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To the memory of our late beloved musician, Robert Sauer, Professor 
of Music .... We, the students of B. Y. U. today, have reason to be 
grateful for the inspirational guidance he provided while here, and for 
the untiring effort he expended in helping to build "his" school . . . . 

^s^ociestGcJ GtadeKts of 12)p](^K5tt\ 

TVovo, vJiiK 

Book I 


Book II 

Fine Arts 

Book III . 

A ctivities 

Book IV - 

- Organizations 


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^V* - '^rr<j^fk *V>^.>^ _ ^11 Ilia ,.^*'-*—-y<> '^^?T 

• 1-. 

Book I 

President Heber J. Qrant 

Born November IQ^ I85J^ Heber J. Grant was ordained an apostle 
October 16, 1882 and sustained as President of the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints Novennber 23, 1918, at the age of 63. hie 
has had 62 years of service as one of the general authorities of the 
Church, hie Is a life-long patron of art, letters, music, and education. 
He has indefatigable industry, patience and perseverence. He has in- 
tegrity, courage, and foresight. He is bounteously generous. He is 
loved by his people and respected and honored by leaders of the nation 
who harlcen to his counsel on matters of government, economics, and 
finance. He is of the truly great of the earth. 

Board of 7 rustees 

Right: Serving with President Grant as 
Vice-Presidents of the Board of Trustees are 
J. Reuben Clark, Jr. and David O. McKay. 
Below are Members of the Board of Trustee... 

Joseph Fielding Snnith 
Stephen L Richards 

John A. Widtsoe 

Adam S. Bennion 

Joseph F. Merrill 

Charles A. Callis 

Franklin L. West 

Albert E. Bowen 

Kiefer B. Sauls 

Secretary and Treasurer 

President Harris 

To the students of BYU President Franklin S. 
Harris reflects the best in college education and 
attainment. World traveler and cosmopolitan, he 
is the embodiment of the friendly spirit of the 
University. Under his guidance the Y has become 
an institution we point to with loving pride.- 



Above: Christen Jensen, Dean, Graduate School; Carl F. Eyring, 
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Herald R. Clark, Dean, College of 
Commerce. Center: Amos N. Merrill, Dean, College of Education; 
Gerrit de Jong, Jr., Dean, College of Fine Arts; Thomas L. Martin, Dean, 
College of Applied Science. Asael C. Lambert, Dean of Summer Session; 
Nettie Neff Smart, Dean of Women; Wesley P. Lloyd, Dean of Men. 


John C. Sweasen 

Professor Emeritus of Sociology 

Charles E. Maw 

Professor of Chemistry 

Benjamin F. Cummings 

Proofessor of Mddern and Classical 

Florence Jepperson Madsen 

Professor of Music 

Williann J. Snow 

Professor Emeritus of History 

T. Earl Pardoe 

Professor of Speech 

M. Wilford Poulson 

Professor of Psychology 

Vasco M. Tanner 

Professor of Zoology and Entomology 

Parley A. Christensen 

Professor of English 

George H. Hansen 

Professor of Geology and Geography 

Harrison Val Hoyt 

Professor of Accounting and 
Business Administration 

Elmer Miller 

Professor of Economics 

Milton Marshall 

Professor of Physics 

Bent F. Larsen 

Professor of Art 

LeRoy J. Robertson 

Professor of Music 

Effie Warnick 

Professor of Home Economics 

Lloyd L. Cullimore 

Medical Director 

Hermese Peterson 

Professor of Elementary Educotion 
Principol of Elementory Training School. 


William H. Boyle 

Professor of Education 

Charles J. Hart 

Professor of Physics and Mothematics 

Wayne B. Hales 

Professor of Physics and Mothemoticcs 

Bertrand F. Harrison 

Professor of Botany 

Sidney B. Sperry 

professor of Religious Educotion 

Jannes Wyley Sessions 

Professor of Religious Education 
Director of Religious Activities 

William H. Snell 

Professor of Mechanic Arts 

Joseph K. Nichoies 

Professor of Chemistry 

Reuben D. Law 

Professor of Elementary Education 

Golden L. Woolf 

Professor of Secondary Education 
Principal, University High School 

Leona Holbrook 

Professor of Physical Education for Women 

Harold T. Christensen 

Professor of Sociology 

Ed. M. Rowe 

Professor of English 

Karl E. Young 

Professor of English 

Russel Swensen 

Associate Professor of Religious Education 

Edgar M. Jensen 

Associote Professor of Educotion 
Director, Teacher Placement 

Ariel S. Ballif 

Associate Professor of Sociology 

William F. Hanson 

Assistant Professor of Music 


Loren C. Bryner 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Elsie C. Carroll 

Assistant Professor of English 

Hugh W. Peterson 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Irene S. Barlow 

Assistont Professor of Home Economics 

W. Elmo Coffman 

Assistant .Professor of Geography 

Ber+ha Roterts 

Assistant Professor of French. 

Edna Snow 

Assistant Professor of Botany 

C. Lynn Hayward 

Assistant Professor of Zoology 

Georgia Maeser 

Assistont Professor of Elementary 

John R. Halliday 

Assistant Professor of Music 

Fred W. Dixon 

Assistant Professor of Physical Educotion 
and Athletics 

May Billings 

Assistant Professor of Home Economics 

Irene Osmond 

Assistant Professor of Modern Longuages 

John E. Hayes 


Anna Ollor+on 


Evan M. Croft 

Assistont Professor Secretorial Practice 

Floyd Millet 

Athletic Coach 

C. Lavoir Jensen 

Instructor in Mathemcrtics 


Newbern I. Bu+t 

Librory ond Research Associate 

Carma Ballif 

Associate in Treasurer's Office 

Margaret Summerhays 

Instructor in Music 

Gustave Buggert 

Instructor in Music 

Flora D. Fisher 

Instructor in Elementary Education 

Wilford D. Lee 

Instructor in English 

L. Elliott Tuttle 

Instructor in Elementary Education 

Josephine Strong 

Instructor in Elementary Educotion 

John H. Wing 

Instructor in Chemistry 

Morris M. Clinger 

Instructor in Speech 

Lillian C. Booth 

Instructor in Elementary Education 

Ralph A. Britsch 

Instructor in English 

Harold W. Lee 

Instructor in French 

Orea B. Tanner 

Instructor in English 

Joseph J. Keeler 

University Organist 

James R. Clark 

Assistant in Library 

Lee Benson Valentine 

Instructor in Spanish 

Louis W. Booth 

Instructor in Music 



J. Reuben Clark, III 

Instructor in Modern Languoges 

Ralph Ungermann 

Instructor in Speech 

Leonard William Rice 

Instructor in English 

Charles Harris 

Instructor in Horticulture 

Dean A. Peterson 

Instructor in Secretarial Practice 
Secretary to the President 

Lucile Spencer 

Assistant in Registrar's Office 
Instructor in Secretoriol Practice 

O. Norman Geertsen 

Assistant in Physics and Sound Technician 

Afton hiawker 

Clerk of Extension Division 

Hattie M. Knight 

Assistant in Library 

Beth Richardson 

Assistant in Library 

Karl Miller 

Superintendent Buildings and Campus 

Elvin J. Dennis 

Assistant Superintendent 
Buildings and Campus 

Morris Snell 

Mechanic in Charge of Repairs 

Franklin R. Haymore 

Manager -University Press 

Elmer Nelson 

Instructor in Piano 

Hannah C. Packard 

special Instructor in Vocal Music 

Katherine Pardoe 

Instructor in Drama 

George W. Fitzroy 

Speciol I nstructor in Piano 


Lynn Taylor 

Speciol Instructor in Art 


Katherine Morrell 

Instructor in Violin 

Beulah Ricks 

Instructor in Home Economics 

Verla L. Birrell 

Special Instructor in Art 

Sanford M. Bingham 

Instructor in Languages 

Julia Alleman Caine 

Instructor in Social Sciences- 

Rhea Robins 

Instructor in Physical Education 

Kenneth Bullock 

Instructor in Geology 

A. John Clarke 

Instructor in Physics 

Elda Jackson 

Instructor in Elementary Education 

Anna Boss Hart 

Instructor in English 

Roman Andrus 

Instructor in Art 

Student Administration 


Carrying on the spirit and tradition of 
BYU, this charming and efficient trio capably 
directed the student body through a year of 
fun and achievement. 

Above: President Lora HHilton. 

Center: Secretary Elaine Grow. 

Below: Social Chairman Lillie Stewart. 

A. W. S. 

Due to the small percentage of male students 
on the campus, the Associated Women Students 
have played a prominent part at the Y this year. 
They sponsored a Jamboree, the Preference Ball, 
the Sweetheart Dance, and many other activities. 

Above Right: Emma Hayes, President; Elaine 
Nicholes, Secretary. 

Above Left: Ada Moulton, Vice-President; 
Velma Bates, Recreational Leader. 

Left: Dean Nettie Neff Smart, advisor. 


Public Service Bureau 


Efficient, talented, and un- 
sung, Elaine Peterson and Rhoda 
Vaun Call have carried on the 
job of the Public Service Bureau 
and provided excellent programs 
at a monnent's notice. 



Leaving a tidy sum to be ap- 
plied on the new Student Union, 
this year's senior class brought to 
a close four wonderful years at 
the Y. Under the leadership of 
Marjorie Vowles, president; Elaine 
Taylor, vice-President; and Felice 
Kartchner, secretary, the class 
busied themselves with parties 
and graduation. 



Florence Adams 

Home Town: Prove, Utoh 
Major : Education 

Arlene Andrew 

Home Town: Ogden, Utah 
Major: Sociology 

Lila D. Atkinson 

Home Town: Sondy, Utah 
Major: Accounting 

Melva Bagley 

Home Town: Kosharem, Utah 
Major: Education 

Mauriel Barnett 

Home Town: Soonrsh Fork. Utah 
Major: Clothing 

Helen Booth 

Home Town: Spanish Fork, Utah 
Major: Sociology 

Margery M. Booth 

Home Town : Provo, Utah 
Major: Education 

Ann Burgess 

Home Town: -Alpine, Utah 
Major: Home Economics 

Shuana Adams Burnham 

Home Town: Blonding, Utah 
Major : Education 

Mable Hone Clark 

Home Town: Provo, Utoh 
Major: Foods 

Willowby Conder 

Home Town: Provo, Utah 
Major : Home Economics 

Venice Critchfield 

Home Town: Oakley. Idaho 
Major; History 




Beth Crook 

Home Town; Heber, Utah 
Major: Elementary Educotion 

Edith M. Crosby 

Home Town: St. George, Utah 
Mojor: English 

Phyllis Farrer 

Home Town: Midway. Utah 
Maior: Home Economics 

Georgia Cullimore 

Home Town : Provo, Utah 
Major : Speech 


Elaine Gardner 

Home Town: Sponish Fork. Utah 
Major: Chemistry 

Dorothy Gilchrist 

Home Town: Ontario, Oregon 
Mojor: Music 

Elaine Grow 

Home Town: Ogden, 
Mojor: English 


Peggy Hagan 

Home Tcwn : Spanish Fork, Utah 
Major: Art 

Isabell Hales 

Home Town: Provo, Utoh 
Mojor: Foods and Nutrition 

Geraldine Steedman Halladay 

Home Town : Provo, Utoh 
Major: Elementory Education 

Beth H. hiansen 

Home Town: Boise, Idoho 
Major: Elementary Educotion 

Ennma Hayes 

Home Town: Provo, Utoh 
Major: Dietetics 




Theda Henke 

Home Town: Lehi, Utah 
Major; Speech 

Lora Hilton 

Home Town: Delta, Utah 
Major: Clothing ond Textiles 

Leah Holdaway 

Heme Town : Heber, Utah 
Major : Elementary Education 

Edith Rozena Hutchinson 

Home Town: Buhl, Idoho 
Major : Foods and Nutrition 

Theda May Jackson 

Home Town: Salt Lake City, Utah 
Major: English 

Phyllis Jensen 

Home Town: Springville. Utah 
Mojor: Accounting 

Felice Kartchner 

Home Town: Flagstaff, Arizono 
Major: Music 

Jack S. Kato 

Home Town: Provo, Utah 
Major: Soils 

Romola King 

Home Town : Provo, Utah 
Major: Sociology 

Virginia Knowlton 

Home Town: Holladay, Utah 
Major: English 

Benjannin S. Kuraya 

Home Town: Honolulu, Hawaii 
Major: Music 

Kathleen H. Layton 

Home Town : Layton. Utah 
Maior : Foods 



Maxine Layton 

Home Town; Loyton, Utah 
Mojor: Secretoriol Practice 

Barbara Lee Lusty 

Home Town: Duchesne, Utah 
Mojor: Secretarial Proctice 

June McKell 

Home Town: Spanish Fork. Utah 
Major: Secretarial Practice 

James Mickles 

Home Town; Rochester, New York 
Mojor; Chemistry 

Nancy E. Miner 

Tome Town: Philadelphia, Pa. 
Major; Bacteriology. 

Myrlene Moody 

Home Town: Hinckley, Utah 
Major: Social Science. 

Rueben M. Ohai 

Home Town : Kapoo. Kauai, Hawaii 
Major; Political Science. 

Kay E. Payne 

Home Town; Seattle, Washington 
Major : 

Elaine Peterson 

Home Town: Spanish Fork, Utah 
Major: Speech 

Jay M. Peterson 

Home Town: Monti. Utah 
Major; Secondary Education 

Elinor Ruth Putnam 

Home Town: Provo, Utah 
Mojor: Secretarial Science 

Barbara Rasmussen 

Home Town: Duchesne, Utah 
Major: Music 




Rhoda Rees 

Home Town : Loo, Utah 
Major: Sociology 

Elaine Clark Roblson 

Home Town: Provo. Utah 
Major : Mathematics 

Eileen Shurtliff 

Home Town: Provo, Utah 
Major: Music 

Ida Allen Smithson 

Home Town: Fillmore. Utah 
Major; Physical Education 

Merline Stevens 

Home Town: Hurricane, Utoh 
Major: English 

Vera Stevens 

Home Town: La Sol, Utoh 
Major; Secondary Education 

Lillie Stewart 

Home Town: Sponish Fork. Utah 
Major: English 

Thelnna Stinson 

Home Town : Phoenix, Arizona 
Major: Foods and Nutrition 

Evelyn Ruth Stromberg 

Home Town: Ogden, Utah 
Major: Secondary Education 

Elayne Taylor 

Home Town: Provo, Utah 
Mojor; Elementory Education 

El Dene Taylor 

Home Town: Provo, Utah 
Mojcr: Secondary Education 

Verena Ursenbach 

Home Town: Lethbridge, Alberta, Conado 
Major: Music 




Marjorie Vowles 

Home Town: Ogden, Utah 
Major : J ourno I ism 

Seich! Watanabe 

Home Town; Kamai, Hawaii 
Major : Bacteriology 

Eileen Wight 

Home Town : Calgory, Alberto, Conoda 
Major: Sociology 

Katherine Kirk Woolf 

Home Town : Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Major: Education 

Lola Dawn Wright 

Home Town : Provo, Utah 
Major: English 

Masami Yano 

Home Town: Provo, Utah 
Major : Economics 


Class Ojjiciah 

Left: Junior Officers: Doressa Paxman, 
vice-president; Barabara Taylor, secre- 
tary; and Neil Welling, president. 
Center: Sophomore Officers: Clyde 
Sullivan, president; Mae Sevey, secre- 
tary; and Ernest Wilkinson, vice-presi. 
Below: Freshman Officers: Elaine Todd, 
vice-president; Margaret Wilson, sec- 
retary; and Richard Hales, president. 



Commissioned officers of 
the Army Specialized Train- 
ing Unit stationed at the Y 

Major Charles E. Powell, 
Commanding Officer (above 
right); Captain John M. 
Quass, (above left); Second 
Lieutenant Louis L. Dunker- 
son, (left); Second Lieuten- 
ant Frank hi. Eriksen, (below 

Non-Commlssioned Officers: Front Row: Cpl. Wallace 
R. Anderson, Cpl. Earl T. Collier, Pfc. Martin H. Linden. 

Back Row: M/Sgt. Louis Fabian, Staff Sgt. William F. 
East, Sgt. James H. Olive. 

Military Band: Front Row: Cadets Don Carroll, Welton 
Austin, Loren Loth, Douglas McNees, First Lt. Kermit 
Hendrickson, Band Leader. 

Second Row: Second Lt. Wendell Jeffrey, Asst. band 
Leader, Harry Cummings, Francis Germane, Vernon 
MergI, Norman Hull, Charles Cooper. 

Third Row: Van Lawrence, David Stephens, Hector 
Durocher, Terrance Millan, Paul Sumner 

Back Row: Willard Johansen, Francis Shamp, Ernst 



On January 27, the first ASTP 
Unit received their diplonnas certily- 
ing their completion of the basic en- 
gineering phase of the program. 
They are first row: Marvin C. Odg- 
ers, Cadet Lt. Richard M. Bricker, 
Duane Springer, George D. Zahn, 
John M. Hastings, Owen S. 
O'Rourke, Cadet Cpl. Harvey B. 
Bagley, Cadet M/Sgt. Norman 

James R. 
Donald S. 
mander, James 

row: Theodore R 
Grey, Joseph C 
Barrie, John C. 
V. Angwin, 

. Shaw, 

H. Mueller, 
E. Broadnax. 
Third row: Cadet Capt. Jack D. Over, Richard S. 
Swanson, Cadet Lt. John L. Benton, Edward I. Wine- 
troub, Ralph H. Snyder, John W. Ebert, Ray F. Palmer, 
Robert V. Davis, William E. Dittman. 

Fourth row: Francis L. Merritt, Cadet Major David N. 

Berks, Charles W. Hill, Cadet Cpl. Donald H. LIndgren, 

Cadet Lt. Charles R. Bernschin, Allan J. Witt, Stephen 

S. Littlefield, Sid W. Johnson, Cadet Sgt. John R. Hart. 

At left: It's chow time for the Cadets. 


Section One and T^ 


SECTION ONE: 1st row, (front! left to right: Codets Burton K. Lincoln, Glenn E. Johnson, Robert H. Dempsey, 1st Sgt. Mordis G WUson John A 
Busch, Copt. Donold F. Alexonder. 2nd row: Kenneth K. Kirby, Fronk E. Holl, Cpt. Richard T. Moyne, William J. Christy. Lester Ekstrom, Lewis C. Mattison. 
3rd row: Sgt. Wentzen 1. Joblonski. Mike Hornick. Joseph L. Holland. Lt. Jack E. Nickerson. John F. Richords, Wallace P. Brixner. 4fh row: William E. 
Belden. William E. Fronkel, John L. Walsh, Edgar F. Ross, ana Irwin E. Reich. 

SECTION TWO: 1»» row, I front 1 : Cadets George C. Ferber, James L. Horris, Horris B. Godding, Dole E. Amstutz, Cpl. Williom Magee, Lt. William J. 

Roskopf. 2nd row: Lt. William C. Lone, Leroy C. Kopphohn, William B. Crompton, William T. Carlisle, Kenneth Meidol, Sgt. Robert F. Bossing. 

3rd row: Sam F. Wold, Edward Holgman, William Freidoy, Stanley Weinstein, Michoei Dominguez, Eugene J Popernik. 4«h row: Horton Gittling. John F. 
Donie. Morion Terlouw, Robert 0. Bullock, Edwin J. Barnord ond Vincent J. Rion. 


Section Three and Four 

SECTION THREE: First Row, (front) left to right; Cadets Richard B. Cadwollodcr, Ist Lt. Kermit T. Hendricl^son, Elbert D. Barnes, Edwin A. Rose, 
Chorles R. Hiller. Harry R. Hotowoy. 2nd r.w: 2nd Lt. Donold E. Frye, 2nd Lt. Clorence O. Krueger, John C. Sheldon, Gus McCosIm, Jr., Dougioos L Beck- 
stead Loren H Loth 3rd row: Duone W. Cody, Vincent D. Rubel, Horold 8. Forner, Hector J. Durocher. William W. Lynch, Jr., Copt. Stanley L. Wiles. 
4th row Sgt Edward R Horsroll, Steven S. McCorter, Estis G. Copen. John M.McDonald, Keith A. Chase, Norman E. Hull, and Ben B. Eissler. 

SECTION FOUR: Ut row: Cadet Cpl. Von S. Lawrence. 1st Sgt. Walter R Biebelle. Jr., William A. Schultz, 2nd Lt. Wendell E. Jeffrey, John C. SundoW, 

2nd Lt. William D. Smith, Walter P. Thocher. 3rd row: Sgt. Henry H. Ewy, Dovid M. 
4th row: Francis F. Shamp, Richard C. Witt, Harry J. Martin, Thomas S. 

2ndrow: James R. Knight, Robert H. Wurdemon, Donald C. Pettingill 
Stephens, Douglas H. Robenberger, Edward L. Zimpfer, Edward C. F. Perlman 
Gantert, and Carmelo A. Privitero. 


Section Five and Si. 


SECTION FIVI: lit row Ifront) lefr to right: Cadets Sgt. Frank R. Willoughby. 2nd Lt. Aldo E. Tromeri. Cpl. Robert D. Groy, John G. White, John P. 
Toll<owsl<i. Henry P. Spinelli, Bioise L. Stachowisk, Eugene W. Hubler. 2nd row: Mouricc D. Myers. Gregory F. Hosford. Dole F. Bowiin. Stonley D. Counter- 
man. Martin J. Miller. Douglas E. Duke. Ernest J. Schmidt. Major Robert Keeton. 3rd row: 1st Sgt. Felix T. Kitlinski, Sgt. Major Arthur R. McNees, Cpl. 
John D. McNees. Frank LoTufo. Robert W. Benton, Raymond R. Quiring, 2nd Lt. Korl W. Wiehe. 2nd Lt. Lawrence E. Dutty. Copt. Wallace K. Will. 
4th row: Peter A. Stubler, Robert W. Shaneck, Robert E. Vetter. Don C. Corrcll, George H. Annon. George A. Simpson. William L. White, William S. Sacks. 

SECTION SIX: lit row: Poul W. Simpson, Robert H. Cooper. Louis A. Beimford, Richard R. Huber, Reino R. Laukko, Charles C. Amick; Thomos W. Mc- 
Keever, Horry V. Barnhordt. 2nd Row; Fcrnon M. Smith. Vance L. Tennont. Moxwell Gronof. Arthur R. Benson, Louis A. Rowland. Richard F. Cole, Daniel R. 
McCarthy. Jacob W. Hoger. 3rd row: Richord N. Brown. Carl H. Hatcher. Alvo J. Comer, Poul E. Sumner. Robert F. Stewart. Harry L. Cummings, Kern 
C. Dibble. 4th row: James P. Fulghum, Joseph J. Ciroulo, Harris Wiklemon, John I. Zogorec. Steve C. Yonnios, Charles M. Krouthomer. 


Section Seven and Eight 

SECTION SEVEN: First Row (fronti left to right: Cadets Eorle T. Smith, Cpl. Archie D. Stewort, Frank Yorosh, 1st Sgt. Willard Johansen. Horry 
Dovis, James Coulon, William W. Collins, Chorles Cooper. Second Row: Ernest Buhler. Jr., C. Richord Forsline, Williom J. Beoler, John R. Thomos, 
William Grovette, William D. Springer, Copt., Neil R. Corpenter, 1st LI., Williom W, Bergen. Third Row: Charles McAvoy, Arthur E. Secor. 
Maurice Worley. Cpl.; Welton Austin, Robert Resh, Raymond Holey. Sgt., Wesley A. Lindgren. Fourth Row: Robert E. Howkins Gilbert T. Ireland, 
Nelson Gibson. Eugene A. Swonson, Norris H. McComos, Williom J. Armstrong, Jr., Edaar A. Woinwright. 

SECTION EIGHT: First Row: Cadets Amond J. Gagnon, Vernon F. Mergl. Williom R. Milam. Lucis M. Mcintosh, Jr., Jomes E. Midberry, Arnold 
Rosenberg, Cpl., Horold L. Wisker, 2nd Lt., Elwood J. Soger. 

Second RQw:lrvin Schwartz, LeRoy J. Rogers, William A. Brass. Cannon U. Clements. Joseph R. Doyle, Austin L. Such, Jock M. Gigg. 
Third Rom: Lelond A. Brown, Abram L. Enckson, Terrence J. Millon. Sumner M. Fineberg, Joseph A. Conwoy. Francis R. Germane. 
Fourth Row: Charles M. Coffin, James D. Bingham, Roymond A. Springer, Williom H. Donforth. Neol A. Tuttle. Joseph A. Meloney, Jomes H. 



>: CI* 




. n 







*' -^ 

^ v^- rf^'. 


5oo4 7/ 


Ladies Qlee 


Ladies Qlee 

Left, Dr. Florence Jepperson Madsen, director. 

Chorus Personnel are: Marjorie Anderson, Joyce Atkinson, Anna Jean Bullock, Cherril l'>lack, Janet 
Barclay, Maurine Brady, Rickie Bowman, Bonnie beckstead. Lacy Burgi, Nellie Bushnnan, Marie Borgeson, 
Anna Deon Clark, Dona Faye Clark, Charlotte Chipman, Georgia May Coulam, Karma Jean Cullimore. 

Nadine Day, Larraine Driscell, Peggy Dickson, Madge Ellertson, Agnes Ellertson, Leona Farnsworth, Ruth 
Frederickson, Lorraine Freestone, Dorothy Gilchrist, Lola Geslison, Norma Hansen, Julie hiansen, Veria Hale, 
Anita Hyatt, Faye Hunter, Vivian Hatch, Willa Faye Hadfield. 

Evelyn Jenkins, Elinore Jorgensen, Zenda Johnson, Eloise Kohler, Jennie KTeeler. Maurine Keate, Afton 
Lichfield, Sybil Lusty, Marjorie Lindstrom, Eunice Long, Barbara Mullen, Erma McGuire, Colleen Merrill, 
Vivyenne Noble, Aretta Newren, Bonnie Nason, Mary Lou Ostler, Dorothy Ostler, Alene Peterson, Gene- 
vieve Parkinson, Margaret Priday, Virginia Patton. 

Anna Belle Rust, Lucille Richards, Patricia Raid, Clara May Reinsch, Hanna Reimschiissel, Jean Reese, 
Joan Spratley, Ann Salisbury, Joy Swalberg, Donna Gene Smith, Ruth Schwartz, Iris Taylbr, Elaine Wood, 
Carmela Wolf. Lola Dawn Wright, Mariam Young, Lorraine Yamata, Elizabeth Zundel;> j?^. 




Left: Dr. John R. Halliday, director; Band personnel: Flutes, Donna Eliertson, Ruth Uirlch; Oboes, Lewis 
W. Booth, Derrill Stubbs; Bassoon, Howard Bleak; Clarinets, Lucille Sandberg, Arva Mercer, Norma Rey- 
nolds, Miriam Young, Elaine Wood, Janet Barclay, iris Richardson, Lillian Lundell, Ruby Schwartz, Emma 
Bennett, Marian Westenskow, Janet Tsushia; Saxaphones, Glen Pinegar, Elaine Peacock, Glen R. Milner, 
Gaylor Rowan; Cornets, Leo Vernon, Jeff Roberts, Franklin Faux, Mary Wright; Horns, Ben Kuraya, 
Eleanor Bennion, lleen Hofhines, Laurie Teichen Evelyn Ricks, Gilbert Barton; Baritone, Chauncey Rid- 
dle, Marion Muir; Trombones, Roma Jeane Turner, William Thomas, Norman Hunt, Howard Worthen; 
Basses, Marie Borgenson, Henry Maiben; Cello, Jean Dastrup; String Bass, Ariel Ballif; Snare Drum, Norma 
Thorp; Bass Drum, Barbara Rasmussen; Timpani, Homer Wakefield. 





Left: Professor LeRoy J. Robertson, Conductor. 

Band Personnel : Violins, Katherine Morrell, Nila Stubbs, Laurence Sardoni, Donald Olsen, Max 
Butler, Herman Green, Mae Sevy, June West Christensen, Lorraine Drlssell, Betty Logsdon, Anna 
Jean Bullock, Donna Kerby, Dawn Marie Adams, Janet Tsuchiya, Shirley Perkins, Dorothy Jepson, 
Jean Slack, Ellen Ashworth, Deanne Merrill, Alma Snow, llene Bird, LaRue Hoopes, Hanna Reimschus- 
sel, Helen Thorpe, Helen Watkins; Violas, Gustave Buggert, Jean Perkins, Eugene Faux, Owen Bing- 
ham, Eileen S. Reimschussel, Marian Robertson, Marjorie Ann Petty, Naomi Nelson, Winona Monson; 
Basses, Ariel Ballif, Jr., Marie N. Thunell, Clyde Jepperson, Henry Maiben, Ruth Louise Partridge. 
Norma Reynolds; Flutes, Donna Ellertson, Patricia Rogerson; Oboes, Louis W. Booth, Darreil Stubbs; 
Clarinets, Lucille Sandberg, Max Daby, Sam Kelly; Bassons, Howard Bleak, Bobbie Done' Horns, Carl 
Hawkins, Benj. Suea Kuraya, Clyde Sullivan, Evelyn Riggs; Trumpets, Helen Clegg, Dee Davis; 
Trombones, Ken Hoopes, Roma Jean Turner, Farrell Madsen; Tuba, Henry Maiben; Timpani, Hom- 
er Wakefield; Percussion, Dr. Gerrit de Jong, Dean A. Peterson, Barbara Rasmussen, Mary Farmer. 

Jean Perkins is Librarian and Herman Green is Manager. 


Shuhert Alle^ 

by Mel Dinelli 
November 4, 5 

Christina Holt -- Ado Moulton 

Fay Holt Marcia Greenhaw 

Hester Matthews Hoff Doressa Paxman 

Beuloh Snyder - Jean Reese 

Elsie Alexander Carey Pearce 

Anita Spiegelgloss Kathleen Bird 

Miss Elliott Irene Fuller 

Rito Wallace Ruth England 

hAancy Ann Glaveston Jean Hobbs 

Helen Glaveston Kathleen Cullimore 

Florence Gloveston Beverly Beon 

Hattie Williams Thedo Henke 

Lucia Bennett Rickey Bowman 

Madge Holm Elaine Peterson 

Patricio Allgood Mary Whiteley 

Poppy Nixon Joy Swalberg 

Lorroine Royce Helen Mobey 

Miss Shuman Elaine Stowell 

Nellie Lilo Merchant 

Left: Joy Swalberg, Ru+h Eng- 
land, Elaine S+owell, Helen Ma- 

Below: Marcia Greenhaw, Jean 
Hobbs, Ada Moulton, Kathleen 
Bird and Jean Reese. 



^^r^ -^^mk .^. .rw.^\. 



"*k*V * 



Arsenic and Old L 



by Crouse and Lindsay 

February 24 - 25 

Abby Brewster Arta R. Ballif 

Rev. Dr. Harper Elmo Coffman 

Teddy Brews+er Warren Kirk 

Officer Brophy Dan Keeler 

Officer Klein Ray Jones 

Martha Brewster Alice Christensen 

Elaine Harper Kathleen Bird 

Mortimer Brewster Lee Valentine 

Mr. GTbbs _ Will Hansen 

Jonathan Brewster Ralph Ungerman 

Dr. Einstein Lee Buttle 

Officer O'Hara Clarence Fingerle 

Lieutenant Rooney Charles Harris 

Mr. Witherspoon Ralph Britsch 

Right: Arta R. Ballif and Alice 
Christensen chatting over their 

Center: Lee Buttle, Warren Kirk 
and Ralph Ungerman. 
Below: Entire cast. 



A celebrity studded lyceurn course has 
brought .any =n enicyable hour to Y st. 
de„H this year. Our thanks .o to Dean 
Herald R.aarl and Prof J. CSwensenf 

,Kelr sincere efforts. Above, Busch an 
Serkln, Sonata-duo; Howard Pierce Dav.s, 
Utu er. Left, Robert Weede, Bar, tone. 

%,. above, Claudlo Arrau, Pianist^ U . 

Glannlnl, Soprano, and Maurice E.senber,, 





Artists in Auction 


Book in 


Y Welcom es Retu rning Service Men 

Stud en 
oratory ' 
script of . 
old T. Ch 
sic chairm 
These oratio 
of the stude. 
be seven to u 

Student ma 
will be Jean B 
Utah, reccnlly : 
dent body foren 

-iiager. ac- 

cording to Dr. Lnristensen. She is 

1943-44 the 
e members of the 
-^cnt government have carried 
on in full force. Acting as presi- 
dent is Lora Hilton from Scipio. 
Utah ; secretary, Elaine Grow of 

the only debate tettorman to retirrn | Ogden, Utah; social chairman. Lily 
to the campus this year. I Stewart of Spanish Fork. Utah. As 

Serving on the faculty commit- yet no definite plans have b een 
tec with Dr. Christenaen are Mr. made for a re-election of a student 
Leonard Rice and Elmer Miller. 1 body presidcjiL 

To Appear Here 

Ruth England, sophomore stu- The first major dramatic produc- 1 

dent from Tooele, will head the tion will be Mel Dineli's all woman 

•itafif of College Varieties, student play. "Sliubert Alley", to be prf- 

ra<lio -ihow according to Dr. T. scnted November J 

Earl Pardee, .^ctivc in drama work I let"* 

on the ranipu'i. she was o- " 

of last yvar's ^'a^icties 

copy e<li1or of the Banj 

Heard last night at 6; 

^firsl t'""* this. year, the 

be aired each Tliursday . 
I VO at 5:15. and will fe; 
' dent talent. General thca. 

scries is "The Spirit of th 
AUo named to the st; 

Ralph Frogley. Dan Kccler 
I Nelson, Marcia Greenhav 
j Marcbanl, F.lnora Bq.vacl 
I Beverly Bean. 

Dance Tonight to Honor 
Former BYU Students 

Returning to the campus of BYU for the first time since 
their call to service last spring, sixty former V students now 
in naval and marine training at western colleges were being 
honored this week at student social functions. 

The trek back to BYU, where all 
were students last year, began the 
latter part of last week when train- 
ees at Colorado College. University 
of Colorado, and the Univer- 
sity of New Mexico were released 
almost simultaneously. In addition, 
some meii have been granted leaves 
from naval training at I'CLA. and 
arrived during the first part of the 
week. The largest group comes 
from tlip University of New Mexi- 
co at Albufjuerque. 

Almost without exception the 
men report that they enjoy train- 
ing for Uncle Sam but admit a 
touch of nostalgia for the Y. 

Servicemen were guests at the 
matinee dance held Wednesday af- 
ternoon and were also honored a^ 
the student body assembly Thurs- 
day. The assembly, planned by 
Felice Kartchner, featured the tal- 
ent of army cadets stationed here, 
with Cadet Schwitzer as master of 
ceremonies. Representing the BYl^ 
servicemen. Dallas Young, now 
training at Colorado Spring and 
Jim Ludlow, stationed at .Mhuqucr- 
que, spoke briefly. 

Climaxing tht- week's entcrlain- 
ment is the semi-formal dance to 
be held tonight at nine o'clock in 
the Joseph Smith ballroom. The 
returned servicemen will be guest* 
of honor, but cad<*'~ and students 


Eddi+ed by Jean Bickmore. rugged in- nnoui 

divldualist. this year's "Y News" has char- 
acterized with authenticity the life, senti- 
ments, and activities of '*¥'sers" both here 
and abroad. 


hloward hienlnger, right, was the ener 
jetic business manager of the "Y News." 

U faculty 
irt Harris : 
I Sept. 27. 
5 are Ron 
■r: Mark All 

r; i^ncy Bill 
tb" ticmenta 
rfujih, scho 
Bgarty. ne 
w,y staff; Eld 
■lementarv schoo 

Mr. Joseph Szigti, noted viohnist 

Internationally Famous Artist to 
Play in Provo on November 1 

Joicpn Szigeti. known interna- 
tionally as "the top-f light violin- 
ist," will perform in the Provo 
Tabernacle. Monday, November 
1, at 8:15 p.m.. under the auspices 
of the Brigham Young university 
Symphony orchestra. 

The Hungarian -born artist has 
been called the "Joachim of to- 
day" for his interpretations of the 

United States. He made his debut 
as soloist with the Philadelphia or- 
chestra under Stokowki. Since that 
time the violinist has become a pee- 
cnnial coast-to-coast concert favor- 
ite in the United States. 

Millions have heard him over 
the air — on Ford Sunday evening 
hour, the Philharmonic ymphony 

AW S Selects 
Vice President 

Ada Moulton of Delta has been 
appointed vice president of the As- 
sociated Women Students, it was 
announced by Emma Hayes, pres- 
ident of AWS. She will replace 
Ada Taylor who will be married 

The gel-together carnival on Oc- 
tober 5 was only the bcgrnning of 
various activities to be sponsored 
by the AWS council. One of the 
outstanding activities of the AWS 

., .o come march- 
ing home from military service to 
carry on class activities, so re-elec- 
tions were held in class meetings 
two weeks ago. 

The seniors this year have gone 
strictly feminine m choosing their 
officers. Marjorie Vowles from Og- 
den, is senior class president; vice 
president, Felice Karchner, Flag- 
staff. Arizona, and secretary. 
Elayne Taylor, Provo. 

In keeping with tradition the 

Uniyersity Hour 
To be Heard 

The ladies glee club, under di- 
rection of Dr. Florence Jepperson 
Madsen. will be featured on the 
first broadcast of the University 
Hour. Monday. November 1. at 
6:30 p.m. over the Intermountam 
Network, according lo Mr. Ralph 
Ungerman. director of the series. 

Further programs outlined V>f 
the Univesity Hcnir. to be bwa^- 
cast every* Monday at 6:30 p.m. 
follow ; 



Editor Jean Bickmore 

Business Mgr Howard Heninger 

Copy Editor 

Jean Anne Waterstradt 

Makeup Editor..... Ruth England 

Society Editor Ardath Lefler 

Military Editor Miriam Young 

Sports Editor Ernest Wilkinson 

Cadet Editor William D. Smith 

Music Editor Jean Perkins 

Staff Photographer Frank Faux 

Feature Editor Arlene Andrew 

Miharu Kawaguchi, Louis Gibbons, 
Marjorie Vowles, Lida Wunderli, 
Pat Hatch, June Decker, Virginia 
Patton, Virginia Knowlton, Mavis 
Hafen, Ruth Wi'son, Nola de Jong, 
Carol Roberts, Shirley Wilkes, Ann 
Greaves, Eileen Wight, Elayne Al- 
len, Joy Tangren, Dave Stephens. 

Above: Hafen, Gibbons, Vowles, 
and Greaves. Center: Wunderli, 
Andrew, Perkins, and Kawaguchi. 

Below: Young, England, Water- 
stradt, and Tangren. 


Banyan Staff 

Ruth England, editor, came 
through intact and loved every 
hectic moment of it. 

Below: Margaret Wilson, copy; 
Elaine Waddoups, associate edit- 
or; and Alice Kase, senior editor. 
Jean Bickmore, not pictured, gave 
Invaluable suggestions and assist- 

In spite of wartime conditions, 
the Banyan staff plugged along, 
hashed and rehashed ideas, until 
the book you now examine de- 
veloped. Behind all this has been 
the guiding thought of preserving 
for you "Memories of '44." 


Right: Frank Faux, photograph- 
er; William D. Smith, Cadet edit- 


Below: Miriam Young and Mar- 
garet FHales, publicity chairmen. 
Their assistants were Faye Hun- 
ter, Ruth Uriich, and Ann Salis- 
bury. Cadet Irvin Schwartz, not 
pictured, spent many an hour 
with pencil and receipt book in 
hand selling his fellow cadets 
their "memory book of BYU." 

Banyan Staff 





Sals incorporated .... "Timp" through apple 
blossoms .... peeking at Willy the dinosaur 
in Room "D" .... hm-m-m-m nice . . . . 
pul-eez, freshmen, you're big -grHs now .... 
farmer Bates and family .... taking time 
out .... 


Well, come in — who sId that? ... we 
well, if it isn't wee Bonnie Baker . . . 
"Club 343" — but where's Thompson.. . . 
A glass of water, please . . . Tuesday's 
nap . . . ain't he sweet? ... do my eyes 
deceive me or is that a book I see in 
your hand? . . . some people have it 
and others . . . marching into Berlin . . . 
hills may come and hills may go but steps 
go on and on . . . 



Campus Scenes 




Fall brings the Preference Ball, and the 
Preference Ball brings feminity's chance to 
reign supreme. Girls reverse custom, do 
the dating and the paying. Most preferred 
men were Cadet Francis (Germy) Germane, 
above, with Gloria Watts and Lillie Stew- 
art, and Odell Christensen, right, with Joan 
Spratley. The committee for the affair 
were: Leah Holdaway, Peggy Hagen, Eliza- 
beth Sander, and Elaine Nicholes. 


Debate Club 

Student debaters earnestly discuss prob- 
lems of national and international importance. 
Debate groups from the school were invited 
to several meets, but wartime travel condi- 
tions limited participation. BYU was ably 
representeU at the Rocky Mountain Forensic 
League meet at the U. of U. by Jean Bick- 
more, Beth Crandall, Margaret Hales, Doro- 
thy S. Fielding, Ruth Wilson, and Valena 

Left: Dr. Harold T. Christensen and Jean 
Blckmore are faculty and student chairmen. 






^p^'ir f' 

Alas, there, at the right, dre some of those 
poor unfortunates who struggled in com- 
bat with the nightmare of initiation .... 
Center, The Freshmen trek is shown as the 
throng approached the steps of the Maeser 
building .... At the bottom of the page 
is a glimpse of the Freshmen party — long 
after the initiation was over but not vor- 
gotten .... 



Thursday's assemblies have 
been colorful and entertaining. 
Before their sudden departure in 
March, the cadets contributed 
their talents to many an hour of 
music and fun. Above: Kermit 
Hendrickson, Wendell Jeffrey, 
Vernon MergI, and Frank Ger- 
mane do a bit of jiving. Center: 
Jane Thompson, whose genius 
was behind many of the outstand- 
ing programs of the year. Re- 
member "Pipes of Pan?" Below: 
Wayne Booth, Herman Green, 
Gene Faux and Ralph Frogley 
harmonized in the Blue Key quar- 


VQ inter Rhapsody 


With the theme "Winter Rhapsody," ambitious sopho- 
mores with Ruth England and Sally Turner as co-chairmen, 
swelled the Sophomore Loan Fund with the profits from the 
annual ball. Most successful "dutch" dance of the year, the 
ball is held to accumulate funds to assist needy students. 
Above are committee members and their partners: Mae 
Sevey, Clarence Clark, Marjorie Nielson, Ernest Wilkinson, 
Nola de Jong, Clyde Sullivan, Ruth England, Cadet Vern 
MergI, Sally Turner, Cadet Robert Alexander. 

Below: Co-chairman Ruth England and Sally Turner. 


Sweethearts of Today 

On February 12, Dan Cupicf aimed his arrow straight into 
the heart of B.Y.U. and drew Nola de Jong as the lovely 
prize. With four campus beauties as her attendants, Nola 
was introduced as the "Sweetheart of Today" at the A.W.S. 
Sweetheart Ball. 

Reading from the top: Elayne Taylor, Sweetheart of the 
Senior Class; Elaine Todd, Sweetheart of the A.S.T. Unit; 
Jeanne Pilling, Freshman Class Sweetheart; Nola de Jong, 
"Sweetheart of Today" and of the Sophomore Class; Dor- 
essa Paxman, Junior Class Sweetheart. 

Above, right; Elayne Taylor, Elaine Todd, Queen Nola de 
Jong, Jeanne Pilling, and Velma Bates, chairman of the ball. 



'f '^fig ' 


College Varieties 

College Varieties, all student radio show, was 
heard over KOVO every Thursday. Directed by 
Ruth England, the fifteen minute program has 
given many students an opportunity to get experi- 
ence in radio. Above, Ruth England and Gecrge 
Uyeda direct from the control room. Right, Anna 
Jean Bullock, June West and Mae Sevy pose with 
their famed violins. Below, Barbara Ferrin, Eliza- 
beth Zundel, Marcia Greenhaw, and EInora Boyack 
wait for the signal to go on the air. 




unior tromenaae 



Pictured at left is Pan, star of "The Pipes of 
Pan," theme of the 1944 Junior Prom. Only 
fornnal affair of the year, the prom celebrated 
the homecoming of many Y service men whose 
varied uniforms made the ballroom even more 
appealing. Left, belov^^: Committee Members 
Neil Welling, Mary Whiteley, Doressa Paxman. 
Ada Moulton, Barbara Taylor, Carol Roberts, 
Wells Brockbank, and Dorothy Snow gather 
around Chairman Elizabeth Sander, center, to 
discuss plans for the big event. 


umor rrom 


Je'ow: Junior President 


Chairman Elizabeth Sander look enthralled at 
thoughts of the big night. 

Right: Barbara Taylor and Doressa Paxman 
smile in anticipation. 


Banyan Queen 

Sweet and lovely are the words for 
Karma Jean Cullimore, Banyan Queen. 
Her cordial manner, her charm, her 
interest in others, her personality have 
captured the respect and admiration 
of all who know her. 

Her equally lovely attendants are 
Jean Pilling, Barbara Taylor, Bonne 
Gay Lyman, and Mary Ellen Dau- 



varsity Show 

By Lillie Stewart 

Charlotte Ada Moulton 

Polly Marian Owens 

Lorna Patricia Reld 

Jackie Samnnie Speakman 

Mary Lee Marjorie Hart 

Marge Felice Kartchner 

Miss Severe , Elaine Peterson 

Maude -.. Elizabeth Sander 

Nancy Lillie Stewart 

Cabbie Ruth England 

Mr. Bufit LeRoy Burleigh 

Dan Malln Orion Rust 

Mr. Diddle Craig Brannwell 

Chorus: Miriam Young, Emma 
Hayes, Lorraine Freestone, Val 
Dean Rice, Marjorie McBrlde, 
Doressa Paxman, Rhoda Vaun 
Call, Elizabeth Zundel, Dorothy 
Gilchrist, Joy VIehwIg, Wlnnlfred 

Below: The people behind the 
firing line of the Varsity Show 
were: Felice Kartchner, music; 
Lillie Stewart, author; Elliot Brock, 
director; and Marjorie Vowles, 
business manager. 




Marvin Mower and two old school 
marms . . . Y Men — Schwartz, Moul- 
ton, MergI, Gernnane . . . Ludlow 
and Arlene on a bike built for one 
. . . ski trails . . . then there are 
wayne and Emma — o-o-oh, those 
orchids! . . . prexy visits friend 




But they said it couldn't happen here . . . 
ah, snow ... all dressed up and no place 
to blow . . . winter frolic . . . what? doesn't 
it snow in Phoenix, Joy and Bobby? . . . 
Education in Fairyland . . . 


the Hill 


Over the Hill 

Into BYU's book of memories have gone the 
many happy ones contributed by ASTU 3959. 
They came, they saw, and became a part of BYU. 
But joy and sorrow go together and on March 18 
the cadets boarded the train to go back to 
regular army life. The heart of every departing 
cadet was filled with a longing to stay; those re- 
maining behind found saying good-bye impossible. 
So let's not say good-bye, let's just say, hHasta 




ougar y^agers 


Although a war year forced the suspension of the Rocky 
Mountain basketball race, the Cougars undertook the problem 
of assembling a team to play In Madison Square Garden and 
headed east In December to play a schedule of four games. 

Canlslus, considered one of the top eastern college teams, 
was their first opponent, and the green Y men rose to unprece- 
dented heights to hand the Buffaloans a 45-36 defeat In the 
greatest percentage shooting exhibition ever staged in the 
Buffalo Memorial Auditorium. This game proved to be the 
highlight of the trip, as it was followed by a 56-4! defeat at 
the hands of Long Island before 18,000 fans at Madison Square 


Garden, and a 53-49 setback by Albright of Reading, Pa. In 
both of the latter games, the Cougars were slow in starring 
and showed their inexperience by their spasnnodic play. Both 
the eastern trip and the season were brought to a close with 
a 45-40 victory over Omaha University, giving the Y a .500 
percentage, a creditable showing, considering all the hard- 
ships they had to face. Upon the return to Provo, four of the 
ten-man squad faced induction into the armed forces and the 
team was disbanded for the remainder of the year. 

Reading counter-clockwise: Ernest Wilkinson, Vaughn Bar- 
ker, Carl Schofield, Richard Hales, Neil Welling, Bryce Bailey, 
Cecil Kap, Paul Francis, Vern Waite and Bob Foutin. 


\^. A. A. Council 

Under the leadership of Leona Hol-| 
brook, the W.A.A. council helps foster] 
sports among Y girls. Officers of the] 
council at left are: Ardella Christensen.l 
Betty Jayne Wood, Margie Johnson, presl-! 
dent, and Evelyn Anderson. 

Center: Y girls are getting into con- 
dition with the old sport of archery. 

Below: No, this picture isn't an error.j 
It was put here to remind you that there! 
has been football here and will be again 
soon. Notice that the man with the ball;, 
is a Y'ser. j 




With regular athletics at a stand- 
still for the duration, the girls man- 
aged to get excited and have fun 
with fennale sports. Right, the new 
intra-mural champions are, front, 
Grace Theobald, Captain Laurine 
Mickelson, Marjorie Lindstrom, and 
Edna Holt. Back row: Beth Wight, 
Miss Holbrook, Emma Ullock and 
Marion Whitney. 


Below, front: Helen 
Chapman, Joyce Hanks 
and Willa Hadfleld. 

Back: Zola Murphy, 
Evelyn Anderson, Ala- 
ma Ayres, Virginia Alt, 
and Mildred Leston. 

Cadet Commandoes 

A combination of height, speed and precision-like teamwork, brought the Commandoes top honors 
In the Intramural basketball tourney. The all-cadet team was organized by Bob Gray. Back row: Richard 
Horsetail, Bob Gray, Bob Cooper, and Dick Brown. Front row: Dale Bowlln, Robert Shaneck, John White, 
and Bill Bergen. 


Qlor'g Grabbers 

Student Council . . . 

Lora Hilton 
Elaine Grow 
Lillie Stewart 

Class Officers . . . 

Marjorle Vowles 
Felice Kartchner 
Elayne Taylor 
Neil Welling 
Doressa Paxnnan 
Barbara Taylor 
Clyde Sullivan 
Ernest Wilkinson 
Mae Sevy 
Carl Young 
Richard Hales 
Elaine Todd 
Margaret Wilson 

College Varieties . . . 

Ruth England 
George Uyeda 

Varsity Show . . . 

Lillie Stewart 
Felice Kartchner 
Elliot Brock 

r\ • V V • O • • • • 

Emma Hayes 
Ada Moulton 
Elaine Nicholes 
Velma Bates 

Public Service Bureau 

Elaine Peterson 

Y News . . . 

Jean Bickmore 

Ruth England 

Ruth Wilson 

Arlene Andrew . 

Marjorie Vowles 

Miriam Young 

Ernest Wilkinson 

Franklin J. Faux 

Howard Heninger 

Jean Anne Waterstradt 

Ardath Lefler 

Cadet William D. Smith 

Jean Perkins 

Miharu Kawaguchi 

Louis Gibbons 

Patricia Hatch 

Mavis Hafen 

Angelene Greaves 

Elayne Allen 

Mary Virginia Patton 

Shirley Wilkes 

Eileen Wight 

Joy H. Tangren 

Band . . • 

Lucille Sandberg 
Ben Kuraya 
Leo Vernon 

Orchestra . . . 

June West 

Eileen Shurtliff Reimschiissel 

Debate . . . 

Jean Bickmore 

Ruth Wilson 

Beth Crandall 

Margaret Hales 

Valena Jones 

Dorothy Stratton Fielding 

Dranna . . . 

Ada Moulton 
Elaine Peterson 
Theda Henke 
Doressa Paxman 
Kathleen Bird 
Dan Keeler 
Mary Whitely 
Irene Fullmer 
Marcia Greenhaw 
Marjorie Vowles 

Banyan . . . 

Ruth England 
Elaine Waddoups 
Alice Case 
Margaret Wilson 
Franklin J. Faux 
Miriam Young 
Margaret Hales 

W. A. A. . . . 

Evelyn Anderson 
Ardella Christensen 
Margie Johnson 




Book IV 


White Ke^ 

White Key is an honorary service | 
group for girls who have distinguished i 
themselves in extra curricular work. 
Although the nnembers sponsor several ; 
of the big social affairs of the year, ' 
their function is largely one of service. ■ 

Left: Phyllis Jensen, Vice-Pres.; Ar- | 
lene Andrew, Pres.; Elaine Clark Robi- j 
son. Secy.; and Isabel Hales, recrea- ' 
tional manager. i 

Below, front row: Isabel Hales, Lora ( 
Hilton, Barbara Taylor, Marjorie i 
Vowles, Elayne Taylor, Elaine Clark ( 
Robison, Emma Hayes. Back row: Bar- \ 
bara Rasmussen, Felice Kartchner, Ar- i 
lene Andrew, Phyllis Jensen, Georgia '; 
Faux, Lillie Stewart, Elaine Grow, Eliza- '■ 
beth Sander, and Doressa Paxman. 


Y Can 


Y Calcares, capable and lively Sopho- 
more service organization, had a full 
year doing their tasks and helping to 
fill the vacancy left by their brother 
IK's. Right, left to right: Ruth England, 
Vice-Pres.; Afton Bryson, Secy.-Treas.; 
Karnna Cullimore, Pres. Below, front 
row: Afton Bryson, Ruth England, Nola 
de Jong, Jean Bickmore, Artha Jean 
Curtis, Jean Perkins. Center: Lavina 
Hoover, Miriam Young, Bonnie Gay 
Lyman, Dorothy Larch, Mae Sevey, 
Rose laylor, Ruth Peterson, Loa Jean 
Peterson. Back: Atheen Knudsen. Faye 
hlunter, Annenna Billings, Lucy Ludlow, 
Karma Jean Cullimore, Bonnie Jean 
Cromar, Rae Madsen, Florence Sim- 
mons, Barbara Nielson, Marion Owens, 
Jeanette McDonald, Margaret hiales, 
Marjorie Lindstrom, and Ada Moulton. 

Blue Ke^ 

Blue Key, National Honorary service organiza- 
tion for men who have distinguished themselves 
in extra curricular activities, is concerned with 
the sponsoring of several campus projects. This 
year the group took charge of the Frosh Trek 
and conducted two of the best assemblies of 
the year. 

Left: Gene Faux, Secretary; Art Babbel, Presi- 
dent; and Virgil Telford, Vice-President. 

Center: Ross Nielson, HHomer Bartholomew, 
hierman Green, Wells Brockbank, Harden Ben- 
nion, Ernest Wilkinson, Neil Welling, Leo Vern- 
on, Wayne Booth, and Verl Taylor. 

Below, front: Virgil Telford, 
Art Babbel, Gene Faux. 

Back: Paul Fancis, Homer 
Bartholomew, Ralph Frogley, 
Theron Knight, and Clyde Sulli- 


Theta Alpha Phi 

Theta Alpha Phi, a national honrary drama- 
tic fraternity, was installed on this can, pus 
in 1924. The organization annually spons- 
ors various drannatic presentations, and ap- 
points ushers to serve at all departmental 
plays. Right: Joy Swalberg, Secy.; Dan 
Keeler, Pres.; Theda Henke, Vice-Pres. 
Below, Back: Joy Swalberg, Ardath Lefler, 
Kathleen Bird, Mary Whitely, Marcia 
Sreenhaw, Ada Moulton, Ruth England. 
Front: Dan Keeler, Irene Fuller, Theda 
hHenke, Elaine Peterson, Faye hlunter, 
Helen Mabey. 




Phi Omicron 

Gamma Phi, honorary home ec- 
onomics fraternity, organized in 
1926, is composed of outstanding 
students who are majoring in 
home economics. 
Left, from left to right: Ann Bur- 
gess, Recording Secretary; Phyllis 
Farrer, Reporter; Bee Conder, 
Vice-Pres.; Mauriel Barnett, Pres.; 
Kathleen Layton, Secy.-Treas. 
Below, from left to right, front: 
Ruth Klingler, Miss Billings, faculty 
advisor; hHelen Martin. Cerrter: 
Mauriel Barnett, Marian Westen- 
scow, Margie Johnson, Kathleen 
Layton, Orpha Moore, Helen 
Sharatori, Mary Kirkham, Bee 
Conder. Back: Rozena hlutchin- 
son, Lora Hilton, Isabel Hales, 
Ann Burgess, Miss Effie Warnick, 
faculty advisor; Phyllis Farrer 
Emma Hayes, Ruth Wilson, and 
Jean Cox. 


Phi Chi Theta 

Phi Chi Theta, local chapter of a 
national women's business fraternity, was 
organized in 1938. Its nnennbers are 
future supporters of the business world. 

Right, front: Gloria Watts, Treas.; 
Colleen Daniels, Secy.; Yvonne McMur- 
ray, Pres.; Marrial Clark, Vice-Pres.- 

Back: Melba Clark, Advisor; Betsy 
Bowen, Reporter; Elaine Nicholes, Grand 

Below, front: Miriam Dixon, LaRue 
Hoopes, Betsy Bowen, Melba Clark, Lois 
Woolf, Athene Knudsen. Second row: 
Beth Burgan, Gloria Watts, Golda Roun- 
dy, Loa Jean Peterson, Ruth Peterson, 
Maurine Keat, Betty Jane Robinson, Nor- 
ma Forsey, Maxine Layton. Third row: 
Maxine Baird, June McKell, Iris Richard- 
son, Elaine Nicholes, Mary Skoro, Yvonne 
McMurray, Marrial Clark, Macine Walk- 
er, Merla Bond, Anna Stucki, Roberta 
Dean, Colleen Daniels, June West, Mar- 
garet Tillotson, Barbara Bailey, and 
Phyllis Jensen. 


Lambda Delta Sigma 

Left: The executive council of the 
largest single organization on the 
campus, Lambda Delta Sigma, meet 
to discuss important problems at 
hand. Left to right: Verena Ursen- 
brach, secretary-treasurer; Phil Rob- 
Insen, vice-president; Isabel Hales, 
president; Hardon Bennion, presi- 
dent; Arlene Andrews, vice-presi- 
dent, and Chad Avery, secretary- 

Right: Chapter Presidents: — 
Gloria Watts, Phi; Orpha 
Moore, Psi; Chad Riddle, Al- 
pha; Merlene Stevens, Omega; 
and Elizabeth Sander, Chi. 
Lugene Waddoups, presidenr 
of Upsilon was not present. 


Chi and Psi Chapters 

Chi Chapter: (Above) First Row: Helen Martin, Joy Hill, Cherril Black, Erma McGuire, Laurie Teichert, 
Vivyenne Noble, vice-pres.; Eleanor Bennion, Llla Merchant, Marion Clark. Second Row: Lois Woolf, Ruth Wil- 
son, Norma Hansen, Leah Holdaway, Helen Abbott, June Decker, Annie Richardson, Marie Johnson, Mar- 
garet Young. Third Row: Barbara Rasnnussen, Elizabeth Sander, Pres.; Trevelene Harber, Justine Kinsey, 
Nancy Miner, Patricia Reid, La Viene Monson, Beverly Johnson, Maria Hayes, Iris Moore, Secretary. 

Psi Chapter: (Below) First Row: Beth Gilman, June Colt, Verena Ursenbach, Elaine Clark Robison, Maxine 
Baird, Verla Hale, Louise Miyatoke. Second Row: Eloise Snider, Gladys Sanks, June Huber, Isobel Hales, 
Jean Anderson, Margaret Wilson, Willowby Conder. Third Row: Margery Anderson, Elaine Sperry, Marg- 
aret Hales, Lyie Atwood, Margaret Tillotsen, Virginia Knowlton, Beth Paul, Arlene Andrew. 


phi and Upsilon Chapters 

Phi Chapter: Front Row: Carolyn Whitesides, Venice Critchfield, Helen Mabey, Secy.; Gbna Watts, 
Pres.; Barbara Lusty, Vice-Pres.; Roma Jeane Turner, Vera McAllister. Second Row: Barbara Ferrin Anna 
Dean Clark. Sybil Lusty, Mary V^right, Madge Burgon, Rozena Hutchinson Ruth Klingler Olive Fawkes. 
Back Row: Einora Boyack, Mary Skoro, Olea Mae Babbel, Mauriel Barnett. Betty Logsdon, Dorothy Stratton 
Fielding, Loa Jean Peterson. 

Upsilon Chapter: Front Row: Marie Phillips, Lorna Bigelow, Madeline Hatch Beth Martinsen, Lila Mae 
Astle Carol Ann VS/hite, Betty Pearson, Lois Robison, Virginia Phillips. Second Row: Joyce Atkinson Kath- 
leen Bird Margaret Mauss, Afton Litchfield Marilyn Poulsen, VVanda Ricks, Clara Reinsch, Virginia Patton, 
Iris Taylor. Back Row: Marie Kirkham, Arva Mercer, Leda Jean Widdison, Mar|f/n Duncan, Jennie Keeler, 
Lugene V^addoups, Anita Hyatt, Anna Peterson, Beatrice Hawkins, Larene Dearden. 

Omega and Alpha Chapters 

Omega Chapter: Front Row: Yvonne Jackson, Lola Geslison, Marline Stevens, Pres.; Maxine Johnson, 
Secy.; LaRue Hoopes, Dawna Whiting. Second Row: Beverly Bean. LaRue Barton, Irene Fuller, Vlce-Pres.; 
Melba Beckman, Maxine Norton, Elaine Grow. Third Row: Kathryn Ann Richards, Nellie Bushnnan, Wanda 
Sjoblom, Ruth Ann Fuller, Wealthy Purrington, Jean Ann Waterstradt. 

Alpha Chapter: Front Row: Chad Avery, Clarence Byrne, Frank Faux, Gordon Elliott. 
Second Row: Edwin Strobel, John Jensen, Robert Marshall. Edgar Robison. Vennor Meacham, John Chris- 
tiansen, Paul Knowlton. Third Row: Louis Gibbons, Ferrin Lovell, Phil Robinson, Harden Bennion, Ben 
Honner, Norman Wright. Clarence Clark. Verl Taylor. Chad Riddle, Lawrence March. 


Mask Cluh 

Students especially interested 
in the study of drama gather to- 
gether each Monday evening in 
the Little Theatre to enjoy the 
program presented for them by 
their fellow miembers of Mask 
Club. Each year club members 
hear the reading of three-act 
plays by Junior and Senior associ- 
ates. The 1944 play readers below 
are: Ada Moulton, Marcy Green- 
haw, Joy Swalberg, Elaine Peter- 
son, Doressa Paxman, and Mary 
Whiteley, not present. 

Above left: Elaine Peterson, 
secretary; Theda hfenke, vice- 
president; Mary Whiteley, presi- 

Left: Dr. and Mrs. T. Earl Par- 
doe, sponsors. 


Spanish Club 

Right: Sheldon Lowry vice-pres.; 
Cecile Romney, pres.; and Nola 
de Jong, secretary. 

Below, 1st row: Jean Bickmore, 
Marvel Johnson, Lois Hanson, Jean 
Reese, Nedda Muling, Marjorie 
Wight, Adeline Done, Marlyn Dun- 
can. 2nd row: Bernice Evans, Beth 
Clayson, Virginia Shipp, Julia Han- 
sen, Justine Kinsey, Annie Richard- 
son, Lila Astle, Roberta Moore, 
Katherine Moore, Margaret Nusink, 
Mary Whiteley. 3rd row: Ana Del 
Bailey, Bonnie Jean Scott, Eileen 
Wight, Madelyn Hatch, Ruth Peter- 
son, Norma Forsey. 4th row: J. Beu- 
ben Clark, III, Roma W. Carpenter, 
Ruth Tripp, Virginia Phillips, Helen 
Mae Hillman, Artha Jean Curtis, 
Anna Peterson, Evelyn Larson, 
Elayne Allen, Leona Farnsworth, 
Ruth Call, Joy Hill, Lila Merchant, 
Merle Johnson, Jean Peterson, 
Georqanna Adams, Margaret Wil- 
son, Clarence Byrne, Mrs. Amy Y. 


French Club 

Above: Marcia Greenhaw, President; Marian Owens, Vice-President; Joene Bowman, Re- 
porter; and Ruth Ulrich, Secretary. 

Below, front: Marian Robertson, Quelle Hart, Lorna Bigelow, Florence Firnnage, lloa Young, 
Jennie Keeler. 

Middle: Irma Clark, Lorraine Drissell, Marjorie Lindstrom, Jean Anderson, Joene Bowman, 
Marcia Greenhaw, and Patricia Reid. 

Back: Harold Lee, Advisor; Ruth Ulrich, Shirley Perkins, Thola Hepworth, Herman Green. 
Virginia Suddell, Elaine Sperry, J. Reuben Clark, III, Advisor. 


Inter-Social Unit Council 

Lawmakers of the organized social life on the campus, this 
group determines the regulations and rules of conduct for social 
units to follow. The council is constituted mainly of unit presi- 

Above: Wells Brockbank, Kay Payne, hiarden Bennion. 

Below, front: Maxine Baird, secretary; Miss HHolbrook facul- 
ty advisor; Marjorie Vowles, President; Elayne Taylor, Artha Jean 
Curtis. Back: Lila Atkinson, Barbara Taylor, Elinor Putnam, and 
Maxine Layton, Dean Lloyd, faculty advisor, was not present 
when picture was taken. 

Aka Mitra 

Left: Maxine Layton, President. 

Front Row, left to right: Melva Bagley, Rhoda Rees, 
Beth Richardson, Kathleen Layton, Olive Fowles, Jean 

Back Row: Marjorie Petty, Madelyn Hatch, Margie 
Johnson, Annette Sandstrom, Maxine Layton. 


La Sorella 

Right: LHa Atkinson, President. 

Front Row, left to right: Rhea hiaslenn, 
Janet Rasband, Eldene Taylor, Dorothy 
Willianns, Dorothy Mae Halls, Lila Atkiriion. 

Back Row: Meria Bond, Beth Crock, 
Quelle hlart, Olga Allred, Lucille Sandberg, 
and EIna Stueler. 




Left: Artha Jean Curtis, President. 

Below: First Row: Merllne Stevens, Artha Jean Curtis, 
Dorothy Gilchrist. 

Second Row: Nadine Tucker, Virginia Suddeli, Marjorie 
Anderson, Elaine Peacock, Wana Elder, Winifred Thomas, 
Lorraine Drissell, Marian Westinskow. 

Third Row: Ann Salisbury, Beth Crandall, La Rue 
hHoopes, Roma Jean Turner, Barbara Rasmussen, Marjorie 
Lindstrom, Ardella Nielson, Dorothy Statton Fielding, hielen 
Stratton, Nila Stubbs, Ruby Stratton. 

Not Present: Van Ese Barkdull, Lucille Barkdull, Norma 
Reynolds, Maurine Keate, Anna Stone. 


Cesta lie 

Right: Barbara Taylor, President. 

First Row: Ruth England, Joy Tangren, Rella Roberison, 
Dona Faye Clark, Elaine Wood. Second Row: Leah Holda- 
way, Patricia Reid, Ada Moulton, Jean Reese, Barbara 
Ferrin, June West, Mary Whiteley, Barbara Taylor, Marcia 
Sreenhaw, Velma Bates, Lora Hilton. Third Row: Lorraine 
Freestone, Carole hiilton, Beth Clayton, Marion Gottfred- 
son, Margaret Priday, Rhoda May Goates, Lucille Rich- 
ards, Valene Camenish, Betty Lewis, Florence Simons, Val- 
ena Jones, Einora Boyack, Elizabeth Zundell, Virginia Bur- 
ton, Lugene Waddoups, Jean Anne Waterstradt, Barbara 
Nielson, Ann Burgess, Ruth Klingler. 

Not Present: Charlotte Chipman, Rosemary Spears, 
Marion Jones, Dorothy Sharol Ostler. 




Left: President Marjorie Vowles. 

Front row: Joan Helndselnnan, Barbara Sherry, 
Mary Ellen Dauwalder, Mary Beth Taylor, Geneal 
Martin. Middle row: Enid HHansen, Maurine Bosweil, 
Beverly Cronin, hielen Martin, Mary Lou Dixon, 
Genie! Mower, Pauline Claudin. Back row: Annena 
Billings, Ann Greaves, Marian Hyde, Yvonne McMur- 
ray, Barbara Bailey, Vivian Holt, Adel Ransbottam, 
and Verdell Hunt. 


O. S. Trovata 

At Right: Mickey Putnam, President. 

Front Row, left to right: Lyravine Jensen, Mae Sevy, 
Dorothy Larch, Carol Roberts, Elaine Gwynn, Marian Owens, 
Margery Cottam, Mickey Putnann, Afton Bryson, Geniel 
Hayward, Neola Jones. 

Center Row: Caroline Whitesides, Shirley Leavitt, Cherril 
Snow, Ruth Redd, Verda Olson, Teddy Jackson, Alma Deppe, 
Wilma hHunter, Marie Snell, Phyllis Hunter, Shirley Wilkes, 
Jean Bickmore. 

Back Row: Wylene Millet, hHarriet Young, Dorothea Jones, 
Bonnie Lyman, Peggy HHagan, Nita Jeanne Fullmer, Jennie 
Keeler, Beth Christensen, llah Dean Gledhill, Jeanne Pilling. 
Patricia Terry, Anna Lee Strate, Janet Macdonald, Shirley 
Romney, Sally Turner, Betty Gray, Lucy Ludlow. 




Front Row: Felice Kartchner, Emma Hayes, Mabel Stew- 
art, Elayne Taylor, Carol Collard, Colleen Daniels. 

Second Row: Jean Anderson, Margaret Wilson, Ellen Ash- 
worth, Lois Johnson, Joy Viehweg, Elaine Grow, Marjorie 
Hart, Donna Ellertson, Shiirley Harding, Sammie Speakmah. 

Third Row: Anna Jean Bullock, Miriam Young, Lavina 
Hoover, Bonnie Jean Cromar, Rose Taylor, Ruth Peterson, 
Mary Smart, Val Deane Rice, Lucille Booth, Rhoda Vaun Call. 

Fourth Row: Joy Swalberg, Marge Nielson, Thelma Ells- 
worth, Elaine Robison, Mavis Hafen, Arlene Andrew, Lillie 

Fifth Row: Rae Madsen, Helen Booth, Margaret Hales, 
Gladys Rawlings, Elaine Stowell, Phyllis Barnes, Gloria 
Watts, Mary Lee Atkerson, Elaine Todd. 

Sixth Row: Maria Hayes, Doressa Paxman, Nola de Jong, 
Elaine Nicholes, La Rhea Nielson, Isabel Hales, Anna Stucki, 
Pat Hatch, Georgia Coulam. 

Leit: Elayne Taylor, President. 



Wefls Brockbank, 


Clyde Davis, Ver 
Taylor, Neil Welling 
Loren Barlow, and 
Sterling Sessions. 

Left: Kay Payne, President. 

Below, front row: Condie Call, 
Bryce Bailey, Paul Francis, Jannes 
Gough, Joe King, Howard Henin- 
ger, David Shelby, and Ferrin Lovell. 

Back: Calvin Hutchins, Charles 
hiart, Kay Payne, Ernest Wilkinson, 
Odell Christensen, Leo Vernon, and 
Bill hierrera. 



Right: President Clyde 

Below, left to right: 
Clinton Wiest, Richard 
Hales, John Wing, spon- 
sor, Clyde Sullivan, 
Lloyd hHIggins, Dean 
Brockbank, and Kred 





u I t V 

Andrus, Romah, I 5 
Ball;f. Ariel S.. I I 
Ballif. Carma, I 4 
Barlow, Irene S.. I i 
Billings. May. 12. 80 
Bingham. Sanford M., !5 
Birrell, Veria L.. 15 
Booth. Lillian C. 14 
Booth. Louis W.. 14. 37 
Boyle, William H.. I I 
Britsch, Raph A.. 14.41 
Bryner. Loren C 12 
Buggert, Gustave, 14 
Bullock. Kenneth. 15 
Butt. Newbern I.. 14 
Caine. Julia Alleman, 15 
Carroll. Elsie C, 12 
Christensen, Harold T. I 1 . 54 
Christensen, Parley A., 10 
Clark, Herald R.. 9. 42 
Clark, J. Rueben III, 13,87,88 
Clark. James R.. 14 
Clarke. A. John, 15 
Clinger. Morris M.. 14 
Coffman, W.Elmo. 12.41 
Croft. Evan M., 12 
Cullimore, Lloyd L.. 10 


Alexander. Donald F.. 29 
Alexander. Robert, 57 
Amick. Charles C, 31 
Amstutz. Dale E.. 29 
Anderson, Wallace R. Cpl., 27 
Angwin, James V.. 28 
Annon, George H.. 31 
Armstrong. Willam J.. 32 
Austin. Wilton, 27, 32 
Bagley, Harvey B.. 28 
Barnard. Edwin J., 29 
Barnes, Elbert D., 30 
Bernhardt. Harry V., 31 
Barry. Donald S.. 28 
Bealer. William J., 32 
Beckstead. Douglas L.. 30 
Beimford. Louis A.. 3 I 
Beldon, William E.. 29 
Benson. Arthur R.. 3 I 
Benton. John L.. 28 
Benton. Robert W.. 31 
Bergan. William W., 32. 73 
Berks, David M.. 28 
Bernschin, Charles R., 28 
Biebelle, Walter R.. 30 
Bingham, James D.. 32 
Bossing. Robert F., 29 
Bowlen. Dale F., 31. 73 
Bross. William A., 32 
Bricker. Richard M., 28 
Broadnax. Charles E.. 28 
Brown. Dick. 73 
Buhler. Ernest Jr.. 32 
Bullock. Roberto.. 29 
Bi/rson. James H., 32 
Busch. John A., 29 
Cadwallder, Richard B., 30 
Cady, Duane W., 30 
Carlisle. WiliamT.. 29 
Carpenter, Neal R., 32 
Carroll, Don E.. 27. 31 
Chase. Keith A.. 30 
Christy. William J.. 29 
Ciraulo. Joseph J., 31 

Cummings. Benjamin F.. I{ 
deJong. Gerrit Jr., 9 
Dennis. Elvin Jr.. 13 
Dixon. Fred W., 12 
Fisher, Flora D.. 14 
Fitzroy. George W,, I 3 
Eyring. Carl F.. 9 
Geertson. O. Norman, I 3 
Hales, Wayne B.. I I 
Halliday. John R.. 12. 37 
Hansen, George H.. 10 
Hansen. Wiliam. 11.4! 
Harris. Chales. 13.41 
Haris. Franklin S.. 8 
Harrison, Bertrand, I I 
Hoyt. Harrison Val. 10 
Hart. Anna Boss. I 5 
Hart. Charles J.. I I 
Hawker. Atton, 13 
Hayes. John E.. 12 
Haymore. Franklin R,. li 
Hayword. Lynn C 12 
Holbrook, Leona, I 1 . 70 
Jackson. Elda. I 5 
Jensen. Christen. 9 
Jensen. C. Lavolr. 12 
Jenson, Edgar M.. I I 
Keeler, Joseph J., 14 

Knight. Hattie M.. 13 

Lambert. Asael C. 9 

Larson, Bent F., 10 

Law, Reuben D., I I 

Lee Harold W.. 14.88 

Lee. Wilford D.. 14 

Lloyd. Wesley P.. 9. 89 

Madsen, Florence Jepperson. 10. 35 

Maeser. Georgia. 12 

Marshall. Milton. 10 

Martin, Thomas L.. 9 

Maw, Charles E.. 10 

Merrill. Amos N.. 9 

Miller. Elmer. 10 

Miller. Karl. 13 

Millet. Floyd. 12 

Morrell. Katherine 

Nelson, Elmer. I 3 

Nicholes. Joseph K,, 

Ollorton. Anna, I 2 

Osmond, Irene, I 2 

Packard. Hannah C 

Pardee. Katherine. 

Pardee. T. Earl. 10.86 

Peterson. Dean A.. 13 

Peterson, Hermese. 10 

Peterson, Hugh W.. I I 

Poulson, M. Wilford. 10 

I I 



Clements. Cannon U., 32 
Coffin. Charles M.. 32 
Cole, Richard F..3I 
Collier. EarlT. Cpl.. 27 
Collins. William W., 32 
Commander, John C. 28 
Conway, Joseph ^., 32 
Cock. Theodore R.. 28 
Cooper. Charles. 27, 32 
Cooper, Robert H. 31. 73 
Copen, Estes G.. 30 
Coulon. James. 32 
Counterman. Stanley D.. 31 
Crompton, William B., 29 
Cummings. Harry L.. 27, 31 
Danford. Wiliam H.. 32 
Davis, Harry, 32 
Davis. Robet v.. 28 
Dempsey, Robert H., 29 
Dittman. William E.. 28 
Dibble, KeruC. 31 
Dominguez. Michael. 29 
Donie. John F.. 29 
Duffy. Lawrence E.. 3 I 
Duke. Douglas E., 31 
Dunkerson, Louis L.. 2nd Lt., 26 
Durocher. Hector J.. 27, 30 
Fabian, Louis M/Sgt., 27 
Earner, Harold B.. 30 
Ferber, George C 29 
Forsllne. C. Richard. 32 
Frankel, William E.. 29 
Freiday. William, 29 
Frye. Donald E.. 30 
Fulghum. James P., 31 
East. William F. S/Sgt.. 27 
Ebert, John W.. 28 
Eissler, Ben B., 30 
Eriksen. Frank H.. 2nd Lt.. 26 
Ekstrom. Lester, 29 
Ewy. Henry H., 30 
Gagnon, Armand J.. 32 
Gantert. Thomas E.. 30 
Germane. Francis, 27, 32. 53. 56 
Gibson. Nelson. 32 

Gittling. Horton. 29 
Godding. Harris B.. 29 
Granat, Maxwell. 31 
Gravette. William. 32 
Gray. Robert D.. 31. 73 
Grey. James R.. 28 
Hager, Jacob W.. 31 
Haley. Raymond. 32 
Hall. Frank E.. 29 
Harris. James S.. 29 
Hart, John R., 28 
Hastings. John M., 28 
Hataway, Harry R.. 30 
Hawkins. Robert E.. 32 
Hendrickson. Kermit. 27, 30, 56 
Hill. Charles W.. 28 
Hiller. Charles R., 30 
Holgman, Edward. 29 
Holland, Joseph L., 29 
Hornick. Mike. 29 
Horsfall. Edward R.. 30. 73 
Hasford. Gregory F.. 31 
Huber, Richard R.. 31 
Hubler. Eugene W., 3 I 
Hull. Norman E., 27. 30 
Ireland. Gilbert T.. 32 
Jablonski. Wentzen J., 29 
Jeffery. Wendell E.. 27, 30, 54 
Johanse. Willard.27.32 
Johnson, Glenn E.. 29 
Johnson. Sid W.. 28 
Kapp. Norman. 28 
Kapphahn. Leroy C 29 
Keeton. Robert. 31 
Kitlinski. Felix T., 31 
Knight, James R.. 30 
Krauthamer, Charles M., 31 
Kreugar, Clarence O., 30 
Lane. William C. 29 
Laurence. Van S.. 27, 30 
Lincoln, Burton K., 29 
Linden. Martin H. Pfc. 27 
Lindgren. Donald H.. 28 
LIndgren. Wesley A,. 32 
Littlefield. Stephen S.. 28 

KIce. Leonard Wiliam. 13 
Richardson, Beth, 13 
Ricks, Buelah. 15 
Roberts. Bertha. I I 
Robertson, Leroy J.. 10 
Robins. Rhea, 1 5 
Rowe, Ed. M.. I I 
Sauer. Robert, 2 
Sauls, Kiefer B.. 7 
Sessions. J. Wyley. I 1 
Smart. Nettie Neff. 9. 17 
Snell, Morris. I 3 
Snell. William H.. II 
Snow. William J., 10 
Snow. Edna. I I 
Spencer. Luclle. I 3 
Sperry. Sidney B.. I I 
Tanner. Orea B.. I 4 
Tanner, Vasco M., 10 
Taylor, Lynn. I 5 
Tuttle. L. Eliott. 14 
Ungerman, Ralph, 13.41 
Valentine. Lee Benson, 14, 41 
Warnick, Effle. 10. 80 
Wing. John H.. 14.99 
Woolf. Golden L. I I 
Young. Karl E.. I I 

Loth, Loren, 27. 30 
LoTufo, Frank. 3 I 
Lukko. Reino R.. 31 
Lynch, William W. Jr.. 30 
Magle. William. 29 
Martin, Harry J., 30 
Mattison, Lewis C. 29 
Mayne. Robert T.. 29 
McAvoy, Charles. 32 
McCarter, Steven S.. 30 
McCarthy, Daniel R.. 31 
McCaslin, Gus Jr., 30 
McComas, Norris H.. 32 
McDonald. John M., 30 
Mcintosh. Lucius M. Jr.. 32 
McKeever, Thomas W.. 3 I 
McNees. Athur R., 31 
McNees, Douglas, 27 
McNees, John D.. 31 
Meidal. Kerrneth. 29 
Meloney. Joseph A.. 32 
Mergl. Vernon. 28, 32. 56. 57 
Merritt. Frances L.. 28 
MIdberry. James E.. 32 
Milcom. Wiliam R.. 32 
Miller, Martin J., 31 
Milllan, Terrance. 27. 32 
Mueller, Travis H.. 28 
Myers. Maurice D., 31 
NIckerson, Jack E., 29 
Odgers, Marvin C. 28 
Oliver, James H. Sgt.. 27 
O'Rouke. Owen S.. 28 
Over. Jack D.. 28 
Palmer. Ra^ F., 28 
Papernik. Eugene J., 29 
Pettingill. Donald C. 30 
Powell. Charles E. Major. 26 
Privltera. Carmelo A., 30 
Quass. John M. Captain. 26 
Quiring. Raymond R.. 31 
Reich. Irwin E.. 29 
Resh, Robert, 32 
Rian, Vincent J.. 29 
Richards. John F.. 29 




Rodgers, Leroy J., 32 
Rosenberg. Ernold, 32 
Roshopf, William J.. 29 
Rose. Edwin A.. 30 
Ross. Edgar F.. 29 
Rosenberger. Douglas H., 30 
Rowland. Louis A.. 31 
Rubet, Vincent D.. 30 
Sacks, William S.. 31 
Sager. Elwood J.. 32 
Secor. Arthur E., 32 
Shamp. Frances F.. 27. 30 
Schmidt, Ernst. 27. 31 
Schultz, William A., 30 
Schwartz, Irvin, 32. 49 
Shaneck. Robert W.. 3 1 . 73 
Shaw. Joseph C. 28 

Abbott. Helen. 84 
Adams. Florence, 19 
Adams. Georganna. 87 
Allen. Elayne. 47. 74.84 
Allred. Olga,9l 
Alt. Virginia. 72 
Andreson, Evelyn. 70, 72, 74 
Anderson. Jean, 84, 88.96 
Anderson. Margery. 35. 84, 92 
Andrew, Arlene. 47. 74, 76, 82, 84 
Ashworth. Ellen. 96 
Astle. Lila Mae.,84, 87 
Atiterson, Mary Lee. 96 
Atkinson. Joyce. 35. 84 
Atkinson. Lila D.. 19.91 
Atwood. Lyie. 84 
Ayers. Alama. 72 


Babbel, Arthur, 78 

Babbel. Olea Mae. 84 

Bagley. Melva. 19.90 

Bailey, Ana Del. 87 

Bailey. Barbara. 81 

Bailey. Bryce. 69, 98 

Baird. Maiine. 81. 84.89 

Ballif. Ariel Jr., 37 

Ballif. Arta. 41 

Barclay. Janet. 35 

Barkdull, VanEse. 92 

Barkdull. Lucille. 92 

Barker, Vaughn. 19 

Barnes, Phyllis. 96 

Barnett. Mauriel, 19. 80,84 

Bartholomew. Homer. 78 

Barton. Gilbert. 37 

Bates. Velma, 50. 58. 74. 93 

Bean. Beverly, 40. 85 

Beckman. Melba, 85 

Beckstead, Bonnie. 35 

Bennett. Emma, 37 

Bennion. Harden, 78. 82, 85. 88 

Bennion. Eleanor, 37, 84 

Bickmore. Jean. 47, 48, 54. 

74, 77,87,95 
Billings, Annenna. 77. 94 
Biglow, Lorna, 84, 88 
Bird. Kathleen. 40. 41. 74. 79. 84 
Black. Cherrel, 35, 84 
Bleak. Howard. 35 
Bond. Merla. 81.91 
Booth. Helen. 19.96 
Booth. Lucille. 96 
Booth. Marjorio M.. 19 
Booth. Wayne. 56. 78 
Borgeson. Marie. 35. 37 
Boswell. Maurine. 94 
Bowen. Betsy. 8! 
Bowman, Ricky, 35, 40 

Sheldon. John C. 30 
Simpson. George A.. 3 I 
Simpson. Paul W.. 31 
Smith. EarleT.. 32 
Smith. Vernon M., 3 I 
Smith, William D., 30, 47. 49, It 
Snyder, Raph H.. 28 
Splnelli. Henry P.. 31 
Springer, Duane. 28 
Springer. Raymond A.. 32 
Springer. William D.. 32 
Stachowiak. Blaise L., 31 
Stephens, David M., 27. 30 
Stewart, Archie D., 32 
Stewart, Robert F., 31 
Stubler, Peter A.. 31 
Sumner, Paul E., 27, 3 I 

Sundahl. John C. 30 
Swanson. Eugene A.. 32 
Swanson. Richard S.. 28 
Talkowski. John P., 3 I 
Tennant. Vance L.. 3 I 
Terlouw. Marion. 29 
Thatcher. Walter P., 30 
Thomas. John P.. 32 
Trameri, Aldo E.. 3 I 
Tuttle. Neal A., 32 
Vetter, Robert E.. 31 
Wainwright. Edgar A.. 32 
Walsh. John L.. 29 
Weinstein. Stanley. 29 
White, John G.. 39. 73 
Wilke, William W.. 31 
Wales. Stanley L.. 30 


Bowman. Joene. 88 
Boyack. EInora, 59. 84.93 
Brady. Maurine, 35 
Bramwell. Craig. 63 
Brock. Elliot. 63. 74 
Brockbank. Dean. 99 
Brockbank, Wells. 61. 77.89.97 
Bryson. Afton. 77. 95 
Bullock, Anna Jean. 35. 59. 96 
Burgess. Ann. 19. 80, 93 
Burgi, Lacy, 35 
Burleigh. Leroy. 63 
Burnham, Shauna A., 19 
Bushman. Nellie. 35. 85 
Burgan, Madge, 84 
Burton. Virginia. 93 
Buttle. Lee, 41 
Byrne, Clarence. 85, 87 

Call. Condie. 98 

Call. Rhode Vaun, 18, 63.96 

Call. Ruth, 87 

Caminish. Valene, 93 

Carpenter. Roma W., 87, 93 

Chapman. Helen, 72 

Chipman. Charlotte. 35. 93 

Christensen. Alice, 41 

Christensen, Beth. 95 

Christensen, Odell. 53.98 

Christiansen, Ardella, 53. 74 

Christiansen. John, 85 

Clark, Anna Deon, 35. 84 

Clark. Clarence. 57. 85 

Clark. Dona Faye. 35.93 

Clark, Irma. 88 

Clark, Mable, 19, 81 

Clark, Marion. 84 

Clark. Marrial. 81 

Claudin. Pauline. 94 

Clayson. Beth. 87,93 

Colt. June. 84 

Collard, Carol. 96 

Conder, Willouby. 19. 80. 84 

Cottam. Margery. 95 

Coulam. Georgia. 35. 96 

Cox, Jean, 80. 90 

Crandall. Beth. 54. 74, 92 

Cromer, Bonnie Jean. 77. 96 

Crook. Beth. 20 

Critchfield. Venice. 19, 84 

Cronin. Beverly. 94 

Crosby. Edith. 20 

Culllmore. Karma Jean. 35. 62. 77 

Culllmore. Kathleen, 40 

Curtis. Artha Jean. 77. 92. 87 

Daniels, Coleen. 81. 96 
Dastrup. Jean. 37 

Davis, Clyde, 97 

Dauwalder, Mary Ellen. 62. 94 

Day. Nadine. 35 

Dean. Roberta. 81 

Dearden. Larene. 84 

Decker, June, 47, 84 

deJonq. Nola, 47, 58. 77. 87. 96 

Deppe, Alma, 95 

Dickson. Peggy. 35 

Dixon, Mary Lou, 94 

Dixon. Miriam. 81 

Done Adelaine. 87 

Drissell, Lorraine. 35. 88,92 

Duncan, Marlyn. 84. 87 

Dyches. Winnifred. 63 

Elder. Wana, 92 

Ellertson. Agnes. 35 

Ellertson. Donna, 37, 96 

Ellertson, Madge, 35 

Elliott. Gordon. 85 

Ellsworth. Thelma. 96 

England. Ruth. 40. 47. 48. 57. 59, 63 

74. 77. 79.93 
Evans, Bernice. 87 

Farnsworth. Leona, 35, 87 

Farrer. Phyllis. 20. 80 

Faux. Franklin. 37, 47. 49, 74, 85 

Faux, Gene, 56. 78 

Faux. Georgia C. 20. 76 

Fawkes, Olive, 84.90 

Ferron, Barbara. 59. 84. 93 

Fielding. Dorothy S.. 54. 74. 92. 84 

Fingerle. Clarence. 41 

Firmage. Florence. 88 

Francis. Paul. 69. 78.98 

Frederlckson, Ruth, 35 

Freestone, Lorraine. 35. 63. 93 

Frogley, Ralph. 56, 78 

Forsey. Norma. 81. 87 

Foutin. Bob, 59 

Fuller, Irene. 40. 74. 79. 85 

Fulmer. NIta Jeanne. 95 


Gardner. Elaine. 20 
Gesllson, Lola. 35. 85 
Gibbons. Lewis, 47. 74, 85 
Gilchrist. Dorothy. 20. 35. 63. 92 
Gilman. Beth. 84 
Gledhill. Hah Dean. 95 
Gottfriedson. Marian, 93 
Gouqh. Jim. 98 
Goates. Rhode May. 93 
Gray. Betty. 95 
Greaves. Ann. 47. 74, 94 
Green, Herman. 56. 78. 88 
Greenhaw. Marcia. 40. 59. 74. 79. 

Will. Wallace K.. 31 
Willoughby. Frank R.. 31 
Wilson. MardisG.. 29 
WInetraub. Edward I.. 28 
Winkleman. Harris. 31 
WIsker. Harold L, 32 
Witt. Allan J.. 28 
Witt. Richard C. 30 
Wold. Sam F.. 29 
Worley. Maurice. 29 
Wurleman. Robert H.. 30 
Yano. Masaml. 24 
fannes. Steve C. 31 
Yarosh. Frank. 32 
Zagoru. John I,. 3 I 
Zahn, George D.. 28 
Zimpfer, Edward L.. 30 

Grow. Elaine. I 6, 20. 74. 76. 85. 96 
Gwynn. Elaine, 95 


Hadfield. Willa. 35. 72 

Hafen. Mavis. 47. 74. 96 

Hagan. Peggy. 20. 53.95 

Hale. Verla. 35. 84 

Hales. Isobel. 20. 76. 80. 82. 84. 96 

Hales. Margaret. 49. 54. 77. 74. 84. 96 

Hales. Richard, 25.69. 74.99 

Halliday. Geraldlne, 20 

Halls. Dorothy Mae. 91 

Halt, Edna, 71 

Hanks. Joyce. 72 

Hansen. Beth H., 20 

Hansen, Enid. 94 

Hansen. Julia. 35. 87 

Hansen, Lois. 87 

Hansen, Norma. 35. 84 

Harber. Trevelene. 84 

Hart, Charles. 98 

'Harding, Shlralee. 96 

Hart, Marjorie. 63, 96 

Hart. Quella.88. 91 

Hatch. Madeline. 84. 87.90 

Hatch. Pat. 47. 74.96 

Hatch. Vivian. 35 

Haslem. Rhea. 91 

Hawkins. Beatrice. 84 

Hays. Emma. I 7. 20, 63. 74. 76. 80. 96 

Hays, Maria, 84. 96 

Hayward. Genial, 95 

Helndselman, Joan. 94 

Heninger. Howard. 47. 98 

Henke. Theda. 21. 40. 74. 79. 86 

Hepworth. Thola. 88 

Herrera. Bill. 98 

Hiqgins. Lloyd. 99 

Hill. Joy. 84. 87 

Hillman. Helen Mae. 87 

Hilton. Carole. 93 

Hilton. Lore. 16. 21. 74. 76. 80.93 

Hobbs. Jean. 40 

Hofhines. Ileen. 37 y 

Homer. Ben. 85 

Homer. Fred. 99 

Holdaway. Leah. 21. 53, 84.93 

Hoopes. La Rue. 1 4. 8 1 . 85 

Hoover. Lavlna. 77. 96 

Hoyt. Vivian. 94 

Huber. June. 84 

Hunt. Norma. 37 ♦ 

Hunt. Verdell. 94 

Hunter. Faye. 35. 49. 77. 79 

Hunfer. Phyllis. 95 

Hunter. Wllma. 95 

Hutchins. Calvin. 98 

Hutchinson. Rozena. 21. 80. 84 




Hyatt, Anita, 35, 84 
Hyde, Marian, 94 

Jackson, Theda May. 21,95 
Jackson, Yvonne, 85 
Jenkins, Evelyn, 35 
Jensen, John, 85 
Jensen, Lyravine, 95 
Jensen, Phyllis, 21, 76,81 
Jones, Ray, 41 
Jones, Dorothea, 95 
Jones, Neola, 95 
Jones, Valena, 54, 74,93 
Jones, Marion, 93 
Johnson, Beverly, 84 
Johnson, Lois, 96 
Johnson, Merle, 84, 87 
Johnson, Margie, 70, 74,80,90 
Johnson, Marvel, 87 
Johnson, Maxine, 85 
Johnson, Zenda, 35 
Jorgensen, Elinore, 35 


Kap, Cecil, 69 

Kartchner, Felice, 18,21,63, 

74, 76, 96 
Kase, Alice, 48 
Kato, Jack S., 21 
Kawaguchi, Miharu, 47, 74 
Keate, Maurine, 35, 81,92 
KeelerDan,4l,74, 79 
Keeler, Jennie, 35,84, 88,95 
Kinsey, Justine, 84, 87 
King, Joe, 98 
King, Romola, 21 
Kirby, Kenneth K., 29 
Kirk, Warren, 41 
Kirkham, Marie, 84 
KIrkham, Mary, 80 
Klingler, Ruth, 80, 84, 93 
Knight, Therron, 78 
Knov^lton, Paul, 85 
Knowlton, Virginia, 2 1 , 47, 84 
Knudsen, Athleen, 77, 81 
Kohler, Eloise, 35 
Kuraya, Benjamin, 21,37, 74 


Larch, Dorothy, 77,95 

Larson, Evelyn, 87 

Layton, Kathleen, 21, 80,90 

Layton, Maxine, 22, 81 , 89, 90 

Leavitt, Shirley, 95 

Lefler, Ardath,47, 74,79 

Leston, Mildred, 72 

Lewis, Betty, 93 

Lichfield, Afton, 35, 84 

Lindstrom, Mariorie, 35, 71 

, 77,88,92 
Logsdon, Betty, 84 
Long, Unice, 35 
Lovell, Perron, 85,98 
Lowry, Sheldon, 87 
Ludlow, Lucy, 77,95 
Lundell, Lillian, 37 
Lusty, Barbara, 22, 84 
Lusty, Sybil, 35, 84 
Lyman, Bonne Gay, 62, 77, 95 


Mabey, Helen, 40, 79. 84 
Macdonald, Janet, 77, 95 
Madsen, Rae, 77,96 
Maiben, Henry, 37 
March, Lawrence, 85 
Marchant, Lila, 40, 84, 87 
Marshall, Robert, 85 
Martin, Helen, 84,94 
Martin, Geneal, 94 

Mauss, Margaret, 84 
McAllister, Vera, 50 
McBrlde, Marjorle, 63 
McGuire, Erma, 35, 84 
McKell, June, 22, 81 
McMurray, Yvonne, 81, 94 
Mercer, Arva, 37, 84 
Meacham, Vennor, 85 
Merrill, Colleen, 35 
Mickles, James, 27 
Millet, Wylene, 95 
Milner, Glen R., 37 
Minor, Nancy E., 22, 84 
Monson, La Viene, 84 
Mortensen, Beth, 84 
Moore, Katherine, 87 
Moody, Myrlene, 22 
Moore, Roberta, 87 
Moore, Iris, 84 
Moore, Orpha, 80 
Moulton, Ada, 17, 40,61, 63, 74, 

77, 79,86,93 
Mower, Geniel, 94 

Muir, Marion, 37 

Muling, Nedda, 87 

Mullen, Barbara, 35 

Murphy, Zola, 72 

Myatake, Louise, 84 


Nason, Bonnie, 35 

Nielson, Barbara, 77,93 

Nielson, Ross, 78 

Newren, Aretta, 35 

NIcholes, Elaine, 17, 53, 74,81,96 

Nielson, La Rhea, 96 

Nielson, Marjorie, 57, 96 

Noble, VIvyenne, 35, 84 

Norton, Maxine, 85 

Nusink, Margaret, 87 

Ohai, Rueben M., 22 
Olson, Verda,95 
Ostler, Dorothy Sharol, 35, 93 
Ostler, Mary Lou, 35 
Owens, Marian, 63, 77, 88, 95 

Parkinson, Genevieve, 35 
Patton, Virginia, 35, 47, 74, 84 
Paul, Beth, 84 
Paxman, Doressa, 25, 40, 58,61,63 

74, 76, 86, 96 
Payne, Kay E., 22, 89, 98 
Peacock, Elaine, 37,92 
Pearce, Carey, 40 
Perkins, Jean, 47, 74, 77, 88 
Perkins, Sirley, 88 
Pearson, Betty, 84 
Peterson, Anna, 84, 87 
Peterson, Arlene, 35 
Peterson, Elaine, 18, 22, 40, 
63, 74, 79,86 
Peterson, Jean, 87 
Peterson, Jay M,, 22 
Peterson, Loa Je§n. 77, 8 1 , 84. 87 
Peterson, Ruth, 77, 81, 87, 96 
Petty, Marjorle, 70 
Phillips, Marie, 84 
Phillips, Virginia, 84. 87 
Pinegar. Glen. 37 
Pilling, Jeanne, 58,62,95 
Poulsen, Marilyn, 84 
Priday, Margaret, 35, 93 
Purrington, Wealthy, 85 
Putnam, Elinor, 22, 89, 95 

Ransbottom, Adel, 94 ' 
Rosband, Janet, 91 

Rasmussen, Barbara, 22, 37, 

76, 84, 92 
Rawlings, Gladys, 96 
Redd, Ruth, 95 
Rees, Rhoda, 23,90 
Reese, Jean, 35,40, 87.93 
Reld, Patrlcia,35, 63,84, 88,93 
Relmschiissel, Hanna, 35 
Reimschilssel, Eileen S., 74 
Reinsch, Clara May, 35,84 
Reynolds, Norma, 37, 92 
Rice, Val Deane, 63,96 
Richards, Lucille, 35,93 
Richardson, Annie, 84, 87 
Richardson. Iris. 8 I 
Ricks, Evelyn, 37 
Richardson, Beth, 90 
Ricks, Wanda, 84 
Richards, Kathryn Ann, 85 
Riddle, Chauncy, 37, 82, 85 
Roberts, Carole, 47, 61,95 
Roberts, Jeff, 37 
Robertson, Marian, 88 
Robertson, Rella, 93 
Robinson, Edgar, 85 
Robinson, Jane, 81 

Robinson, Phil, 82, 85 

Rowan, Gaylar, 37 

Rust, Anna Belle, 35 

Rust, Orion, 63 


Salisbury, Ann, 35,49,92 

Sandberg, Lucille, 37, 74,91 

Sander, Elizabeth, 53, 63, 76, 82, 84 

Sandstrom, Annette, 90 

Sanks, Gladys, 84 


Schwartz, Ruby, 35, 37 

Scott, Bonnie Jean, 87 

Sessions, Sterling, 97 

Sevy, Mae, 25, 59,74, 77,95 

Shartori, Helen, 80 

Shelby, David, 98 

Sherry, Barbara, 94 

Shipp, Virginia, 87 

Shurtliff, Eileen, 23 

Simons, Florence. 77, 93 

Sjoblom, Wanda, 85 

Skoro, Mary, 8 1 , 84 

Smart, Mary, 96 

Smith, Donna Jean, 35 

Smithson, Delsa, 23 

Snell, Marie, 95 

Snider, Eloise, 84 

Snow, Cherrll, 95 

Snow, Dorothy, 6 1 

Speakman, Sammie, 63, 96 

Spears, Rosemary, 93 

Sperry, Elaine, 84,88 

Spratley, Joan, 35, 53 

Stephens, Dave, 47 

Stevens, Merlene, 23, 82, 85, 92 

Stevens, Vera, 23 

Stewart, Llllie. 16.23. 53.63, 
74, 76, 96 

Stewart, Mabel, 96 

Stinson, Thelma, 23 

Stowell, Elaine, 40, 96 

Stone, Anna, 92 

Strate, Anna Lee, 95 
Stratton, Ruby, 92 
Stratton, Helen, 92 
Strobel, Edwin, 85 
Stromberg, Evelyn, 23 
Stubbs. Derrill. 37 
Stubbs. Nlla. 39 
Stuchl. Anna. 81,96 
Stueller, Elna,91 
Suddell, Virginia, 88,92 
Swalberg, Joy,35, 40, 79, 85, 96 
Sullivan, Cylde, 25, 58, 74, 78,99 

Tangren, Joy, 47, 74, 93 

Taylor, Barbara, 25, 61 , 62, 74, 76, 93 

Taylor, Elayne, 18, 23, 58, 74, 76, 89, 96 

Taylor, El Dene, 23, 91 

Taylor, Iris, 35, 84 

Taylor, Mary Beth, 94 

Taylor. Rose. 77,96 

Teichert, Laurie, 37, 84 

Telford, Virgil, 78 

Terry, Patricia, 95 

Theobald, Grace, 71 

Thomas, William, 37 

Thomas, Winifred, 92 

Thompson, Jane, 56 

Thorp, Norma, 39 

Tillotson, Margaret, 8 1 . 84 

Todd, Elaine, 25, 58, 74,96 

Tripp, Ruth, 87 

Tsuchlya, Janet, 37 

Tucker. Nadlne, 92 

Turner. Roma Jeane, 37. 84 

Turner. Sally. 57. 58. 72.95 


Ullock, Emma, 71 

Ulrich, Ruth, 37,49,88 

Ursenback, Verena, 23, 82,84 

Uyeda, George, 59, 74 


Vernon, Leo, 37, 74, 78, 98 

Viehwig, Joy, 63,96 

Vowles, Marjorle, 18, 24, 47, 63, 74, 

76. 89,94 

Waddoups, Elaine, 48, 74 
Waddoups, Lugene, 84, 93 
Wakefield. Homer, 37 
Waite, Vern, 69 
Walker, Macine, 81 
Watanabe, Seichi, 24 
Waterstradt, Jean Anne, 47, 74, 85, 93 
Watts, Gloria, 53, 81,82,84,96 
Welling, Nell, 25,61,69, 74, 78,97 
West, June, 59, 74, 81,93 
Westenskow, Marian, 37, 80, 92 
White, Carol Ann, 84 
Whitely, Mary, 40, 61, 74, 79, 86, 87,93 
Whitesides, Carolyn, 84, 95 
Whiting, Dawna. 85 
Whitney, Marian, 70 
Widdlson, Leda Jean, 84 
WIest, Clinton, 99 
Wight, Beth-, 71 
Wight, Eileen, 47, 74, 87 
Wight, Marjorie, 87 

Wilkes, Shirley, 47, 74,95 

Wilkinson, Ernest, 25, 47, 57, 68, 74, 78, 98 

Williams, Dorothy, 91 

Wilson, Margaret, 25, 48, 74, 84, 87, 96 

Wilson, Ruth, 47, 54, 74, 80, 84 

Wolf. Carmela, 35 

Wood, Betty Jayne, 70 

Wood, Elaine, 35,93 

Woolf, Katherine Kirk, 24 

Woolf, Lois, 81, -84 

Worthen, Howdrd, 37 

Wright, Eileen, 27 

Wright, Lola Dawn, 24, 35 

Wright, Nornron, 85 

Wright, Mary,.37, 84 

Wunderii, Lida, 47 


Yamata, Lorraine, 35 

Young, Carl, 74 

Young, Harriet, 95 

Young, lola, 88 

Young, Margaret, 84 

Young, Miriam, 35, 47, 49, 63, 74, 77, 76 


Zundel, Elizabeth, 35, 59,63,93