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ineteen hundred fifty-three 


r- ^ 



Provo we /comes t/ou to 


Bi-igham Young University 

378. Q5 



^Uaa^Sifl-'vrmKV ^CJCJW«> -U^S=c:^rK-J2.jai^ 



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ifi PIGES. 

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flPPf, CIREffiEE Ills 


If uuu, mum oe erieids 




"Verily I say unto you all: arise and shine 
forth, that thy light may be a standard 
for the nations. " 

D & C 115:5 

U. b II II I L II Editor-in-Chief 


Provo, Utah 
B.Y.U. Presi 

. . . its growth and expansion have set an 
all-time high for western colleges ... in 
the spotlight for its outstanding adnninis- 
tration and departments of instruction 
. , a university rich in spiritual tra- 

^ouft (^amfocu . T. 

... a spectacular setting beneath picturesque 
Mount Timpanogos — just overlooking scenic Utah 
Lake . . . the perfect stage for sunnmer siestas and winter 
fun ... a friendly campus with a typical college atmos- 

. . . supervised by an admirable board 
of trustees and consisting of some of our 
nation's leading educators ... a friendly teach- 
ing staff devoted to the students ... an integral 
part of the University's steady progression. 

Q^m \m [V[ 

^M^ C/^/Ue^ 

now boasting three newest addl^^^p the 
fully Iquipped departments of instructil^^^^ de- 

udJ|tjlinselecting a desirable major 

wid of sRdy . . . popiETnoni^^^P^ilj^nai organ- 
izations provide outletsBMresearch apdr'prA\ca\ appli- 

. . . time out for more fun than a barrel 

of you-know-what in a university famous for 

its dances, parties, assemblies, concerts, plays, 

and social activities unlimited . . . your first real 

cultural experience ... a feast of top entertainment 

for every taste and season. 



. . . largest in history . . . from the lowly Fresh- 
man-week crew to the polished Cap-and-Gown 
crowd . . . students seeking a liberal education 
. . . smiling faces of those you knew and those you 
wish you knew . . . tomorrow's leaders in so- 

^ouft S fronts . . . 

. . . record-breaking scores and thrilling plays 
to equal those of any team in the past . . . 
more popular and exciting than ever with pro- 
fessional squads of sports-loving team- 
mates devoted to representing 
your school in the nation's 
nter-collegiate sportlight 
. . . the heart-beat of the 
university's college 

^owt TittiU . . . 

. . . the backbone of social activities . . . 
organized to pronnote honor, brotherhood 
and friendship on campus . . . another fun-depart- 
ment of the university for all students . . . pledging and 
initiations create innocent havoc to all concerned . . . 
you'll probably never forget that exchange party. 

•■ 1^ ■> 

'a9Z iC'.VJ 


a spectacular setting . 
Page 12 

now boasting three additions 
Page 56 


Some of our leading educators . 
Page 28 



largest in history . . . tomorrow's leaders' 
Page 192 

'more popular and exciting than ever , 
Page 346 



'backbone of social activities 
Page 382 



" ". . . and I will also be your light 
in the wilderness; and I will prepare 
the way before you, if it so be that 
ye shall keep my^mmandments . . ." 
afe**- ^ 1 N»phi, 13 



— .JigJJ^, 



• E 


— .- ,•■. If. 



1'^ Ij^^* 





' I*} . 



— ^ r 




Symbolizing the birth of upper campus, the 
majestic white columns of the Maeser Memorial 
Building reflect the educational ideals of the "Y". 
Within its marbled halls, the President, Dean of Stu- 
dents, and other administrative officers supervise the busi- 
ness of the university and solve numerous academic problems 
of the students. 




Imposing and dignified, the three-s+oried Brimhall Building 
landmarks early growth of the university and expresses 
the quiet simplicity of the great educator for whom 
it was named. 
Containing departments of the College of Ap- 
I plied Science, the structure also serves as head- 
quarters for officers of the Air Force ROTC 
unit on campus. 



.<HM- *■» 


Cultural and religious center of B.Y.U., the prominent 
Joseph Smith Building on upper campus is the only struc- 
ture of its kind named after the famous church leader. 
Containing massive picture windows framing colorful "Y" 
Mountain on the east side, it furnishes a wealth of college 
atmosphere with its musical electronic chimes which ring out 
the school song between classes. 


Resembling a stalwart sentinel of time, the familiar Education Building 
of lower campus began as the Brigham Young Academy and remains 
today as the classic foundation of a great and modern university. 



yiii [ 

. . 

Through a tracery of green and gold, the ivy-covered 
hieber J. Grant Library exemplifies the conscientious efforts 
of early university leaders to provide ample study facili- 
ties for students. In addition to its special collections, 
the library contains microfilm facilities which make 
it possible to secure material from all of the gene- 
ral and technical libraries of the world. 

.^- . 






^T TWl 


. I » k XT 



Dramatic cantilever stairways and modern picture 
windows accent the main entrance to the magnifi- 
cent, two-million dollar Physical Science Building — 
scientific pride of the university. With its superb 
planetary observatory and huge seating capacity, this 
dream-come-true has been discribed by numerous educa- 
tors as the finest and most modern building of its kind west of 
the Mississippi. 


-vci3r«*^*:»::rn i -t*^ 


Athletic and recreational center of B.Y.U., the two-year- 
old fieldhouse is the largest physical education plant in 
the state of Utah and contains, besides complete athlet- 
ic facilities, the offices of athletic directors and coaches. 
With a seating capacity of 10,000, this nnasterpiece of 
nnodern architecture doubles as a concert and assembly 
hall for the activities of a great studentbody and serves as 
headquarters for the "Cougars" — team of the blue-and- 



Elementary and secondary education majors frequent the halls of the 
shaded Training Building on lower campus to capitalize on student 
teaching of kindergarten and grammar school youngsters. 


Something for the girls, the classic architecture of the Women's Gym- 
nasium on lower campus provides an ideal setting for aiding active 
participation in women's athletics and sports training. 


Gabled and as trim and conventional as an 
early colonial mansion, the Amanda Knight 
Hall is situated in an exclusive neighborhood 
on lower campus and is home-sweet-home to 
over 100 lovely campus co-eds. 

The university's largest and most modern dormitory, the 
new Campus Dorm provides a homey atmosphere for 
nearly 400 girls who eat, sleep, work and play together and 
maintain the high standards representative of a spiritual 



The familiar ringing of the telephone, the call for breakfast, 
lunch, and dinner, the excitement of that first date and the 
terrific bull-sessions held nightly illustrate life in your cam- 
pus living quarters. The dorm parties and firesides were 
eagerly awaited highlights of the year — and then there 
was the time you tried to study . . . 

Descriptive of early New England archi- 
tecture, the gabled, home-like structure 
known as Allen Hail houses nearly a 
hundred university women. Dorm par- 
ties and get-togethers furnish ample 
entertainment on week-ends and 
promote greater friendship 
among residents. 


Simple yet effective In structural design, 
the new apartment living quarters are entirely 
functional and completely modern in every de- 
tail. The solution to a serious housing shortage, 
the long-awaited buildings are capable of hous 
ing sixty students each. 


Accompanying the rapid growth of a modern university, the erection of many 
new campus buildings must be provided. Besides the .new fully equipped bookstore, 
the university now boasts the completion and maintenance of numerous new apart- 
ments above Wymount Village. 


Throughout the year, members of the university 
have expectantly awaited the completion of our 
brand new bookstore on upper campus. Land- 
scaped beneath breath-taking "Y" Mountain, 
the ultra-modern structure contains complete 
textbook facilities as well as public relations 
offices and publication departments. 






"The glory of God is inteMi^ence, 
r, in other words, light and truth." ~* *. 

D&C 93:36 







oijbid 0. McKof 

A man of great responsibility, David O. McKay, be- 
loved President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day 
Saints, is also Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Brigham 
Young University. 

His cosmopolitan church and business travels here and 
abroad have given him an admirable reputation as a man 
of humble faith and complete sincerity among his fellow nien. 

Exemplifying leadership in its entirety. President Mc- 
Kay's striking countenance reflects the valiant efforts of a 
devoted educator and spiritual leader. 




Exercising supervision over the adminis 
tration and university functions, the 
Board of Trustees represents a leading 
group of educators who set the stan- 
dards and deternnine the educational 
policies of a great, ever-growing 
university. The board, consisting 
of the First Presidency and Twelve 
Apostles of the Church plus two 
other noted members, was hon- 
ored with the selection of Ez- 
ra Taft Benson to the office 
of Secretary of Agriculture 
by Presidertt Dwight D. 
Eisenhower at the turn of 
the new year. 



D IF nmm 








Because of the complex problems of a growing university, the 
Board of Trustees in 1950 selected Dr. Ernest LeRoy Wilkinson as the 
new President of B.Y.U. 

President Wilkinson, a descendent of converts from Scotland 
and Denmark, has had a rare combination of business, educational 
and Church experience. During the first year of his administration, 
faculty members began participating in Stake Conferences with the 
General Authorities of the Church; enrollment at the University 
increased over 16 per cent; courses in engineering science were 
authorized; a Director of Research and a permanent Executive 
Secretary of the Alumni Association were appointed and the 
Board of Trustees authorized construction of apartment dormi- 
tories to house 800 additional students. 

From his admirable beginning in the practice of the law, 
President Wilkinson achieved a national reputation by ob- 
taining judgments of some $32,000,000 for the Ute Indians, 
the largest judgment ever entered in the United States Court 
of Claims against the United States. 


ll pwiB iijwiBtwai iiw wii wt iy'- 


Indicative of the success of her husband, Alice 
L. Wilkinson is a guiding source of Inspiration and 
is admired as the "First Lady" of Brigham Young 

Mrs. Wilkinson and her distinguished family 
have gained the Love and friendship of uni- 
versity students and faculty and have come 
come to knov/ Provo and the B.Y.U. campus 
as home. 

Actively engaged in Church, school, 
and civic affairs, she is as' interested in 
maintaining the high ideals of the uni- 
versity and its achievements as her 
prominent husband. 

The Wilkinson family, from left to 
right: Mrs. Wilkinson, Marian, Al- 
ice Ann Mangum, Ernest Ludlow, 
David, President Wilkinson, and, 
seated in center, Douglas Wilkinson. 


'll' (i • ir:i(;"|i-ri, 


^ ^ 










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.^ 1 









, . . ^.- . 




9^^ ^ 


i-'^ ^ 






<^ . 

1 ■.--,. — f,'-^:-. 



Director of the Committee on special ser- 
vices, counseling, student health, admission on 
credits, athletics, part-time employment and 
general scholarship. Dean Wesley Parkinson 
Lloyd also serves as counselor to student or- 
ganizations, publications, and housing. As a 
result of a recent year in Japan working in 
student personnel service. Dean Lloyd has 
written and published a book entitled Student 
Counselling in Japan. 

Friendly Dean Lloyd believes that every 
student should be given a balanced education, 
in and out of the classroom, and as Dean of 
Students, he has won the honorable reputation 
of a man gifted with student and administra- 
tive leadership abilities. 

[X[Ciiiv[ inisiHii 

Experienced in western college administrative affairs. Dr. 
Harvey L. Taylor comes to the University as Executive Assistant 
to the President. 

Dr. Taylor, who will handle university business during the 
President's absence, has become familiar with public school sys- 
tems throughout Arizona, Idaho, and Utah, and is an old friend 
to the B.Y.U. campus. 



Administrators and special services com- 
IfDittees consist of full-time university leaders 
who are responsible for academic and non- 
academic activities on campus. Committee 
members act as counselors to various student 
organizations and perform the necessary tasks 
conducive to a smooth functioning of campus 


Counselor for Women 

Coordinator of Student Organi 

Secreta ry-Trea su rer 

Chairman of Counseling Service 

Assistant Registrar 


Assistant Registrar 

Chairman of Committee on Mili- 
tary Affairs and Adviser to Presi- 
dent on Faculty Appointments 


Associate Secretary-Treasurer, 
Chairman of Housing & Cafe- 
terias, and Chairman of Student 



Director of Public Service and Ex- 
ecutive Secretary-Alumni Assn. 

University Physician 


Chairman of Student Assemblies 

Chairman of Curriculum 


Director of Student Health Service 

Chairman of Catalogs Committee 

Director of Lyceums 


Chairman of Radio Committee 


Chairman of Forensic Council 


Chairman of Student Publications 





Counselor to Foreign Students 


Chairman of History of University 

Chairnnan of Committee on Ath- 

Director of Placement 

Security Officer 

Chairman of Scholarship Commit- 

IBM Office Manager 

Chairman of Committee on At- 
tendance and Scholarship 

Director of News Bureau 

Student Housing 



Ashton, Clarence — Horticulture 

Alder, Lorna Call — Elementary Education 

Andrus, J. Roman — Art 

Atkinson, Charles — Football Coach 
Anderson, Edward P. — Engineering 
Allen, Mark Knight — Psychology 

Bailey, Myrtle — Housemother, Knight Hall 

Balli^, Ariel S. — Sociology 

Allman, Verl P. — Secondary Education 

Barlow, Irene S. — Home Economics 

Ballou, Richard E. — Music 

Barlow, Frances — Home Economics 

Bauer, Edith — Secondary Education 
Bateman, J. LaVar — Speech 
Beck, Jay V. — Bacteriology 
Beck, D Elden — Zoology 
Barnett, Owen L. — Education 

Berry, June — Secondary Education 

Berrett, William E. — Religion 

Bennion, Marian — Secondary Education 

Belnap, Bryan W. — Religion 

Beckham, Raymond E. — Alumni Association 

Bos, Jacob — Music 

Booth, Lillian C. — Counselor of Women 
Boel, Joseph M. — Photography 
Blackham, Angus V. — Chemistry 
Bissell, H. J. — Geology 



Boyle, Clarence S. — Marketing 
Bowen, Hazel B. — Elementary Education 
Bourne, John R. — Student Health 
Boyle, W. H. — Education 
Braithwaite, Royden C. — Psychology 

Brough, Rulon R. — I.B.M. Office 

Britsch, Ralph A. — English 

Brown, C. Manley — Elementary Education 

Browne, Arthur — Psychology 

Bryner, Loren C. — Chemistry 

Burrup, Percy E. — Secondary Education 

Buggert, Gustav F. — Music 

Bullock, Kenneth C. — Geology 

Burton, Alma P. — Religion 

Butt, Newborn I. — Library & Research 

Faculty members and friends 
are frequent visitors at the 
Wilkinson home. 

Butterworth, Edwin — Journalism 

Buttle, Faye Jensen — Secondary Education 

Caine, Julia A. — Secondary Education 

Carr, William C. — History & Pol. Science 
Canning, Ray R. — Sociology 
Caldwell. Gaylon L. — Political Science 

Carver, Julia — Physical Education 

Chandler, Samuel — Library 

Christensen, Barbara — Secretarial Training 

Christensen, Leonard E. — Security Officer 
Christensen, Lillian — Elementary Education 
Christensen, Ross — Archaeology 



Chrlstensen, P. A. — English 
Clark, Harold Glen — Education 
Clark. H. R. — Finance & Banking 
Clark, Haiel C. — Elementary Edjcatic 
Clark, Bruce B. — English 

Clark, J. Reuben III — Modern Languages 

Clark, Monroe H. — Education 

Clarke, A. John — Secondary Education 

Clark, Marden J. — English 

dinger, Morris — Speech 

Cdrbridge, Ivan L. — Economics 
Cowan, Cyntha — Physical Education 
Crandall, Lars G. — Secretarial Training 
Crowton, David M. — Physical Education 
Dallln, Leon — Music 

Cummlngs, B. E. — Modern Languages 
Dean, C. Edwin — Mathematics 
de Jong, Gerrit, Jr. — Modern Languages 
Davidson, Bertha B. — Elementary Education 
Dixon, Owen G. — Secondary Education 

Dixon, Fred — Physical Education 
Doxey, Roy W. — Religion 
Drury. Lloyd — Secondary Education 
Duffin, B. Keith — Director of Placement 
Dunn, Norman — English 

Enke, Glenn L, — Engineering 
Eastmond, E. John — Physics 
Durrant, Helen — Home Economics 
Earl, Don L. — Music 
Croft, Evan M. — Secretarial Training 

Fuerstner, Carl — Music 

Edwards, William F. — Finance & Banking 

Fielding, R. Kent — History 

Fisher, Flora D. — Elementary Education 

Haymore, Franklin R. — Press Manager 

[IDIf [[iCillK SIPFf 


Farnsworth, Raymond B. — Agronomy 
Sates, Crawford — Music 
Gardner, Elizabeth — Home Economics 
Gamett, LaVell C. — Industrial Arts 
Broadbent, H. Smith — Chemistry 

Gardner, J. H. — Physics 

Geertsen, O. Norman — Physics 

Geddes, David — Physical Education 

Geddes, Marise — Nursing 

Gibson, M. Carl — Modern Languages 

Grow, Stewart — History & Political Science 

Gledhill, Preston — Speech 

Goates, J. Rex — Chemistry 

Gunn, Richard L. — Secondary Education 

Hales, Richard W. — Mathematics 

Hales, Wayne B. — Physics 

Hamblin, Lawson — Political Science 

Hamblin, Verona — Housemother, Allen Hall 

Halliday, John R. — Music 

Hammond, May C. — Elementary Education 

Hinman, Beth S. — Home Economics 
Hansen, George — Geology 
Hansen, Vivian — Nursing 
Hansen, William F. — Music 
Harrison, Bertrand F. — Botany 

Holbrook, Leona — Physical Education 
Hart, Anna Boss — Education 
Hart, C. J. — Physical Education 
Hart, Edward — English 
Hayes, John E. — Registrar 

Hunt, Norman — Music 

Hoyt. Harrison V. — Accounting 

Howe, Elliott C. — Elementary Education 

Howell, Robert J. — Psychology 

Hayward, C. Lynn — Zoology 

Hyatt, Edmond P. — Geology 

Jackson, Orrin H. — Assistant Registrar 

Jacobs. Briant — English 

Jacobs, Margaret — Secondary Education 

Isaksen, Henry — Counseling Service 


Jakeman, M. Wells — Archaeology 
Jenny, Martha R. — Nursing 
Jensen, Christen — History 
Jensen, Vern H. — Counseling Service 
Jenson, Edgar M. — Education 

Jones, Audrey — Nursing 

Jex, J. Lorin — Speech 

Jones, John F. — Student Housing 

Johnson, Thayne — Library 

Jorgensen, Eleanor — Home Economics 

Keeler, Joseph J. — Music 
Knight, Hattie — Library 
Larsen, B. F. — Art 
Larsen, Don H. — Bacteriology 
Kimball, C. Rodney — Athletics 

Law, Reuben D. — Education 
Laycock, Harold R. — Music 
Leavitt, Stanley — Secondary Education 

Lee, Harold — Modern Languages 
Lewis, George — Secondary Education 
Lewis, Ben — Assistant Treasurer 

Lee, Wilford D. — English 
Lowe, Howard D. — Accounting 
Lloyd, Wesley P. — Dean of Students 

Luncheons and parties provide 
entertainment for faculty members 
and promote greater friendship. 

s[[[ci[D [II ii[iR nisiiiii... 



[[HtlllG flii I 


Marshall, Milton — Physics 
Ludlow, Jim H. — Radio 
Madsen, Brigham D. — History 

Mercer, Winston 
Maeser, Georgia 
Martin, Thomas - 

— Secondary Education 

- Elementary Education 

Miller, Elmer — Economics 

Merrill, Amos N. — Education 

Miller, Karl A. — Buildings & Grounds 

Miller, Martin L. — Physics 

Monson, Samuel C. — English 

Miller, Ruth — Elementary Education 

Morley, Alonzo — Speech Correction 
Morrill, A. Reed — Education 
Murdock, Joseph R. — Botany 
Nelson, Elmer E. — Music 
McAllister, John W. — Music 

Mclff, Lyie H. — Accounting 
McKnight, H. Neil — Bookstore Manager 
McTague, Betty — Physical Education 
Gibby, Neal — Physical Education 
Morrill, Damaris — Secondary Education 

Nibley, Hugh — History & Religion 
Nicholes, Henry J. — Zoology 
Nicholes, Joseph K. — Chemistry 
Nllsen, Reed — Athletics 
Nielson, Eve — Library 


Packard, Hannah — Music 
Pardee, T. Earl — Speech 
Pardee. Kathryn — Speech 
Oak, Cecil R, — Physics 
Oaks, Carol — English 

Payne, John W. — Sociology 

Peterson, Hermese — Elementary Education 

Perry, Leiand M. — Supt. Buildings & Grounds 

Peterson, Cornelius — Purchasing 

Patch, Robert C. ■ — Religion 

Peterson, Hugh W. — Chemistry 
Poison, James P. — Secretarial Training 
Potter, Margaret S. — Home Economics 
Pond, A. Smith — Economics 
Poll, Richard ^ History 

Poulson, Virginia B. — Education 
Proctor, Paul D. — Geology 
Rasband, Mima — Elementary Education 
Poulson, M. Wilford — Psychology 
Rasmussen, Ellis — Religion 

Rich, Stella P. — English 
Reimschilssel, E. F. — Landscape 
Rich, Naomi — Library 
Rice, Leonard W. — English 
Richards. Grant S. — Animal Husbandry 

Riddle, Chauncey — Religion 
Robison, C. F. — Physical Education 
Ricks, Eldln — Religion 
Ririe, Shirley — Physical Education 
Rogers, R. Max — Modern Languages 

Sensenback, Alfred D. — Speech 
Sauls, Klefer B. — SecretaryTreasurer 
SardonI, Lawrence — Music 
Shirts. Morris — Visual Aids 
Romney, Antone K. — Education 

Smith, Carol — Library 
Shumway, R. Phil — Animal Husbandry 
Smith, Robert J. — Business Administration 
Skousen, W. Cleon — Alumni Association 
Smith, Oliver R. — Journalism 



Snell, William H. — Drawing 

Smith, Richard L. — Business Administration 

Snow, Edward D. — Education 

Soffe, H. Wayne — Physical Education 

Smith. Wilford — Sociology 

Sorenson, Wayne L. — Secondary Education 
Spencer, Lucille — Registrar's Office 
Sparks, M, LeRoy — Secondary Education 
Spears. Irene O. — English 
Sperry, Sidney B. — Religion 

Stott, Richard — Psychology 

Stewart, Maynard D. — Art 

Stone, Joics — Education 

Squire, DeLance W. — Accounting 

Stansfleld, Russell N. — Secretarial Training 

Swensen, Russell B. — History 
Stutz, Rowan C. — Secondary Education 
Swensen, Mrs. Russell — Secretarial Training 
Summerhays, Margaret — Music 
Sudweeks, Joseph — Religion 

Swensen, Albert D. — Chemistry 
Swenson, John C. — Sociology 
Tanner, Orea B. — English 
Tanner, Vasco — Zoology 
Swapp, Wyley W. — Art 

Taylor, H. Darrell — Languages 
Thomas, Robert K. — English 
Cheney, Thomas — English 
Taylor, Lynn D. — Art 
Taylor, Weldon J. — Marketing 

Thorne, Lucille — ■ Librarian 

Tuttle, Elliott — Geology 

Thomson, Woodruff — English 

Tyler, S. Lyman — History 

Tyndall, Clarence — Audio-Visual Aids 

iiiiN[»s or mmni [[hkrs 


Waterstradt, Jean A. — English 
Valentine, Lee B. — Spanish 
Thurgood. Jack — Secretarial Training 
Warnick. Effie — Honne Econonnics 
Walcefield, J, Homer — Music 

Webb, Beth R. — Librarian 

Watts, Stanley — Athletics 

Webb, Florence — Physical Education 

Webb, Frederick — Secondary Education 

Watkins, Arthur R. — Languages 

Weight, Newell B. — Music 

Whittaker, Wetzel J. — Motion Picture Dii 

Williams, Ariel — Health 

Wight, W. Ray — Journalism 

West, Dale — English 

President Wilkinson greets new students with 
a hearty handshake. 

Professor Harold Glen Clark illus- 
trates that college instruction is not 
all play. 












ciiitii 3 

Recognized by their white sweaters, frieindly 
smiles and hearty "hellos," the members of the 
B.Y.U. Executive Council each carried a ma- 
jor responsibility in student government. 
As a group they prepared suggestions to be 
presented before the Legislative Council, and 
represented the university at student leader 
meetings in San Jose and at Logan besides 
entertaining visiting delegations from Mon- 
tana, Wyoming, U.S.A. C. and Utah. They 
also helped inaugurate the first inter-collegiate 
leadership conference to promote better un- 
derstanding and the sharing of good ideas 
among schools. 

Studentbody President 

LEROY PORTER — friendly, personable studentbody president who 
worked earnestly at providing the necessary drive behind the smooth- 
running efficiency of student activities. 

OLENE SMITH — popular, hard-working young first vice-president de- 
voted to supervising assembly entertainment and raising standards and 
interest in campus talent programs. 

BOB HOLMAN — conscientious second vice-president and sociable so- 
cial chairman who succeeded in producing bigger and better pep rallies 
and dances than ever. 

CAROLYN EDWARDS — charming young secretary with a winning smile 
and cheerful greeting who gained the love and respect of all who knew 
her and compiled a more colorful history of school activities for the year. 

FRED MONEY — smiling young business manager who maintained item- 
ized accounts of all expenditures and balanced studentbody financial 


Second Vice-President 

Studentbody Secretary 

Business Manager 




Jack Roberts, Graduates 
Harold Christensen, Seniors 
Robert Holman, Exec. Council 
Marilyn Georges, Honoraries 
Ted Johnson, Juniors 

Richard Hanks, Departmentals 
Kathryn Latimer, A.W.S. 
Ted Money, Universe 
Gary Paxman 
Craig Carpenter, Freshmen 

John Woodward, Honor 
Olene Smith, Exec. Council 
Russ Mickelson, Juniors 
Kirk Hart, Sophomores 
Lloyd Gerber, Rep. 

Claude Thomas, Seniors 
Boyd Lake, I.O.C. 
Jacob Hambli.n, Juniors 
Lorin Godfrey, Rep. 
George Sukiasian, Freshmen 

Richard Wells, Sophomore 
LeRoy Porter, Exec. Council 
Virgil Smith, Wye Magizine 
Carolyn Edwards, Exec. Coun. 
Robert Carter, Banyan 

Barry Bright, Rep. 
Ralph Jack, Universe 
Margaret Clark, Rep. 
Val Liljenquist, Sophomore 
Reid Fillmore, Rep. 


Richard Clark, Religion 
Susanne Partridge, Freshmen 
William Gallagher. A.W.S. 

Andrew Douglass, Banyan 
Fred Money, Exec. Council 
Bonnie Davis, Seniors 

ixepresenting every large organization on 
campus, members of the Legislative Coun- 
cil acted as the mainspring of Brigham 
Young University's student government. 
Studentbody President LeRoy Porter pre- 
sided over bi-monthly meetings in which 
important constitutional proposals were 
thoroughly discussed in considering ap- 
plicability to campus functions. 

"Without honesty, ordinance availeth nothing. 
Education divorced from honesty is a menace to mankind . . .," so spoke Presi- 
dent George H. Brimhall in the early history of the University. The B.Y.U. Honor 
System symbolizes a spirit and a way of living, and functions upon individual and 
group responsibility. Through the Honor System the ideals of honesty and morality 
become a more significant influence in the lives of students and faculty. 

Elaine Hansen 
Geraldine Asplund 
John Woodward 

Harold Connell 
Lynette Madsen 
Robert Thorne 
Donna Brannock 

Weston Edwards 
Eugene Jones 
Arlene Barnett 
George Mortimer 



Under the leadership of Ka+hy Latimer, the Associated 
Women Students of Brigham Young University were organized 
to encourage friendship and fun among campus co-eds and to 
provide a wide variety of activities such as the Big Sister Pro- 
gram for freshmen and transfer students. A fashion show dur- 
ing Orientation Week, a beautiful float in the hlomecoming 
Parade, the Christmas Drive and Preference Ball marked some 
of the earlier activities sponsored by the Council. In co-oper- 
ation with AMS, they held the annual song fest and organized 
activities for Y Day. 

AWS President 




COUNCIL MEMBERS, from left to right: Carolyn Jen- 
sen, Marilyn McFarland, Wilma Olsen, Janice hHinckley, 
Thora Belle Brown, Mary Irons, Anne Boucher, Marie Mram- 
all, Muriel Enos, Ruth Moen, and Marjorie Allen. 
At left, Scott Speakman, Preferred Man, is showered with 
feminine attention. 


Associated Men Students of the University, supervised 
this year by President Bill Gallagher, sponsored the Christmas 
Drive, Autumn Leaf Hike, Snow Carnival and Frosh Field Day. 
Other activities directed at developing the potentialities of 
every male student on campus included Fight Night, Y Day. and 
the AMS Carnival. After-game dances with the University of 
Utah were also successfully attempted. 



AMS President 

COUNCIL MEMBERS, from left to right: Bob Gilliland, 
Scott Fisher, Charles Mills, Joe Christenson, Weston Ed- 
wards, Deon Greer, Dick Nielsen, Heber Moore, George 
Williams, Don VanSlooten, Barry Wasden, Howard Gonzales. 


COUNCIL MEMBERS, from left to right, Row I: Frank 
Daly, Joyce Whitely, Boyd Lake. Row 2: Dick Clark, 
Rachel Baker, Gayle Boyack, Barbara Williams, Julia Gro- 
berg, Barbara West, Robert Divett, Betty Harper, Scott 

Fisher, Ruth Ellen Bean. Row 3: Kathy Latimer, June Ben- 
nett, DeWayne Stevenson, Beverly Morgan, Marilyn Geor- 
ges, Lorna Erickson, Ralphena Taylor, John Bean. Row 4: 
Joan Bayles, Keith West, Joan James, Jo Oveson, Ann 
Boucher, Betty Jackson. Row 5: Roberta Morrisey, Pat 
Pomeroy, Paul Ashton, Dick Oveson, Joyce Hawkes, Doris 
Stanford, Wiliard Bradshaw. Row 6: Var Lindsay, Dan E. 
Heap, Jack Roberts, Dick Anderson, and Lloyd Gerber. 

Bi-monthly meetings of the Inter-Organizational 
Council determine the policies and limitations on cam- 
pus social organization activities. Representing every 
organization on campus, I.O.C. members help negoti- 
ate new constitutional amendments and by-laws for 
improved social relationships. 





Organized to try violations of Inter-organizational Council regulations, 
members of the Penal Court include, from left to right: Row I — Ralph 
Jack, Geraldine Asplund, Andrew Douglass, Howard Garrick, and Lee 
Edwards. Row 2 — Jed Pritchett, prosecuting attorney; and Ralph 
Klemm, bailiff. 

The junior A.W.S. Council, a group of 
Freshman girls selected for outstanding 
service in high school, were given spe- 
cific duties by the Senior Council such 
as planning and directing the Girls' Day 
Vaudeville and homecoming projects. 
These young ladies received encourage- 
ment in participating while on campus 
in preparation for the following year's 
roster of activities. 


Front row — Carolyn Wallis, 
Marlene Johnson, Myrna 

Row 2 — Joyce Langlois, 
Janice Schroder, Clayta 
Hathaway, Maria Nelson. 
Row 3— Pat Bills, Nola Sla- 
ter, Jane Bennett. 
oRw A — Beryl Slater, Joyce Er 

■ • ik(iMI«i«e«*x'',ii>rfei'Ti' ■ 


". , . and he that receiveth light, 
and continueth In God, receiveth more 
light; and that light groweth bright- 
er and brighter Until the perfect day." 

D&C 50:24 







^^» fl| 



Ik/ .. ..M 



^ ■"•> 


You, as a student in the College of 
Applied Science, learned to make use 
of practical knowledge relating to farm, 
home, shop, and agricultural and indus- 
trial art professions. Inspired by ener- 
getic capabilities of Dean Thomas L. 
Martin, you were encouraged to become 
the world's leaders in Agronomy, Animal 
hHusbandry, Bacteriology, hlome Eco- 
nomics, hHorticuiture and Landscape 
Architecture, and Industrial Arts. 

hHand-broaching and metal tooling create problems 
of minute timing and precision in the department's well- 
equipped industrial machine shops. 

Bacteriologists experiment with germ-ridden solutions 
and prepare possible inoculations for existing media. 

The pleasant aroma of freshly baked 
bread . . . the clean crispness of new 
linen garments . . . these are prominent 
features of the department of home 
economics. Home Economics offers 
instruction in the fields of clothing and 
textiles, food and nutrition, and house- 
hold administration for girls planning 
to major in the subject. Clean, com- 
fortable laboratories and modern spa- 
cious kitchens promote excellent op- 
portunities for a comprehensive appli- 
cation of the techniques desired in the 

Cool mountain streams and green fields of fresh 
pasture grass help produce the fine herds of dairy cattle 
owned by the University's famous dairy farm. 

Learning to "sew your own" is made pleasant and 
profitable in textiles and clothing classes. 



The Ag Club's purpose, here at the Y, is to 
create an active interest in agriculture and animal 
industries. Having well ovjer a hundred members, 
the group achieves this goal by sponsoring speakers 
in various agronomical professions and field trips 
to surrounding farming areas. A harvest ball, barn 
dance, spring dinner dance, and co-op hop supply 
the group's social needs. 

Row I, from left to right: Bob Liddle, Gale Mechan, Roy Smith, Eldon WInterton. Bob Warnick, Snell Olsen, Prof. Lawrence Morris. Row 2: 
Dan Heap - President, Drew Shumway, Boyce White, Fred Zitting, Max Wilson, Sharon Lunt, Mark Oldham. Row 3: Dean Roberts, Marvin 
Lunt, Alvin G. Maughan, Blaine C. Phillips, Evan Whittaker, Bob Fisher, Gwyn D. Davidson, David Boyce. Row 4: R. Phil Shumway, G. S. 
Richards, Warren Anderson, Gordon Bischoff - Sec.-Treas., Richard McDougal, Garth Walker, Max B. Radmall, Glen B. Hale, J. Kent 
Johnson, Jack Poulson. Row 5: Paul Warner, Royal Duane Jensen, Ray Schmidt, Dean Esplin, Joel Martineau, John Ray Hamblin. Back Row: 
Var Lindsay, Shelly Donaldson, Herbert B. Stratten, Phillip R. McKinney, Glenn Blatter, George C. Sparks, Wesley Grover, Kay V. Stevenson, 
Keith Zobell. Officers Not Pictured: Jack Brown - Vice-Pres.: Westlyn Riggs; Murry Mclnnes - Social Chairman; Paul Fonnesbeck - Project 


Row I , left to right: Lillias Tanner, Doris Stanford, Secretary; Anne Boucher, President; Marjorie Allen, Marlene 
Allen. Row 2: Karma Smith, Beth Marie Anderson, Betty hHales, Jean Staeley, Vice-President; LaVive Thomas, 
Sharon Holyoak, Joan Dixon, Agnes Hooft, and Betty Bryce. Absent: Glenyce Dillman, Treasurer; Alta Cox, His- 

To create a professional spirit among 
students interested in efficient homemak- 
ing, the Home Economics Club sponsors 
activities in ceramics, millinery, hair styling, 
personality improvement, and home-eco- 
nomic careers. Girls in the group endeav- 
ored to keep BYU's "matchmaking" repu- 
tation bright by learning the quickest way 
to a man's heart. 




Gamma Phi Omicron — an honorary Home Ec- 
conomics Sorority for majors with a two point ave- 
rage. The purpose of the organization, as given in 
the constitution, is fostering of Home Economics 
for the development of ideal womanhood. 

A pot-luck, supper, exchanges with Eiders Quor- 
ums, and professional meetings have contributed to 
the achievement of its timely goal. 

Glenyce Dillman Janice V. Anderson Ann Boucher LaRae Ellett 

Darline Christensen Arlene Barnett Carolyn Edwards Helen Erickson 

Amber Michie 

Edith Little Delia Nielson 









pically western and compara- 
iw on campus, the Rodeo 
Club, a member of the National In- 
tercollegiate Rodeo Association, cli- 
maxed the year's activities of hay- 
rides and steakfries with an exciting 
rodeo featuring lady bull riders, goat 
tying, and cloverleaf barrel! racing 
as novelty acts. 

1 n n [ r n 
I J U L u u L U L 

From left to right. Row I: Bobbe Taylor, Robert Harper, Loa Gayle Gunnel! 
Nancy Ann Hutchison, Marjjane Clay, historian; Iris Hansen. Row 2: Denny Harmsen 
Barbara Bassett, Mary Dumas, secretary-treasurer; Jeanie Davis, Ken Carter, Bill Brad- 
ford, Allen Bradshaw. Row 3: Kay V. Stephenson, vice president; Don M. Jones, Granl 
Speed, Dick Smith, president; Fred Stevens, Morgan Anderson, Lou Dell Nielsen, G, 
S. Richards. 

Marilyn Young Charlene Secrlst 

Renee Thaclteray Karma Wright 

Doris Stanford Carolyn Taylor Leila Taylor 

Barbara Ann Thompson Louise B. Tew Ralphena Taylor 


.0 B'^'T^'^^' 


^e\. u^^fO'" 



The ability to speak and transcribe modern and 
classical languages results in a keen conception of 
ancient and present methods of communication and 
patterns of living. 

An experiment in democracy, history classes 
furnish students with brief surveys of the achieve- 
ments and failures of our country's forefathers In a 
record of facts both past and present. 

Dr. Hansen, Dean of College of Arts and Sci- 
ences, supervises the installation of the delicate 
parts to a new seismograph, recent addition to the 


n[[[e[ Of flRIS Hil SCKKCIS 


•, , Seeing is believing in the study of bac- 

\ feria and molds beneath powerful micro- 

scopes. Laboratory work supplements regu- 
;« lar classroom sessions in Botany, Bacteri- 
ology, and Zoology. 

A part of the new engineering program now 
in full swing at B.Y.U., surveying classes estab- 
lish an excellent foundation for students seeking 
experience in this profitable and fascinating 



Desiring a broad and liberal edu- 
cation to enable you to take your place 
in today's complex civilization, you regis- 
tered with the College of Arts and Sci- 
ences and soon found abundant oppor- 
tunities for study in many different 
departments. You dissected frogs, 
broke test tubes,, composed essays, 
struggled with equations, puzzled over 
declensions, and studied everything from 
air science to zoology. Yours was a 
liberal education. 

College Dean 



[ SltKlTT 


After completing two quarters of chem- 
istry work, students possessing chemical 
achievements and interests may apply for 
membership in the BYU chapter of this 
society. Through association with profes- 
sional teachers _and members, they secure 
experience in preparing and presenting 
chemical material to others. 

Dean Fisher Dan Lee Davis 

Lee T Cox Council Member 

Richard G. Anderson Loren Bryner 

Kenneth D. Zwahlen 

Jacob Hannblin Daniel Decker Kenneth Dee Johnson J. Kenneth Flygare. Jr. 

Robert E. Bohm Kenneth H. Anderson Keith Barker Secretary-Treasurer 

Grant M. Wilson Lynn Pendleton Norman McKay Marlene Kemper 

lU^J. '^^^^W ^Trr^ l^^^ w-^l ^^\ 

\ f 


Row I , left +0 right: Clifford Olmstead, George Musal, Howard Armstrong, Richard Wilkins, Floyd Gowans, Dick 
Calder, David E. Smith. Row 2: H. DonL Peterson, Earl Leiegren, Ronald E. Coleman, Quinton Palmer, Vice Presi- 
dent, Ralph Klemm, President; Kendall O. Price, Dean Williams. Row 3. Jack Grant, Dick Crandall, Andrew Doug- 
lass, B. Gale Wilson, Dave Gardner. 

With an eye on the future, the pre-legal students of the Bench and 
Bar Club met bi-monthly in order to benefit from lectures of leaders 
in the law field and prominent members. In this way the club actively 
kept pace with current legal developments. 




Row I, left to right: Josephine Knighton, Dorothy Chide 
star, Gonzalo Peralta, Sheila Dorius, Secretary-Treas., 
Delthea Callwin. Row 2: LaPrele Badouin, Angela G. C 
olise, Sylvia Whittle, President; Marylin Oakey. Row 3: 
Robert Thompson, Lois Tilford, Kenneth M. Grahm, Publi 

city Director; Morris Frampton, Arthur R. Watkins. Ab- 
sent: Susanne Bashana, Eria Mae Call, Bonnie Giles, Rut 
h Gurr, Joanne Kay, John Raphael, Phyllis Reese, Don 
Ripplinger, Elena Maidana, Vice President. 

The ability to present an opportunity to practice and hear the 
language through lectures, plays, songs, and games is the purpose 
of the Italian Club. The regular monthly meetings were highlight- 
ed during the year with two Italian suppers. 




Students interested in the French language and customs found 
an opportunity to further their knowledge through the activities of 
the French Club. Under the leadership of Dr. Harold W. Lee, spon- 
sor of the club, a Christmas songfest and spring carnival were pre- 

Row I, from left to right: Sterling Ellsworth, John Dalton, Karl G. Thurber, Alan Doke, Hugh Rush, Ray Christensen, Rex Smith, Don 
Mortensen. Row 2: Dawn Hicltenlooper, Lilia Gomez, Lois Tovey, Ann Marie Eliason, Charlene Chandler, Theresa Hadlocit, JoAnn 
Smith, Jean Foster, Arlene Palmer, Janice Kimball. Row 3: Nancy Tolley, Mary Starr, Phyllis Nielson, Rae Wilson, Lois Midgley, Mary 
Ann Tahquette. Row 4: Valene Bradshaw, Betty Tidwell, Paul Powell, Floyd Aston, Helen Tingey. Jerry Wright, Ane Grethe Balllf, 
Marriner L. Beckstead, Marilyn Wood. Absent: Dick Wilkins, President; Newell Thurman, Vice-President; Robert Mercer, Vice-Presi- 
dent; Colleen Hearne, Secretary; John K. Olsen, Publicity Chairman. 




Row I, left to right: Dr. Arthur R. Watkins, Dr. Rogers, 
Lilia Gomez, Elsa Rohrig, Melva Ann Smith, Rioebe 
Buchman, Mary Joan Bayles, Secretary; Dorothea 
Thomas, Lucy Spencer, Dick Hanks. President. Row 2: 
J. Hansen, Donna Brannock, Janice Heywood, Emma 
Rainsdon, Cleta Hammond, Betsy Van Wagoner, Janet 
Savage. Row 3: Karl Hofmann, Nancy Bowers, Lucille 
Bennion, Marva Dance, Pat Bills, Jackie Dixon, Carol 
Watts, Elaine MacDonald. Row 4: Wayne Kleinman, 
Elaine A. Watts, Dorothy Schmuhl, Leon Johnson, Ern- 
est Dietrich, Treasurer; Hardy Bean, Mel Radichel, 

Joyce Reber. Row 5: Clifford Clark, LeRoy Jackson, 
Darrel Hansen, Lawrence Wilson, Clair Rogers, Reed 
Andrew, Darrel D. Lee, Barney Barnes, Rayo B. Budge, 
Robert Andrew. Row 6: Van Romney, Gary B. Mor- 
tensen, Lyie Farr, Willard Bradshaw, Laver Roper, 
Wendell Neville. Row 7: Dale S. Bailey, Ralph H. 
Kimball, Doug Gottfredson, Dave Dalton, Roy Beckeet. 
Row 8: Ernest Schieve, Ches Gottfredson, Madison E. 
Morrell, Grant M. Flygare, Ferrel C. Roundy, Hoover 
W. Clark. Absent: Betty Page, Vice President. 

Getting acquainted with the German people, 
language and culture is the primary aim of the 
German Club. They attain this goal through 
lectures, ballad songfests and actual speaking 
of the language. 



The IRC realizes thaf tomorrow's citizens 
will need an understanding of other country's 
customs and culture in order to avoid racial 
prejudice and social misunderstandings. By 
acquainting its members with these differen- 
ces, mingling with students of various nation- 
alities, and holding Rocky Mountain Inter- 
national Relation Club conferences, this goal 
is achieved. 


llli i[[HI 

Row I, left to right: Barbara Wareing, Marion HiNyard, 
Klaus J. Hansen. Row 2: Var Lindsay, president; Russell 
N. Horiuchi, Myrna McKenna, Secretary-Treas. Row 3: 
Grethe Ballif, Corresponding Secretary; Booth Crabtree, 

Ralph Bergquist, Professor Carr, Carole Doyle. Row 4: 
Earl Leiegren, Reed W. Christensen, Vice President, 
Desmond Pincock, Marvin D. Follett. 



Honor and recognition came fo the 
BYU chapter of Phi Alpha Theta when one 
of its nnembers, Bert Todd, was elected 
to the National Council. Ideals of the 
organization include a search for truth, 
a better understanding of history, and 
the promotion of unity among 
members who must attain an 
outstanding grade average es- 
pecially in history. 


Row I, left to right: Marion hHiliyard, Russel B. Swensen, 
Carl Sederholm, Bert Todd, S. Lyman Tyler, Beverly Boyack. 
Row 2: E. Widtsoe Shumway, Charles Orr, Eldon Haag, Jim 
A. Reeder, Kent Fielding, Edwin M. G. Seely. 

Row I, left to right: Anna Jean Turley, Nadine Hyde, Noreen VerHagen, Sec. 
Nancy Done. Row 2: Lynn Bracken, Bud Sant, Dick Fox, Danny Good, Row 3: 
W. Denton Nebeker, Bill-Dale Marsh, Deon Green. Row 4: Albert C. Todd, 
sponsor; Doug Spainbower, Marvin D. Follett, Don Curler, Melvin Aamodt, Jerry 
Godfrey, Madison Morrel, Don Ivanovich Cutler. Absent: William A. Wilson, 
Avard Wilson, Richard Hill, Gene Kregg, Vice President. 

With prophecy in mind of carrying 
the word of God to the entire world, 
the main purpose of the Russian Club 
is the preparation of its members for 
preaching the gospel to the Russian 
people. The members also endeavor to 
become acquainted with the customs, 
language, and culture of the Russian 
people. Speakers, movies, and a Russian 
Dinner provided the year's entertain- 


Row I, left to right: Virgil Smith, Virginia Havens, Jack Nelson, President; Roberta Hansen, Bob Holman. Row 2: 
Nolan Johnson, Dave Forsyth, Dr. Oliver Snnith, Dick Oveson, Ralph Jack, Dallas Burnett. Absent: Dorothy Bartels, 
Vice President; Ruth Rytting, Secretary. 


The Press Club united students interested 
in journalism by sponsoring lectures from 
BYU's motion picture production director, 
Wetzel O. Whitaker, and the managing edi- 
tor of the Deseret News, Theron Liddle. En- 
deavoring to further friendly relations, the 
club dined with the Banyan and Universe staffs 
in a special banquet. 


Nearly fifty schools throughout the nation belong to 
Sigma Gamma Epsilon, National Geological Fraternity, 
which educates its members scholasticaily, scientifically, 
and socially. In keeping with this activity, BYU's Alpha 
Sigma Chapter sponsors speakers and social get-to- 



-.Q f^ <fT'(^ 

r' N .^T^l^|j«J^ 'III 
Cj ';^-*i C^ 

Harold J. Bissell 


Kenneth C. Bullock 

Partridge RIchan 

Melvin O. Dearden 

Don R. Murphy 

Max Day 

Carlton T. Sumslon 

Corresponding Secretary 

Ken Hannblin 


K. Bruce Trimble 

Paul Dean Proctor 
Grand Editor 
Duwayne M. Anderson 
Dallas O. Peterson 
John Wing 
Darrell Doney 

Lester Knight 
L. Elliott Tuttle 
E. Blair Manfleld 
John Telchert 
Dr. George Hansen 




an Mason 






1 Allred 









L. Decker 


L. Bennion 






e Davis 





Gale B. Curtis 
Neil Sorensen 
N. Milton Marshall 


Mark Nelson 

Cecil Oak 

C. Edwin Dean 

Physics majors who have achieved 
high scholarship are kept up to date 
on new scientific developments by the 
activities of Sigma Pi Sigma, Honorary 
Physics Society. Under the sponsorship 
of Dr. Wayne B. Hales, the group heard 
lectures from faculty members and en- 
joyed a dance with the American 
Chemical Society. 

Duane O. Miles 
Richard L. Halliday 
Wayne B. Hales 

Ellon O. King 
Richard W. Hales 
H. Clay Gorton 


[ mil [SPiiii 1 


^ .JP 





1 ^V^Hpk pi 






With the addition of testimony meetings and 
firesides conducted in Spanish, El Club de Espanol 
carried on its purpose of providing members with 
an understanding of the customs and language of 
Latin America. With the assistance of Merlin 
Compton, sponsor of the club, a Spanish orchestra 
performed at a special spring quarter dance. 

Row I, left to right: Lilia Gomez; Kay Greer, secretary; Myrlene Posey; Marcia Whitney; Claire Bullock; Miriam 
Rodriguez. Row 2: Dixon Anderson, president; Sherril Burke; Roy S. Barton, Betty Beard; Francisco R. Porras; 
Marveta Spence; David E. Smith. Row 3: Minor L. Chase, I. Nora Kvehne; Frederico Dehloyos, Annette Adams; 
Don Clegg; Margarita Obregon. Row 4: Bruce N. Curtis; Yolanda Vinci; Alberto DeHoyos; Nicolas Villareol; 
Barbara L. Wellianis, vice president; John Harris. Row 5: W. M. Markus; Howard Harris; Ned Greenwood, Mer- 
lin D. Compton. 


Open to anyone interested in Far East culture, 
the Japanese Club intrigues members through teach- 
ing actual Japanese songs and dances, sponsoring 
appropriate firesides, and joining in parties with the 
Salt Lake Japanese Missionary Society. At the Suki- 
yaki Dinner special national dishes received the 
taste test. 

Row I, left to right: Frances 
Lwasaki; Betty hHiga; Esther Sa- 
to. Row 2: Russel Horiuchi, 
Daniel Decker; Dale Soodson; 
Lily Nakamura. Row 3: Marvin 
Follett, president; Edson Follet, 
Audrey Thompson. Row 4: Paul 
Carter, publicity chairman; Jay 
Criddle. Not present: Tom Fu- 
chlgama, Richard MiyazakI; Ed- 
wina Fortress; Leiand Smith; 
Ruth Peterson; Lynn Oldham; 
Patricia Tateyama; Thomas Na- 


jipii[8[ tiiin 



College Dean 

Speed, accuracy, and a knack for handling figures help 
+0 develop skilled operators of business machines for general 
office experience in commercial careers. 

Future court reporters learn shorthand speedbuilding and 
transcription and are timed by courteous, helpful instructors 
for increased writing speed. 

Striving for efficiency and excellence 
in the field of business, you endeavored 
to achieve these courses of Accounting, 
Agricultural Economics, Business Admin- 
istration, Economics, Finance and Bank- 
ing, Marketing, and Secretarial Train- 
ing. Through your extensive training 
under Dean William F. Edwards, you 
prepared yourself for desired profes- 
sions, interests, and office administra- 

Marketing and other business administration classes 
serve as an excellent background for students majoring in the 
department who find it convenient or desirable to obtain 
employment for on-the-job experience in merchandising, 
retailing and advertising. 

Speed-building and accuracy depend on long practice 
in mastering the techniques of typewriting. Classes in 
stenography, typing and secretarial training prepare future 
business leaders for professional careers. 

Row I, left to right: Joyce Whitney, Carol 
Barlow, Myrtle Fitzgerald, Barbara K. Chris- 
tensen. Row 2: Annabell Weech, Rose- 
mary Bean, Marilyn Georges, LaRee Gates, 
Margaret Coop, Lucile Spencer. 

The purpose of Phi Chi Theta, the na- 
tional Wonnen's business honorary is to 
provide a medium whereby its members 
can gain practical knowledge about their 
prospective careers. At the same time, it 
hopes to foster friend- 
ship among those Interes- 
ted in advancing the con- 
tribution of women to 



Row I, left to right: Russell C. Mickelson, 
president; Weston C. Edwards, secretary; 
Robert J. Smith; Weldon J. Taylor; hfow- 
ard D. Lowe, faculty advisory body; Nolan 
Young; Rondo Whiting. Missing officers: 
Jay White, vice president; Ken Howard, 
treasurer; Missing advisory body: Jack 
Thurgood; Dean William F. Edwards; Rich- 
ard L. Smith. Row 2: Marvin L. Ottosen, 
Albert P. Ostraff; Jay V. Lake; Robert M. 
Graham; Keith West; Reed Kay Davis; 
Ralph G. Naef; Lewis P. Stephens. Row 3: 
Andrew M. Do'iglass; Donald Gage; Neil 
C. Winegar; H. Earl McBride; Paul South- 
wick; Dudley Walker; Brooks Porelson; 
Qulnn G. McKay. Row 4: C. Paul Chris- 
tiansen; Kritcard hlurley; Elwood Jones; 
Dick Braithwaite; Charles Flanks; Mark Bee- 
croft; Roy Lawson; Robert G. West. 


r> n ^ 



r\ Q : 



sii[n [|[[[G[ 


The year 1953 witnessed the addition of the LDS Business 
College to Brlgham Young University's excellent facilities. Lo- 
cated near Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City, the 
college offers classes in secretarial, stenoghaphic, accounting, 
business management and office fields. 

Student teachers capitalize on local experience in 
grammar school and high schools. Furnished with a 
good background In education, they are better quali- 
fied for a later career in student teaching. 

Admission to the College of Education is granted 
by selection through the committee on admissions and 
credits, consisting of trained leaders of the department. 

mil If mu 

Success in courses listed under the Col- 
lege of Education qualified you to become 
a teacher in Utah, neighboring states, anc 
even other nations of the world, thai 
through education, the world might unite 
In addition to learning and practicing basic 
skills, your responsibilities included settinc 
a good example In Integrity, morality anc 
civic requirements from the time you be- 
came a student teacher until you founc 
yourself established as a professional. 

For -fun — for health — for a career: Physi- 
cal Education remains at the top of the 
popularity list for classes in the College of 
Education. Baseball, basketball, football, 
wrestling, muscle building — only a few of 
the prominent sports classes available. 
Recreation furnishes the pause that refresh- 
es in tennis, group dancing, and swimming. 
For substantial physical and mental health, 
invigorating exercise rises as a prominent 
supplement to the student's curriculum. 

Teaching the younger generation sometimes has its 
problems, but for prospective student teachers, the oc- 
cupation enjoys increased interest. 

National representatives are frequent campus visitors 
who interview possible applicants for teaching positions 
in desirable locations. 

Row I, left to right: Derilys Rowe; Marilyn Frame; Connie Frehner, secretary; Rosennary Badger; Carolyn Thomp- 
son; Delna Evans, Afton Passey. Row 2: Sheldon Schofield; Frank Blair, president; Elaine Pugmire, vice president; 
Norma Meservey; Ellen Lindsay, vice president; Mrs. Beth Schoell; Carol Mellor, vice president; Prof. Elliot C. 
Howe, faculty sponsor. 


The Association for Childhood Education 
International has become an important clear- 
ing house for the demonstration of projective 
techniques in teaching. At this year's national 
convention in Denver, members of the BYU 
chapter were privileged to learn new ap- 
proaches to their problems from experts who 
could help them attain a high professional 





J L 

aj«aarogi^jL:aiHk..ja.'fciM«iiS:J^.*«M«*i^--gT^ TVjh,t^ffy:\-ij'.\^^fT, j^^^-'fiTVI^-' .;>.,Ci' 

I "1 


The Penguin Ski Club serves as a rallying factor through 
which devotees of this popular winter sport can find ex- 
pression for their talents. It endeavors to promote fellow- 
ship and skill among interested students. Activities were 
highlighted by a trip to Brighton. 

Pictured from left to right: Diane Kearns: Ralphyn Kearsley; Marlene Kemper; Betty Lou 
Teuscher, secretary; Paul Trotter; Donna Ludwig, VeLynn Cook; Royce Wold, president. , 
Kay, vice president. 

Allred; Norinne 
Absent: Jan Mac 


College Dean 

With brush and easel and an array of bright oils, the 
artist portrays her interpretation of a still-life setting with 
breath-taking reality. 

Self-expression and vivid portrayals of life are 
achieved in dramatic university stage productions as 
shown in a scene from "Hamlet, " typical of the theatre 
presentations of the year. 



maior in 


The College of Fine Arts integrates cul- 
tural appreciation into the regular academic 
courses of college study. You, as a 
art, music, or speech, now have the 
to give your talents to others beca 
your personal endeavor and the pro 
instruction and encouragement of 
through this college supervised by 
Gerrit de Jong, Jr. 





e r e I 



Comprehensive criticism of student creations is given 
by leading professors of the art department. Still-life sketch- 
es, modern art, realism and surrealism, and drawings from 
life present material for interesting sessions in art appreci- 
ation surveys. 

Theta Alpha Phi is a national honorary organization for dramatics 
students. To be eligible for membership a student must first have a 
high grade average. A student assembly in the spring, culture 
meetings, a spring masquerade party, and formal pledging are 
among the many activities enjoyed by the members. 


Ned E. Hocpes 
Ann Whiting 

J. Morris Hickman 

Chet Harris 

Carol Warr 

Krlsta Nelson 
JoAna Hobbs 

Stanford P. Sore n sen 


Row I, left to right; Chet Harris, Dick Hawley, Ned Hoopes, Kay Moon. Row 2: JoAna Hobbs Mar- 
tha Mae Warner, Lorna Erickson, Secretary-Treasurer; Mrs Pardee, Sponsor; Gayle Hall, Barbara West, 
Stanford Sorenson. Absent: RaNae Green, Vice President. 

Open to all students interested in drama, the 
mask club functions mainly to give aspiring young 
actors a chance to perform before an audience. 
The spirit of competition is added to the club 
activities by the awarding of a one-hundred and 
fifty dollar scholarship to the outstanding junior 
speech student each year. 




Left fo right, Row I: Eleanor Foerstl. Colleen Lawrence, Carol Tanner, Marva Dance. Annette Black. Joan Hoppie. 
Lou Elison, Lavern Waford, Leota Balrd — Social Chairman. Row 2: Deon NIelson, Florence Ipsen — Secretary-Treas- 
urer; Jesse Grbbs, Bob Pritchett, Bob Carter. Gaylen Harmon — President; Burt Spencer. Glen Van Wagenen, Rick 
Raley. Ted Hunter, Alan Holyoak — Vice-President; Frank Miles, Howard Ruff, Claire Parker, Joan Sunn, Dr, 
John R. Halliday. Missing from picture: Cheryl Steed, Orval Skousen, Lorna Fortte. 



Madrigal singing originated in Germany during a 
period between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries when 
townspeople gathered in groups around a lace-covered 
table to sing ballads and folk songs in the cheerful glow 
of candle light. Dr. John R. Halliday, head of B.Y.U.'s 
Music Department, reorganized the Madrigal Singers 
on campus as a result of his recent two-year music study 
in Europe. The group is composed of twenty-four selec- 
ted voices, and during the year toured Canada and 
Southern Utah, participated in several concerts, and 
staged numerous parties including a fun-packed week-end 
tobogganing trip to Dr. Halliday's cabin on Mount Timp- 


■'*?'.vc^??::"-'-.r"*fT' .*.;>■ ;'i'v/i "■?.'?;"' 



I cipp[i[i nm 


Ranking fourth among the nation's leading 
college A Cappella Choirs, the BYU A Cappelia 
Choir provides cultural experience for selected 
singers on campus. Under the capable leadership 
of Professor Newell B. Weight, the group toured 
California and Arizona, made several television and 
radio appearances, and presented an annual spring 

A Cappella Director 

Row I, left to right: Mary Joan Bayles, secretary; Rosalind Luke, Nannette Owens, Marylin Oakey, 
Charlene Van Wagenen, Berenice Steele, Nancy Folsom, Lou Rita Mattice, soprano representative; 
Dawn Bennion, Anna Julia Hoyt, Geraldlne Asplund, JoAna Hobbs, Arlene Moyes, Linda Worsley, 
Sylvia Tyler. Row 2: Lauralee Fawson, Theresa Hadlock, JoAnn Snnith, Phyllis Randall, Jacquelyn 
Ford, Dean Holmes, Dan Speakman, Howard Putnam, councilman; DeVon Fife, Larry McAllister, Merrill 
Bradshaw, Maurine Benson, LaRae Dunn, Janese Tanner, alto representative; Marian Tebbs, Lorna 
Erickson, social chairman. Row 3: Elaine Watts, Susie Johnson, Kent Prestwich, Brant Curtis, council- 
man; Harold Dunford, Klaus Hansen, Ted Baer, Harold Connell, Gene Campbell, publicity chairman; 
Archie Wasden, Gene Hansen, councilman; Bob Brown, Joe Hutchinson, Bob Peterson, Virgil Camp, 
bass representative; Jeanette Boyack, and Louise Stratton. Row 4; Thora Bell Brown, Mary Jane Mars- 
den, Mark Hulet, Jay Fowles, Carlyle Decker, librarian and tenor representative; Robert Francis, Dean 
Hailstone, Phil Huffaker, Ronald Carter, president; Winslow Christensen, Burton V/inters, Ronald 
Frazier, Ronald Wilcox, Nice Snell, Don Watts, Karl Hutchinson, Marthalene Anderson, Marilyn Roun- 
dy. Not present: Marilyn T. Bailey, secretary; James Cheshire, LaPrele Badouin, Shirley Bingham, 
Betty Hayes, Fred Garrett, Vern Miller, Marlene Oakey, Marilyn Ward, Betsey Van Wagener, Louise 


sAsSsSi SS.SS 

liiwii = i 
hussi i s 




Rated as the best of its kind in the Rocky Mountain area, the Symphony Orchestra acts as a training school 
for aspiring musicians. This year's activities included a tour to Los Angeles, work in the campus operas, a television 
appearance, several concerts in the Provo area, and a Spring formal dance and banquet. 

David Dalton, Donna Green, Nico Snel, Anna Julia Hoyt, Gerald Fish, Dixie Robison, Marilyn Sabin, 
rJadine Monson, Carol Hailing, Julia Groberg, Agnes Weibell, Laura Schenk, Joann Stringham, 
Marcia Stringham, Nani Child, Dorene Peterson, Patsy Pace, Elaine Jessee, Harry Tarr, Lynn Gal- 
braith, Charrel Jensen, Karen Wright, Ronald Schultz, Dixie Smith, Pat Green, Jeannette Boyack, 
Joan Bradbury, VeNae Bryan, Barbara Pope, Annette Fife, Gary Beach, Jerry Young, Naoma Stubbs, 
Carol Lee Stubbs, Janef Tanner, Doreen Kurr, Rosalind Lulce, Karl Allred, Harold Laycock, Joan John- 
son, Joan Luke, Emma Boren, Joe Bentley, Darwin Heyrand, Frederick H, Clark, Bob Zabriskie, Verda 
Stubbs, Stephen Clark, Virginia Miner, Gustav Buggert, Dixie Flake, Robert Johnson, Janeile Wride, 
Richard Fox, Lavona Flake, Louise Brimhall, Robert Pritchet, Archie Johnson, Alice Erickson, Douglas 
Gottfredson, Ted Wight, Evelyn Cook, Geraldlne Brown, Lavern Steele, Ilia Mae Cook, Henry Todd, 
Leon Honey, Jerry Long, Kenneth Christensen, Glenn Williams, Reed Miller, Karia Dawn Cheney, 
Louis Pearce, Hal Hancock, Velda Brown, Annie Joy Pinegar, Nellie Borgenson, Danny Ferre, Stanley 
Taylor, Tom Raye, Norman Ellertson, Boyd Hunter, Vern Young, Barbara Hughes. 



open to anyone on campus with a desire to sing, the University Chorus is the largest musical group on cam- 
pus. Although the primary purpose of the chorus is Individual expression and not the development of difficult 
choral techniques, students acquire a great deal of music appreciation. The chorus presentations included a 
concert of music written entirely by church composers, a Bach Cantata translated from original German by 
Dean de Jong, and singing In devotionals. 

Joon Clarl. Zeldo Kohlar. Ewa J«an Burnham, Lucille Wright, Kenna Lonan. Joanne Wells. Al Rata Yacli. Lu Dean Nash, Marlene 
Gilei Sandra Warner, Vivian Jocobsen. Reva Tanner. Frantes ffi. Jane Mocke'iprang, Edith Noljon. Doris Peterson. Nedfa Knighf. 
Ellen Jeserict. Arva Ho*ell. Vofla Wr,ght, Cotolyn Joyner, Veria Beck. Joan(^e Young, Norma Pulsipher, Cleora Allredge. Nannette 
Monson Ruth Sutler Leah Bi.tler. Lila Welte, Carol Ann Slevensor., Arleen Bryant. Maflene Gngg. Joyce Lenglois. Mercedes Dickey. 
Daisy Hales. Merrill. Lucille Farthing. Cartene Wlnsof. Marion Howells, Betty Lou Gordon. Elaine Hansen, Jeannle Maacl. 
Suianne Moench. Shirley Smith, Mary Lou Humphrey. Lurlyn Preston. Marilyn Monjon. Francis Boyar, Eldon Winferton. Elaine Hess, 
Larry Shumway. Robert E. Stephens, Earl L. Cardon, Den R. Kirlham, George Jarvis, Boyd Burbidge, Richard Hutchinson, Kso Hansen, 
Donald J. Shields. Val Jackson, Val Dee Bennett. Dennis Peel, Ronald Barrett. Ray Cooms. Owen Benson, Wiiford Geddes, Garry Keeler, 
Ken Howard Reed Dahle, A. Udell Call, Vance, Desmond Dickey, David Scoresby, Robert Johnson. Paul DeardorJf, Ross M. 
Philips M. Brent Jones. Andrew Tarry. Jr., R. Keith Jones, Elwyn Adams, Jack Watts, Bruce W. Bfockbank, Walter Bean. Vern Hur>sator, 
Lawrence Leavitt, Fred Shirts, Nan Haws, Mart Chatwm, Pam Davis. Nadine Neiderhauser, Eloiso Mielko, Mary Carr, Mary Allice Cra- 
po Connie Vanover, Norma Phillips, Karen Parler. Jackie Spar^g[or. Karle Allred. Ivy Scoresby, Jerol Dean Randall. Barbara Budge. 
Jeannme Jensen. True Robinson, Aflene Palmer, Carol Wood, Joyce Parker. Pat Coombs, Dorothy Bartols, Glenda Johnson. Bertha 
Malslrom Baity Meyers, Alene Skouser. Leah Cowley, Mary Ahce Sauls. Gall Gray, La Rae Werner, Venice Hyde, Carol Barlow. La Reo 
Morgan. Nedra Denys. Kafin Wood. Doris Tuel. Ray Lee Hill, Sam Gray. Albert Rassmussen. Monte Paulson. Duke Major. William Rust. 
Bob Fisher Gala Anderson, Cletis Price, Leon Millet. Merlin Mather, Wendell Ward. Elden Curtis. Bryan Richards. Rulon Robison, 
Robert Robeson. Bernard L. Taw. Dorothy Manning. Rae Wilson. Mary Hutchlngs, Gayle Faler, Pat Stevens. Patricia Watts. Peggy Tuol, 
Shirley Nay, Bernice Bullock. La Rae Hatch, La Ree Orr. Aurelta Jones, Merideo Moyle, Gayl* Provstgaard. Loma Nailson. Helen 
Macdonald. Diane Manwarring. Betty Jean Lee. Helen Rutter. Lo Ann Clogg. Elaine Leavlft, Sandra Stacey. Jeanlne Nielson. Janet 
Savage. Elaine MacDonald. Marian Sund. Kaye Ann Gadd. Kay Monson. Eleanor Croshaw, Marlene Rice. Janice Mabey. Carol Simmons. 
Maretta Hunt. Connie Bergen. Dorothy Cahell, Marilyn Seville. Dorothy S.lberstelo. Katharine Fromm. Helen Tlngey, Vafera Jensen. 

Beverly Wright. Cherrel Jensen. Zona Stewart, Lillian 
Gish. Colleen Mathews, Darlene Capson, Nadine Car- 
ter, Marva Gonng. Joyce Erlckson, Elaine Owens. 
Lorraine Smith. Barbara Fisher. Martha Tlngey. Norene 
Dance, Pat Cortei, Elaine Hicken, Mary Alice Cook. 
Ann Scoresby, Marian Hickman, Marilyn Fairbourn. 
Peggy Hauser. RaVae Remund, Joan Klnsey. Sally 
Bown, Diano Ahlander, Sylvia Lunt. Marilyn Rlggs. 
Melba Walsor. Marilyn Jones, Frances Martens, Abble 
Burrows, Dorelta Wheeler, Phyllis Noilson, Evelyn 
Wright, Keren Stock, Gayle Brlnghurst. Enid Scow, Leah 
Burton. Donrta Mathews, Deon Jensen, Joan Murray, 
Joanna Hafen, Verda Stubbt, Margeret Johnion. 


The performances of BYU's concert band lent color and spirit to the atmosphere of this year's basketball 
games. Rated as one of the finest In this area, the band helps to develop competent performers by affording 
them rich musical opportunities. A television appearance, spring concert, and award banquet were among this 
year's activities. 

Flutet: Ted Wight, LaVerne Steel, Evelyn Cook, Mary Lohree Stephenson, Ardyth Mae Hansen, Oboes: Henry Todd, 
Jackie Gatenby. English Horn: Henry Todd. Clarinets: Leon Honey, Jerry Long, Kenneth Christensen, Shirley 
Turner, Maurine R. Clark, Dave McKell, Raydon Madsen, Robert C. Bowden, Clothield Newren, Mary Lou Jef- 
feries, Don M. Grimes. Lloyd Kay Bishop, Joseph Jensen, Jane Clyde, Vernon Read, Wallace M. Saling, Jr. Bass 
Ciarinat: Sarah Moser. Contra-Bass Clarinets: Jim Layton, Glen Smith. Bassoons: Glen Williams, Douglas K. 
Gottiredson. Saxophones: Francis Lyman, Duane Crowther, Jim Miller, Stan Jones. Horns: Karia Dawn Cheney, 
Hal Hancock, Velda Brown, Richard Ballou, Douglas Jenkins. Cornets and Trumpets: Annie Joy Pinegar. Nellie 
Borgeson, L. D. Mangelson, Stan A. Taylor, Kaye Burgon, Kenneth Graham, Richard N. Heywood, Ches Gottfred- 
son, Stan Jenkins, Ivan Call. Baritones: Stanley Thurber, Karl C. Thurber. Trombones: Boyd M. Hunter, Wesley B. 
Morgan, Lenn M. Shumway, Raymond M. Colovich, Veldon J. Bennett, Dee Carter. Tuba: Cherry Beauregard. 
String Bass: Alice Erickson. Tympani: Barbara Hughes Turner. Percussion: Fred Clark, Leta Ekker, Curtis LaVell. 
Stan Stoneking. 




Row I. left to right: Sylvia Lee Wliittle, Viva Brown, Nita Hutchinson, Ruth Benson, Patricia Maughan. Janet G. Greene, Ruth P. Surr, _L. Jeanene Miller, 
Audrey Mac Clarlc, Carol Barson, Joyce Johnson, Peggy Henrie. Ruth Ann Howard, Marolyn Taylor. Joan Barker, Ellen E. Keeler, Janice G. Tanner, Lay 
Rollins. Row 2: Merrilynn Farnsworth, Phoebe Bushman, Carolyn Ririe, Patricia Jones, Stanlee Ann Winsor, Jean A. Warner, Joye Ann Shurtleff, JoAnn Sloan, 
Ann Taylor — Soporano Representative; Geraldine Hochstrasser, Rieta Erickson, Jean Tyson, Barbara I. Hoyt — Alto Representative; Priscilla Boswell, Marelyn 
Dickey, Roberta E. Hansen, Gloria D. Hall, Judith Manwill. Row 3: Sherrie Hansen, Eunice M. Brambilla, Gary P. Rollins, Robert D. Dyer — ^Tenor Representa- 
tive; Walter Sherman Gibbs, Hardy H. Bean, Mau Sinapi, Milton H. Larsen — President; Ralph Prusse, Gary S. Brown, Alvln Gunderson, W. Dale Marsh, 
Weston E. Edwards, Dan Merrill, Merrill Day, Joseph Bentley — Bass Representative; Gail Hilton, Carol Dawn Sorenson. Row 4: Lynn M. John, Robert Alan 
Scalf, Max Dickson, Paul Searle, Rulon Winsor, Paul S. Carter, Don Norton, Frank Crosby, Albert D. Roblson, Eugene King, Bob R. Zabriskie, Eugene Terry, 
Harold R, Gammon, Raphael Andrus, Larry Bluth, Elwood Maloy, Alan R. Thomander. Not pictured: Margaret Anderson, Bruce Beaman — Social Chairman; 
Raymond Colovich, Sharlee Ann McClain, George J. Romney, Richard S. Tomlinson, Hal Hancock, Mary Joan Bayles — Secretary. Director — Newell B. Weight. 

Newly organized this year, the College Choir gave 
opportunify to many younger singers who desired ad- 
vanced training in choral singing. By presenting a number 
of appearances on campus and at General Conferences 
in Salt Lake City, it achieved a fine reputation. A formal 
concert in May capped the choir's activity. 



l'yWil%i«4l.M»W(!ifc'.V^*-;'«> :iUj;i..rrwV^,WW%t'Ri 

I U 


First Row: Joyce Nicholes, Rel Francis, Gayle Wal- 
ton. Second Row: Professor Glen Turner, advisor; 
Ed Schoenfild, Max Bunnel, president. 

Under the sponsorship of Glen Turner, the 
Studio Arts Guild participated in several activities 
during the year. Members developed good back- 
grounds for future work in the areas of comnnercial 
art by presenting new ideas and sponsoring sketch- 
ing sessions. The Guild gave an award for the best 
student landscape painting, and clinnaxed the year 
with an artful Beaux-arts Ball. 

Rowl, from left to right: Prof. Glen Turner, Rel Francis, 
Vernon Murdock, Reed Tyler, Fred Tagasaki, Keith Johnson, 
Leo Hall, Glen Dale Anderson. Row 2: Cleora Aldridge, 
Marilyn Manning, Mary Duffin, Barbara Billings, Sherri Han- 
sen, Evelyn Weeks, Joyce Nicholes, Gayle Walton, Marilyn 

Palmer, Rue Ann Winter. Row 3: Prof. M. D. Stewart, Prof. 
B. F. Larson, Clifford Jones, Vernon Melander, Goldwin 
Cluff, George Durrant, John Wagner, Henry Anderson, 
Maynard Gunther, Max Bunnell. 


Jennie Hadlock 
C. Sudweeks 

Nedra Denys 
Joan Dixon 

Betty Ree Yeonnans 
Joyce Summerhays 

Lois Tovey 
Gene Oborn 
Millicent Stewart 

Pat Boyle, Secretary 

Jean Dixon 

Connie Corbett 

Esther Hadlock 

Lawrence Head 
Carol Fisher 


Senior Orchesis, a National dance fraternity, was organ- 
ized in 1949 with the aim of helping those interested to reach 
the greatest possible perfection in modern dance. Besides ap- 
pearing in assemblies, programs, and other dance demonstra- 
tions, Orchesis sponsored a Dance Concert which illustrated 
perfected techniques and artistry in creative dancing. 

Marilyn Wood 


Fern Tovey 

Ruth Ann Sardmire 
Mary Hutchings 

DeLora Marble 

Kenny Hawkins 

Shannon Hepworth 
Patricia Jones 

Helen Bushman 
Cheryl Steed 

Melba Norton 

Janice Hocking 


Row I, left to right: Olene Smith, secretary; Weston Edwards, Geraldine Asplund, Bonnie Turner, Earl McBride. 
Row 2: Dr. T. Earl Pardoe, Dr. J. LaVar Bateman, Dr. Alonzo J. Morley, governor of western division; Weston 
Henrie, graduate assistant in Forensics. 

Membership eligibility in Tau Kappa Alpha re- 
sults from marked distinction in forensic activity and 
participation in Intercollegiate oratory and debate. 
Dedicated to foster more forensic activities on cam- 
pus, it achieved this aim by sponsoring the Junior 
Varsity debate tourney. 


KBYU, student operated radio station on cam- 
pus, exists primarily to give practical experience 
to those entering the field of radio professionally. 
Early in fall quarter a broken transmitter caused 
broadcasts to be temporarily halted. However, 
activities soon continued through the "Campus 
Crier" on KOVO in Provo. Inspiring devotionals 
were heard each Wednesday over the air waves 
of KBYU. 

Above: President Chet Harris adds talent to the regular campus 
news program discussing current and comnig events of students in- 
terest. At left: Disc-jockey Bob Holman broadcasts one of a series 
of off-campus news for on-campus listeners. Provo citizens and stu- 
dents correspond with the station for special broadcasting requests 
or printed items of lasting interest. 

KBYU Manager 



Row I, from left to right: Betty Davis, Lorna Nielsen, LaVar Bateman, Forensic Director; Bonnie Jean Turner, Sec- 
retary; Joyce Gustafson. Row 2: Bertella Swain, Ruth Pehrson, John Smith Varner, H. Earl McBride, Publicity 
Chairman, Robert Mauzy. Row 3: Weston hienrie, Forensic Assistant, Geraldine Asplund, Assistant Manager, 
and Lloyd Gerber, Forensic Manager. 

Concerned primarily with debate, after 
dinner speeches, and oral interpretation, the 
Forensic Club offered speech students a 
chance to express themselves. Meetings held 
twice a week featured speakers and practice 
debate sessions. 


vn R [ I s rmr^^K ^i 



BYU gained a refined addition to the College of Fine Arts 
by the inclusion of the McCune School of Music and Art in 
Salt Lake City. Organized and conducted to disseminate edu- 
cation in music and allied arts, the school provides such courses 
as will insure students of becoming proficient in performance, 
sound in knowledge, and ethical in conduct. 



You enrolled in the school of nursing 
and began training early for fascinating 
positions and valuable opportunities in 
hospitals, public health, private practice, 
education and research. You learned 
the technique, efficiency, sympathy, 
tact and under-standing necessary for 
meeting nursing problems. With con- 
fidence you now face the future, for 
you have chosen a most satisfactory and 
rewarding profession. You are to be 
women in white — nurses. 

Organized during the year, the Sigma Nu 
Omega is a club for prospective nurses. Their main 
objectives consisted of designing the pin and uni- 
form of the department. 

Row I, from left to right: Letha Doman. Norma Doman, Janis 
Bean, Wanda Higbee, Nola Davis, Beth Harmon, Raeone 
Smith, Marie Burton, Gloria Jordan. Row 2: Geraldine 
Johnson, Rosalie Kern, Gayla Lloyd, Pear Rogers. Jean Evans. 
Sandra Wilcox, Carol Wheeler, Mary Ann Hatch, Pat Chris- 

tiansen, Lenora Hoyle, Jane Bennett, Mary Beth Roper, 
Waity Haas, Mary Persons, David Coleman. Row 3: Gloria 
Eliason, Mary Kay Phelan, Margaret Packs, La Rene Dickin- 
son, Virginia Cech, Lois Abbot, Marjorie Jones, Joanne 
Schaerrer, Dorothy Young. Janene Ferre, Corrine Partridge. 



Maternity ward experience produces capable young nurses 
for work in maternity hospitals, delivery roonns of baby hospitals, 
or suitable qualifications for general hospital employment. 

Child training classes are available for stu- 
dent nurses who plan careers in Children's hos- 

Nurses' uniforms must be designed, and artis- 
tic students of the department produce some of 
the proposed creations. 

Paper work and record keeping are necessary 
for smooth efficiency in hospital occupations. 
Students are given complete instructions on 

E roper paper procedure for a comprehensive 
nowledge of complex medical terms. 


By offering extensive religious 
opportunities and instruction, the 
division of religion at the Y guar- 
anteed a fuller and more stable 
life for you, its students. Courses 
in scripture, Church history, or- 
ganization, theology, and philoso- 
phy combined to remove from 
your minds the uncertainty the 
world usually associates with re- 


Religious opportunities are afforded for 
promoting our knowledge of the Gospel in 
church . . . 

. and in the classroom. 




Wymount Branch was organized to fill the needs of the 
young married couples living in Wymounf Village, who have 
for the mosf part started families. It is this characteristic that 
lends uniqueness to the Branch, inasmuch as having a family 
is the primary interest to all concerned. Above, row I: James 
Holt, Manual Counselor; Gayien Harmon, Superintendent; 
Cecil Reinsch, Activity Counselor. Row 2: Roland Schramm, 
Secretary. Above right, row I : Melvin Mabey, First Counselor; 
Harry Thacker, President; Sanford Walker, Second Counselor. 
Row 2, left to right: Howard Putnam, Financial Clerk; Grant 
Stevenson, Statistical Clerk; Paul Erekson, Assistant Clerk. Right: 
Merle Sadler, Counselor; Marie Fisher, President; Orva Wil- 
liams, Counselor. Below right: Leah Thacker, Second Counselor; 
Ledene Allred, President; LeAnne Dayton. First Counselor. 
Below: Ralph Naef, Second Counselor; Zan Winn, Superinten- 
dent; Theo McKean, First Counselor. 


The Campus Branch was organized as a part of 
East Provo Stake on October 19, 1947 to become 
a part of student life on campus. The spirit main- 
tained in the Branch is the result of enthusiasm and 
love for the Church that is brought from the wards 
and branches throughout the world. The great 
fundamental principal of service is the activating 
force of the Branch. The Sunday School, M.I.A., 
Relief Society, Genealogy Committee and the Ser- 
vicemen's Committee, while providing activity for 
students, serve worthy purposes and bring joy, satis- 
faction and an enduring testimony of the divinity 
of the great latter-day work revealed to the world 
through the Prophet Joseph Smith. 

Counselor; Scott A. Speakman, President; Newell K. Rich- 
ardson, Second Counselor. 

Skousen, President; Monagene Dudding, and Maxine 

SERVICE MEN'S COMMITTEE: Ellen Jeserick, Clarice 
Talbot, A. Udell Call, Bob Breinholt, John R. Grawe. 


Sato, Darrell Call, Second Assistant; Frances Bushman, 
Secretary; Hugh I. Gates, Superintendent; Gail Hilton, 
Enlistment Committee; Ben Dickison, First Assistant. 

YOUNG WOMEN'S M.I.A.: Marcia Jorgensen 
Bonita Bennion, Manual Counselor; Alice Brady, President 
Betty Hayes, Activity Counselor. 

YOUNG MEN'S M.I.A,: Bob Clark, Secretary,_Juni. 
us Bennion, Manual Counselor; Rulon Craven, President 
John Peterson, Counselor. 

Assistant; Bill Stebbing, President; Dan Speakman, 
Second Assistant; Barbara Meibos, Secretary. 

Neil Ord, Dick Bruson, Dick Robbison, Pat Havens, Udell 
Poulson, Ed Mathias, George Williams. Row 2 — Ross 
Braft, Ken Zwaien, and Jess Ediefsen. 



Wednesday night meeting . . . Sunday evening services . . . 
Firesides . . . Sunrise testimonials . . . temple excursions . . . ushermg 
. the "Tulip Time Invitational" . . .trl-chapter dinner dance . . .AH 
these things combined to make a successful year tor a closely-knit 
group of returned lady missionaries who work toward a four-fold pro- 
gram of Intellectual, cultural, social, and spiritual ideals. 


Florence Webb 
Karma Crofts 
Bobble June Ball 
Dorothy Ann Lillywhite 

Melva Taylor 

Irene Barr 

Donna Fay Rasmussen 

Esther Hadlock 

Janie TKompSon 

Ruth Herastey 
Edna Green 

Barbara Hlgglnbotham 
Virginia Ednnan 
Daisy Hales 
Jenna Vee Stocltinq 


Members pictured, from left to right, Row I: Shirley Ran- 
dall, Jim Conis, Ronald Farr, Neil Bingham, Ralph Naef, Karl 
Boss, Dale Goodson, Alan Pedersen, Eugene Lyons, Bob West, 
Howard Ruff, director. Row 2: Jerry Winsor, Vern Montgom- 
ery, Bud Nubert, Wayne Clark, Garth Whitney, Jesse Ediefsen, 
John Green, Harold Rosen, Mack Bowen, Don Caldwell. Row 3: 
Keith Worthington, Dale Johnson, Leon Clark, LeRoy Gunnell, 
Donald Arbon, Jim Geddes, Darrel Lee, Alan Holyoak. Row 4: 
Gaylen Harmon, Richard Hammond, Robert Asay, John Gur- 
ney, John Teichert, Eugene Allen, Lenn Shumway, John Olsen. 

"Perhaps the real mission of Delta Phi is to lead men toward 
standards of Godliness." — Dr. John A. Widtsoe, Founder. 

Proof that Delta Phi is one of the most active groups on 
campus is evidenced by awards won during Homecoming and their 
outstanding student assembly of fall quarter. The extensive tours 
by their renowned chorus and the printing of devotional speeches 
were but a few of the many accomplishments during the year. 




Ml P 

Vern Carlsen 

Kay H. Becketts, Jr 

Dean Bushman 
George Badger 

Karl C. Boss 
Hayle Buchanan 

Reed W. Chrlstensen 
Palmer Clark 

Harold W. Blauer 
Dallas Burnett 

J. Henry Clarke 
Robert D. Collier 


Miss Utah of 1953, LaVon Brown, inspires bearded 
members of Delta Phi to "seek and ye shall find." 

Robert Asay 
Bruce Nilsson 

William Radmall 
Shirley Randall 
Jack Nixon 

Lehi T. Smith 
Norman D. Smith 
LaMar Skeen 

Blake Lott 
Kenneth Judd 
Darrell Lee 

Ralph Klemm 
Floyd H. Gowans 
LeRoy Hallsted 

Jim Conis 

J. Robert McAdan 

R. Lex Marcusen 



A dream in any man's language, Delta Phi Dream 
Girl Marilyn Sabin, exemplifies typical B.Y.U. 

Richard Kay Hanlts 
M. Dale Johnson 

Eugene Lyons 
Vernon Montgomery 
William MacKay 

Lamon Neubert 
Melvin Ray Murray 
Ralph G. Naef 

£ ^ rM 

John A. Sreen 
Wayde Stolcer 
Marsel Tingey 

B. Gale Wilson 
Edward Tolman 
Don TImpson 

Robert G. West 
Kent B. Tyler 
Bert E. Swenson 

John Teichert 
Robert Thomas 

T, V. Thomas 

G. Junior Garlick 

James W. Geddes 
Gene Garrett 

Dale Goodson 
Rulon Winsor 

Max Wilson 
Grant Fausett 

Albert Paul Croft 
Boyd Culllmore 

Jesse Ediefsen 
Donn Erickson 

Ronald Farr 
Robert Durrans 

Bruce N. Curtis 
Qulnn G. McKay 

Keith Worthington 
Ferrel Garth Nelson 

Kent Anderson 
Eldon B. Pulsipher 
Dean Parks 

Edwin N. Seely 
Lewis P. Stephens 
Alvln Price 

Roland Smith 
Garth B. Whitney 
Donald M. Shunnway 

Fred Stevens 
Alden Richins 
Robert Lund 

Darvel Robbins 
Allen Pederson 
Eugene R. Allen 

Lenn M. Shumway 

Delta Phis maintain religious theme in annual 
Christmas Assembly of the nativity. 



Glen Stubbs 

Robert T. Divett 

W. Denton Nebeker 

Robert Hamilton 

Alan Baird 

Rulon R. Adams 

William Anderson 

David H. Croft 

Arnold J. McAllister 

Wayne Clark 

Roy Zitting 

John K. Olsen 

Grant M. Flygare 

Frank Daly 

Paul Smith Carter 

Harold E. Rosen 

James K. Seastrand 

Madison E. Morrell 

Clarence L. Fields 

Dean H. Seely 

Vernon Parent 

Ralph Crystal 

Stan Houston 

Albert Ostraff 

Jack Monson 

MacRae Bartholomew 

Another get-acquainted affair, the Del- 
ta Phi Nutcracker Suite Ball was a hit of 
the year. 


Seekers of truth . . . brothers with one purpose 
united . . . preachers of the everlasting Gospel. 

Mack J. Bowen 
Russell Miclelson 

Val L. Balls 
Valton E. Jackson 
Owen J. Benson 

Milton R. Bloomqulst 
Duane Harmon 
Howard Harris 

Ray H. Becket+s, Jr. 
Alan B. Holyoak 
Bernarr Harris 

Clyde W. Johnson 
Dennis N. Atkinson 
Joel K. Mellor 

Ramon Duke 
John B. Elisson 
Don Caldwell 

Bob Breinholt 
Jack O. Brown 

Duaine Erickson 
Marvin D. Follett 

Dave Forsyth 
John A. Gurner 

Carl D. Anderson 
Kenneth Anderson 

Glenn Blatter 
Harold G. Connell 

George Exeter 
Neil D. Bingham 


Ellen Lindsay, Secretary 

Jim Brown, Social Vice President 

H. Lowell Ralph 


Derrel W. Judd, President 

Elaine Leavitt, Pledging Vice President 

Howard Roberts, Program and Service Vice Pres. 

Lambda Delta Sigma is the official fraternity of the 
Latter-day Saint Church and has nine chapters on the 
Brigham Young University campus. Members enjoy 
meetings sponsoring Church authorities and faculty 
members as speakers, a quarterly formal dance, and 
exchange parties with chapters from other schools, in 
addition to individual chapter functions and inter-chap- 
ter functions and inter-chapter exchange parties. These 
activities further brotherhood, intellectuality, leader- 
ship, religious life, and culture — the ideals of the 

Sponsor — L.D.S. 

Sponsor — L.D.S. 

Row I, left to right: Florence Dewey, Lorena Lamb, 
lona Mae Snyder, Ellen Lindsay, Velma Rice, Betty Jo 
Beck, Derrel W. Judd. Row 2: Austin Wahlquist, Earia 
Mae Call, Darlene Gaye Nebeker, H. Lowell Ralph, 
Gerald Dobson, Francis LeBaron. Row 3: John Rode- 
ric, Mary Jane Marsden, Flora May Heaton, Blaine 
Brimley, Gale Mecham, Keith Standing. Row 4: How- 
ard Roberts, Dorothy Bartels, Rao Lindsay, Robert 
Scalf, Burton Winters, Rex Smith. 

•■■:^\j" ■.-;-'-,■>'■.".'. 


:j^i'-f'':.,7--2.i,t^iii lA;il..-r'f,'.'«0.i 




1 Wilson 





Rulon Gerald 


James N. Con 



D. Anderson 





Carl Martineau 
Merrill Madsen 
Paul Smith 
Rulon Moss 


As members of Alpha Chapter, you strlved to 
attain to a level of activities comparable to your 
name — first in brotherhood, first in ideals, first in re- 
creation. Programs and parties alone and with others 
have made this year one of new friendships, personal 
growth, and great enjoyment. 


Connie Mathis 
Laura Mayberry 
Betty Jackson 
Betty Gene Snnlth 

Janice Hocking 
Joyce Rasmusson 
Mildred Arafiles 
Doris Marsh 

Norma Kochever 
Mary Joy Justensen 
Rose Marie Dunhann 
Bertella Swain 

Myrlene Posey 
Shirley Hughes 
Enid Wood 
Tharia Larson 

Ruth Pehrson 
Edwina Fortress 



The Delta Chapter has a spirit of 
close brotherhood in which every- 
one plans and executes activities to- 
gether. You, as members, conduc- 
ted many exchange parties, includ- 
ing dancing, swimming, and hiking, 
with your seven sister chapters of 
the Church fraternity. The most en- 
joyable experience you had was the 
opportunity to hold services in the 
LDS wards in Prove. 

Charles W. Embleton 
Dempsey Bernard Engli 
Robert Beebe 
Bill Anderson 

Merlin Gene Paul 
Rex Snnlth 
Jack Thonnas 

Clyde R. Nielsen Floyd N. Nordin 

Robert H. Hodgen Burton Winters 

Kenneth Toone Francis C. LeBaron 


Jack Love+t 
Gerald Dobson 

In keeping with the ideals of Lambda Delta Sigma, 
Gamma Chapter directed its activities toward fostering 
brotherhood, Latter-day Saint ideals, and good social 
activities. You, its members were proud of your accom- 
plishments and to Gamma we say, "Cherished in our 
memories will be our thoughts of you." 

Norman MacKay 
Paul Carter 
Havar Olsen 
Kent Anderson 
Gerald Bailey 

Rao Lindsay 
Richard Christensen 
Harlow Wilcox 
Gary Elliott 
John Burton 

Evan Hansen 
Armand Glick 
Blaine Brimley 
Dick Bassett 
Lewis Teuscher 



mn CHiPHR i 


Sarah Moser 
Deloa Glines 

L"^ >i 

"Friendship is a chain of gold shaped 
in God's all-perfect mold." As mem- 
bers of Omega, you incorporated this 
motto as the year's goal. Through such 
activities as roller skating, swimming, 
canyon parties, a dinner dance, and 
numerous exchanges, you felt that you 
had reached this goal and shaped yoi^r 
chain of friendship. 

Arda Jean Warnoclc 
Jane Mackelprang 
Ella Lechtenberg 
Gayle Christensen 

Shirley May Johnson 
Karol June Payne 
Florence Dewey 
Elva Fisk 

An amusing and fun-packed Treasure Hunt 
was one evening's entertainment for Omega 


Charmaine Thomas 
Velma Rice 
Lois Stratton 
Lucille C. Wright 
Reita Erickson 

Jessie M. Workman 
RaOla Hill 
Rayola Husband 
Beverly A. Pedersen 
Anna Willmott 

LaR'^ne Hinman 
Frances Martens 
Belh Huffaltcr 
Dessie Hunt 
Dorothy Sanford 

Mary Duffin 
Brooke Temple 
Afton Bodily 
Marjory Eldredge 
Gloriann Curry 

Dianne Holt 
Florence McNeil 
Claire Palmer 
Bernece Brough 
Dorothy Bartels 

"Life is sweet just because of the friends 
we have made, and the things which in 
connnnon we share. " You of Phi Chapter 
followed this code and are especially known 
for the friendships and love that exists 
annong your nnembers. Your love for the 
clean wholesome activities that you enjoy 
in Lambda Delta Sigma and in weekly 
meetings and associations, has contributed 
greatly to your spiritual growth. 

€ r 

Lorna Livingston 

Ruth Matkin Shirley Sallenbach Lois Brown 






Joyce Hill 
Gayle Beck 
Jjne Garrard 

Gaye Nebeker 
Norma Leavitt 
Jeanne Jackson 


Shirley Alleman 
Kay McNamara 
Deon Grover 
Ruth Tanner 
Cleora Alldredge 

Betty Jo Beck 
Edith McCuistion 
Earlene Poulson 
Nea Allen 
Pat Bischoff 

Donna Brannock 
Mary Alice Crapo 
Geraldine Clark 
Carol Ann Stevenson 
Sharon Yancey 


til Pill 

"Bonded together by love and friendship, we, 
the girls of Psi Chapter pledge ourselves to uphold 
our Latter-day Saint ideals, live so that we can 
prove exannples of beautiful womanhood to the 
world, and form friendships which will prove lasting." 
May you always have a friendly smile and a greet- 
ing for everyone and let the spirit of the Gospel 
radiate through it. 

LaReta Miller 
Nadlne Tanks 
Mary Kae Jackson 

Audrey Clark 
Helen Jackson 
Lyda Jeanene Miller 
Edith Nelson 
Marlene Kemper 

Kaye Gadd 
Jeanne Russell 
Afton Passey 
Kathryn Rich 
Lynn Tucker 

Marian Sund 

Patricia Reynolds 
Beth Wessel 
Varlene Cook 
Marjorie McFarland 


Jillynn WIntch 
Mary Louise Anderson 
Maxine Wright 
Phyllis Randall 
Mary Irons 

Lavona Flake 
Leslie Nielsen 
Lorene MIclcelsen 
Leila Taylor 
Kafhy Brown 

Darlene Beard 
Hazel Batchelor 
Donna Anderson 
Lois Knaphus 
Edith Little 

Arva hHowell 
Bonnie Beardall 
Nine Flake 
Bonnie Lou Hancock 

Tau Chapter, as well as other chapters in Lamb- 
da Delta Sigma, creates many valuable friendships 
through inner-club activities. This association brings 
about development of personality and provides a 
chance for leadership, the enriching of ideas, fur- 
thering of one's talents, and above all a spiritual 
advancement of understanding. "Tau Chapter — 
to thee we will be true. " 


Diane Hale 
Joan Holbrook 
Doris Sunderland 
Ruth Clegg 
Jean Christensen 

La Ree Orr 
Veria Beck 
Elsie Brady 
Deonne Brenchley 
Marilyn Kotter 

Barbara Watt 
Joyr« Call 
Lucille Hulme 
Marilyn Yarn 
Bonnie Jordan 

LeAnn Clegg 
Heather Thurman 


Jewel Spilsbury 


Jeneane Garner 
teona Flake 

Louise Jackson 



Lorraine Smith 
Nadine Weiderhauser 
Betty Lou Whitney 

Colleen Christensen 
Ruth Benson 
Marilyn Georges 

Maureen Gassman 
Lurlyn Preston 
Mary Beth Salnnond 
Maxine Reinhardt 

Spirituality, lasting friendship, and 
love and truthfulness are annong the 
ideals of Upsilon Chapter mennbers. 
"We are proud of our chapter, proud of 
our associations, and of our spirit as well 
as of our accomplishments. We climaxed 
this year, so packed full of fun and gay 
activities, with a successful smorgasbord 

Carol Christensen 
Janyce Maxfield 
Shirley Jones 
Marilyn Saville 
Roberta Murray 

Amelia Jane Cahoon 
Verda Stubble 
Mary Jane Groberg 
Lorena Lamb 
JoAnn Alexander 

Sharon Farnsworth 
Kathleen Murdock 
Janice Wilson 
Cleone de Cheminant 
Marilyn Monson 

Pat Burris 
Bette Tidwell 
Alyse Allen 
Helen Jolley 
Eva Peterson 




[ill S 


Sarah Moser, Women's Ath- 
letic Mgr. 

Leila Taylor, Historian 

Barbara Barker, Advertising 
& Publisity 

John Wilson, Photographer 


Gary Elliot, Men's Athletic 

Dorothy Bartels, Reporter 
John Roderick, Y Zeta Editor 
Pat Bischoff, Revelator Edi- 




After graduating with a Bach- 
elor's Degree, you came back for 
more study in your major field of 
interest. To gain your degree, you 
made surveys, gathered informa- 
tion, conducted research, and 
maintained that all-important "B" 
grade average . You were the 
graduate student. 

A brand new box of colored pencils, and you 
were back in the saddle for more of the same. 

Giving up on English altogether, you decided 
to learn a spicy foreign lingo. 


The search that never ends, experinnen+al 
chemistry promotes research and supplies 
ample opportunity for graduate work on 
masters' degrees. 

An outdoor sport for graduate geologists, 
plane table mapping requires split-second 
precision and demands accurate survey analy- 

Going to college" af home is made simple and practical 
for those unable to attend campus classes. The Extension Di- 
vision acts as middleman between the student and the university 
in providing ample opportunities for home study. 

The department of Audio-Visual Aids is a new distinguishing 
feature of the extension division. Locally filmed educational motion 
pictures for class and civic use are produced and directed by pro- 
fessional film executives of the university. 

The Extension Division was instituted to ex- 
pand the education of anyone desiring to con- 
tinue his education outside of regular college 
classes. Its services include extension classes, 
audio-visual aids service, speaker service, even- 
ing school, and leadership institutes. As a regu- 
lar part of the leadership program, an annual 
eadership week is held which attracts visitors 
from throughout the state. 

You who remained on campus dur- 

5 the summer found a full quarter 

^ work offered in all schools and col- 

jes. Most of your classes were 

■ /en on the main Provo campus, 

t you who were interested in Zo- 

ogy, Botany, and Geology attended 

hisses at the Alpine Campus on the 

[stern slopes of Mount Timpanogos. 

invocation was conducted at the 

>se of the summer so that ambitious 

idents could graduate in three 


Dean of Summer School 

Above: Baccalaureate services and commencement exercises 
for Summer School graduates are held at the end of each sum- 
mer term. Students participate in devotional programs and 
guest speakers from the Council of the Twelve offer rich spirit- 
ual invocation. Right: Dramatic presentations are a part of 
the Summer school project in the speech department. 




". . . ahd in Hirn Was the (if e of men 
and the light of men." 






'^'■".f ■ v: 





"»*-^. 4i^- 

i>. - ■ < > 

^^1t .. .< 




'/# • 

If l*- 

.•.. 'V^-^^ 







r>»"" •. 




. : /fes^' 


E ■'■-*.-€% 

/•.■Tr . 




-r-^'M^ ■■ 






"<F '», • 



..jf ' 

w J^ .■•'r*r' 

^.' ^*^ 




A freshman blinked in bewilderment at the new campus and winced 
at long, strange faces around him. "Can this be another world?" he 
asked himself . . . 

He saw someone painting a big welcome sign with red paint the 

hello week assembly was the best he'd ever seen ... his legs trembied as 
he danced her out on the floor . . . golly, people from all over the world! 



Ahhh — Orientation Week! Just what you need- 
ed for that extra "lift" in becoming familiar with a 
new and entirely different kind of education. The 
books and teachers were still there, but things like 
social units, "batching" it, and having every class 
in a different building were novel and exciting. It 
was fun to chew gum in class for the first time or 
go downtown in the middle of the day. Mom and 
Dad were really glad to hear how much you enjoyed 
college life so far . . . then you took a test. 

The botany pond had to be cleaned so that fellow-freshmen who 
shirked their whitewashing duties could be dunked by "friendly" up- 





You signed a card, shook a hand, and were finally on 
your way through lines and streams of other kids. A friendly 
gent said he was your counselor and gave some advice on 
classes. You changed them around five times and finally 
got so disgusted that you decided to take bandage rolling. 
You waded through a forest of faces and plunked down 
your tuition money — then you went home to bed. 


-**■ 'a,*j 




n i[ m Pin 

President Wilkinson was right there to shake hands as you 
entered registration doors. The Cougarettes marched off in 
fine "Y" formation. Friends gathered to chat between classes 
about old times. The girls at B.Y.U. were not only pretty but 
friendly and intelligent, too! 



Now down to the happy home-lives 
of students at the "Y." In the dorm, 
the apartments and basements — lovable 
roommates who were quniet, obedient, 
and would do anything to make life 
easier for you like short-sheeting your 
bed or setting the alarm for 4:00. Re- 
member that one roommate who had as 
much cooking expeience as a returned 

Home from an exciting date at the film classic . . , 
"gee, I wonder why he's such a pill?" Sunday on the 
hill led to a richer, more spiritual conception of life. 



And then I sez to him: "You're absolutely crazy not to eat at 
our deluxe cafeteria," ^nd he sez to me: "naw, we got a bettter 
set-up batchin'!" Can you imagine the nerve? Why, I could 
never get used to home cookin' again, could you? 


Up bright and early in your new basement apartment. Then for a 
scrumptious breakfast! Someone must've written the receipts wrong. Oh, 
well, burnt toast makes curly hair, mom used to say. One of your room- 
mates was a real gourmet — remember? And a real glutton, too, you 
thought. By the end of the year, though, you all made Betty Crocker look 
sick — real Aunt Jeminas of the electric stove! 


»[ii[iB[R nu \m\ mu 

A wiser and happier freshman bravely set forth dressed in a clever 
baby cougar outfit to shine shoes, sing school songs off-key, and climb 
the long trail to the "Y" for a glory-filled day of weed cutting. 

Everyone was all lit up at the torchlight parade ... a fiery Hallo- 
ween dance chased ail the witches and goblins away . . . pumpkins and 
cats set the stage for the witching hour dance . . . for heaven's sake — 
President Truman looked just like he did in the movies! 


Through the initiation mill, and sud- 
denly you were a campus citizen. Up- 
perclassmen were real friendly and said 
'hello' or 'hi,' and when yonu finished 
shining their shoes, they let you carry 
their books to lower campus. A new 
world of friends, facts and figures soon 
opened, and through its shining gates 
marched the freshmen for the most 
glorious experience of their lives as stu- 
dents of B.Y.U. 

Frederick Gulda, famed concert pianist, gave a thrilling 
performance as the University Lyceum series reopened. You 
had your first opportunity to enjoy musical artistry. at Its finest. 

Flaming torches down University Avenue meant that the 
spirit of the "Y" had once again returned as you prepared for 
a gala 1952 Homecoming. 


lifli iiniuop 

The day started out like any ordinary one 
except for the tingle of excitement at climb- 
ing for miles and miles in a mountain paradise. 
The sunshine bounced off laughing faces as 
your classmates tripped and fell on their 
lunch sacks and girls who hadn't worn their 
levis for years blushed at ripped-out seams. 
As the sun went west, feet were being soaked 
in hot water and dry autumn leaves brushed 
from solar-bleached, hair. 

The evening found a few of the braver 
hikers at the Autumn Leaf Hop sponsored by 


Claudius and Gertrude, ill-fated King and Queen of Denmark, refused Ham- 
let's plea for his rightful place on the royal throne. 

by William Shakespeare 

Directed by Harold I. Hansen 

Design adapted from original by Alfred D. Sensenbach 


(In order of appearance) 

Bernardo, officer of the guard ^ Dick Alterson 

Francisco, officer of the guard Carl Martineau 

Marcellus. officer of the guard Noel Quinn 

Horatio, friend to Hamlet Clyde Ricks 

Ghost of Hamlet's Father Robert K. Wettlaufer 

Cladius, King of Denmark _ Rue C. Johnson 

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark _ „ _ Lael J. Woodbury 

Gertrude, Queen of Denmark _ Georgia C. Faux 

Polonius, Secretary of State Ralph Lundgreen 

Laertes, son of Polonius _ Max Golightly 

Ophelia JoAnn Green, Nancy Knudson 

Reynaldo, palace servant „ Geral Wilde 

Rosencrant^, student friend of Hamlet Robert Morrow 

Guildenstern, student friend of Hamlet Larry Bowen 

Player King Hugh Rush 

Player Queen _ _ Marilyn Young 

Player Villian _ Lynn Allred 

Fortinbras, Prince of Norway Ray Penney 

A Norwegian Captain Kay Baird 

Osric, a courtier Richard Brannock 

Others Jack A. 

trown, Florence Lundwall, Anne Rasmussen, 
Diane Rich, Jeanne Steinagel, Carol Warr 

Hamlet denies the love of ardent Ophel 
ia and seeks only the revenge of his mur 
dered father. 

University theatre audiences were thrilled with the costumes, lighting 
realistic settings, and excellent acting of Shakespeare's immortal "Hamlet." 
Staged for a three-night run, the drama met with splendid success and 
captured the true styling of Elizabethan culture. 




1 rs pyiis[. 

Straight from the sunny island of pineapples and 
palm trees stepped Miss Alice Akita, lovely 1952 
Homecoming Queen, to reign over the sparkle of 
glittering Homecoming events — A Y's promise for a 
successful future. 





Sfudents, graduates, and faculty mem 
bars of Brigham Young University 
thrilled at the spectacular beauty of 
a gala 1952 Homecoming over 
which gracious Queen Alice Akita 
reigned so triumphantly. High- 
lights of the fabulous weekend 
were topped with an outstand- 
ing parade, selected student 
and graduate talent and the 
Cougars' 14-23 football 
victory the Denver Pion- 





Colorful Homecoming ceremonies took place at Queen 
Alice's royal morning coronation. Dainty talisman roses per- 
fumed the air as Mrs. Wilkinson crowned the exotic beauty. 

Exciting music styled for dancing filled the Home- 
coming air with golden memories of "A Y's Promise." 


The breath-taking float entries of your 1952 Home- 
coming Parade were spiced by several marching bands, led 
by the ROTC military band. Cougarettes, Sponsors, White 
Key, Y Calcares and other service units were also represen- 
ted. The "What For?" quartet and the Cesta Tie trio took 
the honors at the Fleldhouse Follies on Friday night. 

Delta Phi copped the coveted sweepstakes 
award in the Saturday morning's parade. Entering 
a float depicting the fruits of missionary labors In 
many lands, the returned missionary group topped 

many lands, the returned missionary group topped 
a field of 47 of the finest floats ever seen in a 
Homecoming parade. 



'^.r-f*^ • 1 - I tk''^ 1 1 ! 

■■ ir ' 1 • '>'' ' J S 

■' ■-'■rc.«i?riii! I! 

An award for the most beautiful float went to the To- 
Kalon social unit. The Toks earned the valuable award with 
a depiction of the good things of life flowing from two 
horns of plenty. 

A stork presiding over a nest-full of children, represent- 
ing hieaven's Gift to a Y's Future, gained the Most Origi- 
nal" award for the Bricker social unit. The children on the 
float symbolized many nations of the world. 

Featuring the best In campus trios and quartets, the 
Fieldhouse Follies evening of song was graced by the 
presence of Queen Alice and her court as well as Miss 
Utah, LaVon Brown. The Lion's Quartet also pleased the 
large crowd with serious and comical renditions of popu- 
lar barbershop melodies. 

The evening was climaxed by the presentation of a 
model of the Y Bell monument. Another outstanding fea- 
ture of the Homecoming w_eekend was Friday morning's 
Coronation assembly. The beautifully organized pro- 
gram was composed of student, alumni and faculty talent. 




Homecoming orchids go 
to the talent-packed 
Homecomnig Committee, 
chairmanned this year by 
conscientious Boyd Lake. 
A tip-top assembly, a 
glamorous float and 
marching parade, and a 
successful evening of 
dancing made a strong 
impression on all who re- 
turned home for the gala 
event. Members seated 
left to right: 

Row I: 

Gene Oveson 

Kathy Latimer 

Vonda Christensen 

Don Van Slooten 
Row 2: 

Kenneth Perry 

John MacCabe 

Jack Clawson 

Joe Christensen 

William Gallagher 

■ [ p T I 

. L [ u [ 

Ballots, boxes, and long 
evenings of counting 
votes led to the steady 
progress and final suc- 
cess of campus elec- 
tions by the versatile 
Elections Committee, 
supervised this year by 
jovial Lewis Winter. 
Members seated, left 
to right: 

Row I: 

Jeneal Peterson 
Lewis Winter 
Marilyn Ballard 
Darrell Call 

Row 2: 

Marilyn Crawford 
Gary Simonsen 
Shirlee Killpack 
Dwight Morrell 
John Dalton 


m nn wm vRniioi 

The bell rang for a change in classes, and a lonsly-looking fresh- 
man canne creeping down the hall, observing his classmates carefully. 
A sudden glint in his eyes and a swift dash to the side of a cute little 
member of the opposite sex changed our doubting minds that he 
might not yet be "orientated. " 

Everyone rushed home for four days of Thanksgiving festivities 
. . . the pilgrim assembly took place on Plymouth rock ... by Decem- 
ber you'll really know how to shake a leg . . . skunk lovers Garth 
Uibel and Colleen Collins romance in the woods. 

Directed by _ 
Designed by 


by Wi 1 1 ia m Sa roya n 

Preston R. Gledhill 

Alfred D. Sensenbach 


Johnny _ - ~ Marie Oldroyd 

His Father, Ben Alexander, the poet - _. Bob Holman 

Jasper MacGregor. the man with the heart in the Highlands Chet Harris 

Mr. Kosak, the grocer „. _ „ Larry Bowen 

Esther, his beautiful daughter Patricia Hancock 

Rufe Apley, the carpenter * Arthur Hardy 

Philip Carmlchael, the young man from the Old People's Home .... John A. Green 

Henry, the morning paper route carrier ~ ~ Philip Keeler 

Mr. Wiley, the mailman Louis PergoMzzi 

Mr. Cunningham, the real estate agent John R. Fish 

The Young Husband _ Robert Millar 

The Young Wife „ Reba Titus 

Mr. Wallace, a lineman - Cal Evans 

Good Friends and Neighbors Curtis Taylor. Carol Jean 

McKnight, Joan Goins, Barbara Lyn West, Claudette Erikson, Ralph 
Rig by, Tommily Henderson, Mary Alice Cook, Bruce Bingham, Ralph 
McKnight, David Gledhill, Gary Schofield, Armand Gllck, Inga 
Baisner, Brent Hancock. 

Guards Lloyd Stevenson, Bill Black 

Trumpet Music _ Nell Borgeson 

1! lEfifil'S II 


SPIIF OF illlSEif 

by Moliere 

Directed and adpeted by „. Preston R. Gledhill 

Designed by Alfred D. Sensenbach 


Sgnarelle, a woodcutter Morris Hickman 

Martine. his wife Ann Whiting 

Robert, a neighbor Jim Holt 

Geronte, a wealthy man Ted Hunter 

Valere, servant to Geronte Jim Fife 

Lucas, servant to Geronte Brad Powell 

Jacqueline, nurse to Geronte's, and 

Lucas' wife _ „ Gayle Hall 

Lucinde, Geronte's daughter Mary Ellen Cook 

Leandre, In love with Lucinde Glenn Harmon 

Song Lyric _ «... LaVonne Thomander 





Talent scouts for better-than-ever 
assemblies, the assembly committee 
burnt gallons of midnight oil in polish- 
ing off last minute details for student 
talent programs. Hard-working mem- 
bers, pictured clockwise from left to 
right: Ruth Ellen Bean, Bob Mauzy, 
Marilyn Manning, Ned Brown, Olene 
Smith, chairman; Joe Hannig, Ann 
Rasmussen, Russell Mickelson, Quinn 
McKay, center. 


Heap hep Indian jokers showed paleface Puritans 
how to use a can opener on the hilarious Thanksgiving 

Keeping students well-posted on com- 
ing events was the biggest job of the 
Central Publicity Control Committee 
consisting of, from left to right: Bud 
Gillison and Bob West. 




Influenced by a tropical jungle theme 
"Flamingo," a talent-packed assembly 
on Friday morning and a festive semi- 
formal ball of 1952-53 added one 
more intriguing chapter to the Loan 
Fund tradition on the Y campus. 
A bevy of I I of the loveliest co- 
eds vied for the royal crown, 
with Miss Carol Beckstrand 
capturing a final majority of 
student votes, attended by 
runners-up, Misses Mary 
Crandall and Gail Hilton. 



Right: Queen Carol Beckstrand receives the covet- 
ed crown from Sophomore class president, Dick 
Wells. Below: Colorful posters with a tropical 
motif pictured the eleven pretty candidates en- 
tered in the final preferential balloting. 

All proceeds from the evening's entertainment were 
contributed to the traditional Loan Fund. The fund was 
established in 1922 to assist deserving students through 
college, and each succeeding sophomore class has ad- 
ded to it. The hard-working committee responsible for 
the success of the eventful weekend was supervised by 
Chairman Bob Bateman. Assisting him were: Roberta 
Nielsen, Gary Daniels, Mary Ellen Cook, Carol Dunford, 
Karen Butters, Collette Green, and John Woodward. 



t< r 






Lovely Miss Carol Becks+rand was crowned Queen of the Sopho- 
nnore Loan Fund Ball, and reigned amid an impressive setting of giant 
flamingos and south-sea palm trees. 




"New Moon," Brigham Young University's first Varsity Show in three years, was 
a smash success on its opening night in the Joseph Smith Auditorium. Directed by 
Virgil Camp, the Romberg-Hammerstein musical has been a perennial favorite and 
included such familiar hit tunes as "One Kiss," "Lover, Come Back to Me," "Want- 
ing You," and "Stouthearted Men." 

The setting of the play was New Orleans in the year 1792 at the household of 
a wealthy plantation owner Monsieur Beaunoir and his daughter Marianne. Robert 
had sold himself as a bond servant and was secretly in love with Marianne. A con- 
flicting fove story, comedy interest, a pirate ship, and life on a remote desert island 
were mixed together to complete the story. 

35 Marianne 

as Captain duVal 

as Robert 


as Phillipe 

as Ribaud 

as Clotilde 

Haughty Captain duVal returns to the plantation to find his betrothed Marianne 
in the arms of a common servant, Robert. He immediately plans to take Robert as a 
galley slave on his pirate ship, "New Moon." 



Robert pleads with Mari- 
anne to go with him to es- 
tablish a democracy on a 
remote island in the ocean. 

as Alexander 


Below: Philiipe, Robert's triend, refuses the advances of 
admiring young plantation misses. He plans to help 
Robert escape the clutches of deVal's crew. Right: Good- 
looking Alexander reverts to wrestling when ex-wife 
Clotilde and fiance Julie match wits in winning over their 
lover boy. 


Midst the hustle and bustle of a month filled with memories of holly, 
tinsel, and roast turkey, a freshman went home for Christmas with a new 
conception of life and education. He began to prepare for a happier and 
more prosperous new year in a university rich in spiritual tradition. 

Jolly accordian-playing elves pranced high at the mistletoe frolic . . . 
you helped lovely Nina Leishman decorate the symbolic Christmas Drive 
tree for needy Provo families . . . Santa threw candy on his way back 
North . . . the snow came. 

B[ll--8[fi8ii FIR mm\u 


December burst forth in a portrait of red 
and green, and campus activities took on a new 
glow of enthusiasm. You thought your girl looked 
more radiant than ever beneath the soft, subtle 
candlelight of the Mistletoe Frolic, and you 
danced her beneath the friendly green sprigs 
thinking life was once more yours. 



Credit for the finest in talent programs of the year 
goes to the efficient membership of Student Program 
Bureau, chairmaned by hard-working Janie Thompson. 
Highlights included the guest appearance of the Edgar 
Bergen Show and the season's Varsity Varieties at the 
Paramount Theatre. 

Back row, left to right: Cliff Olmstead, Carol Fisher, 
Louie Pergolizzi, Rosiland Luke, Jerry Winsor, Polly Loy, 
Rulon Adams, Janie Thompson, Jack Okleberry. Front 
row: hiarold Tanner, Roberta Booke, Roger Bown, Marilyn 
Wood, Gary Rollins, JoAnn Edgington, DeVor. Fife, 
Sylvia Tyler. 


[|[R[iE[ enii 

A formal verson of Sadie Hawk- 
ins' Day, the Preference Ball of 
1952-53 featured handsome Scott 
Speakman as the "most preferred " 
according to starry-eyed campus 
coeds. Runners-up Howard Ruff 
and LeRoy Porter headed a list of 
12 other top preferred males on 
campus, and were honored at a 
festive banquet preceding the 
A. W. S. sponsored semi-formal 




Delicate silvered branches, stars and spun glass reflected the subtle lighting of 
the Smith Ballroom as Preferred Scott Speakman received the gallant crown from 
A.W.S. President Kathy Latimer. Chairman JoAnne Milligan was assisted by Joye 
Ann Shurtleff, Pat Nowell, Donna Miller, Jean Holman, Nancy Dawn Kropf, LaRae 
Dunn, and Mary Irons. 



Preferred Man Scott Speakman gallantly reigned 
over the eventful evening along with his "court" of other 
most-preferred runners-up: LeRoy Porter, Howard Ruff, 
Albert Whaanga, Harold Christensen, Howard Gongales, 
Bob Hales, Virgil Camp, Fred Money, Dick Wells, Claude 
Thomas, Don Van Slooten and Jack Nelson. 




"Death of a Salesman" is an exciting story of a man 
who accepts the denatured ideas of American society and 
naively succumbs to success — worship and the belief that a 
jolly locker-room personality which makes one "well-liked" 
is a substitute for solid accomplishment. 

At the age of 63, he is faced with the failure of this way 
of life. He is an unwanted employee and a parent disappoin- 
ted in the sons whom he has imparted his own values. 

This character drama, presented to an overflowing 
audience in the Provo hllgh Auditorium, is so firmly drawn 
that many Americans from all walks of life have identified 
themselves or their relatives with the salesman. 


by Arthur Miller 

Directed by Harold I. Hansen 

Design adapted from original by Alfred D. Sensenbach 


Linda - Heloyce Hansen 

Willy Lomsn - Harold I. Hansen 

Biff Lael J. Woodbury 

Happy Grant Jensen 

Bernard Randall Buchanan 

The Woman Louene Johnson 

Charley Wayne Jenkins 

Uncle Ben _ Calvin Evans 

Howard Wagner _ _ _ _ Arthur Dummer 

Jenny Joyce Gustafson 

Stanley Larry Bowen 


Leaving a small, Inconspicuous trail In the powdery white snow, 
a freshman returned to the university for another try at college life. 
His was a desire to succeed — a dream to fulfill in a new year of 
love and achievements. 

Varsity Varieties revealed to Provo citizens your hidden talents 
... a ski trail down a slope meant Snow Carnival time . . . real muscle- 
men showed up at A. M.S. Fife NIte. . . you showed her how to 


|[ [HII 


Attractive Snow Queen Collette Green provided that 
snow really isn't so cold after all as she presided over the frosty 
winter wonderland of Snow Carnival time. 


Above: Timp Haven provided 
a snow-time paradise for entrees 
in the ski competition. Right: 
Queen Collette Green and attend- 
ants Bonnie Davis and Charlene Van 
Wagenen received gifts at the Snow 

Above right: Clever snow sculp- 
ture masterpiece of the Athenian 
social unit took first place with an 
abstraction of the traditional cou- 
gar and U. of U.'s redskin. Snow 
artists tried their talents in the snow, 
and the fun began. 

sioN ciyivii 

With a tingle of excitement in the chill air . 
winter, Snow Carnival time made its appearance 
to offer students more fun than any event of 
the season. Snow sculpturing, ice-capade 
competition and a huge fantasy of other 
snowflake merry-making including the an- 
nual Snow Bali was chairmanned by Gerry 
Turner and his talented committee: John 
Woodward, Collette Green, Dawn hlick- 
enlooper, Rosalind Luke, Clark Bean, 
Don Rice, Dixie Robison, Ruth Wilde, 
Karen Butters, Mary Ann Carter, 
George Jarvis, and Dick Devey. 








n n n 



1 ; 


L*. A'"'^'-^ '5^ 





1 i 





■mi^^^^^!^^#M?»^^^<^:V'';;. -;:;';. 


Hollywood's pride and joy, popular N.B.C. radio stars 
Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy appeared in a riot- 
ous guest fund-raising program sponsored by the East 
Provo building committee. 
Appearing with the famous twosome was top talent 
from the student program bureau including the 
hHillbilly Sextet, solos from Lorna Erickson, Ron 
Wilcox, and Howard Ruff. Choral selections 
from the ROTC male chorus including solos 
by Ron Carter and various songs featuring the 
Dell-Tone trio concluded the talent packed 
program. A sparkling sixteen piece all-stu- 
dent dance band directed by Gus Shields 
and Dick Ballou furnished novel back- 
ground music. 

"The Drunkard, " an old fashioned melodrama, staggered 
onto the B.Y.U. stage to become an instant hit. The Uni- 
versity theatre offering was light and relaxing in sharp con- 
trast to the heavier plays of the regular season. 

The delighted audience played an important part in 
the well-known production and cheered the traditional hero, 
weeping for the sweet little heroine, and hissed at the mean 
ol' villan to their hearts' content. 


Directed by Harold I. Hansen 

Mrs. Wilson 

(her rent was in arrears) Sharon Berrett 

Mary (she was the widow's child) Krista Nelson 

Nancy Done 
Lawyer Cribbs (that foul villain!) .... Junius Hamblin 
Edward Middleton 

(he was honoraable) Ralph Lundgreen 

William (just plain honest Bill) Robert Struthers 

Agnes (boy, was she nuts!) Barbara Lyn West 

Farmer Stevens (too, too honest) Robert Scalf 

Farmer Gates 

(too, too, too honest) Thyrele Robertson 

Noel Quinn 

(the keeper of that foul brew) Geral Wilde 

Loafer (a man has to rest' 

somewhere) Claude Wrathall 

Mr. Renecelaw (he knew the 

perils of the brew) Fred Dixon 

The Boy (he worked for an 

honest dollar) Geral Wilde 

The Bank Clerk (he knew his way around, 

but where was around?) Claude Wrathall 

Policeman (the strongarm of 

the law) Claude Wrathall 

Soubrette Eve Mae Peterson 

Specialty Numbers Joan Christensen 

Ye Older Barber Shoppe Quartette ..- Fred Dixon, 
Robert Struthers, Geral Wilde, Robert Scalf 


Gay red hearts and purple flowers spilled from a horn 
of plenty as an enlightened freshman realized that a new 
life was suddenly his. A new era of honesty, love and 
brotherhood had erased his doubtful thoughts of the future. 

A delighted studentbody cheered at the hilarious antics 
of Bergen and McCarthy . . . Mary Dawson and towering 
hiank Goldsmith fell in love on the clever prize-winning 
Banyan assembly . . . Val Norns and Vikings gave out with 
the vocal chords at the fi^^^t^ drag . . . Social Hall 
buzzed with music, fun a^^^^^^ 


Beautious Queen Marilyn Pulsipher graciously accepted the coveted 
crown and bouquets of carnations as President Wilkinson congratulated 
her and two lovely attendants Joan Taylor and Marilyn Norton. Seated on 
a white velvet throne beneath a shimmering silver and red heart, the trio 
was entertained in royal fashion with the L.D.S. sextettes' rendition of 
"With a Song in My Heart." 

Campus beauties from all sections of the 
nation hopefully stepped forward to fill the 
dainty glass slipper of the 1953 Banyan 
Queen. Dashing movie actor Tyrone Power 
was to be Prince Charming in the selection, 
and many a young campus princess' heart 
beat faster as the approaching stroke of mid- 
night announced the final decision. 


Above right: Graceful Millicent Stew- 
art and Kay Baird performed on the 
prize-winning Banyan assembly. Chair- 
man Mary Ann Carter and Lynn 
Thacker were ably assisted by Pete 
DeParma, Rosemary Grow, Carole 
Doyle, Beverly Beard, Ruth Seller, 
Donna Springer, Dezzie Clegg, 
Shirley Alleman, and Vernon 
Murdock. Serving the chair- 
men on the assembly were 
Rob West, Beryl Sleater, 
Grant Southworth, J o- 
Anne Edington, Judith 
Manwill, Elaine hHeck- 
in, and Mary Lou 




Selected -from a bevy of beautiful coeds by 
motion picture idol Tyrone Power, Queen Marilyn 
Pulsipher played Cinderella at the 1953 Banyan Ball 
— "Lucky in Love." 

Other finalists in the selection were Patricia 
Johnson, Barbara Miller, and Marilyn Peterson. 

University audiences roared at another speech 
department comedy farce, "Papa is All," one of 
the merriest and most popular comedies in the 
modern theatre. The story was cleverly plotted 
around a Pennsylvania Dutch family and centered 
around the rebellion of the mother, son, and 
daughter against the tyrannical Papa, a staunch 
Mennonite who missed the traditions of his re- 

ligion for his own purposes and suppressed even 
the simple pleasures of every-day life for his 

According to Director Gledhill, "The play 
was infused with enough tense moments and 
high, suspenseful drama to make it one of the 
most emotionally electrifying, as well as humor- 
ous evenings ever spent in the theatre. ' 


Directed by Dr. Preston R. Gledhill 


Papa Cal Evans 

Mama Lorna Erickson 

Jake Stan Porter 

Emma Pat Mann 

Mrs. Yoder Julie Groberg 

State Trooper Brendle Wallace Bruce 






r n 

U L 

Familiar Bibler cartoon characters and a refreshing 
atmosphere of hilarity reigned supreme at the riotous 
"Bibler Bounce," annual fun dance sponsored by the 
Universe, student newspaper staff. Most campus 
"Joes in the know" are acquainted with the pranks 
of the inimitable cartoon , character known as 
Wortha! and his gang of college buddies. 

Students' popularity polls revealed Louis Per 
golizzi as the "little man on campus," Zan 
Knudsen as sweetheart Frieda, and Professor 
Stewart Grow as the unconquerable Profes- 
sor Snarf. The distinguished trio provided 
belly-laffs at the evening's brawl-er, that 


Professor Stewart (Snarf) Grow pre- 
sented his ever-loving spouse, Mrs. 
Grow, as happy Zan (Freida) Knudsen 
and Louis (Worthal) Pergolizzi antici- 
pated their turns at the mike. 

Right: Viking-Val Norn Gay Nineties assembly revived 
the fascinating flapper days familiar to your moms and 

Left: A tender love-scene at the A.W.S. 
girl's week assembly brought dov/n the 
house. Right: Disguised spys sneaked 
behind the backdrops of the Autumn 
Leaf assembly. 


A charming feast of vocal entertainment to lyceum-goers, the prominent 
Vienna Boys Choir appeared in a guest performance on the regular college 

m Mu nu \\m lunii 

A whippoorwill sighed in the hazy distance as the blazing 
sun made its way to the top of Y Mountain and a new day dawned 
to find a freshnnan and his friends discussing love, politics, and 
war on their way to school. Winter's snow had made its exit, and 
blossoms of a golden spring perfumed the air. 

Songs of spring were featured at the special A Capella as- 
sembly . . . Elder Harold B. Lee inspired you with his spiritual 
speecn in devotional . . . Scott Fisher presented routine awards 
to the cute Nevada Rhythmettes . . . the Y had never seen any- 
thing quite equal to Joseph Limon and his famous dance troupe. 

^9 ^onfesrT'° ^'nge^^for .^ !'^"<^s" 


Dancing Carol Robinson ot Portland, Ore- 
gon provided Junior Prom iniisrmlssion talent. 
Below: A side-splitting comedy version of 
Monday's forum assemblies sent students rol- 
ling in the aisles. 

"Ugh! Ugh! Ugha! Boom!" 
shouted Kia Ora Club charac- 
ters on stage at the Paramount 


Directed by Don L. Earl 


M T 



, ^>i,...,it,l.ou Rita Mat+ice 

N ""^^^ Marilyn Oakey 

— ■ Jay Fowler 

^y Jesse Gibb 

Kruslna, Marenka's Fath^ v^^— =- Nico Snel 

'""" Howard Putnam 

•Ludmila, His Wife ."r. Florence Ipsen 

Gladys Tippet+s 

- Kecal, The Marriage Broker .__ _. Virgil Camp 

Don Watts 

Vasek yi..^!jjjiiM»..... (pichard Dastrup 

; W-^.-' Brandt Curtts 

Circus Manager '.'.. DeVerle Harris 

Winstow Christensen 

Esmeralda, A Dancer ^ Myrna Rollins 

- - Rose Kennard 

Hata, Vasek's Mother Lorna Erickson 

LaRae Dunn 

Micha, her husband „ Gene Hansen 

Earl Kern 

The Indian _ Gonzalo Peralta 

Bruce Wursten 



It Is the Patron Saint's Feast Day in a little village in Czechoslavakia and the day 
that Kecal, the marriage broker, has planned a meeting between the families of 
Krusina and Micha to arrange the marriage of Krusina's daughter, Marenka, and 
Micha's son, Vasek. Marenka, however, is in love with Jenik, a handsome young 
stranger in the village. 

Kecal discovers the romance and tries to persuade Jenik to give up Marenka, 
offereing him three hundred gold pieces and another bride. Jenik accepts, on 
condition that Marenka be given to no one but the son of Micha. 

When Marenka hears of the bargain, she is heartbroken and at last consents 
to wed Vasek. Just as the betrothal is to be announced, Jenik steps forth and is 
recognized as Micha's eldest son who had left home years before. 

As Kecal realizes his failure at match-making and leaves the square, Micha 
bestows his blessings upon the happy pair. 



A land of make believe and classic enchantment tocit 
over as your 1953 Junior Prom changed the fieldhouse 
Into an "Elyslan Fantasy." Soft, subtle lighting, music by 
Les Brown and his band and a wonderland of delicate 
Greek statues and white columns made this the biggest 
and best" ever In Junior Prom history. 

Life-size marble statues and Ivy covered column 
decorations silhouetted prom-goers against the nove' 
lighting of the ballroom. 

Hollywood's own Les Brown and his band of re- 
nown" brought a talented troupe to entertain the huge 
crowd of dancers. 


^^^ufAM/i^ ^a44ia64j, 


Lynn Jeppson, as the classic beauly Venus, held 
large crystal ball and foretold coming events at th 
Court of Venus assennbly proceeding the formal evenin 
of tuxedos. 

Bouquets went to Chairman Vv'ally hlunt and corr 
mittee: Hat Jensen, Naida Black, Sylvia Tyler, Ken Perr^ 
Boyd Bitton, Bill Perry, Russ Michelson, Vv'ayne V/hite, an^ 
Dick Smart. 

Special intermission entertainment featured Mi; 
Carol Robinson of Portland in a program of gracefi 
dance stylings. 


Attracted couples admire( 
the dainty setting of cupid anf 
his clan in a sparkling fountai 


A modern adaptation of the Greek tragedy 
made famous by Sophocles and other classic drama- 
tists, "Antigone" reached a peak in stirring enter- 
tainment as it unfolded on the university theatre 
series in March. Directed by Dr. Harold I. hHansen, 

the performance featured unique stage settings and 
superb lighting and was narrated between actual 
scenes of action by a one-man chorus, played by 
Rue Johnson. University audiences polled their ap- 
proval of the timely tragedy. 


by Jean Anouilh 

Directed by Dr. Harold I. Hansen 

Designed by Alfred D. Sensenbach 


Chorus Rue C. Johnson 

Antigone Joan Goins 

Sharon Buchanan 

Nurse Glenda Barnes 

Ismene Dawn Riggs 

Jean Harris 

Haemon Arthur Dummer 

Creon Clyde Ricks 

Jonas (1st Guard) Larry Bowen 

Second Guard Morris Hickman 

Messenger Ralph C. Lundgreen 

Page - Golden Terry 

Eurydice Martha Mae Warner 



A gusty wind and a light drop of pure crystal water informed a bright- 
eyed freshman that another season was stealing down nature's flowered 
pathway. Summer with its gay adventure peeked around a corner for a 
glimpse at its new surroundings. 

Dancing dolls winked at the fieldhouse crowd for the Alcyone-Saxon 
assembly . . . hopeful females drew for a lucky diamond from the zircon 
bowl at the annual ad ball . . . male faculty members dressed as dainty 
songleaders caused close to panic during A.W.S. girls' week . . . Cesta Tie 
and dates learned to dance in the Smith Ballroom. 


um [flSHfi 

'Who will be Belle of the Y?" loomed as the 
foremost campus question of the wee 
cosd aspirants for the royal place e 
e week-long judging based on da 
eauty, talent, popularity and cake b 
n honor of Miss Barbara Nlch 
I953's Belle of the Y, the huge bloc 
was lighted and the traditional 
necklace was presented the lovely 
ner by Student Coordinator, Royd 
C. Braithwaite. Two deserving ru 
ners-up, Lynette Madsen an 
Joyce hienrichsen, shared reg 
honors at the evening's ball. 




B[[l[ If III"!" 

Judged on popularity, talent, beauty, dancing and 
cake baking abilities, all-around cannpus sweetheart Bar- 
bara Nicholson, 1953 Belle of the Y Ball honors. 

* "^ 


Another instant hit on the University theatre stage, 
George Bernard Shaws' imnnortal "Pygmalion" is based 
on the ancient Greek legsnd of the sculptor, Pygmalion, 
who created a beautiful statue of the lady, Galatea, and 
fell in love with the statue and brought it to life. The 
play concerns a Cockney flower-vending girl, picked up 

on the London streets by two professors of phonetics, 
who make a bet that they can turn her Into a lady and 
pass her off as a duchess in six months. Complications 
arise when the men look on her only as an interesting 
experiment and fail to recognize her as a woman. 


by George Bernard Shaw 

Directed by Alfred 

Designed by 

D. Sensenbacli 
Junius Hamblin 

(In order of their appearance) 

Eliza Doolittle ®^vle Hall 

The Bystander J°hn A. Green 

The Lady - Eleanor Crowshaw 

The Gentleman Randall Buchanan 

His Mother-in-Law Joyce Gustafson 

The Girls and Boys Jearn Warner. Ted Hunter, Juna Abbott, Kay Baird 

Mrs. Eynsford-Hill R^Nae Green 

Her Daughter, Clara Mary Dawson 

Her Son, Freddy - Sranf Grover 

Colonel Pickering Kay Moon 

Henry Higgins - Craig Lillywhite 

The Taxi Driver James Fife 

Mrs. Pearce Barbara Lyn West 

Alfred Doolittle Richard Brannock 

Mrs. Higgins Anne Rasmussen 

Her Maid J""^ Abbott 





m nm mun 

A freshman peeped from his basement window at a plump red 
robin snapping bits of yellow straw from an old broom to build its 
nest in the high treetops. He pictured himself at the first of the year 
— gradually climbing until he, too, had reached the top of a tree, a 
tree of adjustment, perhaps — and then he went home for the summer. 

He waved goodbye to friends and classmates . . . the Ri Vedas 
offered spring flowers as a going-away present — seniors laughed and 
cried at a touching commencement ceremony . . leaving dear old 
B.Y.U. until next fall— be 


M 1/ 11 




Buckets of whitewash, old brooms 
and mops, girls in levis, and "vigilan- 
tes" on the prowl gave a freshman 
his first impression of Y Day. While 
the male population set out for rug- 
ged mountain climbing to paint the 
highest college letter in the world, 
energetic coeds went on a campus- 
cleaning spree to leave dear old alma 
mater spotless for the summer term. 
At night, the vivid glow of the lighted 
"Y " exemplified the true college spirit 
behind a cultured and spiritual uni- 

".«v '-*?,« -jf- 


When the masculine artists of the 
mountain had achieved the brilliant white 

ferfection desired, they returned to a 
earty feast prepared by sister students. 

Games and entertainment fin- 
ished the day — and a few of the 


iRi[iiii[si m 


Voted by students as "most friendly girl on campus," 
Carolyn achieved an admirable reputation as student-body 
secretary, member of Val Norn, Gamma Phi Omicron. and 
White Key, and smiled her way through an outstanding year 
of student leadership at the school she holds so dear to her 
heart. Helpful and understanding, Carolyn Is a Provo gal 
and believes that a spiritual conception of life leads to a 
healthier and more friendly state of mind. 


Happy-go-luclty LeRoy of the hearty greeting and 
friendly hand-clasp maintained an enviable record as student- 
body president and a preferred man, and was elected by an 
overwhelming majority of campus citizens as "most friendly 
boy on campus." A resident of Provo, he has served a full- 
time mission for the Church, and proved that student lead- 
ership goes hand in hand with hard work, efficient organiza- 
tion and a friendly "HI!" 


I \m 

Conscientious and devofed fo the 1953 Banyan, Bob Carter 
proved to be an outstanding Editor. Never losing his cheerful 
attitude and friendly smile, even after working Into the early 
morning. Bob was always accommodating and never too busy 
to help the junior members of his staff meet their deadlines. 
Optimistic, hardworking, always friendly, and with a heart as 
big as all outdoors, ' Bob Carter will long be remembered In 
the Banyan office. 

Capable and efficient, the 1953 assistant edi- 
tors assumed many editorial tasks. They had com- 
plete charge of the Banyan Ball and the Banyan 
assembly, which won the winter quarter outstanding 
assembly trophy. Their assistance gave valuable 
aid to the editor, and experience for future years 
to themselves. B.Y.U. has not seen the last of these 

Assistant Editor 

Assistant Editor 

Top row, left to right: Marjorle Wine- 
gar, activities: Beverly Boyack, organ- 
izations; Marolyn Taylor, organiza- 
tions; Carol Doyle, art; Carolyn Tay- 
lor, organizations: LaVar Steele, lay- 
out; hHelen Jolley, sophomores; Elva 
Chrlstensen, layout; Mary Lind Irons, 
juniors. Bottom Row: Leslie Nielsen, 
Index; Norlnne Teuscher, sports; Mil- 
ton Larson, photographer; Jo Ann 
Edgington, administration; Judith 
Manwlll, administration; M a r I e n e 
(Fluff) Grigg, freshmen; Jerry Lind- 
say, sports; Kate McGuire, copy; Jan- 
ice White, seniors. 

The BANYAN Is proud of Andy Douglass and his 
sales staff who anticipated a great year in the sale 
of yearbooks and devoted untiring effort to overcome 
the risk entailed. While carrying a full academic load, 
Andy managed the business staff and surprised tra- 
dition with progressive ideas concerning sales which 
amounted to the distribution of 3,610 BANYANS. 

Business Secretary 

Assistant Business 

Editorial Secretary 

Left to right: Maurine Gassman, JoAnn Penrod, Wanda Higbee, Louise 
Sackett, Roberta Hansen, Vernon Murdock, Mary Beth Salmond, Grant 

[ Hf Pfll 

L L L U » U I 

Left: (left to right) Leila Taylor, Lucille Hulme, 
Jean Wimmer, Dolores Wilcken, Barbara 
Hoyt. Right: Elaine Hickin, Sonya Nielson, 
Leslie Nielsen, Joan Hoppie, Pat Christensen, 
Charlene Sessions. 

Left to right: Rosemary Grow, Helen Summers, Margaret Greer. 






Left to right: Dixie McClellan, Marilyn 
Ballard, Sally Cannon, Harriet Whiting, 
Edna Mae Crowley, Shirley Hansen, 
Drew Crowley. 


Left to right: Barbara Wareing, Charlene Guild, Jill Wintch 




Art Index Winter Quarter 

Ted Money — 1952 Banyan business 
manager and 1953 Universe business 
manager — supplied the ways and 
means for you, the students, to re- 
ceive a Universe every Tuesday and 
Thursday without charge. 

Joyce Whiteley — although busy as 
White Key prexy — kept things in or- 
der with efficient office management 
— in both old and new office loca- 

Jack Monson adds spice and zip to 
every issue with professional action 
shots and photos. Full of fun, he is 
rarely seen without his flashy pet, 
that camera. 

Athletic events played on Saturday night constitute a 
pressing deadline on Sports staff (left) Nolan Johnson, 
Burl Collyer, Ted Johnson, Reed hlunter, Lorin Dunn, and 
Larry Sargent. Ted Johnson, Jack Nelson, and Lorin 
Dunn headed the group. (Lower left) Columnists Arthur 
Hardy, Virgil Smith, (second row) Cal Pratt, and Zan 
Knudson cover items from world-wide significance to 
college trends as a Universe feature. 
(Lower center) Your UNIVERSE added a society 
page under the direction of Lois Seller (right. 
Dorothy Bartels (left) acted as copy edi- 
tor. (Lower right) Earl Mcbride 
and Mary Anne Carter, 
feature co-editors livened 
up the straight news with 
stories on the lighter side. 





Due to the long hours of the largest and most 
dependable staff In years, the 1953 BY UNIVERSE 
captured the significance of the moment and acted 
as an advocate in the cry for press freedom. 
Throughout the year on the editorial page, several 
big issues such as the modesty question, devotional 
bickerings, and the White Horse Controversy drew 
response from studentbody and faculty alike. The 
"Bibler Bounce" sponsored by the staff lead by 
unassuming Ralph Jack and the extra-special Christ- 
mas, Homecoming, and Gooniverse editions made 
history and fun for the entire studentbody. 


11 1111^ ' ^^' 

Jack Nelson (right) present 
at every worthwhile activity — 
held a sports editor post. (Lower left) 
Dallas Burnett (left) Thursday Editor, and 
Dick Oveson, Tuesday Editor, operated their issues 
as smoothly as any editor in chief. (Lower center) Har- 
rison Groutage dressed up the sports page with skilled 
sketches of B.Y.'s favorite hoop men. (Lower right) Dave 
Forsyth, Managing Editor and the man whose ideas al- 
ways worked, and Lu Markham, Associate Editor — do-, 
nated undying devotion and effort to the publication, 
cooperated to get each Universe before you. 



Mild-mannered Ralph Jack, Editor-in-Chief, as- 
sured B.Y.U. of a full eight-page newspaper every 
Tuesday and Thursday plus extra editions for special 



P C> /) 

Don Barbezat Kathy Redd 

Dave Cole 

Ellen Keeler 

Karin Wood Ken Howard 

Roberta Hansen Ruth Rytting 

Alan Ttiomander Carolyn Wallis Kent Lloyd 


Dick Scholle 

Minnie Shertzer Marilyn Redd Austin Wahlquist Virginia Havens 

Mary Jane Murdock Dell Foutz 

Varlene Cook Rex Gledhill Noreen Hubbord Weston Edwards 


Autumn Quarter 

Winter and Spring 
Quarter Advisor 

Editor Virgil Smith (right) and associate editor Richard Pope examine 
some manuscript in the new WYE office. 

This year was crowded with '"firsts ' for the student magazine. Publication was in- 
creased to three times yearly; the use of color. Illustration, and advertising was Increased 
in amount and attractiveness.; ari office in the new Student Service Center was occupied: 
the editor became a student body officer and a member of the Legislative Council; and 
Wye became a member of the Associated Collegiate Press, a national organization. 

Although not specializing academically In English or Journalism, editor Virgil B. Smith 
devoted his talent and much personal attention to the production of each Wye, In addition 
to writing a weekly column for the campus newspaper. He has tried to make the magazine 
an appropriate expression of the unique culture surrounding B. Y. U. by using material of 
literary quality coupled with significant, constructive content. 

Left to Right: Jack Nelson, fiction; Emma Broadbent, non-fiction; Barbara 
Romney, poetry; Richard Pope, associate editor; Virgil B. Smith, editor; Sheila 
Thompson, ari; John Routsong, publication; Don Rice, art director. 
Left to Right: Janice Thorne, fiction; Marilyn McFarland, publication; Alfred 
Bush, non-fiction; Lorraine Taylor, fiction; J. Norman Smith, photography; Lynn 
Staheli, photography; David Cole, publication; Tracy Tucker, advertising; 
Grant Grover, publication; Ellen Jeserick, publication. 

Not Present: Don Mortensen, art; Lynette Larsen. art; Joyce Nicholes, art; 
Rayna Pace, art; James Brimhall, photography; David Mortensen, art; Lucille 
Matthews, fiction; Geraldtne Asplund, poetry; Susan Ream, poetry; R. Neal 
Richards, poetry; Don Barbezat. publication; Patricia Solomon, publication; 
JoAnne Calwell, secretary; Minor Chase, advertising manager, and Peter 
Myer, art. 


. *'"^. TT and when the times of the 
I Gentiles is come in, a light shall break 
i forth among them that sit in dark- 
ness ..." D&C45:28 



!iiR iiin un 11 ii[ 



GtO^<^^ p^Js^aen^ 




THE FRESHMAN CLASS— starting off on a path of green to 
struggle through registration, orientation, initiation, and vacci- 
nation . . . young hopefuls in love with life and filled with big 
ideas for a bright future . . . largest class in history . . . tonnorrow's 

Freshman Vice-President 



Class Representatives to Legislative Council 




Friendly Frosh Vice-President from Salt 
Lake City . . . personality winner with 
a he-man smile and energy plus . . . 
Viking pledge and member of Frosh 



Vivacious Cougarette and Elections com- 
mittee member who hails from Duarte, 
California . . . won friends and admirers as 
a campus Banyan Salesman . . . ToKalon 


A sun-tanned Californian from Long Beach 
known to fellow frosh as "Little John" . . . 
Publicity Chairman for class and member 
of Rally Committee . . . Val Hyric claimed 
him . . . Banyan Salesman. 





Dynamic Frosh President from Los Angeles 
. . . proud Viking who devoted time on the 
Christmas Drive and Freshman Carnival 
. . . member of Legislative Council. 


Pretty member of Frosh Council with a unique 
knack for assuming unlimited duties . . . made 
an immediate hit with the freshman class . . . 
nterested in making friends and getting an 


Another energetic Frosh Council member 
. . . used intelligence to serve on several 
committees . . . industrious, friendly, and 
ready to serve his class and school. 




Sensational parcel from Tremonton with a mag- 
netic smile and matching personality . . . petite 
Sponsor Drill Team member and busy Universe 
reporter . . . talented committee worker. 


Spark-plug drummer for Cougarettes . . . 
pledged Viking . . . winsome smile and 
dancing eyes . . . one of Frosh election 
finalists . . . another friendly Provoan. 



"Just what we've needed all summer — a shoe shine!" 

Ahlceah, Robert E 
Window Rocic, Arizona 

Allan, Betty Jewel 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Abel, Ralph 
Tremonton, Utah 

Ahlander, Diane 
Prove, Utah 

Aitken, Arlene 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Aegen, Richard Earl 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Abbott, Sheldon L. 
Mesquite, Nevada 

Adannson, Blaine W. 
Lehi, Utah 

Abrams, Lewis 
Rupert, Idaho 

Adams, LaVere 
Tremonton, Utah 

Adams, Annette 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Adams, Gaylord 

New York City, N. Y. | 

Aamodt, Melvin 
Murray, Utah 

Adamsort, David 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Adams, Dixie 
Orem, Utah 

Akita, Norman — Kekana Kaugi, Hawaii 
Alleman. Shirley — Benn, Idaho 
Allen, Carole — Nampa, Idaho 
Allen, Nadine — Provo, Utah 
Allen, Yolande — Richfield, Utah 

Anderson, Paul R. — Fillmore, Utah 
Anderson, Billy R. — Green River, Wyoming 
Alves dos Santos, Roberto — Campinas, Brazil 
Anderson, Joanne — Brigham City, Utah 
Allen, Eugene R. — Prescott, Arizona 

Alexander, Joann — Magna, Utah 
Anast, Connie — Granger, Utah 
Allred, Byron H. — Burley, Idaho 
Allen, Shirley Fay — Silver Spring, Md. 
Alexander, Patsy — Gunnison, Utah 

.».\ Ir, 





Anderson, Mario 
Provo. Utah 

Andersen, Paul G. 
Brigham City, Utah 

Anderson, Ruth Jeanne 
Provo, Utah 

Arrlngton, Ross L. 
Twin Falls, Idaho 

Anderson, Nina Rae 
Hollywood, California 

Anderson, Gale Y. 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Anderson, Mary Lou 
American Fork, Utah 

Anderson, Boyd 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Andrew, Reed C. 
Detroit, Michigan 

Anderson, Paul 
Fillmore, Utah 

Austin, Elaine C. 

Los Angeles, California 

Ashcroft, Walter R. 
Eagar, Arizona 

Anderson, Morgan 
Barrell, Canada 

Bailey, Gerald E. 
Anniston, Alabama 

Anderson, Blaine 
Sandy, Utah 

Baker, Roger E. 
Prescott, Arizona 

Bailey, Gerald H. 

Los Angeles, California 

Baker, Rachel 
Kimberly. Idaho 

Baldwin, JaNeene 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Aslett, DeWayne 

Arimo, Idaho 

Bacon, Carl W. 
Hollywood, California 

Bahe, Dorothy E. 
Fairfield, Conneticut 

Badger, Alonzo 
Holden, Utah 

Baker, Barrylyn 
Provo, Utah 

Banks, Roy 

Battle Creek, Michigan 

Anderson, Gladys 
Arco, Idaho 

Anderson, Jane 
Nampa, Idaho 

Armstrong, Charlene 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Anderson, Jean B. 
Ruth, Nevada 

Andrus, Roman R. 
Provo, Utah 

Andrus Renae 
Ucon, Idaho 

Anderson, Ann 
Safford, Arizona 

Anderson, Jay 
Tremonton, Utah 

Atkin, Garrold 

San Bennardo, California 

Austin, Janet 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Baker, Charles K. 
San Francisco, Calif. 

Averett, Marie 
Sprlngville, Utah 

Ballard, Marilyn 
Duarte, California 

Ballard, Barbara 
Richland, Washington 

Batle, Lynn R. 
Payson, Utah 

Balls, Val L. 
Dayton, Idaho 

Bailey, Shirley 
American Fork, Utah 

Banks, Robin 

Los Angeles, 'California 

Baisner, Inga 

Banks, Lavoir 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 


Barker, Cloyd E. — Murray, Utah 
Cardsley, Stanford — Salt Lake City .Utah 
P-)"lis, Emma Dell — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Eanier, Jack — Springville, Utah 
Banner, Max S. — Burley, Idaho 
Ballif, Maurice H. — Boise, Idaho 

Bartschi, ReNae — Pocatello, Idaho 
Barnett, Jacqueline — Bingham Canyon, Utah 
Barrett, EIna Grace — Pocatello, Idaho 
Barney, Shirley — Roberts, Idaho 
Barson, Carol — Inglewood, California 
Barron, Beverly — Boise, Idaho 

Baker, Charlene — Burley, Idaho 
Barker, Joan — Washington, Indiana 
Barnes, Donna J. — Arco, Idaho 
Barney, Mae Rene — Elsinore, Utah 
Barnes, Slenda — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Barkdull, Del F. — Pocatello, Idaho 

Beach, Gary A. — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Bean, Ron H. — Seattle, Washington 
Barber, Billie Marlene — Tooele, Utah 
Bird, JoAnn — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Barnes, Lynn San Gabriel, California 

Bauer, Milo — Charlo, Montana 

Barrett, Ruth Ann • — Pocatello, Idaho 
Bashara, Suzanne — Provo, Utah 
Barrett, Stephen — Albany, California 
Bassett. Barbara Jo — Mesa, Arizona 
Barton, Keith — Moab, Utah 
Barrus, Colleen — Grantsville, Utah 

Bastow, Mary Lou — Pocatello, Idaho 
Beck, Lucille — Aberdeen, Idaho 
Bean, Janis — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Beardall, Louis — Springville, Utah 
Beaty, Barbara — Pasadena, California 
Beckstead, Marriner — NephI, Utah 

Bennett, Jane — San Mateo, California 
Bennett, Wayne — Preston, Idaho 
Bentley, Joseph — Torreon, Mexico 
Bennett, Val Dee — Tremon+on, Utah 
Bennett, Lloy — Vernal, Utah 
Bergquist, Gordon — Preston, Idaho 

Berrett, Mildred — Draper, Utah 
Bernards, Jonita — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Bird, Alice G. — Ocean Springs, Miss. 
Bate, Ronald Dick — American Fork, Utah 
Berrett, Rob — Rigby, Idaho 
Bertoncel, Eileen — Point of Roclcs, Wyo. 


Blacker, Norene — Heyburn, Idaho 

Blacit, Dorothy — Delta, Utah 

Black, David — Ontario, California 

Blackburn, Gayle — Emery, Utah 

Bjorkman, Marcia — Culver City, California 

Blackham, Louise — Provo, Utah 

Bennett, Ferris Rae — Meadow, Utah 
Bean, Walter — LaGrande, Oregon 
Baxter, Helen — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Best, Brian S. — Kamas, Utah 
Bastin, Barbara — Pocatello, Idaho 
Bate, William — Eureka, Utah 

Beck, Duane H. — American Fork, Utah 
Beard. Beth — Brigham City, Utah 
Beutler, Ralph — Richfield, Utah 
Beard, Betty — Brigham City, Utah 
Bennett, June — Hansen, Idaho 
Beckstead, Jeannine — Preston, Idaho 

Bean, Helen — Ashland, Oregon 

Bock, Veria — Ovid, Idaho 

Bedke, Meriel Anne — Oakley, Idaho 

Bean, James H, — Pendleton, Oregon 

Baxter, Audrey — Orem, Utah 

Beaman, Bruce W. — San Diego, California 

Beebe, Robert — Green River, Wyoming 
Beer, Leanne A. — San Jose, California 
Beebe, Carolyn — Santa Barbara, California 
Bethamy, Stanley — El Monte, California 
Beckstead, Rea — Murray, Utah 
Beckstead, Sharron — Preston, Idaho 

Beckman, Don — Denver, Colorado 
Behunin, Shirley — Burnt Fork, Wyoming 
Behunin, Bonnie — Burnt Fork, Wyoming 
Beauchamp, Joyce — Burbank, California 
Beckstead, Sondra Lee — Preston, ld»ho 
Beesley, Afton — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Bennett, Gladys Rea 
Carleton Place, Ontario 


"Tote dat barge! Lift dat 




?. ^ 

Free-for-all at the Autumn Leaf Hike. 

Blackham. Sam 
Ruth. Nevada 

Blackham, Dick 

Long Beach. Cahfornia 

Binlts, Glade 
Mapleton. Utah 

Black, Ladean 
Bountiful, Utah 

Blochner, Loren 
Olympia, Washington 

Bell, Lou Jean 
American Fork, Utah 

Bergen, Connie 
Torrance, California 

Blaylock, Max 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Bills, Anita 
Carmen. Idaho 

Bird, Billie 
Springville, Utah 

Biggs, Hazel Dawn 
Tooele, Utah 

Bell. Pat 

Aztec. New Mexico 

Bischoff. Robert 
Caliente, Nevada 

Bell, Alice Ann 
Venice. California 

Bills. Nancy 
Evanston, Wyoming 


Blau, Nadine — Logan, Utah 
Bloctener. Marilyn — Evanston, Wyoming 
Brown, Roger L. — Provo, Utah 
Blauer. Willes D. — Burley. Idaho 
Blanchard, Marilyn — Victor, Idaho 

Blanchard. Harriet — Chester, Idaho 
Bleak, Manetta — Pioche, Nevada 
Bushman, Phoebe — Snowflake. Arizona 
Butler, Gloria — Yuma, Arizona 
Bluth. Larry — Mesa, Arizona 

Boswell, Priscilla — Provo. Utah 
Boswell, Carol — Tucson, Arizona 
Butler. Ervan H. — Eagar. Arizona 
Boiey, Douglas A. — Alhambra, California 
Bodily, Afton — Gusher, Utah 


Boren, Emma 

Salt Lake City, Utah 



Bodell, D 
Salt Lake 


, Utah 

Boyer, Rae Ann 
Springville, Utah 

Bower, Von 
Fresno, California 

Brooks, Willard 
Cardston, Canada 

Bringhurst, Sandra 
Toquerville, Utah 

Boley, Co 



Bown, Sally 
Provo, Utah 

Bright, Don D. 

St. Anthony, Idaho 

Bybee, Darilynn 
Bell, California 







Blumve, Ethel 
Pasadena, California 

Brannock, Richard 
Bremerton, Washington 

Bignall, Rosalie 
Heber City, Utah 

Bannock, Donna 
Bremerton, Washington 

Bradshaw, Joh 
Drummond, W 

n Allen 

Bridget, Jean 
Orem, Utah 

Broman, Joan 

Salt Lake City, Utah' 

Brennan, Margaret Ann 
Walla Walla, Washington 


By, Deonne 
le, Utah 

Brewer, Joann 
Salt Lake Cit> 

, Utah 

Broad, William 

Broadhead, Rex 
Duchesne, Utah 

Boyack. J 
Salt Lake 

City, Utah 

Borgeson, June 
Santaquin, Utah 

Boyd, Helen 

Marion, North Carolina 






Provo, Ut< 




Bohn, Mildred 
Springville, Utah 

Bowden, Joyce 
Midway, Utah 

Bradbury, Joan 
Bellingham, Washington- 

Bowden, Robert C. 
Rock Springs, Wyoming 

Byrd, Vyond 
Pomona, Ca 


Bowen, Di 
Boise, Ida 


ale, California 

Bodily, Gwen 
Gusher, Utah 


Bowen, Jody 
Salt Lake City 

, Utah 


, Emory 

Brown, Dally 


Brandt, E 






Fork, Utah 


y, Ida 




n 1/ 11 


Brenner, Marie — Santa Paula, California 
Brown, Betty Jo — Pima, Arizona 
Busby, Llewellyn D. — Montebello, California 
Brooks, Shirley — Burbank, California 
Briggs, Loretta — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Bralthwaite, Dale — Provo, Utah 

Brown, Carolyn — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Brown, Kay F. — Arcadia, California 
Brown, Viva — ■ Provo, Utah 
Brown, Lois — El Cajon, California 
Brown, Judy — Provo, Utah 
Brown, Willard D. — Buhl, Idaho 

Bunch, Belva L. — Mesa, Arizona 

Bunch, Edna Florine — Elizabeth City, N. C. 

Bullock, Claire — Taber, Canada 

Burke, Marvin — Worlad, Wyoming 

Bullock, Joan — Orem, Utah 

Bunker, Ivan — Provo, Utah 

Budge, Barbara — Malad, Idaho 

Buckner, Marilyn — Provo, Utah 

Buchanan, George E. — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Buell, LaRon N. — Heber City, Utah 

Butt, John Calvin — Blanding, Utah 

Brown, Wally — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Bryant, Arleen — Long Beach, California 
Bryan H. Venae — Tooele, Utah 
Bryson, Beth — Vernal, Utah 
Bullock, Boyd — Boulder City, Nevada 
Buckwalter, Kent — American Fork, Utah 
Burke, VInnie — Alameda, California 

Buettner, Patricia — Bell, California 
Burke, Sherril, — Shelley, Idaho 
Burton, Marie — Afton, Wyoming 
Bartschi, ReNae — Pocatello, Idaho 
Burr, Gaylon — Salina, Utah 
Burnett A. Boyd — Bell, California 

Burnslde, Norma — Provo, Utah 

Bunker, Velyle — Orem, Utah 

Burnham, Evva Jean — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Burrows, Abbie — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Bunnell, Donna — Spring City, Utah 

Busath, Boyd — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Calllster, Carolyn — Delta ,Utah 

Canfield, Ron — LaJunta, Colorado 

Call, Owen Dean — Colonia Dublan, Mexico 

Call, Rosemary — Citrus Heights, California 

Carter, Betty — Ogden, Utah 

Call, Ivan Taylor — Ely, Nevada 


Cardon, Earl — - El Paso, Texas 

Cannon, Suzanne — Los Angeles, California 

Carlile, Alvin • — ■ Springville, Utah 

Cannon, Sally - — Santa Monica, California 

Call, Udean — Burley, Idaho 

Casto, LaJuan — Holladay, Utah 

Carroll, Kenneth C. — Orem, Utah 
Carpenter. Craig — Washington, D. C. 
Call, Flora — Ukiah. California 
Call, Jeanne — Phoenix, Arizona 
Calder, Carrie K. — Vernal, Utah 
Casper, Carole — Rigby. Idaho 

Calvert, David R. — Greenville, Utah 
Carlson, Terry — Enumclaw, Washington 
Cox, LaWana — Shelley, Idaho 
Castillo, Maria — Quatamsea, Guatemala 
Cech, Virginia — Van Nuys, California 
Carlson, Alfred — Provo, Utah 

Chidester, Dorothy — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Chrisfopherson, LeRoy — Fillmore, Utah 
Campora, Pat — Stockton, California 
Chrlstensen, Roy — Copperton, Utah 
Carpenter, Lila Joy — Evanston, Wyoming 
Chatwin, Marshall — Brawley, California 

Christiansen, Dale — Provo. Utah 
Christiansen, Patricia — Monroe, Utah 
Chllds, Carole — Temple City, California 
Doane, Charles — Rjpert, Idaho 
Cheney, Marian — Bend, Oregon 
Christensen, James — Garland, Utah 

Carlisle, Nola — American Fork, Utah 

Clark, Jean — Morgan, Utah 

Cheever, Shirley F. — Bingham, Utah 

Clark, Jon G. — Oakley, Idaho 

Clark, Audrey — Grand Junction, Colorado 

Clark, Donald Rean — Yuba City, California 

Arbuckle, Gary 
Monterey Park, Calif. 

Curtis, Lindsay 
Heber, Utah 

Ideal rendezvous for mountain goats — or Freshmen. 


Your first big thrill at the "Y"— all lit up. 

Clyde, Jane 
Provo, Utah 

Chris+ensen, Joan 
Provo, Utah 

Close, Mel 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Christenson, Karen 
Provo, Utah 

Christensen, Elva 
Kingman. Arizona 

Christopherson, LeRoy 
Fillmore, Utah 

Cheney, Karia Dawn 
Provo, Utah 

Chadwicic, Patricia 
Seattle, Washington 

Christensen, Dale 
Manila, Utah 

Christensen, Gayla Jean 
Fayette, Utah 

Chamema, Bill 
Winslow, Arizona 

Chandler, Rjlon 
Wendell, Idaho 

Christensen, Wynn 
Driggs, Idaho 

Chandler, Jeralie 
Centervllle, Utah 

Childs, Lewis 
FHawthorne, California 

Christensen, Mary J. — Manila, Utah 
Clark, Joan Shirley — Tooele, Utah 
Clark, Mary Louise — Provo, Utah 
Clark, Sharon — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Child, Nani — Nyssa. Oregon 

Clyde. Jane — Provo, Utah 
Christopherson, George — Lehl, Utah 
Clark, Audrey — Grand Junction, Colorado 
Chadwick, JoAnn — Nampa, Idaho 
Clay, Marijane — Burley, Idaho 

Clark, Geraldlne — Brigham City, Utah 
Clegg, Dezzle — hteber, Utah 
Cluff, Marion H. — Provo, Utah 
Clarkson, Connie — Bountiful, Utah 
Chidester, Dorothy — Salt Lake City, Utah 


Cook, Kay 
Burbank, California 

Cook, Gayle 
Burbank, California 

Collard, Kathy 
Provo, Utah 

Cook, Ivan 
Payette, Idaho 

Colburn, Delthia 
Honolulu, Hawaii 

Cook, Katherine 
Enterprise, Utah 

Colovich, Don G. 

Prove, Utah 

Cowley, Chad 
Venice, Utah 

Coons, Dal 
Mesa, Arizona 

Critchfield, LeRoy 
Kamloops, Canada 

Clawson, Gordon 
Ogden, Utah 

Coy, Joyce 

Long Beach, California 

Cowan, Jim 

San Diego, California 

Cozzens, Matt 
Powell, Wyoming 

Conder, Darrell 
American Fork, Utah 

Cooper, d^mes 
^/Cheronee, N^ C 

/ , Cobia, David 

Moses Lake, Washi7i^i<jn 

Crowther, Duane 
Arlington, Virginia 

Cooper, Kenneth 
h, Utah 

Cook, Doris 

Fountain Green_Utah 

Coombs, Ray 
Tremonton, Utah 

t, Veria 

Cox, Jim '^' ^ /> Clayson. Vond 

Moies Lake, Wa^fe^^ofl / ' ' 

Colt, John C. 

;ity, Utgh 
Coe, i)&sdemona. -"" 

offman, Gordon — i^ f Crane, Loren 
altr. Lake City,. UTair5dLi^>Las Y©gas, N 

Colton, Joyce 
Price, Utah 

Childs, LeRoy 
Centerfield, Utah 

Cox, John G. 
Provo, Utah 

Coll'er, Maureen 
Orem, Utah 

Cowley, Leah 
Provo, Utah 

Clark, Harold 
Richland, Washington 

Cox, Boyd Ray 
Kaysvrlle, Utah 

..Connolly, Kay 

Salt Lake City, Utgh" " EuHgrtbn, CalifQHl^^^r^^^"g;£Sit<*nwood, Arizona 

_ -' Cooper, Cleo 

" Phoenix, Arizona 



Cook, Kay 

Burbank, California 

Cox, Virginia 
Indio, California 


[||[|I6[« I 

Crowley, Edna — Glendale, California 
Crouch, EIna — Pocatello, Idaho 
Crowley, Edmund Drew — Glendale, Calif. 
Cowley, Joyce — Tremonton, Utah 
Crosby, Frank • — San Diego, California 
Cromar, Don — Denver, Colorado 

Crookston, Eva Marie — Alberta, Canada 
Curtis, Gretta — Solomon, Arizona 
Coffman, Margaret — Springville, Utah 
Curry, Gloria Ann — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Curtis, Clyne A. Cokevllle, Wyoming 
Cushing, John — Bountiful, Utah 

Davis, Dorothy — Blackfoot, Idaho 

Crawford, Ray F. — Paris, Idaho 

Day, Bill — Oakley, Idaho 

Davis, John — Emmett, Idaho 

Crandall, Carlisle K. — Springville, Utah 

Davis, Kent — Las Vegas, Nevada 

Crandall, Barbara — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Criddle, Jay — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Crowl, Bob — Wakarmsu, Kansas 
Crowther, Janette — Sanford, Colorado 
Crookston, Eva — Magrath, Canada 
Cromar, Dale — Denver, Colorado 

Dummer, Arthur — Burley, Idaho 

Duffin, Irene — Axtell, Utah 

DuPaix, Louise — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Duke, Frances — Heber City, Utah 

DurFee, Delsa — Randlett, Utah 

Davis, Jinx — San Bernardino, California 

Draper, Don C. — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Driggs, Don C. — Phoenix, Arizona 
Doyle, Carole — Los Angeles, California 
Driggs, Dianne — Fresno, California 
Dorney, Doris — Dingle, Idaho 
Dredge, John — Malad, Idaho 

Dunford, Kent — Provo, Utah 

Dawes, David — Los Angeles, California 

Duren, Betty — Fort White, Florida 

Doty, Ray — Moapa, Nevada 

Dittmore, Maylin — Orem, Utah 

Dickinson, LaRene — Inglewood, California 

Doughty, Marba — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Duncan, Don — Alhambra, California 
Doman, Norma — Ontario, Oregon 
Doman, Letha E. — Ontario, Oregon 
Daniel, Marcia — Rutherford, California 
Dorius, Sheila — Provo, Utah 


Danielson, Demar — Sprlngville, Utah 
-Dace, Wallace Steven — Everett, Washington 
Davis, Diane — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Davis, Bonnie L. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Davis, Carnaen — China Lake, California 
Davidson, Samuel — Pocatello, Idaho 

Dalton David — Springville, Utah 

Dayes, Albert R. — New York City, N. Y. 

Daniels, Jean — Long Beach, California 

Dalbey, Loretta — Walnut Creek, California 

Day, Janice — Bountiful, Utah 

Davis, R. J. — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Day, Janette — Oakley, Idaho 
Dailey, Stan — Hollywood, California 
Dallin, R. Lowell — Springville, Utah 
DaBell, Ralph — Opportunity, Washington 
Daniels, Donald — Mesa, Arizona 
Davis, Betty — Ogden, Utah 

Davles, Margaret — Panguitch, Utah 
DeHoyo?, Alberto — Mexico 
Deputy, Russell — Salisbury, Maryland 
Dart, James A. — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Despain, Donna — Lovell, Wyoming 
Detane, Thomas — Greybull, Wyoming 

DeHaan, Joanne — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Deardorff, Paul — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Denison, Leiand — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Decker. Gladys — Snowflake, Arizona 
Denison, Ronald H. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
DeHoyos, Fred — Colonia, Juarez, Mexico 

Dickey, Madeline — Jacksonville, Florida 
DeLange, Leiand — Oram, Utah 
Dearden, David — Henefer, Utah 
Denison, Rinaldo F., Jr. — Shelby, Montana 
Dickison, Ben — Ponca City, Oklahoma 
Dietrich, Ernest — Emmett, Idaho 












Refreshing the Freshmen on "Y"-Day. 


Ha! Ha! Ha! Ho! Ho! Tee! Hee! Haw! Haw! 

Erekson, Klenner 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Glover, Edwin 
Eureka, Utah 

Edwards, Janis 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Ellis, Darrel 
Mancos, Colorado 

Boyer, Fritz 
Springville, Utah 

Dunkley, Betty Mae 
American Fork, Utah 

DeMarco, Barbara 
Erie, Pennsylvania 

Eggertsen, Jill 

Ann Arbor, Michigan 

Eddington, Carol 
Murray, Utah 

Echols, Robert L. 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Ediing, Deslyn 
Glendale, California 

Edgir.gton, JoAnn 
Provo, Utah 

Edenfield, Grady 
Jacksonville, Florida 

Dickie, Mary Lou 
MacLoed, Canada 

Edwards, Earl G. 
McGill, Nevada 

Gledhlll, Rex — Reseda, California 
Edmunds, Joe — Alhambra, California 
Ellingwood, Joan — Minneapolis, M-innesota 
Eglantlna, Moyeda — Juarez, Mexico 
Eliasson, Ann — Detroit, Michigan 

Elder, James — Mesa, Arizona 
Ellson, Ina Lou — Oakley, Idaho 
Ellis, Deana — Lorenzo, Idaho 
Ellison, Margaret Ann — Elko, Nevada 
Ellsworth, Kirk — Payson, Utah 

Empey, Gary — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Elton, Michael — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Ellsworth, Colleen — Ogden, Utah 
Ence, George D. — Boulder City, Nevada 
Ellison, Sylvia — Detroit, Michigan 


Eskelsen, Mona Rae 
Brigham City, Utah 

Ewell, LeRoy E. 
Santaquin, Utah 

Evans, Cora 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Fackrsll, Alena Lou 
Springville, Utah 

Ericjis^n, Carol 
'"(^Sbnton, Utah 

Ewell, William Pauf^ 
Provo, Utah 

Ericbon, Joyce 

Salt Lata, City, Utah 

England, Roger 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Fowles, Garth C. 
Twin Falls, Idaho 

Eyre, Shauna Jean 
Evanston, Wyoming 

Farnsworth, Merrilynn 
Venice, California 

Farnsworth. Jennie L. ^ 

' Farns 

rth, Fairel 

<y^ rarnsworth, hairel 
Colonia Juarez, Mexico , Ely, Nevada 

Forsey, Shirlene 
Payson, Utah > 

Fenton, JoAnne 

San Mateo, California 

Falslev, Evelyn 
Benson, Utah 

Fife, Annette 
Yunna, Arizona 

Farmer, Scott L. 
Great Falls, Montana 

Fisher, Kent 
Provo, Utah 

Ferwerda, Don 
Shelton, Washington 

Field, Rosalie 
[den, Utah 

FoTIsJf^Edson R. 
^c}Ujmflx\ Arizona 

Eyring, Phil 
Berkeley, California 

Exeter, George 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Forsgren, Ida 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Fawson, Lauralee 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Finlayson, Janice 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Fillmore, Carma 
Provo, Utah 

Flake, Lavona 
Snowflake, Arizona 

Evans, Dean 
Overton, Nevada 

Faler, Gayle I ^^V^^^" 

_Sjjauamish,_\ya5hi^gto?r~ -c^ /Char 

Empey, Marlene 
Long Beach, California 


Fairbourn, Joyce ^ ~~~~-~-~EaIElTraTTces"---=— iji^:^-"^^-— Ejnrtin, George R. 

Salina, Utah 

Felix, LeVar 
Springville, Utah 

Finlayson, John 
Provo, Utah 


N^yssff, OrigoiT"^ — 

s, Betty 
rieston, S. C. 

" Ferrin, Ross 

Chico, California 

Fisher, Joyce 5 
Tlos Angeles, California 

-Moses Lake, Washington 

Findlay, Delano 
Bloomington, Idaho 

Flake, Leona 
Snowflake, Arizona 


nn \\m nn 

Fortle. Lorna — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Frontier, Marjorie — San Jose, California 
Froerer, Ruth — Vale, Oregon 
Frodsham, Jean — Whittier, California 
Fresh, Rex — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Frazier, Kent — Oakley, Utah 

Frederlcksen, George — Twin Falls, Idaho 
French, Ronald — Glendale, California 
Frehner, Judy — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Frisby, Diane — Vale Oregon 
Frazier, Patricia — Springville, Utah 
FronnnD, Katherine — Great Falls, Montana 

Fraser, J. David — Long Beach, Colifornia 
Friend, Roy L. — Boise, Idaho 
Franz, John B. — El Cerrito, California 
Frost, Ronald — Springville, Utah 
Fawcett, Myrna B. — Henefer, Utah 
Fortress, Edwina — Vallecito, California 

Foutz, Robert B. — Farmington, New Mexico 
Foulger, Jan — Salem, Oregon 
Foxley, Billy S. — Everett. Washington 

Franke, Don Salt Lake City, Utah 

Forsgren, Ruth — Preston, Idaho 
Forman, Robert K. — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Fordham, Paul — Mlshawaka, Indiana 
Folsom, Nancy — Farmington, Utah 
Foote, Marjorie — Gunnison, Utah 
Ford, Janice — Wallsburg, Utah 
Folsom, John — Spokane, Washington 
Forest, Marilyn — Hollywood, California 

Foerster, Edward R. — Centerfield, Utah 
Flint, Gae Nell — St. Anthony, Idaho 
Fitzgerald, Robert — Kamas, Utah 
Galbraith, Lynn — McGill, Nevada 
Gadd, Kayo, Midvale, Utah 
Galbraith, Wendell — Venice, California 

Gailey, Richard — Preston, Idaho 
Gambles, Phil — Swan Lake, Idaho 
Gardner, Bryce — Lakeside, Arizona 
Gardner, llene — Rupert, Idaho 
Gardner, Shirley — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Gardner, Lawrence — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Gardner, Duane — Lakeside, Arizona 
Garfield, Theodore — Portland, Oregon 
Garrick, llyn D. — Provo, Utah 
George, Myrtle — Barstow, California 
Garlick, Bernice — American Fork, Utah 
Gee, William M. — Pocatello, Idaho 


Gibbons, James — Phoenix, Arizona 
Gearheart, Beverly R. — Toppenlsh, Wash. 
Gatenby, Jackie — Provo, Utah 
Gibbs, W. Sherman — Portage, Utah 
Gibson, Alvera — Manassa, Colorado 
Gitford, Juanita — Nampa, Idaho 

Giles, Phil — Heber City, Utah 
GInes, Jerry — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Gilbert, Gayle — Arcadia, Utah 
Giles, E. Earline — Garfield, Utah 
Goodman, Jacqulyn — Murtaugh, Idaho 
Goble, Gayle — Magna, Utah 

Gllger, Clela — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Gilner, David — Provo, Utah 
Gines, Madge — Jerome, Idaho 
Gnelting, Dorothy — Roberts, Idaho 
Giles, Gary — Tremonton, Utah 
Glines, Jerry — Richland, Washington 

Gledhlll, Rex — Reseda, California 
Goldsmith, Henry L. — Los Angeles, Calif. 
Gividen, Bert — Sprlngville, Utah 
Glaus, Lorraine — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Goodson, Grant — Denver, Colorado 
Gordon, Betty Lou — Provo, Utah 

Goldman, Dorothy — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Goodwin, Robert — Provo, Utah 
Gray, James — American Fork, Utah 
Goring, Marva — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Gould, Phyllis Winslow, Arizona 

Grant, Lanel — Los Angeles, California 

Gordin, Floyd L. — Mesa, Arizona 
Gammell, Nancy — Provo, Utah 
Graves, Patricia — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Gray, Sam — Monroe, Utah 
Gray, Gail — Provo, Utah 
Grawe, John — Union, Oregon 

Really hoofin' it at the Halloween Witches' Haven Dance. 


"Now listen, men — here's one way to handle those B.Y.U. Freshmen . . . 

Guild, Charlene 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Groshell, Carol 
Seattle, Washington 

Gronennan, Anita 
Provo, Utah 

Grover, Barry 
Provo, Utah 

Gwilliam, Jerry A. 
Boise, Idaho 

Groeger, Klajs W. 
Seattle. Washington 

Grandy, Janice 
Paris, Idaho 

Green, Marcia 
Bandon, Oregon 

Groberg, John 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Green, Kathleen 
Lethbridge, Canada 

Grindstaff, Douglas 
Glendale, California 

Green, Donald W. 
Portland, Oregon 

Greer, Margaret 
St. Johns, Arizona 

Griffeth, Dallas 
Grover, Wyoming 

Greenall, Charles 

San Luis Obispo, Calif. 

Grover, Wesley — Palmer, Alaska 
Gunn, Jane Ann — Beaver, Utah 
Grigg, Marlene — Portland, Oregon 
Grover, Deon — Draper, Utah 
Gunn, Joan — Elsinore, Utah 

Gunderson, Alvin — Lorenzo, Idaho 
Gray, Betty — Shiprock, New Mexico 
Gurr, Ruth P. — Orem, Utah 
Gibb, Jesse L. — Ellensbury, Washington 
Gibb, Jesse L. — Ellensburg, Washington 

Halladay, Donald — Grantsville, Utah 
Haller, Joan — Inglewood, California 
Hada, Elinor — Fairfield, Connecticut 
Hafen, Joanne — Mt. Pleasant, Utah 
Hailstone, Dean — Grand Junction, Colo. 


e <3jrs>.^ 'f» 

ir^(i^ lyk 

Hansen, Narvol 
Roosevelt, Utah 

Hansen, Jim 
Norco, California 

Hanson, Ina 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Hales, Wilma 
Orem, Utah 

Hamnnond, Richard 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Hansen, Elaine 
Newton, Utah 

Hansen, Ray 

Los Angeles, California 

Hanni, Georgia 
Lorenzo, Idaho 

Hall, Bonnie 
Inkom, Idaho 

Hanb, Amelia 

Los Angeles, California 

Harrison, Laura 
Malad, Idaho 

Hansen, Helen 
Provo, Utah 

Hansen, Colleen 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Hall, Gloria 
Sunnyside, Washington 

Hansen, Grettle 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Hansen, Arlene 
Shelley, Idaho 

Hansen, Iris 
Boise, Idaho 


Hailing, Carole 
Harbor City, California 

Hansen, Roberta 
Toppenish, Washington 

Hammond, Hazle 
Saco, Montana 

Hansen, Irving 
Belleville, New Jersey 

Hale, Diane 
Indianapolis, Indiana 

Hanson, Alva Lu 
Shelley, Idaho 

Hammond, Joyce Hamlin, Joyce 

Salt Lake City,;,^taK. tsli^ Salina.-^tfth 

Hansen, Lanez \ ^^-^ _y^ / Harding, Nadin 
" ' K/ialad, Idaho 

Hamrick, Sheila 

San Bernardino, C^Wr' 

Hannig, Gary 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Hacking, Nancy 
Valle|o, California 

Hansen, Shirley 
Elko, Nevada , 

,^Tre©n,' Ardyth . 
Cen'terfrefd, Utah 

•=< ..Hall, Monte Arvll 
*'^ La Brea, California 

Harmsen, Dennis 
La Jara, Colorado 

Halls, Lynn M. 
Mancos, Colorado 

Hansgen, Jacquie 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Hales, Daisy L. 

Los Angeles, California 

Hamilton, Eugene 
Butte, Montana 

Hart, Joyce 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

^-,. Han^en, Beverly 
_. Vale, Oregon 

•_^^;>-t|^nson, Roslyn 

' ^ ' Bin gham Canyon, Utah 

Hamblin, Earl 
Vict&r, Idaho 

-p_^ /-Hales, Joan 
Provo, Utah 

Hale, Richard 
Riverside, California 

Handy, Carol 

Long Beach, California 



Harris, Alva — Cut Bank, Montana 
Hart, Keith — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Haran, Tom — Provo, Utah 
Hart, Karen — Pocatello, Idaho 
Hartley, Joanne — Nyssa, Oregon 
Harris, Reah — Red Mesa, Colorado 

Harding, Jilean — Payson, Utah 
Hartsfield, Audrie — Douglas, Arizona 
Hardy, Lynn — Susanville, California 
Harris, Ramona — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Harper, Roberta — Malta, Idaho 
Harvey, James — Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Hatch, Mary Ann — Boulder, Colorado 
Hatch, Mary Lou — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Hatch, Paul Jr. — Chesterfield, Idaho 
Harris, Lowry A. — Provo, Utah 
Hatch, Darrell — Prescott, Arizona 
Hardisty, Richard — Truckee, California 

Hatton, Betty Jo — Fillmore, Utah 
Hathaway, Clayta — St. Anthony, Idaho 
Haverbach, Janice — Tooele, Utah 
Hatchett, Julius C. — Thompsonville, 111. 
Hauser, Peggy — New York City, N. Y. 
Hawkins, Ruth — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Hayward, Margaret — Provo, Utah 
Hawkes, Joyce — Minneapolis, Minnesota 
Haynes, Mike — Ely, Nevada 
Hawkes, Marilyn — Pocatello, Idaho 
Haymond, Tadd — Provo, Utah 
Haynie, Marie — Alamosa, Colorado 

Harris, Thomas — Los Angeles, California 
Hatch, LaRae — Drummond, Montana 
Hatch, Ronald — Provo, Utah 
Havens, Hallie — Salmon, Idaho 
Harris, Joyce — Wenatchee, Washington 
Harward, Marilynn — Richfield, Utah 

Hecht, Robert N. — Powell, Wyoming 
Heisch, Terry — Provo, Utah 
Haynes, Mike — Ely, Nevada 
Hayes, Charles — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Hells, Lyie — Mancos, Colorado 
Haws, Waity — Eagar, Arizona 

Henrichsen, Joyce — Provo, Utah 
Harper, Catherine M. — Albertson, N. C. 
Head, N. Lawrence — Sandy, Utah 
Hedquist, Mary — Provo, Utah 
Harvey, David — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Heinz, Lyio S. — Rexburg, Idaho 


Hermanson, Beverly — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Hobdon, Marilyn — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Hepworth, Shannon — Afton, Wyoming 
Hendrickson, Kent — Provo, Utah 
Henrie, Peggy J. — El Cajon, California 
Henderson, Ronald — Pocatello, Idaho 

Hicks, Gerald — Rexburg, Idaho 

Hicken, Elaine — Heber City, Utah 

Henrie, Norma — Provo, Utah 

Hibbert, Gwyneth — Los Angeles, Calif. 

Hiltbrand, Wesley R. — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Hemming, Bob — Blackfoot, Idaho 

Hitchcock, Kent ■ 
Higham, Sharyn • 
Higbee, Wanda - 
Hinman, LaRene 

Buhl, Idaho 

Oakland, California 
— Winslow, Arizona 
■ Cardston, Canada 

Hill, Shirlene — Bremerton, Washington 
Hickenlooper, Dawn — San Francisco, Calif. 

Hoopiiaina, Inez — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Hopkin, Saundra — Morgan, Utah 
Hill, Joyce — Buhl, Idaho 
Hobberstad, Yvonne — Inglewood, Calif. 
Hoppie, Joan — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Hodgkinson, Larry — Vernal, Utah 

Holbrook, Lois — Woods Cross, Utah 
Hochstrasser, Gerry — San Francisco, Calif. 
Hillier, John — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Hill, Beatrice — Walla Walla, Washington 
Hill, Maurine — Clearfield, Utah 
Hatch, Mary Gay — Springville, Utah 

Hoyt, Barbara — Nephi, Utah 
Hoopes, Reese — Portland, Oregon 
Howells, Marian — San Paulo, Brazil 
Holyoak, Letha E. — Moab, Utah 
Howard, Wallace — Los Angeles, California 
Honey, Bruce — China Lake, California 

Holt, Caria 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Horman, Jack E. 
Oren, Utah 

Homecoming royalty of 1952 — wow! 


"Oh, for an escalator!" 

Huntington, Shirley 
Castle Dale, Utah 

Hutchison, Nancy 
Malta, Idaho 

Huerta, Robert 
Grants Pass, Oregon 

Hudson, Pat 
Twenty-Nine Palnns, Cali 

Huffaker, Beth 
Lorenzo, Idaho 

Hocking, Marjorie 
Bingham, Utah 

Hogge, Jeanene 
Elko, Nevada 

Horner, Shirley 
Sandpoint, Idaho 

Howard, Estelle 
Payson, Utah 

Howard, Ruth Ann 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Howard, Bud 
Arcadia, California 

Holyoak, Louesa 
Moab, Utah 

Hoggan, Mary Jayne 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Holt, Dianne 

Dore Creek, Colorado 

Houston, Ronald 

Los Angeles, California 

Houtz, Duayne — Roosevelt, Utah 
Hughes, Byron — Bountiful, Utah 
Huntington, Louise — Orangeville, Utah 
Huntington, Barbara — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Hunter, David — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Hug, Marilyn — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Hubbard, Helen — Holbrook, Idaho 
Hurst, Dorothy — San Jose, California 
Hubbard, Noreen — Dillon, Montana 
Huntington, Peggy — Castle Dale, Utah 

Hunter, Belva M. — Nyssa, Oregon 
Hudnnan, Gary D. — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Husband, Rayola — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Hunt, Mary Lou — Sacrannento, California 
Hutchinson, Dorothy — Santa Ana, Calif. 


-„ fi _mt\ 

Jacobsen, Errol L. 
Pocatello, Idatio 

Hyatt, Phil 
Richfield, Utah 

James, Maralyn 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Jacobs, Coleen 
Council, Idaho 

Hulshoff, Gary 

Los Angeles, California 

Jarvis, George 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Jacobs, G. Richard 
Scottsbluff, Nebraska 

Ipson, Dennis 
Sandy, Utah 

Hunt, Maretta 
Baker, Oregon 

irvin, Darlene 
Farmlngton, New Mexico 

Jardine, Lola 
Ogden, Utah 


Jeppsen, Joyce 
Mantua, Utah 

Hughes, Shirley 

Los Angeles, California 

Irwin, Helen Ann 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Jacobsen, Frank 
Moroni, Utah 

Jensen, Gary L. 
Sacramento, California 

Hyde, Cherill 
Preston, Idaho 

Jacobsen, Glorlne 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Jasper, Dorothy 
Payson, Utah 

Jensen, Billy Freeman 
Provo, Utah 

Hughes, Trevor 
Malad, Idaho 

Judd, Shirlyn 
Kanab, Utah 

Humphrey, Mary L. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 


Glendale, CalifornTa 

Jones, Jay Dean --n/ji 
Mesa, Arizona { 5^ 

Jones, Scott 
Arco, Idaho 

r, Hugh lo ^ y Merrill, L. Hyde -^^ 

Swan Lake, Idaho 

Jacob, Darlene 
Orem, Utah 

Ipson, George V. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Iwasaki, Frances 
Honolulu, Hawaii 

Jackson, Joyce 
Midvale, Utah 

Hutchinson, Neta 
Buhl, Idaho 

Huth, George 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Jackson, Edward W, 
San Leandro, California 

Joyner, Carolyn 
Columbia, S. C. 

James, Gloria 
Provo, Utah 

Jacobs, Coleen 
Council, Idaho 

Jense, Gary 
Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Jones, Janice 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Jensen, Ira B. 
Garfield, Utah 

Jolley, Antoinette — 
Las Vegas, Nevada 


Jensen, Steven 
Gridley, California 

Julian, JoAnn 
Mesa, Arizona 

Jensen, Melvin L. 
Inglewood, California 

Jones, Marjorie Ann 
Provo. Utah 



Johnson, Sharon — RIgby, Idaho 
Jones, Patricia — Sandy, Utah 
Johnson, John Keith — Buhl, Idaho 
Jones, James J. — Los Angeles, California 
Jones, Eugene — ■ Montpelier, Idaho 
Hoyal, Lenora — Alhambra, California 

Johnson, Shirley — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Johnson, Marlene — Long Beach, California 
Jorgensen, Jean — Midway, Utah 
Johnson, Marva — Mantua, Utah 
Johnson, Geraldine — Temple City, Calif. 
Johnson, Leo Marvin — China Lake, Calif. 

Johnson, Louene — Lovell, Wyoming 
Jordan, Gloria — Temple City, California 
Johnson, Oscar — • Springdale, Utah 
Jost, Tom — htollywood, California 
Johnson, Ernest F. Jr. — Phoenix, Arizona 
Johnson, Arlen — Park City, Utah 

Johnson, Nolan L. — Pocatello, Idaho 
Jorgensen, Marcia — Deer Park, Florida 
Jensen, Cherrel — Malad, Idaho 
Hebdon, Geraldine — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Johnson, Glenda — Barnwell, Canada 
Johnson, Nancy — Puyallup, Washington 

Johnson, Ernest F. Jr. — Phoenix, Arizona 
Johnson, JoAnn — Tooele, Utah 
Johnson, Bob — Orem, Utah 
Jorgenson, Raelene — Homedale, Idaho 
Johnson, Margaret — Barnwell, Canada 
Jones, Carolyn — Malad, Idaho 

Jordan, Gloria — Temple City, California 
Jones, LaVar A. — Mesa. Arizona 
Johnson, Ethel Norene — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Jordan, Peggy — Monterey, California 
Johnson, Joyce — Harlem. Montana 
Johnson, Lowell — Midway, Utah 

Jensen, Lawayne — Emery, Utah 
Johnson, Kelvin — Barnwell, Canada 
Jensen, R. Alma — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Jeppesen, Collls D. — Spokane, Washington 
Jefferies, Mary Lou — Grantsville, Utah 
Jones, Arlynn — Malad, Idaho 

Johnson, Louise — Provo, Utah 
Jensen, Eulyn — Centerfield, Utah 
Jensen, Phyllis — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Jensen. Jeannine — Malad, Idaho 
Jelte, Anne — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Jex, Dellavene — Spanish Fork. Utah 


Jensen, Varee — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Jensen, Douglas Nile — Provo, Utah 
Jensen, Ira B. — Garfield, Utah 
Jepperson, Walter Clyde — Provo, Utah 
Kay, Joanne — Berkeley, California 
Johnson, Darlene — Emmett, Idaho 

Kartchner, Rey — Eagar, Arizona 
Kanaga, Ethel — Los Angeles, California 
Kartchner, Orville — Carlsbad, New Mexico 
Keeler, Ellen — Provo, Utah 
Kaiser, Robert — Lake Bluff, Illinois 
Kaufman, Delores — Driggs, Idaho 

Keeler, Gary — La Mesa, California 
Keller, Montie — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Kern, Rosalie — Dixon, Missouri 
Kawahigashi, Viola — Laie Oahu, Hawaii 
Kennard, Rose — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Kaufman, Delores — Driggs, Idaho 

Keller, Elmo A. Jr. — Preston, Idaho 
Kendall, Betty — Weiser, Idaho 
Keller, Lamond — Caldwell, Idaho 
Kennington, Ruth — Afton, Wyoming 
Kelly, Ruth — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Kempton, Grace — Coolidge, Arizona 

Kitchens, Garry — Los Angeles, Caifornia 
Kizerlan, Donna — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Kirby, Jolene — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Kinghorn, Doyle — Rigby, Idaho 
Kitchen, Weldon J. — American Fork, Utah 
Keith, Wayne — Provo, Utah 

Kizerian, Donna — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Kidd, Edith — Portland, Oregon 
Kingsbury, Frances — Salt Lake City, Utah 
King, T. Eugene — Provo, Utah 
Kimber, Warren — Boise, Idaho 
King, Audrey — Mesa, Arizona 

Kraus, Paul Ray 
Richland, Washington 

Kovach, Mary Ann 
Rock Springs, Wyoming 

Lover's lane was never like this. 


Just waiting for the snow 

Labrum, Kay 
Vernal, Utah 

Kyer. Fritz T. Jr. 
Alhambra, California 

Laird, Fred H. 
Ruth, Nevada 

Knudson, Nancy 

San Diego, California 

Kurr, Doreen 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Knight, Joseph 
Provo, Utah 

Kraus, Paul 
Richland, Washington 

Knowles, Carole 
Salt Lale City. Utah 

Kmetzsch, Max 
Sevier, Utah 

Kregg, Eugene 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Knight, J. Eugene 
Provo, Utah 

King, Roma Jean 
Aberdeen, Idaho 

King, Lamona 
RIgby, Idaho 

Knuckles, Jefferson D. 
Dove Creelt, Colorado 

Kocherhans, Clarence J. 
Lovell, Wyoming 

Landvatter, Erna — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Landers, Martin P. — Redondo Beach. Calif. 
Langlois, Joyce — Decatur, Illinois 
Larkln, Lanez — Snowville, Utah 
Lamb, M Gene — Provo, Utah 

Larsen, Geneva — Huntington, Utah 
Larsen. Pauline — Arcadia, Utah 
Larsen, Dean — Orem, Utah 
Longhurst, Jay — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Larson. Vickl — Phoenix, Arizona 

Law. Nena Flo — Provo. Utah 

Larsen. Kenna — Boise, Idaho 

Leavitt, Laurel D. — Homedale. Idaho 

Larsen. Leon Dale — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Lallis, Kareen — Buhl, Idaho 

Leavitt, Norma 
Nampa, Idaho 

Lee, Clair Kay 
Beaver, Utah 

Lawson, Marlene 
Fair Oaks, California 

Loy, Pauline 
Provo, Utah 

Lee, David 
Bicknoll, Utah 

Lewis, Ladeen 
Rigby, Idaho 

Lochhead, Lois 

St. Louis, Missouri 

Lindsay, Edwin 
LaSrande, Oregon 

Lee, Norma 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Harper, Leslie K. •'■ 
LaCrescenta, California 

Liddle, Linda 

Van Nuys, California 

Lowry, Arthur 
Arimo, Idaho 

Loe, Belva 
Eugene, Oregon 

Phelps, LeSrande 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Lloyd, Gloria 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Lomax, Ellen 
Portland, Oregon 

Leigh, Arden W. 
Mesa, Arizona 

Lindsay. Jerry 
Marshall, Missouri 

Lillywhite, James 
Taylor, Arizona 

Lloyd, Gayla 
Ogden. Utah 

Luke, Gordon 
Burley, Idaho 

Lundquist, Floyd 
Caldwell, Idaho 

Leavitt, Keith 
Homedate, Idaho 

Lewis, JoAnne 
Orem, Utah 

Lewis, Carol 
Provo, Utah 

Loesch, Joe 
Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Lunt, Sharron 
Duncan, Arizona 


Ludwig, Donna 
Salt Lake City, Uta 

Long, Betty Jean 
Salin«^ Utah 

Lee, Delias W. 
Lethbridge, Canada 

Lee, Orel Kay 
Panaca, Nevada 

Lockhart, Paxton 
Whittier, California^ 

Lundwall, Florence 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Loveland, Duane . 
Paul, Idaho '-7 

Loveland, Darlene^ 
Paul, 4daho C_ 

Lewis, Caria 

St. Anthony, Idaho 

Lewis, David 
Riverside, California I '^^J'rovo, Utah 

Listoe, Joan t* v / clLittie, Nadine 

Westley, Montana i— iiic -Lemoore, California 


-3 / Lunt, 

Lund, Carol 
_§unnison, Utah 

^fgyhlan, Mexico ~- 

Lilly, Gail 

Santa Ana, California 

Lundberg, Jerry 
Salt Lake City, Utah 


VII l[H 


Myers. Eldon P. — American Fori, Utah 
Myers, Robert Allen — San Marino, Calif. 
Myers, Glenna — American Fork, Utah 
Myers, Leon — Boise, Idaho 
Myers, Edwin Wm. — Long Beach, Calif. 
Kovach, Mary Ann — Rock Springs, Wyo. 

Moeller, Joan — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Murdock, Mary Jean — Origgs, Idaho 
Murray, Joan — Ogden, Utah 
Myler, Charles — Los Angeles, California 
Myler, Mona Lou — Van Nuys, California 
Myers, Barbara — Carson City, Nevada 

Morse, Rita Ann — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Moffat, Madlyn Louise — Bartletsville, Okla. 
Miner, Emily J. — Springville, Utah 
Musal, George — Port Chester, New York 
Myer, Peter — Caldwell, New Jersey 
Murray, Roberta — Canada 

Moss. Mary Ann — Bountiful, Utah 
Mortensen, Ronald — Tremonton, Utah 
Moser, Jack — Preston, Idaho 
Moench, Suzanne — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Murdock, Clair — Vernal. Utah 
Monahan, Mary — Seattle, Washington 

Morgenegg, Joyce — Menan, Idaho 
Morris, Rita — Laguna Beach, California 
Morris, Jacqueline — Ogden, Utah 
Mortensen, Maye — Bakersfield, California 
Morse, Eileen — Portland. Oregon 
Murdoch, Evan — Provo, Utah 

Monroe, Vernon — Sclpio, Utah 
Moon, Milton — Provo, Utah 
Morgan. Joann — KImberly. Idaho 
Morrison. Delora — Burley. Idaho 
Morgan, Beverly — Opportunity, Wash. 
Morrow. Vaun G. — RIverton, Utah 

Moon. Marjorle — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Monsen, Kay — Aberdeen, Idaho 
Morgan, Wesley B. — Opportunity, Wash. 
Morgan, Marlel — Evanston, Wyoming 
Morgan, Kent — Sacramento, California 
Moore, Paul — Payson, Utah 

Monson, Farrell — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Monson, Marilyn — Denver, Colorado 

Morrill, Lloyd — Tridell, Utah 

Montgomery, Roma Mae — Ontario, Oregon 

Moore, Barbara — Provo, Utah 

Monson, Nannette — Inglewood, California 


McClellan, Lois Dixie — Provo, Utah 
McClain, Sharlee — ^emple City, California 
McBride, J. Lvnn — Blackfoot, Idaho 
McArthur, Myrna — Lovell, Wyoming 
McCarty, Jackie — Bartlesvill«, Oltlahoma 
McClendon, George — Pendleton, Oregon 

McKay, Barbara — Salt Lake City, Utah 
McFadden, Velene — Castroville, Texas 
McDaniel, Joan — Salt Lake City, Utah 
McGuire, Pat — St. David, Arizona 
McDowell, Marilyn — Walla Walla, Wash. 
McCoy, Marshall — San Diego, California 

McKell, Ruth Lois — Provo, Utah 
McCoy, Delores — Tooele, Utah 
Mcintosh, Janet — Chico, California 
McKell, Gerald — Klamath Falls, Oregon 
Mclnnes, Max — Eagar, Arizona 
McKenna, Myrna — Salt Lake City, Utah 

McLelland, Richard — Pocatello, Idaho 
McMullin, Larry — Moses Lake, Washington 
McKinnon, Rachel — Moroni, Utah 
McNees, Joyce — Nampa, Idaho 
McNamara, Kay — Midvale, Utah 
McMurray, Mary — Burley, Idaho 

McArthur, Myrna — Lovell, Wyoming 
Maack, Jeannie — Salt Lake City, Utah 
McPhie, Janine — Provo, Utah 
McNeill, Florence — Salt Lake City, Utah 
MacDonald, Elaine — Great Falls, Montana 
Mabey, Janice — West Jordan, Utah 

Mackley, Ronald — Provo, Utah 
Madsen, Barbara — Fairview, Utah 
MacDonald, Helen — Mesa, Arizona 
Mahoney, Annette — Heber City, Utah 
MacKay, Ian — Tujunga, California 
Madsen, W. Merrill — Moroni, Utah 

Manton, Kathryn 

Los Angeles, California 

Manookin, Robert P. 
Provo, Utah 

Social stop-off at the Science 
Building — the swinging pendulum. 



The "Y" just gets under your skin, that's all! 

Morley, ivlary 
Ely, Nevada 

Olsen, Marilyn 

San Leandro, California 

Manwill, Judith 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Marlcus, Wolfgang Martin 
Monteridea, Uruguay 

Marsh, Mary JoAnn 
Springville, Utah 

Martell, Richard 
Burley, Idaho 

Maurer, David W. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Manwaring, Diane 
San Mateo, California 

Mallory, Mardi 
Shelley, Idaho 

Manning, Marjorie 

Jacksonville, Florida li' "^ ^| 

^ -Co 

Manton, Kathleen 

Los Angeles, California 

Makin, Rose Marie 
American Fork, Utah 

Mansfield, Ronald 
Orem, Utah 

Manning, Dorothy 
Orem, Utah 

Mackley, Ronald 
Prove, Utah 

Mann, Jerry — Ellensburg, Washington 
Marsh, W. Dale — Brigham City, Utah 
Martineau, Carl K. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Marsh, Dennis — Boise, Idaho 
Marshall, Melvin — Logandale, Nevada 

Marumoto, Genevieve N. — Orem, Utah 
Mathews, Donna — Nephi, Utah 
Martin, Montie C. — Grants Pass, Oregon 
Martineau, Paul S. — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Martinez, Priscilla — Sacramento, California 

Matthews, Ellis — Yuba City, California 
Matson, Jon Garry — Huntington Park, Calif. 
Marchant, Gary — Kamas, Utah 
Mathis, Connie — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Matthews, Coleen — Ovid, Idaho 


May, John David 
Baler, Oregon 

Mellor, Shirlee 
Fayette, Utah 

Millet, Margaret 
Mesa, Arizona 

McFarland, Marjorle 
Sugar City, Idaho 

Millburn, Don 

Salt take City, Utah 

Maughan, Peter 
Washington, D. C. 

Mayberry, Laura 
Ogden, Utah 

May, James 
Post Falls, Idaho 

Meyers, Patricia 
Vernal, Utah 

Mieike, Eloise 
Medford, Oregon 

Matkin, Ruth 
Cardston, Canada 

Mellor, LaReta 
Fayette, Utah 

Merrill, Don Wm. 
Bluffdale, Utah 

Miller, Maurine 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

McKell, Lenadra 
Provo, Utah 

Meyers, Betty 
Vernal, Utah 

Metcalf, Colleen 
Springville, Utah 

Midgley, Lois 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Miller, Angeline 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Mills, Rhoana E. 
Ten Sleep, Wyoming 

■ Matthews, Colleen 
Hunter, Utah 


Maxfield, Perry 
Altonah, Utah 

Mellor, Cora Ramona 
Fayette, Utah 

Mattson, Burl 
Portland, Oregon 

Meyers, Lois 
Preston, Idaho 

Miller, Clyde Allan 
Sandy, Utah 



McFarland. Donna 
Pasadena, California 

Meads, William F. Jr. 
Columbus, Georgia 

Meyn, Nellie 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Miller, Larry 
American Fork, Utah 

binapi, Mua / ^^ I 
"30 Pago, Samoa A 

iners, Lewis I ^^ 

/sville, Utah ''> ^^ ■ 

Maxfield, Marillyn 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Merrill, Lynn H. 
Swan Lake, Idaho 

Metcalf, Merry 
Springville, Utah 

Miller, Ray 
Paul, Idaho 

Mickelson, LaPreal 
Salina, Utah 


Mendenhall, Mary Ellen 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Mickelsen, Lorene 
Crescent, Utah 

Miller, Reed 
Provo, Utah 

May, Frank Reid 
Caldwell, Idaho 

McKinnon, Richard 
Morgan, Utah 

May, Lynne 
Brigham City, Utah 

Rowley, Niland 
Harlem, Montana 


flss[H8[i[s n\ mm m biiki 

Moncur, Max — Lovell, Wyoming 
Miller. Luanne — Long Beach, California 
Mix, Merlen — Rupert, Idaho 
Miner, Jacquelyn — Midvale, Utah 
Morrey, Anna Laura — Joseph, Utah 
Miner, Virginia A. — Springville, Utah 

Minson, Peggy — Palm Springs, California 
Miller, James E. — North Hollywood, Calif. 
Mitchell, Charles — Provo, Utah 
Mitchell, Kay — Bountiful, Utah 
Miller, Eve — Sandy, Utah 
Millet, Milo — Mesa, Arizona 

Millett, Richard — Mesa, Arizona 
Miskin, Thain — Irwin, Idaho 
Montgomery, Joel — Provo. Utah 
Minor, Allen — Grantsville, Utah 
Neuenswander, Val — Weston, Idaho 
Norton, Merlin — Springville, Utah 

Nordin, Floyd — Mesa, Arizona 
Nixon, Evelyn — Magna, Utah 
Nielson, Janet — Huntington, Utah 
Nielson, Suzanne — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Nielson, Jeanine — Glendora, California 
Norseth, Colleen — Los Angeles, California 

Nichols, Joyce — New Orleans, Louisiana 
Nikolaus, Sylvia — Snowflake, Arizona 
Nielson, Phyllis — Salt Lake City. Utah 
Nielson. Sonya — Monroe. Utah 
Nielsen, Leslie — Richfield, Utah 
Nilsson, Maureen — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Nielsen, Loma — Ogden, Utah 
Nixon, Bill — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Nielson, Lars P. — Mesa, Arizona 
Nixon, Dorothy Dean — Roosevelt, Utah 
Nielson, June — Moroni, Utah 
Nielsen, H. LouDell — Malad, Idaho 

Nielsen, Vera B. — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Nielson, Diane — Provo, Utah 
Neser, Doris — Venice, California 
Neal, LaRonna — Malad, Idaho 
Lennstrom, Marlene — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Nelson, Wayne — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Neubert, LaMon — Graeagle, California 
Nelson, Monte — Ferron, Utah 
Neeley. Marilyn — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Nelson, Wendell — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Nelson, Doris Kay — Mexico City, Mexico 
Nelson. Jack Adelbert — Springerville. Ariz. 


Neemeyer, Jackie — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Nelson, Carolyn — Wendell, Idaho 
Nelson, Edith — LaPlata, New Mexico 
Nelson, Aria Dee — Pendleton, Oregon 
Neeley, Barbara Carol — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Neeley, Norma — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Nelson, Gordon — Provo, Utah 
Neilson, Keith — Pendleton, Oregon 
Newell, R. Kay — Elsinore, Utah 
Naylor, Jay — Los Angeles, California 
Nay, Robert E. — Victorville, California 

Ov/ens, Nannette — Joseph, Utah 

Nay, Shirley — Las Vegas, Nevada 

Nakamura, Lily — Hawaii 

Oyler, Phil — Brigham City, Utah 

Overmohle, Shirley — San Mateo, California 

Naylor, Carrol — Provo, Utah 

Owens, Elaine — Buhl, Idaho 

Osmond, Ralph — Berkeley, California 

Ostler, Bernell — Orem, Utah 

Orr, S. Genille — Macleod, Canada 

Orchard, Theo — Carey, Idaho 

Ord, Vanita — Nampa, Idaho 

Osborn, Robert T. — Escalante, Utah 

Orton, Ferrin — Eagle, Idaho 

Ostler, Glen L. — Moses Lake, Washington 

Orrock, Bill — Richfield, Utah 

Olsen, Gilbert — Provo, Utah 

Olsen, Rheta -7- Moroni, Utah 

Openshaw, Pearl — Mesa, Arizona 

Olpin, David — Vernal, Utah 

Olsen, Darwin — Springville, Utah 

Oliver, Patricia A. — Los Angeles, California 

Olpin, Owen — Fillmore, Utah 

Olsen, Eileen — Jerome, Idaho 

Olsen, Nellie 

Moses Lake, Washington 

Jean Fenn, nationally famous soprano, 
fT* »^ appeared on the Lyceum series. 


Ooohh — those romantic close-ups! 

Parrish, Ann 
Centerville. Utah 

Partridge. Susanne 
Portland, Oregon 

Parker, Joyce 
Murray, Utah 

Partridge. Carol 
Burlington, Wyoming 

Patten, Benton P. 
Elberta, Utah 

Oliphant, Roland E. 
Orem, Utah 

Oliphant, Virginia 
Orem, Utah 

OIney, Dorothy 

Los Angeles, California 

Okamura, Alice 
Wailuku, Maul, Hawaii 

Olelberry, O. Jack 
Goshen, Utah 

O Dell, Nornna Lou 
Franklin, Arizona 

Oates, Elaine 
Pasadena, California 

Ockerman, Kleta 
Longview, Washington 

Pace, Renata 
Nucia, Colorado 

Pack, Irma Jean 
Burbank, California 

Palmer, Pauline — Preston, Idaho 
Parcell, Joan — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Palmer, Arlene — Rosemary, Canada 
Park, Margaret — Meeker, Colorado 
Park, Clifford — Nephi, Utah 

Packham, Elaine — Garland, Utah 
Palmer, Kathallene — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Palmer, Revier — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Palmer, William S. — Preston, Idaho 
Palmer, Ellis — Blanding, Utah 

Parkinson, John — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Partridge, Keith — Panguitch, Utah 
Parker, Carman — Springfield, Oregon 
Parker, Karen F. — Hall, Montana 
Parker, Claire — Honolulu, Hawaii 


Petersen, Edward 
Glendale, California 

Peterson, Larry 
Glendale, California 

Petersen, Mae Jean 
Hinckley, Utah 

Peterson, Nancy 
Gunnison, Utah 

Peterson, Elaine 
Portland, Oregon 

Peterson, Arlene 
Woods Cross, Utah 


Peterson, Frances 
Provo, Utah 

Peterson, Dorothy 
Neola, Utah 

Peterson, Kenneth 
Lehl, Utah 

Peterson, Paul E. 
Tooele, Utah 

Patton, Joseph B. 
Charleston, West Virginia 

Patten, Emery 
Orem, Utah 

Payne, Shirley 
Great Falls, Montana 

Paul, Virginia 
Montclair, New Jersey 

Pearson, Ray Don 
Moreland, Idaho 

Penn, Vernon 
Avenal, California 

Peck, Gerald C. 
Provo, Utah 

Petersen, Joanne 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Payne, Ann 

Salt Lake City, Utah- iv 

Penrod, Joann 

San Diego, Califo''nia 

Peery, Joan v'^ 

Spanish Fork, Utah 

Perkins, James 
Blanding, Utah 

Pehrson, Ruth Marlene 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Persson, Jerry 
Payson, Utah 

Peck, Dennis 
Garland, Utah 

Peralta, Gonzalo 
San Jose, Costa Rica 

Peterson, JoAnn 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Pederson, Gaylen 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Petersen, V. Kay 
Idaho Palls, Idaho 

Peterson, Robert L. 
Sacramento, California 

Paulk, Peggy 
Gilmer, Texas 

Peterson, Barbara 
Sallna, Utah 

Paulson, Lynn — ■ 

Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Peterson, Ruth 
Stockton, California V, 

Patterson, Verlene 
North Powder, Oregon 

T_, Peterson, Marjorle 
_ V^alt Lake City, Utah 

Paul. DeWitt Jay 
Short Hills, New Jersey 

Penney, Ray 
LaCanada, California 

Payne, Luclnda 
Yuba City, California 

Penrod, Richard Gary - ,,• Petersen, Bruce 
Provo, Utah ^5^ — Evanston, Wyoming 

Pedersen, James Pegues, Patsy 

Tooele, Utah Luna, New Mexico 

Peterson, Lloyd 
Lewlsvllle, Idaho 

Peck, Lynn Wilson 
American Fork, Utah 




Pickerell, Glenda Mae — Boise. Idaho 

Phipps, Curtis — Orem, Utah 

Phelan, Mary Katherine — Provo. Utah 

Pincocic, Marie — Caldwell, Idaho 

Pires, Maria Eunice — Rio De Janerio, Brazil 

Poison, Georgia — Corvallis, Montana 

Pipes, Shirley — El Centro, California 
Pope, Barbara — Emmett, Idaho 
Prestwich, Erwin — Delta ,Utah 
Powell, Jay — St. Anthony, Idaho 
Poulson, Earlene — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Potter, Wester — Provo, Utah 

Powell, Joan — Ogden, Utah 

Meek, Richard — Preston, Idaho 

Preston, Wayne — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Potter, Barbara — Seaside, California 

Pratt, Jeanine — Orem, Utah 

Preston, Gerald L. — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Porter, Laurel — Walla Walla, Washington 

Porter, Reed — Springville. Utah 

Porras, Francisco R. — San Andres, Mexico 

Powell, Joan — Ogden, Utah 

Phipps, Don — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Porter, Dean — Snowflake, Arizona 

Pryor, Bill — Arlington, Virginia 
Pew, Arlo — Chandler, Arizona 
Provstgaard, Gayle — Payson, Utah 

Pullan, Joyce Salt Lake City, Utah 

Pugh, Karen — Boise, Idaho 
Prueitt, Lewis — Prescott, Arizona 

Pettingill, Dona — Portland, Oregon 
Peterson, Virginia — Provo, Utah 
Persons, Mary — Provo, Utah 
Peterson, Wade — Mt. Pleasant, Utah 
Peterson, Wayne — Tooele, Utah 
Phillips, Victor — Caliente, Nevada 

Pyott, Renee — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Quinlan, Legene — Provo, Utah 

Pulsipher, Norma — Los Angeles, California 

Purvis, Darwin W. — Vancouver, Washington 

Purser, Jerry — West Jordan, Utah j 

Pyper, James W. — Wells, Nevada 

Price, Cletis — LaJara, Colorado 
Probert, Carolyn — Hawthorne, California 
Price, Bill — Ogden, Utah 
Privat, John — Seattle, Washington 
Prince, Veda J. — San Diego, California 
Probst, Joyce — Midway, Utah 


Rees, Phyllis — Provo, Utah 

Reed, Karolyn — Jackson, Wyoming 

Reed, Roselyn Ray — Jackson, Wyoming 

Redd, Kathy — Provo, Utah 

Rees, Sharlene — Ely, Nevada 

Reese, Carol — Orem, Utah 

Rasmussen, Donna — Salina, Utah 
Reid, William — Greybull, Wyoming 
Remington, Marjory — Parker, Idaho 
Rencher, Alvin — St. Johns, Arizona 
Rencher, Paul — Eagar, Arizona 
Rex, William S. — Randolph, Utah 

Reynolds, Vella — Ashton, Idaho 

Reynolds, Carol Ann — Provo, Utah 

Reeve. Orville Lee — Olympia, Washington 

Reeves, Lois — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Reid, Paul — Sunset, Utah 

Reynolds, Alice — Burbank, California 

Rands, Myrth — Arcadia, California 
Rabidou, Jean — Calgary, Canada 
Ranck, Betty — Los Angeles, California 
Pulsipher, Karia — Eagar, Arizona 
Randall, Carol — Los Angeles, Californif 
Randall, Lynn — Whittier, California 

Reynolds, Loran — Pulask, Iowa 
Rhees, RaNae — Ogden, Utah 
Rider, Mary Ruth — Pomona, California 
Riggin, Don — Spokane, Washington 
Riddle, Mary — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Rigby, Sterling — Orem, Utah 

Rice, Marlene — Susanville, California 

Reynolds, Ann — Orem, Utah 

Ririe, Carolyn — Ogden, Utah 

Rich, Diane — Rexburg, Idaho 

Rippon, Clifton B. — Ogden, Utah 

Riegel, Norma — Shamokin Dam, Pennsylvania 

Three presidents and Margaret all in 
one day was quite an experience! 


Nothing like a good night's rest! 

Romney, Hayen 
Albuquerque, N. M. 

Andrew, Robert 
Detroit, Michigan 

Jones, Ada May 
Monticello, Utah 

Robinson, Margot 
Hayward, California 

Romney, George 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Richards, Jim 
Provo, Utah 

Rich, Bill 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Richards, Ruth 
Oakley, Utah 

Richardson, George L. 
Park City, Utah 

Riggs, Edris 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Rockwood, Dorothy 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Richards, Bryan 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Roberts, Bob 
Fort Worth, Texas 

Richmond, Lloyd 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Rogers, Akiu 
Wailuku, Maui 

Robison, True — Fillmore, Utah 
Robertson, Gary — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Rogers, Sheree — Snowflake, Arizona 
Richards, MaRee — Brigham City, Utah 
Roberts, Richard Dean — Monroe, Utah 

Robblns, Suzanne — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Roberts, Glen Eldon — Grants, New Mexico 
Robins, Marilyn — Vernal, Utah 
Robison, Darlene — Murray, Utah 
Robinson, Albert — Logandale, Nevada 

Ricks, Dee Ann — Tacoma, Washington 
Richardson, LauReen — Skamokawa, Wash. 
Probst, Renan — Lynwood, California 
Robison, Carol Ann — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Rogers, Pearl — Joseph City, Arizona 



Robinson, Dorothy 
Cfiambursburg, Pa.. 

Rosenlof, Jon 
Portland, Oregon 

Rasnnussen. Lloyd 
Monroe, Utah 

Roberts, Stanley 

San Mateo, California 

Ray, Lynn 
Nyssa, Oregon 

Rollins, Ley 
Lyman, Wyoming 

Rasmussen, Joyce 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Ross, Merlynn 
Arcadia, Utah 

Rollins, Ellen 
Cardston, Canada 

Romney, Gerry 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Russon, Kenneth 
Lehl, Utah 

Rowe, Robert L. 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Rudy, LaRue 

San Jose, California 

Russon, Dee Ray 
Lehi, Utah 

Roper, Mary 
Provo, Utah 


Rush, Josephine 
Lima, Montana 

Schetselaar, Melvin 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Salto, George G. 
Pakala, Hawaii 

Schaap, Bob 

Los Angeles, California 

Redd, Anita Louise 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Romney. Ruth 
Pullman, Washington 

Rowley, Richard 
Boulder City, Nevada 

Sackett, Louise 
Orem, Utah 

Schmitt, Glyn 
Warsaw, Indiana 

Sampson, Wm. C. Jr. 
Lehl, Utah 

Sawyer, John R. 
Sun Valley, California 


Read, Bonne 
Smithfield, Utah , 

Roper, Gary Ur 
Oak City, Utah 

Rowley, Tom 
Roosevelt, Utah 

Sallenbach, Shirley 
Calgary, Canada 

Simmons, Bert Ray 
Los Angeles, California 

Sabin, Jean 

North Hollywood, Calif. 

Schaelling. Edith 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Ralle, Frederick N. 
Whittier, California 

Roblson, J. Clark 
Logandale, Nevada 

Rowley, Ralph 
Eureka, California 

Salem, Oreg 

Sawyers, Linda 
Tooele, Utah 

idd B. jt ' K Saling, 

on — \ r Pleasan 

t Grove, Utah 

Sauls, Mary Alice 
Provo, Utah 

Rollins, Myrna 
Bountiful, Utah 

Roundy, Verl 
Provo, Utah 

Rytting, Ruth 
Tremonton, Utah 

SabIn, Paul B. 
Salem, Utah 

Savllle, Marilyn 
Boise, Idaho 



^ ily 

L-jiaM / A ^«y 

Sharp. Joan Marie — Redlands, California 
Shawcroft, Gary R. — La Jara, Colorado 
Shafer, Beth — Ogden, Utah 
Shaw, Betty M. — New Plynnouth, Idaho 
Sheets, Leland — Payson, Utah 
Sheldon, Monphy — Chinook, Montana 

Schroder, Janice L. — Los Angeles, California 

Schuenman, Gail — Las Vegas, Nevada 

Scovil, Carol — Declo, Idaho 

Scow, Merrill — Orangeville, Utah 

Scott, Zola — Murray, Utah 

Scott, William — Los Angeles, California 

Seely, Grace — Provo, Utah 

Seal, Frank E. — Taconna, Washington 

Seal, Lorna D. (Mrs.) — Tacoma, Washington 

Sedgwick, Karen Sue — Riverside, California 

Seegnniller, David — Delta, Utah 

See, Judy — Los Angeles, California 

Seller, Ruth — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Schwindt, Alice E. — San Diego, California 
Sellers, Charles — Mesa, Arizona 
Selin, Terry — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Self, Jacqueline — Peoria, Arizona 
Shade, Agnes — Cardston, Canada 

Savage, Scott M. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Schnnid, Dorothy — Montpelier, Idaho 
Schmidt, Warren — Midvale, Utah 
Schade, Carolyn — Los Angeles, California 
Schaller, Gay — Hollywood, California 
Schmidt, Rachel — Greshman, Wisconsin 

Schow, Gerald — Sandy, Utah 
Sare, Gene R. — San Diego, California 
Schofield, J. Gary — Rupert, Idaho 
Schmuhl, Dorothy — American Fork, Utah 
Scoresby, David — lona, Idaho 
Rosenlof, Jon — Portland, Oregon 

Shirts, Elmo B. — Portland, Oregon 
Shelton, Carol — Huntington Park, California 
Sherwood, Rowena — St. John's, Arizona 
Shelton, Janet — American Fork, Utah 
Shields, Helen E. — Tooele, Utah 
Shields, Donald — Tooele, Utah 

Shields, Nona D. — Trail, B. C, Canada 
Shirts, Fred — Hailey, Idaho 
Shirley, Miriam — Fish Haven, Idaho 
Shattuck, Marilyn — San Jose, California 
Shirota, Mitchell — Wailuku, Mao, T. H. 
Shipp, Royal — Joseph, Utah 


Shipley, Jeanne — Provo, Utah 


Shuman, Bet+y — Jacksonville, Florida 


Shumway, Annette — Taylor, Arizona 


Simonsen, Gary — San Lorenzo, California 
Simmons, Almo — Provo, Utah 


Sleater, Beryl — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Silberstein, Dorothy — Sandy, Utah 


Shumway, Larry — St. Johns, Arizona 

Shurtt, Alden, — Delta, Utah 


Shreeve, Charles — St. Johns, Arizona 


Shumway, Joan — Preston, Idaho 


Slade, Dorene — Eagar, Arizona 


Skeen, James — Nyssa, Oregon 
Siemssen, Janet — Portland, Oregon 
Smith, Arleen — Provo, Utah 
Slater, Nola — Yerington, Nevada, 
Sloan, Sylvia — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Slade, Christine — Red Mesa, Colorado 

Smedly, James — Bountiful, Utah 
Simmons, James A. — Orem, Utah 
Skeen, Roger — Nyssa, Oregon 
Singleton, Shirley — St. Anthony, Idaho 
Skousen, Donald — Chandler, Arizona 
Skousen, Alene — Overton, Nevada 

Smith, Donna — Houston, Texas 

Smedley, Beverly — Paris, Idaho 

Smith, Eugene C. — Webster City, Iowa 

Smith, Laren — Long Beach, California 

Smith, Gerald — Venice, California 

Smith, Leonard — West DePere, Wisconsin 

Smith, Gaynor — South Burnaby, Canada 
Smith, Kenneth — Wells, Nevada 
Smith. Evelyn — Gridley, California 
Smith, Karla Dayle — Sanford, Colorado 
Smith, Doris E. — Edmonton, Canada 
Simper, Beth G. — Oakley, Idaho 


^ A 

Solomon, Jack 
Inglewood, California 

Smoot, Douglas 
Sprlngville, Utah 

Just a quiet evening at someone else's home 


Chow's on! What food these morsels be! 

Sorensen, Leona 
Gunnison, U+ah 

Solomon, Patricia 
Richland, Washington 

Smith, Gail Ann 
Henderson, Nevada 

Smith, Ted L. 
Venice, California 

Sorenson, Carol Dawn 
Delta, Utah 

Smith, Norma 
Safford, Arizona 

Smith, Shirley 
Farmington, Utah 

Smith, Ronald R. 
Green River, Wyoming 

Smith, Robert 
Hollywood, California 

Sorensen, Mary 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Smith, Sue 
Mesa, Arizona 

Smith, Karlie 
Show Low, Arizona 

Smith, Raeone 
Torrey, Utah 

Snow, Arnolene 
Provo, Utah 

Sorensen, Grethe 
Trail, B. C, Canada 

'i ^-± 

Sorensen, Marva — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Sorensen, Stanley — Santa Monica, Calif. 
Sorensen, Elaine — Delta, Utah 
Sorensen, Lund — Provo, Utah 
Sorensen, Leah — Centerfield, Utah 

Smithen, Carol — Layton, Utah 
Southworth, Grant — Mesa, Arizona 
Spainhower, Douglas — Payson, Utah 
Sorenson, Von — Elko, Nevada 
Spackman, Richard — Payson, Utah 

Spencer, Lucy — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Sprenger, Joanne — Wendell, Idaho 
Speed, Grant — San Anglo, Texas 
Spencer, Jewel — Richfield, Utah 
Spencer, Kent — Falrview, Utah 


Stewart, Myrna 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Stevens, Larry M. 
Lovell, Wyoming 

Steed, Cherryle 
Logan, Utah 

Steele, Danece 
Provo, Utah 

Stebbing, Richard 
Baltimore, Maryland 

Springer, Donna Jean 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Spence, Marveta 
Turlock, California 

Staker, Jo Ann 
Teton, Idaho 

Spendlove, Bart 
Hurricane, Utah 

Steele, Lynda 
Paradox, Colorado 

Sperry, Delbert 
Provo. Utah 

Starr, Mary 
Bellingham, Washington 

Stacey, Sandra 
Coalville, Utah 

Sproul, LaDean 
Provo, Utah 

Stalker, Bonnie 
Provo, Utah 

Stevenson, Carol 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Stone, Lola 
Sterling Idaho 

Stewart, Millicent 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Stout, Richard 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Stevenson, Nancy 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Stewart, Lan 
Glendale, Arizona 

Stevens, Betty 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Stoneking, Stan 
Galesbury, Illinois 

Storms, Phyllis 
Emmett, Idaho 

Strong, William 
Driggs, Idaho 

Stevens, M. Dale 

Long Beach, California 

Staples, Sue Anne 
Richfield, Utah 

Stark, Colleen 
Poca^ello, Idaho 

Stevenson, Connie 
Layton, Utah 

Stevens, Darryl M. 
Lovell, Wyoming 

Steinagel, Jeanne 
Sacramento, California 

Starling, Carlos 
Jacksonville, Florida 

Stanworth, Ann 
Canoga Park, California 

Stickel, LeRoy 

San Bernardino, Calif. 

Stone, Marvin H. 
Stockton, California 

Stewart, Elaine 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Staslne, Bob . \ \ i 
Los Angeles, California 

Sorenson, Carol W. 
Santaquin, Utah 

Stirling, Marilyn 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Stock, Karen 

Fish Haven, Idaho 

Stephenson, Sharon 
Lehi, Utah 

Steel, LaVerne 
Burley, Idaho 

Spencer, Alene 
Emmett, Idaho 

Stevens, Pat 
Greensboro, N. Carolina 

Strickler, Mary Lee 
Redwood City, Calif. 



R nn m i 

Tanner, Reva — KIrtland, New Mexico 
Tanner, Gaylon — Payson, Utah 
Taylor, B. Kent — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Taft, Juanita — Bicknell, Utah 
Tanner, Janice G, — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Tanner, Ruth — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Tanner, Harvey W. — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Talbot, Clarice — Boise, Idaho 
Sumslon, Mark L. — Springville, Utah 
Tolley, Nancy — Gridley, California 
Tanner, Arva M. — Myton, Utah 
Tanner, Harold — Lehi, Utah 

Summers, Vera — Ririe, Idaho 

Swan, Janice — Redondo Beach, California 

Steele, Blaine L. — Mesa, Arizona 

Stump, Dora E. — Murray, Utah 

Sweat, LaRae — Heber City, Utah 

Swingle, Dick — Los Angeles, California 

Sudweeks, Charles — Boise, Idaho 
Sutherland, William — Prescott, Kansas 
Swain, Joleen — LaPoint, Utah 
Stubbs, Carol Lee — Napa, California 
Suklasian, George — Los Angeles, Calif. 
Sutton, Dorene — Burley, Idaho 

Stowell, Bar Dee — Lewiston, Utah 
Spongberg, Gary — Long Beach, California 
Stokes, Lawana — Ogder, Utah 
Stanworth, Ann — Canoga Park, California 
Stubbs, Verlene — Provo, Utah 
Startup, Gerald — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Tanner, Vernon — Fremont, Utah 
Taylor, Darlene — Meridian, Idaho 
Taylor, Clarence — Chico, California 
Taylor, Ann — Garland, Utah 
Taylor, Bobbe — Monrovia, California 
Taylor, Claudius — Dublan, Mexico 

Taylor, Melvin J. — Kermit, Texas 

Taylor, Evan — Provo, Utah 

Taylor, J. Lewis — Green River, Wyoming 

Taylor, Jess Jr. — El Paso, Texas 

Taylor, Mary Ruth — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Taylor, Edith — Provo, Utah 

Thatcher, Weston — Provo, Utah 
Thackeray, Ralph — Provo, Utah 
Taylor, Kent — Tooele. Utah 
Taylor, Reed — Payson, Utah 
Taylor, Ronald G. — Howell, Utah 
Thacker, F. Weldon — Castle Gate, Utah 


Tracy, Dee — Malta, Idaho 
— Truscott, Peggy J. — Mt. Pleasant, Utah 
Toolson, James R. — Burley. Idaho 
Treu, Bill — Los Angeles, California 
Tracy, Roger — Flint, Michigan 
Tonics, Nadine — Pocatello, Idaho 

Tippets, Richard — Provo, Utah 
Tomlinson, Richard — Aberdeen, Idaho 
Tomeo, Maurice — Burbanit, California 
Todd, Jeanette — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Tomlison, Lowell — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Todd, Vernon — Susanville, California 

Tobler, Leia — Carmichael, California 
Tinnothy, Don — Provo, Utah 
Thurston, Norma — Ogden, Utah 
Tebbs, Douglas — Panguitch, Utah 
Thompson, Alene — Alberta, Canada 
Tippetts, E. Levell — Georgetown, Idaho 

Thomassen, Arthur K. — Kaysville, Utah 
Thurman, Heather — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Thompson, Sheila — Omaha, Nebraska 
Thornley, Richard H. — Layton, Utah 
Thorne, Marilyn — Bingham, Utah 
Tifft, Walter — Sandpoint, Idaho 

Thompson, Ralph W. — San Mateo, Calif. 
Thomas, Gordon — Short Hills, New Jerse 
Thomas, Charmaine — Greybull, Wyoming 
Thompson, Jeannlne — Ogden, Utah 
Thomas, Charles — Chandler, Arizona 
Thomas, Maxine — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Theobald, Roemae — Provo, Utah 
Thomander, Alan — Maplewood, N. J. 
Takenaka, Harold — Kapaa, Hawaii 
Taylor, Stan A. — Provo, Utah 
Thomas, Barbara K. — Provo, Utah 
Taylor, Myron B. — Abraham, Utah 

Terry, Carol R. 
Spring City, Utah 

Tucker, Tracy 
Seattle, Washington 

"Oh — pardon me. I thought that was my toe!" 


Elder Harold B. Lee gives some pointers on nnarriage. 

Vefeto, Andrew Lavell 
Troutdale, Oregon 

Villarreal, Nicholas 
Monterrey, Mexico 

Vlckers, May Beth 
Houston, Texas 

Vernon, Barbara 
Springville, Utah 

Utiey, Dwight 
Spanish Fork, Utah 


Lee W. 



Tuel, L 




Tew, N 


Talmage, Utah 







Houston, Texas 





Tyson, Jean 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Turnquist, Carole 
Ogden. Utah 

Tuel, Peggy 
Nampa, Idaho 

Twitchell, Eph 
Orem, Utah 

Vanover, Connie — Malad, Idaho 
Vance, Paul N. — Bowling Green, Kentucky 
Valcamura, Lily — Lahaina, Maiu, Hawaii 
Van Vllet, Claude — Los Angeles, California 
Van Patten, Blaine — Springville, Utah 

VanWagoner, Elizabeth Palo Alto, Calif. 

VanWoerkom, Norman — San Jose, Calif. 
VanBuren, John E. — Avenal, California 
Varner, John S. — Denver, Colorado 
VanPelt, Charles — Ft, Madison, Iowa 

Udall, Richard S. — Eagar, Arizona 
Ross, Reginald A. — Ephralm, Utah 
Temple, Brooks — El Monte, California 
Tuckfield, Ralph — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Tueller, Sally — Provo, Utah 


Wallace, Mariorie 
Portland, Oregon 

Walter, Janice Leone 
Ely, Nevada 

Walker, Kent 
American Fork, Utah 

Warner, Jean 
Inglewood, California 

Webb, Elaine 
Lehi, Utah 

Wall, Bary 

San Diego, California 

Walker, Diane 
American Fork, Utah 

Watters, Lillie Mae 
Beaver, Utah, Barbara 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Wasden, Delmar 
Scipio, Utah 

Walker, Effie 
Midvale, Utah 

Wade, Alton 
Fillmore, Utah 

Watson, N. C, Jr. 
Heber City, Utah 

Ward, Wendell 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Watts, Patrecia 
Provo, Utah , 

Wall, Mary 
Banning, California 

Walker, Janice 
American Fork, Utah 

Wayman, Gail 
Provo, Utah 

Warner, Charles 
Aberdeen, Idaho 

Webb, Beverly 
Riverton, Utah 

Wallls, Carolyn \|£,^y ^Walker, Jes*^</^J^^ 

Vernal. Utah <is^;-^ ' Payson, Utah 

Vandenhazel, Al 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Watkins, Glade 
Vernal, Utah 

Wagner, Clara Beth 
Colonia, Mexico 

Waynock, Paul 
Richfield, Utah 

Walters, Val J. 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Weatherill, Rae 
Northcote Victoria, Aus. 

Wallace, Jean 
Portland, Oregon 

Waite, Lila 
LaGrande, Oregon 

Watts, Carol 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Warnick, Carl 
Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Ware, Colene Joan 
Sandy, Utah 

Verbanatz, Toi 
Orem, Utah' 

Warner, Sandra 
Grantsville, Utah 

Walser, Melba 
El Paso, Texas 

Weaver, Barbara 

Idaho Falls, Idahd 

awns; Carolyi 

, Walker, Lynn Paul 
i Springville, Utah 

Wade, Carol Ann 
Inglewood, California 

Watson, Robert C. 

Salt Lake City, Utah ^— - — Lo ng Beach, California 



Walker, Larry 

Ft. Brldger, Wyoming 

Wanlass, Dorothy 
Rodeo, California 

^Weaver, M. Diane 
iedwood City, Calif. 

Webb, Barbara 
Compton, California 




White, Dean — Frulta, Colorado 
Wheadon, Dean — Murray, Utah 
White, Carol Lee — Midvale, Utah 
Wheeler, Aletta — Waterfiow, New Mexico 
Wettlaufer, Robert — Buffalo, New York 
Whipple, Elayne — Logandale, Nevada 

Wheat, Sally — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Whitely, Virginia — Emmett, Idaho 
Whiting, Harriet — Springville, Utah 
White, Dixie — Stockton, Texas 
Whitehead, Clark — Twin Falls, Idaho 
Whitear, Melvin — Evanston, Wyoming 

Wilcock, Sandra — Salt Lake City, Utah 
White, Teddie — Teton City, Idaho 
Whiting, Jay Call — Rupert, Idaho 
Whiting, Shirley — Rigby, Idaho 
Whitney, Marcia — Bellevue, Washington 
Whitney, Marion — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Wickman, Neldona — Castle Dale, Utah | 
Wilcox, Dee — Provo, Utah I 

Wight, Merrilyn — Springville, Utah 
Wight, Shirley — Brigham City, Utah 
Whittle, Sylvia — Kimberly, Idaho 
Wight, Mark — Susanville, California 

Weight, Richard — Springville, Utah 
Weight, Jerold A. — Provo, Utah 
Webster, Vonda — Preston, Idaho 
Webb, Stanley &. — Lehi, Utah 
Webster, LeRoy — Walla Walla, Washington 
Webster, Richard — Portland, Oregon 

Welsh, Patricia — Orem. Utah 
Weiss, Gilbert — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Weight, J. Reed — Provo, Utah 
Wells, Joanne — Logandale, Nevada 
Weiss, Bennett — Los Angeles, California 
Wells, Anna B. — Joseph, Utah 

Werner, LaRae — Burbank, California 
West, Barbara B. — Rock Springs, Wyomin 
Wessel, Beth — Baltimore, Maryland 
Westra, Gerald — Seattle, Washington 
Westover, Flora — Joseph City, Arizona 
Wengreen, Earl W. — Orem, Utah 

Wilde, Lorene — Union, Oregon 
Williams, Lamar — Tooele, Utah 
Wilcox, Harlow — Farmington, Utah 
Willey, Gwen — Byron, Wyoming 
Wilcox, Ronald — Modesto, California 
Willes, Blaine — Spanish Fork, Utah 


Williamson, Herbert — Montebello, Calif. 
Willcins, Joey — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Wilkinson, Clynn — Portland, Oregon 
Wilkins, Ray — Magna, Utah 
Wilcoclt, Shirley — Calgary, Canada 
Wilkins, Woodroe — Bell, California 

Williams, Nyle — Bountiful, Utah 
Wilson, Dorothy — Tremonton, Utah 
Wilson, Rae — Clarkston, Washington 
Wilson, Don — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Wilson, James — Los Angeles, California 
Wilson, Bonnie Rae — Provo, Utah 

Wilson, Keith — Riverside, California 
Wing, Barbara — Raymond, Canada 
Winsor, Stanlee — Chino Valley, Arizona 
Winsor, Mary Lynn — Phoenix, Arizona 
Wilson, Shirley — Provo, Utah 
Wilson, Ruth — Trail, B. C, Canada 

Wolfley, Richard — Freedom, Wyoming 
Witson, Larry — Provo, Utah 
Winter, Lee Anne — Murray, Utah 
Winterbottom, Marian — Paris, Idaho 
Wiscombe, Geraldine — Mapleton, Utah 
Wittorf, John — New York City, N. Y. 

Wood, Karl — Provo, Utah 
Wood, Karen — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Wolsey, Barbara — Provo, Utah 
Wolz, Gerald C. — Rigby, Idaho 
Wood, Carol — Spanish Fork. Utah 
Wood, Enid — Berkeley, California 

Wood, Mona — Calgary, Canada 
Wood, Reid M. — Pendleton, Oregon 
Wood, Connie — Garland, Utah 
Wood, Marilyn — Tucson, Arizona 
Wood, Paul L. — Baker, Oregon 
Woolley, Myra — Vernal, Utah 

Wrathall, Claude 
East Aurora, New York 

Wride, Donna 
Pasadena, California 

Hey, boys — let's not get carried away right here 
in the middle of the floor! 


This is marching. This is marching? 

Yaple, Warren Jr. 
Hollywood, California 

Wolfgand, Marcus 
Provo, Utah 

Yeoman, Paul 
Orem, Utah 

Yacit, Alreta 
Land:)r, Wyoming 

Wright, Maxine 
Sandy, Utah 



Wood, Marilyn 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Wride, Afton 
American Fork, Utah 

Wright, Glenna 
Roswell, New Mexico 

Winterbottom, Jean 
Mt. Pleasant, Utah 

Wright, Wayne 
Tacoma, Washington 

Wright, Merlene 
Provo, Utah 

Wright, Sharon Gay 
Council, Idaho 

Wynn, Anne 
Ontario, Oregon 

Wright, Dawn 
Richland, Washington 

Worsley, Don 
Pero, Indiana 

1^1 i^ 


Yearsley, Joan Elaine — Ogden, Utah 
Yorgensen, Lynn — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Yancey, Sharon — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Yeomans, Gertrude — Alhambra, California 
Young, Willie — Allianca, Ohio 

-Young, Vern — Springville, Utah 
Young, Dorothy — Blanding, Utah 
Young, Robert M. — Glendale, California 
Young, Inalyn — Moab, Utah 
Young, Joane — Twin Falls, Idaho 

Zell, Barbara — Burbank, California 
Zirker, Marilyn — Moses Lake, Washington 
Young, Florence — Pingree. Idaho 
Young, Marvin S. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Young, Jerry — Idaho Falls, Idaho 


Hansen, Marilyn 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Salt Lake 



Hermanson, Beverly 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Hilton, Patricia 
Oakland, California 

Hansen, Jeanne 
Duchesne, Utah 


David B 
le, Utah 

Hill, Scott 


Hill, Joyce 
Buhl, Idaho 

Kearns, Diana 
Seattle, Washington 



He, California 

May, John D. 
Baker, Oregon 

Yorgesen, Delmar 
Rigby. Idaho 

Hess, Douglas 
Barrington, California 


, Evans 

Hess, Vince 



Huffaker, Frances 
Vale, Oregon 

Hiatt, M 
Mt. Airy 

ona Faye 
North Carolina 



Roger R. 







Wilkins, Darwin 
St. Johns, Arizona 

'I'm sorry, gentlemen, but you'll just have to leave, 
have complete control over gvery girl in this dormitory!' 





THE SOPHOMORE CLASS— Carefree individuals full of fun and 
ready for what lies ahead . . . finally getting the run of coljege 
life . . . hiked fronn lower to upper campus until they learned to 
thumb . . . successful Sophomore Loan-Fund Ball proved the real 
worth of these dynamic students. 

Sophomore Vice-President 

Class Representatives to Legislative Council 



Busy Banyan associate editor with a knack for 
heading committees and getting things done 
. . . loyal Nautilus and Y.C. member from 
Salt Lake City . . . Universe feature editor 
. . . publicity-plus girl with a winning person- 


Husky Utahn recognized for work on Christ- 
mas Drive . . . untiring energy comes from 
Salt bake City . . . popular member of 
Viking social unit. 


Charming, unassuming campus sweet- 
heart from Kamas, Utah . . . popular 
Sophomore Class secretary who con- 
tributed talents to Banyan staff, Alcy- 
one, and Snow Carnival. 




Idol of Sophomore women as class president and 
handsome preferred man . . . another friendly 
fellow from Las Vegas with a captivating smile 
and hearty ambition. 


Glamorous Homecoming attendant coming 
from Rigby, Idaho . . . Sponsor Corps proudly 
claimed her talents . . . intelligent and 
sparkling personality. 


Friendly Athenian enthusiast, responsible 
for the success of numerous campus ac- 
tivities . . . busy Snow Carnival chairman 
. . . a real dynamo from Olympia, Washing- 




Energetic Ri Veda President . . . famous for 
dependability and charming manner ... a 
selected example of dignity and vitality com- 
bined from Idaho Falls. 

A bundle of class from American Fork who 
walked off with coveted Sophomore Loan 
Fund Crown . . . active member of Spon- 
sor Corps devoting extra effort to Cami 
Los . . . calm, unassuming disposition. 


Active member of Athenians . . . possesses 
keen sense of drive and ability . . . witty 
member of Legislative Council representing 
his class . . . known for his humorous drawings 
and interests In politics. 


Adams, Galene 
^Burbank, California 

Alexander, Jo Ann 
San Bruno, California 

Allen, Jack 
Hagerman, Idaho 

Andreasen, Don McKay 
Flint Ridge, California 

Ashman, Marilyn 
Midvale, Utah 

Abel, Robert 
American Fork, Utah 

Anderson, Beth 
Richfield, Utah 

Anderson, Lorna 
Provo, Utah 

Anderson, Bertha 
Talmage, Utah 

Ashby, Gary 
Vernal, Utah 


Adamson, H, Kirk 
Terreton, Idaho 

Aston, Duane 
Canonsburg, Pennsylvania 

Bateman, Bob 
Burley, Idaho 

Allen, EInor Lynn 
Preston, Idaho 

Anderson, Ralph 
Spanish Fork, Utah 


Abraham, Margie 
Byron, Wyoming 

Adams, Eugene 
Venice, California 

Anderson, Melvin 
Goolin, Idaho 

Anderson, William 
North Hollywood, Calif. 

Anderson, Warren B. 
J'leasant Grove, Utah 

Arbon, Don 

Los Angeles, California 

Allred, Ralph Lynn 
RIverton, Utah 

Anderson, Dorene 
Tremonton, Utah 

Barrett, Ronald 

Los Angeles, California 

Bauer, Richard 
Eureka, Utah 

Allred, Rey U^fe:/ ^'^s^ Abbott, Juna 
Provo, Utah T^\^ Boise, Idaho 

Anderson, Daryl W^' j^ Alleman, Karen 

Sacramento, California Springville, Utah 

Abbott, Duane 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Anderson, Janet 
Glendive, Montana 

Anderson, C. Margaret 
Palms, California 

Arnold, Dennis 
Venice, California 

Atkinson, Mary Irene 
Malad, Idaho 

Andersen, LeArta 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Armstrong. Howari 
Pocaiello. Idaho 

Atkinson, Lola Jean 
Yuba City, California 

Anderson, Marthalene 
LaCanada, California 

Baldwin. Jeanette 
Lebanon, Oregon 

Ball, Larene 
Lewisville, Idaho 

Adams, Ruth 
Provo, Utah 

Allen, Terry S. 
Winslow, Arizona 

Anderson. Dick 

Los Angeles, California 

Albrechtsen, Donetta 
Murray. Utah 

Austin, Joseph 
Salmon, Idaho 



Barber, Joyce 
Glendale, California 

Baird, Kay 
Rigby, Idaho 

Badgee, George 
Holden, Utah 

Badouin, LaPrele 
Berkeley, California 

Bean, Clark 

Seattle, Washington 

Baldwin, Rey 
Provo. Utah 

Bailey, Udean 
West Jordan, Utah 

Bacon, Kenneth S. 
Hollywood, California 

Bacon, Doris 
Washington, D. C. 

Barney, Myrle 
Delta, Utah 

Barbezaf, Donald — Meridian, Idaho 
Barnes, Candace — Holtville, California 
Barnes, Katharine — Rupert, Idaho 
Barker, Keith — Ogden, Utah 
Beckstrand, Ray — Meadow, Utah 

Bean, Larry — Seattle, Washington 
Bast, Barbara — San Gabriel, California 
Bartholomew, Earl — Alexandria, Minnesota 
Baker, Loraine — Teasdale, Utah 
Beard, Beverly — Bingham Canyon, Utah 

Beckstrand, Carol — American Fork, Utah 
Bassetti, Darlene — San Francisco, Calif. 
Beard, Darlene — Coalville, Utah 
Barton, Marilyn — San Marino, California 
Beckstrand, Dale F. — Long Beach, California 

or even your wife! 


Baird, Alan 
Payson, Utah 

Ballard, Harold 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Baird, Leota 
Lewrston, Idaho 

Banner, Melvin 
Burley, Idaho 

Barr, Irene 
Burley, Idaho 



Berry, Raymond — LaGrande, Oregon 
Belnap, Grant — Logana, California 
Blau, Irelfa — Mesa, Arizona 
Benson, Ruth — Silver Spring, Maryland 
Bentley, Kathleen — Torreon, Mexico 
Billings, Richard — Brighann City, Utah 

Benson, Joe D. — Santa Ana, California 
Bloomquist, Marion — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Bischoff, Gordon — SwinIt, Colorado 
Bicknnore, Darrell — Bountiful, Utah 
Bowers, Nancy — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Bickel, idora — Kearney, Nebraska 

Black, Bill — Avenal, California 

Blacker, Barbara — LaGrande, Oregon 

Bird, Velene — Salina, Utah 

Bingham, Shirley — Sacramento, California 

BischoJf, Pat — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Betfs, Shirlee — Longview, Washington 

Black, Oren — BJanding, Utah 
Boynton, Leo — Sandy, Utah 
Boyles, Mary Joan — Parowan, Utah 
Benson, Maurine — Pomona. California 
Blake, Reed — St. George, Utah 
Bracken, Lynn — Roosevelt, Utah 

Bjarnson, Sharlene — Springville, Utah 
Boyack, Gayle — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Booke, lleta — Silver Spring, Maryland 
Bond, JoAnne — Phoenix, Arizona 
Blake, Lott — Gunnison, Utah 
Booth, E. Kent — Orem, Utah 

Boss, Karl — Garland, Utah 
Biesinger, Deon — Union, Utah 
Berg, Jody — Lawndale, California 
Blodgett, Alan — Vale, Oregon 
Boyce, Orson — Charlo, Montana 
Bradfield, Sherry — Scotia, California 

Blatter, Glenn 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

"Now we can go to that 
dance tonight!" 


Vii [SCiPil [|[ SIIIH! 

Bradshaw, Valene — Emmett, Idaho 
Briggs, Leiand — American Fork, Utah 
Bright, Barry — Teton, Idaho 
Butters, Karen — Kamas, Utah 
Brown, Boyd — Monroe, Utah 
Broobby, Wayne — Fredonia, Arizona 

Bringhurst, Fred R. — Alhambra, California 
Cahoon, Edyth Mae — Delta, Utah 
Bramwell, Joyce Ann — Ogden, Utah 
Brothers, Marylyn R. — Stockton, California 
Brimhall, George H. — Evanston, Wyoming 
Brimley, Alma Blaine — Mesa, Arizona 

Brown, Leila — Parker, Idaho 
Brown, Wilburn — Queen Creek, Arizona 
Browne, Agnes — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Bryson, Robert — Vernal, Utah 
Brough, Martha — Bountiful, Utah 
Bryner, Jerry — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Broadhead, Maeser — Delta, Colorado 
Buchanan, Dick — Provo, Utah 
Bullock, Gerald — Lethbridge, Canada 
Buchanan, Sharon — Richfield, Utah 
Buckwalter, Barbara — American Fork, Utah 
Burke, Lyie — Longview, Washington 

Bush, A. Lavern — Denver, Colorado 
Bussing, Naomi — Rose, New York 
Burr, Ned — Burrville, Utah 
Cannon, Vernita — Culver City, California 
Burgess, Van Edward — Alpine, Utah 
Budge, Rayo — Roy, Utah 

Carter, John Deloy — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Castagno, Loraine — Tooele, Utah 
Burgon, Kaye — Midvale, Utah 
Bushman, Dean, — Joseph City, Arizona 
Calderwood, Bob E. — Henefer, Utah 
Carter, Nadine Beth — Burley, Idaho 

Buckle, Jim — Woods Cross, Utah 
Bullock, Jay — Logan, Utah 
Call, Aaron Udell — San Diego, California 
Call, Waldo P. — Colonia Dublan, Mexico 
Burton, Janis — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Carter, Mary Anne — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Butler, Merle Jean — Lund, New Mexico 
Carter, Marion —, Massachusetts 
Carter, Emma Louise — Park Valley, Utah 
Carr, Mary Ellen — Berkeley, California 
Carter, John L. — Nephi, Utah 
Casper, LaVern — Heber, Utah 



Curtis, Cherrlll 
Placerville, California 

Coop, Margaret 
Ogden, Utah 

Chappell, Robert 
Provo, Utah 

Chase, Patsy 

Hartsvilie, South Carolina 

Cox, Richard Dean 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Collier, Robert D. 
Murray, Utah 

Clarke, Ralph 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Collyer, Burleson T. 
Farmlngton, New Mexico 

Christensen, Paul 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Cattrell, Dixie 
Provo, Utah 

Colton, Grace 
Roosevelt, Utah 

Chesley, William L. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Christiansen, Barbara 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Crawford, Yvonne 
Murray, Utah 

Crandall, Mary 

Long Island, New York 

Cook, Richard 

San Francisco, Calif. 

Christiansen, Marlene 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Cook, Carolyn 
Fountain Green, Utah 

Clyde, Robert F. 
Provo, Utah 

Clarke, William R. 
Burbank, California 

Comer, Caroline 

Lehl, Utah 

Clark, Gail J^y^ 

Georgetown, Idahcr 

Christensen, Gayle B. 
Bancroft, Idaho 

I'Crowther, Sharon^ml 
Malad, Idaho 

Chipman, Richard 
American Fork, Utah 

Christensen, Carol 
Safford, Arizona 

Clark, Bernadine 
Ukiah, California 

Cluff, Joy 

El M-jnte, California 

Collard, George E. Jr. 
Provo, Utah 

Crawford, John ft. 
Provo, Utah 

Copeland, Bobble 
Monrovia, California 

Crook, Mary 
Fallon, Nevad'- 

Chrlstensen. Ray E. ii 
Provo, Utah i 

Crismon, Leo E. 
Casa Grande, Arizona 

Crowther, Sheldon -i, 
Malad, Idaho 

Claridge, Fred 

Santa Monica, California 

Clark, John Carlos 
Morgan, Utah 

Childs, Jay N. 
Gunnison, Utah 

Crapo, Mary Alice 
Sandy, Utah 

Croft, Mary 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Childs, Renee 
Gunnison, Utah 

Cox, Alta 
Provo, Utah 

Cook. Mary Ellen 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Coleman, Norman 
Sprlngerville, Arizona 

Creer, Kay 
Concord, California 



Cordner, Raymond 
Orem, Utah 

Christensen, Helen 
Fairvlew, Utah 

Cooper, Phil E. 
Ruth, Nevada 

Cook, Mary Alice 
I Enterprise, Utah 

Cullimore, Boyd 
Garland, Utah 

Christensen, Von 
Manila, Utah 

Clegg, LeAnn 
Provo, Utah 

Cluff, Lloyd 
Provo, Utah 

Christensen, Carol 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Crandall, Geraldine 
Twin Falls, Idaho 

Dance, Norene — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Dalton, Orval — Sprlngville, Utah 
Sam, David — Gary, Indiana 
Corry, Dorothy — Delta, Utah 
Coster, Marilyn — Burley, Idaho 

Cowley, Fred — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Davis, Doreen — Antimony, Utah 
Davidson, Guyn Dean — Alameda, ladho 
Davis, Emma Lou — Provo, Utah 
Dance, Marva — Blackfoot, Idaho 

Davis, Barbara Jean — Boise, Idaho 
Davidson, Melvin — Provo, Utah 
Davidson, Marion — Evanston, Wyoming 
Davis, Afton — San Bernardino, California 
Dawson, David H. — Lawton, Utah 

Gourmet's delight — Wymount Cafeteria (home of the brave). 



Coulam, Billie 

Los Angeles, California 

Cosgrave, LuAnne 
Beverly Hills, California 

Davies, Chesley 
Fillmore, Utah 

Darling, Clair 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Clays, Dixie 
Pocatello, Idaho 


Day, Merrill — Fairvlew, Utah 
Deakin, Gaye — Tremonton, Utah 
Dean, Bernlce — Provo, Utah 
Denney, Thayle — Downey, Idaho 
Dayes, Doris — Merrick, New York 
Dawson, Mary — Layton, Utah 

Dinsdale, Janis — Oqdett, Utah 
Dixon, Glenn — Payson, Utah 
Dittmore, Barbara — Leonia, New Jersey 
Dempsey, Bernard — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Dewsnup, Anna Lou — Deseret, Utah 
Detton, Richard — Honolulu, Hawaii 

Duffin, Mary — Murray, Utah 
Effler, LeRoy — Los Angeles, California 
Draper, Bud — Huntington, Utah 
Dixon, Jean — Spanish Fork, Uath 
Dixon, Joan W. — Payson, Utah 
Dodd, Jim — Alhambra, California 

Dodd, Russell — Elkins, West Virginia 
Doke, Alan — Glasgow, Montana 
Dorriss, Billie — Los Angeles, California 
Dorsey, Gail — Phoenix, Arizona 
Doman, Rulene — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Dalton, Dennis — Pocatello, Idaho 

Done, Nancy — Provo, Utah 

Edwards, Charles — American Fork, Utah 

Duggar, Leonard — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Dunkley, Melvin E. — American Fork, Utah 

Duke, Larry — Heber, Utah 

Drew, Robert — Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

Easton, Helen — Beaver, Utah 

Durrant, E. Jay — Heber, Utah 

Dobson, Gerald, Farmington, Utah 

Earnshaw, Audrey — Inglewood, California 

Eatough, Norman — Provo, Utah 

Eagar, Lynn — San Bernardino, California 

^*'^ I 

Dahlin, Stanley 
Concord, California 

Keep to your right and watch for signals. 


iiciiis mn II 


Esplln, Dean Wayne — Shelley, Idaho 

ErJckson, LaVar — Murray, Utah 

Elam, Shirley — Pendleton, Oregon 

Elliott, Gary E. — Farmington, Utah 

Ekins, Phyl — Provo, Utah 

Ellsworth, Sterling — Bethesda, Maryland 

Ellsworth, Delos — Queen Creek, Arizona 

Esplin, Leon — Shelley, Idaho 

Ely, Nathan A. — Redding, California 

Erickson, Alice — Springville, Utah 

Erickson, Donn — Monroe, Utah 

Ericksen, Claudette — Danbury, Conneticut 

Everett, Charles — Farmington, New Mexico 
Fawcett, Kent — Provo, Utah 
Farnsworth, Allen S. — Beaver, Utah 
Farr, Lyie — Clearfield, Utah 
Eliason, Norrell B. — Bancroft, Idaho 
Eubanks, Wilbur J. — Kinston, North Carolina 

Faux, Winston — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Ferney, Helen — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Flake, Nena V. — Snowflake, Arizona 
Fisher, Carol — Altader?a, California 
Finch, Gerald — Payson, Utah 
Ellsworth, John W. — Albuquerque, N. M. 

Finlayson, Fred C. — Ontario, California 
Fluckiger, Marva Lue — Afton, Wyoming 
Frazier, Ronald — Evanston, Wyoming 
Fisk, Elva — Caldwell, Idaho 
Erickson, Reita — Raymond, Alb., Canada 
Frank, Margene — Richfield, Utah 

Foote, Duane — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Fuller, Eldon R. — Boise, Idaho 
Flake, Dixie — Snowflake, Arizona 
Fisher, Scott — San Marino, California 
Fisher, Robert — Kuna, Idaho 
Fowler, Merlyn — Richfield, Utah 

Ferney, Ralph — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Ford, Jacquelyne — Bellaire, Texas 
Foster, Lynn G. — Pocatello, Idaho 
Fresh, Lu Dene — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Fox, Harold — Lehi, Utah 
Frampton, Morris — Fillmore, Utah 

Frei, Donald W. — Idaho F^lls, Idaho 
FoerstI, Eleanor — Munich, Germany 
Flygare, Althea — La Canada, California 
Flake, Wendell — Keosauqua, Iowa 
Frandsen, Lee — Springville, Utah 
Folsom, Jean — Spokane, Washington 



Funk, Herman 
Clint, Texas 

Gardner, RaNae 
MIdvale, Utah 

Goates, LaMar 
Lehi, Utah 

Grow, Rosemay 
Lewiston, Idaho 

Grant, Richard G. 
Los Angeles, California 

Gardner, Shelia 
Whittier, California 


Gibbs, Donna 
Rellaf.^e, Wyoming 

Greenwood, Noal 
Crescent, Utah 


Gorringe, Barbara 
Baldwin Park, California 

Griffith, Mary Clarine 
Grover, Wyoming 

Fullmor, Joy 
Springville, Utah 

Giles, Bonnie 
McGiil, Nevada 

Gunn, Marion a^ 

Coalville, Utah ^^ 

Giles, Marlene 
Heber, Utah 

Gustaveson, Caroline 
Alameda, California 

Hansen, Gayle 
Smithfield, Utah 

Gifford, Leo Rural 
Nampa, Idaho 

Glines, Deloa 
Rich'and, Washington 

Good, Danny Ray 
Prescott, Arizona 

Griffon, Gera 
Escalante, Utah 



Gardner, Beverly H. 
Richfield, Utah 

Gardner, Vesta 
Lund, Nevada 

Grinnell, Yvonne 
Portland, Oregon 

Green, Collette 
Lethbridge, Alb.. Canada 

Gubler,, Brian Tell 
Baker, Oregon 

Groteguten, Dolly 
Burbank, California 

Gourdin, Melvin 

North Hollywooc' Calif. 

Green, Donna 
Tremonton, Utah 

Greenwood, Edmond 
Rerie, Idaho 

Goodwin, Reece 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Fullner, Robert 
Payson, Utah 

Haag, Eldon 
American Fork, Utah 

Gines, Ralph Jr. 
Woodland, Utah 

Groesbeck, David 

Gardner, Dallin 
Richfield, Utah 

Garrett, Darlene 
Nephi, Utah 

Goodwin, Melva Rose 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

Grotegut, David 

Idaho Falls, Idaho — — . Spanish Fork, Utah 

Gardner, Blanche 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Groberg, Julia 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Godfrey, Lorin C. 
Cardston, Alb., Canada 

Garrett, Larry 
Ely, Nevada 

Comer, Shirley 
Lehi, Utah 

Haacke. GaNae 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Grant, Waldo F. 
Tremonton, Utah 


Gwynn, Ann 

San Rafael, CalifornI, 

Gardner, D. Allen 
Lund. Nevada 

Guthrie, Arlene 
St. Anthony, Idaho 

Hess, Dennis 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Goates, Barbara 
South Gate, California 

Gurney, Boyd F. 
Salina, Utah 

Gilbert, Virginia 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Hadley, Blaine 
Ogden, Utah 

Gottfredson, Doug 
Ely, Nevada 

Giberson, Richard C. 
San Diego, California 

Hadley, Shirley Ann — Blackfoot, Idaho 

Hansen, Darrel — Rigby, Idaho 

Hall, Gary — Garland, Utah 

Hale, Sarah Ann — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Halterman, Mary Jean — Parowan, Utah 

Hanlts, Russell H. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Hall, Dan Jay — Santaquin, Utah 
Halford, Harold — Burley, Idaho 
Hancock, Evelyn — Glendale, California 
Hall, Rosalie — Webstersprings, West Va. 

Hall, Edward A. — St. George, Utah 
Halverson, Mariane C. — Greenacres, Wash. 
Hancock, Bonnie Lou — Ft. Duchesne, Utah 
Hannmond, Cleta — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Hanks, Charles W. — Orem, Utah 

A street dance — what else? 

Hall, Richard E. 
Berkeley, California 

Hales, George 
Springville, Utah 

Hamblin, Laura Lou 
Provo, Utah 

Hales, Bette 
Toppenish, Washington 

Hair, Kay L 
Kamas, Utah 


I I 

Harris, Robert E. — Provo, Utah 
Herron, Sally D. — Tooele, Utah 
Havens, LaMar D. — Terreton, Idaho 
Harrison, Edwin C. — Brigham City, Utah 
Hansen, Norma — Logan, Utah 
Hansen, Jay M. — Lewiston, Utah 

Hansen, Heloyce — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Harris, L. Robert — Spokane, Washington 
Hansen, U. J. — Provo, Utah 
Hedquist, Francis — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Hathaway, Mark — El Monte, Calitornia 
Harper, Carol — La Crescenta, California 

Harris, David — Provo. Utah 
Hansen, Jean — Winslow, Arizona 
Harrison, Kent — Provo, Utah 
Heslop, LaMar — Tremonton, Utah 
Hawkes, Bonnie Lou — Pocatello, Idaho 
Haws, Ben F. — Provo, Utah 

Harper, John J. Blackfoot, Idaho 
Hatch, Garry S. — Colonia, Juarez, Mexico 
Heap, Mary Ellen — St. Johns, Arizona 
Hawkins, Kenny — Atlanta, Georgia 
Herbertson, Richard M. — Provo, Utah 
Hazlett, Dorine — Alhambra, California 

Hansen, Klaus J. — Provo, Utah 
Haycock, Kathryn — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Harmon, Duane — Fresno, California 
Hansen, Shirley Jean — Seattle, Washington 
Heiner, Ted — Bedford, Wyoming 
Heslop, Sharon — Kaysville, Utah 

Hemmert, Jack — Thayne, Wyoming 
Hastings, Loyal D. — Grand Junction, Colo. 
Hart, David Kirkwood — Boise, Idaho 
Hansen, Sherrie — Burley, Idaho 
Herron, Jack — Kallspell, Montana 
Harper, Reid L. — LaCrescenta, California 

Ugh! Heap big Injun plenty hep! 



piNiiP: [lyeiP: mi mmi 

Hogan, Kent — Bend, Oregon 
Hill. Garth A. — Payson- Utah 
Hilton, Gail — Mesa, Arizona 
Holman, Darlene — McSill, Nevada 
Hill, Max Jay — Orem, Utah 
Hilton, John — Long Beach, California 

Holbrook, Joan — Sacramento, California 
Honner, Quinton — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Holtsclaw, Louise — Long Beach, California 
Hislop, Lane — Fruitland, Idaho 
Hill, Marvin — Washington, D. C. 
Holmes, Carole — Springville, Utah 

Holyoak, Sharon — Burley, Idaho 
Hooft, Agnes — Winnemucca, Nevada 
Huber, Lee Joseph — Mesa, Arizona 
Houston, J. Stanley — St. George. Utah 
Howell, Devon — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Hyde, William — Springville, Utah 

Howlett, Glen G. — Draper, Utah 
Howell, Ray — Provo, Utah 
Hutchison, Richard — LaGrande, Oregon 
Hutchings, Mary Rae — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Howell, Varon L. — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Hulme, Lucille — Bloomington, Idaho 

Hunter, Ted — Louisville, Idaho 
Hyde, Venice — Lewiston, Utah 
Hunsaker, Vern — Los Angeles, California 
Hunter, Louis — El Paso, Texas 
Hunt, William — Chicago, Illinois 
Hurley, Richard — Roosevelt, Utah 

Hutchens, Arlene — Inglewood, California 
Horlacher, Peter — Pioche, Nevada 
Hyde, Alan — Cardston, Alb., Carrada 
Jackson, Louise — Hood River, Oregon 
Hyde, William — Washington, D. C. 
Howell, Lamoine — Opportunity, Washington 

Jackson, Arlene — Inglewood, California 

Justet, Robert — Provo, Utah 

Jensen, Melvin Curtis — Minneapolis, Minn. 

Jackson, L«Roy — Austin, Texas 

Jackson, Valton — Kanab, Utah 

Jacox, Gordon Lee — Holladay, Utah 

Jarvis, William — Provo, Utah 
Jensen, David C. — Burley, Idaho 
Jensen, Eldon — Cowley, Wyoming 
Jensen, Carolyn — Tremonton, Utah 
Ipsen, Grant — Malad, Idaho 
Dahl, Judy — Idaho Falls, Idaho 


Jensen, Myron 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Jon&s, Richard Keith 
Ogden, Utah 

Jones, Stanley H. 
Provo, Utah 

Enos. Muriel Koahulani 
Waihuky, Maui, Hawaii 

Johnson, Archie 
Nampa, Idaho 

Johnson, Ira E. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Jones, Wendall 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Keey, Floyd 
Tujunga. Colorado 

Jones, Gary C. 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Johnson, Janice 
Heber, Utah 

Johnson, Don L. 
Grantsville, Utah 

Keith, Wilda 
Fresno, California 

Jones, Elwood T. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Johnson, Jerrold 
Lovell, Wyoming 

Kelly. Doris 
Fresno, California 

Kerby, Kent 
Provo, Utah 

Jensen, Royal Duane 
Malad, Idaho 

Johnson, June Davis 
Mesa, Arizona ^ 

Kasperek, Jean 
Burbank, California 

Kartchner, Joan 
Palo Alto, California 

Johnson, Cleta 
Ogden. Utah 

Jones, Glenna 
Phoenix. Arizona 


Jones, M. Brent 

San Francisco, California 

Jones, Duane 
Payson, Utah 

Kimball, Janice 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Kindred, Hal 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 


Jorgensen, Renal 

Moses Lake, Washington 

Jorgensen, Jea 
Provo, Utah 

Johnson, Verba 
Mesa, Arizona 

Jones, D. Reece 
Payson, Utah 

Jorgenson, Victor 
Boise, Idaho 

Kendrick, Carole 

Los Angeles, California 

Jolley, Helen 
Tropic, Utah 

James, Richard 
Evanston, Wyoming 

Johnson, Wendell 
Ogden, Utah 

Joseph, Carma 
Beaver, Utah 


Johnson, Gerald J. 
Mt. Pleasant, Utah 

Jameson, A. Keith 
Monticello, Utah 

Jones, Betty C. 
Klamath Falls, Oregon 

Jarman, Lloyd Lee 
Lyman, Wyoming 

King, Marlene 
Garland, Utah 

Kerr, Duane 
Tremonton, Utah 

Kaiser, Phyllis 
Stockton, California 

Kern, Earl B. 
Malad, Idaho 

Kay, Carroll 
Hemet, California 

Morris, Bascome 

Long Beach, California 

Knapp, Georgine Lei — Hawaii 

Klinger, Arlene — St. Helens, Oregon 

Klauser, Mable — Hurley, Idaho 

Konda, Nancy M. — Kapaa Kauiiai, Hawaii 

Konler, LeRoy — Midway, Utah 

Knighton, Josephine — Provo, Utah 
Knudson, Kay L. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Kofford, Jerald — Pendleton, Oregon 
Kuehne, Nora — Chicago, Illinois 
Kunz, A. Larsen — Driggs, Idaho 

Lambert, Glen — Kamas, Utah 
Lambert, Milo — Kamas, Utah 
Kiesig, Naomi — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Kotter, Cleone M. — Shelley, Idaho 
Kummer, Glen — Salt Lake City, Utah 


Anybody here seen Charley? 


Kirk, Francis 
Sacramento. California 

Kirkbride, Betty 
Denver, Colorado 



Knaphus, Lois 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Knighton, Bob 
Oakland, California 


Langford, Karolyn — Schebalis, Washingfon 
Landeen, G. Richard — Rocit Springs. Wyo. 
Larson, Lloyd A. — San Gabriel, California 
Larsen, Myrna Carol — Richfield, Utah 
Larsen, Robert — Phoenix, Arizona 
Larsen, Dixie Ann — Hyrum, Utah 

Larsen, Robert G. — Lafayette, California 
Lawrence, Barbara — Salem, Utah 
Layton, Jim — Layton, Utah 
Leavitt, Beth — Dragerton, Utah 
LeBaron, Verl-yn — Buenaventura, Chih., Mex. 
Lee, Alfred — Provo, Utah 

Leitchy, Victor J. — Springville, Utah 
Lechteng, Ella — Bancroft, Idaho 
Le«, Joseph — Malta, Idaho 
Larsen, Milton — Provo, Utah 
Larsen, Mary Evelyn — Emmett, Idaho 
Lloyd, Eldon — Provo, Utah 

Lewis, Sherald — Union, Utah 
Lufking, Cordell — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Leishmann, Nina — Provo, Utah 
Lendt, Shirley — Buffalo, New York 
Lunt, Donna Lee — Duncan, Arizona 
Lorenzen, June — Long Beach, California 

Lorns, Jack E. — Idaho Falls. Idaho 
Laurence, Colleen — Provo, Utah 
Leake, Robert — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Lindblad, Carrol — Albany. California 
Liljenquist, Val — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Lindblad, Robert — Berkeley. California 

Lowe. John — Monroe, Utah 
Lufkin, Alba Jean — Idaho Falls. Idaho 
Lund, Marilyn — Los Angeles, California 
LIndquest. Alice — Salt Lake City. Utah 
Lott, Sharon — Monroe, Utah 
Lovett, Jack R. — El Paso, Texas 

Lundberg. Jerry 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Maugham, Lei 
Montebello, California 

'Time for your vitamins, dahlings!" 


SPPi [ 

ID Wl[[ 

Lyman, Frances — Blanding, Utah 
Lynn, Arlene — Lovell, Wyoming 
MacArthur, Patricia — Ogden, Utah 
MacDonald, Ella Rae — Kanab, Utah 
MacKindricIt, Willis — Los Angeles, Calif. 
Maloy, Elwood — Safford. Arizona 

Mahi, Rose — Hawaii 

Maidarta, Elena — Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Manning, Marilyn — Garland, Utah 
Manning, Carilyn — Garland, Utah 
Mangum, Floyd L. — Orem, Utah 
Metlon, Shirlene — Redlands, California 

Markham, Beth Ann — Ontario, Oregon 
Marlowe, Darold M. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Mateljan, Nick — Redlands, California 
Mann, Patricia — Arcadia, California 
McCulley, Anne Louise — Milford, Utah 
Martin, Ellen — Cowpens. South Carolina 

Maxfiefd, Flora Lee — Provo, Utah 
Maurer, Dave — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Maughn, Alvin — Weston, Idaho 
McAfferty, Lloyd — Olympia, Washington 
Matis, Fred — Price, Utah 
Maugham, Patricia — Preston, Idaho 

Maxwell, Carol — Salt Lake City, Utah 
McGuire, Kate — Heber, Utah 
Massey, Joan — Pasadena, California 
Meiners, Paul — Kaysville, Utah 
Measom, Job — Spanish Fork, Utah 
McDanlel, Lloyd — Alamosa, Colorado 

May, Leola — Post Fall;. Idaho 
Martin, Kenneth — Mesa, Arizona 
McKinney, Keyward — Sacramenta, Calif. 
McKee, Trevor — Colton, California 
McKell, Eldon — Provo, Utah 
Madsen, Lynnette — Springville, Utah 

Mellor, Melvin — Georgetown, Idaho 
McEwan, Harold P. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
McDougal, Richard — Campbellsport, Wis. 
Merrell, Dan — Provo, Utah 
Merrill, Sylvia — Safford, Arizona 
Melbos, Barbara — Long Beach, California 

Taylor, JoAnn — Provo, Utah 
Zabriskie, Jay — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Ragsdale, Ronald — Boise, Idaho 


Moncier, Merrill 
Lovell, Wyoming 

Morgan, Rene 
Provo, Utah 

Miller, Don L. 
Victor, Idaho 

Monson, Calvin E. 
American Fork, Utah 

Meyers, Joyce 
Murray, Utah 

Monson, Jack M. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Mortinsen, Fred 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Morgan, Lee 
Kimberly, Idaho 

Millar, James Robert 
Boise, Idaho 

Morgan, Dix R. 
Provo, Utah 

Murd«ck, Kathleen 
Heber, Utah 

Neilson, Jay Wallace 
Bluffdale, Utah 

Nielsen, Margene 
Riverton, Utah 

Mower, Don 
American Fork, Utah 

Nelson, Virginia 
Blandlng, Utah 

Nixon, Jack 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

Moscon, Frank 
Tooele, Utah 

^y'Nielsen, Deon 
■Jf Fort Riley, Kansas 

Nortor, Melba 
Silverton, Oregon 

Monson, Barlov/ 
Glendale, California 

Moody, Marilyn 

Provo, Utah ,' 


Mueller, Don 
Inglewood, California 

Nelson, Krista 
Provo, Utah 

Nicholson, Barbara 
Provo, Utah 

Murdock, Paul 
Napa, California 

Nelson, Varr 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Nielson, Ronald 
Hinckley, Utah 

Murdock, Merllyn 
Heber, Utah 

Nelson, Manfred R. 
Jackson, Wyoming 

Nuttall, Garth 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Mlllef-^X^eb iJa*rr 
Murray, Utah 

Morfensen, Gary 
/ Tremonton, Utah 


Mortunsen, Dave 
Huntington, Utah 


\i Newberger, Warner 
'' Provo, Utah 

Nickles, Andy 
Redlands, California 

Mills, Beverly Jeanne 
Brawley, California 

Moore, Rose 

KeKaha, Kauai, Hawaii 

Mousley, Boyd 
Riverton, Utah 

Neubert. Donna 
Graegle, California 

Nielson, Eloise 
Vernal, Utah 

Miller, Lydia Jeanene 
Grants Pass, Oregon 

Morehead, Gerald 
Glendale, California 

Mullen, Charlotte 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Nielson, Ray E. 
Ogden, Utah 

Newman, Sharlene 
Vallejo, California 


Meyer, Dorothy 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Money, Richard L. 
Payson, Utah 

Moser, Sarah 
Bancroft Idaho 

Morgan, Jacl C. 
Neph;, Utah 

Narkaus, Suzanne 
Placervllle, California 

Nebeker, Gaye 
Perry, Utah 

Nielsen, Lewis W. 
Price, Utah 

Neely, Lauradene 
Preston, Idaho 

Nowell, Patricia Ann 

Mendham, New Jersey 

Nilsson, Bruce R. 
American Fork, Utah 

We thought so, too. 



Olpin, Clara 
Heber City, Utah 

Olsen, J. Fred 
Manila, Utah 

Oaks, June Dixon 
Provo, Utah 

Olsen, Larry A. 
Weston. Idaho 

Okimoto, Esther 
Honolulu, Hawaii 

h-r>^ H^ 

Obregon, Margarita — El Paso, Texas 
Oakes, Thomas — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Oliver, Carl — Delta, Utah 
Oborn, Gene — Payson, Utah 
Obert, Carol — Inglewood, California 

Olsen, Halvor M. — Woods Cross, Utah 
Orr, LaRee — Paris. Idaho 
Osborne, Bill — El Segundo, California 
Olsen, Wilma — Lovell, Wyoming 
Orme. Gordon — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Oakley, Marlene — Springville. Utah 
Orton, Kenny — Phoenix, Arizona 
Ostler, Grace — Nephi, Utah 
Olsen, LaDeane — Provo, Utah 
Orr, Charles — American Fork, Utah 


Owen, Barbara — Glendale, California 
Ottfey, Ruth — Carlin, Nevada 
Owen, Lioyd — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Pace, Florian — Ogden, Utah 
Pace, Rayna — Phoenix, Arizona 
Page, Gerald James — Kamas, Utah 

Parker, Don — Ogden, Utah 
Petersen, Morris — Sandy, Utah 
Paulsen, Ruth — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Petersen, Jeneal — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Powelson, Pauline — Lovell, Wyoming 
Paul, Merlin Gean — Elko, Nevada 

Peery, David — Palo Alto, California 
Peters, LeRoy — Mitchell, South Dakota 
Payne, Duane — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Penfold, Neale — Hagerman, Idaho 
Petersen, Doris — Cottonwood, Arizona 
Palnner, LaVar — Preston, Idaho 

Petersen, Marian — Culver, California 
Patterson, Elsie Mae — Los Angeles, Calif. 
Payne, Karol June — Bancroft, Idaho 
Pedersen, John T. — Caldwell, Idaho 
Perry, Ray — Nampa, Idaho 
Perry, Eugene — Spring City, Utah 

Peterson, Marylyn — Franklin, Nebraska 

Peck, Carole — Lehl, Utah 

Peterson, Frank — Tooele, Utah 

Peterson, Lou Jean — San Bernardino, Calif. 

Posey, Myrlene — Cortez, Colorado 

Peterson, Eva Mae — Bountiful, Utah 

Pope, Maxine — Paris, Idaho 

Perolizzi, Louis — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Pexton, Richard N. — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Pocock, Velma — Tooele, Utah 

Peterson, Robert W. — Phoenix, Arizona 

Peterson, Ray — Orem, Utah 

Anybody gof a match? 



Osborn, Herbert — Escalante, Utah 
Poulsen, Guy A. — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Price, Janice — Gridley, California 
Powell, Bernell — Pocatello, Idaho 
Poulsen, Jerry — Granite, Utah 
Poulson, Jack A. — Aberdeen, Idaho 

Price. Hal — Ogden, Utah 
Pugh, Margaret — Kanab, Utah 
Poulson, Joyce — Richfield, Utah 
Price. Keith — San Francisco, California 
Preece. Donna — Los Angeles. California 
Powell. Shirley D. — Lehi, Utah 

Rasmussen, Renee — Salina, Utah 
Preston, Lurlyn — Lebanon, Oregon 
Prior. Pat — El Monte, California 
Pullins. Janice — Phoenix, Arizona 
Quails, Gary — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Rasmussen, Albert — Elgin, Oregon 

Powelson, Judy — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Ragsdale, Donald Boise, Idaho 

Rhoades. Darlene — Hanna, Utah 
Rich. Margaret — Paris, Idaho 
Robertson. Rozert D. — Portland, Oregon 
Riendeau, Carol — Yakima, Washington 

Reed. Dorothy — Sanger. California 
Rice. Velma Darlene — Claresholm, Canada 
Richey. Alice — St. Johns, Arizona 
Robertson, John B. — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Randall, Jerol Dean — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Rees, Shirley Ann — Ely, Nevada 

Rancher. Viola — Snowflake, Arizona 
Randall. Dale C. — Ogden, Utah 
Reynolds, Patricia — Vernal, Utah 
Richards, Jene — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Richey, Maleen — St. Johns, Arizona 
Rhees, Janet — Ogden, Utah 

Richins. Alden — Henefer, Utah 
Richins. Nita — Gridley, California 
Riggs. Warren Y. — Sandyville, West Va. 
Riggs. Abbey Lee — Eugene, Oregon 
Roberts. Richard — Kennewick. Washington 
Peck, Katherine — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Rainsdon, Emma Jean — Moreland, Idaho 
Raphael, John Conrad — Winona, Minn. 
Quinton, Bruce — Spokane, Washington 
Richins, Arthur C. — Henefer, Utah 
Roberts, Loraine — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Riggs, Westlyn Carvel, — Phoenix, Arizona 


Robison, Acea 
Fillmore', Utah 

Roth, Gordon 
Bell, California 

Sanders, Beverly 
Fairview, Utah 

Seely, Donna 

St. Anthony, Idaho 

Smith, Glen A. 
Franklin Park, Illinois 

Roper, Laver 
Westwood, California 

Ross, Beverly 
Springville, Utah 

Schenic, Laura 
Nyssa, Oregon 

Smeath, Donna 
Provo, Utah 

Sessions, Charlene ' 
Provo, Utah 

Rust, Martin W. 
Provo, Utah 

Rowe, William S. 
Butte, Montana 

Scaresley, Ann 
lona, Idaho 

Shepherd, Kenneth 
Pay son, Utah 

Seymour, Joan 
Stockton, California 

Robinson, JoAnn L. 
Hurricane, Utah 

Schelff, Mary Lou 
Olympia, Washington 

Siddaway, Carol 
Teton City, Idaho 

Smith, Cleon 
Cardston, Alb.. Canada 

Sheets, L. Donald 
Ontario, Oregon 

Rogers, Anella 
Clarksdale, Arizona 

Sabin, Marilyn 
Hollywood, C ilifornia 

Scholle, Richard E. 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Roskelly, LeGrande 
El Monte, California 

Smith, Curtiss L. 
American Fork, Utah 

Robinson, Wilbur Gerald 
Carmie Valley, Calif. 

Rowe, M. Robert 
Grand Junction, Colo. 

Sargent, Larry D. 
Mesa, Arizona 

Slater, Diane 
McGill, Nevada 

Skyles, Doris 
Gladstone, Oregon 

Rossller, PbT^*^' 

Helena, Montana 

Robtson, Dixie 
Boise, Idaho 

Sawyer, Melvin 

Rock Springs, Wyoming 

Schweider, Charles T. 
ia, California^;^ 

Kinner, Betty Gene 
Safford, Arizona 


Rondo, Joseph 
Ventura, California 

Russell, Gloria Belle 
Kamas, Utah 

Scalf, Robert A. 
Columbus, Indiana 

Shertzer, Minnie 
Pomona, California 

Simmons, E. Dennis 
Collingston, Utah 

Robinson, Richard A. 
Fillmore, Utah 

Roundy, Ferrel G. 
Escalante, Utah 

Slaymaker, Norm 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Shepherd, Carolyn 
Payson, Utah 

Smith, Beverly 
Malad, Idaho 

Rollins, Gary 
Lyman, Wyoming 

Robertson, Thyrele 
Penngrove, California 

Shoemaker, Dixie 
Caldwell, Idaho 

Salmon, Mary Beth 
Ogden, Utah 

Scott, Joyce 
Ogden, Utah 

Seely, Dean H. 
St. Anthony, Idaho 

Sinapi, Mua 

Shute, Wayne 
British Columbia 

Smith, Dean 
Portland, Oregon 

Sabin, Leora 
Salem, Utah 

Smith, Terry — Payson, Utah 
Snow, Karl N. — Provo, Utah 
Smith, JoAnn — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Smith, Richard — Holbroolc, Idaho 
Southwick, Paul — Cedar City, Utah 

Soelberg, Bruce — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Sorensen, Gunnar — Copenhagen, Denmark 
Smith, Phil M. — Ogden, Utah 
Smith, Rex — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Snow, Beverly — Provo, Utah 

Sorenson, Lois — Provo, Utah 

Sorenson, Ruth L. — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Spangler, Jacqueline — Waynsboro, Utah 

Sorensen, Leila June — Scipio, Utah 

Sorenson, Kent V. — Driggs, Idaho 

Where'd everyone go? 



Snarr, Joyce 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Smith, Joanne 
Portland, Oregon 

Smith, Jay 
Lehi, Utah 

Smith, Patricia 
Orem, Utah 

Smith, Lorraine 
Seattle, Washington 


Taggart, Charles W. 
Cody, Wyoming 

Steele, Dorothy Blanche — Goshen, Utah 
State, Judith — Long Beach, California 
Sterling, Nixon — Holden, Utah 
Stephenson. Mary Lou — Provo, Utah 
Steck, Robert — Roy, Utah 
Stagg, Marland — Vernal, Utah 

Stephens, Neil S. — Nampa, Idaho 
Stephenson, Larry — Lewiston, Utah 
Sparks, David C. — Banida, Idaho 
Simmon, Brian E. — Park City, Utah 
Squire, Erma — Mt. Pleasant, Utah 
Staheli, Lynn — Provo, Utah 

Stone, Fred — Stockton, California 
Sutton, Helen — Grantsville, Utah 
Stimpson, David — Provo, Utah 
Swain, Bertella — Roosevelt, Utah 
Stoddard, C. Gary — Rexburg, Idaho 
Stokes, Phyllis — Salmon, Idaho 

Stewart, Lynn — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Stott, Cloyd — Bynum, Montana 
Stewart, D. Roger — Alamo, Nevada 
Stiburek, Beverly -^ Cascade, Idaho 
Stevens, Betty Lou — Oakley, Utah 
Stevens, Johnny — Las Vegas, Nevada 

Sund, Marian — Sandy, Utah 
Stratford, Roland — Lomita, California 
Svenson, Jay — Malad, Idaho 
Swall, Geralee — Orem, Utah 
Stott, Lloyd — Bynum, Montana 
Stolworthy, Jan — Provo, Utah 

Summers, Helen — Monticello, Utah 
Strong, Keith — San Carlos, California 
Swenson, Barbara Springville, Utah 
Stephens, Robert — Powell, Wyoming 
Talley, Darlene — Alhambra, California 
Tamblyn, Warren N — N. Hollywood, Calif. 

Mortimer tells Bergen to shut his mouth 
so that he can get a word in edgewise. 


D III [ 

Taylor, Curtis — Long Beach, California 
Taylor, Anna Bell — Provo, Utah 
Taylor, Gene — Tooele, Utah 
Tanner, Pat — McAllen. Texas 
Taylor, Bruce — Provo, Utah 
Taylor, Gene — Aurora, Utah 

Tarr, Harry — West Covina, California 
Taylor, Neal — Burley, Idaho 
Taylor, Joan — Phoenix, Arizona 
Taylor, Rodney — Helper, Utah 
Taylor, Melva L. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Taylor, JoAnn — Provo, Utah 

Thonnpson, Audrey U. — Laie Oahu, Hawaii 
Tehquette, Mary Ann — Cherokee, N. C. 
Tenney, Wayne — Thatcher, Arizona 
Tolley, Don — Kalispell, Montana 
Theobald, Neil — Toquerville, Utah 
Thacker, Lyie — Heber, Utah 

Thurber, Karl G. — Dingle, Idaho 
Thornton, LaVon — Midvale, Utah 
Thompson, Kenneth — Beaver, Utah 
Thornton, Kay — Draper, Utah 
Thorup, Elaine — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Thorstensen, Lowell — Ogden, Utah 

Tolman, Edward — Salmon, Idaho 
Tidwell, Carl — Nampa, Idaho 
Tut+Ie, Edythe — Manti, Utah 
Todd, Henry S. — Gridley, California 
Timpson, Donald — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Tillman, Norma — Holbrook, Arizona 

Titensor, Barry Ray — Bellflower, California 
Turley, Anna Jean — Brigham City, Utah 
Tidwell, Bette — McGill, Nevada 
Tingey, Helen — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Tobler, Lee — Nampa, Idaho 
Tietjen, Mary A. — Glendale, California 

Tanner, Eddie — Los Angeles, California 
Toone, Kenneth Green River, Wayoming 
Tuttly. Dixie Lou — Castle Dale, Utah 
Uibel, Garth — Mt. View, Canada 
Ulrich, Judy — San Clemente, California 
Tucker, Luther C. — Crawfordville, Florida 

Van Wagoner, John C. — Amer. Fork, Utah 
Turner, Pat — Elko, Nevada 
Utiey, Kent R. — Los A.ngeles, California 
Tyler, Sylvia — Los Angeles, California 
Tyler, Virginia — Redondo Beach, California 
Umphenour, SteHing — Bellingham, Wash. 


V- ' 

Van Cott, Marlon 
North Hallywood, Calif. 

Webster, Christy 
Hood River, Oregon 

Waite, Clara Ann 
E. Templeton, Mass. 

Weitieil, Norman 
Provo, Utah 

Winegar, Marjory 
Woods Cross, Utah 

Van Wagoner, Earl 
Palo Alto, California 

Willis, Janet 
Henrieville, Utah 

Winward, Joy 
Clifton, Idaho 

Whitney, Garth 
Parowan, Utah 

Wilson, Carolyn '"^" 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Vance, George 

Los Angeles, California 

Walker, Lowell 
Woodland, Utah 

Wells, Willie 
Malad, Idaho 

White, Janis 

San Diego, California 

Winger, Gay 
Driggs, Idaho 

Wainwright, Joan 
Kemmerer, Wyoming 

Walton, ViDa Fern 
Calgary, Alb., Canada 

Webb, Paul A. 
Lehi, Utah 

Wimmer, Jean 
Duchesne, Utah 

Wilson, Carlyn 
Lehi, Utah 

West, Henry 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Willis, Kelly 
Snowflake, Arizona 

Weeks, Barbara 
Swan Valley, Idaho 

Wilson, Janice 
Centerville, Utah 

Wilcken, Delores 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Van Wagener, Charleen 
Ogden, Utah 

Whatcott, John 
Lynndyl, Utah 

Waters, Max 
Burley, Idaho 


Wible, John Robert 
Burbank, California 

Wilson, Ario 
Bancroft, Idaho 

VerHagen, Norine 
Antwerp, Belgium 

Walker, Dan L. 
- Fruitland, Idah 

^ WadJell, Dix K. 
Driggs, Idao 

Williams, Barbai 
Phoenix, ArizonaJ! 

Wilson, Wm. A. 
Downey, Idaho 

Ward, Patricia 
Elba, Idaho 

Wilkey. Lois 
Nephi, Utah 

Weller, Mary Carolyn 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Wills, Mary Catherine 
Sprtngville, Utah 

Ward, Marilyn K. 
Malad, Idaho 

Waki, Mitso 
American Fork, Utah 

Ward, Marilyn 
Parowan, Utah 

Wells, Richard 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Wightman, Jeanne 
Springville, Utah 

Wilson, Arnold 
Springville, Utah 



Ward, Eira 

Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Whetten, Lloyd A. 
Chandler, Arizona 

Wheadon, Ellen 
West Jordan, Utah 

Whipple, Marlene 
Ajo, Arizona 

Webster, Jim 
Provo, Utah 

Walker, Norlan 
Vernal, Utah 

Webb, Blain 
Provo, Utah 

Warnick. Robert 
Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Wilde, Ruth 
Cheyenne, Wyoming 

West, J. Donald 
Provo, Utah 

\ liA. 

Woffinden, Arthur J. — Kennewict, Wash. 
Woodburg, John W. — Reno, Nevada 
Witt, Leonard M. — Nephi, Utah 
Welling, Virginia — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Woodward, John — Seattle, Washington 

Wrathall, Jay — East Aurora, New York 
Wold, Royce — Preston, Idaho 
Wirrick, Allyn — Hood River, Oregon 
Worthann, Wilbur — Grand Junction, Colo 
Wise, Neva Rae — Downey, Idaho 

Yeoman, Betty Rae — Mancos, Calorado 
Wright, Rae — Provo, Utah 
Young, Yvonne — Richfield, Utah 
Young, Janice — Richfield, Utah 
Wittke, Dayton — Grantsville, Utah 

Sardines never had it so good 


Winterton, Eldon 
Roosevelt, Utah 

Worsley, Joan Kay 
Pasadena, California 

Winsor, Carlene 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Winn, Zan J. 
Ogden, Utah 

Winterton, Doyle 
Heber, Utah 


!'8 WIBL. 

All in the life (or death) of a yearbook photographer — 
facing life squarely through his camera lens, he bravely sets 
out each day, takes tons of photographs, returns proudly to his 
dark little rendezvous and finds, after unloading his prized 
possessions — no film! Oh, well, he'd been thinking all year of 
using his new little Brownie, anyway. 



ni iii[i[si 






THE JUNIOR CLASS— Vitality and intelligence combined . . . 
distinguished upperclassmen getting ahead in the shuffle . . . 
still deciding on a major and worried about the future and next 
year's graduation . . . campus fun-makers idolized by under-class- 

Junior Vice-President 



Class Representatives to Legislative Council 




Fabulous character with a quick wit and 
ready smile . . . served valiantly through 
cannpus voting as chairman of Elections 
Committee . . . devoted to his wife, Joyce. 




Another friendly A. W. S. vice-president all 
the way from Seattle . . . unlimited energy 
and willingness to help characterizes this mem- 
ber of Y. C.'s and Nautilus . . . sincere and 
gracious . . . interests lie in improved student 


Typical friend-maker from Phoenix . . . good- 
looking Viking President famous for his came- 
ra and flash-bulbs at dances . . . cherishes 
beauteous wife, Nancy. 





Energetic Junior class president with big 
plans for active class participation . . . 
likeable Universe sports editor . . . interes- 
ted in future married life and large family 
. . . hails from Idaho. 


Graceful member of Orchesis, friendly and 
co-operative . . . capable Sponsor Corps 
officer and active ToKalon, personalized 
by strawberry hair and dark eyes . . . 
another Provo miss. 


Good-natured sports lover from Prescott, 
Arizona . . . popular Viking Vice-President 
known for friendly smile and cheerful at- 
titude . . . finds time for playing on Varsity 
Football team. 





Talented, fun-loving gal from Richland, 
Washington . . . brought fame to B. Y. U. 
with coast-to-coast T. V. and radio appear- 
ances . . . plans a New York telecast career 
. . . active member of Nautilus, Y. C.'s, 
Mask Club, Theta Alpha Phi, and A Cap- 
ella Choir . . . personality plus. 


Outstanding Honor Council member with a 
gift for winning friends and influencing people 
. . . sweet disposition added to popularity as 
active Nautilus and Y. C. . . . straight from 
the heart of Provo. 


Smiling A Capella president from Buhl, 
Idaho . . . appeared as Alexander in 
varsity show "New Moon" . . . talented 
tenor majoring in business . . . member 
of Inter-organizational Council. 



"Just like what Mama used to take out of the can." 

Adams, Don Carlos 
Bonners Ferry, Idaho 

Adams, James P. 
Woodstock. Illinois 

Adamson, Kathleen 
Heber, Utah 

Adams, Nadine Holley 
McNary, Oregon 

Alder, Richard S. 
Preston, Idaho 

Alder, Edgar A. 
Trout Creek, Utah 

Aldridge, Wm. Everett 
Burlington, N. Carolina 

Allen, Alyse 
Heber, Utah 

Alleman, Margaret 
Springville, Utah 

Aller, Oensel C, Jr. 
Berkeley, California 

,♦ . 1 


Allred, Karia — Westminister, California 
Allen, Irvin Bruce — Circleville, Utah 
Allred, Blake — Spring City, Utah 
Allen, Marlene Bee — Vale, Oregon 
Allen, J. Whorton — Panguitch, Utah 
Allen, Marjorie — Tooele, Utah 

Allred, Rex — Safford, Arizona 
Anderson, Carl D. — Pocatello, Idaho 
Anderson, Carole Dawn — Kemmerer, Wyo. 
Amundsen, JoAnn — Sacramento, California 
Allen, Virginia — Prescott. Arizona 
Allen, Merle — Prescott, Arizona 

Anderson, Clarice — Millville, Utah 
Anderson, Pat — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Anderson, John B. — Riverside, California 
Andersen, Margaret — Grover, Wyoming 
Anderson, Duwayne M. — Portland, Oregon 
Allred, Richard D. — Burley, Idaho 

Anderson, Richard C. — Venice, Utah 
Anderson, Ruth — Manti, Utah 
Ashman, Jim — Fillmore, Utah 
Ash, Donald — Lehi, Utah 
Anderson, Ruth — Mesa, Arizona 
Arnold, Lament — Huntlnoton Utah 

Asay, Robert DIx 
Lovell, Wyoming 

Barker, Elaine 
North Ogden, 


Beck, Sayle 
Ogden, Utah 

Beck, Paul A. 
Centerfield, Utah 

Badger, Rosemary 
Holden, Utah 

Ballard, Vivian 
Snowtlake, Arizona 

Bartlett, Clyde 
Tridell, Utah 

Batchelor, Hazel 
Ogden, Utah 

baker, Dawn 
Monroe, Utah 

Barnes, Bernard 
Seattle, Washingtc^ 

Bartels, Dorothy 
Coljmbus, NebrasI 

Bjarnson, J. Gerald 
Springville, Utah 

Be^gley, Garth 
Koosharem, Uta 

Baker, Marlene \ 
Phoenix, Arizona \ 

Benson, Owen Jay 
Ephraim, Utah 

Black, Annette 
Boise, Idaho 

Bagley, Carolyn 
Koosharem, Utah 

Barker, Carol 

Ogden, Utah U 

, ^ % 

fQ ' Beck, Betty Jo ^^ 

^ Ogden, Utah 

Barrus, Owen H9I 
Grantsvllle, Utah 

~--^hworth,( PAfeeJrii 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Baker, Ivan H. 
Orem, Utah ( 

" I'.-Vi 

Bend, Richard V/. // 
Bethesda, Maryland '^ 

^^ Bennett, Alice ""T 
Ogden, Utah ' . 

Asplund, Geraldine 
LethL>ridge, Alb. Canada 

Baker, Guy T. 
Bicknell, Utah 

Beardall, Bonnie 
Springville, Utah 

Beecroft, C. Mark 
Provo, Utah 

Baer, Ted 
Berkeley, California 

Baker, Barbara 
Kimberly, Idaho 

Barratt, John 
Templeton, Mass. 

Besendorfer, Walburga 
Heber, Utah 

Black, Colleen — Snowflake, Arizona 
Bingham, William — Hawthorne, California 
Boyle, Pat — Long Beach, California 
Black, Robert G. — Henderson, Nevada 
Beckstead, John W. — Los Angeles, California 
Bevans, Virginia — Helena, Montana 

Black, Nalda — Tooele, Utah 
Blauer, Harold W. — Burley, Idaho 
Blood, Louise — Garland, Wyoming 
BItfon, Boyd — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Blauer, Phyllis H. — Burley, Idaho 
Blackham, Boyd — Huntington Park, Calif. 


m DiCIDil 01 

Bowman, George V. — McCammon, Idaho 
Bringhurst, Deon S. — Toquervillo, Utah 
Brough, Rebecca — Kaysvillo, Utah 
Brooks. Don A. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Boucher, Anne — Toronto, Canada 
Bohm, Robert — Belmont, California 

Buchanan, Phil — Richfield, Utah 
Burton, Helen Mariam — Malad, Idaho 
Burnett, Dallas M. — Bell, California 
Burris, Patricia — Magna, Utah 
Brown, Elbert E. — Springville, Utah 
Burton, Leah — Afton, Wyoming 

Bushman, Francis — Joseph City, Arizona 
Brown, Gaylen L. — Cedar City, Utah 
Call, Eria Mae — Bancroft, Idaho 
Bushman, Helen — Snowflake, Arizona 
Cahoon, Amelia Jane — Delta, Utah 
Call, Reed — Malad, Idaho 

Bowen, Mark J. — Rexburg, Idaho 
Bramall, Marie — Springville, Utah 
Borgholthaus, Ab — Payette, Idaho 
Booke, Barbara — Washington, D. C. 
Bertoncelj, Ronald — Point of Rocks, Wyo. 
Boyack, Beverly — Seattle, Washington 

Bradshaw, Merrill K. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Broadbent, Emma — Snowflake, Arizona 
Bratt, Ross Lee — Spray, Oregon 
Brambilla, Eunice M. — Wellsboro, Pa. 
Bringhurst, Wayne — Toquerville, Utah 
Bowen, Mario — Murray, Utah 

Brady, Gordon L. — Fairview, Utah 
Bloomquist, Milt — Duchesne, Utah 
Brown, Kathy — Phoenix, Arizona 
Biesinger, William — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Brookbush, Valene — Sterling, Idaho 
Brockbank, Bruce — .Spanish Fork, Utah 

Brown, Marjie — Provo, Utah 
Boyde, David H. — Charlo, Montana 
Brown, Velda — Provo, Utah 
Bryce, Betty — Pima, Arizona 
Bullock, Jane — Provo, Utah 
Bowles, Richard — Rigby, Idaho 

Brown, Jim — McConneliville. Ohio 
Burns, Barbara — Provo, Utah 
Burnham, Lewis E. — Blending, Utah 
Brown, Jack A. — St. Johns, Arizona 
Buchanan, Rendall J. — Venice, Utah 
Brush, Barbara Dean — Palo Alto, California 


Caldwell, Don — Midvale, Utah 
Calder, Mary Alice — Vernal, Utah 
Carlson, Martin — Chicago, Illinois 
Carlston, Rosalin — Fairview, Utah 
Capelo, E. Ray — San Diego, California 
Carpenter, Bernice — Eden, Arizona 

Carpenter Armal B. — Thatcher, Arizona 
Carter, Paul Smith — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Carr, Donna — Logan, Utah 
Carlsen, Vern R. — Ogden, Utah 
Carragher, Inez — Snowflake, Arizona 
Campbell, Keith — Richfield, Utah 

Chapman, Glen — Bountiful, Utah 
Christensen, Anna — Payson, Utah 
Carver, Dale — Boise, Idaho 
Chandler, Charlene — New Plynnouth, Idaho 
Carter, Ronald — Buhl, Idaho 
Christensen, Darline — Centerfield, Utah 

Christensen, Clyde A. — Springville, Utah 
Christian, Jo Anne — Pioche, Nevada 
Christensen, Ralph — Detroit, Michigan 
Christenson, Wendell — Provo, Utah 
Clegg, Ruth Jolene — Provo, Utah 
Christiansen, Kent M. — Moreland, Idaho 

Clarli, Margaret — Novato, California 
Clifton, Clarene — Ogden, Utah 
Clark, Hoover W. — Provo, Utah 
Clark, Phil — Provo, Utah 
Cloward, Jewell — Payson, Utah 
Carter, Robert — Miami, Arizona 

Church, George — Erie, Pennsylvania 
Conrad, Willa — lona, Idaho 
Costner, Katherine — Pima, Arizona 
Clawson, Charles C. — Seattle, Washington 
Coltrin, Horace — Burley, Idaho 

Conrad, Carolyn 
Reno, Navada 

Clark, Leon G. 
Morgan, Utah 

". . . and during Regis- 
tration, please give me 



"Just lynching a friend, that's all!" 

Cooper, Kay C. 
Provo, Utah 

Clark, John Calvert 
Ely, Nevada 

Christensen, Winslow 
Antonite, Colorado 

Barney, Clive 
Alhambra, California 

Colver, Jay 
Alhannbra, California 

Crandall, Maureen 
Twin Falls, Idaho 

Cordon, Verjear 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Carter, Ross 
Provo, Utah 

Chase, Fred 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Cawley, Douglas 
Savannah, Georgia 

Cole, David L. — Rupert, Idaho 
Christofferson, Leo — Lehi, Utah 
Curtis, Kirk M. — Orangeville, Utah 
Crofts, Steve M. — Richfield, Utah 
Creer, Norma — Ogden, Utah 
Cram, Deryl — Las Vegas, Nevada 

Cundick, Seralee — Santa Barbara, Calif. 
Croft, Merlin R. — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Crowther, Shirley — Arlington, Virginia 
Curtis, Gale — Burley, Idaho 
Crowther, Leanore — Malad, Idaho 
Crystal, Ralph — Annerican Fork, Utah 

Clark, Palmer — Ogden, Utah 

Crider, Zelma June — Palmyra, New York 

Curtis, Kay — Thatcher, Arizona 

Dahle, Reed H. — Sacramento, California 

Dalby, Pat — Montebello, California 

Danials, Philip B. — Annabella, Utah 

Davis, Marylyn — Bicknell, Utah 
Davis, Dan Lee — Las Vegas, Nevada 
DaParma, Peter, — Newark, New Jersey 
Dayton, Sharon — Cokeville, V/yoming 
Davis, Marilyn Jean — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Davis, Reed Kay — Albuquerque, N. Mexico 


Dame, Jan G. 
Ogden, Utah 

Dumas, Mary E. 
Randolph, Utah 

Dickson, Max Cook 
Roy, Utah 

Ehlers, Elaine 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Denys, Nedra 
Prove, Utah 

Dowdle, Jack 
Nampa, Idaho 

Duntord, Diane 
ProvQ, Utah 

Egbert, Wendell 
Preston, Idaho 

Deuel, Wallace 
Panguitch, Utah 

Dewey, Florence 
Boise, Idaho 

Edwards, Clyde 
Prove, Utah 

Edwards, Westoj 
Provo, Utah 

Davi;; JSBnnj 
^ovo, Utah • 

Dixon, Jackie 
Santa Ana, Califoi 

0^ ^agar, ICarl ki. 
" Eagai, Arizbna 

Diehl. ¥a<AM 
BeaconsfrM^ <C<lna< 

Dixon, FreJJ 
Provo, Utih 

Dunn, LaRae^ 
Boise, Idaho - 

Ellett, LaRae 
Columbia, Utah 

Pulsipher, Eldon B. ' 
St. Johns, Arizona 


s, Dearf'w; 
Garfield. Utah 

Dixon, Dennis B. 
Payson, Utah 



Durrant, George 
American Fork, Utah 

Jdredge, Marjory ' " 
Buhl, Idaho 

Decker, Josephine 
LaJara, Colorado 

Dransfield, Howard 
Ogden, Utah 

Doxey, Margaret 

Los Angeles, California 

Edwards, Lee 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Denney, Ray 
Downey, Idaho 

Droubay, Bertha 
Tooele, Utah 

Dunford, Harold 
Provo, Utah 

Englestead, Marian 
Kanosh, Utah 

Furgeson, Charles — Ogden, Utah 
Empey, Harold — Long Beach, California 
Erickson, Lorna — Richland, Washington 
Ensign, Jerry — Glendale, California 
Erickson, Helen — Pendleton, Oregon 
Elder, Quinten — Provo, Utah 

Francis, Rell G. — Springville, Utah 
Francis, Kae — Taber, Alb., Canada 
Frazier, Robert — Springville, Utah 
Espinosa, Lyie — Sanford, Colorado 
Eyre, DeRay — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Echols, Doris — Rivera, California 


[HSI ![fli 

Frandsen, Glenn R. — Springville, Utah 
Fisher, Barbara — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Fisher, Claire — Oxford. Idaho 
Forsey, James K. — Richfield, Utah 
Francis, Jean — Taber, Canada 
Foutz, Dell R. — Ogden, Utah 

Foreman, Jennell — Lehi, Utah 
Follett, Marvin D. — Douglas, Arizona 
Ford, Leiand — Springville, Utah 
Farley, Ernest — Mesa, Arizona 
Fietkan, Doris — Springville, Utah 
Fife, James D. — Burlingame, California 

Forsyth, Dave — Spring Canyon, Utah 
Frandsen, Sharlene — Portland, Oregon 
Foy, Rey L. — Panguitch, Utah 
Fisher, Ray — Chaydler, Oklahoma 
Forsling Jerry — Twin Falls, Idaho 
Fife DeVon — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Fyffo, Marjorio — Central, Arizona 
Sage, Donald C. — Bakersfield, California 
Garrard, June — Burley, Idaho 
Frances, Howard R. — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Frome, Robert E. — Glendale, California 
Flygare, Grant M. La Canada, California 

Gardner, Samuel H. — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Garner, Jeneane — North Ogden, Utah 
Garrick, Howard T. — Inglewood, California 
Gassman, Maureen — Ephraim, Utah 
Howell, Franklin J. — Fairview, Utah 
Fuller, Ramon — Layton, Utah 

Garlick, G. Junior — American Fork, Utah 
Gibby, Marlow D. — Roseburg, Oregon 
George, Loyd — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Galbraith, Dick — Ogden, Utah 
Georges, Marilyn — Westcliffe, Colorado 
Gallagher, William — Los Angeles, California 

Gifford, Grant — Columbia Falls, Montana 
Gilliland, Bob — Rosemead, California 
Goates, LaRee — Lehi, Utah 
Gallier. Monroe G. — Provo, Utah 
G^ave, Mary Dell — Annabella, Utah 
Geddes, James W. — Banida, Idaho 

Godfrey, Gerald — Smithfield, Utah 
Goff, Lucille — Cortez, Colorado 
Goodell, Robert — Scottsbluff, Nebraska 
Gonzales, Howard — Long Beach, Calif. 
Gomez, Lilia — Guatemala 
Glazier, Louis O. — Mesa, Arizona 


Goodwin, H. Dale — Panaca, Nevada 
Graham, Robert — Fairview, Utah 
Gledhill, Vernal H. — Van Nuys, California 
Grant, Jack — Nampa, Idaho 
Graham, Carol — Fairview, Utah 
Gieave, Keith O. — Provo, Utah 

Groutage, Harold — Kemmerer, Wyoming 
Gustatson, Joyce — Vale, Oregon 
Green, Paul D. — West Jordan, Utah 
Grover, Joan — Seattle, Washington 
Groesbeck, Monty C. — Springville, Utah 
Grenny, Guy Wayne — Spokane, Washington 

Hill, Leo — Nampa, Idaho 
Hallsted, LeRoy — Safford, Arizona 
Hall, Phyllis — Springville, Utah 
Gunter, Maynard — Portland, Oregon 
Hadlock, Esther — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Gunnell, Robert D. — Soda Springs, Idaho 

Handy, Gerald — Heyburn, Idaho 
Hamblin, Jacob R. — St. Johns, Arizona 
Hamling, Donald R. — Lethbridge, Canada 
Hall, Mary Carol — Richfield, Utah 
Garney, John A. — Salina, Utah 
Greer, Deon — Provo, Utah 

Hair, Allen — Provo, Utah 
Hainsworthi Beth — Portland, Oregon 
Froelich, E. Robert — Provo, Utah 
Groutage, Harrison — Logan, Utah 
Gwilliam, Dee — Sunset, Utah 
Greenwood, Ned — Eagar, Arizona 

Haroldsen, Lillian — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Hardy, Arthur — Sacramento, California 
Hansen, Geraldine — Orem, Utah 
Hales, Robert H. — Provo, Utah 
Hail, JoAnn — Nampa, Idaho 
Hale, Glen B. — Blackfoot, Idaho 

Halladay, Mae Marie 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Hainsworth, Jerome 
Portland, Oregon 

Now to find someone who can waltz. 



Just like the tournament of roses. 

Hanson, Norma 
Logan, Utah 

Hales, Glen 
Elsinore, California 

Harris, Chot 


Hardee, Dorothy 
Castle Gate, Utah 

Harris, John S. 
Tooele, Utah 

Hanks, Richard Kay 
Menio Park, California 

Hanson, Alice 
Dragerton, Utah 

Hansen, DeWayne 
Richfield, Utah 

Haslem, Verl 
Roosevelt, Utah 

Harrison, Hortense 
Hialeah, Florida 

Hill, Bruce P. — Walla Walla, Washington 
Hatch, Betty — Boise, Idaho 
Hicks, Fletcher — Columbus, Georgia 
Hartley, Haiel — Stirling, Alb., Canada 
Harris, Gordon K. — Chin, Alb., Canada 
Heder, Metta — Los Angeles, California 

Hilton, Kent — Mesa, Arizona 
Hintze, Royal S. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Helqulst, Ronella — Koosharem. Utah 
Hayes. Keith C. — Los Vegas, Nevada 
Hearne, Colleen — Provo, Utah 
Hamblin, John Ray — Eager, Arizona 

Holmes, Dean — Burley, Idaho 
Hlllyard, Marion — Seattle, Washington 
Hill, Jim — Layton, Utah 
Hiatt, Calvin C. — Mt. Airy, N. Carolina 
Heft, Paul M. — McGill, Nevada 
Heaton, Flora May — Hunter, Utah 

Hoopes, Ned — Paso Robles, California 
Holt, Ralph Moyle — Long Beach, California 
Hobbs, Joana — Provo, Utah 
Hofmann, Karl — Bingham Canyon, Utah 
Hinckley, Janet — Belmont, Massachusetts 
Hill, Paul M. — Ucon, Idaho 


Howard, John 

Salt Lake City. Utah 

Howell, Sheila 
Hollywood, California 

Hunger, F. Dean 
Lehi, Utah 

Irwin, Naoma 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Home, Ray 
Seattle, Washington 

Howells, James M. 
Midvale, Utah 

Hunt, Dessie 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Hyer, Jay Ross 
Garden Grove, Calif. 

Howell, Arva 
Draper, Utah 

Hulet, S. Mark 
Victor, Idaho 

Hyde, Laron 
Provo, Utah 

Justensen, Mary Joy 
Spring City, ytgh 

Hoggan, Robert 
Burley, Idaho 

Howes, Raymond E. 
Marysvale, Utah- 

Hyde, Gerald D.\ 
Rupert, Idaho '(, 

Isakson, LaJuana 
(Magna, Utah 

Holyoak, Alan B.' 
Burley, Idaho 

Hughes, Barbara' t 
Oroflno, Idaho \ 

Humphries, Lois \ 

American Fork, IJtah 

Jardine, Dee 
Ronton, Washington- 




Holmstead, Kaye 
American Fork, Utah 

Horner, Robert M. ' '^') 
SandpoInt, Idaho 

Hyde, Charles R. 
SRringville, Utah ' , ./ 

Ihgerman, Reid Grant 
Oram, Utah 

Holley, Robert L. 
Mapleton, Utah 

Hyde, Nadine L. 
Baker, Oregon 

Hunter, Boyd M. 
Springville, Utah 

Jackson, Karma Rae 
Provo, Utah 

Holman, Ferol 
Seattle, Washington 

Hull, Chad 
Twin Falls, Idaho 

Irons, Mary 
Nephi, Utah 

Huff, Edward 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Jarman, Roy — Portland, Oregon 
Jackson, Mary Kae — Randolph, Utah 
Jennings, Wilbur W. — Rockville, Utah 
Jenkins, Wayne A. — Ndmpa, Idaho 
James, Carolyn — Provo, -Utah 
Jacobsen, Lynn M. — Provo, Utah 

Jackson, Betty — Denver, Colorado 
Jensen, Hal — Gridley, California 
Jackson, Helen — Kamas, Utah 
Johnson, Dale — Delta, Utah 
Jarman, Lois — Seattle, Washington 
Johnson, Clyde W. — Seattle, Washington 


Mu in no-sn 

Jenkins, Gary — Pendleton, Oregon 
Jackson, Jeanne — Kamas, Utah 
Jensen, Warren Long — Milwaukee, Wis. 
James, Joyce — Provo, Utah 
Johnson, Gary — Nampa, Idaho 
Jessee, Elaine — Sprlngvllle, Utah 

Jeppson, Lynn — Ashton, Idaho 

John, Lynn Morris — Malad, Idaho 

James, Lucie H. — Provo, Utah 

Johnson, LaVon — Paysc l, Utah 

Johnson, Donalea — Colonia Juarez, Mexico 

Johnson, Douglas G. Santaquin, Utah 

Jessen, Joan — Kingston, Utah 
Johnson, Ted — Buhl. Idaho 
Johnson, Susie — Billings, Montana 
Johnson, Patricia — Temple City, California 
Johnson, Robert L. — Nampa, Idaho 
Johnson, Kenna — NephI, Utah 

Johnson, Shirley May — Walnut Creek, Calif. 

Jones, Dean — Sacramento, California 

Jones, Shirley — Garland, Utah 

Jones, Don M. — Provo, Utah 

Jones, Merlene — Provo, Utah 

Ingalls, Max LaVar — Salt Lake City. Utah 

Killpack, Dorothy — Driggs, Idaho 
Judd, Perre — Kanab, Utah 
Kennedy, Richard — Marysvale, Utah 
Jordon, Bonnie — Draper, Utah 
Kearl, Frank J. — Long Beach, California 
Jorgensen, Marva — Deer Park, Florida 

Knight, Bonnie — San Bernardino, California 
KIrkland, Granvel — Mary, Florida 
Knuckles, June — Dove Creek, Colorado 
Kirkpatrick, Robert A. — Provo, Utah 
Kenny, Jean — Portola, California 
Klelnman, Wayne — ElPaso, Texas 

King, Adron LaVell — Huntington, Utah 
KInnlson, Lucy — Pendleton, Oregon 
Kalelkau, EIroy — Honolulu, Hawaii 
KIrkham, Dan R. — Los Angeles, California 
Kemper, Marlene — Cranford, Alb., Canada 
Kelly, Walter E. — Pocatello, Idaho 

Kropf, Carol Dawn — Woodlawn, California 
Kochever, Norma Jean — Grass Valley. Calif. 
Krofcheck, Joseph — South Gate, California 
KImber, Verna — Grouse Creek, Utah 
Kofoed, Arvin — Plymouth, Idaho 
Killpack, Shirlee — Wattis. Utah 


Kohler. Zelda — Heber City, Utah 
Larsen, Mark E. — Springvllle, Utah 
Kofoed, Valene — Preston, Idaho 
Larsen, Dean — Orenn, Utah 
Lamb, Lorena — Ml Carmel, Utah 
Kunz, Gene — Soda Springs, Idaho 

Last, Ronald — Gunnison, Utah 
Leavitt, Glenda — Harding, Montana 
Leiegren, Earl — Burbank, California 
Lewis, Margaret — Douglas, Arizona 
Lee, Boyd — Winslow, Arizona 
Lillywhite, Fern — Taylor, Arizona 

Lake, Jay Vaughn — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Lamar, Ruth — Columbus, Mississippi 
Larson, Walter Park — San Marino, Calif. 
Lewis, Earlene — Provo, Utah 
Lawson, Roy — Boulder City, Nevada 
Larson, Lawrence — Las Vegas, Nevada 

LeCheminant, Cleone — Los Angeles, Calif. 
Lee, Darrell D. — San Diego, California 
Lo, Naomi R. — Pumauu, Hawaii 
Leydsman, Henry — Union, New Jersey 
Livingston, Lorna — Yampa Craig, Colorado 
LeBaron, R. Gordon — Barnwell, Canada 

Lindsay, Rao — Dingle, Idaho 

Love, Arlene — Toledo, Ohio 

Lish, Ray Focatello, Idaho 

Luke, Joan — Bakersfield, California 

Lloyd, Ross E. — Provo, Utah 

Liddle, Robert K. — Van Nuys, California 

Mauzy, Robert L. Phoenix, Arizona 
Merrill, Beberly Jean — Phoenix, Arizona 
Mclnnes, Murray — Eager, Arizona 
McKay, Quinn G. — Huntsville, Utah 
McGuire, Charles F. — Albion, Idaho 
Mitchell, Glenna — Lawndale, California 

Mclntire, Richard 
Ontario, California 

Meldrum, Ross T. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Homecoming floats turned upper campus Into 
a flowered wonderland. 



Squares dancing square dancing. 

Moon, Kay 
Oram, Utah 

Neal, Coralie 
Malad, Idaho 

Morrell, Dwight L. 
Brigham City, Utah 

Morris, Ted L 
Ogden, Utah 

Neb»lcer, LaDene 
Pocf*ello, Idaho 

Murdock, Vernon L. 
Heber, Utah 

Moss, James 
Murray, Utah 

Niederhauser, Nadine 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Moyle, Meridee 
American Fork, Utah 

Mortensen, Don 
Provo, Utah 


Loveridge, L. Neil — Provo, Utah 
Linford, Carol — Kaysville, Utah 
Lundberg, Don C. — Washington, D. C. 
Liochty, Ella Rae — Nampa, Idaho 
Lundell, Wayne — Vernal, Utah 
Littlefield, Renone — Orem, Utah 

Lytle, I. Marie — St. George, Utah 
Long, L. Donald — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Malstrom, Bertha — West Jordan, Utah 
Lunt. Marvin — Duncan, Arizona 
Little, Edith — Sridley. California 
Lofgran, Lynn — Santaquin, Utah 

Mackay, Norma — Bennion Ward, Utah 
Malmstrom, Mildred — West Jordan, Utah 
Malmrose, Donald — Brigham, Utah 
Marsh. Doris — Brigham City, Utah 
Madsen, Preston A. — Provo, Utah 
Markham, Lu — Concord, California 

Marttn, Donna Joy — Sunnyslde, Washington 
Lindsay, Var — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Martin, Helen — Sanford, Colorado 
Lindstron, Brent — Provo, Utah 
McFarland, Marilyn — Pasadena, Callfjrnia 
McAffee, Jerry — Los Angeles, California 

Morrill, Marilyn 
Provo, Utah 

Miller, Neil 
Tremonton, Utah 

Moat, Clarence 
Johnson City, N. Y. 

Mills, Charles T. 
Brigham City, Utah 

Mathews, Wendell 
Antimony, Utah 

McKell. Clair J. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Milligan, JoAnne 
Seattle, Washington 

Miller, Glenn 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

McClellan, Lola Lue 
Thatcher, Arizona 

Miller, Anna Lou 
Provo, Utah _ 

Matheson. Wm. John ^ 
Chicigo, Illinois 

Moen, Ruth 
Union, New Jersey 

Madson, Raydon 
Payson, Utah 

McKvIl, Melburn 
Heber, Utah 

Mills, Mary 

St. George, U^^ 

Michaelis, Ma: 
Garland, Uta 

Merrill, Beverly 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Midgley, Joanne 
Lake Villa, Illinois 

■~. .Burley, Idaho ^v"'! l| 
MWell, Kutoftsi'lN f\ 

laLho y 

Idaho' Falls, 

Montgomery, Shield 
Provo, Utah 

Montgomery, Don 
Monrovia, Calitornia 

McKell, Lael 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Miles, Donna 
Mounta'in Home, Utah 

Mickelson, Russell 
Duchesne, Utah 

Mitchell. Aria 
Provo, Utah 

Oaks, Dallin 
Provo, Utah 

Ottosen, Marvin L. 
Roosevelt, Utah 

Murray, Dorothy 
Roise, Idaho 

Moore, Maynard 
Payson, Utah 

Owens, J. Mervin — Show Low, Arizona 
Overfelt, Claire — McGill, Nevada 
Oscairson, Don — St. Louis, Missouri 
Olsen, John K. — Mt. Pleasant, Utah 
Overson, Joan — Pendleton, Oregon 
Painter, Reed — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Rankers, Margaret — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Palfreyman, W. R. — Springville, Utah 
Page, Betty — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Olsen, Ben C. — Cardston, Alb., Canada 
Palmer, Claire — Vernal, Utah 
Pulver, Willis — Payson, Utah 


m u\ 



Moore, Donald W. — Ogden, Utah 
Nielsen, Lorna — Barnwell, Alb., Canada 
Morgan, Lee F. — Linberg, Idaho 
Miles, Maria Leile — Orem, Utah 
Mower, Morris L. — Fairview, Utah 
Nielson, Ann — Murray, Utah 

Neville, Merlene R. — McGill, Nevada 
Nielson. Gordon — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Nebeker, W. Denton — Brigham City, Utah 
Nakama, Thomas — Kaikapu, Maui, Hawaii 
Nowers, Vera Joann — Beaver, Utah 
Oborn, Nelden — Tooele, Utah 

Nielsen, Ray E. — Ogden, Utah 
Olsen, Doreen — Provo, Utah 
Nelson, Mark — Morgan, Utah 
Odom, D. Lee — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Oldham, Hugh Lynn — Paradise, Utah 
Nixon, Gladys — Provo, Utah 

Preece, Bruce — Vernal, Utah 
Perry, Malin — Provo, Utah 
Phillips, Norma — Ucon, Idaho 
Peterson, H. Don — Lehi, Utah 
Pinegar, Annie — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Pulver, Wil\h — Payson, Utah 

Peterson, Winfield — Winona, Minnesota 
Petty, Carmen — North Ogden, Utah 
Peterson, Ross M. — San Bernardino, Calif. 
Pipes, Howard S. — El Centro, California 
Pincock, Desmond — Huntington Park. Calif. 
Pratt, Jean — Delta, Utah 

Prior. Sally Joan — El Monte, California 
Price, Alvin — Tucson, Arizona 
Randall, Phyllis A. North Ogden. Utah 
Pollock, James L. — Nampa. Idaho 
Phillips. Ronald — Provo, Utah 
Pope, Richard L. — Fish Haven, Idaho 

Powell, Paul R. — Price, Utah 
Ray, Shirley Nadine — San Antonio, Texas 
Radmall. Ma« B. — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Pritchett, Robert — Spokane, Washington 
Rasmussen. Hylda Eulene — Fillmore. Utah 
Pritchett. M. Jed Jr. — American Fork. Utah 

Remund. RaVae — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Pusey. C. Richards — Washington. D. C. 
Rich. Nancy — Los Angeles, California 
Price. Kendall — San Francisco. California 
Reinhardt. Maxine — Bountiful. Utah 
Radmall, Wm. A. — Ogden. Utah 


Nelson, Donald B. — Pocatello, Idaho 
Ovard, Joan — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Oldham, Mark E. — Paradise, Utah 
Ord, Richaird Neil — Bountiful, Utah 
Olson, LaVera Jean — Wenatchee, Wash. 
Packham, H. Richard — Blacktoot, Idaho 

Peterson, Irene — Provo, Utah 

Ostraff, Albert — Los Angeles, California 

Parker, Kaye — Portland, Oregon 

Parker, Morris — San Fraticisca, California 

Parker, Janet — Draper, Utah 

Patterson, Arthur — Pima, Arizona 

Pate, George W. — Mepleton, Utah 
Pearson, Beverly Joan — Kansas City, Kansas 
Passey, J. Bruce — Ovid, Idaho 
Parberry, Dema — Scottsbluff, Nebraska 
Palmer, Quinton — Preston, Idaho 
Peck, Earl — Lehi. Utah 

Ormsby, Paul — Auckland, New Zealand 
Perreirs, Maile — Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 
Penrose, Che'ries — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Peterson, Lorna — Santaquin, Utah 
Peterson, Roald E. — Snowflake, Arizona 
Peck, N. Thomas Jr. — Hinckley, California 

Richmond, Wayne — Provo, Utah 
Prestwich, Kent — Orem, Utah 
Pomeroy, Pat — Mesa, Arizona 
Nebeker, LaDene — Pocatello, Idaho 
Oldroyd, LaiVar — Venice, Utah 
Nielsen, Delia — Romeo, Colorado 

Richmond, Ruth — Provo, Utah 
Richardson, Jim — Twin Falls, Idaho 
Rasmussen, Thomas V. — Bountiful, Utah 
Olsen, Betty — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Nielsen, David James — Meridian, Idaho 
Ogden, Leila — Richfield, Utah 

Richards, Harold L. 
Detroit, Michigan 

Saltus, Dorothy 
Provo, Utah 

'Don't forget to v/rlte!" 


A producf of South Pacific — ooh, la! la! 

Romney, Van 
Kimberly, Idaho 

Rogers, Clair W. 
St. George, Utah 

Ryley, Frank 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Soely, Norma 

St. Anthony, Idaho 

Rcgerts Kennett 
Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Sargent, Jerry 
Mesa, Arizona 

Rudd, Donna 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Sent, La Monte 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Schmidt, Howard 
Gresham, Wisconsin 

Rowley, Richard T. 
Richfield. Utah 

Rich, Harold Jr. — Boise, Idaho 
Richardson, Jorth — Virden, New Mexico 
Richan, Ha — American Fork, Utah 
Rawlins, Stephen L. — Walla Walla, Wash. 
Richey, Nancy E. — Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
Rutter, Jim — Malad, Idaho 

Phillips, Blaine C. — Springville, Utah 
Riggs, Marilyn — Hatch, Utah 
Ricks, Clyde — Provo, Utah 
Roberts, Howard Jr. — Mesa Arizona 
Rigby, E. Bertrand — Orem, Utah 
Rounds, Cliff — Boise, Idaho 

Robison, Roland — San Diego, California 
Ricks, Robert — Stockton, California 
Rigby, Ralph — Provo, Utah 
Reed, Raymond Taylor — Safford, Arizona 
Saunders, Salley F. — American Fork, Utah 
Ridge, Don — Provo, Utah 

Perry, Kenneth — Provo, Utali 
Sandberg, Joseph C. — Grantsville, Utah 
Probst, Wayne W. — Midway, Utah 
Schow, Enid — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Salisbury, Ron — Los Angeles, California 
Robins, David L. — Ogden, Utah 

Smart, Richard 
Portland, Oregon 

Smith, Jordon G. 
St. George, Utah 

Stenqulset, Leiand Gus 
Tremonton, Uta^h 

Stubbs, Byron 
Orem, Utah 

Sorenson, Margaret 
Alhambra, California 

Smith, Harold D. 
Pasadena, California 

Stapley, Marilyn 
Beaver, Utah 

Stewart, Zona E. 
Calgary, Alb., Canada 

Smith, Kermit H. 
Estacada, Oregon 

Sorenson, Mary Anne 
Richfield, Utah '^ 

Stay, Hobert Lee 
Montebello, Caiiforn 

Stubbs, Glen R. 
Ephraim, Ut^- 

Stayner, J. lynfi^ 
MaJad, Idaho 

Sorenson, Stanford P. 
Driggs, Idaho 

Steele, Berenice 

Chevy Chase, Maryland 

Stoclcdale, Barbara 
Stockton, California *^ ,;■ 

Sprague, Kathleen 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

'Stuart, Joanne, 
-^"r" Ogden. Utah 

Staley, Mary L. 
Ogden, Utah 

Stan^dago, Delbert R. 
Mesa, Arizona 

Stephens, Charles H. 
Eureka, California 

Stevenson, Dwayne 
Mountain Home, Utah 

Speakman, Dan 
Fillmore, Utah 

Stanford, Doris 

Los Angeles, California 

Starley, Jean 
Burley, Idaho 

Stephenson, Kay J. 
McCammon, Florida 

Scow, Ted J. — Orangeville, Utah 
Schaelling, Charles — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Scoresby, Ivy — lona, Idaho 
Schofleld, Robert — Spring City, Utah 
Robinson, Lyie — Thatcher, Arizona 
Searle, Paul R. — Provo, Utah 

Seasirand, Steve — American Fork, Utah 
Shurtleff, Joye Ann — Ogden, Utah 
Schovy, Grant — Layton, Utah 
Skeen, LaMar — Warren, Utah 
Shoemaker, Gene — Chambersburg, Pa. 
Shaw, Graham C. — Orem, Utah 




Rowberry, Stewart — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Rust. Doyle K. — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Rosen, Harold E. — Spokane, Washington 
Rowley, Eddie — Roosevelt, Utah 
Radichel, Melvin — New York City, N. Y. 
Randall, Shirley — Centerville, Utah 

Sill, Jannes Oren — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Smith, Melva Ann — Orem, Utah 
Sherwood, Jerry — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Smith, Phyllis — Portland, Oregon 
Smith, Terry C. — Temple City, California 
Sinclair, Eugene W. — Payette, Idaho 

Shoosen, Bill — Mesa, Arizona 
Seastrand, James — American Fork, Utah 
Snelgrove, Helen — Provo, Utah 
Shaw, Welding — Tygn Valley, Oregon 
Smith, J. Norman — Farmington, New Mexico 
Shumwa^, Miles — Shumw^y, Arizona 

Swenson, Ronald — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Stowell, Betty — Nephi, Utah 
Taylor, John Hatch — Provo, Utah 
Stocking, Norma Jo — Murray, Utah 
Stewart, Merwin — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Swan, Helen Joyce — Orem, Utah 

Swasey, Ardell — Duchesne, Utah 
Swenson, Bert E. Ogden, Utah 
Tanner, Lillias — Preston, Idaho 
Sangren, L. Burke — Dolores, CaloraJo 
Stowell, Slenrta — Provo, Utah 
Stringfellow, Val — Provo, Utah 

Taylor, Garna — Salina, Utah 
Swenson, Ivan C. — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Taylor, Geraldine — Ogden, Utah 
Swensen, Lynn A. — Nyssa, Oregon 
Strong, Alice — American Fork, Utah 
Stosich, Richard — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Taylor, John M. — Kellogg, Idaho 
Taylor, Carolyn — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Taylor, Stanley Kay — El Paso, Texas 
Taylor, Marolyn — Raymond. Canada 
Teuscher, Lewis J. — Montpelier. Idaho 
Stott. Stanley — Bynum, Montana 

Taylor, Ralphena — Payson. Utah 
Taylor, Lester — Provo. Utah 
Tebbs, Marian — Cowley, Wyoming 
Tenney, Eugene — Cottonwood, Arizona 
Taylor, David — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Stewart, Earl D. — Provo, Utah 


Tennoy, Miles R. — Thatcher, Arizona 
Tew, Erma — Nephi, Utah 
Taylor, LeRoy C. — Provo, Utah 
Thomas, Dorothea — La Jara, Colorado 
Thayne, Ervin O. — Layton, Utah 
Thomas, Robert D. — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Thomas, Wayne W. — Malad City, Idaho 
Thomas, Opal Jean — Malad, Idaho 
Thomas, Rex — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Thompson, Barbara — Warsaw, Indiana 
Terry, Andrew, Jr. — Provo, Utah 
Thompson, Marilyn — Ogden, Utah 

Thompson, Robert — Malta, Idaho 
Thorne, Janice — Provo, Utah 
Throckmorton, A. Robert — Los Angeles, Cal. 
Tidwell, Bill — Homedale, Idaho 
Thompson, Carol — Rexburg, Idaho 
Tanner, Rolf R. — Lomita, California 

Thurston, Robert — Provo, Utah 
Tovey, Lois — Malad, Idaho 
Tucker, Clyde L. — Mesa, Arizona 
Tillack, Winone — Vancouver, B. C. 
Toone, Douglas S. — Ogden, Utah 
Tingey, Garth — Springville, Utah 

Thurber, Stanley R. — Montpelier, Idaho 
Toomey, Donald E. — Provo, Utah 
Turner, Norman — Riverton, Utah 
Tingey, Martha H. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Turner, Rodney F. — Riverton, Utah 
Vaughan, Cheryldene — Malad, Idaho 

Weight, Glen — Provo, Utah 
Weech, Annabell — Pima, Arizona 
Wheelwright, F. McKell — Provo, Utah 
Wheeler, Doretta — Buhl, Idaho 
Wilson, Grant M. — Provo, Utah 
Whitoar, Glenn L. — Evanston, Wyoming 

Watts, Elaine Andrus 
Thornton, Idaho 

Wells, Gerald L 
Joseph, Utah 

r I 

'Whadja' get on your psych test?" 



Crowded, isn't it! 

Walker, Utahna 
Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Welker, Dudley 
Thatcher, Arizona 

Wasden, Barry 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Warner, Martha Mae 
Richfield, Utah 

Walker, Gayle 
Cedar City, Utah 

Watts, Don 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Watt, Barbara 
Lansing, Michigan 

Westenskow, Lowell 
Imbler, Oregon 

Wasden, Bruce L. 
Scipio, Utah 

Waters, Clifford Ray 
Richmond, California 

Twitchell, Lamont — Springdale, Utah 
Winter, Rue Ann — American Fork, Utah 
Twede, H. LaMar — Payson, Utah 
Winkler, Beth — Bluebell, Utah 
Vorwaller, L. Blaine — American Fork, Utah 
Viles, Eileen — Nogales, Arizona 

Tingey, Marsel — SpringviHe, Utah 
Winget, J. Oscar — Monroe, Utah 
Williams, Glen Lee — Malad, Idaho 
Williamson, Gary — San Marino, California 
Waford, LaVerne — Long Beach, California 
Parent, Vernon F. — Crescent City, California 

Williams, Elden B. — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Whitney, Betty Lou — Washington, Utah 
Wing, Jack Hildebrand — Provo, Utah 
Winfch, Jillynn — Tropic, Utah 
Wilson, John — Prove, Utah 
Winegar, Neil C. — Alienee, Nebraska 

Thurman, Newel — Blackfoot, Idaho 

Williams, Dean — Provo, Utah 

Winegar, Maxine — Ontario, Oregon 

Wilson, Lyman — Provo, Utah 

Van Wagenen, Robert L. — Ogden, Utah 

Wilkins, Delora M. — Ramah, New Mexico 


Waite, Elmer — Mill City, Oregon 
Wagner, Elizabeth — Colonia Dublan, Mexico 
Woffinden, Arthur — Kennewick, Washington 
Walton, Sayle — Provo, Utah 
Wardrop, Glenn — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Wood, Clair S. — Holden, Utah 

Workman, Marian — St. George, Utah 
Wynder, F. Curtis — Hillspring, Canada 
Wade, Bonnie — Provo, Utah 
Wootton, Richard — Washington, D. C. 
WaRlquist, Austin — Ogden, Utah 
Wootton, Madelyn — Heber, Utah 

Zitting, Fred — Wenatchee, Washington 
Young, Marilyn — Provo, Utah 
Wright, Garth — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Zobell, Keith W. — Butte, Montana 
Woodworth, Charles — Joplin, Missouri 
Zitting, Roy H. — Wenatchee, Washington 

l^oung. Colleen — American Fork, Utah 

ZoBell, Gordon — Lake View, Utah 

Young, Marilyn — Provo, Utah 

V/ride, C. Hayward — American Fork, Utah 

Wright, Curtis — Sandy, Utah 

Wilken, Mable — Live Oak, Florida 

Winsor. Rulon Gerald — Compton, Calitornia 
Whittle, Marcia — Preston, Idaho 
Winter, Lewis J. — American Fork, Utah 
Smith, Leiand A. — Snowflake, Arizona 
Wilson, Lawrence — Roosevelt, Utah 
William, C. Davis — China Lake, California 

'Tho I thing through my teeth — tho what, thilly boy? 

Calorie counters at the calorie counter. 





i IHSI Cilitl 




THE SENIOR CLASS — Campus citizens deluxe . . . hard-working 
student leaders with major responsibilities, reaching the peak in a 
liberal education . . . aware of life and its happy and tearful mo- 
ments . . . kids we'll really miss next year . . . loyal graduates of 
B.Y.U. on the royal road to success. 

Senior ^r 

Senior Vice-President 




Class Representatives to Legislative Council 




Likeable, efficient, from Spanish Fork . . . 

gained recognition as President of Blue 

Key and last year's editor of the UNIVERSE 

. . . faithful university worker, popular as 

Gamma Tau President . . . busy and liking 



Attractive studentbody vice-president 

spark-plug completely at ease on the stage 

. . . read through miles of announcements 

at weekly assemblies . . . vivacious Sponsor 

Corps and Val Norn member from Ogden, 


Pert, pretty, and popular lass from Hunt- 
ington, who drew attention as ToKalon en- 
thusiast . . . campus wolves drooled at her 
presence . . . energetic Sponsor Corps 




Tall, tan, and terrific . . . studentbody presi- 
dent from Provo chosen as friendliest boy . . . 
blonde dream man voted in as Preferred man 
attendant . . . cheerfully performed duties on 
Legislative Council . . . indicative of the spirit 
of the "Y." 


Diminutive in stature but dynamic in person- 
ality . . . piano playing ToKalon President 
famous for twinkling eyes and beaming smile 
... a charming miss from Lehi, Utah. 

Popular senior class prexy portrayed by 
curly blonde hair, blue eyes, and rare initia- 
tive . . . master of the basketball court . . . 
proud of Provo as hometown. 




Famous All-American basketball star from 
St. Johns, Arizona . . . took honors in the 
university's intercollegiate sportlight . . . 
friendly grin and supporting personality 
. . . devoted to married life. 


One of the busiest and friendliest gals on 
campus . . . set records as A. W. S. Presi- 
dent . . . valuable member of Fidelas and 
White Key . . . humorous disposition and 
rare optimism mark this popular lass from 
Nephi as outstanding. 


Dignified musical genius hailing from Idaho 
. . . directed R. O. T. C. chorus and highly 
successful varsity show "New Moon" . . . 
popular and well-known for starring roles in 
"La Boheme" and "The Bartered Bride." 




Voted the "Friendliest Girl on Campus," Caro- 
lyn brought cheer and added dignity to the 
studentbody offices as studentbody secretary 
. . . always willing to serve, this devoted Prove 
miss won campus fame for her friendly smile 
. . . active member of White Key, Sponsor 
Corps and Val Norn. 


Terrific things come in small packages, and in 
this case the adage applies completely . . . 
outstanding dramatics major and president of 
Theta'Alpha Phi . . . popular senior Cougar- 
ette advisor and loyal White Key member . . . 
another petite ToKalon from Manti, Utah, with 
an incomparable sense of humor. 


Handsome preferred man on campus with a regal 
stature and rich religious background . . . admired 
President of Campus, Branch, always there to greet 
members . . . loyal senior with an unmatching sin- 
cerity and appreciation for higher education. 



Efficient, capable senior representative in Legislative 
Council . . . likeable personality characterized by choim- 
ing laugh and voice . . . attendant to Snow Queen and 
loyal nnennber of Tokalon. 


Energetic personality from New Zealand . . . 
hearty handshake and hello for everyone on cam- 
pus . . . active Delta Phi . . . sincere and friendly. 


Another busy girl from Nephi, Utah, num- 
bered among the ranks of friendliest on 
campus . . . musically inclined chorister for 
campus branch . . . smiling member of Nauti- 
lus and White Key. 


Personality-plus girl . . . active on assembly com- 
mittee. White Key, Theta Alpha Phi, Sponsor Corps, 
ToTalon . . . dependable and friendly with a win- 
ning smile and eagerness to serve. 



Allen, Merle Korla 
Los Angeles, California 

Anderson, Kenneth H. 
Logan, Utah 

Baird, Orrin E. 
Prove, Utah 

Alleman, Joan 
Sprlngville, Utah 

Adair, Elenore 
Moab, Utah 

Barney. Ralph 
Delta, Utah 

Allred, Betty Lou 
Price, Utah 

Abel, Emma 
Tremonton, Utah 

Arafiles, Mildred 

Allen, James B., Jr. 
Burley, Idaho 

Anderson, Donna 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Apgood, Joseph 
Ogden, Utah 

Alleman, Glenn L. 
Springville, Utah 

Ande."son, Janice V. 
Provo, Utah 

Ballantyne, Marion 
Nyssa, Oregon 

Albach, Arlene 
Watsonville, California 

Anderson, Henry A., Jr. 
Richland, Washington 

Anderson, Marjorie 
Boise, Idaho 

Affleck, Peggy 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Anderson, Ernel Leroy 
Fairv,ew, Utah 

Anderson, Iflllylf 
Glendive, lOhgnta, 

'^ ^^ "^ 

Bassett, Dick M. — L<f/ell, ^^' 
Bean, Ruth Ellen May — Baker, Of 
Barlow, Carol — Ogden, Utah 
Bates, J. Lambert — Ogdan, Utah 
Bardsley, Gloria — Salt Laka City 

Beck, Ardena — Pleasant GroVe. Utah 
Bennion, Junius Leo — Salt Laka CV 
Bennion, Boni+a Tobler — Washingt' 
Bearnson, S, Lynn — Spanish Fork, Uti 
Bennett, Ma«lyn Jensan —- Burley,,fi 

inett, Ma«lyn 

^^ Barber, Kitty Sue'^^ VS^f&lf^ ™^^ 

Bean, Hardy — Provo, Utah 

Bean, Rosemary — LaGrande, Oregon 
Ballif, Jae R. — Provo, Utah 
Belliston, Ara — Nephi, Utah 


Bray, Harry L. 
Hilo, Hawaii 

Bringhurst, Luzon 
Toquerville, Utah 

Boyer, Mary S. 
Springvllle, Utah 

Bradbury, Jack 

Los Angeles, California 

Boren, J. D. 
Bingham, Utah 


_ Borgeson, Nell 

vV^i^^ Santaquin, Utah 

Blair, Frank 
Ogden, Utah 

Boehm, Walter 
Pomona, California 

I've had it. 

Bates, Lynn — San Diego, California 
Barton, Roy S. — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Bullock, Bernice — Lethbridge, Alberta, Can. 
Brunson, Dean — McSill, Nevada 
Burton, John B. — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Billings, Victor D. — Arlington, Virginia 

aBBSvndorfer, Erma Jean — Hebar City, Utah 
Blair, E. Max — Provo. Utah;' J 
Bird, Ladene — Brigham City, ijfah 
togham, KaH — Junction City. Oregon 

BT^J^j^^flndpoint, Idaho 
^=. MB^ Utah 

|ler, Thartn J. — Roxburg, Idaho 
jvan _C>-=L-Spfipqville, Utah 

ham City, Utah 

Dpa, Idaho 
"Brown, Thora BelTiT-Srtovell, Wyoming 
Butler, Ralph — Jerome, Idaho 
Burdick, Pat — Dragerton, Utah 
Burge, Irma H. — Wellington, New Zealand 


Brock, Walter Robert — American Fork, Utah 
Brough, Randal DeVere — Prove, Utah 
Brooks, Joyce — Burbank, California 
Brown, Edwin G. — Midvale, Utah 
Brown, Robert L. — Queen Creek, Arizona 

Boswell, Evan C. — Tucson. Arizona 
Bready, Jean — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Braithwaite, Dick — Manti, Utah 
Brady, Alice F. — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Broderick, Lee R. — Roosevelt, Utah 

Cutler, Odell B. — Malad, Idaho 
Crook, Jean — Fallon, Nevada 
Custer, Merle J. — St. George, Utah 
Babcock, Joyce — Bountiful, Utah 
Curtis, Brandt B. — Solomon, Arizona 

Crandall, Jean Louise — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Cruser, DeVirl — St. Anthony, Idaho 
Crandall, Virginia — Great Neck, New York 
Curtis, Bruce N. — Thatcher, Arizona 
Crawford, Marilyn — Orem, Utah 

Cannon, Gerald W. 
Circlevllle, Utah 

Carlile. Frederick G. 
Heber City, Utah 

Cameron, Connie — St. Anthony, Idaho 
Call, Darrell — Malad, Idaho 
Campbell, Jacquie — Colton, Oregon 
Cahoon, Rex A. — Cardston, Alb., Canada 
Campbell, LuDene B. — Emmett, Idaho 

I peeked. 


Bill 1 

Carlile, Thomas — Heber CHy, Utah 
Clark, Vern W. — Alpine, Utah 
Case, Peggy Ann — Mt. Emmons, Utah 
Chadwick, David B. — Payette, Idaho 
Carlile, Ralph T. — Heber City, Utah 

Christensen, Carole Ann — Denver, Colorado 
Christensen, Harold P. — Prove, Utah 
Ching, Henry P. — Hilo, Hawaii 
Christensen, Reed W. — Monroe, Utah 
Christensen, Albert Kent — Provo, Utah 

Christiansen, C. Paul — Pasadena, California 
Christiansen, Lily Jean — Gunnison, Utah 
Clark, Dave — Houston, Texas 
Clark, Barbara — St. George, Utah 
Christensen, Joe J. — Banida, Idaho 

Colovich, Raymond M. — Eureka, Utah 
Cole, Gay — Preston, Idaho 
Clawson, Jack — Seattle, Washington 
Coffin, Marianne — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Clayton, Bob — Indianapolis, Indiana 

Cluff, Manola J. — St. George, Utah 
Conk, Leo H. — Deseret, Utah 
Connell, Harold G. — Washington, D. C. 
Cook, Alan — Syracuse, Utah 
Cook, Ilia Mae — Shelley, Idaho 

Cooper, Grant S. — Washington, Utah 
Corbett, Joanne — Washington, D. C. 
Cooper, Richard D. — Provo, Utah 
Corbett. Starr, — St. George, Utah 
Corbett, Connie — St. George, Utah 

Craven, Rulon G. — Boise, Idaho 
Cox, Ed — Mesa, Arizona 
Cox, Lee T. — Provo, Utah 
Cox, Melvin W. — Ogden, Utah 
Cox, Nyle M. — Lehl. Utah 


Dahl, Paul E. 
Midvale, Utah 

Davis, Heber Lee 
Provo, Utah 

Demars, Lorraine 
Logan, Utah 

Davis, Bonnie Ann 
Albuquerque, N. Mexico 

Dean, Clifford, Jr. 
Pima, Arizona 

Dillman, Glenyce 
Farmington, N. Mexico 

Davies, Madge 
Orem, Utah 

Davis, Paul N. 
Ogden, Utah 

Divett, Robert 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Dalton, John M. 
Pontiac, Michigan 

Decker, Daniel L. 
Snowflake, Arizona 

Doerden, Earl S. 
El Monte, California 

Crandall, Richard 

La Canada, California 

Dean, Claude C. 
Inglewood, California 

Dell'Aria, Thomas G. 
Long Island, New York 

D'Addabbo, Patrick J. 
Thompsonville, Conn. 

Dean, Marion E. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Dixon, David S. 
Santa Ana, California 

Daly, Frank L. 
Panguitch, Utah 

Dearden, Melvin O. 
Henefer, Utah 



Dew, LaMar 
Northville, Michiginj 

Douglass, Andrew M. — • Glendalpi 
Draney, Jack L. — Freedpm, Wy^i 
Dolinar, Mitile — Provo, ^^h 
Doney, Darrell — Franklin, roa 
Draper, Jacqueline — r- San Francisco, 

Dudding, Monagene — Chandtet^Arizona 
Duncan, Sallie — Springville, Ut 
Dunn, Loren — Tooele, Utah 
Edwards, Carglyiv—^ Provo, \^\f)lf 
Edlefs^ '"^ • '^' ■ 

Ellsworth, Jean — Sj^J, AlIlM*-' 
Eller, La Von F. — Laketown",'ljtah 
Ericksen, LaVona — Beaver Dam, Utah 
Eggleston, DeLoss M. — Eden, Utah 
Ellertson, Norman — Provo, Utah 


Farr, Geraldlne G. 
Ogden, Utah 

Erickson, George N. 
Grantsville, Utah 

Farnsworth, William Y. 
Redwood City, Calif. 

Esplin, Gwenavere 
Mt. Carmel, Utah 

Farr, Janet 
Ogden, Utah 

Evans, Delna 
Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Farnsworth, Sharon 
Ely, Nevada 

Fairbourn, Marilyn 
Salina, Utah 

Fillmore, Reid — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Farrington, Shirley — Prineville, Oregon 
Firth, Richard E. — Portland, Oregon 
Fielding, Colleen — Orem, Utah 
Flake, Chad J. — Snowflake, Arizona 

•lukiger. Hubert B. — Etna, Wyoming 
Fish, Gerald S. — Overton, Nevada 

•aulkner, Margaret — Provo, Utah 
I^Rsher, Dean F. — Rexburg, Idaho 
Fish, John Rpgetsi-^. Provo, Utah 



ilfhnan, David I. — Ogden, Utah 

Fox, Nelson C. — Orangeville, Utah 

:=fcx, Phyllis, — Uhi, Utah 

lygare, <'^fi9JN^I^~ Provo, Utah 
FredericksinRBuSn-}ws Angeles, California 

francls, RoBei+M. — Buhl, Idaho 
Frame, Marilyn — Murray, Utah 
Frederlckson, Hartley — Malad, Idaho 
Francis, Beverly — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Fonnesbeck, Paul V. — Weston, Idaho 


Hawaii's gift to B.Y.U. 


Gardner, Robert Leigh — Cedar City, Utah 
Gareth, W. Lowe — Prove, Utah 
Frehner, Connie — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Gagdon, Edwin B. — Lancaster, California 
Giles, Claudia Gae — McGill, Nevada 

Gilner, Gerald L. — Provo, Utah 
Gillette, Barbara — Victor, Idaho 
Glick, Armand L. — Pocatello, Idaho 
Gilchrist, Claire — Ontario, Oregon 
Gerber, Lloyd M. — Wellington, Utah 

Green, Edna — Vinton, Virginia 

Goodwin, Jack B. — Milford, Utah 

Green, Patricia — Layton, Utah 

Gray, Robert A. — Lehi, Utah 

Gordon, Janet Louise — Santa Barbara, Calif. 

Golden, Terry — Spring City, Utah 
Green, Myrna — Niles, California 
Gowans, Floyd H. — Erie, Pennsylvania 
Green, John A. — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Griffiths, Don K. — Provo, Utah 


Gumnnow, Gladys — Burley, Idaho 
Gruver, Richard — Richland, Washington 
Grimmett, Janet — Paris, Idaho 
Haertel, Grant — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Groesbecl, Ruth — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Hall, Barbara 
Springville, Utah 


^j/ Gunnell, Leroy E. 

Soda Springs, Idaho 

Former President Harry S. Truman waves goodbye. 


sdiii urn m i iiii 

Hall, Gayle J. — Riverside, California 
Hamblin, Probert — Seattle, Washington 
Hall, Rosalene — Webster Springs, W. Va. 
Halliday, Richard L. — Glendale, California 
Groberg, Mary Jane — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Hamblin, William Kenneth — Provo, Utah 
Hancock, Wayne M. — Glendale, California 
Hanson, June H. — Provo. Utah 
Hancock, Larry — Pocatello, Idaho 
Hammer, Norman F. — Santa Monica, Calif. 

Hanson, Gene R. — Provo, Utah 
Hansen, Evan W. — Monroe, Utah 
Harding, Beth — Provo. Utah 
Hansen, Gene — Whittier, California 
Hansen, Jay D. — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Hardy, George K. — Bountiful. Utah 
Harmon, Elizabeth Ann — Los Angeles. Calif. 
Harman. J. Leonard — Salt Lake City. Utah 
Hardy, Leila — Meridian, Idaho 
Harris, Ray — Eagle, Idaho 

Havens, Virginia — Salmon. Idaho 
Hiatt, Wilbur D. — Mt. Airy, North Carolina 
Harward, Miriam — Wailuku, Maui, T. H. 
Headi5. Conrade — Baker. Oregon 
Havens, Patricia J. — Salmon, Idaho 

Heninger, Owen E. — Provo. Utah 
Hayes, Betty — Wilmington, Delaware 
Haynie. Richard Arlen — Alamosa. Colo. 
Hatch, Emma Gean — Panguitch, Utah 
Hess, Blaine — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Hemsley, Ruth — Rexburg, Idaho 
Heap, Dan — St. Johns, Arizona 
Haycock, lla Jean — Burley, Idaho 
Hermansen. J. Clark — Elsinore, Utah 
Hennis, Margaret — Nampa, Idaho 



HIatt, William 

Mt. Airy, N. Carolina 

Hinckley, Janice 

Long Beach, California 

Holman, Jean 
Seattle, Washington 

Hill, Richard 
Jacksonville, Florida 

Hodson, Carol Vadine 
Bakerstield, California 

Horece, Lowell Ralph 
Ogden, Utah 

Hillier, Wayne 
Avenel, New Jersey 

Holt, Ruth Taylor 
Provo, Utah 

Horluchi, Russell 

Hollingsworth, Paul M. 
Pre:ton, Idaho 

Harper, Betty 
Vancouver, B. C, Canada 

Howard, L. Eldson 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

Higa, Betty Yoneko 
Kohata, Hawaii 

Hoopes, Veldon A. 
Farmington, New Mexico 

Holt, James Edward 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Hebertson, JoAmn 
Provo, Utah 

Hodson, Phillip 
Springville, Utah 

Hones, Hilda B. 
Roy, Utah 

Higginbotham. Barbara 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Hitchcock, Ralph R. 
Buhl, Idaho 

Howard, Keilfl^ Cl' 
Orem, Utah^ /> 

Hunter, Arvel H. - 
Hutchinson, Margaret — Buhl, Idoho 
Hunter, M. Reed — Salt y(^e C 
Howell. Kathryn T. — C»s*fe Dale, U 
Hunt, Elwood C. —jBSh\. Ut 

Ivie, Edna/ioy — Walla Wa 
Ige, John — Honolulu, Hawa 
Ipsen, Florence — Malad, Idaho 
Hurst, Ira LeRoy •■=:^Tavson, ,UWh 
James, Josn, •— -4iock S, 

Jenkins, Stanley -=■ 

Jackson. Afton Maxweli — Peoa, Ulak- 
Jarman, Boyd — Lyman, Wyoming 
Jeserick, Ellen — LaCygne, Kansas 
Jackson, Leon — Salt Lake City, Utah 


Jensen, Jean B. 
Sandy, Utah 

Jensen, Donna 
Provo. Utah 

Jensen, Gordon K. 
Brigham City, Utah 

Jensen, Bertha M. 
Seattle, Washington 

Jensen, Kathleen 
Boise, Idaho 

Jensen, Royce 
Flint, Michigan 

Johnson, Egdon Victor 
Mesa, Arizona 

Johnson, Alan 
Ogden, Utah 

"Look, dear.' 

Keate, John James — : Richfield, Utah 
Kapuniai, Micei — Waimea, Kauai, T. H. 
Judd, Kenneth — Coalville, Utah 
Kearsley, Ralpheyn E. — Pocatello, Idaho 
Jordon, John Benny — Gushing, Oklahoma 

Kemper, Lecna Maude — Cranford, Canada 
Johnson, Rue C. — L$gan,.4Jtah 
r. Colleen \fjpr^, UfLh* ^ 
nfes, Clifford H. — Downeyf California 
nsoni toladvs — St^ Qspcflei Utah 

y, i i a an. aR e '— Tpcaftllo, Idaho 

Kekauoha.V^esley — Lais, Oaha, T. H. 

Jnhmnn, filnr|jjcitf-< 5r''^T^ erna1, Utah 

Knson.ryJi, Keht*^ Brovo, Utah 
^ern, De M aff R,-jir^, jjf eston , Idaho 

— King, GxMeSfr=^^ Zx>yo. Ut ah 
King, Eltan A. — Moore, Idaho 
King, Norma Jane — Provo, Utah 
Kirchoff, Herbert R. — St. Paul, Michigan 
Kitiberger, Bonnee — Oakland, California 



Konvlcka, William N. — Provo, Utah 
Larson, Tharia — Delta, Utah 
Lake, Boyd A. — Inglewood, California 
Kobayashi, June — Honolulu, Hawaii 
Klennm, H. Ralph — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Langlois, Mary Pat — Decatur, Illinois 
Lake, David A. — Downey, Idaho 
Landeen, Marjorie E. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Lang, Dee S. — St. George, Utah 
Langlois, Reed — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Larsen, Shirley — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Kullick, Edward — New York City, New York 
Larsen, Elizabeth — Detroit, Michigan 
Larsen, Reed — Richfield, Utah 
Latinaer, Kathryn — Nephi, Utah 

Leavitt, Elaine — Homedale, Idaho 
Leavitt, Lawrence Junior — Las Vegas, Nev. 
Lefler, Thard W. — Heber, Utah 
Lawlor, Enid M. — Grande Prairie, Canada 
Leavitt, Ray Hunt — Las Vegas, Nevada 

Lewis, John E. — Provo, Utah 
Little, Vivian H. — Taber, Alb., Canada 
Liechty, Kenneth A. — Provo, Utah 
Lindsay, Ellen — Dingle, Idaho 
Lindstrom, David — Price, Utah 

McBeth, Marlene M. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

McAllister, Arnold J. 
St. George, Utah 

Heap paleface gotta register at Plymouth Rock! 




m iiiii[R 

Marble, DeLora — Tremonton, Utah 
McBride, Kenneth — Burley, Idaho 
Maxfield, Janyce — Provo, Utah 
Mcintosh, Don — Provo, Utah 
McGregor, Clarice — Macolenny, Florida 

Madsen, Lowell L. — Provo, Utah 
Marshall, Lora Lee — Ogden, Utah 
McKlnney, Phillip R. — Manassa, Colorado 
McLaren, Joanne — Provo, Utah 
McFarlane, James J. — Oakland, California 

Matthews, Lucille — Liberty. Idaho 
Mann,Lawry — Ellensburg, Washington 
Marsden, Mary Jane — Parowan, Utah 
McKelvey, Robert E. — Los Angeles, Calif. 
Mattice, Lou Rita — Portland, Oregon 

Manzione, Joe — Beaver, Utah 
Maycoolc, Lorna Jean — Orem, Utah 
Matthews, Keith B. — Midvale, Utah 
Maxfield, Joyce — Provo, Utah 
Maxfield, E. Blair — Delta, Utah 

Marler, Ben C. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Markham, Keith G. — Ontario, Oregon 
Measom, James L. — Spanish Fork. Utah 
Melander, Vernon L. — Boise, Idaho 
Mellor, Hilda LaPriel — Fayette, Utah 

Mellor, Carol — Fayette, Utah 

Mellor, Joel K. — Idaho Falls. Idaho 

Mendenhall, Janice — Mapleton, Utah 

Merrill, Jay W. — Paul, Idaho 

MacCabe, John S. — San Carlos, California 

Miles. Duane O. — Orei.l, Utah 

Meservy, Norma — Provo, Utah 

Miles, David — Price, Utah 

Miles, Frank G. — Grace, Idaho 

Miller, Michael — Huntington Park, Calif. 


Mllljgan, Donald F. 
Seattle. Washington 

Moon, Clarence 
Orem, Utah 

Myers. Lois Rae 
Ephrainn, Utah 

Money. Ted 
Spanish Fork. Utah 

Moore, Heber 
Belfry. Montana 

Moyes, Arleen 
Twin Falls. Idaho 

Money, Fred A. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Montgomery, Vern R 
North Ogden, Utah 

Moore, Wilburta 
Nampa, Idaho 

Miya, Fred 
American Fork, Uton 

Morrow, Robert C. 
Long Beach, California 

Murray, Geraldlne 
Springville. Utah 

Mishle, Amber 
Tabrona. Utah 

Morrlsey. Roberta 
Joliet, Illinois 

Moore, Leonard O. 
Provo. Utah 

Money. Marilyn 
Monterey Park. Calif. 

Myers. Violate 
Boise, Idaho 

Murphy, Don R. 

Long Beach, California 


Monson, Nadine 
American Fork. Utah 

Moody, Elizab eth 
Delta. Utah^^i^ 

Mortimer. (5<eDrge 
Montclair. New J^csoy 

Naef, Ralph S. — Doi/ney, ^^. 
Orr, Berkley C. — GraVsvllle,^' 
Nilsen, Richard E. — Allvii^ra,'^ 
Nielsen, Melvin — ValU^C^i 
Newman, Howell — 3>4pringvyie, 

Nelson, J^l< Adolph — Bell 
Nelson, Ferret Garth — Rexbu 
Orroclc, Beverly E. — Joseph, 
Nielson, Jo]in__tii— ■='^anti. ^Mh 

Nuttall, Virl Ros' 

Ottley, Renae~^^- Carlin, Nevada 
Nixon, Jim W. — Provo, Utah 
Oalcey. Marylln — Boise, Idaho 
Nord, William J. — Ogden, Utah 


Palmer, Marilyn 
Pasadena, California 

Oveson, Levi W. 
St. Johns, Arizona 

Olsen, Ray R. 
Rigby, Idaho 

Parker, Colleen 
Clinton, Utah 

Parkinson, G. J. 
Benjamin, Utah 

Paxman, Gary 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Paris, Annette 
Austin, Texas 

Payne. William H. 
Duncan, Arizona 

Patterson, Allan D. — Springville, Utah 
Patten, Glen — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Paulson. Walter P. — Mammoth, Utah 
Peterson, Lois — Kimberly, Idaho 
Peay, Jack D. — San Diego. California 

Pendleton, Lynn — Provo, Utah 
/' ""^derllen. Alten Dean — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
— Escelente, Utah 
Lyman, Wyoming 

/^ ^^dersen, Alten Dean 
V V Porte r, Owen R. — 

I >«'^^3ete.''scn. Jack O'^ — 

Pe3iT|srv'Ji»if(i G. 

Perryi William — Helper, Utah 
"Peterson, Dorene M. — Brigham City, Utah 
'£eie«on, John H. — Provo, Utah 
^ Provo, Utah 
terson, Jim 3J^«h>te''^^'*y' ^^"'^ 

ncocift'Sebrga D.- — -Sugar City, Idaho 
Poulsen, Udell E. — Nyssa, Oregon 
Platts, Robert G. — Paul, Idaho 
Passey, Afton — Randolph, Utah 
Pierce, Guy — Payson, Utah 

'What happened to the road?' 

T-^' ^!r 


Poulson, Brooks — Richfield, Utah 
Pugmire, Elaine G. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Prusse, Ralph E. — Prove, Utah 
Powell, James L. — Price, Utah 
Potter, Arnel — Seaside, California 

Putnam, Howard H. — Woodruff, Utah 
Putnam, Melrose Jack — Ontario, Oregon 
Rees, Barbara Jane — La Grande, Oregon 
Rampton, George O. — Syracuse, Utah 
Reed, Frances — Denver, Colorado 

Ravsten, Lynn — Heyburn, Idaho 
Rasmussen, Anne — Ogden, Utah 
Quigley, Blaine — Pocatello, Idaho 
Ray, Joye — Ogden, Utah 
Quigley, D. Vaun — Ogden, Utah 

Reinsch, Cecil — Whittier, California 
Rigby, W. Dean — Provo. Utah 
Richardson, Newell — Safford, Arizona 
Ririe, Geraldine — Lander, Wyoming 
Robbins, Darvel — Tremonton, Utah 


Rowberry, C. Joseph 
Provo, Utah 

Rowberry, Richard L. 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Roundy, Elmo — Provo, Utah 
Rodriguez, Miriam — Guatemala 
Rodeback, Shirley — Vernal, Utah 
Roblson, Barbara — Tulsa, Oklahoma 
Robertson, Bobby D. — Kennewick, Wash. 

We only ran over six Freshmen last night.' 


KSPicni niinis 

• I ■ 

Rushton, Darrel — Ruth, Nevada 

Rov/e, Betty Jean — Grand Junction, Colo. 

Kolllns, Phil — Lyman, Wyoming 

Roundy, Marilyn — Provo, Utah 

Rogers, Garth O. — Provo, Utah 

Rowe, Derilys — Manti, Utah 

Sabey, Burns — Magrath, Alb., Canada 

Russon, Lisle — Lehi, Utah 

Rowley. Robert D. — Richfield, Utah 

Rowe, Lucille — Manti, Utah 

Saltus, Gail L. — Inglewood, California 
Sanders, LaRee — LaVerkin, Utah 
Sagers, R. Gordon — Tooele, Utah 
Sanders, Catherine — San Bernardino, Calif. 
Sadler, Arthur B. — San Francisco, Calif. 

Schow, Robert — Layton, Utah 
Sato, Esther — Paia, Maui, Hawaii 
Schbfield, Sheldon — Spring City, Utah 
Schenlc, Mary Lou — Nyssa, Oregon 
Seely, Edwin M. G. — Mt. Pleasant, Utah 

Seegmlller, Laureen — St. George, Utah 
Schultz, Ronald W. — Buffalo, New York 
Secrist, Charlene — Ogden, Utah 
Sederholm, Carl R. — Brigham City, Utah 
Schenk, Viola Maria — Wenatchee, Wash. 

Seely, Morris R. — Mt. Pleasant, Utah 
Sellers, Lois — Rock Springs, Wyoming 
Shaw, Robert K. — Modesto, California 
Sewell, Mary — Driggs, Idaho 
Seely, Marjorie P. — Mt. Pleasant, Utah 

Shelley, Thais — American Fork, Utah 
Sheranian, Richard E. — Beverly Hills, Calif. 
Shellington, Betty Jo — Prescott, Arizona 
Shaw, Selma — Burley, Idaho 
Shoell, Frederick R. — Pleasant Grove, Utah 


Smith, Jay M., Jr. 
Boise, Idaho 

Smith, Karma 

Mountain View. Canada 

Soderquist, Alma Gene 
Provo, Utah 

Smith. David E. 
Mosl(ogan, Michigan 

Snyder, lona 
Myton. Utah 

Staheli, J. Melvin 
Provo, Utah 

Smith, Keith T. 
Portetville, California 

Smithson, Anne Vee 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Standing, Keith M. 
Ogden, Utah 

Shumway, Van L. 
Taylor, Arizona 

Steed, Eloise 
Layton, Utah 

Smith, Rex Lloyd 
Ogden, Utah 

Simpson, Clarice W. 
Thayne, Wyoming 

Smith, Walter R. 
Madera, California 

Sorriaux, Jeannine 
Provo, Utah 

Snider, Mary 
Portland, Oregon 

Snow, Quentin E. 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Stebbing, William E. 
Baltimore, Maryland 

Smith. Olene 
Ogden, Utah 

Snelgrove, Philip R 
Provo, Utj 


Salt Lake City. Utah 

Smith, Norman Davis 
Stewart. Nelda — Teton^daho 
Stevenson, Joseph Grant — Ogden, 
Stubbs, Verda — Provo, Utah -^y' 

Storrs, Dee Leon — AmericarK..Forl;, U|ah 


ffcqton, N. C.>v 
o\la^^^^ \ 

Stratten, LO'uise Alberta — Burlfcqton, N. C/S 

Strawn. Byron — Lomita, Califon 

Stone, Charlene T. — Geneva, 

Stuckey, JLussett'tJwight — ^i*Stisboro^. C.\ \ 

Strinqiiam.'iraTfflf" — Val'? Walla^'ash. \ \ 


Sturgill, Eugene H. ■ 

Sunderland, Doris — Ellenburg Depot, -N."^'^^ 
jumsion, Carlton T. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Sumsion, Nancy M. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Swenson, John — Pleasant Grove, Utah 


Telford, Maxine 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Tanner, Janese 
Montpelier, Idaho 

Tanner, Lucille 
Price, Utah 

Tanner, John W. 
Lomita, California 

Taylor, Leila 

Magrath, Alb., Canada 

Taylor, Kenneth R. 
American Fork, Utah 

Taylor, Ronald D. 

Los Angeles, California 

Taylor, William Hacking 
Payson, Utah 

Here's that winter wonderland you've heard about. 

Thomas, Grant — Arlington, Virginia 

Terry, Velma — St. George, Utah 

Terry, Rex N. — Delta, Utah 

Tanner, Patricia D. — San Bernardino, Calif. 

Teichert, John — Cokeville, Wyoming 

Tew, Louise Barton — Manti, Utah 
ftinas. Jack — Sugar City, Idaho 
ackeray,^en«e /y^ro^^fcti^Ajtah 
omas. Claude — Rock Springs, Wyoming 

T«*cher, Norinns — Montpelier, Idaho 

, California 
ler, Arizona 

— Boise, Idaho 



"Thompson, Joe -^ lvialTa7~ldaho 
Tribe, Carolyn — Ogden, Utah 
Tooke, William H. — Provo, Utah 
Torgeson, Gilbert — Glendale, California 


Trotter, Paul — Provo, Utah 
Tucker, Lynn — Burlington, Wyonning 
Trottier, W. G. — Richmond, California 
Turley, Donna Lee — Mesa, Arizona 
Turley, Oris Wayne — Conda, Idaho 

Van Dyke, Jean — Ogden, Utah 
Tyler, Reed L. — Pocatello, Idaho 
Turner, Shirley — Santa Ana, California 
Walker, Sanford S. — Provo, Utah 
Turner, Bonnie Jean — Hillsboro, Oregon 

Van Slooten, Don — Los Angeles, California 
Vieira, Ennmanell — Honolulu, Hawaii 
Vest, Arthur Dee — Ogden. Utah 
Wood, Wanda Jean — Coeur d' Alene, Idaho 
Walston, Milton L. — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Walker, Garth L. — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Ward, Ben — Price, Utah 
Ward, Dennis — New Westminster, B. C. 
Wade, Ewell Gene — Bountiful, Utah 
Udall, Edith Idella — Phoenix, Arizona 

Watkins, Nina 
Arlington, Virginia 

Webb, John Wayne 
Ogden, Utah ■ 

Wasden, Archie G. — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Warr, Carol — Oakley, Idaho 
Welch, Arthur — Cowley, Wyoming 
Warnock, Arda Jean — Sigurd, Utah 
Wayman, Reid L. — Provo, Utah 

Half-time activities. 



Watson, David M. 
West, Barbara Lyn ■ 
Welch, Robert J. - 
Wiberg, Marilyn — 
West, Robert G. - 

- Honolulu, Hawaii 

- Pleasant Grove, Utah 

- Heber City, Utah 
Roy, Utah 

San Carlos, California 

Wells, Milton — Tropic, Utah 
Whetten, Gene — Colonia, Juarez, Mexico 
West, Keith — Rock Springs, Wyoming 
Whitaker, Robert E. — Los Angeles, Calif. 
Whaanga, Albert — New Zealand 

White, Glen Hardy — Susanville, California 

Whiteley, Joyce — Oakley, Idaho 

White, Norman N. — Cedar City, Utah 

Whiting, Ann — Provo, Utah 

White, Wayne D. — Fort Stockton, Texas 

Wright, Jack O. — Los Angeles, California 

Wright, Karma — San Francisco, California 

Wright, Joseph Merlin — Los Angeles, Calif. 

Wilson, Mollie Marie — Provo, Utah 

Wright, William Lloyd — Am. Fork, Utah 

Williams, Glenn R. — Kemmerer, Wyoming 
Woodbury, John Bryce — Hurricane, Utah 
Worsley, Linda — Pasadena, California 
Woolley, Quentin — Vernal, Utah 
Worsley, Klea Evans — Pasadena, California 

Wirig, Frank H. — Evanston, Wyoming 
Winegar, Norene — Ogden, Utah 
Wilson, Max E. — Kamas, Utah 
Wing, Joyce Campbell — Phoenix, Arizona 
Worthington, Keith N. — Nephi, Utah 

Wright, Beverly — Chula Vista, California 
Wilson, Byron Gale — Roosevelt, Utah 
Williams, Paul D. — Heyburn, Idaho 
Wilson, L. David — Roosevelt, Utah 
Williams, George L. — Winnemucca. Nevada 


Whittle, Charles W. — Provo, Utah 
Wiliardson, Joann — LaCanada. California 
Wilkins, George R. — Ramah, New Mexico 
Whiting, Rondo E. — Provo, Utah 

Zwahlen, Kenneth D. — Murray, Utah 
Young, J. Lowell — Perry, Utah 
Young, Nolan G. — Ririe, Idaho 
Yamakawa, Tom T. — Zushi, Japan 

If you haven't bunny-hopped, you havent lived! 

Nice day for a parade. 




As familiar on stage at a microphone as with a piano at 
her fingertips . . . dynamic super-talented head of Student 
Program Bureau . . . friendly and fun ... a real leader 
with uncanny ability and personality. 


Intelligence and personality combined ... a naturally 
inclined leader with interests in developing hidden talent 
within each individual . . . pride of the Graduate Class. 


Talent built up through leadership and long years of 
service to B.Y.U. . . . served on numerous committees 
. . . devoted most of her time to Sponsor Corps and 
wedded bliss. 

JACK ROBERTS, Class Representative 



IND \m IH[|[ ll[i[ Il[ 


Ballif, Arta — Prove, Utah 

Benson, Jesse N. — loka, Utah 

Bailey, Dale S. — Blackfoot, Idaho 

Avon, Patricia Bingham — Sacramento. Calif. 

Burkey, Nala H. — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Burnett, John D, — Bartow, Florida 
Brady. Elsie — Redmesa. Colorado 
Brown, Karl — Provo. Utah 

Bradshaw, Willard H. — Orem, Utah 
Decker, Carlyle H. — Mancos. Colorado 
Calder, Vance — Orem, Utah 
Christensen, LaPree — Ashton, Idaho 

Clark, Alan C. — Georgetown, Idaho 
Crookston, Dorothy — Mesa, Arizona 
Conis, James N. — Palmyra, Virginia 
Crandall, John — Sacramento, California 

Goodson. William Dale — Idaho Falls. Idaho 
Greninger, Gordon H. — Carthage. Missouri 
Forsyth, Gordon J. — Alberta. Canada 
Dayton. Lowell — St. Anthony. Idaho 

Halterman, Richard J. — Parowan. Utah 
Peacock, C. Herschel — Emery. Utah 
Hickman. J. Morris — Coulee Dam. Wash. 
Hansen. Neva Mae — Los Angeles. Calif. 


Horroclcs, Evelyn — Pocatello, Idaho 
Jenkins, Douglas — Prove, Utah 
Hutchinson, Joseph A. — Buhl, Idaho 
Hulllet, F. Dale — San Diego, California 

Johnson, Carl E. - — Fredericksburg. Virginia 
Larsen, Alice M. — Provo, Utah 
Larsen, Norman D. — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Johnson, Elizabeth Jane — Sanford, Colorado 

Mabey, Melvin P. — Bountiful, Utah 
McGregor, A. Pardoe — Los Angeles, Calif. 
Mendiola, Maria Luisa — Mexico City, Mex. 
Mason, Maughan S. — Tremonton, Utah 

Mercer, Robert — Barnwell, Alb., Canada 
Nicholes, Joyce — Provo, Utah 
Neilson, Don — Provo, Utah 
Nielsen, Margene — Hunter, Utah 

Rutter, Helen — Malad, Idaho 
Pearson, David T., Sr. — Plymouth, N. H, 
Olmstead, Clifford F. — Los Angeles, Calif. 
Peterson, Dallas O. — Oakley, Idaho 

Pond, Bob — Detroit, Michigan 
Roberts, Jack — Phoenix, Arizona 
RIchey, Dale M. — St. Johns, Arizona 
Schoenfeld, Edward L. — Parma, Ohio 

Smith, Virgil B. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
HiroshI, Sozuki — Tokyo, Japan 
Shumway, Lenn M. — Taylor, Arizona 
Steele, Paul LeFay — American Fork, Utah 


...iiEi ID \\\ I i[y[[ 


Tew, Burton E., Jr. — Mapleton, Utah 
Thomas, E. LaVoy — Pocatello, Idaho 
Tew, Melvin B. — Leslie, Idaho 
Takasaki, Fred T. — Honolulu, Hawaii 

Weibell, Agnes — West Jordan, Utah 
Tschudy, James J. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
White, J. Morgan — Spanish Fork, Utah 
White, David — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Woodford, Hugh J. — Sydney, Australia 
Williams, Owen Blair — Provo, Utah 
Woldhouse, Eleanor — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Woodbury, Lael J. — Logan, Utah 

The daily Fieldhouse hike 

"Well, kids, looks like this is about the last mile 


[ KiNf[i iuiR[[i yne 


Allen, Nea — Pocatello, Idaho 
Bassettl. Ramon — San Francisco, California 
Beasley, Janeen — Cedar City, Utah 
Batty, Wayne — Vernal, Utah 
Bartholomew, MacRae — Fayette, Utah 

Blood, Louise — Provo, Utah 
Bloomquist, Dyann — Salt Lale City, Utah 
Beck, Lu Juana — Ogden, Utah 
Beasley, JoAnn — Cedar City, Utah 
Brennan, Cliff — Walla Walla, Washington 

Clarlc, Maureen — Sydney, Australia 
Clark, Katherine — ElMonte, California 
Didericksen, L. Colleen — Tremonton, Utah 
Brown, Garry — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Green, C. Ron — Phoenix, Arizona 

Facer, Mark A. — Malad, Idaho 
Green. Dulce — Sao Paulo, Brazil 
Durrans, Robert — Ashton, Idaho 
Fields, Shirlee — Tooele, Utah 
Grover, Grant — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Hall. Edwin C. — Vernal, Utah 

Hall, Malinda — Woods Cross, Utah 

Hall, Gerald Ray — Tooele, Utah 

Gygi, Marjeanne — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Hayes. Graham H. — Tremonton, Utah 

Jacobsen, Ann Vivian — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Hilton, Terry — Provo, Utah 
Halliday, Marion — Kaysville, Utah 
Hammond. W. Leon — Twin Falls, Idaho 
Heidlebaugh, Audrey — Sacramento. Calif. 

Jenkins, Ward — St. Anthony, Idaho 
Jensen. Ethel — Centerville, Utah 
John, Edward C. — Nucla, Colorado 
Lewis, William — Tabiorra, Utah 
Kattainen, Anja — Tampere, Finland 

Lloyd, Kent M. — Provo, Utah 
Loveland, Howard W. — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Llndsey, Ferrin — Centerville, Utah 
Ludlow. Albert M. — Venice. California 


Wade, Iris 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Wagner. Virginia 
Elmira. New York 

Wixon, Carl J. 
Burley, Idaho 

Yardley, Gilbert 
Beaver, Utah 

Williamson, Reid Jay 
San Marino, California 

Lovett, Louise — El Paso, Texas 
Lund, Vernon A., Jr. — Citrus Heights, Calif 
Lyman, Arleen — Del Paso Heights, Calif. 
Mackay, Yvonne — Melbourne, Australia 
Mackay, William — Salt Lake City, Utah 

McBride, Ramen W. — Burley, Idaho 
Mather, Marlin — Grace, Idaho 
Matthews, Elmo — Evanston, Wyoming 
Meyer, John George — Pretona, South Africa 
Miller, Sterl Ferren — Tremonton, Utah 

Newey, Derlln F. — Ogden, Utah 
Newton, Mary Jane — Santa Barbara, Calif. 
Olsen, John Paul — Paradise, Utah 
Parks, Dean — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Peterson, Charles C. — Lehi, Utah 

Richards, Florine — Ekalaka, Montana 
Quigley, John L. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Reynolds, Colleen — Pocatello, Idaho 
Phlpps, Diane — Los Angeles, California 
Riley, Joan — Bountiful, Utah 

Wright, Grant — Hyrum, Utah 
Stowell, Louise — Arcadia, California 
Soule, Patricia — Albany, New York 
Smithson, James B. — Holbrook, Arizona 
Rodrigues, Yolanda — Santos, Brazil 

"Hello — John. I could just cry. My Ban- 
yan proofs were simply horrible again. ' 


Burns, Barbara Ann — Logan, Utah 
Croft, David H. — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Davis, Glenn C. — Provo, Utah 
Crowley, Bob — Twin Falls, Idaho 
Brockbank, Grant — Provo, Utah 

Dorriss, Billie — Los Angeles, California 

Egbert, Gerald — Ashton, Idaho 

Fox, Richard S. — Salt Lake City, Utah 

W^ «r 

Garrett, Eugene — LaCanada, California 


Gibbon, Norman D. — Provo, Utah 

Gilchrist, J. S. — Kennmerer, Wyoming 
Hewett, Elsie B. — Kanab, Utah 
Graviet, A. Jack — Ogden, Utah 
Hamilton, Robert A. — Magrath, Canada 
Harvey, John Lael — Provo, Utah 

Johnson, Lonny — Alamosa, Colorado 
Johns. Barbara — San Diego, California 
Kelson, Jed — Hollywood, California 
Holgate, Barbara — Monroe, Utah 
Hillam, Rulon A. — Ashton, Idaho 

Lewis, Glen L. — Tabiona, Utah 

Parkin, Max H. — Bountiful, Utah 

Little, Jacqueline — San Fernando, California 

Robison, Rulon D. — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Ludlow, Ann — Washington, D. C. 

"Let's face it if we can, Mary — so were 


Smith, Roland J. 
Boise, Idaho 

Stephens. Jimmie 
Mammoth, Utah 

Watkins, Mary Lou 
Sacramento, Californ!. 

Tweed. James R. 
Henefer. Utah 

Taylor, Henry D.. Jr. 
Provo, Utah 

Wride, A. Jenele 
Long Beach, California 

Whittle, Jack 
Provo, Utah 

Westwood, Ardis 
Orerr., Utah 


Asay, Jesse — Provo, Utah 
Bartlett, Connie — Mountain Home, Idaho 
Call, Joyce — Roseville, California 
Beckett, Ray H. — Los Angeles, California 
Atkinson, Dennis N. — Samaria, Idaho 

Cameron, Doc — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Eyier, Bernle — Pocatello, Idaho 

Jarman, Leisle Compton, California 

Farthing, Lucille — Lander, Wyoming 
Kingeter, Fritz — Germany 

m i 

Maughan, Scott — San Gabriel, California 
Shirley, Myrna June — Los Angeles, Calif. 
Richards, Don K. — Ogden, Utah 
Rose, Ruth Leone — Montclair, New Jersey 
Whitehead, Lee M. — Twin Falls, Idaho 
Skousen, Orval N. — Overton, Nevada 

'Hey, Dick — wasn't that the alarm clock? 
"What're they fighting about now?" 



Beck, Robert E. — Gunnison, Utah 
Call. Gaynell — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Hegsted, Victor O. — Rigby, Idaho 
Holman, Robert — lona, Idaho 
Hulihan, Lois — Los Angeles, California 

Dunham, Rose Marie — Berlceley, California 
Wright, Loice — San Diego, California 
Torres, Edgardo E. — Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Tippets, Frank M. — Provo, Utah 
Tregaskis, Donald — American Fork, Utah 

^'^^ ^' 


"Well, let's hunt for another room-mate, kids. 

Smith, Lehi T. 
Showlow, Arizona 

Vinci, Yolanda 
Salto, Uruguay 

"Mother told me there'd be nights like this.' 


"... and if your eye be single to 
my glory, your whole bodies shall be 
filled with light ..." 

D&C 88:67 






A t 

% .#m 



I 4 

A' ?.3, 


Director of Athletics Eddie Kimball is "the 
man behind the gun" who coordinates the ex- 
cellent BYU athletic program on campus. You 
probably remember Ed as a previous coach and 
for his commendable job in the years he has 
servied as director. 

At right, excited Cougar fans cheer "with a 
COUGARS! Fight, Cougars, fight!" 

The heart-beat of the university, sports at Brigham Young created the 
sure-fire spirit behind a completely functional recreation program aside from 
regular classwork and textbooks. 


Track coach "Robbie" Robison, an 
ex-BYU track star, took over the 
coaching reigns for the cindermen 
in 1949 immediately after his gradu- 
ation. He has the complete admi- 
ration and confidence of his teams — 
a necessary combination for a sound, 
successful track year. 


Coach Watts has led his Cougar 
Cagers through another exciting and 
successful basketball year. 

During his short career at the Y, 
he has walked away with two confer- 
ence titles and an N.I.T. title as well 
as maintaining a national reputation 
for his team. 


Football coach Charles Atkinson 
has gradually improved his grid-iron 
crew to a point of conference ma- 
terial and has spent four years in 
raising football standards at the Y. 


Leading the Y nine to a conference 
victory during his first year, coach 
Crowton as assistant football coach 
is shaping up gridiron techniques on 
the Y stadium field. 


Giving expert guidance to tennis 
and golf aspirants, Jovian coach Buck 
Dixon sought another Skyline Six ten- 
nis championship for the Cougars in 
addition to developing golf tech- 
niques on the park green. 


Wrestling and football talents 
came through with Coach Reed Nil- 
sen at the reigns. Assisting in foot- 
ball workouts, he is a former BYU 
football champ and experienced ath- 
letics trainer. 






Naval Air Station 



New Mexico j^ ™__ 



Montana %j^ 












San Jose State 



Utah State AC 



Colorado A & M 



Arizona State 


CAPTAINS, left to right: J 

ae Bal- 

lit, Lowell Madsen, Coach 









-* -^ » " 


Winning the first three games of the season 
after a powerful beginning, Chick Atkinson's 
grid squad finished the season with a 4 won, 
4 lost record. 

Chosen at the season's opening to place 
high on the conference roster, they stalled 

after a roaring start and ended up in sixth 
place in conference competition. Individual 
records were taken by several of the players 
and the team copped recognition as best in 
Skyline pass defense. 


Rated as the team to win, the 
Cougar Cats were shellacked by 
the Utah Redskins 34-6. 

The traditional clash between 
Utah and B.Y.U. was the worst 
spill of the season for the team of 
the blue and white. A hard pill 
to swallow, the game ebbed at the 
half to disclose the defeat of the 
rugged Cougar grid stars and a 
hard-fought victory for the U. 

First shining victory of the year 
for Brigham Young was the defeat of 
the opposing team as the Cougars 
raced out to meet fast and furious 
Navy Skyraiders for a final score of 
14-7 and went on for a well-earned 
win over New Mexico, 14-10. 

First row, lelt to right: Melvin Nielson, Lewis Kochevar.Whitaker. Row 3: Karol Bills, Dave Lindstrom, Lowell 
Bob Hamblln, Gary Paxman, Keith Matthews, Udell Madsen, Larry Hancock, Darrell Doney, Dave Chad- 
Westover. Row 2: hHarold Cunningham, Harry (Sonny) wick. 
Bray, Walt Schmit, Elmo Roundy, Jae Ballif, Robert 




Bob Bills Gary Paxman 

Karol Bills Elmo Roundy 

Norm Siaymaker Udell Westover 

Roy Jones 
Robert Hamblln 
Henry West 

George Frankovitch John Robinson 
Clarence Hulse Chuck Busby 

Ross Carter Bob Whitaker 

David Lindstrom Sonny Bray 

Robert Earp Larry Hancock 

Lowell Madsen Owen Skousen 

Quincey Shulman 

Drew Shumway Terry Smith 

Don Woods Clint Taylor 

Lavon Satterfield 
Reed Stolworthy 

Taking to the air agalnsf the Montana Grizzlies, the fast pacing 
Cougars chall<ed up another fast victory against Montana, 28-7. 
Montana's team showed high speed on the field and appeared de- 
termined to win in spite of the head-on challenge with BYU but 
dropped in defeat as the Cougars used superior blocking and carried 
the ball down to the goal. 

It took 10 Grizzlies to pull down a Cougar. 


I mu 

Merle Allen 

Lewis Kochevar Don Moncu 

Brigham Young stepped forward to wallop the Denver Pioneers 
as the Cougars out-fought and outplayed their highly touted foes to 
a classic win of 14 to 13. Homecoming alumni cheered at the un- 
equaled goal technique used by the gridders in defeating the rowdy 

Walt Smit 
Dewey Brundage 

Jerry LIndberg 
Calvin Monson 

Marion Probert 
Joe Mar+inez 

Hey, bud — watch where you're going! I'm taking 
a basket of goodies to Grandma's. 

Time out for ballet on the ball field. 


The rough and ready Wyoming Cowboys showed no pity for Brig- 
ham Young and their ill-fated turn of luck as they downed us 24-13. The 
San Jose State Spartans seemed at home as they rolled over the Cou- 
gars to a startling heartbreaker of 44-27. Utah State Aggies had a 
stroke of luck as they clipped us 27-26. The sad but wiser Cougars rolled 
up the season with two defeats from Colorado A & M and Arizona 
State Sun Devils. 


I K Oil e 

DeRay Eyre 

Dave Chadwicit 

Harold Cunningham 

Larry Bean 

George Bowman 

Jae Balllf 

Wendell Egbert 

Oarrell Doney 



Blue and white letter 
sweaters and slacks gave am- 
bitious cheerleaders Kent 
Walker, Boyd Busath, Barry 
Bright, hHarold Empey, and 
DeVon Fife the old fighting 
success spirit at football 
games. Vitality and strong 
lungs combined, the talented 
quintette added pep rally 
power to revive old and new 
yells of encouragement for 
the Cougar Cats. 

A sight for sore eyes at half-time, this snappy pom-pom quar- 
tette added plenty of sparkle and color to your games with their 
sharp routines. Wearing their pin-wheel skirts and polka-dot tights, 
(L. to R.) Marlene Empey, Carolyn Probert, Jean Dixon and Lenora 
Hoyal created the originality and vitality of your athletic contests. 

First row. left to right: Billy Ostler, hloward Hamblin, Ron 
Bacon, Alton Wade, Dave Lewis, Ned Callaghan, Willard 
Stoiworthy, Dick Smith, Billy Meadows, Jack Solomon. 
Row 2: Boyd Burbage, Bob Smith, Ted Smith, Don Fra- 
zler, Bart Spendlove, Roger Childs, Tommy Verbanatz, 
Wayne Nielson, Ray Elking. Row 3: Coach Dave Crow- 

ton Duane Hatch, Don Payne, Billy Bird, Loren Blocker, 
Clair McKee, Lyie Heing, Ralph Powers, Don Colewitch 
Asst. Coach Bob Corpowitz. Row 4: Neil Waters, 
Gerber, Clark Whitehead, Jay Anderson, Lewis Beardall, 
Blaine Hyde, Sidney Wyatt, Phil Oiler, Asst. Coach Lynn 





U. S. A. C. 



The Cougar Kit+ens slanted off with a bang 
as they rushed out to meet the brawny Utah 
frosh, only to come back home disappointed 
at the final score of 12-14, favoring the Red- 
skins. The two-point lead led to greater in- 
spiration for the Cougars, however. 

Snow Junior College matched their brawn with the 
husky B.Y.U. Kittens in a rugged free-for-all which ended in 
a close one for the Cougars as the final chalk-up showed 
Snow ahead by only two points. 

In the tussle with the Aggies Frosh from U.S.A.C., Brig- 
ham Young came through with a dynamic six-point lead to 
top the season off with surmounting grid prospects for the 
next season. 


Following a less victorious football season, BYU sport fans were encouraged to note the strength 
of Coach Stan Watts' rugged basketball squad. The Cougar Cagers showed their super.ont/ by 
defeating Idaho State College twice by lop-sided margins The next two battles raged w,th Los 
Angeles State chalked up another two-victory split for the fiery BYU Cats. 



Idaho State 

Idaho State 

Los Angeles State 

Los Angeles State 

San Francisco U. 

Washington Sta 

Oregon State 

Oregon State 

St. Louis U. 

Eastern Kentucky 


Wake Forest 

North Carolina State 

Utah State 

Denver University 





The wide-eyed Cougars faced their first rugged competition after 
rolling over Los Angeles and Idaho State by defeating the cagey N.I.T 
champs of San Francisco with a close toss-up of 53-52. A free shot by 
Larsen at the final quarter of the tied tourney chalked up the extra point 
to move the Blue and Whites on for an enviable record in the approaching 
conference line-up. 

Washington and Oregon State proved to be only mild competition 
for the anxious Cagers. Richey, Larsen, and Chrlstensen spilled point after 
point mto the nets to cop a pair of brilliant triumphs over the Northwestern 

Split-second speed, defense, and drive wound 
up an easy double victory for the Cats as they 
walloped Los Angeles State In the early season 
games with basket scores of 84-49 and 56-37. 

Invited to the National Invitational Tourney 
after dropping the western teams, the hopeful 
cagers sky-rocketed over St. Louis with an easy 
86-69 chalk-up to admit defeat as the Eastern 
Kentucky bounders copped a hard-fought victory 
by two points. 

Another hair-raiser with Duke University rang 
up one more triumphant victory for the fiery 
Brigham Youngs, 69-68, and carried them on to 
a royal second place in the conference. 

Left: Cutting close corners to avoid the tricky 
San Francisco mob. Van Burgess plans a neat 

Graceful Joe Richey skyrockets to complete 
a two-point lead on Los Angeles with a fancy 



Joe Richey wound up his 
collegiate basketball career 
in a blaze of glory that Is 
unprecedented for an ath- 
lete from Brigham Young 
University. The Arizona sen- 
sation and famous star Har- 
old Christensen began their 
fabulous basketball careers 
in different high schools, 
where as All-American seni- 
or players, they played 
opposite each other in 
the Kentucky confer- 
ence play-offs. Now at 
the Y, both were all- 
conference for two 
years, co-captains, on 

the all-Dixie Classic team, and played starring roles on the N.I.T. 
Championship. Richey was recently honored as Second Team 
All-American by Look and Colliers Magazines, hlats off to two 
swell fellows who have really brought out the "spirit" at the Y 
and won for It a national reputation! 

At right, All-American Richey shows the 
frightened Montana Grizzlies how to ciimb 


BYUS COURAGEOUS COUGAR CAGERS, from left to right: Joe Richey, 
Harold Christensen, Neil Stevens, John Taylor, Tom Karren, Ralph Bonham, 
Stan Collins, Nick Mateljan, Loren Dunn, Boyd Jarman, Morris Peterson, 
Sherman Crump, Dean Larsen, Van Burgess, hlard-working Coach Stan Watts, 

Lanky Dean Larsen drives for a two-point 
gain on an open court with the Wyoming 

Driving in for another easy meet with the spirited New Mexico Lobos, the 
victorious Cougar squad faced the sharp claws of the Montana Grizzlies to fall 
along the wayside for a bitter five-point loss. New ambition and an encouraged 
team drove on to tackle victories from the next four opponents as the Cats 
shellacked Wyoming, Colorado A & M, Montana, Utah State and St. Mary's 
defensive squads. Another heartbreaker came with the Broccos of Santa Clara 
as the brawny Cougars underwent a rugged defeat of 64-72. 

Copping two more triumphs over the husky Utah Redskins, the Blue and 
Whites rode home from Wyoming and Colorado A & M disappointed at the 
losses suffered by their hard-fighting squad. 









New Mexico 



Montana University 






Colorado A & M 



Montana University 



Utah State 



St. Mary's College 



Santa Clara 












Colorado A & M 



New Mexico 








Above: Joe Richey claims squat- 
ters' rights against the San Fran- 
cisco N.I.T. contenders. Right: 
Excited Denver Pioneers chase Ail- 
American Joe Richey around a 
close corner. 

Winding up a triumphant sea- 
son with victories over Denver and 
New Mexico, the cagey Cougars 
uncovered regal second place in 
the Skyline Conference. The loyal 
Brigham Youngs sailed off for the 
N.I.T. tournament the following 
week where they held an early 
lead, only to fall to a speedy Ni- 
agara squad, 82-76 in a surging 
overtime thriller. 





aaBWw* * B M i ufc i 



63 U. S. A. C. 



57 U. S. A. C. 
75 UTAH 

58 UTAH 












Cream of the Freshmen crop, the Frosh basketeers 
wheeled in on green pastures to become the pnde of the 
department with seven out of eight shmmq victories. 

Row I. left to right: Dee Wilcox, David Crowton Willard 
Herschi. Row 2: Blaine Anderson, Douglas Smoot, L-oach 
Stan Watts, David Lewis, Ed Pinegar. 


Arnold Wilson stands on his head with some expert help 
from a fellow wrestler of the A. C. Our man won, though. B.Y.U. 
came out fourth In conference meet. 

Pride of the wrestling team Benny Jordan bares 
his rippling muscles at John Doe In a python grip 
that would scare even Tarzan out of a year's growth. 







U. S. A. C. 






U. S. A. C. 






Mesa College 



, left to right: Benny Jordan 


ptain; Phil Rollins 



co-captain; Arnold Wilson. 


2: John Robinson, Glen 


Coach Nllsen, Kar 

1 Adams, 

Paul Ashton. 


From left to right, 
Darnell Crawford. 
Gerry Van Vliet, 
Gary Johnson. 

Row I: Merle Hardy. Irving Bagley, 

Lavonn Satterfield. Max Eggertson, 

Ralph Morgan. Leonard McKay, 

Row 2: Director Eddie Kimball. Coach Dave Crowton, 
Morris Jackman, Tom Karren, Ray Chatwin, Dewey 
Brundage, Lynn Foster, Ray Lish, Wally Kelly. 



Baseball diamonds sparkled in the hot afternoon sunshine and anxious Cougars 
began to warm up behind the bat. The season for home-runs was not far away. Lower 
right: Ambitious Cougars rest in the dugout and wait for their chance to show a good 
batting average. 


r £^ 



A mad swing at the ball, contact, and the 
player's off for another home-run. Student 
crowds cheered as the approaching baseball 
season uncovered hidden batting talents. 
Right: Darrell Crawford heads for home as a 
worried catcher pulls out more hair. Lower 
right: Dynamic Ray Lish winds up a final 
strilce-out with his special curved pitch. 




'-:.''':e^"^mi^^i^'%^^->-^:i .^v^^: . . .j^i 

Left: Coach Dave Crowton illustrates what 
the best-dressed ball players are wearing 
these days. 



■■«'■■■■ r:r.rviii.-!«gw»>7vg;r^-:,i^-,iaM». ,T^;;aiitiia«^«^.x...a>>)>^.-^WKV^j!K!wa-,^:j«ff:^,. 'WlfiFf 3 


Above: Distance runners Wayne Lundell and Sherald James get all steamed 
up after their first eight times around the fieldhouse track. Right: Not fly- 
ing saucers — just Boyd Jarman letting loose with a discus in the throwing 



Row I, left to right: Dean Evans, Sterling Ellsworth, Bill 
Meadows, Bob Bills, Darrell hiatch, Roger Skeen, Wayne 
Lundell, Sherald James, Lynn Williams. Row 2: John Wible, 
Douglas Spainhower, Warren Tamblyn, Gordon Smith, Dick 
Millet, Ray Brown, Dan Echols, Clark Bean, Jes Davis, John 

Sawyer, Clayton Jackman. Row 3: David Cobia, John Gour- 
ley, Paul Anderson, Willard Herschi, Ralph Bonham, Dick 
Fuenning, Boyd Jarman, Coach Robison, Don Oscarson, 
Alden Porter, Barry Wasden, Bill True, Carl Bacon, Bud 

Howard, Dave Lewis. 


V.-. . 

Sunshine fun meant green time on ths golf course as 
BYU's star four golfers met with rugged competition 
to win two games by a huge margin. Left to right: 
Gary Jenkins, LeRoy Stickel, Paul Davis, and Jerry 

BYU Opp. 

9 Montana 6 

13 U. S. A. C. II 

Upper left: Gary Jenkins takes In the land- 
scape for a hole-in-one. Above: Powerful 
Paul Davis shews his excellent form as he 
sends one Into a fish-pond. 


The return of the robin and a wild flower scent in 
the air hinted that spring tennis time had arrived. 
Skyline conference line-ups were selected as the Cou- 
gar netters met opposing teams in fast and furious 
volley competition. Returned lettermen supplied vital 
experience for new team members as the season 
opened for preliminary matches. 

Stan Collins races to meet a swift one with a well 
coordinated back-stroke. 

Serving the ball requires split-second timing as La- 
mar Rawlings illustrates his excellent overhand form. 

Row I, left to right: Art Claw- 
son, Lloyd Richmond, Leroy 
Cooper, Bob Carmack, Kent 
Dunford. Row 2: Maurice Bal- 
lif. Bob KIrkpatrIck, Lamar Raw- 
lings, Bob Orrick, Jim Hill. Row 
3: Bob Row, Ed PInegar, Stan 
Collins, John Meyer, Dean Lar- 
sen, hiarold Chrlstensen. 



Turner, Gordon Perry, Orin Hatch, Paxton Lockhart, Chuck Van Pelt, Kneeling: LaVar 
Steele, Bob Crowl, Charles Thomas, Coach Stan Watts. 

HAMPS: Left to right: Rogers Akiu, Keawe Enos, 
illlp Kekauoha, John Ige, Eddie Mathias. 

BOXING: Getting set up for future boxing rounds are: Neal Gibby, 
Cliff Olmstead, Lynn Raveston, Jerry Lundberg, and Jim Martmez. 


Row I, left to right: Gary Jenkins, Pat Pomeroy, 
George Murphy, Ron Salisbury, Bob Ensign. Row 2: 
Bruce Dyer, Mgr.; Francis Bacon, Jerry Sargant, 

Don Van Slooten, Jack Clawson, Howard Gonzales, 
Dick Smart, Charles Clawson. 


Your intramural champions of 1952-53 — all-star athletes of the 
most popular extra-curricular activity on campus next to eating or 
going steady — athletes of tomorrow's winning teams. 

Row I, left to right: Wayne Lun- 
dell, Sherald James, Warren 
Tamblyn. Row 2: Claudius Tay- 
lor, Joe Seeley, Allen Bradshaw, 
Ted Johnson, Robert Fisher. 

Ex+ra-curricular oppor 
tunities for sports-min- 
ded co-eds; the twang of 
the archers' bow, the thril 
ling ring of the tennis ba 
— ping-pong, basket and base- 
ball . . . fun and laughs at golf, 
volleyball, and swimming . . . pro- 
mote health, enthusiasm, and 

Director of Women's P.E 

Faculty Advisor 

I ^oei^ 

Above left: Refreshment time at the cool campus swim- 
ming pools as mermaids get set to dive . . . spacious 
spring tennis courts invite Mary Anne Halverson and 

Laurean Seegmiller to the open air . . . basketball keeps 
coeds trim and full of energy . . . ambitious volleyballers 
stay close to the net. 


Spring brought its early call for campus mermaids 
to the blue depths of the campus training pools. Swim- 
ming intramurals were held with sister schools, and the 
department boasted enviable records at the meets with 
great improvements over last year's scores. 

Up to bat at the stadium diamond, girls were invigorated at 
Softball practices for approaching intercollegiate competition. An 
early spring prepared a well-developed team to match the batting 
talents of skilled crews from neighboring schools. 

At right, independent winners for volleyball competition, the 
Hawaiians from left to right are. Row I: Viola Kawahyaski, Delthia 
Colburn. Row 2: Barbara Chun, Inez Hoopiieina, Betty Jean Lee, 
and Marilyn Broad. 



Decisions on the women's intramural program at the Margaret Hutchinson, Betty Stevens, Emma Jean Hatch, 

'Y" were considered and adopted by, from left to right: Delora Marble, Marvel Carlson. 


The fair sex showed their ability on 
the spacious university golf greens as 
"llustrated by Wanda Wood. 


Combining experience and talent of physical 
education nnajors, the Wonnen's Intramural Council 
directs popular extra-curricular intramural activi- 
ties. Members of the 52-53 council from left to 
right, Rowl: Connie Corbett, Delora Marble, Em- 
ma Jean Hatch, Betty Stevens. Row 2: Marvel 
Carlson, Margaret HHutchinson, Liz. Wagner, Wilma 

Champs of Fall Quarter volleyball intramurals, 
Fidelas Social Unit members bravely matched op- 
posing teams to take first place. Winners from 
left to right. Row I: Marvel Carlson, Emma Jean 
Hatch, Ella Rae Liechy. Row 2: Ardena Beck, Re- 
nan Probst, Marian Englestead, Mary Jo Christen- 
sen, Kay Wood. 



Illl[ ID im HdCi 


A thrilling ride through the skies . . . down the 
blanketed slopes of gleaming snow drifts In the sunlight 
. . . skiers' haven. Mt. Timpanogos is the fashionable 
winter ski resort for snow-conscious students. Snow Carni- 
val competition set the stage for another exciting year 
of tree dodging and broken legs. 


The twang of the archer's bow . . . 
the thud of the arrow as it meets its 
mark . . . archer's paradise. William 
Tell had nothing on the bow-and-arrow 
crowd of the archery department, who 
have a definite aim in life. 


Badminton isn't so bad with such pretty play- 
ers around to help brighten the game. A sport 
of delicate skill requiring rugged concentration, 
the second cousin to tennis remains an old favor- 
ite in the women's department. 

" ... I am Alpha and Omega, the 

beginning and the end, the light and 
the life of the world ..." 

D&C 45:7 

I Bii[ in 


Douglas Bunker 
James W. Geddes 
Andrew M. Douglass 
Joe J. Christensen 

Jack Clawson 
Quinn McKay 
Weston Edwards 
Harold G. Connell 

M. Gene Oveson 
M. Jed Pritchett 
Keith Hayes 
Alan Cook 

A hit of the year, the Blue Key- 
White Key assembly produced a 
double sextette of top vocal talent. 



President Raid Fillmore 

Vice President Jack Clawson 

Secretary Ted Money 

By assuming direct responsibility in spearheading the new 
program of the University in contacting each student, Blue 
Key National h4onorary Fraternity contributes another vital 
service in the improvement of your school. 

Besides the initiation of this program, many other projects 
of value to B.Y.U. were assumed during the year, including 
the preparation of the freshman handbook, "B.Y. and You," 
the completion of the "Y Bell Shrine" and the installation of 
directories in the main campus buildings. 

Members are chosen from upperclassmen on the basis of 
scholarship, leadership, and attitude toward service. 

Don Van Slooten 
Dave Forsyth 
B. Gale Wilson 
Robert Ensign 
Jay Smith, Jr. 

Jack Roberts 
David A. Wing 

Richard L. Pope 
John MacCabe 

Joe Rowberry 
Fred A. Money 

Kenneth Perry 
Ted Money 

Robert Hales 
Richard Nelson 




■w j..>':.-ji(<stw»it.rK-.''"a5e*-'-Lj-/-*!-; 

f> f^ 

Anne Rasnnussen 
Shirley Turner 
Margaret Affleck 

Olene Smith 
Ann Whiting 
Kathryn Latimer 

Barbara Claris 
Carolyn Edwards 
Lucille Rowe 

LaVan Heninger 
Anna Julia Hoyt 
Betty Hayes 

Joanne Stringham 
Marylin Oakey 
Carol Warr 

President .... Joyce Whiteley 

Vice Presidenf 

Peggy Affleck 

Secretary Barbara Clark 


LaVan Heninger 

Carrying the traditional 
block "Y," the familiar White 
Keys led the annual Home- 
coming Parade. White Key 
was organized on the BYU 
campus in 1933 to promote 
service! scholarship, and en- 
thusiasm. Girls are chosen 
at the end of their junior 
year on the basis of outstand- 
ing scholarship and service 
to the school. Members pub- 
lish the student directory, 
sponsor the Cougarette 
marching unit, award a ro- 
tating scholastic trophy, play 
hostess at the Invitational 
Track Meet, present the an- 
nual Spring Fashion Show, 
and usher and assist with 
various studentbody activi- 
ties throughout the year. 



.0 <^ 

\/\ce ^' 





Priding themselves in active campus 
participation, the Y Calcares have had 
another busy year. The sister unit of 
IK's, the YC's co-sponsored hiello Week 
and Belle of the Y Week. Along with 
these two successful activities, the two 
units had several exchange parties and 
a spring invitational. Ushering at ly- 
ceums, assemblies, and a number of 
schrvol programs and taking charge of 
the voting booths constitute the major 
portion of their activities. Selected for 
their interest and participation in school 
functions and scholarship, a "2.0" ave- 
rage must be maintained, and girls serve 
during their sophomore and junior years. 
Mrs. Royden Braithwaite was sponsor 
during the year. 


er . 






|. / -4/ 


0^ j^ 'iPi.' ¥>% 


Beverly Boyack 
JoAna Hobbs 
Julie Groberg 
Carolyn Taylor 
Marolyn Taylor 

LaRue Ockey 
Leora Sabin 
Pauline Powelson 
Wilma Olsen 
Carolyn Jensen 

Ferol Hoiman 
Marlene King 
Janice Thorne 
Patricia Smith 
Jean Jorgenson 

Patricia Nowell 
Rae Wright 
Annette Black 
Barbara Watt 
Kathleen Bentley 

Suzanne Narkaus 
Beverly H. Gardner 
Floy Dawn Atkin 
Marilyn Young 
Joan Dixon 

Mary Lou Schelff 
Margaret Doxey 
Anna Jean Turley 
Janice Young 
Mary Carolyn Weller 

Barbara Goates 
Pat Anderson 
Sylvia Merrill 
Marie Bramall 
Marjorie Allen 


Sharron Berrett 
Agnes Hooft 
Idora Blckel 

Marilyn Ashman 
Lucille Hulme 
Valene Bradshaw 

Joan Wainwright 
Betty Page 
Roma Murray 

Sunny Klingler 
June Garrard 
Cherrill Curtis 

Rosalind Luke 
Janice Price 
Patsy Pace 

Rayna Say Pace Betty Jones Marilyn Georges Naida Black Mary Crook Helen Firney Gayle Christensen 

LaRae Dunn LuDene Fresh Maurine Benson Lorna Erickson Karol June Payne Donna Green Kathy Brown 


1 1 [ G 

Rulon Merreil 
LaVar Erickson 


A. Paul Webb 

Lynn Staheli 

Willard Brooks 
Lawrence Wilson 

James L. Shurtleff 
Val Walters 

Larry Garrett 
Frank Peterson 

David Dawson 
Bud Howard 

Guy A. Poulsen. Jr. Russell Mickelson Eldon Winterton Reid Ungerman 

Gerald Bullock Nelden Oborn Rulon Robison Glade Tregaskis 

C^O f!^^ 

^ O 

r ► % 


Dale R. Carver 
Robert L Harris 

Wayde Stoker 
Richard Alder 

Richard D. Allred 
Lynn Stayner 

Preston A. Madsen 
Loren Crane 

Warren L. Jensen 
Brian Stanton 

J. Norman Smith 
Manfred R. Nelson 

Frank Daly Honorable Duke 

Jay Lake Scribe 

Glenn Miller ...; .^.—^crrr^^rTll^^^^^^,...,,,,;^^ Chancellor 

Glade Tregaskis^^. .^^Mii Recorder 

Blaine Hess -^Sk— ■W""/'^^^^^^^^B!w^'*P^"^'°" Officer 

J. Norman Smith i..l...wL^S^te«JB|K5f..'|. Royal Editor 

The Intercollegiate Knights National Honorary Service Fra- 
ternity, founded on the BYU campus in 1941 as an underclass- 
men's service organization, has now grown into a four-year service 
organization. This chapter is known as the "Gold Y" Chapter — one 
of 32 chapters in the western United States. 

The tradition of ringing the old Y Bell after sports victories 
is a duty of the Knights, as is sponsoring. Belle of the Y Week and 
Hello Week activities. This year the IK's were fortunate to have 
one national officer in their chapter, J. Norman Smith — Royal 

Lynn Thacker 

Lloyd McDaniel 
Bob Rowe 

Cordell Lufkin 
Lament Twitchell 

Gordon Orme 
Jack Nixon 


\!f?^"CT O^ Cy f!% 

-^ > 


Donald G. Barbezat 
Paul D. Green 
Deon Greer 
Jay V. Lake 
Robert E. Bateman 

Howard L. Armstrong 
Kay Baird 
Lynn M. John 
Jack Grant 
Glenn Miller 

Fred W. Claridge 
Lorin C. Godfrey 
Gary Hannig 
Val Liljenquist 
Bruce Allen 

Max Waters 
Dennis Dalton 

Joseph Hannig 
Paul L Diehl 

Edwin Harrison 
Charles W. Embleton 

[KcoiiiGiiu umn 


piH in 


Beverly H. Gardner 
Rulene Donnan 
Pat Bischoff 
Grace Ostler 
Donna Green 
Doris Bacon 

Juna Abbott 
Ruth Benson 
Donna Carr 
Betty Page 
Julie Groberg 
Lorna Erickson 

Joan Dixon 
Carolyn Jensen 
Dixie Ann Larsen 
Marilyn Georges 
Nyra Colvin 

. . . national scholastic honorary fraternity 
for lower division wonnen. . . members this 
year participated in forum discussions, tal- 
ent shows, and enjoyed guest speeches at 
numerous meetings. 

Ferol Holman 
Joy Winward 
Barbara Buckwalter 

Karen Alleman Gayle Walton Alice Jean Udall 

JoAnn Alexander Mary Carolyn Weller Anna Jean Turley 

Patricia Rossiter Ardis Westwood Lorraine Smith 

Anna Louise McCulley Marilyn Sabin 

Secretary Darlene Garrett 

Dixie Robison i^^;\i^ Hulme 
Naomi Gilbert 

Marie Bramall 
Sylvia Merrill 
Betty Jones 







Lou Anderson 


Marilyn Ballard 
Lou Jean Bell 
Dorothy Black 
Janet Austin 


Karen Christensen President 

Janet SheltoiylBfifVice President 

Ruth Hawkirts Ir^l Secretary 

The Cougarettes — a popular 
canripus organization composed of 
selected freshmen girls. Estab- 
lished to promote school spirit and 
enthusiasm, these attractive girls 
furnished half-time entertainment 
for football and basketball games. 
Homecoming parade was made 
more colorful with their snappy 
routines, and several exchanges 
were held to acquaint them with 
members of other campus units. 

Karma Boardman Joyce Coy 

Priscilla Boswell Ina Lou Ellson 

Carol Brown Carrie K. Calder 

Ginger Blumve Kauana Kanahele 

Sue Cannon 
Gail Lilly 
Maurine Miller 
Barbara Nicholson 

Ablie Burrows 
Leah Crowley 
Gloria James 

Dezzie Clegg Edris Riggs Gail Gray Jeralie Chandler 

RaNae Green Carol Ann Reynolds Barbara Hoyt Ruth Hawkins 

Jacqueline Hayward Sharlene Swenson Mary Carol Hedquist Rowena Sherwood 


Shauna Larson 

Pauline Loy 
Carol Lewis 
Juanita Taft 
Alene SItousen 
LaDawn Perry 

Mary Alice Sauls 
Janet Shelton 
Sally Tueller 
Ruth Seiler 
Virginia Peterson 

Edith Taylor 
Elien Lomox 
Ellen Keeler 
Linda Sawyer 
Carol Randall 

Carolyn Rlrie 
Lenadra McKell 

Inalyn Young 
Diane Nielson 

Carol Dawn borenson Shirley Wilson Joan Peery Gail Wayman 

Nola Slater Carolynne Kanaga Edith Kidd Sue Partridge 

Gwen Willey 

Lucille Rowe 
Senior Advisor 



Jay W. Wrathall 
Ronald Cazier 
Neal Taylor 
Larry Garrett 

Norman Eatough 

Jay Zabriskle 
A. Keith Jameson 
Kent Harrison 
Ronald Ragsdale 

Charles Hanks President 

Ronald Cazier Vice President 

Keith Jamison Secretary 

Phi Eta Sigma — a national scholastic honorary frater- 
nity for freshmen men, organized in 1947 to encourage 
a higher standard of learning and to reward scholastic 
achievement. Movies, lectures, and the annual spring 
initiation and banquet for new members were the unit's 
major activities. The fraternity was represented at a 
national convention at Purdue University by Ron Rags- 



'I , 



L f 




Major Kenneth J. Morgan T/Sgt. James H. Scott 

M/Sgt. Wayne R. Christensen Captain Duane S. Carr 
M/Sgt. William H. Burten M/Sgt. Theodore Mitchell 

Major Paul A. Simmons 
M/Sgt. Clair L. DeLong 
T/Sgt. Isom L Stephens 

1st Lt. Lowell E. Call 
Captain Charles R. Fish 
'Major Jay J. Taylor 

S/Sgt. Charles H. Sharp 
Captain Arthur B. Anderson 

M/Sgt. Morck O. Hancock 
M/Sgt. Frank L Tyre 
Wo/JG Warren H. Culpepper 

T/Sgt. James W. Sirles 
Lt. Col. LeRoy C. Wilcox 

An outstanding military progrann 
under the supervision of Lt. Col. 
Jesse E. Stay, the AFROTC has 
completed its second year on the 
campus. Under the excellent su- 
pervision of air force officers, the 
ROTC of BYU has become one 
of the most outstanding and rapid- 
ly growing units in the country. 

Lt. Col. Samuel J. Skousen 
Captain Amos L. Bossa 


l.f.rU.t. lf[IC[IS 


The aim of the ROTC chorus Is to be of ser- 
vice and an advertising agent for BYU and the 
AFROTC, and to realize the benefit of brother- 
hood and musical training which can be attained 
through nnutual participation in male choral work. 
The unit gave many performances throughout 
neighboring states. Members are selected by 
their director, Virgil Camp, on the basis of per- 
sonal attitudes, musicianship and unit standing. 


« • « •• • 

'« „«l^' - • » • • 


'I mM ^^ff 


Forrest Allred Merrill Bradshaw Jae Balllf Edwin Brown 

Ronald Carter Ronald Frazler Harold Dunford Duane Crow+her 

Victor Jorgensen Ross Lloyd Don Mortensen Manfred R. Nelson 

Garth O. Rogers Paul R. Searle Robert H. Thonnpson Todd Salisbury 

William Chesley 
Roy Christensen 
Larry McAllister 
Warren Tamblyn 

Gordon Bischoff 
Dean Holmes 
M, G. Paul 
Gary VanWagoner 



Row I, left to right: Leon Honey, Nell Theobald, Ross Arrington 
David McKell, Carlyle Crandall, Manfred Nelson, Jerry Young, 
Louis Pierce, Reed Miller, Doug Gottfredson, Henry Todd. Row 
2: Lynn Woolston, William Miller, DeWayne Echols, 
Mason, Jack Grant, Gerald Kofford. Donald Sheets, Jim 
Carlos Starling, Richard Udall, Ronald Frost. Row 3: 
Steele, David Mortenson, Merrill Day, Paul Anderson, M 
Beckstead, Malin Perry, John Myers, Neil Loveridge, Stai 
lor, Gary Beach, Ervin Butler, Richard Hutchinson, 
Thompson, John Carter, Charles Sudweeks, Heber M 
Wendell Christensen, Boyd Hunter, Raymond Colovich. 
4: Wallace Somerville, Darrel Ellis, Joe Bentley, Larry 
rett, Dick Tomlinson, Richard Roberts, John Van Wagoi 
Sam Grey, Karl Thurber, Laurel Porter, Dwayne Stevens 
Row 5: Merrill Scow, Dick Hawley, Kenneth Smith, St. 
Stone King, Charles Hanks, Arthur Woffinden, Fredr 
Raile, Eldon Jensen, Glen Van Wagenen, Jay Dean Jones 
Cherry Neil Beauregard. 

ROTC BAND — under the artistic direction of Professor 
Richard Ballou . . . gained much recognition for the 
"Y" and the AFROTC by giving state concerts and 
performing at football and basketball games. 

ROTC MAJORETTES — snappy inspiration at 
game halftimes. A sparkling quintet of femi- 
nine grace and rhythm . . . the pride of 
B.Y.U.'s military and athletic departments. 

Band Majorettes Zelma Crider, Ve Nae 
Bryan, Dona Willardson, Kay Carroll, and 
Karolyn Langford set the pace at half- 



Major Commander 

Karen Alleman 
Juna Abbott 

Sponsor Corps . . . active campus organ- 
ization whose members are selected for person- 
ality, appearance, grade points, and willingness 
to serve the university. The unit servid with the 
Mobile X-Ray, Red Cross Blood Drive on campus, 
and ushered in Monday assemblies. A successfu 
four-college party with members of other Spon- 
sor Corps was held during the term, and a din- 
ner dance at the University of Utah. The Military 
Ball concluded the girls' roster of activities. 

Ann Anderson 
Shirley Bailey 

Dawn Baker 
Carol Beckstrand 

Mickle Barrett Major Naida Black Carolyn Bromley 

Jonita Bernards 
Joanne Bond 

Virginia Cech 

Connie Cameron 

Lynne Carter 

2nd Lt. Carolyn Calllster 

Vonda Clayson 

Lt. Col. Joanne Corbett 
Mary Crendall 
Mary Croft 
Eleanor Cranshaw 
Helen Easton 

Lynne Galbralth 
Mary Dawson 
Major Phyllis Fox 
2nd Lt. Marlene Empey 
Janice Ensign 


Bunny Gibb 
Major Pat Green 
Betty Hatch 
Colette Green 
Grettle Hansen 
Carol D. Groshell 

Ferol Holman 
Dawn Hickenlooper 
Captain Kaye Holmstead 
Captain Lois Humphries 
Pat Hilton 
llene Garner 

Major Joan James 
Lynne Jeppson 
Nina Leishman 
Verna Kimber 
Elizabeth Larsen 
Audrey King 

Jacque Little 

Maria Nelson 

Major Marilyn Morrill 

Barbara Miller 

1st Lt. Pat Maughan 

Captain Sally Madsen 



Barbara Nicholson 
LaDeane Olsen 
Major Colleen Parker 
Deon Nielsen 

Kaye Oveson 

Marion Redding 

Lt. Col. Anne Rasnnussen 

Arlene Rice 

Dixie Robison 
Carolyn Schade 
Laura Schenk 
Ruth Ry+ting 

Karen Sue Sedgewick 

Olene Smith 

Joanne Smith 

Lt. Col. Mary Lou Schenk 

Mary Ann Sorensen 
Joanne Stringham 
Sylvia Tyler 
Marilyn Stapley 

Marilyn Tall 
Barbara Wing 
Marian Tebbs 
Joanne Stuart 


Squadron Commander 

Lewis E. Burnham 
Richard Alder 
Richard Bershon 
Edwin Brown 

George Church 
Raymond M. Colovich 
Merle J. Custer 
Fred D. Chase 

Deryl L. Cram 
Claire J. Fisher 
Frank Daly 
Paul L. Diehl 

James W. Geddes 
Hartley Fredricltson 
Jerry Forsling 
James Forsey 

Marlow D. SIbby 
H. Dale Goodwin 
Phillip R. Green 
John A. Green 

Leroy Gunnell 
Delray O. Hatch 
Wayne M. Hancock, Jr 
Keith C. Hayes 

Dean Holmes 
Chad Hull 
Roy Jarman 
Karl Hoffmann 


Hal Jensen 
H.eonard Ned Miller 
A. Eugene Lyons 
Lee F. Morgan 
Gary Jenkins 

Claude Thomas 
LaMar Twede 

Bill Skousen 
Quentin Snow 
Lloyd Jay Stevens 
R. Dwight Stuckey 
Eugene Tenney 

Arnold Air Society . . . consisting of out- 
standing cadets of AFROTC chosen on the basis 
of scholastic standing and military bearing . . . 
organized to create fraternal fellowship among 
cadets and better prepare them for future service 
in the Air Force . . . sponsored the Air Scout 
Program and the Military Ball. 

Gayle Walker 
David Watson 

Ted Weight 
George Williams 

J. Bruce Woodgury 
David A. Wing 


V '^ 






^F *' 



^^Hfe^^ -. ^\ 

- < i 

mim ci 


Row I, from left to right: Eugene 
Allen, Howard Roberts, Glenna Sto- 
well, Carol Chrlstensen, Billy K. 
Shurtz, Fern Lillywhite, Gene Crismon, 
Wendell Flake, Flora Westover, Bill 
Chamema, Harold Walker, Terry Al- 
len. Row 2: Lola Lue McClellan, Rey 
Kartchner, Katherine Costner, Jeanne 
Caill, Belva Bunch, Ruth Shumway, 
Mary Ellen Heap, Sylvia Nikolaus, 
Bud Smithson. Row 3: Chad Flake, 
Keith Barker, Danny Good, Max E. 
Pukins, Jean Ellsworth, Van Shumway, 
Drew Shumway, Westlyn C. Riggs, 
Reed Willis. Row 4: Mary Anderson, 
Marjorie Fyffe, Marlene Combs, Ne- 
na Flake, Betty Bryce. Row 5: Louise 
Jackson, Don Sykes, Merrilynn Farns- 
worth, Wanda Higbee, Elva Christen- 
sen, Lavona Flake, Leona Flake, Betty 
Jo Petersen, Miles R. Tenney. Row 6: 
Jackie Goodman, Alvin Rencher, Kay 
Connolly, Karia Pulsipher, Frances 
Bushman, Dean Bushman, Pearl Rog- 
ers, Mary Lue Abbott. Row: 7: Clif- 
ford A. Dean, Kelly Willis, Jack Mil- 
ler, Sherree Rogers, Annette Shum- 
way, LeGene Quinlan, Marvin Lunt, 
Elwood Maloy, Patsy Pace. Row 8: 
William Rich, Raleigh Johnson, Eu- 
gene Tenney, Larry Shumway, Daniel 
L. Decker, Lyie Robinson, Glen Vance. 
Row 9: Dale Hatch, Swede Sellers, 
Dudley Welker, Sharron Lunt. 

President Eugene Allen 

Vice President Marvin Lunt 

Secretary Glenna Stowell 

The Arizona Club is known especially for its "Arizona Daze" which 
takes place during an entire week of Spring Quarter. Beards run ram- 
pant and the best ones are given prizes at the final celebration. Ari- 
zonians also specialize in Spanish food banquets, square dancing, and 
canyon parties. The club is one of the largest on campus, consisting of 
some hundred and fifty members. 

Row I: Hayen Romney, Alene Skou- 
sen, Audrey King, Sue Smith, Merle 
Jean Butler, Stanlee Winsor, Delbert 
R. Standage, Row 2: Bobbe Taylor, 
Sylvia Merrill, Vivian Ballard, Vicki 
Larson, Patsy Pegus, Dorene Slade, 
Lee Coates, Milo Millet. Row 3: 
Colleen Black, Veola Kencher, Mae 
Marie Halladay, Norma O'Dell, Jay 
Dean Jones, Kay Curtis. Row 4: 
Dwanin Peterson, Barbara Bassett, 
Dan E. Heap, Leiand A. Smith, Ray- 
mond Taylor Reid, Dale Coons, 
Lewis Prueitt. Row 5: Bruce Curtis, 
Dale Ellsworth, Helen McDonald, 
Roger Baker, Jorth Richardson, Barn- 
ey Carpenter. Row 6: Ernest John- 
son, Neal Greenwood, Arlo Pew, Mur- 
ray Mclnnes, Karl B. Eager, Darrell 
Hatch. Row 7: Dick Udall, Lloyd 
Richmond, Larry Bluth, Kenny Cole- 
man, Donald L. Skousen. 


i CilB M 

President Kent Utiey 

Vice President Carl Bacon 

Secretary Marilyn Sabin 

California Club is another new club on campus. They have had a variety 
of activities this year. The selling of pom-poms at football games, they have 
decided, is to be an annual affair together with chartering a bus at Christmas. 
This year they enjoyed an exchange with Arizona Club. They also sponsored 
a dance after one of the games in order to raise money for the Los Angeles 


Row I, left to right: Jenele Wride, 
Leanne Beer, Mary Jane Newton, 
Margot Robinson. Row 2: Gary 
Williamson, Ginger Blumve, Har- 
old Empey, Karen Sedgewick, 
Marilyn Olsen. ..Row .3: Evelyn 
Smith, Marveta Spence, Joanne 
Fenton, Shirley Overmohle, Jo- 
anne Petterson, Rose Marie Dun- 
ham. Row 4: Janice Price, Ian 
Mackay, Jeanine Nielson, Mel 
Gourdln, Ron Richardson. Denzil 
Allen, Jr., John Franz. Row 5: 
Sally Cannon, Ronald Houston, 
Don Gage, Ralph Holt, Stephen 
Barrett, Sue Cannon, Carolyn 
Schade, Sharlee Mc Clain, Gary 

Row I, left to right: Nancy Rich, 
Myrth Rands, Pat Bulttner, Col- 
leen Norseth. Row 2: Richard 
Detton, Al Flygare, Le Roy Effler, 
Metta Heder. Row 3: Joan 
Kartchner, Drew Crowley, Dorothy 
Hutchinson, Marilyn Mc Farland, 
Jeri Johnson. Row 4: Dewey 
Brundage. Katherine Clark, JoAnn 
Alexander, Darllynn Bybee, Gwyn 


Anne Boucher^?^^^^5i^S^^!^s^- President 

Lorin Godfrey ^.j. Vice President 

Reita Erickson Y. Secretary 

Eager to make new Canadian students feel 
at home on the campus is the purpose of the 
Canadian Club. At Christmas, members char- 
ter a bus for an eagerly awaited Christmas 
vacation. Exchanges with other geographic 
units, parties, and the annual Christmas party 
constitute the organization's activities. 

From left to right: Dennis Ward, Wayne Shute, Gordon Oliver, Bill Brooks, Cleon 
Smith, Clair Bullock, Lorin Godfrey, Ellen Rollins, Don Hamblin, Glenda Johnson, Lorna 
Nielsen, Jean Francis, Ruth Mathin, Ray Schmilt, Laraine Glines, La Rene Hinman, 
Garth Uibel, Greta Sorensen, Shirley Willock, Bob Mouser, Kay Le Baron, Anne Bou- 
cher, Marolyn Taylor, Barbara Wing, Velma Rice, Shirley 

ANNE BOUCHER Solenbach, Carolyn Taylor, Mary Lou Dickie. 



\S L 




Row I, left to right: Marilyn Monson, Dorothy Manning, 
Marlene Posey, Betty Jackson, Marie Haynie. Row 2: 
Don Cromar, Lloyd McDaniei, Denny Harmsen, John 
Varner, Don Rice, J. Norman Smith. 

President Lloyd McDaniei 

1st Vice President Myrlene Posey 

2nd Vice President Dennis Harmsen 

Secretary Marilyn Monson 

Colorado Club got a fresh start this year after a few years 
of inactivity. They specialize in fun, with roller skating parties, 
swimming parties, and just plain parties. At present they are 
one of the smaller clubs, containing about thirty members. 







President Gunner Sorensen 

Vice President Albert Whaanga 

Secretary Elena Maidana 

Row I, left to right: Miriam Rodri- 
gues, Maria Eunice Pires, Inga Bais- 
nee, Aura de Leon, Esperanza Y. Yu- 
nes. Row 2: Roberta S. Murray, El- 
ena Maidana, Elsa Rohring, Anja Kat- 
tainen, Yvonne Hackay, Rea Bennett, 
Rae Neasherill, Kathleen Joyce Bur- 
nett. Row 3: Uwe Hansen, Sharad 
Malelu, Klaus Hansen, Yoloanda Vin- 
ci, Fritz Kingeter, Norine VerHagen, 
Roberto Alves, Martin Markus, Gun- 
ner Sorensen. 





President Richard Pope 

Vice President Larry Kunz 

Secretary Lucille Matthews 

Bear Lake Club is made up of students from Rich 
County, Utah and Bear Lake County, Idaho. Their 
interest is not only social, but they particularly strive 
to keep the Legends of the Bear Lake Monsters alive. 
Throughout the year they have had various entertain- 
ment, from pot-luck suppers to lectures. They also work 
together in providing transportation home at Christ- 
mas for all members. 

Row I, left to right: Miriam Shirley, Lorraine Taylor. 
Maxine Pope, Lilly Hicks. Row 2: Janese Tanner, Janet 
Grimmett, Karen Stock, Carole Dawn Anderson. Row 
3: Eugene Jones, Richard L. Pope, Larry Kunz. 



b L 


Vice President STANLEY TAYLOR 



With an atmosphere of carnival fes- 
tiveness, the Brazilian Club celebrated 
the traditional February carnival. Al- 
though the club is only a year old, the 
nnembers have had a busy, tun-packed 
year. Encouraging Brazilian students to 
attend the "Y," several students came 
to the campus this year. Enjoying an 
exchange fireside with the Brazilian 
group from Salt Lake, having their first 
experience with snow on a toboggan 
party, and teaching dances in the regu- 
lar meetings were some of the club'i 

Row I, left to right: Jack Brown, Stanley 
Taylor, Ross Christensen, Lloyd Stevens, 
Margot Robinson. Row 2: Dulce Green, 
Yloanda Fernandes Rodrigues, Ruth 
Christensen, Joyce Stevens, Ginger 
Wagner, Jeanne Warner. Row 3: Stan 
Houston, John Ridge, Wayde Stoker, 
Howard Harris, Gesmano Busato, Henry 
Goldsmith, Roberto Alves dos Santos, 
Joan Brover, Dean Bushman, Remo 


Row I, left to right: Betty Lou Whitney, 
Gladys Johnson, Barbara Clarlc, Connie 
Corbett, Ruby Humphreys, Sandra 
Bringhurst, Marie Lytle, Velma Terry, 
Lorena Lamb, Pat Burris. Row 2: Lorna 
Bringhurst, Deon Bringhurst, Norman 
Gibbons, Arnold McAllister, Leiand 
Riggs, Whorton Allen, Jordan Smith, 
Vella Rose Smith. 





Front row, left to right: Nor- 
man Akita, Wesley Kekauoha, 
Edward Mathias, Tom Nakama. 
Row 2: Maile Perreira, Naomi 
Lo, Esther Okimoto, Naomi Ka- 
awa, Francis Iwasaki, Lily Naka- 
mura, Leila Ogden, Betty Jean 
Lee. Row 3: Sonny Bray, Elsie 
Hewett, Rose Mahi, Inez Hoopi- 
iaina, Marvel Battad, Delthia Col- 
burn, Marilyn Broad, Charlotte 
Mahaia, Audrey Thompson. 

Highlighting campus activities with a 
rare South Pacific charm, the colorful 
Hawaiian Club depicts the old customs 
and cultures of Hawaii with typical 
native song and dance. 

Members from this hypnotic land of 
pineapple, palm trees, and pretty girls 
are, from left to right: John Velasco, 
Ken Wedemeyer, Betty Jean Lee, Rose 
Mahi, Edward Mathias, Claire Parker, 
Philip Kekauoha, Wesley Kekauoha, and 
Sonny Bray. 

Wesley Kekauoha President 

Tom Nakama Vice President 

Maile Perreira Secretary 



Since its organization three years ago, the 
Kia Ora Club has become one of the most 
cosmopolitan organizations on campus. Students 
■from New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, and 
the United States unite to portray the Polynesian 
culture of the Maoris of New Zealand. The 
rhythmic flight of the poi, the grace of the Maori 
action song, and the violence of the war dance 
provide unique entertainment for thousands of 
people in the mountain west. Another culture is 
planted on the Y campus. 

Row I, left to right: David Jensen, Eldon Win- 
terton. Row 2: Lawrence Head, Charles Mills, 
Albert Whaanga, Norman Wright. Row 3: Lo- 
well Walker, Bob Mendenhall, Rulon Craven, 
Dallas Griffeth. 




Row I, left to right: Mary Duffin, Jan- 
ice Heywood, Valene Kofoed, Marvel 
Ba+tad, Glenna Mitchell, Helen Erick- 
son, Janet Tanner. Row 2: Gerry Gines, 
Fern Tovey, Lois Tovey, Ann Marie Elia- 
son, Phyllis Kaiser, Jody Berg, Leota 
Baird. Row 3: Donna Rae Stapley, Joan 
Bradbury, Margaret Andersen, Marga- 
rita Obregon, Muriel Enos, Charlotte 
Mahiai, Audrey Thompson, Genille Orr, 
Clarine Griffeth. 


Row I, left to right: Neal Penfold, Armand Click, Do- 
rene Sutton, Reece Good' 'in, Jay Berry, Le Gene Quin- 
ian, Dean Call, Jack Allen, Chip Gardner, Val Balls. 
Row 2: Roberta Harper, Nancy Hutchison, Margaret 
Hutchinson, Rachel Baker, June Bennett, Elaine Owens, 
Carol Scovil, Barbara Budge, Beverly Smith, Royce 
Wold. Row 3: Renae Andrus, Marijane Clay, Jeannine 
Jensen, Carol Allen, Ella Rae Liechty, Margaret Hen- 
nis, Lauralee Fawson, Karen Hart, Neta Hutchinson, 
Darlene Capson, Florence Young, John Pederson. Row 
4: William Gee, Keith Johnson, George Fredrickson, 
Marlin Mather, Varr Nelson, Glenn Miller, Don Frei, 
Rulon Merrell, Norrell Elirson, Arlo Wilson, Robert 


President Bob Gunnell 

1st Vice President Bert Spencer 

2nd Vice President Quinten Homer 

Secre ary \ Margaret Hennis 

Idaho Giub has a membership of about fifty. The 
highliijhts of H^ year were a dance which they sponsored 
after |he PocatetK) game and an exchange party with the 
ArizonVi Club. 

U L 





Row I, left to right: La Rae Hatch, Karen Par- 
ker, Joyce Johnson, Katharine Fromm, Elaine 
McDonald. Row 2: Ralph Rowley, Cloyd Stott, 
Lloyd Stott, Shelton Murphy, Josephine Rush, 
Miland Rowley, Alva Harris, Stanley Stott. 

President Stanley SMt 

Vice President Bob Parcell 

Secretary La Rae Hatch 

Striving to create friendship, activity, and co-operation, 
the Montana Club has had another active year. Having an 
exchange party with the Canadian Club and participating in 
the Christmas Drive are two of the various activities in which 
the club participated . 




Organized to promote general interests and friendships, 
the Salt Lake Club has had a very active year. They sponsored 
a successful mat dance and members enjoyed the canyon out- 
ing, pajama dance, swimming party, and the poster and mixer 
dances. Through the organization, new friendships have been 
made and old ones have been renewed. 



I -T, 


Row I, left to right: Beverly Webb, Margrett Han- 
sen, Lucretia Baggett, Marilyn Hug, Carol Christin- 
sen, Ruth Kelly, Betty Stevens, Suzanne Nielson. 
Row 2: Karin Wood, Donna Ludwig, Jeneal Peter- 
sen, Joan Parcell, Joan Riley, Barbara Wareing, 
Dorothy Chidester. Row 3: Evva Jean Burnham, 
Ida Forsgren, Lou Anderson, Edith Schaelling, Mary 
Sorensen, Mildred Hiclcison, Ruth Pehrson, Malinda 
Hall. Row 4: Frances Kingsbury, Myrna McKenna, 
Jeannie Maack, Donna Springer, Helen Baxter, Joan 
McDaniel. Row 5: Suzanne Robins, Arlene Peter- 

son, LuJuana Beck, LaDeane Olsen, Joyce Erickson, 
Ruth Seiler, Caria Holt. Row 6: Marva Goring, 
Iris Wade, Janice Jones, Joan Broman, Suzanne 
Moenck, Maurine Miller. Row 7: Sandra Wilcock, 
Kay Mitchell, Dale Larsen, Floyd Astin, Quentin 
Graves, Richard Moray, William Mac Kay. Row 8: 
Bryan Richards, David Maurer, Reid Diamond, John 
Colt, Johnny Stevens. Row 9: Reed Langlois, Norm 
Slaymaker, Rue Larsen, Gordy Coffman, Fred Mor- 
tensen. Grant Grover, Paul Deardorff, George Jar- 
vis, Roger Doxey. 


Row I, left to right: Rosalin Carlson, Lois Wilkey, Ara 
Belliston, Mary Joy Justensen, Maureen Gassman, 
Mary Irons, Kenna Johnson. Row 2: David Broad- 
head, Keith Worthington, John Carter, Howard Jones, 
Jack Morgan, Robert Graham, Glen Stubbs, Glen Dale 



Vice President 

Keith Worthington 
Maureen Gassman 

Secretary ".. Erma Tew 

" The Sanpete-Juab Club, one of the new geo- 
graphies on campus, is composed mainly of students 
from Snow College. They strive towards service, as 
was shown in their enthusiastic response to the Christ- 
mas Drive this year. Some outstanding parties — square 
dancing. Thanksgiving, and canyon parties — set the 
club off to a roaring start. They also gave assemblies 
while home during the Christmas Holiday. 

SiiP[|[-JilB Cil 


The Tribe of Many Feathers Club was or- 
ganized three years ago and is active in n^iany 
events on campus. Their main function is to cul- 
tivate a deeper friendship among Indian students 
on campus and help them with any problems 
they might have. They also strive to acquaint 
members with different prophecies of the Laman- 
ites. This year they have participated in many 
assemblies and they won second place in the 
Homecoming quartet contest. 

Row I, left to right: Bob Ah Koah, Betty Gray, Harvey Tewanema. Row 2: 
Carl Vicenti, Emma Broadbent, Emory Sekayuaptewa, Mary Ann Tahquette, 
JoAnne Christian, Mel Murray, Lou Jean Anderson. Row 3: Ron Cunfield, 
Bob Hodgen, Lee Cox, Leonard Smith. 


'iii8[ i 


« e. 




U L 


Row I, left to right: Billy Lewis, Glen Lewis, Don Ev, 
ans. Amber Carter, Peggy Ann Case, Arva Tanner, 
Lloy Bennett, Donna Miles, Beth Winkler, Udell Wink- 
ler, Patricia Meyers, Jeanne Jensen, Dwayne Steven- 
son. Row 2: Bennett Josie, Bertha Anderson, Richard 
Knight, Norlan Walker, Estel Manwaring, Keith Duke, 
Ardell Swasey. Row 3: John Haws, Jolene Swain, 
Betty Meyers, Lloyd Morrill, Theresa Hadlock, Lynn 

President Dwayne Stevenson 

Vice President John Haws 

Secretary Jeanne Jensen 

The Uintah Basin Club is composed of students from East- 
ern Utah's vast Uintah Basin. The club started in the proper 
manner by entering one of the outstanding floats in the Home- 
coming parade. The float featured a dinosaur similar to those 
whose remains can be found in Dinosaur National Monument 
in the Uintah Basin. This successful beginning has been followed 
by regular meetings, numerous parties, participation in the 
Christmas drive, and other campus activities. 


i[e[i c 

President Ronald Belnap 

Vice President - Marion Shaw 

Secretary Frank Blaive 

Weber Club is composed of students from 
Weber College or Weber County. This year 
they have had numerous parties and also 
special speakers have entertained the club. 

Row I, left to right: Ronald Belnap, Keith Barker, Ver- 
na Kimber, Velma Payne, Janet Farr, Miriam Burton, 
Alice Bennett, Elaine Barker, Carmen Petty, La Rene 
Rhees, Don Graviet, Kay Walker. Row 2: Olene Smith, 
Leon Graviet, Mary Staley, Lora Lee Marshall, Char- 
lene Secrist, Clarence Clifton, Jeneane Gardner, Phyl- 
lis Randall, Marian Shaw, Austin Whalquist, Quinn 

McKay. Row 3: hHenry Isaksen, Laura Mayberry, John 
Clark, Betty Jones, Marilyn Thompson, Dee Holmes, 
Joanne Stuart, Colleen Ellsworth, Marian hlukman, 
Douglas Toone, Neil Visser, Dee Gwilliam. Row 4: Ar- 
thur Hutchins, Richard McKinnon, Blair Beck, Keith 
Jones, Don Richards, Ted Morris, Rayo Budge, Grant 
Schow, John Hunter. 




Row I, left to right: Bonnie Behunin, Shirley Ann Be- 
hunin, Phoana Mills,. Al Reta Yack, Ruth Wilde, Barbara 
West, Loy Rillins, Eileen Bertoncelj. Row 2: Ronald 
Bertonlj, Neil Waters, Jed Johnson, Dan Walker, Dale 

Moncur, Manfred Nelson, Bob Doerr, Donna Gibbs. 
Row 3: Jack Thomas, Burke Cannon, Ronald Smith, 
Phil Rollins, Gary Rollins, Elmo Matthews, Bill Anderson. 

President Barbara West 

Secretary Ruth Wilde 

Highlighting the year with a dance at 
Rowley's Club Room, the "Y'oming Club's 
forty members enjoyed an active year. 
Drives, intramural basketball, and parties 
afforded much enjoyment for the members. 


ntiiiG im 



U L 

President Mel Radichel 

Vice President Craig Carpenter 

Secretary Doris Day 

Yankee Club includes those students coming from areas 
east of Ohio and north of Washington, D.C. Their main interest 
is arranging for transportation home at Christmas on a char- 
tered bus. An exchange skating party with the Colorado Club 
highlighted the year. 


Row I, left to right: Craig Carpenter, Doris Dayes, 
Mel Radichel. Row 2: Gaylord Adams, Patricia No- 
well, Barbara Jean Dittmore, John Wittorf, Dorothy 
Bahe, Elinor Hada, Al Dayes. Row 3: Jay Wrathall, 
Beth Wessel, Doris Sunderland, Shirley Lendt, Dick 


Karen Butters 
Agnes Browne 
Norene Dance 

Yvonne Crawford 
Claudette Eriksen 

Jody Berg 
Marilyn Barton 
Annette Black 
Shirlee A. Setts 
Jane Bennett 

Ginger Blumve 
Sherry Bradfield 
Eleanor Croshaw 
Mary Ellen Carr 

Merle Karia Allen 
Beth Marie Anderson 
Elaine Austin 
Myrle Barney 
Dorene Anderson 
Marthalene Anderson 






President LaPrele Badouin 

Vice President J^ Carrol Lindblad 

Secretary >X^,/^OSv Ruth Sorenson 


become one 
to their motto, 
shall ever aspin 
cultivate virtue, 
knowledge. Annu' 

Dorothy Murray 

est, Alcyone has 

mpus. Aspiring 

gh as stars, yet we 

the girls strive to 

uality, beauty, and 

the invitational, din- 

Marlene Empey 
Lauralee Faueson 
Jean Frodsham 

ner dance, exchanges, and the Saxon-Alcyone assem- 
bly, "Rhythm Route." Members of the unit have 
proved their resourcefulness and ability in many school 

Dolly Grotegut 
Sheila Gardner 
Shirley Gardner 
RaNae Gardner 

Melva Goodwin 

Laraine Glines 
Bonnie Giles 
Marilyn Heig 
Mae Marie Halladay 

Karen Hart 
Joann Hafen 
Bet+e Lee Hales 
Jean Jensen 
Janice Jones 


Sharon Johnson 
Lei Knapp 

Carolynne Kanaga 
Befte Kirkbride 

Venice Hoover 
Carrol Lindblad 

Jean Kaspareic 
Lynette Larsen 

Shirlyn Judd 
Joan Murray 

Pat Mann 
Barbera Owen 


Shauna Larson 
Jacque Little 
Elsie Mae Patterson 

June Lorenzen 

Ella Rae MscDonald 

Margaret Pugh 

Sharlee McClain 
Roberta Nielson 
Beverly Ross 

Dorothy Pollock 
Renee Rasmussen 
Carol Shelton 
Gloria Belle Russell 

k. k k k k 



Mary Starr Erma Squire 

Darlene Wadsworth Marcia Whitney 

Joyce Summerhays Bonnie Wade Ruth Sorenson Marilyn Tall 

Barbara Zell LaVerne Waford Dolores Wilkens Joan Worsley 




Quinten Homer 
David Kirtwood Hart 


John W. Ellsworth 
Lloyd McAferty 

Blaine Hadley 
Ronald W. Schultz 
Louis Hunter 

President Dick Anderson 

Vice President .... Quinten Homer 

Secretary Kirk Hart 

Treasurer John Van Wagoner 

John C. Van Wagoner 
Ray Simmons 
William Scott 

Maurice Benson 

Don Duncan^ 
Gerald Julian 
Kenneth Martin 
Clynn Wilkinson 
William R. Clarke 

Johnny Stevens 
John N. Matson 
Gary C. Williamson 
Sterling G. Ellsworth 
Ronald Dick Bate 
Glenn L. Hunsaker 



John Robert Wlble 
Gerry Turner 
Charles Edwards 

Bob Vance 
Scott Fisher 
LaMar Goates 


W. Fred Mortensen 
Ray Tracy 

Albert L Christensen 
Boyd M. Burbridge 



Calvin Monson 
Rick Raile 
Thomas John 
Reed Hunter 

Bob Bills 
Larry D. Sargent 
Kenny Hawkins 
Bob Sasine 
Maughan Lee 

Joe Edmunds 
Ronnie Gant 
Richard Calder 
Harold Empey 
Paxton Lockhart 


Charles Lomax 
Kent Prestwich 

Harold Dunford 
Charles T. Mills 

H. Mort Magleby 
Dick Devey 
David Parkinson 

Dick Sperry Ted Baer 

Richard Galbraith Dick Bunker 

John D. Hunter 

T. Darrell Bushnell 

Terry Forsyth 

Bob Mendenhall 

Malin Perry 

Richard Wilkins 


1 J I u i\ L n 




Lloyd George 

Bill Smith 

Henry D. Taylor, Jr. 

George E. Collard, Jr 
Fred Dixon 
Bob Kirkpatrick 

Ted L. Morris 
David Stimpson 
David A. Taylor 

Richard N. Hawley 
Kenneth Perry 
Grant Brockbank 

•9 <^0: ^n 

Dean Hunger 
Bob R. Zabriskie 

Va! 'Stringfellow 
Val Liljenquist 

Phyl Ekins 

Don Mortensen 

Larry Crandall Dick Stosich 

Howard Dransfield Jim Webster 


Robert D. Dyer 
Kenneth J. Pace 

President Gene Oveson 

Vice President George Collard 

Secretary Charles Mills 

Treasurer Dick Devey 

Twelve men drew up the Gold Bricker charter in 
1917 and helped to shape many of the patterns, Ideals 
and traditions of their unit. The Y's oldest unit on 
campus has as Its alms three qualities . . . high ideals, 
a thirst for success and a sincere desire for fellowship. 
With an emphasis on activity, Brlckers have made tra- 
ditional many events which include a Dinner-Dance, 
an assembly, an Invitational, Bricker-Tauslg Week, an 
alumni banquet and participation In Homecoming ac- 
tivities. This year's float won first place In the origin- 
ality division. Traditionally, Bricker Initiations have 
been known to be the tougnest on campus. This prac- 
tice Is based on the Idea that something must be 
worked for to be of value. 

Russ Perry Robert Bryson Dean RIclcenbach Jim Hill 

Jack Whittle Phil Clarke Eldon Lloyd Ralph Willett 

Roy A. Christensen Ned Hoopes 

Mel Green Harold Christensen 


Bill Gallagher Claude Van Vliet Wally Hunt 

Bob Hemming Clair J. McKell J. Lowell Steck 

John B. Robertson Dwayne Stevenson Karl Hofmann 

Ted Money 
Francis Lyman 
Glen Hale 

Don Tregasltis Melvin Jensen 

John L. Matthews Don Sheets 

Jed Pritchett Boyd Bitton 

Frank Blair William Perry 


Vice Pre SI 

Secretary-Treasurer Ned Millerj 

With the definite objective of creating 
better fellowship through common social 
interests, the Brigadier social unit has 
carved its niche on the social life of the 
university. Since its organization in 1931, 
it has grown from the original six charter 
members to the present membership of 
fifty. T. Earl Pardee was charter sponsor. 
Autumn quarter, the unit sponsored the tr«|^ 
ditional Bowery Ball in an atmosphere rej- 
sembling the Gay 90's. Other annual a<;j- 
tivities include the Invitational, the Dinner- 
Dance and active participation in Home- 
coming festivities and intramural sports. 


Gerald C. Downs 
Earl Lelegren 

Gene Richards 
Norman Hopkins 

Lynn Allred 
Gary Arbuckle 

Mario Bowen 

Don Muller 


Jerry McAffee 
John C. Clark 
Heber Moore 

Donnell Jenkins 

Wayde Stoker 
Bob Ctiristensen 
Fred A. Money 
Jay C. Mickelson 

Robert Ardizzone 
William T. MacKay 
J. Kent Johnson 
Bob Frome 

Fred ZItting 
Richard Nilsen 
Russell Mickelson 
Robert L. Holley 





President Barbara Nicholson 

Vice President Shirlene Melton 

Secretary Carol Beckstrand 

Treasurer Sharon Lott 

One of the newer units on campus, Cami Los, or- 
ganized in 1952, works "not tor personal glory, but for 
the good of all." Each letter in the name represents the 
beginning letter of a flower. A very active unit, their 
members have participated in an invitational, assembly, 
dinner dance and also had a float in the Homecoming 
parade. Among their ranks are such notables as the Loan 
Fund Bali and Carnival queens. 

Darlene Bassett! 
Joyce Bramwell 

Merle Jean Butler 
Caroline Comer 

Cherrlll Curtis 
Patricia Dorsey 

Carol Dunford 
Barbara Goates 
Marva Goring 

Gay Henrie 
Caria Holt 
Jean Jorgenson 

Audrey Earnshaw 

JoAnn Edgington 









Rosalind Luke 
Nina Leishman 


Judith Manwill 
Sharon Lo+t 

Joan Parcel 
Shirley D. Powell 

Dawn Riggs 
Judy Powelson 
Sally Prior 

Carol Maxwell 
Barbara Munroe. 

Glyn Schmitt 
Charlene Sessions 
Pat Prior 

Nanette Monson 
Shirlene Melton 

Ruth Wilde 
Helen Summers 
Joan Taylor 

Carol Obert 
LaDeane Olsen 

Alreta Yacic 
Doinna Wride 
Virginia Welling 

Suzanne Narlcaus 
Jeneal Peterson 


President Ralphena Taylor 

Vice President Gladys Nixon 

Secretary Barbara Clark 

Treasurer Anna Bell Taylor 

This year as the Castas celebrated their 25th anniversary, they con- 
tinued to perpetuate their motto, "All I would have my friend to be, that 
would I be to her and more." This unit, organized in 1928, has always been 
known for its friendly girls. The Cesta Ties won first place in the HHomecom- 
ing trio competition, and honors in snow sculpturing as well as other cam- 
pus contests. The unit's outstanding social events of the year included the 
invitational, "Morning Moon," which transformed the marble halls of the 
City and County Building into a Southern rendezvous; the annual candle 
light dinner, which commemorated their silver anniversary with "Serenade 
in Silver," the dinner dance held at the Starlight Gardens in Hotel Utah, 
and their annual weekend canyon party. 

Connie Corbetf Barbara Clark Geralee Cundick Billie Dorriss 

Margaret Doxey Carmen Ford LuDene Fresh Billie Coulam 

Joyce Gusfafson Marlene Grigg Marilyn Coster Betty Hatch 

Susie N. Johnson Sally D. Herron LaJuana Isakson Lois Jarman 

Joyce Babcock Lorraine Baker 

Valene Brookbush Janis Bean 

Maurine Benson Barbara Burns 

Kathy Brown Joyce Colton 



Doris Dayes Anne Jelte 

Violate Myers Lois Knaphus 

Phyllis Rees Lois Peterson 

Donna Rae Stapley Donna Smith 

Colleen King LaDonna McKane Sharlene Newman Dorothy Dean Nixon 

Roma Murray Dixie Ann Mecham Cleo Millet Gladys Nixon 

LaVera Jean Olson Pauline Powelson Dee Ann Ricks Laureen Seegmiller 

Jaclcie Spangler Beverly Stiburek Anna Bell Taylor Annette Wood 

Carolyn Thomson Sharlene Tobler Minnie Shertzer 

Leia Tobler Lois Telford Patricia Watts 







Anna Lou Dewsnup J^O 
Marian Englestead 

Emma Gean Hatch 
Marion Halliday 

Margaret Clark 
Clayta Hathaway 

Sharon Heslop 
Margaret Hennis 



Alice M. Alcita 
Marilyn Anderson 

Marvel Carlson 
EInor Lynn Allen 

Shirley Cheever 
Ardena Becic 

Virginia CrandatI 
Mary Jo Chris+ensen 


Wilda Keith 
Joan Keetch 

Marjory Remington 
Mary Lou Schelff 

Doris Kelly 
Mary Hutchings 

Mary Sewell 
Betty Page 

Marcene Kelsey 

Mary Ellen Mendenhall 

Cherryle Steed 
Carol Dawn Sorenson 


Kathy Latimer 
Ella Rae Liechty 

Wilda Whitehead 
Norinne Teusch 

Charlotte Muller 
Meridee Moyle 

President Wanda Wood 

Vice President Marcene Kelsey 

Secretary Mary Sewell 

Treasurer Marian Englestead 

Living true to their motto, Amice Fidelas 
Ami — "faithful friends forever," the Fidelas mem- 
bers played an important role in campus activi- 
ties. Members of this unit held many studentbody 
offices: A.W.S. president, secretary and council 
members, Y.C. president, and Homecoming 
Queen. A "Blue Velvet" invitational, dinner 
dance, spring canyon party, outstanding Christ- 
mas party, a banquet for seniors and officers, 
and a dinner dance terminated the year's activi- 


Reid Fillmore 

Vice Preside^^ 

y^Devere Brough 


H^I^^.JrjTed Hunter 

Treasurer IL 

,J June Hanson 

Gamma Tau social unit was born in 
1946, when six men decided to insure the 
continuance of a close friendship. The unit 
has grown rapidly since then in both mem- 
bership and activities. Annual events in- 
clude the Birthday Dinner to commemorate 
the founding of the unit, the Invitational 
and the Spring Dinner-Dance. The unit 
traditionally enters a float in the Home- 
coming parade. Each point In the unit pin 
has a certain significance. The eleven 
pearls symbolize the eleven original articles 
in the constitution. Working together is 
the special meaning the unit has for the 
words "Gamma Tau." 

Ariel Williams 
Garth Uibel 

Roger Ririe 
Rex Smith 

Joe Benson 
Ronald Frazier 

Dennis Ward 
June H. Hanson 

Von Christensen 
DeVere Brough 

Stanley Sorensen 
Lee Cox 






Lee Morgan Gaylan Bagley Keith Larsen Richard Billings Rondo Whiting Gene R. Hanson 

The Gamma Tau invitational dance 
during "halftime. " 

Ronald Dye 

Don Hamblin 
Ted Hunter 

Wayne Kleinman 
Bob Parsed 
Brad Powell 


R.osemary Bean 

Ruth Ellen May Bean 

Joyce Barber 


President Lynne Jeppson 

Vice President . Janice Garrett 

Secretary &fe. Ann Nielson 

Treasurer .yfM|tfri|pn Crandall 

Since its i/i^g^Jkiip*^ in 1920, 
Nautilus hi^ represented many 
phases "^ ^^^^^IjikyillJl '.., ""'''^' 

bered Nau+ilW^Telc^Pfe ■Campus 
spotlight by holding positions as: 
Senior class officers, leaders of 
Sponsor Corps, A.W.S. council 
members, and Banyan personalities. 
Members worked to give an out- 
standing dinner dance, invitational, 
exchanges, and the annual assem- 
bly. One of the main highlights of 
the year is the i awarding of a 
scholarship to the most outstand- 
ing freshman. 

Annella Hanks 
Kathryn Howell 

Sarah Ann Hale Margene Frank Maureen Crandall LaRae Dunn 

Shirley Jean Hansen Dorothy Hardee Bonnie Hawkes JoAna Hobbs 

Darlene Irvin 




Ann Nielsen 
Jenny Stayner 
Dixie Lou Tuttle 

Janice Mendenhall Arlene Love Carol Dawn Kropf Myrna Green 

Maleen Richey Ruth Leone Rose lla Rkhan Jean Pratt 

Linda Worsley Janice Young Dixie Robison Colleen Young 

Janice Kimball 

Patricia Nowell 

Katbryn Rich 

Ferol Holman 

Marolyn Taylor 

Lynn Tuclcer 



Helen Archiba'd 

President Joanne Stringham 

Vice President Lenore Vandenberg 

Secretary Grethe Ballif 

Treasurer Donna Rudd 

A closely unified unit, O.S. Trovata has completed 
another active year. The winter dance, annual invitational, 
fashion show, the traditional goat dinner with the Brickers, 
the Honor Banquet which honors outstanding members of 
scholastic achievement, and inner-unit parties afforded much 
enjoyment and fellowship for one of the oldest units on 

Carolyn Bagley 
Dawn Baker 


Connie Bartlet 
Ane Grethe Ballif 

Verna KImber 

JoAnne Colwell Connie Canneron Willa Conrad 

JoAnn Hebertson Mary Dawson Janis Dinsdale 

Norma Creer Jean Louise Crandall Zeima Crider 

Jeralie Chandler Jeneane Garner Karma Jackson 


Shirley Crowther Lucy KInnlson Phyllis Kaiser 

Carmen Petty Claire Overfelt 

Jean Maycocic Doro"thy Meyer Jo Oveson Jacqueline Morris 

Marilyn Pulsipher Marilyn Norton Zan Knudsen 

Selma Shaw 

Lorraine Roberts Wanlta Pinegar Anna Lou Miller Joyce Ann Shurtleff 

Nelda Stewart Marilyn Stapley 

Lenore Vandenberg Edith Idella Udall Edythe Tu+tle 

Joanne Smith Mary Ann Sorensen Diane Slater 

Jerry Taylor Charlene Van Wagener Maxine WInegar 

Joanne Stuart 




Leota Baird 
Beverly Bolter 
Deon Biesinger 
Sharlene Bjarnson 

Grace Colton 
Marilyn Davis 
Reva Clark 
Alice Ericlcson 

President Julia Groberg 

Vice President Carol Siddoway 

Secretary Grace Ostler 

Treasurer Carolyn Cook 

"Unity in the search for all good" Is the theme 
which the Ri Vedas carry out so effectively. Always 
eager and enthusiastic, they have held various activities 
this year Including an Invitation, dinner dance, assem- 
bly, and Christmas formal. They also claim an added 
distinction: that of having the most engaged girls In 
their unit. 


Ellen Wheadon 
Joy Winward 

Lois Wilkey 
Glida Packard 
Carol Thompson 

Lillian Harddson 

Ganae Haacke 

Evelyn Hancock 

Marion Gunn 

Kenna Johnson 

Flora Lee Maxfield 

Grace Ostler 

Marlene Oakley 

Orel Kay Lee 

Donna Mathews 

Vivian Morin 

Joan Massey 

Sally Saunders 

Betty Rae Stowell 

Carol Siddoway 

LaRayne Peterson 

Darlene Talley 

Barbara Weeks 


King .^^^^^Sf-£y-)--^^----£-- Leonard bugger 

Archking»s>/. ,::rrr--A-^^^ Glen L. Williams 

Scribe ..l£..A.£^-^h..rtT".^^k. .+..., Neil Jensen 

Chancellar/Cr?^..!. _ l.£. Duane Kerr 

"My strength is as the strength of ten be- 
cause my heart is pure" is the motto of the twen- 
ty-three men who organized the Saxon social 
unit in January, 1952, with Cleon Skousen as 
charter sponsor. Their activities this year have 
included the play "White Christmas," a half- 
time skit at the Utah game, participation in 
Homecoming activities and the beginning of a 
traditional Invitational and Dinner-Dance. Sax- 
ons have taken as their goal to think only of the 
best, work only for the best and to expect only 
the best. 

Dean M. Jensen 
Da'lin Gardner 
Don Parker 
Wayne W, Thomas 
Lee Tobler 

Fred Bringhurst 
James Brimhall 
Carl B. Kern 
Charles W. Hanls 
Robert O. Chappell 

Glen Lee Williams 
Keith Barker 
Robert E. Bateman 
Blaine Webb 
Gary Mortenson 



Duane R. Aston 

Thayle Denney 
Paul J. Christensen 

Richard James 

Gerald Anderson Bullock 

Hal Jensen 
Marion Davidson 

i^ ^L^ 

Kent Harrison 

Gary Daniels 

Elmo Mathews 

Dick Wells 

Clifton Duane Kerr 

Jim Rutter 

Paul Aston 

Kent Hogan 

Lynn Thacker 



Ezra Ward 
Bert Wilson 
Lawrence R. Brown 
Gene Adams 

Jim Pollock 
Clive Barney 
Charles N. Thomas 
Keith Gleave 
Ronald Nielson 

Richard W. Bond 

Jay Whiting 

Reed Painter 

Clyde A. Christensen 

Larry Brim 

David Hunter 


Earl Van Wagoner 
Richard Wooten 
William Stevens 
David Peery 
Stanley K. Taylor 
Donald Lee 

Keith Wilson 
Joe Mellor 
Don C. Lundberg 
Stanford Ellsworth 
Merrill Bradshaw 
LaMar A. Rawllngs 

Ralph Telford 
Wendell Galbralth | 
Paul Clark 
Marcus Sigmon 
Lawry Mann 
John F. Howard 



Vice President BOB HOLTZER 

Secretary EZRA WARD 


"Omnus Uno" one for all and all for one. . . 
with this motto in mind, loyal Tausigs had their 
beginning in early BYU history. The primary aims 
of the unit are to develop leadership, further 
scholastic and cultural achievements and to pro- 
vide for wholesome and enjoyable social activities. 
The unit has traditionalized certain activities such 
as their annual Christmas party, winter invitation- 
al, spring dinner-dance and the Tausig Topper 
held the last week of school. 

Ronald Phillips 
Robert L. Holtzer 
Gerald Wayne Smith 

Jay V. Lake 
Loyal D. Hastings 
Glen Hales 
Lynne King 
Lloyd Owen 

Desmond Pincock 

Ward A. Nickles 

Robert Cowdell 

Ted LaMar Smith 

Quintin Elder 

Frank Moscon 

Boyd Lee 

Phil Gambles 

Mark Wight 

Russell Hanks 

Harold Ballard 

Gary Jones 

Trevor R. McKee 

Jerry Smith 

Alan Miner 

Jess Taylor 

William H. Hyde 

Roger Lewis 

Hal McEwan 

Richard Prexton 

Nelden Oborn 


Fellowship, scholarship, brotherhood, and cooperation depict 
Knight Templar's goals. Through intramural sports, the unit offers op- 
portunity for athletic participation of which the members are proud. 
Templars stage numerous social exchanges and had an attractive float 
in the hlomecoming Parade. Treasury funds are depleted at the end 
of each year with a stag party. 

James Sill 
Kenneth Toons 

Bob Robertson 
William Tooke 

Gordon K. Harris 
Henry L. Goldsmith 

William Chesley 

Bill Frederlckson 

Max E. Lee 

Gordon L. Anderson 

Jerry Cranda 



President Phyllis Fox 

Vice President Joanne Corbett 

Secretary Alba Lufkin 

Treasurer Lillias Tanner 

ToKalons delightfully carry out their 
theme which is "To seek beauty in all things." 
Their flower is the carnation and their colors 
are turquoise and yellow, which suit their own 
colorful personalities. "ToK's" are known for 
their friendliness and originality in social 
events. Among those put on this year were 
exchanges, a Christmas party, a spring dinner 
dance, and assembly. 

Lucille Rowe Joan Seymour 

Mary Pat Langlois Derllys Rowe 

Alba Lufkin 
Frances Reed 
Nancy Rich 

Sally Madsen 
Elizabeth Larsen 
Lora Lee Marshall 

Marilyn Morrill 
Lou Rita Mattice 
Marilyn Palmer 

Helen Ferney 
Bertha Droubay 
Ruth Paulsen 

Bonnie Davis 
Joan Crandall 
Mary Crandal! 

Margaret Coolc 
Nyra Colvin 
Marlene Christiansen 



Martha Mae Warner 
Joan Taylor 
Marcia Whittle 

Betty Ree Yeomans 
Anne Rasmussen 
Lorna Peterson 

Maxine Telford 
Lee Ann Winter 
Gail Hilton 

Vadine Hudson 
Jean Holnnan 
Lillias Tanner 

Bonnie Jordan 
Shirlee Killpack 
Helen Joyce Swan 

Marcia Jorgensen 
Frances Kirls 
Barbara Stocltdale 

Jean Starling 
Gayle Hall 

Marlene King 
Marva Jorgensen 

Phyllis J. Smith 
Joyce Snarr 

Sheila Howell 
Charlene Secrist 

Barbara Fisher 
Mary Lou SchenV 



blies and Homecoming trio 

competition provide M 

extra activi 





^^^-— -^ ■ ■■ ' ' ■-■ -^ ^^^''M. ^ 

A >J|^^ 




VHv r^ 



Anne Boucher 
Barbara Christiansen 

Laura Schenk 
Viola Schenk 












Doris Sta 


Carole Christensen 
Pat Bingham 

Marjorie Allen 
Joanne Corbett 

Margaret Affleck 
Pat Boyle 


J— -** *fH ! ■» * 


Jack Lords 
Elwood Maloy 
Bob Crowley 
Kenneth J. Mason 
Devon Fife 

Jay Colver 
Kent South 
Boyd Blackham 
Reed Taylor 
Vernon Todd 
Bob Roberts 

lU ^ 

Clark Whitehead 
Stanley A. Dahlin 
Ken M, Howard 
C. Ron Green 
Fred Claridge 

r mil 



Lyie Burke 
Richard Alder 
Gene Garrett 
Farrell Monson 
Chuck Turner 
Jim Layton 

Clifford DeGraw 
Gene Campbell 
Robert Payne 
Douglas G. Johnsor 
John Ward 
Richard Stubbs 

Bruce Peterson 
Nile Jensen 
Don Milligan 
Robert Gunnell 
Kay Walker 
Bob McKelvey 


■■K. , 



President Keith West 

Vice President Barry Wasden 

Secretary J. Donald Boren 

Treasurer Bob McKelvey 

Val Hyrics, named after the se- 
lect royal guard of the powerful 
Danish Viking, Cnute, were es- 
tablished in 1928. The ancient 

Bob Gilllland 
John Willis Ted Johnson 

Robert Morrow 
Dick Rowberg 


Glenn R. Williams 
Wally Koford 
Don Ridge 
Van Romney 

Robert L. Mauzy 
Henry West 
Hartley Fredrickson 
Boyd Cook 

Don M. Grimes 
Dan L Walker 
John W. Beckstead 
Fred Dunnell 

Don Frei 

Bruce Soelberg Keith B. Matthews Barry Wasden 



Jerry Forsling 


Lee M. Whitehead 

ed Blake 

Claude Thomas 

Jay Powell 

rtiss Smith 

Gary Spongberg 

LaMar Evans 

irtin L Rust 

Keith Humphreys 

ssell Dodd 

Chad Hull 

d Brown 

Peter Da Parma 

Roy Lawson 

Norman Lee Gibbons 

Hal Kindred 'f -^ 

Michael Miller .-^ ^^ 



^ Od 



L ^ 


B(^ "^ %i 





Mary Katherlne Phelan Jane)' Rhees 

Geraldine Searle Merlene Jones 

Janice HincUey Patricia Johnson 

Laura Lou Hamblln Carolyn Edwards 

Connie Frehner Margaret Olsen 

"She flies with her own wings" is the motto 
of the unit which began in 1927 and now 
boasts a nnembership of 100. Keeping true 
to their tradition, the Val Norns have had 
another successful social, scholastic, and po- 
litical year. Their activities included a "Study 
in Blue" invitational, dinner dance at the Salt 
Lake Country Club with a "Coronation" 
theme, the annual assembly-this year "Only 
Yesterday," and the annual Spring Songfest. 
Outstanding Val Norns were the student body 
secretary and vice president, A.W.S. council 
members. Homecoming attendant, and the 
Friendliest Girl. 

President Carolyn James 

Vice President Earlene Lewis 

Secretary Pat Anderson 

Treasurer Diane Dunford 

Carma Hanseen 
Jean Dixon 
Rene Morgan 

Marilyn Money 
Arlene Lynn 
Ruth Moen 

Barbara Miller 
Gene Oborn 
Jewell Cloward 

Nadine Davies 
Barbara Beaty 
Pat Anderson 

Dahl Judy Jane Bullock Kay Creer 

Ruth Adaniis Kathleen Sprague Elaine Barker 




Roy Jarman Wayne Hancock, Jr. 

Larry Bean Charles Clawson 

Jack Roberts Ronald Crandall 

Murray Mclnnes L. Neil Loverldge 

Roger Stewart Richard Oveson Jeronne Hainsworth 

Howard Gonzales Robert W. Peterson John Woodward 

Lee Stay Bob Throckrrorton Richard E. Sheranlan Clyde Tucker 

Don Van Slooten Louis O. Glazier ttal Visick Bob Sipherd 

Reed Kay Davis Karl Snow Kenneth Bacon Bascome Morris 






Vice President 





Robert H. Hales 

Bruce Taylor 

Bob Larson 

Keith C. Hayes 

Jacob Hamblin 


Jack Clawson 

Ross Carter 


Jerry Ensign 

Raymond Howes 

Gary Jenkins vNvJCX/ 



Dennis Peterson ^'■''^*^ 
Keith Strong 



Merle M. Allen 
Bob Ensign 
Bill SItousen 

Kenny Orton 
Merwin Stewart 
Don Murphy 

Raymond Brown 
Paul Murdock 
Cliff Rounds 

Doc Cameron 
G. Ron Salisbury 
Ned H. Greenwood 

"All men who group in the name of Franthor, the fearless, find a 
power in unity and a strength in faith." In September of 1928, twelve 
close friends came to B.Y.U. from Provo High, and in order to pre- 
serve their unity, they formed the Viking social unit. The unit has been 
active in school affairs ever since its founding. Some of its traditional 
events are the Invitational, Jiggs party, the spring Chicken Fry and the 
Dinner-Dance. This year they are particularly noted for their athletic 
championship. The Viking theme Indicates a striving for brotherhood, 
friendship, unify and service to church, school and unit. The VIkes are 
well-known for their serenading. Whenever a fellow-member "hangs" 
his pin, he is tossed into the pond, while the girl Is serenaded. 

Just a quiet evening 
at home. . . 



U L 



The new athletic Gymlihana Club 
was organized in January of this 
year. The purpose of the organiza- 
tion is to give students interested 
in gymnastics an opportunity to 
develop nnuscles on different ap- 
paratus. Because of the high in- 
terest in gymnastics shown at BYU, 
the University of Utah is attempt- 
ing to form a similar organization 
so that intercollegiate competition 
can be held. There was a meet 
held against the A.C. at Logan 
this year. 

Row I, left to right: David Adamson, Delano Findlay, Wiltram Gee, George Gale, Ray Penney, Larry 
Peterson, Edward Petersen, Max Banner, Richard Swingle. Row 2.' Brent hieninger, President: Phil 
Barret+e, Vice-President: Reed Weight, Secretary: Mel Gourden, Stan Dally, Richard Lewis, Duane 
Vv'asden, Joseph Everson, Robert Sasine, Sterling Ellsworth, Ronald Grant. 

Strengthening legs, arms, and backbone 
muscles is achieved through "pyramid" tum- 

Muscle co-ordination is developed through rigorous timing and concentration. 





From the northern tip of nnajestic Mount Timpanogos 
to the southern shones of Utah Lake, an editor looked and 
wondered what he could use for the foundation of as unique 
a yearbook as possible for the university he loved so much. 

He attended a devotional exercise in which President 
David O. McKay of the Council of Twelve proclaimed Brig- 
ham Young University as being "in the spotlight" and a 
standard among other universities of the world. Seeking a 
suitable phrase from the Doctrine and Covenants, the editor 
found a beautiful passage of scripture which states: "Verily, 
I say unto you all: arise and shine forth, that thy light may 
be a standard for the nations," and decided to use thi-s 
with the idea of the steady growth of a spotlight in relation 
to that of the University. 

Because the editor had been taught that "light is 
truth," and because an education enlightens every mind 
with an accumulation of this, he presented the idea to his 

enthusiastic staff. So, combining eight quarts of rubber 
cement, twenty reams of paper and cardboard, hours and 
hours of burning the "midnight oil," and a strong determi- 
nation to produce the Idea on paper, a faithful yearbook 
staff developed your 1953 "In the Spotlight" edition of the 

We hope you enjoy It and gain as much "light" from its 
familiar faces and activities in your future storehouse of 
memories as we have received in its publication. We hope 
you will kindle, from time to time, that warm "light" of 
love and friendship so prominent at the "Y" by taking your 
Banyan from its dusty hiding place on the shelf and thumb- 
ing through it for a momentary glance at a joyous and suc- 
cessful year you spent at dear old Brigham Young . . . the 
greatest university, as far as the staff is concerned, in the 



. U 




G[|[yi IND[X 


Alder, Lorna Call 38 
Allen, Mark Knight 3S 
Allman. Verl PhilllDs : 
Anderson, Edward 
Andrus. J. Roman 38 
Ashton. Clarence 0. 3B 
Afkins, Charles 3S0 
Atkinson. Charles L 38 

Bailey. Myrtle 38 
Ballif. Ariel S. 38. 131 
Ballou, Richard £. 38 
Barlow. Francis 38 
Barlow. Irene S. 38 
Barnett. Owen L. 38 
Baten^an. J. LaVar 38, 98. 
Bauer, Edith 38 
Beck, Elden 38 
Beck. Jay V. 38 
Beckham. Raymond E. 38 
Belnap, 8. West 38 
Bennlon. Marian 38 
Berrett. William £ 
Berry. June E. 38 


H. J. 

Blackham, Angus U. 38 
Boel. Joseph M. 38 
Booth, Lillian C. 38 
Boi, Jacob 38 
8ossa. Captain Amos L, 397 
Bourne. Or. John R. 39 
Bowen, Hazel 8. 39 
Boyle, Clarence S, 39 
Boyle. W. H. 39 
Brailhwaite, Royden C. 39 
Bnisch, Ralph A. 39 
flroadbent, H. Smith II 
Brouqh, Rulon R. 39 
Brown. C. Manley 39 
Browne. Arthur 39 
Bryner. Loren C. 39 
Buqgert, Guslav F. 39 92 
Bullock, Kenneth C. 39 7i 
Burton. Alma P. 39 
Burrup. Percy E. 39 
Butt, Newbern I. 39 
Buderworth, Edwin 3? 
Cuttle. Faye Jensen 39 

Caine. Julia 39 
Caldwell. Gayton L. 39 
Canning. Ray R. 39. 109 
Carr. William C. 39. 7t 

Carver. Julia 39 
Chandler Samuel 39 
Cheney. Thomas 4S, 191 
Christensen, Barbara 39 
Chrlslensen, Lillian 39 
Chr.stensen. Leonard £. 39 
Christensen, P. A. 40 
Chrislensen, Ross T. 39 
Clark, Bruce B. -40 
Clark, Harold Glen 40 207 
Clark, H. R. 40 
Clark. Haiel C. 40 
Clark, J. Reuben III 40 
Clark. Marden J. 40 
Clark. Monroe H. 40 
Clarke. A. John 40 
Clinger Morris M. 40 
Corb'idge, Ivan L. 40 
Cowan, Cynthia A. 40, 376 
Crandall. Lars G. 40 
Croft. Evan M. 40 
Crowton. David M. 40 
Cummings. Beniamin 40 

Oallin, Leon 40 
Davidson. Bertha 8. 
Dean, C. Edwin 40 
de Jong, Gerrlt. Jr. 
Di»on, Fred W. 40 
Dixon. Owen G. 40 
Doxey, Roy W. 40 
Orury. Lloyd 40 
Dutf.n, fl. Keith 40 
Dunn. Norman 40 
Durrant. Helen 40 

Earl, Don L. 40 
Eastmond, E. John 40 
Edwards, William F. 40 
Enke, Glenn L. 40 

Farnsworth Raymond 8. 
Fielding, R. Kent 40 
Fisher. Flora 0. 40 
Fuerstner. Carl 40 

Gametl. LaVell C. 4t 
Gardner, Elizabeth 41 
Gardner, J. H. 41 
Gates, Crawford 41, 109 
Geddes. David 41 


Geddes, Marise 41 
Geertsen, O. Norman 41 
Gibby, Neal 43 
Gibson, M. Carl 41 
Gledhill, Preston 41 
Goates. J. Rex 41 
Grow. Stewart L. 41 
Gunn, Richard L. 41 


Hales. Richard W. 41 

Hales, Wayne B. 41, 7S 

Halliday, John R. 41. 90 

Halverson, Mary Anne 377 

Hamblln, Lawson O. 41 

Hamblin, Verona 41 

Hammond May C. 41 

Hancock, M/Sgt. Morck Oluf 397 

Hansen, George H. 41, 74 

Hansen. Vivian B. 41 

Hansen, William F. 41 

Harrison. Bertrand F. 41 

Hart, Anna Boss 41 

Hart, C. J. 41 

Hart, Edward L. 41 

Hayes, John E. 41 

Haymore. Franklin R. 

Hayward, C. Lynn 41 

Hinman, Beth S. 41 

Holbrook, Leona 41. 

Howe, Elliott C. 41. I 

Howell. Robert J. 41 

Hoyt, Harrison V. 41 

Hunt. Norman J. 41 

Hyatt. Edmund P. 41 


Isaksen, Henry L. 41 

Jackson. Orrin H. 41 
Jacobs, Briant 5. 41 
Jacobs, Margaret 41 
Jakeman. M. Wells 42 
Jenny, Martha R. 42 
Jensen, Christen 42 
Jensen. Vern H. 42 
Jensen, Edgar M. 42 
Jex. J. Lorln 42 
Johnson Thayne 42 
Jones, Audrey 42 
Jones. John F, 42 
Jorgensen. Eleanor 42 


Keeter. Joseph J. 42 
Kimball, C. Rodney 42 
Kimball. Edwin R. 3M 
Knight. Hattie M. 42 

Larsen. B. F. 42, 95 
Larsen, Don H. 42 
Larson. Clinton F. 42, 191 
Larson, J. LaMar 42 
Larson, Vernon W. 42 
Law. Reuben D. 42 
Laycock, Harold R. 42 
Leavitt, Stanley A. 42 
Lee, Harold 42 
Lee WiUord D. 42 
Lewis. Sen E. 42 
Lewis, George L, 42 
Lloyd, Wesley P. 42 
Lowe. Howard D. 42, 80 
Ludlow, Jim 41, 43 


Msdsen, Hrlgham D. 43 
Maeser, Georgia 43 
Martin, Thomas L. 43 
Marshall, Milton 43 
McAllister. John W. 43 
Mclff, Lyie H. 43 
McKnight, H. Neil 43 
McTaque. Betty 43 
Mercer. Winston 43 
Merrill, Amos N. 43 
Miller, Elmer 43 
Miller, Karl A. 43 
Miller. Martin L. 43 
Miller. Ruth 43 
Monson, Samuel C. 43 
Morieey, Atonio J. 43, 98 
Morrill, A. Reed 43 
Morrill. Damaris 43 
Morris, Lawrence 60 
Murdock, Joseph R. 43 


Nelson. Elmer E. 43 
Nlblev, Hugh 43 
Nicholes, Henry J. 43 
Nicholes, Joseph K., 43 
Nielson. Eve 43 
Nilson, Reed E. 43, 367 

Oak, Cecil R. 44 
Oaks. Carol 44 

Packard, Hannah 44 
Pardoe, Kathryn 44, 89 
Pardoe, T. Earl 44, 98 
Patch, Robert C. 44 
Payne, John W. 44 
Perry. Leiand M. 44 
Peterson. Cornelius 44 
Peterson, Hermese 44 
Peterson. Hugh W. 44 
Poll, Richard 44 
Poison. James P. 44 
Pond. A. Smith 44 
Potter, Margaret S. 44 
Poulson, M. Wllford 44 
Poulson, Virginia Booth 44 
Proctor, Paul D. 44 


Rasband, Mima 44 
Rasmussen, Ellis T. 44 
Reimschiissel, E. F. 44 
Rice, Leonard W. 44 
Rich. Naomi 44 
Rich, Stella P. 44 
Richards, Grant S. 44 
Ricks. Eldin 44 
Riddle. Chauncey 44 
Rlrie. Shirley 44 
Robison. C. F. 44, 371 
Rogers. R. Max 44, 70 
Romney. Antone K. 44 

Sardoni, Lawrenece 44 
Sauls, klefer B. 44 
Seegmiller, Laureen 377 
Sensenback, Alfred D. 44 
Shirks, Morris A. 44 
Shumway, R. Phil 44 
Skousen. W. Cleon 44 
Smith. Carol 44 
Smith. Oliver R. 44, 73 
Smith. Richard L. 4^ 
Smith, Robert J. 44 
Smith, Wilford E. 45 
Snell, William H. 45 
Snow, Edward Donald 45 
Soffe, H. Wayne 45 
Sorenson. Wayne L. 45 
Sparks, M. LeRoy 45 
Spears, Irene O, 45 
Spencer. Lucille 45 
Sperry, Sidney 8. 45 
Squire, Defence W. 45 
Stansfield, Russell N. 45 

Stewart, Maynard D. 45, 95 
Stone. Joics 8. 45 
Stott. Richard 45 
Stufz, Rowan C. 45 
Sudweeks. Joseph 45 
Summerhays, Margaret 45 
Swapp, Wyley W. 45 
Swenson. Albert D. 45 
Swenson. John C, 45 
Swenson. Russell B. 45 
Swensen, Mrs, Russell 45 

Tanner, Orea 8. 45 
Tanner. Vasco 45 
Taylor. H. Darrell 45 
Taylor, Lynn D. 45 
Taylor. VVeldon J. 45 
Thomas. Robert K. 45 
Thompson. Jane 108, 157, 337 
Thomson. Woodruff 45 
Thorne. Lucille 45 
Thurgood, Jack 46 
Turner, Glen 95 
Tutfle. Elliott 45 
Tyler, Samuel L. 45 
Tyndall, Clarence 45 

Valentine, Lee 8. 46 


Wakefield, J. Homer 46 
Warnlck. Effie 46 
Waterstradt, Jean Anne 46 
Watkins,_ Arthur R. 46, 70 
Watts. Stanley 46, 364, 366. 374 
Webb, Beth R. 46 
Webb, Florence 46 
Webb, Frederick 46 
Weight, Newell 8. 46, 91, 94 
West, Dale 46 
Whittaker, Wetzel J. 46 
Wight. W. Ray 46 
Williams. Ariel 46 
Wing. John H. 46. 74 

David H.. Jr. 46 



Bateman. J. L 36 

Berrett, William E 35 

Booth. Lillian C 35 

BraithwaltB, Royden C 35 

Brough, Rulon 37 

Butt, N. 1 37 

Butterworth, Edwin 37 

Chf.iterisen. Leonard E. .. . 3? 

Clark. Harold Glen 36 

Clark, Herald R 36 

Clarl, Monroe H 37 

Duffin, 8, Keith 37 

Hales, Wayne B 37 

Hayes. John E 35 

Jackson. Orrin 35 

Jones, John F 37 

Lorion, Clinton F. . 36 

Lee, Harold W 37 

Lewis, Ben E. 35 

Lloyd, Dean Wesley P. . . 34 

Ludlow, J, H 36 

Madsen, Brlgham D. 37 

Pond, A. Smith 36 

Romney, Antone K. . 35 

Sauls. Kiefer B. 35 

Stouson, Cleon 36 

Smith, Oliver R. 36 

Sporcer, Lucille 35 

Tanner, Vasco M 36 

Taylor, Harvey D. . . 34 

Wilkinson Mrs. Ernest 33 

Wilkinson Family. The 33 

Wilkinson, President 

Ernest L 32 

Board of Trustees 

Board of Trustees 31 

President David O. McKay . 30 

Sludant Government 

A, M.S. Council 53 

A.W.S. Council 52 

Executive Council 48 

Freshman A.W.S 55 

Honor Cotincll 5l 

Interorqaniiational Council 54 

Legislative Council .,.. 50 

Penal Court 55 


... 142 

Edgar Bergen 

Hello Week 

Junior P«om 

President Truman . . . 
Rhythmettes . . . 
Witches' Haven . . 


Ad Ball ... 
Autumn Leaf Hop 

Banyan Ball ., 

Belle of the "Y" Ball - 

Girls' Day Dance 

Junior Prom 

Mistletoe Ffollc 

Preference Ball 
Snow Carnival Dance ,. . 
Sophomore Loar^ Fund Ball 
Universe Dance 



"Death of a Salesman" , ... 
"Doctor in Spite of 



,elf. The' 

"Drunkard, The" .. . 


"Merchant of Venice" 
"My Heart's In the 


"Papa Is All- 
"Pygmalion" .... 


Jean Fenn, Soprano . 
Joseph Limon and Dancers 
Vienna Boys Choir 
St, Augustena Chorus 

"The Bartered Bride'* — 

Opera , 

"New Moon' — Varsity Show i 




Banyan Queen 167 

Belle of the "V 179 

Homecoming Queen 144 

Snow Carnival Queen 162 

Sophomore Loan Fund 

Queen 153 

Preferred Man 159 

Special Activities 

A.W.S. Girls' Day 170 

Christmas Benefit 156 

Dormitory Life 138 

Freshman Week 140 

Friendliest Boy and Girl IB3 

Homocomirg 145 

Orientation 135 

Registration ,. 1 36 

Snow Carnival 163 

U.S.A.C. Wrestling 161 

"Y" Day 182 


Baseball 368 

BaskotbatI 360 

Cheerleaders - 357 

Coaches 348 

Football 350 

F'-shman Basketball ... ,366 

Freshman Foolball 358 

GoK 372 

Gymkhana Club ... 462 

Intramurals 374 

Songleaders 357 

Tennis „ 373 

Track 370 

Women's Athletics 376 

Women's Intramurals 378 

Wrestling 367 



Allen Hall ^5 

Brimhell Building 15 

Campus Dorm — 24 

Education Building 17 

Fieldhouse 2 1 

Heber J. Grant Library .. . 18 

Joseph Smith Building 16 

Knight Hall 24 

Maeser Memorial Building .. 14 

New Apartments 26 

Physical Science Building . . 19 

Social Hall 22 

Student Service Center 27 

Training Building 20 

Women's Gym 23 


Applied Science ... 58 

Arts and Sciences 64 

Commerce 7H 

Education 82 

Extension Division 1 30 

Fine Arts 86 

Graduate School 128 

Nursing 102 

Religion 104 

Summer School 131 


Assembly Committee . . 
Central Publicity Control 

Committee . 

Elections Committee 

Homecoming Committee . 
Rally Committee 
Student Program Bureau . 


. 151 

... 151 

.. 148 

.. 148 

.. 141 

. IS7 



Geographic 405 

Honoraries 384 

Military 39; 

Social 423 



Banyan Staff 184 

Universe Staff ..„ „ 188 

Wye Magazine Staff 190 



A.C.E.1 84 

A.F.R.O.T.C. Officers 397 

A Cappella Choir 91 

Ag Ctub 60 

Air Force Band ...- 399 

Alcyone . 424 

Alpha Lambda Delta .393 

American Chemical Society .. 66 
Arizona Club 40b 

Arnold Air Society 403 

Athenian 427 

Bear Lake Club 409 

Bench and Bar 67 

Beta Pi 108 

Blue Key 384 

Brazilian Club 4I0 

. 429 
. 432 
. 406 
. 434 


California Club 

Cemi Los 

Campus Bra 

Canadian Club _ _ 407 

Casta Tie 436 

College Chotr 94 

Colorado Club 408 

Concert Band , 93 

Cosmopolilan Club 409 

Cougarettes 394 

Delta Phi ||0 Club 410 

Fidalas 438 

Forensic Club ..._ 100 

French Club „ „ 69 

Gamma Phi Omicron bZ 

Gamma Tau 440 

German Club ., tO 

Gymkhana Club 462 

Hawaiian Club 41 1 

Home Economics Club . ol 

Idaho Club 414 

Intercollegiate Knights . . 3Vi) 
International Relations Club /I 

Italian Club 68 

Japanese Club 77 

K.B.Y.U .99 

Kia Ora Club 4l2 

Lambda Delta Sigma 115 

Alpha 1 16 

Chi 11/ 

Delta .... IIH 

Gemma 119 

Omega 120 

Phi ... 121 

Psi 122 

Tau 123 

Upsiton „ 126 

McCuna School of Music 101 

Madrigal Singers 90 

Majorettes 399 

Mask Club 89 

Montana Club ... , 415 

Nautilus 442 

Orchesls 96 

O, S, Trovata 444 

Penguin Ski Club 85 

Ph. Alpha Theta 72 

Phi Chi Theta 80 

Phi Eta Sigma .396 

Press Club 73 

RI Veda 446 

Rodeo Club 63 

R.O.T.C. Chorus 398 

Russian Club 72 

Salt Lake Club 416 

Sanpete-Juab Club 417 

Saxon 448 

Senior Orchesls 96 

Sigma Gamma Epsilon 74 

Sigma Nu Omega 102 

Sigma PI Sigma _. 75 

Spanish Club 76 

Sponsor Corps 400 

Studio Arts Guild 95 

Symphony Orchattre 92 

Tau Kappa Alpha „ 98 

Tauslg „.. 450 

Templar , 452 

Theta Alpha Phi SB 

ToKafon 453 

Tribe of Many Feathers 418 

Uintah Basin Club 419 

University Chorus .,,, 92 

Val Hyric 456 

Val Norn 458 

Viking 460 

Weber Club 420 

White Key 386 

Wymount Branch 105 

Y Calcares 387 

•■Y'oming Club 421 

Yankee Club 422 



Aamodt. Melvin Heber 72. 198 
Abbott, Otiane Ronald 2SA 
AbboH, Juna ^00 
Abbott, Mary Lue 405 
Abbott, Sheldon L 102. 199 
Abbott^ Utona Jgna 180. 254. 393 
Abel. Erma 316 
Abel, Ralph 198 
Abel, RobeH Legrande 2S4 
Abraham, Margie Beth 254 
Abrams, Lewis FredricV 198 
Adai', Elenore 316 
Adams, Annette 76. 198 
Adams. Dl^le Marlon 198, 394 
Adams. Oon Carlos 286 
Adams, Elwyn F, 93 
Adams. Eugene Charles 254, 450 
Adams, Galene 181. 254 
Adams, Gaylord Devon 198. 422 




Adam . 




-nes P. 286 

Lavere 198 
Nadine HoMey 286 
O. Karl 367 
Rulon Ross 113, 157 
Ruth 254, 459 
jn, Blaine Walter 198 

Adamson. David P, 199, 462 

Adamson, Harley Kirk 254 

Adamson, Kathleen Rae 286 

Aegen, Richard Earl 198 

Affleck Margaret L 316. 386. 455 

Ahkeah, Robert Emmitt 198. 418 

Ahlander, Diane 93. 198 

Altten, Arlene 198 

Akersor.. Richard M2 

Akita, Alice Moha 144. 146, 438 

AVlta. Norman 198, 411 

Akiu, Rogers Ewaliko 374 

Albach, Arlene lone 316 

Albrechtsen, Donetta 254 

Alder, Edgar Anderson 286 

Alder Richard S. 286, 391. 403. 456 

Aldrldge, Cleota 95 

Aldridge, William E. 286 

AleKander. Ada Jo Ann 127, 254. 
393, 406 

Alexander, Joann 126, 198 

Alexander. Patsy 199 

Allan BeHy Jewel 198 

AMdredge. Cleono 93, 122 

Alleman. Emma Joan 316 

Alleman, Glenn L. 316 

Alleman, Karen Laura 254. 393, 400 

Alleman Margaret 286 

Alleman, Shirley 122, 166. 198 

Allen, Carole 198, 414 

Allen, Bruce 392 

Allen. Denzel C, Jr. 286. 406 

Allen, EInor Lynn 254, 439 

Allen, Eugene Robinson 109, 112. 
198. 405 

Allen, Irvln Bruce 286 

Allen, Jack Lamar 254, 414 

Allen, James Bird. Jr. 316 

Allen. Jean Alyse 126. 286 

Allen John Whorton 286, 410 

Allen, Marjorle 52, 61, 286. 388, 455 

Allen. Marlene Bee 61. 286 

Allen. Merle Karia 316. 424 

Allen, Merle Maeser 284, 286, 355. 

Allen, Nadine 198 

Allen. Nea 122, 341 

Allen, Shirley Fay 198 

Allen. Terry S. 254, 405 

■Allen Virginia Louise 286 

Allen, Yolande 198 

Allred, Betty Lou 85. 316 

Allred, Blake B. 286 

Allred, Byron Harvey 198 

Allred, Forrest Rich 398 

Allred, Karl W. 92, 93 

Allred, KarIa 286 

Allred, Ludene 105 

Allred, Ralph Lynn 142, 254, 433 

Allred. Rex LeRoy 286 

Allred. Rey Lyman 254 

Allred. Richard David 286, 391 

Allred, Wendell 75 

Allred, Worth P. 75 
Alves, dos Santos Roberto 198, 409. 

Amundsen, JoAnn 286 
Anast. Connie Tina 198 
Andersen. Learta Lulu 254 
Andersen, Margaret C. 254, 413 
Andersen. Margaret R. 286, 413 
Anderson, A. Dorene 254. 424 
Anderson, Ann 199, 400 
Anderson, Arthur 8. 397 
Anderson. Bertha E. 254. 4l9 
Anderson, Beth Marie 61, 254, 424 
Anderson, Billy Ray 118. 198, 421 
Anderson, Blaine LaMar 199, 366 
Anderson, Boyd Oley 199 
Anderson. Carl David 114, 116 
Anderson, Carl Dixon 76, 286 
Anderson. Carole Dawn 286, 409 
, Clarice 286 
, Daryl Lamar 254 
Anderson. Danna Rae 124, 316 
Anderson, Duwayne M. 74, 286 
Anderson. Ernel LeRoy 316 
Anderson. Gale Yancy 93, 199 
Anderson. Gladys 199 
Anderson. Gordon L. 452 
Anderson, Glen D. 95, 417 
Anderson, Henry A., J'. 95. 316 
Anderson, Jane 199 
Anderson, Janet Ethel 254 
Anderson, Janice Val 62, 316 
Anderson, Jay H. 358 
Anderson, Jean B. 199 
Anderson. Joanne 199 
Anderson, John B. 28& 

Anderson. Kenneth H. 66. 114. 316 
Anderson. Kent 112, 119 
Anderson, Lorna 254 
Anderson, Lou 416 
Anderson, Lou Jean 418 
Anderson, Marilyn A. 316, 438 
Anderson, Margaret, 94 
Anderson. Marjorle 316. 455 
Anderson, Marthalene 91, 254. 442 
Anderson, Mary L. 124, 405 
Anderson, Mary Lou 199, 394 
Anderson, Melvin F. 254 
Anderson, Morgan G. 63, 199 
Anderson, Mario 199 
Anderson Nina Rae 199 
Anderson. Patricia A. 296, 388, 459 
Anderson. Paul 199. 371, 399 
Anderson. Paul Rodney 198 
Anderson. Paul G. 199 
Anderson, Ralph 264 
Anderson Richard Aaron 254 
Anderson, Richard C. 54, 66, 286, 

Anderson. Ruth 286 
Anderson, Ruth Jeanne 199. 286 
Anderson Warren Boyd 60, 254 
Anderson, William E. 113. 254 
Andreasen, Don McKay 254 
Andrew, Reed Chadwick 70, 199 
Andrew, Robert Burton 70, 234 
Andrus, Renae 199, 414 
Andrus, Roman Raphael 94. 199 
Apgood, Joseph Weniel 316 
Arafiles, Mildred 117, 316 
Arboon, Don N. 109, 254 
Arbuckle, Gary R. 205. 433 
Archibald. Helen Ruth 444 
Ardiiione, Robert A. 433 
Armstrong, Charlene 199 
Armstrong, Howard LeRoy 67. 254. 

Arnold, Dennis V, 254 
Arnold. Howard Lamonl 286 
Arrlngton. Ross Lamont 199. 399 
Asay. Jesse 344 
Asay, Robert DIx 109, 110, 287 
Ash. Donald B. 286 
Ashby, Gary H. 254 
Ashcroft, Walter Ross 199 
Ashman, James Duane 286 
Ashman. Marilyn 254, 389 
Ashton. Ralph Paul 64, 449, 367 
Ashworth, Robert Thomas 287 
Aslett. Dewayne G. 199 
Asplund. Geraldine 51. 65, 91, 98, 

100, 191, 287 
Aston, Duane R. 254, 449 
Astln. Floyd 69, 416 
Atkln, Ftoy Daun 388 
Atkin, Garrold Edwin 199 
Atkinson, Dennis 114, 344 
Atkinson, Lola Jean 254 
Atkinson, Mary Irene 254 
Austin. Elaine Cowley 199, 424 
Austin. Janet 199, 394 
Austin, Joseph Wells 254 
Averett, Marie 199 


Babcock, Joyce 319, 436 
Bacon, Carl William 199. 371 
Bacon. Doris Mae R. 255, 393 
Bacon, Francis 375 
Bacon. Ron 358 
Bacon, Samuel K., Jr. 255, 460 
Badgee, George 110, 255 
Badger, Alonio F. 199 
Badger, Rosemary 84, 287 
Badouln. LaPrele 68, 91, 255. 424 
Baer, Ted Joseph 91, 287, 429 
Baggett. Lucretia 416 
Bagley. Carolyn 287, 444 
Bagley, Garth Orson 287 
Bagley. Gaylan V. 441 
Babe, Dorothy E. 199. 422 
Bailey, Dale S. 70, 338 

Bailey, Gerald Edwin 199 

Bailey, Gerald Harry 119, 199 

Bailey, Marilyn Taylor 91 

Bailey. Shirley Arlene 199. 400 

Bailey, Udean 255 

Baird, Alan 113, 255 

Baird, H. Kay 142, 166, 180, 255. 

Baird, Leola 90, 146, 255, 413 

Baird, Orrin E. 316 

Baisner. Inga 150. 199, 409 

Baker, Barbara 297 

Baker, Barrylyn 199 

Baker. Charles K. 199 

Baker, Charlene 200 

Baker, Dawn Jayne 287. 400, 444 

Baker, Guy Taft 287 

Baker, Ivan H. 287 

Baker, Marlene 287 

Baker, Mary Lorraine 255, 436 

Baker. Rachel D. 54, 199, 414 

Baker, Roger Ernest 199, 405 

Baldwin, Janeene Rae 199 

Baldwin. Jeanette Arlene 254 

Baldwin. Rey Duane 255 

Ball. Bobbie June 108 

Ball, Ruey Larene 254 

Ballantyne, Marion 316 

Ballard, Barbara Jane 199 

Ballard, Harold Virgil 256, 451 

Ballard, Marilyn 148, 149, 187, 195, 
199, 394 

Ballard, Vivian 287, 405 

Ballif, Anne Grethe 91. 287, 429 

Ballif, Arta Romney 338 

BallH. H. Maurice 200, 373 

Ballif, Jae R. 316. 350, 353, 356. 398 

8allou, Dick 93, 164 

Balls. Val Lyman 114, 199, 414 

Banks, Emma Del 200 

Banks. Lavolr A. 199 

Banks. Robin Victor 199 

Banks. Roy Arthur 199 

Banner, Jack Robertson 200 

Banner, Max S. 200, 462 

Banner, Melvin Boyd 255 

Bannock, Donna 203 

Barber, BllUe Marlene 200 

Barber, Joyce 255, 442 

Barber. Kitty Sue 316 

Barbeiat Donald G. 190, 191. 255, 

Bardsley Gloria 316 

Bardsley. Stanford R, 200 

Barkdull. Franklin D. 200 

Barker, Barbara 127 

Barker. Carol 287 

Barker, Cloyd Edison 200 

Barker. Elaine 287. 420, 459 

Barker. Joan Virginia 94, 200 

Barker. Joseph Keith 66, 255. 405, 
420, 449 

Barlow, Carol Evelyn 80, 93. 316 

Barnes. Barney 70 

Barnes, Bernard Joseph 287 

Barnes, Candace Ruth 255 

Barnes, Donna Jean 200 

Barnes, Glenda Rose 176, 200 

Barnes Kathrlne 255 

Barnes, Lynn Verrll 200 

Barnett, Arlene 51. 62 

Barney, Helen Myrle 256, 424 

Barney, Mae Rene 187, 200 

Barney. Ralph D. 316 

Barney, Shirley Rhode 200 

Barney, William CUve 290, 450 

Barr, Irene Juanlfa 108, 255 

BarraH, EIna Grace 200 

Barratl, John Thomas 287 

Barrett, Jaqueline Louise 200 

Barrett, Ronald J. M. 93, 254 

Barrett, Ruth Ann 200 

Barrett, Stephen Lee 200, 406 

Barrette, Philip Andrew 462 

Barron. Beverly 200 

Barrus, Colleen Gordon 200 

Barrus, Owen Hal 287 

Barson, Carol 94. 200 

Bartels, Dorothy Mae 73, 93, Il5, 
121. 127. 188. 287 

Bartholomew, Earl 255 

Bartholomew, MacRae 113, 341 

Bartlett, Clyde R. 287 

Bartlett, Connie 344, 444 

Barton. Keith 200 

Barton, Marilyn Irene 256, 424 

Barton. Roy Stanley 76, 317 

Bartschi, Myrle Renae 200, 204 

Bascome, Morris 460 

Bashara. Suzanne Grace 68. 200 

Bassett. Barbara Jo 63, 200, 406 

Bassett. Dick Marvin 119, 396 

Bassettl, Darlene, C. 255, 434 

Bassefti, Ramon 341 

Bast, Barbara Ruth 201. 255 

Bastow. Mary Lou 200 

Batchelor, Haiel Anne 124, 127, 287 

Bate. Ronald Dick 200, 427 
Bate, William John. Jr. 201 
Baleman, Robert Earl 152. 250, 254, 

392, 448 
Bates, Junior Lambert 316 
Bates, Lynn 317 
Batle, Lynn R. 199 
BaHad. Marvel White 411, 413 
BaHy. Wayne 341 
Bauer Mllo Dell 200 
Bauer, Richard W. 254 
Baxter. Audrey Jeannine 201 
Baxter, Helen Gae 201, 416 
Bayles. Mary Joan 54, 70. 91 
Beach. Gary Alan 92. 200, 399 
Beaman, Bruce Wayne 94. 201 
Bean, Clark Stanford 163. 256, 371 
Bean, Helen Orlena 201 
Bean, Horace Hardy 70. 94. 316 
Bean. James Hayward 201 
Bean, Jams Spencer 102, 200, 436 
Bean, John 54 
Bean. Lawrence Eugene 255. 356, 

Bean. Ronald H. 200 
Bean, Rosemary 80, 316, 442 
Bean, Ruth Ellen May 54, 151. 316, 

400, 442 
Bean, Walter EUls 93, 201 
Beard. Beth Bott 201 
Beard, Betty 76, 201 
Beard. Beverly 255, 166 
Beard Darlene E. 124. 255 
Beardall. Bonnie 124, 287 
Beardall, Louis Earl 200, 358 
Bearnson, Samuel Lynn 316 
Beasley. Janeen 341 
Beasley, Jo Ann 341 
Beaty, Barbara B. 200, 459 
Beauchamp, Joyce May 201 
Beauregard. Cherry Niel 93, 399 
Beck. Ardena 316. 380. 438 
Beck, Betty, I IS, 122, 267 
Beck. Blair Leroy 420 
Beck, Duane H. 201 
Beck. Gayle 122, 287 
Beck, Luduana 341, 416 
Beck. Lucille 200 
Beck. Lynn 201 
Beck, Paul Avery 287 
Beck. Robert C. 345 
Beck, Verla Ovid 93, 125, 203 
Becketfs, Ray H. 70, 114. 344 
BeckeHs. Kay H. MO 
Beckman, Donald Harvey 201 
Beckstead, Jeannine 201 
Beckstead. John Wesley 287, 457 
Beckstead, Marrlner L. 69, 200, 399 
Beckstead, Rea 201 
Beckstead, Sharron 201 

Beckstead, Sondra Lee 201 
Beckstrand. Carol 152, 153. 
255. 400. 434 

Beckstrand. Dale Ferrin 255 
Beckstrand, Ray L, 255 
Bedke, Merlel Anne 201 
Beebe, Carolyn 201 
Beebe, Robert Boyd 118, 201 
Beecroft, Charles M. 80, 287 
Beer, Leanne Agnes 201. 406 
Beesley, Afton 201 
Behunln, Bonnie 201, 421 
Behcnin, Shirley Ann 201, 421 
Bell. Alice Ann 202 
Bell Lou Jean 202, 394 
Bell, Patricia Ann 202 
Belliston. Ara 316, 4i7 
Belnap Grant J.. Jr. 256 
Belnap Ronald Foster 420 
Bend Richard W. 287 
Bennett, Alda Jane 65, 424 
Bennett, Alice Louise 287. 420 
Bennett, Ferris Rae 201, 409 
Bennett, Gladys R. 201 
Bennett J. Marilyn 200, 316 
Bennett, June Hansen 54, 201, 
Bennett, Lloyd Jane 102, 200, 
Bennett, Val Dee 93. 200 
Bennettt, Veldon J. 93 
Bennett, Wayne C. 200 
Bennlon Bonita Tobler 107. 3( 
Bennion. Dawn 91. 317 
Bennlon, Junius Leo 75. 107, 31 
Bennion. Lucille 70 
Benson, Jesse Nathaniel 338 
Benson, Joe D. 256, 440 
Benson, Maurice Leon 91 
Benson. Maurlne Iris 256, 389. 


Benson, Owen J. 93, 114, 287 

Benson, Ruth J. 94. 126, 256. 393 

Bentley, Joseph C. 92, 94, 200, 399 

Bentley, Kathleen 256, 389 

Berg, Joann 256 

Berg, Jody 4!3. 424 

Bergen, Connie Lee 93, 202 

Bergquist. Gordon Ross 200 

Bergquist. Ralph 71 

Bernards, Jonlta 200, 400 

Berrett. Mildred 200, 400 

Berrett, Rob Lee 200 

Berrett. Sharon Louise 164, 389 

Berry, Jay 414 

Berry, Raymond H. 266 

Bershon, Richard Yale 317, 403 

Bertoncel, J, Eileen 200, 421 

Bertoncel, J. Ronald 288. 421 

Besendorfer. Erma Jean 317 

Besendorfer, Walburga 287 

Best, Brian Stanley 201 

Bethamy, Stanley 201 

Betts, Shirlee Ann 256, 424 

Beutler, Ralph Kenneth 201 

Bevans, Virginia A. 287 

Bickel. Idora Marie 256. 389 

Bickmore. Darrell Webb 256 

Blesinger, Oelpha Deon 256, 446 

Blesinger, William Val 289 

Biggs. Hazel Dawn 202 

Bigler. Tharin J. 317 

Bignall. Rosalie 203 

Billings, Barbara Alice 95, 3l7 

Billings, Richard H. 256, 441 

Billings. Victor Dunn 317 

Bills, An.ta Loree 202 

Bills. Karol H. 353 

Bills, Nancy C. 202 

Bills, Patricia 55, 70 

Bills, Robert Darrell 353, 428, 371 



Nell Durrant 109, 
Patricia Avon 337, 



. 256 

406, 424 

Shirley 256 
Shirley V. 91, 455 
Wallace Karl 317 
William Henry 287 

Binks, Glade Erickson 202 

Bird. Alice G. 200 

Bird. Billy 202, 358 

Bird, Ladene 317 

Bird, Ruby Joann 200 

Bird, Velene 256 

BIschoof, Gordon K. 60. 256, 398 

Bischoff, Patricia F. 122. 127, 256 
393, 442 

Blscholf, Robert J. 202 

Bissell, Harold J. 74 

Bishop, Lloyd Kay 93 

Bissell, Ivan Gornell 317 

Bllton, John Boyd 175, 287, 432 

Biarnson. John Gerald 287 

Bjarnson. Sharlene N. 256. 446 

Bjorkman. Marcia Ann 201 

Black, Annette 90 287. 388. 424 

Black, Colleen 287. 405 

Black, David Arlo 201 

Black, Dorothy 201, 394 

Black, Mitiie Ladean 202 

Black. Naida Ann 175,287. 389, 400, 

Black, Oren Ramon 256 

Black, Robert Glle 287 

Black, William V. ISO, 256 

Blackburn. Gayle 201 

Blacker. Barbara J, 256, 442 

Blacker, Norene 201 

fliackham, Boyd Raymond 287, 456 

Blockham, Dick 202 

Blackham, Olive Louise 201 

Blackham, Samuel Max 202 

Blair, Evan Max 317 

Blair, Frank S. 317. 432 

Blaive, Frank 84, 420 

Blake, Lot 256 

Blake, Reed Harris 256, 467 

Blanchard, Harriet L. 202 

Blanchard. Marilyn 202 
Blatter. Glenn Reed 60. 114, 
Blau, Elsie Nadine 202 
Blau, Irelta Mae 256 
Blauer, Harold W. 110. 287 
eiauer. Phyllis H. 287 
Blauer, Willes D. 202 
eiaylock, Max Wayne 202 
Bleak, Manetta 202 
Blochner, Loren M. 202, 358 
Bloctener. Marilyn 202 

Blodget. J. Alan 256 

Blood. Louise 287. 341 

Bloomquist. Dyann 34 

Bloomquist, Marion J 

Bloomquist, Milton R. 

Blumve, Ginger 394 

Blumve, Ethel V. 20; 

Bluth. Larry 202, 405 

fliuth. Lothalre E., Jr. 94 

Boardman, Karma Jo 203, 394 

Bodell. Dixie E. 203 

Bodilyn, Afton 121, 202 

Bodily, Gwen W. 203 

Bodily, Vance 93 

Boehm, Walter John 317 

Boehme, Norma Elva 434 

Bohm, Robert Ernest 66, 288 

Bohn, Mildred Louise 203 

Boley. Douglas Alien. Jr. 202 

Boley. Mariam C. 203 

Bond, Donald Richard 266 

Bond, Joanne 256, 400. 434 

Bond, Richard Winfleld 450 

Bonham, Ralph D. 364. 371 

Booker, Barbara R. 288, 446 

Booke, Meta A. 256 

Booke, Roberta 157 

Boos. Ramona Marie 203 

Booth, Edgar Kent 256 

Boren, Emma Louise 92, 203 

Boren, J. Donald 317 

Borgeson. June J. 203 

Borgeson, Nellie D. 92, 93, 150, 317 

Borget, Paula Alleen 203 

Borgholthaus, Albion E. 288 

Boss, Karl C. 109, 110. 256 

Boswell, Carol Deane 202 

Boswell, Evan C. 318 

Boswell. Prlscilla A. 94. 202, 394 

Boucher. Eleanor Anne 52, 54, 61. 
62. 288, 407. 455 

Bowden, Joyce 203 

Bowden. Robert 93. 203 

Bowen, Eidon Daniel 203 

Bowen, John Mario 289. 433 

Bowden. Larry L. 142, 150. 176 

Bowen. Mack Junior 109, 114, 298 

Bower, Von Durbin 203 

Bowers, Nancy Marilyn 70, 256 

Bowles. Richard T. 288 

Bowman, George V., Jr. 288. 356 

Bown, Roger Layfefte 157 

Bown, Sally Jane 93, 203 

Boyack, Beverly Lou 52. 72, 164, 
263, 288, 386, 442 

Boyack, Gayle 54. 256, 387. 442 
Boyack, Jeanette 91, 92, 203 
Boyce, David Hoggan 60. 288 
Orson Albert 256 
Betty Lorraine 203 
Helen Jayne 203 
Ernest Friti 210 
Francis O. 93 
Mary S. 317 
Rae Ann 203 

Dorene Patricia 96, 267. 465 
Mary Joan 266 
Boynton, Leo George 256 
Bracken, Lynn Eldon 72, 256, 419 
Bradbury. Jack D. 317 
Bradbury, Joan D. 92. 203, 413 
Bradfield, Sherry 256, 424 
Bradford. William R. 63 
flradshaw. Emory T., Jr. 203 
Bradshaw. John Allen 63, 203. 375 
Bradshaw, Merrill K. 91, 268, 398, 

Bradshaw. Valene 69, 257, 399 
Bradshaw, Wlllard H. 70, 94. 316 
Brady, Alice Fay 107, 310, 318 
Brady, Elsie 125. 338 
Brady, Gordon L. 298 
Bralthwaite, Dick M. 80, 318 
Bralthwaite, Leonard D. 
Bramall, Marie 52 288 
Brambilla, Eunice M. 94, 289 
Bramwell. Joyce Ann 257. 434 
Brandt. Elaine 203 
Brannock, Donna J. 51 
Brannock, Richard A. 
Bratt, Ross Lee 107 
Bray. Harry L. 317. 353, 411 
Bready, Jean E. Herman 319 
Brelnholf, Robert W. 106. M4 
flrenchley, De Onne C. 125, 203 
Brennan, Cliff 341 
Brennan, Margaret Ann 203 
Brenner, Alice M. 204 
Brewer, Carrie Joann 203 
Bridget, Gladys Jean 203 
Brlggs, Joanne Mae 203 
Briggs. Leiand Stanford 257 
Briggs. Loretta 204 
Bright, Barry H. 60. 257, 357 
Bright, Don Douglas 203 
Brim, Larry Hyde 203. 450 
Brimhall. James W. 191. 448 
Brimhall, Louise 92 
Brimley. Alma Blaine I IS, Il9 
Bringhursf, Deon Stout 288. 410 
Bringhurst, Fred R. 257. 448 
Bringhurst. Gayle 93. 203 
Bringhurst, Lorna 410 
8rlnghur<.t, Luzon 317 
Bringhurst. Sandra 203. 410 
Bringhurst. Wayne 288 
Broad, Marilyn K. 379, 411 

Boyd. ■ 



388, 393 

70. 122 

42, 180, 203 

Broad. William K. 203 

Broadbent. Emma 191, 288, 4lfl 

Bfoadhead, Maeser David 417 

Broadhead. Rex Otto 203 

Brock Walter Robert 319 

Brockbank, Bruce McKell 93. 288 

Brockbank. Grant 343. 430 

Brodenck, Lee R. 319 

Broman. Joan 203. 416. 434 

Bromley, Carolyn 194, 203, 400 

6rookbush. Evelyn V. 288. 436 

Brooks, Bill 407 

Brooks. Oon A. 288 

Brooks. Joyce E, 318. 442 

Brooks, Shirley Mae 204 

Brooks Wlllard M.. Jr. 203. 390 

Brooksby, Wayne J. 2S7 

Brough, Martha Bernece I2I 

Brough. Randal Devere 316, 4<0 

Brough. Rebecca 288 

Brover. Joan 410 

Brown, Belty Jo 204 

Brown, Boyd Lewis 267 

Brown, Carolyn Marie 204. 394 

Brown. Dallyne Quinn 203 

Brown, Edwin G. 318, 398, 403 

Brown. Elbert Earl 299 

Brown, Gary Fred 94 

Brown, Garry 341 

Brown, Gaylen Lamar 299 

Brown. Geraldine 92 

Brown. Jack Albert 142, 289, 410 

Brown. Jack O. 114 

Brown, James Edward 288 

Brown, Judith 204 

Brown, Karl 338 

Brown, Kathleen 124. 268, 369, 436 

Brown, Kay F. 204 

Brown, Lawrence R. 450 

Brown, Lois Jane 121. 204 

Brown. Margie Marie 288 

Brown. Ned 151. 457 

Brown, Ray Michael 461, 371 

Brown, Robert Lynn 91, 318 

Brown. Roger L. 202 

Brown. Roma Jean 317 

Brown, Thora Belle 62, 91. 317 

Brown, Velda 92, 93, 283 

Brown, Vlvi 94, 204 

Brown, Wallace B. 204 

Brown. Wllburn James 115 

Brown. Wlllard D. 204 

Browne. Agnes Genevieve 424 

Bruce, Wallace T. 68. 168 

Brundage. Jean Dewey 355, 406 

flrunson. Fay Dean 317 

Brunson, Richard M. 107 

Brush. Barbara Dean 289, 442 

Bryan, Hazel Venae 92, 204, 399 

Bryant, Madge Arleen 93, 204 

Bryce, Betty Jane 61, 288, 405 

Bryner, Loren 66 

Bryson, Beth EMen 204 

Bryson, Robert A. 431 

Buchanan, George EIray 204 

Buchanan, Hayle 110 

Buchanan, Phil 288 

Buchanan. Randall John 180. 268 

Buchanan. Sharon Raye 176 

Buchman. RIoebe 70 

Buckner. Marilyn 204 

Buckwalter. Barbara 393 

Buckwalter, Kent G. 204 

Budge, Barbara B. 93, 204, 414 

Budge. Rayo Beck 70, 420 

Buell, Laron Norman 204 

Buettner, Patricia 204, 406 

Bull, Donnie 434 

Bulloch, Boyd Cox 204 

Bullock, 8. Jane 288, 459 

Bullock. Bernice 93, 317 

Bullock, Claire 76, 204, 407 

Bullock. Gerald A. 390, 449 

Bullock. Joan Arlene 204 

Bullock. Julia Claire 434 

Bunch, Belva Laverne 204. 40S 

Bunch, Edna Florine 204 

Bunker. Douglas Rich 364 

Bunker, Ivan Andersen 204 

Bunker. Richard Wendell 429 

Bunker, Velyle 204 

Bunnell, Donna Christie 204 

Bunnell, Max E. 96 

Burbidge, Boyd M. 93, 358, 428 

Burdick, Patsy Renee 317 

Burge, Irma Hilda 317 

Burgess, Van Edward 364, 365 

Burgon, Kaye Harold 93 

Burke, Lyie Oscar 456 

Burke. Marvin 204 

Burke, Sherril 76. 204 

Burke, Vinnie 204 

Burkey, Naia Hansen 338 

Burnett, A, Boyd 204 

Burnett. Dallas M. 73. 110. 189, 

Burnett. John David 106, 338 

Burnett, Kathleen Joyce 341, 409 

Burnham, Ewa Jean 93, 204, 416 

Burnham, Lewis E. 289, 403 

Burns, Barbara Ann 343 

Burns. Barbara E. 289, 436 

Burnside, Norma 204 

Burr, Gaylon 204 

Burris, Pauline P. 126, 288, 410 

Burrows, Abbie Yates 93, 204. 394 

Burton, Helen Miriam 286. 420 

Burton, John Breeze 119. 317 

Burton, Leah 93. 288 

Burton, Marie 102, 204 

Burton. William H. 397 

Busath, Boyd Hanks 204, 357 

Busato Gesmano 410 

Busby, Charles Edward 353 

Busby. Llewellyn D. 204 

Bush, Alfred 191 

Bushman, Dean Nelson 110. 405, 410 

Bushman, Frances 107, 288. 405 


Bushman. Helen 97. 288 

Buihman, Pheobe 94 202 

Bushnell, Ted Darretl 429 

Bufle--, Ervan Henry 202. 399 

Butler, Gloria Mae 202 

Butler, Leah 93 

Butler, Merle Jean 405, 434 

Butler. Ralph Richard 317 

Butler. Ruth 93 

Butt. John Calvin 204 

Butters. Karen Diane 152, 163, 185, 

250. 251. 257 424 
Bybee, Darilynn 203 406 
Byrd, Vvondelle 203 

Cdheii. Dorothy 93 

Cahoon, Amelia Jane 126, 288 

Cahoon. Edylh Mae 257 

Cahoon. Rex A. 318 

Calder. Carrie Kathryn 205, 394 

Calder. E. Vance 338 

Calder. John Richard 67 428 

Calder, Mary Alice 289 

Caldwell, Don A. 109. 114, 289 

Calise, Angela G. 68 

Call, Aaron Udell 93, 106 

Call, Sertis Darrell 107, 148 318 

Call. Eria Mae 68 115. 120, 288 

Call. Flora 205 

Call. Gaynell 345 

Call. Ivan Taylor 93 204 

Call. Jeanne Condle 205, 405 

Call. Joyce 126, 344 

Call. Lowell E. 397 

Call. Owen Dean 204 414 

Call, R. Reed 288 

Call. Rosemary 204 

Call. Udean Raoul 205 

Callahan. Ned Lowell 358 

Calliiter. Carolyn 204, 400 

Callwin. Delthea 68 

Calwell. JoAnne 191 

Calvert. David Ross 205 

Cameron. Connie Ann 3l8, 400, 444 

Cameron Doc 344. 461 

Camp. Virgil H. 91. 154, 159. 173. 

313. 398 
Campbell, Jacqueline R. 318 
Campbell, Keith B. 289 
Campbell, Ludene B. 318 
Campbell. Richard Gene 155. 456 
Campora. Patricia J. 205 
Canfield. Ronald V. 204 
Cannon, Gerald W. 318 
Cannon, Marvin Burke 42! 
Cannon. Sally 187. 205, 406 
Cannon. Suianne 205, 394, 406 
Capelo, E. Ray 269 
Capjon, Darlene 93, 414 
Cardon. Earl Leon 93. 205 
Carlile, Fredficlt G. 318 
Carlile. Ralph T. 319 
Carlile, Thomas F. 205, 319 
Carlisle, Nola 205 
Carlsen, Vern R. llO. 289 
Carlson. Alfred M. 205 
Carlson. Martin L. 289 
Carlson, Marvel Lee 379. 360. 438 
Carlson, Terrence S. 205 
Cardston. Rosalin V. 289, 417, 455 
Carmack. Robert M. 373 
Carpenter, Armal Barney 289. 405 
Carpenter. Bernlce 289 
Carpenter. Craig Romney 50, 194, 

205, 422 
Carpenter, Lila Joy 205 
Carr. Donna H. 269. 393 
Carr. Duane S. 397 
Carr, Mary Ellen 93. 424 
Carraqher. Rosalie Inez 289 
Carroll, Kay F. 267 399 
Carroll. Kenneth C. 205 
Carter. Amber 419 
Carter. Betty 204 
Carter. Dee 93 
Carter, John Deloy. Jr. 399 
Carter, John Leroy 417 
Corier, Kenneth Evans 63 
Carter. Lynne 400 
Carter. Mary Anne 163 166 164. 

188. 251. 387. 442 
Carter. Nadlne Beth 93 
Carter. Paul Smith 77 94 113, 119, 

Carfcr. Richard 451 
Carter. Robert Clyde 3 50 90, 

184. 289 
Carter. Ronald Gary 91 155 164, 

289. 398 
Carter. Ross 290. 353. 461 
Carver, Dale R. 289. 391 
Case. Peggy Ann 3l9, 419 
Casper, Carole 205 
Castagno. Loral ne 122 
Casto, La Juan 205 
Cattrell, Dixie 258 
Cawley, Joseph Douglas 290 
Caiier, Ronald Norman 396 
Cech, Virginia Frances 102. 205, 

Chadwlck, David B. 3l9, 353. 356 
Chadwick, Jo Anne Kay 206 
Cha'dwick. Patricia Ann 206 
Chamema, Bill 206, 405 
Chandler. Charlene Z. 69, 289 
Chandler, Jeralie Mae 206, 394, 449 
Chandler, Rulon C. 206 
Chapman, Glen 289 
Chappell, Robert Owen 448 
Chase, Fred D. 290. 403 
Chase. Minor L. 76, 191 
Chase. Patsy Capps 258 
Chatwin. Mark 93 
Chatwin. Marshall W. 20S 
Cheever. Shirley Faye 205, 438 
Chemlnant, Cleone de 126 
Cheney. Karia Dawn 92. 93. 206 
Cheney, Marian 205 
Cheshire. James D. Jr. 91 
Chesley, William Lloyd 258. 398, 

Chldester. Dorothy 66 205 206 416 
Child. Nam Joy 92. 206 
Childt. Carole 2GS 

Chllds. Howard Leroy 207 
Chllds. Jay N. 256 
Childs. Lewis B. 206 
Chllds, Renee 258 
Childs. Roger Jenson 356 
Ching, Henry Punt 319 
Chlpman, Richard Eliiah 258 
Chrlstensen. A. Lapree 338 
Chrlstensen. Albert K. 319 
Chrlstensen. Albert L. 428 
Chrlstensen. Anna 289 
Chrlstensen, Barbara 80 
Chrlstensen. Carol 126. 258. 405. 

Chrlstensen, Carol Mae 259 
Christensen. Carole Ann 319 455 
Chrlstensen, Clyde A. 289 450 
Christensen. Colleen 126 
Chrlstensen, Dale 206 
Christensen, Darllne 62, 289 
Christensen, Elva F. 184. 206, 405 
Chrlstensen. Gayle B. 120 256 389 
Christensen, Gayla Jean 125. 206 
Christensen, Harold P. 50 159 310. 

312. 319, 364. 373. 431 
Christensen. Helen 259 
Chrlstensen. James 0. 205 
Christensen. Joe J. 53. 148. 319. 

384. 403 
Chrlstensen. Joan 164, 206 
Chrlstensen, Kenneth G. 92. 93 
Chrlstensen, Wary J. 206 
Chrlstensen, Mary Jo 380. 438 
Chrlstensen. Paul J. 258. 449 
Chrlstensen, Ralph G. 289 
Christensen. Ray E. 69 
Christensen. Reed W. 7r, 110. 319 
Chrlstensen, Richard B. 119, 433 
Chrlstensen, Ross 410 
Chrlstensen, Roy A. 248. 398. 431 
Chrlstensen. Roy E. 205 
Christensen. Ruth 410 
Chrlstensen. Vonda Merlene H8. 

259. 311 
Chrlstensen, Von 440 
Chrlstensen. Wayne R. 397 
Chrlstensen. Wendell N. 289 399 
Christensen. Wlnslow 91. 173, 290 
Chrlstensen, Wynn L. 206 
Christenson. Karen D. 206, 394 
Christian. Joanne 289. 4IB 
Christiansen, Barbara 258, 455 
Christiansen, C. Paul 319 
Christiansen. Dale 205 
Christiansen, Kent W. 289 
Christiansen. Lily Jean 319 
Christiansen. Marlene 258. 453 
Christiansen, Patricia 102, 186, 205 
Chrlstofferson, George A. 206 
Chrlstoflerson, Leo John 290 
Christopherson. Leroy 205, 206 
Chun, Barbara 379 
Church, George Donald 269 403 
Claridge. Fred V^UIlam 258, 392. 

Clark, Alan C. 338 
Clark, Audrey Mae 94, 123, 205, 

Clark, Barbara L. 319 386 410. 436 
Clark. Bernadlne Kay 258 
Clark. David Leigh 319 
Clark, Donald Dean 205 
Clark. Fred 92. 93 
Clark. Gall 258 
Clark, Geraldlne 122, 206 
Clark. Henry Clifford 70 
Clarfc, Hoover Wlnfield 70 289 
Clark. Jean 93. 205 
Clark. Joan Shirley 206 
Clark, John Calvert 290 
Clark, John Carlos 258. 420, 433 
Clark, Jon George 205 
Clark, Katherine 341 406 
Clark, Leon G. 109 269 
Clark. Margaret B. 50 289 387, 

Clark. Mary Louise 206 
Clark. Maureen 341 
Clark. Nathaniel P. 290. 450 
Clark, Philip H. 289. 431 
Clark. Palmer 110 
Clark. Reva Jone 446 
Clark, Richard R. 5l 54 109 
Clark, Robert S. 107 
Clark, Sharon Mae 206 
Clark. Stephen James 92 
Clark. Vern W. 319 
Clark. Wayne L. 109 Il3 
Clarke, Ralph Fames 119, 258 
Clarke, William Robert 258, 427 
Clarkson, Connie Gayle 206 
Clawson. Arthur T. 373 
Clawson, Charles C. 269 375 460 
Clawson, John G. (Jack) 148 319, 

375, 384. 385 461 
Clawson, William Gordon 207 
Clay. Warijane 63, 206. 414 
Clays. Dl.le Lynn 259 442 
Clayton, Robert Earl 319 
Clayson. Vonda 207. 400 
Clegg, Dezzie 166, 206 394 
Clegg, Ora LeAnn 93. 125, 259 
Clegg. Ruth Jolene 125 289 
Clegg, Vern D. 76 
Clemens, D. Owalne 451 
Clifton. Marilyn C. 289 420 
Close, Mel OHkes, Jr. 206 
Ctoward. V. Jewell 289 459 
Cluff. Alyce Joy 256 
Cluff, Goldwln W. 95 
Cluff, Lloyd Sterling 259 
Cluff. Manola J. 319 
Cluff, Marlon Henry 206 
Clyde, Kathryn Jane 93 206 
Clyde, Robert Forbes 258 
Coates, Leona 405 
Cobla, David W. 207, 371 
Coe. Desdemona 207 
Coffin, Marianne W. 319 
Coffman. Gordon Crabb 194 195. 

207. 416 
Coffman. Margaret 208 
Colburn. Delthia K. 207 379, 411 
Cole. David 190. 191 
Cole, Gay 319 
Cole. Loyal David 290 

Cole, Sondra 207 

Coleman. David 102 

Coleman. Norman Kenney 258. 405 

Coleman, Ronald E. 67 

Collard, Cathryn 207 

Collard, George W.. Jr. 258, 430 

Collier, Maureen 207 

Collier, Robert D. 110. 256 

Collins, Colleen 149 

Collins, Stanley E. 364 365. 373 

Collyer. Burlesori T. IBS. 258 

Colovich, Donald G. 207. 358 

Colovich, Raymond Mark 93, 94. 

319. 399. 403 
Colt. John Clawson 207. 416 
Colfon. Grace Eleanor 258. 446 
Colfon. Joyce 207, 436 
Coltrin, Horace Ether 289 
Colver, Jay Clair 290. 456 
Colvln. Nyra 393, 453 
Colwell, Joanne 444 
Combs, Marlene 205 
Comer, Caroline Joan 258, 434 
Comer. Shirley Larae 262 
Compton. Merlin David 76 
Conder. Darrell George 207 
Conls. James Norman 109, 110, 116. 

Conk, Leo Henry 319 
Connell, Harold Gregory 51. 91. 

114. 319, 384 
Connolly. Kay Dow 207, 405 
Conrad. Ann 207 
Conrad, Carolyn Jean 289 
Conrad. Wilhelmina 289, 444 
Cook, Alan Dennis 319. 384 
Cook. Boyd G. 457 
Cook. Carolyn 258 
Cook. Doris 207 
Cook. Evelyn 92, 93. 207 
Cook. Gayle Noble 207 
Cook. Ilia Mae 92, 319 
Cook. Ivan B. 207 
Cook. Katherine 207 
Cook. Kay Noble 207 
Cook. Margaret 453 
Cook, Mary Alice 93. ISO. 259 
Cook, Mary Ellen 150, 152, 2S8. 

Cook. Richard M. 256 
Cook. Varlene 123, 190, 207 
Cook. Velyn 85 
Coombs. Clyde Ray 93, 207 
Coons, fara Dale 207. 405 
Coop. Margaret Louise 80, 256 
Cooper. Cleo G. 207 
Cooper. Conrad Leroy 373 
Cooper. Grant S. 319 
Cooper. James Arnold 207 
Cooper. Kay Camenlsh 290 
Cooper. Kenneth G. 207 
Cooper, Philip Edward 259 
Cooper, Richard D. 3l9 
Copeland, Barbara Joan 258 
Corbett. Connie Joy 96, 319. 380, 

410. 436 
Corbett. Joanne 319, 400, 455 
Corbett, Pearson Starr 319 
Cordner, Raymond Grant 259 
Cordon. Veriean 290 
Corporwiti, Bob 356 
Corry, Dorothy M. 259 
Cortei, Patricia 93, 207 
Cosgrave, LuAnne 259 
Coster. Marilyn 259, 436 
Costner. Katherine S. 289, 405 
Coulam. Billle Jane 259, 436 
Cowan, James R. 207 
Cowdell, Robert Boyle 451 
Cowley. Chad Joseph 207 
Cowley, Fred L. 259 
Cowley. Joyce 208 
CoK, Alta 61, 258 
Cox. Boyd Ray 207 
Cox. Edward Allen 3(9 
Cox, Jim Bruce 118, 207 
Cox, John Gordon 207 
Cox. Lawana 205 
Cox Lee Taylor 66 319 418, 440 
Cox, Melvin Wesley 319 
Cox. Nyle M. 319 
Cox. Richard Dean 258 
Cox, Virginia 207 
Coy, Joyce Kay 207. 394 
Coiiens, Matthew 207 
Crabtree, Booth Alder 71 
Cram. Deryl Leroy 290, 403 
Crandall. Barbara Ann 206 
Crandall. Geraldlne 259 
Crandall, Geni 442 
Crandall, Jean Louise 318, 444 
Crandall, Jerry 452 
Crandall, Joan Carol 338. 453 
Crandall, Kent Carlisle 208, 399 
Crandall. Lawrence M, 430 
Crandall, Mary Elene 152 258 400. 

Crandall. Maureen 290 442 
Crandall. Richard M. 67, 320 
Crandall, Ronald Albert 460 
Crandall, Virginia 318. 438 
Crane. Loren Danford 207. 391 
Cranshaw, Eleanor 400 
Crapo. Mary Alice 93. 122, 258 
Craven, Rulon Gerald 107 319, 4i2 
Crawford. John Harold 258 
Crawford, Marilyn 148 318 
Crawford, Ray F. 208 
Crawford, Yvonne Rae 258, 424 
Creer, Kay Concord 76. 258, 459 
Greer, Norma Leone 290 444 
Crlddle, Jay R. 77, 208 
'Crlder. Zelma June 290. 399, 444 
Crismon. Leo Eugene 258 405 
Crltchfield. Enid 108 
Critchfleld. Leroy R. 207 
Crockett, Verla 207 
Croft. Albert Paul III 
Croft. David H. 113 343 
Croft, Mary P. 258, 4W 
Croft. Merlin Richard 290 
Crofts. Karma 108 
Crofts. Steve M. 290 
Cromar, Dale Young 208 
Cromar. Don Young 208. 408 
Crook, Amelia Jean 318 

Crook. Mary Fallon 2S8. 399 
Crootston, Dorothy 338 
C'ookston. Eva Marie 208 
Crosby. Frank K. 94. 206 
Croshaw. Eleanor Rae 93 180, 424 
Crouch. EIna Vllate 208 
Crowl, Robert W. 208. 374 
Crowley. Bob 343, 456 
Crowley, Edmund Drew 187, 208, 

Crowley, Edna Mae 167, 208 
Crowley, Leah Ruth 93. 207, 394 
Crowther. Duane S. 93, 207, 398 
Crowther, Janette 208 
Crowther, Leanore 290 
Crowther. Ray Sheldon 258 
Crowther, Sharon 258 
Crowther, Shirley Ann 299. 445 
Crowton. David H. 358, 366 
Crump. Sherman M. 364 
Cruser. J. Devirl 316 
Crystal, Ralph 113, 290 
Cullimore, Boyd Lee HI 259 
Culpepper, Warren H. 397 
Cundick. Geralee A. 290, 436 
Cunfield, Ron 416 
Cunningham. Harold 353, 356 
Curler. Don 72 
Curry, Gloria Ann 121, 208 
Curtis, Brandt B. 91 154 173. 318 
Curtis, Bruce N. 76. 112, 318, 405 
Curtis. Cherrill 258. 389, 434 
Curtis. Clyne A. 208 
Curtis. Elden Marven 93 
Curtis, Gale Blaine 75, 290 
Curtis, Gretta 208 
Curtis, Kay Deloy 290. 405 
Curtis, Kirk MofflH 290 
Curtis. Lindsay 205 
Cushlng. John Riley 208 
Custer, Merle James 318. 403 
Cutler. Don Ivanovick 72 
Cutler. Odell B. 316 

Dace, Wallace Steven 209 

Daddabbo, Patrick J. 320 

Dabell. Ralph Edwin 209 

Dahl, Paul Eugene 290 320. 459 

Dahlln. Stanley A., Jr. 260. 456 

Dailey. Stanley Rees 209, 462 

Dalbey, Loretta 209 

Dalby. Patricia Sue 290 

Dallin, Reed Lowell 209 

Dalton, David Johnson 70. 92, 209 

Dalton, Dennis Ray 260, 392 

Dalton, John Matthew 69. 148. 320 

Dalton, Oral Tippet+s 259 

Daly. Franklin Lee 54. 113. 320, 390, 

391, 403 
Dame. Jan Gordon 291 
Dance, Man/a 70. 90, 259 
Dance, Norene 93. 259, 424 
Daniel, Marcla Naylor 208 
Daniels, Donald Walter 209 
Daniels. Gary K. 152, 449 
Daniels, Jean 209 
Daniels, Philip Bliss 290 
Danlelson, B. Demar 209 
Da Parma. Peter A. 166, 290, 457 
Darling, Clair Hawklnc 259 
Dart, James Arthur 209 
Dastrup. Richard C. 173 
Davidson. Guyn Dean 60. 259 
Davidson, Marion N. 259, 449 
Davidson, Melvin J. 259 
Davidson, Samuel F. 209 
Davles, Chesley Reuben 259 
Davles. Madge M. 320 
Davles, Margaret 209 
Davles, Nadlne 459 
Davis, Afton 259 
Davis. Barbara Jean 259 
Davis. Betty Lou lOO. 209 
Davis, Bonnie Ann 320. 453 
Davis. Bonnie Lou 51. 163. 209, 310, 

Davis, Carmen Henry 209 
Davis. Dan Lee 66, 75, 290 
Davis, Diane 209, 260 
Davis, Doreen 259 
Davis. Dorothy 208 
Davis. Emma Lou 259 
Davis, Glenn C. 343 
Davis, Heber Lee 320 
Davis, Jes 371 
Davis, Jeanne 63, 291 
Davis. Jinx 208 
Davis. John Hunter 206 
Davis. Kent B. 206 
Davis, Marilyn Jean 290, 446 
Davis, Marylyn 290 
Davis. Nola Jean 102 
Davis, Paul N. 320, 372 
Davis, Reed Kay 80, 290. 460 
Dawes. Davis Alan 208 
Dawson. David Harold 259. 390 
Dawson. Mary 165. 180, 260, 400. 

Day. Arthur Merrill 94 260 
Day. Bill William 209 
Day. Janette F. 209 
Day, Janice Ruth 209 
Day. Max A. 74 
Dayes. Albert R. 209. 422 
Dayes, Doris Mildred 260. 422. 437 
Dayton. Lester Lowell 338 
Dayton, Luanne 105 
Dayton, Sharon S. 118. 290 
Deakln, Beverly Gaye 260. 424 
Dean. Bemlce Watson 260 
Dean. Charles Edwin. Jr. 75 
Dean. Claude Charles 320 
Dean. Clifford Arnold. Jr. 320. 405 
Dean, Marlon Edna 320 
Dearden, David Kenneth 209 
Dearden, Melvin O. 74, 320 
Deardorff, Paul E. 93 209 416 
Decker, Carlyle H. 91, 338 
Decker, Daniel Lorenzo 66, 75, 77. 

320. 405 
Decker, Gladys 209 
Decker, Josephine 291 
Degraw. Clifford Foster 456 
Dehaan, Joanne 209 

Dehoyos, Alberto 76, 209 

Dehoyos, B. Federlco 76 

Dehoyos. Fred 209 

De Lange, Leland L. 209 

DeLeon. Aura 409 

DeLonq. Clair L. 397 

Dellarla. Thomas George 320 

OeMarco, Barbara Ann 210 

Demars. Mary Lorraine G. 320 

Dempsey. Bernard 260 

Denel. Wallace 291 

Denlson, Leland Hans 209 

Denlson. Rinaldo F.. Jr. 209 

Denlson. Ronald Herman 209 

Denney, Enos Thayle 260, 449 

Denney, Ivan Ray 291 

Denys. Nedra Joan 93, 96. 291 

Deputy, Russell Miner 209 

Despain, Donna 209 

Detane. Thomas 209 

Detton, Richard Lee 260. 406 

Devey, Charles Richard 163. 429 

Dew. Lamar O. 320 

Dewey. Florence F. 115. 120. 291 

Dewsnup. Anna Lou 260. 438 

Dickey, Desmond 93 

Dickey. Madeline L. 94 209 

Dickey. Mercedes V. 93, 209 

Dickie, Mary Lou 210, 407 

Dickinson, LeRene 102, 208 

Dickison, Benjamin L. 209 

Dickson, Max Cook 94 291 

Diderlcksen, L. Colleen 341 

Dlehl. Paul Lavarre 75 291, 392, 

Dietrich. Ernest John 209 
Dlllman. Glenyce Marie 62. 62. 320 
Dimond, Reld 416 
Dlnsdale, Janis Yvonne 260. 444 
Dittmore. Barbara Jean 260. 422 
Dittmore. Maylln Menry 208 
Divett. Robert T. 54. 113, 320 
Dix. Berniece M. 209 
Dixon. Ben 107. 
Dixon. David George 320 
Dixon. Dennis Blanchard 291 
Dixon, Fred C. 164. 291. 430 
Dixon, Glenn Ray 260 
Dixon, Jackie 70 291 
Dixon. Jean V. 96, 260. 356, 459 
Dixon. Joan W. 61, 96, 260. 386, 

Doane, Charles LaMar 205 
Dobson, Gerald Jame^ l'5. II'. 

Dodd. James Leroy 260 
Dodd. Russell Elton 260. 457 
Doerden. Earl S. 320 
Doerr. Robert R. 421 
Doke, Pleas Alan 69. 260 
Dallnar, Mltzle Anna 320 
Doman, Letha Eileen 102, 208 
Doman, Norma Fay 102. 208 
Doman, Rulene 260. 393 
Donaldson, Shelly A. 60 
Done. Nancy Elizabeth 72, 164, 260 
Doney, Darrell 73. 320, 353. 356 
Dorius, Shelia Ann, 6 8,208 
Oorney. Doris Lillian 187. 208 
Dorriss, Billle Jane 260. 343, 436 
Oorsey, Patricia GalT 260, 434 
Doty. Harold Ray 206 
Doughty, Gladys Marba 208 
Douglass. Andrew Monson 3, 51, 

55. 67, 80, 185, 320, 364 
Dowdle, Jack W. 291 
Downs. Gerald Cecil 433 
Doxey. Margaret 291, 388, 436 
Doxey, Roger Watson 416 
Doyle, Carole Lee 71. 166. 184. 208 
Draney. Jack Lane 320 
Dransfleld, Howard E. 291 430 
Draper. Don J. 208 
Draper, H. Bud 260 
Draper, Jacqueline 320 
Dredge John Deschamps 208 
Drew, Robert H. 260 
Drlggs, DIanne 208 
Drigqs, Don Carlos 208 
Droubay. Bertha 291. 453 
Duddlng. Monagene 106, 320 
Duffin. Irene 208 
Duffin. Mary J. 95, 121. 220. 413 
Duggar. W. Leonard 260. 448 
Duke, Frances Young 208 
Duke. James Keith 419 
Duke, Larry Bert 260 
Duke. Major 93 
Duke. Ramon 114 
Dumas, Mary E. 63. 291 
Oummer. Arthur OJeen 176. 208 
Duncan. Donald Roy 208, 427 
.Duncan. Sallie R. 320 
Dunford. Carol 152, 434 
Dunford, Charles Kent 208 373 
Dunford, Diane 291 
Dunford. Harold Gene 91. 291. 398, 

Dunham, Rose Marie l!7. 345, 406 
Dunkley. Betty Mae ?I0 
Dunkley, Melvin Edson 260 
Dunn, Larae 91, 158 173. 291, 389, 

Dunn, Loren C. 189, 320, 364, 431 
Dunnell, Fred Myron 457 
Dupalx. Helen Louise 208 
Duren, Betty Gladys 208 
Durfee, Delsa 208 
Durrans, Robert 112, 341 
Durrant. Eugene Jay 260 
Durrant. George D. 95, 291 
Dye. Ronald Gilbert 441 
Dyer. Bruce T. 375, 430 
Dyer. Robert D. 94 

Eagar. Herbert Lynn 260 
Eagar. Karl B. 291, 405 
Earnshaw. Audrey Jean 260. 434 
Earp, Robert E. 353 
Easton. Helen 260, 400 
Eatough, Norman Leroy 260, 396 
Echols. Dan 371 
Echols, Doris 291 
Echols, Robert L.. Jr. 210 

Echols, DeWayne 399 
Eddlngton. Carol May 2lO 
Edenfleld. Grady L. 210 
Edington JoAnn 157. 184. 210. 434 
Edrefsen, Jesse R. 107. 109. 112, 320 
Ed'ing. Deslyn Renee 210 
Edman. Virginia 108 
EBmeyer, Hugh Tobiason 219 
Edmunds, Joseoh T. Jr. 210, 428 
Edwards, Carolyn E. 49, 50, 62, 

163. 314, 320. 386, 458 
Edwards, Charles Bryner 260. 428 
Edwards, Clyde C. 291 
Edwards, Earl Grant 210 
Edwards, Janls Marlene 210 
Edwards, Lee Rand 55. 291 
Edwards, Weston Eyring 51. 53, 80, 

94, 96j 190. 291, 384 
Effler, LeRoy 260. 406 
Egbert. Gerald 343 
Egbert, llene 211 
Egbert. Wendell W. 291. 356 
Eggertsen, Sheary Jill Ann 210 
Eggleston. Deloss M. 320 
Eglantina. Moveda 210 
Ekker, Leta 93. 291 
Eklns. Phyl Grant 261. 430 
Elam. Shirley A. 261 
Elder, James Royal 210 
Elder. Quinten Joseph 291, 451 
Eldredge. Marjory Jane 121, 291 
Ellason. Gloria 102 
Ellason, Norrell B. 261 
Ellason, Ann Marie 69. 413 
Eliasson, Rosalie Ann 210 
Elison, Ina Lou 90, 210. 394 
Ellsson, John B. 114 
Elking, Ray 358 
Eller, Lavon F. 320 
Ellertson, Norman W. 92, 320 
ElleH, Larae Eva 62. 291 
Ellingwood, Joan Adree 210 
Elliott, Gary Edwin 119, 127, 261 
Ellis, Darel Eugene 119, 210. 399 
Ellis, Deana 210 
Ellison. Margaret Ann 210 
Ellison. Sylvia Joyce 210 
Ellsworth. Colleen 210, 420 
Ellsworth, Darr Kirk 210 
Ellsworth, Deles 261 
Ellsworth, Elmer 211 
Ellsworth, Jean 320, 405 
Ellsworth. John William 261. 427 
Ellsworth. Philip Dale 405 
Ellsworth. Stanford 450 
Ellsworth. Sterling G. 69 261, 371, 

427. 462 
Elton, Michael Oavld 210 
Ely, Nathan Albert 261 
Embleton, Charles W. 116, 392 
Empey, Gary Lyie 210 
Empey, Harold Cl'nton 291 357. 

406, 428 
Empey, Marlene H. 210, 357, 400, 

Ence. George Dwayne 210 
England. Roger W. 211 
Engle, Dempsey Bernard 116 
Englestead, Marian 291, 380, 438 
Enos. Muriel K. 52. 266. 374, 413 
Ensign, Janice Claire 400 
Ensign, Jerald Coleman 291. 461 
Ensign, Robert W. 375. 385. 461 
Erelson. Klenner Dow 210 
Erlcksen, Lavona 320 
Erickson, Alice 92, 93. 261, 446 
Erickson, Carol Marie 211 
Erickson, Oonn D. 112, 261 
Erickson. Dualne T. 114 
Erickson, Emil Lavar 261. 390 
Erickson, George N. 321 
Erickson. Helen Mae 62, 291, 413 
Erickson, Joyce 55, 93 211. 416. 

Erickson, Lorna 54 88. 69, 91, 154. 

155, 164, 168, 173. 265. 291, 389. 

Erickson. Paul 105 
Erickson, Relta W. 94 121, 261 
Eriksen, Claudette G. ISO. 261. 424 
Eskelsen, Mona Rae 21 1 
Esplnosa. LyIe R. 291 
Esplln, Dean Wayne 60. 261 
Esplln, Gwenavere 321 
Esplln, Leon M. 261 
Eubanks. Wilbur Jesse 261 
Evans, Betty Joyce 211 
Evans, Calvin Holroyd 150, 168 
Evans, Cora 211 
Evans. Dean Durrell 211 371 
Evans. Delna 84. 321 
Evans, Don 419 
Evans, Jean 102 
Evans, Oral Lamar 457 
Everett, Charles Lloyd 261 
Everson. Joseph 462 
Ewell, Leroy E. 211 
Ewell, William Paul 211 
Exeter. George Merlin 114, 211 
Eyier. Bernie 344 
Eyre. Deray 291. 356 
Eyre, Shauna Jean 21 1 
Eyring. Phil Max 211 

Facer, Mark A. 341 
Fackrell, Alena Lou 2l I 
Falrbourn. Joyce 21 1 
Fairbourn. Marilyn 93, 321 
Faler, Gayle Frances 93, 211 
Falslev, Evelyn 211 
Fannin, George R. 21 1 
Farley. Ernest Ker . 292 
Farmer, Scott L. 211 
Farnsworth, Allen S. 261 
Farnsworth, Falrel 211 
Farnsworlh, Jennie L. 211 
Farnsworth. Merrllynn 94. 2ll. 405 
Farnsworth. Sharon 126, 321 
Farr, Geraldlne Grlx 321 
Farr. Golden Ronald 109 112 
Farr. Janet 321. 420 
Farr, LyIe Elvin 70, 261 
Farrington, Shirley A. 321 
Farthing, Lucille 93. 344 
Faulkner, Margaret 321 


Fduiett. Grant III 

Fau». Georgia C. I4J 

Fau.. Winston Michael 261 

Fawcett. Kent 26\ 

Fawcett, Wyfna Beth 212 

Fawson, Lauralce -^l 211 ^M. A2S 

Felk. Frances 93. 211 

Felii. Leo Lavar 21 1 

Pelt, Richard Gecge 3S4 

Fenton, JoAnne 211. 406 

Fernev. Helen Mailne 261. 453 

Fernev. Ralph R. 261 

Ferre, Janene 102 

Ferre. John 0. 92 

Fernn. Ross Wallace 211 

Ferwerda, Don Leon 211 

Field. Rosalie B. 211 

Fields. Shirlee 341 

Fielding, Colleen 321 

Fielding, Kent 72 

Fields, Clarence Leslie Il3 

Fietkan, Doris 272 

Fife, Annette 92, 211 

File, James David ISO 160, 292 

Fife, Ronald Devon 91 157. 292, 

357, 456 
Fillmore, Carma 21 1 
Fillmore. Leiand Reid SO 311. 321, 

3B5, 440 
Finch, Gerald Mat 261 
Findlay. Delano Sairton 2ll. 462 
Finlayson, Fred Clilford 261 
Finlayion. Janice 2l I 
Finlayson, Jorn Tavlc- 2ll 
Firnev. Helen 389 
Firth, Richard E, 321 
Fish, Charles R. 397 
Fish, Gerald Seymour 92 321 
Fish, John Rogers 150. 321 
Fish, Kathleen 211 
Fisher. Barbara Nell 93 292 454 
Fisher. Carol Anne 96 157. 261 
Fisher. Claire J. 292, 403 
Fisher, Dean F. 66 321 
Fisher, Kent 211 
Fisher, Madison Scott 53 54, 175. 

261. 428 
Fisher. Ray C. 292 
Fisher, Robert Bruce 60. 93, 261. 

Fljher. T. Joyce 2l I 
Fisk. Elva Lenore 120. 261 
Fitigerald. Robert 212 
Flake, Chad J. 321 405 
Flake, Dinie 92 261 
Flake, Lavona 92 124, 2ll, 405 
Flake, Leona 125, 211, 405 
Flake. Nena Venice 124 261 405 
Fletcher, Wendall W. 261 405 
Flint, Gae Nell 212 
Fluckiger. Hubert B. 321 
Fluckiger. Marva Lue 261 
Flygare, Althea 261 406 
Flygare, Grant M. 70. 113. 292 
Flygare, John K.. Jr. 66, 321 
Foersler, Edward R. 212 
Foerstl, Eleanor 90, 261 
Folkman, David liatt, Jr. 321 
Follett, Edson Roy 77 211 
Follett, Marvin D. 71 72 77 114 

292 ... 

Folsom. Jean 261 
Folsom, John Reid 212 
Folsom. Nancy Ellen 91 212 
Fonnesbeck. Paul V. 32| 
Foofe, Ouane Horace 119, 261 
Foote. Marjorie 212 
Flrd, Carmen Leona 436 
Ford. Jacquelyn Rhea 91, 261 
Ford. Janice Ann 212 
Ford. Leiand Devon 292 
Fordham. Paul Alton 212 
Foreman. Jennell 292 
Forman. Robert Kent 212 
Forrest, Marilyn Jean 212 
Forsey, James K. 292, 403 
Forsey, Shirlene 21 1 
Forsgren. Ida Lillian 21 1, A\6 
Forsgren. Ruth 212 
Forjilng. Jerry Boyd 292 403, ■♦S? 
Forsyth. David Pond. 73, 114. 169. 

292, 3B5 
Forsyth, Gordon J. 33B 
Forsyth, Terry Norwood 429 
Fortie, Lorna 90, 212 
Fortress, Edwina Lee 77, 117. 212 
Foster, Jean 69 
Foster, Lynn Grant 261 
Foulger, Jan 212 
Foufi, Dell RIggs 292 
Fouti, Robert B. 190. 212 
Fowler. Merlyn 261 
Fowles. Garth Call 211 
Fowles. Jay R. 9|. 154. 173 
FoK. Harold Chlpman 261 
Fox. Nelson C. 321 
Fox. Phyllis 312, 321. 400, 453 
Fox. Richards 72, 92. 343 
Foxley, Billy Sears 212 
Foy, Rey L. 292 
Frame. Marilyn 84, 321 
Frampton, Morris J. 68. 261 
Francis, Beverly Nobbs 321 
Francis. Howard R. 292 
Francis. Jean 292, 407 
Francis, Myra Kae 291 
Francis, Rell Gardner, 95. 291 
Francis, Robert M. 9| 321 
Frandsen. Glenn Ray 292 
Frandsen. Milton Leo 261 
Frandsen, Sharleen 292 
Franhovifch, George 353 
Frank, Margene 261, 442 
Franke, Donald William 212 
Frani. John B. 212, 406 
Fraser. Donald Hugh 358 
Fraser, John David 212 
Frazler, Kent Rulon 212 
Fraiier, Patricia June 2l2 
Frailer, Robert L. 291 
Frailer, Ronald Vern 91 261 398. 

Fredericksen, Bill 4S2 
Fredericksen, Horace George 212, 

Frederickson, Richard H. 321, 403, 

452. 457 

Frederickson, Willard L. 322 
Frehner, Constance Lou 84 310, 

322, 458 
Frehner, Judith Rae 212 
Frei, Don William 261, 414, 457 
French, Ronald A. 212 
Fresh, Ludene 261. 389, 436 
Fresh. Re« M. 212 
Friend, Roy Laverl 212 
Frlsby, Diane D. 212 
Frihgerald. Myrtle 80 
Frodsham, Erma Jean 212. 425 
Froelich, Ernest Robert 293 
Froerer, Zelda Ruth 212 
Ffome. Robert Emerson 292, 433 
Frome, Kathenne May 93. 212. 415 
Frontier, Marjorie R. 212 
Frost. Ronald Norman 212. 399 
Fuchigami, Thomas I.. Jr. 77 
Fuenning, Richard M. 371 
Fuller. Eldon R. 261 
Fuller, Ramon Conrad 292 
Fullmer, Joy Ranae 262 
Fuller, Robert Leon 262 
Funk, Herman E. 262 
Furgeson, Charles J. 291 
Fyffe. Marjorie 292, 405 

Gadd, Kaye Ann 93 123, 2l2 
Gage, Donald Charles 60, 292. 406 
Gagon, Edwin B. 322 
Galley. Richard W. 212 
Galbrailh, Janet Lynne 92, 212. 400 
Galbraith, Richard Jay 292. 429 
Galbraith, Wendell W. 212, 450 
Gale. George Hugh 462 
Gallagher. William Bl 53.148 292, 

Gallicr. Monroe Glenn 292 
Gambles, Phil Roscoe 212. 4S1 
Gammell, Nancy 213 
Gammon, Harold 94 
GanI, Ronnie Steve 428 
Gardner, Beverly H. 262 388, 393 
Gardner, Blanche 262 
Gardner. Bryce H. 212 
Gardner, Chip 414 
Gardner. David P. 67 
Gardner, Duane Allen 212, 263 
Gardner, llene 212 
Gardner, Lawrence Blane 212 
Gardner Melba RaNae 262, 425 
Gardner, Robert Leigh 322 
Gardner, Samuel Howard 292 
Gardner. Sheila M. 262. 425 
Gardner, Shirley Faye 212. 425 
Gardner, Vesta Helen 262 
Gardner, W. Dall.n 262. 448 
Gareth, W. Lowe 322 
Garfield. Theodore D. 2l2 
Garlick, Bernice E. 212 
Garlick G. Junior III, 292 
Garner, llene 401 
Garner, Jeneane 125, 292, 420, 444 
Garner, John A. 293 
Garrard, Shirley June 122, 292, 389 
Garrett, Ann Darlene 262. 393 
Garrett. Fred L. 9! 
Garrett, Larry Y. 262 390. 396, 399 
GarreH, Lewis Eugene Ml. 343. 456 
Garnck, Howard T. 55 292 
Garrick. Ilyn David 212 
Gassman, Alta Maureen 126. 186, 

292, 417 
Gatenby, Jackie 93, 213 
Gates, Hugh I. 107 
Gearheart, Beverly R. 213 
Geddes, James W. 93 109 111, 

292, 364, 403 
Gee, William M. 212, 414. 462 
George, Lloyd Dee 292 430 
George, Myrtle Viola 2l2 
Georges, Marilyn M. SO 54 60, 

126, 292, 389, 393 
Gerber, Lloyd M. 50 54 100 322 
Gerber. Dick 358 
GIbb, Bunny 401 
Gibb, Jesse L. 90 173. 214 
Gibbons, James R. 213 
Gibbons, Norman D. 343. 410 457 
Gibbs. Donna R. 262 421 
Gibbs, Welter Sherman 94, 213 
GIbby, Marlow David 292 403 
GIbby. Ned 374 
Giberson, Richard C. 263 
Gibson, Alvera 213 
Gifford, Grant RelcJ 292 
Giftord, Juanlta Mary 213 
Gifford, Leo Rural 262 
Gilbert, Gayle Glen 213 
Gilbert. Naomi 393 
Gilbert, Virginia I. 263 
Gilchrist. Claire 322 
Gilchrist. J. S. 343 
Giles. Bonnie R. 68, 262. 425 
Giles, Claudia Gae 322 
Giles, Erma Earllne 213 
Giles, Gary Porter 213 
Giles. John Philip 213 
Giles. Marlene 93. 262, 434 
Gilgcr, Clela 213 
Gillette, Barbara W. 322 
Gilliland, Robert Gene 53 292 457 
Gilllson. Bud 151 
Gilner. Gerald Leon 322 
Gilner. John David 213 
Gines, Jerry 213. 413 
GInes, Madge 213 
GInes, Ralph Junior 262 
GIsh, Lillian 93 
Gividen. Bert 213 
Glaus, Blanche L. 213 
Glazier. Louis Orin 292. 460 
Gleave, Keith Omar 293, 450 
Gleave. Mary Dell 292 
Gledhill, Rex D. ISO, 190 210 213 
Gledhtll. Vernal H. 293 
Gllck. Armafid Lavaun 150 1 19. 

322. 414 
Glines. Deloa Dawn 120 262 
Glines, Jerry Peter 213 
Glines, Laraine Woolford 407, 425 
Glover, Edwin Junior 210 

Gneiting, Barbara Ann 213 

Goates. Barbara Ann 263 368. 434 

Goates, Lamar Phillips 262. 428 

Goates, Laree 2<'2 

Goble. Gayle 213 

Godfrey, Gerald T. 72, 292 

Godfrey, Lorin Card 50, 262, 392. 

Goff. Lucille Cortei 292 
Goins. Edna Joan 150 )76 
Golden. Terry 322 
Goldman, Dorothy Ann 213 
Goldsmith. Henry L. 165 210, 4lC 

Golightly. Max 142 
Gomez, Lilla Niesler 69 70, 7^ 

Gonzales. Howard Ralph 53 159, 

292, 375, 460 
Good. Danny Ray 72 262, 405 
GoodeM, Robert A. 292 
Goodman, Jacqulyn 213. 405 
Goodson. Charles G. 213 
Goodson, William Dale 77 109. 

HI, 338 
Goodwin, Harland Dale 293, 403 
Goodwin. J. Reece 262. 4(4 
Goodwin, Jack B. 322 
Goodwin, Melva Rose 262, 425 
Goodwin, Robert Hayes 213 
Gordin. Floyd L. 213 
Gordon, Betty Lou 93, 213 
Gordon. Janet Louise 322 
Goring, Marva Rae 93, 2I3, 416, 

Gorringe, Barbara Lee 262 
Gorton. H. Clay 75 
Gottfredson, Ches 93 
Gotttredson. Douglao K. 70 92, 93, 

263, 399 
Gould, Phyllis I. 213 
Gourdin, Melvin E. 262. 406, 462 
Gourley, John Paul 371 
Gowans, Floyd Hill 67 210. 322 
Graham, Kenneth M, 68, 93 
Graham, Mary Carol 293 
Graham. Robert L. 293 
Graham, Robert M. 80, 417 
Grandy, Janice 214 
Grant, Jack R. 67 293 392 399 
Grant, Lanel 213 
Grant. Richard Giles 262 
Grant. Ronald 462 
Grant. Waldo F. 262 
Grates. LeRee 80 
Graves, Quinton 416 
Graves. Patricia 213 
Gravlet, A. Jack 343 
Grawe .John R. 106 214 
Gray. Betty Jean 214 
Gray. Ga.l 93 213 394 
Gray, Robert Allen 322 
Gray, Sam Leiand 93 213 399 
Green, Colette 152 153 163 262, 

401, 434 
Green, C. Ron 341, 456 
Green. Donald W. 2l4 
Green. Deon 72 392 
Green, Donna Marie 92 262 389, 

Green. Duke 341 410 
Gteen, Edna Vinton 108 322 
Green, James Montel 213 
Green. Jo Ann 142 
Green, John Alden III 160 
Green, Jorn ATvln 109. 150, 322, 403 
Green, Kathleen Viola 214 
Green. Marcia 214 
Green, Marian 214 
Green, Melvin Carl 431 
Green. Myrna J. 322, 443 
Green. Patricia 92 322, 401 
Green. Paul Durrant 293, 392 
Green, Phillip R. 403 
Green. Ranae 89 180 213 394 
Greenall. Charles E. 214 
Greene, Janet C. 94 
Greenwood, Edmund O. 262 
Greenwood. Ned H. 46, 76. 293 
Greenwood, Neal Thomas 262. 405 
Greer, Deon Carr 53, 293 
Greer, Margaret Ruth 186, 214 
Greninger. Gordon H. 338 
Grenny. Guy Wayne 293 
Grey. Betty 416 
Griffeth. Dallas H. 214, 412 
Griffin. Gerald 6. 262 
Griffith. Mary Clarlne 262. 4l3 
Griffiths, Don K. 322 
Grigq, Marlene June 93. 184, 213. 

Grimes. Don Marsfon 93 457 
Grimmett .Janet 322 409 
Gflndstaff, Douglas H. 2l3 
Grlnnell. Yvonne J. 262 
Groberg. John Holbrook 214 
Groberg. Julia Gay 54 92 166. 

253. 262, 388. 393 
Groberg. Mary Jane 126, 323 
Groeger. Klaus Wilhelm 214 
Groesbeck. David Lowell 262 
Groesbeck. Monty 293 
Groesbeck. Roth 322 
Groneman Anita Joan 214 
Grosheil, Carol Duane 214 401 
Gfotegut. David Arthur 262 
Grotegut, Dolly June 262, 425 
Groutage, Harold L. 293 
Groutage Harrison T. 293, 189 
Grover, Barry 214 
Grover, Deon 122. 214 
Grover, Grant 180. 191, 341, 416 
Grover. Joan 293 
Grover, Wesley R. 60. 214 
Grow, Rosemary 166, 186 262 
Gfuver, Richard Leiand 322 
Gubler, Brian Tell 262 
Guild. Charlene 187, 214 
Gummow, Gladys M. 322 
Gonderson. Alvln Vern 94, 116. 214 
Gunn, Jane Ann 214 
Gunn, Marion 262, 447 
Gunn, Shirley Joan 90 214 
Gunnell, Earl Leroy 109 322 403 
Gunnell, Loa Gayle 63, 214 
Gunnell, Mary Lois 337 

Gunnell. Robert Dean 293 414 456 
Gonter. Monroe Maynard 95, 293 
Gurney, Boyd Francis 263 
Gurney, John A. 109, 114 
Gurr, Ruth Partridge 68, 94, 214 
Gustafson, Sandra Joyce 100, 180. 

293, 436 
Gustaveson, Carolyn M. 262 
Guthrie, Arlene Ruby 263 
Gwllliam, Dee Holt 293, 420 
Gwilliam. Jerry A- 214 
Gwynn, Ann Lorraine 263 
Gygi. Marieanne 341 


HaacVe. Ganae 262. 447 

Haag. Eldon L. 72. 262 

Haas, Waity 102 

Hacking. Nancy 215 

Hackay. Yvonne 409 

Hada, Elinor Margaret 214, 422 

Hadley, Donald Blaine 263. 427 

Hadley. Shirley Ann 263 

Hadlock. Esther 96. 108, 293 

Hadlock, Jennie 96 

Hadlock, Theresa 69. 91, 419 

Haertcl. Grant Leroy 322 

Hafen, Joann 93, 214, 425 

Hailstone, Dean L, 91, 214 

Hainsworth. Beth 293 

Halnsworth. Jerome Child 293. 460 

Hair. Allen D. 293 

Hair, Kay Lewis 263 

Hale. Diane 125. 215 

Hale. Glen 60. 293, 367, 432, 451 

Hale, Richard Charlcc 215 

ale. Sarah Ann 263, 442 

Hales, Adila Joan 215 

Hales, Bette Lee 61 263, 425 

Hales, Daisy Leaone 93, 108. 2lS 

Hales, George Grooms 263 

Hales, Glen H. 294 

Hales, Robert Hyrum 159. 293, 385, 

Hales, Wllma 215, 380 
Hales, Richard W. 75 
Halford, Harold 263 
Hall. Barbara 322 
Hall. Bonnie Rae 215 
Hall, Don Jay 263 
Hall. Eduard Alma 263 
Hall. Edwin C. 341 
Hall. Gary Wayne 263 
Halt. Gayle Joan 68 69. ISO, 180. 

323, 454 
Hall, Gerald Ray 341 
Hall, Gloria Jean 94. 215 
Hall, JoAnn 293 
Hall, Leo Dan 95, 293 
Hall. Mallnds 341 416 
Hall. Mary Carol 293 
Hall. Monte Arvil 2l5 
Hall. Phyllis 293 
Hall, Richard Earl 263 
Hall Rosalene 323 
Hall. Rosalie Ruth 263 
Halls, Lynn M. 215 
Halladay. Donald S. 214 
Halladay, Mae Marie 293, 425, 405 
Hailer. Joan 8. 214 
Halliday, Marlon 341 436 
Halliday, Richard L. 75 323 
Hailing, Nancy Carole 92, 215 
Hallsted, Ernest Leroy MO, 293 
Halterman, Mary Jean 263 
Hallerman, Richard J. 338 
Halverson, Mariane C. 263 
Hamblin, Earl Milne 215 
Hamblln, Howard R. 358 
Hambim, Ken 74 

Hamblln. Jacob 46, 50 66, 282. 293 
Hamblin. Don 407 
Hamblin, John Ray 60, 293 
Hamblln, Junius 164 
Hamblin, Laura Lou 263. 458 
Hamblln, Robert Rudolph 323 353 
Hamblln. William K. 323 
Hamilton. Eugene M. 2l5 
Hamilton, Robert A. 113 343 
Hamlin, Joyce Murray 215 
Hamling, Donald D. 293, 441 
Hammer, Norman F. 323 
Hammond. Clefa Margo 70. 263 
Hammond. Hazle Gertrude 215 
Hammond, Joyce 215 
Hammond. Richard Melvin 109 215 
Hammond, W. Leon 341 
Hamrick. Sheila 215 
Hancock, Bonnie Lou 124 263 
Hancock, Brent 150 
Hancock, Charles Hal 92. 93 94 
Hancock, Evelyn Anne 263 447 
Hancock, Larry, Earl 323. 353 
Hancock, Patncia ISO 
Hancock, Wayne M. 323 403. 460 
Handy, Carol Lee 215 
Handy, Gerald 293 
Hanks. Amelia 2lS, 442 
Hanks, Charles Warren 80 263, 

396, 399, 448 
Hanks. Richard Kay 50, 70. Ml, 

Hanks, fiussell H. 263, 451 
Hanni, Georgia Maxlne 215 
Hannlg, Gary Whitney 215 392 
Hannig. Joseph I5l, 392 
Hanseen, Karma Joyce 459 
Hansen, Ardyth Mae 93 215 
Hansen, Arlene 215 
Hansen, Beverly 215 
Hansen, Colleen V. 215 
Hansen, Darrel Chancy 70 263 
Hansen, Dewayne T, 293 
Hansen, Elaine Sharon 5l, 93, 2l5 
Hansen, Evan W. Il9 323 
Hansen, Geraldlne 91, 293 
Hansen, Grettle Owen 215 401 
Hansen, Helen Alton 215 
Hansen. I. Eugene 155, 173, 323 
Hansen. Nna Anne 215 
Hansen. Iris Marilyn 247 
Hansen, Norma 294 
Hansen. Iris P. 63. 215 
Hansen, Irving Carl 2l5 
Hansen, Jay Dee 323 

Hansen, Jay M. 70. 264 
Hansen, Jeanne 247, 264 
Hansen, Jim Pratt 215 
Hansen, Kenneth 93 
Hansen, Klaus J. 7l, 91, 264, 40? 
Hansen. Lanez 214 
Hansen. Laura Gale 262 
Hansen. Narvol Leo 215 
Hansen, Neva Mae 338 
Hansen. Norma 264 
Hansen, Ray Richard 2lS 
Hansen. Roberta E. 73. 94, 186, 

190, 215 
Hansen, Sherrle 94, 95, 264 
Hansen, Shirley 2lS 
Hansen. Shirley Jean 187, 264, 442 
Hansen. U. J. 264, 409 
Hansen, V. Marqarett 416 
Hansen, Jackquie 2l5 
Hanson, Alva Lu 215 
Hanson, Gene Russell 323. 441 
Hanson. Heloyce Francel 264 
Hanson, June Howard 323 440 
Hanson, Ruby Alice 293 
Hanson, Roslyn 215 
Haran, Thomas Albert 216 
Hardee, Dorothy May 294 442 
Harding. Beth 323 
Harding, Nadine 215 
Harding, Jllean 216 
Hardisty, Richard F, 216 
Hardy, Arthur H. 150, IBB, 293 
Hardy. George' K. 323 
Hardy, Leila 323 
Hardy, Lynn Reynolds 216 
Harler, Glen LeVern 150 
Harman, Jamec Leonard 323 
Harmon, Beth 102 
Harmon, Duane McMurrin 114, 264 
Harmon, Elizabeth Ann 323 
Harmon. Gaylen Tolman 97, 105, 

Harmsen, Dennis F, 63 2l5 408 
Haroldsen, Lillian F. 293 447 
Harper, Betty M. 54. 62, 324 
Harper, Carol Mae 264 
Harper, Catherine M. 216 
Harper. John J, 264 
Harper. Leslie Keith 223 
Harper, Reid Ladell 264 
Harper, Roberta 63, 216, 414 
Harris, Alfred Ray 323 
Harris. Alva Alton 216. 415 
Harris, Bernarr 114 
Harris. Chet Wayne 88, 89, 99. 160, 

Harris. David Jensen 264 
Harris, Doverle Porter 173 
Harris, Gordon Kenney 294, 452 
Harris, Howard Blake 76, 114. 410 
Harris, Jean Partridge 116 
Harris, John Sterling 76, 294 
Harris. Joyce 216 
Harris, Lowry Alan 216 
Harris, Ramona Marie 216 
Harris, Reah 216 
Harris, Robert Edgar 264 
Harfis, Robert Lee 264. 391 
Harris, Tl.omas Albert 216 
Harrison, Bertrand Kent 264 396, 

Harrison. Edwin C. 264, 392 
Harrison, Hortense 294 
Harrison, Laura 215 
Hart, David 264, 427 
Hart, Joyce 215 
Hart, Karen 216, 414, 425 
Hart, Keith 216 
Hart, Kirk 50 250 253 
Hartley. Hazel 294 
Hartley. Joanne 216 
Hartsdeld. Audrie 216 
Harvey, David C. 216 
Harvey, John Lael 343 
Harvey, James D. 216 
Harward. Marilynn 216 
Harward, Mariam 323 
Haslam, Verl 294 
Hastings, Loyal K. 264, 451 
Hatch. Ammon P. Jr. 216 
Hatch, Betty 294 401 436 
Hatch, Darrell R. 216 371, 405 
Hatch, Delray Olson TO 
Hatch. Dwalne M^ton 358 
Hatch, Emma Gean 323, 379, 360. 

Hatch, Gary Seville 264 
Hatch, La Ray 93 216 415 
Hatch, Mary Gay 217 
Hatch, Mary Ann 102, 216 
Hatch, Mary Lou 216 
HatcK, Orrin Grant 374 
Hatch, Quince Dale 405 
Hatch, Ronald Dwayne 216 
Hatchett, Clayta B. 55 216 
Hatchett. Julius C. 216 
Hathaway. Clayta 436 
Hathaway, Marquis G, 264 
Hatton, Betty Jo 216 
Hauerbach. Janice Ann 216 
Hauser, Peggy 93, 216 
Havens, Hallle Julia 216 
Havens, LsMar Dwaine 264 
Havens, Patricia 107. 323 
Havens. Virginia 73, 190, 323 
Haws, John 419 
Haws, Nan 93 
Haws. Walty 216 
Hawkes, Bonnie Lou 264, 442 
Hawkes, Joyce 54, 216 108 
Hawkes, Marilyn Delia 216 
Hawkins, Kenneth E, 97 264 428 
Hawkins. Rijth 216. 394 
Hawley. Richard 89. 155 399 430 
Haws Ben F. 264 
Haycock, 11a J, 323 
Haycock. Katherine 264 
Hayes, Betty 91. 107, 323. 366 
Hayes, Charles D. 213 
Hayes, Graham H. 341 
Hayes, Keith 53, 294. 384 403, 461 
Haymond, Stanley Tadd 216 
Haynes, Michael C. 216 
Haynle, Doris Marie 216 408 
Haynie, Richard Arlen 323 
Hayward, Jacqueline 394 

Hayward, Margaret 216 

Hazlett. Donne L. 264 

Head, Nephi Lawrence 96. 216, 412 

Head, 5. Conrad 323 

Heap, Dan E. 54, 60, 323, 405 

Heap, Mary Ellen 264. 405 

Hearne. Colleen 69. 294 

Heaton, Flora May 115. 294 

Hebdon. Elaine Marilyn 217 

Hebdon. Gcaldine 220 

Hebertson. Evelyn Joann 444 

Hebertson, Richard 264 

Hecht, Robert Nellson 216 

Heckin. Elaine 166 

Heder, Metta Alice 294. 406 

Hedqulst, Francis Jene 264 

Hedqulst, Mary Carol 216, 394 

Hegsted, Victor O. 345 

Heldlebaugh, Audrey 341 

Heiner. Ted. Jr. 264 

Heig, Marilyn 426 

Helm, Lyie S. 216, 358 

Helsch, Terelle Sharon 216 

Helquist. D. Ronelta 294 

Hells. Lyle 216 

Hemmert, Nelson Jack 264 

Hemming, Robert T, 217. 432 

Hemsley, Ruth 108, 323 

Henderson, Ashton R. 217 

Henderson. Tommlly 150 

Hendrlckson. G. Kent 217 

Hendrickson. Roger R. 247 

Heninqer, Brent Elliot 462 

Henlnger. Lavan Rosanne 386 

Heninger. Owen 323 

Hennis. Margaret Anne 323, 414. 

Henrichsen. Joyce 176, 216 
Henrle, Gay 434 
Henrie, Norma 217 
Henrie, Peggy Jean 94. 2l7 
Henrle. Weston Gibs 96. 100 
Hepworth. Shannon L. 97. 2l7 
Herbertson, Jo Ann 324 
Hermanson, J. Clark 323 
Hermanson, Beverly C. 217, 247 
Herrom, Jack Richard 264 
Herschi, Willard 366, 371 
Herron, Sarah Darline 264, 436 
Heslop, LaMar Franklin 139, 264 
Heslop. Sharon 264. 438 
Hess, Blaine Warner 323. 391 
Hess. Dennis Clark 263 
Hess, Douglas S. 247 
Hess, Vince Griddle 247 
Hett, Paul Micheal 294 
HeweH. Elsie B. 343, 411 
Heyrned. Darwin Dean 92 
Heywood. David Evans, Jr. 247 
Heywood. Janice 70. 413 
Heywood. Richard 93 
Heywood. Ronald G. 247 
Hiatt. Calvin 294 
Hiatt, Ethel P. 264 
Hiatt, Mona Faye 247 
Hiatt, Wilbur Delma 323 
HIalt, William Seth 324 
Hibbert, Gwyneth 217, 406 
Hicken, Ada Elaine 93, 186. 217 
HIckenlooper, Dawn 69 163 217. 

Hicklson, Mildred 416 
Hickman. J. Morris 68. ISO, 176, 

Hickman, Marian Vee 93 
Hicks, Fletcher 294 
Hicks, Gerald Frank 216 
Hicks, Lilly 409 
HIga, Betty Y. 77 324 
Higbee, Wanda Mae 102, 186, 217. 

Higginbotham, Barbara 108, 324 
HIgham, Sharyn 217 
Hill. Beatrice Fay 217 
Hill. Bruce Paul 294 
Hill, Garth Argyle 265 
Hill, Joyce Marie 122, 217. 247 
HIM, Leo James 294 373 431 
Hill, Marvin Sidney 265 
Hill, Mary Maurine 217 
Hill, Max Jay 265 
Hill Paul M. 294 
Hill. RaOla I2l 
Hill. Richard Wayne 72, 324 
Hill. Ray Lee 93 
Hill. Scott Eric 247 
Hill. Shirlene Rene 217 
Hilliam, Rulon A. 343 
Hlllier, David Brown 247 
Hilller, John Albert 217 
Hlllier, M. Wayne 324 
Hillyard, Marion Jean 71, 72, 294 
.Hittbrand, Wesley R. 217 
Hilton, Gail 94 107. 152. 265, 454 
Hilton, Horace Gill 264 
Hilton, John 265 
Hilton, Lyle Kent 294 
Hilton, Patricia R. 247. 401 
Hilton. Terry 341 
Hinckley. Janet 294 
Hinckley. Janice 52, 324. 458 
Hlnman. Lorene 121, 2l7. 407 
Hintze. Royal Sears 294 
Hiroshl, Sozuki 339 
Hlslop, Lane Tracy 265 
Hitchcock, Charles K. 217 
Hitchcock. Ralph R. 324 
Hocking, Marjorie Janice 97 117, 

Hochslrasser, Geraldlne 94, 217 
Hobberstad, Yvonne 217 
Hobbs, Joana 86, 89. 91. 285. 294. 

388. 442 
Hodgen. Robert H. 118, 418 
Hodgkinson, Larry S, 217 
Hodson, Carol Vadine 324 
Hodson, Phillip Harvey 324 
Hoffman, Karl Hans 70 294 403, 

Hogan, Newel Kent 265, 449 
Hoggan, George Robert 295 
Hoggan, Mary Jayne 218 
Hogge, Jeanene Clara 218 
Holbrook. Elsie Joan 125, 265 
Holbrook. Lois Mae 2l7 
Holgate, Barbara 343 



Holley. Robert L. 295, 433 

Hollingsworth Paul 324 

Holman. Charles Robert 49. 50. 73. 

"9, 150. 345 
Holman. Darlene 265 
Holman. Fecol Joan 52. 2?5. 38B. 

393. 401. 443 
Holman, Leola Jean lS8 324, 454 
Holman. Dean 91. 394, 403 
Holmes, Carole 265 
Holmes. Dee 154 398, 420 
Holmestead, Kaye F- 295. 401 
Holt. Caria Ann 217 416, 434 
Holt. James Edwards 105. 150. 324 
Holt, Norma Dianne I2l. 218 
Holt. Ralph Movie 294, 406 
Holf. Ruth Tavlor 324 
Holtsclaw. Estella L. 265 
Holtier, Robert Leonard 451 
Holyoek-, Alan Bruce 90 109, 114, 

Holyoalt, Hattie Louesa 218 
Holyoak. Letha E. 217 
Holyoak, Sharon Kay 61, 265 
Homer. Quinlen L. 265. 427 
Honey, Bruce 217 
Honey. Leon 92, 93. 399 
Hooit, Agnes Gertrude 61. 265, 369 
Hoopes, Ned Edward 88 69, 172. 

294. 431 
Hoopes. Veldon A. 324 
Hoopes, Reese 217 
Hoopiianina. Inez C. 217. 379. 411 
Hoover, Venice 425 
Hopkin. Sandra 217 
Hopkins, Norman 433 
Hoppie. Joan 90. 186, 217 
Horace, Lowell Ralph 324 
Horiuchi, Nozomi 324 
Horluchi, Russel 77. 94 
Horlacher. Neil Peter 265 
Horman. Jack 217 
Home. Raymond George 295 
Horner, Robert M. 295 
Horner, Shirley 217 
Horrocks. Evelyn A. 339 
Houston. J. Stanley 113. 265, 410 
Houston, Ronald Earl 218, 406 
Houtz, Duayne 218 
Howard. Bud 218, 37! 
Howard, John F. 29S, 450 
Howard, Kenneth 80. 93. 190, 324. 

Howard, LeRoy Elsdon 324 
Howard. Mary Estelle 218 
Howard. Ruth Ann 94 218 
Howard. Wallace B. 217. 390 
Howell, Arva J. 93, 124, 295 
Howell. Franklin 292 
Howell. Kathryn TutHe 324, 442 
Howell, Parley Lamoine 265 
Howell. Sheila Joan 295, 454 
Howell, Trenor De Von 265 
Howell, Varon LeRoy 265 
Howell, William Ray 265 
Howells. James Morrison 295 
Howells, Marian 93, 217 
Howes, Raymond E. 295 461 
Howlett, Glen Golden 265 
Hoyal, Venora Elizabeth 102. 220. 

Hoyt, Anna Julia 91. 92 316 386 
Hoyl. Barbara lone 94. 186. 2l7. 

Hubbard, Helen Lois 218 

Hubbard, Noreen 190 2(8 

Huber. Lee Joseph 265 

Hudman. Gary Dee 218 

Hudson, Patricia Mae 218 

Hudson, Vadine 454 

Huerta, Robert H. 218 

Huff, Edward C. 295 

HuHeker. Frances 247 

Huftaker. Beth 121 218 

Huflaker. Phil C. 9l 

Hug. Marilyn Blanche 218 416 

Hughes. Barbara Jean 92, 295 

Hughes, Byron Preston 2(8 

Hughes. Shirley Arline 117 219 
Huillet. Fred Dale 339 

Hukman. Marian 420 

Hulet. S. Mark 91, 295 

Hulihan. Lois 345 

Hull Chad Thomas 295 403 457 

Hulme. Lucille 125. 186 265. 389, 

Hulse, Clarence Ray 353 

Hulshoff. Gary Dean 219 

HufT^phrey, Mary L. 93. 219 

Humphreys, Keith 5. 457 

Humphreys, Ruby 410 

Humphries. Lois 295, 40t 

Hunger. Francis Dean 295, 430 

Husband. Rayola 12l, 218 

Hunsaker, Glenn L. 427 

Hunsaker. Vem Adams 93. 265 

Hunt, Dessie 121, 295 

Hunt, Elwood C. 324 

Hunt, Waretta 93, 219 

Hunt, Mary Lou 2l8 

Hunt. Wallace E. Jr. 175. 432 

Hunt, William 265 

Hunter, Arvel H. 324 

Hunter, Belva 218 

Hunter. Bovd M. 92, 93. 295. 399 

Hunter. David B. 218, 450 

Hunter. John D. 420. 429 

Hunter, Louis George, Jr. 265, 427 

Hunter. Reed 188, 428 

Hunter, Milfon Rr.. Jr. 324 

Hunter. Ted 90. 150. 180. 26S. 441 

Huntington, Barbara 218 

Huntington. Louise 2l8 

Huntington, Peggy Ann 218 

Huntington, Shirley A. 218 

Hurley, Richarrf E. 80, 265 

Hurst, Dorothy Lee 218 

Hurst. Ira Leroy 324 

Hutchens. Arlene 265 

Hutchins, Arthur 420 

Hutchings. Mary Rae 93, 97. 265. 

Hutchinson. Dorothy 218, 406 

Hutchinson, Joseph Alma 91, 339 

Hutchinson, Karl Grant 91 
Hutchinson, Margaret 324, 379. 380, 


Hutchinson, Neta 94. 219. 414 

Hutchison. Nancy Ann 63, 2l8. 411 

Hutchison. Richard 93. 265. 399 

Huth. George Percy 219 

Hyatt, Phil 219 

Hyde. Alan Alexander 265 

Hyde. Charles Robbins 295 

Hyde, Cherill 219 

Hyde, Gerald D. 295, 451 

Hyde, Laron 0. 295 

Hyde, Leonard B. 358 

Hyde, Nadine Lenore 72, 295 

Hyde, Venice 93, 265 

Hyde, William H. 265, 451 

Hyde, William T. 265 

Hyer. Jay Ross 295 

Ige, John 324. 374 
Ingalls. Max Lavar 296 
tngerman, Reld Grant 295 
Ipsen, Florence Ada 90, 173. 324 
Ipsen, Grant Ruel 265 
Ipson, George Veslen 219 
Ipson. Joseph D. 219 
Irons, Mary Lind. 52. 124. 158, 184, 

Irvin. Oarlene L. 219, 442 
Irwin, Helen Ann 219 
Irwin. Naoma June 295 
Isaksen. Henry 420 
Isakson. Lajuana M. 295, 436 
Ivie. Edna 324 
Iwasaki. Frances 77, 219, 41 1 

Jack, Ralph L. 50, 55. 73. 169, 189 
Jackson, Afton Maxwell 324 
Jackson, Betty Joan 54. 117, 295. 

Jackson, Clayton 371 
Jackson, Edward W. 219 
Jackson, Helen 123. 295 
Jackson. Jessie Jeanne 122, 296 
Jackson, oyce 219 
Jackson, Karma Rae 295. 444 
Jackson. Leon Harley 324 
Jackson. LeRoy Eugene 70. 265 
Jackson, Mary Kae 123, 295 
Jackson, Valton Elmer 93. 114. 265 
Jackson. Violet Louise 125, 265, 405 
Jackson. Wanda Arlene 265 
Jacob, Darlene 219 
Jacobs, Coleen 2l9 
Jacobs. G. Richard 219 
Jacobsen. Ann Vivian 93. 341 
Jacobson. Errol Leroy 219 
Jacobsen. Frank J. 219 
Jacobsen, Gtorine 219 
Jacobsen, Lynn M. 295 
Jacobson, Deanne 434 
Jacox, Gordon Lee 265 
James. Carolyn L. 295, 458 
James, Gloria 219. 394 
James, Joan 54, 324. 401 
James, Joyce 296 
James, Lucie Howard 296 
James, Maralyn Rees 219 
James, Richard Elmer 266, 449 
James, Sherald Wendell 371. 375 
Jameson. A. Keith 267. 396 
Jansen, Hal 447 
Jardine, Dee Thomas 295 
Jardine. Lola 219 
Jarman, Boyd 324. 364, 371 
Jarman. Leisle 344 
Jarman, Loyd Lee 267 
Jarman, Lois Conger 295, 436 
Jarman, Roy Wesley 295, 403. 460 
Jarvis, George K. 93. 163, 219, 416 
Jarvis, William H. 265 
Jasper, Dorothy Beven 219 
Jefferies. Mary Lou 94, 220 
Jelte, Anne Mae 220 437 
Jenkins, Donneil 433 
Jenkins, Douglas 93, 339 
Jenkins, Gary Ouff 296, 372, 375, 

Jenkins. Stanley D., Jr. 93, 324 
Jenkins. Ward 341 
Jenkins. Wayne A. 295 
Jennings, Wilbur 295 
Jense, Gary Webb 2l9 
Jensen. Ada Kathleen 325 
Jensen, Bertha Munger 325 
Jensen. Billy Freeman 219 
Jensen, Carolyn Marie 52, 265, 388, 

393, 434 
Jensen, Cherrel 92. 93, 220 
Jensen. David C, Jr. 265, 412 
Jensen, Dean M. 448 
Jensen. Deon Varee 93, 221 
Jensen, Donna E. 325 
Jensen, Douglas Nile 221, 456 
Jensen, Eldon Lloyd 265, 399 
Jensen, Ethel 341 
Jensen, Eulyn L. 220 
Jensen. Gary Lorenzo 219 
Jensen, Gordon Kay 325 
Jensen. Hal 176, 295, 404 
Jensen, ka Byron 219, 221 
Jensen, Jean B. 325. 419. 425 
Jensen, Jeannine 93, 220, 414 
Jensen, Joe B, 93 
Jensen, Lawayne B. 220 
Jensen, Melron Curtis 265 
Jensen, Melvin Laval 219. 432 
Jensen, Myron Oral 266 
Jensen, Ovilla Jeanne 419 
Jensen, Phyllis 220 
Jensen. Royal Duane 60. 265 
Jensen. Royce Lewis 325 
Jensen. Ruel Alma 220 
Jensen, Steven Hyde 219 
Jensen, Valere 93 
Jensen, Warren 296, 391 
Jepperson, Walter C. 221 
Jeppesen, Collis David 220 
Jeppsen. Joyce 219 
Jeppson. Mari Lynne 175, 282, 296, 

401, 442 
Jeserick. Ellen M. 93, 191, 106, 324, 
Jessee. Elaine 92, 296 

Jessen. Joan 296 

Jex Dellavene 220 

John. Edward C. 341 

John. Lynn M, 94. 296. 392 

John, Thomas 428 

Johns, Barbara 343 

Johnson, Allan 326 

Johnson. Archie Clinton 92. 266 

Johnson, Arlen John 220 

Johnson. Bob Walter 220 

Johnson. Carl Edward 339 

Johnson, Cleta Marion 266 

Johnson. Clyde W. 114, 295 

Johnson. Dale 109. II, 295 

Johnson, Don Lee 266 

Johnson, Donalea 296 

Johnson, Douglas G. 296, 456 

Johnson, Edna Darlene 221 

Johnson, Egon 325 

Johnson, Elizabeth 339 

Johnson. Ernest 220, 405 

Johnson. Ethel N. 220 

Johnson, Gary L. 296 

Johnson, Gerald J. 267 

Johnson, Geraldlne 102. 220, 406 

Johnson. Gladys 325, 410 

Johnson, Glenda Jean 93, 220. 407 

Johnson, Glendon C. 326 

Johnson. Ira E. 266 

Johnson. Kenneth Dee 66 

Johnson, Kent 60. 325. 433 

Johnson, Janice Ellen 266 

Johnson, Jerrold 266, 421 

Johnson. Jo Ann 220 

Johnson, Joan Davis 92, 266 

Johnson. John Keith 220. 414 

Johnson. Joyce 94, 220, 415 

Johnson. Keith 95 

Johnson, Kelvin Thomas 220 

Johnson, Kenna Lagrace 296, 417, 

Johnson, Lavon Clement 296 

Johnson, Leo Marvin 220 

Johnson, Leon Albert 70 

Johnson, Lonny 343 

Johnson, Louene 220 

Johnson. Louise 220 

Johnson, Margaret J. 93. 220 

Johnson, Marlene Mae 55, 220 

Johnson, Marva 220 

Johnson, Nancy 220 

Johnson, Nolan Leeral 73. 168. 220 

Johnson, Oscar R. 220 

Johnson. Patricia 167. 296, 456 

Johnson. Raleigh W. 405 

Johnson. Robert 92, 93, 296 
Johnson, Rue Corbett 142, 176, 325 
Johnson. Sharon 220, 425 
Johnson, Shirley May 120, 220, 296 
Johnson. Susie Nell 91, 296. 436 
Johnson. Ted 50, 188, 282, 284. 296, 

375, 457 
Johnson. Wendell J. 266 
Johnson. William L. 220 
Johnston. Verba Beth 266 
Jolley, Antoinette 219 
Jolley. Helen 126, 184, 266 
Jones, Ada May 234 
Jones, Aurella 93 120 
Jones, Betty Coleen 267 389. 393, 

Jones. Carolyn 220 
Jones. Clifford Hawes 95, 325 
Jones, David Reece 266 
Jones, Don M. 63, 296 
Jones. Duane Arthur 266 
Jones. Elwood Thomas 80, 266 
Jones, Eugene Lee 51. 220. 409 
Jones, Gary C. 266, 451 
Jones. Glenna 266 
Jones. Hilda Beth 324 
Jones. Howard Preston 417 
Jones, James J. Jr. 220 
Jones, Janice Deon 219. 416 425 
Jones, Jay Dean 219 296 399, 405 
Jones, John Arlynn 220 
Jones, Kenneth Wendell 266 
Jones, Lavar 220 
Jones. Mac B. 93 
Jones, Marilyn 93 
Jones. Mariorle Ann 102. 2l9 
Jones, Merlene Genlel 296, 458 
Jones, Merlin Brent 266 
Jones. Patricia M. 94, 97, 220 
Jones. Richard Keith 266, 420 
Jones, Ronny Scott 219 
Jones. Roy 353 
Jones, Shirley L. 126, 296 
Jones, Stanley H. 93, 266 
Jordan. Bonnie Jean 125. 296. 454 
Jordan. Gloria A. 102, 220 
Jordon. Peggy Ann 220 
Jordon, John Benny 325, 367 
Jorgensen, Jean 220, 266, 434 
Jorgensen. Marda 107. 220. 454 
Jorgensen. Marva 296, 464 
Jorgensen. Renae 266 
Jorgensen, Victor W. 266, 398 
Jorgenson, Raelene Ann 220 
Jorgenson, Thelma Jean 388 
Josle, Bennett 419 
Joseph, Karma' Zoe 266 
Jost. Thomas Macdonald 220 
Joyner, Carolyn E. 93. 219 
Judd. Derrel Wesley 115 
Judd. Kenneth Fred 110 325 
Judd, Shirlyn 219. 425 
Judd, Perre 296 
Judy, Dahl 265 
Julian. Gerald 427 
Julian. Jcann 219 
Justensen, Mary Jay 117 295 417 
Justet, Robert Lee 265 

Kaawa, Naomi 41 1 

Kaiser, Phyllis Marie 267. 413. 445 

Kaiser. Robert Glenn 221 

Kalelkau, EIroy A. 187. 296 

Kanaga, Ethel C. 221. 395, 425 

Kanahele, Kovana Agnes 394 

Kapuniai^ Micei M. 325 

Karren, Tom A. 364 

Kartchner, Grace Joan 266. 406 

Kartchner, Orville Rex 22l 

Kartchner, Rey Burton 221, 405 

Kasparek. Jean Louise 266. 425 

KaMainen. Anla 341, 409 

Kaufman. Delores 221 

Kawahlgashi, Viola H. 221. 379 

Kay, Joanne Darlene 68. 221 

Kearl, Frank Joseph 296 

Kearns, Diana E. 85. 247 

Kearsley. Ralpheyn E, 85, 325 

Keate. John James 325 

Keeler. Ellen Elaine 94, 190, 395 

Keeler, Gary Ray 93, 221 

Keeler, Philip 150 

Keelch. Joan H. 439 

Keey. Floyd 266 

Keith, Wayne Perrod 221 

Keith, Wilda Jane 266, 439 

KeVauoha, Phillip K. 374, 411 

Kekouoha, Wesley K. 325, 411 

Keller. Elmo A., Jr. 221 

Keller. Lamond Benson 221 

Keller, Montie Rex 22) 

Kelly. Doris Eleanor 266, 439 

Kelly. Ruth 221, 416 

Kelley. Walter Elmer 296 

Kelson, Jed 343 

Kelsv. Marcene 325. 439 

Kemper, Leona Maude 325 

Kemper, Marlene Emma 66, 85. 
123. 296 

Kempton, Grace 221 

Kencher. Veola 405 

Kendall. Betty Louise 221 

Kendrlck. Carole A. 266 

Kennard, Rose 173. 221 

Kennedy, Richard Rau 296 

Kennlngton, Ruth Mlgnon 221 

Kenny, Jean A. 296 

Kerby, Joe Kent 266 

Kern, Carl B. 448 

Kern, Demar R. 325. 'S\ 

Kern. Earl 173, 267 

Kern. Rosalie 102, 221 

Kerr Clifton Duane 267, 447 

Kesler, Flora CoMeen 325 

Kidd, Edith Rae 221. 395 

Klesig, Naomi 511a 267 

KillpacV, Dorothy 296 

Killpack. Shlrlee M. 148, 296. 454 

Kimball. Janice M. 69. 266. 443 
Kimball, Ralph Hodges 70 
Kimber. Verna 296, 401, 420, 444 
KImber, Warren 221 
Kindred, Hal Rulon 266, 457 
King, Adron Lavell 293 
King, Colleen 326, 437 
King, Elton Alfred 75, 325 
King. Lamona 222 
King, Lois Audrey 221, 401. 405 
King, Lynne Nell 451 
King, Marlene 267, 388, 454 
King, Norma Jane 325 
King, Roma Jean 222 
King. T. Eugene 94, 221 
Klnqeter, Fritz 344. 409 
Kinghorn. Doyle Joseph 221 
Kingsbury. Frances I. 221, 416 
Kinnison. Luclle Ann 446 
KInsey. Joan 93. 267 
Kirby, Joleen 222 
Klrchoff, Herbert R. 325 
Kirk, Frances M. 267. 464 
Klrkbride, Betty 267, 425 
Kirkham, Dan 93 296 
Kirkland. Granvel S. 296 
Kirkpatrick, Robert A. 296, 373, 430 
Kitchen, Weldon J. 221 
Kitchens, Garry C. 221 
Kitzberger, Bonnee 325 
Klzerian, Donna M. 221 
Klauser, Mable 267 
Kleinman, Wayne 0. 70. 296, 441 
Klemm. H. Ralph 55, 67, 110, 326 
Klinger, Arlene Madge 267. 389 
Kinnison, Lucy 293 
Kmetzsch. Max W. 222 
Knaphus. Lois Jean 124, 267. 437 
Knapp, Georqine Lei 267, 425 
Knight. Bonnie Carol 296 
Knight. J. Eugene 222 
Knight. Joseph Adams 222 
Knight, Lester Lee 74 
Knight, Nedra Mae 93 
Knight, Richard L. 419 
Knighton, Josephine 69, 267 
Knlghten, Robert Clair 267 
Knowles, Carole Lavon 222 
Knuckles, Doris June 296 
Knuckles, Jefferson D. 222 
Knudion, Kay Lltel 267 
Knudson. Nancy Joyce 142, 222 
Knudson. Rozanne Ruth 169. IBS. 

Kobayashl. June F. 326 
Kocherhans, Clarence J. 222 
Kochevar, Joseph Paul 354 
Kochevar, Lewis C. 353, 355 
Kochevar, Norma Jean 117, 296 
Kofford. Jerald Dick 267 
Kofford. Gerald 399 
Kofoed, Valene 297, 413 
Kofoed. Willard 296 
Koford, Lamar Wallace 457 
Kohler, LeRoy A. 267 
Kohler, Zelda Dean 93. 297 
Kondo, Nancy Mlyako 267 
Konvlcka, William N. 326 
Kotter, Cleon Max 267 
KoHer, Marilyn 125 
Kovach. Mary Ann 221, 224 
Kraus. Paul Ray 221, 222 
Kregg. Eugene Nicholas 72, 222 
Krofcheck, Joseph Lee 296 
Kropf, Carol Dawn 156 296, 443 
Kullick, Edward J. 326 
Kummer, Glenn F. 267 
Kuni, Alma La Ron 267 
Kunz, Frank Gene 297 
Kunz. Larry Poulsen 409 
Kurr, Doreen Barbara 92, 222 
Kuehne. O. Nora 76. 267 
Kyer, Fritz Thomas, Jr. 222 

LaBaron, Verlyn 268 

Labrum. Kay S. 222 

Laird. Fred H. 222 

Lake, Boyd A. 50 54, 326, 432 

Lake, David A. 326 

Lake. Jay Vaughn 297 391. 392. 

Lalliss. Kareen 222 
Lamar. Mildred Ruth 297 
Lamb, Lorena 115, 126, 297, 410 
Lamb. Merwyn Gene 222 
Lambert. Glen Richard 267 
Lambert, Mllo Richard 267 
Landeen, Richard G. 268 
Xandeen, Marjorie E. T. 326 
Landers. Martin Pancho 222 
Landvatter, Erna E. 222 
Lang. Dee S. 326 
Langford, Karolyn Jean 268, 399 
Langlols, Joyce 55, 93. 222 
Langlols, Mary Patricia 326, 453 
Langlois, Reed Vernon 326. 416 
Larkln. Melba Lanez 222 
Larsen. Alice M. 339 
Larsen, Dean L. 222, 297. 364. 365. 

Larsen. Dixie Ann 268, 393 
Larsen, Elizabeth L. 326. 401. 453 
Larsen, Geneva 222 
Larsen. Keith 441 
Larsen. Kenna Kaye 93. 222 
Larsen, Leon Dale 222 
Larsen, Lynette 191 
Larsen, Mark Enoch 297 
Larsen, Mary Evelyn 266 
Larsen Milfon Hansen 94, 178, 184. 

Larsen. Myrna Carol 268 
Larsen, Norman D. 339 
Larsen, Pauline 222 
Larsen, Reed 326 
Larsen. Robert G.. Jr. 268 
Larsen. Rulon Joseph 416 
Larsen. Shirley 326 
Larsen. Weston Dale 416 
Lawson, Lawrence E. 297 
Larson. Lloyd A. 268 
Larson, Robert Ivan 268, 461 
Larson, Shauna 395, 426 
Larson, Tharla 117. 326 
Larson. Vicki Lucille 196. 222. 395. 

Larson, Walter Park 297 
Last Ronald W. 297 

Latimer, Kathryn BeHy 50. 62, 54. 
148. 156, 313, 326. 386, 439 

Law, Nena Flo 222 

Lawlor, Enid M. 326 

Lawrence, earbara 268 

Lawrence, Colleen 90, 268 

Lawson, Marlene V. 223 

Lawson, Roy E. 80, 297, 457 

Laycock, Harold 92 

Layton. James Joel 93, 268, 456 

Leake, Robert L. 268 

Leavltt, Glenda May 297 

Leavltt, Keith Alonzo 223 

Leavltt, Laurel D. 222 

Leavltt, Lawrence, Jr. 93, 326 

Leavltt. Melva Elaine 93. 115. 326 

Leavitt. Norma Rae 122. 223 

Leavltt. Ray Hunt 326 

Lebaron. Frances C. 116, 118 

Lebaron, Kay 407 

Lebaron. R. Gordon 297 

Lecheminant, Cleone H. 297. 410 

Lechtenberg. EUa N. 120. 268 

Lee. Alfred Anderson 268 

Lee. Alton Maughan 428 

Lee, Betty Jean K. 93, 379, 411 

Lee, Boyd 451 

Lee, Clair Kay 223 

Lee, Darrel Dean 70, 109. NO, 297 

Lee, David Arthur 223 

Lee, Dallas Wayne 223 

Lee, Donald 450 

Lee, Joseph Elson 266 

Lee. Max E. 452 

Lee, Norma Jean 223 

Lee, Orel Kay 223, 447 

Lee, Winslow Boyd 297 

Lefler. Tharol William 326 

Leigh. Arden Woolley 223 

Lelshman. Nina 268 401. 435 

Leltchy, Victor J. 268 

Leiegren, Earl 67. 7|, 297. 433 

Lendt, Shirley E. 268, 422 

Lennstrom, Marlene E. 228 

Lewis. CarIa Marie 223 

Lewis. Carol 223. 395 

Lewis. David Darel 233. 358, 366, 

Lewis, Earlene 297 

Lewis, Glen L. 343. 419 

Lewis, John E. 326 

Lewis, Lareen 223 

Lewis, Margaret Alicia 297 

Lewis. Richard 462 

Lewis. Roger Martin 223, 451 

Lewis, Sherald Dean 268 

tewis. Toye Joanne 223 

Lewis. Billy 341. 419 

Leydsman, Henry 297 
- Liddle. Linda 223 

Liddle, Robert Keith 60. 297 

Liechty, Ella Rae 298. 380, 414, 439 

Liechty, Kenneth A. 326 

Liljenquist, Val Ray 50. 250, 268, 
392, 430 

Lilly, Gail 223, 394 

Lillywhite, Craig 180 

Lillywhite. Dorothy A. 108 

Lillywhite, Fern 297. 405 

Lillywhite, James Owen 223 

Llndberg. Jerry 355 

Llndblad, Carrol Jean L. 268. 426 

Lindblad. Robert L. 268 451 

Lindqulst. Alice 268 

Lindsay. Curtis La Veil 93 

Lindsay, Edwin Serge 223 

Lindsay. Ellen 84. Il5, 326 

Lindsay, Rao Humphreys MS. 119, 

Lindsay. Var 54, 60. 71, 298 

Lindsay. Ferrln 341 

Lindsey. Gerald H. 184, 223 

Lindstrom. Brent Cowley 298 

Lindstrom. David D. 326, 353 

Llnford, Carol 298 

Lish Raymond Arthur 297 

Listoe. Joan Elolse 223 

LlHle. Edith M. 62. 124. 298 

Little Hazel Vivian H. 63. 326 

Little, Jacqueline 343, 401. 426 

Little, Nadine 223 

Llttlefleld. Renone 298 

Livingston. Lorna 121. 297 

Lloyd, Eldon K. 268, 431 

Lloyd. Gayla 102, 223 

Lloyd, Gloria Marie 223 

Lloyd. Kent M. 341, 180 

Lloyd. Ross E. 297, 398 

Lo Naomi Pumauu 297. 411 

Lochhead, Lois C. 223 

Lockhart, PaTton D. 223, 374. 428 

Loe, Belva Rae 223 

Loesch, Joseph Frank, Jr. 223 

Lofgran, Lynn Clayson 298 

lolley. Robert L. 433 

Lomax. Ellen J. 223. 395 

Long, Betty Jean 223 

Long, Leslie Donald 298 

Long. Ralph Jerry 92. 93 

Longhurst. Jay Kelly 222 

Lords. Jeck £. 268. 456 

Lorenzen. June Marie 268. 426 

LoH P. Blake 110 

Lott. Sharon 268. 435 

Love. Arlene 297. 443 

Loveland. Darlene G. 223 

Loveland. Duane G. 223 

Loveland, Howard W. 341 

Loverldge, L. Nell 298 399, 460 

Lovett, Louise 342 

Loveft, Jack Robert 119, 268 

Lowe, John R. 268 

Lowry, Arthur Kenneth 223 

Loy, Pauline 157, 223. 395 

■Ludlow. Albert M. 341 

Ludlow, Ann 343 

Ludwig. Donna Lee 85. 223, 416 

Lufkin, Alba Jean 268. 453 

Lufkin, John Cordell 268. 391 

Luke. Charles Gordon 223 

Luke. Joan 92, 297 

Luke. Rosalind Martina 91. 92. 157. 

163. 389. 435 
Lund. Carol 223 
Lun3, Marilyn 268 
Lund, Robert 112 
Lund. Vernon A. 342 
Lundberg, Don Charles 298. 450 
Lundberg. Jerry Douglas 223, 268. 

Lundell, H. Wayne 298, 371. 376 
Lundgreen. Ralph C. 142, 164, 276 
Lundqulst. Floyd H. 223 
Lundwall, Florence K. 142. 223 
Lunt. Donna Lee 268 
Lunt Marvin Virl 60, 223, 405 
Lunt. Sharron J. 60. 223, 405 
Lunt. Sylvia 93. 223 
Lwasaki, Frances 77 
Lyman. Arleen 342 
Lyman, Francis Marvin 93. 269. 432 
Lynn, Arlene 269. 459 
Lyons, Albert Eugene 109. Ill, 404 
Lytle, lla Marie 298, 410 

Maack, Sara Jeannle 93. 225. 416 
Mabey, Janice 93. 225 
Mabey, Melvin P. 105. 339 
MacArthur, Patricia 269 
MacCabe. John Shepard 148. 327. 

MacDonald, Elaine 70. 93, 225. 

MacDonald. Ella Rae 269, 426 
MacDonald. Helen 93, 225, 406 
MacKay. Ian Wendell 225. 406 
MacKay, Norma 298 
MacKay. Norman Lloyde 119 
MacKay, William 111, 342, 416 

MacKay, Yvonne 342 
Mackelprang, Jane 93. 120, 269 
Mackley, Ronald James 225, 226 
Madsen, Barbara June 225 
Madsen, Lowell L. 327, 350. 353 
Madsen. Lynette 51, 178, 269 
Madsen, Merrill 116 
Madsen, Preston Alfred 298. 391, 

Madsen. Sally C. 166. 401, 453 
Madsen. William M. 225 
Madson. Raydon 93. 299 
Magleby, Mort H. 479 
Mahi. Rose Kahina 269 411 
Mahlai Charlotte M. P. 411. 413 
Wahoney, Annette 225 
Maidana, Elena C. 66, 269. 409 
Makin, Rose Marie 226 
Malelu, Sharad 409 
Mallory, Mardl L. 226 
Malmrose. Donald Leon 298 
Malmstrom. Mildred L. 298 
Maloy. Elwood Angus 94, 269, 405. 

Malstrom, Bertha Joan 93. 298 
Manfleld. Blair E. 74 
Mangelson^ L. D. 93 
Mangum, Floyd Lorin 269 
Mann. Jerry Arthur 226 
Mann, Lawry Webb 74. 327. 450 
Mann. Patricia Carol 168. 269. 

Manning. Carilyn 269 
Manning, Dorotliy J. 93. 226 
Manning. Marilyn 95, 151. 269, 

Manning, Marjorie C. 226 
Manookin, Robert Park 225 
Mansfield. Ronald C. 226 
Manton. Kathleen 226 
Manton. Kathryn 225 
Manwaring, Diane 93. 226 
Manwarlng, Estel 419 
Manwlll, Judith Ann 94. 166, 184. 

226, 436 
Manzonle. Joseph A.. Jr. 327 
Marble, Delora 97. 327. 379, 380 
Marchant, Gary Reed 226 
Marcusen, Rulon Lex 110 
Markham. Beth Ann 269 
Markham, Keith George 327 
Markham, Lucrelia P. 298, 387 
Markos. Wolfgang M. 76. 226. 409 


Warier, Ben C. 327 
Marlo«e. Oarold Mauriti 269 
Warsden. Louise 91 
Marsden Mary Jane 91, 115, 327 
Marsh, Dennis D. A. 22l> 
Marsh Doris Fave 117, 127. 298 
Marsh, Mary Joann 22i 
Marsh Will.ani Dale 72, 9-*. 226 
Marshall, Lofa Lee 327. 420, 453 
Marshall. Melvin Karl 226 
Marshall, Milton N. 75 
Martell, Richard Terry 226 
Martens Frances 93, I2I 
Martin Donna Joy 299 
Marlin. Helen E. 298 
Martin, Kenneth 269, 427 
Martin. Mariorie Ellen 269 
Martin Monlie C. 226 
Martlneau. Carl Kay 116. 142. 226 
Martlneou, Joel F. 60 
Marlineau, Paul S. 226 
Martlnei. Jim 374 
Martinez, Joe 355 
Martlnei. PnsciHa L. 226 
Marumoto, Genevieve N. 226 
Mason Kenneth J. 339, 399, 456 
Wason Maughan Sterling 75 
Massey, Joan Byard 269. 447 
Matelian Nlct S. 269. 364, 365 
Mather, Marlin 93, 342. 414 
Matheson, William John 299 
Mathews. Donna Lee 93. 226, 447 
Mathews. Wendel E. 299 
Mathias, Edward K. 107, 374, 411 
Mathls. Connie Rae 117, 226 
Watls, Fredrick W. 269. 451 
Matfcln, Georgia Ruth 121, 227. 

Malsen, John Martin 427 
Matson, Jon Garry 226 
Matthews, Coleen 226 
Matthews. Colleen 93, 227 
Mathews Elmo 342, 421, 449 
MaUhews, Ellis Leroy 226 
Matlhews, John Louis 432 
Matthews, Keith B. 327. 353, 355, 


McLelland, Richard S.. Jr. 225 
McMullin, Larry Keith 225 
McMurrav. Mary Louise 225 
McNamara, Kay 122, 225 
McNees, Joyce Arlene 225 
McNeill, Florence 121, 225 
McPhie, Panlne 225 
Weader William F.. Jr. 227, 358, 

Mecham. Ray 299 
Meek, Richard Bishop 232 
Meibos. Barbarc) 107 
Meiners. Lewis B. 227 
Melners Paul Albert 269 
Melander Vernon Lloyd 95. 327 
Meibos, Barbara 269 
Meldrum, Ross Tuttle 297 
Mellor, tarol J. 84. 327 
Mellor, Cora Ramona 227 
Mellor Hilda Laprlel 327 
Mellor, Joel K. 114, 327. 4S0 
La Reta 227 


Kay 93 

James Laurence 327 
, Job F. 269 

Dixie Anne 437 
; Gale 60, 115 

Mellor, Melv 




lie 19 







1, 72; 







n G. 





Maughan, Peter Elvin 227 
Maughan, Scott 344 
Maurer. Dave Marios 226. 




K. 269 

...„„.,, Bob Lawsoi 

Maxfleld, Everett Blair 327 
Maxfield, Flora Lee 269, 447 
Ma»<ield, Janyce 126, 327 
Maxfield, Joyce 327 
Maxfield, Marilyn G. 227 
Maxfield, Perry Lester 227 
Maxwell, Carol 269, 435 
May, Frank Reid 227 
May, James Leiand 227 
May. John David 227. 247 
May Leola Hadden 269 
May, Nona Lynne 227 
Maykerry, Laura M. 117, 227. 420 
Maycock. Lorna Jean 327, 445 
McAdam, J. Robert 110 
McAferty, Lloyd Verner 269, 427 
McAHee, Jerry Harmon 298, 433 
McAllister, Arnold J. 113, 326, 

McAllister. Lawrence 8, 91, 398 
McArthur, Myrna 225 
McSeth Marlene M. 63. 326 
McBrlde, Howard Earl 80, 96. 100. 

188. 299 
McBrlde. J. Lynn 225 
McBride, Kenneth Leon 327 
McBride, Ramen 46. 342 
McCarty, Jacguelln 225 
McClain, Sharlee Ann 

406, 426 
McClellan. Lois Dixie 187, 225 
McClellan, Lola Lue 134. 299, 405 
McClendon, George Glen 225 
McCoy. Delores 225 
McCoy, Ewles Marshall 225 
McCu.stion, Edith 122 
McCuelly, Anna Louise 269, 393 
McDaniel. Joan 225. 416 
McDanlel, Lloyd Stewart 269. 391. 

McDougal, Richard N. 60, 269 
McDowell. Marilyn 122, 225 
McEwan, Harold Pixton 269, 451 
McFadden, Velene King 225 
McFarland, Donna Rose 227 
McFarland, Marilyn 52, 123, 172, 

191, 296. 406 
McFarland. Marjorie R. 227 
McFarlane, James J. 327 
McGregor A. Pardee 339 
McGregar, Nettie C. K. 327 
McGuire, Charles F. 297 
McGulre. Kate 184^269 
McGuIre, Patrick E. 225 
Mclnnei, Maxwell Wm. 225 
Mclnnes, Murray S. 172, 297. 405, 

Mclntire, Richard C. 297 
Mcintosh, Don V. 327 
Mcintosh, Janet Verna 225 
McKane, La Donna Sue 203, 437 
McKay. Barbara Larue 225 
McKay, Quinn Gunn 80. 112. 151. 

297, 384, 420 
McKay, Norman 66 
McKean. Theu 105 
McKee, Burton Clair 358 
McKee. Trevor R. 269, 451 
McKell, Clair Johnson 299. 432 
McKell, etdon Clair 269 
McKelt. Gerald D.. Jr. 225 
McKell, David 93, 397 
McKell. Lael 299 
McKell. Lenadra 227, 395 
McKell, Melburn E. 299 
McKell, Ruth Lois 22S 
McKelvey, Robert Earl 327, 456 
McKenna. Myrna Fay 71. 225, 4)6 
McKinney, Kenward H. 269 
McKinney. Phillip R. 60, 327 
McKlnnon. Rachel L 225 
McKinnon. Richard D. 227, 420 
McKnight, Carol Jean 150 
McKnight, Ralph 150 
McLaren, Joanne 327 




Clyde Alan 227 

Don Leroy 270 

Donna Leah 158 

Eve 228 

Glenn H. 299. 

401. 459 




ilyn 93, 126, 224, 408 

Monson, Nadine 92, 328 
Monson Nannette 93. 224, 435 
Montgomery Don Ames 299 
Montgomery, Joel K. 228 
Montgomery Roma Mae 224 
Montgomery, Shield B. 299 
Montgomery, Vern R. 109. III. 


rllyn Ruth 270 ' 
Moody' Mary Elizabeth 328 
Moon, Clarence Irwin 328 
Moon David Milton 224 
Moon! Harold Kay 89. 180. 298 
Moon, Marjorie 224 
Moore, Barbara 224 
Moore Donald Waddoups 300 
Moore. Heber Grant 53. 328, 399. 

Moor . 

Neilson, Lorna 93 
Nelson. Beth 387 
Nelson, Carolyn 229 
Nelson. Donald Brim 301 
Nelson, Doris Kay 228 
Nelson, Edith 93. 123, 229 
Nelson, Ferrel Garth 112, 328 
Nelson, Gordon Buchanan 229 
Nelson Homer Mark 75. 300 
Nelson, Jack A. 159^ 228 
Nelson, Jack Adolph 73, 189, I 

John Wayne 228 
Krista Lyle 88. 164. 27 
Manfred R, 270. 391, 3 

Leonard O. 66, 328 
Maynard C. 299 
Paul Frank 224 
Rose L. 270 

Moore, Wilburta 328 






Mark 75 

Maria Dee 55, 229. 
Monte N. 228 
Richard 386 
Varr Young 270, 41 
Virginia 270 
Wendell B. 228 
Doris Maxine 228 
Donna Lee 270 

,...,._. Shlrlee 227 
Mellor. Shirlene Sue 435 
Mendenhall. Bob L. 412. 429 
Mendenhall, Jan.ce 327, 443 
Mendenhall, Mary Ellen 227, 439 
Mendiola Maria Luisa 339 
Mercer feobert Lee 69, 339 
Merrell, Dan Keith 94. 269 
Merrell, Rulon Leroy 299, 390, 414 
Merrill Beverly Jean 93, 297, 299 
Merrill, Day 399 
Merrill. Don William 227 
Merrill. Jay Webb 327 
Merrill. Lynn Hyde 227 
Merrill, Sylvia 269, 389, 393. 405 
Meservy, Norma J. 84, 327 
Mefcall. Merry Janele 227 
Metcalf, Zina Colleen 227 
Meyer, Dorothy ean 271. 445 
Meyer. John George 342 
Meyers. Betty D. 93, 227. 419 
Meyers, John Edwin 373 
Meyers, Joyce 270 
Meyers, Lois Jean 227 
Meyers, Patricia L. 227. 419 
Meyn, Nellie L. 227 
Michaells, Max C. 299 
Mlchie, Amber 62 
Mickelsen, Jay Clilton 433 
Mickelsen. La Preal 227 
Mickelsen. Lorcne 124, 227 
Mickelson^ Russell C. 50. 80, 114. 

151 1^5 282. 299, 390. 433 
Midgley, Joanne T. 299 
Midgley, Lois Ann 69, 227 
Mieike Eloise M. 93. 227 
Miles, David H. 327 
M.les, Donna L. 299, 419 
Miles, Duane O. 75, 327 
Miles. Frank G. 90, 327 
Miles. Maria Lelle E. 300 
Miles. Mary Lyno 410 
Millar James Robert 93, ISO, 270 
Millburn, Don Lee 227 
Miller. Angeline 227 

na Lou 299. 445 

391, 392, 

Miller, Jackie H. 405 
Miller. James Eugene 228, 
Miller. LaReta 123 
Miller. Larry Marvin 227 
Miller Leonard Ned 404 
Miller. Luanne 228 
Miller. Lyda Jeanene 94, I 
Miller, l^4arvin J. 75 
Miller. Maurine 227, 394, 4 
Miller Michael J. 327, 457 
Miller. Neil Odeen 299 
Ray Geddes 227 
Reed Karl 92, 227, 
Richard Lynn 451 
Sterl 342 
Vernon J. 9t 
Wm. Albert 399 
Millet. Cleo Dawn 270. 437 
Millet Edward Milo 228. 405 
Millet. Leon 93 
Millet. Margaret 227 
Millet, Richard L. 226, 371 
Milligsn, Don F. 328. 456 
Milligan, Joanne 158. 299 
Mills, Beverly eanne 270 
Mills, Charles T. 53, 299, 412, 413, 

Mills, Mary 299 
Mills, Rhoana E. 227, 421 
Miner. Alan Edward 228, 451 
Miner. Emily Ja-nes 224 
Miner, Jacquelyn 229 
Miner, Virginia Ann 92, 228 
Minson. Peggy 228 
Mishie, Amber 328 
Miskin, Thaln LamonI 226 
Mitchell, Aria Renee 299 

Mitchell. Charles Ray 229 

Mitchell, Glenna Rae 297, 413 

Mthceill, Margaret Kay ^28, 416 

Mitchell, Theodore 397 

Mix, Merlen Earl 228 

Mlya, Fred 328 

Miyaiaki, Richard T. 77 

Moat, Clarence D., r. 299 

Moeller, Joan 224 

Moen. Ruth 52, 299. 459 

Moench, Suzanne 93. 224, 416 

Moffat. Madlyn L. 224 

Monahan, Mary Louise 224 

Moncler, Merrill 270 

Moncur, Don 355 

Moncur. Dale 421 

Moncur, Max Goodrich 228 

Money. Edward Andrus 50, 188 
328, 385, 432 

Money. Fred Andrus 49, 51 
328, 385. 433 

Money, Marilyn Miller 326, 459 

Money, Richard- L. 271 

Monroe, Vernon Merlin 224 
Kay Ann 224 

Beverly Ann 54, 224 
rgan, Dix Ralph 270 


Mc.,..., _.-. - - .. - - 

Morgan. Jack Clark 271. 417 

Morgan. Kenneth J. 397 

Morgan, Kent Edward 224 

Morgan. LaRee 93 

Morgan, Lee Franklin 270, 300, 

404. 441 
Morgan, Mariel 224 
Morgan, Rene E. 270, 459 
Morgan, Wesley 8. 93, 224 
Morgan. Zora Joann 224 
Morgenegg, Carol Joyce 224 
Mor.n, vTvlan Gay 447 
Morley, Mary Jane 226 
Morrell, Dwight Lyman 148. 298 
Morrell, Madison Egbert 70, 72, 

Morrey, Anna Laura 228 
Morrill, Lloyd Bartlett 224. 419 
Morrill, Marilyn 284, 299. 401, 453 
Morris, Bascome F. 267 
Morris Jacqueline 224, 445 
Morris, Rita Mae 224 
Morris, Ted Lee 298, 420, 430 
Morrisey. Roberta 54. 326 
Morrison. Delora 224 
Morrow. Robert Charles 142. 326, 

Morrow, Vaun Grant 224 
Morse. Eileen Alice 224 
Morse, Rita Ann 224 
Mortensen, David Robert 

Mortensen, Don M. 69. 

396, 430 
Mortensen, Gary Burton 


Mortimer, George Allan 51, 
Moscon Frank Allen 270, 451 
Moser, Jack Eldon 224 
Moser, Sarah Lavern 93. 120, 

Moss James Rulon 116, 298 
Moss, Mary Ann 224 
Mousley, Boyd Hyrum 270 
Mouser, Bob 407 

Donald Lee 270 


6arlow 270 

Neubert; Harvey Lamon 109. Ill, 

Neuenswander, Val J. 228 
Neville, Merlene R. 300 
Neville. Wendell 70 
Newberger, Warner D. 270 
Newell, Rulon Kay ,229 
Newey, Oerlin F. 342 
Newman, Howell P. 328 
Newman Sharlene Mary 270, 437 
Newren. Clothleld 93 
Newton, Jane 342, 406 
Nicholes, Mary Joyce 95, 339 
Nichols. Joyce Marie 191 226 
Nicholson, Barbara J, l79. 270, 

394, 402. 434 
Nickles, Ward A. 270, 451 
Niederhauser. Nadine 93, 126. 296 
Nielsen B. Deon 90. 187. 270, 393, 

Nlelson. Clyde R. 118 
Nielsen, David James 301 
Nielsen. Delia A. 62, 301 
Nielsen. Eloise 270 
Nielsen, Lyrum Loudell 229 
Nielsen, Leslie Ann 124, 

Maye Jane 224 
Ronald S. 224 
Walter Fred 270, 


, Morris L, 300 

. .. _ . Robert 299 
Moyes Geneva Arleen 91, 328 
Moyle, Merldee 93, 298, 439 
Mueller, Don 270 
Mullen, Charlotte 270, 439 
Muller, Don Michael 433 
Munroe. Barbara K. 435 
Murdock, Clair N. 224 
Murdoclf, Evan Carlos 224 
Murdock. Kathleen 126, 270 
Murdock, Mary Jane 190. 224 
Murdock, Merilyn 270 
Murdock. Paul Bingham 270, 4( 
Murdock. Vernon Leroy 95, I6i 
186. 298 
Murphy, Don R. 74, 328. 461 
Murphy. George 375 
Murphy, Sheldon Rowley 415 
Murray. Dorothy Ann 299 
Murrav Geraldlne 329 

93, 224, 425 




II. 418 


Monson, Calvin E. 270, 355, 429 
Monson. Farrell Ray 224, 456 
Monson, Jack Maync 113, 186, 27( 

Roberta S. 126, 224, 409 
Murray. Roma Nell 389, 437 
Musal. George Reqinal 67. 224 
Myer. Peter Livingston 191, 224 
Myers, Barbara Ann 224 
Myers, Edwin William 224 
Myers, Elden Paul 224 
Myers, Glenna Jean 224 
Myers. John 399 
Myers, Leon Aaron 224 
Myers, Lois Rae 328 
Myers, Robert Allen 224 
Myers, Violate G. 328. 437 
Myler. Charles F., Jr. 224 
Myler, Mona Lou 224 


Naef, Ralph Gail 80, 105. 109, 

111, 328 
Nakama. Thomas T. 77, 300, 411 
Nakamura, Lily Y. 77, 229, 411 
Narkaus, Suzanne 271, 388, 435 
Nash, LuDene 93 
Nay Robert Elmer 229 
Nay, Shirley Ann 93, 229 
Naylor, Carrol 229 
Naylof, Gay 229 
Naylor, Jay Harvey 229 
Neal, Coralie 298 
Neal, LaRonna Alta 228 
Neasherlll, Rae 409 
Nebeker. Darlene Gaye 115. 122. 


Neeley. Barbara Carol 229 
Neeley, Lauradene 271 
Neeley. Marilyn Maude 226 
Neeley, Norma 229 
Neemeyer, Jackie Lee 229 
Neilson. Donald Ralph 339 
Neilson, Jay Wallace 270 
Neilson, Keith H. 229 

113. 299 
Olsen, John P. 342 
Olsen, Ladeane 271, 402, 416 
Olsen, Larry A. 271 
Olsen. Lavian Eileen 229 
Olsen. Margaret Ann 458 
Olsen Marilyn B. 226, 406 
Olsen Nellie Nadine 229 
Olsen, Ray R. 329 
Olsen, Rheta 229 
Olsen. Snell 60 
Olsen, Wllma Lee 52, 271. 

Olson, John Frederick 271 
Olson, Lavera Jean 301, 437 
Openshaw. Pearl D. 229 
Orchard, Theo Ray 229 
Ord, Richard Neil 107, 301 
Ord. Vanlta 229 
Orme Gordon Reed 271, 391 
Ormsby. Paul 301 
Orr. Berkley Cooley 328 
Orr, Charles L. 72, 271 
Orr, Laree 93^125. 271 
Orr, Shirley fe. 229. 413 
Orrlck. Bob 373 
Orrock, Beverly Ethel 328 
Orrock. William B. 229 
Orton, Ferrln Lay 229 
Orton, Thomas Kenny 271, 461 
Osborn, Herbert Hoover 273 
Osborn, Robert T, 229 
Osborne, John William 271 
Oscarson, Robert Don 299. 

Payne, Lucinda 231 

Payne, Robert Marr 456 

Payne Shirley Mae 231 

Payne, Velma 420 

Payne William Harold 329 

Peacock, C. Herschel 338 

Pear&on Beverly Joan 301 

Pearson, David T. 339 

Pearson Ray Don 231 

Peay, Jack D. 329 

Peaclt, Carole Smith 272 

Peck, Dennis McMillan 93, 231 

Peck. Earl Lee 301 

Peck. Gerald C. 231 

Peck. Katherlno 273 





n 71 





107. 301 



Dean 109. 






Nielsen. Mel 

Lewis Wilford 271 

Lome Ann 100. 228, 300. 

328. 354 

R. Margene 270 

Nielsen Rav Elvln 270. 300. 358 

Nielsen Shirle Pace 328 

Nielsen Vera Bernice 228 

Nielson. Ann 300. «3 

Nielson. Diane 228, 395 

Nielson. Gordon 300 

Janet Gay 228 
Jeanlne 93. 228. 404 
John Henrie 328 
June Moroni 228 
Lars Peter 228 

. LouDell fc3 

Nielson. Margene 339 

Nielson. Mary Suzanne 228. 41b 
Melvin 353 

Pliyllis Marr 49. 93. 221 
Roberta 152. 424 
Ronald F. 270. 450 
Sonya Diane 184. 228 
i Sylvia 8. 228. 405 
ftichard E. 53. 328. 433 

Nilsson. Bruce Ray 110. 271 

Nilsson Maureen 228 

Nixon Dorothy Dean 228. 437 
Gladys 300. 437 
Jack no, 270. 391 
Jim W. 328 
Lore Evelyn 228 
William Lynn 228 

Nord William James 328 

Nordln. Floyd L. 118. 228 

Norrell. Elirson 414 

Norseth. Coleen 228. 404 

Norton. Don Evan. Jr. 94 


Osier. Billy 358 
Osmond. Ralph W. 229 
Ostler, feernell C. 229 
Ostler. Glen Leroy 229 
Ostler. Grace 271. 393. 447 
Oslraff. Albert Perry 80. 113. 301 
Ottley. Ivie Ruth 272 
Ottley. Renae Carlin 328 
Ottosen. Marvin Lee 80. 299 
Ovard Joan Mariam 301 
Overfelt. M. Claire 299. 445 
Ovcrmohle. Shirley M. 229. 404 
Oveson. Kave 402 
Oveson. Levi Winford 329 
Oveson. Martha Joan 54. 299. 445 
Oveson. Merrill Gene 148. 384. 

405. 429 
Oveson. Richard Merrill 54. 73. 

189, 4(0 
Owen Barbara Jean 272. 425 
Owen. Lloyd V. 272. 451 
Owens. Clois Elaine 93. 229. 414 
Owens. Nannette 91. 229 
Oyler. Phillip D. 229. 358 




Pace. Florian 272 

Pace. Kenneth J. 430 

Pace. Patricia Rae 92. 389. 405 

Pace. Rayna Gay 191. 272, 389 

Pace, Renata Nucla 230 

Pack, Irma Jean 230 

Packard, Glide Ann 447 

Packham, Elaine Kirbv 230 

Packham H. Richard 301 

Packs, Margaret 102 

Page. Betty Jo 52, 70. 299, 389, 

393. 437 
Painter. Reed Romney 299. 450 
nan W. Russell 299 
Arlene Rosemary 49. 93. 


Marilyn 166, 445 

Melba E. 97, 270 


Merlin J. 228 


Patricia Ann 151 


422, 443 


Vera 300 


Bud 109 


Vlrl Ross 329 


William Garth 270 






Olsen, Gi 


Olsen, John 

Pedersen, Beverly A. I2I, 
Pedersen, Galen 231 
Pedersen. James Loel 231 
Pederson John Thomas 272. 414 
Pederson, Keith Gray 329 
Peery, David 272, 450 
Peery, Joan 395 
Pegues, Patsy Ann 231. 405 
Pehrson, Rutfi 100, 117, 231. 
Pendleton, Lynn 66, 329 
Penfold, hJeale B. 272, 414 
Penn, Vernon Therald 231 
Penny, Ray Eugene 142, 231. 462 
Penrod, Joann Grace 186, 231 
Penrod. Richard Gary 231 
Penrose. Charles W. 301 
Peralta. Gonialo 68, 173. 231 
Pergoliiil, Louis G. ISO, 157. 175, 

Perkins, James Adams 231 
Perrelra. Malle Joyce 301, 411 
Perry. Eugene 272 
Perry. Gordon 374 
Perry, Joan 231 
Perry, John Russell 431 
Perry, Kenneth I. 146, 175, 302. 

385. 430 
Perry LuDawn 395 
Perry, Malin 300, 399, 429 
Perry. Ray Ardcn 272 
Perry, William Pettlt 175, 329, 432 
Persons, Mary Louise 102, 232 
Persson. Jerry Lynn 231 
Peters, Leroy R. 272 
Peterson, Betty Jo 405 
Petersen. Bruce James 231 456 
Petersen. Doris Rae 93, 272 
Petersen Edward Harry 231. 462 

Elaine Beth 231 

Jeneal 148, 272. 416. 435 

Joanne 231 

Lloyd S. 231 

Mae Jean 231 

Palmer, Clai 

12 L 299 


Oak, Cecil R. 75 
Oakes, Thomas Warren 
Oakey, Marylin Jane 69 

15^, 173. 328. 386 
Oakley. Marlene 91, 271 
Oaks. Daltin H. 299 
Oaks. June Dixon 271 
Oates, Caroline E. 230 
Obert, Carol Jean 271, 435, 457 
Oborn, Gene 9i, 271 
Oborn Nelden Mardell 300, 390, 

Obregon Maria M. 76, 271, 413 
Ockerman, Kleta Myra 230 
Ockey. Larue 388 
Odell. Norma L. 230, 405 
Odom, D. Lee 300 

Oldroyd. Lavar Kay 301 
Oldroyd, Mark ISO 
Oliphant, Ronald Elgin 230 
Oliphant,^ Virginia 230 
Oliver, Carl Lloyd 271 
Oliver, Howard Gordon 229, 407 
Oliver, Patricia Anne 229 
Olmstead, Clifford F. 67, 157. 339. 

Olney, Dorothy Grace 230 
Olpin, Clara 271 
Olpin, David Lawrence 229 
Olpln, Owen Culmer 229 

Ben Lamar 299 

Betty 301 

Darwin 229 






rt Clyde 229 
■ r Miller 119, 271 
K. Madsen 69, 


Ellis 230 

Elmer Lavar 272 
Palmer, Kathalene 230 
Palmer Marilyn 95, 329. 4S3 
Palmer, Pauline 230 
Palmer, Quinton Thomas 67. 301 
Palmer, William S. 230 
Parberry. Oema I. 301 
Parcell, Bob 415 
Parcell, Joan 230, 416. 435 
Parent, Vernon F. 113. 306 
Paris. AnneHe 329 
Park Clifford William 230 
Park, Dean Il2 
Park Margaret Louise 230 
Parker, Carman 230 
Parker. Claire Kukana 90, 230, 411 
Parker, Colleen 329, 402 
Parker, Don 272, 44B 
Porker, Janet Sandy 301 
Parker. Joyce 93, 230 
Parker, Karen Frances 93, 230. 415 
Parker, Kaye Claudette 301 
Parker, Morris W. 301 
Parkin, Max H. 343 
Parkinson, David 429 
Parkinson, George J. 329 
Parkinson. John Taylor 230 
Parks. Dean 342 
Parrish, Ann 230 
Parsell. Robert W. 441 
Partridge. Carol May 230 
Partridge. Carolyn 122 
Partridge, Corlne Ray 102 
Partridge, Keith 230 
Partridge, Richan 74 
Partridge. Susanne E. 5l. 172, 

194, 230, 395 
Passey, Afton 64. 123, 329 
Passey. J. Bruce 301, 404 
Patch, Adonna 115 
Patch. Bob 115 
Pate, George W. 301 
Patten, Benton 230 
Patten, Emery Phillips 231 
Patten. Glen A. 329 
Paterson. Eva Mae 272 
Patterson, Allan D. 329 
Patterson, Ellsworth A. 301 
Patterson Elsie Mae 272. 426 
Paltersori, Julia V. 231 
Patton, Joseph Behllng 231 
Paul, DewlH Jay 231 
Paul, Merlin Gene 118, 272 
Paul, Virginia C. 231 
Peult. Peggy Mae 231 
Paulsen, Ruth Carol 272, 453 
Paulson Lynn M. 231 
Paulson Magnus Glen 398 
Paulson, Monte 93 
Paulson, Walter Paul 329 
Paxman. Gary L 50, 329, 350, 353 
Paye. Don 358 
Payne, Duane M. 272 
Payne, Elva Ann 231 
Payne, Karol June 120, 272, 389 

Ray Alvi 


Virlow Kay 231 
Arlene 23l, 416 
Barbara Ruby 231 
Charles C. 342 
Dallas O. 74, 339 
Dennis E. 272, 461 
Don L. 67 
Dorene M. 92. 329 

Peterson, Dorothy 231 
Peterson. Dwelne Smith 405 
Peterson, E. Wayne 232 
Peterson, Eva May 126, 164 
Peterson, Ferry Wade 232 
Peterson, Frances E. 231 
Peterson, Frank W. 272, 390 
Peterson, H. Don 300 
Peterson. Irene 301 
Peterson, Jack Orton 329 
Peterson, James Lambert 329 
Peterson, Jo Ann 231 
Peterson, John Hulsh 329 
Peterson, John Richard 107 
Peterson. Kenneth D. 231 
Peterson, LaRayne 272. 447 
Peterson. Larry W. 231, 462 
Peterson, Lois Verena 329, 437 
Peterson, Lorna 301 454 
Peterson, Lou Jeane 272 
Peterson. Marian 272 
Peterson. Mariorie 231 
Peterson, Marylyn B. 127^ 167, 272 
Peterson, Morris Smith 272, 364 
Peterson, Nancy Carrol 231 
Peterson, Paul Edgar 231 
Roald E. 301 
Robert L. 91, 231 
Robert Warren 272, 460 
Ross Merlin 139, 174, 

Ruth L. 77, 231 
Virginia 232, 395 
Peterson; Wlnfleld H. 300 
Pettey, Lee R. 329 
Petterson, Joanne 406 
Pettlngill, Dona Fe 232 
Petty, Carmen Larue 300. 420, 445 
Pew, Arlo Vail 232, 405 
Pexton, Richard Norman 272 
Phelan. Mary 102. 232, 458 
Phelps, Le Grande John 223 
Phillips. Blaine C. 60, 302 
Phillips, Norma 93, 300 
Phillips. Ronald J. 300. 451 
Phillips, Ross 93 
Phillips. Victor Dee C. 232 
Phlpps, Albert Curtis 232 
Phlpps. Diane 342 
Phipps, Don Curtis 232 
PicEerell Glenda Mae 232 
Pierce, feuy 329 
Pierce, Louis 399 
" cock. George D. 329 
Mark G. 232 
Rulon Desmond 




PInegar, Annie Joy 92, 93, 300 
Plnegar. Ed Jolley 366, 373 
PInegar, Wanlta 445 
Pipes, Howard Stanley 300 
Pipes. Shirley Veda 232 
Pires. Maria Eunice 232. 400, 409, 

Platts, Robert G. Paul 329 
Pollock, James L, 300, 450 
Pollock, Dorothy 426 
Poison. Georgia 232 
Pomeroy, Patrick G. 54. 283. 301, 

375, 460 
Pond. Robert Gary 339 
Pope. Barbara 92, 232 
Pope. Maxine Shepherd 272, 409 
Pope Richard Lamont 191. 300. 

385, 404 


Porelson. Brooks 80 
Porras, Francisco R. 76, 232 
Porter. Alden 371 
Porter, Joseph Dean 232 
Porter, Laurel D, 232. 399 
Porter, Leroy Earl -18, 50, 158. 183, 

Porter, Owen Ray 329 
Porter, Reed Johnson 232 
Porter. Stan 148 
Posey. Wyrlene Joyce 76. 117, 272, 


Potter. Arnel D. 330 

Potter, Barbara Lee 232 

Potter. Weston Schow 232 

Poulsen. Gerald P. 273 

Poulsen Gov A.^ Jr. 273, 390 

Poulsen. Udell t 107 329 

Poulson. Earlene 122, 232 

Poulson, Henry Brooks 330 

Poulson, Jack Gale 60. 273 

Poulson, Joyce 273 

Powell, Bernell B. 273, AA\ 

Powell, Brad 150 

Powell. Dean Jay 232. 457 

Powell. James Leroy 330 

Powell, Joan 232 

Powell, Paul R. 69, 300 

Powell. Shirley 0. 273, t35 

Powelson, Judith Ann 273, 435 

Powelson, Pauline 272, 388, 437 

Powers, Ralph Frampton 358 

Pratt, Cal IS8 

Pratt. Jean 300. 4« 

Pratt. Jeanine 232 

Preece, Donna Thelma 273 

Preece. Eldred Bruce 300 

Preston. Elmer W. 232 

Preston, Gerald L. 232 

Preston. Lurlyn M. 93, 126, 273 

Prestwich, Erwin M. 232 

Prestwich^ Kent E. 91. 301, 429 

Prexton, Richard W. 451 

Price. Albert Keith 273 

Price, Alvin O. 112. 300 

Price. Cletis Leonard 93, 232 

Price. Hal T. 273 

Price, Janice Claire 273, 406, 389 

Price, Kendall 67, 300 

Price, William H. 232 

Prince, Veda Joyce 232 

Prior. Patricia Ann 273, 435 

Prior. Sally Joan 300. 43S 

Pritchett, Melrose Jed, Jr. 55, 300. 

364, 432 
Pritchefl, Robert M. 90, 92, 300 
Privat, John Pierre 232 
Probert, Carolyn Jean 232, 357 
Probert. Marion Earl 355 
Probst. Joyce 232 
Probst, Renao 234, 380 
Probst, Wayne Watkins 302 
Proctor, Paul Dean 74 
Provstgaard, Gayle 93, 232 
Prueitt, Melvin Lewis 232. 405 
Prusse, Ralph E. 94. 330 
Pryor, William Conan 232 
Pugh. Karen 232 
Pugh. Margaret 273, 426 
Pugmire, Elaine G. 84, 330 
Putins, Max E. 405 
Pulian, Joyce L 232 
Pullins. Janice 273 
Pulsipher. Eldon B. 112, 291 
Pulsipher. Karia Marie 233, 405 
Pulsipher. Marilyn 166. 167, 445 
Pulsipher. Norma Jean 93, 232 
Pulver. Willis 299, 300 
Purser. Gerald L. 232 
Purvis, Darwin Willard 232 
Pusey, C. Richards 300 
Putnam, Howard H. 9i, 105, 154, 

173. 330 
Putnam^ Melrose H. 330 
Pyott, Elsie Renee 232 
Pvper, James William 232 

Dualls, Gary Lemar 273 
Juigley. Blaine H. 330 
5ulgley, Darrell V. 330 
Doiqiey, John L. 342 
Puinlan. Pearl Legene 232. 

Duinn. Noel H. 142, 164 
Jointon, Bryce G. 273 

Rabidou, Jean Marie 233 
Radichel, Melvin C. 70, 304, 422 
Radmall, Max Berdell 60, 300 
Radmall, William Alma 110, 300 
Ragsdale. Donald Frank 273 
Ragsdale, Ronald O. 269, 396 
RaHe, Frederick N. 90, 235, 399. 

Rainsdon, Emma Jean 70 273 
Ralph, Horace Lowell 115 
ftampton. George Oliver 330 
Ranck, Betty Louise 233 
Randall, Carol June 233, 395 
Randall. Charles Dale 273 
Randall, Jerot Dean 93. 273 
Randall, Mary Lynn 233 
Randall, Phyllis Ann 91, 124, 300. 

Randall, Shirley B. 109, 110, 304 
Rands, Myrth Ellen 233. 406 
Ranestant, Lynn 358 
Rankers, Margaret 299 
Raphael, John Conrad 68, 273 
Rasmussen. Albert L. 93. 273 
Rasmussen, Anne 88, 142. 151, IBO. 

315, 330, 386. 402, 454 
Rasmussen, Donna Fay 108. 233 
Rasmussen, Hylda E. 300 
Rasmussen, Joyce D. 117, 235 
Rasmussen, Lloyd M. 235 
Rasmussen, Re Nee 273, 426 
Rasmussen, Thomas Val 301 
Ravsten, Lynn R. 330, 374 
Rawlings. Lamar A. 373, 450 
Rawlings. Stephen L. 302 
Ray. Joye 330 
Ray. Lynn Richard 235 
Ray, Shirley Nadine 300 
Raye, Tom 92 
Read, Bonne 235 
Read, Maxlne 106 
Read, Vernon 93 
Ream. Susan 191 
Reber, Joyce Ellare 70 
Redd, Anfta 235 

Redd, Katheryn Anne 190, 233 

Redd. Marilyn 190 

Redding, Marlon E. 402 

Reed, Dorothy Elaine 273 

Reed Frances Lorraine 330, 453 

Reed, Karolyn K. 233 

Reed. Raymond Taylor 302. 405 

Reed. Roselyn Ray 233 

Reeder Jim A. 72 

Rees, Barbara Jane 330 

Rees. Phyllis 68, 233, 437 

Rees, Sharlene 233 

Rees. Shirley Ann 273 

Reese, Carol 233 

Reeve, Orvllle Lee 233 

Reeves, Lois Merllyn 232 

Reid, ^aul Holt 233 

Reld William Vern 233 

Reinhardt, Maxine 126. 300 

Relnsch, Cecil Albert 105, 330 

Remington. Marjory 233. 439 

Remund, Ravae 93, 300 

Rencher, Alvin Clarence 233, 405 

Rencher, Paul Richard 233 

Rencher. Viola 273 

Rex, William Sterling 233 

Reynolds, Alice Freda 233 

Reynolds, Ann 233 

Reynolds, Carol Ann 233, 394 

Reynolds, Colleen 342 

Reynolds, Loran R. 233 

Reynolds, Patricia Rey 123. 273 

Reynolds, Velia Jean 233 

Rhees, Janet 273. 458 

Rhees. Larene 420 

Rhees, Ranae 233 

Rhoades, Darleno 273 

Rhodes, Jim A. 74 

Rice. Arlene Inez 233, 402 

Rice, Donald Legrand 163, 191. 

Rice, Martene 93. 233 
Rice Velma Darlene 115. 121, 273, 

Rich, John Harold. Jr. 302 
Rich, Kathryn Affleck 123. 443 
Rich. Margaret 273 
Rich, Nancy Ann 158, 300. 406. 

Rich, Ruth Diane 142, 233 
Ich, William Saunders 234, 405 
ichan. Frederick P, 74 
ichan, Mary lla 302, 433 
■ ■ ■ Bryan 93, 416 
Don 344, 420 
Florlne 342 

Gene Murdell 273, 433 
G. S. 60, 63 
Harold James 234 
Ichards; Harold L. 301 
Ichards, Horace B. 234 
ichards, MaRee 234 
.Ichards, R. Meal 191 
. . . Ruth 234 
ichardson, George L, 234 
ichardson, James D. 301 
" ■ Jorth A. 302, 405 

Laureen B. 234 
Newell Kay 106, 330 
Ronald L. 406 
e 273 
Dale M. 75, 339 
:hey, Joseph Lewis 313. 364, 365 
Rlchey, Maleen 273, 443 
Richey, NSncy E. 302 
Richins, Arthur C. 273 
Richins, James Alden 112, 273 
Richins, Nita May 273 
Richmond, Lloyd Harold 234, 405 
Richmond. Maurice Wayne 301 
Richmond. Ruth 301 
Rickenback. Dean J. 404. 431 
Ricks. Clyde 142, 176, 302 
Ricks. Deen Ann 234, 437 
Ricks, Robert J. 302 
Riddle Mary Maxine 233 
Rider, Mary Roth 233 
Ridge. Donald L. 302. 457 
Ridge, John 410 
Rlegel. Norma 233 
Rlendeau, Carol Jean 273 
Rlgby, Cleston Nell 404 
Rlqby E. BeMrand 1 16. 302 
Rlgby, Ralph E. 150, 302 
Rigby Ruby Marie 233 
Riqby Sterling Charles 233 
Rlgby, W. Dean 330 
Rlggln Don Gene 233 
Rlqgs. Abble Lee 273 
Rlggs, Dawn 176, 435 
Riggs. Edris Rae 234, 394 
Riggs, Marilyn 93, 302 
Riggs, Samuel Leiand 4l0 
Rlggs, Warren Yancy 273 
Rlggs. Westlyn Carvel 273, 405 
Riley, Joan 342, 416 
Rippllnger, Donald H. 68 
Rippon, Clifton Brown 233 
Rirle, (tarolyn 94, 233, 395 
Rirle, Geraldlne 330 
Rlrle, Roger C. 440 
Robbins, Darvel M. 112, 330 
Robblns, Suzanne 234, 416 
Robert, Dean D. 60 
Roberts, Glen Eldon 234 
Roberts, How. 


chey, Alic 


Roberts. Jack E. SO. 54. 98. 339, 

385, 460 
Roberts. Larralne 273. 445 
Roberts, Richard Dean 234, 273. 

Roberts, Robert E. 234, 456 
Roberts, Stanley Dean 235 
Robertson, Bobby Dean 330 
Robertson, Gary Evan 234 
Robertson. John floyacfc 273, 432 
Robertson, Robert D. 273, 452 
Robertson. Thyrele 164. 275 
Robins, David L, 302 
Robins, Marilyn 234 
Robinson, Dorothy L. 235 
Robinson, Joann L. 274 
Robinson, John Melvin 353. 367 
Robinson, Lyie T. 303, 405 
Robinson. Margot Gay 234, 406, 

Robinson, Robert 93 
Robison, Acea H. 274 
Robison, Albert D. 94, 234 
Robison, Barbara A, 330 
Robison, Carol Ann 234 
Robison, Darlene 234 
Robison, Dixie J. 92, 163, 274, 393. 

402, 443 

Robison, Eleanor True 93, 234 
Robison, Joseph Clark 235 
Robison, Richard A. 104, 274 
Robison, Roland Grove- 302 
Robison Rulon D. 93. 343, 390 
Robison, Wilbur Gerald 274 
Rockwood, Dorothy D. 234 
Rodeback, Shirley N. 330 
Roderick. John J. 115, 127 
Rodrlqoes, Yolanda 342. 410 
Rodriguez Miriam 76, 330, 409 
Rogers. Akiu 234 
Rogers, Anella 274 
Rogers Clair Winston 70. 302 
Rogers, Garth O. 331. 398 
Rogers, Kenneth H. 302 
Rogers, Pearl 102. 234. 405 
Rogers, Sheree 234, 405 
Rohring. Elsa 70, 40? 
Rollins, Ellen May 235. 407 
Rollins, Gary Porter 94. 157, 275, 

Rollins, Loy 94, 235, 421 
Rollins, Myrna 173, 235 
Rollins, Phil 331. 367. 421 
Romney, Barbara 191 
Romney, George J. 94, 196. 234 
Romney, Gefafdlne 235 
Romney, Miles Hayden, Jr. 234, 

Romney, Ruth Ann 235 
Romney, Van E., Jr. 70, 302. 457 
Rondo, Joseph William 274 
Roper, Gary Love 1 1 235 
Roper, Lavar L. 70, 274 
Roper. Mary Beth 102, 235 
Rose, Ruth Leone 344. 443 
Roselll, Remo 410 
Rosen, Harold E. 109, 113, 304 
Rosenlof, Jon Roger 235 
Roskelley, Legrand W, 274 
Ross Beverly Elaine 165. 274, 426 
Ross, Merlynn 235 
Ross, Reginald Arthur 242 
Rossiter. Patricia Ann 274. 393 
Roth, Gordon 274 
Rounds, Cliff Carney 302. 461 
Roundy, Elmo S. 330. 353 
Roundy. Ferrel Glade 70, 274 
Roundy, Marilyn 91, 331 
Roundy, Verl Parker 235 
Routsong, John 191 
Row, Bob 373 
Rowberry, Dick 457 
Rowberry, C. Joseph 330, 385 
Rowberry, Richard Lee 330 
Rowberry, Stewart H. 304 
Rowe, Betty Jean 331 

3^5, 463 
Rowe, Matthew Robert 274 
Rowe, Robert Lynn 235, 391 
Rowe, William Stephens 274 
Rowley, Edward M. 304 
Rowley, Mlland T. 227, 415 
Rowley, Ralph Alcorn 235, 410 
Rowley, Richard Thorop 235, 302 
Rowley. Robert D. 331 
Rowley, Thomas Elmer 235 
Rudd, Donna Lee 302 
Rudy, Larue Almlra 235 
Ruff, Howard Joseph 90, 109, 158, 

Rush, Hugh Darrell 69. 142 
Rush, Josephine 235. 410 
Rushton, Darrel Y, 331 
Russell, Gloria Belle 274, 426 
Russell, Jeanne 123 
Rosson. Dee Ray 235 
Russon, Kenneth Myron 235 
Russon. Lisle Tanner 331 
Rust, Doyle Kimball 304 
Rust, Martin Wilson 274, 457 
Rust, William Luke 93 
Rotter. Helen 93. 339 
Rutter, J. James 302, 449 
Ryley, Frank M. 302 
Ryttlng, Ruth 73, 190, 197, 235, 402 

Sabey, Burns Roy 331 

Sabin, Jean 235 

Sabln, Leora 275, 388 

Sabin Maril ynMarie 92, 109, 274, 

Sabln. Paul B. 23S 
Sackelt, Helen Louise 186, 235 
Sadler. Arthur Butler 331 
Sagers, Robert Gordon 331 
Saito, George Goro 235 
Saling, Wallace M., Jr. 93, 235 
Salisbury, George R. 302, 375. 461 
Salisbury. Todd B. 235, 398 
Sallenbach, Shirley I. 121, 235 
Solmond, Mary Beth 126, 186, 275 
Saltus, Dorothy Jean A. 301 
Saltos, Gail L. 331 
Sam, David Gary 259 
Sampson, William C, Jr. 235 
Sandberg, Joseph C. 116, 302 
Sanders, Beverly Ann 274 
Sanders, Catherine R. 331 
Sanders, Laree 331 
Sanford, Dorothv L. 121 
Sangren. L. Burke 304 
Sant, Bud 72 
Sant. La Monte 302 
Sante, Roger W. 343. 431 
Sardmlre. Ruth Anne 97 
Sare. Gene R. 236 
Sargent. Jerry J. 302. 375 
Sargent Larry Don 188. 274, 428 
Sasine, Robert Gale 428, 462 
Sato, Esther N. 77, 107. 331 
Satterfleld, Robert L. 354 
Sauts. Mary Alice 93, 235, 395 
Saunders Sally Frances 302, 447 
Savage, Janet Helen 70, 93 
Savage, Scott M. 126, 236 
Savilfe. Marilyn 93, 235 
Sawyer, John Raymond 235, 371 
Sawyer. Melvin Wayne 274 
Sawyers, Linda Rae 235. 395 
Scalf, Robert Alan 94, 115, 119, 

164, 274 
Schaap, Robert N. 235 
Schade, Betty Carolyn 236. 402, 

Schaelling, Charles F. 303 
Schaelling, Edith A. 235, 416 
Schaerrer. Joanne 102 
Schaller, Gay 236 
ScheHf, Mary Lou 166, 174, 185, 

274, 331, 388. 439. 454 
Schenk, Laura Lea 92. 274, 402, 

SchenV. Mary Louise 402 
Schenk. Viola M. 331, 458 
Schetselaar. Melvin 235 
Schleve. Ernest C. 70 
Schmld. Dorothy May 236 
Schmidt, Howard Gerald 302 
Schmidt, Rachel Lois 236 
Schmidt, Warren L. 236 
Schmilt, Ray 60, 407 
Schmlt, Walt 3^3 
Schmltt, Glyn Nora 235, 435 
Schmuhl, Dorothy E. 70. 236 
Schoell, Beth 84 
Schoenfeld. Edward L. 95, 339 
Schofield, J. Gary ISO, 236 
Schofield, Robert C. 303 
Schofield, Sheldon C. 84, 331 
Scholle. Richard Edward 190, 274 
Schovy, Grant 303 
Schow. Enid 93, 302 
Schow, Gerald Stanley 236 
Schow, tvlorgan Grant 420 
Schow, Robert Rivers 331 
Schramm, Roland C. 105 
Schroder, Janice L. 55, 236 
Schuenmna, E. Gail 236 
Schulti. Ronald W. 92, 331. 427 
Schweider. Charles T. 274 
Schwindt. Alice E. 236 
Scoresby. David Owen 93, 236 
Scoresby, Ivy Lucile 93, 303 
Scoresby. Martha Ann 93 
Scott, Harold J. 397 
Scott, Joyce 275 
Scott, William M. 236, 427 
Scott, Zola 236 
Scovll, Carol 236, 414 
Scow Merrill C. 236. 339 
Scow, Ted Justesen 303 
Seal Franklin E. 236 
Seal Lorna Darlene P. 236 
Searle, Geraldlne 458 
Searle. Paul Robert 94, 303, 398 
Seastrand, James K. 304, 404 
Seastrand, Stephen A. 113. 303 
Secrlst, Charlene H. 63, 331, 420. 

Sederholm, Carl R. 72, 331 
Sedgwick, Karen Sue 236. 402. 406 
See. Judy Faye 236 
Seegmlller. David W. 236 
Seegmiller. Laureen 331. 437 
Seefy. Dean Hansen 113, 275 
Seely, Donna Oneta 274 
Seely, Edwin M. G, 72, 112, 331 
Seely, Grace 236 
Seely, Marjorie P. 331 
Seely, Morris Roel 331 
Seely, Norma Ann 302 
Seller, Ruth 166, 236. 395, 416 
Sel.aquaptewa, Emory, Jr, 418 
Self. Jacqueline L. 236 
Selin, Terry G. 236 
Sellers, Charles L. 236 
Sellers, Lois M. 188, 331 
Sellers, Swede 405 
Sessions, Charlene R. 186, 274, 435 
Sewell, Mary Merle 331, 439 
Seymour Joan Beatrice 274, 453 
Shade, Agnes 236 
Shafer. Efizabeth 236 
Sharp. Charles H. 397 
Sharp, Joan Marie 236 
Shattuck, Marilyn A. 236 
Shaw, Betty Maurlne 120, 236 
Shaw, Graham Campbell 303 
Shaw, Marian E. 420 
Shaw Robert Keith 331 
Shaw, Selma 331, 445 
Shaw. Welding t. 304 
Shawcroft, Gary Reese 236 
Sheets, Leiand Ogden 236 
Sheets, Leon Donald 274, 399, 432 
Shell. Frederick R. 331 
Shelley, Thais Jacque 331 
Sheliington. Betty Jo 331 
Sheldon, Monphy 236 
Shelton. Carol V. 236, 426 
Shelton, Janet Anne 236, 394, 395 
Shepherd. Carolyn E. 274 
Shepherd, Kenneth M. 274 
Sheranian, Richard E. 331, 460 
Shertzer. Minnie Clara 190, 274, 

Sherwood. Jerald Clark 304 
Sherwood, Rowena June 236, 394 
Shields, Donald Jack 93, 236 
Shields, Gus 164 
Shields, Helen E. 236 
Shields, Nona Day 236 
Shipley, Myrl Jeanne 237 
Shipp, Phillip Royal 236 
Shirley. Miriam 236, 409 
Shirley, Myrna June 344 
Shirota, Mitchell M. 236 
Shirts. Elmo Bryant 236 
Shirts, Fred Donald 93, 236 
Shoemaker, Dixie Mae 275 
Shoemaker, Gene 303 
Shreeve Charles 237 
Shulman, Betty Oelols 237 
Shulman, Quincey 112 
Shumway, Donald 112 
Shumway. Drew 60, 354, 405 
Shumway. E. Widtsoe 72 
Shumway, Joan 237 
Shumway. Larry Vee 93, 237. 405 
Shumway. Lenn M. 93, 109, 112, 

Shumway. Mary Annette 237. 405 
Shumway. Miles S. 304 
Shumway R. Phil 60 
Shumway. Ruth 405 
Shumway, Van L. 332, 405 
Shurtleff, James L. 390 
Shurtleff, Joye Ann 94. 156. 303, 

Shurlz, Alden 237 
Shurti, Billy Kay 405 
Shute. Reginald Wayne 275, 407 
Siddoway, Carol 274, 447 
Slemssen, Janet R. E. 237 
Sigmon, Marcus 450 
Sifberstein, Dorofhy M. 93. 237 
Sill, James Oren 186, 304. 452 
Simmon, Brian E. 276 
Simmons, Almo eeats 237 
Simmons, Bert Ray 235, 427 
Simmons, Carol Zella 93 
Simmons, Dennis E. 274 
Simmons, James Arthur 237 
Simmons. Paul A. 397 

Simonsen. Gary B. 149, 237, 406 

Simper, Beth Gayla 237 
Simpson, Clarice W. 332 
Slnapl iviua 94. 227, 275 
Sincfair. Eugene 116, 304 
Singleton, Shirley A. 237 
Sipherd. Bob 460 
Slrles, James Walter 397 
Skeen, James Frank 237 
Skeen, LaMar W. 110. 303 
Skeen Roger West 237, 371 
Skinner, Betty Gene 274 
Skousen, Alene 93. 237. 395. 405 
Skousen, Betty Jean 106 
Skousen, Donald Lee 237, 405 
Skousen, Orval N. 344 
Skousen, Owen Derrell 353 
Skousen, Samuel James 397 
Skousen, William Jess 304. 404. 

Sfcyles, Doris Eliza 274 
Slade, Clara Christine 237 
Slade, Nada Dorene 237, 405 
Slater Nola Adene 55, 237, 395 
Slater, P. Diane 274, 445 
Staymaker, Norman Royce 251, 

274, 353, 416 
Sleater, Beryl 65, 166, 237 
Sloan, JoAnn 94 
Sloan, Sylvia 237 
Smart, Richard J. 175, 303. 375 
Smeath, Donna Jean 274 
Smedley. Beverly 237 
Smedley, James Judson 237 
Smit, Walter R. 75, 355 
Smitk, Arleen 237 
Smith. Betty Gene 117 
Smith, Severly J. 274, 414 
Smith, Cleon Verl 274, 407 
Smith. Curtiss Lynn 274, 457 
Smith, David Evans 67, 76, 332 
Smith, Dean Stringham 275 
Smith, Dixie Larue A. 92 
Smith Donna Monlque 237, 437 
Smith, Doris Eilleen 237 
Smith. Eugene Clinton J. 237 
Smith, Evelyn 237, 406 
Smith, Gail Ann 238 
Smith, Gaynor Rich 237 
Smith, Gerald Wayne 237. 451 
Smith Glen Arthur 93, 274 
Smith. Gordon E. 371 
Smith. Harold Dalnes 303 
Smith, J. Norman 191. 304. 391. 

Smith, Jay Myrven, Jr. 275, 332, 

Smith. Jerry 451 
Smith, Joann 69,_9I, 275 
Smith, Joanne 275. 402, 445 
Smith, Jordan G. 303, 410 
Smith, Joseph R. 116 
Smith, Karla Dayle 237 
Smith, Karlie M. 238 
Smith, Karma 61. 332 
Smith, Keith T. 186, 332 
Smith, Kenneth H. 116, 237. 399 
Smith, Kermit H. 303 
Smith, Laren Wesley 237 
Smith, Leiand Alfred 77, 307, 405 
Smith Leonard C. 237, 418 
Smith, Lehi T. 110, 345 
Smith. Lorraine 93, 128. 275. 393 
Smith, Melva Ann 70, 304 
Smith Norma Louise 238 
Smith. Norman Davis 110, 186, 332 
Smith. Olene 48. 50,^98. 151, 332. 

386, 402, 420, 458 
Smith, Patricia Ann 275. 388 
Smith, Paul Grant 75, 116. 303 
Smith. Phil Mcfate 275 
Smith, Phyllis Joy 304. 454 
Smith Raeone 102, 238 
Smith, Rex D. Il5, 118. 275 
Smith Rex Lloyd 69, 332, 440 
Smith, Richard A. 275, 
Smith, Richard L. 80 
Smith. Richard Raymond 63 
Smith Richard Terry 354. 358 
Smith, Robert Bailey 358 
Smith, Robert J. 80 
Smith, Robert Viqh 238 
Smith, Roland 112, 343 
Smith Ronald R. 238, 421 
Smith, Roy L. 60 
Smith Shirley 93, 238 
Smith, Sue 238, 405 
Smith Ted Lamar 238, 358. 451 
Smith, Terry C. 275. 304 
Smith Vella Rose 410 
Smith, Virgil 50, 73, 188, 191, 339 
Smith, Walter 332 
Smith, William Dean 430 
Smithen, Carol Irene 238 
Smlthson, Bud 405 
Smithson, Anne Vee 332 
Smlthson, James 6. 342 
Smoot, Leon Douglas 237, 366 
Snarr. Beverly J. 275, 454 
Snel, Nlcolaas Dirk 91, 92, 173 
Snelgrove, Helen Lamar 304 
Snelgrove, Philip R. 332 
Snider, t^^ary Ruth 332 
Snow. Arnolene 238 
Snow, Beverly Jean 275 
Snow. Karl Nelson 275. 460 
Snow. Quentin Esca 332, 404 
Snyder, lona May 115, 121. 332 
Soderquist. Alma Gene 332 
Soelberg, Bruce Ray 275. 457 
Solenback Shirley 407 
Solomon Daniel Jack 237. 358 
Solomon, Patricia R. 191, 238 
Somerville Wallace R. 399 
Sorensen, Dorothy E. 236 
Sorensen, Gunnar 275, 409 
Sorensen, Grethe 238 
Sorensen, Greta 407 
Sorensen, Kent V. 27S 
Sorensen, Leah 238 
Sorensen, Lund 238 
Sorensen, Leila June 275 
Sorensen, Leona 238 
Sorensen, Margaret A, 303 
Sorensen, Mary A. 238, 416 
Sorensen, Mary Anne 303, 402, 445 
Sorensen, Marva 238 
Sorensen, Neil R. 7S 
Sorensen, Stanford P. 88. 89, 303 
Sorensen, Stanley Jay 238, 440 
Sorensen, Von Loyd 238 
Sorenson, Carol Dawn 94. 236, 395. 

Sorenson, Carol Winona 239 
Sorenson, Lois 275 

Sorenson. Ruth Lavon 275. 426 

Sorrlaux, Jeannine 332 

Soule, Patricia 342 

South, Richard Kent 247. 456 

Southwick, Paul Robert 80, 275 

Southworth. Grant Leroy 166, 186, 

187, 238 
Spackman. Asa Richard 238 
Spainhower. Douglas M. 72, 238. 

Spanqler. Jacqueline I. 93, 275. 


Sparks. David C. 276 
Sparks, George C. 303 
Speakman. Scott Ashby 52, 106. 

158. 159. 314 
Speokman. William D. 91, 107, 303 
Speed. Ulysses Grant 63, 238 
Spence. Marveta Marie 176, 239. 

Spencer, Alene Emmett 239 
Spencer. Kent Edison 236 
Spencer. Lucy Lenore 70, 80. 238 
Spencer, Nelda Jewel 238 
Spencer, William Burt 90 
Spendlove. Lyle Bart 358 
Sperry, Delbert Joy 239 
Sperry. Richard Dean 429 
Spilsbury. Jewel Ann 125. 332 
Spongberg Gory Lloyd 240, 457 
Sprague, Kathleen 303. 459 
Sprenger, Betty Joanne 238 
Springer. Donna Jean 166. 239. 

Sproul, Ladean 239 
Squire. Erma Lucille 276, 426 
Stacey, Sandra 93, 239 
Staqg. Marland hJed 276 
Staheli, J. Melvin 332 
Staheti, Lynn Taylor 276, 390 
Staker. Jo Ann 239 
Staley, Mary Louise 303, 420 
Stalker, Bonnie Gay 239 
Standage. Delbert R. 303. 405 
Standing, Keith MIfdIn Il5, 332 
Stanford. Doris E. 54. 61, 63, 303. 

Stanton, Brian E. 391 
Stanworth Ann 239. 240 
Staples, Sue Anne 239 
Stapley, Donna Rae 303, 413, 437 
Slapley,^ Marilyn 303, 402, 445 
Stark, Colleen B. 239 
Starley, Jean 61, 303 
Starling, Carlos Wesley 239. 399 
Starling, Jean 454 
Starr. Mary Louise 69. 239, 426 
Startup. Gerald Henry 240 
Stasine, Bob 239 
State. Judith Annette 276 
Stay, Hoberl Lee 303. 460 
Stay. Jesse E. 397 
Stayner, Genevieve 303, 443 
Stayner, J. Lynn 303. 391 
Stebbinq, Richard E. 239 
Stebbinq. William E. 107, 332 
Steck. Robert Eldon 276, 367 
Steed, Cherryle 97. 239. 439 
Steed, Eloise 332 
Steel, Harvey LaVar 239 
Steel, Laverne 92, 93 
Steele. Berenice Chevy 91 , 303 

Steele, Blaine Leon 240 
Steele. Lanece 239 
Steele. Dorothy Blanche 276, 458 
Steele. LaVar 194. 374, 399 
Steele, Lynda Mae 239 
Steele, Paul Leray 339 
Steinagel. Jeanne M. 142. 239 
Stenquist. Leiand Gus 139, 303 
Stephens, Charles H. 303 
Stephens, Isom L. 397 
Stephens. Jlmmie 343 
Stephens. Lewis P. 80. 112, 303 
Stephens, Nell C. 276 
Stephens. Robert E. 93. 276 
Stephenson, Grant 105 
Stephenson, Kay Verl 63^ 303 
Stephenson. Larry W. 276 
Stephenson. Mary L. 93, 276 
Stephenson, Sharon 239 
Sterling. Nixon 276 
Stevens. Betty Jeanne 239, 416 
Stevens, Betty Lou 276. 379. 360 
Stevens, Darryl M. 239 
Stevens, Fred Merlin 63, 112 
Stevens. Johnny 416. 427 
Stevens. Joyce 410 
Stevens, Larry M. 239 
Stevens. Lloyd J. 276. 303, 404. 

Stevens. Marvin Dale 239 
Stevens. Nell 364 
Stevens, Patricia A. 93. 239 
Stevens, Williams 450 
Stevenson. Carol Ann 93. 122, 239 
Stevenson. Connie V. 239 
Stevenson. H. Dwayne 54, 303, 399. 

419. 432 
Stevenson, Joseph G. 332 
Stevenson, Kay V. 60 
Stevenson, Lloyd 150 
Stevenson. Nancy Carol 239 
Stewart, Clara Elaine 239 
Stewart, D. Roger 276, 460 
Stewart, Earl Dean 304 
Stewart, Lynn Hansen 276 
Stewart. Merwin Udell 304, 461 
Stewart. Mlllicent 96, 166, 239 
Stewart. Myrna 55, 239 
Stewart. Nelda C. 332. 445 
Stewart. Solomon Lan 239 
Stewart, Zona E. 93. 303 
Stiburek, Beverly J. 276, 437 
Stlckel, LeRoy T. 239. 372 
Stlmpson. David Vern 276, 430 
Stirling, Marilyn 239 
Stock, Karen Ann 93, 239. 409 
Stockdale. Barbara Jean 303, 454 
Stocking, Jenna Vee 108 
Stocking, Norma Jo 304 
Stoddard, Gary Calvin 276 
Stoker, Wayde Clark 111, 391, 410, 

Stokes. Lawana Gwsnda 240 
Stokes Phyllis 276 
Stolworthv, Junuetto 276 
Stolworthy, Reed L, 354 
Stolworthv, Willard O. 358 
Stone, Charlene Tueller 332 
Stone, Fred Rider 276 
Stone, Lola Sterling 239 
Stone. Marvin Howard 239 
Stone. Stan 399 



Stoneking. Stanley D. 93, 239. 3tM 

Stoops. LIntord R. 452 

Storms, Phyllis Jean 239 

Sto"s, Dee Leon 332 

Stoslch, Richard John 304. 430 

Stott Cloyd 276, 410 

Stott, Uoyd 276. 4l0 

StoH, Stanley 415 

Stout, Richard Dale 239 

Stowell Bar Dee Bonnie 240 

Stowell, Betty Rae 304. 447 

Stowell. Glenna 304. 405 

Stowell. Louise 97, 342 

Strafford. Roland J. 276 

Stratford. Marilyn 342 

Stratten. Herbert B. 60 

StraHon, Louise Alberta 91, I2i. 

127. 332 
Strawn, Byron Lanar 332 
Stricter, Mary Lee 239 
5trir.qfelIow, Val 304. 430 
Stringham, Joanne 92. 332, 386, 

402, 444 
Stringham Marcla 92, 459 
Strong. Alice 304 
Strong, Keith LeRoy 276. 461 
Strong. William James 239 
Siruthers, Robert E. 164 
Stuart. Joanne 303, 402, 420, 445 
Stubbs. Byron L. 303 
Stubbs. Carol Lee 92, 240 
Stubbs, Glen R. 113. 303, 417. 456 
Stubbs. Naoma 92 
Stubbs. Verda 92, 93, 126. 332 
Stubbs, Verlene ^Ida 240 
Stuckey, Russell D. 332. 404 
Stump. Dora Ellen 240 
Sturglll. Eugene H. 332 
Sudweeks. Charles L. 96, 240, 399 
Sukiaslan, George 50. 194, 196, 

Summerfiayi. Joyce 96. 426 
Summers. Helen Marie 186, 276. 

Summers, Vera 240 
Sumslon, Carlton T. 74. 332 
Sumsion. Mark L. 240 
Sumslon Nancy McCarty 332 
Sund, Marlon 93. 123, 276 
Sunderland. Doris M. 125, 332, 422 
Sutherland. William H. 240 
Sutton. Dorene 240, 414 
Sutton, Helen 276 
Swain, Bertella 100. 117, 276 
Swain. JoJeen 240. 419 
Swall. Geralee 276 
Swan, Helen Joyce 304. 454 
Swan, Janice Adair 240 
Swasey. Ardell 304. 419 
Sweat. Larae 240 
Swensen, Lynn Alvin 304 
Swensen, Ru^sel B. 72 
Swenson. Barbara Jtx 276. 458 
Swenson. Bert E. Ill, 116. 304 
Swenson. Ivan C. 304 
Swenson, John Y, 332 
Swenson, Ronald J. 304 
Swenson, Royal Jay 276 
Swenson, Sharlene 394 
Sweeten, Cecil 342 
Swingle, Richard E. 240, 462 
Sykes, Donald Dean 405 

Taft, Juanita 240, 395 

Taggart, Charles Welch 276 

TahqueMe. Mary Ann 69, 277. 418 

Takasaki, Fred Yasuo 95. 340 

Takenaka. Harold H. 241 

Talbot, Clarice 106, 240 

Tall, Marilyn Eva I3B. 145, 252, 

402. 426 
Talley, Olive Darlene 276. 447 
Tamblyn. Warren E. 276, 371. 375, 

Tanner. Arva Marie 240. 419 
Tanner. Carol Ann H. 90 
Tanner, Clyde Eddie 277 
Tanner. Gaylon 240 
Tanner. George Vernon 240 
Tanner. Harold H. 157. 240 
Tanner. Harvey W. 240 
Tanner, Janet Kristina 92, 413 
Tanner, Janice Gayle 91, 94, 240 
Tanner, John W. 333 
Tanner, Lllllas Ann 61. 304, 454 
Tanner, Lucille 333 
Tanner. N. Janese 333. 409 
Tanner, Patricia Ann 277 i 
Tanner, Patricia Diane 333 
Tanner, Reva Elsie 93, 240 
Tanner. Rolf R. 305 
Tanner, Ruth 122, 240 
Tarr. Harry LeRoy 92, 277 
Tateyama, Patricia Y. 77, 247 
Taw. Bernard 93 
Taylor, Ann Cathleen 94 
Taylor, Ann La Dee 240 
Taylor, Anna Bell 277, 437 
Taylor, B. Kent 240 
Taylor. Bobbe Evelyn 63, 240, 405 
Taylor. Bruce J. 277, 461 
Taylor. Carolyn 63, 184, 304, 388, 

Taylor. Clarence R. 240 
Taylor, Claudius M. 240. 375 
Taylor. Clinton Ray 354 
Taylor, Curtis Gene 150, 277 
Taylor. Darlene 240 
Taylor. David A. 304. 430 
Taylor. Edith C. 240, 395 
Taylor, Evan C. 240 
Taylor. Garna 304 
Taylor. Gene Kent 277 
Taylor. Geraldine 304, 445 
Taylor. Henry D. 343. 430 
Taylor. Jay J. 397 
Taylor. Jess Martin, Jr. 240. 451 
Taylor. Joan 166, 277, 435. 454 
Taylor. Joann 269, 277 
Taylor, John Hatch 304 
Taylor. John Lewis 116. 240 
Taylor, John Maurice 304 
Taylor, John W. 80. 364 
Taylor. Kenneth Reese 333 
Taylor, Leila M. 63. 124. 127, 186, 

Taylor. Leroy C- 305 
Taylor. Lester 304 
Taylor. Linford Eugene 277 
Taylor, Lorraine 191. 409 
Taylor, Marolyn 94. 184. 282. 304. 

388, 407. 443 
Taylor, Mary Ruth 240 

Taylor. Melva L. 108, 277 

Taylor, Melvln Jay 240 

Taylor, Myron S. 241 

Taylor, Neal 277. 396 

Taylor. Ralphena 54, 63, 304, 436 

Taylor. Reed David 240, 456 

Taylor. Rodney B. 277 

Taylor Ronald David 240. 333 

Taylor. Stanley A. 92. 93. 241 

Taylor. Stanley Kay 304, 399, 410. 

Taylor, William Hacking 333 
Tebbs, Douglas Clark 241 
Tebbs, Marian 9l, 304, 402, 458 
Teichert, John A. >4, 109, III, 333 
Telford. Ira Ralph 242, 450 
Telford, Lois 66, 437 
Telford. Maxlne 333. 454 
Temple. Brooke 121, 242 
Tennev, Eugene Delbert 304, 404. 

Tenney Miles Reed 305, 405 
Tenney, Wayne P. 277 
Terry Andrew. Jr. 305 
Terry. Carol Rene 241 
Terry. Ernest Eugene 94 
Terry. Golden Dean 176 
Terry, Rex Nelson 333 
Terry, Velma 333, 410 
Teuscher. Lewis John 119, 304 
Teuscher, Norrlne 85, 184, 333, 439 
Tew, Burton Edwin 340 
Tew, Bernard 342 
Tew, Erma 305 
Tew, Louise Barton 63, 333 
Tew, Melvin Bird 340 
Tew, Norma Talmage 242 
Tewanema. Harvey 418 
Thacker, Fay Weldon 240 
Thacker, Harry Fred 105 
Thacker, Leah 105, 
Thacker, Lyle Vem 277 
Thacker, Lynn D. 166, 184, 391, 

Thackeray, Ralph B. 240 
Thackeray. ReNee 63, 333 
Thatcher, David Weston 240 
Thayne, Ervin O. 305 
Theobald, Nell Fullmer, 277, 399 
Theobald, Roe Mae 241 
Thomander. Alan R. 94. 190. 241 
Thomander. LaVonne 150 
Thomas. Barbara Koyle 241 
Thomas, Charles Newell 241. 374, 

Thomas, Charmaine 121. 241 
Thomas, Claude Ray 50. 53. 159, 

310, 333, 404, 457 
Thomas, Dean W. 112, 291 
Thomas, Dorothea C. 70. 305 
Thomas, Elwyn LaVoy 340 
Thomas. Gordon Kent 241 
Thomas, Grant W. 333 
Thomas, Jack Alfred 118. 333. 421 
Thorrtas. Lavleve 61. 333 
Thomas, Maxlne 241 
Thomas, Opal Jean 305 
Thomas. Ray Clark 333 
Thomas. Re« Lamar 305 
Thomas. Robert D. Ill, 305 
Thomas, Thomas V., Jr. III. 333 
Thomas, Wayne W. 305. 448 
Thomassen, Arthur Keith 241 
Thompson. Audrey U. 77, 277, 411, 

Thompson, Barbara Ann 63, 125, 

127, 30S 
Thompson, Carol 84, 447 
Thompson, Janle 106. 157, 337 
Thompson, Jeannlne 241 
Thompson, Joseph E. 333 
Thompson, June Carol 305 
Thompson, Kenneth J. 277 
Thompson, Marilyn 305, 420 
Thompson Warv Aleoe 241 
Thompson. Noel H. 399 
Thompson, Ralph W. 241 
Thompson, Robert H. 68, 305, 398 
Thompson, Sheila Ann I9l, 241 
Thomson, Carolyn J. 437 
Thorn, Robert Paul 51 
Thorne. Janice 191, 305. 388. 458 
Thome, Marilyn Olive 241 
Thornley, Richard Harry 241 
Thornton, Grace Lavon 277 
Thornton, Newell Kay 277 
Thorstensen, Lowell W. 277 
Thorup, Elaine 277 
Threet, Conway Black 333 
Throckmorton, Alma R. 305 
Throckmorton, Bob 460 
Thurber, Karl Garner 69, 93, 277, 

Thurber, Stanley Roy 93. 305 
Thurgood, Jack 80 
Thurman, Heather 125, 241 
Thurman. Newel Ladell 69, 306 
Thurston, Norma 241 
Thurston. Robert V. 305 
Tldwell Bette L. 69, 126, 277 
Tldwell. Carl Milton 277 
Tldwell. William D. 305 
Tietjen, Alyce Mary 277 
Tifft. Walter Jacob 241 
Tlllack, Wlnone 30S 
Tillman, Norma 277 
Timothy, Don Gilbert 241 
Tlmpson. Donald E. Ill, 277 
Tlngey, Garth L. 305 
TIngey, Helen Jean 69, 93. 277 
Tlngey, K. Marsel III, 306 
Tingey, Martha Home 93. 305 
Tippets. Richard Beck 241 
TIppetts, Earl Levell 241 
TIppetts, Frank M. 345 
TIppetts, Gladys 173 
Tltensor, Barry Ray 277 
Titus, Reba 150 
Tobler, Don Lee 277, 448 
Tobler, Leia 241, 437 
Tobler, Sharlene 333. 437 
Todd, Albert Charles Jr. 72 
Todd. Henry Swan 92, 93, 277, 399 
Todd. JeaneHe 241 
Todd. Vernon Gerard 241, 456 
Tolley, Nancy Lee 69. 240 
Tolman, Edward Smith III, 227 
Tomeo, Maurice 241 
Tomllnson, Lowell B. 241 
Tomllnson. Richard S. 94, 241 399 
Tonks, Nadine 123, 241 
Tooke, William Howard 333. 452 
Toolson, James Richard 241 
Toomey. Donald E. 305 
Toone, Douglas Glen 305. 420 

Toone Kenneth George 118, 277, 

Torgeson_^ Gilbert L.. Jr. 333 
Torres, Edgardo E. 345 
Tovey. Fern Wargene 97 413 
Tovey, Lois Eunice 69. 96. 305, 

Tovey, Norma K. 333 
Tracy Dee Marshall 241 
Tracy. Raymond Clavln 428 
Tracy Roger Frederick 241 
Tregaskle. DonalcJ 345. 432 
Tregaskis Glade L. 390, 391 
Treu. William R. 241, 371 
Tribe. Carolyn 333 
Trimble, Robert Bruce 74 
Trotter, Paul Arnold 85, 97, 334 
Trottler, Wallace G. 334 
Truscott, Peggy Jeanne 241 
Tsalaky. George 242 
Tschudy. James Jay 340 
Tucker, Clyde L. 305, 460 
Tucker, Elsie Lynn 334, 443 
Tucker, Lee W. 242 
Tucker, Luther C. 277 
Tucker. Lynn 106, 123 
Tucker, Tracy Willes 191. 241 
Tucktleld, Ralph Lee 242 
Tuel. Llla Doris 93, 242 
Tuel, Peqgy Eathel 93, 242 
Tueller, Sally 242, 395 
Turlev. Anna Jean 72, 277. 383. 

393, 456 
Turley, Donna Lee 334 
Turley, Oris Wayne 334 
Turley, Patricia Ann 242 
Turner. Barbara H, 93 
Turner, Bonnie Jean 98. 100, 117. 

Turner. Charles W. 456 
Turner, Gerald L. 252, 384, 428 
Turner. Norman Clyde 305 
Turner. Patricia Ann 277 
Turner. Rodney F. 305 
Turner, Shirley Lou 93, 334, 386 
Turnquist, Carole 242 
Tuttle, Dl»l8 Lou 277, 443 
Tuttle, Edythe 277. 445 
Tuttle, L. Elliot 74 
Twede. Lamar H. 306. 404 
Tweed, James R. 343 
Twitchell, Eph 242 
Twitchell, Clin Lamont 306, 391 
Tyler, Kent B. Ill 
Tyler, Reed Leroy 95, 334 
Tyler, S. Lyman 72 
Tyler. Sylvia R. 91, 157, 175. 277. 

Tyler, Virginia Haiel 277 
Tyre. Frank L. 397 
Tyson, Jean 94, 242 


Udall. Alice Jean 393 
Udall, Edith Idella 334, 445 
Udall. Richard Gary 242, 399. 405 
Uibel, Garth J49 277 407 440 
Ulrlch, Judy Lee 277 
Umphenour, Sterling G. 277 
Ungerman, Reld Grant 390 
Utiey, Dwiqht Wlllard 242 
Utiey, R. Kent 277, 406 

Valcamura. Lily 242 

Vance, George Robert 278 428 

Vance. Glen Wesley 405 

Vande. Paul Newton 242 

Van Cott, Marion Joyce 278 

Vandenberg, Lenore R. 445 

Vandenhazel, Ailko 243 

Vandyke, Jean Lucille 334 

Vanover, Connie Lee 93, 242 

Van Buren, John E. 242 

Van Patten^ Blaine 242 

Van Pelt, Charles Orr 242, 374 

Van Slooten, Don 53, 148. 159. 

334, 375. 385, 460 
Van /llet, Claude B. 242 
Van Vllet, Gerry H. 432 
Van Wagenen, Charlene 91, 163, 

276. 445 
"^an Wagenen, Glen E. 90, 399 
Van Wagenen. Robert LeRoy 306 
Van Wagoner, Betsy 70, 91 
Van Wagoner. Earl. Jr. 278, 450 
Van Wagoner, Elizabeth 242 
Van Wagoner, Gary 398 
Van Wagoner. John C. 277. 399. 

Van Woekron Norman G. 242 
Varner, John Smith 100. 242, 408 
Vaughan, Cheryldene 305 
Velasco, John E., Jr. 411 
Verbanati, Thomas R. 243. 638 
Ver Hagen. Noreen I. 72, 279. 409 
Vernon, Barbara 242 
Vest. Arthur Dee 334 
Vetefo. Andrew LaVell 242 
Vicenti. Carl A. 418 
Vlckers, May Beth 242 
VIelra. Emmanell Nani 145, 334 
Vlles, Claudia Eileen 306 
Vlllarreal. Nicolas A. 76. 242 
Vinci. Yolanda 76. 345. 409 
Vlsick. H. Hal 460 
Visser. Neil 420 
Vonroth. Audrey A. 342 
Vorwaller, Louis B. 306 


Waddel, DIk K, 278 
Wade, Alton LaVar 243. 358 
Wade, Bonnie Lee 307, 426 
Wade, Carol Ann 243 
Wade, Ewell Gene 334 
Wade, Iris 342. 416 
Wadsworth, Darlene 426 
Waford, Lavern 90. 306, 426 
Waner, Clara Beth 243 
Wagner, Elizabeth 307, 380 
Wagner, John Dllworth 95 
Wagner, Virginia 342, 410 
Wahlqulst, Austin 190 
Wahlquist. Charles A. 115, 116, 

307, 420 
Walnwriqht, Joan fl, 278, 389 
Waite, Clara Ann 278 
Walte, Elmer LaVoy 307 
Walfe, Llla Marie 93, 243 
Wakl, Mitiuo 278 
Waler, Melba 93 

Walker, Dan Leonard 278, 421. 457 
Walker. Diane May Bell 243 
Walker, Etfie Irene 243 
Walker. Garth L. 60, 334 
Walker. Gayle 306, 404 
Walker, Harold C. 405 
Walker, Janice 243 
Walker, Janice Leone 243 
Walker. Jess Morgan 243 
Walker. Kay 420. 456 
Walker, Kent Samuel 243. 457 
Walker. Larry R. 243 
Walker, Lowell W. 278, 412 
Walker. Lynn Paul 243 
Walker. Nolan G. 279. 419 
Walker. Sanford S. 105. 334 
Walker. Utahna M. 306 
Wall. Gary 243 
Wall. Mary Francis 243 
Wallace, Jean P. 243 
Wallace, Marione 243 
Wallls, Carolyn 55. 190, 243 
Walser, Meiba 243 
Walston, Milton Lee 334 
Walters, Val Jensen 243. 390 
Walton, Gayle E. 95. 307, 393 
Walton, Viola Fern 278 
Wanlass, Dorothy Joan 243 
Ward. Ben J. 334 
Ward. Dennis Eric 334, 407 440 
Ward, Eira Marlon 279, 450 
Ward, John Lindsay 195, 456 
Ward, Marilyn 91, 278 
Ward, Marilyn Kay 278 
Ward, Patricia Ruth 278 
Ward, Wendell L. 93. 243 
Wardrop, Glenn Arnold 307 
Ware. Colene Joan 243 
Wareing, Barbara J. 7l 167. 416 
Warner. Charles Younq 243 
Warner, Jean Anona 94, 180. 243. 

Warner, LaRae 93 
Warner. Martha Mae 89. 176, 306, 

Warner, Paul 60 
Warner, Sandra Renee 93, 243 
Warnlck, Carl F. 243 
Warnick. Robert E. 60, 279 
Warnock, Arda Jean 120, 334 
Warnock. William Paul 243 
Warr, Carol Gay 88, 89, 142. 334, 

Wasden. Archie G. 91. 334 
Wasden. Barry 53, 306. 371, 457 
Wasden, Bruce L. 306 
Wasden, Delmar, Francis 243 
Wasdon, Duane 462 
Waters, Clifford Ray 306 
Waters, Max LeRoy 278. 392 
Waters. Nell Van 3S8, 421 
Watklns, Arthur R. 68 
Watkins, Carolyn 243 
Watklns, Mary Lou 343 
Watklns. Nina Eileen 334 
Watklns. Phillip G. 243 
Watson, David McCrae 335. 404 
Watson. Nymphas C, Jr. 243 
Watson. Robert C. 243 
Watt, Barbara L. 125. 306. 388 
Watters, Lillie Mae 243 
Watts, Carol 70, 243 
Watts. Don Eidon 91. 173, 306 
Watts. Elaine Andrus 70. 9i. 305 
Watts, Patricia Ann 93, 243, 437 
Waveing. Barbara 243 
Wayman, Lucy Gail 243, 395 
Wayman, Reid Lee 334 
Weather.ll, Rae 243 
Weaver. Barbara Ethel 243 
Weaver. Marilynn Diane 243 
Webb. Armond Paul 278, 390 
Webb. Barbara Joan 243 
Webb, Beverly Kave 243. 416 
Webb. Blaine D. 279. 448 
Webb. Elaine 243 
Webb, Florence 108 
Webb. John W. 334 
Webb, Stanley Gill 244 
Webster, Gayle Christy 276 
Webster, James W. 279. 430 
Webster, LeRoy A. 244 
Webster, Richard V. 244 
Webster, Vonda 244 
.Wedemeyer, Kenneth W. 411 
Weech, Annabell 60. 305 
Weeks. Barbara Lou 278, 447 
Weeks, Evelyn 95 
Welbell, Agnes Anne 92, 340 
Weight, Glen Aldous 305 
Weight, J. Reed 244. 462 
Weight, Jerold Arthur 244 
Weight. Richard 244 
Weight, Ted Leon W. 404 
Weiss, Bennett Allen 244 
Weiss, Gilbert Joseph 244 
Weitiell. Norman Lee 276 
Welch Arthur Huff 334 
Welch, Robert J. 335 
Welker. Dudley Struan 80. 306. 405 
Weller, Mary Carolyn 278, 388. 

Welllanls, Barbara L. 76 
Welling, Virginia Ann 279, 435 
Wells Anna Beth 244 
Wells. Gerald L. 305 
Wells. JoAnne 93, 244 
Wells. Milton 335 
Wells, Richard W. 50. 152, 159. 

250, 252, 276. 449 
Wells. Willie 276 
Welsh, Patricia Ann 244 
Wengreen, Earl Wayne 244 
Werner. La Rae 244 
Wessel, Beth 123. 244. 422 
West. Barbara B. 54, 89. 244, 421 
West, Barbara Lyn l50. (64. 180. 

335. 421 
West. C. Keith 54, 80, 335, 456 
West, Henry George 278. 457, 343 
West Joseph Donald 279 
West. Robert G. 80, 109, 111, ISl, 

166, 186. 335 
Weilenskow, Lowell 306 
Westover, Flora 244, 405 
Westover,^ Udell 353 
Westra, Gerald John 244. 372 
Westwood, Ardis 343. 393 
Wettlaufer. Robert K. 142. 244 
Whaanga, Albert 159, 315. 335. 

409, 412 
Whatcott, William John 278, 451 
Wheadon. Dean 244 
Wheadon. Pearl Ellen 279, 447 
Wheat. Sally 244 

Wheller. Aletta Bemlce 244 
Wheeler. Doretta C. 93. t02, 305 

Wheelwright, Frank M. 305 
Whetten. Lloyd Albert 279 
Whetten, Othello G. 335 
Whipple, Elayne 244 
Whipple. Marlene 279 
Whltaker, Robert E. 335, 353 
White, Carol Lee 244 
White. David 340 
White. Dl<ie 244 
White, F. Dean 244 
White, Glen H. 335 
White, Harold Boyce 60 
White, J. Morgan 80, 340 
White Janice 184 
White, Norman Nelson 335 
White, Teddlc Lou 244 
White, Wayne D. 175. 335 
Whitear. Glenn 305 
Whltear, Melvln J. 244 
Whitehead. John Clark 244, 358, 

Whitehead. Wllda 439 
Whlteley, Joyce 54, 80. 187, 335. 

Whlteley, Virginia 244 
Whiting. Ann 88, ISO, 335, 386, 

Whiting Harriet Ranae 186, 244 
Whiting, Jay Call 244, 450 
Whiting. Rondo Ernest 336. 441 
Whiting. Shirley Mae 244 
Whitney, Betty Lou 126, 306. 410 
Whitney. Florence Marion 244 
Whitney, Garth Benson 109, M2, 

Whitney, Marcia 76, 244, 426 
Whittaker. Evan 60 
Whittle, Charles W. 336 
Whittle, Jack 343. 431 
■ Whittle, Marcia 307, 454 
Whittle Sylvia Lee 68, 94, 244 
Wlberg, Marilyn 335 
Wible, John Robert 278, 371, 428 
Wlckman, Neldona 24 
Wight, Laura Merrilyn 244 
Wight, Mark H. 244, 451 
Wight. Shirley 244 
Wight, Ted 92. 93 
Wlghtman. Jeanne A. 278 
Wilcken, Dolores 186. 278 
Wllcock, Sandra 102. 244 416 
Wilcox. Dee Clyde 244, 366 
Wilcox. James Harlow 119, 244 
Wilcox, Leo C. 397 
Wilcox, Ronald Wilson 91, 164, 244 
Wilde, Lorene 244 
Wilde, Orvin Geral 142. 164 
Wilde. Ruth 163, 187. 279. 421, 435 
Wllken. Mable 307 
Wltkey, Lois 276. 417. 447 
Wilklns. Darwin Orson 247 
Wllkins. Delora May 306 
Wilklns, Dolores E. 426 
Wllkins, Franklin Ray 245 
Wilklns. George R. 336 
Wllkins, Joey Elee 245 
Wilklns, R.chard Rulon 67, 69, 

Wllkins. Woodroe L. 245 
Wilkinson, Clynn J.. Jr. 245, 427 
Wilkinson, Marian 33 
Wlllardson, Dona Marie 399 
Willardson. Joanne C. 336 
Wlllett^, George R., Jr. 431 
Wllley, Gwen Luclle 244, 395 
William, C. Davis 307 
Williams, Ariel 440 
Williams, Barbara Lynn S4, 278 
Williams, Dean 67, 306 
Williams Elden 8. 306 
Williams, George L. S3, 107, 335, 

Williams, Glen Lee 93. 306, 448 
Williams, Glenn Robert 92, 335. 

Williams. Lamar Frank 244 
Williams, Lynn 371 
Williams. Nyle 245 
Williams. Owen Blair 340 
Williams. Paul Deloss 335 
Williamson. Gary Clark 306, 406, 

Williamson, Herbert R. 245 
Williamson. Reid Jay 342 
Willis. Janet Relva 278 
Willis John Grldlev 457 
Willis, Kelly 278, 4K 
Willis. Reed Morgan 405 
Wllies, Blaine 244 
Willmott, Ann Bams 121 
Wlllock Shirtey Alice 245. 407 
Wills. Mary Catherine 278 
Wilsen. Don 24S 
Wilson. Arlo Luther 278. 414 
Wilson, Arnold 278. 367 
Wilson. Avard Lynn 72 
Wilson. Bert 450 
Wilson, Sonnle Rae 245 
Wilson. Byron Gale 67, III, 33. 

Wilson, Carlyn 276 
Wilson, Carolyn S. 278 
Wilson, Dorothy 245 
Wilson, Eber Keith 245, 450 
Wilson, Grant M. 66, 305 
Wilson, J. Paul 116 
Wilson, James Vernon 245 
Wilson, Janice Carol 126. 278 
Wilson. John L. 127. 306 
Wilson, L. David 335 
Wilson. Lawrence D. 70, 307. 390 
Wilson. M. Lyman. Jr. 306 
Wilson, Max E. 60, IIL 335 
Wilson, Mollle Marie C. 335 
Wilson Ruth Nellie 24S 
Wilson, Rae 69, 93, 245 
Wilson Shirley Anne 245. 39S 
Wilson William A. 72. 278 
WImmer. Jean 186, 278 
Winegar Marjory Lorene 184. 278 
WInegar, Maiine 306. 445 
Winegar, Nell Curtis 80. 306 
Winegar. Norene Heslop 335 
Wing, Barbara 245, 402, 407 
Wing, David Allen 38S, 404 
Wing. Jack Hildebrand 306 
Wing, Joyce Campbell 335 
Winger. Gay Elliott 278 
Winger. J. Oscar 306 
Winkler. Bernard Udell 419 
Winkler^ Beth Bluebell 306, 419 
Winn, ^an J. 105, 279 
Wlnsor, CaHeen M. 93, 279 

Winsor, Mary Lynn 24$ 

Wlnsor, Rulon Gerald 94, 109, III. 

116, 157, 307 
Wlnsor Stanlee Ann 94, 245, 405 
Wlntch, Jlllynn 124, 187. 306 
Winter. Lee Anne 245. 454 
Winter. Lewis John 164. 283, 307 
Winter. Rue Ann 9S, 306 
Wlnterbottom, Ethlyn Jean 246 
Winterbottom Marion F. 245 
Winters. Francis Burton 91, 115. 


WIntertoft, Doyle W. 279 
Winterton. Eldon W. 60. 93. 279, 

300. 412 
WInward. Joy 278, 393. 447 
Winward, Ned R. 112 
Wirig, Frank H. 335 
Wirrlck Allyn 279 
Wlscombe, Geraldine 245 
Wise. Neva Rae 279 
Witson, Larry 245 
Witt, Leonard M. 279 
WlHke, Dayton D. 279 
WlHorf. John Herbert 245. 422 
Wlxon, Carl J. 342 
Wofflnden. Arthur J. 279, 307 399 
Wold Royce Oarrel 85. 279. 414 
Woldnouse, Eleanor 340 
Wolfley. Richard D. 245 
Wolfgand. Marcus 246 
Wolsey. Barbara Kay 245 
Woli, Gerald Coulam 24S 
Wood, Annette 187. 437 
Wood. Carol 93, 245 
Wood. Clair Stephen 307 
Wood Connie Garland 245 
Wood, Don Charles 354 
Wood. Enid Carol 117, 245 
Wood. Karen 245 
Wood. Karin 93. 189. 416 
Wood. Karl George 197, 245 
Wood. Kay 380 
Wood. Marilyn 69^ 97^ 245 
Wood. Marilyn 1^7, ^46 
Wood Mona Maude 245 
Wood, Paul LaVon 245 
Wood. Reid Morgan 245 
Wood, Wanda Jean 334. 379, 438 
Woodburg. John W. 279 
Woodbury, John Bryce 335. 404 
Woodbury. Lael J. 142. 340 
Woodford, Hugh J. 340 
Woodward. John David 50. 51. 

152. 163. 279, 460 
Woodworth, Chartes J. 307 
Woolley. Myra 245 
Woolley, Ouentln 33S, 450 
Woolston, Lynn T. 399 
WooMon, Madelyn 307, 458 
Wootton. Richard Roland 307. 450 
Workman, Jessie Marian 121, 307 
Woriley Donald S. 246 
Worsley. Joan K. 279. 426 
Worsley. Klea E. 335 
Worsley. Linda J. 91, 335, 443 
Wortham. Wilbur R. 279 
Worthington. Keith N. 109. 112, 

335, 417 
Wrathall, Claude Prior 164. 24S 
Wrathal, Jay W. 279, 396, 422 
Wride, Atton 246 
Wride, C. Hayward 307 
Wride, Qonna Jean 245, 435 
Wride. Jenele 92. 343. 406 
Wright. Beverly 93, 335 
Wriqhf, Curtis 307 
Wright, Dawn LaBelle 246 
Wright. Garth Holmes 307 
Wright, Gerald Dean 69 
Wright, Glenna 246 
Wright, Grant 342 
Wright, Jack Olsen 112. 335 
Wright, Janice Louise 247 
Wright, Joseph Mertin 33S 
Wright. Karen Laura 92 
Wright, Karma 63, 335 
Wright, Lucile C. 93. 121 
Wright, Lolce 345 
Wright, Mary Evelyn 93 
Wright, Merlene 246 
Wright, Norman 412 
Wright, Rae 279. 388 
Wright, Max'ne 124, 246 
Wright. Sharon Gay 244 
Wright, Verta 93 
Wright, Wayne Morris 246 
Wright, William L. 335 
Wursten, Bruce Robert 173 
Wyatt, Sidney Ball 358 
Wynder, Frank Curtis 307 
Wynn, Anno 246 

Yack, Alreta 93. 246, 421, 435 
Yamakawa, Tom T, 336 
Yancey. Sharon Avon 122, 246 
Yardley. Gilbert 342 
Yaple, Warren A.. Jr. 246 
Yarn, Marilyn 125 
Yearsley, Joan Elame 246 
Yeoman. Paul Edwin 246 
Yeomans, Betty Rae 96, 279, 4S4 
Yeomans, Gertrude A. 246 
Yorqesen, Delamar Ralph 247 
Yorgensen. William Lynn 246 
Young, Colleen 307, 443 
Young, Dorothy 102, 246 
Young, Florence Beth 246. 414 
Young. Inalyn 246, 395 
Young, Janice 279, 388, 443 
Young, J. Lowell 336 
Young, Jerry Sherman 92, 246, 399 
Young. Joane Dorothy 93, 246 
Young. Marilyn L. 307, 388 
Young. Marilyn 63, 142. 307 
Young. Marvin Gerald 246 
Young, Nolan G. 80, 336 
Young, Robert M. 246 
Young. Vem Maeser 92, 246 
Young, Willie 246 
Young, Yvonne 279 
Yunes, Esperania Y. 409 

Zabrlskie. Bob R. 92. 94. 430 
Zabriskle, Jay R. 269, 396 
Zell, Barbara Marilyn 246, 426 
Zirker. Marilyn Gay 246 
ZiHing, George F. 60. 307, 433 
Zitting, Harold LeRoy 113. 307 
ZobelT. Gordon N. 307 
Zobell, Keith W. 60, 307 
Zwahlen. Kenneth D. 66, 107, 336 






, *^ 

"... and now, remember the words 
of Him who is the life and light of the 
world, your Redeemer, your Lord and 
your God. Amen." 

D&C 10:70 

If w^ 



■ ■::§ 

I i n