banff and Whitehills.— Mr Grant of Wester 
Elchies declined to sanction erection of bridge 
near boat-house, Aberlour. 

7. Dr Herbert Giles, Aberdeen, appointed 
rofessor of Chinese at Cambridge. 

8. At visitation of Macduff Church by Turriff 
Presbytery, Mr Wiseman, session clerk, read 

aper on Church s history. — Opening of Roman 
Catholic Church at tSraes of Gleuhvet. — Rev. 
John Ogilvie inducted to parish and church 

i Slains.— General M'Guire presented to 
Inverness custody of colours of old 3rd 
Battalion Royal Scots, who took part in 
Peninsular War, and were afterwards dis- 

anded. — Queen of Denmark completed her 
eightieth year. 

9. Serious labour struggle in Pennsylvania, 
U.S., the Sheriff ordered his deputies to fire 

m the mob, killing nineteen and ^injuring 

forty-one ; sheriff and deputies arrested. — Rev. 
Mr M Lean inducted to Free Church, Moy.— 
The Queen published letter of thanks t» 
Ireland in connection with reception there of 
Duke and Duchess of York. 

10. Meeting of farmers in Aberdeen discussed 
butchers' boycott. —Duke and Duchess of York 
performed various municipal ceremonies in 

Glasgow, and in evening left for Dalmeny. 

Fire in linen warehouse in Belfast caused loss 
of £u0. 000.— Caledonian Railway celebrated its 

11. Much agitation in financial circles in 
London over proposal by Bank of England to 
hold henceforth one-fifth of its reserve in 

12. Celebration at Ramsgate by English 
Roman Catholic Hierarchy of 'thirteenth 
centenary of landing of St Augustine in 
England. — Fatal bicycling accident at 

13. Duke and Duchess of York visited Lord 
and Lady Allington at Ness Castle —Lord 
Rosebery presided at banquet at Stirling in 
commemoration of six hundredth anniversary 
of battle of .-Stirling Bridge. 

14. Mr Robert Strachan, M A., B.D., Fyvie, 
ordained by Turriff Free Preshvt'ery on' 
appointment as Professor in Wilson College of 
Free Church, Bombay. — Gangadhar 1'Tlak, 
editor of a Poona native journal, sentenced to 
eighteen months' imprisonment for printing 
seditious articles.— Duke and Duchess of York 
visited Lord and Lady Tweedmouth at 

15. Mr Alexander Robertson resigned posi- 
tion of Sheriff-Substitute of Foifar held by 
him for thirty-five years.— New North Bridge 
Edinburgh, opened by Lord Provost.— Berber 
occupied by Nile Expeditionary force —Rev. 

James Aiken resigned pastorate of Ord. The 

Samana Forts relieved by General Briggs. 

16. Attempted assassination of President of 
Mexico; the President's assailant was lynched. 
—At London a Dutch bicyclist rnade a record 
in bicycling 616 miles in twenty-four hours.— 
Severe fighting on Indian frontier. — Louise 
Michel, Socialist, expelled from Belgium 

17. Publication by Colonial Office of im- 
portant report giving replies of Governors of 
Colonies as to condition and prospects of 
British trade.— Sir G. Graham Montgomery 
Convener of Peebles -hire * nd Lord-Lieutenant 
of Kinross, presented with portrait in recog- 
nition of pu blic services— Mr Stodart's English 
Eleven left for Australia —By collision on the 
Volga, forty lives were lost. 

18. Celebration of twenty-fifth anniversary 
of accession of King Oscar to throne of Norway 
and Sweden.— Preliminaries of peace between 
Greece and Turkey signed after very lengthened 
negotiations; war indemnity fixed at four 
millions, and Turkey granted advantageous 
frontier line on Thessalian mountains.— Per- 
petual treaty of commerce between Great 
Britain and Tunis cancelled by treaty signed 
at Paris. 

21. Mr Stewart, postmaster, Lochmaddy, 
appointed postmaster at Turriff, in room of 
Mr Alexander, who retired after over thirty 
years' service. 

22. Mr Campbell, Convener of County, in- 



augurated Cullen new water supply system.— 
German torpedo boat capsized, and her com- 
mandant and seven men drowned. — Rev. R. 
H. Calder inducted to pastorate of Glenlivet. 
— Churchyard of Premnay handed over by 
heritors to Parish Council. 

23. The Indian border tribe of Mohmands 
successfully attacked.— Seventeen deaths from 
plague in Bombay city to-day.— Duke of Cam- 
bridge laid foundation stone of new ward for 
children at York County Hospital, and 
received freedom of city. — Lord Wolseley at 
Glasgow said British army was insufficient for 
the needs of the Empire. 

24. Duel between Count Badeni, Austrian 
Prime Minister, and Herr Wolf.— Launch of 
armoured cruiser at Kiel — first in Geiman 

25. Meeting at Blacksboat approved of erec- 
tion of new bridge over Spey there.— Sir Evelyn 
Wood gazetted as Adjutant-General. 

27. German liner broke the Southampton- 
New York record. 

28. Rev. John Mansie, late of Edinburgh 
and Forres, inducted to pastorate of Alex- 
andria (Dumbarton) UP. Church.— Mr Morley 
at Arbroath on foieign questions.— Resigna- 
tion of Spanish Cabinet owing to trouble in 
Cuba.— Faim fire near Forres. 

29. Induction to Monquhitter Parish Church 
of Rev. John Campbell, Kinghorn. — A 
steamer (a gnn -boat of the Nile exped ition) for 
the first time navigated the Atbara. — Mr Moss 
(G) returned for East Denbighshire; no change. 
— Mr Morley at Bervie. — Deputation waited 
on directors of Great North Railway Coy., 
and urged construction of railway to Glenlivet 
by Glenrinnes. 

30. Rev. W. S. Caie, Enzie, intimated 
resignation of active duties.— On Sir G. Faudil 
Phillips retiring from office of Lord Mayor of 
London, it was pointed out that through the 
medium of the Mansion House he had been 
the means of raising nearly £700,000 of charit- 
able funds during his twelve months of office; 
Indian famine fund alone amounted to 
£547, 0i0.— Mr Alexander Noble, postmaster, 
Peebles, appointed postmaster of Fort William. 


1. Sir Felix Mackenzie entertained at dinner 
at Forres on receiving knighthood; toast of 
the evening was proposed by Sir Geo. Mac- 
pherson Grant.— Extensiveoutbreak of typhoid 
fever in Maidstone owing to impure water 
supply; cases reported to-day exceeded 1200. 
— Defeat of Greek government and action of 
Delyannis in doing so severely criticised. — 
Opening of new school at Chapel of Garioch. 
— Rev. Mr raider, Glenlivet, received gifts on 
his induction. — Mr Escombe, Premier of 
Natal, resigned.— Prof; ssor Mabaffy at Bir- 
mingham on Shortcomings in our educational 

2. The king of Siam left England for home. 
— Mr Gladstone left Scotland for home after a 
few weeks' stay in Perthshire. — Mr J. Shiress 
Will, formerly MP. for Montrose burghs, 
presented with portrait by constituency— Mr 
Wm. Cowie, Dufftown, broke Scottish cycle 
record by going from Inverness to Aberdeen 
in 5 hours 8 minutes. 

3. Rev. Canon Muriel, Fochabers, bade 
farewell to his flock on the occasion of his 

4. Mr Morley at Forfar.— There were re- 
ported 13:!0 cases of typhoid fever at Maid- 
stone. — New Natal Ministry formed, Mr 
Binns premier. 

5. Provincial status granted under Dominion 
authority to vast section of Canada known as 
North-West Territories; cabinet for new 
province formed.— Publication of refusal of 
Ameer to aid Afridis against Britain. — 
Publication of report of West India Royal 
Commission on sugar growing.— Turriff School 
Board took steps for extension of school 
buildings.— Dispersion of Fettes Shorthorn 

6. Lord George Hamilton intimated that 
the British Empire had subscribed £1,500,000 
for Indian famine relief.— General VVeyler 
recalled from Cuba; General Blanco appointed 
governor of island and commander of Spanish 
troops.— Sir Felix Mackenzie entertained at 
dinner by Elginshire Society of Solicitors. 

7. At Balmoral Castle, addresses of congra- 
tulation presented to Queen on behalf of 
Church of Scotland, Edinburgh Corporation, 
and Edinburgh University ; Lord Provost 
M'Donald and Mr John Cheyne, Q.C., 
knighted.— Rev. Mr Walker, Aberdeen, ap- 
pointed by majority of votes minister of Free 
Church, Drumblade ; call not sustained by 
Presbytery on account of considerable opposi- 
tion.— Sir R. B. Finlay spoke at Inverness. 

8. Colonel Innes of Learney presented with 
portrait in appreciation of public services. — 
Swiss Na ional Council adopted law for 
nationalisation of railways ; cost estimated at 
million francs.— Cabinet at Madrid decided 
to grant autonomy to Cuba under Spanish 
suzerainty. — Number of typhoid eases in 
Maidstone 1570 ; deaths to date 75 —Sir R. B. 
Finlay spoke at Nairn. — Spanish Government 
decided on immediate recall of General 
Weyler from Cuba. 

9. Lord Rosebery presented with freedom of 
Stirling. — Arrest of self-confessed murderer of 
Mr Rund and Lieutenant Ayerst at Poona. — 
Negotiations resumed between Great Britain 
and France as to respective possessions in 
West Africa. 

10. Celebration in Dublin of sixth anniver- 
sary of Parnell's death. 

11. Celebration in Dundee of hundreth anni- 
versary of battle of Camperdown. 

12. Mr Bigham, Q.C., MP, appointed to 
bench. — Sheriff Erskine Murray, Glasgow, 
retired after thirty - seven years' service. — 
English Channel crossed in balloon, six hours 
being taken between Eastbourne and Domart. 
— Anonymous gift of £8000 to Aberdeen Uni» 
versity to found the Oroom-Robertson Fellow- 
ship in classics and mental philosophy. — Mr 
Asquith at Wormiton Indian frontier question. 

13 Dedication of new buildings at Blairs 
College. — New battleship launched at Ports* 
mouth. — Additions made to Justices of Peace 
of Elginshire. — Donald Ross, collector of 
Ross-shire rates, fled the country, his account* 
showing defalcations of £687. — Statue of Dn 
Dale unveiled at Birmingham. 

14. Intimation of retirement of Lord Esher. 



Master of the Rolls.— Fire in Greenock ship- 
building yard ; damage £10,000.— Mr A. G. 
Brown, sub-factor, Durris estate, appointed 
factor at Philorth, in room of Mr Morris, 

15. Dispersion of old herd of Shorthorns at 
Kinellar. — Mr Dickson, Solicitor-General for 
Scotland, presented with portrait in recogni- 
tion of services to Unionist party. — Publica- 
tion of Blue Book on Cretan affairs.— Church 
Hall, costing £2500, opened at Inverness by 
Rev. Dr Mitford Mitchell 

16. Countess of Dalkeith laid foundation 
stone of Constitutional Club, Hawick.— Pub- 
lic exhibition opened of Queen's Jubilee pre- 
sents.— Institution at St Sulpice in France of 
Roman Catholic brotherhood for ' conversion ' 
of England. 

18. Meeting of Strichen farmers agreed to 
revive cattle markets, owing to salesmen join- 
ing in butchers' boycott.— Sir R. B. Finlay at 
Forres.— Monument of Emperor Frederick un- 
veiled at Wiesbaden. 

19. Banff County Council agreed to prose- 
cute parties for river pollution. — Tenantry re- 
joicings on Lord Erroll's Buchan estates on 
majority of Lord Kilmarnock.— Board of Trade 
took ineffectual steps to settle engineering 
dispute.— Sir R. B. Finlay presented with free- 
dom of Inverness. 

20. Association formed at Glasgow for in- 
ternational exhibition there in 1901. — Commis- 
sion reported that number of lives lost in crush 
at festivities at Czar's coronation was 1429. — 
Mr Balfour at Edinburgh opened sale of work 
done by Highland cottars.— Severe fighting at 
Chagru Kotal heights on Indian frontier. 

21. Lord Justice Lindley appointed Master 
of the Rolls.— Mr John Boyd, advocate, 
appointed Sheriff-Substitute of Lanarkshire 
at Glasgow.— Duke of Buccleuch created K.G. 

Mr Walker, assistant teacher, Turriff, 
appointed headmaster, Glen-Tana. — British 
Government intimated to U. S. Government 
their decision not to re-open the Indian Mint 
at present. — Inauguration of the great Yerkes 
telescope at Chicago. 

22. Public meeting at Whitehills discussed 
harbour finances. — Degree of LL.D. conferred 
on Earl of Aberdeen by Princeton University. — 
Mr M'Ewan, M.P., presented with freedom of 
Edinburgh in recognition of his gift of hall to 

" 3. Tour from John o' Groat's to Land's End 
(929 miles) accomplished on motor car at 
average speed of ten miles per hour. — Lord 
Lome's opera ' Diarmid ' produced in London. 
—Gift to Banff by Mr Emmet, London, of 
plates of Arundel Water-Colour Society.— 
Express train wrecked on Hudson River near 

25. Village of Dargai, on Indian frontier, 
captured by British troops, who afterwards 
returned to camp. — Captain Docker appointed 
harbour-master of Banff in succession to 
Captain Ironside, resigned. — Rev. John Dun- 
can, B.D., Aberdeen, appointed minister of 

26. Celebration of golden wedding of Mr 
and Mrs Strachan, Muirden.— Mr Darling, 
Q.C., appointed judge of High Court, creating 
vacancy in Deptford.— Mr Bremner P. Lee, 

advocate, appointed Sheriff - Substitute at 
Forfar. — By Are in bonded stores at Glasgow, 
loss caused of £50,000. — Col. Schaeffer chosen 
by European Concert to be Governor of Crete; 
he was not appointed owing mainly to jealousy 
of Powers. — Mr Justice Vaughan Williams 
appointed a Lord Justice. 

27. Village of Dargai had to be retaken; 
incident historic from fine charge of Gordon 
Highlanders. — Marriage at Old Deer of Miss 
Ferguson of Pitfour and Mr Crawley of 
Stockwood. — Scandal in Greece owing to 
discovery that torpedoes had they been used 
in late war would have been harmless, owing 
to imperfect construction.— Opening of new 
meat market at Birmingham ; erected at cost 
of £110,000.— Opening of new drill hall at 

28. Master of Aberdeen trawler at Banff 
fined £25 for trawling in prohibited waters. 
—Chancellor of the Exchequer at Bristol. 
—Purchase of estate of Auchinderran by Mi- 
Edward of Sanquhar. — Classes at Aberdeen 
University in Biblical Criticism conducted 
both by Professor Johnston and Dr Gloag ; 
no students went to that of former, and it 
had to be suspended.— Mr J. Lamb, solicitor, 
appointed treasurer and collector of Nairn- 

29. Emperor Menelik of Abyssinia gazetted 
G.C.M.G.— Mr Walton (R.) returned for Barn- 
sley division of Yorkshire — no change. — Cap- 
ture by British troops of Sempagha Pass. — 
First meeting at Paris of West African 
Boundary Commission. — Resignation of Mr 
Douglas Gordon, Town and County Bank, 
Turriff. — Officers of 3rd V.B. Seaforth 
Highlanders entertained Sir Felix Mackenzie 
at dinner. — Mr David Scott Russell inducted 
to Congregational Church, Wick. 

30. Canadian prelate issued pastoral de- 
claring that mortal sin was committed by 
Roman Catholics who entered Protestant 
Church to attend either funeral or wedding. 
— Outbreak of typhoid fever at Lynn ; cases 
in October 280.— Mr Justice Collins appointed 
Lord Justice of Appeal. 


1. Fatal accident at Carron. — By five votes 
to two, Fordyce School Board resolved to 
dismiss headmaster of Fordyce (for seventeen 
years in that position); matter caused much 
discussion in district and educational circles. 

2. Opening of extension of Skye line from 
Strome to Kyle.— Election of Mayor of 
'Greater New York ' resulted in great victory 
of thoroughly corrupt body known as Tam- 
many Hall. 

3. Mr Chamberlain installed as Lord Rector 
of Glasgow.— Rev. Wm. Stephen, Aberdeen, 
elected minister of Inverkeithing. 

4. Opening of railway to Buluwayo. — Alder- 
man Duckworth (R.) returned for Middleton 
division of Lancashire— Opposition gain. — 
Rev. W. M. Clow, Aberdeen, inducted to 
Barclay Church, Edinburgh. 

5. Mr Asher, M.P., at Peterhead.— Mr Bal- 
four at Norwich.— Inauguration at Elgin of 
local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to 
Children.— Attempted assassination of Presi- 
dent of Brazil. 




6. Production in London of stage version of 
'The Little Minister.'— Headmaster of For- 
dyce replied to statements at School Board 
meeting of 1st. — Treaty signed between Russia, 
Japan, and the United States regarding the 
seal fisheries. 

8. Mr Chamberlain presented with freedom 
of Glasgow. — Additions made to Banffshire 
Justices of Peace. — So mild was the weather 
that ripe strawberries were pulled at Macduff. 
—At meeting of Forniartine Agricultural So- 
ciety, Professor Hendrick, B.Sc, spoke on 
chemical manures.— Congratulations from the 
Queen on completion of railway received at 

9. Mr Asher at Elgin. — Extraordinarily 
violent letter by Sir William Harcourt regard- 
ing Mr Chamberlain and forcible reply by 
latter. — Lord Mayor's banquet ; among those 
present was Mrs Caroline Wheeler, who at- 
tended the banquet in 1S37, when the Queen 
was present.— Report of entire loss of picket 
in Indian frontier war. 

10. Mr R. Falconer, solicitor, Stonehaven, 
appointed procurator-fiscal of Kincardine- 
shire.— Mr M'Arthur (U.) returned for Ex- 
change division of Liverpool — no change. 

11. Late J. T. Morton, provision merchant, 
London, left personalty of over £700,000, half- 
million of which he devoted to missions and 
charities. — Failure announced of Earl of 
Rosslyn.— Lord George Hamilton on Indian 
frontier policy. — Member of crew of Burghead 
boat drowned. 

12. Marquis of Huutly issued appeal for 
behoof of old Gordon Highlanders and widows 
and children of old members of regiment. — 
Celebration of jubilee of Mechanics' Institute, 
Forres. The Queen left Balmoral for Wind- 
sor. — Secret examination of accused persons 
abolished by French Chamber. 

13. Nairn Parish Church congregation hav- 
ing failed in six months to elect minister, 
right of election devolved on Presbytery 

14. Sloop wrecked off Cullen — crew saved. 

15. Mr Bryce at Aberdeen on foreign policy. 
—Mr Morton (C.) returned for Deptford— no 

16. Address presented to Rev. W. S. Caie, 
Enzie, on retiring from active duties. — Young- 
Norwegian woman shot herself in Edinburgh 
Police Office ; she was without means and had 
no friends in this country, and had evidently 
found life too hard.— Farm steading of North 
Brokenfolds, Marnoch, burned down. — In 
Court of Session, Lord Low decided against 
John Fraser, claimant of Lovat peerage and 
estates.— Lord Salisbury spoke on Unionist 
policy and municipal government of London. 

17. Rev. Dr Leishman, Linton, nominated 
as moderator of next year's General Assembly; 
Rev. Dr Whyte, Edinburgh, as moderator of 
Free.— Wreck of special train in Rutland con- 
taining valuable racehorses. — Aberdeen Town 
Council bought at £27,300 estate of Burnside, 
extending to 71 acres.— For second time War 
Office decided against proposal to form volun- 
teer artilery corps in Shetland. 

IS. New South Wales Legislative Council 
rejected bill for providing free primary educa- 
tion.— Primarily for murder of German mis- 
sionaries, but as the Kaiser afterwards said 

to increase German possessions, German force 
landed at Kaio-chau and hoisted German flag. 
— Mr Wortley's Shorthorn-Galloway cross 
steer won Norwich championship. 

19. Great fire in London, described as the 
largest since that of 1666; damage almost two 
millions. —Mr Wilson, M.P., presented with 
freedom of Airdrie, to which he gave £1000 to 
beautify new public park. — Austria addressed 
ultimatum to Turkey for arrest of Austrian 
subject; Turkey made immediate reparation. — 
New Canadian loan— the first 2J per cent. 
Colonial loan— satisfactorily placed.— With- 
drawal of German marines from Crete. 

20. Intelligence of fighting in Uganda. — 
Heritors of Brechin parish agreed to restora- 
tion of Brechin Cathedral ; estimated cost 
£1^,000,— Sir Henry Fowler on the Indian 
frontier question. — Aberdeen teachers dis- 
cussed Fordyce school case and condemned 
action of School Board. 

21. Great fire in Melbourne, damage a 

22. Celebration of semi-jubilee of ministry 
of Rev. Andrew Galloway, Oyne. — Portsoy 
Burgh Commissioners adopted Gas Supply 

23. Mr A. O. Morison, Banff, installed as 
Hon. Sheriff-Substitute of Banffshire. — Mr 
and Mrs Gladstone left Ha warden for south of 
France.— Mr and Mrs Simon, Newmill of Pit- 
fancy, received gifts on leaving Forgue. 

24. Lower House of Austrian Reichsrath the 
scene of tumultuous proceedings; these con- 
tinued several days.— Sir Wm. Harcourt at 
Dundee.— Lord Rosebery on behalf of sub- 
scribers presented Emeritus Professor Masson, 
Edinburgh, with portrait. 

25. Retirement from active service of Lieut.- 
Colonel Morison (of Mountblairy) Royal Scots. ■ 
— Rev. John Duncan, Aberdeen, inducted 
parish minister of Lhanbryd. 

26. Fresh draft of doctors left for India to 
fight plague.— Rev. George Christie, Elgin, 
elected minister of Renton Parish Church. — 
Resignation of Badeni ministry at Vienna ; 
prorogation of Reichsrath. 

27. Arthur Sturrock, banker, Kilmarnock, 
taken home from Australia, whither he had 
fled, sentenced to ten years' penal servitude' 
for embezzling over £20,000. — Sir Wm. 
Harcourt at Kirkcaldy.— Mr Wortley's Short- 
horn Galloway cross steer was champion at 
Birmingham show. — Marriage of Lord Mount- 
Stephen and Miss Gian Tufnell. 

28. Banff Free Church voted on introduction 
of music— for 137, against 67 ; no action was 
taken.— Great gale throughout United King- 
dom ; wrecks and destruction of property. 

29. Alex. Hay, commission agent, Peterhead, 
sentenced to fifteen months' imprisonment for 
embezzling £700 belonging to Peterhead 
Episcopal Church.— Sir Wm. Wedderburn at 
Aberdeen. — Correspondence in 'Times' be- 
tween Mr Balfour and Sir HeDry Fowler on 
Indian frontier policy.— Damage by lightning 
at Morinsh. 

30. German Emperor in opening Reichstag 
requested large increase of navy. — Serious 
outbreak of typhus fever at Sconser, Skye. — 
Mr Stuart, M.A., schoolmaster, Edinvillie, 
received gifts on leaving for Auchterle 




. Princess Louise performed public cere- 
monies at Paisley. — So mild was season 
hitherto that ripe cranberries were plucked at 
Duff town.— Lord and Lady Huntly entertained 
at dinner by Aboyne tenantry.— First and 
very successful show at Edinburgh of Scottish 
National Fat Show Club. 

. Celebration of bi-centenary of opening of 
St Paul's Cathedral for public worship.— Con- 
ference in Glasgow of Scottish Conservative 
Associations. — Mr Patrick Blair, advocate, 
late Sheriff-Substitute at Inverness, enter- 
tained at dinner by Inverness Solicitors on 

3. Sir Wm. Wedderburn at Keith.— Proposal 
to hold International Fisheries Exhibition in 
Aberdeen in 1899.— M'Ewan Hall, Glasgow 
University, handed over by Mr M'Ewan to 

4. Sir Wm. Wedderburn at Buckie.— Fire in 
Edinburgh caused loss of £8000.— Destruction 
by fire of steading of Bogs of Coullie, Mony- 

. Presentation by Rev. Dr and Mrs Milne 
to Fyvie Church of three silver sacramental 

, Sir Wm. Wedderburn at Aberchirder.— 
Intelligence received of close until next spring 
owing to snow of Indian Frontier campaign. — 
Turrift Town Hall Company took steps for 
hall extension. — Mr Wortley's steer champion 
of Smithfield Show.— Bill for large increase of 
navy introduced in Reichstag. — Mr Alex. 
Elmslie, Public School, Fordyce, appointed 
Headmaster of Fordyce. 

7. Sir Wm. Wedderburn at Dufftown.— At 
Aberdeen, third annual conference of Scottish 
Church Society. — Death of boxer in London 
from injuries received previous day at boxing 
match.— Burning fatality at Old Deer.— Rev. 
W. Watson, U.P. Church, Forres, entertained 
at dinner, and presented with address in cele- 
bration of fortieth anniversary of ordination. 

8. Arrest of two natives engaged in an Indian 
arsenal for stealing ammunition to be sold to 
rebel tribes. — Banquet at Toronto in honour 
of Lord Aberdeen. — Lord Lansdowne at Edin- 
burgh on Army Reform. — New Public Hall at 
Inchberry, Fochabers, opened. — Mr Hadden, 
Woodside, Aberdeen, appointed headmaster of 
Petty, Inverness. — Opening of new U.P. 
Church, Grange. 

9. Opening of new hall for St Congan's 
Church, Turriff. — Mr Wm. Carnie, Aberdeen, 
presented with portrait in recognition of 
musical, literary, and official services. — At 
sale of Ashburnham library an early pro- 
duction of Caxton's press sold for £2100. — Mr 
Innes, M.A., Fordyce, received gifts from 
local Lodge of Oddfellows. — Report that there 
is at credit of depositors in Inverurie Savings 
Bank £26,496. 

10. Ineffectual conference attempted to 
settle engineering dispute. — Railway strike in 
England averted. — Mr Geo. Jamieson, native 
of Grange, appointed head of Consular service 
at Shanghai. — Mr Jas. H. Kissach appointed 
Sheriff Clerk Depute of Elginshire.— Case of 
Marnoch parish stipend in Court of Teinds. — 
Meeting at Rothiemay considered postal 

arrangements.— Proposal to form Grantown 
into police burgh. 

11. Moray Firth Fisheries Association 
resolved to take no action in proposed fisheries 
exhibition in Aberdeen. — Millar of Chicago, 
in six days' bicycle race at New York, covered 
2093 miles. 

12. Field-Marshal Lord Roberts completed 
forty-sixth year of military service. 

13. Very poor demand at London Christmas 
Market.— Outbreak of Typhoid fever in South 

14. Rev. Geo. Hanson, Dublin, accepted call 
to Marylebone Presbyterian Church, London. 
— House of Lords gave important decision in 
Trades Union case. — Severe fighting in India 
as British troops retired from Tirah Highlands. 

15. Mr Geo. F. Melville resigned office of 
Sheriff-Substitute of Linlithgowshire, held by 
him since 1882. 

16. King of Siam arrived at Bangkok after 
European tour. — Prince Henry of Prussia left 
with cruiser division for new German 
possessions in China; on leaving, he and his 
brother the Emperor made speeches of an 
extraordinary character. — Destruction by fire 
of Wrotterley Hall, Wolverhampton— Motor 
cars adopted by Post Office for carriage of 
mails in London suburban districts. 

17. Mr Watt of Gowanpark propounded 
scheme of church union in opening bazaar for 
Boharm Free Church. — Mr Bryce in London 
on secondary education.— Skirmish in Broad 
Bay between Stornoway fishermen and crew 
of trawling vessel alleged to be in prohibited 

18. Kincardine O'Neil branch of Educational 
Institute discussed and condemned action of 
Fordyce School Board.— Jubilee fountain un- 
veiled at Hawick. — Mr G. A. Bruce, Insch- 
field, appointed secretary Garioch Farmers' 
Club in succession to Mr Home. 

19. Re-opening of renovated Parish Church 
of Turriff. 

20. Sir Henry Campbell Bannerman at 
Edinburgh.— Prince of Wales's hospital fund 
amounted to £187,000, and arrangements made 
for its distribution. — Announcement made 
that Russia had ' temporarily ' occupied Port 
Arthur. — Public meeting in Forres resolved to 
oppose Bill to be promoted by Forres Water 
Company. — It was reported that depositors in 
New Deer Savings Bank had at credit over 

21. Mr Campbell, Old Cullen, re-elected 
convener of Banffshire; Mr Gordon of Newton 
of Aberdeenshire; and Mr Grant Peterkin of 
Grange, of Elginshire. — Retirement announced 
of Lieut. Thos. J. Oswell, R.N., from command 
of Fraserburgh district of the Coastguards. — 
Dr Cowie, Dufftown, appointed member of 
Banff County Council. 

22. Mr D. Baxter appointed member of Banff 
Town Council, in room of Mr G. A. Duncan 

25. Celebration by Natal of fourth centenary 
of its discovery by Vasco da Gama; annexa- 
tion to colony of Zululand. 

28. Dr Ramsay, Banff, presented with por- 
trait from breeders of Aberdeen-Angus cattle 
and others for services done in promoting 
interests of breed. 





1. Dr Thomas Jameson, Streatham, elder 
brother of Dr Jameson of Transvaal raid fame. 
— Heinrich Gatke, painter, of Heligoland, 
aged 82. 

2. Miss Isabella Blackwood, eldest daughter 
of founder and editor of ' Maga,' aged 85. 

3. Archibald Smith, secretary, Life Associa- 
tion of Scotland. 

4. Sir Henry Halford, noted marksman, 
aged 69. 

5. Alan Colquhoun Duff, Deputy Commis- 
sioner, Indian Civil Service (of Knockleith), 
aged 36. 

7. Jas. Davidson, Denhead, Banff, aged 64. 

8. Major J. S. Knox, V.C. 

9. John Craighead, jun., late of Thomas- 
town, Auchterless, aged 82. 

10. Thomas Darling, nurseryman, Aberdeen, 
aged 83.— Alex. Park, Mains of Kindrought, 
Strichen, aged 76. 

11. Otto Theodor Leyde, R.S.A., Edinburgh, 
aged 60. 

12. Robert Keith Pringle, aged 95. 

14. William Basil Jones, D.D., Bishop of St 
David's, aged 74. — A. Gatti, proprietor and 
manager, Adelphi Theatre. — Sir Travels 
Twiss, aged 88. 

16. Ex. Provost Reid, of Forfar rock fame, 
aged 93.— Rev. Alex. Ferrier, Woodside, aged 

18. Mrs Leith-Hay of Rannes and Leith- 

20. Mme. Hippolyte Carnot, mother of Pre- 
sident Carnot, aged 80. 

21. At Buckie, John Sangster Bruce, late of 
Perth, Australia, aged 42. 

22. Sir Isaac Pitman, inventor of phono- 
graphy, aged 84. 

23. Chas. Farquhar, bank agent, Mintlaw. 
—Mrs Hungerford, author of ' Molly Bawn.' 

27. Alex. Profeit, Commissioner to Her 
Majesty at Balmeral, aged 63.— John Park of 
Ardaros, Chief Magistrate of Fraserburgh 
1872 to 1893, being first, last, and only chief 
magistrate, and Provost, 1893-1896, aged 66. 

28. At Glasgow, T. Ashley Watson of Cullen. 

29. Thomas Crawford, a noted Banff pilot, 
aged 84.— Chas. Smith, principal assistant to 
auditor, Court of Session, aged 52. 

30. George Hay, 11th Earl of Kinnoull, 
aged 69. 

31. Sir Spencer Wells, distinguished medical 
officer, aged 7S.— Hon. Mrs Drummond, who 
saw Nelson's funeral, aged 99. 


1. Rev. Thomas Brown, F.C. minister, 

2. At Inverness, J. R. Donaldson, late 
Queen's Advocate, Sierra Leone. 

4. Rev. Dr Walter Gregor, late of Pitsligo, 
aged 70. 

5. Donald Gordon, Bovaglie, Ballater, 
aged 86. 

7. Geo. Thomson, late inspector. Life Asso- 
ciation of Scotland, aged 67. 

9. Frank May, formerly chief cashier of the | 
Bank of England, in connection with whose 
signature on bank notes ' Punch ' had a few 
pleasant lines on 'The promise of May.' 

10. W. Reid Tait, C.E., well known Caith- 
ness-shire business man, aged 71. 

15. Dowager-Countess of Morley. — Walter 
Scott Dalgleish, M.A., LL.D., Edinburgh. 

17. Alex. Bain, ex-Provost of Nairn, aged 
96.— Rev. Geo. Manson, late of Collieston, 

20. Rev. Cornelius Giffen, D.D., minister of 
St Mary's, Edinburgh. — James Jeans, late 
teacher, Lhanbryd, aged 72. 

21. George Ogg, retired merchant, Turriff, 
aged 85.— Neil Robertson, late Chief Con- 
stable of Banffshire, aged 87.— John W. Kirk- 
patrick, postmaster, Elgin. 

22. Blondin, celebrated rope walker, having 
gone on stilts on a rope over Niagara, aged 73. 
—Blanche, Marchioness of Waterford, aged 41. 

23. Hugh Welch, sub-inspector of schools, 
Aberdeen, aged 46. 

25. Peter Anderson, Yonder Bognie, Forgue, 
aged 79.— Rev. Robert Hunter, M.A., LL.D., 
Loughton, Essex, aged 73. 


1. Rev. Father Henderson, Roman Catholic 
clergyman, Fraserburgh, aged 29. 

2. The Very Rev. Evan O. Phillips, Dean of 
St Davids, aged 70. 

3. Sergeant Richard Fraser, Forres, aged 77; 
he took part in the charge of the Light Brigade 
at Balaclava. — Alexander Reid, architect, 
Elgin, aged 76. 

4. James M'Donald, The Farm, Huntly, 
aged 63. 

6. Rev. Dr Jas. Smith, Cathcart, Glasgow, 
aged 94, Father of the Church of Scotland. — 
Sir Thos. Elder, G.C.M.G., who gave £30,000 
to Adelaide University and many other bene- 
factions in South Australia. 

7. Professor Candlish, F.C. College, Glasgow, 
aged 62. 

10. James Annand, Kintore Arms Hotel, 
Inverurie, aged 44. 

11. Professor Henry Drummond, F.C. 
College, Glasgow, aged 46. 

15. J. J. Sylvester, F.R.S., Savilian Pro- 
fessor of Geometry, Oxford University, aged 
82.— R. U. Cochran-Patrick, late M.P.— John 
Lumsden, late farmer, Pitbee, aged 77. — At 
Glasgow, William M'Munagle, late sergeant- 
instructor, Banff, aged 67. 

16. Lord Justice Kay. aged 75. — Robert 
Urquhart, Forres, for 41 years town clerk of 
the burgh, and the oldest practising law agent 
in Scotland, aged 94. 

18. At Westport, New Zealand, Robert C. 
Reid, publisher (of Wick). 

20. John Biddulph Martin, President, Royal 
Statistical Society, aged 58. 

22. Alexander Rae, Bellevue, Banff, aged 

23. Grand Duchess of Saxe- Weimar, aged 73. 



—At Sarawak, Dr Charles R. Selbie (of Chapel 
of Garioch), aged 31. 

24. Captain G. T. Byrne, who was wounded 
at Benin, aged 36. 

28. George Innes Fraser, M.D., Aberdeen, 
aged 65. 

29. William Bain, Powneed, Cabrach, aged 
S9. —William Geddie, late shipbuilder, Banff, 
aged 67. 

30. Charles Michie, Brankumleys, Buckie, 
aged 83. 


I. LordPlunket, Protestant Archbishop of 
Dublin, aged 69. 

3. Lady Lascelles, wife of the British Am- 
bassador at Berlin.— Johannes Brahms, the 
celebrated composer, aged 63. 

4. General Sir W. T. Hughes, K.C.B., aged 

5. At Chicago, Norman Macleod, eldest son 
of the late Rev. Dr Norman Macleod, Glasgow. 
—George Wilson, M.A., retired schoolmaster, 
Insch, aged 78. 

7. Rev. W. Ruxton Fraser, emeritus minister 
of Maryton, Montrose, aged 65. 

8. Duncan Forbes of Culloden, aged 75. 

9. Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. 

10. James Williamson, of Central Meat 
Market, London, aged 53. 

II. Rev. Dr Joseph Brown, Kent Road U.P. 
Church, Glasgow, aged 85. 

13. Dr R. D. Presslie, Aberdeen. 

14. Hon. Herbert Bowes Lyon, fourth son 
of Earl of Strathmore. 

15. Captain Crombie, of s.s. Lord Gough, 
Aberdeen, aged 51.— Rev. Andrew Fleming, 
late procurator, St Mary's College, Blairs, 
aged 76 

18. William Kelty, Mid Street, Keith, aged 
57.— Sir William Lawrence, ex-Lord Mayor of 
London, aged 79. 

22. Elizabeth, Dowager-Duchess of Bedford, 
a bridesmaid of the Queen's. 

23. John Grant, Glenconglass, Tomintoul, 
aged 83.— At New South Wales, Dr Thomas 
Lawson (of Huntly), aged 31. 

26. Admiral Sir George W. Watson, K.C.B., 
aged 70. 

27. Dr George Wilson, Huntly, aged 85.— 
At Bath, Major-General Patrick Gordon (of 
Cairnfield), aged 87. 

28. Edward Fairfield, C.B., of the Colonial 
Office, aged 49.— Very Rev. Andrew F. Smyly, 
Dean of Derry. 

29. A. C. Lamb, of Lamb's Hotel, Dundee. 

1. John S. Forsyth, Banff, aged 37. 

2. Sir Wm. C. F. Robinson, late Governor 
of West Australia, aged 62. 

4. Staff-Surgeon James Gregory Buchanan, 
R.N., aged 82. 

6. The Due d'Aumale, fourth son of Louis 
Philippe, aged 75.— John H. Chalmers, solici- 
tor, Aberdeen, aged 34. 

7. At Buenos Ayres, John Kellie, late of 
Barmuckity, Elgin, aged 62. 

10. Alister M'Hardy, Oldmill, Strichen.aged 
71. — Wm. Thos. Best, organist, aged 71. 

11. Rev. Dr Mactavish, late of Free East 
Church, Inverness, aged 80, 

12. Wm. Watt, Auchmedden Mains, aged 63. 
— Richard Dawson, first Earl of Dartrey, 
aged 80. 

13. John Cruickshank, late of Coxton, Elgin, 
aged 84.— James Lawrence, Whitehill, Grange, 
aged 89. — Murdoch Smith, fishcurer, Storno- 
way, aged 67. 

14. Mrs Stevenson, mother of Robert Louis 
Stevenson, aged about 70.— John Yell, ship- 
master, Macduff, aged 38. 

15. D. Naylor, organist of York Minster. — 
Right. Hon. C. R. Barrie, Lord Justice of 
Appeal in Ireland, aged 73. 

16. Col. Sir Wm. Green, K.C.B., Lynnburn, 
Aberlour, aged 60. 

17. Rev. James Burns, forty-three years 
parish minister of Nairn. 

18. Dowager-Duchess of Athol, aged 83. — 
Dr Charles A. Lockhart Robertson, late Lord 
Chancellor's Visitor in Lunacy. — Chas. Philip 
Yorke, Earl of Hardwicke, aged 61. 

19. Col. Frederick Mackenzie Fraser of 
Castle Fraser, aged 66. 

20. John Ramsbottom, engineer, aged 83. 

21. Alex. Skene, Bush, Gamrie.— Sir A. A. 
Franks, President of the Society of Anti- 
quaries, aged 71. 

22. John Lamont, New Inn, Ellon, aged 40. 
25. Alex. Morrison, artist, Elgin. 

27. Maxwell W. Findlay, M.A., teacher of 
science, Miller's Institution, Thurso (of Alvah), 
aged 24. 

28. Dr Jas. Grey Smith, professor of surgery, 
Bristol University College, aged 42. 

30. Wm. Cruickshank, Mains of Fyvie, 
aged SI. 


1. Mrs Jackson, mother of the Arctic 

2. Jas. Gordon, inspector of poor for 
Rathven, aged 57. 

3. James Wedderspoon, Commissioner to 
the Duke of Richmond and Gordon, aged 48. 

4. At Salford, Jas. Cian, M. A., M.B.,aged 54. 
—Rev. James Troup, M.A.. Congregational 
Church, Helensburgh. — George Cluster, 
painter, aged 83. — At Sydney, James Skinner, 
formerly of National Bank, Banff, aged 77. 

6. Councillor James Colston, for thirty years 
prominent figure in Edinburgh municipal life, 
aged 66. 

7. At Ballindalloch, Alex. W. Allan of the 
Commissary Office.— Matthew Chart eris, M. A. , 
professor of Materia Medica, Glasgow Univer- 
sity, aged 56.— In Spain, Carlos Pedro Gordon 
of Wardhouse and Kildrummy, aged 82. 

11. John Cruickshank, M.D., late inspector 
general of prisons, Bombay Presidency, grand- 
son of rector of Banff Academy, aged 64. — At 
London, James Dale, late of Gordon's College, 
Aberdeen, aged 68. — Rev. Roderick Morison, 
minister of Kintail, Ross-shire, aged 57. 

12. Sir Henry Ayres, K.C.M.G., five times 
premier of South Australia. 

13. Rev. David Merson, M.A., English 
Presbyterian Church, Stamfordham, formerly 
U.P. Church, Huntly, aged 48.— James Shep- 
herd of Aldie, Cruden, Hon. Lieut.-Col. 3rd 
V.B. Gordon Highlanders, aged 60. 

14. Barney J. Barnato, millionaire, aged 44. 

15. Alex. Stephen, shipmaster, Fraserburgh, 



aged 71.— In Australia, Sterrit Duff Watson of 
Blackford, aged 32. 

16. Charles Waterston, late manager, Cale- 
donian Banking Coy, aged 88. 

17. John Begg, merchant, Aberchirder, aged 

19. Captain Boycott, behaviour towards 
whom, while resident in Ireland, was the 
means of coining a new and now well-known 
English word. — Alex. Duthie, shipbuilder, 
Aberdeen, aged 73. 

20. Gen. Sir F. F. Maude, V.C., aged 51. 

21. W. A. Minty, Portsoy, aged 77. 

22. W. C. Winans, American millionaire, 
aged 76.— John Boyes, High Street, New Pit- 
sligo, aged 63. 

23. Lewis Munro, publisher, Dingwall, aged 

25. Mrs Oliphant, authoress, aged 69.— Rev. 
George Renny, Free Church, Wick, aged 67.— 
David Davidson, Cabra, Old Deer, aged 50. 

27. Lieut. -General Charles Edward Park 
Gordon, C.B., Hon. Colonel Gordon High- 
landers, aged 81.— Wm. Philip Sefton, Earl of 
Sefton, aged 62. 

28. William Watt, Stonieley, Alvah, aged 

29. Rev. W. H. Goold, D.D., Martyrs Free 
Church, Edinburgh. 

30. Rev. Donald Cameron, Parish Minister, 
Kilmonivaig, aged 70. 


2. George Cowie, sen., Culbirnie, Banff, 
aged 81. 

3. Rev. Dr David Brown, Principal, Free 
Church College, Aberdeen, aged 94. — Dr Wm. 
Beddie, Fraserburgh. — 5th Earl of Roden, 
aged 74. 

4. George Stewart Begg, Portsoy, aged 71. 

6. Tommy Burns, champion high diver, 
killed while making hundred feet dive at Rhyl 

7. Rev. James Bain, minister of Glenlivet, 
aged 64. 

9. At Edinburgh, Rev. John A. Patterson, 
for twelve years Free Church minister, 
Rosehearty, aged 40. 

11. John Black, for fifty years farmer at 
Pennycairn, Ballindalloch, aged 86. 

12. Lord Hindlip, formerly M.P. for East 
Staffordshire and Taunton, aged 55. 

13. James Will, Mains of Pitmedden, Udny, 
aged 59. 

14. Francis R. Stonor, Lord Camoys, aged 41. 

17. Dr Joseph Watt, Turriff.— Dr Henry Win- 
chester, Fort William, aged 42.— Edward 
Charles Baring, Lord Revelstoke, aged 69.— At 
San Francisco, James Paterson of Portsoy, 
aged 41. 

19. Bailie Jeans, Elgin.— Sir John Charles 
Bucknill, M.D., originator of national volun- 
teer force, aged 79.— Dr John Frank Black, 
London, aged 31. 

20. Miss Jean Ingelow, aged 67.— Sir John 
Skelton, late chairman, Local Government 
Board for Scotland, aged 67.— Jas. Kindness, 
Hillhead of Seggat, Auchterless, aged 79.— 
Rev. George Logan, minister of Inverbrothock. 
—Rev. Charles Ross, B.D., LL.D., for fifty 
years minister of Cleish, aged 84. 

21. Anthony John Mundella, M.P., aged 72. 

30. Rev. David Campbell, minister of Fortin- 
gall, aged 61. 

31. Randall Frederick Alison, captain, Sea- 
forth Highlanders. 


2. Alfred Ritter Von Arneth, President, 
Academy of Science, Vienna, aged 78. — Adam 
Aenyk, Polish poet, aged 59. 

3. James Johnston of Newmill, Elgin, aged 

4. Mrs Grant of Wester Tombreck, Carron, 
aged 85.— Count Goto Shojiro, one of the 
ablest public men in Japan, aged 60. 

6. Samuel Laing, late chairman, London 
and Brighton Railway, aged 86. 

7. Alex. M'Eachran, manager, Peterhead 
Steam Shipping Company, aged 56. 

8. By an assassin's bullet, Senor Canovas del 
Castillo, Prime Minister of Spain, aged 67. 

10. Bishop of Wakefield, aged 74.— Alex. 
Thomson, agent, Town and County Bank, 
Aberdeen, aged 46. 

11. Ponk Wang Soh, Korean representative 
at Diamond Jubilee. 

12. Rev. Chas. Bisset, Southport, last sur- 
viving brother of late Dr Bisset of Bourtie, 
aged 87. 

13. Sir Isaac Holden, aged 91. 

17. Wm. P. Ross, M.A., M.B.C.M., Duff 
House, Horwich, aged 41.— James Robertson, 
late of Park, Nairn, aged 90. 

19. Rev. Dr James Hall Wilson, London (of 
Cullen), for twenty years secretary Congrega- 
tional Home Missionary Society, aged 86. 

20. W. J. Routledge, manufacturer, Aber- 
deen, aged 56. 

24. Alex. Ewen, Inchdrewer, Banff, aged 57. 

25. Sir George Osborne Morgan, M.P., for 
East Denbighshire, aged 71.— By assassin's 
bullet, Senor Borda, President ef Uruguay. 

26. Ian Douglas Montagu Keith Falconer, 
Lord Inverurie, aged 20. 

28. Marquis of Conyngham, aged 40. — In 
Cape Colony, George Leslie H. Milne, M.A., 
M.D., of Fyvie, aged 3S. 


I. James Anderson, Frognal Park, London 
aged 86. 

4. Wm. Rae Arthur, Lord Provost of Glas- 
gow 1869-71, aged 79. 

7. Mr Justice Cave, aged 65. 

8. Sir Everett Millais, Bart, aged 41.— Fin- 
lay Dun, Edinburgh, extensive writer on 
agricultural topics. 

9. Richard H. Hutton, one of the editors of 
the ' Spectator,' aged 71. 

10. Jas. Dunbar Lamb, solicitor and bank 
agent, Nairn, aged 67. 

II. The Marquis of Northampton, aged 79. 
—Drowned while bathing Master St John 
Cunyngham, aged 11.— Dr Charles A. B. Laing, 
Fraserburgh. — Wm. Prott, chemist, Belfast 
(of Huntly), aged 64. — Colin Rae Brown, 
founder of ' North British Daily Mail,' aged 75. 

12. Mrs Duff, Old Market Place, Banff, 
aged 92.— Rev. Robert A. Taylor, Free Church, 
New Pitsligo. 

14. George Scott Caird, Procurator-Fiscal of 
Kincardineshire, aged 70.— John S. Batchen, 
retired ironmonger, Fraserburgh, aged 66. 



15. Jas. Cocker, nurseryman and seedsman, 
Aberdeen, aged 63. 

17. Sir Wm. Brandford-Griffith, late gover- 
nor of Gold Coast, aged 73. 

18. Sister Mary Helen Ellis, one of few 
surviving Roman Catholic Sisters of Mercy 
who, under Miss Nightingale, nursed in the 

19. Lieut. -Col. Pigott, D.S.O., major 21st 
Hussars, aged 38.— James Milne, Gateside, 
Tarves, aged 51. 

20. Hon. Harry Maxwell, eldest son of Lord 
Farnham. — Rev. Alex. Forbes, for fifty years 
Free Church minister of Drumblade, aged 76. 

21. Dean Montgomery, of St Mary's Cath- 
edral, Edinburgh, aged 79.— William Mackie, 
Petty, Fyvie, aged 73. 

25. General Neal Dow, author of Maine 
Liquor Law, aged 93. 

26. Sir Henry Lushington, 3rd baronet, of 
Bengal civil service, aged 94. 

28. Rev. Canon Elwyn, Master of the 

29. Wm. Riach, Elgin, aged 79.— Captain 
Henry Thurburn (retired H.M. Indian Army), 
Craigness, Muchalls, aged 70. 

30. James Caie, late inspector of poor, 
Strichen, aged 91. 


2. Wm. Craik, retired shipmaster, Portsoy. 

4. Sir Charles Lennox Wyke, G.C., M.G., 
aged 82. — Professor Francis Newman, brother 
of the Cardinal, aged 92. 

5. Sir John Gilbert, R.A., aged SO.— Thomas 
Fielden, M.P. for Middleton division of Lanca- 
shire, aged 43. 

6. General W. A. M'Cleverty, aged 91. 

7. Lady Clark of Tillypronie. 

12. Sir John Campbell-Orde of North Uist 
and Kilmory, aged 69. 

13. Dr Vaughan, Dean of Llandaff, and late 
Master of the Temple, aged 81. 

14. James Rust, shipowner, Aberdeen, aged 

15. Sir Charles Mordaunt, tenth Baronet. — 
Miss Christina Blackie, sister of the late 
Professor, aged 89. 

16. Edward Langtry, husband of Mrs 

17. Lady Muir, wife of Sir Wm. Muir, 
Principal of Edinburgh University.— A. J. 
Dallas, solicitor, Tain, aged 38. 

18. Jas. Heywood, banker, Manchester, late 
M.P. for South Lancashire, aged 87. — In 
engagement on Indian frontier, Major 
Jennings-Bramly, of Gordon Highlanders'.— 
At West Coast, Africa, Captain George 
Hamilton Alexander, East Surrey Regiment, 
aged 23.— Mr C. A. Dana, New York, aged 78. 

19. Geo. M. Pullman, millionaire, Chicago, 
inventor of Pullman system of railway travel- 
ling, aged 66.— Capt. Archibald M. Chisholni, 
late of Black Watch. 

20. James Clubb, late Redhouse, Strichen, 
aged 97. 

23. Alex. Cruickshank, LL.D., Aberdeen, 
aged 78. 

24. Alfred Caldicott, Principal of London 
College of Music. — Rev. Dr John Stoughton, 
Congregationalist minister, aged 89. 

26. William Leslie, Deputy Lieutenant, 
Parliamentary agent, London, aged 70. 

27. Princess Mary Adelaide, Duchess of 
Teck, aged 64. 

28. Lord Rosmead (Sir Hercules Robinson), 
late Governor of Cape, aged 73. 

29. Henry George, the well-known Socialist, 
New York, aged 58.— Charles C. Stephen, 
W.S., Edinburgh.— Surgeon Major-General Sir 
Wm. Mackinnon, aged 67. 

30. Rev. Robert A. Mitchell, Gilcomston 
Free Church, Aberdeen. 

31. James Booth, M.D., Aberdeen, aged 78. 


1. Colonel Chard, V.C., the hero of Rorke's 
Drift, aged 49.— James S. Hendry, sculptor, 

2. Sir Arthur Alcock, of Consular Service, 
aged 88. 

3. Rev. Fergus Ferguson, D.D.,aged 73.— 
Thomas Quin, M.P. for Kilkenny 1886-1892.— 
At Keith, Alexander C. Ross, M.B., CM., 
aged 27.— In Illinois, Wm. Waison (son of 
Hugh Watson of Keillor), a great improver of 
Aberdeen-Angus cattle in America, aged 71. 

5. Mrs Ogilvie-Forbes of Boyndlie. 

8. Mrs Parkes Goodtry (Miss Amy Sedg- 
wick) aged 62. 

9. D. M'Dougall, goods manager, North 
British Railway, aged 62. 

10. James Syme, late general manager, 
British Linen Company's Bank.— Sir James 
Ramsay Gibson Maitland, aged 49. 

11. Sir Wm. J. Montgomery-Cunninghame, 
who won his V.C. in Crimea. 

12. John Bagnold Burgess, R.A., aged 67.— 
Alex. Gordon, Rinaten, Glenrinnes, aged 86. 

13. Rev. Geo. Brown, minister of Bendochy, 
aged 61. 

14. The Bishop of Majorca. 

15. David Mitchell, advocate, Aberdeen, 
aged 83. 

16. Rev. James L. Muirhead, Wooler, father 
of the Presbyterian Church of England, aged 

17. J. J. Murray, factor for Fasque and 
Glendye estates, aged 49.— Sir Henry Doulton, 
London, well-known in connection with 
' Doulton ware,' aged 78. 

18. Major George Huntly, R.E. 

19. Dr Foster Heddle, emeritus Professor of 
Chemistry, St Andrews, aged 70.— Rev. Pro- 
fessor Calderwood, Edinburgh University, 
aged 67.— John Davidson, paper manufacturer, 
Muggieir.oss.— Rev. And. Macgregor, minister 
of Johnstone, Dumfriesshire. 

21. Baron Pollock, aged 74.— R. J. Mackay, 
Burgie Lodge, aged 71. 

22. Rev. Robert Stephen, for forty years 
minister of Renfrew. 

23. Countess of Lathom, wife of the Lord 
Chamberlain.— Mrs Brough, head of a well- 
known literary, scientific, and theatrical 
family, aged 94. 

24. Sir George K. Tyler, aged 72. 

25. Admiral Sir Augustus Phillimore, 
K.C.B., aged 75.— Thomas Rennie, Allathan, 
Udny, aged 48. 

26. Wm. Ernest Powell Giles, Australian 

27 In South Africa, Alex. Colville, solicitor 
late of Huntly.— H. W. Freeman, M.R.C.S. 
Bath, aged 76. 



29. Rev. Professor James Legge of Corpus 
Christi College, Oxford (native of Huntly), 
aged 82. 

30. Lord Dorchester, who served with 
Guards in Crimea ; leaving no son, peerage 
became extinct. 


1. James Hedderwick, LL.D., founder and 
proprietor of Glasgow ' Evening Citizen,' aged 
83.— Jas. D. Murdoch, Sheriff -Clerk-Depute of 
Elginshire, aged 66.— Clement W. R. Gordon, 
Procurator-Fiscal of Banffshire, aged 51. 

2. Rev. John E. Craven, senior minister, 
F.C., Newhills, aged 80.— John Bisset, fish- 
curer, Fraserburgh, aged 82. 

7. Capt. Sir Benjamin Duff, Bart., aged 88. 

8. Dr W. C. Lake, for twenty-five years 
Dean of Durham, aged 80. 

9. George Julian Harney, the last of the 
Chartists, aged 80. 

10. Miss Anna Maria Fox, Falmouth, a well- 
known literary person, aged 81. 

11. John L. Pearson, R.A., the eminent 
architect, aged 81.— William Taylor, Cairn- 
fechel, Udny. 

12. Mrs M'Kinley, mother of the President 
of the United States.— Rev. George Peter, for 

fifty-eight years minister of Kemnay, aged 

13. Rev. John Fyfe, Professor of Moral Phi- 
losophy, Aberdeen University, 1876—94, aged 
71.— At Toronto, Miss Janet Carlyle, youngest 
sister of Thomas Carlyle, aged 85. — William 
Ogg, for forty-two years gardener at Nether- 
dale, aged 75. 

14. Dr Arthur Palmer, Professor of Latin 
and Public Orator, Dublin University. — Miss 
Anne Armstrong, Limerick, aged 118. 

15. At sea, on his way home, Sir William 
E. Maxwell, Governor of Gold Coast. — Wm. 
A. Gavin, surgeon, Strichen, aged 81. 

16. By assassin's knife, William Terriss, 
popular London actor, aged 48. — Alphonse 
Daudel, distinguished French author, aged 

17. Sir Henry Paul Seale, sixteen times 
mayor of Dartmouth, aged 90. 

18. Sir Frank Lockwood, M.P. for York, 
eminent lawyer, aged 51. —Thomas Taylor, 
farmer and cattle dealer, Keith, aged 67. 

21. Princess Hohenlohe, wife of the German 
Imperial Chancellor, aged 68. — Wm. Godsman, 
Mains of Fedderate, New Deer, aged 62. 

23. Lady Millais, widow of Sir John Everett 
Millais, President, Royal Academy. 



S. D. 

Barley, 1st, with foci., p. qr. 31 2 
,, ,, without fodder, 24 S 
„ 2nd, with fodder, 27 11 
,, „ without fodder, 21 5 

Bere, with fodder 27 U 

,, without fodder, 20 6 

Potato Oats, with fodder, 22 11 

„ without fodder, 14 11 

Common Oats, with f od. ,22 1 

„ without fod., 14 1 

Oatmeal, per 140 lbs. 11 10 


Wheat, per qr., 29 7 

Barley, , 24 5 

Oats 15 15 

Rye 17 4 

Pease and Beans, 28 

Oatmeal, per cwt., 9 9 


«. D. 


24 3 

28 3 

21 6 
26 4 
19 7 
23 4 
14 10 

22 3 
13 9 
11 4 

23 8J 
23 lu 
14 in 
17 1 
29 6 
9 4 


S. D. 

29 5 
23 5 
26 11 
20 11 

21 8 
23 3} 

16 2 

17 113 



Barley, per qr., 22 1 22 6 22 4 

Oats, 14 6 14 8 15 11 

Oatmeal, per cwt 10 9 6 10 6 

* Since crop 1878, all bere of 53 lbs. and upwards 
second quality ; all oats of 41 lbs. and upwards first 



8. D. 

Oatmeal, of 140 lbs., 11 9 

Farm or Market Bere' — 

1st quality, with fodder, 24 6 

,, without fod., 18 

2nd quality, with fod.,.. 21 8 

,, without fod., 15 2 

Barley, 1st, with fodder,.. 29 S 

without fodder, 22 11 

Barley, 2nd, with fodder,. 23 I 

,, without fodder, 16 7 

Oats,* 1st, with fodder, . . 22 

,, without fodder,. 14 6 

„ 2nd with fodder,.. 21 8 

„ without fodder,. 13 2 

Pease, Noevi. 

Beans No evi. 


Oatmeal, per cwt., 10 5:1 

Oats, per qr 15 1* 

,, with fodder 23 71 

Barley, per qr., • 25 lj 

with fodder 32 1J 

Bere, per qr., 23 11 

„ with fodder 30 1} 

has been accounted first quality, and all below 53 lbs. 
quality, and all under 41 lbs. second quality. 



8. D. 

S. D 

11 6 

12 3 

25 2 

26 3 

17 8 

18 3 

22 5 

23 1 

14 11 

15 I 

30 4 

31 2 

22 11 

22 2 

28 4 

26 3 

20 11 

18 3 

22 8 

24 11 

14 2 

15 11 

21 3 

23 4 

12 9 

14 4 



23 3 


9 3 

10 2 

15 31 

16 3 

23 9J 

25 9 

22 8 

22 9 

29 8 

30 3 

20 8 

20 9 

27 8 

28 3 


New Year's Day, Christmas Day (if either 
of these falls on a Sunday, the following 
Monday shall be a Bank Holiday), Good 
Friday, the first Monday of May, the first 
Monday of August, and any day which may 
be appointed by Royal Proclamation. Upon 
Sacramental Fast- Days, and other local Holi- 
days the Bank Offices will be open only be- 
tween the hours of 9 and 11 a.m. 


Candlemas, • Feb. 2 I Lammas, - Aug. 1 
Whitsunday, May 11 | Martinmas, Nov. 15 


May 28— November 28.— At noon. 


Grouse begins Aug. 12, ends Dec. 10 

Black Game,.... „ 20, ,, ,, 10 

Partridge, , Sept. 1, „ Feb. 1 

Pheasant „ Oct. 1, „ „ 1 



flaktibar— 1808. 




S. M. T. W. T. F. S. 

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 

9 10 11 12 13 14 15 

16 17 18 19 20 21 22 

23 24 25 26 27 28 29 

30 31 

S. M. T. W. T. F. S. 

12 3 4 5 6 7 

8 9 10 11 12 13 14 

15 16 17 18 19 20 21 

22 23 24 25 26 27 28 

29 30 31 

S. M. T. W. T. F. S. 

12 3 

4 5 6 7 8 9 10 
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 
18 19 20 21 22 23 24 
25 26 27 28 29 30 ... 




S. M. T. W. T. F. S. 

12 3 4 5 

; 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 
13 14 15 16 17 18 19 
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 
27 28 




M. T. W. T. F. S. 

12 3 4 

6 7 8 9 10 11 

13 14 15 16 17 18 

20 21 22 23 24 25 

27 28 29 30 

S. M. T. W. T. F. S. 

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 

9 10 11 12 13 14 15 

16 17 18 19 20 21 22 

23 24 25 26 27 28 29 

30 31 




S. M. T. W. T. F. S. 

12 3 4 5 

6 7 8 9 10 11 12 
13 14 15 16 17 18 19 
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 
27 28 29 30 31 


M. T. W. T. F. S. 
1 2 

S. M. T. W. T. F. S. 

12 3 4 5 

6 7 8 9 10 11 12 
13 14 15 16 17 18 19 
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 
27 28 29 30 

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 
17 18 19 20 21 22 23 
24 25 26 27 28 29 30 




S. M. T. W. T. F. S. 
1 2 

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 
17 18 19 20 21 22 23 

24 25 26 27 28 29 30 

S. M. T. W. T. F. S. 

... 1 2 3 4 5 6 
7 8 9 10 11 12 13 
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 
28 29 30 31 

S. M. T. W. T. F. S. 

12 3 

4 5 6 7 8 9 10 
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 
18 19 20 21 22 23 24 
25 26 27 28 29 30 31 


Leading Fairs in Counties of Banff, Aberdeen, 
Moray, Nairn, Inverness, &c, in 1898. 

January— 1, Keith; 3, Echt, Ellon, Kirkwall, and Lumsden; 4, Forres and Oldmeldrum; 5, 
Huntly (cattle and horses), Maud (horses), Stromness, and Tarland; 6, Strichen: 10, Rothie; 
11, Alford and Marnoch; 12, Turriff; 13, Auchnagatt, Cornhill, Dounby, and Lumpbanan; 
15, Keith; 17, Grantown, Ellon, and Firth (Orkney); 18, Grantown (New Year's 
Market), Forres, Inverurie, Kildary, and New Deer; 19, Huntly; 20, Aboyne, Minrof Ord, 
Fochabers, and Strichen; 21, Inverness; 22, Nairn and Rhynie; 24, Insch; 25, Oldmeldrum; 
26, Glenlivet and Turriff; 27, Auchnagatt, Dufftown, and Tankerness. 

February— l, Alford and Forres; 2, Huntly, Maud (horses), Stromness, and Wasdale; 

3, Rathven and Strichen; 5, Keith; 7, Echt, Ellon, Kirkwall, and Lumsden; 8, Inverurie 
(feeing); 9, Hosen, Tarland, and Turriff; 10, Auchnagatt, Cornhill (cattle and horses), 
Dounby, and Lumphanan; 11, Strathdon; 14, Grantown and Rothie; 15, Ballater, Forres, 
Invergordon, Kildary, and Oldmeldrum; 16, Dingwall and Huntly; 17, Aboyne, Muir of 
Ord, Fochabers, Fyvie (Fastern's Eve), Longside (cottars' feeing), and Strichen; 18, Inver- 
ness ; 19, Keith and Nairn ; 21, Ellon and Firth (Orkney); 22, Alford ; 23, Glenlivet 
and Turriff; 24, Dufftown, Tankerness, and Auchnagatt ; 25, Inverness; 26, Rhynie ; 

28, Insch. 

March— 1, Forres, Inverurie, and Stenness ; 2, Huntly (cattle, horses, and married servants' 
feeing}, Maud (horses), New Pitsligo, and Stromness; 3, Strichen (cattle and married servants' 
feeing) ; 5, Keith ; 7, Echt, Ellon, Kirkwall, and Lumsden ; 8, Oldmeldrum ; 9, Tarland 
and Turriff (cattle and married servants' feeing); 10, Cornhill, Dounby, Lumphanan, and 
Auchnagatt ; 14, Grantown, Rothie, and Sbapinshay ; 15, Alford, Forres, Kildary, and 
Marnoch (Marnan Fair); 16, Muir of Ord (sheep only), and Huntly; 17, Aboyne, Muir of Ord 
(cattle and horses), Fochabers (cattle and horses), Strichen, and Westray; 18, Elgin (married 
servants' feeing), and Inverness; 19, Keith (cattle, horses, and married servants' feeing), and 
Nairn ; 21, Ellon and Firth (Orkney) ; 22, Inverurie (married servants' feeing) ; 23, 
Glenlivet and Turriff ; 24, Dufftown and Auchnagatt ; 25, Strathdon ; 26, Rhynie ; 28, Insch ; 

29, Marnoch and Oldmeldrum ; 30, Rousay ; 31, Nairn (cattle, horses, and married servants' 
feeing), and Tankerness. 

April— 2, Keith; 4, Echt, Ellon, Kirkwall, and Lumsden; 5, Alford, Forres, and Geddes; 
6, Huntly, Maud (horses), Sanday, and Stromness; 7, Grantown (sheep), Rathven, Rothes, 
and Strichen; 11, Rothie; 12, Inverurie and New Deer; 13, Turriff; 14, Auchnagatt, Cornhill, 
Dounby, and Lumphanan; 16, Golspie and Keith; 18, Ellon and Firth (Orkney); 
19, Drumnadrochit, Forres, Invergordon, Kildary, and Oldmeldrum; 20, Muir of Ord (sheep 
only), Brechin (Trinity Muir), and Huntly; 21, Aboyne, Muir of Ord (cattle and horses), 
Fochabers, and Strichen; 22, Inverness; 23, Carr-Bridge, Freeburn, Nairn, and Rhynie; 26, 
Grantown and Insch; 26, Alford, Georgemas, Newtonmore, and Tomintoul; 27, Castleton of 
Braemar, Glenlivet, and Turriff; 28, Auchnagatt, Cuminestown, Dufftown, and Tankerness; 
29, Cullow, by Kirriemuir (sheep). 

May — 2, Ellon and Kirkwall; 3, Amulree (cattle and sheep — two days), Forres, and Inverurie; 

4, Huntly, Maud (horses), and Stromness; 5, Strichen; 7, Golspie and Keith; 9, Echt (cattle 
and feeing), Rothes, and Rothie; 10, Auchindoir, Kildary, and Oldmeldrum; 11, Muir of Ord 
(sheep only), Doune, Towie (cattle and feeing), and Turriff; 12, Auchnagatt, Muir of Ord 
(cattle and horses), Cornhill, Dounby, Longside (feeing), and Lumphanan (feeing), 13, Inver- 
ness and Strathdon ; 14, Carr-Bridge, Freeburn, and Nairn ; 16, Alford (feeing), Gran- 
town, Ellon, and Firth (Orkney); 17, Alford, Ballater (cattle and sheep), Forres, Kin- 
gussie (feeing), and Inveraven (cattle, grain, and feeing): 18, Grantown (feeing), Dufftown 
(feeing), Huntly, and Tarland (cattle and feeing); 19, Aberlour (feeing), Fochabers, Potarch 
(feeing), and Strichen; 20, Cullen (feeing), and Insch (feeing); 21, Forres (feeing), Keith (horses, 
cattle, and feeing), Rhynie, and Turriff (feeing) ; 23, Insch, Marnoch (feeing), New Aberdour 
(feeing), and Rhynie (feeing); 24, Ellon (feeing). Inverurie, and Kincardine O'Neil; 25, 
Glenlivet, Inverurie (feeing), Strichen (feeing), and Turriff ; 26, Auchnagatt, Dufftown, 
Huntly (feeing), Nairn (feeing), New Deer (feeing), Tankerness, and Tomintoul (feeing); 27, 
Aberdeen (feeing), Banff (feeing), Elgin (feeing), Inverness (feeing); 30, Marnoch (feeing) 
and Oldmeldrum (feeing); 31, Forres, Georgemas, Oldmeldrum, and Rothiemay. 

June— 1, Dingwall, Huntly, Maud (horses). New Pitsligo, Stromness, Tarland, and Wasdale; 
2, Rathven and Strichen ; 3, Aberdeen (feeing), Inverness (feeing), and Walls ; 6, Ecbt. 
Kirkwall, and Ellon ; 7, Alford and Forres ; 8, Brechin (Trinity Muir— sheep), Hosen, and 
Turriff ; 9, Auchnagatt, Brechin (Trinity Muir— cattle), Cornhill, Dounby, and Little Byth ; 
10, Auchindoir and Brechin (Trinity Muir— horses) ; 13, Rothie ; 14, Inverurie, Kildary, and 


Stenness ; 15, Muir of Ord (sheep only), Hunt'y, Keith, West Linton ; 16, Muir of Ord (cattle 
and horses), Castleton of Braemar, Fochabers (cattle and horses), and Strichen ; 17, 
Inverness ; 18, Carr Bridge, Freeburn, and Nairn ; 20, Grantown, Ellon, and Firth (Orkney) ; 
21, Forres, New Deer, Oldmeldrum, and Tomintoul ; 22, Turriff ; 23, Dufftown, and Auchna- 
gatt ; 27, Insch ; 28, Alford ; 29, Aboyne ; 30, Tankerness. 

July — l Aultbea, 2, Keith; 4, Edit, Ellon, and Kirkwall; 5, Dingwall, Forres, and Inverurie; 
6, St Sairs, Huntly (cattle and horses), Maud (horses), and Stromness ; 7, Craigievar 
and Strichen (cattle and harvest feeing); 8, Tarland; 11, Georgemas and Rothie; 12, Oldmel- 
drum ; 13, Tain, Turriff, and Dufftown (harvest feeing) ; 14, Auchnagatt, Cornhill, Dounby, 
Huntly (harvest feeing), and Inverness (sheep and wool — three days); 16, Keith (cattle, 
horses, and harvest feeing); 18, Ellon (cattle and harvest feeing), Firth (Orkney), Kyle 
of Sutherland, and Brechin (wool) ; 19, Alford, Forres, Inveraven (cattle, grain, and 
feeing), Kildary, and Wick (Hill of Wick); 20, Ballater (wool), Muir of Ord (sheep only), 
Huntly, Old Deer(Aikey Fair), and Rousay; 21, Muir of Ord (cattle and horses), Fochabers, 
Fy vie (Peter Fair), and Strichen; 22, Inverness (cattle), and Rathven (Peter Fair); 23, Carr- 
Bridge, Freeburn, and Nairn ; 25, Grantown, Insch, and Rothes (harvest feeing) ; 26, 
Glass (sheep), Inverurie, and Tomintoul; 27, Cawdor, Doune (feeing), Glass, Tarves (St 
Margaret's Fair), and Turriff (cattle and harvest feeing); 28, Cabrach, Dufftown, Tankerness, 
and Auchnagatt; 29, Aboyne, Elgin (harvest feeing), and Inverness (produce); 30, Golspie. 

August— l, Echt, Ellon, Kirkwall, and Kyle of Sutherland; 2, Forres (cattle and harvest 
feeing), Invergordon, Kildary, and Oldmeldrum; 3, Muir of Ord (sheep only), Grantown 
(harvest feeing), Huntly, Maud (horses), and Stromness; 4, Muir of Ord (cattle and horses), 
Strichen (cattle and harvest feeing), and Westray ; 5, Inverness; 6, Keith and Nairn ; 8, Rothie;9, 
Alford, Falkirk Tryst, Georgemas (lambs), Marnoch and New Deer; 10, Sanday and Turriff; 
11, Auchnagatt, Brechin (Trinity Muir), Cornhill, Dounby, and Tomintoul (Well Market, 
lambs, and wool); 12, Banff (harvest feeing), and Campbelltown (Ardersier); 15, Ellon, 
Firth (Orkney), and Shapinshay; 16, Forres, Inverurie, Kirkwall (Lammas Fair— two days), 
Lockerbie (lambs), and Portree; 17, Huntly, Kingussie (lambs), Old Rain (St Lawrence 
Fair), and Tain; 18, Aboyne, Broadford, Fochabers, New Pitsligo, and Strichen; IP, Freeburn 
(lambs); 20, Carr-Bridge, Freeburn, and Keith; 22, Grantown and Insch; 23, Oldmeldrum 
and Tomintoul; 24, Turriff; 25, Auchnagatt, Dufftown, and Tankerness; 26, Inverness 
(butter and cheese), and Strathdon (Heughhead); 30, Alford and Auchindoir; 31, Aberdeen 
(timber) and Loch Inver. 

September— 1, Aultannagealgach and Strichen; 2, Barthol-Chapel (Tarves); 5, Echt, 
Ellen, Georgemas, Kirkwall, and Kyle of Sutherland; 6, Forres, Inverurie, Kildary, and 
Stromness (Lammas Fair— two days); 7, Muir of Ord (sheep only), Dingwall, Huntly, 
Kincardine O'Neil (Bartle Fair— two days), and Maud (horses) ; 8, Muir of Ord (cattle and 
horses), Cornhill, Dounby, and Auchnagatt ; 9, Inverness ; 10, Nairn ; 12, Falkirk Tryst 
(sheep) and Rothie ; 13, Falkirk Tryst (cattle and horses) and Oldmeldrum ; 14, Turriff ; 15, 
Aboyne, Fochabers (cattle and horses), Rhynie, and Strichen ; 16, Moffat ; 19, Ellon, 
Firth (Orkney), and Ballater (cattle and sheep— two days) ; 20, Alford, Forres, and 
Portree; 21, Huntly and Keith (St Malruf Fair); 22, Broadford, Dufftown, and Auchnagatt ; 
24, Carr-Bridge and Freeburn; 26, Grantown, Castleton of Braemar (cattle and sheep), and 
Insch ; 27, Brechin (Trinity Muir), Inverurie, Kingussie, and Tomintoul ; 28, Aultbea, 
Rhiconich, and Turriff ; 29, Tankerness ; 30, Strathdon (Heughhead). 

October— 1, Golspie and Keith ; 3, Ellon, Georgemas, and Kirkwall ; 4, Drumnadrochit, 
Forres, Kildary, and Oldmeldrum ; 5, Muir of Ord (sheep only), Huntly (cattle and horses), 
Maud (horses), and Stromness ; 6, Muir of Ord (cattle and horses), Rathven and Strichen ; 

7, Inverness ; 8, Nairn ; 10, Falkirk Tryst (sheep), and Rothie ; 11, Falkirk Tryst (cattle and 
horses), Invergordon, Alford (cattle and horses), and Echt ; 12, Kinkell, Newmill of Keith, 
New Pitsligo, and Turriff (Cowan's Fair— cattle and horses) ; 13, Auchnagatt, Cornhill 
(cattle and horses), and Dounby ; 14, Cabrach and Rothiemay ; 15, Keith ; 17, Ellon 
and Firth (Orkney) ; 18, Aboyne (Michael Fair— two days), Forres, Inverurie, Kirrie- 
muir (sheep), Rhynie, and Tain ; 19, Huntly and Kirriemuir (cattle and horses) ; 20, 
Fochabers and Strichen ; 22, Carr-Bridge and Freeburn ; 24, Grantown and Insch ; 25, New 
Deer, Newtonmore, Oldmeldrum, and Tomintoul ; 26, Glenlivet, Turriff, and Wasdale ; 27, 
Auchnagatt, .Dufftown, Little Byth, and Tankerness ; 28, Amulree (cattle and sheep) ; 31, 
Falkirk Tryst. 

November- 1, Doune (sheep), Forres, and Alford; 2, Dingwall, Doune (cattle and horses), 
Hosen, Huntly, Maud (horses), St Luke's Fair (Old Aberdeen), Sanday, Stromness, and 
Towie (cattle and feeing); 3, Strichen; 4, Walls; 5, Oolspie and Keith; 7, Ellon and Kirkwall; 

8, Drumnadrochit, Echt (cattle and feeing), Georgemas, Inverurie, Kildary, and Stenness; 

9, Muir of Ord (sheep only), Fordyce (Sallow Fair), Rafford, and Turriff; 10, Auchnagatt; 
Muir of Ord (cattle and horses), Cornhill, Dounby, and Lumphanan (feeing); 11, Inverness 
and Colquhonnie (Strathdon— cattle and feeing); 12, Carr Bridge, Freeburn, and >airn; 14, 
Grantown, Edinburgh (Hallow Fair— 3 days), New Aberdour (feeing), and Rothie; 15, Forres, 
Kingussie (feeing), Longside (feeing), Oldmeldrum, and Inveraven (cattle, grain, and feeing); 
16, Dufftown (feeing), Huntly, South Ronaldshay, Strichen (feeing), and Tarland (feeing) 



17, Aberlour (feeing), Aboyne, Fochabers, Strichen, Tomintoul (feeing), and Potarch (feeing); 

18, Cullen (feeine) and Insch (feeing); 19, Ballater (feeing) and Keith (cattle and horses); 
21, Alford (feeing), Ellon, Firth (Orkney), and Rhynie (feeing); 22, Inverurie (feeing), 
Alford, and Wick; 23, Grantown (feeing), Doune (sheep and cattle), Ellon (feeing), Glenlivet, 
and Turriff; 24, Auchnagatt, Dufftown, Huntly (feeing), Nairn (feeing), Rothes (feeing), 
Tankerness, and New Deer (feeing); 25, Aberdeen (feeing), Banff (feeing), Elgin (feeing), and 
Inverness (feeing, horses, and produce); 26, Forres (feeing), Keith (feeing), Rhynie, and 
Turriff (feeing); 28, Insch, Marnoch (feeing), and Oldmeldrum (feeing); 29, Cromarty and 

December— 1, Rathven and Strichen; 2, Aberdeen (feeing); 3, Keith; 5, Echt, Ellon, 
Kirkwall, Lurosden, and Marnoch (feeing) ; 6, Forres and Oldmeldrum ; 7, Huntly, Maud 
(horses), Stromness, and Tarland ; 8, Auchnagatt, Cornhill, Dounby, and Lumphanan ; 10, 
Castleton of Braemar (St Andrew's Fair); 12, London (Christmas Market) and Rothie; 13. 
Alford ; 14, Turriff ; 16, Aboyne, Fochabers, and Strichen ; 17, Keith ; 19, Ellon and 
Firth (Orkney) ; 20, Dingwall, Forres (fat stock), Invergordon, Inverurie, and Kildary ; 
21, Glenlivet. Huntly, and Old Deer (St Drostan's Fair); 22, Auchnagatt, Muir of Ord (fat 
stock), and Dufftown ; 23, Inverness; 24, Nairn and Rhynie ; 20, Insch ; 27, Oldmeldrum; 28, 
Turriff ; 29, Tankerness. 






Gardenstown, .. 










Buckie, . . ... 






The Fishery Board supplied particulars of the fishing as 
follows: — 

East Coaxt. 

Total Cured. 

Crans. Barrels. 

351,349 359,390 

735,585 784,395 

Orkney and Shetland. 

130,336 152,952 

110,651 132,712 












. . 109,300 


. . 65,000 
















. . 10,035 








. . 29,000 












Salmon Fishing Seasons. — Deveron, Dee, and Don— Nets, February 11 to August 26; 
rods, February 11 to October 31. Spey, Nairn, Ness, and Lossie— -Nets, February II to August 
td; rods, February 11 to October 15. 



Week ending 





s. d. 

30 6 

31 1 




3) 8 
31 7 






31 3 
3J 7 

29 8 
28 11 



28 2 
28 3 

27 11 


— 27.. 
April 3.. 

— 10. 

— 17.. 

— 24.. 
May 1.. 

— 8.. 

— 15.. 

— 22.. 

— 29.. 
June 5.. 

— 12.. 

— 19.. 

— 26.. 
July 3.. 

— 10.. 

— 17.. 

— 24.. 

— 31.. 
August 7.. 

— 14.. 

— 21.. 

— 28.. 
September 4.. 

— 11.. 

— 18 . 

— 25 . 
October 2.. 

— 9.. 

— 16.. 

— 28.. 

November 6.. 

— 13.. 

— 20.. 

— 27.. 
December 4. 

— 11. 

27 11 
27 9 
27 10 
27 8 

26 6 

27 9 

28 4 

27 11 

28 1 
28 2 
27 10 
27 4 
27 1 
27 4 

27 7 

28 1 
2* 10 

29 5 

29 8 

30 4 

31 8 
33 7 
33 1 
33 10 
33 11 
33 * 
33 1 
31 10 
Si 2 
3i 10 

33 5 

33 11 
33 8 
S3 9 

33 9 

34 1 







24 10 





24 10 















: J . 













































24 11 



































per stone 81ba 



s. d. 



16 2 





16 3 





16 5 





16 6 




11. '4 

16 8 





16 7 





16 6 





16 5 





16 3 





16 3 




n j 

16 2 





16 2 





16 3 





16 3 





16 6 





16 3 





16 7 



2 * 


17 3 





16 11 





17 7 





17 9 





17 10 





17 9 





17 11 










18 6 




18 7 




18 8 

4 10 



18 3 





18 U 










18 U 





17 4 




11 *» 

17 2 





17 1 










17 3 










16 8 





16 4 










16 1 





16 2 










16 5 





16 3 





16 8 





16 5 





16 9 





16 6 




11 | 






Banffshire Year Bool- Advertiser — 1898. 

Established 1855. 


Glass, China, & Stoneware Showrooms, 


Has the largest and best selected stock of GLASS, CHINA, 

and EARTHENWARE, English and Foreign, in the 



Country Orders promptly attended to. 




Herd Register for Shorthorn Cattle. 
Herd Register for Polled Cattle. 

These REGISTERS, which have been prepared at the suggestion 
of Breeders, will be found very useful on 


To be had of Alex. Ramsay, " Journal " Office, Banff. 

Price, 4s. Bd. ; by Post, 4s. 9d. 

Banffshire Year Book Advertiser — 1898. 




Owned by the Great North of Scotland Railway Coy. 

Every accommodation for comfort. 

Electrically lighted, and mechanically ventilated. 

Hydraulic Lifts. 



Personally patronised by their Royal Highnesses the Piince and Trincess of Wales, the 
Duke and Duchess of Connaught, Princess Christian and Princess Victoria, Princess Henry of 
Battenberg, The Duke and Duchess of York, Prince Adolphus of Teck, H.E.H. the King of 
Portugal, H.I.H. the Empress Eugenie, andjmany distinguished visitors. 

Luggage removed to a?id from the Hotel free of charge. 

Miss M'KILLIAM, Manager. 

Banffshire Year Book Advertuer — ISOS. 



This Old Established HOTEL has now been entirely re-built, with 
additions to suit modern requirements. 

Will find every comfort combined with moderate charges. 

Choicest quality only of WINES and SPIRITS kept. 

DAVID ARGO, Lessee. 

Dundee Equitable Boot Depot 

22. lo^t steeet, :b.a.:n':e i :f , _ 

Women's Sunday Shoes, ^ fi ^ 

nice soft uppers, . j ' 

,, Byre Shoes, sprigs, . 5/6 

,, Lac. Boots, Sunday, smart, 8/6 

Strong, . 71- 


Men's Everyday Boots, I , , ,- 

Kip tackets, reliable, J 

,, do., Extra heavy, 8/S 1 

,, Sunday Boots, Lac, best, 12/6' 

,, Sunday Shoes, Iron Heels, 8/6 

Large Stock of Boys' and Girls' Boots and Shoes for School wear. 
LEGGINGS- Boys', 2s. 6d. ; Men's, 3s. 6d. All Post Free. 

Hand-sewn Boots a Speciality. Repairs done immediately. 


Dundee Equitable Boot Depot, Banff,! 

Banffshire Year Book Advertiser — 1898. 




Gentlemen s Clothing of the Best Qualities, 

Made-up in the First Styles of Fashion, 

and Moderate in Price. 

16 & 17, Low Street, Banff. 


tj Nature's Sweet Restorer," a sparkling Champagne Saline and 
* Life Salt, prepared from the Kola Nut, Lime and Lemon Fruit, 

a Brain and Nerve Tonic for Fatigue of Mind and Body, 

Headache and Indigestion. 

LAVENDER WATER— The Queen of Perfumes. 

DENTAL BRICKS— The best and safest Dentifrice extant. 

SCOTCH PINE LAVENDER WATER— Like a " caller " breeze in 
the Sick Room ; Fragrant and Disinfectant. 


performed at Moderate Charges. 


Chemist-Dentist, 27, Low Street, Banff. 

Banffshire Year Book Advertiser — 1898. 


Has always on hand a Large and Choice Selection of MANTLES, 



Also, a full range of BOYS', YOUTHS', and MEN'S CLOTHING, &c. 

Prices extremely moderate, and subject to 5 per cent. Discount for Cash. 

Inspection invited at 37, Low Street, Banff. 

DICK BKOTHEES, Family Bootmakers, 


G. G-. M'ROBIE, 



- — — -:o: 

Superior Stock of finely MATURED SPIRITS and WINES. 

A Stock of LIME always on hand at the LIMEWORKS, FORDYCE. 

SCOTCH COALS, all kinds, delivered at any Station. 


Seafield Street, Portsoy- 


Clover and Turnip Seeds, all of the very finest qualities, at current prices. 

Feeding Stuffs, Cake, Indian Meal, Linseed, Thorley's Food. 

Portable Boilers, any size. All sorts of Agricultural Implements, including 

Dung Forks, Spades, Shovels, Hay and Straw Forks, Rakes, &c. 

Coal Merchant, 1, Provost Jamieson's Quay, Aberdeen. 

Special Quotations for full Waggon Loads to any Station on Great North & Highland Railways. 


Banffshire Year Book Advertiser — 1898. 








Coal, Salt, Whiting, and Cntch Merchant. 

"Gladstone," 250 Tons D.W. | "Mary," 180 Tons D.W. | "Tollo," 145 Tons D.W. 

Agent for the Scottish Boat Insurance Coy. Ships and Boats Surveyed. Agent for the 

Sale of Norwegian Timber. Broker for the Sale and Purchase of Ships and Boats. 

Telegraphic Address— Harbourmaster, Macduff. Scott's Code used. 


T .A. I T_, O IR .A. 3SF 3D CLOTHIEE, 

WINTER CLOTHING.— Large variety of Choice Materials— Excellent 

Style — Fit Guaranteed — Prices Moderate. 

Overcoats, Ulsters, Highland Cloaks, in great variety, Ready-made. 

Waterproof Coats, Ulsters, and Cloaks. 




K E I TH. 

Banffshire Year Book Advertiser — 1898. 


Is what it is said to be — 
i^ GOOD ! Thoroughly GOOD ! ! ^ 

.Both in Material and Manufacture. If true, MERIT wins ! 



Will always set the pace in the race for supremacy. 

This Winter, JACK'S TOPCOATS will merit the topmost position 
for Quality and Cheapness 

Boys' TWEED ULSTERS at 5s. lid. 

Men's SCARBRO' COATS at 17s. 6d. 

Men's SACK CHESTER COATS at 15s. 6d. 

Boys' Heavy REEFERS at 3s. 6d. 

The Excellency of our Men's and Boys' READY-MADE SUITS 
are fully known and appreciated all over the County. 

Boys' Tweed and Sailor Suits at 2s. lid.; Men's Tweed Suits, 17s. 6d.: 
Men's Serge Jacket and Vest, 14s. lid. 

A large Stock of Hats, Caps, Ties, Collars, Shirts, Gloves, 
at the most modest Prices. 

Quality here full evidence bears ! so please call and judge 
for yourselves at 

me lie wo*, ins, m si., rat 


Batiffuhire Year Bo t Advertiser — 1898. 


Matchmakers ani Jetoelkrs, 



TITE have always on hand a large and well-selected STOCK 
" of the undernoted GOODS, to suit all classes of the 
community, at prices within the reach of all. A Splendid 
Stock of the most Fashionable and Newest Designs in 

Gold, Silver, and Jet Jewellery. 

Brooches, Ear-Rings, Bracelets, Bangles, Lockets, Necklets, Solitaires, 
Sleeve- Links, Pendants, Guard and Albert Chains ; Wedding, Engagement, 
and Keeper Rings : Pen and Pencil Cases, &c. 

Silver and Electro Plate Goods. 

Tea Sets, Cake Baskets, Biscuit Boxes, Salvers, Wine Decanters, Cruets, 
Butter Coolers, Jellies, Butter Knives, Fish Knives and Forks, Soup Ladles, 
Table, Dessert, Tea, Egg, and Salt Spoons ; Silver Afternoon Tea Sets, £5, &c. 

Optical Goods. 

Telescopes, Field Classes, Spectacles, Eyeglasses, and Reading Glasses. 
Real PEBBLE SPECTACLES, only 4s. per pair. 

Watches and Clocks. 

ENGLISH, AMERICAN, and SWISS WATCHES by the best Makers, 
at lowest possible prices — 

Ladies' Gold Watches, from 30s. to £12 12s. 
Ladies' Silver Levers, from 40s. to £5 5s. 
Ladies' Silver Genevas, from 10s. 6d. to 50s. 
Geut.'s Gold Watches, from 60s. to £25. 
Gent.'s Silver Levers, from 40s. to £7 7s. 
Gent.'s Silver Genevas, from 12s. 6d. to 50s. 
Strong Silver Pair-Case Levers, suitable for Tradesmen and Farm 
Servants, from 60s. to £6 6s. 

A large assortment of sound and useful Second-hand Watches. Nickel 
Silver Watches, from 7s. 6d. to 15s. — Wonderful Timekeepers. 

CLOCKS — English, French, American, and Swiss— in Marble, Gilt, 
Bronze, and Wood Cases. 

Alarum Clocks and Timepieces, from 5s. ; Nickel Silver Alarums, 3s. 6d. 

Banffshire Year Book Advertiser — 1898. 




Telephone No. 7. === 

None but Pure Chemicals, Genuine Drugs, and Pharmaceutical 
Preparations of a High Quality are kept in stock. 

(§F Night Attendance; Night Bell at Shop Door. 

Toilet and Nursery Requisites.— A Large and very Select stock 

always on hand. PERFUMERY, POMADES, TOILET SOAPS, &c. 
BAGS, &c. 

Winter Specialities.- Pirie's cod liver oil cream, a perfect 

Food for Children and Invalids; Genuine NORWEGIAN COD LIVER 
GLYCERINE and CUCUMBER CREAM, for softening and preserving 
the Skin, and rendering the Complexion delicately fair and beautiful. 

The Christmas Beverage.— Piries improved ginger wine 

ESSENCE, for the speedy production of a delicious Temperance Cordial. 
Supplied in bottles sufficient to make One Gallon of a First-class Ginger 

High-Class iErated Waters.— John Mackie & Co.'s SPARKLING 
KOLA, the Champagne of iErated Waters ; Cantrell & Cochrane's 

Agent for Henry Lawrence's Spectacles and Eye-glasses. 

A large Stock to select from, which is the only means of securing perfect 
adjustment to the eye, and at prices to suit all classes of Customers. 

Agent for the " Banffshire Journal." — Copies to be had here every 
Tuesday Morning. Orders received for Advertisements and Printing. 

JAMES PIRIE, A.Ph.S., Chemist, Keith. 

Banffshire Year Book Advertiser — 1898. 



For all Seasons— Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. 


The most Seasonable, most Fashionable, most Reliable, and 

the most Reasonable in Price. No Rubbish kept in Stock. 
Prices cut very keen for CASH. A trial earnestly solicited. 


Millinery and Mantle Saloon and Drapery Warehouse, 
ik: IE i t n, 

AGENT for Thomson Limited, Dyers, Perth. 

Wholesale and Retail AGENT for CYCLES ; all the best 

makers represented. 

J. & J. ROBB & SON, 

fife -ikie itih:, 

Seedsmen, Grocers, Tailors, Clothiers, and Bootmakers, 


To supply the Public with the BEST OF GOODS at the Lowest 
Possible Prices, their system of business being S.P.Q.R. — 


This is the Firm that gives the VERY BEST VALUE in the Trade 

for the money in all their Departments. 

AGENCIES :—" Banffshire Journal," Banff; Scottish Equitable Life 
Assurance Society; "Allan" Line of Steamers and "State" Line of 
Steamers ; the Cunard Steamship Co., Limited, Liverpool ; Palatine and 
United Fire Insurance Co., Limited ; Tower Tea Company. 

Banffshire Year Book Advertiser — 1898. 




TEAS— High-Class Blends. . 






The Distillers' Co., Ltd., MALT EXTRACT, in Tins and 


ALES— Burton, Bass & Co.'s, Allsopp's, Worthington's.. 
Tennant's LAGER (Glasgow). 

Sole Agents for 
Raggett's (London) NOURISHING STOUT and GOLDEN 


William Greer & Co., Ltd. (Glasgow) O.V.H. (Old Vatted- 

Highland) WHISKY. 



<Ume ani Spirit Jtahants, 

Established 1858. 

JJaiijf's/iire Year Hook Advertiser — 18.98. 


jd Jtrt .A S H ! IE?» S 

IS THE ^3 

H Oldest Established Drapery Business in Dufftown, g 

H He keeps the Largest Stock to select from, studies to supply the Finest £*j 

^ Quality of Goods, and Sells at the Lowest Possible Prices. ^] 

lT Dress Goods, Mantles, Millinery, Flowers, Feathers, Laces, Gloves, 

Umbrellas, Corsets, Underclothing, Hosiery, Knitted Goods, Baby k^ 

1 Linen, Christening Robes, Aprons, Pinafores, Skirts, Flannels, Scotch jj^ 
H and English Blankets, Flannelettes, Prints, Pandoras, Sheetings, Towels, O 
*H Waterproof Sheeting, White and Coloured Counterpanes, Down Quilts, £J 
^j Pillow-casing, Pillow-shams, Tray Cloths, Table Covers, Table Nap- ^j 
H kins, Fancy Goods, Window Curtains, Window Blinds, Floorcloths, *® 
H Linoleums, Sewing Machines, Iron Trunks, Hat Boxes, Men's Hats, 2q 
W Caps, Ties, Braces, Shirts, Socks, Underclothing ; Tweeds, Coatings, ^ 
j3 Trouserings, Cycle and Knicker Hose, Boys' Suits, &c, &c. fc^ 

flj Grave Flannels. Grave Gowns. Q 



Clothier, Draper, and Silk Mercer, Square, DUFFTOWN. 


Wholesale attb Retail 4familt> (Jiroar, 


The Sqitake, Dufftown. 

Only the Finest Quality of GROCERIES, FRUITS, SPICES, &c, 

kept in Stock. 

Fine Blended TEAS, from Is. 6d. to 2s. 8d. per lb. 

The famed MAZAWATTEE CEYLON TEAS, at Is. fid., Is. 10d., 2s., 2s. 4d., and 

2s. lOd. per lb., in Packets, and 5 and 10 lb. Tins. 
Pine Matured Mortlach WHISKY, Three and Five Years old, 17s. and 19s. per gallon. 
Glenfiddich Pure Malt WHISKY, 17s. per gallon. 
Bass and Allsopp's PALE ALES, in Bottle, at 2s. 3d. and 2s. 6d. per dozen— always in 

Guinness's and Raggett's Nourishing STOUTS, 2s. 6d. per dozen. 

Agent for the Aberdeen Lime Co.'s Linseed Cake, Manure, and Feeding Stuffs. 

Banffshire Year Bool: Advertiser — 18!>8. 




Chemist { F 

From Thompson's, London, and Gibson's, Chemist 

by Special Appointment to H.R H. the Duke of 

Cambridge, King's Road, Brighton. 

} Druggist 

The Pharmacy, DUFFTOWN. 



Toilet Soaps. 
Dressing, &c, 

Tooth, Nail, and 
Hair Brushes. 


The greatest attention is paid to the faithful dis- 
charge of the duties attached to this Department 
for preparing Physicians', Family, and Veterinary 
Prescriptions with accuracy, care, and despatch. 

Only Pure Drugs and Chemicals being used. 

jV.B. — Medicines can be obtained after Shop Hmirs by 

Medicinal and 
Pure /Erated 

Invalid Foods. 
Nursery and 

tBflofcsdlcr, Stationer, & jJletos ;&<jent* 

Memorandum Books, Account Books, Inks, Inkstands, School Books, 

Slates, Bags, Bibles suitable for presentation, Reward Books, 

and Photo Albums, &c. 

Large assortment of Plain & Fancy Stationery, Birthday Cards, Booklets, &c. 

Pipes, Tobaccos, Cigars, &c, of finest quality. 


Including Macdougall's Dip, " The Highland Dip," Robertson's. Cooper's, 
Sheep-Dipping Powder, Tobacco Juice, Spirit of Tar, &c. 

Colza Oil, Sperm Oil, Linseed Oil, Machinery Oil, &c. 



The " ALLAN LINE " and " STATE LINE " of American and Canadian Steamers. 

MARR, WOOD, & CO., Pianoforte Makers, &c, to H.M. the Queen, Aberdeen. 

LEWIS SMITH & SON, Bookbinders, &c. , Aberdeen ; and 


Ciradating Library of Latest Reviews, Periodicals, &c, 

Newspapers and Periodicals supplied to order. 

Orders by Post punctually attended to. 


Banffshire Year Booh Advertiser — 1898. 

Wines paid duty on in 187s by W & A GlLPEY 914,334 gallon*. Vide " Wine Trade Rerlew." 
TAit forms a twentieth fart of the total consumption of Wines for tfu year m the Untied Kingdom 






SINGLE BOTTLES or any quantity of WINES & SPIRITS, 
bearing the guarantee of W <fe A Gilbey's Seals and Labels, can 
be obtained at the same prices and of precisely the same quality as 
supplied at Head Establishments ; also Books of Prices with 
descriptions of more than 200 varieties 

Specimen of 
W 8c A Gilbey'i Patent Seal 

PORTS— Is, Is 6d, 2s, 2s 4d, 2s lOd, 3s 4d, 4s . . per Bottle 

SHERRIES— Is, 2s, 2s 6d, 3s, 3s 6d, 4s . 

MAKSALA— Is 2d, Is 4d, and Is 6d . 

COGNAC BRANDIES— 4s, 4s 6d ; Very Fine, 5s and 5s 6d 

RUMS, "Castle Proof "—3s 

GINS, do., 2s lid . 


A Complete List of the above may be had on application. 


Dose— Half a Wine Glassful. 


Chemist, &c, The Pharmacy, Dufftown. 

Banffshire Year Book Advertiser — 1898. 

The Drapery Warehouse, Dufftown. 


fOHN MACPHERSON is now showing what he believes to< 
be the best value in the Market in all Departments. 

His Stock is Fresh, Fashionable, and very Extensive, and as it embraces a fulll 
HOSIERY, HABERDASHERY, and MEN'S CLOTHING, intending Purchasers 
may rely on getting a good assortment, and the Latest Novelties to choose from. 


Done on the Premises under Efficient Management. 

Marriage Outfits. | Family Mournings. 

Agent for Wheeler & Wilson's Sewing Machines. 

JOHN MACPHERSON, Sill( Mercer, Linen and Woollen Draper, 

The Drapery Warehouse, Dufftown. 


General Merchant, Seedsman, 





The above Sorts have taken most prominence as Prize-takers at Inverurie 
and other Root Shows in past Seasons. SEED may be had of 

W. SMITH k SON, Exchange Seed Warehouses, ABERDEEN. 

Who also supply every requisite for Farm, Garden, and Forest. 

Banffshire Year Bonk Advertiser — 1898. 


Telegrams: 'Gramimans. ^mHL« Wf ■ \f v^ Telephone 933, 

Curd et Induistrid. 



THE lessened duty and the continued enormous importation enable us to 
offer for Cash our UNRIVALLED TEAS at the following Prices per 
lb., weighed without paper: — 

1/- 1/2 1/6 1/10 

These Teas are the rich and varied products of the 

Gardens of India, China, and Ceylon, 

and are sold as they arrive in all their freshness and fiagrance direct from 
the Chest. 

No packeted Teas are allowed into Stock, as Tea when put into packets 
rapidly loses all its distinguishing characteristics, crispness and flavour, by 
humidity of climate, or contiguity to smell-yielding things. 

Those who retain their preference for the highest qualities and selected 
growths of Tea now participate in the full reduction made on the other kinds. 


N either a Mixture of Coffee and Chicory nor those so-called Essences of 
Coffee possess much of the true character of fine Coffee. Seventy years' ex- 
experience has taught the undersigned that Coffee, like Tea, is improved by 
blending several sorts together. MOUNTAIN JAMAICA, COSTA RICA, 
and MOCHA COFFEE form one of the best blends, and this the Subscribers 
are at present selling for 


William Walker & Sons, 52 Union Si, Aberdeen. 

Banffshire Year Book Advertiser — 1898. 

The Horse. Carriage, \ General Insurance 

Company, Limited. 

(The Oldest and Largest Office of its kind.) 


17, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C. 

A. WATERS, Managing Director. R. R. WILSON, Secretary. 

All classes of Farm LIVE STOCK Insured at 
Moderate Premiums. 

CARRIAGES Insured against Accident and 
Indemnity Risks. 


District Office for the North and South- West of Scotland — 


ALEX. S. WILSON, District Manager. 

-This Office is honoured with the patronage of Her Majesty the Queeii- 

Banffshire Year Book Advertiser — 1898. 

To Farmers and Others. 

I have the following Feeding Stuffs on hand, 
newly made, and of the best quality : — 









OATMEAL of the Finest Quality. 



Market Street, Macduff. 

Gk & Ck KYNOCH, 


Telegrams— " Kynoch, Keith." 


the different Crops. Analysis guaranteed. Delivery during Spring at — 



BURGHEAD, ... ... 

by George Wiseman. 
„ William Innes. 
„ Peter Leslie. 
„ D. Stewart, Maltkiln. 
„ John Ross. 

„ K. M. Memes, Station Agent. 
„ A. Calder, Station Agent. 
„ F. D. Mackenzie, Station Agent. 
„ A. Kennedy, Station Agent. 
„ C. F. Morrison & Sons, Harbour Office. 

NETHY BRIDGE STATIONS, as in former years. 
December 1897. N.B.— Special Mixtures prepared to order. 

Banffshire Year Book Advertiser — 1898. 


Aberdeen jSteam Laundry 1 



(Teleptwne 1531.) 



Executed promptly and in the best manner. . 

Carpets Beaten and Renovated. 

Address— The MANAGER. 

By Special ^&'^^0^K Appointment 


Seedsmen, Nurserymen, and Florists to the Queen, AberdeenA 

PUBLISH annually, in connection with their Seed, Plant, & Implement Business] 
the following CATALOGUES, free on application :— 
I. — Catalogue of Vegetable and Flower Seeds, in January. 
IE. — Catalogue of Gladioli, in January. 
III.— Catalogue of Farm Seeds; in February. 

IV. — Catalogue of Florists' Flowers and Bedding-out Plants, in May. 
V. — Catalogue of Dutch Flower Roots, in September. 
VI. — Catalogue of Forest and Ornamental Trees and Shrubs, &c, in November. 
VII. — Fruit Tree Supplement to 'General' Nursery List. ' 
VIII. — List of Roses, in November. 
IX. — Illustrated and Descriptive Catalogue of Agricultural and Horticultural Machinesjj 
and Implements, Iron and Wire Fences,. Gates, Rabbit Netting; &c. 

Offices & Warehouse— Guild,' Stirling, & Exchange Streets 

Floral Branch, - 145, Union Street.. 

The Aberdeen Forest Tree Nurseries, Pinewood Park. 
Greenhouse and Florist Department, Granitehjll, Rubislaw. 
Agricultural Implement Factory, - ... Bon- Accord Works, Aberdeen. I 

Vide Loudon's " Encyclopaedia of Gardening" (5th Edition, published in 1S27J 
■ — "The Aberdeen Nursery, Messrs Reid, an old and respectable establishment, chieflj 
devoted to the culture of Forest Trees, and especially to Seedlings' of Scotch Pinq 
Larch, Fir, and Thorns.'*' ' 

Banffshire, Year Book Advertiser — 1898. 

The Aberdeen Lime Company, 

Established 1837. 
(Registered under "The Companies' Acts, 1862 and 1867.") 

Manufacturers of the well-known <^> brands of 
Pure Linseed Cake, Oilcake, and Compound Decorticated 
— Cotton Cake. 

Importers of, and Dealers in, CHEMICAL MANURES and 

FEEDING STUFFS of all kinds. 

Linseed Oil, Raw and Boiled ; Refined Rape (or Colza) Oil. 

Dealers in COALS and LIME. 

Goods forwarded by Railway or otherwise as ordered. 



works ce { Provost Blaikie's Quay, Aberdeen. 

D. C. PETERS, Manager. 




WDRUMMOND & SONS, Limited, beo- to intimate that they publish, 
. in the end of December, their DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE of 
Select Vegetable and Flower Seals, &c; and, early in February, their 
CATALOGUE of Agricultural Seeds. 

The greatest attention continues to be paid to the improvement of all the 
leading kinds of Root Seeds ; also to the securing of the highest percentage 
of Purity and Germination in the Grass and Clover Seeds, so largely used by 
them in making up Assortnients for Permanent Pasture — a branch of the 
business in which they have been successfully engaged for very many years. 

"They also publish annually their' NURSERY CATALOGUE of Forest 
land.: Fruit Trees, . ShrvJbs, Roses, § c. 

•■ ■ Any, of the above' .will be forwarded, post free/on application. 

!MJIJ»8*rij lo ; , .( .... . •• u ,. .- o- _ _ , 

* # * All Seeds forwarded, Carriage Paid, to the Principal Railway Stations. 

Banffshire Year Book Advertiser — 1898. 








(to whom Notice of Claims, under the following conditions, must be sent 
within seven days of accident to the above address. ) 

^ 1 flT JT will be paid by the above Corporation to the legal representative of 
♦V M 4 «^ anyone who is killed by an accident to the 


(within the United Kingdom or Channel Islands), in which the deceased was a ticket 
bearing or paying passenger, or who shall have been fatally injured thereby (should 
death result within ninety days after such accident.) 

Should such accident not prove fatal, but cause within the same period of ninety 
days, the loss of two limbs (both arms or both legs, or one of each, by actual separa- 
tion above the wrist or ankle), the person injured shall be entitled to receive 


or for the loss of one limb under aforesaid conditions, 


PROYIDED that the person so killed or injured had upon his or her person, or had 
left at home this Book or Almanack in its entirety, with his, or her, usual signature, 
written prior to the accident, on the space provided below, which, together with the 
giving of notice within the time as hereinbefore mentioned, is the essence of this 

This Insurance holds good from date of publication until June 30th, 1898, and 
carries the benefits of, and is subject to the conditions of, the " OCEAN ACCIDENT 
AND GUARANTEE COMPANY, Limited, Act, 1890," Risks Nos. 2, 3, 5 and 6. 

No person can recover under more than one Coupon Ticket in respect of the same 
risk. ' 



The Celebration of a Remarkable Reign of Sixty Years. 

22nd JUNE, 1897. 

(From a Photo by Thiele, Chancery Lane, Ii,C.) 

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. 

A Subject for Rejoicing. 

THE Queen came to the throne on the 20th 
of June, 1837, and so completed the sixtieth 
year of her reign, and reached her "Diamond 
Jubilee," on the 20th of June, 1897. 

This event gave rise to enthusiastic demonstra- 
tions of loyalty, pride, and exultation, which the 
memories of these sixty years fully warranted. 
The Celebration may be said to have lasted from 
Saturday, the 19th of June, till far on in July, and 
was on a scale never before known in Great 
Britain, or, perhaps, in any other land. 

We propose here to give an account of the 
various events of these remarkable Diamond 
Jubilee days, confining ourselves chiefly to the 
description of rejoicings in which Her Majesty 
herself took part. 

The Longest Reign. 

Nearly a year before the national celebration 
of ihe Diamond Jubilee— it was on the 23rd of 
September, 1896 — the reign of the Queen became 
the longest in British history. On that day Her 
Majesty surpassed the limits of the longest rei^n 
hitherto recorded in our national annals, namely, 
that of her grandfather, George III., who reigned 
for fifty-nine years, three months, and four days. 

* * * * 

Her Majesty has now reigned much longer 
than any other European sovereign, and of all 
reigning monarchs she is the oldest, with the 
exception of the King of Denmark, who is her 
senior by about eleven months. 

Of the European monarchs of the past, no one 
has .urpassed her reign in length except Louis 
XIV. of France — Louis the Great — who came to 
the throne in 1643 and died in 1715. But though 
Louis succeeded in 1643, he was only then a little 
boy of five years old ; his true reign did not begin 
till the death of Cardinal Mazarin in 1661. Our 
Queen, on the other hand, was able from the first 
t j assume the duties and responsibilities of her 
high station. 

* * * * 

In English history the four monarchs who, 
after Her Majesty, have reigned longest are — 
naming them in order of time — Henry III., who 
reigned fifty-six years; Edward III., fifty years ; 
Elizabeth, forty-four years; and George III., 
as we have said, fifty-nine years. 

But these figures, except in the case of Eliza- 
beth, give only the nominal, not the actual, 
period of the reign. Henry III. was a minor, 
only ten years old, when he came to the throne ; 
so was Edward III. — he was fifteen. The reign 

of George III., too, practically came f) an 
end nine years before his death. We all know 
the sad and impressive story of how, sightless 
and with shattered intellect, he passed his last 
days of nominal sovereignty. 

A Military Tattoo. 

The Jubilee Celebrations may be said to have 
had their official commencement on the night of 
Saturday, the 19th of June, at Windsor Castle, 
when Her Majesty and the other members of the 
Royal Family, who were her guests at the Castle, 
were present at a military tattoo, given in the 
Queen s honour by the troops of the Windsor 

The tattoo, unfortunately, took place in dis- 
agreeable weather, rain falling continuously 
throughout its performance and marring to 
some extent what proved to be, even under 
these adverse conditions, a highly impressive 
display. The scene of the pageant was the 
grand quadrangle. 

Thanksgiving Services. 

Most appropriately, it happened that the 60th 
anniversary of Her Majesty's accession fell on a 
Sunday. Thanksgiving services on the 20th of 
June formed a fitting prelude to the great 
national solemnity which was to follow two days 
later. In all parts of the Empire, and in all lands 
without its borders where our countrymen are 
gathered together, as well as from many who are 
allied to us neither by blood nor a common 
allegiance, heartfelt thanks ascended to Heaven 
for the prolongation of a reign which has brought 
manifold blessings not upon the British Empire 
only, but upon the whole race of man. 

* * * * 

The Queen herself, with the membe-s of the 
Royal Family slaying at the Castle, and the 
Court, were present at a service held in St. 
George's Chapel, Windsor. It was a quiet 
ceremony of an Unofficial »nd almost of a family 

The Prince and Princess of Wales and many 
other members of the Royal Family, together 
with the Colonial Premiers who had come to 
this country to join in the Jubilee rejoicings, ami 
many of the Ambassadors and Peers, with repre- 
sentatives of the learned professions and societies, 
attended a solemn celebration at St. Paul's. 

At Westminster Abbey the Peers were present*. 
in their robes, while the House of Commons, 
headed by their Speaker, went in procession to a 
Service at St. Margaret's. 



(Photo by ll\ &• D. Downey, Iibury Street, London.) 


The Nonconformist churches and chapels 
honoured the great occasion in similar ways. 

The Queen arrives in Town. 

The Queen, accompanied by the Empress 
Frederick, Princes? Christian, and Princess 
Henry of Battenberg, left Windsor Castle for 
London shortly before noon on Monday, the 21st 
of June, and reached Paddington at 12.35 p m. 
Paddington Station was profusely decorated, 
and a large number of officials of the Great 
Western Railway, representatives of local bodies, 
and others, were assembled to receive Her 
Majesty. The Royal party drove from the 
station to Buckingham Palace, receiving enthusi- 
astic greetings all along the route from immense 
crowds of spectators. 

* * * * 

In the afternoon all the foreign Princes who 
had arrived in London for the Jubilee celebra- 
tions were entertained to luncheon in the Palace, 
and in the evening there was a State banquet, at 
which the Queen was present. Her Majesty 
afterwards held a reception, to which wire 
invited foreign Princes and Envoys, with their 
suites, Indian Princes, Colonial Premiers and 
their wives, and officers of the Imperial and 
native Indian escorts. 

The Programme for the 22nd of June. 

The great celebration of Tuesday, the 22nd — 
the central and most conspicuous event of the 
whole of the Jubilee rejoicings — was a progress 
made by Her Majesty through the leading 
thoroughfares of the capital. 

The route planned for the procession was as 
fallows: It was to start from Buckingham Palace 
and proceed along Constitution Hill, Piccadilly, 
St. James's Street, Pall Mall, north side of 
Trafalgar Square, past the National Gallery, 
Duncannon Street, Strand, Fleet Street, Ludgate 
Hill, to St. Paul's Cathedral, where a solemn 
service of thanksgiving was to be held. 

The Queen was then to return to Buckingham 
Palace by a circuitous route, proceeding along the 
south side of St. Paul's Cathedral to Cheapside, 
Mansion House, King William Street, London 
Bridge, Borough High Street, Borough Road, 
St. George's Circus, Westminster Bridge Road, 
Westminster Bridge, Bridge Street, Parliament 
Street, Whitehall, the Horse Guards, the Centre 
Mall to Buckingham Palace. 

The whole line of march of the procession had 
been brilliantly decorated ; and decoration, in- 
deed, on a more or less extensive scale had been 
attempted on private houses and business premises 
in all parts of London. There seemed to be a 
general resolve to celebrate the great event with 
an enthusiasm, a popular accord, and a splendour 
which would be without precedent in history. 

Early out of Bed. 

London — the heart of the Empire — knew 110 
rest all night. At dawn the streets were full of 
life. Perhaps never before in its history has 

there been in London so much wakefulness, so 
much rising with the lark. The breakfast hour 
was changed from eight to five o'clock. Before 
six o'clock, comparatively remote stations were 
packed with people. 

* * * * 

The morning, fortunately, was a pleasant one, 
though the sun kept behind the clouds. There 
had been promise of rough weather during the 
night, but by six o'clock there was the fairest 
possible prospect for the day. If there had been 
sunshine, the heat would have been oppressive. 
As it was, the temperature was cool and agreeable 
till the pageant of the day was almost over. 

* * * 

People from the outlying districts came in their 
thousands to London all through the night, 
murdering the sleep of the inhabitants on their 
lines of inarch. Midnight witnessed men and 
women taking their places at the south end of 
London Bridge as soon as it was closed for traffic, 
and early dawn found spectators occupying posi- 
tions in the neighbourhood of Trafalgar Square. 

In the Strand many walked up and down the 
street all night, determined thus to secure the 
most favourable positions. By seven in the 
morning the street was thronged with well- 
dressed people, and the windows had begun to 
fill with spectators who had come at that early hour 
to avoid the tremendous crush which everybody 
expected would make this narrow thoroughfare 
almost impassable as soon as the hour of the 
procession approached. But, as it turned out, 
tiese loyal citizens might with perfect safety 
have left their beds at a much later hour, for 
there was no crush in the Strand, and almost up 
to the last moment one had no difficulty in 
walking from Trafalgar Square to the Law 

At the West End. 

Before seven o'clock multitudes of people 
began to pour into the open space round the 
statue of the Duke of Wellington at Hyde 
Park Corner to secure places to see the pro- 
cession, and by eight o'clock the pavements 
were lined with sightseers twelve deep, whilst 
large numbers overflowed into the roadways, 
from which they had to be cleared by the police. 

All up Constitution Hill a continuous row of 
stands had been erected for the accommodation 
of guests. These stands were capable of holding 
several thousands, and by half-past eight in the 
morning there were left but few available seats 
in them. 

At Buckingham Palace by nine in the morning 
the open space opposite the Palace was already 
resplendent with soldiery, and every place where 
the general public was admitted was densely 
crowded. A brilliant assemblage was collected 
in front of the Palace. 



Co., Fi/zroy Soi/atr.J 

Waiting at St. Paul's. 

Although the head of the procession could not 
reach St. Paul's until noon, the bulk of the seat- 
holders in and about the Churchyard had to be 
in their places by 9 o'clock ; while all approaches 
to the Cathedral were barred, even to privileged 
ticket-holders, as early as 10.30 a.m. 

* * * * 

Jn the vast congregation waiting the arrival 
of Her Majesty were many persons distinguished 
in politics, art, literature, science, and divinity. 
Lord Salisbury, Sir William Harcourt, Mr. 
Chamberlain, the Speaker, and the Home Secre- 
tary, wore the distinctive uniforms to which their 
services to the State entitled them. Repre- 
sentative Nonconformists were in black gowns 
and college caps, whilst the clergy of the 
Establishment, headed by the two Archbishops, 
were in surplices and hoods. 

A Preliminary Procession of Colonial 

By a happy thought, it was arranged that a 
separate procession of the Colonial troops should 
precede the Royal procession proper, and alter- 
wards line the north side of the Cathedral and 
the footways of Ludgate Hill until the Queen 
had passed. 

As commander of this notable body of troops a 
General was selected — one of the most popular 
and striking figures in the British army at the 
present time — Field-Marshal Lord Roberts. 

* * * * 

The Colonial contingent began to fall in on 
the Thames Embankment as early as a quarter 
to nine, and when the entire procession had 
been formed it marched to Buckingham Palace, 
proceeding soon after 9 o'clock along the route 
?'/a the Mall. 

* * * * 

The place of honour in the procession had 
been given to Canada as the premier Colony, 
and the Canadian troops heralded the approach 
of one of the most interesting personalities in 
the whole procession— the Right Hon. Wilfrid 
Laurier, Premier of Canada, who drove in a State 
carriage and four, with postilions, accompanied 
by Mrs. Laurier. 

* * * * 

Now followed the rest of the Colonial pro- 
cession, The New South Wales Mounted Rifles 
the Lancers of the same colony, and the Victoria 
Mounted Rifles, accompanied the Premiers of 
New South Wales and Victoria, who rode in the 
same carriage. 

Next came the New Zealand mounted troops, 
including several dark-skinned Maoris of fierce 
and warlike aspect. They preceded the Premiers 
of New Zealand and Queensland, who were 
followed by the Queensland Mounted Rifles. 

The Cape Mounted Rifles and the South 
Australian Lancers marched before and after the 
carriage of the Cape and South Australian 

The representatives of Newfoundland and 

Tasmania followed next, and then appeared the ' 
Natal Carabiniers, with whom were representa- 
tives of the Umvoti, Natal, and Border Mounted 

Following the carriage in which sat the j 
Premier of Western Australia and the Premier | 
of Natal, there came the mounted troops of the 
Crown colonies, including the Trinidad Mounted ' 
Rifles, the Cypriote Zaptiehs, and the Rhodesian 
Horse. Various contingents of colonial infantry 
prolonged the display, among them being native 
police from Borneo and from British Guiana, 
Hausas from the Gold Coast and the Niger 
regions of Western Africa, Chinese police from 
Hong Kong, quaintly attired to the European 
eye, Cingalese artillery and infantry, and police 
from the Straits Settlements. These last, by 
their martial bearing and first-rate marching, 
gained all suffrages. 

The Colonial procession occupied twenty 
minutes in passing a given point. 

The Great Procession. 

Close in the wake of this preliminary pro- 
cession came the second and main pageant. 

It had a stately precursor in the person of 
Captain Ames, of the 2nd Life Guards, who] 
enjoys the reputation of being the tallest man 
in the British army, and who, accoutred in th<-' 
splendid uniform of his corps, bestrode a magni- 
ficent black charger. 

Behind him rode four troopers of the 2nd I ife 
Guards. Then came a striking and picturesque 
contrast. With quick tread and lithenes; in 
every movement a large detachment of blue- 
jackets came into view, drawing with them ^ix 
field guns. 

* * * * 

Then once more the pageant assumed a mili- 
tary aspect as the advanced guard of the 2nd 
Life G.uards came into view, followed by the 
band of the Royal Horse Anil ery. With a 
thunderous roll and a clanking of metal, the 
"D" Battery of the Royal Horse Artillery ne\t 
swept by. 

Then followed a long and brilliant succession 
of squadrons of cavalry, a battery of Royal 
Horse Artillery concluding the procession of 

* * * * 

With nodding plumes and glittering uniforms 
the Aides-de-Camp of the Commander-in-Chief 
next rode by. 

More striking still, by the variety of uniform 
and equipment they presented, were the Aides- 
de-Camp of the Queen — military, naval, and 
marine— who took the next place iir the pageant. 

Immediately behind this cavalcade rode the 
Duke of Westminster alone, in the uniform of ' 
Lord Lieutenant of the County of London, 
mounted on a fine bay. 

In quick succession came the imposing Head- 
quarters' Staff of the Army, followed by truce 
Field Marshals. _ 

Then appeared a bewildering array of varied 
uniforms, representing almost every country in 
the world. It was the cavalcade of the suites, 
equerries, and gentlemen in attendance. 

"praise is always pleasant." 

The rear of this very cosmopolitan group was 
brought up by the noticeable figures of 
Major-General Miles, Commander-in-Chief of 
the United States Army, and General Hagron, 
Chief of the Military Household of the President 
of the French Republic. 

A slight pause in the procession, and then 
rode up the magnificent contingent of officers of 
the Imperial Service troops in the pay of the 
Indian native princes, under the majestic leader- 

ship of Lieutenant-Colonel Maharaj Sir Pertab 
Sing, Regent of Jodhpur, and A.D.C. to the 
Prince of Wales. 

Next came the Carriages. 

Now began the long file of carriages. Five 
dress landaus and pairs came first, conveying the 
foreign Envoys. 

Of these, the fourth contained — in some- 
what singular association —the Papal Envoy 


"we are kings and queens when we rule ourselves." 

(Monsignor Sambucetti), attired in the con- 
spicuous garb of an Italian ecclesiastic, and the 
Yery Oriental figure of his Excellency Chang 
Yin Hun, the Chinese Ambassador. 

In the fifth carriage, with the French and 
Spanish Envoys, sat the Special Ambassador of 
the United States, the Hon. Whitelaw Reid. 
Mr. Reid was the only envoy who appeared in 
severely plain attire. 

The sixth and seventh carriages carried the 
ladies of the Household, the Lord Steward, and 
the Lord Chamberlain. 

The next carriage contained a pretty bevy of 
the little granddaughters of the Queen. These 
were the Princess Alice of Albany and the 
Princesses Alice and Ena of Battenberg. 

The next three carriages contained a number 
of Princesses of less note. Then appeared a 
series of carriages and four. In the first the 
seat of honour was occupied by Princess Charles 
of Denmark. Opposite to her sat the Duchess 
of Teck, and in the same carriage were the 
Princess Frederica of Hanover and the Princess 
of Bulgaria. 

The next carriage bad for occupants the 
Duchess of York and Princess Victoria of Wales, 
with the Princess Henry of Prussia and the 
Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. The 
Duchess of York was dressed in cream with a 
cream bonnet trimmed with pale blue. The 
Princess Victoria of Wales, like her sister, was 
attired in pink, Princess Henry of Prussia being 
dressed in white. 

The Duchess of Fife was the most conspicuous 
figure in the succeeding carriage, charmingly 
attired in white, and with her were the Grand 
Duchess of Hesse in heliotrope and yellow, with 
the Grand Duchess Serge of Russia and the 
Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. 

The next landau conveyed Princess Henry of 
Battenberg, who was dressed entirely in white. 
In the same carriage were the Duchess of Saxe- 
Coburg and Gotha in pink variegated brocade, 
the Duchess of Connaught in cream, and the 
Duchess of Albany, who looked especially attrac- 
tive, in black and heliotrope. 

The next carriage was marked by still greater 
distinction. Two of the senior Queen's equerries 
rode by its side as a special mark of respect to 
its principal occupant, the Empress Frederick of 
Germany. The Dowager Empress was dressed 
in a beautiful gown of black and white, with 
bonnet to match. With her were seated the 
Princess Louise in a cream costume and a hat 
trimmed with pink, and opposite sat His Royal 
Highness the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha 
and the Crown Prince of Naples. 

Then followed a numerous cavalcade of British 
and foreign Princes, in the first rank of whom 
were included the Duke of Fife and the Marquis 
of Lome. This royal bodyguard of princes num- 
bered thirty-six in all. Their presence gained 
greatly in significance to a public who knew 
the ties of blood which bound many among the 

lesser potentates to the Sovereign 'whom they 
had assembled to honour. 

The escort from the regular Indian Army next 
clattered by, to the accompaniment of loud 
cheers, followed by the Commander-in-Chief, 
Viscount Wolseley, with his baton of Field- 
Marshal in his hand and riding a splendid black 

Now Comes the Queen Herself. 

The eight famous cream horses of pure Hano- 
verian breed, clad in heavy trappings of red and 
gold, with blue and gold on their manes, and 
each led by a Royal groom in gorgeous livery, 
now followed slowly, drawing forward the 
carriage in which was seated 

The Queen, 

the central figure of the day's rejoicings. 

Her Majesty, it was generally remarked, ap- 
peared to be in wonderfully good health and 

Her Majesty's dress and mantle were of 
black silk, both embroidered with steel and 
silver. The bonnet was of black lace, with em- 
broidery and diamonds, trimmed with a wreath 
of white acacia and an aigrette of diamonds. 
Her parasol was of white lace. 

Opposite to the Queen sat Her Royal High- 
ness the Princess ot Wales and Princess Chris- 
tian. The Princess of Wales was dressed in a 
lovely gown of pale heliotrope, trimmed with 
elaborate pearl passementerie, with a bonnet to 
match. Princess Christian was dressed in 
white, her bonnet being trimmed with crimson. 
At the back of the Royal carriage were mounted 
the usual two Highland attendants. 

* * * * 

Immediately in the rear of the Queen's carriage 
rode the Prince of Wales in his uniform of Field 
Marshal, with the Duke of Connaught on his 
right hand and the Duke of Cambridge on his 
left. Their Royal Highnesses, needless to say, 
shared to the full in the magnificent ovation 
accorded to the Queen. Following them came 
the Royal Standard, succeeded by the Gentlemen 
of the Household, including the Gold Slick of 
Scotland, the Marquis of Lothian, in the striking 
uniform of the Queen's Scottish Bodyguard. 
The rear portion of the escort then filed past, 
followed in turn by the fine contingent of the 
Royal Irish Constabulary. A squadron of the 
Royal Horse Guards brought up the rear of 
perhaps the most notable procession that London 
has ever witnessed. 

The Queen Speaks to her People. 

But before following this great procession on 
its onward march, we must tell how the Queen, 
before setting out, dispatched a message of thanks 
and good wishes to her subjects all over the 
world. At the Grand Entrance of Buckingham 
Palace was placed a telegraphic instrument, and 
when Her Majesty left the Palace, just as she 
was starting on her progress " for the purpose," J 


(Photo by Russell &■ Sons, Baker Street, IV.) 


as the official statement put it, "of seeing her 
people and receiving their congratulations," she 
touched a button which gave a signal for the 
following gracious words to be transmitted into 
oil parts ol her dominions : — 

From my heart I thank my beloved 
people. May God uless them. 

V. R. & I. 

From Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar 

We have already mentioned the route arranged 
for the procession. It started from Buckingham 
Palace at a quarter to eleven, and when it 
began to move along its appointed course, guns 
boomed in Hyde Park and the bells clanged 
fom St. Paul's. It seemed then as though the 
laggard sun had come to the conclusion that it 
was time for him to be up and doing. He was 
routed as by a signal, and he did his duty nobly 
all the rest of the day. 

Up Constitution Hill, past thousands of Civil 
servants and their wives comfortably seated under 
the cool green trees, round by Hyde Park Corner 
into Piccadilly and past the great houses, the 
stream of gold and scarlet flowed like a sunlit 
river. The sight of it, the glory of it, the know- 
ledge of its true meaning, evoked immense en- 
thusiasm, devoted, of course, principally to the 
Queen. Nor was there room for doubt that Her 
Majesty accepted with no ordinBry pleasure, but 
with demonstrative delight, the tributes of eager 
loyalty which were showered upon her on every 

Probably in no part of the route traversed by 
the Royal procession were loyalty to the Sove- 
reign and a spirit of rejoicing more enthusiastic- 
ally expressed in artistic and effective decorations 
than in Piccadilly, from Hyde Park Corner to 
the top of St. James's Street. Crimson was the 
predominating colour in the decoration of houses, 
but dark and light blue were introduced in many 
instances with striking if not pleasing effect. 

* * * * 

St. Tames's Street had been transformed 
almost beyond recognition. Scarcely a window 
was to be seen. They were all obscured by huge 
temporary stands, rising up tier upon tier in 
many cases, from the basement even to the roof, 
and upon them sat hundreds, perhaps thousands, 
of fair ladies in the brightest of holiday attire. 
The street decorations were universally admired, 
and justly so. At the top and at the bottom 
of the street stood a pair of handsome gilt 
Corinthian columns, while white masts were 
planted at short intervals all the way up on 
either side, from the tops of which festoons of 
flowers spanned the roadway, forming one long 
floral bower, the masts themselves being embel- 
lished about 10 ft. from the ground with clusters 
of natural flowers and surmounted by a crown. 

* * * * 

Almost every house in Pall Mall is a well- 
known club or a public institution ; and the 
pavilions, decorated with draperies of every 

conceivable colour, which rose tier above tier in 
front of these premises, were crowded with men 
eminent in the Church, in literature, science, 
art, medicine, in all branches of the naval, 
military, and civil services, and in politics. 

On the side-walk, standing a dozen deep, and 
packed close together, were the masses, just as 
varied in their character— for here were not only 
to be seen the costers from the contiguous i-'even 
Dials, but the denizens of the French and Italian 
quarters that lie just behind Leicester Square, 
just as happy, just as good humoured, as the 
favoured occupants of the pavilions, stands, and 

* * * * 

At Trafalgar Square, where the Peers sat 
below the National Gallery, and at Charing 
Cross, the scene was of the most brilliant 

The Strand, Fleet Street, and Ludgate 

The procession now moved up the Strand. 
And he:e was witnessed the interesting cere- 
monial of the reception of Her Majesty at the 
entrance to the City by Lordon's Chief Magis- 
trate. At the Griffin, which forms the substitute 
for the old and more picturesque, if more ob- 
structive, Temple Bar, the Lord Mayor was in 
waiting. When Her Majesty arrived, the Lord 
Mayor, attended by the other civic officials, 
advanced with the mace reversed and presented 
what is known as the "Pearl Sword" to the 
Queen, at the same time congratulating her upon 
her visit to her most loyal City of London. The 
Sovereign courteously returned the sword, and 
thereupon the Lord Mayer remounted his horse, 
and bareheaded rode back at great speed thiough 
Fleet Street towards the City in order to receive 
the Queen at the Mansion House. The per- 
formance gave great amusement to the crowd, 
and it was noticed that the Queen, the Princes, 
of Wales, and the Princess Christian joined in 
the merriment. But the Lord Mayor was an 
expert horseman, and sat his animal well. 

* * * * 

In Fleet Street and Ludgate Hill the pre- 
dominating colours of the decorations were 
purple and gold. Fqiuire columns, surmounted 
by tripods bearing fl )wers, were erected at 
short intervals on either side of the street, and 
garlands of flowers were stretched from column 
to column. The obelisks in Ludgate Circus wee 
draped in purple and gold cloth, with embossed 
shields and palms. 

One of the most pathetic and heart-stirring 
spectacles of the whole route traversed by the 
Queen was witnessed in Fleet Street, where were 
assembled seventy-four of the gallant survivors 
of the famous Balaclava charge. 

The Open-Air Service at St. Paul's. 

Just before half-past eleven the thousands 
waiting at St. Paul's saw the proud figure of 


(From a Pkoto by Thomas, 41, Cheapside.) 

'you live but once, so make the most ok life. 

Captain Ames mounting the ascent towards the 

* * * * 

When the Royal carriages passed into the 
Churchyard, they were drawn up in a semi- 
circle, so that they formed a brilliant setting to 
a brilliant picture. The Queen came in the 
midst of pomp unparalleled to the front of the 
noble church. Her retinue of princely horse- 
men, Indian and European, reined up in a line 
inside that, of the Royal carriages. 

On the steps of the Cathedral stood the Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury with bis two sons as train- 
bearers and his chaplain with cross. To the 
tight of him was the Archbishop of York with 
his train-bearer ; and to the left the Dean of St. 
Paul's, the Bishop of London, the Archdeacon of 
London, the Bishop of Winchester, and the IXan 
of Westminster. 

* * * * 

As soon as Her Majesty arrived, the open-air 
service was proceeded with. First of all, there 
was sung, to music by G. C. Martin, Mus.Doc, 
Organist of St. Paul's, the " Te Deum Lau- 
damus." This was given by five hundred 
choristers and accompanied by the massed bands 
ol the Royal Aitillery and the School of Military 
Music. Then the Dean, Canons, and Minor 
Canons said—" O Lord, save the Queen." To 
which came the answer, "And mercifully hear 
us when we call upon Thee." This was followed 
by "The Lord's Prayer." The Bishop of 
London said a special prayer composed for the 
occasion. The Archbishop of Canterbury then 
pronounced the Benediction, and after that was 
sung "All people that on earth do dwell.'' 

* * * * 

As soon as the Queen's carriage had drawn up 
in front of the great steps a copy of the service, 
bound in roval red, had been handed in. The 
Princess of Wales took it, and offered it to the 
Queen. Her Majesty preferred, however, to be 
unencumbered, and during the singing of the 
"Te Deum" the Queen absorbed eveiy feature 
of the scene before her, raising her eye-glasses 
now in this direction and now in that. 

During the prayer and the Benediction, Her 
Majesty bowed her head reverently. When 
ihe Old Hundredth was struck up, the Queen 
was much touched, and her lips moved in unison 
with the vast congregation. 

* * * * 

When the previously-arranged programme of 
the service came to an end, there followed 
perhaps the most impressive incident of the 
service. The choir and multitude, by a com- 
mon impulse, burst into the strains of " God Save 
the Queen." 

At the conclusion of the National Anthem the 
Archbishop of Canterbury, departing from the 
prescriptions of etiquette, called for three cheers 
for the Queen — an invitation which was answered 
with indescribable fervour. This appeared to 

give much pleasure to Her Majesty, who smiled 
and bowed repeatedly. 

* * * * 

When the service was over — it did not last 
more than a quarter of an hour — there was an 
interval of five or ten minutes while the other 
carriages in the Queen's procession were falling 
into line again, and the foreign princes, who had 
formed a semicircle two deep round the Cathedral 
railings, got under weigh. 

Ihe Queen seemed still anxious to take in 
every feature of the remarkable scene, and her 
eyeglasses were never idle. She then beckoned 
to the Bishop of London, who was standing im 
mediately in front of the carriage door, and 
chatted smilingly with him for a minute or two. 

She then motioned to the Archbishop, who 
also conversed with Her Majesty. The Bishop 
of London was then again sent for, and had some 
further conversation with the Queen. 

Her Majesty then turned to the other side, 
and beckoned in turn to the Prince of Wales, 
the Duke of Cambridge, and the Duke of 

From St. Paul's. 

When the procession resumed its march, the 
sixteen carriages containing the Envoys, the 
Princes, and the Princesses preceded that of the 
Queen. Passing the serried ranks and tiers of 
sightseers on the south side of St. Paul's, the 
Queen again stirred the popular enthusiasm to 
its depths ; and the Colonial Contingent, passing 
over this portion of the route for the second time, 
enjoyed further prcof of the extreme goodwill 
with which it was regarded by the British people. 
The advance was now along Cheapside iu the 
direction of the Mansion House. 

* * * * 

Her Majesty arrived at the Mansion House at 
a quarter to one, calling forth a great demonstra- 
tion of loyalty on all sides, in cheering and the 
waving of hats and handkerchiefs. When the 
carriage reached the centre of the pavement in 
front of the Mansion House, where a red doth 
had been laid down, the Lord Mayor presented 
the Lady Mayoress to Her Majesty, and the 
Lady Mayoress offered to the Queen a bouquet 
contained in a silver basket. Her Majesty 
graciously accepted the offering with a bow. 

The ceremony only lasted a few moments, 
and when it was finished the Queen's carriage 
drove off amid renewed cheering. 

* * * * 

In King William Street private effort had not 
expended itself lavishly in decoration. The 
buildings on either side of the road were but 
sparsely adorned with flags and drapery, and ot 
originality or elaboration of design there was 
but little to be seen. The decorations of the 
street proper were, however, on a more ambi- 
tious scale. The famous Monument was also 
decorated so as to be hardly recognisable. 

* * * * 

On the decoration of London Bridge it- 
self every care and effort had been lavished. 


( Plioto by EymmonSx do, Chancery Lane. J 

Venetian masts were placed on either side at 
spaces of about twenty yards. From these de- 
pended double festoons of evergreens twined wiih 
many-coloured ribbons, the upper festoon hanging 
between pole and pole in one long, graceful curve, 
and ihe lower arranged in a number of shorter 
curves. Banners and bunting flew from every 

Crossing London Bridge, the Queen obtained 
a good view of the new Tower Bridge, the 
bascules of which were raised and lowered in 
order lo exhibit to Her Majesty the actual work- 
ing of the bridge. The public were excluded 
from London Bridge, and a strong force of Volun- 
teers lined it on both sides. 

From the bridge the procession took the 
route by way of the Borough High Street, the 
Borough Road, St. George's Circus, and West- 
minster Bridge Road. The loyalty of the 
crowds on this part of the route was in every 
way equal to that displayed in the City, and 
the good behaviour was also excellent. Some 
very large stands on the route were occupied by 
great "crowds of people. 

In the Neighbourhood of the Houses 
of Parliament. 

Westminster Bridge was kept clear of spec- 
tators dining the passing of the procession, but 
fcridge Street had every available inch of foot- 
way occupied, and the stands for the accommo- 
dation of Members, officials, and journalists, 
erected on Speaker's Green and in New Palace 
Yard, being largely tenanted by ladies, pre- 
sented a brilliant appearance. 

* * * * 

Upwards of 600 members gave in their names 
for places on the Speaker's Green Stand ; but a 
number of these— Cabinet Ministers, Household 
officials and others — were unable to attend per- 
sonally, having duties to discharge elsewhere. 
Nevertheless, there was a large and representative 
gathering, and Her Majesty was obviously im- 
pressed by the warmth of the greeting accorded 
to her as she passed the legislative precincts. 

The head of the procession reached the Houses 
of Parliament at 1.30 precisely. When the 
Queen's carriage appeared in sight the occupants 
of the Members'stand rose in a body, and Radicals 
vied with Unionists in demonstrating in practical 
fashion their loyalty to the Throne. 

* * * * 

Towards Whitehall a scheme of combined 
decoration was afforded by an avenue of flagstaff's 
profusely garlanded with wreaths and festoons. 
J he individual adornments in Parliament Street 
were also effective, but without any striking 
originality, unless one excepts the quaintly- 
worded inscription, " 60, not out, and well 
played ! " in which the technicalities of the 
national game were pressed into the service of 

To many of those who witnessed the spectacle 
in this neighbourhood must have occurred the 
thought that here, in the hour of perhaps the 

greatest triumph that the principle of Monarchy 
has ever achieved in this country, Her Majesty 
was passing the historic scene of its greatest 

* * * * 

The Treasury, as befitting the guardian office 
of the national purse, exhibited a severe frugality 
in the scope of its decorations. The Home and 
Colonial Offices were, however, judiciously em- 
bellished with trophies of national colours sur- 
rounding shields which bore appropriate arms. 

The Return to Buckingham Palace. 

Before one o'clock the troops who had been 
employed in the neighbourhood of Buckingham 
Palace returned, after having had refreshments 
served out to them, to their former positions in 
front of the Palace, and the guards of honour 
were re-formed. 

The Royal procession came straight clown the 
centre avenue of the Mall, and the troops com- 
posing it turned off to the right on reaching the 
roadway in front of the Palace and passed up 
Constitution Hill for the second lime. This 
course was followed by all the procession except 
the mounted foreign representatives, the escorts 
of Royal Princes, and the Indian escort, who 
formed into semicircles on either side of the outer 
gates, and there awaited, a glittering throng, the 
arrival of the Queen. This was probably as fine 
a scene as any that had been witnessed through- 
out the whole length of the route. 

The stately progress of Her Majesty past 
Carlton House Terrace and the gardens of St. 
James's Palace, Marlborough House, and 
Clarence House, in all of which garden stands 
had, of course, been erected, was marked by 
enthusiasm as indisputable as that shown two 
hours before. 

When the Royal carriage, drawn by the eight 
celebrated cream-coloured horses, with their 
trappings of gold and brilliant ribands, ap- 
proached the Palace, and when all the assembled 
Princes — many of whom are to be rulers in their 
turn— saluted the Sovereign, it would have been 
impossible to exceed the fervour of the popular 

* * * * 

Thus, then, did Her Majesty's jubilee progress, 
or rather triumph, end. Surrounded by the 
Princes of all the great Kingdoms of the world 
she re-entered her Palace, as she had left it, 
amid manifestations of loyalty and love. 

* * * * 

Her Majesty left the Palace at a quarter to 

eleven, and she returned at a quarter to two, so 
that the procession and service together occupied 
exactly three hours. 

A Royal salute of sixty guns fired from the 
Guards' ground in Hyde Park announced that 
the Queen had completed her Royal progress. 

How Many People Saw the Procession ? 

A spectator with a weakness for figures has 
worked the question out, and gives as the result 

(Photo by Thomas, jr, ChcafisMeJ 


an estimate of rather over a million and a half of 
people, the details roughly being as follows : — 

Persons in the streets 400,000 

Seatholders in houses and shops 650,003 
Seatholders on grand stands . . 5co,oco 

Total 1,550,000 

Few Accidents to Sightseers. 

An interesting feature of the day was the work 
of the St. John's Ambulance Brigade, which 
undertook the relief uf those who should be hurt 
or overcome by the heat. The force consisted of 
fourteen litters, seven waggons, 102 nursing 
sisters, forty surgeons, and over 700 men, in- 
cluding inspectors and assistants. 

* * * * 

Over 1,000 calls were made on the department 
during the day. The great majority of the 
attacks of illness were fainting fits, most of 
which were sufficiently treated to allow of the 
sufferers returning to their homes at once. The 
number of serious accidents was unprecedented!)' 

The Metropolis Illuminated. 

At night London was a blaze of illumination. 
There never was witnessed anything like it 
before, and in no capital of any nation was ever 
so much money expended for the purpose of 
commemorating a great reign or a momentous 
event as in the chief and mother city of the 
various realms ruled over by Queen Victoria. 

* * * * 

The illuminations in the City were truly mag- 
nificent, befitting, indeed, the exceptional event 
which they were intended to commemorate. 
They were also on a most extensive scale, there 
being not a single thoroughfare of any impor- 
tance throughout the one square mile which did 
not have some display more or less noteworthy. 
In many side streets, too, there was some token, 
humble thougli it might be, to, show the love 
that is felt for the Queen. 

* * * * 

The electric illumination of St. Paul's dome 
was unique. The work was done on the search- 
light system, the light being thrown on ' the 
building by seventy search lights, chiefly worked 
from the summits of neighbouring houses. The 
cross was strongly illuminated, and the dome 
appeared to be lighted from within. The whole 
light thrown on the dome was calculated to be 
equal to the illuminating power of 140,000 

* * * * 

There was a superb display at the Mansion 
House. The columns of the edifice were de- 
corated with wreaths and baskets of flowers. 
On the top of the pediment was shown the 
" Star of India," while outlining the facade and 
a portion of the side of the building were pris- 
matic gas globes. The Royal crown was 
encircled by a wreath of laurels in incandescent 
gas lamps, and flanked on either side by the 
letters " V.R." in crystal gas lamps. The floral 

decorations entwining the columns were illu- 
minated with prismatic gas globes. Along the 
top of the building were twelve tripods with 
Roman flares. On the balcony steps were nine ' 
candelabra of prismatic gas lamps, each of which 
contained thirty lights. On the top of the side 
elevation of the Mansion House was placed a 
radiant sun in open gas, with the Royal mono- 

* * * * 

On this display at the Mansion House about 
35,000 gas jets were used. The variegated lamps 
with which the whole facade was lined numbered 
about 5,000. 

The Bank of England was elaborately treated. 
Lines of crystal and amber illumination lamps 
were traced across the building from end to end, 
falling along the lowest row into festoons looped 
up with bows in deep ruby. The plinth over the 
centre portico bore the appropriate legend from 
Tennyson's " Ode to the Queen " : "She wrought 
her people lasting good." Over the legend 
appeared a cut crystal crown. 

The illumination on the front of the Royal 
Exchange was extremely simple, the object being 
to obtain the necessary effect as far as possible 
from the lines of the building. The pediment 
and frieze were outlined in small star-shaped gas 
flames. Round the columns themselves were 
traced continuous spiral lines of amber illumina- 
tion lamps, the amber being a tint of special 
richness and purity. Cut crystal letters " V.R." 
and arborescent dates appeared between the 

On London Bridge the illuminations were most 
effective. Festoons of gas lamps were placed 
above the whole length of the parapets on both 
sides of the bridge, the lamps being carried by 
posts and the gas standards. The lamps 
ordinarily used on the latter had been removed. 
Temporary gas pipes had been put up, each of 
which bore ten large globes. 

In nearly all the thoroughfares of the West End 
the various devices in light and colour were some- 
thing to be for ever remembered. Considerations 
of space unfortunately prevent our entering into 

* * * * 

In Piccadilly and St. James's Street the illu- 
minations were of a particularly attractive 
character. There was scarcely a single building 
which had not some kind of illuminative display ; 
and these combined with the street illuminations 
and decorations in producing a blaze of light and 
colour. Many of the illuminations had been so 
arranged as to have varying degrees of brilliancy 
in different parts, one T^art attracting attention 
by its brightness and another by its richness of 
tint, which is essential to a good effect. By this 
means considerable variety was given to the 
whole composition. 

* * * * 

Taken altogether, the illuminations of London 
were worthy of the great city. It was no wonder 

"great actions encourage greater." 

that the vast and splendid display attracted im- 
mense crowds. 

Rejoicings at Home and Abroad. 

The celebrations and rejoicings in all parts of 

balloon ascents, public balls and displays of 
fireworks, were some of the many forms in which 
the public enthusiasm manifested itself. Many 
towns were profusely decorated, and in others 
there were illuminations at night. 

( Fho/o by Thomas, 4i~Cheapside., 

Great Britain were not less general or hearty than 
n London. The opening of public parks and build- 
ngs in commemoration of the Jubilee, the unveil- 
ng of statues, the laying of foundation stones, the 
planting of trees, monster demonstrations and 
processions, feasts to poor people, entertainments 
to school children, the firing of royal salutes. 

In all the British colonies and foreign posses- 
sions the Jubilee was celebrated wth remarkable 
cordiality. The English-speaking residents of 
many foreign towns also held fetes to mark the 
occasion. There were festivities at nearly all 
the British embassies and legations. Indeed, 
it may lie said that wherever our countrymen 


were found there was merriment of some kind 
in honour of the event. 

Bonfires all over the Country. 

All over the country bonfires, which had been 
prepared in readiness for a simultaneous display 
of beacons, were lighted at 10 o'clock. 

* * * * 

The total number of fires in England, under 
the auspices of the Diamond Jubilee Bonfire 
Committee, was 1,981 ; in Scotland, 30:, of 
which 53 were in Orkney and Shetland ; in Ire- 
land, 93 ; in Wales, 162 ; in the Channel Islands, 
6 ; and in France, 1. 

The largest number of fires counted from any 
point was from the Mendip Hills, where more 
than 200 were seen, the fires in South Wales 
being especially beautiful. From Broadway, in 
Worcestershire, 142 were counted, and trom 
many places from 70 to 100 were reported to 
have been seen. 

Considerable interest, not only in Scotland, 
but in the whole of Great Britain, centred in the 
loyal demonstration that was to be given on the 
summit of I!en Nevis, the highest point in Her 
Majesty's home dominions. Unfortunately, 
however, the weather was unpropitious, rain 
falling in a continuous drizzle. The bonfire, 
however, was lit at half-past ten. It was fifteen 
feet high and made a cheerful blaze, but no other 
light was visible. Nothing could be seen but 
mist, alas ! 

Law-makers at Buckingham Palace. 

On Wednesday, the 23rd of June, the Queen 
was again called upon to bear a prominent part 
in ceremonies commemorating her Diamond 
Jubilee. Early in the afternoon she received 
separately each House of the Legislature, who 
waited upon her — the Peers headed by the Lord 
Chancellor, and the Commons by the Speaker — 
to present to her addresses of congratulation. 

Unfortunately, by some mismanagement, a 
large proportion of the Members of the House of 
Commons had reason for feeling aggrieved and 
disappointed with the manner in which they 
fared in the Palace. Many, indeed, failed to 
witness the brief ceremony which brought them 

Town Councillors, Provosts and Mayors. 

On the same day on which Her Majesty 
received the Lords and Commons she received 
representative County Councillors, Provosts and 

She also inspected in the Palace grounds the 
Yeomen of the Guard — a Royal Body-guard 
with over four hundred years of history. 

Ten Thousand Children. 

But the great event of the day was the review 
by Her Majesty of the least warlike portion of 
her subjects, the children of the Elementary 

Schools. They were gathered together to the :• 
number of io,coo on the temporary stands on 1 
Constitution Hill. It was a sort of Queen's s 
Garden Party in little, for each child had milk, 
and a bun and sweets at Her Majesty's bidding, . 
as well as a souvenir medal. 

As the Queen, accompanied by the Empress • 
Frederick, Princess Christian, the Duke of 
York, and other royalties, in succeeding car- 
riages, drove through the long lines of boys and 
girls, she was received with tremendous cheer- 
ing ; and she paused to receive addresses on 
behalf of various denominations of schools. 

An Evening of Rest. 

The Queen, after reviewing the ten thousand 
children, proceeded to Windsor, finding that 
pi ice in a fever of Jubilee. She now settled down 
at home in her castle, and entitled, if ever queen 
or woman was, to an evening of absolute peace 
and rest. 

Jubilee Dinners to the Poor. 

On the following day — Thursday, 24th June — 
the Prince and Princess of Wales were prominent 
at the Jubilee dinners to the poor, which owed 
their origin to Her Royal Highness's suggestion. 

The Princess, while expressing regret that she 
could not be present at all the dinners for '' my 
poor," personally visited some of the centres at 
which, to the number of 300,000, they were 
entertained. One of these was the People's 
Palace, set aside for the entertainment of 1,600 
crippled children of the East End, whose ages 
ranged from ihree to thirteen. Earl Compton 
made a speech of welcome, to which the Prince 
of Wales responded, before 6oolb of bee f , hun- 
dreds of fruit-pies, and thousands ol oranges, 
were demolished. 

Children, Firemen and Eton Boys. 

The Jubilee festivities at Windsor, of which 
the tjueen was the central figure, on Friday, the 
25th of June, were comparatively homely affairs. 
Her Majesty inspected some five or six thousand 
happy children, gathered from the schools of 
Windsor and the surrounding districts, and who 
had been entertained at tea in the Home Park. 
Merry-go-i»unds and swings were provided for 
their amusement. 

The proceedings with the children were not 
long, but they were pleasant and even touching. 
The brightest scene of all was when the little 
people, singing really admirably, gave '"God 
Save the Queen" with their childish voices. 
* * * * 

Next, the Queen inspected a magnificently 
representative array of firemen from all parts of 
the country, and the Royal borough was alive 
with brass helmets and firemen's axses. 

Lastly, the Queen was present at torch and 
lamp light manoeuvres by the Eton boys, and 
heard their voices in a selection of songs. 

A Brilliant Company. 

A dejeuner was given on this day by the Lord 
Mayor and Lady Mayoress in celebration of Her 

Majesty's Diamond Jubilee, and was attended 
by probably the most brilliant company that has 
ever been gathered together at the Mansion 
House. In addition to the Prince and Princess 
of Wales, the Duke and Duchess of York, and 
other members of our Royal Family, the guests 
included the foreign Princes and Princesses and 

In line after line, amounting together to a 
length of nearly thirty miles, as symmetrically 
arranged and daintily dressed as the finest 
regiment of guards paraded in Hyde Park on 
some gala day, a fleet of 173 vessels of war of 
all classes were assembled in Portsmouth waters, 
and were reviewed by the Prince and Princess of 



the other illustrious personages in this country 
on the invitation of the Queen. 

The Greatest Naval Review ever seen. 

One of the most impressive and splendid sights 
that has ever been witnessed since the earliest 
days of naval warfare was the Naval Review 
held in honour of the Diamond Jubilee at 
Spithead on Saturday, the 26th of June. It 
was in some respects an even more remark- 
able and characteristic feature of the national 
rejoicings than the great procession of the 

Wales on behalf of Her Majesty. The spectacle 
was witnessed by ships of all the Great Powers 
of the world. 

The British war vessels were arranged in four 
long and two short lines along the noble anchor- 
age between Portsmouth Harbour and the Isle 
of Wight, and outside them were two other lines, 
one composed of the war-vessels sent by foreign 
Powers to represent them at the review, and the 
other of special merchant vessels, which were 
crowded wi'h guests and visitors. 
* * * * 

The review attracted thousands of persons to 


Portsmouth. By Thursday night there was not 
a garret to be let, and on the evening after the 
review, owing to the closing of the shops in the 
day, there was even a scarcity of food. Even at 
some of the best-known restaurants breakfast 
could not be obtained on Saturday morning 
except by lodgers, and at one or two places 
chance customers could not even obtain dry 

The weather on the morning of the 26th was 
fine, and it fortunately remained so during the 
whole course of the review. The atmosphere 
was fairly clear, and there was enough breeze to 
blow out the bunting and stir the surface of the 

* * * * 

From an early hour till close on the time 
appointed for the review, there was a continuous 
arrival at Portsmouth of trains, special and 
other, from London and elsewhere, filled with 
intending spectators. 

Among the first to arrive were the Colonial, 
Asiatic, and African troops, who marched from 
the railway station to the Town Hall, where they 
were greeted with an address of welcome by the 
Mayor, and then proceeded, amid loud demon- 
strations of popular enthusiasm, to Southsea 
Pier, where th?y embarked on the steamer 

Nearly all t'ie foreign Princes and other 
distinguished visitors who had come to England 
for the Jubilee, a very large proportion of the 
member- ot both Houses of Parliament, and 
other p. -uiinent persons were among those pre- 
sent at the review. 

The Prince of Wales, accompanied by the 
Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and the Duke of 
York, reached Portsmouth shortly after one 
o'clock, and went immediately on board the 
Royal yacht Victoria ami Albert. 

Precisely at two, the guns of a Royal salute on 
shore announced that the Royal yacht was under 
way, and a few minutes afterwards she was seen 
slowly steaming towards the Fleet, preceded, in 
accordance with ancient prescription, by the 
Trinity yacht Irene. 

The procession of yachts which followed in- 
cluded the Victoria ami Albert ; the Cartkage, 
with the Royal guests and their suites ; the 
Alberta, with other distinguished visitors ; the 
Admiralty yacht Enchantress ; the Wildfire, 
with Mr. Chamberlain and the colonial Premiers ; 
the Eldorado, with the foreign Ambassadors ; 
the Danube, with the members of the House of 
Lords ; the Campania, with the members of the 
House of Commons ; and the Eire Queen, with 
the guests of the Commander-in-Chief. 

This distinguished company proceeded to 
steam along a track which took them successively 
between all the lines of war-vessels. 

When the Victoria and Albert reached the 
head of the lines the Royal salute was taken up 
by the first division, taking its time from the flag- 
ship, and was subsequently repeated at intervals 
as the appointed stations were passed, each ship 
successively saluting the Royal Admiral as he 

passed, and giving him three lusty cheers from 
the whole of the ships' company. 

When the procession again reached the head 
of the lines the majority of the ships left for 
their respective stations, but the Victoria and ' 
Albert, preceded by the Irene and followed by 
the Alberta, turned again so as to pass between 
the vessels of the Fleet, and came to an anchor 
in the space provided for her abreast of the 
Renown, the temporary flagship of the Com- 

Here all the flag officers present were received 
by His Royal Highness, and when this ceremony 
was concluded the Royal yacht weighed anchor 
and returned to Portsmouth, receiving as she left 
the lines three simultaneous cheers from every 
ship in the fleet. 

Shortly after the Prince of Wales had returned 
in the Royal yacht to Portsmouth Harbour the 
following general signal was made to the Fleet by 
Admiral Sir Nowell Salmon, the Commander-in- 

" I am commanded by the Prince of Wales, as 
representing the Queen, to express his entire 
satisfaction with the magnificent naval display at 
Spithead and the perfect manner in which all the 
arrangements were carried out, and at his request 
I order the mainbrace to be spliced." 

The latter part of the signal refers, it may be 
explained for the benefit of landsmen, to^n extra 
ration of grog. 

* * * * 

So far the weather had been in all respects 
worthy of the occasion. Clouds, however, had 
gathered, and the Royal party had scarcely 
landed when a violent thunderstorm began. The 
rain fell with tropical violence, almost blotting 
out a view of the ships even in adjacent lines, 
and the thunder and lightning demonstrated the 
superiority of nature to the puny efforts of man 
in providing a Royal salute not unworthy of the 
majesty of the occasion. 

A Wonderful Illumination. 

At six o'clock the prospects of the evening's illu- 
minations seemed to be quite hopeless, and were 
certainly as black as a thunderstorm could make 
them. But evidently Nature was only taking 
her share in the festivities of the day, and re- 
frained from marring their punctuality or pre- 
cision by occupying more time than could be 
allotted for her contribution to the proceedings. 
By nine o'clock all was fair again, and so far as 
the spectacle was concerned the only effect of the 
thunderstorm was to leave a canopy of heavy but 
happily rainless clouds to darken the twilight of 
a summer sky. 

* * * * 

At the appointed moment, a quarter past nine, 
the Fleet, whose individual features had been 
gradually fading away in the gloaming, suddenly 
burst into an exquisite glare of universal but 
ordered light. The effect was enchanting alike 
in its suddenness and in its unexampled beauty. 

* * * * 

Between nine and ten the Prince of Wales 
came out in one of the smaller Royal yachts, the 

"nothing is difficult to a willing mind. 

(From Photo oy Russr'.' &■ Sons, Baker Stmt, IV.) 


Alberta, and steamed again through the lines to 
witness the illuminations, but as the yacht carried 
no lights except navigation lights, her passing 
attracted only momentary attention, and no 
ceremony was observed. On the Prince's return 
to the harbour soon after eleven, by which time 
the night was exceptionally dark for midsummer, 
and therefore unusually conducive to the bril- 
liancy of the spectacle, a final Royal salute was 
fired simultaneously from all the warships in the 
anchorage. The effect was again superb. E \c\\ 
ship became wreathed in masses of luminous 
smoke through which the flashes of the guns 
gleamed red and lurid. 

The last Royal salute was the formal close of 
this memorable day. The illuminations were 
still continued for a short space, but at midnight 
the flagship " switched off," and in little more 
than a minute all the Fleet was dark. Then was 
seen what had hardly been noticed before— that 
the steamers, large and small, and the yachts and 
other vessels which surrounded the warships on 
all sides had contributed not a little to the 
splendour of a spectacle which no one who 
witnessed it is ever likely to forget. Their 
illuminations remained brilliant for a short time 
longer, but soon the riding lights of countless 
vessels alone were visible, while overhead the 
stars, long obscured in the gloom left by the 
thunderstorm, began to reassert the eternal 
supremacy which human effort had dared for a 
few moments to rival and eclipse. 

The Queen Gives a Garden Party. 

A garden party was held at Buckingham Palace 
on Monday, June the 28th. which was favoured 
with Queen's weather, and may be regarded as 
one of the most interesting and successful in- 
cid nts of the Jubilee. 

It was nn the great lawn of Buckingham 
Palace garden, surrounded by tastefully deco- 
rated tents, that the garden party was held. 
Some of these tents were for refreshments, others 
for music, and others simply as resting-places 
for those who might find the heat of the sun too 
oppressive. It is said that there were no fewer 
than fi,oa-> persons present, but there was not 
the slightest appearance of crowding. 

* * * * 

The Queen left Windsor Castle shortly before 
noon and returned to town, visiting Kensington, 
where her coming was the signal for a great 

Shortly after five o'clock her Majesty, accom- 
panied by the Empre-s Frederick, appeared at 
the garden party in a victoria, drawn by a pair 
of grey horses, and preceded by an outrider in 
scarlet livery. Her Majesty drove slowly twice 
round the lawn, bowing to her guests. 

On arriving at the tent Her Majesty alighted 
and sat down on a seat prepared for her. sur- 
rounded by her family and the more distinguished 
foreign guests If ere she remained until nearly 
seven o'clock, when she returned to the Palace 
in the victoria, again accompanied by the 
Empress Frederick, and respectfully saluted by 

all present. In the evening, after having held a 
brief farewell reception of the Royal visitors 
and special envoys, her Majesty returned to 

Schoolboy Volunteers, Public Bodies and 
Poor Folk. 

On the afternoon of Tuesday, the 29th of 
June, the Queen reviewed in Windsor Great 
Park the Public School Volunteers, who were 
present in three battalions, of a total strength of 
3,679, under the command of Viscount Falmouth. 
The magnificent body of soldierly lads whom 
the Queen reviewed were the representatives of 
the great schools, public and private, in England 
and Scotland, which support the volunteer move- 
ment. No fewer than thirty-three schools were 

On the following day, the 30th June, the 
Queen received and acknowledged at Windsor 
Castle loyal addresses of congratulations from 
the Corporation of Windsor, the Military 
Knights of Windsor, and the Corporation of 

Several hundreds of aged poor men and women 
were entertained to dinner and tea in the after- 
noon of the 30th, upon the Royal demesne, oppo- 
site the " slopes " at the Castle. Their ages ranged 
from sixty years upwards, and all thoroughly 
enjoyed the holiday. Tea was served at five 
o'clock. The Queen and the Empress Frederick 
drove to the Ride opposite the " slopes " shortly 
after half-past six o'clock to see the old people. 
Their Majesties were loudly cheered by the 
men and the womea waved their handkerchiefs 
as the Royal visitors drove slowly a'ong the 
avenue, and graciously acknowledged the loyal 
salutations of the crowds. 

A Great Review at Aldershot. 

A review at Aldershot, when nearly 30,000 
British soldiers, including a representative body 
of troops from the colonies and dependencies of 
the Crown, were paraded before the Queen, 
formed an appropriate and characteristic feature 
of the festivities of the Jubilee. 

* * * * 

The Queen, accompanied by several other 
members of the Royal Family, left Windsor 
Castle shortly after three o'clock on the afternoon 
of the 1st of July, and travelled by the South- 
western Railway to Farnlorough to witness the 
Jubilee review. 

The total strength of the assembled force was 
27,359 officers and men, 5,029 horses, and 57 

Great numbers of spectators also travelled 
down from London, and the scene on Laffan's 
Plain when the troops were assembled and the 
spacious stands were crowded with spectators 
was a brilliant one. The greensward and the 
dark background of firs formed an admirable 
background for the many-hued spectacle. The 
weather was real Queen's weather. 


Th^ Queen arrived on the review ground 
shortly after four o'c ock, and was greeted by a 
Royal salute from the guns and by loud cheers 
from the crowds of spectators. The march-past 
of the troops took place immediately after the 

was followed by the Royal departure from the 
review ground. 

Colonial Troops at Windsor. 

The Jubilee event of the 2nd of July was the 

(From r/ip'K hy Lasceltts i'r Co., Fitzroy Square.) 

Queen's arrival at the Roval enclosure, the post 
of honour being assigned to the Colonial and 
Indian and African forces. After one or two 
other manoeuvres had been executed, the in- 
fantry line advanced and gave the Royal 
salute, following it with a roar of cheers. This 

inspection bv the Queen, at Windsor, of the 
Colonial and Indian troops, to the number of 
76 officers and 86S non-commissioned officers 
and men. 

The men were entertained at dinner in 
marquee-s in the Home Park, and the officers 


in the Castle. At five in the afternoon the troops 
Were drawn up in line in a part of the Home 
Park bordering on the Thames, and Her 
Majesty rode past and inspected them in her 
carriage. They then marched past, and Lord 
Robert?, at the Queen's command, expressed the 
great pleasure it had given her to see so many of 
her subjects from the different colonies there. 
She hoped they would return to their homes 
in safety, and wished them every happiness 
and prosperity. 

A number of officers and representatives from 
each contingent having been presented to Her 
Majesty, the review closed with a Royal salute 
and the playing of the National Anthem. 

Entertaining Members of the House of 

On the afternoon of Saturday, the 3rd of July, 
the Queen gave a garden party at Windsor 
Castle to the members of the House of Commons 
and their wives. The guests included nearly 
every Member of the House except the Irish 
Nationalists. They gathered principally on the 
lawn in front of the east terrace, where, shortly 
after five o'clock, Her Majesty drove in a Vic- 
toria, accompanied by the Duchess of Saxe- 
Coburg, and a large number of members were 
presented to her at her special request. The 
Queen remained among her guests, who num- 
bered close on 1,500, for about an hour, and 
shortly after her withdrawal they returned to 

* * * * 

This pleasant and successful garden party 
made amends to the House of Commons for the 
misunderstanding which we mentioned in con- 
nection with the presentation of the address on 
Wednesday, the 23rd of June, by which many 
Members had not the pleasure of seeing Her 
Majesty, or Her Majesty the pleasure of 
seeing them. 

Jubilee Medals for Indian Officers. 

At an inspection of Colonial troops bv the 
Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace on Satur- 
day, the 3rd of July, the Prince distributed with 
his own hand the special medal designed for the 
Diam-nd Jubilee to each individual member of 
the Colonial and other Imperial forces which had 
sent contingents on the great occasion. But the 
officers of the Imperial Service troops and the 
officers of the Indian native cavalry in England 
at the moment were not present on that occasion. 
The reason was that the Queen, having regard 
to their small number, and to the closeness of the 
connection between Great Britain and the Indian 
Empire, had decided that her strength would not 
be overstrained if she decorated them with her 
own hand. That proceeding took place on the 
5th of July, on the lawn beneath the East 
Terrace of Windsor Castle. 

Various Events of the Diamond Jubilee. 

We have now enumerated the chief events of 
this greit celebration. Many must remain tin- 
described, for to speak of all that happened would 

require volumes. There were State receptions, , 
banquets, balls, and evening parties, attended by 
all the rank and fashion there crowded into the 
metropolis. The poor, too, had their festivals, . 
a wise charity finding plenty of occupation in '1 
ministering to the wants of those who seldom 1 
experience the blessing of a good square meal. 
We might enlarge upon these features and give 
particulars, too, of the numerous presents received 
by Her Majesty from her own ch'ldren and 
grandchildren, from her household, from foreign 
potentates, and from her admiring subjects at 
home and abroad. We might speak of the long 
list of honours announced in connection with the 
Jubilee, and of the distribution of medals to 
mark the occasion. But enough has been told 
to show that the Diamond Jubilee celebration 
was a triumphant success, and the most remark- 
able event of the kind ever witnessed anywhere. 

A Letter from the Queen. 

A dignified and touching letter was addressed 
by Her Majesty to her people from Windsor 
Castle on the 15th of July. It was a message of 
thanks, divested of all the formalities of a Court 
and filled with true human sympathies for the 
"spontaneous and universal outburst of loyal 
attachment" from all her subjects throughout 
the vast Empire over which she rules, which had 
greeted her on the completion of the sixtieth 
year of her reign. 

The letter was as follows : — 


July /J, 'S97. 

I have frequently expressed my personal feel- 
ings to my people, and though on this memorable 
occasion there have been many official expres- 
sions of my deep sense of the unbounded loyalty 
evinced, I cannot rest satisfied without person- 
ally giving utterance to these sentiments. 

It is difficult for me on this occasion to say 
how truly touched and grateful I am for the 
spontaneous and universal outburst of loyal 
attachment and real affection which I have 
experienced on the completion of the Sixtieth 
year 0/ my Reign. 

During my progress through London on tlie 
22nd of June this great enthusiasm was shown 
in the most striking manner, and can never be 
effaced from my heart. 

It is indeed deeply gratifying, «- f ter s ° «««*> 
fears of labour and anxiety for the good of my 
beloved country, to find that my exertions have 
been appreciated throughout my vast Empire. 

In weal and woe I have ever had the true 
sympathy of all my people, which has been 
warmly reciprocated by myself. 

It has given me unbounded pleasure to see so 
many of my subjects from all parts of the world 
assembled here,' and to find them joining in the 
acclamations of loyal devotion to myself, and I 
would wish to thank them all from the depth oj 
my grateful heart. 

I shall ever pray God to bless them and to 
enable me still to discharge my duties for their 
welfare as long as life lasts. 

Victoria, R.I. 

• m 



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