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Member of the Rocty Mountain Intercollegiate Press Assc 








Business Manager 

Photograph Editor 

Associate Editor 

Art Editor 

Copy Editor 





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YouA, cambuA 

J. — J ere, is the campus . . . com- 
posite picture of an atmosphere 
of learning. Old buildings . . . 
mellowed from all the experience 
and knowledge contained within 
them . . . modern edifices repre- 
senting modern education . . . 
new researches . . . things to come. 

Trees . . . which wave and bend 
an unashamed ear when lovers 
stroll under them. Benches . . . 
where you basked in the Indian 
summer and early spring. 

Grounds . . . white with holiday 
snow . . . green with the awakening 
of sleeping buds . . . walks not 
showing but representing thous- 
ands of footsteps as students 
rushed from class to class. 

The stadium . . . witness of 
cheers of happiness . . . suspended 
silences . . . roars of excitement. 
Ballrooms . . . full of light remem- 
brances . . . fluffy dresses . . . 
happy talk . . . rhythm. The Smith 
building . . . here religion was 
taught . . . you went to church . . . 
gave thanks to God for BYU. 

hubkfiM&L you/ . . . 

Above: Student service building . . . housing offices . . . bookstore . . . student publi- 
cations. Below: Joseph Smith Memorial . . . scene of religious . . . social activities. 

'>•')* r 4 . 

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mi i g : ^a 


Students relax in front of the Carl F. Eyring center . . most modern structure between the Mississippi river and the Pacific ocean. 

SAodflw, AhjokMh^ 

Dome of the science building . . . depicts height of scien- 
tific learning. 

Ground floor of the science center . . . modern stairways 
. . . glass walls . . . capacious lecture halls. 

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• fr - ..... • , 


Timpanogos . . . sleeping lady ... to reach her summit is a must during college life. 

Memkwk ok aKifte/tfee becudy . . . 

Students enjoy walking . . . crisp . . . invigorating weather. 


View of Squaw Peak from Library steps. 

Southeast view of newly dedicated McKay building. 



Heber J. Grant Library . . . home of countless words of 
knowledge. Here you digest Plato . . . cram for finals. 

Brimhall building built in 1919 as a one-story building 
now has three floors. 

The fieldhouse . . . echoing cheers at ball 
games and applause for assemblies . . . 
can seat 10,000 people. 

A% aggregate oi 


Heritage Halls. Here girls live in units of six . . . learn from necessity . . . meal planning . . . budgeting . . . co-operativeness. 

lb oH and tke witf 













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•.x:r- Sal H 

cJW, ocrtMtted 


T ou came to school for know- 
ledge . . . not just out of books 
. . . from life. You cranked up your 
old model A . . . gave it a wash- 
ing job . . . took your favorite girl 
to the prom. 

You thought you were a future 
Lawrence Oliver . . . tried out for 
the lead in Hamlet. 

Hitching your wagon to a Hem- 
ingway star ... you worked on 
student publications. 

You liked sports . . . couldn't 
have a TV camera at all football 
games . . . cheered for the team 

You wore levies on the autumn 
leaf hike . . . snow togs for snow 
sculpturing . . . cultured expres- 
sions to lyceums. 

You worked hard . . . played 
hard . . . enjoyed every minute 
of the never ending schedule of 

BtiQiwUed uok/ . . . 

Roger Sant leads a serious discussion. 

Flat top relay between Dr. Isaksen and Lloyd George. 

Volley ball at Brighton. 

Fall leadership conference ... en- 
hanced by beautiful setting . . . Alpine 
Rose lodge in Brighton . . . theme "Full 
Speed Ahead" . . . stressed need for 
retaining . . . strengthening spirit at 'Y' 
. . . Leaders impressed by great po- 
tentiality for wonderful school year . . . 
responsibility of leaders . . . needs of 
growing studentbody . . . Enthusiasm 
high for new year. 

Etfeocta/ed %& \Mi... 

Leaders must be singers too . . . Janie Thompson leads participants in fun songs. 




Newcomers show they are well versed in friendly "Hi" tradition. 

FkjoAk OkMtftim 

Newcomers went on tours . . . listened 
to welcome speeches . . . visited ad- 
visors and tried to remember rules and 
regulations . . . They took entrance 
exams . . . learned about the honor 
system . . . got first week crushes on 
upperclassmen. Freshmen were won- 
dering . . . asking . . . giggling . . . 
feeling homesick . . . They traveled in 
groups . . .absorbed facts and instruc- 

John Ward, Ken Bacon, Jack Zenger, Pat Nowell, Dr. Isaksen 
discuss orientation plans. 

Now out there 
Twice as hard 
Night life 

Registration . . . always complicated . . . more efficient this year than in past . . . smoother . . . faster . . . less waiting in lines. 

Out ok Patnofogy CoJudA? 

With anticipation students waited to be called . . . picked 
up packets . . . poured over class schedules . . . consulted 
with advisors . . . filled out numerous forms . . . checked out 
in triumph ... or in despair. New system of registration 
set up spring quarter . . . many students able to register in 
fifteen minutes. Use of blueprint-making machine made 
copies of directory cards . . . cards for class schedules . . . 
Saved alphabetization . . . time . . . labor . . . strain on 

Hi Ei/^ujone ! 

Signs saying "Hello from everywhere," bloomed 
on the campus during 1954 "Hello Week" . . . 
freshmen were made to feel at home . . . sopho- 
mores and juniors were glad to be back . . . 
seniors were sad because this was their last year 
. . . Everybody wore hello tags and smiled . . . 
Pres. Wilkinson used "Welcome and Welcome 
Back," as the theme for his first official address 
in the Tuesday devotional . . . Outside on the lawn 
upper classmen offered daily courses in "Hi- 
ology" to the bashful, unfriendly, snobs, and 
freshmen . . . Inside the classrooms professors 
smiled or shuddered, as the case might warrant, 
at returning students . . . regarded newcomers 
with anticipation . . . but they said hello to every- 

Row I. Dick Brannock, Jean Sabin, Caren Cottam. 
Row 2. Joy Beckstead, Juanita Taft, Malan Jackson. 
Rqw 3. Kelvyn Cullimore, Alan Thomander. 

Above: Kelvyn Cullimore, Dick Brannock get schedule 
cards from Juanita Taft. 

Below: Arthur "Sherlock Holmes" Butler meets Coleen 
"La Petite" Lawrence. 



Frosh Week Committee: Gale Griffin, Dave Gardner, Joan Seymour, Zuriel Elvin, John Thompson, Reed Jenkins. 

Freshmen were lively . . . full of pranks . . . good sportts . . . They all donned blue bonnets . . . girls became 
pale-faces . . boys wore "far out" costumes and downy cheeks . . . Identification signs and odd blue and white 
socks were a must . . . Frosh glee clubs directed by upper classmen, gave concerts of school songs through- 
out the week . . . their assembly was actually good ... At senior court Justice was meted out to those caught 
in misdemeanor . . . Freshmen made the "Y" sparkle and were allowed to throw off their frosh togs for the stu- 
dentbody dance which climaxed Freshman Week. 

Cooling off an un 

Joan Carter and Joan Schoenfeld think makeup is here to stay. 

Large crowds gathered for event . . . every Wed- 
nesday . . . variety of dances . . . live music . . . 
livelier dancers. 

G&HkQ Ufa ihb Au/kg 

Mat Dances . . . big part of some student's life. . . breaks monotony of week's studies . . . good 
way to make new friends . . . could be parleyed into a big date . . . sponsored every week by a 
different group . . . held in Social Hall . . . one day was girl's choice, but more fellows came 
than girls . . . Polyandry? 

Meeting someone for the first time 
might lead to bigger things. 

Couple here seemed to like each other ... un- 
abashed man in rear seems unaware that dance 
is biggest ten cent value. 

Upper, left to right: Joyce Summer-hays, Alyce Jones, Juna Abbott, Colette Green. 
Row 2: Howie Edwards, Karl Snow, Bob Driggs, Jim Marshall, Dick Oveson, Kent Lloyd 
Lower left: BYU rooting section performing card stunts. 

Lower right: Mr. Greenig, Jane, Mr. Benson, Barbara, Dr. Eddington, Jane, inspect 
queens' trophies. 

You displayed "Y'd Horizons" at 
homecoming Time. Queen Barbara 
Benson . . . attendants Jane Greenig 
and Jane Eddington made an impres- 
sive court of royalty . . . they had a 
full week of radio ... TV appearan- 
ces . . . Friday night you lost your- 
selves in a musical fantasy . . . Field- 
house Follies . . . current campus ac- 
tivities, classrooms, and favorite 
hangouts were displayed in musical 

Classes, honoraries, social units . . . 
worked hard to have a prize winning 
float in the parade. 
At the game you wore white . . . 
cheered vigorously . . . your team 
won . . . you were proud to be a 

After the game social units gave 
welcome home receptions for visiting 

Queens received corsages from Mrs. 
E. Wilkinson and gifts from their 
mothers at the annual queens' ban- 

At the homecoming dance . . . pres- 
ent and past students enjoyed the 
facilities of three ballrooms. 

• -rr 

Trophy winners in women's section were the Silhouettes . . . Maureen 
Benson, Joan Worsley, LaPrele Badouin. 

The Madriguys . . . Sam Thompson, Lloyd Tew, Orval Skousen, Dick 
Robison were winners of men's section. 

Attendant Jane Greenig, Queen Barbara Benson, Attend- 
ant Jane Eddington greet crowd from Homecoming float. 

The game was televised. 



A giant clamshell on a sandy beach was the Nautilus 
social unit's entry . . . won prize for best float. 

Beauty trophy went to Val Hyric social unit . . . pink 
swan . . . graceful girls. 

"I think I can" was theme for Junior class float which 
won the organization prize. 

Theme 'interpretation prize was awarded for the Art 
Guild's brilliant blue planet. 



Hikers climb Indian style. The walk made Larry Shumway thirsty. Lorenzo Allen, Ken Coleman watch 

Gene Allen eat. 

Hie gkmt otxtdooU 

Destination reached, games are played. 

Winter blasts failed to stop the autumn 
leaf hike this year . . . guys and gals in 
levis and pedal pushers hiked to the head 
of Rock canyon . . . were rewarded by 
autumn scenery . . . refreshed by food 
served at the end of the trek . . . The 
Louisiana Hayriders provided music for 
the western Hoedown held that night in 
the fieldhouse. 



Terry O'Brien crowns Norma Gregson at Sophomore Loan Fund Ball. Attendants Jane Longsan and Mary Jane Arnold wait for their turn. 

Pe*wted tW Heaven 

Angels . . . clouds . . . pearly gates ... St. Peter ... a stairway to Heaven . . . celestial settting for coro- 
nation of queen Norma Gregson . . . attendants Mary Jane Arnold . . . and Jane Longson . . . Took place at 
Sophomore Loan Fund Assembly. During the intermission at the dance, royal trio was escorted to a Heavenly 
throne . . . presented with sceptors of flowers . . . Needy students are beneficiaries of the proceeds. 

Muriel Gale, Terry O'Brien, Pat Ingram in Soph Assembly. O u een Norma Gregson presented by Rex Lee at assembly. 

Lois Lockhead, Bernard Barnes, Roger Sant, Janice White, Lloyd George, Joann Penrod. 

I^Am ok mj dJi&mA 

Hawaiian Kahlis ... "blue lights ... fishnets ... orchid pond . . . big moon" set the atmosphere for "Blue 
Hawaii . . . only girls' choice dance of the year . . . Most preferred man Roger Sant . . . preferred men, Lloyd 
George, Barney Barnes, Kent Hilton, Malcee Blaisdell, Drew Crowley, Dick Oveson, Terry O'Brien, Bud Stone, 
Dick Robison, Jerold Hill, Edmond Parker, and Jack Lords escorted members of the AWS committee. Girls 
picked up checks that night . . . everyone was cought by the magic spell cast by the Hawaiian fantasy. 

& # £v 

eference Ball committee, front row, (I to r) Carol Bennett, 
argaret Thompson, Davelin Ahlook, Joann Penrod. Back 
w, Barbara Williams, Janice White, Helen Gehrke, Lou 

Kent Hilton and Roger Sant enjoy being preferred men. 

Bob Oliphant and Shelly Long execute a Yule dance at the Mistletoe Frolic intermission 

Unctefc tke wA^m 

Sprays of mistletoe . . . placed suggestively . . . Holly berries . . . gleaming red . . . subdued lights . . . dreamy 
dancing . . . atmosphere of Christmas gaiety . . . warmth . . . Floor show included songs . . . dances depicting 
holiday cheer . . . Camera man made permanent memoirs possible . . . Delta Phis made dance possible. 

Christmas dancing ... A Merry Mistletoe Frolic . . . Mary Jo 
Paramore and Heber Thompson 

Mistletoe Frolic committee, Jack Alberts, Larry Oler, Darwin 


• •*<: 









/*# - 

J. R. Nielson and chairman Mel Close pack boxes with gifts to be sent to needy families in Christmas Drive. 

Udp -firt flout Wfok 

As organizations filled quotas . . their Christmas tree ornament was lighted . . . Gifts 
to state mental hospital . . . needy families. "Skiirud" assembly put on by Nautilus . 
social units . . . featured Santa Claus appeal for donations. 

. . contributions . . . sent 
. Brigadier . . . Templar 

Max Hales congratulates Denise 

Mel Close says "your organization's 
light is still unlit." 

Carol Bennett puts her ornament on 
the tree. 

Dedication of the David O. McKay Building . . . President McKay . . . honored by naming of new building after him." 

A MmumI to- PteMded 

President Wilkinson, President McKay, Mrs. McKay, Joseph F. Smith at dedication dinner 

■ ''» "His Jtf£ 

Soviet Q McKay 

Top: Building dedicated Dec. 14, 1954. 
Middle: It covers approximately 60,000 sq. feet. 
Lower: Construction started March, 1954. 

President Richards, President McKay watch as Mrs. McKay cuts ribbon at dedicatory ceremony. 

Cross country hike ... Dr. Jay B. Nash . . . presents cup to 
Sherald James. 

Officer Gerald Matthews . 

campus cop . . . friendly 

Mote klgkfojfiid ok -PM quaAto 

Geographic Assembly . . . welcome back from everywhere. 

Campus Blood Drive . . . students gave willingly. 

Heber J. Grant Oratorical Contest . . . won by Rex Lee. 

Faculty Leadership Conference . . . President David O. 
McKay . . . and Dr. Henry Isaksen. 

Israel speaker . . . Raana Silver . . . new ideas to student- 

Thanksgiving Assembly . . . combined choruses ond concert band . . . under Dr. John R. Halliday. 

Christmas TV Program . . . Ralph Laycock makes music. 

Journalism Conference 
regional confab. 

high school students ... at 

Weber Club's Sweepstakes Prize . . . "The Trapper" 

IS!!- » H 


O.S. Trovata's "Grey Seal 

First place in social unit 

Whieiv hnyoibjLj hBQmi djjJtkc 

11 » ,t ■ t 

4 ;< 

Queen Beverly Hokanson . . . attendants 
Bernice Heyman, Helene Baxter . . . judged 
on beauty . . skiing, skating ability . . . 
,reigned over week's festivities. Bigger . . . 
more unique sculptures . . . judged by art 
professors . . . theme . . . "Snowbound" . . . 
Tausigs won "Broken ski trophy" for ac- 
cumulating most paints . . . An original song 
. . . "Snowbound" written . . . sung at assem- 
bly . . . Skating champs . . . Neal Kidd, figure 
skating . . . John Blair, speed trophy. Skiing 
champs . . . Class A downhill, Bob Porter- 
field; Class B downhill, De Von Fife . . . Class 
A Slalom, and cross country, Darlin Newey 
. . . Class B. Slalom, Bill Soodridge . . . 
Women's downhill, Phyllis Wilson . . . Wom- 
en's slalom and cross country, Barbara Stew- 

The downhill ski race. 


Art Guild's "Goddess of Snow" . . . First place in Miscellan- 
eous division. 

ike Gmtf CoMml 

■ «« 

The Committee: front row: Gwen Poulsen, Jack 
Lords, Mary Sorenson; back row: Grant Bigelow, 
Paul Loakinland, Dave Ward, John Ward. 

Organizations worked day and night to complete their snow sculptures. 





Banyan queen Martha Hammond . 
Luana Glazier, r. 

. . crowned by Mrs. Ernest Wilkinson . . . attendant Alice Harding I., attendant 

ocuiycuA Moufoi/ Rouge 

Parisian motif . . . balloons . . . clustered . . . multi hued . . . Atmosphere . . . Bohemian . . . Candles . . . side- 
line tables . . . checked clothes . . . queens selected from portraits . . . chosen by Virginia Mayo . . . Jack 
Palance . . . assembly typified further adventures of Mr. BY Woo ... his wife . . . family . . . Outstanding 
feature of assembly . . . can can. 

Couples enjoy atmosphere of Moulin Rouge. 

Mark Fullmer, John Marlow, Roger DeMordaunt . . . assem- 
bly dance committeemen. 


Dance Committee: I to r., 1st row: Shirley Bailey. 
Carolyn Roberts, Carol Layton; 2nd row. Bob Har- 
ris, Jesse Asay, Roger Haglund, Vernin Murdock, 
Paul Miners, McKay Andreason, Gary Stoddard, 
Bob Lundquist, Dick Bell, Frank Moscon, Gordon 

Concise marching of drill team during intermission. 

Le Bol Mitae 

Coronation of Queen Joann Carter, seated. Attendants, left to 
right, Juna Abbott, Carol Groshell, Alice Harding. 

Theme . . . Winter Wings . . . spon- 
sored by AFROTC . . . sponsor corps 
. . . cadets in full uniform ... jet age 
decorations ... As queens ascended 
throne ROTC chorus sang . . . queens 
were awarded trophies ... jet planes 
mounted on stands with plaques 
bearing their names . . . First student 
dance in new armory. 

Snarf. Sharon Ov.att . 
Wilford . . ■ » ha , 

" Dun k" Larsen, . . • 

. Freda, Art Hardy 


n of Bounce, Oscar 

Tk# Co i wmim o^ Qmhk 

The Bibler Bounce . . . laughter reigns as "Worthal" receives Little Man on Campus certificate . . . Professor 
Snarf and Freda take time to smile . . . the work behind a successful evening . . . acceptance speeches . . . 
Professor Snarf . . . worst teacher on campus . . . actually one of the most popular. 

Bibler Bounce committee: Virginia Brinkerhoff, Art Hardy, 
Elva Christe.nsen, Dale Barney. 

Wilford "Snarf" Smith . . . makes acceptance speech. 

Fast moving boxers display talents . . . ac- 
complished sportsmen, fighters don't pull 
their punches. 

Mu&fe Etfkxfectfotf, 

AMS Fife Night ... a flurry of fists . . . action and excitement . . . this is no love-tap, pal . . . getting that other 
shoulder to the floor . . . muscle against muscle . . . but fun as friendly competition takes place in clean sports- 

Tight corner . . . note headgear protection. 

Pinning hold . . . and hard to keep. 

Heavy training result . . . recoil facto 

Rooter beanies, or caps . . . cheering section innovation. 

Cosmo unveiled . . . Clive Moon released from sweaty job by 
Danny Gallego, '54 Cosmo. 

Mote klgkflgto 'ofc iMefv quaJto 

All-Church M-Men Basketball Tournament . 
from every geographical area. 

playoffs in Fieldhouse . . . largest basketball league in the world, attracting players 

'▼F Tf?f *Tm?iwjn|ft.f1!.1 


* *'• • J 7 ' * „*. ***** J* * m ,, v 

Lloyd George stands with $18,000 Carillonic Chimes . . . four 
class project. 

Ring Week . . . Ray Beckham leads discussion of campaign. 


Futuristic concepts advanced by electronics expert 
phone assembly. 


Dr. Parley Christensen participates in "Discovery," BYU pro- 
duction over KSL-TV. 

Utah Class B Basketball Tourney . . . High school players fighting for state championship . . . drew capacity crowds to Field- 
house as cheerleaders raised home fans to frenzy . . . and themselves too. 

Debate winners . . . Floyd Brown, Rex Lee, Nancy Briggs, Caro- 
lyn Parker. 

- c 



Great Religions series . 

. . Father Arnold E. Paroline discusses 

Dick Oveson and Leah Mcintosh occu- 
pied pleasantly . . . cake samplers. 

President William E. Berrett presents 
locket to Belle of the Y, Marilyn Brim- 
hall . . ■ attendants Jo Ann Nielson, 
Janet Beck. 

Belle of the Y ... let me taste your wares ... a week of contests . . . happy moment as queen is crowned . . . 
a most coveted title . . . the spirit of the Y shining forth in the smile of a lovely girl. Dancing . . . soft lights 

and soft music ... a world of modern magic . . . setting for romance ... an evening to remember . . . behind 
it all . . . shoulders at the wheel . . . willing to do a good job. 


Relaxation after a week of tension . . . work. Heels and hose dance . . . pleasant companionship. 


off tiie*Y vmk 

Belle of the Y committee: Jeanie Broadbent, contests; Jane Atkerson, co-chairman; Janel Drake, 
publicity; Carol Mickelson, dance; Dell Call, con tests; Tom Reeve, co-chairman; Mark Fullmer, 
dance; Stan Gould, publicity. 


Val Norn unit . . . winner of trophy in women's division for song "Love in Fantasy. ' 


1 i j ' : ' ' ' ; ' i 

-«i»L.i*i<iUf,« ii.,..J 



O. S. Trovata . . . second place winners. 
Val Hyric . . . second place winners. 

Nautilus . . . had best song . . . tied for third place. 
Tausig . . . third place winners. 
Cami Los . . . tied for third place. 


Brickers . . . won first place in men's division for composition "Recollection in Fantasy. 

"Ethereal Fantasy" . . . theme of '55 song test 
. . . Social units originated . . . practiced . . . 
presented . . . songs. Ambitious song leaders 
aided by threat of late and non-attendance fees 
roused sleepy members at unearthly hours . . . 
drilled parts . . . organized section rehearsals. 
Composers drafted scores . . . poured out melo- 
dies. Costume chairman used imagination . . . 
skill in designing appropriate costumes. Under 
the leadership of Beryl Sleater committee mem- 
bers arranged seating . . . presentation order. 
Narrators were Glenn Harmon and Diane Ells- 
worth. Finale . . . creative dance to "Black 

Jeanette Boyack . . . composer of best song . . . Lois 
Ray . . . president of Val Norn . . . Barbara Allen 
. . . wrote and directed Val Norn song. 


Magical silhouette. 

A fantastic world of Gossamere . . . material from which dreams and 
fairies' wings are made ... a land of dreams come true ... a formal ball 
. . . highlight of fashion ... a band of irenown . . . happy hours in a night of 

Committee members . . . front row: Vicki Larson, Ellen Keeler, 
Joyce Hawkes, Helen MacDonald, Joan Gay, Diane Manwar- 
ing, Rae Bennett. Second row: Clair Lee, Carl Johansen, Dick 
Bell, Bill Jackson, Frank Johansen, Mel Close. 

6 WV h 


cheerful leader. 

Swinging from a star. 






( 5°^«^^" . . JumM VhjmmxAB 

Dreamy . . . formal bermudas. 

Uncramped corner . . . jitterbugging. 


CoMfalOKA. . . PoAtew. . . Qpwk& 


Only sweater to fit all evening . . . 
Lloyd George tailors Wid Tingey. 

Chagrined look on Ward's face is 
not a reflection of job he will do. 

ImuQuJid 'Ball 

Inaugural Ball . . . tension and suspense rewarded by glimpses into future year at BYU . . .as a new slate of 
studentbody officers were presented after general spring elections. Record eighty-three percent of student- 
body participated in elections . . . giving new officers strong confidence vote on which to draw. New class 
officers . . . studentbody officers . . . and representatives were presented to Fieldhouse crowd. Short dance 
and entertainment added anti-climax to evening. 

Manager Bob Dnggs. 


Sylvia Tyler . . . outstanding in service. 

Doris Bacon 

. . . outstanding in leader- 

\iA ou vDimmA iMld 

Advance Decorations for girl's choice dance being displayed for Maxine Reed. Pictured are Maxine, Marge Sudweeks, Jeanne 
Holmes, Carol Harward. 









Newly elected AWS officers: Mar Johnson, president; Maxine Men guiding AMS in '56: Phil Brown, Mel Close, president; 
Reed, Jeanne Holmes, Barbara Hart. Bob Anderson. 

Women's Week . . . and it's a woman's world around the campus. Highlighted by fashion show . . . dance 
. . . banguet. Supervision of AWS . . . fashion show featured new spring wear . . . dance was girls' choice 
and decorations centered around a globe and prominent women . . . banguet presented awards to out 
standing co-eds who were named at Annals of Achievement program. Highlight of year for organized 

Nineteen fifty-five spring fashions displayed at Women's Week Fashion show were shown by Jean Mortimer, fashion show 
chairman; and LaRee Adams, Mary Jo Paramore, Elaine Kenney. 



Tentative organization of Spurs, honorary service unit . 
featured Joyce Stephenson, Bonnie Berrett. 

Freshman conference at Fieldhouse 

future leaders need 

SAtfiB JtigfifZgta oi 

L.D.S. Tabernacle Choir and BYU Symphony Orchestra 
as special Easter program. 

New editors for '56 publications . . . shown leaving for Denver 
Journalism Conference are John Marlow, Banyan; Elva Chris- 
tensen, Wye; and Steven Hales, Universe. 

presented two performances . . . one in Salt Lake. Given 

Dean Clarence Cottam . . . received national Conservation 
Award at out-of-state conference. 

'"H r 

-*--»* -v 

<? *T 

Two thousand church members attended devotional during 
Conference Week in April ... at special invitation. 

AphhQ quato 

■ 4 -'^^ 

- f *f ( 

David O. McKay at April Conference of Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints . . . heavily attended by BYU 

BYU Invitational Track Meet . . . attracted participants from all over Mountain West...from junior colleges . . . high schools 
and junior high schools . . . outstanding intermountain track affair. 

First tour in over twenty years for New York Philharmonic Sym- 
phony Orchestra . . . stopped at only a few universities and 
was sponsored in two Utah appearances by BYU. 



Piano Soloist 





Y-Day . . . postponed at press-time. Emblem is probably on 
mountain in background. 






a k 



° r b V musical • i S P r °ducerJ L ' He Sc >- 

': **- c CC8s , ; Y ° w ^ -»- orga „, a ,* s - *> ^ 

"••Wcworfrf S ° rc °^aJ r ° U9 '' «« yea„ . 

9 re a < ^ C °'°*/ S ° f "—. Wo w 3S *" 

* *• ^ . ^***"*. . . . " ■ ■ ■ *« e, mac/ ,. *»" 
"™ - W 9e ' ' "^ <» G f ee ts T "' S ^, of , J " ' ' 

""" »*■ *• it J:; -« « oe J"— • ■ • -b*. 

p ^'-- wfadafB ;;;- foo( 

U "»« year. . _ 


John Halliday 

Madrigal composition began in Italy . . . 14th century . . . 
became custom to gather around table lit by candlelight 
. . . sing madrigals . . . Group is composed of twenty-eight 
selected voices. Directed by Dr. John Halliday . . . organ- 
izer of group. Among this year's activities were tour of 
Southern Utah . . . tour of California . . . Summer plans in- 
clude trip to Canada . . . Presented winter quarter concert. 

Orval Skousen . . . president 
Joe Armstrong . . . vice president 
Lou Elison . . . secretary-treasurer 
OFFICERS Alan Holyoak . . . librarian 

Catherine Neilson . . . historian 
Leota Baird . . . social chairman 
Jane Ann Packham . . . publicity 

ModMgal ShgeW 

A concert is presented in the Salt Lake Tabernacle 




■ mrm. M 1 * 

1 1 to 

■^T^* * * 

< ; 

t g^^^^^hl' . 1 


_r-j:i ■ 

(sitting) Joan Naylor, Catherine Nielson, Ina Lou Elison, Leota Baird, Marjorie Cook, 
Beryl Jensen, Marva Dance, Colleen Lawrence, Jane Ann Packham, Barbara Benson, 
(standing) Joan Gunn, Phyllis Nielson, Sam Thompson, Jim Rawlings, Orval Skousen, 
Gaylon Harmon, Noel Burke, Rick Raile, Paul Montgomery, Dick Robinson, Alma Pate, 
Joe Armstrong, Ronald Beck, Ted Hunter, Alan Holyoak, Lloyd Tew, Karan Hartley, 
Cherryle Steed 

They're on their way to Dr. Halliday's cabin in Provo canyon 

Front Row: (left to right) Nannette Owens, Marilyn Worsley, 
Beth Wardell, Joan Smith, Ann Taylor, Janet Bradshaw, 
Marilyn Hall, Donna Glazier, Martha Tmgey, Gwyn Andrus, 
Carol Johnson, Sylvia Whittle. 

Row Two: Mildred Meyers, Pat Strong, Carol Partridge, 
Merrill Bradshaw, Paul Williams, Bud Stone, Ed Tetreault, 

Garvin Hanchett, Sherman Johansen, Monte Benson, Vickie 
Richards, Sylvia Tyler, Jeanette Boyack. 
Row Three: Pat Palmer, Joan Schoenfield, Jesse Stepp, 
Betsy Van Wagoner, Ronnie Vaughn, Vic Hansen, Bud Jones, 
Kirt Winder, Dean Haleston, Dick Hinckley, Don Grimes, 
LaRae Dunn, Lorna Erickson, Laura Lee Fawson, Marolyn 

A CappMob CkM 

The Provo tabernacle is the scene for an a cappella concert^; 

f A~>*. 



Row Four: Barbara Weaver, Muriel Gale, Evelyn Murray, 

Dick Robbins. Delmont Truman, Fred Garrett, Gordon Ked- 

dinqton. Don Milner, Jess Combes, Clark Bennett, Carl 

Markworth. Parley Belnap, Carol Dawn Sorenson, Joan 

Worsley, Chris Polttis. 

Row Five: Luene Johnson, Nita Hutchinson, LaPreal Badouin, 

Dan Rhodes, Bob Lundquist, Zan Winn, Jack Van Buren, Hal 

Larson. Ralph Boswell, John Herbst, Evan Judd, Hal Connell, 

Marilyn Roundy. Brooke ^mpte. Joa^a Hobbs. 


Newell B. Weight 

A Cappella Choir . . . directed by Newell B. Weight is 
perfection . . . appreciation of fine choral music. Went on 
tour to Northern Utah during fall quarter . . . plans to sing 
at April conference . . . Spring quarter included a trip to 
Northwestern states. 

Fred Garrett . . . president 

Donna Glazier . . . vice president 

Nanette Owens . . . secretary-treasurer 

Sylvia White . . . historian 

Vicke Hansen . . . publicity chairman 

Beth Wardell . . . alumni secretary 

Harold Connell . . . councilman 

La Rae Dunn, Jeanette Boyack . . . assistant directors. 

Tours are fun and the unexpected is ever present 

£. r 2 1? 

Front Row: Nell Goodman, Annette Newman, Sharron Ben- 
son, Mary Maxwell, Barbara Smith, Audrey Heidelbaugh, 
Dianne Allen, Margaret Jacobs, Joan Dixon, Kay Stone, 
Velma Jackson, Sharon Steele. 

Row Two: Kathryn Davis, Carma McPhie, Barbara Dunn, 
Audrey Clark, Jackie Cronk, Louie Pergolizzi, Lloyd Eld- 

ridge, Charley Taylor, Karin Richards, La Deane Olsen, Nan- 
nette Bybee, Marilyn Wagstaff, Merilyn Luke. 
Row Three: Gayle Griffin, Lauretta Atkisson, Alice Moody, 
Louise Keddington, Gary Blaisdell, Kendall Whittaker, John 
Chamberlain, Dick Jensen, Ross Phillips, Norm Nielsen, David 
Dance, Gale Nelson, Mary Hunt, Dorothy Leavitt, Hanna 




Karen Richards, Kathy Beck, Jim Scoresby. Kathleen Caseman, and Charles Taylor enjoy skating at Riverside Roller Skating Rink. 








Mae Williams. 

Row Four: Judith Manwill, Monta Lou Walker, Louise John- 
son, Peter Davis, Jim Scoresby, Robert Stephens, Jack Hund- 
ley, Kenneth Cottle, Glen Harmon, Lynn Mickelson, L Dean 
McCue, Pete Bennett, Rex Arnett, Diana Hunt, Ethel Noel, 
Jolene Farley. 

Row Five: Shirlene Robinson, Phyllis Griffin, Lula M. Hilton, 
Russell Bender, Robert Oliphant, Robert Smith, Rex Estes, 
Albert Hansen, James Lane, Lynn Weller, Norm Bodily, 
Don Carter, Jerry Peterson, Peggy Haller, Luana Wortham, 
Kathleen Caseman. 

Newell B. Weight 

College choir consists of eighty-seven members . . . under 
direction of Newell B. Weight ... is preparatory group 
for A Cappella choir . . . aim is for individual . . . vocal 
techniques . . . sang with combined choruses in June con- 

Calhryn Davis and LaRae Dunn, accompanists 

Officers: sitting, Diane Hunt, John Chamberlain, presi- 
dent; Karin Richards, (standing) Charles Taylor, Barbara 
Dunn, Margie Sudweeks, Norm Nielsen 


Front Row: Colleen Hearne, Juana Dalton, Loa|oy Moesser, 
Ma y Lou Nielson, Alice Coffall, Lila Ann Hams, Shirley 
Ann Reed Margie Call, Carol Nan Bee strand, Sondra 
Evans Diane Pace, Kathy Winters, Jill Clarke, Mane Lund, 

Beverly Simmons. . _ , n 

Row Two: Eleanor White, Lea Ann B.ngham, Carol Deane 
Boswell, Carole Clayton, Betty Lou Fleming Janee Camp, 
Belva Jackson, Ann Saville, Rosemary Foley, Sharron Bryan, 
Pat Burrows, Toy Soldrick, Shirley Hadley Sherry Rowse, 
Glenna Bond, Geralynn Hobbs, Donna Cramer, Marilyn 

Row Three: Viva Miller, Ruth Benson, Janice Evans, Janet 
Green, Claudette Cook, Earlene Jo Herman Evelyn Cran- 
dall, Beverly Devey, Aleene Sumsion, Mary Jean Wadde 
Helen Ann Hawkins, Kaye ^ndge Joyce Swan Phyls 
Bean, Margaret Joyce Urry LaRee Hemer. Betty DeBloois. 
Joan Hutchinson, Linnea Smith, Marlene Jarman, Bonna 

Row'Four: Carol Cook, Jeanine Maughan Natalie Jones, 
Junene Jones, Denise Karcher, Dorene Moody, Earlene Car- 
bine Nila Smith, Joyce Miller, Ellen Lomax Juana Dalton, 
Irene Duffin, Mary Barnett, Ferneth Brown, Frances Ander- 

Tourec I with ROTC Chorus . I to r. Shirley Hadley, Aleene Sumsion, Claudette Cook, Joan Dixon, Janet Green, Joyce Mu 
stein Barbara Jones, Lmnea, Juanna Dalton, Junene Jones, Phyllis Bean, Marlene Jarman, Margaret Urry, Jill Clarke, Kat 
Winters, beated: tleanor White. 




Cochran, Marilyn Stanley, 
bent, Aria Clegg, Evelyn 

Absent :' Sue Dele Hansen, Ann Simmons, Gloria Grant. 

K3Sa M ^^ 

Norman R. Gulbrandsen 

WomBik CfioM 

Women's choir is under the direction of Norman Gulbrand- 
sen . . . gave a Christmas concert with the ROTC chorus. 
Made tours of Utah high schools. Spring quarter featured 
a concert. Plans included singing at June conference and 
graduation ceremonies. 

Chorus officers: I. to r. Joan Dixon, costume chairman; Linnea Smith, vice-president; Kathy Winters, president; Margaret Urry, 
publicity chairman; Nila Smith, social chairman. Absent: June Jones, treasurer; Beverly Gearhart, accompanist; John Thompson, 
assistant conductor. 


Crawford Gates 

University chorus has three hundred sixty voices ... is 
under the direction of Crawford Gates . . . this chorus is 
open to any student who wishes to sing. It is remarkable 
in that there are only forty male voices to balance three 
hundred women's voices ... Is a test to the director's geni- 
us ... It performed at general conference and at gradu- 

UriMMty CbM 

Row one: Gene Twitchell, Dave Peterson, Kent Hunsaker, Carol J. Olsen, 
Doyle L. Redenbaugh, Garnet E. Birch, Bob Baker, James Penrod, DeLoy 
Vernon, Blaine Palmer, Robert Michie, L. Darrell White, Callis Watson, Frank 
Byers, Grant Hood, Wayne Mortensen, Arvel Fallis, E. Wade Quinlan, Glen 
Spalding, Lloyd F. Davis, Bruce Hood, Dee Wilde, Lathair Dutson, Lamar 
Porter, James M. Green. 

Row two: V. Robert Westover, Norman S. Johnson, George L. Abbott, Neil 
R. Call, Jesse Khnewa, Jackson M. Hilton, Avefua Fiso, Dave Hall, Leslie 
Newren, Robert L. Rokes, Clayton J. Glenn, Larry Mortensen, Robert A. 
Larsen, Boyd J. Hale, Claude Snow, Ronald Hanson, Paul King, Don Reed, C. 
Paul Andersen, Grant C. Brockbank, Doug May, Juan C. Read, Norman C. 
Homer, Ramon Kohler, Elmer C. Johnson, Dr. Crawford Gates, Conductor. 
Row three: Howard Lakin, Jon Russon, Dean E. Phelps, Landon Harriell, 
Tavita Fitisemanu, Richard E. Knight, Larry S. Larkin, Charles W. Penrose, 
Maxine Bryan, Jan Riter, Marion Bethea, Katherine Waymire, Eldon Copeland. 

Ruth Ann Boyer, Roma Miller, Sharon O'Leary, Vivian Medeiros, Cheryl John- 
son, Karla Chidester, Florence Izatt, Margaret Bushman, Carole Christensen, 
Carol MacKay, Jettie Wilson, Larelle Elizinga, Zane Buckley. 
Row four: Harlan Harrison, Lynette Bair, Shirley L. Palmer, Joyce Lower, 
Shirley Phelps, Shirley Rounds, Dana Brush, Nadine Billington, Vynette Nelson, 
Sharon Thornley, Shirley Swenson, LaGrecia Hutchinson, Glenda Waite, Oret- 
ta Jeanne Cluff, Carol Joseph, Peggy Nelson, June Thorne, Nadine Warner, 
Dorothy H. Prokopec, JoAnn Harrison, Donna Terry, Marilyn Terry, Pat 
Alexander, Genevieve Marumoto, Allison Eekaquaptewa, Carolyn Bennett, 
Melvin G. Wilson. 

Row five: Betty Ann Waring, Venis Wade, Carol Dee Marx, Lorraine Rees, 
Margaret Smyth, Janice Beckett, Vernon Adams, Allene Johnson, Jolene Yard- 
ley, Janet Dimick, Nancy Jean Parry, Annette Whiting, lla Payne, Cleone 
Hurren, M. Rostrom, Daryle Gold, Beverley Jones, Lora Lee Brown, LaVerne 
Elliott, Rhea Stone, Shirley Ann Tryon, Claudia Coster, Jean Doris Baziw, 




I J 

^ A O a * ' « 





Chorus officers: I. to r. Juan Read, assistant manager; Zane Buckley, manager; LaRae Dunn, assistant conductor; Martha Tingey, 
accompanist; Fred Garrett, assistant conductor. Absent: Melvin Wilson, manager for fall and winter quarters. 

Janice Ward, Marilyn Ann Miller, Barbara Pearce. Elouise Bassett, Marlene 
Shumway, Jeanne Noble. 

Row six: Joyce Hardy, Carolyn Williams, Shirley Ann Cannon, Janice Stock, 
Maurvene Slceem, Pat Turley, Janet Owen, Mary Sessions, Harriett Jones, Rita 
Torres, Elva Nebeker, Renee Robb, Nita Taylor, Junith Hancock, Gloria Chad- 
wick, Colleen McKnight, Anne Christensen, Aileen Lenroot, Claudia Morris, 
Ann Marie Nielsen, Janice Breeze, Judy Koplin, Sandra Pitcher, Jeanette 
Crowther, Helen Naylor, Eileen Packer, Jo Ann Scholes, Shawna Stokes, 
Marilyn Blaylock. 

Row seven: Bonnie Lewis, lEeanor Wcsterberg, Carol Peterson, Janet Smith, 
Marilyn Zingar, Renae Eldredge, Karen Smith, Ann Wright, Alene Bryson, 
Sandra Pickering, Betty D. Meyer, Carolyn Read, Betty Perryman, Jeannie 
Rushton, Laura Lee Maguire, Mary Ann Staples, Barbara C. Neeley. Elsabe'h 
Williams, Irene Goates, Loretta Vance, LuRae Fawson, Mary Palfreyman, Joan 
Whitaker, Bee Wright, Louise Snow, Mary Helen Frampton, Colleen King, 

Zuriel Elvin, Marlene Newman. 

Row eight: Carol Parkinson, Janeen Beasley, LaRae Nate, Natalie Welchoff, 
Elaine Rogers, Marian Ashby. Carrol Sutton, Mary Bragg, Cleta Johnson, 
Genevieve Kirby, Rheta Dee Layton, Barbara Yeates, Joye Peery, LaJuan 
Holman, Roma Bailey, Pauline Piatt, Marilyn Smith, Mary Murphy, Colleen 
Nielsen, Marlene Charles, Thelma Esther Dustin, Barbara Duke, Shirley C. 
Cole, Anne Smith, Flora Mae Robison, Shirley Lucille Huerta, Marilyn Eliza- 
beth Benson, Kathryn Smithson. 

Row nine: Ruth Ann Wood. Jackie Watt, Luella Robinson, Lavonne Thomp- 
son, Marilyn Barrah, Ardella Barg, Carol Gregory, Rita Cox. Erlene Christen- 
sen, Maryl Ingersoll, Reba Carol Watson, Jean Davis, Leah Peterson, Yvonne 
Spell, Mona Busby. Frances Griffith, Jean Broadbent, Peggy Oxendine. Sandra 
Warner, Dorrine Kesler, Irene Monson, Joan L. Gordon, Mary Beth Anderson. 
Suzanne Hamer, Margaret Redford, Donna Rae Stapley. Maurine Sullivan, 
Carol Dattge, Gwen Mecham. 


Don L. Earl 

Eighty voices . . . directed by Dr. Don L. Earl. This group 
was organized for students interested in both music and 
drama. Main project for year was . . . "Lakme" by Delibes 
. . . presented Winter quarter. Other projects were tours 
. . . Fall quarter to Southern Utah . . . and Spring quarter 
to Denver. Also presented concerts . . . one-act operas. 

Paul Smith Carter .... President Dee Green Publicity 

Kate McGuire .... Vice-President Janeen Jacobs .... Musical asst. 

Marcia Whipple Secretary Billie Moore Musical asst. 

John Marlow .... Social Chairman Sherrill Drake Reed Accompanist 

Madeline Dickey Historian Lois Telford Accompanist 

Front Row: Pat Pugmire, Joy Moesser, J. Louretha Albritton, 
Roberta Muirhead, John Marlow, Kent Moesser, Brent Shaw, 
Dr. Don Earl, conductor; Ralph Thacker, Brent Naduald, 
Ralph McBride, Connie Jo Haggard, Marcia Whipple, 
Madeline Dickey, Luray Cowley. 

Row two: Laurel Kay Shinsel, Jean Warner, Lora Dean Tay- 
lor, Darlene Holman, Gene Blinco, Daniel Jacobs, Var Man- 


'Lakme" major project of winter quarter . . . persented four nights in March . . . had two casts . . . three acts. 





> rr » 





waring, Kay Smith, Jay Wheeler, Steve Smith, Mike Oborn, 
Gordon Wells, Sharon Brown, Ramona Church, Mary Ann 
Hunter, Hazel Meeks. 

Row three: Marilyn Cartwright, Ruth Harper, Kate McGuire, 
Shirley Efner, Dee Green, Gary Lundberg, Earl Kern, Dan 
Bucknam, Dick Dastrup, Arthur Butler, Tom Erickson, Maurine 
Parker, Joyce Johnson, Dixie Green, Paralee Miles. 

Row four: Frances Atterton, Carol Thulin, Lois Telford, Jeri 
McClurg, Hal Visick, James Almond, Jay Naylor, Fancher 
Murray, Marlin Mather, Jim Peterson, Bob Powlan, Gene 
Larsen, Nanette Monson, Marilyn Ramsey, Janice Nelson, 
Billie D. Moore. 

Row five: Marilyn Bentley, Myrna Rollins, Mary Alice Tebbs, 
Jerry Helme, Naomi dinger, Jim Duggan, Paul Smith Car- 
ter, Sam Bradshaw, Jean Kartcher, Wayne Gilbert, John 
Radin, Garrold Shurtz, Ray Jolley, Edwin Morrell, Carol 
Anderson, Marenann Glele, Lorraine Smith, Sherrill Redd, 
Janeen Jacobs. 
Absent: Duchess Gillette. 

"A Sunday Excursion' 
train scenery. 

. . one act opera . . . featured unique 

Riders to the Sea' 

tragic portrayal of Irish fishermen. 


Orchestra accompanies opera, "Lakme. 

QyMphjML) Ohjck&Vwb 

Front Row: Anne Johnson, Dixie Robison, Betty Ann Hoover, Marilyn Jenson, violins; 

Professor Harold Laycock, Jean Abersold, violas; Carolyn Cottam, Evelyn Loveless, 


Row Two: Patsy Pace, Lynne Galbraith, Barbara Stringham, Army Lewis, violins; 

Geraldine Brown, Kathleen Keeler, Myrna Weeks, flutes; Professor Blaine Edlefsen, 

Jackie Gatenby, Donna Richards, oboes; Betty Sardoni, Marilyn Myrup, violas; Mary 

Decker, Professor Gustav Buggert, cellos. 

Row Three: Frances Kolb, VeNae Bryan, Lynore Hales, Maurine Whitaker, Yvonne 

Richards, Janet Greene, George Skyles, Annette Fife, violins; William Brown, Kay 

Seventy-eight members under baton of . . . Professor Lawrence W. 
Sardoni . . . completed many projects . . . accompanied opera 
"Lalcme" . . . Went on spring tour to Northern Utah and Southern 
Idaho . . . recorded music for "Happy City," a movie produced by 
the Church . . . accompanied Tabernacle Choir in Brahms Requiem 
Mass sung for Easter. 

Murt Mason . . . president 
OFFICERS Carla Cheney Taylor . . . vice-president 

Marva Larsen . . . secretary 

Lawrence W. Sardoni 

Mendenhall, clarinets: Lavaun Merrill, bassoon; Alan Cook, Larry Bastian, trumpets; 
Leona Flake, Marvin Skyles, Janel Drake, violas; Lavona Flake, Paul Barratt, cellos. 
Row Four: Cleone Hurren, Gordon Whiting, Shirley June Hanson, Marva Larson, 
David Christensen, William Mackelsen, Gaye Marchant, Douglas Palmer, violins; 
Lydia O'Brien, Marlen Mauss, Lani Morgan, James Loveless, basses; Barbara Bailey, 
Barbara Jo Allen, Donald Jessee, cellos. 

Row Five: Barbara Hoyt, Winelle Pommerville, Eugene Jensen, Georgia Bullock, 
violins; James Mason, Joyce Stephenson, Robert Gidley, Jimmy Nielsen, Richard 
Ballou, Karla Daun Taylor, horns; Boyd Hunter, Farrell Huff, Paul Mortensen, Richard 
Long, trombones; James Young, tuba, Louise Ekker, timpani, Don Page, percussion. 


Advanced group of seventy-five members . . . under direction of 
Ralph Laycock. Entrance ... by audition only . . . Projects were 
Winter and Spring concerts . . . two-day Fall tour in Utah . . . De- 
cember T.V. show . . . devotional assemblies . . . Nine-day tour to 
San Francisco in Spring. 

CovMt Band, 

Ralph G. Laycock 

Clarinets: Kay Mendenhall, Vonda Andersen, Mary Lou Jefferies, Pat Larsen, Blaine Quarnstrom, Darrell Hart, Margaret Scholz, Dorothy Da- 
vis, Robert Henrie, Hal Tucker, Ellis Hyde, Frosty Durden, Charlene Bronson, Claudia Stapley. 

Flutes: Kathleen Keeler, Joyce Baxter, Myrna Weeks, Mary Lou Ovard, LaVern Steel, Joyce Mairbourne, Nancy Folsom, Mary Stephenson. 
Oboes: Rita Call, Donna Richards, Jackie Gatenby, Professor Blaine Edlefsen. 
French Horns: Janet Wasden, Connie Simms, Laura Brewer, Joyce Stephenson, Jimmie Nielsen. 

Saxophones: Marilyn Stanley, Marty Conover, Don DaGradie, Mary Morley. Tubas: LaMar Porter, Noreen Hunt, Jack Smith, Ray Taylor, 

Bass Clarinets: Gloria Oldfield, Gaylord Harward, Jane Clyde. Bassoons: Janice Fife, Lavaun Merrill. 

Baritone Saxophones: Larry Beveridge, Dan Bucknum, Claude Snow, Eldon Lytle. Bass Violin: James Loveless, Thelma Davis. 

TV technicians set up telecasting equipment in advance for band concert. 

Trombones: Russell Fadely, Sandra Culllmore, Don Schaefer. Mary Decker, Paul Mortensen. 

Cornets: Marriner Beckstead, Annette Rowberry, Mua Sinapi, Donna Hamilton, Willis Hepworth. 

Trumpets: Floyd Murphy, Ervin Bingham. 

Percussion: Marion Wittwer, Wendy Midgley, Jerry Davis. Mills Crenshaw, Jay Hogan. 

Conductor: Professor Ralph Laycock. 

Absent: Cornets: Larry Bastian, Clyde Summerhays, Grant Elkington, Ronald Baum. 

Trombones: Farrell Huff, Richard Long. French Horn: Professor Richard Ballou. 

Tuba: Jim Young. Bassoon: Kay Bishop. Saiophone: John Binns. 

* fr" 


Front Ro«: M„y Lou Joff.rie, F~£ D«£] ^Jj*. 

Whiteley, Terry Moyer, Gloria 

VaMcty Band 

Gail Smith, Alice Caffall, Joyce S^Pjenson. 
omoson, Lois Howley. Janeen Johnson, Wal 


Janet Peterson. 

Joan Morrow 

Samuel O. Thompso 
* Oxborrow. S.n Hailnar Janet ryuu 


Officers for varsity and concert bands I. to r. Grant Elkington, councilman; Pat Larson, councilman; Larry Bastian, vice-president; 
Mary Lou Ovard, councilman; Kay Mendenhall, librarian; Mary Morley, historian; Vonda Andersen, secretary; Paul Mortensen, 
president. Absent. Jack Simth, councilman; Kay Bishop, instrumental manager. 



Richard Ballou 

gland, Marriner Beckstead Grant Elkmgton Clyde Sum- 
•rhavs. Gary Taylor, Charles Shelon Carl Chambrla.n. 
I Arnett, Robert Strang, Glen Probst, Theo Wilhams, 
>e Lyman, Orval Skousen. , 

3 w Four: James Greenhalgh, Cameron Hansen, Jack Sm th, 
,mes Young, Dick Ballou, Director; Jay Hogan C^de N.el- 
I Louise Ekker, Sandra Beckstead, Audry McCoy, Ken 

Versatile group of eighty members . . . directed by Richard 
Ballou . . . played pieces ranging from popular ballads 
... to classics. Played in formal concerts . . . and at games. 
Students auditioned for director in fall . . . many took band 
for pure enjoyment ... did not receive credit. 


Dan Moss, Elvon Warner. 

Pep music by band keeps game spirit high. 

yj , 

i I 

Column I: Orval Skousen, Ron Mortenson, Neal Lambert, Pat 

Larsen, Vonda Andersen, Bill Morley. 

Column 2: Eldon Meier, Jim Young, Donna Hamilton, Barbara Jo 

Allen, Terry Moyer, Raymond Robins, Russell Fadely. 

Column 3: Don Schafer, Janeen Johnson, Leroy Swedin, Craig 

Rawlens, Muriel Martell, Marion Wittwer. 

Column 4: Stan Stoneking, Gerald Jones, Val Lefler, Lois Hawley, 

Myrna Williams, Kay Bishop, Lloyd Tew. 

Column 5: Theo Williams, Dwayne Awerkamp, Wayne Western, 

Ward Wilson, Lois Telford, Jay Hogan. 

Column 6: Beth Simmons, Gordon Olsen, Ernest Jewell, Boyden 

Lee, Janet Peterson, Allen Christensen, John Kirkham. 

'-: -v 

Marching Band . . . most activities were held Fall quarter . . . 
spent many hours for our Homecoming . . . and also for USAC 
Homecoming . . . climax was Fall tour to Denver, Colorado . . . 
members were pleased to have new uniforms this year. 





? ^ 



- ••- 

^ ijiwn 

Column 7: Mary Decker, Joan Morrow, Gail Smith, Gary Taylor, 

Peggy Christianson, Don DaGrade, Elvon Warner. 

Column 8: Richard Needham, Jack Smith, Paul Carter, Frosty 

Duerden, Richard Jensen, Janeen Johnson, Daniel Buckner. 

Column 9: Paul Mortensen, Mary Morley, Donna Mendenhall, 

Gloria Whitley, Mary Lou Jefferies, Jerry Davis. 

Column 10: Mary Barnett, Cameron Hansen, Garven Hanchett, 

Nancy Johnson, Martha Hammond, Floyd Murphy, Joe Lyman. 

Column I I : Boyd Hunter, Vern Penn, Larry Bastian, Connie Simms, 

Hal Tucker, Bob Beishline. 

Column 12: Mills Crenshaw, Florence Hoxie, Robert Henrie, Mary 

Lou Ovard, San Heilner, Ellis Hyde, John A. Hart. 

Front. Dick Ballou, conductor; Val Crosley, majorette; Grant Elking- 

ton, drum major. 

The Debonettes 

RoseMary Andrus, Lani Hacking, Gwen Abegg, Janice Nelson, 

Patsy Hansen, Linda Lee Austin, Carolyn Barlow, Karen Smith. 

Band drummers bolster team ai tense moment . 

. . . while other members cheer for victory 


R.O.TG Bud 

Officers Sale Mecham, Ken Mason, Boyd Hunter, Orval Skousen, Kay Bishop, 

Revier Palmer 



19 &* %•* ^ 

Blaine Edlefsen 

Composed of twenty-seven enthusiastic fellows . . . from 
ranks of ROTC cadets . . . Added greatly to programs, 
at games and student activities . . . received no credit for 
hours of drilling . . . Gave Boy Scout Benefit Show in Fall 
. . . activities climaxed by Spring Review. 

ROTC band on drill maneuver 


Norman R. Gulbrandsen 

Male chorus selected from ranks of ROTC . . . directed by 
Norman R. Gulbrandsen . . . identified by red and white 
braid on uniforms. Chorus was much in demand . . . gave 
two concerts for studentbody . . . sang in devotionals . . . 
ROTC assembly . . . Boy Scout Benefit Concert . . . Went 
on Fall tour of Southern Utah . . . Spring tour of Texas . . . 
Group accompanied by Eleanor White. 

Front Row: Kay Bishop, Dave Squires, 
Doug Hess, Del Hughes, Kent Marlor, 
Blaine Nash, Ron Newsom, Warren 
Thornock, Bernel! Edwards, Brent 

Keen attention show ... as chorus sings for Lincoln High School- 

a £ 




Row Two- Jon Clark, Dale Coons, Carlos Andrews, Lynn Wool- 
ston, Robert Smith, Terry Bagley, Jim Phillips, Carl Olsen, John 
Briscoe, Russell Ward. 

Row Three: DeVon Hunzeker, Joe, Jerry Bagley Boyd 
Corbett, Derryl Herring, Thell Stewart, Jim R IC hards, Robert 
McBride, Gayle Norton, MarLynn James. 

Row Four: Jay Weenig. Chuck Warnick. Gordon Thurman. 
Richard Russell, Joe White. Darrell Ellis, Jesse Asay, Dale Laub, 
Ken Coleman, Callis Watson. & . 

Row Five: Gordon Roth. Bill Crane. Larry Kn.ght Dwight 
Kelsey. Keith Carlson, David Roberts, Grant Smith. Reed Millar. 
Ralph Bryson, Gary Lunt, Capt. Robert Brady. 

Chorus Officers include: Jerry Bagley, librarian; Gib Hutchings, publicity; Gary Lund, social chairman; Jesse Asay, treasurer; 
Bob Smith, secretary; Dale Laub, president; Ken Coleman, tour coordinator; Derryl Herring, tour publicity. 


l\ i 


Underground characters Bryan Renstrom, Tom Stone, Lael Wood- 
bury cower as ugly witch, Esther Rae Young, appears. 

Mrs. McThing . . . written by Mary Chase ... a satire on the 
upper social class. Directed by Harold I. Hansen . . . Mrs. 
Howard V. La Rue III through her snobbery to her son's play- 
mate Mimi envokes the wrath of witch . . . Mrs. McThing . . . 
the witch's vengeance produces an amusing . . . entertaining 
sequence of scenes. 


Ellsworth, the musical chef, tells his woes to 
Mrs. Howard V. LaRue III, played by Lorna 

Mrs. Howard V. La Rue III. 

a rich widow Lorna Erickson 

Carrie, a nurse maid Sandy Butler 

Sybil, a parlor maid Alaire Buttle 

Evva Lewis, a friend Elaine Erickson 

Maude Lewis, a friend Joann Leonard 

Grace Lewis, a friend Shirley Weeks 

Nelson, a body guard Ivan Crosland 

Boy (HowayJ Marlon Bentley 

Chef (Ellsworth) _ Cliff Birrell 

Virgil, a waiter Gordon Whiting 

Dirty Joe, a gangster _ Tom Stone 

Stinker, a gangster Bryan Renstrom 

Poison Eddie Schellenbach, 

the chief gangster Lael J. Woodbury 

Mrs. Schellenbach, Eddie's 

mother Saundra Porter 

Mimi, a little girl Diane Christensen 

First Policeman _ Kent Hurst 

Second Policeman Harold Oaks 

Mrs. McThing, Ugly 

Witch Esther Rae You.ig 

Mrs. McThing, Beautiful 

Witch Heloyce Hanson 

Diane Christensen, who takes the part of Mimi, the daughter of Mrs. McThing, tells Bryan, Tom, Lael and 
Lorna that she is a little white rose. 

Medea . . . adapted from the Medea of Euripides . . . directed 
by Dr. Lael J. Woodbury . . . Grecian tragedy . . . full of 
emotion . . . tenseness . . . Jason's abandonment of Medea 
drives her to murder the things he loves most ... his sons. 


The Nurse Dorothy Whittaker 

The Tutor Douglas Kerr 

The Children .... Glen L. Miller, Mark Erickson 

First Woman of Corinth Kay Graff 

Second Woman of Corinth Marilyn Wood 

Third Woman of Corinth . Jeanne Noble 

Medea Heloyce Hanson 

* Medio!' 

Creon Clyde Ricks 

Jason Robert Allred 

Ae 9eus Kent Hurst 

The Boy Messenger Steve Worsley 

Soldiers Carl Markworth, Bruce Weidner 

Attendants lo Medea Yvonne Boucher. 

Patsy White 

Kent Hurst as Aegeus and Heloyce Hanson as 

Above: Clyde Ricks as Cr- 
eon, banishes the barbarian 
Medea because Jason, her 
husband, has abandoned her 
in lieu of Creusa, Creon's 
young daughter. 

Below: Nurse. Dorothy Whit- 
taker, and women of Corinth, 
Marilyn Wood, Kay Garff, 
Jeanne Noble, listen in hor- 
ror as Merea proclaims her 
hatred for her husband, Ja- 

Anita Van Natter as Miss Marble, Robert Hicks as Joe, Garth Seegmiller as Anthony Burton, Gaylon Rowan as 
Charles Grey, Djani Williams as Miss D'ingle, and Fred Adams as Malcomb Bryant i.n a scene which was set at the 
local bank. 

Poid ok Mo- Refold 

Gaylon Rowan and his first love, Jessica 
Lovell, played by Mary Ellen Lilley. 

Pulitzer Prize winning play . . . written by Paul Osborn . . . 
directed by Dr. Preston Gledhill . . . one of few novels to make 
successful play . . . Modern drama picture of everyday life in 
busy world . . . featurues struggle of young bank executive 
against desire to use unethical self-promotion tactics. 


Nancy Grey Mary Dawson 

Charles Grey ..._ Gaylon Rowan 

Malcomb Bryant Fred Adams 

Anthony Burton _ Garth Seegmiller 

Jessica Lovell -— Mary Ellen Lilley 

Lawrence Lovell Arthur Butler 

Roger Blakesley Sam Melville 

First Clerk Mike O'Born 

First Teller Robert Nelson 

Second Clerk Harold Oaks 

Second Teller Charles Glasgow 

Miss Marble - Anita Van Natter 

Miss Dingle - Djani Williams 

John Gray - Douglas Kerr 

Conductor Eugene Keyser 

Jackie Mason Carl Markworth 

Esther Grey _... Marty Christiansen 

Tailor Jim Doerman 

Joe Robert Hicks 

Years Age ... by Ruth Gordon . . . directed by Morris din- 
ger. An actual play based on Ruth Gordon's struggle against 
her father's desire for her to become a physical culturist . . . 
sympathetic portrayal of life in the early part of the century. 


Clinton Jones, My Father .... Garth Seegmiller Fred Whitmarsh, A Beau Wes Craig 

Annie Jones, My Mother .... Barbara McGinnis Mr. Sparrow, 

Ruth Gordon Jones, Me Mary Dawson Who owned a wagon Robert Nelson 

Katherine Follett, Mr - V w?A V ' '""" ^ aiu .. c k 

My best friend Gerry Horn YMCA - Albert Sconberg 

Anna Witham. Miss Glavin, from out to 

My next best friends Lael Bean Brookline - Dorothy Whittaker 

Barbara McGinnis as Annie Jones, Garth Seegmiller as Clin- 
ton Jones, and Mary Dawson as Ruth Gordon Jones pose for 
a family portrait. 

*YeaM Aga" 

Mr. Jones lays down the law to Mrs. Jones and Ruth. 

Mrs. Jones supervises workingmen, Robert Nelson and Wes 
Craig, as they carry Ruth's trunk outside. 

Jean Madeira, contralto for the Metropolitan 

Concordia College Choir 

Symphony Orchestra led by Maurice Abravanel 
New Art Wind Quintet 

Mannes-Gimbel-Silva trio . . . instrumentalists 

Josette and Yvette Roman . . . duo pianish 

Herald R. Clark 

Lyceums . . . means of bringing cultural . . . 
classical programs to students . . . towns- 
people . . . For forty years Herald R. Clark 
has been responsible for the smooth func- 
tioning of lyceum programs . . . He has 
strong interest in helping students realize the 
importance of learning to appreciate fine 
music . . . student service center named after 
him. Schedule for season series included 
Sigmund Romberg Festival, Adele Marcus, 
Columbia Bel Canto Trio, Paul Badura-Shods, 
David Bar-lllan, Robert Weede, Robert Mc 


Fernando Germani . . . organist 

S'tolty d 


,.r\ oya/K, , 

i g • ■ ■ worn ' ' ' ° m rex 

°d hi '^*»* C,rni", Und ?*« • . . £ !» Queen, " " 1 •«** 

2f2 ' * ***ciX , F " nc 



• Jane Edd'mg- 

J-lomeeontkg Qae&iA 




Qopk. Loo* FumL 



•-ttss^ 3 ^ 


Qwtt QaeenA 


r , queen; Alice Hard- 


oa^cut/ QaeatA 


Marilyn Br.mJiaM.quee 

Beck, attendants. 

n . JoAnn Neilson, Janet 

Bdfe of UV 


Barbara Benson . . . friendliest girl. Ralph Boswell, . . . friendliest boy. 


'' T'l 



Roger Sant, preferred mar; Lloyd George, second preferred man; Ed flfcrke Jacl 
Lords, Dick Oveson, Terry 0'8rien, Jerry Hilton, Bud Stone, Kent Hilton, prefc 
men; Barney Barnes, third preferred man. Absent when picture was taken . Did 
Robison, MaKee Blaisdell, and Drew Crowley. 









■ »-, i 


" - - •>- 




0> u sy months Q f 

d, °f their l, Com Pet;t; on 

; ne - -* *«■* se acl ■ • — . ** . m ; - ■*>*** ty 

P ' a ^ beca We * P °''"' '° be . °*««bn 

end ( , "" ^l in ,u Sur P a "ed. a» 

6 " d ° f ">e game " '^se/v, s a „ eed . *" s "°rts . . . 

' ■ ' W,f -Posed J ' : ° Y <"»■»•> and „« J" 9 '' *" d a, ft. 
<"•</ some ,. resfra "»*. and a reso , t Sa '' a '«< *ftff. r . 

a W» ;; ' "** oc curs aj ^""^ M. ^ >- 

^ *****,„ ^^-P-a^enr 

9 as °"e entity n be <=om e 


-. ">.- .■■ . ■ 

Eddie Kimball . . . Director in charge of 
all BYU athletics . . . veteran coach. 

Sangleaders Francis Dain, Marilyn Worsley, Sandra Butler, Marilyn Abel, 
Dolly Carlson . . . synchronized rhythm. 

o. Y (J. QpiMi . . . ilwmpk ojhA 

A year of competition now in records . . . BYU fans saw their teams triumphant in some games . . . tragic 
in others. Fielded a strong football team . . . statistically . . . but strength failed to show where it would win 
games. Beginning with a green basketball team . . . and losing one of most promising players in Conference 


Interior of George Albert Smith Fi.eldhouse taken in natuural light during game intermission . . . baslcetk 


Cheerleaders Gaylen Clark, Elaine Merrell, Doug Stone, Cynthia Scott, Bob Rees 
unique job . . . best advertisement for school's spirit. 

. . introduced new style outfits . . . did 


. . . but still triumphant in upsetting all guessers . . . placing second behind powerful University of Utah. Mi- 
nor sports distributed championships . . . showed high potential . . . and were experiencing good year for build- 

pitol of Utah and Mountain West . . . Capacity I 1,000 roaring students . . . west bleachers shown. 


r ^ 

j #« 









n *j 

*• i\ • » 


Jim Crittenden (head under arm) 
leaving wake. 

Marion Probert 

Scholastic All- Dick Felt . . . about to peel a grape. 

Footfcoffi. . . a tote o(j aloe 

Disappointed Cougar fans saw their football team win only one game during the season . . .ended up in the 
cellar of conference. In all games the Brighams ledtheir opponents statistically . . .but were never quite 
able to beat them . . . Time ran out game after game . . . before winning touchdown crossed . . . Wagon- 
wheel trophy remained in hands of Utah Aggies . . . and University of Utah Redskins narrowly missed being 
beaten in season's biggest thriller. In all, however . . .the team, playing without "subsidy" . . . upheld high- 
est traditions of sportsmanship . . . great ambassadors of school in leading autumn sport . . . under excellent 
hand of "Chick" Atkinson, head football coach. 

Football coaches . . . kneeling, Owen Dixon, Dave Crowton; 
standing: Bob Bunker, head coach; Charles "Chick" Atkinson, 
Reed Nilsen. 

New Mexico 21, BYU 12. First game of season slip- 
ped by disillusioned Cougars . . . who outplayed 
Lobos in every department statistically . . . Played 
at Y Stadium . . . where main cause of defeat ap- 
peared to be too many BYU fumbles . . . managed 
to drop ball twice as many times as opponents. 

Arizona State 28, BYU 19. Racking up a 28-19 
win after a BYU 19-0 half-time lead . . . Sun Devils 

capitalized on four Cougar fumbles . . . cats literal- 
ly dropped their second game . . . played on home 
field. Paradoxically, Cougar scores also came from 
inopportune Sun Devil fumbles. 

Colorado A & M 14, BYU 13. One point loss jinx 
followed team in their battle with Rams . . . fumbles 
followed also as Cats dropped ball within four yards 
of A&M goal ... 14-13 score grew from BYU first 


blood in opening quarter . . . offense seemed good 
... as Brighams made 20 first downs to 7 for Rams. 

University of Utah 12, BYU 7. A desperate Cou- 
gar drive to break Redskin lead failed in last two 
seconds of play ... as time ran out before ball 
could be moved from Utah 9 yard line. Needed 
. one touchdown to break game wide open be- 
fore largest crowd ever assembled in Y Stadium . . . 
officials ruled out last minute do-or-die attempt 
. . . Cougars marched 90 yards to make first touch- 
down . . . began final threat from their own 32 yard 

Montana 7, BYU 19. Only game that the Brighams 
were able to win . . . televised to approximately one 
million fans . . . Montana scored first, but Cougars 
brought digits up to 19-7 in third quarter. BYU 
again had a 22-7 first down advantage . . . Home- 
coming game and part of large celebration . . . 
Grizzlies outplayed mostly on defense. 

Utah State 45, BYU 13. Completely lost in Aggie 
Homecoming ... as USAC kept wagonwheel ... ran 
past hapless defense. Cougar's only score came 
from an early 80 yard drive and a third quarter 
Aggie fumble . . . USAC broke away in last quarter 

to score three touchdowns . . . Unlucky Cougar fum- 
bles resulted in three of opponent's touchdowns. 

Denver 20, BYU 0. Playing in Denver Homecoming 
. . . Cats allowed Pioneers to tie with Wyoming 
for conference first place . . . most of the game was 
played on BYU half of field. Cougars were unable 
to capitalize on their one potential touchdown 
threat which came from a DU fumble . . . Denver 
lost a touchdown after game was less than four 
minutes old on a penalty of ineligible receiver. 

Wyoming 34, BYU 13. Cowboys bruised their 
way past Cougars as they scored five touchdowns 
. . . played in Y Stadium, game was the last of the 
year for Cowboys who were tied with Denver for 
Conference first place winners . . . two Cowboy 
touchdowns came from BYU fumbles, but in main 
. . . touchdowns result of hard, sustained drives. 

Idaho 7, BYU 0. Vandals took a hard fought contest 
. . . marching 72 yards to make their touchdown . . . 
time once again ran out on Cougars as they at- 
tempted their only scoring threat on a pass from 
10 yard line in the final quarter. Strong BYU de- 
fense hampered the hard-driving Vandals consider- 

VaMfaj . . . tigtoig koJid fa Au&fal 

Front Row: Willard Stolworthy, 40; Billy Meadows, 17; LaVae Smith, 46; Dick Felt, 21; Henry West, 10; Johnny Velasco, 19; 
Don James, 36; Jay Weenig, 68; Famika Anae, 59; Scott Farmer, 61; Lyle Heinz, 60; Bert Hunsaker, 80; Bob Olsen, I I. Row 
2: Owen Dixon, coach; Bill Whittle, 84; Ron Bean, 15; Dick Jardine, 58; Dalton Overstreet, 8; John Robinson, 73; Dave Kimball, 
J_4; Clint Ta_ylor, 67; Ken Gomm, 25; Dick Porterfield, 7; Bob Smith, 65; Gary LaComb, 22; Bob Loose, 64; Claude Blanch, 63; 


Bench shot at high point of game . . . note men in background . . . and crowd lining natural stadium. 


Phil Oyler, 20; Royce Ellcins, 78; Dave Crowton, coach. Row 3: Reed Nilsen, coach; Paul Brown, 85; Marion Probert, 81; Dean 
Gillespie, 76; Paul Mendenhall, 87; Dave Hanks, 70; Ralph Powers, 72; Ivan Muse, 66: Ray Neel, 89; Charles "Chick" Atkinson, 
coach; Dave McLaren, 33; Don Latimer, 75; Glen Taylor, 50; Lonnie Badger, 74; Tom Verbanatz, 83; Jim Crittenden, 9; Paul 
Kochevar, 55; Mario Holland, 88; Bob Bunker, coach. 

Ray Neel breaking over the goal . . . diagonal 
stripes at bottom . . . with Montana tackier falling 
off. Clint Taylor, Famika Anae, and Jay Weenig 
in background. 

Ken Gomm, Paul Mendenhall, Dick Felt, Gary La- 
Comb attempt breakout between trailing tacklers 
. . . straining power directed toward goal in Home- 
coming game. 

Mario Holland . . . doing interpretive dance 

with opponent . . . actually is successfully blocking 
pass, which is just above his fingers and off picture. 

Jim Crittenden . . . running into a little difficulty 
with persistent opponents . . . muddy war, with all 
frustration of live combat . . . and almost as deadly. 


Frosh Football . . . chance for future stars to 
gain experience for main team . . . direction of 
Owen Dixon . . . experienced largest turnout in 
history of "Y" athletics when tryouts were held 
. . . team below is cream of crop . . . should indi- 
cate large potential with which to build ... as 
coach hopes . . . greater BYU teams in near 
future. In games stacked up an impressive 
amount of statistics . . . could be dangerous 
when knowledge is applied later. Frosh limited 
mostly to training . . . played only three games 
. . . beat Montana 7-0 in opener . . . but lost to 
University of Utah Papooses 39-6. Avenged 
loss in game with Snow . . . won 46-0. 

Owen Dixon 

amiable frosh football 

Fwkinew/ Football 

Front Row: Val Grover, Richard Longson. Gordon Eldredge. Jackie Williams, Charles Scholes. Herb Pingree, Raynor Pearce. 
Harold Hawkins, Jack Clarke, Mackey Boley, Don Kochevar, Merrill Glenn. Row 2: Fred "Buck" Dixon, coach; Paul Dalebout, 
Tom Atkin, Scott Ballif, Carroll Johnston, Dean Harmon, Richard Edgley, Elgin Louder. Bill Matthews, Donald Cram, Ralph 
Migliaccio, Lyle Jensen. Row 3: Steve Hawkins, James L. Warner, Dan Nisonger, Jacob Post, Ted Hawkins. Fred Leavitt. Brent 
Hammond, Roy Bennion, Emer Winward, LeGrand Young, Mike Hinkley, Louis Christensen, Jerry Chadwick, Carl Shears. Dave 
Crowton, coach. Absent: Donald Dixon. 

1 % X 1 *1 


Lewis shooting. Pics taken at game with 
Washington State. 

Pinegar shooting . . 

Natural light photographs show Tebbs 
shooting . . . 

BaAketfmE . , . a tate off itecui 

Basketball . . . and Brigham Young University . . . two names nearly synonymous in the Mountain West and the 
nation . . . Experiencing a stormy season and ending with I 3 wins and I 3 losses, the Cougars more than once 
felt the coolness of a winter evening. Luckily . . . most losses came in pre-season play . . . when players were 
learning and growing . . . until they could compete with top national teams. Highlight of the season was the 
downing of high-flying University of Utah Redskins in an overtime classic. Brigham Young . . . contrary to 
pre-season selections . . . finished second only to Utah in the Skyline race. With only one senior graduating 
. . . the eye around the basketball center is toward next year . . . and another champion team. 



After a stormy pre-season basketball tour . . .met 
the New Mexico Lobos in opener on their home 
floor. Cougars . . . sparked by Terry Tebbs and 
Herschel Pedersen, who racked up 59 points be- 

Stan Watts . . . head basketball 
coach . . . nationally prominent on 
athletic counsels. 

tween them . . . defeated Lobos. Later in season 
. . . won again by margin of 26 points. 
Meeting Denver on their home floor for second 
game . . . trampled them with 22 point margin. 

Stroboscobic photographs display Herschel Pedersen 
big man for Cougars . . . 

Pedersen again . . . and a myriad of hands . . . 

Highest scoring in conference was shared by play- 
ers at this point. 

Meeting Montana first in the Smith Fieldhouse . . . 
and later at Montana . . . Cougars proved again 
that Montana had a distance to travel while play- 

ing in Skyline Conference. Second Montana game 
was nearly disasterous, as Cats sgueaked by with 
only margin of one point, 63-62. 
Utah State Aggies plunged their sticky fingers 
into Cougar pie . . . spoiling record by defeating 

Blaine Anderson 

Harry Anderson 

John Benson 

Van Burgess 

Ed Pinegar (on knees) and Lloyd Rasmussen . . . being frus- 
trated . . . 

Powerful Terry Tebbs ... in for a lay-up with Dave Lewis 
and Willard Herschi in background. 

ExphMM -fWt oflKofc 

Victorious Cougars carry Stan Watts off 
floor . . . after surprise upset of Utah. 

Van Burgess (4) sinks teeth into job with dubious aid of three Montana players. Rasmussen at right (19) looks on in awe while 
Lewis in background appears startled at sight. 

Cats twice. First game . . . Aggies, after being 
romped over the night before by U of U won 
62-58. Second game . . . much better from Cougar 
point as players unloosened, but were still losers 
by 76-71. 

Colorado A & M dropped both games to BYU . . . 
the first by 74-68. Second . . . Cougars broke old 
Fieldhouse scoring record and set a new one by 
94-65 defeat. Aggies finished one behind Cougars 
in Conference. 

Willard Hirschi 

Paul Kitchen 

* J* 

Dave Lewis 

Herschel Pedersen 


Ed Pinegar 

Splitting a series with highly rated Wyoming . . . 
lost first game at Wyoming . . . Cougars won and 
sailed into a 75-62 victory on the Fieldhouse floor. 
Wyoming ended fourth in Conference. 
Biggest game of year . . . and one which Cougars 
were laying for ... to upset highly-touted University 
of Utah Redskins . . . who finished first in confer- 
ence . . . Cats took an early lead in first game and 
held it most of the way . . . towards end of game 
lead seesawed . . . was tied at gun . . . and Cougars 
dropped next basket to win 76-74. Second game 
. . . lead changed hands I 3 times . . . until Redskins 
pulled out in final three minutes . . . and won 76-7 1 . 
Defeat was only one in Conference play for Utah 
. . . who had one of their best teams in recent years. 

Pedersen, team s leading backboard ace. reaches out to flip 
ball back to Benson, at right. 

VaM'rfy ... ci Vwudttm upkeUd 

Lloyd Rasmussen 

Lynn Rowe 

Tom Steinke 

Terry Tebbs 

Ron Turner 


Bob Bunker . . . capable Frosh 
team coach . . . character-builder 
. . . lays groundwork for future 

BYU 55 


Jr. College .. 


BYU 67 

Utah State, 


BYU 58 



BYU 57 



BYU 69 

Utah State.. 


BYU 50 


o University.. 


BYU 61 


o University 


BYU 58 

Hill Field. 


Freshmen Basketball . . . and again a time for building . . 
tition . . . main purpose is to build for future BYU teams . . 
play . . .and advance . . .but doesn't permit many wins . . 

. with top team players from high school compe- 
. rotation of players gives everyone a chance to 
. allowed only eight games. 

FMh*m BaAketfcaffi 

Frosh team . . . front row: Gill Moen, Vernon Roundy, Rowdy Knoald, Mark Frodsham, Duane Loveland, Joe Hansen. Second 
row: Lamar Wallbeck, Scott Ballif, Melvin Wilkes, Donnie Dixon, Russell Peterson, Glen Hatch, Don Penrod, Bobert Bunker 
. . . coach. 



Wrestling men . . . front row: Arnold Wilson, Allen Roe, Bill White, Reed Weight, Wendal Knight, Frank Thompson . . . second 
row: Jay Weenig, John Robinson, Dave Hanks, Jerry Brown, Gary Dunford, Marv Eagan, Bill Sommers, Reed Nilsen . . . coach. 

WeAt^n/ T)MAm CkoMpA 

Western Division Champions . . . wrestling team experienced good season . . . held many individual awards 
. . . for BYU, an upserge in popularity of sport . . . and for Conference, a formidable opponent . . . men have 
almost all had heavy training . . . and work to keep in peak condition physically. 

J tt** 


IBs w Tt Jl JLs 

u^l wb^P " "^ J ) ^K ^^^^u 

Reed Nilsen 
wrestler mentor. 


Front Row: Jokn Geertsen, Leroy Stickef, Rod Carter, Lanny Nielsen, Phil Cannon. Row 2: Fred "Buck" Dixon, coach; Max Fill 
more, Bob Peterson, Stuart Nelson, Kirk Bitter, Herb Creviston. 

• I • 

a uhjJuh, Apott 

Golf ... a pleasant game . . . and a pleasant 
team. Although getting off to a late start 
. . . due to uncertain Spring . . .team showed 
power in early games . . . were expected to 
place high in Skyline Conference . . . 
coached by Fred "Buck" Dixon . . . began 
season by beating University of Utah, 12-6 
. . . next game walked past Montana 13-4 
. . . and new team members were showing 
good promise. 

Max Fillmore . . . steady hand. Phil Cannon . . . getting started. 


Jim Hill and Gordon Crandal 

caught in action during game with 

Fred "Buck" Dixon 
golf coach. 

. . tennis and 

Tennis . . . and entering into skyline competition began season by beating Montana 9-0 . . . lost next game 
with Utah by 6-3 . . . good material showed up in new players . . . good turnout for sunny sport. 

Tennis team . . . front row: Heber Thompson, Cecil Clark, Gary Collins, Udell Clegg, Wilmer Lee, Jim Hill, Gordon Crandall 
. . . second row: Bob Meibos, Brian Davis, Max Frampton, Mel Schetselaar, Keith Strong, Gary Madsen, Ed Pinegar, Doug 
Smoot, George Cornford. Absent: Terry Warner. 


Clarence Robison 
on track field. 

top man 

Tkatk. . . whded kave w kfikt 

Willard Hirschi 

learing high 

A fast take-off . . . Harold Anderson. 

Neophyte birdman. . . Doug Spain- 


4 t O ^_ Y :0_ 4,T-0 


4 r O 



Front Row: Oscar Anderson, Sherald James, Bob Horton, Max Black, Harold Anderson, Gordon Smith, Louis Chatterly, Doug 
Spainhower, Claude Blanch, Bob Johan, Deelee Bird. Row 2: George Larsen, Wayne Lundell, Bob Ostler, Bob Spsakman, Cliff 
Merkley, Raynor Pierce, Ben Brooks, Arlen Johnson, Allen Warren, Paul Anderson, Charles Higgins, Harold Morten. Row 3: 
Dean Evans, Race Davis, Dick Chambers, Marvin Roberson, Willard Hirschi, Jim Crittenden, Frank Moley, DeLange Leavitt, 
Guy DeHart, Jim Andrews, LeMar Porter, Clarence Robison, coach. 

Track . . . one of major sports . . . BYU gaining reputation as track stronghold . . . talent in 
events comes from strict training . . . goals and ideals upheld to prove value of clean life. 
First games, traveled to Arizona, also were handicapped by weather . . . lost two games, one 
to Arizona State University, 76-55 . . . next game to University of Arizona . . . 76-55 . . . began 
preparations for skyline competition . . . expecting to set new records. 

Javelin cradler . . Charles Higgins. 

High man on a bamboo pole 
Louis Chatterly. 

Cougar batsman swings wide in game with Redskins 
played at Salt Lake . . . which Utes won 8-5. 

1 <* ^% ? 

Cougar baserunner . . . tensely awaits movement from Ute 
pitcher. Cougars dropped first game with Utah by 9-0 

Batsman swings over low ball . . . note ball about to enter 
catcher's glove. Cougars were bucking heavy losing streak 
at this point . . . but were putting up stiffer fight than 
previous Ute game. 

Conference time . . . Cougar coach Dave Crowton gives 
advice. Crowton has been coach for three years . . . first 
year team won Skyline Conference . . . very capable mentor. 











jg^ t j»ti^ | 

«fl ' * 

Front Row: Hy Richards, Arlen Jenkins, Lynn Jones, Ralph Morgan, Gary LaComb, Brent Pratley 
sen, Ben Madsen, Neil Stephens, Ken Lindquist, John Jorqenson, Phil Salter, Lamar Williams . 
Oyler, Tom Steinke, Dave Lewis, Glen Huff, Dave Crowton, coach. 

. Row 2: Norman Christian- 
. Row 3: Paul Kitchen. Phil 

IBakebM . . . ApffkQ Aport k&g 

Baseball . . . not too much college emphasis nationwide . . . although it is leading American sport . . . Cougar 
sguad showed lack of experience in early games . . . but fielded a strong team . . . expected to pose greater 
threat in final games . . . harrased with late spring as tryouts were held indoors . . . traveled to play many of 
their games outside state. 



Terminal Island 





liversity So. California 





1 1 


University of Utah 




University of Utah 


Dave Crowton . . . baseball men- 


Intramural officials . . . Bill Hafen, director ... Jim Hill, assistant superintendent 
. . . and Wayne Cable, assistant for independent sports. 

. Ray Skilling, assistant faculty programer 

Mewk \i^mmihjA . . . -ft* kfckA 

Men's Intramurals ... a former headache ... now efficiently run by Bill Hafen . . . program emphasises eligi- 
bility of all students to participate . . . either as individual or club . . . entrants in contests vie for cups . . . 
plaques. Play divided into three sections . . . Autumn quarter emphasizes flag football . . . other fall sports. 
Winter quarter sees largest turnout in basketball competition . . . nearly eighty teams competing . . . handball 
volleyball also run off . . . Spring quarter centers around outside sports . . . swimming . . . golfing . . . 

lohn Taylor . . . horse- Sherald James . . . cross- 

hoes, country. 



Phil Cannon . . . golf. Cecil Clark 


George Cordford 

Program offered variety of sports to participate in 
Bowling . . . held at Regal's alleys. 

Flag Football winners . . . PEM club . . . Jerry Brown, Mar- 
vin Roberson, Harold Norton, Reed Weight. Absent: Jim 
Hill, Ted Weight, Wayne Shute, Jay Naylor. 

Badminton action shot . . . tournament was held spring 
quarter ... as intramural program entered final activities. 

Basketball champs . . . Sevier club . . . kneeling in front are 
Coe Parker, Rod Shipp, and Burnell Mason ... in back are 
Dave Magleby, Jack Shipp, Royal Shipp, and Roger Utley 
. . . over eighty teams participated. 

PEM club . . . again winners . . . Gymnastics. Shown are 
Reed Weight, Dick Tullis, Joe Allen, Laurel Pope, Bob 

8 A Pi • 9 

Boxing winners . . . George Bowman . . . heavyweight, Leroy 
Stickel . . . light heavyweight, Hal Platts . . . lightweight, Mua 
Sinapi . . . middleweight, Pasito Magaoay . . . bantamweight- 

Volleyball finalists . . . Hawaiian club . . . Roy Runnels, John 
Velasco, Del Pearl, Rodney Kamalu, Norman Akita, Rogers 

Wrestling winners . . . front: Merrill Glenn, Jim Bolin, Alvin 
Jack, Frank Thompson . . . back: Lowell Wilkins, Sam Jensen, 
Jim Warner, Bob Judy. 

Bowling teams . . . Hawaiian club . . . front: Don Riggin, 
Mitchell Shirota, Norman Akita . . . back row: DeVere Payne, 
Roy Runnels, Harry Higa. 

Fencers . . . Darrell Marler and Ray Pope . . . illustrate un- 
usual aspects of intramural program. Pope won on the sabre, 
Marler on the foil. 

Basketball tournament was most heavily entered . . . games 
played in elimination tourney . . . many entered as independ- 
ent teams. 

Freshman basketball winners . . . front row: Jim Nielsen, Earl 
Smith, Roy Buettner, Grant Wood . . . back: Bob Wright, 
Norman Sheen, Ben Brooks. 

Softball tournament, played in spring . . . attracted teams 
from social units . . . with necessary manpower. 


Women's Intramural Council . . . front row: Kathryn Lewis, Marvel Carlson, Peggy Paulk 
row: Deslyn Edling, Renan Probst, Valorie Gartf. 

WovmA QpotfA . . . ct uKrtkaui toj 

Dancing class . . . large part of women's sport program. 


Women's Sports . . . organized to pro- 
vide physical activity for coeds . . . 
planned to relieve tension, fatigue . . . 
Intramural program sponsored under 
Florence Webb . . . but most pictures 
shown are from regular gym classes . . . 
showing recreational facilities for women. 

flie umfah, 

Leona Holbrook . . . Women's Physical 
Education director. 

Interior of women's gym . . . natural light. 

Swimming classes . . . Mary Anderson, Sally McClay, Beverly 
Durbln . . . display form at out-of-town pool . . . University 
plans installation of swimming pool at an early date. 

Archery . . . Diana Coombs and Shirley Taylor . . . classes 
are among most popular in program . . . some coeds com- 
pete with men in intramural program. 

Softball . . . Jackie Nettles, catcher, and Marva Toone at 
bat. Girls participate in well-finished programs. 

Lois Farnsworth and Valerie Conder . . . picture taken dur- 
ing class period of badminton. All girls' sports originate at 
the women's gym on lower campus. 

Girls also participated in skiing . . . and ski meets. Shown 
ai Timp Haven are Marilyn Lord, Renan Probst, Marvel 
Carlson and Louise Bryner. 

J -■ ' 

Basketball . . . played to their own peculiar rules . . . Pic- 
tured are Beverly Simmons, Valerie Conder, Deslyn Edling, 
Valerie Garff. 

Party at Timp Haven . . . participants were physical educa- 
tion majors . . . Shirley Taylor, Peggy Paulk, Mar Johnson. 
Barbara Taylor . . . checkered outfit at bottom is probably 
a bed roll. 

Tennis . . . girls had preference over boys in selection of 
overcrowded tennis courts . . . University also plans enlarg- 
ing court area to nearly triple present sizes. 


4* at B.yn 

ha Ppiness 

• • . loves _ - • ■ freed, 



e r f/»# 

eaSUff -'- Mos, 

"1 tfl 

' 0tJ gar ea ^ 5 

. spenf — - 9f c;;r eor, " ttec 

Wear f^, / 

Sc nool f np n . --"'nours 

• SCr uc/" . .., r 'caf ec / f un p , • • • dances 

l • far ouf" " Cn oo/ M r ^ 

Sfnn 9 beads L . • * e »r ages 

' zarrec °'or com ,,,,;.-- fo ^ 


er '°"s nours 

c °rnbm a 








"Be&. . . dMihoyeb ok bflM-Pul} 

Early or late, this job's the same. 

Routine. . 


Every man for himself. . . 

Devil takes the hindmost. 

Supper can wait. 

Chow down brethren . . . just eat and smile. 




- I 



List a quickie. 

a little stiff. . 

downright hard. 

and harder. 

but I'm through! 

Mental/ &(e)dm. . . m agotuj 

I still think that's right. 

Oh we 

I asked for it! 

• k." j^ 

Students wander. 

from stand to stand. 

Some dash. 

or perhaps linger near a window. 

EAcapb . . \ 



fight the weather. . . 

■I 1 



i - 

hu \A mk 

when class is out. 




or loaf together. 

CliiM£ <> 



GloM. . 



s morning. 

and furthermore. 

our text says. 


Yeh, in basketball. 

^mcedJwim C(mp 

Group work. 


you've not read it! 

As we said before. . . 

the Frenchman. 





Lab. . . &£ klfo- 

For some . . . physics. . 






or Uq! Zc 


I like lots of suds! 

Mother! (His first try) 

There's no living like "Y" mount living. 

All is not play for students. 

kji>i " 






There's no place like the river 

for a real gone cat! 

T^lay . . . -f fie Qkmt omkjmQ 

Just loafin' 

Oh! He made it. 



On the stairs. 

in an overstuffed chair. . 

Qhidij. . 

whether alone. 

paired. . . 


still the stuff must be learned. 

kcJtpemQ dA e*ick 

betterly paired. 

or in a study hall. 


~ • 


% ^» *»j? 

* * 


<Sh Sj^Sh 



• \ 







■-*■■ .'.r 


Two weeks' work. . 

to be done. 

Why the last minute? 


Exam today . . . enough said! 



^ P 


what time we coming in? 

All isn't roses. 

Qubpei . . . -JtoMtol VwJmQ 

Suppertime . . . ward teacher time. 

for an engaged girl! 

f &w 





• ■ 



Doton i-loKM. . . "flwcB "fc 

not fast enough. 

All clear. 

but hurry! 

Bed time. 

fake -f fee beady off 


swell girl. 

and let me tell you. 

the end. 


YouA, ImdM ga 


iecL ljouj . . . 

__ J avid O. McKay . . . presi- 
dent of the Church of Jesus Christ 
of Latter-day Saints . . . stands at 
school's spiritual helm. 

Ernest L. Wilkinson . . . devotes 
unlimited time to school's better- 
ment ... is conscious of school's 
needs . . . sees studentbody en- 
rollment increase each year. 

Board of Trustees . . . guiders of 
school's destiny . . . hold lengthy 
discussions . . . find means of fin- 
ancing new structures. 

Deans and administrators . . . 
iron out school's departmental 
problems . . . advise students . . . 
assist the president. 

Legislative Council . . . school's 
student congress . . . Lloyd "Duko" 
George sat at its head ... he nev- 
er stopped working . . . worrying 
. . . thinking of BYU. 


Pmid&d, DaM Q SAoKau 

President David O. McKay . . . beloved by all for his radiant happiness . . . Has great enthusiasm 
for horses . . . and anything outdoor . . . Became president of church in 1950 . . . after life of mission- 
ary work ... He lives by rules for happiness . . . "Faith is the foundation of all things — including hap- 


Stephen L Richards 
First Vice-president 

J. Reuben Clark, Jr. 
Second Vice-president 

BooAd/ ok TWteed 

Remains ever mindful of requisites of school . . . determines fundamental policies of university. . . 
Composed of men wise in leadership . . . educationally minded . . . strives for constant improvement of 
facilities . . . addition of buildings . . . Perpetually making plans to incorpora + e new inventions . . . 
educational practices. 

Left to right: Joseph F. Smith, Harold B. Lee, Spencer W. Kimball, 
Ezra Taft Benson, Mark E. Petersen, Henry D. Moyle, Delbert L. 
Stapley, Marion G. Romney, LeGrand Richards, Adam S. Bennion, 
Richard L. Evans, George Q. Morris. 


P/tMd&it Etoetf LVVteAon 

President Ernest L Wilkinson . . . Possessor of a strong ability to attain desired ends . . . Demander of 
perfection . . . Promotive . . . often host at open houses for foreign students ... has great aspirations 
for BYU. 

pun pi 


HL W . 

' ■ '■' BH I mm 

J . JPV-" ''"' - H| 

' 1 „ : i 

I- ' 1 "-'^4 


m^^~^ AmmWKr 

^ \ 

W ..-."' 


1 i 


1 ' 

-. . - £ | 1 , ■ I : I 


Vice P^AidadA 

Harvey L Taylor . . . Executive Assistant to the President . . . 
considered the "right hand" of President Wilkinson . . . experi- 
enced in matters pertaining to education . . . tactful . . . truly a 
wonderful man. 

William F. Edwards . . . Vice-president in charge of Finance 
and Business Administration . . . Dean of College of Commerce . . . 
successful Wall Street economist . . . has responsibility of oversee- 
ing financial . . . business matters pertaining to university. 

William E. Ben-eft . . . Vice-president in charge of Religious 
Education . . . author of numerous books on religion . . . Mormon 
biographies . . . Professor of Religion on B.Y.U. campus . . . humble 
. . . steadfast . . . deserving of leadership of all church religious 


Clyde D. Sandgren 
General Counsel and Secretary 

Wesley P. Lloyd . . . Dean of students . . . has a 
winning personality . . . active sense of humor . . . inter- 
ested in each individual's needs . . . enjoys debating . . . 
athletics . . . latest appointment . . . Director of Japanese 
University Guidance and Welfare Institution . . . Plans 
trip to Japan . . . Clyde D. Sandgren , . . General Coun- 
sel and Secretary for the Church School System . . . 
charter member of Viking social unit . . . past president 
of BYU Alumni Association . . . presented "The Cougar 
Song" to the school in '4/. 

UmwhAtty GtoBhal AdrdMJwiM 

Lillian C. Booth 
Counselor for Women 

Rulon R. Brough 
Manager, Machine 
Accounting Office 

Brandon Brunson 

Auditor, Audits and 


Edwin Butterworth 
Director, News Bureau 

Leonard E. Christensen 
Captain of Security Offic 

Ben E. Lewis 
Associate Secretary-Treasurer 

Leland Perry 

Superintendent of 

Physical Plant 

Cornelius R. Peterson 

Kiefer B. Sauls 

Fred A. Schwendiman 
Director, Student Housing 


D-ffeew . . . 

Wesley P. Lloyd. Dean of Students 

Selby G. Clark 
airman, Attendance and 

B. Keith Duffin 
Director, Placement Bureau 

Cleo McCracken James B. Hill 

Director, Women's Housing Manager, Farm Operations 

Orrin H. Jackson 
Admissions Officer 

Lucile Spencer 
Acting Registrar 

Floyd R. Taylor 
Director, Ticket Bureau 

S. Lyman Tyler 
Director of Libraries 

Ariel L. Williams 
University Physician 

Wetzel O. Whi 
Director, Motion 



Clarence Cottam, Dean 

Dissected frogs . . . cadavers . . . smell of formalde- 
hyde. Biological division of college enables students to 
study plant . . . animal world . . . Preparation for teaching 
and research emphasized. Students interested in medical 
technology . . . medicine . . . dentistry . . . veterinary 
science . . . receive pre-training in college organized . . . 
May, 1954 . . . Livestock . . . judging teams . . . crops 
. . . Agricultural division provides instruction in principles 
. . . technical operations pertaining to farm . . . shops 
. . . industries . . . Students prepare to satisfy practical 
needs of community . . . specialize in fields of agricul- 
ture science ... in laboratory work . . . School promotes 
capable leadership . . . efficient service in chosen phase 
of work. 

Bfafogtoflfc ojd AgiticiMukd S(mm 

Raymond B. Farnsworth Jay V. Beck 

Chairman of Agronomy Chairman of Bacteriology 

Grant S. Richards 

Chairman of 
Animal Husbandry 

Vasco M. Tanner Clarence D. Ashton 

Chairman of Zoology and Chairman of Horticulture and 
Entomology Landscape Architecture 

Bertrand F. Harrison 
Chairman of Botany 

William H. Snell 
Chairman of Industrial Arts 


Business statistics . . . accounting labs . . . faculty 
dedicated to objectives of BYU . . . honor . . . integrity 
. . . capacity to do . . . gained through sound scholar- 
ship . . . development of well-balanced personality . . . 
plus acquirement of urge to serve humanity . . . College 
consists of seven departments . . . accounting — develops 
professional skills for business . . . business management 
develops skill in solving problems that arise when stu- 
dents enter business . . . economics — vital in understand- 
ing operations . . . problems of American economy in 
business . . . Finance and banking — trains students in 
banking . . . insurance . . . investment institutions . . . 
Marketing tool to positions of leadership in retailing . . . 
wholesailing . . . advertising areas . . . Secretarial training 
instructs students in general knowledge . . . provides pro- 
fessional business teachers . . . secretaries for executive 

William F. Edwards, Dean 

Colkgb ofj Ctmnvekw 

Richard L. Smith 

Chairman of 

Business Administration 

Evan M. Croft 

Chairman of 

Secretarial Training 

Herald R. Clark 

Chairman of 

Finance and Banking 

A. Smith Pond 
Chairman of Economics 

Weldon J. Taylor 
Chairman of Marketing 

Robert J. Smith 
Chairman of Accounting 


Asahel D. Woodruff, Dean 

CoSkQb oj Edmrfm 

Arts . . . crafts for children . . . child psychology 
. . . patience . . . Principal function of college . . . edu- 
cation of teachers . . . counselors . . . librarians . . . prin- 
cipals . . . supervisors . . . superintendents . . . other pro- 
fessional workers in education . . . courses offered which 
lead to Bachelor of Arts . . . Bachelor of Science . . . 
advanced degrees in education fields . . . college meets 
requirements of State Board of Education for elementary 
. . . secondary teaching certificates . . . counseling . . . 
administration . . . supervision diplomas . . . Helps foreign 
relations through exchange students . . . has enrollment 
of 1185 students. 

Naoma Rich 

Study time. 

Jenny Campbell 

Chairman of 

Elementary Education 

Golden L. Woolf 

Chairman of 

Secondary Education 

Wesley P. Lloyd 

Chairman of 

Philosophy of Education 

Owen L. Barnett 

Chairman of 

Educational Administration 


Sidney B. Sperry, Director of 
Graduate Studies 

B. West Belnap, Director of 
Undergraduate Division of Religion 

Du/Uimt oj< Re&gioH, 

Division of Religion . . . takes responsibility for all 
religious activities on campus . . . helps students gain 
spiritual strength . . . integrates youth with moral . . . 
religious values . . . every student given opportunity to 
benefit from religious instruction . . . departments in- 
clude church history . . . Bible and modern scriptures . . . 
Book of Mormon . . . Theology and Religious Philosophy 
. . . LDS Organization and Administration . . . Missionary 
classes offered in foreign languages . . . prepare stu- 
dents for missions. 

Russell R. Rich 

Acting Chairman of 

Church History 

David H. Yarn, Jr. 

Chairman of Theology and 

Religious Theology 

Roy W. Doxey 

Chairman of Bible and 

Modern Scripture 

Chauncey C. Riddle 

Chairman of LDS Church 

Organization. Administration 


Gerrit de Jong, Jr., Dean 

Colkge oj Fins AtfA 

School of muses . . . college consists of music . . . 
art . . . drama . . . speech . . . departments. Organized 
in 1925 because of growing desire to offer greater 
opportunities for better academic . . . professional 
growth . . . tries to give laymen enjoyment . . . apprec- 
iation of finer things of life . . . well prepared faculties 
have received benefits of extended study in recognized 
schools . . . art centers . . . college known for artistic 
. . . academic work done under its direction. 

J. Roman Andrus 
Acting Chairman of Art 

John R. Halliday 
Chairman of Music 

Harold I. Hansen 
Chairman of Speech 

Carl Fuerstner at the piano. 

Live model poses for sculpturing class. 


New . . . growing college ... as need makes itself 
known . . . other areas of university curriculum will be 
added . . . stress laid on classical . . . cultural advantages 
of man's experiences . . . college concerned with estab- 
lishing appreciation . . . understanding . . . insight into 
human experieces . . . instructional program designed 
to give students broad . . . liberal education . . . pre- 
pares them as contributors qualified to add to heritage 
. . . Departments are . . . Archaeology . . . English . . . 
History . . . Journalism . . . Modern and Classical Langu- 
ages . . . Political Science . . . Psychology . . . Sociology. 

Antone K. Romney, Dean 

UiJMwJtwk and Social SgHmib 

Richard D. Poll 
Chairman of History 

Parley A. Christensen 
Chairman of English 

M. Wells Jakeman 
Chairman of Archaeology 

Arthur R. Watkins 

Acting Chairman of Modern 

and Classical Languages 

Ariel S. Ballif 
Chairman of Sociology 

Mark K. Allen 

Acting Chairman of 


Oliver R. Smith 
Head of Journalism Dept. 


Harvey Fletcher, Dean 

Elements . . . bridges . . .numbers . . . college unique 
in bringing together various branches of engineering . . . 
fundamental physical sciences . . . provides fundamental 
training . . . stimulation for those who wish to have car- 
eers in teaching . . . industrial work . . . fundamental re- 
search in any of these fields . . . gives service . . . cul- 
tural courses for students majoring in other fields . . . 
departments . . . Air Science . . . Chemistry . . . Engineer- 
ing Sciences . . . Geology and Geography . . . Mathe- 
matics . . . Physics . . . created in April, 1954. 

PkyAttid atd Enguieetuig Qeienm 

Milton Marshall Harold J. Bissell 

Chairman of Physics and Chairman of Geography and 
Mathematics Geology 

Joseph K. Nicholes 

Chairman of Chemistry 

Lt. Col. Jesse E. Stay 
Chairman of Air Science 

Rock study in Geology laboratory. 

Study of Earth's surface. 


College follows latest trends concerning recreation 
. . . scouting . . . health safety . . . physical education . . . 
athletics . . . Department brings about ability . . . will 
to become leader . . . health courses required of all 
students . . . prospective teachers . . . Stresses sanitation 
. . . nutrition . . . personal safety practices . . . personal 
hygiene . . . vigorous training outlined . . . Keeps men 
and women physically fit . . . Professional training comes 
through health . . . Recreation field . . . includes dancing 
. . . three-year pre-physical therapy curriculum . . . ath- 
letics play important part in campus atmosphere . . . 
BYU . . . belongs to Skyline conference . . . which forbids 
commercializing of athlete or coaches . . . splendid intra- 
mural system keeps all types of recreation alive . . . com- 
petitive spirit high . . . full of good sportsmanship. 

J. B. Nash, Dean 

Reetorfimt, UeaSik, PkyA. Ei & AtWettod 

Skiing instruction. 

Charles J. Hart 

Chairman of Health, 

Physical Education 

; 1 


' ^ 

^ ^i\ 

Varsity football 

Frosh field day. 








University-wide organization of departments which 
offer graduate courses . . . departments thus occupy 
dual position ... in certain combinations . . . Constitute 
undergraduate functions administered by deans of un- 
dergraduate colleges . . . school composed of graduate 
courses . . . designed to meet higher degree require- 

George H. Hansen, Dean 

College oj FomAlj Lu/i»tg 

Organized to provide educational experiences which prepare young men and women for homemaking 
... for the enrichment . . . strengthening of family life within the community . . . Educational objectives of the 
college based upon conviction that creation of healthy homes . . . families . . . pose a challenge faced by our 
society. . . today's families . . . producing tomorrow's citizens . . . daily tasks involved in parenthood constitute 
one of life's most important responsibilities . . . sources of joy. 

Royden D. Braithwaite, Dean 

Marion C. Pfund, Dean 


Nursing . . . long hours . . . hard training course . . . 
rewarding to person . . . service . . . School helps fill great 
demand for professional nurses . . . both men and wom- 
en .. . reqires four-year academic course . . . plus one 
summer quarter . . . practice in LDS hospital . . . Pri- 
mary Children's Hospital . . . Utah Valley Hospital . . . 
many clinics . . . homes . . . community . . . public health 

Bernice Chapman, Director 

Extension Division . . . provides educational experiences on university level for mature people who cannot 
obtain these experiences in regular day school accommodations of campus programs . . . Includes study by 
correspondence ... by lecture series on credit and non-credit basis ... in evening school on campus . . . travel 
in this country and abroad . . . Supplementary services include teaching tips . . . film strips . . . movies . . . 
graphic arts . . . outlined courses also published . . . for students and teachers. 

Harold G. Clark, Director 

Lynn M. Hilton, Chairman 


N. Lorenzo Mitchell, Director 

McCune School of Music located near capitol building in Salt 
Lake City. 

McCW Sduml o(j AAuAla aid Ant 

McCune School of Music and Art . . . insistence on maintenance of high artistic standards . . . provision 
for highest type of faculty instructors . . . has given school enviable reputation for contributions made to 
development of music . . . art . . . dance . . . speech in Utah . . . became part of Brigham Young University 
in 1952 . . . College credit given for some work . . . may be applied toward graduation from BYU. 

LD.5. BuAute&A Colto 

L.D.S. Business College . . . founded on November 15, 1886, by the L.D.S. Church . . . courses parallel to 
those offered at the B.Y.U. ... to develop proficiency they teach in: Executive & Secretarial training, and 
Junior & and Higher accounting . . . affiliated with Brigham Young University . . . credit recognition given by 
parent institution. 

Kenneth S. Bennion, Director 

LDS Business College found in the center of Salt Lake City. 

FacuSkj A-B 


Aamodt. L. Corbett 

Alder. Lorna Call 

Allen, A. Lester 

Allen, Mark K. 

Alward, Mignon 

Allred. Mildred E. 

Anderson, Arthur B. 

Anderson. Keith P. 

Anderson, Vivian 

Andrus, J. Roman 

Anderson, H. Verlin 

Bailie, Irwin L. 

Babcoclc, Hyrum J. 

BaHif. Ariel S. 

Bangerter, Bessie B. 

Ballou. Richard E. 

Bangerter. Blauer L. 

Bankhead. Reid E. 

8arlow, Frances P. 

Barlow, Irene S. 

Barrett, Ivan J. 

Barnett, Owen L 

Barney, Vernon S. 

Barron, Howard H. 

Bartholomew. Davis 

Baiter. Leland K. 

Beck, D Elden 

8auer, Edith B. 

Beck, Jay V. 

Beckham, Ray 

Bendinsen. Grant D. 

Belnap. B. West 

Bsntley, Joseph T. Berryessa. Max J. 

Bentley, Anthony I. Berry, June 

Bissell, Harold J. Blackham. Verona 

Black. Jesse R. Blackham, Angus U. 


dinger. Morris M. 

Cochran, Thelma 

Compton, Lane A. Corbridge, Ivan L. 

Cloward, Glannin A. Cowan, Cyntha 

Craig, Marshall R. 

Cottam, Clarence 

de Jong, Gen-It, Jr. 

Dixon, Fred W. 

Doxey, Roy W. 

Dunn, Norman 

Downing, Lester 

Earl. Don L. 

Eas+mond, E. John 

Edlefsen, Blain E. 

Fletcher, Harvey Jr. Fuhriman, D. K. 

Gammett, LaVell C. 

Gardner, Elizabeth Louise 
Gardner, B. Delworth Gardner, John H. 

Gates, Crawford 

Geertsen. O. Norman 

Hales, Richard Hales, Wayne B. Hamblln, Lawson O. Hanson, William 

Halliday, John R. Hammond, ^ ay q Hansen, Ralph Hansen, George 

FttCufty B'W 


Burrup, Percy E. Butt, Newborn J 

Bushman, Grant M. 

Buttle, Faye J. 

Call. Lowell E. 
Caldwell, Gaylon L. Callahan, Sterling G. 

Christensen, Lillian 

Christensen. P. A. 

Christensen, Ross T. 

Clark, Herald R. 

Clark. Bruce B. 

Clark. James R. 

Clark, Monroe H. 

Clark, Marden J. 

Crandall, Lars Croft, Evan M. 

Crawford. Robert G. 

Cummings, Benjamin F. 

Dallin. Leon 

Davidson, Bertha B. 
Davies, J. Kenneth Darais, Alei B. 

Ellsworth, J. Orval Evans, David L. 

Farnsworth, Dean B. 

Fish, Charles R. 

Fisher. Flora D. 

Farnsworth, Raymond B. 

Fisher, Albert L. 

Fletcher, Harvey 

Gibson, M. Carl Goates, J. Rex Hafen. LeRoy R. 

Gledhill, Preston R. Gulbrandsen. Norman R. 

Grow, Stewart L. 

Gubler, Donworth V. 

Hafen. William J. 

■ ~ ^'fl 

*B ma y* mm 

\ *J 

Hardy. Kenneth R. Harrison, Bertrand F. Hart. C. J. 

Harris. Margaret M. Hart. Anna Boss 

Hart. Edward L. 
Hartvigsen, Jack A. Haupt. Royd E. 


Jensen, Vern H. 

Jenson, Edgar M. 

Jones, Garth N. 

Jonsson, J. J. 

Jenson, Gloria Dawn 

Jorgensen, Eleanor 

Keeler, J. J. 

Judd, L Patricia 

Nibley, Hugh 

Nicholes, Joseph K. 

Nicholes, Max M. 

Oaks, Carol 

Nielson, Eve 

Olson, Ernest L 

Pardee, Kathryn B. 

Orchard, Ellis D. 

Potter, Norma 

Poulsen, Kristint 

Prestwich, Leonard W. 

Rasband, Mima 

Poulson, Virginia B, 

Purdy, Victor W. 

Rasmussen, Ellis T. 

Faculty W-R 


Hoyt, Gordon D 

Hunt, Jay B. 

Isaksen, Henry L. 

Jenny, Martha R. 

Jacobs, Briant S, 

Jensen, Mary Bee 
Jakeman, Wells M. Jacobs. Margaret S. 

Maeser, Georgia 

Marshall, Milton 

Mecham, Merlin 

Miller, Martin L, 
Martin, Thomas L Mercer, Winston 

Moffitt, J. Weldon 

Miller, Elmer 

McKell, William E 

Mcintosh, Lena 

Nagele, Margaret F. 
McKnight, H. Neil Nash, Jay B. 

Nelson, Elmer E. 

Nelson, Keith J. 

Pearson, Glenn L. 

Peterson, Iva Lou 

Peterson, Dean 

Peterson, Robert M. 
Peterson, Hugh Pfund. Marion C. 

Poll. Richard D. 

Pond. A. Smith 


Rich, Russell R. 

Richards, Eloise 


Richards, Grant S. 

Richards, R. Neal 

Ricks, Eldm 

Riddle, Chauncey C. 

Rigby, J. Keith Romney, Antone K. 

Robison, Clarence F. Rogers, Max R. 

Swensen, Albert D. 

Swapp, Wylle W. 

Symons, J. N. 

Tanner, Orea 

Tanner, Vasco M. Taylor, Charles 

Tanner, Wilmer W. Taylor, Ethelyn P. 

Vernon, Leo P. Warniclc, Effie 

Wakefield, J. Homer 

Waterstradt, Jean A. 
Warner, Ray D. Watts, Stanley 

Dr. Thomas Martin displays tolerant attitude for roaming photographer. 

Webb, Florence 

Watlcins, Arthur R. 

Wilson, Warren B. 

Wing, John H. 

Woolf, Golden I 

Fa&My R-Z 


Smart. Lyman F. 

Taylor, Jay J. 

Thomas, Robert K. 

Taylor, Weldon J. 

Thomson, Woodruff C. 

Thurgood, Jack J. 

Spears, Irene Osmond Stansfield, Russell N. Stewart, George 

Sperry. Sidney B. Stay, Jesse E. Stewart, M. D. 

Struthers, Robert E. 

Sudweeks, Joseph 

Turner, Glen H. 

Tuttle, I. EllioH 

Tyndall, Clarence 

Webb, Frederick N. 

Weight, Newell B. 

West. Dale H. 

Woodruff, Asahel D. 

Woodbury, L. J. 

Young, Karl 

Whitaker, Wetzel O. 

White. Jay 

Wilcox, Helen 

Wilson, L. Keith 

Wilson, Amelia 

Faculty members watch dedicatory services for new McKay building. 

Yarn, David H. Jr. 


Dix'ie Robison ... 1st Vice-President . . 
in charge of assemblies. 

Executive QmM 


Ralph Boswell . . . 2nd Vice-President . . in 
charge of social activities. 

"Duko" . . . popular studentbody presi- 
dent . . . preferred man . . . diligent 
worker . . . large host of acquaintances 
. . . friends. Likes cucumbers . . . Span- 
ish food . . . classical music . . . smell of 
aquamarine hand cream. Is an expert 
on Pogo . . . "Niggah" talk . . . can be 
hilariously funny . . . serious when situ- 
ation necessitates it . . . made 1954-55 
memorable school year. 

Lloyd "Duko" George 



Naida Black 

Roger Sant 
Business Manager 

Student Congress of Brigham Young University . . . based on same organization principles as United 
States Congress. Constitution preamble states its purposes: "We the Associated Students of Brigham Young 
University, in order to exercise the power delegated to us by the President of the University and in order to 
foster intelligent student citizenship to provide adeguate leadership for our various activities, to promote the 
interests of the students and the school, do ordain and establish this constitution for the B. Y. U." 

This group worked hard to create interesting activities for students . . . started with Frosh week . . . 
tried not to let any student be left out. Relations with skyline conference schools were strengthened . . . 
officers visited every school in the conference. With the four lass officers, Duko initiated the Carillonic chime 

Earl Snell 
Special Assistant 

Pat Bush, "Duko" 
George, Wanda Lee 
Peacock (standing) 
Trenna Pickrell 

(I. to r.) Steve Barrett ... in charge 
of Petty Cash, Mary Jane Arnold 
. . . Secretary, Janice Kimball . . . 
Bookkeeper, Willa Bryant . . . Sec- 
retary to Roger 

NaDene Kinard, Patty 
McLain . . . Secretaries 

Vickie Richards 


Dr. Henry L Isaksen 

Coordinator of Student 


BY U. Cabbd 

Elva Davis . . . Secretary to Coordinator 
Thad Yost . . . Assistant to Coordinator 

B.Y.U. cabinet . . . informative group . . . met once a week . . .each of nine members discussed changes 
new developments in his specific area . . . kept posted on all campus activities. 

Jack Zenger, Pat Nowell, Jim Marshall, Chuck Johnson, Jack Whittle, Dick Oveson, Sylvia Tyler, Andrew Terry, (unavail- 
able) Bud Smithson 


Legislative council . . . law-making 
body of school . . . members trained 
in parlimentary procedure . . . must 
pass test on it. Any interested person 
invited to attend meeting . . . held 
every other week . . . set up election 
. . . nominating committee rules. 

Lloyd George. President; Dixie Robison, Fir st Vice President; Naida 
Black, Secretary. 

LeqUlbim CoumM 

Elaine Merrell, Virginia Brinkerhoff, Naida Black, Carol Groshell, Pat Nowell, Juana Dalton, Dixie Robison, (Row 
2) Doug Rather, Kent Hitchcock, Lloyd George, Dave Calvert, Thad Yost, Orval Skousen, Beryl Sleater, (Row 3) Orson Clay, 
Chuck Orr, Jack Zenger, Rex Pinegar, Roger Sant, Bob Sipherd, Gordon Conger, (Row 4) Lynn StaheJi, Rick Raile, Reed Jen- 
kins, Scott Hymas, Joe Armstrong, Dale Laub; (unavailable) Ralph Boswell, Brooke Temple. 




a ^2*.. 

A.W.S. C<md 

Pat Nowell, Mar Johnson, Mary Ellen Cook, Bar- 
bara Wing 

Associated Women Students . . . girls automatically become members upon enrollment at college. Twelve 
representatives . . . four officers are executors of organization . . . Sponsors of: Big sister program . . . Prefe- 
rence Ball . . . Songfest . . . Transfer student parties . . . A.W.S. booklet . . . Women's Week . . . Join with 
A. M.S. to sponsor Christmas Drive . . . Y-Day. This year executives placed special emphasis on helping all 
girls feel that they have important place and part within A.W.S. organization. 

Diana Hunt, Davelin Ah Look, Janette 
Callister, Jean Mortimer, Nola Carlisle, Carol Harward, 
(Row 2) Denise Karcher, Kay Creer, Dorothy Chidester, 
Nadene Ottosen, Reed, Shirley Burns 

Q Q G 


AM.S. Comd 

Rex Lee. Jack Zenger, Bob Rees 

Associated Men Students . . . membership composed of all male students. Frosh carnival acquainted 
Frosh students with A.M.S . . . Built beautiful Homecoming float for queens . . . joined A.W.S. in assembly 
. . . sponsored Autumn Leaf Hike and dance . . . had name band . . . Snow Carnival bigger than ever . . . 
had exchange party with University of Utah. A.M.S. Fight Night . . . gave men chance to test brawn. Year's 
activities successfully topped by Y-Day. . .morning of hard work repaid by . . . games, dinner . 

Ron Culverwell, Harry Ballard, John 
Ward, Mel Close, Kent Hitchcock, Snell Olsen, (Back 
Row) Ken Coleman, Jim Hill, Dave Lane, Gordon Orme, 
Gene Allen, Dale Laub 


Dixie Robinson, Sylvia Tyler, Keith Martin, Larry Petersen, Jim Marshall (sitting) Barbara Nicholson, VeNae Bryan. 

AA&emMy Coiwittiw 

Peto Conwxttw 

Lela Cook, Janet Dimick, Caren Cottam, Frances Dain, Joyce Saunders, Ralene Darton, Pat 
Bush, (Row 2) Peggy Herron, Roberta Stevenson, Diane Park, Mary Lou Doiron, Nancy Raub, Carolyn Payne, Ger- 
aldine Shipley, Nila Smith, (Row 3) Lamont Ririe, Tom Reeve, Lloyd Tew, John Biscoe, Larry O'Neil, Danny 
Gallego, Juana Dalton, (Row 4) Andrew Terry, Bob Anderson, Dan Bucknum, Clark Rogers, Doug Stone, Ken 
Cooper, Keith Thompsen 

Gaye Bowden, Tess Hoops, Sally McClay, Glen Tarbett, Chuck Johnson, LaVoy Nuttal 

Publicity Coinwxttee 
Skdm ComwHee 

Charlene Sessions. Marilyn Green, Ed Tetreaulr, (Row 2) Don Greenwood, Zuriel Elvin. Diane 
Henry, Dee Jacobs, Margeurita Obregon, Mardene Page, Blain Gardner, (Row 3) Rey Arnold, John Hunter 



Jim Marshall, Sylvia Sloan, Sanford Heilner, Jack Gealta 

Doitce ComCttee 

Public RetoM 

Diane Manwaring, Jack Whittle, Mark Kirkham, Marilyn Wood 

Reed Jenkins, Monroe McKay, Russ Mickelson, Bob 
Thorn, Karen Sedgwick, (Row 2) Rex Lee, Kent Hitchcock, Doris 
Bacon, Wes Craig, George Sukiasian 

Vml Couxi 


Colette Green, DeWitt Paul, Joan Grappendorf, Carol Sutton, Jim Doermann, Gordon Conger, Mari 
lyn Blaylock, Kent Hitchcock, Idora Bickell, Lorene Brown, Jim Wasden, Beverly Gearheart. 

i-lono^ CotutCt^ 

Experiences of the Honor Council included hearing such stories as that of student, who, unfamiliar with 
B.Y.U. standards, couldn't understand why people looked at him strangely when he inquired about cigar- 
ette machine . . . coffee in the Cougareat . . . 

Council composed of students from each class. Had charge of administering honor system. Mem- 
bers chosen after careful screening . . . skill in personal contact necessary. 

Main function . . . counseling. Cases brought to group were not reported for punishment . . . recom- 
mendation that individual needed help. Result of Council . . . system which placed emphasis on high ideals 
in all phases of life. 


Dick Hardy, Vice-President; Dick Oveson, President; Luclle 
Hulme, Secretary 

(sitting) Eleanor Bergstedt, Brooke Temple, (standing) Kent 
Hitchcock, Vern Payne, John Stevens, Orson Clay 

/'wteto^ oitl^aiu>ttaJ?, Cornell 

The I.O.C. presided over by Dick Oveson . . . consisted of representatives from all social units, depart- 
mental, service units, geographical . . . must establish codes . . . rush, regulations. Were faced with prob- 
lem of crowded units . . . illegal rushing . . . replying to bitter "letters to the editor" in the Universe . . . new 
units were organized . . . extensive changes made in rushing rule.s. 

(Row I, I. to r.) Dr. Isaksen, Lois Ray, Dick Oveson, Lenadra McKell, Lee Peterson, Mary Anderson, Margaret Urry, Barbara 
West, Shauna Lawson, Doris Humphries, Carolyn Skeen, Beverly Gearheart, Glenna Mitchell, (Row 2) Paul Peterson, Clynn 
Wilkinson, Thad Yost, Henry Taylor, Gary Milam, Dick Wootten, Lucile Hulme, Merrill Bradshaw, Janet Bradshaw, Jeanette 
Boyack, Marjorie Bown, Colleen Swainston, Gale Mecham, (Row 3) Verle Taylor, Vern Payne, Allen Thomander, Earl Snell, Orson 
Clay, Barbara Adams, Marilyn Affleck, Joan Dixon, Marvin Guernsey, Nina Leishman, Doris Bacon, Jean Powell, (Row 4) Lynn 
Staheli, Jan Westman, Mel Close, Marion Wittwer, Rick Raile, John Wittorf, Stanley Simmons, Spencer Hawkins, Bob Farr, Wil- 
ber Clark, Ben Brooks, Ronald Smith, Darrol Jarvis 




• ' 


t it 
t t t I 



for crea 

!p°w Ji r^k'n-n".? 35 ^^' F em Tove y' Joan Duan ' Dou 9 las Thaver . R ^h Wilde 
(Row 2) Garth Uibel, Eve Miller, Peter Myer, Marian Shafer 

After plowing through miles of journalistic contributions, staff members found interesting variety of 

reat'iv'/w^n'n' ' P ° ?' ln , Cor P ora+ed J it +o produce official college literary magazine . . .offers outlets 
reative writing ... art work ... new ideas for page layout. 

Wye, MaQafoMB 


Carole Dawn Anderson, Editor: Scott Hyma 


\ - A 

Elva Christensen 

Dee Green 
Managing Editor 

Dr. Oliver R. Smith, R. Neal Richards, Advisors 

Ken Clayton 
Sports Editor 

Bill Knowles 
Sports Editor 

Ralph Dale Barney 
News Editor 

Virginia Brinlcerhoff 
Campus Editor 


Cathy Collard 
Asst. Society Editor 

Steve Hale 

Dell Foutz 
Editorial Asst. 

David Gordon 
Sports Writer 

Richard Oveson 

Mary Alice Sauls 
Society Editor 



jdrey Bean 
iness Asst. 


Janice Ward Kaye Horrocks Margaret Urry Verla Crockett 
Reporter Reporter Reporter Reporter 

Carolyn Kitchens Rod Carter 
Reporter Reporter 

Faith Ewart 


Jerry Cahill 

Uwmde Sta(j(j 

Arthur Hardy 
Business Manager 

They haunted beats . . . covered assignments . . .followed tips . . . developed real noses for news. Pro- 
duced bi-weekly Universe . . . high in journalistic standards of reporting . . . write-ups. 

Donald Stratton 
Editorial Asst. 

Jean Whiting 
Editorial Asst. 

Phyllis Taylor 
Editorial Asst. 

Jack Smith 
Sports Writer 

Larry Day 
Sports Writer 

Edward King 
Sports Writer 

JoAnn Anderson 

Byron Gassman 

Paul Gambles Richard Cox Rose Workman Gary Rummler Tom Reeve 
Sports Writer Reporter Day Editor Reporter Reporter 

Pat Bringhurst Jayne Gillette Marian Green Karen Curtis Roberta Hansen Marlene Taylor 
Reporter Reporter Reporter Reporter Reporter Reporter 


Orval Skousen 

Photography editor 

Dean Jessee 
Art editor 

L. to R. Joseph Boel, Jack Thurgood, Robert K. Thomas, May- 
nard D. Stewart, Oliver R. Smith . . . Faculty advisors. 

Marilyn Bentley 
Copy editor 

John Marlow 
Assistant editor 

Frank Berrett 
Sales manager 

George Sukiasian 
Page salesman 

Paul Petersen 
Leadership section 

Don Woodward 
Activity section 

Duchess Gillette 
Organization section 

Ed Tetreault 
Class section 

Yvonne Anderson 

Carol Mickelson 

L to R. Dick Gibson, Jim Thorne. LuRae Hall, Judy Manwill, Konda Atkisson, Delora 
Bertelsen, Ann Jones, Barbara Markham 

Garth Uibel, Dave Blake, Grant Grover . . 


m -* ±*rim 

Bob Sipherd . . . Business Manager 





The Banyan staff has striven to give you a book of memories of 1954-55. They captured the smiles of 
queens . . . your team's winning plays . . . pranks of fun seekers . . . your leaders at work . . . you at play. Ar- 
tists . . . indexers . . . photographers . . . copy writers . . . put forth their best works. 

Jane Harrison 

Gayle Christensen 

Grant Bigelow 


Sales Manager 

Connie Gabbott 



Renee Holton 



Bonnie Berrett 



Margaret Millet, Pat Pugmire, LuJeane 
Wilde . . . Copy assistants. 

Rex Estes, Connie Kirby, Connie Gabbott. Verna Brimhall, Grant Bigelow, 
Konda Atkisson, Lydia O'Brien, Renee Holton, George Sultiasian . . . Sales staff. 


Frank Haymore 
Manager of B.Y.U. Press 

1 Y f Pwd 

Delvar Pope 

Press shop prints all university catalogs . . . office forms . . . registration forms . . . exams . . . class sched- 
ules . . . Alumni Magazine . . . Takes care of all university printing needs. Has nine full-time workers, fifteen 
part-time helpers. Does offset . . . letter-press printing . . . this year purchased new . . . large press. . . Bany- 
an to be first yearbook printed on it. 

Pbto- Qtudjuy 

B.Y.U. photo studio . . . for exclusive use of University . . . uses forty-two part-time student helpers . . . 
mainly student operated . . . has some skilled professional help. Special services include microfilming records 
for libraries . . . treasurer's office . . . illustrations of thesises for degrees . . . does retouching work . . . makes 

Joseph M. Boel 
Head of Photography Studio 

Clark Nielson, Ray Caldwell 
Photography Assistants 



? 1 


I 1 




V «l 

r i 

Wipmid Btacft 

Wymount Presidency 

Theo McKeen, George Hatch, Rex Terry. 

Visitors impressed by distinctiveness ... no teen-age members ... no one over fifty ... six hundred 
members living in compact unit of twenty buildings . . . families have education and religion as common links 
. . . close knit group . . . more cooperation. Has all organizations but Aaronic Priesthood and L.D.S. girls' pro- 
gram. Most members have been on missions ... no missionaries sent. Children make branch unique ... no 
cry room ... all families attend meetings ... sit as family group. 


Front Row: Ruth Johansen, Virginia Bird, 

Lois Ellsworth. 

Back Row: Nadene Larsen 


Seated: Nyla Merrell, Mary Potter 

Standing: Marjorie Landeen 

Sunday School 

Front Row: Ralph Smith, Robert Hem- 
ingway, John Midgley 
Back Row: Barbara Romney 


Front Row: Glen Peck, Bernard Prows, 

Daloy Bowden 

Back Row: Samuel Miera 

Clerks & Presidency 
Front Row: George Hatch, Rex Terry, 
Theo McKeen 

Back Row: Jere Hodges, Dennie Butter- 
field, DeeWayne Squire, Lynn John 

Genealogical Committee 

Elmer Emmons, Gene Pratt, Kay Pratt, 

Lawrence Wittsell 


Campus Branch Presidency Walter Steffen- 

son, 1st counselor; Monroe G. McKay, President; 
Kent Hilton, 2nd counselor 

Led by efficient Monroe McKay . . . assisted by ex-distance 
runner Walter Steffensen . . . Kent Hilton, only unmarried 
member of presidency . . . membership from all parts of the 
world . . . nearly six hundred officers and teachers . . . only 
twelve married couples. Organized originally in 1949 . . . 
divided in fall of '53 . . . four active priest guorums . . . has 
six missionaries in the field . . . three supported by Branch 
. . . has between six to ten stake missionaries out. Provides 
Sunday Services at State Mental Hospital . . . welfare budget 
met by annual "Kampus Kapers" minstrel show . . . genealogi- 
cal research committee developing into helpful organization 
for other wards . . . 1400 letters per month sent by Service- 
men's committee . . . new Relief Society work meeting begun 
on Saturdays. 

CampuA Btocfi 

Sunday School Superintendency 

Virgil Anderson, 2nd assistant; George 

Pace, Superintendent; Var Manwaring, 1st 


MIA Presidency 

Nathel Hutchinson, Jean Sabin, 
Barbara Benson, President YWMIA; Kay 
Jacobs, (standing) Irvin Phelps, Rex Lee, 
Mary Decker, Bob Blair, President YMMIA; 
Dennis Day 

Relief Society Presidency 

Jenna Vee Stocking, Nadene Blau, Relief 
Society President; Pat Patterson, Bonnie 

* « 

tN. ' 


Campus Branch congregation . . . instilled with a spirit of peace . . . reverence during sacrament service. 

Genealogical Committee 

Carlene Holman, Ray Bas- 
sett, Geraldine Healey, (Row 2) Don 
Schaeffer, Jerold Hilton, Don Latimer, Jim 

Clerks and Secretaries 

George Sltyles, Gayle 
Mecham, Danny Good, Sam Atoa, Alan 
Hyde, (standing) Jim Lane, David Roberts, 
Wade Quintan, Ron Canfield, Ben Green- 
wald, Leo Heath 

Servicemen's Committee 

Clair Rogers, Mary Jane Christensen 


Calm spirit of members of North Campus branch . . . result of love . . . enthusiasm for church. 

Mo^ CaiKjbuA otocfi 

Sunday School Superintendency 

Milo Smith, 1st assistant; Ben Dickinson, 

Superintendent; Jack Frost, 2nd assistant 

MIA Presidency 

Sherry Roth, Bernice Heymore, 
Joyce Hawkes, President YWMIA, Pat 
Nowell, (standing) Jon Larsen, President 
YMMIA, Gene Humphries, Jerry Young, 
Dick Jensen 

Relief Society Presidency 

Clara Olpin, Karen Sedgwick, Relief Soci- 
ety President; Rowena Sherwood, Lois 


North Campus Branch Presidency Dick 

Vetterli, 2nd counselor; Bernard J. Barnes, President; 
Allen Christiansen, 1st counselor 

Led by unmarried presidency . . . Barney Barnes, Allen Chris- 
tiansen, Richard Vetterli . . . uniquely consists of only young 
people ... has all church organizations except primary. Second 
year in existance . . . many traditions begun . . . block drive 
competition . . . annual Spring competition for wagon wheel 
. . . won both in "53 . . . Sunday afternoon music group . . . 
directed by Martha Tingey. Entirely independent of school 
. . . Sunday morning Relief Society . . . branches combine for 
Priesthood Ball . . . annual M.I.A. productions . . . exchanges 
between auxiliaries. Three missionaries from North Campus 
. . . two sponsored by Elders Quorum . . . great contribution 
to East Provo Stake. 

Genealogical Committee 

Dean Evans, Darilynn Bybee, Roy Friend, 
Raymond Mayo 

Servicemen's Committee 

Yvonne Anderson, Peggy Haller, Ed Swann, 

Eleanor Bethsold, Joan Booth 

Clerks and Secretaries 

Dale Wilcox, Elaine Oates. 
Yvonne Boucher, Ed Tetreault, (Row 2) 
Frank Breitenstein, Wilford Geddes, Leon- 
ard Larsen, Bruce Weidner, Alan Vincent 


Marjorie Call, Keith Otterson, Var Manwaring, George Pace, Virgil Anderson, Mel Farnsworth, Louise Sundal, 
(standing) Jim Richards, Gene Higbee, Orson Clay, Jay Richardson, Curtis Wright, Glen Lund, Mike Yoshemo. 

C(mpuA Btowrii Sujday School 

Annette Hill, Lou Eliason, Joan Gordon, Barbara Wing, Birchall Bundy, Alleen Pace, Marilyn Ballard, Joan Bolin, 
(standing) Marva Fluckiger, Anna Lou Call, Shirley Atkinson, Glenna Mitchell, Jeanne Nielson, Elsie Mae Patterson, 
Floy Daun Atkins, Francine Russell, Virginia Gordon, Sue Ann Staples, Elaine Stirland, Jean Abersold, Doris Skyles, 
Joyce Summerhavs. 


Harold Clayson, Norman Mackay, Albert Sconberg, Dee Jacobs, Leslie Hunter, Owen Burnett, Richard Grover, 
(standing) Bill Brown, Jerry Crandall, Wilbur Flake, Jack Thorpe, Howard Larsen, Phil Brown, Vaughn Perkins, David 
Berry, Fred M.Moir, Marion Hansen. 



Chad Clark, Gene Findlay, Arvil Fallis, Frank Johanson, Lloyd George, Bud Stone, Lynn McBride, (standing) 
Donald Johnson, John Russell, Reed Jenkins, Chuck Johnson, Allen Cook, Bob Farr, Roger Sant, Don DeLaMar 
Hal Visick. 

Motfk Ccuk^uA TZkanck SwIul) School 

Marolyn Taylor, Claudia Sedgwick, Dawn Jones, Sharon Paul. Marilyn Johnstone, Jeanne Warner, (standing) 
Fern Walton, Vickie Richards, Marcia Mattice, Marvie McGookin, MeHyn Millburn, Lucille Hulme, Varlene Cook, 
Karen Pugh. 


Byron Gassman, John Wittorf, Joe Armstrong, Keith Frogley, Gordon Galewick, Don S. Terry, (standing) Grant 
S. Hipwell, Sander Larson, Clive Moon, Ralph McBride, Bob Rees, ElVon Warner, Jim Marshall. 



Mark Hathaway, Larry Peterson, 

Don Milner 


(sitting) Mark Hathaway, Owen Rich, Lucille Finlayson (standing) Melvin 
Gourdin, Don Milner, Andre Mostert, Larry Peterson 

K.B.Y.U. campus station broadcasts interviews, plays, sports events, news, popular music . . . New equip- 
ment includes transmitter in Knight-Mangum Hall . . . one near Heritage Halls. Educates students in radio, 
television equipment . . . production of programs. 

(in studio) Lucille Finlayson, Melvin Gourdin (in control room) Don Milner, Mark Hathaway 





Richard Sumsion 

Commander of Wing II 

Fall and Winter Quarter 

Cadet Wing Commander 

Spring Quarter 


Marion Probert 

Division Commander 

Winter Quarter 

Lowell Thorstensen 
Commander of Wing I 

Warner Newberger, Tac School; Richard Cox, Public Information Office; 
Robert Harris Adjutant; Dennis Hess, Tac School; Ruel Allred, Director 
of Material; Gordon Orme, Personnel; Bob Breinholt, Operations; Dick 
Oveson, Chief of Staff; (not present) Hal Visick, Inspector General. 

Organized in 1951 ... purpose is to train men for national defense . . . promote citizenship . . . train men 
to be qualified leaders. Officers graduating from Y program have shown top ability. Unit is ably directed 
by Lieutenant Colonel Jesse E. Stay and . . . Cadet Colonels Richard Oveson, Bob Thorn, Marion Probert, 
Richard Sumsion, and Lowell Thorstensen. 

Cadets pass in review during homecoming. 

Bud Smithson, Director of the Program 

Cleon Skousen, Director of Public Services; Janie Thompson, Program 
Director; Floyd Taylor, Tour Coordinator 

Qiudjed Ptogtai n>uh£m 

Student Program Bureau . . . directed by dynamic Janie Thompson . . . who has had professional experi- 
ence . . . and student director Bud Smithson. Spreads fame of "Y" by sending student talent to surrounding 
areas . . . made successful California tour . . . played to 14,000 people . . . collected $1 1,000 for church fund 
. . . first time played to out-of-state high schools. Presents Varsity Varieties ... to add money to scholarship 
fund. Coordinated by W. Cleon Skousen. 

(Row I, I. to r.) Alyric Ray, Joan Thatcher, Vanita Ord, Skip Nelson 
(Row 2, 1, to r.) Rex Estes, Verland Whipple, Elston Wynn, Mike Ramsden 

(Row I, I. to r.) John Ward, Marilyn Oviatt, Duchess Gillette, Harvey | 
Merkely, (Row 2) Howard Ellison, Dick Walker, Dan Fife, Terry Warner 

"Three Jacks and a Jill" 
Kay Smith, J. Louretha Albritton, Nor- 
man Nielson, Richard Robbins 

'B.Y.U. Cowpoke" Glen Sherwood 

"Song and Dance Team" 

Jay Wheeler and Glenda Ingraham 

'The Engemann Trio" Karl, Gerri, and Bobby 

"The Y's Men Show Band" under the direction of Dick Ballou 
Bryan Renstrom, Master of Ceremonies 

Front Row: Barry McKay, Alyric Ray, Bruce Nilsson, Val 
Palmer. Row 2: Larry Arnoldson, Arthur Butler, Kay Smith, 
Arlyn Sperry. 

Front Row: Chris Poulos, Mildred Myers, Glenna Mitchell, 
Jay Paul Smith. Row 2: John Thompson, DeVere Payne, 
Monte Jarman, Bob Marshall. 



uiehmBi yon . . . 

nitiations into brotherhoods 
. . . pinnings . . . competitive as- 
semblies . . . service projects . . . 
parties . . . work days . . . goat 
days ... all part of the activities 
of student organizations.. 

Basic philosophy ... to provide 
for a wide program of social . . . 
cultural . . . recreational oppor- 

Students are encouraged to par- 
ticipate in some organization . . . 
thus . . . opportunities for train- 
ing in leadership and self-govern- 
ment are gained. 

Working toward common goals 
of service . . . building floats at 
parade time . . . gave compan- 
ionship . . . made for good fellow- 
ship in general. 


*< & 






Y. C. officers: Varlene Cook, vice president; Ruth Sidwell, Janeen Joh.nson admiring the Y. C. snow sculpture entry, 

secretary; Jeanette Boyack, president; Bonnie Berrett, his- 
torian and reporter; Sylvia Whittle, treasurer (standing). 

Y Cokam 

Y Calcares . . . co-sponsors of Hello Week and Belle of the Y Week . . . ushered at assemblies, lyceums, opera 
. . . games . . . sold tickets. . .helped with TB chest X-ray drive . . . M Men tournament . . . seventy-five active 
members . . . held exchanges with I.K.'s . . . semi-formal invitational . . . members must maintain 2.0 grade 
average . . . are sponsoring formation of Spur chapter here. 

Abersold, Jean Atack, Carol 

Almond, Mary Lou 
Broadbent, Jean Butler, Sandra 

Bryan, VeNae 
Efner, Shirley Elison, Ina Lou 

Ellsworth, Diane 

Anderson, Yvonne 
Atkerson, Sarah Jane Athay, Ruth 

Caseman, Kathleen 
Cartwright, Mary Jean Chadwick, Alice 

Gearheart, Beverly 
Folsom, Nancy Gerth, Edna 

Ballard, Alice Ann 

Bean Bettylou G. 
Chidester, Dorothy 

Chrisfensen, Joan 
Grappendorf, Joan 

Hales, Lynore 


Francine Russell and Wally Brown ring traditional Y bell on 
Y. C. and I. K. Homecoming float. 

Beckstead, Joy Bennett, Carol Berrett, Bonnie Boyden, Mona 

Beckstrand, Carol Nan Bennett, June Boyack, Jeanette Brown, Donna Ruth 

Clark, Nelda Cook, Varlene Crowley, Nellissa Drake, Janel 

Comes, Barbara Cottam, Carolyn Decker, Mary Edwards, Pat 

Hollingsworth, Renee Horn, Geraldine Hutchinson, Neta Johnson, Janeen 

Holman, LaJuan Hoyt, Barbara Hubbard, Noreen Johnson, Cleta 


Roberta Stevenson and Kent Hitchcock express joy after being chosen King and Queen at recent Y. C. and I. K. 

Mickelson, Carol 

Keeler, Ellen 

Merrill, Kathy Murray, Evelyn 

Monson, Marilyn Morgan, Catherine 

Paul, Sharon Yvonne Ottosen, Nadene Pehrson, Ruth Richards, Karin 

Neeley, Barbara Carol Partington, Joanne Ralph, Marian Russell, Francine 

Sabin, Joan Sherwood, Rowena Strong, Pat Stuart, Maxine 

Sauls, Mary Alice Smith, Linnea Stevenson, Roberta Temple, Brooke 

Sumsion, Aleene Thompson, Margaret Whittle, Sylvia Lee Wood, Marilyn 

Taft, Juanita Wallis, Carolyn Williams, Elsabeth Willis, Vivian 



Thirty-six freshmen girls were selected . . . qual- 
ifications . . . marching ability ... 1.5 average 
. . . marched during half-time activities at football 
games . . . basketball games. Helped to collect 
money from freshmen for chimes. Practiced rou- 
tines three times a week . . . had stylish navy 
blue jumpers . . . new uniforms . . . black and 
charcoal pedal pushers . . . exchange parties with 
Athenians, Val Hyric. 

Anderson, Mary Arnold, Mary Jane 

Barlow, Pauline Brimhall, Marilyn 


Cougarette officers: Mary Anderson, president; Lois 
Sorenson, vice president; Mary Jane Arnold, com- 
mandant; Pat Crockett, secretary-treasurer. 

/Ej t? C? *l 

Brown, LaRae 

Brockbank, Kay 
Gavian, Toni 

Dalton, Juana 
Marsh, Janet 

McKinnon, Jane 

Parker, Maurine 

Pickering, Kathy 

Brown, Anne 

Childs, Kathleen 
Eddington, Jane Adele 

Hansen, Carolyn 
Mason, Yerda 

Moody, Joan 
Rather, Barbara Carol 

Potter, Shirley 

Ching, Opal 
Herron, Peggy 
Olsen, Lois 
Sorenson, Lois 

Holladay, Joan 
Olsen, Nancy 
Stokes, Shawna 

Curtis. Karen 

Crockett. Pat 

Jones, Carolyn 

Marshall, Sharon 

Paramore. Mary Jo 

Potter, LaWynn 

Tebbs, Mary Alice 

Webster, Sharron 


III i^S 




Steve Barrett adds final touch to 

cold Seated: Lynn Staheli, Honorable Duke; Bill Jones and Don Jardine lighting the Y. 
Kelvyn Cullimore, Vice Duke; Steve Barrett, 
Worthy Recorder. Standing: Kent Hitch- 
cock, Royal Editor; Alan Thomander, Wor- 
thy Scribe; Bob Harris, Chancellor; Stan 
Michelsen, Reporter; Evan Ivie, Expansion 
Officer (absent). 

Intercollegiate Knights . . . co-sponsors of Belle of the Y Week . . . Hello Week. Because of tradition of light- 
ing the block "Y" . . . called Gold Y Chapter . . . sold over $2000.00 worth of theater courtesy cards . . . mon- 
ey used for scholarship fund . . . ushered at ball games . . . assemblies . . . lyceums . . . opera . . . rang Y 
bell after "Y" victories. Directed campus tours . . . supported Y team at B.Y.-A.C. game in Logan . . . mix 
fun with work . . . twenty-five Knights attend national convention . . . Pullman, Washington . . . played host for 
recent regional convention . . . Steve Barrett elected to national officer . . . Region V Viceroy. 

Benson, Kent Bloom, Bradley 

Billings, Keith 
Green, Rex Hale, Boyd J. 

Hagerty, Everett L. 
Moir, Fred, Jr. Palmer, Blaine 

Myer, Peter L. 

Childs, Marvin 

Brown, Wally 
Harmon, Philip M. 
Orme, Gordon R. 

Harris, Robert L. 

Petersen, Paul J. 

Call, Dellwyn 
Hitchcock, Kent 

Paul, Wilmer Dean 

Ivie, Evan L. 

Reeve, Tom 

Christensen, John M. 

Johnson, Gary L. 

Ririe, Lamont 


John Marlow, chorus director, leads I. K. Chorus. Chorus members include: Dwight Potter, Fred Moir, Alan Thomander, Wil- 
mer Paul, Tom Reeve, Gordon Wells, Blaine Palmer, Kent Hitchcock. Row 2: Mark Fullmer, Roger DeMordaunt, Lynn Staheli, 
Stan Michelsen, Gary Johnson, Steve Barrett, Gordon Thurman, Ed Werner and L'Dean McCue. 

Barrett, Stephen Bean, Walter 

Bassett, Art Barrott, Lloyd Bigelow, Grant W. 

Cooper, Kenneth DeMordaunt, Roger Gibson, Dick Garrett. Leon 

Cullimore, Kelvyn Free, Joe Gibson, David Goold, Stanley K. 

Jackson, Malan R. Lee, Rex E. Mansfield, Dean R. Michelsen, Stan 

Jones, Bill Chee-A-Kwai, Glenn Marlow, John McCue, L'Dean 

Shumway, Larry Staheli, Lynn Thomander, Alan Werner, Edward S. 

Smith, Robert B. Tetreault. Ed Thurman, Gordon Westenskow, Richard 


Blue Key officers: Henry Taylor, secretary-treasurer; 
Dee Jacobs, historian; Bob Driggs, correspondence 
secretary; Dick Oveson, vice president; Don Parker, 
president; Kent Lloyd, alumni secretary (absent). 

New members, Row I : Dayton Wittke, Roger Sant, 
Karl Snow; Row 2: Cliffe Brennan, Glen Lund, Merlin 
Bradshaw. Lloyd George and Dee Paul (absent). 

BImb KegA 

Blue Key . . . sponsors work at the state hospital . . . sees that more people help . . . sent magazines and small 
gifts to be used under the direction of the hospital staff . . . ushers at musicals . . . helped with campus tours 
particularly during orientation week . . . published booklet "B Y & You" . . . responsible for library bulletin 

particularly during orientation week . . . p 

board being transferred to Clark Service Center. 

Cahill, Jerry 

Boswell, Ralph 

Berrett, Frank 

Driggs, Robert 


v^ ^*r# # * ^ 

Jenkins, Reed B. Jackson, Val 

Hilton, Bruce Hymas, Scott 

Parker, Don Wittwer, Marion S. 

Taylor, Henry D., Jr. Probert, Marion E. 

Jacobs, Dee V. 
Taylor, John A. 

Lloyd, Kent 
Thorn, Robert P. 

Oveson, Richard M. 

Moscon, Frank 

Ward, John L. 

Zenger, Jack 

White Keys . 

* * • 

traditional leaders of homecoming 

Student directory compilers: Lucille Hulme, Sue Nar- 
kaus, Idora Biclcel, Lois Athay, Cherrill Curtis. 

WkXte KeyA 

White Key . . . service organization . . . ushered 
at opera . . . lyceums . . . helped put out student 
directory . . . held inter-unit parties . . . Christmas 
... a "what's your name" taffy pull . . . had ex- 
changes with the Blue Keys . . . held spring 

Officers: Beverly Gardner, secretary; Doris Bacon, 
president; Ruth Benson, secretary; Lois Athay, treas- 

Athay, Lois 

Bacon, Doris 
McCulley, Anna Louise 

Hulme, Lucille 

Biclcel, Idora Marie Benson, Ruth J. 

Curtis, Cherrill Blair, Julie G. 

Parker, Carolyn Robison, Dixie 

Summerhays, Joyce Tyler, Sylvia 

Dixon, Joan W. 

Gardner, Beverly H. 

Wahlen, MarDeanne 

Wittwer, Marilyn 


The Sponsors supervised the bi-yearly blood 
drive and the T.B. X-ray unit . . . ushered at as- 
semblies and other functions . . . co-sponsors of 
the Military Ball and Assembly . . . "History 70 a 
la carte" . . . drill team performed at half-time 
basketball activities ... all Sponsors marched 

Allen, Elaine Abbott, Juna 

Anderson, Ann 

SpoMoi Co^ 

with the ROTC in parades and Spring Review 
. . . annual dinner dance held in Salt Lake City. 
Sponsor officers: Juna Abbott, officer's com- 
mandant; Sylvia Tyler, executive officer; Barbara 
Wing, adjutant officer; Helen Easton, material 
officer; Nina Leishman, personnel officer; Joanne 
Jensen, finance officer; Karen Sedgwick, plans 
and training; Shirley Bailey, public information; 
Laura Schenk, group commander; Carol Groshell, 
group commander; Alyce Jones, staff assistant. 

Bacon, Doris Bailey, Barbara 

Atkinson, Nadine Barlow, Janet 

Davis, Carolyn Van Cott, Gretchen 

Corbett, Mary Dunn, Barbara 

Harding, Alice Jones, Alyce 

Jensen, Joanne Keeler, Kathleen 

Newman, Annette Nalder, Margaret 

Nicholson, Barbara Olpin, Jewel 

Sedgwick, Karen Sue Stringham, Barbara 

Siggard, Connie Sundal, Louise 

Bailey, Shirley Buckwalter, Jolayne 

Benson, Barbara Benson, Sharron L. 

Enos, Muriel Gale, Muriel 

Galbraith, Lynne Gale, Elsie Jean 

Larson, Vicki Lochhead, Lois 

Leishman, Nina Longson, Jane 

Norseth, Colleen Orton, Renae 

Olsen, LaDeane Parkinson, Carol 

Terburg, Marjorie Vogler, Jackie Leone 

Tyler, Sylvia Wagstaff, Marilyn 

Military Ball . . . queen Joann Carter; attendants, 
Alice Harding, Carol Groshell and Juna Abbott. 

Sponsor officers: Helen Easton, Karen Sedgwick, Sylvia 
Tyler, Alyce Jones, Nina Leishman, Barbara Wing, 
Joanne Jensen, Carol Groshell, Shirley Bailey and 
Commandant Juna Abbott (standinal 

Broadbent, Beverly 

Brennan, Stania 
Griffiths, Bonnie 

Green, Colette 
Layton, Carol Ann 

Mattice, Marcia 
Patterson, Jeanne 

Paxton, Theone 
Watrous, Diane 

Whitalcer, Joan 

Buckwalter, Kathleen 

Call, Anna Lou 
Groshell, Carol 

Gurney, Lois J. 
Mauss, Marlene 

McClellan, Julie 
Penrod, Joann 

Richards, Vickie 
White. Dixie 

Watt, Jackie 

Cannon, Sally 
Hall, Nadine 
Megerian, Audie 
Schenk, Laura Lea 

Carter, Annette 
Hart, Barbara 
McKenzie. Phillis 

Carter. Joann 

Chase, Dolores 

Hawkins, Helen Ann 

Huffaker. Fran 

Miner, Janet 

Mendenhall, Dawna 
Scott, Cynthia 
Roberts, Carolyn Sedgwick, Claudia 

Williams, Barbara Wood, Carol 

Wing, Barbara Wood Ruth Ann 


Alpha, Lambda, Defta 

Member of National Scholastic Honorary Organ- 
ization . . . members selected upon freshman 
grade-point average . . . 2.5. B.Y.U. chapter this 
year has given tutoring service . . . enjoyed for- 
um discussions, lectures, and talent programs. 

Chapter officers: Janet Bradshaw, president; Mari- 
lyn Maughan, secretary; Francine Russell, treasurer; 
Roberta Stevenson, vice president. 

Beckstead, Joy Bradshaw, Janet Callister, Janette 

Atack, Carol Bullock, Georgie Lea 

fcjl^f ^L '■ 

Edwards, Pat 

Clark, Nelda Coomes, Barbara 

Caseman, Kathleen Dunn, Joan P. 

Mauqhan, Marilyn Murray, Evelyn Neeley, Barbara Carol 

Myers, Sylvia Jean Parkinson, Carol Sabm, Joan 

Little, Loretta Anne 
Holman, LaJuan Leishman, Donna Mae 

Russell, Francine 

Moye, Lois 

Sauls, Mary Alice Searle, Inez S. Stuart, Maxine 

Schow, Luana Stevenson, Roberta Taft, Juanita 

Wright, Evelyn 

Wardell, Beth 

AhwIxL Atk, Society 


Military organization on campus . . . worked in 
collaboration with Sponsors for blood drive . . . 
exhibits diligence in doing their best for the 
welfare of the nation . . . sponsor the annual 
Military Ball which is looked forward to with e: 
pectation by all B.Y.U. students. 

Officers include: Frank Moscon, Dale Laub, Gordon 
Orme, Bob Harris and Wilber Wortham. 

Bell, Richard 

Asay, Jesse 

Andreasen, Don McKay 

l&te* Mmc A 

Brannoclt, Dick 

Breinholt, Bob 

Gourdin, Melvin 

Coleman, Ken 

Lundquist, Robert H. 

McBride, J. Lynn 
Russell, Robert 
Moscon, Frank Murdock, Vernon L. Orme, Gordon R. Roth, Gordon 

Peters, Leroy R. Smith, Richard A. Sumsion, Richard G. Wolfley, Richard Delano 

Stoddard, Gary Wortham, Wilbur R., Jr. Swainston. David Wittke. Dayton D. 

Bartholomew, Owen 

Boswell, Ralph 
Harmon, Duane Harris, Robert L. 

Haglund, Roger W. Jensen, Jay R 

Krey, Floyd R. Meiners, Paul A. 

Dame, Jan G. 

Collier, Bob 

Laub, Dale J. 

Layne, David 
Seegmiller, David W. 



Will Chase and Ron Pace show off "Sizzler," prize quarter-horse stallion. 

AgtoJtto CM 

The Agricultural Club held meetings every two 
weeks . . . distinguished men from the agricultural 
field were invited to speak on subjects in this 
field ... an annual exchange party was held with 
the Home Eonomics Department. Club banquet 
is held spring quarter. The Club tries to provide 
a chance for people of the same interests and 
goals to associate and mingle with one another 
. . . wishes to impress people of other interests 
with the necessity and importance of improved 
agricultural practices and methods. 

Club officers: Phil Shumway, advisor; Wilbur Clark, 
secretary-treasurer; Carl Tidwell, social chairman; Ron 
Pace, president; Norm Fife, projects; Byron Gilbert, 
projects; Ken Andrus, publicity; Rolf Flake, vice presi- 

Front Row: David Boice, Alma Swann, Maurice Webber, Ron Pace, 
Frederico De Hoyas, Ralph Taylor, Byron Gilbert, Norman Fife, 
Myron Jorgensen. 

Row 2: Morris Goates, Darrol Jarvis, Carl Tidwell, Dewey Nelson, 
Rolf Flake, Wilbur Clark, Gale Mecham, Ken Andrus, Chad Clark. 



s ' * 




Front Row: Sylvia Lee Whittle, president; Rose Anne Evans, Norma Rae Leavitt, Harriet Whiting, Lorraine Rees, Gayle Han- 
sen, Kathleen Ford, Gwen Chase, Colleen Dorius, Sue Ann Staples, Jackie Leone Vogler, Charlotte Mahiai, Frances Iwasaki, 
Genevieve Marumoto. 

Row Two: Claudette Eriksen, Alice Cannon, Marilyn Brown, publications; Dixie Lou Tuttle, vice president of primary group; 
Carol Marx, June Bennett, Rosalie Bignall, Gussie Schneider, Clara Olpin, Joan Slay, Marie Ricks, Lily Nakamura, Sylvia Tyler, 
Leola May, Jeanie Houston. 

Row Three: Joy Winward, vice president of kindergarten group; Joyce Anderson, Marilyn Poulter, Anna Stcingfellow, Gwynn 
Andrus, publicity chairman; Carol Fjelsted, Verla Anderson, LaPrele Olsen, Neva Rae Wise, Harriet Ruth Payne, Ruth DeVault, 
Elsabeth Williams, Beverly Gardner, Loraine Castagno. 

Row Four: Shirley Smith, Leslie Nielsen, treasurer; Cheryl Johnson, Loraine Poulter, Margene Taylor, Ruth Ottley, Merle Jean 
Butler, Carol Obert, Joyce Johnson, Varene Cook, Joan Gordon, Clair E. Jorgensen, Doris Bacon, Darlene Garrett, Dr. H. J. 
Babcock, advisor. 

Row Five: Edwi.n C. Hall, vice president of intermediate group; Max Berryessa, advisor; MarDeanne Wahlen, Eleanor Randall, 
Faye Ann Johnson, George L. Abbott, Helen J. Clark, Charlene Guild, Joyce Bramwell, Mildred Hipwell, Dorothy Davis, 
Carol Simmons, R. Gene Pugh, Richard K. Bevan, Doris Neser. 
Absent: Margene Frank, secretary. 

A\. O. t. I. 

ACEI . . . meetings stress needs . . . activities of 
the child. Club held Halloween open house . . . 
special science meeting . . . arts and crafts even- 
ing . . . national ACEI conference delegates to 
Kansas . . . many other educational meetings. 

Develops better understanding of creative arts 
for art students . . .friendliness and brotherhood 
arises from many projects. Exhibits, sketchings, 
lectures, and tours round out the year's activities 
. . . participated in Homecoming and Snow Carni- 
val .. . received trophies for outstanding entries 
in both projects. 

Ant QuU 

Front Row: Jim Richards, treasurer; Connie Kerby, Raili Syrja, Gayle Walton, exhibition chairman; Peter Myer, president. 
Row 2: Franz Johansen, vice president; Clifford Jones, Jim Knecht, David Thielke, Hugh Hottel. 
Absent: Marilyn Wiedemmeier, secretary; Carma Wolfenden, Sherell Stewart. 



Delta Phi . . . activities included Dream Girl 
Dance . . . selection of Delta Phi Dream Girl, 
Diane Carmen Pace . . . Delta Phi Chorus ... is 
in great demand for programs in surrounding 
areas . . . toured Utah throughout school year . . . 
plans trip East during summer vacation . . . held 
National Inter-chapter Dinner Dance in April . . . 
"Love 'em and Leave 'em" Dance. All-day pic- 
nic .. . fun day at end of spring quarter. 

Delta Phi officers: Garry Forsey, Orson Clay, Richard 
Sumsion. Row 2: Earl Snell, Art Hardy and Val Jackson. 

Bennett, Ernest J. 

Banks, Floyd J. 

Alberts, Jack Jr. 

Bischoff, Keith M. 

Bodily, Norman W. 

Brown, Wi 

p a o 

Cannon, Philip R. Clay, Orson C. 

Christenscn, Darwin W. 
Jones, Jack H. Kirkman, Larry 

Jones, Gerald E. 
Reynolds, Thomas V., Jr. Rice, Millard B. 

Reese, Ray D. 

Cline, Paul R. Forsey, James Garry 

Clark, Leon G. Cutler, D. Lynn Grover, Richard K. 

Martin, James D. Misbach, Grant L. 

Latham, Glenn I. McBride, Ralph L. Milner, Don R. 

Rucker, Fred W. Snell, Earl W. 

Rodeback, Charles H. Schneider, John R. Stringham, D. Bryant 


Delta Phi Dream Girl, Diana Carmen Pace, is escorted by Will Brown. John Thompson escorts attendant, Marcia Mattice. 

Hardy, Arthur 

Holt, Ivin LePhel 

Gassman, Byron 

Hancock, Jay J. 
Nelson, Richard F. 

Nilsson, Bruce F 
Sumsion, Richard C. Sweeten, Lloyd R. 

Stoddard, Jon B. Sweeten, Owen R. 

Otterson, Winston 

Oler, Larry R. 

Jackson, Val Hobbs, Charles R. 

Jensen, Kirk S. Jensen, Wendell W. 

Parker, Jack L. Rasmussen, LeRoy W. 

Pace, George W. Peterson, Howard Clair 

Thompson, John H. Wilcox, Dale G. 

Young, Dean A. Wendt, Roy E. 


Delta Phi Chorus: Sharon Steele, Kay Moody, Dorene Moody, Alene Smith, Bryan Renstrom, Marcia Mattice, John H. Thompson, 
Mary Lou Nielson, Carolyn Lee, Jane Thompson. Row 2: Ray Richins, Verland Whipple, Will Brown, Gary Dickey, Jack Jones, 
Winston Christensen, Owen Sweeten, John Schneider, Gerald Jones, Wendell Jensen, Millard Rice, Dale Johnson. Row 3: 
Kirk Jensen, Darwin Christensen, Norman Bodily, Lloyd Sweeten, Floyd Banks, Jay Hancock, Roy Wendt, Ivin LaPhel Holt. 

Carolyn Callister aids Carl M. Ferre . . . morning routine. 

Orson Clay, president; Alma Heaton, Joseph Symons, advisers. 




Kirk Jensen, Mary Ann Anderson, Jeanine Chamberlain, Art Hardy. John 
Schneider and partner, Opal Ching, Bruce Nilsson . . . enjoy social. 

Drffo Pki AcKteA 

John Thompson and Earl Snell . . . happy 

Irvin Holt proves he has a flatter top than 
does Ray Reese. 

Assembly pixies . 

Will Brown and Jean 






Front Row: Lyle C. Eyer, Donald R. Bird, Stanley L. Simmons, John A. Taylor, Ray Carter, Donel Martindale. 

Row Two: Robert Harris, treasurer: DuWayne G. Squire, Gordon M. Olsen, Ivan L. Corbridge, advisor; Earl W. Sne'll, president. 

Absent: Curtiss Smith, vice president; Jay Bullock, secretary; Richard Wolfley, publicity chairman. 

Cmia&ijcb CM 

Composed of men who are commerce majors . . . 
purposes are to promote better personal rela- 
tions between businessmen . . . encourage scholar- 
ship. Activities include tours of production plants 
. . . study of actual business conditions of today. 

Students participating find contacts established 
more easily between themselves and individual 
representatives . . . enlightening field trips, in- 
formative lectures by guest speakers . . .technical 
demonstrations and movies round out year's ac- 
tivities . . . Society proves very beneficial to 
those in this organization. 

CkMcd Engfoeew Society 

Front Row: Melvin Davidson, Bert Rigby, treasurer; Ronald R. Smith, Ralph Anderson, secretary; Reed Lindholm, George Bates, 
Norman MacKay. 

Row Two: Harold Willey, Bruce Nelson, Norman Hopkins, Richard L. Bell, president; Darwin Harwood, Joseph Patton, Gary 
Muir, Donald Reed. 


P^ C Cj- *> 

* v 

Carolyn Parker, president; Charles Orr, vice president; Lee Petersen, Carolyn Davis, Marian Green, Rex Lee, Floyd 
Brown, Nancy Briggs. 

F(rtaiAtod Cornell 

Meetings were held twice a week . . . guest speak- 
ers spoke on debate, discussion, extemporaneous 
speaking, impromptu speaking, oratory, interpre- 
tative reading, radio speaking, student congress. 
Approximately twenty-five debate teams . . . 
represented school at meets. Association has 
three-fold purpose ... to offer forensic experi- 
ence to every member of the student bond . . . 
to offer studentbody opportunity to hear de- 
bating and contest speaking ... to give B.Y.U. 
worthy prestige and status in forensic activities. 

Seated: Carolyn Davis, secretary; Marian Green, 


Standing: Charles Orr, manager; W. Cleon Skou- 
sen, advisor; Lee Petersen, assistant manaqer. 

Front Row: Joan Peterson, Janet Wilkinson, Alice Schindler, Marian Green, Carolyn Davis, Nancy Briggs. 

Row Two: Dick Gibson, Bob Rees, Sherry Thompson, Carolyn Parker, Barbara McGinnis, Francine Russell, Lael Bean, 

Pat Eliason. 

Row: Three: Jack Zenger, Barrie G. McKay, Dee Jacobs, Gordon Wells, Carl Mitchell, Tom Asplund, Lee Petersen, 

Albert Sconberg, Benny Martinez. 

Row Four: Bob Knighton, Floyd Brown, Rex Lee, Charles Orr, John Nosier, Jerry Kindred, Gary O. Spencer, Junius 

Hamblin, assistant coach. 


German club members and German guests enjoying dis- 

Qekmm Chib 

Students of the German language comprise this 
organization . . learn of German culture . . . 
through lectures . . . movies . . . many activities 
using German language. Debates . . . speeches 
. . . friendly conversation among members. 

Faculty and students of the German department enjoy sing- 
ing under the direction of a guest lecturer from Germany. 

Through French Club activities students . . . 
friends . . . may acquire certain kinship for French 
people that may not be developed in regular 
class work. Fireside held fall quarter . . . theme 
"Reformation Period in France." Winter quarter 
. . . play "Figaro" . . . Christmas party . . . Soiree 
Musicale" . . . song fest. "Bal des Etudiants" 
studentbody dance held in May . . . costumes 

. carnival. 

FhBtfk CM) 

Like other language clubs, the French Club boasts an exceptionally large membership. The members are shown here at a recent 


h* f& 






Rowena Sherwood, Joyce Fairbourn, Shirley Allen, Bundy 
Birchall. (activity) 

Agnes Hooft, vice president; Joan W. Dixon, president; 
Leal Mcintosh, advisor; Anna McCulley, recording sec- 
retary; Norman Tillman, reporter-historian. 

GaMMJd Pftl Owlc/m 

Home economics sorority . . . year's activities in- 
cluded pledging and invitation . . . Christmas 
party . . . reception for all girls in Heritage Halls 
. . . trip to Springville Art Gallery ... an alumni 
birthday dinner ... a cultural project . . . trip to 
the state Home Economics Convention. Organ- 
ization is an honorary tor upper-class women who 
major in some field of Family Living . . . require- 
ments for members . . . good professional atti- 
tuude . . . high scholastic average. 

Allen, Shirley F. Buckwalter, Barbara 

Benson, Barbara Bundy, Birchall 

Cox, Alta Fairbourn, Joyce Hatton, Betty Jo Hooft. Agnes 

Dixon, Joan W. Froyd, Karen Hayward, Margaret Callister, Janette 

Lindquist, Alice Kingsbury, Frances Mabey, Janice Mulalley, Jo Anne 

Leonard, Jo Ann Lochhead, Lois Marshall, Beth W. McCulley. Anna Louise 

Spencer, Jewel Nielsen, Eloise Tillman, Norma Whitehead, Barbara C. 

Ray, Lois Sherwood, Rowena Young. Ila Jean Whipple, Marlene 


J-Jwce Eeoi/mtioA CHiub 

Started out the year with a "Come as you are" party . . . exchange with the Ag Club . . . demonstrations 
were held . . . how to decorate cakes . . . selection of accessories for suits. Annual pledging banquet held 
fall quarter . . . final banquet held spring quarter . . . new officers announced. 

Front Row: Katherine Barnes, vice president; Nada 
Gould, social chairman; Joyce Fairbourn, treasurer; 
Janice Mabey, secretary. 

Row Two: Geraldine Romney, reporter; Shirley Burns, 
president; Rheta Lee Layton, historian. 

Barnes, Katherine Benson, Barbara A. 

Attridge, Joan Bundy, Birchall 

Callister, Janette 

Cardon, Ellen 

Hilton, Margene Jorgenson, Railene 

Hayward, Margaret Kingsbury, Frances 

Romney, Gerry Steele, Lynda 

Smith, Jean H. Sutton, Helen 

Burns, Shirley 

Cahoon, Jane 

Shirley Burns, standing at board. 

Katherine Barnes, Geraldine Romney, Nada Gould, 

Joyce Fairbourne, Rheta Dee Layton, Janice Mabey. 

Fairbourn, Joyce 
Christiansen, Marlene Gould, Nada Jean 

Paar, Sharie 
Mabey, Janice Nelson, Pat 

Whipple, Marlene 
Wasden, Janet Whittaker, Joyce 

Front Row: Dale S. Perry, Richard Miyazaki, Larry Taylor, Jay R. Bradshaw, Hubert J. Stevens, Floyd L. Fish, John E. Ray- 
lance, Wilbur J. Wilson, Ralph L. Thacker, president; Grant Z. Stephens. 

Row Two: Gene Soderquist, John D. Buckmille, Grant Johnson, Joseph Houson, Johnnie Poulson, William E. Lewis, Keith D. 
Benson, David E. Leavitt, Hal Monson, business manager. 

Row Three: Charles Hawkins, Richard Christensen, secretary; Louis Taylor, Rulon Kay Newell, Eran Smith, David Hauver, Donald 
Howell, Jack Cather, Frank Marvin Andreasen. 

Row Four: Bryce E. Goodwin, Robert E. Nay, Ralph Watt, Calvin W. Ashby, Glen Sagers, Ralph Clarke, Bill E. Bodine, Ray E. 
Olsen, publicity manager. 
Absent: Gary Wall, secretary; Dale Lewis, vice president. 

Club is open to all industrial arts majors or hobby 

enthusiasts . . . their year's projects were a dis- International Relations Club . . . sponsored Israe- 

play in the Eyring Science Center . . . designing lite students fall quarter . Student from Russia, 

queens' crowns. Bliss Titus, a well-known machin- Peter Lysenko, spoke on Communism in Russia 

ist, gunsmith, gave a demonstration on guns . . . today . . . had panel discussion on Formosa with 

at one of meetings. A lecture on modern archi- Asiatic students . . . sent delegates to Rocky 

tecture was given by Bruce Dixon. Mr. Thorn Mountain International Relations Club's Regional 

gave an illustrated lecture on ready mix concrete Conference held in November in Salt Lake City. 

Sent delegates to United Nations meetings. 

Sponsored various faculty speakers. 

li<tetafljfcioitfl£ RArtiojtA Chib 

Front Row: Dr. Jesse Reeder, advisor; Helen Willardson, Mary Holmes, Genevieve Marumoto, correspondence secretary; Eila 
Tuomenoksa, secretary. 

Row Two: George Musial, Gerald Handy, Douglas Rather, Don French, Hal Anderson, Eugene Kingdon, Gary Rummler. 
Row Three: Larry Edwards, William Vogt, Garry Kay, vice president; Glen Willardson, president; David Kurr, Ralph Ferney, 
Sam Atoa. 


Orchesis members entertain spectators in "Lakme. 

Jean Anderson, president; Janice Hocking, vice presi- 
dent; Louray Cowley, acting secretary; Margaret Mil- 
let, historian; Absent: Hannah Mae Williams, publicity 
chairman; Cherryle Steed, secretary. 

Allen, LaRee 

Anderson, Jean 

^*~t rf**y 

Orchesis club puts on "Black Swan Hall' tragedy. 


From ancient Greece . .. . came from root of word 
meaning to dance . . . B.Y.U. chapter composed 
of sixty members . . . directed by Miss Serrie 
Shilling . . . presented Christmas concert . . . 
annual concert in April . . . toured Southern 
Utah . . . "Lakme" Hindu number . . . interesting 
projects included making large drums . . . building 
concert props . . . making costumes. 

Anderson, Paulene 

Brady, Anna 
Merritt, Sharla 

Millet, Margaret 

Drake, Janel 
Cowley, Dorothy Louray 

Moore, Marilyn 

Olsen, Marilyn 

Ellsworth, Karen 
Eki.ns, Jean Dixon Gardner, Chloe 

Oswald, Shirlene Penrose, Bonnie K. 

Rollins, Myrna Rust, Maida 


Helen Keith demonstrates a phase of creative dancing. 

f-^| m"" L v**\ C«^i 


Geddes, Karla 

Hanks, Nancy 

Steed, Cherryle 

Schultz, Gerrie 

Harding, Jilean 
Swain, Barbara 

Hocking, Janice 
Tenney, Janice 

Keith, Helen 

Long, Shelley 
Williams, Hannah Mae 

Twitchell, Phyllis 

Maxwell, Mary 

Kidd. Neal O. 

Yeomans. Joan 

Wood, Marilyn 


Lambda Delta Sigma . . . activities extensive . . . 
helped with Christmas Drive . . . decorated trees 
. . . filled stockings . . . Sweetheart Ball . . . sleigh 
rides . . . tobogganing . . . debates . . . girl's slum- 
ber party . . . barn dance . . . talent show . . . 
swimming party . . . formal pledging ... all added 
up to a full year of fun. 

Front Row: Margaret Marsh, Upsilon chapter presi- 
dent; Loraine Castagno, pledge vice president; Pat 
Bischoff, service vice president. 

Row Two: Gale Mecham, executive president; Mary 
Jane Christensen, evecutive secretary; Delsa Durfee, 
social vice president; Fred Halliday, Gamma president. 

Ltmbdob Defea Sigma 












Myrna Porter, pledge mistress; Cheryl Johnson, vice 
president; Margaret Marsh, president; Karen Stowell, 
secretary; Verla Beck treasurer. 

Larry Lamar Adams, athletic chairman; George Pem- 
berton, secretary-treasurer; Fred Holliday, president; 
Wayne Quinlan, vice president; Robert A. Larsen, fall 
quarter president. 

Snowbound in Rock Canyon. 

Lambda Delta Sigma assembly . 
. . . Gods. 

jpplication . . . Greeks 


Kelly Black, Jeanne Bramwell, attendant; Mary Jane Christensen, sweetheart; Gale Mecham; Margaret Marsh, attend- 
ant; Richard St. Jaur . . . Sweetheart Ball. 




Barrett, Ivan J., sponsor 

Allen, Philo H. 
Adams, Larry LaMar Boice, Charles 

Eastwood, Clyde A. Halliday, Fred Jepson, Jack Mackay, Norman L 

Eberting, George R. Iverson, Anoreln C. Larsen, Robert A. Olsen, Ralph Paul 

Mecham, Gale A. Palmer, Douglas Dee Pemberton, George S. Smith, Robert B. 

Nilsson, Bruce R. Patton, William David Russell, John J. Thompson, Keith R. 



*M. / 

Barnhill, Lois 

Merna Porter, Cheryle Johnson, Margaret Marsh, Karen Stowell, Verla Beck ride on symbolic Homecoming float. 

Wilson, Amelia, sponsor 

UpAilm Ckapteii 

Clark, Katherine 

Abbott, Swen Beclc, Verla 

Beck, Gayle Bennett, Rea 

Call, Rosalind Lucile Christensen, Mary Jane 

Castagno, Loraine 
Elzinga, Lavella Flake, Leona 

Flake, Lavona Groves, Lois 

Jackson, Colleen Levanger, Delores 

Johnson, Cherly Brockbank Marsh, Margaret 

Ridder, Joyce M. Stowell, Karen 

Smith, Gail Ann Spell, Yvonne 

Benson, Ruth Bramwell, Jea.n 

Berthelson, Reta Rae Bingham, Carol 

Clayton, Arvilla Cottam, Carolyn 

Cochran, Annette Durfee, D.elsa 

Handley, Myrtle Ivie, Carolann 

Heaton, Karma Jackson, Violet Louise 

O'Leary, Sharon Poulter, Loraine 

Porter, Carroll Poulter, Marilyn 

Suiker, Dahlia Taylor, Marlene 

Sutter, Donna Wilcox, Sharlene 

Front Row: Sandy Smart, secretary; Janice Bailey, Marilyn Herbert, Maurvene Skeem, Mary Jane Christensen, Raili Syrja, 

Frances Atterton, Jenell Johnson, Karen Hartley. 

Row Two: Laurel Shinsel, Joyce Baxter, Evelyn Murray, vice president; Faye Jewett, Marilyn Ramsey, Marva Dance, LaJuan Hol- 

man, Pat Stevens, Carol Gregory. 

Row Three: Rod Maxfield, social chairman; Garvin Hanchett, Professor Carl Gibson, advisor; Ross Cortez, Eugene Blinco, Bill 

Leach, Richard Dastrup, president; Carole Lee Duffy, Alice Dieter. 

Row Four: Allen Young, George Everett, Bill Simmons, Richard Long, John Radin, Wayne Gilbert, Mel Schetselaar, John Harding. 

Hobo* CU 

Interest is developed in Italian art . . . music . . . 
literature . . . and language. Events centered 
around these developments. Members actively 
participated in learning all phases of Italian cult- 
ure . . . interesting lectures clarify many points 
. . . were open to whole studentbody. 

Organized at the beginning of winter guarter . . . 
made trip to advertising agencies . . . newspaper 
plants . . . radio, TV studios . . . had winter guar- 
ter get acguainted party . . . designed club pins 
. . . had men in fields of journalism give talks on 
various aspects. Requirement for entrance . . . 
folder of best work . . . will be used to show pros- 
pective employers after graduation. 

Pum CU 

Front Row: Cathy Collard. Marilyn Bentley, Pat Bringhurst, Jayne Gillette, Roberta Hansen, Elva Christensen, Virginia Brinkerhoff. 
Row Two: Gary Rummler, Douglas Palmer, Don Woodward, Dick Hirtzel, Jerry Cahill, Dr. Oliver R. Smith. 
Row Throe: Wid Tingey, Don R. Stratton, Stephen Hale, Richard Cox, Ralph D. Barney, president. 
Absent: Pat Fortini, vice president; Rose Workman, secretary. 


f3 ^f fTr *r fv fer 

Erickson, Loma Hanson, Heloyce Mostert, Andre 

Hamblin, Junius Milner, Don R. Nelson, Krista 

Buchanan, Sharon 

Abbott, Juna 
Ricks, Clyde 

Warner, Jean 

Sharon Buchanan, president; Don Milner, vice presi- 
dent; Jeanne Warner, secretary. 

Tketa Alpha, Phi 

Members desire to develop their dramatic ability 
. . . work as a group on such projects as designing 
stage sets . . . painting and repairing stage sets. 
Work individually developing talents in dramatic 
readings . . . performance . . .expression. 

Carol Sorenson, Laura Lee Fawson, Elsie Church, 
Nancy Harding. 

Alleman, Shirley Manwill, Judith 

Hulme, Lucille 
Stephensen, Dorothy Dean Steel, LaVerne 

Roberts, Margie 

Mathews, Donna 
Strickler, Mary Lee 

Women's National honorary fraternity for busi- 
ness women . . . purposes are to promote high 
business education and training ... to encourage 
fraternity and cooperation among women . . . 
stimulate spirit of sacrifice and unselfish devotion. 
Annually offers key award to woman in Com- 
merce outstanding in scholarship . . . leadership 
. . . activities. Activities include tours . . . lec- 
tures . . . guest speakers . . . socials. 

Phi Chi Tlieta 

Sorenson, Carol Walker, Mary 

White, Veonne Wilde, Lu Jeane 

Spanish Club members gather at one of their socials; claim one of largest club memberships in the university. 

QfaMk CM) 

Spanish Club . . . composed of 350 members . . . 
sponsored by Dr. Ernest J. Wilkins . . . stressed 
activities designed to acquaint members with 
culture of Spanish peoples . . . Columbus Day 
party . . . Christmas party and pinatas . . . "Fiesta 
de Carnival" winter quarter . . . Mardi Gras 
theme. April assembly for Pan American Day 
and cultural night . . . May Banquet . . . empha- 
sized competition between classes in participa- 
tion, presentation, originality of skits, songs. 

Front Row: Elsie Jean Glae, Dee V. Jacobs, president; Kay 

son, Gustive O. Larson, advisor. 

Row Two: Maurine Harris, Kathleen Harris, Kathleen Casei 

Kate McGuire, Mrs. Keith Swenson, Ber+a Pratt. 

Row Three: Robert Lundquist, Grant Johnson, Darwin Chri 


Students from Sweden and other interested stu- 
dents comprise this group . . . teaching of litera- 
ture . . . language . . . history . . . culture are main 
aims. Great time and effort is spent making this 
organization one of the best. 

Qvoedttk Club 

Jacobs, secretary; Freta Asell, Ann Marie Eliasson, Mrs. G. O. Lar- 
lan, Stanley Simmons, vice president; Kenneth Hall, Leon Clark, 
stenson, W. Kay Berge, Dewey Nelson, Keith Swenson, Robert O. 


Sherwin H. Baer and Karen Pugh listen to pure sound in 
the speech center. 

Owen Barnett and Donald Larsen demonstrate the aid 
that can be given by the club. 

QlQmjd Aljphi Et& 

Members of this club truly believe in helping their 

neighbors . . . have worked in private clinics and 

in the public schools helping in the rehabilitation 

of those suffering from hearing, speech defects, 

cerebral palsy, articulation cases . . . have a 

special service helping those in our University 

who stutter. 
Barbara Goates, treasurer; Ned Christensen, presi- 
dent; Jack Morgan, correspondence secretary; Helen 
Hansen, recording secretary. Absent: Roberta Murray, 
vice president. 

Front Row: Noreen Hubbard, Leara Ashcraft, Karen Pugh, Joyce Johnson, Roberta Murray, Audrey Earnshaw. 

Row Two: Dr. Alonzo J. Morley, advisor; Ned J. Christensen, S.herwin H. Baer, Helen Hansen, Kristine Paulsen, Carol Witbeck. 

Front Row: Eileen Bertoncelj, Ruth Peterson, Barbara West, president; Renone Littlefield, Tomogazu Suzuki, Joyce Nichols. 

Diane Steckler. 

Row Two: RochAnn Nelson, Marilyn Affleck, publicity chairman ; Diane Affleck, Rose Mahi, secretary-treasurer; Ellwyn Stoddard, 

Virginia Hawks, Carol Robinson. 

Row Three: Charlie Stewart, vice-president, Hal Ferguson, Dr. Ariel Ballif, advisor; John Robertson, Dr. Reed Bradford, advisor; 

Whorton Allen, Herbert Mote. 

Sociology Ckb 

Sociological Society . . .interesting, educational 
program ... to encourage interest in subjects 
relating to sociology as a science . . . met once 
a month . . . featured outstanding speakers from 
around the state . . . demonstration in psycho- 
drama . . . spring fiesta . . . encouraged student- 
body attendance at lectures. 

A departmental organization designed to pro- 
mote greater interest in field of Physics . . . com- 
plete with guest speakers and social activities. 
Organization enjoys these activities periodically 
during each quarter. Greater understanding and 
friendship is also developed with faculty mem- 

Front Row: Dr. E. John Eastmond, advisor; Gene C. Powell, president; B. Kent Harrison, treasurer; Dr. Harvey Fletcher, Mr. 
L. C. Aamodt, Dr. Milton Marshall. 

Row Two: Dr. Wayne B. Hales, Daniel L. Decker, Fred O. Halliday, Paul Steele, Ramon C. Baird, Mont R. Ellett, secretary; 
Mr. Martin L. Miller. 

Mr. Martin L. Miller. 

Row Three: Dr. Richard Hales, Louis Lauritzen, Jack L. Parker, vice president; Walter R. Smit, Thomas Lee, Dr. Harvey Fletcher 

Jr., Lamont Gingerich. 

Front Row: LuAnn Bingham, Lois Sprague, reporter; June Meiners, Dorothy Stephenson, president; Leah Barnes, secretary; 
Lois Brown. 

Row Two: Ramona Harrison, Eileen Drake, treasurer; Ardella Barg, Delaine Anderson, vice president; Barbara Baer, sponsor; 
Darlene Johnson. 

Beta Pi 

Organization for returned lady missionaries . . . 
strives to maintain high ideals . . . continue in- 
terest in the progress of the church through 
service to fellow men. "Silver Bells" was theme 
of Christmas dance . . . music furnished by all 
girl orchestra. During winter quarter enjoyed 
tobogganing party with Delta Phi and Lambda 
Delta Sigma . . . hot chili served. Spring quarter 
. . . inter-chapter dinner dance . . . held with Utah 
State Beta Pi chapter. 

Arizona Club . . . numerous parties traditionally 
held each year . . . canyon party . . . swimming 
party . . . roller skating party . . . Spanish Supper 
complete with trimmings and entertainment . . . 
"Arizona Daze" culminates year during West- 
ern Week . . . Cactus City . . . old-fashioned sasp- 
rilla. . . silent movies . . . western band . . . lends 
atmosphere of . . . "Wild, Wooly West." 

AkJtytm, Club 

Front Row: Allison Sekaquaptewa, Janath Flake, Carol Claridge, Lavona Flake, Venla Whipple, Rochelle Burke, Geraldine 
Allred, Deloris Taylor, Joyce Hardy, Carmen Gardner, Bonna Johnson, Ellen Rencher. 

Row Two: Sally Esler, Frank Kleinworth, Rowena Sherwood, secretary; Leona Flake, Janice Freeman, Marlene Shumway, Jean 
Whiting, Laree Crockett, Ruth Wiltbank, Joanne Hunt, social chairman; Karen Smith, Alleen Pace. 

Row Three: Dave Hall, Edson R. Follett, social chairman; Jean Kartchner, Ronald Lines, Norman Allred, Chris Layton, vice presi- 
dent; Rex Arnett, Harris Greer, Ernest Wilkins. 

Row Four: Larry Shumway, Ruel Hendrickson, Robert L. Farr, president; Raleigh Johnson, Richard E. Skousen, Karl E. Ray, Jimmy 
Dorsey, Wayne Crismon. 

Cache Valley club snow sculpture . . . huskies rest after a long pull. 

CoAb VoShy CU 

» * 


Members from Cache Valley area work together 
with unity to be one of the fine organizations on 
campus . . . participation during Homecoming, 
Snow Carnival . . . proved their abilities . . . each 
member is loyal to the rest . . . cooperation is 
their password. Had swimming party . . . fre- 
quent firesides. 

Officers: seated, Maxine Poole, social chairman; Col- 
leen Swainston, vice president; llda Benson, reporter; 
Paulene Anderson, secretary. 

Standing, Courtney Leishman, athletic manager; 
Elaine Hansen, treasurer; Wilford Geddes, president. 

Front Row: Margaret Woodbury, Loye Wallentine, Shirl Struthers, Gayle Hansen, Venice Hyde, Mrs. Dean Yost, Paulene An- 
derson, Marie Nelson, Delia Foster, Renee Hollingsworth, Carolyn Bennett, JoAnne Layne. 

Row Two: Elaine Hansen, llda Benson, Janet Monson, Maxine Poole, Mrs. Vivian Symons, Betty Hansen. Colleen Swainston, 
Darlene Ewing, Marie Toombs, Pat Noble, Phyllis Griffin, Bonne Read, LaVoy Nuttall, Tess Hoopes. 

Row Three: Dr. J. N. Symons, Rodney Vaterlaus, Douglas D. Palmer, Dean Bennett, Thad O. Yost, Neil Nelson, Alan Porter, 
David Swainston, David Layne. 

Row Four: Blaine Symons, Juan C. Reed, Courtney M. Leishman, Dr. Lael J. Woodbury, Merlin D. Whittle. Norman Smith. 
Dr. Harold I. Hansen, advisor; Wilford H. Geddes, Reed G. Condie, Ernest Westover, Richard Edgley. 


Front Row: Pat Strong, Margaret Daniels, Joyce Blurrface, Joan Taylor, Mona Boyden, Marilyn Miller, Peggy Johnson, 

Natille Jones, Rita Johnson, Margaret Jacobs, Diane Spackman. 

Row Two: Tom Asplund, Reece Glines, Theran Olsen, Garnet Birch, Gary Nielson, Gary Salmon, Jim Nelson, Earl 

Smith, Roy Beutner, Stew Cruickshank, Hyrum Richards, Gordon LeBaron. 

Row Three: Walter Horban, Delbert Ashmore, Kay Crabtree, Calvin Smith, Dave LeBaron, Grant Wood, David 

Boucher, Lowell Wood, Howard Ellison, Dean Garner, David Hudson, Neil Daniels. 

ComdJm Club 

Canadian Club . . . organized to promote interest 
in Canada . . . help Canadian students get ac- 
quainted with each other. Non-Canadians are 
also invited to join. Activities . . . exchanges 
with Yankee, "Y"oming clubs . . . tobogganing 
party . . . firesides . . . two intramural basketball 
teams . . . hockey teams . . . baseball team. Club 
encourages Canadians to run for offices . . . ren- 
der services on campus. 

Ben Brooks, sports director; Dalphine Ward, secretary; 
Kay Crabtree, president. Standing: Neil Daniels, vice 

Front Row: Pat Brandley, Cleo Brandley, Kaye Stone, Joyce Johansen, Delphine Ward, Coleen Anderson, Fern Walton, 

Barbara Wing. 

Row Two: Millard Rice, Dan Chapman, Landell Bullock, Dennis Ward, Niel Daniels, Andrew Walton, Harvey Merkley, Ray 

Caldwell, Virgil Anderson. 

Row Three: Carl Johansen, Rulon Litchfield. Reese Glines, Randall Meeks, Kenneth Nielson, Eddie Bishop, Dean Lawler, 

L. Dean McCune. 

i .. 

Front Row: Rose Marie Meeks, LaVon Brooks, Celia Ann Corbett, Helen McMullin, Laural Holt, secretary-treasurer; Gwyn 

Andrus, LaRen Graff. 

Row Two: C. J. Brooks, Kenneth Hafen, LaMar Terry, LaPhel He 

Row Three: Brooks Taylor, Ivan Arza Atkin, Delmont Truman, Ev 


Absent: Willa Nita Brooks, vice president; Paralee Miles, social 

lolt, Marion Wittwer, president; Loren Cox, Jane Anderson. 
:van Henderson, Phillip D. Gubler, Mar Miles, Ross S. Esplin, 


Dm CU 

Members have attended Dixie Junior College or 
are from Utah's Dixieland . . . where the summer 
sun spends the winter . . . Organized for social 
activities . . . participated in intramurals . . . fel- 
lows played basketball . . . girls played volleyball 
. . . enjoyed lectures . . . skating at Riverside 
Rink . . . dancing, canyon, swimming parties. 

Pre-Vet Club . . . organized winter guarter 1955 
. . . has thirteen members . . . unigue organization 
. . . purpose to give clinical and experimental ex- 
perience to pre-vet majors. Have experimentally 
injected cows with hormones to increase milk pro- 
duction . . . increase fertility. 

Front Row: George Crane, Maurice D. Lee, Lyle Brooksby, Myron Jorgensen, vice president. 
Row Two: Lester Hepworth, secretary-treasurer; Ira Hodges, Irvine Bingham, Gale Mecham. 
Absent: Eliot Ben Sorenson, president; Dr. Max M. Nicholes, sponsor. 

Front Row: Wongsiri Lamsam, program chairman; Hi Ae Kim, Sumiko Shirota, Dongbang Ahn, Stanley Oshma, Tom Suzuki, 

Row Two': Bok Suk Shim, Myrtle Munk, Youn Wol Chi, Sue Holbert, vice president; Theodocia Atkin, Richard Miyazaki, Frank 

Row Three: Soon Chang Kim, Keith M. Munk, Dr. Selby G. Clark, Gene C. Millward, David G. Kurr, H. Yoshioka, Dennis Atkin. 
Absent: Wesley P. Lloyd, sponsor; Paul Carter, secretary-treasurer; Stanford Jarvis, publicity chairman. 

Fak EaAf CM) 

Far East Club . . . presents Oriental culture to 
American students . . . encourages growth of 
friendly relations . . . promotes real understand- 
ing of Oriental peoples. Club seeks to bring 
about friendlier relations necessary for world 
peace . . . sponsored by Dr. Wesley P. Lloyd. 

Great Lakes Club . . . students from Middle West 
. . . held baked food sale to raise funds for year's 
activities . . . get acquainted party . . . exchange 
with Yankee Club. Headed by president Marvin 
E. Guernsey . . . vice-president Marjorie Call . . . 
secretary-treasurer Mary Lou Doiron. 

Qkmt Lota CM) 

Front Row: Shirley Palmer, Sue Ball, LeAnn Hicks, Mary Jane Greer. 

Row Two: Carole Dean, Wanda Olsen, Mary Lou Doiron, secretary; Joan Hunt, Ardella Barg. 

Row Three: Kenley Kulp, Charles H. Rodebeck, Rachel Schmidt, Tom Rogers, Marvin Guernsey, president; Douglas Baer. 

Absent: Marjorie Call, vice president. 


Jim Andrus, Yuvonne Alvey, Bufaye Kirkland, Monte Davis, Kent Hitchcock. 

\doJw CM 

Idaho Club . . . students gathered from the 
"spud" state . . . participated in intramural activi- 
ties . . . got acquainted at "welcome back" party 
. . . held fun party in one of the Heritage Halls 
. . . Valentine party featured games and dancing 
. . . went all out in supporting "Y" Western Week. 

Bufaye Kirlcland, secretary; Monte Davis, president; 
Neta Hutchinson, vice president. 

Front Row: Patricia Pugmire, Joyce Gilbert, Gaye Bowden, Cheryl Orchard, Gayle Pitcher, Colleen Nielsen, Janell Terwillegar, 

Donna Daniels, Mary Nell Cox, Sharon Ward, Myrna Haller. 

Row Two: LaWana Crandall, Neta Hutchinson, Louise Johnson, Myralee Morgan, Janel Drake, Darlene Thueson, Margie Sue 

Holland, Jane Farmer, Karla Geddes, Rena Brown. 

Row Three: Bufaye Kirkland, Carolyn Jones, Eldon Fuller, Norman Fife, Lyle Brooksby, Jim Scoresby. Fred Call, Larry Slade, 

Monte Davis. 

Row Four: Dave Hall, Don Holley, Frank Larsen, Jay Thueson, Ronald Spence, Jerry Davis, Harry N. Hill, Jim C. Andrus. 


Members of Kia Ora adept at "stick game." 

Kid Oka CM) 

War paint makes Maori warrors of masculine Kia Oras. 

Kia Ora ... a geographic club . . . few of the 
members have seen this Maori land, yet they 
share the sincere spirit of this people in song, 
testimony, dance . . . year's activities highlighted 
by performing as a featured group at the Nation- 
al Folk Dance Festival in St. Louis. 

Marguerita Obregon, secretary; Grant Grover, his- 
torian; Glenna Rae Mitchell, president; David Jen- 
sen, first counselor; Darilynn Bybee, treasurer; Bill 
Broad, director. 

Front Row: Sharon Baker, Dixie Bronson, Margarita Obregon, Janice Larsen, Jean Sabin, Margaret Thompson, Diane Affleck, 

Jeanine Nielson, Joyce Summerhays, Claudette Eriksen, Glenna Mitchell. 

Row Two: Jody Wright, Joan Morrow, Sofia Gardner, Anne Deputy, Darilynn Bybee, Marilyn Shumway, Myrna Day, Marta Bond, 

Cleona Jones, Irene Goates, Rita Call, Audrey Bean. 

Row Three: Sam Atoa, Zane Buckley, Bob Pursley, Garnet Birch, Bill Broad, Bob Larsen, Jack Verzi, DeLoy Vernon, Fred Calder, 

Dave Yancey, Warren Thor.nock, Dave Jensen. 

Absent: Beverly Gardner, Grant Grover, Erlene Christensen. 

J "I 


Front Row: Noreen Hubbard, Elaine Stirland, Reta Rae Berthelson, Donna Mae Leishman, Nancy Hatcher. Marie Ricks. Sharon 


Row Two: Gary Barnes, Russ Bender, Ralph Taylor, Dave Squires, president; Joyce Johnson, Janet Anderson, Peggy Bevans. 

Margene Taylor. 

Row Three: James Johnson, Maurice Webber, Eddie Malstrom, Gary Carson, vice president; Gary Stott, La Von Walston. 

Frank Herron, Roy Wendt. 

Absent: Margaret Scholz, secretary. 

Montana Club . . . "Treasure State" enthusiasts 
. . . headed by David Squires . . . presented 
Christmas program to mental patients . . . project 
. . . encouraging Montana high school seniors, 
ex-missionaries, ex-convicts, and servicemen to 
attend B.Y.U. . . . activities include exchange 
party with "Y"oming club . . . social parties. 

Oregon Club . . . twenty-five members . . . head- 
ed by Clynn Wilkinson, president . . . sponsored 
bus to Oregon for Christmas holidays . . . had 
fall quarter platter party . . . intramural basket- 
ball team . . . annual spring canyon party. 

OtegoM, CM) 

Front Row: Eugene H. Metier, Floyd L. Fish, Barbara Davis, Eileen Morse, treasurer; Martha Hammond, secretary; Joanna 
Thornberg, Mont J. Pettingill, Clynn J. Wilkinson, president. 

Row Two: Amos L. Herget, Bruce Weidner, Crystal Prine, Jeannine Chamberlin, Janet Dimick, Sonya Parson. James L. Peter- 
son, Ted H. Pettingill. 

Row Three: Reid Mitton, Dale Wilson, Dan Bucknum, Clayton Glenn, Richard Westenskow, Terry Moyer. Neal O. Kidd. George 


Absent: Theo Williams, vice president. 

Front Row: Crystal Prine, JoAnn Carter, Renae Orton, Janet McKinney, Barbara Swain, Fay Worthington, secretary; Delores 

Stephenson, Diane Ellsworth, Marlene Shumway, Sondra Beckstead. 

Row Two: Larry Bond, Lamonte Hansen, Robert F. Steele, Robert Christensen, Robert Westover, Ralph E. Arave, Jay Longhurst, 

Ron Canfield, Jinx Roberts. 

Row Three: Darryl Snow, Chad Clark, Edwin Egbert, Dick Smith, Jim Bartleson, Paul Volkman, W. Darrol Jarvis, president; Frank 

Frodsham, Mark Frodsham. 

Rwtea CU 

Activities of the club included . . . semi-weekly meetings . . . steak fries . . . western dances . . . parties . . . 
practices of rodeo events. From the club membership a rodeo team is chosen . . . annual intercollegiate 
rodeo held during spring guarter . . . gueen chosen to reign over these festivities. Club objectives are to 
procure and maintain irodeo stock for the club members to use in practice ... to produce winning teams to 
compete in the intercollegiate rodeos ... to promote friendship and uphold standards of BYU. 

Front Row: Cowley, Toy Goldrick, Glenna Bond, Marilyn Thomas, Janet Smith, Bonnie Lewis, Shirley Motschman, Lois 

Whiting, Venla Whipple, Elsie Church, Sue Ann Haynie. 

Row Two: Brent Weaver, Norman Fife, Donald Lee, Will Chase, Paul Ekins, Jinx Everett, Brent Edward, Alton Eki.ns, Hubert 

Stevens, Zack Price. 

Row Three: John Dalley, Lyle Brooksby, Clark Wilde, vice president; Aaron Bond, Larry Slade, Harris Greer, Maurice Webber, 

Bill Pace, Ernest Wilkins. 


it for 

Carol Fjeldsted, Margene Taylor, LaPrele Olsen, Glen Lund, Joyce Anderson, Verla Anderson, Catherine Nielson . 

Sm^-Sa^ete Chi) 

Snow-Sanpete Club . . . composed of transfer 
students from Snow College . . . Sanpete County 
. . . encouraged people from Sanpete area to 
attend BYU . . . activities included skating parties 
. . . fireside featuring Dr. Royden C. Braithwaite, 
honorary charter member . . . slides on Iceland 
and India . . . also participated in intramural 
basketball tournament. 

Catherine Nielson, publicity manager; Joyce Ander- 
son, secretary; Shawna Lasson, vice president; Glen 
Lund, president; Lola Mae Anderson, treasurer; La- 
Prele Olsen, activity manager. 

Front row: Shawna Lasson, Reva Jensen, Betty Hansen, Lola Anderson, Colleen Bagnall, Verla Anderson, LaPrele Olsen, Karen 

Howell, Charlotte Nelson, Catherine Nielson. 

Row Two: Margene Taylor, Maxie Peterson, Arlene Peterson, Janice Larsen, Bill Hafen, Glen Lund, Douglas K. Vorhees, Dennis 


Front Row: Christine Morris, vice president; Gwena Richie, Diane 
Row Two: Emil O. Jones, Jane Atkerson, Nancy Humrick, Virginia 
Row Three: William Anderson, president; Verl Taylor, treasurer-bu 
Lee Ingram, LeRoy E. Jackson. 

Starrett, Lois Nell Baker, Inez S. Searle, Carie P. Jackson. 
Roberts, Joyce Ollar, secretary; Raymond Mayo, 
siness manager; Leslie R. Duncan, Harold Jarvis, Robert E 

TeKaA CM) 

This geographical took upon itself a special pro- 
ject . . . the encouragement of high school seniors 
to attend the "Y" when they graduate . . . wrote 
to bishops . . . students to tell them of the school 
... its program . . . Activities included a float 
in the Homecoming Parade, Mexican dinner with 
the New Mexico Club . . . fall canyon party . . . 
a Texas independence day celebration . . . sever- 
al house parties. The Texas club sponsored West- 
ern Week in conjunction with other geographies. 

Consists of members and former members of 
Uintah Basin . . . old friendships and memories 
renewed . . . new friendships gained. Meet twice 
a month . . . hold business meetings . . . parties 
. . . participate actively in campus activities . . . 
intramurals. Unit works together cooperatively 
in support of all projects. Has traveling assembly 
group that returns each year to schools in the 
Uintah Basin. 

Uldak 'BaAk Cljub 

Front Row: Lu Jeane Wilde, Nadene Ottosen, Dawn Broderick, Pauline Winkler, Gayle Case, Renae Eldredge, Jo Ann Goodrich, 
Carol Ann Brady, Emma Sadler. . . . . 

Row Two: Jean Hodkinson, Estel Manwaring, Carol Todd, secretary; De Loy Vernon, Blaine Palmer, Dale Harrison, Mary Murphy, 
vice president; Rozelle Carlile, Jean Johnstun. , , -j 

Row Three: Miriam Smith, Delsa Durfee, Lloyd Barnes, Wendell Collier, Rlynn Anderson, Clive Moon Robert Michie, president. 
Row Four: Kenneth Nickell, Leon Ross, Fred Calder, Kay Durfee, Gene Fox, Curtis Dastrup, Rex Michie, Darns Rasmussen. 


Front Row: Marion Hyde, Barbara Rampton, Marilyn Ray, Mildred Hipwell. Renee Heiner, Geniel Rhees, LaRae Kirk, Mary 


Row Two: Noma Allen, Maurine Miller, Nelda Wardle, Shirley Taylor, Beverly Hokanson, Eleanor Randall, vice president; Patricia 

MacArthur, Joyce Ann Miller, Mar Deanne Wahlen, secretary-treasurer. 

Row Three: Jack Thorpe, Rey Arnold, Howard Larsen, David Paul, Dan Rhodes, Frank Storey, Lee Fiet, Blaine A. Gardner, 


Wefcefc CU> 

Organization provides a means for friendship . . . social entertainment . . . recreational and cultural pursuits 
for former students of Weber College and those from that area. To give a release from studying . . . exchange 
parties . . . firesides . . . and a Christmas party were held . . . unigue feature is the car pool which enables 
members to travel to Ogden on weekends. 

Front Row: Jane McKinnon, Anna Stringfellow, Carolyn Skeen, historian; Marian Page, Joan Christensen, Colleen Livingston, 

Joanne Barker, Joan Shaum, Lu Jean Reese, Ruth Jorgenson. 

Row Two: Norma Lichfield, Ann Despain, Erma Page, Donna Endrizzi, Lou Ann Fleming, Janet Hyde, Marilyn Brown. Mary Wal- 

quist, Shirley Burns. 

Row Three: Ed Saxey, Van Blake, Sherman Johansen, Charlie Mietus, Kenley Holmes, Clair Jorgensen, Dee V. Jacobs, Barrie 

McKay, Harry James. 

/ L 

Donna Hamilton, Sue Ann b+aples, Karen Hartley, Carol Lachtenberg, Mary Kay Croft, Sharon Stevens. 
Row Two: Terry Bagley, Roger DeMordaunt, Mervin Beckstrand, Max Black. 

(Jutted/ QtciM 

United Staters was organized for all students who 
have gone to Boys' or Girls' state any year . . . 
about 200 are eligible ... it is an honorary or- 
ganization . . . started this year by Wanda Lee 
Peacock and Jane Eddington. Several commit- 
tees were formed to work on special projects. 

Jane Eddington, historian; Donna Hamilton, It. gov- 
ernor; Wanda Lee Peacock, secretary of state; Max 
Black, governor; Terry Bagley, state treasurer. 

Front Row: Kathy Redd, Irene Semadeni, Wanda Lee Peacock, Patsy Jean White, Lula Marie Milton, Mary Monson, Bernis Barber. 

Row Two: Ruth Richards, Gayle Christensen, Barbara Benson, Chloe Gardner, Adrianne Taylor, Joan Johnson, Jane Eddington,, 

Joy Beckstead. 

Row Three: Larry Edwards, John Cannon, Dennis Higginson, Franklin Black, La Wynn Patter, Karen Guyon, Natalie Schmidt, 

Dixie Robison. 

Row Four: Ralph Boswell, Gene Fox, Arlyn Finlinson, Bill Ward, Rex Lee, Callis Watson, Jack Zenger, Chuck Watson. 


Working on Paul Bunyan by night . . . one of main projects of club. 

WaAhkQim Cbib 

For the Snow Carnival, the Washington Club 
members made a sculpture of Paul Bunyan . . . 
they had a money making project . . . cake sale 
... at Thanksgiving time they had a basket for 
the needy. Have had several exchange parties 
and firesides . . . when BYU played Washington 
State club members held a party for the Wash- 
ington team . . . showed them around campus . . . 
all went to Church and sat in one section. 

George Eberting, Faye Ann Johnson, Beverly Gearheart, 
Lynn Richardson. 

Bartanen, Marie 

Bangerter, Darrell 

Jorgensen, Hal 

Higbee, Sharon LaVern 
Richardson, Kaye 

Richardson, Lynn C. 
Zirker. Marilyn 

Zirker, Ronald 

Berrett, Bonnie 

Bean, Audrey 
Karlinsey, Kurtlee James 

Linkous, Marilyn 
Simms, Connie 

Rostrom, Lois M. 

Gearheart, Beverly 

Butler, Laura Joanne 

Eberting, George R. 
Merrell, Dallas Merrill, Elaine 

Pemberton, George S. 
Smith, Eleana Westra, Janet 

Sumsion, Aleene 

Harkness, Jill 
Murphy, Floyd 
Ziglar, Marilyn Gail 



Members Participate on KOVO radio show. 

'Y'oudiig Cbih 

One hundred sixteen members were busily en- 
gaged in planning and participating in intramural 
sports . . . skating and swimming parties. 
In conjunction with Lambda Delta Sigma mem- 
bers held an open house for students from the 
LDS Institute of Wyoming who were in Provo 
to witness the BYU-UW football game . . . these 
"cowpokes" went Christmas caroling too. 

Carol Atack, vice president; Ronald Smith, president- 
Shirley Phelps, secretary-treasurer. 

Front Row: Loy Rollins, Jane Evans, Lynette Allred, Jeannine Wright, Beth Wardell, Carol Atack, vice president; Charlene Alex- 
ander, Margie Abraham. 

Row Two: Pat Flygare, Gloria Anderson, Dwain Hillberry, Ronald Smith, president; Bill Sommers, Wes Packer, Charlene Jensen, 
Shirley Phelps, secretary-treasurer. 
Row Three: Lloyd Tew, Ted Grant, Frank Black, Jack Cook, Dick Corbett, Claude Workman, Del Adams, Mick Welton 

Front Row: Paul J. Petersen, president; Jane A. Eddington, Emilie Held, Margie Christiansen, Ingrid E. Dam, secretary-treasurer; 

Hanne Raunholt. 

Row Two: Alma D. Anderson, Mrs. Ellis T. Rasmussen, Marva Jeanne Pedersen, Miriane Kindred, Nola Johnston, Tom Hadley, 

C. Jay Kindred. 

Row Three: Ellis T. Rasmussen, Stanley Gudmundsen, Herbert N. Pedersen, Herschel Pedersen, Clair Petersen, Bob Breinholt, 

Ralph Nielson. 

Absent: Hollis Johnson, vice president. 

~DaMk CU 

Danish Club . . . composed of Danish descendants 
interested in genealogy and returned missionaries 
from Denmark. Socials were . . . Christmas party 
. . . carols sung in Danish and "Risengrd" (des- 
sert) . . . winter invitational . . . cultural program 
. . . annual spring picnic. Also held class learning 
Danish words needed in Genealogy research. 

Sponsors a bus which took students east for the 
Christmas Holidays. Club activities have includ- 
ed an intramural basketball team and track com- 
petition . . . helped sponsor the Eastern States 
Mission firesides. Was awarded the prize for 
having the largest number of members turn out 
for the Christmas caroling . . . one of the few 
geographicals to cover more than one state . . . 
covers twelve plus Washington, D.C. 

Ycwkee Cbb 

Front Row: Claudette Eriksen, Doris Humphries. Barbara Benson. 

Row Two: Pat Nowell, Marjorie Bown, president; Jean Mortimer, Nadine Foster, social chairman; Sharon Paul. 

Row Three: John Wittorf, Rex Green, Gene Humphries, Eugene Kingdon, Donald Ira French, Jr. 

Absent: Dixie Snow, vice president; Nancy Connors, secretary; Rudy Zander, business manager. 


Knights . . . joined with Nautilus . . . Brigadiers to put on Snow Carnival assembly. 

f6tlgkt Te*xp#aM 

Knight Templers organized winter guarter of '49 
. . . characterized by a short but illustrious history 
. . . active in school politics . . . social activities 
. . . athletics. Believe in fellowship . . . coope- 
ration . . . brotherhood. Sponsored studentbody 
assembly which won first prize for Fall guarter's 
most outstanding assembly. Knights . . .enjoyed 
sun . . . joking. 

Harold Clayson, social chairman; Dick Westenskow, 
assembly chairman; Jerry Crandall, vice president. 
Absent; Clyde Christensen, president. 

Anderson, Daryl L. Byrd, Jennings Christensen, Clyde A. 

Broadhead, Jon Chambers, Dick 

0t4 * 

Clayson, Harold Nadauld, Brent S. Myres, Keith 

Kamalu, Rodney McCoy, Kenneth Runnels, Roy 

Smith, Wilford E. 

Westenskow, Richard I. 


Athenians were the bloodiest men on campus . . . 
won award for donating most blood during recent 
drive. Enjoyed dinner dance . . . "Dixie Ball" . . . 
celebrated third birthday . . . comemorated 
by a dinner . . . held Christmas party with Couga- 
rettes . . . annual affair . . . co-sponsored "Diaper 
Day Dreams" assembly with Cami Los in April 
. . . presented "Grecian Gesture" at songfest . . . 
held rush parties every quarter. 


Front Row: Edwin Crocket, secretary; John Stevens, 
president; Richard Hughes, vice president. 
Row Two: Michael Warniclt, treasurer; Rick Raile, 
social chairman; Robert Smith, public relations director. 

Ashby, Wayne Bagley, Gerald C. Beach, Edward L. 

Arbogast, Michael Bagley, Terrence Berry, David 

Christensen, Neal F. Hughes, Dick Jackson, Bill 

Crockett, Edwin Hunsaker, Glenn Kindred, Jerry 

Medley, W. Dee Mower, Donald L. Wilson, Dale 

Merrill, Paul Ormsby, Paul Raile, Rick 

Callaway, Del 

Blackham, Dick 
Larson, Robert M. 

Latimer, Don S. 
Rogers, Clark 

Trotter, Roy Lee 

Rokes, Bob 

Smith, Robert D. 

Stevens, John Webster, Dick 

Warnick, Mike Wells, Jim 

Wilkinson, Oynn J. 

Williamson, Reid 


Pledges and actives join together to practice for song festival. 

Anast, Connie Anderson, Ruth Beckett, Janice 

Anderson, Beth Baxter, Helen 

Bjork, Lois 

Briggs, Lori 
Olmstead, Pat 

Olsen, Marilyn 

Crowley, Nellissa Fawson, Lauralee Gardner, RaNae 

Fairbourn, Joyce Foley, Rosemary Gardner, Sheila 

Pitcher, Sandra Rees, Lorraine Russell, Gloria Belle 

Pugh, Margaret Russell, Nancy Lou Schneider, Dolores 


Helen Baxter, Joan Worsley, Lauralee Fawson, Karen Hart represented Alcyones on Homecoming float. 


A fashion show from Clark's . . . highlighted get 
acquainted party at Woodward's gym . . . initi- 
ated this year's activities. Annual "Woodhues" 
dance presented fall quarter . . . Semi-formal in- 
vitational . . . "Roman Holiday" enjoyed first of 
winter quarter . . . April saw the presentation of 
Alcyone sponsored assembly and an annual dinner 
dance ... a best pajama prize was awarded at a 
mock slumber party held in one of the Heritage 
Halls . . . participated in songfest . . . presented 
"An Angel's Dream." 

Dolores Wilcken, treasurer; Ella Rae MacDonald, vice 
president; Sheila Gardner, president. Absent: Beverly 
Smith, secretary. 

Glazier, Luana Karen 

Haller, Peggy 

Seely, Donna 

Skinner, LaVon 

Hart, Karen MacDonald, Ella Rae Matthews, Colleen 

Jordan, Peggy Matsen, Janice Nielsen, Diana 

Smith, Beverly Whitney, Marcia Worsley, Joan Kay 

Vandergrift, Ann Wilcken, Dolores Zollinger, Pat 


" » *r* 

Helen Keith poses on Bricker's snow sculpture . . . life saving St. Bernard. 

Burgener, Gary Asplund, Tommy Brockbank, Grant C. 

Allen, Joe Blackhurst, Hoyt Brown, Floyd R. 

Jackson, Ken Hall, Jerry Kimball, David 

Holland, Mario Jarvis, George K. Jones, Bud 

Peterson, Grant L. Redd, Hardy Smithson, Bud 

Rasmussen, Vaughn Sa.nt, Roger Sperry, Dick 

Bryson, Ralph H. 

Collard, George E., Ji 

King, Glen C. 
Sperry, Arlyn 

Madsen, Frank 

Tall, Bruce A. 


Front Row: Dee Paul, Conrad Bryner, Fred Leavitt, Bob Oaks, Jay Liljenquist. 

Row Two: Neldon Bateman, Dick Jackson, Rally Hogge, Martin Connover, Dick Bullock, Ron Culverwell, Pete Bennett. 

Bill George. 

Row Three: Garry Brown, Jack Clarke, Don Dixon, Mike Hinkley, LeGrande Young, Craig Rollins. 

Oldest social unit on campus . . . steeped in tra- 
dition of fellowship . . . spirituality . . . coeduca- 
tion. Student body president . . . business mana- 
ger . . . AMS president . . . two of top three pre- 
ferred men . . . charter members of Provo Tubing 
Society . . . Brickers. Unit can boast of ten men 
on honor roll . . . twenty-seven in the mission field. 
Traditionally great parties . . . alumni banquet 
. . . the "Misfit" ... an "African safari" dinner 
dance . . . annual formal invitational . . . "the 
Haven." Goating is tough ... is worth every drop 
of blood. Goldbrickers organized by veterans 
of World War I. 


Bud Smithson, vice president spring and tall quarters: 
Bob Driggs, treasurer; John A. Taylor, vice president 
winter quarter. Absent: Hank Taylor, president; Jack 
Zenger, secretary. 

Arnold, Rey 

Driggs, Robert 

Clark, Cecil 

Curtis. J. Dee 



Evans, Earl A. 


Foutz, Larry 

George, Lloyd 

Greenig, Ned 

Markham, Dix 

Marshall, Jim 

Markworth, Carl G. 



Naylor, Jay 

Nielsen, Norm L. 

Peterson, Charles 

Packard, Ted 

Taylor, Anthony H. 

Taylor, Henry 



Taylor, John A. 
r. Taylor, 

Sam, Jr. 

Tingey, Wid 

Warner, Ted J. 

Whittle. Jack W. 

Zenger, Jack 



Brent Weaver and Jerry McAffee indulge in a little bucket play at their ski lodge assembly. 

Serge, Dale Arnold, Edward W. 

Bitton, Gary W. Boren, Wilford 

Berge, Wayne K. 

Gruver, Donald Gudmu.ndssn, Stanley E. Hamilton, William E. 

Fairbanks, Grant Hale, Boyd Houston, Ron 

Peterson, Brent Palmer, Kenley C. Smith, Gary 

Nielsen, Lanny Rohner, Wilbur Sheets, Leon D. 

Hood, Grant 

Smith Kenneth 

Hardy, Richard C. 
Smith, Terry 


Brigadiers and their partners dress in old time costumes for the "Bowry Ball." 

Sponsors of Jane Eddington . . . homecoming at- 
tendant. Presented Bowery Ball . . . costume 
party featuring Gay Nineties' attire of styles of 
the Twenties . . . Participated in intramurals . . . 
came in fourth in bowling league. Winners of 
best assembly of fall quarter . . . "Ski Run" . . . 
With Nautilus social unit had Kiddies party . . . 
Harvest Ball . . . Spring quarter brought the din- 
ner dance ... a canyon party . . . songfest . . . 
"Hunting Leprechauns." 

Dick Jacobs, vice president; Jerry McAffee, social 
chairman; Dick Hardy, president; Ron Houston, ath- 
letic manager; MarLynn James, secretary-treasurer. 


Houston, Rod 

James, MarLynn 
Stratford, Roland J. 

Strawn, Byron 

Keyes, Jerry 

Jacobs, Dick 

McAffee, Jerry 

Johnson, Chuclt 

Micltelson, Russ 

Muller, Don 
Stoker, Wayde Thompson, Keith White, David A. 

Stellmon, Douglas M. Ward, Bill K. Weaver, Brent 


Gifts of past Horizons" . . . theme of Cami Los Homecoming float . . . slaves . . . aristocrats. 

Bond, Joanne Atack, Carol 

Anderson, Mary Lou 

Arnold, Mary Jane 

Bailey, Shirley 

Broadbent, Jean 

Bown, Marjorie 

jsJ Sjf^^E 

Butler, Merle Jean Christensen, Pat D. Carlson, Darlene Dorsey, Patricia Gail 

Buckwalter, Kathleen Crosby, Janice Curtis, Cherrill Goates, Barbara 

Jackman, Carol Dunford Holt, Carla Leishman, Nina Longson, Jane 

Higbee, Wanda Jorgenson, Jean Llewellyn, JoAnn Luke, Merilyn 

Pehrson, Ruth Poulsen, Gwen Scott, Lois Jean Shay, Frances 

Parker, Carolyn Rollins, Myrna Sessions, Charlene Shurtliff, Freda Mae 


Snow carnival sculpture depicts typical winte 

Cami Los activities were exciting and varied . . . 
cultural nights . . . firesides . . . member get-ac- 
quainted parties. "Pink Camellia" was the theme 
of their invitational. A Valentine dance was put 
on during February and is expected to become 
an annual event. During winter quarter a sleigh 
riding party helped pledges and actives enjoy 
the snow. An overnight slumber party at the 
MIA home and the traditional slumber party the 
night before "Y" day provided fun. During April 
the dinner dance was held at the Ogden Country 
Club. Songfest . . . "Spring Fantasy." 




Barbara Wolsey, Marjorie Bown, Nina Leishman, 
president; Bernice Heyman, Barbara Nicholson. 
Absent: Mary Sorenson. 

Finlayson, Lucille Hall, Paddy 

Griffith, Frances Hall, Peggy 

Manwill, Judith Nicholson, Barbara 

Merrill, Janet Obert, Carol 

Snow, Arnolene Taylor, Ann La Dee 

Sorensen, Mary Tyler, Virginia 

Hayward, Margaret Henrie, Gay 

Heidlebaugh, Audrey Heyman, Bernice 

Olsen, La Deane Palmer, Gayle 

Ottley, Ivie Ruth Parker, Barbara Anne 

Walker, Janice Wilkinson, Connie 

Wilde, Ruth Wolsey. Barbara 


t** k ^yt ^^^ ' T 

Penquin surveys igloo. 

A "balanced" slumber party. 

Cesta Ties sing original song "Love Remembered" at Songfest. 

Affleck, Marilyn Benson, Monte Borget, Paula Carbine, Earlene 

Anderson, Bertha Bjorkman, Marcia Brandley, Pat 

Golrick, Toy Hansen, Margaret D. Manning, Dorothy Nixon, Dorothy Dean 

Halladay, Jerry Ann March, Myrna Jean Murray, Roma Rees, Phyllis 


Cesta Tie homecoming float . . . montage of school life. 


For twenty-eight years Cesta Tie has been a 
leading unit on campus Much tradition and 
many ceremonies . . . Stresses motto and goals 
. . . One of the smaller units . . . has a close-knit 
bond between members. Put on assembly with 
Toks and Tausigs. One of two units to win song- 
fest trophy three years in sucession. Spiritual 
activities highlighted their program of activities 
this year. Firesides, dinner dances, canyon par- 
ties, and exchanges made their year interesting. 
Song Fest . . . "Love Remembered." 

Cesta Tie officers include: Emma Lou Davis, Bev- 
erly Stiburek, Billie Coulan, Patt Watts, Dorothy 

Porter, Afton M. Mrs., Sponsor Davis, Emma Lou Garrard, June 

Coulam, Billie Deaver. Josephine P. Giraud, Myrna 

Ricks, Karma Sorenson, Carol Shertzer, Minnie Clara Watts, Patt 

Simkins, Dorothy Stapley, Donna Rae Stiburek, Beverly J. Wiltsey. Barbara 

Kristjanson, Mark L. 

Moon, Hal 

Cook, Bill Dunford, Frank 

Coon, Richard A. Hansen, John B. 

Schetselaar, Mel Snow, Claude 

Simons, Ronald Budd Strang, Robert 

Burningham, Rodney Wayne 
Bullock, B. Neil 

Jarman, Monte C. 

Jensen, Bryant L. 

Wolsey, Mark 

Youngkeit, Dean 


Brand new unit . . . organized in January, 1955. Nineteen chairter members set up rush procedures . . . ideals 
of spirituality . . . brotherhood. Unit has desire to be active in social, school, athletic functions. During the 
latter part of the year they put on an assembly with the Saxons . . . new women's units. First activities on 
social calendar were . . . exchange with Ri Veda . . . Fidelas . . . Kappa Debs. A swimming party and a canyon 
party took their minds off from school work . . . period of relaxation. As a complete unit Lancers went to 
Logan for the AC . . . BYU basketball game. Invitational . . . held in May . . . semi-formal. 

Adams, LaRee Bair, Lynette Brewer, Laura 

Anderson, Gloria Anderson, Joanne Ball, Sue Burmester, Carla 

Judd, Jane Johnson, Eilene Karcher, Denise Kitchens, Carolyn 

Hunt, Mary Lou Jorgensen, Ethel Kimball, Janie Lindsay, NaDean 

Schutte, Dolores Smith, Miriam Sorensen, Utahna Stay, Donavee 

Sharpies, Marilyn Sorensen, Judy Spackman, Stettler, Carolyn 



Fidelas social unit started out the year with an exchange with the Lancers . . . the alumni organization honored 
the new active members with a pledge dinner at China City ... a pizza pie party was another fall guarter 
bright spot. A fireside testimonial was an unusual event during winter guarter . . . the invitational ... a slumber 
party . . a weekend canyon party ... a senior breakfast and a swimming party rounded out the year's ac- 
tivities. A special project was welfare work. 

Luanna Worthan leads songfest practice. 

Front Row: Dianne Chatelain, publications; Joanne 
Anderson, treasurer; Nancy McAllister, secretary. 
Row Two: LaRee Adams, vice president, Doris Hum- 
phries, president; Jane Judd, social chairman. Absent: 
Gloria Whitely, reporter. 

Daniels, Donna 

Earl, Miclti 

McAlister, Nancy 

Palmer, Pauline 
Stroud, La Rae 

Ence. Elaine Harward, Donna Carol Humphries, Doris 

Hadley. Shirley Ann Haskell. Evelyn Hull, Janis 

Morris, Christine Poggi, Phyllis Rich, DeAnn 

Nelson, Mary Kay Reecs, Mary Anne Reed. Dorothy 

Watts, Jeanine Williams. Hannah Mae Wortham, Luana 

Wakefield, Mary Lynn 

Wilson, Arlene 

Wise, Gaye 

Woodmansee, Karen 


Nautilus joined with Knight Templars and Brigadiers to put on talent show assembly. 

Andrus, Renae Alexander, Patti Baldwin, Beth 

Ah Look, Davelin K. Athay, Lois 

Brandley, Cleo Boyack, Jeanette Conder, Valerie Dunn, Barbara 

Benson, Barbara A. Butler, Laura Joanne De Marco, Barbara Edling, Deslyn Renee 

Hoyt, Barbara Hill, Maurine Johnson, Margaret Kimball, Janice 

Hartsfield, Audrie Irwin, Darlene Johnson, Marlene Kartchner, Joan 

Nebeker, Louise Parker, Karen Phelps, Shirley Redmon, Myrtle 

Nowell, Patricia Petersen, Geraldine Price, Janice Robison, Dixie 


Log cabin sculpture . . . authentic icicles . . . snow on roof. 


Nautilus . . . unit characterized by its "get up 
and ao things" spirit . . . unit claims studentbody 
first vice president . . . AWS president and vice 
president . . . 1954 Homecoming queen, Y.C. 
president . . . Alpha Lambda Delta president . . . 
Rewarded homecoming sweepstakes trophy for 
outstanding float . . . trophy for outstanding 
assembly of fall quarter . . . annual event is award- 
ing of a scholarship to the most outstanding fresh- 
man girl . . . songfest participation climaxed by 
receiving most original song award. 

Front Row: Carol Groshell, vice president; Maurine 
Hill, treasurer; Darlene Irvin, president; Cleo Brandley, 
campaign director. 

Row Two: Renae Andrus. secretary; Beverly Gearheart, 
social chairman; Des Edling, sports chairman: Jeanette 
Boyaclc, song leader. 

Elvin, Zuriel Gregson, Norma Dene Guild, Charlene Hansen, Roberta 

Gearheart, Beverly Groshell, Carol Duane Hales, Lynore Harris, Joyce 

Larsen, Kenna Leonhardt, Mary Millar, Yvonne Morgan, Lani 

Leishman, Donna Mae Lindquist, Alice McCullough, La Rae Mickelson, Carol 

Smithen, Carol Watkins, Marilyn Wittwer, Marilyn Young, Janice 

Stock, Karen Ann Whitaker, Maurine White, Veonne Wilkins, Roberta 


/ ' < V - -• . - 

Alice Harding and Ellen Claire Weaver help represent "Peace Is Our Horizon." 

Anderson, Ann Atkinson, Nadine Bean, Lael Bertoncelj, Eileen 

Anderson, Frances Dorothy Barker, Renee Beck, Kathy Brimley, Janeen 

Bryson, Beth Ellen Collard, Cathy Dawson, Mary Dixon, Joan D. 

Christiansen, Anita Colwell, Jan Degn, Hellen Driggs, Dianne 

Jones, Vernadeen Larson, Vicki Maughan, Marilyn Morse, Eileen 

Hyde, Marian Livingston, Colleen McClellan, Julie Nichols, Annette 

Schneider, Gussie Sloan, Slyvia Smith, Joanne Stephenson, Luana 

Sleater, Beryl Smith, Alene Stapley, Claudia Stoneking, Mary Ellen 

0. S. T^u/oia 


Organization characterized by desire to promote unity and friendship . . . active participation each quarter 
. . . fall quarter activities included . . . back to school parties . . . invitational dance . . . Christmas carroling 
sessions. Winter quarter . . . honor banquet for those maintaining high scholastic averages . . . 36th annual 
dinner dance climaxed quarter's activities. Spring quarter saw the gaining of second place in Song Fest . . . 
"Love Legend" . . . spring fashion show . . . weekend canyon party. 


Joanne Smith, president; Carolyn Wallis, secretary; 
Ellen Keeler, vice president; Carol Brown, treasurer. 

Brown, Carol 

Brown, Donna Ruth 

Brunt, Carol 

Gray seal . . . result of artistic O.S.T. members 

Duke, Barbara Erekson, Lou 

Ellsworth, Colleen Gale, Muriel 

Oviatt, Marilyn Patterson, Jeanne Ellen 

Paramore, Pauline Petersen, Elaine 

Thatcher, Joan Wallis, Carolyn 

Vandenberg, Norine Weaver, Ellen Claire 

Graff, Kay 

Greenig, Jane 

Harding, Alice 

Holbert, Sue 

Redd. Kathy 

Roth, Sherry Kay 

Sauls, Mary Alice 

Shoemaker, Donna 

Webster, Jacquelin 

: West, Barbara 

Whittle, Carol 

Wing, Barbara 



W • 


Front Row: Janee Camp, Joyce Fyfe, Marie Nelson, Colleen 

McKnight, June Dudley. 

Row Two: Yvonne Marchbanks, Mary Kay Brotherson, Karen 

Stalli.ngs, Barbar Jo Allen, Shirley Williams, Anne Lether, 

Tess Hoopes, La Voy Nuttall, Janet Peterson, Charlene 


Janet Peterson, Janee Camp, Colleen McKnight, Yvonne 
Marchbanks, Marie Nelson, Barbara Adams. Design rush 

Barbara Adams, president; Joy Fyfe, treasurer; Yvonne 
Marchbanks, vice president; Mary Kay Brotherson, 

Rt Vedd 

Organization revived by Barbara Adams and 
Barbara Jo Allen . . . Ri Verda reorganized winter 
quarter . . . motto . . . "seeking of all knowledge" 
. . . had rush parties '. . . hobo . . . southern themes 
. . . had an April invitational . . . weekend at the 
MIA summer lodge . . . "Show Boat" was the 
inspiration for their interesting opera house. 

Adams, Barbara Allen, Virginia Louise Brotherson, Mary Kathryn Crowther, Janette 

Allen, Barbara Jo Barr, Betty Jean Camp, Janee Christensen, Mary 

Fyfe, Joyce 

Dudley, June 
Morr, Marilyn 

Nelson, Ann Marie 

Hoopes, Tess 
Nelson, Janice 

Horrocks, Kaye 
Nuttall, LaVoy 

Johnson, Charlene Marchbanks, Yvonne 

Lether, Anne McKnight, Colleen 

Pearce, Barbara Stallings, Karen 

Peterson, Janet E. Stuehser, Darlene 


Charter members La Rae Pack, Evelyn Smith, Florence Izatt, 
Margaret Urry, Loretta Cook, Carolyn Smith look over new 

Off with her head," says Evelyn Smith to Loretta Cook. 


Thaila social unit . . . name comes from Thalia . . . 
goddess of love and beauty . . . one of new units 
on campus ... has seventeen charter members 
. . . started by Margaret Urry and Pat Flygare . . . 
they chose pink and white as their colors . . . mot- 
to .. . "He that hath friends must prove himself 
friendly." Girls had mock reducing session at the 
diet dandy party . . .exercised . . . drank milk and 
ate fruit . . . open house was held spring quarter 
... at an exchange with the IKs dates played 
games . . . danced . . . Farewell dinner given to 
honor seniors. 

Renee Holton, secretary-treasurer; Margaret Urry. 
president; Carolyn Smith, historian. 

Cook, Loretta Holton, Renee 

Bond, Marta Halladay. Kay 

Mann. Beth Parker, Carman Smith, Evelyn 

Pack. Agnes LaRae Smith. Carolyn 

Jones, Cleona 
Izatt. Florence Lund. Marie 

Torgeson, Colleen 
Swenson, Shirley Urry. Margaret Joyce 


Kneeling, Bob Porterfield. Standing, Don Marshall, William Koons, Richard Wootton, Gary Milam, Carl Chamberlain, 
Kay Smith . . . winners of cross country broken ski race. 

Ainsworth, Robert Banks, Ron 

Bangerter, Darrell 

Bennett, Jerry Brown, Lawrence R. 

Ballard, Harold Brim, LaVern Castillo, Jorge 

p C\ C- 

Harmon, Glenn Judy, Bob Larsen, Oscar Lundberg, Gary B. 

Hiltbrand, Wesley R. Kamekona, Danny K. Kennington, Craig Madsen, Preston 

Murphy, Sheldon Pistone, Vincent Raban, Ted Lewis Robison, Rulon D. 

Peterson, John Dal Purser, Jerry Rather, Douglas Smith, Stephen A. 


Tausig oriental homecoming float. 

Backstage during the assembly. 


"Omnus Uno" ... All for one and one for all . . . 
Tausigs scored the most points during the Snow 
Carnival . . . won sweepstakes prize . . .third prize 
for their snow sculpture . . . Fortieth annual in- 
vitational . . . "Oriental Illusion" ... At Timp 
Haven brothers stuffed themeselves during their 
yearly "deer" bust. PJs were donned and mem- 
bers went to the country club for a night of riot. 
Unusual exchanges were held . . .a bundling party 
with the Cougarettes ... a "Roman Holiday" 
dance at the Skyliner. Third place winners at song 
fest . . . "Love In Fantasy." 

Jerry Purser, vice president; Keate Worley, secretary; 
Richard Wootton, president; Rulon Robison, treasurer. 

Davis, Gerald Farmer, Scott Laval 

Dorough, Emmett Ericksen, Tom 

Marshall, Don Milam, Gary Dean 

McClellan, Charles A. Miller, Robert 

Taylor, John M. Thorup, Richard 

Thorup, Jim Vetterli, Dick 

Moscon, Frank Nixon, William L. 

Murphy, Floyd Palmer, Richard 

Warner, ElVon Wootton, Richard 

Tucker, Donald Worley, Keate 


Front Row: Diane Parke, Candy Jacobs, Rae Ison, Lyla Sanders, Kaye Richardson, Jane Bowen, Gladys Law, Rose- 
mary Borg. 

Row Two: Monta Lou Walker, Sharon Thornley, Joanne Wells, Audrey Haycock, Nancy Carlston, Shirley Motsch- 
man, Lynnett Wilder, Judy Roberts. 

Row Three: Diane Bevan, Joan Bevan, Audrey Ann McCay, Nancy Olsen, Diana Creer, Lois Whiting, Joan Moeller, 
Margaret Hunter, Diane Manwaring. 

Row Four: Jayne Gillette, Janice Freeman, Wynn Peterson, Pat Manley, Beverly Brady, Alice Parmley, Edna Lou 
Hyde, Colleen Bagnall. 

Front Row: Nadine Carter, Jan Brown, Marilyn Brimhall, Ruth Romney, Maureen Cumming, Shirley Palmer, Gin- 
ger Ricks. 

Row Two: Barbara Smith, Eleanor Westerberg, Dolores Chase, Juana Dalton, LaDonna Hansen, Anne Hawkins, 
Shirlene Oswald, Wanda Olsen. 

Row Three: Margot Westwood, Sharron Brian, Ruth Armstrong, Margie Sudweeks, Carol Thulin, Nathel Hutchin 
son, Beverly Law, Janet Carter. 

Row Four: Barbara Covery, Wanda Peacock, Jayne Kent, Rita Cox, Nancy Hanks, Rhoana Mills, Linda Andrews, 
Geneva LeSueur. Absent: Marilyn Bentley. 

Beasley, Janeen Brown, Ferneth Cannon, Sally 

Billings, Marilyn Call, Ann Lou Cannon Sue 

Hocking, Janice Jones, Ada May Keller, Ann 

Hutchinson, Nancy Josephson, Anna Marie Kirk, Fran 

Penrod, Joann Peters, Jean Reed, Maxine 

Peters, Gay Peterson, Colleen Robinson, Shirlene 

Chase, Gwen 

Christiansen, Marlene 

Law, Elaine 

Law, Eleanor 

Schenk, Laura Lea 

Swain, Barbara 

To- Kolm 


As the Greek maiden Tokalon . . . members find beauty in all things . . . have original ideas . . . full of fun . . . 
are friendly. Fall quarter featured a sleepless slumber party . . . annual Christmas dance. Winter quarter 
. . . couples attended "Bal de Paris" . . . rush parties were different and fun. Pledges prepared sea food dinner 
for actives . . . also put on a fashion show . . . Weekend at MIA home . . . songfest participation . . . highl- 
ights of spring quarter. Dinner dance incorporated an Hawaiian theme . . . Toks danced to Jim Christian- 
sen's orchestra at the Salt Lake Country Club . . . Song Fest . . . "Life ... A Mystery." 

Jo Ann Frances . . . Helene Macdonald . . . Tok 
Homecoming float. 

Front Row: Gay Peters, president; Colleen Norseth, 
vice president; Dixie White, secretary; Verla Anderson, 

Row Two: Ada Jones, historian; Fran Huffaker, rush 
chairman; Ann Keller, social chairman; DeLight Wil- 
son, chaplain; Marilyn Billings, reporter. 

Anderson, Verla 
Anderson, Jean Ballard, Marilyn 

Corbett, Mary 

Dixon, Joan W. 
Lawrence, Colleen 

Lochhead, Lois 
Van Wagoner, Elizabeth 

Walker, Carol 

Doiron, Mary Lou Francis, Jo Ann Hibbert, Gwyn 

Elison, Ina Lou Hansen, Peggy Huffaker, Fran 

Manwaring, Diane Macdonald, Helen Palmer, Patricia 

Nielson, Jeanine Norseth, Colleen Page, Erma Lillian 

Weaver, Barbara White, Dixie Wood, Carol 

Westwood, Judith Ann Williams, Barbara White, Janice 

Barbara Fife, Elaine Oates, Kay Moody ride on homecoming float . . . theme . . . "Off to 'Yd' Horizons.' 

Barnard, Robert C. 

Armstrong, Joe 

Barnes, Richard L. Beach, Gary C. 

Barton, James A. Bitter, Kirk 

Bohanan, James 

Bybee, Don R. 

Cather, Jack Clark, Malcolm G. 

Christensen, Dave Close, Mel 

Hammond, Sam Hyde, Ellis 

Hatfield, Richard M. Jessee, Donald 

Palmer, Val W. Payne, Robert 

Parker, Edmund K. Rasmussen, Bill 

Crandall, Clegg Davis, D. Monte 

Crandall, Robert Ettrich, Frederick 

Johansen, J. Frank Jones, Myron D. 

Johnson, Norm Keller, Montie 

Perry, Ray Roach, Dee 

Ridge, Don Soelberg, Bruce 

Vol ttyhia 


Fifty-four members always seen in the bleachers under the radio booth at assemblies . . . started the year 
by winning the beauty trophy for their Homecoming float. They made a snow princess for their Snow Carni- 
val sculpture. Crimson . . . gold colors of royal guard of ancient viking king, Cnute. Had two basketball intra- 
mural teams. Their invitational at Springville featured a smorgasbord. Exchanges included a kiddie party 
and a tobogganing party. Placed second in songfest . . . "Listen to the Night." 

John Ward, historian; Fritz Boyer, secretary; Jack 
Lords, president; Mel Close, vice president; Dee Hall, 
social chairman. 

Boyer, E. Fritz 

Calvert, David Ross 

Snow princess . 

featured blue dress 

Ferney, Ralph Fife, Lynn 

Field, Bob 
Little, Robert J. Lords, Jack 

Lookinland, Paul R. 
Smith, Curtiss L. West, Henry 

Ward, John 

Fredrickson, Gordon Humpherys, Keith 

Forsythe, Edward Griffiths, Jerry Hall, Dee 

Merkley, Harvey Nelson, Gordon 

Minor, Milt Metier, EuGene H. Manwaring, Alan Var 

Yeates, James Lorin Ward, Dave 

Wilde, Karl Dee Zander, Rudy Wride, Tom 


The climax to a perfectly executed slalom. 

Adams, Geraldine 

Ahlander, Diane 

Davis, Dorothy 

Fieldsted, Carol 

Creer, Kay 

Davis, Darlene 
Kenney, Elaine Kitchen, Anne 

Kimball, Claudia Maack, Jeannie 

Olsen, LaPrele Rich, Margaret 

Ray, Lois Richards, Karin 

Andrus, Gwyn Ball, Larene 

Armstrong, Frances Bergstedt, Eleanor 

Galbraith, Lynne Geddes, Karla 

Gay, JoAnn Glazier, Joan 

Mac Arthur, Pat Maxfield, Carol Ann 

Mathews, Donna McFarland, Donna 

Robins, Essie Ann Simper, Geniel 

Robinson, Pat Swenson, Barbara 

Vd NW 


Val Norn unit members participated in . . . Feast of the Gods . . . Banquet of the Yellow Roses . . . goat din- 
ners . . . spring canyon party . . . assembly . . . Song Fest. Annual events . . . senior breakfast . . . dinner dance 
. . . invitational . . . "Fall Frolic" brightened the schedule. Traditional motto throughout the years has been 
"She flies with her own wings." Won Song Fest trophy . . . "Love in Fantasy." 

t # J f J, 

Karla Geddes, Helen Horton, Jane Harrison, Norma 
Roylance; Maxine Stewart, Barbara Allen, Dixie Geh- 
ring, Gloria linger take time out to smile. 

Lois Ray, president; Gail Gray, vice president; Kay 
Creer, secretary; Verla Crockett, reporter; Lenadra 
McKeel, treasurer. 

Briggs, Nancy Chambers, Kathy 

Callister, Janette Clyde, Jane 

Godfrey, Mary Ann Griffin, Gayle 

Gray, Gail Harding, Jilean 

McKell, Lenadra Moody, Floy 

Miller, Maurine Morgan, Rene 

Taylor, Margene Thorne, Gayle 

Theobald, Roe Mae Thorn, June A. 

Condie, Celia Crockett, Verla 

Cook, Mary Ellen Dattge, Carol 

Hokanson, Beverly Johnson, Gloria 

James, Gloria Ivins, Nancy 

Nielson, Diane Ockerman, Kleta 

Nalder, Margaret Olpin Jewel 

Tregeagle, Jeri Dean Winkler, Mary Lee 

Webb, Elaine Wilcock, Sandra 


Viking members Gary Kale+a, Gary Raddon, Rad Feme, Steve Oveson, John Hunter, J_ R. Madsen . Ron Linford and Wayne Tay- 
lor set up posters for the A. M.S. election candidates. 

Barker, Bob Bacon, Ken Bryan, Lauren Carter, Rod 

Anderson, Bob Brown, Philip R. Cameron, Stan 


Clark, Jon G. Coleman, Norman Kenney Cooper, Kenneth G. Donahoo, Boyd W. 

Condie, Reed Conger, Gordon G. Cullimore, Kelvyn Edgley, Richard C. 

Hall, Henry Hatfield, Kenneth M. Hawkes, Gene Horton, George Robert 

Hansen, Lee Hart, John A. Heilner, San Hickman, Kenneth 

Kunz, Monte Lee, Rex Linford, Ron Madsen, J. R. 

Laub, Dale J. LeSueur, Marlin Loose, W. A. Robert, Jr. McCracken, Lawreno 

Richens, Alan Russon, Kim Skousen, Richard E. Snow, Karl N. 

Reed, James Rees, Robert Smedley, Noal Southwick, Paul Robe 



Famous for "creeking" prospective members . . . those who hang their pins . . . Members were responsible 
for the orientation week assembly . . . winter formal . . . canyon parties . . . exchanges made an interesting 
schedule of activities. Goats survived pledge masters demands . . . involuntary baths in ponds . . . hikes from 
Rock Canyon. Big event of the year . . . weekend at Zion canyon . . . dates and escorts enjoyed tour of the 
park . . . dinner dance at Zions Lodge. Brotherhood of Franthor, the fearless, finds strength and power in 
faith and unity. Song Fest . . . "Justice." 

Wayne Chrismon and Dick Skousen drive victim to Hell. 

Heber Thompson, Jon Clark, Karl Snow, president; 
Kelvyn Cullimore and Ken Coleman. 

Edward, Brent Ferre, Radford Forsgren, Klane Groberg, David 

Ensign, Jerry C. Finlinson, Vance J. Green, James M. Hales, John Lockwood 

Hunter, John Jenkins, Arlen D. Jensen, Bob Kirkham, Tom 

Hutchings, Gilbert, Jr. Jenkins, Reed B. Jensen, Richard Kaleta, Gary 

Nelson, Neil Peterson, James L. Pettingill. Ted Randall. Wayne 

Oveson, Richard M. Pettingill, Mont J. Raddon, Gary Reed, Donald 

Stevenson, Warren W. Sukiasian, George Thompson, Heber Westover, Robert 

Stratford, Richard Calder Taylor, Wayne O. Waterstradt, Gary Wimmer, Larry T. 


Foxley, Billy S. 

Jensen, Dick 

Lamson, Merle Stoddard, Gary Wittorf, John H. 

Spendlove, Lyle Webster, Lorin Wittke, Dayton D. 


• ••.-. 

Dayton Witlke, president; John Witlorf, secretary; 
Merle Lamson, treasurer. Absent: Jesse Kunewa, 
vice president. 

The Argonouts held numerous exchanges during 
the year. Dr. Poll of the History Department, 
Dr. Larsen of the Sociology Department, and 
Dr. Barrett of the Religion Department were 
featured speakers. Halloween and Christmas 
parties were held to celebrate those holidays. 
In April the Argonauts joined with Val Hyric and 
Alcyone social units to present an assembly. 

Bailey, Barbara Beckstrand, Carol Nan Anderson, Paulene Benson, llda 

Allen, Virginia Bailey, Roma Bailey, Janice Bennett, Betty 

* ^f O v*\ ^ ^ ^f 

■ ■ 

Brown, Lora Lee Carlisle, Nola Darto.n, Ralene Curtis, Caroline 

Bryan, Maxine Clark, DeLene Cowan, Claudine Edwards, Pat 

Holmes, Mary Naylor, Joan Meyer, Mildred Rust, Maida 

Poppleton, Anna Paxton, Theane Ramsay, Marilyn Schmidt, Nathalie 


Slumber party . . . pajama parade . . . food . . . talk . . . pranks . . . anything but sleep. 

K(tipp& T)eb(mJM 

Kappa Debs unit organized winter quarter . . . 
forty-three charter members carried out an act- 
ive rush program throughout spring quarter . . . 
a dinner dance was also presented. With the 
other new units they put on an assembly during 
April. A pin was resigned and the unit flower 
was chosen. By spring quarter members had 
framed their constitution. Songfest . . . "Jungle 

Front Row: Mary Ann Ann Staples, treasurer; Paul- 
ene Anderson, president; Roma Bailey, historian. 
Row Two: Theone Paxton, secretary; Joan Grappen- 
dorf, correspondence secretary; Fran Dain, social 

Dain, Frances Lee Evans, Sondra Ingram, Patricia A. Griffin, Phyllis 

Davis, Hazel R. Grappendorf, Joan Greenwood, Carma Groberg, Phyllis 

Schultz, Gerrie Simms, Connie Wikoff, Nancy Jo Yeomans, Joan 

Staples, Mary Ann Sutcliffe, Jane Williams, Marilyn Young, Florence 

Youk daUe^ 


wiped you/ . . . 

/*-«vtudents . . . first a Freshman 
... a novice ... in the rudiments 
of knowledge ... a wearer of the 
blue and white beany. "Lord, how 
the seniors knocked about the 
freshman class of one" — Holmes. 

Sophomores . . . Sophos-wise 
. . . mores-foolish . . . impressed 
with their new rank . . . wanted 
to get in on every activity . . . 
sponsors of Loan Fund Ball. "Eag- 
erness surpasses their knowledge." 

Juniors . . . destination . . . suc- 
cess in life . . . their goals are 
fairly definite . . . presenters of 
school's only strictly formal dance. 
"The fools, my juniors by a year." 

Seniors . . . ones more advanced 
in life . . . more dignified . . . pro- 
ducts of four years of experience 
. . . instigators of the bell gift. 
"No person is as sophisticated as 
a senior girl." — Bruce. 


1 ^»"N 

CHom O-ffW 

eed Jenkins . . . president . . . comes from Pendleton, 
Oregon . . . has a dark handsomeness ... in school of 
physical engineering sciences . . . has nice friendly manner 
. . . capable of accomplishing much in a short time. 

*— J arbara Swenson . . . vice president . . . short blond hair 
. . . blue eyes . . . comes from Spanish Fork . . . likes to 
swim . . . dance . . . belongs to Val Norn . . . likes business 
education . . . plans to teach it. 


\J oan Dixon . . . secretary . . . studious . . . 
belongs to Tok . . . pinned to a Bricker . . . likes 
majoring in home economics . . . will teach it . . 
. . . White Key sweaters. 

serious . . . 
to sew . . . 
. has AWS 

Barbara and Joan think it's high time Reed's warm eloquence gets a cooling. 


SeriuM owd GtoctuccteA 


Qmai PacanaJceM 

Juna AbboH . . . Chick . . . poised . . . 
French major . . . Comes from Boise, 
Idaho . . . enjoys drama . . . golf . . . 
tennis . . . Digs Pogo . . . has dog of 
that name . . . Dislikes name Alfona . . . 
was chairman of Fieldhouse Follies . . . 
Sponsor Corps Commandant . . . noted 
for cold feet . . . warm smile. 


Naida Black . . . Competent student 
body secretary . . . has pretty smile 
. . . Sponsor . . . ToKalon . . . from 
Tooele . . . middle name is Ann . . . 
secretarial science major . . . dimples 
. . . recently engaged . . . likes to dance. 

Ralph Boswell . . . Most friendly boy on 
campus . . . business manager of sum- 
mer school last year . . . mission eastern 
Canada . . . tubing society ... a Cap- 
pellaChoir . . . low bass . . . Tausig . . . 
Blue Key . . . likes all food except sauer- 
kraut and parsnips . . . sold 150 tickets 
to prom last year. 

Reed B. Jenkins . . . Viking from Pen- 
dleton, Oregon . . . senior class presi- 
dent . . . will be glad to leave school 
. . . enjoys job of skiing instructor . . . 
when time permits . . . majors in physics. 
Member of Blue Key . . .teacher in 
North Campus Branch Sunday School 
. . . has dimpled chin . . . dark appeal. 

Dick Oveson . . . Economics major . . . 
political science minor . . . claims to 
have been fifty-seventh in cross country 
track meet . . . sixty were running. 
President of IOC . . . veep of Blue Key 
. . . Cadet chief of staff in ROTC . . . 
looks good in red . . . crew cut . . . 
likes athletics ... a preferred man. 

Marion Probert . . . Outstanding athlete 
and student. Selected all-conference 
end . . . honored with position on na- 
tional scholastic football team . . . has 
2.8 grade average . . . taught Zoology 
II lab ... to receive $1000 scholarship 
to medical school in Penn. 


Van Burgess . . . Star of basketball floor 
. . . from American Fork . . . majoring 
in agriculture . . . likes farming . . . 
curly blond hair . . . new father . . . 
three years varsity basketball. 

Dixie Robison . . . First vice president 
. . . engaged to Jack Zenger . . . effi- 
cient ... is a good cook . . . sewer 
... is wonderful swimmer . . . was near 
Olympics . . . member of Nautilus social 
unit . . . elementary education major 
... is curly headed . . . tall . . . mem- 
ber of White Key. 

Lloyd George . . . Student body prexy 
. . . Gold Bricker . . . Bill's brother . . . 
sad exterior . . . happy interior . . . 
witty . . . likes parties . . . preferable 
political . . . has green car with tem- 
permental doors . . . snappy dresser . . . 
displays brawn as life guard at Sands 
Hotel in Las Vegas during summer 
months . . . new member of Blue Key 
. . . Tubers. 

Sylvia Tyler . . . Assembly committee 
chairman ... a Cappella member . . . 
belongs to Sponsors corps . . . White 
Keys ... Is waiting for a missionary 
. . .loves to dance . . . swim . . . has 
no time for hobbies . . . doesn't appreci- 
ate people who won't support school 
functions . . . people who go to bed 
early . . . has delicate grace. 

Colette Green . . . Recently married 
Henry Taylor ... is from Lethbridge, 
Canada . . . member of White Key . . . 
Cami Los . . . Sponsors . . . enjoys 
playing tennis . . . golf . . . likes Eble 
Skevars . . . (Danish Pancakes) . . . 
committee member of Homecoming 
celebration . . . has elementary ed . . . 
homemaking interests . . . 

Roger Sant . . . Preferred man from Los 
Angeles . . . doesn't care for self- 
righteous people ... ... belongs to 

the tubing society ... is a member of 
Blue Keys . . . Brickers ... is student 
body business manager . . . has been 
accepted at Harvard . . . will continue 


-*. MM* attending to r „ l9;ous ob%afions ^^ 

SenM ActMfted 

Thad Yost with his amiable way and steady hand gave valu- 
able aid as the Graduate Representative on Leg. Council. 

No words necessary we have our caps, gowns, and 

diplomas after four years of diligent labor. 

Seniors . . .took over indoctrination 
of frosh . . . helped them get ac- 
quainted with "Y" and its traditions 
. . . madly attempted to complete 
basic groups . . . applied for gradu- 
ation. Their project ... to inspire 
co-operation of other classes in sup- 
port of senior gift . . . Gift . . . caril- 
lon chimes. Were privileged to bear 
testimonies at senior testimonial. An- 
nual trek . . . last hike as students. 
Honored at senior breakfast . . . 
commencement exercises. 

Keith Humphreys and Charlene Sessions cast their votes 
for the benefit of Senior classmates at Leg. Council 

Seniors . . . who else . . . delt out verdicts and punishments 
at Senior Court as part of the Frosh Cub Week. 

Total of Senior contributions to the Chimes fund fell to the 
hands of Gene Allen, Zuriel Elvin, and Barbara Swenson. 



'^j£dd£74*&\ a ; \ 

Anderson, Kenneth H. 

Atkin, Floy Daun 

Declcer, Bonnie B. 

Decker, Daniel L. 

Baer, Sherwin H. 

DeLong, Clair L. 

Bessey, Gerald E. . Brown, Robert Lynn 

Bennett, S. John Brownlee, Robert S. Belnap, Parley L. 

Fennesay, Robert Lane Gilchrist, John Sneddon 
Erickson, Lorna Ann Gidley, Robert Harold Hardy, Heber 

y ^fi ^^k 


\^i \E J f9i£d fiLi 

Howell, J. Franklin 

Hyde, Janet 

Mclntire, E. Bernell 

Nielsen, Gerald L. 

Johnson, Peter Wendel 

Oakes, Thomas W. 

Jones, James Richard 

Olsen, Ben L. 

Kelly, Burton C. LeBaron, Robert Gordon 

Kirkham, Da'n Romaine Lillywhite, Viola 

Olsen, Virginia Osborne, Virgus C. 

Petersen, Melvin J. Radmall, Max B. 

Stretesky, Mary A. C. Stone, Ronald Verl 

Stoddard, Ellwyn R. Terryi Rex Ne | son 


Bullock, Joseph Jay Christensen, Ned Jay 

Connell. Harold G. Davis, Del E. 

D'Addablo. Patrick, 

The men went to priesthood meeting 

Gunnell, Wayne C. Hill, Marvin 

Hiatt, David Hyrum 

Hill. Max W. 

Howell, Carrol L. 

Morrell. Dwight L. 

Maxfield, E. Blair 

Stevenson, Joseph Grant 

Soderquist, Alma Gene 

Larsen, Lee Beck 

Larsen, Kenneth M. 

Rogers, Clair W. 

Roundy, Marilyn 

Thompson, Joseph E. 

Walton, Gayle 

Lindsay, Elizabeth F. 

Sagers. Richard D. 
Woodford, Hugh J. 

Lowe, Gareth W. 

Shaw, Graham C. 

Yost. Thad O. 

Mickelson, Russell 

Smit, Walter R. 
White. Fred G. 


AhNee, Emmaline K. P. 

Affleck, Marilyn 

Dulce, Robert J. 

Ellett, Mont R. 

Allred, Ruel A 

Anderson, Carole Dawn 

Ellsworth, Nylan J. 

Francis, Rell G. 

Fredrickson, Hartley 

Chun, Barbara 

Fisher, Roger Don 

Chung, Henry P, 

Day, Dennis N. 

Gardner, Elbert Wayne 

Gibby, Marlow D. 

Jeppson, Saylor C. 

Jones, Clifford H. 

% H \ 

Lindsfrom, David LeFevre, Clifford S. McBride, Ralph L. 

Linebarger, Robert McBride, Donald W. Matthews, John 

Rogers, Kennett H. Skousen, Owen Kay 

Sandberg, Joseph C. Steele, Paul 

Stoclcman, Donald G. 

Taylor, Betty 

Qkaduoiei A-Z 


Beazer, Bill 

Dalton, John M. 

» Handy, Gerald L. 

Hatch. Farr 

deJong, Thelma 

Hebertson, JoAnn 

Dixon, Robert N. 

Howes, Raymond 

Dewey. Donald O. 
Ipson, Hyrum B. 

The organ prelude set the stage for reverence. 

Rasmussen, Delia Mae 

Rollins. Myron B. 

Mendiola. Mary Luisa 

Murray, Mel R. 

Smith, Kermit H. 

Taylor, Marolyn 

Parker, Jack L. 
Ward, Dennis 

Pearl, Del 
Weber, Lorin D. 

Powell, Gene C. 
Warner, Doris S. 

Raisor, Ralph Calvin 
Wynder, Frank Curtis 





Abbott, George L. 

Abbott, Juna 

Anderson, Bertha E. 

Allred, Betty B. 

Abegg, Isaura B Adams, Ruth Alford, Kenneth James 

Abraham, Margie Beth Alder, Edgar Anderson Alleman, Karen 

Allred, Ralph Lynn Andersen, Margaret C. Anderson, Clair R. 

Allred, Robert G. Anderson, Beth Marie Anderson, Carl D. 

Anderson, Lynn E. 

Anderson, Verla 

Anderson, Sha 


Andrus, Gwyn Lyn 

Bagley, Gwen 

Barber, Robert B. 

Banks. Floyd J. 

Barker, Joanne 

Besendorfer, James M. 

Berrett, Wallace L. 

Berry, William 


Bickel, Idora 

Blake, Van H. 

Blauer, Harold W. 

Blatter, Glenn 

Blodgett. J. Alan 

Andreasen, Don McKay 

Arashiro, Lillian 

Armstrong, Howard L, Jr. 

Armstrong, Ruth Jane 

Barnes, Katherine Bartholomew, Owen 

Bartholomew, Earl R. Baum, John Haws 

Bevan, Richard K. Bird, Adren J. 

Bingham, Gerald Bird. Alma DeeLee 

Bond, Joanne 

Booth, Edgar Kent 

Boss, Karl C. 

Bowden, Daloy C. 


Satfow Ab^Bk 

Allen, Eugene R. Allred. Forrest R. Allred, Blake B. 

Allen, Jack LaMar Allen, J. Whorfon 

Anderson, Dorene Anderson, Janet Anderson, Melvln Frank 

Anderson, Ernel L. Anderson, Lola Mae 

Ushers passed out programs. 

Asay, Jesse 

Aston, Duane 

Athay, Lois 

Atkin. Ivan Ana 

Bacon, Doris 

Bacon, S. Kenneth, Jr. 

Balser, Alan 

Baird, Ramon C 

Beishline, Robert 

Bell, Richard DerMont 

Bendall. John R. 

Bennion, Owen C, 

Benson, Maurlne 

Benson, Ruth J. 

Benson, Owen J. 

Barrett, Frank 

Bird, Velene 

Bischoff. Keith M. 

Bischoff, Patricia 

Black. Ladd J. 

Black. Naida 

Bleckley, William F. 

Blair. Julia G. 


Robert Wallace 

Bown, Carl G. 

Boyce, David H. 

Bradford, Leona W. 

Bradshaw, Merlin 


Bradford, Richard B. 

Boyer, Blaine M. 

Brady, Morris J. 

Brady. Bryant L. 

^A/xA J 

Buckwalter. Barbara Burns, Shirley Cahoon, Amelia Jane Cahoon, Leon A 

Burgess, Van Edward Burton, Leah Cahoon, Edyth Calderwood, Bob E. 

Carroll, Anita L. Carter, Paul Smith 

Carter, Nadine Beth Carter, Ray L. 

Christensen, Ray E. Clarke, Ralph F. 

Christensen, Richard B. Clay, Orson C. 

Creer, Kay 

Croft, Albert Paul 

Crandall, Jerry 

Crook, Mary 

Carter, Rod Chadwick, Leila Brown 

Castagno, Loraine Chatterley, Louis Joseph 

Cline, Charles W. Coleman, Ronald J. 

Coleman, Norman Kenney Colton, Grace E. 

Curtis, Cherrill 
Curry, Gerald A. Curtis, J. Dee 

Crosby, Janice 

Dastrup, Richard C. Dawson, Oliver M. 

Davis, Barbara Jean Degn, Hellen 

De La Mare, Donald 

Dixon, Joan W. 

DeVault, Ruth 

Doman, Rulene 

Brown, Jerry C 


^ftdoW "Bfc-Du/ 

Buchanan, Richard M. 

Brown, Ralph O. 

Buchanan, Sharon Raye 

Bull, Oonnie 

Caldwell, Don A. Carlson, Marvel Carter, Ken 

Call, Waldo P. Carmack, John 

Monroe McKay gave announcements. 

Christensen, Milton 0. 

Christiansen. Allen Christensen, Clem Homer Christensen, Dawn 

Christensen, Barlow F. Christensen. Clyde A. Christensen. Gayle B. Chnstensen. Helen 

Co« Richard Dean 
Cowley, William Coi, Alta 

Davis, Robert R. 

Contreras, Carlos A. 

Cook, Mary Ellen 

Dalby, Pat 

Corey, Richard I. 
Davis. Duane 

Corry, Dorothy 

Dame, Jan G. 

Dance. Merva 

Donaldson, Shelly Dorough, Emmett Dave 

Dorius. Mary Colleen Dorsey, Patricia Gail 

Coulam, Billle 
Danielson, B. DeMar 
Duke, James K. 

Dance, Norene Dawson. Mary 

Durfee, John C. 
Dumas, Mary E. Durrant. Eugene Jay 


Elcins, Jean Dixon 

Dyer, James W, 

Eyre, De Ray 

Fare, Lyle E. 

Earnshaw, Audrey 

Ferney, Ralph 

Easton, Helen 

Fjeldsted, Carol 

Ekins, Phyl G. 
Fleming, LuAnn 

Enos, Muriel Kaohulani 
Elvin, Zuriel Ensign, Jerry C. 

Forsey, James Garry 
Fields, Clarence L. Francis, Joe Ann 

Gardner, Sheila 

Gardner, Blaine A. 

Graff, LaRen 

Green, Colette 

Hansen, Pat 

Hansen, Laura Gayle 

Gardner, David P. 

Gardner, RaNae 

Greenwood, Edmund O. 

Guernsey, Marvin E. 

Hanson, Heloyce 

Hansen, Russell H. 

Garrett, Dariene 
Guthrie, Arlene 
Hardy, Arthur 

Garrett, Eugene B. 
Hadlock, Theresa 

Harmon, Duane M. 

Havens, LaMar D. Haws, Travis G. 

Hathaway, Marquis George Haws, Wayne 

Haycock, Kathryn Mary 

Hearne, Colleen 

Gassman, Byron 

Geddes, Wilford H. 

Hafen, Stanley Harman 

Hainsworth, Beth 

Harper, John J. 

Harmon, Gaylen T. 

Heath, Bonnie Allen 

Heaton, Flora May 


QwM EIc-J-Il 

Erickson, Duaine T. Eriksen, Cleudet+e Guste 

Erickson, William E. Everett, Charles L. 

Frampton, Frank M. 

Fouft, Dell R. 

Frank, Margene 

Frogley, Keith 

Eves, Richard Owen 

Gardner, Beverly Hall 

Students taught Sunday School classes. 

George, Lloyd 

Giberson, Richard C. 

Gilbert, Naomi 

Giles, Bonnie 


Goates, Barbara Ann 

Goodman, Peggy 

Gourdin. Melvin 

Gourley, John P. 

Hales, Bette L. 

Hales, Glen 

Halverson, Marianne 

Hall, Dee 

Hannig. Joseph C. 

Hansen, Darrel 

Hansen, Helen 

Hensen, Garth D. 

Harper, Reid L 

Harris. Delores 

Harris. Robert L 

Harvey, Lael 

Harrison, Merle 

Harrison, B. Kent 

Hatch. Myron W. 

Hatfield, Richard M. 

Heiner, Ted, Jr. 

Helberg, Ray W. 

Hess, Dennis Clark 

Heyman, Bernice 

Hiatt, Calvin C. 

HisH, Ethel P. 

Higham, Del P. 

Higbee, Richard Eugene 


Ho oft, Agnes 

Houston, Stan 

Howeli, Varon Leroy Huffaker, Ray C. Hulme, Ronald A. 

Huffaker. Philston Carlson Hulme, Lucille Humpherys, DeVerl S. 

Irvin, Darlene 

Hyde, Marian 

Jensen, David C, Jr. 

Jensen, Janet Louise 

Judkins, Newell K. 

Jorgenson, Jean 

Larsen, Lois 

Larsen, Robert G. 

Hyde, Nadine 
Jensen, Larry D. 
Josephson, Anna Marie 
Last, Garth B. 

Ivie, Evan L. 

Hyde, Venice 

Jensen, Ruth Anne 


Jung, Werner A. 

Last, Ronald W. 

Iwasaki, Frances 

Jackman, Carol Dunford 

Jackson, LeRoy E. 

Johansen, Franz M. Johnson, Cleta 

John, Lynn Morris Johnson, Dennis A. 

Kartchner, Joan 
Laub, Dale J. 

Keith, J. Allan 

Kawahigashi, Viola 

Kimball, Janice 

Lee, Max E. 
Lawrence, Clifford J. Lee, Rex 

Q&dM i-ll-Ll 


Hobbs, Charles R. Holman, Darlene Holyoak, Alan Bruce 

Holliday, Macelle Thornton Holyoak, Sharon Kay 

Everybody tried to leave at once. 

Hunter, Boyd M. 

Hyde, Alan A. 

Hunter, Ted 

Humpherys, Keith S. 

Hyde, Charles R. 

Jackson, Valton E. 

Jackson, Violet Louisa 

Jacobs, Dee Vale 


Jacox, Gordon 


James, Harry G. 


Jeffery, Jay Melvin 

Jensen, Beryl 

Jensen, Arlo 

Johnson, Ira E. 

Johnson, John Hal 

Johnson, Kenneth 


Johnson, Veora 

Jolley, W. Gary 

Jones. Aurella 

Jorgensen, Ruth 

Jones, Myron D. 

Kimball, Ralph Hodges 

Kindred. C. Jay 

King, Glen C. 

Kingsford. Lois 

Knight, Nedra 

Krey. Floyd R. 

Larsen, Harold A. 

Larsen. Janice 

Leavitt, David E. 

Leake, Robert L. 

Lee, Wilmer G. 

Leifson, Thor 

Leishman, Nina 

Lelegren, Earl 

Lenberg. Robert Albin 

LeSueur, Merlin V 


Lund, Glen McEwen, Jerry McGregor, J. Keith McQueen, Jessie May 

McAffee, Jerry McGuire, Kate McLane, Dale B. Maag, Martha 

Manwaring, Estel 

Massey, Valda D. 

Matthews, Robert J. 

Maughan, Ka 



Maxfield, Flora Lee 

Maxwell, Carol 

May, Leola 

Mayer, Jerry D. 

Miller, Ann 

Miller, Joyce Ann 

Miller, Paul B. 

Miner, D. K. 

Mink, Oscar G. 

Mitchell, Glenna 


Monson, Jack M. 

Moon, Floyd 

Murray, Roma 

Murray, Roberta 

Musal, George R. 

Muse, Ivan 

Myers, Francell 

Nakamura, Lily 

Narkaus, Suzanne 

Neilson, Jay Wallace 

Nlcholes, Lee "A" 

Nielsen, Eloise 

Nlelson, Catherine 

Nielson, L. G 



Nilsson, Bruce R. 

Nixon, Gladle 

Nixon, Sterling 

Nowell, Patricia 

GeM Li-Ol m 

Lloyd, Kent M 

Lorenzen, June M. 

Lords, Jack 

MacKay, Norman Lloyde Madsen, Clair E. 

Mackelprang, Jane 

Lowe, John R. 

Madson, Raydon 

Lym, Wayne Robert 

Mahi, Rose K. 

Some went on genealogy and temple excursions. 

Mechem, Lynn N. Melbos. Robert B. 

Mecham, Ray 

Moore, Blaine H. Morgan, Dix R. 

Mooring, Billy A, 

Nelson, O. Glade Nelson, J. R. 

Nelson, Grant 

Nuttall, W. Garth Oaks, Janet 

Nyman, Raymond Russell 

Meiners, Paul 
Morgan, Rene 
Nelson, Krista 
Oates, Caroline Elaine 

Mellor, Cora Ramona 
Morin, Vivian Gay 
Nelson, Mark A. 
Obert, Carol 

Merrell. Phyllis 
Mendlola, Susanne Merrill, Sylvia 

Murdock, Kathleen Martha 
Morris, Lyle Ray Muller, Don M. 

Newberger, Warner 
Nelson, Richard F. Neville, Merlene Roylanco 

Olsen, Donald A. 
Obregon, Margarita Olpin, Clara 


1M. 1 * 

Olsen, Gordon Mar-chant Orme, Gordon R. 

Olsen, LaPrele Ormsby, Paul 

Orr, Charles, Jr 

Ottley, Ivie Ruth 

Ott, J. Bevan 

Oveson, Richard M. 

Payne, T. DeVere 

Pate, Alma J. Pate, George W. Payne, Karol June rayn 

Paschal, Pat Payne, Harriet Ruth Payne, Robert M. Pedersen. Herbert Nie 

Petersen, Lee Phelon, John W. Porter, Carroll Goldie 

Petersen, Morris S. Phillipson, Howard C. Porter, L. Aldin 

Puckett, Helen Rampton, Barbara Randall, Eleanor 

Radley. Norman C. Randall, B. Wayne Rasmussen, Earl G. 

Richins, Nita Ricks, Marie Robertson, Theodore M. 

Richmond, M. Wayne Roberts, Margie Robinson, Dawn 

Schneider, Augusta Carolyn Scow, Marlene Scoresby, Martha Ann 

Scholle, Dick Schwendiman, Gary Seely, Donna 

Posey, Myrlene J. 

Poulsen, Ralph J. 

Rasmussen, LeRoy W. 

Rasmussen, Renee 

Robison, Dixie 

Romney, Frank M. 

Sessions, Charlene 

Seymour, Joan B. 


.^-j v^&tl^A Ul-St 

^ ig^y 

*L &H 

Pace, Patricia Rae 

Page, Erma Lillian 

Parmley. Mary Ellen 

Pace, Ronald T. 

Parker, Carolyn 

Perry, Marilyn T. 

Peters, Leroy Raymond 

Petersen, Jerry A. 

Peters, Say 

Petersen, Donna Jean 

Groups discussed religion and the week's happenings. 

Poulter, Darhle 

Powell, Paul R. 

Pratt, Harold Wilcken 

Price, Janice 

Prestwich, Erwin 

Probert, Marion E. 

Probst. Wayne W. 

Pugh, Margaret 

Rasmussen, R. Eugene Ray, Lois 

Rawlings, James Wilson Ray. Marilyn 

Richards. Barbara J. Richards, James H. 

Richards, Blaine James Richards. James C. 

Rosenlof. Janet 

Roth, Gordon 

Sharp, Mary Kathryn 

Shaver, Thora Duke 

Russell, D. Douglas 
Shelton. John A. 

Russell. Gloria Belle 
Shumway, Dale L. 

Sanders, Beverly Ann 

Sant. Roger W. 

Shute. Reginald Wayne 

Slnapl, Mua 

Sargent. Jay B. 

Schenk, Laura Lea 

Skeen, Carolyn 

Sipherd, Robert M. 


Styles, Doris Slay, Joan 

Slade, Nancy Lou Smith, Beverly 

Smith, Curtis L Smith, Conley 

Smith, Dar L. . Smith, Dean S. 

Smith, Richard A. 

Snell, Earl W. 

Southwick, Paul Robert 

Sparks, David 

Sorenson, Roger A. Sperry, Dick 

Spencer, William Burt Squire, Erma 

Stephenson, Dorothy Stephenson, Mary Lohree 

Stephenson, Luana Stewart, D. Roger 

Sund. Marian Sunderland, Reed L. 

Sumsion, Richard G. Sutter, Donna 

Stiburelt, Beverly J. Stone, Douglas L. 

Stoker, Wayde Stott, Stanley 

Sutton, Helen Swenson, Max W. 

Swenson, Barbara J. Takenaka, Harold 

Thacker, Helen 

Terry, Andrew, Jr. 

Terry, E. Eugene 

Thayer, Douglas H. 

Tregeagle, Ethel K. Tucker, Nettie E. C. 

Trowbridge, Duaine E. Tuomenoksa, Ella O. 

Thomander, Alan R. 

Turner, Gerald L. 

Thomas, Kay 

Tuttle, Dixie Lou 

Thomas, Opal Jean 

Thompson, Dean 

Tyler, Sylvia 

Tyler, Virginia 


Semi Qk-Wa, 

Smith, Helen J. 

Smith, Jean H. 

Smith, Lorraine Smith, Roland J. 

Smith, Marvin G. 

Firesides were in order for Sunday evenings. 

Stapley, Donna Rae Stevens, Pauline Powelson Stephens, Robert E. 

Stephens. Grant Z. Stevens. John 

Stratton, Vern A. 

Strawn, Byron 

Taylor, Annette 

Taylor, Bayard M. 

Stringfellow, Anna 

Stringfellow, Val 

Taylor, Henry D.. Jr. 

Taylor, John A. 

Thompson. John Harmon 

Thorn, Robert P 

Stringham, Bryant 
Taylor, John M. 
Thorstensen, Lowell W. 

Strong, Keith 
Taylor. Margene 
Tillman, Norma 

Thompson, Audrey 

Thornton, Kay 

Visick. H. Hal Wahlen, Mar Deanne Walker. DeVere E. 

Vorhees, Douglas R. Wahlquist, Elizabeth Walton, Fern 

Summerhays. Joyce 

Stucki. Alfred B. 

Taysom, Wayne H. 

Taysom. Lloyd P. 

Tovey. Lois 

Tingey, Helen J. 

Wardrop, Glenn A. 

Walker. Mary f. 



Warner, Ted J. Wasden, Evelyn Anne Waterstradt, Gary Whipple, Ma rlene 

Warnlck, Robert E. Wasden, James Brooks West, Henry White, Janice 

Whitworth. Raymond F. Wibk John Robert Wilcox, Harold E. Wilde, Ruth 

Wilcken, Dolores Wilcox, Dale G. Wilde, Ralph M. Willardson, Glen 

Wittwer, Marilyn 

Wtt+wer, Marion S, 

Woolston, Lynn T. 

Workman, Cornelius 

Worley, Keate 

Woottcn, Richard 

Workman, L. Rose 

Wortham, Wilbur R., Jr 

SedM Wd-Z 


White, Veonne Whitehead, Gwen Whittaker, Joyce 

Whitehead. Barbara Clare Whiting, Marilyn 

The branch teachers came to visit. 

Williams, B. Lamar Wilson, Virginia Wise, Neva Rae 

Williams, Elden Booth Winward, Joy 

Worthen, Marian 

Uibel, Garth 

Umphenour, Sterling G. Zenger, Jack 

Young, Janice Zollinger, Patricia 

Zobell, Karl D. 


Adams. Joe N. 

Allen, Denzel C, Jr. Anderson, Ralph 

Chase, Gwen Christiansen, Marlene 

Chidester, John Collier, Robert D. 




li , 



■r// ■^ 

Andersen, Wi! am E. 

Balrd, Leota 

Ashcraft. Leara 

Ashby, Calvin W. 

Davidson, Melvin 

Fiuckiger, Marva 

Dixcn, Glenn 


Dominguez, John R 

Kim, Soon Chang 

Kurr, David G 

Leany, H. Vard 

Landeen, Richard 

Reynolds. Loran R. Powell. D. Keith Robison. Richard W. 

Patren. Leland K. Rigby. E. Bertrand 

Student leaders wait to board the bus taking them to leadership conference. 

Markham, Dix 
Skousen, Orva 
V. i n John L 

Matis, Fred 

Sr^der, Garth 

Mecham, Gale A. 

Stahefi. Lynn 

Wilde. Veldon L. 


QeM A-Z 

Baldwin, Beth 

Benson. Keith D. 
Giles, Marlene 

Goodell, Robert 

Boswell, Ralph 

Haglund, Roger W. 

Bryson, Ralph H. 

Jenkins, Reed B. 

Carter, John L. 
Kirk, Frances 

Religion classes were offered all week. 

Nelson, Arlo J. Parker, Don 

Munk. Keith M. Nixon, Jack Norton, Harold A. 

Taylor, Verl Thomson, John Robertson 

Taylor, Gordon Max Thorup, Richard M. Thacker, Ralph L. 

Classmates look enviously at lucky friends waiting to go on a program tour. 




ave Calvert . . . president . . . glows with catching 
enthusiasm . . . good administrator . . . respected by those 
who work with him . . . "Y" man through and through. 


onna McFarland . . . vice president . . . blond . . . 
blue eyes . . . full of school spirit . . . rally supporter . . . 
loves Mexican food . . . left winter quarter to be married. 


oanne Penrod . . . secretary . . . vivacious . . . beautiful 
complexion . . . Blond hair . . . popular with both sexes . . . 
completely enthusiastic with life . . . Tok member . . . loves 
to talk. 

Dave, Joann and Donna take time out from their busy schedule to smile for the camera. 




JunM Pacemaker 


Barbara Benson . . . Friendliest girl on 
campus . . . Homecoming queen . . . 
belongs to sponsors . . . Nautilus . . . 
Madrigals . . . has homemalcing career 
in mind . . . loves to dance . . . looks 
nice in color red . . . President of Cam- 
pus Branch YWMIA ... is gracious . . . 
at ease with everyone ... is a music 
minor ... an ardent BYU fan. 

Jeanette Boyack . . . Wrote song which 
won prize for being the most original at 
songfest ... a music major from Salt 
Lake . . . member of Nautilus . . Alpha 
Lambda Delta ... a Cappella . . . Mu 
Phi Epsilon ... is president of YCs . . . 
hates social climbers . . . loves arti- 
chokes . . . has ambition to climb Timp. 

Robert Driggs . . . Handsome Bricker 
... is engaged to a Tok . . . returned 
from mission to South America . . . 
Argentina ... is an officer of Blue 
Keys . . . social unit treasurer . . . has 
clever . . . subtle wit . . . gets straight 
"A"s . . . member of DAR's . . . was on 
Homecoming committee . . . has in- 
famous lavender shirt. 

Marcia Mattice . . . Queen of Military 
Ball . . . plays piano . . . belongs to 
enlistment committee . . . MIA typist 
. . . Elementary Education major . . . 
1st lieutenant in Sponsors Corps . . . 
toured with Delta Phi chorus. 

Herschel Pedersen . . . Honor student 
... elf (Junior Prom assembly) . . . likes 
food . . . will eat anything . . . P.E. 
major . . . from Salt Lake City . . . 
member Danish Club . . . participates 
on Program Bureau . . . known best for 
skill on basketball floor. 

Dick Robison . . . Summer school student 
body president ... is assistant director 
of Madrigals . . . sings in Tabernacle 
choir . . . plans to go to Europe this 
summer . . . Belongs to Delta Phi . . . 
Eastern States Mission . . . Has sung with 
Fred Waring . . . besides singing he 
plays the trumpet . . . whistles. 


Ina Lou Elison . . . Popular Madrigal 
chorus member . . . likes music and 
dancing . . . has appeared on many 
assemblies ... Jr. Prom . . . Preference 
Ball . . . calls Oakley, Idaho home . . . 
member Y.C.'s . . . active in Student 
Program Bureau . . . ToKalon. 

Martha Hammond . . . Banyan queen 
. . . stately . . . charming . . . poised 
. . . associated with the marching band 
. . . plays the flute . . . piccolo ... is 
minoring in music . . . attended Univer- 
sity of Utah for two years ... is secre- 
tary of the Oregon club . . . likes parties 
... to sew . . . makes many of her own 
clothes. Likes tailored styles. 

Ellen Keeler . . . Claims Provo for he- 
home town . . . chairman of Junior Prom 
Assembly . . . affiliated with O. S. Tro- 
vata . . . YC's . . . her hobbies are 
writing . . . dancing . . . going to 
parties ... is social unit's vice president 
... is a vigorous supporter of BYU 
activities . . . plans to teach speech. 

Karl Snow . . . Self assured . . . unas- 
suming . . . president of Viking social 
unit . . . Big wheel at Bryce canyon . . . 
assistant manager. Likes letter N. Be- 
longs to Blue Key ... Pi Sigma Alpha 
. . . was in charge of house decorations 
during Homecoming . . . chairman of 
I.O.C. hearings . . . likes politics. 

John Ward . . . Val Hyric . . . tour di- 
rector on campus . . . Commerce major 
. . . Sophomore president last year . . . 
legislative council . . . snow carnival . . . 
has neat supply of sweaters . . . dynamic 


Barbara Wing . . . Calls Raymond. Al- 
berta, Canada home . . . likes sports 
. . . dancing . . . swimming . . . tennis 
. . . hiking. AWS treasurer ... is ad- 
jutant for sponsors corps . . . member 
of Alpha Lambda Delta . . . ACEI . . . 
has pretty hair ... is stake missionary 
. . . loves . . . life . . . doesn't like early 
morning telephone calls. 

The JUNIOR class found it was time to settle d 

JunM ActMfted 

About to set off the firecracker held by Joan Grappendorf 
is Keith Thompson while Gordon Christensen and Terry 
O'Brien plug their ears during a lapse in the festivities at 
the Jr.-Soph. Exchange. 

own to studying . . . |f says here 

Ellen Keeler, Steve Barrett and Elaine Petersen look very 
pleased . . . justly so . . . over the fact that they are part of 
the class that gave the student body a terrific Jr. Prom. 

Juniors ... led lives a little less fren- 
zied than did seniors. Had Junior . . . 
soph . . . party . . . supported chimes 
project ... set up committee to 
solicit funds for it. Sponsored two 
night dances . . . "Gossamere". . . . 
Junior Promenade. Theme . . . means 
material that fairy wings aire made 
from . . . Les Brown band lived up to 
name of renown . . . assembly one of 
outstanding productions of spring 
quarter . . . adventures of two elves 
. . . Puck and Pandora . . .their at- 
tempts to bring spring and love. 

Beauty and politics were well mixed with Beryl Slater and 
Carol Groshell answering roll call as Jr. Leg. Council 

The Jr. Class float found the goal and walked away with the 
prize for the most original float in Homecoming competi- 

We want chimes donations was the plea of these stalwart 
workers (seated) Beth Hainsworth. Joan Worsley, Joann 
Penrod, Ruth Adams, (standing) Wes Craig, chairman; Val 
Parke, and Grant Grover. 




Abbott, Lois Abel, Kent J. 

Abegg, Myrlon B. 
Allen, Elnor Lynn Allen, Yolande 

Allen, Shirley Fay 

Adams, LaRee 
Adams, Claude J. Adams, Lyle B. 

Allred, Wallace E. 
Allred, Forrest R. Anast, Connie 

Affleck, Diane Akita, Norman 

Ahlander, Diane 
Andersen, Patsy Grace Anderson, Barbara 

Andersoo, Alma D. 

Anderson, Jane Anderson, Joyce Anderson, William Armstrong, Jo Ann Asay, Janice 

Anderson, Mary Lou Anderson, Ruth Jeane Anstead, Gloria Gail Arnold, Rey L. 

Ballard, Marilyn Barnhill, Lois Banks, Roy Arthur Barrett, Lloyd Bartlett, Lela 

Ballif, Mark D. Barnes, Glenda Barrett, Stephen L. Bates, George E. 

Beck, Verla Beckstrand, Harlo M. Bennett, Jane Bennett, June Bennett, Rea 

Becksrrand, DeLyle Beckstrom, Blaine H. Bell, Richard Leslie Bennett, J. Von 

Bignall, Rosalie 

Biesinger, Deon 
Bodily, Waldo C. 

Bodily. Afton 
Broadbent, Jeanie 

Brooks, Willa Nita 

Bingham, Carol 
Borg, Rosemary 
Brown, Carole 

Ik 1 

Bills, Anita 
Borget, Paula 
Brown, Elva 

Bingham, Jan 
Boyaclc, Jeanette 
Brown, Ferneth 

Bitter, Kirlc Blaclcham, E. Donnell 

Bird, William P. Black, Kelly J. 

Beyer, Rae Ann Brandley, Nola A. 

Boyer, E. Fritz Bramwell, Jean 

Brown, Wally Brown, Kay F. 

Brown, Judy Brown, Lorene 

JumIM Ab-^Sih 


Alexander, Patsy Allen, Noma 

Aklu, Rogers E. Allemann, Shirley Allen, Joseph R. 

Anderson, Alvin Bud Anderson, Jean B. 

Anderson. Blaine L. Anderson, Daryl L. Anderson, Hal A. 

Now for some hard studying. 

Athay, Ruth 
Ashby, Gary H. 

Baxter, Helen 
Bassett, Ramon E. 

Benson, Barbara A. 

Atoa, Samuelu 

Bailey, Shirley 

Bennion, Robert C. "Bob" Bentley, Maril 

Bacon, Wynefred Mae 
Atkisson, Konda J. Badger, Lonnie Bagnall, Colleen Baker. Rachel D. 

Bean, Bettylou G. Beck, Ronald O. Beck, Lynn 

Beach, Gary A. Beard, Beth Beasely, Janeen Bean, Walter E. 

Bentz, Dave Bergin, Allen E. Berrett, Verne R. 

Berge, Dale L 

Berrett, Dee A. 

Bertch, Dorothy 


Black. Keith E. 
Blackham, Samuel M. 

Brannock, Dick 
Brandley. Patricia 

Brown. Will 
Brown, Viva 


Blaylock, Max W. Blackhurst. Hoyt Bluth, Larry 

Blatter, Lynn Blending, Myrna Blinco. Eugene L. Bock, Margaret 

Brenner, Marie Brewer. R. Kelvin Briggs, Nancy I. 

Brennan, Cliff Brewer, Laura Jane Briggs. Lori Broad. William K. 

Bryner, Louise Buckwalter, Kathleen Bunker. LueWanna 

Bryan. VeNae Bryson. Beth Ellen Buckwalter. Kent G. Bundy. Birchall 


Burnham, Evva Jean Burrows, Pat Bushman, Morris S. Bybee, Don R. 

Burr, George Tom Burt, David W. Bybee, Darilynn 

Cannon, Sally Canfield, Ronald V. Cardon, Earl L. Carr, Doris L. 

Calvert, David R. Cannon, Suzanne Carlisle, Nola 

Call, Dean R. 
Calder, Carrie Kathryn 

Carson, Gary Lane 
Carr, Gail E. 

Chapman, Keith J. Christensen, Carla Christensen, Joan Christensen, Wynn L. Christiansen, Anita 

Childs. Lewis Christensen, Elva Christensen, Mary Jane Clark, Audrey 

Clayton, Glenn Close, Mel Cluff, Oretta Jeanne Connelly, Gordon L. Cook, Ivan B. 

Clayton, Kelvin Cole, Shirley Coleen Colovich, Donald G. Cook, Evelyn 

Cornford, George James Cowley. Dorothy Louray Craig, Wesley Crane, George T. Craner, Donna 

Cowley, Chad Joseph Cowley, Kendall F. Crandall. Robert Crane, William M. 

DeSpain, Sheron E. 

Davis, Reid H. 
Edmunds, Joseph T. 

Elison, Ina Lou 
Falsler, Evelyn 

Fairbourn, Joyce 

DeLange, Leland L. 
Ellis, Darrel E. 
Farnworth, Keith 

Dewey, Charlotte Dickey, Madeline 

Despain, Kjerstie Ann Paul DeWitt, Jay 

Emmons, Elmer LaMar Empey, Nonna 

Ellsworth, Colleen Empey, E. Don 

Feik, Frances Field, Rosalie 

Fawson, Lauralee Ferre, Janene 

Dickison, Ben L. 
Dickey, Mercedes 

Estrada, Fazur 
Endrizzi, Donna 

Fife, Annette 
Fiet, LaMar Lee 

JiutUrtA T3i(y-Fo- 


Call, Jeanne 
Call, Eran A. Call, Marlene 

Castillo, Rafael E. 
Carter, Betty Cather, Jack 

Callister, Carolyn 

Celister, Janette 
Cavender, Keith Douglas 

Chambers, Dielc 

That book must be here. . 

Clark, Chad W. 
Christiansen, Patricia Clark, Donald D. 

Cook, Mary Alice 
Cook, Jack R. Cook, Varlene 

Crockett, Verla 
Crowley, Edmund Drew Dallin, D. Blake 

Clark, Leon G. Clark, Thomas Cecil Clayson, Harold W. 

Clark, Elwood H. Clawson, Jim Clayton, Arvilla 

Coombs, Dow Cooper, Kenneth G. Cornwell, Janice 

Cooper, James A. Corbett, G. Boyd Corbett, Lawrence Richard 

Davis, Nola Jean Davis, Dorothy 

Daniels, Jean Davis, Carmen H. Davis. Emma Lou 

Dalton, Kathleen Fish 

Dorff, Reginald R. Drake, Eileen Driggs, Robert 

Dickson, Lloyd L. Doiey. Margaret Eccles. Justin Rich 

Evans, John W. Everett. George C. Eyer. Lyle C. 

Evans, Dean D. Evans. Rose Anne Eves. Zora Mae 

Flake, Leona Follett, Edson R. Foote. Marjorie 

Flake. Lavona Fleming, Don E. Folsom, Marvin H. 

Edling. Deslyn 
Dreyer, Colette I. Egbert. Ilene 

Fadely, Charles 
Faber. Dorian Rey Eyring. Phil 

Forman, Robert 
Formica. Norma Forsythe, Edward W. 


Foxley, Billy S. 

Friend, Roy LaVerl 

Gailey, Richard 

Galbraith, Lynne 

Gardner, C. Ray 

Franz, John B. 

Froyd, Karen 

Fullmer, Irene 

Galli, Lawrence 

Gealta, Jack 

Gearheart, Beverly 

Gehrke, Helen 

Gilbert, Joyce 

Gordon, Joan Lynette 

Gates, Hugh 1. 

Gilbert, Byron 

Gish, Richard 

Glines, Deloa Dawn 

Green, Marian Griffin, Gayle Grimmett, Bob 

Greene, Gilbert W. Greene, Willis O. 

Hailing, Carole Hammond, Martha Handy, Dee 

Hamilton, Eugene Hancock, Jay J. 

Harris, Lloyda Mae Harrison, Laura Hart, Karen 

Harrison, George W. Hartsfield, Aurdrie 

Groshell, Carol Duane Grover, Richard K. 

Griffith, Frances Arlene Grover, Grant 

Hansen, Gordon E. Hansen, Peggy 

Hansen, Beverly Ann Hansen, Elaine 

Harvey, Ray Hatch, Mary Ann 

Harvey, James D. Hatch, LaRae 

Hayward, Margaret Heck, Ron 

Haynie, Florence 
Holloway, Parley E. Holt, A. Monte 

Holloway, Paul A. 
Huntington, Barbara Husband, Rayola 

Hunter, Leslie Ray 

Hemingway, Robert Hendrichsen, Joyce Hiatt, Mona Faye 

Heidlebaugh, Audrey Henderson, Clairk E. Hess, Douglas S. 

Holt, Carla Holt, Glen LaMar Holt, Laural 

Holmes, Jeanne Holt, Dianne Holt, I. LaPhel 

Hyde, Ellis Iverson, Garn Jackson, Barbara Lee 

Hutchinson, Neta Hyde, Darcus Davis Iverson, Lloyd R. 

JumMA Fo-Je 


Garfield. Ted 

Garff, Valorie Garrard, June 

Gorrinqe. Richard Hal 

Goodwin. Glenn I. Gould. Nada Jean 

Ga'enby. Jackie 
Green. James M 

Gee, this is boring. 

i3-V ¥ 

Guild. Charlene Gunderson, Alvin Hagerty, Everett L. Hall, Edwin C. 

Gubler, Phillip D. Gunn, Joan Hafen, Kenneth Hale, Stephen P. Hall, Jerry R. 

Hanson, Joseph N. Harding, Ralph R. Harper, Leslie Harris, Joyce 

Hansen. Roberta Harding, Jilean Hardisty. Richard F. Harmon, Philip Harris. Frank D. 

Hatfield. Kennth M. Havens, Hollie Hawkins, Anne Hayes. Charles D. 

Hatch, Mary Gay Hatton, Betty Jo Hawkes. Joyce Haws. Waify Hayes. Graham H. 

Higbee. Wanda 

Hill, Maurine 

Hibshman, Dennis 

Hills. Richard 

Hoyt. Barbara 

Hughes, Dick 

Houston. Ron 

Huffaker, Fran 

Jacobs, Janeen 

James, MarLynn 

Jacobs, G. Richard 

James, Joyce 

Hodson, Lloyd L. 

Hocking. Janice 

Hitchcock, (Cent 
Hiltbrand. Wesley R. Holliday. Allen 

Humphrey. Mary Lou Hunt. Thomas A. 

Huish, Jamie A. Humphreys, Gene Hunsaker. Glenn 

Jameson. A. Keith Jensen. Carl 

Jarvis, William H. Jefferies, Mary Lou Jensen, Cherrel 



Jeppson, Alvin Jewkes, Mary Lue Johansen, J. Frank 

Jensen, Jay R. Jensen, Wendell W. John, Edward C. 

Jones, Helen Elane Jones, Marge Jorgenson, Raelene A. Judd, Benarr T. 

Jones. Johnnie A. Jones, Patricia Josie. Darrell H. 

Johnson, Kay 
Johnson, Geraldine 

Kaawa, Naomi 
Judy, Bob 

Keller, Montie 

Kennedy, Caro 
Larson, Shauna 

Larson. Lawrence 
Leonard, JoAnn 

Lewis, Wayne J. 


Larson, Viclci L. 
Lindsay, Curtis LaVe 

Kimball, Edwin N 

Latimer, Don S. 


Liston, Donald 

Law, Beverly 
Lochhead, Lcis 


Kuhn, Karol 
Kofoed, Arvin 

Lawrence, Colleen 
Lawrence, Barbara 
Lookinland, Paul R. Lovins, Jules M. 

Loose, W. A. Robert, Jr. 

McKell, Lenadra McKinnon, Rachel McMurray, Mary Louise Mabey, Janice 

McFarland, Donna McMullin, Helen Maack, Jeannie 

Martin, Ellen Martindale, J. Donel Mather, Marlin Mathis. Connie 

Marshall, Beth Marumoto, Genevieve N. Mathews, Donna 

Merrill, R. Reese Meyer, Rae Mietus, Charles Miles, Paralee 

Merrill, Peggy Joy Mickelsen, Lorene Miles, Mar 

Madsen, W. Merril 
Mackay, Ian Wendell 

Matthews, Colleen P. 
Mathis, Richard M. 

Miller, Larry Marvin 
Miller, Joyce Nadyne 

JimM Jb-AAiy 


Johnson, Raleigh Johnson, Shirley Ruth 
Johnson Margaret Johnson, Marlene Jones, Ada May 

Kawahigashi, Sylvia Keith, Helen 
Kattainen. Anja Keeler, Ellen Keller, Ann 

They say osmosis works. . . 


Kunz, Monte Larsen, Geneva Larsen, Kenna Larsen, Weston Dale 

Kump, Lester Langlols, Joyce Larsen, Howard B. Larsen, Myrna Lynn Larsen, Oscar G. 

Layton, Carol Ann Leach, William G. Lee, Clair Kay Lee. Sally Joyce 

Little, Robert J. Layne, T. David Leavitt, Beth Lee. Maurice D. Lewis, Dave 

Loynd, Robert Lundquist, Floyd H. Macdonald, Helen McClellan. Lois Dixie 

Louder, Ray R. Ludwig, Donna Lee Lundquist, Robert H. Lyons, K. L. MacKay, Yvonne 

Mangelson, Evan G. Manning, Dorothy Marsh, Margaret Manwaring, Diane 

Makin. Rose Marie Mangum, Garth L. Menookin, Robert P. Manwaring, Alan Var Manwill, Judith 

May, Lynne Meadows, William F„ Jr. Merrill. Louis H. Merrell, C. Burdell 

Mattice. Marcia Mayberry, Laura Megerian. Audrey Merrill. Janet Mellor, Ruth T. 

Millet, O. Leon Milner, Don R. Moeller. Joan Monahan, Mary Louise 

Millet, Margaret Mills. Rhoana E. Misbach, Grant L. Monson. Marilyn Monson, Hal 


H& *? 


* Si 

Montgomery, Joel Morgan, Catherine Morley, Mary Jane 

Monson, Nannette Morgan, Gloria Morrell, Ed 

Murphy, Sheldon R. Nakada, Frank Shozo Nay, Robert E. Naylor, Jay 

Myer, Peter L. Nalder, Margaret Nay, Shirley Ann 

Mortensen, Ronald S. 
Mortensen, Maye 

Neal, LaRonna 
Neal, Hollis V. 

r >> fn 

Neser, Doris 

Nelson, Paul M. 
Nelson, Bruce 

Nelson, Edith 
Parker, Carman 

Parke, Val 

Nielsen, Diana 
Ockerman, Kleta 
Parker, Coe 

■ t 

Nichols, Lynn L. 
Neuenswander, Val J. 

Olsen, Gilbert 
Olpin, Owen 

Parker, Karin 
Parker, Edmund 

Nielsen, Don Lee 
Olsen, Marilyn 
Patch, Grant M. 

Olson, Robert N. 
Parry, Darold V. 

Nielson, Adonis, Jr. 
Nielson, Jeanine 

Olson, Leta 
Ord, Vanita 

Partridge, Lyman Clark 
Partridge, Carol 

Pemberton, George S. 

Penrod, Joann 
Phillips, Ross M. 

Phelon. John W 
Rasmussen, Lloyd M. 

Purser, Jerry 

Penrod, Richard Gary Penn, Vernon 

Pemberton, Gerene Pergolizzi, Lou 

Pickup, Lyle C. Pickney, George H.. Jr. 

Pinckney, Dave Pinegar, Ed 

Ralph, Marian Rawson, Richard 

Rawle, Margene Rees, Phyllis 

Perkins, Vaughn J. Perry, Shirley J. 

Perry, Ray 
Pitcher, Grant G. Poulsen, Gwen 

Porter, Laurel 
Read, Bonne Redd, Katheryn 

Redd. Amasa Mason 

JumMA Mfr-W 


Muirhead, Roberts Jean Mumford, David L. 

Moss, Dan Edgar Mulelley, Jo Anne Munford, Barbara Anne 

Nebeker, Nevella Owen Nelson, J. Wayne 

Nelson, Gordon B. Neeley, Barbara Carol Nelson. Joseph 

Whoops ... my arm slipped. . 

1 T^< 

m *1 m 

Nielsen, Lorna R. Nixon, Dorothy Dean Noble, Jeanne Nuttall, Donald M. 

Nielsen, Leslie Nielson, Phyllis Nixon, William Lynn Nolter, Alvin J. Norseth, Colleen 

Oshima, Stanley Pace. George W. Overstreet, Dalton C. Pari, Margaret 

Orgill, Stewart Ostler, James B. Pace, Rena+a Packer, Wesley Palacios. Eglantine Moyeda 

Paugh, Eddie Paullc, Peggy Pearson, Alaiff J. Paul. David W. 

Patton, Joseph Patterson, Elsie Mae Pedersen, Herschel Peery, Gordon Pehrson, Ruth 

Peterson, Colleen Peterson, JoAnn Peterson, Maxie Peterson, Ruth 

Peters, Jean Peterson, Grant L. Peterson, John Dal Peterson. Richard K. Phelan. Mary Katherine 

Poulter, Loralne Prince. Romaine Pugh, R. Gene Pulsipher, Norma Jean 

Potter, Albert R. Pratt, William Noel Probst, Renan Pulsipher. Karla Pugh, Karen 

Reed, Roselyn R. Rencher, Alvin Rice, Millard B. Richards. Vickie 

Redd, John P. Reisner, Richard Rice, Arlene Rich, Karma Jean Riggin. Don G. 


Ridder, Joyce Marion Ririe, Ronald 

Rinehart, Barbara 
Rowan, Norman J. Rush, Josephine 

Rose, Charles Kimball 

Roberts, Richard Dean Robinson, LaNea Rollins, Lay 

Roberson, Marvin Robinson, Elmo C. Rogers, Pearl 

Ryan, Mary Lou Saito, George G. Sand, Althea 

Russell, Nancy Lou Sabin, Jean Salmond, Mary Beth 

Schneider, John R. Schutte, Dolores Scoresby, David Sedgwick, Karen Sue Seegmiller, David W. 

Schiess, Edwin Wayne Sconberg, Albert Sedgwick, Joel W. Seely, Joyce 

Sipherd, John W. Slack, Stephen Smedley, Jackie Smith, Anna Smith, Eugene C, Jr. 

Simmons, Carol Sloan, Sylvia Smith, Alene Smith Doris E. 

Sorenson, Marva Naylor Speights, Vera Spencer, James E. Spendlove, Lyle Bart Steel, LaVerne 

South, Kent Squire, DuWayne Steed, Cherryle Spencer, Jewel 

■ I 

Stonebraker, Bill Stratton, Donald D. Stump, Dora. Ellen 

Stonely, J. Daniel Stringham, Bruce M. Suiker, Dahlia 

Telford, Lois Terburg, Marjorle Terry, LeMar W. 

Temple, Brooke Terry, Marilyn Tew, Norma 

Underwood, Bill Tuttle, Marne W. Utley, Dwight 

Turley, Pat Tyson, Jean Van Buren, Jack 

Sukiasian, George Suzuki, Tom 

Sutherland, William Howard 

Theobold, RoeMae Thomas, Elmo L. 

Thomas', Charmaine 

Van Vliet, Claude Vogler, Jackie Leone 

Velasco, John 

JumMA kl-VVtt 


Rogers. Don Lee Romney, Ruth 

Rogers, Gail M. Romine, William D. Romney, Gerry 

Sauls, Mary Alice Seville, Marilyn 

Sanda.ll, Jane Sasine, Bob Schaefer, Don 

Sign of concentration. 

Wv* WFW 9 


Shattuck, Marilyn Shaum, Joanne 

Selin, Terry Sharp, Joan Marie Sherwood, Rowena 

Smithen, Carol Smithson, Bud 

Smith, Kenneth Smith, Shirley Smoot, Douglas 

Stevens, Larry M. Steelman, Letha 

Steele. Lynda Stewart, Charlie L. SKckel, Leroy 

Sumsion, James C. Tenner, Janice Gayle Taylor, Byron Brocls 
Swan, Joyce Reuth Teft, Juanita Tanner, Vernon Taylor. 

Thompson, Margaret Thorpe, Jack Tregeagle, Jerl Deans 
Thomas, Gordon K. Thompson, Sharon Thomsen, Lynn E. Tranter, 

Waddell, Mary Jean Wadsworth, Darlene Wall, Gary 
Vonroth, Audrey Ann Walker. Harold C. Walker, Janice Wallis. 

Taylor, Reed David 
Shirley Teerlink, E. Sua 

Turley, Anna Jean 
T. Dee Topel. Joseph 

Wanless. Dorothy J. 
Carolyn Wallace. Lon J. 


Ward, Beatrice 

Wardle, Nelda 
Weight, Jerry 

Wells, Joanne 

Warner, Charles Y. Warner, Ray Warren, Bruce W. Watts, Patt 

Warner, Jeanne Warner, Sandra Watts, Carol 

West, Barbara West, Robert Walker Westwood, Ardis Jean Wheeler, Carol 

Westenskow, Mary Anne Westover, Robert N. Westenskow, Richard I. 

McKay dedication ... it was televised too. 

Winegar, Carol Ann 
Williams, Paul G. 

Wood, Marilyn 
Woodhouse, Florence 

Wright, Evelyn 
Wright, J. W. 

Students watch assembly on TV in the Joseph Smith lobby. 



' M 


! 1 

Em' 1 
\ 1 I 

T5i G-JE 


^K.#jj rT i 

. ■ , »■* *J» ^K j 


Webster, Richard Weight, Reed J. 

Weaver, Barbara Webb, Joy M. Wells, Anna Beth 

White, Eleanor Whittle, Sylvia Lee 

White, Dixie Whitney, Marcia Whittle, Jack W. 

Just resting my eyes a minute. 

Wolfley, Richard Delano Wood, Carol Wood, Harold A. 

Wittsell, Lawrence E. Wolsey, Barbara Kay Wood, Enid C. Wood, Karen 

Wittorf, John H. 
Wing. Barbara 

Wride, Afton 
Wrathall, Claude Prior 

Zander, Rudy 
Young, Kent 

Brigham Young Symphony orchestra performs for an assembly. 

A mad cramming session ... or is it a bull session? 



Clou O-ffW 


erry O'Brien . . . president . . . curly blond hair . . 
blue eyes . . . friendly . . . works well with students . . 
prompt to meetings . . . good leader . . . plays uke. 

lyce Jones . . . efficient secretary . . . R.O.T.C. 
sponsor . . . brown hair . . . hazel eyes . . . loves dancing 
. . . hard worker . . . vivacious . . . very active on various 
school committees. 


alias Merrell . . . vice president . . . teams well with 
Terry . . . gets things done promptly . . . friendly . . . 
always willing to help when needed . . . speaks to everyone. 

Alyce, Terry, Dallas, and Fall quarter secretary Mary Ann Treharne take time out for a little uke song fun. 





QobkamhB V'aasmkjM 



Joe Armstrong . . . Madrigal singers 
vice president . . . likes all sports and 
hunting . . . Val Hyric song test leader 
. . . mutual class teacher ... is engaged 
. . . hails from Idaho Falls, Idaho . . . 
pet peeve is undependability . . . vitality 
interested in all student affairs on cam- 
pus . . . pre-med major. 

Floyd Brown . . . Tall debator from Al- 
hambra, California . . . placed first in 
salesmanship contest in Oregon tourna- 
ment . . . second in men's debate . . . 
is majoring in accounting . . . has aspira- 
tion to be a lawyer. .pledged Bricker unit 
. . . has a sharp crew cut . . . likes to 
take girls out. 

Sandra Butler . . . Song leader . . . likes 
Spanish food . . . Pep club . . . Y.C.'s 
. . . Elementary Education major with 
minor in Speech . . . ambition getting 
married and teaching own 12 . . . gene- 
alogy committee. 

Rex Lee . . . Vice president of AMS 
... St. Johns, Arizona . . . MIA activity 
counselor . . . won Heber J. Grant ora- 
torical contest . . . Viking . . . Intercol- 
legiate Knight . . . Arizona club . . . 
plays guitar and sings . . . loves the 
West . . . hates debate judges. 

Monroe McKay . . . Campus Branch 
president . . . judge in IOC penal 
court . . is happily married . . . very 
affable ... is a political science major 
. . . spends around four hours a day do- 
ing branch work . . . looks nice in bow 
ties ... is a Program Bureau director 
. . . hasn't any dislikes . . . has no re- 
spect for people who take religious 
holidays while they are at school. 

■ ■ 

Jim Marshall . . . Chairman of dance 
committee . . . likes fried chicken and 
raw hamburger . . . goes on mission in 
June . . . poly science major . . . Bricker 
. . . French club . . . co-chairman Sopho- 
more Loan Fund ball. 


Gordon Conger . . . Honor council 
chairman . . . member of Leg. council 
. . . from Seattle, Washington . . . plans 
to study law at Stanford . . . Always has 
a nice word for everyone . . . hates to 
wear ties . . . belongs to Viking social 
unit . . . likes sailing . . . hiking . . . 
. is member of Phi Eta Sigma. 

Carolyn Co+tam . . . Likes to be called 
Caren . . . engaged to missionary . . . 
will be married in Swiss Temple . . . 
plays cello in orchestra . . . likes art 
. . . music . . . dancing ... is a stake 
missionary . . . YC . . . loves to eat . . . 
hasn't decided on a major . . . plays in 
two string quartets. 

Kelvyn Cullimore . . . New Duke of I.K.'s 
. . owns '54 Buick . . . hard worker 
. . . treasurer of Viking social unit . . . 
from Oklahoma City . . . near a straight 
A average . . . ambitious . . . willing to 
give all for school. 

Dallas Merrill . . . Veep of class 
chairman of Loan Fund Ball ... in 
charge of class parties . . . soph Home- 
coming float . . . disapproves of strap- 
less formals . . . those who cut across 
lawns ... is majoring in agricultural 
ecdnomics . . . likes to be on farms . . . 
horses . . . one of most eligible bache- 
lors on campus. 

Claudia Sedgwick . . . Happy . . . smil- 
ing . . . has an intriguing dimple in her 
right cheek . . . was chairman of spon- 
sors' blood drive . . . performs with 
sponsor drill team ... Is speech director 
of North Campus Branch . . . loves to 
dance ... go camping . . . likes the 
out of doors . . . sews most of her own 

Ed Tetreault . . . Pronounces his last 
name "Taytro ... is at times a misan- 
thropist . . . likes to use descriptive 
adjectives . . . can be serious ... is a 
Banyan section editor ... is majoring 
in speech correction . . . sings with 
aCappellaChoir . . . associated with Phi 
Mu Alpha . . . makes a crazy cave man. 


Many a basketball game was enhanced and intensified by the cheering members of the SOPHOMORE 


QobhmjM AdiMtM 

A growing tradition of the secretaries elected by this class 
is expressed as Dallas Merrell admires Mary Ann Treharne's 

Keeping the Sophomore class history is the job of (I to r) 
Stan Michelsen, chairman; Carol MacKay, Gay Knight, 
Marjorie Bown, and Grant Bigelow as members of the 
Scrapbook Committee. 

Soph Loan Fund Ball . . . clear profit 
of $500. Ambitious sophs . . . spon- 
sors of new tennis courts . . . put in 
free labor on them. Unique feature 
about class . . . scrapbook . . . star- 
ted when they were frosh . . . tried 
to retain original staff members . . . 
Stan Michelsen . . . editor . . . Bevan 
Chipman . . . designed class emblem 
. . . embodies . . . religion . . . spirit- 
uality . . .athletics . . school . . . 
Book to have artistic wooden covers 
. . . will be put on display. 

Joe Armstrong and Doug Rather were the Sophomore 
"voice" on the Legislative Council. 

Terry O'Brien was easily beguiled by Muriel Gale's "harp- 
ing" during the Sophomore Loan Fund Assembly. 

■J^jf*^, -^ 

Sophomores found Chimes Committee collectors knocking 
at their doors. With Jay Empey, chairman; Maurine Za- 
briskie, secretary; and Doug Rather, business manager, 
spurring on their hard working committee. 


Adamson, Arlene 

Abbott, Gwen 
Allen, Lamont 

Allen, Eileen 

Abel, Marilyn 
Allen, La Rae 

Abersold, Jean 
Allen, Joseph L. 

Alfred, Norman 

Adams, Don R. 

Almond, Mary Lou 

Adams, Larry LaMar 
Alvey, Yvonne 

Ainsworth, Robert 

Ahloolt, Davelin K. 

Andersen, Patsy Grace 
Amundsen, Nancy 

Anderson, Marilyn 

Anderson, Karen 
Asplund, Tommy 

Arnold, Sally Ann 
Bagley, Fern 

Bailey, Charlene 

; n. 

Anderson, La Rue Anderson, P. Lynette 

Anderson, Norman D Anderson, Pauline 

Ashby, Verel R. Ataclc, Carol 

Astin, Olive Jean Aston, Dennis R. 

Baker, Doreen Baker, Lou Nell 

Baker, Sharon Ballard, Erald L. 

■■■'F , 4k 

Anderson, Valynn Anderson, Yvonne 

Anderson, Ray 
Atkerson, Jane Atkinson, Nadine 

Atkinson, Gerald N. 
Bamberg, Carol Bangerter, Darrell 

Ballard, Paul D. 

Barnes, Gary A. 

Barnes, Joe F. 
Belisle, Hannah 

Begay, Betty E. 
Beus, Gary 

Beus, Kent B. 

Barrett, Marilyn June Barney, Ralph Dale Bassett, Art 

Barnes, Robert Barrett, John C. 

Bennett, Carol Bennett, Dean Bennett, Ernest 

Belliston, Colleen Bennett, Frank *'Grady" 

Beus, Spencer W. Bigelow, David O. Billings, Keith 

Bice, Georgia Bigelcw, Grant W. 

Bean, Lael Rae 
Bauer, Helen 

Benson, llda 
Bennett, Douglas Roger 

Billingsley, Dean W, 
Bigelow, Joyce 

SopkmMi Aob-tej 


f-l - 

Alberts. Jack Junior Albritron, J. Louretha 

Albrecht. Joyce Alexander, Patricia Allen, Dianne 

Anderson, Bob Anderson, Frances Dorothy 

Andersen, Vonda Anderson, Cyril Richard Anderson, Jack 

The Rhy+hmettes came from Las Vegas. . . 

c n ,? e w n ' Andreason. Frank M. Arbogast. Michael A. Armstrong. Joseph R. 

Anderson. Sally W. Andreason, Cal Juel Andrew, Frederick Armstrong, Frances. Arnold, Mary Jane 

AHerton. Frances Attridge, Joan Baddley, Robert R. Averett, Charles R.. Jr. 

Atkinson, Shirley Austin, Richard M. Awerkamp. Dwayne Bachman. Rex Gene Bagley Terrence 

Barlow. Eleanor Banner, Gay Barlow. Glenn B. Barnard. Robert C. 

Barkdull. Jay H Barker. Renee Barlow, Lynn Burnham Barnard. Logan W 

Beazer, Keith J. Beckett. Janice Beckstrend, Carol Nan Beeson. Jane 

Beazer, Duane Beck. Kathleen Beckstead. Joy Ann Bee, La Monte Beers Monte B 

Bentley. Richard T. Benson. Kent Berry. David Bertch. Frederick 

Bergstedt. Eleanor Berrett, Bonnie Bessey. William N. Bethsold. Eleanor 

Billings. Marilyn Bishop, Dean A. Bjork, Lois 

Bird. Claudia Birrell. Jerry G. Bjorkman. Marcia Birrell. Marilyn 

Benson. John V. 

Binns. John 
Billstrom, Richard Allan 


Black, Kathryn E. 

Black , Oaine 
Bond, Marta 

Bonser, Emma Mae 

Black, Paul Dean Blanch, Claude C. Bliss, Charline 

Blackwelder, Judith Blauer, Lanis 

Boone, James L. Bown, Marjorle Mary Borgeson, June 

Booth, Joan Boren, Wilford 

Blayloclc, Marilyn J. 
Blatter, Kay 

Boyer, Ruth Ann 
Boyden, Jacqueline Mona 

Breitenstein, Frank V. 

Brewster, Bonnie Lu 

Brennan, Stania Lott 

Bridgeman, Leon M. 

Brandley, Cleo Selk 

Brandley, JoAnn 

Bulloclc, B. Neil Buckmiller, Johrr D. Bunnell, LeRoy Duane 

Buckley, Paul Zane Bullock, Georgia Lea Burke, Una 

Campbelll, Ohlan Call, Aana Lou Campbell, Gary Dean 

Caldwell, Jim Call, Rosalind Lucile Call, Dellwyn 

Brimhall, Norman 
Burkinshaw, Kay 
Caldwell, Ray 

Brooksby, Lyle O. 
Brooks, Jerry D. 

Burrows, Judith Elaine 
Burnett, Beverly 

Cankenstein, John B. 
Campbell, Roger B. 

Chase. Phillip D. 

Chamberlain, Carl Chandler, Howard Kay 

Chamberlin, Jeannine Chappell, Thomas Chi, Yonn Wol 

Christensen, Mary Ann Christensen, Neal F. Christensen, W. Gordon 

Christensen, Mary Martha Christensen, Pat D. Clark, Don W. 

Cornish, Clayton Condie, Arthur Packard Conrad, Sybil 

Conder, Valerie Conger, Gordon G. Cook, William A. 

Chambers, Kathy 
Clark, Nelda 

Coombs, Diana 

Chidester, Karla 
Chee-A-Kwai, Glenn 

Clarkson, Donald 
Clarke, Jean 

Corbett, Robert 
Corbett, Mary Elizabeth 


Qopkmm 'Bl'Ch, 


Bond, Farrell 

Bloom, Bradley Bohanan, James 

Blomquist, Kathryn Bloxham, Gwen 

Bradshaw, Janet Brady, Beverly Ann 

Boyer, Stanley Brandenburg, Ray E. Bradshaw, Jay Roy 

Showed precision in their half-time drills. 

Brown, Dennis Brown. Floyd Ray Brown. Rea Lu Bro«, Blame H. 

Brotherson, Mary Kathryn Brown, Donna Ruth Brough. John Lynn Brown. Paul A. Brown. Mack W. 

Butler. Laura Joanne Buttars. Valeen Bybee. Shirley Ann Bybee. Nannette 

Burton. Jeri Ann Buttars, Orvin Allen Butler, Sandra Calapp, Elmo Calder. M.lo 

Carlston, Nancy Carter. Barbara Cartwright, Mary Jean Castillo. Jorg< 

Carr. Keith R. Carr. William Charles Cortez. Ross- D. Caseman, Kathleen 

Chadwick. Alice 

7"? a 


Chipman, Bevan 


Christiansen. Done 

Id R. 

Christensen, G. 


Christensen. Lonmer 

Chi'ds. Marvin H. 

Christensen, Anne 

Christensen. Bonnie 


Christensen. John 

M. Christensen, Lorraine 

Clayton, Jerry 

Clough, Gloria 

Coffin, Jack 

Comes. Barbara 

Clocos. Jerry K. 

C'egg, Norma 

Cobabe. John 

Coleman. LaVoy 

Collard. Lorraine 

Cornia. Ross 

Cottam. Carolyn 

Cowan, LuJean 

CrandaM. Evelyn 

Corless, LaJean 

Corrington. Oral Ray 

Cottam, DelMar 

Coi. Milton A. 

Creviston, Gweneth 


Crittenden, Jim 

Crismon, Wayne 
Dastrup, Bernard Curtis 

Dattge, Carol 

Croft, Vivian Cullimore, Kelvyn H. Dahl, David C. 

Croft, Garth F. Crowley, Nellissa Cumings, Carl L. 

Davenport, Byron Davis, Delra Davis, Janet Davis, Owen Gerald 

Davis, D. Monte Davis, Dorothy Davis, Lloyd F. 

Deaver, Jo P. 

Deason, La Juana 
Draper, Vernon- Tom 

Droubay, Carol 
Eastwood, Clyde 

Eberting, George 

Day, Myrna 
Dudley, June 
Echols, Benjamin 

Decker, Mary 
Duffin, Irene 
Edwards, Larry C. 

de Hoyos, Josefine 

Deputy, Anne 

Dillman, Laurie E. 

De Marco, Barbara Deschamps, Earl 

Duggins, Sims D. Duke, Barbara Ann Du Palx, Louise 

Duncan, Catherine Dunn, Barbara 

Edwards, Pat Eliasson, Ann Marie Ellsworth, Barbara Jean 

Efner, Shirley Ellison, Howard R. 

Erickson, Elaine 

Ericlcsen, Tom 
Findlay, Eugene H. 

Finlayson, John 
Franz, Kay Burta 

Frank, Gordon 

Estes, Rex W. 
Finlayson, Lucille 
Freeman, Dee 

Estrada, David 
Fisher, Barrie 
Free, Joseph C. 

Evans, Earl A., Jr. 
Fisher, Shirlene 
Freeman, Gerry 

Eyer, Marylyn R. 
Fiso, Avefua 
Freestone, Jeannette 

Everett, Alice Jeanne Farmer, Scott Laval 

Fairbanks, Grant S. 

Foley, Rosemary Forsling, Ann 

Folsom, Nancy 

French, Donald Ira, Jr. Fuhriman, Libby 

Frost, Kay Don 

SophmMi Ufc-Gtt 


Dixon, Douglas W. Dixon, Vivian 

Dimond. Harvey D. Dixon, Mary Ann 

Durfee, Delsa Dustin, Marlin 

Duran. Dolores Durtschi, Fenton 

Ellsworth, Jonathan L. Ely. Nathan A 

Ellsworth. Diane Ellsworth, Sharon 

Dougal, Gordon Drake, Sherril 

Doiron, Mary Lou Drake. Janel May Dowdle. Robert K. 

Duvall. Richard E. Eagar, Nina Dee 

Dustin, Thetma Esther Dyer. Ronald E. East, Neal 

Emmett, Susan Engh. Nola 

Emery. Carolyn Empey. Jay Engh. Paul Henry 


KR ? J 

EUrP *? £*¥ 3 

Ferguson, Joan 

Ferre, Radford 

Fife. C. Lynn 
Fowles. Jay 

Farr, Robert L. 
Farnsworth. Melvin Felt, Sharlene 

Forsythe. Mary Maile Fossum. Allen John 

Forster, Merlin H. Foutr. Lawrence C. Foster, L. Nadine 

Gelbraith. Wendell Gale, Elsie Jean Ganus. Perry G. 

Fuller, Ann Gage, Delwyn O. Gale, Muriel 

Fife. Norman Dean 
Fiie, Florence Ferrell. Jim 

Francis. Evan D. 
Fo«. William H. Frampton, Eldon H. 

Gardner, Gary 
Gardner, E. Clarie Gardner, Sofia Ann 


Gardner, Muriel May Gordon David S 

Gardner, Sterling 
Giraud, Le Roy Glazier, Luana 

Glazier, Donna Goates, Morris A. 


Geddes, Karla 

Geertsen, Lou Rita George, Revell 

Geiger, Carolynn Rual 

Godfrey, Mary Ann Godfrey, Elinor 

Gomm, Kenneth L. 

Gifford, Sandra 
Gerth, Edna 

Goold, Stanley K. 
Goodridge, William 

Green, Dee 

Green, Oliver 
Hales, John Lockwood 

Hales, Lynore 
Hanly, Thomas F. 

Hanni, Helen 

J. > 

Greenhalgh, Merilyn 
Hall, David 
Hansen, Albert J. 

Greenig, Gloria Jane 
Hall, Hank 
Hannsen, Betty J. 

Greening, Ned Gresham, Ken 

Gregson, Norma Dene 

Hall, Kent A. Hall, Peggy 

Hall, Paddy 

Hansen, E. Brad Hansen, John I 

Hansen, Grant R. 

Griffin, Rodney D. 
Griffin, Phyllis 

Hallor, Myrna 
Hall, Robert R. 

Harding, Alice 
Hansen, Joyce 

w .1 

Harward, Peggy Lee Hart, Darrell H. Hart. John William Harward, Donna Carol Harwod, Darwin J. 

Hart, Barbara Hart, Jennie Hartley, Lola Hase, Floyd G. 

Heiner, Renee Henderson, Paul J. Henry, Diane Herbert, Marilyn Herring, Derryl Riches 

Helm, Gerry Hendrix, Leland J. Henderson, Gerald Herbst, John R. 

Higham, Frank Hill, Chadley Ann Hill, Janet Hintzee, Geraldine Hoeft, William G. 

Hill, Cecil Hill, Dennis L. Hilton, Jerold A. Hitesman, Coleen 

QophmuM Qb-Ut 


Giles, Glade Gilger, Marilyn 

Gilbert, Lyle C. Gillespie, Joyce Gingerich, Lamont 

Graff, Kay Grappendorf, Joan 

Goseh, Anita Graham, Charles K. Green, Lois Julene 


bit his tongue as the "U" made a point. 


Groesbeck, Kay Gunderson, Merril Haggard, Connie Jo 

Gudmundsen, Stanley E. Guerrero. Margery Gurney, Lois 

Halliday, Fred O. Halls, William W. Hammond, Sam 

Haller, Peggy Anne Hamilton, Jerry E. Hamlin. Josephine M. 

Hardy, Joyce Hardy, William H. Harrison, Robert 

Hansen, LaDonna Hardy, Keith Harmon, Lorraine 

Guthrie. Don Arthur 
Hale, Boyd J. Hadley. Thomas M. 

Handley, Myrtle 
Hancock, Boyd Hanks. Shirl 

Harsch, Donald E. 
Harrison, Parry D. Harris, Dorothy June 

TfZ F^MH!1 

Hawkins, Spencer James 

Haycock. Audrey 




Habeck, Norma Jean 

Hatch, George W. Haws, Beverly Rae 

Hawkins, Darrell Barnes 

Haws, Gary 

Heiner, Janeene Gardner 

Herring, Jill Yvonne 

Heiner, Hallie K. 



Higginson, Gary 

Hess, Carlene B. Hess, Wilford M. 

Hibbard, Anne Marie 

Hldlshima, Sam 

Higbee, Sharen LeVern 

Hogge. Roily 

Holindrake. Doris 



Hollingsworth, Renee 

Hokanson. Beverly Holbert, Sue 

Holland, Margie Sue 

Hollibaugh. Betty 

Holman, LaJuan 


.{? ^"W 

Holmes, Carol Jean Holmes, Rosemary 

Holmes, John R. Holt, Dean 

Hunter, Kenneth D. Hunt, Diana 

Huliclc, Boyd Robert Hunt, Mary Lou 

^ ■i, 

Hopper, June 

Horn, Geraldine Mary Horton, Helen M, 

Hopping, Mariam Anne Houston, Jeanie Doris 

Hunter, Margaret Hurst, Dorothy Hussey, Raedelle A. 

Hunter. R. Keith Hurtado, Alvaro 

Ingram, Mary Jo 

Hyde, Susann 
Jensen, Richard 

Jacobs, Lyle A 
Johnson, Gloria Elaine 

Ihnen, Sharon Ingram, Patricia Anne 

Ison, Rae Ivins, Nancy 

Jensen, David Jensen, Sylvia Lee 

Jacobson, Vena Lee 
Johnson, Janeen Johnson, Myrna 

Johnson, Gary L. Johnson, Marian Ruth 

Jensen, Verl 

Johnson, Thomas H. 

Jackson, Kenneth N. Jackson, Malan Robert 

Jackson, Kenneth Wayne 

Jeppson, Dave Jessen, Mary Colleen 

Jessee, Donald B. 

Johnson, Royle Jones, Alyce 

Jolley, Carol 

Jorgensen, Roy W. Jorgensen, Clair E. Jorgenson, Johnny Julian, Glen B. 

Jorgensen, Arlene Jorgensen, Myron N., Jr. Judd, Jane P. 

Kimball. Buddy Dean Kimball, Royal Duane Kindred, Jerry King, Garry A. 

Kimball, Claudia Kay Kimball. Sheren King King, Edmund Creighton 

Kocherhans, Arthur J. Kunewa, Jesse K. Kuwada, Dorothy T. LaComb, Gary F. 

Kruse, Colleen Lee 

Kunz, Lyle 

Lake, Eileen 

Karcher, Denise 
Kamekona, Danny K. 

King, John B. 
Kirkland, Bufaye 

Lambert, Kay 
LaMar, Shirley D. 

QopkomuM l-Ia-La 


Jensen, Joanne 
Jensen, Darrell L. 

Jex, Keith W. 
Johnson, Barbara 

Jones, Carolyn 
Jones, William 

Jarvis, Harold Hunter Jenkins, Philip A. Jensen, Bryant L. 

James, Mildred Ruth Jarvis, Walter Darrol Jenkins, Arlen D. Jensen, Clarence Golden 

Johnson, Carol Johnson, Daniel H. Johnson, Faye Ann 

Johnson, Betty Jean Johnson, Cheryl B. Johnson, Darlene Mae Johnson, Di«ie 

Jones, Cleona Jones, Howard Jordan, Peggy Ann 

Jones. Bud (Charles] Jones. Gerald E. Jones, Paula Carolyn Jorgensen, Ann 


Wf ? 

Kay, Garold Kekauoha, Philip Kelly, Lois Kilbreth, William G. 

Kartchner. Jean Kay, Karen Keller, Sara Beth Kenny. Elaine Keyes. Jerry M. 

Knight, Gay Knight, Larry V. Knight, Richard E. Knudsen, James Ellsworth 

Kirkman, Lawrence Knight, J. Wendell Knight, Marlene Knudsen, Cherie Knowles, William E. 

Lemoreau«, Martha B. Lane, Jame» W. Larsen, Robert A. Larsen, Robert M. 

Lambert, Neal Lane. Eugene V. Larsen, Leonard A., Jr. Larsen, Marva Jean Larsen, William Edward 



i . ^7 A 

Lasson, Jeneal Larson, R. George Lasson, Shawna M. 

Larson. Gene M. Larson, Sander Law, Elaine Edna 

Leonhardt, Mary E. Lewe, Chong Kook Lewis, John L. 

Levanger, Delores Lewis, Amy Lewis, Mary Ann 

Law, Eleanor R. LeSueur, Geneva 

Layton, Christopher 

Lewis, Nancy Gay Lindstrom, Joyce N. 

Lichfield, Oneta B. 

Longhi, Lawrence V. 

Long, Lester 
McCullough, LaRae 

McCoy, Ken 
Magaoay, Pasito 

Mahan, Pat 

Lott, Nancy Ann 
McCracken, Lawrence 

McCue, L'Dean 
Malan, Richard 

Mangum, Claudie Kay 

Lovett, Jacille 
McFarland, Melva A 
Manning, Birdie Ann 

Lowder, Don L. 
McGookin, Marvie 
Manser, K. Shirley 

Luke, Merilyn F. 
Lowry, W. Kent 

McKell, Ruth Lois 
McKay, Monroe G. 
Mansfield, Dean R. Markman, Stan 

Ludlow, Donna 
McGregor, Douglas Earl 

March, Myrna Jean 

Martindale, Larry Mathews, Irvin 

Marchant, Alan Dale 
Mickelson, Carol Milan, Gary 

Michie, Rex 
Morgan, Lani Morrise, Jesard 

Moore, Marilyn 

Maughan, Marilyn Maxwell, Philip H. Mayo, Raymond Louis 

Matsen, Janice Maxfield, Carol Ann Meiners, June 

Millburn, Merlyn Miller, David Owen Miller, Viva 

Millar, Yvonne Michie, Robert A. Miller, Joella 

Mortensen, Paul H. Mortimer, Jean Louise Mote, Herbert I. 

Mortensen, Larry Mortensen, Wayne Mostert, Andre 

QopkonwM La-AAij 



YmK f i 

Lei f son, June 
LeBaron, Bryce Earl 

Little, Harold R. 
Lindquist. Kenneth 

Lee, Rex E. 
Layton, Rheta Dee Leishman, Donna Mae 

Llewellyn, JoAnn 
Little, Loretta Anne Loback, Norman L. 

Kelvyn Cullimore's face showed anguish. 

Lundberg, Gary B. McBrlde, Dona 

Lund, Catherine Lundmark, Martin Nils 

MacKay, Carol Mabey, John H 

McKenzie. Phyllis McLaren, David 

Marler, Darrell Marshall, Don 

Marlow, John Martin, James M. 

McClellan, Charles A. 
Lunt, Gordon Ray Lunt, Spencer M. Mclntire, Bertha Rose 

MacKay, W. Dale Madsen, Franklin "Ben" 

McNaughton, Mary Madsen, Frank Madsen. Mary 

Marshall. Kuhn A. Marshall, Sharon 

Marshall, Jim Marshall. Priscilla A. Martell. Muriel 

Mendenhall, Kay Marrell. Dallas V. Merrill. Kathleen Michelsen. Stanley C. 

Meldrum. Virginia Menning. Zelda M. Merrell, Elaine Marie Mickelsen, Keye Merrill. Preston 

Milne, Marilyn Moir. Fred. Jr. Montierth. Florence Moody. Phyllis Kay 

Miller, Robert W. Minor, Milt Monson, Irene Moody. Floy Moon. Clive 

Mower. Glade W. Murdock, Royal P. Murphy. Mary Myers, Marilyn 

Motschmann, Shirley B. Moye, Lois M. Murray, Evelyn Musig. Morris D. Murphy, Floyd M. 


Nakakura, George Nebeker, Elva Darlene Neff, L Dale Neilson, JoAnn Nelson, Gale 

Myers, Sylvia Jean Nebeker, Louise Neilson, Fred Wayne Nelson, Charlotte 

Newman. William A. Ng, Pauline (Poolam) Nichols, Joyce Marie Nielsen, Norm L. Nielson, Merrill G. 

Nichols, Elaine Slichols, Annette Nickell, Kenneth M. Nielson, Clyde Rowland 

\' - ... ..,, 

Obregon, Socorro Ollerton, Carl 

Oliphant, Virginia 
Palfreyman, Mary Page, Sharon 

Packham, Jane Ann Palmer, Anna Belle 

Patten, David Patterson, Patricia Ann Paul, Ronald W 

Patterson, Jeanne Patton, William David 

Olmstead, Pat 

Olpin, Audrey 
Palmer, Kenley C. 

Olpin, Jewel 
Palmer, Gayle Mary 
Paul, Sharon 

Olsen, Winifred 
Palmer, Patricia 
Paulos, Camille 

Ordacowski, Eloy 
Orchard, Keith T. 

Paramore, Pauline 
Palmer, Pauline 

Payne, K. Lee 
Paul, Wilmer D. 



Peterson, Carol 


Peterson, Avon 
Max W. 

Peterson, Elain 
Prior, Allen 


Poulter, Marilyn 

Rea, Ardeth Amy 

Pryde, Nadine 
Read, Edith Carolyn 

Reed, Maxine 

Peterson, RaNee Phillips, Sharon Rae Phelps, Irwin 

Phelps, Dean E. Petty, Clare 

Pullan, Grant L. Pulsipher, Pauline Pusey, Clive A. 

Powell, Sharon Prock, Gene 

Rees, Lorraine Reeve, Thomas V„ II Rhinehart, Joan 

Rees, Robert Alvin Reynolds, Thomas V., Jr. 

Qopknim My-R 



Nelson, Lester V. Nettles, Jacquelyn 

Nelson, Jan Nelson, Richard C. Newman, Marlene 

Nilsson, Ray M. Nuzmah, Delbert J. 

Nilsen, Carol Nlzet. Charles Oler, Larry R. 

f 3T3 

They made a point! 

Orton, A. Merle 

Ottley. LeRoy 

Orton, Renae 

Oscarson, Dick 

Ovard. May Lou 

Parker, Barbara 

Parkinson, Carol 

Park, Dennis James 

Parker, Marlene S. 

Parmley, Alice 

Peay, Margery 

Pearson, Diane 

Pearson, Palma 

Peck. Ted C. 

Pehrson. Pat 


Oviatt. Marilyn Packard. Ted 

Pack, La Rae Ottosen. Nadene 

Parry, Nancy Jean Parry. Charles H. 

Partington, Joanne R. Parsons. Sonya 

Perry, Dale S. Petersen, Paul J. 

Peterson, Ernest Peters, John A. 

Pierce, Ted H. 

Pitcher, Sandra 

Pomeroy, Kent 

Porter, Eugene 

Pickering, Richard B. 

Pitcher, Mai Grow 

Plessinger, Jeyne 

Pommerville. Winelle 

Porter. Merna 

Quist, Pat 

Ragle, Raymond 


Rasmussen, Vaughn 

Raynaud, Don 

Quinn, Thomas 

Radln, John Kay 

Rampton, Jean 

Rather, Douglas B. 

Ray. B. Alyric 

Richards. Donna 

Richards. Nephi 

Richards, Yvonne 

Ricks. Dorothy 

Rhoton. Beverly 

Richards, MaRee 

Richardson, Judy 

Richardson, Pauline 

Ricks. Karma 


ire ®£^*ww3 

Rigby. Don A. 

Riggs. J. C. 
Robison, Bryant W. 

Robinson, Pat 

Riggs, Lela 
Robinson, Shirlene 

Ririe, Marilyn Roberts, David L. Robins, Essie Ann 

Roberts, Carolyn Roberts, Virginia A. 
Robison, Diana Roderick, Judith Roe, Allan 

Robison, M. LaVoy Rodeback, Charles H. Rogers, Arthur "Kay" 

Ross, Cynthia L. Ross, Maxin. 

Rossal, Miguel A. 
Sardoni, Betty Schiers, Iris 

Saxey, Edward S. 
Shannon, Jeanette Shaw, Keith 

Shafer, Marian 

Rucker, Fred W 
Scherler, John G. W 
Shattuck, David 

Rostrom, Fred L 
Schmidt, Rachel 
Shaw, La Jean 


Runnels, Roy Richard Rushton, Jennie 

Rowe, Lynn Rummler, Gary 

Schow, Luana Schutt, Geralynn L. 

Schneider, Dolores Schroder, Richard S. 

Shields, Jay Glen Shoemaker, Donna 

Shay, Frances Shinsel, Glenda 

Smith, Calvin Navall 

Skyles, George H. Skidmore, Iva Pullen 

Skidmore, John Wesley Slade, Larry Smith, Dee 

Snedden, Lorraine Smott. Harlow, II Sondrup, Keith D. 

Smithson, E. Brady Snell, Golden C. Sorenson, Eliot Ben 

Steel. Jimmy Steinagel, Joanne Stephenson, Don R. Stevens Dale B 

Stem, Joanne Stephens, Larry T. Stepp. Jessie 

Smith, Gary 
Speakman, Bob 

Smith, Jeanine 
Smith, Gordon D. 

Spendlove, Margie 
Spencer, Phillip H. 

Stevens, Patricia 
Stevens, Malvern R. 

QophmMi Rl-St 


Robbins, Richard L. Robinson, Luella 

Robins, Larry Robins, Raymond C. Robinson, Lynn 

Rohner, Wilbur Roos, Robin 

Rolces, Robert Laurence Romney, Carolyn Rose, Robert Orrin 

We made a point! 

Russell, John J. Rust, Val Dean 

Russon, Merlin E. Russell, Francine 

Scott, Lois Jean Sedgwick, Claudia 

Scott, Grace L. Searle, Inez S. Seely, Flossie D. 

Shurtliff, Freda Mae Simmons, Beverly 

Shumway, Marilyn Siggard, Connie Lou Simms, Connie 

Sabin, Joan 
Rutherford, Mary Ann 

Seely, Sylvan 

Skinner, LaVon 

Sanford, Elise 
Salter, Philip W. Sherry, Kay Ruth 

Sellers, Robert Douglas 
Sellers, Ella Sekaquaptewa. Allison 

Skousen, Richard E. 
Sipherd, Dave Skidmore. Shirley Mae 

Smith, Kay H. 
Smith, Joanne 

Sperpy, Arlyn 
Spencer, Betty Jean 

Stewart, Dave 
Stevenson, Roberta O. 

Smith, Linnea 
Squire, Adrien 
Stewart, Dick 

Smith, Robert B. 

Smith, Milo R. 

Squires, David 

Staker, Jo Ann 
Stewart, Reed Gerald 

Stine, Alan L. 

Smith, Robert Dean Smith, Rudger Grant 

Smith, Robert R. Smith, Treva Marie 

Stanton, Eunice Starley. Mai 

Stapley. Claudia Staples, Sue Ann 

Stock, Marjorie Stone, Kay Marie 

Stoddard, Jon 8. Stoneking, Mary Ellen 


Stowed, Karen Stratford, Roland J. Strong, John R. 

S+onely, Lois Eileen Strickler, Mary Lee 

Swanson, Beryl Joyce Sweeten, Owen Swenson, Gam 

Sweeten, Lloyd Swenson, R. Kay 

Stuart, Maxine Sullivan, Maureen 

Strong, Patricia Marie Stuker, Earl 

Tait, Don R. Tallot, Stephen A. 

Syme, John L. Talceo, Ruth M. 

Taylor, Anthony H. 

Taylor, Joseph M 
Thain, Peggy 

Thaclcer, Zona 
Tucker, Donald 

Tryon, Opal 

Taylor, Joyce Taylor, Marlene Taylor, Phyllis Taylor, Shirley F. 

Taylor, Lynn Anne Taylor, Melvin Jay Taylor, Ralph W. 

Thiriot, Alice Ann Thompson, Keith Thompson, Garth Thompson, Kent R. 

Thomas, Marilyn Thompson, Heber M. Thompson, Kenneth D. 

Tryon, Shirley Ann Turcsanslci, Gay Turley, Patricia Turner, Beverly 

Tucker, Hal W. Turley, Lynn Ann Tueman, Sharon Jane 

Vandergrift, Ann Van Wagoner, Betsy Vaughn, Larry K. 

Van Wagenen, Palma S. Vaterlous, Rodney Verburg, Sybil 

Ward, Dalphine M. Wardell, Beth Warnick, Michael A. 

Ward, Janice Warnick, Erlend Warnock, D. Carl 

Weidner, Bruce Wendt, Roy E. West, Helen Sandra 

Welch, Glen C. Werner, Edward S. Wells, Coleen 

Veritsky, Anne Beverly Verzi, Jack 

Vernon, Robert 
Washburn, Sherrie Watrous, Margery Diane 

Watkins, Marilyn 
Westman, Jan Wheeler, Donna M. 

Westwood, Judith Ann 

Sopkmim Wk-Z 


Sundal, Louise 
Sumsion, Aleene Suedin, Leroy 

Tamashiro, Dennis F. 
Tallman, Ruth E. Tanner, Gaylon 

Swann, Edward H. 
Tarbet, Glen F. 

Swann, Alma G. 
Tasker, Betty Ann 

Now we're ahead! 

Taylor, W. Glenn Tenney, Janice Terry, Don S. 

Taylor, Robert E. Taylor, Wayne O. Tenney, Paul 

Thorne, Mary Lou Thorsen, Shirley Odette Todd, Carol 

Thorn, June Annette Thornton, LaVee Thueson, Helen Darlene 

Twitchell, Phyllis Tyson, De Ann Van Why, Suzanne 

Tetreault, Edward L. 
Terry, JoAnn L. Terry. 

Toland, Dlanne 
Torgerson, Bebe Trent, 

Vand«nhazel, Ailko 

Twitchell, E. Eugene 

Tye, La Von 

Udall, Paul 

Vandenberg, Norine 

Max M. 
Vance. Richard 

Villarreal, Nicolos A. Vogel, Arvilla Wagley, Marilyn Wakefield, Thomas K. 

Vincent, Alan G. Veteto, LaVell Wakefield. Mary Lynn Walker, Glen Walker. Carol 

Watts. Donald Webb, Shirlee Weber, Billie Eileen Webster, Jacquelin 

Watts, Jackie Weaver, Ellen Claire Webb. Walter Webber, Maurice R. Weenig, Jay F. 

Whipple. Marcia J. Whitaker. Maurine White, Patricia M. White. Glenda Mae 

Whetten, John J. Whitaker, Joan White, David A. White. Jenny White, Joe 



v «A t 

White, William W. Whiting, Lois Whittaker, Dorothy A. Wickman, Neldona Wilde Lu Jeane 

««.. Whiting, Gordon Carl Whitmore, Helen Whittle, William M. Wiedenmeier, Marilynn 

Wilkinson, Connie Williams, David E. Williams, Theo Lee Willings, Chanles Edwin Wilson, LeRona 

Williams, Banbara Williams, Hannah Mae Williams, Wilma Wilson Arlene 

Snow storm sends students scurrying. 

Wistisen, Rolene Wixom, Hartt P. 

Wiltbank, Ruth 
Wright, Norma Yeates, James Lorin 

Wright, Willis L. 
Young, James Martin Young, Jerry M. 

Young, Norma 

Snappy Sponsor Corps performs during half-time. 

Qopknum Qt-Wk 


Wilkes, Floyd A. Wilkins, Roberta 

Wilde, Ora Gale Wilkins, Kent Williams, James Fred 

Willis, Vivian Wilson, Ward P. 

Wilson, DeLight Wilson, Melvin G. Wimmer, Beverly 

We won the game! 

Wolsey, T. Mark 
Wolsey, Wilms Wood, Helen 

Young, Jean 
Yates, John M. Young, Connie 

Zirker, Ronald 
Youngkeit, Dean Yoshino, Mike 

Congregation joins in song at Sunday School meeting. 

Cosmo and the Cougarettes do their part to entertain basketball fans. 


MA^Jr ute^\ ^jjr 



ClaU 0#toew 

ex Pinegar . . . president . . . good looking . . . blond, 
blue eyes . . . happily married . . . handles people well . . . 
full of ideas . . . good organizer . . . fun . . . from Spanish 

ern Payne . . . enthusiastic . . . vice president . . . 
from Lordsburg, New Mexico . . . has smile for everyone . . . 
pleasant personality . . . makes things lively . . . dark hair, 
medium height. 


ixie Snow . . . peppy secretary . . . from Maplewood, 
New Jersey . . . tall brunette . . . hazel eyes . . . dependable 
. . . responsible leader . . . very friendly . . . likes sports 
. . . music . . . drama. 

Vern and Dixie conspire to give Rex a surprise dunking. 




Anne Brown . . . Cute Cougarette from 
Taft, California . . . likes sports . . . 
plays intramural basketball . . . sports 
director of Knight Hall ... is going to 
school on a scholarship . . . Major . . . 
secretarial science . . . Frosh cabinet. . . 
academic assistant. . .plays the piano. • . 
belongs to Val Norn social unit. 

Juana Dalton . . . Vivacious member of 
Pep committee ... is Cougarette . . . 
Tok. Sings with women's chorus . . . 
Program Bureau . . . comes from Fuller- 
ton, California . . . loves the beach . . . 
sunshine . . . sun bathing. Dance director 
of Campus Branch . . . Leg. council 
secretary . . . likes to play badminton. 

Ralene Darton . . . Charter member of 
new social unit . . . Kappa Debs ... is 
secretary to frosh prexy . . . likes mod- 
ern dancing . . . enjoys playing softball 
. . . can't stand the smell of fish . . . 
likes full skirts . . . high or scoop neck- 
lines . . . has honey blond hair . . . hazel 

Alleen Pace . . . Editor of freshman 
paper . . . "Cougar Cub Reporter". . . 
writes "In Cougarville" . . . appears in 
"Deseret News" ... is a tall red head 
. . . belongs to Orchesis . . . Cami 
Los ... is Frosh council secretary . . . 
comes from Phoenix, Arizona . . . has a 
grudge against people who call her 
after I 1 :00 p.m. 

Joan Schoenfield . . . "Miss Cleveland" 
. . . sings with aCappella Choir ... is a 
member of the Mask Club . . . Student 
Program Bureau . . . has lovely singing 
voice ... Is a speech and drama major 
. . . has had TV experience . . . Queen 
of Utah National Guard . . . has nick- 
name "Schoenie" . . . plans to have own 
show this summer in Cleveland. 

Cynthia Scott . . . Frosh cheerleader 
. . . has one older brother . . . thinks 
the West is friendly . . . comes from 
Michigan . . . wants to teach kinder- 
garten ... is home ec. major ... is a 
member of sponsors . . . pep committee 
. . . likes creative dancing . . . belongs 
to Cami Los . . . did choreography for 
social unit assembly. 

Jane Eddington . . . Homecoming queen 
attendant . . . has blond curly hair . . . 
warm smile ... is secretarial science 
major . . . belongs to Val Norn ... is 
engaged to a Brigadier . . . likes music 
. . . plays the piano ... is an accom- 
panist for private lessons . . . choruses 
... is a Cougarette . . . United Stater. 

Eugene Kingdon . . . Modest political 
science major . . . genealogy research 
superintendent of North Campus Branch 
. . . loves music . . . Honor Council . . . 
very optimistic . . . "Y". especially 
young people's testimonies . . . Semper 

. . Has lived in Provo for 
eighteen years . . . Leg. council repre- 
sentative ... a Bricker. Is currently 
major in engineering . . . capable of 
creating expressive facial contortions 
. . . hates to get traffic tickets . . . 
likes burlap under shirts . . . aspired to 
be an athlete but fell so now studies. 

Dixie Snow . . . Came to BYU from 
Maplewood, New Jersey . . . Frosh class 
secretary . . . O. S. Trovata member 
... Jr. AWS council . . . works on the 
Student Program Bureau . . . plays the 
piano ... is a Political Science major 
. . . has her eye on diplomatic corps 
. . . likes lettuce with sugar . . . doesn't 
like inefficiency. 

Elaine Stirland . . . Chairman of com- 
mittee on Frosh council . . . Nautilus 
. . . United Staters . . . assistant speech 
director MIA . . . likes people ... no 
exclusive taste in clothes . . . would like 
to work with Government service . . . 
has hay fever. 

Eddie Williamson . . . His laughter 
wrinkles around his eyes ... is from 
Madison, Florida . . . majoring in po- 
litical science . . . was on the Thanks- 
giving committee . . .chimes committee 
. . . member of the Confederate club 
. . . Likes to swim . . . fish . . . Missed a 
good deal of winter quarter . . . goal 
... to learn to walk on ice. 




. - 



Activity was the cry of the FRESHMEN and what better 

way than walking through 


FhBihmwK, AdtMtM 

The "Chime Queen" Sally McClay and "Klanger King' 
Dave Ward held court at the Frosh Chimes Ball. 

snow with that best guy 

Exclusive Frosh news was reported in the "Cougar Cub 
Reporter" by a compotent staff "manned" by Jeanne Mc- 
Cune, Karen Smith, Sally Esler and Editor, Alleen Pace. 

Started out the year with practice at 
cleaning the "Y" . . . initiation pro- 
cedures . . . held an exchange party 
with the senior class . . . were full of 
new ideas and ambition toward BYU. 
Sponsored a frosh class choir . . . 
religious conference. Went up to 
Timp for a snow party. Started 
"Frosh Cub Reporter." Had a party 
in Provo canyon . . . started a scrap 
book ... to be continued through 
the years . . . Sponsored the 
"Chime" dance . . . movie "Colorado 

Until the Frosh were able to hold elections their actions were 
guided by the Frosh Council chairmaned by Elaine Stirland 
with Alleen Pace, Jim Petersen, Dave Ward, and Rex Pine- 
gar completing the group. 


Juana Dalton and Bob Oalcs occupied the Frosh seats 
on the Leg. Council. 

The Jr. AWS . . . aides to AWS Council . . . made up of 
selected Freshmen females (front row) Gloria Whiteley, 
Marilyn Green, Margaret Urry, Carla Burmester, Pat Elia- 
son, (back row) Carol Prince, Dixie Snow, Sondra Porter, 
Joyce Johansen, and Janet Prince. 


Aase, Jan Kristian 

Abel, K. Elton 
Agren, Arlen 

Agutter, JoAnn 

Abel, George Lennis Adair, Gary Lavell Adams, Delores Rita Adams, Jack J. 

Alexander, Charlene Adams, Del Adams, Dorothy 

Ah Quin, Joseph Ah Nee, Roy K. Alder, Inez Alexander, Albert 

Ahn, Dongbang Ah Quin, Samuel Aldean, Eddie 

iHV;i'H wmmam i 1*^*3^ 

Allen, Barbara Allen, Betty Ann Allen, Elaine Allen, Joan 

Allen, Barbara Jo Allen, Brookie Jamar Allen, Eleanor 

Anderson, Colleen Anderson, Darlene Anderson, Gloria Anderson, Joan 

Andersen, Cordell Anderson, Delaine Anderson, Jarrett 

Anderson, RaVae Anderson, Rlynn Anderson, Steven L S. Andrus, James C. 

Allen, Lorenzo C. 
Allen, John B. 

Anderson, Lisle 
Anderson, Joanne 

Arbrogast, Mici.on 

Anderson, Rex 

Anderson, Ruth J 

Ashby, Marian Ashby, ReNae 

Ashby, Wayne Ashmore, Stash 

Bagley, Lynne Bailey, Barbara 

Baharie, Reza (Ronnie) Bailey, Janice 

Bang, Robert Barber, Lyman 

Banks, Shirley Barlow, Bowman O. 

Ashton, Marilyn 
Bailey, Lorin M. 
Barlow, Pauline 


Atkins, Albert Bill Atkinson, Sonya 

Atchley, Ronald Atkinson, Carma 

Baird, Joseph M. Baird, Leadene 

Bair, Lynette Baird, Kathleen 

Barnes, Joanne Barnes, R. Lloyd 

Barnes, Judy Barnes, Richard L. 

Redkin&t Ad-Bd 3 " 

Adams, Verlene LaRae Adamson, Cecil L. 

Adams, Harold D. Adams, Verna 

Allan, David Wayne Alldredge, Joyce 

Allan, Barbara Allan, Dean S. 

Adamson, Emalie 

Allen. Al Jean 

We entered the gates. 

Allison, Don Stanley 
Allen, Robin Kay Allison, Pat 

Anderson, Leland 
Anderson, Kenneth Warren Anderson, Loa 

Arbuckle, Edward D 
Anthony, Shir Armstrong, Hazel 

Allred, Geraldine Allred, Rex J. 

Allred, Janice 
Anderson. Lowell R. Anderson, Mary 

Anderson, Lynette 
Armstrong, Gayle Arnoldsen, Larry M 

Arnett, Rex 

Anderson, C. Paul 
Anakalea, Lorraine H. Anderson. Carol 

Anderson, Oscar 
Anderson, Mary Beth Anderson, Paul 

Ashby, David 

Arnold, Edward W.. Jr. 

Aschmann. Joy Anne 

Avery, Sue 
Atkisson, Lauretta 

Baird, Vaughn 
Baird. Max 

Barnett, Mary 
Barnes, William Richard 

Austin, De 

Baker, Ann 

Barnett. Patsy 

I I 

Austin, Joyce Avery, Ednis Baer. Larry D. 

Averett, Leah Mae Baer, F. Douglas Begley. Jerry 

Baler Dorothy Ballard, Nona Bellif. Catherine Lou 

Ball. Connie L. Ballet. Dean Bellif, Scott 

Barney, Lyman K. Barrett, Dallas L. Jr. Barker, Robert T. 

Barr, Betty Jean Barrow. Joan Barrie. Betty 

Barson, Vaudis Bartholomew, Marie Barton, Ncrman Bassett, Elouise 

Bartanen, A. Marie Barton, James Bartschi, Marilyn 

Baumgarten, Jim Boyce, Barbara Ann Beach, Edward L. Bean, Audrey 

Baxter, Joyce Baziw, Jean Doris Beals, Paul E. 

Bateman, Neldon 
Bastian, Larry 

Beard, Judith Ann 
Bean, Phyllis L 

Beesley, Orson Allen 

Bell, Rose Marie 
Benson, Boyd 

Benson, Marilyn 
Bills, Ronald H. 

Binder, Chrlsta 

Belliston, Iris 
Benson, Sharron 
Bingham, Lu Ann 

Bellows, Janet 
Bernadot, Pearl 
Bingham, John Irvine 

Belliston, Jerry 
Bernard, Graciela 
Bingham, Mike 

Bement, James C. 
Bernard, Maria 
Bird, Carol 

Bench, Colerie Bender, Russell 

Bench, Leland Donald 

Bertelsen, Delora Besendorfer, Joan 

Berthelson, Reta Rae 

Biniaz. Amir Mehdi Bird, Helen G. 

Bird, Donald R. 

Black, Franklin 

Black, Max 
Bond, Aaron L. 

Bonsteel, Beverly 
Bowen, Harold M. 

Bowen, Jane 

Blacker, Marvin L. 

Blackley, De 

Blaisdell. Ann Te 



Blake, David G. 

Blake, Dianne 

Blatter, Gailya 
Blanchard, Dixie 
Bond, Glenna Bonsteel, Jewell Bonsteel, Sandra Booth, Beverly Jean 

Bond, Paul Maeser Boone, Margaret Booth, Gordon 

Bowers, Howard L. Boyer, Nada Bradford, Nancy Bradley, Ronald R. 

Boyd, Janice Bradford, Jane Ann Bradley, Clifford 

RfiiUe* Ba-B*. 3 " 

8attad, Arlene K. 
Bates, Sherry Lee Baum, John E. 

Beck, Dorothy 
Beck, Clive L. Beck, Janet Ruth 

Baum, Ronald 

Beckstead, Coleen 

Baumgarten, Dave 

Carolyn Jones, Barbara Smith and Lee Sheets get 

Beckstrand, Mervin Bennett acauainted 

Bennett, A. Clarke 
Benham, Patt Bennett, Betty 

Bettridge, Barbara 
Bethea, Marian Bevan, Diane 

Birks, Orval J. 
Bird, Mary Ann Bird, Talmage 

Bennett, Carolyn Bennett, Mary Jo Bennion, Roy B. 

Bennett, Deon (Dee) Bennett, Peter Bennion, Sandra 

Bevan, Joan Billingsloy, Dean W. Beveridge, Larry 

Bevans, Margaret Ann Bigler, LaRae Lee Billington, Nadine 

Birrell, Cliff Bitton, Gary Bjork, Barbara 

Bishop, Eddie Bishop, Joss Bitton, Marilyn 


Blume, Patricia 

Boice, Charles E. 

Boice, Raymond J. 

Bolin, Joan Edit 


Blau, Glenna 

Bodily, Sheryl L. 

Boice, Maevonne 

Bolin. James J. 

Bond, Larry 

Boren, Arlene 

Boswell, Margo 

Boucher, Yvonne Lee 

Bowden, Gays 

Booth, Wallace R. 

Boren, Robert 

Boucher, David 

Boulter. Virginia 

Bowen. Bruel L. 

Brady, Carol Ann 

Brandley, Cormen 

Brandon, Jackie Ray 

Breeze, Janice 

Brady. Anna 

Bragg, Mary 

Brandley, Jaquel 


Bray, Bonnie 

Bremer, Carlene 


Brewer, Darlene 

Brian, Emily 
Broclc, lleen 

Broctc, Morris 

3nan, Sharron 
Brockbank, Kay 

Briggs, Shirley Ann 

Bright, Charle 
Bronson, Charlene 
Brockbank, Loren Rich Bronson, Dixie 

Brlmley, Sterling 
Brimhall, Verna 
Brooks, Ben Hugh Brown, Anne 

Brooks, Fred R., Jr. 

Brown, Kay Maureen 
Brown, Karen Brown, LaRae 

Bryant, Robert W. Burke, Emma Rochelle 

Bryner, L. Conrad Burch, Larmet 

Bunnell, Dale Burningham, Geraldine 

Burmester, Carla Burningham. Rodne 

Brown, Larry Dean 
Buchi, Jack 

Burraston, Marilyn 

Brown, Marjorie 
Buck, Pauline 
Burton, Gerald 

Brown, Philip Ray Brown, Sharon Joann 

Brown, Rena 
Bucknum, Daniel R. Budd, Simons Ronald 

Buckwalter, Jolayne 
Beesley, Mona Rae Bush, Pat 

Busch, Owen 

Call, Fred 

Calkins, Glenn Edward 
Cardon, Ellen Carlson, Bill LeR 

Carlile, Rozella Chavez, Carmen 

Chadwick, Charlotte Chamberlin. Frank R. 

Chadwick, Gloria 

Call, Neil R. 

Carroll, Maureen 
Chanslor, Lewis 

Chamberlain, Herbert Lee 

Call, Rita 
Carruthers, Joyce 
Charles, Mar 

Callaway, Delvin V. Callister, Geraldine 

Callister, David R. 
Carson, Beth Carter, Jo Anne 

Carter, Annette 
Chase, Dolores Chapman, Kenneth S. 

Chapman, Earl V. 

Rttkmen l^ii-Ck 


Brinkerhott, Virginia Broadbent, Beverly 

Bringhurst, Pat Briscoe. John O. Brock. Edward Earl 

Brown, Curtis Brown, Geraldine Our first chance to sing in a campus char. . . led by Koss t^ortez. 

Brown, Barry Brown. Clinton Dunbar Brown, Duaine 

Brown, Wayne J. Browne, Joan Brush, Dana 

Brown, W. Dean Brown. Wayne L Bruclcman, Jan Korom 

Bulloch. Beverly Bullock. Gordon Bunker, Lorine 

Bull, Lawrence W. Bullock, Dick Bullock, LaDell 

Busselberg, Carol Butler, Sylvan Geo. 

Bushman, Margaret Ann Butcher, Winnie L Buxton, Boyd 


Bryan, Lauren 

Bunker, Paul 
Cable, Wayne LeRoy 

Caffall. Alice 

Bryan, Maxine 
Burgener, Dixie 

Bryant. Willia Rae 

Burk, Noel W. 

Calder, Fred H. 

Caldwell, Sheila 

de Camargo, Antonio 
Calvert, Kent Camp, Janee 

Cartwright, Carolyn 
Carter, Keith N. Case, Gayle 

Ching, Opal H S L 

Childs, Kathleen 

Chipman, Dan LeRoy 

Campbell, Martha Anne Cannon, John Parkinson Carbine, Eerlene 

Cannon. J. Terrence Cannon, Philip R. Cannon, Shirley Ann 

Casey, Colleen Catron, Joye Chadsey. Dixie Lee 

Castleton, Joan Cameron, Stan Chadwick. Carolyn 

Chittock, Dave Christensen, Ben Christensen. Dave 

Christensen, Adele 

Christensen, Carole 

Christenson. Darwin W. 

Christensen. David A. Christensen, Erlene Christensen, Jack R. Christensen, Nancy Lee Christensen, Ray 

Christensen, Den V. Christensen, Gayle Christensen, Lewis Christensen, Peggy 

Church, Elsie Claridge, Carol Clark, Dan B. Clark, Gaylan Clark, Katherine 

Church. Ramcna Clark, Cecil Clark, DeLene Clark, Julia L. 

Clark, Mary Beth 

Oarkson, Jack E. 
Ccates, Maurice 

Cummings. David 
Cook, Ronald C. 

Cook, Carol 

Clausse, Shirley 
Cochran, Carolyn 
Cook. Loretta V. 


Clawson, Betty Jo 


awson, Wihar 

rd L. 

Clayton, Sheila 

Clegg, Aria 
Clegg, Almon Hyrum 
Coffey, Glen Roger Coleman, Iris Coles, Scott 

Cochran, Ruth Annette Colby, Shelah Coles, Floyd 

Cooper, Marilynn Jane Cope, Dean Corbett, Carol 

Cooper, Marilyn Coon, Richard A. Copeland, Elda 

Covey. Barbara 

Cowan Jean 

Cowley, Johnny 

Cowley, Stana 

Cox, Jack 

Cowan. Claudine 

Cowles, Alvin 

Cowley, Kaye 

Cox, Bryant L. 

Creer, Diana 

Crockett, Laree 

Creviston, Herbert W. 

Criddle. Max 

Croft, Kent 

Crenshaw, Mills 

Crockett, Pat 

Crockett, Dave 

Crockett, Rodney Lamar 

Crowley, Carole 

Crowther, Glen 

Cullen, Robert L. 

Culverwell, Rone 

Id L. Currier, Barbara 

Crowley, Joan 

Crowther. Vella 


rene Culltmore, Sandra 

Cumming, Maureen May 

RedU&t Ck-Cw m 

Christensen, Wm. Robert Christensen, Darwin William 

Christensen, Robert R. Christiansen, Sherey Lee Chun, Albert 

Clark, Marlene Rea Clarice, Jack (John) 

Clark, Malcolm G. Clark, Theola Clarke, Jill 

We learned the "Y" of things and. 

Clegg, Kenneth A. 
Clegg, James Clement, Lois 

Conder, Glen 
Collett, Carol Luana Conder, Jerry 

Corbett, Glenn M. 
Corbett, Cecelia Ann Cornaby, Kay S. 

Cleverley, Vernal 
Condie, Reed 
Corr, Barbara Jean 

Clyde, Richard Cluff, Chester 

dinger, Naomi Cloward, Pete (Melvin) Cluff, Barbara 

Comus, Nancy Contreras, Rubin 

Connary, Lucille Conover, Martin W. Cook, Berlyn 

Cottle, Kenneth Coultas, Reginald 

Cozzans, Dee Coughran, Marllynn Couzens, Darlene 

Curtis, Donald R. Craft, Robert Gerald 
Cox, Mary Nell Crabtree. Kay L. Cram, D. Bruce 

Crofts, J. DeLoy Crookston, Lenore 
Croft, Mary Kay Cronk, Jacquelyn Corbett, Tuana 

Cummings, Lorenzo J. Curtis, Richard 
Curtis, Caroline Curtis, Karen Cushing, Judy 




> Clegg 

Crane. Joan 

Crandall, LaWana 

Crossley. Val 



Crowell. Rutherford B. 

Crosby, Luzon 

Cross. Bill 



Cutler, D. Lynn 

Cutchen. Faye 

Cutler, Marlene 

Dahler, Fred 

Dailey. Sally J. 
Davidson, Dawn 

Davenport, Sandra 

DaGrade, Don 
Davies, Race 

Dailey, Marvin H. 
Davis, Barbara G. 

Dailey, Ronald 
Davis, Brant 

Dalton, Juana 
Dalton, Jene (Geneve) 

Davis, Don 
Davis, Catherine 

Daniels, Diana Mae 
Daly, Charlotte 

Davis, Gerald E. 
Davis, Garry A. 

DeBloois, Betty Gene 

Davis, Thelma 

Dixon, Don 

Dimiclc, Janet 

Dudley, Larry 

Duffey. Carole Lee 

Dean, Carole Joan 

Dean, Sharon 

Donaldson, Francelle 

Dotson, Larry 

Duffin, Liladene 

Decker, Patricia Anna 
Downes, Joan 
Duncan, Leslie R 

Dugqan, James Russell 


Decker, Eva Ann Denos, Janet 

Dees, Joanne De Mordaunt, Paul Roger 

Dorny, J. Dennis Downing, David G. 

Doermann, James A. Djahanbani, Reza r. 

Dunn, Robert Durfee, Kay O. 

Dunford, Frank Dunster, Lucille 

Edens, William C. Edwards, Bernell 

Edgley, Richard C. Edward, J. Brent 

Ellertson, Paul L. Elizondo, Jay E. 

Eliason, Patricia Elliott, Kathy 

Enos, Leona Erekson, Alma Y. 

Eldredge, Renae Ericksen, Billie Lou 

Elliott, LaVerne 
Erickson, Carl H. 


Edwards, Robert 
Ellison, Jerold 
Ericksson, Rick 

Edwards, Philip Jan Ettrich, Frederick 

Egbert, Edwin 
Ellsworth, Lynn Erwin Elzinga, Lavelle 

Elmer, Theodore K. 
Esler, Sally Evans, Georgia 

Estela, Raya S. 

Re&kju&t Da- Em 3 " 

Daniels, Midge 
Daniels, Donna May 

Davis, Hazel 
Davis, Connie 

Darton, Ralene 

Danner, Robert E 

Davidson, Shirley Jean Mary j p ara more and Heber Thompson learned the how 
of things. . . 

Davis, Raymond Leon 

Despain, Ann 

Despain, La Vonne 

Dickerson, Larry 

Dieter, Alice 

Derrick, Yvonne 

Despain, Faith 

Devey, Beverly 

Dickson, Kathryn Dietrick, Charlotte 

Drake, Charles F. 

Draper, Joyce 

Drennan, Bryan 

Dryden, Dave 

Doxford, Lucille 

Draper, Marva 

Dredge, David Ray 

Driscoll. Richard M. Duerden, Frosty E. 

Durrant, Joel 

Dutson, Charles La Thair 

Eakle, Mary Alice 

Eddington, Jane Adele 

Durrant, Doris 

Durrant, S. Olani 

Duvall, John 

Earl, Micki Easton. Par 

Ekins, Carma Rae 
Ekenstam, Marvin J. Ekins, Paul E. 

Ence, Elaine 
Emmett, Sally Ence. Mac D. 

Evans, Jean 
Evans, Jayne Evans. Sondra 

Ekins. Alton E. Elder, C. William 

Ekker, Louise Eldredge. Kaye 

Engberson, Charles Engemann, Robert P. 

Engemann, Paul K. Enke. Ruth G. 

Evans, Wendell Facer, Roger 

Ewart, Faith Ewing, Darlene 

Eldredge. J. Lloyd 

Eldredge. Gordon 
Enke. Glenn Graham 

England. Gary 
Facer. Louise 

Ewell. Arlin 

Famwcrth, Gay 

Farmer, Jane 
Flrmage, Ed 

Fish, Floyd L 

Farrswcrth, Lynn 5 
Fisher, Alice May 

Farnsworth, Pat 

Fisher, Grant 

Fausett, Barbara 
Fisher, Lois 

Ferrin, Yvonne 
Fawson, LuRae Ferre, Jack 

Fitisemanu. Tavita Flake, Janath 

Fisher, Nadine Fitt, Jon 

Fortini, Pat 
Freestone. Ernest 

Freeman, Janice 
Gardner, Clair M. 

Gardner, Kay Evar 

Fortney, Angela Foster, Delia 

Fester, Charles F. 
Frost, Jack Fuhriman, Git 

Fuhriman, David G. 
Gardner, Quentine Garrett, Leon 

Garn, Steve 

Fowkes, Ivar Gene 
Fullmer, Mark A. 
Garrett, Max 

Fowles, Robert L. 

Fullmer, Phyllis 
Gavian, Toni 

Frampton, Mary Helen 
Fox, Charles 

Furse, Mary 
Funk, Sheryl P. 

Gehring, Dixie 
Geaslln, Rae 

liespie, Janet 

2Jt^£ £ 

'"' 9er _.,, , „ „ Gines ' Margaret Gleie, Marenann Slew. Arlene 

r , , D , ,„ G " lma ". LaDe » Glasgow, Buckner B.. Jr. Glenn, Merrill 

ooold, Robert M. Gordon Virninia k'au r c j r~ . ,-, 

ooraon, Virginia Kay Gowans. Fred Sraham, Elena 

Gappmayer, Richard Gould, Phyllis Graff Brittemarte 

Sreenwood, Carol Greenwood, Carma Greenwood. Jeanine Greer. Mary Jane Griffiths Beverly 

Greene ' Manl ^ Greenwood, Donald Benson Greer. Jo Mae Griffin, Roland 

Gillette, Jayne 
Goold, Rodney 

Goodson, W. Gary 

Redknten Fd'Qit m 

Fife, Janice 
Field, Robert 

Ford, Mont 
Flake, Sherry Fae 

Findlay, Jack R. 

Fife, Walter Daniel Finlayson, Carol 

Forman, Margie 

Forsyth, Gwen 

We talked in the halls. . . and 

Flygare, Patricia 

1 2L ? 2^75 

Frandsen, Ed 
Fox, Gene L. Franklin, Mary 

Gabbitas, Robert 
Fyfe, Joyce Gabbott, Connie 

Giauque, Barbara 

Franson, Ned Frazier, VerNon Free, Jarold R. 

Franitz, Gloria Fredrickson, Gordon Freeman, Carol 

Galewick, Gordon Gamett, Carolyn Gardner, Carmen 

Gambles, Paul D. Gammon, Robert Gardner, Ballard 

George, William 

Gifford, Alvin 

Gilbert, Donald Wayne 

Giles, Dick 

Giles, Ivin T. 

Giles. Melva E. 

Giles, Jeannie 

Gilger, Dwight 
■ I 

Goates, Kenneth J. Godfrey, La Var Goldrup, Lawrence Paul Goodrich, Jo Ann 

Glines, Rex Godfrey, Arvin Goldrick, Joy Gayle Goodliffe, Margaret Goodsell, Eleanor 

Grant, Gloria Grant, Joey H. Greathause, Shirley L. Green, William O. 

Graham, Rulon Alvin Gray. Bruce Gray, Ronald Bert Green, Charlene Green, Dixie 

Griffiths, Jerry Wayne Griff, Sam Groberg, Phyllis Grover, Alda M. 

Greenhalgh, James A. Griffiths, La Von Grimes, Gerald U. Groesbeck, Janet Groves, Lois 


Gudmundson, Joseph Thcmas Gubler, Iris 

Gubler, Deon 
Hales, Robert L. Hale, Phillip 

Hainsworth, Don 

Gunderson, Neil O. 
Gundersen, Mont Gutke, Joyce 

Hall, Allan Perry 
Hall, Charles Brent Hall, Glade A. 

Gustaveson, Lee S. Guymon, Eldon V. 

Guymon, Arlene 
Hall, Dee Ashby Hall, LuRae 

Hall, Kenneth J. 


Halls, Helen B. Haller, Thelma Jeanne 

Halladay, Kay Holt, DeAnn 

Hansen, Joseph Hansen, Lee 

Hansen, Lamonte L. Hansen, Phyllis 

Harman, Dean Harpham, Jack D. 

Harman, Sharon Harris, Alan 

Hamer, Suzanne Hamlin, Patricia 

Hamilton, Donna Gay 
Hansen, Phyllis Kay Hansen, Ruth 

Hansen, Richard R. 
Harris, Antoine Harris, Fran 

Hacking, Ruth 

Haness, Kay 
Handley, LoRie 

Hanson, Bennair 
Hansen, W. Bryce 

Harris, Lila Ann 
Harris, Jerry 

Harth, Joan 

Hartley, Gail 
Hawkins, Jill 

Hawkins, Norene 
Heiner, La Ree 

Helm, Maurvene 

Hartsfield, Don 

Hawkins, Sherman 
Hemenway, John L. 

Hartley, Karen 

Hawkins, Steve 

Hemsley, Allan 

Hartlauer, Donald R 
Hawley, Lois 
Hendley, Marlene 

Harwood, Fred 
Harvey, Johan Harward, Gaylord 

Haymond, David R. Healey, Geraldine 

Haymond, Brent Haynie, Sue Ann 

Henrie, Lyman Henson, Charles A. 

Hendrickson, Ruel Henrie, Robert 

Redfunat Gti-J-le 381 

Gygi, Lola 
Guyon, Karen 

Hall. Nadlne 
Hall, Marilyn 

Greer, Harris 
Hall. Owen D. 

Hadfield, Dorace 

Halladay. Jerry Ann 

Haickel, Judy 
Hall, Peqqy 

We cheered at pep rallys 

. . ar 

Hanks, Nancy 
Hanks, Nancy 

Hanson, Ronald 
Hanson, Keyte 

Harris Phil 
Harris, Paul 

Hansen, Carolyn Hansen, Doug 

Hansen, Cameron Hansen, Doris Emma 

Harding, JoAnn Hardy, Rachel 

Hanson, Shirley June Harding, Nancy 

Harris, VaNieta Harrison, Kent 

Harris. Ronald Lee Harrison, Jane 

Hansen, Jean 
Hansen, Floyd Hansen. Gy 

Hargett, Dorothy 
Harenberg. Jackie Harlow, Jim 

Hart, John A. 
Harrison, Patricia Hart, Judy 

PPlJ^f £ 


Haslam, W. Bruce Hatch, Donna Louise 

Haskell, Evelyn Hasson, Allen Hatch, Maurleen 

Heath, Leo M. Heaton. Karma 

Healy. Max L. Heaton. Carol Jean Heaton, Sherwin 

Herget, Amos L. Hermansen, Redge Jay 

Hepworth, Janet Herman, Earlene Jo Herrick, Arthur C. 

Hatcher. Nancy Merle 

Hawkins. Fred 
Heber. Ruth 

Hecht, Harry G. 
Herron, Frank 

Herron, Peggy Jean 

Hawkins, Harold J. 

Hawkins, Helen Ann 
Heilmer, Sam 

Heimark, Pat 
Hewitson, William 

Heywood. Loris 


Hiatt, Anne P. Hicks, Leanne Hicks, Jo Ann 

Hickman, Kenneth R. Higginson, Dennis Hill, Aaron 

Hirschi, La Vail Hobbs. Erma Jean Hodges. Ira 

Hirschi, Wanda Hobbs, Geralynn Hodgkinson. Jean 

Hill, Annette 
Hodson, Richard 

Hill, Sherrill 
Hill, Harry N. 

Hogan, Shirley 
Hogan, Romae 

Holley, Karl 

Holman, Betty 

Holladay, James E. 

Holladay, Joan 
Horrocks, Kaye Horsley, Pauline 

Horrocks. Sheldon Glen Hortin, Ann 

Hursh Seaman Hull, Janis 

Hulett, Luanne C. Hullinger, Carol Dawn 

Holman, Joy 
Hottel, John R. 
Hulme, Thelma Jean 

Holmes, Mary N. 
Houston, Ron 
Hulse, La Rae 

Holt, Paul R. 
Howard, Virginia 
Humrick, Nancy 

Holyoak, Ben 
Holton, Renee 

Hopie, Florence Lauretta 
Howell, Karen 

Hunsaker, Kent 
Hunzeker, De Von W. 

/ " ^S 

Hunter, William Don 

Hunter, Mary Ann 
Ivie, Carolann Roberta 

Izatt, Florence 
Jarmen, Monte Cornell 

Jardine, Bob 

Huntsman, Raleigh L. 
Jacobs, Margaret 

Hurd, Morgan E. 

Hurren, S. Cleone 

Jackson, Belva Jane 

Jack, Alvin W. 

Jarman, Marlene 

Jarvis, Gideon Stanford 

Jarvis, Karyl 

Hurst, Kent 
Jackson, Colleen 
Jasperson, Jack D. 

Huskey, Darryl L. 
Jackson, La Rae 
Jenkins, Alyce 

Hutchison, La Crecia 
Hutchison, Cherie 

Jackson, Velma C. 
Jackson, Richard M. 

Jenkins, Laura R. 
Jennens, Dona 

RedktKBt l-li-Je, 


Hilton, Lula Marie Hinckley, Mike 

Hillberry, Dwaine Hilton, Margene Hipwell, Grant 

Hogge, Richard H. Holfeltz, Karl Dee 

Hoggan, Robert J. Holden, Felicia Holladay, Doris 

Met Cosmo the Cougar. . . and 

Homer, Norman C. Hoover, Betty Ann 

Homer, David C. Hoopes, Tess Marie Hopkins, Arthur L 

Huffman, Carolyn Hughart, Betty 

Hopie, Shirley L Hualson, David Howell, Kenneth 

Hunt, Joanne Hunt, Mary 

Hunsaker, Leland Hunt, Eugene C. Hunt, Mary 

Hopkins, Ann Hopkins, Dorothy Beth 

Hopkins, Donald R. Horlacher, Kent 

Hughes, Ann Hughes. Rose Marie 

Hughes, Delana B. Hurst, Merrill 

Hunt, Natalie Hunter, John J, 

Hunt, Noreen Hunter, Karma 

Hyde, Edna- Lou Stratford Ingersoll, Meryl 

Huffaker, Glenn W, Hyde, Joseph W. Inglet, Glade 

Jacobs, Caryl Jacobs, Eda Louise 

Jackson, Wendy Lu Jacobs, Daniel H. Jackson, Carol 

Jensen, Carl Jensen, Cherlene 

Jensen, Bob Jensen, Carol Ann Jensen, Dagney 

Ingrahem, Glenda Iverson. Andrew C. 

Ingram, Robert E. L. Ipsen. Robert L. 

James, Colleen James, Trevor M. 

James, Donald E. Jameson, Phillip 

Jensen, Owen Jensen, Loretta Joan 

Jensen, Kent M. Jensen, Kirk S. 

Jensen, Marjorie Jensen, Lyle E. 

Jensen, Lucile Joy 
Jewell, Ernest Jex, LoAnne 

Jewett, Faye A. 

Jensen, Reva Joan Jensen, Ron Jensen, Russell 

Jensen, Meralyn Jensen, Richard A. Jensen, Richard G. 

Johansen, Carl Johanson, Denece Johnson, Allene 

Johan, Robert A. Johansen, Joyce John, Betty Fern 


Charles Johnson, Donna 

Johnson, Charlene Johnson, E. June 

Lynne Johnson, Mary Ann 

Johnson, Marijane Johnson, Nancy 

Carol Josie, Rosalie 

Jorgenson, Louise Jones, Ann 

Johnson, Eilene 

Johnson, Gary K. Johnson, J. Howard 

Johnson, Eugene M. Johnson, Ivie 

Johnson, Nancy Ann Johnson, Richard A. Johnson, Sharon 

Johnson, Arva Johnson, Rita 

Jones, Beverley Jones, Carolyn Jones, James M. 

Jones, Blaine Jones, Delwin G. 

Kaleta, Gary Karren, Jay B. 

Kamauoha, Edwin L. 
Kidd, Neal O. Kidd, Belva 

Kitchens, Carolyn 
Kirkham, Thomas L. Kindred, Boyd 

Kirby, Genevieve 

ti A 

Keeler, Kathleen Kekauoha, Samuel Kelly, Carol Lynn 

Keddington, Louise Keith, Carlene Kolb, Frances 

Killpaclt, Kenneth L. Kimball, Janie (Sylvia) Kinard, Nadene 

Kidd, Dixie Killpack, Weston F. Kimball, LeGrand 

Kirkham, John Calvin Kleinworth, Frank Knight, Edwin G. 

Kirk, Barbara Kirkman, Kathryn Merrill Kloepfer, Jim R. 

ReAkin&t Je-Kfc 



Joost, John R. Jepson, Jack 

Jenson, Marilyn Jeppson, Roger Jesperson, Llyn W. 

Johnson, Beth Johnson, Carlene 

Johnson, Anne Johnson, Bonna Jean Johnson, Caroline 

shouted for our frosh tea 

Johnson, Jack 

Johnson, James 

Johnson, Jeanne 

Johnson, Joan 

Johnson, Leah Annette 

Johnson, Louise 
Johnson, Kay Johnson, Lloyd N. 

Johnson, Stant S. Johnston, Karen Johnstun, Jean 

Johnson, Shirley Johnson, Veniece Johnstone, Marilyn G. 

Jones, Natalie 

Jones, Martha 

Jones, Ruth Ellen 

Jones. Ruth Junen 

Jones, Shirlene 
Jones, Sharlene 

Joost, John R. 

Jordan, Ray A. 

Jones, Thomas L., Jr 

Jones, William T. 

Johnson, Lynette (Ruth) 
Jorgensen, Ethel 

Kearsley, Dixie 

Kelsey, Dwight 
Kelly, Karen Grace 

King, George 
King, Buddy Jack 

Konold. Rudy 
Knudson, Sandra 

Kent, Jayne 

Kershaw, Gloria Kesler, Val 

Kent, Elva Kerby, Connie Kesler, Dorrine Kerr, Douglas Rowland 

King, Colleen King. Roger Kingdon, Eugene Earl 

King. Charles R. King, Paul King, William D. Kirk, LaRae 

Konschella, Dolores Kondo. George K. Kristjenson. Joe 

Koplin. Judith letter. Joan Krantj. Michael Kristjanson, Mark 


11 "* "*" 

4 ^ 

Kruzner. Diclc Kulp, Kenley 

Kugath, Donald Lackey, Bob D. 

Larkin, Phyllis Larsen, Frank Rulon 

Larsen, Elaine Larsen, Janice 

Lackey, Lois Jean Lakin, Howard G. Lamkin, Claudia 

Laird, Harold E. Lambourne, David E. 

Larsen, Karen Marie Larsen, Tanis Ann Larson, Kenneth R. 

Larsen, Norma Larson, Carolyn 

Layton, Kathleen 

Lawrence, Louise Leavett, Dorothy 

LeSueur, Mike Leishman, Courtney M. 

Leigh, Llewellyn Young Lenroot, AHeen 

Lindsay, Stanley Lindsay, Grant T. 

Leavett, D. Henry 

Leavitt, Donna 

Lether, Anne 

Lewis, Afton 
Llnford, Ronald Gordon 

S ,/ , 

Leavitt, Fred 

Lindsay, Don 

Lindsey, Joel Douglas 

Lines, Ronald 

Lewis, Bonnie L. 
Ling, Kathleen 

Lech ten berg, Carol 
Leavitt, Joseph Vernon 

Lewis, Elinor 
Lewis, Dale 

Linkous, Marilyn 
Ling, Wilma Anne 

Louder, Lama Lounsbury, Myra Lower, Joyce 

Louder, James Elgin Lowder, Kenneth 

MacLachlan, Luana MacPherson, Darrell R. Madsen, Joan 

MacLeod, Carlene Madsen, Janice Leona 

Mangum, Claudia Jean Mann, Beth Jo Manwaring, Colleen 

Manley, Patricia 

Mann, Paul G. 

Lowry, Ronald 
Madsen, Julius R. 
Marchbanks, Yvonne 

Luke, Elmo Dillon 
Madsen, Marguerite 

Lundskog, Margli 
Lund, Marie 

Madsen, Ronald 
Madsen, Marva Rae 
Ma re hant, Alice Marie Marsh, Janet 

Marchant, Gaye 

ReiUeit Kk-SAo, m 

Lane, Eldwin K. 
Landry, Marilyn Joan 

Larson, OdeM 
Larson, Leon H. 

Lant, Glenna 

Larsen, Carol 
Lasson, Carolyn 
Larson, Richard Arnold Lawton, Frank 

Lane, Shirley 

We studied on the stairs when the library was full. 

Lee, Boyden 
Lee, Barbara 

Lewis, Sylvan 
Lewis, Lois lleene 

Littlefield. Neil 
Little, Louise L. 

Lee, C. Calvin 
Lichfield, Sterling 
Littleford, Marie 

Lee, Donald Clynn 

Lee, Larry L. 
Liljenquist, Jay 

Lilley ,Mary Ellen 
Livingston, Lee Preston 

Lloyd, Gordon R. 

LeFevre, Joan 
Lillywhite, Karen 
Lockhart, Ludean 

Lefler. Val 

Linde, Douglas H. 

Long, Shelley 

Lee. Patricia Fae 

Leigh, Dorene 
Lindholm, S. Reed 

Lind. Ken R. 
Louder, Boyd M. 

Lord. Marilyn 

Luthi, Kareen 
Lund, Y. Dalnes 

Madsen, Toni 
Madsen, Mary Lou 

Marshall, Bob 
Markham, Barbara 

Lybbert, Marllee 
Maestas. Sylvia 
Marshall. Kenneth 

Lyman, Clayson 
Magleby, S. Marlene 
Marshall. Sharon 

Lysenko, Peter 

Lytle. Naomi Sue 

Lyman, Joe 


Mainar, Margie 

Marshall. William 

MacDermott, James H. Lytle. Eldon 

Maguire, Laura Lee Malstrom, Edward A. 

Malan. Valine Malzahn, Judy 

Martin. Beverly Martin, Jacqueline 

Martin, James D. Martin, Elaine 


jT? tjt 

Martindale, Moe (David) Marx, Carol Dee Mason. Rhoda Anne Matt, Jewell Matthews, Leonard 

Martin, Margaret Mason, Sterling Mason, Yerda Matthews, Bill 

May, Jeannette McArthur, George C. McCall. Mary Lou McCauley, D. Thuryle McClurg, Jerry 

May, Frank McBride, Virgil Ray McCann, Lauren B. McClay, Sally 

McDanlel, Marilyn McCunc, Jeanne 

McCurdy, Zoe McEuen, Jeanene 

McPhie, Carma Rae Mecham, Gwen 

McQuaig, Grace Kathryn Medeiros, Vivian 

Mercer, JoAnn Merkley, Clifton D. 

Mercer, Julian Jay Merkley, Harvey 

McFadden, Delbert H. McGee, Tony B. 

McGinnis, Barbara Ann 
Medley, W. Dee Meeks, Randall 

Meeks, Hazel 
Menlove, Marlene Merrill, Carol 

Merrell, Calvin J. 

Mclntire, Kent 
McGraw, Barbara Rae 

Meier, Gordon 
Meeks, Rose Marie 

Merrill, LaVaun 
Merrill, Cheri 

S„ Jr. 

Miller, Marilyn 

Migliaccio, Ralph R. Mikesell, Lois 

Millar, Z. Reed, Jr. 
Molle, Frank Monson, Mary Alice 

Monson, Janet Moody, Alice Kay 

Morris, Claudia Morrow, Joan 

Morrow, Gail 

Miller, Marilyn, 
Moody, David S. 
Moss, Joan 

Mortensen, Harvey (Victor 

Miller, RaNae 
Moody, Dorene 
Moss, Joyce 

Miller, Roma Millet, Lorna 

Miller, Russel J. 

Moody, Joan Moon, Marilyn 

Moon, David 

Mott, Dean Garold Mount, Gerald 

Moulton, Margie 

Re&Uat Md'Mu/ 38 ' 


Mauss, Merlene Maxwell, Mary 

^M*ugh, Loy Maw, Eugene A. May, Douglas 

McCoy, Audrey Ann Macias, Hortensia 

McCormick, Ralph McCuan, Robert Eugene 

McCulley, Mary Jane 

mm \ 

ryant and Bob Oaks combined studies with fresh air. 

McKay, Barne G. McKillip. Baroara McKinney, Janet McLauughlin, Pat 

Mclntire, Rodney McKee, Sue Beth McKinnon, Jane McKinnon, Sandra McKnight. Gloria Colleen 

Melville, Ross David Melville, Samuel Mendenhall, John Mercer, Jeanette 

Meiners, Myron Delano Mellor, Letha Mendenhall, Dawna Mendenhall, Raymond D. Mercer, Betty 

Merritt, Sharla Messiclc. Jean Metier, Eugene H. Michie, Carol 

Merrill, Paul A. Meservy, Beverly McAlister, Nancy Meuter, Gerald Midgley. Wendy 

*JF% T2 

Millward, Richard Mitchell. Carl' MiHon, Reid Mohler, C. Dale 

Mills, Joyce Miner, Janet Mitchell, Gay Moen, Gil Moes. Patricia 

Morgan, Carma Morley. Burl D. (Bonnie) Morley. William Russell Morrell. Ruth 

Moore, Donna Morgan, Myralee Morley. Gayle L. Morr, Marilyn Morris, Christine (CrickertJ 

Moyer. Terry Moyle, Kathleen Munson, Lydia Murray. Bob 

Morrill. Don L. Mumford. Margaret Murray. Fancher M. Murdoclt. Gordon R. Munroe. Meredith 


Nelson, Janice M. 

Nelson, Joe 

Nelson, Marie Nelson, Mary Kay 

Nelson, John Earl Nelson, Patricia 

Nelson, Neil F. 

Neal. Euarda 
Naylor, Joan 

Nelson. Reuben P. 
Nelson, Peggy 

Nicoll, Carol LaDell Nichols, Rcchelle 

Newren, Leslie Nichols, Shanna 

Noble, Jeanne Noble, LaDawn 

Noble, Patricia Noble. Vernice 

O'Leary, Sharon Ollar, Joyce Yvonne 

Oliphant, Robert Olsen. Carl J. 

Nickle, Nadyne Nielsen. Ann Marie Nielsen, Glen 

Nield, Darrell W. Nielsen, Colleen 

Noel, Ethel F. Norris. Danice Nosier. John F., Jr. 

Norr, L. Reese Norton, Phil Reed 

Olsen. Kenneth M. Olsen, Lois Olsen, Ralph Paul 

Olsen, LaNore Olsen, Nancy 


Ord, Claudia L. 

Orchard Cheryl Joy 
Pack, Jane L. Packe 

Pace, William C. 
Parker. Fred M. Parker. Mont 

Parker. Maurine 

Orton, Phyllis 

Packard, Riley A. 
Packard, Mary Esther 

Parkinson, Ann 
Parkin, G. Richard 

Oswald, Shirlene 
Padilla. Hector 
Paris. Scott 

Padrick. Gloria 
Partridge. Miriam 

Oviatt, Lorna 
Oveson, Stephen 

Palmer, Blaine C. 
Page, Marian D. 

Paxman, Florence 
Passey, Jeanne 

Reikme* Ma-Pe 3 " 

Needham. Richard Nelson, Herman 

Nebeker, Jane Naillon, Larry Nelson, Janice 

Nelson, Vynette Newman, Annette 

Newell, Allen Newell, Dix A. Newman, David W. 

We started snow . 

.' * 

5l£ IP 

Nielsen, Jimmy Nielson, Frederick Nielson, Ralph Lyman Nixdorf, James 

Nielson, Donald V. Nielson, Betty Jo Nielson, Loraine Nielson, Virginia Nixon, Malms 

Nuttall, Gordon L. Nybo, Ronald Oakley, Joan Ockey, Earl Calvin 

Nusbaum, Carolyn Nuttall, LaVoy Nye, Brent Oaks, Bob Oborn, Mike 

Olsen. Wanda Olson, Dolores N. Olson, Patricia O Neil, Larry 

Olsen, Twila May Olsen, Theran Olson, Grant Earnest Olson, Phyllis Opheikens. Lynne 


Owen .Janet 

Palmer, Glenalee 
Douglas Dee 

Payno, H. Vern 

Owen, Roberta 
Palmer, Jerry 
Payne, Ha 

Oxendine. Peggy Dean 
Palmer, Nyla 

Peacock, Wanda Lee 

Pearce, Barbara 

Paar, Shorie (Sharon) 
Oxborrow, Wallace S. Pace, Alleen 

Palmer, Shirley 
Palmer. Shirley Palmer, Val 

Pearce, Raynor Dale 

Pearson, Frein 

Pace, Colleen 

Pace, Diana 
Perarnore. Mary Jo 

Parke. Diane 
Pearson, John R. 

Peart. Virginia 


Peery, Joy 

reine. Uean 


Pelech, Ernie Penrod, Darlene 

Pelech, Edward A. Penrod, Jim 

Petersen, Carl D. Petersen, Karen Peterson, Carole 

Petersen, Elva Petersen, Sonia Peterson, Charles 

Perryman, Betty Gaye 
Penrose, Bonnie K. 
Peterson. David N. Peterson, James L. 

Peterson, James C. 

Peterson, Marguerite Peterson, Loretta Peterson, Robert Peterson, Winona Pettingill, Ted 

Peterson, Lewis Van W. Peterson, Morgan A. Peterson, Russell E. Pettingill, Mont 

Piatt, Willa Pitcher, Gayle Plessinger, Jayne Pollock, James M. Pope. Dal 

Pipkin, James W. Platts, Hal Poggi, Phyllis Poole, Maxine 

Poulsen, Leah Rae Poulton, Maxine Poulton, Thelma Poyfair. Darwin Prestwich, Erma 

Poulson, Douglas Powell, William C. Powlan. Robert F. Preston, Ray 

Prine, Crystal Darlene Proctor, Gary Prows, Ronald 

Prince. Janet Provost, Sara Mae 

Quaney, Delia Quist, Edward Ramsay, Edna L 

Quirvlan, E. Wade Raddon, Gary H. 

Raub, Nancy Lynn Rawlinson, Dean Ray. Karl 

Raunholt, Hanne Ray, Ha 

Pugmire, Patricia Purinton, Norma 

Prows, Sandra Pullan, Dean 

Ramsden. Ronald (Mike) Randall, Janice 

Ramsay, Marilyn Randall, Bert 

Rayner, Harry Read. Juan C. 

Rayburn, Jack Rea, Neville 

F-Jfcedkwtew, Pe- Re 


Perry, Devern Perry, Jay E. 

Perchefti, John Gayle Perry, Leonard H. Perry, Dolores R. 

Peterson, Judith Peterson, Leland A. 

Peterson, Janet Peterson, June L. Peterson, Leah 

It lasted quite awhile. 

Phibbs. Carol Phillipson, Ralph 

Pettit, LaNae Phillips, Jim C. Phippen, Carol 

Poppleton, Anna Porter, Patricia 

Pope, Mardell Ray Porter, Alan Potes, Joanne 

Prestwich, Shirlene Price. Jay 

Prestwich, Robert Lloyd Price, Beryl Price, Nancy 

Pingree. Herbert E. 
Potter, LaWynn 
Price, R. Clark 

Pickering, Roger W. 
Pinegar. Rex D. Pickering. Kathy 

Poulos, Dwight C. 
Potter, Shirley Poulsen, Margie 

Prince, Carma Rene 
Prince. Carol Prince. Florence 

Purser. Jack Pusey. Kay Pymm. Wesley Quarnstrom. Blaine 

Purley, Anthony F. Pursley. Bob Putters, John Pyper. LuDean Quigley. Joe 

Rasband. Karma Rasmussen, Darris T. Rasmussen, Jack Rasmusson, Bill 

Randall, Nichols Rasmussen, Carol Rasmussen, Frederick A. Rasmussen. Ken Rather. Barbara Carol 

Reagan. Michael Redd, Gary Joe Redd, Jay Whitney Redenbaugh, Doyle 

Read, Nelson Ream, Donna Rene Redd, Hardy Radford. Margaret Redford. Ruth 


Reid. Veda 

Reed, Howard G. Reed, James 

Reed, Donald W. Reed, Shirley Ann Reese, Ray D. 

Rhees, Geniel Rice. Vincent Manuel Richards, John Richie, Gwena 

Rice, Adrienne Rich, DeAnn Richards, Paul 

Remington, Donald Bryce 
Reinhold, Allen 

Richardson, Kaye 
Richards, Ruth 


1 M 

Rieske, Kathryn 

RIgby, Lou Ann 
Robison, Flora Mae 

Robison, Dale 
Rowe. LeRoy L. 

Rowe, Fred 

Riggs, James D. 
Robison, David 
Rowe, Thomas E. 

Rimmasch, Frederica 

Riley, David J. 
Robison, Helen 
Rowley, Claude A. 


Riter. Alice Janet 
Rodgers, Shlrlene 

Ririe, Karen 
Robison, W. Kay 

Roden, R. Kenneth 
Rowley, Darlene Rowley, Kent 

Rowley, Kay Frances 

Robb, Renee 
Rivers, Don 

Rogers, Bruce G. 
Roelinlc, Ruth 

Rowley, Merlin 
Rowley, Leon J. 

Russon, Wendell G. Sadlier, Emma Salerno, Margaret 

Rodney, Sara SainsbOry, Theron D. Saling, Dora 

Schetselaar, Gordon Schindler, Alice Schoenfeld, Joan 

Schetselaar, Mel Schmidt, Nathalie Schofield, I la 

Seamons, Sharon Seeley. William Bert Sellers, Eugene E. 

Seamons, Bruce Eldon Seibert, Charlene Semadeni, Irene 

Saling, Sally 
Scholes, Jo Ann 
Sessions, Janet 

Salm, Diann© 
Solkey, V. Diane 

Scholz, Margaret 
Scholes, Chuck 

Sevy, Nonagene 
Sessions, Mary 

Fkj&MmM Re-SJt 


Remmele, Alice D. Revo, Wini 

Remund, Ray Rencher, Ellen 

Richins, Arlis Richins, Sharon 

Richardson, Lynn C. Richins, Beverly 

Rex, Ronald Dee 
Ridd, Roxalene 

'Crystal Prince. Carol Parkinson and Wendy Midgley 
waited for Santa's vtsit. 

«-« yfx 


Mnson, Jeanene 

Roberts, Judy Robinson, Carole 

Roberts, Carol Roberts, Nixon Irene Rob 

Rogers, Elaine Janette Romero, E. Gordon 

Rogers, Clark Rogers, W. Thomas Roper, Keston 

Roylance, Norma Rueb, Nancy 

Rowley, Norman J. Rowse, Sherry 

Robinson, Lyric Robinson, Sandra 

Robinson, Patricia Robinson, Varlene 

Rosier, Cora Jean Rostrom, Lois 

Ross. Donna Rowberry, Annette 

Russell, Ken Russon, Dick 
Russell, Barbara Claire Russon, Jon K. Rust, Maida 

Sanders, Mary 
Samuelson, Joyce 

Schult, Hazel 
Schramm, Orval R. 

Shaner, Marion 
Shakespeare, Marian 

Sanders, James Saunders. Joy Seville, Ann 

Sandberg, Jo Ann Sant. Venice Porter. Saundra Schenk, Marilyn 

Schulti, Gerrie Scoresby, James E. Seamons, Brant Merrill 

Schulh. Van Schwendiman, Do Ann Scott. Cynthia Scott. Leon R. 

Sharpies, Marilyn Shaw, James T. Sheen, Norman Dewayne 

Sharp, Gay Shaw, Brent S. Shears, Carl Lee Shelton, Ann 

I V A 

Sheldon, Robert B. Shelton, Dorothy 

Shelley, Blaine G. 
Shirota, Sumiko Shurtz, Garrold 

Short, Marjory 

Sheranian, Annette 

Sties, Marvin R 

AW *T 

Sherry, Joel 
Simltins, Dorothy 

Sherwood, Glen 
Silversmith, Merna 

Sherwood, Jerry 
Simmons, Ann 

Shim, Bok Suk 
Shields, Russell B. 

Simmons, Ernest W. 

Simmons, Bil 



Skinner, Mer 

Smith, Ernan 
Norman F. 

Smith. Patt 

Smith, Evelyn 

Smith, Rodney D. 

Smith, Gibson R. 

Smith, Ronald V 

Smith, J. Paul 
Smith, Rosalind 

Smith, Jack Lynn 

Smith, Sue Dee 

Smith, Janet 

Smith, Sue E. 

Smit, Karen 
Smellie, Marilyn 

Smith, Karen 
Smith, Kay 

Smithson, Kathryn 
Smith, Verl L. 

Sorenson, Jerry L. Solesbee, Wendell 

Soelberg, Goldie Somsen, Barbara 

Stagg, Sharon Stallings, Karen 

Staley, Grant B. Standley, Joyce 

Stephen, Roy Stephenson, Joyce 

Stephenson, Delores Stephenson, Loreta 

Sorenson, Carol 

Sorenson, Doris 

Sorenson, Frank 
Sorenson, Daivid M. Sorenson, Ell B. 

Sta-nger, Richard Staples, Mary Ann Stapleton, Bill 

Stanley, Don Stanley, Marilyn 

Stephenson, Merene Stettler, Carolyn Stevens, Merriam 

Stepp, Caroline Frances Stevens, Lloyd L. 


RedUat Sh/--9t 



Shipley, Geraldine Mae 
Shlnsel, Laurel Kay Shipp, Sherilynn 

Simpson, George 
Simmons, Robert C. Sirstins, Mary 

Shirley, Kenneth Lee 
Ske-em, Maurvene 

Shumway, Marlene 
Skidmore, Muriel 

We took part in assemblies. 

Smith, Anne 
Smith, Al. C. Smith, Barbara 

Smith, Lynn C. 
Smith, Kelvin M. Smith, Marcia Gay Smith, Marie 

Smyth, Margaret S. Sneddon, Lorene 

Smith, Barbara Lee Smith, Carolyn L. 

Smith, Carolyn Smith, Diane 

Smith, Lyle G. Smith. Mark 

Smith, Miriam 
Snow, Claude 

Smoot, Robert A, 

Snarr. Margaret 

Snideman, Richard H. 

Snow, Dixie Ann 

Smith, Earl 

Smith, Deon 
Smith, Nancy Marie 

Smith, Nils 
Snow. Louis* 

Snow, Richard B. 

Spence, Ronold G. Spencer. Virginia Sorensen, Judy Sorenson, Utohna 

Spackman, Diane Spell, Yvonne Sprogue, Lois Soranson, Lois Marie Southern, Jo Ann 

Starley. Shirley Startup, E. Gordon Steckler. Dianne Steele, Sharon Kay 

Stapp, Arvll Starrett, Diane Stay. Donavee Steele. Robert Foster Steel, Jimmy 

Stevenson, Joanne Stevenson, Ray Stewart, F. Jan Stewart. J. Ernest 

Stevens, Sharon Stevenson, Warren W. Stewart, Barbara Stewart, Kathrine Lynnell Stewart, Sharon Lynn 


Stewart, Ralph 

Stickler. P. E. 
Stone, David 

Stillman, Ruth 

Stirland, Elaine 

Storrer, Dorothy Carole 

Stone, David Ridger 

Stott, Gary R 

Stoclc, Janice 
Stowell, D. Faye 

Stoclc, Joyce 

Stout. Eddie 

Stoddard, Beverly Stoker, Mary 

Stoffel, Mary Alice 

Strang, Robert Stratford, Nancy 

Stratford, Dick 

Stuehser, Darlene 

Stroud, LaRae 
Swallow, Janet 

Swanwick, Jeanne 
-Taylor, Daniel T. Taylor, Eldon A 

Taylor, Deloris 

Sturges, Richard 
Swapp, Zina 

Summers, David Leon 
Sudweeks, Margie Suiker, Violet 

Sweeney, Alfred Kent 
Sweem, L. Yvonne Swenson, Bob 

Taylor, Jo Ann 
Taylor, Joan Taylor, Karen 

Sumner, Keith James Sumsion, Mary Diane 

Sumsion, Alan 
Swenson, Nancy Symons, Blaine D. 

Swenson, Shirley 
Taylor, Larry Taylor, Louis Wayne 

Taylor, Lora Dean 

Telford, Larry Teragawa, Kathleen Thompson, Keith Terry, Velma Rose Thatcher, Marlene 

Terry, Bonnie Lou Terwilleger, Janell Tew. Lloyd Thacker, Marilyn 

Thornberg. Joanna Thornock, Warren Eldon Thorstenson. Clark Thurgood, Jay D. 

Thornley, Sharon Thorpe, Ednah D. Thurgood, Carolyn 

Todd, Sally E. Toland, Wamoth Torgeson, Colleen M. Torbert, Lynn 

Tomlinson, Joseph Toone, Marva Toombs, Marie 

Thome, James M 

Thompson, Pea 
Tobler, Kenneth B. 

Todd, Reanon 

ReAUat, -St-li 


Stolworthy, Clara Joy Stone, Darlene Rar 

Stoles, Shawna Stone, Conrad G. Stoman, Ida May 

Strlngham, Barbara Stringham, Mary Jo 

Straubhar, Jack Stringham, Frank F. Stringham, Joan 


Stirland headed our chimes committee. 


Sunderland, Nancy A. Sutton, J. Carrol Sutton, Ann 

Sumsion, Neil D. Sundstrom. Glenice M. Swain, Noel 

Taggart, Viona Takenaka, Howard Terry. Donna 

Syrett, Douglas Tangren, Boyd Tanner, Dave 

Taylor, Melvin Tate, R. Ray Tebbs, Clark J. 

Taylor. Marjorie Ann Taylor, Nita Ann Taylor, Shirley Z. 

Swainston, Colleen 
Sutcliffe, Jane Swan, Virginia 

Taylor, Allene 
Taylor, Adrianne Taylor, Charles Lynn 

Tebbs, Veda 
Tebbs. Mary Alice Teeples. Lou Ann L. 



Thomas, Connie 

Thomas. Marilyn 

Thompson, Bonneta 

Thacker, Myrle 

Thomas, Bart 

Thomas, James Phil 


Thompson, Charlotte Thomas, Lavon 



Thueson, Jay R. 

Tippets. Darlene 

Tittle. Donald LeRoy 

Thurman, Gordon 

Thurston, Audrey 

Tilby. Vincent 

Tippets. Merry Tobler. Douglas 



Trent, William M. 

Tripp. Richard G. 

Tullis, Dick 

Torney, Bob 

Tomlinson, David 

Tracy, Charles H. 

Triano, Tony Trowbridge, Marilyn 


Unger, Gloria Turley, Karne Tuttle, Earl 

Turley. Arthur, Jr. Turley, Loreine 

Vernon, DeLoy Van Dyke, John Van Dyke, Leon 

Van Cott, Sre+chen Van Natter, Anita 

Twitchell, Rulon Lee Tyler, Garth 

Twede, Fred G. Urry, Margaret Joyce 

Vest, Lawrence D. Vorhees, Clifford 

Vaughn, Ron Victor, Roger 

|P5 TH( 

Wade, Venis Van Wagenen, Jim Wahlquist, Joseph F. Wagstaff, Shari Walbeck, LaMar 

Wagaman, Kirby L. Wagner, William H. Wainwright, Arlyn Ray White, Glenda Mae 

Waltman, Ralph L. Ward, Bill K. Ward, Sharon Ward, Yvonne Wardleigh, Helen 

Walton, Patricia J. Ward. Dave Ward. Welton Wardell, John A. 

Wasden. Michael Waterlyn, Mary Beth Watson, Reba Carol Waymire, Katherine Weaver, Bnent 

Washburn, Dawna Watson, Charles Watts, Jeanine Weathermon, Bernita 


Welch. Ervil Welch, Keith W. Welker. Bill Welles, Aleese Wells, Thomas 

Wagstaff, Marilyn Welchoff, Natalie Von Weller, Ruth Wells, Gordon 

Westwood, Margot Wheeler, Jay Whipple, Venla Whitaker, Carol Jean White, Jo Anne 

Weyerman, Joe J. Whipple, Shirley May Whipple, Viola White, Lee Darrell 

Whittle, Merlin D. Wicherski, Carol Wilcox, Sharlene Wilde, Wayne Wilhelm, Guy A. 

Wightman, Janet Wikoff, Nancy Jo Wilde, Janice Wilder, Lynnette 

Re&kjKflt Tu/'Wi 



Van Buren, Roanna 
Utley, Roger Uyeda, Marjorii 

Voyles, Robert 
VonWeller, George Valkman, Paul J 

Wade, Erven 

Valentine, Gary G. 
Wade. Ronald 

Bob Larson and Judy Westwood 
got excited over football games. 

Waldvogel, Gerald 
Waller, Jerald Calvin Walker, Michael 

Warner. ElVon 
Ware, Colene Joan Warner, Jim 

Webb, Leda Ann 
Webb, Dan Webster. Jeanie 

. Mtmm 

Walker. Monta Lou Walker. Vivian 

Walker, Richard 
Warner, Nadlne Warner. Terry 

Warner. Lane 
Webster, Lorraine Weeks, Myrna 

Webster, Sharron 

Wallentine. Loye Walter. Carolyn 

Warren. Donald 
Warren, Allan H. Wasden, Janet 

Weight. Myrna Lee- 
Weeks, Shirley Lyn Welch. Adelaide B. 

Welton. Murray Arthur Westenskow. Dean Westover, Ernest Westover, Robert 

Westerberg. Eleanor L. Worm. Therald Western. Wayne Westover, Ray Westra. Janet 

White. Patsy White. Percia Whiting. Annette Whittaler, Kendall 

White, Dixie White. Sherma B. Whiteley, Gloria Whitesides. Gerald O. Whiting. Jean Frances 

Wilkes, Melvin R. Wilkins. Ernest Wilkins. Rosalea Wilkinson. Janet Vivian 

iWilhelm. Jeanne Wilkey. Lawrence E. Wilkins, Lowell H. Willerd. W. Frances Willardson. Sylvia Diane 


Wil'iams, Carolyn Williams, Jane 

Williams, Jackie 
Williamson, Walter Wilson, Dale 

Wilson, Alice Ann 

Williams, Lillian Williams, Myrle Williams, Noel J. 

Williams, John C. Williams, Marilyn Williams, Myrna 

Wilson, Jettie Wilson, Loyd Leon Wilson, Richard Lee 

Wilson, Harvey A., Jr. Wilson, Laura Wilson, Richard J. 

, 2M YT3. 

Winters, Kathleen 

Wing, Glennis 
Wocd, K. Grant 

Wood, Merna 
Wright, Marilyn 

Wright, Roger 

Winlcler, Pauline Winward, Barbara Wirrick, Thomas K. Wiscomb, Carol Ann 

Winslcw, Wayman L. Winward, Emer K. Wirrick, George W. 

Wood. Orin Lew Wood, Veola Woods, Robert C. Wortham, Luanna 

Woodward, Anita Ann WoorJmansee, Karen Woodward, Don 

Wright, Jody Wright, Ruth Yardley, Jolene Yeates, Barbara 

Wright, Ross A. 

Wynn, Elstcn H. 

Yates, Charles J. 

Terry O'Brien takes a group of new arrivals on a sightseeing tour of the campus. 

Youngstrom, Williar 
Zaugg. Myrna 
Zollinger, Janice 

Rmfunat Wi-Z m 

Williamson, Eddie Williamson, Harold G. 

Williams, Stanley Ivor Williams, Shirley Williamson, Irene 

Wilson, Ron Wimmer, Larry T. 

Wilson, Rita Wiltbanlc, Jerry D. Wing, Annette 

111 k/ \ \ ¥=■=> 

We m 

et Gus Shields . . . handsomest man on campus. 

Wood, Marilyn 

Wise, Gaye Wittwer, Harold Wong, See Bon Wood. Blair 

Wisdom. Carol Janice Wise, Joseph G. Wolsey, Marlene Wood, Blaine 

Worthen, David Wrathall, Wally Wright. Ann Wright, Dan L 

Workman. Claude D. Wrathall, Donald Wright, Bee Wright, Cherie Jan Wright, Gary 

Young, James Winslow Young, Esther Rae Young, Alan Sauille, Jr. Young, Sandra Diane 

Yeomans, Joan Young, Carlie Cromar Young, Jean Young, LeGrand Youngleit, Louie G. 

FZabel, Lynn. 
Zeller, Donald 
Ziglar, Marilyn Gail 

Lamont Ririe explains the use of the "Fish Bowl" to baffled frosh. 



Allan, John S. 

Allen, Nadine 

Allsop, Shirley Anne 

Andersen, Adrian L. 
Allen, Virginia Louise Allred, James J. Almond, Max E. Anderson, Ann 

Arashiro, Kemie Armstrong, James H. Bailey, George R. Ba.ngerter, Norman H. 

Arave, Ralph E. Baggett, Lucretia Bailey, Roma Barber, Bernis 

Bartholomew, M. Grant Batchelor, DeMar L 

Bascom, Carl L. 
Brown, Lora Lee 

Brown, Maurell D 

Bekker, DeMoyne 

Baxter, Dean D. Bell, Alice Ann 

Buhler, Ned Burnham, Louis Dale 

Burke, Sherril Burns, Errol G. 

Bethers, Euray 

Butler, F. A. 

3111s, William H. 

Butler, Merle Jean 

Carraway, Clarence O. Carter, Jim R. Chase, Will Chinen, Sakaye 

Carter, Don C. Charles, Rudy W. Childs, Fred D. Christensen, Grant A 

Coombs, Kenneth E. Cox, Boyd Cox, Rita Critchfield, George L. 

Cook, Lelah Mae Cox, Lee T. Cragun, Richard R. Crump, Floyd W. 

Davis, Lloyd F. Dayley, Norman E. DeMille, Walt Denning, Marvella 

Davis, Thelma DeLaMare, Don Denison, Bonnie Jeanne DeVictoria, Joseph 


Mau* SiuMA Al-El 

Anderson, Cariel, Jr. Anderson, Mary Lou 

Anderson. L'Dean Anderson, Virgil 

Barbezat, Eugene L. Barkell, Richard 

Barg. Ardella 

We learned the joys of college registration. 

Barlow, Janet 

I .* 

^01 V 1 

W-& f% f£ Q /T:i 

3m f 


Blaisdell, Gary 

Binks, William B. 

Bird, Arvil D. 
Byrd, Jennings Call, Marjorie 

Calhoun, Norman D. 

Blau, Nadine 
Campora, Pat 

Bott, James Orval Brown, Donna Jan 

Brunsdale, Kenneth A. Brown, LaRee 

Caldwell, Gale Carl, Ronald 

Campbell, Lyman M. Cornia, Neta M. 

Clark, Helen Jorgensen 
Clark, Myrna 

Cutler, Marlene 

Dahl, Reed M. 

Dixon, Joan D. 

Draper. Ted C. 

Conine. Dorothy 
Coffin, Sara Collins, Gary Cole. Wayne 

Davenport, Sharon L. Davis, Kiliona S. 

Dance, David Philip Davies. C. Leland Davis, Leda Mae 

Drew, LaMar H. Dunn, J. L. Eldredge, Glen H. 

Clifford, Tonia 
Dalley, John 

Dudding, Earl Brown 

Edwards. LouDell 

Elmer, Sheldon A. 


Akimoto, Hamilton S. 

Emmett, Susan 
Francis, Vaughn 

Fraser, John David 

Emery, Jack S. Esplin, Torma 

Engemann, Jean Eyre, Larry 

Frehner, Verl Garcia, Leonor 

Gallego, Danny Garein, Dick 

.ackrell, Rey D. 

Fenn, Donald E. 
Garrett, Clyde B. 

Gedge, DeVel K. 

Gwynn, Larry 

Gomez, Allan B 
Hansen, Sue Dele 

Hansen, Duane 

Goodyear, Betty 
Hansen, Stanley D. 

Grover, Val 

Hansen, Q. Marion 

Godfrey, Deon 
Hardy, Ernest Jay 

Mmr mmmm am 

Hale, Dorine 
Haglund, Allene Hall, James R. 

Harman, Bonnie 
Hardy, Eugene C. Harper, Kimball T. 


Hepworth, Willis 


Hauzen, Maureen 

Henrie, Norma Hicks, Robert F. Hobbs, Joana 

Hunt, Elton E. Huntington, Fred O. Innes, Bob 

Hunter, Leslie H. Hutchinson, Joan Ipson, George V. 

Olpin, Edwin D. Johnson, Cliff Johnson, Donald C. 

Johnson, Carol Johnson, Dennis Leon Johnson, Faye Ann 

Hodson, Ray 

Hoover, Venice 

Isaacson, Burke 

Iwaasa, Hanae 

Johnson, JaNene 

Johnson, Kenna 

him Stad&ttA Eii-Jo- 

Ferre, Pat Fox, Robert B. 

Fisher, Karin 
Gifford, Alvin Glazier, Joan 

Glasgow, Chuck 

Francis, Larry L. 
Greenwood, Dennis J. 

Deciding which courses to take was a source of con- 


Halm, Donald Endter, Eileen Hancock, Junith Hanna, Charles W 

Halversen, Allen K. Hamilton, Mary Hancock, Larry E. Hanna, Ruperd D. 

Harriell, Ladon Harrison, Evan Dale Hart, John A. Hatch, Carol 

Harrison, Bruce Harrison, Jo Ann Harvey, Sherry W. 

Hatch, John A., Jr. 

9 r 

H ° PPl - ""K Un, D H ° r, °- Wi " i0m "'iSS-. « *- H °*"' ^ L H-b-, W*. C."' "•'"«, J« 
'— H, SS ^d R jKki °"' *" J-* Geo,,. K. Je " 11 "" RO " d0 K J— *~d *£ '^ ^ A». % P-*« 



Janes, Barbara 

Keck, Mary Ruth 
Larkin, Larry S. 

Latham, Glenn I. 

Judkins, D. Ray 

Kim, Hi Ae 
Kelson, Jed Lolan Kies, Carol V. King, Don E. 

Law, Wesley R. Head, N. Lawrence Lee, Darrell D. 

Lawlor, Dean D. 

Leavitt, Norma 

Lee, RaOla 

v ABM 

Loveland, Mignon Madson, Frank L. Malstrom, Bertha Joan Martin, Betty Lou 

Lyon, John Boyd Magleby, Richard Malmstrom, Mildred Martin, Gerald B., Jr. 

Meyer, Mildred Mickelsen, McKay Middlston, Douglas R. Moon, Hal 

Mickelsen, Lynn Mickelsen, William C. Minson, Margaret H. Moore, Robert A. 

Neufel, Robert Leroy Nielsen, Derle 

Newbill, Lila 
Petersen, Elaine B. Payne, Reed 

Patterson, Frank A., Jr. 

Probst, Glenn Randall, Carol 

Pulsipher, Kent 

Noyes, Marcia Oaks, Merrill C. 

Norris, Roy Del Oakey, Russell W. O'Brien, Terry 

Pehrson, Joseph J. Peterson, Howard 

Pedersen, Kent A. Petersen, Geraldine Peterson, Kay R. 

Rasmussen, Brian L. Rich, Boyd C. 

Roper, Warren Ray, Guy B. Richardson, Jay 

hlw QtudetU Jo-Ru/ 

Kunz, Lyman 

Lamb, Bryce 

LeSueur, Karl C. 

Lewis, Wendell 

Lamb, Verl S. 

Law, Gladys 

Lindhardt, Robert E. 

Lindsay, NaDean 

We thought we were finished, but there were 
Banyan appointments. 

Maxwell, James F. 

McBride, J. Lynn 

McLain, Patricia Merrell, Mabel 

McArthur, Annette McKinney, Janet McNally, Iva Evans Merrill, Noreen 

Morgan, Carole Ann Nay, Mateland D. Nelson, Allan Nelson, Richard H. 

Moss, Beverly Neff, Wayne C. Nettle, Hugh Nelson, Gail 

Odermott, Louis W. 

Olsen, Dennis M. 

Pehrsen, Keith A. 

Peterson, Kenneth 

Orchard, Cecil C. Ostler, John Park, Robert L. 

Ostler, David S. Overson, LeiLand P. Patterson, Flora 

Pickering, Sandra Pistone, Joseph Price. Norman L. 

Pickrell, Trenna Poulton, Lee B. Powell, Tom 

Rounds, Shirley Rouse. Beverly J. Robinson. Dorothy L Ross, Beverly 

Roundy. Vernon Robertson, Ezra Rogers, James Keith Rugg, Roger 


-* ^ 





Ruward, Donald 

Sanders, Fred S 
Shumway, Miles 

Showalter, Rodney H. 


Sandstrom, Barbara Schneider, Lou E. Scott, Wallace 

Schloss, Fred W. Scott, Paul Seaton, John 

Shupe, William Dale Skousen, Larry P. Smith, Irving De 

Simpson, George E. Skyles, Marvin D Smith, Ronald R. 

Sowards, Marie Spencer, Deloy J. Steele, Alan Stein, Helen 

Souter, Clyde D. II Stokes, Golda Ann Steele, Richard Steinagel, Doug 

Sweeten, Garth G. Syrja, Raili Taylor, Delbert Taylor, Gerald Lynn 

Swenson, Dennis M. 

Takeuctll, Tatsuo 

Taylor, Gary 

Taylor, Idella Elaine 

Watts, Jerry 
Wilson, Wilbur J. 

Tuckett, William F. Van der Waal, John D. 

Van Buren, Roanna Tuttle, Gene E. Van Dyke, Que M. 

West, J. Donald Whitehead, Joan 

Weiler, Charles H. White, Jerald D. Whitmore, Don R. 

Wing, John, Jr. Worthington, Fay 

Wilson, William R. Wiser, James R. Wride, A. Jenele 

Sego, Tommy 

Seiger, Richard Harding Shelton, Charles 

Smithson, James Bud Soelberg, Bruce 

Sorenson, Dan R. Snow, Darryl 

Man- QhudwU Rl(,-Zo- 

Gaylen Caldwell and Stewart Grow discuss, with 
gratitude, the speed of this quarter's registration. 

jflH HH>«h. mm^m ^mm /. 

Stoddard, Ted Dee Stott, Carl M. Straw, Carol Jean Stucki. Ruth Holston 

Storrs, D. Leon Stowers, Ronetta Stri.ngham, David Stump, Lois J. 

Taylor, Ronald G. Tidwell, Frank Duane Todd, Jerrold W. Tolman, William O. 

Thompson, Samuel O. Tingey, Wid Tolman, Shirlene 

Toombs, LaMar 

Washburn, Veloy 
Walton, Andrew J. Warmg. Betty Ann 

Wills, Morris 
Wills, Alex Wilson, Jack Ronald 

Van Orden, Del Walker, Darrel P. Walker, Sandra 

Walker. Camille J. Walker, Norlan G. 

Wilde, Karl Dee Willey, Harold Vance Williams, Terry 

Wille, Milton George Williamson. Reid 

Wright, Gleruia Young, Kenneth Lloyd Otterson, Winston 

Wright. Norman E. ZoBell, Gordon 

We dedicate this book of memories to those who have made tnese mem- 
ories possible — the tithe-payers of the L.D.S. Church. As students we m • •* 
are greatly indebted to those who have sacrificed to found and sustam r *^ 
this growing university. May we continue, in years to come, ttiis fine 
precedent and help those who fpllow us. '■*,. » ■ 


Foueutg IwleX 

Aamodt, L. Corbett. 167. 237 
Alder. Lorna Call, 167 
Allen. A. Lester, 167 
Allen. Marl K.. 161, 176 
Allred, Mildred E„ 167 
Alward, Mignon, 167 
Anderson, Arthur B.. 167 
Anderson, Keith P.. 167 
Anderson, Vivian, 167 
Andrus, J. Roman, 160, 167 
Ashton, Clarence D., 156 
Anderson. H. Verlin, 167 
Atkinson, Charles. 103 


Bobcock. Hyrum J„ 167. 217 

Bailie. Irwin L., 167 

Ballif. Ariel S.. 161, 167, 237 

Ballou, Richard E„ 68. 72. 74. 167, 200 

Bangerter. Bessie B.. 167 

Bangerter, Blauer I., 167 

Bankhead. Reid E.. 167 

Barlow. Frances P., 167 

Barlow. Irene S., 167 

Barnett. Owen L, 154, 167 

Barney, Vernon S., 167 

Barrett, Ivan J., 167, 231 

Barron, Howard H„ 167 

Bartholomew, Davis, 167 

Bauer, Edith B., 167 

Baxter, Leland K„ 167 

8eck, D Elden, 156, 167 

Beckham, Ray, 40, 167 

Belnap, B. West. 159. 167 

Bendixsen, Grant D., 167 

Bennion, Adam S., 151 

Bennion, Kenneth S., 166 

Benson, Ezra Taft, 151 

Bentley. Anthony I., 167 

Bentley. Joseph T.. 167 

Berrett, William E., 42. 153 

Berry, June. 167 

Berryessa. Max J., 167, 217 

Bissell. Harold J., 162, 167 

Black. Jesse R.. 167 

Blackham, Angus U., 167 
Blackham, Verona, 167 
Blake, Rulon D„ 167 
Boel. Joseph M., 167. 188 
Booth. Lillian C. 154 
Bos. Jacob. 167 
Boyle. C. S.. 167 
Brace. William, 167 
Bradford, Reed H., 167. 23 7 
Brady. Robert C. 79, 167 
Braithwaite. Royden, 164 
Brinton, Milton, 167 
Britsch, Ralph A., 168 
Broadbent, H. Smith, 168 
Brough, Rulon R., 154, 168 
Brown, Billings, 168 
Brunson, Brandon, 154 
Bryner, Loren C. 168 
Buggert, Gustave F., 168 
Bullock. Kenneth C. 168 
Bunker. Robert. 103. I 12 
Burmingham, Olive Kimball. 168 
Burrup, Percy E.. 169 
Bushman, Grant M.. 169 
Butt. Newburn J., 169 
Butterworth, Edwin, 154 
Buttle, Faye Jensen. 169 

Caine. Julia, 169 
Caldwell, Gaylon L.. 169 
Call. Lowell E.. 169 
Callahan. Sterling G., 169 
Campbell, Jennie, 16, 158 
Candland, Dorothy N„ 168 
Canning. Ray R.. 168 
Cannon, Clawson, 168 
Chandler, Samuel C, 168 
Chapman, L. Bernice, 165. 168 
Cheney. Thomas E.. 168 
Christensen. Earl M.. 168 
Christensen. Edward L., 168 
Christensen. Leonard E., 154 
Christensen, Lillian, 169 
Christensen. P. A., 41, 161, 169 
Christensen, Ross T., 169 
Clark, Bruce B„ 169 
Clark, Harold Glen, 165 
Clark, Herald R., 151, 169 
Clark, James R.. 169 
Clark, J. Reuben, Jr., 151 
Clark, Marden J.. 169 
Clark, Monroe H.. 169 

Clark. Selby S.. 165 
Clinger, Morris M„ 168 
Cloward. Glannin A., 168 
Cochran, Thelme C„ 168 
Compton. Lane A.. 168 
Corbridge. Ivan L.. 168, 222 
Cottam, Clarence. 156. 168 
Cowan, Cynthia. 168 
Craig. Marshall R., 168 
Crandall. Lars G., 169 
Crawford. Robert G.. 169 
Croft, Robert G., 169 
Croft, Evan M.. 157, 169 
Crowton. David. 103, 105. 119 
Cummings, Benjamin F., 169, 224 


Dallin, Leon, 169 

Darais. Ale> B„ 169 

Davidson, Bertha B., 169 

Davies. J. Kenneth, 169 

de Jong, Gerrit, Jr., 160, 168 

Dixon, Fred W„ 105. 114. 115. 168 

Dixon. Owen, 102 

Downing, Lester F.. 168 

Doxey, Roy W„ 159, 168 

Duffin, B, Keith, 155 

Dunn, Norman, 168 

Earl. Don L., 66. 168 
Eastmond. E. John. 168, 237 
Edlefsen, Blaine E., 168 
Edwards. William F.. 153, 157 
Ellsworth, J. Orval, 169 
Esplin, Ross S., 241 
Evans. David L., 169 
Evans. Richard L., 151 


Farnsworth. Dean B., 169 

Farnsworth. Raymond 8.. 156. 169 

Fish. Charles R.. 169 

Fisher, Albert L„ 169 

Fisher, Flora D.. 169 

Fletcher, Harvey, 162, 169, 237 

Fletcher, Harvey, Jr.. 168. 237 

Fuhriman. D. K., 168 

Fuerstner. Carl, 160 

Gammett, LaVell C, 168 
Gardner, B. Delworth, 168 
Gardner, Elizabeth Louise, 168 
Gardner, John H., 168 
Gates, Crawford, 64, 168 
Geertsen. O. Norman, 168 
Gibson, M. Carl. 169, 233 
Gledhill. Preston R., 169 
Goates. J. Rex, 169 
Grow, Stewart L., 169 
Gubler, Donworth V„ 169 
Gulbrandsen. Norman R., 169 


Hafen, LeRoy R., 169 

Hafen, William J.. 120, 169 

Hales, Richard. 168. 237 

Hales, Wayne B„ 168, 237 

Halliday, John R„ 56. 160. 168 

Hamblin, Lawson O., 168 

Hamblin. Junius, 233 

Hammond, May O, 168 

Hansen, George. 164. 168 

Hansen. Harold I., 160. 239 

Hansen. Ralph. 168 

Hanson, William, 168 

Hardy, Kenneth R., 169 
Harris. Margaret M., 169 
Harrison. Bertrand F., 156. 169 
Hart. Anna Boss. 169 
Hart. C. J., 163. 169 
Hart, Edward L„ 169 
Hartvigsen, Jack A.. 169 
Haupt, Floyd E„ 169 
Haymore, Franklin R., 170, 190 
Heaton. Alma, 170. 220 
Hill, James B., 155 
Hilton, Lynn M„ 165 
Hinman, Beth S.. 170 
Holbrook, Leona, 125, 170 
Howe. Elliott C, 170 
Howell. Robert J., 170 
Hoyt. H. Val. 170 
Hoyt, Gordon D., 171 
Hunt, Jay B.. 

Isaksen. Henry L., 16. 17, 33, 176, 184 


Jackson, Orrin H„ 155 
Jacobs, Briant S., 171 
Jacobs, Margaret S., 171 

Jakeman, Wells M.. 161, 171 
Jenny. Martha R„ 171 
Jensen. Mary Bee, 1 71 
Jensen. Vern H., 170 
Jenson, Edgar M„ 170 
Jenson, Gloria Dawn, 170 
Jones, Garth N., 170 
Jonsson, J. J., 170 
Jorgensen, Eleanor, 170 
Judd. L. Patricia, 170 


Keeler, J. J.. 170 
Kimball, Edwin R., 98 
Kimball. Spencer W., 151 
Knight, Hattie M.. 171 
Krider. Mary A., 171 

Larsen. B. F., 171 
Larsen. Don H.. 171 
Larsen, Vernon W., 171 
Larson. Clinton F., 171 
Larson. Gustive O.. 171. 235 
Larson, J. LaMar. I 71 
Latimer, Beulah May, 170 
Laycock. Harold R., 68. 160 
Laycock. Ralph G., 30. 70. 170 
Layton. Robert L.. 170 
Lee. Harold B., 151 
Lee, Wilford D„ 170 
Lewis, Ben, 154 
Lewis, George L., 170 
Lewis, R. Celdon, 170 
Lloyd, Wesley P., 154, 155, 242 
Ludlow, Jim H„ 170 


Maeser. Georgia, 171 
Marshall, Milton, 162. 171, 237 
Matthews, Gerald. 32 
Martin. Thomas L.. 171 
McAllister. J. W., 170 
McConkie. D. L.. 170 
McCracken, Cleo. 170 
Mclff, Lyle H.. 171 
Mcintosh, Lena, 171 
McKay. David O. 21, 30, 33. 150 
McKell, William Ellsworth. 171 
McKnight, H. Neil, 171 
Meacham. Merlyn, 171 
Mercer, Winston, 171 
Miller, Elmer, 171 
Miller, Martin L„ 171, 237 
Mitchell. Theodore. 166 
Moffitt. J. Weldon, 171 
Monson. Samuel O, 170 
Morley, Alonzo J.. 170, 236 
Moore, Glen, 170 
Moore, Heber G., 170 
Morris, George Q., '51 
Morris, Lawrence, 170 
Moyle. Henry D„ 151 


Nagele. Margaret F., 171 
Nelson, Elmer E., 171 
Nelson. Keith J„ 171 
Nibley. Hugh. 170 
Nicholes. Joseph K.. 162. 170 
Nicholes. Max M„ 170. 241 
Nielsen. Reid. 102, I 13 
Nielson, Eve. 170 

Oaks. Carol, 170 
Olson, Ernest L„ 170 
Orchard, Ellis D„ 170 


Pardoe, Kathryn B., 170 
Pearson, Glen L-. 171 
Perry, Leland, 154 
Petersen, Hugh, 171 
Petersen, Iva Lou, 171 
Petersen. Mark E„ 151 
Peterson, Cornelius R., 154 
Peterson. Dean. 171 
Peterson, Robert M,, 171 
Pfund. Marion C. 164, 175 
Poll. Richard D„ 161, 171 
Pond. A. Smith, 157, 171 
Potter, Norma, 170 
Poulson, Virginia B., 170 
Poulson, Kristine, 170 
Poulsen. Wilford, 170 
Prestwich, Leonard W„ 170 
Purdy, Victor W.. 170 


Rasband, Mima, 170 
Rasmussen, Ellis T., I 70 
Reeder, Jesse W., 171, 227 

Reimschiissel, Ernest F., 171 
Rice, Leonard W„ 171 
Rich, Naoma, 158. 171 
Rich, Owen S., 171 
Rich, Russell R.. 159. 171 
Rich, Stella P., 171 
Richards, Elolse, 171 
Richards. Grant S„ 156, 172 
Richards, LeGrande. 151 
Richards. R. Neal. 172. 186 
Ricks. Eldin. 172 
Riddle. Chauncey C, 159, 172 
Rigby. J. Keith, 172 
Robison, Clarence F., 117, 172 
Rogers. R. Max. 172 
Romney. Antone K., 161. 172 
Romney, Marion G„ 151 
Rowley. G. Morris. 173 

Sardoni, Lawrence, 173 

Sauls. K. B„ 154 

Schwendiman, Fred A., 154 

Shields, L. Gus, 173, 403 

Shirts. Morris. 173 

Shumway, R. Phil, 173. 216 

Skousen, W, Cleon, 173. 200 

Smart, Lyman F., 173 

Smith, Carol T„ 173 

Smith, Joseph Fielding, 151 

Smith, Oliver R., 161. 172. 186. 188 233 

Smith. Richard L„ 157, 172 

Smith, Robert J., 157, 172 

Smith, Wilford E„ 38. 172 

Snell. William H.. 156, 172 

Snow, Edward D., 172 
Soffe, H. Wayne. 172 

Sparks. M. LeRoy. 172 
Spears. Irene Osmond. 173 
Spencer. Lucile, 155 
Sperry, Sidney B„ 159. 173 
Stansfield. Russell N.. 173 
Stapley, Delbert Leon. 151 
Stay. Jesse E.. 162, 173 
Stewart, George, 173 
Stewart. Maynard D.. 173. 188 
Struthers. Robert E„ 173 
Sudweeks. Joseph, 173 
Swapp, Wylie W„ 172 
Swensen, Albert D., I 72 
Symons, J. H„ 172, 220 

Tanner, Orea, 172 
Tanner, Vasco M„ 156, 172 
Tanner, Wilmer W.. 172 
Taylor, Charles, 172 
Taylor, Ethelyn P., 172 
Taylor, Floyd R„ 155. 200 
Taylor, Harvey L., 153 
Taylor, Jay J.. 172 
Taylor, Weldon J„ 157, 173 
Thomas, Robert K„ 173. 188 
Thompson. Jane. 16. 200, 220 
Thomson, Woodruff C, 173 
Thurgood, Jack J„ 173, 188 
Turner, Glen H„ 173 
Tyler, S. Lyman, 155 
Tyndall, Clarence, 173 

Vernon, Leo P.. 172 


Wakefield. J. Homer, 173 

Warner, Ray D.. 172 

Warnick, Effie. 172 

Waterstradt, Jean Anne, 172 

Watkins. Arthur R„ 161, 172 

Webb, Florence, 172 

Watts. Stan, 109. 172, 351 

Webb, Fredrick N„ 173 

Weight. Newell B„ 59, 61, 173 

West, Dale H„ 173 

Whitaker, Wetzel O.. 155. 173 

White. Jay, 173 

Wilcox, Helen, 173 

Wilkins. Ernest J„ 235 

Wilkinson, Ernest L., 30, 40. 152. 349 

Williams. Ariel L.. 155 

Wilson. Amelia, 173, 232 

Wilson, L. Keith, 173 

Wilson. Warren B„ 172 

Wing. John H., 172 

Woodberry, L. J„ 80. 172 

Woodruff. Asahel D„ 158, 172 

Woolf, Golden L„ 154. 172 

Wright, E, Wayne. 172 

Yarn, David H„ Jr.. 159, 172 
Young. Karl, 172 


Qemekd Index 

Acknowledgements 440 


A.M.S. Fife Nite 39 

Autumn Leaf Hike 25 

Banyan Ball 36 

Belle of the Y Week 42 

Bibler Bounce 38 

Christmas Drive 29 

Elections 48 

Fall Highlights 32 

Frosh Week 20 

Hello Week 19 

Homecoming 22 

Inaugural Ball 49 

Junior Prom 46 

Leadership Conference 16 

Mat Dance 21 

McKay Dedication 30 

Military Ball 37 

Mistletoe Frolic 28 

Orientation Week 17 

Preference Ball 27 

Registration ]8 

Snow Carnival -*4 

Songfest 44 

Sophomore Loan Fund 26 

Spring Highlights 52 

Winter Highlights 40 

Y Day 50 


Church Leaders 150 

Department Heads 154 

Faculty I67 

University Presidents 152 

Campus Buildings 

Brimhall I2 

Clark Service Center 8 

Eyring Science Center 9 

Grant Library 12 

Heritage Halls 13 

Maeser 2 

McKay ' ' 

Smith Field House 12 

Smith (Joseph) 8 

Colleges, Schools, Etc. 

Biological & Agriculture 156 

Commerce I 5 7 

Education 1 53 

Extension Division 165 

Family Living 164 

Fine Arts 160 

Graduate 164 

Humanities & Soc. Sciences 161 

L.D.S. Business College 166 

McCune School of Music ....166 

Nursing - '°5 

Phy. & Eng. Sciences 162 

Recreation, Health, 

Phy. Ed. & Ath 163 

Religion 1 59 

Class Activities 

Frosh 366 

Sophomores 340 

Juniors 320 

Seniors 292 

Class Officers 

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Class Pictures 

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Graduates 394 

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L.D.S. Branches 

Campus Branch 192 

North Campus Branch 194 

Wymount 1 9 I 

Lyceums 84 

Musical Organizations 

A Cappella 58 

College Choir 60 

Concert Band 70 

Madrigal Chorus 56 

Marching Band 74 

Opera Workshop 66 

R.O.T.C. Band 76 

R.O.T.C. Chorus 78 

Symphony Orchestra 68 

University Chorus 64 

Varsity Band 72 

Women's Chorus 62 

New Students 404 


A.C.E.I 217 

Agriculture Club 216 

Alcyone 2o6 

Alpha Lambda Delta 214 

Argonauts 284 

Arizona Club 238 

Arnold Air Society 215 

Art Guild 217 

Athenians 255 

Beta Pi 233 

Blue Keys 210 

Brickers 258 

Brigadiers 260 

Cache Valley Club 239 

Cami Los 262 

Canadian Club 240 

Cesta Tie 264 

Chemical Engineers 222 

Commerce Club 222 

Cougarettes 207 

Danish Club 253 

Delta Phi 218 

Dixie Club 241 

Far East Club 242 

Fidelas 267 

Forensic Association 223 

French Club 224 

Gamma Phi Omicron 225 

German Club 224 

Home Economics Club 226 

Idaho Club 243 

Industrial Arts Club 227 

Intercollogiate Knights 208 

International Relations 227 

Italian Club 233 

Kappa Debonaires 235 

Kia Ora Club 244 

Knight Templars 254 

Lambda Delta Sigma 230 

Lancers 266 

Montana Club . 245 

Nautilus 268 

Orchesis 228 

Oregon Club 245 

O S. Trovata 270 

Phi Chi Theta 234 

Press Club 233 

Pre-Veterinarian Club 241 

Ri Veda 272 

Rodeo Club 246 

Sigma Alpha Eta 236 

Sigma Phi Sigma 237 

Snow-Sanpete Club 247 

Sociology Society 237 

Spanish Club 235 

Sponsor Corps 212 

Swedish Club 235 

Tausigs 274 

Texas Club 248 

Thalia 273 

Theta Alpha Phi 234 

ToKalon 276 

Uintah Basin Club 248 

United Staters 250 

Val Hyric 278 

Val Norn 280 

Vikings 282 

Washington Club 251 

Weber Club 249 

White Keys 211 

Yankee Club 253 

Y Calcares 204 

"Y"oming Club 252 


Frosh 364 

Sophomores 338 

Juniors 3 I 8 

Seniors 290 


Banyan '88 

Press 190 

Photo Studio 190 

Universe 1 36 

Wye Magazine 185 


Banyan O ueen 91 

Belle of the Y 92 

Friendliest 93 

Homecoming O ueen °8 

Preferred Men 94 

Snow O ueens '0 

Sophomore Loan Fund 89 


Baseball I 18 

Cheerleaders 99 

Frosh Basketball I 12 

Frosh Football 105 

Golf H4 

Intramurals 120 

Songleaders 99 

Tennis ''5 

Track H6 

Varsity Basketball 106 

Varsity Football 100 

Women's Sports 124 

Wrestling I 13 

Student Life 128 


Qiudjed \wtex 

Aase, Jan Kristien, Stavanger, Norway, 368 

Abbott, George L. Twin Falls, Ida.. 64. 217, 298 

Abbott, Gwendolyn, Mesqulfe, Nov., 232, 342 

Abbott. Lois Jane. Salt Lake City. 322 

Abbott. Mary Lue. Chico. Calif. 

Abbott, Ufona Juna. Boise. Ida.. 22. 37. 212 213 234 290 

Abegg, Isaura Bentley. Prove. 298 

Abegg, Myrlon 8., Provo, 322 

Abel. George Lennis. American Fort, 368 

Abel. Kenneth Elton. American Fori;. 368 

Abel. Kent Jolley. American Fork, 322 

Abel, Marilyn Jean, Alhambra, Calif., 98, 342 

Abersold. Amy Jean, El Paso, Texas. 68. 194, 204. 342 

Abraham, Margie Beth, Byron, Wyo.. 252. 298 

Adachi. Sonoko Margaret, Kualapuu, Molokai, 342 

Adair, Gary Lavell, Panaca. Nev.. 368 

Adams, Barbara June, Kimball, Neb., 184. 272 

Adams. Claude J.. Las Vegas. Nev., 322 

Adams. Delman Dean. Spokane, Wash.. 252, 386 

Adams, Delores Rita, Bunkerville, Nev.. 368 

Adams, Don R.. Orem, 342 

Adams, Dorothy Jean. Alaska. 368 

Adams. Fred C, Montpelier, Ida.. 82 

Adams. Geraldine. Provo. 280 

Adams. Harold Dean, Provo. 369 

Adams. Jack D.. Kanab 

Adams. Jack Junior. Fort Maclead, Alberta. 368 

Adams. James David, Woodstock, III. 

Adams, John Dean, Manti 

Adams. Joseph Neil. Rigby, Ida.. 314 

Adams, Laree, Monticello, 266. 322 

Adams. Larry Byron. Oakley. Ida. 

Adams. Larry Lamar. Huntington. Ore.. 144, 230, 231, 342 

Adams. Leo Nelson, Provo 

Adams, Lisle Kent. Burbank. Calif. 

Adams, Lyle B.. Kaysville. 322 

Adams, Myra. Verna. Douglas. Ga., 64. 369 

Adams, Ruth, Provo. 280, 298. 321 

Adams. Verlene Larae. Oakley, Ida.. 369 

Adamson, Arlene Joyce, Provo. 342 

Adamson, Blaine Walter. Lehi 

Adamson, Cecil L., Murtaugh, Ida.. 369 

Adamson, Emalie. Draper, 369 

Affleck, Diane. Oklahoma City. Okla.. 237, 244 322 

Affleck, Marilyn, Oklahoma City, Okla., 184 237 264 296 

Agren, Pehr Arlen, Idaho Falls. Ida.. 368 

Agutter, Joann Eleanor. Salt Lake City, 368 

Ahlander, Diane, Provo, 280, 322 

Ah Look, Davelin K., Hono.. Hawaii. 27, 178, 268, 342 

Ahn, Dongbang. Korea. 242, 368 

Ah Nee Emmaline K.. Hono., Hawaii. 296 

Ah Nee. Ray Kauinohea. Hono.. Hawaii, 368 

Ah Quin, Joseph Waiohai. Oahu, Hawaii,79, 368 

Ah Quin, Samuel Kalna, Oahu, Hawaii. 368 

Ahrend. George S.. Sandy 

Ainsworth, Robert W„ Van Nuys. Calif, 274, 342 

Akimoto. Hamilton S.. Santa Monica, Calif.. 406 

Akita. Norman. Kauai, Hawaii, 122, 322 

Akiu, Rogers Ewaliko. Wailuku. Maui. 122, 323 

Alberts. Jack Junior. Ogden, 28, 218, 343 

Albrecht, Peggy Joyce. Fremont, 343 

Albright, George Lavern, Provo 

Albright, James William, Frank Park 

Albritton, Johnnie L.. Waycross. Ga.. 200 343 

A dean, Edward Fulton. Bakersfield, Calif' 368 

Ader, Edgar Anderson, Trout Creek 298 

Alder, Inez, Midway. 368 

Alexander, Albert L„ Ontario. Calif, 368 

Aexander, Charlene E., Hudson, Wyo., 252 368 

Aexander. Patricia Ann, Colton, Calif. 268' 343 

Alexander, Patsy, Gunnison, 64, 323 

Alford, Kenneth James. Ogden, 298 

Allan, Barbara, Springville, 369 

Allan, David Wayne, Springville, 369 

Allan, Dean Sylvester, Springville, 369 

Allan, John Stevens. Salt Lake City, 404 

Alldredge, Joyce, Magna, 369 

Alleman, Karen Laura, Springville, 298 

Alleman, Shirley, Bern, Ida., 234, 323 

Allen, Aljean, Provo, 369 

Allen, Barbara Jo, Prescott, Ariz., 68, 74, 139, 272, 368 

Allen, Barbara Sloan. Provo. 224, 368 

Allen. Betty Ann, Spokane, Wash., 62 368 

A en, Brookie Jamar, Prescott, Ariz 368 

A en. Constance Etta, Salt Lake City 

A en. Denzel C. Jr., Berkeley, Calif. 314 

Allen, Dianne, Gunnison, 60, 343 

Allen, Eileen Rae. Hagerman, Ida., 342 

Allen, Elaine, Gunnison. 212 368 

Allen, Eleanor Pearl. Winslow. Ariz., 368 

Allen, Elnor Lynn, Elko, Nev 322 

Allen' I "IT Robin J°"' P '^°». Ariz.. 25, 179. 293 299 

A en, Jack Lamar, Hagerman, Ida 299 

Allen, James Vincent, Provo 

Allen, Joe Hilton, Oakland. Calif 258 

Allen. John B., Kanab, 369 

Alien, John Whorton, Panguitch, 237 299 

Allen, Joseph Lovell, Provo, 342 

Allen, Joseph Robinson, Prescott, Ariz 323 

A en, Lament D.. Pleasant Grove. 342' 

Allen, Laree Janis ,228 342 

Allen, Lorenzo C, Rupert, Ida.. 25, 369 

Allen, Nadine. Orem. 404 

Allen. Nancy Joan. Salt Lake City. 368 

Allen, Noma, Ogden, 249, 323 

Allen, Philo Heaton, Provo, 231 

Allen, Robin Kay, Venice, Calif. 224. 369 

Allen, Shirley Fay, Silver Springs. Md.. 225. 322 

Allen. Virginia, Delta. 62, 284 

Allen, Virginia Louise. Prescott. Ariz.. 272, 404 

Allen. Yolande, Provo, 322 

Allison, Don Stanley, Lehi, 369 

Allison, Patricia Ann, Pacoima, Calif. 369 

Allred. Betty Best, Ogden, 298 

Allred. Blake B.. Provo, 299 

Allred, Byron Harvey, Burley, Ida. 

Allred. Carol. Provo 

Allred. David Norman, Duncan, Ariz., 238. 342 

Allred, Evan Leigh, Provo 

Allred. Forrest R., Provo, 322 

Allred. Geraldine, Duncan, Ariz.. 238, 369 

Allred. James. Jacobson, Fountain Green, 404 

Allred, Janice. Provo. 369 

Allred, Joan Lucille, Fresno. Calif, 62 

Allred, Lynette, Afton, Wyo., 252 

Allred, Mary C. Hedquist, Provo 

Allred, Ralph Lynn, Riverton, 298 

Allred, Rex Jay. Provo, 369 

Allred, Robert G.. Lehi. 298 

Allred, Ruel Acord. Spring Cily, 199, 296 

Allred, Wallace Earl, Spring City. 322 

Allsop. Shirley Anne. Salt Lake City, 404 

Almond. James Clayton. Gresham. Oregon, 66. 314 

Almond, Mary Lou. Gresham, Ore., 204, 342 

Almond, Max Eugene, Preston, Ida.. 404 

Alo, Roland K., Wailuku, Maui 

Alva. Edmond George, Silver City, N. Mcx., 224 

Alvey, Yuvonne. Nampa,. Ida., 243, 342 

Amundsen. Nancy, Salt Lake City. 342 

Anae. Famika, Laie Oahu. 102, 104 

Anakalea. Lorraine, Haiku, Maui, 369 

Anast, Connie Tina, Salt Lake City, 256, 322 

Andersen, Adrian L.. Mesa, Ariz., 404 

Andersen, C. Paul, American Fork, 369 

Andersen, Cordell M., Provo, 368 

Andersen, H. Verlan. Provo 

Andersen, Lawrence Bert, Provo 

Andersen, Margaret C. Provo, 298 

Andersen. Patsy Grace, Pocatello, Ida., 342 

Andersen, Vonda, Chandler, Ariz., 70, 74, 134, 343 

Anderson, A. Dorene, Tremonton, 299 

Anderson, Alma Davis, Tremonton, 253, 322 

Anderson. Alvin Bud, Orem, 323 

Anderson, Ann, Safford, Ariz., 212, 270. 404 
Anderson, Arthur B., Orem 

Anderson, Barbara, Cedar City, 322 

Anderson, Bertha E„ Salt Lake City. 264. 298 
Anderson. Beth Marie, Richfield, 256, 298 

Anderson, Blaine Lamar, Sandy, 106, 108, 323 

Anderson, Cariel, Jr., Grover. Wyo., 405 

Anderson. Carl David, Pocatello, Ida., 298 

Anderson, Carol, Salt Lake City 

Anderson, Carol Joanne. Long Beach, Calif. 266. 368 

Anderson, Carol Mary, Fort Monroe, Va„ 369 

Anderson, Carole Dawn, Kemmerer, Wyo., 185, 296 

Anderson, Clair R., Provo, 298 

Anderson, Cyril Richard, Provo, 343 

Anderson, Daryl L.. Provo, 254, 323 

Anderson, Delaine, Idaho Falls, Ida.. 238. 368 

Anderson, Donald Ray, Norwalk, Calif 

Anderson, Donna Colleen, Bow Island, Alberta, 240. 368 

Anderson, Ernest Virgil, Calgary, Alberta, 194, 240, 405 

Anderson, Everett Lisle. Ogden, 368 

Anderson, Frances D„ Grantsville. 62, 270, 343 

Anderson, Franklin K„ Salt Lake City' 

Anderson, Gareth RLynn, Myton, 248. 368 

Anderson. Gloria Louise, Douglas. Wyo., 62. 252. 266 368 

Anderson, Grant Dale, Ephraim 

Anderson, Hal Austin, Gunnison. 227, 323 

Anderson, Harold C, Grantsville, 108, 116 

Anderson, James Dudley, Magrath. Alberta 

Anderson, Jane, Nampa. Ida., 241, 322 

Anderson, Janet Ethel. Glendive, Mont., 245, 299 

Anderson, Janet Maxine, Provo 

Anderson, Jarrett, Provo, 368 

Anderson, Jean B„ Ruth, Nev.. 228, 276, 323 

Anderson, Joan, Gunnison, 368 

Anderson, Joan Lanelle, Pocatello, Ida. 

Anderson, John Stephen, Richfield 

Anderson, John Wayne, Salt Lake City, 343 

Anderson, Joyce, Manti, 217, 247, 322' 

Anderson, Karen Kay, Riverton, 342 

Anderson, Keith P., Provo 

Anderson, Kenneth H., Springville, 294 

Anderson. Kenneth W., American Fork 369 

Anderson, Kent Spencer, Glendale 

Anderson. LaGrande K„ Wales 

Anderson. LaRue, Delta. 342 

Anderson, Laverle, Portland, Ore. 

Anderson, L'Dean, Glendale, 405 

Anderson, Leland S„ Bear River, 368 

Anderson, Letty Darlene, Nyssa, Ore 

Anderson, Lewis, Yuba City, Calif. 

Anderson, Loa, Rupert, Ida., 369 

Anderson, Lois Yvonne. Richfield, 188. 197. 204 224 342 

Anderson. Lola Mae. Moroni, 247, 299 

Anderson, Lorna, Provo 

Anderson. Lowell Ray, Fairview, 369 

Anderson, Lynette, Provo 

Anderson, Lynn E., Spanish Fork 

Anderson, Marilyn, Blackfoot, Ida. 

Anderson, Mary Ann, Evanston, III. 

Anderson, Mary Beth. Montebello, Calif., 64, 369 

Anderson, Mary Lou, American Fork, 184, 262, 323 

Anderson. Mary Lou. Salt Lake City, 405 

Anderson, Melvin F., Salt Lake City, 299 

Anderson, Merlin Dawson, Franklin, Ida. 

Anderson, Norman Dean, Shelley, Ida., 342 

Anderson, Orin D., Fairview 

Anderson, Oscar Gene, Fillmore. 116, 369 

Anderson, Paul Kay. Kemmerer, Wyo.. 116. 369 

Anderson. Paulene, Newton, 228, 239, 284, 342 

Anderson, Pearl Lynette, McCook, Neb.. 342 

Anderson, Rae Sharee B., Salina, 298 

Anderson, Ralph, Spanish Fork. 222. 314 

Anderson, Ravae, Santaquin, 369 

Anderson, Rex Hurd. Barnwell, Alberta, 369 

Anderson, Richard C„ Venice 

Anderson, Richard L., Tooele, 296 

Anderson. Robert Demar, Seattle, Wash.. 343 

Anderson. Robert W., Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Anderson, Ruth Jean. Salt Lake City, 368 

Anderson, Ruth Jeanne, Provo, 256, 322 

Anderson, Sally Wheat, Salt Lake City, 343 

Anderson. Steven L. S.. Minneapolis, Minn., 368 

Anderson, Valynn, Cattle Dale, 342 

Anderson, Verla, Manti, 217, 247, 276, 298 

Anderson, William C, San Antonio, Texas, 222. 322 

Anderson. William E.. North Hollywood, Calif. 314 

Anderton. Janice. Roosevelt, 343 

Andreasen, Ardel W., Provo 

Andreasen, Cal Juel. Pasadena. Calif., 343 

Andreasen. Don McKay. Pasadena, Calif. 37, 215, 298 

Andreasen. Frank Marvin. China Lake, Calif., 227, 343 

Andrew, Frederick C, Saff Lake City, 343 

Andrews, Carlos C. Nampa, Ida.. 78. 368 

Andrews, Linda E„ Whittier, Calif, 276 

Andrus. Gwyn Lyn. St. George, 58, 217. 241, 280, 298 

Andrus, James Clawson, Boise, Ida., 243 

Andrus, Kenneth. Oakley, 216 

Andrus. Renae, Ucon, Ida., 268 

Anstead, Gloria Gail, Gridley, Calif., 322 

Anthony, Shirley Ann, Venice, Calif. 

Aragon. Jesus Antonio, Chih., Mexico 

Arashiro. Kimie. Kapaa Kauai, Hawaii, 404 

Arashiro, Lillian, Kaneohe, Oahu, 298 

Arave, Ralph Elmo, Salmon, Ida., 404 

Arbogas-t, Michael Allen, Detroit. Mich.. 255, 343 

Arbogast, Michon Anne, Detroit, Mich., 368 

Arbuckle. Edward D., North Hollywood, Calif, 369 

Argyle, Carolyn. Spanish Fork 

Armstrong, Frances M., Pocatello, Ida.. 280, 343 

Armstrong, Gayle, Robin, Ida.. 369 

Armstrong, Hazel Irene, Lakewood, Calif, 369 

Armstrong, Howard Leroy, Pocatello, Ida., 298 

Armstrong, James H.. Doe Hill, Va., 404 
Armstrong, Jo Ann, Doe Hill, Va., 322 

Armstrong, Joseph R., Idaho Falls, Ida., 56 195 278 338 

341, 343 
Armstrong, Ruth Jane, Ephraim, 276, 298 
Arnett, Leslie, Mesa, Ariz. 

Arnett, Marvin Rex, Mesa, Ariz., 60, 72, 238, 369 
Arnold, Edward W„ Jr., Las Vegas. Nev., 260, 369 
Arnold, Frederick C, Crownsville, Md. 
Arnold. Gomer J., Orem 
Arnold. Mary Jane, Las Vegas, Nev., 26, 89, 175 207 235 

262, 343 
Arnold, Rey L. Ogden. 181, 249, 259, 322 
Arnold. Sally Ann, Redondo Beach, CaJif , 224. 342 
Arnoldsen. Larry M., Las Vegas. Nev., 200, 369 
Asay, Janice Louise. Joseph. 322 
Asay. Jesse Wortham, Provo, 37, 78, 215, 299 
Ashman, Joy Anne, Albany, Calif, 369 
Ash, Leonard LeRoy, Pleasant Grove 
Ash, Owen Kenneth, Pleasant Grove 
Ashby, Calvin W., Richfield, 227, 314 
Ashby, David Carlin, Caldwell, Ida., 369 
Ashby, Gary H„ Vernal, 323 
Ashby. Marian, Provo, 64, 368 
Ashby, Renae, New Plymouth, Ida., 368 
Ashby, Rudger William, Fillmore 
Ashby, Verel Roderick, New Plymouth, Ida.. 342 
Ashby, Wayne Roland, San Pedro. Calif, 255, 368 
Ashcraft, Leara M., Teton City, Ida., 236, 314 
Asfimore, Delberf Camm, Warner, Alberta, 240, 368 
Ashton, Margaret Ann, Provo 
Ashton, Marilyn, San Marino, Calif. 
Ashton, Melvin Thomas, Provo 

Asplund, C. Thomas, Lethbridge, Alberta. 223 240 258 342 
Astin, Olive Jean, Salt Lake City, 342 
Aston, Dennis Robert, Cannonsburg, Pa.. 342 
Aston, Duane R.. Cannonsburg, Pa., 299 

Atack, Carol Lee, Cheyenne, Wyo., 204, 214. 252 262 342 
Atchley. Ronald LeRoy, Las Vegas, Nev! 368 
Athay, Lois, Paris Ida., 211, 268, 299 
Athay. Ruth. Paris, Ida., 204, 323 

Atkerson, Sarah Jane. Dallas. Texas. 43, 204 248 342 
Atkin. Dennis H., St. George, 242 
Atkin, Floy Daun, Boulder, Nev.. 194, 294 
Atkin. Ivan Arza, St. George, 241, 299 
Atkin, Thomas Raymond, Tooele 105 
Atkins. Albert Bill. Hayward, Calif, 368 
Atkinson. Carma Lou. Provo. 368 
Atkinson. Gerald N., Samaria, Ida.. 342 
Atkinson. Nadine, Malad, Ida., 212. 270 342 
Atkinson, Shirley, Malad, Ida., 194^ 343' 
Atkinson, Sonya, Emmett, Ida., 368 
Atkisson. Konda Jean, Scarsdale, N. Y., 188, 189 323 
Atk.sson, Lauretta L., Scarsdale, N. Y.. 60. 369 


Atoe. Semuelu, W. Samoa. 193. 227. 244. 323 

Atter+on, Frances N.. Chehalis. Wash.. 66. 233. 34) 

Attridge, Joan. Rupert. Ida.. 226. 343 

Aumack, Frank Lewis. Provo 

Austin, Gregory Edward, Provo 

Austin, Joyce. Las Vegas. Nev.. 369 

Austin, Monte R., Garland 

Austin, Richard M.. Provo 

Austin. Robert Demott, Pasadena. Calif.. 369 

Austin. Thomas Dean. Oram 

Averett. Charles R.. Jr.. Denver. Colo.. 343 

Averett, Leah Mae. Springville. 369 

Avery. Barry Hulet. Provo 

Avery. Ednis Marlene. GreybuM. Wyo.. 369 

Avery, Sue Carmen, 369 

Awerkamp, Dweyne Roger, Whittier. Calif.. 72, 74. 343 

Aycock. Mai Edward. Vernal 


Bobcock, Lucille M.. Orem 

8achman, Rei Gene. Burley. Ida.. 343 

Bacon. Doris Mae R.. Hollywood. Calif.. 182. 185. 211, 212. 

217. 299 
Bacon, Samuel K.. Jr., Hollywood. Calif.. 17. 19. 282. 299 
Bacon, Wynefred Mae. Boise, Ida.. 323 
Boddley. Robert R„ Pasadena. Calif.. 337. 343 
Badger. Frank Alonto. Holden. 102. 323 
Bedouin, LaPrele Deane, Berkeley. Calif.. 23. 58 
Baer, Frederick D.. Lentana, Fla., 369 
Beer, Lerry Doneld, Morgan. 369 
Beer. Sherwln H.. Providence. 236. 294 
Boggeft. lucrelia L, Salt Lake City. 404 
Begley. Fern Jeenette. Koosharem. 342 
Begley. Gerald Call. Etna. Wyo.. 78. 255. 369 
Bagley, Lynne, Los Angeles, Calif.. 368 
Begley. Miriam G., Alamogordo. N. Me,,. 298 
Begley. Terrence Floyd. Etna. Wyo.. 78. 79. 250. 255. 343 
Bagnall S. Colleen. Ephreim. 247. 276. 323 
Beharienajod. Mohamad R.. Teheran. Iran. 368 
Bailey. Barbara M, American Fork. 68. 212. 284. 368 
Bailey. Charlene. Draper, 342 
Bailey. George Ralph. Salt Lake City. 404 
Bailey, Janice Colleen, San Fernando. Calif.. 233. 284. 368 
Bailey, Lorin Merrill. Clearfield 
Bailey. Rome. Salt Lake City. 64. 284. 404 
Bailey. Shirley Arlene, American Fork. 37. 212. 213. 262. 323 
Bair, Francis Leon, Shelley, Ida. 
Bair, Laura Lynette, Sandy. 64. 266. 368 
Baird. Joseph Mark. Draper, 368 
Baird. Kathleen. Provo. 224. 368 
Baird, Leadene. Lewiston. Ida.. 368 
Baird. Leote. Lewiston. Ida-. 56. 314 
Baird. Mai Henry, Heyburn, Ida.. 369 
Baird, Ramon Condie, Ogden, 237. 299 
Baird, Vaughn. Heyburn. Ida.. 369 
Baird. Wilford E. Provo 
Baker. Ann. Menlo Park. Calif.. 369 
Baker, Doreen Annette, Portervifle, Celif., 342 
Baker. Dorothy. Oasis. 369 
Baker, Larell Meacham, Richfield 
Beker, Lou Nell. Amarillo. Teies. 222. 342 
Baker. Rachel D.. Kjmberly, Ida.. 323 
Baker. Sharon. Burley. Ida., 244. 342 
Baker, Thomas Carl. Provo 
Baldwin. E. Beth, Monroe. 268. 315 
Ball. Connie Lee, Kaysville, 369 
Ball. Morganna Thomas. Huntington. N. Y.. 266 
Ball. Naomi Louise. Mesa. Arii. 
Ball. Richard Jemes, Provo 
Ball, Ruey Lerene. Lewisville, Ida., 280 
Ballantyne. David L.. Nyssa. Ore. 
Ballanryne. Verdon W.. Orem 
Ballard. Erald Langston. Rockvllle. 342 
Ballard, Harold Virgil, Idaho Fells.. Ida . 274 
Ballard. Leon T.. Snowflake. Ariz. 
Ballard. Marilyn. Arcadia. Calif.. 194. 276. 322 
Ballard. Nona Lavon. Bountiful. 369 
Ballard. Paul Darrel. Seattle. Wash.. 342 
Ballif. Arte Romney. Provo 
Ballif, Catherine Lou. Portlend, Ore.. 369 
Ballif. Mark Diion. Ogden. 322 
Ballif. Scott Welter. Ogden. 105. 112. 369 
Balser. Claude Alan. Provo. 299 
Bamberg. Carol Lu, Freeport. III.. 342 
Bang. Robert Alvm. Cincinnati. Ohio.. 368 
Bangerter. Darrell H„ Seattle. Wash.. 72. 251. 274, 342 
Bangerter. Norman H . Salt Lake City. 404 
Banks. Floyd Jenkins. Bancroft. Ida.. 218. 220 
Banks, Ray Hagan, Spanish Fork 
Banks. Ronald Dee. Oakland. Calif.. 274. 343 
Banks. Roy Arthur. Battle Crook. Mich., 322 
Banks. Shirley Ann. Henderson. Nev., 368 
Banner. Gay, Burley. Ido.. 343 
Barber. Bern,s. Coalville. 404 
Barber, Lyman Carlyle, Provo, 368 
Barber. Robert B, Spanish Fork. 298 
Berbeiot. Eugene L . Meridian. Ida.. 405 
Barg. Ardolle. Self Leke City. 64. 242. 405 
Barkdull. Jay Harrison. American Falls. Ida.. 343 
Barkoll. Richard K, Sacramento. Celif.. 405 
Barker. Joanne. Ogden. 249. 298 
Barker. Renee June. Murray. 270. 343 
Barker. Robert Terry, Long Beach. Calif. 64. 282. 369 
Barlow, Bowman Orlando, Provo. 368 
Barlow. Eleanor Mary. Salt Leke City. 228. 343 
Barlow. Glenn B, Santa Monica. Calif.. 343 
Barlow. Janet Marie. Santa Monica. Calif.. 212. 40S 

Barlow Lynn B.. Santa M 343 

Barlow. Paulino E.. Salt Lake City. 207, 368 
Barnard. Logan W., Rockland. Ida.. 343 
Barnard Robert C. Twin Falls. Ida.. 27tj. 343 
Barnes. Bernard J.. Seattle. Wash.. 27. 94. 197 
Barnes. Gary Albert. Helena. Mont.. 245. 342 
Barnes. Glenda Rose. Blackfoot. Ida.. 322 
Barnes. Joanne. Arco, Ida.. 369 
Barnes. Joseph Floyd. Raloigh. N. C 342 
Barnes. Judith Belle. Holtville. Calif.. 368 
Barnes. Katharine. Rupert, Ida.. 226. 298 
Barnes. Leah Pearl. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 238 
Barnes. Richard Lee. Toft. Calif.. 278. 368 
Barnes. Rlchord Lloyd. Salt Lake Cty. 248. 368 
Barnes. Robert James. Lewisville .Ida., 342 
Barnes. William Richard. Holtville. Calif, 369 
Barnett. Mary. Norwalk. Calif., 62. 74. 369 
Barnett. Owen Lewis, Ogden 

Barnett. Patsy. Ogden. 369 

Barney. Lymon Kendall. Yakima. Wa>h,, 369 

Barney. Ralph Dale. Flagstaff. Arii, 38. 342 

Barnhlll. Lois Arlene. Coffeyvllle. Kan.. 232. 322 

Barr. Betty Jeon. Sanford. Colo.. 272. 369 

Barrett, Marilyn June, American Fork. 342 

Berratt. Paul. Amorican Fork. 66 

Barrett. Dallas Leslie. Provo. 369 

Barrett, Eulene, Orem 

Barrett, John Clerk. Orange. Teias. 342 

Borrett. Stephen Lee. Berkeley. Calif.. 175. 208. 320. 322 

Barrle. Betty M . Idaho Falls. Ida.. 369 

Barrott. A. Lloyd. Provo. 208. 322 

Barrow. Barbara Joan. Salt Lake City. 224. 369 

Barson. Vaudis. Inglewood. Celif.. 370 

Bertanen, A. Marie. Seattle. Wosh, 251. 370 

Bartholomew, Earl R . Provo. 298 

Bartholomew. Merle, Tullohome, Tenn., 370 

Bartholomew, Merlin G„ Van Nuys. Calif.. 404 

Bartholomew. Owen. Springville. 215. 298 

Bartleson. James Lerue. Rocklin. Calif.. 246 

Bartlett. Lela. Tridell. 322 

Bartley. William J.. Richfield 

Barton, James A.. Pleasant Grove. 278. 370 

Barton. Karl Gordon 

Barton, Norman. Pleasant Grove. 370 

Bartschl. Marilyn. Salt Lake City. 62. 370 

Bascom, Carl Larry. San Francisco, Calif.. 404 

Bassett. Arthur Ray. St. Anthony. Ida.. 208. 342 

Bassett. Eloulse. Delte. 64. 370 

Bassett. Ramon. Eugene. San Francisco, Calif.. 193. 323 

Bostian. Larry Weldon. Spokane. Wash.. 68. 70. 74. 76. 3 70 

Bastion, Richard Shan, Nampa, Ida. 

Batchelor, Demar L„ Portland. Ore.. 404 

Bote, William John, Jr., Eureka 

Bateman, Charles Neldon. Sendy. 370 

Bateman, Ralph H„ American Fork 

Bates, George Ernest. Vancouver, B. C 222. 322 

Betes. Sherry Lee. Murteugh. Ido.. 371 

Batted. Arlene K.. Howoll. 371 

Bouer, Helen Carol. Provo, 342 

Baugh, Sharon, Preston, Ida. 

Baum. J. Haws. Provo. 298 

Baum. John Edgar, La Grande, Ore.. 371 

Baum, Ronald Charles. Provo. 70. 371 

Beumgarten, David Reed. San Bernardino. Calif., 371 

Baumgarten. James N., San Bernardino. Calif., 193. 370 

Baiter, Deon Devon, Hyrum. 404 

Baiter, Elwood, Orem 

Baiter. Helen Gee. Salt Lake City. 90. 233. 256. 323 

Baiter, Joyce Lynn. Chulo Visto. Calif.. 70. 370 

Baiiw. Jean Doris. Rochester. N. Y.. 64. 370 

Beach. Edward Lavair. Burbank. Calif.. 255 

Beach. Gary Alan. Idaho Foils. Ido.. 278, 323 

Beols. Poul Elrlck. Springville. 370 

Been. Audrey Joanne. Seattle. Wash., 186. 244. 2SI. 370 

Bean. Bettylou Gordon. Provo. 204, 323 

8ean, Lael Roe, Seattle. Wosh, 270. 342 

Been. Phyllis Lynde. Twin Foils. Ido.. 62. 370 

Boon. Ronold H , Seottle. Wosh.. 102 

Been. Walter Ellis. Lo Gronde. Ore.. 208. 323 

Board. Ann, Brigham 

Board. Beth Bott. Brigham. 323 

Beard. Betty Bott. Brighom 

Beard. Judith Ann. Idaho Fall>. Ida. 

Beard, Mary Bemice. Coalville 

Beardall, Georgeno Mae. Sprlngvila 

Beardsley. Bruce, West Covina, Calif. 

Bearnson, William John, Springville 

Beasley. Janeen. Brigham, 64, 276. 323 

Bearer, Duone. Leyton. 343 

Beeier. Gereld Roland. Idaho Falls. Ida. 

Beator, Keith Jay. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 343 

Boo;or. Wllliom. Provo. 297 

Beck, Clive Lerve, Pleasant Grove, 371 

Beck. Dorothy Mildred. St. Louis. Mo 371 

Beck. Gayle. Ogden. 232 

Beck. Janet Ruth, Provo. 42. 92. 371 

Beck. Jay Lester. Springville 

Beck. Kathleen. Provo. 270. 343 

Beck, Lewis Reid. Sprirvg City 

Beck, Merrill C-, Americon Fork 

Beck. Patricia Lynn. Provo. 323 

Berk. Ronald Orln. Meso. Arii . 56. 323 

Bock. Verla. Ovid, Ido . 230. 232. 322 

Beckett. Janice R, Loi Angeles. Cal.f.. 64. 256. 343 

Bockhem, Ide Lee. Provo 

Be, Imon. Ir-nard W., Orem 

Beckstead. Coleen, Riverton. 3 71 

Beckstead. Joy Ann. Rivorton. 19. 205. 215. 250 343 

Beckstead. Marriner L . Nephi. 

>-a Lee. Preston, Ida.. 246 

■ 62. 70f. 284. 343 
.-d. DeLyle. Meadow. 322 
aid, Herlo Mel. American Fork 322 
50, 371 
m, Blaine H.. Spanish Fork. 322 

•r Ida, 343 
Beebe Robert Mort.n Provo 
Beecroft. Do* i 

Beecroft. Sondra. Pi 

Monte D.. Pleasant Gr. v.- 343 
Beesley. Orson Allen, Rivera. Calif.. 370 
Wayne Oiley. Spr.ngville 
Morjorio Jane. R 343 

Bogey Betty Ellen. Sh.prock. N. Mei . 3*7 

bert R, Ogden, 74. 299 
Bekker. Lee Domoyne. Son Leondro. Calif.. 404 
Bolisle. Hannah Jone. Mans La , 342 
Bell. Alice Ann. Ma' I 
Bell Richard Dermont. Salt Lake C.t) 222 299 

herd Leslie. Salt Lake City. 37. 46. 215 322 
Bell. Rose Marie. Salt Lake City. 370 
Belliston. Colleen. Salt Lake C.ty. 342 
Belliston. Gerald Lamar. Pleasant Grove. 3 70 

8elliston. John Edwin, Nephi 
Bellows, Jonet Marie. Nephi. 370 
Bellows. Ray D, Payson 
Belnep. Porley Lelend. Hooper. SB. 294 
Belt. Peggy Sue. Los Vegos. Nev. 
Bement. James C. Provo, 370 
Bench. Colene. Duchesne. 370 
Bench. Lelend Donold. Oakland. Cal.f . 370 
BendoM. John R, Price. 299 

Bender. Russell Melvin. Billings. Mont.. 60. 245. 370 
Benhem, Patricia. Idaho Falls. Ide. 
Bennett. Albert. Jr. Twin Falls. Ida. 
Bennett. Albert Clarke. Hansen, Ida.. 58. 371 
Bennett. Aldo Jane. California. 322 
Bennett. Betty Lea. Delte. 62. 284. 371 
Bennett. Carol J . Warren. Ore . 27. 29. 205. 347 
Bennett. Carolyn. Prestcn. Ido. 64. 239. 371 
Bennett. Dean T.. Preston. Ida., 239. 342 
Bennett. Deon RendaM. Carey. Id? 
Bennett. Douglas Roger. Magrath. Alberta. 342 
Bennett. Ernest F.. Dunn. N. C. 
Bennett. Ernest John. Sell Lake City. 218, 342 
Bennett. Eulelia Crane. Hansen. Ida. 
Bennett. Gladys Roe. Carl-- »6. 232 322 

Bennett. J. Von. Lehi. 322 
Bennett. Jerald Warren. Placerville. Co 
Bennett. John. Honsen. Ido. 
Bennett. June. Hansen. Ida 205. 217 322 
Bennett. Mary Jo. Orem, 371 
Bennett. Peter H.. Salt Lake City. 60. 371 
Bennett. S. John. Provo. 294 
Bennion. Owen, C.. Provo. 299 
Bennion. Robort C-. Vernon. 323 
Bennion. Roy Billings. Salt Lake City. 105. 371 
Bennion, Sandra Lee. Los Angeles. Calif.. 371 

Benson. Berbara A.. Washington. DC, 22. 23 56. 88. 93 

192. 212. 225. 226. 250. 253. 268. 318. 323 
Benson. 8oyd Wright. Tooele. 370 
Benson. Ilda Marie. Newton, 239. 284 342 

Benson. John V.. Parowan. 106. 108. 1 10. III. 343 

Benscn. Keith D, Porowon. 227. 315 

Benson. Kent. Preston. Ida . 208. 343 

Benson. Marilyn E.. Lynwood. Calif, 64. 370 

Benson. Maurine Iris. Pomona. Calif.. 23. S8. 264. 299 

Benson. Owen Jay. Ephreim, 299 

Benson. Ruth J, Silver Springs. Md.. 62. 211. 224 232 299 

Benson. Sherron Louise. Pomona. Calif.. 60. 2i. 

Bentley. Ella F„ Provo 

Benttey, Joseph C. Provo 

Bentley, Joseph T„ Provo 

Bentley. Marilyn. Provo. 62. 66. 188. 323 

Bentley, Richard T„ Whitt.or. Calif, 343 

Bent,, Dovid Williams. Venice. Calif. 323 

Berg. Moynard Carrol, Provo 

Berge. Dole Leroy. Long Beach. Calif, 260. 323 

Berge. Wayne K.. Coelinga. Calif . 260 

Bergere. Jemes George, r 

Bergin. Allen Eric. Spokane Wash, 323 

Bergquist. Ralph. Preston. Ida. 

Borgstedt. Efeanor Ann Salt Lake City 62. 184. 197. 280. 

Berlin. Dean Teggert 

Bernadot. Pearl Mane. Provo. 370 

Bernard. Graciele. Meiico. 370 

Bernard. Maria. 370 

Bernard,. Barbara. Provo 

Barrett. Bonnie LaRae. Seattle. Wosh, 189. 204. 205. 251. 
285. 343 

Berrett. Dee Altherla. Idaho Falls Ida, 323 

Berrett. Frank Edward Seattle. Wash, 188. 210. 299 

Berrett, Lamar C, Rtvejrl 

Berrett Veme. Prcvo 323 

B.rrett Wallace I, Provo. 298 

Berry. Dav.d Key. San Gabriel. Call' . 194, 255 343 

Berry. William N, Payvon. 298 

Bertth. Dorothy I Pa . 323 

Ber' 343 

Bertelsen. Delora Pearl. Spr.ngv.lle. 188. 224. 370 

Berthelson. Reta Roe. Conrad Mont. 232. 245 370 

Besendorfer. Jemes M. Heber. 298 
Besendorfer. Nancy Joan. Heber 3 70 
Sessey, Gereld Ed': - 


Bessey. William Nephi, Sunnyside, Wash.. 343 

Bethea. Marian Frances, Jacksonville, Fla.. 64. 371 

Bethers. Euray. Heber City. 404 

Bethsold, Eleanor G„ Bountiful. 195, 343 

Bettridge. Barbara J-, Caliente. Nev,, 371 

Beus. Gary Boyd, Nyssa, Ore., 342 

Beus. Kent B.. Nyssa. Ore.. 342 

Beus. Spencer William, Nyssa, Ore.. 342 

Bevan. Blanch Diane. Tooele. 224. 276. 371 

Sevan. Dorothy Joan, Twin Falls, Ida.. 276. 371 

Bevan, Richard Kelsey, San Mateo. Calif.. 217. 298 

Bevans. Margaret Ann. Helena. Mont., 245, 371 

Beveridge. Larry Michel, Pleasant Grove, 70, 371 

Bice. Georgia, Nampa. Ida.. 342 

Bickel. Idora Marie. Kearney. Neb.. 183. 211, 298 

Biddinger. Russell Lee, Manassa, Colo.. 224 

Biesinger, Deon. Midvale, 322 

Bigelow. David Owen. San Carlos. Calif.. 342 

Bigelow. Grant White. San Carlos. Calif.. 35. 189. 208, 340, 

Bigelow, Peggy Joyce. Rialto. Calif.. 342 
Biggs. Billie Alfred, Springville 
Biggs, Hazel Dawn, Tooele 
Bigler. Larae Lee, Sepulveda, Calif., 371 
Bigler, Walter H„ Provo 
Bignall. Rosalie. Heber, 217, 322 
Billings. Keith Henry, Brigham ,208, 342 
Billings. Lois Marilyn. Harbor City. Calif.. 276. 343 
Billington. Nadine, Idaho Fals. Ida., 64. 371 
Bills, Anita Loree, Carmen, Ida., 322 
Bills. Ronald Howard, Spanish Fork. 370 
Bills. Theodore Alvin, Provo 
Bills, William Harvey, Emmett. Ida.. 404 
Billstrom. Richard A.. Chula Vista, Calif., 343 
Binch, Wayne George. American Fork 
Binder. Christa, Provo, 370 
Bingham, Carol. Garland. 232. 322 
Bingham, Gerald. Spanish Fork. 298 
Bingham. Jan, Westwood. Calif., 322 
Bingham, John Irvine. Emmett, Ida., 70. 241. 370 
Bingham, LeaAnn, Salt Lake City. 62 
Bingham. Luann, Salt Lake City, 238. 370 
Bingham. Michael. Leland. Idaho Falls. Ida., 370 
Blniaz. Amir Mehdi. Tehran, Iran, 370 
Binks, Glade Erlckson, Springville 
Binks. William Bernell. Springville. 405 
Binns, John Lester. Spokane. Wash.. 70. 343 
Birch, Garnet Elmer. Taber, Alberta. 64, 240, 244 
Birch, Thomas Reed. St. Anthony. Ida. 
Bird. Adren J.. Re>burg. Ida., 298 
Bird. Alma DeeLee. Provo. 116, 298 
Bird. Arvil D.. Bluebell. 405 
Bird. Carol. Pocatello, Ida.. 370 
Bird. Claudia, Los Angeles, Calif.. 343 
Bird. Donald Richard, Las Vegas. Nev.. 222. 370 
Bird. Helen Gertrude. Ocean Springs. Miss 370 
Bird. Lillian Gold. Salt Lake City 
Bird, Lynn Hurst. Mapleton 
Bird, Mary Ann, Mapleton, 371 
Bird. Paul Clegg. Springville 
Bird. Talmege C., Jr.. Greenwood. Tenn.. 371 
Bird. Velene. Salina. 299 
Bird. William Parker, Springville 
Birks. Orval J„ Nampa. Ida.. 371 
B.rrell. Clifford Roy, Twin Falls. Ida., 371 
Birrell, Jerry Glen, Provo. 343 
Birrell, Marilyn. Salt Lake City. 343 
Bischoff. Keith M., Swink, Colo.. 218. 299 
Bischoff. Patricia. Salt Lake City. 230, 299 
Bishop. Clarence R.. Hinckley 
Bishop. Dean Angus. Payson, 343 
Bishop. Edward James. Coulee. Alberta. 240, 371 
Bishop. Jesse N„ Jr.. Alton, III.. 371 
Bishop. Lloyd Kay. Provo. 70. 74. 76. 78 
Bitter. Reed Kirk. Twin Falls. Ida., 114, 278. 320 
Bitton. Gary W.. Blackfoot, Ida.. 260, 371 
Bitton, Marilyn Ruth. Blackfoot. Ida.. 371 
Bjarnson. Sharlene N., Springville 
B|ork. Barbara Mae. Sandy. 371 
Bjork. Lois, Salt Lake City, 256. 343 
Bjorkman, Marcia. Culver City. Calif., 264 343 
Black. Blaine L.. Provo 
Black. Cleo Kay. Boulder. Nev. 
Black. Edward Lee. Provo 

Black. Franklin S.. Laramie. Wye. 250. 252. 370 
Black. Kathryn Ekins. Delta. 344 
Black. Keith Ernest. Delta, 323 
Black. Kelly Jarvis, Phoenix, Ariz., 322 
Black, Ladd J.. Delta. 299 
Black. Leland Earl. Provo 
Black. Mai Clark. Delta, 240. 370 
Black. Melba Ralph. Provo 
Black. Naida Ann, Tooele. 175. 177. 290. 299 
Black. Oaine. Blending. 344 
Black. Paul Dean, Blending, 344 
Bl« ker, Marvin Ladell, Heyburn, Ida., 370 
6(ackham, Earl Donnell, Moroni, 322 
Blackham, Samuel Max. Ruth, Nev., 323 
Blackham. William R„ Jr.. Long Beach. Calif., 255 
Blackhurst. John Hoyt. Pocatello, Ida,, 258. 323 
Blackley, Bob. Provo 
Blackley. DeMoyne D.. Provo, 370 
Blackley. Glen Leon. Springville 
Blackley. William F.. Heber. 299 
Blackwelder, Judith. Cincinnati. Ohio. 344 
Blair. John Leland. Glendale. Calif. 
Blair, Julia Gay. Idaho Falls, Ida.. 211. 299 
Blair. Robert Wallace. Santa Barbara. Calif. 192 299 
Blaisdell, Ann Terry, Oahu. Hawaii, 370 

Blaisdell, Gary Alden. Fairfield. Calif.. 60, 405 

Blaisdell. Makee K.. Oahu. Hawair. 94 

Blake. David Glen. Lindon. 188. 370 

Blake. Dianne Evelyn, Pleasant Grove, 370 

Blake. Roger O, Jr.. Provo 

Blake. Rulon D., Idaho Falls. Ida. 

Blake. Van Holt. Glearfield. 249. 298 

Blanch. Claude C. Ogden, 101. 102. 116. 344 

Blanchard, Dixie. Sacramento. Calif.. 370 

Blanco. Oscar, Chih., Mexico 

Blanding. Myra Ellen, Glendale, Calif., 323 

Blankenstein. John B., Provo 

Blatter, Gailya Dee. Centerville. 370 

Blatter, Glenn R.. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 298 

Blatter, Kay Monte, Idaho Falls. Ida.. 344 

Blatter. Lynn. Idaho Falls. Ida., 323 

Blau, E. Nadine. Logan. 192. 405 

Blau. Glenna Deen, Logan, 371 

Blauer. Harold W.. Burley. Ida., 298 

Blauer, Jay Arnold, Burley, Ida. 

Blauer, Lanis. Burley. Ida., 62. 344 

Blaylock. Marilyn Jean, Buhl. Ida.. 64. 183, 344 

Blaylock, Max Wayne. Nyssa, Ore., 323 

Blinco. Eugene Loyal, Salt Lake City. 66, 233. 323 

Bliss, Charline Patsy. Cave Junction, Ore., 344 

Blodget, J. Alan. Vale. Ore.. 298 

Blomquist, Kathryn, Richfield, 345 

Bloom. Bradley Bruce. Boise, Ida., 208, 345 

Bloomquist, Milton R., Orem 

Bloxham. Gwen Lee, Kaysville, 345 

Blume. Patricia Ellen, Brawley, Calif., 371 

Bluth, Lothaire E„ Jr., Mesa, Ariz., 323 

Bock, Margaret Ruth. Ogden, 323 

Bodily, Afton, Gusher, 322 

Bodily. Arlyn R., Jerome, Ida. 

Bodily, Norman, Moses Lake. Wash.. 218. 220 

Bodily, Sheryl Lamar, Meridian, Ida.. 371 

Bodily, Waldo C, lona, Ida., 322 

Bodine, Bill Glenn, Miami, Ariz.. 227 

Boehme. Norma Elva, Geneva. Ida. 

Bohanan. James A.. Twin Falls. Ida., 278. 345 

Boice. Charles Elwin. La Crescento, Calif,. 231. 3?i 

Boice. Maevonne, Roemo, Colo.. 371 

Boice. Raymond John, San Bernardino, Ca'if.. 371 

Boley, Douglas Allen. Jr.. Los Angeles. Calif. 

Boley, Mackey 8., American Fork, 108 

Bolick, Glenda E., Provo 

Bolick, Larry Eugene, Provo 

Bolin, James Joseph, Baltimore, Md., 122. 371 

Bolin, Joan Edith, Baltimore. Mr.. 194. 371 

Bolinder. Richard Gail. Sacramento. Calif. 

Bolinder, Robert D., Sacramento. Calif.. 246, 370 

Bolles, Dean Leland. Hayward, Calif. 

Bond, Farrell Dee, Heber, 345 

Bond. Glenna Bell, Ramah, N. Mex., 62. 246. 370 

Bond, Joanne, Phoenix. Ariz., 262, 298 

Bond, Larry Keith. Ramah. N .Mex.. 246. 371 

Bond. Marta Sadie, Kirtland, N. Me*., 244, 273. 344 

Bond, Paul Maeser, Mesa, Ariz., 370 

Bonser, Emma Mae, El Monte. Calif.. 344 

Bonsteel, Beverly l„ Dryden, Mich., 370 

Bonsteel, Jewel. Diane. Dryden, Mich., 370 

Bonsteel, Sandra K., Dryden, Mich., 370 

Boone, Charles Lee. Gardena. Calif. 

Boone, James Louie, Boulder, Nev., 344 

Boone, Margaret Lillian, Edmonton, Alberta. 370 

Booth, Beverly Jean, Oregon, 370 

Booth E. Forrest, Nephi 

Booth. Earl H., Orem 

Booth, Edwar Kent, Provo. 298 

Booth, Gordon Dixon, Orem. 370 

Booth. Joan. Challis. Ida., 344 

Booth, Ronald W., Heber 

Booth. Wallace Rubin. Columbus, Ga.. 371 

Boren, Arlene A., Salt Lake City, 371 

Boren, Robert Reed, Jerome. Ida.. 371 

Boren, Wilford F„ Salt Lake City, 260. 344 

Borg. Rosemary, Inglewood, Calif., 276. 322 

Borgeson. June J.. Santaquin. 62, 344 

Borget. Paula. Aileen, Provo, 264. 322 

Boss. Colleen, Garland 

Boss. Karl C., Garland, 298 

Boswell, Carol Deane, Midvale. 62 

Boswell. Evan C. Provo 

Boswell, Margo, Provo. 371 

Boswell. S. Ralph., Provo, 16, 58. 93, 141, 174, 210, 215, 250, 

Boswell, Sharlene T.. Provo 

Bott, James Orval, Brigham City, 405 

Boucher. Harold David, Ontario. Canada. 240, 371 

Boucher, Yvonne Lee. La Mesa, Calif., 197 371 

Boulter, Acel Roy, Provo 

Boulter, Ronald. Provo 

Boulter. Virginia Lee. Sutton. Alaska, 371 

Bowden, Connie Gaye. Kimberly, Ida.. 181 243 371 

Bowden, Daloy C, Island City. Ore 191 298' 

Bowen. Bruel Leroy. Spanish Fork, 371 

Bowen. Harold M„ Coalville, 370 

Bowen, Jane Briggs. Salt Lake City, 276 370 

Bowen. Robert Odell, Spanish Fork 

Bowen, Walter D„ Pleasant Grove 

Bowers, Howard L„ Provo, 3 70 

Bowers, Sidney A.. Rosemead. Calif 

Bowman, George V„ Jr.. Salt Lake City 122 

Bown, Carl G., Manti, 299 

Bown, Marjorie Mary. Lynbrook. N. Y., 185. 253. 262. 340 344 

Boyack. Alan Sterling. Spanish Fork 

i\c J , e ,T" e ' 5a " Lab Ci *V' 58 - l84 - 204, 205, 268. 
J Id, J22 

Boyack. Paul Wallace, Provo 
Boyack, Russel William, Spanish Fork 
Boyce, Barbara Ann, Provo, 370 
Boyce. David Hoggan, Charlo, Mont., 299 
Boyce, James Sumner, Provo 
Boyd, Janice Elaine. Palmyra, N. Y., 370 

Boyden, Jacqueline Mona, Lethbridge, Alberta, 205, 240, 344 
Boyer, Blaine Myron, Springville. 299 
Boyer, Ernest Fritz, Springville. 278. 322 
Boyer, Francis O., Provo 
Boyer, Nada, Arco. Ida,, 370 
Boyer, Rae Ann, Springville, 322 
Boyer, Ruth Ann, Springville, 64, 344 
Boyer. Stanley. Springville, 345 
■adford, Jane Ann, Spanish Fork. 370 
adford, Leona White, Spanish Fork. 299 
adford. Nancy Ann, California, 370 
adford. Richard B.. California. 299 

dford. Robert Edward, Spanish Fork 
adley, Clifford R.. Pleasant Grove. 370 
adley. Ronald Rich. Las Vegas, Nev.. 370 
idshaw. Janet S., Claren Hills, HI., 58, 184, 214. 345 
dshaw. Jay Roy, Springville, 227, 345 
adshaw, Merlin E., Sacramento. Calif., 58, 235, 299 
dshaw, Merrill K.. Salt Lake City. 184, 210 
dshaw, Samuel L., Jr., Mesa, Ariz., 66 
ady, Anna, Grace, Sandy, 228, 371 
ady. Beverly Ann, Arlington, Va., 276. 345 
ady, Bryant, Provo, 299 
ady. Carol Ann, Bridgelend, 248. 371 

dy, Con H., Provo 
ady, Geneene, Midvale 

agg. Mary Helen, Long Beach. Calif., 64. 371 
aithwaite, Lee Fred, Provo 

amwell. Jean Thora, Oakland, Calif.. 224, 232, 322 
amwell, Joyce Ann, Ogden, 217, 300 
endenburg, Ray E.. Provo. 345 
andley, Carmen Marian. Provo, 371 
andley. Cleo Selk, Stirling, Alberta. 240. 268. 344 
andley, David Shelton, Raymond, Alberta, 300 
andley, Jacqueline N., Provo, 371 
andley, Joanne, Raymond, Alberta, 344 
andley. Nola Atwood, Raymond, Alberta, 322 
and-ley. Patricia, Stirling, Alberta, 240. 264. 323 

ndon, Jackie Ray, Chinook, Mont., 371 
annock, Richard A., Gorst, Wash., 19, 208. 215, 323 
att, Ross Lee, Spray, Ore., 300 
ay, Bonnie Louise, Provo. 224, 371 
eeze, Janice, Magna, 64. 371 
einholt. Robert W.. Phoenix. Ariz., 199, 215, 253 
eitenstein. Frank V.. China Lake. Calif., 197, 344 
emer, Carlene Joan, Bellflower, Calif., 210, 371 
ennan, Clifford A., Walla Walla. Wash., 323 
ennan, Stania Clarene, Walla Walla. Wash., 213, 344 
ner, Alice M., Santa Paula, Calif., 323 
•er, Carrie Joann, Salt Lake City 
<-er, Darlene Larae, Midvale, 372 
ewer, Laura Jane. Riverside, Calif., 70, 266, 323 

r, Ross Kelvin. American Fork, 323 
ewster, Bonnie Lu, Portland, Ore., 192, 344 
an, Emily, Loa, 372 
an, Sharron, Kamas, 276, 372 
dgeman, Leon Mead, Monrovia, Calif., 344 
dges, Sherwood Elgin, Montpelier, Ida. 
ggs. Cecil Joseph, Nephi, 372 
ggs, Hermine, Magrath, Alberta 
ggs, James Osterloh, Magrath, Alberta 
ggs, Larene E. Provo 
ggs. Loretta, Blackfoot. Ida., 256. 323 
ggs, Nancy Iretta, Provo. 41, 223. 281, 323 
ggs. Shirley Ann. Fredonia. Ariz.. 372 
ght, Charles Dean. Preston, Ida.. 372 
m. Willis L., Jr., Downey, Ida., 274 
mhall, James W., Pleasant Grove 
mhall, Marilyn Sue, Mesa. Ariz., 43, 72. 92. 207, 27o 
mhall. Norman Andrew. Pleasant Grove. 344 
mhall, Rodney Lee, Jax. Fla.. 372 
mhall, Verna B., Morro Bay. Calif.. 189. 372 
mley. Donna Janeen, Santa Monica, Calif, 224, 270. 300 
mley, Sterling N., Santa Monica, Calif.. 372 
mley, Vern, Salt Lake City 
nghurst. Fred R., Alhambra. Calif. 
nghurst, Patricia, Santa Barbara, Calif., 187. 373 
nkerhoff, Jack L.. Huntington 

nkerhoff, Virginia. Richland. Wash.. 38. 62. 177, 186. 373 
scoe, John Oliver. Santa Rosa. Calif.. 28. 373 
oad. William K.. Laie, Oahu, 244, 323 
oadbent, Beverly. Riverside, Calif., 213, 373 
oadbent, Jean E.. Ventura. Calif.. 43, 62. 64, 204, 262. 322 
oadhead, Jon Daken, Los Angeles. Calif., 254 
oadhead, Kent S., Provo 
ock. Edward Earl. Goldsboro. N. C, 373 

k, lleen Emily. Salt Lake City. 372 
ock, Perry Morris, Goldsboro, N. C. 3 72 
ockbank, Barbara Kay, Provo, 207. 372 
ockbank, Grant C., Provo. 64, 258, 300 
ockbank, Loren R., Salt Lake City, 372 
-"kbank, Paul E„ Provo 
oderick, Mary Dawn. Roosevelt. 2*8 
onson, Charlene June. Tremonton, 70. 372 
onson, Dixie Anna, Kamas. 244, 372 
ooks, Ben Hugh, Cardston, Alberta. 116. 123. 185, 372 
ooks, Clarence James, St. George, 241 
ooks, Fred Rugg, Flycreek, N. Y„ 372 
ooks, Jerry Dwayne, Phoenix, Ariz., 344 
ooks. Willa Nita, St. George, 241, 322 
ooksby. Lyle Orson, Fredonia. Ariz.. 241. 243, 246. 344 
oss. Ralph Gerald. Medford, Ore. 
otherson, Mary K., Salt Lake City, 272, 345 
ough. John Lynn, Nephi, 345 


Brough, Lawrence Don. Leven 

Brough. Martha Bernece, Bountiful. 300 

Brough. Vila'e. Keysville 

Brown, Anne, Teft. Calif.. 207, 364. 372 

Brown. Barry Eugene, Roll. Ariz.. 373 

Brown, Carole. Orem, 322 

Brown, Carolyn Marie. Salt Lake City. 270 

Brown, Clinton Dunbar. Letha. Ida.. 373 

Brown, David Curtis, Me*. a. Aril., 373 

Brown. Dennis Dean, Sandy. 345 

Brown, Donna Jan, Mesa, Arii. 

Brown, Donna Jean, Mesa. Ariz., 405 

Brown. Oonna Ruth. Miami. Arii.. 205. 271. 345 

Brown. Driggs Roy. American Fork 

Brown, Duaine J., Mesa. Arii., 373 

Brown, Eleanor, American Fori 

Brown. Elva. Lovell. Wyo.. 322 

Brown, Femeth, Chandler. Arii.. 276. 322 

Brown. Floyd Ray. Alhambre, Calif., 41, 223, 258. 338. 345 

Brown. Franklin W . Phoenii. Arii.. 300 

Brown. Garry Smith P.. Salt Lake City 

Brown. George Boots. Jr.. American Fori 

Brown. Geraldme, Queen Creek, Arii., 68. 224, 373 

Brown, Herold, Provo, 2 10 

Brown. Irma, Spanish Fork. 372 

Brown, Jerry Cecil, Provo. 113. 301 

Brown. Joan. Whittier. Calif.. 373 

Brown. Judith. Queen Creek. Arii., 224. 322 

Brown. Karen Maiine, Spokane, Wash., 372 

Brown. Kay F.. Arcadia. Calif.. 322 

Brown, Kay Maureen. Lafayette. Calif.. 372 

Brown. LaRae. Bountiful. 207. 372 

Brown, LaRce. Monficello, 405 

Brown. Larry Dean. West Jordan. 372 

Brown. Lawrence R.. Provo, 274 

Brown, Leonard Shirl, Loa 

Brown, Loraine. American Fork 

Brown, Lore Lee. Turner, Ore.. 64. 284, 404 

Brown, Lorene, Lovell. Wyo.. 183. 322 

Brown. Mack Walker. Clearfield. 345 

Brown. Marilyn Ruth. Ogden. 217. 249. 300 

Brown, Marjorie Faye, Alberta. Canada, 372 

Brown, Maurell Dee. Annabella. 404 

Brown. Paul Arnold. Buhl. Ida.. 102. 345 

Brown. Philip Ray. St. Johns, Arii.. 194. 282. 372 

Brown. Rea Lu. Provo. 345 

Brown, Rene Mae. Burley. Ida., 243. 372 

Brown, Robert Lynn. Roll. Arii., 294 

Brown, Russell Olsen, Provo 

Brown, Sharon Joann, Arcadia. Calif.. 66, 372 

Brown, Thomas Harold, Mid vale. 224 

Brown. Viva, Provo, 323 

Brown. Wallace Barrett. Salt Lake City. 205. 208, 322 

Brown. Walter Dean. Bleckfoct. Ida.. 373 

Brown. Wayne J., Mesa. Arii., 373 

Brown, Wayne Lamar, Monticellc 

Brown, Wayne Lester, Salt Lake City. 373 

Brown. Willard Ross. Alderman, Wash.. 194, 218. 219 220 

221. 323 
Browntee. Robert S.. Provo 
Broi. Blaine H.. Marysvale. 345 
Bruckmen. Jan Korom, Crompton, Calif.. 373 
Brunsdale. Kenneth Almo, Calgary, Alberta. 405 
Brunt, Carol Jean. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 270 
Brush. Dana. Oakland. Calif., 64 
Bryan. Hazal Venae. Tooele. 68. 180. 204, 323 
Bryan, Lauren Lee, Springville. 262. 373 
Bryan. Maiine. Long Beach, Calif., 284, 373 
Bryant, Billie Lane. Plnedele, Arii. 
Bryant. Georgia. Orem 
Bryant. Robert Wayne. Stockton. III.. 372 
Bryant. Willie Rae. Castleford, Ida.. 175. 373 
Bryner, Loren Conrad. Provo, 372 
Bryner, Louise. Price, 127. 323 
Bryson. Beth Ellen. Vernal, 270. 323 
Bryson, Julie Alene, Bountiful. 64 
Bryson. Ralph H., Vernal. 78. 258. 315 
Buchanan. Richard M.. Provo. 301 
Buchanan, Sharon Raye, Richfield. 234. 301 
Buchi. John Milton. Salt Lake City. 372 
Buck. Mildred Pauline. Salt Lake City. 372 
Buckley. Paul Zane. Rupert. Ida.. 64. 65. 244. 344 
Buckmiller. John David. Provo. 227. 344 
Bucknum. Daniel R.. Bend. Ore., 66. 70. 74, 245, 3 72 
Buckwelter. Barbara. American Fork. 225, 300 
Buckwelter, Jolayne. American Fork. 212. 372 
Buckwelter, Kathleen, American Fork, 213. 262. 323 
Buckwelter. Kent G.. Americen Fork, 323 
Buckwelter, Lee Edwin. American Fork 
Buettner. Roy Hans. Cerdston. Alberta. 123 
Buhler. Ned. Midway. 404 
Bull. Donnie. La Grande. Ore.. 301 
Bull. Lawrence W.. Woods Cross. 373 
Bulloch, Bevery Ruth. Henderson. Nev.. 373 
Bulloch. Boyd Coi. Henderson. Nev. 
Bullock. Be n | ami n Neil, Provo. 266, 344 
Bullock, Georgia Lea. Pleasant Grove. 68. 214. 344 
Bullock, Gordon Williams, Provo, 373 
Bullock. Joseph Jay, Ridgedale. Ida.. 222. 295 
Bullock, Ladell Ray. Alberta, Canada. 240. 373 
Bullock. Richard Bert. Provo. 373 

Bundy. Lena Birchall. Hanna. Wyo.. 194. 225. 226. 323 
Bunker. Leuwanna. Delta. 323 
Bunker. Lorine. Caliente. Nev.. 373 
Bunker, Paul Carson, Provo. 373 
Bunnell. Del* Leon. Provo. 372 
Bunnell. Leroy D.. Terhan. Iran. 344 
Burcfcle. Lloyd Henry. Greenbey. Wise. 
Burgener. Diiie Lee. Orem, 373 

B..rgener. Gary Arnold. Salt Lake City. 258 

Burgess. Van Edward. Alpine. 108. HO. 291, 300 

Burl. Noel W.. Portland. Ore.. 56, 3 73 

Burke. Emma RocheMe. Lakeside. Arii.. 238, 372 

Burke. Sherril. Shelley, Ida.. 404 

Burke. Una Renee. (rone, Ida. 344 

Burlinshaw, Willde Kay. San Bruno. Calif., 344 

Burmester. Carle Brown. San Mateo. Cal'f.. 224. 266. 367. 372 

Burnett. Beverly. Bo<se. Ida.. 344 

Burnham. Evva Jean. Sa't Lake C'ty. 324 

B'jrninghem, Gereldine. Woods Cross. 3 72 

Burninghem. Rodney W.. Chule Vista. Calif.. 266. 3 72 

Burns. Errol G.. Vernal. 404 

Burns. Shirley Mae. Ogden. 178. 226. 249. 300 

Burr, George Thomas. Moab. 324 

Burreston. Marilyn. Spanish Fori. 372 

Burrows. Judith Elaine. Ontario. Canada 344 

Burrows. Petricie Ann. Ogden. 62 37* 

Burrup, Ora H.. Provo 

Burt. Dav.d W.. Brighem, 3?4 

Burton, Carlyle S.. Payson 

Burton. George Ler. Provo 

Burton, Gerald Robert. Torrance, Calif.. 372 

Burton, Geraldine Ann. Price. 345 

Burton, Horace Larry. Payson 

Burton. Joseph Sherman. Payson 

Burton, Leah, Afton, Wyo.. 300 

Burton, Robert Corry, Harp Ferry, W. Va. 

Burton. Sheril Dale. Maled, Ida. 

Busby. Mona Rae. MonfebeHo. Calif.. 64 

Busch, Owen Charles. Dragerton 

Busch, William John, Las Vegas. Nev. 

Bush, Patricia Janiel. Santa Ana. Celif.. 62. 175. 180. 372 

Bushman. Margaret Ann, Lehi. 64. 373 

Bushman. Morris Smith. Provo. 324 

Busselberg. Carol Ann. Milwaulee. Wise. 373 

Butcher. Winnie Lee. San Francisco. Calif., 373 

Butler. Arthur, Orem, 19. 66, 200 

Butler. Ooneld C, Orem 

Butler. Frank Albert. Idaho Falls. Ida., 404 

Butler. Laura Joanne. Seattle. Wash.. 251. 268. 345 

Butler. Merle Jean. Lune. N. Me... 217, 262. 404 

8utler. Sandra Jean. Pico. Calif.. 198. 205. 338. 34S 

Butler. Sylvan G.. Hillspring, Alberta. 373 

Buttars. Orvin Allen. Burley. Ida.. 345 

Butters. Valeen. Weston. Ida., 345 

Butterfield. Dennie D.. Pocatello. Ida., 191 

Buttle. Elizabeth A.. Provo 

Buiton, Boyd Merlin. Moore. Ida.. 373 

Bybee. Oeone Annette. Nyssa. Oro.. 60. 345 

Bybee. Darilynn. Bed Bell. Calif. 197, 224. 244. 324 

Bybee. Don Ray. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 278. 324 

Bybee. John Raleigh, Smithfield 

Bybee. Shirley Ann, Chandler, Arii.. 345 

Byers. Frank Leroy. Rosemead. Calif.. 64 

Byrd. Jennings. La Grange. N. C. 254. 405 

Cable. Wayne Leroy. Hawthorne. Nev.. 120. 373 

Caffall. Alice Marlyene. Richfield. Ida.. 72. 372 

Cahill, Jerry P.. Provo. 187. 210. 233 

Cahill. Thomas E.. Milford 

Cahoon, Amelia Jane. Delta. 226. 300 

Cahoon, Edyth Mae. Delta, 300 

Cahoon, Leon A.. Leevitt Alberta. 300 

Calapp. Elmo Vincent. Salt Lake City, 345 

Celder, Carrie Kethryn, Vernal, 324 

Calder. Fred Hacking. Vernal. 243, 244. 248. 373 

Calder. Lois, Winnemucca, Nev. 

Calder. Milo David. Provo. 345 

Calderwood. Bob E.. Henefer, 300 

Caldwell, Don A.. Midvale. 301 

Caldwell. Gale F.. Midvale. 405 

Caldwell. James Dahl. Cardston, Alberla. 344 

Caldwell. Lowell C. Vernal 

CaloWI. Ray Edward. Cardston. Alberta. 190. 240 345 

Caldwell. Sheila. North Hollywood. Calif., 3 73 
Calhoun, Norman D.. Mesa. Arii. 405 
Callins, Glenn Edward. Peoria. Arii., 372 
Call, Anna Lou. Malad. Ida.. 194, 213. 224, 276. 344 
Call. Caryol. Layton. 372 
Call. Dellwyn Roberts. Burley. Ida.. 206. 344 
Cell. Eran Abegg. Ch.h.. Meiico. 325 
Cell. Fred. Rigby. Ida. 372 
Call. Heber Blaine. Rigby. Ide. 
Call. Jeanne Condie. Phoenii. Arii., 325 
Call. Lowell Eliason. Bancroft. Ida. 
Call. Margie. Las Vegas. Nev., 62. 224. 372 
Call. Marjorie. Appleton. Wise.. 194, 405 
Call. Marlene. Salt Lake City. 325 
Call. Neil Rees. Salt Lake City. 64. 372 
Call. Rita Rae. Citrus Heights. Calif.. 70. 244. 3 72 
Call. Rosalind Lucile. Oakland. Calif . 224. 232. 344 
Call. Udean Raoul. Burley. Ida. 
Call. Waldo. Pratt. Chih.. Meiico, 301 
Celleway. Delvin Vance. Altadene. Calif., 25S. 372 
Cellister, Carolyn. Delta.. 220. 325 
Cellisfer, David R.. Glendele. Calif.. 372 
Cellister. Geraldine. Spanish Fork. 224. 372 
Cellister. Janette. Spanish Fork. 1 78. 214. 225. 226 2SI. 325 
Calvert. David Ross. Greenville. 177, 279. 316. 324 
Calvert. Kent W.. Calient*. Nev.. 373 
Calvert. Robert A , Greenville 
Camargo. Anthony C. De. Brazil. 373 
Cameron, Stanley Ecdes. Provo, 282. 3 73 
Camp. Janee. Annabella. 162. 272. 373 
Campbell. David Forrest. Portland. Ore.. 76 

Campbell. Dorothy D.. Rupert. Ida. 

Campbell. Gary Dean, Nampe. Ida. 344 

Campbell. Lyman Marion. Vernal. 405 

Campbell, Merthe Anne. Detroit. Mich., 373 

Campbell. Maurice Lewis. Provo 

Campbell. Ohlen M. Richfield. 344 

Campbell. Roger Byron. Bekersfield. CaM.. 344 

Campora. Patricia J.. Stockton, Calif.. 405 

Candland. Dorothy N , Provo 

Canfie'd. Alen Richard. Provo 

Can field. Frank Bryden. Provo 

Cenfield. Ronald V.. La Junta. Colo. 246. 324 

Cannon. Alice G.. New Haven. Conn.. 217 

Cannon. CUwson. Provo. 224 

Cannon. Ooris B.. Provo 

Cannon. J. Terrance. Worlend. Wyo. 373 

Cannon. John Parkinson. Bleckfoot. Ida . 250. 373 

Cannon. Mildred C. B. Cincinnati. Ohio 

Cannon. Philip Ray. Eugene. Ore.. 114 120 218. 373 

Cannon. Sally. Lo* Angeles, CaM., 213. 276 324 

Cannon. Shirley Ann. Henderson, Nev.. 64. 3 73 

Cannon. Sinclair, New Haven. Conn. 

Cannon. Suianne. Los Angeles. Calif., 276. 374 Earlene. Las Cruces, N. Mei.. 62. 264. 3?3 

Cerdall. Norman, Provo 

Cardon. Earl Leon, El Paso, Teias. 324 

Cardon. Ellen. Durengo. Colo., 224. 226. 372 

Carl. Ronald Raymond. HoMydeU. Calif.. 405 

Cerlile. Don F„ Heber 

Carlile. Nettie Roielle. Tab. era. 248. 372 

Carlisle. Gerald. Payson 

Carlisle. Nolo, Americen Fork, 178. 224. 284. 324 

Carlson. Bill Leroy. Portola. Calif.. 372 

Carlson, Daniel D.. Provo 

Carlson. Darlene Dolly. Monterey Perk. Cal.f.. 98. 262 

Carlson, Keith T., Orem. 78 

Carlson. Marvel Lee. Las Vegas. Nev.. 124. 127. 301 

Carlston. Nancy. New York. N. Y.. 276. 345 

Carlston. Wm. W.. Salt Lake City 

Carmeck. John Key. Senta Barbara. Calif.. 301 

Carman. Diane. Milwaukie. Ore.. 219 

Carpenter, Howard L.. Jr . Pleesent Grove 

Carr. Doris Lorreine. Lejara. Colo, 374 

Carr. Gail Edwin. Lynwood. Calif.. 324 

Carr. Keith R.. Cares. CaM.. 345 

Cerr, William Charles. Provo. 345 

Carrawey. Clarence O . Baytown. Te»as. 404 

Carroll. Anita Louise. Bell. Celif.. 300 

Carroll. Maureen, Brighem. 372 

Carroll. Roscoe Davis. Orem 

Cerruthers, Joyce E., Idaho Falls Ida. 372 

Carson. Beth Louisa. Homedale. Ida.. 3 72 

Carson. Gary Lane. Dillon. Mcnt.. 245, 325 

Carter. Annette. American Fork. 213. 224. 372 

Carter, Barbara Ann. Provo. 345 

Carter. Betty. Ogden, 133. 325 

Carter. Don C. Bleckfoot. Ide.. 260. 404 

Carter. Elenor. Joenn. Lehi, 20. 37, 2 1 3. 246, 372 

Certer. Harold Leroy, Provo 

Carter. James Robert. Merion. Ky.. 404 

Carter. Janet Arline. Salt Lake City, 276 

Carter. John Leroy. Nephi. 3l5 

Carter. Keith Norman, GlendaU. Arbt, 373 

Carter. Kenneth Evans, Provo. 301 

Carter. Nadine Beth. Burley. Ida.. 276. 300 

Carter. Paul Smith, Salt Lake City. 66. 300 

Carter. Ray Livingston. Burley. Ida.. 222. 300 

Carter. Roderick Brian. Santa Barbara. CaM. U4 186 282 

Carter. Sharon. Buhl, Ida.. 62 
Cartwright, Carolyn C. Orlando. Ha.. 3 73 

Carrwr.ght. Marilyn, Ogden, 66 

Cartwright. Mary Jean. Draper. 204, 345 

Casavantes. Jose A. F.. Chih.. Meiico. 

Case. Gayle. Altemont. 248. 373 

Caseman. Kathleen. Provo. 60. 204. 214, 224. 235. 245 

Casey. Colleen Mae. Richfield. 224. 3 73 

Castagno. Loraine. Tooele. 211. 230. 232. 300 

Castillo. Jorge Israel. Guatemala. 274. 345 

Castillo. Rafael E.. Guatemala. 325 

Castteton. Joan. Springville. 373 

Cather. Jack Lloyd. Nampe. Ida . 227. 278. 325 

Catron. Joye Alene. Ogden. 373 

Cevender. Keith D„ Charleston. W. Ve . 325 

Cawley, Joseph Douglas, Savannah. Ga. 

Chadsey. Doie Lee. Murray. 3?3, Alice. Aurora. Minn.. 204. 345 

Chedwtck. Carolyn, American Fork. 3 73 Charlotte. Nampe. Ida.. 372 Glor.a May. Seattle. Wash 64 3?2 

Chadwick. Jerald Fay, American Fork Leila Brown. Parker. Ida.. 300 

Chamberlain. Edwin Carl, Ely Nev.. 72 344 

Chamberlain. Herbert L., Draper. 372 

Chamberlain. Jonathan. Kanab. 224 

Chamberlain. Franklin R.. St. George 372 

Chamberlain. Jeannin*. Bo se Ida . 221 245. 344 

Chambers. Mary K Prove. 224. 281 344 

Chambers. Richard W.. San Diego. CaM H6 254 325 

Chambers. Robert B Provo 

Chandler. Howard Kay. R.gby Ide . 344 

Chandler. Jerel.e Mae, CaatarviKa 

Chenslor. Lewis Parker. Reno. Ne. 

Chapmen. Cherrline, Etne. Wyo. 

Chepman EaH W.. Weston, Id* . 372 

Chapman. J Mam. 374 

Chapman. Kenneth Samuel. Ment. 3 '2 

Chapped. Thomas La* na •** 

Charles Marlene P. * 


Charles. Rudy W., Bancroft, Ida.. 404 

Chase. Dolores, Berkeley. Calif.. 213. 276. 372 

Chase, Gwen, Berkeley, Calif.. 217. 276. 315 

Chare. Phillip D., Salt Lake City, 344 

Chase. William Eugene. Marion. Ohio. 246. 404 

Chatelain, Hazel Dianne. Salt Lake City 

Chatterly. Louis J.. Kanab. I 17, 300 

Chavez. Carmen C. Juarez, Mexico. 372 

Chavez, Guillermo C, Mexico 

Cheeakwai, Glenn. Trinidad. 209. 344 

Chi. Youn Wol. Seoul. Korea, 242, 344 

Chidester, Dorothy. Salt Lake City. 178. 204. 224 

Chidester, John Leo. Bicknell, 315 

Chidester. Karla, Richfield. 64, 344 

Child. Val Dee, Nyssa. Ore. 

Childs, Doris Ann. Orem 

Childs, Franklin M., China Lake. Calif. 

Childs, Fred Cornaby, Springville, 404 

Childs. Kathleen, Springville, 207, 373 

Childs, Kenneth. China Lake. Calif. 

Childs. Lewis B., Springville. 324 

Childs, Marvin Howard, Henderson, Nev., 208, 345 

Chinen. Sakaye. Molokai, Hawaii, 404 

Ching, Opal S. Healanl. Kauai, Hawaii. 207. 373 

Chipman, Bevan Moyle. Magna 

Chipman, Dan Leroy, Welling. Canada, 373 

Chipman, Stephen M., American Fork 

Chittock, Dave Harry. Orem, 373 

Christensen, Adee. Las Vegas, Nev., 224. 3 73 

Christensen, Allen O, American Fork. 72 

Christensen, Anne, Driggs. Ida., 64, 345 

Christensen, Barlow F., Shelley. Ida., 301 

Christensen, Bonnie Ree, Manassa, Colo., 345 

Christensen, Carla Jean. Fayette. 324 

Christensen, Carol Jean, Salt Lake City, 64 

Christensen, Carole, Farmington, N. Mex., 373 

Christensen, Clay Ben, Redlands, Calif., 373 

Christensen. Clem Homer. Provo, 301 

Christensen. Clyde A., Springville, 254. 301 

Christensen, David Alma, Pleasant Grove, 374 

Christensen. David C, Denver. Colo., 68, 278. 373 

Christensen, Dawn, Driggs, Ida., 301 

Christensen, Don V., Orem, 374 

Christensen, Duane L., Long Beach. Calif.. 80 

Christensen, Elva F.. Kingman, Ariz.. 38, 62, 186, 324 

Christensen. Erlene, Farmington, N. Mex., 64, 244, 374 

Christensen. Gayle. Driggs. Ida.. 189, 250, 374 

Christensen, Gayle B., Bancroft, Ida.. 301 

Christensen, Grant A.. Oak City, 404 

Christensen. Geneil G., Levan, 345 

Christensen, Gerald E., Ogden 

Christensen, Helen, Fairview, 301 

Christensen, Jack Ring, Logan, 374 

Christensen. Joan. Ogden, 204. 249, 324 

Christensen, John M., Arlington. Va., 208, 345 

Christensen, Karen, Salem 

Christensen, Lorimer, Spanish Fork, 345 

Christensen, Louis L. Walnut Creek. Calif., 105. 374 

Christensen, Mary Ann, Las Animas. Calo.. 272, 344 

Christensen, Mary J., Manila. 193. 230, 232. 233, 324 

Christensen. Mary M., Provo, 72. 344 

Christensen, Milton D., Weiser, Ida,, 301 

Christensen. Nancy Lee, Salt Lake City, 374 

Christensen, Neal F., San Diego, Calif., 255, 344 

Chris+engen, Ned Jay. Clarkston, 236, 295 

Christensen, Patricia, Provo, 262, 344 

Christensen, Paul J., Las Vegas, Nev. 

Christensen, Peggy A.. Provo 

Christensen, Peggy L., Fruitland, Ida.. 72, 374 

Christensen. Ray E.. Provo. 300 

Christensen, Ray G„ Granby, Colo., 374 

Christensen, Richard B.. Oklahoma City, Okla., 227, 300 

Christensen, Robert R.. EHensburg. Wash., 246, 375 

Christensen, Rosina L., Payson, 345 

Christensen, Sharil D., Payson 

Cb jlstensen Wilford G., San Diego. Calif., 235, 344 

Christensen, William K., Anfonito, lialo., J to 

Christensen, Winston E., Delta, 220 

Christensen, Wynn L., Driggs, Ida., 324 

Chrlstenson. Darwin W., Hayburn. Ida.. 28, 147, 218, 235 

Christian, Dwight Gary, Raymond. Canada 

Christiansen. Anita, Portland. Ore.. 270, 324 

Christiansen. Donald R.. Glendale, Calif, 345 

Christiansen. Dortha A., Gunnison 

Christiansen. M. Allen, Ogden. 197, 301 

Christiansen. Marglt A.. Elbaek, Denmark, 197 

Christiansen, Marlene. Salt Lake City. 226. 276. 315 

Christiansen, Norman L., Provo, 119 

Christiansen, Nell. Monroe 

Christiansen, Patricia, Monroe, 325 

Christiansen, Sherry L.. Provo, 375 

Christiansen, William P., Santa Rosa. Calif., 375 

Chun, Albert L. Ming, Hawaii. 375 

Chung. Henry Punt, Hawaii, 296 

Church. Elsie Almeda. Erie. Pa., 246. 374 

Church. Ramona, Henderson, Nev., 66, 374 

Clampitt, Winifred Sue, Northridge, Calif. 

Claridge. Bessie Carol. Duncan, Ariz., 238. 374 

Clark, Audrey Mae, Grand Junction, Colo.. 60, 324 

Clark. Chad W.. Georgetown. Ida., 115. 195. 216, 246. 325 

Clark, DaCosta Cecil Provo, 120, 259, 374 

Clark. Dan Bartletf, San Diego. Calif.. 374 

Clark. Delene. Meridian, Calif., 226. 284, 374 

Clark. Don M., Liberty 

Clark. Donald Dean, Yuba City. Calif., 325 

Clark, Donald Ward, Nampa, Ida., 345 

Clark. Elwood H.. Ogden, 325 

Clark, Frederick Horace, Provo 

Clark. Gail, Georgetown. Ida. 

Clark, Gaylan Charles. Morgan. 374 

Clark. Harold Glen. Inkom. Ida. 

Clark. Helen J., Provo. 217. 405 

Clark, James R., Provo 

Clark, Jeremiah H., Gusher 

Clark, Jon George. Provo, 282 

Clark, Julia Lorraine. Washington. D. C. 374 

Clark, Katherine Jean, Salt Lake City. 232, 374 

Clark. Leon G.. Morgan. 218, 235, 325 

Clark, Malcolm G., Ely. Nev., 278. 375 

Clark, Mary Elizabeth. Grantsville. 374 

Clark. Marlene Rea. Tremonton, 375 

Clark, Myrna Loretta. Salt Lake City, 405 

Clark, Nelda Lydia, Etna, Wyo., 205. 214, 344 

Clark, Philip H., Provo 

Clark, Sharlene, Provo 

Clarl, Theola Marie, Richfield. 224. 375 

Clark. Thomas Cecil, Pangiutch, 76, 325 

Clark, Varro Rocke, Idaho Falls. Ida. 

Clark, Wessley D.. Ogden 

Clark, Wilbur A., Lovell. Wyo.. 184. 216 

Clark, Willard Leonard, Pleasant Grove 

Clarke. Dorothy Jean, Pacific Grove. Calif. 

Clarke, Jill. Provo, 62, 375 

Clarke, John Alva. Provo. 375 

Clarke. Ralph Fames. Salt Lake City. 227. 300 

Clarkson, Donald Dean, Mesa, Ariz., 344 

Clarkson, Jack E.. Provo. 374 

Clausse, Shirley Jean, Orem, 374 

C lawson. Alvin George. Pasadena^ Calif.. 37 

Clawson, James Arthur, Modesto, Calif.. 325 

Clawson, Betty Jo. Grants. N. Mex. 

Clawson. Willard Lavar. Ramah, N. Mex.. 374 

Clay. George Blaine, Provo 

Clay, Orson C, Hutchinson, Kan., 177. 184, 194, 210, 218, 

220. 300 
Clayson, Harold W.. Alameda. Calif.. 194, 254, 325 
Clayton, Arvilla. Fairbanks, Alaska, 232. 325 
Clayton, Carole, Salt La>ke City, 62 
Clayton, Jerry Keith, Salt Lake City, 345 
Clayton, Kelvin C, Orem, 324 
Clayton. Kenneth P.. Rumson, N. J., 186 
Clayton, Patricia S., Provo 
Clayton. Sheila, Seattle. Wash., 374 
Clegg. Almon Hyrum, Heber. 374 
Clegg, Aria Jeannine, Provo, 62, 374 
Clegg, Darrel Lewis, Provo 
Clegg, George Udell. Provo, 115 
Clegg. James Lynn, Spanish Fork, 375 
Clegg, Kenneth Arnold, Provo. 375 
Clegg, Norma Lu Ree, Provo. 345 
Clement. Lois Gay, Idaho Falls. Ida., 375 
Cleverley. Vernal Lyle. Idaho Falls. Ida., 375 
Clifford. Leander Phil, Portland, Ore.. 266 
Clifford. Tonia Colleen. Portland. Ore., 405 
Cline, Charles Wallace. Craig. Colo.. 300 
Cline, Paul R., Richland, Wash.. 218 
dinger, Naomi, San Diego. Calif., 66, 375 
Close. Mel Dilkes, Jr.. Las Vegas. Nev.. 29. 35. 46, 184. 278. 

Clough, Gloria Marie, Salt Lake City, 345 
Cloward, Melvin G., Spanish Fork, 375 
Clucas. Jerry Keith. Meridian, Ida. 
Cluff, Barbara, Juarez. Mexico, 375 
Cluff. Chester Reed. Bellflower. Calif.. 375 
Cluff, Don C, Chandler, Ariz. 
Cluff, Kenneth Clarence, Provo 
Cluff. Oretta Jeanne. Central, Ariz.. 64. 324 
Clyde, Kathryn Jane, Heber, 281 
Clyde, Lynette Madsen, Provo 
Clyde, Richard Cornell, Springville. 375 
Clyde, Robert F., Provo 

Coates. Maurice Frank, Anaheim. Ca'if., 374 
Coats, Janette, Murray 
Cobabe, Irwin John, Hermosa, Calif., 345 
Cobbley, Glade O, Provo 
Cochran, Carolyn, Provo, 374 
Cochran, Ruth Annette, Omaha, Nebr., 62. 232 
Cockerham, Charles M., Locanger, La. 
Coffey. Glen Roger. Walla Walla. Wash., 374 
Coffin, Jack Lavell. W. Yellowstone, Mont.. 345 
Coffin. Sara Jean W„ Riverside, Calif.. 405 
Coffman, Glenn Wood. Jr., Springville 
Colby, Shelah Jane, Mesa, Ariz.. 374 
Cole, Leslie Wayne. Albuquerque, N. Mex., 76, 405 
Cole, Shirley Coleen, Albuquerque, N. Mex., 64. 324 
Coleman, Iris, Orem, 374 
Coleman, Lavoy, Orem. 345 
Coleman. Norman Kenney. Springville. 18. 25. 179. 215, 282. 

Coleman. Ronald J., Ely, Nev.. 300 
Coles. Floyd Herschel, Payson. 374 
Coles, Scott C, Provo, 374 
Collamer, Richard James, Royal Oak, Mich. 
Collard, Cathy, Provo. 233, 270 
Collard. George E.. Jr., Provo. 258 
Collard, Kenneth Will, Provo 
Collard. Lorraine. Idaho Falls, Ida.. 345 
Collett, Carol Luana, England, 375 
Collier, Douglas Dowdle, Salt Lake City 
Collier, Robert D., Murray, 215, 315 
Collier. Wendell. Vernal, 248 
Collins, Colleen, Provo 
Collins. Gary, Max, Provo. 115. 405 
Colovich, Donald G.. Eureka. 324 
Colt, John C. Salt Lake City. 266 
Colton, Grace Eleanor, Roosevelt, 300 

Colver, Jay Clair, Springville 

Colwell, Sherrill J., Placerville. Calif., 270 

Comer. Paul, Lehi 

Comes. Barbara Joan. Scotisbluff. Nebr.. 200. 214. 224. 345 

Cornish, D. Clayton. Payette, Ida., 344 

Conder, Glen David, American Fork 

Conder, Jerry Gillman, Bishop. Calif., 375 

Conder. Valerie, Bishop. Calif.. 126, 268, 344 

Condie. Arthur P., Springville. 344 

Condie. Ceclia, Twin Falls. Ida., 281 

Condie, Gene Joseph, Richfield 

Condie, Jessie Packard, Springville 

Condie. Reed Glen. Pres-ton. Ida.. 239, 282. 375 

Conger, Gordon Gene. Seattle. Wash.. 177, 183. 282, 339, 

Conine, Dorothy Arlene, Chyenne. Wyo., 405 
Connary, Lucille. Salt Lake City. 375 
Connell, Harold Gregory. Washington, D. C. 58. 295 
Connelly, Gordon L., American Fork, 324 
Conners, Nancy Bernlce, Bucksport, Maine 
Conover. Martin W., Springville. 70, 375 
Conrad, Sybil, Provo, 344 
Contreras, Carlos A., Honduras, C. A., 301 
Contreras, Ruben Zunlga, Honduras, C. A., 375 
Cook, Alan Dennis. Syracuse, 68, 195 
Cook, Berlyn Joseph, San Diego. Calif.. 375 
Cook, Carma Claudette, Hooper, 62 
Cook, Carol Marie, Carey, Ida., 62, 374 
Cook, Clarence Ronald, Mesa, Ariz. 
Cook, Evelyn, Shelley, Ida,, 324 
Cook. Ivan B„ Fruitland, Ida., 324 
Cook, Jack Robinson, Cheyenne. Wyo., 252, 325 
Cook, Lelah Mae. Fossel. Ore., 180, 404 
Cook, Loma Marjorie, Hooper, 56 
Cook, Loretta Vivian. Walnut Creek. Calif.. 273. 374 
Cook, Mary Alice, Enterprise. 325 
Cook. Mary Ellen. Las Vegas, Nev., 178. 281. 301 
Cook, Philip Chailes. Hogansburg. N. Y. 
Cook, Varlene, Willard. 195, 204. 205. 217. 325 
Cook, William A., Rigby. Ida.. 344 
Cooley, Charles T., Cedar City 
Coombs, Diana Joan. Kennebunk, Maine. 126. 344 
Coombs. Jesse R., Fairview 
Coombs, Orris Dow, La Juara, Colo., 325 
Coon. Richard Archie, Chula Vista. Calif.. 266. 374 
Coons. Ezra. Dale, Mesa. Ariz., 78 
Cooper, James Arnold. Cherokee. N. O, 325 
Cooper, Kenneth G., Panguitcii, 72. 209. 282. 325 
Cooper, Marilyn, Areata, Calif., 224, 374 
Cooper, Marilynn Jane, Nampa, Ida., 374 
Cope, Dean Clinton. Seattle, Wash., 374 
Copeland, Carolyn L., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Copeland. Elda Nona. Jacksonville, Fla.. 64. 374 
Corbett, Carol Jean, Great Falls. Mont.. 374 
Corbett, Cecelia Ann. St. George, 241, 375 
Corbett, George Boyd. Provo. 78. 325 
Corbett, Glenn Mitchell, Worland, Wyo.. 375 
Corbett, Lawrence R., Worland, Wyo., 325 
Corbett, Mary E.. Washington, D. C. 212, 224, 277. 344 
Corbett, Robert Leroy, Orem, 344 
Corbett, Tuana. Salmon, Ida., 375 
Corey. Richard I., Idaho Falls. Ida.. 301 
Corless. Lajean, Provo. 345 
Cornaby. Kay S., Provo, 375 

Cornfor'd, George James, Monterey, Calif., 114, 120. 324 
Cornia, Neta Mae, Woods Cross, 405 
Cornia, Ross H., Woodruff, 345 
Cornwell, Janis S. Bean, Salt Lake City 
Corr, Barbara Jean, Kauai, Hawaii. 375 
Corry. Dorothy M., Delta, 301 
Cortez, Ross D., Winsor, La., 168, 233, 345 
Coster, Claudia, Burley, Ida., 64 
Cote, Leo Francis, Amesbury, Mass. 
Cottam. Carolyn. Provo, 19, 180, 205. 232. 339, 345 
Cottam, Delmar R.. Escalante, 345 
Cottam, Margery Brown, Provo 
Cottle. Kenneth Lyle. Nyssa. Ore., 60, 375 
Coughran, Marilynn Dee. Los Angeles, Calif.. 375 
Coulam, Blllle Jane, Los Angeles, Calif., 265, 301 
Coultas. Reginald Hess, Carmel, Calif., 375 
Couzens, Darlene Rae, Portland, Ore., 375 
Covey. Barbara Jean, Arcadia. Calif.. 207, 374 
Covington, Oral Ray. Hurricane 
Covington. Wayne Leroy, Pingree, Ida. 
Cowan. Claudine, Cedar City. 284, 374 
Cowan, Cyntha A., Provo 
Cowan, LuJean, Boulder, Nev., 345 
Cowan, Malba Jean, Payson, 374 
Cowles, Alvin B., Escalante, 374 
Cowley, Chad Joseph, Venice, 324 
Cowley, Dean Farrel, Venice 
Cowley. Dorothy L„ Phoenix, Ariz., 228. 324 
Cowley, Fred L.. Orem 
Cowley, Jerome L., Layton 
Cowley, Johnny, Heber, 374 
Cowley. Kaye Sylvia. Baltimore, Md., 374 
Cowley, Kendall F.. Heber, 324 
Cowley. Stana Louisa, Layton. 246, 374 
Cowley. William H.. Provo, 301 
Cowsert, Karen N., Brawley. Calif. 
Cox, Alta, Provo. 224, 225, 301 
Cox, Boyd Ray, Kaysville, 405 
Cox. Bryant Lavern, Fairview. 374 
Cox, Jack Arnold. Orem, 374 
Cox. Lee T.. Provo, 404 

Cox, Mary Nell. Mountain, Ida., 243, 375 
Cox, Milton A., Prove. 345 


Co.. Richard Dean, Prove 199, 301 

Co. Mesa. Arii., 276, 404 

Co.. William Peorce. Sacramento. Calif. 

Coiiens. Ralph Dee. Jr., Lovell. Wyo., 375 

Croblree. Kay Lee. Cordston. Alborto. 224 240 3 75 

Cralt. Robert Gerald. Ontario. Calif.. 375 

Crafts, Merlene. Delta 

Croqun. Richard R . Pleosonl View. 404 

Croiq. Shirley Joy 

Craiq. Wesley W. Portland. Ore . 83. 182. 321, 324 

Cram, Donald Bruce, Denver. Colo.. 105. 375 

Crandall. Evelyn, Sprinqville. 62. 345 

Crendall. Gordon C-. Sprinqville 

Crandall. Gordon Cleqq. Great Neck. N. Y., 115. 278. 375 

Crandall. Horace Dean. Provo 

Crandall. Jerry B.. San Franclico. Calif., 194. 300 

Crandall. Lowono. Twin Foils. Ida.. 224, 243. 375 

Crandall. Ma. B Provo 

Crandall. Robert W.. Sprinqville. 278. 324 

Crane. Georqe T.. Nephl. 241. 324 

Crane. Joan. Idaho 375 

Crane. William E.. Jr., Minkcreek. Ida.. 78 

Crane. William Marion. Circleville. 324 

Craner, Donna, Burley. Ida,, 324 

Crawford, Carl Wesley, Orem 

Crawford. Vanessa L, Sandy 

Crawley, Harold Norman, Provo 

Creer, Diana Lee, Provo. 276. 374 

Creer. Glade V.', Spanish Fork 

Creer. Howard Nielsen. Spanish Fori 

Creer, Kay. Concord. Calif.. 178. 280. 300 

Creer. Thomas laselle. Provo 

Crenshaw. Mills Laurie. Nampe. Calif.. 70. 374 

Crevlston. Gweneth E„ Provo, 345 

Creviston, Herbert Wm„ Provo. 114. 374 

Criddle. Jay R.. Idaho Falls. Ida. 

Criddle. Ma. J . Downey. Ida.. 374 

Crisman. Wayne. Casa Grande. Arii.. 238 346 

Critchfield. Georqe L. Ookley. Ida.. 404 

Crittenden. Jimmle F.. Oakley, 100. 102. 104 116 346 

Crockett. E. David. Boulder, Colo.. 374 

Crockett. Edwin A.. Provo. 255. 346 

Crockett. Leree. Mesa. Ami.. 238. 374 

Crockett, Patricia Ann. Duarte. Calif.. 207. 374 

Crockett. Rodney Lamar. Mesa. Arii.. 3 74 

Crockett. Verle. Provo. 186. 281. 325 

Croft. Albert Paul. Pleasant Grove. 300 

Croft. Garth Fisher. Pleasant Grove. 346 

Croft. Kent Calvin. Burley, Ida. 3 74 

Croft, Mack Gerald. Burley. Ida. 

Croft. Mary Ketherine. Cedar City 250 375 

Croft. Vivian. Burley. Ida.. 346 

Crofts. John Deloy. Richfield. 375 

Cromer. Carlie Vounq. Denver. Colo. 

Cromer, Kenneth, Provo 

Cronk. Jacquelyn Los Anqeles. Celif.. 60 375 

Crook. Mary. Fallon, Nev.. 300 

Crooks. John Amos. Shelley, Ida. 

Crooktton. Lenore. Mesa. Arii.. 375 

Crosby. Janice May. Dos Polos'. Calif.. 262 300 

Crosby. Luion Orvillo, Orem. 375 

Crosland. Ivan Anthony. Hoiden 375 

Cross. William Jay. Holbrook. Arii.. 375 

Crossley. Vera Alice. Los Anqeles. Calif., 375 

Crowley, B. Jeneal. Bellflower. Celif. 

Crowley. Carole Jean. Twin Falls. Ida 374 

Crowley. Dolores Joan. Monticello 374 

Crowley. Edmund Drew. Glendale. Calif 94 325 

Crowley. Lionel Paul. Ontario Calif 

Crowley. N.llisso, Glendale. Celif., 205, 224 256 346 

Crowley. Robert Leslie. Twin Falls. Ida ' 

Crowther. Glen Wintch. Provo. 374 

Crowther. Jenette. Sonford. Colo 64 272 

Crowther, Velle L, Malad, Ida.. 374 

Crowton. David H., Provo. 105. 119 

Crump. Floyd W.. Spanish Fork. 4 404 

Crystal, Ralph. Americen Fork 

Cullen. Robert Lindsey. Ontario. Calif 375 

m'iKul Hi 0i '" h0m ° ^ °"° " "■ 208 ' 2OT ' 
Cullimore. Sondra. Peasant Grove. 70, 375 
Culverwell, Roneld L. Colt Lake City. 375 
Cuminqs. Carl L.. Jr.. Borger, 346 
Cumminq. Maureen May. Palo Alto. Calif.. 276. 375 
Cummlnqs, Dav.d Sa.ton. Tremonton. 374 
Cummlnqs. loremo J.. Tremonton. 375 
Cummins. L. G.. NevMota. 
Currier. Berbara Ann. Birmlnqham. Ala . 375 
Curry. Gerald Allen. Heber. 300 
Curtis. Caroline. Lehi. 283. 375 
Curtis. Cherrill. Placerville. Calif.. 211 262 300 
Curtis. Donald R.. Orenqeville. 375 
Curtis. Eerl L.. Waco. To. as 
Curtis. J. Dee. Salt Lake City. 259. 300 
Curtis. Karen. Placerville. Calif.. 187 207 375 
Curti, Richard Milton. Murray. 375 
Cuthlnq. Chester S. III. Salem. Ore.. 375 
Cushinq. Judy. Sell Lake City. 224. 375 
Custer. Merle Jomes. Orem 
Cutchen, Eleanor Foye. Dolhan, Ala., 375 
Cutler. Donald Clair. North Hollywood Calif 
Culler. Douqlas Lynn. Salt Lake City. 218 375 
Cutler. Merlene. Sell Leko City. 375 

D Addebb 295 

DoGrade. Marvin Donald. Ursine. Nev.. 70. 76. 376 

Dehl. David Costley. Raymond Alia.. Canada, 346 

Dahl, James Gardner. West Jordon. 347 

Dohl. Reed M.. Alberto. Conada. 405 

Dahle. Cllne Merlond. Weston. Ida. 

Danler. Fred. Thun, Swltierlond. 376 

Dehlin, Kenneth A.. Concord. Colli. 347 

Dolley. Solly Jeanne. Seattle. Wash., 374 

Dain. Francos Lee. Fullerton. Coif., 98. 180. 285 

Domes. Nancy Key. Woshinqton. 347 

Dolby. Potrlclo Sue, Montebollo. Calif.. 301 

Dalebout. Paul. Provo. 105 

Dolley. Henry Morvin. Driqqs. Ido.. 376 

Dolley, John Golvln, Teosdolo. 246. 405 

Dolley. Nedro. Summit 

Dolley. Ronold Albert. Overlon. Nov.. 376 

Dollln. Don Bloke. Provo, 325 

Dollon. John Motthew, Ponliac. Mich.. 297 

Dalton. Juono Miriam. Fullerton. Colif. 62 117 207 27k 

364. 367. 376 
Dalton, Kothleen Fish. Ponlloc. Mich.. 325 
Dolton. Lena Geneve. Pleosent Grove. 62. 376 
Dollon. Oral Tippens, Sprinqville 
Daly. Charlotte Rae. Burllnqame Calif 376 
Daly. Jay Wilford. Richfield 
Dam. Inqrld Elisabeth. Denmark. 253 
Dame. Jan G.. Oqden. 215 301. 
Dance. David Philip. Blackfool. Ida.. 60. 405 
Dance. Morvo, Blockfoot. Ido., 56, 233. 301 
Donee. Norene. Blockfoot. Ida.. 301 
Daniels. Diana Mae. Lonq Beach. Calif.. 376 
Donlels. Donno Moy. Caldwell. Ido.. 243. 267 377 
Doniels. Jeon. Bellflower. Colif.. 325 
Daniels. Morqoret Jayne. Ontario. Canada. 240. 377 
Daniels. Nell Murroy. Ontorio. Conodo. 240. 347 
Donlelson. Gene Eorl. Sprinqville. 347 
Donnor. Robert Euqene. Blq Beer. Colif.. 377 
Darton. Ralene Ann. Ooklond. Colif.. 180. 284 364 377 
Dostrup. Bernord Curtis. Altomont. 248. 346 
Dostrup, Marjorie, Provo 
Daslrup. Richord C. Provo. 66. 233. 300 
Dotlqe. Corolyn Morio. Los Veqos. Nev.. 64, 281 346 
Dovenport. Byron F„ Provo. 346 
Dovenport, Sondra Lee. Vale. Ore.. 376 
Davenport, Shoron Lynne. Spokane. Wash.. 405 
Davidson. Dawn llene. Sell Lake City. 376 
Dovidson. Morlow Graham, Provo 
Davidson, Melvln J., Provo, 222. 314 
Davidson, Richard Bohn, Moplelon 
Davidson. Shirley Jean. Provo. 377 
Davies. Clarence Lelond. Salt lake Cily. 40S 
Dovies. Joseph Kenneth. Provo 
Dovies. Loren Peter. Provo. 60 
Davies. Race Dion. Idaho Foils. Ida.. 376 
Davies. Volene. Provo 
Davis. Barbara Grace, Portlond. Ore.. 376 
Devi's. Berbara Jeon. Boise. Ido.. 245. 300 
Dovis, Brlont Leroy. Long Beach. Calif., 115, 376 
Dovis. Cormen Henry. China Loke, Colif.. 325 
Dovis. Carolyn June. Solt Loke City. 212. 223 
Dovis. Clinton D.. Spokone. Wosh. 
Dovis. Constonce, Monrovio. Calif.. 377 
Davis. Darlene. Provo, 224. 280 
Davis. Del E.. Provo. 295 
Dovis. Delro. Brunswick. Mo.. 346 
Dovis. Donald Emerson. Bountiful. 376 
Davis. Dora Rachel, Provo 
Dovis. Dorothy. Provo. 70, 280. 346 
Dovis. Dorothy, Blockfoot. Ido.. 217. 325 
Dovis. Douqlas Monte. Buhl. Ida.. 278. 346 
Dovis. Duone Ellis. Provo. 301 
Dovis. Emmo Lou. Provo. 265. 325 
Davis, Garry A.. Sentaquin, 376 

Davis. Gerald E„ Ideho Foils. Ido.. 70. 74. 76. 275. 376 
Dovis. Glenn Corl, Provo 

Dovis, Hoiol Colhorine. Son Jose. Colif.. 60 376 
Dovis. Hoiol Ruth. Salem. 285. 377 
Davis. J. Brent. Idaho Falls. Ido.. 377 
Dovis, Jock L. 

Dovis, Jonel. Sponlsh Fork, 346 
Dovis. Jeon, Pocotollo. Ida.. 64. 377 
Dovis. Kent Georqe. Vemol 

Dovis. Kiliona Solomon. HocJchuo. Molokoi. Hawaii, 405 
Davis, Ledo Mae. Escelonte 405 
Dovis, Lester Clerk, Sprinqville 
Dovis, Lloyd F., Boise. Ida.. 64. 346 
Davis. Nola Jeon. Les Vegos. Nev.. 325 
Dovis. Owen Gerald. Boise. Ida.. 346 
Davis. Paul Cushinq, China Lake. Calif.. 347 
Davis, Raymond Laon. Konorrevllle. 116. 377 
Dovis. Raid H.. Bicknell. 324 
Dovis. Robert Lyman. Panquitch 
Davis. Robert R., Provo. 301 
Davis, Robert Vannoy, Provo 
Davis. Thelmo. San Carlos. Cal.f.. 70. 377 
Dawson. Ann, Idaho Falls. Ida. 347 
Dawson. Mary. Laylon. 83. 224. 270 
Dawson. Oliver Murray, Idaho Falls. Ida.. 300 
Day. Andrew J„ Jr.. Lo Conodo. Colif. 

Doy. Arthur Merrill. Prove. 224 

Doy, Clark Harr.i. Sorlnqvllle, 347 

Doy. Dennis Nathan. Fairv.ew. 192 247 296 

Doy. Duona Ralph. Draper 

Day. Fay, Salt Lake City 347 

Doy. Joan Morqoret. American I 
Doy. John Charles. Lo Canada. Calif. 
hn Larry. Ideho Falls. Ida . 347 
Day. Lemlro R.. Provo 
Doy. Myrno, Loyton. 244 346 
Doyley. Norman Edqor, Jerome. Ido.. 404 
Doyton. Earl D.. Heber 
Deon. Carole Joor ::« 376 

Deon. Jerry Thomos 
Dean. Sharon. Salt lake City. 3 76 
Deoson. LoJuono. Solt Loke Cty. 346 
Deover. Josephine P. Lewisbu.q W Vo . 265 346 
Dablools. Batty Gene. Hoiden. 162. 376 
Debry, Dole Joy. Son Jose 
Decker. Bonnie Beerdoll. Provo. 294 
Decker. Donlal Loramo. Provo. 237. 294 
Decker. Dovid S.. Provo. 224 
Decker. Eve Ann. Snowfloke. Arii , 376 

Decker. Mary Rochoel. Meso. Arii.. 68. 70. 74 192. 2CS 346 
Docker. Potr.oo Anno. S- 376 

Dees, Joanne Roieol. Meso. Aili.. 376 
DeFriei. Arthur Bryce. Provo 
Deqn. Hellen Roe, Oqden. 224. 270 300 
Deqooyer. Berbora R L . Orem 
De Herl. Guy Kim.. Poyson, 116 
DeHoyos. Alberto. Monterrey. Meiico 
DeHoyos, B. Federico. Me.lco 216 
DeHoyos. Irene. Monterrey. Meiico 
DeHoyos. Josef. no E. 2.. Provo. 396 
de Jonq. Thelmo. Provo. 297 
De LaMore. Donold K.. Tooele. 195. 300 
De Lonqe. Lelond L.. Orem. 324 
Deleeuw. James Gory, Pioche. Nev. 
DeLonq. Clolr Lonce, Provo. 294 
DeMorco. Borbara Ann. Erie. Po. 246. 368 
DeMorco. Louie Georqe. Sprir.,;. 
DeMille. Walter Rodger. Moses Loke. Wosh., 404 
DeMordount. Poul Roger. Blockfoot. Ido!. 36, 209 250 376 
Demos. Bill H.. Provo 
Denholter. John Henry. Orem 
Denison. Bonnie Jeonne. Beldwln Pork. Coif , 404 
Dennett. John Elwood. Provo 
Dennlnq. Morvello. Solt Lake City. 404 
Denos. Janet Julia. Bear Loke. Colif.. 376 
Deputy. Anne. Solisbury. Md„ 244. 346 
Derrick. Yvonne, Omoho. Nebr.. 62. 377 
Deschomps. Nello Eorl, Resedo. Colli. 346 
Despoin, Ann. Lehi. 249. 377 
Despoln. Donna. Lovell. Wyo. 
Despain, Faith. Lovell. Wyo.. 377 
Despain. Kierstie Ann. Oqden, 324 
Despain. Levonne. Ariiono. 377 
Despoin, Sheron Elmo. Sandy 
Da St Jaor. Lois. Provo 

Devault. Ruth Merle. Socromento. Colif.. 217. 300 
Devey. Beverly. Americen Fork. 62. 377 
DeVlctorio. Joseph R. L.. New York, N. Y„ 404 
Dewey. Chorlotte Nauber. Prove 224 324 
Dewey. Donald O.. Portland. Ore.. 297 
Dickerson, Lorry Eugene. Provo. 377 
Dickey. Gory Tilton. Jocksonvllle. Flo . 220 
Dickey. Madeline I.. Jecksonville. Flo.. 66. 324 
Dickey. Mercedes V.. Jecksonville Flo.. 324 
Dickison. Benjamin L.. Ponca. OUo.. 133. 196. 324 
Dickson. Kolhryn. Sparks. Nov.. 377 
Dickson. Lloyd L. Meiico. Maine. 325 
Didericksen. I. Colleen. Tremonton 
Dieter. Alice DeMo. Ontorio. Ore.. 233. 377 
Dielrick. Chorlotte A.. Redlends. Cal.f.. 377 
Dillman. Laurie E.. Provo. 3<6 

Dimick, Jonet Virglnio. Albony. Ore.. 64. 180. 245. 376 
Dlmond. Harvey Dole. Magna. 347 
Dittmore. Suianne L„ Leonio. N. J 
Di.on. Donold R.. Solt Lake City. 105 112. 376 
Dlion. Douglas W.. Provo. 347 
Diion. Glenn Roy. Poyson, 315 
Dlion. Joan Dolores, Des Moines, Iowa. 270. 405 
Di.on. Joon W.. Poyson. 60. 184. 211. 225. 277. 289. 300 
Diion. Mary Ann. Provo. 347 
Di.on. Noal G.. Payscn 
Di.on. Robert N.. Provo. 297 
Dlion. Ruth M., Provo 
Oiion. Vivian. Salt Lake City 224. 347 
Djahenboni. Ferrokh R . Teheron. Irar. 376 
Doddt. David Maloy. Penqullch 
Doermann. James A.. Provo. 183. 376 
Doiron. Mory I.. Mlllitodt. III.. 180. 242. 277 347 
Doman. Lethe Eileen. Ontorio. Ore. 
Demon. Normo Fay. Ontario. Ore. 
Doman. Rulene. Sail Loke City. 300 
Dominquei. John R.. Phoen... Ar.i 314 
Donahoo. Boyd W . Long Beech. Cal.f.. 282 
Donoldson. Francelle. Duncen. Arii.. 376 
Donaldson. Shelly A . Me. . 301 

Dorff. Reginald Ray. Provo. 325 
Dorlut. Mary Colleen. Foyette. 217. 301 
Dorius. Shelio Ann. Provo 
Dornay. John Dennis. Burlinqeme. Calif.. 376 
Dorough. Emmett Dove. El Monte. Cal.f. 275 301 
Dorsey. Petr.cie Gail. Phor I 301 

Larry Alan. Panece. Nev.. 376 
Dougal, Gordon Albert, Boise. Id> 
Douqet. Merrill John. Provo 
Dowdell. Boyd. Provo 

' Keith. Orem 347 
Downas. Florence Joan. Spokane. We.h . 376 
Downey. Lawrence M . Spanish I 


Downing. David G.. La Fayette. N. Y.. 376 

Downs. Stephen Louis, Bingham Canyon 

Doxey. Alberta O.. Provo 

Doxey, Margaret, Raymond. Alberta, 325 

Doiey. Roger Watson. Salt Lake City. 259 

Doxford, Lucille, Magna. 375 

Drake, Charles Franklin, Burmingham, Ala., 377 

Drake, Eileen. Lomita, Calif.. 238. 325 

Drake. Janel May. Nampa. Ida.. 43. 68. 2C5. 228. 243. 347 

Drake. Sherrill E.. Pocatello, Ida.. 347 

Draper. Aloa Joyce. Mt. Pleasant, 377 

Draper. Don J., Spanish Fork 

Draper. Marva Arlene, Bountiful. 377 

Draper. Ted C, Provo. 405 

Draper. Vernon Thomas, Price, 346 

Dredge. David Ray. Maled, Ida.. 377 

Drennan. Bryan Gerald. San Mateo. Calif., 377 

Drew, Lamar H.. Alpine, 405 

Dreyer. Colette Iris, Freeport, III., 325 

Driggs, Dianne. Fresno, Calif., 270 

Driggs, James Robert. Fresno. Calif.. 22, 210. 259, 318 325 

Driscoll. Richard M., Pingree. Ida., 377 

Droubay. Carol Isabel!, Stockton. 346 

Dryden. David Bruce. Glendale. Calif., 377 

Duce, Wallace S. Everett. Wa^h. 

Dudding. Earl Brown. Washington, D. C, 405 

Dudley. Harold Larry. Randlett. 376 

Dudley. June Nythel, Pocatello, Ida., 224. 272. 346 

Duerden, Frosty Ella. Downey, Calif.. 70. 72. 74. 377 

Duffey, Carole Lee, Bloomington, Calif., 62. 233. 376 

Duffin, Irene Axtell. 62. 346 

Duffin, Liladene, Tooele. 376 

Duggan, James Russell. Lonq Beach, Calif., 66, 376 

Duggins, Sims Dennis. Panguitch. 346 

Dugmore. Alton Patrick, Nephi 

Duke. Barbara Ann, Durham, N. C 64, 271, 346 

Duke. James K., Duchesne, 301 

Duke. Robert J., Heber. 296 

Dumas. Mary Elizabeth. Randolph. Vt., 301 

Duncan, Catherine, Springville. 346 

Duncan, Leslie Rolland. Houston. Texas, 248. 376 

Duncan, Norman Van, Orem 

Duncan. William Thomas. Springville 

Dunford. Frank Winsow. San Diego, Calif., 266, 376 

Dunford, George Gary, Payson, 113 

Dunn, Barbara. Boise, Ida.. 60. 212. 268, 346 

Dunn, J. L., Annabella, 405 

Dunn, Joan Patricia, Provo, 185. 214 

Dunn, Larae. Boise, Ida., 58, 65 

Dunn, Richard Quayle, Monteplier. Ida. 

Dunn, Robert Parker, Salt Lake City, 376 

Dunster, Lucille May. Salt Lake City. 376 

Du Paix, Helen Louise. Salt Lake City. 346 

Duran, Dolores. Espanola, N. Mex.. 347 

Durbin, Beverly Jean, Florence, Ore., 126 

Durfee, Delsa. Randlett, 230, 248, 232, 347 

Durfee, John Clealund. Spanish Fork, 301 

Durfee, Kay O., Randlett, 248, 376 

Durrant, Doris Adella, Park City, 377 

Durrant, Eugene Jay. Heber, 301 

Durrant, Leo Joel, Meridian, Ida., 377 

Durrant, Stewart Olani, American Fork. 377 

Durtschi, Fenton, Pleasant Grove. 347 

Dustin. Marlin Nephi. Granrsville, 347 

Dustin. Thelma Esther, Provo. 64. 347 

Dutgon, Charles Lathair, Naples, Ida., 64, 377 

Duvall. John Joseph, Roseburg, Ore.. 377 

Duvall. Richard Ernest, Roseburg, Ore., 347 

Dye. Lavon, Roosevelt 

Dyer, Helen Joan, Salt Lake City 

Dyer, James Wesley, Provo. 302 

Dyer. Ronald E., El Paso, Texas. 347 

Eagar, Nina Dee. Eager, Ariz., 347 

Eagar, Walter Duane. Orem, 405 

Eakle. Mary Alice. Woods Cross. 224, 377 

Earl, Charles Huish, Orem 

Earl, Esther Miriam, Las Vegas. Nev., 224, 267 

Earl, Richard C, Provo 

Earnshaw. Audrey Jean, Riverside, Calif., 236. 302 

Earnahaw, Joseph Omer, San Francisco, Calif. 

Earp, Shirlene Melton, Yucaipa, Calif. 

East, Joseph Neal. Los Angeles, Calif.. 347 

Easton, Helen. Beaver, 213, 302 

Easton, Patricia Eileen, Colton. Calif., 377 

Easton, Robert Earl. Colton, Calif. 

Eas-twood, Clyde Allen, Yakima. Wash., 231, 346 

Eberting. George R.. Yakima. Wash.. 231. 251, 346. 

Eccles, Justin Rich, Ogden, 325 

Echols, Benjamin. Caldwell. Ida., 346 

Eddington, Jane Aedle. Lehi, 22, 23. 88. 207 250 253 365 

Eddington, Richard H. 

Edens. William Chilton. Charleston. W. Va.. 376 
Edgley. Richard C. Preston. Ida., 105, 239. 282, 376 
Edlefsen, Blaine, Provo. 68 

Edling. Deslyn Renee. Glendale. Calif.. 124. 127, 268. 325 
Edmunds, Joseph T. Jr.. Alhambra, Calif.. 324 
Edrlngton, Lamar Kay, Roosevelt 
Edward. John Brent, Sumatra, Mont., 246, 283 
Edwards, Bernell J.. Jr.. Wasco, Calif., 78, 376 
Edwards, Catherine. Provo 
Edwards, Howard Lee, Enterprise. Ore., 22 
Edwards, Larry Cecil, Milford. 227. 250, 346 
Edwards, Nelson Clair. Queen Creek. Ariz., 376 

Edwards, Patricia L.. Centralia. Wash.. 205. 214. 284 346 

Edwards. Philip Jan. Glendale. Calif.. 376 

Edwards, Robert Williams. Provo 

Efner, Shirley Anne, Arlington, Va.. 66. 204. 346 

Egan, Marvin Eland, Vancouver, Wash. 

Egbert. Ilene. Murtaugh. Ida., 325 

Egbert, W.lliam Edwin. Murtaugh, Ida.. 246. 376 

Eggertsen, Sheary Jill. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Ekenstam, Marvin Jay. Provo, 377 

Ekins. Alton Edwards. Provo. 246. 377 

Ekins. Carrr.a Rae, Hinckley, 377 

Ekins, Jean Dixon. Provo. 228, 302 

Ekins, Paul Edwards, Provo, 246. 377 

Ekins. Phyl Grant. Provo. 302 

Ekker. Louise, Springville. 68, 72, 377 

Elder, Charles William. Seattle, Wash.. 377 

Elder, James Royal, Provo 

Eldredge. Glen H., Provo. 405 

Eldredge, Gordon Reed. Roosevelt. 105, 224. 377 

Eldredge. Joseph Lloyd. Salt Lake City, 375 

Eldredge. Kaye. Salt Lake City, 62, 377 

Eldredge, Sara Renae, Roosevelt, 64, 248, 376 

Elggren, Karl Albert, Denver, Colo. 

Eliason, Patricia Ann, Snowville, 223, 367. 376 

Eliasson. Rosalie A. M., Detroit. Mich.. 346 

Elison, Ina Lou, Oakley, Ida., 27. 56, 194. 204, 277, 319. 324 

Elizondo, Jay Emmett, Fruita, Colo., 376 

Elkington, Grant Clark, Tooele. 70. 72, 74 

Elkins, Royce M., Farmington, N. Mex., 102 

EHertson. Paul Lemonte, Provo, 376 

Ellertson, Robert Dean, Provo 

Ellett. Mont R., Bicknell. 237. 296 

Elliott. Kathy, Provo. 376 

Elliott, Laverne, Carting. Nev., 64, 376 

Ellis, Colleen, Farmington 

Ellis, Darrel Eugene. Mancas, Colo.. 76, 78, 324 

Elison, Howard Reed. Lethbridge. Aberta, 200, 240. 346 

Ellison, Jerold Heber. Yucaipa, Calif., 376 

Ellsworth, Barbara Jean, Queen Creek. Ariz., 346 

Ellsworth, Colleen, Ogden, 271, 324 

Ellsworth, Diane. Safford, Ariz., 204, 246, 34/ 

Ellsworth, Jon D., Queen Creek, Ariz. 

Ellsworth, Jonathan, Farmington, N. Mex., 347 

Ellsworth, Karen. China Lake, Calif., 228 

Ellsworth, Lynn Erwin, Van Nuys, Calif.. 376 

Ellsworth, Nylan J., Provo, 296 

Ellsworth, Sharon, Salt Lake City, 347 

Elmer, Sheldon A., Payson, 405 

Elmer, Theodore K., Sunset, 376 

Elton, Gary McCormick, American Fork 

Elton, Lawrence S., Provo 

Elvin, Zuriel Ruth, Salt Lake City, 20, 64, 269, 293, 302 

Ely. Nathan Albert. Redding. Calif., 347 

Elzinga, Joyce Lavelle, Salt Lake City. 64, 232. 376 

Emery, Donna Carolyn, Mesa, Ariz., 347 

Emery, Jack S., Salt Lake City. 406 

Emmett, Sally, Rochester, Minn.. 377 

Emmett, Susan, Rochester, Minn., 347 

Emmons, Elmer Lamar, San Jose, Calif., 191, 324 

Empey. E. Don. Price, 324 

Empey, Jay Grant, Price, 341, 347 

Empey, Nonna Mae, Ogden 

Ence, Elaine. Springville. 267, 377 

Ence, Mac Delbert. Monroe. 377 

Endrizzi, Donna M.. Ogden. 249, 324 

Endter, Eileen Belle, Long Beach, Calif., 407 

Engberson, Charles A., Oakland, Calif., 377 

Engemann, Jean, Van Nuys, Calif., 406 

Engemann, Paul Karl, Van Nuys, Calif., 200, 377 

Engemann, Robert P.. Van Nuys. Calif.. 200. 377 

Engh, Jeanette Ardella. Salt Lake City 

Engh. Nola, 347 

Engh, Paul Henry, Provo. 347 

England, E. Gary, Tooele, 72, 377 

Enke, Glen Graham, Provo, 377 

Enke, Ruth Graham, Provo, 377 

Enos, Leona Leina Ala, Wailuku, Maui, 376 

Enos. Muriel K., Wailuku, Maui, 212. 302 

Ensign, Bruce W., Glendale, Calif. 

Ensign, Jerald Coleman, Glendale. Calif.. 283, 302 

Epling, Duane Alan, La Grande, Ore. 

Erekson, Alma Young. Salt Lake City, 376 

Erekson, Frances Marie, Sandy, 224 

Erekson, Joyce, Provo 

Erekson, Mary Lou A.. Salt Lake City. 27| 

Erekson, Paul W., Provo 

Ericksen, Billie Lou, Orem, 376 

Ericksen. Thomas L.. Mt. Pleasant, 66. 275, 346 

Erickson, Carl Henry, Freedom, Wyo., 376 

Erickson. Duaine T., Delta. 303 

Erickson, Elnar O, Ruth, Nev. 

Erickson, Elaine, Springville, 346 

Erickson, Harold Duane, Ogden 

Erickson, Karl Gaylord, Boise, Ida. 

Erickson, Lorna A., Richland, Wash.. 58, 80, 234, 294 

Erickson, William Earl, Anaconda. Mont.. 303 

Eriksen, Claudette G., Danbury. Conn.. 217, 244. 253 

Eriksson, Herbert, Springfield, Ore., 376 

Esler, Sally Ann, Phoenix, Ariz., 238, 366, 376 

Esplin. Torma. Cedar City, 406 

Estes. David Brenton. Provo 

Estes. Rex William. Stockton. Calif.. 60, 189, 200. 346 

Estrada, David T., Guerrero, Mexico, 346 

Estrada. Fazu r . Guerrero, Mexico, 324 

Ettrich, Frederick E.. New York City. N. Y.. 278. 376 

Evans. Dean Durrell. Overton, Nev., 116, 325 

Evans, Dean M., Spanish Fork 

Evans. Earl A.. Jr.. Las Vegas, Nev.. 259. 346 

Evans, Georgia. Salt Lake City, 376 

Evans, Janice Merle. Montpelier, Ida., 62 

Evans, Jayne, Layton, 252, 377 

Evans, Jean, Riverton. 377 

Evans, John William. Provo. 325 

Evans, Richard Larry, Provo 

Evans. Rose Ann. Glendale. Calif., 217. 325 

Evans. Sondra. Salt Lake City, 62. 285. 377 

Evans, Wendell R., Provo, 377 

Everett. Alice Jeanne, Lafayette, Calif.. 346 

Everett. Charles Lloyd. Farmington. N. Mex.. 246, 303 

Everett. George Curtis. Modesto, Calif.. 233. 325 

Eves, Richard Owen, American Fork, 303 

Eves. Zora Mae, Springville, 325 

Ewart. Faith, Salt, Md.. 377 

Ewell. Arlin Reed. Santaquin. 377 

Ewell. Renee, Santaquin 

Ewing. Darlene Kaye, Smithfield. 239, 377 

Exley. Paula Partridge. Provo 

Exley, Thomas George. Covina, Calif. 

Eyer. Lyle Cadwallader, Provo. 222, 325 

Eyer, Marylyn Brothers, Provo 

Eyre, DeRay. Las Vegas. Nev.. 302 

Eyre. Larry Kent. Salt Lake City, 406 

Eyring. Phil Max. Berkeley. Calif., 325 

Faber, Dorian Rey. Provo, 325 
Facer, Louise, Salt Lake City, 377 
Facer, Roger Moyle, Malad. Ida.. 377 

Fackrell. Rey Dee. San Diego, Calif., 406 

Fadely, Charles Russel, Springville. 70, 72. 74, 224, 325 

Fairbanks, E. J. L., Orem 

Fairbanks. Grant Smith. Salt Lake City. 260. 346 

Fairbouurn, Joyce, Salina. 70, 225. 226, 256, 324 

Faler, Gayle Frances, Suqua*nish, Wash. 

Fallis. Arvel Alonzo, Hatch. 64, 195 

Falslev, Evelyn, Smithfield 

Farley. Jolene, Orem. 60 ,224 

Farmer. Hannah Jane, Burley. Ida., 243. 378 

Farmer. Scott Laval. Seattle. Wash.. 102. 275. 346 

Farnsworth, Lynn Smith, Beaver, 378 

Farnsworth, Melvin T., Salt Lake City, 194, 347 

Farnsworth, Patricia, Salt Lake City, 378 

Farnsworth, Gay E., Richland, Wash., 378 

Farnsworth. Ivan R., Orem 

Farnsworth. Keith F., Orem, 324 

Farnsworth. Lois Ann, Meridian, Ida., 126 

Farr. David Brown. Lakeside, Ariz. 

Farr. Lyle Elvln. Provo. 302 

Farr. Robert Leland. Lakeside, Ariz.. 184, 195. 238. 347 

Farrer, Nyta B., Provo 

Fausett, Barbara, Sunnyslde, 378 

Fawson, Lauralee. Pocatello. Ida.. 58. 256. 324 

Fawson. Lurae Curtis, Salt Lake City, 64, 378 

Fechser, Magdalene J., Provo 

Feik. Frances, Nyssa, Ore., 324 

Felix, James Ivan, Provo 

Felt, Richard George, Lehl. 102. 104 

Felt. Sharlene. Brigham, 347 

Fenn. Donald Eugene, Roseburg, Ore., 406 

Fennessy. Robert Lane, Altadena, Calif., 294 

Ferguson. Hal George. Provo, 64 

Ferguson, Margaret Joan. Salt Lake City, 347 

Ferney, Ralph Russell. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 227. 279, 302 

Ferre, Jack Warren, Provo, 378 

Ferre, Margaret J., Salt Lake City 

Ferre, Patricia, Santaquin, 406 

Ferre, Radford Grant, Salt Lake City, 283, 347 

Ferrell. James Roger, Phoenix, Ariz., 347 

Ferrin, Yvonne Adele, Chico, Calif.. 378 

Feuersteln, Berne W., Fort Bayard, N. Mex. 

Field, Robert Daniel, Flushing. N. Y., 279. 379 

Field. Rosalie B.. Ogden. 133 324 

Fields, Clarence Leslie, B. O, Canada, 302 

Fiet. Lamar Lee, Ogden. 249. 324 

Fletkau, Flora, Springville 

Fife, Annette. Yuma, Ariz.. 68. 324 

Fife. Charles Lynn. Idaho Falls, Ida., 279. 347 

Fife, Florence E.. Burlingame. Calif.. 347 

Fife, Janice, Yuma. Ariz.. 70. 379 

Fife. Norman Dean, Salt Lake City, 243, 246. 347 

Fife. Ronald Devon, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Fife. Walter Daniel, New Orleans. La., 200. 379 

Fillmore, Alfred Max, Provo 

Finch, Gerald Max, Payson. I 14 

Findjay. Eugene Hugh. Bloomington, Ida., 195, 346 

Findlay, Jack, Panaca. Nev.. 379 

Finlayson. Carol Joyce, Provo, 379 

Flnlayson, John T., Provo, 346 

Finlayson, Lucille Jane. Ontario, Calif., 198. 263, 346 

Finlinson. Arlyn Jay, Leamington. 250 

Finlinson, David. Oak City 

Finlinson, Margene. Leamington 

Finlinson. Richard L., Oak City 

Finlinson, E. Reece, Oak City 

Finlinson, Vance J.. Oak City, 283 

Flrmaqe. Edwin Brown. Prove. 378 

Fish, Charles Riggs, Provo 

Fish, Floyd Lovell. Portland. Ore.. 227. 245. 378 

Fisher. Alice May. Idaho Falls, 'da.. 378 

Fisher, Arnold Garth, Cedar City 

Fisher, Claire J., Oxford, Ida. 

Fisher. Elaine Karin. Bountiful. 407 

Fisher, Grant Leron, Hillsprlng. Alberta, 378 


194. 315 


Fisher. Loa Shirlene. Provo. 346 

Fisher. Lois Irene. Lecomb. Ore.. 3 78 

Fisher. Nedine Ann. Concord. Cohf.. 378 

Fisher! Philip Borrle. Del Mar. Calif . 346 

Fisher. Roger D.. Orderville. 296 

Fiso. Avefue. Samoa. 64. 346 

Fitisemenu. Tavita. Samoa. 64. 378 

Fin. Jay William, Tormey. Calif. 

Fin, Jon Cleon. Tormey. Calif.. 378 

Fjelstod. Carol. Ephreim. 217. 247. 280. 302 

Flake. Diiie. Snowflake. Ariz. 

Flake, Janoth. Snowflake. Arlt.. 238. 378 

Flake Lavona. Snowflake. Aril.. 68. 233. 238. 325 

Flake. Leona. Snowflake. Am., 68. 233. 235. 325 

Flake, Rolf Merlin. Snowflake. Arii. 

Flake. Sherry Fee. Snowflake. Aril.. 379 

Fleming. Berry Lou, Provo. 62 

Fleming, Donovan E. Jr.. Ogden. 325 

Fleming. LuAnn. Ogden. 249. 302 

Fletcher. Larry Wade. Oram 

Fletcher. Wendell W„ Sponish Fork 

Flitton. Dee W.. Provo 

Fluckiger, Dean. Provo 

Fluckiger. Marva Lue. Afton. Wyo.. 

Flygare, John K., Jr.. Provo 

Flygere. Patricia. Afton. Wyo.. 224. 252. 

Foley. Rosemary. Monterey. Calif.. 62. 256. 346 

Follen, Edson Roy. Douglas. Arii.. 238. 325 

Folsom. Judith Ann. Salt Lake City 

Folsom. Leo Fay, Cannonville 

Folsom. Marvin Hugh. Farmington. 224, 325 

Folsom, Nancy Ellen, Farmington. 70. 204, 346 

Folsom. Theron Paul, Salt Lake City 

Fonoimoana, Marilyn M.. Provo 

Foote. Marjorie. Orem. 325 

Ford, Kathleen, Farmington, 217 

Ford. Mont Keith, Orem, 379 

Forman, Margie Beth. Salt Lake City. 379 

Formen, Robert Kent, Salt Lake City. 325 

Forsey. James Garry. Eureka, 218. 302 

Forsey, James K.. Richfield 

Forsgren, Klane, Preston. Ida.. 283. 378 

Forsling. Myrtle Ann, Twin Falls. Ida.. 224. 346 

Forster. Merlin H.. Delta. 224. 347 

Forsyth, Gordon, Provo 

Forsyth, Gwen. Provo, 379 

Forsythe. Edward W.. Oahu. Hawaii. 279. 325 

Forsythe. Francis K. G.. Oahu. Hawaii 

Forsythe. Mary Maile. Oahu. Hawaii. 347 

Fortini. Patricia Ann. Oakland. Calif., 233. 378 

Fortney. Angela E.. Seattle. Wash.. 378 

Fossey. Ruth Mae. Salt Leke City 

Fossum. Allan John. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Fossum. Lawrence E.. Lakeview, Ore. 

Foster, Charles F.. Farmington. N. Me«. 

Foster. Delia. Preston. Ida.. 239. 378 

Foster. Helen Marya, Orem 

Foster, Lena Nadine. Danforth. Maine. 253. 347 

Fought. John Allen. Portland, Ore. 

Fouti. Dell Riggs. Provo. 303 

Fouti, Lawrence Cluff. Las Vegas. Nev., 259. 347 

Fowkes. Ellion Jay. Evanslon, Wyo.. 347 

Fowkes. Ivar Gene. Evanston, Wyo.. 378 

Fowles. Robert Lemoyne. Mt. Pleasant. 378 

Foi. Charles William. Los Angeles. Calif., 378 

Fo<, Gene Lawrence. Vernal. 248. 250. 379 

Fo«. Robert Barlow. Ogden. 407 

Fo«. William H.. Lehi. 347 

Fo.ley. Billy Sears. Everett, Wash.. 284. 326 

Foy. Margaret Ann, Penguitch, 378 

Frampton. Eldon H.. Fillmore. 347 

Frampton, Frank. Provo. 303 

Frampton, Mary Helen, Provo. 64, 378 

Frampton. Orval Man. Provo, 100, 115 

Francis. Evan Douglas, Springville, 347 

Francis. Jo Ann, Spanish Fork, 277, 302 

Francis, Larry L.. Spanish Fork, 407 



Francis, Rell Gerdner, Springville, 


Francis, Vaughn Elg,n, Spanish Fork. 406 

Frandsen. Edward R . Salt Lake City. 379 

Frank. Gordon, Richfield. 346 

Frank. Margene. Richfield. 217. 303 

Franklin, Mavy. Vidor. 379 

Franson. Ned Ma.woll. Oakley, 379 

Fronti. Gloria Sharon. Riverton. 379 

Frani. John B.. El Cerrito. Calif.. 326 

Fran:, Kay Burte. El Cerrito. Calif.. 346 

Fraser. John Oavid. Long Beach. Calif.. 406 

Frailer. Vernon Lamar, Oakley, 379 

Fredrickson, Gordon, Malad, Ida., 279. 379 

Fredrickson. Richard K. Malad. Ida.. 296 

Free, Jarold Ray. Salt Lake City. 379 

Free. Joseph Carl. Las Vegas. Nev.. 209. 346 

Freeman, Carol Ann. Long Beach. Calif.. 379 

Freemen Dee Merlin, Pleasant Grove. 346 

Freeman. Janice Ora. Glendele. Arii . 238. 276. 378 

Freeman. Lawrence Gerry, Rockland. Ida . 346 

Fmrun. Polly Nelene. Winslow, Arii., 224 

Freeman. Samuel Howard. Provo 

Freestone, Ernest Leon, Vernal. 37B 

Freestone. Jeannette, Queen Creek. Arii.. 346 

Frehner. Verl L. Mesquife. Nev.. 406 

French. Donald Ira. Jr.. New York. 227. 253. 

Friend. Roy Leverl. Seettle. Wash.. 197. 326 

Frodshom, Frank Earl, Woodruff. 246 

Frodsham. Mark Joseph. Woodruff. 112. 246 

Frogley. Keith A. Payette. Ida. 195. 303 


Frost. Jack. Joseph C.ty. Arii.. 196. 378 

Frost. Kay Don. Glendele. Calif.. 346 

Frost. Richard Deen. Springville 

Froyd. Keren J.. Cedar City. 225. 326 

Fry. Delia Merl. Portlend. Ore. 

Fuhriman. David G.. Nampa. Ida.. 378 

Fuhriman. Eliiabeth J.. Oekland. Celil.. 346 

Fuhriman, Gloria D.. Kuna. Ida.. 378 

Fuller. Ann. Mesa, Arii., 347 

Fuller. Eldon R . Boise. Ida., 243 

Fullmer. Clerk Elmer. Springville 

Fullmer. Irene Beth. Seottle. Wash.. 326 

Fullmer, Mark Allen. Bleckfoot. Ida.. 36 43. 378 

Fullmer. Phyllis Kaye. Wendell. Ida.. 378 

Funk. Sheryl Pond. Blyth. Colif.. 378 

Furse. Mary, Salt Lake City, 378 

Fyfe. Joyce. Thornton. Ide.. 272. 379 

Gabbitas. Robert Sevage. Bakerslield. Calif.. 374 

Gabbott. Connie Ann. Salt Lake City. 189. 379 

Gage. Delwyn Orin. Shelby. Mont., 347 

Gailey. Richerd W.. Preston. Ida.. 326 

Galbralth. Janet Lynne. McGill. Nev., 68. 212. 280. 326 

Golbraith. Wendell W.. Venice. Calif.. 347 

Gale. Elsie Jean. Durango. Cclo.. 212. 235. 347 

Gale. James Eldon 

Gale. Muriel Belle. Chandler. Arii.. 26. 58. 212. 271. 347 

Galewick. Gordon Keith. Whitten. Calif.. 195. 379. 

Gallagher. Robert F.. Los Angeles. Calif. 

Gallego. Danny Tapia. Delano. Calif.. 40. 406 

Galli. Lawrence Adolph. Pine Grove. Calif.. 326 

Gelloway, John Alden. Roosevelt 

Gembles. Peul Dean. Swan Lake. Ida.. 379 

Gamett. Carolyn. Provo. 379 

Gammon. Robert Welby. Pleasant Grove, 379 

Genus, Perry Gene. Senford. Colo.. 347 

Gappmayer, Richard B.. Orem 

Garcia, Leonor. Los Angeles, Calif.. 406 

Gardner. A. Barclay, Provo 

Gardner. Beverly Hall. Richfield. 211. 217. 244. 303 

Gardner. Blaine Avery, Ogden, 249. 302 

Gardner, Carmen, Solomon, Aril.. 238. 379 

Gardner. Chloe. Spanish Fork, 228, 250 

Gardner. Clair Moody. Delta. 378 

Gardner. Clifford Ray. Delta. 326 

Gardner. Colin. Gridley. Calif. 

Gardner. David P.. Berkeley. Calif.. 20. 302 

Gardner. Elbert W.. Lund. Nev.. 296 

Gardner. Eldon Cloire. Glendele. Arii.. 347 

Gerdner. Gary Earl. Roosevelt. 347 

Gerdner. Kay Evan. Delto. 378 

Gardner. Melba Ranae. Mldvale. 256. 302 

Gardner. Milford Ballard. Afton. Wyo.. 379 

Gardner. Muriel Moy. Delta, 348 

Gardner. Quentin Covey. Newport Beach. Calif.. 378 

Gardner. Reed P.. Berkeley. Calif. 

Gardner. Sheila M.. Whittier. Calif.. 256. 302 

Gardner. Sofia Ann. Snowflake. Arii.. 244. 347, 

Gardner, Sterling E.. Spanish Fork. 348 

Garff. Valorie Jeon. Solt Leke City. 124. 127. 327 

Garfield. Theodore D., Sherwood. Ore.. 327 

Garn. Stephen C Provo. 378 

Garner. Dean A.. Raymond. Alberta. 240 

Garrard. Shirley June. Burley. Ide.. 265. 327 

Garrett. Ann Derlene. Nephi, 217, 302 

Garrett. Clyde B.. Nephi. 406 

Garrett. Eugene 8.. Le Cenada. Calif., 302 

Garrett. Fred L. Wellsville. 58. 65 

Garrett. Gordon B.. American Fork. 78 

Garrett. Leon Sheril. Ely. Nev.. 209. 378 

Garrett. Lewis Eugene, Americen Fork 

Garrett, Mai Harold. Salt Lake City. 378 

Garrick. Ilyn David. Provo, 327 

Garrison, Billy G.. El Cajon, Calif. 

Garrison. William L., Burlington. Ida. 

Gassman. Byron. Ephreim. 185. 187. 195. 210. 219. 302 

Gatenby. Jackie. Provo, 68, 70. 72. 327 

Gates. Halvor H„ Provo 

Gates. Hugh. Isom. Hurricane. 326 

Gattiker. Berbara Jean. Gridley. Celif. 

Gavian. Toni Lilly. Long Beach. Calif.. 207. 378 

Gay. Joann. Provo. 146. 280 

Gealta. Jack Chester. Alhambra. Calif.. 182. 326 

Gearheart. Beverly Ruth. Toppenish. Wash.. 183. 185. 

251. 269. 326 
Geaslin. Eve Rae. Orem^328 
Geddes. Kerla Fa. Banida. Ida . 229. 243. 280. 348 
Geddes. Wilford H.. Richmond. 197, 239, 302 
Gedge. Devel Kidgell. Taylorsville. 406 
Geertsen, John Ralph. Colma. Calif.. 1 14 
Geertsen, Lou Rita. Provo. 348 
Gehring. Diiie Ann. Provo. 378 
Gehrke. Helen Claire. Boise. Ide.. 27. 62. 326 
Geiger. Carolynn Rual. Portland. Ore . 348 
George. Lloyd Dee. Las Vegas. Nev. 16. 17. 27. 40. 94, 

177. 195, 251. 291. 303 
George. Revell. Tooele. 348 
George. Williem Seth. Las Vegas. Nev 3 79 
Gerth. Edna May. Roosevelt. 204. 348 
Geyer. Kathleen P. J.. Provo 

Giauque. Barbara Anne. Monrovie. Calif.. 224. 3 ? 9 
Gibbons. Jo*>n Elwood, Provo 
Glbbs. Richard Park. Reliance - 
Gibby. Morlow David. Prove. 296 
Giberson. Richard C. Provo. 303 


Calif.. 379 



, 326 

58. 348 

36 91 257. 348 

Gibson. David Kent. Dreqerton. 209 

G-bson George Turner. Provo 

G.bson. Richard S. Bleckfoot. Ida.. 168. 209. 223 

Gibson. Shirley Rae. Nephi 

Gidley. Robert Harold. McGill. Nev.. 68. 294 

Gilford. Clorence Alvin. Olympie. Wesh. 379 

Gilford. Sandra. Kay Provo. 349 

Gilbert. Bryon J.. Roosevelt. 216. 326 

G.lbert. Doneld Weyne. Columbus. Go.. 66. 233. 379 

Gilbert. Joyce. Ideho Falls. Ida . 243. 326 

Gilbert. Lyle C . Bencrofl. Ida.. 349 

Gilbert. Neomi. Acredie. 303 

G.lbert. Sidney S.. Bencroft. Ida. 

Gilchrist. John S.. Kemmerer. Wyo.. 294 

Giles Bonnie R.. McGill. Nev.. 303 

G.les. Glede E.. Heber. 234. 349 

Giles. Iv.n Trevor. Heber. 379 

Giles. Jeennie. El Monie. Calif.. 224. 379 

Giles. Merlene. Heber 315 

Giles. Marvin Ray. Jerome. Ide. 

Giles Melva E.. Heber. 3 79 

Giles. Richerd Philip. Wh,tt,er 

Giles. Thomas Bert. Heber 

Gilger. Lloyd Dwight. Les Vegos. Nev . 

Gilger. Merilyn. Les Veges. Nev. 349 

Gillespie. Almon Dee". Fillmore. 102 

Gillespie. Janet. Sell Leke City. 378 

Gillespie. Joyce. Provo. 349 

Gillette. Jeyne. Kansas C.ty. Kan.. 187. 200. 233. 276. 363 

Gillies. Margaret Keye. Provo 
Gillies. Roger Cleude. Salem. 378 
Gillmen. Ladell. Orem. 378 
Gines. Jerry. Pleasant Grove 
Gines. Mergeret, Kernes. 378 
Glngerich. Lemont. Spenish Fork. 237. 3*9 
Giraud. John Leroy. Provo, 348 
Gish. Richard Micheel. Ontario. Calif . 
Glasgow. Buckner B.. Jr.. Provo. 378 
Glesgow. Chuck Edwerd. Provo. 407 
Glaiier. Donne Cherlene. Mesa. Arn.. 
Glaiier. Joon. Provo. 280. 407 
Gloiie.. Luana Karen. Perelto Hills. Celif.. 
Gleeve, Larry J.. Annebella 
Gleie. Marenann. Sacramento. Celif.. 166. 378 
Glenn. Clayton Jackson. Union. Ore.. 64. 245 
Glenn. Merrill Holton. Brighem. 105. 122. 378 
Glew. Arlene Edla. San Francisco. Calif.. 378 
Glines. Deloo Down. Rlchlond. Wash.. 326 
Glines. Reece L.. Woolford. Alberta. 240 
Glines. Rei Lemb. Woolford. Alberta. 379 
Goates. Barbara Ann. South Gate. Calif., 236. 262. 303 
Goates. Irene. Perme. Ida.. 64. 244 
Goates. Kenneth Joseph. Lehi. 379 
Goates. Leo. William. Salt Leke City 
Goates. Morris A.. Lehi. 216. 348 
Godfrey. Arvin F.. Ideho Fells. Ide.. 379 
Godfrey. Deen. Ideho Falls. Ida.. 406 
Godfrey. Lavar Delbert. Idaho Falls. Ide . 379 
Godfrey. Mery Ann. Provo. 281. 348 
Gold. Anne Daryle. Bountiful. 64 
Goldrlck. Toy Gaylo. Murrey. 62. 246. 264. 379 
Goldrup. Lewrence Peul. Palo Alto. Calif.. 379 
Gomel. Allan. Spanish Fork. 406 
Gomm. Konneth Lester. Ogden. 102. 104. 348 
Good. Denny Rey. Prescott. Arii.. 193 
Goodoll. Robert A.. Scottsbluff. Nebr . 315 
Goodliffo. Margaret M.. Ogden. 379 
Goodman. Nell Eliiabeth. Mesa . Arii.. 60 
Goodman. Peggy Lorree. Mese. Arii.. 303 
Goodrich. Huckvale. Moses Lake. Wesh. 
Goodrich. Joenn. Bluebell. 24B. 379 
Goodrich. Josephine. Lovell, Wyo. 
Goodrich. Loye. Tridell 
Goodridge. William W., Provo. 348 
Goodsell. Eleenor J.. Oakland. Calif.. 379 
Goodson. Wallace Gery. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 378 
Goodwin. Bryco E„ Ephreim. 227 
Goodwin. Glenn Levern. Gooding. Ide.. 327 
Goodyear. Betty Ann. Findley Lake. N. Y.. 406 
Goold. Robert Morris. Nampa. Ida.. 378 
Goold. Rodney F.. Monroe. 378 
Goold. Stanley K.. Monroe. 43. 209. 348 
Gordon. David Simon. Provo. 348 
Gordon. Joan LynneHe. Santa Barbara. Calf.. 64. 194 217. 

Gordon. Norman Ross. Richland. Wash. 
Gordon. Virginia Kay. Hiawatha. I'M. 378 
Gorringe. Richerd Hoi. Oekley. Ide.. 327 
Gosch. Anita. Smithtown. N. Y., 349 
Goltfredson. M. R.. Ely. Nev. 
Gould. Nade Jeon. Winslow. Ar.i . 226. 327 

Gould Phyllis I.. Winslow. Aril.. 378 

Gourdln. Melvm E. North Hollywood. Celif.. 198. IIS, 303 

Gourdln. Robert. Orem 

Gourley. John Peul. Pleasont Grove. 303 

Gourley. Ruby Taylor. Pleosont Grove 

Gowans. Frederick Ross. Erie. Pa . 378 

Graber. Reyla Mary. California 

Graff. Brittomarte. Oregon City. Ore.. J78 

Graff. Elsie Kay. Salt Lake City. 81. 271. 349 

Grolf. Loren E. Santa Clare. Calif 241. J0J 

Grahem. Charles Kent Farvlew. 349 

Graham. Elena. Heber. 378 

Graham. Loyal B . Fi 

Graham. Robert L . Famrlew 

Grohom. Rulon Alvln. Provo. 379 


Graham, Sandra Gay, Provo 

Grant, Gloria. Los Angeles, Calif., 62. 379 

Grant, Joey Halbert, St. Johns, Ariz.. 379 

Grant, Ted Max, Elk Basin. Wyo.. 252 

Grappendorf, Joan Joyce. Waterloo, tcwa, 183. 204, 235. 

320. 349 

Gray, Bruce Delmar, Salt Lake City. 379 

Gray. Gail. Provo. 281 

Gray. James A.. American Fork 

Gray. Ronald B-, Provo. 379 

Greathouse. Shirley L.. Ventura. Calif., 379 

Green, Anna Marilyn, Ogden, 327 

Green, Arthur William. Lethbridge, Alberta 

Green. Charlene, Payette, Ida., 379 

Green, Colette. Lethbridge. Alberta, 22, 183, 213, 291. 302 

Green. Dee Forace. Salt Lake City, 66. 186. 346 

Green, Dixie L, Salt Lake City, 66, 379 

Green. James Montel, Burbank, Calif., 64, 283. 327 

Green, Joann, Provo 

Green, John Alden, Provo 

Green, Leon J., Salt Lake City 

Green, Lois Julene. Portland, Ore., 349 

Green, Loralee, Ogden 

Green. Marian, Blackfoot, Ida., 187. 223, 326 

Green, Oliver Wendell, Somers. N. Y„ 208, 253. 348 

Green, William Outney. Provo, 379 

Greene, Gilbert W„ Burley. Ida.. 326 

Greene, Gloria, American Fork 

Greene. Janet C, Walnut Creek, Calif.. 62, 68 

Greene, Marilyn Ruth, Burbank. Calif.. 367, 378 

Greene, Willis Otto, Pocatello. Ida., 326 

Greenhalgh, James A., Dugway, 379 

Greenhalgh, Merlyn J., Santa Ana, Calif., 72, 348 

Greenig, Gloria Jane. Salt Lake City. 22. 23. 68. 271, 348 

Greenig, Ned A., Salt Lake City. 259. 348 

Greenland, Barbara M.. American Fork 

Greenwald. Benjamin, Brooklyn, N. Y„ 144 

Greenwald, Leonard. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Greenwood. Carma Mae, American Fork, 285, 378 

Greenwood. Carol, American Fork, 378 

Greenwood Dennis I., Greenwood, Ore., 407 

Greenwood. Donald B., Madison, N. J., 378 

Greenwood. Edmund O., Provo. 302 

Greenwood, Jeanine, Sandy. 378 

Greer. Betty JoMae, Richfield. 378 

Greer. John Harris, St. Johns. Ariz.. 238. 246, 381 

Greer, Mary Jane. Aurora. III., 242, 378 

Greer, Pratt L., Springville. 317 

Gregory. Carol, Burbank, Calif., 64, 233 

Gregson, Norma Dene. Cardston, Alberta. 26. 89, 269. 348 

Gren, Carl. Riverside, Calif. 

Gresham, Kenneth Earl, Coos Bay. Ore., 348 

Griffin, Mary Gayle, Salt Lake City. 20, 60. 287. 326 

Griffin. Phyllis F.. Newton. 60, 239, 285. 348 

Griffin, Rodney Dale. American Fork, 348 

Griffin, Roland Ivan, San Carlos. Calif.. 378 

Griffith, Frances A., Ventura. Calif.. 64, 263. 326 

Griffiths, Beverly, Springville. 378 

Griffiths. Jerry Wayne. Long Beach, Calif.. 28, 279, 379 

Griffiths. Lavon. Westin, Ida.. 213. 379 

Grigg, Samuel Parley, Harper, Ore., 379 

Griggs, Donald Harvey, Byron, Wyo. 

Grimes. Don Marston, Hayward, Calif., 58 

Grimes, Gerald William, Buzzards Bay. Mass., 379 

Grimmett, Karen Maccene, Provo 

Grimmett. Robert G., Idaho Falls. Ida.. 326 

Grimwood, Loretta F., Long Beach, Calif. 

Groberg, David Holbrook, Idaho Falls, Ida., 283 

Groberg. Phyllis, Evergreen, 224, 285. 379 

Groeger, Klaus Wilhelm. Ruth 

Groesbeck, Janet, Springville. 379 

Groesbeck, Kathryn, Springville, 349 

Groesbeck, Monty, Provo 

Groshell, Carol Duane. Seattle. Wash., 24, 37, 177, 213. 269, 

321. 326 

Grover, Alda Morris. Salt Lake City. 379 

Grover, Grant William. Salt Lake City, 188. 224. 244. 321. 

Grover, Richard Keith, Brigham, 194. 218, 326 
Grover, Val Adair. Seattle, Wash., 105, 406 
Groves, Lois June, Salt Lake City. 232, 379 
Gruver. Donald Earl, Richland, Wash., 260 
Gubler, Audrey Iris. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 380 
Gubler. Brian Tell. Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Gubler, Deon Ray. LaVerkin, 380 

Gubler. Phillip Duane, Santa Clara, Calif.. 241, 327 
Gudmundsen, Stanley E., Inglewood, Calif., 252. 260, 349 
Gudmundson. Joseph T., Riverside, Calif., 380 
Guernsey, Marvin E., Gary, Ind., 184, 242, 302 
Guerrero, Margery K., Hawaii, 349 
Guild, Charlene, Ogden, 217, 269. 327 
Gundersen, Mont Heugly. Salt Lake City. 380 
Gunderson, Alvin Vern, Lorenzo, Ida., 327 
Gunderson, Merrill Ray, Spanish Fork, 349 
Gunderson, Neil Olsen, Lorenzo, Ida., 380 
Gunn, Shirley Joan, Elsinore, 56, 290, 327 
Gunnell, Norma A., Ogden 
Gunnell, Wayne, Provo, 295 
Gurney. Lois Jean. Salt Lake City, 213, 349 
Gustaveson, Lee Scott, Fairview, 380 
Guthrie, Arlene Ruby, St. Anthony, Ida.. 302 
Guthrie, Don Arthur. Grand Canyon, Ariz., 349 
Gutke, Amelia Joyce. Salt Lake City. 380 
Guymon, Eldon Vern, Provo, 380 
Guymon, Mary Arlene, Orem, 380 
Guyon, Karen Denice, Montpelier, Ida.. 224, 250, 381 
Gwilliam, James Russell, Provo 

Gwlnn. Albert, Tucson, An;. 

Gwynrt. Larry M., Montebello, Calif., 406 

Gygi. Lola Ann. Salt Lake City, 380 


Habeck, Norma Jean. Oconomowoc. Wise. 349 

Hackett, Kathryn, Glendale, Caiif. 

Hading, Mary Ruth, Valleio, Calif.. 380 

Hackwell. Glenn Alfred. Helper 

Hadfield, Dorace Carmen. Lehi, 381 

Hadley. Shirley Ann. Blackfoot. Ida.. 62. 267 

Hadley. Thomas Merrill. Ogden. 253. 349 

Hadloclc. Theresa. Provo. 302 

Haten, Irene. Provo 

Hafen. John Mark. Provo 

Hafen. Kenneth Ernest, St. George, 241, 327 

Hafen, Raymond Harris. Provo 

Hafen. Stanley, St. George. 302 

Hagerty, Everett Louis. Woodland Hills. Calif., 208. 327 

Haggard. Connie Jo, Phoenix, Ariz.. 66. 349 

Haglund, Allene. Grace. Ida.. 406 

Haglund, Roger Wilford. Los Angeles. Calif.. 3 7. 215, 315 

Haickel, Judith Gayle, Portland. Ore.. 381 

Hailstone. Dean Lufkin, Butte. Mont.. 58 

Hainsworth, Beth, Portland. Ore., 302, 321 

Hainswoith, Don Child. Portland, Ore., 380 

Hale, Boyd Jay. Blackfoot, Ida,, 64. 208. 260. 349 

Hale. Dorine, Salt Lake City. 406 

Hale. Phillip Nathan, Glendale. Calif.. 380 

Hale, Stephen P.. Savannah, Ga., 233. 327 

Hales, Bette Lee, Toppenish. Wash.. 303 

Hales. Elaine, Spanish Fork 

Hales, Ernest M.. Spanish Fork 

Hales, Glade Cowan, Springville 

Hales. Glen H.. Elsinore, Calif.. 303 

Hales. John Lockwood. Glendale. Calif.. 283. 348 

Hales. Lynore. Salt Lake City, 68. 204, 269. 348 

Hales, Max Dean. Toppenish, Wash., 29 

Hales, Robert. Provo, 380 

Hall, Allan Perry. Springville. 380 

Hall. Beryl. Salt Lake City 

Hall. Boyd George. Berkeley. Calif. 

Hall, Charles Brent. Carnation, Wash.. 380 

Hall, David Wayne. Mesa. Aril., 64, 238, 243. 348 

Hall, Dee Ashby, Vernal, 279. 380 

Hall Demar W.. Inkom. Ida., 303 

Hall. Edwin Chellus. Provo, 219, 327 

Hall, Elaine, Provo 

Hall. Gerald Ray. Tooele, 258, 327 

Hall, Glade Arthur, Springville, 380 

Hall, Glen Giles, Pleasant Grove 

Hall. Henry Lee, Seattle. Wash., 282, 348 

Hall, James Richard. Miami, Fla„ 406 

Hall. Kenneth John, Portland, Ore.. 235, 380 

Hall, Kenneth S„ Provo 

Hall. Kent A.. Santaquin. 348 

Hall. LeGrand Tobler 

Hall, Lurae. Preston. Ida.. 188, 380 

Hall. Marilyn, Compton, Calif.. 58, 381 

Hall. Nadine. Portage, 213. 381 

Hall, Owen Davis, Honolulu. Hawaii, 381 

Hall, Paddy Mary. Lorenzo. Ida., 263, 348 

Hall. Peggy. Inkom. Ida.. 381 

Hall, Peggy Margaret, Lorenzo. Ida., 263. 348 

Hall, Robert Ray, Evanston, Wyo., 348 

Halladay, Albert Dee, Marysvale 

Halladay, Jerry Ann. Provo, 224, 264, 381 

Halladay. Kay Ellene. Spanish Fork. 273. 380 

Halladay. William M.. Provo 

Haller, Myrna Colleen, Nampa. Ida.. 243. 348 

Haller, Peggy Anne. Montebello. Calif.. 60. 197, 257, 349 

Haller, Thelma Jeanne. Montebello, Calif.. 380 

Hallibaugh. Betty Lois. Redding, Calif. 

Halliday. Flora F., Provo 

Halliday, Fred Owen. Glendale, Calif.. 230, 231. 237. 349 

Halliday. John R., Provo 

Hailing. Nancy Carole. Harbor City. Calif.. 326 

Halls. Helen Barton. Monticello, 380 

Halls, William W., Monticello, 349 

Halversen. Allen Kent. Helper. 62. 407 

Halverson, Mariane O, Greenacres, Wash.. 303 

Hamblin, Harriet B., Phoenix. Ariz. 

Hamblin, Junius, Logan, 234 

Hamblin. Markay E., McNary, Ariz. 

Hamer, Ada Suzanne, Montebello. Calif., 64, 380 

Hamilton, Donna Gay, Blackfoot, Ida., 70, 74, 250, 380 

Hamilton, Eugene M.. Butte. Mont., 326 

Hamilton. Jerry Edward, Lodge, S. C., 349 

Hamilton. Mary Eveline, Fairview, 407 

Hamilton, William Edwin. Las Vegas. Nev.. 260 

Hamlin, Josephine May, Grand Junction. Colo.. 349 

Hamlin, Patricia. Provo. 380 

Hammond, Martha A. Lowe. Portland, Ore.. 36, 74, 91. 224. 

245, 319, 326 
Hammond. Samuel Jensen. Idaho Falls, Ida., 278. 349 
Hanchett, Garvin Ray. Solomon, Ariz.. 58. 74. 233 
Hanchett, Thann Myron. Annabella 
Hancock. Ira Boyd. Napa. Calif.. 349 
Hancock. Jay J.. Provo. 219. 220. 224, 326 
Hancock, Junith Dawn. Mesa. Ariz., 64. 407 
Hancock, Larry E-, Pocatello. Ida.. 407 
Hancock, Morck Oluf. Provo 
Handley, Lorie, Salt Lake City, 380 

Handley, Myrtle Lucille. Grand Junction. Colo., 232, 349 
Handy. Elgin Dee, Bountiful, 326 
Handy. Gerald L.. Hayburn, Ida.. 227, 297 

Haness. Kay Miriam, Oklahoma City. Okla.. 353. 380 

Hanks. David A., Burley, Ida.. 102. 113 

Hanks. Keith Lynn, Salem 

Hanks, Marilyn, Salem 

Hanks. Nancy Gwendolyn. Menlo Park. Calif.. 229. 381 

Hanks. Shirl Dee, Salem, 349 

Hanks. Nancy Sue. Clarkdale. Ariz., 381 

Hanks. Teddy Lee. Salem 

Hanly. Thomas Frank. Jr.. Worland. Wyo.. 348 

Hanna. Charles Wray. Butte. Mont.. 407 

Hanna. Ruperd Dean. Ellisville. Miss.. 407 

Hanni. Helen Mary. Redwood City. Calif., 348 

Hansen. Albert J., Wheatridge. Colo.. 60. 224. 348 

Har.en. Ballard C, Delta 

Hansen, Betty Jean. Riverside, III.. 247. 348 

Hansen. Beverly Ann, Vale, Ore.. 72. 326 

Hansen, Cameron Evans, Park City. 72. 74. 381 

Hansen, Carolyn, Rosemead, Calif., 207, 381 

Hansen, Darrel Chancy, Rigby, Ida.. 303 

Hansen. Darrel David. Hike. Nev. 

Hansen, Don J.. Ferron 

Hansen. Dorene P. Boyle. Long Beach. Calif. 

Hansen. Doris Emma, Mayfield, 381 

Hansen, Douglas William, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Hansen. Duane A.. Springville, 406 

Hansen, Elaine Sharon, Newton, 239, 326 

Hansen, Ernest Bradbury, Provo, 348 

Hansen. Floyd Brent, Joseph City. Ariz., 381 

Hansen, Garth Dalley, Spanish Fork, 303 

Hansen, Gordon Emil, Orem. 326 

Hansen. Grant R„ Salt Lake City. 348 

Hansen, Gy C. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 381 

Hansen, Helen Afton, Orem, 236, 303 

Hansen, James Vernon, Twin Falls. Ida. 

Hansen, Jari Lee. Norco, Calif. 

Hansen. Jean, Winslow, Ariz., 381 

Hansen, Jean, Hiko, Nev. 

Hansen. Jim Pratt, Riverside. Calif. 

Hansen. John B„ Wuann, N. J.. 266, 348 

Hansen, Joseph Henry. Lomita, Calif.. 112. 380 

Hansen, Joyce, Idaho Falls, Ida., 348 

Hansen, Ladonna, Tooele, 276, 349 

Hansen, Lamonte L.. Parma, Ida.. 246. 380 

Hansen, Laura Gayle, Smithfield, 217. 239. 302 

Hansen, Merrill Brown, American Fork 

Hansen, Peggy U., American Fork, 277, 326 

Hansen. Phyllis, Long Beach, Calif.. 380 

Hansen, Phyllis Kay, Choteau. Mont.. 380 

Hansen. Phyllis Rae. Salt Lake City 

Hansen, Ouince Marion, Snowflake, Ariz.. 406 

Hansen. R. Lee, Toppenish, Wash.. 282. 380 

Hansen. Richard Ray, San Mateo. Calif., 380 

Hansen, Roberta Edith, Toppenish. Wash., 187. 233. 269. 

Hansen, Russell H., Orem. 302 

Hansen, Ruth Marilyn. Carmichel, Calif.. 224, 380 

Hansen, Stanley Dee. Grace, Ida., 406 

Hansen, Sue Dele J.. Pocatello. Ida.. 406 

Hansen, Victor Leroy, Provo, 38 

Hansen, Wilford Bryce. Cardston. Alberta, 380 

Hansgen, Wells Eugene, Provo 

Hanson, 8ennair, Lorenzo, Ida., 380 

Hanson. Deloy W., Tooele 

Hanson, Heloyce Francel, Salt Lake City, 81, 234, 302 

Hanson, Joseph Nolan, Dragerton, 327 

Hanson, Keyte Leon, Salt Lake City. 381 

Hanson. Paul. Lehi 

Hanson. Richard M., Provo 

Hanson, Ronald John, Santa Monica, Calif.. 64, 381 

Hanson. Shirley June, Provo, 68. 381 

Haran, Thomas Albert, Provo 

Hardcastle, Donald Lee, Sandy 

Harding. Alice Kaye, Malad. Ida.. 36. 37, 91. 213. 271. 

Harding. Carol Jilean, Payson. 229. 281. 327 

Harding, Dale J„ Provo 

Harding, Joann, Provo, 381 

Harding, John Philip, Montclair, N. J., 233 

Harding, Nancy Jo., Provo. 381 

Harding, Ralph Ray, Malad. Ida., 327 

Hardisty, Richard F., Truckee, Calif.. 327 

Hardy. Arthur H.. Sacramento. Calif.. 38. 187. 218, 219. 

Hardy, Ernest Jay, Los Angeles. Calif.. 406 

Hardy. Eugene Cosper, Provo. 406 

Hardy. Evelyn Rachel. Fresno. Calif.. 381 

Hardy, Heber, Palmer, St. George, 294 

Hardy. Joyce Karan. Winslow, Ariz.. 64. 238. 349 

Hardy, Keith H.. Idaho Falls, Ida.. 349 

Hardy, Mike W.. Logandale, Nev. 

Hardy, Phillip Grant, Las Vegas. Nev. 

Hardy, Richard Clair, Las Vegas. Nev.. 104. 260 

Hardy. William Heber, Provo, 349 

Harenberg, Jacqueline, Senter, Colo., 381 

Hargeti, Dorothy Ellen. Pollocksville, N. C, 381 

Harker, Don Raymond, Whittier, Calif. 

Harkness. Jill, Tacoma, Wash., 251 

Harlow, James Douglas, Port Angeles, Wash,, 381 

Harman. Bonnie LaJune, Salt Lake City, 406 

Herman. Dean William., Salt Lake City. 380 

Harman, Sharon, Murray, 380 

Harmer, Don. Springville 

Harmon, Duane McMurrin. Fresno, Calif.. 215, 302 

Harmon, Gaylen Tolman. Provo, 36, 302 

Harmon, Lorraine L.. Pocatello, Ida., 349 

Harmon. Philip M.. Ontario, Calif.. 208, 327 

Harmon, Robert Bartlett. El Cerrito, Calif. 

Harmon. Rosalie. Manti 

Harmon. Wilford G., Jr., Berkeley. Calif.. 60, 274 

Harper, John J„ Blackfoot. Ida.. 302 


Harper. Kimball Taylor, Oakley, Ida.. 406 

Harper, Leo Korlton, Houston, Teios 

Harper, Leslie Keith, Qrem. 327 

Harper, Reid Ladell, Provo, 303 

Herpham, Jack Deem, Komieh, Ida., 380 

Harriell. Everett Laden. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 64. 407 

Harris, Alan LeGrende, Provo. 380 

Harris. Antoine H., Provo. 380 

Harris, Derrel Leland. Lovell. Wyo. 

Harris, Oelores. Ashton, Ida., 303 

Harris, Diane. Oak City 

Harris, Dorothy J.. Sunnyside. Wesh.. 349 

Harris, Frances Jean. San Francisco. Calif.. 380 

Harris, Frank Donvelle, Los Angeles. Calif.. 327 

Hams. Jerry Starr, Provo, 380 

Hams, John Bemherd. Van Nuys, Calif. 

Harris, Laura K., Provo 

Harris, Lda Ann, Simla, Colo.. 62. 224, 380 

Harris, Lloyda Mae. Durongo. Colo.. 326 

Harris. Lorne. Provo 

Harris. Philip Duone, Orem. 381 

Harris, Rada Joyce. Wenatchee. Wash.. 269. 327 

Harris, Reynold Paul. Pleasant Grove. 361 

Hems. Robert Lee. Spokane, Wash.. 37, 199 208 215 222 

Harris. Ronald Lee. Frontier. Wyo.. 381 
Harris. Vera Van. eta. Bountiful. 361 
Harris. Wilford. Provo 

Harrison, Bruce George Sal* Lake City. 407 
Harrison, Bertrand Kent. Spanish Fork, 303 
Harrison, Edward Merle. Bayfield. Colo., 303 
Harrison, Evan Dale, LePoint, 407 
Harrison, George W., Taylor. Ariz., 326 
Harrison, Harlan Foster. St. George. 64 
Harrison. Jane. Springville, 189, 224, 361 
Herrison, Joenn Laura. Los Angeles, Calif.. 407 
Harrison, Kent L., Price. 237 
Herrison, Laura. Malad. Ida.. 36 
Harrison. Parry Deloss. Malad. Ido.. 349 
Harrison, Patricia D.. Los Angeles. Calif.. 381 
Harrison. Robert Harvey. Baker. Ore.. 349 
Herrow, Adrienne L.. Salt Late City 
Hersch. Donald Eugene. Smithton, Mo.. 349 
Hart. Barbara Ann. Oakland, Calif.. 213. 348 
Hart. Darrell Henry. Ogden. 70. 348 
Hart. Jennie M. Dunton. Paragonah. 348 
Hart, John Adolph. Provo. ,74, 282. 381 
Hart. John William. Virginia. Ida.. 348 
Hart. Judith Adelia. Glenco. III.. 381 
Hart. Karen. Pocatello. Ida.. 257. 326 
Hart. Keith C. Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Hart, Ronny David. Glendale, Calif. 
Hartlauer, Donald Ray, Phoenii. Ariz., 380 
Hartle. Betty Joan, Pleasant View. Colo. 
Hartley. Gail. Woods Cross. 380 
Hartley, Karen Marie, Malad. Ida.. 56, 233. 250. 380 
Hartley. Lola L, Stirling, Alberta, 348 
Hartsfield. Donald Ray. Tucson. Ariz., 380 
Hartsfield. Helen A., Tucson. Ariz.. 268. 326 
Harvey. Denzil Preal. Blythe. Calif. 
Harvey, James D.. Pleasant Grove. 326 
Harvey, Johan, Blythe, Calif.. 360 
Hervey. John Lael, Provo. 303 
Harvey, Mary Mergret, Monticello. 62. 380 
Hervey. Ray Merwin. Blythe. Calif.. 326 
Harvey. Sharon Webster. Provo, 407 
Horword, Darr Dwain, Provo 
Herward. Donna Carol. Loe. 178. 267. 348 
Harward. Geylord K., Richfield, 70. 380 
Herward, Peggy Lee, Richfield. 348 
Herwood. Darwin J.. Grace, Ida.. 222. 348 
Harwood. Fred Leroy. Idaho Falls. Ida., 380 
Hase, Floyd Grover. Self Leke City. 348 
Haskell, Evelyn. Lovell, Wyo., 62. 267. 381 
Haslem. William Bruce. Denver, Colo.. 381 
Hasson, Allen, Inglewood, Calif., 381 
Hastings, Loyal Dee. Grand Junction, Colo. 
Hatch. Carol, St. George. 407 
Hatch. Donne Louise, Juarez, Mexico, 381 
Hatch, Elmer Ferr, Provo, 297 
Hatch, George W., Oiford, Ida., 191. 349 
Hatch. Glendon, Provo. 112 
Hatch, John Ansel, Jr., Browning, Mont., 407 
Hatch, Lo Ree, Browning, Mont. 
Hatch. Mary Ann, Boulder, Colo.. 326 
Hatch, Mary Gey. Springville, 327 
Hatch, Meurleen E.. Salt Lake City. 381 
Hatch. Myron W.. Cheyenne, Wyo.. 303 
Hatch, Roy Dweyne, St. George 
Hatch, Vera Renee, Springville 
Hatcher, Nancy Merle. Vaughn. Mont.. 245. 361 
Hatfield. Kenneth M . Cleveland, Ohio. 282. 327 
Hetfield. Kent Eves, Springville 
Hatfield. R. chard M.. Cleveland. Ohio. 279. 303 
Hathaway. Marquis G., Provo, 198. 302 
Hatton. Betty Jo. Fillmore. 225, 327 
Heuet, Waldemar Eugene. Norco. Calif. 
Houpt, Hory E., Provo 

Heuver, David William. Las Vegas. Nev.. 227 
Heuzen, Maureen, Orem. 406 
Havens, Hallie Julie, Salmon. Ida., 327 
Hevens, Lamar D., Terreton, Ida., 302 
Hawker. Doris Lila. Provo 
Hawkes, Gene Stanton, Preston, Ide.. 282 
Hawles, Grant R., Preston, Ide. 
Hawkes. Joyce. Salt Lake CHy, 46. 196. 327 
Hawkins. Anne. Denver. Colo,. 276. 327 
Hawkins, Barbara Klee. Provo 

Hawkins. Charles Virgil. Provo. 227 

Hawkins. Darrell Barnes, San Diego. CaM.. 349 

Hawkins. Dougles S., Ely. Nev. 

Hawkins. Harold Johnson, Salt Lake City. 381 

Hewkins. Helen Ann. Boise. Ida.. 62. 213. 381 

Hawkins. Marlene Jill. Mesa. Ariz.. 380 

Hawkins. Norine. Aurora, Colo., 380 

Hawkins. Spencer James. Fish Haven. Ida.. 184. 349 

Hawkins, Steven Barry. Tooele, 105. 380 

Hawkins. Ted Parker. Tooele. 105. 224 

Hawks. Virginia Lee. Lome. Colo.. 237. 349 

Hawley. Lois Ade'e. Conrad, Mont.. 74, 380 

Haws. Beverly Ree. Boulder. 349 

Haws. Gary L. Vernal. 349 

Haws. Jo Anne Kay C. Provo 

Haws. John Knollin, Left! 

Haws. Joseph Wayne. Springville. 302 

Haws. Travis Glen, Provo. 302 

Haws. Weity. Eager. Ariz.. 327 

Haycock. Audrey Lucille. Grand Junction. Colo.. 349 

Heycock. James W., Circleville 

Haycock. Kathryn Mary. Salt Lake City. 302 

Heyden. Warren Ray. Pleasant Grove 

Hayes. Charles D.. La* Vegas, Nev.. 327 

Hayes. Graham Horace. Tremonton. 327 

Hayes. Mai A., Montpelier, Ida. 

Haymond. David Rue!, Springville. 380 

Haymond. James Brent, Springville, 380 

Heymore. Derla Fay. Prescott, Ariz. 

Heynie. Cerl S.. Dougles, Ariz. 

Heynie. Horence. Pima, Ariz.. 326 

Heynie. Sue Ann, Manesse. Colo.. 246, 380 

Heyward. Margaret. Provo. 225. 226. 263, 326 

Head, Nephi Lawrence, Sandy, 408 

Healey. Geraldine. Conner, Mont.. 193 

Healy. Max Lester, Orem, 381 

Heame. Colleen E., Wilmington, Del.. 62, 302 

Heath. Leo Merlin. San Bernardino, Calif., 381 

Heaton. Carol Jean. Alton, 381 

Heeton, Flora May. Salt Lake City. 302 

Heaton, Karma. Salt Lake City, 232. 381 

Heaton, Sherwin, Moccasin, Ariz., 381 

Heber, Ruth Freda, Magna. 381 

Hebertson. Evelyn Joann. Provo. 297 

Hebertson, Vol M.. Provo 

Hecht. Harry George. Powell. Wyo.. 381 

Heck. Ronald Glenn, Burbank, Calif.. 326 

Hedrick. Robert Eugene, Santa Monica, Calif. 

Heidlebaugh. Audrey M., Carmichael. Calif.. 60. 263. 326 

Heilner. Sanford J.. Baker. Or©.. 72, 74. 182. 282 

Heimerk, Pat Joseph. Phillips. Mont.. 381 

Heiner, Goldie Laree. Bedford, Wyo.. 380 

Heiner, Hallie Kenneth. Provo. 349 

Heiner, Janeene Gardner, Bedford, Wyo.. 349 

Heiner. Renee. Ogden. 62, 249. 348 

Heiner. Ted. Jr.. Bedford, Wyo.. 303 

Heinz. Lyle S., Rexburg, Ida.. 103 

Helberg. Ray Wayne. San Bernardino. Calif.. 303 

Helbing, Ernest L.. Jr.. San Bernardino, Calif. 

Held. Emilie Resmussen, Denmark, 253 

Held. Keith John, Provo 

Helm, Geraldine Alto, Coronodo. Calif.. 66, 348 

Helm, Maurvene Elaine, Los Angeles. Calif.. 380 

Hemenwoy, John Lynne, Woodland, Calif.. 380 

Hemingway. Robert D. Bekersfield, Calif., 191. 326 

Hemsley. Aaron Allen. Los Angeles, Calif.. 380 

Henderson, Clork Evan, Cannonville. 241, 326 

Henderson, Gerald V., Burley, Ida.. 346 

Henderson. Paul Jay. Boise, Ida., 348 

Hendrickson. G. Kent. Provo 

Hendrickson, Hyrum Ruel. Snowfloke, Ariz., 238. 380 
Hendrickson. Shyrma Loy. Sandy 

Hendrix, Leland Jocob. Lund, Nov., 348 

Heninger, George Robert, Provo 

Heninger, Richord. Roymond. Alberta 

Heninger. Wayne "Gold. San Fernando, Calif. 

Henrichsen, Joyce. Provo 

Henrichsen. Keith A.. Pleasant Grove 

Henrie. Goy, Phoenix, Ariz.. 224. 263 

Henrie, Morion Lymon, Delta. 380 

Henrie, Norma, Provo. 406 

Henrie. Robert Juan. Richfield. 70, 74. 76, 360 

Henry, Phyllis Diane. Darby. Pa.. 348 

Hanson. Charles A.. Council Bluffs, Iowa. 380 

Hepworth. Clarence W., Jr., Magna. 70. 406 

Hepworth, Janet. Ontario. Ore., 381 

Hepworth. Lester O.. Hinckley. 241 

Herbert, Marilyn Edith. Burlingome. CeNf.. 233. 348 

Herbert, Phil J.. Salina 

Herbst. John Ronald. Provo. 58, 348 

Herget, Amos Lindsay. Portland. Ore.. 245. 361 

Harmon, Earlene Joyce, Montrose. Colo.. 62, 224. 361 

Hermansen, Joan, Spanish Fork 

Hermansen, Redge Jay, Gunnison, 381 

Herrick. Arthur Charles. Huntington Pork. Colif.. 381 

Herring. Derryl Riches. Formington. N. Mex., 78. 348 

Herring, Jill Yvonne. Formington, N. Me«„ 349 

Herron. Frank L.. Cut Bank, Mont.. 2S4. 381 

Herron, Peggy Jean. Mogne, 180. 207, 361 

Hess. Carlene Bass, Caldwell. Ida.. 349 

Hess, Dennis Clark, Provo. 303 

Hess. Douglas S., Los Angeles. Colif.. 78. 79. 326 

Hess, Wilford Maser. Nampa. Ida.. 349 

Hewitson. William Glenn. Park City. 381 

Heyman. Bernice May. Salt Lake City. 90. 196. 263. 303 

Haywood. Loris Ree, Los Veges. Nov., 3BI 

Hiatt. Anne P.. Mt. Airy, N. C. 382 

Hiott. Calvin Cofumbus. Mt Airy. N. C . 303 David Hyrum. Mt. Airy. N. C. 295 

H.att. Ethel P.. Mt. Airy, N. C 

Hiott. Merwin Russet. Payson 

Hiatt. Mono Faye. Provo. 326 

Hibbard. Ann Marie. Ida . 349 

Hibbert. Gwyneth. Los Angeles. Calif.. 277 

H.bshman. Dennis Joseph. Conove Pork. Colif., 327 

Hicken. Ada Elaine. Heber. 349 

Hickman. Kenneth Rei Provo. 282. 382 

Hicks. Joann. Salt Lake City. 382 

Hicks. Leenne. Chicago. III.. 224, 242. 382 

Hicks. Robert Franklin. Rochester. N. Y.. 406 

Hideshima. Sam. Orem, 349 

Higa. Harry Takemi. Hono.. HawO". 123 

Higbee. R. chord E., W.nslow, Ariz.. 303 

Higbee, Shoron Lovern. Bremerton. Wesh., 251. 349 

Higbee. Wando Mae. Winslow. Ariz . 262. 327 

Higgins. Charles W.. Provo. 116 

Higgini. Helen Lois. Provo 

Higginson, Dennis. Nampa. Ida.. 250. 382 

Higginson. Gory Anson. Pingree. Ido.. 349 

Highem, Dolphin Paul. Los Angeles. Calif.. 303 

Higham. Francis Cope. Oakland. Calif.. 348 

Hilgendorff. Kay D.. Provo 

Hill. Aaron Jomes. Holbrook. Ida.. IIS. 382 

Hill. Annette. Ideho Falls. Ida.. 194. 382 

Hill. Bloin Ellsworth. WaHa Wallo. Wesh. 

Hill. Carolyn B.. American Fork 

Hill. Cecil. Holbrook. Ido.. 348 

Hill. Chedley Ann, Sacramento, Calif.. 348 

Hill. Dennis Leroy. Payson. 348 

Hill. Darrell Golden. Salt Lake City 

Hill. Harry N.. Rexburg. Ida.. 243. 382 

Hill, Janet Leone. Oakland. Calif. 348 

Hill. Keith H.. Provo 

Hill. Leo Jomes. Layton, 179. 304 

Hill, Merilyn Jeen, Opportunity, Wosh. 

Hill. Morvin Sidney. Provo. 295 

Hill, Mary Maurlne. Clearfield. 266. 327 

Hill. Mex W.. Provo. 295 

Hill. Merry M. McCann. Walla Walla. Wash. 

Hill. Newell Kenneth, Idaho Falls. Ida. 

Hill. Sherrill, Lordsburg. N. Me. . 382 

Hillberry. L Dwaine, Worland. Wyo.. 252. 383 

Hillier. Roneld Miles. Avenel. N. J.. 304 

H.lls. Richord Gene. Salt Lake City. 327 

Hiltbrand. Wesley R.. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 274. 327 

Hilton, Jackson Michael. Greer. S. C 64 

Hilton. Jerold Almon. Stillwater, Okla.. 94. 193. 348 

Hilton, Lula Marie. Hinckley. 60. 250. 383 

Hilton. Lyle Kent. Pine. Ariz.. 27. 94, 192. 304 

Hilton, Morgene, Hinckley, 226. 383 

Hilton. Wilford Bruce. Delto. 2 10. 406 

Hinckley. Michael R.. Salt Leke City. 105. 363 

Hinckley. Richord A., Salt Loke City. 58. 304 

Hindley, Edith Morlene, Stockton. Colif. 

Hinkson, Jimmy W., Salt Lake City 

Hinrichsen, Margaret L., Provo 

Hintze. Geraldine, Provo, 348 

HipweM. Dea Ellis. Provo. 304 

Hipwell. Grant Stoker. Ogden, 195. 383 

H.pwell. Mildred. Ogden. 217. 249. 304 

Hirschi, Dione, Rockville 

Hirschi, Lovoll Edward, Geneva. 382 

Hirschi. Warda Ann. Rockville. 382 

Hirschi. Wilard M.. Rockville. 108. 109. 110. 116 

Hirtzel. Richard Dale. Burbank. Calif.. 233 

Hislop, Lane Tracy, Fruitland, Ido., 304 

Hitchcock. CheHes K., Buhl. Ida.. 177. 182. 183. 164. 206. 

208. 243. 327 
Hitesman, Coleen Jane. Tooele, 348 
Hixson, Joann Pearl. Columbia 
Hobbs. Charles R.. Preston. Ida.. 219. 305 
Hobbs. Erma Jean. Weston, Ida.. 382 
Hobbs. Gerelynn. Weston, Ida.. 62. 382 
Hobbs. Joane, Provo. 406 
Hobbs. Morlee. Preston, Ida. 
Hocking, Merjorie J., Bingham, 229, 276, 327 
Hodges. I'o Tolbert, Springville. 241. 362 
Hodges. Jere Dale. Provo. 1 91 
Hodgkinson, Jeen, Vernal. 248. 382 
Hodson. Lloyd Leroy. Orem, 327 
Hodson, Raymond Levor, Las Vegas. Nev.. 406 
Hodson, Richard Brown, Downey. Calif.. 362 
Hoeft, William George. Provo, 348 
Hogen, Leah Romoe. Glendale. Col>f.. 382 
Hogert. Richard Hyrum. West Jordan 
Hogon. Shirley Louise, Burley. Ida.. 382 
Hoggen, Robert Jay. Phoenix. Ariz.. 70, 72. 74. 383 
Hogg*. Ralston James, Rigby. Ida . 3*9 
Hogge. Richord Hilton. 383 
Hoglund. Boyd Park. Provo 
Hokanson. Beverly. Ogden. 90. 249. 281. 349 
Holbert. Sue Elaine. Phoen.x. Ariz.. 242. 271. 349 
Holbrook. Elsie Joan. Sacramanto. Calif.. 304 
Holbrook, Leone. Provo 
Holdawoy. Lao S.. Provo 
HeJdoway. Marion Kay. Provo 
Holdan, Felicia Viola. Sacramento. Calif. 383 
Holfelts. Korl Dea. Sprmgville. 383 
Holindrake. Doris Emma. Amoricon Fork. 349 
Holladoy. Doris. Salt Loke City. 383 
Holloday, Jomes Eugene, Tooala, 382 
Hollodey. Joan Jaquat. Idaho Fo'U. Ida.. 207. 382 
Holland. Hal William. Provo 
Holland, James Myron. Reno, Nev. 
Holland. Margie Sue. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 243. 349 
Holland. Mario M . Salt Lake City. 102. 104. 256 


Holley. Donald William, Richland, Wash., 243, 349 

Holley. Karl Newell. Richland. Wash.. 382 

Holliday, Allen Heber. Senatobia. Miss.. 327 

Holliday, Macelle, Senatobia. Miss.. 305 

Holliday. Parley Edgar, Senatobia, Miss. 

Hollingshead, Billie, Provo 

Holingsworth. Marvin W., Preston, Ida. 

Hollingsworth. Renee. Preston. Ida., 205, 239, 349 

Holloway, Paul Alvin, Provo. 326 

Holman. Betty, Pleasant Grove, 62. 224. 382 

Holman, Darlene. McGill, Nev.. 66, 193, 305 

Holman, Joy J„ Rexburg, Ida., 382 

Holman. LaJuan, Pocatello, Ida.. 64. 205. 214. 233, 349 

Holman, Ted, Orem 

Holmes, Carol Jean. Salt Lake City, 350 

Holmes, Carole Jean, Springville 

Holmes, Dee W., Provo 

Holmes. Jeanne Mary. San Carlos, Calif., 326 

Holmes. John R„ Raymond, Alberta, 350 

Holmes, Kenley Dionne, Liberty, 249 

Holmes, Mary Naomi, Harbor City, Calif, 227, 285, 382 

Holmes, Rosemary, Ogden, 350 

Holt, Arvil Monte. Shingle. Calif.. 326 

Holt, Carla Ann, Palo Alto, Calif., 262, 326 

Holt. Dean Robert. Walnut Creel. Calif.. 350 

Holt. Deann. Kamas. 38 

Holt. Glen Lamar. Springville, 326 

Holt. Ivin LaPhel. Enterprise. 219, 221, 241, 326 

Holt, Laural, Enterprise, 241, 326 

Holt. Norma Dianne, Dove Creelc. Colo., 326 

Holt. Paul Blackett, Spanish Fork. 382 

Holt. Ralph Moyle. Long Beach. Calif. 

Holton. Renee. Salt Lake City. 189, 273, 382 

Holyoak, Alan Bruce, Burley, Ida., 56. 305 

Holyoak, Benjamin John. Moab. 382 

Holyoak, Sharon Kay. Burley, Ida.. 305 

Homer, David Cluff. Highland, Ind.. 383 

Homer. Norman Charles. Provo. 64. 383 

Hood, Harlow Grant, Salt Lake City, 64, 260 

Hooft, Agnes Gertrude, Winn. Nev., 225, 304 

Hoopes, Tess Marie, Benson. 181. 239, 272, 383 

Hoover, Betty Ann, Springville. 68, 383 

Hoover, Mark William, Springville 

Hoover, Venice, Provo, 406 

Hopkins, Alfred Norman, Provo, 222 

Hopkins, Ann Stanford, Snowflake, Ariz., 383 

Hopkins, Arthur L„ El Cerito, Calif., 383 

Hopkins, Donald Ray, Allison Park. Pa„ 383 

Hopkins, Dorothy Beth, Provo, 383 

Hopkins. Melvin Glen, Houston, Texas 

Hopla. Harold J., Mapleton 

Hopper, June, Rexford, N. Y., 350 

Hoppie. Delroy Deane. Waco, Texas. 407 

Hopping. Miriam Anne. Calgary. Alberta. 350 

Horban, Walter George, Fort William, Ontario, 240 

Horlacher, Floyd Kent, Orem, 383 

Horn, Mary Geraldine, Phoenix, Ariz.. 205, 350 

Home. Larry D.. Glendale, Ariz.. 407 

Horrocks. Kaye, Richland, Wash., 186. 272. 382 

Horrocks, Sheldon Glen, Heber, 382 

Horsley, Pauline Claire, Salt Lake City, 382 

Horsley. Richard B„ Salt Lake City 

Hortin, Ann. Murray, 382 

Horton. George Robert, Circleville. 79. 116, 282 

Horton, Helen Marlene, Circleville, 350 

Horton, William R., Greenville, 407 

Hosman, Patrick Martin, Marmanth, N. Dak., 351 

Hottel. Hugh Othel. Baker. Ore.. 217 

Hottel, John Robert. Baker, Ore., 382 

Houston, J. Stanley, St. George. 304 

Houston, Jeanie Doris, Venice, Calif.. 217, 350 

Houston, Rodney Leroy, Los Angeles. Calif., 261, 382 

Houston. Ronald Earl. Los Angeles, Calif.. 260. 327 

Houtz, Kleber Duane, Roosevelt 

Howard, Dale W., Midvale 

Howard, Ruth Ann, Pocatello, Ida.. 407 

Howard. Virginia, Burbank, Calif., 382 

Howell. Carrol Leon, Salt Lake City. 295 

Howell, Donald Fay. Fairview, 227, 351 

Howell. Ida Karen, Fairview. 247. 382 

Howell. J. Franklin, Fairview, 294 

Howell, Kenneth Rex, Draper, 383 

Howell, Ona Loye, Mt. Pleasant, 351 

Howell, Varon Leroy, Blackfoot, Ida., 304 

Howell, Wally Sherman, Provo 

Howes, Raymond E., Marysvale, 297 

Howlett, Bryce Lynn, Draper, 407 

Hoxie, Florence L-, Winsted. Conn.. 74, 382 

Hoxie, Shirley Louise, Winsted, Conn., 383 

Hoyt, Barbara lone. Nephi, 68. 205, 268, 327 

Hsu, Li Chen, Formosa, China 

Hubbard, Noreen, Dillon, Mont., 205. 224, 236. 24S 

Hudson, David Spencer, Raymond, Alberta, 240 

Hubner. William C, Staten Island, N. Y.. 407 

Huerta. Robert Henry, Grants Pass, Ore. 

Muerta, Shirley Woodruf. San Leandro, Calif., 64, 351 

Huff, Clifton Glen. Spanish Fork. I 19 

Huff, Farrell Arthur, Payson, 68, 70 

Huff, Marlin Emery, Spanish Fork, 351 

Huff. Paul Archie, Spanish Fork 

Huffaker. Frances M.. Vale, Ore.. 213. 277, 327 

Huffaker, Glen Warren, Meridian. Ida., 383 

Huffaker. Phil C, Ontario, Ore., 304 

Huffaker, Ray Carlson, Ontario. Ore., 304 

Huffman, Carolyn, Bountiful, 383 

Hughhart. Betty Lou, Lynwood. Calif., 383 

Hughes. Ann, Salt Lake City, 383 

Hughes, Delano Bailey. Los Angeles, 78. 383 

Hughes, Mary Jean, Provo 

Hughes, Richard R., Oakland, Calif.. 255. 327 

Hughes, Rose Marie. Mesquite. Nev , 383 

Huish. James A., Douglas, Ariz.. 327 

Huish, Leslie Seaman, Douglas. Ariz. 

Hulett. Luanne Carole. Los Angeles, Calif.. 382 

Hulick .Robert Boyd. Provo. 350 

Hull, Janis Patricia, Caldwell, Ida.. 267. 382 

Hullinger, Carol Dawn, Provo, 382 

Hulme. Lucille, Bloomington, Ida.. 184. 195. 211. 234. 304 

Hulme, Ronald A., Hagerman, Ida.. 304 

Hulme, Thelma Jean, Hagerman, Ida., 382 

Hulse, Larae, Millville, 382 

Humpherys. Deverl S.. Thayne. Wyo.. 304 

Humpherys. Keith S.. Thayne, Wyo.. 279, 293, 305 

Humphery, Mary L., Salt Lake City. 327 

Humpherys. Eugene F.. Oakland. Calif.. 196, 253, 327 

Humphries, Doris Faye, Audubon, N. J.. 184. 253. 267 

Humphries, Owen Guv. American Fork 

Humphries, Ruby, St. George 

Humrick, Nancy Carolyn. Dallas, Texas. 248. 382 

Hundley, John D.. Provo, 60 

Hundley, Roberta, Albuquerque, N. Mex. 

Hunsaker. Bert Dale, Brigham, 102 

Hunsaker, Glenn Lewis, American Fork, 255, 327 

Hunsaker, Kent F., Smoot, Wyo.. 64. 382 

Hunsaker, Leland Ray, Delta, 383 

Hunt, Allan Reed, Alameda, Calif.. 407 

Hunt, Diana, Salt Lake City. 60, 178. 350 

Hunt, Elton E„ Enterprise, 406 

Hunt, Eugene Carl, Sunnyside. Wash., 383 

Hunt. Joanne. Snowflake. Ariz., 238, 242, 383 

Hunt, Mary, Salt Lake City, 383 

Hunt, Mary Helene. Baker, Ore., 383 

Hunt, Mary Lou, Sacramento. Calif.. 266. 350 

Hunt, Melvin John, Spanish Fork 

Hunt, Natalie, Sacramento, Calif., 383 

Hunt, Noreen, Phoenix, Ariz., 70, 383 

Hunt, Shirley Joan, Xenia, Ohio, 407 

Hunt, Thomas Aasa. Baker, Ore.. 327 

Hunter. Arthol B., Provo 

Hunter, Boyd M., Springville, 68, 74, 76, 305 

Hunter, John Jacob, Arcadia, Calif.. 283, 383 

Hunter, Karma, Provo, 383 

Hunter, Kenneth Duke, Ogden, 350 

Hunter, Leslie Howard, Emmett, Ida.. 406 

Hunter, Leslie Ray. Grantsville, 194, 326 

Hunter, Margaret, Salt Lake City, 224, 276, 350 

Hunter, Mary Ann, El Paso, Texas. 66. 382 

Hunter. Raymond Keith, Emmett, Ida., 350 

Hunter, William Don, Los Angeles, Calif., 382 

Hunter, William Edward, Lewisville, Ida. 

Huntington. Barbara J., Las Vegas, Nev., 326 

Huntington. Fred O.. Provo, 406 

Huntsman, Raleigh Lewis, Hamilton, Mont.. 382 

Hunzeker. Devon W., Montpelier, Ida., 78, 382 

Hurd, Morgan Eugene, Barnwell, Alberta, 382 

Hurren, Sybil Cleone, Nampa, Ida.. 64, 68, 382 

Hurst. Benyon Kent, Payson, 81, 382 

Hurst, Dorothy Lee, San Jose, Calif., 350 

Hurst, Leila Durfee, Provo 

Hurst, Merrill Young, Blanding, 383 

Hurtado, Alvaro, Las Vegas, Nev.. 350 

Husband, Rayola G„ Salt Lake City, 224, 326 

Huskey, Darryl Lavern, Nampa, Ida.. 382 

Hussey. Raedelle. Mesa. 350 

Hutchings. Duane, Spanish Fork 

Hutchings. Gilbert A.. Jr., San Luis Obispo. Calif.. 79. 

283, 351 
Hutchinson, Joan Yvonne. Willow Creek, Mont., 62. 406 
Hutchinson, Joseph Alma, Buhl, Ida. 
Hutchinson, Nancy H., Denver, Colo.. 224. 277, 351 
Hutchinson, Nannette C Buhl. Ida. 
Hutchinson, Nathel, Mesa. Ariz., 192. 276, 351 
Hutchinson, Neta. Buhl, Ida.. 58, 205. 243. 326 
Hutchison. Cherie D., Provo. 382 
Hutchison, Lacrecia J., La Grande, Ore., 164, 383 
Hyde, Alan Alexander, Cardston, Alberta, 193. 305 
Hyde, Charles Robbins. Springville, 305 
Hyde, Darcus Davis, Provo, 224, 326 
Hyde, Donald Reed, Swanlake, Ida.. 76, 351 
Hyde. Edna Lou, Kensington, Md„ 276, 383 
Hyde. Ellis Orson. Boise. Ida., 70, 74, 278, 326 
Hyde, Janet, Ogden, 249, 294 
Hyde, Joseph Warren, Salt Lake City, 383 
Hyde, Margene. Salt Lake City, 351 
Hyde. Marian J., Ogden. 249, 270, 304 
Hyde, Nadine Lenore, Baker, Ore., 224, 304 
Hyde, Susann, Springville, 350 
Hyde. Venice, Lewiston, 239, 304 
Hymas, Scott Simpson, Grace, Ida., 185. 210 

Ihnen, Eleanor Sharon, Avenal, Calif., 350 
Ihnen, Ernel D., Orem 
Innes, Robert J., Provo, 406 
Ingersoll, Maryl, American Fork, 64, 383 
Inglet, Glade Milford, Preston, Ida., 383 
Ingraham, Glenda Lee. Colton. Calif.. 200, 383 
Ingram, Mary Jo, Lehi, 350 

Ingram, Patricia Anne, San Diego, Calif.. 26, 284, 350 
Ingram, Robert E. Lee, Salt Lake. 248, 383 
Ipsen, Robert Lee. Bennington, Ida., 383 
Ipson, George V., Salt Lake City, 406 
Ipson, Hyrum B., Panguitch, 297 
Irvin. Darlene L.. Farmington, N. Mex., 268, 304 
Irwin, Helen Ann 

Isaacson, Burke Lee, Ogden. 406 

hakson, Lee William, Provo 

Uon, Rae, Backfoot. Ida.. 276, 350 

Iverson, Andrew C, Salt Lake City. 231. 383 

Iverson, Gam K„ St. George. 326 

Iverson, Harley, St. George, 407 

Iverson, Johnny M., Pleasant Grove 

Iverson, Lloyd Ray, Provo, 326 

Iverson, William Dan, Fillmore 

Ivie, Boyd R., Orem, 407 

Ivie. Carolann Roberta. Provo, 232, 382 

Ivie, Evan L.. Provo, 208, 304 

Ivie, James L.. Heber 

Ivins. Nancy. Salt Lake City, 281. 350 

I w aasa. Hanae, Raymond, Alberta, 406 

Iwasaki, Frances Kinue, Honolulu, Hawaii, 217, 304 

Izatt. Florence Louene, Salt Lake City, 64. 273, 382 

Jack, Alvin William, Farmington, N. Mex.. 122. 382 
Jack, Rayburn Elmer, Farmington, N. Mex. 
Jacklin, Harold, Pleasant Grove 
Jackman. Carol Dunford, Provo. 224. 262, 304 
Jackson, Barbara Lee, St. Joseph, Mo., 326 
Jackson, Belva Jane. Pocatello, Ida., 62, 382 
Jackson, Carol, Spanish Fork, 382 
Jackson, Edward W., San Leandro. Calif., 46. 255 
Jackson, Ellen, Salt Lake City, 407 
Jackson. Kenneth Noel. Provo. 258, 350 
Jackson, Kenneth Wayne. Colonial Heights, Va., 350 
Jackson, Larae, Salt Lake City, 382 
Jackson, Leroy Eugene, Austin, Texas, 248. 304 
Jackson, Lola Colleen, Kamas, 62, 232. 382 
Jackson, Malan Robert, Fremont, 19, 209. 350 
Jackson. Martin, Orem 
Jackson, Richard M., Salt Lake City. 382 
Jackson. Thomas W., Sandy 
Jackson, Valton Elmer. Kanab, 210. 219, 305 
Jackson, Velma Cherie, El Paso, Texas. 60, 382 
Jackson, Violet Louise. Hood River. Ore.. 232, 305 
Jackson. Wendy Lu, Salt Lake City. 382 
Jacobs, Caryl Lee. Oakland. Calif.. 276. 383 
Jacobs, Daniel Hains, Emmett. Ida., 66, 383 
Jacobs, Dee Valentine. Ogden. 194, 210. 223, 235, 245. 305 
Jacobs, G. Richard, Scottsbluff, Nebr., 261. 327 
Jacobs, Janeen, Emmett, Ida., 66, 327 
Jacobs, Lyle Allen, Provo. 350 

Jacobs, Margaret Oa, Raymond. Albcrla. 60. 240, 382 
Jacobsen, Eda Louise, Orem, 383 
Jacobson, Erma Elaine, Provo 
Jacobson, Vena Lee, Provo, 350 
Jacox, Gordon Lee, Provo, 305 
James. Colleen. Pendleton, Ore., 383 
James, Don Louts. Las Vegas, Nev., 103 
James. Donald Edward, Helper, 383 
James, Gloria, Provo. 281 
James. Harry G.. Jr., Ogden, 249, 305 
James, Joyce, Provo, 327 

James, Mar Lynn Rees, Spanish Fork. 78. 261, 327 
James. Mildred Ruth. Burbank, Calif.. 351 
James, Sherald Wendell. Spanish Fork, 32, 116, 120 
James, Trevor Mohring, Payson, 383 
Jameson, A. Keith, Monticello, 327 
Jameson, Kirk M., Orem 
Jameson. Marion Philip, Monticello 
Jameson, Naomi, Powell, Wyo. 
Jardine. Richard Don, Salt Lake City, 102, 208 
Jardine. Robert Lundlie, Salt Lake City, 382 
Jarman, Marlene, Phoenix, Ariz., 62, 200, 382 
Jarman, Monte C, San Diego. Calif., 266, 382 
Jarvis, Edwin Wallace, Montebello, Calif. 
Jarvis, George K. ( Salt Lake City, 79, 258 
Jarvis, Gideon Stanford, Pleasant Grove, 382 
Jarvis, Harold Hunter, El Paso, Texas. 248, 351 
Jarvis, Karyl Lee, Ontario, Ore., 383 
Jarvis, Neldon Lynn, Provo 

Jarvis, Walter Darrol, Durango, Colo., 185. 216, 246, 351 
Jarvis, William H.. Jr., Provo, 327 
Jasperson, Jack Don, Goshen, 382 
Jaussi, August Wilhelm, Paris, Ida. 
Jaynes, Homer W„ Jr., Deeth. Nev. 
Jefferies. Mary Lou. Grantsville, 70. 72. 74. 327 
Jeffery. Jay M.. Delta, 305 
Jeffs, William Craig, American Fork 
Jenkins, Alyce Ida, La Point, 382 
Jenkins, Arlen Dean. Pendleton, Ore., 119, 283, 351 
Jenkins, Laura Rosella, Council, Ida., 382 
Jenkins, Philip Arvene, Lakeside. Calif.. 195, 351 
Jenkins. Reed B., Pendleton. Ore.. 20. 182. 210. 283. 289, 290. 

Jenkins, Ronda H., Provo, 407 
Jennens, Dona Fay, Whittier, Calif., 382 
Jensen, Arlo U., Gunnison, 305 
Jensen, Arthur Robert, Tigard, Ore.. 283, 383 
Jensen, Beryl, Provo, 56, 305 
Jensen, Blain, Price 

Jensen, Bryant Lavern, Fairview, 266, 35 1 
Jensen, Carl Christian, Minneapolis. Minn., 327 
Jensen, Carl Lee, Minneapolis, Minn.. 383 
Jensen, Carol Ann, Idaho Falls, Ida., 383 
Jensen. Charlene, Byron, Wyo.. 252, 383 
Jensen, Cherrel, Malad. Ida., 327 
Jensen, Clarence Golden, Huntsville, 35 1 
Jensen, Dagney Louise, Orem. 224, 383 
Jensen. Darrell L., Orem, 351 
Jensen, David Byron, Orem, 350 
Jensen, David C. Jr.. Burley, Ida., 224. 304 
Jensen, Don Bradley, Salina 


Jensen, Edwin Russell, Lcgandale. Nev. 

Jensen, E>wood Stanley, Manti, 407 

Jensen. Eugene Paul. Orem 

Jensen, Jack Hess, Brigham 

Jensen, Janet Louise. Sandy. 224, 304 

Jensen. Jay Roger, Sandy, 215. 328 

Jensen, Joanne, Fort Shaw, Mont., 21 2, 35 1 

Jensen. Joe 8., Spanish Fork 

Jensen, Kent M.. Fairview, 383 

Jensen. Kirk Stephens. Mesa. Ariz.. 219. 383 

Jensen. Kimball G., Grace. Ida. 

Jensen, Larry D.. Spring City, 304 

Jensen. Lyle Eugene. Walnut Creek, Calif., 105. 384 

Jensen, Loretta Joan, Tremonton, 383 

Jensen, Ludle Joy, Provo, 384 

Jensen, Marjorie. Richfield, 384 

Jensen, Meralyn, Brlgham, 384 

Jonsen. Ovilla Jeanne. Duchesne 

Jensen. R. Alma, Springville 

Jensen. Reed J.. Gridley, Calif. 

Jensen, Reva Joan, Fair view, 247, 384 

Jensen, Richard Arthur, Tigerd. Ore.. 283. 384 

Jensen, Richard Grant, Arcadia, Calif.. 384 

Jensen, Richard Ronald, San Diego, Calif. 

Jensen. Richard William. Milwaukee. Wise. 284. 350 

Jensen. Robert Ronald. San Diego, Calif. 

Jensen, Ronald Douglas. Salt Lake City. 384 

Jensen, Runa, Provo 

Jensen, Ruth Ann, Mapleton, 303 

Jensen, Samuel Richard, Engtewood, Co'o., 122 

Jensen, Steven Hyde. Gridley. Calif. 

Jensen. Sylvia Lee. Magrath, Alberta. 350 

Jensen. Verl Auer. Delta. 350 

Jensen. Wendell William. Midva'e. 219, 220. 328 

Jenson. Anna May Potton. St. Anthony. Ida., 407 

Jenson, Marilyn Faye. Pocatello. Ida., 68. 385 

Jeppson, Alvin Ralph, Brigham, 328 

Jeppson, David Hans, Idaho Falls. Ida., 350 

Jeppson, Roger Wayne. Yerington, Nev., 385 

Jeppson. Say'or Call. Lewiston, 296 

Jepson. Jack L.. Provo, 231. 385 

Jesperson. Arlyn Leroy, Pendleton, Ore., 385 

Jesperson. Llyn W., Provo 

Jessee. Dean. Springville. 188 

Jessee. Donald Boss. Springville. 68. 278. 350 

Jessen. Mary Colleen. Mt. Pleasant. 350 

Jewell, Ernest Cecil, Phoenix. Ariz.. 72. 76. 384 

Jewett. Faye Arlene, Twin Falls. Ida.. 233, 384 

Jewkes, Mary Lue. Orangeville. 328 

Jei. Celia Merlene, Provo 

Je«. Edward E , Spanish Fork 

Jei, Fred Leroy, Spanish Fork, 407 

Jei. Junece, Spanish Fork 

Jei, Keith Wilford, Sandy. 224. 351 

Jei, Loanne. Grand Junction, Colo.. 384 

Johan, Robert A., Long Beach, Calif., 384 

Johansen, Carl Ray. Lethbridge. Alberta. 46, 240. 384 

Johansen, Fran: Mark, Huntsville. 217, 224. 304 

Johansen. Hans C. Springville. 224 

Johansen. J. Frank. Lethbridge. Alberta. 46. 195. 278. 328 

Johansen, Joyce Hulda. Lethbridge. Alberta. 224. 367. 384 

Johansen. Sherman A., Huntsville, 58, 249 

Johanson, Denece, Midvale, 224 

John. Betty Fern, Dove Creek. Colo., 384 

John, Edward Charles, Dove Creek, Colo., 328 

John. Lynn M., Mated, Ida., 191. 304 

Johnsen, Woodrow M.. Provo 

Johnson, Albert K.. Salt Lake City 

Johnson. Allan McOure. Provo 

Johnson. Allene Eleanor, Los Angeles. Calif.. 64, 384 

Johnson, Annabeth, Jerome. Ida. 

Johnson, Arlen Kent. Nampa, Ida.. 116 

Johnson, Arva Arlene, Delta, 62. 384 

Johnson, Barbara, Preston, Ida.. 351 

Johnson, Ben A., Orem 

Johnson, Beth Louise, Modesto, Calif., 

Johnson, Betty Jean. Colorado. 351 

Johnson. Bonna Jean. Phoenii, Ari 

Johnson. Brant Lee. Provo 

Johnson, Carol. Cambridge, Ida.. 58, 351 

Johnson, Carol, HoneyvilU. 406 

Johnson, Caroline M„ El Centro, Calif.. 385 

Johnson. Carolyn Joan, McGHI. Nev., 250 

Johnson. Charlene. Grentsville. 195. 224. 272. 

Johnson. Charles Edwin, Grentsville. 384 

Johnson, Charles Lynn, Springville 

Johnson, Charles W.. Lehi. 176. 181. 261 

Johnson. Cheryl B., Berkeley. Calif., 217. 230. 232. 351 

Johnson. CUt a Marion, Ogden, 64. 205. 304 

Johnson, Daniel Harvey, Los Angeles. Calif.. 351 

Johnson, Darlene Mae. Moorhead. Minn.. 238. 351 

Johnson, David Ames. San Clemente, Calif. 

Johnson. Dawn Marion, Payson 

Johnson, Dennis A., Fountain Green. 304 

Johnson, Dennis Leon, Grace, Ida., 406 

Johnson. Diiie Inez. Salt Lake City 

Johnson. Donald C, Cambridge. Ida.. 195. 406 

Johnson. Donna Laray, Provo. 364 

Johnson, Douglas Edwin, Provo 

Johnson, Edna Darlene. Emmett, Ida.. 328 

Johnson, Eilene Bernice, Nampa. Ida., 266, 384 

Johnson. Ellen June. Fallon, Nov.. 384 

Johnson, Elmer C. Jr., Henderson. Nev . 64 

Johnson, Eugene M., Provo. 384 

Johnson, Eva Jane, Boise, Ida. 

Johnson, Faye Ann. Yakima. Wash., 217. 351 

Johnson. Gary Kent, Provo, 384 

62, 238, 385 


Johnson. Gary Leonard. Salt Lake City. 208. 209. 350 

Johnson. Geraldine. Temple City. Calif.. 328 

Johnson. Gloria. Provo. 281 

Johnson, Gloria Elaine. Salt Lake City. 350 

Johnson. Granf Ivins. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 227. 235 

Johnson, Hollis Ralph, Garland 

Johnson, Howard S.. Provo 

Johnson. Ira E.. Spanish Fork. 305 

Johnson, Ivie Ree, Phoenii. Ariz., 384 

Johnson. J. Howard. Delta. 384 

Johnson, James Alan. Conrad. Mont., 245. 385 

Johnson, James Clifford. Marysville. Calif.. 406 

Johnson. James L.. Heber 

Johnson. Janeen. Sanford. Colo.. 72. 74. 204. 205. 350 

Johnson. Jeennine. Pleasant Grove. 38S 

Johnson, Jenetl. San Gabriel. Calif., 233 

Johnson. John Hal, Spanish Fork. 305 

Johnson. Joyce. Harlem. Mont., 66, 217. 236. 245 

Johnson. Kay Francis, Provo. 328 

Johnson. Kenna Lagrace. Provo, 406 

Johnson. Kenneth Dee, Nephi, 305 

Johnson, Kenneth Wayne. Jerome, Ida.. 407 

Johnson, Leah Annette, Denver, Colo,. 385 

Johnson, Lloyd Nathan. Salt Lake City. 385 

Johnson, Louene, Lovell, Wyo.. 58 

Johnson. Louise. Provo. 60 

Johnson. Lucille Anne, Springville. 365 

Johnson, Lynne Frances. Roseville, Calif.. 384 

Johnson, Mac Donald B., Magna 

Johnson. Margaret J.. Barnwell. Alberta, 240. 268. 329 

Johnson. Marian Ruth. Salt Lake City, 350 

Johnson, Marijene. Fresno, Calif.. 384 

Johnson, MarUne Mae. Long Beach. Calif.. 1 27. 1 78, 268. 

Johnson, Mary Ann. Milt'ord. Ore.. 384 
Johnson, Mary Louise. Buhl. Ida.. 385 
Johnson. Myrna Ann. Empire, Calif.. 350 
Johnson. Nancy Ann. Durango, Colo.. 384 
Johnson. Nancy Rae. Sandy, 384 
Johnson, Norman S., Santa Cruz. Calif.. 278. 407 
Johnson. Peter Wendel, Roosevelt. 294 
Johnson. Raleigh W., Snowfleke. Ariz., 238. 329 
Johnson, Ralph Kay. Fillmore. 385 
Johnson, Richard Allan, Omard, Calif.. 389 
Johnson. Rita. Barnwell. Alberta. 240. 384 
Johnson, Robert Allyn, Upland. Calif. 
Johnson. Roberta. Pleasant Grove 
Johnson, Royle Eldon, Pleasant Grove, 350 
Johnson, Ruth Carlene, Salt Lake City, 385 
Johnson, Ruth Lynett, Spanish Fork. 385 
Johnson, Sara Jeanne, Salt Lake City 
Johnson, Sharon Lois, Salt Lake City. 384 
Johnson, Sherwin M., Provo 
Johnson, Shirley Joan, Medford. Ore., 385 
Johnson, Shirley Ruth, Las Vegas. Nev.. 329 
Johnson, Stent S.. Re*burg, Ida., 385 
Johnson. Thomas H.. Berkeley, Calif., 350 
Johnson, Veniece. Ogden. 385 
Johnson, Veora, Nampa. Ida.. 305 
Johnson, Warren Curg. Provo 
Johnson. William Webb, Provo 
Johnston, Carroll M.. Durango. Colo.. 105. 253 
Johnston, Karen, Las Vegas, Nev.. 385 
Johnston, Nola Beus, Ogden 

Johnstone, Marilyn G.. Bloomfield, N. J., 195, 224. 385 
Johnstun. Jean, Vernal, 248. 385 
JolUy, Arthur Ray. Provo, 66 
Jolley. Calvin Kent, Provo 
Jolley. Carol, Provo. 350 

Jolley, William Gary. Moses Lake. Wash.. 305 
Jones. Ada May. Monticello, 276. 329 
Jones. Alan Scott 

Jones. Alyce Camilla. Barstow. Calif.. 22, 2 1 2. 224. 336. 350 
Jones. Ann McEwan, Provo. 14. 86. 188. 202, 364 
Jones. Aurella, Cedar City, 305 
Jones, Barbara Alice. Wenatchee, Wash.. 408 
Jones. Beverley, Ogden, 64, 384 
Jones. Carolyn, MaUd. Ida. 
Jones. Carolyn. Twin Falls. Ida.. 207. 384 
Jones, Catherine. Ephraim 

Jones. Charles Edward. Lethbridge. Alberta. 58. 258. 351 
Jonas. Clifford H.. Downey. Calif.. 217. 296 
Jonas, Dawn H., San Francisco, Calif., 195 
Jones, Delwin Grant, Duncan, Ariz.. 384 
Jones. Emily CUona. Kirtland. N. Me... 244. 273. 351 
Jones, Gerald Edward, Gettysburg. S. Dak.. 74. 218. 220. 351 
Jones. Harriett Ann. Lovell. Wyo., 64 
Jones. Heber Kent, Heber City. 407 
Jones, Helen EUne. St. Joseph, Mo., 328 
Jones. Howard Palmer, Malad. Ida.. 351 
Jones, Ivan Blame. Riverton. 364 
Jones. Jack Hyde. Payson. 218. 220, 407 
Jones. James Milton, Las Vegas. Nev.. 384 
Jones. Jamas Richard, Spanish Fork. 294 
Jones. John Arlynn. Malad. Ida., 328 
Jones. Kenneth Wendell. Salt Lake City. 407 
Jonas. Lavoy TeepUs, Holden. 407 
Jones, Lynn Earl. Spanish Fork, 119 
Jones, Mac 8.. Payson 
Jones, Marjorie Ann. Salt Lake C<ty, 328 
Jones. Martha Luc. lie, Elkhart. Ind.. 3BS 
Jonas. Myron D.. Salt Lake City. 278. 305 
Jones, Natalie Ann. Alberta. Canada. 62. 240. 385 
Jonas. Patricia M , Sandy. 328 
Jonas, Paula Carolyn. Mt. Pleasant. 351 
Jones. Rowland Lee. Spanish Fork 
Jones, Ruth Ellen. Provo. 36$ 

Jones. Ruth Junene. Honolulu. Hawaii. 385 

Jones. Sharlene. Richland. Wash.. 385 

Jonas. Shirlene. Provo. 385 

Jones, Stanley H., Provo 

Jones, Thomas L.. Jr., Arlington. Va.. 385 

Jones, Vernadeen. Phoenii. Ariz.. 270 

Jones. Vincent Lloyd. St. George 

Jones. William Draper. Boise. Ida . 208. 209 

Jones. William Hugh. 40?. San Diego. Calif.. 407 

Jones. William Thomas. Holbrook. Ariz.. 385 

Jonsson, Helen B.. Provo 

Joost. John R.. Heber. 385 

Joidan, Bonnie Jean. Bountiful 

Jordan, Peggy Ann. Monterey. Calif.. 257, 351 

Jordan. Ray Armstrong, Murray, 385 

Jorgensen, Ann. Salt Lake City. 351 

Jorgensen. Arlene L.. Pleasant Grove. 224. 350 

Jorgensen. Clair Eugene, Ogden. 217. 249, 350 

Jorgensen, C'ive D.. American Fork 

Jorgensen. Ethel Louise. Manti. 266, 385 

Jorgensen, Gerald W.. West Jordan 

Jorgensen. Hal. Richland. Wash., 251 

Jorgensen. Lois Mae. Brigham 

Jorgenson. Louise. Meiico. 364 

Jorgensen, Myron N„ Jr.. Kansas Ctty. Kan.. 216. 241. 350 

Jorgensen, Phil Mac. CastledaU 

Jorgensen. Richard H., Provo 

Jorgensen. Roy Wilson. Whittier. Calif.. 350 

Jorqensen. Ruth. HuntsvMU. 249. 305 

Jorgenson, Johnny O, Kenilworth. 119. 350 

Jorgenson. RaeUne Ann. HomedaU. Ida.. 226. 328 

Jorgenson, Thelma Jean, Provo. 262, 304 

Joseph. Beverly M.. San Diego. Calif. 

Joseph, Carol Jean. Beaver. 64. 384 

Josephson. Anna Marie. Plymouth. 276. 304 

Josephson. Boyd OUen, Plymouth. 407 

Josie. Darrell Henry, Tabiona. 328 

Josie. Rosalie. Orem, 384 

Judd. Benerr Thomas, Lehi, 328 

Judd. Jane Penelope, Hurricane. 266. 350 

Judd. Lois Patricia. Salt Lake City 

Judd. Richard Clark. Provo 

Judkins, Donald Ray. Los Angeles. Calif.. 406 

Judkins, Newell Kay. Provo. 235. 304 

Judy. Robert O.. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 122. 274 328 

Julian. GUn B.. American Fork. 350 

Kaawa. Naomi Luika, Hawaii, 328 

KaUta. Gary Jorden. Los Angeles. Calif., 263. 384 

Kamelu. Rodney K.. Hawaii. 122. 254 

Kamauoha, Edwin Leroy, Oahu, Hawaii, 384 

Kemekone. Daniel Kapu, Honolulu, Hawaii, 274. 350 

Kapp, Jack R.. Provo 

Karcher. Denise. New York, N. Y.. 29. 62. 178. 266. 350 

Karlinsey, Kurtlee J.. Tecoma. Wash., 251 

Kerren. Jay B , Vernal. 384 

Kartchner. Grace Joan. Palo Alto. Calif., 268. 304 

Kartchner. Jean Orrin. St. Johns. Ariz.. 66. 236. 3SI 

Kartchner. Orville Rei.. Carlsbad, N. Mei. 

Katteinen. Anja O.. Finland. 329 

Katterman. Frank R. H„ Honolulu. Hawaii 

Kawahigashi. Sylvia K, Laie. Hawaii. 329 

Kawahigashi. VioU H., Provo. 304 

Kay. Garold M.. Payson. 227. 351 

Kay, George Richard. Provo 

Kay. Karen LueMa, Santaquin. 351 

Kearl. Frank Joseph, Long Beach. Calif. 

Kearns, Diane Elaine. Meseer 

KearsUy. Ruth. Midvale. 224. 385 

Keck. Mary Ruth. Albany. Ore.. 408 

Keddington. Edna Louise. Salt Lake City. 384 

Keddington. Gordon R., Oram. 56 

KeeUr. Ellen Elaine. Provo. 46. 206. 3 19. 320. 329 

Keeler. Kathleen. Provo. 68. 212. 384 

Keeney. William P., Provo 

Keith. Carlene Joanne. Dinuba. Calif.. 364 

Keith. Helen. Provo. 229. 329 

Keith. J. Allan. Provo, 304 

Keith, Jack Milton, Dinuba. Calif. 

Kekauoha. Philip K.. Laie Oahu, Hawaii. 351 

Kekaucha. Samuel Nehinu. Laie Oahu. Hawaii. 364 

Kekauoha. Willard K , Laie Oahu, Hawan 

Keller. Ann Conrad. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 276. 329 

Keller. Montie Rei. Idaho Falls, Ida . 278. 328 

Keller. Sara Beth. CadweM. Ida.. 351 

Kelly. Burton C. Pocatello. Ida.. 294 

Kelly. Carol Lynn. Denver, Colo.. 384 

Kelly. Keren Grace. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 385 

Kelly. Lois. VelUjo. Calif.. 351 

Kelsay. David L. Provo 

Kelsey, Dwight Lamar, Salt Lake Oy. 78. 79. 385 

Kelson. Jad LoUn. Hollywood, Calif.. 408 

Kennedy. Carol Joyce. Evenston, III . 328 

Kennedy. Cora Lynne. San Francisco. C - 

Kennedy. Leon Joseph. Provo 

Kennedy. RendaM Boyd. Soda Springs. Ida. 

Kenner. Martha. Provo 

Kenney. Harriet Elaine. Salt Lake City. 280. 351 

Kennington. N. Craig. Afton. W> 

Kannington. Ruth Miqnon, Afton 

Kant. Elva. Provo. 385 

Kent. Roberta Jayne. Mesa. Aril* 276. 385 

Kerby. Clyde Kendall. Provo 

Kerby. Connie. Provo. 217. 385 

Kern. Earl Burbenk. Ma'ad. Ida.. 66 


Kerr. Douglas Rowland. Cardston. Alberla. 385 

Kerr, Wayne Dennis. Lakewood. Calif., 328 

Kershaw. Gloria Dee. Van Nuys. Calif.. 385 

Kesler. Dorrine. Mldvale. 64. 385 

Kesler. Val J.. Blackfoot. Ida.. 385 

Keyes. Jerry Marlow. Kaysville. 261, 351 

Keyser, Eugene Leo. Sundance. Wyo.. 408 

Kidd. 8elva Jane. Tustin. Calif.. 384 

Kidd. Dixie Leah. Payetfe. Ida.. 384 

Kidd, Neal Orlan. Portland, Ore.. 229. 245. 384 

Kies. Carol Virginia. Santa Monica. Calif.. 408 

Kiibreth, William G.. Bakersfield. Calif.. 351 

Killpack. Kenneth Lee. Provo, 384 

Killpack. Weston F.. Provo. 384 

Kim. Hi Ae. Pusan. Korea. 242. 408 

Kim, Soon Chang, Seoul. Korea, 314 

Kimball, Buddy Dean. Roosevelt. 350 

Kimball. C. Rodney. Provo 

Kimball, Claudia Kay, South Gate. Calif.. 280. 350 

Kimball, David Ashby, Provo. 102. 258 

Kimball. Edwin Norman. Provo, 328 

Kimball. Janice M.. Salt Lake City. 175. 268, 304 

Kimball. Parley LeGrand, Fillmore, 384 

Kimball. Ralph Hodges, Logan, 305 

Kimball. Royal Duane. Richfield. 350 

Kimball. Sheren King. Richfield. 350 

Kimball. Sylvia Jane. San Diego. Calif.. 266, 384 

Kimber, Edward Stephen. Provo 

Kinard. Joyleen Nadene. Layton. 175, 384 

Kindred, Clifford Jay. Idaho Falls, Ida., 253. 305 

Kindred. Fred Boyd. Springville. 384 

Kindred. Jerald Crede. Ogden. 223. 255. 350 

King, Adron Lavell, Provo 

King, Alma Paul. Garland. 64. 385 

King. Buddy Jack. Nampa. Ida., 385 

King, Charles Richard, Los Angeles, Calif.. 385 

King. Colleen, Salt Lake City. 64. 385 

King. Don Emery. Blcknell. 408 

King. Edmund Creightcn. Provo 

King, Garry A., Greenriver. 350 

King. George Aruel, Provo, 385 

King, Glen Chester, Kaysville. 258. 305 

King. John Bever. Moore. Ida.. 350 

King. Lewis M.. Springville 

King. Mary Ann. Vernal 

King, Roger Dean. St. Charles. Mo., 385 

King, Roma Jean, Aberdeen, Ida. 

King, William Dean. Moore. Ida., 385 

Kingdon. Eugene Earl. Staten Island. N. Y., 227. 253. 365. 

Kingsbury. Frances I., Salt Lake City. 225. 226. 328 
Kingsford. Lois, Boise. Ida., 305 
Kirby. Genevieve Mae, Afton. Wyo.. 64. 189. 384 
Kirby. Robert H., Garland 
Kirk, Barbara, Orem. 384 
Kirk, Frances M.. Salt Lake City. 276. 315 
Kirk. Larae, Ogden. 249. 385 
Kirk, Melvin J., Orem 

Kirkhem, Dan Romaine. Los Angeles. Calif., 294 
Kirkham. Mark Palmer, Arlington, Va„ 182, 283 
Kirkham, Reed Davis, Provo 
Kirkham, Tom Lee, Portland, Ore., 384 
Kirkland, Bufaye, Carey, Ida., 243. 350 
Kirkman. John Calvin, Mt. Airy. N. C. 74. 384 
Kirkman, Lawrence H„ Twin Falls. Ida.. 218. 351 
Kiskila. Corlene J.. Los Angeles. Calif.. 224 
Kitchen, Ann, Provo, 280 
Kitchen. Beverly llene, Orem 
Kitchen, Merlin R., Provo 
Kitchen. Paul Wilson. Provo. 110. 119 
Kitchen. Weldon J.. American Fork. 328 
Kitchens, Carolyn, Los Angeles. Calif.. 266. 384 
Kivler, Naomi Margaret. Provo 
Kleinworth. Frank J., Winslow, Aril., 238. 384 
Klenk. Buddy Donald, Salt Lake City 
Kloepfer, James Ramon, Kuna, Ida.. 384 

Knecht. James A.. Great Neck, N. Y.. 217 

Knight, Edwin George, Driggs, Ida.. 384 

Knight. Gaynel Ruth. Seattle. Wash.. 340. 351 

Knight. J. Wendell. Delta. 113. 351 

Knight. Joseph Adams. Provo 

Knight, Larry Vinson. Provo. 78. 351 

Knight, Marlene, Salt Lake City, 351 

Knight, Nedra Mae, Burley. Ida.. 305 

Knight. Richard Earl. Brigham. 64. 351 

Knight. Richard Stewart, Provo 

Knighton, Robert Clair. Oakland. Calif.. 223. 328 

Knowles. William Leroy. Los Angeles. Calif., 186, 351 

Knudsen, Cherie Lou, Medford. Ore. 

Knudson, James E.. Arlington, Va.. 351 

Kundson, Sandra Kae. Brigham. 224, 385 

Kocherhans, Arthur J., Lovell, Wyo.. 350 

Kocherhans. Clarence J., Lovell. Wyo. 

Kochevar, Don Ray, Los Angeles, Calif.. 105 

Kochevar, Joseph Paul. Los Angeles, Calif., 102 

Kofford, Jerry Ned. Orem 

Kofoed. Willard A., New Plymouth. Ida.. 328 

Kohler, Ramon R., Midway, 64 

Kolb. Frances Irene, Twin Falls. Ida., 68, 384 

Kondo, George K., Kappa. Kauai. Hawaii. 385 

Konold. Rudolph George. Fillmore. 112, 385 

Konschella, Dolores M.. Baltimore, Md„ 385 

Koons. John William. Seattle. Wash. 

Koplin. Judit Ann. Salt Lake City. 64. 385 

Kotter, Joan. Payson. 385 

Kourtidis. Demetrius. Athens. Greece. 224 

Krantz, Michael B., Twin Falls. Ida.. 385 

Kremer, Robert Warren, Inglewood. Calif. 

Krey. Floyd Robert. Provo. 215 

Kristjanson, Johann D.. San Mateo. Calif., 385 

Krlstjanson, Mark Leon, San Diego. Calif.. 266. 385 

Kruse. Colleen Lee. El Monte. Calif.. 350 

Kruzner. Richard R.. Hollywood. Calif.. 386 

Kuamoo. Flora A.. Hilo. Hawaii 

Kugath. Donald Arthur. West Allis. Wise. 386 

Kuhn. Karol G.. Mesa. Ariz.. 328 

Kulp, Kenley Loran. Ingleside. III., 242. 386 

Kump, Lester Lacelle. Santa Barbara. Calif.. 329 

Kunewa. Jesse Kamakaila. Kailua. Hawaii. 64. 350 

Kunz. Lyle. Driggs. Ida.. 350 

Kunz, Lyman Milton, Bern. Ida.. 409 

K u nz, Monte Wayne, Pasadena. Calif.. 282. 329 

Kurr, David George. Salt Lake City. 227, 314 

Kurr, Doreen Barbara, Salt Lake City, 62, 224 

Kuwada. Dorothy Takiko. Honolulu. Hawaii. 350 

Lackey. Bob Dean, Wendell. Ida.. 386 

Lackey. Lois Jean, Gardiner, Maine. 386 

LaComb. Gary Frank. Midvale. 102. 104. 119. 350 

Ladle, Nancy Josephine, Provo 

Laird, Harold Edwin. Payson. 386 

Lake. Eileen, Rigby. Ida., 350 

Lakin, Howard Glenn, Farmington, N. Me*.. 64, 386 

Lamar. Shirley Dale. Columbus. Miss.. 350 

Lamb. Bryce E.. Gilbert. Ariz.. 409 

Lamb. Merwyn Gene 

Lamb. Verl Seamons. Hyde Park. 409 

Lambert, Kay. Kamas, 350 

Lambert. Neal Elwood. Salt Lake City. 74. 351 

Lambourne, David Ernest. Palo Alto. Calif.. 224. 386 

Lambson, Elton Kay. Ramah. N. Men. 

Lamkin. Claudia G.. Hayward. Calif.. 224. 386 

Lamoreaux, Martha. Provo. 351 

Lamsam. Wongsiri, Siam. 242 

Lamson. Merle Edwin. Yakima. Wash.. 284 

Landeen, Glen Richard. Rock Springs, Wyo.. 314 

Landers. Ardith Betsy. Redondo Beach, Calif. 

Landry. Marilyn Joan. Salt Lake City, 387 

Lane. Eldwin Kendall. Richmond. Calif.. 387 

Lane. Eugene V.. Portland. Ore.. 351 

Lane. James Walter. Carlin, Nev.. 193. 351 

Lane. Rex Raymond. Mt. Pleasant 

Lane. Shirley Evelyn. Litchfield. Maine. 387 

Leney. George Eugene. Brigham 

Langlois. Joyce. Decatur, III.. 329 

Lent, Glenna Mae. Provo. 387 

Larkin, Larry Shirk. Las Vegas. Nev., 64, 408 

Larkin. Phyllis Louise, Snowville, 386 

Larkin, Richard Dean, Santa Paula, Calif. 

Larsen. Allan Reed. Manti 

Larsen, Beulah G:. Spanish Fork 

Larsen, Carol Ann. Nampa. Ida., 387 

Larsen, Dan A., Provo 

Larsen, Dixie Ann, Hyrum 

Larsen, Elaine Dianne, Salt Lake City, 224, 386 

Larsen, Frank Rulon, Emmett. Ida., 243, 386 

Larsen, Gayle, Salt Lake City 

Larsen, Geneva. Huntington, 329 

Larsen, Harold Allen, Montpelier, Ida.. 58. 72, 305 

Larsen, Howard Bennie. Ogden. 194, 249. 329 

Larsen, Janice, Spanish Fork, 244. 386 

Larsen, Janice, Ephraim, 247, 305 

Larsen, Karen Marie, Tremonton, 386 

Larsen. Kenna Kaye, Boise. Ida.. 269. 329 

Larsen. Kenneth M.. Ogden, 295 

Larsen. Lee Beck. Provo. 295 

Larsen. Leonard A.. Jr.. Waltham. Mass.. 197. 351 

Larsen. Lois Aleen, Manti. 304 

Larsen. Margaret B.. Provo 

Larsen. Mark Enoch. Springville 

Larsen. Marva Jean. Rigby, Ida., 68. 351 

Larsen. Miriam L., La Mesa. Calif. 

Larsen. Myrna Lynn. Ogden, 329 

Larsen, Norma. Provo. 224, 386 

Larsen. Norman D.. Provo 

Larsen. Oscar G„ Idaho Falls. Ida.. 116, 274. 329 

Larsen. Patricia Ann. Spanish Fork. 70. 74 

Larsen. Richard Ford. Roosevelt 

Larsen. Robert Arland. Idaho Falls. Ida., 64, 230. 231, 351 

Larsen. Robert G.. Jr.. Lafayette. Calif.. 244. 304 

Larsen. Stanley E.. Provo 

Larsen. Tanis Ann. Waltham. Mass.. 386 

Larsen. Vernon W.. Provo 

Larsen. Weston Dale. Orem. 329 

Larsen. William Edward. Thaynesboro. Va.. 351 

Larson. Carolyn Gay, Phoenix, Ariz., 386 

Larson. Donald A.. Clearfield 

Larson. Gene Melvin. Burley. Ida.. 66, 352 

Larson. Greta Jane. Isanti. Minn. 

Larson, John Lamar, Provo 

Larson, Jon Chandler. San Marino. Calif. 196 

Larson. Kenneth Rex. Carmen, Ida.. 386 

Larson. Lawrence E-. Las Vegas. Nev., 328 

Larson. Leon H.. Woodland. Calif.. 387 

Larson, Linda Ann, San Gabriel, Calif. 

Larson. Lloyd Odell. Ontario. Ore.. 387 

Larson. Robert Martin. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 255 

Larson. Raymond G.. Fullerton. 352 

Larson, Richard A.. Burbank. Calif.. 387 

Larson. Sander Leonard. Glendale, Calif.. 195. 352 

Larson, Shauna, San Carlos, Calif., 328 

Larson, Thomas F., Provo 

Larson. Vicki Lucille. Phoenix, Ariz.. 46. 212. 270, 328 

Larson, Virginia B., Provo 

Larson. Walter Park. San Marino, Calif. 

Lasater. John R.. Ogden 

Lasson, Carolyn, Boulder, Nev,, 387 

Lasson, Jeneal, Boulder, Nev., 352 

Lasson, Shawna Marie. Fairview, 184, 247, 352 

Last, Garth Blaine, Gunnison, 139. 304 

Last. Ronald W.. Provo 

Last. Shirlee Killpack. Provo 

Latham. Glenn Irven. Eugene. Ore.. 218. 408 

Latham, Mark Gayle 

Latimer, Beulah May, Salt Lake City 

Latimer. Donald S.. Sandy. 102, 193. 255. 328 

Laub. Dale Jay. Japan. 78, 179. 215, 282. 304 

Lauritzen. Louis. Provo. 237, 328 

Law. Beverly Mae. Santa Barbara. Calif.. 276. 328 

Law. Elaine Edna. Santa Barbara. Calif., 276. 352 

Law, Eleanor Ruth, Santa Barbara, Calif.. 276. 352 

Law, Gladys. Bountiful. 276. 409 

Law. John Richard. Moses Lake. Wash. 

Law. Leda O. Provo 

Law, Nena Flo. Provo. 328 

Law, Newell Joseph, Payson 

Law, Wesley Ruane. Orangeville. 408 

Lawlor. Dean Dow, Picture Bufte, Alberta. 240, 408 

Lawrence. Alice Irene. Grantsville 

Lawrence, Barbara, Salem, 328 

Lawrence. Clifford J.. Provo, 304 

Lawrence, Colleen, Provo, 19, 56. 277. 328 

Lawrence, Conway Devon, Compton, Calif. 

Lawrence, Louise, Salem. 386 

Lawrence. Raynor E., Heber 

Lawson. Jarnes Ted. Henderson, Nev. 

Lawton, Frank Clymer, Denver. Colo.. 387 

Lay. Patricia Ann. San Juan. Calif.. 386 

Layne, Thair David. Lewiston, Mich., 215. 239. 329 

Layton, Carol Ann, Layton, 37, 213, 329 

Layton, Christopher Joy, Tempe, Ariz.. 238. 352 

Layton, Mary Kathleen, Layton, 386 

Layton, Rheta Dee. Oakley, Ida.. 64, 256, 353 

Leach, William Glenn. Modesto. Calif.. 23. 329 

Leake. Robert L, Salt Lake City, 305 

Leany. Hyrum Vard, St. George. 314 

Leavitt. D. Henry, Homedale, Ida.. 116. 386 

Leavitt. David E., Bunkerville. Nev., 227, 305 

Leavitt, Donna, Dragerton, 386 

Leavitt, Dorothy Jeanne, Calif.. 60. 386 

Leavitt, Fred. Las Vegas. Nev., 105. 386 

Leavitt. Joe Ann. Mesa, Ariz. 

Leavitt, Joseph Vernon, Salt Lake City, 386 

Leavitt, Margaret Beth. Dragerton. 329 

Leavitt, Norma Rae, Nampa, Ida.. 217, 408 

Leavitt, Veryle, Alberta, Canada 

LeBaron. Bryce Earl. Las Vegas. Nev.. 353 

LeBaron, Donald Ralph, American Fork 

LeBaron, R. Gordon. Alberta, Canada, 240, 294 

Lechtenberg, Carol U.. Central, Ida., 386 

Lee. Barbara, American Fork, 387 

Lee, Betty Jean K.. Hawaii 

Lee, Boyden Edward, Alberta, Canada. 74, 387 

Lee, Cecil Calvin, Caliente, Nev., 387 

Lee, Clair Kay, Beaver, 46, 329 

Lee, Darrel Dean, San Diego, Calif.. 408 

Lee. Darrell Delbert. Farmington. N. Mex. 

Lee. Donald Clynn. Farmington, N. Mex.. 246. 387 

Lee. Donna. Pleasant Grove 

Lee. Gloria R. Hill, Provo, 408 

Lee, Larry Lamont. Provo, 387 

Lee. Laurence Arthur. Nephi 

Lee. Maurice Dee, Farmington, N. Mex.. 241. 329 

Lee, Max Edward. Eureka. 224, 304 

Lee. Patricia Fae. Vernal, 224, 387 

Lee. Rex Edwin. St. Johns. Ariz.. 26, 32. 41. 179. 182. 192. 
209. 223. 250, 282. 338, 353 

Lee, Rex Leonard. Eureka. 304 

Lee. Sally Joyce, Orem, 329 

Lee, Thomas Wilford. Provo. 237 

Lee, Verne Rawlin, Farmington, N. Mex. 

Lee. Walker Keith, Cardston, Alberta 

Lee. Wilmer. San Diego. Calif., 115. 305 

Leemaster, Parley V.. Springville 

LeFevre. Clifford S., Provo, 296 

LeFevre, Joan, Midvale. 387 

Lefler. Val Ira. Pt. Chicago, Calif.. 74. 387 

Leifson. June, Spanish Fork, 353 

Leifson, Thor E., Spanish Fork, 305 

Leigh, Dorene, Mesa, Ariz., 387 

Leigh, Llewellyn Young. Palo Alto. Calif.. 386 

Leigh, Phil M. 

Leishman, Courtney M., Wellsville. 239. 386 

Leishman. Donna Mae. St. Ignatius. Mont.. 214. 245. 269. 353 

Leishman. Nina. Provo. 185. 213. 262. 305 

Lelegren, Earl, Burbank, Calif.. 305 

Lenberg. Robert Albin, Brainerd. Minn.. 305 

Lenroot. Aileen. Payson. 64. 384 

Leonard, Joann, Price, 225, 328 

Leonhardt. Mary E.. Pleasant Grove, 269, 352 

LeSueur, Geneva A„ Huntington Park, Calif., 352 

LeSueur, Karl Casto. Huntington Park, Calif.. 409 

LeSueur. Marlin Victor. Eagar. Ariz.. 282. 305 

LeSueur. Michael B.. Salt Lake City. 386 

Letellier. Louise G-. Kenilworth 

Lether. Anne. Centerfield. 272, 384 

Levanger, Delores, Homedale, Ida., 232, 352 

Levie. Gayle Julander 


Levie, James Moore, Sevier 

Lewe, Chong Kook, Korea, 352 

Lewis, Afton Ruth, Ramoh, N. Mc»„ 386 

Lewis, Amy, Nyssa, Ore., 352 

Lewis, Bonnie Lorene. Ogden, 64, 246, 386 

Lewis, Dole A., Provo. 386 

Lewis, David Darel. Provo. 106. 108. 109. 1 10. 119. 329 

Lewis, Elinor, Holbroolt. Ariz.. 386 

Lewis, Elwin, Provo 

Lewis, Gary Henry. Lehi 

Lewis. Gordon K., Orem 

Lewis, John D., Logandale, Nov. 

Lewis, John Ludlow, Spanish Fork. 352 

Lewis, Kothryn. Spanish Fork. 124. 306 

Lewis, Kay Michie. Provo 

Lewis. Lois lleene, Kamas, 386 

Lewis, Mary Ann, Logondelo, Nev.. 352 

Lewis, Nancy Gay. Orem. 224, 352 

Lewis, Ray Lyman, Provo 

Lewis. Ray Wendell, Salt Lake City. 409 

Lewis, Richard Funk, Price 

Lewis. Richard Lynn, Provo 

Lewis, Sherald Dean, Provo, 306 

Lewis, Shirley Ann, California 

Lewis, Sylvan Enid, Farmington, 387 

Lewis. Wayne John, Provo, 329 

Lewis, William Elvin, Tabiona. 227 

Lich^eld. A. Sterling, Provo, 387 

Lichfield. Ernest W„ Provo. 314 

Lichfield. Norma. Ogden. 249 

Lichfield. Oneta B.. Tremonton. 352 

Liddle, Robert Keith 

Liechty, Victor Jay, Springville 

Liljenquist, Jay Kent. Salt Lake City. 387 

Lilley. Mary Ellen, Ohio, 82, 387 

Lilly, Norman Gene, Beckley, W. Va. 

Lillywhite, Karen, Los Angeles. Calif.. 387 

Lillywhite. Viola. Taylor, Ariz.. 294 

Lind, Ken Ray. Vernal, 387 

Linde, Douglas Henry. Lynden, Wash.. 387 

Lindhardt, Robert E., Preston. Ida.. 409 

Lindholm. Sherman Reed. Tooele, 222, 387 

Lindquist. Alice. Salt Lake City. 225. 269. 306 

Lindquist. Kenneth R„ Orem, 119. 353 

Lindsay, Curtis Levell, Heber, 329 

Lindsay, Donald Ray, Pocatello. 386 

Lindsay. Elizabeth F„ Provo, 295 

Lindsay, Ellen Nadean. Moses Lake, Wash., 266 

Lindsay, Grant Toone. Reno, Nev., 386 

Lindsay, Stanley W.. Heber. 386 

Lindsey, Joel Douglas. Columbia, 386 

Lindstrom. David D.. Provo. 296 

Lindstrom, Joyce N., Spanish Fork. 352 

Linebarger, Robert Neal. Redwood City. Calif., 296 

Lines, Ronald J.. Tempe, Ariz., 238, 386 

Linford, John Robert, Kaysvllle 

Linford. Ronald Gordon, Long Beach. Calif., 282, 386 

Ling, Kathleen Louise. Rochester, N. Y., 386 

Ling, Wllme Anne. Filer, Ida., 386 

Unkous. Marilyn. Seattle. Wash., 251, 386 

Lisenbee, Edna Sue, Baxter, Ky. 

Lisonbee. Wiley Rogers, Salt Lake City 

Liston, Donald, Escalante. 328 

Liston. Sharlene, Provo 

Litchfield. Rulon, Raymond. Alberta. 240. 305 

Little, Harold R., Provo, 353 

Little. Loretta Anne, Gridley, Calif.. 214, 353 

Little. Louise Larsen, Provo, 387 

Little, Robert James, Orem. 279 

Littlefield. Neil Adair, Orem, 387 

Littlefield. Renone, Orem. 237. 306 

Littleford. Willa M.. Adair. Okla.. 387 

Livingston. Colleen. Ogden. 249. 270. 306 

Livingston. Lee Preston, Dallas, Texas, 307 

Livingston, Vaughn E., Jr.. Entiat. Wash. 

Llewellyn. Joann. Salt Lake City. 224, 262. 353 

Lloyd. Eleanor Foerstl, Provo. 306 

Lloyd, Gayla. Ogden, 326 

Lloyd. Gordon Ray. M. librae. Calif., 387 

Lloyd. Jean Daniels, Salt Lake City. 306 

Lloyd. Kent Murdock. Provo, 22. 210. 307 

Lloyd. Paul, Springville 

Lloyd. Ross E.. Provo 

Loback. Norman L„ Springville. 353 

Lochhead, Lois C. University City, Mo.. 27. 196. 212. 225. 

277. 328 
Lockhart, Donald Eugene. Winchester. Va. 
Lockhart, Ludoan. Whittier. Calif.. 387 
Lomox Ellen J., Portland, Ore., 62 
Long, Lester Bert, Idaho Falls, Ida., 352 
Long, Lloyd K., Los Vogos, Nev. 
Long, Richard Crowther, Orem, 68. >0, 233 
Long. Shelley. Las Vegas. Nov.. 26. 229. 387 
Long. William Robert. American Fork. 329 
Longhi. Lawrence V., Belleville. N. J.. 352 
Longhurst, Joy Buck. Woodruff. 246 
Longson, Jane. Salt Lake City, 26. 89. 212. 262 
Longson, Richard Gary. St. Louts, Mo., 105 
Lookinland. Paul R . San Pedro. Calif.. 35. 279. 32 8 
Loose, Warren A. R.. Jr.. Belmont. Calif.. 101. 102. 282. 328 
Lopez, Leonora M.. Bonbright. N. Mei. 
Lord. Marilyn Camitlo. Provo. 127, 387 
Lords. Jack, E-. Idaho Falls. Ida., 35. 94. 279. 307 
Lorenzen. June Marie, Long Beach. Calif., 307 
Lott, Doris Esther, Rodeo. Calif.. 352 
Lotf, Duane Neal. Weston, Ida. 
Lott. Lowell Dean. Lehi 

Lott. Nancy Ann, Duchesne. 352 

Louder. Boyd Mitchell. Kamas, 387 

Louder, James Elgin. Kamas, 105. 366 

Louder, Larna, Orem, 366 

Louder, Ray R.. Orem, 329 

Louder, Wilma. Orem 

Lounsbury, Myra Juonilo, Redding Ridge. Conn.. 386 

Loveland. Frances M.. Fort Bridger. Wyo.. 408 

Loveland, Lowell Duane. Fort Bridger. Wyo., 112 

Loveland. Sterling G. 

Loveless, Don James. Provo, 68. 70 

Loveloss. Shirley Ray, Orem 

Lovett, Jecille Adell. Camas. Wash. 352 

Lovins. Jules Meynard, Los Angeles. Calif.. 328 

Lowder. Donald Lee. Springville. 352 

Lowder, Kenneth Marion. Richfield. 386 

Lowe. Garoth W.. Provo. 295 

Lowe. John R.. Monroe. 307 

Lower. Joyce. Salt Lake City. 64. 386 

Lowry, Dwayne Carlos. Orem 

Lowry. Ronald Hall, Alimo. Ida.. 386 

Lowry. Wilford Kent. Wendover, 352 

Loy. Henry Leland, Provo 

Loynd, Robert Alan, Phoenix, Ariz.. 329 

Luce, Willard R.. Provo 

Ludlow, Donna, Venice, Calif., 352 

Ludwig, Donna Lee, Salt Lake City. 329 

Luke, Elmo Dillon. Twin Falls. Ida.. 79. 386 

Luke. Molvin R.. Jr.. Provo 

Luke. Marilyn Flora. Twin Falls, Ida.. 60. 224. 262. 352 

Lunceford, Delbert O.. Brawley, Calif. 

Lund, Cathorine Louise. Provo, 353 

Lund. Glen K.. Manti, 194. 210. 224, 247. 306 

Lund. Venice Mario, Terzena, Calif., 62, 273, 386 

Lund, Yeppo Domes. Ma'ad. Ida., 387 

Lundberg, Gary Borlow, Washington. D. C. 66. 274. 353 

Lundelt, H. Woyne, Vernal 

Lundholm, James Carlos, Santaquin 

Lundmark, Martin Nils. Calgary. Alberta. 353 

Lundquist. Floyd H.. Caldwell. Ida.. 329 

Lundquist. Robert H., Ogden, 37. 58. 215. 235, 329 

Lundskog. Margie, Murray, 386 

Lunt, Clarence Gary, Salt Lake City. 78. 79. 353 

Lunt, Gordon Ray, Nephi, 353 

Lunt, Spencor McCune, Honolulu, Howaii. 353 

Luthi, Koreen, Freedom, Wyo., 387 

Lybbert, Joy Nichols, Provo 

Lybbert, Morilee. Moses Loke. Wosh.. 387 

Lym, Woyne Robert, Los Angeles, Calif., 307 

Lyman, Borto Jean, Blending 

Lyman, Clayson W., Monticello, 387 

Lyman, Emerson, Holden 

Lyman Joseph F., Blending, 72, 74. 387 

Lyman, Kurt M.. Del Paso, Calif. 

Lyon. John Boyd, Firth. Ida., 408 

Lyons, K. Lyman. Burley. Ida., 329 

Lysenko. Peter, Provo, 387 

Lytle, Eldon Grey, Pioche Nev., 70. 76. 387 

Lytle. Naomi Sue. Las Vegas, Nev.. 387 


Moock, Sara Jeonnie. Solt Lake City. 280. 328 

Mobey, Janice. Riverton, 225. 226. 228 

Mabey, John Hicken. Riverton, 353 

MocArthur. Potricio, Ogden. 249. 280 

MacDermott, Jomes H„ New York. N. Y.. 387 

MocDonald. Ella Rae. Kanab, 257 

MacDonald. Helen, Meso. Ariz., 46. 277. 329 

MocDonald. Joan. Malibu, Calif. 

Moce, Marcus Norquist. Jamestown. N. Y. 

Mocias, Hortensia D.. Dalles. Texas. 369 

MocKoy. Carol Rae, Murray, 64. 340. 353 

MocKoy. Ian Wendell. Glendate. Calif . 326 

MacKay, Norman Lloyde. Salt Lake City, 194. 222. 231. 307 

MocKoy. Walter Dole. Murrey. 353 

MacKoy. Yvonne Iris. Victorio. Austrolie. 329 

Mackelprang. Jane, Cedar City. 307 

Maclachlon, Luono Jeon, Toronto, Ontario. 386 

MacLeod, Corlone E., Riverside. Calif., 386 

Mocpherson, Derrell R.. Long Beoch, Calif., 386 

Madison, Geroldine B., Idaho Fells. Ida. 

Madison. Richard Dale, Idaho Foils, Ida. 

Modsen, Anntoinette L.. Provo. 387 

Modsen, Clair Evan, Manti, 307 

Modsen, Franklin Benson, Springdole, 119. 3S3 

Modsen. G. Frank. Provo, 2S8. 353 

Madsen, Gary. Provo. 115 

Modsen, Jenice Leona, Salt Lake City, 386 

Modsen. Jay L., Springville 

Madsen. Joan. Provo, 386 

Madsen, Julius Richard, Springdole. 282. 386 

Madsen. Marguerite. Provo. 386 

Madsen. Marve Rae. Dreper. 386 

Madsen, Mary. Bountiful, 353 

Madson. Mary Lou. Sandy. 387 

Madson. Raymond L, Provo 

Madsen, Ronald D., Provo, 386 

Madsen, William M., Moroni, 328 

Modson, Frank Lynn, Poyson. 408 

Madson, Roydoti, Poyson, 307 

Maestov, Sylvia. Magna, 3B7 

Magaoay. Pasito L., Lanai. Hawaii. 122. 357 

Magleby. Carvel. Kooshorem 

Magleby. Richard J.. Thornton. Ida . 408 

Magleby, Sandra Marleno, Phoenix, Ariz., 387 

Maguire, Laura Lee. Las Vegas. Nov.. 64. 387 

Mehen, Patricia. Fruits, Colo.. 352 

Meh.. Rose Kah. na. Maui. Hawaii. 237. 307 

Mahioi. Charlotte M. P.. Oehu. Hawaii. 217 

Mamor. Margaret Ellen, Henderson. Nev.. 387 

Mekm, James B.. Provo 

Makin. Rose Mor.e. American Fork. 329 

Molon, Kennett Peck. Ogden 

Moian. Richard Michael. Mesa. Ariz . 259. 352 

Molon, Valine. Pocatello. Ida.. 387 

Melmstrom. Bertha. West Jordan. 408 

Molmstrom. Mildred I . West Jordan. 408 

Molstrom. Edword Arthur. Kolispetl. Mont.. 245. 387 

Malzohn. Judith Ann. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 387 

Mangelson, Evon Glen. Provo, 329 

Mongum. Cleud'O Jean. Bicknell. 366 

Mongum. Cloud. e Koy. Nutrioso. Ariz.. 357 

Mangum, Gorfh L-. Orem, 329 

Monlcy. Patricia Alice. Sparks. Nev.. 276. 386 

Mann. Elizabeth Jo. Saltair. 386. 273 

Mann. Jerry Arthur. EMensburq, Wash. 

Mann, Lawry Webb. Elensburg. Waih. 

Mann. Paul Gerald, Kaysville. 386 

Manning, Birdie Ann, Lake view. Ore.. 352 

Manning. Dorothy J.. Orem. 264. 329 

Manookin, Robert Park. Provo. 329 

Manser. Kathleen S.. Lethbridge. Alberta. 352 

Mansfield. Dean R.. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 209. 352 

Manuring. Alan Vor. Rexburg. Ido . 66 192. 194. ?79. 329 

Monworing, Colleen. Ogden. 386 

Menworing. Diane. Son Mateo. Calif.. 46. 182. 276. 277. 329 

Monwanncj. Estel. Vernol. 248. 306 

Monworing. Janice. Falls Church. Va. 

Morvwill, Judith Ann. Salt Lake City. 60. 188. 234. 263 329 

March, Myrna Jean. Cascade. Ida.. 264. 352 

Marchont. Alice Marie. Sandy. 224. 386 

Merchant, Gaye. Peoo. 68. 386 

Morchbonks. April Yvonne. Calin. Nev.. 272. 386 

Markhom. Barbara Ann. Provo, 188. 387 

Morkham. Dix Joseph. Provo. 259. 314 

Morkhom. Stanley Gront. Provo. 352 

Morkworth. Carl G.. Jr.. Notional City. Calif.. 58. 259 

Marler. Darrell Jay. Idaho Foils. Ida., 123. 353 

Marlor, J. Kent. Midvole. 78 

Mario-. John Lloyd. Bleckfoot. Ido.. 36. 66. 188. 209, 353 

Marriott, Merle Eugene 

Marsh, Janet Eileen, Sierra Modre. Calif.. 207. 386 

Marsh. Margaret. Los Angeles. Calif. . 230. 232. 329 

Marshall. Beth W.. Provo. 225, 328 

Marshall. Donald Ray. Panguitch. 224. 275. 353 

Marshall, James Thomas. Los Veges. Nev.. 22. 176. 180. 182 
195. 259. 338. 353 

Marshall. Kenneth N.. Orem. 387 

Marshall. Kuhn A.. Provo. 353 

Marshall. Mark T.. Provo 

Marshall. Priscilla A.. Northfield. Vt.. 353 

Marshall. Robert E.. Williams. Ore.. 200. 224. 367 

Marshall. Sharon, Las Vegas. Nov.. 353 

Marshall, Sharon Lynn. Las Vegas. Nev., 207. 387 

Marshall. William T.. Portland. Ore.. 387 

Mertell. Muriel, Pleetent Grove, 74, 353 

Martin. Arthur Keith. Short Hills. N. J.. 180 
Martin, Betty Lou. Prestcn. Ida.. 408 

Martin, Beverly Jean, Glenwood, Minn.. 387 

Martin, Elaine, Meso. Ariz.. 387 

Martin. Gerald B . Jr.. W.nnemucco. Nov.. 408 

Mortin, Jocqueline Ann. Springville. 387 

Martin, Jomes Douglas, Clearfield. 218, 367 

Martin, James Mercellus. Eugene. Ore., 353 

Martin, Margaret Lanene, Springville. 388 

Mertin, Morjorie Ellen. Cowpens. S. C 326 

Martin, Paul Lamar, Scipio 

Mortindale, David L„ Burley. Ida.. 388 

Mortindale. Joseph D . Burley. Ida.. 222. 328 

Mortindale, Lorry E.. Santa Monica. Calif.. 352 

Mortineau. Lorence W.. Mesa. Ant. 

Martineau. Ray Glen. Chih.. Mexico 

Mortineau, Reed L. Juerez. Mexico 

Martinez. Benjamin L.. Sacramento. Calif.. 223 

Mertinsen, Shirley Ann. Bremerton. Wash. 

Marumoto. Genevieve N.. Orem. 64. 21 7. 227, 328 

Marx. Carol Dee. Glendale. Calif.. 64. 217, 388 

Mosado, Jerry Hideo, Lanoi. Hawaii 

Moson, BerneM Alton. Aurora. 121 

Mason, James A., Springville. 66 

Moson, Kenneth J.. Aurora 

Mason, Rhode Anne, Sacramento. Calif., 224. 388 

Meson, Sterling Alma, Springville. 388 

Moson. Yerda Ruth. Blackfoot, Ida.. 207. 368 

Massey. Velda D.. Vernal. 306 

Mosterson. J. P.. Panguitch 

Moteljan. Nick S.. Redlands. Calif. 

Mother, Merlin. Grace, Ida., 66. 328 

Mothes. Jewell Carlton, Santaquin 

Mathews. Donna Lee, Neph.. 234. 280. 328 

Mathews, Irvin R.. Farmington. N. Mei.. 252 

Mathis. Christel Young. Provo 

Mathis. Connie Rae. Provo. 326 

Mathts. James Re-d. Provo 

Mathis. Richard Miles. St. George. 328 

Mot.s. Fredrick W. Provo. 314 

Matsen. Jenice Ooire, Los Angeles. Calif.. 257, 352 

Matthews. Colleen P.. Salt Lake City. 257, 328 

Matthews. Franklin Wm.. Boise. Ida 105. 388 

Matthews. John Louis, Copperton. 296 

Matthews. Leonard H.. Montpelier. Ido , 388 

Matthews. Robert J.. Evanston, Wyo . 306 

Mo'tico. Merce. Pima. Ar.z. 195. 213. 219. 220 3l8. 329 


Maugh. Frances Loy. Caldwell. Ida.. 389 

Maughan, Jeanine B.. Wellsville. 62 

Maughan, Kathleen, Cambridge. Mass. 306 

Maughan. Marilyn. Soda Springs. Ida.. 214, 270. 3S2 

Maurey. Kenneth Lee. Provo 

Mauss, Marlene Vivian. Twin Falls. Ida.. 68, 213. 389 

Maw. Eugene Allen. Nyssa, Ore., 389 

Maxfleld. Carol Ann. Provo. 280. 352 

Maxfield. Everett Blair. Delta. 293 

Maxfield. Flora Lee. Provo. 306 

Maxfield. Gerald. Hutchinson, Kan. 

Maxfield. Rodney Earl. Riverton. 233 

Ma.well. Carol. Salt Lalce City, 306 

Maxwell. James F., Glendale. 409 

Maxwell. Philip H., Taylorsville. 352 

Maxwell. Stella Mary. San Bernardino. Calif, 60. 229. 389 

May. Douglas Love, Paul. Ida., 389 

May, Frank O.. Jr.. Brlgham. 388 

May, Jeannette. Baler, Ore.. 388 

May, Leola Hadden. Coeur D'Alene. Ida.. 217. 306 

May. Nona Lynne. Brlgham. 329 

Mayberry. Laura M.. Ogden. 329 

Mayer. Jerry David, Elsinore. Calif.. 306 

Mayo. Raymond Louis, Longview, Texas, 197, 248. 352 

Mazurie. Thomas O, Provo 

McAffee, Jerry Harmon. Harbor City. Calif.. 261, 306 

McAlister. Nancy E.. Rexburg. Ida.. 267. 389 

McArthur, Annette M., Price. 409 

McArthur. Arthur Edgar. Provo 

McArthur. George C, Calgary, Alberta, 388 

McArthur. Keith Lynn. Scipio 

McArthur. Perry Hampton. Price 

McBride. Dona L. K., Provo, 353 

McBride. Donald W„ Ogden, 296 

McBride. Horton D.. Salt Late City 

McBride, J. Lynn. Blackfoot, Ida., 195. 215. 409 

McBride. James Garn. Cola, S. C. 

McBride, Leo Robert. Blackfoot, Ida.. 76. 78, 79 

McBride. Ralph LaVar, Columbia, S. C, 66, 195, 218. 296 

McBride, Virgil Ray. Twin Falls. Ida.. 388 

McCall, James Gibbons. Provo 

McCall. Mary Lou, Bellflower. Calif.. 62, 388 

McCann, Lauren Bernard, Vancouver. Wash.. 388 

McCauley, Dolly T., Arlington. Va„ 388 

McClay. Sally, Oakland, Calif.. 126, 181. 366, 388 

McClellan, Charles A.. Payson. 275. 353 

McClellan, Julie Ann, Phoenix, Ariz.. 213, 270 

McClellan, Lois Dixie, Provo, 329 

McClurg, Jerry White. Eldorodo, Ark., 66. 388 

McComb, Charles Ben, Provo 

McConkie, Don O. Provo 

McCormick, Luann. Kamas 

McCormick. Ralph L.. Kamas. 389 

McCoy, Audrey Ann, Tooele. 68. 72. 389 

McCoy. Kenneth Rodney. San Diego, Calif., 254, 352 

McCracken, Lawrence O.. Seattle. Wash.. 282. 352 

McCuan, Robert Eugene, Marion. Ind.. 209, 389 

McCue. L'Dean. Lethbridge, Alberta. 60. 209. 224, 240, 352 

McCulley. Anna Louise, Milford. 211, 225 

McCulley, Jessie Lewis, Milford 

McCulley, Mary Jane. Milford. 389 

McCullough, Anna Larae. Richand, Wash., 269, 352 

McCune, Jeanne, Fillmore, 366, 388 

McCurdy. Zoe. Long Beach. Calif., 388 

McDaniel. Marilyn J., Chandler. Ariz., 388 

McDonald. Malcolm Chr, Orem 

McDonald. Stuart Lyle, Orem 

McEuen, Jeanene. Thatcher, Ariz.. 388 

McEuen. Jerry. Fort Thomas. Ariz.. 306 

McEwan, Weston L., Provo 

McFadden, Delbert H.. Castroville, Texas. 388 

McFarland. Carl R.. La Mesa. Calif. 

McFarland. Donna Rose. San Gabriel. Calif.. 280, 316. 328 

McFarland. Melva Aileen. Lemhi. Ida., 352 

McFarlane, James J., Provo 

McGavin, Lloyd Earnest. Grace, Ida. 

McGee, Tony Burns, Peach Springs, Ariz., 388 

McGinnis, Barbara Ann, Glendale, Calif.. 83. 225. 388 

McGookin. Marvie L.. Long Beach. Calif.. 195. 352 

McGraw. Barbara Rae. Portland, Ore.. 388 

McGregor. A. Pardoe, Los Angeles, Calif. 

McGregor, Douglas Earl. Los Angeles. Calif.. 352 

McGregor, Jed Keith, Los Angeles, Calif., 306 

McGuire, Kate. Heber, 66. 235. 306 

Mclntire, Bertha R. M.. Provo, 353 

Mclntire, E. Bernell, Paul, Idaho. 294 

Mclntire, Jay Rodney, Ontario. Calif., 389 

Mclntire. Ronald Kent, Paul. Ida., 388 

McKay, Barrie Gunn. Huntsville, 200, 223, 249 

McKay. Monroe Gunn, Huntsville, 182. 192. 352. 338 

McKean, Theo Emery, Provo, 191 

McKee. Sue Beth, Barstow, Calif.. 389 

McKell. Gerald D.. Jr. 

McKell, Lenadra, Provo, 184, 281, 328 

McKell. Ruth Lois. Provo. 352 

McKenzie. Phillis L, Lund. Nev.. 213. 353 

McKeon. Sharon Darlene, Whittier, Calif., 

McKillip. Barbara F.. Orem. 389 

McKinney. Janet. Cedar Valley, 246, 389 

McKinney, Kenward H., Fair Oaks, Calif. 

McKinnon, Jane, Morgan. 207, 249, 389 

McKinnon, Rachel L.. Moroni, 328 

McKinnon, Sandra. Oakley, Ida., 389 

McKissick. Clyde T., Wilmington 

McKnight. Gloria Colleen. Rangely. Colo.. 64. 272. 389 

McLain. Gail Patricia. Alhambra. Calif.. 409 

McLane, Dale 8anks. Ogden. 306 

McLaren. John David, Provo. 102. 353 

McLaughlin. Patsy Ann, Glendale. Calif., 175. 389 

McMahon, Ben L., Provo 

McMahon, Geraldine H., Papaaloa. Hawaii 

McMahon, Thomas Timothy, Lorain, Ohio 

McMullin, Denai M,, Edmonton, Alberta 

McMullin. Douglas H.. Beaver 

McMullin, Helen, Hurricane. 241. 328 

McMurray. Mary Louise, Burley, Ida., 328 

McNally. Iva Evans. North Charleston, N. C. 409 

McNaughton, Mary, Heber. 353 

McNeil. C. Craig. Provo 

McNeil. Steve G.. Portland. Ore. 

McPhie. Carma Rae. Salt Lake. 60, 388 

McQuaig, Grace Kathryn, Orlando, Florida. 388 

McOueen, Jessie May, Boise. Ida.. 306 

Meadows. William F.. Jr., Provo, 102. 329 

Measom, Job F.. Spanish Fork 

Mecham. Gale Alvarus, Thatcher, Ariz.. 185, 193, 216. 230. 

231. 241, 314 
Mecham. Gwen Lenore. Provo. 64. 388 
Mecham, Ida Faye, Bountiful 
Mecham, Lynn Niles, American Fork, 307 
Mecham, Ray, Springville, 307 
Medeiros. Vivian, Hono. Hawaii. 64, 388 
Medley,' Woodruff Dee. Pasadena. Calif.. 255. 388 
Meeks. Hazel, Lovell, Wyoming. 66, 388 
Meeks, John Paul, Cowley. Wyo. 
Meeks, Rose Marie, Salt Lake. 241. 388 
Meeks, William Randall. Raymond. Alberta, 240. 388 
Megerian, Audrey Loren, Berkeley, Calif., 213, 329 
Meibos, Richard Lynn, Provo 
Meibos, Robert Bruce, Salt Lake, 115, 307 
Meier, Eldon Arlen. Milwauke. Wise, 74. 75. 128 
Meier. Gordon, Milwaukee, Wise, 388 
Meiners. June. Ogden, 238. 352 
Meiners. Myron Delano, Kaysville, 389 
Meiners, Paul Albert. Burley. Idaho, 215. 307 
Melchin, Ronald John, Alberta 
Meldrum, Leon H., Provo 
Meldrum, Virginia. Provo, 353 
Mellor. Cora Ramona, Fayette 307 
Mellor, Letha, Fayette 389 
Mellor, Roger Edwin, Fayette 
Melville, Ross David, Fillmore 389 
Melville, Samuel G., Fillmore. 224, 389 
Mendenhall. Dawna M.. Jerome. Ida.. 74, 213. 389 
Mendenhall, Paul W„ Stockton, Calif.. 102 
Mendenhall, John Paul. Las Vegas. Nev., 104, 389 
Mendenhall, Raymond Dee, Salem, Ore.. 389 
Mendenhall. Spencer Kay, Provo. 68. 70, 353 
Mediola, Mary Louise. Mexico. 297 
Mendiola. Susana Ramos, Mexico, 307 
Menlove, Marlene M., Salt Lake 388 
Menlove. Robert L.. Payson 
Menning. Zelda Meryl. Redding. Calif., 353 
Mercer. Betty Oleta. New Bern, North Carolina, 389 
Mercer, Charles, Lehi 
Mercer. Jeanette F., American Fork, 389 
Mercer, Jo Ann Marilyn, American Fork, 388 
Mercer. Julian Jay, Lehi, 388 
Mercer, Marlene Ann, Helena. Montana 
Merkley, Clifton Davis. Vernal, 116, 388 
Merkley, Harvey B.. Alberta. Canada. 200. 240. 279. 388 
Merrell. Calvin J.. Farmington, New Mexico, 388 
Merrell, Charles B., Provo. 329 
Merrell, Dallas Victor, Moses Lake, Wash,, 251, 336, 339, 

340, 353 
Merrell. Elaine Marie. Moses Lake. Wash.. 99, 177, 251, 353 
Merrell, Mabel, Pocatello. Ida., 409 
Merrell, Melvin Joseph, Provo 
Merrell. Phyllis, Backfoot. Ida., 307 
Merrill, Alvin Seymour, Provo 
Merrill, Carol Joan. Salt Lake 388 
Merrill. Cheri Dene. Pocatello. Ida., 388 
Merrill, Garth Griffin. Provo 
Merrill. Janet D.. Salt Lake. 263. 329 
Merrill, Jimmie Dale, Los Angeles. Calif. 
Merrill, Josephine C Provo 
Merrill, Kathleen Mary, Riverton 
Merrill. Kathleen T., Lethbridge, Alberta, 206, 353 
Merrill, Kathryn Mae. Twin Falls, Ida. 
Merrill, Keith West. Alberta 

Merrill. LaVaun S., Jr.. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 68. 70, 388 
Merrill. Louis H., Swan Lake. Ida.. 329 
Merrill, Noreene, Preston, Ida., 409 
Merrill, Paul Allen, Lynwood, Calif.. 255. 389 
Merrill, Peggy Joy. Los Angeles. Calif.. 328 
Merrill. Preston Morris, Roberts. Ida.. 353 
Merrill, Ray Reese. Pleasant Grove, 328 
Merrill, Ronald L. W.. Spokane, Wash. 
Merrill, Sylvia, Safford, Arizona 
Merritt. Sharla Coleen, Mesa, Arizona, 228, 389 
Meservy, Beverly, Brlgham, 389 
Meservy, Eleanor K., Provo 
Messersmith, Gaylon L.. Lehi 
Messersmith, Robert H., Cedar Valley 
Messick. Velna Jean. Provo, 389 
Metier, Eugene Henry, Klamath. Ore.. 245, 279. 389 
Meuter. Gerald James, San Leandro. Calif., 389 
Meyer. Mildred. Smithfield. 58. 200. 284. 408 
Meyer. Rae Weatherill. Victoria. Australia. 328 
Meyers, Betty D., Vernal. 64 
Meyers. Patricia L., Vernal 

Michelsen. Stanley C, Palo Alto, Calif., 208. 209. 340. 353 
Michie, Carol, Charleston, 389 
Michie, Rex Monroe. Hanna, 248, 352 
Michie, Robert Alma. Tabiona. 64, 248, 352 
Mlckelsen, Lynn A„ Idaho Falls. Ida., 60. 408 
Mickelsen, Lorene. Sandy. 328 
Mickelsen. Marian Kaye. Draper, 353 

Mickelsen, McKay. Salina. 408 

Mickelsen, William C, St. George, 408 

Mickelson, Carol P.. Duchesne, 43, 188, 206. 269, 352 

Mickelson. Russell C, Duchesne, 182, 261, 295 

Middleton, Douglas R., Sacramento, Calif.. 408 

Midgley. John Quentin. Salt Lake, 191 

Midgley, Wendy Trenker, Lake Villa, III., 70, 389 

Mlera. Samuel Victor, Toas. N. M„ 191 

Mietus. Charles Richard. Roy. 249, 328 

Migliaccio, Ralph R.. Spanish Fork, 105, 388 

Mikesell, Lois Arlene. Rawlins. Wyo., 388 

Milam. Gary Dean. Glendale. Calif.. 275. 352 

Miles. Glenn LaMar, Orem 

Miles. Paralee, St. George, 66, 358 

Miles, Richard Odell. Los Angeles. Calif. 

Miles, Walter Mar. St. George. 241. 328 

Millar, Marilyn Yvonne. Pleasant Grove, 269. 352 

Millar. Z. Reed, Jr., Boise. Ida., 78, 79, 388 

Millburn, Merlyn, Salt Lake, 195, 352 

Miller. Ann, Burbank. Calif.. 224, 306 

Miller, David Owen, St. David., Ariz.. 352 

Miller. Eve., Sandy, 185 

Miller, Heber Cleon, Provo 

Miller. Jacqueline. Kettle Falls. Wash. 

Miller. Joella, Mesa, Ariz., 352 

Miller, Joyce Ann, Ogden, 249, 306 

Miller, Joyce Nadyne, Joseph City, Ariz., 328 

Miller, Larry James, Driggs, Idaho 

Miller, Larry Marvin. American Fork, 328 

Miller. Leon O. Tremonton 

Miller, Margery Jane. Monterey, Calif. 

Miller. Marilyn, Springville, 388 

Miller. Marilyn Ann, Taber, Alberta. 64, 240, 388 

Miller, Maurine. Ogden. 249, 281 

Miller, Morgan Lewis. Manti 

Miller. Paul B.. Spanish Fork, 306 

Miller. Ranae' Provo. 388 

Miller, Robert Wayne. Williams, Ore., 224. 275, 353 

Miller, Roma, Victor, Ida., 64, 388 

Miller, Russel J., Scipio, 388 

Miller, Sterl Ferren, Tremonton 

Miller. Viva Louise, Provo, 62, 352 

Millet, Lorna Doone. Sandy, 388 

Millet, Margaret, Mesa. Ariz., 189. 228. 329 

Millet, Orson Leon, Provo, 329 

Milliner. James Reed, Peoa 

Mills, Charles T., 

Mills, Helen Joyce, Bountiful. 389 

Mills, Madelyn, Provo 

Mills, Rhoana E., Ten Sleep, Wyo., 276. 329 

Millward, Gene Cleon, Pocatello, Ida., 242 

Millward, Richard B.. Daly City, Calif, 76, 389 

Milne, Marilyn Rachel, Sandy, 353 

Milner, Don R., Provo, 58, 218, 234, 329 

Miner, Donald Keith, Pomona. Calif., 306 

Miner. Janet. Grantsville. 213. 389 

Minor. Milt Peterson, Nampa, Ida., 279. 353 

Minson, Margaret H., Salt Lake City. 408 

Misbach, Grant Lemmon, Lowell, Ore., 218. 329 

Mitchell, Arthur D.. Springville 

Mitchell. Dallas Carl. Taft, Calif.. 223. 389 

Mitchell, Donald George, Provo 

Mitchell. Gay Allen. Fillmore, 389 

Mitchell. Glenna A.. Provo, 185, 200. 244 

Mitchell. Glenna Rae. Lawndale, Calif., 194, 244. 306 

Mitchell, Ned Blaine 

Mitchell. Theodore. Springville 

Mitton, Wallace Reid. Albany, Ore., 245, 389 

Miya, Aileen Akuna, Provo 

Miya, Fred, Provo 

Miyazaki, Richard T.. Lanai City. Lanai. 224, 227 

Moat. Clarence D., Jr., Provo 

Moeller, Joan, Idaho Falls. Ida., 276. 329 

Moen. Gilbert. Union. N. J., 112. 389 

Moes, Patricia Ann, Baker, Ore.. 389 

Moesser. Kent. Lanny, Etna, Wyoming, 66 

Moesser, Loajoy. Etna, Wyo.. 62. 66 

Mohler, Charles Dale. Albuquerque, N. Mex.. 389 

Moir. Wilfred. Jr., Niagara Falls, N. Y.. 194, 208,, 209, 353 

Molle, Frank Dalton, Hawthorne, Calif.. 116 388 

Monahan. Mary Louise, Seattle, Wash.. 329 

Monier, Yvette Therese. France 

Monsen. Lewis Farrell, Orem 

Monsen. Ray Gilman. Orem. 227 

Monson, Hal Lamar. Shelley. Ida.. 329 

Monson. Irene, American Fork, 64, 353 

Monson, Jack Mayne. Salt Lake, 306 

Monson. Janet Claire, Smithfield. 239. 388 

Monson, Marilyn, Denver. Colo.. 206, 329 

Monson, Mary Alice. American Fork. 250. 388 

Monson. Nannette. Inglewood, Calif.. 66, 330 

Montague, Blaine Lee. Payson 

Montgomery, Joel K., Provo, 330 

Montgomery. Paul Dean, Burley. Ida.. 56 

Montgomery. Roma Mae. Ontario. Ore. 

Montierth. Florence F., Elfrida. Ariz.. 353 

Moody. Alice Kay. Delta, 24, 60, 220, 388 

Moody, David Snow. Delta. 388 

Moody. Dorene Nell. Delta. 62. 220. 388 

Moody, Floy Annette. Provo, 281, 353 

Moody. Joan Lapreal, Barner Oak. Calif, 207, 388 

Moody. Joseph Milton. Delta 

Moody, Phyllis Kay. Delta, 353 

Moon. Clive Dee. Duchesne. 40, 195, 248. 353 

Moon. David Thomas. Orem. 388 

Moon, Floyd. Hanna, 306 

Moon. Hal Wesley. Salt Lake City, 266. 408 

Moon. Marilyn, Springville. 388 

Moore. Billie Jane D.. Provo. 66 

Moore, Blaine H.. Spanish Fork. 307 


Moore. Donna. Salt Lake. 389 

Moore. Dorothy Mae. Provo 

Moore. Heber Grant, Provo 

Moore. Marilyn Elva, Bountiful. 228. 35? 

Moore. Robert Arthur. Provo. 408 

Mooring, Billy Andrew. Fremont, N. O. 307 

Moosmenn, Velme. Tridell 

Morgan. Cerme Jean. Price. 389 

Morgan. Carole Ann. Phoenii, Ant., 409 

Morgan, Catherine. Price. 206, 330 

Morgan, Dix Ralph, Provo. 1 19. 224. 307 

Morgan, Gloria Alice. Circleville. 330 

Morgan, Jack A.. Springville, 236 

Morgan. Lani Nadine. Provo. 68. 269. 35? 

Morgan, Kuna. Ida.. 243. 389 

Morgan. Ralph Arvil, Orem, 315 

Morgan, Rene E.. Provo. 281. 307 

Morin, Vivian Gay, Baker. Ore.. 307 

Morley. Bonnie. Provo 

Morley. Burl D.. Provo. 389 

Morley. Gayle I.. Moroni. 389 

Morley. Mary Jane. Ely, Nev.. 70. 74 

Morley. William Russell. Maiden. Mass.. 74. 389 

Morr .Marilyn, Salt Lake. 272. 389 

Morrell. Dwight Lyman, Bingham, 295 

Morrell. Edwin B.. Salt Lake, 66. 330 

Morrell Ruth. Brigham, 389 

Morrill. Don L.. Orem. 389 

Morrill Stanley George, Tridell 

Morris, Claudia. Brigham, 64, 388 

Morris. Lola Christine, Dallas. Texas. 248. 267. 389 

Morris, Lyle Ray, Parowan, 307 

Morrise. Jesard. Hollywood, Calif., 352 

Morrisey, Roberta. Provo 

Morrison, Wayne Lee, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Morrlssette, William R., Barstow, California 

Morrow, Gail Lucille. Alhambra, Calif.. 388 

Morrow, Joan Lee. Taos. N. Me*.. 72. 74, 244, 388 

Morrow, Vaun Grant, Provo 

Morse. Eileen Alice. Portland. Ore., 270. 330 

Morse. Kay Eleanor. Murray 

Mortensen, Ernest Wayne. Sanford. Colo.. 64. 352 

Mortensen, Larry, Sanford. Colo.. 64. 352 

Mortensen. Maye Jane, Willows, Calif., 330 

Mortensen. Paul H.. Springville. 68. 70. 74. 352 

Mortensen, Ronald Smith, Tremonton, 74, 330 

Mortensen. Victor H., Smithfield. 388 

Mortensen. William E.. La Grande. Ore. 

Mortimer, Jean Louise, Montclair, N. J.. 178, 253. 352 

Moscon. Frank Allen. Tooele. 37, 210. 215. 275. 315 

Moss. Beverly, Durango. Colo.. 409 

Moss, Dan Edgar, American Fork. 72. 331 

Moss. Joan, Layton. 388 

Moss. Joyce. Salt Lake, 224. 388 

Moss, Lorenzo Clyde. Provo 

Mostert. Andre J. E.. Provo. 198. 224, 234, 352 

Mote. Herbert Irvin. Grants Pass.. Ore.. 237. 352 

Motschman, Shirley B,, San Bernardino. Calif.. 246. 276. 353 

Mott, Dean Garold. Lajara, Colo.. 388 

Mott. Jewell. Provo. 386 

Moulton, Margie Ann, Provo, 388 

Mount. Gerald Douglas. Long Beach, Calif., 388 

Mounteer, Karol Gene, Stockton, Calif. 

Mower, Donald L., American Fork, 255 

Mower, Glade W., Fairview, 353 

Mower, John F., Provo 

Mower, Richard L., Provo 

Mower, Robert, Provo 

Moye, Lois Marilyn, Arlington Va., 214, 353 

Moyeda, Eglantine P.. Chih.. Mexico 

Moyer, Terry Jack.. Oregon City, Ore., 72. 74. 245. 389 

Moyle. Kathleen, American Fork, 389 

Moyle. Lane Vincent, Beryl 

Muhlestein. Donald W.. Provo 

Muhlestein, Harold G.. Orem 

Muhlestein, Helen, Provo 

Muhlestein, Joyce. Provo, 62. 315 

Muir, Gary Roes, Randolph, 222 

Muirheed, Roberta Jean. Provo. 66. 331 

Mulalley. Joanne. Pullman. Wash.. 225. 331 

Mulkay. Lewis Marceus. Pacific Grove, Calif. 

Muller, Don Michael, Inglewood. Calif.. 261. 307 

Mumford. David Louis. Wales. 331 

Mumford, Margaret Ann, Wales. 389 

Munford. Barbara Ann, Cedar City. 331 

Munk, Keith M., Gunnison, 224. 315 

Munroe, Meredith Ann, Phoenix, Ariz., 389 

Munson, Lydia Carole. McGill. Nev.. 389 

Murdock. Gordon Ray. Provo. 389 

Murdock. Kathleen M.. Heber. 307 

Murdock, Royal Perry, Heber. 353 

Murdock. Vernon Leroy. Heber, 37. 215 

Murphy. Floyd Melvin. Seattle. Wash.. 70. 72. 74, 251. 275, 

Murphy. Mary. Roosevelt. 64. 224. 248. 353 
Murphy. Sheldon Rowley. Chinook. Montana. 274, 330 
Murray. Evelyn Alice. Boise. Ideho. 58. 206. 214. 233. 353 
Murrey. Fancher M , Nephi. 66. 389 
Murray, Melvin Ray. 8oise. Ida., 297 
Murray. Robert Julian, Jacksonville Flo.. 369 
Murray. Roberta S , Perth. Washington, 236. 306 
Murray. Roma Nell. Logan. 264. 306 
Murray. Thayne E.. Springville 

Musel. George Reginald. St. Remy. N. Y.. 227. 306 
Muse. Ivan David, Phoenix. Am.. 107. 306 
Musig. Morris DeMille, Salt Lake. 353 

Myer. Peter Livingston. Caldwell. N. J., 185. 208. 217. 330 
Myers, Franchell. Ephraim. 306 
Myers. Jacqueline Anne. Salt Lake, 390 
Myers. Marilyn Mabel. Chey. Wye. 224. 353 

Myers. Sylvia Jean. Las Vegas. Nev.. 204. 214. 354 
Myre-,, Dennis Keith. San Diego. Calif.. 254 

Myr u p, Marilyn Provo, 68. 390 


Nadould. Brent Strevell. Long Beach. Calif.. 66. 254 

Nagato, Kiyoko. Oahu. Hawaii. 390 

Naillon. Larry James, Washougal. Wash.. 391 

Nekeehiki. Mory K., Kauai. Ha*an 

Nakada. Frank Shoio, Japan. 224. 242. 331 

Nakakura. George T.. Hon., Hawaii. 354 

Nakamura. Hiromichi. Japan 

Nakamura. Lily V.. Maui. Hawaii. 217. 306 

Nalder, M. Margaret. Layton. 2 1 2. 281. 330 

Naikaus. Suzanne. Placerville. Calif.. 224. 306 

Nash. Blaine. Elynn. American Fork.. 76. 390 

Nate. Ruth LaReo. Dingle. Ida.. 64. 390 

Nation. Frances Arlene. Gunnison. 390 

Nay. Mateland D.. Sigurd. 409 

Nay. Robert Elmer. Victorvilta, Calif.. 227, 330 

Nay. Shirley Ann., Las Vegas. Nev.. 330 

Naylor, Helen. Alexandria. Va.. 64. 390 

Naylor. Jay Harvey. Los Angeles. Calif.. 66, 121, 259, 330 

Naylor. Joan Marie. Salt Lake. 56. 284. 390 

Neal. Euarde. Malad, Idaho. 390 

Neal. Hollis Vaughn. Tremonton, 330 

Neal. Laronna Alta. Malad. Ida.. 330 

Nebeker, Elva Darlene. Springville. 64. 354 

Nebeker. Jane. Salt Lake. 391 

Nebeker, Louise, Murray, 268. 354 

Nebeker, Nevelle Owen, Pasadena, Calif.. 331 

Needham. Richard Ell. Whittier, Calif.. 74. 391 

Neel. Norman Ray. Orem. 101. 102. 104 

Neeley. Barbara Carol. Spanish Fork. 64, 206. 214, 331 

Neff. Leonard Dale, Salt Lale City 

Neff. Wayne Chamberlin. Salt Lake City. 409 

Neil, Kenneth Jack, American Fork 

Neilson, Dorothea J. J., Milwaukee. Wise. 

Neilson, Fred Wayne, Canoga Park, Calif., 354 

Neilson, Jay. Wallace, Riverton, 306 

Neilson. Joann. Sacto, Calif.. 42. 92. 354 

Neilson, Kenneth Ervin. Magrath, Alberta 

Neilson, Morris E., Twin Falls, Idaho 

Nelson, Allen Eugene. Helper 

Nelson. Allan Harold. Salt Lake City. 409 

Nelson, Ann Marie. Richmond. 239. 272. 390 

Nelson, Arlo J., Provo, 315 

Nelson, Bruce A.. Price. 222. 330 

Nelson, Carl, Springville 

Nelson, Charlotte. Mt. Pleasant. 247. 354 

Nelson. Clark W.. Springville, 190 

Nelson. David Oayboure, Cardston. Alberto 

Nelson. Edith. La Palta. N. W.. 330 

Nelson, Edme Dotson, Spanish Fork 

Nelson, E'don James. Glenwood, Alberta 

Nelson, Gail. Rexburg. Ida., 409 

Nelson. Gale R„ Thatcher. Ariz.. 60. 353 

Nelson. Gordon Buchanan. Provo. 279, 331 

Nelson. Grant L„ Springville. 307 

Nelson, Herman Vance, Tucson. Aril,, 391 

Nelson. J. R.. Heber. 29. 307 

Nelson, J. Rulon, Spanish Fork 

Nelson, Jan Howard. Pleasant Grove. 355 

Nelson, Janice Loa. Pocatello, Ida., 224. 272. 390 

Nelson. Janice M., Salt Lake. 66, 391 

Nelson, Joe Bernard, Mesa, Ariz., 391 

Nelson. John Dewey. Salt Lake City. 216. 235 

Nelson. John Earl. Citrus Heights. Calif.. 390 

Nelson. John Wayne. Spanish Fork. 331 

Nelson. Joseph Allen, Tooele, 331 

Nelson, Krista Lyle. Provo. 234, 307 

Nelson. Lester Vail. Bellflower. Calif.. 355 

Nelson. Lorin Herman, LaPlata. N. M. 

Nelson, Louise Kimball. Mapleton 

Nelson. Mark A., Spanish Fork. 307 

Nelson, Marvin Nels. Provo 

Nelson, Mary Kay. Snowville. 267. 390 

Nelson, Neil Foss. Preston. Ida., 239. 283. 390 

Nelson, O. Glade. Upalco 

Nelson. Patricia Lee. Tulsa. Okie.. 226. 390 

Nelson. Paul Milton. Ontario. Ore., 330 

Nelson. Peggy Joyce. Ideho Falls. Ida.. 64. 223. 390 

Nelson. Reuben Price. La Plata. N. Mei.. 390 

Nelson, Richard Carl, Provo. 355 

Nelson. Richard H.. Provo. 40° 

Nelson. Richard Folsom. Roy, 219. 307 

Nelson. Robert Naylor, Piedmont, Calif. 

Nelson, Robert William, Spanish Fork. 83. 224 

Nelson, Stuart Edward. Orem, I 14 

Nelson, Teddy Max, Roosevelt 

Nelson, Vynette. Carmen. Ida.. 64. 391 

Nelson. William B.. Provo 

Nephi. Ruth Pauline. Roosevelt 

Never. Doris Maxine. Venice. Calif.. 217. 330 

Nettle. Hubert Raymond. New Albany. Ind .. 409 

Nettles. Gloria J.. Dundee. Florida. 126. 355 

Neuenschwander. Vol J.. Weston. Ida.. 330 

Neufeld. Robert Leroy. Enid. Okla.. 406 

Neville. Merlene R.. McGill. Nev.. 307 

Neville. Wendell. McGill. Nev. 

Newberger. Warner D.. Provo. 199. 307 

Newb.H. Lila M.. Lincoln, Nebr.. 408 

Newell. Allen Clyde, Moab. 391 

Newell. Di> A.. Elsinore. 391 

Newell. Rulon Kay. Elisnore. 727 

Newey. Derlin Floyd. Provo 

Newman. Annette M., Ogden. 60. 212. 391 

Newman. Boyd Edward. VaUejo. Calif 

Newman. David W. Brigham. 391 

Newman. Edna H., Pleasant Grove 

Newman, MaHere. Salt Lake. 64, 355 

Newman. William A.. Springville. 354 

Newren. Leslie Stewart Standardville. 64. 390 

Newsom, Ronald Ames. Mesa. Art*.. 78 

Neyman, 8roniile*a D. 

Ng. Pauline Poolam. Tahiti 354 

Nicholas. Lee A.. Orem. 306 

Nicholes. Rollie James. Provo 

Nichols. Annette. Ogden. 270. 354 

Nichols. Elaine. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 354 

Nichols. Joyce Mane. New Orleans. La.. 237. 354 

Nichols. Lynn La Marr. Pocatello. Ida.. 330 

Nichols. Randall Lyle. California 

Nichols. S. RocheMe. Brigham. 390 

Nichols. StSenna. Provo. 390 

Nicholson. Barbara J.. Provo. 180. 212. 263 

Nicked. Kenneth M. Roosevelt. 246. 354 

Nickle. Wilme Nedyne. Springfield. Mo.. 390 

N.'.oll. Carol Ledell. Ramah. N. Max.. 390 

Nicoll. Lyman M., Mesa. Arir 

Nield. DarreH W.. Provo. 390 

Nielsen. Ann Marie. Monroe. 64. 390 

Nielsen. Collee. Paul. Ida.. 64. 243 390 

Nielsen. Darrel LaVar, Spanish Fork 

Nielsen. Diana Lee. Woodland Hills. Calif. 757 330 

Nielsen. Don Lee. Saline. 330 

Nielsen. Doneld Vernon. Lehi. 391 

Nielsen Eloise. Vernal. 225. 306 

Nielsen. Gerald LaMar. Saline. 294 

Nielsen. Glen Lovell. American Fork, 390 

Nielsen, Hitdred. Provo 

Nielsen. James William. Glenwood Spring*. Colo.. 68. 70. 

123. 391 
Nielsen. Kenneth E.. Provo. 240 
Nielsen. Lanny D.. Blackfoot. Ida., 114. 224. 260 
Nielsen, Leslie Ann.. Richfield. 217. 331 
Nielsen. Lewis Wilford. Price. 330 
Nielsen, Lome Ruth. Ogden, 331 
Nielsen. Norman LeRoy. Orem. 200. 259. 354 
Nielsen. Weldon Derle. Hyrum. 408 
Nielson. Adonis H.. Jr.. Burley. Ida.. 330 
Nielson. Betty Jo. Worlend. Wyo.. 391 
Nielson. Catherine, Ephraim. 56. 247. 306 
Nielson. Clyde R-. Blue Lake Calif.. 72. 354 
Nielson, DeMar Jay. Worland. Wyo. 
Nielson. Diane. Provo. 281 

Nielson. Fredrick P.. Blue Wate«. N. Mex.. 391 
Nielson. Jeanine. Gtendora, Calif.. 194. 244. 277. 330 
Nielson. Lawrence G.. Provo 
Nielson, Loraine. Romeo Coloredo. 391 
Nielson, Mary Lou. Manti, 62 
Nielson, Maxine, Springville 
Nielson, Merrill Gene. Lynndly. 354 
Nielson. Monte Clarence. Oak City 
Nielson. Phyllis Marr. Salt Lake. 56. 331 
Nielson. Ralph Lyman. Los Angeles. Calif.. 253. 391 
Nielson, Ray Leon. Orem 
Nielson, Virginia Clair, Romeo, Colo.. 391 
Nilsen. Carol. Alhambra. Calif.. 355 
Nilsson. Bruce Ray. American Fork. 200. 219. 231. 306 
Nilsson. Ray Morris. Pocatello. Idaho. 355 
Nish, Dele. LeRoy, Kimball Alberta. Canada 
Nisonger. Den Paul. Provo. 105 
Nixdorf. James. Provo. 391 
Nixon. Dorothy Dean. Roosevelt, 264. 331 
Nixon, George Sterling, Holden, 306 
Nixon. Gladys. Provo. 306 
Nixon. John Davis. Blackfoot. Ida.. 315 
Niion. Maline. Sherm Oaks. Calif.. 391 
Nixon. William Lynn. Idaho Fall,, Ida.. 275. 331 
Niiet. Charles. Brazil. 355 
Noble. Enola Jeanne. Logan. SI, 331 
Noble. LoDawn. Provo. 390 
Noble. Leolo Jeanne. Provo. 164. 390 
Noble. Patricia Beth. Smithfield. 239. 390 
Noble. Vernice. Walla Walla. Wash.. 390 
Noel. Ethel Frances. San Diego. Calif.. 60. 390 
Noker, Alvin John. Ogden. 331 
Norr. Lorenzo Reese. Brigham, 390 
Norris, Denice. Dellace, Tex.. 390 
Norseth, Carol, Ogden 

Norseth, Colleen. Los Angeles. Calif.. 2 1 2. 277. 331 
Norton. Don Evan. Jr., Burley. Ida.. 2?4 
Norton. Gayle. Burley. Ida.. 78 
Norton. Harold A.. Provo. 121. 315 
Norton. Phil Reed. Murtaugh. Ida.. 390 
Nosier. John F.. Jr.. Sacramento Calf 223. 390 
Nowell. Patricia Ann. Mendenhem. New Jeney. 17. 176, 177. 

178. 196. 253. 268. 306 
Noyes. Mercia. American Fork. 224. 408 
Nusbeum. Carolyn M.. El Paso. Tex.. 391 
Nuttatl, Donald. Hurricane. 331 
Nuttall. Gordon Lyon. Hurricane. 39 1 
Nuttall LaVoy. Benson. 181. 239. 27?. 391 
Nuttall. William Garth. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 307 
Nuimeh. De'bert John. Spenish Fork 355 
Nybo. Dean S.. Provo 
Nybo, Ronald Carl. Salem. 391 
Nye. Earl Brent Ely. Nev.. 391 
Nyland. Verdell L , Provo 
Nymen, Raymond Russell. Heber 

Oekes. Thomas Warren. Salt Lake. 294 
Oakey. Russell William. Boise. Ida . 408 
Oakley. Allese Duffin. Provo 


Oakley. Joan. Springville, 391 

Oaks. Harold Rasmus, Ogden 

Oats, Janet. Provo, 307 

Oats, Merrill Clayton, Provo, 408 

Oaks, Robert Charles. Provo. 365. 367. 391 

Oates. Caroline Elaine, Pasadena. Calif., 24, 197, 307 

Oberhansley, Reid B„ Spanish Fork 

Obert, Carol Jean, Inglewood, Calif.. 263, 307 

Oborn, Joseph M., Ogden, 66, 391 

Obregon. Maria M., Carlin, Nevada, 244, 307 

Obregon, Socorro, Carlin, Nev., 354 

Obrien, Lydia Patricia, Crows Landing, Calif., 68 

Obrien, Terry John, Fullerton, Calif., 26, 95, 320, 336, 341, 

Ockerman. Kleta Myra. Longview. Wash.. 281. 330 
Ockey, Earl Calvin, Nephi, 391 
Odermott, Louis W., Meridian. Ida.. 409 
Ogden, Ray A.. Salt Lake 
Oldfield, Gloria Ruth. Kirkland. Wash., 70. 72 
Oldroyd, Esther, Provo 

Oleary, Yvonne Sharon, Wenatchee, Wash., 64. 232. 390 
Oler, Larry. Ramon, Pocatello, Ida., 28. 219. 355 
Oleson. Cortland Hart, Salt Lake 
Oliphant, Robert Toone. Orem, 28, 60. 390 
Oliphant, Virginia, Orem, 354 
Ollor. Joyce Yvonne, Irving, Ten., 248. 390 
Ollerton. Carl Adams, Phoenix, Ariz., 354 
Olmstead, Patricia. Salt Lake, 256. 354 
Olney. Dorothy Grace, Los Angeles. Calif. 
Olpin, Audrey. Heber. 354 
Olpin, Clara. Heber, 196. 217, 307 
Olpin, Owen Culmer, Fillmore, 330 

Olpin. Shirley Jewel, Pleasant Grove, 212. 224, 281, 354 
Olsen, Ben LaMar, Alberta. Canada, 294 
Olsen, Carl Junior, Pilot Rock. Ore., 64, 78. 390 
Olsen, Carmen Ellen, Alhambra, Calif. 
Olsen, Dennis M.. Blackfoot, Ida., 409 
Olsen, Donald Antone, Fayette, 307 
Olsen, Donald Robert, Provo 

Olsen, Edna LaPrele, Ephraim. 217. 247, 280. 308 
Olsen. Gilbert Clyde, Provo, 330 
Olsen, Gordon Evans, Park City 
Olsen, Gordon Marchant. Lovell, Wyo., 222, 308 
Olsen, Ina Virginia, Woods Cross, 294 
Olsen, Kenneth Mark. Salt Lake, 390 
Olsen, L. Lynn, Santaquin 
Olsen. LaDeane. Provo. 60. 212. 263 
Olsen, Lonore. Emery, 390 
Olsen, Lois Marlene. Provo. 207, 390 
Olsen, Marilyn B„ Hayward, Calif., 228, 256, 330 
Olsen, Mary M. Mclntyre. Santaquin 
Olsen. Nancy Rae. Provo, 207, 276, 390 
Olsen, Ralph Andrew, Provo 
Olsen, Ralph Paul, Vernal. 231. 390 
Olsen. Ray Edward, Provo. 227 
Olsen, Richard Kenneth, Provo 
Olsen, Snell, Spanish Fork 

Olsen. Theran Irvin, Leavitt. Alberta, 240. 391 
Olsen, Twila May, Menah, Ida., 391 
Olsen, Vivian Hoyt, Nephi 

Olsen, Wanda Marie, Battle Creek. Mich., 242. 276, 391 
Olsen, Winifred, Monroe, 354 
Olsen, Dale, Heber 
Olson. Diane Patrice, Portland, Ore. 
Olson. Dolores, Salt Lake, 391 
Olson, Grant Earnest. Pocatello. Ida., 391 
Olson, John Frederick, Provo 
Olson, Lavera Jean, Wenatchee, Wash, 
Olson, Leta, Manila 
Olson, Patricia Ann, Salt Lake, 391 
OJson, Phyllis Karlene. Wenatchee, Wash., 391 
Olson. Robert Noel, Glendale. Calif.. 102, 330 
O'Neil, Eldon Shane, Grangeville. Ida. 
O'Neil, Lawrence Myron, Rivera, Calif.. 391 
Opheikens. Lynne. Provo. 391 
Orchard, Cecil Clifford, Carey. Ida.. 409 
Orchard. Cheryl Joy, Twin Falls, Ida., 224, 243, 390 
Orchard, Ellis D„ Provo 
Orchard. Keith T.. Brigham, 79, 354 
Ord, Claudia Lee, Covina, Calif., 390 
Ord, Vanita. Nampa. Ida.. 206, 224 
Ordacowski. Eloy. Brazil, 354 
Org ill , Derwin Jay, Provo 
Org ill, Melvin W., Kemmerer, Wyo. 
Orgill, Stewart Ray, Kemmerer, Wyo., 179, 331 
Orme, Gordon Reed, Idaho Falls, Ida., 37, 199, 208. 308, 215 
Orme, Kathryn, Idaho Falls. Ida., 390 
Ormsby. Paul. Salt Lake. 255, 308 
Orr, Charles L., American Fork, 177, 223. 308 
Orrock. William B„ Richfield 
Orton, Arnold M„ Provo, 355 
Orton, Gayland Taylor, Provo 
Orton, Phyllis, Provo, 390 
Orton, Renae, Pleasant Grove, 212, 355 
Orton, Robert Frank, Panguitch, 390 
Osborn, William Dale, Southgate, Calif. 
Osborne, Virgus C„ Spring City, 294 
Oscarson, Grant R., Clayton, Mo„ 355 
Oshima, Edwin Masato. Lanai, Hawaii 
Oshima, Stanley Yutaka. Lanai. Hawaii, 331 
Osmond, Ralph W., Berkley. Calif. 
Ostergaard, Robert N., Pleasant Grove 
Ostler. David Sorensen. Nephi. 409 
Ostler. James B.. Sandy. 331 
Ostler. John Taylor. Nephi. 409 
Ostler, Robert Howard. Casa Grande, Ariz., 116 
Ostlund, W. Wayne, Springville 
Oswald, Shirlene, Idaho Falls, Ida., 228, 276, 390 
Ott. James Bevan, Provo 
Otterson. Arnold W., Lehi 

Otterson. J. Winston. Lehi. 219. 411 

Ottesen, L. Keith. Sprinqville. 194 

Ottley. Lyle Ruth. Carlin, Nev.. 217. 263. 308 

Ottley. LeRoy. San Mateo, Calif.. 355 

Ottosen. Janice, Kamas. 390 

Ottosen. Nadene, Roosevelt. 178. 206. 248. 355 

Ovard. Mary Lou, Idaho Falls. Ida.. 70, 72. 74. 355 

Overstreet. Dalton C, Chandler. Ariz.. 102. 331 

Overson. Leiland Pratt, Mesa, Ariz., 409 

Oveson. Richard Merrill, Pendleton, Ore.. 22. 42, 94, 176, 

184, 199, 210, 283. 308 
Oveson. Stephen Berq. Pendleton. Ore., 390. 399 
Oviatt, Bessie Marilyn, Pasa. Calif., 141, 200. 271, 355 
Oviatt, Lester C, Hartleyville. Alberta 
Oviatt, Lorna Mae, Emery, 390 
Oviatt, Sharon. Whittier. Calif., 39, 391 
Owen. Janet, Ogden. 64, 391 
Owen, Louis C Provo 
Owen, Roberta Browning, Salt Lake, 391 
Owens, Nannette, Joseph, 58 
Oxborrow. Wallace S., McGill, Nev., 72, 391 
Oxendine, Peggy Dean, Cottondale. Fla.. 64, 224, 391 
Oyler. Phillip D., Briqham, 102. 119 

Paar. Sharon LaRae. San Bernardino. Calif., 226. 391 

Pace, Evelyn Colleen, Thistle 

Pace. Gail. Nephi 

Pace. Georqe Wendell. Burley. Ida., 192. 194. 219, 331 

Pace, Gloria Diane, Globe, Ariz., 62, 391 

Pace, Mary Alleen, Phoenix, Ariz., 194. 238, 364, 366, 367, 391 

Pace, Patricia Rae. Globe. Ariz., 68, 309 

Pace, Renata, Cecil, Ark., 331 

Pace, Ronald T., Las Vegas, Nev., 216, 309 

Pace, William Cardon, Morenci, Ariz., 246, 390 

Pack, Agnes LaRae, Los Angeles, Calif., 273, 355 

Pack, Jane Lucille. Blackfoot, Ida.. 390 

Pack, Karla Mae. Farmington 

Packard, Glida Ann, Springville 

Packard, Mary Esther, Houston, Tex., 390 

Packard, Ralph E., Jr., Provo, 355 

Packard, Riley Arthur. Omaha, Neb., 390 

Packer, Edson Friedrich, 409 

Packer, Eileen, Redwood City, Calif., 64, 390 

Packer. Wesley Lee, Worland, Wyo.. 331 

Packham, Jane Ann. Blackfoot, Ida.. 56, 354, 390 

Padilla. Hector Yorik G., Parrda. Mexico, 390 

Padrick, Gloria Steele, Wilmington. No. Car., 390 

Page, Don E., Whittier, Calif., 68 

Poge. Erma Lillian. Clearfield. 294, 277, 309 

Page, Marian Dorothy, Clearfield, 249, 390 

Page. Reed Mendenhall, Payson 

Page. Sharon. Grace, Idaho, 354 

Paglia. Joseph R„ Provo 

Palfreyman, Mary, Springvile. 1354 

Palmer, Anna Belle, Nigley, Ariz., 354 

Palmer, Blaine Charles, Vernal, 64. 208. 248. 390 

Palmer, Douglas Dee, Preston, Ida., 68, 231, 233, 239, 391 

Palmer. E. Revier. Las Vegas. Nev., 76 

Palmer, Gayle Mary, Kla Agency, Ore., 263, 354 

Palmer, Gerald John, Evanston, Wyo., 391 

Palmer, Glenalee, Blending, 391 

Palmer, Harrison Glen, Alberta. Canada 

Palmer. Kenley C. Kaysville, 260. 354 

Palmer, Ny'a, Kaysville. 391 

Palmer, Patricia, Bethesda. Md., 58, 277, 354 

Palmer, Pauline, Preston. Ida., 267, 354 

Palmer, Richard Frank, Tooele, 275 

Palmer. Shirley. Blanding, 242. 391 

Palmer. Shirley L„ Moline, III., 64, 276, 391 

Palmer, Val Weseley, Crompton, Calif, 200, 278, 391 

Papic, Richard Steven, Riverside, III. 

Paramore, Gloria Ruth. Provo 

Paramore, Mary Jo, Provo, 207, 391 

Paramore. Pauline. Provo. 271. 354 

Paris, Scott Graham, Worland. Wyo., 390 

Park, Dennis James, Tooele, 355 

Park, Margaret Louise, Meeker, Colo., 331 

Park, Robert Lynn, Shelley, Ida., 409 

Parke, Diane Cecile, Reno, Nev., 180. 276. 391 

Parke, Val Kent, Carey, Ida.. 321, 330 

Parker, Alta Carole, Ogden 

Parker, Barbara Anne, Rupert, Ida.. 263, 355 

Parker, Carman, Clay Springs, Ariz., 273, 330 

Parker, Carolyn Marie, Tremonton, 41, 210, 223, 262, 309 

Parker, Clyde, Provo 

Parker, Coe Jackson, Joseph, 330 

Parker, Don, Ogden, 210, 315 

Parker, Edmund K„ Hono, Hawaii, 94, 278, 330 

Parker, Fred Maughan, Wellsville, 390 

Parker, Jack Lindsay, Springville. 219, 237, 297 

Parker. Karen Frances.Wellsville, 268, 330 

Parker, Loretta Lee, Wasco, Calif. 

Parker, Marlene S„ Blackfoot, Ida.. 355 

Parker, Maurine H„ Ogden. 66. 207, 390 

Parker, Mont L.. Joseph, 390 

Parkin, Barbara Kaye, Woods Cross 

Parkin, Georqe Richard, Nephi, 390 

Parkinson, Ann, Salt Lake, 390 

Parkinson, Carol Bird, Salt Lake, 212. 214. 355 

Parmley. Alice. Hiawatha, 276, 355 

Parmley, Mary Ellen, Hiawath, 309 

Parry, Charles Hugh, Ogden, 355 

Parry. Darold Verl, Baker, Ore., 330 

Parry, David Ross, Payson 

Parry, Nancy Jean, Bountiful. 64, 355 

Parsons, A. Glenn, Provo 

Parsons. Sonya E.. Eugene. Ore.. 245, 355 

Partington, Joanne R.. Oakland. Calif.. 206. 355 

Partridge. Carol May. Cody, Wyo., 58, 330 

Partridge. Ernest D., Jr., Montclair, N. J. 

Partridge, Lyman Clark, Montclair, N. J., 330 

Partridge. Miriam Faye, San Francisco. Calif., 224. 390 

Paschal, Patricia D„ Annebella. 308 

Passey, Jeanne, Price, 390 

Patch, Grant Matthew, Provo, 330 

Pate, Alma Jacob, Midvale, 56. 308 

Pate, George Wm., Springville, 308 

Patten, David. Provo. 354 

Patten, La Wana, Orem 

Patten, Leland Kent, Provo, 314 

Patterson, Elsie Mae, Los Angeles. Calif.. 194, 331 

Patterson, Flora Mae, Waynesboro, Va., 409 

Patterson, Frank A., Jr., Phoenix, Ariz., 408 

Patterson, Jeane Ellen, Phoenix, Ariz., 213, 224. 271, 354 

Patterson, Patricia Ann, Pima, Arizona, 192, 354 

Patton. Joseph Behling, Provo, 222, 331 

Patton. William David, Long Island, Calif.. 231. 354 

Paugh, Clifford Edward, Baker. Ore.. 331 

Paul, David Wilcox, Ogden, 249, 331 

Paul. De Witt Jay. Short Hills. N. J„ 184. 224 

Paul, Ronald W., Ogden, 354 

Paul. Sharon Yvonne. Short Hills. N.J.. 195, 206, 253 

Paul, Wilmer Dean, Elko, Nevada, 208. 209. 354 

Paulk, Peggy Mae, Gilmer, Tex.. 124. 127. 331 

Paulos, Joan Camille. Compton, Calif., 354 

Paulsen, George Larell, Ephraim 

Paulson, John Charles, Provo 

Paxman, Florence, Nephi, 390 

Paxman, Vaughn J., Nephi 

Paxton, Edith Theone, Fillmore, 213. 284, 391 

Payne, Duane Mason, Provo 

Payne, H. Vern, Lordsburg, N. Mex„ 135, 184, 362, 391 

Payne. Harriet Ruth. Lordsburg, N. M., 217, 308 

Payne, lla Marie, Carey, Ida.. 64, 391 

Payne. Ivan Reed. Provo. 408 

Payne. Karol June, Bancroft. Ida., 508 

Payne, Kenneth Lee, Carey, Ida., 354 

Payne, Lore, Yuba City, Calif. 

Payne. Lucinda. Yuba City, Calif. 

Payne. Robert Marr, Provo, 278, 308 

Payne, Shirley Mae, Great Falls, Mont. 

Payne. T. Devere, Provo, 308 

Peacock, Wanda Lee, Price. 175, 250, 276. 391 

Pearce, Barbara Jean, Salt Lake. 64, 272, 391 

Pearce, Raynor Dale. Beaver, 105, 391 

Pearl, Delbert LaVern, Calistoga. Calif.. 122. 297 

Pearson. Alaiff Joseph, Richfield, 331 

Pearson, Diane. Richfield. 355 

Pearson, Frain Garfield, Richfield, 391 

Pearson, John Ralston, El Monto, Calif., 391 

Pearson, Lucy Beth. Richfield 

Pearson, Palmo Kay, Draper, 355 

Pearson, Rikard Dwain, Richfield 

Peart, Virginia Ellen. Los Angeles, Calif.. 391 

Peay. Margery Renona. Provo, 355 

Peck, Beverly Barron, Provo 

Peck, Leslie Glenn, Olympia, Wash., 191 

Peck, Lynn Wilson, American Fork 

Peck, Ted Clarence, Provo, 355 

Pedersen, Darhl Max, Orem 

Pedersen, Herbert N.. Provo. 253, 308 

Pedersen, Herschel Noel, Salt Lake, 108, 110. Ill, 253, 318 

331. 351 
Pedersen, Kent Alden, Salt Lake City, 408 
Peery, Gordon F., Salt Lake. 331 
Peery. Joy, Los Angeles, Calif., 64, 392 
Pehrson, Joseph J., Provo, 408 
Pehrson, Patricia Ann. Salt Lake. 355 
Pehrson. Ruth Marlene, Salt Lake. 206, 224, 262, 331 
Peine, Dean, Red Mesa, Colo. 
Pelech, Edward A., Alberta, Canada, 392 
Pelech, Ernie Julian, Alberta, Canada, 392 
Pemberton, George S., Tieon, Wash., 230, 231, 251. 330 
Pemberton, N. Gerene, Sunnyside, Wash., 330 
Penfold, Garn Farley, Hagerman, Ida. 
Penfold, Neale B., Hagerman, Ida. 
Penn, Vernon Therald, Avenal, Calif, 74, 330 
Penrod, Darlene. Pinetop, Ariz.. 392 
Penrod. Donald Lee, San Diego, Calif., 112 
Penrod, James Wilford. Tooele, 64, 392 
Penrod, Joann Grace, San Diego, Calif., 27, 213, 276, 316, 

321. 330 
Penrod, Karelyn, Provo, 392 
Penrod, Richard Gary, Provo, 224, 330 
Penrose. Bonnie Kathryn, Salt Lake, 228, 392 
Penrose. Charles W„ Salt Lake City, 64 
Perchetti, Joan Gayle, Tempiute, Nev., 393 
Pergolizzi. Louis G„ Philadelphia. Pa.. 60. 330 
Perkins. Darrell W., Orem 
Perkins, Lavina Ann, Provo 
Perkins, Richard F., Ephraim 
Perkins, Robert Donald 

Perkins. Vaughn Junior, Kaysville, 194. 224, 330 
Perry, Dale Stephen, Vernal. 227, 355 
Perry, Devern Jay, Brigham, 393 
Perry, Dolores Rae, Twin Falls, Ida., 393 
Perry, Jay Eric. Provo. 393 
Perry. Leonard Hugh, Albion. Ida., 393 
Perry, Marilyn Tall. Provo, 309 
Perry, McNone Nelson, Provo 
Perry, Ray Arden, Nampa, Ida., 278, 330 
Perry, Shirley Joan, Ogden, 224, 330 
Perry, Wilford Dean, Provo 
Perryman, Betty Gaye. Pocatello, Ida.. 64. 392 
Peters, Beverly Jean, Palo Alto. Calif., 276. 331 
Peters, Carolyn Gay. Palo Alto. Calif.. 276, 309 
Peters. John Allan, Payson, 355 


Peters, LeRoy R.. Mitchel. 5. D.. 215. 309 

Petersen, Almon Lee. Monroe. 308 

Petersen, Carl Dwene. Centerville. 392 

Petersen, Donne Smooth, Provo 

Petersen. Elolne Beth. Portland. Ore.. 271. 320. 408 

Peterjen. Elva. Orem, 392 

Petersen, Ernest V., Sandy. 355 

Petersen, Gerald Avard. Lincoln. Neb. 

Petersen. Geraldine W., Salt Loke City. 268. 408 

Petersen. Howard Clair. Hyrum. 219. 253 

Petersen, Karen Gee, Hinckley, 392 

Petersen, Melvin Joseph, Roosevelt, 294 

Petersen, Morley Henry, Eureka 

Petersen, Morris Smith, Provo. 308 

Petersen, Paul Johennes. Twin Falls. Ida.. 184. 188. 208. 253. 

Petersen, Rex Stanton. Salt Lake City 
Petersen, Sonia M.. Oeweyville, 392 
Peterson. Ann, Neola 
Peterson, Arlene, Foirview. 247, 354 
Peterson, Avon Lucille, Nyssa. Ore.. 354 
Peterson. Brent Odell. Midvele. 260 
Peterson. Carol, Roy. 354 

Peterson, Carole Deun, San Carlos, Calif., 64, 392 
Peterson. Chorles Eric. Provo. 259. 392 
Peterson, Colleen. Provo. 276. 331 
Peterson, David Noel. Hastings. Mich.. 392 
Peterson. David R.. San Mateo. Calif. 
Peterson. DeVerl J.. Preston. Ida. 
Peterson. Elaine. Richfield. 354 
Peterson, Elliot Gene. Manti 
Peterson, Elwood Rey. Provo 
Peterson, Estelle L., Sanford, Colo. 
Peterson. Frances Dawn, Oakland, Calif. 
Peterson. Grant Lambert. Salt Lake City, 258. 331 
Peterson. Howerd Wm.. Provo. 408 
Peterson, Ive Lou, Wendell, Ida. 
Peterson, Jeck O.. Monticello 
Peterson, Jemes C Littlefield. Ariz.. 392 
Peterson, James LeRoy. Portlend. Ore.. 245. 283. 367. 392 
Peterson. Jenet Eileen. Stanford. Calif.. 72. 74. 272 393 
Peterson, Jo Ann, Salt Lake City. 331 
Peterson. Joen, Selt Lake City, 223 
Peterson. John Dal. Idaho Falls. Ida., 274. 331 
Peterson. Judith. Alturas. Calif.. 393 
Peterson. June Louise. Nyssa, Ore., 393 
Peterson, Karl Douglas, Provo 
Peterson. Kay R.. Lethbrldge. Alberta. 408 
Peterson, Kenneth E.. Sandy 
Peterson. Lawrence E., Alberta, Canada, 198 
Peterson. Leah May, San Bernardino, Calif.. 64. 393 
Peterson. Leland A.. San Bernerdlno. Calif.. 184. 223. 393 
Peterson. Lewis Van W., Gardena. Calif.. 392 
Peterson. Lorette, Snowfloke, Ariz., 392 
Peterson. Lucille S., Provo 
Peterson, Marguerite. Snowflake. Ariz.. 392 
Peterson. Marilyn Ann, Neola 
Peterson, Mary Lee. Grace. Ida. 
Peterson, Moiie, Manti. 247. 331 
Peterson. Morgan Alonzo, Salem. Ore., 392 
Peterson, Renee. Glenwood, 224, 354 
Peterson, Richard K., Provo, 331 
Peterson, Roald E., Snowflake. Arii., 224 
Peterson, Robert W., Silver Spruce. Md.. I 14. 392 
Peterson. Russell Ellis. Franklin. Neb.. 112. 392 
Peterson. Ruth L.. Stockton. Calif.. 237. 331 
Peterson, Winona. Kaye. Kenab, 392 
Pettijohn. Dorothy. Melba. Ida. 
Pettingill. Mont. Portlend. Ore.. 245. 283. 392 
Pettingill. Ted H., Portlend, Ore.. 245. 283. 392 
Pettlt. Norme Lenae, Seettle, Wash., 393 
Petty. Clare Virtue. Emery. 354 
Petty. Patricia Jane. Cedar City 
Phelen, Mary Katherine, Provo, 331 
Phelon, John Wells, Grandville. Mass.. 306. 330 
Phelps. Deen Eldon. Nampa, Ida.. 64. 354 
Phelps. Shirley. Rock Springs. Wyo.. 64. 252. 268 
Phelps. W. Irwin. Mesa. Arii.. 192, 3S4 
Phlbbs. Carol Hope. Live Oak. Calif.. 393 
Phillips. Harold D.. Springville 
Phillips. Hugh J.. Provo 
Phillips. James Child. Fresno. Calif.. 78. 393 
Phillips. Ross Milton. Ideho Fells. Ida.. 60. 330 
Phillips. Sharon Rae, Portlend. Ore.. 354, 224 
Phillipson, Howard C Orem. 308 
Phllllpson. Relph Gene. Orem. 393 
Phippen, Carol Jeen. Layton, 393 
Pickering, Lome K„ LaCanada. Calif.. 207. 393 
Pickering, Richard B.. San Bruno. Calif., 355 
Pickering, Roger W„ LaCanada. Calif.. 393 
Pickering. Sandra Lee. North Hollywood. Calif.. 64. 409 
Pickrell, Trenne Diene, Selt Leke City. 175. 409 
Pickup. Lyle C. Provo. 330 
Pierce, Margie Wanda, Moultrie, Ge. 
Pierce. Teddy Hyrum, Riverton, 355 
Pinckney, Devid Sharron. Alamede, Calif.. 330 
Pinckney. George H., Alamede, Calif.. 330 
Pineger. Ed Jolley. Provo. 106. 108. 109. 110. IIS. 330 
Pineger, Effie Jolley, Provo 

Pineger, Re< Dee. Spanish Fork. 117. 362. 367. 393 
Pingree. Herbert E., Denver. Colo.. 105. 393 
Pipkin, Jemes Whitney. Ferminqton, N. M.. 392 
Pitcher. Grant, Provo. 330 
Pitcher. Lois Gayle. Twin Falls. Ida.. 243. 392 
Pitcher, Mai Grow. Edmonton. Alberte 
Pitcher. Sandra, South Gate. Calif.. 64. 256. 355 
Pitts. Judith Ann. Price. 224 

Pistone. Joseph Vincent. Washington, 0. C . 274. 409 
Piatt. Norton Ronald. Mariposa. Celif. 

Piatt, Pauline Adelle. Salt Lake City. 64 

Plott, Wllla Mae. Reno. Nov.. 392 

Plotls. Hal Kent. Lymon. Wyo.. 122. 392 

Plessinger. Jayne L.. Twin Falls. Ida.. 392 

Poggi. Phyllis. Chula Vista. Calif.. 267, 392 

Politis, Christina L.. San Francisco. Calif.. 56 

Polllck. Alleen C. Honolulu. Hawaii 

Pollock, James Martin. Colton. Calif.. 392 

Pomeroy. Kent Lytle. Phoenii, Arii.. 224, 355 

Pommervllle. Wlnelle R„ Los Angeles. Calif.. 66. 224. 355 

Poole. Moiino. Preston. Ida.. 239. 392 

Pope. Dal Leroy. Emmett. Ida.. 392 

Pope. Laurel Jay. Fisb Haven, Ida.. 121 

Pope. Mardell Rey.. Fish Heven. Ida.. 122. 393 

Pope. Robert Delver. Provo. 190 

Poppleton. Anna Brown. Wellsvllle. 264. 393 

Porter. Alan Benjamin. Franklin. Ida.. 239. 393 

Porter. Carroll Goldie. Buffalo. Wyo.. 232. 308 

Porter. Don LaMer, Lyman, Wyo.. 64. 70 

Porter. Eugene W.. Provo. 355 

Porter. George LeVoy R-. Lambsa. Calif. 

Portor. George Wayne. Paris, Ida. 

Porter, Jemes LeVar, Delta 

Porter. Laurel D.. Walla Walla. Wash.. 330 

Porter. Lloyd Aldln. Ideho Falls. Ida.. 308 

Porter. Merna Marie. Walla Walla. Wash.. 224. 230. 355 

Porter. Patricia Anne. Portland. Ore.. 393 

Porter. Saundra. Salt Lake. 367. 395 

Porterfleld. Richard A.. Bellflower. Calif.. 102 

Porterfleld. Robert D.. Bellflower. Calif. 

Posey. Myrlene Joyce. Cortei. Colorado, 308 

Post, Jacob B.. Ogden. 105 

Potes. Joanne. Bellflower. Calif., 393 

Potter, Albert R„ Loa. 331 

Potter. De Waldo. Loa 

Potter. Dwight Lowell. Downey. Calif.. 209 

Potter, Norme Lawynn. Twin Falls. Ida.. 207. 250. 393 

Potter. Shirley Ann. Provo. 207, 393 

Poulos. Dwight C. Leiington. Ky., 200. 393 

Poulsen. Anna Margaret. Magna. 393 

Poulsen. Gwen M.. Salt Lake. 35. 262. 330 

Poulsen. Leah Rae. Ogden, 392 

Poulsen, Ralph J„ Spanish Fork. 308 

Poulson. James Douglas. Springville. 392 

Poulson, Monte Alton. Provo 

Poulter. Darhle. Ogden. 309 

Poulter. Loralne. Salt Lake. 217, 232. 331 

Poulter. Marilyn. Selt Lake. 217. 232. 354 

Poulter, Shirley Mae, Buhl, Ida. 

Poulton. Lee B.. Murtaugh. Ida., 409 

Poulton. Norme Maiine, Oakley. Ida.. 392 

Poulton. Thelme Marie. Oakley. Ida.. 392 

Powell. D. Keith, Lehl, 314 

Powell, Gene Conder, Salt Lake City, 185. 237. 297 

Powell. Paul Robertson, Price. 309 

Powell. Sharon. Ogden. 354 

Powell. Thomas S.. Jr.. Beverly Hills. Calif.. 409 

Powell. William Carroll, Lehi, 392 

Powell. William Gay. Lehi 

Powelson, Patricia G., Salt Lake City 

Powers. Ralph Frampton. Lehi. 102 

Powlan, Robert F.. Celgary, Alberta. 66. 393 

Poyfair. Darwin Bayles. Vancouver. Wash.. 392 

Pratley. Brent McGee. Los Angeles. Calif.. I 19 

Pruatley, Bruce McGregor. Chih, Mexico 

Pratt. Berte. Chih. Meiico. 235 

Pratt. Gene A., Provo. 191 

Prott, Harold W„ Jr.. Chi. Me.ico. 309 

Pratt, Robert LeGrande, Denver, Colorado 

Pratt, William Noel. Riverside, Calif.. 331 

Prescott. Mai W.. Kamas. 354 

Preston, Raymond Ernest, Torrance. Calif., 392 

Prestwich. Erma Fay. Orem. 392 

Prestwlch. Erwin M., Delta. 309 

Prostwich. Mai Kay, Orem 

Prestwich, Robert L.. Orem, 393 

Prestwich. Shirlene. Provo. 393 

Price. Alvin O.. Tucson, Arizona 

Price. Bryl Ann. Lehl. 393 

Price. Janice Claire. Gridley. Calif.. 266. 309 

Price. Jey Edwin. Provo. 393 

Price. Nancy Ellen. Gridley. Calif.. 393 

Price, Norman Lavar, Tucson. Ariz.. 409 

Price. Robert Clerk. Tucson, Ariz., 393 

Prince, Cerme Rene. Qrem. 393 

Prince. Cerol Leurine. Hiawatha, 367, 393 

Prince, Florence, Henderson. Nev.. 393 

Prince. Janet. San Diego, Calif.. 367. 392 

Prince, Romeine, Henderson, Nev., 331 

Prlne. Crystal Darlene. Prineville. Ore.. 246. 392 

Pringle. Carrie H., Provo 

Prior, Allen David, Denver. Colo.. 354 

Prober!. Marlon Earl, Provo. 100. 102. 199. 210. 290, 30B 

Probst, Glenn Weston, Midway. 70. 406 

Probst. Renan. Lynwood. Celif.. 124. 127. 331 

Probst. Wayne Welkins. Midwey, 309 

Prock. Normen Eugene. Phoenii, Ariz.. 354 

Proctor. Gary Earl. San Carlos. Celif.. 392 

Prokopec. Dorothy I.. Herrisburg. Pa.. 64 

Provost. Sare Mee. Heber. 392 

Prows. Arvin Ronald. Spanish Fork. 392 

Prows. Bernard L.. Kanosh, 191 

Prows. Sendre. TOD Park. 392 

Pryde. Nadino. Yuba City. Calif.. 354 

PuUott, Helen L. Sheronvllle, Ohio. 224. 306 

Pugh. Karen Luclle. Boise. Ida.. 195. 236. 331 

Pugh. Mergaret. Kaneb. 256. 309 

Pugh. Rgene. Glendale. 217. 331 

Puqmlre. Petrlcle. Pocetello. Ida.. 66. 189. 243. 392 

Pullen. Delbert Deen. Selt Leke City. 392 

Pullen. Grant Leon, Bingham. 354 

Pulsipher. Edwin Kent. Logandale. Nev., 408 

Pulsipher, Kerla Marie. Eager. Ariz., 331 

Pulsipher. Norma Jeen. Los Angeles. Celif.. 224. 331 

Pulsipher. Peuline E.. Denver. Colo.. 354 

Purdy. Victor. Provo 

Purlnton. Norma Goldie. Starksboro, Vt.. 392 

Purley. Anthony Francis. Winslow. Ariz.. 393 

Purser. Gerald L, West Jorden. 274. 330 

Purser. Jack E.. West Jorden. 393 

Purser. Jemes Holt. West Jordan 

Punley. Chorles Robert. SoHord. Ariz.. 244. 393 

Purvis. Darwin Willard. Voncouver. Wosh. 

Pusey. Clive Al„ Son Frencisco. Calif.. 354 

Pusey. Mery Kothryn. Denver. Colo.. 393 

Putters, Jean Etienne. Alto. Conodo, 393 

Pymm. Wesley Miles. Boulder. Nov.. 393 

Pyper. Ludeen. Springville. 393 

Quoney. Delia Bemice. Borstow, Calif.. 392 
Ouarnstrom. Isaoc B., Burley. Ida.. 70. 393 
Quigley. Joseph Bert. Ontorio. Ore.. 393 
Ouinlon. Edword W.. Bountiful. 64. 230. 392 
Quinn. Thomas Alvord. Greenwich. Conn.. 355 
Ouist. Edward Vaughn. Orem. 392 
Oulst. Potricio Foy. West Covino. Collf.. 355 

Raban. Teddy Lewis, St. Johns, Ariz., 274 
Reddon. Gory Hollls. Maryland. Ore.. 283. 392 
Rodichel. Richord Eric. New York City. N.Y. 
Rodin. John Key. Seattle. Wosh.. 66. 233. 355 
Rodley. Norman O. Spokane. Wosh.. 308 
RodmoM. Moi Berdell. Pleosont Grove, 294 
Ragle, Raymond Eugene, Colipotrie, Calif.. 355 
Ralle. Frederick N.. Whlttler. Celif., 56. 184. 2SS 
Roisor, Rolph Celvin, Provo, 297 
Ralph. Marian. Ogden. 206. 330 
Rempton, Berbere E.. Syracuse. 249. 308 
Rampton, Jean D., Corvallis. Ore.. 355 
Ramsay. Edna Love. Snowfloke. Ariz.. 392 
Romsoy. Morilyn. American Fork. 2, 62. 66. 233. 392 
Romsoy. Roe Spencer. San Monico. Colif. 
Ramsdon. Ronold Blaine. Palo Alto. Collf.. 392 
Randall. B. Wayne. Thetcher. Ariz.. 263. 308 
Randall. Bert Preston. Mesa. Ariz.. 392 
Randall. Carol June. Los Angeles. Calif.. 408 
Randall. Eleenor. Ogden. 217. 249. 308 
Rondall. Janice Cerol, Idaho Foils, Idaho. 392 
Resband. Karma Roe. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 393 
Rosmussen. Brian L.. Provo. 408 
Rasmussen, Corol Lois, Salt Lake City, 393 
Rosmussen, Dorris T., Duchesne. 248. 393 
Rosmussen, Delia Moe. Provo. 297 
Rasmussen, Earl G„ Pacific Grove. Colif.. 308 
Rosmussen. Ellis T., Orem, 253 
Rosmussen, Frederick A., Orem, 393 
Rosmussen, Hans William. Provo. 278. 393 
Rasmussen, Jock Korl. Salt Lake City. 393 
Rosmussen, Kathleen Ann, Provo 
Rosmussen, Kenneth W„ Draper. 393 

Rasmussen. LeRoy W.. Sandy. 219. 308 
Rasmussen. Lloyd M.. Monroe. 108. 110. III. 330 
Rasmussen. Normen Ollie. Roosevelt 
Rosmussen. Renee. Soline. 308 
Rosmussen. Rulon Eugene, Provo, 309 

Rasmussen. Vaughn Ramon. Sandy. 258. 355 
Rather. Berbere Corol, Los Vegos. Nev.. 207. 393 

Rother. Douglas B.. Las Vegas. Nov.. 177. 227. 274. 341. 355 
Roub, Noncy Lynn. Son Francisco. Calif.. 180. 392 

Rounholt. Honno. Provo. 253. 392 

Rawle. Margene Millett. Springville. 330 

Rowlings. Jemes L.. Jr., Rock Springs, Wyo., 56 

Rowlings, Jomes Wilson, Provo. 309 

Rewlinson, Frank Deen, Delto, 392 

Rowlinson. Neil C Leovington 

Rowson. Richord Roy. Santo Barbara. Calif.. 330 

Roy. Bruce Alyric. Wilmington. N. C. 200. 355 

Ray. Guy B„ Mesa. Ariz.. 408 

Roy. Mo Valeria. Mesa. Ariz.. 392 

Ray. Karl Eugene. Mesa. Ariz.. 238. 392 

Rey. Lois M.. Provo. 184. 225. 280. 309 

Ray. Marilyn Ruth. Ogden. 249. 309 

Ray. Phyllis Jeen. Leonio. N. J. 

Royo. Estello. Chih., Meiico 

Raynauld, Donald Luis. Los Angeles. Colif.. 355 

Royner. Horry Herbert. Weehowken. N. J.. 392 

Reo. Alfred Neville. Rosemary Alberto. 224. 392 

Ree. Ardeth Amy, Roiemary. Alberto. 354 

Reed. Bonne. Smithfield. 239. 330 

Reed. Edith Carolyn. Ogden. 64. 354 

Read. Juan Colomen. Smlthfleld. 65. 392 

Reed. Myrtle O. Provo 

Reed. Relph Nelson. Phoenii. Ariz.. 393 

Reagan. Micheel A.. Los Angeles. Celif.. 393 

Ream. Donna Rene. Los Vegos. 393 

Room, Hazel Down. Provo 

Rebel. Jomes Noel 

Redd. Ameso Meson. Monticello. 330 

Redd. Chorles Hard. son. Orem. 76. 258 

Redd. Gory Joe, Provo. 393 

Redd. Jay Whitney. Monticello. 393 

Redd. John P.. Alberto. Conodo, 311 

Redd. Kotheryn Anne. Provo. 224. 250. 271. 330 

Redenbough. Doyle LeRoy. Long Beech. Celif.. 64 393 

Redford. Mergoret Alice. Soil Leke City. 393 


Redford. Ruth Mary. Salt Lake City, 393 

Redmon, Myrtle Leona. Monahans, Tex., 268. 354 

Reece, Mary Anne, Calgary, Alberta, 267 

Reed. Charles George. Alberta. Canada 

Reed. Donald Wayne. Denver. Cob., 65. 222. 283. 394 

Reed, Dorothy Elaine, Sanger, Calif.. 267 

Reed, Howard George, Provo. 394 

Reed. James Warren. Springville. 282. 394 

Reed. Maxine. Denver. Colo.. 178. 276. 355 

Reed. Roselyn Ray. Jackson Hole, Wyo.. 331 

Reed. Shirley Ann. Turlock. Calif.. 62. 394 

Rees, LaJean. Ogden, 249 

Rees. Lorraine. Los Angeles. Calif.. 64. 217. 256. 354 

Rees. Phyllis. Provo, 264, 330 

Rees. Robert Alvin. Long Beach. Calif.. 99. 179. 195. 223. 
282. 354 

Reese. Lorin Eugene. Idaho Falls, Ida.. 394 

Reese. Ray Don. Brigham City. 218. 221, 394 

Reeve. Thomas V. III. Santa Ana. Calif.. 208. 209. 354 

Reid, Veda Ranae, Springville. 394 

Reinhold. Allen Kurt, Provo. 394 

Reisner. Richard. Son Pedro, Calif.. 331 

Remington, Donald B.. Cardston. Alberta. 394 

Remmele. Alice Dorothea. Windsor. Calif.. 395 

Remund, Ray Lynnel. Salt Lake City. 395 

Rencher, Alvin Clarence. St. Johns. Ariz.. 331 

Rencher. Ellen. Eagar, Ariz., 238. 395 

Rencher. Marilyn, Farmington. N. Mex. 

Renstrom, Bryan Jay, Huntsville. 80. 200. 220 

Revo. Wini Leila. Millbrae. Calif.. 395 

Rex. Ronald Dee. Randolph, 395 

Reynolds, Loran R., Rulask, Iowa. 314 

Reynolds, Reo Rell. Provo 

Reynolds. Thomas Vernon. Provo. 218. 354 

Rhees. Geniel Thelma. Odgen, 249. 394 

Rhinehort. Joan, Whittier. Calif.. 354 

Rhodes. Dan Devere. Liberty. 58. 249 

Rhoton, Beverly V., Lakeside. Ariz., 235, 355 

Rice, Adrienne Leona. Sanger. Calif., 394 

Rice. Alice Mae, Tacoma. Wash. 

Rice. Arlene Inez. Sanger. Calif., 331 

Rice. Millard Blayne. Claresholm, Alberta. 218. 220. 331 

Rice. Vincent Manuel. Caliente. Nev.. 394 

Rich, Boyd C, Fairview. Wyo.. 408 

Rich, Karma Jean, San Gabriel, Calif., 331 

Rich, Lillian Deann. Porker, Ida., 267, 394 

Rich, Margaret, Paris. Ida., 280 

Rich, Owen S., Provo. 198 

Rich, Ruth Diane, Rexburg. Ida. 

Richards. Barbaro J., Los Angeles. Calif., 309 

Richards, Blaine James, Ogden, 309 

Richards. David Ronald, Pleasant Grove 

Richards. Donna. American Fork. 68, 70, 355 

Richards. Hyrum E-. Aetna, Alberta, 119. 240 

Richards. James Belmont. Price. 217 

Richards, James C Ogden. 309 

Richards. James Harry, Pleasant Grove, 309 

Richards, John Dean, American Fork, 394 

Richards. Karln Rae, Salt Lake City. 60. 206. 280 

Richards. Maree, Brigham, 355 

Richards, Nephi Jensen. Aetna, Alberta. 355 

Richards, Paul Chipman, San Bernardino, Calif.. 394 

Richards. Robert Neal. Provo 

Richards. Rosalie. Pleasant Grove 

Richards. Rosalie L., Salt Loke City 

Richards. Ruth, Pleasant Grove. 250. 394 

Richards. Victoria J.. Salt Lake City. 58. 175. 195. 213, 331 

Richards, William Dean, Evanston, Wyo. 

Richards, Yvonne Marie, Salt Lake City, 68. 355 

Richardson. Barney L. 

Richardson. Floyd C. West Jordan 

Richardson. Jay Ryan. Boise. Idaho, 194 

Richardson, Jay Verlon, West Jordan, 408 

Richardson. Judith L., Skamokawa. Wash., 355 

Richardson, Kaye. Underwood, Wash., 251. 276, 395 

Richardson, Keith Erwin, Provo 

Richardson. Laureen B. 

Richardson. Lynn C. Moses Lake, Wash.. 251. 395 

Richardson, Pauline, Spanish Fork, 355 

Richens, Alan Grant, Provo, 282 

Richey, William Ferrel. St. Johns. Ariz. 

Richie. Gwena. Salt Lake City. 394 

Richins. Arlis Larry. Provo, 395 

Richins, Arthur C. Henefer 

Richins, Beverly. Duncan, Ariz., 395 

Richins, Lois. Gridley, Calif. 

Richins, Nita May, Gridley, Calif., 308 

Richins. Shoron. Henefer, 395 

Richmond. Maurice Wayne. Stockton, Calif.. 308 

Rickenbech, Berfa. Koosharem 

Ricks, Clyde, Provo. 81, 234 

Ricks, Dorothy V.. Bakersfield, Calif.. 276. 355 

Ricks. Karma Joan. Boise. Ida., 265. 355 

Ricks, V. Marie. Stevensville. Mont., 217. 224, 245, 308 

Ricks. Welby Willis. Provo 

Ridd. Roxalene, Brigham. 395 

Ridder, Joyce Marion. Puente. Calif.. 232. 332 

Ridge, Donald L„ Orem. 278 

Ridge, Paul John, Orem 

Rieske, Kathryn M.. Orem. 394 

Rigby. Don A., Pegrom. Ida.. 356 

Rigby. E. Bertrand, Orem, 222. 314 

Rigby, Lou Ann, Provo, 394 

Rigby. Robert Charles. Glendale. Mo. 

Riggin, Don Gene. Spokane, Wash., 122, 331 

Riggs. Aleen, Hatch 

Riggs. J. C. Palestine. Pontioc, Mich.. 356 

Riggs, James Duane. Sandyville. W. Va.. 394 

Riggs, Lela. Hatch, 356 

Riley. David Jonathan. Skamokawa. Wash., 394 

Rimma^ch. Frederica, Salt Lake City. 224. 394 

Rinehart. Barbara Gay, Denver. Colo.. 332 

Ririe. Karan Ardel. Salt Lake City. 394 

Ririe. Lamont Boyd. Long Beach, Calif.. 208. 356 

Ririe, Marilyn, Rexburg, Ida., 356 

Ririe. Ronald K., Magrath, Alberta, 332 

Riter. Alice Janet. Portland. Ore.. 64. 394 

Rivers. Charles Donald, Ogden, 394 

Roach. Dee, Midvale, 278 

Robb. Renee, Mancos. Colo.. 64. 395 

Robbins, Betty Louise, Orem 

Robbins, Donna Jo. Sal: Lake City 

Robbins. Ri chard L.. Springville, 58. 200. 357 

Roberson. Marvin R„ Chickasha. Okla.. I 16. 121. 332 

Roberts, Carol Loretta, American Fork, 395 

Roberts. Carolyn. Salt Lake City, 37. 213. 356 

Roberts. Clair Orville. Bluewater. N. Mex. 

Roberts. David Lawrence. Mesa. Ariz., 78. 79. 193, 356 

Roberts, Glen Eldon. Bluewater, N. Mex. 

Roberts. James Warren, Provo 

Roberts, Judy Lynne. Winnemucca, Nev., 276, 395 

Roberts. Margie. Tremonton. 234. 308 

Roberts, Nixon Irene, Redondo, Calif., 395 

Roberts, Rebecca B.. Provo 

Roberts. Richard Dean, Monroe, 332 

Roberts, Robert DeJuan. Pleasant Grove 

Roberts, Virginia A.. Houston. Tex.. 248. 356 

Robertson, Ezra Hyrum, Blackfoot, Ida.. 409 

Robertson. John Arthur, Salt Lake City. 237 

Robertson, Theodore M., Portland, Ore.. 308 

Robins. Essie Ann, Scipio, 280. 356 

Robins. Larry Max, Richfield. 357 

Robins, Raymond O. Fillmore. 76, 357 

Robinson, Carole Ann, American Fork, 395 

Robinson, Dawn, Magrath. Alberta. 308 

Robinson, Dorothy L., Chambersburg, Pa., 409 

Robinson, Elmo C, Paragonah, 332 

Robinson, Jeanene B„ Bountiful, 395 

Robinson, John Melvin, Freedom, Wyo., 102, 113 

Robinson, La Nea, Freedom, Wyo., 332 

Robinson, Luella, Salt Lake City. 64, 357 

Robinson, Lynn. Payette. Ida.. 357 

Robinson, Lyric Yvonne. Los Angeles. Calif.. 395 

Robinson, Patricia, Evanston, Wyo., 395 

Robinson. Patricia Ruth. Las Vegas, Nev., 280, 356 

Robinson, Sandra Lee. Glendale. Calif., 62, 395 

Robinson, Shirlene. Kanab. 60. 276, 356 

Robinson, Varlene. Sacramento, Calif., 395 

Robison, Bryant, Logandale. Nev., 356 

Robison, Dale Carling, Provo, 394 

Robison, David Noble. Logandale. Nev., 394 

Robison, Diana J., Lehi, 356 

Robison, Dixie J., Boise, Ida.. 64. 68, 145. 174, 177, 180. 
21 I, 250, 268, 291, 308, 394 

Robison, Flora Mae, Salt Lake City, 64, 394 

Robison, Helen Fern, Fillmore, 394 

Robison, Max LaVoy, Delta, 356 

Robison, Norma Joy, Provo 

Robison, Richard W., Murray, 23. 56, 238. 314. 318 

Robison, Rulon D„ Idaho Falls, Ida., 274 

Robison, Weston Kay, Idaho Falls, Ida.. 394 

Rodeback, Charles H., Chicago, III.. 218, 242, 356 

Roden, Robert Kenneth, Draper, 394 

Roderick, Judith Ann, Provo, 356 

Rodgers, Shirlene. Payson, 394 

Rodney, Sara Jane, Mesa, Ariz., 394 

Roe, Allan Vorley. Whittier. Calif.. I 13, 356 

Roelink, Nessy Ruth. Ogden, 394 

Rogers, Arthur Kay, Phoenix, Ariz., 356 

Rogers, Bruce Glenn, Mesa, Ariz., 76, 394 

Rogers. Clair Winston. St. George, 193, 295 

Rogers, Clark Douglas. Olympia. Wash., 255. 395. 399 

Rogers, Don L.. Garland. 333 

Rogers. Elaine Jeanette, Beaverton, Ore., 64. 395 

Rogers. Gail Monroe, Safford. Ariz., 333 

Rogers, James Keith, Blanding, 409 

Rogers, Kennett H., Pleasant Grove, 296 

Rogers, Margie 

Rogers, Pearl, Joseph, Ariz., 332 

Rogers. Warren Thomas. St. Paul, Minn., 242. 395 

Rogerson, Lynn J., Jr., Provo 

Rohner, Wilbur Lines, Los Angeles, Calif, 260, 357 

Rokes. Robert L. Lynwood. Calif., 64, 255. 357 

Rollins, Loy, Lyman, Wyoming, 252. 332 

Rollins, Myrna, Bountiful, 66, 228, 262 

Rollins. Myron B., Morgan, 297 

Rollins, William Craig, Dundee. Illinois, 399 

Romero, Ervin Gordon, Fresno, Calif.. 395 

Romine, William Darvel, Circleville. 333 

Romney, Carolyn, Phoenix, Ariz., 357 

Romney. Frank M„ Provo, 308 

Romney. Geraldine. Salt Lake City. 226. 333 

Romney. Janet, Pullmon, Wash. 

Romney, Jerry Elwood, Solf Lake City 

Romney. Ruth Ann. Pullman. Wash., 276. 333 

Roos. Gaston Joseph, Belleville, N. J, 

Roos, Robin Patricia. Boise. Ida., 357 

Roper. Keston A., Westwood. Calif., 395 

Roper, Warren K., Salt Lake City, 408 

Rose, Charles Kimball, Phoenix. Ariz.. 332 

Rose, Robert Orrin, Northridge, Calif.. 357 

Roseborough. John Wm„ Brownsville. Tex. 

Rosenlof, Janet, Portland, Ore., 309 

Rosier. Cora Jean. Chester, 395 

Ross, Beverly Elaine, Sunnyside, Wash., 409 

Ross, Cynthia Louise, Alhambra, Calif., 356 

Ross, Donna Aurilla, Arcadia, Calif.. 395 

Ross, Marvin Leon, Arcadia. Calif.. 248 

Ross, Maxine, Sunnyside, Wash., 356 

Rossal. Miguel A., Guatemala, 356 

Rostrom. Fred Lurey, Seattle. Wash., 356 

Rostrom. Lois Marie. Seattle, Wash.. 64. 251, 395 

Roth. Gordon. Provo. 78. 215. 309 

Roth. Sherry Kay. Redwood. Calif.. 196, 271 

Rounds. Shirley Ann. Oakland, Calif., 409 

Roundy. Marilyn. Provo. 58. 295 

Roundy. Vernon Dean, Escalante. I 12. 409 

Rouse, Beverly J.. Spokane, Wash., 64. 409 

Rowan, Norman Joel. Ogden. 82, 332 

Rowberry, Annette. Grantsville. 70, 395 

Rowbotham, Lynn Richard 

Rowe. Dorothy H., Springville 

Rowe. Fred Ares, Springville, 394 

Rowe. LeRoy Lyle, American Falls, Ida.. 394 

Rowe. Lynn B.. Spanish Fork. 107. Ill, 356 

Rowe. Thomas Edward, Provo, 394 

Rowley. Audrey Miller, Provo 

Rowley, Carl Marion. The Dalles, Ore. 

Rowley. Claude Alvin. Orem, 394 

Rowley, Darlene, Springville, 394 

Rowley. Kay Francis, Salt Lake City, 394 

Rowley, Kent, Orem, 394 

Rowley, Leon J., Orem, 394 

Rowley. Merlin W., Orem. 394 

Rowley, Norman Jay. Orem, 395 

Rowley. Richard L., Pleasant Grove 

Rowley. Thomas Leonard. Ogden 

Rowley, Vernon C. Jr., Blanding 

Rowse, Jack Brent. Rock Springs, Wyo., 79 

Rowse. Sharon Lynne. Rock Springs. Wyo., 62, 395 

Roylance, John Edward. Provo. 227 

Roylance, Norma, Springville, 395 

Rucker, Fred Walker. Tremonton. 219. 356 

Rueb. Nancy Sharon. Arcadia. Calif.. 395 

Rugg. Roger Horace, Los Angeles, Calif., 409 

Rummler, Gary Carl, Parowan. 227, 233, 356 

Runnels. Roy R.. Jr.. Oahu, T. H., 122, 254, 356 

Rush, Hugh -Darrell, Provo 

Rush, Keturah J., Lima, Mont., 332 

Rushton, Jennie Leoni, Salt Lake City, 64, 356 

Rushton. Renee La brum, Provo 

Russell, Barbaro Cloire. Provo. 395 

Russell. David Douglas, Ogden. 309 

Russell, Francine S.. Lethbridge. Alberta. 194, 205, 206 214, 

223, 357 
Russell, Gloria Belle. Kamas. 256. 309 
Russell. John Joseph, Los Angeles. Calif., 195. 231. 357 
Russell. Kenneth L.. Springville. 395 
Russell. Nancy Lou. Montrary Park. Calif., 256, 332 
Russell. Robert Rich, Provo, 215 
Russon. Dee Ray, Lehi 

Russon. Jon Kimball, Los Angeles, Calif.. 64. 282, 395 
Russon, Merlin Elmo. Lehi. 357 
Russon, Richard Lunt, Los Angeles, Calif., 395 
Russon. Wendell Gerald, Orem. 394 
Rust. Maida, Salem. 228. 284, 395 
Rust. Val Dean P.. Salem, 357 
Rutherford, Mary Ann, Boise, Idaho. 357 
Ruward. Donald Fred. Hawthorne. Nev., 410 
Ryan, Mary Lou, Castle Dale. 332 
Ryan, Stanley Leland, Eureka 

Sabin. Jean. Hollywood. Calif., 19. 192, 206. 244, 332 

Sabin. Joan, S^lem, 214, 224. 357 

Sabin, Leora, Salem 

Sadanowicz. Mary Lou, San Gabriel, Calif. 

Sadlier, Emma Eliza. Vernal, 248, 394 

Sagers. Glen, Provo, 227 

Sagers, Richard D., Tooele, 295 

Sainsbury, Theron Duvay, Carlton, Wash., 394 

St. Claire, Richard A. 

Saito. George Goro, Hawaii. 332 

Salerno, Margaret, Provo, 394 

Soling, Dora Levene, Mokane, Mo.. 394 

Soling. Sally Irene, Pleasant Grove, 394 

Salm, Carol Dianne, Phoenix, Ariz., 394 

Salmon. Gary Holt, Raymond, Alberta, 240 

Salmond, Mary Beth, Ogden, 332 

Salmon, Rophael. Israel 

Salter, Phillip Wayne, Santa Barbara. Calif., 119, 357 

Samuelson. Joyce Olive. San Diego. Calif.. 395 

Sand. Altheo Grace, Long Beach, Calif., 332 

Sandall, Jane, Kaysville, 333 

Sandberg, Joann. Richfield, 395 

Sandberg, Joseph C, Grantsville, 296 

Sanders. Beverly Ann, Fairview, 309 

Sanders, Fred. Salt Lake City. 410 

Sanders. James Edward. Richfield, 395 

Sanders, Lyla, Palisades. Ida., 276 

Sanders, Mary Ann, Murray, 395 

Sanderson, Ivan L., Provo 

Sandgren. Vivi Ann Z., Provo 

Sandstrom, Barbara L.. Santa Ana, Calif., 410 

Sanford. Dorothy L., Howoil 

Sanford, EUse, San Bernardino, Calif., 357 

Sant, Roger West, Los Angeles. Calif., 16. 27, 94, 175. 177, 

195, 210. 238. 258, 291, 309 
Sant, Venice. Preston, Ido., 395 
Sardoni, Betty, Provo. 68, 356 
Sorgent. Jay B., Orem, 309 

Sasine. Robert Gale, Los Angeles, Calif.. 121. 333 
Sauls, Mary Alice. Provo, 206, 214. 224. 271. 333 
Saunders, Joy. Vale. Ore.. 180. 395 
Saunders, Robert W., Lacres, Calif. 
Saunders. Sally Frances, American Fork 
Saunders, Wayne E., Vale, Ore. 
Savage. David, Sumotro, Mont. 


Savage. Scott M.. Salt Lake City 

Savitle. Ann. Boise. Ida.. 62. 395 

Seville. Marilyn. Boise. Ida.. 333 

Saxey. Edward Snow. Ogden. 249. 356 

Scheefer. Donald George. Provo. 70. 74, 193. 333 

Schenfc. Laura Lea. Nysse. Ore.. 213. 276. 309 

Schenk. Marilyn Jean. Wenatchee. Wash.. 395 

Scherler, John G. W., Lawton. Ohio.. 356 

Schetselaar. Gordon. Salt Lake City. 394 

Schetselaar. Melvin. Salt Lake City. I IS. 233. 266. 394 

Schiers. Iris LeVerne, Victor. Ida.. 224. 356 

Schiess, Edwin Wayne. Victor. Ida.. 332 

Schiess, Renae. Los Angeles, Calif. 

Schiffmen, Clair R.. Ore. 

Schindler. Evelyn Alice. Blackfoot. Ida.. 223. 394 

Schlappi. Patsy Colleen, Buhl, Ida. 

Schlegel Joanne M., Provo 

Schlegel. Walter L.. Provo 

Schloss. Fred William. Salt Lake City. 410 

Schmidt. Nathalie C, Gresham, Wis.. 62. 250. 284. 394 

Schmidt. Rachel Lois. Gresham. Wis.. 242. 356 

Schneider. Augusta C. Snowflake, Ariz., 217, 270. 308 

Schneider. Dolores J., Portland, Ore., 256. 356 

Schneider. Lou E.. Denver, Colo.. 410 

Schneider. John Robert. Denver. Colo.. 218. 220. 221. 332 

Schoenfeld. Joan Mae. Parma O.. 20, 58. 364, 394 

Schofield. Ila Claire, Hiko. Nov.. 394 

Scholes, Charles F., Worland. Wyo.. 105, 394 

Scholes, Harold Kay, American Fork 

Scholes. Jo Ann, American Fork. 64, 394 

Scholia. Richard Edward. Bedford. O.. 309 

Scholr. Margaret Anne, Whitefish. Mont.. 70. 245. 394 

Schouten. John George, Springville 

Schow, Leona Hermine. Lehi 

Schow, Luana June, Twin Falls, Ida., 214, 356 

Schow, Robert Rivers, Layton 

Schramm. Orval Ray, Provo. 395 

Schroder, Richard Smith, Los Angeles, Calif.. 356 

Schult. Hazel Memmott. Fresno. Calif.. 395 

Schulti. Gerald. ne, Oakland, Calif.. 99. 285. 395 

Schultz. Van Alan, Provo. 395 

Schutt, Geralynn L., Spokane. Wash.. 229. 356 

Schutte, Dolores. Grants Pass, Ore., 266. 332 

Schwab. Alma Martin. St. Charles, Ida. 

Schwendiman, Deann, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 39S 

Schwendimen. Gary Lynn, Idaho Falls, Ida., 308 

Schwermer, Horst W.. Payson 

Sconberg. Albert M.. Bountiful, 194. 223. 332 

Scoresby, Charles A., lona. Ida.. 60 

Scoresby. David Owen, lona. Ida.. 332 

Scoresby, James Elbert, lona, Idah., 243, 395 

Scoresby, Martha Ann, lona. Ida., 306 

Scott, Blaine Delwyn 

Scott. Cynthia. Ann Arbor, Mich.. 2 1 3. 364. 395 

Scott. Grace Lenore, lone. Calif.. 357 

Scott, Leon Rouzelle. Provo, 395 

Scott. Lois Jean, Idaho Falls. Ida., 262, 357 

Scott. Paul, Hawthorne. Calif.. 410 

Scott, Wallace Shaw. Provo, 410 

Scow. Marlene O., Provo, 308 

Scow, Ted Justesen, Orangeville 

Seamons, Brant Merrill, Chinook, Mont., 395 

Seamons. Bruce Eldon, Chinook, Mont.. 394 

Seamons, Norman Wright, Spanish Fork 

Seamons, Sharon, Montpelier, Ida., 394 

Searte. Inez Smith. Corpus Christie, Ten.. 214. 248. 357 

Searle. Paul Robert, Provo 

Seaton, John Nephi, Salmon, Ida., 410 

Sedgwick. Claudia. Riverside. Calif., 195. 213. 339. 357 

Sedgwick, Joel W., Provo. 332 

Sedgwick, Karen Sue, Riverside. Calif.. 182. 196. 214, 332 

Seegmiller. David W.. Delta, 215. 332 

Seegmillar. William G.. Provo, 82. 83 

Seeley. William Bert, Spanish Fork. 394 

Seely, Donne Oneta. St. Anthony. Ida.. 256. 308 

Seely, Flossie D., Huntington, 357 

Seely, Gwendolyn, 8righem 

Seely, Joyce, Provo, 332 

Seely, Sylvan Ferry. St. Anthony, Ida., 357 

Seevers, Marilynn Joyce, Reno, Nev. 

Sego, Thomas T., Manassa, Colo., 410 

Seibert, Charlene F.. San Francisco. Calif., 394 

Seiger, Richard Harding, Santa Monica. Calif.. 41 1 

Sekaguaptewa. Allison, Oraibi. Arii.. 64. 238, 357 

Selander, Nancy Carol, Chicago. III. 

Selin, Terry G., Springville, 333 

Sellers. Ella K.. Rock Springs. Wyo., 357 

Sellers, Eugene Elden, Rock Springs. Wyo.. 394 

Sellers. Robert D„ Bellflower. Calif.. 357 

Selman, Delon M . Orem 

Semadeni. Irene Alice. Dove Creek. Colo.. 250. 394 

Sessions. Cherlene R.. Provo. 262. 293. 308 

Sessions. Dale R.. Heber 

Sessions, Janet. Choteeu, Mont., 394 

Sessions, Mary Collene. Salt Lake City. 64. 394 

Sevy, Nonagene. Salt Lake City, 394 

Sewell. Reid W.. Oakland. Calif. 

Seymour, Joan Beatrice. Stockton, Calif., 20. 308 

Shafer, Elizabeth, Ogden 

Shefer. Marian. Ogden, 185, 356 

Shakespeare. Marian D.. McGill. Nev., 395 

Shaner. Marion L.. Shreveport, La.. 395 

Shannon. Alice J.. Pleasant Grove. 356 

Sherp, Annette Clark, Salt Lake 

Sharp. Charles H., Provo 

Sharp, Gay. Long Beach. Calif.. 39S 

Sharp. Joan Merle, Redlands. Calif.. 333 

Sharp, Mary Kethryn, Redlands. Calif., 309 

Sharpies, Marilyn. Salt Lake City. 266, 395 

Shattuck. Marilyn, San Jose. Calif., 333 

Shattuck. Meredith. San Jose. Calif.. 356 

Shaum. Joanne Margie. Ogden. 249, 333 

Shaver. Thca Duke. Phoenix. Ariz.. 309 

Shaw. Brent Stevenson, Salt Lake City. 66. 224. 395 

Shaw. Graham Campbell. Orem, 295 

Shaw. James Thatcher. Tetonla. Idaho. 395 

Shaw. LaJeen. Coalville. 224. 356 

Shaw. Leonard Wayne 

Shaw, Robert Keith. Cardston. Alberta. 356 

Shay, Frances M., Albuquerque. N. Met.. 262. 356 

Sheers. Carl Leemezer, Cincinnati. Ohio. 105. 395 

Shedden, James R.. Rock Springs. Wyo. 

Sheen. Normen Dewayne, Cardston. Alberta, 123. 395 

Sheets. Leland Ogden. Payson 

Sheets. Leon Donald. Ontario. Ore.. 260 

Sheffield, Jack, Spanish Fork 

Sheffield. Paul Burt. San Mateo. Calif. 

Sheldon. David Thomas. La Crescenta. Calif. 

Sheldon. Robert B.. Salt Lake City. 396 

Shelley, Blaine George. American Fork, 396 

Shelton. Ann. Heber, 395 

Shelton, Charles C. Baker. Ore.. 411 

Shelton. Dorothy A.. Concord. Calif.. 396 

Shelton. John A.. Provo. 309 

Shepherd, John R„ Payson 

Sheranian. Annette. Beverly Hills. Calif.. 396 

Sherry. Claude Joel, Provo. 396 

Shertzer. Minnie Clara. Pomona. Calif.. 265 

Sherwood. Gerald L.. South Gate. Calif.. 396 

Sherwood, Rowena June. St. Johns. Ariz.. 196. 206. 225. 238. 

Sherwood. Rufus Glen, Lethbridge. Alberta. 200. 396 
Shields. Guy Kent, Orem 
Shields. Jay Glen, Tooele, 356 
Shields. Russell B.. Lethbridge. Alberta, 396 
Shim. Bok Suk, Provo, 242. 396 
Shinsel, Glende Lee. La Grande. Ore., 356 
Shinsel. Laurel Kay. La Grande. Ore.. 66. 233. 397 
Shipley. Geraldine Mae. Anaheim. Calif.. 180. 397 
Shipley. Paul Price. Mesa, Ariz.. 41 I 
Sh.pp, Jack F., Joseph. 121 
Shlpp. Phillip Royal. Joseph, 121. 333 
Shipp. Sherilynn, Joseph. 397 
Shirley. Kenneth Lee. Salt Leke City. 397 
Shirota, Mitchell M., Maui. Hawaii, 122. 242 
Shiroto. Sumlko. Salt Lake City. 396 
Shoemaker. Donna Rae, Caldwell. Ida., 271, 356 
Short, Marjory Gertrude. Provo. 396 
Showalter, Rodney H., Lovell. Wyo.. 410 
Shumway. Bruce L.. Standing 
Shumway, Dale L.. Provo. 309 
Shumway, Geraldine, Blending 
Shumway. Katie. Provo 

Shumway. Larry Vee. St. Johns. Ariz.. 25. 209. 238 
Shumway, Lewis Kay, Blending 

Shumway, Lola Marilyn. Phoenix, Ariz.. 244. 246, 357 
Shumway. Marlene, St. Johns, Ariz., 64. 238. 397 
Shumway. Miles. Provo, 410 
Shumway, R, Phil, Provo 
Shupe. Lamont Ellis, Ogden 

Shupe. William Dale. Colonia Juarez. Mexico, 410 
Shurtliff. Freda Mae, Bountiful. 262. 357 
Shurtz. Garrold Cleve, Weshougat. Wash.. 66. 396 
Shute, Reginald Wayne, Sen Bernardino, Calif., 309 
Sidwell. Ruth Stella. Salt Lake City. 204. 224 
Siemssen. Janet R. E.. Portland. Ore.. 224. 333 
Slggard, Connie Lou, Brigahm, 212. 357 
Silberstein. Dorothy M., Sandy. 333 
Silversmith, Merna L.. McNery, Ariz., 396 
Simkins. Dorothy, Parowan. 265. 396 
Simmons. Beverly Beth, Allison Park, Pa.. 62, 74, 127. 357 
Simmons. Carol Zella. Baxter, Ore., 217, 332 
Simmons, Ernest William, Hooper. 396 
Simmons. Robert Charles. Provo. 79. 396 
Simmons. Stanley L., Manti, 184. 222. 235 
Simmons. Virginia Ann, Twin Falls. Ida.. 62. 396 
Simmons. William S.. Jr.. Provo. 233. 396 
Simms, Connie May, Seattle. Wash.. 70. 74, 251. 285, 357 
Simons. Elliott. Provo 

Simons, Ronald Budd, San Bernardino, Calif.. 266 
Simpson, George Moroni, Kemas, 397 
Sipherd. David Roy. Issaquah. Wash.. 357 
Sipherd. John Welter. Issaquah. Wash.. 332 
Sipherd. Robert Maurice. Seattle. Wash.. 177. 189. 309 
Sirles. James Walter. Chester. Virginia 
Sirstins. Mary Elaine. Salt Lake City. 397 
Skeem. Maurvene. Buhl, Ida.. 64. 233. 397 
Skeen, Carolyn Jean. Ogden. 185. 249. 309 
Skidmore. Iva Pullen, Lincoln Park, Mich., 356 
Skidmore. John Wesley, El Monte. Calif.. 356 
Skidmore, Muriel. Delta. 397 
Skidmore, Shirley Mae, Elmonte. Calif.. 357 
Skillings. Raymond. Nampa. Ida.. 120. 333 
Skmner. Merlene, Orem., 396 
Skinner. Nola Lavon. Salt Lake City. 257. 357 
Skousen, Larry Piatt. Colonia Juarez. Mexico. 410 
Skousen. O/vel Neils, Mesa. Ariz.. 23. 40. 56. 72. 74. 76. 

177. 188. 314 
Skousen. Owen K. Salt Lake City. 296 
Skousen. Richard Earl. Mesa. Ariz.. 238. 282. 357 
Skousen. Vonda Lee. Spanish Fork. 396 
Skyles. Doris Elite. Gladstone. Ore.. 194. 310 
Styles. George H.. Gladstone. Ore.. 68. 193. 245. 356 
Skyles. Marvin Dee. Gladstone. Ore.. 410 
Slack. Stephen Roger. Compton, Calif.. 332 
Slede. Larry M.. Redmese. Colo.. 243. 246. 356 
Slede. Nancy Jo. Redmesa. Colo.. 396 
Slede. Nancy Lou, Hesperus. Colo., 310 
Slater. Henry Wayne. McGill. Nov.. 396 
Slay. David. Many. La.. 396 

Slay. Joan. Many. La.. 217, 310 

Sleeter. Beryl. Salt Lake City. 177. 224. 270. 321 

Scan. Sylvia. Salt Lake City. 182. 270. 332 

Smart. Grant Winters. Paris. Idaho 

Smart. Merrill Jay. Springville. 396 

Smart. Sondra Jane. Culver. Calif.. 233 

Smeath, Lorna Mae, Provo 

Smedley, Jacqueline. Bountiful. 332 

Smedley. Noel Brown, Syracuse. 282 

Smellie. Marilyn Ruth. BeleMield. Calif.. 396 

Sm.t. Karen Rae. Nepa. CeNf .. 396 

Sm.r. Walter R., Napa, Calif.. 237. 295 

Smith. Alone. Snowflake. Ariz.. 220. 270. 332 

Smith. Alvin Carlylo. Anaconda. Mont., 397 

Smith. Anna Larue. Cedar City. 332 

Smith. Barbara Ann.. Compton. Calif.. 397 

Smith. Barbara Lee. Cedar City. 397 

Smith. Beverly J.. Molad. Idaho. 257. 310 

Smith. Calvin Navall. Grace. Idaho. 240. 356 

Smith. Carolyn. Henrleville. 397 

Smith. Carolyn Lola. Walnut Creek. Calif.. 273. 397 

Smith. Claud Kay. Portland. Ore.. 396 

Smith. Cleon Verl, Cardston. Alberta 

Smith. Conley. Seettle. Wash.. 3 <0 

Smith. Curtiss Lynn. American Fork. 222. 279. 310 

Smith. Dele Arthur. Provo 

Smith, Der L.. Henrieville. 3 10 

Smith, Dean Stringham, Portland, Ore.. 310 

Smith. Dee Lynn. Burbank. Calif.. 356 

Smith. Diane. Provo. 397 

Smith, Dickson Keith. Sunset 

Smith. Doris Eilleen, Cenada. 332 

Smith. Dorothy Sue Dee. Lynwood. Calif. 

Smith. Earl Eugene. Lathrop. Calif. 

Smith, EarlHolman. Lethbridge. Alberta. 240. 397 

Smith. Edward A.. Burley, Ideho 

Smith. Eleona. Washington, 251. 396 

Smith. Elizabeth Anne. Snowflake. Ariz.. 397 

Smith, Ernan Young. Roosevelt. 227, 396 

Smith, Eugene Clinton, Spanish Fork, 332 

Smith. Evelyn. Walnut Creek. Calif.. 224. 273. 396 

Smith. Gail Ann, Henderson. Nev.. 72. 74. 232 

Smith. Gibson Raymond. Ogden. 396 

Smith, Gordon Delbert. Portland. Ore.. 224. 356 

Smith. Gordon Frederick, Springville 

Smith. Harold Nelson. Copperton 

Smith. Helen J.. Tropic. 311 

Smith, Iris Hansen. Boise. Ida. 

Smith. Irving De. Estacada. Ore.. 410 

Smith. Jack Lynn. Provo. 70. 72, 74. 396 

Smith. James Lavae. Hawthorne. Nev.. 102 

Smith. Janet. Holbrook. Ida.. 64. 246. 396 

Smith, Joann. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 58 

Smith, Joanne. Portland. Ore.. 270 

Smith. Joanne. Lehi. 357 

Smith, Joseph Gale. Fillmore 

Smith. Josieh Paul, Provo. 396 

Smith. Karen Breckon. Phoenix. Ariz., 64. 74. 238. 366. 396 

Smith. Kay Hogan. Provo. 66. 200. 357 

Smith. Kelvin Monterey, Cerdston. Alberta. 397 

Smith. Kenneth H.. Las Vegas. Nev.. 260. 333 

Smith, Kermit H.. Estacoda. Ore.. 297 

Smith. Lehi Tingen. Show Low, Ariz.. 295 

Smith. Leonard Charles. De Pere. Wis. 

Smith. Lorraine. Seattle. Wash.. 66. 224. 31 1 

Smith. Lylo Green. Klamath Falls. Ore.. 397 

Smith. Lynn Crane. Draper, 397 

Smith. M. Linnee. Fermington, N. Met.. 62. 206. 357 

Smith, Marcia Gay. Santequin. 397 

Smith. Marie, Monroe. 397 

Smith, Marilyn, Henrieville, 64 

Smith. Mark Morris. Orem. 397 

Smith, Marvin G.. Portland. Ore.. 31 I 

Smith. Milo Ray.. Snowflake. Ariz.. 196. 357 

Smith. Miriam, Vernal. 248. 266. 397 

Smith. N. Wayne. Orem 

Smith, Nadine N.. Salt Lake 

Smith. Nancy Marie. Spokane, Wash., 397 

Smith. Ni>a Loy. Fermington. N. Met.. 62. 180. 397 Norman Fackrell. Preston. Ida.. 239. 396 Patricia Anne. Salt Lake City. 396 

Smith. Ralph J.. Salt Lake. 191 

Smith, Randall F.. Draper 

Smith. Richard A.. Holbrook. Ida.. 2 1 5. 310 

Smith, Richard Condie. Orem 

Smith. Ril'a Jeanine. Granger. Wash.. 356 

Smith, Robert Bailey. Provo.. 209 

Smith. Robert Bernard. Lathrop. Calif.. 231. 357 

Smith. Robert Dean. American Fork. 78. 100. 102. 255. 357 

Smith. Robert Gary. Inglewood. Calif.. 260. 356 

Smith. Robert J.. Provo 

Smith. Robert Ray. Murray. 357 

Smith. Rodney Douglas. Portland. Ore.. 396 

Smith. Roland Junior. Boise. Ida.. 311 

Smith. Ronald Blen, Clearfield 

Smith. Ronald Gary. Los Angeles. Calif. 

Smith. Ronald R.. Green River. Wyo, 185. 222. 252. 410 

Smith. Ronald V.. Lehi. 396 

Smith, Rosalind Roberts. Phoenii. Ar.z.. 396 

Smith. Rudger Grant. Phoenii. Ariz., 357, Sandra. Henderson, Nev. 

Smith. Shirley. Farmington. 217. 333 

Smith. Stephen A.. Clearfield. 66. 274 

Smith. Sue Eileen. Van Nuys. Calif.. 396 

Smith. Sylvia Deon. Salt Lake City. 397 Terry Alan, California. 260 

Smith. Treva Marie. Cirdevllle. 357 

Smith. Verl LeRoy. Lehi. 396 

Smith. Wilford E.. Provo. 254 

Smithen. Carol. Leyton. 269. 333 


Smithson. Ellis Brady, Holbrook, Ariz., 356 

Smithson, James Bud, Holbrook. Ariz., 200, 258, 333 

Smithson, Kathryn Ann, Holbrook. Ariz., 64, 396 

Smithson, Rulon N., Neola, 224 

Smoot, Harlow E. II, Provo, 356 

Smoot, Leon Douglas, Springville, 115. 333 

Smoot, Robert Alma, Salt Lake City, 397 

Smoot, Robert Stevens, Salt Lake City. 397 

Smyth. Margaret $., Simi, Calif., 64, 397 

Snarr, Margaret, Salt Lake. 397 

Snedden, Lorraine, Bakersfield, Calif., 356 

Sneddon. Ada Lorene. Sparks, Nev., 397 

Snell, Earl Wunderly, Fairfield, Conn., 175, 184, 218. 221, 

222, 310 
Snell, Golden Charles, Cowley, Wyo.. 356 
Snelson. Ralph J., Springville 
Sfiideman. Richard H., Temecula, Calif., 397 
Snow, Arnolene, Provo. 263 
Snow. Claude Ray. Provo, 65. 170. 266. 397 
Snow, Darryl Morbeth, Provo, 246, 41 I 
Snow, Dixie Ann, Maplewood, N. J., 224. 253, 362, 365. 367. 

Snow. Gordon Lee. Spanish Fork 
Snow, Karl Nelson, Provo, 282, 319. 333 
Snow, Karl Stanton, St. George, 210 
Snow, Louise, Provo, 64, 397 
Snow. Richard Bowman, Delta, 397 
Snyder, Garth Franklin, Freedom, Wyo., 314 
Sobers, Boyd Marion, New London, O. 
Soderqulst, Alma Gene, Idaho Falls, Ida., 295 
Soelberg, Bruce Ray. Idaho Falls, Ida., 278, 411 
Soelberg, Goldie Noline, San Diego, Calif., 396 
Solesbee. Ralph Wendell, San Diago, Calif. 
Solkey. Virginia Diane, Tacoma. Wash., 394 
Sommers. William E„ Cody. Wyo.. I 13, 252 
Somsen. Barbara. Murray, 396 
Sondrup, Keith D., Provo. 356 
Sorensen, Daniel Ray, Driggs, Ida., 41 I 
Sorensen, Frankie Wayne. Salmon, Ida., 396 
Sorensen. Judith Ann. Alhambra. Calif., 266, 397 
Sorensen. Mary A.. Salt Lake City. 35, 263, 333 
Sorensen, Severin L.. Jr.. Sierra Madre. Calif., 333 
Sorensen, Utahna, Springville, 266. 397 
Sorenson, Carol, Chula Vista, Calif., 58, 396 
Sorenson, Carol Dawn, Delta, 58 
Sorenson, Carol Winona, Santaquin, 234. 265, 333 
Sorenson, David Mayen, American Fork, 396 
Sorenson, Doris, Loa, 396 
Sorenson. Edward B„ Jr., Lehi 
Sorenson, Eliot Ben., Payson, 241, 356 
Sorenson, Ell B., Koosharem, 396 
Sorenson, Jerry Lewis, Provo. 396 
Sorenson, Lois. Provo 

Sorenson, Lois Marie, Roseville, Calif., 207, 397 
Sorenson, Marva N., Pleasant Grove, 332 
Sorenson, Roger A., Gunnison. 310 
Sothern, Robert Greer, Long Beach, Calif. 
Souter, Clyde D., Reno, Nev., 410 
South, Richard Kent. Susanville, Calif., 332 
Southern, Joann Rae, Spanish Fork, 397 
Southwick, Paul Robert. Cedar City. 282, 310 
Sowards, Marie, Manassa, Colo., 410 
Spackman. Asa Richard, Payson 

Spackman, Diane M., Lethbridge, Alberta, 240, 266, 397 
Spainhower, Douglas M., Spanish Fork, 116 
Spalding. Glen Willard. Firth, Ida., 64 
Sparks. David C, Banida, Idaho, 310 
Speakman, Robert B., Compton, Calif., 1 16, 356 
Spears, Robert Carl, Orem 
Speights, Vera Loretta, Venice, Calif., 332 
Spell. Anna Yvonne, Clinton, N. C. 64, 232, 397 
Spence, Ronald Gene. Emmett, Ida., 243, 397 
Spencer Betty Jean, Escalante, 357 
Spencer, Claudine, Payson 
Spencer, Deloy J., Escalante, 410 
Spencer, Gary O.. Ogden, 223 
Spencer, James Edward, Montpelier, Ida., 332 
Spencer, Nelda Jewel, Richfield. 225, 332 
Spencer, Phillip H., Payson, 356 
Spencer, Virginia, Provo, 397 
Spencer, Wm. Burt, Pocatello, Ida., 310 
Spendlove, Lyle Bart, Provo, 284, 332 
Spendlove. Marjorie Y., Provo. 356 
Sperry. Arlyn Howard, Provo, 200. 258. 357 
Sparry. Richard Dean, Provo, 224, 258, 310 
Sprague, Harvey, Callis, Panace, Nev. 
Sprague, Lois, Las Vegas, Nev., 238, 397 
Squire, Adrien J., La Verkin, 357 
Squire, DuWayne Gilbert. La Verkin, 191, 222. 332 
Squire. Erma Lucille, Mt. Pleasant, 310 
Squires, David A.. Fairfield. Mont., 78. 245, 357 
Stagg, Sharon Arlene, Salt Lake City, 396 
Staheli, Lynn Taylor, Provo, 184, 189. 208. 209, 314 
Staker, Jo Ann, Teton, Idaho, 357 
Staley, Grant B., Riverton, 396 
Stallings, Arthur C, Mesa, Ariz. 
Stallings. Karen. Firth. Ida., 272, 396 
Standley, Joyce J.. Elgin, Ore., 396 
Stanger. Norman Ross, lona, Ida. 
Stanger, Richard David, Idaho Falls. Ida., 396 
Stanley, Donald Lewis. Oregon, 396 
Stanley. Marilyn, Heber. 62, 70. 396 
Stanton, Eunice. Park City. 357 
Staples. Mary Ann, Salt Lake, 285, 396 
Staples, Sue. Anne, Richfield. 64, 194. 217. 250. 357 
Stapleton. William L, Woolford, Alberta. 396 
Stapley, Claudia, Beaver, 70. 270, 357 
Stapley, Donna Rae, Orem, 64, 264, 311 
Stapley, Homer D„ Provo 
Stapp. Arvil Othal, Chehalis, Wash., 397 

Starley, Ma* Reed. Burley. Ida.. 357 

Starley, Merlyn O. Provo 

Starley. Shirley May. Burley. Ida., 397 

Starrett, Diane E., Houston. Tex., 248. 397 

Startup. Elbert Gordon, Provo. 397 

Statham. Homer G.. Macon. Ga. 

Stay. Donavee. Montebello, Calif.. 266. 397 

Stayner, J. Lynn, Malan, Ida. 

Steckler, Dianne Kay, Bern. Ida.. 237, 397 

Steed. Cherryle. Logan. 56. 229, 332 

Steel. James Merrill, Burley. Ida., 397 

Steel, LaVerne. Burley. Ida.. 70. 234, 332 

Steele, Alan Arthur, Los Angeles. 410 

Steele. Lynda Mae, Paradox, Colo., 333 

Steele, Paul Duane, Goshen. 237, 296 

Steele, Richard T., Salt Lake City. 410 

Steele, Robert Foster. Rangely. Colo.. 246, 397 

Steele, Robert Que, Provo 

Steele, Sharon Kay, Delta. 60. 220. 397 

Steffensen. Walter, Provo. 192 

Stein, Helen Lucille. Burbank, Calif., 410 

Stein. Joanne, Burbank, Calif., 356 

Steinagel, Joanne, Sacramento, Calif., 356 

Steinagel, John Douglas, Sacramento. Calif., 410 

Steinke, Tom Edwrd, Jordan. 107, III, 119 

Stellmon, Douglas M., Richland, Wash.. 261 

Stephen, Roy M„ Kamloops, B. O, 396 

Stephens, Darwin J„ Nampa, Idaho 

Stephens, Grant Z., Provo, 227, 311 

Stephens, Isom L., Silver Creek, Miss. 

Stephens, Larry T.. Whittier, Calif., 356 

Stephens, Neil C, Nampa, Idaho, 119 

Stephens, Robert E., Powell, Wyo., 60, 311 

Stephensen, Dorothy D.. Delta, 234, 238, 310 

Stephenson, Delores Dee, Clearfield, 246, 396 

Stephenson, Don Rey, Nampa, Ida., 356 

Stephenson, Joyce, Wendell. Ida., 62. 70, 72. 396 

Stephenson, Loreta, Provo, 396 

Stephenson, Luana, Rexburg, Ida., 270, 310 

Stephenson, Mary L., Provo, 70, 72, 310 

Stephenson, Merene, Holden, 396 

Stephenson, W. Ross, Provo 

Stepp, Caroline Frances, Arlington, Calif., 396 

Stepp, Jessie Anne, Chehalis, Wash., 58, 356 

Stettler, Carolyn, Caldwell, Idaho, 266, 396 

Stevens, Dale B., Provo, 356 

Stevens, Floyd J., Las Vegas, Nev., 184, 255. 311 

Stevens. Hubert Joshua, Bluewater, N. Mex., 227, 246 

Stevens, Larry M., Provo, 333 

Stevens, Lloyd Lawrence, Oakley, 396 

Stevens, Malvern Robert. Westend, Calif., 76, 356 

Stevens, Patricia L.. Trona, Calif., 233, 356 

Stevens, Pauline P., Lovell, Wyo., 224, 311 

Stevens, Robert Edward, Spanish Fork 

Sitevens, Sharon Rae, Holden, 250, 397 

Stevenson, Joanne, Idaho Falls, Ida., 397 

Stevenson, Joseph Grant, Ogden, 295 

Stevenson, Ray, Raymond, Alberta, 397 

Stevenson, Roberta O.. Camarillo, Calif, 180, 206. 214, 224, 

Stevenson. Warren W„ San Gabriel, Calif., 283. 397 
Stewart, Barbara, Orem, 397 
Stewart, Boyd Saby, Lehi 
Stewart, Charlie LaVoy. Meadow, 237, 333 
Stewart, D. Roger, Alamo, Nev., 310 
Stewart, David M.. Provo, 357 
Stewart, Donald G., Provo 
Stewart, E. Mali, Meadow 
Stewart, Francis Jan, Las Vegas, Nev., 397 
Stewart, Helen, Provo 
Stewart, J. Ernest, Provo, 397 
Stewart, Jerrie Cecelia, Salt Lake City 
Stewart, Karl Dale, Spanish Fork 
Stewart, Kathrine L., Payson, 397 
Stewart, Ralph Paris. Las Vegas. Nev.. 398 
Stewart, Reed Gerald, Reno, Nev., 357 
Stewart, Richard Allen, Gridley, Calif., 357 
Stewart, Robert Winn, Chicago. III. 
Stewart, Ronald, Payson 
Stewart, Sharon Lynn, Kaysville, 397 
Stewart, Sherrell, Spanish Fork, 217 
Stewart, Thell James. Meadow, 78 
Stiburek, Beverly. J.. Cascade. Ida., 265. 310 
Stickel, LeRoy T„ San Bernardino, Calif., 114, 122. 333 
Stickler, Pearly E.. El Paso, Tex., 398 
Stillman. Marian Ruth. Venice, Calif., 398 
Stine, Alan Langlois, Ogden, 357 

Stirland, Elaine, Chinook, Mont., 194, 246, 365. 367, 398 
Stock, Janice Irene, Fish Haven, Ida., 64. 398 
Stock, Joyce Irene, Waterflow, N. Mex., 398 
Stock. Karen Ann, Fish Haven, Ida., 269, 333 
Stock, Marjorie E., Waterflow. N. Mex., 357 
Stock, Donald G., Coalville, 296 
Stocking, Jenna Vee, Murray, 192 
Stoddard, Aaron Ray, Provo, 333 
Stoddard, Beverly, Rexburg, Ida., 398 
Stoddard, Donald Joseph. Ashland, Ore. 
Stoddard. Ellwyn R., Logan. 237, 294 
Stoddard. Gary Calvin. Rexburg, Ida., 37, 215. 284. 315 
Stoddard, Jon B., Rexburg. Ida.. 219, 357 
Stoddard, Ted Dee, Salmon, Ida., 144, 411 
Stoffel, Mary Alice, San Diego, Calif, 398 
Stoker, Joseph Howell, Provo 
Stoker, Mary, Salt Lake City, 398 
Stoker, Wayde Clark, Panguitch, 261. 310 
Stokes, Golda Ann, Salmon. Ida., 410 
Stokes, Jackie Lee, Tremonton 
Stokes, Shawna Rae, Twin Falls. Ida., 64. 207, 399 
Stolworthy, Clara Joy, Spanish Fork, 399 
Stolworthy, Reed L., Provo 

Stolworthy, Willard O.. Spanish Fork. 102, 333 

Stoman, Ida May. San Diego, Calif., 399 

Stone, Darlene Rae, Portland, Ore., 399 

Stone. David John. Provo, 398 

Stone, David Rodger. Provo, 398 

Stone. Douglas L, Piedmont, Calif, 99, 195, 310 

Stone. Ivor L., Orem 

Stone. Kay Marie. Raymond, Alberta, 60. 224. 240, 357 

Stone, Lola, Sterling, Idaho 

Stone. Rhea Christina, Sterling, Idaho, 64 

Stone, Ronald Verl, Piedmont. Calif., 58. 95. 238, 294 

Stone, Thomas Robert. Piedmont, Calif, 80, 333 

Stonebraker William E., Evanston, Wyo., 332 

Stonehocker, Sandra. Idaho Falls. Ida., 224 

Stoneking, Frederick L. 

Stoneking, Mary Ellen, Galesburg, III.. 224, 270, 357 

Stoneking, Stanley D.. Galesburg. III., 74 

Stonely, John Daniel, Rochester. N. Y., 332 

Stonely, Lois Eileen. Rochester, N. Y., 358 

Storer, Jay Arthur 

Storrer, Dorothy O, Tremonton, 398 

Storrs, Dee Leon, American Fork. 41 I 

Stott. Carl M„ Manti, 41 I 

Stott, Gary R.. Fairfield, 245, 398 

Stott, Stanley. Bynum. Montana, 310 

Stout, Edward Dean. Moab, 398 

Stoven, William D., Salt Lake City 

Stowell, Desma Faye, Nephi, 398 

Stowell, Karen, Thatcher, Ariz., 230, 232, 358 

Stowers, Ronetta Jean, Sacramento, Calif., 411 

Strang, Robert James, San Diego, Calif., 72. 266, 398 

Stratford. Dick C, Portland, Ore., 283, 398 

Stratford. Nancy Sue, San Bernardino, Calif, 398 

Stratford. Roland J., Lomita. Calif, 261, 358 

Stratton. Donald Dwight. Jaffrey. N. H., 233, 332 • 

Stratton, Vern A., 311 

Straubhar, Jack Jay, Kuna, Idaho, 399 

Straw, Carol Jean, Springville, 411 

Strawn, Byron Lanar, Lomita, Calif., 261, 311 

Stretesky, Mary A. C, Searcy, Arlc., 294 

Strickler, Mary Lee, Redwood, Calif, 234. 358 

Stringfellow, Anna, Ogden, 217, 249, 31 I 

Stringfellow, Val., Provo, 311 

Stringham, Barbara Jean, Elgin, Ore., 68, 213, 399 

Stringham, Bruce M., Ogden, 332 

Stringham, David' S., Phoenix, Ariz., 41 I 

Stringham. Dell B., Jr., Ogden, 218, 311 

Stringham, Joan, Salt Lake City, 399 

Stringham, Marcia A., Elgin, Ore. 

Stringham. Mary Joan, Richfield. 399 

Strong, Harvey L., Filer, Idaho 

Strong, John Ray, Driggs, Ida., 358 

Strong, Keith LeRoy, Provo. 115, 311 

Strong, Patricia Marie, Raymond, Alberta, 58, 206, 240. 358 

Stroud, LaRae Rose, Salt Lake City, 267, 398 

Stuehser. M. Darlene, Banning, Calif, 272, 398 

Stuart, Maxine, Salt Lake City, 206, 214, 358 

Stuart, Nathan J., Springville 

Stubbs, Stanley Allan, Springville 

Stuck!, Alfred B., St. George. 411 

Stucki, Ruth Holston, Baltimore. Md.. 411 

Stuehser, M. Darlene, Banning, Calif, 272, 398 

Stuker, Earl, Provo, 358 

Stump, Dora Ellen, Murray, 332 

Stump, Lois Josephine, Long Beach, Calif., 411 

Sturgis, Richard B„ Provo, 398 

Sudweeks, Clara P., Provo 

Sudweeks. Margie. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 224. 276. 398 

Suiker, Dahlia Flora, Vancouver. B. C, 232, 332 

Sulker, Violet D., Maplewood. B. C. 398 

Sukiasian, George, Los Angeles, Calif, 182. 188. 189, 283, 

Sullivan, Maureen. Salt Lake City. 64. 358 
Summerhays, Clyde Dixon, Salt Lake City, 70, 72, 76 
Summerhays. Joyce, Pasadena, Calif, 22, 132, 194, 211, 244. 

Summers, David Leon. Santa Fe, N. Mex., 398 
Sumner. Keith James, Ridgewood. N. J.. 398 
Sumsion, Alan Finch, Springville, 398 
Sumsion, Aleene. Cheney. Wash.. 62, 206. 224, 251, 359 
Sumsion, James O, Springville, 333 
Sumsion, Mary Diane, Walnut Creek, 398 
Sumsion, Neil Drue, Springville, 399 

Sumsion, Richard Glen. Springville, 199, 215, 218. 219, 310 
Sund, Marian, Sandy. 310 

Sundal, Martha Louise. Glenholden, Pa., 194, 213. 359 
Sunderland. Nancy A., Ellensburg Depot, N. Y., 72, 399 
Sunderland. Reed L., Lehi, 310 
Sundstrom. Glenice M.. Los Angeles. Calif.. 399 
Sutcliffe, Jane W.. Long Beach, Calif.. 285, 399 
Sutherland, William H., Prescott, Kansas, 332 
Sutter, Donna Marie, Yuba City. Calif. 232. 310 
Sutton, Ann Adele. Oakland, Calif, 399 
Sutton, Helen, Grantsville, 226, 310 
Sutton, Janet Carrol, Seattle, Wash., 64, 183. 399 
Suzuki, Tomokazu, Japan, 237, 242, 332 
Svedin, William LeRoy. Nampa, Ida.. 74 
Swain, Barbara. 29 Palms. Calif. 229. 246. 276, 3 IS 
Swain, Noel L., Provo. 399 

Swainston, Colleen, Preston, Ida.. 184, 239, 399 
Swainston. David Wm., Preston. Ida.. 215. 239, 315 
Swallow. Janet, Fillmore, 398 
Swan, Virginia Leona, Provo, 398 
Swan, Joyce Ruth, Cardston, Alberta, 333 
Swann. Alma Gailey, Preston, Ida., 216, 359 
Swanson, Beryl Joyce, Greeley, Colo., 358 
Swann, Edward Harold, Preston, Ida., 197. 359 
Swanwick, Jeanne, San Antonio, Tex.. 398 
Swap, Lois Ensign, Provo 
Swapp, Zina, Kanab, 398 


Swasey, Richard 0.. Boneta 

Sweem. Yvonne L.. Seattle. Wash.. 398 

Sweeney. Alfred Kent. Kemas. 398 

Sweeten. Garth &.. Malod. Ida.. 410 

Sweeten. Lloyd Robert. Malad. Ida.. 219. 220. 3S8 

Sweeten. Owen Raymond. Malod. Idaho. 219. 220. 358 

Swensen. Harold Earl. Provo 

Swenson, Barbara Je*. Spanish Fork. 280. 289. 293. 310 

Swenson. Dennis Malcolm. Rangely. Colo.. 410 

Swenson. Gam J., Orem. 358 

Swenson. Jack Tei. Spanish Fori 

Swenson. Me* W., Provo, 310 

Swenson. Noncy J.. Portland. Ore.. 398 

Swenson. Robert Lee. Long Beach. Calif.. 398 

Swenson, Ronald Kay., Provo, 358 

Swenson, Shirley Ruth, Pleasant Grove. 64, 273. 398 

Swenson. Sterling Reed. Spanish Fork 

Sylvester, Bart R., Chicago. III. 

Syme. John Leslie, Provo. 358 

Symons. Blaine Dee, Provo, 239. 399 

Syrett, Douglas Ruben. Panguitch. 399 

Syria, Raili A., Tampere. Finland. 217, 233, 410 

Tadd. Jerry L.. Spanish Fork 

Taft. Juanita, Bicknell. 19. 206. 214. 224. 333 

Taggart. Viona Roe. Salt Lake City. 399 

Tait, Don Russell. Los Angeles, Calif.. 358 

Takeneke, Harold H., Kapaa Kauai. 310 

Takenoka. Howard S.. Kapaa Kauai. 399 

Takeo. Misayo, Kualopuu Molokai. 358 

Takeuchi, Tatsuo, Kekaha. Hawaii. 410 

Talbot, Stephen Amos. Nyssa. Ore., 358 

Tall. Bruce Asael, Rigby. Ida.. 258 

Tollman, Ruth Elsie. Homedale. Ida.. 359 

Temashtro. Dennis Fujio. Maile Farm. Oahu. 359 

Tongren, Marvin Boyd. Dolores. Colo.. 399 

Tengren, Norma Lynn, Provo 

Tonner. Ann, Farmington. N. Me>. 

Tanner, David Gilbert. Salt Lake City. 399 

Tanner, Geylon, Payson, 359 

Tanner. George Vernon, Fremont. 333 

Tanner. Janice Geyle. Spanish Fork, 333 

Tanner, Ruth. Salt Lake City 

Tarbet. Glen Frank. Provo, 181, 224. 359 

Tarron. Fred Stephen, Provo 

Tasker. Betty Ann. Salt Loke City. 359 

Tate. Roland Ray. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 399 

Tateyoma, Patricio Y., Lahaina, Maui 

Toyamo, June Kaiue. Hono., Hawaii 

Tayler. Joan Marilyn. Ontario. 240. 398 

Taylor. Adrianne. Provo. 250. 399 

Taylor, Allene Mary, Teasdale, 399 

Taylor, Ann La Dee, Garland. 58, 263 

Taylor, Annette, San Jose, Calif., 311 

Taylor, Anthony Hansen. Provo. 259. 358 

Toylor, Barbara Ann. Bloomington. Calif., 127 

Taylor, Bayard Monson. Salt Lake City, 311 

Taylor, Betty Mae. Billings. Mont., 226. 296 

Taylor, Blake G.. Burbank. Calif.. 72. 410 

Taylor, Byron Brooks. St. George, 241. 333 

Toylor. Celestio J.. Provo 

Taylor. Cherles Lynn. Ontorio. Ore.. 60. 398 

Toylor. Clinton Roy. Ookley. Ido.. 70. 102. 104 

Toylor. Doniel Thomos. Kensington. Md„ 398 

Taylor, Derlene, Meridian, Ido. 

Toylor. Delbert. Provo. 410 

Toylor, Doloris Thelmo. Warden, Wash., 398 

Taylor, Eldon Arthur. Payson, 398 

Toylor, Gory Earl, Burbank, Calif. 

Taylor. Gerald Lynn, Reiburg. Ida., 410 

Taylor, Gordon Ma*. Cheyenne. Wyo.. 315 

Taylor. Henry Diion. Jr.. Provo. 184. 210. 259, 311 

Toylor. Idella Elaine, Royal Oak. Mich.. 410 

Taylor. Jay Johnson, Ogden 

Taylor, Joann, Fremont, 398 

Toylor. John Arthur, Provo. 1 20. 2 10. 222. 259, 3 1 1 

Taylor, John Maurice. Kellogg. Ida., 275 

Taylor, Joseph M., Provo. 358 

Taylor. Joyce, Provo, 358 

Taylor. Karen. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 398 

Taylor, Koa Donna, McGill. Nev. 

Taylor. Larry Clark. San Jose. Calif.. 74. 227. 398 

Taylor, LeRoy C, Provo 

Taylor. Lore Dean, Ogden. 66. 398 

Taylor. Louis Wayne, San Jose. Calif.. 227, 399 

Taylor, Lynn Anne, Provo, 358 

Toylor, Morgone. Butte. Mont.. 217. 245. 247, 311 

Taylor, Marjorie Ann, Magna. 399 

Taylor. Merlene. Thatcher. Am.. 232. 281. 358 

Taylor-. Marolyn, Raymond. Alberto. 58. 195. 297 

Toylor, Melvin. Provo, 399 

Toylor, Melvin Joy. Kermit, To*., 224, 358 
' Toylor, Nito Ann. Sandy. 64, 399 

Taylor, Paul Edwin, American Fork 

Toylor. Phyllis Irene, Twin Falls. Idoho. 358 

Taylor. Rolph W.. Wisdom, Montono. 245. 358 

Toylor. Reed Dovid. Peyson. 333 

Taylor, Robert Elmer, Farmington. N. Met.. 359 

Taylor. Ronald G.. Howell. 411 

Taylor. Seymour S.. Jr.. Salt Lake City. 259 

Taylor. Shirley. Ogden. 249. 333 

Toylor. Shirley F„ Chih. Me.ico. 358 

Toylor. Shirley Zina. Meeker. Colo., 399 

Taylor. Vasco Roy. McGill. N«v. 

Toylor. Verl LoMor. El Paso. To-.. 184. 248. 315 

Toylor, Wolter E.. Provo 

Toylor. Wayne O.. El Peso. Teies. 283. 359 

Toylor. William Glenn. Bountiful. 359 

Toysom. Lloyd P.. Afton. Wyo.. 311 

Taysom. Woyne H.. Rocklond. Idoho. 311 

Tebbs. Col Terry. Cowley. Wyo.. 106. 108. 109. Ill 

Tebbs. Clork J.. Panguitch. 399 

Tebbs. Mary Alice. Cowley. Wyo.. 66. 207. 399 

Tebbs. Veda. Panguitch. 399 

Teeples. Louann Leah. Burley. Idaho, 398 

Teeples. Ronald K., Portland. Ore. 

Teerlink. Esther Sue. Paso Robles. Calif.. 333 

Telfond. John Lorry. Woshington. D. C. 398 

Telford. Lois. Vellejo. Colif.. 66. 74. 332 

Temple. Brooke. El Monte. Calif.. 40. 58. 184. 206. 332 

Tenney. Janice. Chino. Calif.. 229. 359 

Tenney. Paul Arthur. Son Diego, Colif.. 359 

Teragawa. Kathleen I., Hono.. Hawoii. 398 

Terberg. Marjorie Sue, Homestead. Flo.. 212. 332 

Terry. Bonnie Lou, Brighem. 398 

Terry. Donna Ethel. Lot Angeles. Calif.. 64. 399 

Terry. Don Stanley. Chehalis. Wash.. 195. 359 

Terry. Ernest Eugene. Spring City, 310 

Terry, Garth. Provo 

Terry. Joann Leavitt, Caldwell. Ida.. 359 

Terry, Lamer Woodbury. St. George. 241. 332 

Terry, Marilyn Louise, Los Angeles, Calif.. 64, 332 

Terry. Me* Martell. Caldwell. Ida.. 359 

Terry. Rex Nelson. Provo. 191. 294 

Terry. Velma Rose. Hinckley, 398 

Terwilleger, Jenell, Boise. Idaho. 243. 398 

Tetreault. Edword L.. Los Angeles. Colif.. 58. 188. 192. 209. 

339. 359 
Tew. Merrill Lloyd. Love- II. Wyo.. 23. 56, 74, 252. 388 
Tew, Norma, Talmage, 332 
Tew, Ronald Kay, Springville 
Thacker, Helen. Castlegate, 310 
Thacker. Marilyn, Castlegate. 399 
Thacker. Myrle, Kamas. 399 
Thacker. Ralph L. Heber. 66. 227, 315 
Thacker. Zona Arlene. Overton. Nov., 358 
Thain. Peggy. Salt Lake City, 358 

Thatcher, Carolyn Joan. San Marino, Calif.. 141. 200, 271 
Thatcher. Donna Merlene, Provo, 399 
Thayer, Douglas H.. Provo. 185. 310 
Thayer, Robert Eugene. Provo 
Theobald. Roemae, Provo, 30. 281, 332 
Thielke. William David. Heber. 217. 399 
Thiriot, Alice Ann, Las Vegas. Nev.. 204. 208. 358 
Thole. Muriel. South Wales. Great Britain 
Thomander. Alan R.. Maplewood. N. J.. 19. 184, 209, 310 
Thomas. Anne Walker. Pleasant Grove 
Thomas. Charmaine. Salt Lake City, 332 
Thomas, Colette L., Seattle, Wash. 
Thomas. Connie. Provo. 399 
Thomas, Dean W.. Garfield 
Thomas, Elmo Lewis. Montpelier, Ida., 332 
Thomas, Evan Scott, Provo 
Thomas. Forrest D.. Orem 

Thomos, Goten Bart. Colorado Springs, Colo.. 399 
Thomas. Gordon Kent. Short Hills, N. J.. 333 
Thomos. James Philip, Anaconda, Mont., 399 
Thomas. Kay Marie, Independence. Mo., 310 
Thomas. LaVon, Wellington. 398 
Thomas. Marilyn. Sanford. Colo., 246. 399 
Thomas. Marilyn Jean, Falls Church, Va.. 358 
Thomas. Opal Jeon. Provo. 310 
Thomas, Ronald Earl. American Fork 
Thomas. Ronald Howard. Eureka 
Thompson, Alice B.. Green River, 399 
Thompson, Audrey U.. Laie. Oahu, 310 
Thompson. Charlotte. Blackfoot. Ida.. 399 
Thompson. Darwin A.. Georgetown. Ida. 
Thompson, Edna LaVonne, Luna, N. Moi.. 64 
Thompson, Frank, Provo, 113. 122 
Thompson. H. Dean, Roy, 310 

Thompson, Heber M., Richland. Wash., 115. 283. 358 
Thompson, John Harmon. Malta. Ida.. 20. 200. 219. 311 
Thompson. Joseph Edward. Malta, Ida.. 294 
Thompson. Joseph Garth. Warsaw. Ind., 358 
Thompson. Keith R.. Danville. Calif.. 231. 398 
Thompson, Keith Sanford, Danville. Calif.. 261. 320. 358 
Thompson, Kenneth D., Jerome, Ido.. 358 
Thompson. Kent Roy. Inglewood, Calif.. 358 
Thompson. Morgaret. Price. 27, 206. 244. 333 
Thompson, Pearl, American Fork 
Thompson, Robert. Provo 

Thompson, Samuel Oliver. Malta. Ida.. 23. 56. 411 
Thompson, Sharon. Nampa. Ida., 223. 333 
Thompson. Shirley, Provo 
Thomson, Lynn E.. Los Angeles. Calif.. 333 
Thomson, John R.. Jr.. Temple. Calif.. 315 
Thorn, June Annette, Springville. 64. 224. 281. 359 
Thorn, Robert Paul. Springville. 182. 210. 311 
Thornberg, Joonno E.. Columbie City. Ore.. 24S. 398 
Thorne, Goyle E., Provo. 281 
Thome, Jomes Morkhom. Provo. 188. 398 
Thorne. Keyne J., Pleosont Grove 
Thome, Mory Lou. Provo. 359 
Thorne, Oro W., Provo 

Thornley. Sharon. Harlem. Mont.. 64. 245. 276. 398 
Thornock. Roy Dean, Montpelier. Ida. 
Thornock. Warren Eldon. Salt Lake Cty. 78. 244. 398 
Thornton. LaVee. Las Vegas. Nov.. 224. 359 
Thornton. Newell Kay. Draper, 311 
Thorpe. Blaine F., Springville 
Thorpe, Ednah Dorthea. Duarte. Calif.. 398 
Thorp*. Jock Charles. Ogden. 194, 249. 333 
Thorien. Shirley Odette. Pensacole. Fie.. 224. 359 
Thorstensen. Lowell W.. Provo.. 199. 311 
Thontenson. Clerk T . Idoho Falls. Ido.. 398 
Thorup, Jomes T.. Salt Lake City. 275 

Thorup. Richard M., Salt Lake Cty. 275. 3IS 
Thueson. Helen D., Nampa. Ida.. 359 
Thueson. Jay Roberts. Tw.n Falls. Ida.. 399 

Thulin. Ellen Carol. El Calif.. 66. 276 

Thurber. Bobbie June, Montpelier. Ido. 
Thurber. Stanley Roy. Montpelier. Ida. 

Thurgood. Carolyn. Westwood, Calif.. 398 

Thurgood. Joy D.. Bountiful. 399 

Thurmon. Cherles Gordon. Shelley. Ido.. 79. 209, 399 

Thgnton. Audrey. Mesquite. Nev.. 399 

T, dwell. Cart Milton. Nampa. Ida. 

T.dwell. Frank Duane. Nampo. Ida. 411 

Tilby, Vincent M«fin u «. Sontaquin, 399 

Tillman. Normo. Holbrook, An:.. 225. 31 1 

Timpson. Lyle Bert. Provo 

Tingey. Afton. Springville, 399 

Tingey. Dale, Provo 

Tingey. Helen Jeon. Salt Loke City. 310 

Tingey. Joseph W.. Solt Loke City. 259. 411 

Tingey. Mortho Home. Solt Loke City. 58. 65 

Tippets. Dorlene. Salt Lake City. 399 

Tippets, Merry. Provo, 399 

Tippetts. Perry May, Provo 

Tippetts. Richard B.. Provo 

Tittle, Donald LeRoy. Columbia. 399 

Toblor. Douglas Fred. Nampa. Ida.. 398 

Tobler. Kenneth Burt. Provo. 398 

Todd. Carol. Salt Lake City. 248. 359 

Todd, Jerrold W., Oakland. Calif* 411 

Todd. Reonon. Reno. Nov.. 398 

Todd. Sollye Ann. Westwood. Colif.. 398 

Tolond, Dienne. Tremonton. 359 

Tolond. Pearl Williams. Tremonton. 410 

Tolond. Womoth Eorlene. St. John. Ken.. 398 

Tolbert. Ronold L.. Abrohom 

Tolboe. Edne Jeon. Provo 

Tolboe. Lois Anne N.. Provo 

Tollestrup, Stephen G., Lethbridge. Alberto 

Tolman. Edword Smith, Honeyville 

Tolman. Lynn. Yucoipa. Calif. 

Tolman, Sh.rlene, Pocotello. Ido.. 411 

Tolmon, William O Dell. Spenish Fork. 411 

Tomlinson. David C. Nampa. Ida.. 399 

Tomlinson. Joseph E.. Le Crescento. Calif.. 398 

Toombs. Lomor M.. Los Angeles. 411 

Toombs, Marie. Smithfield. 239. 398 

Toomer. Scott Hinckley. Salt Lake City 

Toone. Celvin White. Ogden 

Toone, Gordon Owen. St. Anthony. Ido. 

Toone. Morvo. Draper, 398 

Topel. Josef Bjorn. Seattle. Wash.. 333 

Torbert. Carolyn. Alhembra. Calif.. 399 

Torgerson. Genevieve. Elko. Nev., 224. 359 

Torgeson. Colleen Marie. Glendale. Calif.. 273. 398 

Torney. Robert George. Seettle. Wosh.. 399 

Torres. Rita, Selt Lake City. 64. 399 

Tovey. Fern Margene. Malad. Ida.. 185 

Tovey. Lois, Malad, Ida., 311 

Trocy. Charles Henry, Flint. Mich.. 399 

Tranter. Thomos Dee. Nephi. 333 

Tregeagle. Ethel K.. Provo.. 310 

Tregeogle. Jeri Deene. Provo. 281. 333 

Treherne. Mary Ann. Salt Lake City. 336. 340 

Trent. Dennis Wayne. Quincy Bend. Ore.. 359 

Trent. William M.. Gretna. Vo.. 399 

Trewortha. Bob Tracy. Sen Francisco. Calif.. 29 

Triono. Tony. Redwood City. Calif.. 399 

Tripp, Richord Groham. Detroit, Mich., 399 

Trotter. Roy Lee, Son Clemente. Calif.. 255 

Trowbridge. Duaine E., Oranqeville. 310 

Trowbridge. Marilyn L.. Long Beach, Calif.. 399 

Truman, Alma D.. St. George. 58. 241 

Truong. Hanh Dae. Salt Lake City 

Tryon, Opal. Tempo. Ariz., 358 

Tryon, Shirley Ann. Carlisle. Pa.. 64. 358 

Tsei. Chern Hwa. China 

Tseu, Albert K., Hono.. Hewoii 

Tsudo, Dagmor Sochie. Hono.. Howeii 

Tucker. Donald. Crawfordvil. Flo.. 224. 275. 356 

Tucker. Hoi W., Morgon. 70. 74. 358 

Tucker. Nettie E. C. Burley. Ido.. 224. 310 

Tuckett, William F.. Spanish Fork. 410 

Tufege. Rosle L. Leie. Oehu 

Tullis. Floyd Lomond. Varnol 

Tullis, Richard Eugen*. Long Beech. Colif.. 121. 399 

Tuomenokse. Eile O . Helsinki. Finlond. 224. 227. 310 

Turcsonski, Gay. Orem, 358 

TuHey, Anna Jeon. Mete. Arit.. 333 

Turley. Anthon Homer. Denoir, Colif.. 400 

Turley. Karen Idoho Fells. Ida 400 

Turley. Loreine. Mese. Arii., 400 

Turley. Lynn Ann, Phoenii, Arii.. 358 

Turley. Patricio. Son Antonio. Te«.. 64. 358 

Turley. Petricie Ann. Denoir. Colif., 332 

Turman. Sharon Jan*. Glendele. Calif., 358 

Turner. Beverly Ann. Grece. Ido., 358 

Turner. Gereld L.. Olympia. Wosh., 310 

Turnar. Lloyd E.. Orem 

Turner. R. chard Alan. Santo Ana. Calif. 

Turner. Ronald Jay, American Fork. Ill 

Turner. Thomas G.. Tooele 

Tuttle. Lou. Cestle Dele. 117, 310 

Turtle. Earl William. Springville. 400 

Turtle. Elliott. Provo. 4(0 

Turtle. Mame W.. Provo. 332 

Twede. Fred G.. Peyson. 64. 400 

T..tch#ll. E. Eugene. Long Beech. Colif.. 359 

• hell. Phyllis. Selt Lake City. 229. 359 
Twitched. Rulon Lee. Lyman. Wyo.. 400 
Tyler. Gerth A . Twin Falls. Ida.. 400 


Tyler. Sylvia R., Los Angeles. Calif.. 58. 176. 180. 211. 213, 

217, 291. 310 
Tyler, Virginia Hazel. Redondo Beach, Calif., 263, 310 
Tyson, Deann, Salt Lake Cify, 359 
Tyson, Jean, Salt Lake City, 332 


Udall. Pauline. Phoeni«, Aril.. 359 

Uibel. Garth, Mt. View, Alberta. 185. 188, 313 

Ulrich, Jeanne M., Weiser, Idaho 

Umphenour, Sterling G., Salt Lake City, 313 

Underwood, William S„ Ogden, 332 

Unger, Gloria Mae, Provo, 400 

Ungerman, Reid Grant, Provo 

Urban, Dick, Grand Junction, Colo. 

Urry. Margaret Joyce, Salt Lake City, 62. 186. 189. 273, 367, 

Ursenbach, Carmen, Lethbridge, Alberta 
Utley, Dwight Willard, Spanish Fork, 332 
Utley, Roger E., Joseph, 121. 401 
Uyeda. Marjorie S., Kauai, Hawaii, 401 

Valentine, Gary Grant, Miami, Ariz., 401 

Vanausdal, Ray LeVere, Santaquin 

Van Buren, John E„ Avenal, Calif., 58, 332 

Van Buren, Roanna, Orangeville, 401 

Vance, John Richard, Provo, 359 

Vance, Loretta, Salt Lake City. 64, 224. 401 

Vance. Rita Mae, Chih.. Mexico 

Van Cott. Gretchen. Los Angeles, Calif., 212, 400 

Van Cott, James William, Murray 

Vanden. Hazel Ailko, Salt Lake City, 359 

Vandenberg, Norine, Denver, Colo., 271, 359 

Vandergrift. Ann. Burbank. Calif., 257, 358 

Van Der Waal, John D., Los Angeles, Calif.. 410 

Vandygrift. Jim C. Jr., Tyler, Texas 

Van Dyke. John Lawrence. Arlington, Va., 400 

Van Dyke. Leon. Lyman. 400 

Van Dyke. Que Morrell, Provo. 410 

Van Fleet. Howard Bay, Provo 

Van Natter, Anita. Wheat Ridge, Colo., 82, 400 

Van Orden, Dell Ray. Idaho Falls, Ida., 411 

Van Vliet, Claude B.. Los Angeles, Calif., 332 

Van Wagenen, James C Sacramento, Calif., 400 

Van Wagenen, Palma S.. Provo, 358 

Van Wagoner, Elizabeth, Palo Alto. Calif.. 277, 358 

Varnes. Donald William. Portland. Ore. 

Vaterlaus, Rodney F.. Preston, Ida., 239, 358 

Vaughn, Larry Kent, Fruitland, Ida., 358 

Vaughn, Ronald Frank, Long Beach. Calif., 58. 399, 400 

Velasco, John E., Jr., Hawaii, 102, 122. 332 

Ventura. George S.. France 

Verbanatz, Thomas R., Orem, 100, 102 

Verburg, Sybil. Filer, Ida., 358 

Veritsky. Anne Beverly. South Porcupine. Ontario, 358 

Vernon, Alton Deloy, Vernal, 64, 244, 248. 400 

Vernon, Fern, Provo 

Vernon, Robert Dean, Provo, 358 

Verzi, Jack, San Jose. Calif., 244, 358 

Vest, Lawrence Dwight, Provo, 400 

Veteto, Andrew L„ Troutdale. Ore., 359 

Vetterli. Aalph Richard, Fresno. Calif., 197, 275 

Victor. Roger, Lodi, Calif., 400 

Viles, Claudia Eileen, Nogales. Ariz. 

Villarreal. Nicholas, Mexico, 359 

Vincent, Alan Grange, Modesto, Calif., 197, 359 

Vogel, Arvilla Pearl, Thistle, 359 

Visick, H. Hal. Salt Lake City. 66, 195, 311 

Vogler, Arvilla Pearl, Thistle. 359 

Vogler, Jackie Leone. Mt. Airy. N. C, 213. 217, 332 

Vogt, Fred Allen 

Vogt, William Dean, Coquille, Ore., 227 

Volkman, Paul James, Preston, Minn.. 246. 401 

Von Weller, George, Buhl, Ida.. 401 

Von Weller, Ruth Ann, Buhl, Ida.. 400 

Vonroth, Audrey Ann, Athens. N. Y., 333 

Voorhees, Douglas R„ Manti, 247. 311 

Voorhees, Ted Clifford, Spanish Fork, 400 

Voyles, Robert Earl, Charleston, S. C. 401 


Waddell. Mary Jean M., Driggs. Ida.. 62, 333 
Wade. Erven Clarence, Malad, Idaho, 401 
Wade. Ronald Joseph. Lakeside, Calif., 401 
Wade, Venis Kay, Long Beach. Calif., 64. 400 
Wadsworth. Darlene. Hemet, Calif., 333 
Wagaman, Kirby LeRoy, Bountiful, 400 
Wagley, Marilyn Sue, Many, La., 359 
Wagner, William H., Kettle Falls, Wash., 400 
Wagstaff. Marilyn, Boise, Ida.. 60. 213. 400 
Wagstaff, Shari June. Phoenix. Ariz.. 400 
Wehlen, Pearl Mardeanne. Ogden, 211,217,311 
Wahlquist. Elizabeth F.. Ogden. 31 I 
Wahlquist. Joseph F.. Ogden. 400 
Wainwright. Arlyn Roy, Kemmerer. Wyo., 400 
Waite, Glenda Mae, La Grande, Ore., 64, 400 
Wakefield, Mary Lynn, Provo, 267, 359 
Wakefield, Thomas Kent, Huntington, 359 
Walbeck, Douglas LaMar, Draper, 400 
Waldvogel, Gerold T., Pinney Pac, Calif.. 401 
Walker. Camille J.. Pocatello, Ida.. 411 
Walker, Carol, Pleasant Grove. 277, 359 
Walker, Darrel Paul, Salem, Ore., 411 
Walker, Devere, Kirtland, N. Mex., 311 

Walker. Glen Ona. Rockland, Ida.. 359 

Walker. Harold C, Winslow, Ariz., 333 

Walker, Jack Lockhart, Orem 

Walker, James W.. Pleasant Grove 

Walker, Janice, American Fork, 263, 333 

Walker, Jerald Calvin, Pleasant Grove, 401 

Walker, Mary F.. Ogden. 234. 249. 341 

Walker, Mary Jean, Pleasant Grove 

Walker, Monta Lou, Woodland, 60, 276. 401 

Walker, Norlan G., Vernal. 411 

Walker, Richard Allen, Bakersfield, Calif.. 200, -,01 

Walker, Ronald Michael, San Bernardino, Calif., 401 

Walker, Sandra Gertrude. Portland. Ore., 411 

Walker, Vivian, Mesquite, Nev.. 401 

Wall, Gary Little, Hono., Hawaii, 227, 333 

Wall. Mary Francis. Banning, Calif. 

Wallace, Lon Jay, Price, 333 

Wallendorff, Loren Jack, Mesa, Calif. 

Wallentine. Loye, Noonan, Ida., 239, 401 

Wallis. Carolyn, Vernal, 206, 271, 333 

Walston, LaVon Floyd. Conrad, Mont., 245, 401 

Walter, Carolyn, American Fork, 401 

Waltman. Ralph Larence. Fontana, Calif., 400 

Walton, Andrew Jackson, Calgary, Alberta, 41 I 

Walton, Gayle E., Provo, 217, 295 

Walton, John, Provo 

Walton. Patricia Jordan. San Jose. Calif., 400 

Walton. Viola Fern, Calgary, Alberta, 195, 240, 311 

Wanlass, Dorothy Joan, Rodeo, Calif., 133, 333 

Ward, Beatrice, Layton, 334 

Ward. Bill Kyle. Las Vegas. Nev., 261, 400 

Ward, Dalphine M„ Whiterock, B. C, 240, 358 

Ward, David Karl, Long Beach. Calif.. 35, 279. 366. 367, 400 

Ward. Dennis Eric, White Rock. B. C, 240 

Ward, Ellon Jane. Richfield 

Ward. Janice, Murray, 64, 186, 358 

Ward, Janielle, Burley. Ida. 

Ward, Joan, Burley, Ida. 

Ward. John Lindsay, Long Beach, Calif.. 17, 35, 78, 200, 

210, 279, 319 
Ward. Russell Wilson, Burbank, Calif., 79 
Ward, Sharon Luella. Richfield. Ida., 243. 400 
Ward. Walton Evans. Malad. Ida.. 400 
Ward, William Swales, Salt Lake City, 224, 250 
Ward, Yvonne. Salt Lake City, 400 
Wardell, Beth, Otto, Wyo., 58. 214. 252. 358 
Wardell. John Albert, Los Angeles, Calif., 400 
Wardle, Nelda, Oqden, 249, 334 
Wardleigh. Helen L., Ogden. 400 
Wardrop, Glenn Arnold, Salt Lake 31 I 
Ware, Colene Joan, Sandy, 401 
Waring. Betty Ann, Smoot, Wyo.. 64, 411 
Warner, Charles Young, Provo, 334 

Warner, Clifford Terry. Redwood City, Calif., I 15, 200, 401 
Warner, Doris S., Ogden. 297 
Warner. James Lee, Fillmore, 105, 122, 401 
Warner, Jean Anona, Inglewood. Calif., 66, 195, 234. 332 
Warner, Milo Lane, Antimony, 401 
Warner, Nadine. Spanish Fork, 64. 401 
Warner, Orvil Ray, Provo, 332 
Warner, Sandra Renee, Grantsville, 64, 332 
Warner, Sherman Elvon, Tooele. 74, 195, 275, 401 
Warner, Ted J.. Ogden, 259, 312 
Warnick, Charles Peter, Windsor, Colo.. 78 
Warnick. Erlend Blaine, Pleasant Grove, 358 
Warnick, Michael A.. Piedmont, Calif.. 255, 358 
Warnick, Robert E., Pleasant Grove, 312 
Warnock, D. Carl, Sigurd. 358 
Warren. Allan H.. Spanish Fork, 401 
Warren, Bruce W., Lyman. Wyo., 332 
Warren, Donald W., Oklahoma City, Okla., 401 
Wasden, Duane Evans. Provo 
Wasden. Evelyn A. H.. Glendale. Calif.. 312 
Wasden. James Brooks, Claremont. Calif., 183, 312 
Wasden, Janet, Cedar City. 70. 226. 401 
Wasden, Michael Dale. Berkeley. Calif., 400 
Washburn, Dawna June. Salt Lake, 400 
Washburn, Sherrie. Salt Lake. 358 
Washburn. Val Gene, Provo, 41 I 
Washburn. Van Hillas. Provo 
Waterlyn, Mary Beth, Sandy, 400 
Waterstradt, William Gary, Ogden, 312 
Watkins, Marilyn, Richland, Wash., 269. 358 
Watrous, Margery Diane, Glendale, Calif.. 213, 358 
Watson, Callis Archie, Hartsville, S. C, 64, 78, 250 
Watson, Charles Wallace, Harstville, S. C. 250, 400 
Watson, Reba Carol, Twin Falls, Ida., 64, 224, 400 
Watson, Robert Story, Menan, Ida., 410 
Watt. Jacqueline, Gardena, Calif.. 64. 213, 359 
Watt, Ralph A., Layton, 227, 410 
Watts, Carol. Salt Lake, 332 
Watts, Donald A., Springville, 359 
Watts. Jeanine, Springville, 267, 400 
Watts, Jerry W., Portland, Ore., 410 
Watts, Patrecia Ann, Provo, 265 
Wayman, Ursula L. Wehrl, Provo 
Waymire, Katherine, Overton, Nev., 64, 400 
Weathermon, Bernita J.. Twin Falls, Ida.. 400 
Weaver. Barbara Ethel. Idaho Falls, Ida.. 58, 277. 333 
Weaver, Charles Brent, Blackfoot. Ida., 78, 246, 261, 400 
Weaver. Ellen Claire, Melrose Park, III., 271, 359 
Weaver, Marvin Gordon, Cowen, W. Va. 
Weaver, Robert Carlton, Provo 
Webb. Bill Bohman. Provo 
Webb. Elaine, Lehi, 281 

Webb, Joy Madilyn, White Sulpher Springs, W. Va.. 335 
Webb. Karen. Provo 
Webb. Leda Ann, Lehi, 401 
Webb. Ralph Dan, Provo, 401 
Webb, Rex, Provo 

Webb. Shirlee Ann. Glendale. Calif.. 359 

Webb. Walter L, II, Salem, N. C, 359 

Webber, Maurice R.. Big Timber. Mont., 245. 246, 359 

Weber, Billie Eileen. Eugene, Ore., 359 

Weber, Lorin D., Lorenzon, Ida.. 284, 297 

Webster, Carl P., Banida. Ida. 

Webster. Floretta Jean. Rexburg, Ida., 401 

Webster, Jacquelin, Provo, 224, 271, 357 

Webster. Lorraine. Provo, 401 

Webster, Marie J., Provo 

Webster, Richard V., Portland, Ore., 255, 335 

Webster, Sharron, Provo, 207, 224, 401 

Weeks, Myrna Lane. Provo. 68, 70, 401 

Weeks, Shirley Lyn. Woods Cross, 401 

Weenig, Jay F.. Boise, Ida.. 78. 102. 104. 113, 359 

Weidner, Bruce Carl. Portland. Ore., 197, 245, 358 

Weight, Duane Pack, Provo 

Weight, J. Reed, Provo, 113, 121, 334 

Weigh;, Jerold Arthur, Provo 

Weight, Myrna Lee, Springville, 401 

Weight, Newell, Provo 

Weight, Ted Leon W.. Provo, 121 

Weiler, Charles Henry, Nahant, Mass., 410 

Weiler, Mary Lou. Salt Lake City 

Welch, Adelaide B., Provo, 401 

Welch. Ervil W.. Sarah, Miss., 400 

Welch, Glen Cobia, Provo. 358 

Welch, Keith W., Corinne. 400 

Welch. Raymond Dean, Lehi 

Welchoff, Lila Natalie, Hayward, Calif.. 64. 400 

Welker. William Harris, Portland, Ore., 400 

Weller, Lynn Daniel, Pocatello, Ida.. 60 

Welles, Aleese Patricia, Glendale, Calif., 400 

Wells. Alexandra C, Salt Lake City, 411 

Wells, Anna Beth, Joseph 335 

Wells, Edwin Gordon. Logandale, Nev., 66, 223. 400 

Wells, Joanne, Logandale, Nev., 276, 334 

Wells, Lorna Coleen, Salt Lake City. 358 

Wells, Oris James, Yermo, Calif., 255 

Wells, Thomas, San Francisco, Calif.. 400 

Wells, William L. 

Welton. Murray Arthur. Powell, Wyo.. 401 

Wendt. Roy Eugene. Kallispell, Mont., 219, 245, 358 

Wengreen, Earl Wayne, Orem 

Werner, Edward Scott, Albuquerque, N. Mex., 209, 358 

Wernz, Therald A„ Provo, 401 

West. Barbara Bernice. Rock Springs, Wyo.. 184, 237, 271, 

West, Helen Sandra, Pocatello. Ida., 358 
West, Henry George, Pocatello. Ida., 102, 279. 312 
West, Joseph Donald, Provo. 410 
West, Leonard R.. Pleasant Grove 
West, Robert Walker, Glendora, Calif., 334 
West, Stanley Ray, Pleasant Grove 
West, Vance Joel. Pleasant Grove 
West, Vernon S., Alberta. Canada 
Westenskow, Leland Dean, Imbler. Ore.. 401 
Westenskow. Mary Annie, Imbler, Ore., 334 
Westenskow, Richard, Woodburn, Ore.. 209, 245, 254, 334 
Westerburg, Eleanor Lou O., Anthony, Ida.. 64, 276, 401 
Western, Marion Wayne, Deseret, 74. 401 
Westman. Price Jan. San Fernando. Calif., 184, 358 
Westover, Ernest Walter, Lewiston, 239, 401 
Westover, Horace Ray, Santaquin, 401 
Westover, Robert N., Provo, 283. 334 
Westover, Victor R„ Holbrook, Ariz., 64. 246. 401 
Westra, Janet Louise. Seattle, Wash., 251. 401 
Westwood, Ardis Jean, Moab, 334 
Westwood, Judith Ann, San Diego, Calif.. 277, 358, 401 
Westwood, Kent David, Concord, Calif. 
Westwood, Margot Star, San Diego, Calif., 276, 400 
Westwood, Richard D.. Provo 
Westwood, Ross Moran, Provo 
Weyerman, Joseph Jones, Vernal, 400 
Whatcott, Vernon O. Provo 
Wheeler, Carol Beth, Salt Lake City, 334 
Wheeler, Donna Mae, Layton, 358 

Wheeler, Jay Merritt. San Bernardino. Calif., 66, 200, 400 
Whetten, John Jerome, Juarez, Mex., 76, 359 
Whetten, Lawrence L., Ephraim 
Whipperman, Barbara Jo, Salt Lake City 
Whipple, Marcia Jane. Las Vegas. Nev.. 66. 359 
Whipple. Marlene. A|o. Ariz., 225. 226. 312 
Whipple, Shirley May, Salt Lake City. 400 
Whipple, Venla, Showlow, Ariz., 238. 246, 400 
Whipple, Verland T., Sacramento. Calif. 200, 220 
Whipple, Viola, Ajo, Ariz., 400 
Whitaker. Carol Jean, Portland, Ore., 400 
Whitaker, Dixie Mecham, Provo 
Whitaker, Dorothy Joan, Provo, 64, 213, 359 
Whitaker, John Milton, Provo 

Whitaker. N. Maurine. Salt Lake City, 68, 269. 359 
Whitaker, Scott Merrill. Provo 
White, David, Penllyn, Pa. 
White, David Arnold, Copperton. 261, 359 
White Dixie, Ft. Stockton. Tex., 213. 277, 335 
White. Dixie. Ogden. 401 

White, Eleanor Deane, Montpelier, Ida.. 62. 335 
White. Fred G.. Spanish Fork, 295 
White, Gary Banks, Spanish Fork 
White, Glenda Mae, Porterville, Calif., 359 
White, Janice, San Diego, Calif., 27, 277, 312 
White, Jerald Dell, Green River, Wyo., 410 
White, Joanne, Juna, Ida., 224. 400 
White, Joseph Franklin, Wyo., 78, 79. 359 
White, Leland Darrell, Provo. 64 
White. Patricia M., Provo, 359 
White. Patsy Jean. Mesa. Ariz., 250, 401 
White, Percia. Salt Lake City, 401 
White, Sherma Bee. American Fork. 401 


White. Veonne. Green River. Wyo.. 234. 269. 313 

While. V.rqinlo Dell, Phoeni., Ar.z.. 359 

White. Will, am W., Attleboro. Mass.. 113. 360 

Whitear. Melvln J.. Oqden 

Whitehead. Barbara C. Oqden. 225. 313 

Whitehead. Gwendolyn C Pacific Polisodes. Calif.. 313 

Whitehead. Joan, Los Angeles. Calif.. 410 

Whiteley. Gloria. Ookley. Ida.. 367. 401 

Whitelock. R. Dale. Payson 

Whltesides. Gerald. Burely. Ida.. 401 

Whitesides, James Neal, Twin Falls. Ida. 

Whiting, Colleen, Rupert, Ida. 

Wh.tmq. Dor.s A.. Holbrook, Ariz.. 64. 401 

Whiting. Gordon Carl. Minneapolis. Minn.. 68. 360 

Whiting. Harriet R.. Sprlngville. 217 

Whiting. Jean Frances. Phoeni.. Ariz., 238. 401 

Whiting, Lois Fern. Salmon. Ida.. 246. 276. 360 

Whiting. Marilyn. Mapleton. 313 

Whitmore, Daniel Robert. Waynesboro. Pa. 

Whitmore. Don R.. Magna. 410 

Whitmore. Helen J.. Magna. 360 

Whitmore. Lynn S., Overton, Nev. 

Whitney, Luree, Hurricane 

Whitney. Marcia. Bellevue. Wash.. 257, 335 

Whittoker, Charles K.. Heyburn, Ida.. 60. 401 

Whittoker. Dorothy A.. Circleville. 81. 360 

Whittoker. Joyce E., Circleville. 226. 313 

Whittle. Charles W.. Provo 

Whittle. Jack W.. Provo. 176. 182. 259. 335 

Whittle, Kennen, Provo 

Whittle, Merlin D.. Preston. Ida.. 239. 400 

Whittle. Sylvia Lee. Kimberly. Ida.. 58. 206. 217. 335 

Whittle. William M.. Provo. 102. 360 

Whitwood. Kenneth Reid. Orem 

Whitworth. Raymond F., Bancroft. Ida.. 312 

Wible. John Robert, El Monte, Calif.. 312 

Wicherski, Carol Joan, Mesa, Ariz., 400 

Wickmon. Neldono, Castle Dole, 360 

Wiedenmeier. Marilynn J.. Fond du Lee. Wise. 217. 360 

Wightman. Jenet. Salt Lake City. 400 

Wightmon, Jeanne. Springville 

Wikoff. Nancy Jo. Baltimore, Md„ 285. 400 

Wilcken. Dolores. Salt Lake City. 257. 312 

Wilcock. Sandra. Salt Lake City. 281 

Wllco». Dale Glen, Huntington Park. Calif., 197. 219. 312 

Wilco«. Harold Eugene. Baldwin Park. Calif.. 312 

Wilco., Karen Marie. Huntington Park. Calif. 

Wilco., Shorlene. Provo. 232. 400 

Wilde. Clark O.. Oakley. 334 

Wilde, Gale Ora. Trail. Ore.. 361 

Wilde. H. Luieane. Park City. 189. 234. 248. 360 

Wilde. Janice Joan. Oakley. 400 

Wilde. Karl Dee. CokesviMe. Wyo.. 64. 279. 411 

Wilde. Keith Pearson, Oakley 

Wilde, Orvin Geral. Provo 

Wilde, Ralph M„ Cheyenne. Wyo.. 312 

Wilde. Rosalie Hall.. Provo 

Wilde. Ruth. Cheyenne. Wyo.. 185. 263. 312 

Wilde. Veldon Lawrence. Carey. Ida.. 314 

Wilde. Wayne. Provo. 400 

Wilder, Lynnette Fenn, Modesto. Calif.. 276. 400 

Wilhelm, Guy A.. Winslow, Ariz.. 400 

Wilhelm, Jeanne Naoma. Winslow. Ariz.. 401 

Wilkes, Floyd A.. Eugene, Oregon, 361 

Wilkes. Melvln Ronald. Aurora. 112. 401 

Wllkey. Lawrence E.. Nephl. 401 

Wilkins, Darwin Orson, St. Johns. Ariz. 

Wilkins, Ernest Wilson. Ramah, N. Me... 238. 246. 401 

Wilkins, Kent Myrup, Murray. 361 

Wilkins, Lowell H., Manitou. Colo., 122 

Wilkins. Roberta Emilee. San Bernardino. Calif.. 269. 361 

Wilkins. Rosalea Lois. San Bernardino. Calif.. 401 

Wilkinson. Clynn J.. Jr.. Portland, Ore., 184. 245, 255, 334 

Wilkinson. Connie Lee. Portland. Ore.. 263. 360 

Wilkinson Herbert L.. Jr.. Van Nuys. Calif. 

Wilkinson. Janet Vivian. Orem. 223. 401 

Wilkinson. Ronald H.. Ogden 

Wilkinson. Wayne Harry. Morgan 

Willard. Willa F„ Ajo, Arizona. 401 

Willardson. Glen Pierce. Gunnison. 227, 312 

Willardson. Ray Vincent, National City. Calif.. 334 

Willardson. Sylvia D.. San Diego. Calif.. 401 

Wide, Milton George, Chicago, III., 411 

Willes. Ray. Portland. Ore. 

Willey. Harold Vance. Lawrence. Kan.. 222.411 

Williams. B. Lamar. Phoeni,. Ariz.. 313 

Williams. Barbara Joan. Glendale, Calif.. 27, 213. 277. 360 

Williams. Bernice C Provo 

Williams. Corolyn. Fresno. Calif.. 64. 402 

Williams. David E.. Provo. 360 

Williams. Elden 6.. Spanish Fork. 313 

Williams. Elsabeth. Price. 64. 206. 217. 334 

Williams. Glen Lee. Malad. Ida.. 334 

Williams. Hanna Mae. Provo. 60. 229. 267. 360 

Williams. Henry LeRoy. Olympia. Wash. 

Williams, Jackie Groen. A«son. Ga., 105. 402 

Williams. Jemes Fred. Oqden. 361 

Williams, James Kenneth, Provo 

Williams, Jane Alice, Arlington. Va.. 402 

Williams. John Charles. California. 402 

Williams. Kenneth E.. Carlsband. Calif. 

Williams. LaMar Frank. Tooele. 119. 334 

Williams. Lillian E.. Centervllle. 402 

Williams. Marilyn E , Long Beach, Calif.. 285. 402 

Williams. Mary, Pioche. Nev. 

Williams, Myrle. Peoa, 402 

Williams, Myrna Loy. Sunnyside. 74. 402 

Williams. Noel Judd. Grantsvllle. 402 

Williams. Paul George. Tooele. 58. 334 

Williams. Shirley Ann. Glendale. Ariz.. 224. 403 

Williams. Stanley Ivor. Albuquerque. N. Me... 403 

Williams. Terrel Blair. Malad. Ida.. 410 

Williams. Theo Lee. Lakevlew. Ore.. 74. 76. 245. 360 

Williams. Wayne Gene, San Diego. Calif. 

Williams. Wllma. Duchesne. 360 

Williamson. Harold G.. Provo. 403 

Williamson. Irene. Vidor, Texas. 403 

Williamson. Leon Edgar. Madison. Flo . 403 

Williamson. Reld J. Sen Marino. Col.'.. 255. 411 

Williamson. Walter L.. Green Prairie. Teias. 403 

W.llich. Theodore. Leonla. N. J. 

Willing!. Charles Edwin. San Jose. Calif.. 360 

Willis. Jenet Reive. Henrleville. 334 

Willis. Vivian Love. Snowflake. Ariz.. 206. 224. 361 

Willt, Mo.ri-. Lee. Modesto. Calif.. 411 

Wilson. Alice Ann.. St. Michael. Ariz., 402 

Wilson. Arlene. Salt Lake City. 267. 360 

W.lson. Arnold. Sprlngville. 113. 314 

Wilson, Beaulah Deana, Van Nuys. Calif 

W.lson, Dale Leon. Boring. Ore.. 245. 255. 402 

Wilson. David Harvey. Payson 

Wilson. Delight. Glendale. Calif.. 361 

Wilson, Eber Keith. Riverside. Cal.f. 

Wilson. Elmond. Tridell 

Wilson. Horvey A.. Jr.. Solt Loke City. 402 

Wilson. Jack Ronald. Covina. Calif.. 411 

Wilson. Jettle. Salt Lake City. 402 

W.lson. John L , Idaho Falls. Ida.. 314 

Wilson. Laura. Salt Lake City. 402 

Wilson. Lerona M.. Chlh.. Me.ico. 360 

Wilson. Loyd Leon. Woodland. Calif.. 402 

Wilson. Melvin Grant. Solt Loke City. 64, 361 

Wilson. Orson William. Hyrum 

Wilson. Phyllis Jean. Boise. Ida. 

Wilson. Reese A.. Midway 

Wilson, Reva Jone, Idaho Falls. Ida. 

Wilson. Richard J.. Portland. Ore.. 402 

Wilson. Richard Lee. China Green. N. C. 402 

Wilson. Rita Jean. Wenatchee. Wash.. 403 

Wilson. Ronald F.. Tooele. 403 

Wilson. Virginia. Hatch. 313 

Wilson. Ward P.. Hatch. 74. 361 

Wilson. Wilbur J., Springville. 229. 410 

Wilson. William H.. Oregon 

Wilson. William R„ Wheatridge. Colo.. 410 

Wiltbank. Vilma Ruth. Greer. Ariz., 238, 360 

WJtbank. Jerry D.. Greer. Ariz.. 403 

Wiltsey. Barbara Jean, Porowan. 265. 360 

Wimmer. Beverly Erma. Ooklond. Calif.. 361 

Wimmer. Larry Turley. Safford. Ariz.. 283. 403 

Winegor, Carol. Ontorio. Ore.. 360 

Winegar, Carol Ann. Salt Lake City 

Wing. Barbara. Raymond. Alberta. 178. 194. 213. 240. 271. 

319. 335 
Wing, Ella Annette. Provo 
Wing. Glennis. Lehl. 402 
Wing. Jack Hildebrand. Provo. 410 
Winger. Carolyn. Long Beach. Calif.. 360 
Winkler. Mary Lee. Provo. 281. 360 
Winkler. Pauline. Bluebell. 402 
Winn. John Raymond. Price. 360 
Winn, Zan J„ Ogden, 58 

Winslow. Roger Royal. Los Angeles, Calif.. 360 
Winslow, Wayman Lloyd. Lehi, 402 
Winters. Kathleen. Afton, Wyo.. 62. 402 
Winters. M. Neville. Los Angeles. Calif.. 315 
Winword. Borboro Roe. Solt Loke City. 402 
Winword. Emer Koyle. Burley. Ido.. 105. 402 
Winword. Joy. Emmett. Ido.. 217. 313 
Winword. Mo. C. Orem 

Wirrick. George Wolker. Hood River. Ore.. 402 
Wiscomb. Corol Ann. Solt Loke City. 224. 402 
Wisdom. Corol Janice. Los Anqeles. Colif.. 403 
Wise. Goye Elise. Morion, Ohio, 217, 267 
Wise. Joseph Golden, Downey. Ido.. 78. 403 
Wise. Nevo. Roe, Downey. Ido.. 313 
Wiser. Jemes Richard. Belen. N. Mei.. 410 
Wishart, James Thomas, Mattoon, III. 
Wistisen. Rolene. Bancroft, Ida.. 360 
Witbeck. Alon, Raymond. Alberto 
Witbeck. Corol. Provo. 236 
Wittke. Doyton D.. Tooele. 215. 284. 315 
Wittorf. John Herbert. New York. N. Y.. 184. 195. 253. 284. 

Wirtsell. Lowrence E.. Sovonburq. Ken.. 191. 335 
Wittwer. Harold Edwin. Bunkerville. Nev.. 403 
Wittwer. Marilyn. Reno. Nev.. 184, 211. 312. 341 
Wittwer. Morion Somuel. Solt Lake City. 70. 74. 210. 241. 312 Hortt P.. Solt Loke City. 360 
Wold. Mo. Preston. Mesa. Ariz. 
Wolfley. Richard D.. Freedom, Wyo.. 215. 222. 335 
Wolsey. Borboro Koy. Provo. 263. 335 
Wolsey. Morlene. Provo. 403 
Wolsey. Thomas Mark. Provo. 266. 361 
Wolsey. Wilmo. Provo. 361 
Wong. Anne S. H.. Hono.. Hawaii 
Wong. See Bon. Provo. 403 
Woo. Florence. Son Francisco. Colif. 
Wood. Blair. Hurricane. 403 
Wood. Corol. Spanish Fork. 213. 277. 335 
Wood. Don Charles. Pendleton. Ore. 
Wood. Enid Carol. Berkeley. Calif.. 335 
Wood. Fern, Sponish Fork 
Wood. Harold Alon. Holden, 335 
Wood. Helen. Holden. 361 
Wood. Karen. Los Vegos. Nev.. 335 
Wood. Kenneth Grant. Cardston. Alberta. 122. 240 402 
Wood. Lowell Dole. Glenwood. Alberta. 240 
Wood. Marilyn. Tucson. Ariz.. 81. 206. 229. 334 
Wood, Marilyn Ann, Portland. Ore.. 399. 403 
Wood. Milton Blaine. Provo. 403 
Wood. Orln Lew. Big Creek. Colif.. 402 
Wood. Patricia Joann. Formington, N. Mei.. 361 
Wood. Paul LoVon. Boker. Ore. 
Wood. Russell Carl. Holden 
Wood. Ruth Ann. Clearfield. 64. 213. 361 
Wood. Trena Veola. Lyman. 402 
Wooderd. Joy. Gosher 
Woodbury. Margaret L.. Provo, 239 
Woodfield, Norman R.. Oqden 
Woodford. Hugh J.. Sidney. Australia. 295 
Woodhouse. Florence Moe. Beaver, 334 
Woodhouse. Mary Carol. Spanish Fork. 224 
Woodmonsee. Keren, Re.burq. Ido.. 267. 402 
Woods. Robert Charles. Sprlngville. 402 

Woodward. Anita Ann. Fallon, Nev.. 402 

Woodward. Don Carlos IV. Provo. 188. 233. 402 

Woolfenden. Carme M.. Magna. 24. 361 

Woolstenhulme. Paul Don. Oakley 

V/oolston. Lynn T„ Provo. 78. 79. 312 

Woolston. Mary A.. American Fork 

Wootton, Richard Roland. Washington. D. C. 164. 275, 312 

Workman. Claude Dee. Lovell. Wyo.. 403 

Workman. Cornelius. Provo. 252. 312 

Workman. Lovisa Rose St. George. 224. 233. 312 

Worley. Ma. • Angeles. Calif.. 312. 275 

n, Meurine H.. American Fork 
Worsle,. Bernice, Layton 
Worsley. Joan Kay. Provo. 23. 58. 257. 321 
Worsley. Klea Evans. Temple City, Calif. 
Worsley. Marilyn Joy. Provo. 58. 98. 361 

Worthem. Luanna lee. Grand Junction. Colo.. 60. 267. 402 
Worthom. Wilbur R„ Idaho Falls. Ida.. 215. 312 
Worthen. David M.. Provo. 403 
Worthen. Isabel. Las Vegas. Nev.. 361 
Worthen. Marlon V.. Price. 313 
Worthlnqton. Foy. Spokane. Wosh.. 246. 410 
Wrotholl. Claude Prior. Auroro. N. Y.. 335 
Wrotholl. Donald P.. Auroro. N. Y.. 403 
Wrotholl. Toft Wallace. Polo Alto. Colli.. 403 
Wride, Afton. American Fork, 335 
Wrlde. Afton Jenele. Long Beech. Calif.. 410 
Wride. Lynn Thomes. Provo. 279 
Wride. Morion. Spanish Fork 
Wrlde. Wendell T.. Long Beech. Calif.. 361 
Wriqht. Ann Seiqrid. Eugene. Ore.. 64 
Wright. Cherie Jeonine. Freedom. Wyo.. 252. 403 
Wright. Don L.. Heber. 403 
Wriqht. Erlynne. Provo 

Wright. Gory Hotch. Chula Visto. Calif.. 403 
Wright. Glenno. Denver. Colo., 411 
Wright. Herbert C. Salt Loke City 
Wright. J. W.. Provo. 334 
Wright. Jone Bee. Provo. 64. 403 
Wright. Lois L. Salt Loke City 
Wright. Marilyn. Whittier. Calif.. 402 
Wriqht. Mary Evelyn. Provo. 214. 334 
Wright. Mary Jo Ann. Council. Ida.. 402 
Wriqht. Norma. Los Anqeles. Calif.. 360 
Wriqht. Norman Edgar. Salt Lake City. 411 
Wriqht. Robert Royce. Cordston. Alberto. 122 
Wriqht. Roger Lane. Reno. Nev.. 402 
Wright. Ross Allen. Provo. 402 
Wright. Ruth Louisa. Son Jose. Colif.. 62. 402 
Wright. Willis L.. Bandero. 360 
Wyler. Wayne E.. Provo 

Wynder. Frank Curtis. Hillsprlng. Alberto, 194, 297 
Wynder. Novee Harris. Tober. Alberta 
Wynn. Elston Howard. Springfield. Ida.. 200. 402 

Yancey. Dovid O Dell. Solt Loke City. 244 

Yordley. Jolene. Beaver. 64. 402 

Yates. Chorles Jerold. Henderson. Nov.. 402 

Yates. John Michael. Camp LeJeune. N. C. 361 

Yearsley. Kenneth G.. Ogden 

Yeotes. Borboro. Denver. Colo.. 64. 401 

Yeotes. James Lorin, Denver. Colo.. 279. 360 

Yeomons. Edith Joan. Moncos. Colo.. 229. 285. 403 

Ylngling. Billy Alvin. Bend. Ore. 

Yoshino. Yootaro. Japan. 194 

Yoshloko. Hichmosuke. Jopon. 242. 361 

Yost. Dean V„ Provo 

Yost. Thed O., Richmond. 176. 177. 184. 239. 292. 295 

Youd. John, Sponish Fork 

Youd. Loon E.. Spanish Fork 

Young. Alen Soville. Jr.. Maryland. 233. 403 

Young. Corol J.. Salt Loke City. 315 

Young. Connie Jean. Monteview. Ida.. 361 

Young. Dean A.. Dove Creek. Colo.. 219 

Younq. Esther Rao. Springville. 80. 403 

Young, Florence Beth. Pingree. Ida.. 285 

Young. Ilo Jean. Orem. 225 

Young. James Mortin. Chicago. Ml.. 360 

Young, Jomes W.. Formington. N. Mei.. 403 

Young. Janice. Richfield. 269. 313 

Young. Jean Lenore. Payson. 361 

Young. Jerry Morgon. Sparks. Nov.. 196. 360 

Young. Kenneth Lloyd. Blockfoot. Ida.. 411 

Young, Kent Leonard, Huntington. 335 

Young. loGronde L„ Provo. 105. 403 

Young. Mary Alice. Provo 

Young. Norma Lillian. Tucson. Ariz.. 360 

Young, Robert M.. Provo 

Young. Robert William. Seattle. Wosh. 

Young. Ross, Heber 

Younq. Sandra Diane. Salt Lake City. 403 

Youngkelt. Deon C ProvOj 266. 361 

Youngkelt. Louie Gene. Anaheim. Colli. . 403 

Youngstrom. William M.. Spencer. Ida.. 402 

Zobel. Koro Lynn. San Diego. Calif.. 402 

Zabr.skie. Morilynn. Orem 

Zobrisk.e. Maurine. Pleasant Grove. 341 

Zaccardi. Dorothy J.. Provo 

Zander. Rudolph. Jr.. Flushing. N. Y.. 253. 279. 335 

Zouqg. Myrna Inez. Clearfield. 402 

Zeller. Donald Earl, lovell. Wyo.. 402 

Zenger. Jotin Honcock. Provo. 17. 176. 177. 179. 210. 223. 

250. 259. 313 
Zlglor. Marilyn Gait. Spokane. Wash. 64. 251. 402 
Z.rker. Mar.lyn Gay. Motes Leke. Wash.. 251 
Z.rker. Ronald John. Wander.. Wash. 251. 361 
Zobell. Karl David. Solt Loke Cty. 313 
ZobeM. Gordon. Lakeview, 411 
Zollinger. Janice I.. San Bemordino. Calif.. 402 
Zollinger. Patricio R.. Son Bemordino CeLI.. 257. 313 


/Ackit^ufj^a^em^itA . . . 

Our goal has been to provide you, the student, with a factual and artistic resume of the 
past year's activities at B.Y.U. To accomplish this we have attempted to gather the 
finest in photography, art and writing; and to produce a book with logical organiza- 
tion of content. We have devoted much effort to minimize errors; please accept our 
apology for those we have missed in our checking. 

Lynn Staheli 

Appreciated Donations: 

The excellent color illustration on pp. 4 & 5 by Mr. Maynard D. Stewart. 
The Timpanogos snow scene on pp. 10 & I I taken by Dr. Wayne B. Hales. 
The Homecoming photograph on pp. 22 & 23 taken by Mr. Lynn Wakefield. 


"Y" Press Printing 

Photo Studio Portraits 

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Mr. Joseph Boel Photography Advisor 

Mr. Robert Thomas Copy Advisor 

Editorial Staff 

Orval Skousen Photography Editor 

Dean Jessee Art Editor 

John Marlow Associate Editor 

Marilyn Bentley Copy Editor 

Section Editors & Assistants 

Don Woodward Activities 

Jim Thome, Dick Gibson 

Paul Petersen Leadership 

Duchess Gillette Organizations 

Ed Tetreault Classes 

Judy Manwill, LuRae Hall, Konda Atkisson 
Yvonne Anderson Index 

5 • * V * 

3 « « 

> n 



Carol Mickelson Index 

Jane Harrison Paneling 

Barbara Markham, Delora Bertelsen, Ann Jones 
Gayle Christensen Scheduling 

Business Staff 

Bob Sipherd Business Manager 

Frank Berrett Sales Manager 

Grant Bigelow Salesmen Director 

Bonnie Berrett Correspondence Secretary 

George Sukiasian Page Sales Manager 

Renee Holton Finance Secretary 

Connie Gabbott Budget Secretary 

i»T>« ••*. 

Printed by offset process 

;ess In eight and sixteen-page signatures at L * < £ C ** « * 

dv in 12 Doint voaue: caotions in 10 point • 

*■ Printed by offset process in eight and sixteen-page signatures at 

i ^ ii 8.Y.U. press. Body copy in 12 point vogue; captions in 10 point 

j_ \. V "XV-f Tt \ V • U/^ogue. Titles are of "paste-up" Art Type. Color inks include: black, 

. process inks, peacock blue, apple green, medium orange, and 

process ihks, peacocn Diue, appre green, meaium orange, ana 
camelia. Paper is 80 lb. Logan Papeterie Titanium with smoorh 
'ellum finish. 

1- o 
y o ^ 

i/« * * A. 


snum unisn. . , ^. 

-Tv- i.*€ "-C^ r (f<X< /e>tA. J- 

h e> p> e *"° 
te //,* A/ y 

/o k. a, Crec: 



«a. -s 


*<2 X 



— M- 

e j 



^M-7 „ n . 

Ju^. Jut* a. k**±f J<&~~,~, 

g^rJ. J h*"- o^*^*^ *&*- ty} 9 T** u ~* m c ^ / ~^*- 


jr-j/M. it so 

/ lLr4