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2. Ilibir J. llranl> 

4. Jiisiph Smilh Ruildini! 
5 Sluth-nl I II inn l!ti 1 1 iJ i i-c 

6. (firls Kpsiilnici- Halls 
anJ .Social ( iiinr Ciini 
pIt'Ci'd Sprint:. IV4K. 

7. Student Suppl> and Cafcl 

8 Science Building- Under 
Coiisfructiun Spring. 

9. Fine .\rls Buildings 

10. G>mna!.iuin 

II Field lluuse-lnder Con- 
struclion Sprine. 1948. 

12. New library 

I.V Fduratiun Building 



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r-^' ^^itiT^ 

/'■:.■' vV; .. / ;,-><^:. ■•- ^ ■*•■■.' . ■: ' ^ - ^^ ;.>»:.•<, ■•.;-: >:':'» -.v ' ^ ,•/. ♦?/; 



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■ ' ■ ; ■' ' ■ -*-- 'A 

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•' .■■■--,-*. ■-. ,-"'-- " '.( 


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lai II 



. . . the dignity of majestic white pillars 
mark the Maeser building, home of school 
administration . . . the cloistered hass of 
the ivy-hung Heber J. Grant library, retreat 
of the student . . . and below the old Y 
bell crowns the tradition-steeped Education 


. . . the classic modem Smith build- 
ing, pride of the campus, stands framed 
by the green of a weeping birch, 
backed by the old Y mountain to the 
east. To the left a student rests on the 
platform south of the Smith building 
at the head of the fourth east steps, 
gazing out across the panorama of all 
that is south Utah valley . . . right 
. . . there's a shady lane just south of 
the Grant library where tired scholars 
can stroll, birds can sing, and the air 
is filled with the fresh smell of the new 
green foliage in the spring. 



... at fifth north and uni- 
versity avenue the B. Y. U. 
campus started . . . through 
the historic "gateway to the 
academy" . . . then the 
school expanded into a uni- 
versity and added a new 
campus and more buildings 
like the Brimhall, below, 
home of the pre-med stu- 
dents, budding joumahsts, 
and mechanical drawing 




... in January and February the 
campus becomes a winter wonder- 
land of snow and soft lights and 
night, seen from the bend in the old 
upper campus road ... in the day- 
time the snow softens the harsh lines 
of geometrical buildings like the 
education below . . . and to the 
right the Smith — again at night, 
again in the snow. 


■"'.-■* '"^*- 



*■ "_ 


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^•*'.- »■;• 


President George Albert Smith 


J. Reuben Clark, Jr. 

David O. McKay 

WyduS Or "UUAsWs... 


Members of the Board: JoKn A. Widtsoe. Joseph Field- 
ing Smith, Albert E. Bowen, Adam S. Bennion. Joseph S. 
Merrill, Stephen L. Richards, Keifer B. Sauls (Secretary of 
the Board), Frankhn L. West. 


tptU^ideiAJb 0( Wajl Lmjuetbsluii... 

President Howard S. McDonald 


DR. WESLEY P. LLOYD . . . dean of students . . . smooth- 
talking executive who calms the troubled waters between 
facuhy and students . . . the hub 'round which all student 
activities and services whirl . . . genial . . . friendly. 

The committee on special services . . . directly concerned with 
student problems . . . left to right, seated . . . Gordon Hawkins, 
studentbody president; Dr. Ariel S. Ballif. chairman of the 
athletic council: Orpha Moore, secretary to the dean of students; 
J. Reuben Clark III. chairman of student publications: Dean A. 
Petersen, associate registrar and secretary to the committee; 
Dean Wesley P. Lloyd, dean of students and chairman of spe- 
cial services: Keifer B. Sauls, treasurer; Dr. Vasco M. Tanner, 
chairman of student health service;Mrs. Lillian C. Booth, coun- 
selor for women; John F. Jones, social co-ordinator and chair- 
man of student housing: Dr. George H. Hansen, chairman of 
scholarship and awards and public service committees; and John 
E. Hayes, registrar and chairman of admissions and credits. 
Standing . . . James R. Clark, chairman of student employment: 
Antone K. Romney, chairman of student counseling; and Mon- 
roe Clark, chairman of attendance and scholarship. 

sipeaal ^duD^ce oammi&L... 




CHRISTEN JENSEN . . . dean of the gradu- 
ate school . . . venerable scholar . . . exten- 
sive fund of knowledge in history and poli- 
tical science . . . takes over vk'hen the presi- 
dent leaves town . . . schedules test week . . . 
chairman of the deans council. 

HERALD R. CLARK . . . dean of the college 
of commerce . . . pre-occupied with concert 
artists and eminent lecturers . . . makes all 
business students enjoy the ' finer things 
. . . super salesman for an A-1 lyceum series. 

CARL F. EYRING . . . dean of the college of 
arts and sciences . . . has the longest lines at 
registration . . . eminent physicist . . . one of 
the world's leading research students in 
acoustics . . . did special research for the 
government during the war . . . makes phy- 
sics 1 a cinch . . . proud of the up-coming 
science building. 

JOHN R. HALLIDAY . . . acting dean of 
the college of fine arts . . . directs the concert 
band . . . took over for Dr. Gerrit dejong 
who ^vas on leave directing the U. S. cul- 
tural center at Rio de Janiero . . . has one of 
the few PHD's in music in the nation. 

A. C. LAMBERT . . . dean of the summer 
school . . . hard-hitting administrator . . . one 
of the most brilliant men on campus . . . tops 
in educational research . . . done extensive 
research on early church works . . . runs a 
continually expanding, improving summer 
session . . . teaches that awful "statistics"— 
enigma of sociology and education majors. 

REUBEN D. LAW . . . dean of the college of 
education . . . bishop of university ward . . . 
dislikes over- generalizations . .'. teacher and 
administrator for a quarter of a century. 

THOMAS L. MARTIN . . . dean of the col- 
lege of applied science . . . fastest talker in- 48 
states . . . affectionately dubbed "Tommy" 
. . . bacteriologist of note . . . famed for peni- 
cillin research . . . barely four feet high . . . 
conglomerates his black-board with hierogly- 
phics passed off as notes . . . makes even 
microbes interesting. 

/SIDNEY B. SPERRY . . . director of religious 
education . . . reorganizing religious instruc- 
tion . . . eminent scholar . . . authority on the 
Book of Mormon . . . professor of Old Testa- 
ment languages . . . likeable administrator. 


Dean A. Anderson 

Marcia Anderson 

V. Fred Anderson 

Alton H. Bagshaw 

Aofd^S. Ballif 

J. Roman Andrus 

Lillian C. BootK 

Mary Beth Benson 

Ray S. Alleman 

William H. Boyle 

D. Eldon Beck 

Irene S. Barlow 

Reed H. Bradfoid 

Robert Brailsford 

Veria Biirell 

H. Smith Broadbent 
Loren Bryner 

May Billings 


Newbern Butt 

Kenneth C. Bullock 
Ralph Britsch 

Juha A. Caine 

Ohve K. Burningham 
Gustave Buggert 

Elsie C. Carroll 

Ray R. Canning 

A. John Clarke 

Parley A. Christensen 
Monroe H. Clark 

Harold G. Clark 

Evan M. Croft 

Reola Clark 

Rissa M. Clark 

David M. Crowton 

Morris Chnger 

B. F. Cummings 


Owen G. Dixon 

Flora D. Fisher 

Norman E)unn 

Don L. Earl 

R. B. Famsworth 

LaVell C. Gamett 

R. J. Goates 

Crawford Gates 

Mary Deane Gilbert 

Stuart L. Grow H>li^''^^'^'^^'^[ 
Preston R. Gledhill 

Charles E. Haggerty 

Lucille Haliam 

May C. Hcunmoncl 

\ yavne ^ . Hales 

Wilham F. Hanson 

George H . Hansen 

Marion J. Harris 



Anna Boss Hart 

C. Lynn Hayward 

John E. Hayes 

Edgar M. Jenson 

Joyce Hanks Henderson 


John F. Jones 

Mary Jorgensen 

Hattie M. Knight 
J. J. Keeler 

B. F. Larsen 

Harold W. Lee 

Wilford D. Lee 

Clinton F. Larson 

Farrell D. Madsen 

Norma Rae Lees 

Howard D. Lowe 


Milton Marshall 

Georgia Maeser 

Charles E. Maw 

Winston Mercer 

John W. McAUister 

Neil H. McKnight 

Elmer Miller 

Amos N. Merrill 

Martin L. Miller 

George L. Miller 

Floyd Millet 

A^onzo J. Morley 

Elmer E. Nelson 

Hugh Nibley 

Anna Lindley Ollorton 

Henry J. Nidholes 

Joseph K. Nicholes 

Hannah C. Paclcani 


Carol Oaks 

T. Earl Pardee 

Kathryn B. Pardee 

Leiand M. Perry 

John W. Payne 

C. R. Peterson 

Dean A. Peterson 

Hermese Peterson 

Hugh W. Peterson 

A. Smith Pond 

Margaret Potter 

Paul Dean Proctor 

M. Wilford Poulson 
Leonard Rice 

Noama Rich 

Ernest F. Reimschiissel 
Stella P. Rich 

Antone K. Ronmey 



Grant Richards 

Catherine Romney 

Edward M. Rowe 

Lucille Sandberg 

Laurence Sardoni 

Oliver R. Smith 

Wayne L. Sorenson 

Richard L. Smith 

W. H. Snell 

Joics B. Stone 

Irene O. Spears 

Lucille Spenser 

Albert D. Swensen 

H. Wayne Soffe 

Russell Stansfield 

Russell B. Swensen 

Vasco M. Tanner 
Lynn Taylor 


J. Golden Taylor 

L. Elliot Tuttle 

Clarence Tyndall 

Glen H. Turner 

Lee B. Valentine 

J. Homer Wakefield 

Dale West 

Effie Wamick 

Jeanne Anne Waterstrad 

John H. Wing 

Ray Wigl^t 

Ruth Wilson 

G. L. Woolf 

Karl E. Young 

J. Ira Young 

Herbert Ohristensen 


DR. TOMMY ' MARTIN . . . dynamic, diminutive professor, upper left, gets wound up in Kis Kiero- 
glypnics . , . other Faculty zoologists and bacteriologists are engrossed in their classification . . . and 
bottom, right, some of the art majors, including Alex Darias, touch up their classroom masterpiecet. 


kii/uJ&iAt bodw 

GORDON "GORDIE" HAWKINS ... a redheaded per- 
sonality lad . . . friendly, progressive student body presi- 
dent ... a truly representative student of B. Y. U. . . . 
pride of all Y students . . . affiliates with Bricker and Blue 
Key . . . boxer and former Marine. 




JESS BUSHMAN . . . varsity wrestler . . . 
vice-president with ideas . . . Brigadier and 
Blue Key . . . inaugurated the night assem- 
blies and the assembly committee . . . dele- 
gates authority beautifully. 

ANNE GREAVES . . . demure, dark-haired 
secretary . . . keeps the records and compiles 
a history of the hectic year . . . drama ma- 
jor .. . affiliates Theta Alpha Phi and Nau- 
tilus . . . Delta Phi "dream girl" . . . com- 
petent and charming. 

ORIN PARKER . . . hard-hitting social chair- 
man . . . staged some spectacular pep rallies 
... an Idaho boy with interest in radio . . . 
staff announcer at KCSU in spare time . . . 
KBYU's his baby . . . affiliates with Blue 
Key and Alpha Epsilon Rho. 


. serious 

business man . . 
grade A student 
in spare time . . 
Blue Key. 

. keeps student books . . . 
. . audits social unit books 
affiliates with Bricker and 


J . \ . * * -J-'. fc^ « 

STUDENT OFFICERS performed with amazing and gratifying 
effiicency and energy this year for the "most-accomphshed" year 
in student history . . . sparked by a red-headed dynamo named 
Hawkins the council moved ahead in cooperation with all con- 
cerned ... the year included such notable events as a traffic- 
jamming pep rally by the Brigham Young monument in Salt 
Lake City and a holiday celebrating conference championship 
... a plan for complete revision of student constitution and 
government organization . . . left to right, the student officers 
are Social Chairman Orin Parker, Secretary Anne Greaves. 
President Gordon Hawkins. Vice-President Jesse Bushman, and 
Business Manager Clint Oakes. 




THE COUNCIL as a wKole followed through in the same spirit 
of efficient, friendly, good-will . . . results of the year were 
because of whole-hearted cooperation and ideas of student offi- 
cers, carried through by a hard-working council ... on the far 
end, left to right, are . . . Senior President Walt Wiest, Sopho- 
more President Beverly Gibbons. Junior President Gary Whit- 
ing, AMS President Bob Klein, AWS President Leone Wine- 
gar. Freshman President Vance Holland. Banyan Editor Joyce 
Whiting, and Y News Editor Ken Pace 



DALE KING . . . secretary of AMS 
appointed to fill Paul Andras' post . . . 
blonde, blue-eyed efficiency ... af- 
filiates with Brigadier ... an Arizona 

Hard-working men of the council are, 
left to right: Phil Sneigrove. Keith Ste- 
phens, Malin Perry, Lloyd Gustaveson, El- 
liot Howe, Doug Mclnlire, Bob Abbott, and 
Floyd Moulton. 

ROBERT "BOB" KLEIN . . . president 
of Associated Men Students . . . soci- 
ology major . . . president of Alpha 
Chapter of Delta Phi . . . runs a dry- 
cleaning pickup service on the side . . . 
hard-working, well-liked officer. 

GOfiDON JENKINS . . . vice-president 
of AMS . . . Delta Pfii . . . chairman 
of the AMS carnival and pie-eating con- 
test . . . efficient organizer. Below. 
Ken Pace and I^slie Wheeler l>egin 
work on the "block system." 




BARBARA FARNSWORTH . . . rigKt. secretary 

of AWS . . . Lamlxla Delta Si^a and Gamma 
Phi . . . led the multitudes on Y Day . . . home 
ec. major . . . smiling, brown-eyed blonde. 

MERRILYN HARMON . . . right. recreaHonal 
leader of AWS . . . playfully known as "Berk" 
. . . vivacious. fon-Ioving . . . affiliates with 

CXJUNOL MEMBERS are. left to right: MildreJ 
Teslich. Marilyn Petty. Afton Ljchfield. Moana 
Balllf, Lorraine Russell, Elaine Speny. Jenna Vee 
Beck, Donna Hawkins, Gloria Schwanles, Mildred 
Miller, Evelyn Morgan, and Mary Qyde. 

LEONE WINEGAR . left, presi- 

dent of the Associated Women Stu- 
dents . . . friendly, lovable . . . 
Alte Mitra preiy as well . . . ably 
led coeds through a successful year 
. . . made White Key. 

ALMA SNOW . . . right, vice-presi- 
dent of the AWS . . . wonderfully 
sincere, hard-working leader . . . 
captained the block system survey 
welcome<l newcomers with 
friendship . . . president of Nau- 
tilus social unit 


- -■.■^'•-'-■■-vAi?^:?4^ 
" -.■«''*.'.i/* ■-•..<:X;.7-r3 

- , ..* if. . ./ *> .;- ^--2^3*A^ 

• ':-.. ^t-m-^ 

■:■;'-.■ ;• -^^//^i^ 

"I ' : 


b- .1 

(■..SfV^^^,,. . 


«■■,' •;*;■ ■ .v.J■IV•.-^.\■i^^^^^^_ 

S'iAt^iiV'V -:}:l:'^*- 

■ '. :! > 


''■■•"■ 40 ■ 

••^: ^ •• #-^ ^-I^A '^^^-^ >? i;?':^^ 

T. Doxey Hollands 
Earl J. Green 

Ren Smith 

Guenever CheatKam 

Hassan Javodi 

Dcirrel Mechtim 

Merrill G. Durfee 

Thomas A. Gwynn 

E. Peirlcer Chipman 

Hal S. Taggart 

Dee Sanford 


David W. Swenson 

Clinton L. Luke 

Douglas H. Orgill 

Pauline Sheranian 

Barbara Clawson 

Helnm t Manfred Hans Rosenhain 

John R. Williams 

L. K. Laws 

S. Marion Beck 

John Walls 

Elliot C. Howe 



WALT WIEST . . . senior prexy . . . Viking and Blue Key 
. . . spearheaded the drive to change Commencement exer- 
cises from the Smith building to the Stadium so everybody 
could get a seat . . . driving force behind the Union build- 
ing fund drive . . . blonde and blue-eyed Provo man. 

JENNA VEE BECK . . . vice-president of the Sen- 
ior class . . . blonde, blue-eyed dramatic major . . . 
took leads in "John Ferguson" and The Imagin- 
ary Invalid" this year . . . affiliates Theta Alpha 
Phi, White Key. and Cesta Tie . . . from Ameri- 
can Fork. 

EDYTHE, BRIGHT . . . senior secretary . . . Idaho's 
contribution . . . consistent honor roll girl ... af- 
filiates White Key and Cesta Tie . . . works hard 
on public service and contributes singing talent 
graciously on assembly programs. 



ELLA MATSON-CIotKing and Textde. 


MELVIN G. RANDALL^Buainess AdminUlraKon 



WAYNE R. PERSSON-AccounHng and Business AdministniBon 
ROBERT J. SMITH— Accounting and Business Administration 


AUCE M. MALONEY-Physical EducaUon 


ALLAN J. Wnr-Economlcs 





LOIS GRIFFTN-Baclerioloey 

WILLIAM H. SMITH-Physlcai EducaUon 


MILDRED PHYLUS JONES-Elementary Education 

P EARL BABBEU -Drama i O IV r\ rfo ^ >t 


nARt^pi. M. STUART-Ajronomy 

ELESE MARIE DOXEY-Elementary EducaUon 

DARRELL A. BERRETT-Composite Physical Science 
.^^NJMA Vbt . BECK— Speech 

KEITH M. HERBERTSON-a.eii.i.«ry 


DEAN A. CURTIS— Accoonbng and Business Administration 
VERDA HAUE-aotking and TexKles 

W. LESLIE NEVES— Accounting and Business Administntion 
KENNETH J. STANGER-Business AdministraHon 



J:,ai.TIPPETTS-Dramalic Art 

THOMAS S. TAYLOR-Accounting 

CLIVE S. WADE— Accounting and Business Administration 


ROBERT R. BURDICK-Business Administrabon 
PATRICIA EDMUNDS-Hementary Education 



ANDY F. HOBBS-Accounting 


WYLENE MILLET-CIothing and Textiles 

J. C. DEWSNUP-English 





QUINN A. HATCH-Sodology 

CHARLOTTE HARRIS-Elementary Education 


BETH ARCHIBALD-Elementary Education 


MERY JOHNSON-EIementary Education 

BULO E. PICKETT. Jr — Accounting and BaiincM Adminutration 

WILUS M. BANKS-Agronomy 


THOMAS C. JEPPSON-Secondaty Education 
HAL C. HOLLAND-Zoolo^ and Chemistry 



GAYLE_ ASHWORTH-PoliBcal Science 

JACK K. RUSSEUL— Accounting, Business Administration and Marketing 

fvf^Niy/V I .FF REYNOLDS-Commerce 
AT fiFRT G. EVERETT-Sociology 


KELLY PUGH-Sociology 

O^NDORA LOIS SCHWANTES-Secretarial Practice 
CLAYTON H. H AKES-Accounting 

LEO P. VERNON-Chemistry 







MAE OGDEN-Secretorial Practtce 



ELAYNE THOMSON-Spetch Correction 


MORRIS D. PARKINSON-Acoiinting and Biuinot AdminUtration 
ELLIS O. CROSBY-Secretorial Education 


MAX P. MrrCHELL_CKemi.tTy 

JEAN McINTOSH-Pliyucal Education 
R OWAN C. STUTZ-Phyrical Science 

GERALDINE HANSEN-aolhing and Te»BJei iOWA- 


ETHER HASTTNGS-Elementaiy Education 


ROBERT BEAN-Cljemi»hy 

MELBA OTTOSEN-Elementary EducaUoo 

THEON LANEY-Education 

THERON F. BECK-Animal HuJ>anJiy 

CHAUNCEY S. PETERSON-Builneu AdminittnUon 


HELEN STODDARD-Elemenlaiy Education 
VERDA GRINER-Qolking and TeiUlef 


CONNIE COWAN-Elementary EducaUoo 
DON W. RAPIER-AccounHng 





HELEN MURRAY_Bi«teriolo«y 

RAYMOND E CASADAY-AcawnHng and Biulneu 



MARJORIE RAE PREECE-Elemenlary EdocaUon 

L DALE KlNG-Bac«eriolon' 
MITZl STEVENSON-Tfceory of Mu.k 
BARBARA FARNSWORTH-aodking and Texul« 


REED E nUCE^Economlct 

LEAH BOYER^Elementaiy EdocaUoo 


□XA HULL^EIementaiy EdncaUoo 

(^JfilON MILLER-OKmbtty 
DON PARKER^Asranomy 

VERN R JENSEN-PoliticiJ Sch»oe 


DONALD B. CLEVERLY-AocounUng and Boilneu Adminbtntkai 
MERRILL R. PACK>-A«renomy 
NAOMI CLARK^Edncatton 



gFAigfy BENNION-EIemenlaiy EdacaUoa 


J. DEAN CLAYTON-.EI«i»ilaf7 EdncaUcn 
VERL C SUDWEEXS-Pbytical EdncaUoo 








CONWAY W. DUNN-Polibcal Science 

BERNIECE WlNTERS-ElementBiy Education 


CONNIE A. TUCKER-Elemenlary EAicaUon 

IZORA FAUN HILL-Elementary EducaUon 
JOHN R. HOLMAN-Accounting 

JANE NATE— EJementBiy Education 

MAX BERRYESSA-Elementary Education 
ROBERT E SEAMAN-Hiyiical Education 


HOWARD V. SCHOW-Accoonting and Boiineu Adminitttatloa 

GRANT M. BUSHMAN-Pliy.icaI Education 
DEAN G. WlNTERS-ai«ni.fiy 

LLOYD SNOW SANDBERG-Accoonling and BonneM 
ILENE TAYLOR-SecrelBrial Practice 


MAX SHIFRER-Phyiical Education 

HELEN WORTHINGTON-Clotking and Textikt 

LA MAR C. BURNEJT-Secrelarial Education 


KITTY PAYNE-EJemenhuy Education 
WAYNE J. SMITH-Secondaiy Education 
SHIRL p. MORRILU-Flnance and Banking 


MADGE ELLERTSON-Elementaty Educalioo 
ROGER E NIELSEN-Phyiical EdocaUoo 







MARY IDA REAM-EIementety Education 

DONNA BEAM-Sodoloffy 
KENT UNDHJEM-Soii CooiRvaboa 


FLOYD R. TAYLOR—Acxxnmttng and Bu«ineu AdmbtldmUoo 
CUNTON L OAKS^BtuliKU AdmlnMntlon 



VIRGIL L HARRIS-Pobttd Sdence 

ALICE. MARIE ROSS-EIenKntary Education 

JACK J. THURGOOD.Sectetaiial Practice 


ORIN PARKER~Radlo Broadcaitlne 

BARBARA MARSHAU^aotbing and Textile* 

PAUL S. KNOWLTON-Aocotmting 

KEN V. CARTER-Aocounting 

WILLIAM C. JONES-Educabonal AdmlnUtntlon 


ELAINE HOOVER-MuHc and Fiencb 

WAYNE GRASER-PkyriaJ Educaiioo 
EARL M. NAYNARD-AnimJ Hmbwdiy 
EVAN C NIELSEN-PhrHoal Edocnbon 





MAVIgXiEWSNUP-VocaUomil Home Economici I OK/A 


DONNETTE FIFE-Radio Broadca.Ung 

REX MADSON-'Accounting and Btulneu Adminl>tratio« 
OREAL KAUFMAN-Ptiy.lcal Education 


LUCELE KARTCHNER-Sodology and Secondary Education 


BLAINE A. WILCOX— Accounting and Buaineu Adminittration 


DELOS E. BOWN-Clieml.lTy 



WALTER L RICHARDSON-PJiyiic and Mathcmalic* 
BETH B. WttJ.j\RDSON-CLemUi»y 




NOLA TAYLOR-Sec«tariaI Practice 


STEWART C. WHITING-Secondary Education 
VERLA MacDONALD-Pliyiical Education 



CLOVIS L HILU-Language Artg 

REED J. EVANS-Geology 







NORRIS W. GOOLD-Sodal Sdencei 


DON PEnTY^Gemuui sikI Zoology 


LA VON P. SQUIRE-Sodology 

DAVID HOJU-Geoloffy 

BERTHA RANDALU-Secrelarial Practice 

FRANCES V. KIMBALU-Phytkal Educaiioo 


MARY LOU TAYLOR-Secictarial Practice 

KENNETH R. MADSEN^Bosineu AdminiitreUoo 

ROBERT D. KLEBV-Sociology 

GRANT LARSEN-Accoonttnc 

WBDO N J. GARDNER^Cfcemlrtry 


JACK A. WARE^EdnoiHon 



REID R. KIMBALU-BK«eriolo«y 

E TAFT BENSON. Jr -Economic 


WINIFRQ) E HUNTEIt-aolitfag u«d Textile* 





WAYNE B. WEECH-Accounting 

JANET RUTH CLEGG-Elemenlary EducaHon 

PAUL STEVENS CROCKt" I ' I —Accounting and Buiincai Adminiilrelion 
LESTER E. HOPE-MailteHng and Accounting 


MILTON H. TEW-Sociology 

MARION E. ASTIN-EIemenlary Education 

TED McKNELLY-Sociology 
SIBYL CLARK-Education 

GAL S. TAGGART-Economics 

LLOYD EUGENE PAGE-MarLcling and Builneu AdminiitraHon 


NORMA P. ROSENBERY- Vocational Home Economic. 


SUSAN C. NEWMAN-Sociology 
IRVIN L FOUTZ-Sociology 

THIELE ANDERSON-Elementary Education 


PAUL A. ADAMS-Bacteriology 

LORNA D. PINCOCK-Clolhing and Textile. 
J. W. LEWIS— Accounting 



ELMA WIDDISON-Secondary Education 
THELMA D. SUTTON-Home Economic* 


PAUL SHELLEY-Bu.ine« Admini.lraHon 







NAOMA T. ROWAN-Elemtntao- EAicaHon 

JAMES L BRADLEY^Sodoloffr and Edimtkn 
MERNA WEST-Education 

OSWALD CXX)MBE Jr.^AccounUng and BoilneH Adm. 

dojOres niANas-Miuic 

LEONARD H. JOHNSON-Pollttcal Sdence 

DONALD R. MURRl-PohHcal Science 
CLARA WILUAMS-Food. and NotriUoa 


LAURENCE C. JANSEN-AtchitechmJ De.ign 
ANDREW J. WALI^Economici 

MILLWARD ROBINSON-Pfcyiical Education 
LYLE TREGASKIS-Secondaiy Education 



J. HAROLD CALL-PollHcal Science 


ORAN L PETERSON-Secondary Education 
NATHEL OPENSHAW-Secietarial Practice 
DAWN HILTON- Vocational Home Economici 
RUTH MARTIN-Foodi and Nutrition 



ELMA TERRY-Commeree 

LEONE WINEGAR-Foodj and Nutrition 
RAMONA McFARLAND-Qoiking and Taula 




CLARENCE ROBlSON-Phy»ical EducaKon 

EARL A. MlLLER-ipeeck 

LOIS LISTON-Speech and Englisk 

IRENE R BRIGGS-Archaeology 



KELLY GARDNER-Buainess AdminislraHon 
BETTY O-ARK-Sociology 


SENIORS look a last look at ilia Y Commencement Week with tKe annual senior trek . . . attired in cap 
and gown they moved From the modem Smith building through the cloistered halls of the Library and 
Maeser . . . Lover's Lane and the creek that winds around the bend brought back fond memories and 
then down through the ivy-clung, tradition- ha 1 1 owed lower campus ^ College Hall, the Education build- 
ing . . . and finally the old Y bell peeled out a farewell as seniors performed the age-old ringing riles .' . . 
the mellowed notes seemed to say "goodbye to college joys'* . . . Dean Carl F. Eyring starts senior Prexy 
Wall Wiesl and Secretary Edyihe Bright on the trek . . . through the library and into the Maeser . . . 
in through the Maeser pillars . . . and into the bell tower to ring the Old Y Bell. " 



GARY WHITING . . . swasK-buckling junior presi- 
dent . . . elicits a hearty "scrud" when aggravated . . . 
affiliates with Brigadier . . . friendly, freckled leader 
... a sports man, especially football. 

CLAIRE STODDARD . . . vice-president of the 
juniors . . . helps out on the assembly commit- 
tee . . . dark-eyed, vivacious . . . adds to the trio 
. . . affiliates with O. S. Trovata . . . has a mis- 
sionary friend in Holland. 

GRACE LINDSAY . . . junior secretary . . . hard- 
working, efficient and gracious . . . took over 
where Ellen Bowen left off . . . dances-modem 
and otherwise . . . clever and cut with a heart- 
warming smile . . . affiliates with Nautilus. 




Keith R. Fillmore 
Canna Rasmussen 

Betty A. OFsen 
RalpK M. Price 

: Dijtj Woibna 
Velma G. Homer 

Bertie Del Walsh 
E)wight Slapley 

Earl L. Sfnith 
Mynh L. Cox 

Glenda Smith 
Hazel Dawn Ream 

Owen Johiuon 
'^lene G. Sabejr 

John K. Beti Wilma Davies E. Jean Forsyth Robert K. Jepperson Dona Hanien Heber Jay Shelley 

Elaine Hart Anna A. Halgien John R. Andeiwm Zoe M. Farr Barbara Gamble! Donna Rath Ivie 



Jean Belliston 

Emelia Olsen 

Ross B, Denkam 

Afton Bowen 

Byron L. Pope 

Janet CKrislopKerson 

Max Macfarlane 

Roberta Christensen 
Wesley Barry 

Patricia Hills 

Vern Barney 

Ruth McDonald 

Donna Holt 

Barbara Hoover 

ElizabetK Peterson 
Faun Johnson 

Blaine J. Wasden 

Karl P. Herde. Jr. 
Marilyn Hart 

Laurie Dea Thompson 
Janice Jensen 

Rodney J. Snow 

Beverly Jameson 
lone Lewis 

Earl L. Jensen 

Wells A. McAllister 





MyHene Romney Carol Lanon Harold E. LaMunyon Wanda Vee Stewart Donald B. Fold Marie KiiUuun 

Marilyn Petty Miriam Christenaon Anne Qeverly Hayle Buchanan Lillian Sender* Lyman Staker 

Ruth Lanen Violet Ajhbory Lnana Willii Beth Martin Melvln J. Otden Lee Richeaon I. Dee Wright 

.'Urtit W. Slade Donna A. Ganidc Alene Stringham Acel D. Nielaon Norma Boyle Moana Ballif France! Jamea 



CHristopKer Lee Colston 
Glade K. Jensen 

Cranl E. Clyde 

Gloria Grace Blackham 
Nona Sharp 

Rachel Nelson 

Duane C. Jensen 

Dennis R. Dalley 
Kirk Neilson 

Denece Decker . 

(Bettyjoe Hawkins ^ iDrV/H 
Darlene Mae Brimhall 

LaRae R. Gomley 
Carl Brooksby 

Richard Van Wagener 
Thelma Jean Johnson 
James O. Cooper 

Cloras Ann Rohinson 
Russell Lewis 

Alvin R. Holley 
Earl L. Gray 

Lucile Walser I (^ t 
Roy A. Shane 

BatfcaraB. Giant l^f^/H 
Grant C. HowarJ 
Donna Yaidley 



KatMeen Phillips 
Lynette Bennion 

Bill Mosley 
Marie A. AvereH 

Philip C. Nelson 
Josephine Young 

Bat(>ara Webb 
Kenneth H. Johns 

Edgar Aucoin 
Virginia Booth 

Vera Je(fen 

Beverly Ure 


Beatrice Folaom 
Ivan Hilton 

Bod Mercer 

Walter N. Cole 

Lila Alice Peterson Kenneth F. Nielsen 

Myrtle Emmett 
Evelyn Hastings 

Anna Marie Creer 
Jerry H. Zenger 

Kenneth MoH 
Julia Taylor 

Ruth Homaway 
Jack R. Price 



Rulk Wall 

Ann Fitzgerald 

Glen A. Montague 

Sharmene BrougK 
Isaac D. Pierce 

Claire Dyreng 

William C. Knudsen 
Bessie Russell 

Emogene Foutz 

LeRue E. Thurston 
Clara Williams 

Gene E. •Vickers 

Laoiine Adams 

Delmer W. McDougal 
Marian Crawford 

Martha Lewis Newton 
Bruce K. Bryner 
Vema Fassio 

Don Sprouse 

Alma Snow 

Gladys Rawlings 
Marie Allred 

Arvel T. Hurst 

Joyce Davis Rohinson 
Clarence Lyie Smith 

Theodore N. KillpacL 



vRoss Viehweg^ Uoyd D. Tumbow Marie Haslem Dean W. Heslem Catherine Rocse Gilvin W. Young 

Dorii QaA Mary Ann Murdock Earl C. Bninner. Jr. J. Kay Fletcher J. Richard Smilh Carol Witbeck 

worge R. Hawkei 
Bill Geeitoen 

E. T. Garrett Betty FoBler Frank Janson Louise Brimhall Carol Brockbank Cailyle G. Goarley 

MarRue Kellar Glen Johnson Cindy Stewart Earlene Christensen Maralyne Haskell Joseph G. Hilbers 



Betty Argyle 

Ina Ruth Christensen 
Frank J. Stevenson 

Connie Crandall 
Herman HeatK 

Jeannie Taylor 

John D. Fretwell 
Mabel Fife 

Edwin C. Hinckley, Jr. 

Delia Mae Porter 

Reed G. Romney 
Mildred Miller 

Glen K. Goodwin 
Doris L. Jones 

Robert W. Aired 

J. Douglas Lazenby 
Lillis Remington 

Wayne S. Richman 
Annette Nelson 

Rhoda Lewis 

K. A. Randall 
Mary Qyde 

Marie Hardy 

Herbert Newel Morris 
Nola Maughn 

Walter Reimschiissel 



Lionel H. Layton 
Wm. Eail Read Jr. 

Dorodiy Petty 
Royal S. Jenaon 

Betty Wliittalcer 
Grace Lindsay 

Ella Rose Hindcley 
EniJ McArthnr 

Maorine Maxfield 
Dorotby Dickson 

Wesley M. Butler 
Robert Aired 

Donna S. Bowman 
Vooda Jenaen 

Cleona Decker Joe E. Weight 

Bob Potter Joan B. Jensen 

Naomi Nelson Kay L. Robinson James B. Bryant Frank Nelson 

Artbor Mitchell Phyliss Wardle J. Clifton Spendlove Rosella Comptoa 



JoKn H. Willis 
Quey Hebrew 

Georgene Krissman 

Ivan Hobson 

Nancy Shuttleff 

Napina Phillips 

Ruth Dahlen 

Wilbur R. Richardson 
Marilyn Paris 

Jean F. Char 

Harold Argyle 

Maurice Bateman 

Keith R. Allred 

Melvin J. Hunsaker 

Lois Marie Nelson 

Naomi Buchmiller 

Sally Sharp 

June Anna Snyder 
Homer Whitney 

Lorna Jeane Colville 
Millar , 
Glade E. Stowell 
Lamar 1. Lund 
Lois Coulson 

Donald S. Judd 
James Pinegar 




Robert W. Merrell 

Robert R. Douglaa RicKine A. Lewis David A. Law (Eftber Stringfellow Tberon Nay 

Foieal Z. Meaeivy Qare H. Oliphant, Jr. Tbelma L. Johnaon Pbillip G. Robiiuon Neal D. Faux 

June Sander Mereditb Hanaeen Anonna Peikiiu Beverly Keilb GorJon K. Lewii Willia Brtmball Jean Steveni 

letty Jo SmUb Gladya Beitie Bendey Ricbolyn Kilbom Dorald M Allred Barbara Loa Smitb Almiiw Anderaon Oni M. Frenioa 



E. Montel Miner 

Jaynann Morgan 
Marion BoncI 

Donald T. Jones 

Lonnie E. Jarrell 

Marjorie Huffaker 

Kathryn Ashcroft 
Jean Flint 

Marie Dean Bybee 

Roy E. Solter 

DorotKy V. Paul 

Wm. Nelson SpafforJ 

Marian Pitcher 

Jo Marie Bray 

Robert W. Laird 

Lynnca BertKelson 
Jo UdaM 

LaRae Collett 
June Greer 

Berk WasMiom 
Orlin E. Ford 

Gwen Marler 

Bessy Bartholomew 
Gwen Case 

Lois Dalby 

Helen IDnnham 



Raymond Wiltaey Leah Taylor Emmeline Kiilc Norma Hale 

Locile Rose Dona Loo Ckrialensen Donna Hawkina Luana Riuhton 

Helen Miller Tkerua MHton 

Shirley Monroe Henry H. Mette, Jr. 

enneth Sanaom Bonnie Jean TheohaM Elaine Williams Margie Watr Geraldine Rueckert LaRue Stringham Eldon H. PucLett 

ney Rose Brand Stanley Bnrmingham Lei Oma Thaifcer Kenneth Phillips Mavis Moore Kenneth Young Louise Burbidge 



Jay Thorley 

LaRue Hinckley 

Dawna Eticksen 

E. Vance Calder 

Merrilyn Harmon 

Georgia Mitchell 

Elaine Erickson 

Bula A. Fitzgerald 
Reed Whitely 

Gerald Caldwell 
Shirley Allen 

Mary Williains 

Leslie A. WKeeler 
Vicki Smith 

Floyd Moulton 

Ernest B. Haws 
Beverly Brady 

Dean Johnson 
I r^ IV A- Eloise Kohler 

^Ha nnah Call ^ 

Loraine Woodtury 

Clara Borgeson 

Dale Bruce Kiikham 
Kathryn Rogers 

Gordon Forsyth 
Shirley Call 

L J f.h' 



Martin J. Willis UoyJ W. McArthur Dan Hmer Roberti Max Conley Johnny Kreissler Joyce Bethell 

Willi! J. OI»en Richard O. Bristow Baihara Bowen Wm. Arthur Hansen Norma Simmons Samuel A. Me<flyn 

jregory S. Hosford Mary Moore 

I. Laveme Marcum Lyman B. Wight 

Bert Wagstefl Rondo S. Harmon Rex G. Matey Siegfried W. Fehlberg Arlene Jones 

Keith T. Stevens Jack W. Lewis Darell H. Stewart Oiville C Londell Melta Western 



O. K. EatI 

Mona Rae Maw 

Clare Mae Gowers 

Elaine Eyring 

Frank Tunuer 

TKomas Andrew 
Clarence Jones 

Shirley Wanlass 

Bruce Bliss 

Janis Madsen 

Colleen Callister 

Carol Clark 

Calvin Sanclberg 

Ralph J. Bigelow 
June Pehrson 

Fred G. Adams 
Altha Garner 

Allen Heath Bennle 

I Sue StoddBi«|3 

Arden Aplanalp 
Lynn Warner 

Reed R. Roseterg 

Iris Kunzler Meservy 
J. Clark Marden 

A. J. Carpenter 

Ray L. Chapman 




Joan Wappell D. Ray AnJelin Dorothy Hailes SlanforJ D. Rasson Monle B. BullocL 

Donald A. Bugg Frances Floyd Malin Perty Ate Cockett Kenneth C. Irving 

Mary Jacobs Gloria Rasmussen Marjorie Masig 

Glen Tolman Ver Jean Holyoak Helen Tomey 

LaRae Burgon Hermine Edcersley Evan Stevenson 

Mary La Heninger Helen Dewsnup Marian Wilkinson Velma Joyce Hollyfield 



BEVERLY GIBBONS . . . sophomore president . . . 
doing her best to fill Morris Gardner's shoes . . . sin- 
cere and plus . . . charming to her finger-tips . . . 
artistic . . . talented . . . hard-working executive . . . 
affiliates with Val Norn and Y Calcares . . . stepped 
up from the vice-president's job. 

SHERMAN SHEFFIELD . . . sophomore vice- 
president . . . slipped in this year to fill up the 
ranks ... a Kaysville man . . . affiliates Avith 
Viking and Intercollegiate Knights . . . sincerely 
objective . . . genuinely liked by his classmates 
. . . works well with everyone . . . lent a needed 
hand on the Sophomore Loan Fund ball. 

BARBARA HARDY . . . secretary . . . Portland's 
intriguing contribution . . . does the clerical 
work and reigned as Queen of the Sophomore 
Loan Fund ball where classmates did Her 
Majesty's Command" ... a blue-eyed brunette 
. . . affiliates with Val Norn and Y Calcares; 


Blaine Smilli 

David A. Schallkeu 


Locna Dnnanl 

Wayne W. Cluiilenien 

Ca>ey Waid 

Beveriy E Nelton 

Madelon Jooei 

B. LaMar Williamt 

EL Rnrlcwed Jemei 

Bai{>ara Mackenzie 

Dean Jeffi 


Aleen Sandenon 

Bemice KonLcl 

Betty Gay Wactaff 


Gwen Wkilckead 

David J. Tkooiaa 

Thomai G. Neitoo 

^ m-iMm--M 

Dick Maileby 

DaU Buder 

Ckailei Mercer 

m AWmL^M 



Frank R. Joiuuoa 


r Ul 


^ ^ 




Bettie Jean Reid 

Donna Nielsen 

Edward Nelson 

Charlene Groneman 

Dale Stewart 

Fay NicKoIs 

Heber Hardy 

GFen H. Crump 

Ruth Aldous 

Lowell HoriacKer 



Melvin C. a«t 

Nelda Howeard 

Ted Duniord 

Naida OlipKanl 

Joy Marler 

Kimball Haiuen 

Merlon Davidson 

Curg Johnson 

DorotKy Hulet 

Anna May Patton 

Allan Daty 

Dick Peterson 

KennelK R. Duke 

Vivian Walker 

Glen Mildenkall 

Naone Mason 

Edward Q. Jensen 

Rex L. CKristensen 

Paul Barlon 

Phyllis Clyde 

GranI Wettter 

KalKryn Williams 

Nyle W. Anderson 

Isugio Walanabe 

DeVere E Walker 

Rose Marie Brokaw 

DoroiKe Broolin 

Evelyn Anderson 

Clyde Harmon 

T. Conrad Judd 

R. Dee Smith 

Sylvia Warner 

Boyd GoodricK 

LaMont Bate 

Arvil W. Huff 

Joye TTiorpe Hitbert 

Frances Goodness 

M. Odell Hobbs 

Lorraine Hansen 

Williet Enos 

Lorene Brown 



Joyce LeRae Dunn 

James E. Hill 

Irene Boam 

Bert W. Marley 

Joe Moody 

Karl Adams 

Phyllis Palfreyman 

Galen H. Winsor 

Violet E. Larson 

LuDene B. Campbell 


Don Soreiuen 
Shirley Brown 
Oyde E. RoJebadc 
Fawn CKristenaen 
EJison C. Breckenridge 
Virginia Culler 
Wilburla Moore 
Robert O. Warner 
Fredora Faller 
Erin ByrJ Bartholomew 
C. Wendell Nelson 
Ralph Larsen 
Jane Morrill 
A. Dean Shaw 

Rodney Mann 
Elhal Marr Adair 
Rudeen Allred 
Jewell Addison 
Eriing C. H. Arend 
Irma Rachel Mellor 
R. Elwood Pace 
Newell Miles 
Edna Grace Fulghum 
LaRue Rooison 
Lula Merchant 
Tharol Lefler 
Joy Simmons 
Paul B. Larsen 

Sophs-Page 91 

Gwen Jacob 
Rupert G. Cameron 
Paul Scherer 
Ann McDonald 
Lucille Ur»enbacl)Jt^ 
Rulon N. Sroithaon 
Ramona Toone 
Eva Rae Eldridge 
Gertrude L. Haynes 
Edward N Liebhardt 
VerrD. Leavitt 
Jetmie Robinson 
Howard Graves 
Shirley Tumbow 



Paul F. Roundy 

Calvin F. Read 

Leia Hansen 

Calvin C. Wilcox 

Pearl Wamer 

Maiy Lee Hales 

Sheryl Young 

Ted TKiel 

Betty Lou Tanner 

Carl T. Luce 


Ne<]n E. NielK>n 
Barlow Ckristenaen 
Florence Sweeten 
LeCrande H. Terry 
Carol Allen 
Joiepkine Wagstaff 
Wiiiiam J. Tkomai 
Homer Jenien 
Roberta WaUon 
William Yatei Famrwortli 
Virginia Tliayer 
Oean L. Allen 
Kennetk McBride 
Margaret Ann Brown 

Rath Call 
Coke Batei 
Hazel L ReiKwitz 
Paul R. Hansen 
La Jane Christiansen 
Clau<lia Knell 
Kenneth O. Liechty 
Ross C. Swenson 
Shirley Lou Eridcson 
V. Lamarr Jensen 
Evelyn Barney 
Allen Brady 
Fred C. Baird 
Allen Pomell 

Maesar D. OLerlund 
Sarah Colloa 

Bob Qufl 

Oaudine Pearson 
Olirer C. Davis 
Donald D Noil 
Fred L. Crandall, Jr. 
Don L. Braithwaite 
Owen Anderson 
Lue D. Flake 
Beth Dimick 
Marilyn Miles 
Delia Mae Holmes 
Harold J. RoweU 



JoLean Jones 

Kenneth Haml>Iin 

Margaret S. Bartholomew 
Merrill R. Balls 

Irene Matson 

Dean W. BoncI 

Laura Palmer 

Leonard SKyrI Brown 
Hal Fielding 

Doris Francis 



Ruby Lynn 

Patricia M. E«.lon 

Shirley Allred 

Harold J. Whalcott 

LouiK Wilcox 

Alma W. Skoaien 

RaOla Hill 

Val Anvem Bamett 

Delia Jean Olpin 

Ai DeVito 

Eliza Beut 

Kellh L Wilton 

Mary Alice Bulien 

Donald Litton 

Beth Brown 

J. Gordon Knudsen 

LaVieve Famsworth 

Talmadge Eugene Whil 

Lynn Bigelow 

Rober* C. Unice 

Sharon Adamt 

Allan D. Monk 

Bema Wafl 

Ruth Hay 

Vallarie Precce 

Joy Myers 

Mildred TeJlch 

Fred A. Clarke 

Eugene Sturgill 

William H. Garrell 

Vanoma Fisher 

Rae Marie Jerling 

Phvlli. Hughes 

Evelyn Brannock 

Max Call 

David Kieiler 

Cynthia Ruth Atkin 

Lucille Clark 

Yvonne Nichola 

Carl R. McParland 

Nina Stratton 

Merrill Weber 



Donnclle StringKam 

Ellaree Johnson 

Robert I. Turner 

Alice Faye Farley 

Joy Wiiden 

Clifford F. Olmslead 

Willard C. Dixon 

Glenna Louise Cannon 
Jean Clegg 

ElizabetK Bcucter 




Donna Lavelen 
Mefvin Burton 
Donna Rae LalMum 
Bill Baden 
Max Stabbs 
Elwood TKoeson 
Colleen Reber 
Camilla Fenn 
Arlene Johnson 
Ralph Barney 
Keitn Caiderwood 
Hal Lake 
Joyce Dimii 
Veola Venn Levie 

J. Boyd Rohetti 
Melvin Dearden 
Nadine For<ylhe 
Norma Schultz 
Elaine Dixon 
Shirley Olaen 
Richard StoH 
Dori* L Mclntire 
Robert Kendall 
Dcloa Johnson 
William G. Theodore 
Boyd C. Rich 
Ethel Louise Stewart 
Colleen Tree 

Robert Bladl 
Norman T. Shnitliff 
Dorothy Thompton 
Alvin Dalley 
Keith F. Scxnille 
Pauline Taylor 
Jay Bee Bown 
Max Cope 

Irven Lund Henrie, Jr. 
Betty Nielsen 
John F. Lee 
Reece Robertson 
Marge Whilton 
Irene M. Georges 



Max Roundy 

Roy Holley 

Arthur W. WKyle 

Lauralec Jones 

Gordon Cnrislensen 

Elaine Stanger 

Bob Lynn 

Calvin Koontz 

Rosalie Robison 

Louise Lanier 


Sami Gunyazlu 

Leua Rauntuien 

Stanley Jenkins 

Ramona Ranzenberger 

Uoyd E Hendrick«n 

Joan Jenwn 

RutK RicKmond 

Donna Deem 

Colleen Harmon 

GaftK M. HarrU 

Re, H. Mitchell 

L. Charlei Larson 

Jim W. Ntaon 

Jean Beaulieu 

Jay Hamhlin 

Helen Johnton 

Garth W. Allted 

Virginia Riuicll 

Jack R. WallU 

Mae Louiw Muaell 

Joseph Davlet 

Davkl GleWhrfl 


David A. WeiKT 

Jean E. Domy 

Calvin PaJcafd 

Joan Maloney 

Harvey E Wicket 

Allene Kelaey 

Bob Whittaker 

Mavii Loader 

Eme.t Keller 

Clara Borgcion 

Kent Lyona 

Barbara Wallace 

Mofrii Uewellyn 

Loi» McCarrel 

Moyle Brovrn 

Barbara Harding 

Maty Loo Neeley 

Jay H. Jeppwn 

Terry McGany 



Patricia Koyen 

Avon Dodge 

Helen Eridaon 

Rex S. SpentOove 

R. Gordon Waring 

Myrle Joknson 

RjckaiJ W. Amott 

Ramona Adams 

Marilyn Woodward 

Udell E PoaI<en 






w - 






> ♦• 



m J 



MaU« Lee Holxlay 

Jatk Davii 

Ernest H. aaA 

FrenUin H. Qidlter 

aair G. Tomer 

Ailene Peten 

Skiney GlIbeH 

Marvin Petenon 

W. Clyit Jen«n 

Nuicy J. WeD. 

GcfalJlne Kenuley 

Ruby Lanen 


Marilyn Wilco. 

Reed Chri«len«en 

Val CunenUli 

Shaiee Boolk 

Joseph A. Manzione, Ir 

Acel Ha«lem 

RicKarJ O. Whitehead 

LeR. L Rom 

J«y W. FrancU 

Rath Boswell 

Uneva Lilier 

Virginia Sluxuen 

Joseph R. Murphy 

Janiiu Bennion 

Pbillip R. Gnen 

Burton E. Hanien 

MeiTill P. GunneO 

LbRrmx Atteten 

Arlhnre Wiioombe 

Elaine Anderson 

CnrtU Lee 

Karl DeWayne Sodekiun 

Myron Walker 

Ramooa Siiaw 

Ned C Fan 

Mariloa Hawlet 

Gaitk Briffgi 

Mooette Henrie 

Dehnar B. Davie* 



Carolyn Horton 

RalpK E. KrolscKer 

Janice Mereditt Frampton 

Duane E. Owens 

Mary Joyce N. Cockett 

James L. Meason 

Lob Gorrinffe 

Glen H. Bowen 

Wade Smith SKowcroFt 

Cal R. McAffee 

.L. . 


Honce DavlJ Tucker 

Ver( J. MomforJ 


Aitluir C. Sevy 

Donna Bleazanl 

Norma Jonet 

BeBy McFaHooe 

Wayne G. OUm 

Leon AJIred 

Letter Knighl 

McKeir Wkeelwrtghl 

Diuce oteveni 

Bllji Koyle 

Kent Taylor 

QiHorJ Pelertan 

Ray R. OIkii 

EloUe Coon 

Darlene ErcanbtaclE 

Ralpi. I. OiKn 

Elanor Grow 

Dofit Qaine Jonet 

Dorothy Rkeea 

Eail Wieft 

Marie Dean 

Keonetb Newman 

Carol Kay 

Tkelma Walker 

William C Mookon 

Helen Jonet 

Na<lene Mitchell 

Marvin H. Folsom 

Wayne S. Ferfleaon 

Lenoir Atay 

Willard W. HowaiJ 

Helen Cowley 

Tliomat Leelne Raty 

LaJean B. Dalley 

John M. Holdaway 

MeKrin G. MoniH 

Ro<lney Gordon 

Joyce Milli 




Vem M. Tueller 

Gloria Dawn Jensen 
Reeol SmitK 

Colleen Lewis 

Barbara Lu Beyer 

Gloria Dixon 

Max D. Petersen 

Bill Graden 

Howard J. SmitK 

Orlyn Terry 

nlm \£ 




Ralpk Dean Hibbert 

Rutb Niluon 

R<J>ert Henry Malon 

Mile. M. Colton 

Georae C. Piickett 

Leon Saliabnry 

Frank Barton 

Qlen Harri. 

Wayne E. Wyler 

Lol* Mortenton 

Venitta RalK Crawley 

Loit Ann Fitzgerald 

Robert B. Lailin 

Roy E Barker 

Vernon L Bingbam 

Glen LaMor Joluuon 

Keilh G. Matkbam 

Donald Jamei Barney 

Docace Peay 

Harrell C. Reintiei 

Calvin Brandley 

LaFond Pope 

Theodore E. Morgan 

Don J. Pocock 

Colleen KoJel 

Loreli Winn 

Phyllis Hunter 

Call D. Jobnton 

Barbara L. Bennett 

Jack B. Gregerien 

Stewart A. Morley 

Bob W. Abbott 

John R. Hack 

Jean Knowlloa 

Glen Lee 

Stanley David Neil son 

Wilfoid N. Han«»i 

Lorene Burton 

Vivian Miller 

Baity Avery 

Ginlon Paul A>hwortb 

Lewu Griffin 




Glen Ovard 

Donald Dickerson 

Alice BusKman 

Doyle K. Swallow 

George W. Sorenson 

Martha Pettijohn 

Alan Clark 

Robert Dix Asay 

Robert G. Despain 

Doris Vergene 




Reta Allen 

Donn R. Amott 

Evelyn Al«er 

Glen Taylor 

Ella Ratb Turner 

Ben B. Killpa<4[ 

W. aen Bosknell 

Goyd A. ToUer 

Betty Marie Andenon 

Rath PnzHt 

Calvin Cordner 

Dean H. Wriffhl 

DonaU E Hkiuen 

EdwaiJ A. G>x 

QauJe SuHon II 

Donna Lnndell 

Vernon C. Nlelten 

Sbirley Joknion 

J. Emenon Brenlon 

Roliert WlUiam Holden 

Patricia Aiken 

Hilda Rae Hale 

Georgia Green 

Qiarlet M. Kamauoha, Jr. 

Virgil E. Bowen 

Nella WinUer 

Lol< Askby 

Alma D. Rou 

Adrian J. Ryan 

Danell Rouwlr 

Louite Neilion 

Wilma Jonei 

Ila Jean Moan 

Jeue Cooml» 

Ivan R. Beem 

Uoyd D. Ckrisieiuen 

John Hanien 

Beryl OaA 

EdwatJ Dean OiririeMen 

Delice BladJuun 

Gordon Merrill 




Gordon H. Boshvick 

Marcus Norville Myers 

Max C. Robinson 

Jesse Richard Brown 

Ray John Greenwood 

Bonnie Andrus 

Howard Billings 

Waher F. WoIIenhaup 

Ward Owen Abbott 

Kenneth G. Wmlers 


Jamei Allen 

Roma Jean Camalian 

Donnamae Blodier 

Reed A. Bader 

Leigii B. Pratt 

Victor Hansen 

Sbiiiey M. JoknMa 

N. Vaugkn Lanen 

GwenytK Jenien 

Reid C. Miller 

Raymond Anderson 

Made Howard GiaKaro 

Tkeophlliu J. Ttalaky 

Wm. Hortin 

Cloyd O. Ratmuucn 

Call E Moisan 

Jotm Meile Ntelien 

Daniel H. McMdlan 

Qytle M. Knudien 

Paul Walnwiigbl 

Myrtle GJl 

Verl A. De.pain 

Betty Loa Wyu 

Fran Walten 

Sam Kupp 

Arnold Baker 

Roger M. AUrJ 

Dick Boyer 

William F Romney 

Floyd P. Dizon 

Leone J. MHcheU 

R. Fred Niedeitiaiuer 

Dee [>aTii 

Karl Newren 

John Zagoree 

Sleilinc L Majon 

Roland E Tyndall 

Celdon R. Lewii 

Vetnoa Spencer 

S. Conrade Head 

Keitk Clement 



Conrad P. Willis 

Gabriel Delia Plana 

Alfred T. Ricks 

Barbara Jean Driggs 

Russell M. Hull 

Merlin J. Jones 

Jack Cnristensen 

Coy Mullen 

Verl F. Weight 

R. Gordon LeBaron 



Dkk Miller 

Thayne Wright 

Elva June Hanien 

LnVar Meacham 

Biliie Bridge 

Nonna Smitli 

Veme F. Hunter 

Leslie Betnell Smith 

Don Maikham 

luac Eail Webb 

Bertie Holmes 

Vera Heath 

John Noble 

Dale Hunt 

Ronald Farr 

Ecimund J, McOure 

Reid Thueson Rlchey 

Stanley Kenneth Waite 

William V. Insalls 

Stanley L Newton 

Garth O. Rogen 

Reed F. Joluuon 

Junius L. Duke 

Bonnie Jean Jensen 

Scotl M. HarJy 

Jennie Albright 

Lynette Hubbard 

Robert W. Gales 

Ray R. Louder 

Maxine Lambom 

Marvin S. Carter 

Joe Tliompson 

Stanley GreenweO 

Hany B. Gamblea 

Moylen Young 

Barbara Rawiings 

Douglas Lawson 

Virginia Brinton 

Thelma Sutherland 

John R. Bench 

Haivey D. GolF 

John Tiechert 



Karl FamsworlK 

Marcene Camp 

Gaylen Dahlquist 

Arvilla Woolston 

Grant W. Anderson 

Pauline Dyreng 

Kathleen Taylor 

Jan Fenn 

SKerman SKefheld 

Marilyn DunforJ 




Nanette Slapp 

Alan Hansen 

Floyd Richardson 

Bob Beclulead 

Nancy Taylor 

Pat BicknHMC 

PKil Snelnrove 

Roy King 

Brace Christensen 

Beverly Gibbons 

Lowell W. Bonnalt 

Lorraine Russell 

Barbara HarJy 

Don L Calder 

Leonard Beckinan 

Carole Baker 

Emily Hamill 

Charmaine Guthrie 

June AJams 

Ferol Poulson 

Nyla GemenI 

Mai Goligblly 

Matlt A Benson 

Shirley Lamoreaux 

Doris June Miner 

Joyce Reid 

Don Tregaskis 

Pliilip Jorgensen 

Hal M. QyJe 

Madelyn Mathews 

Locnine Ljnde 

Lowell R. Hall 

Virginia Price 

Donna Genrts 

Rosanne Sessions 

Jim L Peterson 

Elizabeth Bramlley 

Gene Kunz 

Donna Thomander 

Joan Austin 

LaMyti Boyack 

Robert M. Hohne* 




John E. Munson 

Ross D. Hansen 

Ashel James Miller 

Dick Domingrez 

Mersel Day 

Norma Liecnty 

Bronwyn Redlora 

Dawn Marie Tuft 

Vemice Jackson 

U<U J. Black 




Noln Malkin 
Lynn Bell 
Lou BollwinLle 
Juanita Snow 
Monle B. Bullock 
LuWana Kintf 
William D. Sullivan 
Ariel William. 
Barbara Heywood 
Larry Smith 
Jean Louise Noble 
Jack A. CKristensen 
Carmen Uraenbach 
Elaine Bullock 

D. Ray AnJelin 
Joy Green 
Scott Corbett 
Bunnie McKlnlay 
Robert W. English 
Jackie Briggs 
Blair Sargent 
Leonard E. Harding 
Lila Mae Astle 
William R. Bales, Jr. 
Inez Tlieobald 
Edward E. Jones 
LaNoIa Harper 
Kermetk P. Adaroson 

Barbara BicLmore 
Carloyn Johnson 
Grace Merrill 
Zola Taiuwr 
Edward Gwyim 
Lucile Bodily 
LeRoy K. Jones 
Ruia Jane Wells 
Roderick J. Long 
Marva Taylor 
Paul Crandall 
Marybeth Geary 
Earl D. Jardine 
Joie Hartvigsen 




DonaiJ E. Jensen 

Vema Knudsen 

John E. M. Anderson 

Jeanne Olsen 

Leon WrigKl 

Karl J. Stott 

Max D. Nelson 

Mary Lou Dtmford 

Donna Lee Fragley 

Bob QuK 


Curtis A. Colvin 

Shirley Hudson 

Feirill A. Losee 

Laurel Mae Nelson 

Marilyn Morley 

Gordon Jenkins 

E. J. L. Fairbanks 

Loa Jean Butler 

Donna Nye 

Larry Burton 

June Sealon 

Dee Jay Brady 

Keith Stewart 

Garth J. Blackham 

Garth Kump 

Dorian C. Toland 

Thurman H. WiHis 

Harold R. HofUan 

llene Bonnett 

Laree Rutherford 

Jack Bendall 

Gloria Lee Moore 

Karl P. Spenzer 

Blaine Ostler 

Kenneth Bateman 

Gloria Snell 

Jolene Collett 

Barbara Jean Taylor 




VANCE HOLLAND . . . freshman prexy . . . Idaho 
Falls man . . . stepped from temporary chairman into 
the permanent job . . out-foxed the Sopihs during the 
annual Frosh week . . . governed Idaho boys state 
and presided as a student body prexy as preparation 
. . . affiliates with Viking ... generally a personality 

JERRY JORGENSON . . . vice-president of the 
frosh . . . dynamic little man . . . all-around high 
school leader . . . California's contribution to 
the ruling trio . . . debator. 

PATRICIA "PAT " MASON . . . freshman secre- 
tary . . . petite, blonde, interesting . . . honor 
student and general "wheel" in high school . . . 
gives Idaho Falls a majority vote . . . embryo 
journalist . . . Cougarette . . . Cesta Tie. 


Douglas D. Allen 
Harold RoKn 
Bob Panell 

Danel A. Hoopet 

Marta Lamlxrt 
Jay Ouistensen 

Margaret Ellen Tanner 
Jeanne Boyer 

Jean Evaiu 

Mary Neil SchaJe 
Robert Mower 
Leiand A. Smith 

William D. Smith 
Mignon AKIstrom 
C. Harveiy Call 
Brace Wascien 

Norma Berrett 
Glen Fullmer 
Alton Chapman 
Hioma* A. KeLaula 

Ralph M. Wilde 
Marian Banferler 
Ruth Joseph 

Lofna WhltaLer 





Janice Earl 

Archie V. Cartu 
Sylvia Patterson 

Joseph Perry Hancock 
Clea Lewis 

Vemie J. Loveless 
Robert M. Homer 
Helen Kirtdbride 
Mailc H. Bigier 

Beverly Joy Olsen 
Lynette Cox 
Darlene Slolt 

Kathlyn Sundberg 
Tina Lou Daniels 
James W. Larsen 
Kathleen Nelson 
BarharB Reinsch 

Lloyd A. Larson. Jr. 

Louise Winegar 
R. Dee Law 
Clyde R. Hatch 
Carol Brown 
Fahn Shippen 
James R. Moss 
Joan Greer 
Alice Reed 
Scott Craig 

Eldon C Moss 

J. Kenneth Flygare, Jr. 
Donna Marie Porter 
Dean Rickenbach 
Wayne Brown 
Charlotte Jones 
Junior Garlick 
Faye McGralh 

Orval A. Holmes. Jr. 

Barbara Jensen 
Dave Stevens 

Shirley Kathryn Cluislenson 
Jack Wight 
Don Grimes 
Ronald Hyde 

Billie Joyce Openshaw 
J. Sherman Burton 
Betty Lou Hicken 

Doris L. Bcrgstrom 
Newell J. Moulton 

Theodore A. Schuman 
Pauline Nelson 
Sera Beth Bemes 
Brigham Flake 
Colleen Sorenson 
Robert Baldwin 
Karl Bell 











Raymond Jonnson 
Gloria Jacobs 

Mary Gardiner SKerry 
Norma Brockbank 
Donal George 
Dorihy Scheller 
RalpK Davis 
Doyle Shield. 
Belva Tschudy 

Jean BKimenthal 
Bob Froelick 
Alene Edwards 

H. Lcroy Holmgren 
Dolores JoKnson 

Dickie Jane Huntington 
Bonnie Lee Turner 
Garik Elison 
lla Dene Iverson 

Paul ChristenKn 
Sbirley Sander* 
Jimmy Hill 

Clandin Hawkes 
Clara Jeffery 
Marian Mullett 
StaiJey A. Tebbs 
Emma Lou Briggs 
Jade D. Pressett 

Barbara Joyce Trea 
Heber Barker 

Elna SKakespeare 
Wilfoid M Hale 
L Reid Seely 
Melvin Munk 
Lydean Yancey 
Sally Meranda 

Richaid L, Cordon 

James Jay Tscbudy 
Sam Dozev 

Jerry Leiand Jorgensen 
Peggy Jean HuisK 
Robert Bruce Jones 
Mary A. Meling 
Miles D. Taylor 

Cleigbton K. D. Beams 
Colleen Collins 

Wendell Bunnell 
Peggy Crandall 
Emma Lou Luke 
Rao Lindsay 
Mona Rolfe 
Joy Peten 
Bob Lee 

Kavid Klnghom 
Carole Gardner 



i m _ 






DwBin R. Cfiapinan 
Gcnrvieve Hansen 
Mary Lee Hales 
Clifford Kckanoka 
HugK M. Henderson 
Rae Niona KirlcKam 
Don C. HamDMn 
Ross Fox 

Janice Mercer 

Lorraine McNalr 
Robert Dark 

Mary Alice Call 
Leo C. Wiicox 

Carl J. CKristengen 
Lois Nielsen 
lliene Myers 

A. Kay LecKlenberg 
Ore Page 

Elizabeth A. McDonald 
Joyce DeWitt 
Richard Andelin 
Zella Fae Howe 

Alzina Mae Thornton 
Keith M. Hendrickson 
Owen K. Jensen 
Betty L Norber« 
Rawlins Hughei 

Melvbi Spackman 
Norma Lemon 

Helen Jeanne Jones 
Loy Kin^ 

George H. Brimhall 
Andrea Johnson 
Margaret Webb 
Louis L. Miller 

Doris Mckrie Young 

Wanda Loe 

Romaine Mangeffon 
Jean Harpster 

Marian Hepworth 
Lynne Russell 
Paul E. Hill 
Elaine Hovrlett 
Merlyti Evani 
Nola aaHc 

Rulh Schipper 

Pkyllia A. Erickaen 
Jack D. Oitvie 

Orvell Ray Jackaon 
Warren M. Allen 
Glen R. Draper 
Jamea 1. Lee 

Arthur L Menell 
Carol Laraen 




Canna Crowther 
Marian Andrew 
Ramona McClare 
Robert P. Judd 
Nonna Black 
John P. Redd 
Beth Bunker 
Beryl Anderson 

Ron S. Rasmuuen 

Carol Crowlher 
Bruce Hilton 
Sharon Monk 
Pa( Green 

Bonnie Jean Johnson 
Norman S, Wing 
Audrey Hicken 

WiUiam Paul Hansen 
Arland J. Tidwell 

Elizahelh Moody 
Ora Borg 

Kenneth 1. Perry 
Patricia Winsor 

Afton Leone Speedy 
Marvin E. Harper 
Myma Carter 

Douglas R. Bunker 
Gloria Stimpaon 

Ralph Simmons 
Elaine Oipin 
Martha Brown 
Lloyd K. Long 

Wendell Glen Waite 
Lois Lyiui Torgerson 
Anne Gwilliam 

M. Lorraine McCarthy 
Dorothy Kennard 

Don Adams 

BarijaiB L. West 
Donna Mae Tarmer 
Joyce Larsen 
Bob Graham 
Artel! Rohison 
Naomi Booth 
Stan Adama 

Elizabeth Cotton 

Margaret Smith 
Luana Holman 
Miyoko C. Kochi 
Gerald D. Hyde 
Karl G. Jones 
Mary Templeton 
Re Nee Newby 
N. Duane Staufler 
Don Hatch 





I . •.. 


; 4 *^^ 



Carol Jenneiu 
Jo«n Lerwill 

Carol We>tl>erg 
Jocelyn BccluteaJ 
Ramon Duke 
Edith Gilleipic 
Colleen Benson 
Bill Flegg 

Carol Paxman 

Sam Lee 

Lynn Loffren 

Margaret Malcamey 
Geniel TTiomton 
Rex B. Lybberi 
Grant N. Beyler 
Ray Meyers 
Bonnie Harris 
Dennis A. Qegg 

Bart>ara Andelin 
Fred Radichel 
J. W. Larkin 

JosepK L Peteraon 
Jo Ann Groesbeck 
Bonnie Jean Dalkie 
Aiieen WiH 
Bai4>ara Hall 
Harold Bodily 

Richard Leonard Merrill 
Sally Elaine Kiikham 
Barry Thompson 
ivan S. Burleigh 
Norma Jean Peck 
Warren Davis 
Ralph Hansen 

Gaylen Bagley 
Romajean Skuitlil 

Matiorie Tibbitts 
Archie J. Latham 
Laura May Goodness 
Louise Papenfuss 
Monte De Grow 
Phyllis Jameson 
Julia Johnson 
Janet Ruppe 
Connie Nebeker 

Harold Lee 

Jacoueiyn Ogletby 
Elaine Greer 
Arvin Anderson 
Mitzie Dolimar 
Peggy Rae Jones 
Richard Bigelow 
Dean Robinson 
Myileen Smitb 







x^ II" 




Karl C. Price 

BeulaK Mae Hawkins 
Dean H. Jensen 
LuJean Hales 
Maurine Grovcr 
Rene Simpson 
Uoyd Lee 

Kalhcrine Morgan 
Viola Johansen 

Colleen Riggs 

Lynn Gay Lundlberg 
Vance M. Holland 
Leone Hcywood 
Philip B. Daniels 
Carol Bean 

Odeen R. Anderson 

Richard La Mar Wilson 
Dorothy McMullis 

Matv Nelson 

Dale C. Dawson 
Joy McMullin 
Jackie Faulkner 
Gordon K. Beaver 
Elaine Bills 
Danny Lister 

Lynn D. Francom 
Lucille Matkin 

Lila Gladys Porter 
Lorraine Mendenhall 
Viola Nicholson 
Geraldine Maniotl 
Louise Garrett 

Blaine LeCkeminant 
Dorothy Stice 
Marilyn Bulkley 
Kendall Cowley 

Mary Sttingham 
Nola Rae Rock 
James Cummings 
J. Rooson Fletcher 
J. Birch Holt 
Inga Plaas 
Ferret Naegle 

David O. Montague 
Maty Lee Jackman 

Herbert Montierth 
Don Morteiuen 
Ernestine Schwab 
Clarence Freestone 
Joyce Arrowsmith 
Ramon Luckenga 
Ernest Reed 

Rosemary PKilllips 
Gordon D. Bodily 




Janke Ray 

Lee R. Broderick 

Amelia Ann Madton 
Eldred Wilson 
Alma Wilson 
Gail S. Young 

Gerald W. Hooper 
beta Black 

Lois Jean Olson 

Norma Eliertson 

Norma Shupe 

Mart Stone 

Donna CKapman 
Jayne E. Stone 
Harriett Robinson 
Milton Beck 
Gaylan Barley 
Diane Nielsen 

Marilyn CKristensen 
Dean Peck 
Anna ZweiFel 

John Keith Haws 
Gerald R. Hyde 
Dick Warr 

Nina Ruth Kimhall 
Shirley Baker 

Roger C. Anderson 

William A. Couch 
Dick Surosion 

Donald L. Christen 
Norma Jean Carter 
James Rashand 
Lou Jean Hunter 
Laura Niederhauser 

Robert Colmquist 
Phyllis C. Nixon 

Virginia Havens 
Veria Feigh 
Arlene Neeley 
Ronald Curtis 
Louree Davis 
Glen Lamoson 
Borinie Hollinger 

Louis Lessey Brossard 
Merlin J. Norton 

Doris Coleman 
Melva Donaldson 

Joseph Terrill Diggle 
Maurine Grovcr 
Barbara Garrison 
Wayne D. While 
Clarence J. Argyle 
Dorothy Peltiiohn 
Stanley Fetgnsoa 






\> y 



Ray D. Bellows 
Bcmice Litcniiela 
LeaK Mangum 
Ned R. Walker 
Bart Czirr 

Leo Holdaway 

Douglas L. Andrus 
Carol Young 
Ronald Liddle 

Lillian Scdippcr 

Robert H. Raymond 
Roger Felt 

Glade D. Walker 
Harold W. King 

Barbara Lu Nielson 
Norma Dee Amtoft 
Jean Howard 
Clarene Larson 

Leo Lamond Lee 
Maurine Andrus 
Loo Verda Bowen 
Carol Hansen 
Nancy Sakamoto 
KeitK Evan Francis 
Bill Thayer 

Carl D. Anderson 
Leon Hartshorn 

LeaK Hacking 
Janice Hilton 
Joyce Crandall 

Richard R. Wilkins 
RutK Etta Haymore 
Jo Ann Affeck 

Phyllis Delores Ellicott 
Don Wood 
Roland Minson 

Montie Orgill 
Jon A. Nelson 
Gary Martin 

Margaret Carroll 
Robert O. Bowen 
Cleone Johnson 
Robert Meservy 

Vema Beth Christenscn 
J. Ralph Wood 

Jack H. Weil 

Ora Gayle McGarry 
Bonnie Baxter 

Harold Leroy Zitting 
Bob Jensen 

Norma Rae Lyon 
Keith E Green 

Charlotte W^ckham 
Carolyn Davti 





Merrill Bradshaw 
Nancy Holt 

DeWayne CKriBtensen 
Loraine Nklsen 
Gene Cokon 

Ronald Dean Hairison 
Rogers Lambert 
Cfair L. Hansen 
Alton Bennion 

Rayona Marie Price 
Pauline Louise May 
Ted Peay 
Carol Claitc 

Skirley Christiansen 
Ken Godfrey 
Ann Hansen 
Tom Bombeiffer 
Clara LeBaron 

Andrew H. Easlon 
Norman Miller 
Genevieve Hansen 
Ben Heywood 
Don R. Clegg 
Lulu Enos 

Lily YamasKita 
Robin F. Hood 
Max L PtuIIips 

Dorotliy Woods 
Dean Wilson 

William C. Anderson 
Jerrie Hansen 
Clarice Govirer 
Heber C. Kimball 
Kent Miner 
Pat Unger 

Beverly Ann Bean 

Lester Taylor 
Orde Ila Ord 
Mark Beclutrom 
Jean Romney 
Dolores Tyler 

Donald W. Porter 
Bai4}arB Sanderson 
Ina Marie McQuarrie 
Mollis R. Johnson 

Bordene Walker 
Helen Stanger 
Rey L Wiser 
Arthur C. Richins 
J. Gordon Thibault 
Patricia Steele 
Iris Jensen 
Kenna While 

Dorothy May Groesbcck 



^i L 





Rcl>ert L. Morion 

Dorothy Smurtnwailo 
Gerald Hugh Qkan 
Lorenzo A. Merchant 
Gene Smith 

Betty Jean Carter 
Artie Hunter 

Ronald Horlacher 
Carma A. Goodrich 

Okla Rooinson 
Barbara Dickson 
Carl Mil lor 

Theodore Miller 
Denice Dallin 

Milton T. Pouison 
Helen Younj 
Connie Madsen 
Frank L Daly 

Russell C. Nlickelton 
June Calder 

Bonnie Christensen 
Evan Allred 
Roger R. Sears 

Boyd Kenton Henrie 
DeMar Kem 
James Hailey 

Margrett Hansen 

Noreene Woodland 
Thomas H. Clark 
Adrienne Peterson 
Rachel Calder 
Marita Williams 
Yvonne Everett 
Rona Peterson 
Roland Oliphant 

Keith B. Menywealher 

Keith Porter Sharp 
Cumorah Kennington 
Maxine Pinegar 
Lee Cox 

Jed Pritchett 
Elaine Dow 
Pearl Marsh 
Carol Hoover 
Tliais Stewart 

Charles Higgins 
Allen D. Pedersen 
Betty Jo Sprouse 
Maridcll Lewis 
Karl W. Allred 
Roberta Lee Muir 
Mary Nell Schade 
Barbara Taylor 
Seth W. Swann 






Junior J. Hicks 
Don L. Peterson 
Renin E. Park 
Shirley Smith 
Gerry Muir 

Karl Rae Mcrckley 
Patricia Anne EJhs 
Janet Olscn 
Marilyn Hales 

Carol Brand 
Robert Penfieid 
John Schow 

Gordon \V. Johnson 
Lorenzo Anderson 
Marjorie McFarland 
Dolores Christensen 
Farcll J. Humphrcyi 
Doriene Blades 

Paul Comer 

Francise N. Heflin 
Bonnie Hansen 
Laurel Johnson 

Marion Allenbach 
Keith H. Peterson 
Alvin Ernest Welks 
Dean Fluckiger 
Gale Wilson 

Gaylen Halton 
Darlene Hart 

Phyllis Padcinson 
Helen Clyde 
Monita Turkey 

Richard D. Bendixsen 
Pearl Ehlerl 

Mary Ellen Wood 
Ira Lamar Holley 

lone Hilton 
Morie Orme 

Charlotte Cannon 
Robert Peterson 
Voncilc Smith 
Mnynard Russon 
Viva Bcntley 
JoAnn Fielding 
Gcri White 

Ralph L. Tkacker 
Rudy McDonald 
Belly Malia 
Kilmer Rowdy 
Sylvia Burrell 
Marilyn Young 

Lloyd L. Sorenwn 
Parley M. Neelcy 
Mary Hawkina 






Vila LaRen Ackcrman 
Barbara Winkler 
LaJuana M. Isakson 
Gagnor L. Woodland 
Spencer Beus 
Ralph Gene 
Helen Carver 
Barbara Clark 

Vincent P. O'Brien 

Lorna Poulsen 
Wendell Collier 

Claudia Joyce TKomas 
Robert Holman 
Barbara Hall 
Florice Hjorth 
Chesley Pierson 
Fidel A. Gutierrez 
Leona Reisewitz 

Rubenia Diaz-Lozano 
Louise Cook 
Elaine LiecKty 
Jay Lynn Slayner 
Deone Cole 

Ralph H. Baleman 
Jayne Mangum 
Ila Wing 
Ralph Smith 

Diet Worlhen 
Leiia ChrisHansen 
Sharon DeMott 
Donnahelle Blades 
Alan Devere George 
Sara Lou Shuidherg 

Armanci Wayne Schwalbe 
Twila Shippcn 
Maxine Laisen 

Phyllis Tullle 
Ray L. Carter 

Mary La Von Garrett 
Kenneth M. Graham 
Ifean Miller 

Barbara McAllister 
Beverly Beck 

Corrinne Hawkley 
Jerry Tlioine 

Ariel Ricks 

Ogdcn W. Kraut 
Melva Austin 

Naida Ruth Crawford 

Edward Edwards 

Avery Glenn 

Wanda Mae Randall 

Gaylcn Graham 

Leona Stoker 





Iva Lu Beecber 
ClUta Edwards 
Donna Graham 
Norman Turner 
Carol Finch 
Agnes Weibell 
Colleen Clark 

Colleen Davidson 
Louise Culbertson 

Dolores Lee 

Mardene Moulton 

Fay Spencer Robinson 
Owen Heninger 
William Staheli 
Delna Evans 

Norma Rae Ostlund 
Marian Larson 
Kendall Karrell 

Leland S. Winward, Jr. 
Leta EUer 

Norma Meservy 
LuDene Egbert 
Audrey Day 
Margaret Brim 
E. J. Moulton 

Richard D. J. Kevak 
Douglas Coleman 

Renee Pitcher 
Morris L. Butler 
Robert Jensen 
Rachel Morley 
Robert Thorn 
Helen Finlayson 
Amy Ella Jarvis 
Berdine Bryan 
Joann Blackett 

Robett HoIIey 
Carol Taylor 
Oral R. Pany 

Jesse Keith Scoville 
Nola Alleman 
Bob Gidley 

Jay F. Mickelson 
Homer J. Sheffield 
Burt L. CaiToll 

Koleen Meservy 
Jean Williams 
Aleen Cook 
JoAtm Hatch 

Donald G. Stockman 
Norman D. Hopkins 
Sue Finlayson 
Merle liigby 
Ruth Mae Guff 




J ' / 


John D. Williams, Jr. 
Pat Lewis 

Nedra Jean Rae 
Mariba YoacKam 
Delbert F. Gitby 
Randie Theobald 
Patricia Russel 
Leak Batcbelor 
Ethel Young 

Beverly Jean Haight 
Beth Harman 
Adair Finch 
Russell Bates 
Diana Cutler 
Ernest J. Webb 
J. White 

Alfonso Rodriguez 
Marilyn Lambert 

Myron L. Hamilton 

Milton Doyle Christensen 
George Hawasaki 
Evelyn Gilbert 

Donna Christiansen 
Audrey Jones 
Enid Robertson 
Margene Nielson 
Charles A. Bailey 

Nita Webster 
Martha Parry 
Eldred Irving 
Lucile Gamer 
Denza Aiken 
Rex V. Johnson 
Carl Wilcox 
James B. Hill 

Donna Beth Steadman 

Marlene Robinson 

Floyd Lamonde Packard 
Shirley Fox 

Kenneth Zwahlen 
LaRee Duke 
Max Johns 

Ellenjean Ririe 
Neill Jensen 

Marjorie Louise Barnes 

Susie Hunsaker 

Mable Ellen Poulsen 
Sharee Westover 
Gordon N. Zobell 
Leon Ballard 

El Donna Coleman 
Robert Holdaway 
Richard Jones 
Daniel L. Decker 


^y/]hb /I ^ 




Allen R. Haiuen 
Raymond S. Jensen 

Shirley Mangban 
Gwen Spralling 
Rntii Fankkoiuer 
Oml Rasmassen 
Dianne Sypkoi 

John Benny Joraan 

Ruth Reeve 

Patricia Mason 

Beth Jeroline Smith 

Marvin E. Pullan 

Benna<la Trace 

Lynn Olaen 

CoUeen Roberts 
Glen Vance 

ArJa Jean Wamock 

Lois Chatwin 

Ernest Glenn Lee 
William L. Gentry 
Dorothy Pearson 
Eunice Frost 

LeRoy W. Rasmossen 
Jean Bedstead 
Elaine Dnffin 

Gefald Corry 
JoAnn Smith 
Rnla HoK 
Ann Fomof( 

Lanrel S. Snyder 
Renee Call 

Betty Jean Rowe 
Jeannine Freestone 
Donald G. MilleH 

DeDaMaiie Merts 
Eleanor Lee 
Dean Hunger 

Uoyd N. Andenen 
TedR. Hanbertf 
Brace E. Rea 
Jade D. Jones 
Bob Nelson 
Norma Boam 

Kennedi Harmer 
Elden S. Porter 
Dale Goodman 
Sally Nottall 
Jewel Adamson 
Donna CHsen 
Helen Jensen 
Jewel Frampton 
den Thomai 



i^ba^ ' ;«.-iia 











't^^^ V^Rr 

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Keilk A. Moore 

William L. Waller 
Marilyn Watts 
Verne Altrighl 
Elaine Finlayson 
Dick Moody 

Gloria Beverly Storm 
Carol Pitcher 
Jody Dickson 

Lova Mae Atbotll 
Loya Christiansen 
David B. Chadwick 
Elaine Melsone 
LaVar Jensen 
Jean Emerson 
Yvonne Hawkins 
LeRoy Porter 
Geraldine Ririe 

Rowena K. Keaka 
Anne Harpster 
Carol Paxman 
Van L. Davis 
JoAnn Cannon 
Ellen MacKay 
Betty Easton 

MarHn C. Camell 
William D. Smith 

Allen H. Tuttle 
Ralph L. Giles 
Joan Kay Levi 
Keith G. Warren 
R. John Hanks 
Marilyn Oldroyd 
Clyde Wilcox 
Myron A. Frazier 
Joy Arrowsmith 

Peggy Lucile Haglund 
Jerelyn Sorensen 
Jeraldine Willmore 
JoAnn Stewart 
Shirley Lauver 
Marlyn Fife 

Donna Jean Wehb 
Charlotte Macdonald 
Fay Harris 

Helen Allen 

Noreli Branstelter 
Kathleen Thomaa 
Keith Whatcott 
Ethel Jean Shupe 
Merilyn Duke 
Jo Kent Crosby 
Shirley Mortensen 

Rachel LottBine Richins 






JoKn Thatcher 
Imogene Snow 
Ford R. Paulson 
Ruth Purdy 
Roy Molen 

Merleene McKell 
Bonnie Welch 

Bonnie JErcanhracK 
Luther Giddinga 

Joyce Nelaon 
Melba Child 
Eileen Carr 

Vema Raye Nebeker 
Jimmy Lee Cairoll 
David Price 
Evelyn Sutton 
Garth W. Ehaon 
Reta Raphiel 

G. Ray Smith 
Evada Orme 

Don A. Bingham 
Keith W. Moore 
Joye WeLer 

Maude Ethel Svedin 
Beth Winkler 
Janet Hutchinson 
Kay Pitcher 

JoAiuie Miller 
Deo Chriatensen 
Patricia Wright 
Nadine Snow 
Arturo De Hoyos 
Melvin Staheli 
Velda Newren 
Ray Gardner 
Sally Edwardi 

George LeRoy Burton 
Joe Sanders 
Jerry Bingham 
Don Bell 
Vema Lloyd 
Barhee White 
Rae Nelson 
Juanita Stueler 

George W. Harding 

Fay Hutchison 
Wilma Clark 

Fairell Delos Tolman 
Willaid K. Carroll 
Ray Wasden 
Donna Childs 

Dolores Adamson 

Arthur Milton Whiting 
Eugene Tidwell 



\ik.iBl^ / 




Eldon B. PnlsipKer 
James P. Etlmandis 
Helen L. Jones 
Enid Proctor 
Donald Turner 
Phyllis White 
George B. Clay 
Harold Richards 
Bema V. Brown 

Rolwrt Farley 

Darvel M. Robbins 
Vilda Mae Naegle 
Victor E. Crowley 
^^anda Scott 
Geniel Parry 

Darlene Openshaw 
Vandys Johnson 
Helen FoIIett 

Rath Siebach 
Helen Jensen 

Grant S. Cooper 
Lacy Calder 

Cumorah Gordon 
Leo Peterson 
Betty M. Jones 
Jacqueline Redd 

Lorraine Greenwood 

Joel J. Richards 
Clyde Edwards 
Marilyn Cude 
Jennie Andrew 
Gilbert Byron 
Adele Marchant 
Nyle M. Cox 
Noel Dixon 

Helen H. Cook 

JoAnn Demlie 

William G. Pinnock 
Don A. Caldwell 
Georgia Miner 
Dorell A. Wilcox 
Dale Harding 

Patricia A. Yager 
Marilyn Hilton 
Janice Chynoweth 

Douglas Harper 
Wilma Liflywhile 
Yvoruie Holden 
Burke Tangren 
Clinton R. Tracy 
Helen McDaniel 
Vemell Torgersen 
Jack Westover 
Wilbur Wilson 




Golden R. Mangelson 
Gloria Stone 
Elkel Griffin 

Rotert C. Nngenl 

Rene Wilkins 

Lola Scott 

Hal O. Bamis 
Don L. Malmrose 
Florence Facer 

Nellie Sweeten 

Dorothy Gottfredson 
Norma Joyce Bateman 
Daafflas Nicholes 
Shirley Ann Rowe 
Carolyn Tliompaan 
Dean Packard 
Rnth Henstalk 
Don E. Carlson 

John D. Fene 

Emmaline K. Padeken 
Shirley England 
Max M. Blackham 
Manrine Myers 

George Ann Whipple 
Mona Dalton 
Geraldine Hafen 
Philip Heaton 

Helen ReimschlisBel 
Beverly Knowlton 
Beverly Smith 
Fay McKee 
Jewelle Redd 
Collen Kelley 

George Chamherlain 
Robert A. Gelder 
Marie GoFf 

Elmer Cotferell 
Joan Crandall 
Eldora Ejickson 
Lnelma Broderidc 
Norma Jean Webt 
Julia Hatch 

A. Jean Eldredge 
Joyce Murray 

Donald E. Toomey 

Bonnie Rae Hanson 
Dolly Bell 
Betty Larson 

Bruce Brockbank 
Naida Peterson 
Ila Jean Nelson 
Donna Lou Mills 
Eldon Gunter 
William Brace 








- ir 


^ M J 

"S klAA. 2. lA. 

Harold Excell 
Rulh L. DearJen 
Roma Payne 

Vera Purringlon 
Norma Grossman 
DeLoy Hanson 
Peggy Kirby 

Morris C. Hainsworth 
Catherine N. Kanekoa 

Gerald W. Cannon 
Dan Robison 
Stan Schindlaer 
Evan ML Romney 

Carolyn Gail Longden 
Valoy Budge 
James K. Kniss 
Lynn A. Swenson 
Richard Pusey 

Darlene Norton 
Darrell Call 

Sheronne Robertson 
Louise Beck 

Jonell Henderson 
Dawn Bennion 
Vaudia Allen 
Arlin Glines 
Garry Forsey 

Jeane Halverson 

Vervene Joy Sotenson 
Gary Bybee 

Norma Dee Amtoit 
Mary Elizabeth Gibbs 
Dorothy Anne Whitbeck 
June Butts 

Bonnie Lou Irwin 
Clarence Moon 

Alice Patricia Quinn 
Barbara Burgen 
Donna Mahoney 
Eunice Harmon 
Maurine Robins 
Felicia Erbe 

Richard S. Fairall 
Richard E. Greer 
Anita Call 

Gwen Pan 

Norma Rae Lyon 
Dale Turner 

John A. Shelton 
Maurine Spratling 
Reta Sanderson 
Lina Hinckley 

Warren B. Anderson 
Albert E. Warby 



Nan Wiglitman 
Emma BroacJl>ent 
Carmen Margarite 
Arlo SKelley 

Newell Dee Cox 
Eugene Ingledue 
Myrl Lindsay 
Carolyn Watson 
Jack L. Nelson 
Ford R. Paulson 
Dottie D. D. Price 
Nina Quinlan 
John R. Money 
Helen Low 

Richaid F. Jackman 
Alene Redd 

Joseph H. Clegg 
LeRov Gunne 
Mikki Barrett 
Jim Brooks 
Evelyn Barker 

Jeraldine Guymon 
Barbara Wright 
Dale H. Buschke 
Edwin D. Warren 
Jewel Stensland 
Paul Carver 

Wilma Mendenhall 
Glenda Cropper 
Scott Maughan 

John Taylor 
Elvin Taylor 
Lyal E. Holder 
Helen Stanger 

LaRene E. Colson 
Duane Ewell 
Belva Tschudy 
Lee Linnell 
dive Barney 

Beulah Mortensen 

Lenae Cram 
Lenore Ream 
Phyllis HolyoaL 
Edward Bacon 
Kenneth Long 
John A. Green 
Edith Noble 
Lueen Kindand 

Beth Ann Anderson 
K. O. Utk 

Maicia Minteer 
Aidis Meseivy 
Leatrice Pickett 
Lenore Hatnela 
LaDene E. Colson 
Vema Wardle 
Thell Haegle 
Jack Brown 

Jeannine Brimhall 
Melvin J. Richaidi 

Barbara Plant 

Virginia Crosland 
Bob Pearce 
Curtis Taylor 

Richard Despain 

Shirley Anne Coltrell 
Lucille Olsen 

Tony T. Christopulos 
Barbara R. Hector 
Bertha Lyman 






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BU/e Key 



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Colleen Hutchings . . . tall, gracious California 
blonde, reigned o'er Homecoming festivities 
. . . crowned at game half-time by President 
George Albert Smith of the LDS church . . . 
a Lambda Delta Sigma member, s'he is every 
inch a queen. Below, the White Keys, upper- 
class women's service honorary, parade the 
traditional Block Y at parade time. 

Stan GwiHiam . . . 
chairman of the event. 

Below . . . committee members are, Feft to rigKt: Lyman Sperty, 
Edie Jensen. Dale King. Frank Turner, and Courtney Brewer. 
Floyd Moulton and Grace Lindsay, sealed. Moana Ballif was 
absent when picture was taken. 



Queen Colleen Hutchins and her striking brunette 
attendants . . . Myrlene Romney, a junior from 
Salt Lake City on the left, and Jean Romney, a 
freshman from Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the right. 
The float of shining satin complimented the 
regal trio as they led the* parade and presided 
at the game and dance. 

Roscoe "Skully" Rogers . . . eccentric from Ariz- 
ona . . . took the prize in the humorous float 
division with his conglomeration called "The 
Hucksters" and built on Sweet Birdie. Cesta 
Tie social unit took first honors with their 
ethereal float "At the throne ... of wisdom 
sway" in the beautiful division. Prize was $25 
and a plaque. 




AL EVERETT . . . tall, tlond and hand- 
some . . . most preferred man of Ine 

student body 
Delta Phi . . 
ning smile. 

Viking. Blue Key. and 
quiet, amiable . . . win- 

CoMMiTTEE Members . . . Merrilyn Harmon and Mary Clyde 
help Jenna Vce Beck and a friend line up their "preferences 
for the annual AWS Preference Ball. 

HELEN TORNEY. above, was chairman 
of the semi-formal bail in Decemf>er. 
At right. AWS President Leone Wine- 
gar smiles at the page as she finishes 
crowning Al as "most preferred man 
on campus. Rxmners-up were, left to 
right. Orin Parker and Lyman Spcrry. 

V 168 


AL EVERETT, most preferred man, 
crowns BailiBra Hardy Queen of the 
SopKomore Loan Fund ball and promises 
her all "Her Majesty's Pleasure. " At- 
tendants are Luana King and Madelyn 
Mathews, left and right. At the right the 
committee for the dance— Pamela Poui- 
8on, Conrad Judd, Baihara Hardy, Mark 
Benson, Beverly Gibbons, and Sherman 

BARBARA HARDY . . . blue-eyed, bm- 
nette with the winsome smile . . . crown- 
ed by her classmates as Queen of the 
Sophomore Loan Fund ball . . . Val 
Norn and Y Calcares. 


Oipl/l. \(JCJA. [wMS 



PETITE, DEMURE Belt SmilK won male voles lo reign as 
queen of tte AssociateJ Men Students annual Snow Car 
nival . . . freskman from Portland ... a tawny blonde . . . 
Val Norn. 


DALE KING . . . chairman of iKe two-day carnival . . . Brigadier . . . Kad trouble with 
with the snow. Reno cloud-milking and all . . . above. Skier Phil Snelgrove executes a 
fancy turn . . . below, committee members are .left lo right, Malin Perry. Mel Fletcher, 
Keith Stevens, Leonard Beckman, Herbert Dyer, Mollis Holladay, and Bob Abbott. 



Btlri ^41'lH . . . cKaiming Snow Queen, sits gin- 
gerly on ber cold, icy tlirone with regal attendants 
Ramona McOaTe. left, and Eldota Hawldns. right. 
Id rarvey the Snow Camival activities. 


JAYANN MORGAN and MEL FUTCHER . . . principals 

in the Snow Camival Ice Review, go through their routine on 
skates at Vivian Park up Provo Canyon after which a few 
of the boys get in a good stiff hockey tilt. 


SHIRLEY LAUVER . . . demure Banyan Queen . . . EatI 
Carroll's choice on a basis of pKotograph and measurements 
. . . presented in a dance-revue assembly wearing a stunning 

QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS . . . tlue-eyed brunette Shirley 
Laover in the center . . . attended by aubom-haired Jolene 
Collett on the left and blonde Elaine Eiickson on the right. 
Below, an Ariel Ballif creation forms the center of Banyan 
Ball decorations. 





RADIO BALL preceJed by official inauguraKon ceremonies . . . alove. Courtney Brewer puis tke sKow 
on the air with a string comto starting off < . . below, tke Hawaiians. replete with Aloha shirts, add 

I distinctive touch to the unusual program. 

\{jcJ\o \yc\\..B 


FRANK TURNER . . . cKaiman of 
the (ormal Junior Prom . . . affatle 
Brigadier ... a Grand JuncKon lad 
. . . daJc hair, dark eyes . . . Blue 

SOME OF THE COMMITTEE . . . above, talk over the plans v»ith the chairman. Mary 
Clyde. Merrilyn Harmon, Ralph Price, and Qaire Stoddard. Standing are Grace Lindsay 
and Roy Tew. Below are the rest of the people who put over the theme "And then . . . 
Oblivion" with shiny, cellophane decorations. Standing are Nancy Wilson, Lloyd Page, 
Marian Bond, Bill Nichols. Seated are Mary Ann Murdocit, Beverly Keith, Gary Whiting. 
Jaynann Morgan and Leah Taylor. 



SHIMMERING cellopKane and imagination tamed iKe Joseph 
Smith Ballroom into a wonderland of spring . . . motifs 
included large flowers and larger tulferflies in artistic masses 
in the comers and hanging from the ceiling ... at right, 
a replica of the jewel box given as favors to the girls . . . 
Jewel Addison and Barbara Jean Driggs pause in one of the 
many convenient seats . . . below, Betty Jo Hawkins and 
Max Golightly find their way "into oblivion" as part of the 
assembly program which introduced the unusual theme. 



COEDS DITCHED Aeir fellows in Marcli for tkeir annual AWS 
Coed Ball . . . ikey concocted all sorts of things such as the above 
left . . . Qmnnaine Guthrie. Merrilyn Harmon and Alma Snow 
added character . . . below, left, some character picked a cute girl 
below, right, "lady wrestler" Leone Winegar and Coed Ball 
Chairman Betty Jo Hawkins (in the coveralls) congregate with 
some other freaks of nature. Boys had a Smokeless Smoker. 


•eid 1>aJI 


GORDON JENKINS . . . chairman of the AMS camhral . . . 
efficient, hara-worKing . . . carnival turned over money into 
the union building fond . . . right, some girls get their faces 
into the pie during the pie-eating carnival. 

ANYTHING from Persian fortune-telling to penny-pitching was 
available at the carnival . . . units, service groups, honoraries, 
and geographies put up a I>ooth. 

A.m.s. cdmji>td... 


LLOYD GUSTAVESON . . . capalle chairman of 
Y Day, annual clean-up . . . leJ the Irek up the 
east mountain to the big block Y . . . more than 
3.000 participated. 2.000 on the 'Bucket Brigade' 
and the rest on the campus. 

1 ', _<r« 'TT ' 


FROM THE AIR the Y looks elongated . . . lime, water and 
cement went up from the foothills to the emblem via a human 
line . . . above, the line from the air . , . belovf, close-op of 



WHITEWASH AND CEMENT wenl up ffce mountain along 
the Backet Brigade made np of 2.000 men ... the biggest 
tumont in history ... the 300 fool emblem on the east momi- 
tain was btdlt shortly after the turn of the century . . . twenty 
yean ago 300 men students and faculty made the cleaning 
trek up the mountain twice . . . this year the continuous line 
made it possible to pass the stuff up the mountain without 
excess hiking. 




WINSTON TAYLOR, atove. popular Tansig 
leader . . . ckairmaned the Tuesday afternoon 
mat dances thiongk a hectic year ... the mat 
dances gave the appearance of a "sardine pack 
to the spacious Smith Ballroom ... at right, the 
orchestra and the crowds. 

mcl d 




ANYTHING FROM coslume balls to Kayrides. to skating par- 
ties have teen concocted by class officers for parties and en- 
tetrtainments ... the Juniors and Seniors joined for a Hunting 
Spree with Scully's 'Sweet Birdie' as the advertiser while the 
Freshmen and Sophomores got together for a hayride, etc. 



AT REGISTRATION . . . there's the clasB card problem 
with its inevitatle juggling of your registration . . . 
the eager straining (or a final okay ... a concen- 
trated consultation with your advisor . . . the com- 
petent "You're in the wrong line. See. you want 
..." And that desperate feeling that seizes you 
after eight hours of lines . . . "Gotta fill out this 
final blank at any cost, any time, anywhere. ' 


SENIOR COURT jurymen get iKeir Heads togetKer as ihey 
mete out punisKment for violators of "Cougar Cuo Week' 
. . . Frosh who didn't forego curls, lipstick, shaves, et al, 
got the verdicts. 

AN AWS BIG SISTER, above, is giving "the word" to five poor little innocent 
freshmen. "Now follow these rules," she's saying. In her hands is the Handbook, 
required of all the newcomers. The "or else " is illustrated at left. 

BUT IT'S all over now and freshmen below are some of the 2.000 who braved the 
weather to trek the campus during the annual Freshman Trek, climax of a rather 
hectic Frosh Week- 


top the Beta Pi's before the big day . . . 
the Vikes all get in the march . . . 
Lambda DeU's had a horn of plenty 
and more ... the Delta Phi's almost 
guessed the right score with their "no- 
bull" gag . . . and below the beautiful 
LDS harvest float is de-mobilized after 
the juding is complete. 


FLAMES light the sky at students hft their torches at 
the upper campus bonfire and move down the hill and 
into town for the annual fail quarter ToreMight Parade 
Fred Adams. Dick Moody, and Karl Thalman 
work up a frenzy for the ball-boys . . . Brady Walker, 
Joe Nelson. Rand Cladt. D. Ray Fullmer, Ivan Beem. 
Clark Greenhalgh, and Mel Hulchins. all ready to 
take off on another basketball jaunt to the east side 
of the rookies . . . Orlyn Terry, Malin Peiry. Dee 
Curtis, and Phil Snelgrove. in front, and a few thousand 
other students give "spirit" to the rallies. 


EVERYBODY wanted to get into the Ute-BYU tilt at Spring- 
ville so the hne began at 1:30 p.m. Thursday afternoon . . . 
brought blankets and beds for the night-long wait, like 
the boy above . . . some huddled together for warmth and 
others built fires . . . even the faculty had lo get into line 
for tickets like Dr. Beck below, left . . . about midnight the 
school served hot chocolate and doughnuts lo thaw chilled 


FOR THE FIRST time in 15 years the 
Brigkam Young University cagers cop- 
ped tte Skyline Six conference cham- 
pionskip tnnting and tKe event vpas a 
tig day for students. Thousands strong 
they massed in the street at radio sta- 
tion KOVO for a special program in 
honor of the team. 

ALL AFTERNOON it was dancing in the Smith Building 
to while away the happy day. The three-hour dance 
Lroke all previous mat-dance records. At right. Cougar- 
ette Bonnie Hansen succeeded in getting the tie around 
his neck but needed a chair for the "victory" kiss to 
elongated guard. Brady Walker. Boys all got tlue satin, 
hand-painted ties and a kiss during a special assemtly. 



left, obviously, some of the voters naa 
tKeir hearts in the action and others- 
well— Vance Holland and Beverly Gifc- 
bons aren't exacdy enthusiastic like Bob 
Klein and Gary Whiting. "That's a joke, 
son," below, Clint Oaks, Gordon Haw- 
kins, Aime Greaves, Joyce Whiting, and 
Owen Clait. 

Y NEWS WORKOUT ... Lois Ashby, society editor, 
gets a note over the phone while Bonnie Christensen 
takes some notes from Darwin Knudsen. In the back- 
ground is the Y News gallery of interesting photos. 


WORKERS on campus . . . starting upper left, Bob WKittaker, 
station manager. Dawn Klinger and Donna Lou CKristensen 
take care of business, work the controls and generally oil 
wheels at KBYU . . . rigbt, DEurell Stuart, tired Banyan 
pnotograpKer, gets five minutes on the Smith lawn . . . the 
rest of the yearbook staff feel about the same . . . below, the 
hard-working Y News, campus weekly, staff members take 
time out for laughs ^ Dave Schulthess and Jaynann Morgan 
. . . Bruce Dyer, in the background, is still hard at work. 










AROUND CAMPUS ... a couple of 
fellows stop to glean some needed in- 
formation from the cluttered bulletin 
board just east of the library . . . Dawn 
Bennion and a friend peruse the books 
on the steps of the Smith building . . . 
the books in the next picture are just 
a farce . . . below the mass surges out 
of the Smith building after Devotional 
on Tuesday. 


ASSEMBLIES . . . Norm, Ken and Doug clown for 
the Snow Carnival assemtly . . . Elaine Erickson 
does a creative dance during the Prom assembly 
while Dixie Black clowns Temptation . . . Don 
Bugg, Moana Ballif and Jaynann Morgan operate 
the Y News machine of the future during the Y 
News assembly . . . Wylie Swapp and Marie Dean 
Bybee start off the love through the ages Banyan 
Ball program . . . Arizona squaws surround Big 
Chief Scully during their student body show. 


OFFICERS of the VVymonnl Branck are 
Ira Yoxing, president: Tim Irons, firsl 
counselor: Cortis Hadlock. second coun- 
selor: Donald Noel, branch clerk: and 
Charles Amett. assistant clerk. 

CAMPUS BRANCH officers are. seated: 
Eldred Johnson, first counselor: Sidney 
Noble, president: Owen Bermion. sec- 
ond counselor. Standing: Earl Webb, 
assistant clerk: John Tootle, clerk: and 
Ivan Hobson. assistant clerk. 

ONE \\'.\Y OR ANOTHER students of 

the Brigham Young Unrversity get their 
church services on Sunday and most 
everybody turns out decked in their 
"finest" . . . W'ymount Branch takes 
care of the married veterans and their 
families who \ne at WSinonnt . . . 
Campos Branch b specially for the stu- 
dents . . . both juggle meeting times in 
the Smith building . . . hundreds of other 
students prefer the LDS ward meetings 
in town where they are likewise welcome. 

k^ .l^^^i 


LOTS OF THINGS happen on a campus . . . clockwise, Ballard 
Hoyt and Dr. Irene Osmond Spears go tKrough the 'line' 
, . . Wilford Bniderer studies (?) in bed . . . Lee Kncl! 
works out a picture . . . Wymount wives nang out the wash- 
ing . . . the kids.* 


KENNETH J. "KEN" PACE . . . hand- 
some, blonde editor of the campus 
weekly ... an individual ... as effi- 
cient as he is tall . . . affihates with 
the "News" since he took over winter 

THE PAPER . . • turned tabloid size tills year 
memter Associated Collegiate Press and tKe 
Rocky Mountain Press AssociaUon . . . aiming 
for a duplicate o ftKe 1946-47 All-American rating 
. staff put out the Utah Chiony one issue . . . 
success due to a hard-working staff, below, left to 
right . . . Dave Schulthess. associate editor; L«is 
Ashby. society editor; Herbert Morris, copy editor; 
John Lee. sports editor. Second row: Nancy Shurl- 
leff. features; Nan Stapp. exchange; Darrell Stu- 
art, photographer, and Robert "Bob" Douglas, 
assistant business manager. 

xW. \ 



REED PRICE . . . KigL-pow- 

ered advertising manager for 
Y News ... a family man 
. . . plans an Arizona ad- 
vertising agency after June 
. . . affiliates with Blue 
Key and Delta Phi . . . un- 
doubtedly the best ad man 
the paper has had, barring 
none . . . affable, good- 
looking, well-Iiked. 


WRIGHT . . . elected editor last 
year . . . left school at the end of 
fall quarter to take over as assistant 
state editor on one of the Utah 
dailies . . . comhines a love for 
radio and newspapers . . . fast-talk- 
ing, smooth-working, likeable. 

OTHER STAFFERS . . . Standing: Gloria Storm. Fred Radichel, 
Clayton McConkie, Ken Karrell, Dixie Black . . . Seated: Carma 
Rasmussen, Carol Jennings, Vesta Ann Ball, and Claudine Pearson. 



JOYCE WHITING . . . clever and cute 
. . . bossed the "Banyan job" as 
editor-in-chief ... a winning smile 
. . . White Key and Cesta ... a 
Mapleton lass . . . ends four jam- 
packed years with a mortar-board this 

COLLEEN CALLISTER . . . efficient 

assistant . . . ran the errands . . . pick- 
ed up some details . . . made a million 
picture appointments via the phone call 
method . . . affiliates with Nautilus. 

CHIEF STAFFERS were, top row: Brace Hilton, class editor; Robert Laird. organizaHons 
editor: Moana Ballif, copy editor: Darrell Stuart, pkotographer: Ariel Ballif, art editor. 
Bottom row: Don Ammott, salesmanager: Nadine Ray. activities editor; Allen Pomell, 
publicity manager: Didt Moody, sports editor; Coy Mullen, women's atbletics editor: John 
Lee, contracts. 



ROBERT "BOB" DOUGLAS . . . Lusiness manager of the Ban- 
yan . . . affiliates wilt Blue Key . . . president of the Collegiate 
Chapter of the American Girilol of Organists . . . campiu branch 
organist . . . assistant business manager for the Y News ... a 
married man with a friendly, dimpled smile. 

HARD WORK in putting out the book was 
done by competent staff . . . I^ght: Hermine 
Eckersley, Merrilyn Harmon, Ed Leibhardt, 
Dilts Woifaoian, and Uneva Litster . . . 
Bottom: Alma Snow, Donna Erickson, Char- 
main Guthrie, Joan Austin, Gail Longdon, 
Rose Marie Brokaw . . . Seated in front: 
Don Jensen and George Kowasaki . . . 
Not pictured: LMyrl Boyack and Bruce 




station manager at KBYU ... taaio 
major . . . announces at KCSU . . . 
president of Omega Nu . . . efficienl. 
but busy. 

LA RAE COLLETT . . . program di- 
rector . . . puis in the hours to make 
KBYU run . . . petite and dark . . . 
personahty . . . ambition . . ,. aitiiiates 
with Cesta Tie. 

STAFF MEMBERS include Roy Moten. publicity manager; LaRae Collett. prograrm 
director: Moana Ballif, continuity editor; Kenny Hansen, chief engineer; Bob Whit- 
taker, station manager. Absent when picture was taken: Grant Burgon, business 
manager; Eunice Harmon, traffic manager; Rita Clement, drama director; L«Roy 
Burton, news editor. 






DAWN KLINGLER . . . hard-working 

editor of tKe Wye, literary magazine . . . 
an EnglisK major from Rexburg, Idaho 
. . . affiliates with Cesta. 

GORDON WRIGHT . . . efficient busi- 
ness manager . . . marketing major 
. . . affiliates witK Brigadiers, Alpha 
Kappa Psi, and Delta Phi. 

STAFF MEMBERS of the puhhcation are. lop row: Gordon Forsyth, pholo^aphy editor: Nyal Anderson, 
poetry editor; H. D. Goff, associate circulation manager; Alex B. Darais, art editor: Sherman Sheffield, 
circulation manager. Middle Row: Bodell &nith, non-fiction editor: Dean Lee, associate fiction editor; 
Rozella Smith, associate poetry editor: Herbert N. Morris, fiction editor; Virginia Schmidt, associate non- 
fiction editor. Front: Agnes Nutter, associate editor; Bud Comaby, associate business manager. 


. . . organized programs and secured student talent for programs to Utah lilgK schools and com- 
munity organizations in Provo, Utah County, and vicinity. 

Committee memben •landing are Conrad Judd. Edie Jensen. Cbaiiman Owen Clark, Arlene Briem, Leonard Johnson. Ralph 
Betuon: aitting. Bob Potter, Sheldon Elliot Wilma Oaik, Wylie Swapp. and Meriel Perkins. 

. . . worked with the vice-president in taking care of night and regular assemblies. 

Left to right: Ron Lindsay. Jess Bushman. Ead Smith. Lou Luke, and Ralph Benson: Claire Stoddard sealed in front Chair- 
man L/Mnard Johnson was absent when the picture was taken. 


. . . compiled a cumulative record of each student's activity points for the coveted dIocIc Y. 

Committee b made op of student body secretary Anne Greaves. Mary Clyde, Chainnan Colleen Caliisler, l^gia MendenKall, 
. .and Dorotby Groesbeck, and Scotty Deeds, who was absent when the picture was taken. 

. . . took care of the details or organizing and inspiring more pep via more raUies, programs, and 
treks through tovt^n. 

Left to ligkl: George Sorensen, Lucille Walser, Ron Frogley. and Chairman Pat Wright. 







YELL KING Karl Thalman, above center, and his 
snappy quartet pulled many a cheer from will- 
ing students, especially during the victory march 
to basketball fame ... a Bricker, Karl is 
dynamic, diminutive . . . able assistants are 
freshmen Colleen Clark, vivacious brunette, and 
Aruta Call, a sandy blonde of the famed Call 
sisters drum majorette duet . . . men are run- 
loving Fred Adams, a Weber college transfer, 
and Dick Moody, a Mesa, Arizona, downer. 

cWlL IdruJdu... 


DEBATORS found competition at iKree inler-coilegiale meets tKis season plus a few practice deLates with 
College of tne Pacific. Utak Universities, and olKer xmiversities from over iKe nation , . . lop, left. Floyd 
Woodrield. hard-working debate manager from NortK Ogden . . . put over a nice inler-campus debate 
. . . upper right, the women's debate team. Moana Ballif and Marie Hood . . . below, the rest of the 
squad. Front row: Russell Mikelson. Jerry Jorgenson, Dr. Alonzo Money (coach), Harold Call (debate 
manager, fall and winter quarter), Cfark Knowlton, and Floyd Woodfield. Second row: Ralph Benson, 
Kay Randall. Ford Paulson, Herbert Morris, Eugene Sturgill. Third row: Dick AsKby, Luther Giltins, 
Homer Jensen, and Tom Andrews. 



"FAUST" . . . Gounod's famed opera . . . completely staged and costumed on the Smitt 
Building stage . . . above. left. Don Weaver as Mephistopkales . . . atove. rigkl 
Sliaron Monk as Marguerita and Eldin Wood as Faust ... two casts played the roles 
alternate nights . . . below, the orchestra under the baton of Don Earl, playing the 

FAUST . . . B giacu] opera in five acts . . . one of Cfiarles Francois 
Goonocl's masterpieces ... a powerful opera with powerful music 
... set in 16tK century Germany. 


Fanst Walter Ridiarjson, Eldon Wood 

Margariia Gae Peterson, SKaron Monk 

Mephistopheles Harold Brereton. Don Weaver 

Valentin Wm. Earl Read, Jr.. Ray Wood 

Siebel Virginia Allred, Marcene Camp 

Wagner Sherman Fitzgerald, Max Golightly 

Martha Inga Plaas, Jean Howard 

Peasants, Townspeople, Students, Soldiers, Priests, etc., 
by members of the opera workshop. 

DIDO AND AENEAS . . . England's great opera . . . written by 
Heiuy PoTcell . . . presented as a Leadership Week opener . . . 
in concert version. 


Dido Delores Francis 

Aeneas Bob Glen Graham 

Bolinda Rosemary Bischoff 

First Woman Barbara Nibley 

Sorceress Joy Tangren 

First Witch Charlotte Jones 

Second Witch Jere Lynn Russell 

Spirit Mary Arm Mnrdock 

Sailor George Willyn Denos 

"BIG THREE" on the Fanst production this year were 
Bob Kest. director of drama; Ariel Ballif, designer of 
staging and costumes; and Don Earl, conductor of the 
orchestra and director of the opera workshop. Below, 
the chorus and laeds of the concertized version of 
'TJido and Aenas " presented during Winter Quarter 
under the baton of Mr. Earl. Ariel Ballif was narrator. 
This Spring the Workshop presented the operetta 
"Pirates of Penzance" in concert form. 



The cast for "Heaven Can Wail" takes a curtain call. Left to rigKt are Douglas 
Lazenfcy, Jerry Caldwell. Arlene Baleman. Luana Ruskton, Don Janson Stan 
Gwilliam. Marie Dean Bybee, Max Golightly. Chris Sanders, Junelia Wilkins, 
Jack Christensen, Kirk Wilkins. 




... a sparkling comedy concerned with spirits and 
limes appointed for death . . . involving seen and un- 
seen characters on the same stage . . . from wiiich 
the movie "Here Comes Mr. Jordan was made . . . 
written by Harry Segall . . . directed by Moiiig 


Joe Pendleton Stan Gwilliam 

Mr. Jonlan Chris Sandere 

Messenger 7013 Max Golightly 

Julia Famsworlh Jnnella S. Wilkins 

Betle Logan Marie Dean Bytee 

Max Levene. . . .Tepping Kearl (alias T. Earl Pardoe) 

Mrs. Ames Arlene S. Bateman 

Susie (Maid) Luana Rnshton 

Williams Douglas Lazenby 

First Escort Jack CJiristensen 

Workman Jeiry Caldwell 

Lefty Slewarl Motley 

Doctor David Gledhill 

Plainclothesman Don Janaon 

Below are cast members of "Imaginary Invalid in typical pose. 
Left to right: Jenna Vee Beck, Beline, and Ariel Ballif, Jr.. Beralde, 
watch Rodney Turner give the "Imaginary Invalid, Robert Kest, 
a shot. 

*tlA£ ii/iicujiuu;JiJU| iiAJi>(AliQl * 

... the French Moliere's famed comedy of errors . . . produced 
by T. Earl Pardoe . . . directed by Preston Gledhill . . . stylited 
. . . costumed. 


Argon R<*ert Kest 

ToineHe Elaine Erickaon 

Angelique •'oyee Haycock 

Monsieur Fleuranf Rodney Tomer 

Bel jne Jeima Vee Beck 

Monsieur de Bonnefoi Bob Whittaker 

Geante Burnett Ferguson 

Monsieur Diafoirus Dick Jackman 

lliomas Bryce Spencer 

Louise Mary Sawyer 

Beralde Ariel Ballif, Jr, 

Monsieur Porgon Mauray Payne 


The "Family Portrait ' got its seventh and final showing this year with Mrs. Kath- 
ryn Pardee, second from the left, playing the part of Mary, the mother of Jesus. 
Other cast members are. left to right, Naomi Clark, Arta Ballif. Sanford Bing- 
ham. Douglas Lazenby. and DuWayne Silvester. In the background are Rita 
Clement and Odessa Cullimore. 

. . . moving Christmas drama aI>out the family of tke CKrist . . . 
produced tradilionally for seven years . . . final production . . . 
a Coffee and Cown play . . . directed by T. Earl and Kathryn 
B. Pardoe . . . student director, Jenna Vee Beck. 


Mary Kathryn B. Pardoe 

Daniel Richard Dixon 

Joseph Sanford Bingham 

Naomi. Simon's wife Arfa Ballif 

Juda Jay Lyman 

Mary Cleophas. Mary's sister-in-law Odessa Cullimore 

Reba. Joseph's wife Rita Clement 

Simon DuWayne Silvester 

James Joe Lee 

Mordecai Bob Kesl 

Selima Anne Greaves 

Anios Gene Earl 

Eben. a peddler Courtney Brewer 

Fisherman Ken Perry 

Mathias Ken Leth 

A Disciple Paul Larsen 

Hepsibah Enid Caldwell 

Appius Hadrian Dean Peterson 

Anna Evelyn Morgan 

Rabbi Samuel Ariel Ballif 

Mendell Theo Killpack 

A woman of Jerusalem. ." Ludene W. Janson 

Mary of Magdala Colleen Hutching 

Nathan Grant Clyde 

Daniel, aged 16 Ursel Allred 

Esther. Joseph s daughter Naomi Clark 

Leban. of Damascus Douglas Lazenby 

Joshua, his son Ken Perry 

oetiiah Sariah Bushman 

. . . the oldest successful mystery play . . . written by 
Mary Roberts Rhinehart and Avery Hopwood . . . 
directed by Arch Williams. 


Lizzie Veloy Singleton 

Miss Cornelia Van Gorder Arlene S. Baleman 

Billy Ursel Allred 

Brooks Burnett Ferguson 

Miss Dale Ogden BeHy Jo Hawkins 

Dr. Wells Don Jenson 

Anderson Ted Peay 

Richard Fleming Kenneth Sansom 

Reginald Beresford Garth Allred 

Unknown Man DuWain Silvester 

The Man Gene Earl 

There were tense moments in "The Bat. " a mystery thriller, such 
as the one snapped above. I-eft to right, character are Betty Jo 
Hawkins as Dale. Burnett Ferguson as Brooks, and Arlene Bate- 
man as Miss Cornelia Van Gorder. 


^comaQli/| oji diWls' 

, . the classic comedy of mistaken iJenlity . . . played fiom Rome to New 
York to Provo from Shakespeare's day to modern timet . . . directed by 
Dr. T. Earl Pardee . . . staged in, authentic Globe T leatre style . . . 
new costumes . . . with vendors who almost stole the si ow. 

B vl V^^^^SSil^^^^HB Solinus. Duke o{ Ephesus Ed varJ P. Taylor 

Antipholus of Epkesus Ja i CKrislensen 

^^ „™__^^^^^,™^ Antipkolus of Syracuse Ken Sansom 

\.\ ™^ '^™ ' B raii'^ J^^^5m Dromio of EpKesus Lloy.' Gustaveson 
' \ vSma^ ^k Dromio of Syracuse BoS WKittaker 

Aegeon, Merchant of Syracuse Earl Read 

Dr. Pinck RodL ey Turner 

Angelo Vane • Holland 

1st Merchant Ted 1 sckstrom 

2nd Merchant Cue Earl 

ii*'>— S Er^Bl^ *^^H '^^^K^^H Baltkazar Rodney ''umer 

Tke Abess DonneUe Fife 

Adriana, Wife of Antipkolus of Ephesus Rita Clei enl 

Luciana, her sister Enid Caldn •11 

f„„.....J^l^H Luce Kendall Cowle. 

Lesbia Jay Lyman 

Officer Kermetk Perry 

Pages Hazel Ream, Norma Boyle 

KENNY SANSOM as Antipkolus of Syracuse is approached by tke wrong Dromio 
as played by Lloyd Gustaveson ■ . . both think tke otker is crazy ... by way of 
explanation the niixup is one of the madhouses abundant in Shakespeare's "Comedy 
of Errors," 

"CLUTIE ' JOHN . . . played by Don Weaver, adds a touch of the typical Irish » » I I 

wierdness to the John St. Irvine play "John Ferguson" produced Winter Quarter. ^ * ^ J I » ^ _^ I/ 

Doug Lazenby played the title role and Sariah Bushman portrayed his wife. 1 | yiyi l/V L^Jl /2I/1 »I^I/» 

J D ^ 

. . . the Irish eagerness permeated the stage produc- 
tion of John St. Irvine's "John Ferguson . . . 
directed by Kathryn Pardoe . . . featuring two 
senior dramatic students . . . undoubtedly the 
'strongest play " of the season . . . new stage added 
to the atmosphere. 


John Ferguson Douglas Lazenby 

Sarah, his wife Sariah Bushman 

Hannah Jenna Vee Beck 

Andrew Gordon Childs 

James Caeser Burnett Ferguson 

Henry Withetow ElDean Bennett 

"Clutie" John Magratk Don Weaver 

Sam Mawkinney Jack Davis 

Sergeant Kemagkon Clovis Hill 


PANCHO, ite border iwndit, Kas just fixed tbings so everybody will 
be bappy in a scene from *'Tlie Bad Man" ... in tne picture are 
Grant Clyde. Alonzo Morley, Gene Earl, Max Goligbtly, Norma 
Boyle, Bnmett Ferguson, Aiuie Greaves, and Bryce Spencer. Kirk 
Williams is on tbe floor. 




. . . saxJonic comedy of borderlife complexity . . . 
starring bearded Dr. Alonzo Morley . . . directed by 
Dr. T. Earl Pardoe . . . staged by Preston Gled- 
Kill witb SKirley Famswortb as student director . . . 
a rip-snortin' western. 

Gilbert Jones CKris Sanders 

Henry &nitb, bis nnae Bryce Spencer 

Morgan Pell Kidc Wilkins 

Lucia Pell, bis wife Anne Greaves 

Red Giddings, Smith's foreman Gene Earl 

Jasper Hardy Max Goligbtly 

Angela Hardy Norma Boyle 

Pancbo Lopez, a bandit A. J. Modey 

Pedro Grant Qyde 

Venustiano Dick Dominguez 

Bradley, Texas ranger Newell Miles 



^^HiH^^^^^^I^ 'J^^^^ka^ 

^^Hf ' ' '^^^^kLiL^^^^^^^^h 






DIRECTORS of tbe BYU plays include Areb Williams, 
Morris dinger, Preston Gledbili, Kalbryn Pardoe, Dr. 
Alonzo Morley. Front Row: Robert Kest and Dr. T. Eail 
Pardoe, cbairman of tbe department of speecb. 


VELOY SINGLETON plays one of the more 
eccentric characters . . . she is talking 

to Norm Marchanl, wko plays tte romantic lead 
as Allen. 


year's winning varsity show script. "A Significant Spring. 
Here tliey talk over details of the show with Jenna Vee Beck, 

THE STORY, a crazy conglomeration of merry mix-nps, in- 
volves some maiden amits, a charming young thing, a big 
hunk of man and all its varying entanglements. 

AUNTIES are Evelyn Morgan and Marilyn 
Young . . . cast and chorus were picked from 
a group of 132 students ... an instrumental 
ensemble for background music. 





LAWRENCE SARDONI . . . director 

of tKe BYU Symphony orcKestra . ■ ■ 
steps into Robertson's post . . . lea the 
orcKestra during a series of radio broad- 
casts with Pres. J. Reuben Cladc . . . 
directed some artistic concerts for Provo 
and student audiences 

LeROY ROBERTSON . . . professor of 
music . . . one of tKe world's foremost 
contemporary composers . . . winner of 
the $25,000 Reichold Symphonic Award 
for his "Trilogy" . . . leaves the Y this 
year after 25 years. 


cowcLfd Ikjajq!... 

CONCERT BAND members provided excellent concerts for the 
students and public under the able baton of Dr. John R. Halli- 
day . . . resplendent in blue and white uniforms the whole out- 
fit took its annual tour of Utah high schools and towns early 
in the Spring. 

Dfiksitt;| bt;uAcl... 

GAME MUSIC and pep marches and songs came from the tal- 
ented horns of hard-working varsity band members . . . Norm 
Hunt and Earl Jardine put in the overtime . . . most of the boys 
belong to the concert band as well . . . got into the basketball 
games to play the songs. 


DRS. FLORENCE Jepperson and Franklin Madsen . . . 
hard-woiidng leaders of the BYU choral groups . . . jnore 
man twenty years of excellent choruses . . . lead the Men's 
Glee Eund Women's Glee and train individuals as well. 

coiAC£hi ckdlus... 

BYU CONCERT CHORUS provided music for two sessions of the October 
and April general conferences of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day 
Saints in the Salt Lake Oty T€il>ernacle . . . one of the best choral groups in 
the nation . . . inspired singing . . . led hy the Drs. Madsen. 



WOMEN'S GLEE . . . smaller group of only women's vocies ... Dr. Florence Jepperson 
Madsen conducts . . . often provides devotional music . . . supert singing. 

MEN'S GLEE ... a small group of men's voices . . . trained by Dr. Franklin Madsen . . . 
sing "Bless This House " awe-inspiringly . . . deep, full tones tkrill Devotional services. 



Paganni string quartet ... a supcrl^ 
blending of stringed instruments . . . the 
official quartet of the French radio . . . 
also on the lyceum program was the 
Met s famed basso-buffo Salvatorc Bac- 
caloni . . . one of the few ad-libbing 
singing clowns on the opera stage ... a 
huge 300 pound singer, gracious and 

LYCEUMS AT BYU arc more than a program, tbey're tradition . . the 
series this year included 20 of the world's lop artists and organizations in 
music, drama, and lectures. The Los Angeles Symphony played a series 
in Provo . . . outstanding lecturers included Dr. C. J. Hambro, former 
president of tf»e league of Nations and delegate to the United Nations. 






THE COACHES . . . Eddie Kimball, experienced 
director of athletics, completed second post-war sea- 
son as football coach . . . Floyd Millet, guided the 
Cougar hoopsters to the Y's second conference cham- 
pionship . . . Buck Dixon, finished another eventful 
year as coach of the tennis and golf teams and directed 
intra-mural activities . . . Stan Watts, newest Y 
coach, made his debut as baseball coach. 

THE ASSISTANT COACHES . . . Stan Watts. Freshman football 
and basketball . . . Rodney Kimball, trainer and "bandage and tape 
man" . . . Wayne Sof(e, football and basketball . . . Jimmy Skou- 
sen, Frosh football. 



^■*^<^ i 

Above, Tackles: 

Francii Magleby, Kimlmll Merrill, Roy 
Boulter, Gayle Holt, Dick MunlocL, Ray 
E. Aitken. 

Left, Quarterbacks: 

Jamei R. Eccles, Don Biuhore, Ted Thiel, 
Rex OImii. 


Robert Walters 
Dwlgbt Stapley 
Brace Oibonie 
Glen Olivenon 


Above, Guards: 

Bevan Haycock. Marion Tree, Horace Gillespie, Ken Hamblin, Qyde Davis, Stan Stapley, Bill Mosley, 
Max Skitrer, Lyie Patton. 

Below, Centers: 

Brace Stevens, FielJing Abbott, Alvin Dalley, Ross Viehweg. 



Above, Halfbacks: 

Front row— Cecil LfoyJ, Bill Romon, Pete Skousen, Scotty DeeJs. 
Back row— Lyie Roller, Glen Clark, Jay Hamblin, Vemie TlieobaM, 

Below, Ends: 

Dick Magkby, Floyd Rickardson, Thayne Stone, Lany Reed, 
Mike Mills, Ralph Peterson, Jim Keitzman, Keith Deeds. 


WilK power, speed, and deception. Lyle Koller. tKe Cougars brilliant 
star, drives deep into Ulak State's territory. TKe A. C. defensive pictured 
includes George Nelson (44), John Worley (11 and Moroni Schwab (42). 

Below: Lyle Koller punts one for the Blue 
and White in San Jose's football debut. 

Mike Mills and Gayle Holt combine to bat down Frank Williams of 
State in a wild scramble for a fumbled balli 



A Utah Man grats Lyie Koller, who just re- 
ceived a pass from fhe Cougar's great Rex Olson 
in the terrific night game. Scotty Deeds, speedy 
"Y" back and Utah's All-American candidate 
Prankie Nelson close in for the assist. 

. . BYU s Don Bushore is finally hauled down hy San 
Jose s Bill Parton (20) and Jim Jackson, the sparton's 
passer-delux quatteihack. 

Glen Oliverson (16) is dropped by 
George Nelson of State. Rex Olson's 
mighty eye found the way for another 
stylish pass-completion. 




I • « Ui^^^K. ^^^K 

^^Kr ^^ZJ ^^^^^ ^^m "'ll ■' / '■ 

r^ ^ 

Iw ^ ^ '^' 

Ip-r ' 

^ .■, • 'm ...•'.■■■' y ..' ■ 


Tony SaOck a UtaK Stale"« ball-canier. witk Ted Healk as 
ntnference. Tliey wiD te smeared by "many" Cougar wai- 

TIk elnMve b«i. Eddie Hanna (21). rideslep. tLe T" sec 
ondary in llie G)Iorado A. and M. game. 


1947 ^ 1948 

Young 45 Western State 

Young 19 Montana State 14 

Young 7 Wyoming U 12 

Young 6 UtahU 28 

Young 7 Colorado U 9 

Young 27 Utah State 12 

Young 6 Denver U 20 

Young 19 San Jose State 27 

Young 25 Colorado A. &M. 27 

Young 7 San Diego State 32 


RigKt: Denver's defensive couldn't control the shoot- 
ing havoc of Joe Nelson, co-captain and conference high 
scorer. Joe made 37 points this game to set a new con- 
ference record. 

L«ft: DeRay Fullmer, sharpshooting forward in the 
Y s brilliant offense, reaches high for the rebound in the 
Utah State game. Below: Reliable Randy Clark out- 
maneuvers C. P. Jorgensen in preparation for the set-up 
with the assistance of Joe Nelson. 




MEET YOUR TEAM . . . (counter-clockwise) ... Joe Nelson, 
Randy QaA, Brady Walker. Mel HutcKings, Joe WeigKt. Jack Whipple. 
Evan Neilson, Ralph Greenhalgh, Dick Montgomery, Ivan Beem, DeRay 
Fullmer, Ted Tkiel, and Jay Hamblin. 

Bouncing back from a rather dismal pre-season record of losses, the 
1948 edition of the BYU G)ugars knocked the dope out of the bucket and 
swept the birds off the rail by copping the Skyline Six basketball champion- 
ship. Under the tutelage of Floyd Millet, the Cats knocked off favored 
Denver in the opening game, sparked by Joe Nelson s record-breaking 37- 
point performance. The following night the Y Men journeyed to the lair of 
the Redskins and scalped the '47 Invitational champs, the first of two such 







Suffering iKeir first conference defeat at ike hands of the Denver Pio- 
neers, the Millet-men roared through league opponents for successive wins 
over Colorado ASM. Wyoming, USAC, and then repeated victories over 
the A & M and the Cowboys, Iiut lost a close finale to the Aggies from 

After the close of the season, the Cougars traveled tack to Kansas City 
to participate in, the NAIB tourney. Winning their first game, they Iwt 
the second to the uncanny shooting of Indiana State. 

Losing only Brady Walker and Evan Neilson by graduation, the Y 
Cougars can look fonvard to an even better season in the 1948-49 campaign. 





"JL (JAfXi/m%. 



Left: Mel HulcKins outFeaps iKe Red- 
skin pivot man, Jim Woodward. Below: 
the Y's fast break is employed by DeRay 

Below: Joe Nelson versus Utah's all- 
American, Amie Ferrin. TKeir battle will 
be long remembered (or thrills and basket- 
ball skill. 


Atove: Jay Van Noy finds iKe G)ugar defense witkoul flaw in 
this unusual action sKot in the clash with Utah State. Left: Big Vera 
Gardner. Utah's all-American. grabs Ted Thiel's attempted hook shot 
in Utah's comeback fry in the SpringviUe gym. 

Conference Games 

Brigham Young 75 — 

Brigham Young 65 ^ 

Brigham Young 53 ^-' 

Brigham Young 64 — 

Brigham Young 45 — 

Brigham Young 66 — 

Brigham Young 57 — 

Brigham Young 79 — 

Brigham Young 55 '— 

Brigham Young 65 — 

^- Denver U. 

— Utah U. . 

— Denver U. 

— Colorado A. M. 





— Wyoming U j9 

— Utah State 47 

^ Wyoming U 42 

^ Colorado A. M 48 

— Utah U 51 

— Utah State 68 

Pre-Season and Tournament Games 


Young 38 

Young 30 

Young 56 

Young 52 

Young 54 

Young 51 

Young 39 

Young 46 

Young 48 

Young 65 

Young 45 

Young 41 

Young 57 

Young 44 

Young 67 

.— Alumni Association. . 

— Ft. Monmouth (N.J.) 

— CCNY (New York) . 

^- Syracuse Univ 

>— Niagara Univ 

— West Virginia U. ... 

— Duquesne Univ 

.— Arizona State 

— Arizona State 

'— Arkansas Univ 

•—• Syracuse Univ 

— Idaho Univ 

— Nevada Univ 

— Nevada Univ 

— E<:uador Univ 


N A I B Tournament 

Brigham Young 66 — 

Brigham Young 68 — 

— Mississippi State Teach.. . . 61 

— Indiana State 82 


FRESHMAN FOOTBALL . . . Back Row: Don Latimer, Bill Beck. Ronald Hyde. Wiliard Carroll, Tony Anderson. 
Henm Oldroyd. Karral Bills. Stan Cole. Grant Cooper, Bill Stoffer. Hal Egbert, Arnold Weidar. Second Row: George Allen. 
Dick Webt, Tony Pelligieno. Dave Jensen. Dan Kimball, Don Millet. George Meniove. Tub Larson. Mel Stally. Don Ben- 
son. Frank Woolverlon. Front Row: Coach Stan Wafts. Manager Bill Higgins. Tom Kekuala, Dean Van Noy. Bill Hansen. 
Dan Yule, Wbity Palmquist. Bob Dimick. Paul Thompson. Joe Fletcher. Ned Alger. 

FRESHMAN BASKETBALL . . . Back Row: Coach Stan Watts, Omar Osterhues. Dick Craig. Roland Minson. Ken 
Durrant. Hershel Pederson, Dick Jones, Russell Hillman, Front Row: Dean Van Noy, Wiliard Carroll. Stan Cole, Bill Hig- 
gins. Vern Watcott. Ariel Ricks, Manager Bob Dimick. 


THE GOLF TEAM . . . front row. left to right: Lynn 
Bell, Eugene Harris, Walter Zabriskie, Bill Geertsen, 
Jim Green. Back I^w: Buck Dixon, Bob Bohnet, 
Barney Clark, John Wanger, Keith Deeds. 
Losing their first match to the Utah divoteers, the 
Buck Dixon coached golf team finished their season 
in a "blaze of the welt known glory," 

BOXING AND WRESTLING , . . Shown on the 
left are two grant- and- groan experts FigKting it out for 
top honors in the intra-mural tournament. Below. Don 
BusKore parries a blow and gets set to throw one of 
his own in the same tournament 


To tlie left. Grant Hklman geti let to blast a »tot aciou to hi* o[iponent«' coakt. In doublei 
play, below. Jack Hmrgood bas jut bacUiandeJ a »fl lob over die net wbile Lee Knell backs 
him op> 

THE TENNIS TCAM below U compoied of Max Dicki, Ricbanl Aibby. Ralpb Larson, Bob 
Calton. Bock Dixon (coacb). Jack Tlrargood, Ira Todd, Lee Knell, Grant Hickman. 


Shown wanning np in pre-game 
practice are a trio of Cougar Korlers 
from Stan Watts' mound staff. Below, 
Veil SnJweeks, Cat first baseman, 
takes a throw ahead of a Utah nmner 
for the out 

For the first time in 25 years, the three Utah colleges fielded teams in DaseDall. Starting 
the season under Stan Watts, the Cougar diamond-dusters presented a squad well-rounded 
in every department, and copped their first game from the Ute Redskins, 11-10, in 11 innings. 

With their sights on the Rocky Mountain championship and a possible berth in the 
Western NCAA play-offs, the Blue and White were led by the siege guns of Lyle Koier, 
Ted Theil, and Rex Olsen. Also contributing heavily to the hits-and-runs department were 
Verl Sudweeks, Glenn Oliverson, Randy Clark, Don Bushore, Garth Kump, Ken Leth, and 
Glenn Clark. Putting the silencer on opponents' bats with some excellent pitching were 
George Sorenson, Wayne Graser, and Nelson Spafford. 

"mE BASEBALL TEAM . . . Fiwnt Row, left to right: Stan Watts, Verl C. Sudweeks, Rex 
Olsen, Geoge W. Sorenson. Don Bushore, Lyle Roller, Wayne Graser, Randy Clark, Glen 
Oliverson. Second Row: Garth Berguson, Jay Peterson, Nelson W. Spafford. DeRay Full- 
mer, Matthew K. Bezzant, Lynn Powell, Ted Thiel, Bob Beckstead, Ken Leth, Max Nelson, 
Garth Kump, Dave Wiser, Glen Clark, Charles Craven, Gorden Alpanalp, Coiuad Judd. 


On tneir way around the quarler-mile cinder 
patK. a quartet of Cat distance runners, paced 
by Clarence Rooison, warm op for a dual meet 
witK the Ute Redskins. 

Alter two years of varsity competition. 
"RoDey" turned out to be the top distance man 
in the inteimountain west. 

Coming into the stretch, the Cougar's star miler 
is shown as he sprints for the tape. Robison is rated 
as the best Olympic bet from the Skyline Six. 

Caught in the camera's lens shortly before he sets 
sail with the discus is ^ady Walker, one of the best weight 
men in die conference. Back for his fifth and last season, 
Big Brady really came through when the points were needed 
for the Millet-men. 


To the right, timter-lopping Joe Nelson skims 
the last hurdle on his way to the finish line. To- 
gether with Phil Nelson and Lloyd Page, Joe 
helped to give the Cougar trackmen the strongest 
hurdlers in the conference. 

Led Ly Brady Walker in the weights, Clarence Robinson in the distance events, and Joe Nelson and 
LJoyd Page in the hurdles, the Millet-coached Y thin-clads were back to defend their Utah track and field 

Showing up well in supporting roles to give the Cats a team balanced in every event were Jim Skou- 
sen, Byron Young, Randy Cladk, and Phil Robinson, to name a few. With several of his starts graduating. 
Coach Millet will have to depend on first year men who were not able to compete because of the Freshman 
ruling for his next year's squad. 

THE TRACK TEAM . . . Front Row, left to right: Lex Malan, Walter Stephenson, John Williams, Phil 
Robison, Lloyd Page, Joe Cranroer, Kent Christensen, Pat Wright, Warren Novak, Roger Parkinsen, 
Randy Clark. Second Row: Floyd Millet, Willard Howard, Farrel Butler, Ron Stewart, Clarence Robi- 
son, Brady ^'alker, Joe Nelson, Richard Harman, Glen Goodwin, Phil Nelson, Bryon Young, Calvin 


Uove Uft Viking Leonard Bedmai, n?« tKe art of IivpnotUm in Ais tmasaal sfcoL Uoyd Page. »gle-*ye forward, doses 
in. Rigtl. ttiat is Phi] "Robinson. Fleet-tooted forward, waiting for the ■lip as tke powerful Millard QiJj display? their hoop 
wizardry. Tke California Clot tries in \-ain. 

Below U tte Bricter lootkall team. In a wild. f«id-foa«tl finisli the to«i-foorf>aII crown was copped fjy die BrkLns 
who outpointed the Brigadiers ... their domination ended when the Millard County Chib basLetbaU team tell vKtors to the 
aocmate shooting and passing atta<i of the champs. Intensity of the inter-social unit competition continued when the Val Myric 
hasehaO team retamed to the diamotKl to defend their title. 


ATHLETIC DESTINY rests witk tKe aWe Atkletic Council members . . . Floyd Mitlett, 
basketball coach: Stan Watts, baseball coach; Dr. C. J. Hart; C. L. Jensen; Frank 
Haymore: Gordon Hawkins, studentbody president; Eddie Kimball, football coach and 
director of Athletics; and Dr. Ariel S. Ballif, chairman of the Council. 

PRESIDENT Howard S. McDonald shows off 
his victory tie at the Springville gym . . . right, 
Kimball and Hawkins, clowning. Hawkins 
wanted a ticket to the U game. 


Mary Beth Benson and Leona Holbroolc, sponsor 
of the W. I. C. and head of the women's physical 
education department, are loved by all the girls 
working under them. Here they are planning activi- 
ties for the girls. 

Below is tlie Women's Intramural Council. MemLers are, left 
to rigKt, front row: Faye Richards, LaRae Denning, and Eliza- 
beth Wagner. Sitting: Shirlee Chrislensen. Lynn Warner, Lautine 
Adams, and Dixie Black. 




LYNN WARNER . . . presiJent of tte 
Women's Intramnral Council . . . woilc- 
ing for a PLys. Ed. major ... a friendly 
and a willing wotLer . . . Ims outstand- 
ine aLility for organizing. 

Managers . . . girls wko keFped witk ike vations women's intra- 
mnials. Back row. nsnal order: Ann Hansen. Jane Nate, Golda 
Tnorruey, Skirlee Ckristensen, and Lorranine Linde. Kneel- 
ing: Geniel Tliomton, Elkel Yonng, and Frances Kimball. 

Badminton . . . left, Nancy Taylor uses a swift wrist action 
wkick makes ker game one of great skill. Tke badminton 
tourney gets under way early spring quarter. 

Pino Pong . . . above, Gloria Sckwantes and Faye Rickards 
make an exciting matck, and enjoy tkemselves wkile tkey are 
at it. 



Basketball . . . Winners were: Social Unit, Fidelas (above) and 
Independents were led to victory by ElizEJbeth Wagner (oelow). The 
exciting tournament was played winter quarter. 

Foul Pitch . . . Leone Winegar of Alta 
Milra skowfl why tLe A. M.'s to<Jc top 
honors among the social units. Tne 
Omega Chapter oF Lamha Delta Sigma 
and the Sinkers (Independents) won in 
their respective fields. 

Tlie Nautilus and Cestas take a well 
deserved rest during a social unit intra- 
mural game. 


Volleyball . . . Winners of the respec- 
tive groups in the volleyball tourney: 
Social Unit, Valkyrie; Independent, Ha- 
waiians (left) ; and Lamba Delta, Up- 
silon Chapter. Colleen Hutchins of the 
Upsilon group demonstrates the service. 

Bowling ... A favorite sport, proved to be a very spirited 
tournament with the Cesta Tie's (social unit). Omega's 
(L.D.S.), and the Vultures (independent) capturing the top 
positions. Above is Edie Jensen. Betty Clark, Jolene Collett, 
and (seated) LaRae Collett, the winning Cesta team, and 
upper right shows them in action. Below are the Vultures, the 
girls that ranked the number one in the independent field. 


Skiing . . . Late winter quarter an invitational meet is held and • 
all students are invited to participate in the various phases 
o{ skiing. 

Swimming & Diving . . . Spring quarter the W.l.C. sponsor 
a swimming meet for all girls who are interested in attending. 


The M. I. A. Canyon Home . . . Situated near Aspen Grove, 
the girls oF the Brigham Young University are invited to spend 
a memorahle three days in the fall among the tall trees 
away from the busy world. 


Tennis . . . Coy Mullen, who hails 
from Texas, demonstrates the 
proper way ot serve. 

Golf . . . Doris June Miner from Long 
Beach wants to know if you would like 
to play. 



Baseball . . . Arizona's Virginia 
Britton. and Shirley Aired from 
UtaK take time out from their 
studies to enjoy a game of base- 



iwkruyxfiajAj^aiJovus cciaiajcjI... 

First Row: Bob Mercer. Ursel Allred, PKil Daniels. Gene E. Vickers. George Sorensen. Jewell G Addison. Don F^ ScKmutz. 
Newell W. Miles. Bill Graden. Robert W. Laird. Second Row: Dawn Hilton. Jenna Vee Beck, Phyllis Miflar. Secretary, Oayle Ash- 
wortb, Helen Jones. Mavis Dewsnup. Donette Fife. Marjorie Millar. Rosanne Sessions. Carolyn Watson. Uneva 

Litster, Emelia Olsen. Bertha Randall. Leone Winegar. Uird Row: Eddie Ete^d Nyal W Anderson Wagie S. Ferguson. Bob 
Klein. LeRay Jones. Howard Graves. Edward Nelson. Joe Murphy. John Nutter Harvey D. Goff. President. Robert Douglas Allen 
Purnell. Max C. Robinson. Albert Everett. Fourth Row: Homer Jensen. Conrad Judd. Wendell Peterson. Delmer McDougall, hred 
Radichel. Clark S. Knowlton. Ivan L. Sanderson. Edward L. Gardner. Thomas A. Kekaula, Kay L. Robinson. Keith T. Stephens. Brace 
Hilton, Jim Peterson. 

First Row: Joel Moss. First President. Leone Winegar. Dixie Black. Alma Snow. Don Hansen. Second President. LouAna Rush- 
ton, Wylie W. Swapp. Corinne Smith. Paul Crockett, Phyllis Millar. Secretary. Second Row: Gordon Hawkins, Winston Taylor, Jim 
Ingersoll, Jay Jeppson. 


\^[l Ir£U|... 

honorary service unit for upperclass women 

Makt Jane Miner 

Joyce Whiting 

Acnes Jensen 

Shirlee Christensen 

Atleen Halea Clyde 
Virginia Bird Mred 
Bai{>aTa KoUer 

Ailene S. Bateman 

Edytbe Bright 

Jenna Vee Bedc 
Leona Winegar 


honorary service unit for upperclass men 

Max C. Robinson 

Ariel Ballif, Jr. 

Melvin G. Randall 

Lyle Trecaskis 
Coires. Secretary 

Dr. Briant Jacobs 
Faculty AJpisor 

Franic Tomer 
Ira Yotmg 

J. Harold Call 

Gordon Hawkins 

Robert R. Douglas 
Virgil L. Harris 

Darwin C. Knadsen 
Leonard H. Johnson 

Jess R. Boshman 
Walter Wiest 

Morris D. Parkinson 
Clinton L. Oaks 


Lloyd E. Page 

Albert G. Everett 
James L. Bradley 
Lee Knell 

Floyd J. Woodfield 
Orin Parker 
Reed Price 

Claron Oakley 

Clive G. Wade 
Joel Moss 

Dean Hansen 

Winston Taylor 

Kay L. Robinson 
Elliott C. Howe 
George BaliiF 

Wendell Taylor 




honorary service unit for sophomore women 

RosANNE Sessions Donna Thomander LaMyrl Boyack Janet Fenn 

PraaiJent Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter 

Pauline Dyreng 

Doris June Miner 
Rosalie Robinson 
Donna Hawkins 

Lorraine Linde 

Elayne Bright Clark 
Nancy Taylor 
Mae Blanch 

Beverly D. Gibbons 
June Adams 

Barbara Hardy 

Arvilia Woolston 

Marilyn Whitesides 
LaNola Harper 

Rose Marie Brokaw 
Carolyn Johnson 


Madelyn Matliewt 
Donna Lee Fioglejr 
Marian Johan 
Georgia Green 

Gloria Snell 

Virginia Price 
Nola Mangtm 
Marcene Camp 

Marilyn Morley 
Carole Baker 

Lomine Rusiell 
Maiy Beesley 

Donnetle StringKam 
Nyla Clement 

Kathleen Taylor 

Mary Joyce Cocketl 

Evelyn Brannock 
Josephine Young 
Joan Austin 

Nadene Mitchell 

Marilyn Kennedy Taylor 
Valerie McMillan 

Gloria Dawn Jenson 
Channaine Guthrie 

Marilyn Dunford 


iiAi^lLCjO^lecji^ Irj/uG|IcU... 


honorary service unit for underclass men 

Ketth R.«e Mauwce Bateman Glaoe Kuhni Phil Jorgensen 

HononhU Duia Cliancdlor Scriht Reporter 

Fonwt O. Hall 
Menill BrxUiaw 
Eail Jooe* 

Waf<n« R Gonioa 

FeneD D. Talman 
DooL CMet 

RaymooJ BecUiam 
Pul G. Gudkier 

KenJall Gndey 

R. Gofdoo LeBuoa 


Mend Brown 

Dale Damoo 
EagcBc Slurgui 
Myrai WJILa 




Evan N. Stevenson 
Don Tregaikia 
Paul Hanson 

Dean Haniion 

Harold Aigyle 
Harvard Jensen 

DaMon R. aailc 
Jay Stayner 

Rodney Gordon 
Bob Beckstead 

Kar] Famsworth 
Stan Greenwell 

Karl DeWayne Sudekum 
Ralph Hansen 

Grant W. Anderson 
Jeiry Hyde 

Roy King 

James W. Giant 
Robert L. Haman 
Ronald Hyde 

T. Coniad Judd 
Max W. Stubbs 
Dick Dominguez 




pep unit for underclass women 

Marian Johan 

Barbara Jean Driggs 

Darlene Brimhall 


Maicene Camp 
Carol Paxman 
Baibara Victor 
Marilyn Hilton 

Skaree Westovet 
Marcie Minteer 
Jerelyn Sorensen 
Evelyn Bailer 

Pat Qninn 

Romona McGnre 
Jean Romney 
Lois Cbatwin 


Marian Mullelt 
Joyce Addiuon 

Jeannine Brimnail 
Jewel Frampton 

Shiiley Cbristianseii 
Viva Bentley 
Bail»ia Plant 
Joyce Crandall 

Baci>arB Winkler 
Betk J. Smitb 
June Adams 

Sally Edwardi 

Baitara La Nielson 
Pat Mason 
Looise Beck 

Artell Robison 

Marilyn Chrislensen 
Marian Allenlwck 
Corinne Hawkley 
Jeniel Reevef 




Joan Greer 
La Lake 

lina Hinckley 
Wanda Loe 

Marilyn Donford 
Carol Brana 

Andrea' JoKnson 

Darlene Openstaw 

DorotKy Sdieller 
Rutk Reeve 
Doris Young 

Billie Opensliaw 

Rachel Lorraine RicKins 
Bonnie Hansen 

Marjorie Harding 
Qeanot Lee 

Cbar Matson 
Carol Brown 
Evada Onne 
Joyce Murray 


1>£X^ UdkfL IhdbCw... 

honorary biological fraternity 

Joseph R. Murphy Dorald M. Allhed Deon Patten 

President Vice-President Historian-Reportei 

Beatrice Jensen 
Betty A. Olsen 

Delia Mae Porter 

Anonna Perkins 

Nan Rae Brossard 
Charles J. Unice 

Ila Mae James 
Dale R. Taylor 

William S. Dunford, Jr. 

• Margaret Nusinic 
Doye R. Taylor 

Paul S. Groneman 

Ted Dase 

Glen Moore 

Vernon S. Tipton 

Earl C. Brunner, Jr. Lois Griffii 


oIcLl lRa)p^ pi 

• • • 

honorary business fraternity for men 

Keith Stevens Kenneth R. Madsen EIarl Ballard Hoyt 

President Vice-PresiJera Treasurer 

Bill D. Wirthlin 
Muster of Rituals 

Max C. Robinson 
Bert L. Ostlimd 
Lloycl Page 

Glade Kofini 

Andy Hobbs 

C. Joseph Rowberry 
Paul Sbeny 

Grant A. Larsen 


Qyde A. Swenioa 
Tlioinu S. Taylor 

William ayde Cridct 

Rex Madwm 

Ralph B. Hanly 
Allan J. Will 

Kay L. RobbiMn 

DonaU Jay Cbiislensen 
J. W. Lewii 


Winston Taylor 
Bob Bonlick 

DonaM B. Cleverly 
Gordon L. Wriglil 


^ \y^ ipi... 

honorary sorority for returned lady missionaries 

L ll >t^^ ^ ^^^ 

Zva.UK Olsen Emogene Foutz Betty Nielsen Catherine Romney Elizabeth HiljSL-:^ 
PreilJenJ Vice-PresidenI Secretary Sponsor Sponsor 

Adella Curtis 

Shirley Ann Gleeve 
Jean Curtis 

Lera Niederhouser 
Irene Brings 

Lucile BoJily 
Audira Call 
Joyce McRae 
Eliz Beus 

Grace Stone 

Faye McGratk 
Vandis Allen 
Eloise Kohler 
Eloise Coon 
Ruth Call 

Oreal Kaufman 

Geraldine Cazier 
Abia Oldioyd 

Thelma Wagner 
Helen Jensen 

Ruth De Young 

Betty Christofferson 
Myrle Johnson 

Kathryn Ashcroft 
Beverly Ure 

Ora Jensen 

Hannah Call 

Katherinei 2^del 
La Rue Battison 

Clara Mae Gowers 

Rhoda Lewis 
Sybil Qailc 

Helen Adele Durrani 
Beth Markham 

Elizabeth Zundel 


olipUo. ckojpUtt 


for returned men missionari 

Bob Klein Dwayne N. Anderson Verr Leavitt John R. Holman Claire Stoddard 

President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Dream Girl 

Donald B. Cleveily 
Dwayne Pace 

Clyde S. Romney 

Alexander L. Fife, Jr. 
Wdford E Smitb 
Joseph V. Ba^er 
Ernest H. ClaiL 

John E. Runyon 

Lloyd Snow Sandherg 
Ronald Ljndsay 

Courtney A. Brewer 

Ralph Barton 

R. Chase Alfred 
John Tootle 

Arthur D. Slater 

Gordon Jenkins 

Derrell A. Lindsay. Nat Del. 
Menill G. Durfee 
Von Nielson 


ddll^ pUi Iwlc. ckft^telt 

• •• 

Albert Everett 

Jess R. Bushman Melvin Randall Floyd Woodfield 
Vica-PresiJent Secretary National Delegate 

Anne Greaves 
Dream Girl 

Clyde Davis 
Don Murri 

Kenneth Phillips 

Morris D. Parkinson 

Douglas H. Orgill 
Wilford Bruderer 
Forest Black 
Ira Young 

Max C. Robinson 
Earl Webb 

Eldred Johnson 
Vern Jensen 

Wayne Olson 
Don Schmulz 
Royal Jensen 

Melvin Peterson 

Earl Reed 

Myron L. Dickey 
James L. Bradley 
Jack Price 

i*=*> «. f 

f^ cr^ ^"^ 


Dwane Crooks 
Charles Sidney Noble 
Clark Knowlton 
Joseph Davies. Jr. 
Weston B. Seegmillet 

J. HaroM Call 
Fred Adams 
Malcolm Wilding 
Grant Burgon 
Dean A. Curtis 

Kenneth G. Hoghes 
James Glenn 
Don Petty 
Elliot C. Howe 
George Bennion 

Crawford Gates 
Harold Powell 
Melvin Ogden 
Lester Hope 
Orville C. Lundell 

Verl Despain 
Hal Taylor 
Joel Moss 
Arthur L. Merrell 
Bill Geertsen 

Jack Huish 
Earl Smith 
Owen Bennion 
Reed Price 
Paul S. Knowlton 

Darwin C. Knudsen 
Leonard Johnson 
Max Conley 
Albert L. Payne 
Conway W. Dunn 


QCJi/m/uk, iplai omjclum. 


• •• honorary sorority for home 

Dawn Hilton 

Mavis Dewsnup 

Verda Hale 

Geraldine Hansen 

economics majors 

Ruth Martin 



BarLara Famswortn 

Mary Jorgensea 

Louise Burbidge 

Margaret Potter 

J Catherine Romney 

Lenora Argyle 
Elaine Hart 
Leone Winegar 
Barbara Marshall 
MarRue Keller 

Marian Wilkinson 
lone Lewis 
losemary BischoCf 
Betty Argyle 
Ruth Wilson 

Jorothy Petty 

\ Ella Mae Matson 

Effie Wamick 

Barbara Grant 

Thelma Sutton 

Meredith Hansen 
LaRue Stringham 
Loma Pincock 
Clara Williams 
May Billings 
onna Rosenberg 




honorary journalism fraternity 

Bob Whittaker Gordon Forsythe Carma RasmussEn Lois Ashby 

President Vice-PresiJenl Secretary Treasurer 

Jonna Yardley 
Georgia Green 
Margaret JudJ 
Beverly Jamesor 

Hertert Newel Morris 
Marilyn Bulkley 
Olivet R. Smitk 
Ivan Hilton 

Fredora Fuller 
Moana Ballif 

Clayton McConkie 
Ray Wight 

David Scholthess 
Gloria Storm 

Josepb G. Hilbers 
Nancy Shurtleff 

Marian Crawford 
Marie Onna 


Ipkj st^ sicjma. 

scholastic fraternity for freshmen men 

Wayne S. Ferguson Harvey D. Goff 
PresiJerU Viee-PresiJera 

Glen Ovard 

Joseph Rowberry 

Curg Johnson 
Conrad Judd 
Mark Benson 

Calvin Packard 

Farrell J. Humphys 
Gaylen Dahlquist 
Joe MurpKy 

J. Gordon Knudsen 

Shennan B. Sheffield 
Grant Anderson 

Qinton Ashworth 
Kimhall Hansen 

Dean Hitbert 

William C. Knudsen 
Fred Morgan 

Evan M. Romney 

Blaine J. Wasden 

Paul B. Wainwrright 

James L. Wadsvvorth 
Kenneth Irving 


sicjmo. ni ^'igm^lo.. 


honorary physics society 

Atove— O. Norman Geertsen, Robert K. Willaitlaon. Conrad V. 
Hatch, Jefferson N. Easbnond, Edward L. Gardner, Kent D. Broad- 
bent. Second row— Wayne B. Hales, Milton Marshall, Don A. 
Hansen, Norman F. Hyatt. Ray S. Alleman, Carl F. Eyring. 

Officers (left)— Robert K. Willardson, Treasurer: 
Joseph W. Spencer, Vice-President: Jefferson N. 
Eastmond. Secretary; Edward L. Gardner, President; 
Kent D. Broadbent, Secretary. 


iWlo, diplia. ipki 

honorary drama fraternity 

Max Golightly May Sawyers Bryce Spencer 

Jenna Vee Beck Don Mark Weaver Sariah Ann Bushman 
President Vice-PresiJerU Secrehiry 

Marian Brandley 
Robert Kest 
Naomi Qark 
Joyce Haycock 

CKris Sanders 
Anne Greaves 

Belly J. Hawkins 

Marie Dean Bytee 

Morris Roper 

Afton Lichfield 
Cleona Decker 
Ursel Allred 

Gerald S. Caldwell 
Luana RusKton 
Veloy Singleton 
DavicL Swenson 

Stanford Gwilliam 
Arlene S. Bateman 
LuDean W. Janson 
Junella S. Wilkins 
Norma Rae Leei 

John Nutter 

Audra Lucille Call 
Elaine L. Ejickson 
Enid Caldwell 
Dean S. Peay 





social unit 

Jay H. Jeppson Bruce Stevens Clinton Ashworth LeRoy Jones 

PresiJent Vice-Preaident Secretary-Treasurer Reporter 

Max D. Nelson 

McKell Wkeelwrigkt 
Dick MagFeby 

Rupert C. Cameron 
Ralph Barney 
Keith Scoville 

Grant Harris 

David A. Weiser 
James Brsrant 

Hal Luke 

Robert C. Unice 
Clair Anderson 

J. Merle Nielsen 
David J. Hiomas 


a&jd miuic... 

Leone Wineoar 



Frances Elledge 

Seraloa Sknldberg 
Jo Bemke 

Bea Jensen 

Carol Laisen 

Louise Wilcox 

Leigb Taylor 
Gene Harris 

Carma Rasmussen 


I unit 

Beverly Brady 


'A y^V 



Elna Shakespeare 
Skirley Allen 
Jean Beauliea 

Mavis Dewsnup 

Marilyn Petty 

Melba Western 
Ruth Aldous 

Thiele Anderson 

Marjorie Millar 
Bhss Koyle 

Donna Rae Lahrum 
Gloria Rasmussen 

Betty Jean Houston 
Mafcel Lee Holiday 
Luana Holman 

Donna G. Ganelt 

Leah Hacking 

Kathleen Phillips 

Ramona McFarland 
Jackie Biiggs 




al unit 

Don A. Hansen Grant Hickman George Ballif Lyman Sperry 

President Vtce-Pre»ufcn( Secretory Treasurer 

David GledKiD 
Guy Ivins 

James Lyman 

Lowell W. Bonnett 

Jim L. Peterson 
MaxL. Call 

Keitk Wilson 
JoKn Taylor 

PKil Snelgrove 

Sterling H. Booth 
Gene Kunz 
Jim Cooper 

Pete Prusse 

Robert Gates 
Cal Taggart 
Dale Petersen 

Richaid R. Wilkins 
Kent Taylor 
Darren Call 

Jimmy Worsencroit 


Bob Beckstead 
Dick Speny 

Kennion Anderson 
Hal Taggart 

Alan Hansen 
Dick Boyet 

Hal M. Clyde 

Kenneth Baleman 

Roger W. Parkinson 
Cleve H. Swensen 
Cal Padcard 

Richard Bigelow 

Dick Peterson 
Karl Hialman 

William Dean Ashworth 
Kenneth Pace 

Malln Perry 

Kenneth Newman 
Brace Christensen 
Norman Marcfaant 

Boyd Harding 

Roisel M. Billings 
Joe Ashworth 

Douglas Jenkins 

Bob R. Zabrlskie 
Bill Nichols 

Ted McKnelly 
Bob Free 






1 unit 

AftonL Taylor LaRaeCollett Lorraine Russeul Mary Clyde 

PreiidenI Vlce-Pre.lJent Secretary Treasurer 

Patricia Winwr 
Diane Nielwm 
Viva Bendey 

Donna LandeD 

Barbara Plant 
Mariddl LewU 
Lina Hinckley 
Bertie Benlley 

Donna Lee Fiogley 
Lynn HubbarJ 
Joyce Dunn 
Carol Jenneni 

Helen Clyde 

Lauralee Jones 

Evelyn Brannock 
Maralyne Haakell 


Marian Joban 
KatMeen Zondel 
Wanda Loe 
Jean Winetrenner 
Joy Green 

Jenna Vee Beclc 
Wilma Jones 
Rita Clement 
Marilyn Miles 
Rosemary Bisckoff 

Edythe Bright 
Jan Fenn 
Elaine Jones 
Betty Claik 
Libby ZnnJel 

Louise Beck 
Bettie Reid 
NatKel OpensKaw 
Delia Mae Porter 
Ella Rose Hinckley 

Wanda Stewart 
Fawn Ouistensen 
Jo Udall 
Nyla Clement 
Marilyn Whitesides 

Marian Allenbach 
Joiene CoIEett 
Bettye Robinson 
Gloria Scnwantes 
Virginia Brinton 

Joy Tangren 
Marcene Camp 
Grace Merrill 
Rath Popdy 
Dawn Klingler 



Kenneth C. Moll 
Bruce Hilton 

Jerry Bingkam 
Earl A. Beck 

Roland K. Robins 
Richard Wahon 

Darrell H. Card 
Nick Ludlow 

J. W. Lewis 

Fred Adams 

Jed Pritchelt 

Donald Turner 

Jay W. Francis 
Lester Ludlow 

Ralph Wood 
Jack L. Huish 

Richard Ashty 

Verl J. Mumford 

al unit 

Jim Inoemoll Jim Skousen Norman F. Hyatt Lyle Tregaskis 

Pr«sl<lent Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter 

H. Dean Hansen 
Paul A. Phelps 



James L. Bradley 
ArveF J. Hurst 
Jack R. Price 
Cecil E- Lloyd 
J. Paul McGnire 

TKomas Moulton 
K. Antkony Snow 
Don Spronse 
Einar JoKnson 
Russell Mickelson 

L. Dale King 
Maurice Baleman 
Howard K. Billings 
Stanley H. Walker 
Frank Turner 

^'allace Manning 
Myron Walker 
Verne Albright 
Don Tregaskis 
Alph Bingkam 

Paul Stelley 
Howard Gordon 
Floyd C. Moulton 
Orville C. Lundell 
Melvin Ludlow 

Philip Jorgensen 
Keith T. Stephens 
Rod J. Long 
Pete Skousen 
Max Conley. 

Dwight J. Stapley 
B<J) W. Atbott 
Robert Holley 




I unit 


Preadent Vice-Preaidenl Secrelary-Treasurer Reporter 

Leone Heywooa 
Nita Webster 

Legia MendenKall 
Delia Jean Olpin 

Janice Earl 

Helen Qegg 

Maiy Sawyers 

Georgia Ann WKipple 

LaRae Evans 

Margaret Malcamey 
Nina Rutk Kimball 
Wilma Claik 

Cindy Stewart 
Nancy HoU 
Donette Fife 


Cliarleen Sorensen 
Pat Russell 

Margorie Anderson 
Virginia Crosland 

Enid Caldwell 
Joy Myers 

Betty Jo Hawkins 
Vivian Miller 

Shirley Ann Rowe 
Hilda Hale 

Marie Allred 

Claudine Pearson 

Katheryn M. Whitney 
Shirley Monroe 
Jean Davis 

Geniel Hiomton 

Jayne E. Stone 
Ramona Adams 
Mary Beesley 



social unit 

Winston Taylor 

Weldon Moffett 

John Lee 

Edward Cwvnn 

Ron Griggs 

James Rasbana 

Arden J. Aplanofp 
John G. Bonnett 

Quentin WooIIey 

Richard H. Packer 
Ralph Hansen 
Paul Taylor 

Stan Taylor 

Horace D. Gillespie 
Jerry Zenger 

Wallace Keith Johnson 

Blaine LeChaminant 
John R. Bench 
DeMar Kem 
Adrian Ryan 

Robert Holman 
Dan Christensen 
Bob Bohnett 
John Jensen 


Russell M. Hull 
Kirlt Wilkins 
Garth Kump 

Clayton McConkie 
Don Carlson 

Burton E. riEinsen 

Wilford LeCHeminant 
Joe E. Weight 

Dick Pussy 

Glen Olrverson 

Ivan Beem 

Brace Liddiarcl 
E^rl J. Green 
Blaine Smith 

Owen C. Heninger 

Kent Staheli 
Mark Stowe 

Harold Argyle 
Robert Brown 
Heber Hall 

Ricnard O. Bristoe 
Douglas Mclntire 

Duane Airowsmilh 
Douglas C. Brown 
Rex Olsen 

Kent R. Russell 

Gaylandl Mike Mills 
Joe Cranmer 
Miles Celton 
Roy Stapp 

C. J. Eunice 

Dean Wilson 
Joe Diggle 

Howard O. Wiscombe 
K. A. Randall 
Jack Bullock 





1 unit 

Alma Snow Maby Lou Henincer Grace Lindsay Colleen Callister 
President Vice-Presidenl Secretary-Treasurer Historian 

Elaine Eyring 

Hennine Eckersly 
Elaine Hart 

Frances Hunter 

Louine Brown 

Evelyn Morgan 

Elaine Williams 

RoI>erta Christensen 

Dorothy Jepson 

Jaynann Morgan 
Arlene Briem 

Eunice Harmon 

Margaret Wengreen 
Helen Swenson 
June Greer 
RulK Reeve 

Norma Boyle 

Betty Jo Smith 

Janet Christopherson 
Mary Arm Murdock 


LaMyrI Boyack 
Rosanne Sessions 
RutKie Pruitt 
Nan Stapp 
Daryl Harris 

Mary Lou Taylor 
Carolyn Joknson 
Ellen Stokes 
Dawna Ericksen 
Lucile Rose 

Donna Deem 
Virginia Price 
Carolyn Horton 
Dorothy Groesbeck 
Bonnie Wilson 

Coy Mullen 
Barbara Bennett 
Miidreol Hunter 
Rita Allen 
Carma Adams 

Vicki Smilb 
Charmaine Guthrie 
Helen Jeanne Jonea 
Joan Greer 
Evelyn Barker 

Carole Baker 
Anne Greaves 
Beth Martin 
Janice Hilton 
Louise Culbertson 

Elayne Paxman 
Marilyn Hilton 


Wylie Swapp Virgil L. Harris Ralph M. Price Calvin W. Young 

President Vice-PresiAent Secretary-Treasurer Social Chairrrum 

Forrest Hall 

MarKn J. Daleboul 
Robert Holmea 

Tbomas S. Taylor 

D. Ray Chipman 
GIer> S. Sheen 
Roy King 

Donald Christensen 

Troy Miller 

Rodney F. Gordon 
Lester C Wkeatley 
Evan Stevenson 

T. Conrad Judd 

RolMrt R. Burdict 
Calvin Brandley 
Kiilc Neilson 


LloyJ Chrislensea 
Claude Sutton 
Frank Fatn 

Marvin Peterson 

George W. Sorensen 
Bert Wagstalf 

Willis Brimhall 
Jean M. Ruff 

Giant Larsen 

RicKard Moody 
Lester L. Knight 

Blaine A. Wilcox 

Freddie L. Brown 
Garth Seastrand 
Robert W. Laird 

Robert E. Philbrick 

Kent Undhjem 
Verne Sittle 

Stan Greenwell 

Christopher Colsten 

Glen Crump 
Bob Bridges 
Dean Allan 

Ri^rt El. Mooie 

Eugene Sturgill 

Jewell G. Addison 
Wally Cole 



3l\ unit 

Mildred Phyllis Jones Nanna Lee Reynolds Annette Bailey LaRae R. Gourley 
President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 

Shirlee Christensen 
Lehia CKrisKansen 

Marilyn CKristensen 
Janet StringKam 

Carol Brand 

Mimi CKristensen 
Pamela Poulson 
Janice Tibbitts 

Leak Taylor 
Wylene Millet 
Colleen Keeler 
Joan B. Jensen 

Priscilla Ludlow 
Jeanne Taylor 

Patricia A. Yager 
Jacqueline Redd 


Norma Wells 
Pat Quinn 

Joyce Cranaall 

Colleen Harmon 

Ruth Macdonald 
Katherine Miller 

KatKeryn Ckristenson 
Irene Taggart 

Shirley Bullock 
Marion Jensen 
Baitara Claik 
Cleona Decke 

EAna Maycock 
La Luke 

Shirley Lamoreaux 
Joan Tattle 

Claudia Knell 

Connie Crandall 
Nancy Wilson 
Barbara Dnggs 

Jean Romney 

Audrey Olson 
Pat Young 

Marian MuIIett 

Marie Andrus Averett 
Elaine Hoover 

Colleen Mower 





#99 social unit 

Paul S. Crockett Wendell Taylor Melvin R. Dixon Lloyd Page 

President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 

Ron Frogley 

George C. Scott 
James Snow 

Booth Maycocic 

Homer J. Sheffield 
Scully Rogers 

Leonard Beckraan 
Don Parker 
Bill Bales 

Ben Heywood 
Lowell R. Hall 
John C. Huish 


Ira Todd 

Allan JoKnson 

Carlyle Gourley 

Gaylen DaUquist 

Grant Anderson 
Karl R. BrimKall 
Franlc Janson 

Jess Udall 

Sherman B. SKeffield 
Herfc Dyer 

Kay Le Saein 
KeitK Deeds 

Earl Wiest 

Francis MagleLy 
Dalian ClarJc 
Harold Tolboe 

Lee Knell 

James E. Anderson 
Albert G. Everett 
Wes Berry 

James J. Knell 




social unit 

DmE NicoL Black Dorothy Thompson Velv* Nybokc 
l^sicleia Vlca-Pire«l<l«nl Secretary 

Geneva Wintebrose 

ItvB Pratt AnJnu. Sponsor 
Afton I. Fune, Spoiuor 

LaVeme Oinger, Social ChcJiman 
Virginia Bootb, PuUidly Direcior 

Helen Williami Dewsnup, Miulc Direcior 
Fruicei Valery Kimball, AiUetic Director 
Lenora Argyle, Special Chairman 

Mlldnd Teslich, AWS RepraMnlatipe 

Rhoda Lewii 

Francet Goo<lnesf 
Vera Jeffen 

Bonnie Andius 

PhyllU Hughei 
Helen Jenwn 

Levlna Borgeion 
Etbel Young 


ClaiB Borgeson 

Carolyn TKompson 
RacKael Morley 
Geor^a Green 

Roma Jean Camaban 
Ella Ratk Turner 
Joan Nelson 

Beverly Know! Ion 

Lonnie Jarrell 

Helen Donfard 

Nancy Sakamoto 
Pat Green 

Joan Wappetl. A^^^ 
C ClaiBj'MBi Xjowers 

J, " iM\/Elaine Jacks 
H^ O Mary Jo 


Ramona Skaw 
Doris Coleman 
Saraii Lewis 
Adell Jackson 

Rosella Compton 

Emmaline Padaken 
Louise PapenCuss 


Avis Busby 
Inga Plaas 
Miriam Saffery 
Wiliiet Enos 
Margaret Nicboles 
Renee Rarole 
Jnaruta Snow 


ikJ i/u/ua.... 

social unit 

AiLEEN Hales Clyde Marilyn Dunford Claire Dyreng 

President Vice-Preaident Secretary 

Moana Ballif 

Ramona McClure 
A^es Jensen 
Pat Bickmore 

Barbara Hansen 

Barbara Hardy 
June Sander 
Doris Cladc 
BetK SmitK 

Joan Austin 

Sally Edwards 
Sally Sharp 
June Adams 

Doris June Miner 
Arlene Baleman 
Jean Brooner 

Norma Brockbank 


Jewel Frampton 
Baii)aia BicJonore 
Nonna Tndcer 
Beverly Giblmia 
Donna Tliomamler 

Rath Fub 
Lacele Kartctiner 
Beiiiara Winlder 
Mildred Miller 
Shaiee Weslover 

Bonnie Hansen 
Patricia Steele 
Carol Brocbbanl 
LADoiuia Gammeu 

Charlotte Harris 
Mary Lou Dimford 
Marilyn Oldroyd 
Jewell Stensland 
Joyce Reid 

Barbara Mackenzie 
Katiuyn Peterson 
Bonnie Ercanbrack 
Verda Griner 
Madelyn Matkews 

Pauline Dyreng 
Mary Jane Miner 
Zola Tanner 
Meriditt McKnelly 
Joyce DeWitt 

Yvonne Nidioles 
Nancy Taylor 
Carol Pitcter 
Valerie McMillan 


^iWWci ddJt^ 


^Jl Wllf If m^^*** religious and social fraternity 

e)(^u>ilii>d oil iicelts. 

Norma Hales 


Professor and Mrs. H. B. Brown 

Rosemary Bischoff 
Lambda Delta Sigma Sweetheart 

Eldin Ricks 

Virginia Bird Allred 

Edythe Bright 

Ojjicen During Fall Quarter 

Naone Mason Delores Frances Libby Zandel Kitty Zundel 

Rosemary Bischo(( Alene Stringham Jean Clark, Boss 
Lambda Delta Sigma Sextet 


Wayne B. Weech Moyle D. Stewart 
President Vice-Pres. - Secretary 

Grant Woodfcury 
Merrill Balls 

Douglas L. Andrus 
Clarence Robinson 

Wyne D. White 
Charles Shaw 

Kenneth C. Motl 
Acel D. Nielson 

Merrill Durfee 

Cal R. McAffer 
Evan M. Romney 

Edward Woodburg 

John A. Green ■ 

Douglas D. Woodard 
Nelson Webster 

Uoyd E. Webster 

William F. Romney 
Don W. Rapier 

Marvin H. Stewart 



Allan Van Dyke Bill D. Wirtmlin Mabvin Folson 
Pnrident Vioe-President Seaeliay-Tnatunr 

C. Reed Anderson 

Wm. Earl Reed. Jr. 
Kenneth Johns 
Fidel GuKeviez 

Lawrence Janson 
Bill Tliayer 

Kenneth Zivahlen 
Tliomas Andrew 

Barry Avery 

Clyde Harman 
Sidney Noble 

Milton P. Christensen 

William Graden 
Eldon Pulsipher 

Wayne G. Aamodi 
Calvin Curtis 

Kenneth Madscn 



Jane Nate 

Mary Moore 

Emmeline Kirk 

Jocelyn Beckstead 
Mavis Moore 

Maurine Romney 
RacKel Nelson 

Elaine Dangerfield 
LaFond Pope 
Joy Willden 
Carol Morby 

Barbara Dixon 

Naomi Nelson 

Rosemary BiscKoff 

Miriam Joyce Wils 

Jean Slack 

Carol Witbeck 

Norma A. Ricks 
Dorothy Dixon 

Lillis Remmington 
Lu Dene Egbert 
Eleanor Bennion 

Leah Boyer 

Gerry Muir 

Leah Batchelor 
Norma Dean 
Ruby Lynn 



Blaine J. Wasden James E. Hill Wayne S. Ferguson 

Pireauleni Vice-President Secretary 

Howard Greaves 

Keith M. Hendrickson 
John E. Denhalter, Jr. 
H. LeRoy Holmgren 

Alvin L. Rasmussen 
Lester Dale Hunt 

Eart C. Brunner, Jr. 
Robert H. Rollins 

Boyd R. Hiomas 

FranKiin Don Wixon 
John D. Fretwell 

LJoyJ N. Anderson 

William Arthur Hansen 
Dilts Woilman 
Abe Cockett 
Ralph Burton 

Donald E. Jensen 
Kenneth Irving 

Wendell L. Peterson 
LaMont C. Bate 

Karl S. Famsworth 
Allan J. Doty 
William Btace 

r '1^' ^M 




Sterling Mason William V. Ingalls Llotd Sorenson 
PresiAenl Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer 

Morrie Roper 

Jack Ckristensen 
Glen Bosluiel! 

Boris K. Watanate 

Rickard Kwak 

Rickard W. Amott 
Don R. Amott 

George KawasaJd 

Ckarles Kamawaka 
J. Joel Mom 

Tliomas A. Kekaala 
Dooglafl Lawsoa 

Robert M QaA 

Ladene B. Campbell 
Qifford Kekawaka 
Mait Benson 

J. Emerson Brinton 
Jokn Teickert 

Eagene Tidwell 

J. RicIiaTd Smidi 

Wenclell Lee Bannell 
Don Bigelow 

Andrew Easton 

Ray F. WTiitwortt 
Sidney S. Gilbert 

LeNoir Asay 

Jobn Noble Clyde R. Nielson 



Paul W. Barton 

Ray Louder 


Fred Crandall 

LadJ Black 
Joe Moody 

Grant C. Burgon 

Calvin Wilcox 

William G. Emmett 
Levi Oveson 

Don Petty 

Calvin Read 
Dean Hanger 

Dale Bruce Kiwhaiii 
Doyle K. Swallow 
Dean Peck 

Robert G. Calton 
James A. Moss 

Samuel A. Medlyn 

Glenn Lamluon Jolin Ande 

#^ 0^ ■^'^ 



Lorraine Dame 

Na Dene Ray 

Miejoko Qara Kochi 
Kitty Zundel 
Helen Joaes 
Mary JacoLs 

Joyce Cockelt 
Emelia Olsen 
Matel Fife 

Veloia Gough 

Velda Newren 

Lotraine Hansen 
Almina Anderson 
Elma Jones 

LaRae Denning 
Nola Maughn 
LiLby Zondel 

Jennie Robinson 

Lynne Russell 
Nornia SmitK 
Marion Kromer 
Bonita Ramirez 

Billie Bridge 

Virginia Brown 

Gertrude Haynes 

Tina Lou Daniels 

Norma Larsen 

Greta Croft 


Elaine Greer Mary Williams 


Helen Murray— 'Omega 

Darlene Cowan^-Omega 

SariaK Ann Bushman^- Omega 
Jean F. CKar— Omega 

Alice Marie Ross-— Omega 

Carol Kay— Omega 

Elise Marie Doxey— Omega 
Connie Cowan— Omega 

Lois Liston— Omega 

Jean E. Domy— Omega 
Betty Nielsen— Omega 

Ella Mae Matson— Omega 
Roberta Watson— Omega 

Eva Eldredge— Psi 
Nancy Wells— Psi 

Delia Mae Holmes— Psi 
Helen W^atkinS'— Psi 

Ver Jean Holyoak^-Psi 
Betty TTiayer^Psi 

Evada Orme— Rho 

Sylvia Patterson- Rho 

Jerelyn Sorenson— Rlio 

Barbara Sanderson— Rbo 
Dawna Ericksen— Rho 

Genevieve Hansen— Tau 

Lois Young— Tau 

Grace Stone— Tau 

LaRue Battison— 'Tau 

Kathryn Asbcroft- Tau 
Harriet Robinson— Tau 



Gaylan Bagley 

Robert Patch 


Jack R. Walhs 

Byron Young 

Junior Hicks 

Duane E. Owens 
Boyd C. Rich 

GartK Allred 

Alvin R. HoIIey 
CKesIey Pierson 

Barlow F. Christensen 

Acel Haslam 
Arlo Coles 
Paul Steele 

Rulon N. SmitKson 

H. Harvey Mette. Jr. 

Carlyle Gay 

Ivan J. Hilton 

Frank J. Stevenson 
Lee R. Broderick 

Herbert Newel Morris 



Irene Hailes Elaine Peterson 

Martha Pettijolui 
Fredora Fuller 

Carmen Ursenbach 
Helen Erickson 


^^<12z^j ¥^:oMr^ 

Loma Pincock 

Betty Lou Tanner 
MabeT Paulsen 

Anna Lou Stewart 

Doris GwiDiam 

Norma Rae Lees 
Geny Fox 

Shirley Mortensen 

BetK Haiman 
Elma Terry 
Aleen Cook 

Jean Belliston 

Fay Nichols 

Ethel Louise Stewart 
Beth Brown 
Pearl Bahbel 

Vema Knn<]sen 
Julia Andelin 

Frances N. Hellin 




loNE Lewis Shares Booth Marjorie Preece 

President Vice-President Secretary 

Joan C. Cranclall 
Norma Boam 

Bessy Bartholomew 
Ruth Nilsson 

Betty West 

Lucile Simmons 

Donna Mae Blocker 
Eima Lee Nielson 

Agnes A. Weihell 
WanJa Farmer 

Barbara Higgenhotham 
Virginia Thayer 

Elaine Howlett 
Marie AllreJ 
Vera Heath 

Afton Lichfield 

Ellenjean Ririe 

Aleen Sanderson 
Barbara Gambles 

Gladys Rawlings 

MarRue Keller 

LaReece Ottesen 
Elaine Duffin 
Beth Bunker 

Delores Adamson 

Barbara Jensen Bertie E. Holmes Jean McIntosh 



Mary Jorcensen Margie Warr Mary Lou Neely 


Betty Arcyle 

Delta Wilde 

Ardith Osborn 

Lois Coulson 
Iris Tennanl 

Kathryn Williams 
Bodell Smith 

Beryl Qaik 

Velma G. Horner 
Dawn Klingler 

Geraldean Gxiymon 

Verna Wardle 
Owen Marler 

Hazel Dawn Ream 
Janis Madsen 

June PeKrson 
Nola Taylor 
Donna Nye 

Leia Hansen 

Phyllis Warelle 
Sharon DeMoll 

Shirley M. Johnson 
Bertie Del Walsh 

Carolyn ^^atson 
Margene Nielson 

Delia Marie Mulz 
Helen Tomey 




Lois MoRTENSEN Arlene Jones Glenda Williams Mrs. John R. Halliday 

President Vice-President 

La Rae Burgon 
Evelyn Alger 
Doris Vergin 
Faye Richards 

La Rue Stringham 
Barbara Page 

Doris L. McInKre 

Naone Mason 

Alzina Mae TKorton 
Ann Fitzgerald 

Josephine Wagstaff 
Donna Holt 

Betty Hirschi 

Nelhe Sweeten 
Ora Brog 

Virginia Skousen 

Ruth Wall 
Carol Allen 

Louise Lanier 



Marie Goff 
Mona Rolfe 


Jennie Bea Jones Lillian Schipper Beth ArdiikalJ 

Annona Peterson Vonnie Beth Davis Naomi Clark 

President Vice-President Secretary 

Mary Ida Ream 
EdytKe Bright 

Bertha Randall 
Ruth Schipper 

Florene Facer 
Jean Clanc 

Violet Aahury Braderer 
Katherine Morgan 

Beula B. Hinckley 
Iris Jenson 

llene Taylor Swenson 
Valoy Budge 

Bonnie Christensen 
Rula Jane Wells 
Doris Carlstrom 
Thelma Johnson 

Meiha Ottosen 

Gayle Ashworth 
Audra Call 

Shirley Famsworth 

Clara Williams 

Elizabeth Fletcher 
Margaret Wilding 
JoAnn Smith 
Orpha Stokes 


Laurine Adams Wanda Vee Stewart 

Bakbasa Kohlek 

Eloise Komler 

Maby Lund 

Rotb CluUteiuen 
BaibaiB Welcb 

Maijorie Hiorson 
Pauline SKeranian 

Bemice LitcUield 
La Von S«iniie 

Geraldine Marriott 
Elma Widdison 

Norma Hale 

Geraldinde Hansen 
Dorotky Petty 

Doxothy Bronlin 

Corinne Smitli 

Donnette Stringham 
Joyce Mills 
Venla Hale 

Barbara Famsworth 
Cynthia Atkin 
Carol Thorson 

Alene StringKam 

Gloria Lee Mooie 
Pearl Marsh 

LaNola Harper 
Mae Blanch 


-jduk. 7exa... 

Conrad Hatch Don B. Henderson Jay Thorley 

President Secrelary-Treasurer Social Chedrman 

Don Caldwell 

Merrill P. Gunwell 
Melvin Munk 
Joel Richards 

Boyd M. Hunter 
Allen Brady 

A. J. Carpenter 
Ned Walker 

John Zagorec 

Francis A. Webt 

Max Golightly 

Al Skousen 

Bob Larkin 
Laner Land 

William Anderson 



Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Walter Reimschiissel 

President Vice-President 


Mr. anJ Mrs. Wilford W. Crockett 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Slack 

Mr. and Mrs. David Ririe 

Mr. and Mrs. Ether Hastings 

Mr. and M«. Glen H. Tolman 

Mr. and Mrs. Neal Gibby 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Forsythe 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl N. Maynard 

Mr. and Mrs. Creed L. Morlcnsen 

Mr. and Mrs. Clair Rosenterg 




departmental for art students 

Ivan L. Sanderson LaMar C. Burnett Barbara Welsch Edna Grace Fulghum 
PresiJenI Vice-Pre»iJent Secretory Treo»urer 

T. Alfred Rick. 
Monte Bullodc 
Kenneth A. LiecKly 
Floyd Dtxon 
Priscilla Ludlow 

Don Petty 
Mitzie Dolinar 
BeveHy Gibbons 
Lucile Simmons 
Lee Knell 

Keith G. Monow 
Eldon A. Dixon 
Irene Muir 
Dawn Andras 
LeRoy K. Jones 

Arihur D. Slater 
Einar H. Johnson 
Vera Jeffers 
Betty Banatt 
Alex B, Darais 

Lloyd M. Gustaveson 
Shirley Bamett 
Sam Floyd 
Naomi Nelson 
Doris Jones 




departmental for ag students 

Officers. First Row: Prof. Grant Richards, Glut 
Advisor; Dr. Max NicKoles ; Dean Tnonias L. 
Martin: Dr. R. B. FamswortK. Club Advisor; 
Mr. Ejnest F. Reimscniissel. Second Row: Sieg- 
friend Fehlberg. Secretary - Treasurer; Merrill 
Brown. CKaimian Horse Show; Leiand Hepworth, 
Social Chairman; JoKn Tiecherl, Vice-President; 
Delmer McDougal. President; Junius Duke, PuL- 



First Row: Thomas L. Martin, Boyd Goodrich, Waller SteFfensen, Willie Reimschiissel, Fred Stevens. Clyde Cordner. George Hawks. 
Wells Meeks, Morris Swapp. Second Row: Delmer McDougal, Don Caldwell. Mr. Reimschiissel, Farrel Tolman. Dick Gourley, Sieg 
FehU)erg, Kay Lechenherg. Clyde Harmon, John Terry, Bob Abbott, John Tiechert, Van Davis. Max Christensen, Roy WKitworth. Floyd 
Banks. Harold Richards, James Lee. Dr, Famsworth. Prof. Richards, Third Row; Dr. Max Nicholes. Calvin Cordner, Robert Lee, Leiand 
Hepworth, Don Wixom, Ross Stephenson, Bruce Mendenliall, Merrill Brown, Allen Brady, Sidney Gilbert. Roy Hatch. Dale Olson. Clair 
Black. Shirley Johnson. 


c^sodciiovt IoTl cluic! eJiAjc^'ovi... 

departmental for el. educ. majors 

First Row: Dean Clayton, J. RicKard Brown. Charlotte Harris, Mildred Phyllis Jones. Lu Deane E. Janson. Carnia Teeples, Ether Has- 
tings. Second Row: Sponsor Mrs. Hammond, Mary Ida Ream, Alice Marie Ross. Vice-President Carma Jane Mendenhall. President Max 
Benyessa. Secretary-Treasurer Jeneal M. Peterson, Meiha W^estem. Sibyl Clarlc. Third Row: Geneva Winlerrose, Helen Stoddard, Elese 
Marie Doxey. Lois Young, Leah Boyer, Eleanor Bennion, TTiiele Anderson, Gladys Bentley, Jean F. Char, MeIha Ottosen, Carol Hansen. 
Fourth Row: Patricia Edmunds, Connie Cowan. Ella Hull, Marjorie Rose Preece, Jtme Nate, Ester Stringham, Marian Crittenden, Kitty 
Payne, EJaine Paxman, Marion Aston, EJaine Eyring, Ruhy Amstad, Marjorie Anderson. 


Max Benyessa President 

Carma Mendenhall Vice-President 

Geneal Peterson Secretary-Treasurer 







departmental for dance students 

Lefl: Alice Maloney. Wylie Swapp, Colleen Hutcn- 
ins, Bertie Dei Walsh, Gwen Marler, Joe France, Grace 

Below: Eugene Sturgill, Shirley Smith, Marie Dean 
Bybee. Mark Law, Rodney Gordon, Bonnie Wilson, 
Clayton Beamer. 

Above: Mary Dean Gilbert, Colleen Collins, Gloria Stimpson, Marilyn Morley, 
Juanita Stueler, Jean Mcintosh, Bertha Randall. 

Norma Rae Lees 
Faculty Advisor and Inslrucior 


Lh^i/icK, cJul>... 

departmental for French students 

Officers: Martfia Petti joKn, Correspon- 
denl: Monette Henrie, Secretary: Earl Ko- 
foed. Vice - President: Gayle Ashwortfi, 

First Row: Edythe Bright. Agnes Nutter. Billie Bridge, Grace Stone. Gloria Blacldiam. Peggy Rae James. Agnes Weitell. Gayle Asli- 
wortti. Shirley Wanlass. Beth Brown. Nola Maugham. Ruth Wall. Second Row: Lonie Rae Woodard. B. F. Cummings. Claudine Pearson. 
Robert K. Allen, hredora Fuller, Jean Beaulieu. Vonnie Beth Davis. Jean Clark. Naone Mason. Iris K. Meservey. Carma Rasmussen. Mon- 
ette tJenrie, Alice Lee Carter. Third Row: Colleen Callister, Helen Swenson, Earl Kofoed. Bodell Smith, Joe Nelson, Janice Titbitts. 
Pam Foulson, Lorraine Greenwood, Peggy Kirby, Margene Nielson, Norma Smith. Martha Pettijohn, Gloria Jenson. Janis Madsen. Marilyn 
Uuntord Grace MeiTill. Rosalie Robison. Joan Maloney. Fourth Row: Archie V. CurHs, Wally Larsen. Tom W. Whitaker. Douglas D. 
Woodard Von R. Nielson. Stanley C.Burningham. Eldon Burgess. Ray Gardner. I^e Cox.^'. Lamar Jensen. Merrill G. Durfee. John A. 
Green, Melvin Ludlow, Protessor Harold W. Lee. Forest Z. Meservy. 

/3^ ^tlU^ 

^JCa—t^-p^-^-s _ 


cjeolocjui duilh.. 

departmental for geology students 

Don Sprouse John S. Bonnett 

Derral F. Mecham E. Parker Chipman Kenneth Johns George H. Hansen 
President Y ice-President Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor 

Elvon Andenon 
Lewis Wells 

Reed J. Evans 
David Hill 

E)uane C. Jensen 
Ralph S. Brown 

Don C. Anderson 
Kenneth C. Bullock 

H. Clyde Davis 
Ned R. Walker 
CarF T. Shelley 
Paul D. Proctor 

K. Anthony Snow 
Jack Price 

Roy A. Shane 
Ken Hamhiin 

Keith Johnson 
Quey HeLrew 

James R. Boshard 

Keith M. Herbertson 

Gregory Hosford 

Robert H. Rowley 
Thomas Gwynn 
Tom Mayhew 



(kltOMjCJ/L dul>... 

departmental for german students 

Atove, First Row: GartK W. Allred. Boyd C. Rick. Alvin R. HoIIey. Ira Holley. Roy Holley. Wiiford L. Brxiderer. Harry Dees. Ver- 
non C. Nielsen. David Ririe. Max Conley. M. C. Golighlly. Dick Peterson. Second Row: Lydean Yancey. Monita Turley. Joan Crandall. 
Ruth Fankhauser. Mary Stelter. Maxine VV. Lamborn. Marian Bond. Re Nee Newty. L^o Honeycutt. Robert Kendall. Geniel Parry. 
Third Row: R. Fred Niederhauser. R. Doyle Shields. Bob Froelich. Richard Ashby. Don Hatch. Priscilla Ludlow. F. A. Gutierrez. Bob 
Mercer. Glenn Lambson. William Brace. Norma Jones. Gwen Whitehead. Orpha Stokes. Laurie Dea Thompson. Doris Coleman. Kathleen 
Phillips. Kenneth Newman. Fourth Row; Mrs. Annelia Burleigh. Mrs. Maria Fry. Mrs. Hannelore Newberyy. Lily Yamashita. Janet Hutch- 
inson, Irene Matson. Donna Geurts. Gaylen Dahlquist. Mae L. Blanch. LaNola Harper. Carol Kay. Leah Taylor. Gordon Waring. Rudy 
G. Snyder. Barbara Lu Boyer. Cal Young. Fifth Row: C. Edwin Dean. Walter Wiest. Philip Heaton. William C. Moullon. Robert W. 
Wright. Jon A. Nelson. Max D. Nelson. Clare H. Oliphant. Jr.. Roland Elgin Oliphant. Richard L. Merrill. Wendell Peterson. Ivan S. 
Burleigh. Marrion A. Newberry. Alan D. Fry. Sixth Row: Merrill Bradshaw. Karl Allred. Delmar Davis. Wayne Hebertson. Jerry Zen- 
ger. John LaMunyon. EJwood Deruiett. Keith Pederson. Paul Steele. Floyd J. Woodfield. Randle Theobald. Stanley A. Hall, Calvin 
Koontz, Hal C. Holland. Grant Webster. L. Bernell Smith. Rulon N. Smithson. Joseph H. Clegg. 

Below. First Row: Harold Bodily. Norma Schultz. Bruce Hilton. Donald E. Toomey. Karl R. Murkley. Colleen Roberts, RaOla Hill. 
Lnelma Broderick ,Shirley Lou Erickson. Lee R. Broderick. Second Row: Ralph Klemm. Ruth Hunsaker. Mablelee Hobday. Marge Huf- 
(aker. Beverly Ure. Barbara Grant. Pearl Babbel. Marjorie Millar. Alene Stringham. Marybeth Geary. Arthur Sevy. Keith P. Sharp. Lorine 
Lee. Third Row: Virgil W. Qine. Archie J. Latham. Melvin J. Hunsaker. K. Maxine Heaton. Ora Brog. Earlene Christensen, TTieresa 
Mitton, Lucile Bodily, Ruth Siebach, Laura Niederhauser. Jean Evans. Colleen Soreruon. Nan Wighlman, Ross Viehweg, A. J. Miller. 
Fourth Row: Chester J. Bosworth. Garth J. Blackham. Carl T. Luce. Anna May Patton, Don J. Pocock, Grant B. Bennion, John M. Hold- 
away, John Casper. Grant W. Anderson. Robert E. Philbrick. Mary Ellen Pawlowski. Reinhold Karl Pawlowski. Alvin L. Berg, LaMonI 
Bate. Officers: John Nutter, Poesident; Marcene Camp, Vice-President; Deon Patten, Secretary-Treasurer. 


\Mm£, ecoviovMJcs diAlh.. 

departmental for home economics students 

Helen Jones Betty Arcyle Joyce Lundell Lois Ann Nelson 

President Vice-PresiAent Secretary Treasurer 

Hannah Call 

Gladys Rawlings 
Lou Jean Buder 
Iris Tennant 

Betty Jean Houston 
Pbyllis Waidle 

La Reece Otteson 
CatKerine Rose 

AJele Marchant 
Winona Hansen 
Carol Larson 
Lois Coulson 

Barbara Grant 

Rosemary PhilFips 
Jean Davis 

Mema West 

Sharon Adams 

Ramona McFarland 


ii/iXdlm^'ovid ttd^d/us c1ia1>... 



' ' 


- &. 

-;JL — 

m- Ok 

— « i 

Officers, left to right: Jean Ruff. Radio: RacKel Nelson. 
Vice-President; Virgil L. Harris. Regional Vice-President: 
Claik S. Knowlton, President; Betty Thayer, Secretary. 

First Row: George M. Addy, Rachel Nelson. Roberta Brown. Louise Judd, Carmen Ri<^ardson. Frank Memnratt. 

Second Row: Marilyn Tanner, Ilene Delia Plana, Carol Witheck, Marie Hood, Betty TTiayer, Ellenjean Ririe, Virginia Ttayet, An- 
netta Nelson, Lillis Remington. 

TTiird Row: James L. Wadsworth, Ralph Burton. George H. Crosby. Floyd J. Woodfield, ^x>nsor Stewart L. Grow. President Oark 
S. Knowlton, Regional Vice-President Virgil L. Harris. Boyd Tliomas. Galmel Delia Piana. 


wu^^V cJidh.. 

play readers honorary 

Firsl Ron; — Silling 
Reader Play 

Luana Rusnton "W?iot Every ^oman Knows 

Audra Call "Dark Victory' 

Norma Boyle "The Old Maid 

Joyce Haycock "Romeo and Juliet 

Marie Dean Bybee "Encdonled Collage 

Second Row -^ SxanainQ 

Shirley Farnsworth "Susan and. God 

Mildred Miller "]u.nlor Miss 

Junella S. Wilkins "Anna Lucaslo 

Cleona Decker "Alice Adams 

Evelyn Morgan "The Corn Is Green 

Aflon Litchfield "Lodies In Retirement 

Marie Allred "Bill Of Divorcement 

Elaine Erickson "Deep Are The Roots' 

Sariah Bushman "Refcecco' 


Luana Rushton Secretary and Treasurer 

Ursel Allred President 

Jean Williams Reporter 

Mary Sawyers Vice-President 


IpUi cJaj mdwL. 

Jennie Bea Jones Elma Terry 

Preaidenl Vice.-Prerident 

Margie Warr 
Nyla Clement 

Ilene Taylor Swenson 

Ramona Adams 
Barbara Kohler 
Jeweldine Moore 

Mary Moore 

Virginia E. Brown 
Marie Haslem 

Gloria Schwantes 
Shirley Johnson 
Bemiece Konliel 

Beverly Ure 

Wanda Lee Stewart 
Marie Dean 


departmental for psychology students 

Darwin C. Knudsen Rozella Smith Mollie Marie Cox 
President Vice-President Treasurer 

Norman D. Hopkins 
Robert M. Peterson 
Janice Jensen 

Earl Ballard Hoyt 

Weldon Moffitt 
RutK Holaaway 
Clinton L. Luke 
Robert Wells 

Calvin Brandley 
Ogden Kraut 

Madge Ellertson 
Meredith Hogan 

Hal C. Holland 

SKirley Faye Nelson 
Loa Jean Butler 
Donna Bleazard 

Grant Osbom 
Marilyn Hales 
Arlene Briem 
NaDene Ray 


fuujio cii>iJb>... 

departmental for radio students 

First row— LaRae Colletl, Ray AnJelin, Geocffe W. Soreiuen. Jay Ly- 
man, Uean Miller. SeconJ row— AFton Litctfield. Enid Caldwell. Rite 
Clement, Shirley Ann Rowe, Fawn Chriitensen, Maridell Lewia, Eunice 
Hannon, Pat Quinn. Junella S. Wilkins. Tliiid row-LaMar WdllHBh 
Conrad Judd, Manray Payne, Roy Molen, Jack Christensen, M. C. Go- 
lightly, Don G. Janson, Wally Brobecg. 

Officers : Shirley Ann Rowe, Secretary-Treasurer; Con- 
rad Judd, President; Don Janson, Activity Chairman; 
Maridell Lewis, Vice-President. 





i^"^* "^i Homer Jensen. Nanette Staw>. DIen Stokes. Betty Clait. George W. Sorensen. Rita Qement. Allan Wilt. JoKn Natter. 
Madelyn Mathews. MaKsem F. "Eddie" Etezad. Second Row: Boyd C. Rich. Gloria Blackham. Clara Mae Gowew. Martha Parry, Wil- 
liam G. Emmett. Lorraine Hansen, Lorraine RusselF. Marcene Camp. Jewel G. Adamson. Bonnie Chrislensen, Joanne Peterson, Merrill 
Bradshaw. Carol Crowther, Carma Crowther. Lillian C Booth, Third Row: Wm. Earl Read, Jr.. Irva Andms. Brace Stevens. Avis K. 
Bnsby. Herman Heath, Fidel Gutierrez. Dick Ballou, Siegfried H. Fehlberg. Don F. Schmulz. Louise Lavier. Lorenzo A. Merchant. Shirley 
Monroe, Keith L. Wilson. 

Officers, left to right: Wm. Earl 
Read. Jr., Student Oiairman; Jo- 
anne Peterson. Secretary-Treasurer; 
Irva Andrus, College Unit Chair- 
man: Neunelte Stapp (in back). 
Publicity Chairman; Mrs. Lillian C. 
Booth. Faculty Advisor; Keith L. 
W^ilson, Student Vice- Chairman. 


Jrj cJuuh... 

for ski enthusiasts 

Officers: Frankie Floyd. Secretary-Treasurer; Jim Peterson, Presi- 
dent, Phil Snelgrove, Vice-President. 

First Row: Carol BrockLank, Lucille Morris. Evelyne Sutton, Do- 
lores Tyler. Janis Madsen, Phil Snelgrove. Cyril Hazelwood, Doug 
Allen, Tom Bomherger. Second Ro^: Clive Barney, Mary Ellen 
Wood, Virginia ^ousen, Mary Nell Schade, Donna Marie Porter, 
Maxine Lamhorn. Marilyn Christensen, Betty Lou Wyss, Frances 
Floyd, Jo Ann Affleck, Joyce Haycock, Orlyn Terry, June Adams. 
Third Row: Ford R. Paulson. Jim L. Peterson. Selh W. Swann. Dick 
L. Peterson, Cal Young, Bruce Christensen, Ken J. Pace, Delmar Davis, 
Keith Fillmore, Floyd C. Moulton, Oral Parry, Fred Niederhauser, 
Robert Baldwin, Joe Richards, Hal Holland. 


^odolocjui cJuiu-. 


departmental for sociology students 

Ftni Row: Valoy Badge, Marjorie Sutton, Ann Fitzgerald, Helen 
Finlayun, Virginia Tliayer, Donna Mahoney, Lucille Morris, Beula 
Hinckley. Betty Tliayer, Geneva Winterrose. 

Second Row: Jo Ann "Jo" Smith, Coy Mullen, Bala Fitzgerald, 
Margaret Jndd, Donna Geurts, Gloria Storm, Fawn CKristensen, Irvin 
L Foutz, Meredith Hogan, Jay G. Butler. 

TTiird Row: John W. Payne, Faculty, Wilford E. Smith, Loa Jean 
Bntler, Louise Lanier, Julia Andelin, Glen F. Ovard, Arthur D. Slater, 
Sherman K. Fitzgerald, Hoot Argyle. 

Officers, left to right: Meredith Hogan, Vice-President; Sherman 
K. Fitzgerald, President: Betty Thayer, Secretary. 


tU>l^l^ll/t dulh.. l*lVL£tlO... 

departmental for russian students 

Virgil L. Harris: Roberta Brown, Secretary-Treasurer: Arnold Baker: Margaret Ludcl, Reporter: 
David A. Law. President: Louise Judd, Vice-Pesident: George A. Crosby: S. Marion Beck. 

First Row: Marilyn Christensen. Secretary: Patricia Yager: Kathryn Christenson. Treasurer: Alene Edwards: 
Ellen MacKay, Vice-President. Second Row: Gordon ZoBell. Clarence Moon. Kent Patten. Delmar 
Davis, President, and Hardy Bean. 



Alwve, Fint Row: B^nlak Mae Hawkins, Billie Openshaw, Jade Brown, LaVeme 
C. Willter, EMon B. Pnlsipiier, Clyde Hannon. Second Row: Sariab Ann Bmlunan. 
Laana Willis. Rntb Haymore. Frances Hanks, Rona Peterson, Lucille Morris, Pete 
Skoosen, Leiand Smitk, Richard Greer. TTiird Row: Nelson Webster, Lloyd Webster, 
Carl McFarland, Gloria Scbwantes, Ira Todd, Glendora Sckwantes, Milton Wbiting, 
Lonlne Brown. Fonrtb Row: Roy Molen, Gail Sirrine. Bennie Heywood, Donald Glen 
Millett, H. Smilli Broadbent 

Officers: Clayton H. Hakes, Vice-President ; 
Reporter; Legia Mendenball, Secretary. 

Jess Udall, President; Jan Fenn, 

Below, First Row: Bill Bales. Vian Romney, Jan Fenn, Joann Hatch. Jack Davis. 
A. J. Carpenter. Wayne Weech. Grant E. Elliott. Elden Porter. Second Row: Clayton 
H. Hakes, Bill Romney, Kitty Payne, Leo Peterson, Emma Broadbent, Joyce DeWitt. 
Chaimaine Gothrie. Jo Udall. Nina Roth Kimball, Leona Heywood, Elaine Gieer. Earl 
L. Smith, Nita Webster. Third Row: Don Jamson, James Waldo Walser, Jess Udall, 
Wilma Lillywhite, Bad Whipple, Virginia Brinton, Dick Moody, Paul Crandall, Vema 
Knndsen, Harry Dees, Dean A. Curtis, Fay Nichols, Delia Jean Olinn, Don "Roppy" 
Rapier, Ren Stowell. Legia Mendenhall. 



cdl rCTU/UCL... 

Atove, First Row: Robert Clanc, Pat Easton. Shirley Wanlass, Bertie Broderick, 
George SorenBcn, Clara Williams. Harriett RoLinsen, Jerry L. Jorgensen, Doug Allen. 
Second Row; Mr. and Mrs. Lee. Joan Levi, llean Miller. Eunice Harmon, Ana Fom- 
off, Gloria Jacobs, EJaine Melsone, Barbara Burgan, Vemell Jorgensen. June Nielsen. 
Third Row: Bill Famaworth, Kenneth Schneider, Wilbur E. Moulton, Edwin C. Hinck- 
ley. Marvin E. Harper, Joy Peters, Bill Garrett. Helen Jones, Samuel Medlyn. Dick 
Lambert, Andy Easton, Russell Bates. Jean Clark. Carolyn Johnson. Pat Russell, Betty 
Claik. Leanore Ream. 

Right. Officers: George W. Sorensen. President; Wilford D. Lee. Sponsor; 
Wilford Le Cheniinant. Sergeant-at-Arms; W^illiam Famaworth, Vice-President; Fran- 
cis Floyd, Secretary-Treasurer. 

Below, First Row: Wilford Le Cheminant, Shirley Baker, Frances Floyd, Joanne 
Cumiskey, Fred L. Crandall, Jr., Thomas Andrew. LaRue Hinckley, Lois Dalby. Curtis 
Taylor, Blaine Le Cheminant. Second Row: Don Petty, Richard Sheranian, Mr. and 
Mrs. Lee. Pauline May, Margie Alston, Jane Tyler, Marcia Minleer. Francise Hellin. 
Elaine Peterson, Lois Chatwin, Helen Johnson, Ruth Hoy, Bettie Reid, Ted Dunford. 
Third Row: Calvin Read. Ernest Haus. Fidel Gutierrez, Bob Larkin, Conrad Judd. Rita 
Clement, Bruce Christensen, Bob Young, Cal Young. Marvin F. Harper, Bill Garrett. 
Tom Bomberger, Don Barney, Glenn Johnson, Anne Harpsler, Jim Kniss, Clive Barney. 
Doug Allen, 



Officers (left) — Antone K. Romney, Sponsor; Bill 
Crawford, Vice-President; Bruce Bryner, Social 
Chairman; Thomas E. Cheney, Sponsor; Juanita 
Snow, Treasurer; Uneva Lltster, President; Pat Hills, 
Reporter; Ella Ruth Turner, Secretary. 

Firat row— Uneva Ijtster, Velda Newren, Bill Crawford, Tbelma 
Jean Jonnson, Julia Taylor, Jack Randall, Evelyn Hastings, Karl 
Adams, Ella Rnth Tomer, Lyman Staker. Second row— Ben B. 
KillpEuJc, Mrs. Ben Killpatjc, Lynn Lofgran, Helen Jensen, Herman 
Heath, Jnanila Snow, Sam Singleton, Pat Hills, Velma Hollyfield, 
C. O. Ward, Norma Ward, LoDene P. Snow. 





Atove: First row— Bob Mercer. Carol Lee Pitcker, Ann Hansen. Katkleen Nel- 
•an. Aiiin Glinei. Second row— Laurel Johnson. Fredora Fuller, Delia Marie 
Mertz. Enid Proctor. Lucille Olsen. Norma Smitk. Ethel Griffin. TTiird row— Rex 
Lybbert. Ken Godfreg. Bennie L. Olsen. Madge Harding. Alene Harding. Cordon 
Hiibault, Delores Francis. Lucille Matsen. Rowan C. Stutz. Nola Matkin. Foiwlh 
row— R. Gordon LeBaron, Grant Erickson. David Stevens, Mel Spackman, Don 

First row— Donafcelle Blades, Secretary; Dorlene 
Blades, Vice-President; Bob Mercer, President. Sec- 
ond row— Carmen Ursenbach, Social Chairman: Ann 
Hansen, Treasurer. 

SECOND CANADL\N CLUB. Below: First row-Cliff Peterson, Pat Gieen. 
Beverley Knowlton, Georgia Green, Donabelle Blades. Dorlene Blades. Viola 
Johansen, Lowell Horlacher. Second row— Lucile Ursenbach, Joan L. Wappetl, 
Carmen Ursenbach, Arlene Johnson, Elaine Bullock. Helen haw, Emma Lou Briggs. 
Pearl EUert, Bob Holmes, Cal Brandley. Third row— "Norm" Bullock, Keith 
Francis, Leonard Harding, Bonnie Harris. Almina Anderson, Gladys Johnson. Ber- 
nice BoIIodc, Lynn Bigelow, Julie Johnson, John Redd, Re Nee Newby, Chesley 

f ^^^tM^tKr^ 




^^^^^^^p^ -^^^^K ^ JI^IB^ Pi9K^^| 

k. ^^hbI W^^^t* WmL..J* ai^-'^JMKTJI^^^^B 

P^^»^' J 

^^^m '^- 

^«k^*^n^^^^^H^^^^ ^P 





Officer.: Bob W. Atboft. Social CKair- 
man; Carolyn Wafson. President: Jetal- 
dean Guymon, Vice-President: Marilyn 
Hdton, Secretary - Treasurer: Norma 
Schultz, Reporter. 

First Row: John Rimyan. Rex L Christensen. Bevan I^Iaycock, i-yal Holder. John LaMunyon. Bob Bohnet. Second Row: Paul Carver. 
Norma Schultz. Janice Hilton, Marilyn Hilton. Irene Georges. Mikki Barrett. Ellaree Johnson. Helen KiiUiride. Raymond Johruon. Third 
Row: Carolyn Watson. Jeraldean Guymon. Joyce Haycock. Lois Mortensen, Helen McDaniel. Velma Hollyfield, Shirley Mortenien. Richalvn 
Kilbom. Phyllis Tntrie. Bob W. Abbott. 



Officers: Eldon Beck, Sponsor; Alene Redd, Sec- 
retary; NVeston B. Seegmiller, President; Clara NVil- 
liams. Amusement Committee; Enid McArthur. 
Amusement Committee. 

Below: Firsf row— Leona Stoker, Vila L. Ackennan, Lois Lesion, 
Alene Redd, Mona Dalton. Second row— Myrrh L. Cox, Clara Wil- 
liams, Dorothy Langston, Enid McArthur, Cloras Robinson, Donna 
Yardley, Ken McDonald. Third row— Geraldine Hafen, Jack A. 
Ware, D. E. Beck, Grant Cooper, Vem R. Spencer, Gerald W. 
Cannon, Weston B. Seegmiller, Uoyd S. Sandberg, Don F. 
Schmntz, Connie Madsen. 


cjtt££X laRes... iuolh.. 


First Row: RuA PurJy. Carol Brand. Betty MbH». PKyllis Ellicott. RulK Dahlen. Jean William*. Jewel StenslanJ. Lenore Hatfield. 
Bonnie Lee Turner. Second Row: Thais Stewart. Leiia Christiansen, Helen Clyde. Irene Beam. LeRoy Jones. Norma Boam. JoLean Jones, 
Patsy Ellis. Peggy Haglund. Leona Reiseurtz. Third Row: James A. Owen, Clyde Wilcox, Ja<i Ostvig, Harold L. Richards, Ariel Williams. 
Carl Wilcox, Norman F. Hyatt, Donn R. Amott, Richard W. Amolt, Douglas D. Woodaid. Hazel L Reisewitz, Wells A. McAllister. 
V. Fred Anderson, Sponsor. 

First Row: President Rotert W. Laird, Walter Paulson, Vice-President Don C. Carlson, Bill D. Wirthlin. Second Row: Lois Clial- 
win, Clarice Gowers, Secretary Carol Westterg, Ileen Witt, Reporter Carol Firreh, Marion Nash. TTiird Row: Joloe Stone, Gairy Foney. 
Dean Shaw, Howard Mclntyre. Glen W. Lee. 



Left to RigKl: Ray R. Olsen. Sec- 
retary: LaDene Colson, President; 
LaRene Colson. Vice - President: 
Roy L. Olsen. Treasurer. 

Top Row. left to rigKl: Roy L. Olsen. Ray R. Olsen. Doralene Blades. Donabel Blades, Gloria Schwantes. 
Second Row. leFt to right: Dawaine Chapman. Phyllis Hughes Rawlins Hughes, LaDene Colson, LaRene Colson. 
Third Row. left to right; Caral Crowther, Carma Crowlher. Gordy Christensen. 





Above: First row— Jonel Henderson, Gene Harris. Beryl Anderson. Maurine Rollins. Glenda Irene Cropper. Bob Black. Second row— Glen Bushnell, SKir- 
ley Monroe. Madeiyn MatKews. Virginia Crosland. Bertha Lyman. Carol Moody, lone Hilton. J. Ralpk Wood. Third row— Harlan Hilton. Leigh Pratt. Dee 
Wright. Ed Woodbury. Ace! Nielson. Grant Woodbury. R. Doyle Shields. Edward L. Gardner. Kimball Hansen, Dan Kimball. Lynn Riding. Paul Black, Bruce 
Hilton. Bottom: First row— Joe Moody. De Vaun Rasmussen, Elizabeth Moody. Carol Hansen. Mery Johnson. Ralph Barney. Second row— Beth Bunker. 
Melba Western. Ladd J. Black. Mavis Dewsnup. Elma Terry. 




Thomas Kekaula 

Boris Watanabe 
Ppe».— Winter 

Clifford Kekauaha 

Joanne Peterson 

Nyoko Kocki 

CKarles KamanoKo 
Willard Kekauaha 

Gladys H. Kenolio 
Qeruko Ajiiogi 

Cleighton K. D. Beanu 

Emmaline Padeken 
Baiimm ELy 

Frances Goooness 



Laura May Goodnesa 

Daniel Kanekawaiola Macliaclo 
Williet Enos 

Joyce Cockett 

George Kawasaki 
Rowcna K. Keaka 

Lulu Eno( 

Jean Fung Char 

Cntlierine Kanekoa 

Jolm Mu 

Harold Ajirogi 
Ellie! Young 

Rlcnard Kwak 

Abrekam G>ckett 


Above, First Row: Doris Coleman. Gloria Storm, Mary Jacobs, Dorothy Pearson, Mildred Downs, Naida Crawford, JoAnn Cannon. 
Second Row: Adair Fincb, Eileen Carr. Vanona Fisher, Betty Mae Jones, Dorothy Peltijohn. Betty Carter. Dorothy Dickson, Joan Dickson, 
Doris Vergin Third Row: Harold Rosen, Bill Ingalls, Harold Zitting, Philip Jorgensen, Dick Anderson. William F. Graden. TTiomas W. 
Whitaker, Gayle Norton, Richard L. Cordon, Ogden Kraut. Rex Lybbert. 

Below, First Row: Ralph Hansen, Kent W'adsworlh, John Zagorec, David A. Weiser, Robert C. Nugent. Robert H. Raymond, Roger 
R. Sears. William A. Couch. Second Row: Mildred Phyllis Jones. Vice-President Corinne Smith. Darlene Openshaw, Secretary Virginia 
Thayer, Thelma Johnson, Barbara Bennett, Lucile Rose, Kendall Karrell, Robert McKirmey. Third Row: Ivan L. Hobson, Bill Thayer, Betty 
Thayer, June Butts, Doris Bergstrom, Joy Simmons, Jo Young, Helen Young, Ruth Sieback, President Fred Radichel. 


i/icrtik idako. 

Officers; Wayne RicKmond, President: Eldora 
EricKson, Secretary - Treasurer: Dawn Klingler, 
Vice-President; Ariel Ricks, Vice-President. 

First Row: Diet Bendixsen. Sylvia Pattersen, Jerelyn Sorensen, Nyla Clement. Virginia Havens. Matel Paulsen, 
Louree Davis. Dawn Klingter. Fahn Shippen. Second Row: Vance Holland, Dave Chadwick. Eldora Erickson. Pat 
Mason. Barbara Sanderson. Evada Orme. Nola Taylor. Phyliss Wardle. Verna Wardle, Marie Orme. Coleen Kelley. 
Margaret Smith. Third Row: Emerson Brinton. Phyllis Parkinson, Marie Rigby, Ordella Ord. Wilburta Moore Lois 
Nielsen. Helen Stanger. Ruby McDonald. Wilma Clark. Lucille Clark. Lois Marie Nelson. Carma Teeples. Carma 
leeples. Aleen Cook. Phyllis Millar. Gertrude Haynes. Wayne S, Richman. Fourth Row: Kent Undhjem. Evan 
^tevenson. Wilford Hansen, John A. Green, Marlyn Fife. Robert Richins. Wade Woolf. Ivan Hilton. Arlo Coles. 
Ray R. Olsen, Burton E. Hansen, Reed F. Johnson, Moyle W. Brown, Ariel Ricks. 




Left to rigkf: President Bruce Stevens; Secretary. 
Ruth Sctifpper: Vice-President. Richard Worlhen: Social 
Chairman. Douglas R. Bunker. 

First Row: Richard Worthen. Gordon Kelvin Glover. Allen L Rushton. Eugene D. Tidwell. Bob Gidley. Gerald R. Hyde. Douglas R. 
Bunker. Bruce Stevens. Second Row: Ruth Schipper. Ethel Stewart. Dick Farrell. Anita Call. Norma Shupe, Conrade Head. Barbara 
Hardy. Dolores Tyler. Lou Winegar. Susie Hunsaker. Louise Garrett. Lillian Schipper. Cindy Stewart, Janice Earl. Lily Yamaahita. Third 
Row: Anna Lu Stewart. Adrienne Peterson. Romajean Shurtliff. Robert Kendall. William J. (Bill) Thomas, Lawrence J. LcavitI, Frank 
Wolverton. Verne Albright. James Les. Denza Aiken. Maxine Larsen, Marian Andrew, Dee Iverson, Udell Poulsen, Milton D. Chrlslenaen. 
Fourth Row: Spencer Beus. Lyie Jurey, Wayne S. Ferguson. Don Markham, Chad Scott. Melvin R. Whipple, Montie Orgill, Glenn Aveiy, 
Keith Markham. Al Wilson. David Leavitt. Lynn Swensen. 



etisicu/t aAliuti&... 

Right to left, sitting: Nam! Gmiyuzia, Dick Montgomeix, Fred Bron, Ea-,1 Wetb. Fred Adams, Dewain Jenson, Aholfal Mo- 

hazzel, Eddie Etezad. Fred MovagKar, Nasser Movaghar. vS^ond Row: Carol Oaks, Myma EIizal>eth Litby Zandell, 

Gjlleen Roberts, Irene George, Colleen Hutchins, Kathryn Zundell. Lucy Calder. Norma Jean Carler. Darlene Brimhall, Marilyn 
Christensen, Dorothy Witbeck, Jerrylyn Sorensen, Iran Movaghar Mahin Massandi. Grant Cooper. Third Row: Carmilla Tanner. 

Wendell Christensen, Glen Vernon, Fred AdI, Shirley Julia Andelin, Bob Clark, Ahrdhimi, Fred Farman Farma, Houg- 

hang Ram, Ali Khatiblu, S. H. Jones, Alfnco Rodrego, Ruth . . — , Eldon Ricks, Oreal KaufFman, Hassan Jarach, Barbara Andelin, 
Dick Andelin, DeWayne Sudekum, Merrill Bradshaw, Peggy Jon es, Walter L. Johnson, Dr. Tanner, Manoucher Rafaljah, Mrs. 
Moore, Gleen Moore, Mrs. Nelson, Vaughn Nelson. 







doJt ldR£... 

Homer Jensen 


Joe Richards 

Vice -President 

Betty Lou Wyss 


Larry Smith 

Jim L. Peterson 

Bonnie Jensen 

Marta Jeanne LamLert 
Daryl Harris 

Maurine Grover 

Dianne SypKus 
Maiic Benson 
Don Caldwell 

DorotKy ScKeller 

Carolyn Gail Longden 
Jo Ann Afflec 

Glenna L. Can 
Dick Peterson 

Mary Ellen Wood 

Virginia Cutler 
JoKn Anderson 
Fred Hinckley 

Patricia Winsor 

R. Fred NiederKauser 
Ella Rose Hinckley 
Dean Jensen 


^ouikdJuA, ^ich^. 

3T 9"^- ^I"^ ^"'^"- 9"°},^^!^!'?'- J^ose^^y Phillips. Louis "Les" Brossard, Nan Brossard. Hilda Tyndall. Roland Tyndalf. Viv- 
ian Miller, Anna Mae Patton, Jewell G. Addison. 

I _J ^°D I'^c '^^Y' ?j"' ■'"?'" ^"^^"V ^%^ ^'"' ^^"'^'- ^^''"^ '-°^^" Jol^so". Jacquelyn Oglesty. Geraldine Mariott. John Benny 
Jordan, Kuby tnglish. tdgan Aucoin. (Jalvin Koontz. 

First Row: Pegfy Rae James, Reporter; 
John Benny Jordon. Social Chairman; An- 
na Mae Patton, Social Chairman. 

Second Row: Jewell G. Addison, Presi- 
dent; Vivien Miller, Secretary-Treasurer; 
Edgar Aucoin, Vice-President. 


SOI/ok iccJajo... 

First Row: Ronny Hyde. Jerry Hyde, Joseph H. Clegg. DeMar Kem. Jack P. Hale. Bot Nelson. Don M. Grimes. Second Row: Lucile 
Gamer. Altha Gamer, Barbara Gambles. Carma Rasmussen. Vilda Mae Naegle. Carol Allen, Helen Watkins, Laura Palmer. Isaac DeLos 
Pierce. Mildred Bodily. Tkird Row: Grant Beyler. Dorotby Thompson. Hal Luke, TTiomas Clark, Jimmy Allen, M. Odell Hobbi, Barbara 
Hall, Roma Camahan, Loa Bowen. Fourth Row: Vaughan Larsen. Gladys Rawlings. Carolyn Tliompsan, Kent Lyons, Jean Howanl, Curtis 
Lee, Shirley England, Wendell Peterson. 

First Row: Jay L. Slayner, Ray Whitworth. Sidney Gilbert, A. Kay Lechtenberg. Charles Larsen, Max D. Nelson, Harry Gambles, Dean 
Harrison. Second Row: Valoy Budge, Jo Ann Smith, Kalherine Morgan, Florene Facer, Seth Swann, Evelyne Sutton, Dolores Tyler, 
Nellie Sweeten, Keith L ' ' 'son, Dorothy Hulet, Nelda Howard. Third Row: Donna Christiansen, Diana Cutler, Margaret Brimm, Don 
Hatch, Reed N Chr .' Merrill Balls. Clinton L. Luke. Floyd J, Banks, Florence Sweeten, Phyllis Holyoak, Aflon Speedy. Fourth Row: 

Barbara Liu S,.ii'.Ii, l^cuol .liean. Bill S. Henrie, Edmund J. McClure, Van L. Davis, Allen J. Brady, Lu Luke, Lorene Burton. 


k di>ik.. 

First Row: RutK Call. Margaret SKupe. Vemice Jackson. Afton Bowen. Mavis Loader. Gloria Snell, Jan Fenn. Jo U<lall. Virginia 
Brinton. Second Row: Euridice Turano, DorotKy PettijoKn, Norma Beamson. Judy Rowberry. Dick Dominguez. Robert Je|^>erson. EUden 
Porter , Dawn Klingfer, Elaine Duff in. Virgil E, Bowen. Tliird Row: Hal Luke. Marie Allred. Hannah Call. David E. Kingkom. Lee B. Val- 
entine. Lorenzo A. Merchant. Donald Ray McDowell, Clyde J. Harmon. Dale Butler, Iva Snell. 

First Row: Josephine Young, Velorn Gough, Irene &iggs, Ruhenia Diaz Lozeno, Carol Allen. R. B. Hellewell. EJdred C. Olsen. J. Carl 
Young, Carl Gibson, Halvan Jones, Bevan Haycock. Second Row: Alfonso Rodriguez. Lavina Borgeson, Laurel Snyder, Elizabeth Moody, 
Alan Claik, Stan Greenwell, Gaylen Graham, Samuel A. Medlyn. Kenneth M. Graham. Cliffred L. McCali. Third Row: Don Bingham, 
Arturo DeHoyos, Joyce Wilson, Jane Morrill, Ruth Warner. Robert Dix Asay, Curtis W. Slade. Clifford Jones. Helen Dunham, Walter L. 
Johnson. Marilyn Chrislensen. 



LeFl to right: Gene EL Vickers, President; Jeannine 
Brimhall, Vice-President; Jennie Robinson, Secretary; 
Wayne White, Social Chainnan. 

First Row: Mary Ellen Hawkins, Emogene Foutz. Jeannine BrimKall. Second Row: Peggy Rae James, Coy Mullen, Jennie Robinson. 
Helen Follett, Luciie W^aFser. Marilyn Cude, Bonnie Duthie, Rachel Richins, Hazel Alexander. Tliird Row: Lorenzo A. Merchant, Fidel A. 
Gutierrez, Wayne While, Gene E. Vickers, George LeRoy Burton, Gordon Vaughn. William C. Anderson, Glenn Lambson. William Brace. 


lAiMiak b^U... 

First Row: Hayle Buchanan. Ward Abbott, Fioyd M 
Wiscombe, Gail Wilson, Rulon Smithson, Howard Smilk. 

Sprouse, Doug Lawson Thomas, Lhalia Riggs 

ridge, Lee Roderick. Glenna Johnson Hicken. 

Labrum, Bonnie Hullinger. Oral Rasmussen. Sarah Col 
Duncan. Lessa Rasmussen. Betty Jo Sprouse, Marila Wil 
Ruppe. Clarene Larson. Evelyn Gilbert. Rachel Calder. M 
Ina Mae Collier, June Snyder. Fourth Row; Elaine Pou 
Byron Gilbert. Tracy Johnson. Bert Carroll. Ray Gardn 
Hall, Burr Eldridge, Val Larie Preece. Beth Winkler. 

oon. Neil! Jensen. Rex Liebard. Eldred Wilson. Arthur 

Milton Poulson Hicken. Second Row: Don 

. Junior Hicks. Laurel Snyder. Boyd Goodrich. Eva Eld- 
Wilda Smith. Third Row: Don Calder. Donna Rae 
ton. Barbee White. Dorothy Witbec. Dean Case. Lila 
iiams. Kntlirvn Boam. Helen Allen. Donna Limothy. Janet 
arie Hasleni. Carnia Goodrich. Rose Brokow. Patrica Kain, 
Ison, Acel Haslem. Jack Allred. Shirly Call. Dean Roberts, 
er. Carl Merklcy. Harold Bodily. Valda Massey, Lowell 

Officers: Arthur Wiscombe. President: 
Donna Rae Labrum, Vice-President; Valerie 
Preece, Treasurer; Rose Brokow, Secretary, 




officers, RigKt: Kay Randall, President; 
Betty Whittaker. Treasurer; DorotKy 
Rhees, Secretary: SKirley Laraoreaux, Vice- 

First Row: Betty WKittaker, Helen Erickson, Eleanor Grow, Floyd J. Woodfield, Verda Hale, Dorothy RKeet. Second Row: Bill 
Geertson, Shirley Lamoreaux, Maxine Lambom, Donette Stringham, Nona Jean Orton. Elese Marie Doxey. Connie Cowan, Panl S. Crodcett 
Third Row: John Murphy, Kay Randall, LaDona Gammell, Clive Wade, Buike Tangren, NaDene Ray, Kenneth Stanger. Melvin Randall. 




Lei5tft'?->|^^^^^^ Kav R„U»j, Eve.,. AI,e. SU™.ene B.„«,.. R., 

B-ll Smith. Farrell Tolman, Stanley Neilson. Gordoa Waring. ^ ^"'"''""- ''""'">' ^"''- ^arth Briggs. Jokn Teichert. 

Officers: Ernestine ScKwab, Reporter; 
Ray R. Canning. Advisor: Kay Robinson, 
President: Leiand FiFIerup. Vice-President; 
Okia Robinson, Secretary. 




Officers: Barbara Page, Reporter; Birch 
Holt. Vice-President; Carol Kay, Secre- 
tary; Nyal Anderson, President. 

First Row: Max Lawrence, Morris Felt, Dwayne Pace, Keith Caiderwood. Vernon MurdocL, LaVeile Stephens. SeconJ Row: Lm 

Anna Fitzgerald, Phyllis Clyde, Carol Kay. Josephine Wagstaff, Mona Roife. Adele Merchant. Ciisia Edwards, Joyce Mlllt, Dawn Mule 

Tuft. Third Row: Carol Hoover, Audrey Hicken, Lnia Marchant, Tom Carlile, Rogers Laml>ert, Arthor Richlns, Barbara Page, Donna 

Mahoney, Reve Simpson, Merilyn Duke. Fourth Row: Charles F. McGuire, Bobby E. Caiderwood, Cnrti* W. Glade. Melvin Deanien. 

Arvin Anderson, Birch Holt. 


yi (M^ dlAk*. 

Makjorie Miller 

ElizalMtb Hdl 

Alene Stringham 
Dorothy Peltijokn 
Helen Hanks 

■0. 'y hy\j«aA Rae JiKnson 
j/^ J^ RacKel Nelron 

^/•^ \jt^ Marfm Pet ttiater 

fff\^ Joie Haitvigsen 

Carol Hanien 

Elizaketh McDonald 
Carol Witbeck 
Ethel Griffen 

Fredora Fuller 

Sharon Adams 


Homer M. Jensen 

I. Dee Wright 

Harvey D. Goff 

Paul Black 

Edwin Hinckley 
WillBnl Dixon 
MaJc Benson 

Hal C. Holland 

Vance Holland 

Barlow F. Chrislensen 
Jerry L. Jorgenson 
Lee T. Cox 

George W. Soiensen 
Don J. Barney 

Wiltnr E Moulton 
Jenold L. Thome 

Grand Woodbury 
Robert L. Black 
Earl D. Jaidine 
Ariel Ridu 

Hal Lake 

Brace Brockbank 


click wJlovte o^jcUwlriCc. 



Left to right: 

Bruce Riddle Tromhone 

RicKard Stott Saxophone 

Dick Ballou Trumpet 

Lavina Borgeson Vocalist 

Ronnie Hyde Drums 

Larry AsKer Boss 

"Aggie" Jensen Piano 

Featuring Arrangements &y Bruce Riaole 


cni)€iA. dcltk)^ cAxJ/v&suia. 


A. J. Carpenter, Bob Ownes, Carl Luce, Hartey Sandberg, Jerry Hyde, Gene Robison, 
Avery Glenn, Bob Potter, Owen Cladc. 


wes lalUmi'^ cAjck&sW 


Vem Teuller. Bill Sullivan. Stan Jenkins Trumpets 

Harvey Mette. Dalian Claik Trombones 

Eldon Puckett. Wes Bairy. Paid Wainwrighl. George PuckeH Saxes 

D"^. ^l". Dmms 

Carling Allen B„, 

Rulon Bennett Piono 


ojaI^ auulc!... 


First Row: Nan Brossard. ProF. F. W. Fitzroy. Prof. J. J. Keeler. 

Second Row: Jack Ware, Sarah M. Grow. Virginia G. Johnson, Eliza Beus, 
NaDene Ra y, Verena Hatch. Rosella Compton. Secretary. 

Third Row: Melvin G. Randall. Robert R. Douglas. President. Paul G. Chris- 
tensen. Jack Isaac. 


Abbott, S. Fielding, Boise, IdaKo 

Blue Key, Capl. Football '48. Viking". 
Adams, Carma. Provo. Utah 

Nautilus, Phi CKi Theta. French Club. Sec. Red Cross '17. 

Addy, George M., Bingham Canyon, Utah 

Spanish Oub, intemalional Relations. 

Allred, R. Chase, Lehi, Utah 

Tennis Team '46. Delta Phi, Ag. Club Pres. '47. 
AuLRED, Virginia Bird, Springville. Utah 

White Key, L.D.S. Ex. Women's Pres. '48, Lead in FausI '47, 

L.D.S. Ladies Sextet. A.W.S. Mentor. 

Andelin, Julia Delichtra, Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Soc. Club, L.D.S.-Phi, Idaho Club, International Relations. 

Anderson, Don, Heber City. Utah 
Geology Club, Spanish Club. 

Anderson, Dwayne N.. Brigham City. Utah 
Val Hyric. Delta Phi-Alpha V.P. '48. 

Anderson, Marjorie, Riverton. Utah 

A.C.E., Fidelas, L.D.S.-Upsilon, German Club, Spanish Club, 

Banyan Staff. 
Anderson, Richard William, Glendive, Montana 

Montana-Washington Club. 
Anderson, Thiele, Pleasant Grove. Utah 

Alta Miha, A.C.E., Mask Club, Millard Co. Club. 
Andrew, Douglas B., Detroit, Michigan 

L.D.S.-Beta, Great Plains Club. 
Andrus, Margaret Dawn, St. George. Utah 

Dixie Club, Art Guild. 
Archibald, Beth, Provo, Utah 


Argyle, Lenora, Spanish Fork. Utah 

Home Ec. Oub. Val Kyrie, Twins Club. Gamma Phi Omicron. 

Ashworth, Gayle Claire, Richfield, Utah 

L.D.S.-Tau, French Club, W.A.A. Council. International Rela- 

AsTiN. Marion Emma. Salt Lake City, Utah 
Spanish Club, A.C.E.. LaSorella. 

Babbel, Pearl A.. Twin Falls, Idaho 

L.D.S.-Phi, Idaho Club, Mask Club, German Club. 

Bailey. Annette, Salt Lake City, Utah 

O.S. Sec. '48, A.C.E., A.'W.S. Rep., Salt Lake Club. 

Ballif, Ariel S., Jr., Provo. Utah 

Tausig, I.K., Theta Alpha Phi, Blue Key V.P. "48. Soph. Class 
Pres. "46, Homecoming Chairman '46, Jr. Prom Committee '47, 
Chairman of Beaux Arts. Aulhor-Director-Composer of Varsity 
Show '45. Co-Author & Director of Varsity Show '47. Staged: 
Faust, Sweethearts. LaBoheme. Julius Ceasar, Gypsy Baron. 
Lead in: Stage Door. Lady Windemere's Fan. 

Ballou, Richard Edwin, Riverside, California 

Tausig, L.D.S.-Beta. 

Bandley, Harold B., Provo, Utah 

Vikings Reporter '48. LK., Gold Y. 
Barnett, Shirley, Ogden, Utah 

An Guild. L.D.S -Phi, Weber Club. 
Bateman, Arlene S., Mesa, Arizona 

Val Norn Sec., Y.C.'s Pres., L.D.S., While Keys, Theta Alpha 

Phi, Arizona Club, Public Service Bureau. 

Bean, Donna Myrle, Provo, Utah 

Soc. club, French Club. 
Bean, Robert S.. Provo. Utah 

Bricker Social Unit. 
Beck, Jenna Vee, American Fork, Utah 

While Key Sec. '48, Y.C., A.W.S. Council. Senior Class V.P. 

'48. Cesia Tie. Theta Alpha Phi Pres. '48. Soc. Club, Mask Club. 

Leads in: The Hasty Heart. Peg o' My Heart. Imaginary Invalid. 

John Ferguson. Associate Director Family Portrait. 
Bennion, Eleanor, Cokeville, Wyoming 

Wyoming Club, L.D.S.. A.C.E. 
Benson, E. Taft, Jr., Midvale. Utah 

Alpha Kappa Psi. 
Berryessa, Max J.. Ogden, Utah 

A.C.E. Pi,!s. '48. 
Bezzant, Harold, Pleasant Grove 


BiscHOFF, Rosemary, Lovell, Wyoming 

Gamma Phi Omicron Corresponding Sec, Wyoming Club V P. 

]47, L.D.S.-Chi, L.D.S. Sweetheart '48, Cesta Tie, Banyan Staff 

'47, Dido and Aenes. 
Bitter, C. Eldon. Salt Lake City. Utah 

German Club. French Club. 
Black. Dixie Nichol, St. Bernard. Louisiana 

Val Kyrie Pre.. "48. W.A.A. Reporter. Y News Staff. Banyan 

'47. Omega Nu. Southern Club, 

Black, Forest Ring. Pomona, California 

Delta Phi. Beta. Val Hyrics. 

BowN, Delos Edward, Provo, Utah 
Vikings. Chcm. Soc., Blue Key. 

Boyer, Leah, Provo, Utah 

LD.S.-Chi, French Club. 

Bradley, James L., Driggs, Idaho 

Delta Phi, Beta. L.D S.-Alpha. Blue Keys. Brigadier.^. Idaho 
Club. A. M.S. Sludciil Council. 

Bradshaw. Samuel Rawl. Orem, Utah 

LD.S.-Nu. Sigma Pi. K.B.Y.U. 
Brady. Stanley Jay. Fairview. Utah 

Concert Band. L.D.S.-Beta. Snow-Sanpele Club. 

Brandley. Marian. Lethbridge. Canada 

Theta Alpha Phi. Canadian Club. Julius Ceasar lead '47. French 
Club. LaBoheme. Assl. Dir. Faust. Profiranmies. Abduction from 
Seroglio. A.M.S. Assembly. Asst. Dir. '47. 

Briem. Arlene F.. Ogden. Utah 

Nautilus. Psy. Club. Weber Club. Spanish Club. Bureau of Stu- 
dent Program. Banyan Staff '47. 

Briggs. Irene M.. Calgary. Canada 

Canadian Club. Russian Club. Beta Pi. Spanish Club. 

Bright. Edythe, Rigby, Idaho 

No. Idaho Club Sec. '47, Y.C., CesIa Tie. L.D.S. Ex. Sec. '48. 
L.D.S.-Tau. White Key. French Club. Banyan Staff. Y Chem. 

Brossard. Nan Rae. Ft. Richardson. Alaska 

Beta Beta Beta. Organist Guild. L.D.S.-Tau. Southern Club. 

Brown. Douglas C Springville. Utah 

Tausig. Alpha Kappa Psi (master ritual). 

Brown, Louine. St. Johns. Arizona 

Nautilus. Sweetheart of Delta Phi '47. L.D.S.-Omega. Arizona 

Brown, Ralph Sherman, Provo, Utah 

, Geology Club Pres. '47, German Oub. 

Brown, Roberta, Phoenix, Arizona 

Russian Club, L.D.S. -Omicron, Psy. Club, Arizona Club. Inter. 

Bruderer, Wilford L.. Salt Lake City. Utah 

Delta Phi. German Club. French Club. Sal Lake Oub. 

BuRDicK, Robert Reid, Provo, Utah 

Alpha Kappa Psi, Val Hyric. Carbon-Emery Club. 

BuRGON, Grant C. Nlidvale. Utah 

Jordon Club. L.D.S.-Ela. Delta Phi. Beta. 

Burnett. LaMar C. Morgan. Utah 

Art Guild V.P. '48. LD.S.-Alpha. 
Bushman. Grant M.. Provo. Ulah 

Brigadiers, Pern Club. 

Bushman, Jess Richard. Salt Lake City. Utah 

Brigadiers. Blue Keys. Delta Phi. Beta V.P. '48. A.M.S. Coun- 
cil '47. V.P. Student Body '48. Chairman of Y Day (Cleaning 
Activities) '47. Snow Carnival Dance Committee '48. 

Bushman. Sariah Ann. Snowflake. Arizona 

Arizona Club. Mask Club. Theta Alpha Phi. L.D.S.-Omega. 

Spanish Club. 
Butler. Margaret .Driggs. Idaho 

L.D.S.-Sigma, Idaho Club. 
Caldwell, Enid, Vernal, Utah 

Fidelas, Mask Club Pres. '47, Theta Alpha Phi, Spanish Club, 

K.B.Y.U, Uintah Basin Club. 
Call, Audra Lucille, Rigby, Idaho 

B.Y.U. Symphony, Beta Pi, Idaho Club. L.D.S. Ex. V.P. '48. 
Mask Club. French Club. Theta Alpha Phi. 

Call, J. Harold, Sparks, Nevada 

Delta Phi, Blue Key, Debate Mgr., B.Y'ser, L.D.S.-Beta, Spanish 

Camenish,, Lucile, Provo, Utah 
French Club, Spanish Club. 

Cheatham, Norma Adelle, Greybull, Wyoming 

Wyoming Club. 

Christensen, Donald Jay, Provo, Utah 

Snow-Sanpete Club, Val Hyric, Alpha Kappa Psi. 

Christensen, Shirlee, Orem, Utah 

While Key, Soc. Club, Jr. Class V.P. '47, OS. Pres. '47, Jr. 
Prom Committee '47. Hello Week Cliairman. Y.C.. Ski Club. 
A.W.S. Mentor. W.A.A. Social Unit Coordinator. 

Clark. Betty J.. Oakland. California 

Cesta Tie. L.D.S.. Calif. Club. Soc. Club. Chairnmn of Student 
Dances. Senior Class Project. 

Clark. Ervin. Ririe. Idaho 

Delta Phi. Idaho Club. 

Clark. Jean L.. Redwood. California 

L.D.S.-Tau Pres. '44. California Club. French Club. Montana- 
Washington Club Sponsor. L.D.S. Music Chairman. L.D.S. 
Sextet '48. 

Clark. Naomi. Farinington. Utah 

LD.S.-Tau Sec. '48. Mask Club. Theta Alpha Phi. 

Clark. Owen. Salt Lake City. Utah 

Swing Quartet. Assembly Commiltee. Chairman of Student Bu- 
reau Program, Brigadiers, Orchestra Arranger. 


Clark, Sybil. Bountiful. Utah 

Beta Pi. ACE. 
Clegc. Helen. Provo. Utah 

Fidelas. French Club See, "-48. 

Clecc. Janet Ruth. Provo. Lfah 

A.C.E. LMero Club. 
Cle-^ient. Rita. NortK HoIl>"\\ood. California 

Cesta Tie. bellow Jacket. Portupufso Club. Calit. Clulj. Y-C-. 
Mast Club. K B V L'.. Lead in Claudia. lj?ad in Bell lor .^Jano. 
.NIenlor (or A.W.S . Alpha Kappa Phi. Peg OMy Heart. Family 
Portrait, .\lpha Epfilon Rho V.P-. Soph- Loan Fund Ball Com- 
mittee 46. Lead in Comcdv ol Errors. 

Clex'ERLY. Donald B.. Woods Cross. Utah 

I_D.S. Delta. -^Ipha Kappa Psi. Delia Phi. Alpha. 

Clincer. Mildred La\'erne. .\berdeen. Idaho 

Val Kyrie. Spanish Oub. V News Stall. 

Clyde. Aileen Hales. Spring^ijle. Utah 

Val Norn Ptes. "48. White Key. Y C . Chainnan Pref. Ball "46. 
Chairman of Student .Award Com., Frer»cK Club V.P. 44, Y 
News Stall '44. 

Covington. Lore.v Clell. Hurricane. Utah 

Y Cbem. Soc. 

Cowan, Co.nnie El-mne. Rov. Utah 

LD S.Omeea. ACE. Weber Club. 

Crandall. B.\rb.\r.\ Je-vn. Mesa, .\rizona 

Y News, .\rizona Club. Banyan Stall. Cesta Tie. 

Critchfield. J-\red Bernard. Magrath. Canada 

Canadian Club. Val H\Tic5. I.K.. Blue Key. 

Crockett. Pall S.. Ogden. Utah 

\'iking5 Pres. 48. Weber Qub. 

Curtis. De.\n A.. Thatcher. Arizona 

Delta Phi. .Vizona Gub. Y Eagles, Phi Delta Kappa. 

Dalebout. Martin J.. Ogden. Utah 

Weber Gub. L D S 

Dame. Lorraine. Ogden. Utah 

LD.S. Omega Pres. •4S. Weber Club. 

Darais. .\lex Basil. Santa Monica. California 

Studio Guild Pres. 4.'. Art Editor ol Wye Magazine. Cartoonist 
and Columnist lor 1 News. 

Dase. Ted .\.. L^s N'egas. Nevada 

Val H>Tic5. Tri Beta. .Ne\ada Club, 

Davis. H. Clyde. Provo. Utah 

Letterman Club, 

Davis. \'onnie Beth. Glendale. California 

L.D.S,.Tan. German Qub. Frernrh Qub, 

Dewsnup, Jack C Provo. Utah 

Delta Phi. French Qub. 

Dewsnup. Ma\is. Deseret. Utah 

Gamma Phi V,P. '48. .Mta Mitra, Millard County Club. 

Dix. Max \V.. Provo. Utah 

Tausig. Geology Qub. Letterman Club. 

DixoN. Eldon .\rnold. Prove, Utah 

.Art Guild. 

Dixon, Melvi.n R,, Provo. Utah 

\'ikings, ^ Chem, Soc,, 1,K. 

Do.VEY. Elese M.\RIE. Ogden, Utah 

LD.S.Omega. .\,C E. Weber Cuib 
Beta Beta Beta. 

E.\rl, Ira Roy, Las N'egas, Nevada 


Edmunds. Patricia Dell, Provo, Utah 

Spanish Qub. .A.CE. 

Ekins, John P.. Provo. Utah 

Spanish Qub. 

Ellertson. G. NLvdce, Provo. Utah 

Psychology Club. Omega -Nu. LD.S.-Upsilon. 

EvA.NS. LaR.\e. l-ehi. Utah 

Fiaelas. Gamma Phi Omicron. 

Farnsworth, Barbara, Beaver. Ulafi 

L.D.S,-Upsilon. Gamma Phi Omicron, Dixie Qub, .\,W,S. Set. 

Farnsworth. Shirley Redwood. California 

LX).S,-Tan. California Qub, .^lask Qub, Spanish Qub. 

Fielding, Max Jae. Orem. Utah 

Tri Beta. LDS . German Qub. Freocb Qub. L'.^Iero Qub. 

Fife. Donette. Brigham City. Utah 

Fidelas. K.B.Y.L' Sec,. Alpha Epsilon Rho. .N|aji Qob. 

Fitzgerald, Sherman Kirkha.m, Ephralm. Utah 

Sos. Qub Pres '48, Sanpete-Soow Qub, 

Fletcher, E. Elizabeth. Salt Lake Citv. Utah 

L-D S.. Beta Beta Beta. 

FoUTZ, Irvin, Pima, Arizona 

Arizona Qub, Soc, Qub. LDS -Delta, 

Franos, Delores, Taber, Alberta, Canada 
L.D.S.-Riio, Canadian Qub, Lead in Dido and Aenas. 

Frocley. H. Ronald, Payette, Idaho 

Vikings. Oregon Club. German Club, Opera Gypsy Baron. 

Gamble. Ja.vies. ."^lorgan. Utah 

l,K.. German Club. Ski Club, 

Gammell. L-aDon.\. Ogden, Utah 

Weber Club, Val N'om, Preterence Ball, Opera Work Shop, 

Gardner, .^Iarvin K.. Provo. Utah 

l,K-. Viking V.P. '47. Social Council. 

GooLD. NoRRis \V., Monroe. Utah 

LDS Nu. 
Greaves. .\.vne. Salf Lake Citv. Utah 

Y -News Reporter. YC. Nautilns. Tbcta Alpha Phi. Soc Ed. Y 
.News. Jr. Prom Com. *47. Sec. of Student Body 48, bweetheait 
of Delta Phi '48. K B Y.U . Family PortraiL 

Green. EL\rl J.. Clearfield. Utah 

Tausig. .Alpha ICappa Psi. V-P. Weber Qub. 

Griffen. Lois. Ogden. Utah 

Tri Beta. 

Griner, \'erda May, Phoenix, Arizona 

Val .Norn Treas,. Phi Chi Thcta. Arizona Club, Senior Profec* 
Committee, Jr, Prom Commiltee 4;. 

Grone.^ian. Paul S.. Provo. Utah 

Tan Kappa Alpha Pres. "48. Beta Beta Beta. Delia Phi. Briga- 
diers. Spanish Qub, Cemtan Club, I.K. 

GuNN. Fred \'.. Beaver. Utah 


Gwillia.m. Doris Marie, Boise, Idaho 

LDS -Phi, French Qub. No, Idaho Club. 

GwiLLiAM. Sta.nford. Baker. Oregon 

Blue Key. Theta .Alpha Phi. Freshman Class Pres. '41. Pres. 
.Associated Nlen 47. Homecoming Chairman Aj . 

Hafen, Joseph Jr., Provo. Utah 


Hakes. Cl.\yton H.. Safford. Arizona 

Arizona Qub V P. '48. Alpha Kappa Psi. LD.S-.AIpba. 

Hale. N'erd.v Ogden. Utah 

Weber Club. L,D-S--L'psilon. Gamma Pbi Omicron Sec. '48. 

H.\nsen. Don A.. Provo, Utah 

Bricker Pres. '48. Sigma f^ Sigma, Jr. Prom Chairman '47. Fresh- 
man Rep. to Student CourKril 41. 

H.\nsen. Gereldine. Redmond. Utah 

Gamma Phi. LD.i.-Lpsilon. 

Harris, Charlotte O.. Portland. Oregon 

Val .Nom. Soc. Qub. Oregon-Ne\-ada Club, ,ACE,, Cougar- 
ettes. Freshman Class Sec, '45, Jr. Prom Comm. '4. . 

H.\RRis, Lois Eugene, Provo, Utah 


H.\RRis, N'irgil Lehi, Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Val Hyric, .No, Idaho Qub. Blue Key, Inlemalional Relations. 
B.Y'ser Pres., Russian Club. 

Harward. Moyle E.. Provo. Utah 

Hawkins, Gordon D.. .-Nmerican Fork. Utah 

Chairman Homecoming Parade '45, Public Ser*-ice Bureau '45, 
I.K- Duke, Bricker, 1st Cotincdor of Sunday School '46, Bloc 
Key, Student Body Pres. '48. .Athletic Council. Special Services 

Haws. Lois Lee Reid, Vernal, Utah 

L D S.-Sigma. 
Heaton, Kezia Maxine, Moccasin. Arizona 

Y Chem- Soc. Sec.. German Qub. Arizona Club. 

Hebertson. Keith M.. Provo. Utah 

.American Qiem. Soc,. Y Chem, Soc.. Y Geolog>' CItib. 

Henderson. D.\n B.. \'isalia. California 

Idaho Club. LDS.-Zeta Zeta. Cahfomia Qub. 

Hickman. Grant A.. Provo. Utah 

Brickers V.P, '48. German Qub- 

Hilto.n. Daw.n. Delta. Utah 

Millard County Club. Gamma Phi Omicron, 

Hinckley, Beula Bell, Preston, Idaho 

HoGA.N, .^Ieredith, Grace. Idaho 

Idaho Qub. Soc. Club V,P. '48. Psychology Club. 

Holland, Hal Curtis, Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Y Cbem. Qub. P-sy. Club. Ski Qub. Gem,an Qub. L'nit. 
Eagles, L'psnon Epsilon. Zool, Soc, 

HoLMA.v. John R.. Sugar City. Idaho 

Idaho Club. Delta Phi Alpha Treas. 

HoLYOAK, X'erJean. Burley. Idaho 

.^lask Qub. Idaho Qub. French Club. 

Hope. Lester. Idaho Fails. Idaho 

Delta F*bi. .Alpha Kappa Psi. 

Hull, Ella, Preston, Idaho 
Val Nom, So. Idaho Clob, ACE. Y.C. 


Hunter, pRANCts Jeanne. Richfield. Utah 

Nautilus Reporter '46. Spanisk Club. Y.C.. Music Award. Con- 
cert Mistress. 

Hyatt. Norman F.. Joliet, Illinois 

Brigadiers Sec. '48. Sigma Pi Sigma. German Glut. No. Cen- 
tral State Pres. '46. 

Jackson. Adell Marie, Salt Lake City. Utah 

Val Kyries. Soc. Club. 

Jacobson. James Fay, Oak City. Utah 
LD.S.-Beta. Millard County Club. Y Chem, Soc. 

Jansen. Lawrence C Ogden. Utah 

Jensen, Beatrice. Gridley. California 
Alta Mitra. California Club. Beta Beta Beta. 

Jensen. Edith Ann, Milwaukee. Wisconsin 

Cesta Tie, Banyan '47. Y News '46. Spanish Club, No. Central 
States. Public Service Bureau '48, Jr. Prom Committee '47. 

Jensen, John Daniel, Prove, Utah 


Jensen, Richard C. Ruth. Nevada 

Y CHem. Soc. Nevada Club. L.D.S.-Della. 

Jensen, Vern H.. Manassa. Colorado 

Delta Phi, Beta, Phi Alpha Thela, Colorado Club. 

Johnson, Leonard, Phoenix, Arizona 

Blue Key, Delta Phi, Arizona Club, Brigadiers, International 

Johnson, Mary, Fillmore, Utah 

Millard County Club. A.C.E. 

Johnson. Martin A.. Logan, Utah 

Delta Phi, L.D.S. 
Johnson, Wallace Keith, Provo, Utah 

Geology Club, Tausig. 
Jones, Mildred Phyllis, Douglaston, New York 

O.S. Pres. '48, Yankee Club. A.C.E.. Assembly Committee, 
A.W.S. Mentor. 

Jones, Jennie Bea, Malad, Idaho 

UD.S.-Tau Pies. '47. Idaho Club. Phi Chi Thela Pres. '48. 
JuDD, Maroaret, Grantsville, Utah 

Soc. Oub, Russian Club, Omega Nu, Tooele Club. 
Kartchner, Lucille, Heber, Arizona 

Val Nom, Soc. Club, Arizona Club. 
Kaufman, Oreal, Sandy, Utah 

Beta Pi, L,.D.S.-UpBilon, Persian Club. 
Kietzman, James Carson, Summit. New Jersey 

Letterman Club Secretary. 
Kino, Dale L., Mesa, Arizona 

Brigadiers, Arizona Club. Assembly Comm.. Jr. Prom Comm. '47. 

A.M.S. Spring Cam. '47, Homecoming Parade '48, A.M.S. 

Council '48, Snow Carn. '48. 
KiRWAN, Joseph Ted, Provo, Utah 

Tausig Pres. 41, Mask Qub, Spanish Club. 
Klein, Robert D., Los Angeles, California 

Soc. Oub, Blue Keys. Delta Phi, Alpha Pres., A.M.S. Pres. '48. 

Y Day Comm.. Siu)w Carnival Comm., Spring Carnival Gomm. 
Klinger, Dawn, Rexburg, Idaho 

Cesta Tie, Omega No, Idaho Oub V.P. '48, Wye Mag. Editor 
'48, Spanish aub, L.D.S.-Rho. 

Knell, Lee C, Provo, Utah 

Vikings, Studio Guild, Blue Key, Block Y, Jr. Prom. Comm. '47. 
Letlerman's Oub, Letter in Tennis. 

Knowlton, Clark S., Salt Lake City, Utah 

Debate Club, L.D.S.-Alpha Pres. '48, International Relations 
Pres. '48, Delta Phi. 

Knowlton, James Q., Farmington, Utah 

Psychology Oub, Brigradiers. 

Knowlton, Paul S., Salt Lake City, Utah 

Alpha Kappa Psi. LD.S.-Alpha. Delta Phi. Mask Oub, Salt 
Lake Oub, International Relations Oub. 

Knudsen, Darwin Cowley, Salt Lake City, Utah 

Blue Key, Delta Phi, Beta, K.B.Y.U, Psy. Club Pres. '48, French 

Knudsen, Ronald M., Provo, Utah 


KoFOED, Earl Baird, Preston, Idaho 
South Idaho Oub, French Club, Art Guild. 

Kohler, Idaho Barbara, Heber City, Utah 

L.D.S.-Upsilon Pres. '48, White Key, L.D.S. Ex. Sec. '47. Ger- 
man Club, Phi Chi Thela Sec. '47. 

Kekauaho, Willard K., Laie, Oahu, T. H. 

Hawaiian Club, Beta Beta Beta. 

LaMunyon, John S., Grand Junction, Colorado 
L.D.S.-Ela, Colorado Oub. 

Lahsen. Grant A.. Provo. Utah 

Val Hyric V.P. '47. Alpha Kappa Psi. B.Y'sers. Spanish Oub. 
Larsen, Richard L.. Provo, Utah 
Val Hyric. 

Lewis. J. W.. Spanish Fork. Utah 

Alpha Kappa Psi, Brigadiers Sec. *47. I.K.. Stage Door. 
L|chfield. Afton Marie. Provo. Utah 

Mask Club. Ueta Alpha Phi. Radio Club. L.D.S.-Psi Pres. '47. 

Lindsay. L. Ronald. LaGrande. Oregon 

Delta Phi. Alpha, Viking. Oregon Club. Soc. Club. French 
Club, Mask Club. Assembly Committee. 

Ludlow. Priscilla. Spanish Fork. Utah 

O.S.. German Club. French Club, Spanish Club. Studio Guild 
Pres. '46. 

Lund, Mary Edna. Pocatello. Idaho 

LD.S.-Sigma Pres. "48. 

Madsen. Kenneth Russell. Provo. Utah 

Y Eagles, L.D.S.-Beta. Alpha Kappa Psi, Jr. Class Party Chair- 
man, Freshman Party Com. 

Madson, Rex A.. Provo. Utah 

Alpha Kappa Psi. 

Maoliocco, Frank R.. Helper, Utah 

French Club. 

Maloney, Alice M.. Provo. Utah 

Dance Club, Alta Mitra, Pep Club Pres. '42. 

Manning. Wallace S.. Farmington. Utah 


Marshall, Barbara. Panguitch. Utah 

Dixie Club. Alta Mitra. Gamma Phi Omicron. 

Martin, Ruth, Provo. Utah 

Nautilus. Gamma Phi Omicron. L.D.S.-Chi. Home Ec. Club. 
Matson, Ella Mae, Boise, Idaho 

Gamma Phi Omicron, L.D.S. -Omega. 

McFarland, Ramona, Ogden, Utah 

Alta Mitra, Home Ec. Club, Weber Club. L.D.S.-Upsilon. 

McIff, Lyle Hatch, Lehi, Utah 
LD.S.-Zeta, French Club. 

McIntosh, Jean Annete, Provo, Utah 
Dance Club, L.D.S.-Psi. Pem Club. 

McKiNNEY, Robert Gerhard, Rochester. New York 
Yankee Oub. 

McKnelly, Theodore T., Pocatello. Idaho 

Bricker. I.K. Duke and National Viceroy. Pres. Jr. Class. Chair- 
man of Senior Oass Project. Idaho Club. 

Meeks, H. Wells, Salt Lake City, Utah 

L.D.S.-Epsilon V.P. '47, Ag. Oub, Delta Phi, Alpha. 
Memmott, Frank C Castle Gate. Utah 

International Relations Club. B.Y'ser. Ski Club. Carbon-Emery 

Oub. A.M.S. Smokeless Smoker Co-Chairman. 
Mendenhall, Carma Jane, Springville, Utah 

Fidelas, Tan Kappa Alpha, Debate S<piad, A.C.E. V.P. '48, 

French Oub. 
Mendenhall. Legia E.. Phoenix. Arizona 

Fidelas V.P. '48, Band and Orchestra. Y.C.. Arizona Oub, Ger- 
man Club. Award Committee. A.W.S. Ed. Council. 
Miller, Earl Andrew, Manti, Utah 

Debat Squad, Spanish Club. 

Miller, Kenneth Leron, Magrath, Alberta, Can. 

Tausigs, Canadian Oub. 
Millet, Wylene, Mesa, Arizona 

O.S. V.P. '47, French Oub, Arizona Oub. 
Miner, Mary Jane, Long Beach, California 

Y.C., Val Nom, White Key Pres., Y News, Social Chairman 

A.W.S.. California Club. 

Mitchell, Max P.. Provo, Utah 

Y Chem. Soc. 

MoNTAQUE, Quinton B., Nampa, Idaho 
Idaho Oub, German Club. 

Morgan, Evelyn, Murray, Utah 

NauHlus, Y News Staff '47, A.W.S. Rep., Mask Club, Ueta 
Alpha Phi. Girls Day Chairman '48. 

Moss. J. Joel, Ririe, Idaho 

L.D.S. Ex. Pres. '48, French Oub, Blue Key, Chairman of Inter- 
Social Organ. Council '48. Delta Phi. Idaho Club. 

MouLTON. Wilbur, San Francisco, California 
International Relations, California Club, Upsilon-Epsilon. 

MuiR, Irene. Idaho Falls. Idaho 

Art Guild. Idaho Club. LD.S.-Phi Pres. '48. 

Murray, Helen J., Portland, Oregon 
Bact. Soc., L.D.S.-Omega. 

MuRRi. Donald. St. Anthony. Idaho 

Delta Phi Treas. '47. L.D.S.. Brigadiers. Spanish Club, Idaho 
Club Reporter '46. 

Nate, Jane, Cokeville, Wyoming 
Wyoming Club, L.D.S.-Chi, A.C.E. 

Newberry, Marrion Arther, Provo, Utah 
Gemian Club, Arizona Oub. Track Team, L.D.S.-AIpha. 

Oaks, Clinton L.. Provo, Utah 

Briacer, Blue Key, Alpha Kappa Psi. Tau Kappa Alpha Pres., 
I. K., Student Business Mgr., Business Mgr. of Banyan '47, Busi- 
ness Mgr. of Jr. Prom '47, Y News. 


Oaks, Elaine, Provo, UtaK 

Cesta Tie Pres.. While Key. Assl. EJ. of Banyan, Copy Ed. o( 

O'Berry, WiLLARD D., Oxford, Florida 

Southern Club. 

Olsen, Nial June, Prove, Utah 

LaSorella. Soc. Club. German Club. 

Olson, Re.\. Layton. Utah 

Tausig. Football-all conference. Baseball, BasKetbail. 

Openshaw. Nathel Jean. Mesa. Arizona 

Cougarettes. Arizona Sec. "46, Cesta Tie. 

Ottesen. Melba, Sandy. Utah 

UD S.-Tau. A.C.E.. French Club. 

Ovesen. Keith E., Tooele. Utah 

A.M.S. Council "45. 
Peay, Dean, Spring\'ille. Utah 

Mask Club. Theta Alpha Phi. B.Yser Pres. '48. Debate Oub. 
Freshman Class Play. Tau Kappa Alpha. 

Parker. Orin D.. St- Anthony. Idaho 

Debate Qub. K.B.Y.U.. College Var.. Author of Varsity Show 
'46. B.Vser. Mask Qub. Omega Nu. Alpha Epsilon Rho. Tau 
Kappa Alpha. Program Dir. of K.B.Y.U.. Homecoming Chair- 
man '46. JiJius Ceasar. Family Portrait, Social Chairman 48. 

Parkinson. Morris D.. Rexburg. Idaho 

North Uaho Club Pres. '47. Delta Phi, L.D.S.-Alpha, Blue Key, 
Alpha Kappa Psi. L.D.S. Ex. V P. '48. 

Patten. Deon, Orem. Utah 

Tri Beta Historian '48. German Club Sec. '48. 

Pawlowski, Reinhold Karl. Provo, Utah 

Wrestling, Y News Staff. 

Pendleton, Carl J.. Evanston. Wyoming 

Concert Band. French Qub. 

Perkins, Merial, Overton. Nevada 

Mask Club. Nevada-Washington-Oregon Club. College Varieties. 
Opera 3 years. Public Service Bureau. Fidelas. 

Peterson. Chauncey S.. Salt Lake City. Utah 

Brickers. l.K. 

Peterson, George Dewey, Jr., Provo. Utah 

Tri Beta. 
Peterson. Jeneal M.. Delta. Utah 

UD.S.-Chi. A.C.E. Sec. '48. Millard County Club Sec. '47. 
Dixie Qub. 

Peterson, Kathryn, Ephraim. Utah 

Val Nom, Snow-Senpete Club. 

Petty. Donald M.. Los Angeles. California 

Delta Phi. Beta LD.S.Eta. California Qub. Studio Guild. 

Pincock, Lorna D.. Sugar City. Idaho 

Idaho Qub. Gamma F*hi OmicTon. L.D.S. -Psi. 

Preece, Marjorie Rae, Salt Lake City, Utah 

LD.S-Psi. ACE. 
Prestwich, Leonard W., Orem. Utah 

L.D.S.-AJpha and Gamma. 

Price, Reed E., Phoenix. Arizona 

Blue Key. Delta Phi. Beta, Banyan '47. Business Manager Y 
News '48. 
Ramirez. Benita, Spring Canyon. Utah 

LD.S.-Omega. Spanish Club. Carbon-Emery Club. 

Randall, Bertha, Mesa. Arizona 

Arizona Qub. Dance Club. L.D.S.-Tau- 

Rapier, Don W.. Safford. Arizona 

L.D.S.-AJpha, Arizona Club. Alpha Kappa. Psi. 
Rasmussen, Alvin L.. Chicago. Illinois 

L.D.S.-DellB, Great Plains President. 

Ray, NaDene, South Weber. Utah 

Weber Qub, Psychology Qub, Banyan Staff '48, LDS-Omega 
V.P. '48. Organist Guild. 

Ream. Mary Ida, Dingle. Idaho 

L.D.S.Tau. Idaho Qub. A.C.E.. Mask Club. 

Reid. Robert Earl, Jr., Orem. Utah 

Alpha Kappa PsL 

Reynolds, Nanna Lee, Springs'ille. Utah 

O.S. V.P. '48. French Qub. Banyan Staff. 

Richardson, Walter, Spanish Fork. Utah 

Sang leads in; Gypsy Baron '46. Carmen '46. L.aBoheme '47. 
Faust '48. Messiah '47 and '48, Elijah '47, Won 1919 Vocal 
Medal in 1947. 

RiGOS, Thalia, Hatch, Utah 

Dixie Club, Spanish Qub. 
Robertson, Alice Marian. Provo. Utah 

Y.C.. While Key. Onrhestra. College of the Air. 

Robinson. Max C. Afton. Wyoming 

Geographic Coimcil. Blue Key Pres, "48, Delta Phi. Beta, 
Wyoming Club Pres, '47. Alpfka Kappa Psi. 

RoBisoN, Clarence F.. Fillmore, Utah 

Brigadiers, Millard County Club. Pem Club. 

Rogers, Marion R.. Snowflake. Arizona 

Vikings, Arizona Club, Delta Phi. 

RoMNEY, Maurine, Payson. Utah 

Spanish Qub. L.D.S.Chi. 

Ross. Alcie Marie. Warner. Alberta. Canada 

L.D.S. -Omega. ACE.. Canadian Qub. 

Rowan. Noama T.. Springville. Utah 

ACE.. Beta Pi 
Ruff. Jean M.. Provo. Utah 

Val Hyric. French Club. Blue Keys. K.B.Y.U. L.D S.-Bela and 
Alpha. International Relations. 

Rupert, Dale S.. Spanish Fork, Utah 

Beta Beta Beta. 

Russell, Jack, Orem. Utah 

Val Hyric. Photo Arts. Spanish Club. 

SANDBERGk Lloyd Snow, Hurricane, Utah 

L.D.S Zeta Zela Pres. '47. Delta Phi. Dixie Club. 

Sanders. Christian F.. Fairview. Utah 

Blue Keys. Thela Alpha Pi. Val Hyric. Spanish Qub. A.ER.. 
A.M.S. Council- 

Sawyers, Mary Olive. Tooele, Utah 

Fidelas, Theta Alpha Phi. Mask Qub V.P. '48. 

ScHMUTZ. Don F.. St. George. Utah 

Dixie Qub. Delia Phi. Beta. 

ScHMUTZ. Milton D., St. George, Utah 

German Club. 

ScHOFiELD. Theodore D.. Provo. Utah 

Brigadiers. l.K. Charter Member. Blue Key. 

ScHWANTES. Gloria Louise. Douglas. Arizona 

Y.C.. Cesta Tie. Phi Chi Ueta. Arizona Club. B.Y.U. Cheer 
Leader. A.W.S. Council. 

Sharp. Steven, Rigby. Idaho 

North Idaho Qub. German Qub, Ag. Club. 

Sheen, Glen L.. Provo. Utah 

Val Hyric. Intra-Mural Council '47. 

Shelley. Carl. American Fork. Utah 

Geology Club. Spanish Qub. L.D.S. 
Shelly. Paul S., American Fork. Utah 

Brigadiers, Alpha Kappa Psi. 
Si.MMONS, LuciLE. Manti. Utah 

L.D.S.-Psi. Senpete Club. Spanish Qub. Art Guild. 

Slater. Arthur D.. Provo. Utah 

Delta Phi. Soc. Club. Psy. Qub. Art Guild. German Qub. 

Smith. Bodell. Pocatello. Idaho 

L.D.S.-Rho. Idaho Club. French Qub. Y News Staff. 

Smith. Corinne, Provo, Utah 

L.D.S. Ex. Pres. '48, German Qub. Yankee Club V.P. '48, 
French Club. Persian Qub Sec. 48. 

Smith, Robert Junius. Provo. Utah 

Arizona Qub. I_D.S -Beta. Delta Phi. 

Smith. Rozella. Salt Lake City. Utah 

Psy. Qub V.P. '48. Omega Nu. Wye Staff. Soc. Qub. 

Snow, Anthony, Provo. Utah 

Brigadiers Pres. "46. Delta Pfii. Geology Club. Spanish Qub, 
Dixie Qub. 

Sorensen, Peirce a., Malad, Idaho 

Delta Phi-Alpha, Val Hyric. 

Sperry, S. Lyman, Provo, Utah 

Brickers. Inter-collegiate Knights. Psy. Qub. 

Squire, La Von Petro, Mt. Pleasant, Utah 

L.D.S.-Upsilon, Soc. Qub, Y.C.. Snow-Sanpele Qub Pres.. De- 
bate Club. Jr. Prom. Com. '47. Fidelt.3. Y News. 

St ANGER. Kenneth J., Ogden, Ufah 

Weber Qub. 

Steele, Paul D.. Goshen. Utah 


Stevenson, Mitzi, Ogden, Utah 

Cesta Tie, Weber Qub, Spanish Qtlb, Psy. Club. 

Stoddard. Helen June, Auburn, California 
Val Nom, A.C.E. 

Stokes, Orpha, Twin Falls, Idaho 

L.D. S.-Tau, Idaho Qub. Spanish Club. French Qub. German 
Qub. Y.C. 

Stringham, Janet, Walla Walla. Washington 

Soc. Qub, Y.C. Spanish Club, OS. 

Strong, Jack. Provo. Utah 
Tri Beta. Ag. Qub. 

Stuart, Darrell, Uintah. Utah 

Weber Qub. Photo Arts Soc.. Banyan Staff '48. 
Stutz, Rowan C, Cardston, Alberta, Canada 

Canadian Qub. 

Sutton, Marjorie, Grantsville, Utah 
Soc. Qub. 


Sutton, Thelma D.. Grantsville, UtaK 

Gamma PKi Omicron, Tooele Ciub. 
SwAPP, Wylie W.. Overton. Nevada 

Val Hyric Pres. '48. UD.S.-Bela. Nevada Club. Art Guild. Dance 
Club. Student Program Bureau. 

SwENSON. Helen C. Anderson, Provo. Utah 

Nautilus. Y.C. 
Tacgart, Cal S., Cowley, Wyoming 

Tacgart, Hal Snell, Cowley, Wyoming, 

Tangren, Joy, Provo, Utah 

Cesta Tie Sec, Soc, Qub Sec, Soph. Class V.P. "46. Mask Club. 

Y.C, College Var., Y News, Banyan, Pref. Ball Committee. 

Tanner, Marlin Arthur, Winslow. Arizona 

Arizona Oub. 
Taylor, Afton L.. Provo. Utah 

Mask Club. B.Y'ser Club V.P.. Soc. Club. Psy. Club. Dance 

Club. French Club, Cesta Tie Pres. '48. Soph. Loan Fund Ball 

Committee '46. 
Taylor, Daniel Pierce, Col. Dublan, Chih., Mex. 

Delta Phi, Spanish Club Pres. '46, Spanish Club Director '48. 
Taylor, Edward Parkinson, Provo, Utah 

Brickers, Flench Club. 

Taylor, Floyd R., EI Paso. Texas 

Delta Phi, Tausig, Tevajo Club. 

Taylor, Ilene, Salem, Utah 

L.D.S.-Tau, Phi Chi Thela. 

Taylor, Mary Lou Dixon, Provo. Utah 

NauUlus. A.W.S. Council, Y.C, Mask Club, Phi Chi Uela. 

Tevajo Clob. 
Taylor, Nola, Rexburg, Idaho 

Phi Chi Theta, L.D.S.-Rho Pres. '47, North Idaho Oub. 
Taylor, Thomas S., San Francisco, Cahfomia 

Alpha Kappa Psi, Val Hyric Reporter '48, B.Y'ser, Tennis Letter. 

Taylor, Wendell E.. Provo. Utah 

Viking. Blue Key. German Club. 

Taylor, Winston J., Springville. Utah 

Tausig Pres. '48. Alpha Kappa Psi. Blue Key. I.K.. Mat. Dance 

Business Manager. 
Teeples, Carma. Salt Lake City, Utah 

LD.S.-Phi, Idaho Oub. Art Guild, A.C.E. 
Terry, Elma, Delta. Utah 

Phi Chi Thela V.P. '48. L.D.S.-Phi. Millard County Club. 

Spanish Club. 

Thayer, Elizabeth Jean, Hempstead, New Yoric 

International Relations Sec, Yankee Club, Soc. Club Sec. Spanish 

Oub. L.D.S.-Chi. 
Thomson, Elaine E.. Ephraim. Utah 

Fidelas, Sanpete Club. 
Thorne, C. Lawrence, Baldwin Park, Cahfomia 

L.D.S.-Beta. California Club, Y Chem. Soc. 
Thornley, Golda, Layton. Utah 

Alia Milra. 
TiETjEN, Garth D., Provo, Utah 

ToLBOE, Harold R., Provo, Utah 

LK. Chancellor of Ex. Chequers, Vikings. 
Undhjem. Kent M.. Idaho Falls. Idaho 

Val Hyrics. L.D.S.-Beta. Idaho Club. Golf Team. Music Club. 

Vernon. Leo P., Orem, Utah 

Tausig Sec '44, Blue Keys, Band, Y Chem. Soc, German Club. 
Wade. Clive S.. Ogden. Utah 

Blue Key. Tausig. 
Walker, Brady, Provo, Utah 

Brigadiers. Leiterman Oub, German Club. 
Walker, Stanley H.. Provo. Utah 

Wardle, Dennis V.. Pocatello, Idaho 

UD.S.-Nu V.P. '48, German Club, Radio Out Program Mgr. 

Ware, Jack A.. St. George. Utah 

L.D.S.-Nu. Dixie Oub. Organist Guild. 

Watkins, Helen, Buhl. Idaho 

LD.S.-Pai. Ski Qub. South Idaho Club, Art Guild. 

Webster, Lloyd E., Duncan, Arizona 

L.D.S.-Alpha. Artoona Club. 
Weech. Wayne B., Pima, Arizona 

AriMna Club. L.D.S.-Alpha V.P. '48. Alpha Kappa Psi. 
Welsch. Barbara Pauline. San Francisco. Calif. 

Lp-S.;ypsilon V.P., Spanish Oub, Studio Guild Sec. California 

Cmb, Chairman of Decorations and Dances. 

Wells, Lewis. Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Viking.. Geology Oub, Delta Phi, L.D.S. 

West. Merna D.. St. Anthony. Idaho 

Home Ec. Club. 

Whatcott. Helen S.. Fillmore. Utah 

Cesta Tie. Y.C. Millard County Club. Dance Club. Varsity 

Show "45. 
Whiting. Joyce, Mapleton. Utah 

Oass Editor of Bnnyan '45. Asst. Ed. of Banyan '46. Pref. Ball 
Com. '46. Homecoming Com. '47. Co-Chairman of Hello Week 
'47. Jr. Prom Com. '47. Jr. Class Sec. '47. Banyan Editor '48,i 
Cesta Tie. Y.C. While Key V.P. ■48. 

Whiting. Stewart. Mapleton. Utah 

Delia Phi. 
Whitney. Katheryn M.. Salt Lake City. Uath 

Fidelas. L.D.S.-Upsilon. Salt l.ake Club. 

Whitney. Keith L. Springville, Utah 

French Oub. Spanish Club. L^ad in LaBoheme '47. 

Whitney. Fred, Provo. Utah 

Football '41-'42. Intramural Boxing '4I-'42-'43-'48. 

Wiest, Walter G.. Provo. Utah 

Viking. Delta Phi. Blue Key. Y Chem.. Pres. of Senior Class '48, 

German Club. 
Wilcox, Blaine, Ogden, Utah 

Val Hyric. 

Wilde, Delta Lois, Cheyenne. Wyoming 

Wyoming Club. L.D.S.-Rho V.P. '48. Spanish Club. 
Wilding. Malcolm W.. Sugar City. Idaho 

Delia Phi. Beta. LD.S.-Alpha, Idaho Club. 

WiLKiNS, Junella S.. Boise. Idaho 

Cesat Tie. L.D.S.-Tau. Theta Alpha Phi. Mask Club, French 
Oub. A.W.S. Council. Idaho Club. Leads in: Lady Winde- 
merc's Fan. Heaven Can Wait. Varsity Show '47. K.B.'i'.U. 
Staff. Preference Ball Com. '47, 

WiLKiNS. Kirk. Roosevelt. Utah 

Tausig, Mask Oub. Uintah Basin Club Pres. '47. French Club. 

L^ad in: Family Portrail, .hilius Ceasar. Heaven Can Wait. 
Willardson, Beth Bennett, Provo, Utah 

Y Chem. Soc. Sec. '47, Amer. Chem. Soc. French Club Rep. 
Williams, Clara, Kanarraville, Utah 

Gemma Phi Omicron, L.D.S.-Tau, Millard County Club. 

Williams. David L., Provo, Utah 

Williams. James Kenneth, Provo, Utah 

L.D.S.-Nu. Soc. Club. Phi Delta Kappa. 

Willis, Lois Marie, Kimberly. Idaho 

German Club, French Club, Idaho Club. 
Wilson, Bonnie Mary, Provo, Utah 

Nautilus, Soc Club, Dance Oub. 
Wilson, M. Joyce, Centerville. Utah 

L.D.S., Dance Club, Spanish Club. 
Winegar, Leone, Ontario. Oregon 

Spanish Club. South Idaho Club. Oregon- Washington Club, 

Alia Milra I^res. '48. W.A.A. Representative, While Key, 

A.W.S. Pres. '48, Gamma Phi Omicron. 

Winters, Berniece, Park City, Utah 

LD.S.-Phi, Band Club. 
Winters, E>ean, Helper, Utah 

Medical Soc, Carbon-Emery Club. 

Wirthlin, Bill D.. Eureka. Utah 

L.D.S.-Beta V.P. '48. Juab Oub. Alpha Kappa Psi. 

Witt. Allan J.. Provo. Utah 
Alpha Kappa Psi. 

WiTTWER. Lenore Bea, Reno. Nevada 
LD.S.-Phi V.P. '48. Band Club. 

Wixom, Franklin Don. Burley. Idaho 

L.D.S.. Ag. Club. Asst. Mgr. Horse Show '46. Head of Trophy 
Com for Horse Show '47. Idaho Club. Inter. Rel. Club. Chem. 
WooDARD, Douglas D.. Westfield. Illinois 

Great Plains Club V.P. '47. French Club V.P. '47. L.D.S. 
Alpha Sec. '47. Inter. Rel. Club. 

WooDARD. Louie Rae Peck. Salt Lake City. Utah 

French Club. L.D.S.-Upsilon. 
Woodbury. Grant B.. Hinckley. Utah 

Millard County Club. L.D.S.-Alpha. Univ. Eagles. 

WoODFiELD. Floyd J.. North Ogden. Utah 

Blue Key. Delta Phi, Debate Club, Weber Club, Inter. Rel. 

WooLEY, Evan K., Downey, California 

So. California Oub, Uintah Club, Alpha Kappa Psi, I.K., Tausig. 
Associate Ed. Banyan *47. 

Worthington, Helen, Provo, Utah 

Home Ec. Oub. 

Wright, Gordon L., Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Wye Mag. Bus. Mgr. '48. Brigadien, Delta Phi, Alpha Kappa 
Psi, Y News, Banyan "40. 

Zimmerman, Cecif J., Provo, Utah 

Vikings Sec. '39, German Oub. French Club. Wye Mag. Staff. 
Zundel, Kathleen, Chico, California 

L.D.S.-Omega, Cesta Tie, Beta Pi. Calif. Club. Spanish Club. 


Aatnodl. W. G, 297 

Abboci. Bob Walter 58. 105. 170, 277. 

Abboit. Lova Mae 151 

Abboct, Siowell Fielding 220 

Abbott, U'ard Owen 108, 351 

Ackerman, Vila LaRen 143, 336 

Adair. Ethel Marr 91 

Adair, Pearl 61 

Adams. A- Paul 63 

Adams, Carma 65. 283 

Adams, Don Ray 127 

Adams. Fred Clark 

Adams. June 250,328 

Adams. Laurene 74,238.311 

Adams. Mary June 113. 255 

Adams. 0. Karl 90,333 

Adams, Ramona 100, 279 

Adams. Sharon <>?. 555 

Adams. Stanley D. 127 

Adamson, Dolores 153 

Adamson, Jewel 149. 327 

Adamson, Kenneth Paul 115 

Addison. Jewell G. 91. 246.285. 347 

Addy. George M. 322 

AdI. Fercidoun 345 

Affleck. JoAnn 135.246,328 

Ahlstorm, Mignon 119 

Aiken, Denia 147.344 

Aiken. Patricia R. 107 

Aitken. Ray Ellsworth 219 

Ajirogi. Harold H. 341 

Ajirogi. Qeruko 340 

Albright. George L. 151,277 

Albriebt, Jennie LaVeme 111. 344 

Aldous. Ruth Dolores 88. 271 

Alexander. Haiel Welsh 3 50 

Alger, Evelyn Alice 107. 309. 353 

Alger. Ned R. 230 

Alleman.Ray S- 267 

Alemao,--^ola 45 

Allen. Carling D. 3 59 

Allen. Carol 93, 309. 348. 349 

Allen, Dean L. 93 

Allen. Douglas D, 119. 328. 332 

Allen, George H. 2J0 

Allen. Helen 151. 3 51 

Allen, James B, Jr. 109.348 

Allen, Reia 197. 283 

Allan. Robert C. 318 

Allen. Shirley R- 82. 271 

Allan. Thcron Dean 285 

Allen, Vaudis 159, 260 

Allen. Warren Madsen 125 

Altenbach, Marion Beatrice 141,255.275 

Allman. Verl Philips 65 

Allred. Dorald M. 79, 257 

Allred. Evan Uigh 139 

Allred. Carth W. 99, 252, 320 

Allred. Karl Wendell 139,320 

Allred. Keith Rcid 78 

Allred, Jack 351 

Allred, Leon 103 

Allred. Marie 74. 279.323,349 

Allred. R, Chase 45. 261 

Allred. Roger M. 109 

Allred. Rudean 91 

Allred, Shirley LaRec 95 

Allred. Ursel H- 246, 268. 323 

Allred. Virginia Bird 49, 247, 295 

Alpanalp. Gorden 233 

Aired. Robert Wayne 76 

Alson, Margie 332 

Amith, Joann 149 

Amott, Donn R- 107, 196. 300. 337 

Ammott. Richard W. 100. 300. 337 

Amstad. Rudy Merril 316 

Amtoft, Norma Dee 135, 159 

Amstad, Ruby 316 

Andelm. Barbara Lee 129, 345 

Andelin. David Ray 85, 115. 326 

Andelin. Julia D. 65, 329. 345 

Andelin, Richard B. 125, 345 

Anderson, Albert Arvin 129 

Anderson. Almina 79. 302. 334 

Anderson. Arvin 320 

Anderson. Beryl 127. 339. 341 

Anderson, Beth Arm 161 

Anderson, Betty Marie 107 

Anderson. C- Reed 297 

Anderson. Clair R. 269 

Anderson, Cliff A. 53 

Anderson, Don Carl 319 

Anderson, Dwaync N. 59. 261 

Anderson. E, Raymond 109 

Anderson. Elvnn 319 

Anderson, Evelyn 89 

Anderson. Grant Wilson 112. 253. 266. 

289. 320 
Anderson. Cli'en May 93 
Anderson, James E. 289 
Anderson. Tames Keith 59 
Anderson, James Movie 55 
Anderson, John E, M. 116 
Anderson. John R. 69, 301 
Anderson. John Waldo 246 
Anderson. Kennion 273 
Anderson, Lloyd N. 149. 299 
Anderson, Lorenio Bavless 141 
Anderson, Mariorie 53. 279. 316 
Anderson, Nual W. 89. 199. 246 
Anderson, Odccn Ransom 131 
Anderson. Richard A. 47 
Anderson. Roper C. 133 
Anderson. Ruth Elaine 101 
Andenson. Thiele. 63. 27!. 316 
Anderson. Tony 230 
Anderson, Warren Bovd 159 
Anderson. William Claude 137, 3 50 
Andrew. Douplas B. 51 
Andrew, Tennie Ruth 155 
Andrew. Marian 127. 344 
Andrews. Thomas L. 84, 203. 297. 332 
Andnjs. Bonnie 108, 290 
Andrus, Dawn 314 
Andnis. Douglas Leon 135,296 
Andrus, Irva 290, 327 

Andrus. Margaret Dawn 61 

Andrus. Maurine Margaret 135 

Aplanalp, Ardcn J. 84, 280 

Archibald, BethO. 49, 310 

Arcnd, Eriing C. H. 91 

Argyle. Betty 76. 264 

Argylc. Clarence Johnson 133 

Argyle. Harold J. 78. 253. 281 

Argyle. Lenor^ 66. 264, 290 

Ameit, Charles Wallace. 192 

Arrowsmith, Barbara Joyce 131 

Arrowsmitb. Duane J. 281 

Arrowsmith, Joy 151 

Asay, Lenoir 103. 500 

Asay. Robert Dii 106. 349 

Ashby, Lois 107, 188, 194. 265 

Ashby. Richard L. 203, 232. 320. 342 

Ashcroft, Kathryn 80, 260, 3 03 

Ashcr, Lawrence Gner 3 57 

Ashworth, Clinton Paul 105,266.269 

Ashworth. Gaygic Claire 49,246,310,318 

Ashworth, Joe H. 273 

Ashworth, William Dean 273 

Astin, Marion Emma 63, 316 

Astle. James 353 

Astle, Lila Mae 115, 353 

Atkm, Cynthia Ruth 95. 311 

Atkinson, Joyce 3 55 

Atkin. Edgar B. 75. 347 

Austin, Joan Cowley 113, 197. 251 

Austin. Mclva Ruth 143 

Averett. Mane A. 73.287 

Avery, Barry H. 105, 297 

Avcson, Levi 149 

Babbel, Pearl A. 320 

Babbel, Vera L. 47 

Bacon. Edward H. 161 

Badger, Bill Burton 97 

Bagley Gaylan 129. 133 

Bailey. Annette 45. 286 

Bailey. Charles A loy 147 

Baird. Frederick C. 93 

Baker. Carole Dcanne 113. 251,283 

Baker. Charles Arnold 109.330 

Baker, Don 334 

Baker. Shirley June 133, 332 

Baldwin. Robert 121, 328 

Bales. William R. Jr. 115, 288. 331 

Ball, Vesta Ann 195 

Balard. Leon T. 147 

Ballif. Ariel S. 65. 196. 205. 206, 248 

Batlif, George Eggertsen 248, 272 

Balhf, Moana 39. 71. 191, 196, 203, 

Ballou. Richard Edwin 57, 327, 357 
Balls. Merrill Reed 94. 296. 398 
Bandley, Harold S. 5 5 
Bangerter. Marian 119 
Banks, Floyd J, 101. 348 
Banks, Willis Merrill 49 
Barker, Evelvn J. 161, 254. 283 
Barker. Heber B. 123 
Barker. Joseph U. 261 
Barker. Roy E. 105 
Barnes. Marjorie Louise 147 
Barnes. Sara Beth 121 
Barnett. Shirley 314 
Bamett. Val Auvem 95 
Barney. Clive 161, 328, 332 
Barney. Donald James 105, 332, 356 
Barney. Evelyn 93 
Barney, Ralph D. 97, 269. 339, 341 
Barney, Vem J. 70 
Barrett. Betty 314 
Barrett, Mildred Paula 161.335 
Barrus, Owen Hate 157 
Barry, H. Wesley 70, 3 59 
Bartholomew, Bessy 80 
Banholomer. Erin Byrd 91 
Bartholomcr, Margaret 94 
Barton. Frank Francis 105 
Barton, Paul Williams 89. 301 
Batchelor. Leah LaRae 147. 298 
Bate, Lamont C. 89, 299. 320 
Batcman. Arlcnc 63, 206, 207, 247, 268 
Bateman, Kenneth 117, 273 
Bateman. Maurice B. 78, 252 
Bateman, Norma Joyce 157 
Bateman, Ralph Herzel 143 
Bates. Coke 93 

Bates, Russell Edward 147.332 
Battison, LaRae 260.330 
Baxter. Bonnie 135 
Baxter, Elisabeth 96 

Beamcr, Cleighton K. D. 123, 317. 340 
Bean. Beverly Ann 137 
Bean. Carol 131, 348 
Bean, Donna Myrle 57 
Bean, Hardy 330 
Bean, Robert S. 51 
Bearnson, Norma 349 
Beaulieu, Jean A. 99, 271, 318 
Beaver, Gordon K. 131 
Beck. Beverly L. 143 
Beck, Bill 230 
Beck, D. E. 3 36 

Beck, Jenna Vce 59, 47. 206, 275 
Beck, John K. 69 
Beck, Louise 159, 255 
Beck, Milton Q. 133 
Beck, Sidney Marion 43. 330 
Beck, Theron Fcarmorll 51 
Beckham, Raymond 252 
Beckman. Leonard W. 113, 170. 288 
Beckstead. Jean Kathryn 149 
Becksiead, Jocelyn 129. 298 
Beckstead. Robert B. 115. 233. 253. 27> 
Beckstrom, Mark H. 137 
Beecher. Iva Lu 145 
Beem. Ivan R. 107, 185, 227. 281 
Bccsley. Mary 251. 279 
Bell, Dolly H. 157 
Bell, Don J. 153 
Bell. Karl Edwin 12] 
Bell, Lynn C. 115. 231 
Belliston, Mima Jean 70 

Bellows. Ray D. 135 

Bemke. Jo 270 

Bench. John Rces 11. 280 

Bendall, Jack R. 117 

Bcndixsen, Richard D. 141, 343 

Bcncvent, Paul 47 

Bennett. Barbara L. 105, 283, 342 

Bennett. Rulon D. 559 

Brnnion Afton 157 

Bennion, Dawn 159. 190 

Bcnnion, Eleanor 53. 298, 316 

Bennion, George C. 263 

Bennion, Grant Burton 320 

Bennion Junius Leo 101 

Bennion, Owen Cannon 192. 263 

Benson, Colleen 129 

Benson. Don Jay 230 

Benson. E. Tafi. Jr. 61 

Benson, Mark A. 113, 169, 246, 266. 

500. 3 56 
Benson. Ralph 200, 201. 203 
Beniley, Gladys Bertie 79, 274. 316 
Beniley, Viva A. 141.255.274 
Berg. AIvinL. 520 
Bcrkstrom. Doris Louise 12], 342 
Berrett. Darrell A. 47 
Berretl. Melvin A. 53 
Berrett. Norma 119 
Berryessa. Max J. 55, 316 
Berthetson, Lynnea Jane 80 
Beus. El.ia 95. 260. 324 
Beus, Spencer William 145. 344 
Beyler. Grant N, 129, 348 
Beziant. Matthew K. 223 
Bickmore, Barbara 115, 293 
Bickmore, Patricia Kayc 113 
Bigelow, Dan Herbert 500 
Bigelow. Lynn W. 95. 334 
Biijclow. Ralph J, 84 
Bigelow. Richard C. 129 
Bigelow. Richard P, 273 
Bicler. MarkH 121 
Billings, Howard K. 108. 277 
Billings. Russell M. 273 
Bills, Elaine Vera 131 
Bills. Karl G. 230 
Bingham, Alpheus 277 
Bingham, Don A. 153. 349 
Bingham. Gerald 153 
Bingham. Vernon Lee 105 
Bischoff. Rosemary 49. 264. 295. 298 

Bitter. C. Eldon 57. 320 
Black. Dixie Nicol,290. 

Black, Forest King 49, 262 
Black. Ireia 153 

Black, LaddJ. 114.341.339.356 
Black. Norma 127 
Black. Paul Clayton 339, 341. 3 56 
Black. Robert L. 97, 339, 541. 356 
Blackett, Joann 145 
Blackhara. Delicc 107 
Blackham. Garth J. 117.520 
Blackham, Gloria Grace 72. 318. 327 
Blackham. Max Milton 157 
Blades. DonaBellc Elaine 143. 334, 538 
Blades. Dorlenc Elizabeth 141, 334, 358 
Blanch. Mae L. 250. 520 
Blanch. Mable 87. 511 
Bleaiard. Donna E. 103. 325 
Bliss, Clarence Bruce 84 
Blocher. Donna Mac 109 
Blumenthal, Thea Jean 121 
Boam, Irene E. 90, 337 
Boam, Norma 149, 337 
Boam, Katherine 351 
Bodily. Gordon D. 151 
Bodily. Harold R. 129. 320 351 
Bodily. Lucile 115. 260, 320 
Bodily, Mildred 348 
Boham. Robert A. 87 
Bohneti. Robert Lowell 113, 231. 280, 

Bollwinkcl, Donna Lou 115 
Bomberger. Tom S. 137, 328, 332 
Bond. Dean W. 94 
Bond, Manon Louise SO, 174, 320 
Bonnett. Ilene Potts 47 
Bonneit. John 49, 280 
Bonnett, Lowell 272 
Booth. Naomi Kest 127 
Booth. Charee 101 
Booth. Sterling 272 
Booth, Virginia 73. 290 
Borgeson. Clara R, 82. 99. 291 
Borgeson. N. LaVina 290. 349. 357 
Bostwick. Jordan H. 108 
Boswell, Ruth Virginia 101 
Bosworth. Chester Joseph 520 
Boulter, Acel Roy 219 
Bowe. Afton. 70, 349 
Bowen, Barbara 83 
Bowen, Glenn Hunsaker 112 
Bowen. Loa Verda 135. 348 
Bowen. Robert Odell 13 5 
Bowe, Virgil Ernest 107. 349 
Bowman, Donn Seymour 77 
Bown, Delos Edward 59 
Bown.Jay Bee 97 
Boyack, LaMyrl 113, 250, 283 
Boyer. Barbara Lu 104, 320 
Boyer, Dick 109, 273 
Boyer, Jeanne 1 19 
Boyer. Leah 53, 298, 516 
Boyle, Norma C. 71, 282, 525 
Brace, William R. 157, 299. 320, 351 
Bradely. James L. 65, 248, 262, 277 
Bradshaw, Merril Kay 137.252.320. 

327, 345, 552 
Bradshaw. Samuel Rawl 55 
Brady. Allen J. 93. 312. 348 
Brady. Beverly Jean 82. 270 
Brady, Deejay 117 
Brady, Stanley Jay 75 
Braithwaite, ]i)on L.93 
Brand, Carol E. 141, 256, 286, 337 

Brand, Shirley Rose 81 

Brandlcy. Calvin S. 105. 284. 325, 334 

Brardley, Eluabeth Ann 113 

Brandley. Marian 63. 268 

Branstetier. NoraLee 151 

Brannock. Evelyn M. 95, 251. 274 

Bray, Jo Marie 80 

Breckendridge, Edison Camot 91 

Brewer Courtney H. 61. 166. 173, 261 

Bridge, Bille M. 11, 302. 318 

Bridges, Bob 285 

Briem, Arlene F. 200 282. 325 

Bnggs, Emma Louise 123, 334 

Bnggs. Garth T. 101, 353 

Bnggs, Irene M, 66. 260. 349 

Bnggs. Jacqueline 115, 271 

Bright. Edythe 61. 67. 247, 275, 295. 

310. 318 
Brim, Margaret 145, 348 
Brimhall. Darlene Mae 72.254.345,353 
Brimhall. Jeannine E. 161. 255, 350 
Brimhall. Karl H. 289 
Brimhall, Louise 75 
Bnmhalt. Willis H. 79, 286 
Brinton. J Emerson 107, 300, 343 
Brinton, Virginia HI, 275. 551 349 
Bnstow, Richard Owen 85, 281 
Broadbent. Emma 161. 551 
Broadbent, Smith 331 
Broadbhead. Joseph Don 57 
Broberg, Wallace E. 326 
Brockbank. Bruce McKell 159.356 
Brockbank, Carol 75, 293 328 
Brockbank. Norma 123 
Broderick, Bertie 552 
Broderick. Lee R. 153, 320 
Brog, Ora 127. 509. 320. 353 
Brokaw. Rose Marie 89. 197, 250. 35] 
Bron, Fred 345 
Brooks. James M, 161 
Brooksby, John Carl 72 
Brossard. Louis Lesscy 133. 347 
Brossard. Nan Rae 47. 257. 324. 347 
Broulim, Dorothy Mae 89, 311 
Brough, Sharmen W, 74, 553 
Brown. Bema Vilate 155 
Brown. Beth Nadien 95, 318 
Brown, Carol R. 121. 256 
Brown, Douglaa C. 59, 281 
Brown, Freddie Ives 285 
Brown, Jack Albert 161, 331 
Brown Jesse R. 108, 516 
Brown, Leonard Shyrl 94 
Brown, Lorcne 89 
Brown, Louine 53. 282, 331 
Brown. Margaret Ann 93 
Brown Martha 127 
Brown, Merril Eugene 252 
Brown, Moyle William 99. 343 
Brown, Paul 57 
Brown. Ralph Sherman 47. 319 
Brown, Robert J. 45. 281. 330 
Brown. Roberta 57. 322 
Brown. Shirley 91 
Brown. Virginia 302 
Brown. Wayne S. 121 
BruJerer. Wil/ord L. 47, 320. 262 
Brudercr. Violet Asbury 71, 310 
Brunner. Earl Chester Jr. 75. 257. 299 
Bryan, Betdine 145 
Bryant. James B. 77. 269, 347 
Bryner, Bruce K. 74, 333 
Buchanan. Haylc 71, 351 
Buchmiller, Naomi 78 
Budge, Valoy 159. 310. 329. 348 
Bugg. Donald Alvin 85, 191 
Bulkley, Marilyn 151, 265 
Bullcn. Mary Alice 95 
Bullock, Bemice 544 
Bullock, Elaine 115. 534 
Bullock. Jack C. 281 
Bullock. Kenneth 319 
Bullock. Norman 334 
Bullock. Monte B. 115, 85. 314 
Bullock. Shirley Sue 287 
Bunker, Douglas Rich 127. 344 
Bunker. Ida Beth 127. 41. 339 
Bunnell. Wendell Lee 123, 300 
Burbridge. Louise 81, 264 
Burdick. Robert Ricd 47, 284 
Burgan, Barbara Ann 159,332 
Burgess. Eldon 318 
Burgon, Grant C. 66. 263, 301 
Bureon. LaRae 85, 309 
Burleigh. Annelia 320 
Burleigh, Ivan Stanley 129, 320 
Burnett. Lamar C. 55, 314 
Burmingham. Stanley C. 81. 318 
Burrell. Sylvia Ann 141 
Burton, George LcRoy 154, 350 
Burton. Horace Larry 117 
Burton, Joseph Sherman 121 
Burton. Lorene 105, 348 
Burton, Melvin P. 97, 353 
Burton, Ralph 261, 299. 322 
Busby. Avis Kathryn 291. 327 
Buschke, Dale Hcrvert 161 
Bushell. Edward Glen 339 
Bushman. Alice 106 
Bushman, Grant M. 55 
Bushman. Jess R. 35, 36. 57. 200, 248, 

Bushman. Sariah Ann 49, 208, 268, 303. 

523. 331 
Bushore. William Glen 49, 107. 300, 341 
Butler. Dale H. 87. 349 
Butler. Jay G. 329 
Butler. Loa Jean 117.325.329 
Butler, Margaret 65 
Butler, Morris Lavoy 145 
Butler, Reed Alvm 109 
Butterfield. Thomas Ellis 51 
Butu, June Lorraine 159, 342 
Bybee. Bary Allen 159 
Bybee, Marie Dean 80. 191. 206. 268. 

517, 323 
Byron, Gilbert 15S 

Calder. Don Leo 113.252.351 
Calder, Edgar Vance 82 
Calder, Lucy 155, 345 
Calder, Mclba June 139 
Calder, Rachel 139, 351 
Calderwood, Keith Wright 97. 320 
Calderwood. Robert E. 320 
Caldwell, Don A. 155. 246. J12 
Caldwell. Enid 268, 279, 326 
Caldwell, S. Gerald 82, 206, 268 
Call. Anita 159, 344. 202 
Call, Audra Lucile 61. 260, 26S. 294. 

310. 323 
Call, Charlea Harvey 119 
Call, Darrell 159, 272 
Call, Hannah 82. 349. 260 
Call, J. Harold 65, 203. 248. 263 
Call. Mary Alice 125 
CaU. Max Lee 95, 272 
Call. Myrtle 109 
Call, Renee Maiine 149 
Call. Ruth 93. 260. 349 
Call. Shirley E. 82. 351 
Callister, Colleen 84. 196. 201. 282, 318 
Calton, Robert Graru 307 
Camenish, Lucile 47 
Camenish, Val 101 
Cameron, Rupert George 91, 269 
Camp, Bemetta Marccne 112, 251, 254, 

275. ;20. 327 
Campbell, LuDenc Baird 90, 300 
Can. Glenna L. 246 
Canning, Ray R. 353 
Cannon, Gerald W. 159, 336 
Cannon, Glenna Louise 96 
Cannon. JoAnn C. 151, 342 
Gardner. Carole 123 
Carler. Norma Jean 345 
Carlisle. Tom 3-54 
Carlson, Don E. 157. 281. 337 
Carbtrom Doris 310 
Carnahan, Roma Jean 109, 348, 291 
Carnell, Martin Cleveland 151 
Carpenter. Aften J. 84, 312, 331 
Carr. Eileen Virginia 153. 342 
Carroll. Bert L. 145, 351 
Carroll, Jimmy Lee 153 
Carroll. Margaret 133 
Carroll. Willard K. 153. 230 
Carter, Alice Lee 318 
Carter. Betty J. 139. 342 
Carter Ken V. 57 
Carter. Marvin 111 
Carter, Myma 127 
Carter, Norioa Jean 133 
Carter, Ray L. 143 
Carver. Helen 143 
Carver, Paul Sullinra 161 
Casaday, Raymond E. 53 
Case. Dean 551 
Case. Gwcn 80 
Casper. John Wallace 320 
Cazier. Geraldine 260 
Celton. Miles 281 
Chadwick. David Bean 151. 343 
Chamberlain, George Ahem 157 
Chapman. After Fern 119 
Chapman. Donna 133 
Chapman. Dwain R. 125, 158 
Chapman, Ray L. 84 
Char, Jean F. 78. 303. 316 341 
Chatwin. Lois V. 149. 254. 332, 337 
Cheatham. Guenevere 42 
Cheatham. Norma Adelle 65 
Child. Metba 153 
Child*. Donna 153 
Chipman, Delbert Ray 284 
Chipman, E. Parker 42. 319 
Christen. Donald Louis 133 
Christensen. Barlow Porbc* 93.356 
Christensen. Bonnie 139, 188, 310. 327 
Chriatensen, Bruce L. 113.273.328,332 
Christensen, Carl J. 125 
Christensen, Dan 280 
Christensen, De Wayne W. 137 
Christensen, Dolores 141 
Christensen, Dona Lou 81. 189. 348 
Christensen. Donald Jay 53, 284 
Christensen. Earlene 75. 320 
Christensen, Edward Dean 107 
Christensen. Fawn 91, 275. 326, 329 
Christensen, Gordon Lawrence 98, 338 
Christensen. Ina Ruth 76 
Christensen, Jack 110, 206. 300, 326 
Christensen, Jack Arden 115 
Christetuen, Jay 119 
Christensen. Kathryn 287, 330 
Christensen. LaPree 59 
Christensen. Lloyd DeReese 107. 28? 
Christensen. Marilyn 133,255.286.330. 

345. 349 
Christensen, Milton A. 344 
Christensen, Milton Doyle 147, 297 
Christensen. Miriam 71, 286 
Christensen, Paul G. 123, 324 
Christensen, Reed N. 101, 548 
Christensen, Rex L. 89. 355 
Christensen. Roberta Mae 70, 282 
Christensen. Ruth, 311 
Christensen. Shirlee 61, 238, 247. 286 
Christensen. Shirley Kathryn 121 
Christensen, Vema Beth 155 
Christensen. Wayne W. 87 
Christensen. Wendell 345 
Christiansen. Donna 147 
Christiansen, Lelia 143. 286, 337 
Christiansen, Loya 151 
Christiansen. Lujane 93 
Christiansen. Shirley 137, 255 
Christopherson. Betty 260 
Christopulas. Tony T. 161 
Chynowxth. Janice 155 
Clark. AJan C. 106, 349 
Clark. Barbara 143, 287 
Clark. Barney 251 
Clark. Beryl 107 


Clark, Betty 66, 277. J27. 332 

Clark, Carol 84 

Clark. Carol. U7 

Clark. Colleen Anne MT, 202 

Clark. Dalian R. 289, 3^9 

Clark. Doris 75 

Clark. Elayne 250 

Clark, Ernest H. 101, 261 

Clark. Fred A. 95 

Clark, Glen Fred 221, 233 

Clark. Jean L. 53. 310.318. 332 

Clark. Lucille 95. 343 

Clark, Marden J. 84 

Clark, Melvin C. 89 

Clark. Naomi 53. 207. 268. 310 

Clark, Nola 125 

Clark, Owen 49. 188. 200 

Clark. RandH. 185. 226, 233 

Clark. Robert Mowery 125,300,332.345 

Clark. Sibyl 63, 260. 316 

Clark. Thomas H. 139, 348 

Clark. Wilma 153. 200. 343 

Clawson. Barbara 43 

Clay. George Blaine 155 

Clayton. James Dean 53, 316 

Clegg, Dennis A. 129 

Clegg, Don Ray 137 

Clegg. Helen. 66 

Clegg. Janet Ruth 63 

Clegg. Jean 96 

Clegg, Joseph Hugh 161. 320, 348 

Clement, Keith Horace 109 

Clement. Nyla G. 113, 251. 275, 343 

Clement. Rita 63. 207. 275, 326. 327. 

Cleverly, Anne 71 
Cleverly. Donald B. 53, 261 
Cline. Virgil W. 320 
dinger, Mildred LaVeme 51. 290 
CluH. Robert B. 93, 116 
Cluff. Ruth Mae 145 
Clyde. Aileen Hales S3, 247. 292 
Clyde. Grant Edward 72 
Clyde, HalM. 113. 273 
Clyde. Helen 141. 274. 337 
Clyde. Mary 39. 76. 168. 174, 201, 274 
Clyde. Phyllis 89. 354 
Cockett. Abraham 85. 299.341 
Cockett. Mary Joyce 111, 251 302. 341 
Cole. Deonc 143 
Coie. Stan C. 230 
Cole. Walter Ned 73. 285 
Coleman. Doris M. 133.291,320.342 
Coleman, Dogulas A. 145 
Coleman, ElDonna R. 147 
Coleman. Lowell Guy 49 
Cotes, Arlo Leo 343 
Collett. Jolene 117. 172. 275 
Collett, LaRae 80. 274, 326 
Collier, Ina May 351 
Collier. Wendell 143 
CoUina, Colleen 123, 317 
Colmquist. Robert 133 
Colson, Ellen LaDene 161, 338 
Colson, Evelyn LaRene 161. 338 
Colston, Christopher Lee 72, 285 
Colton. Eugene LaMar 137 
Cclton, Miles M. 105 
Colton. Elisabeth 127 
Colton, Sarah 93. 351 
Colville. Loma Jeane 78 
Colvin. Curtis A. 117 
Comer. Paul B. 141 
Compton. Rosella 77, 291, 324 
Conley. Max 83. 263. 277. 320 
Cook. Aileen Jane 145, 343 
Cook. Helen Hope 155 
Cook. Louise 143 
Coombe, Oswald, Jr. 65 
Coombs, Jesse R. 107 
Coon, Eloise Floriene 103, 260 
Cooper, James O. 72, 272 
Cooper, Grant Sherman 155,230.336 

Cope. Max Ray 97 
Corbett, Alvin Scott 115 
Cordon, Richard L. 123, 342 
Cordncr. Calvin A. 107 
Cordner. Carol P. 347 
Comaby. Bud 199 
Cotterell. Elmer H. !57 
Cottrell. Shirley Anne Ul 
Couch. William 133. 342 
Coulson, Lois Clareen 78 
Cowan. Connie Elaine 51, 303, 316. 352 
Cowan, Ehrlcne 303 
Cowley. Helen 103 
Cowley. Kendall F. 131.252 
Cox, Edward Allen 107 
Cox. Edward Allen 107 
Cox, ElmyyrhL. 336 
Cox. Lee Taylor 139. 318 
Cox. Mollie Marie 325 
Cox. Newel Dee 161 
Cox, NyleMalin 155 
Cox. Rena Lynette 121 
Craig. Eudie ScoCC 121 
Craig, Dick 230 
Cram. Clara Lenae 161 
Crandall, Barbara Jean 57 
Crandall. Fred Lewis, Jr. 93.301.332 
Crandall. Joan Carol 157. 320 
Crandall. Joyce 135 255, 287 
Crandall. Paul L. 115. 331 
Crandall, Pefory 123 
Cranmcr. Joseph W. 281 
Carwford, Marian 74, 265 
Crawford. Naida Ruth 143. 342 
Crawford. William David 333 
Greer, Anna Marie 73 
CritcLfield, Jared Bernard 59 
Crittenden. Marian D 316 
Crockett, Paul S.63. 246, 252. 288 
Crockett. Wilford Woodruff 3313 
Crooks, C. Duane 263 
Cropper, Glenda Iren 161, 339, 341 

Crosby. Jo Kent 151 

Crosby. Ellis Owens 51 

Crosby. George Hyde 332, 330 

Crosland. Virginia 161, 279. 339. 341 

Grossman, Norma Elnor 159 

Crowley, Venitia Ruth 105 

Crowley. Victor Eldon 155 

Crowther, Carma 127. 327. 338 

Crowther. Carol 127, 327, 338 

Crum. Gene H. 88 

Crump, Glenn H. 285 

Cudc, Marilyn LaVerne 155. 350 

Culbertson. Louise Marie 145, 283 

Crumiskey. Joanne 332 

Cummings, Beth 318 

CumminKs. James Matthew 131 

Curry. Gea raid Allen 149 

Curtis. Archie Vail 121. 318 

Curtis. Ardella M. 260 

Curtis, Calvin 297 

Curtis, Dean A. 47. 263, 331 

Curtis. Jean 260 

Curtis, Ronald M. 133 

Cutler. Diana 147. 348 

Cutler. Virginia Ruth 91.246 

Csirr. John Bartley 13 5 

Dahlen. Ruth Marie 78, 337 
Dahlquist, Joseph Gaylen 112, 266, 

289, 320 
Dalby. Lois 80. 332 
Dalebout, Martin J, 55. 284 
Dalley, Alvin Glen 97. 220 
Dalley. Dennis Robert 72 
Dalley. Lajean Buxton 103 
Dallin. Denice 139 
Dalton. Mona 157. 336 
Daly, Franklin Lee 139 
Dame. Lorraine 59, 302 
Dangerfieid, Elaine 298 
Daniels, Tina Lou 121, 302 
Daniels. Philip Bliss 131. 246 
Darais, Alex Basel 33, 59, 199. 314 
Dase. Ted A. 257 
Daty, Allan 89 
Davidson. Collen 145 
Davidson, Merlon 89 
Davies. Joseph 99, 263 
Davies, Wilma Baker 69 
Davis. Carolyn 135 
Davis. Dee Milton 109 
Davis. Delmar Boyd 101. 320, 328, 330 
Davis. H. Clyde 61. 220,262, 319 
Davis.Jack 101. 331 
Davis, lean Mary 279 
Davis. Louree 133. 343 
Davis, Oliver C. 93 
Davis, Ralph George 123 
Davis, Van Lowell 151. 348 
Davis. Vonnie Beth 63, 310, 318 
Davis, Warren Booth 129 
Dawson. Dale Elias 131. 252 
Day. Audrey L. 145 
Day, Merset Miriam 114 
Dean, D. Edwin 320 
Dean, Marie 103 
Dean. Norma 298 
Dearden. Melvin O. 97, 3 54 
Dearden. Ruth Lyola 159 
Decker. Cleona 77, 268. 287. 323 
Decker. Daniel L. 147 
Decker, Denence 72 
Deeds, Cameron Scott 221,223 
Deeds, Keith 221, 231, 289 
Deem, Donna 99, 283 
Dees. Harry D. 320.331 
DeGraw, Monte B. 129 
DeHoys. Arturo 153, 349 
Demke, Faun JoAnn 155 
DeMott. Sharon 143 
Denhaller, John E. 299 
Dcnham, Ross B. 70 
Dennett. Elwood 320 
Denning, LaRae 238, 302 
Despain, Richard Steele 161 
Despain. Robert Glenn 106 
Despain, Vcrl A. 109. 263 
DeVito. Alfred 95 
DeWitt, Joyce Kay 125.293. 331 
Dewsnup. Helen Williams 85, 290 
Dewsnup. Jack Charles 47 
Dewsnup, Mavis 59. 246. 264. 271. 

339. 341 
DeYoung. Ruth Marion 260 
Dial Loranto. Rubenia 143 
Dickey, Myron Leolin 262 
Dickerson. Donald Lamar 106 
Dickson, Barbara 139 
Dickson. Dorothy 398. 342 
Dickson. Joan 151. 342 
Diggie, Joseph Terril 133.281 
Dimick, Beth Francis 93 
Dimick, Bob Rex 302 
Dixon. Barbara 298 
Dixon, Elaine 97 
Dixon. EldenAmold 314 
Dixon, Floyd P. 109. 314 
Dixon. Gloria May 104 
Dixon. Gould Noel 155 
Dixon. Melvin R. 45, 288 
Dixon, Willard Charles 96, 356 
Dodge. Avon 100 
Dolinar. Mitzte Anna 129, 314 
DomingucE, John R. 114. 253, 349 
Donaldson. Metva 153 
Domy. lean Eleanor 99, 303 
Doty. Allan James 299 
Douglas. Robert Ross 79, 194. 197, 

246. 248. 324 
Dow. Elaine 139 
Downs, Mildred 342 
Doxey. Elese Marie 47. 303. 316. 352 
Doxey. Samuel. George 123 
Draper, Glen Roy 125 
Driegs, Barbara Jean 111. 254. 287 
Duffin, Elaine 149, 349 
Duke, Tunius Lvie 111 
Duke, Kenneth Ray 89 
Dukd, LeRee 147 

Duke, Merilyn 151. 354 

DuU. Ramon G. 129 

Duncan. Lila 351 

Dunford Helen 291 

Dunford. Marilyn 112,251, 256. 318 

Dunford. Mary Lou 116. 293 

Dunford. Theodore W. 89, 332 

Dunford. William Stanley 257 

Dunham. Helen 80. 3 49 

Dunn. Conway N, 55. 263 

Dunn. Joyce 97. 274 

Dunn. Joyce LaRae 90 

Durfce, Merrill G. 42, 261. 296, 318 

Durrant, HelenAedel 260 

Durrant. Kent Hurst 230 

Durrant, Lorna Joyce 87 

Duthie, Bonnie Jean 129. 350 

Dyer. Bruce 189 

Dyer. Herbert S. 170. 289 

Dyreng, Claire 74 

Dyrcng, Pauline 112. 250, 293 

Earl, Don 204 

Earl. Janice 121.344 

Earl. O.K. 84 

Eastmond. Jefferson Nicholls 267 

Easton. Andrew Hillam 137, 300. 332 

Easton. Betty Ella 151 

Easton, Patricia Mae 95 

Eby, Barbara Jane 55, 340 

Eccles. Tames R. 219 

Eeckersicy, Elsie Hermine 85. 197, 282 

Edmunds. James Perry 155 

Edmunds, Patricia Dell 47, 316 

Edwards, Alene 123, 330 

Edwards, Clista 145. 354 

Edwards, Clyde C. 155 

Edwards, Ed. Earl 143 

Edwards. Sally 153, 255 

Eebert, Hal R. 230 

Egbert, LuDene 145, 298 

Ehlert. Pearl Emma 141. 334 

Ekker. Leta 145 

RIdredge, Alpha Jean 157 

Eldredgc, Burr S. 351 

Eldredge. Eva Rae91. 303, 351 

Elison. Garth W. 123, 153 

Elkan. Gerald Hugh 139 

Ellertson, Madge 55, 325 

Ellcrtson, Norma 133 

Ellicort. Phyllis Delores 135. 337 

Elliott, Grant E. 331 

Elliot, Sheldon 200 

Ellis, Patricia Anne 141. 337 

Emmett. Myrtle 73 

Emmett, William George 301, 327 

Emerson. Helen Jean 151 

England. Ruth W. 157 

England, Shirley 348 

English. Robert W. 115 

English. Ruby Estellc 347 

Enos, Lula Kalua 137. 341 

Enos. WiUiet Kabauleaua 89. 291.341 

Erbee, Felicia Rosalee 159 

Ercanback. Bonnie Joyce 153,293 

Ercanbrack, Darlene 103 

Erickscn. Danna Gayle 82. 197, 303 

Erickson. Elaine L. 82, 172. 191. 268. 

Erickson. Eldora Elizabeth 157. 171, 

Erickson, Grant 334 
Erickson. Helen 100, 352 
Erickson, Shirley Lou 93. 320 
Etczad. Mahsem F.( Eddie) 246,345 
Evans, Delan 145 
Evans. Jean 119. 320 
Evans, LaRae 66 
Evans. Merlyn Louise 125 
Evans, Reed J. 59. 319 
Everett. Albert Goddard 49. 168. 169. 

246. 248, 262. 289 
Everett. Yvonne Bryson 139 
Ewell. Duane Hosmcr 161 
Excell. John Harold 159 
Eyring, Elaine 84. 316, 282 

Facer. Florence 157, 310 
Fahey, Francis Joseph, Jr. 59 
Fairaill. Richard Scott 159 
Fairbanks. E. J. L. 117 
Fanhauser, Ruth Isabel! 149. 320 
Farley, Alice Faye 96 
Farley, Robert 155 
Farmanfarmai, Fereydoon 345 
Farnsworth, Barbara 39. 53, 264, 311 
Farnsworth. Karl Smith 112, 253, 299 
Farnsworth, LaVieve 95 
Farnsworth. Shirley Maxine 66, 323, 

Farnsworth, William Yates 93. 332 
Farr, Golden Ronald 1 1 1 
Farr, Zee Marion 69 
Farr. Neil Christenscn 101 
Fassio. Verna 74 
Faulkner, Jacquelyn Larsen 131 
Faux. Franklin J. 285 
Faux. Neal D 79 
Fchberg, Siegfried W. 83, 327 
Fcigh, Vcria !33 
Felt, Roger Morris. Jr. 135. 354 
Fenn. Camilla Benson 97 
Fcnn. Ruth Janet 112,250, 349. 275 
Ferguson, Burnett B. 207 
Ferguson, Stanley R. 207 
Ferguson. Wayne S. 103.266.344, 

246. 299 
Ferre. John D. 157 
Fiddino, JoAnn Floretnce 141 
Fielding. Hal Eugene 94 
Fife. Alexander 261 
Fife, Donette 59, 246 
Fife. Mabel Elizabeth 76. 302 
Fife. MarlynLee 151. 343 
Filmore. Keith Richard 69, 328, 242 
Fillerup. Leiand McDonald. 253 
Finch. Adair 147. 337 
Finch, Carol Kathareene 145, 339 
Ptnlayson, Elaine 151 
Finlayson, Helen Josephine 145, 329 
Finlayson, Sue l45 \ 

Fish. Ruth 293 

Fisher. Vanona Whitehead, 95 

Fitzgerald. Ann 47. 329. 309 

Fitzserald, Bula A. 82. 329 

Fitzgerald, Lou Anna 105, 354 

Fitzgerald, Sherman Kirkham 53, 329 

Flake, Brigham W. 121 

Flake. Luet D. 93 

Flegge, William Henry. 129 

Fletcher, E. Elizabeth 51. 310 

Flctcher.J. Kay 75. 230 

Fletcher. James Robson 131 

Fletcher, Mel 170 

Flint. Jean 80 

Floyd, Frances Rose 85, 232. 328 

Floyd. Samuel 314 

Fluckiger, A. Dean 141 

Flygare. John Kenneth. Jr. 121 

FoUett. Helen Ann 155.350 

Folsom, Beatrice 73 

Fobom. Marvin Hugh 103, 297 

Ford, Donald Batcman 71 

Ford, Orlin Ed. 80 

Fomoff, Katherine Ann 149, 332 

Forsey. James Garry 159, 337 

Forsyth, Edna Jean 69 

Forsyth, Gordon 82, 199, 265, 314 

Forysth, Nadene Dow 97 

Foster, Betty Rose 75 

Foutz, Emogcne 74, 350, 260 

Foutz, Ervin lavar 63, 329 

Fox. Samuel Ross 125 

Fox. Shirley Arme 147 

Frampton. Janice 102 

Frampton. Jewel 149. 293 

France, Joseph Junior 3 17 

Francis. Delores 65. 334 

Francis, Doris 94 

Francis, James 71 

Francis, Jay 101 

Francis. Keith Evan 135. 334 

Francom, Lynn David 131 

Franson. Oral M. 79 

Frazier. Myron Alfred 151 

Free. Robert C. 273 

Freeston, Clarence Alfred 131 

Freeston. D. Jeannine 149 

Fretwell. John D. 76. 299 

Froelich. Ernest Robert 123.320 

Frogley, Donna Lee 116, 251,274 

Frogley, H, Ronald 55. 201 

Frost, Eunice 149 

Fry, Maria 320 

Fugal, John 57 

Fulghum. Edna Grace 91, 314 

Fuller, Frcdora 91, 355, 318. 334. 265 

Fullmer. DeRav 185, 227. 228 

Fullmer, Glen Elmer 1 19 

Gambles, Barbara 69. 348 

Gambles. Harry B. 111,348 

Gammell, LaDonna 65. 352, 293 

Gardner, Edward Lowell 246, 341. 267, 

Gardner, Marion 55 

Gardner, Marvin Kelly 66 

Gardner. Paul G. 252 

Gardner. Ray Dean 153. 318. 351 

Gardner. Weldon J. 61 

Garlick. Junior Gastin 121 

Gamer. Altha B. 84. 348 

Gamer. Lucile 147, 348 

Garrett, Donna G. 271 

Garrett, Earnest 75 

Garrett. Louise 131 344 

Garrett, Mary LaVaon 143 

Garrett, William H. 95. 332 

Garrick, Donna Ann 71 

Garrison, Barbara Lou 133 

Gates. Crawford 263 

Gates, Robert W. III. 272 

Gay. Carlyye 99 

Gearvl, Marybeth 115, 320 

Gecrscn, O. Norman 75. 352, 263. 231 

Gelder. Robert Austin 157 

Gene. Ralph 143 

Gentry, Wiliam Landrum 149 

George. Alan DeVere 143 

George, Donal 123 

Georges. Irene M. 97. 335. 345 

Geurts. Donna J. 113.329 

Gibbons, Beverly D. 113, 250. 293, 

188, 169. 37. 314 
Gibbs. Mary Elizabeth 159 
Gibby. Delbert Frank 147 
Gibby. Melvin Ncal 313 
Gibson, M. Carl 349 
Giddings, Luther E. 153 
Gidleg. Robert Harold 145. 351 
Gilbert. Sidncty S. 101,348.300 
Giles. Ralph L. 151 
Gillespie, Edith 129 
Gillespie. Horace D. 280. 220 
Gilbert, Dean Gilbert 317 
Gledhill, David Eames 99, 272 
Glenn, Avery Lee 143,344 
Glen, John James263 
Glecve. Shirley Ann 260 
Glines, Arlin Lamb 159. 334 
Glover, Gordon Kelvin 344 
Godfrey. Kenneth Floyd 137, 334 
Goff, Harvey Douglas II. 266. 356 
Goff, Marie C. 268. 320, 326, 175, 

206. 312 
Golightly, Max C. 175. 206. 268. 312. 

Goodman, Shirley Dale 149 
Goodness. Frances Iwaloni 89. 340, 290 
Goodness, Laura Mae 341 
Goodrich. Boyd 89, 351 
Goodrich. Carma Arlene 139. 351 
Goodwin, Glen Kay 76. 235 
Goof, H. D. 199 
Coold. Norris W. 61 
Gottfredson, Dorothy Joy 157 
Gordon, Cumorah 155 
Gordon. Howard H. 227 
Gordon, Rodney Foster 103. 317. 253 
Gordon. Waring R. 252 
Gorringe, Lois 102 
Cough, Velen 349. 302 

Gourlcy. Carlyle George 75. 289 

Gourley, LaRae Reynolds 72. 286 

Cowers. Clara Mae 84. 327. 291. 260 

Cowers. Clarice 137. 337 

Garden, William F. 104. 342. 297. 246 

Graham, Donna 145 

Graham, Gaylen 143. 349 

Graham. Kcinneth M. 143. 349 

Graham. Mark H. 109 

Graham, Robert Glenn 127 

Grant, Barbara B. 72, 320. 264 

Grant, James W. 253 

Graser, Wayne V. 57, 233 

Graves, Howard 91. 246. 299 

Gray, Earl Lloyd 72 

Greaves. Anne 66. 188, 35. 201. 236 

283. 268, 262 
Green, Earl J. 4, 281. 231 
Green. Georgia Lu 107. 251. 291. 334. 

Green, John Alvin 161, 318, 343, 296 
Green. Joy 115. 275 
Green. Keith E. 135 
Greten. Patricia Ann 127. 291. 334 
Green. Phillip R. 101 
Grecnhalgh. Ralph C. 185, 227 
Creenwell. Stanley G. 253. 111. 349, 

Greenwood, Lorraine 155.318 
Greenwood. Ray John 198 
Greer. Elaine 129. 331, 302 
Greter. Joan S. 121. 256. 283 
Greer. June S. 80, 282 
Greer, Richard Elton 159. 331 
Gregersen. Jack B. 105 
Griffin, Ethel Louise 157. 355. 334 
Griffin. Lois 47, 257 
Griffin. Lewis L. 105 
Griggs. Ronald 280 
Grimes. Don Marston 121. 348 
Griner, Verda May 51. 293 
Groesbeck. Dorothy May 137, 201. 283 
Oroesbeck. JoAnn 129 
Groneman. Charlene 88 
Groneman, Paul Stanton 257 
Grover. Maurine 1331. 133. 246 
Grow. Eleanor 103. 352 
Grow, Sarah Mabey 324 
Grow. Stewart L. 322 
Gunn, Fred V. 320 
Gunnell. Earl LeRoy 161 
Gunnell. Merrill P. 101. 312 
Gunter. Eldon F. 157 
Gunyuzlu. Mehmet Sami 99, 345 
Gustaveson, Lloyd Meadows 59. 178. 

208. 314, 338 
Guthrie, A. Charmaine 113. 251, 331. 

176, 283 
Gutievrez, Fideal Antonio 143. 327, 

320, 332, 350. 297 
Guymon, Jeraldean 161. 335 
Gwilliam. Anne Marie 127 
Gwilliam, Doris Marie 61 
Gwilliam. Stanford. 53, 166. 206, 

Gwynn, Edward Riley 115. 280 
Gwynn, Thomas A. 42, 319 

Hack, John Riley 105 

Hacking, Leah 135. 271 

Hadlock, Curtis O'Donell 192 

Haegle, Tbell 161 

Hafen. Geraldinc 157. 336 

Haglund, Peggy Lucile 151, 337 

Haight. Beverly Jean 147 

Haiiea. Dorothy W. 85 

Haiely, James Louis 139 

Hainsworth, ^^rris C. 159 

Hakes. Clayton H. 49 

Hale. Hilda Rae 107. 279 

Hale. Jack P. 348 

Hale. Norma 81. 311, 294 

Hale, Verda 47. 352. 364. 311 

Hale. Wilford 123 

Hales. Lue Jean 131 

Hales.Marilyn E. 141. 325 

Hales. Mary Lee 92. 125 

Hales. Wayne 267 

Halgren. Ann A. 69 

Hall. Barbara 143 

Hall. Barbara 129, 348 

Hall. Forrest Osborne 87. 284, 252 

Hall, HeberT.. Jr. 281 

Hall. Lowell Ray 113, 288. 351. 252 

Hall. Stanlev Arthur 320 

Halverscn. Hazel Jeane 159 

Haman. Robert Louis 253 

Hamblin. Don Carlos, 125 

Hamblin. Jay 99. 226 

Hamblin. William Ken 74, 221, 220. 

Hamill. Emily A. 113 
Hamilton. Myron Leon 147 
HanberB. Ted Roy 149 
Hancock. Joseph Perry 121 
Hanks. Frances 331 
Hanks. Helen 355 
Hanks. Ronald John 151 
Hanseen, Meredith 79 
Hansen. Alan R. 113. 273 
Hansen. Alice Ann 137, 334 
Hansen. Arlen Ralph 149. 342 
Hansen. Burton E. 101.281.343 
Hansen, Bonnie D. 141.293 
Hanson, Bonnie Rae 157, 256 
Hansen, Carol 135. 341 
Hansen, Carol Getnevteve 137 
Hansen. Carol Marie 355 
Hansen, Clair LeRoy 137 
Hansen, Dean 249 
Hansen. Deloy W. 159 
Hansen, Don A. 272, 267.246 
Hansen, fVna May 69 
Hansen, Plva June 111 
Hansen, Genevieve 125 
Hansen. Geraldine 51, 264. 311 
Hansen. H. Kimball 89, 266. 341. 339 
Hansen. Terrie 137 
Hansen, John H. 107 
Hansen, Lcla Marie 92 


Hansen, Lorraine 89. J27. 302 

Hansen, Meridith. 264 

Hansen. Paul L 2S3 

Hanson. Paul Robert 93 

Hansen. Ralph 19. 280. 2^3 

Hansen. Ross Delbert 114 

Hansen. V. Margaret 139 

Hansen, Victor L. 109 

Hansen. Wilford N. 105. 343 

Hansen. William Arthur 83. 294. 299 

Hansen, William Paul 127, 230 

Harding. Alenc 334 

Harding. Boyd W. 273 

Harding. Dale J. 155 

Harding, George Wesley 153 

Harding. Leonard E. 115. J34 

Harding, Madge 65. 334 

Hardme. Marjorie 256 

Hardy. Barbara Rae 99, 113, 250. 344, 

Hardy. Heber Palmer 88 
Hardy. Marie 76 
Hardy. Ralph Blaine 61 
Hardy. Russell Orwin 59 
Hardy. Scott Marlin 1 1 1 
Harman. Beth Christine 147 
Harmer. Kenneth W. 149 
Harmon. Clyde J. 89. 331. 349. 297 
Harmon. Colleen 99. 287 
Harmon Eunice 159. 332. 326. 282 
Harmon. Merrilyn 39, 82. 174. 176. 

168, 197 
Harmon, Rondo Sperry 83 
Harper. Douglas R. 155 
Harper. LeNola 115, 250. 320. 311 
Harper. Marvin Ernest 127. 332 
Harpster. Ethel Anne 151. 332 
Harpster. Wilma Jejn 125 
Harris, Bonnie 129. 334 
Harris, Charlotte. O. 49. 293 
Harris. Daryl. 246. 283 
Karris, Ellen 105 
Harris, Fay 151 
Hams. Garth Merril 99 
Harris. Grant 269 
Harris. Eugene 61. 231 
Harris. Gene 541.339 
Harris. Virgil 57. 322. 248. 284. 330 
Harrison. Ronald Dean 137, 348, 253 
Hart. Darlenc 141 
Hart. Elaine 69. 282. 264 
Hart. Marilyn 70 
Harahom. Leon R. 135 
Hartvigsen, Joie 115. 355 
Harward. Moyle E. 65 
Haskell. Maralyn 75. 353. 274 
Haslem. Acel 101. 351 
Haslem. Dean W. 75 
Haslem. Marie 75. 351 
Hastings. Ether 51. 313 
Hastings, Evelyn 73, 333 
Hatch. Clyde Ray 121 
Hatch. Conrad V. 267.312 
Hatch, Don Asa 127. 320.348 
Hatch. Jo Ann 145. 331 
Hatch. Julia 157 
Hatch. Melvin Taylor 61 
Hatch. Verena 324 
Hatch. Quinn A. 49 
Hatfield. Lenora 161. 337 
Hatton, Gaylen A. 141 
Haughton. Donald C. 63 . 
Havens, lla Virginia 133.343 
Haus. Ernest 3 32 
Hawkes. Claudia Lee 123 
Hawkes. George R. 75 
Hawkes. Marilou 101 
Hawkins. Betulah Mae 131. 331 
Hawkins. Donna M. 81. 250.39 
Hawkins, Eliiabeth Josephine 72. 175, 

176. 207. 268. 279. 
Hawkins, Gordon B. 63, 237. 188. 34, 

J6. 246 
Hawkins. Mary Ellen 141.350 
Hawkins. Yvonne Elizabeth 151 
Hawkley, Clara Corrine 143. 255 
Haws. Ernest Bell 82 
Haws. John Keith 133 
Haws, Lois Lee Reid 61 
Hay. Ruth 95 

Haycock. Sevan O. 335. 349. 220 
Haycock. Joyce 335, 323. 328.268 
Haymore. Ruth Etta 135. 331 
Haynes. Gertrude L. 91, 302,343 
Hazelwod. Robert C. 328 
Head, S. Conrade 109, 344 
Heath. Bonnie A. 84 
Heath, Herman 76. 327. 333 
Heath. Vera 111 
Heaton. Keiia 49. 320 
Heaton, Philip Gerald 157, 320 
Herbertson, Keith M. 47 
Herbertson. Wayne M. 320 
Hebrew. Quey. Chester 78, 319 
Hector. Barbara Rae 161 
Heflin, Francise Nellie 141. 332 
Hellewell. Robert Barlow 349 
Hemstalk. Hilda Ruth 157 
Henderson, Dan B, 47,312 
Henderson, Hugh M. 125 
Henderson. Jonel 159. 341. 339 
Heninger. Mary Lu 85, 282 
Hcninger. Owen Earl 145. 281 
Henrichsen. Lloyd E. 99 
Hendrickson, Keith M. 125. 299 
Hcnrie. Bill S. 348 
Hcnrie, Boyd Kenton 139 
Henrie. Ervin Lund 97 
Henrie. Jayan Monette 101. 318 
Hepworth, Marian 125 
Herbenson. Keith M. 319 
Herde. Karl Peter. Jr. 70 
Hcywood, Barbara 115 
Heywood. Ben Ross 137. 288. 351 
Heywood. Leona 131, 331 
Hibbert. Joye Thorpe 89 
Hibbert. Ralph Dean 105. 266 
Hicken, Audrey Mary 127. 354 
Hickcn. Betty Lou 121, 351 

Hicken, Donald Ellis 107, 351 

Hickman. Grant A. 272. 232 

Hicks. Junior Joseph 141. 351 

Higgins, Charles Wilham 139.230 

Hilbcrs. Joseph G. 75, 265 

Hill. Clovis L. 59 

Hill. David 61. 319 

Hill, Iiora Faun 55 

Hill. James B. 147 

Hill. James E. 90. 229 

Hill. Jimmy King 123 

Hill. Lois Vaughn 149 

Hill. Paul E. 125, 347 

Hill. Raola, 95. 309. 320 

Hillnian. Russell Louis 230 

Hills, Patricia 70. 333 

Hilton. Bruce 127. 196. 246. 320. 339. 

Hilton, Dawn 65. 264 
Hihon, lone 141, 339. 341 
Hilton. Ivan Jensen 73. 265. 343 
Hilton. J. Harlan 339. 541 
Hilton. Janice 136. 283. 335 
Hilton. Marilyn 155, 254. 283. 335 
Hmckley. Beula Bell 61. 329. 310 
Hinckley. Edwin C. Jr. 76. 332, 356 
Hinckley. Frederick Russell 246 
Hinckley. Ella Rose 77. 246. 275 
Hinckley. La Rue 82. 352 
Hinckley. Lina Lucilla 159. 256, 274 
HirBchi, Betty Jean 79. 309 
Hjorth. Florice 145 
Hobbs. Andy Frank 47 
Hobbs. M Odell 89. 348 
Hobday. Mabel Lee 101. 320 
Hobson. Ivan Leslie. Jr. 78. 192. 342 
Hoffman. Harold Robert 117 
Hogan. Meredith 63. 529. 325 
Holdaway. John Melville 103, 320 
Holdaway. Leo S. 13 5 
Holdaway. Robert E. 147 
Holdawav, Ruth Bernice 73. 325 
Holden. Yvonne 155 
Holder. Lyal E. 161, 355 
Holden. Robert 107 
Holiday Mable Lee 271 
Holladay. Hollis Thomson 170 
Holland. Hal CunU 49. 320. 325, 328. 
Holland. Loralei 352 
Holland Vance M. 141. 343. 188. 37, 

Hollands. Thomas D. 42 
Holley.Alvin Ralon 72. 520 
Holley Elmer Leroy 320 
Holley. Ira Lamar 141. 320 
Holley, Robert L. 145. 
Hotleyfield, Velma Joyce 85. 333. 335 
Hollinger. Bonnie 133 
Holman. John R. 143. 55. 261 
Holman. Luana J. 127. 271 
Holman. Robert 280 
Holmes, Bertie E. Ill 
Holmes. Delia Mae 93. 303 
Holmes. Orval A. .Jr. 121 
Holmes. Robert Marvin 113, 284 
Holmgren, Harry Leroy 123. 299 
Holt, Donna Emma 70, 309 
Holt, GayleLeRoy 219. 222 
Holt. Joseph Birch 131. 354 
Holt, Nancy 137 
Holyoak. Phyllis 16. 348 
Holyoak. Verjean 85, 303 
Hood. Robin F. 157 
Hood. Verda Marie 205. 322 
Hoopes. Darrel A. 119 
Hoopes. Gerald W. 153 
Hoover, Barbara Marie 70 
Hoover. Carol June 139. 554 
Hoover. M. Elaine 57. 287 
Honeycutt. Leo W. 320 
Hope. Lester Eli 63. 263 
Honkins, Norman Duanet 145, 325 
Horlacker. Harry Ronald 139 
Horlacher. Lowell Eugene 88, 334 
Homer, Robert M. 121 
Horner, Velma G. 69 
Hortin, Wm. Wilson 109 
Horton, Carolyn Jean 102. 283 
Hosford. Greogry S. 83. 319 
Houston. Betty Jean 271 
Howard. Grant C. 72 
Howard Nclda Raye 89, 348 
Howard. Shirley Jean 135, 348 
Howard, Willard W. 103 
Howe, Eliot C. 43. 38, 249, 263 
Howet, Zella Fae 125 
Howlett. Elaine 125 
Hoy, Ruth 352 

Hoyt. Earl Ballard 49. 193, 325 
Hubbard. Lynette 111. 274 
Hudson. Shirley Dean 117 
Huff. Arvil W, 89 
Huff. Rula 149 
Huffakcr. Marjorie 80. 520 
Hughes, Kenneth Grant 265 
Hughes. Kiyllis 95, 290. 338 
Hughes. Rawlins L. 125, 338 
Huish. fohnC. 265. 288 
Huiah, Peggy Jean 123 
Hulel. Dorothy 89. 348 
Hull. Ella 53. 29) 
Hull. Russel Maughan 110. 281 
Hullingcr. Bonnie Faun 3 51 
Humpherys. Farrel J. 141. 266 
Hunger. F. Dean 149. 301 
Hunsakcr. McIvin J. 78. 320 
Hunsaker. Ruth 3 20 
Hunsaker. Susie 147. 344 
Hunt, Lester Dale 11. 299 
Hunter. Artie A. 139 
Hunter. Blaine L. 49 
Hunter. Boyd M. 312 
Hunter. Francis Jeanne 51, 282 
Hunter. Lou Jean 155 
Hunter. Mildred 282 
Hunter. Phyllis 105 
Hunter. Verne F. Ill 
Hunter. Winifred 61 
HuittinKCon, Jane 123 

Hunt. An.el T. 74. 227 
Hutchms. Colien 166. 345. 317 
Huichins. Melvin Roy 185. 226. 223 
Hutchinson, Janet Buhl 153. 320 
Hutchison. Fay 153 
Hyatt. Norma F. 51. 267. 357 
Hyde, Gerald D. 127 
Hyde. Gerald Rodney 133. 253. 344. 
348 . 357 

Hyde, Ronald Gregory 121, 250. 253. 

IngalU. William Vemet 111. 332. 300 

Ingersoll. James H. 246. 266 

Ingledue. Eugene F. 161 

Irons. Timothy H. 192 

Irving. Kenneth C. 85. 266. 299 

Irvine. Eldred W. 147 

Isaac. Jack B. 524 

Isakson, Lajuana M. 143 

Iverjnn, lla Dene 123 

Ivie, Donna Ruth 69 

Ivins. Guy Hamblin 272 

Jackman. Mary Lee 13 1 

JacVman. Richard Frank 161 

Jackson. Adell 57. 291 

Jackson. Carol Elaine 291 

Jackson, Orvell Ray 125 

Jackson. Vernice 114 

Jacob, Gwen 91 

Jacobs, Gloria 123, 332 

Jacobs. Kay Lucian 51 

Jacobs, Mary Belle 85. 302 

Jacobson. James Fay 57 

James. E- Rockwell 87 

James. lla Mae 257 

James. Peggy Rae 347. 350. 345 

Jameson, Beverly 70. 265 

Jameson. Phyllis 129 

Janadi. Hasscm 42 

Janson. Donald Granger 206, 326 

lanson. Frank A. 75, 289 

Jansen, Lawrence C. 65. 297 

Janson. LuDeane 53. 268 

Jarach. Hassan 3 45 

Jardine. Earl D. 115. 356 

Jarrell. Lonnic Earline 80, 291 

Jarvis. Amy Ella 145 

Jeffers. Vera Cleona 290. 314 

Jeffery. Clara 123 

Jeffs. Alvin Dean 87 

Jenkins. Douglas 273 

Jenkins. Gordon 117, 177. 261 

Jenkins. Stanley Dale 99, 359 

Jennens. Carol Mae 129.195. 274 

Jensen. Agnes 59. 247. 257 

Jensen. Barbara M. 121 

Jensen. Betrice 53, 257, 271 

Jensen, Bob 13 5 

Jensen. Bonniet Jean 111, 246 

Jensen. Dave 230 

Jensen. Dean Hugh 151, 246 

Jensen. Don A. 197 

Jensen, Donald E, 116, 299 

Jensen. Duane C. 72. 545 

Jensen, Earl L. 70 

Jensen. Edith Ann 61. 200 

Jensen. Edward Quinn 89 

Jensen. Glade K. 72 

Jensen. Gloria Dawn 104. 251 

Jensen. Gwenyth J. 109 

Jer\sen, Harvard N. 253 

Jensen. Helen 149. 155, 260. 290. 

Jensen. Homer Mark 93. 203, 246, 

327. 356 
Jensen. Iris L. 157. 310 
Jensen, Janice 70. 325 
Jensen, (oan 99 
Jensen. Joan BalUf 77, 286 
Jensen, John Daniel 280 
Jensen. LaVar 151 
Jensen. Marion 287 
Jensen, Neill C. 147. 3SI 
Jensen. Ora 260 
Jensen. OA'en Keith 125 
Jensen, Raymon S. 149 
Jensen. Richard C. 61 
Jensen. Robert E. 145 
Jensen. Royal S. 77. 162 
Jensen. Vem H. 53, 262 
Jensen. Vernon Laman 93 
Jensen, Vivian 61 
Jerxsen. Vonda Alice 77 
Jensen. W. Clyite 101 
Jepperson, Robert Kay 69. 349 
Jeppson. Jay Herald 99. 246, 269 
leppson. Thomas C. 49 
Jepson. Dorothy 282 
Jerling. Rae Marie 95 
Jex. Melvin Dean 51 
Johan. Marian A. 251, 254, 275 
Johnasen. Viola Vivian 131.334 
Johns. Kenneth H- 73. 297, IW 
Johns. Max Calridge 147 
Johnson. Almina 354 
Johnson. Allan R. 289 
Johnson. Andrea 125. 256 
Johnson, Anna Myrle 100 
Johnson. Arlenc 97, 354 
Johnson. Bonnie Jean 127 
Johnson. Carl Dcrden 105 
Johnson. Carolyn H. 115. 250. 283, 

Johnson, Cleone 135 
Johnson, DcLoa Dawn 97 
Johnson, Dclorc* Mae 123 
Johson, EinarH. 227.314 
Johnson. Eldred A. 192. 262 
Johnson. Ellaree 96. 335 
Johnson. Faun 70 
Johnson. Franklin Richards 87 
Johnson. Gladys 354 
Johnson. Glen 75. 105 
Johnson. Glena LaMar 332 551 
Johnson. Gordon Keith 519 
Johnson, Gordon W. 141 
Johnson. Gwenna Marie 69 
Johnson. Helen Frances 99, 332 

Johnson. Hollis Ralph 157 
Jhonson. Julie Beth 129. 334 
Johnson, Laurel Rae 141. 334. 355 
Johnson. Leonard Haws 65. 200. 248, 

Johnson, Lorin L. 47 
Johnson, Dean 82 
Johnson. Mery 49, 341 
Johnson, Melvin Warren 57 
Johnson, Milton Ross 51 
Johson. Myrle 260 
Johnson. Raymond E. 123, 335 
Johnson. Reed Franklin 111, 343 
Johnson. Rex V. 147 
Johnson. Shirley 109. 107 
Johnson. Tracey Ronald 351 
Johnson, Thelroa Jean 72, 333 
Johnson. Thelma 342 
Johnson. Thelma L. 79 
Johson. Warren Curg 89. 266 
Johrwon. Vaudys Marion 155 
Jciinson. Virginia 324 
Johnson, Wallace Keith 289 
John. Walter Lowell 345. 347, 349 
Jones. Arlene 85. 309 
Jones. Audrey 147 
Jones. Betty Mae 155 
Jones, Charlotte 121 
Jones, Clarence S. 84 
Jones. Clifford Hawes 349 
Jones. Dick 230 
Jones. Donald TTieone 80 
Jones. Doris Elaine 105 
Jones, Doris Gwendolyn 314 
Jones Dores L. 76 
Jones. Edward Evans 115 
Jones. Earl 252 
Jones. Elma Jane 301 
Jones Halvan 349 
Jones. Helen E. 275 
Jones, Helen Jeanne 125.283 
Jones. Helen L. 103, 155. 332. 246 
Jones, Jack D. 149 
Jones.James Richard 147 
Jones, Jetuiie Bea 51 
Jones. JoLean B. 94. 337 
Jones. Karl Gerber 127 
Jonets. Laura Lee 98. 274 
Jones. LeB^y 246 

Jones. LeRoy Kerr 115. 269. 337. 314 
lories. Madelon 87 
lones. Merlin John 110 
Jones. Mildred Phyllis 47, 542. 286 
Jones, Norma Mane 103. 320 
Jones, Peggy Ray 129 
Jones, Robert Bruce 125 
Jones. S. H. 545 
Jones, William Clifford 57 
loncs. Wilma 107. 275 
Jordan, John Benn 149, 347 
Jorgcnsen, Hans Phillip 113. 252, 227 
Jorgensen. Mary 254 
Jorgcnsen, JerryLeland 123. 532, 205, 

Jorgensen. Vemel 552 
Joseph. Ruth Mane 119 
Judd. DMiald Samuel 78 
Judd. Louise 322. 330 
Judd. Margaret 65. 265. 329 
Judd. Talmage Conrad 89. 200. 266. 

246. 233. 253. 284. 332, 326 
Judd. Robert P. 127 
Jurci. Hurbert Lyle 544 

Kain, Patricia 551 

Kanauoha. Charles 107. 300, 340 

Kaneka, Caiherin N. 159, 341 

Kartell. Kenneth 145, 195 

Kartchner, Lucele 59. 293 

Kaufman, Oreal 59, 260. 345 

Kavell, Rcmdall 342 

Kawasaki. George J. 147. 197. 300. 

Kay. Carol 103. 305, 520. 354 
Keaka, Rowena Kanaukapu 151. 341 
Keeler. Colleen 286 
Keith. Beverly 79. 174 
Kekauoha. Clifford Nahinu 125. 300. 

Kekauhha. Willard K. 47.540 
Kekaula. Thomas Aarona 119. 246, 

500. 340 
Keknala. Tom 230 
Keller, Ernest V. 99 
Keller. Mar Rue 75. 264 
Kelley. Colleen 157. 343 
KcUey. Allene 99 
Kemsley. Vida Geraldine 101 
Kennard. Dorothy 127 
Kendall. Robert Lawrence 97. 320 

Kennington. Cumorab 139 
Kenolio, Gladys H. 540 
Kern. DeMar 139. 280. 348 
Kerwan. Joseph T. 66 
Rest. J. Robert 205, 206. 268 
Kevak. Richard D. J. 145 
Khaublou. Ali Ashraf 345 
Kicster. David E. 95 
Kielzman. James Carson 221 
Kilbom. A. Richolyn 79. 3 55 
Killpack. Bonnie Burke 107.333 
Killpack. Theodore N. 74 
Kimball. Dan Stevens 230. 339. 341 
Kimball. Frances V. 61. 290 
Kimball, Hebcr C. 137 
Kimball. Nini Rulh 135 
Kimbal, Reid R. 61 
King. Anna Loy 125 
King. Harold Wayne 135 
King, Lewis Dale 53. 166. 170.227 
King. LuWana 115. 169 
King. Roy Herbert 113. 253. 284 
Kinghom, David Ceil 123. 349 
Kingston, Dorh 61 
Kirby. Peggy 159 
Kirk. Emmelin 81. 298 
Kirkbride. Helen Ardcll 121,335 
Kirkbam. E>ale Bruce 82, 301 

Kirkbam. Maria 71 

Kirkham. Rae Mona 125 

Kirkham. Sally Elaine 129 

Kirkland. Lueen 161 

Klein. Robert D. 38, 61. 18S, 246 

Klemmn. Hyrum Ralph 320 

Klingler. Dawn Ella 55. 275. 34» 

Knell. Claudia 93. 287 

Knell. James J. 289 

Kneil, Lee C. 193, 232. 249. 289. 

Knight, Lester Lee 103, 285 
Knisa. James Kingsley 159. 132 
Knowlton, Jean 105 
Knowllon, Beverly 157. 291. 334 
Knowlton. Clark Shumway 49. 203 

246. 263, 322 
Knowlton. Paul S. 57. 26J 
Knudsen. Clyde Milton 109 
Knudsen. Dan»in Cowley 55, 248. 263. 

Knudsen. James Gordon 95. 266 
Knudsen. Ronald N. 55 
Knudsen. Vema E. 116 
Knudsen. Wilham Claire 74. 266 
Kochi, Miyoko Clara 127. 302. 340 
Kodel. CoHen Maria 105 
Kofoed, Earl Baird 45 
KtAler, Elwee Jean 82, 260, 311 
Koblcr. Ida Barbara 51. 247. 311 
Koller. Lyle James 221.222. 2S3 
Koonu. Calvin William 98, 320. 347 
Kowaaaki, Gctotge 197 
Koyen. Patricia 100 
Koylc. Bliss E. 105. 271 
Kraut. Ogden 143. 271 
Krissler. John E. 83 
Krider. Bud 347 
Krissman. Georgene 78 
Kroescher, Ralph E. 102 
Kromeo. Marion 302 
Kuhni. GUdc 252 
Kump. Garth Gale 117. 281 
Kunkel. Bernice Harriet 87 
Kunz. F. Gene 113. 272 
Kupp. Sam 109 
Kwak. Richard D. 300, 341 

Labrum. Donna Rae 97, 271. 351 
Laird. Rt^ert William 80, 196. 246. 285 

Lembert. Marta Jeanne 119. 246 
Lambert. Richard Grow 332 
Lambert. Rogers F. 137. 354 
Lamborn. Maxine 111. 320.328. 352 
Lambson, Cecil Glenn 133. 301.320. 

Lamorcaux. Shirley 113. 287. 352 
LaMunyon, John S. 320, 3i^V 
Laney. Theon 51 
Langston. Norma Dorothy 336 
Lanier. Pearl Louise 98. 309. 329 
Larkin. Robert B. 105. 312. J32 
Larkin. Jay W. 129 
Lar^in. Carol Dawn 71. 125. 270. 348 
Larsen. Grant A. 61. 285 
Larsen, James W. 121 
Larsen. Joyce B. 127 
Larsen. L. Charles 99 
Larsen. Maxine L. 143. 344 
Larsen. Norma 502 
Larsen. Norma Vaughan 109, 348 
Lanien. Paul B. 91 
Ursen. Ralph 91. 232 
Larsen. Ruth 71 
Larsen. Ruby La Rae 101 
Larson. Betty Lou 157 
Larsen. Clarcne 135. 351 
Urson. Lloyd. A.. Jr. 121 
Larson. Marian J. 145 
Larson. T. 230 
Larson, Violet Elixabeth 90 
Latham. Archie J. 129. 230 
Latimer, Donald Sidney 230 
Lauvctr. Shirley Marie 151. 172 
Lavier. Louise 327 
Uw. David A. 79. 330 
Law. Helen 334 
Law. Mark Dale 103. 317 
Law. Donald Dee 121 
Lawrence. Max 354 
Laws. Loren K. 43 
Lawson Douglas B. 111. 300. 351 
Laytoo, Lionel H. 77 
Uzenby. J. Douglas 76. 206. 207. 208 
Leavitt. Verr D. 91. 261. 344 
LeBaron, Clara 137 
LeBaron. R Jordon 110. 252, 334 
LeCbeminant, Blaine Hill 131. 280, 

LeCheminant. Wilford Hilk 49, 281 

LechtenberR. Alvin Kay 125, 348 
Lee, Curtis 101. 348 
Lee. Eleanor 256 
Lee. Ernest G. 149 
Lee. Dolores Lavanda 145 
Lee. Glen Wilson 105. 337 
Lee. James I. 125 
Lee. John F. 194. 196. 280 
Lee. Harold 129 
Lee. Leo Lamond 135 
Lee. Lester Dean 199 
Lee. Lloyd R. 131 
Lee. Lorinc E. S. H. 320 
Lee. Robert Earl 123 
Lee. Samuel Hector 129 
Lees. Norma Rae 268. 317 
Leflcr. Thorol Wilham 91 
Lemon. Norma Ann 125 
Lerwill. Joan 129 
LeSueur. Fames Kay 289 
Leth. Ken Oramed 161. 233 
Levi, Joan Kay 151. 332 
Levi. Veola Vaun 97 
Lewis. Celdon R. 109 
Lewis, Clea Mae 121 
Lewis, Colien 104 
Lewis, Gordon K. 79 


Lewis, lone 70. 264 

Lewis. J. W. 63 

Lewii. Jack W. 83 

Lewia. Maridell 139. 274. 326 

Lewis. Patricia 147 

Lewis, Richine A. 79 

Lewis. Rhoda D. 76, 260. 290 

Lewis. RuMeU £. 72 

Lewis. Sarah 291 

Ltcbfield, Afton Marie 39. 268. 323. 

Liddcll. Ronald J. 135 
Liddiard. Bruce L. 281 
Licbard. Rex 351 
Liebhardt, Edward N. 91. 197 
Licchty. Elmeda Elaine 143 
Liechty. Kenneth O. 93. 314 
Liechty, M. Norma 114 
Lillywhitc. Wilma 155 
Linde, Mary Lorraine 113. 250 
Lindsay, Grace 77, 166, 174, 282, 317 
Lindsay. L. Ronald 49, 261 
Lindsay. Rao Humphreys 123 
Lindsay, Myrl 161 
Linnell. W. Lee 161 
Liston. Donald 95 
Liston. Lois 66. 303. 336 
Litchfield. Ethel Bemtce 135, 311 
Litster, Uneva 101, 246, 333 
Llewellyn, Morris J. 99 
Lloyd. Cecil Earl 221. 227 
Lloyd. Vcrna 153 
Loader, Marvis 99. 349 
Loc. Wanda Lorraine 125, 256. 275 
Lofgran, Lynn Clayson 129. 333 
Long, Kenneth Dean 161 
Long. Lloyd K. 127 
Long. Roderick John 115. 227 
Longdcn. Carolyn Gail 159. 197, 246 
Lossee. Ferrill 117 
Louder. Ray R. II. 301 
Loveless. Donna 97 
Loveless, Vemie James. Jr, 121 
Low. Helen Jean 161 
Loiano. Rubenia Diaz 349 
Luce. Carl Theodore 92, 320 
Luckenga, Charles Ramon 131 
Ludd, Marearaet 330 
Ludlow, Kurgaert 330 
Ludlow. Mclvin J. 227 
Ludlow. Prisctlla 63, 286, 314, 320 
Luke. Clinton Lemar 43, 325, 348 
Luke, E. Lou 123. 200. 256, 287. 348 
Luke, Harold Wilsorv 97, 269. 348. 

3 56 
Lund, Lamar Irverson 78, 112 
Lund, Mary Edna 49. 311 
Lunberg, Lynne Jaye 131 
LundelL Donna Mary 107. 274 
Lundell, Orville C. 83, 227, 263 
Lybbert. Rex Bennionl29 
Lyman. Betha Ellen 161 
Lyman, James H. 272, 326 
Lynn, Bob 98 
Lynn, Ruby 95, 298 
Lyons, Kent Ivan 99. 348 
Lyons, Norma Rae 135, 159 
Lyman, Bertha 339 

Mabey, Rex Gam 83 

MacDonald, Charlotte 151 

MacDonald, Ruth Jean 287 

MacDonald. Verla 59 

MacFarland. Max Parker 70 

Machado. Daniel K. 341 

MacKell. Merlen 153 

MacKay, Ellen Bone 151, 330 

Mackelprang, Caynold J. 55 

MacKeruie, Barbara Jean 87, 293 

Madson. Amelia Ann 133 

Madsen, Connie Marie 139, 336 

Madsen Janis 84, 328 

Madsen. Kenneth Russel 61, 297 

Madson. Rex A. 59 

Magleby. Richard R. 87. 269, 221 

Magleby, Prands 289, 219 

Magliocco, Frank R. 57 

MaEoney, Donna 159, 329, 354 

Malan. Lex 233 

Malan, Robert Henry 105 

Malacamey. Margaret Ruth 129 

Malmroee, Donald Leon 157 

Maloney. Alice M. 45, 317 

Maloney, Joan 99 

MangeUon, Golden R. 157 

Mangelaon, Romainc H. 125 

Mangum, Leah 135 

Mangum, L. Jane 143 

Mann, Rodney L. 91 

Manning Wallace 57, 277 

Matione, Joseph Anthoney 101 

Marchant. Adcle 155, 354 

Marchant, Lula 91. 354 

Marchant, Norma T. 63, 273 

Marcum. ReigoLaVerne 83 

Marcarita. Carmen 161 

Markham. Don H. Ill 

Markham, Beth 260 

Markham. Keith GeorRe 105 

Marlcr. Gwen 80, 317 

Marler, Margaret Joy 89 

Mariey. Bert Woodland 90 

Marriott. Geraldtne 131. 347. 311 

Marsden.Carlylc D. 57 

Manh. Pearl Melba 139. 311 

Marshall, Barbara 57, 264 

Marshall. Milton 267 

Martin, Beth 71. 283 

Martin. Ruth 65. 264 

Mason, Naone 89. 295, 309 

Mason. Patricia Anne 149, 255. 343 

Mason. Sterling Lane 109. 100 

Massaudi. Mahtn 145 

Masscy. Vafda 351 

Mathews. Madelyn lone 113, 251, 293. 

327. 339. 341 
Matis. Betty Belle 141, 337 
Matkin. Lucille 111 
Matkin, Nola Jane 115, 334 

Matson, Charmayne Iva 256 
Mataon, Ella Mae 45, 264, 301 
Matson. L. Irene 94. 320, 334 
Maughan. Nola Afton 76, 251, 102 
Maughan, Scott J, 161 
Maughan, Shireley Gene 149 
Maw. Nona Rae 84 
May Pauline Louise 137, 332 
Maycock. Edna 287 
Maycock. L, Booth 288 
Maynard. Earl M. 57. jl3 
Maybew, Tom 319 
McAffee. Calvin Reed 102, 296 
McAlistcr, Barbara 143 
McAllister. Wells A. 70 
McArthur. Enid 77, 336 
McArthur. Lloyd Wm. 83 
McBride. Kenneth L. 93 
McCall. ChffordL. 349 
McCarrel, Lois 99 
McCarthy, Margaret Lorraine 127 
McClure, Edmund Joseph HI. 148 
McClure, Romona 127, 254 
McConkie, I>on Clayton 21. 195. 265 

McDaniel. Helen 155. 335 
McDonald, Ann 91 
McDonald. Elizabeth A. 125.355 
McDonald, Kenneth Preston 336 
McDonald, Ruby 141. 343 
McDougal. Delmcr Wesley 74, 246 
McDowell. Donald Ray 149 
McFarland. Carl Reed 95, 331 
McFarland. Marjorie Ruth 141 
McFarland, Romona 65. 270 
McFarland. Betty Alice 101 
McGarry, Darrctl Terry 99 
McGarry. Ora Gayle 13 5 
McGarth. Faye 121. 260 
McGuire, J. Paul 277 
McGuire, Charles Frands 354 
Mclntire. Doris L. 97, 309 
Mcintosh. Jean Annette 51, 317 
Mclntyre. Howard 117 
McKee. Fay 157 
McKinlay, Bunnie, M. 115 
McKinney, Robert Gerhard 59, 342 
McKnelly. Theodore T. 63. 273 
McKnelly, Meredith M. 293 
McMillian. Daniel H. 109 
McMillan. Valerie L. 251,293 
McMullin, Dorothy 111 
McMullin, Joy D. 125 
McNair, Lorraine 125 
McQuarrie, Ina Marie 117 
McRae, Joyce 260 
Meacham. E. LaVar 111 
Measom, James Laurence 102 
Mecham. Derral F. 42, 219 
Medlyn. Samuel Arthur 81, 301, 132. 

Meling, Mary Ann 123 
Mellor. Carl Joseph 139 
Mellor. Irma Rachel 91 
Melsone. Elaine G. 151. 112 
Memmott. Fr^nk C. 53, 122 
Mcndenhall, Carma Jane 47, 316 
Mendenhall. Legia 57, 201 
Mendenhall, Lorraine 111 
Mendenhall. Wilma 161 
Menlove. George 230 
Meranda. Sally 121 
Mercer, Charles A. 87 
Mercer, Janice 125 

Mercer, Robert Lee 73. 246. 320, 334 
Merchant, Lorenjo Alonzo 139, 327. 

349, 150 
Merkley, Karl Rae 141, 351 
Merrel. Arthur L. 125, 263 
Mcril. Gordon J. 107 
Merrill. Grace 115. 275 
Merrill. Heber Kimball 219 
Merrill. Richard Leonard 129, 320 
Merrill. Robert W. 79 
Merryweather. Keith Bullock 139 
McrtK. Delia Marie 149. 334 
Meservy, Ardis 161 
Mersevy. Eleanor Koleen 145 
Meservy, Forest Z. 79 
Meservy, Iris K. 84 
Meservy. Norma Janettc 145 
Messcrvv. Robert Dale 135 
Mette. Henry Harvey, Jr. 359 
Meyers. J. Raymond 129 
Mickclson, Jay Clifton 145 
Mickclson. Russell C. 119, 203, 277 
Mildenhall, Glen T. 89 
Miles. Marilyn Klea 93. 275 
Miles, Newell William 91. 146 
Millar, Marjorie 85. 246. 271. 120, 

Millar, Phyllis J. 78, 246. 343 
Miller. Ashel James 114. 320 
Miller, Earl Andrew 66 
Miller. JoAnnc 153 
Miller. Kathryn 287 
Miller, Kenneth Leron 53 
Miller, Louis L. 125 
Miller. Marian J, 49 
Miller. Mary Ilean 143. 326, 312 
Miller. Mildred 39, 76. 293. 323 
Miller, Norman John 137 
Miller. Reid C. 109 
Miller. Richard Dee 111 
Miller. Theodore Rosa 139 
Miller. Troy 284 
Miller. Vivian 105, 279. 347 
Millet. Floyd 215 

Millett. Donald Glen 149, 230. Ill 
Millett, Wylene 47, 286 
Mills, Donna Lou 157 
Mills. Gayland Mike 221, 222, 281 
Mills, Joyce, 101, 111, 354 
Miner, Doris June 250 
Miner, Ernest Montel 80 
Miner, Georgia 155 
Miner. Mary Jane 47. 247. 293 
Miner, Richard Kent 137 
Minaon, Roland T. 135, 210 

Minteer, Marcia Jean 161, 254, 312 

Mitchell, Arthur D. 77 

Mitchell, Georgia M. 82 

Mitchell, Leone James 109 

Mitchell, Max P. 51 

Mitchell. Nadene 101, 251 

Mitchell. Rex H. 99 

Moffitt. John Wcldon 280. 325 

Mohassel. Abolfail BiUey 145 

Molen. Roy F. 151. 126. 331 

Monk. Allan B. 95 

Monk, Sharon 127. 204 

Monroe, Shirley Mae 279. 327. 339. 

Montague. David Oliver 111 
Montague. Glenn Adwin 74 
Montgomery. Dick 227, 345 
Moniierth, Herbert Ray Jr. Ill 
Moody. Carol Dawn 339, 341 
Moody, Joe Milton 90. 196. 301. 341 
Moody. M. Elizabeth 127. 341, 149 

Moody. Richard Dean 151. 185. 202 
Moon. Clarence L 159, 130 
Moon. Floyd 151 
Moon. Ila Jean 107 
Moore. Glen 257. 345 
Moore. Gloria Lee 117, 111 
Moore. Keith Adams 151 
Moore. Keith William 153 
Moore. Mary 83. 298 
Moore. Mavis 81, 298 
Moore, Robert E. 285 
Moore, Wilburta 91, 343 
Morby. Carol T. 298 
Morgan, Carl E. 109. 174 
Morgan. Evelyn M. 39. 282, 323 
Morgan, Fred 266 
Morgan, jaynann 80, 189. 191. 282 
Morgan. Katherine 111, 110. 348 
Morgan. Theodore Eugene 105 
Morley. Marilyn 117. 251. 317 
Morley, Rachael 145, 291 
Morley, Stewart A. 105 
Morrey, John Ralph 161 
Morrill. Jane Kayc 91, 349 
Morrill. Melvin Grant 103 
Morrill, Shirl P. 55, 261 
Morris. Herbert Newel 76, 194, 199. 

201. 265 
Morris. Ludlle 128. 129, 111 
Morrow. Keith G. 314 
Moriensen, Beulah D. 161 
Mortensen. Creed L. Ill 
Mortenson. Don Marinus 111 
Mortensen. Lois M. 105. 309. 335 
Mortensen, Shirley Ruth 151 115 
Morton, Robert Lawrence 119 
Mosley. William Laurence 71. 220 
Moss. Eldon C. 121 
Moss, James R. 121, 101 
Moss, J. Joel 59, 246, 249. 263, 294, 

Mott. Kenneth C. 73, 296 
Moulton, E. J. 145 
Moulton. Floyd Chase 38, 82, 166, 

277, 328 
Moulton, Mardene 145 
Moulton, Newell J. 121 
Moulton, Thomas Leavitt 277 
Moulton. Wilbur Earl 53, 132, 356 
Movaghar, Feraidoon 145 
Movaghar. Iran 145 
Movaghar, Nasser 145 
Mower. Colleen Joy 287 
Mower, Robert J. 119 
Muaina, John 141 
Muir, Geraldine O. 141, 298 
Muir, Irene 55, 314 
Muir, Roberta Lee 139 
Mullen. Coy Moselle 110, 196, 283, 

329, 150 
Mullet, Marian Frances 121, 255, 287 
Mumford, Verl J. 101 
Munk. Melvin R. 121. 312 
Munson. John Ernest 114 
Murdock. Edward Thomas 219 
Murdock, Mary Ann 75, 174, 282 
Murdock, Vernon LiRoy 354 
Murkley. Kari R. 320 
Murphy, John Calvin 3 52 
Murphy, Joseph Robison 246. 257, 266 
Murray, Helen J. 53. 301 
Murray. Joyce 157. 256 
Murri. Donald Ray 65„ 262 
Musig. Marjorie 85 
Muzzcll. Mae Louise 99 
Myers. Iliene Lucile 125 
Myers, Joy 95, 279 
Myers. Marcus Norville 108 
Myers, Maurine 157 

Naegle, Ferrel 131 

Naegle. Vilda Mae 155. 148 

Nash. Marion Elinor 337 

Nate. Jane 55. 198 

Nay, Theron 79 

Nebeker, Connie 129 

Nebeker, Verna Raye 151 

Neeley, Arlcne 113 

Necley. Mary Lou 99 

Neeley. Parley Mitchell 141 

Neilson, Evan 227 

Neilson, D. Louise 107 

Neilson, Kirk 72. 284 

Neilson, Stanley D. 105 

Nelson. Alice Kathleen 121 

Nelson, Annette 76, 322 

Nelson, Beverly E. 87 

Nelson. Clyde W. 91 

Nelson. Dorothy Rae 151 

Nelson, Frank Brown 77 

Nelson. George Edward 88, 246 

Nelson. Ila Jean 157 

Nelson. Jack L. 161 

Nelson. Joan 291 

Nelson. John Andrews 135. 320 

Nelson. Joseph A. 185. 227. 228, 215 

Nelson, Joyce 151 

Nebon, Kathleen 334 

Nelson, Laurel Mae 117 

Nelson. Lois Marie 78. 143 

Nelson. Maro N. Ill 

Nelson. Max D. 116. 231. 269, 320, 

Nelson. Naomi 77, 298, 314 
Nelson. Pauline 121 
Nelson, Philip C. 73. 235 
Nebon. Rachel 72. 298, 322. 355 
Nelson. Robert 149. 148 
Nelson. Shirley Faye 125 
Nelson. Thomas G. 87 
Nelson. Vaughn 345 
Neves. Wilford Leslie 47 
Newberry. Hannelorc 320 
Newberry. Marrion Arther 51. 320 
Newby. ReNee 127. 320. 334 
Newman. Kenneth Dale 103. 271, 320 
Newman. Catherine 59 
Newman. Susan C. 63 
Ncwren. Karl Young 109 
Newren. Velda Kay 153. 302, 333 
Newton. Martha Lewis 74 
Newton. Stanley J. Ill 
Nicholes, Douglas Ernest 157 
Nichols. Fay 88 
Nichols. William C. 174, 273 
NichoUs. Yvonne 95. 293 
Nicholson. Viola Mac 131 
Niederhauser. Laura HuJda 111. 260, 

Niederhauser. R. Fred 109. 246. 120. 

Nielson. Acel D. 71, 296. 339. 341 

Nielson, Barbara Lu 135. 255 

Nielson. Betty Iris 97. 260. 101 

Nielson, Clyde R, 100 

Nielson. Diane 113, 274 

Nielsen. Evan C. 57 

Nielsen, John Merle 109, 269 

Nielsen, June 132 

Nielsen, Kenneth Fred 73 

Nielsen, Lois Iva 125. 343 

Nielsen. Loraine 137 

Nielson, Margene 147 

Nielson, Nedra Elaine 93 

Nielsen, Roger E. 55 

Nielsen. Vernon C. 107. 120 

Nielsen, Von R. 61, 261 

Nilsson. Ruth 105 

Nilsson. Shirley 61 

Nixon, Jim W. 99 

Nixon. Phyllis E. Ill 

Noble. Charles Sidney 192, 263, 297 

Noble. Edith M. Moore 161 

Noble. Jeane Louise 115 

Noble, John 111, 300 

Noel. Donald D. 93. 192 

Norberg, Betty I. 125 

Norton. Darlene 159 

Norton. Merlin J. 133 

Novak, Warren 23 5 

Nugent. Robert Charles 157. 342 

Nusink, Margaret 257 

Nuttall. Sally 149 

Nutter. Agnes 199 

Nutter. John W. 246, 268, 320, 127 

Nyborg. Velva R. 290 

Nye. Donna May 117 

Oakley, Claron L. 249 

Oaks. Carol 145 

Oaks. Clinton L. 35. 36. 57. 188. 248 

O'Berry. WiUard D. 45 

O'Brien. Vincent P. 143 

Ogden. Mae 51 

Ogden. Mclvin J. 71. 263 

Oglesby. Jacquelyn Joyce 129. 147 

Okerlund. Maeser D. 91 

Oldroyd, AIna 260 

Oldroyd. Herman J, 230 

Oldroyd. Marilyn 151. 291 

Oliphant. Clare Howe Jr. 79. 320 

Oliphant. Doris R. 65 

Oliphant, Nada 89 

Oliphant. Roland Elgin 139. 320 

Oliverson, Glen H. 219. 223, 233. 281 

Olmstead, Clifford F. 96 

Olpin. Delia Jean 95 

Olpin. Margaret Elaine 127 

Olscn. A. Emelia 70. 246. 260. 302 

Olson. Audrey 287 

Olson. Betty Arlene 69, 257 

Olsen. Bennie LaMar 334 

Olsen. Beverly Joy 121 

Olsen. Donna LaVon 149 

Olsen. Eldred C. 3 49 

Olson. Janet Rae 141 

Olsen. L. Jeanne 116 

Olscn. Lucille 134 

Olsen. L. Lynn 149 

Olson. Lois Jean 113 

Olsen. Nial June 63 

Olsen. Olive Ludlle 161 

Olson. Ralph Ingham 103 

Olsen. Ray R, 103. 318. 343 

Olson. Rex A. 219. 223. 281. 233 

Olson. Roy L. 3 38 

Olsen. Shirley Jean 97 

Olson. Wayne G. 103. 262 

Olsen. Willis J. 83 

Openahaw. Bi I lie Joyce 121. 256. 311 

Openshaw. Blanche Darlene 155. 256. 

Openshaw. Nathel Jean 65. 275 
Ord. Ordella V. 137. 143 
Orgill. Douglas H. 43. 262 
Orgill. Montie Mcmell 135, 344 
Orme, P, Evada 151. 256, 101, 143 
Ormc. Marie 141. 265, 143 
Orton Nona Jean 3 52 
Osborne Bruce H. 219 
Oshorn. Grant M. 325 
Osterhues. Omar 230 
Ostler, Blaine 1 17 
Ostlund. Norma Rae 145 
Ostvigs, Jack Dempsey 125. 337 
Ottooen. Melba 51, 310 
Ovad, Glen F. 106. 266. 329 
Ovewn, Levi Winfotd 301 

Owens. James A, 117 

Owens, Duane E. 102 

Pace. Duane 261, 354 

Pace, Kenneth J, 37. 38. 194. 273. 328 

Pace. R. Elwood 91 

Pack. Merrill Raymond 51 

Packard Dean W. 157 

Packard Ray Calvin 99. 266 

Packard. Floyd Lamonde 147 

Packer. Richard H. 280 

Padeken, Emmehne K. 147, 291, 340 

Page. Barbara 354, 309 

Page. Lloyd E. 63, 174, 215, 249, 288 

Page. Ora 125 

Pagne. John W. 129 

Palfreyman. Phyllis J. 90 

Palmer. Laura 94. .148 

Palmquist, Robert David 230 

Papenfuss. Doris Louise 129. 291 

Pailall. Cick 344 

Pans, Marilyn 78 

Park. Roma E. 141 

Parker. Don T. 51, 288 

Parker. Grin D. 15, 16 57. 168, 249 

Parkinson. Morris D. 51. 248, 262, 294 

Parkinson, Phyllis 141, 343 

Parkinson. Roger West 215. 271 

Parr. Gwendolyn 159 

Parry. Geniel 15 5, 120 

Parry. Martha Mae 147. 127 

Parry. Oral Ray 145, 328 

Parsell. Robert W. 119 

Patton. Anna May 89, 120. 247 

Patten. Deon 65, 257. 320 

Patten. Leland Kent 130 

Patterson. Sylvia E. 121. 303. 341 

Patton. LyIe D. 220 

Paul. Dorothy 80 

Paubon, Ford R. 153. 161. 203, 528 

Paulsen. Mabel Ellen 341 

Paulson. Walter Paul 117 

Pawlowski, Mary Ellen 320 

Pawlowski. Reinhold Karl 47. 320 

Paxman. Carol 129. 151. 254 

Paxman. Mar/ Elaine 283 

Payne, Albert L. 263 

Payne. Eldon Mauray 326 

Payne. Kitty 55 

Payne, Roma 159 

Pearce, Robert Dean 161 

Pearson. M. Claudine 91, 195, 279 

Pearson. Dorothy Mae 149 

Peay. Dean 47. 268 

Peay. Doracc Eatella 105 

Peay. Ted 137 

Peay, Walter B. 63 

Peck, Dean Odell 111, 101 

Peck. Norma Jean 129 

Pedersen. Allen Dean 119 

Pedcrsen. Hershcl 230 

Pedersen, Keith Gray 120 

Peel. W. Grant 61 

Pehrson. June 84 

Pellegrim, Tony A. 210 

Pendleton, Carl J. 59 

Penfield, Robert Verdon 141 

Perkins, Annonna 79, 257, 310 

Perkins, Merial 200 

Perry. Kenneth L 127 

Perry, Malin 18, 85. 170, 185, 273 

Persaon, Wayne Reid 45 

Peters, Arlene 101 

Peters. Dona Joy 123, 312 

Peterson. 'Adrienne M. 139, 344 

Peterson. Albert H. 61 

Peterson, Chauncy S. 51 

Peterson. Clifford J. 103. 211. 334 

Petersen. Dale Andrew 272 

Peterson, Don L. 141 

Peterson. Elaine 112 

Peterson, Elizabeth 70 

Peterson. Jeneal Moody 63 

Peterson. Joanne 327. 340 

Peterson. Joseph L. 129 

Peterson, Kathryn 293 

Peterson, Keith H. 141 

Peterson. Leo Clarence 155 

Peterson. Lila Alice 73 

Peterson. Loys Marvin 101, 285 

Petersen. Max Dean 104 

Petersen. Melvin Joseph 51. 262 

Peterson. Naida 157 

Peterson. Ora Llewellyn 65 

Peterson, Ralph A. 221 

Peterson, Richard Lee 89, 246, 273. 

120, 328 
Peterson, Robert L. 141 
Peterson. Robert M, 325 
Peterson, Rona Mae 119, 331 
Peterson, Wendell LaMoinc 246, 299. 

320, 348 
Petliiohn. Dorothy Mac 133, 355 
Pcttijohn, Martha Jane 106 
Petty. Donald M^ 61, 263. 301, 314. 

Petty. Dorothy 77. 264, 311 
Philbrick. Robert Earl 285. 320 
Phillips. Kathleen 271. 320 
Phillipa, Kenneth D. 81. 262 
Phillips. Max Leroy 137 
PhiUips. Napina 78 
Phillips. Roeemary Child 131. 347 
Piana, Gabriel Delia 110. 322 
Pickett. Bulo Eniley 49 
Pickett. Lcatricc Gladys 161 
Pierce, Isaac D 74. 348 
Pierson, Cheeley Ncis 143. 334 
Pincock. Lorna D. 63, 264 
Pincgar, James J. 78 
Pinegar. Maxine 139 
Pinnock. William G. 155 
Pitcher. Carol Lee 151, 293. 334 
Pitcher. Marian 80 
Pitcher. Morgan Kay 153 
Pitcher, Rcnce 145 
Plass. Inga HI 

Plant. D, Barbara 161. 255. 274 
Pocock, Don Jay 105, 320 
Pope. Byron Lee 70 
Pope, LaFood 104, 298 

Porter. Delia Mae 76. 2S7, 275 

Porier. Donald Warren 13 7 

Porter. Donna Marie 121, 328 

Porter. Elden Spencer 149. 349 

Porter. LeRoy Earl HI 

Porter. Lila Gladys 111 

Potter, Margaret 264 

Potter. Robert S. 77. 200 

Poulson, Elaine 351 

PoulsorT. Ferol LaRae 113 

Poulsen, Lorna H3 

Poulson, Milton R. 139. 351 

Poulson. Pamela 286 

Poulsen. Mable Ellen 147 

Poulsen. Udel E, 100, 344 

Powell, Harold J. 263 

PowiJI, Lynn 233 

Pratt, Leigh B. 109, 339, 341 

Prcece. Marjorie Rae 53 

Preecc. Vallarie 95, 351 

Prcssett, Jack D. 123 

Price, David Robert 153 

Price. Dorothy D. 161 

Price, Jact R. 73, 262. 277. 319 

Price. Karl E. 131 

Price. Marian LuDcan 89 

Price. Ralph M. 69, 174. 284 

Price, Rayone Marie 137 

Price, Reed E, 53, 195. 249. 263 

Price, Virginia May 113, 251. 283 

Pritchett. Melrose Jed. Jr. 139 

Proctor, Enid Leone 15 5, 3 34 

Proctor. Paul D. 319 

Pruitt. Ruth Eleanora 107. 283 

Prussec, \Valter H. 272 

Puckett. Eldon Hardy 81. 3 59 

Puckelt, George Calvin 105, 3 59 

PuBh, Kelly 49 

Pullan, Marvin Earl 149 

Pulsipher, Eldon Burnell 155. 297. 331 

Purdy. Ruth 153, 275 

Purnell. Allen 93, 196. 246 

Purrington. Vera 159 

Pusey. C. Richards 159. 281 

Quilter, Franklin H. 101 

Quinian, Nina 161 

Quinn, Alice Pat 159. 254. 287. 326 

Quinney, Elsie 65 

Radichel. Fred M, 129, 195. 246, 342 

Ram, Houshang 345 

Ramirei, Bonita 65, 302 

Ramon, William 221 

Randall, Bertha 61, 246, 310. 317 

Randall. Jack 333 

Randall. K. A. 76. 203. 281. 352 

Randall. Melvin 45. 248. 262. 324, 352 

Randall. Wanda Mae 143 

Raienberger. Rammona 99 

Raphiel. Reta 0"niel 153 

Rapier. Don W. 51. 296 

Rasband, James Edwin 133, 280 

Rasmussen. Alvin L. 53. 299 

Rasmusscn. Carma 69. 195. 270. 348 

Rasmussen. Cloyd ONeil 109 

Rasmussen, DcVaun 341 

Rasmussen, Gloria 85. 271 

Rasmussen. LeRoy Walter 149 

Rasmussen, Lessa 99, 35 1 

Rasmussen, Oral 149, 351 

Rasamussen, Ross Swainstoa 127 

Raty, Thomas Lainc 103 

Rawlings, Barbara Jean 111 

Rawlings, Gladys 74. 348 

Ray, Janice E. 133 

Ray, NaDeanc 196, 302. 324, 325. 

3 52 
Ray. Nedra 147 

Raymond, Robert Hugh 135. 342 
Rea. Bruce Elliott 149 
Read. Calvis.F. 92. 301, 332 
Read. William Earl Jr. 77. 262. 297 
Ream, Leonore L. 161, 332 
Ream. Mary Ida 57. 310 
Reber. Colleen 97 
Redd, Alcne 161. 356 
Redd, Jacqueline Beth 155. 286 
Redd. Jewcllle 157 
Redd, John Paul 127, 334 
Redford, Bronwyn 114 
Reed. Alice V. 121 
Reed. Earnest Herbert 131 
Reed, Lawrence 221 
Reeve, Ruth 149, 256. 282 
Reeves, Jeniel 255 
Reid. Bettie 88. 275. 352 
Reid. Joyce 113. 292 
ReimschiiSsel, Helen Bertha 157 
Reimachiissel. Walter M. 76. 313 
Reinach, Barbara Ann 121 
Reinties. Hcrrell C. 105 
Reisewitz. Haiel Luella 3 37 
Reisewiti, Leona Bervice 93, 143, 3 37 
Remineton, Lillis 76. 298, 322 
Reas. Alma D. 107 
Reynolds, Nanna Lee 49, 286 
Rhces, Dorothy 103, 352 '"■ 

Rich. Boyd C. 97, 320, 327 
Richards. Arthur 3 54 , .• 

Richards, Faye 238, 309 
Richards, Harold LaFount.155, 337 
Richarda. Joel J. 155^^12 
Richards, Joseph Covey 246 
Richards. Melvin Jay 161 
Richardson. Carmen 322 
Richardson, Floyd C. 113. 221 
Richardson. Walter L. 59. 78 
Richcson, Ernest Lee Jr. 71 
Richly. Reid Thueson HI 
Richins. Arthur Calderwood 157 
Richina. Robert 343 
Richins. Rachel 151. 256. 350 
Richman, Wayne S. 76. 343 
Richmond, Ruth 99 
Rickenbach, Dean Joseph 121 
Ricks, Alfred Taylor 110. 314 
Ricks. Eldin 295. 345 
Ricks. Norma Alice 298 
Riddle. Bruce 357 

Riding, Lynn W. 339. 341 

Rigby, Merle 145 

Riggs, Colleen 131 

Riggs, Thalia 47. 351 

Ririe. David 49. 313, 320 

Ririe, Ellen,ean 147. 322 

Ririe. Geraldine 151 

Robbins. Darrel M. 155 

Roberts. Colleen 149, 320, 345 

Roberts, Dan E. 83 

Roberts, Dean D, 35 1 

Roberts, Joseph B. 97 

Roberts, Norma 49 

Robertson. Enid 147 

Robertson, Reece B, 97 

Robertson. Sheronne 159 

Robins. Maurine 159, 339, 341 

Robins, Roland Kenith 65 

Robinson, Artell 255 

Robinson. Betty 275 

Robinson, Clarence 296 

Robinson, Cloras Ann 72, 336 

Robinson. Fay Spencer 145 

Robinson. Harriett Ann 133, 303. 322 

Robinson. Jennie J. 91. 302. 350 

Robinson, Joyce Davis 74 

Robinson, Kay L. 77, 246, 249 

Robinson, Marlene 147 

Robinson, Max C. 53. 246. 248, 262 

Robinson. Millward D. 65 

Robinson. Okla 139 

Robinson, Reynold Dean 129 

Robinson. Rosalie 250 

Robison. Artell 127 

Robison. Clarence 65, 235 

Robison, Dan Clair 159 

Robison. LaRue F. 91 

Robison, Man C. 108 

Robison. Philhp C. 79, 235 

Robison, Rosalie 98 

Rock, Nola Rae 131 

Rodeback, Clyde E. 91 

Rodrego. Alfonso 345 

Roderick, Lee 351 

Rogers, Garth Olsen 111 

Rogers, Max 320 

Rogers, Marion R. "Scully" 59, 288 

Rolge. Mona E, 123. 309. 354 

Rollins. Robert Hatch 299 

Romney, Antone K. 333 

Romney, Catherine 260. 264 

Romney. Clyde S. 261 

Romney, Evan M, 159, 266, 296 

Romney, Jean 137, 287, 254 

Romney. Maurine 63. 298 

Romney. Mvrlene 71 

Romney. Reed G. 76 

Romney. William Fulton 109. 296 

Roper. Morrie Lee 268. 500 

Rose. Lucilc 81. 283, 542 

Rosen, Harold Earl 119 

Rosenberg, Clair 51. 513 

Rosenberg. Norma Peterson 63. 264 

Rosenberg, Reed R. 84 

Rosenhain, Helmut Manfred 43 

Ross, Alice Marie 57, 303 

Ross, LeRoy 101 

Roundy, Darrell Keith 107 

Roundy, Max 98 

Roundy, Paul Frost 92 

Rowan. Naoma T. 65 

Rowberry, Joseph 109, 266 

Rowberry, Judy 349 

Rowdy, Kilmer 141 

Rowe. Shirley Ann 157. 279, 326 

Rowell. Harold J. 93 

Rowley, Rnbert 319 

Rueckert. Gloria G, 81 

Ruff. Jean M, 285 

Runyan. John 261. 335 

Rupert. Dale Stanley 51. 257 

Ruppe, Janet Lee 129, 351 

Rushton, Allen LeRoy 344 

Rushton. Luana 81. 206, 246. 268, 

323, 344 
Russell, Jack K. 49 
Russell, Jere Lynnc 125, 302 
Russell. Kent Rees 28 f 
Russell, Lorraine 39, 113, 251. 274, 

Russell, Pat 279 
Russell. Ruth Patricia 147. 332 
Russell. Virginia 99 
Russon. Maynard B. 141 
Russon, Stanford D. 85 ~' 

Rutherford. E, Loree 117 
Ryan. Adrian Judd 107, 280 

Sabey. Soren G. 69 
Saffrey, Miriam 291 
Sakamoto, Nancy Kakuye 135. 291 
Salisbury. Leon George 105 
Sandberg. Calvin 84 
Sandberg. Lloyd Snow 55, 261, 336 
Sanders, June E, 79 
^Sanders, Christian F. 59, 206, 268 
Sanders. Joseph L. 153 
Sanders. Lillian L. 71 
Sanders, Shirley G. 123 
Sanderson, Aleen 87 
Sanderson, Barbara Mary 137. 303. 343 
Sanderson. DeReia Jayne 159 
Sanderson, Ivan L. 47, 246, 314 
Sanford, F. Dee 42 
Sansom, Frank Kenneth 81. 208 
Sargent, Merle Blair 1 1*5 
Sawyers, Mary Olive 51. 268. 323 
Schade. Mary Nell 119. 139, 328 
Scheller. Dorothy Joanne 123, 246. 256 
Scherer. Paul Edward 91 
Schindler. Stanley Fred 159 
Schipper, Lillian 135. 310. 344 
Schipper. Ruth W. 125. 310. 344 
Schmidt. Virginia 199 
Schmuti. Don F. 246. 262, 327, 336 
SchmuU, Milton David 45 
Schneider, Kenneth R. 332 
Schow. Howard Vincent 55 
Schow. John E. 141 
Schultz, Norma Jean 97, 320, 33S 

Schuman, Theodore A. 12! 

Schulthess. David 87, 139. 194, 265 

Schwab. Ernestine 131 

Schwalbe. Armand Wayne 143 

Scliwantes, Glendora Lois 49. 351 

Schwantes. Gloria Louise 39. 53. 275, 
331, 338 

Scott, George Chadwick 105, 288, 344 

Scctt. Lola 157 

Scott. Wanda 155 

Scoville, Jesse Keith 97, 145 

Scoville, ICEtth F. 269 

Seaman. Robert Edwin 55 

Scars, Roger W. R, 139, 342 

Seastrand, Garth 285 

Seaton, Elisabeth June 117 

See<:miller, Weston B. 336 

Seely, Leo Reid 123 

Sessions. Rosanne 113. 246, 250. 283 

Sevy. Arthur C. 103, 320 

SKal-.espeare. Elna 123. 271 

Shane, Roy A. 72. 319 

Sharp. Keith Porter 139. 320 

Sharp, Nona M. 72 

Sha-p. Sally 78 

Sharp. Stephen 59 

Shaw, Alfred Dean 91, 337 

Shaw. Charles 296 

Shaw. Ramona 101. 291 

Sheen. Glen L. 49. 284 

Sheffield. Homer J 145. 288 

Sheffield, Sherman Beck 112, 169. 199. 

Shelley, Arlo Frank 161 

Shelley, Carl Thomas 47. 319 

Shelley, Heber Jay 69 

Shelley, Stephen P, 63, 277 

Shclton. John A. 159 

Sheranian, Pauline 43, 311 

Sheranian, Richard Edwin 332 

Sherry. Mary Gardiner 123 

Shields. R. Doyle 123, 320, 339. 341 

Shifrer, Max Frank 55, 220 

Shippen, Fahn Louise 121, 343 

Shippen, Twila 143 

Shulberg. Sara Loy 143. 270 

Shupe, Ethel Jean 151 

Shupe. Norma Sparks 133. 344 

Shuitleff. Nancy Jane 78. 194, 265 

Shurtliff. Norman T. 97 

Shurthff. Romajean 129. 344 

Sieback. Ruth Elfrieda 155. 320. 342 

Simmons, James Ralph 127 

Simmons. Lucile 63, 314 

Simmons. Luna Joy 91. 342 

Simmons, Norma Laverne 83 

Simons, Enos Latimer 55 

Simpson. Reve 131, 354 
Singleton. Sam 3 33 

Singleton. Veloy 268 

Sirrine. Gail O. 331 

Sittle. Verne 285 

Skousen, Alma Walser 95, 312 

Skousen, Peter J. 61. 221. 277, 331 

Skousen. Virginia 101. 309. 3 28 

Slack. Jean 298 

Slack. Lawrence Roy 47, 313 

Slade. Curtis William 71. 349. 354 

Slater. Arthur D. 57. 261. 314. 329 

Smith, A- Blaine 87. 28t 

Smith, Barbara Lou 79. 348 

Smith. Betty Jo 79, M9. 170, 255, 282 
Smith, Beverlv 157 
Smith. Bodell, 65, 199 

Smith. Clarence Lyle 74 

Smith. Corinne 47. 246. 294. 311. 342 

Smith, Earl L. 263 
Smith. Gene DeVera 139 
Smith, George Ray 155 
Smith, Howard J. 104, 351 
SmitS; James Richard 300 
Smith, Jo Ann 310. 329, 348 
Smith, Larry 115. 246 
' Smith. Leland A. 119. 331 
Smith. Leslie Bernell 111. 320 
Smith. Margaret 127, 343 
Smith, Myrleen 129 
Smith, Norma 111. 302. 354 
Smith. Oliver R. 265 
Smith. R. Dee 89 
Smith. Ralph Jay 143 
Smith, Reed Every 104 
Smith, Ren Thornton 4T 
Smith; Rottrt Junius 45 
. Smith, Rozella 53, 199, 325 
♦ Smilh, Shirley May 141, 317 
Smith, Vicki 82. 283 
Smith, Voncile 141 
Smith, Wayne J. 55 
Smith, Wilda 351 
Smith. Wilford E. 261. 329 
Smith, William Dean 151 
Smith, William S, 119 
Smith, William H. 47 
Smiihson, Rulon Nephi 91. 320. 351 
Smurtbwaite, Dorothy Mae 139 
Snelgrove. Phillip Ray 58. 113. 185. 

272. 328 
Snell, Gloria 117, 251 
Snow. Alma 39. 74. 176. 197, 246. 

Snow. Imogcne 153 
Snow. Juanita 115, 291. 533 
Snow. Karl Anthony 49. 277. 319 
Snow. LuDcne P. 33 3 
Snow. Nadine 154 
Snow. Rodney James 70. 288 
Snyder. June Anna 78, 351 
Snoyder. Laurel Sadie 149. 349, 351 
Snyder. Rudy George 320 
Softer, Stelma Armin 51 
Sorenaen. Charleen W. 279 
Sorensen, Donald 91 
Sorensen, George W. 106. 201. 233. 

285 326, 327, 332, 356 
Sorensen. Jerclyn 151. 254. 303. 345 
Sorensen, Lloyd Lee 141. 300 
Sorensen. Mary Colleen 121, 320 
Sorenson, Vervenc Joy 159 
Spackman, Melvin E^le 125, 334 

Spafford, William Nelson 80. 233 

Speed. Mary Jo 291 

Speedy, Afton Leone 127. 348 

Spencer, Bryce 268 

Spencer. Joseph Walter 267 

Spencer, Karl Freeman 117 

Spencer. Vernon Rufus 109. 336 

Spendlove. John Clifton 77 

Spendlove. Rex J. 100 

Sperry. Elaine 59 ' 

Sperry, Richard Dean 273 

Sperry. S. Lyman 49. 166, 168, 272 

Spratling, Gwcn 149 

Spratling. Maurine 159 

Sprouse. Betty Jo 139, 351 

Sprouse, Donald Paul 74. 277. 319. 351 

Squire. LaVon. 61. 311 

Staheli, Harvey Kent 281 

Staheh, J Melvin 153. 230 

Staheli, Silliam H. 145 

Staker, W. Lyman 71. 333 

Stanger. Elaine H. 98 

Stanger, Helen Marie 147. 161, 343 

Stanger, Kenneth J. 47, 352 

Stapley. Dwight J. 69, 277 

Staplcy, Stanley Charles 219 

Stapp, Nanette E. 113, 194, 283, 327 

Stapp, Royc E, 281 

Stauffer, Norman Duane 127 

Stayner. Jay Lynn 143. 253, 348 

Steadman. Donna Beth 147 

Steele. Patricia 137, 293 

Steele. Paul D. 57, 320 

Stelter. Mary 320 

Stensland. Jewel A. 161, 293. 337 

Stephens. Keith T. 38, 83, 170. 246. 

Stephens. LaVelle 3 54 
Stevens, Bruce 103. 220. 269, 327, 

Stevens. David Riley 121. 334 
Stevens, Jean Blanding 79 
Stevenson. Evan N. 85. 253. 284, 343 
Stevenson, Frank Joy 76 
Stevenson. Mitii 53 
Stewart, Anna 344 
Stewart, Caryl Lucinda 75. 344 
Stewart. Dale J. 88 
Stewart. Darr^M H. 83 
Stewart. Ethel Louise 97, 344 
Stewart, G. Keith 117 
Stewart, JoAnn 151 
Stewart. Marvin Hansen 296 
Stewart. Ron 235 
Stewart. Thais Jacquc 139. 337 
Stewart, Wanda Vee 71, 275 
Stice, Dorothy Louise 131 
Stimpson, Gloria 127, 517 
Stockman. Donald G. 145 
Stoddard. Claire H, 174. 200, 261 
Stoddard. Helen June 51 
Stoddard. Sue 84 
Stoffer. Bill 230 
Stoker. Leona Dell 143. 336 
Stokes. Ellen 283. 327 
Stokes. Orpha 65. 310. 320 
Stone. Gloria 157 
Stone. Grace Florence 260. 303 
Stone. Jayne Elisabeth 133. 279 
Stone, Joice B. 3 37 
Stone, Mark 133 
Stone, Thane E. 221 
Storm. Gloria Beverly 151. 195. 265. 

Stotl. Darlene 121 
Stott, Karl J. 116 
Stott, Richard L. 97, 3 57 
Stowe, Thomas Mark 281 
Stowell, Glade E. 78 
Stratton, Nina 95 
Stringfellow. Esther 79 
Stringham, Alenc, 71, 295, 311. 320, 

Stringham. Donnetie 96, 251. 311. 352 
Stringham, Janet 57, 286 
Stringham, LaRue 264, 309 
Stringham, Mary 131 
Stuart, Darrel M. 189, 196 
Stubbs, Max W. 97. 253 
Stucki, Caroline 59 
Stueler. Juanita Louise 153. 317 
Sturgill, Eugene H. 95, 203. 252. 285. 

Stuti. Rowan C. 51. 3 34 
Sudekum, Karl Dewayne 101. 253. 345 
Sudweks. David 59 
Sudweeks, Verl Clyde 55. 233 
Sullivan. William D. 115, 359 
Sumsion. Richard M 133 
Sundberg. Kathlyn Claire 121 
Sutherland. Thelma 111 
Sutton. Claude 107. 285 
Sutton. Evelyn Maxine 153. 328, 348 
Sutton. Marjorie 63. 329 
Sutton. Thelma D. 63. 264 
Svedin. Maude Ethel 153 
Swallow. Doyle K. 106. 301 
Swann. Seth Willard 159. 328. 348 
Swapp. Wylie W. 51, 191, 246. 284. 

Sweeten, Florence 93, 348 
Sweeten, Nellie 157, 309, 348 
Swenson. Clevc 273 
Swcnson, David W. 43. 268 
Swenson, Helen C Anderson 65, 282 
Swensen. Lynn A. Nyssa 159, 344 
Swenson, Ross C. 93 
Syphus. Naomi Diannc 149, 246 


Cal S. 63, 272 
Hall Snell 42, 273 

Irene D. 287 
Ferrell D. 252 

Joy 275 
, L. Burke 155, 352 
Betty Lou 92 
Donna Mae 127 
Margaret Ellen 119 
Marilyn 322 
Zola 115. 29J 

Taylor, Afton L. 274 

Taylor, Barbara Jean 117, 139 

Taylor, Carol 145 

Taylor, Curtis 161, 332 

Taylor, Daniel Pierce 63 

Taylor. Doyle R. 257 

Taylor. Elvin E. 161 

Taylor, Floyd R. 57 

Taylor, Glen Preston 107 

Taylor, Hall L. 263 

Taylor, Ilene 55, 510 

Tavlor, Jeannie 76, 286 

Taylor, John A. 161, 272 

Taylor, Juha 73, 333 

Taylor, Kathleen 112, 251 

Taylor. Kent G. 103, 272 

Taylor, Leah 81, 286, 320 

Taylor, Leigh 270. 174 

Taylor. Lester 137 

Taylor, Marilyn K. 251 

Taylor, Marva 115 

Taylor. Mary Lou Dixon 61, 28J 

Taylor, Miles D. 125 

Taylor, Nancy 113. 250, 293 

Taylor, Nola 59 

Taylor. Paul Melvin 280 

Taylor, Pauline Beard 97 

Taylor, Rose M. 57 

Taylor. Stanley Kay 280 

Taylor, Thomas Sterling 47, 284 

Taylor, Wendell E. 249. 251 

Taylor, Winston J. 55, 180. 246, 249 

Tcbbs, Stanley Arthur 123 

Teeples, Carma 49, 343 

Teichert, John 111, 300 

Templeton, Mary E. 127 

Terry, Elma 65, 341 

Terry. LaGrandc 93 

Terry, Orlyn 104, 185, 328 

Teslich. Mildred 39. 95, 290 

TeuUer. Vern' 359 

Tew, Milton H. 63 

Tew, Roy 174 

Thacker, Ralph L. 141 

Thalman, Karl J. 185, 202, 273 

Thatcher, John LaMar 153 

Thayer, Elizabeth Jean 303, 322, 329. 

Thayer. Virginia 93, 322, 329. 342 
Thayer, William Robert 135, 297, 342 
Theobald, Bonnie Jean 81 
Theobald. Inez 115 
Theobald, Milton V. 221 
Theobald, Randle E. 147, 320 
Theodore. William Chelscn 97 
Thibault. J. Gordon 127, 334 
Thiel, Theodore Carl Jr. 92, 219, 227. 

Thomander, Donna 113. 233. 250, 29J 
Thomas, Boyd R. 299. 322 
Thomas. Claudia Joyce 143 
Thomas. David Elwin 3 51 
Thomas. David J. 87, 269 
Thomas, Glen A. 149 
Thomas, Kathleen M. 151 
Thomas, William J. 93, 344 
Thompson, Carolyn 157, 291, 348 
Thompson, Dorothy 97, 290. 348 
Thompson. Ivan Barry 129 
Thompson, Joseph Edward 111 
Thompson, Laurie Dea 70. 320 
Thompson. Paul 250 
Thomson, Elaync E. 51 
Thorlcy. Jay B. 312 
Thorn, Robert P. 145 
Thorne, C. Lawrence 55 
Thorne, Jerrold Lewis 143, 356 
Thomley, Golda 63, 270 
Thorley. Jay 82 

Thornton, Aliina Mae 125. 309 
Thornton. Geniel Alice 279 
Thorson, Carol 3 1 1 
Thorson. Marjorie 311 
Thueson, Duane Hesse 107 
Thueson, Elwood Gail 97 
Thurber. LeiOma 81 
Thurgood. Jack J. 57. 232 
Thurston. LeRue E. 74 
Tibbetts, Janice Claire 286 
Tibbits, Marjorie Jean 129 
Tidwcll, Arland J. 127 
TidweH, Eugene Delbert 153, 300. 344 
Timothy. Mary Donna 251, 351 
Tippetts, Joseph Eli 47 
Tipton. Vernon J. 257 
Tobler, Cloyd Alfred 107 
Todd. Ira Hatch 232. 289. 331 
Toland. Dorian Conrad 117 
Tolboe. Harold R. 289 
Tolman. Farrell D. I5J 
Tolman. Glen H, 85, 313 
Toomey, Donald E. 157. 320 
Toone, Ramgna H. 91 
Tootle. John C. 192. 261 
Torgerson. Lois Lynn 127 
Torgersen, Vernell 155 
Torney. Helen M. 85. 168 
Trace. Bermuda Anne 149 
Tracy. Clinton Roland 155 
Tree. Colleen 97 

Tregaskis. Albert Donald 113. 253 
Tregaskis. Doris E. Crosby 59 
Tregaskis. Lyle R. 65, 248 
Trcu. Barbara Joyce 123 
Trmillo. Alfonso Rcy 57 
Tsalaky. Theophilus John 104 
Tschudy, Belva Worrell 123. 161 
Tschudy, James J. 123 
Tucker, Connie A. 55 
Tucker. H. David 103 
Tucker, Norma 293 
Tucller. Vern M. 104 
Tuft, Dawn Marie 114, 354 
Turley. Monita 141. 320 
Tumbow, Lloyd 75 
Turnbow, Shirley Mae 91 
Turner, Bonnie Lee 123. 337 
Turner. Clair G. 101 
Turner. Dale M. 159 
Turner. Donald Eugene 155 

Turner. Ella Ruth 107. 291. 33J 

Turner. Frank Paul 84. 166. 248. 277 

Turner, Norman Clyde 145 

Turner. Robert Ivan 96 

Tuttlc. Allen H. 151 

Tuttle. Joan 287 

Tuttle. Phyllis 143. 335 

Tyler, Iva Dolores 137. 328, 344. 348 

Tyler, Jane Virginia 332 

Tyndall. Hilda S. 347 

Tyndall, Otella Watson 347 

Tyndall. Rolland E. 109 

Udall. Josephine L. 80, 27 S 
Udall. Jesse N. 289 
Undhjem, Kent M. ?7. 285, 343 
Unger, Pasty Leone 137 
Unicc, Charles Joseph 257, 28! 
Unice. Robert Charles 95, 269 
Ure. Beverly 260. 320 
Ursenbadc, Carmen 115, 334 

Valebce. Yvonne T. 61 
Vance, Glen W. 149 
Van Dyke. Allen Dale 297 
Van Noy. Dean Thayne 230 
Van Wagenen, Richard Frank 72 
Vaughn. Gordon 350 
Vergin. Doris May 106, 309 
Vernon, Glenn M. 345 
Vernon. Leo P. 49 
Vickers, Gene E. 74, 246. 350 
Victor, Barbara Leigh 254 
Viehweg, Rosa G. 75. 220, 320 

Wade. Olive S. 47. 249, 352 

Wadsworth, James Leo 266. 322 

Wadsworth, William Kent 342 

Wagner, Eliiabeth 238 

Wagner, John 231 

Wagner. Thelma 260 

Wagataff, Bert W. 83, 285 

Wagsiaff. Betty Gay 87 

Wagstaff. Josephine 93, 309, 354 

Wainwright. Paul Black 109, 266, 359 

Waitc, Stanley Kenneth 1 1 1 

Waite, Wendell Glenn 127 

Walker, Brady 185, 226. 23 5 

Walker, Burdcne 137 

Walker, DeVere E. 89 

Walker. Glade D. 135 

Walker, J. Myron JOl, 252. 277 

Walker, Ned R. 135, 312, 319 

Walker, Stanley H. 66, 277 

Walker, Thelma 103 

Walker, Vivian 89 

Walker, William Ue 151 

Walt. Andrew J. 65 

Wall. Bema 95 

Wall, Ruth 74. 309 

Wallace. Barbara 99 

Wallace. Jack R. 99 

WaUer, Lucile 72. 201. 350 

Walsh. Berti Del 69, 317 


Walters, Bob 219 

Wanlass, Shirley Irene 84. 332 

Wappett. Joan Lavmia 85. 291. 334 

Warhy. Albert E. 159 

Ward, Carey 87, 333 

Ward. Norma 333 

Wardle. Donna Phyliss 77. 343 

Wardle. Verna LaRene 161 

Wardle. Vernal Dennis 343 

Ware. Jack K. 61, 324, 336 

Waring, Roben G. 100. 320 

Warner, Lynn Helen 84. 238 

Warner, Pearl 92 

Warner. Robert O. 91 

Warner, Ruth 349 

Warner. Sylvia Jane 89 

Warnock. Arda Jean 149 

Warr, Margie Ruth 81 

Warr. Richard Merrill 13 3. 3 59 

Warren, Edwin Dilworth 161 

Warren. Keith Guild 151 

Wasden, Blaine Johnson 70, 266, 299 

Wasden. Bruce 119 

Wasden, Ray L. 153 

Washburn, L. Berk 

Watanabe. Boris K. 300 

Watanabe. Tsugio 89. 340 

Watkins. Helen 303. 348 

Watson. Carolyn Craic 161, 246. 355 

Watson. Roberta K. 93. 303 

Watters, Francis M, 109 

Watts. John C. 43 

Watts. Marilyn 151 

Watts. Stan 230. 23) 

Weaver. Don Mark 204. 208. 268 

Webb. Barbara Jane 73 

Webb, Dick 230 

Webb. Donna Jean 151 

Webb. Earl 262, 345 

Webb. Ernest John 147 

Webb. Francis Adelbert 312 

Webb. Isaac Earl 111. 192 

Webb, Margaret Lillian 125 

Webb. Norma Jean 157 

Weber. Joye Ella 15J 

Weber. Merril Brown 95 

Webster, Gr3nt G. 89. 320 

Webster. Lloyd E. 55. 296, 331 

Webster. Nelson J. 55. 296. 331 

Webster. Nita Fern 147 

Weech. Wayne B, 63, 296 

Weibell. Agnes A. 145 

Weight. Joe E. 77, 281 

Weight, Verl Fredrick 110 

Weiser, David Allen 99. 269, 142 

Welch. Barbara 127. 311 

Welch, Bonnie Jean 157 

Welk», Alvin Ernest 141 

Wells. Lewis F. 53, 319 

Wells. Nancy Jean 101, 303 

Wells, Norma Rae 287 

Wellfl, Robert 325 

Wells, Rula Jane 115, JIO 

Webch, Barbara Pauline 65. 3M 

Wcngreen, Margaret 282 

West, Jack Hunt 133 

West. Mcrna D. 65 

Westberg. Carol 337 

Wc-iern. Melba 83. 271, 341 

Westover, Jack Lee 155 

Weftover, Sharee 147. 2''4. 29) 

Whatcoti. Harold J, 95 

Wh^ircott. Helen Srencer 51 

Whatcott. Keiih Don 151 

Whatcott. Vern C. 230 

Wbeatlcy. Lester C. 284 

Wheeler, Leslie A. 38. 82. 313 

Wheelwright. Frank McKell 103. 269 

Wheelwright. Thomas P. 195 

Whipple, Georgia Ann 157 

Whinple. Jack Davis 226 

Whipple. McKin Reed 344 

W'hitakcr. Lorna 119 

Whiibeck. Dorothy Anne 159. 355 

Whi*e. Barbec 153, 351 

White. Gcraldme 141 

White. Kenna E. 137 

White. J. Morgan 147 

WTiite, Phyllis Mae 155 

White. Talmage Eugene 95 

White. Wayne D. 133. 296. 350 

Whitehead. Gwen C. 87. 320 

Whitehead. Richard 101 

Whiteley. J. Reed 82 

Whitesidcs, Marilyn 250. 275 

Whiting, Arthur Milton 153. 331 

Whiting.. James Gary 37. 174. 188 

Whiting, Joyce 37. 49. 188. 247 

Whiting. Stewart Cook 59 

Whitney. Homer R. 78 

Whitney. Jack Fred 49 

Whitney, Katheryn M. 61. 279 

Whittaker. Betty 77. 352 

Whittaker, Bob 99. 189. 265 

Whitton, Margaret Mae 97 

Whitworth. Ray F. 300, 348 

Whyte. Arthur Wallace 98 

Wickes. Harvey E. 99 

Wickham, Charlotte Ann 135 

Widdison. Elma 63, 311 

Wieder, Arnold 230 

Wiest. Earl J. 103, 289 

Wiest. Walter G. 37. 67, 248. 320 

Wight. Jack Grover 121 

Wight. Lyman B. 83 

Wight. Ray 265 

Wightman, Nancy Ann 161, 320 

Wilcox, Blaine A. 59, 285 

Wilcox. Calvin Coleman 92, 301 

Wilcox. Carl Elbert 147, 337 

Wilcox. Clyde Bertram 151, 337 

Wilcox. Darrell Ann 155 

Wilcox, Leo C. 125 

Wilcox. Louise 95, 270 

Wilcox. Marilyn 101 

Wilde, Delta Lois 65 

Wilde. Ralph M. 119 

Wilden. Joy 96, 298 

Wiling. Malcolm W. 63, 263 
Wilding. Margaret Lavinia 310 
Wilker. La Verne 3JI 
Wilk.ns. Alice Renee 157 
Wilkins. Junella Sanford 45. 206. 323. 

Wilkins. Kirk Chase 59. 206. 281 
Wilkins. Richard R. 135. 272 
Wilkinson. Marian 85. 264 
Williams. Clara 65. 264. 310. 336 
Williams. Clara 74. 332 
Williams. David L. 57 
Williams. Elaine 81. 282 
Williams. Glenda Lucille 309 
Williams. James Kenneth 53 
Williams. Jean Louise 145. 323. 337 
Williams. John David. Jr. 147.235 
Willardson, Beth Bennett 59 
Willardson. Robert K. 61. 267 
Williams, Ariel L. 115. 3)7 
Williams. Buehl LaMar 87. 326 
Williams. John R 43 
Williams, Kathryn 89 
Williams. Mania Pauline 139. 351 
Williams. Mary 82, 302 
Willis, Conrad P. 110 
Willis. John H. 78 
Willis. Luana Lea 71. 331 
Willis. Martin J. 8) 
Willis. Thurman A. 117 
Willmore. Jeraldene 151 
Wilson. Alma McDonald 13). )44 
Wilsor>. Bonnie Mary 55. 283, 317 
Wilson. Byron Gale 141. )51 
Wilson, Dean George 139. 281 
Wilson. Eldred 13). 351 
Wilson, Keith L. 95, 272. )27. 348 
Wikon. M. Joyce 57. 298. 349 
Wilson. Nancy Claire !74. 287 
Wilson. Richard LaMar 131 
Wilson. Ruth 264 
Wilson, Wilbur J. 155 
Wiltsey. O. Raymond 81 
Winebrenner. Dorothy Jean 275 
Winegar. Leone 37, 39. 65. 168. 176. 

246, 247. 264. 270 
Winegar. Louise 121. 270. 344 
Wing. Ila Voine 143 
Wing. Norman Stagg 127 
Winkler. Barbara Jean 143. 255. 293 
Winkler. Beth Bluebell 153, )51 
Winkler, Nella Jane 107 
Winn. Loreh 105 
Winsor, Galen Hulet 90 
Winsor, Patricia 127, 246. 274 
Winterrose, Haiel 51 
Winterrose. Geneva 290, 329 
Winters. Bcrniecc 5 5 
Winters. Dean G, 55 
Winters. Kenneth Gunn 108 
Winward. Leland S. Jr- 145 
Wirthhn. Bill D. 51, 297. ))7 
Wiscombe. Arthur Clark 101, 351 
Wiscombe. Howard O. 281 
Wiser, Dave 233 
Wiser, Key L. 137 

Wiil^eck. Carol 298. 322 

Witbeck. Dorothy Anne 345. 151 

Witt. Aitecn M. 129. 337 

Win. Allan J. 45, 327 

Wmcm. Franklin Don 65, 299 

Wollenhaup. Walter F. 108 

Woverton, Franklin John 344 

WolkJ. Don Charles 135 

Woodland. Norecne Willard 139 

Woods. Doiothy La Rue 137 

\V'r.odv.ard. Marilyn C. 100 

Woolf, Wade Austin 343 

WooIIey. Quentin 280 

Woolston. Geneve Arvilla 112. 250 

WooKcrton. Frank 230 

Workman. Isaac Dilts 69. 197, 299 

Worscncroft. Leland Jensen 276 

Worihen. Richard Gordello 143, 344 

Worthington. Helen 55 

Wright. Barbara 161 

Wright. Dean H. 107 

Wright. Ivan Dec 71, 339. 341. 356 

Wnght. Leon V. 116 

Wright. Patricia 153. 201. 23 5 

Wright. Robert Ralph 51 

Wright, Robert Wayne 320 

Wright. Thayne 111 

Wyler. Wayne Edward 105 

Wyss. Betty Lou 109. 246. 328 

Yager. Patricia Ann 155. 286, 330 

Yamashita. Lily 137. 320. 344 

Yancey, Lydean 123, 320 

Yardly. Donna Mane 72. 265. 536 

Yoaocham, Manba A. 147 

Young, Bryon Dec 2)5 

Young. Bob )32 

Young, Calvin 284. 320. 328. 332 

Young. Carol 1)5 

Young. Doris M. 125. 256 

Young. Ethel Waiakoa 147, 290, 341 

Young. Gail 133 

Young. Helen Viola 139 

Young, fames Ira 192. 248. 262 

Young. J Carl 349 

Young. Josephine 251. 342, 349 

Young, Kenneth H. 81 

Young. Lois Haight 51. 303 

Young. Marilyn 139 

Young. Moylen 1 1 1 

Young. M. Patricia 287 

Young. Sheryl 92 

Yule. Dan 230 

Zabriskie. Bob Roland 273 
Zabriskie, Walter Edward 231 
Zagorec, John I. 109, 312. 342 
Zenger. Jerry H. 73. 280. 320 
Zimmerman. Cecil J. 61 
Zitting. Harold Leroy 135 
Zobel. Gordon N 147, 350 
Zundell. Elizabeth Irene 260. 275. 295, 

502. 545 
Zundell. Kathleen 55, 260, 275. 295, 

502. 345 
Zwahlcn, Kenneth D. 147, 296 
Zwefel. Ann Ruth 153 


^^;^^;,jr!I^^ -^ ^=--<; -^^ -^^-^ --^^^^ ;9tr^- ^ 

^ ^**,T»i« ^'t::'^^:^^^-'^ ^^ ^^'^^'^ ^^*^^ 
^'j^ ^i^^i^ -f^- ^o"^^ -^ " ''^ "'" ' 


'^(^^ ^.^^f^^^m^^^^m 

^^^^ V 

■-:^?^'> -^ 


st-r M<riii>ri;jl llui I 

lIcbtT J. Grant 

-i. Jusi'ph Villi ill liuildh)^ 

8 Science Buildiirg-Under 
Construct ion Spring, 

9. Fine Arts Buildings 

10. Gymnasium 

!-icId Housc'L'ndcr Con- 
struction Spring, 1948. 

jiiil Sdfijil ( inter Cum 12. New I.ibrar> 

pU-Ii'd Sprinu. I94S. 

7. Siudi'iii Supply iind Cafeteria 

un Bui Iding