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Brigham Young University 













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Seventy-five years is a long, long time 
... a long time to live, to grow and to be- 
come great. In recognition of Brigham Young 
University's seventy-fifth birthday, we 
proudly present the 1951 Banyan. 







INDEX 408 

Students of the new Brigham Young Academy pose 
in front of Lewis Hall on West Center street, first 
campus home. 

At a time when Provo was 
emerging from pioneer conditions, 
when adobe houses were replacing 
log cabins, and the old-fashioned 
horsepower parked beside fence 
posts, a group of men possessed with 
foresight looked into the future. In 
the year 1875 a deed of trust estab- 
lished Brigham Young Academy, and 
Karl G. Maeser began teaching with 
his first twenty-nine students in Lew- 
Is Hall. 

Disaster struck in 1884. On a 
midnight in January flames leaped 
through the roof of the box-light 
structure, casting a glow upon the 
snow for blocks around. A critical 
financial period followed and the 
school, now located in the Z.C.M.I 
warehouse, meagerly survived upon 
loans and donations. Finally in 1892 
the new Education Building on lower 
campus was completed. When the 
group entered their new home. Dr. 
Maeser gave his farewell address; 
Benjamin Cluff was named the new 

...In The 

It was the day of "sixty-minute football" when these proud 
fellows won the state and college championship of 1 897. 

Dr. Karl G. Maeser was re- 
sponsible for much of the ear- 
ly success of the school. 




/■[f ..v.^' /j^.^^B 

-jgHK^ ^ ^. i^n'1 

^K^^Hl ^^1 ^^. ' i ^B ^M 

^ I 

It was a serious business for 
this staff of the "B.Y.A. Stu- 
dent" in 1891. 

Expansion to Upper Campus 

K.-.. ^ 





Burros were used for transportation up the mountain- 
side on the first "Y" Day in 1906. 

The "horseless carriage" hadn't made much headway 
yet when this group came up to dedicate the site of 
the Maeser Building. 

Under the supervision of 
Benjamin Cluff the school took 
rapid strides forward. He inaug- 
urated sunnnner sessions with emi- 
nent educators from the East as 
guests. In 1903 the name was 
changed to Brigham Young Uni- 
versity and George H. Brimhall 
became the new President. 

University Hill was acquired 
and the nucleus of the University 
began to unfold. Professional 
architects and builders contribu- 
ted to the expansion program. 
With united efforts faculty and 
students responded to the call of 
the President by digging pipe 
trenches, laying floors and ce- 
ment walks, and constructing a 
giant "Y" upon the mountain- 
side. New buildings erected 
were the Maeser Memorial, the 
Mechanics Arts Building, and the 
Women's Gymnasium. 


"Gibson-Girl" blouses were a 
must for the 1906 campus 

It was the "Roaring Twenties." Clara Bow hair cuts 
danced with striped ties to the rhythm of the Charleston. 
During this age of extreme styles and college hilarity there 
was an increased enrollment of students, and provisions 
were made for expansion. The University was organized 
into various colleges, which did much to raise the scholas- 
tic standards of the institution. Newly-appointed President 
Franklin Hams saw the urgent need for a library. An ap- 
propriation was obtained which enabled the University to 
build the Heber J. Grant Library and it was dedicated 
during the Semi-Centennial celebration held in October. 
1 925. 

♦ * * Tioenty 

Gala floats and flag-carrying march- 
ers highlighted the parade commemorat- 
19^25 "J^'^ersity's Semi-Centennlal in 

The smooth men on campus found 
that owning one of these slick jobs was 
a sure way to success in the early I920's. 



Three Skidoo 

Crowded conditions at track meet 
pointed out need for much-dreamed-of 
stadium to replace this athletic field lo- 
cated on present site of Joseph Smith 


Collegians found cramped 
College Hall bookstore to be 
a source of the latest "dirt" 
as well as school supplies in 
pre-war days. 

A Depression and a War 


- 12 

A pre-game catastrophe of the I930's 
was the escape of the cougar mascot. Af- 
ter the cub was replaced the "Y" team 
continued with unequaled enthusiasm. 
Throughout the decade "Pep Vodies," pro- 
grams including fantastic vaudeville acts, 
were held prior to BYU-Utah games to stim- 
ulate pep among student supporters. 

The progressive administration of 
President Harris continued. More land was 
acquired; Allen Hall, Amanda Knight Hall, 
and the Joseph Smith Memorial were built; 
the campus was made beautiful. However, 
with the entrance of the United States into 
World War II, the growth of the University 
was curtailed as men took up their nation's 

Beautiful Amanda Knight Hall, finished in 
1939, provided campus women with a home 
away from home and campus men with a 
sure source for dates. 

Sharp "Y" men soon discovered that Aller 
Hall was a terrific place to live besides beinc 
so conveniently close to Knight Hall. 


The big war was over. G.I. Joe had 
his Bill of Rights and was determined to 
finish his interrupted education. President 
Howard S. McDonald had to face the 
problem of expanding the campus facili- 
ties to provide for the vastly enlarged 
student body. Student housing facilities 
were increased with the erection of Cam- 
pus Dormitory for women. Surplus Army 
barracks were moved in and became the 
veteran's housing unit known as Wymount 
Village. A health center, a new cafeteria, 
a larger bookstore, a speech center, and 
the K.B.Y.U. broadcasting station have 
brought increased services to the students. 
Classroom space was doubled with the 
erection of the magnificent Physical Sci- 
ence Building, while basketball fans eagerly 
awaited the completion of the Fieldhouse. 
As Ernest L. Wilkinson took over as Presi- 
dent, it was apparent that the University 
was well on the way in a new era of pro- 
gress and development. 

Rapidly nearing completion is the 7100-seat 
Fieldhouse which will at long last provide a home 
for the potent Cougar casaba squads. 

It was a memorable day when ground was bro- 
ken for the new $2,000,000 Physical Science Building. 

The "year of the big snow" will long be re- 
membered by students of the "Y" during the winter 
of 1949. 

I Illlllll 





. . A New Era Dawns 



Dedication . . . 

Dean Carl E Eifring 

■ Dean Eyring poses by the pendulum 
bowl in the beautiful lobby of the new 
Physical Science Building. 

In the lobby of one of the nnost careful 
designed science buildings in the nation a mc 
stood beside a steel staircase. The tall Dean ( 
Arts and Sciences viewed the interior of tl 
building with its long corridors, high panels, ar 
plate glass windows. He was finniliar not on 
with this finished structure, but also with tl 
carefully laid plans of nearly half a century. 

Carl F. Eyring began his career at B.Y.I 
as a tab instructor. During his forty years as t 
educator, his association with students encor 
passed both the classroom and outside acti\ 
ties. Often he has been in the group to tack 
the slopes of Mt, Timpanogos on the annual hik 
His versatile career took him to the jungles c 
Panama during the war to study acoustics. H 
more domestic interests kept him at home in c 
arm chair reading scientific journals, books c 
philosophy, and occasionally mysteries and /* 
ley Oop comics. 

It was indeed a great tragedy to the Ur 
versify when this outstanding man passed awe 
on January 3. His death was considered to b 
a personal tragedy by all of those who knew hii 
during his long and fruitful teaching career. 

The front steps of the lovely 
Eyring honrie was used some years 
ago in photographing Dr. and Mrs. 
Eyring and their children, Elaine 
and Robert. 



Happiness radiates from Dean Eyring 
as his beloved building reaches its final 
stages of construction. 

The culmination of Dr. Eyring's 
career is reached at the dedica- 
tion ceremonies of the Physical 
Science Building. 



Registration means endless lines, changes in 
schedule, and disappointments for all. 

Stationery sales in the bookstore is reminder of that 
letter to be written home. 

September brings us back to school 
The campus is aglow 
And casual Nell just sets the pace 
Be friendly. Say Hello! 

Emmanell Viera 




Pulse normal . . . blood pressure normal 
. . weight, well l^uess. 

Trilby Packard leads off in Cougare+tt. 

Some of the campus wolves seem to approve of new 
freshmen Pat Hales and Sharon Schade. 

Lucky girl chosen for membership in Cougarettes is 
measured to make certain uniform fits right. 

Latest in campus fashions are shown 
wondering freshmen by such models 
as Jan Bean. 

Tiring but necessary are those 
awful backbreaking orientation 

...It Was All 

Roger Sears leads one of the 
tours conducted by the White 
Keys and Blue Keys to acquaint 
students with the campus, doing 
justice even to lover's lane. 


New students rally to first assembly, 2000 strong, at beginning of orientation week. 

So New and Exciting 

Fall frosh activities were direc- 
ted by Howard Gonzales, Nada 
White, Ron Carter, Betty Dain, 
and Reed Painter as members of 
the Freshmen Committee. 


Three frosh girls are given the molasses and raw eggs treatment at Senior 
Court by members of the football squad. 

"In the deep" go the lazy fellows who didn't trudge 
UD the mountainside to clean off the Y 

. . . Oh 

Woe be unto the frosh who doesn't 
learn the school songs. 



Disobedient frosh Bob Quaney is faught to henceforth respect 
his upperclassmen. 

Hou) We Suffered 

Everyone wants his shoes shined to 

Tail, ears, and rope aid the get- 
ting acquainted process of these 
young Cougars. 

Mat dance activities introduced eager freshmen 
to one of the most popular features of campus life. 

Cold cement steps provided little com- 
fort during fall quarter for students in new 
Physical Science Building ampitheaters. 

Vonda Christensen 


October sets the atmosphere 
Of pumpkins, ghosts and witches. 
Witn Vonda its a turnabout 
There's parties, plays, and riches. 

Street dance in front of Allen 
Hall gave the shy a chance to 
become better acquainted. 


Annual torchlight parade ends at the street dance. 

Fabulous Call sisters and Jerry McCullock in ceremonial dress 
entertain the fans at halftime during the Utah game. 

Students burn the Ute in effigy at pre- 
game rally, and determine that this will be 
the year. 


Thompson sisters enliven class 
party activities with their classic 
song routines before Janie leaves 
for England. 


Autumn Leaf Ball provided romantic atmosphere and smooth music for those 
not worn out by the hike. 



Patti Crawley and John McCabe demonstrates 
how it should be done when Charleston craze hits the 
campus and leaves it pantina. 

When lights are low and music sweet 

Diamond Jubilee Dance ends successful 
popular heels and hose affair. 

week as a 

No wonder B.Y.U. has been called the most dancing 
school in the country. 


Dick Fox crowns gracious Jackie while 
onlookers beann approval. 

Applauding audience greets entrance of 
Queen Jackie at Soph, dance. 

First formal dance of the year added to the coffers of the loan fund. 


Using the building spirit which 
had hit campus as a theme, sopho- 
mores transformed the halls into 
"Innovations in Construction" com- 
plete with blue tinfoil crane. A pop- 
ular choice for queen was Jackie 
Johnson who reigned with her atten- 
dants Fay Craig and Betty hHayes. 
Funds from the dance went to the 
fund set upto assist needy students. 

Sophomore Loan Fund Queen 

Sophomore loan Fund Ball 

Queen Jackie Johnson and at- 
tendants Fay Craig and Betty 
Hayes pose in the Social Hall. 


Florence Stocks and 
Max Goligh+ly provide 
laughs and fun as husband 
and wife in this George 
Bernard Shaw satire. 

Maridell Lewis spurns ardent suitor 
for dashing Burnett Fergusen. 

Final scene ends with everyone 
in arms. 

Arms and 
The Man 


Washington, D. C. hillbillies en- 
tertain students at Blue Key. 
White Key assembly. 

Thursday Assemblies Were Packed 

Flappers and shieks bring the 
spirit of the twenties to the Dia- 
mond Jubilee assembly. 

Culminating seventy-five years of suc- 
cessful progress, Brigham Young University 
celebrated its Diamond Jubilee with a week 
of festivities In October. Highpoint of the 
celebration was the dedication of the new 
two million dollar Physical Science Building. 
Visiting authorities paid tribute to the foun- 
ders of the university who struggled to keep 
It going. Outstanding educators from all 
over the nation took part in the academic 
procession, convocation exercises, and sym- 
posium on the subject of "75 years of West- 
ern Culture." Other activities of the week 
included a student parade, assembly, and 
a concert by the United States Navy Band. 

Our beloved president George Albert Smith 
delivers spiritual message to Diamond Jubilee audi- 


New president Ernest Wilkinson orates while 
distinguished visitors look on. 

Festive celebration is begun with a parade of 
campus organizations through the downtown area 
and up University Avenue. 


President Smith addresses packed audience at the 
dedication of the Physical Science Building. 


Marie Hood represents the 
studentbody of Brigham Young 
University at the Convocation 

The inevitable dance ended the week's festivities. 

Rufus B. Von KleinSmid, Chancellor of the University 
of Southern California, was the featured speaker. 



November whispers football games 
Cherie can tell you why. 
The spirit's great, let no one wait 
We're rootin' for the Y. 

Cherie Marcil 

Freshman elections brought a lot of new names into the 
campus limelight. 

Assembly crowds jam J.S. lobby and cafeteria lines. 


• xL^wl®*y °^ expressions shows different degrees of interest during a tense moment 
in the Wyoming game. 

Tickets for the U.S.A.C. game were indeed worth stand- 
ing in line for. 

Elmo Turner takes possession of the Old 
Wagon Wheel for Brlgham Young as the 
Y team defeats the Aggies in the tradition- 
al grid contest. 


Amid rays of bright sunshine, Dia- 
mond Diaries unfolded on November 
I I to bring students and alumni one 
of the best homecomings ever. 
Queen Marilyn Turley provided the 
glamour; Brigadiers won the prize for 
the best float; units held forth with 
openhouses; football fans cheered 
Brigham Young on at the afternoon 
game; and dancing Saturday night 
proclaimed the entire celebration to 
be an outstanding success. 

Homecoming Queen 


Homecoming Queen Marilyn 
Turley and attendants Vada John- 
son and Lucille Green are driven 
around the track in style during 
halftime at the Wyoming game. 


Members of the KiaOra Club 
presented authentic Maori dances 
at the Homecoming assembly. 


President Christen Jensen crowns beautiful 
Queen Marilyn while attendants Lucille Green 
and Vada Johnson look on. 

'-i^ - ilfi. ' ' 

■;V,^ -¥:.^ ' k^ ' --^ 

Jack Hansen and his hot clarinet 
are featured at the jam-packed 
dance which climaxed the Home- 
coming weekend. 



'•' iZTar ■• " ' .- in PS 



Most Numerous 


; •■ V.'-:-- ■;'.>:.;v-' 

Grand Prize 


Most Original 



Viking skit on A.M.S. assembly told the 
sad tale of the lighthouse keeper's daught- 


Humerous Val Hyric skit became the center of a 
campus controversy. » 

, . . Who has more 

Jerry McCulloch pro- 
vides intermission color. 

Cougarette sextet proves to be eye-filling. 

Whooping it up at the Homecoming 


Hartley Fredrickson and Mary Alice Calder 
seem right at home with Harvest Brawl decor- 

fun than people! 

Noisy threesome at the Harvest 
Brawl is Norm Rossell, Dick Moo- 
dy, and John McCabe who sere- 
nade Queen Dick Miller. 

Rivalry among the men's units was replaced with har- 
mony and good will at the Frat Frolic. 

Mose Flake uses bug eyes and buck 
teeth to get laughs while chorus harmon- 


Packing Christmas goods for the 
needy is a happy job for Afton 
Bennion, Mark Benson, and Bonnie 

Quentin Bates decorates the Christmas tree 
assisted by Lois Evans and co-chairman Lee 

• A 

» /. 


r^ ^Jl^--^- 

The first snow of the season 
brought a new type of beauty to 
the campus. 



Mistletoe Frolic dancers had a 
sopping good time when the 
jalloons were released. 


December paints the picture 

With a brush of ice and snow. 

To dream sweet dreams of Santa Claus, 

Miss Sandy is all aglow. 

Sandra Larson 

Scenes like this were enough to 
make Californlans wistfully dream 
of the approaching holidays and 
the trip home. 


Preferred Man Ben Mortensen looks happily down from his Grecian 
throne flanked by the top ten. 

Winner Ben Mortensen is presented 
to assembly audience by chairman 
Lillie Belle Peterson. 


Mythical Interlude gave the girls a chance to ask out their 
favorite fellow. 


Poor Darcey Clawson doesn't have 
a chance, yet he doesn't seem to mind 
too much. 


"I hear music when" . . . sang 
Benny as he surprised the audi- 
ence with his vocal talents. 

Most Preferred Man 

It was "our man rule" on the night of December 2 
when the coeds on campus escorted their favorite males 
to the A.W.S. Preference Ball. The select eleven "most 
preferred" were honored with a banquet preceding the 
semi-formal dance. Winner of the dream man contest by 
the largest margin in the history of voting was quarterback 
Benny Mortensen. 

. W* mS««i 


Cringing to the floor, Jack West 
gives his farewell dance perform- 
ance in the Orchesis assembly. 


Ladies in Retirement 

Acclaimed to be one of the most 
powerful dramas ever produced, 
"Ladies in Retirement" was directed 
by Prof. Kathryn B. Pardoe. Doing 
a magnificent job in the heavy part 
of Ellen Creed, a spinster obsessed 
with a protection complex over two 
feeble-minded sisters, was a former 
student, Ada Moulton. The feeble- 
minded sisters were aptly portrayed 
by Mary Lou Neeley and Phyllis Nix- 
on. As a background for the action, 
a new set construction made "Ladies 
in Retirement" one of the most elab- 
orately staged productions of the 

Alumna Ada Moulton puts the finis on Rae Mona Kirkham 
at the end of the first act. 

Geneva Call, the maid, doesn't 
mind a bit when LynnBenson shows 
an interest in her in this high- 
powered dramatic production. 



\:^. '1 ^ 

Dawn Terry 

The majesty and solemnity of the campus on a wintry day is 
shown on this glimpse through the trees from the Maeser Building. 

January brings this school 

Snow Carnival supreme; 

Dawn takes to sports that can't be beat, 

She'll make a lovely queen. 

Cesta assembly related history 
of Grecian goddess brought to 
students from Mt. Olympus. 


Boarding buses for Salt Lake became a 
regular ritual when casaba games were 
played at the Ute fieldhouse. 

Jascha Heifitz, one of the world's fore- 
most violinists, thrilled a jammed taber- 
nacle audience with his concert on January 


. . , Most friendly 

Friendliest Glr 

Friendliest Boy 



Bertha Lyman and George Sor- 
enson are called upon to prove 
to the radio audience their friend- 
ly spirit. 

Bob Dudley takes his chances 
with a hat held by blindfolded 
Grant Evans. 











School got off to a good start 
after the holidays with the Hi 
Dance to welcome new students. 


Designed especially for the production of "The Man" 
was a completely original stage setting. The set involved 
some staging tricks new to the B.Y.U. stage, including such 
items as a high staircase and disappearing kitchen. In the 
play Mrs. Arta Ballif is a rooming house owner who hires 
psychopathls Burnett Ferguson to do a day's work. As the 
horrible story of "The Man" unfolded, Burnett, a veteran 
actor on the B.Y.U. stage, gave a sensitive portrayal of a 
man who went out of his head every hour or so. 

Grocery boy Ned Hoopes is oblivious to dagger 
held by dangerous Bruneft Ferguson in tense mur- 
der scene. 

Arta Ballif and Barbara Hall are helped in house- 
cleaning scene by boarder Jerrol Boyer. 

The Man 


Jack Roberts looks put out when foiled by Don Soren 
son and Geneva Call. 

Jester Ned Hoops sets the right couples straight. 

Twelfth Night 

Everyone gets into the act just before the final curtain. 


One of Shakespeare's 
"tv/in" plays "Twelfth NIghf ' 
is a drama in which the audi- 
ence can actually participate. 
Classed as one of the great 
comedies of all times, the 
play tells the delightful story 
of Viola and Sebastian, twins 
who are separated in a ship- 
wreck. Viola, cast ashore in 
lllyria, dons male attire and 
assumes the role of a page to 
Duke Orslano. The Duke's la- 
dy-love, thinking Viola is a 
boy, falls in love with "him." 
Dr. T. E. Pardoe headed his 
cast with Ann Whiting and 
Willard Tingey in the roles of 
the twins. 


"Polar Paradise" brought 
both fun and shivers to stu- 
dents who joined in the fun 
of the annual snow carnival. 
Festivities started Friday 
night with ice-skating activi- 
ties at Utah Lake. Skiing and 
snow sports were enjoyed 
Saturday afternoon at Tinnp 
HHaven. Due to the heavy 
storm no snow nnodeling took 
place, but the day's activities 
were many and the reign of 
Connie Cameron as queen at 
the dance ended another 
successful winter carnival. 

Snow Queen 

Queen Connie with attendants Beverly Anderson and 
Donna Achison beam on audience during dance intermission. 

Olympics ski star Jack Reddish does some mighty 
fancy skiing on slopes of Timp Haven. 







^ ( 


^k^- f»i 

Skiing races were run off at Timp Haven. 

_ "Polar Paradise" dance brought out couples not worn out by 
day's activities. 


Snow Carnival 

Huge cakes of ice used to hold refreshnnents were part 
of the unique decorations. 

Ice-skating fun took place at Utah Lake. 


Hank Williams sees to it that 
basketball squad is given a rousing 

A.W.S. Vaudeville skit featured school days theme. 

Lambda Delta group built skit around old-time West- 
ern gambling casino. 


Winners of "Arizona Days" beard-growing contest pose with 
their prizes. 

Marilyn Norton 


February is a lovers month, 

A truth that must be told. 

So Marilyn just look around 

This campus for a heart that's bold. 



Banyan Queen Beth Schwan+es 
reigns for a night with attendants 
Sharon Schade and Trilby Packard. 

Who wouldn't want to be a basketball star? 



This traditional dance for lovers was a sweet- 
hearts' wonderland. 

Banyan Queen 

*' Lockets 


Valentine season is celebrated at the Y 
at the Banyan Ball. Queen Beth Schwantes 
and her attendants were chosen to reign 
supreme from a host of beauties by John 
Robert Powers. Unusual decorations and 
programs introduced the theme "Lockets" 
for the dance which was held in the Smith 
ballroom and banquet hall. 


Beverly Miller 


March winds suggest forthcoming spring, 
The air is light and gay. 
Blithe Beverly predicts fair skies, 
She's out for fun and lots of play. 

Hawaiian group makes a big hit on Viking assembly. 


Evidence that spring is on its way is beginning 
of swinnming season at near-by pools. 

Basketball fever reached high pitch at 
assembly honoring the conference champs. 





Popular alumnus Gordie Hawkins presen 
trophy to Mel Hutchins. 

Mrs. Blanche Minson presents most valu- 
able player trophy to son Roland. 


In celebration of the United Na- 
tions' drama week, Theta Alpha Phi 
presented the great Welsh drama 
"The Corn Is Green." The story has 
its setting in a small village nestled 
away in a mining area with an at- 
mosphere all of its own. Here the 
fiery spinster school teacher, Rae 
Mona Kirkham as Miss Moffat, re- 
veals a desire to raise the common 
people from the depths of mass ig- 
norance. Miss Moffat's discovery of 
an exceptionally fine mind in Max 
Golightly as young Morgan Evans 
only increases her determination to 
succeed in her endeavor. Emily Wil- 
liams, author of this stirring play sent 
a letter of congratulations from 
Wales to the cast and its director, 
Mrs. Kathryn B. Pordoe. 

Afton Ash presents her demands to Rae Mona Kirkham. 

Jubilant Max Golightly tells Rae 
Mona Kirkham about winning 

The Corn Is Green 


Male leads Brandt Curtis, Kay Johnson, Virgil Camp, Lyneer 
Smith, and Howard Putnam unfold the plot of the opera. 


On four successive nights, music 
lovers of the University were enter- 
tained by Mozart's "Marriage of 
Figaro," the gay, connic story of a 
merry marital mixup of I 8th century 
Spanish Court life. The sets, made 
and revised by members of the cast, 
were designed in Spanish Rococo 
style. Jettisoning archaic transla- 
tions, the directors chose a recent 
modern English version making the 
opera the jolly, fast-moving work 
that Mozart intended it to be. Work 
was begun on the production during 
fall quarter and auditions and re- 
hearsals swung into full schedual 
early winter quarter. Principals in the 
opera were doubly cast and alter- 
nated during the nights of the per- 

Marriage of Figaro 


Curtain calls bring everyone on the stage to take their 

Wedding celebration finds Joseph Hill, Evelyn Russell 
Dixie Ann Mecham, and John Whitalcer on center stage. 



Entrance to food tent was 
through curtain of streamers. 

The top social event of the 
year brought out everyone 
to dance to the snnooth music 
of Stewart Grow. 

Reception line dignitaries included Chairman 
Marie Benson and Leia Wing. 


Grant Evans and Delores Tyler are handed 
refreshments by Louis Winter, official hand- 

Spectacular decorations set the mood for prom-goers. 


Rial Owens and Egyptian lovelies danced during the 

tti i f 



Traditions were broken right and 
left this year by Mark Benson and 
the junior class in presenting B. Y. U. 
with a nnythical "Mirage." Held in 
the new Provo S+akehouse for one 
night only, prom-goers danced in an 
enchanting desert atmosphere. 
Unique this year was the fact that 
the dance stayed out of the red, 
even with slashed ticket prices. 

LM.O.C. dance sponsored by the UNIVERSE featured Bibler's 
popular cartoons. 


April and Kay had words with each other 
In tones of light spring showers. 
But don't be discouraged, for after the rain 
The sun quickly brings forth the flowers. 

Kay Wheeler 


Soaking in sunshine beconnes a favorite 
pastime this time of the year. 

Leonard Rowley stops Florence Stocks from 
interfering with young lovers Chet Harris and 
La Ree Hales in "I Like It Here." 

Leonard Rowley and Dan Leegant give Rich- 
ard Franks a bad time in the delightful spring 
comedy "I Like It Here." 














-•V Wi»v3g* ^^■ 






4 ^ 



*4 . 





-t?^"- . 




By May, sunshine and flowers 
have really set in as evidenced by 
the greenery around the presi- 
dent's house. 

The bucket brigade sends up tar and whitewash to get the 
Y in shape on "Y" Day. 



May flowers, students on the lawn, 
This year Is in review. 
Sweet Alice in a light blue gown, 
We bring this booic to you. 

Alice Brady 

Every man on campus is expected 
to climb the hill on "Y Day" . . or else. 

All good things must come to an end sometime. 







Brigham Young University is governed 
by a Board of Trustees consisting of 
President George Albert Smith, Da- 
vid O. McKay and J. Reuben Clark, the 
Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints, Franklin L. 
West, Adam S. Bennion, and Kiefer B. 
Sauls. Members of the Board played a 
prominent part in the activities held in 
connectionwith the Diamond Jubilee 
Celebration and the dedication of the 
new Physical Science building. The Trust- 
ees also helped to increase the growth 
and expansion of the University by ap- 
proving construction of the fieldhouse 
and by giving permission for the estab- 
lishment of ROTC units on campus. 

^oaxdi of Trustees 


First Vice President 

Second Vice-President 



COUNCIL OF TWELVE: front row, left to right: John A. Witdsoe, Stephen L 
Richards, David O. McKay, Joseph Fielding Smith, Joseph F. Merrill, Albert E Bowen. 
Back row: Delbert R. Stapley, Henry D. Moyle, Matthew Cowley, Mark E. Peterson, 
Harold B. Lee, Ezra Taft Benson, and Spencer W. Kimball. 

Franklin L West 

Kiefer B. Sauls 

Adam S. Bennion 


Acting President 


AcHng-President Christen Jensen has de- 
voted forty years to serving Brigham Young 
University. He came back from his weU- 
deserved retirement in October. 1949 to 
serve as President until a successor to 
President Howard S. MacDonald could be 

Prior to his retirement he had been Dean 
of the Graduate School, a position he had 
held since the graduate school was started 
in 1929. His major fields of interest are in 
political science, history, and law. He holds 
degrees from the University of Chicago, 
and Harvard. Everyone who knows Presi- 
dent Jensen loves him for his sweet disposi- 
tion and his sincerity. His open door has 
always Invited students to come in and 
share their problems and triumphs with him. 
His influence will long continue to be felt at 
Brigham Young University. 

Acting-President Christen Jen- 
sen acquaints his successor with 
some of the duties of his new 




Our New President 

Dr. Ernest L Wilkinson became the sixth president of Brigham Young 
University in January, 1951. succeeding acting-President Christen Jensen. 
After graduating from BYU and receiving his law degree from George Wash- 
ington University he became a successful Washington D. C. attorney and 
was able to secure many millions of dollars worth of back claims for the 
Indians in the intermountain area. While an undergraduate at the "Y" Dr. 
Wilkinson was editor of the "Y-'News," and was also active on the debate 
squad and in campus politics. 

President Wiilkinson spent most of the first part of the year in Washing- 
ton, D.C., conferring with military officials regarding the possibilities of ob- 
taining ROTC units on campus. In the short time they have been acquainted 
with him both students and faculty members have keen greatly impressed 
by his business-like attitude and friendly manner. In addition to his business 
triumphs he has ahvays been an ardent church worker, serving as a bishop 
!n a stake presidency. 


Dean of Students 


Wesley P. Lloyd, Dean of Students, Is the 
man all students turn to when no one else 
seems able to solve their problems. In addi- 
tion to his other duties this year he has also 
been coordinator of all fund-raising activi- 
ties for the fieldhouse drive. In this capacity 
he has traveled from coast to coast con- 
tacting both alumni and church groups In 
order to successfully meet the $500,000 
goal. Dean Lloyd's enthusiasm and vitality 
In sponsoring student body projects do 
much to make them successful. He is also 
general chairman of the Special Services 

K. B. Sauls 

Veterans Affairs 

John E. Hayes 

Registration and Credits 


Ulli«n Booth 

Courtselor of Women 

E. H. Himes 

Student Coordinator 


Antone K. Romney 

Counseling Service 

Monroe H. Clark 

Attendance and 

John F. Jones 

Student Housing 


George Hansen 
Public Services 

Herald R. Clark 


H. V. Hoyt 

Student Loans 

Ariel P. Ballif 

Athletic Council 


Vasco M. Tanner 

Health Service 

James R. Clark 

Student Employment 

Services Committee 

Edwin H. ButterMTorth 

Student Publications 

Members of the Special Service Com- 
mittee are responsible for non-academic ac- 
tivities on campus. Some of the special serv- 
ices recjuire a full-time worker while others 
are made up of several committee members. 
Dean Wesley P. Lloyd is general chairman 
of this committee. Varied activities directed 
by members of this group include the Ath- 
letic Council which this year had the pleas- 
ant job of accepting bids to both the NCA- 
A and NIT competitions for the champion 
Cougars. Student social activities and so- 
cial units come under the direction of the 
coordinator of student activities while the 
lyceums are also directed by a committee 



'^ ^ o 

Norma Arrlngton 
Lorna Alder 
J. R. Andrus 
Verl P. Allman 

Clarence D. Ashton 
Charles Atkinson 
Ariel S. Ballif 
Irene Barlow 

William E. Berr«tt 
Ray Beckham 
John T. Bernhard 
D. Elden Beck 

Calvin Bartholomew 
O. L BameH 
S. LaVar Bateman 
Edith Bauer 


June Berry 
C. S. Boyle 
Robert Bunker 

Harold J. Bissell 
Miss Brlggs 
Alma P. Burton 

Joseph Boel 

C. Marley Brown 

Julia A. Caine 

Thornton Booth 
Gustave Buggert 
Ray Canning 

May Billings 
Robert Brailsford 
Olive K. Burmingham 

C. Eldon Bitter 

H. Smith Broadboflt 

Newbern I. Butt 

Lillian Booth 
Loren C. Bryner 
Dorothy Candland 

Francis O. Boyer 
Kenneth C. Bullock 
Clawson Cannon 

Layups and jump shots take 
minds off teaching worries for 
members of Faculty Intramural 
bask^+ball squad. 


William C. Carr 

Thomas E. Cheney Lillian Christonsen 

Bruce Clark 

Marden J. Clark 

Alva John Clarke Loren C. Covington 

Evan M. Croft 

Gerrif deJong 

E. John Eastmond Bob Evans 

Carl F. Eyring 

O. Norman Geerhen 

Carl M. Gibson Rex Goates 

Lloyd M. Gustaveson 

Bsie C. Carroll 

Earl M. Christensen P. A. Christensen 

Reoia Clard 

Cynthia Cowan Lars Crandall 

Roy W. Doxoy 

William F. Edwards Lucille Evans 

M. Neal GIbby 

Preston R. Gledhill Richard L. Gunn 


Q- o ' 


Harold Glen Clark 
Mary Deane G. Clark 
Herald R. Clark 
Monroe H. Clark 
James R. Clark 

Bertrand ,F. Harrison 
Dave Crowton 
Leon Dailln 
Bertha Davidson 
C. Edwin Dean 

Lawson Hamblin 
Emma J. Farnswor+h 
R. B. FarnsworHi 
Burnett Ferguson 
Flora D. Fisher 

John H. Gardner 
J. R. Halliday 
Wayne B. Hales 
George Hansen 
May C. Hammond 

instructors get big laugh while 
socializing prior to start of a week- 
ly faculty meeting. 



Charles J. Hart 
Wm. F. Hanson 
Fred W. Harding 
Rondo S. Harmon 

Anna Hart 
Catherine Hatch 
John E Hayes 
Franklin R. Haymore 

Elvert H. Himes 

Leona Holbroolc 
Virgil Howell 
Edgar M. Jenson 

H. V. Hoyt 
L Hyatt 

Orrin H. Jackson 
C. La Voir Jensen 


Vern H. Jensen 
Clinton F. Larson 
John W. McAllister 

Mary Jorgensen 
Reuben D. Law 
Betty H. McTague 

J. J. Keeier 
Harold W. Lee 
Carlos Madsen 

Hattle M. Knight 
George Lewis 
Milton Marshall 

J. L. Jex 
LaVell Gamett 
Kent H. McKnIght 

Briant S. Jacobs 
Harold R. Laycock 
Brlgham D. Madsen 

Luwana King 
Wilford D. Lee 
Farrell Madsen 

B. F. Larsen 
Wesley P. Lloyd 
Thomas L Martin 

President Ernest L. Wilkinson 
apparently makes a good impres- 
sion at his first -faculty meeting. 


Karl Miller 

A. J. Morley 

A. Reed Morrill 

Joseph K. Nicholes 

Dean A. Pef-er^or 

Rolfe Peterson 

A. Smith Pond 

Wilford Poulson 

Stella P. Rich 

R. Man Rogers 

Edward M. Rowe 

W. H. Snell 

Lucille Spencer 

Josie Stewart 

Margaret Summerhayes John C. Swensen 

Elmer Miller 

Damaris Morrill , 

Hugh Nibley Eve Nielson 

H. W. Peterson 

Richard D. Poll 

Margaret S. Potter Virginia Booth Poulson 

Beth Richardson 

Antone K. Romney 

K. B. Sauls Phil Shumway 

Russell N. Stansfield 

Joseph Sudweek 

Albert D. Swensen Russell 6. Swenson 


Cecil R. Oak 
Hannah C. iRackard 
John W. Payne 
Leiand M. Perry 
Cornelius R. Peterson 

Clarence F. Roblson 
Ernest F. Reimschiissel 
Leonard Rice 
Naomi Rich 
Owen S. Rich 

H. Wayne Soffe 
Richard P. Smoot 
Kimball J. Sorenson 
LeRoy Sparks 
Irene O. Spears 

Vasco M. Tanner 
L Elliott Tuttio 
Orea B. Tanner 
E P. Taylor 
Wilmer Tanner 

Acting-President Christen Jen- 
sen presides over one of the reg- 
ular Tuesday devotionals featuring 
prominent guest speakers. 


H. Darrel Taylor' 
J. Golden Taylor 
Lynn Taylor 
Weldon J. Taylor 

Woodruff Thompson 
Lucillo Thorne 
Homer Wakefield 
Effie Warnick 

Joan Anne Waterstradt 
Stanley Waffs 
Frederick Webb 
Newell B. Weight 

Dale H. West 
Ray Wight 
Winifred Wilkinson 
Ernest J. Wilkins 

John H. Wing 
Irene B. Woodford 
David H. Yarn 
Karl Young 

James Ira Young 



tj^/-: i 


.^ *:./;.>»•: 



College of 

The late Dr. Carl F. Eyring, Dean of 
the College of Arts and Sciences, was in- 
ternationally known for his work in physics, 
particularly in the field of sound. The 
completion of the new Physical Science 
building climaxed a life-long dream for him. 
He was loved and respected by everyone 
for his humbleness and for his sincere inter- 
est in all with whom he came in contact. 
The College of Arts and Sciences is for 
students who want a broad and liberal 
back-ground. Departments included in the 
college are: archaeology, bacteriology, bot- 
any, chemistry, English, geology and ge- 
ography, history, journalism, mathematics, 
physics, political science, psychology, mod- 
ern and classical languages, sociology, and 
zoology and entomology. 

Dean Carl F. Eyring 

Map drafters know that 
the shortest way home 
often isn't the most inter- 


Arts and Sciences 

Freshman chemists do their best 
to blow the place to smithereens. 

There may be better ex- 
ruses than field trips for get- 
rtng out of classes, but . . . . 

Many hours are spent 
experimenting in ttie lab 
by these future physicists. 


College of 

This is more fun than making 

Swashbuckling Harley Mims pro- 
vides colorful model of a buccan- 
eer for portrait class. 

There is music all around . . . 
B.Y.U.'s music department is re- 


Fine Arts 

In addition to being Dean of the College 
of Fine Arts, Df. Gerritt de Jong. Jr., is well 
known as a composer and musician, and is 
also the author of several religious works. 
His highstanding in musical circles adds 
much to the prestige of the Brigham Young 
University music department. Art, Music, 
and Speech departments are included in the 
College of Fine Arts. This year members of 
the music department gave an excellent 
presentation of the K/larriage of Figaro, as 
well as presenting many concerts both on 
campus and on tours taken throughout neigh- 
boring states by the various groups. Art- 
work by students and faculty members 
have been in many exhibits. Many excep- 
tionally fine plays have been produced by 
the speech department. 

Dean Gerrit De Jong, Jr. 

Burnett Ferguson takes speech 
class out on lawn to soak up early 
spring sun. 


Dean Reuben D. Law who heads the College of 
Education is currently writing a book on educa- 
tional administration. Beginning with spring quar- 
ter 1951, he received a six month sabbatical leave 
of absence in order to study at the University of 
California and finish his book. He will also teach 
during summer session at the University of South- 
ern California. In his absence Dr. A. Reed Morrill, 
professor of education administration was ap- 
pointed acting Dean. Departments included in the 
college are: education, educational administration, 
elementary education, philosophy of education, 
guidance and personnel, secondary education, and 
health, physical education, and recreation. In addi- 
tion Dean Law also has charge of the B.Y.U. train- 
ing school. 

Dean Reuben D. Law 

Barbara Winkler Gates prepares for a teaching career in 
the B.Y.U. training school. 

Benny Jordan rises to new heights as 
top man in a skills and techniques class. 


College of Education 

Square-dance enthusiasts find folic danc- 
ing to be more fun than work. 

LaMyrI Boyack goes through that never- 
to-be-forgotten experience of teaching in 
B.Y. High. 


College of Applied 

Testing of the various soils is just one of the typical Students in machine shop find class experience a 

problems worked on by agronomy students. definite advantage in getting a job upon leaving school. 

Wood shop classes have a definite carry-over after Learning to coolt for several hundred people re- 

graduation as either a vocation or hobby. quires real mass-production methods in quantitative 

cooking class. 




Dean Thomas L Martin 

The College of Applied Sciences is headed by 
Dean Thomas L. Martin. Dr. Martin in addition to 
administering the work of the department has done 
much original research in various scientific fields. 
The College of Applied Science trains students in 
the principles and technical operations of farm, 
home, shop, and professions. The following depart- 
ments are included in the college: agronomy, ani- 
mal husbandry, bacteriology, horticulture ana land- 
scape architecture, mechanic arts, and home eco- 
nomics. Pre-nursing courses are also include'd in 
this group. 


Dean William F. Edwards became Dean of the College 
of Commerce in January of this year succeeding Dr. Herald 
R. Clark who resigned this job due to ill health. Dr. Edwards 
left a very successful career on Wall Street where he had 
charge of many large trust funds to come to Brigham 
Young University. Included in the College of Commerce 
are the Departments of Business Administration and Ac- 
counting, Agricultural Economics, Economics, Finance and 
Banking, Marketing, Political Science, and Secretarial Prac- 
tice. Special emphasis Is placed on training businessmen 
who will have Integrity and high Ideals as well as being 
competent in their various fields. 

College of Commerce 

Learning to keep their debits and credits straight is a must for ac- 
counting students. 


Dean William F. Edwards 

These calculating women learn 
how to handle large problems with 

Movie studies help marketing majors improve 
in modern clerking methods. 



Dr. Sidney B. Sperry, director of Re- 
ligious Instruction for the university, is also 
widely known for his many books pertaining 
to the Book of Mormon and other religious 
subjects. Departments included in the Di- 
vision of Religion are Bible and Modern 
Scripture, Church History, LDS Church Or- 
ganization and Administration, and The- 
ology and Religious Philosophy. Some of the 
most popular courses in the department are 
those designed for students interested in 
going on missions. These acquaint students 
with principles of primary importance for 
conversion, and also the methods used by 
great Latter-day Saint missionaries. The 
president of the university is traditionally 
nead of the Division of Religion. 

Division of Religion 

A much better understanding of the New Testament 
Is obtained in the classes of mentor Bob Patch. 

Well-prepared to enter the mission field are the mem- 
bers of the missionary-training classes. 




Dr. Ashael D. Woodruff as Dean of 
the Brigham Young University graduate 
school is in charge of all activities regarding 
graduate work. All students doing graduate 
study conne under his supervision. He serves 
as chairman of the faculty of the graduate 
school which has jurisdiction over all stu- 
dents with a bachelors degree who go on 
for further study. All students must register 
with Dean Woodruff and gain his approval 
before they will be permitted to take grad- 
uate work. Dr. Woodruff is also chairman 
of the President's committee on military re- 
search projects. 


Graduate School 

Graduates do much of their advanced work in seminar 
groups such as this one in chemistry. 

Les Raty adds to his graduate experience as an in- 
structor in American history. ' 


Extension Division 

Dr. Harold Glen Clark, Director of the Extension Di- 
vision, Is also executive secretary of the BYU Alumni As- 
sociation. The Extension Division Includes all evening school 
classes, and correspondence courses. All extension cour- 
ses are taught by regular members of the BYU faculty and 
In most cases carry the same number of credits. This year 
they have been responsible for teaching various courses 
in Las Vegas, Nevada with the professors flying back and 
forth between Provo and Las Vegas. Correspondence or 
evening school classes are available In practically every 
college of the university. 


Well-equipped audio-visual aids de- 
partment is the pride and joy of the ex- 
tension division. 

One of the popular evening classes 
is the photography class conducted by 
Joseph Boel. 




W.V ^^ 



These five students combined to 
represent the student body of Brig- 
ham Young University. Each carried 
a major responsibility in student gov- 
ernment, while as a group they pre- 
pared suggestions to be presented 
before the Legislative Council. Be- 
sides their role in the extra-curricular 
and educational program of BYU, 
they also found time to represent the 
school as guests at other colleges. 

Brno Turner 

Studentbody President 

Marilyn Oldroyd 

First Vice-President 

Jim L'ttle 

Second Vice-President 



Rosemary Phillips 


Al Choules 

Business Manager 


Legislative Council 

Representing every large organization on campus, this group of stu- 
dent legislators is the nnainspring of Brigham Young University student 
governnnent. Student body president Elmo Turner presided over bi-month- 
ly meetings at which general issues concerning the student body were 
discussed and voted on. Among this year's pro and con topics were: 
Accepting the Interorganizational Council, changing the judicial system, 
abolishing the point system, providing for cheerleaders selection by the 
Legislative Council after tryouts before the student body, allowing the 
graduate class the power to organize, and adding a member of the 
Honor Council to the Legislative Council. 

Grant Evans 
CharloHa Cannon 
Monte HIclienlooper 
John McKnight 
Stan Hall 

Norm Rossell 
Quentin Bates 
Ken Leth 
Jacd Roberts 
Harry G. Hall 

Sanford Walker 
Bob Keata 

Lorry Rytttng 
Hanit Williams 
Keith M. Orme 


Elmo Turner 
Marilyn Oldroyd 
Jim Little 
Rosemary Phillips 
Albert Choules 

Mel Mabey 
Gene Shumway 
Kathryn Chrlstensen 
Sam Doxey 
WIdtsoe Shumway 

Gerry Rossell 
Reed Benson 
Cherle Marcll 
Alice Willcinson 
Dick Fox 

Genie! Thornton 
Blaine Ediefsen 
Norma Despain 
Jack htansen 

Rey L. Duffin 
Bob Quaney 
Eldon R. Cox 
Larry Whetten 

Dick Moody 
Spericer Palmer 
Pat Pomeroy 
Carol Jean Clark 


Ruth Schlpper, Secretary; Betsy Sears, 
Vice-President; Jody Dixon, Treasurer. 

A. W. S. "Big Sister." Afton 
Ash, gives "lowdown" on college 
life to a group of freeman girls. 

CharloH* Cannon 

A. W. S. President 

♦ ♦ ♦ As 


Associated Women Students 

The aim of the Associated Women 
Students is to help fill the needs of 
every girl on campus by giving her 
opportunity to work for the school 
as well as to participate in .social 
events. Included in this year's con- 
crete accomplishments were the 
award for the best assembly Fall 
Quarter, Preference Ball, Vaudeville 
Show, Girl's Day, Christmas Drive, 
and Recognition Banquet. Besides 
conducting the Little Sister program 
autumn quarter, the A.W.S. launched 
a new program for freshmen girls, 
the Junior A.W.S. Council. 

The Girls Go 

A.W.S. COUNCIL: Front row, left to right; Lily 
Higa, Margaret Harbeftson, Barbara Smith, Eunice 
Raynard, Barbara Harries. Back Row, left to right; 
Mary Lois Bolingbroke, Barbara Chadwick, Kathryn 
Latimer, Barbara Romney, Anna Julia Hoyt, Marilyn 

A.W.S. JUNIOR COUNCIL: Front row, 
left to right; Pat Anderson, Betty Page, 
Darlene Harris, Nancy Edgerton, Betty 
Higa. Back row, left to right; Geniel 
Larsen, Marilyn Whiting, Beverly Boyack, 
Lorna Erickson, Margaret Clark. 


A.M.S. COUNCIL: Front row, left to right; Jon 
Katzenbach, John MacCabe, Monte Hiclcenlooper, 
Dick Huish, Jack Bowen. Back Row: left to right; 
Bob Green, Kent S+aheli, Sherm Sheffield. Tom 
Jones, Don Turner, Bruce Stevens. 

. . . Something 

Associated Men Students 

Dark blue, emblem sweaters identified the 
twelve A.M.S. Council. The Associated Men Stu- 
dents, meeting weekly with President Grant Evans, 
used "getting the little things done" as their motto. 
This functional group accomplishes such tasks as 
fixing the face of the chime clock, posting signs for 
better study habits, starting drives for fieldhouse 
contributions. Heading the list on the A.M.S.'s 
activity program were the Esquire Review of the 
year's highlights, Smokless Smoker, the Christmas 
project, A.M.S. Assembly, and Y Day. 


Granf Evans 
A. M. S. President 

For The Boys 

Lloyd Redd, Secretary; Jack Roberts, 

Mose Flake and Benny Mortensen clown around at the AMS 
Smokeless Smoker held in February. 


Honor Council 

Hal Connell 

Dicic Fox 

Kay Randall 

Gene Shumway, Chairman 

WidHoe Shumway 
Carol Jean Clark 
Pat Hales 
Jack Roberts 

Larry Wheften 
Jarrett Jarvis 
Tom Jones 
Lillian Schipper 

The Honor System, organized in the spring of 1949, is be- 
coming recognized as one of B.Y.U.'s most "cherished traditions." 
The Code symbolizes a spirit and a way of living. It puts more 
emphasis on principles, and helps students live them as a group. 

During orientation week of each year, freshmen are familiar- 
ized with the two-fold system, the Honor Code and the Honor 
Procedure. New students are made to realize that the Council 
stresses preventive rather than punitive measures. 

Because the Honor System is essentially a student movement 
it must be operated by the students themselves. Maintenance 
of the B.Y.U. standard of honor stresses both individual and group 


INTER-ORGANIZATIONAL COUNCIL— First row, left to right: Dr. Elvert H. Himes, 
Marilyn Oldroyd, Rosemary Phillips, Joanne Eliason, Maisel Anderson, Kitty Sue Bar- 
ber, Joseph Bonaparte, Ricnard Firth, La Mar Jensen. Second row: Grant Evans, EInno 
Turner, Russell Taylor, Howard Eckersley, Grant Hulet, Roger Sears. Third row: Le- 
nore Bennion, Janet Romney, Joyce Ashman, Shirley Hales, Winton Brooks. Fourth 
row: Brigham Wilson, Bill Farnsworth, Helen Jeanne Jones, Ken Julian, John Bolivar, 
Benny Jones, Janet Hales, Don Smith, Karma Hanseen, Merlin Myers. Fifth row: Dick 
Miller, Ken Leth, Dale Richey, Blaine Anderson, Betty Ann Green, Betty Jane Johnson. 
Sixth row: Al Choules, Bob Anderson, Jack Hansen, Samuel George Doxey, Dan Clay, 
Frank Berrett, Donna Tanner, Mortimer Meservy. 

Inter-Organizational Council 

Officers of the I. O. C, Merrill 
Andrus, President; Roger Sears, 
Vice-president; and Anna Julia 
Hoyt, Secretary, conduct one of 
many long and involved meetings. 


Awards Committee 

row, left to right: Leia Wing, Iris 
Bigler, Marlon Jensen, Janice, 
Taylor. Back row, left to right: 
Bert Todd, Pat Quinn, Marilyn 
Thonnpson, Warren Davis. 

Rally Committee 

RALL. rOMMITTEE — Left to 
right: Betsy Robinson, Archie Jen- 
sen, Rue Ann Winter, Jack Bowen, 
Olene Smith, Parker Robinson, 
Lou Jeanne Bowen. 

I 16 

First row, left to right: Marilyn Old- 
royd, Darcey Clawson, Carolyn 
Thompson. Back row, left to riqnt: 
Bill Nichols, Donna Acheson, Carfene 
Weaver, Lorenzo Nielson. 

right: Geneva Call, "Big Jan" Rom- 
ney. Sue Nelson. 


Election Committee 

Left to right: Charles Alexan- 
der, Kay Driggs, Margie Driggs, 
Johnny Tucker. 


First row, left to right: Gail Far- 
rar, Carolyn Thompson, Nornna 
Palmer, Mary Nell Waddoups, Lu- 
cille Rowe. Back row, left to right: 
Dick Huish, Bob Smith, George 
Sorensen, John MacCabe, Thora 
Brown, Dick Moody. Seated: Bob 
Keate, chairman. 

Student Program Bureau 
Homecoming Committee 

First row, left to right: Dave Clark, 
Lee Simmons, Barry Thompson, 
Bob Driggs. Back row, left to 
right: Clover Guymon, Margie 
Thompson, Don Tucker, Carmella 
Tanner, Eileen Schipper. 



The Campus Branch was organ- 
ized in 1 947 +o serve Brigham Young 
University students living in school- 
owned housing facilities. The Branch 
has all of the auxiliary organizations 
with the exception of a Prinnary and 
Relief Society, and activities are 
connpletely directed and financed by 
the students. 

CAMPUS BRANCH PRESIDENCY— First row, left to right: 
Tom Kekaula, Connell Roberts, Bill Dyer. Back row: William 
Wilkes, Ron Taylor, Ralph Jack, Gayle Hammond. 

Widtsoe Shumway, Iris Jensen, Jim Harris, John Paulson. 


#„« i: '§■ 


■ r 





MIA SUPERINTENDENCY— First row, left to right: 
Betty Jane Johnson, Myrtle Starling, Edna Green, 
Barbara Reinsch. Back row: John Tucker, Bud 
Whipple, Charles Peterson, Ralph Bergquist. 


WYMOUNT BRANCH PRESIDENCY— Left io right: Arthur R. Morin. 
Bryce B. Orton, S. Lynn Richards, Boyd L. Brunson, Leslie S. Raty. 


row, left to right: Betty Empey, Lois 
Hansen, Wanda Hodges. Back row: 
Roger Sears, Moylen Young, R. Dean 
Hibbert, Stanley Welch. 

The Wymount Branch was 
organized to fill the needs of 
the young married Latter-day 
Saint students living in the 
Wynnount Village and con- 
sists of all the various organ- 
izations that are found in a 
regular ward. Most of the 
families have one or two 
small children which lend a 
uniqueness to the Branch. 

DENCY— Left to right: Joseph J. 
Hill, William J. Walker, Duane E. 







Stanley Hal 

Keith Orme 
Business Manager 

Under the supervision of the 
inimitable "Chief" Stan Hall some- 
thing original was attempted in 
the 1951 Banyan. A group of sub- 
editors, protographers, business 
personnel, and staff members have 
combined their efforts and spent 
many extra hours in order to pro- 
duce this Diamond Jubilee year 
book. Throughout the book an 
informal theme was carried out in 
page layout and colorful illustra- 
tions. Every phase of campus life 
from the haze of Freshman Week 
to the final examination period 
have been captured upon the pa- 
ges of your student annual. During 
the deadline rush enthusiastic staff 
members sponsored the Banyan 

Bookmakers Deluxe 

Darcy Clawson 

Men's Social Units 

Jacquie Campbell 
Women's Sports 

Ruth Ellen May 

Sue Nelson 

Norm Rossell Joyce Guymon 

Student Government Oepartmentals 

Gill Hilton 

Janet Romney 



Sally Madsen 

Kathy Latimer 

Gaynell Call 

Ass't. Business Mq 

Betsy Sears 





Ron Otfeson 
Associate Editor 

Barbara Josie 
Associate Editor 

Lee Bartlett 
Art Editor 

iiirley Maughan 
School Life 

ack Chalmers 

Sally Kirkham 

Women's Soc. Units 

Clover Guymon 

Camllle Johnson 

Tom Halverson 

Carolyn Cox 

Roylance Spratling 

Sam Doxey 
Sales Manager 

Paul Becic 

Barry Thompson 

Jerelyn Sorenson 

BANYAN SALESMEN, Seated, left fo right: Fred Claridge, Arlene Deem. 
Standing: Oorene Westra, Jean Kenny, Carolyn Bagley, Margaret Doxey, 
Jackie Hansen. Ferol Holman, Mary Ann Sorenson, Rogene Ball, Jackie John- 


Mary Lois Bolingbroke, Doug Johnson, and Janet Decker. Al Purnell and Gerry Goodfellow 



Donna Achison, Mary Jane Gro- 
berg, JoAnn Milligan, Carol Lin- 
ford, Lee Robertson, and Leslie 

Wo r k e r s 

INDEX TYPISTS: Seated, left to 
right: Kathleen Adamson, Susie 
Johnson, Margaret Doxey. Stand- 
ing: Ann Atkinson, Rose LaRae 
Lott, Jo Overson, Beverly Boyack. 

Valerie Jacobsen, Pat Russell, and Lee Ream. 



Advertising sales were handled by Barry 
Thompson, Charles Alexander, Keith Lar- 
sen, and Ed Baumgarten. 

First row, left to right: Marilyn 
Redd, Camille Johnson, Mary Jane 
Groberg, Frances Hatch, Naomi 
Lo, Edwin Butterworth, advisor. 
Second row: Susan Ream, Ferol 
hlolman, Roma Murray, Betty Mar- 
tini, Lee Stratford. Third row: Earl 
Mc Bride, JoAnn Milligan, Lucre- 
tia Marlcham, Laura Dile, Dorothy 
Bartells. Fourth row: Norman 
Smith, Betty Ann Green, Donnene 
Merrilll, Bill Wilkes. Fifth row: 
Ted Johnson, Evan Thompson, Ar- 
dean Watts. 

Ralph Jack 

Copy Editor 

Jim Brimhall 

Photographic Editor 

Shirley Maughan Gloria Wallls 

Tuesday Society Editor Thursday Society Editor 


Lorry E. Ryt+Ing 

Managing Editor 

Eldon Cox 

Business Manager 

Reld Fillmore 
Tuesday Editor 

Lee Glenn 

Thursday Editor 

Another All-Amencan 

To meet deadlines for the bi-weekly newspaper, capa- 
ble Lorry Rytting and sub-editors gathered in frequent mid- 
night sessions in the Universe office. Covering regular 
beats, the staff members contacted practically every de- 
partment and turned in stories for copyreading. Every 
Tuesday and Thursday the efforts of this hard working 
group of journalists came off the press. The twenty-four 
page sports edition put out in April was the largest college 
newspaper ever published in Utah. Pretzels and root beer 
left from the LMOC dance sponsored by the Universe 
were eaten by staff members at the weekly confabs. 

Dick Ricks 

ThBTsday Sports Editor 

Dan Cl^y 
Tuesday Sports Editor 

Carole Cordner 

Office Manager 


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^. 1 


Final plans for the Diannond Jubilee issue of the Wye 
Magazine are discussed by editor Jon Beck Shank, advisor 
Thonnas Cheney, Donald Decker, and Carolyn Cox. 


Something different was attempted 
this year by editors of the WYE, the of- 
ficial college literary magazine. Expanded 
from the usual quarterly journal to a fine 
arts Jubilee Magazine, the publication in- 
troduced two special art and photography 
salons. Besides the usual student written 
articles, poetry and fiction, contributions 
were accepted from teachers and alumni. 
Featured among short stories In the May 
publication was the prize winning story 
of the annual Elsie C. Carroll contest, "And 
Points West." 

WYE STAFF; First row, left to 
right: Annette Wood, Carolyn 
Cox, Jon Beck Shank, Donald 
Decker. Second row: Jocelyn 
Beckstead, Marilyn Young, Jan- 
ice Thorne, Barbara Josie. 



The first college broadcasHng station west 
of the Mississippi to become a member of the In- 
tercollegiate Broadcasting System was K.B.Y.U. 
"The student voice of Brigham Young University" 
reaches students in dormatories and apartments 
alike, giving current information on all campus 
events. Besides regular news programs there is the 
regular schedule of entertainment including student 
written productions and desk jockey programs. 
Unique in its operation, one station manager is as- 
sisted by six program directors. KBYU offers op- 
portunity in every phase of radio: selling, adver- 
tising, script writing, acting, and directing. 

Mits Hoki starts a record 
roiling for one of the popu- 
lar request programs. 

Radio drama is enacted by Dan Leegant, Lowene 
Wood, and Owen Rich while Bob Smith and Donnene 
Merrill handle the controls. 

K.B.Y.U. STAFF; First row, left 
to right: Richard Packham, Don- 
nene Merrill, Norma Loomis, Her- 
bert Christensen, Fletcher Hicks, 
Fred Claridge. Second row: Car- 
ma Collett, Janice Thorne, Marilyn 
Young, Dixie Jones, Lowene 
Wood, Beverly Brough, Betty Mc- 
Kinney, Owen Rich. Third row: 
Mits Hoki, lone Roberts, Lynn 
Roberts, Don Sorenson, Lloyd 
Webb, Marvin Hill, Barry Thom- 
son. Fourth row: Edward Evenson, 
Bob Harper, Reginald Call, Don 
Milner, Jerry Graham, Dan Lee- 


Symphony Orchestra 

At the regular weekday practices in the Social Hall members of the Symphony Orchestra played 
major classical selections. Three formal concerts were presented during the year. Cooperating with 
the choral department, the Bach Magnificat and the Bunchner TeDeum were presented. Also the or- 
chestra united with the Opera Workshop to perform "The Marriage of Figaro" before large and 
responsive audiences. 

CONDUCTOR: Lawrence Sardoni. 1st VIOLINS: Jean Slack. Helen Jean Jones, David Latimer, Sue 
Nelson, Colleen Knight, Marilyn Walsh, Agnes Weibell, Carole Baker, lla Parker, Helen Salerno, Joanne 
Stringham, Marcia Stringham, Connie Robinson, Dorene Meacham. 2nd VIOLINS: Dorothy Clark, 
Donna Mae Feulner, Anne Novak, Nadine Monson, Judson Flower, Donna Peterson, Elaine Jessee, 
Maxine Binch, Bill Schultz, Wanda Fluckinger. VIOLAS: Prof. Harold Laycock, Elaine Fetcher, Anna 
Julia Hoyt, Dorothy Wagner, Mark Stowe, Loran Stephenson, Patricia Judd. CELLOS: Prof Gustav 
Buggert, Merle Alvey, Gayle Clay, Carma Allred, Welsford Clark, Cherie Marcil, Lois Tucker, Marua 
Jarman. BASSES: James Loveless, Gaylen Hatten, Ardean Watts, Bryant Hansen. FLUTES: Ted 
Wright, Mary Jane Grosberg. OBOES: Blaine Ediefson, Louise Marsden. CLARINETS: A. S. Mor- 
ris, Lucille Evans. BASSOONS: Glenn Williams, Jerry Long. HORNS: Richard Ballou, Paul Christen- 
sen, Floyd Wilkes, Carol Richards. TRUMPETS: Annie Joy Pinegar, Nellie Borgeson, Robert Gidley. 
TROMBONES: Robert Evans, Bruce Riddle, William Smiley. TUBA: Marlin Baker. TIMPANY: Fred- 
erick Clark. 

r -^ 


v/- '♦^ i-^ 

r-^'^3=^'F^iF^' {^ 


DIRECTOR: John R. Halliday. FLUTES: Ted Wright, Laura Dial, Ruth Ellen May, Madelyn Wootton, 
Joanne Hebertson. OBOES: Blaine Ediefsen, Ilia Mae Cook, Dawn Terry. CLARINETS: Jerry 
Long, Ben Roberts, Lucille Evans, Richard Hawkins, Kent Riddle, Julia Crowley, Merrill Durfee, 
Glenys Rollins, Alfred Morris, Maureen Richmond, Dwayne Belt, Christene Hansen, Preston Empey 
Shirley Turner. BASS CLARINETS: Alice Riddle. BASSOONS: Glen Williams, Jacob Bos. SAXO- 
PHONES: Jim Hazard, Roberta Clegg, Clairon Williams, George Clay. TRUMPETS & CORNETS: 
Nellie Borgeson, Annie Joy Pinegar, Robert Gridley, L. Dee Mangelson, Bruce Anderson, Von Atkin- 
son, Mark Angus, Victor Rasmussen, Calvin Whatcott, John Allen. HORNS: Paul Christensen, Rich- 
ard Ballou, Roen Griffiths, Carol Richards. BARITONES: Bill Wilkes, Zelma Cridder. TROMBONES: 
William Smiley, Tom Raye, Ray Colovich, Morris Butler, Norman Ellertson, Alma Woodbury, Lenn 
Shumway. TUBAS: Marlin Baker, Eugene Nye, Earl Jardine. STRING BASS: Gaylen Hatton. PER- 
CUSSION: Fred Clark, Richard Meimos, Don Page, Evona M. Baker. CONTRALTO SOLOIST- Inga 
P. Smith. PIANO SOLOIST: Jack Bowman. WOODWIND OUARTET: Ted Wight, Blaine Ediefsen. 
Jerry Long, Richard Ballou, Glenn Williams. BRASS QUINTET: Nellie Borgeson, Gaylen Hatten, 
Bill Smiley, Tom Raye, Earl Jardine. 

Concert Band 

Symphonic music under the direction of Dr. John R. Halliday was played by the 
concert band on the campus and in communities throughout the state. Several con- 
certs were given during the year, including two formal concerts. In May an open air 
concert was planned featuring Utah composers. Besides their regular program, a 
get-acquainted party was held fall quarter. At the annual award banquet which con- 
cluded their activity in the spring, awards were presented to members, nine quarter 
and twelve quarter medals inset with blue jewels. 


Varsitif Band 

Meticulously performed formations spurred on the basket ball and 
football teams at games in the BYU stadium and in neighboring schools. 
Also the blue and white uniforms added color and supplied marching mu- 
sic at rallies and parades. In addition the band spent many hours practic- 
ing classical selections. In order to acquaint and unite the members, a 
social committee was organized in connection with the Concert Band. 




CONDUCTOR: Richard E. Ballou. PICCOLO: Laura Dial. FLUTES: Lorna Livingston, LaVoyle Maughan, Fred H. Clark. 
OBOE: Tom Moore. CLARINETS: Dwayne Belt, Shirley Turner, Jerry Turner, Nolan Young, Janet Grimmett, Ronald 
Deans. Irma Ellington, Dan Lee Davis, Pat Havens, Anne Rasband, Anita Todd. SAXOPHONES: Roy Dike, Deloy Hem- 
ingway. HORNS: Norman Sullivan, Carol Richards, Verl Soelberg, Doraleen Thornley. TRUMPETS: L. Dee Mangelson, 
Velda Brown. J. Von Atkinson, John Allen, Rona'd Boyse, M. Dale Johnson. Blaine Hess, Robert DeBoer, Donald Stockman, 
Jay Lake, Robert Lewis. TROMBONES: Raymond Colovich, Lenn Shumway, Alma Woodbury, Larry Whetten, Nedra 
Jean Ray, Milton Bloomquist. TUBA: Martin Baker, Dick Rowberry, Arthur Woofinden. PERCUSSION: Joan LeSueur, 
Evona Melton. ALTO CLARINET: Dan Lee Davis. 


Concert Chorus 

Under the leadership of Crawford Gates the Concert chorus has brought dis- 
tinction to B.Y.U. The seventy members of the group were chosen by audition in the 
fall and additions were made the two following quarters. Music during the year in- 
cluded a cross section from the first to the seventeenth centuries, and also selections 
from contemporary composers. At the University three concerts were presented to 
the student body. On the tour throughout Utah the chorus was guest at Jordan, 
South High, and South Cache High School. 

DIRECTOR: Crawford Gates. SOPRANOS: Joyce Maxflel 
Stoddard, Florence Ipsen, Thora Belle Brown, Dixie Anne Me 
Hadocic, Charlene Tueller, Lola May Wright, Donna Sargean 
Olson, Christene Hansen, Helen Jean Owens, Susie Nell Joh 
Tanner, Lois Stratton, Zelma Crider, Jean Cook, Donna Jea 
Ruth Weinheimer, Barbara Chadwicic, Lorna Neilson, Rose L 
Buren, Shirley Reynolds, Evelyn Higbee, Anna Julia Hoyt, M 
Hansen, Forest Allred, Ray Anderson, Paul Christensen, Har 
Connell. BASSES: Don Milner, Preston Empey, Ardean Wat 
Gene Hansen, James Turner, Dale Bailey, Glenn Montagu 
M. Roberts, Earl Jardlne. 

d, Bonnie Moesser, Carolyn Peterson, EIna Brown, Glorls 
cham, Glenna Stowell. Bernice Steele, Joan Grover, Theresa 
t, La Vona Erickson, Dorothy Doyle, Lenona Edgley, Ruth 
nson, Mabel Paulsen. ALTOS: Dorothy Thompson, Janese 
n Peterson, Barbara Williams, Maxine Leigh, Jolene Bryner, 

Rae Lott, Geraldine Hansen, Wanda Larsen, Verna Van 
arian Tebbs. TENORS: Elden Wood, Don Marler, Victor 
dy Bean, Val Young, Howard Peterson, Phil Huffaker, Harold 
ts, Paul Fish, John Whitaker, De Vere Walker, Walter Boehm. 

e, George Billings, Archie Wasden, Avery Glenn, Benjamin 


Mixed Chorus 

DIRECTOR: Clawson Cannon. SOPRANOS: Pauline Hanks, Jean Carlsen, Roma Dee Rees, Carol Jaynes. Zelda Kohler, 
Marcia Jorgensen. Ellen Walker. Luana Field. Jacquie Campbell, Evelyn Fernandez, Marva Jorqensen, Elaine Watson, 
Carolie Neal, Norma Badham, Beverly Hobbs, Louise Peterson, Joan Rose. Melva Hale, Donna Miles, Patricia Lund, 
Norma Rae Lyon, Vera Jean Petty, Constance Harmsen, Beth Leavett, Eva Michaelson, Jean Francis, Joy Richins, Arleen 
Bean, Eileen Viles, Dorothy Bartels, Lois Motfat, Melva Rene Woodard, Jewell Cloward, Bernae Flake, Myrlee Smith, 
Leila Brown, Lucille Hogenson. Ada Burns, Rayde Bishop, Shirley Johnson. ALTOS: Colleen Coray, Dorothy Steele, Nan- 
nette Crow, Ann Di>on, Gay Waqstaff, Carol Packer. Beverly Wriqht, Janice Wilson, Barbara Dayton, Marilyn Hoopes, 
Elizabeth Johnson, Rhode Jes. Veria Holland, Naida Black. Janice Garrett, Donna Ringer, Carol Linford, Joan LeSueur, 
Geniel Sorensen, Barbara Tidwell, Melva Ann Smith, Carol Jean Clark, Zina Jane Orqill, Vodas Nielsen, Elaine Turner, 
Lael Allen, Ina Frandsen, Marvel Battad. Phyllis Boyack, Lois Conger, Shirley Farrington. TENORS: Jack Dowdio, Bill 
Austin, Reese Thomas, Lisle Russon. Charles Newton, Albert Whaanga, Otis Romriell, Don Black, Clark Thompson. BASS: 
Linford Dastrup, L. George Nash, Ted Johnson, Gail Jay Stapley, William Anderson, Glen Garrett, Wayne Klainman, 
Marvin Ottosen, M. W, Hansen, Dayle Rush. 

Madrigal Chorus 

CONDUCTOR: Margaret Summerhays. MEMBERS: Shirley Call. Paul Christensen. 
Ben Paul Evans, Walter Fullerton, E. Louis McClellan, Vernon Miller, Ha Parker, David 
Riddle, Lilly Glauser. Marion Hanks, LaRee Holbrook, Susie Johnson, Janese Tanner, 
Dorothy Thompson, John Thompson, Deiene Thompson. 


A Cappellq Choir 

DIRECTOR: Newell B. Weight. SOPRANOS: Joyce Allred, Vella Rose Barlocker, Mary Barstow, Joyce Dustin, Pauline 
Dyreng. Dorothy Gilchrist, Delores Harris, Marjorie Hyde, Carolyn Madsen, Louise Madsen, Bettie Jane McGuire, Barbara 
Metcalf, Bonnie Jean Moesser, VeLois Nielson, Carolyn Petersen, Colleen Riggs, Betty Jean Ross, Evelyn Russell, Carol 
Dell Smith, Naomie Terry. ALTOS: Beverly Anderson, Joanne Austin, Maurine Benson, Charlotte Cannon. Carol Clarice, 
M. Lois Evans, Marilyn Ferrin, Elaine Fetcher, Janet Gordon, Betty Hayes, Beverly Knowlton, Renee Labrum, Maurine 
Larsen, Ella Rae Llechty, Evelyn Loe, Maryann M. Mendenhall, Arleen Moyes, Jean Nock, Sharon Schade, Inga P. Smith, 
Marilyn Taylor, LaVonne Thomander, Linda Jean Worsley. TENORS: Preston Bushman, Brant Curtis, Carlyle Decker, Paul 
Erekson, Jay Fowles, Robert Francis, Gordon Greninger, Melvin Mabey, Farrell McKInney, Vernon Miller, Kent Prestwich, 
DeMar Rust, Stanley Spencer, Conway Threet, Frank Whitehead, Robert Wright. BASSES: Virgil Camp, Donald Carter, 
Bob Chambers, Dennis Creek, Karl Farnsworth, DeVon Fife, Fred Garrett, Joseph Hutchinson, Kay Johnson, Glenn Mon- 
tague, Berkley Orr, Rial Owens, Howard Putnam, Lyneer Smith, William Soelberg, Douglas Stott, Paul Thompson. 


Combmmg Plenty o* Pep 


A terrific combination of vitality and personality have made high-step- 
ping Geneva, Anita, and Gaynell Call a campus institution. Famed througn- 
out the conference, these veteran twirlers from Nevada could always be 
depended on to put on a top rate performance. 



"Keep 'em yelling" became the 
battle-cry of Yell King Hank Wil- 
liams, Elsie Mortensen, and Don 

, , . and Pert Precision 


Something new has been ad- 
ded ... and well received, too, 
was the addition of song leaders 
to the campus pep groups. Clever 
routines were worked out by Janie 
Homer, Beverly Anderson, Jody 
Willardson, Pat Hales, and Mari- 
lyn Miller. 




Adams. John H Kanab, Utah 

Anderson, Robert D _ Ephraim. Utah 

Brown, Douglas C ~ Springville, Utah 

Butler, Wesley M. _...Driggs, Idaho 

Cartar, Marvin S Morgan, Utah 

Chapman, Ray L _ „...Lehi, Utah 

Curtis, Deniel Mesa, Arizona 

Calderwood, Keith W „ Henefer, Utah 

Oacler. Donald M. Los Angeles, California 

Owens, Duane E. Showlow, Arizona 

Durfee, Merrill G _ Provo, Utah 

Geddes, David D Salem,Oregon 



GRADUATE CLASS OFFICERS: Lorin Taylor. President; Don- 
ald Decker, Secretary; and Thayne Johnson, Vice President. 



Abbott. Ward _ Duchesne, Utah 

Allred. Dorald M Lehi, Utah 

«^<»W%B ***# Boyden, Thomas A Provo, Utah 

^^^^^kd AA» ^r / MmM i Compton, Rosella ..._ „ _...Morgan Utah 

iSl^^ll W^m f mH i Dase. Ted .._ Las Vegas. Nevada 

■^r - '^^^^ \^M Hoffman, Floyd H Ashton, Idaho 

>yf ^B/ ^P^^r .^ £Or A Gilchrist, Dorothy _ Ontario, Oregon 

Mr iJHl mk.m ml mm ML ^"P'' ^°^^^^ '''• ^Nuhab. New Zealand 


Hill, James _ Provo, Utah 

Howard. Elmo _ Mesa, Arizona J-^^, 

Jardine, Earl D Idaho Falls, Idaho ^^^i "^F^^" ^ M^ ^ 1*^ ^ 

Kamauoha, Charles M Wailuku, Maui ^M \ ^ ki ■ ^M Kw ^k ^ W ^fi 

King, Dale L Mesa, Arizona A^ f I r _ V| 

Lander, Solomon _ Brooklyn. New York Bdkv - \ >'*, 

Law. David A — Provo. Utah mVk M ^^ IS^W A X" 

Liu. Potsan Hongkong, China k ^ M*! ^#i^S f Mw M/m^^ ^k 



.^^^^ — — ^ - _ -^ ' ai Maynard, Earl Myron Lenore, Idaho 

<^^ ^B^ ^m.^ ■'^Jr Mondenhall Mary Ann Provo, Utah 

^^k iW ^^^^'_^ ^3k ^^^T^ A Mendenhall. Robert C Provo. Utah 

^^^^^^^ll^^^l^^^ ^ ^!v W H Iv J Marley, Bert W. McCammon, Idaho 

Orton, James D _ Provo, Utah 

r ^ J^ Price, John D _ Wales, Utah 

^^^ "^^ ^S 1^ ,^8| ^f J^^m Montague. Glenn A _ Nampa, Idaho 

k \SA ^^k ^ \ ^K^^l AiiH^H Floyd C Salt Lake 

TSnTKllB^ ^.^...-.^ ^=^..c 

JM'g- K •• I^J^ *^^^^ ^®^' ^'**'"'' ^ -..-Panguitch, Utah 

^k ^A V ^L''^^ ft^^U ^ l^r ^ Skousen, Don B _ -...Provo, Utah 

^^^j2^B ^^ oM \ l^^^l^ ^Se^^M R _ Idaho 

J»k\» L §t »m^J W oCrirl '^^•Iw Stanford, Stephen ..._ _ _...Logan, Utah 

'^ 1^ ^k «*• \i-lL' Taylor, Dale H _ Provo, Utah 

■^^^W ^ ^^K*^ ^^^^^"^ jf^i ^""^' ^"^^^ ^ - -...Portland, Oregon 

^^11 ^1^ yg^ ^ BLk. Ill jC tti i ^""" ^"''™" ^ " ^""^ 


Whiting, Sue 
Sh Johns, Arizona 
Graves, Hugh H. G. 
.Peoria, Illinois 
Gardner, Paul Truman 
Detroit, Michigan 

Warner, Robert O. 
Antimony, Utah 
Dominguez, John Richard 
Phoenix, Arizona 
Hartvigsen, Jack 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Billings, Russell M. 
Provo, Utah 
Cox, Donald B. 
Fairview, Utah 
Hansen, Wilford N. 
Parma, Idaho 

Woffinden, Frank 
Orem, Utah 
Fairbanks, "E.J.L. 
Caldwell, Idaho 
Jones. Donald Theone 
Pingree, Idaho 

Burton, Melvin 
Afton, Wyomin 
Garrard, LaMa 
Burley, Idaho 



Hyde, Mary C. 
Provo, Utah 

Cooper, Mary Martinsau 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Gibbs, Betty Jean 
Salt Lake Gty, Utah 


Jones, Jay D. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Graduate Class Representa- 
tive to the Legislature: Mel 


Kittorman, Sanford J Salt Lake Gty, Utah 

Law, Hugh T _... Sandy, Utah 

Malan, tC. H. Ogdon. Utah 

Maboy. Melvin P Bountiful, Utah 

Porter, E. Ross _ _ Helper, Utah 

Robinson, Donald E Salt Lalte City, Utah 

Rust, Albert O _ Las Vegas, Nevada 

Noeley, Mary Lou Shelby, Montana 

Roberts. Connell B. .Ogden, Utah 

Singleton, Paul C ....Provo, Utah 

Slack, Jean _ Provo, Utah 

Snfiith, Earl L. _ Snowflake, Arizona 

Steffanson, Forrest _...Lampoc, California 

Webster, Lloyd E _...Parker, Arizona 

Thompson, Vera J Salt Lake City, Utah 

Whyte, Arthur 
Zenger. Jerry .... 

..Long Beach, California 
Provo, Utah 





Class of '51 

Gene Shumway 


Sally Kirkham 


Ruth Reeve 


Senior Class Representatives to the Legis- 
lature: Kathryn Christensen and Sam Dox- 


shot "Minn 
nation with 

able, sure- 
ect of the 
II over the 
d ability. 

conne in small pack^ 
White Key presi 
class officer. D 
tireless and diligent efforts. 

OSE" FLAKE — Fabulous 

r whose jokes kept even 

nT»|^ still laughing. Vocal- 

with Jack Hansen's band and 

was very proud of his wife Billie. 


SAM DOXEY — Ever-s 
blonde dream man who 
formed his duties as Va 
senior class legislator, Ban 
ger, and Elaine's constant 

SALLY KIRKHAM— "I wanna be a friend 
of yours" might well be the theme of this 
clever gal. Devoted her time to senior 
class vice-prei(iency an<f\Banyan duties. 

lai. Uevo' 


TOM GUr^^kjHustlm^ 
ta Phi ^^^^^'y t«^ 
drive aranSfSwod his 
his newly- ad9ptadsch 


ure but 
the stage 

Diminutive in stat- 
rsonality is this stu- 
pietely at ease on 

assemblies was 

judgment a 
a past master 
yearbooks. IC jjui^ltiered 
Blue Key and Val Hyric. 

and good 
ief" who is 
the ranks of 

BONNIE MOES^^UU^ded with talent 
and personality, pian^^Iaying Bonnie wrote 
prize-winning songs for the Cesta Ties and 
was often called upon to direct choruses. 




also found " 

president. _ 

tinne out to be married in Novennber. 

HELEN JB*jNI[JEjJO^ItS— Twinkling eyes 
and beJiniiliQj -SPljIe Characterized this 
charming miss whether presiding over 
Nautilus meetings or wielding her violin 

RUSSELL W^ — Energetic Viking 
president, Qfftilfc^Jubllee student chair- 
man and^J^tre ^ K vy recognized for his 
general ability and constant efforts. 



years of service In 

body secretary and,,fiBmma Phi Omicron 

president, this Whire Key and Val Norn 

was deeply rooted in everyone's affections 

'school finances 
and making friends came easily. 

manager, Clue l^ey, and 
found that both handlint 

liest Girl, Char was 
president whose 
ded, as a hard-worRTT^g wniT 
a madcap "Junior Birdman." 





Key, and as 

IL %i:l ~w 

Ailian, Denza Allan, Douglas 0. 

Las Vegas, Nevada San Francisco, California 

Allred, Keith Reid 
Spring City, Utah 

Allen, John D. 

Oakland, California 

Anderson, Carolyn Allred, Evan L. 
Salina, Utah Provo, Utah 

Anderson, Kent S. 
eiendale, Utah 

Anderson, Norma 
Helper. Utah 

Alloman, Nola Anderson, 
Bern, Idaho Heber, 


Allred, Mario 
Lehi, Utah 

Anderson, Gene Anderson, 
Mesa, Arizona Glenda^ 

le, Utah 

Anderson, Mona Rae 
Manti, Utah 

Andelin, Robert L. — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Arnold, Gomor J. — Cleveland, Utah 
Austin, Joanne — Los Angeles, California 
Bangarter, Blauer L. — Granger, Utah 
Banks, Gladys — Lynndyl, Utah 

Bate, Lamont C. — Rigby, Idaho 
Bateman, Norma Joyce — Midvale, Utah 
Bateman, Ralph H. — American Fork, Utah 
Bock, Louise — American Fork, Utah 
Bendixsen, Richard D. — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Berrey, Barbara J. — Provo, Utah 

Bertoch, Jeanne — Bacchus, Utah 

Bezzant, Elaine Peterson — San Bernardino, C. 

Black, G. Stanley — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Burgan, Barbara — Berkeley, California 


Briggs, Richard 
Sherman Oaks, Calif. 

Bralthwalte, LaRue 
Moroni, Utah 

Brady, Howard Keith 
Provo, Utah 

Brady, Elwood 
Provo. Utah 

7:00 a.m. — Early to bed and early to rise. 

Barenaba, Charles — Laie, Oahu, Hawaii 
Ball, Benjamin W. — Ogden, Utah 
Barnes, Marjorie — Rupert, Idaho 

Bennion, Afton — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Benson, J. Lynn — Moreland, Idaho 
Berrey, Barbara — Provo, Utah 

Bowen, Loa V. — Burley, Idaho 

Sown, Delia — Stirling, Alberta, Canada 

Boyce, Derald Meecham — Anaconda, Mont 

Brinkerhoff, John A. 
Bicknell, Utah 

Brasher, Ruth E. 
Huntington, Utah 

Braeggert, Jeaniene 
Ogden, Utah 

Bradley, Hyrum E. 
Pleasant Grove, Utah 



Brim. Margaret — Downey, Idaho 
Brlmhall, Bonnie — Mesa, Arizona 
Brown, Berna V. — Tooele, Utah 
Brown, Carol — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Brown, Farrell — Monticello, Utah 

Brown, Leonard — Loa, Utah 
Brown, Moyle — Weiser, Idaho 
Bunnell, Ted — Oqden .Utah 
Burgon, Glade L. — Midvale, Utah 
Burton, Kathleen — Ogden, Utah 

Butler, Marvin Jay — Provo, Utah 
Bushman, Orvil M. — Joseph City, Arizona 
Butler, Dale H. — Driggs, Idaho 
Cameron, Rupert G. — Rochester, Michigan 
Call, Duane D. — Vernal, Utah 

Carlyle, Gay — Joseph, Utah 
Carroll, Jimmy Lee — Moab, Utah 
Castleberry, Lilas Crandall — Rupert, Idaho 
Chesley, Ethel Mae — Mesa, Arizona 
Choules, Albert — Driggs, Idaho 


Christensen, David — Clarkston, Utah 
Christensan, Bonnie — PItasant Grove, Utah 

Clerii, Nola — Magna, Utah 
Clark, Colleen — Ogden, Utah 



Cook, Cecil M. — Rexburg, Idaho 
Coot Wm. Preston — Provo, Utah 


Cox, Carolyn — Pasadena, California 
Cox, Zeniff J. — Castle Dale, Utah 
Crammer, Dorothy — Springville, Utah 
Cramer, Evan R. — Ucon, Idaho 

Craig, Calvin — Castle Gate, Utah 
Crandall, Fred — Glendale, California 
Crawford, William D. — Columbia, Utah 
Crandall, Janet — Springville, Utah 

hristensen. Dona Lou 
Elsinore, Utah 

Christiansen, Shirley 
Provo. Utah 

ope, James C. 
Provo, Utah 

Cole, ^^SW 
Vtasa, tifah 

Christsnson, 'itatnryq 
Orom, Utah 

Corbetf, Scott 
Provo. Utah; 

Colvin, Curtis A. 
Provo, Utah 

Christiansen, Lois 
Spanish Fork, Utan 

Cooper, Don 
Pocatello, Idaho 

^Cfcard.-WcliMl E 
Provo, Utah 

f, Condie. John fc> 
^ / Springville, U ah 

y Cottle, Wayne W 
f Ogden. Utal 


C awson, Harold P. 
Phoenix, Arizona 

C iristensen, Paul 
Payson, Utah 

Cordon, Clarence H., Jr. 
Seattle, Washington 

Morgan, Utah 

Condie, Louis R. 

Miami Beach, Florida 

Cornum, Alger R. 
Provo. Utah 

M 1A % 


Crump, Cal 
Lark. Utah 

Oaans, Lanolr Hatfield 
Chicago, Illinois 

Czirr, John Barf 
Springville, Utah 

Oedrickson, Fred L. 
Spanish Fori, Utah 

Davis, Trossa R. 
Salem, Utah 

Denhalter, J. C. 

Los Angeles, California 

Oavies, Edward Joseph 
Longview, Washington 

Doty, Allen J. 
Galesburg, Michigan 

Curtis, Eugene 

Philadelphia, Penna. 

Decker, Jerena S. 
Provo. Utah 

Davidson, Don 

San Bernardino, Calif. 

DeGraw, Monte 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Day, Frank D. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Dickson, Joan 
Kalispell, Montana 

Doxey, Samuel G. — Los Angeles, California 
Driggs, Kay A. — Oram, Utah 
Durham, Eddie — Orem, Utah 
Dunn, Joyce — Montpelier, Idaho 
Durrsnt, Helen — Provo, Utah 

Durrant, Lorna J. — Meridian, Idaho 

Easton, Andrew H. — Martinez, California 

Edwards, Clista — Heber, Utah 

Edwafds, Sally — Provo, Utah 

Edwards, Walter W. — Milford. Massachusetts^ 

Egbert, LuDene — Preston, Idaho 

Ellertson, Joy — Murray, Utah 

Ellet, Mont R. — Bicknell, Utah 

Ellis. David — Ogden, Utah 

Ellsworth, Richard Grant — Washington, D.C. 


7:15 a.m. — A shower a day keeps the B.O. away. 

Farley. Alice Fay 
Mesa, Arizona 

Faux, Marilyn 
Provo, Utah 

Felscher, Elaine 
Ogden, Utah 

Fetherstone, John H. 
Burlington, Wyoming 

Field, Lolita 
Ogden, Utah 

Field, Luana 
Ogden, Utah 

Fieldhouse, Gerald E. 
Oodgeviile, Wisconsin 

Flake, Mose 
Mesa, Arizona 

Eklcer, Leta — Springville, Utah 
Eldredge, Burr S. — Roosevelt, Utah 
Eldredge, Erma R. — Roosevelt, Utah 

English, Ruby — Wallace, North Carolina 
Cannon, Charlotte — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Emerson, Helen Jean — Hayward, California 

Erekson, Jonas H. — Provo, Utah 
Fairbanks, R. Frank — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Erickson, Florence H. — Seattle, Washington 



Geisf, Grace Beck — Centerfield, Utah 
Giddings. Luther E. — American Fork, Utah 
Glazier, R. Penrod — Heber, Utah 
Gigliotii, Eunetta — Helper, Utah 
GIdley, Bob — McGill, Nevada 

Glenn, Avery — Union, Oregon 
Gorton, H. Clay — Soda Springs, Idaho 
Grant, James Nash — American Fork, Utah 
Gregersen, Jack B. — Sevier, Utah 
Green, Keith — Grantsvllle, Utah 

Ganjei, Farhad Fred — Tehran, Iran 
Garfield, Earl J. — Draper, Utah 
Gairett, Louise — Ely, Nevada 
Gates, Barbara Winkler — Provo, Utah 
Gates, Vilate V. — Salina, Utah 

Fife, Alexander Louis, Jr. — Salt Lake City 
Fiske, Suzzanne — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Forsyth, Stanley S. — Caliente, Nevada 
Frerman, Dean — Twin Falls, Idaho 
Gambol, Helen R. — Childress. Texas 

Groesbeck, Dorothy — Springville, Utah 
Gutierrez, F. A. — LaLuz, New Mexico 

HoN, Harry G. — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Guymon, Clover G. — Hiawatha, Utah 

Hall, Stan — Compton, California 
Halversan, Thomas A. — San Jose, California 


Hansen, Erval Orlin — Mayfield, Utah 
Hansen, Deloy W. — Tooele, Utah 
Hansen, V. Margrett — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Hansen, Jerrie — Monroe, Utah 

Hansen, Lois — Elko, Nevada 
Haralson, C. Wilbur — Hollywood, Calif. 
Hansen, Lynn Wayne — Monroe, Utah 
Hansen, Ralph — New York City, New York 

Greer, Joan 
Provo, Utah 

Gwilliam, Gloria S. 
Provo, Utah 

Hammond, Gale F. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Green, Rob- 

Phoeni«, Arizona 

Haddock, Marjorie Jean 
Richmond, California 

Hanks, Read T. 
Provo, Utah 

Gum mow, Del la 
Surley, Idaho 

Hall, Barbara 
Burley, Idaho 

Hansen, Care e 
Provo, Utah 

Greer, Elaine 

St. Johns, Arizona 

Gwilliam, Robert F. 
Provo, Utah 

Hammond, Roma Jean 
Ogden, Utah 

Gunn, Tom 
Richfield, Utah 

Hainsworth, Morris 
Portland, Oregon 

Hanson, Bonnie Rae 
Roosevelt, Utah 

v^uiiitioi, iviaiviii k. 

Tooele, Utah 

Hales, Marilyn 
Elsinore, California 

Hansen, Bonnie D. 
Provo, Utah 


Harbertson, Margaret Harding 
Ogden, Utah Taber, 



gene Harmon, Marilyn 
nada Pocatello, Idaho 

Herman, Eunice 
Berkeley, California 

Harries, Barbara H. Hawkins, 
Columbus, Ohio Provo, 

Richard T. 

Hedquist, Albert K. 
Provo, Utah 

Hendrlckson, Keith M 
Pomona, California 

Hardy, Botte 
Hinckley. Utah 

Harris Thayne 
Ogden, Utah 

Harmon, Keith B. 
Fairview, Wyoming 

Hartvigsen, Joie 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Heaton, Maurice K. 
Orland, California 

Heisenger, James G. 
Carmef, California 

Herbertson, Leon M. — Provo, Utah 
Hernadez Helen — Fresno, California 
Heward, Dorothy — Holbrook, Arizona 
Hiatt, David — Mt. Airy, North Carolina 
Hicken, Audrey — Heber, Utah 

Hill, Adell — Provo, Utah 

Hill, Donna — West Jordan, Utah 

Hill, Dick — Price, Utah 

Hill, Joseph — Ucon, Idaho 

Hillier, Afton Annie — Coalville. Utah 

Hilton, Jan — Gallup, New Mexico 
Hilton, Marilyn — Denver, Colorado 
Hoover, Marian M. — Provo, Utah 
Holder, Lyal E. — Paonlai, Colorado 
Holt, Nancy — Oakley, Idaho 


Jensen, V. Lamarr 
Sandy. Utah 

Jensen, Norman R. 
Blaine, Washington 

Jensen. Voniel 
Ephraim, Utah 

Jenkins. Douglas 
Provo. Utah 

Jenson. Twila 
Rexburg, Idaho 

Jenson. Iris L 
Rexburg, Idaho 

Jewltes. Paul 

Los Angeles. California 

Jones. Helen Jeanne 
Provo. Utah 

7:30 a.m. — Breakfast in Hollywood has nothing over this apartment. 

Honeycutt. Leo W. — Hendersonville. N. C. 
Horroclts, Evelyn — Pocatello. Idaho 
Howells. Thonnas F. — Union, Utah 

Huntington, Jane — Springville, Utah 
Hyer, Paul — Ogden. Utah 
Hymas, Max — Ovid, Idaho 

Iverson, Ora Fay — Tremont^^^^h 
Ingalls, Wm. V. — Tacoma, Washington 
Jarvis, Jarrett — Mesa, Arizona 




Johnson, Howard — Blanca, Colorado 
Johnson, Andrea — Panqultch, Utah 
Johnson, Calvin — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Johnson. Blaine — Springville, Utah 
Johnson. Julie — Barnwell, Alberta, Canada 

Johnson, Laurel Ray — Barnwell, Alberta, Can. 
Johnson, Shirley — Smoot, Wyonning 
Julian, Kenneth — Mesa, Arizona 
Kartchnar, Joyce — San Jose, California 
Kelley, John E. — Hollywood, California 

Krider, Edward — Tulsa, Oklahoma 
Kiester, Elaine B. — Slippery Rock, Penna. 
Kinney, Fare! H. — Pocatello, Idaho 
Kirk, Don C. — Provo, Utah 
Kirkhann, Rae Mona — Los Angeles, Calif. 

Kirkham, Sally — Brigham City, Utah 
Knecht, William — Shrewsburg. Massechusetts 
Knowlton, Beverley — Lethbridge, Alta., Can. 
Kohler, Marion C. — Midway, Utah 
Kekaula, Tom — Honolulu, Hawaii 



"'"■■'"'"' \. iK" 

// '' "■'>■ , 

Lyon, Norma Rae — Midvale, Utah 
Lyman, Kenneth B. — Parowan, Utah 

Llewellyn, Morris J. — Mapleton, Utah 
Lyman. Dorothy — Provo, Utah 

Ludlow, Les — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Larson, Janet — Las Vegas, N«vada 


McPhle, W. C. — Provo, Utah 
McMullin, Dorothy — San DImas. California 
McWhorter, George — Bakersfield, Calif. 
McQuarrie, Ina Marie — Beaver, Utah 

Madson, Amelia — Provo, Utah 
Madson, Jack — Provo, Utah 
McPhie, JoAnna — Provo, Utah 
Madson, Parle — Provo, Utah 

Loveland, Jerry K. 
Provo, Utah 

Longson, Beverly 
St. Louis, Missouri 

Laird, Robert 
Eureka, Utah 

McClurg, Bury! 
El Dorado, Arkansas 

Lennon, Betty 

Sco+tsbiuff, Nebraska 

McCulley, Jessie L. 
Milford, Uta|# M 

Lyman, Bertha 
Holden, Utah 

Lindsay, MyrI 
Payson, Utah 

Lund, Darlene 
Modena, Utah 

,uat, Vefa Wm 
" Virden, New M( 

Liechty, Elaine 
Provo, Utah 

McSuire, Bettie J 
■d. Montana, Califo n 

Laycock, Marion 
San Francisco, California 

Leegant, Daniel 

New York City, N. Y. 

McGregor, A. Pardoe 
Los Angeles, California 

Luce, Carl T. 
McGill, Nevada 

Leth, Ken O. 

Albany, California 

Mclntyre, Bernell 
Heyburn, Idaho 


Madsen, Russell 
Prove, Utah 

Massey, Richard. L. 
Orem, Utah 

Malstrom, Mary 
West Jordan. Utah 

Mauqhan, Shirley 
Tremonton, Utah 



Merrill, Albert 
Provo, U*ah 

Martin, Gary 

Grand Junction, Colo, 

Merrill, Owen S. 
Provo, Utah 

Malmrose, Elden 
Brigham City, Utah 

Matson, Charmayne 
Los Angeles, California 

Marble, Glen Bert 
Malad, Idaho 

Melander, Wayne A. 
Boise, Idaho 

Marriott, Geraldine 
Le Mesa, California 

Merrill, June Lee 

Beverly Hills, California 

Minor, Myrth C. — Falrview, Utah 
Miller, Katherlne — Provo, Utah 
Miller, Marvin J. — Provo, Utah 
Miner, Georgia — Provo, Utah 
Meyer, Rudolph K. — Laie, Oahu, Hawaii 

Moody, Dick — Mesa, Arizona 
Moore, Keith W. — Nampa. Idaho 
Munnford, Theo — Montpelier, Idaho 
Morris, Felt R. — Heber, Utah 
Mortensen, Shirley Ruth — Manassa, Colo. 

Murray, Joyce — Portland, Oregon 
Naegle, Ferrel — Las Vegas, Nevada 
deNagy, Hugh — Albany, New York 
Nash, Marlon — Eureka, Utah 
Nebeker, Connie — Annabella, Utah 

S^X^ '^ 


Nelson, Richard 

Buena Park, California 

Neville, Julia 
Kaysville, Utah 

Nielsen, Barbara Lu 
Draper, Utah 

Nixon, Phlllis 
Prove, Utah 

Nelson, Roland M. 
American Fork, Utah 

Nielson, Calvin E. 
Mona, Utah 

Nielson, VeLois 
Manti, Utah 

Oldroyd, Marilyn 
Payson, Utah 

10:00 a.m. — Young "Y'sers" stroll while papa studies. 

Mitchel, George — Provo, Utah 
MInson. Roland — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Moesser, Bonnie Jean — Etna, Wyoming 

Mower, Colleen — Provo, Utah 

Moore, Leonard D. — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Myers, lliene — Boise, Idaho 

Nelson, Arlene — Rexburg, Idaho 
Nelson, Elaine — Tooele, Utah 
Nelson, Jon A. — Portland, Oregoi 



Olsen, Lynn — Santaquin, Utah 
Olson, Heber R. — Fairview, Utah 
Omps, James R. — Hancock. Maryland 
One, Masayo — Puunene, Hawaii 
Oorstendorf, Bart Van — N. Hollywood. Cal. 

Ord, Bob — Baker, Oregon 
Orgill, Montie R. — Caliente, Nevada 
Owens, Stephen L. — Safford, Arizona 
Pace, R. Elwood — Provo, Utah 
Pace, Kenneth — Provo, Utah 

Parsons, Robert — Ogder, Utah 
Parker, Juel H. — Joseph, Utah 
Palmer, Spencer J. — Thatcher, Arizona 
Page, Reed — Clearfield, Utah 
Paulsen, Mabel — Lewisville, Idaho 

Payne, Mauray — Provo, Utah 

P6nfield, Robert — Roosevelt, Utah 

Perry, Beth — Springville, Utah 

Peterson, Elaine — San Bernardino, California 

Quinn, Pat — Arlington, Virginia 



■V€. r 

■■■ VVXr-- 

Pulsipher, Fenton H. — St. Johns, Arizona 
Price, Harold D. — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

\%^' '^' ^ ^ T^e*^"" W- - 0"t»''°' Call' 
""^"" l^ \ /. ■•'-''""••■¥**«^lft'-orna - Spanish Fork, Utc 


y, Idaho 

enneth — fOjjitario. Calif. 

Pierce, ScoH T. — Aberdeen, Idaho 
Roundy, Varsel Clair — Hurricane, Utah 
Riggs, Colleen — Chandler, Arizona 
Robertson, Sheronne — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Pierce, Ben K. — Provo, Utah 
Piatt, Gordon L — Richfield, Utah 
Phillips, Rosemary — Tokyo, Japan 
Plumb, Theodore — St. Johns, Arizona 

Rawie, Renee 
Morgan, Utah 

Redd, Alene 

Monticello, Utah 

Reese, Clifton 
Milford, Utah 

Radicto^/ F d 

Njif^ofkC+y H Y 

d F 

U ah 

Reinsch, Ba ba » 
Whittier Cotlfofn a 

Rasmussen, Victor 

Fountain Grei fi L*a 

Raynes, Lincoln F. 
Rockport, Oregon 

Reeve, Ruth 
Provo, Utah 

Ita b#di Ve 1 
hefcer, h 

Ray sd a ,j«an 
Cooit^^e A «m% 

lb hardU, NotmoH T 
P ovo 

Randall, Wanda 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Ream, Leanore 

Berkeley, California 

Redd, Jacqueline 
BlandIng, Utah 

Rasband, Mark E. 
Heber, Utah 

Reber, Darwin F. 
St. George, Utah 

Rex, Donna L. 
Randolph, Utah 



Rowley, Juanita Rose Runyan, John E. 
Spring Glen, Utah Denver, Colorado 

Ryan, Adrian J. 
Provo, Utah 

Russell, Ralph Sherman 
St. Louis, Missouri 

Rust, Albert O. Schindler, Stan 
Las Vegas, Nevada Blaclcfoot, Idaho 

Schipper, Lillian 
Sparlcs, Nevada 

Schoenfeld, Edward L. 
Parma, Ohio 

Rowley, T. Leonard 
Parowan, Utah 

Ruppe, Janet 
Vernal, Utah 

Russell, Virginia 
Provo, Utah 

Schade, Mary Nell 
Los Angeles, California 

Schipper, Ruth 
Sparks, Nevada 

Schnnidt, Phillip, Jr. 
Woods Cross, Utah 

Schow, Fred F. — Cardston, Canada 
Schwalbe, A. Wayne — Brawley. California 
Schwalbe, Cheryl — Ft. Worth, Texas 
Scott, Wanda — Provo, Utah 
Scovllle, J. Keith — Bountiful, Utah 

Scow, Richard Dick — Orangeville, Utah 
Searle, H. Clair — Provo, Utah 
Sears, Roger R. — Bethesda, Maryland 
Seegmiller, Euridlce T. — Buenos Aires, Arg. 
Shank, Jon B. — Reading, Pennsylvania 

Shelley, Arlo F. — American Fork, Utah 
Sherratt, Reveau — Cedar City, Utah 
Sherwood, Stephen E. — Mesa, Arizona 
Shurtllff, David D. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Shumway, E. Gene — Mesa, Arizona 

^^ iiSiS ^ 


Sprouse, Betty Jo 
Roosevelt, Utah 

Sorensen. George Wm. 
Berkeley, California 

Spendlove, Rex S. 
Boulder City, Nevada 

Spratling, Gwenavere 
Springville, Utah 

12:00 Noon — Chow time is socializing time at J. S. Cafeteria. 

Simpson, Reve — Heber, Utah 

Smith, Beverly — Kemmerer, Wyoming 

Smith, Charles A. — Collins Center, N. Y. 

Smith. Elon V. — Van Nuys, California 
Smith, Hamilton — Sugar, Idaho 
Smith, John W. — Springville, Utah 

Smith, LeRoy S. — Snowflake, An^a 
Smith, Myrlee — Randolph, Utah 
Sorensen, Alene — Grace, Idaho 

Sorensen, Jerelyn 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Sorensen, M. Colleen 
Provo, Utah 

Spilsbury, Kelly 
El Paso, Texas 

Spratling, Maurine 
West Jordan, Utah 



Stevens, Bruce B. — Astoria, Oregon 
Stahell, Karl — Enterprise, Utah 
Staheli, Kent — Provo, Utah 
Steinacker, Karl A. — Cannbellsport, Wis. 
Stephenson, Loran D. — Wendell, Idaho 

Stevenson, Evan — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Stewart, Durian H. — Los Angeles, California 
Storey, Arlene — Ogden, Utah 
Stewart, Keith — Provo, Utah 
Stocltman, Donald G. — Coalville. Utah 

Suiker, Alice P. — Vancouver, B. C. 
Stronnberg, Stanley C. — Grantsville, Utah 
Sudweeb, Alice Janice — Nephi, Utah 
Swanson, James W. — Rapid City, So. Da. 
Sundberg, Kathlyn — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Stube, Herbert — East Northport, New York 

Stowe, Thomas M. — Sandy, Utah 

Taylor, Russell — Provo, Utah 

Tanner, Donna Mae — Glendora, California 

Terry, Orlyn — Provo, Utah 


/ '-rx 

Uchida, Alice — Honolulu, Hawaii 
Voorhees, Don G. — Manti, Utah 


M% \'w... — w'k 

'"' '% ''' \ /I '''""""'' 'W'"'^^^«iiti^X^o<^'>\di S- — Provo, Utah 

^^-f 1 4# 1 1 

m S/milrd»<\Xi JMn — Bl^k&ot, Idaho 

\^ " \ '/■■■• '^P^"^*^ Ud^B<sbn Alfred — M^j^j^riiona 


Weibell, Agnes^ — Wesf Jordan, Utah 
Weaver, Carlene — Ogden, Utah 
Weeks, Otis H., Jr. — Vernal, Utah 
Weeks, Stanley — Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Weinheimer, Ruth — Wellington, Alta., Can. 
Whipple, Georgia Ann — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Wheeler, Delores — Helper, Utah 
Wheeler, Belva — Linton, Indiana 

p\^ t^» 

. V 

Thome, Jerrold 
Nampa, Idaho 

Tobler, Cloyd A. 
Mesquite, Nevada 

Tuttle, Allen H. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 


T-ionrtaf tCatl^n 
-Ship oc Nen Max o 

Tjphar V\. a E 
Rich ud Utah 

^Icer, H tta 

Westberg, Carol 
Majave, Califo 

Tidwell, Eugene 
McGill, Nevadi 

Turner, Elmo 
Riverton, Utah 

Thompson, Carolyn 
Malta, Idaho 

Thornton, Geniel 

American Fork, Utah 

Tueller, Carol P. 

Calgary, Alberta, Can. 

Thajjrfon, Al na 
Kuna, Idaho 

Trimble, Harry Lee 
Ontario, California 

Trimble, Keith A. 
Ontario, California 


Wing, Norman S. — American Fork, Utah 
Wilcox, Ray T. — West Chicago, Illinois 
Wilford, Olen — Jacksonville, Florida 
Willardson, Hal B. — Salina, Utah 
Williams, Bonnie — Concord, California 
Williams, Dee — Richfield, Utah 
Williams, Jean — Chicago, Illinois 
Williams, Joe B. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Willie, Marilyn — Ogden, Utah 
Wilson, Dean G. — Payson, Utah 
Williams, Hank — Mesa, Arizona 
Wilson, Kenneth N. — Ontario, California 
Winters, Kenneth G. — Helper, Utah 
Wood, Lowene — Buhl, Idaho 
Woodfleld, Norman R. — North Ogden, Ut. 
Wright, Dean H. — Provo, Utah 
Workman, Martha — South Gate, California 
Wright, Lyie O. — Clawson, Utah 
Wyatt, Mary Ann — Ogden, Utah 
Waddoups, Lois MIgnon — Logan, Utah 
Walte, Merwin — Huntington Park, California 
Walker, Keith R. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Walker, William James — Ely, Nevada 
Warner, Afton Speedy — Twin Falls, Idaho 
Walter, Troy P. — Blanding, Utah 
Young, Helen — Mayport Pennsylvania 
Wardell, Alvero — Compton, California 
Wardell, Artell — Compton, California 
Walker, William L — Provo, Utah 
Warner, Ted J. — Ogden, Utah 
Watkins, Leone Anderson — Mapleton, Utah 
Wardel, Alvln — Pocatello, Idaho 
Young, Nellanette — Honolulu, Hawaii 
Fletcher, James R. — Draper, Utah 
Zimmerman, Angelene — Ogden, Utah 
Zabriskie, Bob Carroll — Provo, Utah 
Tyler, Dolores — Ontario, Oregon 
White, David — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Whiteley, John — Oakley, Idaho 
Whitehead, Frank D. — San Diego, California 
Whyte, A. W. — Long Beach, California 
Wilcken, Beth Arlene — Clearfield, Utah 



KM ■::n:vi- -is:.^:^' 

C^V 1- 



Bruce Chambers 


Betty Martini 


Widtsoe Shumway 


Class of '52 

Junior Class Representatives to the Legis- 
lature! Gerry Goodfellow Rossell and 
Reed Benson. 


SUE NELSON— "Have Sue do It" is an 
assurance of success when anything has to 
be done. Was noted for talent as violinist 
and for activity in Y Calcares and Nautilus. 

BILL FARNSWORTH— Likeable, efficient 
returned nriissionary who made many 
friends as vice-president of Delta Phi. 


pus women with h 
irresistable smile 1 
popular Briclcer wh 
ing far. 

earts of cam- 

nal voice and 

g new to this 

promise of go- 

finds time t 
tain honor r 
to adding m 
Hall producti 






quarterback anc 

ker who wa 

red Man by one of the 
margins ever. 





1 SV ^ 




MARK b|eJsC "N -jOrL-l 
p o p u 1 a r jiBen>lknLhroT h e 
put his (J^^andsoLMg 
the Junior rrom tops ar 
much respect for his s 

lalf of the 
rs, Mark 
fcB making 
id gained 




^^^ ilfe into the 
jncanny ability for 
picking capame aids. 

pus with 
liest bo 


us who put 

top sha|:_ 

the Delta fhi (chorus. 




Abbott, Stonle 
Lehi, Utah 

y Adams, Tom 

Lovell, Wyoming 

Alexander, Charles M. Allen, John W. Anderson, Clair 
Phoenix, Arizona Provo. Utah Provo. Utah 

Anderson, Jane Anderson, Geraldine E. 
Manti, Utah Prove, Utah 

Anderson, Robert B. Andrew, Marian Andrus, G. Merrill 
Spring City, Utah Portland, Oregon Ucon. Idaho 

Arnold, Gary 

Ash, Afton 
Utah Springville, Utah 

Ashworth, Tanya Badger, Blllie Balrd, Larae 
Balcersfield, California Provo. Utah Heber. Utah 

Balllf, Maralyn 
Provo, Utah 

Barloclter, Vella Rose 
Enterprise, Utah 

Barrus, Robert R. Barton, D. Louise Baumgarten. Edward J. 
Grantsville. Utah Manti. Utah San Bernardino, Calif 

Adams, Daniel S. Adamson, Vyva Raquel Allan, Theron D. Alo, Roland K. 

Bonners Ferry, Idaho Pleasant Grove, Utah Springville, Utah Walluku, Maui, Hawaii 

Anderson, John Anderson, Geraldine Anderson, Ray V. Andrus, Stanley K. 
Salt Lake City, Utah Provo, Utah Richfield, Utah Holladay, Utah 

Arnett, Alice Ashby, Llla 
Price, Utah Vernal. Utah 

Atlcinson. J. Von Bagley. Gaylan 
Pocatello. Idaho Afton, Wyoming 

Barber, Kitty Sue Barnhlll, Bertha 
Baytown, Texas Provo, Utah 

Bartlett. Lee Bascom. Cleo E. 
Mountain Home, Idaho Vernal, Utah 


Bawden, Leon — Cleveland, Utah 
Bean, H. Hardy — Prove, Utah 
Bean, Marge — Williston, North Dakota 
Beck, Robert E. — Centerfield, Utah 
Beckstead, Jocelyn — Preston, Idaho 

Belt, William D. — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Beden^augh, Joyce — Lake City, Florida 
Bennett, Robert L. — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Benson, Jesse N. — Provo, Utah 
Benson, Mark A. — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Black, Blaine L. — Provo. Utah 
Beutler, Charles S. — Emmet, Idaho 
Bergquist, Ralph — Preston, Idaho 
Bergquist, Eleise — Preston, Idaho 
Benson, Reed A. — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Black, Karl L. — Eden, Idaho 
Blackham, Vernon T. — Moroni, Utah 
Bird, Ladene — Long Beach, California 
Blankenagel, Harvey — Springville, Arizona 
Boden, David — Burley. Idaho 

Bodily, Beryl — Salmon, Idaho 
Bohne, Bud — San Jose, California 
Bolingbroke, Mary Lois — Billings, Montana 
Bona, Ardene R. — Payson, Utah 
Borg, Robert L. — Salt Lake Ciity, Utah 


1 :00 p.m. — What a way to spend an afternoo 


Bowen, Jack 
Mesa, Arizona 

Burton, McKay C. 
Afton, Wyoming 

Channbers, C. Bruce 
Buffalo, New York 

Clark, Donald J. 
Oakley, Idaho 

Borgholthaus, Robert H. 
Payette, Idaho 

Burrup, Max 
Downey, Idaho 

Chadburn, Reese H. 
Provo, Utah 

Clark, Richard R. 
Idaho Palls, Idaho 

Boyenger, Lavon 
Nampa, Idaho 

Bush, Elsmore W. 
American Fork, Utah 

Chapman, Marvin 
Boise, Idaho 

Clegg, Vella V. 
Deitrich, Idaho 

Bradford, Howard 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Butler, Morris 
Provo, Utah 

Christensen, Ned 
Clarkston, Utah 

Clouse, Jessie 

Virden. New Mexico 

Bringhurst, Lorna 
Toquerville, Utah 

Call, Gaynell 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Christensen. Romel 
Heber City. Utah 

Coffey. Marvin 
Walla Walla. Wash. 

Bowman, Dick 
Kaysville, Utah 

Bullock, Norma D. 
Barnwell, Alta., Can. 

■ Carroll, Cecil D. 

Inqlewood, California 

Clark, Melvin 
Ririe, Idaho 

Boyack, Phyllis 

Spanish Fork, Utah 

Budge, Barbara 
Denver, Colorado 

Changelo, Anthony 
AvSable Forks, N. Y. 

Clark, Wayne W. 
Georgetown, Idaho 

Boyle, Richard 
Provo, Utah 

Buihman, Anna 

Albuquerque, N. M. 

Christensen, Colleen 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Clingman, Keith 
Grand Canyon, Arizona 

Brady, Dee Jay 
Virginia, Idaho 

Buttars, Elma 
Weston, Idaho 

Christensen, Rex L. 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

Coe. Nathan Bert 
Boulder City, Nevada 


Brinton, J. E. 

Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Call, Geneva 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Christensen, Rose 
Stafford, Arizona 

Compton, Lou Jean 
Morgan, Utah 

Brooks, Winton E. 

Lethbridge, Alta., Ca 

Carle, Wayne M. 
Provo, Utah 

Claphann, Barbara 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Cook, Edwin 
Nannpa, Idaho 

Brynd?; Jolene"- " 
Price, Utah 

Card, Lincoln J. 

Cardston, Alta., Car 

Clark, Alan C. 

Georgetown, Idaho 

Cordner, Maxlne 
Stillwater, Oklahoma 

Brockbank, Paul 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Call, Mac Rey 

Colonia Dublen, Mex. 

Judy, Claire 

Provo, Utah ■- 

Connell, John R., Jr. 
Costa Mesa, California 

' Magratif, Alta;, Can. 

Call, Shirley 

Brown, Ina Lavon 
Provo, Utah 

Idaho Falls, Idahd 

Call, Reginald 
!* . Idaho Falls, Idaho '• 
-• f -. V .1 :'■■- :*'■'--' 

Clawsont Darcy / \ '' ^ piark, Carol Jean ^ 
Seattle, Washlpgtonl; ^ ' Provo, Utah 0f 

"^'9^. Rfchard U ^-^p Cox, Carl T. % 

m:irft:^n Fork, Uta|i ^' - ?^g ..Utah % 







Crawley, PattI 

La Canada, California 

Davis, Lynn H. 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Dixon, Reona 

Roxboro, N. Carolina 

Earl, Albert D. 
Tremonton, Utah 

Crawley, Barbara Jeanne 
Boise. Idaho 

Decker, Carlyle H. 
Mancos. Colorada 

Dell'Aria, Thomas G. 
Long Island. New York 

Eckersley, Howard 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Creek, Dennis 

Evanston. Wyoming 

Decker, Janet 

Snowtlake, Arizona 

Dudley. Duane 
Pocatello. Idaho 

Edwards, Hal C. 
Gunnison, Utah 

Dahl. Reed 

Raymond, Alta., Can. 

Drlggs, Margie Gay 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Duncan, Norman 
Green River. Utah 

Eldredge, Jean Knecht 
Shrewsbury, Mass. 

Davis. Eugene H. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Despain, Norma 
Granite. Utah 

Durfee, Lyman 
Provo. Utah 

Elison. Jerry 
Oakley, Idaho 

Criddle. Dale 
Downey. Idaho 

Day. Dennis 
Fairview, Utah 

Dodson, Neil Gene 
Orange, California 

Dustin, Joyce 

Farmington, New Mexico 

Crowther. Rosemary 
Malad. Idaho 

Decker. Connie 
Snowflake, Arizona 

Draney, Donna 
Burley, Idaho 

EdIefsen, Blaine E. 
Driggs. Idaho 

Curtis, Dorothy 
Waco, Texas 

DeHoyas, Arturo 
Monterrey. Mexico 

Dudley, Gayle 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Egbert, William 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Davies, Karyl Lea 
Duchesne, Utah 

Dixon, Darrel Q. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Dunford, Ted 

Huntington Park, Calif. 

Eliason, Joanne 
Manti, Utah 


Eller, Lavon F. — Laketown, Utah 
Ellsworth, Richard G. — Payson, Utah 
Ericbon, Newell H. — Arlington, California 
Engstrom, Elaine — Phoenix, Arizona 
Ence, Gwendolyn — Provo. Utah 

Esplin, Grace — Cedar City, Utah 
Erickson, Ron — Los Angeles, California 
Esplin, Van — Cedar City, Utah 
Evertsen, Vernon V. — Venice, California 
Evert, Betty — Worland, Wyoming 

Falls, Hilda — Provo, Utah 
Eyring, Suzanne — Huntington, New York 
Farrer, Dale — Provo, Utah 
• Farnsworth, Dean — Colonia Juarez, Mexico 
Farnsworth, Karl S. — Beaver, Utah 

Farnsworth, Vv'illiann F. — Beaver, Utah 

Farr, Betty Jean — Provo, Utah 

Farr, Sylvia — St. Johns, Arizona 

Felsch, George, Jr. — Palo Alto, California 

Fernlev. Arlene — San Diego, California 

Flaherty, Robert R. — Temple City, California 
Fietkan, Doris — Springville, Utah 
Fitzgerald, Myrtle — Ephralm, Utah 
Felroro, Ron — Ontario, California 
Foster, Robert D. — Marshfield, Oregon 

2:00 p.m. — Studying (?) in the library. 


Fowles, Jay R. 
Oakley, Idaho 

Glenn, Lee L. 
Burley, Idaho 

Hansen, Mona 
Great Falls, Montana 

Heiser, E. Franklin 
Ogden, Utah 

Fradshaw. Lowell 
Cardston, Alta., Can. 

Goates, Wayne A. 
Lehi, Utah 

Hansen, Bryant 
Provo, Utah 

Heiser, Janice 
Ogden. Utah 

Fronberg, Charles C. 
Ogden, Utah 

Graehl, Max 
Provo, Utah 

Hansen, Keith 

Merced, California 

Henrie, Weston G. 
Tremonton, Utah 

Gallagher, Robert 

Los Angeles, California 

Green, Verl M. 
Paul, Idaho 

Hanson, Jack O. 

Klannmath Falls, Oregon 

Hideshima, Tad 
Qrem, Utah 

Garrick, Barnell 
Provo. Utah 

Gunn, LaMarr 
Hoytsville, Utah 

Harker, Glen L. 
Orem. Utah 

Hill, Paul E. 
Laurens, South Carolina 

Francom,, Wal G. 
Wilmar, California 

Gines, Pauline 
Jerome, Idaho 

Hansen, Patricia 
Willard, Utah 

Hawker, Alora J. 
Provo, Utah 

Gragon, Edwin B. 

Lancaster, California 

Goodness, Lei 

Wailukee, Maui, Hawaii 

Hansen, Ross D. 
Joseph City, Arizona 

Henrie, Bill S. 
Provo, Utah 

Galbraith, Joyce 

Phoenix, Arizona "=> 

Grahann, Terry E. 
Manti, Utah 

Hansen, DuVello 

Montebello, California 

Hickman, J. Morris 
Coolee Dam, Wash. 

,1 i..i«SSSS 

"=\^^M Logan, 


Greenhaigh, Glade 
Nephi, Utah 

Harding, George W. 
Provo, Utah 

Higa, Lily V. 
Kohala, Hawaii 



Giddlnqs, J. Calvin 
American Fork, Utah 

Hale, Melva 

Afton, Wyoming 

Harmer, Richard A. 
Payson, Utah 

Hinrlcksen, Clarke 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Gibby, Val Dean 
Ogden, Utah 

Hall, Calvin N. 
St. George, Utah 

Harrison, Helen E. 
Provo, Utah 

Hoki, Mits 
Murray, Utah 

Geddes, Marilyn 
Franklin, Idaho 

Hales, Janet 

Great Neck, New York 

Harris, Howard 

Spokane, Washington 

Hintze, Lyie S. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 


Gilbert, Sidney S. 
Bancroft, Idaho 

Halterman, Richard J. 
Cedar Clity, Utah 

Havens, P»};, 
Salmon, t<faho 

•Holbrook, LaRue 
Wells, Nevada 

Gilbert, Herbert W. 
Hutchinson, Kansas 

Hall, llene 
Provo, Utah 

Harrison, Marion 
Provo, Utah 

Holbrook, LaRee 
Wells, Nevada 

Gilner, Gerald 

Provo, Utah % j< 

Hamilton, Joseph V. 
; Lexington, Kentucky 

•riatch, Donna„^_ 

$ Boise, Idehis '">„,..• 

Holfeltz, Lulu Jean 
Springville, Utah 





ames, Glen A. J 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

ames, Romaine 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Jeffs, Dayle 
Provo, Utah 



Jensen, Verona 
Redmond. Utah 


eppsen, Ja 

y N. J 

ohnson, Camille 
Salinas, California 

Johnson, Elizabeth Jane 
Sanford. Colorado 



Jones. L. Ross 
Mesa, Arizona 


ones, Tom J 
Beverly Hills. California 






Judd, G 


a, Juarez. Mexico 

Keate, Bob 
Overton. Nevada 


nudsen, J. 
Provo. Ut 

Gordon K 


Gladys T. 

a, Kavai. Hawai 

Lallattn. Gwen 
Soda Springs 

, Idaho 




Larsen. Bliss 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Jacobsen, Valerie 
Salt Lake City, Utah 







Jensen, Carolyn 
Ogden. Utah 

Jeppson. Joyce 
Payson, Utah 


Edward W. 

Johnson, Helen 
Fresno, California 

Johnson, Vada 

Barnwell, Alberta. Can. ■■ 

Jones. Renee 

Mt. Pleasant. Utah 

Jordan, John Benny 
Cushing, Oklahoma 


Cruz, Mexico 

Kearl, Phyllis * 
Mount Clemens. Mich. 

Keeler. Lavina 
Magrath. Alta. 

Labrum, Renee 
Canada Roosevelt, Utah 

Lamb, W. Doyle 
Santa Monica. California 

Lang, Dee S. 
St. George. 


Larsen. Gareth — Logan. Utah 
Larsen, Flora — Waynesbora, Virginia 
Larsen, Kathleen — Rexburg, Idaho 
Larsen, Ernest — Emery, Utah 
Larsen, Keith — Rexburg, Idaho 

Larsen, Shirley — Waynesbora, Virginia 
Larson, John Max — Burley, Idaho 
Larson, Orlo B. — Provo, Utah 
Lawson, Douglas — Roosevelt, Utah 
Leavitt, David — Hood River, Oregon 

LeCheminant, Verona — St. George, Utah 
Lee, Audrey — Annmon, Idaho 
Lee, Ralph — Winslow, Arizona 
Leigh, Maxine — Salt Lalte City, Utah 
Lee, Glen W. — Eureka, Utah 

Loosli, Gayle — Ashton, Idaho 
Liechty, Leslie — Provo, Utah 
Linn, Ross D. — Charles City, Iowa 
Lloyd, Charles P. — Holladay, Utah 
Loclchart, Dolores — Grants Pass, Oregon 

Losee, Ferril A. — Lehi, Utah 

Longoria, Fortunate — San Antonia, Texas 

Longoria, Maria — San Antonio. Texas 

Levie, Paul D. — Sevier, Utah 

Long. Jerry — Ely, Nevada 

3-00 p.m. — It might as well be Spring. 


Louder, Ray R. 
Orem, Ufah 

Martini, Elizabeth 
Glendale, California 

Montgomery, Charles 
Pasadena, California 

Mcintosh, Deon 
Chico, California 

Loveridgo, Gordon 
Provo, Utah 

Marx, Tressie 
Los Angeles, California 

Morgan, Carl E. 

New Martinsville, W. Va. 

McMillan, Daniel Hisi # 
Heber, Utah 

Lovell, Perry 

Idaho Falls, ldat(|>'' 

Marx, Roy D. 
Elslnore, Utah 

Montgomery, Sharon 
Evanston, Illinois 

McKlnney, Betty 
Concord, California 


Loutensock, John L. 

North Hollywood, Calif. 

Mason, Maughan S. 
Tremonton, Utah 

Morley, Rachael 
Arlington, Virginia 

Nanchy, Charles 
Ontariu, Califlrnia 

Lund, Jay 
Santa Rosa, California 

Maughan, Mary Ann 
Salt Lake City, Utah»;f 

Mortensen, Ben 
Mesa, Arizona 

jNalder, Nadine 

|<™Saj|, Fr95i:|;isco,.^^C,^lifo,(;()ia 

Lundell, Clyde J. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Meier, John H. 
fsGlendale, California 

Moyle, Richard W. 
American Fork, Utah 

Nelson, Arlo J. 



Lundberg, A. James 
St. George, Utah 

Medlyn, Ernest 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Moulton, Rex C. 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Neath, Jacquelyn 

San Bernardino, Calif. 

MacCabe, Van 
San Carlos, California 

Melville, Kathryn 
Monroe, Utah 

Myer, Richard A. 
Coldwell, New Jersey 

Nelson, Marvin 
Pomona, California 

■ Lyman, T. Kay 

Sunset, Utah 

Merkley, Philip W. 
Duchesne, Utah 

Murphy, Gloria Mae 
Ogden, Utah 

Nelson, Erven 
Provo. Utah 


Madsen, Carol Jean 
Mt. Pleasant, Utah 

Merrill, Donnene 

Lethbridge, Alta., Can. 

Myers, Maurlne 
Provo, Utah 

Nelson, Rosemary 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Madsen, Janice 
Murray, Utah 

Miller, June 
Manti, Utah 

McCance, Joan Ellen 
Milkaukee, Wisconsin 

Nicholes, Joyce 
Provo, Utah 

Marsden, Louise 
Parowan, Utah 

Moffett, Max W. 
Burley, Idaho 

McDonald, Erma Mae 
Silver City, New Mex. 

Nielsen, Gail 
^-Sigurd, Utah 

Madsen,' Carolyn 
Fairview, Utah 

Merrill, LuAnn 

Wilmington, Deleware 

McArthur, Daryl L. 
Twin Falls, Idaho 

Nelson, Sue 

Seattle, Washington 

Maitland, Spencer 

Provo, Utah ; 

Miller, Roger 
Provo, Utah 

McClurg. Diane W. 
Kansas City, Missouri 

Nichols, Bill 

Pocatello, Idaho 

Marshall, Ida 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

' Money, Mark L. 

Spanish Fork, Utah 

McEwen, Gordon Merit 
Burley, Idaho 

Nielson, Carroll Lee 
Heber. Utah 




Nielson. LaRae Nielson. LaRue 
Ephraim, Utah Ephralm. Utah 

Nobbs, Beverly 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Okerlund, Ivan 
Loa, Utah 

Polsen, James 
Emery, Utah 

Orme, Elaine Orr, Berkley 

Ashton. Idaho Grantsville, Utah 

Ostler, Stephen B. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Page, Aaa Curtis 
Payson, Utah 

Parker, Clyde 
Ogden, Utah 

Parsons, Kenneth D. Parlcer. Fay Snow 
Ogden, Utah Joseph, Utah 

Peacock, Jim 

Orangeville, Utah 

Peterson, Carolyn 

Los Angeles, California 

Petersen, Janice 
Salt Lake City, 


Peterson, Donna Jean Peterson, Neola 
Silver City, Maryland Fallbrook, California 

Porter, Carroll 

Buffalo, Wyoming 

Potter, Joyce 
Wenatchee, Washington 

Powell, Gene 
Salt Lake City, 


Nielson, Gerald L. Nixon, John 
Salina, Utah Idaho Falls 

Idaho Salt L 

Joelene Olsen, Ivan P. 
akeCity, Utah Mesa, Arizona 

Orme, Keith Orton, Gwen 
Idaho Falls, Idaho Weiser, Idc 

ho Sprinc 

Keith Otteson, Roland J. 
ville, Utah Fountain Green, Utah 

Palmer, Frances Palmer, Norma Peterson, Pa 
Thatcher, Arizona Rosemary, Alberta, Can. Pocatello, 

tricia L. Peel, Carolyn 
Idaho Mt. Pleasant 


Phelps, Paul A. Pincocit, Lona 
Montebello, California Sugar City, 

Mae Poulson, 
Idaho Duche 

Milton T. Frogley, Keith 
sne, Utah Payette, Ida 



Radmoll, Stewart — Ogden, Utah 
Prusse, Ralph E. — Provo, Utah 
Ralsor, Ralph Calvin — Richfield, Utah 
Randall, Gerald N. — North Ogden, Utah 
Raule. Joylene M. — Sprlngvllle, Utah 

Redd, Lloyd H. — Blandlng, Utah 
Reese, L. Grant — Smithfield. Utah 
Rawson, Colleen — Safford. Arizona 
Renchei, Maryrene — New Harmony, Utah 
Remund, Janet — Salt Lake City. Utah 

Richlns, Partridge — Provo, Utah 
Rich. Jeanette — Emmett, Idaho 
Rhodes, Jim — Provo, Utah 
Richey. Dale — St. Johns, Arizona 
Richins, Robert J. — Terreton, Idaho 

Roberts, lone — Salt Lake Ciity, Utah 
Riding, Lynn — Deseret, Utah 
Roberts, Jack ■ — Phoenix, Arizona 
Ririe, Ellen Jean — Stockton, California 
Ricks, Richard — Stockton, California 

Ririe, Barbara — Magrath. Alberta, Canada 
Roberts. Partricia — Hemet, California 
Roberts. Shirley — Fort Worth. Texas 
Rogers, Karl — Paonia. Colorado 
Rogers, Richard — Mesa, Arizona 

4:00 p.m. — Must be the end of the month. 


Roper, Velda 

Westwood. California 

Sanford, Carl 
Springville, Utah 

Smith, Barbara 
Grace, Idaho 

Soloman, James 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Rossell, Gerry G. 
Montrose, California 

Schardine, Louis 

Lawrenceburg, Indiana 

Smith, Beth J. 
Portland, Oregon 

Sorensen, Dale A. 
Draper, Utah 



Sadler, Arthur B. 

San Francisco, California 

Sauer, Audra 
Rigby, Idaho 

Smith, Bernell 
Provo, Utah 

Sorensen, Geniel 
Draper, Utah 

Rowe, Betty Jean 

Grand Junction, Colo. 

Schon, Alvln 
Lehi, Utah 

Smith, Imogene 
Holbroolc, Idaho 

Sparks, Venna 
Weiser, Idaho 


Rossell, Norman H. 
La Canada, California 

Schmuti, Stanton E. 
St. George, Utah 

Smith, Cherie 
Draper, Utah 

Sorensen, Neil R. 
Draper, Utah 

Reusch, Joy 
St. George, Utah 

Sears, Betsy 

Washington, D. C. 

Smith, Robert 
Malad, Idaho 

Spratling, Roylance 
: West Jordan, Utah 

Ray, Charmaine 
Santa Clara, Utah 

Scovil, Bonnie Jean 
Monroe, Utah 

Smith, Luana 

LaVerne, California 

Spencer, Donald 
Riverton, Utah 

Russell, Gene 

Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Seppi, Eddie 
Provo, Utah 

Smith, Phyllis 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Stewart, Don 
Provo, Utah 

Rushton, Connie 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Slaugh, Lynn H. 
Vernal, Utah 

Smith, Merle B. 
Monroe, Utah 

Squire, Helen Fay 
Mt. Pleasant, Utah 


Russell, Pat 

Berkeley, California 

Sheffield, Sherman B. 
Kaysville, Utah 

Snnith, Jerrie 
Provo, Utah 

Stauffer, D. M. 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Rytting, Lorry 
Tremonton, Utah 

Shields, R. Doyle 
Delta, Utah 

Soelberg, Verl L. 
Ogden, Utah 

Steele, Paul 

Annerican Fork, Utah-,,:s^' 


» '" 

Sabin, Marie ■y' 

Salem, Utah / 

/•El Ce'ntro, ^lifornia 

/SoelbergrW&m l-aMar;^:;— ^j^;^.^ 
/ Qgaem Uf 
sWtt, C.'Gii 

>^ahft, y^/ .- ;| 


Rust, W. DeMar 
Salem, Utah 

Shelley, H. Merlin 
Provo, Utah 

Smith, Wllbert Kay 

Los Angeles, California 

Stevens, Henry 
Holden, Utah 

Riisson, Mayn^rd B. 
/;Lehi, Utah; 


Shumway, Ern,est WRStjoe % '■ 'p_ 
k-'P\\oen\i., Arizona - \ ^i 

Sorerisen^ Joyce ft 

Maylil<r,-'Utah F /^ 

Stock, Jean.^**^^ ^ 
Fish Haven, Idaho , 

4 V'' y 





Ai S " 


Tanner. Carmela D. 
Provo, Utah 

Terry, Birdene 
Orem, Utah 

Thompson, Paul 
St. George, Utah 

Thorno, Ivan J. 
Provo, Utah 


Stromberg, Mavis 
Srantsville, Utah 

Taylor, Gordon S. 
Payson, Utah 

Thomas, Ann 
Preston, Idaho 

Tldwell, Leah 
Ely, Nevada 

Stuckey, Cyrus 
Macon, Georgia 

Tea, Roy 

Riverton, Utah 

Thomas, LaVJerre 
Chandler, Arizona 

Todd, Albert C. 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Swensen, Joan 
Ogden, Utah 

Thacker, G. Ted 
Vernal, Utah 

Thompson, Marjorie 
Aberdeen, Idaho 

Tooke, Richard L. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Tanner, Carmelta 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Thomander, LaVonne 

Maplewood, New Jersey 

Thompson. Marilyn 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Tolbert, Max 

Fayetteville, Penna. 

Stowell, LeRoy G. 
Duncan, Arizona 

Taylor, Gordon M. 
Provo, Utah 

Thomas, Irene 
Tabiona, Utah 

Thornley, Doraleen 
Harlem, Montana 

Sumison, Owen W, 
Springville, Utah 

Taylor, Millard 

San Jose, California 

Thompson, Barry 
Weston, Idaho 

Tobler, Bonita 

Washington, Utah 

Sumison, Robert J. 
Springville, Utah 

Taylor, Gordon B. 

Long Beach, California 

Thompson, Everett W. 
Glendale, California 

Todd, Anita 

Gridloy, California 

Taylor, Garna 
Salina, Utah 

Thacker. Vern 
Charleston, Utah 

Thompson, George 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Toone, Marjorie 

Salt Lake City, Utah 


Torres, Edgardo E. — Buenos Aires, Argsnfino 

Turley, Ella Mae — Mesa, Arizona 

Tsalaky, Eva — Provo, Utah 

Turner. Dale — Blackfoot, Idaho 

Turner, James — Independence, Missouri 

Tracy, C. R. — Flint, Michigan 
Turley, Marilyn — Ariplne, Arizona 
Turley, Wayne — Provo, Utah 
Waddoups, Mary Nell — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Wadley, JoAnne — Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Wadsworth, Don — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Walker. DeVere E. — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Walker, Lynn — Winslow. Arizona 
Wallis, Gloria — Vernal, Utah 
Wallis, Jack R. — Vernal, Utah 

Wanberg, N. B. — Johannesburg, So. Africa 
Walsh, Marilyn — Farmington. Utah 
Ward, Ben J. — Price, Utah 
Ward, Wayne — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Warner, Paul W. — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Warner, Carol — Richfield, Utah 
Warner, Shirley — Kirtland, Nev* Mexico 
Wasden, Archie G. — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Watts, Ardoan — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Wengreen, Dean — McCammon, Idaho 

& t '^•g 

5:00 p.m. — "I'd really love to . . . but.' 


Westover, Ross W. 
Joseph City, Arizona 

Wiscombe, Arthur C. 
Roosevelt, Utah 

Toone. Byron 

Green River, Wyoming 

Hoover, Kelvin ,j;y 

Provo, Utah 

Whitehead, Richard 
Pleasatlit Grove, Utah 

Wiscombe Phyllis 
Salt Lake City, 

f ill 

Holliday, Jo 
Senatobia, Mississippi 

i{jHone. Gayle 

Wmpple, Audrey Elaine 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Wgffinden, Gsflrge 

>let, G» 

Wendell, \dahm 

Robertson, Kathy 
Spanish Fork^^tal* |^i^ Honolulu. Hawa 

Wh'arat, Calvin 
Provo, Utah 

Wiscombe, Erold 
Roosevelt, Utah 

Hyde, George R. 
Washington, D, C. 

Hale, Glen B. 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

Whitney, Robert O. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Witbeck, Alan 

Raymond, Alta., Can. 

Young, Richard 
Ogden, Utah 

Divett, Robert 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Ross, Wiehweg 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Wood, Annette 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Hulet, Clarence 
Wendell, Idaho 

l^rton, Frank K. 

Vi,Os Angeles, California 

Wilkes, William L. 
Eugene, Oregon 

Wood, Kay 
Dallas, Texas 

Hoopes, Marilyn 
Thatcher, Arizona 

Andrus, Marlene 
Jerome, Idaho 

Wickes, Rosemary 
Ogden, Utah 

Wolfey, Scott 

Freedom, Wyoming 

Hyde, Lona Mae S. 
Kensington, Maryland 

Clay, Orson 
Chicago, Illinois 

Wilde, Dorothy 

Welling, Alta., Canada 

Wood, Peggy 
Ogden, Utah 

Hyatt, Ora Mae 
Manti, Utah 

Hufford. Lorraine 
Concord, California 


Williams, Jay B. 
Sunnyside, Utah 

Woodbury, Alma 
St. George, Utah 

Huber, Shirley 
Lapoint, Utah 

Hedquist, Jerrold 
Provo, Utah 

Wil+bank, James 
Eager, Arizona 

Wright, June 
Provo, Utah 

Howard, E. Elsdon 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

Ward, Wayne R. 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Wilson, Don 
Ogden, Utah 

Wride, Evan 

American Fork, Utah 

Romney, Janet 
El Paso, Texas 

Bough, Ruth 
Chicago, Illinois 



Winsor, W. Kenneth 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Wright, Moria 
Peoa, .UtaB* 

Stott, Douglas 
Provo, Utah 

Jacob, Joseph O. 

,, Longview, Washington 


Wright, Carole 
Ely, Nevada 

Solomon, Seraldine 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Romney, Barbara 
Provo, Utah 

Wirick, Nell 

Blackfoot, Idaho 

Young, Carl L. 
Huntington, Utah 

Sewell, Max 
Driggs, Idaho 

Broberg, Marilyn 
Phoenix, Arizona 


";"'r ■;"' ,^.1^ 


. , ,v ,^^-'^'-^-<^*^^; - 



Bowman, George — McCammon, Idaho 
Crow, Nanette — Monrovia, California 
Chrlstensen, Ann — Payson, Utah 
Trimple, Bruce — Ontario, CaNfornla 
Atlcerson, Ann — • Dallas, Texas 

Heber, Joyce — Magna, Utah 
Peterson, Elaine M. — Nyssa, Oregon 
Araflles, Mildred — Honolulu, Hawaii 
Walker, Utahna — Pleasantville, Utah 
Walker, C. Kay — Kaysvllle, Utah 

Sant, Roger — Los Angeles, California 
Barnes, Dean — Long Beach, California 
Peters, Jean • — Fresno, California 
Holtzer, Robert ■ — Imperial, California 
Harris, Colleen — Provo, Utah 

Westerberg, Bates — St. Anthony, Idaho 
Harms, Callis R. — Thatcher, Arizona 
Fitzgerald, Myrtle — Ephraim, Utah 
Nowers, Vera — Beaver, Utah 
Ellison, Wilma — American Fork, Utah 

West, Leslie — Roseburg, Oregon 

Hett, Paul M. — Ruth. Nevada 

Rohner, Geraldine — Inglewood, California 

Duke, Virginia — Heber, Utah 

Devey, C. Richard — American Fork, Utah 

Parker, Janet — Draper, Utah 
Harrison, Hortense — Sprlngville, Utah 
Olson, Ruth — Manila, Utah 



n. •« 



9 P, 



Vonda Christensen 


Class of '53 

Sophomore Class Representa- 
tives to the Legislature: Alice 
Wilkinson and Quentin Bates. 



dependable mem- 

kketball squad who 


LELA WING — Considered by 
many to be the sweetest girl on 
campus. As capable as she is 
pretty, this petite Canadian served 
as secretary for Y.C.'s and O.S. 

FLETCHER HICKS— Courage and 
are truly personified in this likeable 
erner. Renowned for his keyboard 
and his K.B.Y.U. program. 


JOE RICHEY— Praised for his consistency 
as a top hoopster and known for his friend- 
ly grin. 

sparkling smile wh 
more Loan Fundxfown 

n cutie with 
ith Sopho- 

DICK HUISH— The boy who has 
crack for every occasion. Loyal 
and Brickers. 

■Very pretty, very pop- 
oolc over as class presi- 

ambda Delta preiidlm^Jry 
council member, Y CalcSre, 


BOYD JARMAN— Shy. towering 
center on the Cougar c a sa b a 
squad who hails from Wyoming. 

Achison, Donna — Portland, Oregon 
Adanns, Claude — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Adams. Joan — Prove, Utah 
Affleck, Margaret — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Albiston, Shirley — Richmond, Utah 

Allan, Donald F. — Springville, Utah 
Allen, Daniel — Palo Alto, California 
Anderson. Courtenay W. — Creston, B.C., Can. 
Anderson, Bob — Dragerton, Utah 
Allred, Joye — Provo, Utah 

Anderson, Donna — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Anderson, Donalee — Mesa, Arizona 
Anderson, Janice — Provo, Utah 
Anderberg, Elaine — Orem, Utah 
Anderson, Loren R. — Portland, Oregon 

Anderson, Lynette — Brigham City, Utah 
Anderson, Mark — Pocatello, Idaho 
Anderson, Ray S. — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Andrus, Irva — Provo, Utah 
Anderson, Marilyn — Glendlve, Montana 

Argyie, Clarence J. — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Armstrong, Gale — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Ashby, Merrill — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Ashton, Kenneth — Provo, Utah 
Astin, Jean — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Aston, Lloyd Ray — Provo, Utah 

Austin, William Alfred — Palmyra, New York 

Bailey, Dale S. — Blackfoot, Idaho 

Baker, Dixie Ann — Porterville, California 

Baker, Jean — Clayton, California 

Ballif, Jae — Provo, Utah 
Bangerter, Naomi — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Barlow, Roman — Overton, Nevada 
Barnett, Arlene — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Barnes, Dean — Long Beach, California 



6:00 p.m. — Soup's on ... at the 
"Snake Pit." 

arney. Ralph Dale 

Bartell. Jean 

Bates, Lynn 

Bauer, Gloria Dean 

Bean, Rosemary 

Flagstaff, Arizona 

Montlcello, Utah San Diego, California 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

La Grande, Oregon 

ieardall. Bonnie 

Beck, Ardena 

Beck, Raejean 

Bennlon, Marilyn 

Belnap, N. Blaine 

Sprinqville, Utah 

Pleasant Grove, Utah San Diego, Califorina 

Brigham City. Utah 

Ogden, Utah 

lerrett, Frank • 

Bethers, Velma 

Billings, Barbara 

Billings, Victor D. 

Bishop. David 

Seattle. Washington 

Heber, Utah 

Brighann City, Utah 

Arlington, Virginia 

Delta, Utah 



Bateman, Harold F. Bates, Vane Quent 

in Baum, Haws 



i, Idaho 

Bedford, Wyoming Boise, Idaho 

Torrey, Utah 

Bean, Jan 

Beck, Pearl Beck, Rolano 

Bennion, Lenore 



New Jersey 

Pleasant Grove, Utah Gunnison, Utah 

Salt Lake City, 




Ernna Jean 

Bigler, Mark Billings, George E. 

Sinks, Duane 



, Utah 

Provo, Utah Delta, Utah 




Blackley. Bill 
Heber, Utah 

Borgeson, Nellie 
Santaquin, Utah 

Briggs, Vash 
Bountiful, Utah 

Brown, Lu Dean 
Prove, Utah 

Blair, Elaine 

Salt Lake City,^ 

Boyce, Ron ,^ 

Lewisville, Idaho 

Brocltbank, Grant C. 
Pro\«!i, Utah 

Brow*, Nila Jean 

Blaclcwell, Williann L. 
Marysvale, Utal 

Bowman, La Juan 
St. Anthony, Idc 

Bringhurst, Doris 

Palo Alto, Calif. n» 

Brown, Marjorie 
Chandler, Arizona 


Blood, Louits 

Garland, 'Wyoming 

Bradbury, J^k 

Hollywood, California 

Brown, Aron S. 

Col. Dufelsfi, Chih., Mo 

n, Roma Ji 

J t..J 


Denver, Colorado 


Nampa, Idaho K ^ ^ 
Jodily, MeTvin 

loswati, Ralph 
Prove, Utah 

Brooks, Joyce 
Burbank, Cal 


Boehm, Walter J. 
Ontario, California 

Brady, Alice 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Brown, Edwin 

Binghann Canyon, Utah 

Brown. Thora Belle 
Lovell, Wyoming 

Brown, Robert 

Queen Creek, Arizona 

BFdilyfRl^tvIn R. 
Vernal, Utah 

Bradshaw, Sylvia Jean 
Los Angeles, California 

Brough, R. Do Vere 
Provo, Utah 

Brown, Ronald M. 
Norton, Kansas 

Boren, Bruce 
Burley, Idaho 

Briggs, L. Charles 
Nephl, Utah 

Brown, Grant E. 
Eagar, Arizona 

Bruce, Wallace 

Salt Lake City, Utah' 


Brunson, Boyd Lynn 
Spanish Foric, Utah 

Bush, Douglas P. 

Rosemead, California 

Campbell, Rolen 
Roosevelt, Utah 

Case, Peggy Ann ^-^j 

Mt. Emmon. Utah if 

But^n^, G 

Sunn. Mo^ 

Nyssa. '<Dre9!|K!>- 

Butler, ;Jay. 
,. Oriq^, |i 

Carey, P«t 

■ Alhambra, California 

Casper, William 
Heber. Utah 


Bunnell, Rerv4e S»-^.V-\ 
Prove, Utah / ■^■■^ 

Butler, Blaine fi '^^^'^v 
Driggs, ldahi(~^ "" 

Capps, Faye ^~ 

Hartsvllle, So. Carolina 

Cc:per, Nelda Jean 
Heber. Utah 

Burr, Lynn 

Marysvale, Utah 

Campbell, Jacquie 
Colton, Oregon 

Carruthers. Nell H. 
^xClaremont, California 

.CJMpg, Henry P. 

Carllle, R*d ,^-^^"'*^-. 

Chadwick. Barbara 
Salt Laltt^Clty, Utah 


,.j Cameron, fcoiSTf "'-''^ I' 
4\^ St. AnthSny, Idi^' ' | 

Heber, Utah- -^~| 

Child, Val Dee;_^^^,,„.. 
,;, .Nyssa, OrefoT 

■V / \Burton, Mlllicent 

V •y '^ Chevy Chase, Marylan 

ampbell, Joyce 
l?hoen!x, Arizona 



'j carter, Jerry 

■-^,- Cheyenne, Wyoming 

Christensen, Anna 
Payson, Utah 


Chrlstensen, Bart — San Mateo, Calltornia 
Chrlstensen, Carole Ann — Denver, Colorado 
Chrlstensen, Gilbert — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Chrlstensen, Harold — Provo, Utah 
Chrlstensen, Phyllis — Richmond, Utah 

Chrlstensen, Reed W. — Monroe, Utah 
Chrlstensen, Vonda — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Clark, Dave — Houston, Texas 
Clark, Helen — Afton, Wyonning 
Clark, H. G. — Thatcher, Idaho 

Clark. Margaret F. — Provo, Utah 
Clegg, Luana — Provo, Utah 
Clegg, Roberta Leigh — Heber, Utah 
dinger, Thelys — Aberdeen, Idaho 
Cluff, Joan — Ogden, Utah 

Coffin, Maurlne - — ■ Downey, Idaho 
Cole, N. Dallis — Preston, Idaho 
Collard, Kenneth — Provo, Utah 
Collier, Lila — Vernal, Utah 
Colovich, Raymond M. — Eureka, Utah 

Cook, Ilia Mae — Firth, Idaho 
Cook, Nan — Walnut Creek, California 
Coons, Daniel D. — Fairvlew, Utah 
Connell, Harold G. — Washington, D. C. 
Coray, Colleen — Payson, Utah 

Corbett, Joanne — Denver, Colorado 
Cowley, Wm. Horace — Provo, Utah 
Cox, Maxine — Kuna, Idaho 
Craig, Faye — El Dorado, Arkansas 
Crandall, Dick — Glendale, California 

Crandall, Jean Louise — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Crandall, Maurine — Twin Falls, Idaho 
Crandall, Virginia — Los Angeles, California 
Crane, Boyd — Preston, Idaho 
Crawford, Marilyn — Orem, Utah 



7:00 p.m. — Study hours at Por- 

aven, Rulon G. 

Crockett, Bob Crook, Jean Crouch, Morris J. Cummlngs, Jeanine 

3oIse, Idaho 

Boulder, Colorado Fallon, Nevada Richfield, 

Utah San Francisco, California 

rtis, Brandt B. 

Custer, Merle J. Dahl, Paul E. Dahlin, Nancy Lee Davis, Bonnie 

Solomonville, Arizona 

St. George, Utah Midvale, Utah Concord, 

California Albuquerque, New M. 

vis, Heber Lee 

Davis, Mary Lou De Boer, Robert H. Decker, Rey 

Demos, Bill 

'rovo, Utah 

Phoenix, Arizona Oqden, Utah Snowflake 

Arizona Provo, Utah 

Critchfield, In 

ga Croft, Merlin R. Croom, F. Clementina 

Cummlngs, Donald 

Oakley, Idaho Pleasant Grove, Utah Wilmington, N. Carolina 

Preston, Idaho 

Curtis, DeMar 

Cutler, Odell B. D'Addabbo, Patrick J. 

Daniels, Phil 

Salina, Utah 

Malad, Idaho Thompsonvllle, Conn. 

Annabella, Utah 

Davis, Lloyd F 

Davis, Robert V. De Bry, Jo Ann 

Demer. Clair 

Boise, Idaho 

Provo, Utah Rigby, Idaho 

Murtaugh, Idaho 


Cool, Fay 
Tridell, Utah 

Draper, Jacqueline 

San Francisco, California 

Easton, Edna 

Anchorage, Alaska 

Ellis, Suzanne 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Davis, Willa 
Downey, Idaho 


Dinsdale, David R. 
Ogden, Utah 

Dudley, Bob 

Pocatello, Idaho 

Ediefsen, Jesse R. 
Driggs, Idaho 

Fairbourn, Marilyn 
Salina, Utah 

Dillman, Glenyce 

Farmingtc^P New Mexico 

Duffin, Reylf 
Tooele, |ih 


..«» Enterpri^^Oregon 

Fe igtort §iiri(t^ 
nevllfe, Cregoti 

Re#><| lo, 
Duke, Wir#iia 




Dolinar, Mitzie 
Provo, Utah 

Dunford, Gloria Jean 
Compton, California 

Empey, Paul 

Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Firth, Richard E. 
Portland, Oregon 

Edward^PCarol n 
Flushing, Ne* Yc » 

Farrar, Carl 
Rigby, Idaho 



Ericksen, LaVona 
Colllnston, Utah 

Ferrin, Marilyn 
Chico, California 

Doyle, Dorothy 
Phoenix, Arizoaa 

Dye, Ronald 
Roosevelt, Utah 

Erickson, Helen 
Nampa, Idaho 

Fillnnore. Reid 

Spanish Fork, Utah 


Forsberg, Robin 
Upland, California 

Frederickson, Hartley 
Malad, Idaho 

Garret. Fred L. 

Wellsville. Utah 

Goodman, Joe 
Mesa, Arizona 


Francif "Kiy 


h, Wll 


Tab«f, Alberfa Ca"nda\ \ ^#- ' ,Blacl<foot,|l|fc,^ \ 

Gardner, _jRay-> ■'■f"""4<L Garrett, Eug^^} \ 

'"" Delta, |jta|i„„v ;' |\"' La Cari»<i^^p[Fforn^ 

Gillettev Sarbara 
Victor.' ^,daho 


Frame, Marilyn 

Salt Lake City. Utah 

Fryer. William 
S Detroit, Oregon 

Gardner, Bonnie 
Richfield. Utah 


Fo n )>«^,e c k ,^^ u 1; f \ . 
Weston,- »o\'^|,:Y 

Frehner, Connn^\ ^jiS^ ^"', 
Las Vegas, Niivada ^ 

Geddes. Wilford ^^^-^-^*^ 
Richmond, Utah 

Gilfillan, Jay 

Los Angeles. California 

Fish. Paul 
^v^^, Overton, 

^\--.,, Frazrer. Robert 

ada ^^ 

Gareth, W^ Lfii^ 

Area d^ii^,.^^^^" a 

Gilliland, Roberf fe. 
Ro5^«A#^ Cal^^Ornia 



^\ Frost M'rl^itt"^ 
5 I; \ Denver. Coljrad: 

-~NS^W^^ Garretr Gten j 

s 'V^ i Kaysv He Utah 

\ .. ...«^3l,rz:li Nevada 




^Vx /\ 

.iirame, John 
...''■^ Los Angeles. California 

* &^Naway, Howard Pack 
Roosevelt. Utah 

^Qeorge, Joseph C. 
Rpqby, Idaho 

Glines, Reece 

Woolford, Alta., Canada 

^:n iti 



Goodwin, Dale E. ■ — Btackfoot, Idaho 
Goodwin, Jack — Milford, Utah 
Gordon, Janet — Santa Barbara, California 
Green, Arva — Grantsville, Utah 
Green, Betty Ann — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Green, Edna — Vinton, Virginia 
Green, Irene R. — Provo, Utah 
Green, Myrna — Niles, California 
Grimmett, Janet — Paris, Idaho 
Griffiths, Roen D. — Bend, Oregon 

Groberg, Mary Jane — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Grosbeck, Ruth — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Grover, Joan — Seattle, Washington 
Gumnnow, Gladys — Burley, Idaho 
Guymon, LaVonna — Parowan, Utah 

Hale, Gerald A. — Eager, Arizona 
Hales, La Ree — Provo, Utah 
Hall, Barbara L. — Monroe, Utah 
Hall, Gayle — Ri'-erside, California 
Hall, Jean — Portage, Utah 

Hall, Norma Jean — Provo, Utah 
Hancock, Jay J. — Provo, Utah 
Hancock, Larry — Pocatello, Idaho 
Hansen, Arlen R. — Provo, Utah 
Hansen, Evan W. — Monroe, Utah 

Hansen, Gene — Whittier, California 
Hanson, Gene — Provo, Utah 
Hansen, Gwendolyn • — • Monroe, Utah 
Hanson, Jackie — Seattle, Washingtori 
Hanson, Juno Howard — Provo, Utah 

Hansen, LaRae — Preston, Idaho 

Hansen, Lynn — Clearfield, Utah 

Hansen, Marjene L. — Rock Springs, Wyomino 

Hardwtck, Barbara — Salinas, California 

Harding, Beth — Provo, Utah 



8:00 p.m.— What the well-dres- 
sed men are wearing 
this season. 

Hardy, William M. 
Springdale, Utah 

Hatch. Emma Gean 
Penguitch, Utah 

Hatch, AdeiJa 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Hardy, Richard 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Haycocl, Ha Jean 
Burley, Idaho 

Hedquist, Jerrold 
Provo, Utah 

H rmsen, Connie 
-a Jara, Colorado 

H /kes. Reed 
eston, Idaho 

Ht nger, Richard 

R ymond. Alta, Canada 

Harris. Martine 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Hayes.. Betty 

Wilmington, Deleware 

Henrie. Irven, Jr. 
Gunnison, Utah 

Hicltman, Kyrma 
Fresno, California 

Hawkins, Eugene 

American Fork, Utah 

Hernansen, J. Clark 
Elsinore, Utah 

Harker, Eldon 
Lewisville, Idaho 

Hawkins, Elmer 

Ramahi. New Mexico 

Heber, Joyce 
Magna, Utah 

Harmon, Jean 
Salt Lake City, Utat 

Hayes, Vivian 
Taber, Alberta, Canad 

Hendrix, Elaine 
Lund, Nevada 

Harper. Max D. 

Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Haynie, Richard 
Alamosa, Colorado 

Hennls, Margaret 
Nampa, Idaho 

Harris, Ray 
Eagle, Idaho 

Heap, Dan 

St. Johns, Arizona 

Heft, Paul M. 
Ruth, Nevada 

ii ^ ifiti i 


Higbee. Evelyn 
Orem. Utah 

Holmes, Alice 

Raymond, Alberta, Can. 

Hunt, Russel F. 
Beryl, Utah 

Hulme, Ronald A. 
Haqerman, Idaho 

Hebertson. JoAnn 
Provo, Utah 

Hulsh, Dick 
Berkeley, Ci 



Sry Jo 
3en Grove, 


Hilton, John 

Oakland. ^^Ilfornia 

Homer, Jan^^ 

San Bernai^no, Calif. 

Salt Lake|^y, Utah 

Hyde, Marjif 
Salt Lak 

h n Wa 

Hickenlooper, Monti 
San Francisco, Ca 

Hodgkinson, Kennet 
Orem, Utah 

Hogenson, Lucille 

Stirling, Alberta, Gso 

H^jlihan, Lois 

Los Angeles, California 

Hatt, W »n S 
Mt. A NT 

H Had**, ^ed 
SantEuM Ut 

'- st, ^pjy I. 
Payson, Utah 

Ige, John 

Honolulu, Hav/ail 

) Ga 

Hoyt, Anna Julia 
Nephi. Utah 

Howard. Kenneth M. 
Orem. Utah 

Hulllnger. Lorraine 
Roosevelt, Utah 

Hunt, Elwood, C. 
Lehi, Utah 

Long 00 {M, California 

Hcp^. M<^n 
Woodruff. Utah 

Humphreys. Phillip K. 
Oakland, California 

Huffmn, Howard A. 
Eugene. Oregon 

Hobbs. Charles R. 
Preston, Idaho 

Hitchcock. Ralph 
Buhl, Idaho 

Hutchinson. Marga ret 
Buhl. Idaho 

Ingram, Patricia 

Cazenovia. New York 


Ipsen, Florence 
Malad, Idaho 

Iwasaki, Stanley 
Honolulu, Hawaii 

Jensen. Ruth Ann 
Mapleton, Utah 

Johansen. Frank s*^-^' 

Lethbridge, Alta., CsW? ' 

Ivie, '•fel^'' L-l 

James, Joan 

Ivie, Leon^,_ 

Jones, ^0tt^ 
,,.. Prov|. lito 

^■.'.., Jeserick, ^lef^- 
^~''^" La Cyg|ie,"l<ansas 

Jackl n Mon+a J \ \ 
"^leb^r Utal^ \\ 

Johnson, Shirley May t 

Walnut-.^Preek, Calif. I 

Iwasa, Ray 

isen Dela^al 
Buhl Idaho ^ 

■si;-'"' Johflson, DeRa^~^^ 




Rock Springs, W^oming^^^^^-^rHR^^, U^/i 

Jeppson, John W. 
Ashton, Idaho 

Johnson. Lewella 
Victor, Idaho 

Jacobson, Verna 

West Jordan, Utah 

Jensen. Jean 

'^ Portland, Oregon 

' ^\ 
" Johnson, Elaine 

Pleasant Grove, Utah 
-John»i?rt^Welburn K. 

Johnson, Charles W. 
Lehi, U|ah 

Johnson.^^fe^^^ -^^ 

V /\ 

'jplly, Wefdon 
^rovo Ut^h ^^ 

\s ^/^l \ V*. J.^nings. Joyce 

Phoenix, Arizona 

^\Jensen Don^a^ 

^^&^J Johnson Oofl 
^ \^il Heber Utah 

\ . "■"" J^p^n, IWnas W \ 
\, .^^^W^xander, Idaho 

\ Jensen Marilyn 
Burley Idaho 

Johnson Douglas Warren 
Pocatello. Idaho 

Jakle Jo Anne 

Redlands. California 


Jones. Bill — Burbanlt. Califcrnia 
Jones, Fred — Virden. New Mexico 
Jones, Jim — Provo. Utah 
Jones, M. Glen — Cedar City, Utah 
Jones, Richard F. — Oqden, Utah 

Judd, Vila — Colonia Juarez, Mexico 
Jorgensen, Hal — Richland, Washington 
Juarez, Ferdinando — Vera Cruz, Mexico 
Judd, Kenneth' — Hoytsvllle, Utah 
Jones, Ruby — Lovell, Wyoming 

Jueschke, Eleonore — Glendale, California 
Kapunial, Micei — Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii 
Kelsey, Marcene — Pocatello, Idaho 
Kemper, Leona — Cranford, Alberta, Canada 
Kienlce, Joanne — Santa Barbara, California 

Kindred, Joy — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
King, Colleen — Provo, Utah 
King, Elton A. — Moore, Idaho 
Kitzberger, Bonnee — Oakland, California 
Knight, Colleen — Provo. Utah 

Knowlton, Ted — Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada 
Knudsen, Margaret — Orem, Utah 
Kobayashi, June — Honolulu, Hawaii 
Konvicka, William N. — Fayettevllle, New York 
Kramer, Delbert — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Kullick, Ed — New York City, New York 

Lake. Boyd — Inglewood, California 

Lake, David — Downey, Idaho 

Lambert, Richard G. — San Francisco, California 

Lake, John H. — Inglewood, California 

Lance, Elwin — Grass Valley, California 
Laney, Lois — Ontario, Oregon 
Lang, Donna — Duchesne, Utah 
Lange, Fred — La Canada, California 
Lambson. Glen — Provo, Utah 





9:00 p.m.r—Campus Dorm Lob- 
by on any weekend. 

Langlois, Mary Larsen, Reed Larsen, Shirley Lauper, Georgia 

Leavitt, Ray H. 

Decatur, Illinois Richfield, Utah Salt Lake City, Utah San Francisco, 

California Las Vegas, Nevada 

Lay, Leiand Leah, Lloyd Leavitt, Margaret Anne Laws, Duane 

Lee, James 1. 

Provo, Utah American Fork, Utah Seattle, Washington Provo, Utah 

Panaca, Nevada 

uee, Zane F. Lewis, John E. Libby, Ellen Lindsay, Ellen 

Lillywhite, Viola 

Chilco. Idaho Provo, Utah Emmett, Idaho Dingle, Idaho 

Taylor, Arizona 

Larsen, Kenneth G. Larson, Sandra Latimer, Kathy 

Lawlor. Enid M. 

Spanish Fork, Utah Moses Lake, Washington Nephi, Utah 

Grande Prairie, Alta, C. 

Lay, Beverly Leavitt, Elaine Le Baron, Theron 

Lee, Harold W. 

Richfield, Utah Homedale, Idaho Barnwell, Alta., Canada 

Provo, Utah 

Lewis, Arlene Lewis, Laurence G. Lo, Naomi P. 

Livingston, Jack 

Overton, Nevada Provo, Utah Lanikai, Hawaii 

La Canada, California 

Lowry, Marlene 
Arlmo, Idaho 

MacKInga, Dorae 
Riverside, California 

Manning, Katherine 
Boulder City. Nevada 

Masterson, Perry 
Panguitch. Utah 

Luke, M. Richard 
Provo, Utah 

Manning, Audre 
Idaho Falls, Id h» 

Marcil, Cherie ^^ 

San Bernar^^ . Cfff 

Mattice, l^piita 
Portla^p" Oregon 

Lubeck, Vaana 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Madsen, Bonnie 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Marble, Delora 
Tremonton, Utah 

Matheson, Betty Y. 
Chicago, Illinois 

Long, Vee 

Las Vegas, Ne'^J 

Madsen, Ronald |f 

Provo, Utah ll 


Marler, Don ^^ 

Idaho Falls, l($i> 


Matthews, Keittf El 


l^om^ No^a ^ ^ 

^ Kayward, California 

^yman, linaa ^ 


an, M8| 
?ovo, Uti 


^■archant, J^^e 
Kamas, Utah 

Maughan, LaVoyle 
Weston, Idaho 

Lyons, Eugene 
Boise. Idaho 

Mahana, Bill 
Provo. Utah 

Marler. Ben C. 

Salt Lake City. Utah 

Maxfield. Joyce 
Provo. Utah 


Lyman, i.inaa i^ 
Slanding, Uta^ 

Maf^nusson, Georige 
South Gate, California 

Markham. Dix 
Provo. Utah 

Maughan, Wynette 
Tallahassee, Florida 

MacCabe, John S. 
San Carlos, Californic 

Madsen, Lowell 
Provo, Utah 

Masters, Gaylen 

Seattle, Washington 

Maxfield, Janyce 
Provo, Utah 





May, Ruth Ellen 
Baker, Oregon 

McKendricIt, Dorothy 
Los Angeles. California 

Meeks, Arden 
Murray, Utah 

Miller, Dick f^^'f 

Arlington, Virginia M^l 

Fillnnore, U 

Unfcn, U|^ 

Mellor, llllda iaPrie 
Fayett^, Cttah 


cLaren, Jotoji 
Provo, l^iP 

Orem, I 

McKinley. Ma%n^#"^ 
San Gabriel, "^^lifornl 

Meldrunn, Luan 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Metcalf, Barbara 
Gunnison. Utah 

McCarthy, Ronald M. 
Sheridan, Wyoming 

McMaster, Nancy Ann 
r""\ Magna, Utah 

^Merrell, Nelda Jean 
Yrcvo. Utah 

/n^'''-^- -"" M«!eVM^rilyn 

/ .s ) "r::r„:r::X%"»e^"p#rk. caiif. 

Peo« ^*»i^ ~~-~~* 5/^ 

10a, ^tatj^,^;;-;-^ 

Michaeljftn, Eva 
Aftt^ Wvomireg 

McLean. Vetm ^^w 


:|McCartY. Nancy 
,/| Aurora, Illinois 

'^^ >f^asom. James L. 

Vernal, Utah ^ -=^-r I ,|#^?€.--.:* v \ ../Spanish Fork. Utah 

Springville. Utah 'I \ ^.,.■■■ 

^nafBfs^^SerWia''* ""-■•' 
anta Rosa, California 

;.„..Wesservy, Harold 
Kelso. Washington 

Miller. Michael 

Huntington Park. Calif. 


Monson, Nadlne — American Fork, Utah 
Milner, Frank — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Money. Fred — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Money. Edward — Spanish Fork. Utah 
Miller, Vernon J. — Las Vegas, Nevada 

Montgomery. Richard — Heber. Utah 
Montgomery. Vern — North Ogden, Utah 
Moore, Leonard — Provo. Utah 
Morrow. Bob — Krebs, Oklahoma 
Mortensen, Dave — Provo. Utah 

Mortensen, Dean — LaJara. Colorado 
Moyes. Arleen — Murtaugh. Idaho 
Mortimer. George A. — Montclair. New Jersey 
Mower. LaVee — Provo, Utah 
Muhlstein. Don — Provo, Utah 

Nelson, Mark A. — Spanish Fork. Utah 
Nelson. Richard — Provo. Utah 
Nibley, Howard W. — Midvale. Utah 
Newton. Chalres — Provo. Utah 
Murdock, Benny — Whiterock. Utah 

Naylor, Lois — Grantsville. Utah 
Murphy, Don R. — Long Beach, California 
Murray. Geraldine — Springville. Utah 
Nelson. Tenna — Meridian. Idaho 
Myers, Violate — Boise. Idaho 

Nichols. Jeff W., Jr. — New Orleans. Louisiana 
Nielsen. Melvin R. — Vallejo, California 
Nielson. Ray — Roosevelt. Utah 
Nielson, Marlene — Spanish Fork. Utah 
Nieminen, Mary — Denver. Colorado 

Nilsen, Richard E. — Alhambra, California 
Nock. Jear> — Cascade. Idaho 
O'Brien, Donald — Salt Lake City. Utah 
Nixon, Jim W. — Provo. Utah 
Ockerman, Bonnie — Payson, Utah 



9:30 p.m. — Sam, Elaine, and his 
fabulous "Black Beau- 

Olpin, Virginia Olson, Ruth Ot+ley, Renae Oxborrow, Rob 

3rt Olpin, Guy 

Salt Lale City, Utah Manila, Utah Carlin, Nevada Lund, Nevad 

a Heber. Utah 

Palmer, Jonathan Parkinson, Donna Marie Parker, Faye C. Patten, Glen 

Parker, Bonnie 

Alton, Utah Benjamin, Utah Norfolk, Virginia Spanish Fork, 

Utah Joseph, Utah 

Pearson, Dean Peterson, Dallas O. Perkins, Eriine Peterson, Howard Petersen, Dave 

Preston, Idaho Oakley, Idaho Blanding, Utah Provo, Utah 

Mesa, Arizona 

Orrock, Beverly E. Orrock, Scott Owens, Jeanie 

Page, Ernest 

Joseph, Utah Richfield, Utah Safford, Arizona 

Provo, Utah 

Paxman, Gary Parker, Edmund Passey. Afton 

Patterson, Frank A. 

Pocatello, Idaho Honolulu, Hawaii Randolph, Utah 

Bethesda, Maryland 

Peay, Jack D. Peck, Kenneth Petersen, Cumorah L 

Peterson, Glenn C. 

San Diego, California Shelley, Idaho Provo, Utah 

Mesa, Arizona 

Peterson, Jack 
Lyman, Wyoming 

Pinegar, W. Lynn 
Spanish Fork. Utah 

Rasband, Ann 
Heber. Utah 

Reinsch, Cecil 

Whittler, Califorina 

Peterson, Kay 

Lethbridge, Alta., Can. 

Porter, Aldin ,,,,^8 
Idaho Fallt 

Petersen, Janet 
Salina, Utah 

Pollock, James L. 
Nampa, Idaho 

Raynard, Eunice 
Fresno, California 

Rencher, Frank 
Eager, Arizona 

Pettit, Dorothy 

PasadetMl^ California 

Porter, 0«^ R. 
Escalanf^> Utah 

Reed, Frsittes 

Denve^ .Colorado 

R hard^ ii)an 1. ^ 

fil„om*;«JH l^ift^ Micf 

L II u MIo 

M^. l^rizona 

Port% l^urics 
G^^r, M<m{ana 
% # ^^^^- 

Rees,-|^lna D^ 
Richfield, U^ 

Rifle, Loretta ^ 
Lander, Wyoming 


Peterson. Louise 
Vernal, Utah 

Price, Mildred 
Tuscon, Arizona 

Rees, Betty Lou 
Richfield, Utah 

RIchardsoii, Clarelle 
Safford, Arizona 

): Uhi. Utah 

Pt^, C<^n D. 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Redd, Enid 
Blanding, Utah 

Richards, Sheila 
Farmlngton, Utah 

Petty, Vera Jean 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Pulsipher, Joseph 
Beaver, Utah 

Reld, Dorothy 
Provo, Utah 

Robbins, Burtis 
Salt Lake City, Utah 


Rogers, Garth 
Provo, Utah 

Roylance, Paul 
Provo, Utah 

Schenic, Mary Lou 
Nyssa, Oregon 

Shepherd, Douglas 
Mesa, Arizona 


Robinson, Betsy 

Rodebacic, Sh ^j> N 
Vernal, Ut^ ^ 

Rollins, Phi^ 

Lyman, ^y^rr„,„ 

... t ^ 

Jliisson, Liile ^ 

^fclehl, Utah ■<*- 

Shumway, D-^le 
Provo, Utah\ 

J tall 

American Foi^ 

Rollins, Glenys 

Lyman. Wyomnfi|'^ \jj ^■■ 

Sargeant, Donna ^\^~-:Sij 
Newport, Oregon ^^^^ ' 

Sederholm, Carl . 
Brigham City, Utah 

Robmson Joyce 
Great Falls M^ 

1{ot son Parke P ^Vc 
L^le Ctfy ^taliX 

|,erry ^^cha^ ^s^vt; 
^ho Falls ija^ ^» 

5ant Roger 
X Lo4 Angeles 

^^aqyapteWa, B» 
I Pra^i.j, Arizona 

\^ ' /^ 

Robinson, Dawn 

Magrath, Alta., Can. 

Rowley, Merlin 
Provo, Utah 

^ford, Florida 

j-n a 

Jr./^^,C;;';;Sv4:™J5&h,w,»f|es. Beth 
/ N^~tr" "■■■ • Do4«p^>~A«.zona 



ess Carl Rv^ 
Br gham Cf+y^ L 

Salter Jfthna 

South River N^ i 

CL I i,. ^^ 

bharp Louijre 

Salt Lake City Utah 

^l^bblson, Rulon .vZv™|/| "^"^ Robertson, Don 

-tdahq,, F^§%,Jdahe^^----'~^^- \/.| X// Spanish Fork, Utah 

Rowe, Lucille | \"T 

I son, Rulon 


)we, Lucille I \"?^1;^"'°'~'' |/| ^' R.ij^ers, Susan 
Manti, Utaf-^v^vCr-.r.fl^'':-;-^--^-^^^ Ore 

^^^ Rutfi7"^^^^N->-^^'%, l""*'^* _..,.■ W^natchep, Washington 

N^ tellers, Lois 


Schultz, Ronald W. 
Buffalo, New York 



f Hi 


Shurtleff, Jeanlne — Cheyenne. Wyoming 
Siebach, Miriam Lina — Gloversville. New York 
Shurtliff, Dorothy — Overton. Nevada 
Sturtliff, Edward R. — Ogden. Utah 
Simmons, Leiand — ■ Allison Park. Pennsylvania 

Simmons, Ralph M. — Cowley. Wyoming 
Simpson. Clarice — Thayne. Wyoming 
Sipherd, Bob — Seattle, Washington 
Smith. David E. — Pleasant Grove. Utah 
Smith. Donna — Idaho Falls. Idaho 

Smith, J. Robert — Provo. Utah 

Smith. Karma — Cardston. Alberta. Canada 

Smith. Karl — Springville, Utah 

Smith. John D. — Sandy. Utah 

Smith. Melva Fawn — Central. Arizona 

Smith, llene — Ogden, Utah 
Smithson. Anna Vee — Phoenix. Arizona 
Soderqulst, Alma Gene — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Snyder, lona May — Myton, Utah 
Soderqulst, Lorna — Vernal, Utah 

Sorenson, William — Las Vegas. Nevada 
Sohm. Rozelle E. — Burley. Idaho 
Sommerlade, Joyce — Portland, Oregon 
Sonnette, Judy — Provo, Utah 
Sorensen, Stanford — Driggs, Idaho 

Speedy, Thomas W. — Twin Falls. Idaho 
Spencer. JoAnn — Provo. Utah 
Starley, Merlyn — Provo. Utah 
Spencer, Robert W. — Fillmore, Utah 
Stapley, Donna Rae — Oram, Utah 

Starling, Myrtle — Jacksonville, Florida 
Stayner, Genevieve — Malad, Idaho 
Steadman. Marian — MIdvale. Utah 
Stelmle. Bill — Altadena, California 
Stewart. Neda — Teton, Idaho 


10:00 p.m. — A dillar, a dollar, a 
ten o'clock scholar? 

Stoddard, Joan Stafford, 


Stratton, Emma 

Stubbs, Clifton D. Summers, Jean 

Auburn, California Lomifa 

, California Orem, Utah 

Boulder City, Nevada Monticello, Utah 

Tannyhill, Richard Swan, Helen 

Tanner, Lyie 

Tanner, John W. Taylor, Dee R. 

Los Angeles, California Orem, 


Greenacres, Wyoming Lomlta, California Provo. Utah 

Taylor, Gerald F. Taylor, J. 


Taylor, Marilyn 

Taylor, Ralphena Terry, Naomie 

Salem, Utah Provo, 


Garland, Utah Payson, Utah Baker, Nevada 

Sumnnerhays, Sally 

Stott, Sharral L. 

Stringham, Joanne Stocks, Florence 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Milford, Utah 

Walla Walla, Wash. Long Beach, California 

Sunderland, Doris 

Swenson, Don 

Takasaki, Fred Y. Sumison, James C. 

Ellenburg Depot, N. Y 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Honolulu, Hawaii Sprlngville, Utah 

Taylor, Henry 

Taylor, Leila 

Taylor, Phil Terry, Dawn 

Provo, Utah 

Magrath, Alta., Canada 

Provo, Utah Provo. Utah 




Telford, Maxine 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Tidwell. Marilyn 
McGlll. Nevada 

Todd. Lorin R. 

Susanville, California 

Twitchell, Jerry 

Lyman, Wyoming 

Teuscher, Norinne 
Montpelier, Idaho 

_, PI I I ^^^^ 

Thomas. Konaldt K. 

Pocatello, Idaho 

Twin, J 

Is, l^ho 

Turrj^Shlrley Lou 

hfa Ana, Californi 

Terry, Golden 

Spring City. Utah 

Thomson, Delene 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Tooke. Bill 

Salt Lake City, U^ 

Tyau, Elmer 

Honolulu, Hawaii 

Thacker. Harry 
Castlega# Utah 

i u 
Ihompson. Barbara 

Downey, Idaho 

Trotter. PauiA: 
,^ Prove, Otih 

er, Bonnie J«6n ^ 

llsboro, Oregon # 

San Bernardino* Calif. 


Fayet+evllle, Pflf^na. 
TuHle, Gene 

Provo, Utah 

Thain, Phyllis 

Los Angeles, California 

Timm. Dorothy June 
Callao. Utah 

Tueller, Charlene 
Geneva, Idaho 

Tyler, Kent B. 

Fort Thomas, Arizona 

/> P H 

T^acfceray. Renee 
Croydon, Utah 

Thomas. Helen Faye 
Golden, Colorado 

Tuclter, Chucic 

Fresno, California 

Turner, Diana 

Farmlngton, Utah 

Thomas, Grant 

Arlington, Virginia 

Tobler. Sharlene 
Nampa, Idaho 

Turley, Donna Lee 
Mesa, Arizona 

Udall, Idella 

Phoenix. Arizona 


Urie, Shirley Ann 

Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Whaanga, Albert 
New Zealand 

Walton, Wendel ^^ii;,,, 
Berkeley, Caji-ffirnia 

Weight, Vaun K. 
Springville, Utah^,„^ 

|,vWallter, Utahni 


nt Grove \^f»h ^ 

West, Leslie 

Roseburg Oregon 


^»n ^ure^, Verna ^ 


Provo, Utah 

Welsh, Verna 

Henderson, Nevada 


Va^ttBAt Howard 
^attV^e City, Utah 

^^w^\l<«y C. 
A(r(i0tls6 -ytah,.,.,.,.,^ 

i^^d Dennise *,>s 
^.thbrdge Canada ^^ 

her Elaine . — ^J^ 

rb^k Caiifprata;;;;;:'^';* 



Vance Arde 
\ Tooele Urafi^ 

'^''Walker, Garth 



^rela, Dolores 
\,,6urley Id^hb 

Vincent, Roy 

Los Angeles, California 

V/alch, Frank 

La Grande, Oregon 

Warren, Bruce W, 
Lyman, Wyoming 

West, Owen 
,, Denver, Colorado 



I Wagstaff. Kate ^ ,^ .. 
#2^Kamas UtaT^-^ vA 

V Pleasant Gron#^Utah 

V^^^e^ Lloyd J ^ ^ 
Twm Falls Jdaho ~^ 


^Oal*^, Idafio 

^^^^^^^^^ Rock Stan n 

gs, Wyoming 

Wachsmuth, Jean 
Berwyn, Illinois 

Waddoups, Wilma 
Franklin. Idaho 

Wasden, Duane 
Provo, Utah 

Westerberg, Bates 
St. Anthony, Idaho 




Whittle, Jack — Provo, Utah 
Whipple, Willard — El Paso, Texas 
Whiteley, Joyce — Oakley, Idaho 
White, Dorothy — Ft. Stockton, Texas 
Whittle, Charles — Provo, Utah 
Whiting, Ann — Provo, Utah 

Young, Nolan S. — Rirle, Idaho 

Wilcox, Dale — Huntington Park, California 

Wilde, Veldon — Carex, Idaho 

Wllklns, Arthell — Rupert, Idaho 

Whittle, Joan — Preston, Idaho 

Winegar, Maxine — Ontario, Oregon 

Jenkins, Reed B. — Pendleton, Oregon 
Wllklns, Renee — Los Angeles, California 
Wilkinson, Alice — Washington, D. C. 
Willett, Ralph — Provo, Utah 
Wilson, R. Alan — Midway, Utah 
Orton, Wayne — Clearfield, Utah 

Wlllardson, Jody — Glendale, California 
Williams, Glenn — Kemnnerer, Wyoming 
Wilson, Betty — Billings, Montana 
Williams, Howard H. — Safford, Arizona 
Williams, Doremis Sumter — Provo, Utah 
Zenger, Jack — Provo, Utah 

Wilson, Ervin M. — Pacheco, Mexico 
Wilson, Grant — Ranier, Oregon 
Wilson, Wayne — Los Angeles, California 
Wlmber, Leon — Sprlngvllle, Utah 
Wing, Leia — Raymond, Alberta, Canada 
Nielsen, John Boyd — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Wright, Beverly — Chula Vista, California 
Wood, Willis E. — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Worsley, Linda — Pasadena, California 
Wrobllck, Sandy — Coallnga, California 
Wood, Wanda — Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 
Wright, Carol Jean — Ogden, Utah 

Yancey, Harold C. — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Wright, William Lloyd — American Fork, Ut. 
Wrigha. Karma — San Francisco, California 
Wright, E. Wayne — San Francisco, Calif. 
Evans, Lois — East MIdvale, Utah 
Ostler, Myrtice — Tooele, Utah 
Farnsworth, Sharon — Ely, Nevada 



H;. ^ ■•»., ^ 


^* -.: 

Sandy Walker 


Class of '54 

Wes Johnson 


Betty Dain 


Freshman Class Representa- 
tives to the Legislature: Bob 
Quaney and John McKnight. 


SHAROfhf SCH/^E— Slick chick from Los 
AngSI&r chosen oSrlykn Queen attendant 
by John Robert Powers, and who aboun- 
ded in both male and female admirers. 

HOW/^RU (JONZALES — Good-looking, 
jhman chairman who made 
many a girl's heart beat faster. A quiet, 
but always friendly fellow who pledged 


who can always 

job to be 4Q2^(^^ollowed 

sister La MyriSii^ctive 

S. worker. 


)GEf\E BALL — A bundle of class from 
Seattle wbo drew attention for her activity 
in NautiluV A.W.S., and on the publica- 


who soo 

Is known for cheery greetin 

ship in Delta Phi. 

frosh prexy 
he cannpus. 


PAT HALES— Freshman stnt leElr ack- 
nowleged as adaptablejJil(Q|Bble, 
ficient in doing many, tfrnr^ well. A^i5park- 
plug who worked hard for Cougarettes, 
Val Norn, and the Honor Council. 




combining both sweetness 
who served as N.L.U. p 
as a Cougarette officer, 

VIRGIL CAMP— An Idaho boy who was^ 
soon recognized for his outstanding voice. 
His charnn with the fairer sex was eviJ 
denced by his selection as one of the most 
preferred men. 


Allred, Carma — Afton, Wyoming 
Alvey. Merle — Sandy, Utah 
Anderson, Beverly — LaCanada, California 
Anderson, Carol — Kemmerer. Wyoming 

Arafiles, Mildred — Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii 
Armbuster, Byrdie — Arlington, Virginia 
Ash, Carmen — Whittier, California 
Ash, Donald B. — Lehi, Utah 

Baker, Merlin O. — Orem, Utah 
Bagwell, Radeen — Manassa, Colorado 
Baiter, Dawn — Monroe, Utah 
Bagley, McKay — Kooiharem, Utah 

Aaron. Betty — Evanston, Wyoming 
Adamson, Wayne — American Fork, Utah 
Adamson, Kathleen — Heber, Utah 
Adams, Don — Orem, .Utah 
Ahlstrom, Sherrie — Provo, Utah 

Ah Nin, Myrna — Quimea, Kauai, Hawaii 
Akija, Alice Moha — Kekaha, Kauai, Hawaii 
Allen, Denzel C, Jr. — Berkeley, California 
Allen, Joe — Oakland, California 
Allen, Lael — Richmond, Utah 

Allen, Marjorie — Tooele, Utah 

Allen, Marlene B«e — Vale. Oregon 

Allen, Merle — Prescott, Arizona 

Allen, Shirley Rae — Raymond, Alta.. Can. 

Alder. Edgar A. — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Alger, Arlene — Sheridan. Wyoming 
Allemann. Betty Jean — Springville. Utah 
Allred, Blake — Spring City. Utah 
Allred. Helen — Nephi. Utah 
Allred, LaVoy — Provo, Utah 


Anderson, Charles W. 
Grantsville, Utah ■ 

Anderson, Jeanne 
Yuma, Arizona 

Anderson, Maisel 
Green River, Wyoi 


Anderson, Rolaine 
Koosharem, Utah 

Austin, John M. 
Afton, Wyoming 

Aslett, Gailya 
Downey, Idaho 

Bagley, Carolyn 
Koosharem, Utah 

Bagley, Leola 


Baker, Ruth Marlene 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Bartels, Dorothy 
Columbus, Nebra: 


Battad, Marvel 

Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii 

Baum, Douglas 
Magna, Utah 

Anderson, Pat 

Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Anderson, Loa 
Rupert, Idaho 

Anderson, George L. 
Springville, Utah 

Appah, Thomas 
Duchesne, Utah 


, Idaho 


, Utah 

Bagley, li 

ivlng A. 

gton Park, Calif. 

Badger, Marilyn 
Holden, Utah 

Baum, Frank 
Union, Oregon 


Clyde R. 
1, Utah 

Batty, W, 

syne D. 

Balls, Gerald 

Soda Springs, Idaho 



10:30 p.m. — We've just begun 
to fight. 


f^ *. 


Bay, Elvon % 

Salt Ule aty.^Utah 

Beilisfon, Ara 
Nephi, Utah 

biiigham, Cecil 

Stocktort, Cdlifornia 

Boren, Naomi 
Provo, Utah 

Baum, Lowell 
Provo, Utah 

,|liysa Marcel!^ 
^ Keaukala Hawiii 

Bennett Douglas 
^ % % Maqrath Alberta, Cai| 

^^ SlttoUKX Boyd ^^^ 

^* \s\Waclfoot kWro"^ W 

^^^\ Bean, J. Evan 
^ ■«> 8rovo, Utah 

^Ij^ires, Bob 
Franklin, Idaho 


l^son, Maurine 
Fprnona, California 

*'*fi<?h3holthaus,^A^^ ~ ■* 
j^ayette l<ii^^ "-^ 

p:. , .. >■ ■■'."... ^^Vxsiji^^ 

WS.- Beach, Marilyn 

Ferron, Utah 

Borup, Rex 

Emmett, Idaho 

Bengerter, Melvin 
Bountiful, Utah 

Birdwell, Joy 

Coalinga, California 

Bond, Geraldine 

Ramah, New Mexico 

Bennion, Robert 
Vernon, Utah 

Black, Nalda 
Tooele, Utah 

Bowen, Lou Jeanne 
Antierican Fork, Utah 

Beck, Dorthene 
State College, Pa. 

Berrett, Kathryn 
Menan, Idaho 

Blair. Evan Max 

Sait Lake City, Utah 

Bosworth, Barbara 
McMechan, W. Va. 

Bean, Gaylon 

Idatio Falls, Idaho 

Bertoncelj, Ronald 

Point of Rocks, Wyoming 

Blatter, Lynn 

Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Bowen, Mario 
Murray, Utah 

Beatty. Kenneth 
Hurricane, Utah 

Beck, Paul 

Centerfield, Utah 

Biauer, Bonnie 
Burley, Idaho 

Bloomquist, Milton R. 
Duchesne, Utah 

Boyle, Dorene P. 
Long Beach, California 

Besendorfer, Walburga 
Heber, Utah 

Blaylock, Walter L. 
Twin Falls, Idaho 

Bowman, George V. 
McCammon, Idaho 

Beazer, Bill 
Provo, Utah 

Bingham, Bill 

HHawthorne, California 

Bleak, William 

Murrietta, California 

Boyack, Beverly 

Seattle, Washington 


Bramall, Marie — Springvllle, Utah 
Bradshaw, Jerry — Arcadia, California 
Brake, Lorine — Alameda, California 
Brandley, Pat — Alberta, Canada 

Brandley, Ireta — Stirling, Alberta, Canada 
Bratt, Ross — Spray, Oregon 
Bredee, M. Yvonne — Los Angeles, California 
Bright, Janet — Rigby, Idaho 

Brookbush, Valene — Sterling, Idaho 
Brockbank, Joyce — Provo, Utah 
Brooks, Vivian — Eugene, Oregon 
Brotherson, Edith — Mt. Pleasant, Utah 

Brown, EIna E. — Ovid, Idaho 
Brown, Kent L. — Salem, Oregon 
Brown, Kathleen — Phoenix, Arizona 
Brown, Pat — Boulder City, Nevada 

Brown, Ralph — Boise, Idaho 
Brown, Velda — Chandler, Arizona 
Brunt, Annette — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Brown, Roy — Boise, Idaho 

Brussa, Nick — Los Angeles, California 
Brush, Barbara — Palo Alto, California 
Buhler, Donna — Heber, Utah 
Bullock, June — Provo, Utah 



Call, Reed — Malad, Idaho 
Call. MyrVee — Gallup. New Mexico 
Call. Joyce — ■ Rosevllle. California 
Calder, Mary Alice — Vernal, Utah 

Christensen. Ralph G. — Detroit. Michigan 

Christensen, Rachel — Shelley. Idaho 

Christensen. Paul N. — Central. Idaho 

Christensen, Paul J. — Las Vegas. Nevada 

Case. Deane — Mt. Ennmons. Utah 
Cawley. Douglas — Savannah. Georgia 
Christianson. James — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Clarlc. Loretta — Yuba City. California 

Bushman, Francis — Joseph City. Arizona 
Burns. Ada Jean — Monrovia. California 
Burton. Leah — Afton. Wyoming 
Burton. Miriam — Malad. Idaho 
Burton. Vera — Salt Lake City. Utah 

Carter. Carolyn Ann — Oram. Utah 
Carter, John — Salt Lake City. Utah 
Bushman, Helen — Snowflake, Arizona 
Carter. Carol — Provo. Utah 
Carson. Mary Emma — Fairfield. Utah 

Cannon, Clara — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Carllle. Don F. — Heber. Utah 
Carlson, Emily — Chicago, Illinois 
Carlson. Martin — Chicago. Illinois 
Carrell. Charles — Texarkana, Texas 

Clark, Margaret — Novato, California 
Campbell. Gene — Colton. Oregon 
Cammack. Byron P. — Mc Cammon. Idaho 
Camp. Virgil — Pocatello. Idaho 
Clay, Gayle C. — Hutchinson, Kansas 


Calder, Darlene 
Provo, Utah 

Cahoon, C 


Christiansen, Niel 
Monroe, Utah 

Christian, Joanne 
Pioche, Nevada 

Chrlstensen. Clair 
Sprlngville. Utah 


, Darlene 
lid, Utah 

Christensen, Carol 
Pleasant Grove, 

Chase, Swen 
Utah Berkeley, California 

Crowther, Dolores 
Provo, Utah 

Crystal, Ral 




Crump. Sherman 
Sandy, Utah 

Crider, Zelma J. 
Palmyra, New York 

Christensen, Richard 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 




Carver, Dale R. 
Boise, Idaho 

Carter, Marion 

Gardner, Massachusettes 

Christensen, Herbert 
Shelley, Idaho 

Christensen, Lila 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Choules, Sandra 
Preston, Idaho 

Chalmers, Jack 

Lethbridge, Canada 

^hristofferson, Leo 
Lehi, Utah 



Barbara, Calif. 

Cummings, Constance 
Hebe/, Utah 

Crowley, Pearlyne 
Glendale, California 


1 1:00 p.m. — Uh-um-m good. 


Churcii, Georqe 
Brie, Pennsylv^i^^ 

Colver, Jay '"'^'^'-'^Xv.v ^-^ 
Alhambra. Califorrtta- 

Cfaric, Dorothy. ^ |^| 
Sprinqville, UtaK 

..^^rConger. Lois 
■'\:uv;:^.x N Seattle, WashinBl^on 

Cow.l«y, Ruth 
H^Ot, Utah 

Daniels, Marilyn 
Provo. Utah 

CoHlns, Bob -r^.^^ 
I /Pcovo. UtaN|»J>^ 

1^1^ ^..^^^ V6gas. Nev^ |/./ 

\;ii--^'4 \6astrup.- Richard- %".#*" 
.^''NProvo.VUta^^^^ ,^..-- 


Salt Lake City, Utah 

P Comtsh, Karma Jean 
f / Cove. Utah 

?Cox, Carolyn S. 
Mesa, Arizona 

Clarldqe, FrecfVvvi.:';' •'" 

Santa Monica, "Calif. 

Collett, Carma 

Holloman AFB, New M. 

Cottrell. Norma 
Fresno. California 

Dastrup. LInford 
Sigurd, Utah 

Comer, Shirley 
Lehl. Utah 

Crandall, Wayne 
Mesa, Arizona 

Davis, Cora Lou 

Hoolehua, Molekal, T.H. 

Davis, Dan Lee 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Clegg, Vern 

Heber City. Utah 

Clarlt. John 

Thatcher, Idaho 

Cooley, Kathryn J. 
Washington, D. C. 

Craven, Geraldlne 
Boise, Idaho 

Davis. Evelyn 
Delta. Utah 

Cranney, Janice 
Afton, Wyoming 

Davis, Evangeline 
Mesa, Arizona 

Coates, Zada 
Gunnison, Utah 

Cooper, Richard 
Lehl, Utah 

Dain, Betty Ann 

El Monte, Californn 

Davis, JoAnne 

Portland, Oregon 

Coats^^Pr Richard R. 
Edmonton, Alberta, Can. 

Cordner, Burnell 
Orem, Utah 

Dain, Donna 

El Monte, California 

Davis, Marilyn 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Coleman, Ronald 
Monrovia, California 

Crow, Nannette 

Monrovia, California 

Dalby, Pat 

Montebello, Calif orni 

Davis, Marilyn 
Bicknell, Utah 


Davis, Nadine — Provo, Utah 
Davis, Reed Kay — Albuquerque, New Mex. 
Davis, William C. — China Lake, California 
Davis, Shirley — Provo, Utah 

Dayton, Barbara — Cokeville, Wyoming 
Dean, Jeannlne — Provo, Utah 
Day, Shirleen — Provo, Utah 
Deen, Richard — Salem, Oregon 

Denney, Ivan R. — Downey, Idaho 
Despain, Apleene — Prescott, Arizona 
DeGraw, Barton — Union, Oregon 
Despain, Elna — Lovell, Wyoming 

Diehl, Paul L. — Springfield, P?. 
Dickson, Trixie — Alpine, Texas 
Devey, C. Richard — American Fork, Utah 
Dickson, Janet — Enumclaw, Washington 

Dike, Roy — Hawthorne, Nevada 

Dixon, Ann — North Vancouver, B.C., Canada 

Dobson, Noreen — Richmond, Utah 

Dixon, Diane — Sdit Lake City, Utah 

Draper, Remma — Provo, Utah 
Drage, Beverly — Cheyenne, Wyoming 
Doney, LaDawn — Franklin, Idaho 
Doxey, Margaret — Los Angeles, California 



Evenson, Edwin F. — Venice. California 
Emerson, Kenneth — Kimberly, Idaho 
Englestead, Marian — Kanosh, Utah 
Erickson, Lorna — Richland, Washington 

Ferguson, Roger — Prove, Utah 
Fechser, Allan — Provo, Utah 
Felt, Sharrol — Provo, Utah 
Foullc, David — Del Mar, California 

Flower. Judson — El Cajon, Califonnia 
Fluckiger, Wanda Gay — Afton, Wyonning 
Flygare, Althea — La Canada, California 
Folsom, Jerry B. — Centerville, Utah 


Drew, Robert H. — Provo, Utah 
Droubo;, Bertha — Tooele, Utah 
Duerden, Wanda Lee — Ontario, Oregon 
Dunford, Diane — Provo, Utah 
Drewry, John B. — Twin Falls, Idaho 

Dunford, Harold — Provo, Utah 
Durfey, Clint — Bicltnell, Utah 

Dyches. Ronald Mexico City, Mexico 

Earl, Joyce — Lovell, Wyoming 
Earl, Alice — Sheridan, Idaho 

Edgley, Lenona — Preston, Idaho 

Earl. Mauree L. — Provo, Utah 

Earl, Karen E. — Provo. Utah 

East. Maria — Phoenix. Arizona 

Edgerton. Nancy — Manhattan Beach. Calif. 

Edwards, Lee — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Edwards, Glenna — Provo, Utah 
Eggertson, Max — Provo, Utah 
Elkington, Irma — Tooele, Utah 
Ellett. LaRae — Columbia, Utah 


"Evans, Colleen 

Lehi, Utah 
Feulner, Donna Mae 

Magna, Utah 
Ford, Dixon A. 

Wallsburg, Utah 

Faber, Dorian 
Burbanic, Utah 

Ferney, Helen 

Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Frampton, Morris 
Fillmore, Utah 

England, Carol 

Ogden, Utah 
Fife, William A. 

Brigham City, Utah 
Ford, Leiand 

Springville, Utah 

Farley, Ernest Kent 
Mesa, Arizona 

Fife, De Von 

Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Frampton, Adria 
Fillmore, Utah 

Facer, Mark 

Malad, Idaho 
Fietkau, Flora 

Springville, Utah 
Fotheringham, Farrell 

Milford, Utah 

Fames, LaRue 
Blackfoot. Idaho 

Fisher, Ray 

Madera, California 

Frampton, Boyd M. 
Provo. Utah 

Farley, Fern 

Safford, Arizona 
Fisher, Joy 

Provo, Utah 
Foreman, Jennell 

Lehi, Utah 

Farrer, EeDel 

Provo, Utah 
Flinders, Carole 

Nyssa, Oregon 
Francis, Jean 

Taber, Alberta, Canada 

1 1 :30 p.m. — Some guys have a 
the luck. 








Franrtam Nina 
Medford Oreqon 

G lb«rt Renae 
Roosevelf Uto^^ 

Gonzalft^i* Howa rd 

Long Beach Califot^w^ 




^ ^ome Bob % 

Glefidafe Califo 

G II land Norma \'* 'v'^ 
% Rosempade Catjforn 

^ ©OOdell Robe i A < 
Germg NebrasM 

\ fereen Luc 


Green Arlene ^ ^reen Lucy "^ 

Lethbndge, Alta, Can^-- ^ Paul, IdafijR 

Freckleton, Marlow 
Moore, Idaho 

Gillies, Bill 

Grand Junction, Colo. 

Gottschallc, Betty 

Edgewater, Colorado 

Green, Ljcille 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Fry, Georgia Jean 
Gallup, New Mexico 

Gines, Geraldine 
Jerome, Idaho 

Gomez, Allan 

Spanish Fork, Utah 

Green, Ron 

Phoenix, Arizona' 

Gaddis, Donna 
Somerset, Callforn 

Gleave, Stanley 
Annabella, Utah 

^Sowans, Alice Jane 
Erie, Pennsylvania 

Greer, Deon 
Provo. Utah 


Gates. Pratt 
Escalante, Utah 

Glenn, Clayton 
Union. Oregon 

Grant, Jack 
Nampa, Idaho 

Groutage, hHarold L. 
Kemmerer, Wyoming 

Gibby, M^TOw D. 
Roseberg, Oregon 

Godfrey, JoAnn 
Blackfoot. Idaho 

Greathouse, Don Earl 
Lynndyt, Utah 

Gummoul. Fred 
Burley, Idaho 

Gardner, Samuel hi, 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Glvens, Earl L. 

Bufllngame, California 

Grant, Grace 
McGill, Nevada 

Gregson, Patricia 

Vancouver, B.C., Canada 

Garrick, Howard T. 
Inglewood, California 

Goasllnd, Carol 
Preston, Idaho 

Grant, Jay W. 

Olympia, Washington 

Grover, C. beovitt 
Idaho Falls, td«ho 

Georges. Marilyn 

Westcliffe, Colorado 

Goins,- Edna Joan 
Atlanta, Georgia 

Gray, Carolyn 
Provo, Utah 

Gunnell, Robert D. 
Silver Sp£*n^, Idaho 



Guymon, Lloyd G. — Parowan, Utah 
Guymon, Joyce — Parowan, Utah 
Hales, Glen — Elslnore, California 
Hackett, Darlene — Temple City, California 

Hall, Edwin — Vernal, Utah 
Hall, Mary Carol — Richfield, Utah 
Hales, Pat — Glendale, California 
Hall, Dave — Inkom, Idaho 

Hail, Phyllis — Springville, Utah 
.Hamabata, Gloria — Honolulu, Oahu, T. H. 
Hamblin, Jacob — St. Johns, Arizona 
Hancey, Gene — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Hancock, Betty Joyce — Napa, California 
Hancock, Nolan — Lewisville, Idaho 
Hancock, Ruth — Denver, Colorado 
Hanks, Marilyn — Salem, Utah 

Hansen, Christene — Tetonia, Idaho 
Hanks, Pauline — Los Angeles, California 
Hanseen, Karma — Provo, Utah 
Hannig, Joseph Carlisle — Las Vegas, Nev. 

Hansen, Kenneth — Burley, Idaho 
Hansen, M. Warrington — Pioche, Nevada 
Hanson, Russell — Orem, Utah 
Harder, Gwen — Salt Lake City, Utah 



Hawltes, Bonnie Lou — Pocatello, Idaho 
Hawlces, Grant R. — Preston, Idaho 
Hawley, Richard — Parma, Idaho 
Heslop, Norene — Ogden,. Utah 

Heninger, Howard P. — Los Angeles, Calif. 
Herburg, Nancy — Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
Hayes, Keith C. — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Hicks, Beverly — Riverside, California 

Hirst, Farrell — Provo, Utah 
Hoemke. Annaliza — Kempstead, New York 
Hoenbrook, Betty — Chester, Pennsylvania 
Hobbs, Joana — Provo. Utah 

Harding, Don — Toledo. Ohio 
Hardy, Nadine — Meridian, Idaho 
Hardy, George K. — Bountiful, UteK 
Harks, Leiith — Orem, Utah 
Harper, Bob — Blackfoot, Idaho 

Harris, Aileen — Preston, Idaho 
Harris, Darlene — Portland, Oregon 
Harris, Delores — Ashton, Idaho 
Harris, Chet — Independence, Missouri 
Harris, Muriel — Columbia Falls, Montana 

Httffis, Colleen — Provo, Utah 
Harrison, Arthur T. — Vernal, Utah 
Harrison. Hortanca — Springville, Utah 
Hartley, Hazsl — Stirling, Albarfa, Canada 
Haslcall, Thales — Lovell, Wyoming 

Haslem. Vearl — Roosevelt. Utah 
Hatc^, Be+ty — Boise, Idaho 
Hatch, Dereal K. — Bountiful, Utah 
Hatch, Frances — Rock Springs. Wyoming 
Hatch. Rhea — Boise. Idaho 


Heacock, Kathryn 
Philadelphia, Penn. 

Hicks, Royce 

Helena, Montana 

Hogenson, Marvyn William 
Stirling, Alta., Canada 

Heaton, Flora May 

Hunter, Utah 
Higa, Betty 

Kohala, Hawaii 
Hogan, Delores 

West Jordan, Utah 

Hecker, Dealo 

Fond duLac, Wisconsin 
Hillman, Marianne 

Payson, Utah 
HoUey, Nadine 

Seattle, Washington 

Hemenway, Deloy 

Provo, Utah 
Hilton, H. Gill 

Delta. Ut34i 
Holman, Ferol 

Seattle, Washington 

Heaps, Arnell 

Payson, Utah 
Hicks, Fletcher 

Columbus, Georgia 
Hogenson, Ken 

Stirling, Alta.. Canada 

Helquist, Ronella 
Koosharem, Utah 

Hill, Bruce 
Walla Walla. Wash. 

Hoggan, Robert 
Burley, Idaho 

Haynie, Larry 

Manassa. Colorado 
Hillyard, Marion 

Seattle, Washington 
Holland, Veria 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

HenrJe,. Elouise 
Gunnison, Utah 

Hinkson, Jan 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Holdaway, Mary 
Provo, Utah 


12:15 a.m. — Cocktails at Floyd's 
. . . B.Y.U. style. 



V-v, / 


^ '|1.--:-- 










: Raymond, Alta. Canada 

Monffose Colo 

#^% Horiuchi. Russellf 
3(W!^ * Lahaina, Maui, H 

Howell, Sheila 

Hollywood. California 

Hulet, Donna 

Howlett Glen G 
Draper Utah 

- . _ - _ ^^ ,, Hunger Raelen^ 

Hoibroolc, Arizona •*, 4 , Leht Utah V 

Hyde, Nadine ,^^,^^, .-Jrwin,^^race 

Baker, Oregon ^ .. ..''^V-iS! Prav°.'Hit«V 


Hubbard. Shirlee 
Dillon, Montana 

Hunt, Billee Lou 
Burbanic, California 

Ivins, Colleen 
Lund, Nevada 

Holt, Gayle 

Spanish Fork, Utah 

Howells, James 
Union, Utah 

Hull. Chad 

Twin Falls, Idaho 

Innes, Bob 
Provo, Utah 

Holt, Ralph 

Long Beach, California 

Huffalcer. Phil C. 
Ontario, Oregon 

Hunsalter, R. Delon 
Garland. Utah 

Ivie, Boyd 
Orem, Utah 

Houston, Grant 
Pangultch, Utah 

Huerta, Dolores 

Grants Pass, Oregon 

Hunter, Gloria 
Idaho Falls. Idaho 

Israelson, Vione 
Hyrum, Utah 

Holtzer, Robert 

Imperial, California 

Huff, Edward 

Spanish Fork, Utah 

Hyde, Charles 
Springville, Utah 

Jackson, Wendell 
Union, Utah 

Hoover, Venice 
Provo, Utah 

Hugglns, Alta 
Globe, Arizona 

Hunt, Dessie 

Spanish Fork, Utah 

Jackson, Karma Rae 
Provo, Utah 


Howell, J. Franklin 
Fairview, Utah 

Hughes, Lloydine 
Compton, California 

Hussey, Roene 

Sterling, Colorado 

Jacklin, Elva 
Heber, Utah 

Howell, Arlene 
Draper, Utah 

Hughes, Barbara 
Orofino, Idaho 

Hunter, Dorothy 

Al ham bra, California 

Jacotson, Rulene 
Provo, Utah 



Jaclcman, Morris — Provo, Utah 
Jacbon, Marykae — Randolph, Utah 
Jamison, Bob — Burley, Idaho 
Jenltins, Donnell — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Jensen, Elwynn — Brlgham City, Utah 
Jenkins, Gary — Pendleton, Oregon 
Jenkins, Wayne — Nampa, Idaho 
Jenkins, Estella — Vernal, Utah 

Jensen, Warren — Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
Jensen, Ray — Rupert, Idaho 
Jensen, Ronald — Sprlngvllle, Utah 
Jeppson, Lynnee — Ashton, Idaho 

Jex, Joyce — Provo, Utah 
Jessee, Elaine — Springville, Utah 
Jex, Alice Ann — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Johnson, Beverly — Srantsville, Utah 

Johnson, Donalea — Col. Juarez, Mexico 
Johnson, Dale M. — Delta, Utah 
Johnson, Charles — Lehl, Utah 
Johnson, Joan — Smoot. Wyonning 

Johnson, Wesley G. — Phoenix, Arizona 
Johnson, Helen Marie — Colonia Juarez, Mex. 
Johnson, Douglas G. — Santaquin, Utah 
Johnson, Marvin — Spanish Fork, Utah 



Killpacl, Shirlee — WaHis, Utah 

Kinniccn. Lucile — Pendleton, Oregon 
Kinsey, Donna — Midway, Utah 
Kinsey, Charles — Chloride, Arizona 

Kooyman, J. J. — Portland. Oregon 
Kresge, Elizabeth — Elmira, New York 
Latimer, Geraldine — Nephi. Utah 
Lake, Jay Vaughn — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Lasson, Calvin — Birdseye, Utah 

Last, Ronald — Gunnison, Utah 

Kropf, Carol Dawn — Woodland, California 

Larson, Wanda — Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Johnson, Pa+rlcia — Preston, Idaho 
Johnson, Thomas H. — Berkeley, California 
Joost, Virginia — Heber, Utah 
Johnson, Patricia — Temple City, California 
Johnson, Ted — Buhl, Idaho 

Jones, Lillian — Virden, New Mexico 
Jones, Dixie — Los Angeles, California 
Jones, Blaine C. — Delta, Utah 
Johnson. Susie Nell — Billings, Montana 
Jorgensen, Marcia — Perrls, California 

Kaleikau, EIroy — Honolulu, Hawaii 
Kamauoha, Velma — Qullukui, Maui, Hawaii 
Kelly, James B. — Hollywood, California 
Katzenbach, Jon Ray — Orem, Utah 
Jorgensen, Marva — Perris, Callfornfa 

Kelly, Shirley — Boise. Idaho 

Kemper, Marlene — Cranford, Alberta, Can. 

Kenny, Jean — Portola, California 

Kendell, Karia — Cornish, Utah 

Kerley, Gordon — Huntington Park, Calif. 


Kirkland, Granvel 

Glen St. Mary, Florida 

Kirkwood, Betty May 
Kemmerer, Wyoming 

Kochevar, Norma Jean 
Grass Valley, Calif. 

Kohler, Zelda 
Midway, Utah 

Larsen, Margaret 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Larsen, Janice 
Preston, Idaho 

Larson, Don W. 

Salt Lake fity, Utah 

Larson, Maurine 
Lyman, Wyoming 

Law, LyDell 

Meridian, Idaho 

Leavit , Glenda 
Hardin, Montana 

LeBaron, llene 
La Verkin, Utah 

Lee, Boyd 



, Ronald 

am City, Utah 

Kleinman, Wayne Koford, Valene 
£1 Paso, Texas Preston, Idaho 

Kondo, Eleanor 

Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii 

Larsen, Kent 

Spanish Fork, Utah 


Oscar Larson, 
Falls, Idaho Orem 

, Utah 

Larson, Tharia 
Delta, Utah 

Layton, Mona Delf 
Manassa, Colorado 

Leavitt, Meryl Leehtenberg, Joy 
Las Vegas, Nevada Central, Idaho 

Lemmon, Richard H. 
Weston, Idaho 

12:59 a.m. — One o'clock jump 
.Campus Dorm. 



Prove, Utah 

Little. Dona 

Hartford, Cal forn a 

Lund, ^%ic» . \ 

Long Beach Cal forrna 

Madsen, Joyce 

Biacltfoot. Idaho J 

\ Nampa Idaho 

^loyd Kent 
. Provo Ufah *^ 

N^ac»^y Joh*k 
""^'^ Satt Lake Ci>V. U*6h 


Lewis, Earlena 
Provo. Utah 

Liddiard. Robert 
Provo. Utah 

Lott, Rose LaRae 
Walla Walla. Wash. 

Madsen, Lloyd 

Springvillo, Utah 

LeSueur, Joan 
Cascade, Idaho 

Lightfoot, Darwin 
Las Vegas. Nevada 

Loe, Evelyn 

Eugene, Oregon 

Madsen, Preston A. 
Provo, Utah 

iwis. Robert F. 

St. Anthony. Idaho 

L*ilywhite, Fern 
Taylor, Arizona 

Lonnax, Charles 

New Orleans, Louisiana 

Lyman, Emerson 
Holden. Utah 

Lewis, Ruth 

Douglas. Arizona 

LInford, Carol 
Kaysville, Utah 

Love. Arlene 
Toledo, Ohio 

Maholifts, Konstantin A. 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Lewis. Margaret A. 
Douglas, Arizona 

Litchfield. Lorraine 

Raymond. Alta.. Canada 

Lunceford, Dorothy 
Orem, Utah 

Madsen, Sally 
Provo. Utah 

Leydsman, Henry 
Union, New Jersey 

Little. Edith 

Gridley, California 

Lundberg, Don Charle 
Washington, D. C. 

Manning, R. Hollist 
Overton, Nevada 

Man waring, Joyce 

San Mateo, California 

Marshall, Maxine 
Minersville. Utah 

Marshall. Bill 

Portland. Oregon 

Markham, Lucre tia 
Concord, California 

Martin, Helen 

Sanford, Colorado 

Martineau, Ray 

Colonia Juarez, Mexico 

Martindale, Donel 
Burley, Idaho 

Martineau, Reed 

Colonia Juarez, Mexico 



Mathis, Jim — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Mauzy, Robert — Phoenix. Arizona 
McFarlane, James — Oakland, Californie 
McKell, Lael — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Mathias, Edward — Honokohue, Maui, Hawaii 
Mayna, Joyce — Gypsum, Colorado 
McGarry, Patricia — Glendale, California 
McKell, Melburr — Heber, Utah 

Mathews, Joyce — Panaca, Nevada 
McBride, Barbara — Fillmore, Utah 
McFate, Joanne — Phoenix, Arizona 
McKinlay, MarJean — Richfield, Utah 

Mathews, Janice — Panaca, Nevada 
McBride, Earl — Burley, Idaho 
McGregor, Dayton — St. George, Utah 
McKinney, Farrell — Spring City, Utah 

Maughan, Alvln — Weston, Idaho 
McCullock, Gerald R. — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Mclnnes, Murray — Eager, Arizona 
McKinney, Phillip R. _ Manassa, Colorado 

Matson, Jean — Las Vegas, Nevada 
McDaniel, Eldred — Alamosa, Colorado 
Mclntire, Richard — Ontario, California 
McKissick, Robert — Lewisburg, Pennsylvania 

May, Martha — Haiku, Maui, Hawaii 
McDonald, Shirley — Provo, Utah 
McKnight, John — Moreland, Idaho 
McKell, Clair J. — Spanish Fork, Utah 



Miller. Glenn — Idaho, Falls. Idaho 
Miller, Anna Lou — Provo, Utah 
Mrller. Niel — Tremonton, Utah 
Milligan, JoAnne — Seattle. Washington 

Moon. Donna — Hanna. Utah 
Montgomery. Don — Monrovia. California 
Montgonnery, Shie'd Bryce — Provo. Utah 
Moody, JoAnn — Mesa, Arizona 

Morris. Marvin D. — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Mortensen, JoycQ — Riverside, Illinois 
Mortensen. Elsie — Manassa. Colorado 
Moulton, Albert P. — Provo. Utah 

McLean, Thora — Dearborn, Michigan 
McMillan, Barbara — Americn Fork, Utah 
McQulvey, Jean — Salem, Utah 
Mecham, Jean — Mt. Emmons, Utah 
Mead, Marjorie — Afton, Wyoming 

Mendenhall, Glenna — Provo, Utah 
Meldrum, Taylor — Provo, Utah 
Melton, Evona — Hopicinsville, Kentucky 
Merrell, Reld L. — Duchesne, Utah 
Merrill, Louis H. — Swan Lake. Idaho 

Messervy, Mary Gayle — Kennev^ick, Wash. 
Midgley, Joanne — Lake Villa, Illinois 
MIckley, Hope — Chicago. Illinois 
Methvin, Patsy — Natchitoches, Louisiana 
Michaelis, Max C. — Garland, Utah 

Miles, Dale B. — Sunnyside, Washington 
Mikesell, Owen — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Miles, Donna — Mountain Home, Utah 
Miller, Alta Mae — Long Beach, California 
Miles, Duane O. — Great Falls, Montana 


Ivfllls, DeVerl 
Malad, Idaho 

Mills, Boyd 

Ten Sheep, Wyonn 


Moan, Ruth 
Union, New 




Milliner, Don 
Payson, Utah 

Morgan, Lee 
Kimberly, Idaho 

Morrill, Fern 
Orem, Utah 

Naylor, L 

aurel Lee 

Murray, Mary 
Ashton, Idaho 

Moyle, Meridee 
Alpine, Utah 

Naser, D'Ann 
Provo, Utah 

Nelson, Arvin 
Upaico, Utah 


ton, Utah 



Falls, Idaho 

Moore, Maynard C. 
Provo, Utah 

Money, Mary Jane 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Moore, Tom 

Winter Haven, Florida 




Morley, Thomas N. 
Arlington, Virginia 

Morgan, Louis M. 

Independence, Missouri 


, Franlcie 

rto, California 


aegle, Marlly*. 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Morgenstern, Rolene 
Kalispel, Montana 

Neal, Coralie 
Malad, Idaho 

1:05 a.m. — "Ponds stays on and 
on and on. ' 



Neville, Wenda 
Layton, Utai 

Nielsen, AndrW J. ■ -^^ 
Gresham, Oreqon 

Oaks. Dalian H. 


^^- Morgan, Utah 
l^lielson, Voda: 

% V^xxNicholes, Kelly 
i^ .s^< ■/% Wovo, Utah 

Riverside, Californiafs-s'^ /.^Barnv^ell, Alta.. Canada 

)aks. Dalian H. ||i /f f^M^^. EdWtn \ "^ | /^ut+al, Marilyn 

Provo, Utafi V^ ><•■ Pfeston, ^dahq,, ^,,^'1'" Pi-o^O'Lltah 

Olsen, Betty ^^-^^^^^on, Dar^ne^, ^' -^'f ' ^ 

Pleasant Grove, Utah # Boi^e, Id^^ '^''^- 

Opunul. Katherine 

Lahaina, Maui. Hawaii 

Nelson. Yvonne 
Prove, Utah 

Noelte, Dorothy 
Chicago. Illlnios 

Ocltey. LaRue 
Provo. Utah 

Orglll, ZIna Jane 
Mc Cammon. Idaho 

Nelson. Joe 
Tooele, Utah 

Nielson, Ann 
Murray, Utah 

Oaks, Janet 
Provo, Utah 

Olson, Doreen 
Provo. Utah 

NIcholes, Frank 

American Fork, Utah 

Nielson, Delia 

Romeo, Colorado 

Nowers, Vera 
Beaver, Utah 

Openshav^. Toy 
Phoenix. Arizona 

Newman. Howell 
Sprlngville. Utah 

Nielson. Margery 
Gunnison. Utah 

Oborn, Neldon 
Tooele, Utah 

Oreson, Jo 

Pendleton, Oregon 

Nelson. Merrill 
Goshen. Utah 

Norton. Marilyn 
Provo, Utah 

Ogden. Leila 
Richfield, Utah 

Ostler, Darlene 
Sprlngville, Utah 

Nichols, _ 

New Orleans, Louisiana 

Nielson, Lorna 
Ogden, Utah 

Olive, Glenn 

Napa, California 

Oscarson. R. Don 
St. Louis. Missouri 

Nichols, Gloria Janet 
Burley, Idaho 

Nielson. Rowland 

Blue Lake, California 

Olive, Marilyn 

St. John, N.B.. Canada 

Orme, Ruth 

Idaho Falls, Idaho 


Oswald, Carol — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Ottoson, Marvin Lee — Tabiona, Utah 
Overfelt, Marilyn — McGill, Nevada 
Oveson, Shirley — Dragerton, Utah 

Owens, Rial S. — Burley, Idaho 
Packard, Trilby Elena — Longvlew, Wash. 
Pack, Louise — Pasadena, Caliornia 
Pack, Marilyn — Salem, Oregon 

Parberry, Dema — Sering, Nebraska 
Page. Betty — Pleasant Grove. Utah 
Painter. Reed — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Palmer. Claire — Vernal. Utah 

Parker, Janet — Draper. Utah 
Packham. H. Richard — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Parkin. Bruce — Bountiful. Utah 
Partridge. Clark — Montclair. New Jersey 

Paulitz, Jeanett — Provo. Utah 
Passey. J. Bruce — Ovid. Idaho 
Patjas. Saara — Tampere. Finland 
Payne. Marlene — Portland, Oregon 

Peck. Thomas — Hinkley. California 
Peck. Sandra — Santa Barbara. Calif. 
Pearce, Keith — Ontario. Oregon 
Perkins, John N. — Twin Falls. Idaho 

Perreira. Joyce — Wailuku. Maui. Hawaii 
Peterson. Grant — Burlingame. California 
Peterson. Elaine M. — Nyssa. Oregon 
Peterson, Frank — Salt Lake City. Utah 


Peterson. Jack — BIythe, California 

Peterson, June — Lewiston. Pennsylvania 

Peterson, Lorna — Santaquin. Utah 

Peterson, Norma — Twin Falls. Idaho 

Potter, Halford — Bakersfield, California 
Pond, Ruth — Boise, Idaho 
Ponder, Kent — Albuquerque, New Mexico 
Pond, Marilyn — Detroit, Michigan 

Putnam, Melrose — Woodruff, Utah 
Prows, Bernard L. — Kanosh, Utah 
Pusey, Peggy — Denver, Colorado 
Price, Mary ^nn — Phoenix, Arizona 


Redd, Marilyn — Monticello, Utah 
Redd, Mason — Monticello, Utah 
Ray, William S. — Prineville, Oregon 
Redd. Kathleen — Monticello. Utah 
Reed, Benny — Alhambra, California 

Reese. Arvilla — Coalville. Utah 
Reese. Ray — Rock Springs, Wyoming 
Reintjes. Carolyn — Linton, Indiana 
Reese, Gwen — Rock Springs, Wyoming 
Reinhardt, Maxine — Bountiful, Utah 

Remund, RaVae • — Heber City, Utah 
Rhead, Rene — Ogden, Utah 
Rich, Roylance — Emmett, Idaho 
Richan, lla — American Fork, Utah 
Reynolds, Shirlene — Fairfield, Montana 

Richards, Carol — American Fork, Utah 
Richards, Doris — Provo, Utah 
Richmond, Marilyn — Provo, Utah 
Richardson, Jimmie — - Twin Falls. Idaho 
Richins, Joy — Burley, Idaho 


Phelps, Beth 

Riverton, Utah 
Price, Alvin 

Tuscon, Arizona 
Rainwater, Sylvia 

Bennettsville, S. Carolina 

Pinegar. Annie Joy 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Poulson. Joyce 
Richfield, Utah 

Rasmussen, Hylda 
Fillmore, Utah 

Phetan, Mary Katherine 

Provo, Utah 
Prat*-, Maurene 

Phoenix, Arizona 
Radichel, Melvin 

New York City, N. Y. 

Pineqar, Wanita 

Provo, Utah 
Preece, Arthur L. 

Colton, California 
Ray, Lois 

Provo, Utah 

Pitcher, Grant 

Edmonton, Alta., Can. 
Poulson, Blance 

Lethbridge, Alta., Can. 
Rankers, Margaret 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Pomeroy, Patrick 

Mesa, Arizona 
Poulton, Beverly 

Murtaug, Idaho 
Rawlins, Stephen 

Walla Walla, Wash. 

Phillips, Ronald 

Provo, Utah 
Pratt, Noel 

Norco, California 
Rasmussen, Winton H. 

Caribou, Maine 

Piper, Elaine 

Ventura, California 
Prestwich, Erwin 

Delta, Utah 
Ray, Shirley 

San Antonio, Texas 

:30 a.m. — Matty and his fishy 


Ldt- Angeles Cattfo i ^ 

Mag afh Alta'Q*Bm 

Rob on Cha die ^ 
^^iborn on Wah -v 

|^^"*^oylafice Ann 5j. '^ 

Sal sbu y Ron 

Los Angeles, Cal iofi 


Rigby. Ralp^" 

Prove, Utah 


Provo Utah^ 

Sami^lson V rgwio 
Pre"i9ott. A zona 

„.„.::.V ^ 

Robinson. Genevieve 
Minersvllle. Utah 

Roselli, Remo 

Campinas, S.P., Brazil 

Salerno, Helen 
Provo. Utah 

Rigby, Maurine 
Grace. Idaho 

Romney, Emma Lou 
Payson, Utah 

Roylance. Merlene 
McGill. Nevada 

Sargent, Jerry 
Mesa, Arizona 

Riggs, Joan 

Eugene, Oreqoi 

Robinson, Connie 

American Fork, Utah 

Roppe, Shirley 
Vernal, Utah 

Sadler, Wanda 

San Francisco, California 

Robbins, Donald 
Twin Falls. Idaho 

Rodabouqh, Dorothy 
Aberdeen, Mississippi 

Rose, Joan 

Snowvllle, Utah 

Sanderson, Janet 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

R ob e rf^i^Le o n o r© 

Los Angeles, California 

Romney, Van 
Twin Falls, Idaho 

Russell, Kenneth 
Springville, Utah 

Sargent, Joyce 
Mesa, Arizona 

Ririe, Roger 

Magrath, Alta., Canada 

Robinson, Norma 
Provo, Utah 

Rooks. Pat 

Grass Valley, California 

Sanders, Gwen 
Murray, Utah 

Robertson, Bobby Dean 
Kennewicic, Washington 

Rogers, Marjorie 

Salisbury, N.B., Canada 

Rosenlof. Janet 
Portland, Oregon 

Sandstrom, Gwen 
Lark, Utah 

Robertson, Jerold 
Chinook, Montana 

Rooker, Frances 

Stockton, California 

Rust. Dayle Kimball 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Sato, Esther 

Pala, Maui, Hawaii 


Saunders, Sally — American Fork, Utah 
Schmidt, Howard — Gresham, Wisconsin 
Schade, Sharon — Los Angeles, California 
Schlegel, Walter — Lake Villa, Illinois 

Schofield, Robert — Spring City, Utah 
Schow, Enid — Escalante, Utah 
Scott, David — Portland, Oregon 
Schultz, Beverly — Tooele, Utah 

Sharp, Pauline — Preston, Idaho 
Seedall, Margene — Rupert, Idaho 
Shattuck, David — San Jose, California 
Shaw, Graham — Oram, Utah 

Shumway, Miles — Provo, Utah 
Shoemaker, Dixie — Payette, Idaho 
Shoemaker, Thaddeus — Chambersburg, Pa. 
Slebach, Elizabeth C. — Gloversville, N. Y. 

Slebecker, Richard — San Mateo, California 
Sims, Eileen — Harrison Hot Springs, B.C., C. 
Sinclair, Eugene W. — Payette, Idaho 
Slier, Evelyn — Pocatello, Idaho 

Skougaard, Elizabeth — Richfield, Utah 
Skillicorn, Richard — Park City, Utah 
Smeath, Boyd — Provo, Utah 
Smith, Carol — Shelton, Nebraska 

Smith, Fae — Orem, Utah 
Smith, Edna — Orem, Utah 
Smith, Leia — Burllngame, California 
Smith, Mary — Spanish Fork, Utah 

^ ME, 



Stebbing, William E. — Baltimore, Maryland 

Stauffer. Bob — Fresno. California 

Steel, Beverly — Burley, Idaho 

Steele, Berenice — Chevy Chase, Maryland 

Stoclcdale, Barbara — Stockton, California 
Stocks, Bruce D. — Burley, Idaho 
Stoddard, Darrell — Ogden, Utah 
Stockdale, Waldo — Franklin, Idaho 

Strong, Alice — American Fork, Utah 
Stringham, Marcia — Elgin. Oregon 
Stromberg, Arnold — Grantsville, Utah 
Stowell, Helen — Pocatello, Idaho 

i f f % 

Smith, Maureen — Smlt'hfleld. Utah 
Smith, Norman — LaJara. Colorado 
Smith, Peggy — Provo, Utah 
Smith. Phyllis — Portland, Oregon 
Smith, Melva Ann — Sandy, Utah 

Sorensen, Elaine — Berkeley, California 
Smith, Uvonna — Lehi, Utah 
Soelberg, Betty — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Soelburg, LaRue — Grantsville, Utah 
Sorensen. Ken — Provo, Utah 

Spencer, Stanley — Escalante, Utah 
Spencer, Beth — Fillmore, Utah 
Sprague. Kathleen — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Sparks, Sherlene — Provo, Utah 
Sorensen, Mary Anne — Richfield, Utah 

Stapley, Marilyn — Beaver. Utah 
Starley, Jean — Burley, Idaho 
Squire, Delva Jean — Phoenix, Arizona 
Staley, Gil — Kimberly, Idaho 
jStapley, Dick — Phoenix, Arizona 



Stenquist, Leiand 
Tremonton, Utah 

Boise, Ida 



Steele, Gens 
Orem, Uta 



Stewart, Merwin 
Las Vegas, Neva 


Stout, DeMar 

Salt Lake City, Utah 
Swann, Grace 

Preston, Idaho 



d, Frederick Don 
nqton, D. C. 

Stoops, Linford R. Stowell, Betty Rae 
Waynesbol, Pennsylvania Nephi, Utah 

Swasey, Ardell Taylor, Jackie 
Duchesne. Utah Murray, Utah 



Stephenson, Kay 
McCammon, Idaho 

Stewart, Leo 
Alamo, Nevada 

Stinger, Atherton 
Toledo, Washington 

Stoddard, Glorls 
Montpeller, Idaho 



Stott, Lawrence B. 
Provo, Utah 

Stowell, Glenna 
Duncan, Arizona 

Synne, G 


Summerhays, Charles 
Berkley, California 

Tanner, Llllius Ann 
Preston, Idaho 

Taylor, Carolyn 
Henefer, Utah 

2:00 a.m.— "Wow! . . . What a 
beautiful hunk of 


,„ — -x\ ■ / 


Weston, ldawj;^^>#~''^'l^ "' ' ^^~'" 

Trottis. Wallace Q,^^'' i^ 
Salt Lake City^t|p\/>' 

field, Utrth , .'i^- 

■■•LosNS^geles. California 

Tenney. Eugene] 

Cotfonwood, Arizona 

Thompson, Barbara A. 
Warsaw, Indiana 

Thurber, Ruth Jeannine 
Great Falls, Montana 

Tueller, Nedra 
Mesa. Arizona 

Taylor, John 
Kellogg, Idaho 

Thomas. Elmo L. 
Montpelier, Idaho 

Tingey, Gar+h 
Springville, Utah 

Turner, Jerry 

Portland. Oregon 

Taylor, Dixie 
Provo. Utah 

Thelin. Josie V. 

Cardston, Alta., Canada 

Thorne, Geraldine 

Pleasant Grove. Utah 

Tregaslcis. Glade 

American Forit, Utah 

Taylor, Ruth 
Provo, Utah 

Thomas, Sally 
Provo. Utah 

Thurman, Newell L. 
Blaclcfoot, Idaho 

Tuclcer, Clyde L. 
Mesa, Arizona 

Taylor, James 
Mesa, Arizona 

hladlock, Theresa 
Vernal, Utah 

Tillack, Winone 

Vancouver. B.C.. Canada 

Tuttle, Carrol Jean 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Taylor, Gene 
Orem, Utah 

Thomas, Rex 

Spanish Fork, Utah 

Timothy, Jerry D. 
Provo. Utah 

Udall, Sammy 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Taylor, Marilyn 

Raymond. Alta.. Canada 

Thomas, Robert D. 
Salt Lake City. Utah 

Tolson, John D. 

Charlotte, N, Carolina 

Turner. Elaine 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Tebbs, Marian 

Cowley, Wyoming 

Thomas, E. Sandra 
Twin Falls, Idaho 

Tracy. May 

Fairfield, Montana 

Ungerman, Grant 
Orem, Utah 


Ursenbach, Gerald — Lethbridge, Canada 
Van Cott, Marlon — North Hollywood, Calif 
Vaughan, Cheryldene — Malad, Idaho 
Viles, Eileen — Nogales, Arizona 

Vorwaller, Blaine — Tooele, Utah 
Wagner, Flora Deanne — Mancos, Colorado 
Wells, Anne — Pocatello, Idaho 
Watt, Barbara — Lansing, Michigan 

Waite, Beverly — Bunkerville, Nevada 
Walker, Ellen — Tallahassee, Florida 
Walker, Clarice — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Wall. Cecil — Provo, Utah 

Wall, Frank B. — Provo, Utah 

Wall, Lyie — Provo, Utah 

Walker, Merrill — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Walker, Sanford S. ■ — Denver, Colorado 

Warner, James Lynn — Spanisfi Fork, Utah 
Warner, Paul F. — Morgan, Utah 
Warner, Martha Mae — Richfield, Utah 
Ward, LeRuth — Logan, Utah 

Warren, Ruthalyn — Price, Utah 
Waters, Clifford Ray — Richmond, Calif. 
Watkins, Leila — Provo, Utah 
Wasden. Barry — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Watson, Laurel — Lynwood, California 
Wagstaff, Gay — Tabiona. Utah 
Welch, Jeanne D. — Logan. Utah 
Wagstaff, Cleo — American Fork, Utah 



Wight, Tod — Provo, Utah 
Wilkinson, Delora — Ramah, New Mexico 
Wilcken, Laura Louise — Clearfield. Utah 
Willtins, George R. — Ramah, New Mexico 
Wilkes, Floyd A. — Eugene, Oregon 

Williams. Paul G. — Tooele, Utah 
Wiliams, Lavon — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Williams, Lynn — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Wills, Ruth — Roosevelt. Utah 
Wilson, Arnold R. — Burley. Idaho 

Womack. Lois — Shelley. Idaho 
Waters. Verleen — Pleasant Grove. Utah 
Wolfloy, Bartheel — Freedom, Wyomincj 
Wong, Anne — Honolulu, Hawaii 
CoHrell, Dixie — Provo, Utah 

Yeomans, Betty Ree — Mancos, Colorado 
Young, Colleen — American Fork, Utah 
Young, Donna Lee — Twin Falls, Idaho 
Young, Marilyn — Provo, Utah 
Young, Merlin — Tooele. Utah 

Westberg. Dixie — Mojave, California 
Weston. Laney — Ontario. Oregon 
Westra. Dorene — Seattle. Washington 
Wheeler, Doretta — Buhl. Idaho 
White. Nada — Thayne, Wyoming 

White, Dale — Casper. Wyoming 
Whettan. Larry — Grand Junction. Colorado 
White. Ed — Mesa. Arizona 
Whitworth. Larry — Inkom. Idaho 
Whiting. Marilyn — Mapleton. Utah 

Wheeler. Kay — Las Vegas. Nevada 
Whitear. Glenn — Ogden. Utah 
Wight. Carryle — Malad. Idaho 
White. Larry — Idaho Falls. Idaho 
Whittle. Marcia — Preston. Idaho 



Wilcox, Leo 

Farmington, Ut 



, Carma 
City, Calif. 

Williams, Barbara 
Montevideo, Urug 


Adamson, Cecil 
Murtaugh, Idaho 

Winegar, Dee 
Ontario, Oregon 

Wing, Jack H. 
Provo, Utah 

Wimmer, Leiand P. 
American Fork, Ut 


Ball, Rogene 

Seattle, Washington 

Wride, C. Haywa 
American Fork, 



Wood, Cla 


Zobell, Keith W. 
Ronan, Montana 

Zaugg. Lyal 
Union, Oregon 


Peggy Joan 
, Wyoming 

Willes, Vera 

Poison, Montana 

Wilkening, Walter 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Christensen, Lois 
Brigham City, Utah 

Winter, Lewis J. 

American Fork, Utah 

Winget, J. Oscar 
Monroe, Utah 

Winter, Rue Ann 

American Fork, Utah 

Bailey, Elaine 
Escalante, Utah 



1, Madelyn 
■, Utah 

Wright, Beverly Ann 
Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Zitting, Fre 


ee, Washington 

Dowdle, Jack 
Nampa, Idaho 

2:30 a.m. — It's been a hard, hard 



"Too Late." Bob Karpowitz boots the polnt-after-touch- 
down that ties the score in the Utah Game. 

Ray Oliverson packs the pill for another long gain against 
George Pepperdine. 

. . . The Experts Were 

Varsity football 

With Cougac gridiron might flashing brilliantly at times, BYU 
bounced back from a no-win 1 949 season to hang up a 4-5- 1 record this 
year. Highlighting a more successful campaign was the spine-tingling tie 
fracas with the University of Utah. 

The Cougars proved a big surprise to most critics in view that the 
National Guard called up nearly all of the line regulars and several baclc- 
field stars. 

Spirited, hard-fought contests were always in store for fans and 
attendance was the highest in years. Night football featured three home 
games and perhaps the best games of the season for the unpredictable 
Cats. A postseason tilt with the University of Hawaii at Honolulu clim- 
axed a better-than-usual grid schedule. 


Opp. BYU 




U OF UTAH _ 28 28 

COLORADO A & M 27 14 

DENVER U 42 3 




FT. HOOD 14 28 


"it's just that easy," says Coach "Chick" 
Atkinson to Darreli Doney as Coaches 
Reed Nilsen and Bob Bunker and quarter- 
back Keith Matthews smile approval. 

Benny Mortenson stares determinedly at goals beyond the ominous 
Redstin, Bob Fitzgerald, who appears to have an interest to the con- 

Cougar hopes soared with" 
the winning of two out of the 
three pre-season contests. 
One point margins nnarked 
victories over Idaho State, 
14-13, and George Pepper- 
dine, 28-27. Arizona State 
and W h i z z e r White ran 
roughshod over the B.Y.U. 
team to win 41-13. 

In the traditional Ute-Cou- 
gar rivalry we battled a high- 
ly-favored squad from Salt 
Lake City to a deadlock, 28- 
28. The disputed contest 
came as a welcome surprise 
to fans and critics alike to 
climax a hectic grid season 
for the blue and white. 


. . . The Aggies Were A Cinch 

Unseen Rex Berry has the Aggies on the run 
but we guess they didn't run fast enough by 
the looks of the Cougar bench. 

Several Aggies converge upon big 
Don Benson as he picks up yard- 
age around left end. 



Warren Kimball 
Lowell Madsen 
Keith Matthews 
Ron Ferraro 

Bradley Poodry 
Wally Nielson 
Elwin Lance 
Bob Karpowitz 

Walter Smit 
Bruce Burr 
Alvey Clove 
Bob Cowser 

Darrell Doney 
Ray Oliverson 
Bob Flaherty 
Bruce Stevens 

Ned Alger 
Robert Hamblln 
Dick Hill 
Ron Daly 

"Slow down, will ya!" is the advice to Jim Garrett given by 
Bob Dimick as Jae Ballif moves in to help make it more emphatic. 

The old Wagon Wheel returned to 
Provo after a two-year stay in Logan 
by virtue of a 34- 1 3 victory over the 
befuddled, fumbling Farmers. The 
Cougar crew looked sharp and 
powerful by trimming the Aggies for 
the biggest Cougar margin in three 
years. The line opened huge holes 
for the swift, shifty backs who seem- 
ed to score almost at will. 

The trip to Colorado proved to 
be quite disastrous to Cougar grid 
hopes as they dropped games to 
Colorado A and M and Denver by 
scores of 27-14 and 42-3 respectiv- 
ely. Backfield aces Ray Oliverson 
and Benny Mortensen were injured 
at Denver and the loss seemed to 
slow the Cougar offense. A third- 
quarter field goal by Bob Karpowitz 
saved the Cats from a complete 
shut out with the Pioneers. 


Quarterback Darrell Doney cracks off right tackle for a first down 
as Waddies Tom Drost and Jim Martin move In to bring him down. 

Cowboy Vern Gale pulls Max Tolbert down from behind after the 
latter takes a pass for a long Cougar gain. 

A gala Homecoming crowd pack- 
ed the stadium to see what the Cou- 
gars could do with one of the most 
vaunted grid aggregations in Sky- 
line Conference history. The result 
was valiant, but ineffective. The 
beautiful November afternoon yiel- 
ded little for the Cougars except a 
thorough lesson in grid finesse and 
power as evidenced by the lopsided 
48-0 score. 

The fast trip by air and the Hawai- 
ian breezes helped scuttle the Cou- 
gars as they lost 37-7 to the Uni- 
versity of Hawaii. Returning home 
they went right to work on some ex- 
BYU gridders playing for Ft. Hood 
and triumphed 28-14 to successfully 
close another unpredictable football 


The referee seems to see something more interesting than Rex Berry who makes 
ready to gather in the pigskin. 

... Homecoming Was Disastrous 

Gene Toolson Harold Norton Max Tolbert Bob Whitaker George McWhorter Frank Janson 

Larry Hancock Gary Paxman John Paulson Rex Berry Don Benson Tom Brown 



The lei-wrapped Cougars smile their approval of Hawaii as 
they step off the plane at Honolulu. 

Big AIvy Clove moves in for a 
key block in the Ft. Hood ganne. 

, , . Hawaiian Trip 

James Lundberg Jess Criddle Paul Mendenhall Benny MortensonMel Nielsen 
Franklin Tervort Lewis Kochevar Ralph Willet Jae Ballif Dick Tooke 



tl ^ 

Frosh Football 

Coach Wayne Soffe capably fashioned an innnressive 
squad of the 70 men who turned out for frosh football. 
With little experience in T fornnation play, the frosh worked 
into a smooth offensive combination. 

The Utah State frosh bowed 27-6, but the Utah Pap- 
ooses crushed us 53-6. Failure to score extra points cost 
the games to Snow College, 26-25. 

FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SQUAD; Front row, left to right: Gene Taylor, Demar Stout, Fred Bruggerman, Don Milner, Roy Brown, 
Joe Martinez, George Bowman, Doug Baum, Lynn Williams. SECOND ROW: Gene Shoemaker, Don Oscarson, Pat Pomeroy, 
Ray Fisher, Wendall Egbert, Dayle Rust, Gail Staley, Lehman Wall, Owen Skousen, Don Stoddard. THIRD ROW: George Bent- 
ly, Sam Isom, Merle Allen, Glen Hales, Don Smith, Junior Howells, Rex Burup, John Hafen, Bob Harper, Ed White, Dave 
Geddes. FOURTH ROW: Kay Emerson, Adolphus Weight, Richard Gillette, Jack Hadley, Charles Lee, Ronald Dyches, 
Coach Dave Crowton. 


Members of the Cougar squad around the hoop they hit 
so phenomenally all season long are Roland Minson, Joe Rich 
ey, Harold Christensen, Don Malmrose, Jerry Romney, Boyd 
Jarman, Mel Hutchins, Kent Durrant, Loren Dunn, Leon Heaps, 
Dick Jones, Russell Hillman, Bob Craig, Jim Thorns, Wayne 
Cottle, Ralph Olsen, Harold Montgomery. 




St. Louis 

.... 58 



Seton Hall — 

.... 59 




.... 43 


Mixed thoughts seem to play 
through the minds and faces of the 
conference champs during the fi- 
nal tilt with the University of Utah. 



Climaxing a spectacular casaba campaign, the spirited 
"Golden Cougars" carried the blue and white triumphantly 
to the crest of the basketball elite. Playing superbly, the 
Cats completely overwhelmed St. Louis, Seton Hall, and 
Dayton for the National Inivitational Tournament Champ- 
ionship. Our victory margins averaged the highest in the 
tourney history. Team play was heralded by critics and 
sportswriters as the most spirited and flawless seen in years. 
The Cougars stole away the hearts of the "Garden" fans 
with their fight, sportsmanship, and clean play. 

The Cats reigned supreme for the third time in four 
years in the Skyline Six Conference by taking fifteen out 
of a twenty game schedule. Including the pre-season South 
American tour, the Cougars can boast of a 40-9 record 
for the 1950-51 season. We hail you, N. I. T. Champions, 
and you can bet we're proud! 

Eddie Kimball, Director of Athletics, 
smiles pleasingly a: the rising walls of the 
new fieldhouse. 

Jubilant national champions 
hoist smiling Coach Stan Watts 
to their shoulders. Stan inspired 
and guided the Cats to unprece- 
dented heights their past two 
seasons and was rated one of the 
top coaches in the nation. 


South American Tour 




1 -, ^ 


:•»». ••r'-M-u.-cr:: 

Junketing through South America as the "Mormons," 
B.Y.U. fairly annihilated all the opposition our southern 
neighbors could gather. In establishing a 12-0 record the 
Cougars scored 647 points to the opponents 346. 

Dick Jones makes a long reach 
in a Brazilian game. 




BYU....68 Regis 55 

BYU....68 Regis 58 

BYU....75 Indiana State .. 72 

BYU....79 Indiana State .. 58 

BYU....84 Niagara 69 

BYU....69 CCNY 71 

BYU....63 E. Kentucky .... 58 

BYU....70 Marshall 57 

BYU....49 Utah 58 

BYU....64 New Mexico .... 56 

BYU....77 Colo. A & M .... 52 



t v. -V- 

Roland Minson jumps high to rebound In game 
with Regis College which marked the end of the use 
of the Springville gym. 


Bob Craig shows how he was 
"hot" in the two pre-Christmas 
games against Indiana State. 



Colo. A&M 









dorado A. and M. 

The Rams from Ft. Collins proved to 
be ever-dangerous foes to the home team, 
but the Cougars swept the series by taking 
two thrillers on their eastern slope drive. 

Harold Christensen gets away from his guard to score 
a field goal on a beautiful one-hand jump shot at Salt Lake 


Leaving everyone flatfooted, Joe Richey takes off in 
attempting a layup. 

Janzen of the Aggies watched in open- 
mouthed amazement as "Big Mel" Hutch- 
ins tips superbly. 



Denver was held +o be very disappointing to 
sportswriters in dropping three out of four con- 
tests to the Cats. A conference record of 9 1 points 
was set with the B.Y.U. cagers showing their omin- 
ous scoring power and basketball wizadry. On the 
next night the Pioneers tried to outmanuever the 
Cougars with a control game, but were still unsuc- 
cessful in gaining a win. 

Could it be that Dale Toft, Denver center, plans 
on patting Minnie on the back for the slick basket 
he is about to make? 











Roland Minson uses his famous 
jump shot from the foul circle. 


Though losing a frantic game at Logan, 
the Cougars disposed of the troublesome 
Farmers with comparative ease. Coach 
Stan Watts gave next year's squad valuable 
experience by letting the subs play consider- 


Aggie Bob Springman makes like a bird in attempting 
to block one of Hutchin's unorthodox shots. 





















Bert Cook seems to be just one step behind Jerry Romney on 
one of the letter's drive-in attempts. 


Utah proved to be the big thorn In 
the Cougar flank in splitting the four 
conference games and taking a pre- 
season tourney tilt. Rivalry waxed hot 
and two games featured fisticuffs 
among the fans which kept the news- 
papers in copy for days. 

U+e Glen Smith finds himself too late with too little as 
"Marvelous Mel" leaps high for a jump shot in the crucial 
Utah series. 


"The Cat" Minson shows his 
terrific speed and dribbling ability 
by eluding the entire Utah five. 


Waiting for no one, 
Russell Hillman dashes 
dashes down-court for a 
Cougar bucket. 


John Hughes is caught by surprise as Mel Hutchins pushes a smooth 
overhead shot at the hoop. 











The Cowboys were dropped 
thrice by the determined Cats 
in their defense of the confer- 
ence crown. Waddle fans will al- 
ways remennber the last second 
shot by little Ed Varden from 
the center of the court that beat 
the Cougars 50-49 in the final 


Minson pitching and Richey catching in split- 
second action at the Ute fieldhouse. 


"Seven, come eleven, " urges Rollie Minson as 
Cowboy Bob Burns gets set for his throw. 


Into the N.CA.A, 

BYU....68 San Jose 61 

BYU....54 Kansas St 64 

BYU....67 Washington .... 80 

"We'll get that big bully," reassures 
Dick Jones and Boyd Jarman as Mel picks 
up his fifth personal foul in Kansas City 

Jerry Ronnney turns swami to gaze into his ball for the outcome of 
the torrid game with mighty Kansas State. 

The travel-weary National Invitational 
Channpions flew into Kansas City from New 
York and hopped right back into the basket- 
ball frenzy. In subduing San Jose the Cats 
looked far from the smooth, fighting com- 
bination they had been most of the season. 
Plagued by colds and travel fatigue, the 
Cougars fell to mighty Kansas State after 
a spine-tingling second half that carried 
them to within four points of the Jayhawk- 
ers. Tired and discouraged, they bowed to 
the University of Washington, 80-67. 


'The Big Bf 

In being named "nnost valuable player" 
of the East- West All-Star game and to Look 
Magazine's All-American first team, "Mar- 
velous Mel" Hutchins automatically gained 
his rightful place among the best in the 

His terrific timing and rebounding abili- 
ty earned him the respect and admiration 
of opposing players all around the casaba 
circuit. The acrobatics and his - "hand-on 
head" shot will endear him always to Cougar 
fans. Of him Look Magazine wrote "Prob- 
ably the most stylish player in the country 
is Mel Hutchins." 

The Car 

Scrapping and shooting all over the 
place, Roland MInson scored eighty points 
in three games to capture the coveted 
Most Valuable Player Award in the National 
Invitational Tournament. His terrific speed 
and drive made him very dangerous both on 
offense and defense. Fight and great 
sportsmanship brought much favorable 
comment about him from fans, officials, and 
players alike. The MInson-Hutchlns combi- 
nation constituted one of the most dynamic 
duos ever to perform in Madison Square 


Benny Jordan shows the form on 
teammate Ray Oliverson that 
earned him many valuable points 
this year. 



Lack of experience constituted 
the prinne difficulty in shaping a 
wrestling squad for Coach Reed Nil- 
sen this year. Veteran Ray Oliverson 
and Benny Jordan turned in sterling 
matches tor the Cougars in league 
connpetition, while the gain in ex- 
perience helped brighten the nnat 
outlook for next year. 

FROSH WRESTLERS: Front row, left to right: Loy 
Maycock, Jerry Bradshaw, Sam Isom, Stan Cor- 
dell. Back row: Louis Shardine, Gail Staley, Joe 
Martinez, Kay Stephenson, Coach Reed Nilsen. 

VARSITY SQUAD; Front row, left to 
right: Bob Gilllland, Phil Rollins, Bud 
Bangerter, Benny Jordan, Don Turner. 
Back row: Bob Nelson, Dick Hill, Ray 
Oliverson, Gaylen Masters, Coacn 
Reed Nilsen. 


Wally Hunt, Glen Peterson, Ross Viehweg, Lee Nichols, Morgan 
Thonnas, Murray Edwards, Coach Clarence Robison. 

Wally Hunt 


VARSITY AND FRESHMEN TRACK: Front row, left to right: Lee Nichols. Glen Peterson, LaVon 
Johnson, Bob Jackman, Maylen Spencer, Tonn Howells, Jim Hill, Merwin Waite, Sam Isom, Pete Wit- 
beck, Lamar Dew. Second row: Wally Hunt, Morgan Thomas, LaVon Boyenger, Jim Howells, Evan 
Allred, Norman Wing, Luther Giddings, Wayne Kleinman, Dave Hyatti Jack Peterson, Bud Bangerter, 
Dan Allen. Back row: Morgan Antrin, Jack Lake, Keith Schofield, Duane Bath, Richard Waite, Don 
Montgomery. Ron Coleman, Bud Bohne, Bruce Peterson, Gene Campbell, Lee Bartlett, Don Oscarson, 

Don Malmrose, Murray Edwards, Ross Vieweg, Boyd Jarman, Coach Clarence Robison. 


Richard Tooke, Jim Howells, John Mitchell 
Bob Nelson. 


Coach Clarence Robison 

Reed House, Lee Bartlett, DeLoy Jolley, Tom Howells, 
Jack Lake. 

Jim Hill soars high over crossbar. 


Cal Crump catches a fast one. 

Coach Wayne Soffe 


Paul Jones swings for the fence in the 
first game with Montana. 

Pitcher Bruce Burr takes throw to beat 
unidentified Grizzly and end the inning. 


BASEBALL SQUAD; Front row. left to right: Gene Hansen. Bruce Burr, Paul 
Jones, Tom Dell'Aria. Second Row: Coach Wayne Soffe, John Lake, Dick Olsen, 
Garth Kump, Carl Tucker. Back row: Jack Bradbury, Darrell Doney, Keith Serrine, 
Dick Hill, Cal Crump, Lentz Crandall. Grant Hansen. 

Bruce Burr shows tricky side-arm delivery 
he used to baffle Montana hitters. 


....^^^-^^ ; . 




Paul Salisbury 

Harold Christensen 

TENNIS SQUAD; Front row, left 
to right: Gordon Crandail, Chuck 
Fronberg, Dean Wilson, Paul Salis- 
bury. Bob Rupert. Back row: Dick 
Ricks, Harold Christensen, Dick 
Moody, Dick Boyle, Kent Staheli, 
Lamar Rawlings. 


Coach Buck Dixon 


Bud Nelson putts while teammate Tick Nelson holds flag. 

GOLF SQUAD; Left to right: Dick 
Tooke, Karl Tucker, Bill Tooke, Tick 
Nelson, Bud Nelson. 



Under the direction of Coach 
Clarence Robinson, B.Y.U. in+rannur- 
al activities started off with intense 
Interest developed In touch football 
connpetltion. In the final playoffs 
the Val Hyric squad downed the 
Idaho Falls club to take pigskin hon- 
ors. Dick Deen walked away with 
the frosh tennis crown. 

VAL HYRIC FOOTBALL SQUAD; Seated, left to right: 
Dick Moody, Doug Allen, George Sorenson, Rod Mann, 
Lentz Crandall, Bob Dalgleish. Standing: Jerry Carter, Bart 
Christensen, Al Wardell, Avery Glenn, Boyd Neilson, Jack 
Bradbury, Sam Doxey. 


Bart Christensen does his best to break up a 
Templar running play. 



^^■,<';; ?"*,■■'■ 



^^^^ta^lH^^^ i 






■'' •■■■y-^-m^^^ 






Val Hyrics Rod Mann and George Sorenson show 
some of the form that brought them the intramural 


4 W 


Skiing, basketball, and bowling 
took precedence in winter sports. 
Intramural competition at the annual 
Snow Carnival climaxed a terrific 
season on the slopes for ski enthusi- 
asts. Five leagues and thirty-nine 
teams vied for intramural casaba 
honors. A playoff of league winners 
found the Skyline Five aggregation 
grabbing the top position from the 

Snow Queen Connie Cameron 
opens intramural skiing at Timp 

Everyone tries their hand in Viking-Val Hyric Monday 
league contest. 


Not more than ten heads were 
bruised in this friendly water polo 
game at Park-Ro-She. 


Volleyball, track, and softball were 
the major Intramural competitions 
planned to draw crowds of students 
into the sunny spring activities. 

Beginning of golf season brought out large 
crowds of B.Y.U. students to try their hand on the 

Jerry Minson and Ken Leth 
start practice early for football 






_^^^^^^,^.jaaaisrB!irm«2» 1 


^ ^^^ ; 

~jf0hir 1 





Mil' V 







Leona Holbrook 

Professor of Physical Education 

Eager participation and 
stiff connpetition both con- 
tributed to make this year's 
women's intramural athletic 
program the most exciting 
and thrill-packed one that the 
University has yet seen. 

Heading the women's 
sports program at B.Y.U. is 
the Intramural Council which 
arranges the playing sched- 
ules and play-off tournaments 
throughout the year's activi- 
ties for the social units, 
Lambda Delta Sigma, and 
the independent groups. 



Cynthia Ann Cowan 
Faculty Advisor 


WOMEN'S INTRAMURAL COUNCIL; Seated, left to right: Dorothy 
Cranmer, Ardena Beck, Lois Christianson. Standing: MyrI Lindsay, Margrett, 
Genie! Thornton. 


Margrett Hansen goes after the 
"birdie" as Dorothy McMuIlin 
waits for the return. 


Up and over with the ball; a characteristic action in volleyball. 


Winter Sports 

Plenty of fast action keynotes basketball, the highlight of winter sports. 


Fall activities found Fidelas 
taking the social unit volleyball 
championship with the Hawaiian?, 
capturing the independent title. 
With the advent of winter the 
girls moved indoors for bowling, 
ping-pong, and basketball except 
for those vigorous souls who went 
to Timp hHaven to enjoy the 
thrill of skiing. Basketball laurels 
went to the Fidelas for the social 
units and to Geniel Thornton's 
team for the independents. 

Phyllis Christensen sends one 
down the alley for Fidelas. 

Betty Page and Leah McBride 
relax in a quick game of ping-pong. 


Joyce, Emma, and Nelda show true archery form. 

Swimming is the perennial springtime favorite of girl's activities. 


Spring Sports 

With the first warm days of early 
spring Ardena Beck, Nancy Burroughs and 
Kay Wood took to the tennis courts. 

Spring sports got off to a big 
start. Outdoor activities took over 
as soon as the snows had melted and 
the sun canne forth. Archery, tennis, 
swimming, and softball each found 
many eager participants. Spring 
tournaments were very popular and 

With the cry of "Play Ball" the softball season gets underway 

All set for sonne action. 




White Key 

Rosemary Phillips 

Lillian Schipper 

Bonnie Jean Moesser 

Jan Fenn Hilton 

Joan Dickson 

Charlotte Cannon 

Dorothy Groesbeclc 

Barbara Gates 

Joanne Austin 

Geniel Thornton 
Rae Mona Kirlcham 
Agnes Weibell 
Bonnie Hansen 
Gloria Stimpson Swilliam 

The White Keys pledge themselves 
to foster services and further the best 
interests of the Brigham Young Univer- 
sity. At the close of their junior year 
girls merit membership through out- 
standing scholarship and service to the 
school. Their motto, "To serve," is ex- 
emplified by their numerous activities in- 
cluding publishing the student directory, 
directing Cougarettes, leading the 
Homecoming parade, playing hostess at 
the Invitational Track Meet, and spon- 
soring the annual spring fashion tea. 




White Key President Dorothy Groesbeck finds a 
ready sale for handy student directory. 


National honorary leadership fra- 
ternity for upperclassmen, Blue Key 
was founded on the basis of project 
acconnplishment. Members are 
chosen on activity, scholarship, and 
personality. Re-editing and publish- 
ing the freshmen orientaHon hand- 
book, "B.Y. and You" was the sum- 
mer project of the group. Other 
projects included pushing progress 
towards the completion of the Y Bell 
setting and the investigation of many 
collegiate activities. 

^^^ " ' "*■* 

' jo^ **^^M 




Jack Roberfs Jerry Zenger Dean Wilson 

Widhoe Shumway Gene E Shumway Russell Taylor 


Lorry Rytting 

Norm Rossell 

Fred Radlchel 

Elmo Turner 
Sherm Sheffield 
Kay Randall 

Bert Todd 

Roger Sears 


Mel Ma bey 

B\{\e Ke\^ 

Jarrett Jarvis James B. Hill 

Tom Gunn Stan Hall 

Ralph Hansen Kay Driggs 

Richard Cook Al Choules 

Howard Graves Bob Green Darcey Clawson 

Reed Benson Bruce Chambers Mark Benson 

C^' <f!l 


Ruth Ellen May 
Dlan» McClurg 
Donnene Merrill 
Jeen Nocic 
Jennie Marchant 

Shirley Roberts 
Myrflce Ostler 
Janice Peterson 
Francis Reed 
Euncle Reynard 

Arlene Lewis 
Elizabeth Martini 
Cherie Marcil 
Sue Nelson 
Gayle Loosli 


/^ ^> i 

1» :^'4 

Margaret Affleck 

Alice Brady 

Joyce Ashnnan 

Afton Ash 

Lenore Bennion 

LaVon Brown 
Geneva Call 
Colleen Christensen 
Ilia Mae Coolt 
Carol Jean Clark 

Judy Crowley 
Jeanine Cummings 
Carolyn Edwards 
Jean Crook 
Jacqueline Draper 

Betty Ann Green 
Betty Hayes 
Mary Jane Groberg 
Irene R. Green 
Margene Hansen 



f C^ ^ 


Alice Holmes 






Lily Higa 

Janice Taylor 







LaVonne Thomar 


Barbara Romney 








Lucille Rowe 


Julia H 


Peggy Knudsen 



Joyce Whitely 

Ann Whiting 
Phylis Smith 

Leia Wing 

Betsy Sears 

Ralphina Taylor 
Audra Sauer 

Patricia Wing 
Roylance Spratling 

Always on call when there is an election or tickets to be 
sold are the willing Y.C.'s. 

Y Calcares, better known on campus as 
the Y.C.'s, help promote school spirit and 
support all school activities by ushering 
at assemblies, lyceums, games, and other 
school functions, and also by taking charge 
of voting booths for various studentbody 
elections. They uphold the traditions of the 
BYU and promote fellowship among the 
sophomore and junior girls who belong. 
Membership in the organization requires a 
2.0 average and active interest in school 

V Calcares 


Heber Lee Davis 

Vane Quentin Bates 

David Boden 

Lavon Boyenger 

Avery Glenn 
Dave Clarlc 
Reid Fillmore 
Lyman Durfee 

Lee Glenn 
Blaine Hess 
Dick Huish 
Clarke Hinricksen 

Reed Jenkins 
Frank Johansen 
Kay Johnson 
Don Murphy 


I.K.'s prepare material for lighting the "Y," oblivious to 
the fact that in the evening they would turn firefighters. 

Always active in campus affairs, the Gold Y 
Chapter of the Intercollegiate Knights proved 
that the year 1950-51 was no different than 
past years of service. Under the leadership of 
Duke Ken Leth, the Knights acconnplished their 
deeds in the usual quiet and unassuming way. 
The chapter was especially proud of having as 
a member of its ranks the Royal Duke, Keilh 
Orme. Among their responsibilities was the 
lighting of the Y, ushering at athletic events and 
assemblies, and helping with student elections. 

Intercollegiate Knights 


Ken Leth David A. Wing Fred A. Money Don L Marler 

Bob Morrow Gordon B. Taylor John Tanner Dale Richey 

Fernando Juarez Keith Orme 

Lee Stratford 

Mearle Smith 



^ '^ 




Karma Ra» Jacbon 

Carolyn James 

Earlena Lewis 

Darlene Olsen 

Bonnie Hansen 

Joan LoSoear 

Diane Dixon 

Blllie Lou Hunt 

Joyce Suymon 

Shirley Dimick 

Diane Denford 

Dorthene Beck 

Carolyn Bagley 

Rosemary Badger 

Donna Achison 

Pearlyno Crowley 

Mary Alice Calder 

Betty Dain 

Jane Bullock 

Yvonne Bredee 

Rulene Jacobson 
Nadine Davis 
Naida Black 
Donna Dain 

Shirlee Killpack 

Joanna Hobbs 

Marjorie Allen 
Joyce Brockbank 

Sally Madsen 
Pat Hales 
Dawn Baker 
Zelma Crider 

Margaret Bigler 

Karma Hanseen 

Dorothy Austin 

Ada Burns 









Janet Parker 
Marilyn Morrill 
Carole Rae Oswald 
Trilby E. Packard 
Anna Lou Miller 

Carolyn Taylor 

Marolyn Taylor 

Dixie Taylor 

Janice Thorne 

Dawn Terry 

May Tracy 
Dorene Westra 
©ayle Walton 
Rue Ann Winter 
Sloris Stoddard 

Sharon Schade 
Maureen Smith 
Nomna Robison 
Gwen Sandstrom 
LaRue Soelburg 

Mary Katherine iRhelan 
Glenna Mendenhall 
Connie Robinson 
Lois Ray 
June Peterson 

f^^^f ^ 





Cougarettes provide pulchritude and precision marching 
for Homecoming parade spectators. 

The Cougare+fes, a peppy organization 
of freshmen girls, furnished the half-time 
activities at basketball and football games, 
and provided a good portion of the school 
spirit. This group Is always willing to do 
their part In other activities such as collect- 
ing money for the polio and field house 
drives. Headed by capable leaders the 
Cougarettes enjoyed a busy, but fun-packed 
year. An autumn Invitational and spring 
party climax a wonderful year. 



A national scholastic honorary 
group for Freshmen girls, Alpha 
Lambda Delta's purpose is to pro- 
mote intelligent living and a high 
standard of learning. Members 
are selected on the basis of their 
freshman grade average. These 
girls participate in many cultural 
and social events during the 
year. They are sponsored in con- 
junction with Phi Eta Sigma and 
the Counseling Service. 

Carolyn Edwards LaVon Brown Afton Ash 

Sharon Farnsworth Anna Julia Hoyt Judy Crowley 


Gayle Looslie Elizabeth Jane Johnson Margaret Affleck 

Nadine Jones Vean Cook 

Carol Jean Clark Betty Hayes 

Monna Hansen Ellen Jeserlck 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

Lois Tucker 
Elizabeth Martini 
Barbara Smith 
Velda Roper 
Sue Nelson 

Jean Anne Watorstradt 

Roylance Spratling 
Eileen Schlpper 
LaVonne Thomas 
Nancy Taklmoto 
Jennie Marchant 


Carol Wall 
Barbara Romney 
tela Wing 
Joyce Whltely 
Ann Whiting 
Alice Wilkinson 


Phi Eta Sigma 

Don Lee Davis 

Merlin Baker 

William F. Brazer 

Barfon DeGraw 

Ray L. Duffin 
Fall President 

Reid Fillmore 

Keith C. Hayes 

Monte Hiclcenlooper 

H. Gill Hilton 

Jon Katzenbach 

Tom Moore 

Earl McBride 

Leonard Moore 

Edward Money 

Leiand Loy 

Lamon Robins 

Kelly Nicholes 

C. Edwin Dean 

H. Richard Packham 

George D. Mortimer 

Ralph Hitchcock 

Mark Benson 

Merlyn Starley 

Larry Whetten 

Newell L Thurman 

Organized to promote a higher standard of learning and to en- 
courage scholastic attainment among freshmen men, Phi Eta Sigma, 
national honor society was installed at B.Y.U. in 1947. Lectures, movies, 
educational tours, along with parties, and the annual banquet provide 
ample activity for the members. Presentation of an award to the 
outstanding Freshman scholar each year is one of their projects for 
building the "Y". 


Phi Chi Theta 

Lucile Spencer Theo N, Mumford Myrna Ann Williams 

Berna Brown Gaynell Call Alice Arnett 

Kathleen Larsen Dorothy Groesbeck Voon McLean 

To raise the standards of women 
in the field of commerce, to encour- 
age fraternal co-operation among 
women preparing for business ca- 
reers, and to promote fellowship 
among commerce students are the 
goals of Phi Chi Theta, Women's 
National Honorary Business frater- 
nity. Their activities include a dinner 
dance, a business trip to Salt Lake 
City and banquet, and co-sponsor- 
ship of the Ad Ball. 

Ruth Reeve 
Audra Sauer 
Lillian Schipper 
Eileen Schipper 

Wanda Scott 
Vico- President 

Betty Jo Sprouse 

Marian Steadman 

Dolores Tyler 


Melv!n Maybey 
Al Choules 
Darcy Clawson 

Max Hymes 
Howard D. Lowe 
Blaine S. Butler 

Alpha Kappa Psi 

Ivan Tidwelt Dale A. Taylor A. Wayne Schwalbe J Morgan White 

Fred Money Mark L. Money James R. Omps Philipp Schmidt Jr. 

Alpha Kappa Psi Is a professional 
fraternity which fosters scientific re- 
search in the fields of connmerce, 
accounting, and finance; and en- 
deavors to educate the public to 
appreciate and dennand higher ideals 
therein. The Fraternity annually co- 
sponsors the Ad Ball each spring and 
brings many innportant business men 
to their meetings to speak of their 
practical knowledge. 


Irene Barlow 

Ruth Brasher 

D. Louise Barton 

Mona Anderson 



LaRue Bralthwaite 

Alzlna Egbert 

Jerrie Hansen 

Eleanor Jorgenson 

To foster home economics for the 
development of ideal womanhood 
which embodies cultural and scien- 
tific advancement and for the estab- 
lishment of better home and com- 
munity life is the purpose of Gamma 
Phi Omicron, hHonorary Home Eco- 
nomics Sorority. Among the activi- 
ties of this group was a Christmas 
party for underprivileged children, 
a birthday dinner for the members, 
and a trip to Z.C.M.I. trousseau 

Gamma Phi Omicron 

Gerry Marriott Gayle Loosli Rosemary Phillips Margaret Potter Gloria Wallis Amelia Von Wagoner Barbara Harri$| 

President Secretary 

Sheronne Robertson Marilyn Thompson Eftle Warnick Jean Eldridge Myrtle Fitzgerald Winifred Wilkenson Audrey Whipple] 


Phi Alpha Theta 

Jerelyn Sorensen Bob Bennion 


Elon V. Smith Bert W. Marley 

David Linquist Ellis James B. Hill 

Nancy Takemoto Robert Anderson Stan Hall 

H. Clair Searle Caroline Stucki Leslie S. Raty 

Paul Hyer Robert Lehr Ralph Hansen 

The Beta lota chapter of Phi Alpha Theta was char- 
tered at the Brigham Young Universtiy in May 1948. The 
purpose of this organization is to encourage a high stand- 
ard of achievennent in the field of history particularly 
among young historians. The aqtivlties during the year 
include the autumn and spring initiation and the sponsor- 
ing of a number of speakers on historical subjects. 


Sigma Gamma Epsilon is a 
national geologic -fraternity 
designed to create a strong 
brotherhood between all who 
are engaged in the study of 
the earth sciences. This year 
the B.Y.U. chapter, Alpha 
Sigma, has been given the 
opportunity of editing and 
publishing the November, 
1 95 1 , issue of The Compass, 
a scientific fraternity maga- 
zine devoted to the earth 
sciences. This magazine Is 
published quarterly and con- 
tributes a great deal of ma- 
terial to the field. 


^ J) 

Kenneth C. Bullock Tom S. Boyden 

E. P. Hyatt Harold J. Bissell Dale Butler 


Keith W. Calderwood Robert W. Gates May Thomas Evans Leiand J. Davis George Hansen 

Vice-President _ Advisor 

Robert Hodgson Russel A. Madsen Jack W. Madsen Floyd H. Hoffman Robert Warner 

Sigma Gamma Epsilon 

L. Elliott Tuttle Floyd E. Williams Ward Abbott 

Walter L. Smith- Grant Smith 

Jack R. Price 

Derald M. Boyce Norman I. Richards Stan Schindler Spence J. Reber 

Maeser D. Okerlund Gordon Waring Floyd C. Moulton John H. Wing 


Omega Nu 

Omega Nu members are interested in journalism, 
writing, and radio work. It is their purpose to give students 
of the same interests a way to exchange their ideas. Their 
goal is to perpetuate a free radio and press, and to insure 
the continuation of promoting new Ideas and thoughts 
through such mediums as will reach the masses. The group 
actively participates In the Journalism Conference, spon- 
sors a Grid iron banquet, and sell programs at football 

Betty Ann Green Carolyn Cox Stan Hall Sally Kirkham Camille Johnson 

Mary Jane Groberg Jackie Campbell Roma Murray Julia Neville Annette Wood 


Theta Alpha Phf 

Theta Alpha Phi, an honorary dramatics organization, 
wishes to promote drama and dramatic culture on the cam- 
pus. This fraternity sponsored one of the outstanding 
major dramatic productions of the year in "The Corn is 
Green" presented during the winter quarter. The group 
also participated in many other plays and dramatic pro- 
ductions at the university. 



Leonard Rowley Ann Whiting 

Jarrett- Jarvis Maridell Lewis 

Max C. Golightly Geneva Call 

Reveau Sherratt 

Nornnan D. Sullivan 

Rae Mona Kirkham Dan Leegant 

Edward L Bunnell Lynn Benson 



Jewell Cloward Lois Christianson Colleen Coray Lei Goodness Janet Hales 

Secretary President 

Renee Labrum Gladys Kondo Margaret Hansen Maxine Leigh Marianne Hillman 


Dorothy McMullln Wanda Wood Marilyn Morrill Grace Vlani Jean Williams 

Senior Orchesis 

Sponsored by the Women's Physical Education De- 
partment, "We are always striving for perfection" has 
been the aim of Senior Orchesls. They have strived to 
stimulate interest by featuring a full day workshop for six 
high schools and an Informal evening for two other school 
groups. Other events have been a spring dance concert, 
an assembly, and several dance films. 


Fenton H. Pulsipher Jonathan H. Palmer Juel A. Parker 

Paul Steele Kent Staheli John Ige 

Keith A. Trimble Stanley Welsh Gene Swenson 


Beta Beta Beta, an International honor- 
ary biological fraternity, reserves its menn- 
bership for students of the biological 
sciences who achieve superior acadennic 
records and who indicate peculiar aptitude 
for the subject of biology. An annual affair 
for this fraternity is the initiation banquet. 
Other activities include lectures, a boat 
trip across Utah Lake and a project of clean- 
ing and painting the Zoology and Botany 
departments' boat. 

Beta Beta Beta 


Bonnie Rae Hanson 
Herman Sanders 
Joyce Dunn 
Marvin D. CoWey 
Keith Brady 

Lenord D. Moor 

James A. Little 

Lester Ludlow 

Wayne A. Melander 

Don L. Marler 



Row I , Left to right: James D. Orton, Forrest Staffanson, Owen S. Merrill, Vice-President; 
Donald T. Jones, President; Frank Woffinden, Secretary-Treasurer; Arthur Sevey, Ray 
Chapman. Row 11: Wayne B. Hales, Advisor, Kenneth D. Parson, Clay Gorton, Carl T. Luce, 
Bart Czirr, Merrill Evans, E. J. Eastmond. Row III: Eugene Tidwell, Reg Call, Thomas Lee, Mel 
Barrett. Worth Allred, Montie Orgill. 

Sigma Pi Sigma 

Organized to serve as a means of awarding distinction to students 
having high scholarship and promise of achlevment In the field of phys- 
ics, Sigma Pi Sigma, Physics hHonor Society, wishes to promote student 
research, to advance the study of physics, and to encourage friend- 
ship among physicists. Highlights of the year were the annual banquet 
held spring quarter, the winning of first place In the Diamond Jubilee 
Parade, and the sending of delegates to a national convention. 




Seated, left to right: Eunice 
Harmon, Secretary; Thayne Harris, 
President, Lowene Wood. Stand- 
ing: Owen Rich, Advisor, Donnene 
Merrill, Durlan Stewart. 

Alpha Epsilon Rfio 

Alpha Epsilon Rho is the honorary radio fraternity whose 
roster contains some of the greatest names in radio. Its in- 
tention is to increase the standards of radio and television 
work on college and university campuses so that the radio 
profession of the future may be perfected. It is to encour- 
age and recognize outstanding radio achievement among 
college students of high scholastic standing. 


Attracting students to the growing field of microbiology, 
fostering fellowship among workers in microbiology, and dissem- 
inating scientific knowledge are the aims of the Beta Sigma Frat- 
ternity. Bacteriology majors, nurses, and laboratory technicians 
participated in educational and social functions at the B.Y.U. 
Association with chapters at the University of Utah and Utah 
State were enjoyed. 

Beta Sigma 

Seated, left to right: E. Virgil Howell, Advisor; Joseph G. Tuliy, President: Gwen Sprat- 
ling, Secretary-Treasurer; Rex Spendlove, Vice- President; Paul Allan. Standing: Thonnas 
Halverson, Douglas Brown, Bonnie Beardall, Lorna Whitaker, Nedra Ray, Leroy N. Lott, Zemff 
Cox, Richard Massey. 


Colorado Club 

front' ROW: left to right; Karl Rogers. President; Elsie Mortensen, Vice President; 
Radeen Bagwell, Secretary; Joanne Corbett, Publicity; Miriam Frost, Social Chairman; Nor- 
man Smith, Reporter. SECOND ROW: Ruth H Hancock, Peggy Pusey, Betty Ree Yeomans, 
Helen Martin, Barbara Budge, Flora Deanne Wagner, Vern H. Jensen, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: 
Betty Jackson, Frances Reed, Carole Ann Christensen, Delia Nielson .Marilyn Georges, Eldrid 
McDaniel. Marty Schaeffer. Jack Roberts, Larry Whetten, Larry Haynie, Richard Haynil. 
Phillips R. McKinney. 






FRONT ROW: left to right; Frances Palmer, Secretary; Dale Richey. President; Elaine 
Engstrom, Reporter; Charles Peterson, Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Dick Stapley, Melva 
Smith, Dorothy Doyle, Jeanie Owens, Glenna Stowell, Ruth Lewis, Helen Bushman, Fern Lilly- 
white. Viola Lillywhite, Kathleen Brown. THIRD ROW: Ralph E. Lee, LeRoy S. Smith, Elaine 
Greer, Sylvia Farr, Maurene Pratt, Alta Huggins. Margaret Lewis, Frances Bushman, Gher- 
denna Hulet, Anna Vee Smithson, Bob Mauzey, FOURTH ROW: Spencer Palmer, Warren 
Bushman, Wesley Johnson, Dale Barney, Boyd Lee, Derrel Skousen, Jerry Sargent, Merle Allen, 
Beth Schwantes. 

Arizona Club 


Canadian Club 

FRONT ROW: left to right; Carolyn Taylor, Vada Johnson, Betty Harper, Vice-President, Winton 
Brooks, President: Alice hlolmes. Secretary; Marilyn Taylor, Patricia, Gregson. SECOND ROW: Elaine 
Steed, Blanche Poulsen, Dorothy Wilde, Jean Francis, Norma Palmer, Kae Francis, Hazel Hartley, Dawn 
Robinson, Barbara Ririe, Patricia Brandley. THIRD ROW: Leia Wing, Shirley Allen, Helen Hall, Mar- 
lene Kemper, Karma Smith, Vivian Haymes, Marilyn Olive, Genille Orr, Josie V. Thelen. FOURTH 
ROW: Garry Ursenbach, Jack Chalmers, Ireta Brandley, Reed Dahl, Lorna Nielsen, Theron Le Baron, 
Laurel R. Johnson, Grant Pitcher, Enid Lawlor, Courtenay Anderson. 


Neoagon Club 

FRONT ROW: left to right; Mertene Roylance, Donna Sargeant, Jacqule Campbell. SECOND 
ROW: LaRue Holbrook, Marilyn Overfett, Evan M. Croft, Sponsor; Dick Firth, President; Paul J. 
Christensen, Vice President; Dick Deen, Social Chairman; Marilynn Pack, Grace Grant. THIRD ROW: 
Howard Anderson, LaRee Holbrook, Gene Campbell, Marilyn Tidwell, Kent Brown, Patricia Brown, 
Dave Scott, Dick Crandail, Roy Brown, Bonnie Jean Turner, Floyd Wilkes, Shirley Dimick, Willie Soren- 
sen, Shirley Farrington, Morrell Bunn, Ron Warden. 


FRONT ROW: left to right: Alonzo J. Morley, Sponsor; Roland K. Alo, President; Fred 
Takasaki, Vice President; Blossom K. Enos, Secretary: Esther Sato, Publicity; Masayo Ono, Cora 
Lou Davis. SECOND ROW: John Ige, Edward Mathals, Bety K. Akee, Social Chairman; 
Estelle Nishimura, Marvel Bat+ad. THIRD ROW: Maile Perreira, Laura Kanahele, Shirley 
Kauanae, Clifford N. Kekavoha, Henry K. Chai, Rudolph Meyer. FOURTH ROW: Wesley 
Kekauoha, Edmund Parker, Harold Yoshimoto, Roy Kaleikau, Elmer Tyau. FIFTH ROW: Fred 
Miya, James Adiawan, Tom Kekaula, Dave Watson, Edv/ard Forsythe. 

Hawaiian Club 


FRONT ROW: left to right; Carol Jeanne Madsen, Carolyn Madsen, La Rue Nielson, 

Myrtle Fitzgerald. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Thorpe, Sherma Allred, June Miller, LaRane 

Nielson, Joyce Sorensen, Jane Anderson. THIRD ROW: Franklin Howell, John Jones, Kenneth 
Osborne, La Grande Anderson, Delon Covert, Ronald Otteson. 

Sanpete-Snow Club 


Uintah Basin Club 

FRONT ROW: left +o right; Gay Wagstaff, Irene Thomas, Janet Ruppe, Thomas G. Appah, lona 
Snyder, Donna Lang, Ardell Swasey. SECOND ROW: A. Reed Morrill, Sponsor, Jack R. Wallis, 
Reporter; Edwin Hall, Athletic Manager; Melvin R. Bodily, Social Chairman; Virginia Wilcken, Publicity 
Manager; Amber Michie, Secretary; Lila Ashby, Vice President; Ted Thacker, President. THIRD ROW: 
Clyde Bartlett, Peggy Ann Case, Rulon Lind, Veon McLean, Lila Collier, Shirley Ruppe, Claire Palmer, 
BoId Lundell, Wayne Lundell, Marvin Ottesen. FOURTH ROW: Lawrence Wilson, Reid L Merrell, Dan 
Heap, Vearl Haslem, Milton T. Poulson, Duane D. Call, Max C. Winward, Roy L. Smith. 


FRONT ROW: left to right; Walt Edwards, Betty Kresge, Secretary; Dan Clay, 
President; Alice Jane Gowans, Thomas G. Dell'Aria, hienry Leyesman. SECOND 
ROW: Herb Stube, Jon Shank, Ed Kullick, Richard A. Myer, Melvin Radichel. 

Yankee Club 


FRONT ROW: left to right; Dale White, Vice President, Darrel Harris, Treasurer; Maisel 
Anderson, President; Barbara Dayton, Sergeant-at-Arms. SECOND ROW: EIna Despain, 
Marjorie Mead, Marjene hiansen. Ruby Jones, Janice Cranney, Glenys Rollins, Maurine Larsen. 
THIRD ROW: Carma R. Allred, Keith West, Malcolm Matthews, Betty Evert, Betty Aaron, 
Joan Johnson, Jean Davidson, Melva Hale. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Bertoncely, Boyd 
Mills, Thimon Adam, Pat Dalby, Leah Burton, Phill Rollins, Carole Anderson. 

'T'oming Club 



Besides the B.Y.U. Horse Show 
which included livestock fitting and 
showing at the Rodeo grounds, the 
Ag. club sponsored a Co-op Hop 
with the Honne Economics Club, an 
Awards Banquet, and a Harvest Fes- 
tival. The objectives of the group are 
to stimulate interest in the science of 
agriculture, to develop high stand- 
ards of scholarship, leadership and 
character, and to create a spirit of 
fellowship among all members. 

Ag Club 

FIRST ROW (kneeling), left to rFght: Kenneth Julian, President; Scott Wolfley, Vice President; Jill 
Farnsworth, Social Chairman; John Fetherston, Programs Chairman. SECOND ROW: Phil Shumway, 
Faculty Advisor; Clarence D. Asfiton, Head of Hort. Dept.; Grant S. Richards, Faculty Advisor; Wm. 
Edwards, Dean of Commerce; Thomas L. Martin, Dean of App. Science; Dr. Smith Pond, Head 
Agric. Econ.; Mary Malstrom, Dr. Ray Farnsworth, Ken Carter, Grant Tingey, Karl S. Farnsworth. THIRD 
ROW: Lyie Tanner, James Wiltbank, Grant Thomas, Milton T. Poulson, Ted Plumb, Gale Holt, Robert 
J. Richins, Harvey Blankenagel, Wayne Clark, Keith Clingman. FOURTH ROW: Fred Jones, Orlo B. 
Larson, Kent S. Anderson, Robert Oxborrow, Richard L. Finlinson, Earl M. Maynard, Merrill E. Warnick, 
Sylvan K. Tanner, J. Robert Smith, Steve Sherwood, Edgar A. Aides, Chas. D. Peterson. 


With the common desire to build the 
nation through the stabilization of the 
home, girls of the Home Economics 
Department have organized their club. 
In keeping with this year's theme: 
"At Home in Foreign Lands." guest 
speakers have given valuable informa- 
tion on the modes, customs, and mores 
of other countries. Numerous social oc- 
casions during the year included 
slumber parties, get togethers with the 
Ag. Club, candy pulls, and the annua! 
Installation Banquet. 

Home Economics Club 

FIRST ROW: left to right; Lenore Bennion, President; Sherrdne Robertson. Historian; Donna 
Hatch, lliene Myers. Larae Baird, Arthetl Wilkins. Jacqueline Redd. Shirlee Hubbard, Gloria 
Wallis. Audrey Lee, Reporter; Janet Rennund. Vice President. SECOND ROW: Francis Bush- 
man. Neola Peterson. Rachael Morley. Marilyn Harnnon. Elaine Kiester. THIRD ROW: Myrtle 
Fitzgerald. Carolyn Taylor. Jean Starley. Sally Summerhays. Melva ra<vn Smith. FOURTH ROW: 
Lea Burton, Mona Rae Anderson, Sally Kirkham, Barbara Harries. Pat Unger. FIFTH ROW: 
Marilyn Hoopes. Lilias Tanner. Trilby Packard. 


U. E A. 

FIRST ROW: left to right; Reeda B. 
M«rkham, Secretary; Bonnie Christen- 
sen, Reporter; Callis Harms, Vice 
President; David L Slis, President. 
SECOND ROW: Kenneth E. Weight 
Jr., D. Ted Thacker. Lila Ashby, Dolores 
Wheeler, Geneva Winterose. 


FIRST ROW: left to right; Masayo Ono. Lb! Goodness, Frances Hanks, Colleen Mower. Georgia Maeser, Advisor; 
Colleen Clark. Secretary; Glen S. Gagon, President; Bob Parsons. Vice President; Lou Jean Compton. Nola Clark. Afton 
Hillier, Deone Cole. SECOND ROW: Julie Johnson, Carolyn Jensen, Leah Plewe, Nellanette Young, Adell G. Hill. 
LoRene Hardy. Phyllis Little. June Lee Merrill. Tressei L. Marx, Sally Kirkham, Virginia Russell. Voniel Jensen. Janlaco 
Sudweeks. Luana Field. Lolita Field. Mr^. Dorothy Candland. THIRD ROW: Juanita Rose Rowley, Marie J. Ivory, Shirley 
Johnson. Robert W. Laird. Maurice D. Black. G. Stanley Black, Ora Fay Ivorson. David Chrlstensen. Geneva Winterrose. 
David White. La Jean Van Orden. Mrs. Candland. Colleen Sorenson. 

Chiefly concerned with devel- 
oping individual talent of its 
members, the Mask Club brings 
together all students interested 
in drama and the theater. Many 
aspiring young actors and actres- 
ses are given the opportunity to 
perform before an audience 
within this speech workshop. Pre- 
sented during the year are one 
act plays, play readings and lec- 
tures on various phases of the 


FIRST ROW: left to right, Marilyn Oldroyd, "Mary of Scot- 
land;" Jane Anderson, "Peg O' My Heart;" Reveau Sherratt, "The 
Old Maid;" Marjorie Thompson, "Taming of the Shrew." SECOND 
ROW: Alene Redd, "What Every Woman Knows;" Shirley Roberts 
"Liliom;" Afton Ash, "Deep Are The Roots." 

Mask Club 


American Chemical Society 

FIRST ROW: left to right: H. Smith Broadbent, Faculty Advisor; Don Turner. Lynn 
Slaugh, Executive Committee; Gwen Spratling, Secretary and Treasurer; Lynn Jarvis, President; 
Rafael Jaurez. Jerrold Hedquist. SECOND ROW: Jack D. Strong, Robert L. Andelln, Ralph 
Calvin Raisor, Richard O. Whitehead, Roland M. Nelson, Robert Penfield, Marcus Sigmon, 
Monte Hickenboper. THIRD ROW: Norman D. Larsen, Willam L Walker. Darrel M. Stuart, 
Clyde R. Nieken. Melvin R. Bodily. Keith Stewart, J. Calvin Giddings. Thomas A. Henrie. 



FIRST ROW: Professor William C. Corr. 
Caroline Johns, Merlin S. Myers, Bert 
Todd, George N. Felsch, Norene Heslop, 
Joseph Taylor. SECOND ROW: Dr. John 
T. Bernhard, Hal Connell, Ellenjean Ririe, 
Nan Nonberg, Van McCabe, Ross Jones, 
Carl Sedarholm, Jocelyn Beckstead, Melvin 
Ma bey. 

Debate Club 

FIRST ROW: left to right; Spencer Palmer, Caroline Miner, Betty Rae 
Stowell, Jack O. Hanson, J. LaVar Bateman, Debate Councilor. SECOND ROW: 
Mark Anderson, Olene Smith, Lloyd Gerber, Daniel H. McMillan, Leonard Row- 
ley, Rey L. Duffin. THIRD ROW: Jack Roberts, Eileen Schipper, Darcy Clawson, 
Monta Jacklin, Rolen Campbell, Gay Hawkins. 


FIRST ROW: right to l»ft, kneeling; Rex L Oirlstensen. President; Marie BrarriBll, Secretary and Treasurer; Bob 
Morrow, Publicity Manager; Joe Pulsipher, Vice President; Professor Harold W. Lee, Sponsor; Professor B. F. Cummings, 
Departmental Head. SECOND ROW: Howard Graves, Gloria Nicholes, Cyril Lehroenrges, Esther Minzghar, Tenna 
Nelson, Geraldine Anderson, Beverly Snow, Jean Maycocic, Marie Madsen, Beth Harding, Elaine Anderberg, Jo Ann 
Hebertson, Joyce Nicholes, Melva Hale. Ruth Weinheimer, Dorothy Wiede. THIRD ROW: Frances Roaker, Zelma 
Crider, Henrietta Scheoemges, Jane Anderson, Marilyn Redd, La Ree Hales, Gewell Stephens, Florence Ipsen, Afton 
Passey, Gwen Ence, Vie Long, Arlene Albach, Colleen Knight, Glenys Rollins, Evelyn Russell, Beverly Snaith, Gayle 
Hall, Nana Jelineck, Hugh Law. FOURTH ROW: Dorothy Clark, Muriel Longoria, June Wright, Carolyn Peterson, 
Sharon Farnsworth, Carol Smith, Merle Elizabeth Olvery, Marcia Stringham, Louna Erickson, Lorraine Kitchfield. LaDawn 
Doney, Jo Anne Christean, Betty Dain, Elva Clay, Barbara Hughes. Donna Jensen, Sharon Kirwan, Gerrie Anderson, Bryan 
Hanson, Thayne R. Harris, Gordon M. Taylor. FIFTH ROW: Fortunato Longoria, Marilyn Thorpe, Marilyn Hooper, Ina 
Marie McQuarrie, Velda Ropake, Ray Colovich, Richard A. Myer, Dick Coatsworth, Darrel Rushton, Rose Bratt, Edwin 
Brown, Jim Possock, George Blaine Clay, Fred Garrett, Norman Rossell, Ralph Collett, Serge Huff, Robert Gunnell. 
Jean-Pierre Schraneges, Maxine Bertrand, Lincoln J. Card. SIXTH ROW: Bill Nichols, Nelda Stewart, Vern Thacker, Rawiri 
Parirall, Connie Cameron, Roiti, Friederich H. Clark, Richard A. Meyer. SEVENTH ROW: Willard C. Dixon, Neil R. Soren- 
sen, Wes Johnson, .Paul Williams, Nelden Oborn, Bates Westerberg. DeVere Brough, Ned Hoopes, Mayle Brown Franz 
Nelson. Val 6. Francom. 

French Club 

to become acquainted with 
the civilization and culture of 
France, the program of the 
French Club includes lectures, 
plays, readings, games, and songs 
of the country. At the tradi- 
tional Mardi Gras carnival ball, 
costumed members frolicked in 
noise, confetti, and serpentine. 


FIRST ROW: Bernell Mclnlire. Secre- 
tary; Perry Masterson President; Molly 
Slight, Vice President; David A. Law. 
Sponsor; Pauline Gines, Fred Adams. SEC- 
OND ROW: Neil W. Wiriclc. John t Lewis. 
Glenn Frazler. K. Preston Glade, Blaine L. 
Black. John Condie. THIRD ROW: Calvin 
N. Hall. Stanley E. Abbott. Mel Mabey. 
John Richards, Martell Mortensen. 

Japanese Club 

Russian Club 

FIRST ROW: left to right; Mamoru Iga, 
Advisor; Eleanor Kondo, Daniel H. McMil- 
lan, Secretary; Gloria Hamabata, Vice 
President; Ellenjean Ririe, Charles Bentler, 
President. SECOND ROW: Kelvin Hoover, 
Fred Miya, Scott Orrock, Harold Yoshi- 
moto. THIRD ROW: Jerry Loveland, Paul 
Hyer, Stanley Lwasici, Alfred Stucki. 


R. Max Rogers, Advisor; Ruth Weinheimer, Alvin Wardls, 
Betty Jo Page, Reporter; Ellen Jesericl, Secretar/; Beth 
Schwantes, Vice-President; Walter Wilkening, President; Hdon 
Bitter, Advisor; Annaliza Hoemlce, Ilia Mae Cook. Lome 
Stephenson, Rod Mann, James Loveless, Jesse Benson, Bernell 
Smith, Ronald Schultz, Don Marler, Sally Thomas, Melva Ann 
Smith, Olane Smith, Nadine Monson, Clarence Argyle, Calvin 
Raisor, Ma«!ne Relnhardt, Lou Rita Mattice, Don Pettegrew, 
Alice Holmes, Lola Hadtett, Gordon Kerley, Ross Westover, 
Richard Rowberry, Calvin Giddings, Les Liechty, Jimmy 
Carroll, Don Turner, Gary Jenkins, Ronald Vincent, Charles 
Whittle, Keith Allred, Richard Haltermann, Lorin Davis. 
Lawrence Stott, David Dinsdale, Dale Farrer, Albert Earl, 
John Carter. William Walker. 

Cherie Smith, Carolyn Wood, Gwen Orton, Georgia Nate, 
Nelda Merrill, Madelyn Wootton, Elizabeth Siebach, Nancy 
Herburg, Carol Clark, Colleen Edwards, Viola Schenk, Marj- 
orie Toone, Richard Whitehead, George Mitchell, Vernon 
Miller, Daniel Brown, Rolfe Peterson, David Boden, Reg Call, 
Melvin Barrett, Leon Bates, Anna Bushman, Irving Bagley, 
Waldo Richardson, Clive Jorgenson, Jerrold Hedquist, Alan 
Wilson, Lynn Jarvis. Jay Kindred, Carolyn Thompson, Beverley 
Knowlton, Pauline Gines, Janet Grimmett, Jocelyn Beckstead, 
Fred Radichel, Mom's Butler, Marlin Baker, Hyrum Bradley, 
Alma Woodbury, Glen Bendlxsen, Kay Johnson, Bettie Jane 
McGuire, Doris Sunderland, Christene Hansen, Kay Francis, 
Roger Nuttall, Jay Lake, Keith Walker, George Mortimer, 
Fernando Juarez, James Christianson, Bob Borgolthaus, Louise 

German Club 

By helping students become better acquainted with German civil- 
ization and culture, the Club hopes to foster and promote a more com- 
plete understanding of the German people. Although not primarily a 
social club, by the very nature of its program it has offered social enter- 
tainment. Members were encouraged to attend German lectures and 
films, speak the native language, and sing the country ballads. 


For those "red-blooded" 
nor+herners who delight in ski 
lifts, well packed trails and 
slopes, and sprained ankles a 
Penguin Ski Club was organ- 
ized. Fellow enthusiasts en- 
joyed a full recreational pro- 
gram including nnatinee 
movies on winter sports, day 
and night skiing, and novelty 
acts in the annual Snow Car- 
nival. Big event of the winter 
season was a week-end trip 
to Brighton. 

Penguin Ski Club 

FIRST ROW: left to right, kneeling; Naomi Bangerter, Vice-President; La Rue Holbrook, 
Secretary and Treasurer; V. Lamarr Jensen, President; SECOND ROW: (standing), Darlene 
Harris, Mauree Earl, Francis Reed, Wanda Wood, Barbara Budge, Elois Irie, Lee Ream, Jody 
Dickson, Kathryn Latimer, Donna Achison, Marge Bean, Hartley Fredrickson, Lillius Tanner, 
Trilby Packard, Lorna Livingston, Nelda Stewart, Connie Cameron, Larry Haynie, Norinne 
Teuscher, Ronald Salisbury, Marilyn Anderson, Quentin Bates, Virginia Crandall, Ronald Paul, 
Reve Simpson. 


Spanish Club 

To supplement the text book and gramnoar courses of 
study, an active cultural progrann was undertaken by El 
Club Espanol. The main objective of the club is to extend 
opportunity for actual participation in customs and folk- 
lore of the Spanish speaking countries. Their quarterly 
entertainment included a combination of spiced food, 
South of the Border songs, games, and dances. 

FIRST ROW: left to right; Aaron S. Brown, Rafael Juarez, Howard Harris, Vice President; M. Car! 
Gibson, H. Darrel Taylor, Sponsor; Arturo De Hoyas, President; Professor B. F. Cummings, Amalia Z. Tauffuri, 
Curidice T. Seegmiller, Rosits Pecolio, Barbara Willianfis, Beverly Wright. SECOND ROW: Dick Damin- 
guer. Dean W. Thomas, Jernando Juarez, Margaret Hutchinson, Helen Marie Johnson, Donalea Johnson, 
Dolores Varela, Joyce Robinson, Joan McCance, Jean Hall, Betty Gibbs, Mary Pratt, Helen Hernandez, 
Maria N. Longoria, Fortunato Longoria, Helen T. Woods, Helena D. Muhlestein, Adelia Hatch, Sue Whiting. 
THIRD ROW: Grant Reese, Bill Wilkes, Anita Todd, Shirley Farrington, Phyllis Boyack, Gwendolyn Judd, Vila 
Mae Judd, Bob Brown, Rene Rhead, Ben Mortensen, Ken Winsor, Ross Linn. FOURTH ROW: Keiven 
Hoover, Lonen R. Anderson, L. Ross Jones, Don Davidson, Kenneth M. Howard, E. Keith Dexter, Gerald L. 
Nielsen. Rex N. Terry. Donald B. Cox. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Cox. 


FIRST ROW: left to right; Janyce Maxfield. 
Ardene Bona, Publicity Manager; Suzzanne Fislte, 
Secretary and Treasurer; Grant Hulet, President; 
Richard Jackman, Vice President. SECOND ROW: 
Glen Turner, Janet Romney, B. F. Larsen, John B. 
Jones, Agnes Weibell, Donald Allan. THIRD ROW: 
Jody Willardsen, Ellenjean Ririe, Lu Ann Merrill, 
Vern R. Montgomery, Lee Kent, Lincoln F. Raynes. 
FOURTH ROW: Artero De Whyte, Maxine Leigh, 
Mary Lou Davis, Jean Austin, Paul S. Forrester, 
Louis Schardine. FIFTH ROW: Val G. Francom, 
Lois Laney, John Jeppson, Glen L. Harlcer. SIXTH 
ROW: Francis Magleby, Lavon Boyenger, Chucic 
Ransonn, Keith Clement. 

Studio Arts Guild 

American Orgar)ist Guild 




FIRST ROW: left to right; Rozella 
Compton, LeIa Wing, Beverly Knowlton, 
Lou Jean Compton, Secretary; Loa 
Bowen, J. J. Keeler, Faculty Sponsor; 
G. W. FItzroy, Faculty Sponsor. SECOND 
ROW: Gerrit de Jong, Pat Hales, 
Marilyn Taylor, Elizabeth Jane Johnson, 
Felicia R. Erbe, Gayle Messervy, Dale S. 
Bailey, Vice President; Jay Norman Jep- 
psen. President. THIRD ROW: Kafhiyn 
Sundberg, Donna Nelson, Don Page, Dale 
Sorensen, Barbara Hall, Pea riyne Crowley. 

Flor Peeters at the Console. 




v^'.V ■ "f 

BonnisJean Madsen 

Elizabeth Jane Johnson 

llene Hall 

LaVieve Thomas 

Shirley Warner 
Ruth Macumber 
Betty Lou Rees 
Sherratt Reneau 

Patricia Ingram 

Joylene Rawlo 

Leah McBride 

lona Green 

Donna Nelson 

The standard devised by the Ama Phi Unit is "A man that 
friends must show himself friendly." Although small, their mem- 
bership has spanned the school in the two years since it was 
organized. A willing group, they can be recognized by their ready 
smiles and white sweaters with red handclasp emblems. 

Ama Phi 



Organized by a group of ex-service girls, the Valkyries are 
especially recognized for yearly programs presented in the Vet- 
erans Hospitals. The girls enjoy companionship with one another 
at parties, both formal and informal. This year they entered into 
the festivities of a hobo party and an invitational patterned 
around an Easter theme. 

Masayo Ono 
Beverly Smlfh 
Gene Russell 

Annie Banks 

BeHy Jeanne Edwards Barbara Berrey Leia Smith 

Joyce G!bbs Alice Uchida 

Dellla Summow Beverly Knowlton 

Lois Christiansen MyrI Undsay 
Cherie Smith Renee Rawie 

Beryl Bodily 

Luan Meldrum 

lone Roberts 



Roger Sanf 

Gene Tuttle 

Jack Zenger 

John Mangum 

Ted Warner 
Paul Mendanhall 

Don McCormick 
Paul Broclcbanic 

Don Wadsworth 

Gone Shumway 

Bert Todd 
Dick Huish 

Val Strlngfellow 

Ralph Willott 

Henry Stevens 

Ken Collard 

Jim Rhodes 

Vice President 
Lee Simmons 

David Gledhill 

Bob Driggs 

Kenneth Pace 

Don Wilson 

Ralph Prusse 

Phil Taylor 



Originally named the Goldbricicers, the oldest 
nnen's unit is rich in tradition and activity. This 
year the Brickers were one of the busiest groups on 
the campus. Good times with good fellows, one of 
the unit's primary objectives, was carried out during 
the year with a Bricker Misfit party, a senior ban- 
quet, New Year's Eve Party. "Bury the Hatchet 
Week" with the Tausigs, along with many outings 
and stag parties. Crowning this year's program of 
events was a Festival at Bricker Haven in the spring. 

'esley Johnson R. Holllst Manning Bob Zabriskle 

von Nelson Harold Christensen Paul Fish 

ed Bushnell Bill Nichols Henry Taylor 

ie Allen Leon Heaps John Taylor 

Winter quarter pledges display 
one of the gold bricks that they 
have carried during goating week. 


Traditional Candlelight Dinner was held during 
winter quarter at the White Star Cafe. 

The Cesta Tie autumn invitational centered 
around the Indian legend, "The Weeping Rock of 
Sinavawa"; teepees, peaceplpes, and Indian relics 
carried out the theme. Continuing each quarter 
with numerous activities, the social year culminated 
with a dinner dance at the Starllte Gardens. Ably 
filling positions on campus, the Cestas excelled in 
dramatics, music, and journalism. The Banyan 
Queen was chosen from Cesta Tie by John 
Robert Powers. 

Cesta Tie 

Marlene Lowry 
feggy Morrison 
Donnene Merrill 

BeHle Jane McGuire 
Donna Dain 
Amelia Madson 

Phyllis Nixon 
Louise Marsden 
Maridell Lewis 

Barbara Lu NIelson 
Geneva Call 
Elaine Engstrom 

Marilyn Thorpe 
Glenyce Dlllman 
Geri Solomon 

Marilyn Hales 

Lucy Calder 

Joyce Potter 

Sandra Larson 
Carrole Snow 
Camille Johnson 

Roma Murray 
Mary Nell Schada 
Lorna Soderqulst 


LaRene Hardy 

Dixie Ann 


am Flora Larsen 

Jeanine Brimhall 

Louise Peterson 

Lillie Belle Peferson 

Norma Jean Kin 

g Annette Wood 

Frances Har 


Colleen Bagley 

LaRue Holbroolc 

Dorothy PeHlt 

Maurine Benson 

Lois Tucker 

Carolyn Thompson 

Dawn Terry 



Grace Esplin 

Beth Schwar 


Joan Ellen McCanca 

Carolyn Madsen 

Gladie Nixon 

Violate Myers 

Lois Carter 

Betty Dain 

Barbara Reinsch 

Jean Hall 

Louise Back 

Alene Watk 


Connie Nebeker 

Lois Peterson 

Elaine Engstrom 

lliene Myers 

Betty Bean 

Shirley Mauqhar 

LaRee Holbrook 

Mary Ann Wyatt 
LuAnn Merrill 
Betty Ann Green 

Colleen Christensen 
Mary Nell Waddoups 
Lei Goodness 

Lois Conger 
Betty Hayes 
Marge Bean 

Diane Burgi 
Elaine Hendrix 
Bonnie Jean Moesser 

JoAnne Jackie 

Ralphena Taylor 


Pat Judd 
Mildred Price 

Shirley Larsen 

Donna Tanner 

Welly Hunt 

Andrew J. Nelson 

Vaughn Fairbanks 

Bob Anderson 

Arnold Stromberg 

Jim Mathis 

Wayne Wilson 

Boyd Bitton 
Mark A. Nelson 

Ted Money 
Donald Turner 

James Chrlstianson 
Bob Crockett 

Garth Rogers 

Fred A. Money 
Social Chairnnan 

Walt Edwards 
Elwin Lance 

Harry Hall 
Bill Dudley 

Jim Bingham 
Les Ludlow 


The famed, gay-nineties Bowery Ball, the winter formal 
"Cinderella", and the spring invitational "Lucky in Love" top- 
ped this year's Brigadier Social page. All Brigs point with 
pride at their achievement in winning the prizes for the most 
outstanding and most beautiful float in the hHomecoming 
parade. Keeping the welfare of the school in mind, the mem- 
bers strive for service along with their social life. A daily 
editor of the Universe, Chairman of the Student Program 
Bureau, and Intramural representative to the legislature all 
display orange and black sweaters. 


Brigadiers and dates found that getting together often was 
a sure source of enjoynnent. 


Norm Rossell 

Stan Schindler 

Roy Vincent 

Howard Johnson 

Lee Stratford 

Dee Williams 
Richard Hardy 
Boyd Lake 
Ned Christensen 
Ernest Medlyn 

Charles W. Johnson 
Fred Lange 
Robert Gallagher 
John Meier 
Jeff W. Nichols 


Elaine Nelson 

Joyce Bateman 

Leanore Ream 

Pat Russell 

Jacqule Campbell Marilyn Hoops 

Betty Farr 

Geniel Thornton 

Margaret Hansen Marilyn Geddes Carol Clark 

Jean Williams Shirley Albiston Arlene Lewis 

Ruth Groesbeck Nancy Holt 

Virginia Crandall 
Emma Stratton 
Emma Gean Hatch 
Patricia Roberts 

Fidelas pledges line up for 
goating and wonder whether 
it is worth it. 




Outstanding in intramurals, Fidelas girls were winners of both the volley ball and 
basketball tournaments. Their mennbership participate in Orchesis, A.W.S. council, 
and dramatics. At ths'Ir "Capricious Carousel" invitational couples whirled in a 
carnival atmosphere of circus animals, merry-go-rounds, and balloons. Other social 
events of the year included a dinner dance and week-end canyon party. Identified 
by grey sweaters with maple leaf emblems, these girls recite as their motto: 
"Amice Fidelas Ami." 

Andrea Johnson Gaynell Call 

Mary Barstow Janice Carling 

Lily Higa Wanda Wood Ardena Beck 

MIgnon Waddoups Elaine Finlayson Renae Bunne 

Kathy Latimer Dixee Ann Baker Phyllis Christensen Marilyn Anderson Barbara Gillette 

Renae Ottley La Ree Hales 

Maxine Cordner Connie Rushton Nellanette Young 



Gamma Tau 


Willard Dixon 
Glen Lambson 
Paul Roylance 

OeVere Brough 

Bob Unlce 

Courtenay Anderson Van MacCabe 

Bob Hamblin J. Keith Scoville 

Jerrold Hedquist 

Farrell Brown 

John MacCabe 

Kay Peterson 

Dayle Jeffs 

DeLoyal Bills 

Social Chairman 

Arden E. Meelcs 
Dale Wilcox 
Gene Hanson 

Fred Adams 
June H. Hanson 
Dick Fox 


Gamma Tau goats serenade 
girls in Campus Dorm dining hall. 

Wilford N. Hansen Charles Newton 
Albert Hedquist Fred Schow 

Bernell Garrick Dale Shumway 

Lloyd J. Webb Ted Knowlton 

Howard P. Galloway Bruce Stevens 
Ronald Dye Reece L Glines 

Now in their fifth year of activity, 
the men In red have participated 
wholeheartedly In Intramural compe- 
tition, the Christmas drive, and the 
fleldhouse drive. Again this year 
they enjoyed the annual "Dig for 
Duds" ana the hilarity of goat week, 
climaxed by the "Garbage Gob- 
ble." Sophomore class president, 
Honor Council member, A. M.S. 
officer, and Universe sub-editor 
were among the positions held by 
the G.T.'s. 


Anna Julia Hoyt 
El Mario Hansen 
Dorothy Cranmer 
June Lee Merrill 
Affon Ash 

Naomi Bangerter 
Gerry Rossell 
Barbara Hall 
Georgia Minor 
Jeanne Bertoch 

Janet Hales 
Sally Kirkhann 
Carolyn Cox 
Ruth Reeve 
Suzanne Eyring 

Beverly Miller 

Jackie Johnson 

Cherie Marcil 

Glenna Wagstaff 

Rae Mona Kirkham 

Marilyn Bennlon 
Lorraine Greenwood 
Louise Boley 
Charmayne Matson 
Dorothy Groesbeck 


Boasting +he largest membership on campus, the 
Nautilus girls are represented In numerous phases of col- 
lege life. Among N.L. members are the Sophomore Loan 
Fund Queen, A.W.S. president and council members, 
Sophomore class president and other class officers, White 
Key president, and numerous Banyan personalities. The 
"Friendliest Girl" on campus for the past two years has 
come from a whole membership of friendly girls. All joined 
together at this year's "Candles" Invitational dance, Pari- 
sian Cafe rush party, traditional Under the Sea Banquet, 
and spring dinner-dance at the Salt Lake Country Club. 

Marilyn Hilton 
Janet Ronnney 

Elaine Fetscher 
LaVonna Guymon 


Beautiful "Candles" decorations 
were featured at Nautilus Invita- 
tional in December. 


Barbara Romney 

Lila Bowen 

Treasurer ^.^g.^.^ r^^^^,, 

Arlene Deem 

Sally Sumertiays 
Geraldine E Anderson 

Bliss Larsen 
Cariene Weaver 

Helen Jeanne Jones 

Maureen Crandall 
Sheronne Robertson 

Joan Greer 
Roylance Spratling 
Kathryn Melville 

Sue Nelson 
Marilyn Frame 


KatKerine Miller Connie Cameron Kathryn Christenson Joan Cluff 

Joy Arrowsmith Colleen Mower Marilyn Ferrin Idello Udall 

Pat Quinn 

Ann Ashman 

Carol Westberg Betty Jean Ross Joan Pearson 

Janice M. Msdsen Joyce Campbell 

Leia Wing Mary Ann Wilson 

Joanne Stringham Gloria Wallis 

Raquel Adamson Shirley Christensen 

O.S. Trovata 


Joanne Stringham and Marion 
Jensen are given scholarship 
awards by Betsy Sears at tradi- 
tional honor banquet. 


Origirwlly organized by a group of eight friends, O.S. Trovata is one 
of the oldest units on campus. But age only adds to their activities. These 
versatile girls had a galaxy of events including a goat party with the 
Briclcers, "O.S. in the Pink." annual honor banquet, second place in the 
vaudeville show with their western version of Blue Beard, and queen of the 
Snow Carnival. Continuing during the summer, the group holds parties 
and sends a newspaper, the Trovata Tattler, to all active members. 

Bonnie Parker 
Joy Ellerhon 
Louise Crandall 
Janice Anderson 

Jan Bean 
Mary Louise Udall 
Behy Sears 
Tanya Ashworth 

BIrdene Terry 
Nelda Stewart 
Lula Jean Holfeltz 
Lencre Vandenberg 

Dorothy Doyle 
Jacqueline Redd 
Marian M. Hoover 
Alice Wilkinson 

Jerrie Smith 
La von Brown 
Marilyn Faux 
Marilyn Pulsipher 


Dean Wilson 
Dayle Thomas 

Dick Miller 
Grant Thomas 

Daniel Allen 

Vice .President 
Paul M. Salisbury 

Mel Mabey 
John Hulick 

Kent Staheli 
George Hyde 

Kay Randall 

Richard Boyle 


It is a spirit of loyalty and cooperation which makes evef7 
Tausig raise his voice to the creed: "Omnus Uno — All for one and 
one for all." The primary aims of this group are to develop leader- 
ship, further scholastic and cultural achievements, and to provide 
for social activities. From the sublimity of the winter formal at 
Memory Grove to the ridiculousness of the "Topper" and the 
"Bury the Hatchet Week." they enjoyed a full social year. 


Robert Burton 
Frank Patterson 

Jerry Zenger 
Ken Caldwell 

Ralph Boswell 
Blain Black 

Jim Loveless 

Returning home from one-way ride, Tauslg pledges head 
for the nearest sack to recuperate. 


Templars get together witti the 
Cesta Ties for an exchange paf+y 
at rtie Country Qub. 

Max Tolbert 

Sargeant-At Arms 
R. L Tooke 

Howard Varfleet James Soloman 
William H. Toolce Chucic Tucker 

Ben Ward Bud Bohne 
Eugene Hawkins M. Gall Nielsen 

Ron Erickson ^ 
Max Lee 

Byron Toone 

Ron Daly Ron Ferraro 

Gilbert Christensen Clif Reese 

Richard Westensim 


F. A. Gutierrez Gene Shoemaker 

Blaine Butler Lynn Hansen 

Wayne Orton Ray Oliverson 

Charles Montgomery Dick Jenkins Grant Tingey Elvan Bay 

George Tsalaky Wilbur Tolbert Max Sewell Bob Davis 



Organized winter quarter of 1948 by Jim 
"Little Timp" Hill and F. A. Gutierre, the Knight 
Templars are guided by their four ideals: brother- 
hood, cooperation, scholarship, and fellowship. 
Yellow sweaters with black swords distinguished 
these young knights who participate in many sports 
events and who won the prize for originality in the 
Homecoming parade with their "sausage grinder" 
float. Besides many exchange parties with girls' 
units, they held their annual dinner dance and 
climaxed spring quarter with an "Island Magic" 


Joanne Biason Beverly Longson Carolyn Wood Mary Jo Hyer Jean Wachsmuth Janie Homer Lucille Rowe 


Shirley Ann Urie La Dawn Tolman Mary Lois Bolingbroke Margaret Affleck Jean Nock 


Marilyn Thompson Dot White 

Marilyn Turley Viola Schank 

Gayle Hall 

Maxine Telford Hazel Doaring Joan Whittle Vonda Christensen 






This young unit only in its third year delights in carrying out its theme 
"To seek beauty in all things." In a deep-sea atmosphere of colored fish 
and sea shells the girls went "Twenty Fathoms Under" for their decorative 
invitational dance. Also high on their list of socials were the dinner dance 
and the Treasure of To Kalon rush party, hlomecoming Queen Marilyn 
Turley and several queen attendants were chosen from the ranks of this 
unit. The Toks were proud of claiming first place in the vaudeville show 
for the second straight year. 


Treasure of To Kalon is revealed 
to rushees by Donna Achison, 
Margaret Affleck, and Vonda 

To Kalon 

Bonnie Davis 

Donna Achison 

Nadine Nalder 

Bonnie Gardner 

Maralyn Ballif 

Beverly Nalder 

Romalne James 

Arlene Fernley 

Patricia Thomas 

Phyllis Fox 

Delene Thompson 

Janet Gordon 

Adella Hatch 

Janet Gordon 


Val Hyr/c 

Bob Blamires 
Frank Johansen 
Keith B. Matthews 
Stan Hall 
Howard Edwards 

Richard Tannyhill 

Jack Bradbury 

Reed Call 

Sam Doxey 

Quentin Bates 

Dale Farrer 
Mike Miller 
George Sorensen 
Edward Forsythe 
Keith West 

Bob Dudley 
Lyie Burke 
William Crawford 
Ken Howard 
Bart Christensen 

Lentz Crandall 
Bob Mauzy 
Robert Laird 
Troy M. Miller 
Douglas D. Allen 

Don Swenson 
Nick Brussa 
Tom Jones 
John Frame 
Chuck Turner 

Roen Griffiths 

Monte DeGraw 

Burtis Robbins 
Social Chairman 


Hartley Frodrickson 

Avery Glen 

Bob Morrow 

Arthur Bliss 

Monto Hickenloopor 

Gene Campbell 

Durian H. Stewart 

David Dinsdall 

Thayno R. Harris 

Hank Williams 

D. Jerry Carter 

Paul W. Warner 

Larry Whetten 

Lynn Rid 


Don Decker 

Hal Messervy 

Bob Quaney 

Edmund Parker 

Dick Moody 



Winton Brooks 

Capturing the football intramural cham- 
pionship, the Val Hyrics started the year 
off right. Acknowledged for sociability, 
scholarship, service, and sportsmanship, the 
unit gained recognition in student govern- 
ment with such officers as Banyan Editor, 
Yell King, Blue Key president, three class 
representatives to the Legislature, A. M.S. 
Council members and committee chairmen, 
and honor Council members. These social- 
ites held a fall quarter goat dinner with the 
Cesta Ties, a Homecoming turkey dinner 
for the alumni, and a formal spring dinner 
dance. Highlight of the year was the tradi- 
tional Valhalla Smorgasbord invitational 
which added to the V.H.'s reputation as the 
best fed unit on the campus. 

Val Hyrics see to it that Hank Williams gets the tradi 
tional soaking for becoming pinned. 



Janice Taylor Janef Anderson Marilyn Oldroyd Beverly Anderson Doremis S. Williams LaVonne Thomander Eileen Schipper 

Joanne Austin Rosemary Phillips Elayne Hansen Margie Gay Driggs Pat Petersen Miriam Frost Naomie Terry 

Carol Brown Bonnie D. Hansen Peggy Wood Olene Smith Eleise Bergquist Sally Edwards Lillian Schipper 

Diane McClurg Carol P. Tueller Marilyn Broberg Margoe Harding Lynn Bates Carolyn Edwards Suzzanne Fiske 



Looking up to the mo+to: "She flies with her own wings", the Val 
Norns experienced another eventful year. To the student government the 
V.N.'s contributed the vice-president and secretary of the student body 
and several class officers. Continually active, the V.N.'s social calendar 
included a gala circus party with the alunns and a traditional dinner dance. 
The unique invitational "Intermetio" was carried out with blue tinfoil 
violins, sheet music, and red roses. 


Dorofhy Reid 
Beth Smith 
Joyce Jennings 
Irene R. Green 

Jeanine Cummings Colleen Knight Anne Thomas Pat Unger 

Emmanell Yieira Ruth Schipper Louise Sharp Phyllis Winkler 

Marilyn Miller Carmela Tanner Barbara W. Gates Carol Jean Clark 


Ann Whiting Elizabeth Martini Donna Mahoney Shirley Roberts 



Bridal circle was highlight of Val 
Norn fashion show. 





Viking president Russell Taylor 
makes sure goat Reed Benson does 
a good shine job. 


Joe L Smith 

Frank Barrett Archie Jensen 

Ken Leth 

Morris Harnswofth 

Ross Farnsworth Harry L Trimble 

Kumen Smith 

Don Miner 

Widtsoe Shumway Dean Barnes 

Robert H. Green 

Thomas A. 

Boyden Glenn C. Peterson 

Dave Clark 

Barry Thompson 

Reed Jenkins 

David A. Wi 



Bruce Chambers 

Richard Nelson 

Ken Pocock 





Dale Richey 

William G. Dyer 

Robert Flaherty 

Darcy Clawson 

Russell Taylor 

Bud Jones 

Douglas Shepherd 

Leonard W. Beckman 

Gordon B. Taylor 

Bob Sipherd 

MaKee Blaisdell 
Social Chairman 

Jarret Jarvis 

Don Murphy 

Dick Ricks 

Reed H. Page 

Bury! McClurg 
Grant Anderson 
Gordon Price 
Keith Frogley 
Bud Whipple 

Frands Magleby 

Keith La 


Reed A. Benson 
Don C. Tucker 



Ernest Larson 

1 Jack Roberts 


John W. Jepson 

A Viking serenade indicates that either some member recently pin- 
ned is headed for a swim in the pond or that five dozen members are 
gathered together. All men who group in the name of Viking and in the 
spirit of Franthor, the fearless, find a power in unity. The Vikes are well- 
known for such functions as their annual Jiggs costume party and a spring 
chicken fry. The unit is very active in student affairs and had named from 
its ranks studentbody and class officers, members of the Honor Council, 
and a member of the branch Presidency. 


Ellen Jean Ririe 

Virginia Joost 

Bet+y Jones 

Iris Jenson 

Mary Ann Maughan 

Renee Labrum 
Louise Wilcken 
Beth Wllclcen 
Deon Mcintosh 
Shirley Lou Turner 

Beth Richardson 

Bonnie Rae Hanson 

Beverly Wright 

Anne Rasband 

Nelda Casper 


Under the symbol of the flaming torch the Alta 
Mitras established their aim which is to develop 
lasting friendships. HHigh on their list of social 
events were a colorful invitational conducted to the 
theme "Candyland" and a formal dinner dance. 
These eager girls not only participated in social life, 
but they also won first place in the Intramural 
bowling tournament. 

Joann De Bry 
Carroll Lee Nielson 
Twila Jenson 

Betty Kresge 

Mary Lou Neeley 

Donna Mae Johnson 

La Deane Prior 
Belva L Wheeler 
Beth Alene Wilcken 

La Vayle Maughan 
Larae Baird 
Lucy Green 


'.' ; '■)«' j&« 


Alma P. Burton 

William E. Berrett 

Lambda Delta 

Left to right: Stan Forsyth, 
Athletic Manager; Dale Taylor, 
Gale Hammond, Treasurers; Paul 
Dahl, Vice-President; Howard 
Graves, President. 


Upon the Latter-day Saints ideals and heritage 
Lambda Delta Sigma was founded. Through its pro- 
gram young men and women demonstrate +rue 
democratic brotherhood by stressing five practical 
ideals: fellowship, leadership, Intellectuality, cul- 
tural life and spirituality. In addition to the intellec- 
tual and religious program a rich variety of social 
life is carried out mutually by the members. The 
major social functions of the year included a Hallo- 
ween party, Christmas Dance, Winter Frolic, Sweet- 
heart Ball, and an Installation Banquet. 


Lambda Delta Sweetheart 

CERS; Left to right: Norma 
Despain, President; Shirley Call, 
Vice-President; Erma Eldredge, 
Secretary; Joyce Galbraith, His- 
torian; Bonnie Christensen, Re- 
porter; Haine Leavitt, Athletic 


Lyie Tanner 

Reed H. Dahle 

Members of Alpha Chapter and dates enjoy dining 
and dancing at Crown Cafe during winter quarter. 


Arden A. Vance 

Morrell Bunn 

Charles Kinsey, Jr 
Sidney Gilbert 
Russell F. Hunt 
James Solomon 
Hardy Bean 
Rolen Campbell 

Kenneth Zwahlen 

Elmer Hawkins 
George A. Mortimer 
Dale Johnson 
Gerald E. Fieldhouse 
Gale Holt 

Floyd Banks 
Dean Thomas 
Clarence H. Cordon, Jr. 

George C. Sparks 
Kent Gneiting 
Howard Schmidt 


Phi Chapter 

Doreen Olsen Agnes Weibell 

Helen Young Harper Nedra Jean Ray Janet Ruppe Clarlt 
President Vice-President 

Nettle Tucker Darlene Lund 

Lois Stratton Viola Lillywhite 

Norma Rae Lyon Ellen Jean Rlrie 

Vella Rose Barloclter 

lona Snyder 

Dorothy Bartels 

Sweetheart of Alpha Chapter 



K!Hy Sue Barber Patricia Rooks 

Elaine Green Colleen Clark 

Voniel Jensen 
Ruth Cheney 

Betty Jackson Evelyn Horrocks Joanne McLaren Myrtle Sterling 

Louise Blood Bonnie Jean Turner Colleen Sorenson Ora Fay Iverson 


Chi Chapter 


Phi Sextet 

Lambda Delta Sextet members were Florence Ipsen, Vella 
Rose Barlocker, Barbara Chadwick, Maizle Foster, Louise Stratton, 
Shirley Call, and Ilia Mae Cook, accompanyist. 


Mary Ann Niemlnen 
Wynette Maughan 
Margaret Lewis 

Monta J. Jacklin 
Eileen Viles 
Iris Jenson 

Jean Slack 
Marlene Baker 
Marilyn Tidwell 

Connie Harmsen 

Doris Hernnansen 

Sylvia Farr 

Ruth Lewis 

Norma Jean Kochever 

Kathryn Sundberg 


Verna Van Buren Laurel Rae Johnson Lorna Nielsen Lois Laney Bonnie Christensen 

Ruth Taylor Clarelle Richardson Shirley Mae Jonhson Irene Thomas Sally Jane Tyson 

Helen Bushman Lorna Durrant Gladys Banles Joyce Dusfin Elaine Leavltt 

Vada Johnson Joyce Nlcholes Carma L. Collett Mona Wright Pauline Gines 

Omega Chapter 


Sweetheart of Gamma Chapter 

Gamma Chapter 

Dale H. Taylor 

Junior Hicks 

Verl Green 



Evan Hansen 

Lynn W. Hansen 

Marvin Nelson 

Gale Hammond 



Joyce Gailbraith 
Dorene Patricia Boyle 
Jeanine Shurtleff 
Norma Metcalf 
Vivian Haynes 

Carolyn Madsen 
Elma Buttars 
Barbara Clapham 
Shirley M. Call 
Loa Bowen 

Carma Willardson 

Lois Tucker 
Vice- President 

Patricia Carey 

Carolyn Jensen 

Mary Barstow 


Pauline Hanks 
Malsei Anderson 
VeLols Nielsen 

Denza Aiken 
Patricia Havens 
Pat Dalby 


Carolyn Cox Joyce Robinson Befty Evert Betty Aaron 

Elaine Werner Gloria Dean Bauer Joann Godfrey Donna Jean Peterson 

Upsilon Chapter 

Marilyn Georges Juanita Rose Rowley Joan Kienlse Suzanne Ellis Monna Hansen 

LuAnn Merrill Joyce Sorensen Maralyn Walsh lla Jean Haycock June Miller 


f5 ^"% J^C 

Jack K. Jones Douglas Warren Johnson Keith Hansen Stanley S. Forsyth Kent Larson 

Daniel Brown Thomas William Johnson Dale Turner Warren L. Jensen Clyde R. Nielsen 


Frequent exchange parties among the units made for congeniality 
and good cheer. 

Delta Chapter 

Ronald K. Thomas 

Howard Graves 

Gerald Gilner 




Willa Davis 
Vera Jean Petty 
Flora Mae Heaton 

Charlene Tueller Marlene Bee Allen Donna Mae Feulner Narlene McKinley 

Nola Alleman 
Carol Warr Leila Hardy 

Helen Erickson t:rma Rufh Eldredge 

Ara Belllston Betty Rae Stowell 

Roma Jean Brown Ellen Lindsay Nola Clark 


Norinne Teuscher Maizie Foster 



left to right: Shirley Johnson, 
Laurel Johnson, Lois Laney. Back 
Row: Elaine Leavitt, Erma Cfark, 
Helen Bushman. 


Fay Cook 

Paula Tanner 

Donna Hatch 

Barbara Chadwick 

Coleen Rawson 

La Rue Holbrook 
Norma Despain 
LaRee Hollers 
Roylance Spratling 
Anna Bushman 

Leila Taylor 
Elaine Orme 
Morris Stromberg 
Kathy Latimer 
Anna Christensen 




Lolita Field Luana Field Kathy Brown 

Joy Lechtenberg Lois Hullihan Lois Athay 

Rosemary Nelson LaJean Van Orden Doris Sunderland 

Sherley Hale Zeller 

Janice Heiser 
Dorothy Curtis 

Jean Stock 

Helen R. Ganibol 

Connie Decker 

Marie Sabin 

Lorraine Greenwood 

Geniel Sorensen 


Beta Pi 

Lona Mae Pincock 

Winifred Wilkinson 

Marjorie Toone 

Clementine Croom 

Marjorie Thompson 
lone Lewis 
Norma Metcalf 
Edna Green 

Ida Marshall 
Arlene Bean 
Laura Johnson 
Melva Hale 

Lois Evans 

Clover Guymon 

Laurel Watson 

Emogene F. Bushman 

The missionary spirit is emulated on the Y campus by the Beta Pi, a 
group of returned lady missionaries of the Latter Day Saint Church. The 
organization promotes a three-fold program: intellectual, cultural, and 
social. Also they sponsor religious speakers, testimony meetings, and 
present spiritual and recreational programs on campus and in surrounding 
wards and stakes. Foremost on their social list this year was a spring 
outing and an "Orchids in the Moonlight" dance. 


"Orchids in the Moonlight" 
was the theme for beautiful deco- 
rations at Beta Pi invitational 

Mary Rico Clarice Simpson Lowene Wood Beth Sorensen Betty Gibbs Hermine Briggs Alice Watts 


Phyllis Boyack Leah Lloyd Julia Carver Ruth Baugh Hazel Mae Brook Geneva Winterrose Marion Kohler 

Laura M. Cuff Betty Matheson Maryl Leavitt Shirley Sherwood Norene Heslap Dorothy Thompson 


Delta Phi 

Merrill G. Dur^ee 
Clarence Argyle 
Cline Durfey 
David M. Stauffer 

Ross Vienweg 
George Felsch 
Morrell Bunn 
Paul F. Warner 

William A. Fresh 
Jack R, Wallis 
Arnold J. McAllister 
Charles C. Fronberg 

Darrell Dixon 
Paul E. Dahn 
Keith Anderson 
Ron W. Westover 

Kent S. Anderson 
L. Ross Jones 
H. Grant Evans 
Edwin B. Gagon 

Gale E. Hammond 
Richard Lambert 
Bernell Smith 
Wayne W. Clark 

Wendell Neville 
Elmo Turner 
Jim W. Nixon 
Wayne R. Ward 

Rulon G. Craven 
Jack Bowen 
Tom Adams 
Paul D. Levie 


Var Rosanbaum 
Benny F. Reed 
Gaylen Harmon 
Vern Thaclcer 
Fred SarreH 

Wayne A. Melander 
Verl L. Soelberg 
Kenneth B. Lyman 
Billie B. Badger 
Glen A. James 

Spencer J. Palmer 
Donald F. Larson 
Fred L. Crandali 
Liuford S. Oastrup 
Mark S. Roberts 

Phil Humphreys 
William Lamar Soelberg 
Eugene H. Davis 
Harold Glen Clark 
Vern R. Montgomery 

Kenneth Judd 
Scott A. Hurst 
L. Grant Reese 
Joseph Hafen 
Allen D. Hair 

Elden Jackman 
Darrel Robbins 
J. Robert Smith 
Uoyd Guymon 
Ronald Farr 

Delta Phi, honorary religious fraternity, brings missionary compan- 
ions together as college companions. Besides fostering high standards on 
the campus they become socially integrated. Frequent diverse activities 
included election of Delta Phi Dream Girl, sponsorship of the Snow Carni- 
val, organization of a chorus which toured the San Francisco Bay area 
during the Christmas holidays, and compilation of visual-aid material for 
missionaries in the field. Marking the conclusion of spring quarter was a 
national convention in the form of a banquet and dance. 



Lavon F. Eller 
Kenneth Julian 
Ray G. Anderson 
Ralph Crystal 

Reed W. Chrlstensen 
Daryl McArthur 
Robert!. Divert 
Dick Bowman 

Don Spencer 
John D. Smith 
Phillip R. McKinney 
Frederick Jones 

Glade Greenhaigh 

G. tvlerrill Andrus 

Howard Harris 

Weldon Jolley 

Wendell G. Waite 
Carl R. Ross 
Ardean Watts 
Dale S. Bailey 

Willard Dixon 
David Christensen 
Lowell S. Watson 
Reed fvl. Dahl 

Stanley Abbott 
Verl Green 
E. Franklin Heiser 
Newell H. Erickson 

Charlie L. Briggs 
Bill S. Henrie 
George E. Magnusson 
Walter Bolhn 


Evan N. Stevenson 

Lincoln J. Card 

Eugene Lyons 

Dale H. Taylor 

Richard L. Finlinson 



Harold C. Yancey 

Jack Strong 


ph Taylor 

Don S. Robertson 

Ralph L. Jack 


k Peterson 

Paul Truman Gardner R. L. Call 

Benny Mortenson 

Philipp Schmidt 

Kenneth Winsor 

Calvin W. Craig 

Donald J. Clark 

Bill Wilkes 

Kenneth M. Graham 

David Smith 

John D. Warner 

William F. Farnsworth 

Delta Phi 


Del to Phf 

Richard R. Clark 
Jack Roberts 
Jay Ferrell 
Sherman Sheffield 

Tom Gunn 
John W. Tanner 
Lowell Frodsham 
John E. Mackay 

Boyd Lake 
Glenn L. Whitear 
Joseph V. Hamilton 
E. Doyle Robison 

Hamilton Smith 
Fred White 
G. Gail Stott 
Alan Clark 

Reed Larson 
Arlen R. Hansen 
Dick Nilsen 
Robert Ensign 

Douglas Cowley 
Rex C. Moulton 
Jack Dowdle 
Jay Jeppson 

Leroy S. Smith 
J. Clark Hermansen 
Alvin O. Price 
Arthur B. Sadler 

Bob Francis 
C. Anderson 
Mark L Money 
Shirley N. Rodebach 


Harold S. Connell 
John M. Whitoley 
Jay Butler 
George R. Wilkins 
Max W. Hynnas 

DeLamar Rust 
Norman E. Wright 
Robert Clayton 
Albert Whaanga 
Ben C. Marler 

George E. Billings 

Weston K. Jones 

Irven L. Henrie 

Ronald Vincent 

Wayne Wright 

Irwin B. Chaffin 
Don Sorensen 
Sanford S. Walker 
Mel Mabey 
Karl S. Farnsworth 

The Delta Phi Chorus fostered 
fame for this returned missionaries 
organization through its many con- 


Perry W. Doyle 

Kenneth Beatty 

Alma Gene Sodequist 

Clarence V. Hulet 

Albert C. Todd 



R. Walker 

Normon,F. Hammer 

Max W. Moffett 

Louis Alexander Fife, Jr. 



t O. Vowie 

Wendell G. Waite 

William R. Egbert 

Neil R. Sorensen 




Bruce .Passey 

Shirley B. Randall 

Robert Whitney 

Victor D. Billings Garth O. Rogers 

Orrin E. Baird 

Glen W. 


Roland J. Beck Reed Bensen 

Wayne A. Goates 

Milton R 

. Bloomc 


Leonard O. Moore De Lamar Jensen 

DeVere E. Walker 

Lloyd H. 


McKay Burton John Merle Niel 

sen Hank A. Anderson 


Thomas Howells 
Dee E Willden 
Dale Criddle 
Jerry L Graham 

Perry K. Lovell 
Mark L Anderson 
Lenn M. Shumway 
Jay B. Williams 

Leo Wilcox 

Norman R. Woodfield 
James Sumsion 
John N. Nixon 

Forrest O, Hall 
Kenneth Howard 
Albert Choules 
Parker P. Robison, Jr. 

James J. McFarlene 
Vernon Miller 
Harold R. Call 
Bob Bennion 

William N. Jones 
Dallas O. Peterson 
Max D. Harper 
John R. Connell, Jr. 

Louis J. Winter 
Gerald N. Randall 
Patrick J. D'Addabbo 
Leo W. Honeycutt 


In Memoriam... 


iallif, F. Ariel— 80 
Jallif, Arta— M 
Ballou. Richard E. — 132 
Berrett, William E.— 382 
Bennion, Adam S. — 75 
Boel, Joseph — 104 
Booth, Lillian— 77 
Bowen, Albert E. — 75 
Buggert, Prof Gustav — 130 
Burton, Alma P. — 382 
Butterworth, Edwin — 81, 126 

Cannon, Clawson — 134 
Carr, William C— 83 
Carroll, Elsie C— 83 
Cheney, Thomas E. — 83, 128 
Christensen, Earl M. — 83 
Christensen, Lillian— 83 
Christensen, R. A. — 83 
Clark. Bruce— 83 
Clark, Harold Glen— 82, I04 
Clark, R. Herald— 80, 82 
Clark, J. Reuben — 74 
Clark, R. James — 81, 82 
Clark, Warden J. — 83 
Clark, Mary Deane — 82 
Clark, H. Monroe— 79, 82 
Clark, Reola — 83 
Clarke, Alve John — 83 
Covington, Loren C. — 83 
Cowan. Cynthia — 83 
Cowley, Matthew— 75 
Crandall, Lars — 83 
Croft. Evan M.— 83. 333 
Crowton, Dave — 82 

Dallin, Leon — 82 
Davidson, Bertha — 82 
Dean, C. Edwin — 82. 317 
DeJong. Gerrit. Jr. — 83. 95 
Doxey, Roy W. — 83 

Eastmond, E. John — 83 
Edwards, William F.— 83, ID! 
Evans. Bob — 83 
Evans, Lucille — 83 
Eyring. Carl F.— 17. 83. 92 

Farnsworth, Emma J. — 82 
Farnsworth R. B.— 82 
Ferguson, Burnett — 54, 82, 95 
Fisher. Flora D.— 82 

Gardner. John H. — 82 
Gates, Crawford — 133 

Gamett, LaVell— 87 
Geertsen. O. Norman — 83 
Gibby, M. Neal— 83 
Gibson, Carl M. — 83 
Gledhill, Preston R.— 83 
Goates, Rex — 83 
Gunn, Richard L. — 83 
Gustaveson, Lloyd M. — 83 

Hales. Wayne B.— 82. 327 
Halliday, John R.— 82. 131 
Hamblin, Lawson — 82 
Hammond. May C. — 82 
Hansen. George F. — 80. 82, 322 
Hansen, William F. — 86 
Harding, Fred W.— 86 
Harmon, Rondo S. — 86 
Harrison. Bertrand F.- — 82 
Hart, Anna — 86 
Hart, Charles J. — 86 
Hatch, Catherine — 84 
Hayes, John E. — 78, 86 
Haymore, FrankNn R. — 86 
Himes, Elvert H.— 79. 86, 115 
Holbrook, Leona — 86 
Howell, Virgil E.— 86, 329 
Hoyt, H. v.— 80, 86 
Hyatt, E.— 86 

Jackson, Orrin H. — 84 
Jacobs, Brtant S. — 87 
Jensen, La Voir C. — 86 
Jensen, Christen— 39, 76, 89 
Jenson. M. Edgar — 84 
Jensen. H. Vern — 87 
Jex, James L. — 87 
Jones, John F. — 79 
Jorgensen, Mary — 87 

Keeler, J. J.— 87 
Kimball, Spencer W.— 75 
King. Luwana — 87 
Knight. HaHie M.— 87 

Larsen, B. F. — 87 
Larson, Clinton F. — 87 
Law, Reuben D. — 87, 94 
Laycock, Harold— 87, 130 
Lee, Harold B.— 75 
Lee, Harold W.— 87 
Lee, Wilford D.— 87 
Lewis, George — 87 
Lloyd, Wesley P.— 78. 87 

Madsen, Brigham D. — 87 
Madsen, Carlos — 87 
Madsen, Farrell — 87 
Marshall, Milton— 87 
Martin, Thomas L. — 87, 99 
McAllister, John W.— 87 
McKay, David O.— 74 
McKnight, Kent H.— 87 
McTague, Betty H.— «7 
Merrill, Joseph F.— 75 
Miller, Elmer— «8 
Miller, Karl— 88 
Minson, Blanche — 63 
Morley, Alonzo J.— 88, 334 
Morrill, A. Reed— 88, 336 
Morrill, Damaris — 88 
Moyle, Henry D. — 75 

Nibley, Hugh— 88 
Nicholes, Jeseph K.— 88 
Nielson. Eve — 88 

Oak, Cecil R.— 89 

Packard, Hannah C. — 89 
Pardoe, Kathryn B. — 49, 64 
Pardoe, T. E.— 53 
Patch, Bob— 102 
Payne. John W.— «9 
Perry. Leiand M.— 89 
Peterson, Cornelius R. — 89 
Peterson, Dean A. — 88 
Peterson, H. W.— 88 
Peterson, Mark E. — 75 
Peterson, Rolfe — 88 
Poll, Richard D.— 88 
Pond, A. Smith— 88 
PoHer, Margaret S. — 88 
Poulson, Virginia Booth — 88 
Poulson, Wilford — 88 

Reimschiissel. Ernest F. — 89 
Rice, Leonard — 89 
Rich, Naoma— 89 
Rich. Owen S.— 89, 328 
Rich. Stella P.— 88 
Richards, Stephen L. — 75 
Richardson, Beth — 88 
Robinson, Clarence — 89. 290 
Rogers, R. Max — 88 
Romney, Antono K. — 79, 88 
Edward, Rowo M.— 88 

Sardonl, Lawrence — 130 
Sauls. Kiefer B.— 75. 78, 88 
Shumway, Phil — 88 
Smith, George Albert — 74 
Smith, Joseph Fielding — 75 
Smoot, Richard P. — 89 
Snell, W. H.— 88 
Soffe, Wayne H.— 89 
Sorenson, Kimball J. — 89 
Sparks, LeRoy — 89 
Spears, Irene O. — 89 
Spencer, Lucile — 88, 318 
Sperry. Sidney B. — 102 
Stansfield. Russell N.— 88 
Stapley. Oelbert Leon — 75 
Stewart. Josie — 88 
Sudweeks. Joseph — 88 
Summerhays. Margaret — 88, 134 
Swensen. Albert D. — 88 
Swensen. John C.^-88 
Swensen, Russell — 88 

Tanner, Orea B. — 89 
Tanner, Vasco M. — 81. 89 
Tanner, Wilmer — 89 
Taylor. E. P.— 89 
Taylor. J. Darrel — 90 
Taylor. J. Golden — 90 
Taylor, Lynn — 90 
Taylor, Weldon J.— 90 
Thorne, Lucille — 90 
Thompson, Woodruff — 90 
Turtle, L. Elliott— 89 

Wakefield, Homer— 90 
Warnick. Eftie— 90 
Waterstradt. Jean Anne— 90. 316 
Watts. Stanley— 90 
Webb. Frederic— 90 
Weight. Newell 8.— 90, 135 
West. Dale H.— 90 
West, Franklin L.— 75 
Widstoe, John A.— 75 
Wright. Ray— 90 
Wilkins, Ernest J.— 90 
Wilkinson, Ernest— 76, 77. 78 
Wilkinson, Winifred— 90 
Wing, John H.— 90 
Woodford, Irene B. — 90 
Woodruff. Asahel 0.— 103 

Yarn, David H.— 90 
Young, James Ira — ^90 
Young. Karl— 90 


Aaron, Betty- 234, 338, 391 
Abbott, Stanley— 178, 400 
Abbott. Ward— 139, 322 
Achison, Donna— 54, 117. 125, 204. 

314. 373 
Adam. Thimon — 338 
Adams. Claude — 204 
Adams, Daniel S. — 178 
Adams, Don— 234 
Adams, Fred — 342 
Adams, Joan — 204 
Adams. John H. — 138 
Adams, Tom — 178, 398 
Adamson. Cecil — 267 
Adamson, Kathleen— 125, 234 
AdamsDn, Vyva Raquel — 178, 344 
Adamson, Wayne — 234 
Adiawan, James — 334 
Affleck, Margaret— 204, 310. 314. 

Ahlstrom, Sherrie — -234 
Ah Nin, Myrna— 234 
Aiken. Denza— 152, 390 
Akee, Betty K.— 334 
Akija. Alice Moha— 234 

Albiston, Shirley— 204, 340 
Alder. Edgar A.— 234 
Alexander, Charles M.— 117, 124. 

Alger. Arlene — 234 
Alger, Ned— 273 
Alfeman, Betty Jean — 234 
Alleman, Nola— 152, 393 
Allan, Donald F.— 204 
Allan, Paul— 329 
Allan, Theron D. — 178 
Allen, Daniel— 204, 290, 348 
Allen, Denzel C, Jr.— 234 
Allen, Douglas D.— 152, 294. 374 
Allen. Joe— 234. 355 
Allen. John D.— 152, 131, 132 
Allen. John W.— 178 
Allen, Lael— 134, 234 
Allen, Mariorie— 234, 314 
Allen, Marlene Bee— 234, 393 
Allen, Merle— 234. 277, 331 
Allen, Shirley Rae— 234, 332 
Allred, Blake— 234 
Allred, Carma R.— 130, 234, 338 
Allred, Dorald M,— 139 
Allred, Evan L.— 152, 290 
Allred, Forest— 133 

Allred. Helen — 234 Anderson. 

Allred. Joye— 135. 204 Anderson. 

Allred, Keith Reid— 152 Anderson, 

Allred, LaVoy — 234 Anderson, 

Allred, Marie — 152 Anderson, 

Allred, Ned — 78 Anderson. 

Allred. Sherma — 335 Anderson. 

Allred, Worth— 327 Anderson, 

Alo, Roland K.— 178, 334 Anderson, 

Alvey, Merle — 130, 234 Anderson, 

Andelin, Robert L. — 152 Anderson, 

Anerberg, Elaine — 204 Anderson, 

Andersen, Lynette — 204 Anderson, 

Anderson, Arvin — 152 Anderson. 

Anderson. Beverly— 54. 135. 137. Anderson. 

233. 234. 374 Anderson. 

Anderson, Blaine — 115 Anderson, 

Anderson. Bob — 115, 204, 358 Anderson, 

Anderson, Bruce — 131 390 

Anderson, C. Reed — 402 Anderson, 

Anderson. Carole — 234. 338 Anderson. 

Anderson. Carolyn — 152 Anderson. 

Anderson, Charles — 235 Anderson. 

Anderson, Clair — 178 Anderson, 

Anderson, Courtenay W. — 204. Anderson, 

332, 362 Anderson, 

Anderson, Donalee — 204 Anderson, 

Donna — 204 
Gene— 152 
George L. — ^235 
Geraldine — 178 
Geraidine E.— 178, 365 
Grant— 379 
Hank A.— 404 
Jane— 176, 178, 335 
Janet— 374 
Janice— 204. 347 
Jeanna — 235 
John— 178 
Keith— 152. 398 
Kent S.— 152, 398 
LaGrande — 335 
Loren R. — 204 
Maisel— 115, 235, 338. 

Marilyn— 204. 381 
Mark E.— 204. 405 
Mona Rae— 152, 320 
Norma — 152 
Pat— III. 235 
Ray G.— 204. 400, 133 
Ray v.— 178 
Robert 8.— 178. 321 


Andarson, Robert D. — 134 

Anderson, Rolatne — 235 

Andenon, William — 134 

A/idr«w, Manan — 178 

Andnii, Irva — 204 

Andrus. Marlene — 196 

Andrui, G. Merrill— IIS, 178, 400 

Andnjs, Stanley K. — 178 

Angus, t««ark— 131 

Antrin, Morgan— 290 

Appall, Thomai G. — 235. 33* 

i\rafilei, Mildred— 198, 234 

Argyle, Clarence J. — 204, 375, 398 

Armbuster, Byrdie — 234 

Armstrong, Gale — 204 

Arnett. Alice — 178 

Arnold, Gary — 178 

Arnold. Gomer J. — 152 

Arrowsmith. Joy — 3*6 

Ajh. Ahon — 64, 110. 176, 178, 310, 

316, 364 
Ash, Carmen — 234 
Ash. Donald B.— 234 
Ashby, Lila— 178, 33* 
Ashby, Merrill— 204 
Ashman, Ann — 3*6 
Ashman, Joyce — 115, 310 
Ashton, Kenneth — 204 
Ashworth, Tanya — 178, 3*7 
Aslett, Gailya— 235 
Astin, Jean — 204 
Aston, Lloyd Ray— 204 
Athay, Lois— 235, 395 
Atkerson, Ann — 125, 198 
Atkinson, J. Von- 131, 132, 178 
Austin, Bill— 134 
Austin, Dorothy— 235. 314 
Austin, Joanne— 135, 152. 308, 37* 
Austin, John M.— 235 
Austin. William Alfred— 204 

Badger. Billie— 178. 399 
Badger. Marilyn — 235 
Badger. Rosemary — 314 
Badham. Norma — 134 
Bagley. Carolyn— 124. 235, 314 
Bagley. Colleen— 357 
Bagley, Gaylsn — 178 
Bagley, Iriving A. — 235 
Bagley. Leola— 235 
Bagley, McKay— 234 
Bagwell, Radeen- 234, 330 
Bailey. Dale S.— 133. 204. 400 
Bailey. Elaine — 267 
Baird. Larae— 178. 380 
Baird. Orin E. — 404 
Baker. Carole — 130 
Baker. Dawn— 234. 314 
Baker. Dixee Ann — 204, 381 
Baker, Evona M. — 131 
Baker. Jean — 204 
Baker, Marlin — 130, 131 
Baker, Martin — 132 
Baker, Merlin O.— 234. 317 




Baker. Ruth Marlene— 235. 
Ball. Benjamin W.— 153 
Ball. Rogene — 58, 124, 232, 
Balls, Gerald— 235 
Ballif, Joe— 204, 276 
Ballif, Maralyn— 178, 373 
Ballou, Richard— 130, 131 
Bangerter, Blauer L— 152. 289, 290 
Bangerter. Naomi — 204. 364 
Banks. Annie — 353 
Banks. Lloyd— 384 
Banks. Gladys — 152 
Banles. Gladys— 388 
Barber Kitty Sue— 115, 178, 
Bareneba, Chas. — 153 
Barlocker, Vella Rose— 135, 

385, 386 
Barlow, Irene — 320 
Barow, Ramon — 204 
Barnes, Dean— 198, 204, 378 
Barnes, Marjorte — 153 
Barnett, Arlene — 204 
Barney, Dale — 331 
Barney, Ralph Dale— 205 
Barnhill, Bertha — 178 
Barrett, Mel— 327 
Barrus, Robert R. — 178 
Barstow, Mary— 135, 206, 381, 390 
Bartell, Jean— 205 
Bartels, Dorothy— 126, 134. 235. 385 
Bartlett. Oyde— 235, 334 
Bartlett. Lee— 123. 178. 290 
Barton. D. Louise — 178. 320 
Bascom. Cleo E. — 178 
Bate. Lament G. — 152 
Bateman. Harold F. — 205 
Bateman. Norma Joyce — 152. 360 
Bateman. Ralph H.— 152 
Bates. Lynn — 205, 37* 
Bates, Vane Quentin — 44, 10*, 200, 

205. 312, 374 
Bath, Duane — 290 

BaHad, Marvel— 134, 235, 334 

Batty, Wayne D.— 235 

Bawden Leon — 179 

Bauer, Gloria Dean — 205, 391 

Baugh, Ruth— 197, 397 

Baum, Douglas — 235, 277 

Baum, Frank — 235 

Baum, Haws — 205 

Baum, Lowell — 23* 

Baumgarten, Edward J. — 12*. 178 

Bay. klvon— 23*. 371 

Baysa. Marcella — 23* 

Beach. Marilyn — 23* 

Bean. Arleen- 134, 39* 

Bean, Betty — 357 

Bean. Gaylon — 23* 

Bean. H, Hardy— 133. 179. 384 

Bean. Jan— 22. 206, 3*7 

Bean. J. Evan — 23* 

Bean, Marge— 179. 357 

Bean. Rosemary — 205 

Beardall. Bonnie— 205, 329 

BeaHy, Kenneth— 234, 404 

Beazer, Bill— 237 

Beck, Ardena— 205. 300. 305. 381 

Beck. Dorthene — 314. 234 

Beck. Louise— 152. 357 

Beck. f>earl— 206 

Beck. Paul A.— 123, 237 

Beck. Raejean — 205 

Beck. Robert E. — 179 

Beck. Roland U.— 205. 404 

Beckman, Leonard W. — 379 

Beckstead. Jocel/n — 128. 179 

Bedenbaugh, Joyce — 179 

Bel listen. Ara— 23*. 393 

Belnap. N. Blaine — 206 

Belt. Dwayne— 131. 132 

Belt, William D.— 279 

Bendixen. Richard 0.-152 

Bangerter, Melvin — 236 

Bennett, Douglas — 236 

Bennett, Robert L.— 179 

Bennion, Atton- — 44, 153 

Bennion, Lenore — 115, 205, 310 

Bennion, Marilyn — 206, 364 

Bennion, Robert — 236 

Benson, Don — 274 

Benson, Jesse N. — 179 

Benson, J. Lynn — 49, 153, 324 

Benson, Mark— 44, 46, 176, 179, 

309, 317 
Benson, Maurine — 135, 234, 357 
Benson, Reed A.— 52, 107, 174, 177, 

179, 309, 379, 404 
Bergquist, Eleise — 179, 375 
Bergquist, Ralph — 119, 179 
Berrett, Frank— 115, 205. 378 
Berrett. Kathryn— 234 
Berrey. Barbara— 152. 153, 353 
Berry. Rex— 274 
Bertoch. Jeanne — 152. 3*4 
Bertoncelj. Ronald— 234. 338 
Besendorfer. Erma Jean 
Besendorfer. Walburga — 234 
Bethers. Velma — 205 
Beutler. Charles S.— 179 
Benant. Elaine Peterson — 152 
Blauer. Bonnie — 237 
Bigler. Iris — 114 
Bigler. Margaret — 314 
Bigler, Mark— 205 
Billiland. Norma — 244 
Billings. Barbara — 205 
Billings. George E.— 133. 205, 403 
Billings. Russell |<4.— 141 
Billings. Victor D. 
Bills. OeLoyal— 342 
Binch. Maxine — 130 
Bingham, Bill — 237 
Bingham, Cecil — 236 
Bingham, Jim — 358 
Binks, Duane Ray — 205 
Bird, Ladene — 179 
Birdwell, Joy— 236 
Bishop, David — 205 
Bishop, Rayde — 134 
Bissell, Harold J.— 322 
Bitton, J. Boyd — 236. 358 
Black, Blaine L.— 179, 369 
Black, Don— 134 
Black, Karl L.— 179 
Black, Naida— 134, 234, 314 
Black, G. Stanley— 132 
Blackham, Vernon T. — 179 
Blackley. Bill— 204 
Blackwell. William L.— 204 
Blair, Elaine— 204 
Blair. Evan Max — 236 
Blaisdell, McKee— 379 
Blami^es. Bob — 236. 374 
Blankenagel. Harvey — 179 
BlaHer, Lynn— 236 
Blaylock. Walter L— 236 
Bleak. William— 237 
Bliss. Arthur— 204. 375 
Blood, Louise— 204. 384 
Bloomquist, Milton R.— 132. 237, 404 


Boden, David — 179, 312 

Bodily. Beryl— 179, 353 

Bodily, Melvin R.— 334 

Boehm. Walter J.— 133. 204 

Bohne. Bud — 179, 370 

Boley. Louise — 344 

Belhn. Walter — 400 

Bolingbroke, Mary Lois — III. 124. 

179. 372 
Boliver, John — 115 
Bona, Ardene R. — 17? 
Bond, Geraldine — 236 
Boren, Bruce — 204 
Boren, Naoma — 236 
Borg, Robert L.— 179 
Borgeson, Nellie— 130, 131, 206 
Borgholthaus, Ab — 23* 
Borgholthaus, Robert H.— 180 
Borup. Rex — 236 
Bos. Jacob — 131 
Boswell. Ralph— 206. 369 
Bosworth. Barbara — 236 
Bowen. Jack— 112. 116, 180, 398 
Bowen. Lila— 365 
Bowen. Loa— 153. 390 
Bowen, Lou Jeanne — 116. 236 
Bowen, Mario — 236 
Bowman, Dick — 180, 400 
Bowman, George V.— 198. 236. 277 
Bowman. Jack — 131 
Bowman. La Juana — 206 
Bown. Delia— 153 
Boyack. Beverly— III. 125. 231. 237 
Boyack. La MyrI— 97 
Boyack. Phyllis, 134, 180, 397 
Boyce, Derald M.— 153, 322 
Boyce, Ron — 206 

Boyden, Thomas A.— 139, 322, 378 
Boyenger, Lavon — 180, 290, 312 
Boyer, Jerrol — 54 
Boyle, Richard— ISO. 294, 368 
Boyle, Dorene P. — 237 390 
Boyse, Ronald — 132 
Bradbury, Jack— 206, 294, 374 
Bradford. Howard — 180 
Bradley. Hyrum E. — 153 
Bradshaw. Jerry — 237, 289 
Bradshaw, Sylvia Jean — 204 
Brady, Alice— 71, 206, 310 
Brady, Dee Jay— 180 
Brady, Elwood — 153 
Brady, Howard Keith— 153, 326 
Braeggert, Jeanene — 153 
Braithwaite, LaRue — 153, 320 
Brake, Lorine — 237 
Brandley. Ireta— 237, 332 
Brandley, Patricica — 237, 332 
Bremall. Marie— 237 
Brasher, Ruth E.— 153. 320 
Bratt. Ross— 237 
Brajer. William F.— 317 
Bredee. M. Yvonne — 237. 314 
Briggs. Charlie L.— 206. 400 
Briggs. Hermlne — 397 
Briggs. Richard — 153 
Briggs. Vash — 206 
Bright, Janet — 237 
Brim Margaret— 154, 357 
Brimhall, Bonnie — 154 
Brimhall, Jeanine — 357 
Brimhall, Jim — 124 
Bringhurst, Doris — 204 
Bringhurst, Lorna — 180 
Brinlcerhoff, John A. — 153 
Brinton, J. E.— 18 
Broberg, Marilyn — 197, 376 
Brockbank, Grant C. — 206 
Brockbank, Joyce— 237. 314 
Brockbank, Paul— 354, 121 
Brook, Hazel Mae— 397 
Brooks, Joyce — 206 
Brooks, Vivian^237 
Brooks, Winton— 332, IBI, 375, 115 
Brookbush, Valene — 237 
Brotherson, Edith— 237 
Brough, Beverly — 129 
Brouqh, DeVere— 362, 206 
Browk, Douglas C. — 138 
Brown, Aron S. — 206 
Brown, Berna — 318, 154 
Brown, Carol — 154, 376 
Brown, Daniel— 18, 392 
Brown, Douglas — 392 
Brown, Edwtn — 206 
Brown, EIna E.— 237, 393, 133 
Brown, Farrell— 154, 362 
Brown, Grant E. — 20* 
Brown, Ina Lavon — 181 
Brown, Kathleen— 331, 237 
Brown, Kathy — 395 
Brown, Kent— 333, 237 
Brown. Lavon— 367. 310. 314 
Brown. Leonard — 154 
Brown. Leila — 134 
Brown. LuDean — 204 
Brown. Mariorle — 206 
Brown. Nila Jean — 206 
Brown. Moyle — 154 

Brown, Patricia — 333, 237 

Brown. Ralph — 237 

Brown, Robert — 206 

Brown, Roma Joan — 206, 393 

Brown, Ronald M. — 204 

Brown. Roy— 333, 237, 277 

Brown, Thora — 118, 204, 133 

Brown, Velda— 237, 132 

Bruce, Wallace— 20* 

Bruggerman, Fred— 277 

Brunson, Boyd L — 120 

Brunt, Annette — 237 

Brush, Barbara — 237 

Brussa, Nick— 374. 237 

Bryner, Jolene — 133, 181 

Buckner, Glen — 207 

Budge, Barbara — 330, ISO 

Buhler, Donna — 237 

Buler, Lavar M. — 207 

Bullock, Jane— 237, 314 

Bullock, Norma D. — 180 

Bullock, Kenneth C— 322 

Bunn, Morrel 1—333, 207, 398, 384 

Bunnell Edward L.— 324 

Bunnell, Max — 207 

Bunnell. Renae — 207. 381 

Bunnell. Ted— 154 

Burgan. Barbara — 152 

Burgi. Diane — 207. 357 

Burgon. Glade L. — 154 

Burke. Lyle— 374 

Burns. Ada— 134. 314. 238 

Burr. Bruce — 273 

Burr. Lunn — 207 

Burroughs. Nancy — 305 

Burrup. Max — 180 

Burup. Rex — 277 

Burton. Kathleen — 154 

Burton. Leah— 238. 338 

Burton, McKay C. — 180 

Burton, Mellicent — 207 

Burton, Melvin P. — 141 

Burton, Miriam — 238 

Burton. Robert— 349 

Burton. Vera — 238 

Bush. Elsmore W.— 180 

Bushman, Anna — 180 394 

Bushman, Emogene — 394 

Bushman. Frances — 331. 238 

Bushman. Helen— 331. 238. 394, 388 

Bushman, Orvil M. — 154 

Bushman, Preston — 135 

Bushman, Warren — 331 

Bushnell. Fred— 355 

Butler, Blaine— 371, 207, 319 

Butler, Dale H.— 154. 322 

Butler. Jay Dell— 207, 403 

Butler, Marvin Jay — 154 

Butler, Morris— 180, 131 

Butler, Wesley M.— 138 

Butters, Elma— 180, 390 

Cahoofl. Carol — ^239 

Calder. Darlene — 239 

Calder, Lucy— 354 

Caldwell, Ken— 349 

Calder, Mary Alice— 34. 238. 314 

Calder. Paul— 207 

Calderwood, Keith W.— 138, 322 

Call. Duane 0.— 154, 334 

Call. Anita^l34 

Call. Gaynell— 122, 13*. IBB. 318, 

Call. Geneva— 49, 53, 117, 13*, 181. 

310, 324, 35* 
Call, Harold R.— 405 
Call. Joyce— 238 
Call. Mac Rey— 181 
Call, MyrVee— 238 
Call. Reed— 238. 374 
Call, Shirley M.— 134, 181, 383, 38* 

Call, Reginald L.— 129, 181. 327. 

Cameron, Connie — 56, 207, 36* 
Cameron, Rupert G. — 154 
Cariimack. Byron P. — 238 
Camp, Virgil— 65. 135. 233, 238 
Campbell, Gene— 238, 290, 333, 

Campbell, Jacqule— 122, 134. 207 

323, 333, 360 
Campbell, Rolen— 207, 384 
Campbell, Joyce— 207, 36* 
Cannon, Charlotte — 52, 10*, 110, 

135 151 157, 308 
Cannon, Clara — 238 
Capps, Faye — 207 
Card, Lincoln J.— 181, 401 
Carey, Patricia— 207, 390 
Carle, Wayne M.— 181 
Carlile. Don F.— 238 
Carlile. Fred G.— 207 
Carlile. Ralph— 207 
Carlile. Thomas — 207 
Carling, Janice — 381 

Carlsen, Jean — 134 

Carlson, Emily — 238 

Carlson, Martin — 238 

Carlyle, Gay— IM 

Carroll, Charles— 238, 277 

Carroll, Cecil D.— 180 

Carroll, Jimmy Lee — 154 

Carruthers, Neil H.— 207 

Carson, Mary Emma — 238 

Carter. Carol — 238 

Carter, Carolyn Ann — 238 

Carter, Donald— 135 

Carter, Jerry— 207, 296, 375 

Carter. John — 236 

Carter, Lois — 357 

Carter, Marion — 239 

Carter, Marvin S, — 138 

Carter, Ron — 23 

Carter. Shareine — 239 

Carver, Dale R.— 239 

Carver, Julia — 397 

Case, Deane — 238 

Case, Peggy Ann — 207, 336 

Casper, Nelda Jean — 207, 380 

Casper, William — 207 

Castleberry, Lilas Crandalt — 154 

Cawley, Douglas — 238 

Chadburn, Reese H. — 180 

Chadwick. Barbara— III, 133, 207, 

386, 394 
Chaffin, Irwin E.— 403 
Chai, Henry K.— 334 
Chalmers, Jack— 123, 332 
Chambers, Bob — 135 
Chambers, Bruce— 174, 180, 309, 

Changelo, Anthony — 180 
Chapman, Marvin — 180 
Chapman, Ray L.— 138, 327 
Chase, Gwen— 239 
Cheney, Ruth— 207, 384 
Chesley, Ethel Mac— 154 
Child, Val Dee— 207 
Ching, Henry P.— 207 
Christensen, Anna — 198, 207, 394 
Christensen, Bart— 296, 208, 374 
Christensen, Bonnie — 154, 388 
Christensen, Carol — 239 
Christensen, Carole Ann — 208. 330 
Christensen, Clair — 239 
Christensen, Colleen— 180, 310, 357 
Christensen, Darlene — 239 
Christensen, Dona Lou — 155 
Christensen, David — 154, 400 
Christensen, Gilbert— 208, 370 
Christensen, IHarold — 201. 208. 

278. 294, 355 
Christensen, Herbert— 129. 239 
Christensen, Kathryn — 107, 146 
Christensen. Lila — 239 
Christensen, Lois — 267 
Christensen. Ned— 180. 359 
Christensen. Paul— 130. 131. 133. 

134, 155 
Christensen, Paul J. — 238. 333 
Christensen, Paul N.— 238 
Christensen, Phyllis— 208, 303. 381 
Christensen, Rachel — 238 
Chirstensen. Ralph G. — 238 
Christensen, Reed W.— 208, 400 
Christensen, Rex L. — 180 
Christensen, Richard — 239 
Christensen, Romel — 180 
Christensen. Rose — 181 
Christensen. Vonda— 26. 200, 208, 

Christenson, Kathryn — 155. 366 
Christian. Joanne — 239 
Christiansen, Bonnie — 383 
Christiansen, Niel— 239 
Christiansen, Shirley — 155, 366 
Christlanson, James — 238 358 
Christanson, Lois— 155. 300. 325, 

Christofferson, Leo — 239 
Choules, Albert— 105, 107, I IE, 

151, 154, 309 319. 405 
Choules, Sandra — 239 
Church, George — 240 
Claire, Judy — 181 
Chapham, Barbara — 181, 390 
Claridge, Fred— 124. 129, 240 
Clark, Alan— 181, 402 
Clark, Carol— 135, 360 
Clark, Carol Jean— 112, 134, 181, 

310, 316. 377 
Clark, Colleen— 154, 386 
Clark, Dave— MB, 208, 312, 378 
Clark, Donald J.— 180, 401 
Clark, Dorothy— 130, 240 
Clark, Erma— 155, 394 
Clark, Frederick— 130, 131, 132 
aark, Harold Glen— 208, 399 
Clark, Helen— 208 
Clark, Janet Ruppe — 385 
Clark, Jeanne — 240 
Clark, John— 240 
Clark. Loretta— 238 

Clark. Margaret— III. 238 
Clark, Melvin— 180 
Clark, Nola— 154, 393 
Clark, Richard R.— 180, 402 
Clark, Wayne W— 180, 398 
Clark, Welsford— 130 
Clarke Margaret F.— 208 
Clauser, Lilly— 134 
Clawson, Darcey — 47, 117, 122, 

181, 309, 319, 379 
Clawson, Harold P.— 155 
Clay, Dan— 115, 127, 337 
Clay, Gayle C— 130. 238 
Clay, George — 131 
Clay, Orson— 196 
Clayton, Robert — 403 
Clegg, Luana — 208 
Clegg, Roberta Leigh— 131. 208 
Clegg, Vern— 240 
Clegg, Vella V.— ISO 
dinger, Thelys— 208 
Clingman, Keith — ISO 
Ctouse, Jessie — 180 
Clove, AIvy— 273 
Cloward, Jewell— 134, 325 
Cloward, Richard E.— 155 
Cluff, Joan— 208, 366 
Coatsworth, Richard R. — 241 
Coates, Zada — 240 
Coe, Nathan Bert— 180 
Coffey, Marvin— 180, 324 
Coffin, Marianne — 208 
Cole, N. Dallas— 208 
Cole, Deone — 155 
Coleman, Ronald— 241, 290 
Collard, Kenneth— 208, 354 
ColleH, Carma L.— 129. 240. 38B 
Collett, Ralph— 240 
Cooler, Lila— 208, 336 
Collins, Bob — 240 
Colvich. Raymond M.— 131, 132. 

Covler, Jay — 240 
Colvin, Curtis A. — 155 
Compton, Lou Jean — 181 
Compton, Rosella — 139 
Comer, Shirley — 240 
Comish, Karma Jean — 240 
Condie, John G.— 155, 404 
Condie, Louis R. — 155 
Conger, Lois— 134, 240, 357 
Connell, Harold G.— 112, 133, 208, 

Connell, John R. Jr.— 181. 405 
Cook. Cecil M.— 154 
Cook, Edwin— 181 
Cook, Fay— 210, 394 
Cook, Ilia Mae— 131, 308, 310, 385, 

Cook, Nan— 208 
Cook, Richard— 181, 309 
Cook, Vean — 316 
Cook, Wm. Preston — 154 
Cooley, Kathryn J. — 240 
Coons, Daniel D. — 208 
Cooper, Don — 155 
Cooper, Mary Martineau — 141 
Cooper, Richard — 240 
Cope. James C. — 155 
Coray. Colleen— 134, 208, 325 
Corbett, Joanne — 208. 330 
Corbett, ScotT— 155 
Cordner, Burnell — 241 
Cordner, Carole — 127 
Cordner, Maxine — 181, 381 
Cordon, Clarence H. Jr. — 155, 384 
Cornum, Alger R. — 155 
Cottle, Wayne W.— 155 
Cottrell, Dixie— 264 
Cottrell, Norma— 240 
Covert, Delon — 335 
Cowley, Douglas — 402 
Cowley, Ruth — 240 
Cowley, Wm. Horace — 208 
Cowser, Bob— 273 
Cox, Carl T.— 181 
Cox, Carolyn— 123, 128, 155. 323, 

264, 391 
Cox, Carolyn S.— 240 
Cox, Donald B.— 141 
Cox, Eldon R.— 107, 127 
Cox, Maxine — 208 
Cox, Zeniff J.— 155, 329 
Craig, Bob— 278 
Craig Faye— 31, 208 
Crandall, Dick— 208 
Craig, Calvin W.— 155, 401 
Cram, Deryl L. — 240 
Cramer, Evan R. — 155 
Crandall, Dick— 333 
Crandall, Fred— 155, 399 
Crandall, Janet — 155 
Crandall, Lenti— 296, 374 
Crandall, Louise— 208, 367 
Crandall, Maureen — 208. 365 
Crandall, Virginia— 208. 360 
Crandall. Wayne — 240 


Crane, Boyd — 208 
Crammer, Dorothy— 155, 300, 344 
Cranney, Janice — 240, 338 
Craven, Geraldine — 240 
Craven, Rulon G.— 209, 398 
Crawford, Marilyn — 208 
Crawley, Patti— 29, 182 
Crawford, William— 155, 374 
Crawton, Dave — 277 
Creek, Dennis — 135, 182 
Crider, Zelma J.— 131, 133, 239. 

Criddle, Dale— 142, 405 
Criddle, Jess— 276 
Critchfield, Inga— 209 
Crockett, Bob— 209, 358 
Croft, Merlin R.— 209 
Crook, Jean— 133, 209, 310 
Croom, Clementine — 209, 396 
Crouch, Morris J.— 209 
Crc«, Nannette— 134, 198, 241 
C' »ley, Barbara Jeanne — 182 
C ,wley, Julia— 131, 310. 314 
Crowley. Pearlyne — 239, 314 
Crowther, Delores — 239 
Crowther, Rosemanry — 182 
Crump, Cal — 154 
Crump, Sherman — 239 
Crystal, Ralph— 239, 400 
Cuff, Laura M.— 397 
Cummings, Constance — 239 
Cummings, Donald — 209 
Cummings, Jeanine — 209, 310, 377 
Cundick, Geralee — 239 
Curtis, Brandt B. — 65, 135, 209 
Curtis, DeMar— 209 
Curtis, Denzel — 138 
Curtis, Dorothy— 182. 395 
Curtis. Eugene — 154 
Custer, Merle J.— 209 
Cutler, Odell B.— 209 
Czirr, John Bart— 156. 327 

D'addabbo. Patrick J.— 209. 405 

Dahl, Paul E.— 209, 382, 398 

Dahl. Reed— 182. 332, 384 

Dahl, Reed M.— 400 

Dalby, Pat— 241, 338, 390 

Dahlin, Nancy Lee — 209 

Dain, Betty— 23, 230, 240, 314. 357 

Dain, Donna— 241. 314. 356 

Dalgleish. Bob — 294 

Daly. Ron— 273. 370 

Daniels, Marilyn — 240 

Daniels, Phil— 209 

Dase, Ted— 139 

Dastrup, Linford- 134. 240. 399 

Dastrup. Richard — 240 

Davidson, Don — 156 

Davidson, Jean — 338 

Davis, Bob — 371 

Davis, Bonnie — 44, 209, 373 

Davis, Cora Lou — 240. 334 

Davis, Dan Lee— 132, 240, 317 

Davies, Edward Joseph — 154 

Davis, Evangeline — 240 

Davis, Eveleyn — 240 

Davis, Eugene H.— 182, 399 

Davis, Heber Lee— 209, 312 

Davis, JoAnne — 240 

Davies, Karyt Lea — 182 

Davis, Leiand J.— 139, 322 

Davis, Lloyd F. — 209 

Davis. Lynn H. — 182 

Davis, Marilyn — 241 

Davis, Mary Lou — 209 

Davis, Nadine— 241, 314 

Davis, Reed Kay — 241 

Davis, Robert V.— 209 

Davis, Shirley— 241 

Davis, Tressa R. — 154 

Davis, Warren — 114 

Davis. Willa— 210. 393 

Davis, William C— 241 

Day, Dennis — 182 

Day, Frank D.— 154 

Day, Shirleen — 241 

Dayton, Barbara— 134, 241, 338 

Dean, jeannine — 241 

Deans, Lenoir Harfield — 154 

Deans, Ronald— 132 

De Boer, Robert H.— 132, 209 

De Bry, Jo Ann — 209, 380 

Decker, Carlyle H.— 135, 182 

Decker, Connie — 182, 395 

Decker, Donald— 128, 138, 140, 375 

Decker, Janet— 134, 128, 182 

Decker, Jerena S. — 154 

Decker, Ray — 209 

Dedrickson, Fred L. — 154 

Deem, Arlene— 124, 365 

Deen, Richard— 241. 333 

DeGraw, Barton— 241, 317, 374 

DeGraw, Monte— 156, 374 

DeHovas, Arturo — 182 

Dell'Arla, Thomas G.— 182. 337 

Demer. Clair — 209 
Demos. Bill— 209 
DeNagy. Hugh— 144 
Dew, Lamar — 290 
Denhalter, J. C— 156 


Ivan R.— 241 

Despain, Arleene — 241 
Despain, EIna— 241, 338 
Despain, Norma— 107. 182. 383, 

Devey. C. Richard— 198, 241 
Dial, Laura— 131, 132. 210 
Dickson. Janet — 241 
Dickson. Joan— 110. 156. 308 
Dickson. Trixie — 241 
Diehl. Paul L.— 241 
Dike. Roy— 132. 241 
Dile. Laura — 124 
Dillman, Gleryce— 210. 356 
Dimick. Bob — 274 
Dimick. Shirley— 314, 333 
Dinsdale, David— 216, 375 
Divett, Robert T.— 197, 400 
Dixon, Diane — 241, 314 
Dixon, Ann— 134. 241 
Dixon, Darrel 9.-182. 398 
Dixon, Reona — 182 
Dixon, Willard— 362, 400 
Dobson, Noreen — 241 
Dodson, Neil Gene — 182 
Doering, Hazel — 210, 372 
Dolinar, Mitiie — 210 
Dominquez, John Richard — 141 
Doney, Darrell — 273 
Doney, LaOawn — 241 
Doty, Allan J.— 154 
Dowie, Jack— 134, 267, 402 
Doxey, Margaret— 124, 125, 241 
Doxey, Samuel G.— 107, 115. 123. 

146, 148, 154, 296. 374 
Doyle. Dorothy— 133. 210. 331. 347 
Doyle. Perry W. — 404 
Drage. Beverly — 241 
Draney, Donna — 182 
Draper. Jacqueline — 210. 310 
Draper, Remma — 241 
Drew, Robert H.— 242 
Drewry, John B. — 242 
Driggs, Bob— 118, 210. 354 
Drigggs, Kay A.— 117. 154. 309 
Drigggs. Margie Gay — 117, 182, 

Droubay, Bertha — 242 
Duerden, Wanda Lee — 242 
Dudley, Bob— 53, 210, 374 
Dudley. Gayle — 182 
Dudley. Duane — 182 
Dudley, Bill— 358 
Duffin, Rey L.— 107. 210. 317 
Duke. Virginia— 198. 210 
Duncan, Sallie — 210 
Duncan, Norman — 182 
Dunford, Gloria Jean — 210 
Dunford, Diane— 242, 314 
Dunford, Harold — 242 
Dunford, Ted — 182 
Dunn, Joyce — 154. 324 
Dunn, Loren — 278 
Durfee, Merrill G.— 131, 138, 398 
Durfee, Lyman— 182. 312 
Durfey. Cline — 398 
Durfey. Clint — 242 
Durham, Eddie — 154 
Durrant, Lorna J. — 154 
Durrant, Helen— 154, 388 
Dustin, Joyce— 135, 182, 388 
Dyches, Ronald— 242, 277 
Dye, Ronald— 210, 343 
Dyer, William G.— 1 19. 379 
Dyreng. Pauline — 135 

Earl. Albert D.— 182 
Earl. Alice— 242 
Earl. Joyce — 242 
Earl. Karen E.— 242 
Earl, Mauree L.— 242 
East, Maria- 242 
Eastmond, E. J. — 327 
Easton, Andrew H. — 154 
Easton, Edna — 210 
Eckersley, Howard— 115, 182 
Edgerton, Nancy — 111, 242 
Edgley, Lenona— 133. 242 
Ediefsen, Blaine— 107. 130. 131, 

Ediefsen. Jesse, R. — 210 
Edward, Barry M. — 210 
Edwards, Betty Jeanne — 353 
Edwards, Carolyn— 210. 210, 214, 

Edwards. Clista— 154 
Edwards. Glenna — 242 
Edwards. Hal C— 182 
Edwards, Howard— 210, 374 
Edwards, Lee— 242 

Edwards, Murray — 290 

Edwardj. Sally— I5i. 376 

Edwards. Walter W.— 154. 337. 358 

Egbert. Alzina — 320 

Egbert. Luene — 156 

Egbert, Wendell— 277 

Egbert. William R.— 182. «4 

Eggertson. Max — 242 

Ekker. Leta— 157 

Elder. Lavon F. — 400 

Eldredge. Burr S.— 157 

Eldredge, Jean Knecht— 182. 320 

Eliason. Joanne— 115. 182. 372 

Ellson. Jerry — 182 

Elklngton. Irma- 132. 242 

Eller. LaVon F.— 183 

Ellertson. Joy— 154. 347 

Ellertson. Neman — 131 

Ellsworth. Richard G.— 154. 183 

Ellet. Mont R.— 154 

Ellett. LaRae— 242 

Ellis David LindquisI— 156, 321 

Ellis, Suianne— 210. 391 

Ellison. Wilma— 198 

Emerson. Helen Jean — 157 

Emerson. Kay — 277 

Emerson. Kenneth — 242 

Empe'y. Betty — 120 

Empey. Paul — 210 

Em pey Preston — 131. 133 

Ence. Gwendolyn — 183 

England. Carol — 243 

Englestead. Marian — 242 

English, Ruby— 157 

Engstrom. Elaine — 183. 331. 354. 

Enos. Blossom K. — 334 
Ensign. Robert — 402 
Erekson. Jonas H. — 157 
Erekson. Paul— 135 
Erickson. Florence H. — 157 
Erickson. Helen— 210. 343 
Erickson. La Vona— 133. 210 
Erickson. Lorna — III. 242 
Erickson. Newell H.— 183. 400 
Erickson, Ron— 183. 370 
Esplin. Grace— 59. 133. 357 
Esplin. Van— 183 
Eunsaker. R. Delon — 248 
Evans. Ben Paul — 134 
Evans. Colleen — 243 
Evans. Grant— 53. 64. 104. 113. 

115. 177. 398 
Evans. Lois— 44. 135. 228. 394 
Evans. Lucille— 130. 131 
Evans. May Thomas — 322 
Evans. Merrill— 327 
Evans. Robert— 130 
Evenson. Edwin F.— 129 242 
Evert. Betty— 183. 338. 391 
Evertsen. Vernon V.— 183 
Eyring. SuZanne — 183. 344 

Faber, Dorian — 243 
Facer, Mark— 243 
Fairbanks, "E.J.L."— 141 
Fairbanks. R. Frank — 157 
Fairbanks. Vaughn — 358 
Fairbourn. Marilyn — 210 
Falls. Hilda — 183 
Farley. Alice Fay — 157 
Farley. Ernest Kent — 243 
Farley. Fern — 243 
Famsworth, Dean — 183 
Fames. LaRue — 243 
Farnsworth. Karl S.— 135. 183. 403 
Famsworth. Ross— 210. 378 
Farnsworth. Sharon — 228. 314 
Farnsworth. William F.— 115. 175. 

183. 401 
Farr, Betty Jean— 183, 340 
Farr. Ronald— 399 
Farr. Sylvia— 183, 331. 387 
Farrer. Dale— 183. 374 
Farrar. Carl— 210 
Farrar. Gail — 1 18 
Farrer. EeDel— 243 
Farrington. Shirley — 134. 210, 333 
Faulk. David— 242 
Faui. Marilyn— 157. 367 
Fechser. Allan— 242 
Felsch. George — 398 
Felsch, George Jr. — 183 
Felt, iharrol— 242 
Ferguson. Roger — 242 
Ferney. Helen — 243 
Fernley, Arlene — 183. 373 
Ferraro. Ron— 183. 273. 370 
Ferrell. Jay— 402 
Ferrin. Marilyn— 135. 210. 364 
Featherston. John H. — 157 
Fetscher. Elaine— 130. 135, 157. 364 
Feulner. Donna Mae — 130. 243. 393 
Field. Lolita— 157. 395 
Field, Luana— 134. 157, 395 
Reldliouse. Gerald E.— 157. 384 

Fietkau, Doris — 183 

Fietkau, Rora— 243 

Fife, Alexander Louis — 158, 404 

Fife. De Von— 135. 243 

Fife. William A.— 243 

Fillmore. Reid— 127. 210. 312. 317 

Finlayson. Elaine — 381 

Finlinson. Richard L. — 401 

Firth. Richard— 115. 210. 333 

Fish. Paul— 133. 211. 355 

Fisher. Joy — 243 

Fisher. Ray— 243. 277 

Fiske. Suizanne — 158. 376 

Fitigerald. Myrtle— 183, 198, 320, 

Haherty, Robert— 183, 273, 379 
Hake. Bernae— 134 
Flake, Ken (Mose)— 43, 113, 147, 

Fletcher, James R. — 172 
Flinders, Carole — 243 
Flower. Judson— 130. 242 
Fluckiger. Wanda Gay— 130. 242 
Flyoare. Althea— 242 
Folsom. Jerry B. — 242 
Fonnesbeck. Paul — 211 
Ford. Dixon A. — 243 
Ford. Leiand— 243 
Foreman. Jennell — 243 
Forsberg. Robin — 211 
Forsyth, Stanley S.— 157. 392, 382 
Forsythe, Edward— 334, 374 
Foster, Maizie — 386. 393 
Foster, Robert D.— 183 
Fotheringham, Farrell — 243 
Foutz. Mary Lou — 211 
Fowles. Jay R.— 135. 184. 404 
Fox. Dick— 30, 107, 112. 200. 211. 

Fox. Phyllis— 211. 373 
Fradshaw. Lowell — 184 
Frame. John — 211. 374 
Frame. Marilyn — 211. 365 
Frampton. Adria — 243 
Frampton, Boyd M. — 243 
Frampton, Morris — 243 
Francis, Bob — 402 
Francis, Jean— 134, 243, 332 
Francis, Kae — 332 
Francis. Kay — 211 
Francis. Robert — 135 
Francom. Wal G. — 184 
Frandsen, Ina — 134 
Franks. Richard — 69 
Frantham. Nina — 244 
Frazler, Robert — 211 
Freckleton. Marlow — 244 
Fredrickson. Hartley— 43. 211, 375 
Frehner. Connie — 211 
Frerman. Dean — 157 
Fresh. William— 211. 398 
Frodsham. Lowell — 402 
Frogley. Keith— 190, 379 
Frome, Bob — 244 
Fronberg, Charles C— 184, 398 
Frost. Miriam— 211. 330. 376 
Fry. Georgia Jean — 244 
Fryer. William— 211 
Fullerton. Walter — 134 

Gaddis. Donna — 244 
Gagon. Edwin 8.- 184, 398 
Galbraith. Joyce— 184. 383. 390 
Gallagher. Robert— 184. 359 
Gallaway, Howard Pack — 211. 363 
Gambol. Helen R.— 158. 395 
Ganjei. Farhad Fred — 158 
Gardner. Bonnie — 211. 373 
Gardner. Morris — 184 
Gardner. Paul Truman — 401 
Gardner. Ray — 211 
Gardner. Samuel H. — 244 
Garrard. LaMar — 141 
Gareth. W. Love— 211 
Garfield. Earl J.— 158 
Garrett. Eugene — 211 
Garrett. Fred— 211. 399. 135 
Garrett. Glen — 134. 211 
Garrett. Janice — 134 
Garrett. Louise — 158 
Garrick. Bernell- 184. 363 
Garrick. Howard T.— 244 
Gates. Barbara Winkler— 96. 158. 

377. 308 
Gates, PraH— 244 
Gates. Robert W.— 322 
Gates. Vilate V.— 158 
Geddes. David D.— 138. 277 
Geddes. Marilyn— 185. 360 
Geddes, WiHord—211 
Geist. Grace Beck— 158 
George. Joseph C. — 211 
Georges, Marilyn— 245. 330. 245 
Gibbons. Normand — 211 
Gibbs. Betty Jean— 141, 397 
Gibbs. Joyce— 353 


Gibby. M>rlow D.— 245 
Gibby. Val Dean— 185 

Gilbert. Sidney 3.-185 
Giddings. J. Calvin — 185 
Giddings, Luther E.— 158. 290 
Gidley. Bob— 130. 131. 158 
Gilbert. Herbert W.— 185 
Gilbert. Renae — 244 
Gilbert. Sidney— 384 
Gilchrist. Dorothy— 135. 139 
Giles. Gae— 211 
Gilfillan. Jay— 211 
GilleHe, Barbara— 211. 381 
Gillette. Richard— 277 
Gillies. Bill— 244 
Gilliland. Robert G.— 211. 289 
Gillman. Dale T.— 211 
Gilner. Gerald— 185. 392 
Gines. Pauline— 184. 388. 244 
Givens. Earl L— 244 
Glazier. R. Penrod — 158 
Gleave. Stanley — 244 
Gledhill. David— 254 
Glenn. Avery— 158. 133. 296. 312, 


Glenn. Clayton— 244 
Glenn. Lee— 127. 184. 312 
Glines. Reece L.— 211. 363 
Gneiting. Kent— 384 
Goaslind. Carol — 244 
Goates, Wayne A.— 184. 404 
Godfrey, JoAnn— 245, 391 
Giqiiotti, EuneHa— 158 
Goins, Edna Joan — 245 
Golightly, Max C— 64, 324 
Gomez, Allan — 244 
Gonzales, Howard— 23, 244. 231 
Goodell, Robert A.— 244 
Goodman. Joe — 21 1 
Godness. Lei— 184. 325. 357 
Goodwin, Dale E.— 212 
Goodwin, Jack — 212 
Gordon, Janet— 135, 212. 373 
Gorton. H. Clay— 158. 327 
Gottschalk, BeHy— 244 
Gowans, Alice Jane — 244, 337 
Graehl, Max— 184 
Graham, Jerry E. — 129. 405 
Graham, Kenneth — 401 
Graham, Terry E. — 184 
Grant, Grace— 244, 333 
Grant, Jack— 244 
Grant, James Nash — 158 
Grant, Jay W,— 244 
Graves. Howard— 309, 382, 392 
Graves, Hugh H. B.— 141 
Gray, Carolyn — 245 
Greathouse, Don Earl — 245 
Green, Arva — 212 
Green, A.-|ene — ^244 
Green. Betty Ann— 115. 126, 212, 

310. 323. 357 
Green, Bob— 112. 309 
Green, Edna— 119, 212. 396 
Green. Elaine — 386 
Greenhaigh, Glade— 184, 400 
Green, Irene R.— 212, 310, 377 
Green, Keith — 158 
Green, Lucille— 38, 244 
Green, Lucy — 244, 380 
Green, Myrna — 212 
Green, Robert H.— 159. 37B 
Green. Verl M.— 104. 184. 400, 

Greenwood. Lorraine — 364. 395 
Greer. Deon — 244 
Greer. Elaine— 159. 331 
Greer. Joan — 159 365 
Gregersen. Jack B. — 158 
Gregson. Patricia — 244, 332 
Griffiths, Roen— 131, 212, 374 
Greninger, Gordon — 135 
Grimmett, Janet— 132, 212 
Groberg, Mary Jane — 310, 323, 

212, 130, 125, 126, 133 
Groesbeck, Dorothy- 147, 158, 308, 

318. 344 
Groesbeck. Marilyn — III 
Groesbeck. Ruth— 212. 360 
Groutage, Harold L. — 244 
Grover. C. Leavitt— 244 
Grover, Joan — 212 
Grover. Paul Truman 
Gummoul. Fred — 245 
Gummow. Delila— 159. 353 
Gummow, Gladys — 2l2 
Gunn. LaMarr — 184 
Gunn. Tom— 148. 159, 309, 402 
Gunnell, Robert D. — 245 
Gunther, Marvin L. — 159 
Gutierrez, F. A.— 158. 371 
Guymon. Clover — 123. 118. 158. 

Guymon. Joyce — 122. 245. 314 
Guymon. LaVonna — 212. 364 
Guymon. Lloyd G — 245. 399 
Gwilllam. Gloria Stimpson — 159, 


Gwilliam, Robert F.— 159 


Hackett, Oarlene 
Haddock, Marjorie Jean 
Hadley, Jack— 277 
Hadlock, Theresa— 133, 244 
Hafen, John Mark— 277 
Hafen, Joseph — 399 
Hainsworth, Morris — 159. 378 
Hair. Allen D.— 399 
Hale. Gerald A.— 212 
Hale. Glen B.— 194 
Hales. Glen H.— 245. 277 
Hales, Janet— 115, 185, 321, 344 
Hales, La Ree— 49, 212, 381 
Hales. Marilyn— 159. 354 
Hale. Melva— 134. 185, 338, 394 
Hales, Patricia Ann— 20, 112, 137. 

232. 245. 314 
Hales. Shirley— 115 
Hall. Barbara— 54. 159. 344 
Hall. Barbara L.— 212 
Hall. Calvin N.— IBS 
Hall. Dave— 245 
Hall. Edwin— 334. 245 
Hall. Forrest O.— 405 
Hall. Gayle— 212. 372 
Hall. Harry G.— 104. 158. 358 
Hall. Helen— 332 
Hall. Jean— 212. 357 
Hall. Mary Carol— 245 
Hall. Norma Jean — 212 
Hall. Phyllis— 245 
Hall. Stanley— 104. 149. 158. 122. 

309. 321, 323, 374 
Hall, Zelda llene— 352. 185 
Halterman, Richard J.— 185 
Halverson, Thomas A. — 123, 158, 

Hamabata. Gloria — 245 
Hamblin. Bob— 273, 362 
Hamblln, Jacob — 245 
Hamilton. Joseph V.— 185. 402 
Hammer. Normon F. — 404 
Hammond, Gayle F.— 119. 159, 

398, 389. 382 
Hammond, Roma Jean — 159 
Hancey, Gene- — 245 
Hancock, Betty— 245 
Hancock, Jay J. — 212 
Hancock, Larry— 212, 274 
Hancock, Nolan— 245 
Hancock, Ruth— 245, 330 
Hanks. Frances — ^357 
Hanks. Marilyn — 245 
Hanks. Marion — 134 
Hanks. Pauline— 134. 245, 390 
Hanks, Read T.— 159 
Hannig. Joseph Carlisle — 245 
Hanseen. Karma— 115. 314. 245 
Hansen. Arlen R.— 212, 402 
Hansen, Bonnie D.— 159, 308. 314. 

Hansen. Bryant— 130. 184 
Hansen. Carole — 159 
Hansen. Christene — 131. 133. 245 
Hansen. Deloy W.— 159 
Hansen. DuVello — 184 
Hansen. Elayne — 374 
Hansen. El Marie — 344 
Hansen. Erval Orlin— 159 
Hansen. Evan W.— 212. 389 
Hansen, Gene— 133, 212 
Hansen, Geraldine — 133 
Hansen, Gwendolyn — 212 
Hanson, Jack— 39, 107. 115, 184 
Hansen. Jackie— 124. 212 
Hansen. Jerrie— 159. 320 
Hansen. Keith— 184. 392 
Hansen. Kenneth — 245 
Hansen. LaRae — 212 
Hansen. Lois— 120. 159 
Hansen, Lynn— 212, 371 
Hansen, Lynn Wayne— 159, 389 
Hansen, M. W.— 134 
Hansen. Margene — 310 
Hansen. Margrett— 300. 325. 360 
Hansen, Marjene— 212, 338 
Hansen, Monna — 184, 316, 391 
Hansen, Victor— 135 
Hansen, M. Warrington — 245 
Hansen, Patricia— 184 
Hansen, Ralph— 159, 321 
Hansen, Ross D.— 184 
Hansen, Russell — ^245 
Hansen, V. Margarett — 159 
Hansen, Wllford N.— 141, 343 
Hanson, Bonnie Rae — 159, 380, 324 
Hanson, June H.— 212. 342 
Hanson. Gene — 212. 342 
Hapi, Joseph T. — 139 
Haralson. C. Wllbui— 159 
Harboertson, Margaret — 111, 140 
Harder. Gwen — 245 
Harding. Beth— 212 
Harding, Don — 244 


Htrding. dcorg* W.— IM 
Harding, Leonard Eugene — 1^ 
narding, Margee — 3/0 
Hard»ic>, Baroara — 2l2 
Mardy, Sene — 160 
Haray, George K.. — 246 
Hardy, LaKene — 357 
Hardy, Leila — 393 
Hardy, Nadine — 24i 
Hardy, Richard — 213, 3Sf 
Hardy, William M.— 213 
Harks, Leiith— 246 
Harker. tldon— 213 
Marker, tilan L. — 184 
Harmer, Kichard A. — 185 
Harmon, Eunice — 160, 328 
Harmon, Gaylen — 399 
Harmon, Jean — 2)3 
Harmon, Marilyn — 160 
Harms. Callis K.— 198 
Harmsen, Connie — 134, 213. 387 
Harper, Bob— 129, 277, 244 
Harper. Betty— 332 
Harper, Betty — 332 
Harper. Max 0.— 213. 405 
Harries. Barbara H.— III. 160 
Harris. Aileen — 246 
Harris. Baibara — 320 
Harris. Chet— 69. 244 
Harris. Colleen— 198. 244 
Harris. Darlene — III. 244 
Harris. Darrel — 338 
Harris. Delores— 135. 244 
Harris, Howard — 185. 400 
Harris, Jim — 119 
Harris. Martina — 213 
Harris, Muriel — ^244 
Harris. Ray- 213 
Harris. Thayne R.— 140, 328. 375 
Harrison, Arthur T. — 244 
Harrison, Helen E. — 185 
Harrison, Hortense — 198, 244 
Harrison, Marion — 185 
Hartley, Hazel— 244, 332 
Hartvigsen, Jack — 141 
Hartvigsen, Joie — 140 
Haskell, Thales— 244 
Haslem, Vearl— 244, 334 
Hatch, Adelia— 213. 373 
Hatch. Betty— 244 
Hatch. Oereal K.— 244 
Hatch. Donna— 185. 394 
Hatch, Emma Gean — 213. 340 
Hatch. Frances— 124. 244 
Hatch. Rhea — 244 
Helton, Gaylen— 130. 131 
Havens. Patricia — 185. 132, 390 
Hawker, Alora J.— 184 
Hawkes, Bonnie Lou — 244 
Hawkes, Grant R.— 244 
Hawkes, Reed — 213 
Hawkins, Elmer— 213 
Hawkins, Eugene — 213, 370 
Hawkins. Omor— 384 
Hawkins, Richard T.— 131. 140, 

Haycock, lie Jean— 213 
Hayes. Betty— 31. 135, 213, 310. 

314. 357 
Hiyes. Keith C— 244, 317 
Haynes. Vivian— 312. 332, 390 
Haynie. Larry— 247. 330 
Haynie, Richard— 312. 330 
Hazard. Jim— 131 
Heacock. Kathryn— 247 
Heap. Don- 213. 336 
Heaps. Leon— 278. 355 
Heaton. Flora Mae— 247. 393 
Heaton. Maurice K. — 160 
Heber. Joyce— 198. 213 
Hebertson. JoAnn — 214. 131 
Hecker, Dealo— 247 
Hedquist. Albert K.— 140. 343 
Hedquist, Jerrold— 197, 213. 242 
Heisenger, James G. — 160 
Heiser. El Franklin— 184. 400 
Heiser, Janice— 184, 395 
Helquist. Ronella— 247 
Hemenway, Deloy— 132. 247 
Hendrickson, Keith M.— 160 
Hendrix. Elaine— 213, 357 
Heninger, Howard P. — 244 
Heninger, Richard — 213 
Hennis. Margaret — 213 
Henrie, Bill S.— 184, 400 
Henrie, Etouise — 247 
Henrie, Irven L.— 213, 403 
Henrie, Weston G.— 184 
Hepas, Arnell — 247 
Herbertson, Leon M.— 140 
Herburg. Nancy — 244 
Hermansen, Doris — 387 
Hermansen, J. Clark— 213. 402 
Hcrnadez. Helen — 140 
Heslop. Norene— 244, 397 
Hess, Blaine— 132, 312 
Hett, Paul M.— 198, 213 
Heward, Dorothy — 140 

Hiatt, David— 160 
Hiatt. William S.— 214 
Hibbert. R. Dean— 120 
Hicken, Audrey — 160 
Hickeniooper, Monte — 104. 112. 

214, 317, 375 
Hickman, J. Morris — 184 
Hicks, Beverly— 246 
Hicks, Fletcher— 129, 201. 247, 

Hicks, Royce— 247 
Hideshima, Tad— 184 
Higa, Betty— ril, 247 
Higa, Lila— III, 184, 311, 381 
HIgbee. Evelyn— 133, 214 
Hill, Adell— 160 
Hill, Bruce— 247 
Hill, Dick— 160. 273, 289 
Hill, Donne— 140 
Hilton, Gill— 122 
Hill, James B.— 139, 309, 321 
Hill, Jim— 290 
Hill, Joseph— 45, 120, 160 
Hill, Marvin— 129 
Hill, Paul E.— 184 
Hilller, Afton Annie— 160 
Hillman. Marianne — 247. 325 
Hillman. Russell— 278 
Hillyard. Marion— 247 
Hilton. H. Gill— 247. 317 
Hilton, Jan— 140, 308 
Hilton, John— 214 
Hilton, Marilyn— 160, 344 
Hinckley, Janice— 214 
Hinkson, Jen — 247 
Hindricksen, Clarke — 185, 312 
Hintze. Lyie S.— 185 
Hirst, Farrell— 244 
Hitchcock, Ralph— 214, 317 
Hobbs, Charles R.— 214 
Hobbs, Joana— 233, 244. 314 
Hodges, Manda — 120 
Hodkinson, Kenneth — 214 
Hodgson, Robert — 322 
Hoemka, Annalize — 244 
Hoen brook, Betty — 244 
Hoffman Floyd H.— 139. 322 
Hogan, Delores — 247 
Hogenson. Ken — ^247 
Hogenson. Lucille — 134. 214 
Hogenson, Narvyn William — ^247 
Hoggan. Robert — 247 
Hoki, Mits— 129. 185 
Holbrook. LeRee— 134. 185. 333, 

Holbrooke. LaRue— 185, 333, 357, 

Holdaway, Mary — 247 
Holder, Lyal E.— 140 
Holfeltz, Lula Jean— 185, 347 
Holladay, Fred H.— 214 
Holland, Verla— 134, 247 
Holers, LaRee— 394 
Holley, Nadine— 247 
Holliday, Jo— 194 
Hoi man, Ferol— 58, 124, 124, 247 
Holmes, Alice— 214. 311. 332 
Holmes. John — 248 
Holt, Gale— 248, 384 
Holt, Marlene— 248 
Holt, Nancy— 160, 340 
Holt, Ralph— 248 
Holtzer, Robert— 198, 248 
Homer, Janice— 137, 214, 372 
Hone, Gayle— 194 
Honeycutt. Leo W.— 161, 405 
Hoopes, Marilyn— 134, 194, 360 
Hoopes, Ned— 53, 54 
Hoover, Kelvin — 196 
Hoover, Marian M. — 160, 367 
Hoover, Venice — 248 
Hopkin, Marian — 214 
Horiuchi, Russell — 248 
Horrocks, Evelyn— 141, 384 
Horton, Frank K.— 194 
Houston, Grant — 248 
Howard, E. Elsdon— 197 . 
Howard. Elmo — 139 
Howard, Kenneth— 214, 374, 405 
Howell, Arlene— 249 
Howell, Franklin— 249, 335 
Howell, Sheila— 248 
Howells, James — 248 
Howells, Jim — 290 
Howells. Jr.— 277 
Howells, Tom— 161, 290. 405 
Howlett. Glen G.— 248 
Hoyt, Anna Julia- 111. 115. 130, 

133, 203, 214, 311, 316. 344 
Hubbard, Shirlee— 248 
Huber, Shirley— 197 
Hudes, Charles— 248 
Huerta. Delores— 248 
Huff, Edward— 248 
Huffacker, Phil C— 133. 248 
Huffman. Howard A. — 214 
Hulford. Lorraine — 194 
Hughes. Barbara — ^249 


Hughes. Beverly — 134 
Hughes. Lloydine — 249 
Huggins, Alta— 248, 331 
Huish, Dick— 112, 118, 202, 214, 

312, 354 
Hulet, Clarence V.— 194, 404 
Huler, Donna — 248 
Hulet, Grant M.— 115, 194 
Hulet, Gherdena— 331 
Hulick, John— 348 
Hulihan, Lois— 214, 395 
Hull, Chad— 248 
Hullinger, Lorraine — 214 
Hulme, Ronald A. — 214 
Humphreys, Phillip K.— 214, 399 
Hunger, Raelene — 248 
Hunt, Billie Lou— 248, 314 
Hunt, Dessie— 248 
Hunt, Elwood C— 214 
Hunt, Russell F.— 214, 384 
Hunt, Wally— 214, 390, 358 
Hunter, Dorothy — 249 
Hunter, Gloria— 248 
Huntington, Jane — 16 
Hurst, LeRoy I.— 214 
Hurst, Scott A— 399 
Hussey, Roene — ^249 
Hutchins, Mel— 43, 278, 288 
Hutchinson. Joseph — 135 
Hutchinson, Margaret — 214 
Huxford, Gary— 214 
Hyatt, Dave— 290 
Hyatt, E. P.— 322 
Hyatt, Ora Mae— 194 
Hyde, George— 194, 348 
Hyde, Lona Mae S.— 196 
Hyde, Marjorie— 135, 214 
Hyde, Mary C— 141 
Hyde, Nadine— 248 
Hyer, Mary Jo— 214, 372 
Hyer. Paul— 141, 321 
Hymas, Max W.— 141, 319, 403 


Ige, John— 214, 334, 324 

Ingalls, Wm. V.— 161 

Ingram Patricia — ^214, 352 

Innes, Bob — 248 

Ipsen, Florence — 133, 215, 384 

Irwin, Grace — ^246 

Isom. Sam — ^277, 289, 290 

Isrealson, Vione — 248 

Iverson, Ora Fay — 141, 384 

Ivie, Boyd — ^248 

Ivie, Evan L. — ^215 

Ivie, Leonard — ^215 

Ivins, Colleen — 248 

Iwasa Ray — 215 

Iwasalii, Stanley— 215 

Jack. Ralph L.— 119, 126, 401 

Jackie, JoAnne — 215, 357 

Jacklin, Elva— 249 

Jacklin, Monta J.— 215, 387 

Jackman, Elden— 215, 399 

Jackman, Morris — 249 

Jackson, Bettv— 330, 384 

Jackson, Bob— 290 

Jackson, Karma Rae — 248, 314 

Jackson Marykae — 249 

Jackson, Wendell— 248 

Jacob, Joseph O. — 197 

Jacobson, Ruelene — 249, 314 

Jacobsen, Valerie — 125, 284 

Jacobson, Verna — 215 

James, Glen A.— 184, 39? 

James, Carolyn — 314 

James, Joan — 215 

James, Romaine — 184, 373 

Jamison, Bob— 249 

Jardine, Earl D.— 131, 133, 139 

Jarman. Boyd — 203. 278, 290 

Jarman, Marua — 130 

Jarvis, JarreH— 112, 141, 309, 324, 

Jaycock, Ilia Jean — 391 
Jaynes, Carol — 134 
Je<fs, Dayle— 184, 342 
Jelinek, Hena— 371 
Jenkins, Dick— 371 
Jenkins, Donnell — 249 
Jenkins, Douglas — 141 
Jenkins, Estella— 249 
Jenkins, Gary — 249 
Jenkins, Reed— 312, 378, 228 
Jenkins, Wayne— 249 
Jennings, Joyce — 215, 377 
Jensen, Archie — 114. 186, 378 
Jensen. Bob — 186 
Jensen. Carolyn — 186, 390 
Jensen. DeLamar — 215, 404 
Jensen, Donna — 215 
Jensen, Elwynn — 249 
Jensen, Iris— 119, 380 
Jensen, Jean — 215 

Jensen, LaMar — 115, 141 

Jensen, Marilyn — 215 

Jensen, Marion — 116 

Jensen, Norma R. — 141 

Jensen, Ray — 249 

Jensen, Ronald — 249 

Jensen, Ruth Ann — 215 

Jensen, Verona — 184 

Jensen, Vern H. — 330 

Jensen, Voniel — 141, 384 

Jensen. Warren — 249, 392 

Jenson, Iris — 141, 387 

Jenson, Twila — 161, 380 

Jeppson, Jay Mornam — 186, 402 

Jeppson, John W.— 215, 379 

Jeppson. Joyce — 164 

Jeppson, Lynnee — 249 

Jergandez, Evelyn — 134 

Jes, Rhode- 134 

Jesorick Ellen— 215, 311, 315 

Jessee, Elaine — 49, 130 

Jewkes, Paul — 141 

Jex, Alice Ann — 249 

Jex, Rhode Joyce— 249, 352 

Johansen, Frank— 215, 312, 374 

Johnson, Andrea — 142, 318 

Johnson, Betty Jane — 115, 119 

Johnson, Beverly — 249 

Johnson, Blaine — 142 

Johnson, Camille — 123, 124, 184 

323. 354 

Johnson, Calvin — 142 

Johnson, Charles W.— 215, 249, 359 

Johnson, Dale — 249, 384 

Johnson, DeRae — 215 

Johnson. Donetes — 249 

Johnson, Donna Mae — 215. 380 

Johnson, Douglas G. — 124, 249 

Johnson, Douglas Warren — 215, 

Johnson, Edward W.— 164 
Johnson, Elaine — 215 
Johnson, Elizabeth— 134, 184, 314. 

Johnson, Helen Marie — 184, 249 
Johnson, Howard — 142, 359 
Johnson, Jackie — 30, 31, 124, 202 

215, 344 
Johnson, Joan — 249, 338 
Johnson, Julie — 142 
Johnson, Kay — 135, 312 
Johnson, Laura — 215. 394 
Johnson. Laurel R.— 142. 332. 388. 

Johnson, La Von — 290 
Johnson, Lewetla — 215 
Johnson, M. Dale — 132 
Johnson, Marvin — 249 
Johnson, Nada — 332 
Johnson, Patricia — 250 
Johnson, Rex — 175 
Johnson, Sherwin — 164 
Johnson, Shirley— 134, 142, 394 
Johnson, Shirley Mae — 215, 388 
Johnson, Susie — 125, 133, 134, 

Johnson. Ted— 124. 134, 250 
Johnson, Thayne — 140 
Johnson, Thomas H. — 250 
Johnson, Thomas William — 392 
Johnson, Vada— 36, 186, 388 
Johnson, Welburn K.— 215 
Johnson, Wesley— 230, 249, 331 

Johnston. Thomas W. — 215 
JoIIjv. Weldon— 215, 400 
Jones, Betty— 215, 380 
Jones, Benny — 115 
Jones. Bill— 214 
Jones, Blaine — 250 
Jones, Bud — 379 
Jones, Dick— 278 
Jones, Dixie— 129, 250 
Jones, Donald Theone — 141, 327 
Jones, Fred— 214, 400 
Jones, Helen Jeanne — 115, 130. 

150, 161, 345 
Jones, Jack K.— 392 
Jones, Jay D. — 141 
Jones, Jim — 216 
Jones, John — 335 
Jonei, Lillian — 250 
Jones, L. Ross— 184, 396 
Jones M. Glen — 214 
Jones. Nadine — 184. 314 
Jones, Renee — 164 
Jones, Richard F. — 216 
Jones, Ruby — 214, 338 
Jones, Tom— 112, 164, 374 
Jones, Weston K. — «3 
Jonson. Frank — 274 
Jones. William N.— 405 
Joost, Virginia- 250, 380 
Jordan. Benny — 96, 184. 289 
Jorgenson, Eleanor — 320 
Jorgensen, Hal — 214 
Jorgensen, Marcia — 134. 250 
Jorgensen, Marva — 134. 250 

Josie, Barbara— 128. 123. tU> 
Juarez, Fernando — 216. 313 
Juarei. Rafael — 184 
Jueschke. Eteonorc — 216 
Judd. Gwendolyn — 186 
Judd. Kenneth — 216, 399 
Judd, Patricia— 130. 357 
Judd. Vila— 216 
Julian. Kenneth— IIS. 162, 400 
Judy, Sannette — 224 

Kaleikau, Roy— 334 

Kamauaha, Charles M.— 139 

Kamauoha, Velma— 250 

Kanahele, Laura — 334 

Kapuniai, Micei — 216 

Karpowiti. Bob — 273 

Kartchner, Joyce — 162 

Katienbach. Jpn— 112, 250, 317 

Kauanae, Shirley — 334 

Kearl, Phyllis— IB6 

Keate. Bob— 106. 118. 186 

Keeler. Lavina — 186 

Kekaula. Tom— 119. 162. 334 

Kekouoha, Wesley— 334 

Kekovoha, Clifford N.— 334 

Kelley, James B.— 250 

Kelley, John E.— 162 

Kelly, Shirley— 250 

Kelsey, Marcene — 216 

Kemper, Leona — 216 

Kemper, Marlene— 250, 332 

Kendell, Karia— 250 

Kenny, Jean— 124, 250 

Kerley, Gordon — 250 

Kiester, Elaine B.— 162 

Kienke, Joanne— 216. 391 

Killpack, Shirlee— 250, 314 

Kimball, Warren— 273 

Kindred, Jay— 216 

King, Colleen — 216 

King, Dale L— 139 

King, Elton A.— 216 

King, Norma Jean — 357 

Kinney, Farel H.— 162 

Kinnison. Lucile — 250 

Kinsey, Charles— 250. 384 

Kinsey, Donna — 250 

Kirk, Don C— 162 

Kirkham, Rae Mona— 64. 162, 308, 

324, 364 
Kirkham, Ronald— 251 
Kirkham, Sally— 123, 146, 148, 323, 

Kirkland, Granvel — 251 
Kirkwood, Betty May— 251 
Kitterman, Sanford J.— 142 
Kitiberger, Bonne — 216 
Kleinmann, Wayne— 134, 251, 290 
Knecht, Wm. Bill— 162 
Knight, Colleen— 130, 216, 377 
Knowlton, Beverley— 135, 162, 353 
Knowlton, Ted— 216, 363 
Knudsen, J. Gordon — 186 
Knudsen, Margaret — ^2I& 
Knudsen, Peqgy — 311 
Kobayasi, June — 216 
Kochevar, Lewis — ^276 
Kochever Norma Jean — 387, 25! 
Kofofd, Valene — 251 
Kohler, Marion C— 162, 397 
Kohler, Zelda— 134, 251 
Kondo, Gladys T.— 186, 325 
Kondo, Eleanor — 251 
Konvicka, William N.— 216 
Kooyman, J. J. — 250 
Kramer. Delbert— 216 
Kresge, Betty— 250. 337. 380 
Krider. Edward A.— 162 
Kropf, Carol Dawn — 250 
Kullicit. Ed— 214. 337 


Labrum, Renee— 32S, 184. 380, 

Laird. Robert— 143, 374 
Lake. Boyd— 216. 3S9, 402 
Lake, David— 216 
Lake, Jack— 290 
Lake, Jay Vaughn— 132, 250 
Lake. John H.— 216 
Lallatin, Gwen — 186 
Lamb, W. Doyle— 184 
Lambert, Richard G.— 216, 398 
Lambsen, Ronald — 186 
Lambson, Glen — 216, 342 
Lance, Elwin— 216, 258, 273 
Lander, Solomon — 139 
Laney, Lois— 216 388, 394 
Lang, Dee S.— 186 
Lang, Donna — 216, 336 
Lange, Fred — 216 359 
Langlois, Mary — 217 
Lanen. Bliss — 184, 345 

Larsen, Donald R.— 399 

Larsen, Don W,— 251 

Larsen, Ernest- 187, 379 

Larsen, Flora— 187, 357 

Larsen, Gareth — 187 

Larsen, Genntel — III, 251 

Larsen, Janice — 251 

Larsen, Kathleen— 187, 318 

Larsen. Keith— 126. 187, 379 

Larsen, Kenneth G. — 217 

Larsen. Kent— 251. 392 

Larsen, Margaret — 251 

Larsen, Maurine — 135, 251, 338 

Larsen, Oscar — 251 

Larsen, Ralph— 309, 402 

Larsen, Reed — 217 

Larsen, Shirley— 187, 217, 357 

Larson, Janet — 162 

Larson, John Max — 187 

Larson, Orlo B.— 187 

Larson, Sandra— 45, 356, 217 

Larson. Tharia — 251 

Larson. Wanda— 133. 250 

Larson. Calvin — 250 

Last. Ronald— 250 

Latimer. David— 130 

Latimer, Kathryn- III, 311, 381, 

217, 394 122 
Latimer, Geraldine — 250 
Lauper, Georgia — 217 
Law, David L— 139 
Law, Hugh T.— 142 
Law, LyDell— 251 
Laws, Duane — 217 
Lawlor, Enid— 217, 332 
Lawson, Douglas B. — 187 
Lay, Beverly — 217 
Lay, Leiand— 217 
Laycock, Marion — 163 
Layton, Mona Dell — 251 
Leah, Lloyd— 217 
Leavett, Beth— 134 
LeaviH, David— 187 
Leavitt, Elaine— 217, 383, 394, 388 
Leavitt, Glenda — 251 
LeaviH, Margaret Anne — 217 
Leavitt, Maryl— 251, 397 
Leavitt, Ray H.— 217 
LeBaron, llene — 251 
LeBaron, Theron— 217, 332 
LeCheminant, Verona — 187 
Lechtcnberg, Jay — 395 
Lee, Audrey— 187 
Lee, Boyd— 251, 33! 
Lee, Charles— 277 
Loe, Glen W.— 187, 404 
Lee Harold W.— 2l7 
Lee, James I. — 217 
Leo. Max— 370 
Lee, Ralph E.— 187, 331 
Lee, Thomas — 327 
Lee, Zane F.— 217 
Lechtenberg, Joy — ^251 
Leegant, Dan— 163, 69, 129, 324 
Leigh, Maxine— 187, 133. 325 
Lemon, Betty — 163 
Lemmon, Richard H. — 251 
LeSueur, Joan- 134, 314, 132, 252 
Leth, Ken— 106, 378, 115, 163, 313 
Levie, Paul D.— 187, 398 
Lewis, Arlene— 310, 217, 360 
Lewis, Earlena— 252, 314 
Lewis, lone — 396 
Lewis, John E.— 217 
Lewis, Laurence G. — 217 
Lewis, Lorna — 252 
Lewis, Margaret— 331, 387, 252 
Lewis, Maridell— 324, 356 
Lewis, Orton E.— 252 
Lewis, Robert F.— 132, 252 
Lewis, Ruth— 331, 252, 387 
Leydsman, Henry; — 252, 337 
Libby, Ellen— 217 
Lickman, Kymma — 213 
Liddiard, Robert— 252 
Liechty, Elaine — 163 
Liechty, Ella Rae— 252, 135 
Liechty, Leslie— 187 
Lightfoot, Darwin — 252 
Lillywhite, Fern— 252, 331 
Lillywhite, Viola— 217, 331, 385 
Linford, Carol— 252 
Lind, Rulon— 334 
Lindsay, Ellen— 217, 393 
Lindsay, Myrl- 163, 353, 300 
Linford, Carol— 125, 134 
Linn, Ross D. — 187 
Litchfield, Lorraine— 252 
Little, Dona— 252 
Little, Edith— 252 
Little, Jim— 104, 107, 326 
Liu, Potsan — 139 
Livingston, Jack — 217 
Livingston, Lorna — 132 
Llewellyn, Morris J.— 162 
Lloyd, Charles P.— 187 
Lloyd, Kent— 252 
Lloyd, Leah— 397 


Lo, Naomi— 126, 217 
Loasli, Gayle— 320 
Lockhart, Oelores— 187 
Loe, Evelyn— 135, 252 
Lomax, Charles — 252 
Long, Jerry— 130, 131, 187 
Long, Vee— 218 
Longoria, Fortunate — 187 
Longoria, Maria — 187 
Lcngson, Beverly — 163, 372 
Loomis, Norma— 129, 218 
Loosli, Gayle— 187, 310, 316 
Losee, Ferril A.— 187 
Lott, Leroy N.— 329 
Lott, Rose La Rae— 125. 133, 252 
Louder. Ray R.— 188 
Loutensock. John L. — 188 
Love, Arlene — 252 
Loveland. Jerry K. — 163 
Loveless. James— 130. 369 
Lovell, Perry— 188. 405 
Loveridqe. Gordon — 188 
Lowe. Howard D.— 319 
Lowry. Marlene— 218. 356 
Loy. Leiand— 317 
Luce. Carl T.— 163, 327 
Lubeck. Vauna— 218 
Ludlow. Les— 162. 326. 358 
Luke. M. Richard— 218 
Lunceford. Dorothy — 252 
Lund. Darlene — 163. 385 
Lund. Jay— 188 
Lund, Patricia — 252 
Lundberg. A. James— 188 276 
Lundberg, Con Charles — 252 
Lundell, Bob— 336 
Lundell. Clyde J.— 188 
Lundell, Wayne— 336 
Lunt, Vefa— 163 
Lyman, Bertha — 53, 163 
Lyman, Dorothy — 162 
Lyman, Emerson — 252 
Lyman, Kenneth B.— 162, 399 
Lyman, Linda — 218 
Lyman. T. Kay — 188 
Lyon. Norma Rae— 134. 162, 385 
Lyons, Eugene — 218, 401 


Mabey, Melvin P.— 107, 135, 142, 

143, 309, 319, 368, 403 
MacCabe, John— 29, 43, 112, 118, 

218, 362 
MacCabe, Van— 188, 362 
MacKay, John E.— 252. 402 
MacKinga. Dorae — 218 
Macumber. Ruth — 352 
Madsen. Bonnie Jean — 218. 352 
Madsen. Carol Jeanne — 189. 335 
Madsen. Carolyn— 135. 189. 33, 

357, 390 
Madsen, Jack W.— 163, 322 
Madsen, Janice — 189, 364 
Madsen, Joyce— 252 
Madsen, Lloyd— 252 
Madsen, Louise — 135 
Madsen, Lowell— 218, 273 
Madsen, Maria — 218 
Madsen, Preston A. — 252 
Madsen, Ronald— 218 
Madsen, Russell— 164, 322 
Madsen, Sally^l22, 252, 314 
Madson, Amelia — 163, 356 
Madson, Park— 163 
Magleby, Francis — 379 
Magnusson. George E. — 218, 400 
Mahana, Bill— 218 . 
Maholias, Kanstantin A. — 252 
Mahoney, Donna — 377 
Maitland, Spencer— 189 
Malan. K. H.— 142 
Malmrose, Don— 278. 290 
Malmrose, Elden — 164 
Matstrom. Mary- — 164 
Mangelson. L. Dee — 131. 132 
Mann, Rodney — 296 
Manning. Audrey — 218 
Manning. Katherine — 218 
Manning. R. Hollist— 252. 355 
Mangum, John — 354 
Manwaring, Joyce — 253 
Marble, Delora— 218 
Marble, Glen Bert— 164 
Marcil, Cherie— 36, 107, 130, 200, 

203. 218, 310 
Merchant, Jennie — 218, 310, 316 
Markham, Dix — 218 
Markham, Lucretia — 126, 253 
Marler, Ben C— 218, 403 
Marley, Bert W.— 140, 321 
Marler, Don— 133, 218, 313. 326 
Marriott. Geraldine — 164 
Marsden. Louise— 130. 189, 356 
Marshall, Bill— 253 
Marshall. Ida— 189, 394 
Marshall, Maxine — 253 
Martin, Gary— 144 

Martin, Helen— 253, 330 
Martindale, Donel— 253 
Martineau, Ray — -253 
Martineau, Reed — 253 
Martinei, Joe— 277, 289 
Martini, Betty— 126, 174, 188, 310, 

314, 377 
Marx, Roy D.— 188 
Marx, Tressie — 188 
Maxon, Maughan S. — 188 
Massey, Richard— 164, 329 
Masters, Gaylen— 218, 289 
Masterson, Perry — 218 
Mastheson, Betty— 218, 397 
Mathews. Janice — 253 
Mathews. Joyce — 253 
Matthews. Keith— 218, 273, 374 
Matthews. Malcohm— 338 
Mathias. Edward— 253. 334 
Mathis. Jim— 253. 358 
Matson, CHarmayne — 164, 364 
Matson, Jean — 253 
Mattice, Lou Rita— 218 
Man, Martha— 253 
Mauiy, Bob— 253, 331, 374 
Maughan, Alvin — 253 
Maughan, LaVoyle— 132, 318, 380 
Maughan, Mary Ann — 188, 380 
Maughan, Shirley— 123, 126, 164, 

Maughan, Waynette— 218, 387 
Maxfield, Joyce— 133. 218 
Maxwell, Afton— 219 
May, Ruth Ellen— 122, 131, 219, 

Maycock, Loy— 289 
Maycock, Jean — 219 
Mayna, Joyce — 253 
Maynard, Earl Myron — 140 
McAllister, Arnold J.— 319, 398 
McArthur, Daryl L.— 189, 400 
McBride, Barbara — 253 
McBride, Earl— 126, 253, 317 
McBride, Leah— 303, 352 
McBride, Mary— 219 
McCance, Joan Ellen— 189, 357 
McCarthy, Nancy— 219 
McCarthy, Ronald M —219 
McCellan, E. Louis— 134 
McClurg. Buryl— 163, 379 
McClurg, Diane— 189, 310, 376 
McCommel, William W.— 219 
McCormick, Don — 354 
McCulley, Jessie L. — 143 
McCullock, Gerald R.— 253 
McCullock, Jerry— 27, 42 
McDaniel Eldred— 253, 330 
McDonald, Erma Mae — 189 
McDonald Shirely— 253 
McEwen, Gordon Merle — 189 
McFarlene, James J. — 253, 405 
McFate, Joanne — 253 
McGarry, Patricia — 253 
McGregor, A. Pardoe — 143 
McGregor, Dayton — 253 
McGuire, Bettis Jane — 135, 143, 

Mclnnes, Murray — 253 
Mclntire, Richard— 253 
Mcintosh, Dej?n— 188, 380 
Mclntyre Bernell— 163 
McKay, Burton — 404 
McKefl, Clair J.— 253 
McKell, Lael— 253 
McKell, Melburn— 253 
McKell, Sterling— 219 
McKendrick, Dorothy— 219 
McKinley, Marlene— 219, 253, 393 
McKinney, Betty— 129, IBS 
McKinney, Farrell— 135, 253 
McKinney, Phillip R.— 253, 330, 

McKissick, Robert— 253 
McKnight, John— 104, 230, 253 
McLarsen, Joanne — 219, 384 
iMcLean, Thora — 254 
MsLean, Veon— 219 318, 334 
McMaster, Nancy Ann — 219 
McMillan, Barbara— 254 
McMillan, Daniel H.— 188 
McMullin, Dorothy— 143, 325 
McOuarrie, Ina Maria — 163 
McQuivey, Jean — 254 
McPhie, JoAnne — 163 
McPhie, W. C— 163 
McWhorter. George— 163. 274 
Meacham. Dorene — 130 
Mead. Mariorie— 254. 338 
Measom. James L. — 219 
Mecham. Dixie Ann — 45, 133, 357 
Mecham. Jean — 254 
Medlyn. Ernest— 188. 359 
Meeks. Ardern E.— 219. 342 
Meibos, Richard — 131 
Meier. John— 188. 359 
Melander, Wayne A.— 164, 324, 

Meldrum, Luan — ^219, 353 

Meldrum. Taylor— 254 
Mellor, Hilda LaPriel— 219 
Melton, Evona — 132, 2S4 
'Melville, Kathryn— 188, 365 
Mendenhall, Glenna — 254, 315 
Mendenhall, Janice — 219 
Mendenhall, Maryann M. — 135, 

Mendenhall, Paul— 27A, 354 
Mendenhall, Robert 0.-140 
Meier, Richard A.— 337 
Meyer, Rudolph— 164, 334 
Metcalf, Barbara— 135. 219 
Metcalf, Norma— 219. 390, 396 
Methvin, Patsy— 254 
Messervy. Hal— 219. 375 
Meservy, Keith— 164 
Messervy, Mar^ Gayle — 254 
Merkley, Philip W.— 188 
Merrell, Nelda Jean— 219 
Merrell, Reid L.— 25, 336 
Merrill, Albert— 164 
Merrill, Burdeil- 219 
Merrill, Oonnene— 126, 129, 289, 

310, 328, 356 
Merrill, Ewan W.— 219 
Merrill, June Lee — 164, 364 
Merrill, Louis H.— 254 
Merrill, LuAnn— 189, 357, 39! 
Merrill, Owen S.— 164, 327 
Merriott, Gerry— 320 
Michaelis, Max C— 254 
Michaelson, Eva— 134, 219 
Michie, Amber— 219. 336 
Michley, Hope— 254 
Midgley, Joanne — 254 
Mienger, Bertha — 219 
Midesell, Owen— 254 
Miller, AIra Mae— 254 
Miller, Anna Lous— 254, 315 
Miller. Beverly— 62. 364 
Miller, Dick— 43, 115, 319, 368 
Miller, Glen— 254 
Miller. June— 189. 335, 391 
Miller. Katharine— 164. 366 
Miller, Marvin J. — 164 
Miller. Marilyn— 137, 219. 377 
Miller, Michael— 219 
Miller, Mile— 374 
Miller, Niel— 254 
Miller, Roger^l89 
Miller. Troy M.— 374 
Miller. Vernon— 134, 135. 220. 405 
Miles, Dale B.— 254 
Miles, Donna— 134. 254 
Miles. Duane O. — ^254 
Milligan. JoAnn— 125. 126, 254 
Milliner, Don — 255 
Mills, Boyd— 255, 338 
Mill^ DeVerl— 255 
Milner, Don— 133. 277 
Milner. Frank — 220 
Mims, Harley — 94 
Miner, Carol— 255 
Miner, Don— 129, 378 
Miner, Myrth C— 164 
Miner, Georgia — 164, 364 
Minson, Jerry — 255 
Minson, Roland— 63, 147, 165, 278, 

Mitchell, Aria— 255 
Mitchell, George— 165 
Miya, Ffea — 334 
Moen, Ruth— 255 
Moesser, Bonnie— 133, 135, 149, 

165, 308, 357 
Moffat, Lois— 134 
Moffett, Max W.— 189. 404 
Money. Edward— 220, 317, 358 
Money. Fred— 220, 313, 319, 358 
Money, Mark L.— 189. 319. 402 
Money, Mary Jane — 255 
Monson. Nadine — 130, 220 
Montague. Glenn— 133, 135, 140 
Mofitgomer)^^ Charles — 188. 371 
Montgomery, Don — 254, 290 
Montgomery, Harold — 278 
Montgomery, Richard — 200 
Montgomery, Sharon — 168 
Montgomery. Shield Bryce — 254 
Montgomery, Vern R. — 220, 399 
Moo<fy, Dick— 43. 107. 118. 164, 

294 296, 375 
Moody. JoAnn — 254 
Moon. Donna — 254 
Morgan. Carl E. — 188 
Morgan. Lee^2S5 
Morgan, Louis M. — 255 
Mor^enstern, Rolene — 255 
Morin, Arthur R. — 120 
Morley, Rachael — 188 
Morley, Thomas N. — 255 
Morrill, Fern— 255 
Morrill, Marilyn— 355, 32S 
Morris, Alfred— 130, 131 
Morris, Felt R.— 164 
Morris, Marvin 0. — 254 
Morrison, Peggy — 3S6 

Morrow, Bob— 220, 313, 375 
Moore, Keith W.— 164 
Moore. Leonard O.— 220. 317, 404 
Moore, Leonard D. — 165. 326 
Moore, Maynard C. — 255 
Moore, Tom— 132, 255, 317 
Mortenson, Benny — 46, 47, 113, 

176, 188. 276, 410 
Mortensen, Dave — 220 
Mortensen, Dean — 220 
Mortensen, Elsie— 137. 254, 330 
Mortensen. Joyce — 254 
Mortensen, Shirley Ruth — 164 
Mortimer, George A.— 220, 317, 

Moule, Meridee — 255 
Moulton, Ada— 49 
Moulton, Albert P.— 254 
Moulton, Floyd C— 140, 322 
Moulton, Rex C— 188, 402 
Mower, Colleen— 165, 366 
Mower, LaVee — 220 
Moyes, Arleen— 135, 220 
Moyle, Richard W.— 188 
Muhlestein, Don— 220 
Mumford, Theo— 164, 318 
Murdock, Benny — 220 
Murphy, Don— 220, 312, 379 
Murphy, Frankie — 255 
Murphy, Gloria Mae — 183 
Murray, Geraldine — 220 
Murray, Joyce — 164 
Murray, Mary — 255 
Murray, Roma— 126, 333, 354 
Myer. Richard A.— 188 
Myers, lliene— 165, 357 
Myers, Maurine — 189 
Myers, iMerlin — 1 15 
Myers, Violate— 220, 357 


Naegle, Ferrel — 164 
Naegle, Marilyn — 255 
Nalder, Beverly— 373 
Nalder, Nadine— 188, 373 
Nanchy, Cfiarles— 188 
Naser, D'Ann— 255 
Nash, George L. — 134 
Nash, Marion — 164 
Naylor, Laurel Lee— 255 
Naylor, Lois— 220 
Neal. Coralie— 134, 255 
Neath. Jacquelyn — 188 
Nebeker. Connie— 164. 357 
Needham, Leslie— 125 
Neeley, Mary Lou— 49, 142, 380 
Neilson, Boyd — 296 
Neilson, Lorna — 133 
Nelson, Aflenc — 165 
Nelson, Arlo J.— 188 
Nelson, Arvin — 255 
Nelson, Bob— 289 
Nelson, Dick— 295 
Nelson, Donna — 352 
Nelson, Baine— 165, 360 
Nelson, Erven— 188, 355 
Nelson, Joe— 256 
Nelson, Jon A. — 165 
Nelson, Mark A.— 220, 256, 358 
Nelson. Marvin— 188, 389 
Nelson, Merrill— 256 
Nelson, Richard— 165, 220, 295, 

Nelson, Roland M.— 165 
Nelson, Rosemary — 189, 395 
Nelson, Sue— 117, 122, 130. 189, 

310. 316, 365 
Nelson, Tenna — ^220 
Nelson, Yvonne — 256 
Nennion, Bob — 405 
Neville, Julia— 165. 323 
Neville. V/endal— 256. 398 
Newman, Howell — ^256 
Newton, Charles— 134. 220. 363 
Niblev. Howard W.— 220 
Nicholas. Frank — 256 
Nicholas, Joyce— 189, 388 
Nicholes, Kelly— 256, 317 
Nichols. Gloria— 257 
Nichols, Gloria Janet — 257 
Nichols. Bill— 117. 189. 355 
Nichols. Jeff W.— 220. 359 
Nichols. Lee — 290 
Nielsen, Calvin E.— 165 
Nielsen, Clyde R.— 392 
Nielsen, M. Gail— 189, 370 
Nielsen, John Merle— 404 
Nielsen, Lorna — 332 388 
Nielsen, Melvin R. — 220 
Nielsen, Vodas— 134, 2S6 
Nielsen, Wally— 273 
Nielson, Andr«w J.— 256. 358 
Nielson, Ann— 256 
Niefson, Barbara Lu — 165. 3S6 
Nielson. Carroll Lee — 189, 38) 
Nielson. Delia— 256. 3X 
Nielson. Gerald L — 190 


Nielson. John Boyd — 228 
Nielson. LaRane— 190, 335 
Nielson, La Rue— 190. 335 
Nielson. Lorenzo — 117 
Nielson. Lorna- 256, 257 
Nielson, Margery — 256 
Nielsen, Marlene — 220 
Nielson. Niel— 276 
Nielson, Ray— 220 
Nielson. Rowland — 257 
Nielson, VeLois— 135. 165, 390 
Nieminen, Mary— 220. 383. 387 
Nilsen, Richard E.— 220, 402 
Nishimura, Estelle— 334 
Nixon. Gladie— 357 
Nixon. Jim W.— 220. 398 
Nixon, John N.— 190. 405 
Nixon, Phyllis— 49, 165, 356 
Nobbs, Beverly— 190 
Nock, Jean— 135, 220. 310, 372 
Noelte, Dorothy— 256 
Norton, Harold— 276 
Norton, Marilyn— 59, 256 
Novak, Anre — 130 
Nowers, Vera— 198. 256 
Nuffer, Edwin— 256 
NuHal, Marilyn— 256 
Nuttall, Joelene— 190 
Nye. Eugene — 131 

Oaks. Oallin H.— 256 
Oaks. Janet— 256 
Oborn. Neldon— 256 
O'Brien, Donald— 137, 220 
Ockerman, Bonnie — 220 
Ockey, LaRue— 256 
Ogden, Leila— 256 
Okerlund, Ivan— 190 
Okerlund, D. Maeser— 322 
Oldroyd, Marilyn— 104, 107. 115, 

117, 149, 165, 376 
Olive, Glenn— 2S7 
Olive, Marilyn— 257, 332 
Oliverson, Ray— 273, 289, 371 
Olpin. Guy — 221 
Olpin, Virginia — ^221 
Olsen, Betty— 256 
Olson, Darlene— 256, 314 
Olsen, Doreen — 256, 385 
Olson, Heber R.— 166 
Olsen, Ivan P.— 190 
Olsen, Lynn— 166 
Olsen, Ralph— 278 
Olson, Ruth— 133, 198, 221 
Omps, James R. — 166, 31? 
Ono, Masayo— 166 334, 353 
Oorstendorf, Bart Van — 166 
Openshaw^ Toy-7-2S6 
Oounui, Katharine — 256 
Ord, Bob— 166 
Orden. La Jean Van — 395 
Orgill. Montie R.— 166. 327 
Orgill. Zina Jane— 134, 256 
Orme. Elaine— 190, 394 
Orme, Keitti M.— 106, 122, 190, 

Orme, Ruth— 257 
Orr, Berkley— 135. 190 
Orr. Genille— 332 
Orrock, Beverly E.— 221 
Orrock, Scott— 221 
Orton, Bryce B. — 120 
Orton, Gwen — 190 
Orton, James D. — 140. 327 
Orton, Wayne— 228, 371 
Osborne, Kenneth— 335 
Oscarson, Don — ^257, 377, 290 
Ostler, Darlene — 256 
Ostler. Myrtice— 310 
Ostler, Stephen B. — 190 
Oswald, Carole— 257, 315 
Ottesen, Keith— 190 
Ottosen, Marvin— 134, 336 
Otteson, Ronald— 123, 190, 335 
Ottley, Renae— 221, 381 
Otto4on, Marvin LAe — ^257 
Over^elt, Marilyn— 333 
Oveson, Shiriey— 2S7 
Oveson, Jo^l2S, 256 
Owens, Duane E. — 120. 138 
Owens. Helen Jean — 133 
Owens. Jeanie — Z2I. 331 
Owens. Rial— 67. 135. 257 
Owens, Stephen L, — 166 
Oxborrow, Robert— 221 

Pace, Kenneth— 166, 354 
Pace, R. Elwood— 166 
Peck, Louise— ^57 
Pack. Marilyn— 2S7, 333 
Packard, Trilby E.— 20, 60. 257. 

Packer, Carol — 134 
Packham, Richard— 139, 2S7, 317 

Page. Ana Curtis — 190 
Page, Betty— III. 257. 303 
Page. Don— 131 
Page, Ernest— 221 
Page, Reed H.— 166. 379 
Painter, Reed— 23, 257 
Palmer, Claire— 257, 336 
Palmer, Frances — 190. 331 
Palmer, Jonathan H. — 221, 326 
Palmer, Norma— 1 18, 190, 332 
Palmer, Spencer — 107, 166, 331, 

Parberry. Dema — ^257 
Parker, Bonnie — 221, 367 
Parker. Clyde— 190 
Parker, Edmund— 221, 334, 375 
Parker, Fay Snow— 190, 221 
Parker, lla— 130, 134 
Parker, Janet— 198. 257. 315 
Parker, Juel A.— 166, 326 
Parkin, Bruce — 257 
Parkinson, Donna Marie — 221 
Parson, Kenneth D.— 190, 327 
Parsons. Robert — 166 
Partridge, Clark— 257 
Passey, Afton — 221 
Passey, Bruce — 257. 404 
Patjas, Saara — ^257 
Patten. Glen— 221 
Patterson, Frank— 221, 369 
Pauliti, Jeanett— 257 
Paulsen, Mabel— 133 166 
Paulson John — 119, 276 
Payne, Marlene — 257 
Payne, Mauray — 166 
Paxman, Gary — 221, 276 
Pearce, Keith— 257 
Peacock, Jim — 190 
Pearson, Jean — 221 
Pearson, Joan — ^366 
Peay, Jack D.— 221 
Peck, Kenneth— 221 
Peck, Sandra— 257 
Peck, Thomas — 257 
Peel, Carolyn — 190 
Penf'eld, Robert— 166 
Perkins, Eriine — ^221 
Perkins, John N.— 257 
Perreira, Joyce — 257 
Perreira, Maile — 334 
Perry, Beth- 166 
Peters, Jean — 198 
Petersen, Cumoran L. — 221 
Peterson, Bruce — 290 
Peterson, Carolyn — 133, 135, 190 
Peterson, Charles— 119^331 
Peterson, Dallas O. — 221, 405 
Peterson, Donna Jean — 133, 130, 

190, 391 
Peterson, Dave — ^221 
Peterson, Elaine — 198, 2S7 
Peterson, Elaine — 166 
Peterson, Frank— 257, 401 
Peterson, Glenn C. — 221, 290, 378 
Peterson, Grant — 257 406 
Peterson, Howard— 133, 221 
Peterson, Jack — 7S^ 290. 258 
Petersen. Janet — 222 
Petersen, Janice — 190, 310 
Peterson, June — ^258, 315 
Peterson, Kay — ^222, 362 
Peterson, Keith L. — 222 
Peterson, Lillie Belle— 222, 46, 357 
Peterson, Lois — 357 
Peterson, Lorna — ^258 
Peterson, Louise — 134, 222, 357 
Peterson, Nelola — 190 
Peterson, Norma — ^258 
Peterson. Pat — 376 
Patter. Joyce — 190 
Pettit, Dorothy— 222. 357 
Petty, Vera Jean— 134, 22r 393 
Phelan, Mary Katherine — ^259, SIS 
Phelps. Beth— 259 
Phelps, Paul A. — 190 
Philips, Ronad — ^259 
Phillips, Rosemary— 105. 107. 115, 

151. 167. 308. 320 
Pierce. Ben K. — 167 
Pierce. Scott T.— 167 
Pincock, Lona Mae — 190, 396 
Pinegar, Annie Joy — 130. 131. 259 
Pinegar, Lynn — 222, 401 
Pinegar, Wanita — 259 
Pinnock William 6.-166 
Piper, Elaine — 259 
Pitcher Grant — 259, 3J2 
Piatt Gordon U— 167 
Plumb, Theodore — 167 
Pococic, Ken— 166. 378 
Pollock. James L. — 222 
Polsen, James — 190 
Pomeroy, Patrick— 277, 25? 
Pond, Marilyn — 258 
Pond, Rutti — 258 
Ponder, Kent — ^258 
Poodry, Bradlev— 273 
Porter, Aldin — ^222 

Porter. Carroll— 190 
Porter, E. Ross— I « 
Porter. Maurice — 222 
Porter. Owen R.— 222 
Potter, Halford— 258 
Potter. Joyce — 354 
Potter. Margaret— 320 
Poulton. Beverly- 259 
Poulsen, Blanche— 259. 332 
Poulson. Joyce — 259 
Poulsen. Lorna — 166 
Poulson. Milton T.— 190. 336 
Powell, Gene — 190 
Pratt, Calvin D.— 222 
Pratt, Maurene— 259, 331 
Pratt, Noel— 259 
Preece, Arttiur L.— 259 
Prestwich, Erwin— 259 
Prestwich, Kent— 135 
Price, Alvin O.— 259. 402 
Price, Gordon— 164, 379 
Price, Harold D.— 164 
Price, Jack R.— 1«, 322 
Price, John D.— 140 
Price. Mary Ann— 258 
Price. Mildred— 222, 357 
Prior, La Deane — 380 
Prows, Bernard U— 258 
Prusse, Ralph— 191, 354 
Pulsioher, Joseph— 222, 406 
Pulsipher, Fenton H.— 166. 326 
Pulsipher, Marilyn — 367 
Purnell, Al— 124 
Pusey. Peggy— 258, 330 
Putnam, Howard — 65. 135 
Putnam. Melrose — 258 

Ouaney, Bob— 25, 107, 230, 375 
Quinn. Pat— 116, 164, 364 

Radichel, Fred— 167, 309 
Radichel. Ivlelvin— 259, 337 
Radmall, Stewart— 191 
Rainwater, Sylvia — 2S9 
Raisor, Ralph Calvin — 191 
Randall, Gerald N.— 191, 405 
Randall, Kay— 112, 309, 348 
Randall, Shirley B.— 404 
Randall, Wanda— 147 
Rankers, Margaret — 259 
Rasband, Anne— 132, 222, 380 
Rasband, Mark E.— 147 
Rasband, Verl— 147 
Rasmussen, Hylda — 259 
Rasmussen, Victor J. — 131, 147 
Rasmussen, Winton H. — 259 
Raty, Leslie S.— 103, 120, 321 
Raule, Joylene M. — 191 
Rawie, Joylene — 352 
Rawie, Renee — 147, 353 
Rawlings, Latmar — 294 
Rawlins, Stephen — 259 
Rawson, Colleen — 191, 394 
Ray, Charmaine — 192 
Ray, Lois— 259, 315 
Ray. Nedre Jean— 132. 147. 329. 

Ray, Shirley— 259 
Ray, William S.— 258 
Raye, Tho;T\as F.— 131, 147 
Raynard, Eunice— III, 222, 310 
Raynes, Lincoln F. — 147 
Ream, Leanore— 44, 125, 147, 340 
Ream, Susan— 124, 222 
Rcber, Darwin F. — 147 
Reber. Spencer J.— 140. 322 
Redd. Alene— 167 
Redd, Enid— 222 
Redd. Jacqueline — 147, 347 
Redd, Kathleen— 258 
Redd, Lloyd— 113, 191 404 
Redd, Marilyn— 124, 258 
Redd, Mason— 258 
Reed, Beeny F.— 258, 399 
Reed, Frances— 222, 310, 330 
Rees, Betty Lou— 222, 252 
Rees, Roma Dee— 134, 222 
Reese, Arvilla— 258 
Reese, Cliff-147, 370 
Reese, L. Grant— 191, 399 
Reese, Gwen — 258 
Reese, Ray— 258 
Reese. Ruth— 144, 147, 318, 364 
Reid, Dorothy— 222, 377 
Reinhardt, Maxine— 258 
Reinsch, Barbara— 119, 167, 357 
Reinsch, Cecil — 222 
Reintjes, Carolyn — 258 
Remund, Janet — 191 
Remund, RaVae— 258 
Rencher, Frank — 222 
Rancher, Maryrene — 191 
Reneau, Sherrott — 352 
Rex. Donna L.— 167 

Reynolds, Shirlene— 133, 258 

Reynolds, Thelma— 222 

Rhead. Rene — 258 

Rhodes. Jim— 191, 354 

Rico. Mary— 397 

Rich. Jeanette — 191 

Rich, Owen— 129 

Rich, Roylayne— 258 

Richan, lla— 253 

Richards, Carol— 258, 130, 131, 

Richards, Doris— 258 
Richards, Joan L.— 222 
Richards, Norman T.— 167, 322 
Richards. S. Lynn— 120 
Richards, Sheila— 222 
Richardson, Beth— 380 
Richardson, Clarelle— 222, 388 
Richardson, Jimmie — 258 
Richen, Partridge — 191 
Richey, Dale— 115, 191, 313, 331, 

Richey, Joe— 202, 278 
Richins, Joy— 134, 258 
Richins, Robert J.— 191 
Richmond, Marilyn — 258 
Richmond, Maureen — 131 
Ricks, Richard— 127, 191, 294, 379 
Riddle, Alice— 131 
Riddle, Bruce— 130 
Riddle, David— 134 
Riddle, Kent— 131 
Riding, Lynn— 191, 375 
Rigby, Maurine — 260 
Rigby, Niel— 260 
Rigby, Ralph— 260 
Riggs, Colleen— 135, 167 
Riggs, Joan — 260 
Ringer, Donna — 134 
Ririe, Barbara— 191, 332 
Ririe, Ellen Jean— 191, 380, 385 
Ririe, Loretta— 222 
Ririe, Roger — 260 
Ririe, Ronald— 260 
Robbins, Burtis— 222 
Robbins, Darnel— 399 
Robbins, Donald— 260 
Roberts, Benjamin M. — 131, 133 
Roberts, Connell B.— 119, 142 
Roberts, lone— 129, 191, 353 
Roberts, Jack— 53, 112, 113, 106, 

191, 309, 379, 402 
Roberts, Lynn— 129 
Roberts, Mack— 330 
Roberts, Mark S.— 399 
Roberts, Patricia— 191, 360 
Roberts, Shirley— 191, 310, 377 
Robertson, Bobby Dean— 260 
Robertson, Don— 223 401 
Robertson, Jerold — 241 
Robertson, Kathy— 194 
Roertson, Leonore — 125, 241 
Robertson, Leonore — 125, 261 
Robertson, Sheronne — 147, 320, 

Robins, M. Lamon — 240, 317 
Robinson, Betsy — 114 223 
Robinson, Connie— 130, 260. 315 
Robinson, Dawn— 223, 332 
Robinson, Donald E. — 142 
Robinson, Genevieve — 260 
Robinson, Joyce — 223, 391 
Robison, Charole— 260 
Robinson, E. Doyle — 402 
Robinson, Norma — 260, 315 
Robinson, Rarker P. Jr.— 116, 223. 

Robinson. Rulon— 223 
Rodeback, Shirley N.— 223, 402 
Rodabough, Dorothy — 260 
Rogers, Garth O.— 223, 358, 404 
Rogers, Karl— 191, 330 
Rogers, Marjorie — 260 
Rogers, Richard — 19! 
Rogers, Susan — 223 

Rohner, Geraldine — 198 

Rollins, Glenys— 131, 223, 338 

Rollins. Phil— 223, 3B9, 338 

Romney, Barbara— III, 97, 311, 
316, 365 

Romney, Emmy Lou — 260 

Romney, Janet— 115, 117, 122, 
197. 344 

Romney, Jerry — 278 

Romney Van — ^241 

Romriell, Otis— 134 

Rooker, Frances — 241 

Rooks. Patricia— 240, 386 

Roper, Helen Lee— 260 

Roper, Velda— 192, 316 

Rose, Joan— 134, 260 

Roselli, Remo— 260 

Rosenbaum, Var — 399 

Roseniof, Janet — 240 

Ross, BeHy Jean— 135, 344 

Ross, Carl R.— 223, 400 

Ross, Wiehweg— 196 

Rossell, Gerry— 107, 124, 174, 192, 


Rcssell, Norm— 43, 106, 122. 192, 

309, 359 
Roundy, Varsel Clair— 167 
Rowberry, Richard Lee — 132, 223 
Rowe, Betty Jean— 192 
Rowe, Lucille— 118, 223, 331, 372 
Rowley, Juanita Rose— 168, 391 
Rowley. Leonard — 49, 148, 324 
Rowley, Merlin— 223 
Roylance, Ann — 260 
Roylance, Merlene — 206, 333 
Roylande, Paul— 223, 362 
Ruesch, Joy— 192 
Runyan, John E. — 166 
Rupp, Glenn — 276 
Ruppe, Janet— 168, 336 
Ruppe, Shirley— 240, 334 
Rurr, Darleen — 223 
Rush, Dayle — 134 
Rushton, Connie— 192, 381 
Rushton, Darrel — 223 
Russell, Evelyn— 45, 135 
Russell, Gene— 192, 353 
Russell, Kenneth— 241 
Russell, Pat— 125, 193, 340 
Russell, Ralph Sherman— 148 
Russell, Virginia— 148, 365 
Russon, Lisle— 134. 223 
Russon, Maynard B. — 193 
Rust, Albert O.— 142, 168 
Rust, Dayle Kimball— 241, 277 
Rust. DeLamei^l35. 193, 403 
Ryan, Adrian J. — 148 
Rytting, Lorry— 104, 127, 193. 309 

Sabin, Marie— 193, 395 
Sadler, Arthur S.— 192, 402 
Sadler, Wanda— 260 
Salerno, Helen— 130, 260 
Salisbury, Paul— 294, 368 
Salisbury, Ron— 240 
Salter, Joline— 223 
Samuelson. Virginia — 240 
Sanders, Herman — 324 
Sanders, Gwen — 240 
Sanderson, Janet — 240 
Sandstrom, Gwen — 240, 315 
Sanford, Carl— 192 
Sant, Roger— 198, 354, 223 
Saunders, Sally — 241 
Sargeant, Donna— 333, 133, 223 
Sargent, Jerry— 331, 240 
Sargent, Joyce — 241 
Sato, Esther— 241, 334 
Sauer. Andra— 311, 318, 192 
Schade, Mary Nell— 148, 354 
Schade. Sharon— 20, 40. 241. 135, 

315, 231 
Schardine, Louis — 192 
Schenk, Mary Lou — 223 
Schenk, Viola M.— 223, 372 
Schindler, Stan— 322, 148, 359 
Schipper, Eileen— 118, 318, 314, 
311, 374 

Schipper, Liltian— 112, 148, 308, 

376, 318 
Schipjjer, Ruth— 110, 377, 168 
Schlegel. Walter— 261 

Schmidt, Howard— 261, 384 

Schmidt, Phillip— 401, 168, 319 
Schmuti, Stanton E.— 192 

Schoenfield, Edward L.— 148 

Schofield, Keith— 290 

Schofield, Robert- 241 

Schon, Alvin— 192 

Schow, Enid— 261 

Schow, Fred F.— 148, 343 

Schultz, Bill— 130 

Schulti, Ronald W.— 223 

Schwalbe, Cheryl— 148 

Schwalbe, A. VVayne— 319, 148 

Schwantes, Beth— 331, 40, 61, 223, 

Scott, Dave— 333 

Scott, Wanda— 168,- 318 

Scovil, Bonnie Jean — 192 

Scoville, J. Keith— 168, 362 

Scow, Richard Dick— 168 

Searle. H. Clair— 321. 168 

Sears, Betsy— 110. 311, 192, 367 

Sears, Roger— 309, 374, 115, 22, 
168, 120 

Sederholm, Carl— 223 

Seedall, Margene— 261 

Seegmiller, Euridice T. 

Sekaquaptewa, Emory Jr. — 223 

Sellers, Lois— 223 

Seooi, Eddie— 192 

Sevy, Arthur C— 140, 327 

Sewell, Max— 197, 371 

Shaeffer, Marty— 330 

Shank, Jon Beck— 128, 168. 337 

Shardine, Louis — 289 

Sharp, Louise— 223, 377 

Sharp, Pauline — ^241 

Shattuck, David— 261 

Shaw, Graham — 241 

Sheffield, Sherm— 112, 193, 309, 

379, 402 
Shelley, Arlo F.— 148 
Shelley, H. Merlin— 193 
Shepherd, Douglas— 223, 379 
Sherratt, Reveau— 168, 324 
Sherwcod, Shirley — 397 
Sherwood, Stephen E, — 168 
Shields, R. Doyle— 193 
Shoemaker, Dixie — 241 
Shoemaker. Gene — 277. 371 
Shoemaker, Thaddeus — 241 
Shumway, Dale— 223, 343 
Shumway, Gene— 107. 112, 144, 

148, 309, 354 
Shumway, Lenn— 131, 132, 405 
Shumway, Miles — 241 
Shumway, Widstoe— 119, 174, 193, 

107, 309, 378 
Shurtleff, Jeanine— 390 
Shurtliff, David D.— 168 
Shurtliff, Dorothy— 224 
Shurtliff, Edward R.— 
Siebach, Elizabeth C— 261 
Siebach, Miriam Lina — 224 
Siebecker, Richard — 261 
Sigmon, Marcus — 195 
Slier. Evelyn — 261 
Simmons, Lee— 118, 224, 354 
Simmons, Ralph M. — 224 
Simpson, Clarice — 224, 397 
Simpson, Reve — 169 
Sims, Eileen — 241 
Sinclair, Eugene W. — 241 
Singleton, Paul C— 142 
Sipherd, Bob— 224, 379 
Skillicorn, Richard — 241 
Skougaard, Elizabeth — ^261 
Skousen, Derrel — 331 
Skousen, Don B.— 140 
Skousen, Owen — 277 

Slack, Jean— 142, 130, 387 

Slaugh, Lynn H.— 192 

Sn-.eath, Boyd— 261 

Smiley, William— 130, 131 

Smith, Barbara— III, 192, 311, 

Smith. Bernell— 192, 398 

Smith, Beth J.— 192, 377 

Smith, Beverly— 169, 353 

Smith, Carol Dell— 135, 241 

Smith, Charles A.— 169 

Smith, Cherie— 192, 353 

Smith, David E.— 224, 401 

Smith, Don— 115, 277 

Smith, Donna — 224 

Smith, Earl L.— 142 

Smith, Edna— 241 

Smith, Elon V.— 169, 321 

Smith, Fae — 261 

Smith, Grant— 322 

Smith, Hamilton— 149, 402 

Smith, Imogene — 192 

Smith, Inga P.— 131, 135 

Smith, J. Robert— 224, 399 

Smith, Jerrie— 193, 347 

Smith, Joe L.— 378 

Smith, John D.— 224, 400 

Smith, John W.— 169 

Smith. Karl— 224 

Smith. Karma— 224, 332 

Smith, Kumen— 378 

Smith, Leia— 261, 353 

Smith, LeRoi S.— 169, 331, 402 

Smith, Luana— 192 

Smith, Lyneer— 45, 135 

Smith, Mary— 24' 

Smith, Maureen— 242, 315 

Smith, Mearle B.— 192, 313 

Smith, Melva Ann— 134, 242, 331 

Smith, Melva Fawn— 224 

Smith, Myrlee— 134, 149 

Smith, Norman— 126, 262 330 

Smith, Olene— 114, 224, 376 

Smith, Peggy— 262 

Smith, Phyllis— 192, 262, 311 

Smith, Robert— 118, 129, 192 

Smith, Roy L.— 334 

Smith, Uvonna— 242 

Smith, Walter L.— 322 

Smith, Wilbert Kay— 193 

Smit, Walter— 273 

Smithson, Anna Vee — 224, 331 

Snow, Carrole — 364 

Snyder, lona— 224, 336, 385 

Soderquist, Alma Gene — 224, 404 

Soderquist, Lorna — 224, 354 

Soelberg, Betty— 242 

Soelberg, LaRue— 315 

Soelberg, Verl-132, I". ,|'' ,„ 

Soelberg. William— 135. 193, 399 

Soffe, Wayne— 277 

Sohm, Rozelle E.— 224 . 

Solomon Geraldine— 197. 15* 

Solomon, James— 192, 370, 384 

Sommerlade, Joyce — ^224 

Sorensen, Alene — 149 


Sorensen. Beth— 397 
Sorenson, Colleen — 169, 386 
Sorenson, Dale A. — 192 
Sorensen, Don — 53, 129, 403 
Sorensen, Elaine — 262 
Sorensen, Geniel— 134. 192, 395 
Sorensen, Jerelyn— 123, 321, 169 
Sorensen, Joyce — 193. 335, 391 
Sorensen, Ken — 262 
Sorensen, Neil R.— 192, 404 
Sorensep^ Stanford — 224 
Sorenson, George — 53, 118, 169, 

296. 374 
Sorenson, Mary Anne — 124 262 
Sorenson, William— 224. 333 
Sparks, George C. — 384 
Sparks, Sherlene — 262 
Sparks, Venna — 192 
Speedy, Thomas W. — 224 
Spencer, Beth — 262 
Spencer, Donald— 192, 400 
Spencer. Jo Ann — 224 
Spencer, Maylen — 290 
Spencer, Robert J. — 224 
Spencer, Stanley — 135. 262 
Spendlove. Rex — 169, 329 
Spilsbury, Kelly— 169 
Sprague. Kathleen — 262 
Spratling, Gwen — 161, 329 
Spratling, Maurine — 169 
Spratling, Roylance — 123, 365, 

192, 316, 394, 311 
Sprouse, Betty Jo— 169, 318 
Squire, Delva Jean — 262 
Squire, Helen Fay— 192 
Staffanson, Forrest — 327 
S>aheli, Karl— 170 
Staheli, Kent— 170. 294. 326, 112, 

Staley, Gail— 289. 134, 277, 262 
Stanford. Stephen — 140 
Stapley. Dick— 262, 331 
Stapley, Donna Rae — 224 
Stapley, Marilyn — 262 
Starling, Myrtle— 119. 224 
Starley, Jean — 262 
Starley, Merlyn— 224. 317 
Stauffer, Bob— 262 
Stauffer, David M.— 193, 398 
Stayner, Genevieve — 224 
Steadman. Marian — 224, 318 
Stebbing, William E.— 262 
Steed. Elaine— 332 
Steel, Beverly— 262 
Steele, Bernice — 133, 262 
Steele, Dorothy— 134 
Steele, GenaVee— 263 
Steele, Paul— 193, 326 
Steffanson, Forrest — 142 
Steimle. Bill— 224 
Stelnacker. Karl A. — 170 
Stinger. Atherton — 263 
Stenquist, Leiand — 263 
Stephenson, Archie — 263 
Stephens, Jewell— 263 
Stephenson, Kay— 263, 289, 277 
Stephenson, Loran D. — 130, 170 
Sterling, Myrtle— 386 
Stevens, Bruce— 1 12. 273. 363, 170 
Stevenson, Evan — 170, 401 
Stevens, Henry— 193. 354 
Stewart, Don— 192 
Stewart, Durian H.— 170. 328, 375 
Stewart, Keith— 170 
Stewart, Leo— 263 
Stewart, Merwin — 263 
Stewart, Nelda— 224. 367 
Stockdale, Barbara — 262 
Stockdale, Waldo— 262 
Stock, Jean— 193, 395 
Stockman, Donald G.— 132, 170 
Stocks, Bruce D.— 262 
Stocks, Florence — 69. 225 
Stoddard, Darrell— 262 
Stoddard, Don— 263, 277 
5tod<iard, Joan — 225 
Stoddard, Gloris— 133, 263, 315 
Stromberg, Marvis — 194 
Stonesifer Alan — 263 
Stoops, Linford R.— 263 
Storey, Arlene — 170 
Stott, Douglas— 135, 197 
Scott, G. Gail— 193, 402 
Stott, Lawrence B.— 263 
Stott, Sharral L.— 225 
Stout, DeMar— 263, 277 
Stowell, Betty Rae— 263, 393 
Stowell, Glenna— 133, 331. 263 
Stowell. Helen— 262 
Stowell, LeRoy G.— 194 
Slowe, Mark— 130, 170 
Stratton. Erma— 225, 360 
St-alford. Lee— 126. 225. 313, 359 
Stratton, Loise — 133, 385, 386 
Stringfellow, Val— 354 
Stringham, Joanne — 130, 225, 311, 

Stringham. Marcia— 130. 262 

Stromberg, Arnold — 262, 358 
Stromberg, Morris — 394 
Stromberg, Stanley C. — 170 
Strong, Alice — 262 
Strong. Jack^Ol 
Stubbs, Clifton D.— 225 
Stube, Herbert— 170, 337 
Stuckey, Cyrus — 194 
Stucki, Caroline — 321 
Sturgis. Marilyn — 263 
Sudweeks. Alice Janiece — 170 
Suiker, Alice P.— 170 
Sullivan, Norman D.— 132, 324 
Summerhays, Charles — 263 
Summerhays, Sally — 225, 365 
Summers. Jean — 225 
Sumtson. James — 225. 405 
Sumison, Owen W. — 194 
Sumison. Robert J. — 194 
Sundberg. Kathlyn— 170. 387 
Sunderland. Dons— 225, 395 
Swan. Helen — 225 
Swann. Grace — 263 
Swanson, James W. — 170 
Swasey, Ardell— 263, 336 
Swensen. Joan — 194 
Swenson, Gene — 326 
Swenson, Don — 225, 374 
Syme, Georgia — 263 

Takasaki. Fred— 225, 334 
Takemonto, Nancy — 316, 321 
Tanner, Carmella— 1 18, 194, 377 
Tanner, Donna Mae — 115, 170. 357 
Tanner, Janese — 133, 134 
Tanner, John W.— 225, 313, 402 
Tanner, Lyle— 225. 384 
Tanner, Lillias Ann — 263 
Tanner, Paula — 394 
Tannyhill, Richard— 225. 374 
Taylor. Carolyn — 315 
Taylor, Carolyn— 263. 264. 332 
Taylor. Dale A.— 319, 382 
Taylor. Dale H.— 140, 389, 394. 

Taylor. Dee R.— 225 
Taylor. Dixie— 264. 315 
Taylor, Garna — 194 
Taylor, Gene— 277, 264 
Taylor, Gerald F.— 225 
Taylor, Gordon fl.— 194. 313. 379 
Taylor. Gordon M. — 194 
Taylor. Gordon S. — 194 
Taylor, Henry— 225. 355 
Taylor, Jackie — 263 
Taylor, Janice— 116. 225, 311, 376 
Taylor. James — 264 
Taylor, John— 355, 264 
Taylor, John — 264 
Taylor, Jo'seph^-401 
Taylor. Leila— 225, 394 
Taylor, Lorin — 140 
Ta/lo-, Marilyn— 135, 225, 265, 

Ta/lor, Marolyn — 315 
Taylor. Mildred— 194 
Taylor, Phil— 225, 354 
Taylor, Ralphena— 225. 311, 357 
Taylor. Ron— 119 
Taylor. Russell— 115. 150, 170. 

309, 379 
Taylor, Ruth— 264, 388 
Tea, Roy— 194 
Tebbs, Marian— 265. 133 
Telford, Maxine— 226, 372 
Tenney, Eugene — 264 
Terry, Birdene — 194, 367 
Terry, Dawn— 50, 131, 225, 315. 

Terry, Golden — 226 
Terry, Naomie— 135, 225, 376 
Terry, Orlyn— 170 
Terry, Rex N.— 264 
Tervort, Franklin— 276 
Teuscher, Norinne — 226, 393 
Tew, Fred— 226 
Tidwell, Barbara— 134 
Tidwell, Eugene— 171, 327 
Tidwell, Leah— 194 
Tidwell, Ivan— 171, 319 
Tidwell, Marilyn— 226, 333, 387 
Tillack. Wlnone— 264 
Timm, Dorothy June — 226 
Timothy. Jerry D. — 264 
Tlngey, Garth— 264 
Tingey, Grant — 371 
Tingey. Willard- 53 
Tobler, Bonita — 194 
Thacker, Harry — 226 
Thacker, G. Ted— 194. 336 
Thacker. Vern— 194. 399 
Thackeray. Renee — 226 
Thain Phyllis— 226 
Thelin, Josie V.— 264, 332 
Theme, Robert— 321 
Thomander, LaVonne — 135, 194, 

311, 376 


Thompson. Barbara A. — 264, 226 
Thompson, Barry— 129, 126, 378, 

194, 118, 123 
Tho.npson, Carolyn — 117, 118, 

171, 357 
Thompson, Clair — 134, 264 
Thompson, Delene — 134 
Thompson, Dorothy— 133, 134, 397 
Thompson, Evan — 126 
Thompson, Everett W. — 194 
Thompson, George — 194 
Thompson, John — 134 
Thompson, Marilyn — 116, 194, 320, 

Thompson, Marjorie — 118, 194, 

Thompson, Paul— 194. 135 
Thompson, Vera J. — 142 
Thomas,^ Ann— 194, 377 
Thomas. Dayle — 368 
Thomas, Dean W.— 264, 384 
Thomson, Delene — 226 
Thomas, E. Sandra — 265 
Thomas, Elmo L. — 264 
Thomas, Grant — 226, 368 
Thomas, Helen Faye — 226 
Thomas, Irene— 194, 336, 388 
Thomas, Kathleen — 171 
Thomas, LaVierre — 194 
Thomas, La Vieve — 352 
Thomas, LaVonne — 316 
Thomas, Morgan — 290 
Thomas, Patrrcia— 226, 373 
Thomas, Reese — 134 
Thomas, Rex — 264 
Thomas, Robert D. — 265 
Thomas, Ronald K.— 226, 392 
Thomas, Sally — 264 
Thomson, Detene — 373 
Thorne, Geraldlne — 264 
Thorne, Ivan J. — 194 
Thorne, Janice— 128, 129, 264. 315 
Thorne, Jerrold — 171 
Thorne, Jimmy — ^278 
Thornley, Doraleen — 132, 194 
Thornton, Alzina — 171 
Thornton, Geniel— 197. 171, 300. 

308, 360 
Thorpe, Marilyn— 335, 356 
Threet Conway — 135 
Thurber, Ruth Jeanine — 264 
Thurman, Newell L.— 264. 317 
Tobler, Cloyd A.— 17! 
Tobler, Sharlene — 226 
Todd. Albert C— 194. 404 
Todd, Anita— 132, 194 
Todd, Bert— 116, 307. 354 
Todd, Lorin R. — 226 
Tolbert, Max— 194. 276. 370 
Tolbert. Wilbur— 226. 371 
Tolman. La Dawn — 226, 372 
Tolson. John D. — 265 
Tooke. William H.— 226. 295. 370 
Tooke, Dick— 194. 276. 295, 370 
Toolson. Gene — 276 
Toone. Byron — 196. 277. 196 
Toone, Mariorie — 194, 396 
Topham, William E.— 171 
Torres, Edgardo E. — 195 
Tracy, C. R.— 195 
Tracy, 'May— 265, 315 
Tregaskis, Glade — 264 
Trimble, Bruce — 198 
Trimble, Harry L.— 171, 378 
Trimble, Keith A.— 171. 326 
Trotter, Paul A.— 226 
Trottis, Wallace G.— 264 
Tsalaky. Eva— 195 
Tsalaky, George — 371 
Tucker, Don— 118, 379 
Tucker, Chuck— 226, 370 
Tucker. Clyde L.— 264 
Tucker, John— 117, 119 
Tucker, Karl— 295 
Tucker, Lois— 130, 316, 357, 390 
Tucker, Nettie— 171, 385 
Tueller, Carol P.— 171, 376 
Tueller, Charlene— 133, 226, 393 
Tueller, Nedra— 264 
Tully, Joseph G.— 140, 329 
Turkey. Donna Lee — 226 
Turley. Ella Mae— 195 
Turkey. Marilyn— 38. 195, 372 
Turkey. Wayne— 195 
Turner, Bennie Jean — 22, 333, 386 
Turner. Charles— 264, 374 
Turner, Dale— 195, 392 
Turner, Diana — 226 
Turner, Donald— 112, 171, 358 
Turner, Elaine— 134, 265 
T.rner, Elmo— 36, 104, 107, 115, 

171. 309. 398 
Turner. James — 133. 195 
Turner. Jerry — 132, 264 
Turner. Shirley Lou — 131, 132, 

226. 380 
Tuttle, Allen H.— 171 
TuttJe, Carrol Jean — 264 

Tuttle, Gene— 226, 354 
Tuttle, Elliott L.— 322 
Twitchell, Jerry— 226 
Tyau, Elmer— 226, 334 
Tyler. Dolores— 66. 172, 318 
Tyler, Kent B.— 226 
Tyson, Sally Janye— 388 


Uchida. Alice— 170. 353 
Udall. Idella— 226, 366 
Udall, John Alfred— 170 
Udall, Mary Louise— 227, 367 
Udall, Sammy— 264 
Unger. Pat— 377 
Ungerman, Grant — 265 
Unice. Bob— 362 
Lirie. Shirley Ann— 227, 372 
Ursenbach. Garry — 265, 332 

Vance, Arden A.— 227, 384 

Van Cott, Marion— 265 

Van Buren, Verna— 133, 227, 388 

Vandenberg, Lenore — 367 

Vanfleet, Howard— 227, 370 

Van Orden. La Jean— 170 

Van Wagoner. Amelia— 170. 320 

Varela. Dolores— 227 

Vaughan. Cheryldene — 265 

Veihweg. Ross— 290 

Vieira. Emmanell— 20, 377 

Vienweg, Ross — 398 

Viles, Eileen— 134, 265, 387 

Vincent, Ronald G.— 170, 403 

Vincent, Roy— 227, 359 

Vlam, Grace— 325 

Voorhees, Don G. — 170 

Vorwaller, Blaine— 265 

Vowles, Robert O.— 104 


Wachsmuth, Jean— 227, 372 
Waddoups, Mary Nell— 118. 195, 

Waddoups, Mignon— 172, 281 
Waddoups, Wilma— 227 
Wadley, JoAnne— 195 
Wadsworth, Don— 195, 354 
Wagner, Dorothy— 130 
Wagner, Flora Deanne — 265. 330 
Waqstaff, Cleo— 265 
Wagstaff. Ga\— 134. 265, 336 
Wagstaff, Glenna— 27, 344 
Wagstaff, Kate— 227 
Waite, Beverly— 265 
Waite, Merwin— 172, 290 
Waite, Richard— 290 
Waite. Wendell G.— 400, 404 
Welch, Frank— 227 
Walker, Clarice— 265 
Walker, Dean— 227 
Walker, DeVere— 133, 195, 404 
Walker, Ellen— 134, 265 
Walker, Garth— 227 
Walker, Kay C— 198, 227 
Walker, Keith R.— 172, 404 
Walker, Lynn— 195 
Walker, Merrill— 265 
Walker, Utahna— 198. 227 
Walker. Robert— 227 
Walker. Sanford— 106. 230, 232. 

265, 403 
Walker, William James— 120, 172 
Walker, William L.— 172 
Wall, Andrew J.— 140 
Wall, Carol— 316 
Wall, Cecil— 265 
Wall, Frank B.— 265 
Wall, Lehman— 277 
Wall, Lyle— 265 
Wallls, Gloria— 126, 195, 320, 

Wallis, Jack R.— 195, 336, 398 
Walsh, Marilyn— 130, 195, 39! 
Walter, Troy P.— 172 
Walton, Gayle— 227, 315 
Walton, Wendel— 227 
Wanberg, N. B.— 195 
Ward, Ben J.— 195. 370 
Ward. Dennise— 227 
Ward. LeRuth— 265 
Ward. Wayne— 195. 197. 398 
Warden, Alvero— 172, 296 
Warden, Artell— 172 
Warden, Ron— 333 
Wardle, Alvin— 172 
Warnick, Effle— 320 
Waring. Gordon — 322 
Warner. Afton Speedy — 172 
Warner. Carol — 195 
Warner. James Lynn — 365 
Warner, John D. — 401 
Warner, Martha Mae— 265 
Warner, Paul F.— 265, 398 

Warner. Paul W.— 1«. 375 

Warner, Robert O.— 141 

Warner, Shirley— 195, 3S2 

Warner, Ted J.— 172, 354 

Warner, Robert— 322 

Warr, Carol— 227, 393 

Warren, Bruce W.— 227 

Warren. Ruthalyn — 245 

Wasden, Archie G.— 133, 195 

Wasden, Barry — ^245 

Wasden, Ouane — 227 

Water. Clifford Ray — 2&5 

Water, Verleen— 26* 

Watklns, Alene— 357 

Watklns, Leila— 245 

Watklns, Leone Anderson— 172 

Watson, Dave— 334 

Watson, Elaine— 134 

Watson, Laurel— 2&5, 39& 

Watson, Lowell S. — 100 

Watt. Barbara— 265 

Watts, Alice— 397 

Watts, Ardean— 124. 130. 133. 177. 

195. 400 
Weaver. Carlene— 117. 171. 365 
Webb, Lloyd J.— 129, 227, 363 
Webster, Lloyd E.— 142 
Weeks, Otis H. Jr.— 171 
Weeks, Stanley— 171 
Weibell, Agnes— 130, 171, 381, 

Weight. Adolphus— 277 
Weight, Vaun R.— 227 
Weinhelmer. Ruth— 133, 171 
Welch. Jeanne D. — 265 
Welch, Stanley— 120, 171, 326 
Wells. Anne— 245 
Welsh, Verna— 227 
Wcngreen, Dean — 195 
Werner, Elaine— 227, 391 
West, Jack— 48 
West, Keith— 227, 338, 374 
West. Leslie— 199. 227 
West. Owen— 227 
Westberg. Carol— 171. 364 
Westberg, Dixie — 266 
Westenskow. Richard — 370 
Westerberg. Bates — 198. 227 
Weston. Laney — 266 
Westover, Ross W.— 196, 398 
Westra, Dorene— 124, 266, 315 
Whaanga, Albert— 134, 227, 403 
Whatcott, Calvan— 131, 194 
Wheeler, Belva L.— 171, 380 
Wheeler, Delores— 171 
Wheeler, Doretta — 266 
Wheeler. Kay— 68, 266 
Whetten. Larry— 112. 132, 26*. 

317. 330. 375 
Whipple. Audrey Elaine— 196. 320 
Whipple. Bud— 119. 379 
Whipple. Georgia Ann — 171 
Whipple. Willard— 228 

Whitaker. Bob— 276 
Whitaker. John— 45. 133 
Whitaker. Lorna— 329 
White. David— 172 
White. Dale— 24*. 338 
White, Dorothy— 228, 372 
White, Ed— 244, 277 
White, Fred— 402 
White. Larry— 266 
White. Nada— 23. 266 
White. S. Morgan— 319 
Whiteor. Glenn L.— 266, 402 
Whitehead. Frank D.— 135. 172 
Whitehead. Richard— 194 
Whitely. Joyce— 228, 311, 314 
Whiteley, John M.— 172, 403 
Whiting, Ann— 53, 228, 311, 314. 

324. 377 
Whiting, Marilyn— III, 266 
Whiting, Sue— 141 
Whitney, Robert O.— 196, 404 
WhiHIe, Oiarles- 228 
Whittle, Jack— 228 
Whittle, Joan— 228. 372 
Whittle. Marcia— 266 
Whctworth. Larry— 264 
Whyte, Arthur W.— 142, 172 
WIckes, Rosemary — 194 
Wight. Carryle— 266 
Wight. Ted— 130. 131. 264 
Wifcken. Beth Arlene— 172. 380 
Wllcken. Virginia— 336 
Wilckens, Laura Louise— 244. 380 
Wilcox. Peggy Joan — 267 
Wilcox, Dale— 228. 362 
Wilcox. Leo— 267. 405 
Wilcox, Ray T.— 172 
Wilde, Dorothy— 196. 332 
Wilde. Veldon— 228 
WiHord. Olen- 172 
Wilkening, Walter— 267 
Wilkes. Floyd- 130. 266. 333 
Wilkes. William— 119, 126, 131, 196, 

Wilkins, Arthell— 228 
Wilkins. Delora— 266 
Wilkins. George R.— 264. 403 
Wilkins. Renee— 228 
Wilkinson, Alice— 107. 200 228. 

311. 347 
Wilkinson, Winifred— 320. 394 
Wlllardson. Carma— 247. 390 
Wlllardson, Hal B.— 172 
Wlllardson. Jody— 137, 228 
Willden, Dee E.— 405 
Willes, Vera— 247 
Willett. Ralph— 228 
Williams, Barbara— 133, 247 
Williams, Bonnie — 172 
Williams. Clalron — 131 
Williams. Dee— 172. 359 
Williams, Doremis Sumpter — 228, 


Williams, Floyd E.— 322 
Williams. Glenn— 130. 131. 228 
Williams. Hank— 58, 104, 137. 

150, 172. 378 
Williams. Howard R.— 228 
Williams. Jay B.— 197, 405 
Williams, Jean— 172, 325. 340 
Williams. Joe B.— 172 
Williams. Lavon — 244 
Williams. Lynn— 244. 277 
Williams. Mama Ann — 318 
Williams. Pajl G.— 244 
Willie, Marilyn— 172 
Willis, Ruth— 266 
Wlllitt, Ralph— 276. 354 
Wilson, Arnold R.— 266 
Wilson. Betty— 228 
Wilson. Brigham — 115 
Wilson. Dean G.— 172, 294. 309, 

Wilson, Don— 197, 354 
Wilson, Ervin M.— 228 
Wilson. Grant — 228 
Wiltbank. James— 197 
Wilson, Janice — 134 
Wilson. Kenneth N.— 172 
Wilson. Lawrence — 336 
Wilson. Mary Ann — 366 
Wilson, r: Alan— 228 
Wilson. Wayne— 228. 358 
Wimmer. Leiand P.— 267 
Wimber, Leon — 228 
WInegar, Dee — 267 
Winegar. Maxine — 228 
Wing. Leia— 66, 116, 228, 311. 

316, 332, 364 
Wing, David A.— 313, 378 
Wing, Jack H.— 267 
Wing, John H.— 322 
Wing. Norman S.— 172, 290 
Wing. Patricia— 311 
Winget. K. Oscar— 267 
Winkler. Phyllis— 197. 377 
Winsor, W. Kenneth— 197. 401 
Winter, Lewis J.— 247 
Winter, Louis J.— 44. 405 
Winter. Rue Ann— 1 14. 247, 315 
Winterrose, Geneva— 397 
Winters. Kennetti G.— 172 
Winward. Max C— 336 
Wirick. Noil— 197 
Wiscombe. Arthur C— 195 
Wiscombe, Erold— 196 
Wiscombe, Phyllis— 196 
Witbeck, Alan— 196, 290 
Wofflnden. Arthur— 132 
WoHinden. Frank— 141. 327 
Woffinden. George — 196 
Wolfey, Bartheel— 226 
Wolfley. Scott— 19* 
Womack. Lois— 266 
Wong, Anne — ^244 

Wood, Annette— I2B. IK, 323, 

Wood, Carolyn — 372 

Wood. Clait^247 

Wood, Elden— 133 

Wood, Kay— 194, 305 

Wood, Lowene— 129, 172. 328, 

Wood, Peggy— 194, 376 
Wood. Wanda— 325. 328, 381 
Wood. Willis E.— 228 
Woodard. Melva Rene — 134 
Woodbury. Alma— 131, 132 
Woodfield, Normon R.— 172, 405 
Wooton. Madetyn— 131, 267 
Workman, Martha — 172 
Worsley, Linda Jean— 135, 228 
Wride, C. Hayward— 247 
Wride, Evan— 197 
Wright, Beverly— 134. 228, 247. 

311, 380 
Wright, Carol Jean — 197, 228 
Wright, Dean H.— 172 
Wright, June— 197 
Wright, Karma— 228 
Wright, Lola May— 133 
Wright, Lyie O.— 172 
Wright, Mona— 197, 388 
Wright, Norman E.— 4<B 
Wright, Robert— 135, 403 
Wright, E. Wayne— 228 
Wright. William Lloyd— 228 
Wroblick, Sandy— 228 
Wyatt. Mary Ann— 172. 357 

Yancey. Harold C— 228. 401 
Yeomans. Betty Ree— 244, 330 
Yoshimoto, Harold — 334 
Young, Carl L.— 197 
Young, Colleen — 266 
Young, Donna Lee — 264 
Young, Helen— 172, 385, 389 
Young, Marilyn— 128. 129, 266 
Young, Merlin — 246 
Young, Moylen — 120 
Young, Nellanette— 172, 381 
Young, Nolan — 132, 228 
Young, Richard — 194 
Young, Val— 133 

Zabriskie, Bob Carroll — 172, 355 
Zaugg, Lyal— 267, 374 
Zeller, Sherley Hale— 395 
Zenger, Jack— 225, 354 
Zenger, Jerry^ll2 142, 309, 349 
Zimmerman, Angelene — 172 
Zitting, Fred— 247 
ZobelT, Keith W.— 247 
Zwahlen, Kenneth — 384