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ome, my friends, 

'Tis not too late to seek a newer world. 

Push off, and sitting well in order smite 

The sounding furrows, for my purpose holds 

To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths 

Of all the western stars, until I die. 

It may be that the gulfs will wash us down; 

It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles, 

And see the great Achilles, whom we knew. 

Tho' much is taken, much abides; and tho' 

We are not now that strength which in old days 

Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are; 

One equal temper of heroic hearts. 

Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will 

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. 

Alfred, Lord Tennyson 

seeking. . . 

This gray spirit yearning in desire 

To follow Knowledge like a sinking star, 

Beyond the utmost bound of human thought. 

Alfred, Lord Tennyson 

. . perfection 


Published by the Associated Students of ^ 
Brigham Young Univei'sity, Provo, Utah 

Member of the Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate Press Association 


■i*jfcA,*jj: iLj,.ji 

"^'^'iiiftiiMiiaaiiiiip III 






;»,':■ -r- 

' - — '^•' 

John Marlow 

Steve Barrett 

Val Parke 

Yvonne Anderson . 

Bob Pratt 

Wallace M. Barrus 
Don Woodward .... 

........1 Editor 

Business Manager 

....... Business Manager 

Assistant Editor 

Art and Layout Editor 
.... Photography Editor 
Copy Editor 

by learning truth. . 

To follow the course of truth is our goal — to seek out the 

knowledge which we know lies within ourselves, our world and 

our religion. The arching future of mankind lies before us, and 

as we stumble through our search we walk upon the shoulders 

of forgotten men who once lived and dreamed and loved as 

we do. In these latter days we again seek the beauty of truth 

as those ancient men sought it — without fear and with the added 

knowledge that in the sight of God all truth becomes one. In this 

book we use, as symbols of our search, accomplishments of the 

Greek civilization; but we know that by our hands alone will the 

future be decided. How much further we can progress will 

depend upon how eff ectivly we apply our ideals. 

study, before school or between classes — time cannot wait. 

A world leader, wise men taught us the way to peace. 

Research is not easy, but knowledge is not free. 

Scientific method — evperiment, observe, record 


in the world. . 

We live in a world of wonder, more strange than 

any dreams of the imagination. The spreading 

world around us holds truths, which, if we 

could understand them completely, would hold 

the keys to elevating man beyond disease and 

poverty and ignorance. But we must work and 

study with our minds open if wie are to overcome 

the challenges which the world has never 

lacked offering to man. As we seek and study 

in the world, we become even more aware of 

the absolute need for man to become humble 

in order to wisely apply the knowledge which 

he finds. We stand on the threshold of the 

greatest f utiu>e that man has ever known — 

or we can destroy ourselves with a tragic 

misunderstanding of our role in the world. 

Dancing, an answer to the lure of music. 

Between-class meetings, ease a day's tension. 

Faculty-student relationships, help us to learn of ourselves through their experience. 

In sharing our fun and laughter, we become aware of each 

person s uniqueness. 


Parties, a planned enjoymei 

A face of laughter strikes a responsive chord in us 

in ourselves. 

Love, honesty, loyalty, integrity ... all are 
abstract concepts which we find only 
within ourselves. Within ourselves lies the 
power to discern good from evil, within 
ourselves is that extra something which makes 
us as different from the other creations 
as night is from day. In an effort to know 
ourselves, to understand what it is that makes us 
gay, happy, or melancholy, we look at our- 
selves and more and more realize that 
of all the creations, man is the most marvelous. 
We look from a distance, and we see that 
people can be alternately laughing and 
singing or serious and quiet. We try to under- 
stand ourselves, knowing that if we 
could understand the workings of our mind and 
our conscience which produce our ideals, then 
we could more easily find the key to our future. 

Family prayer, uniting us in bonds of continued faith. 

Alone, we give thanlcs for the life we have. 

Devotional assemblies — we learn of our role in life. 

Radio message of faith, reaching us at any place or time. 

Understanding teachers, helping us learn the truths of faith. 

• • • 




Even as we seek within ourselves and the world, 
We know that there is something else for man 
to believe in, some other aspect of our life that 
is not easily found with microscopes or easily 
felt by senses. The beauty of the world and the 
awesome completeness of the universe remind 
us every day that God is over everything 
controlling His creations. It is through faith 
that we are convinced of the immortality and 
integrity of the soul of man and the potential 
of the individual to attain perfection. Man's 
accomplishments have taught us that he can 
have a great and noble future — faith 
assures us of that possibility. 

Welfare work, an opportunity to help others. 



Music and Drama 




table of contents 

Introduction fo^'^' 

Activities section twenty three 

Royalty section fifty nine 

Music and Drama section seventy five 

Sports section one hundred eleven 

Leadership section one hundred forty seven 

Organizations two hundred seven 

Classes section two hundred ninety seven 

General index four hundred twenty two 


a campus as beautiful asi 

a center of social and religious life on 
campus. Squaw Peak, in background, is 
covered with snow during most of the year. 


he eternal search for truth 

This was the campus we knew, with its sloping 

green lawns of summer and its enveloping white 

snow of winter. Utah sunsets fanned over the 

sky behind the classical Greek lines of the Maeser 

Building and reflected from the modernistic 

glass front of the Science Center. Against a 

soaring backdrop of mountains we walked to 

our classes, arid we felt a deep sense of pride in 

the future. And around us, almost as tangible 

as the buildings, was that unique feeling of 

brotherhood for which the university is 

renowned. The institution was growing into 

one of America's great universities, and the 

campus in late fall or summer or snow clad 

winter was to us as beautiful as the eternal 

search for truth. The buildings took on a 

personality of their own — the bowl in the 

Eyring Science Center, the living room of the 

Family Life units, the quiet which sometimes 

fell on the library, the gleaming newness of the 

McKay Building, the solemn stillness and the 

lifting concerts in the Joseph Smith Building 

contrasting with the noise and tumult in the 

Fieldhouse> the bustle in the Service Center and 

the steam pipes in the North Building, and 

everywhere the sound of new construction in 

progress — they all blended finally into an 

impression of our college days which 

would remain with us forever. 

WINTER SNOWSCENES leave feelings 
of tranquility and peace as the sun breaks 
through to reveal an altered campus. 


MODERN lines of stairs 
in Science Building show 
current campus trend in 
new architectural designs. 

complete staff and clinic 
facilities for the students. 


Dr. Wilkinson and his family, 
and is the scene of informal 
discussion groups and firesides. 


largest literary collection in area. 
Students meet here to study, plan, or 
bask in the sun beneath the only 
ivy covered walls on the campus. 

-J ^•••"» 

ing houses administrative of- 
fices. Classical lines emphasize 
the high ideals of the university. 

unique on BYU campus. 
Girls prepare their own 
meals, entertain boy- 
friends, live as if at home. 

GLASS AND aluminum 
in new McKay Building, 
frames angular stairs to 
emphasize a tropical plant. 


UNIVERSITY HILL overlooks Utah 
Valley to give a young couple an 
unforgettable view at sunset of Provo 
to add to their college memories. 



FOUCAULT Pendulum in 
Science Building measures 
earth rotation. Students 
make it a favorite ren- 
dezvous between classes. 


for the first time this year. Designed 
for expansion, it contains three major 
laboratory areas and western states 
botany specimens. 

couple strolls lazily towards the 
Eyring Science Center, home 
of campus research and study. 

university is in midst of 
expansion program to fit 
large enrollment increases. 
Men here are working on 
new Family Living Center. 

THE DAY ENDS, and a Western 
sunset reflects upon the snows of Mt. 
Timpanogos. But evening for the 
planner is a time to appreciate the 
challenge of a great university. 



activities section 

Even in the times of the ancient Greeks all was not serious. 

Every civilization which has ever existed has had its ways 

of entertainment in activities. The woman gathering 

flowers for a Grecian festival was not far removed from 

the girl who now spends all night decorating for a big dance. 

We find that throughout the ages of the world a universal 

language which ignores time's barriers is laughter, arising 

from man's infinite capacity to enjoy himself and to amuse 

himself. Ever since the days of Eden he has invented 

intricate games, trained his body for sport competitions and 

planned events which would satisfy that other side of 

himself which seeks entertainment. 


leaders show -their position and responsibilities. 

AHENDING BANQUET at lodge were Elva 
Davis, Lillian C. Booth and Cleo McCracken. 

SUNRISE SERVICES set mood for coming year. 

planning on a big year 

One hundred fifty student leaders and faculty members 
met before school started this year to outline a successful 
student government and to become acquainted with each 
other. Held in Bryce Canyon National Park, Leadership 
Week was keynoted by Harvey L. Taylor, Executive As- 
sistant to the President of the University. "Behold Eter- 
nity" was chosen as the theme of the conference, and 
special emphasis was put upon the importa'nce of laying 

a good foundation for better things to come. The pro- 
gram featured information sessions, games and singing. 
Dr. Henry L. Isaksen, Student Coordinator, was in charge 
of the meeting, and Lynn Richards of the LDS Church 
Sunday School Board was a featured speaker. Highlight 
of the meet was a sunrise service on Inspiration Point, 
where participants gathered before dawn in one of 
America's most beautiful National Parks. 

TAKING HELM of school, leadets 
planned for a year of advance- 
ment. Pictured: Bob Driggs, busi- 
ness manager; Wid Tingey, presi- 
dent; Ellen Keeler, 1st vice presi- 
dent; Vickie Richards, secretary; 
John Ward, 2nd vice president. 



iMPUS TOUR is led by 
n Parker, who explains to 
ious frosh fhaf the oJd 
Bell is sounded by IK's 
y after a Cougar victory. 


a week of orientation 

A record 319! freshmen faced a bewildering battery of 
psychological exams, placement tests aind intelligence 
quizzes during this year's Orientation Week. Incoming 
students were taken on campus tours in between exams, 
or were shuttled from one orientation meeting to another 
as upperclassmen explained the functions of the honor 
code, the student government, and everything connected 

with the efficient running of a complex university. 
A pep rally preceding the first football game, an outside 
dance held in the Fieldhouse parking lot, and an assembly 
themed around "BY wants You" were planned activities 
for them, while Frosh Talent night gave them an oppor- 
tunity to participate in their first college assembly as 
they sang, danced . . . and juggled tables. 

SIGNING UP newcomers. Mar 
Johnson receives Betty Clark and 
Carol Gleason during the week. 

COMMIHEE MEMBERS were, BACK ROW: Dr. Henry L. Isaksen, chair- 
man; Chuck Hobbs, Gene Twitchell, Verlin Nicholes, Seth W. Swann. 
FRONT ROW: Diane Henry, Carolyn Wallis, Eugenia Bliss, Jaimee Nor- 
ton, Cheril James, Rex D. Pinegar. Chuck Hobbs was the chairman. 

BALANCER Heinz Hubler awed 
students by balancing on his chin 
tables, cups, chairs, even bicycles. 

DIRECTING 8000 voices, Craw- 
ford Gates led opening singing. 

COMMITTEE workers were, front 
row: Janis Hull, Mona Boyden, 
Joy Beckstead, Mary Decker. Back: 
Bryan Drennan, L'Dean McCue, 
Mark Fullmer . . . hard workers all. 

WELCOMING COUPLE, president Taylor greets LeRoy and LaRae Peel. 

hello was the best word 

Brigham Young University became the largest church 
affiliated university in the 'nation In relation to full time 
students when the results of fall quarter registration were 
tabulated. A total of 8116 students registered. With an 
©nrollment increase of 72% since 1950, the University 
launched into a new program of streamlining graduation 
requirements to handle the load. The increase has also 
resulted in a $16 million building expansion program. 

One healthy sign of the increase was that it was con- 
centrated in upper classes while freshman registration 
continued about normal in increase. Registration pro- 
cedure at best is hectic, but necessary, as students check 
with housing, traffic, or counseling. Efforts to streamline 
the procedure were boosted when Dean Bliss Crandall 
was placed in charge of registration and assumed his 
duties as Dean of Admissions and Records. 

WELCOME BACK assembly is Univer- 
sity's official greeting to returning stu- 
dents, who are seated by home state 
or country in year's biggest grouping. 


PICKING UP CARDS, a new freshman 
comes to the end of one long line. She 
has eliminated one, but still must try 
to find her way out of the building. 

ponder schedules outside before being admitted 
Into the Fleldhouse for Autumn registration. 

INSIDE FIELDHOUSE, students form 
thoughful lines as they slowly move 
forward to pick up registration forms. 

forming lines at registration 

The largest enrollment of students to ever attend the 
University received their first look at each other during 
Hello Week's Welcome Back assembly. A total of 8116 
students from 28 foreign countries and 47 states of the 
union sat in separate sections to hear the University's of- 
ficial greeting. Sponsored by Intercollegiate Knights and 
Y Calcares service units, the week was themed by "You 

Gotta Say Hi at the Y." Incoming students received their 
first impressions of class life and university activities. 
The first dance of the year was held. "Non Campus 
Mentis," was theme of the week's assembly which was 
held in the evening. After leaving the assembly, couples 
en route to the dance watched IKs light the "Y" on 
Y Mountain for the first of five times during the year. 

r^'v.', -^^V 

•. ''■>.-« 

ATTENTIVE, Stephen Sorensen receives advice from Harry Hodson. 

SENIOR COURT justice was mefed oi 
to frosh who didn't obey week's law 

CLEANING THE Y was required of male 
freshmen, who were given a secret ley- 
word to free them from frigid dunking. 

welcoming be\¥ildered frosh 

Frosh Week gave upperclassmen a chance to look over 
the incoming freshmen as frosh went through their tradi- 
tional acceptance into the spirit of the University. Wear- 
ing whiskers, bea'nies and signs showing where they were 
from, frosh were easily recognized as they shined shoes 
or sang school songs at demands of upperclassmen. For 
those frosh who failed to comply with the arbitrary rules, 
summons were given to the annual Senior Court where 

punishment was meted out under supervision of the senior 
class. Male frosh who overlooked climbing to the Y to 
clean the mountain emblem were sought out and thrown 
into an irrigation ditch by vengeful members of their own 
class. An assembly and a dance climaxed the week, after 
which freshmen were considered to be fully accepted by 
the student body. 

PASSIVE FROSH paint each other at court. 

JOHN AND MARSHA in the unlikely 
form of Duane Hiatt and Richard Davis 
played for students on Frosh assembly. 


Charity Ball attracted students 
who donated ticket money to tund. 

COMMinEE MEMBERS were Maxine 

Reed, Mary Lou Doiror 

, Arnell Heaps, 

Marjorie Bown, Glen 

Stubbs, Gloria 

Cluff, Joann Gay. 

mS^^e- ^- ■^^ 

■- r€9 

^m ^ 

*>. f^m 

tfm^- M 

i^ ^ 1 

^■^^ 1l L^'^ A|fii 



CHARITY QUEEN Junece Jex was presented by Arnell Heaps. 

a campus drive for charity 

Combining all charity drives of the year into one drive is 
the purpose of the Campus Chest Drive. Held every 
year, the drive collects money from students and distrib- 
utes it to charity organizations like the heart fund or the 
polio drives. Patterned after the national Community 
Chest drive, it functions in much the same manner, elim- 

inating minor donations during the year. Special feature 
of the drive is electing a queen by the amount of dona- 
tions which she attracts to the fund. Junece Jex was 
elected queen. The charity ball, themed "The Saints Go 
Marching In," attracted students to two ballrooms. Arnell 
hieaps was in charge of the drive. 

general charity fund were 
in the form of votes for 
queens. Here Nancy Elgan, 
Deloa Glines and Gloria 
Anstead show their choice. 


HAWAIIAN DANCING by Barbara Lan! Fou- 
fata drew applause at dance Intermission. 

WELL-WORN TRAIL up Y mountain was talen 
by climbers who left In the early morning. 
The hllcers ran Info a little rain, but not enough 
to spoil the view of spreading Utah Valley. 

on a hike through autumn 

"Autumn Antics" were prevalent far up "Y" mountain as 
energetic students packed their lunches, donned their 
hiking clothes and made their way to Maple Leaf Flats 
overlooking Utah Valley. Hearty appetites, encouraged 
by the long climb up, were satisfied as students took time 
out to enjoy a little relaxation and food. Students behaved 
themselves in the same manner that people generally be- 
have when they are on a hike and having fun. Some at- 
tempted to throw lassos with available rope, others hiked 

further up the canyon and off the trail. A slight rainstorm 
failed to dampen any spirit of the day's activities of en- 
tertainment, games, and group singing. As a climax to the 
day a dance was held for those students who take their 
hiking on a dance floor. Others who were on the hike were 
happy to remain home. The annual affair is sponsored by 
the Associated Men Students with Vern Payne as this 
year's chairman. 

selves at foot of Y Mountain. In front is Vern 
Payne, chairman, and Vicltie Richards, adviser. 

■■■% ^ 

LOAN FUND QUEEN and her court chosen to reign over the Sophomore 
Loan Fund Week were Patti Porter, Queen Mary Anderson, and Kay Brockbank. 

with a loan fund 

Blue refreshments, blue music, and blue decorations were 
unique features of the Sophomore Loan Fund Ball. Held 
for the purpose of raising money for their loan fund, the 
ball this year collected $146 to add to the growing fund. 
Purpose of the fund is to provide a means by which stu- 
dents needing financial aid can borrow money for a time 
and repay when able. The fund grows larger each year as 
each sopnomore class adds to it. Although the money is 
loaned out frequently, the amount grows larger as stu- 
dents repay and add to it. The Loan Fund Ball is semi- 
formal, and this year was themed "Etchings in Blue." 
Sophomore co-ed Mary Anderson was introduced at the 
Loan Fund assembly as Sophomore Loan Fund Queen with 
Patti Porter and Kay Brockbank as attendants. Steve Ove- 
son and Jane Harrison were co-chairmen of the dance. 
Jane Eddington was advisor. 

COMMITTEE members were, front row: Delora Bertelsen, Jane 
Eddington. Row 2: Jane Harrison, Steve Oveson, Mark Fullmer. 
Row 3: Jane Gillette, Marilyn Wood, Kay Brockbank. Row 4: Ralph 
Stewart, Sally Emmett, Jerry Gritfeth. Row 5: Dave Ward, Gary 
Kaleta, John Hunter. Chairmen were Jane Harrison, Steve Oveson. 

SWEET SINGING by Joan Schoenfeld and Gordon Bullock at assembly. 


STOPPING FOR CAMERA during parade, President 
Willcinson and President Chase chat with viewers. 

ROYAL FLOAT carrying Barbara Covey, queen Maile 
Forsythe, and JoAnn Llewellyn was well received. 


a successful 

ree Y's ALIVE IN "55 

COMMIHEE MEMBERS were Kent Haws, Diane Henry, Mike War- 
nick, Neta Hutchinson, Carl Markworth, Bill George, Dick Jackson, 
Chairman Bud Smithson, Ann Anderson, Verl Clark, Gayle Griffin, 
Tom Kirkham, Mary Ann Anderson, Juana Dalton, Richard Magleby. 

EARLY BREAKFAST and rally sponsored 
by pep committee was held downtown 
before parade started. 1200 attended. 

tioiiie coming celebration 

Students worked overtime this year to complete the most 
all-inclusive Homecoming ever staged at the Y. Begin- 
ning with the election of Maile Forsythe as hiomecoming 
Queen, the celebration worked its way through a down- 
town breakfast served to 1200 rooters a'nd ended with a 
dance held in three separate buildings. The largest hiome- 
coming parade ever sponsored had 22 bands and a total 
of 97 entries winding their way through downtown Prove. 
Social units had openhouses and entered floats or dec- 
orated buildings for their part, with an estimated I 100 
alumni attending. 

A special Alumni Institute was inaugurated this year to 
allow alumni to visit lectures on science or politics. Key- 
noting the series was President Wilkinson, who outlined 
plans for BYU's future growth. 

Fieldhouse Frolics, a two-hour long stage presentation 
held in the fieldhouse, featured final judging in the an- 
nual Quartet and Trio Contest. Citations were also given 
to outstanding alumni Henry Aldous Dixon, Dr. Ray Olpin, 
Sherman Christensen, Kathryn Pardoe, and Dr. Howard 
R. Driggs. 

Cosmo the Cougar arrived by helicopter to see Utah 
State Aggies provide the only sour note by dumping 
the Cougars 47-2 I . 

HAPPY SINGERS receive women's independent 
award from Ralph Boswell at Fieldhouse Frolics. 
Called the Sophomores, they are Donna Glazier, 
Merilyn Luke, Marilyn Worsley, and Pat Strong. 

parade contest was this float by 
Theta Alpha Phi. The statues were 
gilded students who held thenn- 
selves still for the parade's length. 

VICTORY DRAGON was entered by the 
Vikings. It placed second in Beauty. 


MONSTER COSMO was built by 
Athenians. It won Most Original. 

TAUSIG ENTRY of huge clown 
won Second Most Original award. 

WAVING GIRLS helped Cami Los 
win First Place Theme Adherence. 

LIFELIKE DUMMIES constructed of paper mache depicted the universal 
atfraction of BYU. Rogers Hall won second place House Decorations. 

FIRST PLACE in House Decorations was 
won by Richards Hall by mounting a 
huge silver Y in front of the dorm. 

a girls preference ball 

VOTING for their prefer- 
red men, Pat Strong and 
Myra Lee Morgan were 
helped by Janel Drake. 

"All the Queen's Men," the theme of this year's Prefer- 
ence Ball, was worked out by Carol Mickelson and her 
committees with decorations depicting a queen and her 
throne surrounded by silhouettes of typical BYU men — 
athletes, hepcats, bookworms. Couples filled the Field- 
house, Social Hall and East Provo Stakehouse with one of 
|-he largest attendances of the year — and all paid for by 
the feminine students who brought the man of their 
choice. Some evenings wound up with "after ball" parties 
which found the coeds demonstrating their household 
skills in their apartments at Heritage Halls. Carol Mickel- 
son, Chairman of the Preference Week, saw to it that bal- 
loting was carried out orderly and selections made fairly. 
Thirteen of the most preferred men were honored 
throughout the week and were presented at the Ball as 
BYU coed's top choices. 

MOST PREFERRED men were introduced 
at the assembly by happy girls. Shown 
below are Neta Hutchinson, Dallas Mer- 
rell, Helen Keith, Wid Tingey, Joan 
Worsley and Barney Barnes at assembly. 

INVITATIONS were sent out by committee women 
Betty Hansen, Mary Lou Anderson, chairman Carol 
Mickelson, Mary Lou Almond, Carolyn Wallls, Marlene 



CHRISTMAS SPIRIT filled workers on the Christmas Drive. Above 
Reed Blake, Darlene Glenn, and John Gunner are filling boxes. 

COMMITTEE members were, front, Shirley Walker, Ruth Ottosen, 
Shirley Snow. Back row: Paul Looklnland. John Gunner, Reed Blake. 

Co-chairmen Shirley Snow and Reed Blake headed the 
annual Christmas Drive this year which brought joy and 
gratitude Into the hearts of ma.ny families throughout the 
Provo area. All organizations on campus were called upon 
to help in the assembling of clothes, toys, candy, and 
canned and bottled foods for the needy families. Deserv- 
ing names were obtained from the Utah County Welfare 
Office. Christmas trees were placed in the Eyring Science 
Center with a light bulb for each club and unit, and as 
each organization reached 100% contributions from their 
membership, their light was turned on. The lights of Val 
Hyric and Val Norn social units were turned on first with 
most others following close behind. The drive is held every 
year under sponsorship of the Associated Men and 
Women Students. Public reception of the work Is enthusi- 
actlc in Provo, as youngsters who would have otherwise 
had a bleak Christmas were visited by anonymous Santa 
Clauses on behalf of students at the University. 

charity at Christmastime 


PACKING BOXES full of materials for needy families are, clockwise, Shir- 
ley Snow, Darlene Glenn, Paul Lookinland. John Gunner, Shirley Walker, 
Reed Blake. Boxes were distributed in county area to deserving famines. 

FROLIC COMMITTEE were Ann Forsling, Bob 
Goodman, Dean Nelson, Eileen Viles, Delloy 

mistletoe frolic 

Mistletoe "privileges" were optional at the Mistletoe 
Frolic this year. The dance, held after the Brigham Young 
University-Oregon basketball ganne, was held one week 
before school let out for the holidays. Themed "Holiday 
Heaven," the dance was held in the Fieldhouse and was 
decorated with angel-hair clouds, pearly gates, and, of 
course, mistletoe hanging in convenient corners. Enter- 
tainment was provided by the Thompson brothers. Bob 
Goodman was chairman of the dance. 


Approximately 1,000 Brigham Young University music 
students participated in the annual Christmas Concert. 
Among the groups participating were the Symphony 
Orchestra and Concert Band, conducted by Professors 
Lawrence Sardoni and Ralph Laycock respectively. Nor- 
man Gulbrandsen conducted botn the Male and Women's 
Choruses, and Newell B. Weight directed the A Cappella 
Choir's presentations. Other musical groups were Univer- 
sity Choir and Opera Workshop, led by Dr. Crawford 
Gates and Dr. Don L. Earl. 

LIVELY DANCERS at the Mistletoe Frolic rock to hot music. 

CHRISTMAS CONCERT held in the Fieldhouse featured the combined choruses of the University. 


GROUNDBREAKING CEREMONIES for the new Joseph F. Smith Family 
Living Center found President Wilkinson, Architect Fred L. Marlham and 
Willard R. Smith, son of the former president, suspended above excava- 
tion. The new building is the first college building of its type in nation, 
and wild house all departments concerned with family life and home- 
malcing. Cost is in excess of two million dollars. When finished it will have 
an electrical and water supply sufficient to furnish a city of 2,000. The 
modern style building will be ready for occupancy by autumn quarter, 1956, 

^^^^^^n^^^^BT*^ ''^ 


^HN "^I^^Bf y. i 


^^HL ^ ^^^^^^^k..^^ 



J. G 

rant Ora- 

torical Contest were first place winner 



center; Darlene Glenn, left; and Nancy Br'n 

ggs. Con- 

test is held annually to help build b 



BRITISH AMBASSADOR to the United States Sir Roger Makins and his 
American wife Lady Alice Makins are greeted at Provo Airport by Presi- 
dent Wilkinson. Sir Roger spoke to studentbody on usage of atomic power. 

OUTSTANDING ASSEMBLY award for the quarter 
was given to Gayle Griffin for the Homecoming 
assennbly. Larry Peterson, chairman, made the award. 


special events 




]l 7 TRACjf 


CROSS COUNTRY runner Sherald James, far right, was awarded the 
H. G. Merrill trophy for the second straight year when he broke his own 
record for the 2.6 mile run with a time of 11.53.2. Dean Jay B. Nash, 
center, made the awards to him and Bole Sulc Shim, who 'placed second. 

RESIGNATION of head football coach Charles L. "Chick" Atkinson came 
toward end of quarter. Daily Universe, here being read by Jim Johnson, 
led camipaign for re-evaluation of football setup at the University. In 
resigning, he ended a position which he had held for the past seven years. 

DAVID O. MCKAY, president of the 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day 
Saints, spoke to 7,300 students and fac- 
ulty members October 1 1 during devo- 
tional period. He spoke on happy mar- 
riage, emphasizing the role which a wife 
plays in making a man a success in the 
world. He outlined five points for better 
marriage, including keeping a good 
reputation, keeping vows made at the 
altar, control in the home, courtesy, and 
companionship. Mrs. David O. McKay 
accompanied her husband on the trip. 


SNOW CARVERS working on Knight Templar sculpture had to haul 
in snow. Workers are Stanford Brown, Wally Baker, Dick Moyle. 

TOP SKIER was Dave Black who was Class A winner. 

BRICKER ENTRY of nnodern art theme was half melted. 


weather at a snow carnival 

Climaxing the 1956 Snow Carnival was a heavy blanket 
of snow which arrived on the morning of judging too late 
to help participating units. But prospective sculpturers 
found a definite lack of snow to be an incentive as they 
contemplated entering the sculpturing contest. The Athe- 
nians, who hauled in their snow from close-by mountain 
slopes, were awarded for their efforts by taking "Sweep- 
stakes" in snow sculpturing. Highlights of the week's ac- 
tivities were the planned winter sports which found ice 
skating competition postponed until February. Skating 
enthusiasts found the exhibition given by student Bob 

Olson, 1954 Indoor 
America, well worth 
on schedule with th 
"Broken Ski" award 
participating groups, 
son and attendants 
reigned over the ent 
bons and trophies to 
The unfrigid carniva 
lain, who found littl 
January weather. 

Speed Skating champion of North 
the wait. Skiing, however, came off 
e Alpine Club being awarded the 
for the highest total of points for 
Snow Carnival Queen Mary Soren- 
Pat Steimie and Barbara Stewart 
ire week's events and presented rib- 
winners at the Snow Carnival Dance, 
was chairmaned by Carl Chamber- 
e to say about Utah's shirt-sleeve 

HAULING SNOW, workers unload pickup full of snow. 

COMMITTEE were, front, Bob Ainsworth, Marcile Thomas, Kent Harri- 
son. Back row, Gerald Davis, Mickey Johnson, and Carl Chamberlain. 

FIRST PLACE (top) in units divi- 
sion went to United Staters for 
their frozen "Lady and the 
Tramp." Frozen Swan (bottom) 
was entry of Val Hyric social unit. 

DELAYED CONTEST for skaters was postponed one week due to spring-like January 
weather. Contest was held at the Provo Boat Harbor one week following Carnival. 


TOLERANT AIR is assumed by Verland Whipple, left, in his role as the worthless Worthal. Cathy 
Coilard, as Louise Lush, seems to have heard it all before, while Vermon Barney acts his role of 
Snarf with the proper attitude of succinctness. Titles were given at annual Bibler Bounce. 

finding bibler s characters 

The Bibler Bounce, sponsored annually by the Brigham 
Young Universe, was held January 20th in honor of the 
"Little Man on Campus" cartoon drawn by cartoonist 
Dick Bibler. An overflow crowd of 1,500 attended the 
dance and watched the presentation of certificates to 
"Professor Snarf" (Vermon Barney); "Worthal" (Verland 
Whipple); and "Louise Lush" (Cathy Coilard), as the most 
typical examples of the cartoon characters appearing 
daily in the Universe. During intermission, a vocal repre- 

sentation of "Worthal" and "Louise Lush" was given by 
Jim Pike and Joan Schoenfeld. hHIghlighting the evening's 
entertainment was a skit presented by the three winners 
of the certificates. In typical Bibler fashion. Professor 
Snarf delighted the audience by snatching "Louise 
Lush's" skirt, to reveal a bright yellow pair of Bermuda 
shorts. In all, the dance was one of the best attended 
and most unusual of the year. Chairman was Dick Hirtzell. 

BOUNCE WORKERS were, front, Virginia Brinlterhoff, RaNae Clarlt, Janet Fowler, Shirlene 
Palmer, Deanns Barnum, Pat Bringhurst, Sally Arnold. Back row, Don Guthrie, Don Rigby, 
Ralph Barney, Dan Gashler, and Dick HIrtiell. Editor reports 'Bounce' made money this year. 

EDITOR Steve Hale lists the qualifications which make 
Verland Whipple an ideal Worthal to BYU students. 


ACROBAT Mary Louise VicchrlHi, 9-year-old Salt 
Laker, amazed the audience with her elasticity. 

CORONATION of Queen Juana Dalton was done by 
Mrs. Ernest L. Wilkinson. Queen, attendants Gail Nel- 
son and Joan Schoenfeld were chosen by Yousef Karsh. 

banyans colorful ball 

Chairman Roger DeMordaunt, headed the planning of 
details to nnake an evening of free dancing and enter- 
tainnnent at the Banyan Ball. "Shangri-la" was the unusual 
theme which found decorations in the form of dragons, 
Chinese lanterns and refreshments giving an oriental 
atmosphere. The anticipation of who would be crowned 
queen of the Banyan Ball drew many students to one of 
the best attended events of the year. Mrs. Ernest 

Wilkinson was present to handle the unveiling of queen 
Juana Dalton, with Joan Schoenfeld and Gail Nelson 
as attendants. This year's queen was chosen by Yousef 
Karsh, world renowned Canadian portrait photographer, 
who was provided with photographs of the six finalists 
and chose Juana from among these top candidates. Stu- 
dents showed their appreciation for the arrangements by 
attending the dance in large numbers. 


COMMITTEE workers were Roger DeMordaunt, Marlene Corak, Jeanne Hausknecht, Marie Anderson, Ruth Gudmundsen, Yerda Mason, Donna Hamilton, 
Margie Egbert, and Mark Fullmer. 

WHIRLING GIRLS do a fast dance to a current rock and roll hit during the Leap Year dance to which coeds asked the boy of their choice. 

girls have a leap year 

"Lucky Me" was the theme of this year's Leap Year Dance 
which climaxed activities as girls took advantage and 
capitalized on an event which occurs only every four 
years. Marilyn Arnold, general chairma^n of the week's 
activities, was ably assisted by Cleo Brandley, chairman 
of the dance committee, and others who worked nights 
on the events. Theme of the entire week was "T.W.I.R.P.," 
which i.n its unabbreviated form means, "The Woman 

Is Requested to Pay." The events were patterned after 
the annual Twirp Week in the comic strip, "Freckles and 
His Friends," and found the coeds of the Brigham Young 
University opening doors for men, carrying men's books, 
a,nd paying for the activities — all of which had to be 
requested by the woman. Turn-about seemed fair play as 
the dance was well attended and everyone enjoyed them- 
selves under these different circumstances. 

TWIRP WEEK workers were Mary Jane McCully, 
Barbara Hart, Donna Hannilton, Marilyn Johnston, Ruth 
Romney. Seated is Cleo Brandley, general chairman. 


LUCKY ME was the theme of this gigantic horseshoe 
decoration which formed a love arch at the dance. 



COURTLY MANNERS are shown by 
Colonel Cloward to rose-bearing Donna 

QUEEN'S CORONATION is done by Dick Stewart as he 
crowns Queen Donna Hatch. Attendants are Alyce Jones and 
Ann Taylor. 

in step at a military ball 

With an appropriafe theme of "Above and Beyond," 
the Military Ball was a;n outstanding event of winter 
quarter. The East Provo Stake House was the scene of the 
dance. Menabers of the Air Force Reserve Officers Train- 
ing Corps, the Sponsor Corps, their dates and guests at- 
tended the dance. Dick Stewart, chairman of the event, 
headed all arrangements includi'ng dance music by Al 

Sedgley. Highlight of the evening was the crowning of 
queen Donna Hatch and her two attendants, Anne Thur- 
good a'nd Alyce Jones — all of whom are active in the 
Sponsor Corps. The performance of the ROTC Drill Team 
during intermission also provided fitting entertainment. 
This was the fifth annual Military Ball, and everything was 
well organized and provided a memorable evening for 
those in attendance. 

BALL WORKERS were, front, Diane Henry, Janet 
Miner, Dick Stewart, Kathy Keeler, La Prele Badouin. 
Second row, Cecil Adamson, Rochelle Rhead. Jane 
Barlow. Third row, Robert Nay, Roger Haglund, Ralph 
Boswell, Merrill NIelson, Bart Spendlove, and Chuck 

LEADING CHORUS, Bob Lindquist directs nriixed 
singers at the semi-formal ball held in Provo Armory. 


CHOCOLATE PIANO cal<e was one of the 
most unusual entries in the cake baling contest. 
It was balced by Ruth Stanfield. 

CAKE SAMPLER KarU Geddes tries one of the 
nnany entries to test it for texture and lightness. 
Judges also disposed of sonne of the cakes 
after the contest was over. 

selecting the perfect girl 

Heavy competition was evidenced throughout the week 
of March 5-9, as anxious Belle of the Y candidates sought 
this coveted crown. Judging was held in a cake baking 
contest, dancing ability, personality, talent, beauty, and 

poise — all characteristics of typical "Mormon" girls. 
General chairmen Bert Brooks and Doris Humphries lent 
encouragement to each of the 38 candidates and were 
glad they did ,not have the task of selecti'ng the queen 

DANCING CONTEST participant Dixie Causey whirls to fast nnusic. 

TALENT CONTEST featured Marjorie McDonald singing for judges. 



BELLE OF THE Y queen Kathleen Buckwalter looks over her prizes. To win she had fo be tops in talent, beauty, cooking, and personality. 

to be belle of the y 

from among such a group. After the competition was 
over and couples had gathered for the dance, which 
carried the theme "Y's Goddess," points were tallied 
and Belle of the Y, Kathleen Buckwalter, was crowned 

with her attendants Marjorie McDonald and Lois Richins. 
This annual event is sponsored by the Intercollegiate 
Knights and the Y Calcares service units in an effort to 
raise money for a shrine for the "Y" bell. 

COMMITTEE MEMBERS in the YC - IK sponsored week were, front, Alice Chadwick, 
Carol Atack, Mary Lou Almond. Middle row, Gail Nielson, Dick Jensen, Doris Humph- 
ries. Back row, Bert Brooks, Gary Fuller, Leon Garrett. 


FITE NITE COMMIHEE was Jack Smith. William Haf- 
en and Richard Schroeder. 

WRESTLING was featured on Fite Nite program. Here Wayne 
Brown and Douglas Banks eye each other warily. Winner ol 
the match was Banks. 

watching fite nite events 

The Fourth Annual Fite Nite was considered a success 
when 500 turned out to watch the championship boxing 
a'nd wrestling matches. The event, which is sponsored by 
the Associated Men Students in connection with Intra- 
murals, was held March 23rd in the Smith Fieldhouse. 
Winners in the wrestling and boxing matches were Leon 
Larson, Wes Packer, Aarl Hunter, Wally Baker, Douglas 
Banks, Richard Hunt, Larry Farnsworth, Paul Eckel, Larry 
Dean, Curtis Bushman, Garth Bellamy, Larry Smith, Dean 

Turley and Dean Gillespie. Special entertainment in 
gymnastics was provided by the Gymkana Club. Their 
performance featured acts on the trampoline, flying 
rings, horizontal and parallel bars. Also on hand to pro- 
vide outstanding exhibition feats were members of the 
Y Judo Dojo Club. Their special skills evolved around 
unarmed combat, self defense and black belting. Both 
exhibitions and championship bouts proved that the Uni- 
versity had a good bit of talent in these fields. 

DIFFICULT HOLD was accomplished by Wally Baker (on top) over Derryl Herring. Winner was Baker. 







TUG OF WAR between civil and ehemieal engineering students was held at Kelley's Grove. 

engineers had their week 

Engineering Week, held from April 1 6th to 20th, was 
supervised by the Engineers' Joint Council made up of 
representatives from the four engineering societies — 
chemical, electrical, civil, and mechanical. The purpose of 
the week is to acquaint the studentbody with the func- 
tions of the Engineering Department and help the en- 
gineering students to become more familiar with all that 

the department offers them. Dr. Samuel Kistler, Dean of 
the College of Engineering at the University of Utah, 
participated in the activities and addressed the students 
on recent accomplishments in engineering and the finan- 
cial aspects of the field. The Council supervised showing 
of displays, the Cube Root Capers dance, and a picnic 
at Kelley's Grove in Hobblecreek Canyon. 

JOINT ENGINEERS COUNCIL which planned festiv- 
ities was, front. Parley Holliday, Ralph Anderson, Nor- 
man Hopkins, Dayton Wittlce. Back, Alvin Noker, chair- 
man Bob Linebarger, Charles Warner, Dick Billstrom. 

URANIUM vat holding green punch is eyed by Milton 
Wille and Dayton Wittke at Engineering Week picnic. 

WINNING SINGERS !n the Woman's Dmslon was Val Norn social unit, here being directed by Jane Harrison, 

singing at the songfest 

One of the outstanding evenings of entertainment was 
held April 13 in the fieldhouse when 17 campus units 
competed for honors in the annual Songfest. Elaine 
Stirland was general chairman of 'the competition which 
had for its theme this year "Milestones." Groups allowed 
participation in the annual event are social units, religious, 
honorary, departmental, and geographical organizations. 

Social unit Nautilus was awarded permanent possession 
of the trophy after their third consecutive winning of the 
most original and outstanding song. For the first time this 
year, mixed groups were allowed to compete for a 
trophy. The award went to Sigma Alpha Eta. Judging 
of the songs was handled by people unafilliated with 
the University. The units were judged on presentation 

WAITING, two Vikings scan programs before 
being called to participate in the Songfest. 

GEHING READY, Val Norn members Janet Beck, Col- 
ette Thomas, and Carol Ann Maxfield stand nervously 
awaiting their turn at singing. Val Norn won. 


^ ^ 



MEN'S WINNERS were Viking Social Unit for their original singing of "With You" under Byron Fisher's conducting. 

Each group must compose an original song to be sung 
and directed by members of the unit. They were also 
instructed to observe the time limit and make their 
presentation adhere to the theme. Winners in the wo- 
men's division this year were Val Norn, first; Nautilus, 
second; and ToKalon, third. In the men's division, Vikings 
were first, with Val hlyrics and Templars second and third. 

and composition of their song, and also on appearance, 
costuming, and observance of the time limit. The songfest 
has grown from a small beginning a few years back to 
one of the highlights of the quarter and the year, with 
organizations working long and late to make a good show- 
ing in the presentation. 

SONGFEST COMMITTEE were, front, Ralene Darton, Arlene Fouti, chairman Elaine Stir- 
land, Aleen Pace. Bacic, Joanne Wells, Dicii Benson, Bernice Warsley, Barbara Weaver. 

HASTY CHANGE is affected by Songfest participant between numbers. 

WINNING COMPOSER Don Hartsfield is awarded trophy by 
Songfest chairman Elaine Stirland for composition "With You" 



a name band at the Junior 


An extravagant portrayal of "Someday, Somewhere," 
staged In the courtyard of a Southern plantation, was 
enjoyed by 4,000 students who attended the 1956 Junior 
Prom. A celling of stars, trellises, and 20,000 crepe paper 
roses lent the charm and luxury of the deep South to the 
East Gym of the Fleldhouse. 

Charlie Barnet's band provided a variety of danceable 
music, and the Three Dolls , professional entertainers from 
hlollywood, presented two Intermission programs each 

night. Appropriate refreshments, fancy cakes and "mint 
juleps," were symbolic of the Old South. 
Instead of a program, a phonograph record featuring 
Donna Glazier singing the original song, "Someday. 
Somewhere," and a message from Lamont Ririe, Prom 
chairman, was given to each couple as a souvenir. Satur- 
day night Prom-qoers participated in the first televising of 
a BYU dance over Salt Lake's KTVT. 

CHARLIE BARNET, his orchestra led the Prom. 

CHAIRMAN Lamont R!rie opens the Saturday Prom 


THE THREE DOLLS, Imported from Las Vegas 
to serve as special intermission entertainment, 
held prom-goers attention as they ran through 
soma of their specialty numbers. 

President W!d TIngey sweaters Monroe McKay. 

FIRST VEEP Ellen Keeler aids winner Pat Strong. SECOND VEEP John V/ard helps Darryl Walks 

a hectic time of elections 

Election time at Brigham Young University is one of the 
busiest tinnes of the year. Traditionally, the studentbody 
has had a higher voting percentage than the national 
collegiate average. This year's elections saw the selection 
of 22 people to hold executive offices. Campaigning 
ideas showed an imagination at times almost frightening 
as students sang, danced, jousted, posed, talked, dunked 
others, organized brass bands, and spent nearly all night 

painting posters. Elected this year to head the school in 
1957 were Monroe McKay, president; Pat Strong, 1st 
Vice President; Darryl Walker, 2nd Vice President; Donna 
Glazier, Secretary; and Kelvyn Cuillmore, Business Man- 
ager. Senior Class officers were President Mike Yoshino, 
Vice President Myrna Day, and Secretary Marilyn Arnold. 
Graduate Senator will be Jack Nelson. Junior Class offi- 
cers next year will be President Carl Mitchell, Vice Presi- 

POSING GREEKS advertise for their favorite candidate in unusual campaigning for class president. 

SECRETARY Vickie Richards outfits Donna Glazier. 

TALL CAMPAIGNER struts on walks in front of Science .., 
Center. Signs in background are only a portion of the jungle [, W 
which sprang up overnight on campus. 

dent Anne Brown, and Secretary Donna Hatch. Sophonnore 
Class officers are President Larry Jenkins, Vice President 
Ronnie Call, and Secretary Kay Burrup. Results of voting 
percentages per class this year made the Junior Class 
highest, resulting in Senior president Ben Dickison and 
Frosh president Leo Weidner being forced to wear baby 
clothes for one day for losing. 

RESULT COUNTERS cluster in the IBM office to check voting appar- 
atus. All votes were tallied by the "think" machine. 

FOOTBALL QUEENS were chosen In the spring to represent BYU In season opener at 
Berkeley, California. Winners were LaOeane Oisen, queen Joan Schoenfeld, and Karen 

M-MEN BASKETBALL tournament was held at 
George Albert Smith Fieldhouse. Largest league 
in the world, the tourney Is a result of compe- 
tition between around 1,000 Ward teams. 

LANGUAGE FESTIVAL held on campus drew participants 
from Utah high schools. Marvin Folsom and Ernest Wells 
act out a French play. 

SENATE ORGANIZATION came when students voted an amendment to the 
old constitution which set the Senate up as one of the governing bodies of 
the school. Above, Senators hold discussion meeting. 


special events 

FIRST STAKE CONFERENCE of the Brigham Young University Stake was heU in April. Marie B. 
Peterson, shown above, was the speaker. The organization of the Stake was done at the time of 
winter quarter registration, and did away with the three existing branches of the Church on campus. 
Twelve wards were organized. 

NEW FOOTBALL COACH chosen from Rhode Island University was 
Harold Kopp, who brought an impressive record with him. Also chosen 
was Tally Stevens as assistant coach. 



CLASS B TOURNAMENT of 16 top high schools in Utah was held 
in George Albert Smith Fieldhouse. Pleasant Grove High School won. 





■ '-IXf'i.u'' 

' ; /^ 

royalty section 

The Greeks probably realized that as they searched for 

truth they would find nothing of more beauty than 

the human person. Whether regarding the body as 

a complex organism, or the soul as an undefinable 

mystery; we come to realize as they did that the 

true worth of the world and the only wealth of 

a civilization is in the people who compose it. Each 

of these persons thinks and acts differently, but 

each of them contains within himself the same 

characteristics of the human race. Even as we 

recognize the good qualities of a person, we know 

that every person has some measure of these same 

attributes. When we choose queens or personalities 

or preferred men we recognize a few who, by our 

standards, have the most outsanding 

characteristics of the many. 


Herschel "Bones" Pedersen, senior fron 
Salt Lake City, is making his seconi 
appearance on the Banyan personalit; 
list. His basketball career was interrup 
ted by a mission to Denmark and twi 
years in the Army. He is married am 
the father of a baby boy. 

As president of the Junior Class, Dallas 
Merrill led class activities and also pre- 
sided over the Senate as its President. This 
is the second year for his selection as 
Banyan personality. He is planning a 
future in law, although he claims farming 
as his summer hobby. 

banyan personalities 1956 

Arthur Butler from Hull,Yorkshire, Eng- 
land, is one of the most energetic individ- 
uals on campus. He plans to obtain an 
M.A. degree from the University and 
teach in New Zealand. Among his favorite 
pastimes are cooking, knitting sweaters 
and giving piano lessons. He is an enthu- 
siastic participator in speech and drama 
and has directed some productions. He is 
president of Theta Alpha Phi, speech 

Senior Karl Snow, from Provo, is looking forward 
to studying law at New York University under the 
top scholarship offered by them. A past president 
of Vikings and this year's president of both Blue 
Key and IOC, Karl still found time to work in the 
Church as YMMIA and Sunday School Superin- 
tendent, and Branch President at Bryce. 


hpB(ifja^i^>o(ftT.-^.*>i.%.:i"v.-s*.-i :: 

\s chairman of the Honor Council and 
honorable Duke of the Intercollegiate 
inights, Kelvyn Cullimore has contributed 
nuch time and service to the University. 
\ jimior from Oklahoma City, Kelvyn as- 
umes the responsibility of leading the M 
Men in Park Ward. He is married and 
plans a career in marketing. He was a 
iBanyan Personality last year, and next 
3year will work as a national officer in the 


Monroe McKay makes his second appear- 
ance on the Personalities list. As a coim- 
selor in the 9th Ward bishopric, Monroe 
finds an outlet for his favorite hobby of 
public speaking or just plain talking. He is 
married and has a little daughter, Michele. 


Although well known in basketball skills, Terry 
Tebbs claims to be a threat on any golf course 
as well. He grew up in Cowley, Wyoming, as 
a member of a family of 13. He hopes to add 
a baby boy to the list in June. Terry was lead- 
ing scorer on this year's tourney-winning bas- 
ketball team and was named to the "Little 
All-American" list of basketball greats. 



banyan personalities 1956 

From Huntsville, Utah, comes the 
Chairman of the Student Program Bu- 
reau, Barrie McKay. He is also active 
other school and ward functions, 


headlined by his service as counselor in 
the Sixth Ward bishopric. Barrie is a 
member of Delta Phi, becoming eligible 
by filling a mission to Australia. 

An ambitious senior from Provo, El- 
len Keeler is making her third ap- 
pearance on the Banyan personality 
page. She is a speech major and a 
French minor, but her favorite hob- 
by now is teaching a Sunday School 
class of 11-12 year olds. As First Vice 
President of the studentbody, Ellen 
claims her job to be the best one, and 
will miss her associations with stu- 
dents and administrative officials. 


Elva Christensen, senior from Kingman, 
Arizona, claims home to be on a ranch 
located 50 miles Irom the nearest phone. 
She is a journalism major, and likes sports, 
writing, and oil painting. She dislikes self- 
righteous people and asparagus. She takes 
her journalism work seriously, having 
served as Wye magazine editor this year, 
and has been assistant editor on the Ban- 

Senior John Ward makes his fourth straight ap- 
pearance on the Banyan Personalities list this year. 
John, in completing his four years at the University, 
was chairman of the 1955 Snow Carnival which he 
claims as his pet project, and this year was Second 
Vice President of the studentbody, in charge of pep 
and dances. 

An enthusiastic fullback on the football team, 
Scott Farmer looks forward to a winning sea- 
son next year under coach Hal Kopp. Scott is 
a junior from Great Falls Montana, and has 
an ingenious way with mechanical toys. His 
main ambition is to organize an effective 
Letterman's Club on campus. 

A sophomore from Magna, 
Utah, Peggy Herron surprised 
students when she was unveiled 
as the first girl "Cosmo" this 
year. Also as commandant of 
Cougarettes, she spent much 
time working at building spirit 
in ball games. She loves eating, 
and feels a warm kinship to 
people who smile. 

banyan personalities 1956 

Sophomore Joyce Stephenson, first president of 
the newly organized Spurs service unit, was 
kept busy providing help at many school func- 
tions. She still found time to participate in both 
the Concert Band and SjTnphony Orchestra 
where she plays the French horn. She attended 
the University on a music scholarship. 


Active in many school functions is Eugene 
Kingdon, a sophomore from , Staten Island, 
New York. As vice-chairman of the Honor 
Council and a member of Blue Keys, he en- 
joys giving service to the school. His particu- 
lar interest is built around politics which he 
hopes to be active in. He is majoring in pre- 
law courses, and was instrumental in the 
formation of the Young Republican Club on 
campus, of which he is president. 

A sophomore from Phoenix, Arizona, Ted Mitchell spends 
a great deal of his school hours in speech and drama, but 
plans to get his M.A. degree and teach religion at BYU. 
He is planning on a mission this fall. Activities in school 
affairs are built largely around his position as adminis- 
trative assistant to Karl Snow, head of the IOC. 

A year headlined with pep activities 
is completed with Tom Reeve han- 
dling the duties as chairman of the 
Pep Committee. A history major, 
Tom comes from Santa Ana, Cali- 
fornia and wdll go through school in 
three years. He is a Regional Expan- 
sion Officer of the IK's, works as a 
Universe reporter, and is Dance 
Manager of the Sixth Ward. 

Lamont Ririe, capable junior from Long 
Beach, California, headed arrangements 
for this year's Junior Prom. Although the 
Prom kept him sleepless, he found tune to 
act as junior class Senator, work on pep 
activities, and supervise the Aaronic 
Priesthood work in the Sixth Ward. La- 
mont is an officer in the IK's. 

Sophomore Juana Dalton was 
crowned Banyan Queen of 
1956 by Mrs. Ernest Wilkin- 
son. Juana is an Elementary 
Education major from Fuller- 
ton, California, and is minor- 
ing in Sociology. Juana 
enjoys keeping busy and 
spends a great deal of time 
as Secretary of the Program 
Bureau and performs on many 
shows throughout the year. 
A member of ToKalons, she 
claims to enjoy "tubing" 
down the Provo River as her 
favorite hobby. 

banyan queens 

Sophomore Joan Schoenfeld was sel- 
ected as attendant to Banyan Queen 
of 1956. As a member of A Cappella 
Choir and the Student Program Bu- 
reau, Joan finds many opportunities 
to use her singing ability. 

Attendant to the Banyan Queen, Gail 
Nelson was a former student at Ricks 
College. A junior this year, Gail is a 
talented vocalist and also enjoys dan- 
cing and singing. 



Skiing ability proved one of 

the deciding factors which 

found Mary Sorenson being 

crowned Snow Queen. The 

Athenians sponsored Mary 

who was also an attendant 

to the Snow Queen during 

her Sophomore year. Mary 

is looking forward to 

graduation this June when 

she hopes to teach Elementary 

Education in the Jordan 

School District. Salt Lake 

City is the home of the queen, 

who enjoys sewing, dancing, 

and music. 

snow queens 


Snow Queen attendant Barbara Stew- 
art is a Sophomore from Orem, Utah. 
She was sponsored by the Alpine 
Club with whom she spends much 
of her time during the winter. Ski- 
ing, sewing and reading are her fa- 
vorite pastimes. 

'.y^h'S../'. ■/, vV^'ii.j' 

Soi^omore Pat Steimle from Fuller- 
ton, California, showed outstanding 
skill in figure skating as she took 
first place honors in both Queen and 
Snow Carnival competition to be 
selected as attendant to the Snow 


Maile Forsythe, crowned 
Homecoming Queen of 1955 
in studentbody assembly 
honoring the Queen and her 
attendants, is a senior majoring 
in Education. She is one of 
several students from Hawaii 
who are attending the Uni- 
versity, and has fulfilled 
the tradition of the 'Y" by 
becoming engaged to Don 
Regan. A Physical Education 
minor, Maile enjoys both 
participating and watching 
all types of sports. 


coming queens 

Jbnd Barbara Covey reigned as one 
of the attendants to Homecoming 
Queen of 1955. Although pinned, the 
sophomore from Arcadia, California 
enjoys teaching and hopes to teach 
elementar>- education in Arcadia. 

A junior from Salt Lake City, Joanne 
Llewellyn is also interested in teach- 
ing Elementary Education. Joanne is 
ski enthusiast and loves winter 
sports of all kinds. 


Queen of the Sophomore 

Loan Fund Ball was Mary 

Anderson. A sophomore from 

Chicago, Illinois, Mary is 

majoring in Elementary 

Education. She is a member 

of O.S. Trovata and in her 

freshman year was affiliated 

with Cougarettes. As first 

counselor in the Tenth Ward 

YWMIA, Mary is active in 

all activities. She enjoys 

sports and loves to read. 

sophomore loan fund queens 

Kay Brockbank, attendant to Sopho- 
more Loan Fund Ball Queen, comes 
from Provo and is active as Sopho- 
more Secretary. She is affiliated with 
Val Norn and Spurs. 

From Portland, Oregon, comes Patti 
Porter, attendant to Sophomore Loan 
Fund Ball Queen. Swimming and 
skiing are favorite pastimes of Patti, 
who is an Elementary Education 


Belle of the Y Kathleen 
Buckwalter is a senior from 
American Fork. With a major 
in Elementary Education 
and a minor in music, 
Kathleen will be well equipped 
to begin her teaching career. 
Kathleen has been a member 
of many committees, includ- 
ing Senior Assembly Com- 
mittee and the Military Ball 
Committee. In service, she 
belongs to both White Key 
and Sponsors. She particularly 
enjoys music, dancing, 
swimming and people in 
general. Being chosen Belle 
of the Y, according to 
Kathleen, "has been the high- 
light of my college career." 

belles of the 'y' 

Gridley, California, is home for Lois 
Richins, attendant to Belle of the Y. 
Lois was one of the winners in the 
cake baking division of the contest 
in order to make the finalists. 

Marjorie McDonald, attendant to 
Belle of the Y, is a music major 
and tours with the Madrigal Singers. 
She plans to do private teaching, 
is engaged, and attends the BYU on 
a music scholarship. 


Ellen Keeler, Friendliest Girl 
Ralph Boswell, Friendliest Boy 

friendliest boy and girl 

A beaming smile plays a big part in the life of Friend- 
liest Girl Ellen Keeler. Ellen is best known as First 
Vice President of the studentbody. When informed of 
her selection as Friendliest Girl, Ellen said there were 
many girls on campus who could qualify for such an 
award, and she was honored to have been so chosen. 

Ralph Boswell, Provo graduate student, lists among his 
school responsibilities president of A cappella Choir, 
vice president of Blue Keys, and chairman of student 
lyceums. A marketing major, Ralph is hoping to 
attend New York University and later will serve with 
the Air Force. 


•) _ 

byu coeds most preferred 


Jack Nelson 

Oscar G. Larsen 

Hans Kelling 

Ralph Boswell 


WidTingey, 1955-56 Student- 
body President, was named most 
preferred man on campus. Provo 
is home for the blue-eyed 
graduate student, who has his 
B.A. in Journalism and is 
doing graduate work in Church 
History and Philosophy. Among 
his other school activities, he 
is a member of the Bricker Social 
Unit, and enjoys participation 
in the Provo Tubing Society. 


John Ward 

Lynne Rowe 

Kay Seely 

Rand Baxter 



music and drama 

From the time that man first appeared in the world, 

jnusic has been with him. And not long after he 

learned to speak, he recognized that some things 

could not be expressed in the limits of spoken thought. 

He began creating things which to him seemed to 

express those thoughts — in music, or drama, or 

poetry. There is something strnge about these 

creations, something strange in the way in which 

they can communicate the thinking of one man 

beyond all the barriers of language and time. Some 

of the deepest feelings of the human soul can be 

found in music and drama — and all the creations of 

art and music would be wasted if their were no 

people with open hearts to hear their message. 


FRONT ROW: ChyrI Russell, Beverly Benson, Karma 
Ricks, Marilyn Worsley, Beth Wardell, Marilyn Hall, 
Mildred Meyer, Donna Glazier, Barbara Dunn, Bar- 
bara Smith, Sheila Peterson, Carol Johnson, Sylvia 
Whittle. SECOND ROW: Joan Jerome, Joan Schoen- 
feld, Evelyn Murray, Carol Partridge, Louise Johnson, 
Tom Korshan, Jim Scoresby, Garvin Hanchett, Ronald 
Lee, Charles Taylor, Gail Nelson, Vickie Richards, 
Lauralee Fawson, Nanette Bybee, Merilyn Luke. THIRD 
ROW: Pat Strong, Barbara Weaver, Muriel Gale, 
Jean Goodman, Joe Hutchinson, Merlin Sorensen, 
Clair Earl, Re« Arnett, Jerry Peterson. Eddie Krieger, 
Bob Weddington, Byron Christensen, Diana Hunt, 
Dawn Sorenson, Joan Worsley, Nancy Folsom. 
FOURTH ROW: Kay Stone, Ann Taylor, Lynne Bloom- 
field, Karl Hutchinson, George Reynolds, Paul Wil- 
liams, Kenneth Cottle, Howard Putnam, Dick Bear, 
L'Dean McCue, Jesse Coombs, Jerry Ottley, Helen 
Walser, Colene Ware, Brooke Temple. BACK ROW: 
Neta Hutchinson, LaPrele Badouin, Don Milner, Nor- 
man Nielsen, Ken Heaps, Burton Winters, Dan Rhodes, 
Glenn Harmon, Ralph Boswell, Carlyle Parker, Bob 
Lundquist, Evan Judd, John Herbst, Winston Chris- 
tensen, Wes Craig, Chris Politis, Peggy Haller. 

Newell 8. Weight, choir director. 


acappella choir 

The A Cappella Choir, organized in 1949 under +he di- 
rection of Newell B. Weight, has won acclaim from musi- 
cal authorities in all its presentations during the past 
years. Outstanding tours have been completed through- 
out the West in Utah, Idaho, Arizona, California, and 
the Northwest during recent years. Their schedule for 
this year has found them performi'ng for high schools and 
other groups throughout northern Utah during their 
spring tour from March 17-24. A Cappella also partici- 
pated in the Christmas Concert and the Virginia Tanner 
Dance Concert in Salt Lake City and Provo. Their formal 
Spring Concert presented In April was one of their out- 
standing accomplishments during the year. A Cappella 
has also joined with the Symphony Orchestra In musical 
presentations to add to their long list of musical 

at the BYU-sponsored McCune School of Music 
and Art in Salt Lake, appeared with the choir 
during a spring quarter concert. 


^m i^" i^^^^l 

■III \ 'f^^^ V-^ p' "■''■' 



X^&i .*. 

CHOIR OFFICERS were, front, Barbara Weaver, 
publicity manager; Carol Johnson, social chair- 
man; Sylvia W. Peterson, councilman. Back row, 
Ralph Boswell, president; Sharron Benson, sec- 
retary; Howard Putnam and Donna Glailer, 
councilmen. Marilyn Hall, historian, is absent. 


FRONT ROW: Evelyn Crandall, Carol Pike, Gloria 
Dyer, Darlene Moss, Carolyn Lundquist, Jean Hansen, 
Lila Ann Harris, Sarah DIgerness, Sharon Smith, Stan- 
ley Bennlon, Dale Huffaker, Grant Hood, Ruth Wein- 
heimer, Hannah Mae Williams, Gloria Weight, Shir- 
ley Clifton, Carol Young, Edith Weinheimer, Marilyn 
Anderson (Accompanist). SECOND ROW: Sharon 
Holman, Mary Ruth Winkler, Margene Petersen, Cle- 
ona Jones, Sylvia Griffin, Jeanette Hunt, Marcia 
Lund, Leia Waddoups, Nedra Whitney, Marvin Fol- 
som, David White, Larsen Boyer, Lura Merrill, Lucille 
Finlayson, Elaine Sabin, Mary Helen Frampton, Mar- 
garet Ford, Joan Johnson, Naomi Christensen. THIRD 
ROW: Nadine Walker, Jean Barclay, Carmen Shum- 
way, Virginia Rae Meservy, Nancy A. Hansen, Bar- 
bara J. Buckley, Wanda Cluff, Lue Ann Fowles, Shar- 
lene Mills, LaRee Wade, Douglas Gibbs, Clair Ed- 
wards, J. Stephen Jones, Janet Gardner, Carol Ras- 
mussen, Karen Zander, Marilynn Hicks, Charlotte 
Nelson, Sherron Rich, Roberta Wilkins, Caren Cot- 
tarn. FOURTH ROW: Mary Jean Norman, Shirlene 
Atkinson, Karen Cowsert, Sheryl Wagstaff, Lorna 
Cobia, Ann Hawkins, Arva Johnson, Claire Fullmer, 
Marilyn Smyth, Sam Francis, James A. Kinne, Karl 
Robinson, Lee Switrer, Ramon Kobler, Kathryn Harris, 
Joyce Sorensen, Diane Rose, Anita Carter, Sharon 
Friti, Lorraine Larson. FIFTH ROW: Ann Thomson, 
Elaine Gordon, Lona Jones, JeNeal Martin, Helen 
Jafferies, Karol Robison, Ronald Hermansen, Ron 
Ward, Thomas Winkel, Donald Reed, Nedd Mc- 
Arthur, Chuck Padbury, Dilworth Rust, Marwin R. 
Despain, Keith Dana, Helen Farnsworth, Ruth Morrell, 
Darlene Bowles, Dorene Smith. SIXTH ROW: Marilyn 
Coster, Melba Hull, Elaine Allen, Marilyn Hansen, 
Marilyn Ockerman, Marcia Black, John Reeves, Rich- 
ard Watkins, Earl E. Bleak, Melvin Robertson, Bill 
Rice, Anthony Earl, Ben Fietkau, Gordon L. Smith, 
Edward Crawford, LaMar Porter, Mary Anne Hard- 
ing, Jeanne Noble. 

Doreen Smith, social chairman; Marshia Black, 
secretary: Marilyn Anderson, vice president. 
Back row, Byron Fisher, social chairman; Gordon 
Smith, librarian; Tony Earl, president; John 
Reaves, assistant director. 

Ralph Woodward has taken over the direction of the 
College Choir this year and is proving his ability in the 
outstanding presentations being made by the Choir. This 
group participated in the Christnnas Concert Assembly 
which was one of the outstanding presentations of the 
holiday season. They also performed at the Brigham 
Young University Stake Conference in March and at the 
General Conference of the LDS Church In April. Besides 
singing together, this group enjoys building friendships 
in social activities. A Halloween party proved one of the 
best social gatherings of fall quarter, and plenty of cold 
snow added just the right touch to make the toboggan- 
ing party a night of fun as sleds collided and students 
toppled off into the drifts. Plenty of spirit in activities — 
just the right mood for singing — all attributes of College 

TOBAGGONING PARTY heading for Timp 
Haven gathered in the bus on the long trip up. 


college choir 

Ralph Woodward, college choir director. 


Row I: Joan N. Neff, Marilyn Stanley, Sharon Bram- 
well, Audrey Heldlebaugh, Ina Low Ellson, Colleen 
Lawrence, Ann Peterson, Janice Bailey, Karen Hartley, 
Marjorie McDonald. Row 2: Phyllis Nielson, Cherl 
Park, Orval Skousen, Jerome Willden, Ron Beers, 
Sam Thompson, James Rawlings, Bruce Cameron, Paul 
Montgomery, Richard Robinson, Alma Pate, Karl 
Bodon, Roger Traasdahl, Stanford Brown, Lloyd Tew, 
Janice T. Nelson, Cherryle S. Orroclt. 

Director John R. Halllday 


<.-, •..V :../ ■'_ -•"■ 


madrigal singers 

Dr. John R. Halliday is responsible for the organization 
of the Madrigal Singers in the fall of 1952. Since this 
beginning the group has toured extensively and has en- 
tertained at concerts throughout the United States and 
Canada. Outstanding among their accomplishments is 
their Washington, D. C, tour in 1953-54. During this year 
they toured Canada, New Mexico, Arizona, and Cali- 
fornia. The "hiappy Holidays" show was featured at 
Disneyland. The Madrigals also participated in the 
Christmas Concert on campus. Besides hard work, the 
group is interested in having fun. Dr. hialllday provided 
his cabin for an autumn party for the group, and a 
tobogganing party was also enjoyed on slopes near Provo. 

TAKING TIME lor a moment of prayer, Chorus 
members bow fheir heads before leaving Provo 
for an appearance at the new Disneyland. 

MADRIGAL OFFICERS were, front, Cherryle 
S. Orrock, Ina Lou Elison, Janice Nelson. 
Back row, Orval Skousen, Noel Burke, Lloyd Tew. 


FRONT ROW: Jon G. Clark, Reginald Coultas, Da' 
Calvert, William Miclcelsen, John E. Doman, Howaro 
Bahr, Paul Trane, Bernell Edwards, Lynn Nance, 
Charles Tracy, Blaine Nash. SECOND ROW: Gayle 
Norton, Warren Thornock, Richard Dastrup, Dale 
Laub, Darrell Madsen, John Lile, Bob McBride, Bruce 
Crompton, Willis Olsen, Ferrel G. Roundy, Alma H. 
Winward. THIRD ROW: Kenyon Donaldson, Alan 
Gerber, Wayne Western, Wayne Cable, Bruce C. 
Weidner, William O. Lyda, Roger Lewis, Jim Ber- 
gera, Wilford Farley, Thell J. Stewart, Larry B. Birch, 
Derryl R. Herring. FOURTH ROW: Eugene Dill, Jim 
Phillips, Ray Wingate, Bob Smith, J. Harold Smith, 
Allen Longman, Ted Ridenhour, Makee K. Blaisdell, 
Grant R. Zabriskle, Bruce Bird, Joe Wise, Joe White, 
Russell Wood. FIFTH ROW: Jay Weenig, Gordon 
LaPearle, Floid Hullinger, Paul E. Crum, Jr., Michael 
Whitehead, Roger Marshall, Delmont Truman, Z. 
Reed Miller, Dwight Kelsey, Ross T. Olsen, John L. 
Drake, Roy Bennion, Kay Rasmussen, Blaine Palmer. 

male chorus 

Norman R. Gulbrandsen, chorus director. 


w •* 

3 ■ f? 

©'If n 


- . /./ 


w Q ^ 

*^ yS ^"^ 

-. ? -- 

In answer to a demand on the part of the Brigham Young 
University musical department for the organization of a 
male chorus, university officials made the arrangements 
that created the Male Chorus in the fall of 1955. The 
group was active In musical presentations throughout the 
year and proved itself a fine addition to the University. 
Along witn their presentations at devotional assemblies, 
the Male Chorus participated in the Christmas Concert 
during fall quarter. They also sang at the Priesthood Con- 
ference of the new Brigham Young University Stake and 
presented programs at American Fork and Pleasant 
Grove High Schools. Social activities were enjoyed dur- 
ing the year In conjunction with the Women's Chorus as 
both groups became better acquainted with each other. 

MASCULINE VOICES raise In song during the 
annual Christmas Concert. 




1 1 


L- il Ut^^B 

m ' I 

^^^Vk "^wr vHH ' 'Jl 



man, president; Ted Ridenhour, vice president; 
Paul E. Crum, publicity; Richard Dastrup, assis- 
tant conductor; Bill Mickelsen, secretary. 


FRONT ROW: Brandt B. Curtis (Assistant Director), 
Patricia Pugmire, Betty Ann Hoover, Shirley Worley, 
Lois Raymond, John Marlow, Ralph L. McBride, Brent 
Nadauld, NIlo Atkinson, Mary Lou AInnond, Louray 
Cowley, Mary Ann Hunter, Margaret Smyth, Don Earl 
(Director). SECOND ROW: Roberta Jean Muirhead, 
Sharon Louise Smith, Marlene Morton, Connie Sig- 
gard. Dean T. Smith, J. Evan Bean, Robert Oliphant, 
Glen M. Smith, M. Glenn Weaver, Denis S. Sorenson, 
Madeline Dickey, Florence Whitworth, Hazel Meeks, 
Barbara Budge, THIRD ROW: Sharon Marshall, Laur- 
etta Atkisson, Marilyn Tuckett, Lois Telford, Jim Al- 
mond, Lynn Gardner, Dan Jacobs, Reid H. Davis, 
Kelvin Hoover, Louis Pergolizzi, Velma Jackson, Bonnie 
Reaves, Beverly Whitford, Sharon Friti. FOURTH 
ROW: Alda Jeppson, Frances Atterton, Lois Call, 
Janice Tucker, Mac Ence, Bill Corbett, Var Manwar- 
ing, Kay H. Smith, Marlin Mather, Tony Bentley, Bob 
Powlan, Benita Peterson, Sondra Ann Richardson, 
Jayne Duchess Gillette, Priscilla Pulliam. BACK ROW: 
Myrna Rollins, Merlene Crafts, Lucinda Payne, Deanna 
Meinier, J. R. Madsen, Fancher Murray, Leo Leavitt, 
Don Schaefer, Mac Johnson, Dan Bucknum, James 
Peterson, Anne Wiscombe, Sharon LeBaron, Margie 
Davenport, Barbara Neeley. 

Opera Workshop was organized in 1945 and since that 
time has been under the direction of both Prof. Newell 
B. Weight and Dr. Don L. Earl, who is currently in charge 
of the group. For the first time this year, both a light 
and heavy opera were presented for the studentbody. 

1-1 I- 1 , ' '^ .ir . .1. _,_ " J.. J _]..-:-_ r.ll 


he light opera, "Sweethearts," was presented during fall 
-jUarter, and the opera, "Rigoletto," was one of the high- 
lights of the winter quarter. Besides both these presenta- 
tions, the Broadway show, "Carousel," was very well re- 
ceived by the studentbody. Along with these outstanding 
presentations, the Workshop has participated in variety 
shows and has sung for stake conferences throughout the 
area. April found the Opera Workshop visiting Canada 
with their spring tour which received plaudits from every 

MODERN DANCERS from the Orchesis Club 
participated in the Opera Workshop's presen- 
tation of "Sweethearts." 

OPERA SINGERS gather around a table durin< 
the workshop's presentation of Rigoletto. 


^ © ^ 

opera workshop 

Don L. Earl, Opera Workshop eonducfor. 


FRONT ROW: Eileen Swan, Shirley Ann Reed, Sharon 
Powell, Sandra Trosefh, Sondra Evans, Alene Smith, 
Donna L. Hatch, Priscilla Pulllam, Diana Bell, Carol 
Deane Boswell, Aleene Sumsion, Janet Miner, Helen 
Anderson, Joyce Swan, Marlene Morton, Charlene 
Smith, Ada Ruth Jones, Kathleen Winters, Jill Clarke, 
Ludean Lockhart, Pamela Russell. SECOND ROW: 
Alice Cattail Kemp, Roberta Ann Sorensen, Beverly 
Devey, Geneal Barney, Winifred Roundy, Joan Ashby, 
Carolyn Callister, Mary Waldron, Janet Greene, 
Verda Kemper, Joan Dixon, Jeanine Maughan, Ela 
Dee Thornley, Ruth Stanfield, Pat Swain, Diane Pace. 
Kathryn Maughan, Carol Nan Beckstrand, Joe Ann 
Neubert, Carolyn Chadwick, Margie Call. THIRD 
ROW: Mary Rogers, LuJean Cowan, Nila Smith, 
Sandy Robinson, Joan Thatcher, Sharon Oliverson, 
Shirley Nordgren, Pat Burrows, Dana Brush, Carolyn 
Whitaker, Jacqueline Myers, Miriam Hopping, Juana 
Dalton, Shirley Matheny, Carolyn Cochran, Joyce 
Barney, Beverly Pincock, Geralynn Hobbs, Eve Mc- 
Knight, Donna Craner, Joyce Reams, Bliss B. Finlay- 
son, Linnea Smith. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Starley, 
Carole Dawn Lee, Janet Strong, Sue Stephenson, 
Shirleen Taylor, Leona Mae Robinson, Stania Bren- 
nan, Ellene Politiis, Rhea Binning, Doreen Kurr, Gail 
Walker, Gloria Anderson, Nadda Smith, Lilet Mc- 
Arthur, Claudia Clawson, Aria Clegg, Lee Ann Van- 
dertord, Mary Jo Hopping, Luella Robinson, Marilyn 
Cunningham, Bonna Johnson, Mary Lou McCall, 
Myrna Zaugg, Donna Maria Redd. 

Norman Gulbrandsen, chorus director. 


women s 



In the past three years Women's Chorus has grown from 
a group of 36 original members to a select unit of 75. 
Their activities musically during the year are varied. 
Among campus activities are their participation in as- 
semblies presented during both the fall and spring quar- 
ters and their renditions in the winter Christmas Concert. 
This Chorus also enjoyed the appearances they made 
during their tour in February. Although the girls in Wom- 
en's Chorus love to sing together, they also enjoy social 
activities, aind particularly those in conjunction with the 
Male Chorus. Each quarter the two choruses get together 
for an evening of fun. Highlighting their activities to- 
gether is their spring dinner-dance. 

THE JUBILEERS, an ensemble from Women's 
and Men's Choruses, met to practice often. 
Here they are being directed by Norman Gul- 

CHORUS OFFICERS wore, front, Joan Dixon, 
social chairman; Aleene Sumlson, president; 
Bonna Johnson, vice president. Back row, Joe 
Ann Neubert, publicity; Janet Greene, secre- 
tary; Doreen Kurr, librarian. 






\^ -' 

-* > 




^ -^ 


FRONT ROW: Sally Goss, Clarence O. Carraway, Ernest Halliday, Larry 
D. Benson, J. Whitney Redd, Jim Patton, Allan Fossum, Tavita Fitisemann 
Wayne Wahlquist, Earl Wahlquist, Aaron R. Stoddard, Donald W. Gor 
don, Glenn Halsey, Norman King, Jerrold W. Cook, Barbara Lee Rowe 
Mary Ellen Rowe, Doris Heide. SECOND ROW: Sara Provst, Daymen W, 
Zismer, Jr., Arnold Otterson, Larry Kirkman, Stan Jackson, Franklin Black, 
Marvin H. Dalley, Bob Goodman, B. Alyric Ray, Terry Shawcroft, Alan A 
Steele, Leon B. Casper, Jesse L. Wilson, Paul R. Anderson, Clifton B 
Wilkinson, Robert Safsten, LeRoy C. Heaton, Judy Williams, Rosalind 
Radley, Marian Swan. THIRD ROW: Maria Bernard, Shirley F. Taylor, 
Grace Munhall, Larry Mortensen, Dennis Eugene Thorne, Don L. Andrew, 
Gerald L. McClure, Clinton R. Ahlberg, David Berry, Ralph Stewart, Dick 
Knight, Russ Homer, Reid Williamson, Allan Murdock, Phil Cluff, David 
Andrew, Freda Tuttle, Margaret Bushman, Paulie Lauper. FOURTH ROW: 
Karolyn Ward, Afton Andrus, Ray Hawkins, Fred H. Calder, Donald R. 
Snow, Leon Read, Curtis Dastrup, Steven Smith, Larry Skousen, Halvor 

Clegg, Barbara Grimshaw, Patricia Flygare, Diane Bentley, Barbara Glenn, 
Kay Waymire, Margaret Holman, Marian Fitch, Sharon Ann Hickenlooper, 
Barbara Bailey, Sharon Hamilton. FIFTH ROW: Joyce Murdock, Carolyn 
Redd, Pat Brooks, Carol Wright, Jim Wiser, Donald C. Johnson, Arthur 
Ballard, Ray M. Smith, Bill Stapleton, Jerry Brooks, David Pritchett, Gaye 
Edna Jarvis, Pat Wimer, Jane Harrison, Margaret Smyth, Marva 
Geralyn Ellis, Myrna Brimley, Lynette Arnason, Jeanette Ox- 
Wilma Nelson, Donette Burton, Kathryn White. SIXTH ROW: 
Carol Mae Crane, Deanna Green, Marilyn Jenson, Anne Boel, Gwynda 
Lindsey, Jill Buchan, Evanell Wade, LaNore Olsen, LaRetta Adams, Cath- 
erine Woodhouse, Judy Murray, Patricia Turley, Kay Ballantyne, Ruth 
Reynolds, Connie Loback, Carol Johnson, Laurell Martin, Eva Wessely, 
Kay Hackney, Atton Tingey, Vicki Christensen, Jean Ringlehan, Claudia 
Chester, Jeanette Woods, Pamela Johnson, Marvene Harris, Lavelle El- 
linga, Peggy Dalton. SEVENTH ROW: Esther Lehmann, Carol Noble, Anne 
Tripp, Pat Mahoney, Joy Webb, Elaine Doney, Cheri Goudy, Connie Kerby, 


university mixed chorus 


The largest musical chorus group on campus is the title 
proudly displayed by the University Mixed Chorus, with 
a crew of vocalists numbering close to 308, the highest 
number possible because of limited space for chairs. 
The group has been under the direction of Crawford 
Gates since 1951 and fulfills its purpose of providing the 
opportunity for vocal experience to those students who 
do not wish to audition for the more select groups on 
campus. The University Mixed Chorus has made many 
fine presentations throughout the school year. They com- 
bined their efforts with the symphony orchestra in pre- 
senting the Hallelujah Chorus at the Devotional Assem- 

bly preceding Christmas. They also sang for another 
devotional with the combined choruses. One of the high- 
lights of the year was the Christmas Concert in which 
the University Chorus participated. Their renditions at 
both the morning and afternoon sessions of General 
Conference in April brought much praise to this group 
for their talent so skillfully displayed. This music was fur- 
'nished under the direction of Ralph Woodward and 
Crawford Gates. The music they supplied for the Bacca- 
laureate Services added much to be remembered by the 
graduates. The group also enjoyed social activities head- 
lined by a winter quarter party "June in January." Chair- 

1:*^ a 

w » 

^Jk'" $ ^ 






p- .'vi 

Carrol Crose, DeAnne Dibble, Ruth Fox, Gayle Beck, LaRee Hart, Caro- 
lyn Thomsen, Irene Ward, Jackie Yates, Phyllis Kresge, Peggy Quinton, 
Kathleen Hynst, Marsha Nielsen, Gae Brown, Marcia Morgan, LaRiene 
Dewey, Patricia Dewey, Mina Marshall, Susan Nielson, Carol Kohler, 
Marie Hutchinson, DIanna Lewis, Francelle Donaldson. EIGHTH ROW: 
Veria Tingey, Deanna McBride, Sheila Broadbent, VerIa Beck, Sharon Call, 
Gayle Kirk, Joyce Hiatt, Joan Hermansen, Gayle Christensen, Beth 
Bronson, Deanna Dory, Colleen Brown, Sue E. Halvorsen, Joan Lambert, 
Nola Carter, Pleasy Lewis, Barbara Atkinson, Joan Allen, JoAnn Goodrich, 

Alda Jeppson, Miriam Grob, Beverly Richins, Linda Lou Smith, Nikki 
McMillan, Yvonne Eliinga, Jeanne Hausknecht, Linda Larsen, Karen Carl- 
ton, RaNae Lindsay, Daisy Flenniken, Geraldene Riley, Carolyn Sumsion, 
Renee Jackson, Lorraine Rees, Joan Bowden. NINTH ROW: Moira Black- 
more, Melva Loback, Leah Mae Averett, Joan Besendorler, Peggy Good- 
rich, Janet Gee, Connie Brewerton, Jeannine Gillespie, Bea Ina Cluft, 
Joyce Jackson, Marlene Mitchell, Joann Larkin, Gladys Webber, Karen 
Mottitt, Caryol Call, Myrle Thacker, Maurvene Helm, Betty D. Meyers, 
Shirley Boehme, Marvelle Mallard, Emogene Nielson, Vona Lue Great- 
house, Geraldine Vavages, Suzanne Hamer, Kay Bjork, Pat Butler, Lucille 
Burbidge, Annette Miller, Carol Finlayson, Joan Brown, Jean Hollings- 
head, Carol Williams. TENTH ROW: Janeen Stevens, Kay Ball, Sharon 
Mills, Jeannine Hanson, Ruth Whittle, Norma Gwilliam, Marie Pierson, 
Mary Jo Ingrim, Coleen Baker, Carole Lamb, Lorna Louder, Diana Robi- 
son, Marilyn Benson, Mary Bragg, Muriel Hebbert, Sylvia McCowell, Linda 
Gay Taylor, Dana Brush, Colleen Oyler, Chadra Carbine, Ann Davis, 
Margaret Robinson, Betty Davis, Lavonne Thompson, Karolyn Robblns, 
Joan E. Bolin, Mary Lynn Cunningham, Geraldine Allred, Jane Ann Fran- 
cis, Renee Dotson. BACK ROW: Bonnie Eddlngton, Barbara Sandstrom, 
Jo Ann Beasley, Janeen Beasley, Joan Gordon, Donna Roberts, Janice 

man of the event was Jeanne Hausknecht, assistant chair- 
man, Larry Skousen and committee members Beverly 
Ray and Colleen Larsen. The party featured dancing, mix- 
er games, and a program with Alyric Ray as master of 
ceremonies. The University Chorus joined with other vocal 
groups on campus to present in music form the story of 
Belshazzar's Feast. The story depicted the feast sponsor- 
ed by King Belshazzar and the destruction of the Baby- 
lonian Empire by the Persians to free the Israelites and 
return them to a worship of God. Officers of the group 
are Managers Bob Goodman andAlyic Ray and accom- 
panist Janeen Stevens. g9 

Crawford Gates, director of mixed chorus. 





Lawrence SardonI, Conductor. Isf VIOLINS: Anne 
Johnson, Concertmaster; Lynne Galbraith, Patricia 
Henrle, Betty Hoover, Jean Nesbit, Lynore Hales, 
Barbara Jean Barry, Cleone Hurren, Linda Lou Smith, 
Robert Crist, VeNae Bryan, Judy Beclcstead, Marilyn 
Jenson, Marva Larson, Rochelle Rhead, Gay Turcsan- 
skl, Barbara Strlnghann, Diane Fischer. 2nd VIOLINS: 

Garlta Stroble, Principal; Glenna Jennings, Ha Chris- 
tensen, Susan Baiter, Brian Davis, MIlo Moody, Wil- 
liam Mickelsen, James Gale, Eugene Jensen, David 
Chrlstensen, Gaye Merchant, Shanna Rae Mathis, 
Rosemarie Schmidt, Georgia Bullock, Jeanette Hunt, 
Barbara Hoyt. VIOLAS: Quentln Nordgren, Principal; 
Lee Ann Vanderford, Marilyn Myrup, Betty SardonI, 
Kleth Nelsen, Jean Decker, Claudette Sundwall, Rob- 

symphony orchestra 

Lawrence SardonI, orchestra director. 

SPRING CONCERT was given by the orchestra in conjunction with a cappella choir. 




ert Thurgood. CELLOS: Evelyn Loveless, Principal; 
Carolyn Cottann, Gustav Buggerl, Mary Decker, Bar- 
bara Jo Allen, Mary Atice Monson, Larry Sardoni, 
Todd Britsch. BASSES: Irene Webb, Principal; Von 
Whitlock, Howard Reed, Carol Mickelson, Martha 
Fackrell. FLUTES: John Reeves, Myrna Weeks. PIC- 
COLO: Mary Lou Ovard. OBOE: Jackie Gatenby, 
Donna Richards. ENGLISH HORN: Blaine Ediefsen. 

CLARINETS: Kay Mendenhall, William Mathis. BAS- 
SOONS: Larry Merrill, Kay Bishop. FRENCH HORNS: 
Jimmy Nielsen, Janef Anderson, Leroy Gibbons, 
Joyce Stephenson. TRUMPETS: Larry Bastian, Grant 
Elkington, Floyd Murphy. TROMBONES: Don Schae- 
fer, Richard Long, Van Hales, Garrick Bowen. TUBA: 
James Greenhalgh. TIMPANI: Naomi Chrlstensen. 
PERCUSSION: Dee Wood. HARP: Donald Bluth. 

Highlight of musical presentations for the Symphony 
Orchestra this year was their ten-day tour of Nevada and 
California during which they played several concerts for 
church and civic groups. Other tours during the year 
were to Utah high schools at Ogden, Weber, South and 
Granite. The Orchestra has been active in both devo- 
tional and student assemblies, presenting one of the out- 
standing assemblies of winter quarter with the A Cap- 
pella Choir. Their part in the Christmas Concert added 
much to its effectiveness, as did their efforts in connec- 
tion with the Opera Workshop. The outstanding presen- 
tations of this Orchestra have added much to student 
functions on campus. Their tours have been equally out- 
standing and have made them well deserving of the 
many press reviews they have received as a result of such 

ORCHESTRA OFFICERS were Don Schaefer, Jean Nesbitt and Jimmie Nielsen. 

FRONT ROW: Mary Lou Jeffries, Pafrlcia Larsen, 
Lemoyne Taylor, Ellis Hyde, Dorothy Davis, Irene 
Webb, Kathleen Keeler, Joyce Baxter, Mary Lou 
Ovard, Myrna Weeks. SECOND ROW: lla Mae Tid- 
well, Robert Henrie, Charlene Bronson, Virginia Baer, 
Mary Helen Bunnell, Jean Chandler, Mary Ellen Corn- 
wall, Louise Waller, Karen Newbold, Colleen Cald- 
well, Roxanna Day, Donna Richards. THIRD ROW: 
William Mathis, Frosty Duerden, Hazel Harding, 
Leroy Gibbons, Alona Porter, Janet Anderson, Nancy 
Deputy, Joyce Stephenson, Laura Brewer, James Niel- 
sen, Janice Fife, Jeanne Millar, Robert Candland, 
Lary Merrill. FOURTH ROW: Colleen Christensen, 
Almy Hollis, Monty Ashworth, Benny Knudsen, Larry 
Baxter, Robert Bentley, Donna Gay Hamilton, Willis 
Hepworth, Larry Bastian, Dick Chappell, Jon Thomas, 
Russell Sly, Martin Conover, Mary Morley, Gerry 
Davis, Wendy Midgeley, Mills Crenshaw. FIFTH 
ROW: Jane Clyde, Bessie Hale, Claudia Stapley, 
John Russell, Floyd Murphy, Barry Richards, Richard 
Heywood, Lee Rowley, Bill Roberts, John Hanson, 
Paul Johnson, Mary Decker, Garrick Bowen, Dick 
Long. BACK ROW: Roger Malphurs, Clarence Bush- 
man, James Greenhaigh, Vasco Taylor, Rochelle 
Rhead, Royal Peterson, Robert Shaw, Claude Snow, 
Grant Miller, 

BAND OFFICERS were, front, Mary Morley, 
Donna Hamilton. Back row, Dick Long, Jimmy 
Nielsen, Larry Bastian. 

The Concert Band was a busy organization this year. 
During the fall they completed a two-day tour which 
was only topped by their tour of Nevada and California 
during winter quarter. Also during winter quarter they 
performed in two assemblies and presented their winter 
concert. Spring quarter found them not lacking for things 
to do as they presented another concert and performed 
again for appreciative audiences i'n their final tour. Their 
music was also heard at the award banquet. Besides these 
appointments for musical presentations the Concert 
Band found time to build friendships with students and 
enjoy social activities together. Their get acquainted 
party and tobogganing party were two night of fun for 
all those who attended. 


BAND PRACTICE occupied members for hours 
each time before they presented a concert. 


concert band 

Ralph G. Laycocli, concert band direcfor. 


FRONT ROW: Mary Lou JeHeries, Frosty Duerden, James Perkins, Muriel Joyce Williams, Yvonne Lotf, SAXOPHONES: Mary Barnett, Terry Moyer, 

Mar+ell, Nancy A. Sunderland, Colleen Caldwell, Jackie Gatenby, Marilyn Lemoyne Taylor, Almy Hollis, Emma Jean Sorenson. THIRD ROW: CLARI- 

Smyth, Merle Clayson, Loretta G. Derr, Georgia Christensen. SECOND NETS: Larrain Hardy, Donna Rene Ream, Joan Ross, Francis Lyman, 

ROW: CLARINETS: Beverly Ann Painter, Donald D. Murray, Dixie Lee, TRUMPETS: Emma Bonser, Ron Lee, Stephen Jones, Richard Heywood, 

varsity band 

Richard Ballou, varsity band conductor. 


MARCHING BAND members play during BYU-Utah football game. 

- f 

. ^ 


<&';?vi'- •- 1 




B**^**^ ' ^^^^^^^P ^ ^ 


Alice Kemp, Roberf H. Bentley, Nancy Deputy, Janet Anderson, Robert 
Jensen, Elmonda Heimaric, Daymen Zismer, TROMBONES: Sherron Gun- 
denen, Lee W. Rowly, Glenn Probst, Theo Williams, Gary Taylor, Lloyd 

Tew. BACK ROW: TRUMPETS: Ray W. Green, Avefua FIso, LeJand 
Beard, Stewart Nielsen, TUBA: William Boston, James A. Greenhaigh, 
DRUMS: Bruce Hood, Ken Cooper, TIMPANI: Thomas Ray WInUI. 

VARSITY BAND OFFICERS were Richard Heywood. Theo Williams, Mary Lou 
Jefferles, Richard Ballou, Lloyd Tew. 

The BYU Varsity Band is winning wide acclaim from 
authorities wherever its presentations are made. During 
fall quarter the Marching Band is active at football 
games to provide that enthusiastic spirit for which Brig- 
ham Young Cougars are known. The Formal Concert 
presented by the Varsity Band during winter quarter is 
one of the outstanding campus musical presentations. All 
home basketball games are not without the services of 
the Varsity Band, as students sing to the strains of "The 
Cougar Song, " and the song leaders perform to many 
different renditions of the band. Spring quarter finds the 
band practicing for a combined Concert and Varsity 
Band Program to finish off the year's activities. 


Front, Kay Bishop, Gordon Smith, Don DaGrade, Leo 
McBride, Wayne Cole, Monte Ashworth, Russel Sly, 
Albert Maloy, Cecil Clarke. Bacic row, Merrill Harward, 
John Whetton, Ernest Jewell, Raymond Robins, Les 
Newren, Ed Layton, Clyde Sunnmerhays, Clarence 
Bushman, Eldon Lytle, John Kirkman, Jerry Ottley, 
Wayne Guymon, Michael Allen, Blaine Nash, Hardy 
Redd, Tom Gaddis, Theo Williams, Orval Skousen. 
Standing, Jerry Davis, David Campbell. 

TAPS are played by John Pyper at a military 
funeral for a flyer killed in World War II. Band 
performs many such functions during the year. 

Blaine Ediefsen, ROTC band director. 


r. o. t.c. band 

The ROTC Band has added much to the musical activities 
of the University as well as prestige to the ROTC organi- 
zation on campus. The main purpose of the group is to 
play for the marching units of the ROTC in their fall 
and spring drills. The band was organized when the 
ROTC was first established on campus and has added 
much to the marching of the troops. Buglers from the 
band have supplied appropriate taps for several military 
funerals in Provo and surrounding areas. During the first 
and second years of their organization, the band was 
known as the marching band, and presented several 
drills on different occasions. Along with their musical 
ability, they have shown fine precision marching in their 
drills and are a credit to the Air Force with whom they 
are affiliated. 

ROTC BAND OFFICERS were, front, Orval 
Skousen, Darrell Ellis, John Whefton, Raymond 
Robins. Back row, Cecil Clark, Hardy Redd, 
Eldon Lytle. 


TORMENTED RIGOLETTO John Marlow sings to Colleen Lawrence. 




RIgoletto, Guiseppe Verdi's four act opera about a de- 
■formed court jester whose one love was his beautiful 
daughter was presented by the Opera Workshop in 
February. Rigoletto keeps his daughter secret from his 
associates because he feels that life has been cruel to 
hinn and he doesn't want to lose her. By his bitter and 
sarcastic insults he invokes a father's curse on his head, 
which results in the destruction of his daughter. The pre- 
sentation was directed and conducted by Don L. Earl. 

DUKE was played by Brandt Curtis. 

RIGOLETTO, played by Howard Putnam, sings to Myrna Rollins. 

PLOTTING COURTIERS prevent Rigoletto from seeing his daughter. 


Rigoletto Howard Putnam and John Marlow 

Gilda — Myrna Rollins and Colleen Lawrence 

Duke of Manuta Brandt Curtis and Sam Thompson 

Maddelena Ina Lou Elison and Sharon Brown 

Count Monterone Roy Samuelson 

Sparafucile Lynn Gardner 

Countess Ceprano Fra^nces Atterton 

Count Ceprano Mac Johnson 

Borsa Arthur Butler 

Marullo James Almond 

KIDNAPPING GILDA, Chorus singers deceive Rigoletto and take his daughter. 

DUET SINGERS in the opera were Francis Atterton 
and Deverle Harris. 

SINGING OF LOVE. Deverle Harris and 
Marie Ostergaard played leading roles. 


Sylvia Frances Atterton and Myrna Rollins 

Prince Franz Roy Samuelson 

Laine Betty Hoover and Mary Ann Ostergaard 

Mike! Lynn Gardner and Kay Smith 

Paula Sharon Brown 

Lieutenant Karl De Verle Harris 

Hon. Percival Slingsby Louis Pergolizzl 

Petrus Van Tromp Dean Smith 

Arlstlde Caniche Kelvin Hoover 

Jeannette Deanne Meinzer 

Clalrette Marlene Givens 

Babette Dolores Drechsel 

Lisette Donna McGee 

Tolnette Marilyn Tuckett 

Nanette Pat Christensen 

ARTFUL DECEPTION of cleaner's daughter is enacted by Lynn Gardner. 

Knf I III I * r>i ni im u nwiinii ■> m m ■M iW ii n ifc i^ ii^i J it r iii 


Victor Herbert's two-act comedy opera, "Sweethearts," 
was presented by the Opera Workshop in November. 
The story is about a princess who was lost while a baby 
and was raised by a wash woman as one of her daughters. 
Eventually the lost princess wins the hand of the Heir 
Presumptive to the Throne and is able to help her foster 
mother and sisters. The production was the first opera 
of the season, and was directed and conducted by Dr. 
Don L. Earl. 




ACTUAL KILLING scene featured Jim Doerman, Arthur Butler and Sandy Butler. 


HIRED KILLER attempts to strangle Sandy Butler. 

Frederick Knotf's great suspense play, "Dial M for Mur- 
der," was presented at BYU in October. The play, which 
had been made into a top-billed motion picture, centers 
around a charming but unscrupulous British tennis cham- 
pion who married only for money. When he suspects that 
his wife's love is dwindling and that there is a threat to 
his security, he fabricates a "perfect" murder plot. The 
plot backfires on him, but not before suspense has filled 
the watcher. Director of the play was Dr. Preston R. Gled- 
hill and assistant director was Barbara Luke. 


Margot Weiidice Sandy Butler 

Max Halliday Ray W. Helberg 

Tony Wendice Arthur Butler 

Captain Lesgate Jim Doermann 

Inspector hHubbard Clyde Ricks 

Tfiompson Gerald Nichols 

Williams Carl Markworth 



r mur 


TRUE CULPRIT Is exposed in this scene below as Butler gets his just rewards. 

The Dublin Players returned to the BYU this year under 
the sponsorship of the Brigham Young University Theatre 
to present Oscar Wilde's "The Ideal Husband." The plot, 
set in the late nineteenth century London, concerns the 
machinations of a Mrs. Cheveley. As the play opens this 
brilliant adventuress is attending a soiree given by Lord 
and Lady Chilton in their London hlome. Lady Chilton 
recognizes her as a schoolmate who was expelled for 
theft. Robert Childon knows her too, though he does not 
mention it to his wife. Robert at forty is Under-Secretary 

FLIGHTY ENTRANCE is made at tea time by colorful garbed player. 

of Foreign Affairs, famous for his probity. But 18 years 
previously he committed one grievous error. Anxious at 
that time for wealth and the power that goes with it, he 
made money by selling a state secret. Mrs. Cheveley has 
Chilton's incriminating letter and uses it now to incrimin- 
ate Robert, who agrees to save his reputation. Mrs. Chev- 
eley eventually tells Lady Chilton of her husband's dis- 
honesty, but everything ends happily, contrary to Mrs. 
Cheveley's expectations. 

dublin players 

CONSOLING husband, Lollle May comforts Edward Byrne. 

BRITISH NOBILITY played a large part in development of the plot. 

BANISHED KING Harold Oals talces his farewell from Renae Powell. 

richard II 

MURDER OF RICHARD is accomplished by his one-time friends. 

"King Richard II," Shakespeare's classic portrayal of a 
degenerate king, was produced by the Brigham Young 
University Theatre In December. Director of the drama 
was Dr. Harold I. Hansen, Speech Department chairman 
at BYU. The plot concerns the rebellion of Henry Boling- 
brooke against Richard after he has been banished by the 
king. He leads an army against him, forces him to abdi- 
cate and brings about his murder. The usurper then suc- 
ceeds to throne as Henry IV. The play, presented in 
two parts with seventeen scenes, was a powerful drama 
which showed full well the genius of Shakespeare. 


The Manager Richard Davis 

The Husband — Tsai-Young Jim Almond 

The Friend — The Honorable Tchang Rick Davis 

The Father — Tsai Horton D. McBride 

The Mother — Madame Tsai Ann Cullimore 

The Wife — Tchao-ou-Niang Joan Schoenfeld 

The Prince Nieou Gary Stewart 

The Princess — Nieou-chi Eriynne Wright 

The Waiting Woman — Si Tchun Marilyn Wood 

The Man Servant — Li Wang David Loughney 

The Steward — Youen-Kong Charles Whitman 

Marriage Broker ..— Lynn Ann Taylor 

Food Commissioner Ivan Crosland 

INTERVENING in feud, Richard sets in motion the events which lead to his destruction. 

w *k"^^IH 

' ' 

!r\ !i 

' • 1 




;" r — - 

V ... ^ ^ „ 



MAKING DECISION, Eriynne Wright agrees to become subject to Jim Almond and Joan Schoenfeld. 

"Lute Song" by Kao-Tong-KIa and adapted by Sidney 
Howard and Will Irwin, was presented in November. 
The story of the play concerns a scholar who is caught in 
intrigue in the emperor's court. He is separated from 
his family and is unable to support his parents. Although 
he is already married, he is forced to marry a princess. 
His first wife, after many hardships, comes to the court 
to tell him the news of his parent's death. According to 
Chinese custom, one of the wives must beome subservient 

to the other. The princess makes this decision. Director 
of the play was Dr. Lael J. Woodbury. 

lute song 


King Richard II Harold R. Oaks 

John of Gaunt James Lundholm 

Henry Bolingbroke Lynn Dunn 

Thomas Mowbray Richard Brannock 

Lord Marshall Jim Doermann 

Duke of York Boyce Harris 

Aumerle Ivan Crosland 

Bushy Roger Marshall 

Bagot Frain Pearson 

Green Stan Porter 

Earl of Northumberland Keith Rooker 

Harry Percy Stan Orme 

Lord Ross Carl Markworth 

Lord Willoughby Richard Davis 

Bishop of Carlisle Lee Scanlon 


% Castile featured a special dance composition of the Orchesii 



% A^^'.M 






^'JL "f^ 

f ^ 


;/;• • * > 


1 ^ 




DEATHBED of feared Uncle Chris was climax of the play. 

r- . _ :^i^^;^iiiir;/SKrfi^^^. 

BLUSTERY Uncle Chris overpowers his relatives. 

ADVOCATING swearing, George Tanner ad- 
monishes David Gledhill not to let pain destroy 

"I Remember Mama," John Van Druten's adapfation of 
Kathryn Forbe's book, was presented in January. Direcfor 
of the play was Dr. Preston Gledhill. The play is a comedy 
involving a Norwegian family living in San Francisco, 
and conerns the problems which parents encounter in 
raising a family. The play revolves around the personality 
of Mama as she supplies a bulwark against the trials of 
the world. 


Katrin Jean Warner 

Mama Marilyn Stanley 

Papa Bryan Renstrom 

Dagmar Martha Craig 

Christine Zona Thacker 

Mr. hfyde Sam Melville 

Nels Neal Barth 

Aunt Trina Muriel Gale 

Aunt Sigrid Claudia Lamkin 

Aunt Jenny Dorothy Whittaker 

Uncle Chris George Tanner 

Mr. Thorkelson Carl Markworth 

I remember mama 

HASTY DEPARTURE of overcome suitor is accomplished by strong-arm aunt. 



COMMUNIST CELL in France is visited by Rubashov (played by 
Harold I. Hansen) with orders from Moscow to abandon labor union. 

"Darkness at Noon," Sidney Kingsley's powerful drama on 
communism, was presented in February. Starring Harold 
I. Hansen, BYU Speech and Dramatic Arts department 
chairman, in the lead role, it concerns the life of a Soviet 
Commissar who had taken part in the Russian Revolution, 
but who was unable to abandon his Idealism when Stalin 
came into power. The play details the "brainwashing" in 
communist prison camps, and shows the horror of a social 
system which denies God. Dr. Lael J. Woodbury directed 
tne play. 


Rubashov Harold I. Hansen 

Guard Paul Holloway 

402 Craig Lillywhite 

302 Harold Oaks 

202 Boyce Harris 

Luba Martha Adams 

Gletkin Stan Porter 

Ivanoff - — Dean McMahon 

Bogrov Albert Alexander 

darkness at noon 

UNHAPPY lovers were Harold I. Hansen 
and Martha Adanns. 

PANORAMIC SETTING of stage was unusual in production. Heavy use was nriade of lights. 


EXPANSIVE Dean McMahon explains matters to Helolce Hansen and Ned Hoopes. 

COMFORTER Heloiee Hansen consoles Anita Van Natter. 

Clifford Odets' cynical play "The Country Girl" was pre- 
sented by the Brigham Young University Theatre in the 
middel of April. The play, which centers around an alco- 
holic actor who must overcome his weakness to win back 
the love of his wife, is a powerful documentary of an 
alcoholic's plight. The same play won an Oscar Award 
for Grace Kelly for her acting in it. The play was directed 
by Morris dinger. 


Frank Elgin Ned Hoopes 

Georgie Elgin Bob Wilkinson 

Ralph Kay Smith 

Bernie Dodd Chet Harris 

Larry Anita Van Natter 

Phil Cook Dean McMahon 

Paul Unger Heloyce Hanson 

Nancy Stoddard Clair Seeley 

country girl 

DISGUSTED Ned Hoopes finds unconscious Dean McMahon. 

DISCOURAGED Dean McMahon prepares to leave Heloiee Hansen. 

BYU March 8 on their first western tour. The 
orchestra presented numbers ranging trom a 
"Popsorama" medley of current hit tunes to 
"The Barber of Seville Overture." A capacity 
crowd oF students and townspeople turned out 
to hear the famed performers. 

HERALD R. CLARK, director of the 
Lyceum program, is chairman of the 
Community Concert Association which 
brings the best in musical talent to the 
Provo area under the sponsorship of BYU. 
He also serves as professor of Finance 
and Banking on the University faculty. 

Brigham Young Universify's lyceum program, under the 
direction of Herald R. Clark, is one of the finest in the 
nation. The University co-sponsors the BYU-Community 
Concert Association, bringing to Provo and Utah County 
the best in musical organizations. Since the time of its 
inception, the program has brought to Provo such out- 
standing performers as Sergi Rachmaninoff, Fritz Kreisler, 
The New York Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, and this 
year the Boston Pops Orchestra and Grant Johannesen. 
Scheduled appearances next year will Include the Berlin 
Symphony Orchestra and the Philadelphia Philharmonic 


ARTHUR FIEDLER directed the Boston Pops 
Tour Orchestra during both of its BYU-spon- 
sored Utah appearances. He has conducted the 
orchestra for over 26 years, and has made it 
into a nationally famous group popular for its 
"symphonic" rendition of popular hit tunes and 
novelty arrangements. During the appearance 
at BYU, guest Artist Ruth Slenciynska won high 
praise from Utah newspapers for her piano solo 
under his direction. 

ed for students in April. A leading 
concert pianist, Johannesen is 
Utah's torennost musical person- 
ality. Last year he appeared with 
the New York Philharmonic Sym- 
phony Orchestra when they per- 
formed here. 

ROMAN SISTERS, Josette and Yvette, made their 
second appearance at BYU. Popular with the students 
for their French humor and their accomplished duo- 
piano playing. They both play solo, but combine for 
American concert tours. 

LORENZO ALVARY, famous bass-baritone of 
the Metropolitan Opera, appeared November 
9. An engaging and highly entertaining singer, 
Mr. Alvary fills over a hundred engagements a 
year in opera and concert work. 



IGOR GORIN made a hit with students 
when he appeared in the fall. He has 
appeared for several years as Brigham 
Young in the Ogden LDS Pageant, "All 
Faces West." Russian born, he has 
adopted Ogden and Utah as his home 
town and state. He sang both popular 
and modern selections. 


DAVID BAR ILLAN, concert pianisf, ap- 
peared with the BYU Concert Band to 
present the western premier ol "Con- 
certo for Piano and Band." Bar Ulan 
came to the United States to study 
music in New Yoric when still in his teens. 
He has appeared in concerts throughout 
the United States. 

JEAN LAN6LAIS performed at BYU on his 
third tour of the United States. A blind organ- 
ist of St. Clotilde Church in Paris, he has for 
the past twenty years been the director of a 
mixed choir of blind singers. 

WILLIAM PRIMROSE, the man credited 
with popularizing the viola as a solo in- 
strument, appeared on the lyceum pro- 
gram February 20. Primrose made his 
debut as a child on the violin, but found 
his talents better suited to the viola. He 
appeared as a member of the London 
String Quartet originally In America, and 
later was chief viola player in the NBC 
Symphony Orchestra. 



VIENNA BOYS CHOIR conductor signs 
autographs for BYU student!^ The 20 
young Austrian singers presented an all- 
Mozart program, and as a special added 
event, a one-act operetta. The Konvllct 
School from which the choir originates, 
sends out groups to all parts of the 
world. The group last appeared in Provo 
in 1953, and this year attracted a large 
crovfd to their renditions. 



athletics section 

The need to compete expresses itself in all ages of the world 

and whenever men gather together. In sports we find 

man's wonderful body at its finest — when young men are 

trained to the peak of physical capability and tense 

themselves to catch the one instant of time that so often 

means the difference between victory and defeat. Men train 

by hard, sweating labor in order to compete, and then 

oftentimes fail to win. Athletics and sports teach us one 

great truth about life — that it holds both victory and defeat 

for man, who must learn to apply the knowledge and 

experience which he gains from both. The ability to regard 

defeat as a form of progression is one of 
the finest things which men must acquire. 

building champion teams in the 

Brigham Young University officials have always taken the 
point of view that an active and connprehensive sports 
program is one of the requirements of a successful univer- 
sity. Accordingly they have planned for a curriculum in 
which sports play a prominent role in the education of 
every student. The construction in the last four years of 
the George Albert Smith Fieldhouse, largest basketball 
palace in the state and scene of two tournaments has 
added much to the prestige of Cougar sports. 

The BYU track team this year appeared to be well on 
their way to winning their second straight Skyline Confer- 
ence championship, and track coach Clarence Robinson 
looked forward to the Olympic tryouts and games to be 
held this year in Australia. 

Cougar basketball coach Stan Watts admitted that his 
team this year was one of his finest. Becoming nationally 
ranked in the top ten teams after their first six games, the 
Cougars this year broke more Fieldhouse and Conference 

Sfan Watts, basketball. 

Charles L. Atkinson, football. 

Clarence P. Roblson, track. 

Ray Thomas, tootball, wrestling. 

Fred W. Dixon, tennis, golf. 

Robert E. Bunker, basketball. 

op of the rookies 

records than any time before. They finished second in the 
Conference behind a great University of Utah team, won 
the Motor City Tournament at Detroit, and for a time led 
the Conference. 

A nationally-reported event of the year was the appoint- 
ment of Harold Kopp, Rhode Island University mentor, to 
the position of head football coach. The university hinted 
a 'new look at their football program, and not many 
people doubted that the Cougars had left their days of 

cellar position in the conference behind them. 
But more than any winning of championships, the BYU 
sports program is planned to develop the men who parti- 
cipate in it both physically and morally. Each player is 
expected to live up to the standards of the University, 
and there is no "pampering" of athletes on the campus. 
Team members are taught to be true champions in both 
victory and defeat. This is the great emphasis which is 
placed on Cougar athletics. 

Edwin R. Kimball, director. 

m ^-^ 1 

r ^^^^H 

^^& ^^ '^ /J 




Wayne Turner, baseball. 




VARSITY TEAM: BACK ROW: CoacK Chick Atltinson, Coach Dave Crowton, Scot+ Farmer, Johnny Velasco, Raynor Pearce, Jim Crit+enden, Dalton Overstreet, 
Dave Pincltney, George Pinckney. ROW 2: Coach Wally Nalder, Tom Verbanah, Fred Leavitt, Dick Ralph, Joe Mar+inei, Glenn Merrill, Bill Mathews, Glenn 
Taylor. FRONT ROW: Manager Gary Waterstradt, Michael Hinckley, Owen Skousen, Richard Edgley, Elgin Louder, Tom Phillips. 

1956 cougar football. . . 

Cougars held their own and made the first score, but 
were unable to hold a powerful Utah team which won 
41-9. The game set a new record for attendance in Utah 
with 29,000 fans attending. Denver University held them 
33-0 at Denver, while Wyoming took them 14-6 in what 
was probably their best game of the season as the Cou- 
gars threatened seriously to upset the Cowboys. Home- 
coming saw them pitted against Utah in an effort to re- 
capture the traditional Wagonwheel Trophy, but the 
Aggies defeated them, 47-21. Idaho, with a straight 
seven-loss record, came to Provo and won easily by a 
score of 49-6. Colorado A&M clinched their Skyline Con- 
ference championship with a 35-0 win at Provo, and cellar 
sharing New Mexico clipped them in the last game of 
the season, 2 1-6. 

Brigham Young University's Cougars fought an uphill 
battle this season, but still found themselves in the cellar 
of the Skyline Conference at the end of the season. Even 
though they showed an amazing potential In a few games, 
on the whole they were not able to match their confer- 
eince rivals. Oregon State, defending Northern and Pa- 
cific Coast champion, defeated them 33-0 in their open- 
ing game. At Provo for their first appearance before the 
studentbody, they racked up an impressive 33-0 win 
against Los Angeles State in a muddy night battle. The 
Cougars traveled to Missoula for their first conference 
game where Montana dumped them 27-13. The tradi- 
tional BYU-Utah game was played in Salt Lake this year, 
and student enthusiasm was at a high pitch with the 
chartering of a "Scalpum Special" train and the building 
of a 40 foot bonfire. During the first part of the game the 

Fred LeaviH 
Right Tackle 

Jay Weenig 
Left Guard 

Tom Yerbanatz 
Right End 

Scott Farmer 

Gary LaComb 
Uft Hall 


i'J'iTv* <w-^ J^- w'>^ 

BACK ROW: Don Dixon, Carroll Johnston, Ken Gomm, Richard Hunt, Herb Pingree, Gary LaComb, Phil Oyler, Jack Hilton, Coach Owen Dixon ROW 2: Ji^n^ 
Warner, Jack Clarke, Bob Earp, Jay Weenig, Ralph Powers, Roy Bennion, Ray Neel, John Wood, Ed Hunt, Coach Max Tolbert. FRONT ROW: Paul Dalebouf, 
Bob Loose. Steven Hawkins, John McDonald, Paul Brown, Rudy Zander, Verland Whipple, Coach Ray Thompson. 

a special brand of courage 

CHARLES "CHICK" ATKINSON, head football coach 
for the season, was one of the best-liked coaches in the 
Skyline Conference. 

WALLY NALDER coached backfield for the Cougars. He 
is former all-conference guard from the U^niversity of 

OWEN DIXON moved up from coaching BYU High foot- 
ball, which he led to state finals. 

RAY THOMAS is a newcomer this season from San Jose, 

DAVE CROWTON worked tirelessly as an assistant 
coach to Atkinson. 

MAX TOLBERT is also a new coach to the Cougar foot- 
ball staff. 

COACHING STAFF: BACK ROW: Wally Nalder, head coach Chick 
Atkinson, Owen Dixon. FRONT: Ray Thomas, Dave Crowton, Max 
Tolbert. They guided Cougars throughout Skyline Conference season. 

Phil Oyler 
\j»H Half 

Famika Anaa 

Joe Martinei 
Right Guard 

Ray Neel 
Left End 

Dalton Overstreat 
Right Half 


INVADING IDAHO VANDAL males one of several end sweeps as 
Richard Edgley dives (or tackle. Cougar in background is Ralph 
Powers. Cafs were favored to win this game, but lost 49-6. 

^ 4 

CATCHING FARMER, Raynor Poarce and Fred LeaviH head for USAC ball carrier. 

BREAKING LOOSE from Los Angeles State tackier, 
Carroll Johnston carried ball in season's one win. 

SLIPPERY TACKLE is made by Tom Verbanatz and 
Jay Weenig in rain-drenched Los Angeles State game. 

The most frequently asked question around the campus 
during football season was, "When will the Cougars start 
winning?" Time after time they showed promise of being 
a big power in the conference, but fate or some unknown 
force seemed to prevent their winning. The players played 
the best they knew how, and the team practiced long, 
strenuous hours in an effort to break their deathly slump, 
but when the season ended the Cats had gone winless in 
conference play. There is not a more bruising game than 
football, and to play hard when the game always seems to 
go against you requires a special brand of courage. The 
Cougars this year had that courage. 

HOPEFUL POSE is struck by head coach Chick Atkin- 
son during Homecoming game with Utah State whore 
Cougars failed to regain the symbolic Wagonwheol. 


CRUCIAL MOMENT brings players to leet. Shown: Ralph Powers, Richard Hunt, Johnney Velasco, Glenn Taylor. 

SIDELINE CONFERENCE with head coach Chicle Atkinson 
attracts Jack Clarke and Richard Edgley during time-out. 


W. L 

Colorado A & M 6 I 

Utah 4 I 

Denver 4 2 

Wyoming 4 2 

Utah State 3 4 

Montana 2 4 

New Mexico I 5 

Brigham Young 7 



Sept. 17 Oregon State 

Sept. 24 Los Angeles State 33 

*Oct. I Montana 13 

*Oct. 8 Utah 9 

*Oct. 21 Denver 

*Oct. 29 Wyoming 6 

*Nov. 5 Utah State 21 

Nov. I I Idaho 6 

♦Nov. 19 Colorado A & M 

*Nov. 26 New Mexico 6 

* Conference games. 












FIELD CONFERENCE during Colorado ASM game drew 
veteran Cougars Tom Yerbanatz, Phil Oyler. 

DIAGRAMING PLAYS in dirt, head coach Chick 
Atkinson kneels by quarterback Carroll Johnston. 


STOPPING UTE, Gary LaComb tackles Lou Mele. 

ATTENTIVE TRAINERS bend over a Cougar and a Ram injured in 
Colorado A&M game. Colorado clinched title with a 35-0 win. 

FROSH FOOTBALL TEAM: BACK ROW: Bob Peterson, James Taylor, Wayne Ash, Arthur Flaming. Vernon Smith, Bert Bullock, Weldon Jackson, Richard 
Moyes, Chester Prosser, Stanton Handy, Bob Fletcher, Warren Carter, Hal Stapley, Bill Kuhlman. ROW 2: Ray Thomas, assistant coach; John Rooks, 
Richard Dixon, John Cowgill, Richard Vastine, Wayne Startin, Roy Spradley, Mario Simat, Roland Daugust, Mike Cestari, Larry Jaegar, Lynn Reading, 
Phillip Nolen, Greg Farley. Head Coach Dave Crowton. FRONT ROW: David Davies, Paul Eckel, Dave Murphy. Stuart Johnston, Bob Olson, Kenneth 
Schaap, Lloyd Sanderson, Blayne Labrum, Ron Zitting, Dave Blackner, Pete Sundwall, Paul Caldwell. 

DAVE CROWTON, head frosh footba 

mentor, worked with one of the largest 

turnouts in the history of the university. 

freshman football 

Fate played a major role in BYU's Freshman Football sea- 
son this year as the squad which some considered to be 
the best Frosh team in the history of the University foufid 
themselves finishing the season with a three-loss, one-tie 
record. The Kittens made their season debut on October 
21 when they tangled with the Utah Papooses at Salt Lake 
City. The Utes took advantage of fumbles and rolled to a 
14-0 win. Two weeks later on November 3 a strong Utah 
State team invaded the Cougar stadium and fought the 
Kittens to a 7-7 tie. Brlgham Young hosted Snow College 
on November 12 during which the Kittens threatened to 
score several times, but were prevented by penalties as 
Snow defeated them 14-0. Thanksgiving Day provided 
the setting for the final tilt of the year with the Kittens 
traveling to meet Mesa Junior College at Grand Junc- 
tion, Colorado. Kitten hopes for their first and only win 
faded as a fumble in the final quarter gave Mesa a score 
and a 19-13 victory. 


John Benson 

Herschel Pedersen 

Terry Tebbs 

1956 cougar basketball. . . 

Pacific Coast Conference co-champions UCLA invaded 
the Brigham Young University campus December 2 to 
start the Cougars' 1955-56 basketball sampaign off with 
a bang. The surprisingly strong BYU squad quickly rolled 
up a lead which was never relinquished throughout the 
game as they won, 75-58. The following evening's game 
proved to be different than the first, however, as the 
final score was a close 67-65 BYU victory. 
Oregon, another Pacific Coast Conference power, flew 
to Provo and couldn't get settled as the BYU quintet 
came out ahead 72-61 and 83-52. Colorado was the Big 
Seven's contribution to the Cougar list as they invaded 
the Cougars' lair for a two game series. The Cats ex- 
ploded during both games and defeated the visitors 
84-53 and 70-53. Coach Watts and his fifth-in-the-nation 
ranked ball club then traveled East to meet second 
ranked North Carolrna State. The NCS cagers pulled 
ahead in the final minutes of play to a 95-81 score and 
handed the Cats their first defeat. Wake Forest continued 
where NCS left off and defeated the Cougars 86-80 at 
Winston-Salem. The Cougars rebounded for the next 
series, however, and led by the record 36 point scoring 
of Terry Tebbs they won the Motor City Tournament 
opener from Toledo, 89-70. Meeting Detroit the follow- 

ing day, the BYU cagers completely dominated the game 
as they defeated Detroit 99-77 and won the Motor City 
Tournament. Michigan avenged their loss last year as 
they handed the BYU club a heartbreaking 80-79 defeat. 
The Cougars opened Skyline Conference competition on 
January 6 as they traveled to Missoula and defeated 
Montana, 73-64. A week later Colorado A&M invaded 
Cougarville and the BYU five pulled away to a 61-49 
victory. The Cats then played host to Wyoming and led 
the tired Cowboys through the game, winning 74-48. The 
Cougars took time out from conference play to host 
Oklahonna City on Jan. 21, with the latter winning a 
rough 62-60 contest. Cougar cagers met Utah State at 
Logan and the revengeful Aggies pulled an upset win, 
63-56. BYU then greeted New Mexico and gave the visi- 
tors an 87-53 trouncing. Next came Denver as the Cats 
rambled to an 81-65 victory and went into the Skyline 
Conference lead when Wyoming and Colorado A&M 
both defeated the University of Utah. Terry Tebbs set a 
new individual scoring record for a BYU player on the 
fieldhouse court by making 32 points. Utah State invaded 
BYU a week later and a vengeful Cougar squad trounced 
the Aggies 92-62 as II ,614 fans swarmed into the George 
Albert Smith Fieldhouse to set a new State basketball 

Jack Anderson 

Russ Peterson 

Harry Anderson 


Hal Jensen 


Rudy Konold 

Lynn Rowa 

Tom Steinko 

nationally ranked team 

BASKETBALL COACHES for fho season were Rod Kimball, trainer; 
Stan Watts, head coach; and Bob Bunlcer, assistant coach. 

attendance record. Joh;n Benson also established a record 
for personal rebounds, grabbing 25 off the boards. Utah 
met the Wattsmen at Salt Lake two days later and set 
the Cats back with an 82-63 defeat. BYU was still cold 
as Colorado A&M took a 12-0 lead over the Cougars and 
held it for a 70-59 victory. Herschel Pedersen hit for 31 
points the following night to lead the Cats to a 78-67 
win over Wyoming. 

Perhaps the most exciting and yet disappointing game of 
the season came when Utah invaded BYU on February 24. 
II, 1 42 hoarse fans filled the fieldhouse, and an additional 
1,300 people watched a closed circuit TV broadcast. Utah 
took an early 13 point lead, but suddenly the Cats got 
hot and poured in 20 points to Utah's four in the final 
seven minutes of the first half. BYU led 41-38 at halftime. 
The Cougars increased the lead to 67-54, but then went 
completely cold and remained scoreless while the Utes 
ran up 14 points to grab a 68-67 lead and eventually win 
the ^ame, 82-77. 

The Cougars defeated Montana the following night, 95- 
73, and broke the old fieldhouse record of 94 points set 
last year. The Cats went away for their final two games 
as they defeated New Mexico, 75-69, and Denver, 96-86. 

Willard Hirschi 

Blaine Anderson 

Paul Kitchen 

Melvin Wilkes 


son goes on his knees after a 
loose ball. UCLA player directly 
above him is Willie Nauls. 

grabs the ball from Wyoming 
opponent. Other Cougars are Ed 
Pinegar and tall Blaine Anderson. 

FALLEN GUARD Dave Lewis hugs the ball as Blaine Anderson looks on. 

CAVORTING FORWARDS John Benson and Ed Pmegar keep ball from USAC. 

LENGTHY CENTER Herschel Pedersen shoots as Harry Anderson coils. 



Utah 12 

Brlgham Young _ 10 

Utah State 7 

Colorado A&M 7 

Denver 6 

New Mexico 5 

Wyoming 5 

Montana 4 



















INTENT TEAM receives thorough game analysis from Coach Stan Watts. 

1955-56 GAME SCORES 






















Norfh Carolina State 



Wake Forest 


HIGH FLYING TEBBS passes off to a teammate during UCLA game. 
Although shortest man ia conference, he outjumped many players much 
taller than himself. At season's end he was named to "Little All American." 










♦Colorado A&M 




Oklahoma City 


*Utah State 


*New Mexico 




♦Utah State 



Season record: 18-8 

Conference record: 10-4 
♦Conference gannes 




♦Colorado A&M 








♦New Mexico 




DEEP BREATH helps lanky Jack Anderson as he waits for foul shot. 

ACE REBOUNDER John Benson gets vital tip-in beneath Fieldhouse lights. 




f- ^;.-','"' ,^ ■■"■;■■ ,'," ,"■. ■ , ; ,"■''■'-■ ,. " . ' 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BS^^K. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ "^^^^^^^^^^Bfl 


^j^^^^^^^^^K; A f] '^^^^^^^^^^^^1 

^HE_ -:>'^. <.''_' ..-•x^'f^^ja^M 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.^""''^^^"^i^i^^^^^^^^^mtfMHM^Kl M 













Ik oi 


HOOK SHOT SPECIALIST Hersehel Pedersen gets 
one off against Denver. A consistently high scorer, he 
also led team in total number of rebounds for season. 

ROUGH DEFENSE trips up Tom Steinke. 




Brigham Young University's hot-and-cold basketball squad 
ended their 1955-56 tourney with an impressive 18-8 sea- 
son record, and finished second in the Skyline Conference 
with a 10-4 slate. The Cougars led the conference for a 
short time, but lost out to Utah in the final standings. 
The squad was the best offensive unit ever put together 
by Coach Stan Watts, as they averaged 77.2 points a 
game to break the old mark of 72.7 set last year. They 
also averaged 55.8 rebounds per game to better the old 
record of 48.8. Herschel Pedersen led the squad with 314 
rebounds for an average of 12.1 a game; this put him 
second only to BYU's famous Mel Hutchins in BYU re- 

Terry Tebbs poured in a total of 506 points to give him 
the highest season average in BYU history and placed 
him fifth among BYU's all-time scorers. His selection on 
the Little All-America squad highlighted his achieve- 

Attendance records were also set this season, as I 16,103 
fans saw the Cougars in action in the BYU Fieldhouse to 
break the previous season record by more than 30,000. 
BYU averaged over 8,286 fans at each of the 14 home 
games to set another record. 

The 1956 record boosted Stan Watts seven-year record 
at BYU to 147 wins against 71 defeats. 

DRIVING HARD, Wlllard Herschi lays up a shot 
head and shoulders above opponents. Blaine Ander- 
son Is the Cougar who stands ready to trail ball. 


PEDERSEN SHOOTS and the Cougar machine 
swings into offensive positions. In this photo 
taken at Colorado game, four of the five team 
members are stopped in midaction as they 
move to recover a possible rebound. BYU play- 
ers shown are Terry Tebbs, Herschel Pedersen, 
Harry Anderson, and John Benson. 

ATTEMPTED BLOCK is too late to do any good 
as muscular Harry Anderson drives for the 
basket and lays up a shot against Colorado. 
Coming in for possible aid are Herschel Peder- 
sen and Terry Tebbs. Cougars won both games. 

TIE BALL! And from the grimace on Jack Anderson's face 
it's a good thing that the game is really played in fun. 
Harry Anderson is the other Cougar with his hands on the 
ball during this game with New Mexico which BYU won easily. 

MUTT AND JEFF combination of Terry (The 
Terrier) Tebbs and Herschel (Soup Bones) 
Pedersen was the deadly Cougar scoring threat. 








■ * 


f •#• 








1956 COUGAR BASKETBALL TEAM consisted of, standing, Terry Tebbs, Harry Anderson, Melvin Willes, Paul Kitchen, Dave Lewis, Hal Jensen, Blaine Anderson, 
Harschel Pedorsen, Jack Anderson, Rudy Konold, Lynn Rowe, John Benson, Ed Pinegar, Willard Hirschi, Russel Peterson, Tom Steinke. Coaches kneeling are Stan 
Watts, Rodney Kimball, Marvin Robison [manager), Bob Bunker. 

freshman basketball 

Coach Bob Bunker and his Frosh basketball squad had a 
stormy season this year as they wound up their eleven- 
game series with a 4-won, 7-lost record. The Kittens 
opened the season with an 84-66 triumph over Dugway, 
but lost their next two games to Hill Field, 74-55 and 
65-62. Then the Utah State Frosh squeezed out two vic- 
tories by scores of 62-60 and 67-66, but the BYU five 

rebounded and defeated Dugway again, 76-52. Utah 
Frosh rolled to an 75-72 win over the Kittens, but lost 
the second tilt, 56-48. Snow JC split with BYU, winning 
the first game 80-68, and losing the second, 78-46. Mesa 
JC hosted BYU in their final tilt of the season and de- 
feated them by a score of 76-65. 

FRESHMAN BASKETBALL team members were, front, Jack Dalton, Roe Smith, Duke Reid, Gary Larsen, Ralph Ashby, Brent Dorton. Back row, coach Bob Bunker, 
Duane Keith, Keith Pedersen, Gary Miles, Roy Thacker, John Gustin, Jerry Warnick, Jack Cravens. 


WRESTLING TEAM members were, front, Reed Weight, Merrill Glenn, Lowell Willins, Wes Wilcox, Rayburn Jack, Derryl Herring. Back row, Jim Warner, 
Dick Hunt, Calvin Merrell, Gerald Stubbs, Frank Thompson, Coach Ray Thomas. 

BYU grapplers finished second in the Western Division 
with a 2-won, 2-lost record, and ended the season with 
an overall slate of three wins and five losses. In confer- 
ence competition they defeated Utah twice, 25-6 and 
26-8, but lost two meets to Utah State, both by a 5-22 
score. Coached by Ray Thomas, the squad showed favor- 


able improvement and will be even stronger next year 
with additions from the Frosh team. Standouts among 
the Frosh squad were Leroy Davies, Utah State champion 
last year; Roger Overson, Oregon State champion for 
two years; and Robert Kresgey, AAU champion in New 

WARNER WATCHES as Tanner of Utah hangs on. 

ON TOP, Dick Hunt grapples Ut«. 



GOLF TEAM MEMBERS were, front. Rod Carter, Lanny NieUon, John Geertson, Phi Cannon, Herb Creviston, Grant Lindsay. Back row, Coach Fred "Buck" 
Diion, Wayne Carle, Paul Simplins, Dean James, Le Roy Stickel, Kirk Bitter, Mark Ballit, Sonny Brawn. 



Golfwise the odds looked favorable to BYU as six let- 
termen returned from last year's championship team. 
Every veteran shoots close to par and keeps inter-squad 
competition close. Coach Fred "Buck" Dixon's squad is 
also aided by a sparkling group of new recruits which 
should supply the extra power to push BYU to the con- 
ference championship. 

In their first meet of the season the golf team swung 
to an easy 17-1 victory over Montana. John Geertsen 
turned in a remarkable performance as he shot three un- 
der par with a 68 for the course; this record should 
stand for quite some time. Geertsen was followed closely 
by veterans Kirk Bitter, Phil Cannon, hierb Creviston, Max 
Fillmore, and Leroy Stickle. 

CAREFUL PUTTER Phil Cannon measures while Kirk Bitter watches. 

LONG HITTER Max Fillmore demonstrates follow- 
through after stroke. Golf team practices and plays 
home games on the Provo golf greens. 








I -x-.\ . . . 



TENNIS TEAM MEMBERS were, front, Byron Todd, Ray SHIIings, Earl Brlmley, Ross Woodward, Gary Collins, Ross Kimball. Middle row, Tracy Wilson. 
Robert Williams, Gordon Smith, Gordon Crandall, Gary Giles, coach Fred Dixon. Back row, Conrad Stowell, Doug Smoot, Byron Fisher, Ed Pinegar, 
Max Frampton, Ju'dd Flowers. 


Brigham Young University will again be a strong op- 
ponent In conference tennis competition this season as 
five lettermen will be returning to the squad. Ed Pinegar, 
aided by lettermen Gordon Crandall, Doug Smoot, Max 
Frampton, and Jud Flower, will be the core of this year's 
team. Coach Dixon has also received a promising group 
of new men in this department which will prove helpful 
to the optimistic squad. 

Montana fell victim to the Cougars in their first clash of 
the season as BYU went undefeated throughout the tour- 
nament and won all seven matches. The entire team look- 
ed good and every player shows promise of pushing the 
squad to greater victories. 

FORCEFUL RETURN is hit by Doug Smoot. 

OPENING SERVE is delivered by Ed Pinegar. 

TRACK TEAM members are, front, Al Ray, Roe Smith, SheraW James, Bolt Suk Shim, Paul Anderson, Frank Molle, Doug Spainhower, Bill Meadows, Hal Werner. 
Middle row, Guy Dehart, Dick Heywood, Roger Silk, Melvin Wilkes, Raynor Pearce, Bill Bird, Don Mower, Oscar Anderson. Back row. Trainer Rod Kimball, Harry 
Anderson, Jim Crittenden, Bill Arnett, Wayne Ash, Arlyn Finlinson, Ralph Bonham. Willard Hirschi, Marvin Roberson, Charles Higgins, Don Spainhower, Coach 
Clarence Robison. 

Track promises to steal the spring sports spotlight at 
Brigham Young University this season as Coach Clarence 
Robison's Cougars are highly favored to take the Western 
Division and Skyline Conference championships. Nineteen 
lettermen of last year's championship cinder squad re- 
turned to the team's ranks this season; this choice group is 
aided by a surprisingly strong squad of new recruits who 
show promise of chalking up extra points for the Cougars. 
BYU javelin star Charles "Pinky" hliggins leads the Cats 

in this department, with hial Werner and Claude Blanch 
giving him stiff competition. Ralph Bonham leads Doug 
Spainhower and Roe Smith in the highjump, while Marvin 
Roberson is top man in the shot put. Melvin Wilkes and 
Raynor Pierce head the broad jump department. Bill Bird 
and Roberson provide competition in the discus event, 
while Bill Meadows and Don Mower in the pole vault 
finish up the field events. 
On the cinder path, Harry Anderson paces Dick Heywood 

FLYING through the air in one of his broad jump leaps is Raynor Pearce. 

SMILING twosome is manager Tom Burrs and Coach Robison. 



AIMING his javelin is BYU star Charles "Pinky" Higgins. 

LONG DISTANCE runners are Al Ray, Sherald James, Bok Sulc Shim. 

and Frank Molle in the cenfury dash, while hieywood leads 
the pack in the 220 run. Arlyn Finlinson, conference 880 
champ, and Jim Crittenden head the 440 dash with the 
Anderson brothers, Paul and Oscar, also on the top of 
the 880 list. 

Record-breaker Sherald James leads the mile pack of Bok 
Suk Shim and Al Ray, while Shim, champion cross country 
runner of Korea, is top in the two mile run. Wilkes is the 
Cougar high hurdler ace, while Pearce holds the same 

honor in the low hurdles with Freshman Roger Silk close 
behind. BYU's conference champion mile relay team 
composed of Oscar Anderson, Mel Wilkes, Paul Anderson 
and Arlyn Finlinson still lead the conference. 
Much is expected of this year's championship squad, and 
much more should be given by the promising athletes. 
Conference records stand a good chance of being broken 
by the BYU cindermen, and Coach Robison looks forward 
to some participation on this year's Olympic team with 
some of his standout performers. 

UP AND OVER goes high jumper Don Spainhower. BYU has two other outstanding high jumpers, Ralph Bonham and Roe Smith. 


HOPEFUL are outstanding traclisters Marvin Roberson and Sherald James. 

100 yard dash 

H. Anderson 

220 yard dash 



440 yard dash 

880 yard run 

P. Anderson 

Mile run 


Two mile run 


1 20 yard high h 



220 yard low h 



Broad jump 


High jump 


Pole vault 


Shot put 






Mile relay 

O. Anderson 


P. Anderson 





1 :54.7 





23' 101/2" 







CLEARING the pole !n good form is Bill Mead- 
ows, one oF the leading pole vaulters on the 
BYU track squad. Bill grabbed first place in this 
event during Cougars' first meet with N.M. 

ENERGETIC combination represents BYU's power in the 440 
and 880 yard dash events. The two outside men are Arlyn 
Finlinson and Jim Crittenden of the 440 category, while the 
two center athletes are Oscar Anderson and Paul Anderson. 


DASH EXPERTS of ihe 220 are Frank Molley and Harry Anderson. 



New Mexico University Albuquerque 

Arizona University Tucson 

Arizona State Tempe 

BYU Invitational Meet Provo 

Montana University Provo 

University of Utah Salt Lake City 

Intermountain AAU Salt Lake City 

HURDLER Willard Hirschi takes time out. 




Utah State Agricultural College Provo 

Western Division Meet Salt Lake City 

Conference Meet Denver 

National NCAA Berkeley 

National AAU Bakersfield 

U.S. Olympic Trials Los Angeles 

LETTING GO with a mighty heave of the six- 
teen pound shot is Wayne Ash. This event 
takes a large quantity of strength and endur- 
ance. Marvin Roberson also specializes in the 
shot put. 




>^;;,*^ 1^.; 

•<>^ ^r^,'^ 

BASEBALL TEAM MEMBERS were, front, Lynn Jones, Brenf Pratley, John Blair, Brent Haymond, Ben Madsen, Gary LaComb, Paul Haynie. Middle row, 
Skousen, Tom Steinlce, Paul Kitchen, Dave Lewis, Phil Oyler, Glendon Hatch, Lamar Walbeck. Back row, Tom Phillips, Norm Christiansen, Lincoln Sorensen 
Lewis, Bob Smith, Dutch Brinkerhoff, Coach Wayne Tucker. 



Under fhe direction of Wayne Tucker, new baseball 
mentor, BYU baseballers opened 1956 season as a poten- 
tial Skyline winner. With nine returning lettermen — only 
four were seniors- — Tucker had a fine nucleus about which 
he assembled the diamond squad at Cougarville. 
The Cougar outfield was one of the strongest ever to 
play at BYU. Phil Oyler, all-conference hopeful and two- 
year letterman, held down left field; Paul Kitchen, re- 
turning regular from 1955 and dependable hitter, re- 

WATCHING INTENTLY, centerfielder Paul Kitchen follows diamond action. 

turned to center; and Dave Lewis, power hitter and a 
two-year letterman, was stationed in right. 
The infield was one of the best defensive units in the 
Western Division. Transfer student Tom Phillips handled 
first base chores after arriving at BYU from Phoenix 
Junior College. At second Paul Haynie, one of the best 
infielders ever to don a Cougar uniform, turned in several 
fine performances. The hot corner was manned by Gary 
LaComb, a converted second baseman, while Tom 


JUDGING BATTER, pitcher John Blair contemplates what type of ball to throw. 

Steinlce, a junior from West Jordan, engineered the in- 
field from the shortstop slot. Behind the plate Dale Lewis, 
a sophomore from Provo, and Brent Pratley, returning 
jetterman from Glendale, California, more than ade- 
quately filled the catching position. 

Pitching problems plagued Coach Tucker in his first year 
as only two huriers returned from the 1955 squad. Ben 
Madsen and Lynn Jones, the two returning lettermen, 
were backed by Owen Skousen, a big righthander re- 

turning from the service, John Blair, and Sterling Hanks 
— all juniors — and sophomores Brent Haymond, lone 
southpaw on the team. Glen Hatch, Bob Smith, and 
Line Sorensen. 

Dave Crowton, 20-year coaching veteran at BYU, stepped 
down in favor of Coach Tucker due to ill health. Tucker, a 
member of the New York Yankee chain for more than 12 
years, was named Crowton's successor early in the year. 

HIGH FLY is awaited for by left fielder Phil Oyler. 

LIMBERING UP, third baseman Gary LaComb swings three bats. 

INTRAMURAL Director Bill Hafen sits surrounded by assistants Richard Schroder, Ray SIcillings, Wayne Cable. 

mens intramural s 

Under the capable direction of Bill Hafen, Brigham Young 
University students participated in the biggest intramural 
sports program in the school's history. Over 3500 students 
took part in nearly 30 different athletic evenhs to better 
last year's participation by more than 500. 
The main purpose of the intramural program is to afford 
the mass of students the opportunity to participate in a 

well-rounded program of sports and activities. The events 
are divided into three groups, with approximately ten 
sports being participated in each quarter. Flag football 
was the fall sports king as 36 teams entered competition, 
comprising a total of 360 students. Basketball dominated 
the winter events with 92 teams or 920 men participating. 
Softball led the spring sports as approximately 600 stu- 

BADMINTON champ Virgil Anderson. 

ALL SET to let the arrows lly are participants in archery, one of the co-ed intramural sports. 


TEEING OFF on a long ball !s Lanny Nielsen, Spring Quarter golf champ. 

FLINGING horseshoe Is champ Dunk Larsen of the Tauslgs. 

dents ^ook part. 

A unique point system has been devised to create interest 
and greater competition in the program. The organization 
with the best all-round performance reord for the year 
will receive the intramural Supremacy Trophy; individual 
participants are eligible for the Dr. hi. G. Merrill Cross 
Country Run Trophy. Each person who places first in any 

intramural competition will be awarded an Intramural 

Much progress has been made during the past year in the 
intramural program as new equipment has been pur- 
chased, more and better playing facilities have been 
provided, and plans to improve the program even more 
have been formulated. 

PRESENTING the Cross Country Run Trophy to Sherald James !s Dean Nash 








ll .J^ 





w . 

"^ \ 


H 1 

i ^w 




iZli ** 




* ■',*« 

FLYING HIGH is Wally Gordon, ouhtanding individual performer in gymnastics. 

SEniNG SIGHTS on ball are LeGrand Young and Cecil Clark. 

TENSE ACTION shows on LaVern Brim's face in bowling competition. 


CLOSE ACTION !n baslietball competifion 

DEFEATING opponents are doubles chanvplons Phil Cannon and Grant Misbach. Grant was also singles champ 

SWINGING HARD is Paul Gambles during one of the intramural Softball games. LaVern Brim is catching. TOP FORM is shown by Slip Nelson 

PING PONG winners are, front, Bonnie Brunlen, Mar Johnson. Back 
row, Deslyn Edling, Marilyn Monson, Diane Foster, Nadine Jones. 

Professor of Physical Edu- 
cation. Her life is high- 
lighted by many remarkable 
accomplishments in this 

RUSHING in for a basket is El'izabeth Belnap with Rhita Flake close behind. 

women's intramural s 

IVA LOU PETERSON, Faculty Advisor of 
the women's intramural program. A sin- 
cere and friendly instructor, she is de- 
voted to helping the women of BYU. 

INTRAMURAL volleyball provided ex- 
citing recreation for many of the BYU 


MANAGERS of the Fall Quarter 
sports activities are, front, Barbara 
Taylor, Shirley Johnson. Back row, 
Evonne Davenport, Mary Lou 
Humphrey, Rhita Flale. Not shown 
are Renan Probst, Juanita Taft, 
Marilyn Lord. 

CONSCIENTIOUSLY baHing the ball is Intramural participant Marilyn Arnold. 

WINTER Quarter Sports Managers are, front, Jackie Nettles, Pat 
Turley, Frances Feik. Back row, Ann Macumber, Louise Bryner, 
Arlene Peterson, Anne Brown, Shirley Taylor. Not shown are Shirley 
Johnson, Betty Smith, Bonnie Coles, Rosie Tufaga, Shawnie Arbogast. 

The Women's Intramural program is designed to encour- 
age all women students of Brigham Young University to 
participate in wholesome physical and social activities. 
The calendar of events offers a diversified program 

throughout the school year. Girls participating compete 
for honors in volleyball, archery, tennis, track, basketball, 
foul pitch, table tennis, skiing, softball, badminton, bowl- 
ing and swimming. 

HARD-WORKING members of the Women's Intramural Council 
are Valorie Garff, Deslyn Ediing, Marilyn Lord, Juanita Taft, Bar- 
bara Taylor, Louise Bryner. 

KEEN COMPETITION was the result of the women's archery 



A J» 



BYU MARCHING BAND performed at halftime of football games. In their second year of organization, the band drew wide acclaim from sportswriters and 
photographers for the excellent shows they presented. Working long and often late after the sun had set, the unit perfected intricate drills and formations. 
Halftime shows during the year included a Circus theme at the BYU-Utah game before a record crowd, and a tribute to Genn Miller at Homecoming. 

giving spirit to athletic events 

THE DEBONNETTES, a high school precision twirling team, performed for many BYU halftime entertainments at both basketball and football games. 



CHEERLEADERS were Fred Dunford, Julie Talt, 
Bob Jensen, Paul Lookinland, Dick Jensen, 
Cynthia Scott, John Hales, (bottom) SONG- 
LEADERS were, front, Gail Morrow, Dianna 
Daniels, Middle row, Janice Zollinger, Lois 
Lochhead. Back row, Sharon Benson, Phyllis 

COSMO COUGAR this year was actually two 
persons. Unveiled at the last home basketball 
game, Peggy Herron and Ray Pope were 
thanked for the exhausting job which they did. 




leadership section 

Throughout our lives we are dependent upon the 

decisions of other people. Our civilization, so 

wonderfully complex and confusing, demands that 

we give up a certain amount of freedom of choice 

to other people who govern us. These people we 

choose wisely, knowing that the decisions which they 

make will not only affect us now, but in the future 

years. And we learn this, that leadership and its 

responsibilities bring about the full maturity of 

the individual as he faces problems and makes 

decisions. Leadership itself seems to be talent in the 

full sense that art or writing are special 

abilities given to some people. 


Joseph F. Smith 

Harold B. Lee 

Spencer W. Kimball 

Eira Talt Benson 

George Q. Morris 

Delbert L. Stapley 

Stephen L Richards 

J. Reuben Clark, Jr. 

brigham young university 

Richard L. Evans 

Henry D. Moyle 

LeGrand Richards 

Marion G. Romney 


Mark E. Petersen 

DAVID O. MCKAY, ninth 
president of the Church of 
Jesus Christ of Latter-day 
Saints, is head of the Board 
of Education. The beloved 
leader is known throughout 
the world for his work with 
the youth of the Church. 

board of trustees 

Adann S. Bannion 

Brigham Young University is a part of the educational system of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day 
Saints, which includes institutes, colleges and seminaries. These are all governed by the Board of Educa- 
tion of the Church, which consists of the First Presidency and the Council of the Twelve. The Board of 
Education is also the Board of Trustees of the University. This is all under the new Unification Plan an- 
nounced in 1953. The Administrator of this plan is Dr. Ernest L Wilkinson, who serves also as president of 
Brigham Young University. The administrative offices of Church education have become established 
at the University, making it the mother institution for Latter-day Saint education. Administrators hope 
that with this plan uniformity of standards, procedures and wider cooperation will be united with greater 
efficiency, economy and effectiveness in Church education. 

The LDS church has always been a leader in education, holding as one of its basic tenants that "no man 
can be saved m ignorance." The motto of Brigham Young University is "The Glory of God is Intelli- 
gence." President Stephen L Richards, speaking at a devotional assembly this year, said that the 
Church sponsored the University because it paid dividends in happier homes, converts to the church, and 
missionaries. He said that no other school could teach the concepts of home and family life as could this 
one, and that a reconciliation of religion and science could be better effected because ". . . there is 
found a true concept of religion and the relation of man to God." 


WILLIAM E. BERRETT. Vice Presidonf in 
charge of Religious Education. 

WILLIAM F. EDWARDS, Vice President 
in charge of Finance and Business Ad- 

HARVEY L. TAYLOR, Executive Assistant 
to the President. 

during this year, education in America was at a point 
of vital significance to the nation and to the world. 
With the ending of World War II, schools and 
universities across the nation faced the greatest influx of 
students ever known, with promise of more coming. Brig- 
ham Young University faced that challenge as more 
people became aware of the advantages and the neces- 
sity of having a college education. President Ernest L. 
Wilkinson will be long remembered for the manner in 
which his administration faced the challenge. With the 
increase, dormitories were inadequate to hold the stu- 
dents; classrooms were filled above capacity; teachers 
Were hard to get. Under his dynamic leadership the 
look of the campus changed. Building proiects total- 
ing 16 millions have been completed or are in the process 
of construction. The University has approved plans for an 
additional eight millions to be spent on expansion. In 
various stages of planning are dormitories, a student 
union, a library and a fine arts building. There has 
seemed to be no end to the plans which far-looking 
leadership had set down to insure that the University 
would take its place as one of the great universities of the 
nation and of the world. 

This year, presidents of all Utah colleges and universities 
met to decide actions to handle the huge student in- 
crease which the public schools were already coping with. 
Since the end of the war, the University had already had 
an enrollment Increase of 70% and had become the larg- 
est church affiliated university in the nation with regards 
to full-time students. Authorities gave full assurance that 
even a predicted Increase of 5,000 students by 1965 
could be handled. 

Not only have administrators been aware of growing 
student enrollments, but they have also worked hard to 
Insure that the University would not lose that unique feel- 
ing of brotherhood for which it was known. Ever since Its 
humble beginning as the Brigham Young Academy in 
1875, the Brigham Young University has put as much 
stress upon improving the character and building the 
ideals of the youth of the Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter-day Saints as it has upon teaching the latest educa- 
tional theories and philosophies. When the great Mormon 
colonizer Brigham Young called Karl G. Maeser to estab- 
lish the school, he gave him only one instruction — one 
which has been repeated many times to teachers at the 
University today — "... you ought not to teach even the 
alphabet or the multiplication tables without the spirit of 

Even more than he worked to make the University physi- 
cally great. President Wilkinson stressed the Importance 
of the University as a place where one's character could 
be developed and where young men and women could 
find the great peace of spirit offered by the philosophies 
of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These 
philosophies hold that Man, being the son of God, Is a 
free agent with unlimited possibilities of eternal advance- 
ment. The acquisition of knowledge is a vital link in the 
eternal plan of creation. 

Thus the Brigham Young University presents its two facets 
to the world — one as a fast growing and vigorous uni- 
versity with well-laid plans for future growth, and another 
as a spiritual pillar which dares to teach the highest 
religious philosophies with the latest scientific researches. 


Clyde D. Sandgren, Secretary of Board 
of Trustees, Board of Education, and 
Executive Committees; and General 
Counsel and Secretary for Church School 

year as. President of the Brigham Young University. 
He graduated from Brigham Young University and 
later attended George Washington University Law 
School. He then attended Harvard Law School, ob- 
taining a Doctor of Juridical Science degree. During 
his administration the University has added four new 
colleges; the largest building project ever undertaken 
was conrtpleted; and plans were made for the future 
growth of the campus. He lives on campus and fre- 
quently invites students to his house for informal 
gatherings and discussion sessions. 

officers of the university 


college of commerce 

The College of Commerce provides men and women with 
habits of work which will enable them to acquire &n eco- 
nomic self-reliance. It is based on the objectives of build- 
ing an understanding of human characteristics and social 
aspects, training in business operations and economic 
changes, developing a capacity to analyze and organize 
information, and building a communication capacity In 
writing and speaking. It Includes a broad general back- 
ground such as is needed by executive leaders In today's 
changing world. Included in the College are the Depart- 
ments of Accounting, Business Management, Economics, 
Finance and Banking, Marketing, and Secretarial Training. 

William F. Edwards, Dean. 

Richard Leo Smith, Chairman 
of Business Management. 

Lars G. Crandall, Chairman 
of Secretarial Training. 

Joseph T. Bentley, Chairman 
of Accounting. 

Herald R. Clark, Chairman 
of Finance and Banking. 

TYPING CLASSES developed speed and proficiency in secretarial training. 

Elmer Miller, Professor of 

Weldon J. Taylor, Chairman 
of Marketing. 

biological and 
agricultural sciences 

The College of Biological and Agricultural Sciences con- 
cerns itself with educating students in the principles of 
life upon the earth. The Biological Division of the College 
includes Departments in Bacteriology, Botany, Zoology 
and Entomology. In addition, students who are interested 
in medical technology, medicine, dentistry, and veterin- 
ary science register for pre-training in this division. The 
Agricultural Division prepares students to satisfy the 
practical 'needs of the community and trains them to be- 
come specialists in their fields. Included in this division 
are the Departments of Agricultural Economics, Agron- 
omy, Animal Husbandry, Horticulture and Horticultural 
Specialties, and Industrial Arts. 

Raymond B. Farnswor+h, Acting Dean. 

Vasco M. Tanner. Chairman of 
Zoology and Entomology. 

Clarence D. Ashton, Chairman 
oi Horticulture and Horticul- 
ture Specialties. 

HUMAN BRAIN structure is studied by Zoology students. 

Ivan L. Corbridge, Director oi 
Agricultural Economics. 

Lawrence Morris, Chairman of 
Animal Husbandry. 

Don H. Larsen, Chairman o( 

Merrill J. Hallam, 
of Agronomy. 


LaVell C. Gammett, Chairman 
of Industrial Arts and Drawing. 

college of 



The College of Fine Arts studies all of man's cultural 
creations as he attempts to define the world around him. 
One of the five original colleges organized, it boasts of 
an exceptionally well-prepared faculty. Faculty members 
have studied at art institutes and recognized schools 
throughout the nation. Many of Utah's outstanding mu- 
sicians and artists are members of the faculty. Courses in 
public speaking, radio and television, and theatre and 
dramatic arts are offered m dramatics. Included in the 
College are the Departments of Art, Music, and Speech 
and Dramatic Arts. 

Gerrit de Jong, Jr., Dean. 

J. Ronnan Andrus, Chairman 
of Art. 

John R. Halllday, Chairman 
of Music. 

MUSICAL TALENTS are developed by practice and supervision. Above, 
students participate in baton techniques under Norman Gulbrandsen. 
Below, a student practices on piano to develop her playing ability. 

Harold I. Hansen, Chairman of 
Speech and Dramatic Arts. 

college of 


The College of Education was in the first year of opera- 
tion with a revised progrann. All educational courses were 
divided into four departments — the Departments of Edu- 
cational Administration, Educational Values and Pro- 
grams, Instruction, and Educational Research and Ser- 
vices. In addition, the college this year announced a new 
apprentice-teacher program wherein students spend one 
quarter as an apprentice teacher and one quarter as an 
actual instructor. The College administers the BYU High 
School and Training Schools. The College prepares teach- 
ers, counselors, school librarians, principals, supervisors, 
superintendents, and other education workers. 

Asahel D. Woodruft. Dean 

Sterling Callahan, Chairman of 

Antone K. Romney, Assistant 
Dean, Acting Chalrnnan of 
Educational Administration. 

TRAINING SCHOOL operated by the University gives student teachers 
an opportunity to have actual teaching experience and associate with 
students of all ages. 

Robert L. Egbert, Chairman of 
Educational Research and Sci- 

humamties and 

social sciences 

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences takes up 
ttie study of man, his creations, and his government. The 
humanities concern themselves with intellectual and artis- 
tic creations of man as he attempts to define the world 
he lives in. The Social Sciences deal with the social and 
governmental conduct and relations of the human family. 
The College, which is one of the largest in the University, 
strives to give every student a liberal education, and for 
majors in Its departments it develops qualified and trained 
personnel. Departments in the college are: Archaeology, 
English, Geography, History, Journalism, Modern and 
Classical Languages, Political Science, Psychology and 

A. Smith Pond, Acting Dean 

Reed H. Bradford 
Chairman of Sociology 

L. Elliot Tuttle 
Chairman of Geography 

Mark K. Allen 
Chairman of Psychology 

Oliver R. Smith 
Chairman of Journalism 

M. Wells Jakeman 
Chairman of Archaeology 

Leonard W. Rice 
Chairman of English 

LANGUAGE LABORATORY is electronically operated and equipped. 

Arthur R. Watlins 
Chairman of Modern and 
Classical Languages 

Richard D. Poll 
Chairman of History aird 
Political Science 

physical and 
engineering sciences ( 

The College of Physical and Engineering Sciences brings 
together in one college the fundamental physical sciences 
and the department of engineering. It provides training 
for future teachers, industrial workers, or students who 
wish to do fundamental research. In the college are the 
Departments of Air Science, Chemistry, Engineering Sci- 
ences, Geology, Mathematics, and Physics. The Depart- 
ment of Engineering offers a Bachelor of Engineering 
Science degree in Acoustical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, 
Geological, and Mechanical Engineering. A completely 
inew engineering building was in the process of construc- 
tion during the year of 1956. 

Harvey Fletcher, Acting Dean 

Lt. Col. Rulon D. Blalce 
Chairman of A!r Science 

Harold J. Bissell 
Chairman of Geology and 
Geological Engineering 

H. Smith Broadbent 
Chairman of Chemistry and 
Chemical Engineering 

Milton Marshall 
Chairman of Mathematics 

Wayne B. Hales 
Chairman of Physics 

CARL F. EYRING SCIENCE CENTER is one of the best equipped in West. 

Jens Jonsson 
Chairman of Engineering 

division of religion 

Sidney B. Sperry, Director of Graduate Studies. 

The Division of Religion administers all religious instruc- 
tion at the University and is responsible for the progrann 
of religious activities which is sponsored by the University. 
Every student v/ho graduates from the University is re- 
quired to have had two hours of religious instruction for 
each quarter of work. Students in any college who com- 
plete thirty-four quarter hours of religious training are 
given special recognition at graduation. The head of the 
Division of Religion is the President of the University. 
Included in the Division are the departments of Bible and 
Modern Scripture, Church History, L.D.S. Church Or- 
ganization and Administration, and Theology and 

David H. Yarn, Chairman of 
Theology and Philosophy. 

Chauncey C. Riddle, Chairman 
of LDS Church Organization 
and Administration. 

Roy W. Doxey, Chairman of 
Bible and Modern Scripture. 

Russell R. Rich, Chairman of 
Church History. 

RELIGIOUS CENTER on campus is the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. 

B. West Belnap. Director ot Undergraduate Division. 

rec, phys. and health 
ed., and athletics 

The College of Recreation, Physical and Health Educa- 
tion, and Athletics has as one of its primary purposes the 
education of students in those phases of work which will 
prepare them to teach young people the fundamental 
concepts of health and recreation. It plans to develop 
leaders In recreation, both for the nation and for the 
Church organizations. Courses are organized to meet 
state certification requirements. Departments within the 
College include the Departments of Recreation, Physical 
Education for both men and women, Scouting, Health 
Education and Safety, and Intercollegiate Athletics and 
Intramural Sports. 

Jay B. Nash, Acting Dean. 

Clarence F. Robison, Chairman 
of Health Education and Safety 

Royal Stone, Chairman of 

Charles J. Hart, Chairman of 
Physical Education — Men. 

Leona Holbrook, Chairman of 
Physical Education — Women. 


Alma Heaton, Committee in 
charge of recreation. 

William J. Hafen, Director of 
Intramural Sports. 

Mary Jensen, Committee in 
charge of recreation. 

Edwin R. Kimball, Chairman of 
Intercollegiate Athletics. 

college of 

family living 

The College of Family Living is unique on the BYU cam- 
pus and is an outgrow+h of the philosophies of the Church 
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in regard to family 
life and marriage. The Churcn has placed such a value on 
the teaching of the college that a new multi-million dollar 
Family Living Center was under construction for 1957. 
Members of the faculty serve as consultants to the 1 ,000 
coeds living in Heritage Halls. Included in the College are 
the Departments of Clothing and Textiles, Economics and 
Management of the Home, Food and Nutrition, Home- 
making Education, Housing and Design, and Human De- 
velopment and Family Relationships. 

Marion C. Pfund, Co-Dean 

Eleanor Jorgensen, Acting 
Chairman of Clothing and 

Blaine M. Porter, Chairman of 
Human Development and Fa- 
mily Relations. 

DO IT YOURSELF is taught to clothing and textile workers who learn 
how to save money by malting their own wearing apparel at BYU. 

Marion Bennion, Chairman of 
Food and Nutrition. 

school of nursing 

Prospective women in white are enrolled in the School of 
Nursing under the direction of L. Bernice Chapman, 
Director. A Bachelor of Science degree is awarded to all 
students who meet requirements of the Nursing depart- 
ment and pass Utah's nursing examinations. The freshman 
year is spent in classrooms and laboratory work; sopho- 
mores receive instructions on the job at hospitals in Salt 
Lake and Provo. Girls are required to meet all general 
education requirements along with their nursing schedule 
and must maintain a "C" average each quarter to con- 
tinue in their nursing work. 

Bernice Chapman, Director. 

SENIOR NURSES gather around a piano to sing together. 
Nurses spend much time in working together, and develop 
lasting friendships. 

LDS NURSES HOME in Salt Lake U site of Nurses' hospital 
training. Here nurses live and practice in hospital before 



The Extension Division, established in 1921, has grown to 
one of the larger divisions on campus and includes de- 
partments in Audio-Visual Services, Adult Education Ser- 
vices, Leadership Week and Publication Services. The 
Division is also responsible for BYU travel tours to foreign 
lands and around the United States. The Audio-Visual 
Center serves church organizations, public schools and 
the University with tape recordings, film releases, and 
film productions. The Adult Education Services includes 
evening school, home, travel, and Armed Forces studies. 

tHarold Glen Clark, Director 

Lynn M. Hilton, assistant 

Evans Memmo+t 
Audio-Visual Aids 

Clarence Tyndall, chairman, 
audio-visual aids. 


The Graduate School of the University was founded in 
1922 to "develop the power to do independent work and 
to encourage the spirit of research." When a student 
graduates from the University program with his Bachelor's 
degree, he can if he wishes continue and obtain either a 
Master of Science, Master of Arts, or Master of Educa- 
tion degree. The administration of the Graduate School 
is composed of the President of the University, the Dean 
of the Graduate School, four elected members of the 
Graduate faculty and one member from each of the col- 
leges, and a representative from the Division of Religion. 

George H. Hansen, Dean, Graduate School. 

mccune school 
of music 

The McCune School of Music and Art, located In Salt 
Lake City, became a part of the University in 1952. It 
has co-sponsored lyceums with the University which are 
held in Salt Lake. Among them have been appearance 
of the New York Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and 
the Boston Pops Orchestra this year. The faculty is large 
and represents the highest type of professional train- 
ing. Work done at the school is in two divisions — the 
preparatory, which includes all classes that do not receive 
college credit, and the college wherein credit is given to 
students who meet University entrance requirements. 
Credit is applicable toward graduation. 

N. Lorenzo Mitchell, Director 

MUSIC SCHOOL is located !n Salt Lake City. 

BUSINESS COLLEGE lies in mid Salt Lake City. 

I.d. s. business 


The Latter-day Saints Business College in Salt Lake City 
became a part of the Brigham Young University four 
'ears ago in June of 1952. The School had been founded 
oy the Church and had been used as a college and a 
high school. The affiliation of the college with BYU offers 
the advantages of credit recognition to students who 
may change to the parent institution. Courses at the col- 
lege parallel those offered at the University, and are 
designed to develop proficiency in the areas of Secre- 
tarial, Executive Secretarial, Junior Accounting, and High- 
er Accounting. Kenneth S. Bennion is director. 

Kenneth S. Bennion, Director. 


Bliss Cranddll, Dean of Admissions and Records. 

Dean A. Peterson, Director of Public Relations 
and Publications. 

Orin H. Jaclcson, Adnnisslons 

Luclle Spencer, Acting Regis- 









Floyd R. Taylor, Director of 
Ticket Bureau. 

Wetiel O. Whitaker, Director 
of Motion Picture Production, 

W. Cleon Skousen, Director of 
Public Services. 

Raymond E. Beckham, Secre. 
tary of Alumni Association. 

Stewart L. Grow, Chairman of 
Devotional Assemblies. 

Harold I. Hansen, Chairman ot 
Radio and Television Programs. 

Edwin Butterworth, Director of 
Press Relations. 


Wesley P. Lloyd, Dean of Students. 

Selby G. Clarlc, Chairman of 
Scholarships, Awards, and Fin- 
ancial Aids. 

B. Keith Duffin, Director of 
Placement Bureau. 

AMID COMPLICATED apparatus of a classroom students en- 
joy a close relationship between faculty and studentbody. 

Lillian C. Booth, Counselor for 

Howard T. Reid, Chairman of 
Counseling Service. 

Cleo McCraclcen, Director of 
Women's Housing. 

Leonard E. Christensen, Capt., 
Traffic and Security. 

William Carr, Counselor to 
Foreign Students. 

general administration 

The administration of a university of 8,000 students re- 
quires almost as equal elaborateness of facilities as a 
small city. Included within the University General Admin- 
islrative Offices are divisions which cover admission, 
counseling, foreign students advisors, scholarships, traffic 
and security. The University operates a motion picture 

production studio, a food service and food purchasing, a 
laundry, a press, a photo studio, a creamery, and a post 
office. All these are designed to ease the flow of life 
within the University, which more and more becomes a 
"city within a city." 

Il^ [ 


LeUnd M. Perry, Superintend- 
ent of Physical Plant. 

Fred A. Schwendlman, Director 
o* Student Housing. 


Ben E. Lewis, Director of 
Auxiliary Services. 

PHYSIOLOGY TESTS are given to test 
peripheral vision and color perception. 

Kiefer B. Sauls, 

C. R. Peterson, Purchasing, 
Mail Se rvice, Post Office and 

Joyce W. Tippetts, Director of 
Campus Planning and Develop- 

Arthur D. Browne, Director of 
Administrative Studies. 

Dr. Ariel Williams, University 

Allred, Mildred E. 
Aamodt, Leonard C. 
Alder, Lorna C. 
Alder, Zane G. 
Allen, A. Lester 
Allen. Mark K. 
Allman, Verl 

Alward, MIgnon H. 
Allred, R. Chase 
Anderson, Daryl 
Anderson, Eloise 
Anderson, H. Verlan 
Anderson, Keith P. 
Anderson, Rayola H. 

Bailey, Dale S. 
Anderson, Leiand 
Anderson, Vivian 
Andrus, J. Roman 
Atlcinson, Charles L. 
Babcocit, Hyrum J. 
Anderson, Richard L. 

Barlow, Frances P. 
Bangerter, Blauer L. 
Bankhead, Raid E. 
Ballou, Richard E. 
Barlow, Irene S. 
Barney, Vernnon S. 
Barrett, Ivan J. 

Bartholomew, Davis 
Barnett. L. Owen 
Bauer, Edith B. 
Baxter, Leiand 
Beck, D Elden 
Beck, Jay V. 
Beckham, Raymond 


Bendixsen, Grant D. 
Belnap, B. West 
Bentley. Anthony I. 
Bennlon, Marian 
Bentley, Joseph T. 
Black, Jesse R. 
Bissell. Harold J. 

Bos, Jacob 
Berryessa, Max J. 
Blackhann, Angus U. 
Bloonn, Ruth S. 
Booth, Lillian C. 
Boyle, C. S. 
Boel, Joseph M. 

Britsch, Florence Todd 
Brimhall, Willis H. 
Britsch, Ralph A. 
Broadbent, H. Smith 
Brooks, Melvin 
Brough, Rulon R. 
Brown, Billings 

Burrup, Percy E. 
Bryner, Loren C. 
Buggert, Gustav F. 
Bullock, Kenneth C. 
Burnningham, Olive K. 
Bushman, Grant M. 
Bushman. Jess Richard 


Calderwood, JoAnn 
Caine, Julia A. 
Calder, Glen H. 
Caldwell, Gaylon L, 
Callahan, Sterling G. 
Canning, Ray R. 
Candland, Dorothy N. 

Cannon, Mark W. 
Cannon, Clawson 
Carr, William C. 
Chandler, Samuel C. 
Chapman, L. Bernlce 
Cheney, Thomas E. 
Chrlstensen, Earl M. 

Clark, Harold G. 
Christen sen, Leonard 
Christensen, Edward L. 
Christensen, Lillian A. 
Christiansen, Parley A. 
Christensen, Ross 
Clark, Bruce B. 

Clark, Herald R. 
Clack, James R. 
Clark, Marden J. 
Clark, Monroe H. 
Clark, Selby G. 
Clarke, A. John 
dinger, Morris M. 

Cochran, Thelma 
Compton, Lane A. 
Corbridge, Ivan L 
Cowan, Cyntha A. 
Cox. Soren F. 
Craig, Marshall R. 
Crandall. Bliss H. 

Berry, June 
Bradford, Reed H. 

Brace, William 
Brownlee, Robert S. 

Browne, Arthur D. 
Butterworth, Edwin J. 

Butt, Newbern 
Buttle, Faye J 

Evans, David Loius 
Farnsworth, Dean B. 
Farnsworth, Raymond B. 
Fieldmg, R. Kent 
Firmage, D. Allan 
Fisher, Flora D. 
Fisher, Albert L. 

Fuerstner, Carl 
Flake, Chad J. 
Fletcher, Harvey 
Fletcher, ttarvey, Jr. 
Fuhriman, Dean K. 
Gardner, Elizabeth L. 
Gammett, Lavell C. 

Gates, Crawford 
Gardner, John H. 
Gibson, M. Carl 
Gledhill, Preston R. 
Glover, Geraldine 
Goates, J. Rex 
Green, John Alden 

Grow. Stewart L. 
Grindstaff, Lt. L. Philip 
Gubler, Donworth V. 
Gulbrandsen, Norman R. 
Gunn, Richard L. 
Guymon, Fred E. 
Gwrtsen, O. Norman 

Crandall, Lars G. 
Croft, Evan M. 
Cummings, Benjamin F. 
Crowton, David M. 

Curtis, Brandt B. 
Curtis, Sgt. Clayne G 
Daines, Delva 
Darais, Ale 

Davies, J. Kenneth 
Davidson, Bertha B 
de Jong, Gerrit. J 
Dixon, Fred W. 

Hafen. LeRoy R. 
Hafen, William J. 
Hales, Rlchhard W. 
Hales, Wayne B. 
Hall, H. Tracy 
Hamblln, Lawson 
Halllday, John R. 

Hansen, Ralph 
Harris, Kenneth R. 
Harris, M. Maurine 
Harrison, Bertrand F. 
Hartson, Marlow R, 
Hart, Anna B. 
Hart, Charles J. 

Healon, /\lma 
Haupt, Floyd E. 
Hayes, John E. 
Haymore, Franklin 
Hellewell. Robert E. 
Hinman, Beth S. 
Hilton, Lynn M. 

Holbroolc, Leona 
Horton, Frank K. 
Horton, George A. 
Howell, Robert J. 
Hoyt, Gordon D. 
Hunt, Jay B. 
Isaksen, Henry L. 



Jakeman, M. Wells 
Jacobs, Margaret S. 
Jenny, Martha R. 
Jensen, Christen 
Jensen, Mary Bee 
Jensen, Vern H. 
Jenson, Edgar M. 

Johnson, Eldred A. 
Jenson, Gloria 
Jewell, Ethel Lee 
Jex, J. Lorin 
Johnson, Alan P. 
Jones, Garth N. 
Jonsson. Jens J. 

Jorgensen, Eleanor 
Jorgenson, Jean 
Keeler, J. J. 
Kimball, C. Rodney 
Knight, Hattie 
Krider, Mary A. 
Larsen, B. F. 

Larson, Clinton F. 
Larsen, Don H. 
Larsen, Vernon W. 
Latimer, Beulah 
Laycock, Harold R. 
Laycock, Ralph G. 
Layton. Robert L. 

Lloyd, Wesley P. 
Lewis, Ben E. 
Lewis, George L. 
McAffee, Boyd 
McConkie, Don L. 
McCracken, Cleo 
Mclff, Lyie H. 

Hansen, Ralph 
Hannmond, May C. 

Hartvlgsen, Jack A 
Hart, Edward L 

Hodson, Harry 
Hlnhe, Lehi F. 

Jacobs, Briant S. 
Jackson, Orrin H, 

Nash, Jay B. 

Nelson, Roscoe 

NIcholes, Henry J. 

Nicholes, Joseph K. 

NIcholes, Max M. 

Nibley, Hugh 

Nielsen, T Sgt. Alfred C. 

Nordgren, Quentin R. 
Nielsen, Eve 
Oak, Cecil R. 
Olpin, J. Lloyd 
Olson, Ernest L. 
Openshaw, S. Sgt. Gordon 
Orrock, Scott 

Pardee, Kathryn B. 
Parker, Clyde 
Payne, John W. 
Pearson, Glenn 
Perry, Leiand M. 
Peterson, C. R. 
Peterson, Hugh W. 

Peterson, Iva Lou 
Peterson, Lucille E. 
Peterson, Robert M. 
Pfund, Marion C. 
Poll, Richard D. 
Pond, A. Smith 
Porter, Blaine M. 

McKnight, H. Ne 
McKell, William E. 
McKinley, Lynn A. 
McNamara, Delbert 

\%^ \ 

Pope, Richard L. 
Potter, Norma 
Poulson, Wilford 
Poulson, Virginia B. 
Prestwich, Leonard W, 
Purdy, Victor W. 
Rasmussen, Eliis T. 

Rich, Owen S. 
Rice, Leonard W. 
Rich, Naoma 
Reimschiissel, Ernest F. 
Rich, Russell 
Richards, Grant S. 
Richardson, Jed J. 

Riggs, Robert E. 
Rigby, J. Keith 
Robinson, Burton W. 
Rogers, Lewis M. 
Robison, Clarence J. 
Romney, Antone K. 
Sardoni. Lawrence 

Shields^ Leiand G. 
Shumway, R. Phil 
Skousen, Owen K. 
Skouson, W. Cleon 
Smart, Lyman F. 
Smith, Carol T. 
Smith, Oliver R. 


Smith, Wilford E. 
Smithson, Rulon N. 
Snell, V^illiam H. 
Sparks, Leroy 
Spears, Irene O. 
Spencer, Lucile 
Sperry, Sidney B. 

Stutz, Howard C. 
Stansfield, Russell N. 
Stone, Royal B. 
Struthers, Robert E. 
Sudweeks, Joseph 
Swensen, Albert D. 
Swensen, Russel B. 

Tanner, George W. 
Symons, J. N. 
Tanner, Orea B. 
Tanner, Vasco M, 
Taylor, Charles 
Taylor, Ethelyn P. 
Taylor, Weldon J. 

Thomas, John A. 
Thomas, Robert K. 
Thorne, Lucile M. 
Thurgood, Jack J. 
Tippetts, J. W. 
Turner, Glen H. 
Tuttle, Elliott 

Tyndall, Clarence 
Tyler, S. Lyman 
Van Moorleheim, W. I 
Viles, Eileen 
Vernon, Leo P. 
Wakefield, J. Homer 
Wall, Willard 

Rasband, Mima 

Ray, M Sgt. Ernest L., Sr. 

Riddle, Ctiauncey 
Riddle. Eldin 

Sauls, Kiefer B. 
Schwendlman, Fred A. 

Smith, Richard J. 
Smith, Robert J. 

Warner, Ray D. 
Waterstradt, Jean Anne 
Watts, Stanley H. 
Watkins, Arthur R. 

Weight, Newell B. 
Webb, Fredrick N. 
West, Dale H. 
Whitaker, Reed 

Whitaker, Wetzel O. 
White, J. Morgan 
Wilkins, Ernest J. 
Whiteford, June 

Wilkinson, Marian 
Williams, Ariel L. 
Wilson, Amelia 
Wilson, Warren B. 

Wing, J. H. 
Wiser, Wendell H. 
Witbeck, Alan R. 
Woodbury, Lael J. 

Woolf, Golden L. 
Woodruff, Asahel D. 
Woodward, Ralph 
Wright, E. Wayne 


JOHN WARD, 2nd Vice Presi- 
dent, is a Val Hyric and Blue 
Key, A business management 
major, he will graduate in Spring 
quarter. He is originally trom 
the city of Long Beach, Calif. 

VICKIE RICHARDS had dual job of Secretary and Historian. 
A major in elementary education, she plans to teach 1st or 
2nd grades in Prove. Originally she entered University of 
Utah, but switched to be with Church school. She has a 
staff of about 65 worlcers, most of whom are secretaries. 

BOB DRIGGS, Business Manager, 
spent three years in the Argentine 
mission. A Blue Key and Bricker, 
he will enter graduate business. 

executive council 



More so than in any previous year, this year's Executive Council set for 
themselves the goal of building for a bigger and better university. When 
student leaders met at Bryce Canyon before school started, they chose as 
their theme "Behold Eternity" and pledged themselves to the task: of laying 
a solid foundation upon which future student governments could work. 
Realizing the tremendous future which Brigham Young University had be- 
fore it as a leader in the nation and in the world, the council began planning 
ways in which they could help bring this future even closer than it was. One 
outgrowth of the plans was the adoption in winter quarter of an entirely 
new student government which did away with the clumsy legislative council 
and which was a start toward a modern and efficient government patterned 
after that of the United States. Important as the new Senate system was, 
it was only one result of a general course which the council took as they 
tried to build a firm foundation. 

WID TINGEY, President of the Associated Students of Brigham Young 
University, was foremost in advocating improvement of the student govern- 
ment to meet the needs of an expanding studentbody. He felt that some 
helpful steps had been taken, but that much remained to be done. 

has a B.A. in Journalism and Is 
working for an M.A. in Church 
History and Philosophy. A re- 
turned missionary from Australia, 
he spent four years in the Navy 
and is president of the big 
Pacific Studentbody Association. 

ELLEN KEELER, 1st Vice President, took as her goal the improvement of 
the assembly functions on campus. Reorganizing assembly procedure, she 
set up central committees to handle nearly all phases of work which go into 
producing an assembly. Also adopted was usage of IBM cards to search 
out what she felt was the vast reservoir of talent on the campus. 
JOhHN WARD, 2nd Vice President, was in charge of dances, pep activities, 
traditions, and school spirit during the year, as well as scheduling activities 
and doing the calendar. Under his hand the pep activities were enlarged 
beyond any which had been attempted in previous years. 
VICKIE RICHARDS, Secretary of the studentbody, worked with council 
members in their efforts to lay solid foundations for the future. She felt 
that a lot of work remained to be done before the university became what 
it had been intended to be, or before the full possibilities of its growth 
could be felt. 

BOB DRIGGS, studentbody Business Manager, made some progress in 
streamlining his job. All phases of studentbody activities were indirectly 
under his supervision as he alloted the distribution of some $100,000 of 
student money. 

ELLEN KEELER, 1st Vice President, headed 
assemblies. Voted the Friendliest Girl, she is a 
native of Provo and affiliated with White Key 
and O. S. Trovata. She majored in Speech. 

-■^^ ■*'""' 






^^ ' 













hjWM 'i J^B' ' BH 







r . 








r ^' 









ELVA DAVIS worked as secretarial assistant to coordinator. 

HENRY L ISAKSEN, student coordinator, had the 
dlHicuH job of correlating student functions and repre- 
senting the studentbody to the faculty. He holds a 
Ph.D. and is Associate Professor of Personnel and 

student coordinator 


Services provided by the Student Coordinator include 
overall supervision of student organizations, coordina- 
tions, coordination of all scheduling of activities, train- 
ing in leadership, supervision of student government and 
the expenditure of studentbody funds, and liason between 
students, faculty, and administration. The staff of the 

office of Coordinator of Student Organizations includes: 
the Coordinator, Dr. Henry L. Isaksen; Assistant to the 
Coordinator of Student Organizations, Dee Jacobs; and 
a secretary, Mrs. Elva Davis. The ultimate goal of the 
Coordinator is to help the students develop self-govern- 
ment with a minimum of intervention. 

CABINET MEMBERS wsre, front, Tom Reeve, pep; Mar Johnson, AWS; Jack Whittle, public relations; Kelvyn Cuilimore, Honor Council; Ken Clayton, 
publicity. Back row. Ken Young, elections; Karl Snow, IOC. 


elections committee 

Using the motto, "The '56 goal is you at the pole," the 
Elections Committee preceded throughout the year to 
try to establish a national collegiate vote percentage 
record. The Committee handled all phases of studentbody 
elections, particularly, the A.M.S.-A.W.S., class officers, 
studentbody officers, hlomecoming Queen, Sophomore 
Loan Fund Queen, and the constitutional amendment 
voting. Ken Young began the year as the committee 
head, with John hlunter taking over during winter quarter. 

ELECTION COMMIHEE members were, front, 
Lyric Robinson, Janis Hull, Donna Mae Riding, 
Louise Bessy, Margot Seymour. Middle row, 
Sally EmmeH, Mary Holmes, Yvonne Anderson, 
Chris Ellsworth, Elaine Gordon, Veda Kawa!. 
Back row, John Hunter, Don Minor, Ross Wood- 
ward, Burl Jarvis, Ken Young, H. Blaine Call, 
Richard W. Moyle. 

Complete reorganization of the Assembly Committee saw 
the creation of sub-committees to handle the individual 
phases of production such as scenery, costuming, direct- 
ing, and writing, with a subchairman presiding over each 

ASSEMBLY COMMIHEE workers were Malda 
Rust, LaRee Adams, Bryan Drennan, Joan Wors- 
ley, Larry Peterson, Broolce Temple, Fran KIrIc, 
Gayle Griffin, Sharon Thompson, Sanford 

assembly committee 


PEP COMMITTEE were, clockwise: Brook Nosier, Lois Lochhead, Howard Ellison, Lament Ririe, Tom Reeve, Barbara Sandstrom, Danny Gallego, 
George Eberting, Peggy Herron, Bob Linebarger. 

pep committee 

Through the efforts of the Pep Committee, pep rallies, 
which in the past have been sparsely attended, became 
much more popular events when centered around such 

public relations 

Promotion of all local and national publicity of the Univer- 
sity was handled by the Public Relations group. Emphasis' 
was placed on bettering relations between students and 

activities as the "Scalpum Special" chartered train to the 
U of U vs. BYU football game, the giant "Bonfire Rally" 
contest, and the chilly but filling "Breakfast Rally," which 
was a pre-homecoming parade event. Tom Reeves acted 
as committee chairman, hie was assisted by Lament Ririe 
as associate chairman. 

Provo citizens this year. The inauguration of a student 
soliciting plan was accomplished by working with the 
Provo Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Mer- 
chants. Other functions included the handling of the 
student calendar. Miss Football awards, football publicity, 
stake president day, and interschool publicity. 

PUBLIC RELATIONS workers on the council were Gordon Taylor, Jack Whittle, Sid Mitchell and Don Greenwood. 


DANCE COMMITTEE were, front, Wanda Peaeocl, Vickie Larsen, Gene Twitchell, Barbara Rowe, Dianna Daniels. Back row, Gordon Wells, Vern 
Payne, Rex Estes. 

dance committee, 

Organization of the Dance Committee and the year's 
dances transpired during fall quarter under the leadership 


Consistent service to all organizations desiring art and 
poster supplies was provided throughout the year by the 

of Gene Twitchell. Taking over for the remainder of the 
year was Vern Payne. For the first time in history, dances 
held during winter and spring quarters did not show finan- 
cial loses. Outstanding dances of the year were the Snow 
Carnival dance, the Banyan Ball, and the Inaugural Ball. 

Publicity workers. The pep activities, Homecoming Week 
activities. Orientation Week activities, and Y day were 
particularly benefited through the Publicity organization. 
Successful attempts were made to acquire two large 
bulletin boards to be used for campus publicity purposes. 

PUBLICITY COMMITTEE members were Jack Smith, Gaye Bowden, Ken Clayton, Marlene Taylor and Ralph Dale Barney. 


IOC PRESIDENCY were Sfeve Barrett, vice president; Jean Lewis, assistant; 
Marjorie Bowen, secretary; Karl Snow, president. 

BRICKER TRIAL attracted pledges and onlookers. Brickers 
were on trial for violation of initiation procedures on campus. 

interorganizational council 

Completion of the IOC Handbook came about this year 
through the guidance of president Karl Snow. The Hand- 
book was well received and has been of great service to 
organization presidents. A new rushing plan was inaugu- 

rated which has eliminated social unit rushing difficulties 
and which has enabled many more students to become 
affiliated with the smaller units. Approximately twenty- 
five new organizations were incorporated, including geo- 

CENTRAL COMMITTEE to handle rushing were, front, 
Diane Hatch, Eleanor Bergstedt. Back row, David Groe- 
berg, Winston Christensen. 


SCHEDULING COMMITTEE for the IOC was, front, Robin Andelin, Gayle Griffin, Shirley 
Walker. Back row, Lee Hansen, Ralph Stewart, Bruce Cameron. 

PLANNING COMMITTEE workers were, front. Gayle Griffin. Back row, Paul Anderson, 
Carl Mitchell, Ken Kenny. 

IOC MEETINGS were filled with representatives from 
each campus organization and had to be held in roomy 
lecture halls. 

graphicals and departmen+als. A central location of the 
IOC offices was established, and regular office hours 
were begun for the first time. The court system was com- 
pletely reviewed with the suggestion that major changes 

be made by the Senate. Complete reorganization of all 
departments of the Inter-Organization Council was car- 
ried out in an effort to achieve more efficiency. 

SOCIAL UNIT PRESIDENTS were, front, June Dudley, Connie Anast, Jean Peters, Carol Groshell, Pat Watts, Margaret Nalder, Lauree Adams. Back row, 
Ned Hoopes, Dick Moyle, Michael Warnick, Lew Christensen, Robert Fraiier, Harry Ballard, Kay Berge, Reed Jenkins. 

HONOR COUNCIL members were, front, Carrol SuHon, Norman King, Marilyn Blaycocic, Henry Hrahowshi, Mary McMurray. Middle row, Sharon Daven- 
port, Byron Fisher, Jo Ann Leonard, Dick Gibson, Evelyn Murray. Back row, Eugene Kingdon, Charlene Bjarnson, June Clyde, Lynn Benson, Larry Watts, 
Robert Blair, Kelvyn Cullimore. 

honor council 

Major revision of the Honor Code and honor procedures 
to a counseling system was wrought this year in an effort 
to provide students with more assistance in understanding, 
and guidance in adhering to honor principles. A student 
education program was pursued to achieve these ends. 
The new system gives individual and understanding 

consultation for alleged violators rather than a trial as 
under the former system. A questionnaire was circulated 
by the council to the studentbody so that student atti- 
tudes and opinions might be realized on the hlonor Code 
and its workings. Production of an educational film on 
the honor system was begun during the year, also. 

HONOR COUNCIL MEETING was noted for its discussion of the application of 
the University's Honor Code. Here they ring about a table to talk over problems. 

SENATE MEMBERS were, front, DaHas Merrill, Nancy Briggs, Ann Smith, Elaine feordon, Sandra Butler, Diane Hatch. Middle row, Jane Eddington, Ann 
Jones, Walt Winkleman, JoAnn Wells, Dennis Olsen, Monte Kunti, Ben Dickensoil. Back row, Don Minor, Rex Estes. Leo Weidner, Mel Close, La Mont 
Ririe, Roger Victor. 


Winter quarter saw the establishment of the Senate as 
the legislative branch of studentbody government. The 
Senate is composed of the studentbody president, stu- 
dentbody first and second vice-presidents, individual 
class presidents and vice-presidents, and thirteen elected 

senators, three from each undergraduate class. A consti- 
tutional committee formed to rewrite the studentbody 
constitution proposed a three branch type of government 
for the future, worked on the student traffic problem on 
campus, and passed decisions on minor issues. 

SENATE MEETING was held in Executive Council room. Senators met beginning in winter quarter. 











/I ^ 



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^^H'~ ^wfl^^^^l 

^^B "^^^1 

f ^^^^^^^^^H 



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Bi (\)'j^^^^| 



^^^^^Kli" - '^•^^^^^^1 

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^^r ^^1 




a. m. s. 


COUNCIL members were ,lront, Niel Christensen, Reed 
Blake. Middle row, Milce Warnick, Carl Mitchell, Heber 
Thompson, Vern Payne. Back row, Dick Schroeder, Jerry 
Griffith, Carl Chamberlain, Paul Lookinland. 

Every male student enrolled in the University belongs to 
the Associated Men's Students which is designed to foster 
a wholesome masculine atmosphere on the campus. This 
year the AMS, under the direction of president Mel 
Close, vice president Bob Anderson and secretary Phil 
Brown took a full load of work. They sponsored Frosh 
Field Day for incoming students, the Autumn Leaf Hike 
and Dance, the Christmas Drive where students contri- 
buted food and toys to needy children, the Snow Carni- 
val, Fite-Nite, a carnival, and climaxed with "Y" Day which 

found school dismissed as students gave the Block Y on 
Y mountain a face-cleaning. In addition they worked 
with Intramurals, sponsored a Service Trophy and BYU- 
Utah exchange, and a Keep-off-the-Grass campaign. Mel 
Close also worked with the first Utah State AMS confer- 
ence of Utah's colleges and universities. One new field of 
work which they experimented with and which seemed 
successful was in inter-school relations with other univer- 
sities i'n activities and sports. 

AMS HEADS were Bob 
Anderson, President Mel 
Close and Phil Brown. 

COUNCIL MEMBERS were, front, Donna Hannilton, Marian 
Green, Mary Jane McCiilley, Cleo Brandley. Middle row, 
Pauline Richardson, Joan Dixon, Joan Christensen, Marilyn 
Johnston, Ruth Romney. Back row. Bliss Finlayson, Pat Robin- 
son, Karen Guymon, Marilyn Monson. 

a. w. s. 

The many annual AWS affairs were supplemented by 
several new events this year. A Coed of the Month sel- 
ection was begun, the coeds being chosen on the basis 
of scholarship, character, participation in their particular 
college, and upon the dean's recommendation. A new 
"Big Sister " program was begun so that entering Frosh 
girls were paired with big sisters who lived in their 
same dorms. Girls living in off-campus housing were 

united in a new program designed to bring the girls 
closer together. Zones were created and zone leaders 
chosen. Numerous activities then took place within the 
zones. Other activities which were sponsored by the 
AWS included the annual Songfest, Twirp Week, and 
the Lucky Me Dance, transfer parties, the junior AWS 
tea and fashion show, and the Frosh Girls' Hike. 

AWS LEADERS were, front, 
president Mar Johnson. 
Back row, Barbara Hart, 
Elaine Stirland and Maxine 

EDITORIAL STAFF were, front, Peter Myer, Thelma Hatch, Faith Ewart, Philip Hurlbut 
and Barbara Comes. Back row, Pat Farnsworth, Dan Gashler, Dianne Steclcler, and 
Richard Pope. 

ELVA CHRISTENSEN, editor of the magazine, 
produced a lively and interesting book. A 
journalism major, she has worked on the Uni- 
verse as a reporter, photographer and editor. 

wye magazine 

Under the editorship of journalism major Elva Christen- 
sen, the Wye magazine this year tried for a lighter view- 
point throughout the book with subject matter close to 
the life and activities of the students. The magazine runs 
original student material in short stories, art, photog- 
raphy, and poetry. A new feature this year was a con- 
test for the Dest non-fiction personal experience and per- 
sonality sketch submitted. In addition, this year a quarter- 
ly column of book and play reviews was written for each 

The staff this year has numbered about 40 people. The 
magazine itself is printed offset at the Y press, and has 

an average number of 32 pages each issue. Two color 
runs have been used on the issues, with a center section 
printed on off-color paper. Students contributions have 
been above average and the book increased 12 pages 
over its autumn quarter issue. Poetry contributions are 
the most numerous, with essays and short stories running 
about senen to each quarter's issue. Photography has play- 
ed an important part in the magazine, with the first 
photographic cover in six years used autumn quarter. 
The "new look" of the magazi-ne won enthusiastic sup- 
port from students and faculty members. 

STAFF MEMBERS were, front, Joyce Rawlings, Paulie Lauper, 
Annetta Teerlink, Mary Monson. Back row, Catherine Woodhouse, 
Wynne Anne Taylor, Eloise Mieike, and Sharon Hickenlooper. 

STAFF WORKERS were, front row: Marilyn Maughn, Mareella Whaley, 
Kleta Ockerman, Yvonne Romney, Karen Smith. Back row: Ned Seeley, 
William Larsen, Andy Andeweil, Norman King. 





RALPH BARNEY was Managing Editor. In 
mid-winter he was chosen new 1957 Editor. 

STEVE HALE was Editor-in-Chief. A Journalism 
major, he is a veteran, married, and has two 
daughters. He is also the president of RMIPA. 


CATHY COLLARD worked as Society 
Editor on the state's fifth largest daily. 


The Biigham Young Universe changed from a twice- 
weekly paper to the fifth largest daily in the state under 
the editorship of Steve Hale. Taking office in the spring 
quarter of 1955, he began his duties with a heavy cam- 
paign for more student participation In elections. Partly 
as a result of the extensive publicity given the campaign 
in the paper, the University set a new national record of 
better than 80% eligible voters casting ballots. During 
this time he also began a campaign for the formation of 
a Young Republican and a Young Democrat party on the 
campus. Nothing on this line was accomplished that year, 
but with the beginning of fall quarter these two organi- 
zations came Into existence and have since featured out- 
standing state and .national politicians at their meetings. 
Perhaps the biggest campaign, and the one which hiale 

feels was of the most use to the school, was the Dally 
Universe campaign for a reevaluatlon of the football 
setup at the University. In this campaign they scooped 
all newspapers and wire services when the head football 
coach resigned his position. The story made national 
headlines when Hal Kopp, Rhode Island mentor, was ap- 
pointed to the vacated post. 

Another campalg'n which promises to be equally as re- 
warding to the studentbody was one for a complete 
revision of the studentbody constitution. The vigorous 
campaign begun by Hale in his first quarter as editor 
finally resulted In the adoption of a much more efficient 
studentbody constitution patterned after the government 
of the United States. 

SALLY ARNOLD worked as Campus Editor. KEN CLAYTON was Sports Editor this year. 

Managing Editor. She worktd up from reporter. 


REPORTERS were, front, Reed Blake, Joanne Stein, Karen Curtis, Talmage Bird. Back row, Carolyn Thonnsen, Janet Fowler, Deanna Bar 

REPORTERS were, front, Dan Gashler, JoAnn Dray, Yvonne Romney, Stan Howard. Back row, Loretta Riggs, Margaret Hunter, Jean Whiting, 
Ann Pettijohn, Pat Bringhurst, Barbara Jean Cook. 

SPORTS staff members were, 
front, Dave Gordon, Howard Hill. 
Back, Jack Smith, Paul Gambles. 

DON SNOW worked as Assistant Business SHIRLENE PALMER was one of the office 

Manager under Dick Hirtiell. workers to help on the Brigham Young Universe. 


BUSINESS STAFF was Don Riqby, Darwin Hayes, and Jack Whittle. 

RECEPTIONISTS were, front, Phyllis Larking, Ann Palmer. Back 
row, Valene Anderson, Colleen Larsen. They handled office work. 



With a circulation of 7,500, the Universe during 1955 was 
the largest since a student paper was begun on the 
campus even though the number of staff workers had not 
seen such an increase. The beginning of daily publication 
caused an extra work-load to be dropped on the shoulders 
of responsible editors, but within a few weeks production 
work had entered a smooth flowing phase which enabled 
staff members to publish with a minimum of duplication. 
During the year the paper put out three extras and two 
red flag editions when the University announced the 
selection of a new head football coach. Midway in the 
year, the editorship passed from Steve Hale to Ralph 
Barney's capable leadership. Barney had worked as man- 
aging editor under hiale. 

At the beginning of spring quarter the Universe began 
publishing five times a week — once on every school day. 
As a daily it contained wire service news and syndicated 
comic strips. During the time of its publication the staff 
totaled 45 workers. 

DICK HIRTZELL, business manager, was responsible 
for paying bills incurred during the first year as daily. 

EDITORIAL STAFF members included, front, Marilyn Arnold, Sandy Holtman. 
Back, Marcella Whaley. 

PHOTO STAFF Don Guthrie and Glen Sherwood. 


YVONNE ANDERSON, Assistant Editor, was a 
member of the Creative Staff of the Banyan 
and helped select the tone and theme of the 
book. The jobs of indexing, final proofreading, 
and production flow were done by her late di 
night. She has been a staff member three years. 

JOHN MARLOW, Editor of the 1956 yearbook, will repeat 
as editor of next year's Banyan. A pre-med and Honor Roll 
student who hopes to enter a nationally known Medical 
School after graduating from BYU, John has sung major roles 
in two opera productions of the Opera Workshop this year. 
This year's book, under his direction, has tried to present an 
accurate account of the year's activities and at the same 
time maintain a formal tone without losing the "feeling" of 
University life. 

banyan staff 

Beverly Booth, woman's Intramurals. 
Paul Gambles, men's Intramurals. 

Front, Sally Esler, copy; Jerry Spalnhower, 
art. Back row, Doreen Coleman, activi- 
ties; Carol Ward, drama. Missing, Konda 
Atkisson, art. 

Allan Frailer, Publcity and Promotions, 
Business Advertising Manager, Posters. 

s ivr I 

Index Staff were, front, Jackie Sne-ll, Yvonne Elilnga. Back, M!na 
Marshall, Jean Evans, Elaine Saben. 

Edttorial assistants were, front, De^ra Bertelsen, Carol Freeman, 
LuRae Hall. Back Row, Donna Mae Riding, Norma Larsen, Barbara 

DON WOODWARD, Copy Editor, work- 
ed through the year on captions like this 
one trying to make them understandable. 
A journalism major, he tried to write 
copy that was accurate and objective 
and had a "journalistic" flavor to it. 

WALLY BARRUS, Photography Editor, 
headed a statf ot five cameramen during 
the year. A veteran ot Naval photo- 
graphy training, he specialized In por- 
trait work and high quality printing. The 
"dramatic" photos this year were his work. 

BOB PRATT, Art and Layout Editor, drew 
all of the divisional pages in addition to 
layouts. He was Instrumental In selecting 
this year's theme, and his layouts were 
the result of much research o( current 
professional publications. 

Marilyn Alter, Royalty Section Leader. 

Gail Christensen, Scheduling. 

Caryl Ann Waldvogel, pasteups. 

Jane Harrison, Classes Section Editor. 

Carole Carruth, Leadership Section Editor. 

Ranae Clark, Music and Drama Editor. 

Jim Thorne, Activities Section Editor. 

Robert Wittorf, Organizations Editor. 

Ron Hales, Sports Editor. 


VAL PARKE worked at Assis- 
lanl Business Manager and be- 
came Business Manager when 
S+eve Barrett vacated the posi- 
tion midway through the year. 

DICK JENSEN was Sales Man- 
ager, and moved up to Assis- 
tant Manager under Val Pa 


STEVE BARRETT, Business Mana- 
ger, planned a sales drive that re- 
sulted a record sales of 4,900 Ban- 
yans. Steve left on a mission call 
midway through the year, but had 
the staff of 80 workers organized 
so well that no trouble occurred 
at the change and he continued 
to give advice and help. 

banyan staff 

Banyan staff mennbers this year totaled 150 students who 
worked at various times on the production of the book. A 
record sale of 4,900 books was nnade this year. All work 
which goes Into the book in done by student labor, which 
includes art, photography, portraits, layouts, copy, and 
even some printing. The staff is divided Into three main 
divisions — creative, sections, and production. The crea- 
tive staff plans the book, while the section editors are 
responsible for the completion of pages within their sec- 
tion. The production staff Includes paste-ups, publicity, 
scheduling, and secretarial work. 
Sections within the book each have an editor and a staff 

which usually numbers about three workers. Other stu- 
dents may be called in to work on the book If the occasion 

This year's Banyan is the largest that the book has been 
since It was begun. Under the editorship of John Marlow, 
the staff members produced a book which cost approxi- 
mately $30,000 and which had an estimated circulation of 
40,000. A survey taken by the Banyan this year of univer- 
sities throughout the nation showed that the yearbook 
was one of the largest printed and had one of the highest 
percentages of students buying the book. 

Joy Aschmann, Office Personnel. 

Norma Jean Berry, Office Personnel Director. 

Editorial assistants were, front, Linda Taylor, Margie Davenport. 
Back row, Loyce Olofson, Lenet Hadley, Carol Prince. 

Photographers were Jim Almond, Oale Tenney, Jay Bradshaw, Griff Sorenson, 
Ralph McBride. 

kit, f 

y p 


The Y Press, with complete facilities for offset and 
letterpress printing, prints all of the University's publi- 
cations. The addition this year of a web-fed flatbed 
press enabled them to print the Universe, student news- 
paper, on a daily basis. In addition, the Press has installed 
complete engraving facilities this year. The Banyan is 
one of the major jobs of the Press and is done on a new 
Miehle 29 offset press. The only work not done at the 
Press on the Banyan is color separations, and binding, 
although all printing and folding is done with their facil- 
ities. All machinery installed at the Press is paid for out 
of profits made in its work. 

FRANK HAYMORE, Manager of the Y 
Press, supervised the production of all 
material printed on canrpus. Under his 
direction the Press expanded to print 
the Universe as a daily, and installed new 
engraving equipnnent. 

BANYAN PAGES are examined by Assistant Manager 
Delvar Pope and Manager Frank Haymore. The Press 
printed the Banyan on a new Miehle oKset press. 

The Brigham Young University Photo Studio this year 
handled a volume of business large enough to place them 
among the top film processors in the state. An auxiliary 
service of the University, the Photo studio operates on 
student help, which at times has numbered 61 workers, 
and one full-time employee. The studio is operated as a 
business, equal to other studios and is completely self 
sustaining. Among the work done by the Studio are 
microfilming. Banyan portraits, news and publicity re- 
leases, special work for speech and dramatic arts depart- 
ments, Microfilming of the University library's material, 
and photography for University publications. The Photo 
Studio is operated solely on work supplied by the univer- 
sity, the faculty or the students. 

photo studio 

PHOTO STUDIO Is operated as a business, and serves the University in all photo work. 

JOSEPH M. BOEL, Director of the Photo 
Studio, supervised all portrait work in the 
Banyan in addition to adminittaring Univer- 
sity photo work. 


KBYU STAFF MEMBERS were Davern Perry, Mac Johnson, Jill Harkness, Bill Houghtaling, Mona Boyden, Andre Mostert, Larry Peterson, Don Weathermen. 


radio kbyu 

KBYU, student radio station, celebrated its 1 0th year of 
broadcasting this year under the direction of Jill hlark- 
ness, station manager. Anniversary observances took the 
form of improvements and innovations aimed at providing 
the studentbody with more than just "music, news, and 

Coverage of campus activities, special features on cam- 
pus personalities, plus broadcasting of the devotionals 
and assemblies were all a part of the station's schedule. 

KBYU co-sponsored "Going Places and Doing Things" 
asembly for spring quarter activity and initiated a "Blind 
Date" program to help students get acquainted. 
KBYU, which is located in the Speech Center, is under 
the faculty advisorship of Owen S. Rich, who was instru- 
mental in the establishment of the station in I 946. 
The station provided valuable experience for students 
who were interested in developing their talents in that 

RADIO PANEL discussion was held frequently on items of campus Interest 

TV BROADCAST was within KBYU studios. Kent Marler is on camera. 


ROTC COMMANDERS were Lewis Sarretf. Dayton Wit+ke, Jack WhiHie. 

Since 1951, the Department of Air Science at B.Y.U. has 
represented the Senior Division of the Air Force Reserve 
Officers Training Corps program. When a student grad- 
uates from AFROTC, he is a trained junior executive, 
and when he enters the service he is given specialized 

The first quarter of the freshman year is the only time a 
student is eligible to enroll in the AFROTC program, but 
he may discontinue his training at any time. Freshmen 
and sophomores enter the basic program in which they 
are promoted through the airman ranks according to 
ability and leadership. Each cadet must wear his com- 

Elete Air Force uniform one day a week at leadership 


air force rote 

To qualify for upper division enrollment in AFROTC, a 
cadet must be approved by a selection board. Junior 
and senior members attended a training unit during the 
summer and have leadership responsibility in training 
other cadets. 

During each school year, cadets participate in a pro- 
gram of orientation flights. They visit Air Force Bases 
and aircraft assembly plants to gain first hand experience 
in Air Force procedures. 

Among extra-curricular activities sponsored by the AF- 
ROTC are the Arnold Air Society, the Sabre Squadron, 
the Drill Team, AFROTC Chorus, the Rifle Team, and 
the annual Military Ball during spring quarter. 

ROTC DRILL TEAM was a collecflon of cracic marchers and riflemen. 

MARS RADIO broadcaster is Fred Childes. 




Marilyn Worsley 
Winston Chrisfensen 
Samuel Atoa 

Clair Earl 

Mildred Meyer Chrisfensen 

Duane Chrisfensen 

Walt Winlcleman 
Kay Smifh 
Georgia Russell 

Andy Anderweil 
SIcip Nelson 
Howard Ellison 

Bruce Nilsson 
Max Garreff 
Roger DeMordaunt 

ROCKETTES, an all-girl precision dance team, perform on many of the program's tours. 

student program bureau 

The Student Program Bureau under the direction of Janie 
Thompson, Bureau Director, with Barrie McKay as student 
chairman provided outstanding entertainment throughout 
the Intermountain West as students participated as talent, 
M.C.'s and show directors. Speaker services were also 
offered to wards, branches, and civic organizations as 
another activity of the Bureau. Outstanding tours such 
as the Minstrel Show were staged and received plaudits 
from every presentation. The Bureau also joined with the 

I.K.'s in presenting variety shows at the Paramount 
Theater to benefit the scholarship fund. Perhaps the most 
rewarding presentation was the "hHappy Holidays" show, 
a nine-day tour which consisted of a 70-member cast 
playing to over 18,000 people in California and Nevada. 
The final performance was given at "Disneyland" as a 
special Christmas Show. Officials at "Disneyland" were 
extremely pleased with the presentation. 

BRIGHAMETTES were, front, Janice Hocking, Shirlene 
Oswald, Lanis Blauer. Back row, Val Crossley, Anna 
Brady, Marilyn Williams. 

THOMPSON BROTHERS were Sam, Bob, and John. 

ESQUIRES were, front, Glenda Ingraham, Dick Westenskow, 
Mildred Meyer. Back row, Howard Ellison, Gordon Bullock. 

scheduling; Jane Thompson, program director and faculty ad- 
visor; and Barrie McKay, student chairman. 


campus branches 

Campus branches of the Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter-day Saints were organized to provide students liv- 
ing away from home the full opportunities to participate 
in a well-rounded religious program. In their last year on 
campus, the branches had an attendance of about 3,500 
students, before being disbanded at the organization of 

the BYU Stake. The branches were operated the same 
as branches elsewhere in the Church, with meetings of 
Sacrament, Sunday School, Priesthood, Mutual, Relief 
Society, and Genealogical. All three organizations were 
branches of the East Provo Stake. 


The Campus Branch had an attendance of about 2,000 
students with an enrollment of 900 membership records. 
It sponsored eleven missionaries from the branch, and had 
all auxiliary organizations functioning with the exception 
of Primary. The area covered by the Campus Branch in- 
cluded off-campus students east of 4th East in Provo, 
Knight Mangum Hall, Men's Dormitories 1-4, and Heri- 
tage Halls units 9-16. 

CAMPUS BRANCH presidency were Lyman Nichols, President 
p" Monroe McKay, Kirk Jensen, and Gale Mecham. 


North Campus Branch had an enrollment of 600 member- 
ships and an attendance of II 60 students, the difference 
lying in student's leaving recommends at home. All or- 
ganizations of the North Campus Branch were fully or- 
ganized. Area covered by the North Campus Branch 
included Heritage Halls units 1-8, Men's Dormitories 5-7, 
Amanda Knight and Allen Hall, and all students living 
west of 4th East. 

NORTH CAMPUS BRANCH presidency were Ernest Bennett. 
i President Bernard Barnes, and Dick Vetterly. 


Wymount Branch included all students living in the Wy- 
mount area, nearly all of whom are married. All auxiliaries 
in the branch were fully organized, including a growing 
Primary organization. Enrollment In the Branch was 650 
members with an average attendance of about 50 per 
cent. Heads of the Heritage Halls also attended Wy- 
mount Branch, and the branch had two stake missionaries 
in the East Provo Stake. 

WYMOUNT BRANCH presidency were George W. Hatch, Theo 
McKean, and Duane Beazer. 


b y u stake presidency 

Brigham Young University Stake of the Church ot Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints was organized January 8 under 
the direction of Henry D. Moyle and Adam S. Bennion 
of the Church Council of Twelve. Encompassing all of 
the students who attend the University, the new stake 
was organized into twelve wards, with a bishop chosen 
from outside the studentbody to head each ward. Mem- 
bers of the Stake High Council and the Stake Presidency 
are chosen from faculty members or Provo residents. 

Students hold key positions inside the ward, according 
to the original plan of allowing more students to partic- 
ipate in religious activities. The Stake is unique in the 
Church, being integrated with the University in both 
auxiliary organizations and social activities. All of the 
wards use campus facilities for meetings. The organiza- 
tion of the Stake replaced the three campus branches of 
the East Provo Stake which had been functioning for 

Daniel D. Bushnell, first counselor In the 
stake presidency, was a high councilman In 
the Provo Stalce when called. He has been 
bishop ot two wards, and a high councilman 
in two stakes. When chosen he was working 
as a Provo realtor. 

Antone K. Romney, Stake President, served 
In the Provo Stake Presidency and served on 
the General Board in Salt Lake City. He has 
been on the faculty of the University, work- 
ing as Acting Dean of the College of Hu- 
manities and Assistant Dean in the College 
of Education. 

Joseph T. Bentley, second counselor in the 
stake presidency, has been a counselor in 
the Mexican Mission and in the Roosevelt 
Mission presidency. He has served as a 
high councilman in three stkes, and a^ pres- 
ent is chairman of the accounting depart- 

STAKE ORGANIZATION was done on January 8 by Elders Henry D. Moyle and Adam S. Bennion of the Council of Twelve before students meeting at the Fieldhouse. 





AUXILIARY officers in First Ward were 
Marjorie T. Landeen, Primary president; 
Ramon C. Baird, Elders Quorum presi- 
dent; Robert Hemingway, Sunday School 
superintendent; Reed Payne, YMMIA 
superintendent. Jane F. Buckmiller, 
YWMIA superintendent. 

BISHOPRIC of the First Ward was John D. Buckmiller, M. 
Carl Gibson, Bishop Russell D. Lewis, George W. Hatch. 

first ward 

Brigham Young University Stake First Ward is the larg- 
est ward in the stake with an enrollment of 650. En- 
compassing Wymount Village, the ward has the most 
number of children and the most complete Junior Sun- 
day School and Primary. The First Ward meets in the 
Wymount Chapel and the Social Hall. Bishop is Russell 
D. Lewis; first counselor is M. Carl Gibson and second 
counselor is George W. Hatch. Clerks are Adrien J. 
Squire, Joseph J. Pahrson, John D. Buckmiller, and Du- 
Wayne G. Squire. 

second ward 

The Second Ward, with a total of 300 student members, 
meets in the McKay Building. It covers the area of Wy- 
mount, Broadbent and Bowen hiall, and west of Univer- 
sity Avenue and north of 8th North. Charles M. Taylor is 
bishop of the ward, with Loftus J. Sheffield as first coun- 
selor and Stewart R. Stringham as second counselor. 
Clerks are Milo R. Smith and Don S. Terry. The ward 
was the first one to organize a newspaper, which is edited 
by Ralph Barney. 

BISHOPRIC of the Second Ward was, front, Loftis J. 
Sheffield, Bishop Charles Taylor, Stuart R. Stringham. Bacic 
row, Milo R. Smith, Don S. Terry. 

AUXILIARY officers in the Second Ward 
were Barbara Hart, Relief Society pres- 
ident; Jack Frost, Sunday School super- 
intendent; Owen K. Skousen, YMMIA 
superintendent; Morris E. Neilxon, Elders 
Quorum president. 


AUXILIARY officers in the Third Ward 
were Ruth Romney, YWMIA superinten- 
dent; Patricia Paterson, Relief Society 
president; Merrill Broolcsby, Sunday 
School superintendent; Frank Johansen, 
YMMIA superintendent; Boyd O. Joseph- 
son, Elders Quorum president. 

third ward 

Bishop A. Lester Allen of the Third Ward presides over a 
relatively small gathering of 260 student and faculty 
members. The ward includes Wymount D-2, Felt hiall, and 
Fox Hall. Provo boundaries are east to University Avenue, 
north to 8th North and south to 5th South. Meetings 
are held in the McKay Building. Charles B. Ogles is the 
first counselor, and Ken Clayton is the second counselor. 
Clerks in the ward are Samuel Atoa, Alton J. Mathie, 
Arien Agren, S. Reed Millar. The ward expects to grow 
larger as the University increases its enrollment. 

fourth ward 

William G. Dyer, a former Iowa State teacher who just 
recently moved to Provo, heads the BYU Stake Fourth 
Ward as its newly installed Bishop. The Fourth Ward has 
a total membership of 250 students, and covers the area 
between 5th North and Center Streets west of Univer- 
sity Avenue in Provo, and Wymount D-3, hiarris Hall, and 
Home Hall. The ward meets in the Eyring Science Cen- 
ter. Paul J. Petersen, a convert from Denmark, is first 
counselor, and Murray S. Mclnnes is second counselor. 
The ward clerk is Donald Conder. 

BISHOPRIC ot the Third Ward was Kenneth P. Clayton, 
Bishop A. Lester Allen, Charles B. Ogles, Samuel Atoa. 
Back row, Alton J. Mathie, Arlen Agren, Reed Millar. 

BISHOPRIC of the Fourth Ward was, front, Murray S. 
Mclnnes, Donald Conder. Back row. Bishop William G. Dyer 
and Paul J. Peterson. 

Ward were Pat Robinson, Relief Society 
prestdent; Ted Rabin, Sunday School 
superintendent; LaMont Hendricksen, 
Elders Quorum president; Melvin Peder- 
sen, YMMIA superintendent; Helen 
Hanni, YWMIA superintendent. 

AUXILIARY o«icers in the Fifth Ward 
were Pamela Johnson, YWMIA superin- 
tendent; Hugh I. Gates, Sunday School 
superintendent; Claudia Sedgwick, Relief 
Society president; Roy E. Wendt, Elders 
Quorum president; Bob Rriti, YMMIA 

BISHOPRIC of the Fifth Ward was, front, Blaine Fouh, 
Bishop W. Frank Klllpack, Robert Bateman. Back row, Robert 
Driggs and Talmadge Bird. 



. \ 

i 5 

BISHOPRIC of the Sixth Ward was, front, Dean Hailstone, 
Bishop Wayne B. Hales, Barrle G. McKay. Back row, Gerald 
N. Wray, Edward L. Christensen, M. Glen Weaver. 

fifth ward 

The smallest ward of the twelve wards in the BYU Stake 
is the Fifth Ward with a membership of 200 students. 
W. Frank Killpack, a member of Provo City Council, was 
named bishop. The ward extends west of University 
Avenue and south of Center Street in Provo, and in- 
cludes Maeser and Penrose hlalls, and D-4 and D-7 men's 
dormitories. Blaine Houtz is first counselor and Robert 
Bateman is second counselor in the ward. Clerks are 
Robert Driggs and Talmadge Bird. The ward is closely- 
knit and works together, and has an outstanding sacra- 
ment meeting attendance of 96 per cent. 

sixth ward 

One of the largest wards in the stake is the Sixth Ward 
with a membership of 600 students. Wayne B. Hales, for- 
mer bishop of University Ward in Provo, was named to 
head the ward which meets in the Joseph Smith Building. 
The ward area covers University Avenue east to 9th East 
and south to 8th North in Provo, and Amanda Knight, 
Allen, Rogers and Richards Halls. First counselor is Dean 
Hailstone. Barrie G. McKay is second counselor, with 
Gerald N. Wray, Edward L. Christensen, and M. Glen 
Weaver as ward clerks. 

.:K!i;«'M;.Uj!J!'i,?&iiii»a ' !«, 

AUXILIARY officers in the Sixth Ward 
were Phyllis McKeniie, YWMIA superin- 
tendent; Don Jensen, YMMIA superin- 
tendent; A. Owen Smoot, 6th Quorum of 
Elders president; Ralph Harding, Sun- 
day School superintendent; Richard J. 
Benson, 14th Quorum of Elders president; 
Connie Siggard, Relief Society president. 

AUXILIARY officers In the Seventh Ward 
were Ester M. Mower, Relief Society 
president; Gene C. Powell, YMMIA 
superintendent; Lynn Randall, YWMIA 
superintendent; Winston Christensen, 
Sunday School superintendent; Wesley 
W. Craig, president 7th (Puorum of 
Elders; Robert A. Reed, 15th Quorum of 
Elders president. 

seventh ward 

Six hundred sfudents attended the Seventh Ward of the 
BYU Stake after its organization this year. Royal B. 
Stone, head of the new BYU scouting program, was 
named to be bishop of the ward which meets in College 
hiall on the lower campus. Boundaries of the ward are 
University Avenue north from 5th North to 8th North, 
and east to 5th East, including Knight and Allen Hall. The 
ward covers an area of 13 square blocks. Virgil Anderson 
is first counselor in the bishopric and Joseph R. Allen is 
second counselor. Ward Clerics are Larry C. Bybee, Max 
H. Garrett, and Jack Alberts. 

eight ward 

A membership of 450 persons comprises the BYU Stake 
Eighth Ward. Melvin R. Brooks, director of the Brigham 
Young High School Seminary, was named bishop at the 
ward's organization this year. The ward encompasses the 
area of University Avenue west to 55th west, and be- 
tween 5th and 8th North. The ward meets in College 
Hall on lower campus. First counselor to Bishop Brooks 
is Wilford J. Tolman and second counselor is Glen R. 
Stubbs. Lavon H. Ferrin is the ward clerk. With a mem- 
bership about medium in size, the ward is completely or- 
ganized and functions smoothly. 

BISHOPRIC of the Seventh Ward was Perry Poison, Virgil 
Anderson, Bishop Royal B. Stone, Joseph R. Allen. 

BISHOPRIC of the Eighth Ward was, front, Wilford J. Tol- 
man, Bishop Melvin R. Brooks. Back row. Glen R. Stubbs, 
Luan H. Ferrin. 

AUXILIARY officers of the Eighth Ward 
were Gayle Beck, Relief Society presi- 
dent; Jim Baumgarten, Bth Quorum of 
Elders president; Ralph Bryson, Sunday 
School superintendent; Sharon Baker, 
YWMIA superintendent. Verland Whip- 
ple, YMMIA superintendent, and James 
May, ISth Quorum of Elders president 
were absent. 

f • i 

BISHOPRIC of the Ninth Ward was, front, Monroe McKay, 
Bishop Ray Beckham, Bernard Barnes. Back row, Lyie Kof- 
ford, Robert Safston, D. Lynn Cutler. 

/ f 


AUXILIARY officers in the Ninth Ward 
were Carol Parkinson, Relief Society 
president; Kirk S. Jensen, Sunday School 
superintendent; Hal C. Hatch, YMMIA 
superintendent; Dennis M. Olsen, Elders' 
Quorum president; Patricia Ingram, 
YWMIA superintendent. 

ninth ward 

The Ninth Ward, with Ray Beckham as bishop, meets in 
the Science Center and has a total population of 300. 
Boundaries of the ward include everything south of Cen- 
ter Street and east of University Avenue in Provo. The 
boundaries extend east to Springville. Also included are 
Snow, Shipp, and Robinson hialls and D-5 men's dormi- 
tory. Monroe McKay is first counselor to bishop Beck- 
ham and Bernard Barnes Is second counselor. Clerks in 
the ward are LyIe Kofford, Robert Saftson, and D. Lynn 
Cutler. Bishop Beckham has been in the East Provo Stake 
high council and is secretary to the BYU Alumni Associa- 

BISHOPRIC of the Tenth Ward was, front, Wilbur T. Walton, 
Bishop Clyde D. Sandgren, Marvin H. Folsom. Middle row, 
Howard B. Larsen, Jack Nixon, James S. Taylor. Back row, 
Arlen A. Harris, Richard E. Hall. 

tenth ward 

The Tenth ward covers the area between Center Street 
and 5th North, east to 9th East and west to 5th East. 
It includes 16, 17, 18 hHerltage hialls and Wymount D-6. 
The total membership is 300 students, who meet in the 
Social hiall. Clyde D. Sandgren, former Provo Sixth 
Ward Bishop, is the bishop, with Wilbur T. Walton as 
first counselor and Marvin hH. Poison as second counselor. 
Clerks in the ward are Jack Nixon, James S. Taylor, Rich- 
ard E. Hall, hloward B. Larsen, and Arlen A. hfarris. 



AUXILIARY orficers in the Tenth Ward 
were Dorothy L. Good, YWMIA superin- 
tendent; Wesley R. Law, Sunday School 
superintendent; Donald R. Snow, YMMIA 
superintendent; Bruce R. Peterson, Elders 
Quorum president; Iris L Schiers, Relief 
Society president. 

AUXILIARY officers in ihe Eleventh 
Ward were Jack W. Whittle, Sunday 
School superintendent; Edson R. Follett, 
YMMIA superintendent; Vila Olsen, 
YWMIA superintendent; Colleen Elk- 
worth, Relief Society president. 

eleventh ward 

B. West Belnap, director of undergraduate studies in re- 
ligion at the University is bishop of the Eleventh Ward 
of the BYU Stake. The ward is one of the larger wards 
in the stake with a membership of over 600 persons who 
meet in the Joseph Smith Building. Bishop Belnap, who 
has been in the East Provo Stake presidency, has as his 
counselors Dale R. Olson, first counselor; and Ernest J. 
Bennett, second counselor. Ward clerk is Alan P. John- 
son. The boundaries of the ward are between 9th and 
8th North and west to 5th East and east to 9th East. 

BISHOPRIC of the Eleventh Ward was Alan Johnson, Dali 
R. Olson, Bishop B. West Belnap, Ernest J. Bennett. 

twelfth ward 

One of the smaller wards in the BYU Stake, the Twelfth 
Ward has a membership of 250 students. The ward meets 
in the McKay Building. Boundaries of the ward are east 
of 9th East and north of Center Street in Provo. Also 
included in the ward are students living in L. M. Smith 
and Wells hHalls. Bishop of the ward Is Joseph N. Symons, 
formerly Dean of Students at Utah State Agricultural 
College and a high council member of Logan Stake. First 
counselor is Richard Packham and second counselor is 
Richard Vetterly. Clerks are K. Ray Durham and Bruce 

BISHOPRIC of the Twelfth Ward was Ray Durham, E. 
Richard Packham, Bishop J. N. Symons, Richard Vetterli, 
Bruce Weidner. 

AUXILIARY officers in the Twelfth Ward 
were Joanne Jensen, Relief Society 
president; Alan Var Manwaring, Sunday 
School superintendent; Joan Gordon, 
YWMIA superintendent; Charles Nelson, 
Elders Quorum president. Phil Brown, 
YMMIA superintendent, was absent. 



1 I I 


I ficiasi ff ffsf 



organizations section 

Civilizations and cultures down through the ages 

would never have existed if men had not early 

recognized the fact that they must live together 

if they are to survive the unknown forces which the 

world was to bring against them. Man cannot live 

to himself — he must have the companionship of other 

people who live and think and do the things which 

he does. And so he groups himself with these people, 

people with whom he can be himself. This perhaps 

is the greatest accomplishment of organizations — 

the chance they give us to associate with other 

people and learn from the the fundamental 

laws of human behavior. 


Abbott, Janice 
Arnason. Lynette 
Barrett. DeNae 
Bateman, Marietta 
Benson, Beverly A. 
Bradford, Ruth 

Garden, Susette 
Carr, Janelle 
Carruth, Carole 
Clarke, Jane 
Dixon, Karen 
Gordon, Elaine 

Dreith, Margery 
Fisher, Diane 
Hall, Karen 
Hansen, Gae 
Hansen, Karen 
Heath, Joan 

Hardy, Gayle 
Herron, Peggy 
Hiatt, Joyce 
High. Kim 
Johnson, Virginia 
Lindsay, RaNae 

Jones, Marllynn 
Lewis, Jean 
McComas, Carole 
McKInney, Karen 
Moultrie, Beverly 
Oglethorpe, Loret+a 

Payne, Barbara 
Perkins, Norma 
Peterson, Pat 
Powelson, Kae 
Palmer, Nancy 
Reaves, Bonnie 

Reams, Joyce 
Richardson, Sondra Ann 
Roberts, Virginia 
Robinson, Camille 
Robinson, ReNell 
Romney, Anne 



Sixty freshman girls belonged to Cougarettes, an honor- 
ary service group that functions as a marching unit. They 
marched in halftlme shows at games and in the Home- 
coming Parade. 

"The Yellow Rose of Texas," "Charleston," and "The Toy 
Cougar" were among favorite march programs presented 
this year. 

Service projects included selling tickets, passing out pro- 
grams, and serving at the hlomecoming Breakfast and the 
Football Awards Banquet. Cougarettes sponsored the 
"Welcome Back" dance at the beginning of winter 
quarter which attracted a record crowd. 
Officers were Marietta Bateman, president; Virginia 
Johnson, first vice president; Carol McComas, second 
vice president; Pat Peterson, secretary; Karen McKinney, 
historian; Janice Abbott, drill master, and Peggy hierron, 
commandant. Juanita Taft was White Key advisor to the 

Wickstrom, Carole McComas, Virginia 
Johnson, Marietta Bateman, Margery 
Dreith, Janice Abbott. 

HALFTIME MARCHERS at football game, Cougarettes form a huge Y on gridiron. 

COUGARETTES were in Homecoming. 

Simmons, Mary Jo 
Sorenson, Emma Jean 
Stephenson, Maralyn 
Stanfield, Ruth 
StoTie, Cynthia 
Taft, Juanita 

Waddoups, Leia 
White, Ciarelyn 
Whitney, Nedra 
Williams, Judy 
Woodward, Marilyn 
Wickstrom, Corky 

Barnes, Richard Lee 
Billings, Keith 
Blacker, Marvin 
Brooks. Bert L. 
Brooksby, Merrill 
Cooper, Ken 

Cullimore, Kelvyn H. 
DeMordaunt, Roger 
Dredge, David 
Drennan, Bryan 
Ence, Mac 
Fox, Gene L 

Fullmer, Mark A. 
Fuller, Gary R. 
Garrett, Leon 
Hagerty, Everett 
Hemenway, Lynne 
Harvey, Kenneth L. 

Hipwell, Grant 
Jensen, Richard 
Johnson, Gerald J. 
Kesler, Val 
McCue, L'Dean 
Millar, Z. Reed 




II, Carl 



Petersen, Paul J. 

Price, Zack 

Ririe, Lament 


Keston A. 



Stockman, Herbert 






A. Paul 

intercollegiate knights 

A national men's service fraternity, Intercollegiate Knights 
is an honorary open to students who have a grade point 
average of 1.5 and who show sincere interest in school 

I.K.'s motto is "Service, Sacrifice, and Loyalty," and their 
goal is to foster and maintain school spirit and traditions, 
provide service to the school, and promote brotherhood 
among members. 

Principal service activities this year were ushering at devo- 
tionals, athletic events, and lyceums, selling programs, 
working at student elections, and selling tickets. They 
were in charge of lighting the "Y", overhauling the "Y" 
bell, and selling movie discount cards to raise scholarship 
funds. Hello Week and Belle of the Y Week were co- 
sponsored by I.K.'s. About 65 members participated in 
social activities including quarterly banquets after the 
"Knighting of the Pages," exchanges, a party after "Y" 
Day activities, and spring quarter invitationals with Y 
Calcares and Spurs. 

IK OFFICERS were, <ront, Tom Reeves, expansion offi- 
cer; Paul Pefersen, region five viceroy. Middle row, 
LaMont Ririe, scribe; L'Dean McCue, chancellor; Ken 
Cooper, vice dulte. Back row: Blaine Palmer, historian; 
Kelvyn Cullimore, Honorable Dulce. 

FINISHING FLOAT during parade route, IK's asked bystanders for aid. 

OLD Y BELL !s rung by pledges after Cougar victory. 

AT IK-COUGARETTE party were Carole Carruth and Mark Fullmer. 






^^^^Bk "^^^H 


Allen. Barbara Jo 
Anderson, Mary 
Ashton, Marilyn 
Berfelsen. Delora 
Broclcbanlt, Kay 
Brown, Anne 

Brown, Lora Lee 
Callister, Geraldlne 
Chadwick. Gloria 
Clarke, Jill 
Clark. DeLene 
Duerden. Frosty E. 

Emmett, Sally 
Esler. Sally 
Hamilton, Donna 
Hartley, Karen 
Hatcher, Nancy 
Hull, Janis 

Holmes, Mary 
Henriksen, Lou 
Johans-en, Joyce 
Johnson, Char 
Hicks, Leanne 
McCune, Jeanne 

Midgley. Wendy 
Morrell, Ruth 
Naylor, Helen 
Ornne, Kathryn 
Pace, Alleen 
Packer, Eilleen 

Parke, Diane 
Russell, Ann 
Riding, Donna 
Redford, Margaret 
Swenson, Shirley 
Swainston, Colleen 

Stettler, Carolyn 
Stephenson, Joyce 
Stanley. Marilyn 
Snarr, Margaret 
Shumway. Marlene 
Smith. Nila 


SPUR OFFICERS were, front, Pat Edwards, advisor; Wendy MIdgley. 
editor; Joyce Stephenson, president; Barbara Jo Allen, secretary. Back 
row, Donna Hamilton, historian; Sally Emmett. treasurer; Marilyn Ashton, 
vice president. 


The all white Spur uniform was first introduced at BYU 
in the 1955 Homecoming Parade. Sponsored by Y Cal- 
cares and the University of Utah Spurs, BYU Spurs were 
organized on this campus during the spring of '55. 
With the motto: "At Your Service," Spurs is a national 
service honorary for sophomore women. Membership is 
dependent upon a two point grade average, high 
school and college activities, and initiative and desire 
to serve. 

Forty-five members served the school by working dur- 
ing Freshman Week and at registration, ushering at 
assemblies and lyceums, serving at election and ticket 
selling booths, and attending all home athletic events. 
Among services to the community were support of 
the mental health program and the adoption of a ward 
at the state mental hospital. 

Spurs held exchange parties with the University of Utah 
and a canyon party fall quarter, a buddy party and to- 
bogganing outing winter quarter, and an invitational 
with I.K.'s spring quarter. They sponsored several mat 
dances and were In charge of the studentbody dance 
after the U. of U. basketball game. 



E^ ^^^^^R-»~ "'^^l 










t t ^ 



















REGISTRATION AIDS, Spurs help students fill out cards. 

ASSEMBLY USHERS were Marlene Shumway and Diane Parlce. 

PROGRAMS were given out during a Thursday 
assembly by Ruth Morrell and Margaret Snarr. 

blue keys 

at a basketball game pose 
in the comic-strip costumes 
they wore in presenting 
leap year entertainment. 

Blue Key Is a national men's honor fraternity for upper- 
classnnen. The BYU chapter had thirty members this year 
who were required to maintain a two-point grade aver- 
age. Members are selected on the basis of scholarship 
and school service activities. 

During each quarter every member performs an indivi- 
dual service project for the school. The projects deal 
with specific problems and are often of a very confiden- 
tial nature. 

Twice each quarter, Blue Keys met for a dinner party. 
Among guest speakers were Dr. Tracy Hall, the first man 
to produce synthetic diamonds, Dean Jay B. Nash, and 
President hiarvey L. Taylor. 

At Blue Key's annual honor banquet in Salt Lake spring 
quarter. President David O. McKay, President Ernest L. 
Wilkinson, and Elder Ezra Taft Benson were made honor- 
ary members. 

BLUE KEY OFFICERS were, front, Karl Snow, 
president; Ralph Boswell, vice president; Dayton 
Wittke, corresponding secretary. Back row, 
Merlin Bradshaw, alumni secretary; Reed Jen- 
kins, secretary-treasurer. 

Anderson, Robert D. 
Boswell, Ralph 
Bradshaw, Merlin E. 
Craig, Wesley W. 

Driggs, Bob 
Ellison, Howard R. 

Hales, John L. 
Hilton. Bruce 
Jenkins, Reed B. 
McKay, Monroe 
Merrell, Dallas 
Parker, Don 

Ragsdale, Ronald O. 
Snow, Karl N. 
Ward, John 
Warnick, Michael 
Whittle, Jack W. 
Wittke, Dayton 'D. 

Ahlander, Diane 
Boyacic, Jeanette 

WHITE KEY DIRECTORY worker is Marian Green. 

An ultimate honor, signifying four years of service, ac- 
tivity, and high scholarship, belongs to members of White 
Key, national service honorary for senior women. Well- 
known for their invaluable project of editing and selling 
the Student Directory, White Keys are always busy ac- 
complishing their purpose — "to foster service and to 
promote a spirit of fellowship among students." 
They helped with orientation, led the hHomecoming Pa- 
rade, held an openhouse, and sponsored Cougarettes. 
During the year they assisted with elections, ushered at 
lyceums, and planned a banquet for parents at com- 
mencement time. Aside from service projects. White 
Keys added socials and a spring quarter invitational. 
Members of the unit are chosen from outstanding junior 
girls in spring quarter. They must have been active in 
promoting the BYU and must have a high grade average. 

WHITE KEY OFFICERS were Diane Ahlander, 
secretary-treasurer; Carolyn Wallis, president; 
Elsabeth Williams, vice president. 

Bryan, Ve Nae 
Buckwalter, Kathleen 

Calllster, Carolyn 
Elison. Ina Lou 

white keys 

Gordon, Joan Lynette 
Green, Marian 
Hoyt, Barbara 
Keeler, Ellen 
Monson, Marilyn 
McMurray, Mary 

Peterson, Sylvia Whittle 
Sabin, Jean 
Sauls, Mary Alice 
Savage, June 
Sherwood, Rowena 
Taft, Juanita 

Almond. Mary Lou 
Anderson, Yvonne 
Arnold. Marilyn 
Atacic, Carol 
Atlcerson. Jane 
Beckstead, Joy 

Becitstrand. Carol 
Berrett, Bonnie 
Billings, Marilyn 
Brasher, Elaine 
Brown, Donna Ruth 
Butler, Sandra 

Bunnell, Mary Helen 
Cartwright, Mary Jean 
Chadwick, Alice 
Clarlc, Nelda 
Cheney, Marian 
Declcer, Mary 

Drake, Janel 
Edwards, Pat 
Folsom, Nancy 
Humphries, Doris 
Gerth, Edna 
Griffin, Sylvia Gail 

Geddes. Karia 
Johnson, Janeen 
Little, Loretta 
Merrill, Kathy 
Murray, Evelyn 
Nelson, Gail 

Ottosen. Nadene 
Paul, Sharon 
Porter, Merna Marif 
Reed, Maxine 
Ricks. Karma 
Russell, Francine 

Sabln, Joan 
Smith. LInnea 
Stephan. Judy 
Strong, Pat 
Stowell, Dorothy 
Stevenson, Roberta 

Sumsion, Aleene 
Swinyard. Shirley 
White, Glenda Mae 
Willis, Vivian 


y calcare 

Organized fifteen years ago for sophonnores and juniors, 
Y Calcares this year sponsored the first chapter of B.Y.U. 
Spurs, a national service honorary for sophomore women. 
Now Y. C. membership is limited to junior women who 
have been active in school affairs and have maintained a 
two point grade average. 

Fifty-five members this year served the school and com- 
munity in their standard uniforms — navy blue sicirts and 
white sweaters. Y.C.'s service to the school consisted of 
ushering at lyceums and devotional assemblies, selling 
tickets and programs, working at student polls, and sup- 
porting all school activities and traditions. 
Civic service included adopting a ward at the Utah State 
Hospital, helping with the blood drive, and ushering. 

Y CALCARES OFFICERS were Bonnie BerreH, president; Pat 
Edwards, treasurer; Sharon Paul, reporter; Carol Miclcelson, vice 
president; Roberta Stevenson, secretary. 

FORMING A Y, members of the service unit pose for a magazine cover at tHomecoming. 

Adams, Kyle R. 
Candland, Robert 
Carter, Richard 
Clark, Claude E. 
Cordon. Ronald 
Clarlcson, Jack 

Cox, Gary E. 
Dennis, Gary 
Densley, Vernon 
Fossum, Dave 
Haclclng. Neldon 
Hales, Ron 

Hall. Dwain 
Hannilton, Larry 
Harrison, Russell 
Harward, Merrill 
Howard Abrams 
Jarvls, Mark W. 

Jason McLoney 
Jenkins, Larry 
Jensen, Bruce A. 
Kindred, Jerry 
KIrkhann, Tom 
Kofford. Lyie C. 

TImmerman, Bill 
Trane, Paul 
Whiffen, Henry 
Wright. David 
Whitney, Maurice 

Leavell, Stephen 
Maycock, Nelson 
Nuffer, Stanton 
Olson, Richard A. 
Oveson. Stephen 
Palmer, William 

Peterson, Russell 
Price, Bill 
Schmidt, David 
Schmidt, Frank 
Simpklns, Don 
Tanner, Maurice 

sabre air command 


^B ^!^^ 

PRECISION DRILLERS of the crack sabre fRght drill team per- 
formed at Military Ball. 

Sabre Air Command Squadron Is a national honorary of 
the Air Force ROTC. Its purpose is to increase knowledge 
in the mission and scope of the Air Force, to promote 
interest in concepts of air power and to create a close 
bond of esprit de corps among members. 
An organization of basic cadets, Sabre Flight members 
are taken from freshmen and sophomores in ROTC who 
maintain a B grade in air science classes. At the national 
Arnold Air Society Conclave spring quarter. Sabre Air 
Command was made a national organization. It has been 
active at BYU since fall of 1954. 

Activities of the group included meeting to hear guest 
speakers and members of the Air Corps, and sponsoring 
the military ball and a studentbody assembly. 
Officers were Jerry Kindred, commander; Tom Kirkham, 
executive officer; Steve Oveson, operations officer; David 
Wright, finance officer; Larry Jenkins, adjutant; Gordon 
Ashby, information service officer, and Steven Leavell, 
service officer. 

AWARD PARTY featured goofy apparel and satiated appetites. Party 
was held for the squadron which donated the most blood to blood drive. 


Ashby, Joan 
Ault, Myrna 
Bailey, Barbara 
Bailey, Shirley 
Barlow, Jane 
Beck, Jackie 

Brown, Carol 
Berry. Louine 
Bowden, Joan 
Brian, Emily 
Broad bent, Beverly 
Buchanan, Antoinette 

Buckwalter. Kathleen 
Burrup, Kaye 
Campbell. Carolyn 
Carter, Annette 
Causey, Dixie 
Chase, Delores 

Crowley, Carole 
Daniels, Diana 
Ching, Opal 
Dixon, Joan 
Dunn, Barbara 
Ensign, Janice 

Fuhrlman, LIbby 
Fortini. Pat 
Evans, Arda Lou 
Hall. Nadine 
Gurney. Lois 
Gale. Muriel 

hlart, Barbara 

Hansen. Phyllis 
Hatch, Donna L. 
Hawkins, Anne 
Holman, Beverly 
Henry, Diane 

Huffaker, Fran 
Hopping, Miriam 
Hyde, Edna Lou 
Jensen, Joanne 
Jones, Alyce 
Keeler, Kathleen 

Lelshman, Karen 
Larson, Vickie 
Lockhead, Lois 
Miner, Janet 
Norseth. Colleen 
Nutter. Diana 

Olpin, Jewel 
Oxborrow, Jeanette 
Parkinson, Carol 

sponsor corps 

Eighty-five girls were selected to be members of the 
Sponsor Corps this year on the basis of marching ability 
and interest. Marching with the Air Force ROTC squa- 
drons and performing service for the school and commun- 
ity are Sponsor's main activities. They worked for the 
blood drive, cancer drive, March of Dimes, and the T.B. 
Drive, as well as ushering at assemblies, selling tickets, and 
managing election booths. 

Affiliation with the National Sponsor Corps of America 
and the Civil Air Patrol make it possible for members to 
go on flights to different parts of the country. The unit 
drills with ROTC twice a week, performs in competition, 
and has a touring group that goes with the ROTC Chorus. 
Sponsor Corps helped with the Military Ball and held their 
annual dinner dance at the Salt Lake Institute spring 
quarter. Exchanges were held with Vikings, Tausigs, 
Brickers, Sabre Flight, and several ROTC squadrons. 
Officers were: Shirley Bailey, commandant; Claudia Sedg- 
wick, executive officer; Barbara Hart, adjutant; Lois 
Guerney, personnel offier; Joanne Jensen, finance offi- 
cer; Barbara Bailey, merit officer; and Colleen Norseth, 
publicity officer. 

SPONSOR CORPS OFFICERS thU year were, IroM, Barbara Dunn, VIcki 
Larsen, Colleen Norseth, Kathleen Buclwalter. Bacic row, Claudia Sedge- 
wiclc, Joann Jensen, Barbara Hart, Commander Shirley Bailey, Mary Taylor, 
Barbara Bailey, Janice Ensign. 

Paxton, Theone 
Reed, Maxine 
Robertson, Margo 
Robinson, Leona 
Rogers, Dixie 
Rhead, Rochelle 

Rose, Diane 
Scott, Cynthia 
Sedgwick. Claudia 
Shimoda, Donna 
Smith, Ruth 
Shumway, Carmen 


d, Elai 















Thurgood, Anne 
Tucker, Janice 
Vaughan, Lois 
Ward, Jackie 
Wood, Carol 
Zollinger, Janice 

Adamson, Cecil L. 
Bateman. Robert 
Bell, Richard L. 
Boswell, Ralph 
Brannock, DIcIc 
Collier. Robert D. 

Corbett. Boyd 

Ellason. Norrell 
Haglund, Roger 
hlarper, John J, 
Jacobs, Dee V. 
Jensen, Jay R. 

Lundquist, Robert H. 
McBride. J, Lynn 
Millet, Leon 
Nay, Robert 
Nielson, Merrill 
Parker, Don 

Peterson, Grant 
Rogers, Don L. 
Seegmiller, David W. 
Skidmore, John W. 
Skousen, Orvai N. 
Spackman, Richard 

arnold air society 

A national honorary for upperclass Air Force ROTC 
students, Arnold Air Society promotes interest in scholar- 
ship and in Air Force activities and purposes. Members 
hear guest speakers, sponsor social activities, and parti- 
cipate In school service projects. 

With the Sponsor Corps, they work to promote the Blood 
Drive and sponsor the Military Ball. This year's national 
Arnold Air Society Conclave will be held in New York 
during the summer. 

SWEARING IN of new members is done at night meeting by 
officer in charge. 

Spendlove, Bart 
Stoddard, Gary 
Stewart, Richard 

Swainston, David 
Warner, Charles 
Wittlce. Dayton 
Wolfley, Richard 

Auger, Rae 
Barlow, Eleanor 
Beard, Bernice 
Blasongame. Beverly 
Biesinger, Deon 
Cook, Colleen 

Calllster, Carolyn 
Draper, Marva 
Emery, Carolyn 
Cook, Evelyn 
Graham, Joyce 
Gregson, Norma 

Hicks, Leanne 
Jensen, Sylvia Lee 
Knight, Marlene 
Kingsbury, Elizabeth 
Montgomery, Lou Ann 
Merchant, Gaye 

Nichols, Annette 
Nielsen, Glennae 
Nixon, Dorothy 
Ottosen, Janece 
Palmer, Glenalee 
Packer, Eileen 

shomrah kiyel 

"Faithful women of strength, valor, courage, and virtue" 
is the translation of the Hebrew phrase, Shomrah Kiyel. 
Girls who are waiting for missionaries in the field find 
strength in numbers by belonging to Shomrah Kiyel Club. 
The organization supplied its thirty members with social 
activities and service projects. 

Members go to school affairs together, take parties to the 
mental hospital, and go on excursions to the genealogical 
library in Salt Lake. They meet weekly to hear guest 
speakers. Their annual sweethearts banquet was held on 
Valentines Day, and spring quarter they held swimming 
and canyon parties. 

Nichols, hr$torian-reiporter; Evelyn Cook, secre- 
tary; Marlene Knight, president; Joanne Stein, 
vice president; Bernice Beard, treasurer. 

SON© PRACTICE was held for spring quarter's fornnal pledge. 

Payne, Shirley 
Stein. Joanne 

Poulsen, Leah 
Schofield, lla 
Webb, Joy 

Abplanalp, Delloy 
Barton, George Devon 
Bateman, Bob 
Blair. Ken 
Burraston, Merlin 
Casper, Leon B. 

Chtpman, Richard 
Christensen, Winston 
Clark. Ralph 
Davis. Lloyd 
Downing, David 
Drake. John L. 

Echols, Robert Lee, Jr 
Ely, Raymond 
Fitzgerald. Crozler 
Garrett. Max 
Goodman, Bob 
Grimand, Donald L. 

Guymon, Duane 
Harris, Lynn 
Heaps, Arnell 
Jones, Duane A. 
Jones, Gerald 
Hancock, Jay ■ 

HIatt, Reld 
Jones, Jack 
Jorgensen. Clair E. 
Kenney, Ken 
Lee, Harold 
Lucas, Frank J. 

May, Jim 
McKay, Barrle 
Rice, Millard 
Nelson, Dean 
Nielson, Ray P. 
Nilsson, Bruce 

Ray, Alyric 
Paskett, Ray 
Phelps, Richard 
Porter, Garth 
Roberts, Karl David 
Robinson, George G. 

Robison, Richard 
Rucker, Fred 
Sorenson, Merlin 
Stephenson, Larry 
Stubbs, Glenn 
Swann, Seth W. 

For m&n who have fulfilled honorable missions in the 
Church, Delta Phi is a national religious service fratern- 
ity. Members strive to keep alive the missionary spirit, to 
help newly returned missionaries, and to serve the Church 
and School. BYU has the largest national chapter, with 
a roll of about 200 and nearly 80 active members. 
Delta Phi sent members to speak at ward Sacrament 
meetings all over Utah and provided teachers for stake 
Senior Aaronic Priesthood quorums. Forty members be- 
long to the Delta Phi Chorus which is called to perform 

delta phi 

in many of the Western States. Summer plans for the 
chorus and a variety show include a tour through the 
Southern States. 

Exchanges were held each quarter, and the national din- 
ner dance was held in Logan this year. Before Christmas, 
Deta Phi presented a studentbody assembly and built 
a divinity scene at the mental hospital. Spring quarter 
they held their traditional all day "Love 'Em and Leave 
'Em" party. 

MEMBERS CLUSTER around an armchair fo hear carols during the Delta-Ph! sponsored Christmas progran 

DELTA PHI CHORUS poses before a marker on the site oF the Nauvoo Tentple in Nauvoo, Illinois, during their summer tour. 

■ .'%■ 


Tf** ^fr> "-^ ♦ •i*lf#' , ' 




' ( 

Allen. Philo 
Anderson, Jane 
Barnhill, Lois 
Beishllne, Robert 
Bentwet, Elaine 
Berg. Kathryn 

Briggs, Lucille 
Bird, Donna 
Bradeen, Joy 
Brewer, Dave 
Burretl, Gordon K. 
Brown, Colleen 

Call. Fred 
Campbell, Pat 
Cheney, Barbara 
Christen sen, La Verne 
Day. Fay 
Draper, Marva 

Drake, Eileen 
Durfee, Delsa 
Elzlnga. Yvonne 
Elzinga, Lavelle 
Fairless, LaNae 
Fletcher, Bonnie 

Fowkes, Gene 

Gonzales, Lawrence 
Hall, Kenneth J. 
Heaton, Karma 
Heimark, Pat 
Hutchinson, Marie 

Johnson, Arva 
Johnson, Cheryl 
Kalwien, Brunhllde 
Karner, Leo 

Konschella, Dolores M. 
Lee, Dixie 

Leavitt, Henry 
Levanger, Delores 
Marsh, Margaret 
Marshall, Mina 
Mechling, Iva 
Mott. Harvey P. 

Mott, Dean Garold 
Musig, Merial 
Nordhoff, Yvonne 
Peterson, Alton 
Pope, Valda 
Porter, Merna 

laniba delta sigma 

Fellowship, intellectuality, culture, leadership, and spirit- 
uality are the ideals which Lanribda Delta Sigma, national 
church fraternity, is founded on. 

Two divisions of the BYU Zeta Chapter are Upsilon for 
women and Gamma for men. Club activities included a 
formal dance fall quarter, the Sweetheart Ball, a student- 
body asembly, and an inaugural ball for the new officers. 
Service at the state mental hospital was recognized by a 
certificate which was awarded to Lambda Delta Sigma. 
Officers were Wade Quinlan, executive president; Mar- 
garet Marsh, Myrna Porter and William Patton, vice 
presidents; Lois Barnhill, secretary; Philo Allen, treasurer; 
Robert Beishine, Gamma president; and Marlene Taylor, 
Upsilon president. 

LAMBDA DELTA SIGMA OFFICERS were, front, Delsa Durfee, pledge 
vice president; Sharon O'Leary, Omega Chapter president; Merna Porter, 
social vice president; Jane Anderson, Omicron Chapter president. Back 
row, Bob Beishline, Gamma Chapter president; Philo Allen, historian; 
Wade Quinlan, president. 

HOMECOMING FLOAT entry of the Lambda Delta Sigma was this 
portrayal of a Cougar chasing a Farmer through Stadium posts. 

Slinner, Barbara 
Skinner, Velda 
Smith, Marilyn 
Strong, Genevieve 
Taylor, Marlene 
Tenney, Roy Allen 

Teerlink. Annette 
Thompson. Keith 
Wallace. Wanda 
Warren, Donald 
White, Carole 
Wilcox, Sharlene 

Adamson. Emalie 
Allen, Barbara Jo 
Atlcisson, Lauretta 
Barnett, Mary 
Bartholomew, Marie 
Barrow, Joan 

Beclcstead, Joy 
Belliston, iris 
Bertelsen. Delora 
Brinlcerhoff, Virginia 

Brown, Anne 
Case, Gayle 

Carruthers, Joyce 
Christensen, Gayle 
Crosby, Luzon 
Davis, Catherine 
Earl, Micici 
Esler. Sally 

Evans. Jean 
Frazier, Monta Lou 
Hamilton, Donna 
Henrllcsen, Lou 
Hicks, Leanne 
Hodgkinson, Jean 

Hull, Janis 
Jackson, Colleen 
Johansen, Joyce 
Johnson, Charlene 
Johnson, Joan 
Johnstone, Marilyn 

Jones, Ann 
Kirk, LaRae 
Markham. Barbara 
Maugh, Loy 
Mills, Joyce 
Moon, Marilyn 

Orme, Kathryn 
Peacock, Wanda Lee 
Patten. La Wana 
Penrod, Karelyn 
Powell, Renae 
Prows, Sandra 

Richards, Ruth 
Rich, De Ann 
Schoenfeld, Joan 
Shipp, Sherry 
Snarr, Margaret 
Sorenson, Judy 


alpha lamba delta 

Doubling last years membership, Alpha Lambda Delta 
had about sixty-five members this year. The national 
scholastic honorary is for sophomore women who main- 
tained a 2.5 grade point average during the fall and 
winter quarters of their freshman year. 
Purposes of the organization are to promote intelligent 
living and a high standard of learning, and to encourage 
superior scholarship among freshman women in institu- 
tions of higher learning. 

A tutoring service for students needing help with their 
school work was organized through the Counseling Ser- 
vice. Members also participated in the AWS Fashion 
Show and presented a skit during Freshman Week. 
Monthly meetings featured social activities, talent pro- 
grams, and guest speakers from various departments of 
the University. 

ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA OFFICERS were, front, Catherin Davis, secretary; 
Karelyn Penrod, tutoring chairman; Monta Lou Frazier, vice president; 
Adrianne Taylor, president. Bacic row, Barbara Markham, program direc- 
tor; Joy Becksted, junior advisor; Marilyn Moon, historian-reporter; Dianne 
K. Stackler, treasurer. 

TUTORING SERVICE was one of the functions of Alpha Lambda Delta. Shown above are Karelyn Penrod and Carol Allred. 

Stanley, Marilyn 
Steckler, Dianne 
Stettler, Carolyn 
Sutton. Carrol 
Swainston, Colleen 
Swenson, Shirley 

Taylor, Adrianne 
Wardleigh, Helen 
Weeks, Myrna 
Whiting, Jean 
Van Natter, Anita 
Wilkinson, Janet 

gamnia phi omicron 

A national organization for upper division home econom- 
ics majors, Gamma Phi Omicron is the oldest women's 
honorary at BYU. 

Members must be upperclassmen who are majoring in 
one of the departments of the College of Family Living 
and who maintain a high grade point average. Club 
activities are planned to promote high ideals in home 
economics, a spirit of professionalism in the department, 

Baker, Sharon 
Becksfrand. Carol 
Bertch. Dorothy 
Brasher, Elaine 
Clark, Leona 
Cheney, Marian 

Clark, Nelda 
Clawson. Myrna 
Donaldson, Barbara 
Drake, Janel 
Fairbourn, Joyce 
Froyd, Karen 

Hatton, Betty Jo 
Hayward, Margaret 
Hunter, Margaret 
Kingsberry, Frances 
Leonard Jo Ann 
Lochhead, Lois 

Mabey. Janice 
McFarland, Meiva 
Ottosen, Nadene 
Payne, Shirley 
Sherwood, Rowena 
Spencer, Jewel 

and superior scholarship attainment. 

Book reviews and a visit to the Springville Art Gallery 
were among the organization's cultural projects. Pledg- 
ing activities during fall quarter included help week, tap- 
ping — a formal initiation ritual — and a goat dinner. 
Spring quarter. Gamma Phi Omicron presented a birth- 
day banquet to honor alumnae and attended the state 
Home Economics Convention in Salt Lake City. 

MIXING SALAD for party are Janel Drake and Frances Kingsbury. 











1 qC^^j<AJll 




^^^^Mrf'^ ^M 




GAMMA PHI OMICRON OFFICERS were Joyce Fairborn, treasur- 
er; Rowena Sherwood, president; Janice Mabey, reporter-historian; 
Margaret Hayward, vice president; Shirley Allen, secretary; Marian 
Wilkinson, sponsor. 

Alleman. Shirley 
Bailey, Roma 
Brown, Lorene 
Church, Elsie 
Cole, Barbara 
Collins, Sharon 

Doke, June 
Empey, Nonna 
Hatch, LaRae 
Hawley, Lois 
Hyde. Peggy 
Jackson, Colleen 

Jafferles, Helen 
Jennings, Glenna 
Jensen, Jeri Ann 
Maxfield, Carol Ann 
Morse, Eileen 
Myers, Marilyn 

Moss, Darlene 
Myrup. Marilyn 
Peterson, June 
Rirle, Garna 
Smith, Aleene 
Salmond, Mary Beth 

Sorenson. Doris 
Steele, LaVerne 
Towne, Diane 
Thurgood, Carolyn 
Wilde, LuJeane 

Growing in size from four to forty members this year was 
one of Phi Chi Theta's major projects. Membership in the 
national business women's honorary fraternity is open to 
women registered in the College of Commerce who main- 
tain a 1.5 grade point average. Phi Chi Theta annually 
presents a key award to the most outstanding woman stu- 
dent in the College on the basis of scholarship, leadership, 
and activity. 

PHI CHI THETA OFFICERS were, front. Lu Jean Wilde, 
president. Back row, Shirley Alleman, treasurer; La Verne 
Steel, secretary; Elsie Church, vice president. 

phi chi theta 

The annual spring Quarter "Ad Ball" is co-sponsored by 
Phi Chi Theta and the Men's Connmerce Club. A tour of 
the Geneva Steel Plant offices, guQst lecturers, and a 
banquet with the Commerce Club were among winter 
quarter activities. During the summer of 1956 one member 
of Phi Chi Theta will enjoy an expense-paid trip to the 
national convention at Atlanta, Georgia. 

NEW PLEDGES pose with members. Shown are pledges Beverly 
Wariliier, Dorofhy Dean Niion, Laurel Gibbs, and members Donna 
Mathews and Nancy Harding. 

Bingham. John Irvine 
Brooks, Bert L. 
Clarkson, Jack 
Cornaby. Kay S. 
DeMordaunt, Roger 
DuVall. Richard 

Fullmer, Mark A. 
Haslam, W. Bruce 
Jensen, Jay R. 
Jensen, Richard G. 
Kugath, Donald 
Johnson. Kenneth W. 

Nelson, Richard H. 
Newell, Dix 
Nielsen, James 
Thurgood, Jay D. 
Volkman, Paul 
Wood, Orln Lew 


Organized in 1947. Phi Eta Sigma is a national scholastic 
fraternity for men attaining a cumulative two-point-five 
grade average during their freshman year. 
Encouraging a higher standard of learning by sponsoring 
lectures, tours, and a tutoring service for freshman stu- 
dents is the purpose of the organization. Officers were 
elected at an initiation ceremony fall quarter, and acti- 
vities throughout the year included a banquet, guest 
speakers, and several socials. Officers were Mark Fullmer, 
president; Ralph Waltman, vice president; Roger DeMor- 
daunt, secretary; Bob Edwards, treasurer; and Dick 
Duvall, senior advisor. 

PHI ETA SIGMA OFFICERS were Mark Fullmer, president; Ralph Wutham, 
vice presidenf; Robert Edwards, treasurer; Roger DeMordaunt, secretary; 
Ken Davies, faculty advisor; Richard Duvall, student advisor. 



AVERAGE RAISERS in the Phi Eta Signna need a high grade 
average. Here they are shown in typical pose — studying. 

INTENT MEMBERS study blackboard calcula- 
tions. Shown are Richard Jensen, Kay Cornaby, 
and Jack Clarkeson, 

*^ ^ 





FRONT ROW; Noreen Hubbard, Elaine Erickson, Dolores Huerta, Leara Ashcraft, Lynetta Allred, Frances Armstrong. Second row: Dr. Alonio J. Morley, 
advisor, Loralea Green, Louene Johnson, Micliey Barrow, Linda Andrews, Karen Pugh, Joyce Johnson, Loran Jex, advisor. Back row: Dr. Merlin J. Mecham, 
advisor, Boyd Peck> Gay Henrie, John Burton, Boyd Rich, Kenna Larsen, Joyce Baiter, Lou Pergolizzi. 

Sigma alpha eta 

Sigma Alpha Eta Is a national fraternity for students 
nnajoring in speech and hearing correction. Its purpose 
is to promote professionalism by serving the school and 
community and giving members the opportunity for ac- 
tual experience in clinical work. Members work through 
the Speech Department to help University students and 
children from the Provo area overcome speech defects. 
Thsy gave a Christmas party for all of the children who 
had been in the clinic. An awards banquet was held 
spring quarter to honor outstanding members. 
Sigma Alpha Eta entered Songfest with the production 
"Freedom," winning the new Mixed Group Trophy that 
was originated this year. 

SIGMA ALPHA ETA officers were Gene Smith, 
president; Gay Henrie, secretary; Noreen Hub- 
bard, treasurer; Helen Foster, vice president; 
Karen Pugh, IOC; Geary McCandless, corres- 
ponding secretary. 

SPEECH CORRECTIONISTS work with children to improve vocal communications. 

'^rv- -SPP"'' 

FRONT ROW: Myron N. Jorgensen, Jr., Did Loveland, Allen Holllday, Byron Gilbert, Richard Jones, B. Federico de Hoyos. SECOND ROW: Macella Hol- 
liday, Delyn E. Williams, Robert L. Park, Arvin Kofoed, AInna G. Swann, Gale Tenney, Theo Williams, Crystal Prine. BACK ROW: Jens Niclcelsen, Vernon 
Tanner, Paul J. Vollcman, Keith Carr, Allen C. Christensen, Jim Clawson, Ron D. Zitting, Dewey Nelson. 

b y u stockman's club 

Maurice Webber, treasurer; Byron Gilbert, 
president; Alma Swann, proiect chairman. Back 
row, Dewey Nelson, vice president; Allen 
Christensen, secretary. JUDGING TEAM of Bob Clyde, Byron Gilbert, Jim Clawson, 

Organized fo promofe Interest in the livestock industry at 
B.Y.U., the Stockmen's Club met twice a month to work 
on projects and to hear guest speakers. 
President Harvey L. Taylor spoke at the winter quarter 
Stockmen's Banquet, delivering a three-fold challenge to 
the members: to conserve soils, to improve agricultural 
products, and to improve the farm home. The club select- 
ed Byron Gilbert as "Student Stockman of the Year," and 
Charles Redd, a prominent Utah rancher as "Honorary 
Stockman of the Year." 

Practical activities of the club included a student herd and 
a swine breeding project. During spring quarter, club 
members traveled to Southern California on an excursion 
to study the large agricultural projects in that area. The 
Stockmen's Club also co-sponsored Western Week during 
spring quarter. 

and Gail Mecham look over a new University horse 












•i i 


FRONT ROW: Ronald Hatch (Secretary), Melvin Davidson, Reece Glines, Reed Lindholm, Ralph Anderson (President), Jack Clarkson. SECOND ROW: Richard 
L. Bell (Program Chairman), E. Bertrand Riqby, Ross Gordon, Leonard W. McCosh, Dr. Wendell H. Wiser, Ronald R. Smith (Publicity), Joseph Stoker. BACK 
ROW: Dr. B. Brown, A. Norman Hopkins (Publicity), Dave Stewart, Darwin Harwood, Bruce Nelson (Treasurer), Mohammed Beheshti, Gary Muir, Jim Almond. 

chemical engineers society 

Encouraging professional developnnent of its members 
and promoting chemical engineering at BYU are chief 
aims of the Chemical Engineers' Society. The club hopes 
to be eligible for affiliation with the American Institute 
of Chemical Engineers by next fall. 

Topics discussed by guest speakers at regular meetings 
included Snythetic Diamonds, htanford Atomic Works, 
Utilizing Solar Energy, Fuel Technology, Titanium Metal- 
lurgy, and Synthetic Textiles. Field trips were sponsored 
to the Geneval Steel plant and to the Utah Oil Refining 

"Esprit de corps" was promoted among the thirty-five 
members through informal socials and a spring quarter 
banquet. Chemical Engineers' Society was an active par- 
ticipant in Engineers' Week spring quarter. 
An important goal of the organization was to secure sum- 
mer employment as chemical engineers for all members 
who desire it. A member, E. Bertrand Rigby, was awarded 
the scholarship for winning "Top Engineering Student" 

FIVE-YEAR MEN In the Chemical Engineers were, front, Melvin J. Davidson, 
Back row, Dr. Billings Brown, Kent Hatfield, Harold Willey, Karl Snow. 

front, Norman Hopkins, publicity and employ- 
ment; Ralph Anderson, president; Bruce Nelson, 
treasurer. Back row, Ronald Hatch, secretary; 
Richard L. Bell, program chairman; Ronald R. 
Smith, publicity. 

James Almond, E. Bertrand Rigbee, Ralph Anderson, Dr. Wendell Wiser. 

TAU KAPPA ALPHA- national speech honorary, had Nancy Briggs, Lorna NIalson, Carolyn Parker, Marian Green, and Carolyn DeVries as BYU mambers. 

forensics council 

Fostering all speech actlvI-Hes on cannpus, the Forensic 
Council works to Improve the status and prestige of BYU 
through excellence in forensics meets and contests, giving 
every member experience In public speaking, and pre- 
senting forensics program to the studentbody. At meet- 
ings twice a week they heard guest speakers and practiced 
the arts of oratory, debate, discussion, extemporaneous 
and Impromptu speaking. 

Teams were sponsored by the Forensics Council at meets 
throughout the Intermountain West. During fall quarter, 
teams travelled to Washington, Montana, and Colorado; 
winter quarter to Oregon, Colorado, and California; and 
spring quarter to Montana and New York. About fourteen 
of the forty-five club members attended each tournament. 
With Tau Kappa Alpha, Forensics Council sponsored cam- 
pus tournaments included the Extemporaneous and Debate 
Week program and the BYU Junior Varsity Meet, in 
which Utah junior colleges were invited to participate. 

This page is dedicated with love and respect to the memory of one of 
Brigham Young University's most outstanding students, Albert Sconberg. 
Albert was a fine scholar and a champion debater — winning his last two 
meets after his illness made it Impossible to read. He won the Western 
States championship In extemporaneous speaking and was known through- 
out the Intermountain West for his outstanding dramatic readings. 
Albert shared his happy, optomlstic view of life with everyone. He gave 
sparkle to any company he was in. Toward the last he revealed physical 
and spiritual courage which would honor the memory of any man. We 
who knew Albert as a friend and classmate deeply miss him; however, we 
must not and should not mourn his death, but always remember his love of 
life and express our gratitude for the ideals he provided for each of us 
to guide our lives by. 

FRONT ROW, Lenet Hadley, Nancy Briggs, forensic manager; Diane Hatch. Janet Wilkinson, Marian Green, secretary; Sheryll Smith, Connie Waddoups, Carolyn 
Parker. SECOND ROW, Norman King, Dick Knight. W. Cleon Skousen, Barrie McKay. Robert Boren, Ned Hoopes, Dean Marten. THIRD ROW, Ray Jones, Tom 
Quinn, Fred Cornelius, Bob Meservy, Keith Rooker, Roger Jeppson. 


FRONT ROW: Roma King, Ann Sutton, Geneva Carsen, Mary Beth Salmond, Annette Fife, Lo Anne Jex, Donna Mae Riding, Shirley Anne Allsop, Genevieve N. 
Marumoto. SECOND ROW: Marcia Whipple, Jan Bingham, Ruth Athay, Louise Jacobsen, Colette Dreyer, Johan Beutel, Elane Jones, Haiel Meeks, Rosalie Bignall, 
Leanne Beer. THIRD ROW: Frances Griffith, Reba Watson, Larna Louder, Emma Lou Davis, Janice Nelson, Gary H. Carver, John Doman, Dean Evans, Leslie 
G. Mason. FOURTH ROW: Emer K. Winward, Ernest J. Bennett, Don Schaefer, Evan Henderson, Kenneth L. Shirley, Joseph L. Gates, Grant Misbach, Reginald R. 
Dorff Clair E. Jorgensen, Allen W. Nielson. 

future teachers of america 

Future Teachers of America is a new organization at 
B.Y.U., established fall quarter under the direction of the 
College of Education. Members become acquainted with 
the teaching profession through activities and committee 
and group projects. Among guest speakers at their month- 
ly meetings were a professor from Iran and University 
President Ernest L. Wilkinson. 

Organizing chapters of F.T.A. in local high schools was 
a group project. One committee does student advisory 
work with the help of professors in the Elementary Educa- 
tion Department. Another student-professor committee 
strives to iron out difficulties between students and teach- 
ers, primarily in the College of Education. 
Members of F.T.A. are automatically members of the 
Utah Education Association and the National Education 
Association, with all privileges except voting. They attend 
state and national conventions, receive journals and pub- 
lications, and are individually entitled to special insurance 

Brown, director of bureau of administrative 
studies; Dorothy Candland, coordinator of ele- 
mentary education; Edith Baur, coordinator of 
secondary education; Jesse R. Blacic, assistant 
professor of business education. 

FRONT ROW: Geneva Carsen. Jan Bingham, Elane Jones, Colette Dreyer, Mary Beth Salmond, Ann Sutton, Roma King. SECOND ROW: Johan Beutel, Fran- 
ces Griffith, Ernest J. Bennett, Grant Misbach, Gary Carver, Allen W. Nielson, Leslie G. Mason. 

Grimmett, Karen 
Barlow, Eleanor 
Brady, Anna 
Cowley, Dorothy Louray 
Ellsworth, Karen 
Crossley, Val 

Hocking, Janice 
Hanks, Nancy 
Long, Shelley 
Madsen, Mary Lou 
Rust, Maida 
Moore, Marilyn 

Nelson, Marvin Keith 
Millett, Margaret 
Oliphant, Robert 
Oswald, Shirlene 
Tenney, Janice 
Schultz. Gerrie 

ORCHESIS OFFICERS were, front, Karen Ells- 
worth, historian; Marylin Wood, president; Jan- 
ice Tenney, vice president. Back row, Robert 
Oliphant, social; Vincent Rice, publicity. 


Orchesis is a national honorary organization whose pur- 
pose is to further interest in and appreciation of modern 
dance and to provide opportunities for members to ex- 
perience expression and creation. The B.Y.U. chapter 
had forty-three members this year. 

Presenting concerts, dancing in operas, and working with 
the Speech Department and the Student Program Bureau 
kept Orchesis members active and necessitated many 5 
a.m. rehearsals. Annually they present a Christmas Dance 
Program and a Spring Concert. Members danced in the 
play "Lute Song," and in the operetta "Sweethearts. 
Spring quarter they toured Southern Utah and presented 
shows to local high schools. 

ORCHESIS CONCERT in Smith auditorium featured creative dancing. 


FRONT ROW: W. H. Snell, Clifford V. Christensen, Wongsirl Lamsam, Hal Monson, Burlte Isaacson, Mark Kristjanson, John E. Roylance, Guy Pierce. SECOND 
ROW: Dennis Hill, Dorian Crow, Eugene V. Lane, Grant I. Johnson, Joseph N. Hanson, Seth W. Swann, Don L. Nielsen, George Pate. BACK ROW: Irving 
De Smith, Lester Long, Darwin W. Christenson, Joseph Calder, Gil Moen, Ray E. Olsen, Robert E. Nay. 

SHAPING MATERIAL, a club member works 
on one of the workshop's large grindstones. 

industrial arts 

Service to the school keeps the industrial Arts Club busy 
during most of their bi-monthly work 'nights. The club's 
twenty-five members are all majors, minors, or hobbiests 
in the field of industrial arts. 

"T. V. jacks" for television antenna were installed in 
Wymount Village apartments. They made bulletin boards 
and charts for the Inter-Organization Council, and kept 
displays in a window of the Science Center lobby. 
In addition to work meetings, Industrial Arts Club mem- 
bers meet twice a month to plan projects and to hear 
guest speakers. Contractors, builders, and concrete manu- 
facturers spoke to the group, and others gave demonstra- 
tions of custom gun work and fly tying for fishing. Social 
activities were a dinner dance spring quarter and a water 
carnival with motor boats on Utah Lake. All club activities 
help in furthering their purpose: to promote fellowship 
and to further industrial arts on campus. 

WOODWORKERS run board through high speed machine. 


PRE VET mambers were Edward Ramonas. Dave SIpherd, Irvine Bingham, Roger Conserve, George Crane, Lyie Brooksby. 

pre -vet. 

Pre Veterinarian Club was organized last year to help 
members create interest in their vi/ork and to keep them 
up to date in their field. 

Club members did experimental work and research at 
the BYU Dairy. Actual experience was gained through 
these activities. A main goal of the Pre Vets is to build 
a barn wherein they can feature displays and demon- 

Officers were LyIe Brooksby, president; Eliot Ben Soren- 
son, vice president; Myron Jorgensen, secretary; and Dr. 
Max Nicholes, faculty advisor. 

PRE-VET TOOLS are shown laid out for inspection. 
Club members are proficient in the use of these. 
Below, a scene at the Brigham Young University Dairy 
Farm shows the atmosphere with which members are 
familiar. Labs are located at the farm. 



FRONT ROW: Marlene Mor+on, Joe Ann Neubert, Crystal Prine, Sylvia Crosby, (Secretary), Nadene Jones, Linda Gay Taylor, Lois Whiting, Shirley Motsch- 
man. Toy Goldrick. SECOND ROW: Brent Weaver, Brent Edward, Leiand Thomas, Burl Jarvis, Phil Maxwell, John Adanns, Ernest Wilkins, Lou Dell Nielsen, 
Ed Hansen. BACK ROW: Gary Clawson, Ken Blackmore, Harris Greer, Jay Wright, Bill Stevens, Don Schnepf, Don Jones, Dean Broadhead, Edwin Egbert, 
Jack H. Jensen. 

The spirit of the Old West was revived at B.Y.U. by the 
fifty members of the Rodeo Club. An old-fashioned steak 
fry was featured autumn quarter, and an exchange tobog- 
ganing party with Arizona Club was held winter quarter. 
Some of the club's monthly socials were western dances, 
horseback rides, and a box supper. Business meetings were 
held once a month. 

During spring quarter the efforts of the Rodeo Club were 
centered in promoting and assisting the University's rodeo 
team. Selected from membership of the club, the team 
travels to compete with other schools belonging to the 
National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. 
Purpose of the club is to promote social enjoyment while 
incorporating L.D.S. standards with the sport of rodeo. 
The year's climax for the club was the B.Y.U. Rodeo, 
May 17 and 18, which was sponsored by the club during 
Western Week. 

RODEO CLUB OFFICERS were, front, Sylvia 
Crosby, secretary; Charles Bird, prizes chair- 
man; Leiand Thomas, publicity manager. Back 
row, Lou Dell Nelson, board of directors; Don 
M. Jones, president. 



BUCKING BARREL was set up in Field- 
house to give Rodeo Club participants a 
chance at practice. Here a rider grips 
firmly with one hand while helpers swing 
the "horse" to help him build his saddle- 
staying ability. 




1^^^ '' ' '^^^^^^^^^^1 





•i '^^^^^^^H ^^^^^^^H 



' jBSmI 

FRONT ROW: Howard Shurtleff, Yosh Miya, Bonnie Reids, Nobuyoshi Tachibana, Edmund Ramones. SECOND ROW: Donald Hamling, Reed Phippen. Le- 
land Thomas, Eugene Thorne, Kent Butterfield. BACK ROW: Paul Hansen, Leon Larson, Thomas Tucler, Roger S. O'Brien, Edmund Parker, Dr. Wayne Wright. 

y Judo dojo 

JUDO THROW catches Leonard Mathews as Yosh Miya practices defense. 

Y Judo Dojo was organized for the firsf flme during fall 
quarter of 1955. At first, membership was limited to ad- 
vanced "judokas," but beginner's classes for men and 
women were started winter quarter. 
This year, judo contests were an Intramural sport at 
BYU, but the club Is planning to beome a member of the 
Intercollegiate tournament. Sponsored by the Extension 
Division, Y Judo Dojo offered instructions to law en- 
forcement agencies In Utah County and representatives 
from the Provo Police Department and the Utah State 
hfighway Patrol. 

Membership Is open to all BYU students and faculty 
who accept and maintain the Judo Honor Code, which 
pertains to correct conduct and the use of judo knowl- 
edge In necessary situations. 

THROWING OPPONENT, Howard Shurtleff demonstrates a hold. 


FRONT ROW: Rosemary Borg, Sylvia W. Petersen, Joyce Andersen, Dale J. Harding, Max J. Berryessa. SECOND ROW: Mary Gay Hatch, Reita Erickson, 
Roma King, Myrna Blanding, Maile Forsythe, Marilyn Poulter. THIRD ROW: Harriet Whiting, Rose Anne Evans, Dagmar Tsuda, Kathleen Ford, Eileen Drake, 
Elsabeth Williams, Clair E. Jorgensen. FOURTH ROW: Nola Carlisle, Donna Despain, Charlotte Nelson, Connie Mathis, Nancy Elgan, Shirley Hughes. Joan L. 
Gordon. FIFTH ROW: Carol Johnson, Rae Ann B. Collier, Sharon Thompson, Carolyn Wallis, Valynn A. Jorgensen, Charlene Guild, Pat Olmstead. SIXTH ROW: 
La Jean Rees, Jane Atkerson, Mona Boyden, Shirley Smith, Barbara Lee Jackson, Jean Doris Bailw, Shirley Olmstead. SEVENTH ROW: Marva N. Sorenson, 
Rayola G. Husband, Audrey Ann Godfrey, Bonnie Berrett, Georgia Lee Bullock, Rachel McKinnon. EIGHTH ROW: Geneva Larsen, Beverly Ross, Carol 
MacKay, Sandy Butler, Neta Hutchinson, Carrie Calder. NINTH ROW: Elaine Hansen, Gene Pugh, Doris Neser, Ruth Pehrson, Jean Mortimer, Marjori* 
Foota, Loraine Poulter, Cheryl Johnson. 

CX • v^ • Vy • A • 

ACEI, Asociation of Childhood Education International, 
used "Children's Creativity" as this year's theme. For 
sludents majoring in elementary education, the club func- 
tions to broaden the outlook of prospective teachers. 
Monthly meetings and guest programs emphasized creati- 
vity in drama, writing, and music for children. As money 
making projects, members met in regular work sessions to 
make bulletin boards, flannelboards, and other teaching 

aids. Four delegates were chosen to represent the chap- 
ter at the national convention in Washington, D.C., during 
the summer. 

Officers were Sylvia W. Petersen, president; Mona Boy- 
den, first vice president; Elsabeth Williams, second vice 
president; Joyce Anderson, third vice president; Rose- 
mary Borg, secretary; Geneva Larson, treasurer; and Joan 
Gordon, publicity. 


FRONT ROW: Keith Billings, Richard Wolfley, Robert C. Woods, Aaron R. Stoddard, Robert M. Graham, Lavar M. Butler. SECOND ROW: Donald R. Bird, 
Richard L. Phelps, Jack L CoHin, Dean W. Martin, Robert O. Rose, Robert D. Bolinder, Arnell E. Heaps. BACK ROW: Ray M. Nilsson, Ed King, Gene Graham, 
Laurel Porter, Mark E. Cloward, Vincent Tilby, LeRay C. McAllister. 

men s commerce 

Men's Commerce Club functions to improve conditions 
within the College of Comnnerce, to encourage higher 
scholastic achievement, and to promote fellowship within 
the college. 

To help students become acquainted with the business 
world — its environments and its opportunities — the club 
sponsors tours of production plants and other business 
establishments. For club meetings they invite guest speak- 
ers to lecture and to give technical knowledge. 
Social activities included a banquet with Phi Chi Theta 
and co-sponsoring the Spring Ball. Officers were Don 
Bird, president; Bob Rose, vice president; Kieth Billings, 
secretary; Richard Wolfley, treasurer. 

Civil Engineers' Club is making preparations to become a 
student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engi- 
neers if the school is accredited by next year. 
Prominent engineers and industrial executives who lec- 
tured and showed films were featured at regular club 
meetings. About thirty-five members participated in ac- 
tivities which included a pot-luck supper, a Christmas 
party, and a picnic spring quarter. 

Officers were: Eldon Roberts, president; Parley Holiday, 
vice president; Russell Brown, secretary; and Blake Dallin, 

civil engineers 

FRONT ROW: Eldon Roberts, Russell Brown, Blake Dallin, Parley Holliday, Rafael E. Castillo, Alvin J. Noker, Arnold Wilson. SECOND ROW: Professor D. K. 
Fuhriman, Professor D. A. Firmage, Merrill Glenn, Jr., Paul W. Erekson, John J. Harper, John Wilson. BACK ROW: Harry Hodson, Glen Calder, David M. 
Neeley, Paul R. Peterson, Ramon E. Bassett, Joseph P. Hancock. 



FRONT ROW: Nedra Thomas, Josephine Nielson, Joanne Stein, Pat Nelson, Raelene Brooluby, Lynda Steele, Ellen Cardon Margaret Hayward, Louise Holtsclaw, 
Glenda Hugglns. BACK ROW: Norma Kurr, Deanna Dory, Yvonne Latt, Carolyn Stettler, Jean Rampton, Charlene Jensen, Sharon Mills, Wanda Olsen, Mar- 
garet Hunter, Mary Lue Jewkes. 

home economics 

Home Economics Club is a national organization founded 
eleven years ago at BYU. Thirty nriennbers this year worked 
to foster fellowship between faculty and students in the 
home economics field and to promote an attitude of pro- 
fessionalism among members. 

The group sponsored International Day during fall quar- 
ter, held exchange parties and banquets, donated to the 
national organization fund, and presented demonstra- 
tions and lectures. 

Spring quarter, members held a formal installation ban- 
quet and attended the state convention. Officers were: 
Raeline Brooksby, president; Lynda Steele, vice presi- 
dent; Nada Gould, secretary; and Ellen Carbon, treasurer. 

Press Club was organized to foster ideals of journalism 
and to provide group activities for journalism students to 
further their education by associating with others who 
share the same goals. Each of the club's thirty members 
must prepare a scrapbook of his best journalism work. 
Activities included entering a float in the Homecoming 
Parade, touring newspaper offices, television studios, 
advertising offices, and a printing pla'nt in Salt Lake, 
helping with the Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate Press 
Association Conference spring quarter, and sponsoring 
the annual Press Club banquet. 

Officers were Dan Gashler, president; Cathy Collard, vice 
president; and Jeanne Whiting, secretary. 

press club 

FRONT ROW: Tracy Wilson, Marilyn Cunningham, Wally Barrus, Cathy Collard, Virginia Brinkerhaff, Carolyn Thomsen, Marjorie Frontier. SECOND ROW: 
Margaret Hunter, Jean Whiting, David Campbell, Dan Gashler, Yvonne Romney, Ranae Clark, Pat Bringhurst. BACK ROW Deanna Barnum, Janet Fowler, 
Howard Hill, Don Woodward, Paul Gambles, Ann Pettijohn, Don A. Guthrie. 

FRONT ROW: Arthur Butler, Jeanne Noble, Jeanne Warner, Joan Stringham, Shirley Weeks, Carl Marltworth. SECOND ROW: Ivan Cropland, Harold R. Oaks, 
Dorothy A. Whittaker, G»ral Wilde, Don R. Milner. BACK ROW: Charles W. Whitman, Jim Doermann, Andre J. Mostert, Sam Melville. 

theta alpha phi 

Soccer Club was organized this year as a member of the 
Utah State Soccer League. An outdoor sport, similar to 
football, soccer is played with a large round ball which 
must be kicked or maneuvered about without the use of 
the player's hands or arms. 

Theta Alpha Phi. national honorary dramatic fraternity. Members of the club met three times a week to practice. 

qualified eighteen students this year for membership. To and during spring quarter they played each of the eight 

become a member, a student must have appeared in at teams belonging to the League. 

least eighteen school plays and must have passed a rigid 

theatrical test. 

Club activities included assisting the speech department, 

ushering at plays, sponsoring one-act plays, and making 



FRONT ROW: Arturo Barrios, Jorge Castillo, Ruben Contreras, Nobuyoshi Tachibana. SECOND ROW: William C. Carr (Faculty Advisor), Peter Lysenko (Cap- 
tain), Howard Hill (Secretary-Treasurer), Leo Thomson, Norman Dunn (Coach). BACK ROW: Harold W. Bodon (Pres.), Frank May (Vice-Pres.). Jay FiH. Hans 
J. Morawski, Walt Winkelman, Heini L. Horstmeier (Co-captain). 









FRONT ROW: Sandra Prows, Maree Richards, Eleana Smith, Joyce Coy, Pat Edwards, J. N. Symons. SECOND ROW: Darrell Payne, Lou Ann Allred, Del Hig- 
ham, W. G. Dyer, La Mar Empey, Reed Bradford, Robert Ha, Barbara West. THIRD ROW: Diane Henry, Mary Anne Westenskow, Carol Smithen, Pat Stevens, 
Bonne Read, Jo Ann Mercer, Audrey Clark, Virginia Hawks. BACK ROW: Wilford E. Smith, Jerry L. MeCulloch, William C. Hubner, Cloyd E. Barker, Wayne 
K, Berge, Ray R. Canning, John W. Payne, Joseph R. L. De Victoria. 

sociology club 

Sociology Club's primary purpose Is to help sociology 
majors become acquainted with various opportunities In 
their field. 

Students met monthly In professors' homes to conduct 
business meetings, hear guest speakers, and participate 
in social activities. 

Phi Mu Alpha Is a national men's musical fraternity that 
has as Its purpose the furthering of American music, the 
promotion of brotherhood, and the fostering of loyalty to 
the University. 

New and original compositions as well as local talent were 
featured at their annual Concert of American Music pre- 
sented during spring quarter at BYU. 


I mu a 



FRONT ROW: Eddie Krieger, Derryl Herring, Don L. Earl. SECOND ROW: J. J. Keeler, Carl Fuerstner, Gerald Nichols, Lawrence Andersen. BACK ROW: 
Clarence Bushman, Norman Gulbrandsen, Clawson Cannon, James Holland. 

FRONT ROW: Arlene Fouh, Marilyn Butler, Ada Ruth Jones, Carmen Shumway, Kliena SItousen, Barbara Nelson, Loretta Peterson, Shirley Simkins, Sandra 
Butler, Karen Smith. SECOND ROW: Sue Marie Anderson, Geraldine Allred, Beverly Richins, Loretta Riggs, Karen Thaxton, Anne Smith, Irene Webb, Rey M. 
Decker, Jerry Brooks, Sam Udall. BACK ROW: James Nowell, Erie McFarland, Norman Pruett, Cloyd Dan Simkins, Norman Allred, Edson R. Foilat, President; 
David K. Flake, Harold Coleman, Keith Dana. 

an zona 


NH w^ .^^^^^^^B 

iHF\ ^^^^k^^^^^^HlH 

Keeping in con+acf with all Arizonians at the "Y" and 
having real "Western" fun were the main goals of the 
Arizona Club. About forty nnembers participated in 
numerous Arizona-style activities. They started the year 
with dancing to Western music and by sponsoring a skat- 
ing party fall quarter. 

A complete Spanish dinner and dance and a toboggan- 
ing exchange party with the Rodeo Club were popular 
events winter quarter, as were the canyon and swim- 
ming parties held spring quarter. Arizona Club tradition- 
ally sponsors the Western Week Dance. 

SPANISH BANQUET was held by members of the 
Arizona Club and featured Spanish food. 

HOMECOMING FLOAT of the Arizona Club portrayed students flowing out of a giant Horn of Plenty. 

FRONT ROW: Beverly Ann Painter, Ruth Athay, Karen Guyon, JoAnn Stephens, Janice Stock, Gail Clarlc. BACK ROW: Karen Ann Stock, LaVall Hirsehi, 
Richard Stephens, Roy Thornock, Dianne Steckler, Darwin Hayes. 

bear lake 

Bear Lake Club is an informal organization designed to 
help its members keep alive a loyalty to the "spirit of 

Firesides, parties, skating, and dancing were among acti- 
vities fostered to promote new friendships and revive 
older ones. The club plans to meet during the summer 
for social activities at home. 

Officers were Winnie Mae Wright, president; Karen 
Guymon, vice president; Diane Steckler, secretary; and 
Dorothy Mathews, treasurer. 

BEAR LAKE members shown in these two pic- 
tures met to design posters for an upcoming 
social. Sitting on the table is the youngest 
member of the club, who was noncommittal 
about social lite.^^ 





FRONT ROW: Pauline Palmer, Colleen Swainston, Karren Greaves, Jeanene Jenson, Louise Godfrey, Arlene Poole, Jo Ann Larsen. SECOND ROW: Geneno 
Condie, Maxine Poole, Glenna Hansen, Lu Rae Hall, Ellen Bennett, Camille Robinson, ReNae Porter. THIRD ROW: Lyie Cole, Arlend Poole, Larry W. Larsen, 
Merlin D. Whittle, Stanton Nutfer, Richard Rawlings, De Verl Cutler, John Snnith. BACK ROW: David Swainston, Larry Stephenson, Norman Smith, Gordon 
Beckstead, Foster Ipsen, Wm. Hal Palmer, Larry Benson. 

cache valley 

CACHE VALLEY CLUB OFFICERS were, LyIe Cole, sports; Colleen 
Swainston, treasurer; Maxine Poole, secretary; David Swainston. president; 
Verl Lamb, vice president; Karen Greaves, reporter; Norman Smith, secre- 

<in> ••»' ■> 


Cache Valley Club sponsored numerous parties, ex- 
changes, and firesides this year. Because the club's func- 
tions were entirely social, no business meetings were held. 
Parties included a get-acquai,nted party, roller skating, a 
Christmas taffy pull, ice skating at Vivian Park, and a 
canyon party. 

Founded last year, the club had 35 members this year. 
Officers were: David Swainston, president; Verl Lamb, 
vice president; Maxine Poole, secretary; Colleen Swain- 
ston, treasurer; and Norman Smith, social manager. 

INFORMAL GATHERING of Cache Valley Club members was taken as 
they ioked together. 

FRONT ROW: Barbara Barry, Janet Jenson, Jerrye Shipley, Daisy Flenniken, Lauralee Jackson, Sherre Stevens, Betty Jo Hood. SECOND ROW: Julie Tait, Lyric 
Robinson, Marilyn Benson, Mary Bragg, Pat Morrison, Georganne Gardner, Carole White. BACK ROW: Dick Giles, Phillip Parmeter, N. Ron Piatt, Keith 
Thompson, John tinning, Howard Hill, Stan Wilcox, Bob Ritz. 



Composed of the most "extroverted" California students, 
California Club organized noise making forces at this 
year's Geographical Assembly. In addition to parties af- 
ter every game, the club sponsored a Christmas party, 
a come-as-you-are party, a canyon outing, a shipwreck 
party, and a swimming party at Saratoga. 
After regular meetings the club often went to movies 
or dances as a group. Fall quarter they presented a radio 
program over KBYU. 

Officers were Ron Piatt, president; hloward hfughs, vice 
president; Jerry Shipley, secretary; Marilyn Benson, 
treasurer; and Don Tait, publicity manager. 

Julie Tait, social chairman; Marilyn Benson, 
president; Jerrye Shipley, secretary. Back row, 
Howard Hill, vice president; Ron Piatt, presi- 
dent; Keith Thompson, social chairman. 

CALIFORNIA CLUB PARTY featured Western dress and refreshments. 


^^^^^^^^^^^B[^^^K f 




\ 1 

FRONT ROW- Eileen Swan Ruth Wagner, Edith Weinheimer, Reta Ericltson, Barbara Babcocl, Rita Johnson, Vernene Archibald. SECOND ROW: Ferdie Meyer. 
John Wilcox, Millard Rice, Kay Stone, Diane Robison, Theola Stuti, Joyce Johnson. Nadine Jones. BACK ROW: Virgil Anderson. Eari Shields, Dick Foreman. 
Harvey Merkley. LeMoyn Caldwell, Lloyd Olsen. Morgan Boaier, Bill Houssian. 


Thirty students who were from Canada or interested in 
Canada participated in a variety of extra-curricular ac- 
tivities sponsored by the Canadian Club. 
"From cave men days to a horn of plenty" themed 
Canadian Club's float in the hHomecoming Parade. Their 
"Little King" entry in the snow carnival stood valiantly 
despite the lack of snow. 
Social activities included a wiener roast, a box lunch 

social, a Christmas party, a canyon party, and an ex- 
change with "Y"omIng Club. 

Three men's intramural basketball teams were supported, 
and club member Virgil Anderson won the intramural 
badminton singles. 

A chartered bus to Canada was sponsored by the club 
for Christmas vacation. 

CANADIAN CLUB FLOAT in Homecoming featured Mountie 
and oil derricks carrying out a theme of the Horn of Plenty. 

Front, Terry Selin, Shlb Chattoraj, Le Chen Hsu. Second row, Lee Cox. Roger 
O'Brien, Bevan Ot+, Charles WhiHie. Back row, Dave Seegmlller, Ralph Anderson. 
Hal Johnson, Ivan Cook. 

american chemical society 

The largest scientific organization in the world, American 
Chemical Society, has student chapters all over the world. 
Its purposes are to foster research, to publish journals for 
disseminating results of research, to establish standards of 
teaching, and to aid in job placement and economic 
aspects. Student members are undergraduate chemistry 
majors who desire professional and social contact. They 
meet twice a month to hear lectures, and they go on ex- 
cursions to chemical plants. This year's tours included 
Kennecott Copper, Geneva Steel, and Rare Metals 

Social activities, and annual banquet and informal gather- 
ings, are sponsored by the club. 

President of the club was Bevan Ott. Faculty advisor was 
Dr. H. Smith Broadbent. 

secretary; Terry Selin, treasurer; J. Bevan Ott, president. 

BOTTLES AND TUBES are the stock and trade of tfie American Chemical Society. 

FRONT ROW: Joanne Anderson, Ruth Ann Boyer, Barbara Mathews, Carolyn Wilson, Leila Lawrence, Mary Gay Hatch, Betty Lou Hardle, Eunice Stanton. 
SECOND ROW: Nadda Smith, Arva Johnson, Pauline Lauper, Fern Wood, John T. Smith, Lewis B. Meiners, Jacit J. Thurgood, Sporuor; Bill Bailey. THIRD 
ROW: Gary H. Carver, Foster H. Ipsen, Utah Lawrence, Nolan Lutz, Roger Malphurs, Lyman J. Durfee, Wilford J. Tolman. BACK ROW: William Reiche, Lloyd 
E. Coates, E. Gordon Adams, Richard M. Elmer, James A. Perkins, James B. Pace, Jerrold R. Morgan, Tom Jensen. 

fog liters 

Foglighters Club was organized during winter quarter by 
a group of old friends who formerly attended MIA to- 
gether in San Francisco. 

Business meetings were outlawed by the informal club, 
whose functions were entirely social. Many of the forty 
members have known one another all of their lives; others 
have been in the service or on missions together. Dressed 
like six-year-olds, Foglighters attended their first party 
held at Shipp Hall. They held regular firesides and par- 
ticipated in a Scavenger Hunt Dance. Spring quarter they 
featured outings including swimming and canyon parties. 
Officers were: Tom Jones, president; Charlene Siebert, 
vice president; Bill Reiche, second vice president; Flor- 
ence Christie, secretary; and Jim Perkins, treasurer. 

Dixie Club members are "Southerners" who have attended 

Dixie College or lived in Southern Utah. 
Thirty-five students this year joined Dixie Club, whose 
purpose is to provide both social and intellectual activi- 
ties for members. 

Fall quarter they enjoyed a get-acquainted party and a 
canyon outing; winter quarter, a pot-luck supper and a 
roller skating party; and spring quarter, an excnange and 
a swimming party at Saratoga. Dixie Club also partici- 
pated in the assembly and dance on Geographies Day. 
Officers were Reed Blake, president; Richard Hunt, vice 
president; Pat Rust, secretary; and Kenneth Hafen, ath- 
letic manager. 



FRONT ROW: Mary Helen Clark, Wllla NIta Brooks, La Rene Mortensen, Romaine Prince, Pat Rust, Carolyn Smith, Merial Musig. SECOND ROW: Reed H. 
Blake, Archie Leon Tobler, Crayton DeLange Leavitt, David A. Paxman, Brent H. Gubler, Dave Rust. BACK ROW: Brooks Taylor, Ralph J. Sullivan, Mar 
Wiles, Phillip D. Gubler, William Mickelsen, Kenneth Hafen. 

FRONT ROW- Kaye Hintnan. Lois Hawley, Elaine Stirland, Veria Nash. Alice Nash, Alice Paddock, Gay Ellis, Elmonda Heimarlt. SECOND ROW: Beverly Hol- 
man, Marilyn Ballard, James Johnson, Gary SfoH, Dave Squires, Dorian Crow, Pat Heimarlt, Barbara Cole. BACK ROW: Jerry Walston, Joseph K. Papenfuss, 
Earl' M. Lee, James Mills. Christ E. Kolste. Gary Quails, LaVon Walston. 


Montana Club featured parties as their main activity this 
year. Numerous social functions enabled club members to 
meet other students from their home state. 
Several exchanges and firesides were held with "V'oming 
Club during the year. Fall quarter, Montana students 
made candy and danced at a "Get Acquainted" party. 
Intramural teams sponsored by Montana Club partici- 
pated in football, basketball, and handball. 
Officers were: James T. Johnson, president; Ed Malstom, 
vice president; Pat Heimark, secretary; and Marilyn Bal- 
lard, treasurer. 

Danish-Norwegian Club is composed of students and re- 
turned missionaries from Denmark or Norway as well as 
descendants from these countries interested in genealogy. 
Activities of the club were planned to stimulate interest 
in the languages, histories, and cultures, and to help with 
genealogy work. 

About twenty members met monthly to study the lan- 
guages and to hear guest speakers. They corresponded 
with missionaries in the field, held an exchange party 
with the Salt Lake Danish Club, sponsored firesides, and 
went Christmas caroling to Norwegian and Danish fam- 
ilies in Provo. 

Officers were: Leo Thomsen, president; Kristian Aase, 
vice president; and Phyllis Christiansen, secretary. 


FRONT ROW: Kristian Aase, Tove Henningsen, Vivi Clausen, Phyllis Christiansen, Carol Borgerson, Norma Gwilliam, Marilyn Wills, Darrell Bickmore. BACK 
ROW: Allen D. Pedersen, Leo Thomsen, Wayne Johnson, Arden T. Christiansen. Hollis R. Johnson, Charles M. Hall, John Wesley Burlew. 

Alciu, Rogers 
Adachi, Margaret 
Akita, Norman 
Chun, Albert 
Chun. Mildred 
Chlnen, Saltaye 

Faufata, Barbara 
Forsythe, Malle 
Fujita, Wilfred 
Higashi, Allan 
Ho. Robert 
lokepa, Shirley 

Kahuema. Margaret 
Kamauoha. Edwin L. 
Kamauoha, Jane 
Kawahigashj. Sylvia 
Kelauoha, Willard 
Magaoay, Pasito 

Masada. Jerry 
Moikeha, Mona-Amy 
Miyazakl, Richard 
Maumu. Judith P. 
Olcimoto, Howard 
Obregon. Socorro 

Parker. Edmund 
Oshima. Stanley 
Parker, Leilani 
Riggin, Don 
Runnels, Roy 
Saito, George 

Saito, Clara 
Shimoda. Donna 
Takeuchi. Tatsuo 
Uyehara. Robert 
Velasco, John 
Velasco, Barbara 


HAWAIIAN CLUB oKicers were, 
front, Socoro Obregon. girls ath- 
letic director; Sakaye Chinen, sec- 
retary; Donna Shimoda, vice pres- 
ident; Rosie Tufaga, program co- 
chairman. Back row, Philip Keka- 
uoha, historian; Norman Akita, 
publicity chairman; Roy Runnels, 
president; Rogers Akiu, program 







% > 

FRONT ROW: Alfred Woodland, Donald Reed, Gary Lee Anderson, Warren Thornock, Rulon G. Craven, Bruce G. Cameron, Jerry McCulloch, Bill Mar+ln, Fred 
H. Calder. SECOND ROW; Jean Hansen, Pauline Winkler, Diane Alfleck, Margaret Thonnpson, Faith Despain, Sam Atoa, Nevada Neeley, Cheril James, Jeanine 
Nielson, Janice Larsen, Kay Smith. THIRD ROW: Darilynn Bybee, Evelyn Crandall, JoAnn Goodrich, Coyla Lalliss, Pat Barney, Irene Goates, Helen Hanni, Rita 
Call, Jean Sabin, Marilyn Ballard, Myrna Day, Joyce Summerhays, Leila Ogden. FOURTH ROW: Venia Whipple, LuRae Fawson, Irene SimadenI, Renata Pace, 
Donna Visser, Sofia Gardner, DeLoy Vernon. FIFTH ROW: Loretta Vance, Joan Morrow, JoAnn Mercer, Anne Deputy, Carol Phippen, Bufaye Kirkland, Mar- 
keene Feme, Marvene Harris, Yuvonne Alvey, Audrey Bean, Garn McBride. SIXTH ROW: Grant Johnson, Karen Guyon, Leanne Ponder, Shirley Cole, Karen 
Anderson, Sharon O'Leary, Patricia Patterson. BACK ROW: Paul E. Pennell, Avefua FIso, Tavit Fitlsemanu, Donald Murray, Gary Chamberlain, Bob Pursley, Eldon 
Davis, Henry Leavitt, Jerry Brooks. 

KIA ORA officers wore, Frank Horton, advisor; Joan Morrow, secretary; 
Bob Pursley, first counselor; Darilyn Bybee, second counselor; Sam Atoa, 
president; Myrna Day, treasurer; Warren Thornock, historian; William Carr, 

kia ora 

Kla Ora Club was organized six years ago by returned 
missionaries from New Zealand to promulgate the cus- 
toms, spirit, and faith of the Maori people. Students 
fulfill this purpose by teaching one another Maori songs, 
dances, and games, and by presenting numerous pro- 

By meeting to practice twice a week, members who have 
never seen Maori Land become experts in depicting the 
spirited folk activities. 

During fall quarter the club presented a program at a 
Springville seminary dance and held a Salt Lake perform- 
ance. Kia Ora went on tour in February to Northern 
Utah with the Samoan and hiawaiian Clubs, sponsored by 
the Student Program Bureau. The half-time program at 
the Oregon basketball game was presented by Kia Ora, 
and spring quarter they held an evening assembly for 
the student body. 

ISLAND DANCING is shown by Sam Atoa and Ann Terry Blaisdell on assembly. 

CHANTS helped Warren Thornock dance. 


FRONT ROW: Margie Call, Carolyn Hardy, Judy Roberts, Jeanette Oxborrow, Loretta Bunlter, Marilyn Miller, Rene Ream, Anita Carter. SECOND ROW: 
Janice Conger, Sherril Gardner, Cleo Slater, Deanna Cram, Iva Dawn Ence, Joann Larkin, Elva Fouti, Naomi Lytle. BACK ROW: Ha Sctiofield, Dean Frampton, 
Gerald Stubbs, Clyde Souter, Ronald Atchley, Scott King, Don Watts, Byron Thornton. 


Nevada Club had about 40 members who enthusiastically 
supported the new club and its activities. First organized 
fall quarter, Nevada Club aspires to promote friendship, 
uphold church standards, and to support the University 
by performing worthwhile services. 

Officers were: Dean Frampton, president; Jay Wright, 
vice president; Sherril Gardner, secretary-treasurer; and 
Jeanette Oxborrow and Jerry McCullough, social chair- 

New Mexico Club was organized last year at BYU to 

bring to campus the spirit of the old Southwest. 

Fall quarter they held an election party and an exchange 

with the Col-Juan and Uintah Basin Clubs. They sponsored 

candidates for offices, had a canyon party, a swimming 

party at Saratoga, and an enchilada supper with Texas 


Officers were Ron Collyer, president; Wanda Cluff, vice 

president; Mary Ellen Cornwall, secretary; and Jill Fter- 

ring, social chairman. 

new mexico 

FRONT ROW: Ruth Nielson, Dorene Smith, Paula Merrell, Ron Collyer, Jill Herring, Mary Ellen Cornwall, Francelle Donaldson. SECOND ROW: Jean Whiting, 
Marilyn Cunningham, Nila Smith, Nadlne Waller, Wanda Cluff, Kay Lee Wilson, Colleen Brown, Beverly Richins. THIRD ROW: Larry Farnsworth, Jose E. 
Garcia, Rayburn E. Jack, Kenyon Donaldson, Ruben Longwell, Jesse K. Kunena. BACK ROW: Glen Palmer, Marvin Loar, Benny Knudsen, Douglas Banks, 
D. E. Chapman, Robert E. Taylor, Delwin Jones. 

FRONT ROW: Elolse Mi&llee, Virginia Wood, Janice Smith, Jeanette Hunt, Janet Fowler. BACK ROW: Clifford M. Bush, Theo Williams. Eugene H. Metier, 
Delyn E. Williams, Dale Johnson, Jim May. 

Oregon Club activities were planned to renew old friend- 
ships and create new ones annong students from Oregon 
who shared common interests. 

Socials featured games and dancing, an ice skating party, 
a picnic, and a swimming party at Saratoga. The main 
event of spring quarter was participation in Western 

Officers were Clifford Bush, president; Ted Pettingill, 
vice president; Janet Fowler, secretary; and Jeanette 
Hunt, treasurer. 

Hunt, treasurer; Clifford Bush, president; Janet 
Fowler, secretary. Back row, Theo Williams, 
social chairman; Ted Pettingill, vice president; 
Dale Johnson, sgt. at arms. 


OREGON CLUB PARTY featured homemade refreshments and gingersnaps. 

FRONT ROW: George Hallock, Gwydna Ann Lindsey, Jeanne Swanwick, Rowan Shirley, John Ellis, Charlotte Ann Posey, Pat Turley. SECOND ROW: Lynn 
Tenny, Betty Hopkins, Joe Scadiock, L. G. Cummins, Tillie Bailey, Frances Felk. 


A new organization on campus, the Texas Club, consists 
of residents and former residents of the Lone Star State. 
The club was organized by students who desired to pro- 
mote unity and friendships among Texans at BYU. 
House parties, a canyon party, and exchange party with 
United Staters, and a Mexican dinner exchange party 
with New Mexico Club were among the year's memor- 
able activities for Texas Club members. 
Officers were Tillie Bailey, president; Betty Hopkins, vice 
president; Anne Posey, secretary; and George Hallock, 
business manager. 

Swedish Club promotes and keeps alive the customs and 
language of the Swedish people. Composed of returned 
missionaries, students from Sweden, and others who are 
interested, the club keeps in contact with the Swedish 

Activities are planned to encourage learning of the 
language, history, and culture. Members participated in 
a Swedish Christmas party, the "Ful Fest," in the Snow 
Carnival, and in other geographical social events. 
Officers were Robert H. Lundquist, president; Dean M. 
Flake, vice president; and Ingrid A. Heitman, secretary- 



FRONT ROW: Grant Johnson, Ann Christiansen, Ranae Swenson, Garn Swen'on. SECOND ROW: Pamela Russell, Kay Jacobs, Kathleen Lundquist, Dorothy 
Good. THIRD ROW: Leon Clark, Dee Jacobs, Anna Lou Call, Kenneth Hall, Lkjyd Godfrey Olsen. BACK ROW: Darwin Christenson, Merlin Johnson, Kay 
Berge, Robert Lundquist. 

FRONT ROW: Maurine Nielson, Leia Hafen, Charlotte Nelson, Shawna Lasson, Reva Jensen, Lucille Briggs, LaVerne Christensen, Arlene Peterson. SECOND 
ROW: Allen W. Nielson, Kent Evans. Golden Terry, Terry Hafen, Donald Haten, Lynn Hall, Dave Tew. LAST ROW: ©rant Graham, Kent M. Anderson, John 
R. Baxter, Blaine C. Phillips, Bryant Madsen. 

Named after Snow Junior College and Sanpete County, 
the Snow-Sanpete Club is composed of students who have 
either attended the college or lived in the county. 
About 20 members participated in socials and firesides, 
roller skating, tobogganing at Timp hiaven, and ice skat- 
ing at Utah Lake. 

snow sanpete 

Purpose of the club is to perpetuate the Ideals of Snow 

College and further acquaintances made in Sanpete 


Officers were Kent Anderson, president; Donald Hafen, 

vice president; Reva Joan Jensen, treasurer; Joyce 

Anderson, secretary; Gordon Christensen, membership; 

Arlen Peterson, publicity. 

MISS UTAH, Sybil Olsen, was sponsored in Homecoming parade by Snow-Sanpete club. 



FRONT ROW: Beryl Johnstun, Gayle Case, Nadene OHosen, Dolores E. Chegup, Charlene Noble, Joan Noble, Nancy Rocltwood, Pauline Winkler, Etholene 
Burton. SECOND ROW: Mary Murphy, Evelyn Shaw, Ha Manwaring, Connie Lundell, JoAnne Goodrich, Leda Becitstead, Marilyn Jennings, Marta Morrillv Diane 
Nelson. BACK ROW: Curtis Dastrup, Dilwor+h Rust, Max Brotherson, Delloy O. Abplanalp, Carol Todd, Eleanore Hacking, Jay B. Karren, Blaine Palmer. 

uinta basin 

Uintah Basin Club activities are planned to help acquaint 
students with common interests and to renew old friend- 

Every year during Christmas vacation, the club pre- 
sents an assembly to their hometown high schools to en- 
courage students to come to BYU. This year's program, 
"Santa Claus at the Y," was especially successful in 
arousing enthusiasm. 

Parties and socials were held throughout the year, and 
girls' and boys' intramural basketball and bowling teams 
were sponsored. Members also participated in the Rodeo 
Club assembly. 

UINTAH BASIN OFFICERS were. Marta Morill, 
vice president; Carol Todd, secretary; Mary 
Murphy, president; Ha Manwaring, social chair- 

WAITING PARTYGOERS cluster around Blaine Palmer's car before leaving for a night of fun. 

FRONT ROW: Sheryl L Bodily, Sherrel Butler, Dianna Ream, Roberta Hinze, Carolyn Sumsion, Violet Olpin, Beulah Brim, Faith Despaln. SECOND ROW: Alton 
Sa>er, Jim Steel, Wanda Lee Peacoelc. Corena Miller, Margaret Snarr, Ha Manwaring, Ruby Ann DeCorah, LaDean Wright. BACK ROW: Tommie Matthews, 
Norman A. Pruett, James A. Johnson, Max A. Jensen, Rodger Overson, Kay Gardner, Peter H. Williams, Layne Shocliley, Robert Boren, Beverly Booth. 

united staters 

The only organization of its kind in the nation, United 
Staters' Club is composed of students who have attended 
Boys' State or Girls' State. Organized last year, it now has 
about fifty-five members. The club's purpose is to spon- 
sor social functions, to unite former Boys' and Girls' Stat- 
ers, and to render service to the school. 
During winter quarter they held a social — "Winter Para- 
dise" — as a get-acquainted parly for new members, and 
presented a program on KBYU. "Lady and the Tramp," 
United Staters' Snow Carnival sculpture, won first place 
in the miscellaneous division. Spring quarter they held an 
exchange with Texas Club and helped with studentbody 

Boren, governor; Ha Manwaring, secretary of 
state; Margaret Snarr, state historian; Peter 
Williams, It. governor. 

SNOW SCULPTURE entry of "Lady and 
the Tramp" was a winning entry of the 
United Staters. 

FRONT ROW: Donna EndrizzI, LuJuanna Beck, Joan Chrlsfensen, Rochelle Rhead, Loralee Green, Josephine Nielsen, Pat Burrows, Nonna Empey, LaRae Kirk, 
Gayla Lloyd, Joan Moss. SECOND ROW: Marcella Whaley, Noma Allen, Barbara Donaldson, Colleen Oyler, Virginia Baer, Nelda Wardle, Lorna Nielsen, Rose 
Marie Maltln, HeUn Wardleigh, Shirley Snow, Dixie White, Barbara Giauque. THIRD ROW: Hazel Harding, Leah Poulsen, Ben Standing, Bob Graser, Stan 
Roberts, Max Richardson, Marvin C. Hogensen, Kenneth Pringle, LaMoyne Garside, Bob Fox, Harry James, Janet Hilt. BACK ROW: Cosette Myers, Howard 
Larsen, Lee Ertckson, Carlyle Parker, Glen R. Hogge, Paul B. Hatch, Stuart Stringham, Htchard Nielsen, Grant Schow, Boyce Harris, Don K. Richards. 


Weber Club this year took club activities home with 
them to the Ogden area during school vacations. Mem- 
bers are former Weber College students and others 
from Ogden. 

During Christmas vacation they held an exchange sleigh 
ride and dancing party with the Weber Club from the 
Utah State Agricultural College. Several parties are 
planned for the group in Ogden this summer. 
Fall quarter activities included a party and dance at 
Manavoo Ward, viewing slides of the United States, and 
hearing Dr. Robert Thomas lecture on Semantics. Win- 
ter quarter, Weber Club held a roller skating party and 
a Christmas social, and spring quarter they sponsored a 
canyon party. 

Officers were: Carlyle Parke, president; Donna En- 
drizzi, vice president; htoward Larson, secretary; and 
Lamoyne Garside, historian. 

WEBER CLUB OFFICERS were Carlyle Parker, 
president; Donna Endrizzi, vice president; 
Howard B. Larsen, secretary treasurer. Absent 
when picture was taken was historian LaMoyne 

BALLOON BUSTING Weber Club members get a kick out of breaking balloons over a coeds' head during Chrisfinas Party. 



FRONT ROW: Corena Miller, Vernice Noble, Louise Payne, Merretta Munger, Rosalind Radley, Eleana Smith, Ardls Zirlter, ZIna Noble, Judith Zielinslti. SECOND 
ROW: Mary Lynne Foster, Betty Main, Iva Mechling, Theron J. Egg, Jr., Glade Larson, Maurice Whitney, Robert Nanto. BACK ROW: Larry Lindhardt, Gary 
Chamberlain, Don Olsen, Kyle S. Bowen, Blair Mortensen, Theron Sainsbury, Max Merrell, Ed Crawford. 

Formed in 1949 as the Washingfon-Montana Cub, the 
Washington Club has since become a separate organiza- 
tion with about twenty-five members this year. Fall quar- 
ter they had an exchange with California Club, and spon- 
sored two buses to Washington for Christmas vacation. 
During winter quarter they held an exchange with the 
Washington Embassy Club on Washington's Birthday, and 
went on a roller skating party with the Oregon Club. 
Spring quarter they wrote the script of "Western Days," 
and went on canyon and swimming parties. 
Officers were: Gary Chamberlain, president; Rowell 
Quinton, vice president; Ardis Zirker, secretary; Lois 
Rice, treasurer; and Don Olsen, reporter. 

Gary Chamberlain, president; Ardis Lirker, sec- 
retary. Bacic row, Don Olsen, reporter; Rowell 
Quinton, vice president; Lois Rice, treasurer; 
Bob Turner, publicity manager. 


ACTIVITY PLANNERS are Wayne Boyacic, Bonnie Berrett, Marcia Land, Betty Main, Eleana Smith. 

Front row, LyneHe Alfred, Carol Ataclc. Pa+rician Flygare, Kathleen Winters, Loy Rollins. Second row, Was Parker, Jim Montgomery, Lloyd Tew, Dwain Hill 
berry, Ronald Smith. Back row, Ronnie Norris, Burton Winters, Charles Paris. Jack Cook, Frank Black. 

y oming 


Students from Wyoming found opportunities to meet one 
another in useful, well-planned activities sponsored by the 
"Y"oming Club. Thirty active members got acquainted 
through parties, exchanges with other geographical clubs, 
firesides, and participation in Intramural sports. 
Exchanges and firesides were held "western style" with 

Canadian Club and Montana Club. A pot luck supper 
was the highlight of fall quarter activities, while a barbe- 
cue dinner, swimming party, and a canyon party were 
featured spring quarter. 

"Y"oming Club teams met regularly to practice and to 
participate in basketball, bowling, and Softball intramurals. 

■Y'OMINS CLUB OFFICERS were, front, 
Lynette Allred, social chairman; Paf Fly- 
gare, secretary-treasurer; Kathy Winters, 
vice president. Back row, Jack Cook, ath- 
letic chairman; Wes Parker, president. 


Bailey, Ferrell G. 
Bolinder, Dick 
Burk, Noel 
Carter, Warren 
Christensen. Loui' 
Cool, John 

Crenshaw, Mills 
Hemenway, Lynne 
Hill, Howard 
Jensen, Lyie 
Johnston. Stuart 
Johnson, Dick 

Keller. Robert 
Lister, Lee 
Matthews, Bill 
Meiners, Lewis 
Olson. Dave 
Peterson. James 

Paxton. Thornton 
Rayner. Harry 
Rutter. Jim 
Schofield. Dave 
Stone. David 
Williams, Glen L. 

"Alpha Omega" are the words Imprln+ed on the Saxon 
Kings Social Unit shield. The words stand for the loyalty 
and unity shared by members from "the beginning to the 

Fall quarter. Saxons entered a float In the Homecoming 
Parade and held firesides, exchanges, and a dance. Win- 
ter quarter, they had parties after basketball games, a 
pot luck dinner, and a ski party at Brighton. Intramural 

saxon kings 

teams were sponsored in football, basketball, softball. and 

Among spring quarter activities were a dinner dance, a 
studentbody assembly, a swimming party, an after-the- 
prom party, and a jazz concert. Officers were Lou 
Christensen, president; Bob Keller, vice president; Harry 
Rayner. secretary; BUT Matthews, treasurer; and LyIe 
Jensen, social chairman. 

Harry Rayner, secretary; Bob Keller, 
vice president; Dicic Johnson, publicity. 
Back row. Lou Christensen, president; Bill 
Matthews, treasurer; LyIe Jensen, social 


Anast, Connie 
Abbott, Gwen 
Anderson. Ruth 
Banner, Gay 
Baxter, Helen 
Brooks. Willa 

Budge, Barbara 
Christen sen, Gayle 
Cowan, Jean 
Evans, Georgia 
Fairbourn, Joyce 
Fawson, Lauralee 

Geertsen, Lou Rita 
Gilger, Marilyn 
Glazier, Luana 
HIntze, Gerrie 
Jacobson, Vena Lee 
Jolley, Carol 

Matsen, Janice 
Matthews, Colleen 
Moody. Dorene 
Moody, Kay 
Moore, Marilyn 
Olmstead, Pat 

Pitcher, Sandra 
Rees, Lorraine 
Prince, Romaine 
SIcInner, LaVon 
Steele, Sharon 
Vanderqrift, Ann 



ALCYONE OFFICERS were Colleen Matthews, treasurer; Ruth Anderson, 
secretary; Connie Anast, president; Lorraine Rees, vice president. 

Alcyone women's social unif derives its name -from that 
of the highest in a group of seven stars. The unit's 
motto is "Our ideals are as high as the stars, yet we 
shall ever aspire to reach them." 

These lofty ideals are represented by the purpose of the 
club — to promote spirituality, love, friendship, virtue, and 
knowledge through the social, spiritual and educational 
opportunities offered at the Brigham Young University. 
Events sponsored during the year included a luncheon and 
fashion show, the annual invitational with Tausigs, a 
spring quarter dinner dance, participation in the Hawai- 
ian lua with Athenians, and the annual Woodhues dance. 
A service certificate was awarded Alcyone by the state 
mental hospital for the completion of a helpful project. 
The Gaynotes, Alcyone's entry, won first place trophy 
for women's organizations in the Fieldhouse Follies trio 
contest, and first place in the Utah State Fair Trio Con- 
test. Trio members are Doreen Moody, Kay Moody, and 
Sharon Steele. 

ALCYONE OPENHOUSE workers were LaVon Skinner, Sharon Paul and Connie Anast. 

INVITATIONAL formal dance attracted a large crowd to soft dancing music. 


Anderson, Gerald 
Bagley, Gerald 
Beers. Ron 
Bethers. Ray 
Black, Max 
Blackham. Dick 

Bunnell. Dale 
Candland. Bob 
Chris+ensen. Neal F. 
Haycock. Roger 
Herget. Amos 
Hoglund. Boyd 

Homer. Russ 
Hopkins. Nell 
Jex, Reed A. 
Kindred. Jerry 
Lambson, Bob 
Larson, Byron 

McAfferty. Lloyd 
Merrill. Paul 
Onishi, Bob 
Parker. Ed 
Poulsen. Glen 
Schlffman, Doyle 

Scholes. Harold 
Schultz. Bill 
Steel. Jim 
Tracy. Ray 
Watts, Don 
Warnick, Jerry 

Webster, Richard 
Warnick. Mike 
Wilkinson. Clynn J. 
Williams. Jim 
Williamson. Reid, 
Wilson. Dale 





Activity was the means used by Athenian Social Unit to 
acomplish its purpose — to further the mental, moral, 
cultural, and social education of the group. 
Numerous dances and parties were supplemented with 
participation in intramurals, an assembly with ToKalon, 
Songfest, Y Day, the Christmas Drive, blood drives, and 
a Senior breakfast. Highlights of the year were the win- 
ter quarter invitational and the Dixie Ball dinner dance 
with its exotic southern setting. 

Athenians sponsored queen candidates for every con- 
test, won first place award for the Most Original Float 
in the Homecoming Parade, received the AMS travel- 
ing trophy for pep activities, and won sweepstakes for 
snow sculpturing in the Snow Carnival. 
Officers were Michael Warnick, president; Neal Chris- 
tensen, vice president; Jerry Kindred, secretary; Jerry 
Chadwick, treasurer 

ATHENIAN OFFICERS were Paul Merrill, athletic chairman; Neil Christen- 
sen, vice president; Mike Warniclc, president; Jerry Kindred, secretary; 
Harry Scholes, public relations; Terry Bagley, social chairman. 

SNOW SCULPTURE had to be made out of imported snow. 

w ■» 

HOMECOMING FLOAT showed a lolling Cosmo and won first place in Most Original division. 


Anderson, Gary S. 
Anderson, Anthon 
Anderson, Bill 
Ballif, Mark 
Bateman, Neldon 
Blaclthurst, Dennis 

Blackhurst, Hoyt 
LaBrum, Blayne 
Bradley, Ronald 
Brockbank, Brent 
Bryner, L. Conrad 
Bullock, Dick 

Clark, Cecil 
Caldwell, Paul 
Clarke, Jack 
Collard, George E.. Jr. 
Conover, Martin 
Collins, Gary 

Dixon, Don 
Driggs, Bob 
Geertsen, John 
George, Bill 
Gosar, Greg 
Hatch, Hal 

Hall, Jerry 
Harris, Jerry 
Hawkins, Charles 
Ivie, Boyd 
Hoopes, Ned 
Jackson, Richard 

Jensen, Harold 
Johnson, Kay 
King, Charles 
Leavitt, Fred 
Lilijenquist, Jay 
King, Glen 

Madsen, Dale 
Marshall, Roger 
Nielsen, Norman L. 
Perry, J. Russell 
Peterson, Charles 
Peterson, Grant 



BRICKER OFFICERS were Fred Leavitt, sergeant-at-arms; Hardy 
Redd, treasurer; Grant Peterson, secretary; George Collard, vice 
president; and Bud Smtthson, president. 

Steeped in traditions of "refinement, individual growth, 
scholarship, sociability, and mor ality," Bricker Social Unit 
is one of the oldest organizations on campus. 
This year's activities included .an alumni banquet — "Brick- 
er Haven Country Club," — a dinner dance with the "Vel- 
vet Touch," the assembly, "Misfit," and the annual formal 

Studentbody president, business manager, and preferred 
man were Brickers this year. The unit held the scholarship'' 
trophy and won the award for the Most Modern snow 
sculpture. Winter quarter Brickers took in twenty-six 
pledges, the largest group ever taken In during one 
quarter. Brickers claim fifty-two missionaries in the field. 
Officers were: Bud Smithson, Ned Hoopes, and Dick Dev- 
ey, presidents; George Collard and Terry Forsyth, vice 
presidents; Grant Peterson and Hoyt Blackhurst, secre- 
taries; and Hardy Redd and Neldon Bateman, treasurers. 


Dragon featured 


of an attacking 
Oaks and Martin 

HOLDING POSES, pledges Hal Jensen, Paul Cald- 
well, Keith Wilcoek, John Wadsworth, Richard Sturgis 
and Jerry Harris felt a frigid winter's impact. 

Smithson, Bud 
Sperry, Brent 
Sturgis, Dick 
Sudweeks. Alan 
Sundol, George 
Stoslch, Dick 

Sutherland. Russelt 
Tingey, Wid 
Wadsworth, John 
Whittle, Jack 
Wilcock, Keith 
Young, LeGrande 

Bartholomew. M. Grant 
Anderson, Bob A . 
Anderson, Paul 
Berge. Dale 
Berge, Wayne Kay 
Arnold. Edward W. 

Black. Dave 
Cahill. Tonn 
Corbett, Glenn M. 
Driver. Bob 
Gilger. Lloyd D. 
Gudmundsen. Stanley E. 

Hewitt, Harold K. 
Haycock, Don 
Houston. Rod 
Hood, Grant 
Jones. Lonnie 
Houston, Ron 

Covington, Oral Ray 
Kennedy, Tom 
McAffee. Calvin R. 
McBride. Bob 
Reed, Robert 
Sheets, L D. 

Reid. Bruce 
Smith. R. Gary 
Smith, Terry 
Stratford. Roland 
Walker. Darrell 
Thompson. Keith 


Intramural sports and firesides keynoted the year's activ- 
ities for mennbers of Brigadier men's social unit. Among 
guest speakers they sponored at firesides were Hugh 
Nibley, Cleon Skousen, Lynn McKinley, and Rose Marie 

Brigadiers led the intramural league, winning in golf and 
bowling, and placing high in football and basketball. They 
won second place in the Snow Carnival ski tournament. 
Other activities included dances, exchanges with Nau- 
tilus, Cesta Tie, Alcyone, and Ri Veda, a fall quarter 
invitational themed "Dance Macabre," and a spring 
dinner dance in Salt Lake. Brigadiers presented an as- 
sembly, won second place for Homecoming House decor- 
ations, and dressed up for their annual Bowery Ball — a 
Gay Nineties party — winter quarter. 

Officers were: Wayne K. Berge, president; Edward Arn- 
old, social chairman; Darrel Walker, treasurer, and Red 
Houston, athletic chairman. 

BRIGADIER OFFICERS were Rod Houston, athletic manager; Jake Berge, 
social chairman; Kay Berge, president; Bob Anderson, vice president; 
and Bob Reid, secretary-treasurer. 

BRIGADIER FLOAT in Homecoming was this well-designed entry 


Allison, Pat 
Arbogast, Shonnie 
Armstrong, JoAnn 
Ashton, Marilyn 
Ashby, Marian 
Bird. Carol 

Poulson, Gwen 
Rather, Barbara 
Schenk, Marilyn 
Scholes, JoAnn 
Scott. Lois Jean 

Beard, Judy 
Blauer, Lanis 
Bramwell, Jean 
Buckwalter, Kathleen 
Carter, Annette 
Brown, LaRae 

Christensen, Pat 
Clough, Gloria 
Daniels, Diana 
Drake, Janel 
Finlayson, Lucille 
Eliason. Pat 

Foster, Nadine 
Griffith, Frances 
Gurney, Lois 
Hall, Peggy 
Hansen, Phyllis 
Holindrake, Doris 

LiHywhite, Karen 
Holt, Caria 
Johnson, Bonna 
Llewellyn, JoAnn 
Manwill, Judith 
Merrill, Kathy 

Miner, Janet 
Morrow, Gail 
Neilson, JoAnn 
Nelson, Pat 
Olsen, LaDeane 
Olsen, Lois 

Orme, Kathryn 
Pace, Alleen 
Palmer, Gayle 
Potter, Shirley 
Powell, Shirley 
Pehrson, Ruth 


cami los 

CAMI LOS OFFICERS were Caria Holt, president; JoAnn Llewellyn, 
social chairman; Judith Manwill, secretary; Mary Sorensen, vice 
president; Frances Griffith, sgt. at arms; Kathleen Buckwalter, 
members committee chairman; Barbara Wolsey, treasurer; Gloria 
Clough, publicity chairman. 

Illustrating that "The Y's Alive with Beautiful Belles" won 
for Cami Los first prize for the best theme among floats in 
the '55 hlomecoming Parade. Other Cami Los contribu- 
tions to a beautiful year were JoAnn Llewellyn, Home- 
coming Queet Attendant, and Mary Sorenson, Snow 
Queen. They were the only girls' unit to complete a snow 

Traditional activities of the four-year-old unit this year 
included the fashion show, "It's a Blue World," and an 
Oriental invitational during winter quarter, a slumber 
party before "Y" Day and a dinner dance at El Gaucho in 
Salt Lake spring quarter. Additional C.L. projects were 
an assembly with Tausigs winter quarter, the Christmas 
drive, working at the Utah State hHospital, and sponsoring 
office and queen candidates. 

The Cami Los motto: "Not for personal glory but for the 
good of all we work as a unit." 

HOMECOMING ENTRY of the Cami Los social unit featured a 
gaily decorated float themed "The Y's Alive with Beautiful Belles." 

Shay, Frances 
Sorensen, Mary 
Snow, Arnolene 
Smith, Karon 
Smith, Deon 
Steinagel, Joanne 

Sundal, Louise 
Trowbridge, Marilyn 
Walker. Janice 
Winegar, Carol 
Whitaiter, Joan 
Wright, Eriynne 

Prine, Crystal 
Royle, Kathleen 
SImklns, Dorothy 
Swan, Marian 
Watts, Paft 

Barnum, Deanna 
Baxter, Judy 
Benson, Yvonne 
Borget, Paula 
Crane, GerrI 
Davis, Emma Lou 

Ewart, Faith 
Foster, Helen 
Garrard, June 
Goldrick, Toy 
Halladay, Jerry Ann 
Lee, Deanna 

Lundberg, Ann 
Manning, Dorothy 
Marumoto, Genevieve N. 
McCormacIt, Marilyn 



Price, Shirley 

cesta tie 

Traditional activities were featured throughout the year 
by Cesta Tie, one of the older and smaller wonnen's social 
units. Its purposes are to further culture, education, socia- 
bility, tolerance, and achievement. 

Fall quarter, Cesta Tie was awarded the scholarship tro- 
phy for achieving a grade point average close to two- 
point-five for its thirty-five members. They entered a float 
in the hHomecoming Parade a'nd held an openhouse fall 
quarter. Exchanges were held with Templars, Brigadiers, 
Argonauts, and Val Hyrics. Their invitational. Blue Noc- 
turne, was fall quarter, and their 28th annual Candlelight 
dinner, winter quarter. 

Cesta Tie entered Songfest, held firesides, spent a week- 
end at Wildwood Park, held a sunrise breakfast and testi- 
mony meeting and attended the five-unit dinner dance 
held in the Old Mill Ballroom in Salt Lake. 

CESTA TIE OFFICERS were, front, Pat Watts, president; Dorothy 
Manning, vice president; Toy Goldrick, secretary; June Garrard, 
treasurer. Second row, Deanna Barnum, reporter; Emma Lou Davis, 
special events; Jerry Ann tHalliday, sgt. at arms. Back row, Dorothy 
Simpkins and Rachel McKinnon, social chairmen. 

-1 - 

Adams, LaRee 
Allen. Lynn 
Anderson, Joanne 
Bell, Alice 
Bell, Jessie Lee 
Brough, Vllate 

Cunningham, Marilyn 


rreeman, (^aroi 

Gardner, Georganne 
Graham. Glenda 
Groneman, Janet 

hielm, Blanche 
Helm, Maurvene 
Holt, Dianne 
Jenson, Marilyn 
Judd, Jane 
Larsen, Linda 

Larson, Lorraine 
McAlister, Nancy 
Nelson, Mary Kay 
Rich, DeAnn 
Smith, Miriam 
Smith, Sue 

Sorensen, Judy 
Starley, Shirley 
Stay, Donavee 
Thacker, Zona 
Torbert, Lynn 
Thaxton, Karen 


Amid Fidelas Ami, "Faithful Friends Forever," is the 
name of this- women's social unit which was organized 
twenty-seven years ago. To members, the name means 
securing In the mind of each member the idea that 
Fidelas wants and needs her, and that she can find a 
vital and important place in Fidelas. 

Important activities have been exchange parties with 
Brigadiers and Lancers, participation in Homecoming, 
and a Western party given by pledges. Fidelas' dinner 
dance, "Mr. Wonderful," was held at Sirlester's in Salt 
Lake spring quarter; their invitational, held in Orem, used 
the Southern plantation theme, "Tara." "Love Is Eternal" 
was the unit's contribution to Songfest. 

FIDELAS OFFICERS were Nancy McAIUter, treasurer; Lynn Allen, 
vice president; LaRee Adams, president; De Ann Rich, secretary. 

HOMECOMING FLOAT was built by Fidelas and Lancers. 

Atkinson, Shirley 
Anderson, Paulene 
Bailey, Roma 
Beckstrand, Carol Nan 
Bennett, Betty 
Bailey, Barbara 

Benson, llda 
Brown, Lora Lee 
Browning, Kate 
Burbidge, Lucille 
Burton, Donette 
Carlisle, Nola 

Clark, DeLone 
Carroll, Maureen 
Corey, Sharie 
Curtis, Caroline 
Darton, Ralene 
Dunn, Pat 

Edwards, Elaine 
Evans, Sondra 
Fisher, Margaret 
Fulmer, Claire 
Greenwood, Carma 
Forsey, Phyllis 

Hansen, Elaine 
Hatch, Thelnna 
Holmes. Mary 
Hutchinson, Neta 
Ingram, Patricia 
Knapp, Charlene 

Lilly, Leona 
Moffitt, Karen 
Neff, Joan 
Pack, Jane 
Park, Cheri 
Paulos, Camilla 

Paxton, Theone 
Pentelute, Sherry 
Perkins, Norma 
Reim, Irene 
Robinson, Lyric 
Schultz, Gerrie 



KAPPA DEB OFFICERS were, front, Lora Lee Brown, vice president; 
Neda Hutchinson, president; Nola Carlisle, treasurer; Paulene An- 
derson, publicity chairman. Back row, Roma Bailey, song leader; 
Elaine Hansen, secretary: Gerrie Schultz, social chairman; Betty 
Bennett, historian. 

One of the newer women's social units, Kappa Debon- 
aires has provided a full slate of activities for its 52 
members. The unit was organized last year with the pur- 
pose of promoting friendliness everywhere, giving more 
girls an opportunity to serve and to become leaders, and 
extending the feeling of belonging and accomplishing 
to every member. 

Using tne theme "Shalimar," Kappa Debs held their din- 
ner dance wi-nter quarter at the Star Lite Gardens in 
Salt Lake City. They participated in exchanges every 
quarter, went tobogganing, dressed up for a costume 
party, and celebrated Leap Year with a Sadie Hawkins 
party. "Rhythm in Snow" themed their winter quarter 
invitational. Long hours of practice keynoted their spring 
quarter assembly with O.S. Trovata and Saxons and their 
entry in the Songfest, "Rahni." 

BIG MOUTHFUL is iaicen by Mary Holmes from Carol Beckstrand during Pledge dinner. 

Sisemore, Claudia 
Slmms, Connie 
Simper. Dorothy 
Smith, Marie 
Smith, Sandra 
Spratling, Coleen 

Swain, Pat 
Wardle, Nedra 
West, Joyce 
West, Sandra 
Williams, Marilyn 
Wright, Jeannine 

Andrus, Renae 
Atkisson, Lauretta 
Avery. Ednis 
Barratt, Marilyn 
Baldwin, Beth 
Bowden, Gaye 

Brandley, Cleo 
Bryner. Louise 
Call, Caryol 
Crandall, La Wana 
Evans, Norma 
Sabbott, Connie 

Guild, Charlene 
Groshell, Carol Duane 
Hales, Lynore 
Hansen, Roberta 
Harris, Lila Ann 
Hawley, Lois 

Hoyt, Barbara 
Herring, Jill Yvonne 
Hyde, SusAnn 
Jex, LoAnne 
Johanson, Denece 
Johnson, Mar 

Johnson, Rita 
Larsen, Kenna 
Leonard, Jo Ann 
McCullough, La Rae 
Mangum, Kay 
Mackay, Carol 

Miclcelson, Carol 
Monson, Marilyn 
Nelson, Charlotte 
Poulton, Thelma 
Randall, Lynn 
Price, Nancy 

Richards, Donna 
Robbins, Donna Jo 
Robison, Diana 
Salm, Dianne 
Smithen, Carol 
Stirland, Elaine 


nautilus of n. I. u. 

One of the largest girls' social units, Nautilus of N.L.U. 
had sixty mennbers this year. The unit worked to develop 
each individual and to promote lasting friendships among 

Fall quarter the unit entered a float in the Homecoming 
Parade, sponsored queen candidates, presented a student- 
body assembly — "Geppetto's Toy Shop," and held an ex- 
change Christmas party with Delta Phi. 
Winter quarter they rushed new members and presented 
their annual invitational. Main event spring quarter was 
the dinner dance themed "Lamplight" at the Salt Lake 
Country Club. Firesides were sponsored throughout the 
year, and exchanges were held with Lancers, Saxons, and 

NAUTILUS OFFICERS were, front, Charlene Guild, reporter and historian; 
Roberta Wilkins, social chairman; Carol Smithen, treasurer; Gayle Bowden, 
campaign; Carol Groshell, president. Back row, Jo Ann Leonard, vice 
president; Louise Bryner, sports director; Marilyn Worsley, song leader; 
Carol Miclcelson, secretary. 

GIPPETTO'S TOY SHOP assembly sponsored with Brigadiers featured life Inside a toy factory. Top picture, the bride doll and toy soldier are being married. 
Bottom, LaWana Crandall, Jerry Halliday, and Charolette Nelson sing in the assembly. 

Allen, Noma 
Anderson, Ann 
Anderson, Mary 
Anderson, Sue Marie 
Asbworth, Penny 
Austin, Joyce 

Beck, Kathy 
Bateman, Marietta 
Beck, Lu Juana 
Bennett, Janice 
Bertoncelj, Eileen 
Broadbent, Beverly 

Brown, Donna Ruth 
Carr, Janelle 
Christiansen, Anita 
Collard, Cathy 
Collins, Sue 
Craythorn, Eileen 


1 Dixon, Karen 
1 Dixon, Joan 


1 Dulte, Barbara 


1 Eggers, Charlotte 
1 Fuhriman, Libby 
1 Gale, Muriel 

Gordon, Elaine 
Hardy, Carolyn 
Johnson, Donna 
Johnson, Virginia 
Jones, Vernadeen 
Kehmeier, Barbara 

Lewis, Jean 
Larson, Vicki 
Lomax, Nadine 
Loynd, Paula 
Morse, Eileen 
Maughan, Marilyn 

Morgan, Carole Ann 
Paramore, Mary Jo 
Porter. Pat+i 
Patterson, Jeanne Ellen 
Roberts, Virginia 
Romney, Anne 

Sleater, Beryl 
Sauls, Mary Alice 
Sloan, Sylvia 
Smith, Alene 
Snow, Louise 
Stapley, Claudia 

o. s. travata 

O. S. Trovata was the firsf women's social unit organized 
at BYU. It was founded in 1919 by eight girls who had 
nnutual goals and ideals; hence the name Octo Sorosis 

Rich in tradition, OST this year had sixty members who 
participated in numerous activities including a fall quar- 
ter invitatonal "Manhattan," a winter quarter dinner 
dance, "Continental," at SIrlester's in Salt Lake, and the 
spring quarter honor banquet. 

Exchanges were held with Brickers, Vikings, and Athen- 
ians. The traditional OST-Bricker goat dinner was winter 
quarter. Book reviews, talent programs, and guest speak- 
ers were featured at monthly cultural nights. 
Prominent O. S. Trovata members were Mary Anderson 
and Patti Porter, Sophomore Loan Fund Queens, and 
Ellen Keeler, studentbody first vice president. The unit 
has won second place for their float In the hlomecoming 
Parade and won the championship in inter-social unit 

O. S. TROVATA OFFICERS this year were Noma Allen, secretary; 
Lynn Anne Taylor, vice president; Mary Alice Sauls, president; and 
Mary Jo Paramore, secretary. 

HOMECOMING ENTRY of O. S. Trovata featured unit members making a giant cake. It was titled "We can Beat Them." 

Taylor, Lynn Anne 
Thatcher, Joan 
Thomas, Marcile 
Wallis, Carolyn 
Weaver, Ellen Claire 
Webster, Jackie 

Webster, Sharron 
West, Barbara 
Wood, Marilyn Ann 
Woodward. Marilyn 
Wright, Carol 
Zirker, Saundra 

Jensen, Bryant 
Kristjanson, Mark 
Peterson. Leiand 
Simons, Ronald 
Snow, Claude 
Stewart, J.E. 


Among Importanf purposes of Lancer Men's Social Unit 
are offering spiritual and social activities to members 
and promoting more school spirit. The unit, newly organ- 
ized last year, started this year with only six members, 
but grew in size to a roll of twenty-six. 
Lancers co-sponsored a float in the Homecoming Parade 
with Fidelas, worked on the Christmas drive, sponsored 
firesides, had a party at Timp Haven, and held exchanges 
with Fidelas, Kappa Debs, Ri Veda, Nautilus, and Cam! 
Los. They participated in the five-unit dinner dance with 
Knight Templars, Argonauts, Ri Veda, and Cesta Tie 
spring quarter in Salt Lake. 

Officers were: Ronald Simons, president; Claude Snow, 
vice president; Mark Kristjanson, treasurer; and Jack Han- 
sen, secretary. 

LANCER OFFICERS were, front, John Hansen, 
secretary; J. E. Stewart, publicity. Back row, 
Budd Simons, president; Bryant Jensen, vice 

EXCHANGE PARTY was held with Ri Veda social unit. Here participants gather around for quick refreshnnents. 


Allred, Geradine 
Brotherson, Mary Kay 
Dudley. June 
Glenn, Darlene 
Marroft, Colleen 
Marchbanks, Yvonne 

Miles. Louanne 
Moffat. Lois 
Nelson, Marie 
Noble, Vernice 
Norton. Shurlene 
Richards, Ros-alle 



"Sodala+us" theme of Ri Veda Women's Social Unit, 
means "Unity." Group unity functioned to promote pur- 
poses of the organization — to promote friendship, love, 
and loyalty. 

Ri Veda's float in the Homecoming Parade proiaimed 
that the "Y is Blossoming Like a Rose." Joining with Vik- 
ing and Val Norn to present an assembly fall quarter, Ri 
Veda shares the trophy for the most outstanding assembly 
of the quarter. 

Unit activities Included a fall quarter banquet at the Sky- 
llner, a winter quarter invitational — "European Soiree," 
and exchanges with Lancers, Templars, and Brigadiers. 
Spring quarter they held their annual birthday party, pre- 
sented "Johnnie's Got A Girlfriend" In Songfest, had a 
slumber party, and a buddy party. They also took part in 
the five-unit dinner dance held In Salt Lake. 
Officers were: June Dudley, president; Rosalee Richards, 
vice president; Geraldine Allred, secretary; and Mary 
Brotherson, treasurer. 

'•^''^lerr^fi - ~ "■.',<' 

RI VEDA PLEDGES group themselves on sfeips inside fhe McKay Building. 

DANCING PARTY was one of many socials. This one was an exchange with the Lancers, men's social unit. 

Anderson, Oscar 
Ballard, Harry 
Ballard, Roger 
Baxter, Rand 
Bingham, Mike 
Blake, Bill 

Boswell, Ralph 
Burns, John 
Castillo, Jorge I. 
Chamberlain, Carl 
Cox, Bill 
Croft, Kent 

Cluff, Chester 
Davis, Gerald E. 
Day, Andrew 
Eckel, Paul 
England, Gary 
Farmer, Scott 

Gardner, Kay 
Hansen, Jim 
Harmon, Glenn 
Harris, Frank 
Harrison, Kent 
Hawkins, Steve 

Hill, Paul M. 
Hiltbrand, Wesley R. 
Jorgensen, Roy 
Larsen, Oscar 
Leonardson, Art 
Martin, Bill 

Milam, Gary 
Nelson, Dick 
Paul, Ronald W. 
Peterson, Larry 
Pollock, Jim 
Raban, Ted 

Rather, Douglas 
Roberts, Dean 
Robison, Kay 
Routsong, Bob 
Sant, Rick 
Schaap, Ken 

Steinagel, Doug 
Slater, Wayne 
Smith, Jack 
Stohlton, John 
Swenson, Dennis 
Thorstenson, Clark 


TAUSIG OFFICERS were: Gary Milam, social 
chairman; Carl Chamberlain, vice president; 
Rush Hiltbrand, secretary; Gayle Norton, pub- 
licity; Bob Ainsworth, treasusrer; Harry Ballard, 

The oldest social unit on campus, Tausigs were organized 
as a fraternity in 1915, and in 1923 when the University 
banned all fraternities it came back under the name of 
Tau Sigma Social Dint. The strength of brotherhood 
among Tausig members is bound by their motto, "Omnus 
Uno," which means "one for all and all for one." 
Continuous activities throughout the year included re- 
ceiving honorable mention for their Homecoming float, 
going to the MIA home for a deer bust, holding the an- 
nual Christmas pajama party, and an exchange with Spon- 
sor Corps. Winter quarter they held their annual invi- 
tational with the theme, "Roccoco," depicting the courts 
of Louis XIV, and won first place in the Snow Carnival and 
honorable mention for the assembly they presented with 
Cami Los. Spring quarter, Tausigs held their dinner dance 
at the Homestead, invited Brickers to join in a drive to 
collect and repair old toys, and ended the year with the 
traditional Tausig Topper, end of school celebration. 
Officers were: Harry Ballard, president; Carl Chamber- 
lain, vice president; Rush Hiltbrand, secretary; and Bob 
Ainsworth, treasurer. 

SCULPTURE ENTRY ol Carnival theme- 
man was made of snow from mountains. 

SCULPTING in snow, Tausigs shape Snow Carnival entry of Flosh McBooBoo. 

RETURNED HATCHET which had been "lost" for six 
months was celebrated by Oscar "Dunk" Larsen and 
Harry Ballard. 

■Andrews, Linda 
Ballard, Marilyn 
Beasley, Janeen 
Beasley, JoAnn 

, Diana 
Billings, Marilyn 

Bentley, Marilyn 
Borg, Rosemary 
Bowen, Jane 
Brian, Sharron 
Brimhall, Marilyn 
Carls+on, Nancy 

Chase, Dolores 
Carfer, Janet 
Chase, Gwen 
Christ en sen, Karen 
Creer, Diana 
Elison, Ina Lou 

Covey, Barbara 
Ford, Margaret 
Hanlcs, Nancy 
Hawkins, Anne 
Hoclcing, Jan 
Hunter, Margaret 

Huffaker, Fran 
Hutchinson, Nancy 
Hutchinson, Nathel 
Hyde, Edna Lou 
Jones, Ada May 
Kirit, Fran 

Kaupp, Jackie 
Law, Elaine 
Lawrence, Colleen 
Lewis, Mary Ann 
Motschman, Shirley 
Moeller. Joan 

Norseth. Colleen 
Olsen, Wanda 
Ord, Claudia 
Parmley, Alice 
Palmer, Shirley 
Parlce, Diane 

Peacock, Wanda Lee 
Peters, Jean 
Peterson, Win 
Roberts, Judy 
Reed, Maxine 


to kalon 

ToKalon was organized in January of 1949 by eighteen 
girls who desired to maintain a common interest of 
fellowship — especially for the development of a friendly 
character, socially and culturally, and to seek beauty in 
ail things. 

The most unique Homecoming Parade float, "The Y's Car- 
ousel," and Homecoming Queen Attendant, Barbara 
Covey, were both entered by ToKalon. 
Among traditional unit activities are the Christmas 
Dance, this year themed 'Frosted Splendor," the win- 
ter quarter invitational, and the spring quarter dinner 
dance. They enjoyed the annual sleepless slumber party, 
the week end at the MIA home, exchanges, firesides, 
Songfest, cultural nights, and other spontaneous get-to- 

TOKALON OFFICERS were, front, Carol Wood, 
treasurer; Jean Peters, president; Anne Haw- 
kins, secretary. Back row, Diane Manwaring, 
rush chairman; Nancy Hutchinson, historian; 
Judy Roberts, chaplain; Barbara Covey, social 
chairnnan. Missing from picture is Anna Lou 
Call ,vice president. 

OPENHOUSE PROCEDURE is outlined by ToKalon members and officers. 

FLOWERS are held by Barbara 

■liiyii MM 

Russell, ChyrI Ann 

Robinson, Shirlene 

Seymour, Margot 

Paul, Sharon 

Thulin, Carol 

Van Wagoner, Elizabeth 

Welker, Janet 
Weaver, Barbara 
Wells, Joanne 
Westerberg, Eleanor 
Whiting, Lois 
Wood. Carol 

Ashmore, Stash 
Blake, Reed 
Close, Mel 
Comish, Clayton 
Coolc, Boyd 
Cushing, James 



Field. Robert 
Frampton, Dean 
Fredrickson, Gordon 
Frisbey, Jerry 

Foutz, Robert 
Gibbons, Normand 
Gilliiand, Robert G. 
Griffiths. Jerry 
Gunnell, Robert 
Hyde. Ellis 

Johansen, Frank 
Johnson, Dave 
Johnson, Norm 
Judd, Richard 
LeBaron, Dave 
Lookinland. Paul 

McCulloch, Jerry 
Merkey. Harvey 
Metier. Eugene H. 
Murton, Bowman 
Nicoles, Gary 
Olsen, Larry 

Palmer, Val 
Perry, Ray 
Robins, Ray 
Shaeffer, Marty 

Smith. Al 

Thomas, Kenneth R. 

Thornton, Byron 
Timothy Paul 
Ward, Dave 
Ward. John L 
Wardle, Bud J. 
Wasden, Barry 


VAL HYRIC OFFICERS were, front, Ray Robins, secretary; Gene 
Metier, historian. Back row, Jerry Griffiths, treasurer; Barry Wasden, 
president; Marty Shaeffer, vice president. 

val hyric 

Founded in 1928, Val HyrIc nnen's social unit strives to 
sponsor good fellowship, service, scholarship, sportsman- 
snip, sociability, and the promotion of the ideals of 
Brigham Young University. 

With fifty-five members this year, the unit participated in 
intramural football, basketball, and baseball tournaments. 
They had exchanges with O. S. Trovata, Alcyone, Cam! 
Los, ToKalon and Cougarettes. 

Fall quarter, Val Hyrics entered a float in the Homecom- 
ing Parade, gave an alumni homecoming dinner and were 
first to contribute to the Christmas Drive. Their traditional 
invitational "Val Halla" held in Orem winter quarter 
featured a smorgasbord. Spring quarter they held their 
dinner dance at the HHomestead in Heber and joined with 
Alcyone, Fidelas, and KBYU to present an assembly. 
Officers were: L. Barry V^asden, president; Marty Shaef- 
er, vice president; Ellis Hyde, secretary; and Jerry Grif- 
feth, treasurer. 

VAL HYRIC FLOAT in Homecoming parade depicted a raring horse artd the theme "The Y is rarin' to go.' 

Woodruff, Jackson 
Wride, Tom 
Wulff, John 
Zander, Rudy 


Thome, Gail 
Wayman, Gail 
Webster. Jeanie 
Winlc'er, Mary Lee 
Wood, Helen 

Adams. Geraldine 
Ahlander, Diane 
Armstrong, Frances 
Bergstedt, Eleanor 
Briggs. Nancy 
Brockbanlt, Kay 

Brown. Anne 
Callister, Geraldine 
Clyde, Jane 
Crockett, Veria 
Davis, Dorothy 
Eddington, Jane A. 

Frampton, Mary Helen 
Geddes, Karia 
Green. Marian 
Griffin, Gayle 
Harrison, Jane 
Hart, Barbara 

Hokanson, Beverly 
Holman, Joy 
Horton, Helen 
Jex. Junece 
Johansen, Joyce 
Jones, Ann 

Jorgensen, Arlene 
Kotfer. Joan 
Markham, Barbara 
Martell, Muriel 
Mathews, Donna 
Maxfield, Carol Ann 

Moody, Floy 





Oclterman, Kleta 

Olpin, Jewel 






d, Beverly 

Stringham, Barbara 











Sixty girls were active in Val Norn social unit activities 
this year. They found a number of ways to carry out the 
organization's purpose — to create stronger bonds of 
friendship among the members, to promote the highest 
development of its members through scholastic and social 
activities, and to assist in school activities. 
Val Norn's float in the Homecoming Parade depicting 
"The Abundant Life" won first place award for beauty. 
Winter quarter the unit was awarded the trophy for the 
best assembly of the quarter. 

Val Norn Queens included Sophomore Loan Fund At- 
tendant, Kay Brockbank; Charity Ball Queen Junice 
Jex; and Military Ball Queen, Donna hiatch. 
Memory Grove in Salt Lake City was the scene of their 
spring quarter dinner dance, and their invitational was 
held winter quarter in Springville. Exchanges were held 
with Brickers, Val hiyric. Brigadiers, and Vikings. 

aldine Adams, Joyce Johansen, 
Margaret Nalder, Diane Ahlander, 
Janet Beclc. 

HOMECOMING FLOAT won the Beauty Trophy for Val Norn unit. ASSEMBLY was held with Vikings. 

FINALE of Val Norn-Vllcing assembly brought the cast out for a curtain call 


Austin, Al 
Bell, Richard L. 
Brown, Philip R. 
Bryan, Lauren 
Butterfield, Kent 
Cameron. Stan 

Cardon. Dick 
Condie, Reed 
Cooper, Ken 
Demos, Bill 
Craig, Steve 
Donahoo, Boyd 

Edward, Brent 
Edwards, Roy 
Fife, Walter Daniel 
Finch, Richard 
Forsgren, Klane 

Fisher, Byron 

Garside, LaMoyne 
Hales, John Lockwood 
Gunter, Maynard 
Hansen, Lee 
Harris, Joseph 
Hart, John A. 

Heilner, San 
Hartsfield, Don 
Haymond, Brent 
Hickman, Kenneth 
Hunter. John 
Jenkins. Larry 

Jenkins, Reed 
Jensen. Bob 
Jensen. Dick 
Kaleta. Gary 
Knight. Dick 
Kirkham, Tom 

Kunz. Monte W. 
Knight. Edwin G. 
Linford. Ron 
MacDonald, Larry 
Madsen, J. R. 
McCue. L'Dean 

Messervy. Hal 
Mclnnes. Murray 
Mitchell. Carl 
Moody. David 
Nosier. Brook 
Nelson, Neil F. 


Constructive activities were featured by Viking men 5 
social unit in carrying out their purpose: to uplift nriem- 
bers with inspiration derived from friendship and to 
support the university's administration. Vikings tied with 
O. S. Trovata for sponsoring the Most Beautiful Home- 
coming float, won the trophy for presenting the most 
outstanding assembly winter quarter, and won first place 
in Songfest for their presentation of "With You." 
important events of the year were a deer bust, a Jiggs 
party, the winter quarter invitational — "La Mer," the 
chicken fry, and the spring quarter dinner dance in Salt 
Lake. This year the unit replaced undesirable pledge 
activities with useful and beneficial school and town serJ 
vice projects. 

Officers were Reed Jenkins, president; Tom Kirkham, vice 
president; Dick Bell, secretary; and John Hales, treasurer. 

VIKING OFFICERS were Boyd Donahoo, social 
chairman; Dick Bell, secretary; Reed Jenkins, 
president; Tom Kirkham, vice president; John 
Hales, treasurer. 


Homecoming Parade was Viking entry. 


Phillips, Jim 
Pierce, Ken 
Piatt, Ron 
Quails, Gary 
Russon, Jon K. 
Smith, Phil 

Snow, Karl 

Stratford, Dick 
Stewart, Ralph 
Tait. Don 
Taylor, Bob 
Taylor, Robert E. 

Thompson, Heber 
Ward, Ron 
Vk'ebber, Bob 
White, Ed 
Wilmer, Larry 
Woodward, Ross E., Jr. 

» Fj 


'-^•«a MM I In ^ "^ 

1 1^1 ft 

classes section 

From the very first time that we became aware of the 

world we live in, we have been growing to a realization 

of the role which we must play in the world. In Greece, 

when a boy reached the age of maturity, he was given 

a cloak and considered capable of assuming the title of 

manhood. But today there seems to be something more 

w^hich we require before we consider a person to be 

mature — something of stability and integrity and — 

almost — calmness. Within the classes of the University 

are students who have those attributes, and some who 

are still growing. But even as we look for maturity in 

a person, we know that each person is an entity 

unto himself, and has within him all of the 

God-given potentialities of greatness. 



senior class 1956 

Seniors filled their schedules with thoughts of graduation 
this year. The class of 1956 was spending its last year on 
the campus, and as spring and summer rolled around, 
plans were being made for graduation and all of the 
activities associated with it. 

Seniors sponsored Frosh week at the beginning of the 
year and issued summons to the Senior Court for viola- 
tions of the strict Cub Week commands. The Senior Float 
depicting a Mississippi paddle boat won the second prize 
Sweepstakes in competition with social and geographical 

The Senior Assembly was also sponsored in the spring. 
Graduation activities Included the Senior Trek around 
the campus, the Senior Breakfast administered by the 
Juniors, the Au Revoir farewell dance held just before 
graduation, and the Senior Testimonial. 
The Senior Class Project this year was the purchasing of 
the Carlllonic Chimes begun as a four year enterprise 
last year. The bells cost $18,000. 

Senior class officers this year were Ann 

Taylor, vice president; Ben Dickenson, ipresi- 

dent; and Diane Manwaring, secretary. 


Senior Class Senators chosen in 
mid year were Joanne Wells and 
Monte Kuni. 


Adams, LaRee 
Ahlander, Diane 
Allen, Noma 
Anderson. Marjorie T. 
Anast, Connie 
Anderson, Alvin B. 

Adams, Claude J. 
Affleck, Diane 
Abel, Kent 
Allan, Dianna 
Anstead, Gloria 
Anderson, Daryl 

Anderson, Joyce 
Andrus, Renae 
Athay, Ruth 
Anderson, William C. 
Asay, Janice 
Allen, Elnor Lynn 

Abbott, Lois 
Anderson, Jane 
Anderson, William F. 
Ashcraft, Leara 
Anderson, Mary Lou 
Allen, Joe 





Almond, Jim 
Anderson, Ralph 
Allen, Yolande 
Anderson, Ann 
Allen, Shirley F. 

Alexander, Patsy 
Allred, Wallace E. 
Alleman, Shirley 
Atkisson, Konda J. 
Bailey, Shirley 

Badouin, LaPrele 
Bailey, Marilyn T. 
Baker, Guy T. 
Baker, Rachel 
Baker. Vanlce Rae 

Baldwin. Beth 
Ballard. Marilyn 
Barnhlll, Lois 
Barrett, Stephen 
Baxter, Helen 

Baxter, Dean A. 
Bean. Betty Lou 
Beard, Beth 
Beasley. Janeen 
Beach, Gary A. 


ADAMS. LaRee. Ed.; AHLANDER, Diane, Ed.; 
ALLEN, Noma, Sec. Tr.; ANDERSON. Marjorie. 
Horn. Ec; ANAST. Connie. Bus. Ed.; ANDERSON, 
Alvin, Bus. Man.; ADAMS, Claude, Acct.; AF- 
FLECK. Diane. Math.; ABEL. Kent, Sec. Tr.; ALLAN, 
Dianna, Ed.; ANSTEAD, Gloria, Ed.; ANDERSON, 
Daryl, Span.; ANDERSON, Joyce, Ed.; ANDRUS. 
Renae, Ed.; ATHAY, Ruth, Sec. Tr.; ANDERSON. 
William, Ed.; ASAY. Janice. Nurs.; ALLEN, Lynn. 
Sec. Tr.; ABBOTT, Lois, Nurs.; ANDERSON. Jane, 
Rec; ANDERSON, William, El. Eng.; ASHCRAFT, 
Leara, Sp.; ANDERSON, Mary Lou, Horn. Ec; 
ALLEN, Joe. Rec; ALMOND, Jim, Chem. Eng.; 
ANDERSON, Ralph, Eng. Sc; ALLEN, Yolande, 
Nurs.; ANDERSON, Ann. Ed.; ALLEN, Shirley, Food 
& Nt.; ALEXANDER, Patsy, Sec. Tr.; ALLRED, Wal- 
lace, Ed.; ALLEMANN, Shirley, Sec. Tr.; ATKISSON, 
Konda, Art.; BAILY, Shirley, Ed.; BADOUIN. La- 
Prele, Mus.; BAILEY, Marilyn, Ed.; BAKER, Guy, 
Zool.; BAKER, Rachel, Ed.; BAKER, Vanice, Ed.; 
BALDWIN, Beth, Eng.; BALL>\RD, Marilyn, Ed.; 
BARNHILL, Lois, Ed.; BARRETT, Stephen, Bus.; 
BAXTER, Helen, Ed.; BAXTER, Dean, Mktg.; BEAN, 
Betty Lou, Ed.; BEARD, Beth, Ed.; BEASLEY, Janeen, 
Com.; BEACH, Gary A., Geo; BECK, Lewis, Acct.; 
BECK, Veria, Sec. Tr.; BECKSTROM, Blaine, Ed.; 
BELNAP, Grant, Psych.; BEER, Leanne, Ed.; BEN- 
NETT, Albert, El. Eng.; BENNETT, Jane, Nurs.; 
BENNION, Bob, Psych.; BENTLEY, Marilyn, Journ.; 
BERGERA, James, Ed.; BERGE, Wayne, Soc; BER- 
RETT, Dee, Ed.; BETHERS, Gordon, Physics; BIGGS, 
Dawn, Phys. Ed.; BIESINGER, Deon, Ed.; BING- 
HAM, Jan, Ed.; BITTON, Ronald, Hist.; BIGNALL, 
Rosalie, Ed.; BLACK, Keith, An. Hus.; BJARNSON, 
John, Geo.; BLACKHAM, Max, Zool.; BLANDING, 
Mypna, Ed.; BLAYLOCK, Max, Botany; BLATTER, 
Lynn, Zool.; BLAUER, Jay, Chem.; BORGET, Paula, 
Ed.; BODILY, Afton, Horn. Ec; BOSWELL, Carol, 
Ed.; BOSWELL, Ralph, Mktg.; BOWMAN, Robert, 

PRESIDENT'S HOME, outlined in snow, presents 
a picturesque winter scene etop University Hill. 

i*i te .!i?^t 


tm . i>* M 

m 9 

Beck. Lewis R. 
Beck, VerIa 
Beckstrom, Blaine 

Belnap, Grant J. 
Beer, Leanne 
Bennett, Albert, Jr. 

Bennett. Jane 
Bennion, Bob 
Bentley. Marilyn 

Bergera. James 
Berge, Wayne K. 
Berrett, Dee 

Bethers, Gordon 

Biggs, Dawn 

Biesinger, Delpha Deon 

Bingham, Jan 
Bitten, Ronald Davis 
Bignall, Rosalie 

Black, Keith 
Biarnson, John G. 
Blackham, Max A. 

Blending, Myrna 
Blaycock, Max 
Blatter, Lynn 

Blauer, Jay 
Borget, Paula 
Bodily. Atton 

Boswell, Carol Deane 
Boswell, Ralph 
Bowman, Robert 

WT ^ 


Boyce, James S. 
Boyack, Jeanette 
Boyden, Mona 
Bradbury, Joan 
Bradshaw, Merlin E. 
Brannock, Richard A. 

Bray, Harry Sonny 
Brenner, Alice Marie 
Brewer, Laura Jane 
Brewer, R. Kelvin 
Briggs, Nancy 
Brooks, Clarence J. 

Brooks, Willa Nita 
Brooksby, Raelene Jorgenson 
Brown, Elbert E. 
Brown, Lorene 
Bryan, Hazel VeNae 
Bryner, Louise 

Bryson, Beth Ellen 
Buckwalter. Kathleen 
Bullock, Boyd 
Bullock, Georgia Lee 
Burke, Lyie 
Bunker, Leu Wanna 


senior class 

Burton, Joseph S. 
Burr, George 
Bybee, Darilynn 
Callister, Carolyn 
Bybee, Don 

Calder, Carrie 
Burton, Larry H. 
Carver, Gary H. 
Calvert, Dave 
Carlisle, Nola 

Call, Anna Lou 
Chambers, Richard 
Carlsen, Vern R. 
Chase, Gwen 
Chandler, Jeralie 

Clawson, James 
Christensen, Joan 
Christiansen, Caria Jean 
Clark, Gail 
Clark, Ann 

Christensen, Geneil 
Clark, Leon G. 
Clark, Sharon M. 
Christensen, Elvo 
Clark, Jeremiah H. 

Close, Mel 
Clyde, Robert 
Cluff, Oretta Jeanne 

BOYCE, James, Bact.; BOYACK, Jeanette, Mu. Th.; 
BOYDEN, Mona, Pol. Scl.; BRADBURY, Joan, Ed.; 
BRADSHAW, Merlin, Phys. Ed.; BRANNOCK, 
Richard, Rad. & Tel.; BRAY, Harry, Soc; BRENNER, 
Alice, Phys. Ed.; BREWER, Laura. Ed.; BREWER, 
Kelvin, Pol. Sci.; BRIGGS, Nancy, Pol. Sci.; 
BROOKS, Clarence, Phys. Ed.; BROOKS, Willa, Ed.; 
BROOKSBY, Raelene. Horn. Ec; BROWN, Elbert, 
Ag.; BROWN, Lorene, Sec. Tr.; BRYAN, Hazel, 
Mus.; BRYNER, Louise, Phys. Ed.; BRYSON, Beth, 
Ed.; BUCKWALTER, Kathleen, Ed.; BULLOCH, 
Boyd, Acct.; BULLOCK, Georgie Lee, Ed.; BURKE, 
Lyie, Bus. Ad.; BUNKER, Leu Wanna, Ed.; BURTON, 
Joseph, Ed.; BURR. George, Phys. Ed.; BYBEE. 
Darilynn. Ed.; CALLISTER. Carolyn, Sec. Tr.; BYBEE, 
Don, Mktg.; CALDER, Carrie. Ed.; BURTON. Larry. 
Soc; CARVER. Gary, Ed.; CALVERT, Dave, Acct.; 
CARLISLE, Nola. Ed.; CALL, Anna Lou, Sp.; 
CHAMBERS. Richard, Chem.; CARLSEN, Vern. 
Soc; CHASE, Gwen. Ed.; CHANDLER, Jeralie 
Eng.; CLAWSON. James, An. Hus.; CHRISTEN- 
SEN, Joan. Horn. Ed.; CHRISTIANSON, Caria, 
Ed.; CLARK, Gail, Ed.; CLARK, Ann, Ed.; CHRIS- 
TENSEN. Geneil. Ed.; CLARK, Leon, Econ.; CLARK, 
Sharon. Soc Sci.; CHRISTENSEN, Elva, Journ.; 
CLARK. Jeremiah, Fin. Bkg.; CLOSE, Mel, Bus. 
Man.; CLYDE. Robert. Pol. Sci.; CLUFF. Oretta, 
Ed.; COFFMAN. Glenn, Chem.; COLE. Shirley. 
Ed.; COLLIER, Rae Ann. Ed.; COLLIER. Robert, 
Mech. Eng.; COLOVICH. Don, Bus. Mgt.; COOK. 
Evelyn, Ed.; COOK, IVAN, Chem.; COOK, Varlene. 
Ed.; COOPER. James, Soc Sci.; COSTER. Marilyn. 
Eng.; COX. Verl, Zool.; CRAIG, Wesley. Hist.; 
CRANE. George, An. Hus.; CRAWFORD, Gordon, 
El. Eng.; CURTIS, De Mar. Zool.; CREEP, Thomas. 
Pol. Sci.; DAHL, Reed. Soc. Sci.; CROCKETT, Verla. 
Sec Tr.; DANIELSON. DeMar. Acct.; DAVIES. 
Valene. Ed.; DAVIS. Carolyn, Sp.; DAVIS, Emma 
Lou, Ed.; DELANGE, Leiand. El. Eng.; DAVIS, Nola, 
Nurs.; DAVIS, Reid, Mus. 

LONG LADDER reaches high in the air to facil- 
itate trimming ot huge tree for Christmas season. 

Coffman, Glenn W., Jr. 
Cole. Shirley Coleen 
Collier, Rae Ann 

Collier, Robert D. 
Colovich, Don 
Cook, Evelyn 

Cook, Ivan B. 
Cook, Varlene 
Cooper, James 

Coster, Marilyn 

Cox, Verl J. 

Craig, Wesley W., Jr. 

Crane, William M. 
Craner. Donna 
Crane. George T. 

Crawford, Gordon W. 
Curtis, De Mar 
Creer, Thomas 

Dahl, Reed 
Crockett, Verla 
Danielson, DeMar 

Davies, Valene 
Davis. Carolyn 
Davis, Emma Lou 

OeLange. Leiand 
Davis. Nola 
Davis. Reid H. 


DeMarco, Barbara 
Denys, Nedra 
Despain, Sheron E. 
Despain, Donna 
Dickey, Madeline 
Dickey, Gary 

Dickey, Mercedes 
Dickison. Ben 
Dickson, Lloyd L. 
Doke, June 

Dominguez, Gail Smith 
Dimcnd, Harvey 

Downey, Lawrence M. 
Dorff, Reginald 
Drake, Eileen 
Dreyer, Colette Iris 
Duke, Beth W. 
Driggs, Robert 

Ediing, Deslyn 
Eagar, Walter D. 
Egbert, llene 
Elgan, Nancy T. 
Ellson. Ina Lou 
Ellis, Darrel E. 




EndrizzI, Donna 
Erickson, Clarence E. 
Empey, Nonna 
Empey, Don 
Ellsworth, Colleen 

Erickson, Reita B. 
Evans, Dean M. 
Evans, Rose Ann 
Everett, George C. 
Eves, Zora Mae 

Paisley, Evelyn 
Fairbourn, Joyce 
Fawson, Lauralee 
Ferre, Janene 
Feik, Frances 

Fife, Annette 
Field, Rosalie 
Fife, Don J. 
Finllnson, E. Reece 

Fisher, Shiflene 

Fleming, Don 
Fletcher, Wendall W. 
Follett, Edson R. 
Foote, Marjorie 
Forster, Merlin H. 

Forsythe, Edward 
Foulger, Jan 
Forsy+he. Mary Malle 

DeMARCO, Barbara, Ed.; DENYS, Nedra, Ed. 
DESPAIN, Sheron, Acct.; DESPAIN, Donna, Ed. 
DICKEY, Madeline, Ed.; DICKEY, Gary, Psych. 
DICKEY, Mercedes, Eng.; DICKISON, Ben, Soc. 
DICKSON, Lloyd, GeoL; DOKE, June, Com. 
DOMINGUEZ, Gail, Ed.; DIMOND, Harvey, Acct. 
DOWNEY, Lawrence, Ed.; DORFF, Reginald, Span. 
DRAKE, Eileen, Ed.; DREYER, Colette, Ed.; DUKE 
Beth, Ed.; DRIGGS, Robert, Bus. Man.; EDLING 
Deslyn, Ed.; EAGAR, Walter, Ed.; EGBERT, llene 
Com.; ELGAN, Nancy, Ed.; ELISON, Ina Lou, Mus. 
ELLIS, Darrel, Pol. Sci.; ENDRIZZI, Donna, Ed. 
ERICKSON, Clarence, GeoL; EMPEY, Nonna, Sec 
Tr.; EMPEY, Don, Econ.; ELLSWORTH, Colleen 
Ed.; ERICKSON, Reita, Ed.; EVANS, Dean, Acct. 
EVANS, Rose Ann, Ed.; EVERETT, George, Sp. 
EVES, Zora Mae, Ed.; FALSLEV, Evelyn, Nurs. 
FAIRBOURN, Joyce, Horn. Ec; FAWSON, Laura- 
lee, Bus. Ed.; FERRE, Janene, Nurs.; FEIK, Frances, 
Phys. Ed.; FIFE, Annette, Art; FIELD, Rosalie, Ed.; 
FIFE, Don, Mktg.; FINLINSON, Reece, An. Hus.; 
FISHER, Shirlene, Food & Nt.; FLEMING, Don, 
Psych.; FLETCHER, Wendall, El. Eng.; FOLLETT, 
Edson, Botany; FOOTE, Marjorie, Ed.; FORSTER, 
Merlin, Span.; FORSYTHE, Edward. Hist.; FOUL- 
GER, Jan, Ed.; FORSYTHE, Mary Maile, Ed.; 
FRAZIER, Betty, Sec. Tr.; FRAZIER, Robert, Ldscp.; 
FREEMAN, Samuel, Ed.; FRODSHAM, Sharon, 
Horn. Ec; FROYD, Karen, Hom. Ec; GARFF, 
Valorie, Phys. Ed.; GARDNER, Ray, Com.; GARD- 
NER, Duane, Phys. Ed.; GARDNER, Lynn, Span.; 
GALBRAITH, Lynne, Ed.; GARRARD, June, Ed.; 
GATENBY, Jackie, Ed.; GARFIELD, Ted, Mktg.; 
GATES, Halvor, Soc Sci.; GIBSON, George, Ed.; 
GILBERT, Byron, An. Hus.; GILLILAND, Robert, 
Psych.; GILES, Marlene, Ed.; GLENN, Clayton, Ed.; 
GLINES, Deloa, Ed.; GLINES, Laraine, Hom. Ec; 
GRAHAM, Robert, Acct.; GOODELL, Robert, 
Mech. Eng.; GREEN, Loralee, Sp.; GREENE, Janet, 
Mus.; GREENE, Willis, Acct.; GREEN, Marian, Eng. 

TABERNACLE ORGAN is explained to students by 
President Joseph Fielding Smith during recent tour. 

Frazier, Betty 
Frazler, Robert L. 
Freeman, Samuel H. 

Frodsham, Sharon 
Froyd, Karen 
Gartf, Valorie 

Gardner, C. Ray 
Gardner, Duane Allen 
Gardner, Lynn J. 

Galbraith, Lynne 
Garrard, June 
Gatenby, Jackie 

Garfield, Ted 
Gates, Halvor H. 
Gibson, George T. 

Gilbert, Byron J. 
Gilllland, Robert G. 
Giles, Marlene 

Glenn, Clayton J. 
Glines, Deloa Dawn 
Gllnes. Laraine 

Graham, Robert M. 
Goodell, Robert 
Green, Loralee 

Greene, Janet 
Greene, Willis O. 
Green, Marian 


Greenland. Barbara 
Grimmett, Robert G. 
Griffith, Frances 
Groneman, George S. 
Godfrey. Audrey Ann 
Groeger, Klaus W. 

Goodridge, Williann 
Goodman, Joyce L. 
Gordon, Joan Lynnette 
Gould, Nada Jean 
Guild, Charlene 
Gubler, Phillip 

Gowans, Stuart 
Haglund, Roger W. 
Hale, Stephen P. 
tHadley, Tom 
Hall, Edwin C. 
Hansen, Gordon 

Hansen, Roberta 
Hansen, Peggy 
Hanson, Joseph N. 
Harding, Jilean 
Harding, Ralph R. 
Harmon, Keith B, 


senior class 

Harmon, Philip 
Harris, Lloyda Mae 
Harrison, George 
Harrison, Laura 
Hart, John W. 

Hart, Karen 
Hatch, Mary Ann 
Hatch, Mary Gay 
Hatch, Roy D. 
Hatfield, Richard M. 

Hatton, Betty Jo 
Havvkes, Joyce 
Haws, Waity 
Havens, Hallie 
Hawks, Virginia 

Hayes, Charles D. 
Hayward, Margaret 
Head, Lawrence N. 
Heck, Ronald 
Heidlebaugh, Audrey 

Hemingway, Robert D. 
Heiss, Mary Lee 
Henrie, Gay 
Hiatt, Mona Faye 
Hess, Douglas S. 

Hiatt, Calvin C. 
Hicb, Robert F. 
Higbee, Wanda 

GREENLAND, Barbara, Ed.; GRIMMETT, Robert 
G., Hist.; GRIFFITH, Frances. Ed.; GRONEMAN, 
George S., Pol. Sci.; GODFREY, Audrey, Ed.; 
GROEGER, Klaus, Mktg.; GOODRIDGE, William. 
Geol.; GOODMAN, Joyce, Sp.; GORDON. Joan. 
Ed.; GOULD, Nada, Horn. Ec; GUILD, Charlene. 
Ed.; GUBLER, Phillip, Ed.; GOWANDS, Stuart, An. 
Hus.; HAGLUND, Roger, Chem.; HALE, Stephen, 
Journ.; HADLEY, Tom, Soc; HALL, Edwin, Ed.; 
HANSEN, Gordon, Ed.; HANSEN, Roberta, Journ.; 
HANSEN, Peggy, Ed.; HANSON, Joseph, Ind. 
Art.; HARDING, Jilean, Ed.; HARDING, Ralph, 
Pol. Sci.; HARMON, Keith, Ed.; HARMON, Philip, 
Eng.; HARRIS, Lloyda. Math.; HARRISON. 
George, An. Hus.; HARRISON, Laura, Eng.; HART, 
John, Ed.; HART, Karen, ZooL; HATCH, Mary, 
Ed.; HATCH, Mary Ann, Nurs.; HATCH, Roy, Ed.; 
HATFIELD, Richard, Bus. Mgt.; HATTON, Betty. 
Ed.; HAWKES, Joyce, Ed.; HAWS, Waity, Nurs.; 
HAVENS, Hallie, Ed.; HAWKS, Virginia, Soc; 
HAYES, Charles, Physics; HAYWARD, Margaret. 
Ed.; HEAD, Lawrence, Eng. Sc; HECK, Ronald. 
Geol.; HEIDELBAUGH, Audrey. Mus.; HEMING- 
WAY. Robert, Ed.; HEISS, Mary, Nurs.; HENRIE. 
Gay, Speech; HIATT. Mona, Ed.; HESS, Douglas. 
Physics; HIATT. Calvin, Phys. Ed.; HICKS, Robert. 
Hist.; HIGBEE, Wanda, Ed.; HIGGINS, Charles, 
Phys. Ed.; HILTBRAND, Wesley, ZooL; HOBBS. 
Odell, Chem.; HINKSON, Jimmy, Chem.; HOG- 
GAN, George, Com.; HOLLIDAY, Allen, An. Hus.; 
HOLT, Caria, Ed.; HOLT, Dianne, Span.; HOLT, 
Monte, El. Eng.; HOPKINS, Neil, Ed.; HOPLA. 
Harold, Hort.; HOUTZ, Duane, Ed.; HOWARD. 
Stanley. Journ.; HOYT, Barbara, Eng.; HUFFAKER. 
Fran. Sec. Tr.; HUMPHREY, Mary, Phys. Ed.; 
HUGHES, Jean, Phys. Ed.; HUNT, Thomas, Acct.; 
HUNTER, Doris, Soc. Sc; HUNTER, Leslie, Ed.; 
HUSBAND, Rayola, Ed.; HUTCHINSON, Nathel. 
Ed.; HUTCHINSON, Neta, Ed.; HYDE, Darcus. 
Soc. Sc; HYDE, Gerald. Physics; INGALLS, Gayle. 
Ed.; INGALLS. Max. Acct. 

FOOTBALL TEAM receives indication of support of 
studentbody as they participate in pep rally. 

Higgins, Charles W. 
Hlltbrand, Wesley R. 
Hobbs, M. Odell 

Hinlcson, Jimmy W. 
Hoggan. George Robert 
Holliday. Allen H. 

Holt, CarIa 
Holt, Dianne 
Holt, Monte 

Hopkins, Neil 
Hopla, Harold J. 
Houtz, Duayne 

Howard, Stanley P. 
Hoyt, Barbara 
Huffaker, Fran 

Humphrey. Mary Lou 
Hughes, Jean 
Hunt, Thomas A. 

Hunter, Doris E. 
Hunter, Leslie R. 
Husband, Rayola 

Hutchinson, Nathel 
Hutchinson. Neta 
Hyde. Darcus Davis 

Hyde, Gerald R. 
Ingalls, Gayle 
Inqalls, Max L. 


Iverson. Lloyd R. 
Ingersoll, Gene 
Ivie, Evan L. 
James. Lucie H. 
Jefferies. Mary Lou 
James, Harry G. 

Jenkins, Reed B. 
Jensen, Jay R. 
Jerome, Mary Joan 
Johnson. Freeman K. 
Johnson, Geraldine 
Johnson, Grant 

Johnson, Joyce 
Johnson, Kenna 
Johnson, Louene 
Johnson, Margaret 
Johnson, Marie 
Johnson, Mac 

Johnson, Marlene 
Johnson, Norman S. 
Johnson, Shirley Ruth 
Johnson, William 
Jones, Helen Elane 
Jones, Lynn 

IV- mc 



Jones, Patricia Marlene 
Jones. Marge 
Jorgensen. Clair E. 
Jorgensen, Jerry L. 
Jorgensen, Valynn A. 

Kaawa, Naomi 
Judd, Evan 
Kartchner, Rex 
Keller, Ann 
Kennlngton, Ruth 

Kendall, Robert L 
Kennington, Craig 
Kerr, Wayne Dennis 
Kimber, Warren 
Kimber, William Dean 

King, Joanne 
Kingsbury, Frances 
Kochevar, Lewis 
Kofoed, W. Arvin 
Kochevar, Paul 

Kohn, Michael 
Kunz, Monte 
Landeen, Richard 
Larsen, Geneva 
Larsen, Howard 

IVERSON, Lloyd, Eng.; INGERSOLL, Gene, Phys 
Ed.; IVIE, Evan, El. Eng.; JAMES, Lude, Eng.; JEF 
FERIES, Mary Lou, Ed.; JAMES, Harry, Mtlcg. 
JENKINS, Reed, Phys.; JENSEN, Jay, Acct.; JER 
OME, Mary Joan, Ed.; JOHNSON, Freeman 
Agron.; JOHNSON, Geraldine, Nurs.; JOHNSON 
Grant, Ind. Art.; JOHNSON, JOYCE, Ed.; JOHN 
SON, Kenna, Ed.; JOHNSON, Louene, Speech 
JOHNSON, Margaret, Ed.; JOHNSON, Marie 
Ed.; JOHNSON, Mac, Speech; JOHNSON, Mar 
lene, Ed.; JOHNSON, Norman, Soc. Sc; JOHN 
SON, Shirley, Ed.; JOHNSON, William, Geol. 
JONES, Helen, Ed.; JONES, Lynn, Ed.; JONES 
Patricia, Eng.; JONES, Marge, Nurs.; JORGEN 
SEN, Clair, Ed.; JORGENSEN, Jerry, Acct.; JOR 
GENSEN. Valynn, Ed.; KAAWA, Naomi, Nurs. 
JUDD, Evan, Pol. Sci.; KARTCHNER, Rex, Agron.: 
KELLER, Ann, Ed.; KENNINGTON, Ruth, Nurs. 
KENDALL, Robert, Bot.; KENNINGTON, Craig 
Ed.; KERR, Wayne, Bus. Mgt.; KIMBER, Warren 
Fin. Bkg.; KIMBER, William, Acct.; KING, Joanne 
Ed.; KINGSBURY, Frances, Home Ec; KOCHEVAR 
Lewis, Geol.; KOFOED, Arvin, An. Hus.; KOCHEV- 
AR, Paul, Ed.; KOHN, Michael, Ind. Art; KUNZ, 
Monte, MIctg.; LANDEEN, Richard, Geog.; LAR 
SEN, Geneva, Ed.; LARSEN, Howard, Psych.; LAR 
SEN, Weston, Geol.; LARSON, Donald, Sec. Tr.: 
LATIMER, Don, Mkgt.; LARSON, Lawrence, Geol. 
LAYNE, David, Mkgt.; LAWRENCE, Colleen, Ed. 
LEBARON, Donald, El. Eng.; LEE, Clair, Acct. 
LETELLIER, Louise, Ed.; LEONARD, JoAnn, Mkgt. 
LICHFIELD, Ernest, El. Eng.; LIDDLE, Lucille, Cla 
Tex.; LINDSEY, Curtis, Ed.; LINDSAY, David, Bus 
Mgt.; LIEBHART, Shirley, Ed.; LLOYD, Gayla 
Nurs.; LOOKINLAND, Paul, Pol. Sci.; LUNT, Mar 
vin, Agron.; LUNDQUIST, Robert, Comm.; LUND 
PUIST, Kathleen, Ed.; LUNDQUIST, Floyd, Acct. 
McARTHUR, Hampton, Acct.; MABEY, Janice, Ed. 
MABEY, John, Ed.; McBRIDE, Garn, Chem.; Mc 
BRIDE, Lynn, PoL Sci.; McCULLOCH, Jerry, Soc 
McCLELLAN, Dixie, Ed.; MACKAY, Yvonne, Ed 
McMURRAY, Mary, Comm. 

MASS TURNOUT of studentbody indicdtes school 
spirit in the special "Set Acquainted" Assembly. 

Larsen. Weston DaL 
Larson, Donald A. 
Latimer, Don S. 

Larson, Lawrence 
Layne, Thair David 
Lawrence, Colleen 

LeBaron, Donald R. 
Lee, Clair Kay 
Letelller, Louise 

Leonard, JoAnn 
Lichfield, Ernest W. 
Liddle, Lucille 

Lindsey, Curtis LaVe 
Lindsay, David S. 
Llebhart, Shirley 

Lloyd, Gayla 
Looklnland, Paul R. 
Lunt, Marvin V. 

Lundqulst, Robert H. 
Lundqulst, Kathleen C. 
Lundqulst, Floyd H. 

McArthur, P. Hampton 
Mabey, Janice 
Mabey, John H. 

McBride, Garn 
McBrlde, J. Lynn 
McCulloch, Jerry 

McClellan. Lois Dixie 
MacKay. Yvonne 
McMurray, Mary 

^11 J 



McKean. Theo E. 
McKell, Lenadra 
McMullin, Helen 
Madsen, Franlclin B. 
Madsen, Judy 
Malstrom, Bertha Joan 

Madsen, W. Merrill 
Malnnstrom, Mildred L. 
Mangum, Garth 
Manning, Dorothy 
Manwaring, Alan Var 
Marsh, Margaret 

Manwill, Judith 
Martell. Muriel 
Martin, Ellen 
Martin, Paul L. 
Marumotot, Genevieve 
Martinez, Joe B. 

Mather, Marlin 
Matthews, Colleen Patsy 
Mathev/s, Donna 
Mathis, Richard M. 
MeadovKS, William F. 
Mathis, Connie 




Mecham, Gale A. 
Mecham, Mary Jane 
Merrell, C. Burdell 
Merrill, Jimmie 
Merrill, R. Reese 

Meyers, Betty D. 
Meyers, Patricia 
Micl<elsen, William 
Miera, Samuel V. 
Miles, Mar 

Mietus, Charles 
Miller, Angelina 
Miller, Joyce Nadyne 
Milner, Don R. 
Miller, Leon 

Miyazaki, Richard 
Monahan, Mary Louise 
Monson, hjal 
Montgomery, Joel 
Monson, Marilyn 

Montgomery, Rex 
Moore, Jean A. 
Morgan, Catherine 
Morgan, Ralph 
Morley, Mary 

Morrell, Edwin 
Morrow, Vaun G. 
Morse. Eileen 

McKEAN, Theo, Art; McKELL, Lenadra, Ed.; Mc- 
MULLIN, Helen, Sec. Tr.; MADSEN, Franklin, Bus. 
Mgt.; MADSEN, Judy, Ed.; MALSTROM, Bertha 
Joan, Ed.; MADSEN, Merrill, Acct.; MALMSTROM, 
Mildred, Ed.; MANGUM, Garth, Comm.; MAN- 
NING, Dorothy, Ed.; MANWARING, Alan Var, 
Bus. Mgt.; MARSH, Margaret, Ed.; MANWILL, 
Judith, Sec. Tr.; MARTELL, Muriel, Ed.; MARTIN, 
Ellen, Sec. Tr.; MARTIN, Paul, Soc; MARUMOTO, 
Genevieve, Ed.; MARTINEZ, Joe, Phys. Ed.; MATH- 
ER, Marlln, Ed.; MATTHEWS, Colleen, Ed.; MATH- 
EWS, Donna, Mktg.; MATHIS, Richard, Acct.; 
MEADOWS, William, Ed.; MATHIS, Connie, Ed.; 
MECHAM, Gale, An. Hus.; MECHAM, Mary 
Jane, Ed.; MERRELL, Burdell, Pol. Scl.; MERRILL, 
Jimmle, Ed.; MERRILL, Reese, Bus. Mgt.; MEYERS, 
Betty, Phys. Ed.; MEYERS, Patricia, Ed.; MICK- 
ELSEN, William, Mu.; MIERA, Samuel, Ed.; MILES, 
Mar, Chem.; MIETUS, Charles, Bus. Mgt.; MILLER, 
Angeline, Hdfr; MILLER, Joyce, Sec. Tr.; MIL- 
NER, Don, Journ.; MILLER, Leon, Ed.; MIYAZAKI, 
Richard, Ed.; MONAHAN, Mary Louise, Ed.; 
MONSON, Hal, Ind. Art.; MONTGOMERY, Joel, 
Geo.; MONSON, Marilyn, Sec. Tr.; MONTGOM- 
ERY, Rex, Span.; MOORE, Jean, Ed.; MORGAN, 
Catherine, Ed.; MORGAN, Ralph, Ed.; MORLEY, 
Mary, Ed.; MORRELL, Ed, Hist.; MORROW, Vaun, 
Bus. Mgt.; MORSE, Eileen, Sec. Tr.; MOWER, Mor- 
ris, An. Hus.; MUIRHEAD, Roberta, Art; MORTEN- 
SEN, Maye, Ed.; MUNK, Keith, Mktg.; MYER, Pet- 
er, Art; NAKADA, Frank, Eng.; NALDER, Margaret, 
Ed.; NEAL, LaRonna, Ed.; NAY, Robert, Ind. Art.; 
NEELEY, Barbara Carol, Eng.; NEFF, Leonard, Bus. 
Mgt.; NILSSON, Bruce, Mktg.; NEFF, Wayne, 
Zool.; NELSON, Edith, Ed.; NELSON, John, Ed.; 
NELSON, Enid, Ed.; NELSON, Noreen, Fd. & Nut.; 
NESER, Doris, Ed.; NELSON, Paul, Agron.; NET- 
TLES, Jacquelyn, Phys. Ed.; NEUBERT, Donna, Sec. 
Jr.; NIXON, Dorothy, Sec. Tr.; NEVILLE, Wendell, 
El. Eng.; NIELSON, Jeanine, Ed.; NIXON, John, 
Physics; NOBLE, Jeanne, Sp.; NOKER, Alvin, Math. 

VARIOUS PURPOSES are accomplished at school 
library as some students study and others sleep. 

Mower, Morris L. 
Muirhead, Roberta 
Mortensen, Maye 

Munk, Keith M, 
Myer, Peter L. 
Nakada, Frank S. 

Nalder, Margaret 
Neal, LaRonna 
Nay. Robert E. 

Neeley, Barbara Carol 
Neff, Leonard Dale 
Nilsson, Bruce 

Neff, Wayne C. 
Nelson, Edith 
Nelson, John Wayne 

Nelson, Enid W. 
Nelson, Noreen 
Neser, Doris 

Nelson, Paul Milton 
Nettles, Jacquelyn 
Neubert, Donna J. 

Nixon, Dorothy Dean 
Neville, Wendell 
Nielson, Jeanine 

Nixon, John 
Noble, Jeanne 
Noker, Alvin J. 


Norseth. Colleen 
Norton, Gayle E. 
Norton. Harold A. 
Nuttall, Claire 
Nyland, Verdell L. 
OIney. Dorothy 

Ockerman. Kleta 
Olson, Robert N. 
Orgill, Stewart 
Orton. Gaylord T. 
Ostler, David S. 
Osmond, Ralph W. 

Overstreet. Dalton C. 
Palmer, E. Revier 
Park. Margaret 
Park, Robert L. 
Parke, Val 
Parker, Karen F. 

Parker, Edniund 
Parker, Don 
Partridge, Carol M. 
Patterson, Elsie Mae 
Patterson Flora 
Payne, Shirley 


senior class 

Pergollzzi, Lou 
Pehrson. Ruth 
Pedersen, Herschel N. 
Penn, Vernon 
Perry, Ray 

Perry, Shirley J. 
Peters, Beverly Jean 
Peterson, Colleen 
Peterson, Elliot Gene 
Peterson, Howard W. 

Pe+erson. Grant L. 
Peterson, JoAnn 
Pettijohn, Dorothy M, 
Phelan, Mary Katherine 
Pinegar, Ed J. 

Poulsen, Gwen 
Pitcher, Grant G. 
Potter. D. Waldo 
Poulson, Monte A. 
Poulter, Loralne 

Powell, Shirley 
Powers, Ralph F. 
Pugh, Karen 
Purvis, Darwin W. 
Pugh, R. Gen© 

NORSETH, Colleen, Hist.; NORTON, Gayle E., 
Mktg.; NORTON, Harold A., Phys. Ed.; NUTTALL, 
Claire, Ed.; NYLAND, Verdell L, Journ.; OLNEY, 
Dorothy, Phys. Ed.; OCKERMAN, Kleta, Eng.; OL- 
SON, Robert Mktg.; ORGILL, Stewart, An. Hus.; 
ORTON, Gaylord, Physics; OSTLER, David, Mktg.; 
OSMOND, Ralph, Hist.; OVERSTREET, Dalton, 
Phys. Ed.; PALMER, Revler, Chem.; PARK, Mar- 
garet, Nurs.; PARK, Robert, An. Hus.; PARKE, Val, 
Bus. Mgt.; PARKER, Karen, Eng.; PARKER, Edmund, 
Soc; PARKER, Don, Eng. Sc; PARTRIDGE, Carol, 
Music; PATTERSON, Elsie, Nurs.; PATTERSON, 
Flora, Horn. Ec; PAYNE, Shirley, Horn. Ec; PER- 
GOLIZZI, Lou, Sp.; PEHRSON. Ruth, Ed.; PEDER- 
SEN, Herschel, Phys. Ed.; PENN, Vernon, Eng.; 
PERRY, Ray, Eng. Sc; PERRY, Shirley, Fr.; PETERS, 
Beverly, Ed.; PETERSON, Colleen, Ed.; PETERSON, 
Elliot, Physics; PETERSON, Howard, Ed.; PETER- 
SON, Grant, Econ.; PETERSON, JoAnn, Bio. and 
Ag.; PETTIJOHN, Dorothy, Soc. Sc; PHELAN, 
Mary, Nurs.; PINEGAR, Ed, Chem.; PITCHER, 
Grant, GeoL; POTTER, Waldo, Agron.; POULSON, 
Monte, Mktg.; POULTER, Loralne, Ed.; POWELL, 
Shirley, Sec Tr.; POWERS, Ralph, Mktg.; PUGH, 
Karen, Sp.; PURVIS, Darwin, Acct.; PUGH, Gene, 
Ed.; RALPH, Marian, Ed.; RANDALL, June, Nurs.; 
RAWLE, Margene, Food & Nt.; RANDALL, Lynn; 
READ, Bonne, Soc; RAWSON, Richard, GeoL; 
REDD, John, Agron.; PAYNE, Reed, Ed.; REES, 
Phyllis, Soc; REES, Lorraine, Ed.; REEVE, Tom, Ed.; 
REISNER, Richard, Art; RICE, Millard, Bus. Ad.; 
RICH, Karma, Ed.; RICHARDS, Maurlne; RICH- 
ARDS, Don, Math.; RICHARDS, Vickie, Ed.; RICH- 
ARDSON, Laureen, Bact.; RIDDER, Joyce, Zool. 
RIGBY, Bertrand, Chem. Eng.; RIGBY, Ralph, Ed. 
RIGGIN, Don, Phys. Ed.; RIRIE, Ronald, Acct. 
ROBERTS, Richard, Ed.; ROBISON, Darlene, Ed. 
ROGERS, Pearl, Nurs.; ROMNEY, Gerry, Fam. Rel. 
ROLLINS, Loy, Ed.; ROGERS, Don, Bus. Mgt. 
ROLLINGS, Myrna, Ed. 

REAL INTEREST is shown by girls in dorm as they 
await opening of bank to examine its contents. 

Ralph, Marian 
Randall, Carol June 
Rawle. Margene 

Randall, Lynn 
Read, Bonne 
Rawson, Richard 

Redd, John P. 
Payne, Reed 
Rees, Phyllis 

Rees, Lorraine 
Reeve, Thomas V. 
Reisner, Richard 

Rice, Millard B. 
Rich, Karma Jean 
Richards, Maurlne 

Richards, Don K. 
Richards, Vickie 
Richardson, Laureen 

Ridder, Joyce Marian 
Rigby, E. Bertrand 
Rlgby, Ralph E. 

RIggIn, Don Gene 
Ririe, Ronald 
Roberts, Richard D. 

Roblson. Darlene 
Rogers, Pearl 
Romney, Gerry 

Rollins, Loy 
Rogers, Don L. 
Rollins, Myrna 


Romney, Ruth Ann 
Ross, Beverly 
Roylance, John 
Rush. K. Josephine 
Ryan, Mary Lou 
Sabin, Jean 

Roylance, Keith N. 
Safsten, Robert G. 
Saito, George 
Sakaye, Chinen 
Salmond, Mary Beth 
Sandall, Jane 

Sauls, Mary Alice 
Selin, Terry G. 
Seely, Kay Gee 
Schaefer, Don 
Schroder, Richard 
Shattuck, Marilyn 

Sharp, Norma Pulsipher 
Sllberstein, Dorothy 
Sherwood, Rowena June 
Slemssen, Janet 
Skousen, Orval 
Sloan, Sylvia 




Skousen, Owen 
Skousen, Vonda 
Smedley, Jackie 
Smith, Alene 
Smith, Eugene C. 

Smith, Meiva Ann 
Smithen, Carol 
Smith, Mearle B. 
Smith, Shirley 
Snow, Arnolene 

Snow, Clair E. 
Soelberg, Bruce 
Sonderegger, Emory O, 
Sorensen, Dan R, 
Sorensen, Merlin R. 

Spencer, Jewel 
Spainhower, Douglas M. 
Spencer, James E. 
South, Kent 
Sorenson, Marva Naylor 

Starr, lola 
Stepp, Jessie 
Stewart, Charlie 
Stewart, Ronald 
Stevens, Robert E. 

ROMNEY, Ruth. Ed.; ROSS, Beverly, Ed.; ROY- 
LANCE, John, Ind. Art.; RUSH, Josephine, Bact.; 
RYAN, Mary, Ed.; SABIN, Jean, Ed.; ROYLANCE, 
Kelfh, Soc; SAFSTEN, Robert, Ed.; SAITO, George, 
Zool.; SAKAYE, Chmen; SALMOND, Mary, Com.; 
SANDALL, Jane, Ed.; SAULS, Mary, Eng.; SE- 
LIN, Terry, Chem.; SEELY, Kay, Fr.; SCHAEFER, 
Don, Music; SCHRODER, Richard, Phys. Ed.; SHAT- 
TUCK, Marilyn, Ed.; SHARP, Norma, Ed.; SILBERT- 
STEIN, Dorothy, Ed.; SHERWOOD, Rowena, Ed.; 
SIEMSSEN, Janet, Sp.; SKOUSEN, Orval, Ed.; 
SLOAN, Sylvia, Bact.; SKOUSEN, Owen, Phys. Ed.; 
SKOUSEN. Vonda, Phys. Ed.; SMEDLEY, Jackie, 
Ed.; SMITH, Alene, Sec. Tr.; SMITH, Eugene, Sp.; 
SMITH, Melva, Ger.; SMITHEN, Carol, Soc; 
SMITH, Mearle, Acct.; SMITH, Shirley, Ed.; 
SNOW, Arnolene, Sec. Tr.; SNOW, Clair, Com.; 
ory, Acct.; SORENSEN, Dan, Acct.; SORENSEN, 
Merlin, Mu. AppL; SPENCER, Jewel, Ed.; SPAIN- 
HOWER, Douglas, Eng.; SPENCER, James, Bact.; 
SOUTH, Kent. Bus. Mgt.; SORENSEN, Marva, Ed.; 
STARR. Ida, Ed.; STEPP, Jessie, Ed.; STEWART, 
Charlie, Soc; STEWART, Ronald, Ed.; STEVENS, 
Robert, Ed.; STOCK, Karen, Ed.; STODDARD, 
Aaron, Acct.; STONEKING, Stan, Art; STICKEL, 
Leroy, Mktg.; STEEL, LaVerne, Sec Tr.; STEELE, 
Lynda, Ed.; STUBBS, Glen, Hist.; SWAINSTON, 
David, El. Eng.; SUTHERLAND. Howard, Chem.; 
TARBET, Glen, Eng.; TANNER, Vernon; TAFT, 
Juanita, Eng.; TASKER, Betty, Psych.; TATE, Miriam, 
Sec Tr.; TAYLOR, Ann, Sec. Tr.; TEERLINK, Sue, 
Ed.; TELFORD, Faye, Phys. Ed.; TEMPLE, Brooke, 
Soc; TELFORD, Lois, Music; TERRY. Golden. Sp.; 
TERRY, LaMar, Ed.; TERRY, Nyra, Ed.; TEW, Nor- 
ma. Nurs.; THOMAS, Lula, Hom. Ec; THOMAS, 
Reese, Pol. Sci.; THOMAS, Nedra, Ed.; THOMP- 
SON, Margaret, Ed.; TOPEL, Josef, Econ.; TOL- 
MAN. William, Math.; THOMPSON, Sharon, Ed. 

ASSEMBLY ADDRESS was given by Elder Hugh B. 
Brown shown wifh Sister Brown and Pres. Wilkinson. 

Stock, Karen Ann 
Stoddard, Aaron 
Stoneltinq, Stan 

Sticlel. Leroy 
Steel. LaVerne 
Steele, Lynda 

Stubbs, Glen R. 
Swainston, David 
Sutherland. Howard 

Tarbet, Glen F. 
Tanner, Vernon 
Taft. Juanita 

Taslcer, Betty Ann 
Tate, Miriam 
Taylor, Ann LaDee 

Teerllnk, Sue 
Telford, Faye 
Temple. Broolte 

Telford, Lois 
Terry, Golden 
Terry, LaMar W. 

Terry, Nyra Colvln 
Tew, Norma 
Thomas, Lula Jean 

Thomas, Alfred Reese 
Thomas. Nedra 
Thompson. Margaret 

Topel, Josef 
Tolman. William O. 
Thompson, Sharon 


Tiuda, Dagmar 
Turcsanski. Gay 
Turley. Patricia A. 
Tyson, Jean 
Velasco, John 
Van Vllet. Claude B. 

Wainwrlghf, Bern Ice 
Wadsworth, Darlene 
Wallis, Carolyn 
Wanlass. Dorothy 
Warner, Orvil Ray 
Wall. Gary L 

Weaver, Barbara 
Watts, Carol 
Watts, Patrecia 
Wasden, Leonard B. 
Weaver, Robert C. 
Webb. Gerald C. 

West, Robert 
Wells, Joanne 
Westenskow, Lowell 
Westwood, Ardls 
Wheeler, Carol Beth 
Weatensltow, Mary Anna 


senior class 

' r-" 

Wright. Evelyn 
Wrlde, Bert 
Wright. Norman E. 

Whipple. Marcia 
Whiting. Harriet 
Whitney. LuRae 
Whittle, Jack W. 
Whittle. Sylvia Lee 

Willcinson, Clynn 
Willardson. Ray V. 
Willey, Harold V. 
Williams. Elsabeth 
Williams. Wayne 

Williamson, Raid 
Wilson, Richard L. 
Wiser. Rey L. 
Wit+ke. Dayton D. 
Wolfley. Richard Delano 

Wood. Richard E. 
Wolsey. Barbara K. 
Wood, Marilyn 
Wride, Afton 
Wrathall, Claude 

Akita. M. Alice 
Affleck, Marilyn 
Anderson, Ralph 

TSUDA, Dagmar, Ed.; TURCSANSKI, Gay, Ed.; 
TURLEY, Patricia, Ed.; TYSON, Jean, Ed.; VELAS- 
CO, John, Phys. Ed.; VAN VLIET, Claude, Phys. 
Darlene, Ed.; WALLIS, Carolyn, Ed.; WANLASS, 
Dorothy, Ed.; WARNER, Orvil, Soc; WALL, Gary, 
Ind. Art.; WEAVER, Barbara, Sp.; WATTS, Carol, 
Ger., WATTS, Patrecia, Ed.; WASDEN, Leonard, 
Mktg.; WEAVER, Robert, Ed.; WEBB, Gerald, Soc; 
WEST, Robert, El. Eng.; WELLS, Joanne, Ed.; 
V/ESTENSKOW, Lowell, Bio. & Ag. Sc; WEST- 
WOOD, Ardis, Eng.; WHEELER, Carol, Nurs.; 
WESTENSKOW, Mary, Soc; WHIPPLE, Marcla, 
Eng.; WHITING, Harriet, Ed.; WHITNEY, LuRae, 
Food & Nt.; WHITTLE, Jack, Mktg.; WHITTLE, 
Sylvia, Ed.; WILKINSON, Clynn, Hist.; WILLARD- 
SON, Ray, Acct.; WILLEY, Harold, Phy. & Eng. 
Scl.; WILLIAMS, Elsabeth, Ed.; WILLIAMS, Wayne, 
Pol. Scl.; WILLIAMSON, Reld, Agr. Econ.; WIL- 
SON, Richard, Ed.; WISER, Rey, Ed.; WITTKE, 
Dayton, Mec. Eng.; WOLFLEY, Richard, Acct.; 
WOOD, Richard, Geog.; WOLSEY, Barbara, Ed.; 
Vv/OOD, Marilyn, Sp.; WRIDE, Afton, Ed.; WRA- 
THALL, Claude, Math.; WRIGHT, Evelyn, Span.; 
WRIDE, Bert, Hist.; WRIGHT, Norman, Agr. Econ.; 
AKITA, Alice, Ed.; AFFLECK, Marilyn, Soc; AN- 
DERSON, Ralph, Chem. Eng.; BRADLEY, James, 
Ch. Hist.; BELL, Richard, Ed.; BELLISTON, Bona, 
Music; POWELL, Gene, Physics; CAHOON, Leon, 
Ed.; CARPENTER, George, Rel.; COX, Lee, Chem.; 
D'ADDABBO, Patrick, Fr.; DEADY, William, Ed.; 
FISH, Charles, Soc; GREENWOOD, Edmund, Soc; 
DUMAS, Mary, Ent.; GUNN, Blaine, Econ.; HSU, 
Li-Chen, Chem.; HATTON, Marlene, Soc; 
HOUGHTALING, Francis, Rad. & Tel; HUTCH- 
INSON, Karl; HESS, Daniel, Ed.; JENSEN, Don, 
Chem.; JOHNSON, John, Chem.; KEKAUOHA, 
Willard, ZooL; KATTERMAN, Frank, Chem.; KIDD, 
Jack, Ent.; KIM, Soon Chang, GeoL; LEE, Thomas, 
Physics; LAUB, Dale, Pub. Ad. 

CREATIVE ART classes encourage students to 
develop their imaginations and artistic skills. 

Bradley, James L. 
Bell, Richard DerMont 
Belliston, Bona 

Powell, Gene Conder 
Cahoon, Leon 
Carpenter, George R. 

Cox, Lee T. 
D'Addabbo, Patrick 
Deady, William F. 

Fish, Charles R. 
Greenwood, Edmund 
Dumas, Mary Elizabeth 

Gunn, Blaine F. 
Hsu, Li-Chen 
Hatton, Marlene 

Houghtaling, Francis William 
Hutchinson, Karl G. 
Hess, Daniel S. 

Jensen, Don B. 
Johnson, John H. 
Kekauoha, Willard 

Johansen, Franz 
Katterman. Frank 
Kidd, Jack 

Kim, Soon Chang 
Lee, Thomas W. 
Laub, Dale 


^1 ^1 ,p\^ 


Lindsay, Elizabeth F. 
McBride. Ralph L. 
Manookln, Robert P, 
McCandless, Geary A. 
Mitchell, George 
Nelson. Richard F. 
Mukherjee, Barid B, 

Ostler, James B. 
Paclcham, E. Richard 
Parlcer, Jack L 
Peterson, DeVerl J. 
Petersen. Morris 
Pope, Richard L. 
Rogers, Kennett H. 

Saw, Lachhu 
Schultz. Ronald W. 
Smit. Walter R. 
Smith. George H. 
Strawn, Byron 
Uibel. Garth 
Thomas, Ray Clarlc 

Urban, Dick 
Velasco, Barbara 
Welnhelmer, Ruth 
Warner, Ted 
Whittle, Charles W. 
Woolley, Quentin 
Woodland, Roland B. 




Anderson, Ernel L. 
Badger, Marvin 
Barrow, Minnie 
Beishline, Robert 
Bevans, Virginia 

Campbell, Edward E. 
Clayton, Kenneth P. 
Christensen, Clyde A. 
Cutler, Gae Vivian 
Day, Dennis 

Druke, Helen 
Duke, James K. 
Earl, Clair F. 
Gardner, Willard H. 
Guernsey, Marvin E. 

Gwinn, Albert 
Gunter, Maynard 
Hales. Van B. 
Harris, John S. 
Hawks, Verlyn E. 


LINDSAY, Elizabeth, Ed.; McBRIDE. Ralph. Hist.; 
Geary, Sp.; MITCHELL, George, Chem.; NELSON. 
Richard, Botany; MUKHERJEE, Barld. Zool.; OST- 
LER, James, Acct.; PACKHAM, Richard, Bus. Mgt.; 
PARKER, Jack, Physics; PETERSON, DeVerl.; PET- 
ERSEN, Morris, GeoL; POPE, Richard, Eng.; ROG- 
ERS, Kenneth, Physics; SAW. Lachhu. Phy. Ed. & 
Rec; SCHULTZ, Ronald, Hist.; SMIT. Walter, Phys- 
ics; SMITH, George, Soc; STRAWN, Byron; UIBEL. 
Garth, Phys. Ed.; THOMAS, Ray, Phy. Ed.; VEL- 
ASCO, Barbara; WEINHEIMER, Ruth, Ger. Lit.; 
WARNER, Ted, Hist.; WHITTLE, Charles, Chem.; 
WOOLLEY. Quentin, Pol. Sc; WOODLAND. Rol- 
and, Geol.; ANDERSON, Ernel. Art; BADGER. 
Marvin, Hist.; BARROW, Mickey, Sp.; BEISHLINE. 
Robert, Chem.; BEVANS, Virginia; CAMPBELL, Ed- 
ward; CLAYTON, Kenneth; CHRISTENSEN, Clyde. 
Soc.; CUTLER, Gae, Hist.; DAY, Dennis, Chem. 
Eng.; DRUKE, Helen; DUKE, James, Phy. Ed.; EARL. 
Clair; GARDINER, Willard, Math; GURNSEY, Mar- 
vin, Chem.; GWINN, Albert. Chem. Eng.; GUN- 
TER, Maynard, Art; HALES, Van, Ed.; HARRIS. 
John; HAWKS, Verlyn. An. Hus.; HICKENLOOPER. 
Lottie, Ed.; JACOBS, Dee; HODSON, Phillip; 
JONES, Clifford; JENSEN, Larry; JOHNSON, Hol- 
lis. Physics; LUDLOW, Kenneth, Ed.; KOLLER. 
Frank, Ed.; LARSEN, Ernest, Pre. Dent.; LYTHGOE. 
Jack. Ed.; MACKAY. Kathryn; MARTELL, Richard. 
Acct.; MYER, Marie, Ed.; MOFFAT, LOIS, Ed.; 
NASH, William; NELSON, Jack; NELSON, Lloyd. 
Mus.; NICHOLS. Murray; OWEN. Marlta. Eng.; 
PEDERSEN, Allen; PETERSEN, Gerald, Mktg.; PET- 
ERSON, Sheila, Ed.; PITCHFORD, Darwin, Phys. 
Ed.; PUTNAM, Howard, Mus.; WHITEHEAD, 
Gwen, Eng. Lit.; TINGEY. Wid, Ch. Hist.; SMITH, 
Cleon, Geol.; TIDWELL, Frank, Bact.; LINDSEY, 
Kay, Botany: TALLEY. George. Ent. 

CASTING BALLOTS for Freshman class elections 
appears fo be serious business tor student voter. 

Hicitenlooper, Lottie 
Jacobs, Dee Valentine 
Hodson, Phillip H. 

Jones, Clifford H. 
Jensen, Larry 
Johnson, Hollis R. 

Ludlow, Kenneth 
Koller, E. Franl< 
Larsen, Ernest O. 

Lythgoe, Jaclc W. 
MacKay, Kathryn 
Martell, Richard 

Myer, Marie Lytle 

Moffat, Lois 

Nash, William Verlin 

Nelson, Jack 
Nelson, Lloyd Keith 
Nichols, Murray L. 

Owen, Marlta 
Pedersen, Allen 
Petersen, Gerald A. 

Peterson, Sheila 
Pltchford, Darwin 
Putnam, Howard H, 

Whitehead, Gwen 
Tlngey, Wid 
Smith, Cleon V. 

Tidwell, Frank 
Thomas, Lindsey Kay 
Talley, George 


Baggett, Lucretia 
Bassett. Ramon E. 
Bate, William 
Bennett. J. Von 
Biclcmore, Darrell 
Bitter, Kirk 
Biarnson, Sharlene 

Brandley. Patricia 
Blaisdell, Ma<ee K. 
Brennan, Cliff 
Brown. Carol 
Burt. David 
Call. Udean 
Carlile. Don F. 

Carter, George Ross 
Castillo. Rafael E. 
Cfiristensen. Theodore J. W. 
Christensen. William J. 
Collard, Cathy 
Cooper, Jay E. 
Cooper, Kenneth G. 

Davies. Catherine 
Dillman. Laurie 
Egbert. Wendell 
Estrada. Fazur 
Evans. John W. 
Dehloyos, B. Federico 
Ferrin, Luan H. 



senior class 

Gates, Hugh 
Glines, Reece 
Ginqerich, Lamont 
Griff'H, Gayle 
Green, Paul 

Hall, Jerry 
Hagerty. Everett L. 
Hammond, Martha 
Hamson, Robert L. 
Hatch, Ronald D. 

Henderson, Evan 
Higgins, Jay C. 
Hilton. W. Bruce 
Holliday, Parley 
Hodson, Lloyd 

Hoover, Kelvin 
Hutchinson, Nannette 
Johnson, Dale H. 
Judd, Benarr T. 
Lauritzen, Louis 

Loose, W. A. Robert, Jr. 
Lochhead, Lois 
Maughan, Scott 
MIskIn, Thain 
Millet, Margaret 

BAGGETT, Lucretia, Sec. Tr.; BASSETT, Ramon; 
BATE, William, Phy. Ed.; BENNETT, Von, Ed.; 
BICKMORE, Darrell, Acct.; BITTER, Kirk, GeoL; 
BJARNSON, Sharlene, Ed.; BRANDLEY, Patricia, 
Ed.; BLAISDELL, MaKee, Arts; BRENNAN, Cliff, 
Mkfg.; BROWN, Carol, Ed.; BURT, David, Com.; 
CALL, Udean, El. Eng.; CARLILE, Don, Bio. & Ag. 
Sc; CARTER, George, Fin. & Bkg.; CASTILLO, 
Rafael, Civ. Eng.; CHRISTENSEN, Theodore, Mu- 
sic; CHRISTENSEN, William; COLLARD, Cathy, 
Journ.; COOPER, Jay, Eng.; COOPER, Kenneth, 
Phys. Ed.; DAVIES, Catherine, Journ.; BILLMAN, 
Laurie, Hist.; EGBERT, Wendell, Phys. Ed.; ESTRA- 
DA, Fasur, Bio. & Ag. Sc; EVANS, John, Mec. Eng.; 
DEHOYOS, Federico, Bio. & Ag. Sc; FERRIN, 
Luan, Ed.; GATES, Hugh, Chem. Eng.; GLINES, 
Reece, Chem. Eng.; GINGERICH, Lamont; GRIF- 
FIN, Gayle, Ed.; GREEN, Paul, Soc; HALL, Jerry; 
HAGGERTY, Everett, Pre. Med.; HAMMOND, 
Martha, Ed.; HAMSON, Robert, El. Eng.; HATCH, 
Ronald, Chem. Eng.; HENDERSON, Evan, Ed.; 
HIGGINS, Jay. Bus. Mgt.; HILTON, Bruce, Math.; 
HOLLIDAY, Parley, Civ. Eng.; HODSON, Lloyd, 
Ed.; HOOVER, Kelvin, Pol. Sc; HUTCHINSON, 
Nannette, Sp.; JOHNSON, Dale, El. Eng.; JUDD, 
Benarr, GeoL; LAURITZEN, Louis, El. Eng.; LOOSE, 
Robert, Phys. Ed.; LOCKHEAD, Lois, Ed.; 
MAUGHAN, Scott, GeoL; MISKIN, Thain, Acct.; 
MILLET, Margaret, Phys. Ed.; MUMFORD, David, 
Botany; MURDOCK, Clair, GeoL; MOVAGHAR, 
Nasser, Mec. Eng.; OLSON, Jean; NIELSEN, Don, 
Bio & Ag. Sc; OYLER, Phil, Rec; PERRY, Robert, 
Eng. Sc; PHILLIPS, Blaine, An. Hus.; PETERSON, 
Alton, El. Eng.; PINCKNEY, Dave, Phys. Ed.; RICH- 
ARDSON, Floyd, Phys. Ed.; RAYNOR, Wallace, 
Hist.; ROGERS, Gail, El. Eng.; RUTTER, Jim, Civ. 
Eng.; SCHOW, Morgan; SHARP, Joan, Sec. Tr.; 
SMITH, Ronald, Chem. Eng.; SPENCER, Karl, ZooL; 
TAYLOR, Verl, El. Eng.; THOMAS, Leiand; THOM- 
AS, Brent; VIRZI, John, Ed.; WALKER, Harold, 
Eng. Sc; WILLE, Milton, Mec Eng.; WALLACE, 
Lon, Arch.; WILLIAMS, Glen; WILSON, Arnold, 
Civ. Eng.; WITTSELL, Lawrence, Agron.; WILSON, 
John, Civ. Eng. 

SOME STUDIED and found that their professors 
were right. It really does innprove your grades. 

Mumford, David 
Murdock. Clair 
Movaghar, Nasser 

Olson, Jean 
Nielsen, Don Lee 
Oyler, Phil 

Perry, Robert 
Phillips. Blaine C. 
Peterson, Alton C. 

Pincltney, Dave 
Richardson, Floyd 
Raynor, Wallace A. 

Rogers. Gail M. 
Rutter, J. Jim 
Schow, Morgan Grant 

Sharp, Joan 
Snnith, Ronald R. 
Spencer, Karl F. 

Taylor, Verl 
Thomas, Leiand N. 
Thomas, D, Brent 

Virzi, John Robert 
Walker, Harold C. 
Wille, Milton G. 

Wallace. Lon J. 
Williams, Glen Lee 
Wilson, Arnold 


Wlttsell, Lawrence 
Wilson, John L. 



junior class 1956 

Junior Class completed a year of hard work and fun with 
class parties, class projects, and work on the Junior Prom 
rating high on the list of accomplishments. 
Junior class members organized quickly and started the 
year with a successful dance in autumn quarter. Juniors 
spent the year collecting money for their share of the 
Carillonic Chimes project, enjoying a popular skating 
party, and joining in with the sophomores and freshmen 
for a winter fun party. 

Spring quarter they tested their talents in the annual 
class assembly. Seniors were invited to the traditional 
breakfast served up and prepared by the Juniors. The 
class also sponsored the only formal dance of the year, the 
Junior Prom, on April 20 and 21. Charlie Barnet and his 
orchestra were the big attractions of the dance. 

Junior Class officers this year were Pat 

Christensen, secretary; Sandra Butler, vice 

president; and Dallas Merrill, president. 

Junior Class Senators on the revised 
studentbody government were Rex Estes, 
Dennis Olsen and LaMont Ririe. 


Abbott, Gwen 
Adachi, Margaret 
Adams, Jack 
Adams, Geraldine 
Adams, Leo N. 
Adamson, Cecil L. 
Ainsworth, Robert 

Alexander. Patsy 
Allan, Dean S. 
Allan, J. Collin 
Allan, Ronald J. 
Alldredge, Clifford 
Allred, Norman 
Allred, Lynette 

Amstutz, John 
Almond, Mary Lou 
Anderson, Yvonne 
Anderson, Garron 
Anderson, Jack 
Anderson, Kent L. 
Anderson, Karen 

Anderson, Richard Cyril 
Anderson, Pauline 
Anderson, Ray 
Anderson, Robert A. 
Anderson, Robert D. 
Anderson, Steven H. 
Anderson, Virgil 



junior class 

Armstrong, Frances 
Arnold, Marilyn 
Arnold, Sally 
Ashcraft, Grant 
Aston, Dennis 
Ashworth, Penny 
Atack, Carol 

Ashworth, Pete 
Atkerson, Jane 
Atkinson, Shirley 
Atoa, Samuelu 
Atterton, Frances 
Attridge, Joan 
Atchley, Audrienne 

Averett, Charles Ray, Jr. 

Austin, Allan 

Baca, Bettye 

Bagley, Terrence 

Bailey, Roma 

Baird, Alan 

Baker, Bryce 

Bailey, George R. 
Baker, Seth C. 
Baker, Sharon 
Ballard, Alice 
Ballard, Arthur J. 
Ballif, Mark 
Bamberg, Carol 

Barlow, Eleanor 
Bangerter, Darrell 
Banner, Gay 
Barber, Bernis 
Barkdull, Jay H. 
Barnard, Logan 
Barnes, Gary 

Alberto De Hoyos 
Alberts, Jack 

Barney, Joyce 
Barton, George E. 
Bateman, Robert E. 
Bath, Duane 
Bean, Lael 
Beasley, JoAnn 
Beard, Bernice 

Beck, LuJuana 
Beazer, Duane 
Beazer, Keith 
Beck, Kathy 
Beckett, Janice 
Beckstead, Joy 
Beckstrand, Carol Nan 

Bell, Alice A. 
Beckstrand, Dale F. 
Behunin, Shirley 
Belnap, Richard D. 
Bender, Russell 
Bennett, Douglas Roger 
Benson, llda 

Benfley, Richard 
Benson, John 
Berge, Dale 
Bergstedt, Eleanor 
Berrett, Bonnie 
Berry, David K. 
Bessey, William N. 

Bertch, Frederick 
Beus, Gary 
Beus, Spencer 
Bigelow, Grant 
Billings. Marilyn 
Blllstrom, Richard 
Birch, Larry B. 

Bird. Cloyd 
Birch, Thonnas 
Bird, Charles 
Bishop, Dean 
Black, Kathryn E. 
Black. Paul Dean 
Blacker, Stanley 

Allsop, Shirley Anne 
Alvey, Yuvonne 

Anderson, Kent M. 
Anderson, Paul 

Andrew, Frederick C. 
Arbon, Alden 

BANYAN SALES attracted nnuch interest at reg- 
istration as students flocked to buy their Banyan. 


Blair, John L. 

Blackhurst. Hoyt 
Blake, Reed 
Blatter, Kay 
Blau, E. Nadina 
Blauer, Lanis 
Blaylocl;, Marilyn 

Borgeson, June 
Bowen, Mario 
Boyack, Gary 
Bown. Marjorle 
Bradshaw, Jay 
Brady, Con H. 
Brandenburg, Ray E. 

Brennan, Stania 
Breitenstein, Frank 
Broadhead, Bruce 
Brewer, David L. 
Brooksby, Lyie 
Brooksby, Merrill 
Brown, Jack V. 

Bunnell, Mary Helen 
Budge, Barbara 
Burton, Thomas R. 
Burkinshaw, Kay 
Bush, Alfred L 
Butler, Sandra 
Bush, Clifford 


junior class 

Bybee, C. Nannette 
Calder, Joseph 
Caldwell, James D. 
Call, Dell 
Calvert, Douglas 
Carlston, Nancy 
Call, Marjorie 

Carter, Richard G. 
Carter, Janet 
Cartwright, Mary Jean 
Casavantes, J. A. F. 
Casey, John W. 
Cattani, Ray 
Casper, Leon B. 

Chambers, Kathy 
Chadwick, Alice 
Chappell, Robert O. 
Chatelain, Dianne 
Child, Myron 
Cheney, Marian 
Christensen, Allen C. 

Christensen, Bruce J. 
Chipman, Richard 
Christensen, David E. 
Christensen, Lorry 
Christensen, Lorraine 
Christensen, Neal 
Christensen, Joseph G. 

Christensen, Pat D. 
Clapp, Lynn 
Clark. Leona G. 
Clark, Robert M. 
Clark, Nelda 
Clayton, Kelvin 
Clawson, Myrna 

Bonser, Emma 
Booth, Wallace 

Brandley, Cleo 

Brasher, Margaret Elaine 

Bjckwalter, Dolores 
Brown, Eleanor 

Buttars, Orvin 
Butterfleld, Thomas Kent 

BIBLER BOUNCE featured announcement of char- 
acters Worthal, Louise Lush, and Professor Snarf. 

Coleman, Ray W. 
Clough, Gloria 
Cloward, Viva 
Coffin, Jack 
Collard, Lorraine 
Cook. Bill 
Clyde, Lynette M. 

Cook, Colleen 

Cook, Boyd 

Cook, Jack 

Corbett, Lawrence Richard 

Coons, Lounell 

Cornish, Clayton 

Cottam, Caren 

Cowan. LuJean 
Cottam, Delmar 
Covington, Oral 
Covington, Wayne 
Cox, Harold 
Coy, Joyce Kay 
Crandall, Evelyn 

Crawford, Darrell B. 
Critchlow, Bob 
Creer, Howard 
Cullimore. Kelvin H. 
Croft, Garth 
Dalton, Delos R. 
Dahl, David C. 

Darling, Clair H. 
Davenport, Evonne 
Davies, Leiand 
Day, Clark H. 
Davenport, Sharon Lynne 
Davis. Owen 
Davis, Lloyd F. 

Davis, Dorothy 
Day, Fay 
Day, Myrna 
Dayley. Alan 
Decker, Mary 
De Mille, Lloyd 
Deputy, Anne 


Dixon, Douglas W. 
Dixon, Joan 
Dolron, Mary Lou 
Dotson, Renee 
Drake, Janel 
Donahoo, Boyd 
Duke, Barbara 

Durham. Karl Ray 
Durfee, Delsa 
Eagar, Idonna 
Duvall, Richard 
East, Neal 
Eberting, George 
Edwards, Pat 

Eldredge, Glen H. 
Elgan, Jess B. 
Eliason, Norrell B. 
Emery, Carolyn 
Erickson, Elaine 
Estes, Rex W. 
Erickson, Leiand R. 

Farmer, Scott 
Farr, Robert L 
Fazzlo, Shirley Anne 
Ferrell, James R. 
Fife, Florence 
Findlay, Eugene 
Finllnson, Arlyn 





Flower, Judson H. 
Flake, Rhita 
Forsberg. Robin 
Forsling, Ann 
Fossum, Allan 
Fuhriman. Elizabeth 
Funk, Carlton 

Frank, Charles G. 
Francom, Delbert D. 
Free, Joseph C. 
Freeman, Gerry 
Freeze, Gary 
French, Don 
Gage, Delwyn O. 

Gale, Muriel 
Gallego, Danny 
Ganus, Perry G. 
Garner, Clair J. 
Gardner, Shirley 
Garside, LaMoyne A. 
Gardner, Sofia Ann 

Geddes, Karia 
Gates, Joseph L. 
Geaita, John 
Geertsen, Lou Rita 
Gerth, Edna 
Giauque, Barbara 
Gibbons, Normand 

Gillies, Margaret 
Girard, LeRoy 
Glazier, Donna 
Glazier. Joan 
Goodwin, Reese 
Gonzales, Lawrence 
Gordon, David S. 

Greenhalgh. Merllyn 
Greathouse, Don 
Green, Gloria 
Green, James L. 
Greenhalgh, Richard 
Gresham, Kenneth 
Greenwood, Dennis I. 

Grimshaw, Barbara 
Griffin, Gerald 
Griffin, Rodney D. 
Griffin, Sylvia Gail 
Grover, Richard K. 
Gulbransen, Lois Jane 
Gubler, Brent H. 

Gurney, Boyd F. 
Gurney, Lois 
Guymon, Duane S. 
Hafen, Donald Neil 
Hafen, Kenneth E. 
Hair, Benton K. 
Hales, John Loclcwood 

Hall, Robert 
Hall, Peggy 
Haller, Peggy 
Halls, Williams 
Hamlin, Josephine 
Hamling, Donald D 
Hales, Lynore 

Hanks, Sterling 
Hancock, Harold 
Hanks, Russell H. 
Hancock, Joseph P. 
Hanly, Thomas F., Jr. 
Hanni, Helen 
Hansen, Doyle L. 


Harkness, Jill 
Hansen, Edward L. 
Hansen, John B. 
Hansen, Joyce 
Hansen, H. Kimball 
Hansen, LaVar 
Hanson, Darrell 

Harvey, Denzil 
Harris, Boyce R. 
Harwood, Darwin 
Harvard, Peggy Lee 
Hatch, George 
Hatch, Paul B. 
Hatch, Thelma 

Heaps, Arnell E. 
Hayes, Darwin Lyie 
Helton, John 
Henderson, Paul J. 
Hendricks, Calvin 
Hepworth, Lester O. 
Herbst, John R. 

Hiclten, Elaine 
Hess, Wilford Moser 
Hiatt, Reld 
Higginson, Dean 
Hill, Chadley Ann 
Hill, Janet 
Hilton, Clesse S. 




Hodges, Jere D. 
Hintze, Geraldine 
Ho, Robert 
Hodgkinson, Larry S. 
Hodson, Daryl V. 
Hogensen, Marvin C. 
Hobbs, Rita 

Hogge, Glen Ray 
Hokanson, Beverly 
Holladay, Fred H. 
Hollingsworth, Marvin 
Hollingworth, Franklin D. 
Hooper, Richard 
Holmes, John R. 

Holtsclaw, Louise 
Hcpping, Miriam Anne 
Horban, Walter 
Houston, F. Grant 
Horton, Helen 
Howells, James M. 
Howard, Ruth Ann 

Hulick, Boyd 
Hughes, Shirley 
Hull, Sonja 
Hunt, Diana 
Hunt, Edwin 
Hunt, Mary Lou 
Hunter, Margaret 

Hunt, Richard 
Hurst, Dorothy 
Hussey, Raedelle 
Hutchinson, Nancy 
Hyde, Ellis 
Ingalls, RonaJd 
Hyde, SusAnn 

Hanson, E. Brad 
Harding, Robert- 

Hawlin's, Anne 
HaHield. Kenneth M. 

Isgrig, Wayne 
Ingram, Mary Jo 
Ingram, Patricia 
Ipson, George V. 
Jackson, Harold L. 
Jackson, Joyce 
Jackson, Kenneth W. 

Jeffs, Craig 
Jacobs, Hugh R. 
Jacobs, Daniel H. 
Jacobson, Vena Lee 
Jenkins, Wayne A. 
Jensen, Darrell 
Jensen, Bryant L 

Jessen, Colleen 
Jensen, Hal B. 
Jensen, Joanne 
Jensen, Sylvia Lee 
Johns, Stanford K. 
Johnson, Carol 
Jensen, Thomas R. 

Johnson, Carol 
Johnson, Eleanor 
Johnson, Hal L. 
Johnson, Kay F. 
Jones, Alyce 
Jones, Douglas E. 
Johnson, Janeen 

Jones, Duane A. 
Jones, Gerald E. 
Jones, Kenneth 
Johnson, Lonny 
Jones, Cleona 
Jones, Paula 
Jones, Don M. 

Jones, Howard P. 
Jorgensen, Arlene 
Jorgensen, Hal 
Jorgensen, Myron, Jr 
Judd, Jane 
Joyce, Jack A. 
Jorgensen, Roy W. 

Herring, Jill Yvonne 
Hess, Carlene 

Hilton, Jackson M. 
Hinkson, Roland C. 

KIA ORA CLUB delights audience at Heritage 
Halls while performing native dances and chants. 


Judkins, J. Leonard 
Jueschke, Alexander A. 
Kelley, Barbara 
Killian, James F. 
Kenney, Kenneth 
Klllpack, Wayne I. 
Kim, Yong Soon 

Kirltman, Lawrence 
King. Edmund 
Kirkland, Bufaye 
Knight, Marlene 
Knight, Richard Earl 
Kotter, Joan 
Kwalc, Kun Sa 

Larsen, Gaylen C. 
Lamb, Verl S. 
Larsen, Evelyn 
Larsen, William 
Larsen, Marva Jean 
Larson, Linda 
Larson, Martin Robert 

Levanger, Delores 
Leavitt, Crayton DeLange 
Lee, Frank 
Lewis, Mary Ann 
Lillywhite, Craig 
Little, Loretta 
Llewellyn, JoAnn 


junior class 

Lott, Doris E. 
Lott, Kent 
Ley, Leiand 
Lowder, Ronald D. 
Luke, Calvin J. 
Luke, Merilyn 
Lucas, Frank 

Musig, Morris 
Lundmark, Martin 
Lyman, Emerson 
McKay, Carol 
Madsen, Janice 
Macumber, Ann 
Malphurs, Roger E. 



Magaoay, Pasito 
Martin', Dean Wright 
Martin, Gerald, Jr. 
Manser, Kathleen 
Magleby, Richard 
Martindale, Larry 

Martineau, Gladys 
Matthews, Elmo G. 
Mayo, Raymond 
May, Frank O., Jr. 
Maughan, Marilyn L. 
Meeks, Hazel 
Meiners, June 

Menning, Zelda 
Merrell, Dallas 
Merrill, Evan W. 
Merrill, Kathleen 
Merrill, Louis H. 
Merritt, Shirley 
Meyer, Mildred 

Kimball, Bud D. 
Kimball, Royal Duane 

\ "^^"^ 

Mlelke, Eloise 
Milam, Gary 
Mills, James 
Milne, Marilyn 
Misbach, Grant L. 
Mitchell. Melvin 
McAllister, LeRay L. 

McArtfiur, Ned 
McCosh, Leonard 
McCullough, LaRae 
McDaniel, Lloyd S. 
McFarland, Melva 
McNaughton, Mary 
McKay, Monroe G. 

McKenzIe, Phyllis 
Money, Richard L. 
Moore. Marilyn E. 
Morgan, Carole Ann 
Morgan, Gloria 
Mortensen, La Rene 
Morris, Carol Jean 

Mortimer. Jean 
Moss. Beverly 
Moss. Reed L. 
Motschman. Shirley 
Mostert. Andre 
Murphy. Mary 
Murray. Evelyn 

Murray. Robert J. 
Muslg. Marilyn Jean 
Nebeker. Louise 
Neel. Ray 
Nielson. Adonis H. 
Neilson, JoAnn 
Neeley. Nevada 

Nelson, Charles 
Nelson, Charlotte 
Nelson, Conrad R. 
Nelson, Doris Kay 
Nelson, Gail 
Nelson, Jan 
Neufeld. Robert L. 

Lalce, Eileen 
Krieger, Clarence 

Law. Elaine 
LeBaron. Wayne D. 

Long. Lester 
■ -'^ Lowder, Don L. 

BEATING DRUMS together and authentic Indian 
costumes are features of Tribe of Many Feathers. 

Nichols, Annette 
Newman, William A. 
Nicoll, Lyman 
NIelson, Allen 
NIelson. Diane 
Nielson. J. Richard 
Nilsen, Carol 

Nixdorf, James 
Nuzman, Delbert J. 
O'Brien, Donald A. 
O'Brien, Roger 
Oldroyd, Esther 
Oliphant, Virginia 
Olmstead, Pat 

Olsen, Elaine 
Olsen, Dennis 
Olsen, Norma 
Olsen, Larry 
Olsen, Willis 
Ottosen, Nadene 
Olson, Beth 

Ovard, Mary Lou 
Owens. Joseph 
Paltreyman, Mary 
Palmer, Gayle 
Palmer, Pauline 
Palmer, Wendell 
Palmer, Val W. 

jC!| TJk X4 H. '« 



senior class 

Paul, Ronald 
Parkinson, Carol 
Patterson, Pat 
Paskett, Ray 
Paulos, Camille 
Peck, Glenn 
Payne, K. Lee 

Payne, Darrel L. 
Pedersen, Darhl 
Peery, David 
Petersen, Elaine 
Pennell, Paul 
Peterson, Arlene 
Peterson, Paul 

Peterson. Elaine 
Peterson, Bruce R. 
Peterson, Glenn 
Petersen, Kay R. 
Peterson, RaNee 
Petty, Clara 
Phelps, Richard L. 

Ng, Pauline Pollam 
Pinckney, George 
Porter, Eugene 
Porter, Merna 
Poulter, Marilyn 
Porter, Stanley C. 
Pratt, Robert 

Prescott, Max 
Price, Jay 
Pringle. John K. 
Prior. Jean 
Quails. Gary L. 
Quinn. Thomas A. 
Prisbrey. Jerry G. 

Radin, John K. 
Ralph, Richard B. 
Rampton, Jean 
Rands, George 
Rawlings, James L. 
Ray, Alyric 
Reed, Maxine 

Ray, Guy B. 
Reber, Ina 
Reed, Ronald 
Rees, Robert 
Richards, Hyrum E. 
Richards, Nephi 
Reid, Clark 

Rhofon. Beverly 
Richardson, Jay 
Richardson, Pauline 
Richins, Alden 
Ricks, Karma 
Ridenhour, Ted E. 
Rigby, LaRue A. 

Ririe, Marilyn 
Riggs, Abbie Leo 
Ririe, Rogers C. 
Robinson, Dorothy 
Robins, Raymond 
Robinson, Shirlene 
Romney, Carolyn 

Rose, Robert 
Rooks, June 
Rossal, Miguel Angel 
Roberts, Stan B. 
Robison, Diana 
Robinson, Luella 
Robinson, Pat 

Rodeback, Charles H. 
Roundy, Fenrel G. 
Rowe, Thomas 
Russell, John 
Rucker, Fred W. 
Russell, John 
Russell, Ken 


Ezra John 

Nilsson, Ray M. 






Lloyd V. 


James R. 




J, Carlyle 

MARCHING BAND performs at halftime for en- 
tertainment of spectators at home football games. 


Russon, Dick 
Russell, Francine 
Rust, Pat 

Ryan, Stanley Leiand 
Salter, Philip W. 
Santisteven, Nanette 
Saslne, Bob 

Schmidt, Rachel 
Schiers, Iris L. 
Searle, Inez S. 
Seely, Dean H. 
Seely, Gwen 
Sedgwick, Claudia 
Sharp, Hugh Leo 

Shinsel, Glenda 
Simms, Connie 
SIpherd, Dave 
Skinner, Barbara 
Skinner, LaVon 
Slaughter, Adele 
Smedley, George H. 

Snnith, Kay 
Smith, Leon 
Smith, Linda Lou 
Smith, LInnea 
Smith, Mile R. 
Smith, Phil M, 
Smith, Ralph 





Smoot, Harlow 
Snow, Donald R. 
Snow, Shirley 
Sondrup, Keith D. 
Soper, Florine 
Sorenson, Burnell 
Southwick, Bill 

Squire, Adrlen J. 
Speakman, Robert 
Spencer, Phillip 
Stagg, Marland N. 
Squires, David 
Standing, Ben 
Stapley, Claudia 

Stowell, Karen 
Stein, Joanne 
Stephen, Judith 
Stewart, Dick 
Stevens, Patricia 
Stevenson, Roberta 
Stock, Marjorie 

Stratford, Roland J. 
Stone, Kay 
Storey, Jerald 
Stowell, Dorothy 
Strang, James L. 
Strong, Patricia Marie 
Stringham, Stuart R. 

Swann, Alma G. 
Stump, Lois 
Swinyard, Shirley 
Sullivan, Ralph 
Summers, Walton C. 
Taylor, Mary Elizabeth 
Switzer, Lee 

SardonI, Betty 
Saxey, Edward 

Terry, Max 
Terry, Den S. 
Terry, Marilyn 
Thatcher, Joan 
Thompson, Heber M 
Thomas, Ronald H. 
Thompson, Keith 

Thorpe, Blaine F. 
Thompson, Lavonne 
Thueson, Darlene 
Thompson, Samuel O 
Thurgood, Anne 
Thulin, Carol 
Tidwell, Bette L. 

Tobler, Archie Leon 
Todd, Carol 
Todd, Jerrold W. 
Toone. Kenneth 
Turner, Norma 
Turley, Patricia 
Turner. Ron 

Turner, Paul 
Twitchell, E. Gene 
Twitchell, LaMar 
Twitchell, Phyllis 
Varnes, Don 
Van Dyke, Nancy Ruth 
Walker, Darrel 

Teteto, Andrew L. 
Vogel, Arvllla 
Wallendorff, Loren 
Webb, Walter 
Warner. Sandra 
Warnick. Charles 
Wardle, Bud J. 

■K^IP iWiVH ipH 


flHHH «■■■■■ 

Zabriskie, Marilyn 
Zander, Rudy 
Zirker, Ron 
Zelier, Ronald 

Watts, Louise 
Warnick, Michael 
Warner, Charles 
Watson, Reba Carol 
Webb, Paul 
Webber, Maurice R. 

Weber, Billle Eile 
Webber, Robert 
Webster, Jackie 
Weidner, Bruce 
Wendt, Roy E. 
West, Sandra 

Werner, Edward S. 
Werner, Hal L. 
Westerberg, Bates 
Westwood, Judy 
White, Glenda Mae 
Whetten, John J. 

White, Joe 
Whitaker, William O. 
Whiting, Lois 
White, David A. 
White, William 
Whitney, Garth B. 

Winegar, Carol 
Wilde, LuJeane 
Whittle, Carol K. 
Wilcox, Dorinda 
Wilkinson, Milton J. 
Williams, David 

Williams, Joseph V. 
Williams, James F. 
Williams, Theo 
Williams, Yvonne 
Wilson, Ward 
Willis, Vivian 

Wilson, Arlene 
Wilcox, Stanley 
Winegar, James 
WIstlsen, RoLene 
Winters, F. Burton 
Winkler, Mary Lee 

Winegar, LeGrand 
Wolfley, Ella S. 
Wol, Chi Youn 
Wood, Helen 
Wood, Ruth Ann 
Worsley, Joan Kay 

front, Mona Boyden, Dallas Merrell, Sandy But- 
ler, chairman LaMont Ririe, Donna Glazier. Back 
row. Bob Anderson, L'Dean McCue, Connie 
Lamb, Roland Stratford, Oral Covington, Bar- 
bara Dunn, Al Austin. Prom was held in April. 

Janice Fife, Karma Greenwood, Pat Robinson, 
Judy Roberts, Sharon Brian, Myrna Rollins. 
Middle row, Janet Romney, Lael Hilton, Kenna 
Larsen, Marilyn Monson, Joan Gordon, Joan 
Balira, Barbara Adams, Sue Emmett, Jane 
Atkerson. Back row, Nadine Otteson, Maurine 
Zabriskie, Gayie Palmer, Judy Barnes, Loretfa 
Little, Bernice Beard. 

MAT DANCE workers Pat Robinson, Judy Barnes, Jane Atkerson, Joan Gordon, Nadine Otteson, Sharon Brian, Sue Emmett. 




sophomore class 1956 

Sophomore Class executives laid plans for a big year of 
activities and then followed through to make a successful 
administration of the largest sophomore class i.n the his- 
tory of the University. 

The officers list as one of the highlights of the year the 
attendance of over 600 students at an ice skating party 
at Provo Boat Harbor. The class also collected over $1600 
for the Carillonic Chimes. 

Sophomores during the year sponsored the Sophomore 
Loan Fund Ball to help students who needed loans. Other 
events were the sponsoring of a Homecoming float, an 
assembly, and the Mad Hatter's Ball co-sponsored with 
the Juniors. 

Well organized, the class boasts of being the first Soph- 
omore class to have a cabinet. Jobs in the cabinet include 
chairmen for Spiritual, Social, Athletics, Scrapbook, As- 
semblies, and Chimes. 


Sophomore Class officers fhis year were 
Dave Ward, president; Kay Brocltbanic, secre- 
tary, and Jane Eddington, vice president. 

Sophomore Senators were Roger Victor 
and Ann Jones. Absent when picture was 
taken was Senator Geraldina Callister. 


Aaron, Bond L. 
Adair, Gary L 
Adamson, Emalie 
Adele, Lois 
Agu'ter. JoAnn 
Ah Nee, Roy K. 
Ahlberg, Clinton 

Alexander, Albert 

Alder, Inez 

David W. 
Barbara Jo 


Allen, Sybil 
Allison, Stan 
Allred, Geraldine 
Allred, James J. 
Allred, Lou Ann 
Alexander, Harry ^ 
Andersen, C. Paul 

Anderson. Gloria 
Andersen, Cordell 
Anderson, Bill R. 
Anderson, Joan 
Anderson, Joanne 
Anderson, Kenneth W. 
Anderson, E. Lisle 



sophomore class 

Andersen, Patsy 
Anderson, Marlene 
Anderson, Lynette 
Anderson, Mary 
Anderson, Paul 
Anderson, Oscar G. 

Anderson, Paul R. 
Anderson, RaVae 
Anderson, Ru+h Jean 
Andrews, Linda 
Andrus. Alyn 
Arashlro, Klmie 

Ash, Leonard 
Archibald, Vernene 
Aschmann. Joy 
Arms+rong, James V\. 
Ashton, Marilyn 
Asplund, Harold J. 

Atlclsson, Laurelfa 
Atchley, Ronald 
Auger, Rae 
Averett, Leah Mae 
Averlll, John 
Austin, T. Dean 

Baer. Larry D. 
j Avery, Ednis 

Babcocic, Barbara 
M Bagley. Lynne 

Bailey. Fredric 

Bailey, Barbara 


Baird, Leadene 
Bailey, Janice 
Baird, Vaughn 
Balcer, Dorothy 
Ballanfyne, Ver Don 
Ballard, Nona 
Barlow, Pauline 

Ballard, Roger 
Bang, Robert 
Barber, David H. 
Barnes, Dicic 
Barnes, Joanne 
Barnes, Judy 
Barnes, William R. 

Barney, Gordon 
Barnett, Mary 
Berrera, Bob 
Barrett, Bruce 
Barrow, Joan 
Batholomew, M, Grant 
Barney, Ken 

Batchelor, Lee 
Bartholomew, Marie 
Bartik, George Jerry 
Barton, James A. 
Bassett, Eloulse 
Bateman, Neldon 
Bates, Edward 

Baum, Ronald 
Bates, Wayne L. 
Baumgarten, Dave 
Baziw, Jean Doris 
Beach, Edward L. 
Bean, J. Evan 
Bean, Audrey 

Beard, Judy 
Beck, Clive 
Beck, Janet 
Becker, Christiane 
Beckstrand, Ray L. 
Beeson, Jane 
Beckstrand, Mervin 

STUDENTS SUPPORT footbalf team and fill grand- 
stand to overflowing with hopes for gridiron win. 

Benson, Yvonne 
Benson, Marilyn 
Benson, Sharon 


Bernadot, Pearl 
Bernard, Albert L. 
Bernard. Maria 
Bernard, Graciela 
Bertelsen, Delora 
Besendorfer, Joan 
Betfiers, Ray 

Bills, William H. 
Binder, Chrls+a 
Binghann, John Irvine 
Biorn, Paul E. 
Binghann, Mike 
Biniaz, Amir (Pete) 
Bird, Carol 

Bird, Donald R. 
Blrks. Orval J. 
Bishop, Eddie 
Bishop, Jessie, Jr. 
Blacic, Franklin 
Blacker, Marvin L. 
Black, Cleo Kay 

Bliss, Marlon D. 
Blasongame, Beverly M. 
Blood, Carol 
Bleak, Earl E. 
Bloomfield. Lynne 
Bodily, Sherry 
Bolce, Maevonne 


sophomore class 

Bolin, James J. 
Bolin, Joan 
Boone, Margaret 
Booth. Forrest E. 
Booth, Beverly 
Boren, Robert 

Booth, Gordon 
Boulter, Ronald 
Boulter, Virginia 
Bowden, Gaye 
Bowen, Jane 
Bowers, hHoward L, 

Boyer, Nada 
Bown, Fred S., Jr. 
Bradford, Nancy 
Bradley, Ron 
Brady, Anna 
Bragg, Mary 

Breillatt. Yvonnfe 
Brandley, Carmen 
Breitenstein, Jewel 
Brian, Emily 
Brian, Sharron 
Briggs, Shirley 

Bnghton, Marva Carmene 
Brimhall. Marilyn 
Brimhall, Verna 
Brimley, Sterling 
Brinlcerhoff, Virginia 
Bringhurst, Pat 

Broadbent, Beverly 
Broadhead. Maeser D. 
Brock, Edward E. 
Brocit, Morris 
BrockbanV, Kay 
Brooks, Bert 
Brooks, Fred R. 

Brough, Vilate 
Bross, Ralph 
Brown, Anne 
Brown, Lord Lee 
Brown, 0ae 
Brown, LaRae 
Brown, Irma 

Brown, Phil 
Brown, Marjorie 
Brown, Sharon 
Brown, Walter Dean 
Brush, Dana 
Bryan, Lauren L. 
Bryant, Robert 

Bryant, M. Arisen 
Bryant, Wlllia Rae 
Bryner, L. Conrad 
Buchanan, G. EIRay 
Bucknum, Daniel R. 
Buhler, Ned 
Bumann, Les 

Bullock, Gordon 
Burke, Murland Jay 
Busch, Owen 
Busselberg, Carol 
Butler. Sylvan 
Bybee, Larry C, 
Buxton, Boyd 

Caldwell, Sheila 
Calder, Fred 
Call, Margie 
Call, Caryol 
Call, Fred 
Call, Rita 
Call, Nell R. 

Call, Rodney 
Calllster, David 
Calljway, Del 

LEADING CHEERS at early morning breakfast and 
pep rally sets homecoming activities in full swing. 

Calllster. Geraldlne 
Calvert, Kent 
Campbell, Maurice 

Campbell, James William 
Campbell, David F. 
Cannon, Philip 

Cardon. Charles H. 
Cannon, J. Terrance 
Cardon, Ellen 


Carroll, Maureen 
Carlson, Bill LeRoy 
Carpenter, Don 
Carraway, Clarence 
Carruthers, Joyce 
Carroll, Roscoe D. 
Carter, Annette 

Carter, R. Newell 
Cartwright, Carolyn 
Case, Gayle 
Case, Glenn 
Cattani, Thomas 
Casey, Colleen 
Casper, Douglas A. 

Chamberlain, Jonathan 
Chadwick, Charlotte 
Chadwicic, Jerald 
Chadwicic, Gloria 
Chamberlain, Ketton 
Chapman, Kenneth 
Chappell, Dick 

Chavez, Carmen 
Cheney, Jack G. 
Charles, Marlene 
Chrlstensen, Clifford V. 
Childs, Kathleen 
Christenson, Darwin W. 
Christensen, Ben 



sophomore class 

Christensen, Duane L. 
Christensen, David A. 
Christensen, Gayle 
Christensen, Georgia 
Christensen, Grant 
Christensen, Lou 

Christiansen, Phyllis 
Christensen, Naomi 
Chun. Albert 
Church, Elsie 
Clark, Cecil 
Clark, Dan 

Clark, Theola 
Clark, Delene 
Clark, Mary B. 
Clarke, Jack 
Clark, Yvonne Lee 
Clayson, Elmo 

Clarkson, Jack 
Clawson, Claudia L. 
Clegg, Aria 
Clegg, Kenneth A. 
Cluff, Chester 
Cleverly, Vernal 

Cochian, Carolyn 
Cloward, Mark E. 
Cluff, Barbara 
Coates, Maurice 
Collett, Carol Luana 
Cole, Lyie M. 

Confreras, Ruben 
Collins. Gary 
Colvin, Bobby 
Condle, Reed 
Coolc, Leiah 
Cook. LoreMa 
Conover. Martin 

Coon. Richard 
Cooper. Phillip E. L. 
Cope, Dean 
Corbett. Glenn M. 
Cottle, Kenneth L. 
Couzens, Darlene 
Cornaby, Kay 

Cowan, Claudine 
Cowan. Jean 
Cox, John Gordon 
Craft. Bob 
Cox, Bryant L. 
Crandall, LaWana 
Creer. Diana 

Crltchfield, Leroy R. 
Creviston, Herbert W. 
Croft. Kent 
Crist, Robert H. 
Croft. Mary K. 
Crosland, Ivan 
Crosby, Luzon 

Crump, Warren 
Crossley, Val 
Crowley, Carole 
Cullimore, Sandra 
Cullen, Robert L. 
Curtis. Caroline 
Curtis, Karen 

Cutler, D. Lynn 
Cutler, Marlene 
Dalle/, John 
Dalley, Marvin 
Dalley, Ronald 
Dalton, Geneve 
Daly, Charlotte 

FOOTBALL TEAM is assured of studentbody sup- 
port si early morning pep rally on campus lawn. 

Davis, Hazel R 
Davis, Klllona 
Davis. J. Brent 


Day, Andrew 
Davis. Raymond 
Dean, Carole 
Decker, Eva Ann 
Decker, Patricia Anna 
De La Cruz, Jose 
DeMordaunt, Paul Roger 

Deleeuv/, Gary 
Derrlcic, Yvonne 
Despain. Faith 
Devey, Beverly 
Dewsnup, Kent 
Dicltson, Kathryn 
Dieter. Alice 

DIclcerson, Larry 
DIetricIc, Anne 
Dix, LaWona 
DJahanbani, Reza 
Doermann, Jim 
Donahoo, Gretchen 
Donaldson, Francelle 

Downes, Joan 
Dorny, Dennis J. 
Dotson, Larry 
Downing, David 
Draper, Marva 
Dredge. David R. 
Drennan, Bryan 

da- ga sophomore class 


€rkk ^ 


Duerden, Frosty 
Driscoll, Richard 
Duggan, James R. 
Durrant, John L. 
Dulce, Larry B. 
Durrant, L. Joel 

Durrant, S. Olani 
Duvall, John 
Earl, Micki E. 
Echols, Robert Lee. Jr 
Edgley, Richard 
Edwards, Bernell 

Edward, Brent 
Edwards, Clair 
Edwards, Robert 
Ekins, Carma Rae 
Eldredge, J. Lloyd 
Ellason, Gerald 

Ellis, John M. 
Eliason, Pat 
Ellison, Jerold 
Ellsworth, Lyie 
Elzinga, Joyce LaVellle 
Emmett, Sally 

Erickson, Carl H. 

Ence, Mac 

England, Gary 

Enke, Glenn G. 

Enke, Ruth G, 

Eriksson, Herbert (Rick) 

Esler. Sally 
Esfes, David B. 
Evans, Georgia 
Evans. Jean 
Evans, Sondra 
Evereff, Carolyn 
Fallis, Arvel A. 

Fardo, Mauro 
Farnswor+h. Lynn S. 
Farnsworth, Pat 
Farr, Miles 
Fav/son, Lurae 
Field, Robert D. 
Fife, Janice 

Finch, Richard 
Fife, Walter Daniel 
FIndlay, Jack R, 
Fishen, Alice May 
Fisher, Grant L. 
Fisher, Margaret 
Fitt, Jon C. 

Fitt, Jay William 
Flake, Dean M. 
Fletcher. Robert 
Fletcher, Roger W. 
Flygare, Patricia 
Folkman, Carol 
Fornnan. Margie Beth 

Fortlnl. Pat 
Forsgren, Klane 
Forsyth. Fred L. 
Foster. Mary Lynne 
Fouh, Robert B. 
Fowkes, Ivar Gene 
Fox, Gene 

Fowles, Robert 
Fox, Robert B. 
Frampton, Mary Helen 
Frazler, Monta Lou 
Fredrlckson, Gordon 
Free, Myrtle Joy 
Freeman, Carol 

REGISTRATION PROBLEMS mount up as students 
sign for classes to fill general requirements. 

Gabbott, Connie 
Gamett, Carolyn 
Gardiner, Bruce A. 


Garretf, Clyde B. 
Gam, Steve 
Gardner. Kay E, 
Garrett. Leon 
Gashler, Daniel H. 
Gehrinq, Dixie 
Geaslin, Rae 

Gibson, Richard S. 
Gillette, Jayne Duchess 
Gillies, Roger 
Gllger, Dwight 
Gines. Margaret 
Glenn. Darlene 
Glenn, Merrill 

Glover, LeRoy 
Goates, Ken 
Goettling, Geraldlne 
Goldricic, Toy Gayle 
Goodliffe, Jay 
Goodman, Bob 
Goodrich. Hucic 

Goodson, Gary 
Goodrich. JoAnr 
Gordon. Virginia Kay 
Gould, Franic 
Gould, Wilburn J. 
Gowans, Fred 
Graff, Brittemarte 


sophomore class 

Greathouse, Shirley 
Grahman, Wayne 
Grant, Gloria 
Green. Thomas 
Greenhalgb, James 
Greene. Marilyn 

Greenwood, Jeanlne 
Greenwood, Carma 
Greenwood, Donald Benson 
Griffin. Roland 
Griffith, John L 
Griffith, Bonnie 

Groves, Lois 
Griffiths, Jerry 
Groeger, Barbara 
Gubler, Iris 
Gunner, John 
Gurney, Kenneth R, 

Gustaveson, Lee S. 
Guyon, Karen 
Hadfield. Earl 

Hall, Charles M. 
Hall. Glade A. 
Hall. Kenneth J. 

Hall, Legrand 
Hall, LuRae 
Hall, Marilyn 
Hall, Nadine 
Hall, R. Lynne 
Halls, Robert L. 

Halverson, Allen K. 
Halladay, Jerry Ann 
Halladay, Kay 
Halpin, Dorothy 
Hamer, Suzanne 
Hamilton, Donna Gay 
Hammond, Richard M. 

Hanlcs, Nancy 
Handley, Myrtle 
Hanna, Leo 
Hansen, Ardyth Mae 
Hansen, Floyd 
Hansen, Grace 
Hansen, James 

Hansen, Jean 

Hansen, Lee 

Hansen, Louise E. 

Hansen, Marion 

Hansen, Phyllis 

Hansen, Stanley D. 

Hanson, Keyte 

Hanson, Benair 
Harding, John P. 
Hardle, Betty Lou 
Harenberg, Jacqueline 
Harman, Dean 
Harper, Kimball 
Harris, Diane 


Lila Ann 
Kenneth G. 
Ronald L. 
Thomas A. 
n, Kent 

Hart, John A. 
Hart, Judith 
Hartley, Karen 
Hartsfield, Don 
Hase, Floyd G. 
Hatch, Donna L. 
Haslam, W. Bruce 

HOMECOMING CONTESTS encourage Heritage 
Halls to create outstanding decorations for awards. 

Haws, Erwin M. 
Haymond, Brent 
Hayes, Max A. 

^^^^S * 1 


- -St > "L-- . v -• 

■'- •■ ' .. ■ ■ i 

Haynes, Frank 
Healy, Max L. 
Helner, LaRee 

Heath. Leo M. 
Hedqulst, Robert 
Helm, Maurvene 


Heilner, San 
Hemenway, Lynne 
Hemsley. Allen 
Hendrickson. Roger R. 
Hendricltson. Shyrma 
Henrie. Lyman 
Henrie, Pat 

Henson, Charles A. 
Hepworth, Willis 
Herget. Amos 
Hermansen, Redge 
Herron, Frank 
Herron, Peggy 
Heywood, Jared 

Hewitt, Harold K. 
Hiatt, Anne P. 
Hiatf, Sid 
Hickman. Kenneth 
Hicks, Leanne 
HIgbee, Sharon 
Higginson, Dennis 

Hill, Harry N. 
Hill, Annette 
Hill, William Morris 
Hillberry, Dwaine 
Hinckley, Mike 
Hindley, James E. 
Hirschi, LaVall 

• v 



sophomore class 

Hodgkrnson, Jean 
Hodson, Richard 


Hoggan, Robert 
Holladay, Eugene 
Holman, Joy 
Holmes, Mary 
Hood, Grant 
Holt, DeAnn 

iw. Hoover, Betty Ann 
Hopkins, Ann 
Hopping, Mary Jo 
Horlacker, Kent 
Horton, William 
Huff, Dale 

Hubbard, Marita 
Hoxie, Florence Lauretta 
Hubner, William 
Hughart, Betty 
Hull, Janis 
Hullinger, Carol D. 

Hulme, Thelma 
Humphries, Guy 
Hunnicutt. Royce 
Hunsaker, Leiand 
Hunt, Earline 
Hunt, Judith 

Hunter, John J. 
Hunter, Karma 
Huntsman, Lewis R. 
Huntsman, Raleigh 
Hurd, Morgan 
Hurren, Cleone 
Hurlbut, Phillip R. 

Huslcey. Darryl 
Huxford, Gary 
Hyde, Edna Lou 
Ipsen, Robert 

Boyd R. 
e. Carolann R. 
e, Richard 

Jacobsen, Eda Louise 
Ivie, Stewart R. 
Jackson, LaRee 
Jackson, Lola Colleen 
Jackson. Richard M. 
Jackson, Wendy 
Jackson, Velma C. 

Jacobs, Kay P. 
Jacobson, Errol 
Jacobson, Ronald Jim 
Jarman, Karen 
Jarvis, Karyl 
Jennens, Dona 
Jenkins. Alyce 

Jensen. Charlene 

Jensen, Eugene 

Jensen, Fred R. 

Jensen. Luclle Joy 

Jensen. Lyie E. 
Jenson, Marilyn Faye 

Jensen, Richard G. 

Jensen. Sam R. 
Jewell, Ernest 
Jewett, Faye A. 
Jex. LoAnne 
Johansen, Joyce 
Johnson, Anna 
Johnson. Annetta 

Johnson. Arva 
Johnson, Bonna 
Johnson, Charlene 

STUDENTS GREET Elder Mark E. Petersen follow- 
ing well-received address at devotional assembly. 

Johnson, Charles E. 
Johnson, Donald C. 
Johnson, Ellene 

Johnson, James A. 


ohnson, t»era 
Johnson, Joan 

Id J. 

Johnson, June 
Johnson. Karen 
Johnson, Kenneth W. 


Johnson, Lloyd N. 
Johnson, Louise 
Johnson, Lynne 
Johnson, Nancy 
Johnson, Rita 
Johnson, Richard 
Johnson, Roberta 

Johnson, Stant S. 
Johnson, Anne 
Johnstone, Marilyn 
Johnstun, Jean 
Jones, Blaine 
Jones, Kent 
Jones, Delwin 

Johnston, Carroll 
Jones, James M. 
Jones, Lona Clair 
Jones, Nadene 
Jones, Sharlene 
Jones, Tonn 
Jonson, Rolfe J. 

Kale+a, Gary 
Jorgensen, Renae 
Judd, Richard 
Kamauoha, Edwin 
Karner, Leo H. 
Karren, Jay B. 
Keeler, Kathleen 


sophomore class 

Kelling, Hans W. 
Kelly, Carol Lynn 
Kelsey. Annette 
Kelsey, Dwight 
Kemp, Alice Caffall 
Kershaw, Gloria 

Kerby, Connie 
Kies, Carol 
Kesler, Val 
Killpack, Weston 
Kimball, LeGrand 
Kimball, Sylvia Jane 

King, Buddy Jack 
King, Charles 
King, George 
King, Roger 
King. William D. 
Kingdon, Eugene E. 

Kirk, Dean A. 
Kirk. LaRae 
Kirkman. John C. 
Kitchen, Carolyn 
Kleinworth, Frank J. 
Klenk, Buddy D. 

Knight, Dick 
Knight. Edwin 
Knighton. LeRoy J. 
Kohler. Ramon 
Konschella. Dolores M. 
Konold, Rudy 

Kralcowslcl, Henry. Jr. 
Kristjanson, Mark L. 
Kugath, Donald 
Kulp, Kenley 
Lackey, Bob 
Lamsam, Wongsiri 
Landry, Marilyn 

Larkin. Phyllis 
Lane, Rex 
Lane, Shirley 
Landers, Dan Craig 
Laney, Alden H. 
Larsen, Frank 
Larsen, Carol 

Larsen, Norma 
Larsen, Janice 
Larson, Leon H. 
Larson, Odell 
Lasson, Carolyn 
Last, Louise 
Leavitt, Leo 

Lawrence, Louise 
Leavitt, C. Henry 
Leavl+t, Wyona 
Lee, Calvin 
Lee, Patricia 
Lee, Ron 
LeFevre. Joan 

Leigh, Dorene 
Lessig, Bill 
Lewis, Afton 
Lewis, Dale 
LIndholm, S. Reed 
Lindsay, Donald 
Lindsay, Grant T. 

Lines, Martin V. 
Linford, Ron 
Ling, Wilma Anne 
Little. Ray 
Long. Louis R. 
Long, Shelley 
Lorensen, Burton 

FOUR ACCORDIONISTS play their instruments to 
provide music for audience at an assembly. 

MacPherson, Darrell 
Lytle, Naomi Sue 
Lysenko, Peter 


Malsfrom, Edward A. 
Madsen, Mary Lou 
Madsen, Ronald D. 
Madsen, Toni 
Malzahn, Judy 
Manwaring, Colleen 
Malphurs, Muriel 

Manley, Pat 
Merchant, Gaye 
Marchbanks, Yvonne 
Marenann, Gleie 
Marltham, Barbara 
Marsh. R. Robin 
Marrott, Colleen 

Martin, Margaret 
Marshall, Robert Lee 
Marsing. Barbara 
Masada, Jerry 
Mason, Leon 
Mathew, Leonard 
Mason, Rhoda 

Matthew. Bill 
Mathie. Alton J. 
Mafhis, John 
Maugh, Loy 
May, Douglas 
McAltster, Nancy 
McCall, Mary Lou 


sophomore class 

McArfhur, George 
McCann, Lauren 
McComas. William Howard 
McCulley. Mary Jane 
McCune. Jeanne 
McDow, Teri Lee 

McDaniel, Marilyn 
McFarland, Erie 
Mcllrath, Sharon 
Mcln+ire, Kent 
Mclntire. Rodney 
McKay, Barrie G. 

Meiners. Lewis 
McKnight, Colleen 
McLaughlin, Pat 
McPhie, Janine 
Meldrum, Grant C. 
Meiners, Myron 

Merrill, LaVaun 
Mellor, Letha 
Mercer, JoAnn 
MerUey, Clifton D. 
Merrill, Cheri Dene 
Merrill, Paul 

Metier, Eugene H. 
Messick, Jean 
Midgley, Wendy 
Miglaiccio. Ralph 
Mikkelson, Ray O. 
Millar, Reed 


Miller. Colin H. 
Miller, Ed 
Miller, Leo 
Mills, Joyce 
Miner, Janet 
Mitchell, Carl 
Mitchell. K. Clark 

Moody, Alice Kay 
Mitchell. Ted 
Molle, Frank 
Molter. Richard Bruce 
Moody, David S. 
Moody. Dorene 
Moon. Marilyn 

Moiody, Joan 
Moon, Tom 
Moore, Bob 
Morley, Burl 
Morrell, Ruih 
Morris, Claudia 
Mortensen, Fred 

Morrow, Joan 
Mortensen, F. Blair 
Mortensen, J. Ross 
Mo55, Joan 
Mott, Dean Garold 
Moulton, Duane 
Moulton, Margie 

Munson, Lydia 
Murphy, Jerry 
Murray, Fancher 
Morgan, Myralee 
Myers, Cosette 
Myers. Jacqueline 
Myrup, Marilyn 

Nash, Blaine Elynn 
Naylor, Helen 
Needham, Richard 
Nelson, Ann Marie 
Nelson, Janice 
Nelson, Jim 
Nelson, John Earl 

^fr-r ". I ™9* 


Nelson, Nell F. 
Nelson, Louise K. 
Nelson. Mary K. 

MADHATTER'S BALL Incited students into the creation of 
fantastic head-coverings like these imaginative specinaens. 

Nelson, Pat 
Nelson, Richard H. 
Nelson, Omer Dean 

Nettle, Hugh 
Newell, Allen 
Newell, Dix 

Nichols, Rochelle 
Newman, David W. 
Nielsen, Donald 


Newren, Les 
Nielson, Betty Jo 
Nielson, Frederick 
Nielsen, Niel 
Nielsen. Jimmy 
Nllsson. Maureen 
Nndem, Nndem 

Noel, Gordon 
Noble, Jeanne 
Noble, Vernice 
Nuffer, Sharon 
Oab, Harold R. 
Oaks, Merrill C. 
Nybo, Ronald 

O'Leary, Sharon 
Ollphant, Robert 
Olsen, LaNore 
Olsen, Carl J. 
Olsen, Marva 
Olsen, Theran 
Olsen, Wanda 

Ord, Claudia 
Olson, Dale R. 
Olson, Duane 
Olson, Phyllis 
Orme, Kathryn 
Orr, Mabel I. 
Orton, Kenneth Ray 


sophomore class 

Ostler, John T. 
Orton, Phyllis 
Osburn, John A. 
Oswald, Shirlene 
Ottosen, Janice 
Oveson, hloward 

Oxedine, Peggy 
Oveson, Stephen 
Pace, Kaye C. 
Pace, William C, 
Pack, Jane 
Packer, Edson F. 

Padrick, Gloria 
Packard, Mary Esther 
Packard, Riley 
Page, Kay 
Palmer, Ann 
Palmer, Glenalee 

Palmer, Blaine 
Palmer, Shirley 
Palmer, Shirley 
Paramore, Mary Jo 
Parke, Diane 
Parker, Carole 

Parker, Dennis 
Parker, Dred M. 
Parkin, Richard 
Partridge, Alan 
Patjas, Seiia 
Partridge. Miriam 

Paxton, Theone 
Patton. William D. 
Payne, George G. 
Payne. Vern 
Peacock, Bruce 
Pearce, Raynor 
Peacock, Wanda Lee 

Pedersen, Kent Alden 
Peart, Virginia 
Pedersen, Melvin L. 
Penrod. Karelyn 
Penrose. Russell K. 
Perkins, John N. 
Perry, Devern 

Peterson, David N. 

Peterson. Carole Daun 

Peterson, Jarnes C. 

Peterson, James L. 

Peterson, Leah 

Petersen, Karen Gae 

Peterson, Joan 

Peterson, Leiand 
Peterson, Loretta 
Peterson, Marguerite 
Peterson, Morgan A. 
Peterson, Robert 
Peterson, Theora 
Peterson, Russell E. 

Peterson, Win 
Peterson, ^an 
Pettingill, Ted 
Pettlnqill, Mont 
Phelps, Dean 
Phillips, Victor 
Phillips, Jim 

Phlpps, Don C. 
Phippen, Carol 
Pickering, Roger 
Pickett, Mearl 
Pingree, Herb 
Platf. Willa Mae 
Poole, Maxine 

Preston, Ray 
Prestwich, Earl 
Prince, Carol 
Price. Nancy 
Price, Zack 
Proctor, Gary 
Prince, Rene 

Provost, Sara 
Prows, Ronald 
Prows. Sandra 
Pugmire, Patricia 
Pulsipher, Kent 
Pusey, Kay 
Pursley, Charles R. 

Quarnstronn, Blaine 
Rallison, Anna Lu 
Ramsey, Jimmy D. 
Ramsay, Marilyn 
Ramsden, Milce 
Rancit, Ray 
Rasmussen, Darrus 

Randall, Bert P. 
Rasband, Karma 
Rasmussen, Carol 
Rasmussen, Jack 
Rasmussen, Karen 
Rather, Barbara 
Raya, Estela 


sophomore class 

Rayburn, Jack 
Read, Juan C. 
Read, George 
Reagan, Michael 
Ream, Donna Rene 
Redd, Hardy 

Redd, Jay Whitney 
Redford, Margaret 
Redford, Ruth 
Reed, Donald 
Reed, Jack B. 
Reed, Shirley 

Reed, James 
Rees, Yvonne 
Reiche. Bruce W. 
Reinhold, Allen K. 
Rencher, Ellen 
Reynolds, Ruth 

Remington, Bryce 
Rex, Ronald 
Rice, Vincent 
Rich, DeeAnn 
Richards, Ruth 
Richardson, Lynn C. 

Richards, Paul 
Richardson, Val 
Richins, Beverly 
Richins. Lois 
Ricks, David 
Riding, Donna Mae 

Rfggs. Ivor 
Rieslce, Kathryn 
Riley, David 
Roberts. K. David 
Roberts, James W. 
Roberts, Judy 
Reed, Robert 

Robertson, Margot 
Roberts, Merlene 
Robinson, Frank 
Robinson, Jeanene 
Robinson, Lyric 
Robinson, Sandra 
Robinson, Vartene 

Roblson, Bryan W, 
Robison, W. Kay 
Robison, Helen 
Rodgers, Shlrlene 
Rogers, W, Thomas 
Romero, Gordon 
Rothe, Frank 

Rothe, Ruth 
Rowe, Fred 
Rowley, Darlene 
Rowley, Kay 
Russell, Harry C. 
Russon, Jon K. 
Rust, Maida 

Saling, Dora 
Salm, Dianne 
Saling, Sally 
Sare, Gene R. 
Savage, David 
Schenk, Marilyn 
Schofield, lla 

Schmidt, Nathalie 
Schoenfeld, Joan 
Schult, Hazel 
Schouten, John 
Schumann, Norene 
Schultz, Gerrie 
Scott, Cynthia 

Scott, Leon R. 
Sego, Thomas T. 
Seibert, Charlene 

WAITING OUTSIDE the Banyan office, Banyan queen ap- 
plicants wait to hoar the results of judging in the contest. 

Seiger, Richard 
Semadeni. Irene 
Sevy, Nonagene 

Sharp, Gay 
Shaeffer, Earl 
Sherwood, Neil R. 

Sherwood, Glen 
Sharpies, Marilyn 
Shinsel, Laurel Kay 


Shipp. Sherilynn 
Shipley. Paul P. 
Shockley, Layne 
Showalter, Rod 
Shumway, Marlene 
Sirnltins, Dorothy 
Simltins, Cloyd D. 

Shupe, William Dale 
Simmons, Ann 
Simmons, Lee R. 
Simons, Ronald B. 
Simmons, William. Jr. 
Skeen, James 
Skousen, LaVar 

Sirrine, Edwin 
Slade, Christine 
Smart, Grant 
Smart. Merrill 
Smeath, Lorna 
Smellle. Marilyn 
Smith, Barbara 

Smith, Carolyn 

Smith, Diane 

Smith, Carolyn 

Smith, E. Anne 

Smith, Eleana 

Smith, Evelyn 

Smith, Irving De 


sophomore class 


Lyie G. 




Marcia Gay 








Robert V. 








Wayne F. 




, Robert Stevens 


William D. 


, Margaret 






, Marilyn 






Charles L. 

Sorenson, Ell 

Sorenson, Doris 

Spence, Ronald 

Sorensen, Judy 


ue, Lois 

Stacey, James A. 


, Sharon 


y, Marilyn 


, Grant 

^ • 

Starley. Shirley 
Stay, Donavee 
Steckler. Dlanne 
Steel, Jim 
Stephen, Ray 
Stephenson, Joyce 
Steinnle. Pat 

Steele, Robert Foster 
Stephenson, Loreta 
Stephenson, Merene 
Stepp. Caroline 
Stettter. Carolyn 
Stevens, Merriam 
Stevens, Geraldine 

Stevenson, Joanne 
Stewart, Barbara 
Stewart, J. E. 
Stewart, LynneH 
Stewart. Ralph 
Stewart, Thell J. 
Stewart, Sharon 

Stock. Janice 
Stirland. Elaine 
Sto<:kman, Herbert 
Stoddard, Beverly 
Stoffel. Mary Alice 
Stone. David R. 
Stol worthy, Clara 

Stokes, Golda Ann 
Stone, Rhea 
Stonehocker, Sandra 
Stoneking, Lois 
Stott. Gary 
Stringham. Barbara 
Strong, Carol 

Stringham, Mary Jo 
Strong, Robert 
Stubbs, Gerald A. 
Sturgis. Richard 
Sumsion, Diana 
Sunderland, Nancy 
Sutton. Ann 

Sutton. J. Carrol 
Swainston, Colleen 
Swenson, Bob 

ARMED BRICKER PLEDGE straddles his charger and man- 
ages a grin before a harmless joust with a fellow "goat." 

Swenson, Nancy 
Swanwick, Jeanne 
Swenson, Dennis 

Swenson. Shirley 
Symons, Blaine 
Syrett, Douglas 

Takenaka, Howard 
Tatsuo, Takeuchi 
Syrett, Downetta 


Talbot, Joyce 
Talmage. C. Bird. Jr. 
Taylor. Adrianne 
Taylor. Jo Ann 
Tarran. Fred 
Taylor. Charles 
Taylor. Shirley 

Tebbs, Veda 
Tebbs. Clark 
Terry. David 
Terry. Donna 
Tew. M. Lloyd 
Tewanema, Harvey 
Thacker. Zona Arlene 

Thomas. Austin B. 
Thomas. Colette 
Thomas. Darrelt 
Thomas, Marclle 
Thomas, Ronald 
Thompson, Bonnetta 
Thompson, Shirley 

Thome. Jim 
Thomsen. Carolyn 
Thornock. Roy 
Thornock. Warren 
Thorpe. Ednah 
Thorson, Arthur 
Thorstenson. Clark 


sophomore class 

Thueson. Jay 
Thurgood. Carolyn 
Thurgood, Jay D. 
Tllby, Vincent 
Tlngey, Afton 
Tobler. Kenneth B. 

Tobler. Doug 
Todd, Reanon 
Tolman, Shirlene 
Tolson. John Deleslie 
Toone, Gordon 
Tolles, Harriet 

Toone, Marva 
Torbert. Carolyn 
Torgeson. Colleen 
Treglown, Clifton 
Trowbridge. Marilyn 
Tullls. Dick 

Turner. Grant T. 
Unger. Gloria 
Van Nutter. Anita 
Vance. Loretta 
Vance. Rita 
Vernon. A. DeLoy 

De Victoria, Joseph 
Victor Roger 
Vicenti. Ncrine 
V'sser, Donna B. 
Volkman. Paul James 
Walker, Dick 


Walbeck, LaMar 
Walker, R. Michael 
Walker, Mary Jean 
Walker, Richard 
Walston, LaVon 
Walter, Carolyn 
Waltman, Ralph L. 

Walton, Andrew 
Walton, Wilbur T. 
Ward, Bill K. 
Ward, Russell 
Wardleigh, Helen L. 
Warner, James 
Warner, Lane 

Warnick, Boyd 
Warren, Donald 
Wasden, Mike 
Washburn, Veloy 
Watson, Charles 
Watts, Jerry W. 
Watts, Larry 

Webster Sharron 
Webster, Jeanie 
Webster, Lorraine 
Waymire, Katharine 
Weeks, Myrna 
Weeks, Shirley Lyn 
Weddington, Bob 

Weiler, Charles H. 
Welch, Ervll W. 
Welch, Keith W. 
Wells, Ernest S. 
Welker, Janet 
Welles, Aleese 
Wernz, Therald 

Weyerman, Joe 
Westerberg, Eleanor 
West, J. Donald 
Western, Marion Wayne 
Westover, Ray 
Westover, Victor R. 
Whaley, Marcella 

APPARENTLY FASCINATED by the back and forth motion 
of the Foucault Pendulum, two coeds lean on the stone bowl. 

White, Earl Roger 
White, Edward 
Whiting, Jean 

White, Jerald D. 
Whiting, Annette 
Wickes, Natalie 

Wittbanic, Jerry D. 
Whittle, Merlin D, 
Wilco<, Sharlene 


Wilcox, Joel W. 
Willtins, Ernes* 
Wilkins. Jean 
Wilkins, Lowell H. 
Wilklns, Rosalea 
Wilkinson, Janet 

Willianns, Marilyn E. 
Williams, Byron C. 
Williams, John 
Willianns, Myrna Loy 
Williamson, Walter 
Wilson, Alice Ann 

Wilson, Jettie 
Wilson, Loyd 
Wilson, Phyllis 
Wilson, Richard J, 
Wimmer, Larry 
Winters, Kathy 

Wing, Glennis 
Winkler, Pauline 
Winther, Emily 
Winward Emer K. 
WIrrick, Thomas 
Wirrick, George 

Wiscomb, Carol Ann 
Wiscomb, A. William 
Wolsey, Marlene 
Wise, Joseph G. 
Wood, Fern 
Wood, Marilyn Ann 

Woodward, Anita 
Wood, Orin Lew 
Woodward, Don 
Woodard, Jay Lewis 
Woodring, Tom 
WortFiam, Luanna 

Woods, Jeannette 
WrathaH, Wally 
Wright, Ann 
Wright, Cerie Janene 
Wright, LaDean 
Wright, Winnie Mae 

Wright, Ron 
Yardley, Jolene 
Yeates, Barbara 
Yingling, Billy 
Young, James Winslow 
Young, Jean 

HOMECOMING FLOAT featured a huge Beehive and a play on wor 

MAD HATTER WINNERS were Phyllis Jenkins and Bruce 



'»"»"' ■■ 


iSs,>* ' 

freshmen class 1956 

Freshman Class this year was the largest in the history 
of the University with a total of 3201 members. The large 
size of the class did not hinder freshman, however, as 
they breezed through a year filled with activities. 
Immediately after Freshman elections in November, new 
Frosh officers appointed a cabinet to aid in publishing 
of a special freshman newspaper, arranging of parties, 
and advising in freshman affairs. Over a thousand dollars 
was collected in dues to finance several class parties, a 
scholastic awards banquet, and an athletic awards party. 
The year saw freshmen active in Frosh week. Homecom- 
ing activities, and welfare projects. 

Under the guidance of competent officers and cabinet, 
the enthusiastic class of '59 worked efficiently and effec- 
tively in their functions and promoting school spirit. 





Freshman Class officers !n 1 956 were Leo 
Weidner, president; Barbara Kehmier, secre- 
tary; and Elaine Gordon, vice president. 



Freshman Class Senators elected in 
mid-year were Walt Winkleman, Diane 
Hatch, and Don Minor. 


Abboft, Janice 
Abplanalp. Delloy 
Abersold. Wallace 
Abplanalp, Doris R. 
Adair. Bill 
Adair. Patty 


Bruce W. 
John Reed 

Adamson. Clarene 
Adams, Martha 
Adams, LaRetta 
Ahlstrom, Dale 
Aiken, Raymond 
Addis, Don 

Jeppson, Alda 
Alblston, Stan 
Alder. Lillie Lola 
Alger. Janice 
Alldredge, Joyce 
Allen. Clair 




freshmen class 

Allen, Jeanne 
Allen, Dean 
Allen, Gylan C. 
Allen, Joan 
Allen, Kathleen 
Allen, Richard J. 
Allen, Luhuana 

Allison, Robert- 
Allen, Richard Michael, 
Allen, Ruth 
Allred, Susanne 
Allred, Merlin Duane 
Allphln, Nylen, Jr. 
Allphin, Marian A. 

Alt, Jo Anne 
Alter, Marilyn 
Andelin, Roben Rae 
Anderson, Anthon 
Anderson, Beverley S. 
Anderson, Arlene 
Anderson, Avis Marie 

Anderson, Gary 
Anderson, Gary C. 
Anderson, Gary Lee 
Anderson, Guy 
Anderson, Helen 
Anderson, Janet 
Anderson, Lynne 

Anderson, Joyce 

Anderson, Larry F. 

Anderson, Marie 

Anderson, Marian 

Anderson, Marilyn 

Anderson, Ray 

Anderson, Ralph S. 

Anderson, R. Gerald 
Anderson, Sharon 
Anderson, Richard 

Andersen, Tracy 
Anderson. Valeen 
Anderson, Sue Marie 

CLEANING WEEDS oH from the block Y during Frosh Week 
gave Freshmen their first opportunity to climb a mountain. 

Andrus, Larry B. 
Andrus, Bonnie 
Arnold, Richard 
Arney, Betty 
Arit, Arlene 
Armi+stead, Gay 
Arnason, Lynette 

Armstrong, Patty Lou 
Armatage, Jone 
Ashby, Ralph 
Asay, Wayne 
Ashby, Delroy 
Ashby, Gordon 
Ashby, Joan 

Ashton. Lee 
Ashcraft, Beverly 
Ashcraft, Genlel 
Ashworth, Monty 
Astin, Melvyn D. 
Atkinson, Barbara 
Atkinson, Carma 

Atterton, Bruce 
Atkinson, Shtrlene 
Ault, Myrna 
Atwood, Mary 
Aurlch, Jimmie 
Avery, Wayne 
Backman, Robert 

Baer, Richard 
Bae, Warren 
Baer, Virginia 
Bagwell, Bo Jean 
Bair, Elaine 
Bailey. Tlllie 
Bahr, Howard 

Baker, Diane 
Baker. Coleen 
Baker, Evalyn 
Baker, Susan 
Baker. Wallace H. 
Ball, Kay 
Baldwin, Theodore 


Ballantyne, Kay 
Ballard, Marilyn 
Ballou, Barbara 
Banks, Douglas 
Barfield, Iva Jean 
Bi^rber, Colleen 

Barclay, Jean 

Barfuss, Glenn 
Barker, Jo Anne 
Barker, John 
Barker, Volney 
Barlow, Jane 

Barnes. Connie 
Barlow, Sarah 
Barney, Geneal 
Barnes, Donna 
Barney, Patricia 
Barnson, LeRoy 

Barney, Stanley Jac! 
Barra+t, Jannes D. 
Barnum, Deanna 
Barrios, M. Arturo 
Barrow, Klee 
Barrett, Keith 


freshmen class 

Barry, Barbara 
Barth, Neal 
Bartholomew, Dellcia 
Bartholomew, Johnny 
Bartlett, Janet 
Bascom, Bill 
Bateman, Lynn 

Bateman, Marietta 
Bates, Colleen 
Bates, Lawrence W. 
Batman, Lanny 
Baumgart, Roy 
Baxter, Jeneanne 
Baxter, Judy 

Baxter, Rand C. 
Baxter, Larry 
Bayles, Joselyn 
Beachler, Betty Lou 
Bean, Deon 
Bearce, Althea 
Beard, Leiand MIlo 

Beck, Jacqueline 
Beck, Brent 
Becker, Janice 
Beck. Merrill 
Beckstead, DeMont 
Beckstead, Judy 
Beckstead, Gordon E. 

Behring, Ken 
Beckstead, Leda S. 
Beesley, Wayne 
Behunin, Donald 
Bell, Carolyn 
Bell, Yvonne 
Bell, Diana 

Bemis, Clarence 
Bennett. Donald 
Bennett, Ellen 

LINE FORMING even on the side of mountain, male Fresh- 
men keep busy cleaning a summer's accumulation of debris. 

Berg, Lowell 

Bentley, Toney 

Berry, Louine 

Berry, Margaret 

Berry, Norma Jean 

Berryhill, Marilyn 

Besendorfer, John Noah 

BIdstrup, Rosslyn 
Beutel, Johan 
Best, Larry 
Bills, Helen M. 
Bills, Wayne 
Bingham, Coleen 
Bingham, Helen 

Bingham, Karene 
Binning, Rhea 
Bird, Bruce B. 
Bird, Donna 
Bird, Earle 
Bird, Joanne 
Bishop, Joan 

Bitter, Elaine 
Bishop, Merylln 
Bittner, Joseph H, 
Bjork, Kay 

Black, Emory Clifford 
Black, Betty 
Black, Chloe Jean 

Black, Brent 
Black, David Marley 
Black, Marcia 
Black, John C. 
Blackburn, Kaye 
Blackburn, Robert 
Blacker, Paul B. 

Blackhurst. Dennis 
Blackhurst, Colleen 
Blackmore, Ken 
Blackmore. Moira 
Blackner, David E. 
Blair, Carolyn 
Blake, William D. 


Blevins, Helen 
Blanch. Robert 
Blanchard, Wilnna Jean 
Bliss, Eugenia 
8 loom field, Beverly 
Bluth, Don 

Bodon, Harold 

Bodon, Karl 

Boehme, Shirley Darlene 

Boel, Anne 

Bone, Lorin 

Bohn, Ted 

Booth, Beverly 
Borg, Ciaudlne 
Borgerson, Carol 
Bornemann, Joan 
Borup, Caria 
Borgquist, Cheryl 

Bosil, Carolyn 
Boston. William H. 
Bosworth, Richard 
Boughton. Charlene 
Bo-jrne, Sid 
Bcvard, Valerie M. 


freshmen class 

Bowen, Geraldine 
Bowden, Joan 
Bowen, Garrick 
Bowen, Kyle 
Bowers, Claudia 
Bowles. Darlene 
Bowers. Rowena 

Bowman, Neal 
Bowman, Marolyn 
Boyack, M. Wayne 
Boyer, Harmon G. 
Boyer, Larsen S. 
Boyle, Ann 
Bradeen, Joy 

Bradfield, Terry 
Bradford, Carol Jean 
Bradford, Joan 
Bradshaw, Jerry L. 
Brailsford. Jack 
BramweN, Sharon 
Bramwell, Bonnie 

Breitenbuece, Gayle 
Brazefl, Loren N. 
Bremer, Ronald 
Breshears, Fred 
Brewerfon, Connie 
Brighton, Nancy 
Brim. Beulah 

Briggs. Lucille 
Brimhall, Janelle 
Brimhall. Mac 
Brimhall. Max B. 
Brinkerhoff, Floyd A. 
Broadbent. Sheila 
Bringhurst, Kent 

Brockbank, Allen Brent 
Brogdon, Norman E. 
Brooks, Pat 

COMING DOWN armed with a password, Freshmen appear 
to be anxious to find shirkers who failed to make the climb. 

Brown, Keturah 
Brown, Colleen 
Brown, Glenn I 
Brown, Jay 
Brown, Joan 
Brown, Lee R. 
Brown, Nancy 

Brubaker, Eugene D. 
Brown, Richard D. 
Browning, Kate 
Brunken, Bonnie 
Bryan, Marlene 
Bryant, Joan 
Bryson, Robert C. 

Buchan, Jill L. 
Buchanan, Bonnie Lou 
Buchanan, Mary June 
Buchanan, Norma 
Buckley. Barbara 
Buchanan, Toni 
Buffington, Corinne 

Budge, Gerald 
Bullock, Hart 
Bundock, Nancy 
Bunker, Loretta 
Burbidge, Lucille 
Burdick, Colleen 
Burlaw, Delores 

Burgess, Eva 
Burlew, John 
Burns, Errol G. 
Burns, John 
Burraston, Merlyn 
Burrell, Janice 
Burnside, Afton 

Burrup, Kaye 
Burt, Noel 
Burton, Beverly 
Burton, Donette 
Burton, Etholene 
Bush, Ronald 
Burton, Frank 


Cameron, Sondra 
Cameron, Bruce G. 
Campbell, Dennis J. 
Campbell, Kenneth L. 
Campbell, La Cal 
Campbell, Patricia 

Campbell, Rolland 
Campbell, Pauline 
Candland, Robert 
Carbln, Chadra 
Card, Camilla 
Cardon, Susette 

Campbell, Carolyn 
Cannon, Jerilee 
Carling, Marlena 
Carlton, Karen 
Carr, Waldene 
Carrigan, James 

Carr, Janelle 
Carruth, Carole 
Carson, Carmen 
Carter, Anita 
Carter. Carolyn 
Carter, Anita Marlene 


freshmen class 


Case, James 
Carter, Deanna 
Carter. J. Richard 
Carter, Warren 
Casper, Kent 
Castro, Odair S. 
Castillo, John 

Cavanes, Barbara 
Causey, Dixie 
Chamberlain, David 
Chadwick. Larry E, 
Chamberlain, Gary 
Chandler, Connie 
Chambers, Bob 

Chaplin, Lois 
Chandler, Jean 
Chaney. Evan 
Chapman, Janice 
Chapman, Otanm 
Charles, Kathleen 
Chastain, Marsha 

Cheney, Wayne D. 
Cherll, James 
Choules, Kaye 
Chadwicit, Carolyn 
Chappell, Larry 
Cheney, Barbara 
Chegup, Delores 

Cheney, Wayne 
Chester, Claudia Ann 
Chiang. Wei Hsuan 
Childs, Forrest B. 
Childs, Sophie F. 
Childs, Wilma 
Chipman, Carol 

Christensen, Don 
Christensen. Colleen 
Christensen, Carol 

Christensen, Ha 
Christensen, Duane G. 
Christensen. Earl 

Christensen. MarKaye 
Christensen, Patricia 
Christensen, Jolene 

'x$^. i- 

LOOKING OVER +he campus. Freshmen get their first look 
at the growing University on a tour with an upper classman. 

Christensen, Shirley V. 
Christensen, VIcIci 
.Christiansen. Arden T. 

Clarlc. Betty 

Christiansen, Kent 
Clark. Bonita Rae 
Clarlc. Claude E. 
Clarlc. Dee Ann 
Clarlc. Gary 
Clarlc, Gary 

Clarlc. Gary 
Clarlc, Gordon 
Clarlc. John L. 
Clarlc, Ranae 
Clarlc. Robert 
Clarice, Chadw 
Clarice, Jane 

cic C. 

Clegg, Halvor 
Clausen, Vivi 
Clawson. Gary 
Clifton. Shirley 
Cluff. Bealna Jean 
Clyde. Kathleen S. 
Cluff, Phil 

Cluff. Wanda 
Clyde, Roger 
Coates, Lloyd 
Cobia, Lorna 
Coclcayne, Barbara 
Cole, Lou Ann 
Cole, Barbara 

Coffey, Glen 
Coleman, Doreen 
Coleman, Gene 
Coleman, Harold G. 
Coleman, Pat 
Coles, Marlow J. 
Coteman, Virginia 

Collins. Lila Marolyn 
Coles. Rex L. 
Collins, Sharon 
Collyer, Ron 
Comer, Connie A. 
Compani, Younis 
Combs, Jim 


1 ^ "^ 

Condie. Genene 
Condie, Clyde R. 
Condie, Jane 
Conger, Janice A. 
Conklln, Dean 
Condie, Sandra 

Conover, Carole Jean 
Conrad, Darel 
Conrad, Mary Lois 
Conrad. Paul 
Cook, Alonze D. 
Cook, Barbara 

Coolc, Barbara Jane 

CooV. Jerrold 
Cook. Pat 
Cooper, Gerald 
Cooper, Jacquiline 
Cooper, James E. 

Cooper, Keith 
Cooper, Marilyn 
Cooper, Shirlee 
Corak. Eva Marlene 
Corbett, Tuana 
Cordon. Ronald 



freshmen class 

Co+trell, William R. 
Corey, Sharon 
Cornilles, Fred 
Cornwall. Mary Ellen 
Cotton, Thaddeus W. 
Cowles, Newell 
Cowley, Lewis Ted 

Cowgill, Philip 
Cox, Eunice A. 
Cox, Gary 
Cox, Peggy 
Cox, Sharron 
Craig, Steve 
Crann, Deanna 

Crandall, Harvey 
Crandall, John D. 
Crane, Carol Mae 
Crane, Georgia 
Crane. Marshall W. 
Cravens, Jack G. 
Crapo, Carol B. 

Crawford, Edward 
Crawford. Malcoinn Darrell 
Crawford, Vanessa 
Craythorn, Eileen 
Crlsler, Jeanette 
Crockett, Carol Lee 
Crittenden, Carolyn 

Croft, Faye 
Crockett, Kenneth 
Croft, Julia 
Crompton, Bruce 
Crosby, David 
Crosby, Sylvia 
Crosby. Earl 

Cross. Donald 
Crose, Carro 
Croshaw. Carol 

INFORMATION SESSIONS underneath a hot September sun 
helped Freshmen learn about campus customs and traditions. 

Curtis Hosltins 
Cjrtis, Stella 
Cushing. James 
Cutler, Ray C. 
Daehler, Emelie 
Dalby, Dean 
Cutler, DeVerl 

Dalton, Dave 
Dalton, Jan 
Dalton, Peggy 
Dastrup, Phyllis 
Davenport, Dawna 
Davies, David Leroi 
Davenport, Margie 


Betty Fay 


Leah_ Rae 

















Dayton, Kenna 







Dean, Harold 
Dean, Larry 
Deaton, Annette 
Decker, Irving 
Decker, Jean 
Decorah, Ruby Ann 
Demaree, Ronald 

Dennis, Gary L. 
Dennis. Aileen 
Dennis, Gwen 
DePrlest, Peggy 
Deputy, Nancy 
Derr, Loretta G. 
Despain, Dale 


Despain, Philip 
Despain, Marwin 
Deuel. Jay 
DeVries, Robert H. 
Dew. Miriam 
Dewey, Don 

Dllce, James A 
Didericlcsen, Margii 
DIgnerness, Sarah 
Dill, Jerry 
Dixon. Karen 
Dixon, Glen 

Dobbs. Margaret 
Doman, John E. 
Doney. Elaine 
Dorius. Dale 
Donnelly, Carol 
Dory, Deanna 

Donaldson, Kenyon 
Douglas, Lamond 
Dowdle. Meredith 
Doxey, Lawry 
Draney, Orwin 
Dralte, John L. 





freshmen class 

Drechsel. Dolores 
Draper, Claudia 
Draper, Perry Que 
Dreith, Margery 
Drinkwater, Phillip 
Dryden, Thomas E. 
Dudley, Mary Ann 

Dyer, Gloria 
Duke, Pauline 
Dunford. Fred 
Dunn, Darlene 
Dunn, Patricia 
Dunning, Thomas 
DuPaix, Mel 

Earl, Anthony 
Dupllsea, Hugh 
Durfee, Milo V. 
Durfee. Reed 
Duffey. Dianne 
Durrant. Ronald 
Eagleston, Gerald 

Eckel, Paul 
Echols, Don 
Eckerman, Nevlyn 
Eddlngton, Bonnie 
Edwards, Don LeRoy 
Ediefsen, Lynn 
Edgell, Mary Lee 

Edwards, Charles B. 
Edwards, Elaine 
Egbert, Margie 
Egelund. Ronald 
Eggers, Charlotte 
Elggren. Barbara 
Egg, Theron J., Jr. 

Evans, Barbara 
Evans, Hugh Lusty 
Evans, James R. 
Evans, Joanne 
Evans, Sally 
Fackrell, Maria 
Fairless, LaNae 

Fakharzadeh, Jala 
Fallon, Kenneth 
Farley, Wilford H 
Farnsworth, Clyde 
Farnsworth, Gary 
Farnsworth, Helen 
Farnsworth, Larry 

Farnsworth, Richard 
Farnsworth, Norene 
Farren, John 
Farrer, La Jean 
Farrimond, Joan 
Faufata, Barbara 
Faulk, Clive G. 

Felix, Gen 
Fender, Geraldin 
Fennig. Mary 
Ferguson, Mary Lynn 
Ferre, Jack Warren 
Ferris, Wesley M. 
Fetterley, James 

Ferrell, Ed 
Fielding, Bonnie 
Fietkau, Benjamin 
Fife, Nancy 
Fife, Ronald 
Finch, James M. 
Fisher. Byron 


Fisher. Diane J. 
Fitch, Billie S. 
Fitch, Marian 
Flake, David 
Fitzgerald, Crozier K. 
Flum, Dorene Dei 

Flake, iven K. 
Flake, Wilbur K. 
Flanary, Paul 
Flenniken, Daisy 
Fletcher, Bonnie 
Fletcher, Ronald 

Flinn, Robert 
Folsom, Larry 
Forbis, John Alvin 
Ford, Margaret 
Ford, LaRue 
Forennan, Richard 

Forsey, Phyllis 
Forsgren, G. Brent 
Fossum, David K. 
Foster, Ipsen 
Fotherlngham, Dean 
Foulk, David 


freshmen class 

Foutz, Eddie 
Fountalne, Edwin F. 
Foutz, Arlene 
Foutz, Elva 
Foutz, Jerrold 
Fcwier, Janet D. 
Fowtes, Lue Ann 

Fox, Ruth 
Foxley, Diana 
Frampton, Dean E. 
Francom, Baunie 
Franconn, Donell G. 
Francis, Jane Ann 
Franson, Larry M. 

Francis, Sam 
Frazier, Allan 
Frazier, Dana 
Frazier, Myron 
Free, Lory 
Frost, Janice 
Frost, Merrill F. 

Fuhrlman, David H. 
Fronk, Robert 
Fujita, Wilfred 
Fuller, Laurlta 
Fuller, Larry D. 
Fuller, Mary L. 
Fuller, Marilyn 

Fullmer, Claire 
Fullerton, Janet D. 
Fullmer, Virgil 
Gaddis, Tom 
Gale, Terry 
Gallia, Madlllyn 
Gale, James Elden 

Samblin, Gerald 
Garcia, Jose E. 
Gardner, Kathleen 

Gardner, Georganne 
Gardner, Kaye 
Gardner. Kathleen 

SCALPUM SPECIAL train tickets to the Cougar-RedsUn 
football ganne in Salt Lake were sold during Frosh Week. 

Gates, Keith 
Gassaway, Terry 
Gatewood, Louanne 
Gedge, DeVel 
Gee, Janet Anne 
Gentry, Evelyn 
Geisler, Pat 

Gerber, Alan 
George, Marilyn 
Gerhart, Marilyn 
Gibbons, Le Roy 
Gieck, Fred Gary 
Gibbs, Douglas 
Gibbs, Laurel 

Giles, Willis Boyd 
Gilbert, Reta 
Giles, Gary 
Gilson, Buddy 
Gillespie, Jeannine 
Glasson, Ruth 
Glavinic, Adhor 

Glenn, Barbara 
Gleason, Carol 
Gllnes, Rex L. 
Goble, Dahl 
Goaslind, Don 
Godfrey, Louise 
Goudy, Cheri M. 

Gosar, Greg 
Golder, Norman W. 
Goss, Sally Jo 
Good, Dorothy 
Goodrich, Peggy 
Goodrldge, Marilyn 
Goodsell, Glen 

Gordon, David I 
Goodwin, Jack 
Gordon, Elaine 
Gordon, Philip 
Goush, Robert 
Grant, Deanna 
Graham, Glenda 


Grant, John H. 
Gray, Gary E. 
Gray, Karen 
Greaves, Karren 
Green, Deanna 
Green. Jacquelyn 

Green. Charlene 
Green, Gordon R. 
Green. Ray W. 
Greenhalgh, David Ray 
Greenwood, Elaine 
Greenwood, Val 

Grimand, Donald LeRoy 
Greeson, Lois 
Griffin, Vivian Irene 
Griner, Vincent 
Griffiths, Mike 
Gudmundson, Clarice 

Gronemen, Janet 
Gudmundsen, Ruth 
Gunderson, Sherron 
Gunter, H. Calvin 
Gurich, Roger John 
Gurney, Joana Colleen 









freshmen class 

Gjstavson, Jean 
Guymon. Marilyn L. 
Guymon, Wayne 
Gwilliam, Norma 
Haag, David Roy 
Hacking, Neldon 
Hacking, Eleanore 

Hackney, Kay Elaine 
Hacking, LuJeanne 
Hadley, Lenet 
Haggen, Gilbert L. 
Hague, Franklin M. 
Hale, Bessie 
Hahl, Constance 

Haines, Rita 
Hale, Dorine 
Hale, Lynn G. 
Hales, Pryce N. 
Hales, Ronald B. 
Hales. Ronald W. 
Hall, Calvin Dwain 

Dee Ashby 





Hallen, Gloria 
Halliday, Ernest 


Hallock. George 
Halls, George 
Halsey, Glenn 
Halvorsen, Sue E. 
Hamblin, Marilyn 
Hamblin, Ted 
Hamilton, Annie Belle 

Hamilton, Sharon 
Hamilton, Larry 
Hamlltoti, Loretta 

Hamric, Robert 
Hamlin, Thella Mae 
Hammarstrom, Dick 

Hanlcs, Dennis 
Hamson, Jeanette 
Hansen, Arlene 


BASKETBALL GAMES were big events winter quarter for 
marching Cougarettes and working Intercollegiate Knights. 


, Gae 


, Glenna 


, Janell 


, Janice 


, Judith 


, Karen 


, Nancy 


, M. Margaret 


, Phyllis 




, Jeannine May 


, John 

Harding, Hazel 


, Norman 




















, Wallace 


1, Gordon W. 


1, Sherril 












Leroy M. 







Harrison, Carolyn 



Harrison, Phillip J. 

Harrison, Russell 

Harrison, Willis 

Harward, Merrill W. 

Hart, L 



Hatch. Carl 
Hatch, Diane 
Hatch. Golda 
Hatch. Paul 
Hatch, Milton Jay 
Hatfield, John 

Hawk, Thomas 
Hausknecht. Jeanne 
Hawkins. Norine 
Hawkins, Arline 
Haws. Kent 
Haws, Patricia 

Haycock. Roger 
Haycock, Janet 
Haymond. Tom 
Haynie. Klea 
Healey, David 
Haynes, Marlene 

Heaps, Ken 
Heaton, Nanell 
Heath, Joan 
Heimark. Elmonda 
Heide. Doris 
Heitnnann, Ingrid A. 


freshmen class 

Henderson. William W. 
Helquist, Lalvlar 
Helvig. Mark 
Hendricks, Edgar 
Henkal, Kurt G. 
Henningsen, Cherie A. 
Henningsen, Tove 

Herron, Richard R. 
Hermansen, Larry 
Hermansen, Ronald J. 
Herrin, Gene 
Herron, Carol 
Heyes, Carolyn 
Heywood, Annette 

Hibbert, Muriel 
Hiatt, Duane 
Hicken, Jay C. 
Hickenlooper, Sharon 
Hibbard, Gary J. 
Hicks. Marilynn 
Hill, Carolyn 

Hill, Gordon 
High, Kemba 
Higham, Zoe Ann 
Higashi. Allan 
Hollis, Almy 
Hill. Howard. Jr. 
Hoyal. Donna 

Hilton, Bonnie 
Hill. Keith 
Hill, Sheril V. 
Hill, Valerie 
Hinckley, Mike L. 
Hinkins, Norma M. 
Hilton, Lael 

Hl+esman. Ferre 
Hinman, Kaye 
Hinze, Roberta 

COSMO'S UNVEILING surprised everyone when Peggy Her- 
ron and Ray Pope concede that they acted mascot's part. 

Hogge, Rollin B. 
Holland. Carolyn 
Hollberg, Joyce 
Holllngshead. James Boyd 
Hollingwor+h, Helen 
Holman, Beverly 
Holm, Kenneth 

Holllngshead. Jean 
Holman. Margaret 
Holman. Sharon 
Holt, Gale 
Holtman, Sandra 
Homer, John Russell 
Homer. LaRene A. 

Home. Roger 
Horrocks, DeMont 
Horsley. Richard C. 
Horstmeier. Heinz L. 
Hoslcin. Jerry 
Housslan, William C. 
Howell, Jackie 

Howes. Shirley 
Hewlett. Duane 
Hubener, Nancy 
Hubler. Heinz H. 
Hudson. David 
Hudson. Marilyn 
Huffaker, Dale C. 

Hufstedler. Betty 
Huffaker. Norman 
Huggins, Glenda 
Huffman, John 
Hullinger. Dan 
Hulse. Daria Fae 
Humphrey, June 

Hunt, Donald 
Humpherys, Dee 
Hunt. Jeanette 
Hunt. Margaret 
Hunt, Robert 
Hunt. Wanda 
Hunter, Aarl 


Hunfsman, Howard W. 
Hutchinson, Marie 
Hutchinson, Patty 
Hutchison, Wallace 
Hyde, Peggy Anne 
Hymas, Jaunee 

Hynst, Kathleen 
Ice, Patricia 
llcemoto, MItuo 
Inskeep, Bonnie Jean 
^psen, Foster 
lokepa, Shirley 

Ivey, Anita Jane 
Isham, Margaret 
Iverson, Adele 
Iwaasa, Henry 
Jackson, Lauralee 
Jackson, Joyce 

Jackson, Stanley 
Jackson, Renee 
Jackson, Shelton 
Jackson, Weldon 
Jafferies, Helen 
Jacobson, Karen 



freshmen class 


, Bettie 


Dean F. 



Jameson, Kirk 

Jameson, Roberl 








Mark W. 


Merrle A. 

Jasperson, Janet 


Frank W. 




Carol Ann 


Bruce A. 



Jennings, Glenna 



Jennings, Marilyn 


Harold F. 


Gary J. 


Jeri Ann 


Jerry R. 


Jerry L. 






Max A. 









Jex, Doris 

Jex, Reed 

Johnnesen, George 


Calvin Wm. 

Johansen, Gerald A. 
Johnson, Barbara 
Johnson, Arleen 

FROSH ASSEMBLY featured jugglers, dancers 
and singers entertaining the new studentbody. 

Johnson, J. Howarc 
Johnson, Joyce 
Johnson, Joyce 
Johnson, Joyce 
Johnson, Karln 
Johnson, Kay Irene 
Johnson, Loyce 

Johnson, Ray 
Johnson, Marijane 
Johnson, Merlin 
Johnson, Pamela 
Johnson, Robert 
Johnson, Virginia 
Johnson, Sue 

Johnston, Pat 
Johnson, Yvonne 
Johnstun, Alma 
Jolley, Gail 
Johnstun, Beryl 
Jones, Alofizo 
Jolley, Boyd 

Jones, Duane S. 
Jones, Daniel 
Jones, Carl H. 
Jones, Edris 
Jones, Glen A. 
Jones, Carl 
Jones, Patricia 

Jones, Kenneth M. 
Jones, John Robert 
Jones, Marilynn 
Jones, Richard 
Jones, Richard A. 
Judge, Roberta 
Jones, Robert Eric 

JoneSj Warren 
Jorgensen, William F. 
Jorgensen, Margaret 
Joyce, John Michael 
Judd, lleen 

Judson, Herbert S., Jr. 
Jones, Robert A. 



Jensen, Kalrle 
Kahuena, Margaret 
Karllnsey, Dick 
Karren, Naoma 
Kaufman, Vivian J. 
Kaufman, Francis E. 

Kaupp, Jackie 
Kawai, Veda 
Keasey, Robert 
Keel, Marlene 
Kekaula, Mary K. 
Keller, Marcia 

Keeler, Karl 
Kehmeier, Barbara 
Keller, Margie 
Keller, Susanne 
Kemper, Verda 
Kendall, Dorothy 

Kerr, Sheila 
Kennedy, Tom 
Keppner, Dawn 
Keyes, Marilyn 
Kidder, Roy 
Kendrick, Linda 



freshmen class 

Kimball, Marilyn D. 
Klmber, Richard D. 
King, LaRae 
King, Larry E. 
King, Norman E. 
King, Peggy R. 
King, Scott 

Kingsbury, Elizabeth 
Kingsford, Elmer 
Klnne, James A. 
Kinross, David A. 
Kirk, Barbara 
Kline, Ma.rie 
Knapp, Charlene 

Knauer, Rolf H. 
Knight, Darrell 
Knight, Oscar 
Koelling, Glen A. 
Koenig, Gerald 
Kofford, Lyie C. 
Knudsen, Benny 

Kofoed, Narve&n 
Kohler, Carol 
Kohler, Marden 
Konopelski, Helen 
Koralewski, David 
Kozak, Jackie 
Kresge, Phyllis 

Kunz, James A. 
Kresge, Robert 
Lake, Dennis 
Lalllss, Coyla 
Lamb, Carol 
Lamb, Connie 
Lambert, LaRelli 

Larsen, Sharon 
Larsen, Kathleen 
Larsen, Linda 
Larson, Muriel 
Larsen, Rae 
Larson, Donna 
Larsen, Ruby 

Larson, James 
Larson, Glade 
Larson, Lorraine 
Larson, Willard 
Lauper, Paulie 
Lauritz, John 
Law, Wesley R. 

Layton, Ed 
Lawrence, Halene 
Lawson, Sharon 
Leavell, Stephen 
Leavitt, Clair 
Leavitt, Ronald T. 
LeBaron, Dave 

Lee, Deanna 
LeBaron, Sharon 
Lee, Carill Ina 
Lee, Carole Dawn 
Lee, Earl M. 
Lee, John H. 
Lee, Larry L. 

Lehmann, Esther 
Learned, Janette 
Leishnnan, Karen 
Leistilto, Arlene 
Lennmon, Wayne 
Leslie, Janeine 
Leonardson, Art 

Lewis, Jean 
Leslie, Joan 
Lewis, Emery Bowen 
Lewis, Leon 
Lewis, Pleasy 
Lewis, Robert 
Lewis, Roger 



Liddiard, Gary 

LIchtenstein, Deanna 
Lilley, Adetene 
Li!e, John C. 
Lilly, Leona 
Llllywhite, Jay M. 

Lindsay. RaNae 
Linnb, Frank 
Llndhardt, Larry J. 
Lindsey, Gwynda 
Lines, Larry M. 
Lindsey, Catherine 

Livingston, Jim 
Linning, John 
LIt+le, Gary W. 
Livingston, Spencer 
Loar, Marvin 
Lobaclc. Connie 

Loback, Melva 
Longman. Alien 
Long^ell, Ruben S. 
Lopez, Jorge Mario 
Lott, Yvonne 
Losee, Pat 


freshmen class 

Loughney, David 
Lowder, Dixie D. 
Lowe, Charlene 
Lowe, Janet 
Luke. Barbara 
Lunceford, Blaine 
Luke, Phillip 

Lund, Marcia 
Lund, Nedra Rae 
Lundberg, Ann 
Lundell, Connie 
Lundqulst, Carolyn 
Lundy, Guy 
Lyda, William 

Lyman, Fern 
MacCabe, Sondra 
Mackenzie, Mary 
Madsen, Bryant 
Madsen, Darrell Hasting 
Mahaffey, Linda 
Madsen. Dale 

Main, Betty 
Mahoney, Patsy 
Mallard, Maude 
Maloy, Albert 
Mangum, Gene R. 
Mangum, Alan 
Manwaring, lla 

Manning, Nedra 
Manwill, Roberta 
Marchant, Gerald 
Marquardson, Gwen 
Marshall, MIna 
Mars'hall, Roger L. 
Martin, James W. 

Martin, Laurel! 
Martin. JeNeal 
Martin, Joyce 

FLYING BEETS were well aimed at farnn truck as 
students participated in LDS Welfare Program. 

Maughan, Kathryn 
Maughan, Thomas 
Maxfield, Diane 
May, Helen 
May, James A. 
Maycock, Nelson 
McAffee, Edward 

McAffee, Lou Anna 
McArthur, Lllet 
McBrlde, Carol Ann 
McClellan, Norene 
McClure, Gerald L. 
McBrlde, Deanna 
McComas, Carole 

McConochie, Tom 
McCool, Maureen 
McCormicIc, Marllynn 
McDaniel, Janice 
McDonald, Larry 
McDowell, Sylvia Irene 
McFadden. Terry T. 

McGIII, Evelyn Martha 
McGee, Donna 
McGregor, Dayton 
McKay, Teddy 
McGregor, Lorenzo 
McKell, Mickey 
McKell, James R. 

McKInney, Henry L. 
McKnIght, Eve 
McKInney, Karen 
McLure, Mary 
McLaIn, Beneva 
McMillan, Dorothy 
McNeill, Boyd Newton 

McMillan, Nalla L. 
Mechling, Iva 
Meeks, Bruce 
Melnzer, Deanne 
Memmott, Larry J. 
Menlove, Richard 
Melbourne, Pat 



L»t %«•• 

^^y^ ^^ 

Merrell, Max 
Meredith, Franlclln J. 
Meredith, Joyce 
Merrill, Lura \^ae 
Merritt. LaMont R. 
Merrell, Paula 

Merrill, Ralph T. 
Meservy, Virginia Rae 
Messick, Larry 
Meyer, Ann 
Meyer, Ferdle 
Michael, Patricia J. 

Mlddlbrooks. Albert 
Mikesell, Eldon 
Mikkelsen, Jerry 
Miles. Louanne 
Millar, Jeanne 
Millard, Lorna 

Miller, Alene 
Miller, Corena 
Miller, Grant 
Miller, Leon 
Miller, Marian 
Miller, Marilyn Ruth 


freshmen class 

Miller, Richard R. 
Miller, Richard S. 
Miller, Robert D. 
Millett, Donna 
Millet, Elizabeth 
Mills, Sharlene 
Mills, Sharon 

Milne, Don 
Minch, Gloria 
Miner, Rada 
Miner, Rosemary 
Misrasi. Melba 
Mitchell, Gary 
Minor, Don 

Mitchell, Sid 
Mitchell, Marlene 
Miyagishima, Yoshihide 
Moeller, Bill 
Moffitt, Karen 
Moikeha, Mona Amy 
Montgomery, Barbara 

Monte, John Anthony 
Montgomery, Clint 
Montgomery, Lou Ann 
Montgomery. James A. 
Moody, Lyman 
Moomey, Mildred 
Moon, James 

Moore, Clifton Eugene 
Moore, Georgia 
Moore, James 
Moore, Linda 
Moore, Milton 
Moore, Ralph 
Moravec, Garry 

Morawslti, Hans J. 
Morgan, Marcia A. 
Morgan, James D. 

JOURNALISM CONFERENCE held on campus had 
participants from Intermountain High Schools. 

Mortensen, Stuart 
Morton, Marlene 
Moss, Darlene 
Moulton, Betty 
Moultrie, Beverly 
Moyes, Leon R. 
Moyle, Betty 

Munhall, Grace. 
Moyle, Richard 
Munger, Merretta 
Murdock, Allan L. 
Murdock, Joyce 
Murdock, Sally 
Murphy, Lenore D. 

Murphy, David R. 
Murphy, Myrna 
Murphy, Richard 
Murray, Donald 
Murray, Judy 
Myers, Emmett T. 
Naef, Carol 

Myers, Twila 
Nash, Glen Voy 
Nash, Jennifer 
Naylor, Robert 
Neeley, David M. 
Neidiffer, Nancy G. 
Nehring, Don 

Nelson, Barbara 
Nelson, Allan 
Nelson, Diane 
Nelson, Gary M. 
Nelson, Janice L. 
Nelson, Jesse 
Nelson, Wilma Jean 

Nelson, Kay 
Nelson, Lois 
Neubert, JoeAnn 
Nesbit, Jean 
Neser, Gerald O. 
Newbold, Karen 
Neser^ Paul I. 


— P'^'^T'*^ — ' '■ 


Jayne Ann 



Carol J. 




























Joe L. 






, Kay 



, Susan L. 



, Elizabeth 


icholes, Verlin 


icholson, Bradley 


icholson. Donna 


ickelsen, Jens 


Imalovifch, Alice 











freshmen class 

Norberg, Jaron 
Noble, Zina 
Nofen, Phillip 
Nordblad. John 
Nordgren, Shirley Joy 
Norman. Mary Jean 
Nordhoff, Yvonne 

Norrls. Ronald Lee 
Norton. Jainnee 
Norton. Shurlene 
Nbwell. James I. 
Nuffer. Stanton 
O'Bray. Carma 
Nutter. Diana 

Obray. JeNeil 
O'Cohnell. Patricia 
O'Leary. Bert 
Ockerman. Marilyn 
Odum. Gwen 
Ogden. Bruce F. 
Ogilvie. Glenna 

Oglethorpe. Loretta 
Okelberry, Eva Pearl 
Olive. Muriel 
Olmstead. Shirley 
Olofson. Loyce 
Olpin. L. Don 
Olpin. Violet 

Olsen. Richard A. 
Olsen. Ross 
Olson. Carolyn N. 
Olson. Darrel W. 
Olson. David A. 
Olson. Gerald E. 
Olson. Robert D. 

CONFIDENT GIRL places trust in BYU fencing 
teacher during baslietball halftime entertainment. 

Ostergaard, Marie Ann 
Ostergar, Mary Lou 
Ostler, Floyd 
Ostler, Mel 
Otterstrom, Craig 
Ottley, Carol 
Ottosen, Ruth 

Ottley, Jerald 
Ottosen, Shirley 
Overson, LeLand 
Owens, Hazel 
Overson, Rodger D. 
Oviatt, Betty 
Owens, Robert T. 

Oxborrow, Jeanette 
Oyler, Colleen 
Pace, Alfred L. 
Pace, Gordon 
Pace, Vione 
Pack, Richard 
Page, Gary 

Padbury, Charles 
Page, Keith 
Paine, J. Peter 
Painter, Beverly 
Palmer, Merrill 
Palmer, Glen O. 
Palmer, William J. 

Palmer, Nedra 
Palmer, Wm. Hal 
Palmer, Shirlene 
Panuncio, Lucia M 
Papic, Ferrell 
Paris. Charles 
Park, Neil A . 

Pardew, Everett 
Parker, George R. 
Parker, Philip D. 
Parkinson, Jerrolyn 
Parkinson, Van R. 
Parmeter, Phillip 
Paschal, Julie 

Olson, Lloyd 
Olson, Lawrence 
Olson, Yvonne 


Olvera, Guillermo Martinez 
Omen, Phyllis F. 
Ontiveros, Limhi 

Orchard, William 
Ontiveros, Seth 
Orme, Nancy Dee 

Orme, Stan 
Orton, Marietta 
Orton, Ronno 

HMP" "'"''VaH VVVH ^K^ 

^Mm^ M^i 


Patl'erson, Janef 
Patton, James R. 
Patton, Sharon 
Paxton, Thornton 
Payne, Lawrence N. 
Payne, B, Louise 

Payne, Michael 
Payne, Shirley 
Peacock, Carol 
Pease, Roxie Lee 
Pecic, Stanley 
Pedersen, Donna 

Pedersen, Sandra 
Pedersen, Myrna 
Pehrson, Nancy 
Peers, Janet 
Pelt, Sandra 
Peel, Paul R. 

Pentelute, Sherry 
Pember+on, Judy 
Pereira, Ana Marba 
Perkins, Ken 
Perrlns, Robert Neil 
Perkins, Don 


freshmen class 

4-f TF,!^ 

Perry, Kaye 
Perkins, Norma 
Perry, Lynn 
Petersen, Edith 
Petersen, Margene 
Peterson, Royal 
Petersen, Sharon 

Peterson, Ann 

Peterson, Bonnie Lee 

Peterson, Carolyn 

Peterson, Carol 

Peterson, EInora 

Peterson, James G. 

Peterson, June 

Peterson, Louise 

Peterson, M. Bonita 

Peterson, Nadine 

Peterson, Nancy 

Peterson, Patricia 

Peterson, Robert 

Peterson. Ronald 

Peterson, Shirlee 
Pettiiohn, Ann 
Pettinglll, Philip 
Pezoldt, Eleanor 
Phillips, Carolyn 
Phippen, Reed 
Phillips, Beth 

Pierce, Dorothy 
Pierce, Ronald 
Pierson, Marie 
Pike, Carol Joan 
Pilling, Moyle 
Pincock, Beverly 
Pitts, LaVal M. 

Pitkin, Gordon 
Piatt, Bonnie 
Polacca, Howella, Jr. 


Plathow, Wanda 
Politis, Ellene 
Poll, Ronald 

BLOOD DONORS gave record amounts of blood 
to Blood Drive on campus during winter quarter. 

Porter, E. Rell 
Porter, ReNae 
Potter, Carole Ann 
Potter, Glenn 
Potts. Lorene 
Powelson, Gerald 
Poulson, Jerald F. 

Powelson, Kae 

Pratt, David H. 

Price, Billy R. 

Price, Derrill 

Price, DiAnn 

Price, Larry 

Price, James Wil 

Price, Shirley 
Price, Norman L. 
Prince, Dale 
Pritchard, Robert H. 
Probst, Madelyn 
Prothero, Walter 
Probst. Marilyn 

Pryde, Don 
Pruett, Norman 
Ptomey, Lynne 
Pulliam, Priscilla 
Purinton, Barbara A. 
Pusey, Claudette 
Pyper, John R. 

Quist, Hugh J., Jr. 
Quinton, Peggy Ann 
Quinton, Rowell 
Radley, Rosalind 
Ragonton, Carol Nalani 
Rampelt. Carol 
Ransdell, O. P. 

Rasmussen, Marleen 
Ramsay, Kathleen 
Rasmussen, Kay N. 
Rawlings, Joyce 
Rawlings, Richard 
Ray, Beverly 
Raymond, Lois Hess 


Rea. Joan 
Read, Robert Leon 
Ream, Dtanna 
Reams, Joyce 
Reaves. Bonnie 
Redd, Donna Maria 

Reed, Kenneth D. 
Redd, Carolyn 
Reeder, Jim 
Reeve, Orville 
Reeves, John P. 
Reid, Jack 

Reid, Bruce 
Reid, Jack 
Reimers, Dick 
Relyea. Russell E. 
Rhead, Rochelle 
Rhinehart, Bruce 

Remington, Kent 
Rhoton, James F. 
Rice, Bill 
Rice, Lois 
Rich, Darwin 
Rich, John Milton 


freshmen class 

chards, Barry 
ch, Sherron 
chard, Fred L. 
chardson. Max 
chardson, Sondra 
chins, Irene 
ddle, Dwanna Lee 

Ricks, Nedra 
Riede, Bonnie Mae 
Riggs, John 
Riggs, Loretta 
Riley, Geraldene 
Riley, Mike 
Ririe, David 

Ritz, Robert 
Ririe, Garna 
Roberts, Wilford 
Robbins, Karolyn 
Robbins, Richard 
Roberts, Donna Fae 
Roberts, Kathryn 

Roberts, Richard 
Roberts, Virginia F. 
Robertson, Mildred R. 
Robins, Ellen 
Robinson, Camiile 
Robinson, Crystal Diana 
Robinson, Curtis 

Robinson, Karl 
Robinson, Leona Mae 
Robinson, Margaret 
Robinson, ReNell 
Robison, Karol 
Robison, Tonia 
Roche, Marlene 

Rodebacl, Wilbur R. 
Rockwood, Nancy 
Rodriguez. Adam Raul 

Rogers, Kenneth E. 
Roe, Kenneth V. 
Rogers, Dixie 

DANCING FROM THE ISLES featured the Kia 
Ora Club during the Polynesian Day assembly. 

Rosa, Diane 
Rosenhan, Chad 
Rosenlof, Janet 
Ross, Janice 
Ross, Joan 
Roundy, Winifred 
Rowan Shirley 

Rowberry, Donald 
Rowe, Barbara Lee 
Rowe, Mary Ellen 
Rowland, Guy 
Rowley, Ann 
Rowley, Kleah 
Rowley, Leo 

Rowley, Pearl 
Rowley, Miland T. 
Roylance, Marilyn 
Rudbach, Jon A. 
Rumph, Larry 
Rush, Bill 
Russell, Georgia 

Russell, Chryl Ann 
Russell, Pamela 
Russell, Warren Scott 
Rust, Dilworth 
Sabey, Linda 
Safsten, Ron 
Sabin, Elaine 

Sabin, Ray 
Salisbury, RaNae 
Salsbury, Larry 
Salvesen, Patricia 
Sampson, Carolyn 
Sanderson, Lloyd 
Sandquist, Beverly 

Sandstrom, Barbara 
Sant, Richard 
Sardoni, Larry 
Saunders, Ronald 
Savage, Henry C. 
Saxer. Alton 
Scadlocit, Arlen 


Scanlon, Lee 
Schaefer, Henry 
Schell, Gerald A. 
Schiffman, Doyle L. 
Schipper, Donna 
Schlappi, Kent 

Schmidt, David 
Schmidt, Frank 
Schneider, Mahrah 
Schnepf, Donald 
Schofield, Dave 
Schmidt, Rosemarie 

Scholes, Marilyn 
Schubel, Lanore 
Schultz, Sandra Anne 
Scott, Ethel Lou 
Scott, J. Denis 
Scott, Anita 

Scott, Peggy 
Scott, Joseph Keith 
Scott, Rulon 
Scriver, James W. 
Seamons, Blaine L. 
Sederstrom, Pat 


freshmen class 

,' rail- -^F^A. 

Seely, Clair 
Seeley, W. Dal 
Seely, Doyle 
Seifert, Marilyn 
Sellers, Harry F. 
Seiter, Carolyn June 
Senlce, Jean 

Seymour, Margot 
Sharp, Paul 
Shaw, Clestia 
Shaw, Lorraine 
Shaw, Evelyn 
Shaw, Robert C. 
Shawcroft, Terry 

Sheffield, Fay 
Shelton, Donald 
Shelton, Sharon Gay 
Sheridan, Charles Robert 
Shimoda, Donna 
Shipley, Ann 
Shipp, Clair B. 

Shoe, Norma Kay 
Shipley, Jerrye Mas 
Shirley, Rowan D. 
Shirts, Addie Uwarda 
Showalter, Norman 
Shumway, Caroline 
Shumway, Carmen 

Shurtliff, Myrna 
Shumway, Jerry 
Shumway, Maretta 
Shurtleff, Howard P. 
Silk, Roger R. 
Sill, William D. 
Simat, Mario 

Simmons. Mary Jo 
SImonIs, Arlene 
SImlster, Vernon 

formed by lederhose-clad men of German Club, 

Slattery, Patricia 
Slater, Cleo Yvonne 
Sly, Russell 
Smellle, Don 
Smith, Albert G. 
Smith, Barry M. 
Smith, Carlos 







Smith, Evelyn M. 

Smith. Gordon 

Smith. Glen Mecham 
Smith. Harold 
Smith. Janice 
Smith. Jasmine L. 
Smith. Jerald 
Smith. John T. 
Smith. Kay Dawn 

Smith. Loretta 

Smith. Lawrence F. 

Smith. Larry D. 

Smith. Marilyn 

Smith, Nadda 

Smith. Patricia 

Smith. Phil 


I lip 

Smith. Ray M. 
Smith, Sharon 
Smith. Sheldon 
Smith, Steven L. 
Smith. Verleen 
Smithson, Rhoda 
Smith. Vern G. 

Snell, Jay 
Snell, Jacqueline 
Snell, Robert 
Snow. Beora 
Snow, Dewean 
Snow, Marlon 
Sobers, Richard 


Sorensen, Corlnne 
Somerville. R. Kedric 
Sorensen, Griffith 
Sorensen. Irene 
Sorensen, Joane 
Sorensen, Joyce 

Sorensen, Line 
Sorensen, Neva 
Sorenson, Roberta A. 
Sorensen, Stephen 
Sorenson, Denis S. 
Soto, Ida 

Sorenson, Emnna Jean 
Soule, Joan 
Spaugh, Priscllla 
Sparry, Brent 
Spradley, Roy H . 
Spratling, Coleen 

Stalcer, Alexander 
Stay, Carolynn 
Staheli, Zera 
Stansfield. Ruth 
Starr. Sylvia 
Steele, Donald 



freshmen class 

Steele, Jack 
Steelman, Donald R. 
Stephens. Arthur 
Stevens, Carole 
Stevens, Donald 
Stephens. JoAnn 
Stephenson, Maralyn 

Stevens, Mont 
Stevens, LaRae 
Stevens, Luan 
Stevens, Sherre 
Stephenson, Sue 
Stewart, Karen 
Stewart, Nornna Lee 

Stoker. Jimmy 
St. Jeor. Camille 
Stock. Robert 
Stoker. David 
Stokes. Eddi 
Stone, Cynthia 
Stones, Dick 

Stone. Dick 
Stott. Delmer C. 
Strong. Judith 
Stout, Robert T. 
Strasburg. Bryant 
Stratford. Sue 
Straubhar, Nola 

Streeter. Donna 
Stroble. Carita 
Strong. Genevieve 
Strong. Janet 
Strong. Larry 
Stuart. Daphne 
Sjmmerhays, Janet 

Summers, Rita 
Sumner, Dee Ann 
Sung, She-il 

Sumsion, Carolyn 
Sundwall, Peter 
Swallow, Charles K. 

Sutton, Pat 
Swan, Eileen 
Swan, Marian 

bonfire cooks a red-headed Intercollegiate Knight. 

Swasey, Amanda 
Swensen, Swen 
Sylvester, Judith 

Tait, J 



ana, Nobuyosh 

Jams, Garth L. 




Nancy Lee 








, Phyllis 






Idella E. 




Jerry Lynn 


Jerald Lynn 


Maurice M . 


Jo Ann 






Linda Gay 


Owen W. 






Paul D. 




Robert L 






Wynne Anne 


Richard Ray 


(, Annetta L. 


, Gale 


, Roy 


David Ray 


David Reed 

Tew, D 

avid 1. 

Thacker, Marilyn 

Thaclter, Roy 


n, Karen 

Thomas, Dick 

Thomas, Haynes M. 

Thomas, Jon 


Thomas, Kenneth R. 
Thomas, Neal 
Thompson, Carolyn 
Thompson, David 
Thompson, John V. 
Thompson, Roger 

Thomsen, Leo 
Thomson, Ann 
Thome. Dennis 
Thornley, Ela Dee 
Thornton, Byron 
Thorton, Edith L 

Thueson, Delbert 
Thorup, Don 
Thueson, Karia Ann 
Tidweil, Gary 
Tillman, Chester E. 
Tingey, Veria 

Tippets, Tannara 
Tinney, Edwin 
Todd, Mama 
Toiiey, Verle 
Tolman, Dee Ann 
Tclman, Leonard N. 


freshmen class 

Tolman, Rosco N. 
Tolman, Wilford J. 
Tolson, Melba 
Toone. Winona 
Towne, Diane C. 
Traher, Norman D. 
Trane, Paul Morris 

Trease, Jackie 
Tremelling, Yvonne 
Tripp, Anne 
Todd, Byron 
Troseth, Sandra 
Tucker, Janice 
Tucker, Reed 

Tucker, Thomas 
Tuckett, Marilyn 
Tullesu, Ellga A. 
Turley, Karen 
Turley, Luther Dean 
Turner, George M. 
Turner, Joe 

Tyler, Mary Alice 
Turner, Robert B. 
Turner, Sherrll Ann 
Turner, Wesley 
Uppencamp, George L. 
Urban, Mary 
Underwood, LaRae 

Vandeburgh, Ann 
Uychara, Robert K. 
Van Leuven, Janet 
Valentine, Gay 
VallozzI, Roslna E. 
Vance, Jennie Lou 
Vance, Allen 

Vanderford, Lee Ann 

Van Leuven, Kay 

Van Wagoner, Dallas ^^ *- 

Van Leuven, Ronald 
Varney, Joel 
Varney, Kaye 

Vaughan, Charles M. 
Vastine, Tom 
Vaughan, Lois 

BUTTERFLY CHAIRS around a Heritage Halls 
tiresrde provide an ideal situation for studying. 

Vaughn, Carolyn 
Waddoups, Leia 
Waddoups, Connie 

Wade, Evanell 
Wade, LaRee 
Wadsworth, John 
Wahlqulst, Earl 
Wagner, Ruth 
Wahlquist, Keith F. 
Wahlquist, Wayne 

Waite, George A. 
Waldvogel, Caryl Ann 
Walker, Nadlne 
Walker, Gall 
Waldron, Fredrick Glen 
Walker, Glenn R. 
Walker, Newell 

Walker. Shirley 
Walker, Verdon 
Wallace, Wanda 
Wall, Edwin 
Walser, Floyd LeRoy 
Walsh, Richard 
Walston, Jerry 

Walters, Ruthdale 
Walthall, Glen 
Walton, Paul 
Wankier, Beverly 
Ward, Emily 
Ward, Carol 
Wanlass, Geri 

Ward, Eric F. 
Ward, Elaine Ardell 
Ward, Georgeanna 
Ward, Irene 
Ward, Jackie 
Ward, Ron 
Ward, Karolyn 

Warren, Connie 
Wardle, Nedra 
Wartena, Carol Joan 
Wasden, Lyie L. 
Watson. Mary Etta 
Watts, Carolyn 
Watts, Don 


Wayman, Mary Carol 
Watts, LaVerne 
Weaver, Glenn 
Webb, Irene 
Webber, Gladys 
Weber, Mary 

Weese, Sherri 
Webster, Dorothy Ann 
Weddle, Robert C. 
Weidner, Leo A. 
Weight, Gloria 
Weinheimer, Edith Louise 

Weitzel, Ed 
Wells, Floyd R. 
Werner, Dean J. 
West, Joyce 
Westover, Rawlin L. 
Westra, Janet 

Westring, Myrna 
Westring, Renae 
Whatcott, Jean 
Wheeler, Lovel 
Wheldon, Carol 
Whetton, Velma 

wa- zu 

freshmen class 

Whlffen, Henry 
Whipple, Cale 
Whitaker, Carolyn 
Whitaker, Janet 
White, Clarolyn 
White, Wendell 
Whitehead, Marlorle 

Whitmer, Lois Ethelyn 
Whitford, Beverly Ann 
Whitney, Maurice 
Whitney, Nedra 
Whittle, Ruth 
Wickstrom, Corky 
Whitworth, Darrell C. 

Wilberg, Carl 
Widdison, Harold A. 
Wilcox, John 
Widdison, Rulon Gary 
Wilcock, Keith 
Wilcox, LuDean 
Wilkinson, Clifton B. 

Wilde, Waldo 
Willden, Jerome R. 
Willianns, Carol 
Williams, Donna 
Williams, Eldon Blaine 
Williams, Kirk 
Williams, Judy 

Williams, Noel 
Williams. Lynn 
Williams, Paul A. 
Williams, Peter H. 
Williams, Shirley 
Williams, Terry Rae 
Willis, Judith 

Wilson, Carolyn 
Wilson, David F. 
Wilson, Gene 

Halls living room occupies a lucky male student. 

Winlcelman, Walt 
Winkler, Mary 
Winward, Alma H. 
Winward, Edward 
Wiser, James R. 
Wittorf, Robert H. 
Wlttwer, Jon 

Wolfe, Shirley 
Wood, Carol 
Wingate, Ray E. 
Wood, John R. 
Woodbury, Rodney 
Woodhouse, Catherine 
Woodland, Alfred 

Woods, Herbert Dee 
Woodruff, Jackson 
Woods, Janice 
Woodward, John L 
Woodward, Marilyn 
Woolf, Gordon A. 
Woodward, Ross 

Worley, Shirley 
Woolwine, Beverley 
Worthington, Lois 
Wright, Carol 
Wright, Dale 
Wright, Donald 
Wright, David 

Wright, Gerald D. 
Wright, George 
Wright, Janet 
Wright, Marilyn Lee 
Wright, Philip 
Wright, Sharon 
Wright, J. Lewis 

Yates, Jackie 
Yorgason, Lorelle 
Young, Betty 
Young, Cleon 
Young, Deanna 
Youngkeit, Louie G. 
Young, Kathleen 

Younker, Robert I. 
Zander, Karen 
Zielinski, Judie 
Zinn, Ray 
Zirker, Ardis 
Zitting, Ronald 
Zuppann, Eleanor A. 

FROSH CHEERLEADERS were Sherrel Butler, 
Terry Williams, Keith Barrett, Sharon Ford. 
Abserit from picture is Wynston Sumpter, 


JUNIOR AWS COUNCIL were, front, Chryl Russell, Gay Valentine, 
Norene McClellan, president Sherrel Butler, Yvonne Romney, Paulie 
Lauper. Middle row, Nancy Deputy, Marilyn Woodward, Marcia 
Black. Back row, Joyce Hiatt, Virginia Hiatt, Virginia Johnson, Ann 

freshmen class activities 

FROSH ACTIVITY CARDS and necessities were sold during Cub Week. 


STORK CARRYING FOOTBALL was the Freshman entry in Homecoming Parade. 

DUNKED FRESHMAN got that way for not participating in Y cleaning. 

SENIOR COURT scenes shown in two pictures 
above ware typical of the punishment meted 
out to unruly frosh who didn't obey Cub Week 


Bushman, Boyd B. 
Bush, Gary 
Bushman, Clarence 
Bushman, Margaret Ann 
Butler, Marilyn 
Bushman, Curt 

Butler, Donna 

Butler, Dennis 
Butler. Pat 
Butler, Sherrel 
Buxton, Claron 
Butler, Sandra 

Bystrom, Emll, Jr. 
Cagle, Jeanne 
Caldwell, Colleen 
Caldwell, Colleen 
Call, Ara O., Jr. 
Calder, Kenneth E. 

Call, Diana L. 
Call, Lois 
Call, Robert Leon 
Call, Ronnie Loree 
Call, Sharon 
Callister, Thomas 

new students 

Aase, Kristian 
Abercrombie, Charles L. 
Aclierman. Karleen 
Ahn, Dongbang 
Allred, Darrel T. 
Anaya, Lupe 

Anderson, Lynn 
Anderson, Ruth 
Andrews, Eldon V. 
Argyle, LaVInia 
Ashby, Stephen D. 
Ashcraft. Verl 

Alltinscn, Nllo 
Babcock, Orel 
Bagley. Terrenes 
Bain, Walter 
Bartley, Gail 
Beach. Roy 

Bassett, William Lynn 
Beazer, Morgan 
Bell. Cherie 
Benson, Richard 
Berry Nina 
Biggs, Billle 

Berfoch, Janice 
Bingham, Jay D. 
Bird, Beverly 
Bischoff, Gordon 
Blackburn. Lily 
Bittner, Karen D 

Blair, Kenneth 
Blanchard, Farrell 
Blodgett, Joan 
Blue, Carl 
Bond. James 
Boots, William J. 
Bonser, Margie 

Bown, Bruce V. 
Boyer, Milan 
Brown. Bill 
Bryson, Lawrence L. 
Bullock. Gerald 
Burmester. Delores 
Burrell. Bretta 

Burns, Noel E. 
Burrell. Gordon 
Burton, Janet 
Burton, Leo H. 
Bush. Myrna 
Byers. Kenneth Wayne 
Campbell. Lyman 

Caldwell. A. LaMoyne 

Carter. Don Clyde 

Carlson, Darlene 

Carlstrom, Inga-Lena Constance 

Casper, LaVerne 

Castillo, Jorge I. 

Chambers. Carolyn 

Chipman. Alice 
Chase, Dolores 
Christensen. Eugene 
Christensen, Gladys L. 
Claridge, Diane 
Clark. Ralph 
Clegg, Alene 

Collet. Wanda 
Connell, Rosemary 
Connelly. Earl 
Connors, Roger 
Converse, Roger 
Cordon. Rula 
Crandall, Don A. 

Crapse, Warren F. 
Crandall. Sue Dette 
Craven. Frank L. 

SENIOR CLASS FLOAT depicting a Mississippi 
paddlewheeler won the second class in Sweepstakes. 

Crook. John 
Crosby. Alden 
Crosby, Harry 

Doyle, Joseph Patrick 
Crowther, Arven J. 
Dean, Nowlan K. 

Decker, Jerry 
Decker, Gladys 
Decker, Rey M. 


De Dlos, Audrey 
Dray, Jo Ann 
Du Bois, Jacueline 
Dunford, Kent 
Ferre, Macksene 
Ferrln, Ross 
Fordham, James Carl 

Flygare, Norma 
Foster, Diane 
FowleS', Robert V. 
Frisbey, Carol J. 
Frisbey, Jerry 
Gallup, Norman Ray 
Gardner, Lawrence 

Gilmore, Leola 
Glazier, Luana 
Goates, Irene 
Gordon, Janice 
Hair, LaMar 
Hale, Gerald A, 
Hall, Richard 

Halls, Lyie 
Hanson, Craig 
Harden, Bryan 
Hardisty, Joan 
Harrison, Jane 
Harward, Carol 
Hawkes, Gene 

new students 

Heath, Frank 
Haymond, Jay 
Helm, Blanche 
Hickerson, Larry 
Hill, Paul M. 
Hoggard, Shirley 

Holt, David 
Holmes, Don 
Hood, Betty Jo 
Hortensia, Macias 
Hotchiss, Elizabeth 
Houghton, Delbert L. 

Hoitie, Shirley 
Huerta, Dolores 
Hull, Jay 
Jacklin, Mary Lue 
Jackson, Nancy 
Jacobson, Larry L. 

James, Veria 
Jarman, Dale A. 
Jensen, Donald E. 
Johnson, Garney 
Jensen, Louis 
Johnson, Lidge 

Johnson, Jay K. 
Johnson, Margaret 
Jones, Ada Ruth 
Jones, Lorraine 
Kalwies, Brunie 
Judd, Ronald 


Kim, KiChuen 
King. Geraid 
Kinzel, Kenneth W. 
Knighton, Ronald L. 
Knudson. Sandra 
Kolste. Christ Edward 
Kopinsky, Michael 

Krantz, Michael 
Kuhni, Arlin V. 
Lakin, Howard 
Larson, Don 
Lawton, Frank 
Larson, Kenneth 
Linde. Yvonne 

Loveland, Lois 
Lindsay. Ben 
Lindsey. Margaret 
Lyman. Joe 
Madison. Marion 
Marshall. Ray 
Martinez, Jesus Narvaez 

Mason, Yerda 
Maycock, Sandra 
McClellan, Grant 
Mclnnes, Murray S. 
Mcintosh, Gordon 
McKay, Mary 
McMahon, F. Dean 

Mecham, Gwen 
Merrill, Wayne 
Mlckelson, hlattie Lu 
Miller, Reed K. 
Minson, Joy 
Morgan. Jerrold 
Moscrop. Richard 

Musig. Merial 
Myers. Marilyn 
Nelson. Marlene 
Nelson. Marvin 
Newton. Wallace S. 
Nicholes. Gary 
Nichols. Dan 

Nielsen, Lou Dell 
Nielsen, E. Paul 
Nielsen, Ronald F. 

SHOWING THEM HOW, new BYU head footbafl 
coach Harold Kopp demonstrates in spring practice. 

Nielssen. Gordon Walvik 
Nielson. Ruth 
Nock, George 

Gates, Ernest 
Ohsiek, David 
Olsen, LaDeane 

Olsen, Preston 
Orton, F. L. 
Orton, Renae 


Pacltham, Willis A. 
Packer, Eileen 
Paddock. Alice 
Paget. John 
Papenfuss. Joseph Kay 
Park. Ivan J. 
Parkinson. Ray 

Patfen. Thomas J. 
Pearson. Dean N. 
Pearson. Janis 
Perkins. George W. 
Perkins. Marjorie 
Petersen. Paul Robert 
Petersen. Rex W. 

Petersen. Ronald 
Peterson. Charles L. 
Peterson, Cloyd 
Pettit. Robert Dean 
Pope, Philip D. 
Pippert, J. Hal 
Pitcher, Sandra 

Porter, Laurel D. 
Pope, Valda L 
Poston, Donald C. 
Poulsen, Ronald 
Poulson, Jennie Lin 
Powell. Arlene 
Powell. Don R. 




Powell. La Verne 
Pratt. Richard W. 
Preece. Bruce E. 
Price. Charlene 
Ragsdale. Ronald O. 
Rather. Douglas 

Rawlins. Claude D. 
Ray. Al 

Rayster, Nancy 
Reeves, Donald L. 
Reich. William S. 
Reneer, Margie An 

Richardson. Theral B. 
RIchens, Lorn S. 
Robb. Renee 
Roberts, Cecil L. 
Roberts. Don W. 
Robinson, George G. 

Robson, Ellen 
Roether. Judith 
Roundy, Le Nore 
Rowley, Clayton 
Salnsbury. Theron D. 
Sanderson, James W. 

Schetselaar. Gordon 
Schow, Luana 
Schulthles. Karl 
Seeley, Joe 
Seeley, Robert 
Sharp, Jerold L. 

Shields, Earl D. 
Short, Marjory 
Shumway, Keith A. 
Simmons, Donald 
Simper, Genial 
Sirstins, Mary 
SIceen, LaMar W. 

Slaughter, Larry O. 
Sloan, Marilyn 
Smedley, Milton B. 
Smith, Lyie J. 
Smoot, Owen A. 
Snow, Lillian 
Snow, Orlo 

Sparry, Joan C. 
Staats, Richard C. 
Stephens, Keith 
Stevenson, Bud L. 
Stewart, Scott 
Stice, Carolyn 
Stock, Floyd 

Strawn, Alfred 
Stokes, Mirl Wynn 
Svade, Richard H. 
Taylor, James Scott 
Taylor, Neal 
Thaxton, Arlynn 
Thompson, K. Donald 

Thorn, James Derrick 
Thompson, Kent 
Thornton, Vernal 
Thueson, Larry 
Tldwell, JoAnn 
Timms, Dixie 
Tribett, James 

Twenten, Georgine Ellen 

Udall, Sam 

Utey, R, Kent 

Van Orman, Norene 

Van V/agoner, Charles J. 

Van Wagoner, Elizabeth S, 

Vaughn, Ron 

JUST BROWSING for a favorite author or 
subject was a pleasant diversion for readers. 

Wright, Catherine Elaine 
Wynn, Carol R. 
Wynn, Elston H. 


in memoriuin 

... of Albert M. Sconberg, 22-year-old junior from 
Bountiful, Utah, who died in a Salt Lake City 
hospital January 21, 1956, of nephritis. 


... of Dayton C. McGregor, a 23-year-old fresh- 
man from St. George, Utah, who died Christmas 
Day, 1955, near. Washington, Utah, in an auto- 
mobile accident. 

... of Carrol Memmott, 18-year-old freshman, who 
died at her home in Roosevelt, Utah, October 23, 
1955, of leukemia. 


eneral index 



Autumn Leaf Hike 30 

Banyan Ball 43 

Belle of the Y 46 

Bibler Bounce 42 

Campus Chest Week 29 

Christmas Drive 36 

Elections 54 

Engineering Week 49 

Fite Night 48 

Frosh Week 28 

Hello Week 26 

Homecoming 32 

Inaugural Ball 55 

Junior Prom 52 

Leadership Conference 24 

Leap Year Dance 44 

Military Ball 45 

Mistletoe Frolic 37 

Orientation Week 25 

Preference Ball 35 

Quarter Highlights 38 

Registration 27 

Snow Carnival 40 

Songfest 50 

Sophomore Loan Fund 3 I 

Special Events 56 


Church Leaders 148 

Department Heads 152 

Faculty 167 

University Presidents 150 





Freshmen 412 

Sophomores 368 

Juniors 340 


Freshmen 371 

Sophomores 343 

Juniors 325 

Seniors 301 


Freshmen 372 

Graduates 320 

Juniors 326 

New Students 414 

Sophomores 344 


Biological and Agriculture .. 153 

Commerce 152 

Education 155 

Extension Division 162 

Family Living 160 

Fine Arts 154 

Graduate 162 

Human, and Soc. Sciences 156 

L. D. S. Business College .... 163 

McCune School of Music .. 163 

Nursing 161 

Phys. & Eng. Sciences 157 

Recreation, Health, & 

Physical Sciences 159 

Religion 158 



Country Girl 106 

Darkness at Noon 105 

Dial "M" for Murder 100 

Dublin Players 101 

I Remember Mama 104 

Lute Song 103 

Richard II 102 

Rigoletto 99 

Sweethearts 98 


Faculty 423 

General 422 

Student 424 




A Cappella 76 

College Chorus 78 

Concert Band 92 

Madrigal Chorus 80 

Male Chorus 82 

Marching Band 144 

Opera Workshop 84 

R. O. T. C. Band 96 

Symphony Orchestra 90 

University Chorus 88 

Varsity Band 94 

Women's Chorus 86 


A. C. E. 1 243 

Alcyone 268 

Alpha Lambda Delta 228 

American Chem Society .... 253 

Arizona Club 248 

Arnold Air Society 222 

Athenians 270 

Bear Lake 249 

Blue Keys 214 

Brlckers 272 

Brigadiers 274 

B. Y. U. Stockmen's 234 

Cache Valley Club 250 

California Club 251 

Cami Los 276 

Canadian Club 252 

Cesta Tie 278 

Chemical Engineers 235 

Civil Engineers 244 

Commerce Club 244 

Cougarettes 208 

Danish-Norwegian 255 

Delta Phi 224 

Dixie Club 254 

Fidelas 279 

Fogllters 254 

Forensic Association 236 

F. T. A 237 

Gamma Phi Omicron 230 

Hawaiian 256 

Home Economics Club 245 

Industrial Arts Club 239 

Intercollegiate Knights 210 

Kappa Debonaires 280 

Kia Ora Club 257 

Lambda Delta Sigma 226 

Lancers 286 

Montana Club 255 

Nautilus - 282 

Nevada Club 258 

New Mexico Club 258 

Orchesis 238 

Oregon 259 

O. S. Trovata 284 

PhiChiTheta 231 

Phi Eta Sigma 232 

Phi Mu Alpha 247 

Press Club 245 

Pre Veterinarian Club 240 

Ri Veda 287 

Rodeo Ciub 241 

Saber Flight 218 

Saxons 267 

Shomorah Kiyel 223 

Sigma Alpha Eta 233 

Snow-Sanpete Club 261 

Soccer Club 246 

Sociology Society 247 

Sponsor Corps 220 

Spurs - 212 

Swedish Club 260 

Tausigs 288 

Texas Club 260 

Theta Alpha Phi 246 

ToKalon 290 

Uintah Basin Club 262 

United Staters 263 

Val Hyrlc 292 

Val Norn 294 

Vikings 296 

Washington Club 265 

Weber Club 264 

White Keys 215 

Y Calcares 216 

Y Judo Dojo 242 

"Y"oming Club 266 


Banyan 190 

Photo Studio 193 

Press 193 

Universe 187 

Wye Magazine 186 


Banyan Queen 66 

Belle of the Y 67 

Friendliest 71 

Homecoming Queen 68 

Preferred Men 72 

Snow Queens 70 

Sophomore Loan Fund 69 


Baseball 136 

Cheerleaders 145 

Coaches and Directors I 12 

Frosh Basketball 128 

Frosh Football 119 

Golf 130 

Intramurals 138 

Songleaders 145 

Tennis 131 

Track 132 

Varsity Basketball 120 

Varsity Football I 14 

Women's Sports 142 

Wrestling 129 



faculty index 

Aamodt, Leonard C, 167 

Aldef. Lofna C 167 

Alder. Zone, 167 

Allen. A. Lester. 167. 201 

Allen. Marl W.. 156, 167 

Allman. Verl. 167 

Allred. Mildred. 167 

Allred. R. Chase. 167 

Alward. Mlgnon H., 167 

Andersen. H. Verlan. 167 

Andersen. Rayola H., 167 

Anderson, Daryl, 167 

Anderson, Eloise R., 167 

Anderson. Kelfh P.. 167 

Anderson. Leiand. 167 

Anderson. Richard. 167 

Anderson. Vivian. 167 

Ashton. Clarence D. 153 

Andrus. J. Roman. 154. 167 

Atkinson. Charles L. 39. 112, 114, 115, 117, 118, 167 

Clarl, Herald R.. 107, 152. 168 

Clarl, James R., 168 

Clark, J. Rueben, III 

Clark, Marden J., 168 

Clark, t^lonroe H., 168 

Clark, Selby G., 165, 168 

Clarke, A. John, 168 

Clegg, Lula. 162 

dinger, h/forris M., 168 

Cochran, Thelma, 168 

Compton, Lane A., 168 

Corbridge, Ivan L, 153, 168 

Cowan, Cyntha A., 168 

Cox, Soren F., 168 

Craig, Marshall R., 168 

Crandall, Bliss, 164, 168 

Crandall, Lars S., 152, 169 

Croft, Evan M., 169 

Crowton, David M., 113, 114, 115, 118, 119, 169 

Cummings, Benjamin F., 169 

Curtis, Brandt, 169 

Curtis, Sgt. Clayne, 169 

Hart, Ed»ard L., 171 
Har+vigsen, Jack A„ 171 
Hartvigsen, Milton 
Haupl, Floyd E., 170 
Hawkins, Richard E. 
Hayes, John E., 170 
Haymore, Franklin R., 170 
Hayward C, Lynn 
Heaton, Alma, 158, 170 
Hellewell, Robert B., 170 
Hilton, Lynn M., 162, 170 
Hinman, Beth S., 170 
Hintze, Lehi F., 171 
Hintje, Royal Sears 
Hodson, Harry, 171 
Holbrook, Loona, 142, 158, I 
Hommer, Amelia 
Horton, Frank, 170, 256 
Morton, George A., Jr., 170 
Howell, Robert J., 170 
Hoyt, Gordon D., 170 
Hunt, Jay Byron, I7C 


Babcock, Hyrum J., 167 

Bailey. Dale S.. 167 

Ballif. Ariel S. 

Ballou. Rkhard E.. 95. 167 

Bangerter, Blauer L., 167 

Bankhead, Reid E., 167 

Barker, James L. 

Barlow, Francis P., 167 

Barlow, Irene S., 167 

Barlow, Irene S., 167 

Barnett, Owen L., 167 

Barney, Vermon S., 42, 167 

BarreH, Ivan J., 167 

Bar-tholomew, Davis, 167 

Bauer, Edith B., 167, 237 

Baiter, Leiand K., 167 

Back, D Elden, 167 

Beck, Jay v., 167 

Beckham, Raymond E., 164, 167, 204 

Belnap, B. West. 159, 168, 205 

Bendiisen, Grant D., 168 

Bennett, Archibald F. 

Bennion, Marion, 160, 168 

Bentley, Anthony I., 168 

Bentley, Joseph T., 152, 168 

Berrett, William E., ISO 

Berry, June E., 169 

Berryessa, Max J., 168, 243 

Bissell, Harold J., 157, 168 

Black, Jesse R., 168, 237 

Black, Melva R. 

Blackham, Angus U., 168 

Blake, Lt. Col. Rulon D.. 157 

Bloom. Ruth S., 168 

Boel, Joseph M., 168 

Booth. Lillian C. 165. 168 

Bos, Jacob, 168 

Bowers, Winnifred 

Boyle, C, S., 168 

Brace, William R., 

Bradford, Reed H 

Brimhall, Willis H., 168 

Britsch, Florence. 168 

Britsch, Ralph A., 168 

Broadbent, H. Smith, 157, 168 

Brooks, Melvin, 168, 203 

Brough, Rulon, 168 

Brown, Billings, 168, 235 

Browne, Arthur D.. 166, 169 

Brownlee, Robert S., 169 

Bryner, Loren C, 168 

Bryner, Maurine 

Buggert, Gusfav F., 168 

Bullock, Kenneth C, 168 

Bunker, Robert E„ 112, 126, 128 

Burmingham, Olive K., 168 

Burrup, Percy E., 168 

Bushman. Grant M.. 168 

Bushman, Jess R„ 168 

Butt, (Newborn I., 169 

Butterworth, Edwin, 164, 

Buttle, Faye J., 169 

154, 156, 169, 247 


Caine, Julia, 168 
Calder, Gleo H., 168 
Calderwood, Jo Ann. 168 
Caldwell, Gaylon L, 168 
Callahan, Sterling G., 155, 168 
Campbell. Jeannie 
Candland, Dorothy IM., 168, 237 
Canning, Ray R., 168, 247 
Cannon, Clawson. Jr., 168, 247 
Cannon. Mark, 168 
Carle, Wayne M. 
Carpenter, George R. 
Carr, William C. 165. 168 
Chandler. Samuel C. 168 
Chapman. L. Bernice, 161, 168 
Cheney, Thomas E., 168 
Christensen, Earl M., 168 
Christensen, Edward L., 168 
Christensen, Leonard E., 165, 168 
Christensen, Lillian A., 168 
Christensen, Parley A., 168 
Christensen, Ross, 168 
Clark. Bruce B.. 168 
Clarl. Harold G.. 162, 168 

Daines, Delva, 169 
Darais, Alex B., 169 
Davidson, Bertha B., 169 
Davies, Joseph K., 169 
deJong, Gerrit, Jr., 154, 169 
Diion, Fred W., 112, 130, 131, 169 
Dixon, Owen G., 112, 115 
Domgaard, Mignon 
Donaldson, David M., 169 
Donaldson, Lena M, 
Downing. Lester N., 169 
Doxey, Roy W., 158, 159, 169 
Duffin, B. Keith, 165, 169 
Dunn. Norman, 169, 246 
Dyer, William, 169, 201, 247 

Earl, Don L., 37, 84, 86, 169 
Eastmond, E. John, 169 
Ediefsen, Blaine E„ 169 
Edwards, William F., 150, 152 
Egbert, Robert L, 155, 169 
Ellsworth, J. Otval, 169 
Empey, La Mar, 169,247 
Evans. David L.. 169 

Farnsworth, Dean B.. 169 
Farnsworth. Raymond B., 153. 169 
Faux, Georgia C. 
Fielding, R. Kent, 169 
Firmage, David A., 169, 244 
Fisher, Albert L, 169 
Fisher, Flora D., 169 
Flake, Chad J., 169 
Flandro, Royce P. 
Fletcher, Harvey, 157, 169 
Fletcher, Harvey, Jr„ 169 
Fuerstner, Carl, 169 
Fuhriman, Dean K., 169, 244 

Gagon, Glen 

Gamett, Lavell C, 153, 169 
Gardner, Elizabeth L, 169 
Gardner, Johr. H., 169 
Gates, Crawford, 26, 37. 89. 169 
Geertsen. O. Norman. 169 
Gibson. M. CaH. 169, 200 
Sledhill, Preston R., 169 
Glover, Geraldine, 169 
Goates, J. Rex, 169 
Grass, Nan O. 
Green, John A., 169 
Grindstaff, Lt. Philip, 169 
Grow, Stewart L., 164, 169 
Gubler, Donworth, 169 
Gulbrandsen, Norman, 37, 83, 86, 
Gunn, Richard L„ 169 
Geertsen, O, Norman, 269 
Guymon, Fred Edgar, 169 


Hafen, Leroy R., 159, 170 

Hafen, William J., 138, 158, 170 

Hales, Richard W., 170 

Hales, Wayne B„ 157, 170, 202 

Hall, David 

Hall, Tracy, 170 

Hallam, Merrill J., 153 

Halliday, John R., 154, 170 

Hamblin, Lawson O., 170 

Hammond, May C 171 

Hansen, Harold, 154, 164 

Hansen, Ralph, 170 

Hardy. Kenneth R.. 170 

Harris. James 

Harris. M. Maurine. 170 

Harrison. Bertrand F., 153, 170 

Harrison, William B. 

Harston, Marlow R.. 170 

Hart. Anna B,. 170 

Hart. Charles J.. 158, 170 


Isaksen, Henry L,, 25, 170, 176 

Jackson. Orrin H.. 164. 171 
Jacobs, Briant S. 
Jacobs, Margaret S., 170 
Jahraus, Agnes 
Jakeman, M. Wells. 156. 170 
Jenny. Martha R.. 170 
Jensen. Christen. 170 
Jensen. Mary B.. I SB. 170 
Jensen. Vern H., 170 
Jenson. Edgar M.. 170 
Jenson. Gloria Dawn, 170 
Jewell, Ethel Lee, 170 
Jex, J. Lorln, 170 
Johnson, Alan P., 170 
Johnson, Eldred A„ 170 
Jones, Garth N., 170 
Jonsson, Helen B. 
Jonsson, Jens J., 157, 170 
Jorgensen, Eleanor, 160, 170 
Jorgensen, Jean, 170 
Judd, Edna Bennion 

Keeler, Joseph J„ 170. 247 
Kimball. Edwin R., 112, 158 
Kimball, C. Rodney, 128, 170 
Knight, Hattie M., 170 
Kohler, Marion 
Krider, Mary A.. 170 

Larsen, B, F., 170 
Larsen, Don H., 153, 170 
Larsen, Vernon W., 170 
Larson, Gustive O. 
Latimer, Beulah, 170 
Lawrence, James 
Laycock, Harold, 170 
Laycock, Ralph G., 37, 93, 170 
Layton, Robert L, 170 
Lewis, Ben E„ 166, 170 
Lewis, George L., 170 
Lloyd, Wesley P., 65, 166, 170 
Ludlow, Dan 


Mabey, Melvin P., 171 
Madsen, Farrell D., 171 
Madson, Parle, 171 
Maeser, Georgia, 171 
Marshall, Milton, 157, 171 
Mecham, Merlin. 171 
Meibos. Richard L. 
Memmott. Evan J. 
Mercer. Winston, 171 
McAffee, Boyd, 170 
McConkie, Don L, 170 
McCracken, Clao, 165, 170 
Mclff, Lyie H„ 170 
McKell, William E., 171 
McKendricl, John E. 
McKinley, Lynn A., 171 
McKnight, H, Neil, 171 
McKnight, Kent H. 
McNamara, Dalbert, 171 
Millar, Elmer, 152, 171 
Miller, Elva K., 171 
Millar, Karl A., 171 
Miller, Martin L, 171 
Moffitt, J. Weldon, 171 
MoffitI, J. C. 
Monson, Samuel C, 171 
Motley, Alonio J. 
Morretl, Norma T.. 171 
Morrill. A. Reed. 171 
Morrill. Damans S.. 171 
Morris. Lawrence. 153. 171 
Murdock. Joseph R.. 171 



Nagele, Margaret F.. 171 
Nalder. Wallace <.. 114. IIS 
Nash. Jay B.. 39. 139. 158, 171 
Nelson, Glen T. 
Nelson, Roscoe. 171 
Nibloy, Hugh W., 171 
NIcholes, Henry J., 171 
Nicholas, Joseph K., 171 
Nicholas. Uei M.. 171 
Nielsen. TSgt. Alfred, 171 
Nielson, Eve, 171 
Nordgren, Quentin, 171 

Oel, Cecil R-. 171 
Olpin. J. Lloyd, 171 
Olson, Ernest L. 171 
Openshaw, 5-Sgt. Gordon, 171 
Orrocfc, Scott, 171 

Pardoe, Kafhryn B., 171 
Pardee. T. Earl 
Perler, Clyde, 171 
Payne, John, 171, 247 
Pearson. Glenn, 171 
Perry. Leiand M., 166, 171 
Perry, Leo N. 
Peterson, C. R., 166, 171 
Peterson, Deen A., 164 
Peterson, Hugh W., 171 
Peterson Iva Lou, 142, 171 
Peterson, Lucille, 171 
Peterson, Robert M„ 171 
Pfund, Merion C, 160. 171 
Pierce. Goy 

Poll, Richard D.. 156, ,l7r 
Poison, J. Perry 
Pond, A. Smith. 156. 171 
Pope, Richard L., 172 
Porter, Blaine M., 160, 171 
Potter, Norme. 172 
Poulson M. Wllford, 172 
Poulson, Virginia B,. 172 
Prestwlch, Leonard W„ 172 
Purdy, Victor W., 172 

Rasband, Mima. 173 
Rasmussen. Ellis T., 172 
Ray, M-Sgt. Ernest L, 173 
Reeder, Jesse N. 
Raid. Howard T., 165 
Reimschiissel, Ernest F., 172 
Rice, Leonard W., 156, 172 
Rich, Naome. 172 
Rich, Owen S., 172 
Rich, Russell R., 158, 159, 172 
Rich, Stella P. 
Richards, Grant S., 172 

Richardson, Jed J., 172 

Ricks. Eldin, 173 

Riddle, Chauncey C, 158, 159, 173 

Rigby, J. Keith. 172 

Riggs. Robert E., 172 

Robinson. Burton, 172 

Robison. Clarence F., 112, 132, 158 

Rogers, Lewis M., 172 

Rogers, R. Mex, 162 

Romney, Antone K.. 155. 172 

Rowberry, C, Joseph 

Russell, Nell Lorene 

Sanderson. Ivan L, 
Sandgren. Clyde D., 204 
Sardoni, Lawrence. 37, 90, 172 
Sauls, Kiefer B., 166, 173 
Schwendiman. Fred A. ,166, 173 
Shields, Leiand 6.. 172 
Shirts, Morris A, 
Shreeve. Lyman Sidney 
Shumway. R. PhiL 172 
Simonson, John M, 
Slousen, Owen K., 172 
Slousen, W. Cleon, 164. 172, 236 
Smart, Lyman F., 172 

nith. Carol T., 172 
Smith. Oliver R.. 156. 172 
Smith. Richard L. 152. 173 
Smith, Robert J,, 173 
Smith. WiKord E.. 172 
Smithson, Rulon N., 172 
Snell, William H., 172, 239 
Snow, Edward D. 
Sofia, N. Wayne 
Sparks, M. Leroy, 172 
Speers. Irene 0-, 172 
Spencer, Lucile. 172 
Sperry. Sidney B.. 158. 159. 172 
Stensfield, Russell N., 172 
Statham, Homer 
Stone, Royal B., 158. 172, 203 
Storey. Elmer J. 
Struthers, Robert, 172 
Stuti, Howard C, 172 
Sudweeks, Joseph. 172 
Swensen. Albert D.. 172 
Swensen. Russell B.. 172 
Symons, Joseph N., 172, 205, 247 

Tanner, George W.. 172 
Tanner, Oree B., 172 
Tanner, Vasco M., 153, 172 
Tanner .Wilmer W. 
Teylor. Celestia S. 
Taylor. Charles. 172. 200 
Taylor, Ethelyn P., 172 
Teylor, Floyd A., 164 
Taylor. Harvey L., 28, 150 
Taylor, Lynn D. 
Taylor, Weldon J., 152. 172 
Thomas, JoAnn H, 

Thomas. John A., 172 

Thomas. Rey. 112. 113, IIS. 118, 119, 129 

Thomas, Robert K., 172 

Thomas, Shirley 

Thompson, Jane 

Thomson, Woodruff C, 

Thome. Lucile M., 172 

Thurgood, Jecl J., 172, 254 

Tingey. Dale 

Tippetts. J. W., 166. 172 

Tolbert, Max D., 115 

Tuttle. L. Elliot, 156, 172 

Turner, Glen H., 172 

Tweedie. Mery Helen 

Tyler, Samuel L, 172 

Tyndall, Clarence, 162, 172 

Ven Moorlehelm, W, F., 172 
Vernon, Leo Preston, 172 
Viles, Claudia Eileen, 172 


Wakefield, Anna S. 

Wakefield. Helen W, 

Waketield. J. Homer. 172 

Wall, Willard, 172 

Wallace, Scott 

Warner. Ray Ooneld, 173 

Werren. Emma Lou 

Waterstradt. Jean Anne, 173 

Wetkins, Arthur R., 156, 173 

Wefts, Stanley H.. 112. 123. 128, 173 

Webb, Fredrick N.. 173 

Weight. Newell B., 37, 173 

West, Dale H., 173 

Whitaker, Wetrel O.. 164. 173 

Whitaker, Robert Reed, 173 

White, J. Morgan. 173 

Whiteford. June. 173 

Wilkins. Ernest J.. 173 

Wilkinson. Ernest L. 151 

Wilkinson Frenk Ray 

Wilkinson. Marian. 173, 230 

Williams, Ariel L, 166, 173 

Wilsen, Amelie, 173 

Wilson. Warren B., 173 

Wing, John H., 173 

Wiscomb. Arthur 

Wiser. Wendell H., 173, 235 

Witbeck. Alan Raid, 173 

Wood, Glena D. 

Woodbury. Lael J.. 173 

Woodruff. Asahel, 155, 173 

Woodward, Ralph, 78, 173 

Woolf. Golden L, 173 

Woolf, W. 

Wright, E. Wayne. 173. 242 

Yorn. Oevid H.. Jr.. 158. 159. 173 
Young. Karl E.. 173 


student index 

Aagard, Phyllis Marie. Burlington, Wyo. 

Aose, Jan Kristian, Las Vegas. Nev., 255. 414 

Abbott, Gwendolyn. Mesquite. Nev.. 268. 326 

Abbott, Janice, Las Vegas, Nev., 208. 209. 372 

Abbott, Lois Jane, Salt Late City, 302 

Abegg, Dean M., Provo. Utah 

Abel, George Lennis, American Fort 

Abel. Kenneth Elton. American Fort 

Abel. Kent Jolley. American Fork, 302 

Abercrombie. Charles L.. Indianapolis. Ind.. 414 

Abersold, Wallace Grant, Compton, Calif., 372 

Abplanalp. Delloy O.. Vernal, 37. 224. 262. 372 

Abplenalp. Doris R.. Bingham. 372 

Abrams. Howard E., Salem, 218, 372 

Ackerman, Karleen Rhea, Magna. 414 

Adachi. Sonoko Margaret, Kualapuu. Molokai. 256, 326 

Adair, Gary Lavell, Panaca, Nevada, 344 

Adair, Patty Ellen. Ramah. N. Mex,. 372 

Adair. V/illiam Ivor. Moab. 372 

Adams. Barbara June, Kimball. Neb.. 341 

Adams, Bruce Willis, Pierre, S. D.. 372 

Adams. Bryant Lee. Huntington, Ore.. 372 

Adams. Burte Floyd, Yuba City, Calif. 

Adams. Claude J.. Las Vegas, Nev., 302 

Adams, Darryl Alon^o, Bagdad, Ariz., 372 

Adams. Don R., Orem 

Adams, Dyonne, Cedar City 

Adams. Edin Verl. Garden Grove. Calif. 

Adams. Ernest Gordon, Blanding. 254 

Adams, Geraldine. Provo, 294, 295. 326 

Adams, Jack D., Kanab, 326 

Adams, James David. Woodstoct, III. 

Adams. John Harper. Lund. Nev., 241. 372 

Adams, John Hortt. Provo 

Adams. John Read, Oakley, Idaho, 372 

Adams. Kenneth Russell, Orem 

Adams, Kyle Ray. Oakley, Idaho, 218 

Adams. Leree. Monticello. 177. 181, 279. 302 

Adams, Laretta. American Fork, 88, 372 

Adams, Larry B., Oakley, Idaho 

Adams, Leo Nelson, Provo, 326 

Adams. Lisle Kent, Burbant, Calif. 

Adams, Marilyn Talt. Mt. Carmel 

Adams, Martha Carolyn. Montpelier, Idaho 104 372 

Adams. Roland D., Ephraim 

Adams, William Don. Provo 

Adamson. Cecil L., Murtaugh, Idaho, 45, 222, 326 

Adamson. Clarene L„ Salt Lake City. 372 

Adamson, Emalie, Draper, 228, 344 

Adamson', Max, American Fork 

Adamson, Walter M.. Orem 

Addis. F. Donald, Oaklond, Calif. 372 

Aebischer. Charles E., Imlay. Nevada 

Affleck, Diane, Oklahoma City, Okie.. 257. 302 

Affleck, Marilyn, Oklahoma City. Okla.. 319 

Agren, Pehr Arlen. Idaho Falls. Idaho. 201 

Agutter, Joann Eleanor, Salt Lake City, 344 

Ahlonder, Diane, Provo. 215. 294, 295. 302 

Ahlberg, Clinton Ray, Murray. 88, 344 

Ahlstrom Roger Dale, Caldwell, Idaho, 372 

Ahn. Dongbang. Seoul, Korea. 414 

Ah. Nee Marvelyn P., Honolulu. Hawaii, 

Ah, Nee Roy Kauinohea. Honolulu, Hawaii, 344 

Ah, Quin Samuel Kaina. Kahuku, Oahu 

Aitken, Ray Ellsworth, Spanish Fork 

Aiken. Raymond E., Paul, Idaho, 372 

Ainsworth, Robert W., Van Nuys. Calif., 41 289 326 

Akita, Alice Mohe. Kekaha, Kauai. 319 

Akita, Norman, Kekaha, Kauai. 256 

Akiu. Rogers Ewalito. Wailuku, Maui. 256 

Alberts. Jack Junior. Ogden, 327 

Albisfon. Stan George, Kamloops, B. C, Can.. 372 

Albrecht, Peggy Joyce, Fremont 

Atdean, Edward Fulton. Bakersfield. Calif. 

Alder. Inez. Murray. 344 

Alder. Lillle Lola. Weiser. Idaho, 372 

Alenender. Albert L.. Ontario. Calif., 344 

Alexander, Alden Lynn, Roosevelt 

Alexander, Harry Albert, Saginaw, Mich.. 78. 344 

Alexander, Jack M., Provo 

Alexander, Kay Clarice, Spokane. Wash. 

Alexander. Patricia Ann. Colton, Calif., 302 

Alexander, Patsy, Gunnison. 326 

Alger. Janice Marie, Salt Lake City. 372 

Allen. Barbara, Springville, 213. 344 

Allan. David Wayne. Springville. 344 

Allan, Dean Sylvester, Springville, 326 

Allan, James Collin, Springville, 326 

Allan. Ronald J.. Springville, 326 

Alldredge, Clifford I., St. George. 326 

Alldredge, Joyce. Magna. 372 

Alleman. Shirley. Bern. Idaho, 231. 302 

Allen, Barbara Jo, Prescott. AHi.. 212, 228, 344 

Allen. Carol Jeanne, Fair Oaks. Calif.. 372 

Allen. Clair Levar. Tracy. Calif.. 372 

Allen. Dianne. Gunnison, 302 

Allen, Elaine, Gunnison, 78, 344 

Allen, Elnor Lynn, Elko. Nev., 279, 302 

Allen. Erne E., Provo 

Allen. Gylan Champ, Springville. 372 

Allen, James Vincent. Provo 

Allen. Joan Amelia, Murray, 88, 372 

Allen. Joseph Robinson. Prescott, Arii.. 203, 302 

Allan, Kathleen, Pleasant Grove, 372 

Allen. Lamont D., Provo, 344 

Allen. Laree, Provo 

Allen, Luhuana Dolores. Arlesia. Calif,. 372 

Allen, Noma. Ogden. 264, 284. 285, 302 

Allen, Philo Heaton, Kanab, 224, 226 

Allen, Richard John, Raymond. Alta., Can.. 372 

Allen. Richard Michael, Prescott, Arii. 96, 372 

Allen, Ronald Dean, Provo. 372 

Allen. Ruth, Richmond. 372 

Allen. Shirley Fay. Silver Springs, Md., 230, 302 

Allen. Sybil Verburg, Provo, 344 

Allen. Virginia, Delta 

Allen, Virginia Louise, Prescott. Ariiona 

Allen. Yolande. Provo. 302 

Allison. Don Stanley. Lehi, 344 

Allison. Patricia Ann, Covina Calif.. 276 

Allison, Robert Leonard. Walsh, Alta.. Can . 372 

Allmen. Verl P., Provo 

Allphin. Marian A., Lovell, Wyo,, 372 

Allphin. Nylen Lee, Jr., Lovell, Wyo.. 372 

Allred. Carol, Provo. 229 

Allred. Chesey Ernell, Price 

Allred, David Norman, Duncan Arizona. 326 

Allred, Darrel Thomas, Deseret, 414 

Allred. Geraldine, Duncan Arli., 88, 248, 287, 344 

Allred, Golden Hugh. Provo 

Allred. James Jacobson, Fountain Green, 344 

Allred. Joan L.. Fresno. Calif. 

Allred. Joe M., Price 

Allred, Lavoy C, Provo 

Allred, Leslie Dee, Orem 

Allred, Louann, Tooele, 247. 344 

Allred, Lynette, Afton, Wyo., 266, 326 

Allred, Merlin Duane, Provo, 372 

Allred. Ray Lamar. Provo 

Allred, Rey Lyman, Provo 

Allred, Susanne. Wheatridge. Colo., 372 

Allred. Wallace Earl, Spring City, 302 

Allsop. Shirley Anne, Salt Lake City. 237. 327 

Almond, James Clayton. Gresham, Oregon. 84 102 193 

235, 302 
Almond, Mary Lou, Gresham. Ore., 35. 47, 86. 216, 326 
Alt, Jo Anne, Sacramento, Calif.. 372 
Alter, Marilyn Kathleen. Bountiful. 192. 372 
Alva, Edmond George, Silver City, N. Mex. 
Alvey. Yuvonne, Provo. 257. 327 
Amstutz. John William, Modesto, Calif, 326 
Amundsen, Nancy, Salt Lake City 
Anae, Famika, Laia Oahu, 115 
Anost, Connie Tina. Salt Late City. 181. 268, 302 
Anaya, Lupe C. Carlsbad. N. Mex., 414 
Andelin, Roben Rae, North Hollywood, Calif., 180, 372 
Andersen, C. Paul, American Fork. 134. 344 
Andersen, Cordell M.. Provo, 344 
Andersen. Hans Verlan, Orem 
Andersen, Lawrence Bert, Rexburg, Idaho 
Andersen, Margaret C, Provo 
Andersen, Patsy Grace, Pocateilo. Idaho, 344 
Andersen. Tracy Young, Orem. 373 
Anderson. Alma Davis. Tremonton 
Anderson. Alvin Bud. Richfield. 302 
Anderson, Ann, Stafford Ariz,. 33. 284. 302 
Anderson. Anthon £.. Salt Lake City, 272. 372 
Anderson, Avis Marie, Payson, 372 
Anderson, Beverely S., Provo. 372 
Anderson, Billy R., Green River Wyo., 272, 344 
Anderson, Blaine Lamer. Sandy, 121. 122. 123, 126, 128 
Anderson, Blaine R.. Ephraim 
Anderson. Carma R. D.. Provo 

Anderson, Carol Joanne, Long Beach Calif. 254. 279 
Anderson, Carol Mary, Ft. Monroe Va., 212 
Anderson, Courteney W.. Creston. B. C, Can. 
Anderson, Cyril Richard, Provo, 326 
Anderson, Darrell John. Spanish Fork 
Anderson, Daryl L„ Provo, 302 
Anderson. Donald Ray. Norwalk, Calif., 326 
Anderson, Earlene. Richfield 
Anderson, Eteonore Rose, Murray 
Anderson. Ernel L., Falrview, 320 
Anderson, Ernest Virgil, Calgary, Alto., Can., 138, 252 

Anderson, Everett Lisle, Ogden, 344 
Anderson, Frances A,, Rigby, Idaho 
Anderson. Gerron Perry, Rigby, Idaho, 326 
Anderson, Gary Call, Nampa, Idaho, 372 
Anderson. Gary Lee. Orem. 257, 372 
Anderson, Gary Stephen, Provo. 272. 372 
Anderson. Gloria Louise, Douglas Wyo., 86, 344 
Anderson. Grant Dale, Ephraim 
Anderson. Guy Albert, Provo, 372 

Anderson, Herold C, Grantsville. 120, 123. 127, 128. 132 
Anderson, Helen Marie. Provo, 86, 372 
Anderson, James Deal, Baker, Calif. 
Anderson, James Dudley, Magrath, Alta., Can. 
Anderson, Jane, Nampa. Idaho, 224, 226, 302 
Anderson, Janet Ann. Orem, 90, 92, 94, 372 
Anderson, Joan, Gunnison, 344 
Anderson, John R., Wendover 
Anderson, John Wayne, Salt Lake City, 120. 124, 127 

128, 326 
Anderson. Joyce, Manti, 243, 302 
Anderson, Joyce. Long Beach Calif., 372 
Anderson. Judith Lorene, New Dayton. Alta., Can. 
Anderson, Karen Kay, Riverton, 257, 326 
Anderson, Keith Lester, Provo 
Anderson, Kenneth W., American Fork. 344 
Anderson, Kent Leon, Axtell, 326 
Anderson, Kent Mertel, Junction, 261. 327 
Anderson. Lagrande K., Wales 
Anderson, Larry F.. Provo, 372 
Anderson. Larry W., Spanish Fork 
Anderson, Lewis. Springville 

Anderson. Lois Yvonne, Richfield. 177, 191.216. 326 
Anderson, Lynette, Provo. 344 
Anderson, Lynn E.. Spanish Fork, 414 
Anderson, Lynne, American Fork, 372 
Anderson, Lynne Ellen, Price 
Anderson. Marian Faye. American Fork, 372 
Anderson. Marie R,. Midvale. 43. 372 
Anderson. Marilyn, Blackfoot, Idaho 
Anderson, Marilyn, Lehi, 78. 372 
Anderson, Marjorie Sue, Homestead. Florida, 302 
Anderson. Marlene, S, P., Norwalk. Celif, 344 
Anderson, Mary Ann, Chicago. III., 31. 33. 70. 284, 344 

Anderson, Mary Lou. American Fork. 35. 302 

Anderson, Mona Rae, Provo 

Anderson. Norman Dean. Shelley. Idaho 

Anderson, Orin D.. Falrview 

Anderson, Oscar Gene, Fillmore, 134. 132, 289,344 

Anderson. Paul Arnold, Griffith. Ind., 344 

Anderson. Paul Kay. Kemmerer, Wyo.. 327 

Anderson, Paul Leon. Provo, 132 

Anderson. Paul Rodney. Fillmore. 88. 181. 344 

Anderson. Paulene. Newton. 280, 281, 326 

Anderson, Ralph. Provo. 49, 235. 319 

Anderson. Ralph S.. Heber, 372 

Anderson. Ravae. Santaquin. 344 

Anderson, Raymond N.. Omar, Washington. 372 

Anderson. Rex Hurd, Barnwell, Alta., Can. 

Anderson. Richard Dale, Long Beach Calif.. 373 

Anderson. Richard Devon, Sacramento, Calif. 

Anderson, Richard L., Provo 

Anderson, Robert A., Dregerton. 274, 326 

Anderson. Robert Demar, SeaHle, Wash., 275, 214, 326 

Anderson, Robert W.. Niagara Falls N. Y. 

Anderson. Roberta Ord. Provo 

Anderson. Russell G.. Burley, Idaho, 373 

Anderson, Ruth Jean. Salt Lake City, 344 

Anderson, Ruth Jeanne. Provo, 276, 414 

Anderson. Sharen Larue, Provo. 373 

Anderson, Shirley. Provo 

Anderson. Stephen H.. Salt Lake City, 326 

Anderson. Sue Marie. Safford, Ariz.. 248, 284. 373 

Anderson. Thad L.. Junction 

Anderson, Valeen, Montebello. Calif.. 189 

Anderson, Valynn, Castle Dale 

Anderson. Verl Lyn. Sandy 

Anderson, Virginia L.. American Fork, 373 

Anderson. William C. Provo, 302 

Anderson. William E., North Hollywood, Calif, 302 

Anderson. William E., Manti, 

Andewlel, Andy Baskian Brlgham City, 186, 196 

Andrew. Carol Jean, Modesto, Calif. 

Andrew, David Allen. Salt Lake City, 88 

Andrew, Don Leo, Los Angeles, Calif.. 88. 373 

Andrew. Frederick C, Salt Lake City. 327 

Andrews, Eldon V.. Nephi, 414 

Andrews. Jeremy W., Nampa, Idaho, 373 

Andrews, Linda E.. Whittier. Calif, 290, 344 

Andrus. Alyn Brown. Ucon. Idaho. 344 

Andrus, Arlene Afton. Jerome. Idaho. 88, 373 

Andrus, Bonnie Kae, McCook Neb., 373 

Andrus. Irva Pratt. Provo 

Andrus, James Clawson, Boise. Idaho 

Andrus. Larry B., Provo. 373 

Andrus, Renae. Ucon, Idaho. 282, 302 

Anstead. Gloria Gail, Gridley, Calif. 29, 302 

Antona, Gerald. Marysvale. 373 

Aragon, Herlinda Elisa, Chih.. Mexico 

Aragon, Jesus A.. Chihuahua, Mexico 

Arashlro. Kimie. Kepaa. Kauai, 344 

Arasim, James Edward. Long Beach, Calif 

Arave. Ramon, Idaho Falls, Idaho. 373 

Arbogost, Michon Anne. Birmingham, Mich.. 276 

Arbon, Alden T>>eodore, Bountiful 327 

Arbon. Nathell. Los Angeles. Calif 

Archibald. Vernene. Glenwood, Alta., Can.. 252, 344 

Argyle, Lavinia, Bountiful. 414 

Argyle, Phillip Frank, Spanish Fork 

Argyle, Sterling C, Spanish Fork 

Arlma, Goro, Tokyo, Japan 

Arlt, Arlene Hedy, Franklin. Mich., 373 

Armatage. Jone Montpelier. Idaho. 373 

Armatage. Ross S.. Montpelier, Idaho 

Armltstead. Gay. Copperton. 373 

Armstrong, Frances M., Pocateilo. Idaho. 294. 326 

Armstrong, James H., Doe Hill, Va., 344 

Armstrong, Jo Ann. Doe Hill. Va. 276 

Armstrong, Nancy M., Provo 

Arnaion, Lynette, Millbrae. Calif, 88, 208, 373 

Amett. Leslie. Mesa Ariz. 

Amett, Marvin Rex, Mesa, Ariz.. 76 

Arnett, William Walter, Mesa, Ariz., 132 

Arney. Betty Chloe, Globe, Arl:., 373 

Arnold, Dennis V.. Reseda, Calif 

Arnold, Edward W.. Jr., Las Vegas, Nevada. 274 

Arnold, Gary G^yn. Huntington 

Arnold. Gerald Lloyd, Regine, Sask., Can. 

Arnold. Marilyn, Ogden, 143. 216, 326 

Arnold, Maurine M., Ogden 

Arnold. Rey L., Ogden 

Arnold, Richard J.. Seattle, Wash.. 373 

Arnold, Sally Ann, Hermosa Beach. Calif, 42. 187. 326 

Arnoldsen. Larry M., Las Vegas, Nevada 

Arvanitas, Mitchael, PiHsburg. Penn. 

Asey, Janice Louise, Joseph, 302 

A(ay. Wayne Wortham, Provo. 373 

Aschmann, Joy Anne, Albany, Calif. 193 344 

Ash. Donald S.. Lehi 

Ash, Leonard Laroy, Pleasant Grove, 344 

Ash, Owen Kenneth. Pleasant Grove 

Ash, Wayne R., Pleasant Grove, 132. 119 

Ashby. Calvin W., Richfield 

Ashby, Oelroy, Nyssa. Ore., 373 

Ashby. Garv H., Vernal 

Ashby. Gordon Thomas, San Mateo, Calif. 373 

Ashby. Joan Louise, Clearfield, 86, 220. 373 

Ashby, Marian, Provo. 276 

Ashby, Ralph Edward, Kaysville, 128, 373 

Ashby. Stephen David, Spanish Fork. 414 

Ashcraff Beverly G.. Leicester. Mass.. 373 

Ashcraft. Geniel, Springville. 373 

Ashcroft. Leara h*.. Teton City. Idaho 302 

Aihcraft, Verl L. Springville, 414 

Ashcraft. Vernia Grant. Teton City, tdeho. 326 

Ashman. Harold Lowell. Midvale 

Ashman, James 0.. Fillmore 

Ashmore. Delbert Cemm F., Provo 

Ashmore, Will.em R.. Jr.. Burbank, Cdlif 

Aihton. Lee Marjh. Midvele. 373 

AsKton. Marilyn. San Marino, Calif., 2l2. 213. 276. 344 

AihwortK, Monty Ray, Mllfo'd. 92. 96. 373 

Ashworth. Pen«lopa. BaUr^fleld. Calif.. 264, 326 

Athworth. Peter Peay. BaUrifield Calif.. 326 

Asplund. Harold John, Murray. 344 

Astin. Floyd Gl«n. 

Attin, Melvin Dean, Salt LaU City- 373 

Aston, Dennis. Robert. Canonsburg, Penn., 326 

Atack. Carol Lee. Cheyenne, Wyo.. 47, 216. 266. 326 

Atchley. Aiidfionne M . Bern. Idaho. 326 

Atchley, Ronald Leroy. Las Vegas. Nev.. 258. 344 

Athay. Ruth, Paris. Idaho. 237, 249. 302 

Atkerson. Sarah Jane. Dallas. Teias. 341. 216. 243. 326 

Atlin. Dennis H.. St. George 

Atkin, Royd Daun. Boulder City. Nev. 

Atkin. Liladene Duffm. Tooele 

Atkinson. Barbara, Satt Lake City. 88, 373 

Atkinson. Ce^ma Lou. Provo. 373 

Atkinson. Otis NIlo. Evanstoo, Wyo.. 84. 414 

Atkinson. Shirlene. Yube. Catif..78. 373 

Atkinson. Shirley. Malad. Idaho. 260. 326 

Atkision, Konda Jean. Scarsdale. N.Y., 302 

Atkisson, Lauretta L Scarsdale. N.Y.. 84. 228. 282. 344 

Atoa. Samualu. Turefu Upolu. Samoa. 196. 201. 2S6. 

257. 326 
At+erton. Bruce Vance, Chehalis, Wash., 373 
AHerton, Frances N.. Chehalis. Wash.. 84, 99, 326 
AHridge. Joan. Ruperf. Idaho. 326 
Atwood. Delias Movell. Salt Lake City 
Atwood, Mary Deliah. Pleasant Grove, 373 
Auffhammer, Edmund H,. Syracuse. NY. 
Auger. Bessie Rae. Napa, Calif.. 223. 344 
Ault. Myrna Mae. American Fori. 239. 373 
Aurich. Jimmie Lee. Sponard. Alaska, 373 
Austin, Allan Gene Long Beach. Calif.. 341. 269. 326 
Austin. Gaylia Ann, Provo 
Austin, Joyce, Las Vegas, Nev.. 284 
Austin, Michael M.. Provo 
Austin. Robert Demott, Pasadena. Calif. 
Austin, Thomas Dean, Orem, 344 
Averett, Charles R.. Jr.. Denver. Colo., 326 
Averett. Leah Mae, Springville. S6, 344 
Averill. John Nelson. Los Angeles, Calif.. 344 
Avery, Ednis Marleno. Greybull. Wyo., 282. 344 
Avery, Wayne Howard. Salt Lake City. 373 
Ayers, David G.. Bedrock, Colo. 


Sabcock. Barbara Louise, Edmonton, Alta.. Can.. 252. 

Babcock. Orel 8.. Chester. Va.. 414 
Baca. Elizabeth S.. Albuquerque. N.M.. 326 
Backman, Robert Jon. Santaquin. 373 
Backus. Dale Gersne. Orem 
Badger. Marvin. Heyburn, Idaho. 320 
Badouin. Laprele Deane. Berkeley. Calif.. 45. 76. 302 
Bae, Warren Edmund, Marysville, Calif.. 373 
Baer, Frederick D.. Lantana. Fla 
Baer, Larry Donald. Morgan, 344 
Baer, Richard David. Berkeley. Calif.. 373 
Baer. Ted Joseph, III. Berkeley. Calif. 
Baer. Virginia P.. Morgan. 92. 264. 373 
Baggett, Lucretia L. Salt Lake City. 322 
Sagley, Fern Jeanette. Koosharem 
Bagley. Gerald Call, Etna, Wyoming. 270 
Bagley. LeII 0.. Richfield 
Bagley. Lynne, Los Angeles, Calif., 344 
Bagley, Terrence Floyd, Etna, Wyo.. 326. 414 
Bagnall S. Colleen, Ephraim 
Bagwell, Bojean, Manassa, Colo., 373 
Bahr. Howard Miner. Dickinson. N.D., 82. 373 
Bailey. Barbara M.. American Fork. 88. 220. 221. 280. 

Bailey, Ferrell G,. Salt Lake City. 267 
Bailey. Frederic. Los Molinos, Calif. 344 
Bailey, George Ralph, Salt Lake City, 326 
Bailey. Janice Colleen. San Fernando. Calif, 80, 345 
Bailey, Larry L.. Liberty 
Bailey, Lorin Merrill, Provo 
Bailey, Marilyn Taylor, Garland. 302 
Bailey. Roma, Salt LaVe City. 231. 280. 28t. 326 
Bailey, Shirley Arlene, American Fork, 221, 220. 302 
Bailey. Tillie. Dallas. Te^as, 373. 260 
Bailey, William L. Jr.. Nephi. 254 
Bain. Walter Melvin, BeVenfield. Calif, 414 
Bair. Elaine. Richmond, 373 
Baird. Allan. Payson. 326 
Baird, James Eldredge. Provo 
Baird, Leadene. Lewlston Idaho. 345 
Baird, Ramon Condie, Ogden, 200 
Baird. Vaughn. Hayburn. Idaho, 345 
Baker. Ann. Menio Park, Calif 
Baker, Bryce W., Burley, Idaho, 326 
Baker, Coleen, Orem. 88. 373 
Baker, Dorothy, Oasis. 345 
Baker. Evalyn, Provo, 373 
Baker, Frank Farr. Lake City. H«. 
Baker, Guy Taft, Bicknell. 302 
Baker, Kay Lewis, Orem 
Baker, Lucy Diar>e, KImberly. Idaho, 373 
Baker, Rachel D.. KImberly. Idaho. 302 
Baker, Seth Claud. B>cknell. 326 
Baker, Sharon. Burley, Idaho. 203, 230, 326 
Baler, Susan, Whittier, Calif. 90, 373 
Baler, Venice Rae, Price, 302 

Baker. Wallace Hayward MenIo Park. Calif., 40, 373 
Baldwin. E. Beth. Monroe, 282, 302 
Baldwin, Roger Val, Chandler, Arii. 
Baldwin. Theodore N.. Jr., Bellflower, Calif, 373 
Ball, Connie Lee, Kaysville 
Ball. Eunice Kay. Evanston. Wyo.. 88, 373 
Ball. Morganna Thomas, Huntington, N.Y. 
Ballantyne, David L, Nyssa, Ore. 
Batlantyne, Lawrence D., Ogden 
Ballantyne. Peari Kay, Nyssa, Ore.. 88, 374 
Ballantyne, Verdon W., Orem, 345 
Ballard, Alice ThiHof Las Vegas. Nev.. 326 
Ballard. Arthur J , SeaHe. Wash.. 86, 326 
Ballard, Harold Virgil, Idaho Falls. Idaho. 181. 289 
Ballard. Marilyn, Arcadia. Calif. 290. 302 
Ballard. Mariyn. Great Falls. Montana. 255. 257. 374 
Ballard. Nona Lavon. Bountiful. 345 
Ballard, Roger K.. Idaho Falls, Idaho. 289. 344 
Ballif Catherine Lou. Portland, Ore. 
Ballif Mark Oiion, Ogden, 130, 272, 326 
Ballif Scott Walter. Ogden 

Ballou. Barbara Jean. Berkeley, Calif., 374 

Balser, Claude A'an, Provo 

Bamberg. Carol Lu, Freeport, III., 326 

Bang. Robert Alvln. Cincinnati, Ohio. 345 

Bangerter, Bessie Brown. Provo 

Bangerter. Darrell H.. Seattle, Wash.. 326 

Banks. Douglas Wayne, Gallup. N. Mei.. 258, 374 

Banks, Emma Del. Spanish Fork 

Banner. Gay. Burley. Idaho, 268, 326 

Barber. Bemls, Coalville, 326 

Barber. Colleen. Provo. 374 

Barber. David Harold. Glendale. Calif, 345 

Barbour. Rodney W.. Modesto, Calif 

Barclay, Jean Marie, Blaclfoot, Idaho, 78. 374 

Barfield. Iva Jean. Denver. Colo,, 374 

Barfuss. Glenn Godfrey. Hill Springs, Alfa.. Can., 374 

Barg, ArdeHa. Salt Lake City 

Barkdull, Jay Harrison, American Falls. Idaho, 326 

Barker. Cloyd Edison. Murray. 247 

Barker, Joanne. Salt Lake City, 374 

Barker. John Ralph, Brigham City. 374 

Barker. Joseph Keith, Ogden 

Barker. Volney G.. Natchei. Miss,, 374 

Barlow, Eleanor Mary, Salt Lale City. 223. 238. 326 

Barlow, Jane Mary. Centerfield. 45, 220. 374 

Barlow. Pauline E., Salt Lake City. 345 

Barlow, Sarah. Vale, Ore.. 374 

Barnard. Logan W. Orem, 326 

Barner. Don Aldon, Long Beach. Calif 

Barnes. Bernard J, SeaHio, Wash., 35, 73. 204 

Barnes. Connie Mae. Evanston. Wyo, 374 

Barnes, Donna Mae, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 374 

Barnes, Gary Albert, Rupert, Idaho, 326 

Barnes, Joanne. A/^co. Idaho, 345 

Barnes. Judith Belle. Holtville. Calif, 341, i45 

Barnes, Leah Peari. Idaho Falls. Idaho 

Barnes, Lyie Joseph. Lehi 

Barnes. Richard Lee, Taft, Calif, 210. 345 

Barnes. William Richard, Holtville. Calif. 345 

Bamett, Mary, Norwalt, Calif. 94, 228, 345 

Barney. Cllve. Orem 

Barney, Geneal. Delta, 86, 374 

Barney, Gordon S., Hatch, 345 

Barney. Joyce Yvonne, Thatcher. Arii., 86, 327 

Barney, Lyman Kendall, Spokane, Wash,, 345 

Barney. Patricia Ann. Salt Lake City. 257. 374 

Barney. Ralph Dale. Flagstaff, Arii., 42. 179, 187 

Barney, Stanley Jack, Tacoma, Wash., 374 

Bamhlll, Lois Arlene, Coffeyville, Kansas, 226. 302 

Barnson, Leroy Lester, Ely, Nev., 374 

Barnum, Deanna, Orem, 42, 188. 245. 278. 374 

Barrett, Betty Louise, Tacoma, Wash. 

Barrett, James Donald, Provo. 374 

Barrera, Robert Jr., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Barrett. Bruce Arnie, Logan. 345 

Barrett, Dallas Leslie. Provo 

Barrett, Denae. Orem, 208 

Barrett, Eulene, Orem 

Barrett, John Clark, Provo 

Barren. Melvin Keith. Provo, 412 

Barrett. Stephen Lee. Berkeley. Calif , 180, 193,302 

Barrett, Verna Mabel. San Diego, Calif 

Barrios. M. Arturo A., Guatemala. Calif. 246, 374 

Barrow. Barbara Joan, Salt Lake City. 228, 345 

Barrow, Klee, Trace, Calif, 374 

Barrow. Minnie Sue, Bellflower. Calif. 320 

Barrus, Wallace McBride. Gooding, Idaho, 192, 245 

Barry, Barbara Joan, Long Beach, Calif, 90, 251, 374 

Berth, Neal Seymour, Twin Falls, Idaho, 374 

Bartholomew, Delicia J., Alexandria, Minn., 374 

Bartholomew. Gerald L.. Wilmington, Calif 

Bartholomew, John A,. Alex, Minn.. 374 

Bartholomew, Marie. Provo, 228. 345 

Bartholomew, Meriln Grant. Van Nuys, Calif, 274, 345 

Bartholomew, Owen, Springville 

Bartik, George Jerry, La Grange Park, 111,, 345 

BartleH. Janet D., Westfwid. New Jersey, 374 

BartleH, Leia. Trldell 

Bartley. Gall Eliiabefh. Burbank. Calif. 414 

Bartley, William J., Richfield 

Barton. Delyle, Payson 

Barton, George Devon. Midvale, 224, 327 

Barton, James A., Pleasant Grove. 345 

Barton, Mary Furse, Salt Lake City 

Barton, Norman. Pleasant Grove 

Bascom, Bill Curtis, Santa Rosa, Calif. 374 

Bascom, Carl Larry, Santa Rosa, Calif 

Bascom. Gary Ray. PocateJio, Idaho 

BasseH, Elouise, Delta, 345 

Bassett, Ramon Eugene, San Francisco, Calif, 244, 322 

Bassett, William Lynn. Delta, 414 

Bastian, Larry Weldon, Grand Junction, Colo., 90. 92 

Batchelor, Les Ray, Orem, 3+5 

Bate. William John Jr.. Eureka. 322 

Bateman. Charles Neldon, Sandy, 272, 345 

Bateman. Lanny Leroy, Portland, Ore., 374 

Bateman, Lynn Lament, Jr.. Spanish Fori, 374 

Bateman Marietta Lee. Salt Lake City. 208, 209. 284, 374 

Bateman, Robert Eari, Burley, Idaho, 202, 222, 224, 327 

Bates, Colleen. B., Whittier. Calif, 374 

Bates, Kenneth N., Provo 

Bates, Lawrence William. Castro Calley. Calif., 374- 

Bates, Victor Edward, Spokane Wash., 345 

Bates. Wayne Leslie, Los Angeles, Calif., 345 

Bath. Wallace D., American Fork. 327 

Bauer, Edith B.. Provo 

Bauer, Helen Carol. Provo 

Bauer, Sheila Patricia, Los Angeles. Calif 

Baum, Homer Lowell, Provo 

Baum, Larry Wayne, Provo 

Baum. Ronald Charles. Provo. 345 

Baum, Ross Wherritt, Heber City 

Baumgart, Roy, Peoa, 374 

Baumgarten, David Reed. San Bernardino, Calif, 345 

Baumgarten, James N., Provo, 203 

Baiter. Dean Devon. Hyrum, 302 

Baxter, Elwood H., Orem 

Baiter. Helen Gae. Salt Lake City. 268, 302 

Baiter, Jeneanne tCay. Salt Lake City, 374 

Baiter, John Robb, Spring City, 261 

Baiter. Joyce Lvnn, Chula Vista. Calif.. 92 

Baiter. Judith Louise. Chula Vista, Calif. 278. 374 

Baxter, Larry Allen, Heber City. 92, 374 

Baiter, Rand C, Idaho Falls. Idaho. 73. 269, 374 

Baxter. Rede Lublin. Provo 

Bayles. Joselyn Doriores, Blending, 374 

Baiiw. Jean Doris, Rochester, N.Y., 243, 345 

Beach. Edward Lavair. Burbanl, Calif. 345 

Beach. Gary Alan. Idaho Falls. Idaho. 302 

Beach. Jerry Arthur, Wlnnetka. Calif. 

Beach. Roy Bucfclln, Burbanl. Calif. 414 

Beachler. Betty Lou. Kemmerer, Wyo.. 374 

Seals. Paul Elnck. Sprin^jviHe 

Bean. Audrey Joanne, SeeMlo. Wash.. 257. 345 

Bean, BeMylou Gordon. Provo. 302 

Bean, Oeon, Twin Falls, Idaho, 374 

Bean. James Even, Provo, 84. 345 

Bean. Lael Rae, SeaHle, Wash., 327 

Bearce, Althea Ann, Oak Guilford, Maine. 374 

Beard. Beth BoH. Brigham City, 302 

Beard. Betty Bott. Brigham City 

Beard, Judith Ann. Idaho Falls, Idaho. 276. 34S 

Beard, Leiand MIlo. Milford. 94. 374 

Beard, Mary Bernice. Coalville. 341. 223, 327 

Beasley, Janeen. Brigham City, 88, 290. 302 

Beasley. Joann. Brigham City, 88, 290, 327 

Beaier, Duane. Layton, 327 

Beazer, Garald Roland. Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Beazer, Keith Jay. Idaho Falls. Idaho 

Beazer, Morgan Alvln, Cardston. Alta., Can., 252, 414 

Becl. Brent Robinson, Provo, 374 

Beck, Clive Lerve. Pleasant Grove, 345 

Beck, Faye Ellisan. Provo 

Beck, Gayle. Ogden, 88, 203 

Beck. Jacqueline. Provo. 220. 374 

Beck. Janet Ruth. Provo. 295. 345 

Becl. Kathleen, Provo, 284. 327 

Beck, Lewis Reld, Provo, 303 

Beck, Lu Juanna, Ogden. 264. 284. 327 

Beck. Merrill F.. Lehi, 374 

Becl, Milton Q.. Salt Lake City 

Becl. Verla. Ovid. Idaho, 88. 303 

Becker, Christlanne, Berlin, Germany, 345 

Becker. Janice B.. Milwaukee. Wis.. 374 

Beckett. Janice R., Los Angeles, Calif. 327 

Beckham, Ida Lee. Provo 

Bedstead, Demont L, Murray. 374 

Bedstead, Gordon E., Preston. Idaho, 250. 374 

Bedstead, Joy Ann. Riverfon. 26. 216. 228. 229. 327 

Bedstead. Judy, Rlverton, 90, 374 

Becbtead, Leda Sarah. Talmage. 262, 374 

Bedstrand, Carol Nan, Long Beach, Calif, 86, 216, 230. 

280, 281. 327 
Becbtrand, Dale Ferrin. Long Beach, Calif, 327 
Bedstrand, Mervin B., Meadow. 345 
Bedstrand. Ray L, Meadow. 345 
Becbtrand. Robert Lynn. Orem 
Beckstrom, Blaine H., Spanish Fort, 303 
Beecroft, David I., Provo 
Beecroft, James L, Provo 
Beecroft. Ruth Huish, Provo 
Beecroft. Sandra. Provo 
Beer, Leanne. San Jose. Calif, 237. 303 
Beers. Ronald Lester. Centervllle, 80, 270 
Beesley, Valerie Culp, BounHful 
Beesley, Wayne David, Provo, 374 
Beesley, Wayne Qiley, Springville 
Beeson, Marjorie Jane, Falrbury, Neb., 345 
Begay. Betty Ellen. Ship Rock. N. Mex. 
Beheshti, Mohammed, Teheran. Iran, 235 
Behring. Kendricb A., Burbank, Calif. 374 
Behunin. Donald L, McKInnon. Wyo.. 374 
Behunin, Shirley Ann. Bumtfort. Wyo., 327 
Beishline. Robert R., Ogden. 224, 226. 320 
Bell, Alice Ann, Los Angeles. Calif. 279. 327 
Bell. Carolyn Kyle. Grantsvitle. 374 
Bell. Ch&rie G.. Tanana. Calif. 414 
Bell. Clarence Luray. Trona, Calif, 345 
Bell. Dlanna Pantone. Los Angeles, Calif. 86. 290, 374 
Bell. Jessie Lee, Columbia. 279, 345 
Bell. Kenneth George 
Bell. Richard Dermont, Salt Lake City. 3)9 
Bell, Richard Leslie. Hoyt Lale, Minn., 222, 235. 296,297 
Bell, Rose Marie. Hoyt Lake. Minn., 345 
Bell. William Edward, Jr.. Eureka 
Bell, Yvonne Larae, Pleasant Grove, 374 
Bellamy, Garth Harold. Phoenii, Afii. 
Belliston, Ara, Bountiful 
Belliston, Bona. Bountiful, 319 
Belliston, Gerald Lamar, Pleasant Grove 
Belliston, Iris, Nephi, 228, 345 
Belnap. Elizabeth W., Col. Dublan, Meilco. 142 
Belnap. J Grant. Jr., Laguna. Calif, 303 
Belnap, Richard Duane. Ogden, 327 
Belt, Peggy Sue, Las Vegas, Nev., 345 
Bement, James Charles, Provo 

Bemls, Clarence Henry, San Bernardino, Calif, 375 
Bender, Russell Melvin, Billings, Mont., 327 
Bendiisen, Calvin J., Idaho Falls. Idaho, 345 
Bennett, Ada, American Fork 
Bennett Albert, Jr., Twin Falls. Idaho. 303 
Bennett. Alda Jane. San Mateo. Calif, 303 
Bennett. Betty Lea, Delta. 280, 281. 345 
Bennett, Cari Dee, Delta 
Bennett. Carolyn, Preston. Idaho, 345 
BenneH. Donald Marsh. American Fork. 375 
BenneH, Douglas, Bountiful 

Bennett, Douglas Roger. Magrath, Alta.. Can., 327 
Bennett. Ellen, Preston. Idaho. 250, 375 
Bennett. Ernest John, Salt Lake City. 205, 237 
Bennett, Gordon L.. American Fork 
BenneH. J. Von. Lehi, 322 
BenneH. Janice. Plecervllle, Calif. 284 
BenneH, John, Hansen. Idaho 
BenneH, Kathleen L., Evanston, Wyo.. 375 
BenneH, Robert Leroy, Downey, Calif. 
BenneH. Val Dee, Tromonton 
Bennlon, Carol Joan. Portland, Ore., 37S 
Bennion, Lucille. Delta 
Bennlon, Paul Crandall. Brigham C!ty 
Bennion, Robert C. Vernon, 303 
Bennion, Roy Billings, Salt Lake City. 82, 115 
Bennion. Stanley R., Independence. Mo., 78, 375 
Benson. Beverly Amussen. Washington, D.C., 76, 208, 375 
Benson, Boyd Wright, Tooele, 345 
Benson, tida Marie. Newton. 280. 327 
Benson, John V.. Parowan. 120, 122, 123. 124. 127, 128. 

Benson, Larry David. Preston, Idaho. 88. 250 
Benson, Lynn Hunsaler. Ogden, 182, 375 
Benson. Marilyn E.. Lynwood, Calif, 88, 251. 345 
Benson, Maurice Leon, Montebeilo, Calif. 
Benson, Richard J.. Montebe^o. Calif, 414 
Benson, Sharron Louise. Pomona, Calif. 145, 77, 345 


Benson, Yvonne. Parowan, 278, 345 

Benlley. Anthony Ivins, Provo. 84 

Bentley, Diane Dee. San Carlos. Calif.. B8. 375 

Benlley, Edward W,, Provo 

Bentley, Ella F.. Provo 

Bentley. Lorel Reed. Safford. Arii.. 375 

Bentley. Marilyn. Provo, 290. 303 

Bentley. Richard T., Whiltier, Calif., 327 

Bentley, Robert F.. Provo. 375 

Bentley, Robert Houston. American Fork. 94, 375 

Benfti. Larry E.. Palmer. Alaska' 

Bentwet, Elaine Edna. Provo, 226 

Berg, Kathryn, Heber City. 226 

Berg. Lowell A.. Heber City. 375 

Berge, Dale Leroy. Long Beach, Calif., 274. 327 

Berqe, John S., 

Berge. Woyne K.. Coalinga. Calif.. 247. 260, 274. 303. 

IBI. 275 
Bergen, Robert Shill. Ogden 
Bergera, James George. Provo, 76. 303 
Bergin, Allen Eric, Spokane, Wash, 
Bergin, Marian Shafer, Ogden 

Bergstedt. Eleanor Ann, Salt Lake City. 180. 294. 327 
Bernsdot. Pearl Marie. Provo. 346 
Bernard. Albert L, Ver. Mexico, 346 
Bernard, Graciela, Ver. Mexico. 346 
Bernard. Maria. Ver. Mexico, 86, 346 
Barrett, Bonnie Larae, SeaHle, Wash.. 217, 216. 243. 265. 

BerreH, Dee Altheria. Idaho Falls, Idaho, 303 
Berry. David Kay. San Gabriel. Calif.. 88, 327 
Berry, June E., Provo 

Berry. Louine. San Gabriel, Calif., 220, 375 
Berry. Margaret Ann, Salt Lake City. 375 
Berry. Nina Beatrice. Salt Lake City, 414 
Berry, Noma Jean. Alhambra. Calif.. 193. 375 
Berryessa, Janet G., Provo 
Berryessa, Max Joseph. Provo 
Berryhill, Marilyn Lee, Spring Valley, Ohio. 375 
Bertch. Dorothy E. B., Fairfield, Conn., 230 
Bertch, Frederick, W.. Knowille. Penn., 327 
Bertelsen, Delora Pearl. Sprlngville. 31, 192, 212. 346 
Bertelsen, Jerry, Marysvaie 
Bertoch. Janice Carol, Salt Lake City. 414 
Bertoncel. J. Eileen. Point of Rock. Wyo., 284 
Besendorfer, John N.. Heber City. 375 
Besendorfer. Nancy Joan. Heber City. 88. 346 
Bessey. Annette, Sunnyslde. Wash. 
Bessey. William Nephi, Sunnyslde. Wash.. 327 
Best, Larry Grant. Kemas, 375 
Beswick, Anne Melnies. Alhambra, Calif. 
Bethers, Euray. Heber City, 270, 346 
Bethers, Jeanne Orme, Cedar City 
Bethers. Pratt Gordon, Cedar City, 303 
Bethers, Velma Renee. Heber City 
Beus. Gory Boyd, Nyssa, Ore., 327 
Beus. Spencer William, Nyssa. Ore.. 327 
Beus, Nani Child, Nyssa, Ore. 
Beutel, Anne Johan. Miami. Fie., 237, 375 
Bevan, Barbara Darlene. Mateo, Calif. 
Bevans. Virginia A.. Helena. Mont.. 320 
Beynon, Richard Warren, Pleasant Grove 
Beziant. Ranae Carol. Orem 
Bezzant, Stanley Dean, Pleasant Grove 
Bickmore. Darrell. Provo, 255, 322 
Bidstrup, Rosslyn H.. Idaho Falls. Idaho. 375 
Biesinger. Delpha Deon. Midvale. 223. 303 
Blgelow, David Owen. San Carlos, Calif. 
Blgelow, Grant White, San Carlos. Calif,. 327 
Biggs. Blllie Alfred. Sprlngville. 414 
Biggs, Haiel Dawn, Tooele. 303 
Bigler. Walter H., Provo 
Bignall, Rosalie. Heber City. 237. 303 
Bifbao. Ellis, Orem 

Billings. Keith Henry, Brigham City. 210. 244 
Billings. Lois Marilyn. Harbor City, Calif., 216. 290. 327 
Billings. Richard H., Brigham City 
Billings. Victor Dunn, Provo 
Bills, Anita Loree, Carmen, Idaho 
Bills, Helen Marie, Salmon. Idaho, 375 
Bills, Robert D,. Duarte, Calif. 
Bills, Ronald Howard, Spanish Fork 
Bills. Sterling Wayne. Payson, 375 
Bills, William Harvey, EmmeH. Idaho, 346 
Blllstrom, Richard A.. Chula Vista, Calif., 49, 327 
Billy. Bahe. FayeHe 

Binch, Wayne George. American Fork 
Binder, Christa, Provo, 346 
Bingham, Coleen. Great Falls, Mont.. 375 
Bingham, Finch Monroe. Spanish Fork 
BInghem, Helen, Garland, 375 
Bingham, James R., Spanish Fork 
Bingham, Jan. Dalwood, Calif.. 237, 303 
Bingham, Jay Doe. Sentaquln, 414 
Bingham, John Irvine, Emmett. Idaho, 232, 346 
Bingham. Karene, Junction City, Ore., 375 
Bingham, Michael Leiand. Idaho Falls. Idaho, 269. 346 
Bingham, Ray Dee, Moore. Idaho 
Binlaz. Amir Mehdl, Teheran, Iran. 346 
BInks, Glade Erickson, Springvllle 
Binning. Rhea Vaun, Pinedale, Wyo., 86. 375 
Birch, Larry B.. Rosevllle. Calif. 76, 327 
Birch, Thomas Reed. St. Anthony, Idaho, 327 
Bird, Beverly Ann, Memphis. Tenn., 414 
Bird. Bruce Burton, Los Angeles, Calif., 76, 375 
Bird. Carol. Pocatello, Idaho. 276. 346 
Bird, Charles A., Jr., Lubbock, Texas, 241, 327 
Bird. Cloyd Lynn. Rigby, Idaho. 327 
Bird, Donald Richard, Las Vegas, Nev.. 244, 346 
Bird. Donna, Los Angeles. Caflf., 226, 375 
Bird, Earle Pringle, Provo. 375 
Bird. Helen G., Ocean Springs, Miss. 
Bird, Irvin Delbert, Jr.. Tooele 
Bird, Joanne L., Midvale. 375 
Bird, Lois Stewart. Las Vegas, Nev. 
Bird. Phillip Freeman. Sprlngville 
Bird. Telmage C. Jr.. Memphis, Tenn.. 188, 202. 366 
Bird. William Parker, Sprlngville, 132 
Birdiell, Robert M.. Wells, Nev, 
Blrks, Orval J., Nsmpa, Idaho. 346 
BIrrell, Jerry Glen. Provo 
Bischoff. Gordon K., Swlnk, Colo., 414 
Bishop, Dean Angus, Payson, 327 

Bishop, Edward James, Spring Coulee. Alta,, Can.. 346 
Bishop, Jesse N., Jr.. Alton, III.. 346 
Bishop, Joan. Los Angeles, Calif.. 375 
Bishop, Lloyd Kay. Riverside. Calif., 90. 96 
Bishop, Merylin, Sandy. 375 

Bitter. Elaine. Twin Falls, Idaho, 375 

Bitter, Reed Kirk. Twin Falls. Idaho. 130, 322 

Oiltle. Donald Calvin, Henderson. Nev. 

Bittner, Joseph Henry, Los Angeles. Calif., 375 

Bittner, Karen D.. Los Angeles. Calif., 414 

Bitton. Gary W.. Blackfoot, Idaho 

Bitton. Ronald Davis, Provo, 303 

Bjarnson, John Gerald, Provo, 303 

Biarnson, Sharlene N.. Sprlngville. 162, 322 

Bjork, Kay. Salt Lake City, 88. 375 

Bjorn. Paul Eugene, Sacramento, Calif. 

Black, Barbara Ann, Hinckley 

Black. Betty Lou. Provo, 375 

Black, Chloe. Blending, 375 

Black, Cleo Kay, Boulder City, Nev., 346 

Slack, Dan Atkin, Tooele 

Black. David Marley, Hawthorne, Calif., 40, 274. 375 

Black, Don Spencer, Jr.. Snowflske. Arli. 

Black. Emory Clifford, Savannah. Ga., 375 

Black, Franklin. Laramie. Wyo.. 88. 266. 346 

Black. John Clifford Burns, Ore.. 375 

Black, Kathryn Ekins, Delta 

Black. Keith Ernest, Delta, 303 

Black, Marcia, Boise. Idaho, 78. 412, 375 

Black. Max Clark, Delta. 270 

Black, Grin Brent, Murray. 375 

Black. Patricia Anne, Salt Lake City 

Black. Patricia Lee. Gallup, N. Mex. 

Black, Paul Dean, Blending, 327 

Blackburn, Kaye Alyce, Great Falls. Mont., 375 

Blackburn. Lily, Provo. 414 

Blackburn. Robert W., Arlington, Calif,, 375 

Blackburn, Sherman, Provo 

Blacker, Marvin Ladell. Heyburn, Idaho, 210, 346 

Blacker, Paul Brown. Ontario, Ore., 375 

Blacker, Stanley Neala. La Grande, Ore., 327 

Blackham. Earl Donnell. Moroni 

Blackham. Max A., Moroni, 303 

Blackham, Samuel Max, Ruth, Nev. 

Blackham. William R.. Jr.. Long Beach. Calif. 

Blackhurst, Colleen. Pleasant Grove. 375 

Blackhurst. Dennis P., Pocatello, Idaho. 272. 375 

Blackhurst, John Hoyt. Pocatello, Idaho. 272, 328 

Bleckley. Demonye D.. Provo 

Blackmore, Ken Vance, Cardston, Alta.. 241, 375 

Blackmore. Moira Dawn. Cardston. Alta., Can., 88, 375 

Blackner, David Earl, Greenville. 119. 375 

Blair, Carolyn Ruth. Santa Barbara. Calif.. 375 

Blair, John Leiand. Glendsle, Calif., 136, 137, 328 

Blair, Julia Gay G., Provo 

Blair, Kenneth Gordon. Shelley, Idaho, 224, 415 

Blair. Robert Wallace, Provo, 182 

Blalsdell, Ann Terry K., Hauula. Oahu. 256 

BIdisdell. Makee K., Hauula, Oahu. 82, 322 

Blake, Dianne. Evelyn, LIndon 

Blake. Reed Harris, St. George, 36. 184, 188, 254, 292, 

Blake, Roger C, Jr., Provo 
Blake, Rulon D., Provo 

Blake. William Dan, Idaho Falls, Idaho. 289. 375 
Blanch. Claude C Ogden 
Blanch. Robert f red, Abraham, 376 
Blanchard, Farrell T., Victor. Idaho. 415 
Blanchard. Wilma J.. Pendleton. Ore.. 376 
Blanco. Oscar, Dublan, Mexico 
Blending, Myrna Ellen, Glendale, Calif, 243. 303 
Blankenship, Paula M., Riverside, Calif 
Blankenstein, John. Provo 

Blasongame. Beverly M., Brigham City, 223, 346 
Blatter. Kay Monte, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 328 
BlaHer, Lynn, Idaho Falls, Idaho. 303 
Blatter, Una' Burke, lone, Idaho 
Blau, E. Nadlne, Logan, 328 
Btauer, Jay Arnold, Burley. Idaho. 303 
Blauer. Lanis, Burley, Idaho. 197. 276, 328 
Blaylock. Marilyn Jean. Buhl. Idaho, 182, 328 
Blaylock, Max Wayne. Nyssa, Ore.. 303 
Bleak. Earl E., Mesa. Arli., 78, 346 
Blevlns. Helen Kay, Salt Lake City. 376 
Bliss, Eugenia. Orem, 25, 376 
Bliss, Kenneth A.. Provo 
Bliss. Marlon Dee, Orem, 346 
Blodget, J. Alan. Vale. Ore. 
Blodgett. Joan C. Salt Lake City. 415 
Blomquist, Kathryn, Richfield 
Blood, Carol, American Fork, 346 
Bloomfleld, Beverly. Poston, Ariz., 376 
Bloomfleld. Elsye Lynne, Farmlngton, N, Mex.. 76. 346 
Blue, Carl Lawrence. Caldwell, Idaho. 415 
Blume, Patricia Ellen, Brawley. Calif. 
Bluth, Donald Virgil, Santa Monica, Calif. 90, 376 
Btuth, Robert R., Payson 
Bodily, Afton. Murray. 303 

Bodily, Sheryl Lamar, Meridian. Idaho. 263. 356 
Bodily. Waldo C. lone. Idaho 

Bodon, Harold Wolfgang. Salt Lake City. 246, 376 
Bodon, Karl Helm. Salt Lake City, 80. 376 
Boehm, Norman Curtis, Pomona, Calif 
Boehme. Shirley Derlene. Geneva. Idaho, 66, 376 
Boel. Beth Anne. Provo, 88. 376 
Bohn. Theodore S., Ogden, 376 
Bolce, Charles Elwln. Montrose, Catlf 
Bolce. Maevonne, Romeo. Colo., 346 
Boley. Meckey B., American Fork 
Bolin. James Joseph, Baltimore, Md.. 346 
Bolln, Joan Edith, Baltimore, Md.. 88 346 
Botinder, Richard Gall. Sacramento, Calif., 267 
Bollnder. Robert D.. North Sacramento. Calif. 244 
Botinder, Suien Lois, North Sacramento, Calif. 
Bond. Aaron L., Ramah. N. Mex. 
Bond. James Leavitt, Ramah. N. Max.. 415 
Bond. Joe W., Provo 
Bond. Kant. Ramah, N. Mex. 
Bond. Larry Keith, Ramah. N. Mex. 
Bond. Max Leroy, Provo 
Bone, Lorin Edward, Lehl, 376 
Bonhem. Ralph 0.. Pomona. Calif. 132, 133 
Bonner. Bertell M., Midway 
Bonser. Emma Mae. El Monte, Calif. 94, 329 
Bonier. Margie Carol. El Monte. Calif, 415 
Bonsteel, Jewel Diane. Dryden, Mich. 
Bonsteet. Sandra K., Dryden. Mich. 
Boone. Charles Lee, Gardena, Calif 
Boone. James Louie, Boulder City, Nev. 
Boone, Jeneal Lasson, Boulder City, Nev. 
Boone. Margaret Lillian, Edmonton. Alta.. Can., 346 
Booth, Beverly Ann, Orem. 191, 263. 376 
Booth. Beverly Jean, Sweet Home. Ore,, 346 

Booth, E. Forrest. Nephl. 346 

Booth, Earl H.. Orem 

Booth. Gordon Dixon. Orem, 346 

Booth, Ronald W.. Heber City 

Booth, Wallace Rubin, Columbus. Ga., 329 

Booths. Mell J.. Orem 

Boots, William James, Salmon, Idaho, 415 

Boren. Robert Reed. Jerome. Idaho. 263. 236. 346 

Borg, Else Claudine, Selt Lake City, 376 

Borg, Rosemary. Inglewood, Calif., 243. 290 

Borgdon, Norman Edward. Jerome, Idaho, 377 

Borgerson, Cdrol Ann, Chicago, III., 254, 376 

Borgeson, June J., Santaquin, 328 

Borget, Paula Aileen, Provo. 278, 303 

Borgqulst, Cheryl Marie. Los Angeles, Calif., 376 

Bornemann, Joan G.. La Mesa, Calif, 376 

Borup, Caria Mae. Boise, Idaho, 376 

Bosil. Carolyn K.. Cattaraugus, Calif, 376 

Boss. Karl C, Garland 

Boston, William Henry, Memphis, Tenn., 94, 376 

Bostrom. Charles Fred, Holtvllle, Calif 

Boswell. Cerol Deane, Midvale. 86, 303 

Boswell, S. Ralph. Provo. 33, 45, 76, 77. 214, 222. 289. 

303. 314 
Bosworth, Richard C. Ogden, 376 
Bott. Joseph Leroy, Orem 

Boucher, Eleanor Anne, Toronto, Ontario, Can. 
Boucher, Yvonne Lee. Pangultch 
Boughton. Nancy C, Hermosa. Calif, 376 
Boulter, Ronald O., Provo. 346 
Boulter, Virginia Lee. Sutton, Alaska. 346 
Bourne, Sidney Arthur, South Lethbrldge, Alta., Can., 376 
Bovard, Valerie M., Parma, Ohio, 376 
Bowden, Connie Gaye. Klmberly, Idaho, 88, 179. 282, 283, 

Bowden, Harriet Joan. Klmberly. Idaho, 88. 220. 376 
Bowen. Garrick Reld, Bountiful. 60, 92. 376 
Bowen. Geraldine, Salt Lake City, 376 
Bowen. Jane Briggs. Salt Lake City. 290, 346 
Bowen. John Mario, Provo, 328 
Bowen. Kyle Sinclair, Moses Lake, Wash., 376 
Bowen, Leiand Key, Burley, Idaho 
Bowen, Leo Albert, Provo 
Bowers, Cleudia Rose. Eager, Ariz. 
Bowers, Howerd L., Provo, 346 
Bowers, Ida Rowena. Salt Lake City, 376 
Bowers. Sidney A,. Rosemead. Calif 
Bowles. Darlene Utahna, Salt Lake City, 78, 376 
Bowman, Barbara, Self Lake City 
Bowman, CaWin Murton. Las Vegas. Nev., 292 
Bowman, Gordon Simms. Culver, Ore. 
Bowman, Marolyn Dian. El Monte, Calif, 376 
Bowman, Robert W., Flora Bell. Calif. 303 
Bowman. Wallace N., Dietrich, Idaho, 376 
Bown. Acell William. Provo 
Bown, Bruce Vanorden, Orem. 415 
Bown, Cecil Elton. Fayette 
Bown, Fred S., Provo, 346 
Bown, Jesse C Jr.. Provo 

Bown. Marjorie Mary. Lynbroot. N. Y.. 29. 328 
Bowring, John Benjamin, Lale Oahu 
Boyack, Alan Sterling, Spanish Fork 
Boyack, Gary J.. Sprlngville, 328 
Boyack, Jeenette, Salt Lake City. 215. 304 
Boyack, Merrill W., Seattle, Wash., 193, 265. 376 
Boyack, Paul W., Provo 
Boyce, Eva Price, Provo 
Boyce. James Sumner, Provo. 304 
Boyd. Janice Elaine. Palmyra, N. Y. 
Boyden, Jackuellne Mona, Lethbrldge, Alta., Can., 26, 

194, 243, 304, 341 
Boyer, Francis O., Provo 
Boyer. Harmon G., Provo, 376 
Boyer, Larson Strong. Sprlngville, 78, 376 
Boyer, Milan Frost. Springvilla. 415 
Boyer. Nada. Arco, Idaho, 346 
Boyer. Ruth Ann. Sprlngville. 254 
Boyle. CharloHe Ann. Phoenix. Arh.. 376 
Boynton. Leo George, Sandy 
Bradbury. Joan D.. Balllngham. Wash.. 304 
Bradeen. Joy Carol, Martinez. Calif, 226, 376 
Bradfield. Terry Vern, Sclpio, 376 
Bradford. Carol Jean. Spanish Fork. 376 
Bradford. Joan Patricia, Lynwood, Calif. 376 
Bradford, Nancy Ann. Oxnard, Calif, 346 
Bradford, Robert Edward. Spanish Fork 
Bradford, Ruth Ann, Spanish Fork, 208 
Bradley. James L.. Provo, 319 
Bradley, Ronald Rich, Las Vegas. Nev.. 272, 346 
Bradshaw, Jay Roy, Springvllle. 193. 328 
Bradshaw. Jerry Lee. Heber Citv, 376 
Bradshaw. Meriln E.. Del Paso, Calif, 214, 304 
Brady. Anna Grace, Sandy, 197, 238. 346 
Brady, Bryant A,, Provo 
Brady, Con H.. Orem, 328 
Brady, Geneene. Midvale 
Brady, Lon Garth. Falrview 
Brady. Madge Renon, Spring Cify 
Brady, Robert Nyle. Ithaca, N. Y. 
Brady, There Lue. Provo 

Bragg, Mary Helen, Long Beach. Calif, 88. 251. 346 
Brague. Carl LeRoy. Riverside, Calif 
Brallsford, Betty A.. Provo 
Brailsford. Eugene G.. Calgery. Alta., Can. 
Brallsford. Jack W„ Las Vegas. Nev.. 376 
Bralthwaite. Lee Fred, Provo 
Breithwaite. Paul G., Spanish F-ork 
Bramwell, Bonnie Key, Oakland, Calif. 376 
Bramwell. Jean Thora, Oakland. Calif, 276 
Bramwell, Sharon Elaine. Ogden, 80. 376 
Brandenburg, Ray £., Provo. 328 
Brendley, Carmen Marian, Provo. 346 
Brandley. Cleo Selk, Stirling. AJta.. Can., 44. 186. 282, 

Brandley, Jaquellne, Provo. 
Brandley. Patricia. Stirling. Alta.. Can., 322 
Brandmeyer. Beverly J.. Culver City. Celif. 
Brannan. Slania CIsrene. Walla Walla, Wash., 86 
Brannock. Richard A., Gont, Washington, 222, 304 
Brasher. Margaret E,. Huntington. 216. 230. 329 
Braun. Reymond, Provo 
Bray, Harry Sonny. Hllo, Hawaii. 304 
Braniall, Loren N., Meia Arit.. 376 
Breedlove, Jerry Dale, Columbia, Mo. 
Brelllatt, Patricia Yvonne. Vallejo. Calif. 346 
Breitenbuecher, Gayte. San Francisco. Calif,, 376 
Breltenstein. Frank V.. Chine Lake, Calif, 328 
Bremer, Ronald Allen. Bellflower. Catlf, 376 


Brennan. Clifford A.. Walla Walfa, Wash., 322 

Brenner. AJ.ce M.. Santa Paula. Calif.. 304 
Brethaars. Ffed Leroy. Anchorage. AlasVa, 376 
Brewer. Dav.d Leslie, Tucson, Arn.. 226, 328 
Brewer, Laura Jane. Riverside, Calif., 92, 304 
Brewer, Ross Kelvin. American Fork, 304 
Brewarton, Connie, Springville, 86, 376 
Brian. Emily. Loa. 220 346 
Brian. Sharron. Chicago. III., 341. 290, 346 
Briqqs. Arta Lucille, Salt Lake City. 226. 261. 376 
Briggs, Hermme, Magrath, Alta., Can 
Briggs, James Osterloh. Magrath, Alta., Can. 
Briggs. Nancy Iretto, Provo. 36, 236. 294. 304 
Brigqs. Shirley Ann, Heber. Arir. 346 
Bright. Bob Swensen. St. Anthony, Idaho 
Brighton. Marva Carmene. Idaho Falls, Idaho, 346 
Brighton. Nancy Glee. Tower Lake, III.. 376 
Brim. Beulah, Downey, Idaho. 263, 376 
Brim. Willis L, Jr.. Downey. Idaho 
Brimhall, Arden J.. Provo 
Brimhall. Janelle, Provo. 376 
Brimhall, Mac Bowen. Spanish Fork. 376 
Brimhall. Marilyn Sue. Mesa Ariz.. 290. 346 
Brimhall. Msi 6.. Salt Lake City. 376 
Brimhall. Verna B.. Morro Bay. Calif.. 346 
Brimley. Myrna Jean. Salt Lake City, 68 
Brimley, Sterling. Santa Monica. Calif. 346 
Brimley, Vern. Provo 

Bringhurst. Kent H.. Menio Park. Calif.. 376 
Bringhurst. Patricia. Santa Barbara. Calif., 42. 186, 245, 

Brinkerhoff. Floyd K. Lovell. Wyo.. 376 
Brinkerhoff. Harold E., Perrls, Calif. 
Brinkerhoff. Jack L, Huntington 
Brinkerhoff. Virginia E., Richland. Wash.. 42. 228, 245, 

346, 187 
Brinton, Ellas P.. Provo 
Brinton. Teenie Leann, Satt Lake City 
Briscoe. John Oliver, Sonta Rosa. Calif. 
Britsch, Todd Adam. Provo 

Broadbent. Beverly. Riverside, Calif.. 220, 284. 347 
Broadbsnt. Rose Leroy, Payson 
Broadbent. Sheila D.. Boise, Idaho. 88, 376 
Broadhead, Bruce W.. Delta, Colo. 
Broadhead. Dean Morris. Cardston, Alta., Can.. 241 
Broadhead, Jon D.. Pasadena. Calif. 
Broadhead, Maeser D., Delta. Colo., 347 
Brock, Edward Earl. Goldsboro. N. C. 347 
Brock. Perry Morris. Goldsboro, N. C, 3 
Brockbank. Alien Brent. Provo. 377 
Brockbank. Barbara Kay. Provo. 31. 70, 301. 212, 294. 

343, 347 
Brockbank, Loren R.. Salt Lake City 
Brockbank, B. Park. Salt Lake City. 272 
Brokaw. Blanche. Modesto. Calif,, 377 
Bronson, Beth Larene, Midway, 88. 377 
Bronson. Charlone June, Tremonton. 92 
Bronson, George Herman, Malta. Idaho. 78 
Brooks, Ben Hugh, Cardston, Alta., Can. 
Brooks, Bert Lovell. Arcadia. Calif.. 47. 210. 332, 347 
Brooks. Clarence James. Provo, 304 
Brooks. Fred Rugg. Fly Creek. N. Y., 347 
Brooks. Jerry Dwayne, Phoenix. Arii, 86. 248, 257 
Brooks, Patricia, Garfield. 88. 377 
Brooks, Willa Nita. St. George. 254. 268. 304 
Brooksby. Lyie Orson, Fredonia. Arii.. 328 
Brooksby, Merrill W.. Fredonia. Arii. 210. 328 
Brooksby. Raelene Ann, Fredonia, Arii,. 245, 304 
Brooksby. Wesley B.. Fredonia, Arii,, 377 
Bross, Ralph Gerald. Medford. Oregon. 347 
Brotherson, Mary K,. Salt Lake City, 287 
Brotherson, William Ma*. Boneta, 262, 377 
Brough. Lawrence Don. Levan 
Brough. Vilate, Kaysville. 279. 347 
Brower, Walter Leeroy. Pocatello. Idaho 
Brown. Ann Laray, Coalville. 377 
Brown, Anne, Taft. Calif, 143, 212, 228. 294. 347 
Brown, Barbara Ann, Cockeysville. Md. 
Brown. Carol Virginia. North Sacramento. Calif, 220. 377 
Brown, Carolyn Marie, Salt Lake City. 322 
Brown, Charles Ray. Whittler. Calif,, 377 
Brown, Clinton Dunbar. Emmett Idaho 
Brown. Colleen. Duncan. Arii., 86, 226. 258. 377 
Brown. Donna Ruth. Miami, Arii.. 216, 284 
Driggs Roy. American Fork 
Edward Dennison, Centerville 
. Elbert Earl, Glendale. Calif,. 304 
Brown. Eleanor, Provo, 329 
Brown. Elva. Lovell, Wyo, 
Brown, Farrell Boyd, Koosharem 
Brown. Gee N.. Centerville, 88. 347 
Brown, Gary Fred. Provo 

Brown, Glenn Louis, Leavenworth, Wash.. 377 
Brown, Irma, Spanish Fork, 347 
Brown. Jock Vernal, Parker. Idaho, 328 
Brown. Jay Dean, Payson. 377 
Brown. Joan Lavon, WhiHier. Calif. 
Brown. Joan, Provo, 86. 377 
Brown, Kay Idell. Highland. Calif., 377 
Brown. Kay Maureen, Oakland. Calif. 
Brown, Keturah Anne, Regins. Sask.. Can., 377 
Brown, Larae. Bountiful. 276, 347 
Brown, Lawrence R,, Provo 
Brown. Lee Raymond, Tooele. 377 
Brown. Lore Lee, Turner Ore.. 212, 280. 281. 347 
Brown, Lorene C. Lovell. Wyo., 231, 304 
Brown, Margaret Ellen. Orem 
Brown, Marjorie Jaye. Calgary. Alta., Can. 
, Nancy Burton. Bend Ore., 377 
, Paul Arnold, Buhl, Idaho. 115 
, Philip Ray, St. Johns. Arii.. 184, 205, 296. 347 

irown. Ralph BucHey, Falbrook. Calif. 

Ifown. Ralph O.. Boise, Idaho 

Jrown. Rea Lu. Chandler. Arii, 

Jrown. ReM Hayes. Vale. Ore. 

Srown, Richard A., Bremerton, Wash. 

Srown, Richard Dale, American Fork. 377 

Jrown, Richard Kent, Annabella. 

Brown, Robert Lee. OJympIa, Wash.. 377 

Brown. Russell Olsen, Provo, 244 

Brown. Sharon Joann. Arcadia. Calif.. 98, 347 

Brown, Stanford Lee, Shelby, Montane. 40. 80 

Brown. Verdell Ralph. Idaho Falls. Idaho 

Jrown, Verlyr* G.. Salt Lake City. 

Brown. Walter Dean, Blackfoot. Idaho. 347 

Jrown. Wayne J.. Mesa. Arlr. 

Brown. William Alan, San Francisto, Calif. 



Brown. William L., Jr., Turner, Ore.. 415 

Brown. Zelma Loye, American Fork 

Browne. Edna Smith, Provo 

Browning. Kate Goddard. Santa Barbara. Calif. 260. 377 

Bro» Blame H.. Marysvale 

Brubaker, Eugene Dale, Provo, 377 

Bruckman. Jan Korom, Compton, Calif. 

Brunken. Bonnie Beth. Eugene, Oregon, 147, 377 

Brunsdale, Kenneth Almo, Mountain View, Alta., Can. 

Brush. Dana. Oakland, Calif., 66. 88. 347 

Bryan. Billie Marlene, Ssn Diego, Calif., 377 

Bryan. Haiel Venae, Tooele. 90, 215. 304 

Bryan. Lauren Lee. Springville, 296, 347 

Bryan. Leia Newell, Nephi 

Bryant. Billie Lane, Pinedale, Arii. 

Bryant. Joan Louise, Oakland. Calif.. 377 

Bryant, Madge Arleen, Lakewood. Calif., 347 

Bryant. Robert Wayne, Wheaton III., 347 

Bryant, Willie Rae. Costleford. Idaho. 347 

Bryner, Loron Conrad, Provo. 272, 347 

Bryner. Louise, Price 143, 283, 282. 304 

Bryner. Maurice Clair. Overton. Nev. 

Bryson. Ceth Ellen, Vernal. 304 

Bryson, Lawrence LeRoy, Sat Lake City, 415 

Bryson. Ralph H., Provo. 203 

Bryson, Robert Condon. Provo. 377 

Buchan. Jill Louine. Long Beach, Calif., 86, 377 

Buchanan, Antoinette. Richfield, 220. 377 

Buchanan. Bonnie Lou, Gunnison. 377 

Buchanan, George EIray. Salt Lake City. 347 

Buchanan. Mary June, Venice. 377 

Buchanan. Norma Claire, Provo, 377 

Buckley, Barbara Jean, Independence. Mo.. 78. 79, 377 

Buckmillor. John David, Provo. 200 

Buckner, Glen Taylor, Provo 

Bucknum. Daniel R., Band. Ore.. 84, 347 

Buckwalter, Dolores Rae. La Grande, Ore., 329 

Buckwalter. James B., American Fork 

Buckwalter. Kathleen, American, Fork. 47. 70. 221. 215, 

220, 276. 304. 277 
Budge. Barbara Blanche. Malad, Idaho. 64. 266, 326 
Budge. Gerald Shurtleff, Burley, Idaho. 377 
Buffington, Corlnne, Longbeech, Calif., 377 
Buhler, Ned, Midway. 347 
Bulloch, Boyd Coi, Boulder City. Nev. 304 
Bullock, Burton Warren, Rawlings, Wyo.. 119. 377 
Bullock. Georgia Lea. Pleasant Grove, 90. 243, 304 
Bullock. Gerald A,, Lethbridge, Alfa.. Can,. 415 
Bullock. Gordon William, Provo, 31. 197, 347 
Bullock, La Dell R.. Welling. Alta., Can. 
Bullock, Richard Bert. Provo. 272 
Bumann. Les Barry. Elmhurst. 347 
Bunce, Carol M., Boise, Idaho 
Bunch. Mildred Rebecca, Mesa, Arii. 
Bundock. Nancy Sonja. Ashland, Ore,, 377 
Bunker, Lewanna, Delta, 304 
Bunker. Loretta, Las Vegas, Nev., 377 
Bunker. Robert Clyde. Las Vegas. Nev. 
Bunnell. Dale Leon, Provo. 270 
Bunnell. Mary Helen. Price. 92, 216. 328 
Burbidge, Lucille. Salt Lake City. 88, 2_80, 377 
Burdick. Colleen Madge. Dragerton. 3~7 
Burdick, Laran Eugene. Binnington, Idaho 
Burgess, Eva Dean. Rupert. Idaho, 377 
Burgess, Marva. Ogden 
Burk, Noel W.. Portland, Ore.. 81. 267 
Burk. Sharon OviaM. Whiltier. Calif. 
Burke. LyIe Oscar, Longview, Wash., 304 
Burke. Murland Jay. Idaho Falls. Idaho. 347 
Burkinshaw. Willda Kay. San Bruno. Calif.. 326 
Burlaw, Delores M., SeaHle, Wash., 377 
Burlew, John Wesley, Seattle, Wash,. 255. 377 
Burmester, Delores E.. West Jordan, 415 
Burnham, Ewa Jean. Salt Lake City 
Burnham. Roald Franklin. Phoenix, Arli. 
Burnham. Russell A.. Niagra Falls. N. Y. 
Burns. Errol G,. Vernal, 377 
Burns. Noel Eugene. Salt Lake City. 415 
Burns. Patrick John, Las Vegas, Nev., 377 
Burnside, Afton. Provo. 377 
Burr. Dougas Arnel, Marysvale 
Burr, George Thomas. Moab, 304 
Burraston. Merlyn J.. Goshen, 224, 377 
Burrell, Bretta Lou, South Pasadena. Calif., 415 
Burrell. Gordon Knight, South Pasadena, Calif.. 226. 415 
Burrell. Janice Doreen, Ridgecrest. Calif., 377 
Burris. Donald Adams. Magna 
Burrows, Patricia Ann. Ogden, 66, 264 
Burrup. Kaye Larue. Provo, 220, 377 
Burrup, Ora H., Provo 
Burt. David W.. Brigham City. 322 
Burt. Emily Caldwell, Cardston. Alta.. Can. 
Burt. Noel Wayne. Cardston. Alta.. Can.. 377 
Burton. Beverly Anne. Harpers Ferry, W. Va.. 377 
Burton, Carlyle S. Payson 
Burton. Donetto. Salt Lake City. 68. 280, 377 
Burton. Etholene, Talmage, 262. 377 
Burton. Frank G., Torr. Calif.. 377 
Burton. Geraldine Ann, Price 
Burton. Helen Miriam. Malad, Idaho 
Burton. Horace Larry, Payson, 304 
Burion, Janet. Salt Lake City. 415 
Burton. John Harold, Phoenii, Arii. 
Burton, Joseph Sherman. Payson, 304 
Buf^^on. Leo Hanson, Salt Lake City, 415 
Burton. Thomas Roghear, Ogden. 328 
Busch, Owen Charles, Dragerton, 347 
Busch, William John, Ogden 
Bush. Alfred L., Denver. Colo.. 328 
Bush, CliHord M.. Lakeview. Ore , 328. 259 
Bush, Gerald Vernon. Ogden. 414 
Bush, Myrna Dene, Scipio. 415 
Bush, Ronald Leslie. Salt Lake City., 377 
Bushman. Boyd B.. Showlow. Arii.. 414 
Bushman. Clarence E., Albuquerque. 92. 96, 247, 414 
Bushman, Curtis Samuel. Snowdake Arii., 414 
Bushman, Margaret Ann, Lehi. 86. 414 
Bushman. Morris Smith, Provo 
Busselberg, Carol Ann, Milwaukee Wis., 78, 347 
Butler, Arthur, Orem. 100. 246 
Butler. Dennis Boyce, Hillspring. Alta,. Can.. 4(4 
Butler. Donna Jean. Nysse Ore,, 414 
Butler. Lavar M., Eegar. Arii., 244 
Butler, Marilyn. Phoenin, Arii,, 248. 414 
Butler, Petrea Lynn. Salt Lake City, 88 
Butter. Sandra Jean, Pico Calif.. 100. 216. 243, 301. 325. 

328, 341 
Butler. Sandra Jean. Phoenix. Arir., 248. 414 

Butler. Sherrel Gay. Arlington. Calif., 263. 412. 414 

Butler, Sylvan G.. Hillspring, Alberta. Can,. 347 

Buttars, Orvln Allen. Burley. Idaho, 329 

Butterfield. Thomas K., Phoenix, Arii.. 242. 296. 329 

Butterworth. Edwin J.. Provo 

Buxton, Boyd Marlin, Moore Idaho, 347 

Buxton. Claron, Preston. Idaho. 414 

Bybee. Cleona Nannette, Nyssa, Ore., 76, 328 

Bybee, Daritynn, Bell, Calif.. 257. 304 

Bybee. Don Ray. Idaho Falls, Idaho, 304 

Bybee. Larry Curtis, Smithfield. 347 

Byers, Kenneth Wayne. Ontario. Ore.. 415 

Bylund, John Leslie, Pleasant Grove 

Bystrom, Emil R.. Jr.. Los Angeles, Calif,. 414 

Cable. Wayne Leroy. Hawthorne, Nevada. 63 

Caffall. Alice Marlyene. Richfield. Idaho. 356 

Cagle. Iva Jeanne, Bridgeport, Connecticut. 414 

Cahill. Thomas E.. Provo. 274. 

Cahoon. Leon A.,Leavitt. Alta.. Can.. 319 

Calder. Carno Kathryn, Vernal. 243. 304 

Caldar, Fred Hacking, Vernal, 86, 257. 347 

Calder, John Richard, Provo 

Calder, Joseph, Vernal. 239. 328 

Calder. Kenneth E., Vernal. 414 

Calder. Colleen Ranae, Salt Lake City, 92. 414 

Caldwell, Allen LeMoyno. Cardston, Alta., Can.. 252, 415 

Caldwell. Ellen Colleen. Cardston. Alta.. Can.. 94 

Caldwell, James Dahl. Cardston. Alta.. Can., 328 

Caldwell, Lowell C, Vernal 

Caldwell. Paul Marvin. Midvelo, 1 19, 272, 273 

Caldwell. Sheila. Hollywood, Calif., 347 

Call, Anna Lou. Malad. Idaho. 260, 304 

Call. Ara Om. Jr., Appleton. Wis.. 414 

Call. Bonnie Lorea. Citrus Heights, Calif.. 

Call, Ceryol, Layton. 88, 282. 347 

Call. Dellwyrv Roberts, Twin Falls. Idaho. 328 

Call, Diana Louise, Ogden, 414 

Call. Fred, Rigby. Idaho. 226. 347 

Cell. Heber Blaine, Rigby. Idaho. 177 

Call. Henry Michael. Bountiful 

Call, Katharine G.. Salt Lake City 

Call. Lois Ann. Pocatello, Idaho. 64. 414 

Call, Margie, Las Vegas, Nev.. 86, 258, 347 

Call, Mariorle. Appleton, Wisconsin, 328 

Call. Neil Rees. Salt Lake City. 347 

Call, Rita Rae, Citrus Heights. Calif., 257. 347 

Call. Robert Leon, Ailec N. Mox., 414 

Call. Rodney Ford. Bountiful. 347 

Call, Rosalind Lucile. Oakland, Calif. 

Call, Sharon. Soda Springs. Idaho, 88,414 

Cell, Udean Raoul. Twin Falls, Idaho. 322 

Call, Waldo Pratt, Provo 

Callaway. Delvin Vance. Altadena, Calif.. 347 

Callaway, Lowell Evan. Altadena, Calif. 

Callister. Carolyn, Delta, 86, 215. 223. 304 

Calllster, David R.. Glendale. Calif.. 347 

Callister. Geraldine. Spanish Fork. 212. 294. 347 

Callister, Thomas C. Delta. 414 

Calvert. David Ross. Greenville, 82, 304 

Calvert. Douglas Ray, Caliente. Nevada, 328 

Calvert. Kay Moody. Delta 

Calvert, Kent W, Caliente. Nev., 347 

Calvert, Terry Brant. Cody. Wyo. 

Camargo, Anthony C De, F. Glicerio. Brazil 

Cameron, Bruce Garth. Las Vegas. Nev.. 80. 180. 257. 378 

Cameron. Henry Worthen, Salt Lake City 

Cameron, Sondra, Provo. 376 

Cameron, Stanley Eccles. Provo, 296 

Campbell. Carolyn, Gardene. Calif,, 220, 378 

Campbell, David. Forrest, Portland, Ore.. 96, 245. 347 

Campbell, Dennis James. Vernal, 378 

Campbell. Edward Earl, Huntsvllle. Alabama, 320 

Campbell. Jacille A.. Bakersfield. Calif. 

Campbell. James William. Portland. Ore.. 347 

Campbell. Kenneth L.. Orem, 378 

Campbell. Lymar> M.. Vernal, 4IS 

Campbell, Marvin Lacal. Antimony. 378 

Campbell. Maurice. Lewis. Provo. 347 

Campbell, Patricia Ann, Boise, Idaho, 226. 378 

Campbell. Pauline Ann. Downey. Calif. 378 

Campbell. Roger Byron, Bakersfield, Calif. 

Campbell, Rolland Alari, Bakersfield, Calif, 378 

Campbell, Sarah C. Provo 

Campora. Patricia J,. Stockton. Calif. 

Campora. Steve Holt. Stockton, Calif 

Candland, Robert G.. Provo, 218, 270.378 

Canfield, Alan Richard, Provo 

Canfield. Frank Bryden, Provo 

Canfield. Ronald V,. La Junta. Colo. 

Canning, Lois Cook, Provo 

Cannon. Doris Brown. Provo 

Cannon. J. Terrance, Wortand Wyo., 347 

Cannon. Jerilee, Culver City. Calif, 378 

Cannon, Phillip Ray. Eugene, Ore.. 130. 141, 347 

Capener, Richard Lew, Malad. Idaho 

Carbine, Chadra, Las Cruces. N. Mex.. 88. 378 

Card. Camillo, Richfield 

Cardall. Norman, Provo 

Cardon, Charles Howard, El Paso, Texas, 347 

Cardon. Ellen, Ourango. Colo.. 245. 347 

Cardon. Joseph Phillip, Durango. Colo, 

Cardon. Melvin Johnson. El Paso. Tex. 

Cardon. Susette Vilate, Mesa, Arii.. 208 

Carlile, Don F.. Heber. 322 

Carlile. Frederick G.. Heber 

Carling. Marlena Mae, Oasis. 378 

Carlisle, Donetta June, Provo 

Carlisle, Ivan James, Payson 

Carlisle, Nola, American Fork, 280. 281. 243, 304 

Carlsen. Vern R.. Orem. 304 

Carlson. Bill Leroy. Por+ola. Calif. 346 

Carlson. Darlene Dolly. Monterey Park. Calif, 415 

Carlson, Frank Howard. Denver, Colo. 

Carlston. Nancy. New York. N Y.. 290, 326 

Carlstrom. Inga Lena C, Evkilstuna. Sweden. 415 

Carlton, Karen, Boise, Idaho, 88, 378 

Carnahan, Rulan Marion, Malta, Idaho 

Carpenter, Alma L.. Evanston, Wyo. 

Carpenter, Donald, Oklahoma City, Okla.. 348 

Carpenter, George R.. Provo. 319 

Carr, Keith R.. Ceres, Calif. 234 

Carr, Patricia Janelle, Oakland. Calif 208, 284. 378 

Carr, Waldene. Baldwin Park. Calif, 376 

Carr. William C, Provo. 246. 256 


Carr. William Charles, Provo 

Carraway. Clarence O,, Boylown. Texas, 88, 348 

Carngan. James Lisle. Bingham Canyon, 378 

Carroll. Maureen. Brigham, City. 260, 348 

Carroll. Roscoe Davis, Orem. 348 

Carruth. Carole. Los Vegas.. Nev., 191. 208, 211. 378 

Carruthers, Joyce E.. Idaho Falls, Idaho. 228, 346 

Carson, Carmen Patricia. Homedale, Idaho. 378 

Carson. Gary Lane, Dillon. Montana 

Carter. Anita. Lund. Nev., 78, 376, 258 

Carter. Anita, Marlene, Milwaukee. Ore.. 378 

Carter. Annette, American Fork. 220. 276. 348 

Carter, Barbara Ann, Provo 

Carter, Carolyn. Salt lake City. 378 

Carter. Deanna Jane. Alamosa, Colo., 378 

Carter, Don C. Provo 415 

Carter, George Ross. Provo. 322 

Carter, Harold Leroy. Provo 

Carter. Jack Clark, Prove 

Carter. James Richard, Goshen, 378 

Carter. Janet Arline, Salt Lake City. 290, 328 

Carter. Keith N.. Glendale. Arii. 

Carter, Nadlne Beth. Burley. Idaho 

Carter. Nola Fran, Riverside, Calif., 88 

Carter, Ray Livingston. Burlev, Idaho 

Carter, Richard Garn. Provo. 218, 328 

Carter. Roderick Brian, Santa Barbara. Calif,. 130 

Carter. Rulon Newell, Tabiona, 346 

Carter. Ruth. Grass Valley. Calif. 

Carter, Walter Glen. Harnett. Idaho 

Carter, Warren Leonard. Long Beach. Calif., 119. 267. 

Cartwright. Carolyn C. Provo. 348 
Cartwright, Marilyn. Ogden 
CartwrigM, Mary Jean, Draper. 216, 328 
Carver, Gary, Homer. Provo, 237. 254, 304 
Carver, James Andrew, Provo 
Casaventes. Jose A. F., Juarez. Chili, 328 
Case, Gayle, Altamont, 262, 228. 348 
Case, George K., Altamont 
Case. Glen Alan. Altamont. 348 
Case, James Richard, Scottsdale. Arli.. 378 
Casey, Colleen Mae. Richfield, 346 
Casey, John William. Provo. 328 
Casper, Douglas A., Ririe, Idaho. 348 
Casper, LaVern. Heber, 415 
Casper, Leon B.. Rigby. Idaho, 88, 224, 328 
Casper, Marvin Dee. Provo 
Casper, Milan Kent, Provo. 378 
Castillo. John B., Fresno. Calif. 378 
Castillo, Jorge 1.. Guatemala, 246, 289. 415 

Castillo. Rafael E.. Guatemala, 244, 322 
Castro, Myrlam B. M. De. A. Paulo, Brazil 
Cate, Wayne Hoover. Tooele 
Cattani. F. Irene Oates. Provo 
Cattani, Ray A., Provo, 328 
Cattani. Thomas, Glendale, Calif.. 348 
Catten. Lois. Magna 

Causey. Diiie A., Compton, Calif. 46. 220, 378 
Cavaness. Barbara, Salt Lake City. 378 
Ceboilada. Francisco L., Mel ilia. Spain 
Cestari. Michael Wm., Brooklyn, N. Y.. 119 
Chadwick. Alice, Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota, 47. 216, 328 
Chadwick, Carolyn Preston. Idaho. 86, 378 
Chadwick, Charlotte L. Nampa, Idaho. 348 
Chadwick. Gloria May. Seattle, Wash.. 212, 348 
Chadwick. Jerald Fay. American Fork. 348 
Chadwick. Larry Earl, Springvllle, 378 
Challt, David Nielson, Spanish Fork 
Chamberlain, Edwin Carl. Ely, Nev,. 41, 184,289 
Chamberlain, Gary A.. Toppenish. Wash., 257, 265, 378 
Chamberlain, Jonathan, Kanab, 348 
Chamberlain. Kellon Leo. Kanab. 348 
Chamberlln, David M.. Pasadena, Calif.. 378 
Chamberlin, Franklin R., St. George 
Chambers. Mary K., Provo. 328 
Chambers, Richard W., San Diego, Calif.. 304 
Chambers. Robert Lee, San Diego. Calif.. 378 
Chambers, Wanda Hyatt. Provo 
Chandler. Helen C, Salt Lake City, 378 
Chandler, Jean M., Welser. Idaho. 92, 378 
Chandled. Jeralie Mae, Cenfervllle. 304 
Chaney, Evan Ray, Spokane, Wash , 378 
Chantry. Earl Clyde. Lancaster, Calif. 
Chaplin, Lois E,, Provo. 378 
Chapman, Earl W.. Laylon 
Chapman, Janice. South Gate, Calif., 378 
Chapman, Kenneth Samuel, Provo. 346 
Chapman, Otanm Eaton. Farmingfon N. Men.. 258. 378 
Chappell, Dick Lamont, Springvllle. 92. 348 
Chappell. Larry Ray. Lyman, 378 
Chappell, Margaret Ula 
Chappell, Robert O., Provo, 326 
Chappell. Thomas Lee, Lyman 
Chard, Martha Cowan, Payson 
Charles, Kathleen, Grantsvillo, 378 
Charles, Marlene P., North Hollywood. Calif., 348 
Chase, Delores. New York City. N.Y., 290, 415 
Chase. Gwen, Manhasset. N.Y,. 290 
Chastain, Marsha D., Los Angeles. Calif., 378 
Chatelain, Hazel Dianne. Salt Lake City, 328 
Chattoraj, Shib Charen, Bengal, India 
Chavei, Carmen C, Col. Juarez, Meiico, 348 
Chavez, Elena Elvira, Col. Juarez, Mexico 
Cheoakwai, Glenn, Port of Spain, Trinidad 
Chegup. Delores. Randlett, Utah, 262. 378 
Cheney, Barbara. Provo, 226, 378 
Cheney. Garth Wayne, Wendell, Idaho 
Cheney. Jack Goodell, Salt Lake City, 348 
Cheney. Marian. Provo, 216, 230, 328 
Cheney, Wayne Douglas, Weiser. Idaho, 378 
Cheney. Wayne Thomas, Venice, Calif., 378 
Chester, Claudia Ann, Santa Monica. Calif,, 89. 378 
Chi, Youn Wol, Seoul, Korea, 340 
Chiang. Wei Hsuan. Szonchusn. China, 378 
Chidester, Evar Leon, American Fork 
Chidester, Karia, Richfield 
Child. Eva Diane, Spanish Fork 
Child, Myron Baraber Jr., Clearfield. 328 
Chllds. Floyd M.. Springville 
Childs, Forrest Barry, Provo, 378 
Childs, Fred D„ Springville, 195 
Chllds. Kathleen. Springvllle, 348 
Childs. Kenneth W.. China Lake, Calif. 
Chllds, Jay N,, Gunnison 
Childs. Sophie F„ Provo, 378 
Childs, Wilme, Gunnison. 378 

Chinen, Sakaya, Molokai, T. H,, 256 

Ching, Opal S. Heatom, Dauai Tahiti, Hawaii, 220 

Chipman, Alice, Salt Lake City. 415 

Chipman, Alice Carol, Payson. 378 

Chipman. Richard Elijah. American Fork, 224. 328 

Chipman. Stephen M., American Fork 

Chiftock. David H.. Oxem 

CHoutes, Ora Kaye, Logan. 378 

Chrislensen, Albert D.. Arimo, Idaho, 78 

Christensen, Allen C. American Fork, 234. 328 

Christensen. Bruce J. Moroni. 328 

Christensen, Caria Jean, Fayette. 304 

Christensen. Carol L.. Provo, 379 

Christensen. Clair. Springville 

Christensen, Clay B., Redlands, Calif., 348 

Christensen. Clifford V., Morgan. 239, 348 

Christensen. Clyde A,. Springville. 320 

Christensen, Colleen, Lyman, Wyoming. 92, 379 

Christensen, Darwin W.. Heyburn, Idaho, 239, 260. 348 

Christensen. Daryl S., Provo 

Christensen. David Alma. Pleasant Grove. 90, 348 

Christensen. David E., Oildale. Calif., 328 

Christensen. David R., Arlington, Virginia 

Christensen, Dewey L., 

Christensen, Dick, Payson 

Christensen. Don M.. Aurora, 379 

Christensen, Duane G., Seattle. Wash., 379 

Christensen. Duane L.. Long Beach. Calif. 348 

Christensen. Earl Jay, Burley, Idaho. 379 

Christensen, Elva F., Kingman, Ariz.. 186, 304 

Christensen, Gayle. Driggs, Idaho, 88, 191, 226, 268, 

Christensen, Geneil G., Levan, 304 
Christensen, Georgia, Fruitland, Idaho, 94, 348 
Christensen. Gladys L., Fairview. 415 
Chrislensen. Grant A.. Provo, 348 
Christensen, Grant M., Delta 
Christensen, Helen M., Provo 
Christensen, Howard J., Salem 
Christensen. Ila, Driggs, Idaho. 90. 379 
Christensen, Joan, Ogden. 186, 264. 304 
Christensen, Jolene, Salt Lake City, 379 
Christensen, Jones Kay, Spanish Fork 
Christensen, Joseph G., Ephraim, 328 
Christensen, Karen, Salem, 290 
Christensen. Lillian A.. Provo 
Christensen, Lorimer T.. Spanish Fork. 328 
Christensen, Louis L.. Walnut Creek, Calif, 181, 267. 348 
Christensen. Mar Kaye, Salt Lake City. 379 
Christensen. Max L.. Delta 
Christensen, Merritt L.. Oak City 

Christensen. Naomi Ruth. Redding. Calif, 78, 90, 348 
Christensen, Neal F., Alexandria. Virginia, 184 270, 328 
Christensen, Patricia, Son Jose, Calif. 
Christensen, Patricia D.. Provo, 301. 276, 325, 328 
Christensen, Ronal E., Burley, Idaho, 415 
Christensen, Rosina L., Payson, 328 
Christensen, Ruby G., Springville 
Chrislensen, Sharil D.. Payson 
Christensen, Shirley A., Sacramento. Calif, 379 
Christensen. Theodore, J.. Provo. 322 
Christensen, Vickie Ann, Veradale, Wash., 88. 379 
Christensen, William J., Provo, 322 
Christensen, William R., Antonito, Colo. 
Christensen, Winston £.. Delta, 76, 180, 196. 203, 224 
Christian, Dwight Gary, Raymond, Alta., Can. 
Christiansen, Anita J., Portland, Ore., 284 
Christiansen, Arden T.. Burlington. Wyo., 255, 379 
Christiansen. Donald R., Glendale, California 
Christiansen, Kent H., Gunnison. 377 
Christiansen, Norman L., Provo, 136 
Christiansen, Patricia. Monroe, 379 
Christiansen, James R., Spanish Fork 
Christie. Forence V.. San Francisco, Calif 
Christopherson. Merrill, Provo 

Chun. Albert L. Ming, Honolulu. Tahiti. Hawaii, 256, 348 
Chun, Barbara J. P., Oahu, Hawaii 
Chung, Shirley J., Honolulu, Tahiti, Hawaii 
Church, Elsie Almeda. Erie, Penn., 231, 348 
Clapp, Jerry Lynn. Idaho Falls, Idaho, 328 
Claridge, Frances Gall, Salmon, Wash. 
Claridge, Ruth Diane. Santa Monica. Calif, 45 
Clark. Audrey Moe, Grand Junction, Colo.. 247 
Clark, Betty, Provo, 25. 379 
Clark. Bonita Rae. Nampa. Idaho. 379 
Clark. Chad W., Georgetown. Idaho 
Clark, Claude E., Waynesboro. Va.. 218, 379 
Clark. Dacosta Cecil, Provo, 96, 140. 348 
Clark. Dan Bartleft, San Diego, Calif, 348 
Clark. David Gary, Provo, 379 
Clark, Deeann, Montpelier. Idaho, 379 
Clark. Delene, Meridian. Calif. 212. 280. 348 
Clark, Ellna C. Pleasant Grove 
Clark, Elwood H., Ogden 
Clark, Gail, Georgetown. Idaho, 249. 304 
Clark. Gary Denzle. Idaho Falls, Idaho, 379 
Clark, Gary Gene. Lakewood. Calif., 3'9 
Clark, Gordon T., Vale, Ore., 379 
Clark, James R,, Provo 
Clark. Jeremiah H., Gusher, 304 
Clark. John Laurence. Grantsvllle, 379 
Clark, Jon George, Provo. 82 
Clark. Kathryn Ann, Washington, D.C., 304 
Clark. Leon G.. Morgan. 260. 304 
Clark, Leona G.. Ely, Nev., 230, 328 
Clark. Malcolm G., Ely, Nev. 
Clark. Mary Elizabeth. Grantsvllle. 348 
Clark. Mary Helen, St. George, 254 
Clark, Nadeane Neilson, Redwood, Calif 
Clark, Nelda Lydia, Salt Lake City, 216, 230, 328 
Clark. Ralph B., Vale, Ore.. 224. 415 
Clark, Ranae. Rivera. Calif, 42, 191, 245. 379 
Clark. Robert M., Redwood, Calif, 328 
Clark, Robert S.. Provo 

Clark, Robert Wesley. Klamath Fells, Ore.. 78, 379 
Clark. Ruel Ross, Provo 
Clark, Sharon M., Salt Lake City. 304 
Clark. Thelma Phillips, Provo 
Clark, Thelma Marie, Richfield. 348 
ClarV, Thomas Cecil. Panguifch 
Clark. Tom Paul. Pleasant Grove 
Clark, Warren Kay, Provo 
Clark. Weliford H., Provo 
Clark, Wilbur Allred, Lovall, Wyo. 
Clark. Willard Leonard. Pleasant Grova 
Clarke. Chadwick C, Pocatello, 379 
Clarke. Donald S.. Provo 
Clarke. Emily Jane, Alhambra. Calif, 208, 379 

Clarke. Jill. Provo, 86, 212 

Clarke, John Alva, Provo, 115, 118. 272. 348 

Clarke, Ralph Fames, Salt Lake City 

Clarkson. Jack E,. Provo. 218, 232, 235. 348 

Clausen. Vivi T. H.. Twin Falls. Idaho, 255, 379 

Clawson, Claudia L., Tucson, Arii., 86, 348 

Clawson, David Warren. Tucson, Ariz. 

Clawson, Gary Clark, Alberta, Can.. 241. 379 

Clawson, James Arthur, Modesta, Calif., 234, 304 

Clawson, Myrna Ann J., Modesta. Cal.f. 230, 328 

Clawson. Willard Lavar. Ramah, N. Me<. 

Clay. Elva Clark. Elmira, N. Mex. 

Clay, George Blaine, Elmira. N. Mex, 

Cleyson. Douglas W.. Santaguin 

Clayson, Elmo Anthon. Spanish Fork, 348 

Clayson, Harold W,, Alameda, Calif 

Clayson, Jessie Merle, Payson, 94 

Clayton, Kelvin C, Orem, 328 

Clayton, Kenneth P.. Rumson, New Jersey. 176, 179. 167, 

201, 320 
Clegg, Alene, Hebert City. 415 
Clegg. Anabel. Provo 
Clegg. Aria Jeannine. Provo, 86, 348 
Clegg, Oaneil Giles. Heber 
Clegg. Darrel Lewis. Provo 
Clegg, Dennis A., Heber 
Clegg, Don Ray. Springville 
Clegg. George Udell, Orem 
Clegg, J. Halvor, Provo. 88. 379 
Clegg, Kenneth Arnold, Provo 
Clegg, William Ballard. Provo 

Cleverley. Vernal Lyle, Idaho Falls. Idaho. 348 
Clifton. Shirley Jean. Christy, Texas. 78, 379 
Close. Gene Louis. Las Vegas, Nev. 

Close. Mel Dilkes. Jr., Las Vegas. Nev.. 176. 184. 292, 305 
Clough, Gloria Marie. Salt Lake City. 276, 277, 329 
Cloward, Mark Eugene, Provo. 244, 348 
Cloward. Viva Louise M., Provo, 329 
Clucas, Jerry Keith. Meridian. Idaho 
Cluff Barbara. Jurez. Mex., 348 
Cluff Bealna Jean. Ashland, Ore., 66, 379 
Cluff Chester Reed, Bellflowet. Calif, 289. 348 
Cluff, Kenneth Clarence, Provo 
Cluff Oretta Jeanne, Central Ariz.. 305 
Cluff Philip. Long Beach, Calif. 88. 379 
Cluff Wanda Lorene. Farmlngton, N. Mex., 78, 258, 379 
Clyde. Don Roger. Springvllle. 379 
Clyde, Kathleen S., McGill, Nev., 379 
Clyde, Kathryn Jane, Heber. 92, 294 
Clyde. Lynette Madsen, Provo. 329 
Clyde. Richard Cornell, Springville 
Clyde. Robert F.. Provo. 234, 305 
Coates, Lloyd Eugene, Phoenix, Ariz., 254. 379 
Coates, Maurice Frank, Garden Grove, Calif, 348 
Cobb, Helen Pauline. Lynwood, Calif 
Cobia, Lorna. Moses Lake. Wash.. 78. 379 
Cochran. Carolyn. Provo. 86, 348 
Cochran, Joyce, Provo 

Cockayne, Barbara Anne, Salt Lake City, 379 
Coffey, Glen Roger, Walla Walla, Wash,, 379 
Coffin, Jack Lavell. Yellowstone. Mont,, 244. 329 
Coffman. Glenn Wood, Jr.. Springville, 305 
Cole, Barbara Ann. Kalispell, Mont., 231. 255. 379 
Cole, Charles Frederick, Santa Monica. Calif 
Cole, Leslie Wayne, Albuguerque, N. Mex., 96 
Cole, Lou Ann. Duchesne. 379 
Cole. Lyle Nelson, Preston, Idaho, 250. 348 
Cole. Shirley Coleen. Albuquerque, N. Mex., 257, 305 
Coleman. Doreen. Marvista. Calif. 191. 379 
Coleman, Gene R.. Lyman. Neb., 379 
Coleman, Harold Gene, Overgaard, Arli., 248, 379 
Coleman, Patricia F., Los Angeles, Calif.. 379 
Coleman. Ray Walter. Ogden. 329 
Coleman, Ronald D.. Pasadena. Calif 
Coleman, Sandra Lee, Salt Lake City 
Coleman, Virginia M.. Payette. Idaho. 379 
Coles, Bonnie Jean. Rigby, Idaho 
Coles. Floyd H.. Payson 
Coles, Marlow. J.. Salt Lake City. 379 
Coles. Rex Lydell, Rigby, Idaho. 379 
Coles. Scott C. Provo 
Collamer. Richard James, Provo 
Collard, Cathy. Provo. 42. 245. 284, 322. 187 
Collard, George E.. Jr.. Provo. 272. 273 
Collard Lorraine, Idaho Falls. Idaho, 329 
Collet. Ralph, Idaho Falls. Idaho 

Collet, Wanda Amber, Del Bonita. Alta.. Can., 415 
Collett, Carol Luana, Falrchild. Wash., 348 
Collier, Douglas Dowdle, Murray 
Collier, Rae Ann Boyer. Springville, 243. 305 
Collier. Robert D.. Murray. 222. 305 
Collier, Wendell. Vernal 
Collins. Gary Max, Provo, 131, 272. 321 
Collins. Lila Marolyn, Bonanza, 379 
Collins, Sharon, Swan Valley. Idaho. 231. 379 
Collins, Sue, Provo. 284 

Collyer, Ronald F., Farmlngton, N Mex.. 258. 379 
Colovich, Donald G., Eureka, 305 
Colvin, Bobby Wallace, Ogden, 349 
Colvin. Ruth S., Meadow 
Combs, Cloyd James, Provo. 379 
Comer. Constance Ann. Louis. III.. 379 
Comer, Paul, Leh! 

Comes, Barbara Joan, Scolbluff Neb.. 186 
Comljh, D- Clayton. Payette, Idaho. 292 
Companl. Younis, Teheran, Iran, 379 
Condar, Donald A., American Fork. 201 
Conder. Jerry Gitlman. Bishop, Calif. 
Condie, Adella. Twin Falls. Idaho 
Condie, Cecelia, Twin Falls. Idaho 
Condie, Clyde Ray. Cheyenne. Wyo.. 380 
Condie, Genene, Preston. Idaho, 250, 380 
Condie, Jane, Springville, 380 
Condie, Reed Glen, Preston. Idaho, 296. 349 
Condie, Sandra. Pocatello. Idaho. 360 
Conger. Janice Athella. Panaca, Nev., 380. 256 
Conklin. Edward Dean, Ferron. 360 
Connell, Rosemary. Salt Leka City. 415 
Connelly, Earl Jack. Provo, 415 
Connelly, Gordon L.. Provo. 
Connors, Roger Lee. Bandon, Ore., 415 
Conover, Carole Jean. Ferron. 380 
Conover, Martin W.. Springville. 92, 272. 273. 349 
Conrad. Oarel Albert, Provo Canyort. 380 
Conrad. Mary Lois, Provo, 380 
Conrad. Paul W.. Provo. 380 
Conrad. Sybil, Provo 
Contreras. Carlos A.. Honduras 


Contreras. Ruben Zuniga. Honduras, 246. 349 

Converse. Roger F.. Jr.. Denvllle. NJ.. 415 

Cool. Alonio Dean. Salmon, Idaho. 380 

Cook. Barbara Jane. Brigham Cify. 188. 380 

Cook. Boyd G., Ogden. 292 

Cook, Clarence Ronald, Mesa. Ariz. 

Cook. Evelyn. Shelley, Idaho, 223. 305 

Cook. Ivan B.. FruiHand. Idaho. 305 

Cook. Jack Robinson. Cheyenne, Wyo.. 266. 329 

Coot. James Reed. Springville 

Cook. Jerrold W., Huntington. 88. 380 

Cook, UlsK Mae. Cedar Fork, 349 

Cook. Lillian C. Spanish Fork. 329 

Cook. Lillian Oee, Spanish Fork 

Cook. Loren Joseph. Orem 

Cook, Loretia Vivian, Walnut Creek, Calif. 349 

Cook. Mafjorle Ann, Spanish Fork 

Cook, Mary Alice, Enterprise 

Cook, Patricia Larae, Great Falls, Mont.. 380 

Cook. Philip Charles. Hogansburg, N. Y. 

Cook. Varlene. Willard. 305 

Cook. William A.. Rigby. Idaho, 329 

Cooke, Nancy Jane, Salt Lake City 

Cooksey, Eva V., Ranc Taos, N. Men, 

Cool, John R.. Oram, 267 

Coombs, Jesse R., Provo, 76 

Coon. Richard Archie. Chula Vista, Calif., 349 

Coons. Dii Scott. Mesa, Arii. 

Coons, Lounell Baker, Corpus Christ!, Te»as. 329 

Cooper. Carolyn 

Cooper. Gerald Mack, Nephi, 380 

Cooper, Gordon Dee, Raymond. Alia,, Can. 

Cooper. Jacquiline, Nephl, 380 

Cooper, James Arnold, Cherokee, N.C.. 305. 380 

Cooper, James Ervln, Knoivllle, Tenn., 

Cooper, Jay E., Wash.. 322 

Cooper, Kenneth G., Pangulfch, 94, 210. 211, 296. 322 

Cooper. Marilyn. Oceanside, Calif., 380 

Cooper. Philip Edward. Ruth. Nev.. 349 

Cooper, Shirlee Anno. Sufherlin, Ore,, 380 

Cooper. Vivian K,. Provo 

Cope. Dean Clinton. SeaHle. Wash., 349 

Copeland. Russell W.. Concord, Calif 

Corak. Eva Marlene, Mldvale. 43. 380 

Corbaley, Ruby D.. Glensborn. Wash. 

Corbett. George Boyd, Provo, 222 

Corbett. Glenn Mitchell, Worland. Wyo.. 274, 349 

CorbeH. Lawrence R., Worland. Wyo . 329 

Corbett, Mabel E.. Lewisville, Idaho 

Corbett, Mary E.. Washington D. C, 

CorbeH. Robert LeRoy. Orem 

Corbett, Tuana, Salmon. Idaho, 380 

Corbett, William Brent, Soda Springs. Idaho. 84 

Cordon. Ronald William, Williams, III.. 218. 380 

Cordon, Rula, Boise, Idaho. 415 

Corey. Sharon Jeanne. Idaho Falls. Idaho, 280. 380 

Comaby. Kay S,, Provo. 232. 349 

Cornelius. Don Edward, Ronan. Mont. 

Cornelius, Donna F., Oneida. Wis. 

Cornla. Ross H„ Woodruff 

Cornllles. Fredrick R., Portland. Ore., 380 

Cornwall. Mary Ellen, Clayton. N. Mex., 92. 258. 380 

Cornwell, Janice 6., Salt Lake City 

Coster, Marilyn, Burley. Idaho, 78, 305 

Cote. Leo Francis. Amesbury. Mass. 

Cottam, Carolyn, Taft, Teias. 78, 329 

Cottam. Oelmar R., Escalante. 329 

CoHle, Kenneth Lyie, Nyssa. Ore., 76, 349 

Cotton. Thaddeus W.. Winnsboro, S. C. 380 

Cottrell. Milford C Cody, Wyo.. 

Cottrell. William R.. Salt Lake City. 380 

Coultas, Reginald Hess. Carmel, Calif., 76 

Couiens. Darlene Rae. Portland. Ore.. 349 

Covey. Barbara Jean. Arcadia, Calif. 32, 67. 290 

Covington. Oral Ray. Hurricane. 274. 329. 341 

Covington, Wayne LeRoy. Pingree, Idaho. 329 

Cowan, Bill E., Dragerton. 

Cowan. Cleudlne. Salt Lake City, 349 

Cowan, LuJean. Boulder City. Nev., 86. 329 

Cowan, Malba Jean, Peyson, 268. 349 

Cowglll, John Philip, Ogden, 119, 380 

Cowles. Newell Eugene. Escalante, 360 

Cowley, Dean Farrel, Venice 

Cowley, Dorothy L-, Phoenli, Ariz., 84, 238 

Cowley. Jerome L., Layton 

Cowley, Kendall F., Heber 

Cowley. Lewis Ted. Salt Lake City. 380 

Cowley, Marjoris S., Sunset 

Cowlishaw, Richard B.. Sunnydale. Calif 

Cowsert. Karen N.. Brawley. Calif.. 78-79 

Cox. Billy E., Phoenix. Arli. 

Co», Bryant Lavern. Fairview. 349 

Cox. Charles Holman, Provo 

Cox. Charles M., Provo 

Cox, Eunice Ann, Shelley. Idaho, 380 

Cox. Gary Everett. Wendell. Idaho. 218. 380 

Cox. Geylen J,, Mantl 

Cor, Harold T., Ferron, 329 

Cox, Jack Arnold, Orem 

Cox. John Gordon, Provo. 349 

Cox. Lee T.. Provo, 319 

Cox, Marion B.. Provo. 

Cox, Peggy Joan, Salt Lake City. 380 

Cox. Sharron, Salt Lake City. 380 

Cox, Soren Franklin. Provo 

Coi. Verl J., Layton. 305 

Cox. William Farrell, Provo 

Cox. William Pearce, Sacramento. Calif. 289 

Cox, Joyce Kay. Long Beach, aClif.. 247, 329 

Coy. Mary Lee. Tacoma, Wash. 

Cozzens. Charles J , Highland, Calif. 

Crabb. Nevln Lee, Lehi 

Crabtree. Kay Lee. Alta., Can. 

Creft. Robert Gerald, Ontario. Calif, 349 

Crafts, Merlene, Delta. 84 

Craig. Thad^us Steven, Stafford. Arii.. 296. 380 

Craig, Wesley W., Portland. Ore.. 76. 203 214, 305 

Cram. Deanna. Las Vegas. Nev., 258, 380 

Crandall. Don Aiahel, Mesa. Arli.. 415 

Crandall. Evelyn, Springvllle. 78, 257. 329 

Crandall, Gordon C, Springvllle. 131 

Crandall, Gordon Clegg. N. Y. 

Crandall, Harvey L.. Idaho Falls. Idaho. 380 

Crandall. Horace Dean. Provo 

Crandall. Janice. Oakley 

Crandall. John David. Monrovia. Calif. 380 

Crandall. Lawana. Twin Falls. Idaho. 283, 282. 349 

Crandall. Lynn W.. Springvllle 

Crandall. Sue Oette E., Safford. Ariz.. 415 

Crane. Carol Mae, Saline. 88. 380 

Crane. Frances Warfield. Southbridge, Mass. 

Crane. George T., Nephl, 305 

Crane, Georgia Anne. Los Angeles. Calif,, 380 

Crane, Marshall W., Riverton. 380 

Crane, Patricia. Los Angeles, Cellf. 

Crane, William E.. Jr., Mlnkcreek, Idaho 

Crane, William Marion. Clrcleville. 305 

Craner. Donna. Burley. Idaho, 86, 305 

Crapo. Carol Berneice. Alta.. Can. 

Crapse. Warren Fitts. Savannah, Ga., 415 

Craven, Frank L, Boise. Idaho. 415 

Craven, Marian. Boise. Idaho 

Cravens, Jack Graham, San Diego, Calif,. 128, 380 

Crawford Arvln Clark, Spokane. Wash, 

Crawford. Darrell Boyd. Ogden, 329 

Crawford. Edward R,. Moses Lake. Wash.. 78,365. 380 

Crawford. Gordon Wayne. Ogden. 305 

Crawford, Malcolm D.. Kennewlck. Wash.. 380 

Crawford. Robert Grant, Provo 

Crawford. Vanessa L. Sandy. 380 

Craythorn, Margaret E.. Provo, 284. 380 

Creer. Diana Lee, Provo, 290, 349 

Creer. Glade Y,. Spanish Fork 

Creer. Howard Nielsen. Spanish Fork, 329 

Creer. Thomas Laselle. Provo. 305 

Crenshaw. Mills Laurie. Pittsburgh. Calif. 92. 267 

Creviston. Herbert Wm,, Provo, 130. 349 

Crisler. Jeenette M., Chandler, Arii.. 380 

Crist. Robert H.. Pocatello. Idaho, 349 

Critchfleld, Keith P.. Oakley. Idaho 

Critchfleld, LeRoy R., Kamlo. B. C. Can,, 349 

Critchlow, Robert T., Ogden. 329 

Crittenden, Carolyn J., Los Angeles, Calif., 380 

CrlHenden. Jimmie F., Oakley. 132. I 14. 134 

Crockett. Carol Lee. Idaho Falls. Idaho. 380 

Crockett. Kenneth H.. Salt Lake City, 380 

Crockett. Veria, Provo, 294. 305 

Croft, Faye Lavieve. Provo, 380 

Croft, Garth Fisher, Pleasant Grove, 329 

Croft, Julia M., Idaho Falls, Idaho, 380 

Croft, Kent Calvin, Burley. Idaho, 289. 349 

Croft. Mack Gerald. Burley, Idaho 

Croft. Margaret Ann, Idaho Falls. Idaho 

Croft. Mary Katherine, Cedar City. 349 

Crompton, Bruce Gene, Brigham City. 82. 380 

Crook. John Lasell. Idaho Falls, Idaho. 415 

Crook, Richard Orland, Renton, Wash. 

Crosby. Alden Glen, Ogden. 415 

Crosby, David LeRoy. Goddard, Kans., 380 

Crosby, Edward Eari, Attamont, 380 

Crosby. Harry Adthur. Whittler. Calif, 415 

Crosby. Janice May, Flnebaugh, Calif. 

Crosby. Luzon Orvilla. Orem. 228, 349 

Crosby, Sylvia Ann. Tempe. Ariz.. 241. 380 

Crose. Carrol Louise. Long Beach. Calif., 88. 381 

Croshaw. Carol Ann, Mountain View. Calif. 381 

Crosland Ivan Anthony. Holden. 246, 349 

Cross. Donald Leon, Elgin, 111. 381 

Cross. William Jay, Holbrook .Ariz, 

Crossley, Vera Alice. Los Angeles. Calif. 197. 238. 349 

Crow, Dorian R.. Nashua. Mont., 239. 255. 381 

Crowley. Carole Jean. Twin Falls, Idaho. 220. 349 

Crowley, Dolores Joan, Montlcello. 381 

Crowley. Johnnie Mae, Springvllle 

Crowther. Arven Jay. Axtel, 415 

Crum, Paul E., Jr., Provo, 82. 83. 381 

Crump, Floyd W.. Spanish Fork 

Crwmp, Warren O.. Jr.. Kansas City. Mo., 349 

Crystal. Doris Olive. Pleasant Grove. 381 

Cullen, Robert Lindsey. Ontario. Calif. 349 

Culllmore, Anne, Provo 

Cullimore. Grace L. Oklahoma City. Okla,. 381 

Cullimore. Kelvyn H.. Oklahoma City. Okla.. 176. 182. 

210, 211. 329 
Cullimore. Sandra V.. Pleasant Grove, 349 
Cummard, Tamara Dixie L., Mesa. Ariz., 381 
Cummings. Carol Lee, Salem, Ore., 381 
Cummins. L. G., Navosofa, Te<as, 260 
Cunningham. Marilyn G.. Gallup, N. Mex., 86, 245. 258. 

279. 381 
Cunningham. Mar^ Lynn, Grand Junction, Colo.. 88. 381 
Cureton. Rayfleld. Henderson. Nev. 
Curtis. Caroline, Lehi. 280, 349 
Curtis, Clayne Grant, Provo 
Curtis, Demar, Salina, 305 
Curtis. J. Dee, Salf Lake City 
Curtis. Karen. Placerville, Calif, 188, 349 
Curtis, Stella Jean, Idaho Falls, Idaho. 381 
Cushing, James Francis. Garfield, 292, 381 
Cutler. Donald Clair. North Hollywood. Calif 
Cutler, Douglas Lynn, Salt Lake City. 349 
Cutler. Gae Vivian, Glendale. Calif. 320 
Cutler. MaHene, Salt Lake City. 349 
Cutler, Milton Deverl. Preston, Idaho, 250. 381 
Cutler. Odell B.. Malad. Idaho 
Cutler. Raye C. V.. Pentlcton. B. C. Can., 381 
Cuty, Anthony Charles. Payson 

D Addabbo. Patrick J.. Provo. 319 

Daehler. Emelle. Logen. 381 

Dagrade. Marvin Donald, Las Vegas. Nev. 

Dahl. David C. Raymond. Alta.. Can.. 329 

Dahl. Reed M.. Nampa. Idaho. 305 

Dslby. Dean Lamar, Levan. 381 

Oalebout. Louise B.. Orem 

Dalebout. Paul. Provo. 115 

Dalley, Henry Marvin, Drlggs. Idaho, 88, 349 

Dalley, John Calvin, Teasdale. 349 

Dalley, Nedra. Summit 

Dalley. Ronald Albert. Overton. Nev., 349 

Dallin. Don Blake. Springvllle. 244 

Dalton. David Dare. Mount View. Calif. 38t 

Dallon. Delos Robert, Clrcleville. 329 

Dalton. Jack, Cowley. Wyo., 124 

Dalton. Jan Whitney. Springvllle, 381 

Dalton. Juana Miriam, Fullerton. Calif, 33. 43. 66. 

Dalton. Keith D.. Clrcleville 

Dalton, Lena Geneve, Pleasant Grove, 349 

Dalton. Margaret V., Mount View, Calif, 88 

Daly. CharloHe Rae, Burlinqame, Calif. 349 

Daly, Jay Wllford. Richfield 

Daly. Ronald Thomas, Provo 

Dana. Keith Morgan. Mesa, Ariz., 78. 248, 349 

Daniels, Diana Mae. Long Beach, Calif, 145, 179, 276 

Daniels, Neil Murray, St. Thomas. Ontario 

Daniels. Reid Harper. Provo 

Danielson, B. Demar. Springville. 305 

Danielson. Gene Ear!. Springvllle. 349 

Danley. Arlene Joy. Ft. Worth, Texas 

Danner. Robert Eugene. Bear City, Calif. 349 

Darling, Clair Hawkins. Spanish Fork, 329 

Darton, Ralene Ann. Oakland, Calif, 280. 349 

Dastrup, Bernard Curtis, Altamont. 88, 262 

Dastrup. Miriam P.. Sigurd. 381 

Dastrup. Richard C. Provo, 82, 83 

Dauguste. Roland P.. New York, N. Y., 119 

Davenport, Chloe Ann, Waterloo, Iowa, 349 

Davenport. Dawna Lea, Provo. 381 

Davenport. Evonne Mae, Meridian, Idaho. 143. 329 

Davenport, Margie. Gooding, Idaho, 84, 193. 381 

Davenport. Sandra Lee. Vale. Ore., 349 

Davenport, Sharon Lynne, Spokane. Wash.. 182. 329 

Davidson, Marlow Graham. Provo 

Davidson, Melvlne J.. Provo, 235 

Davidson. Phyllis T.. Provo 

Davidson, Richard Bohn, Mapleton 

Davies, Clarence Leland. Salt Lake City, 329 

Davles, David Leroi. Provo, 119. 381 

Davies. Loren Peter, Provo 

Davies. Mary Catherine, Salt Lake City, 229, 322 

Davies, Valene, Provo. 305 

Davis, Barbara Grace. Portland, Ore., 349 

Davis. Betty Fay. Magna. 88. 381 

Davis, Brlant Leroy, Long Beach, Calif. 90, 349 

Davis. Carolyn June. Salt Lake City, 305 

Davis. Clinton D,. Spokane. Wash. 

Davis. Darlene. Provo 

Davis. Del E.. Provo 

Davis. Diane. Provo 

Davis, Dixie. Pangultch. 381 

Davis. Dora Rachel. Provo 

Davis. Dorothy. Provo. 329 

Davis, Dorothy, Blackfoot, Idaho 

Davis, Eldon Paul. Kanab. 257 

Davis. Elise Dancy. Provo 

Davis. Emma Lou, Provo. 237. 278. 305 

Davis, Gary Lee. South Gate .Calif, 381 

Davis. Gerald E.. Idaho Falls, Idaho, 41. 96 

Davis. Hazel Catherine. San Jose. Calif, 228, 349 

Davis. Hazel Ruth, Salem. 349 

Davis. J. Brent. Idaho Falls, Idaho. 349 

Davis, Joanne LaRue, Oakland, Calif 

Davis, Kiliona Soloman, Hoolehua, Molokai, Hawaii, 349 

Davis. Leah Rae, Vernal. 381 

Davis. Leland Ellis. Orem. 381 

Davis, Lester Clark, Springvllle 

Davis. Lloyd F.. Boise. Idaho, 224. 329 

Davis. Martha Jane, Portland. Ore., 381 

Davis, Meade Anne, Los Angeles. Calif, 88 

Davis, Nola Jean, Las Vegas, Nev., 305 

Davis. Owen Gerald. Boise, Idaho. 289, 329 

Davis. 0-*ena. Gayle. Wellington 

Davis. Raymond Leon. Kanarravllle. 350 

Davis, Reid H.. Kanab. 84, 305 

Davis. Richard Charles, Payson, 28. 381 

Davis. Richard Joshua. Provo. 381 

Davis. Robert Lyman, Pangultch 

Davis. Ronald Mitchell, Provo 

Davis. Vonda, Salt Lake City. 381 

Dav. Andrew J.. Jr., Lacanada, Calif, 289. 350 

Day, Carl F., American Fork 

Day. Clark Harris. Springville. 329 

Day, Dennis Nathan. Fairview. 320 

Day. Fay.. Salt Lake City. 226, 329 

Day. John Charles. Lacanada, Calif. 381 

Day. Max Leon, Fillmore 

Day. Melvin Robert. American Fork 

Day. Myrna. Layton, 257. 329 

Day. Roxanna Kay. Kuna. Idaho. 92. 381 

Day. William E.. Oakley. Idaho 

Dayley. Alan Jay, Ogden, 329 

Dayton, Earl D., Heber 

Dayton. Kenna Beth. Salt Lake City. 381 

Deady, WHllam Francis, Framlngham, Mass, 319 

Dean. Arzuman G., Sandy. 381 

Dean, Carole Joan, Skokie. III.. 350 

Dean. Connie Ann. American Fork, 381 

Dean, Ernest H.. American Fork 

Dean. Harold Alfred, South Gate. Calif. 381 

Dean, Larry Edward. Twin Falls. Idaho. 381 

Dean. Nowlen Kelly, Midway. 415 

Deason LaJuana. Salt Lake City 

Deaton. Annette, Provo, 381 

De Castro. Odair S,, Brazil 

Decker. Don Lee. Manti 

Decker. Eva Ann. Snowflake. Ariz.. 350 

Decker, Gladys, Mesa. Ariz., 415 

Decker, Helen Jean. Mesa. Ariz.. 90. 3SI 

Decker. Irving H . Evanston. Wyo,, 381 

Decker, Jerry. Mancos. Colo.. 415 

Decker. L. Fredrick. Snovrflake. Ariz. 

Decker. Larry S,. Orem 

Decker. Mary Rachael. Mesa, Ariz.. 26. 92. 216, 329 

Decker, Patricia Anna, Snowflake, Ariz., 350 

Decker, Rey M.. Mesa. Ariz., 248. 415 

Decorah. Ruby Ann, Racine, Wis.. 263. 381 

De Dlos, Audrey, Dusee. N. Mex., 416 

Defriez, Arthur Bryce, Provo 

Defrlez. Stanley C Huntington 

Degraffenried. Helen L.. Provo 

DeHart, Guy Kim, Payson. 132 

Dehoyos. Alberto. Monterrey. Mexico. 327 

Dehoyos. B. Federico. Juarez. Mexico, 322 

Deiong. Thelma. Provo 

De La Cruz. Jose D., C. Juarez. Chile, 350 

Delamare. Donald K.. Tooele 

DeLange, Leland L.. Orem. 305 

DeLeeuw. Farell Henry. Ploche, Nev. 

DeLeeuw, James Gary, Provo. 350 

Del Rum. Dorene J., Glendale. Calif 

Demarco. Barbara Ann, Erie. Penn.. 306 

Demarco, Louie George. Springville 

Demaree. Ronald K.. Provo. 381 

Demars, Lorenzo C Bngham 

OeMllle, Lloyd. Cedar City. 329 

Demos, Bill H., Provo. 296 

Demordaunt, Paul Roger, Blackfoot. Idaho, 43. 196, 210, 

232. 350 
Denhalter. John Henry, Orem 
Dennett. John Elwood, Provo 
Dennis. Gary Lee. Los Angeles, Calif. 218. 381 




Dennis, Gwen D., Provo. 381 

Dennis. Perscilla A.. Los Angeles. Calif., 3BI 

Denis, Ronald Mitchell. Orem 

Donsley, Vernon Umar. Rlverlon. 218 

Denys. Nedra Joan. Provo, 306 

Depaula. Leoses Zanone, Parana, Brail! 

DePfiest, Peggy L.. Los Alamos. N. Mex., 381 

Deputy. Anne, Salisbury, Md.. 257. 329 

Deputy. Nancy, Salisbury. Md,. 92, 94. 381. 412 

Derr. Loretta G., Green Line. Penn.. 94. 381 

Derrick. Yvonne, Phoenix, Ariz., 243, 350 

Despain. Donna. Lovell. Wyo., 306 

Despain. Faith, Lovell. Wyo.. 257, 263. 350 

Despain. Keller Dale. Provo. 381 

Despain. Marwin Richard, Medford. Ore.. 78. 382 

Despain. Philip Clive, Yuba City. Cal.f.. 382 

Despain, Richard S., Lowell. Wyo. 

Despain. Sheron Elmo, Sandy 

Deuel. Jay L, Provo, 382 

Devely, Charles RicKard, American Fork 

Devey. Beverly, American Fork, 86. 350 

DeVictofia, Joseph R. L.. New York. N. Y., 247, 366 

Dovries. Robert H., Oakland, Calif,. 382 

Dew, Miriam Lee. Florence. S, C, 382 

Dewey, Donald R,. St. Louis, Mo.. 382 

Dewey, Lareine. Boise. Idaho. 88 

Dewey. Patricia, Boise, Idaho, 88 

Dewsnup, Henry Kent, Deseret. 350 

Diamond. Paul L., Poyson 

Dibble, Deanne Gail. Salt Lake City, 88 

Dickerson. Larry Eugene, Provo, 350 

Dickey, Gary Tilton. Jacksonville. Fie.. 306 

Dickey, Madeline L., Jacksonville. Fla.. 84, 306 

Dickey. Mercedes V., Jacksonville. Fla.. 301. 306 

Dickison, Benjamin L.. Ponca City, Calif.. 301. 306 

Dickson, Kathryn. Sparks. Nev., 350 

Dickson. Kay. Salt Lake City 

Dickson. Lloyd L.. Mexico. Maine. 306 

Didericksen, Margie. Tremonton, 382 

Dieter. Alice Delia. Ontario. Ore.. 350 

DIelrick. Charlotte A.. Redlands. Calif. 350 

Diqerness. Sarah 1., Boulder. Colo., 78, 382 

Dike, James Alvin. Babbott, Nev.. 382 
Dill. Jerry Eugene. Emmett. Idaho. 82, 382 
Dillman. Laurie E., Provo, 322 
Dimltt, Charles Price, American Fork 
Dimond. Harvey Dale, Magna. 306 

Dimter. Lauren Henley. Culver City. Calif. 

Dix, Lawona Helen. Provo, 350 

Dixon. Donald R., Salt Lake City. 115, 272 

Dixon, Douglas W,, Provo. 330 

Dixon, Glen Odell, Gooding, Idaho. 362 

Dixon, James D., Payson 

Dixon, Joan Dolores, Des Moines, Iowa. 86. 186. 220. 284. 

Dixon, Joann, Olympia 
Dixon. Karen, Provo. 208. 284, 382 
Dixon. Richard Chipman, Provo, I 19 
Dixon. Ruth M., Provo 
Dixon. Willard Charles, Spanish Fork 
Djahanbani, Farrokh R., Teheran, Iran, 350 
Dobbs, Margaret J., Glendora, Calif, 382 
Dobson. Lowell W.. Holden 
Dodds. David Maloy. Panguitch 
Dodson, Ronald Clyde. St. Louis. Calif 
Doermann, James A.. Bakersfield, Calif., 100. 246. 350 
Doifon. Mary L,. Millstadf III.. 29. 330 
Doke, June. Ephralm. 231, 306 
Dolanr, Albert Edward. Salt Lake City 
Dolder. Edwin Rudolf Marysvale, Calif 
Dohman. John Edward, Nampa, Idaho. 82, 237. 382 
Donahoo, Boyd W.. Hollywood. Calif, 296. 297. 330 
Donahoo, Gretchen V:. Los Angeles, Calif, 350 
Donald. James Frederick, San Francisco. Calif. 
Donaldson. Barbara. Ogden, 230, 264 
Donaldson, Francelle. Duncan, Ariz., 88, 258, 350 
Donaldson, Kenyon V,, Duncan. Arii., 82. 258, 382 
Done. John Marsh, Payson 
Done, Joseph Alvin, Provo 
Doney, Elaine. Franklin. Idaho, 88, 382 
Donnelly. Carol Louise. Arco, Idaho. 382 
Dorff. Reginald Ray. Provo, 237, 306 
Oorius, Dale M.. Fayette, 282 
Dorny, John Dennis, Burllngame, Calif. 350 
Dorton, Brent Lynn, Lehi, 128 
Dory, Deanna, Queen Creek. Ariz,. 88, 245, 382 
Dotson, Larry Alan, Panaca. Nevada. 350 
Dotson, Renee, Pocatelto, Idaho, 88. 330 
Dougal, Robin Roos, Salt Lake City 
Douglas, Clyde Lamond. Larned, Kansas, 382 
Douros, Helena. Provo 
Dove. Deon Steve, Provo 
Dowdle. Meredith. Newton. 382 
Dowdle, Robert Keith, Orem 
Downes, Florence J., Spokane, Wash., 350 
Downey, Lawrence M,, Spanish Fork, 306 
Downing. David G., Lafayette, N. Y.. 224. 350 
Downs. Gerald C, Copperton 
Downs. Stephen Louis, Bingham Canyon 
Doxey. Lawry E-/ans, Salt Lake City, 382 
Doyle. Joseph Patrick. Colton, Calif. 415 
Drake. Charles Franklin. Falkville. Ala. 
Drake. Eileen, Lomita, Calif, 226, 243, 306 
Drake, Janel May. Nampa, Idaho. 35. 216. 230, 276, 330 
Drake, John Leiand, Provo. 82, 224. 382 
Drake, John Raman, Provo 
Oraney, Orwin Ferris. Kaysville, 382 
Draper, Claudia Rae. San Francisco, Calif., 382 
Draper, Don J,. Spanish Fork 
Draper, Henry E., Huntington 

Draper, Marva Arlene. Bountiful, 88, 223, 226, 350 
Draper, Perry Que, Orem. 382 
Dray. Joann Wanda. Renss, N. Y.. 188, 416 
Dredge, David Ray. Malad. Idaho. 210. 350 
Dredge. Jesse Richard. Malad. Idaho 
Droith. Margery Ann, Long Beach, Calif, 208. 209. 382 
Drennan. Bryan Gerald, San Mateo. Calif, 26, (77. 210, 

Drochiel, Dolores Fay. Salt Lake City, 382 
Drew. Lamar H.. American Fork 
Dreyer. Colette Iris. Frooport. III,. 237, 306 
Driggs, Dianne, Fresno. Calif 
Driggs. James Robert, Fresno, Calif. 24. 174. 202. 215, 

272. 306 
Drinkwater. Phillip F., Runnemede, N. J.. 382 
Driscoll. Richard M., Pingroe, Idaho. 350 
Driver. Robert James, Chula Vista. Calif, 274 
Druke. Helen Deon, Phoenix. Arii., 320 

Dryden. David Bruce, Glendale. Calif 

Dryden. Thomas Edgar, Jerome, Idaho. 382 

Duarte, Evelyn N.. Brownsville. Texas 

Dubois, Jacqueline M.. Los Angeles, Calif, 416 

Duce. Wallace S,, Everetf Wash. 

Dudding, Earl Brown. Washington. D. C. 

Dudley, June Nythel, Pocatello. Idaho. 181. 287 

Dudley. Mary Ann, Magrath, Alta,. Can,. 382 

Duerden, Frosty Ella. Downey. Calif, 92, 94, 212. 350 

Duffey, Dianne L„ Van Nuys, Calif 

Duggon, James Russell. Long Beach. Calif 

Ouggins. Sims D,, Panguitch 

Dugmore, Gale A., Ferron. 331 

Duke, Barbara Ann, Durnam, N. C. 284. 330 

Duke, Beth Winkler. Duchesne, 306 

Duke, Clarice P.. Provo, 382 

Duke, James K., Duchesne, 320 

Duke, Larry B., Heber. 350 

Duke. Mary Ann, Springville 

Duke. Robert J., Heber 

Dumas. Mary Elizabeth. Randolph. Vf. 319 

Duncan, Don Roy. Alhambra. Calif 

Duncan, William Thomas, Springville 

Dunford. Carlos Bifner, Salt Lake City 

Dunford, Chnrles Kent, Provo. 416 

Dunford. Fred C, Provo. 145, 382 

Dunn. Barbara. Boise. Idaho, 76. 220, 221. 331, 341 

Dunne. Darlene. Joseph, 382 

Dunn, J. L., Annabella 

Dunn, Joan Patricia, Valley Stream. N. Y., 280 

Dunn. Lynn P,. Paul. Idaho 

Dunn. Patricia E.. Englewood. Colo., 280. 382 

Dunn, Richard Quayle, Montpelier. Idaho 

Donning. Thomas M.. Yuba City, Calif. 382 

Dupaix. Melvin Miles. Hunt Park. Calif, 382 

Dupllsea, Gerald Hugh. Marysvale. 382 

Durfee. Delsa, Salt Lake City. 224, 226, 330 

Durfee. George Reed, Vernal. 382 

Durfee, Henry Clement. Caldwell, Ideho 

Durfee. Milo Vaughn. Salt Lake City. 382 

Durham. Karl Ray. 205, 330 

Durrant. George D., American Fork 

Durrant, John L., Meridian, Idaho, 350 

Durrant. Leo Joel. Meridian. Idaho. 350 

Durrant, Norman William, Blackfoof Idaho 

Durrant, Ronald Jesse, Blackfoof Idaho, 382 

Durrant Stewart Olani, American Fork, 350 

Duvell, John Joseph. Roseburg. Ore., 350 

Duvall, Richard Ernesf Roseburg, Ore., 232. 330 

Dye. Lary Eldon, Firth, Idaho 

Dyer, Gloria May, Independence. Mo,. 76, 382 

Dykes. Carletla Ann. Whittier, Calif 

Eagar, Emma Idonna, Leeds 

Eager, Walter Ouare, Provo, 306 

Eagleston, Gerald John. Bakersfield. Calif. 382 

Eames, Elizabeth, Salt Lake City. 383 

Earl, Anthony M„ Las Vegas. Nev., 78. 382 

Earl, Charles Hulsh, Orem 

Earl. Clair Frehner. Overton, Nevada. 76, 320 

Earl, Esther Miriam, Las Vegas, 228. 279 

Earl, James L.. Provo 

Earl. James Randolph, Los Vegas. Nev. 

Earp, Robert E., Yucalpa, Calif, 115 

Earp, Shirlen» M., Yucaipa, Calif. 

East, Joseph Neal, Los Angeles, Calif, 330 

Eoston, Robert Earl, Colton, Calif. 

Eatoogh. Norman. Provo 

Ebertlng. George R., Yakima. Wash., 178, 330 

Eccles, Justin Rich, Ogden 

Echols, Benjamin. Caldwell, Idaho, 331 

Echols. Donald Jay, Phoenix. Ariz.. 382 

Echols, Eleanor Joyce, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Echols. Robert Lee. Jr., Phoenix, Arii.. 224, 350 

Eckel, Paul Ralph, Medford. Ore., 119, 289. 382 

Ecfcerman. Nevlyn Marie. Albuquerque, N. Mex., 382 

Eddington. Bonnie Rae, Holladay, 88, 382 

Eddington. Jane Adele, Lehi. 31, 294. 301, 343 

Edgell, Mary Lee, Jefferson City, Mo., 382 

Edgley. Richard C, Preston, Idaho. 114, 116, 118, 350 

Edlefsen. Lynn, Driggs, Idaho. 382 

Ediing, Deslyn Renee, Glendale, Calif, 142. 143. 306 

Edmonds, Gary Slrlngham, Mesa. Arli, 

Edrlngton, Lamar Kay. Roosevelt 

Edward, John Brent, Sumatra. Mont., 241, 296. 350 

Edwards, Bernell J., Jr., Wasco, Calif, 82, 350 

Edwards, Catherine, Provo 

Edwards, Charles B., Stafen Island. N. Y„ 382 

Edwards. Don Leroy, Spanish Fork, 296, 382 

Edwards. Elaine. Bel Fourche, S. D., 280. 382 

Edwards, Larry Cecil. Milford. 331 

Edwards, Nelson Clair. Queen Creek, Ariz., 78, 350 

Edwards. Patricia L„ Centralla. Wash.. 213. 216, 217, 247, 

Edwards. Philip Jan,, Burbank, Calif 
Edwards. Robert William, Provo. 350 
Edwards, Sheldon Mohlon. Boulder City, Nev. 
Egbert, llene, Murtaugh. Idaho, 306 
Egberf Margie. Riverton, 43, 382 
Egberf Richard P.. Tetonia, Idaho 
Egbert, Wendell W., Preston. Idaho. 322 
Egbert, William Edwin. Murtaugh. Idaho. 241 
Egelund, Ronald Dean. Orem. 382 
Egg. Theron Jay, Jr.. Seattle. Wash,. 265, 362 
Eggers. Charlotte M,, Los Angeles, Calif, 284, 362 
Ekins. Alton Edwards. Provo 
Ekins, Carma Rae, Hinckley, 350 
Ekins. Paul Edwards. Provo 
Elder, Charles William, SeaHJe, Wash 
Elder, Clark R„ Marysvale 
Elder. Quinten Joseph. Provo 
Elder, Renee H.. Preston, Idaho 
Eldredge. Glen H., Provo. 330 
Eldredge, Joseph Lloyd. Salt Lake City. 350 
Elgan, Jesse Bybee. Provo. 330 
Elgan. Nancy Lee T.. Provo. 29. 243. 306 
Elggren, Barbara Elaine. Centerville. 382 
Eliason, Gerald Bowman. Bancroft, Idaho. 350 
Elaiion, Norrell Bowman. Bancroft, Idaho. 222. 330 
Eliason, Patricia Ann, Snowvilla. 276. 350 
Eliion, Ina Lou. Oakley. Idaho, 80, 81. 215, 290, 306 
Elkington. Eddie Reed. Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Etkington. Grant Clark, Tooele. 90 
Elkington, William L., Idaho Falls, Idaho. 383 
Ellertton, Robert Dean, Provo 

Elletf Mont R.. BlckneH 

Elliott. Bert Arnold. Payson 

Ellis. Darrell Eugene. Mancos, Colo., 96. 306 

Ellis, Gay Mercedes. Salt Lake City. 255 

Ellis. Geralyn Roe. Pomona. Calif, 88, 383 

Ellis, Jede Neil. Mancos. Colo,. 383 

Ellis. John McKle, Frankston, Texas. 260. 350 

Ellis. William E.. Seattle. Wash. 

Ellison. Howard Reed, Lethbrldge, Alta,. 178, 196, 197, 

Ellison. Jerold Heber, Yucaipa, Calif. 350 
Ellsworth, Barbara Jean, Queen Creek. Ariz, 
Ellsworth, Christine. Pasadena, Calif. 177, 383 
Ellsworth. Colleen. Ogden, 205. 306 
Ellsworth. German C. M. 
Ellsworth. Jonathan L,. Farmington, N. Mei. 
Ellsworth. Karen. Chino. California, 238 
Ellsworth, Lyie William. Provo. 350 
Ellsworth. Nylan J.. Provo 
Ellsworth, Robert C, Queen Creek, Arii.. 383 
Ellsworth. Sharon. Salt Lake City 
Ellsworth, Sterling G.. Salt Lake City 
Elmer, Richard Melvin. Mesa, Ariz.. 254 
Elmer, Theodore K,. Provo 
Elton. Lawrence S.. Orem 

Elton. Robert Harold. Los Angeles, Calif. 383 
Ely, Raymond William. Los Angeles, Calif, 224. 363 
Elzlnga, Joyce, Lavelle. Hunter. 88. 226, 350 
Elzinga, Yvonne Kay. Hunter. 88. 192, 226, 383 
Emery, Donna Carolyn, Mesa, Arizona, 223, 330 
Emmett, Kathleen, Poriland. Ore,. 383 
Emmett, Sally, Rochester, Minn., 31. 177, 212, 213, 350 
Emmett, Susan. Rochester. Minn . 341 
Emmons, Elmer Lamar, Seattle, Wash. 
Empey. E. Don, Price, 306 
Empey, Nonna Mae. Ogden, 231, 264, 306 
Ence, Iva Dawn. Las Vegas, Nev., 258. 383 
Ence. Mac Delberf Monroe. 84, 210. 350 
Endrlai, Donna M,. Ogden. 264, 306 
Engemann. Jean. Van Nuys. Calif.. 383 
Engemann. Paul Karl, Van Nuys. Calif 
Engemann. Robert P., Van Nuys, Calif 
England. E. Gary, Tooele. 289. 350 
England. Joseph DeLoyd, Tooele, 383 
Engle. Ira, Jr.. Seymour. Conn., 383 
Enke, Glen Graham, Provo, 350 
Enke, Ruth Graham. Provo. 350 
E/isign, Bruce Willis. Glendale. Calif 
Ensign. Janice Claire. Glendale, Calif, 220, 221 
Ensign, Jerald Coleman. Glendale, Calif. 
Epling, Duane Alan, LaGrande, Ore. 
Erekson. Paul W., Provo, 244 
Erickson, Alice, Springville 
Erickson. Carl Henry, Freedom, Wyo„ 350 
Erickson, Clarence. Jr,. St. Joseph, Mo.. 306 
Erickson, Donis L., Boise. Idaho 
Erickson. Einar C, Ruth, Nev. 
Erickson, Elaine, Springville, 330 
Erickson, Georgia G.. Ely, Nev. 
Erickson, Leiand Ross, Ogden, 264, 330 
Erickson. Relta B., Lethbrldge, Alta.. Can.. 243. 252, 306 
Eriksen, Claudette G., Danbury, Conn. 
Eriksson. Herberf Las Vegas, Nev.. 350 
Eriksson. Mildred Maria. Las Vegas. Nev. 
Eribeck. Joyce Elaine, San Mateo. Calif, 383 
Erakine. June, Salt Lake City, 383 
Esler, Sally Ann. Phoenix. Ariz,. 191, 212. 228, 351 
Espiritu, Dorothe M,. San Mateo, Calif, 383 
Esplin, Richard Henry, Nyssa, Ore. 
Esplin, Robert Morris. Nyssa, Ore. 
Estes, Dale Arden, Rochester. N. Y. 
Estes, David Brenton, Provo, 251 

Estes. Re* William. Stockton. Calif. 179. 292, 301, 325, 330 
Estrada, David T,, Mexico City, Mexico 
Estrada. Faiur. Gurrero, Mexico, 322 
Evans, Allen D„ Spanish Fork, 383 
Evans, Arda Lou, Salt Lake City. 220. 383 
Evans. Barbara Leone, Salt Lake City. 383 
Evans, Bernell C , Payson 
Evans, Dean Durrell, Overton. Nev. 
Evans, Dean M.. Provo. 237. 306 
Evans. Elise Senford. Provo 
Evans, Gary Alma, Tooele 
Evans, Georgia. Salt L*ke City. 268. 351 
Evans. Hugh Lusty. Arcadia. Calif. 383 
Evans. James Roger, Seattle. Wash,. 363 
Evans, Jean. Riverton. 192, 228, 351 
Evans, Jo Anne. Glendale, Calif, 383 
Evans. John William, Provo, 322 
Evans. Naomi Lillian, American Fork 
Evans, Norma Deane, Mesa. Arii., 282. 331 
Evans, Richard Kenf Falrvlew, 261 
Evans, Rose Ann. Glendale, Calif. 243, 306 
Evans, Sally Rao. Burton. Wash.. 383 
Evans, Sondra. Salt Lake. 86, 280, 351 
Everett, Alice Jeanne. Lafayette, Calif 
Everett. Carolyn, Springville. 351 
Everett, George Curtis, Modesto, Calif, 306 
Eves, Wendell A.. Springville 
Eves. Zora Mae. Provo, 306 
Ewald. Richard Vernon. San Leandro. Calif 
Ewart. Faith. Baltimore. Md., 166, 278 
Ewell. Arlin Reed, Genola 
Ewell. Dewaine H,. Provo 
Exiey, Paula Partridge, Provo 
Exiey, Thomas George, Provo 
Eyer, LyIe CadwaHader, Provo 
Eyre, Larry Kent. Salt Lake City 

Faber, Dorian Rey, Provo 

Facer, Mark Rola, Malad, Idaho 

Fackrell. Marls Elite, San Diego, Calif. 363 

Faddis. John David. Pleasant Grove 

Fagg. Jack Wayne, Oakley 

Fairbanks. George H., Raymond. Alta,. Can., 331 

Fairbanks, Grant Smith. Salt Lake City 

Falrbourn. Joyce, Saline. 230. 268, 306 

Fairchlld. Vanda C F.. Provo 

Falrless. Lanae Ann, Salt Lake City. 226. 383 

Fekhanadflh. Jalal. Khorassan, Iran. 383 

Fallli. Arvel Alonto. Hatch, 351 

Fallon. Kenneth Paul. Jr., Spanish Fork, 383 

Falslev. Evelyn. Benton. 306 

Farber. Gall June. Ogden 

Fardo. Mauro, Sao Paulo. Brazil, 351 


Farish. Ronald W., Lomlta. Calif. 
Farley. Floyd Lawrence, Orem 
Farley. Gregory Dennis, Orem. I 19 
Farley. Wilford H.. Rrverside. Catif.. 82. 383 
Farmer. Scott Laval, Seattle. Wash.. 114, 289. 330 
Farnswcrth. Carl Larry, La Plata. N. Me«., 258. 383 
Farnsworth. Clyde Ray. Ely. Nov., 383 
Farnsworth, Gary F.. Mar V.sta. Calif. 
Farnsworth. Helen M,. Lawrence. Kans.. 78. 383 
Farnsworfh, Lynn Smith, Beaver. 351 
Farnsworth. Norene. Richfield. 383 
Far7>s».orth. Patricia. Salt Lake City. 186. 351 
Farnworth, Keith F,. Orem 
Farnworth. RicKard A.. Biggs. Calif.. 383 
Forr. Betty Jean, Bountiful 
Farr. Gay. Pleasant Grove 
Farr, Lyie Elvin, Prove 

Farr. Miles MerriH. Jr.. Portlant. Maine. 351 
Farr, Robert Leiand. St. Johns. Arii., 330 
Farren, John James. Spnngville. 383 
Ferrer. Mildred L^Jean. Salt Lale City. 383 
Farrimond. Joan. Richland. Wash.. 383 
Faufata. Barbara Lani. HonolulLi. Hawaii. (84. 256. 383 
Faulk. Clive Gene. Young. Arit, 383 
Fawson, Lauralee. Pocatello, Idaho .76, 268. 302 
Fawson. Lorae Curtis. Salt Lake City. 257. 351 
Fenio, Shirley A.. Helper. 330 
Fehlberg, Vernon Lee. American Fork 
Feik. Frances. Nyssa. Ore.. 143, 260. 306 
Feii*. Geniel. SpringviHe. 383 
Felii, Joseph C. Provo 

Fender. Geraldine M.. Glenwood Springs. Colo., 383 
Fenn. Donald Eugene. Roselend, Ore. 
Fennessy. Robert Lane, Altadena, Calif. 
Fennig. Mary R., Clovis. N, Max.. 383 
Fenton, Robert. Pleasant Grove 
Ferguson. Byron Paul. Provo 
Ferguson, Mary Lynn. Provo. 383 
Ferguson. Roy Grant, Spanish Fork 
Ferre. Jack Warren. Provo. 383 
Ferre. Macksene. Salt Lake City. 416 
Ferre. Margaret J., Salt Lake City. 306 
Ferrell. C. Edgar. Juneau, Alaska. 383 
Ferrell. James Roger. Phoeni*. Arii.. 330 
Ferrin. Luan Holley. Ogden. 202, 322 
Ferrin, Ross Wallace. Chico. Calif.. 292, 416 
Ferris. Wesley Melvin. Bountiful. 383 
Fetterley, James Leon, Provo, 383 
Fickes. Ronald J.. San Diego, Calif. 
Field. Donald Willis. Provo 
Field. Robert Daniel, Queens. N. Y.. 292. 351 
Field. Rosalie B., Ogden. 306 
Fielding. Bonnie Joan, Payson. 383 
Fiet. Lamar Lee. Ogden 
Fietkau. Benjamin R.. Springvllle. 78, 383 
Fife. Annette, Yuma. Ariz.. 237. 306 
Fife. Don Joseph, Ogden. 306 
Fife. Florence E.. 330 
Fife. Janice, Yuma. Ariz.. 92. 351 
Fife, Nancy Jane, Los Angees, Calif.. 341, 383 
Fife. Ronald Kay, Idaho Falls. Idaho. 383 
Fife. Walter Daniel, New Orleans. La.. 296, 351 
Filaramo. Anthony John, New York, N.Y. 
Fillmore, Alfred Ma.. Provo. 130 
Fillmore. Charles L,. Provo 
Finch, James Moran, Spanish Fork, 383 
Finch. Richard H.. Oakland. Calif.. 296. 351 
Flndlay. Eugene Hugh, Bloomingto". Idaho, 330 
Findlay. Jack. Panaca. Nev,, 351 
Rnleyson, BUss B., SeaMle, Wash.. 86, 186 
Finlayson, Carol Joyce, Provo, 88 
Finlayson, Fred C. Provo 
Finlayson, Janice, Murray 

Finlayson, Lucille Jane. Ontario. Calif.. 78, 276. 331 
Finlinson, Arline, Provo 

Finlinson, Arlyn Jay. Leamington. 132. 134. 330 
Finlinson, Esdras Reese. Oak City. 306 
Firmage. Mary Brown. Provo 
Fish. Charles Riggs, Goldfield. Nev., 319 
Fisher. Alice May, Idaho Falls. Idaho. 351 
Fisher. Diane Jones. Los Angeles. Calif.. 90. 208, 3B4 
Fisher, Grant Leron. Hillspring. Alta.. Can., 351 
Fisher. Loo Shirlene. Provo. 306 
Fisher, Lois Irene, Lacomb. Ore. 
Rsher. Margaret, Draper. 280, 351 
Fisher, Milton Byron, Provo. 78, 131. 182, 296, 383 
Fisher, Nadine Ann. Concord, Calif. 
Fisher. Roger D . Orderville 
Fishher, Robert B.. Kuna, Idaho 
Fiso, Avefue. Apln, Samoa, 94. 257, 331 
Fitch. Billie Sherman, Synnydale. Calif.. 384 
fitch, Marian Florence. San Diego. Calif., 88. 384 
Fitisemanu. Tavita. San Francisco. Calif-, 88. 257 
FiH Jay William. Selby. Calif., 246. 351 
Rtt, Jon Cleon, Selby. Calif, 351 
Fitzgerald, Croiier <.. Draper, 224. 384 
Fitigereld. James B., Draper 
Rtzgerald, Peul, Draper 
Flake, David Kay. Snow Flake, Arii., 248. 384 
Flake Dean Maeser. Snow Flake. Arii.. 351 
Flake'. Iven Kowallis. Nyssa. Ore.. 384 
Flake, Lavona. Snow Flake. Arti, 
Flake. Leona. Snow Flake. Arii. 
Flake. Rhita. Bonaparte, Iowa. 142. 143. 330 
RaVe. Wilbur Kowallis. Nyssa. Ore.. 384 
H.-^ming. Art Lee. San Diego. Calif.. 119 
Flanary, Paul Eugene, Nyssa. Ore . 384 
Fleming, Donovan E.. Jr.. Ogden. 306 
Fleming, Ruth Hacking, Provo 
Flenniken, Daisy L. Millbrae. Calif, 88. 251. 384 
Retcher, Bonnie Jean. Pascagoula, Miss.. 226, 384 
Fletcher, Donald Eugene, Monitor. Wyo. 
Fletcher, G. Robert. Green River, Wyo., M9, 35t 
Fletcher. Larry Wade. Tropic 
. Retcher. Roger Wesley. Tulsa. OUa., 351 
Retcher. Ronald E.. Tulsa. Okie., 384 
Retcher. Wendell W.. Provo. 306 
RInn, Robert James. Salt Lake. 384 
Rower Judson H., Jr.. Lancaster, Calif. 131. 330 
Rud. Selma. Lavonne. Blythe, Calif 
Flygere. Norma, Salt Lake City. 416 
Rygare, Patricia. Afton, Wyo., 88, 266, 351 
Foley, Florei^ce, Temple City, Calif 
Folkman, Carol. Nyssa. Ore . 351 
Follett. Edson Roy. Douglas. Arii., 205. 248. 306 
Folsom, Jean Lynn. Salt Lake 
Folsom, LarrY E.. Salt Lake. 384 
FoUom, Marvin Hugh. Formington. 78. 204 

Folsom. Nancy Ellen. Farminglon. 76. 216 

Foote, Mariorie. Orem, 243. 306 

Forbis. John Alvin. Tillamock. Ore.. 384 

Ford. Hal A.. Provo 

Ford, Kathleen, Ferminqton, 243 

Ford, Larue. Provo, 384 

Ford. Margaret. Fermington, 78. 290. 384 

Ford. Mont Keith. Orem 

Fordham. James Carl. Mishawaka, Ind.. 416 

Foreman. Richard W., Calgary. Alta.. Can.. 252. 384 

Forman, John Ernest. Heber 

Forman. Margie Beth. Salt Lake. 351 

Forsberg. Robin. Lodi. Calif., 330 

Forsey. Phyllis Louise. Richfield. 280. 384 

Forsgren, G. Brent. Murray. 384 

Forsgren. Klane. Preston, Idaho. 296. 351 

Forsling, Myrtle Ann. Twin Fells. Idaho, 37. 330 

Forster, Merlin H.. Delta. 306 

Forsyth, Fred L., Callente. Nev., 351 

Forsyth, Gwen, Provo 

Forsyth. Terry Norwood, Stockton, Cailf. 

Forsyth^. Edward W., Hawaii. 307 

Forsythe. Francis K. G.. Hawaii 

Forsythe. Mary Maile. Hawaii. 32. 67, 243. 256. 307 

Fortini, Patricia Ann. Oakland. Calif. 220, 351 

Fossum Allan John, Cedar Replds. Iowa. 88. 330 

Fossum. David KaH. Cedar Replds. Iowa, 218, 384 

Foster, Diar>e E.. Palo Alto. Calif, 142. 416 

Foster. Helen Marya. O/em, 232. 278 

Foster, Lena Nadine, Danforth, Maine, 276 

Foster, Mary Lynne. Pasco. Wash.. 265. 351 

Fotheringham, Dean W., Orem. 384 

Foulger. Jan. Salem. Ore.. 307 

Foulk, David Richard. Walnut Creek. Calif, 384 

Fountalne Edwin F.. Salt Lake. 384 

Fouti. Aflene. Mesa. Arii.. 248, 384 

Foutz, Dell Riggs. Provo 

Fouti, Edwin Luff. Provo, 384 

Foutz. Elvadeen, Las Vegas, Nev.. 258. 384 

Foutr. Jerrold Brent, Fermington, N. Me».. 384 

Foutz. Robert 8., Jr.. Farmlngton. N. Mei., 202. 292. 351 

Fowkes. Elliott Jay. Evanston. Wyo. 

Fowkes. Ivar Gene, Evanston. Wyo.. 226. 351 

Fowler. Jenet Dawn. Salem, Ore.. 42. 188. 245. 259, 384 

Fowles, Lueann. Oakley. Idaho. 78. 384 

Fowles, Robert Lemoyne. Provo. 351 

Fowles. Robert Vernon. Delta. 416 

Fox, Charles W., Los Angeles, Calif 

Fo>. Gene Lawrence, Vernal. 210. 351 

Foi. Harold Chipman, Lehi 

Fox, Robert BaHow. Ogden. 264. 351 

Foi. Ruth Elaine, Elk Grove, Calif. 88. 384 

Fox. William H.. Lehi 

Foiley. Diana Gae, Tremonton. 384 

Foiley, Billy Sears, Everett, Wash. 

Foy. Margaret Ann. Panguitch 

Frampton. Deen Earl, Us Veges. Nev., 292, 258, 384 

Frempton. Mary Helen, Provo, 78, 294. 351 

Frampton, Orval Max. Provo. 131 

Francis. Deen Samuel, Provo. 78 

Francis. Evan D.. Springvllle 

Francis, Jane Ann. Spanish Fork, 88. 384 

Francis, Larry Lee. Spanish Fork 

Francis. Samuel Eldon, Springvllle. 384 

Francis. Vaughn Elgin, Spanish Fork 

Francom. Baunie Jean. Salt Lake City. 384 

Francom. Delbert Dee. Payson. 330 

Francom, Donell Gordon, American Fork. 384 

Frandsen, Laura Jean, Panguitch 

Frank, Gordon, Richfield. 330 

Franson. Larry Maxwell. Oakley. 384 

Frantz. Gloria Sharon, Rlverton 

Frailer. Betty Louise. Dundee, Miss., 307 

Frailer, Dana Sue. Tunica. Miss. 

Frailer. Gerald Allan. Springvllle, 191. 384 
Frazler. Myron A_, Provo 

Frazier, Robert LeGrand. Springville. 181, 307 
Frailer, Vernon Lamar. Oakley 

Fredrickson, Gordon, Malad, Idaho, 292, 351 

Fredrickson, Ralph V,. Provo 

Free. Joseph Carl, Les Vegas, Nev., 330 

Free. Lory M.. Panaca, Nev., 384 

Free, Myrtle Joy W., Panaca, Nev., 351 

Freeman. Carol Ann, Long BeocK. Calif. 279, 351 

Freeman, Dee Merlin, Pleasant Grove 

Freeman, Lawrence Gerry, Rockland. Idaho, 330 

Freeman, Peter Howe. Santa Monica, Calif. 

Freeman, Samuel Howard, Provo, 307 

Freestone. Ernest Leon, Vernal 

Freeze, Gary Lyman, Halldale. Calif. 330 

French, Donald Ka, Jr.. Delmar. N. Y., 330 

French, Ronald A., Glendale. Calif 

Friend. Roy Laverl. New Plynnouth, Idaho 

Frlsbey Carol Jeanne, Yucalpa. Calif, 416 

Frisbey. Gerald James, Salt Lake City. 292. 416 

Fritz. Sharon Lynne. Freefort, Idaho. 78. 84. 351 

Frodsham. Frank Earl, Woodruff 

Frodsham, Mark Joseph. Woodruff 

Frodsham, Sharon, Cardston, Alta.. Can., 307 

Ffonk. Robert David. Ogden. 384 

Frontier. Maqorie R.. San Jose. Calif. 245. 351 

Frost, Jack. Joseph City. Ariz.. 200. 351 

Frost. Janice Leona. Denver. Co'o.. 384 

Frost, Merrill Franklin, Denver. Colo., 384 

Froyd. Karen J., Cedar City, 230. 307 

Fry. Delia Merl. Oregon City. Ore. 

Fuhriman Devld Hyrum. Oakland. Calif. 384 

Fuhriman. Bizabeth J., Oakland, Calif. 284. 330 

Fujita Wilfred Susumu, Honolulu. Hawaii. 256. 364 

Fuller* Gary R.. Campbell. Calif. 47. 210. 351 

Fuller. Jane Rae, Laverkin 

Fuller. Lorry Dean. Baker. Ore„ 384 

Fuller. Laurita. Winslow. Arii.. 384 

Fuller, Mary Loueen, Salt Lake City, 384 

Fuller, Merllyn M., Cottonwood. Arii.. 384 

Fullerton. Janet Draper. Cedar City. 384 

Fullmer. Claire. Rexburg. Idaho. 78. 384 

Fullmer, Clark Elmer. Springvllle 

Fullmer, Donna Jean 

Fullmer, Donna Lee, Tod Park 

Fullmer, D. Ray, Delta 

Fullmer. Jimmie. Springvllle 

Fullmer, Mark Allen, Blackfoot, Idaho, 25. 31, 43. 210. 
211, 232, 351 

Fullmer, Virgil Clay, Springvllle, 384 

Fulton, John Brenner, N. Hollywood, Calif 

Funk. CaHton Deloyd. Downey, Calif. 330 

Funk. Raymond L., Los Angeles. Calif 
Funk. SKeryl Pond. Blythe. Calif. 351 
Furlong, Richard M., Ogden, 351 

Gabbitas. Robert Savage. Bekersfield. Calif 351 

GabboH. Connie Ann, Salt Lake City, 282, 3SI 

Gadd. Naomi Dawn, Nephl 

Gaddis. Gail Thomas. Chandler. Arii.. 96. 384 

Gage. Delwyn Orin. Shelby. Mont, 330 

Gagon, Gale, Provo 

Gagon. Glen Scott, Provo 

Galley, Richard W.. Preston, Idaho 

Galbraith. Janet Lynne. McGill, Nev., 90, 307 

Gatbraith. Wendell. Los Angeles, Calif 

Gale. James Eldon, Durango. Colo.. 90. 384 

Gale, Muriel Belle, Chandler. Arii., 76, 220. 284, 330 

Gale. Terry William, Loa 

Gallego. Danny Tapla. Dover, Calif, 178, 330 

Gallia. Modlltyn Carol, N. Bend, Ore., 384 

Galloway. Gwen. Roosevelt 

Galloway, John AJden, Roosevelt 

Gallup Norman Ray, Venice, Calif., 416 

Gambles. Paul Dean, Swan Lake, Idaho. 141, 188. I9t. 

24S. 351 
Gamblin. Gerald Allen. San Carlos. Calif., 385 
Gamet, Carolyn, Provo, 351 
Ganjei. Geri Tula S., Provo 
Ganus, Perry Gene, Sanford, Colo., 330 
Garcia, Jose E.. Las Cruces, N. Mei.. 258. 385 
Gardiner, Bruce Allen, Ogden, 351 
Gardiner, Frank, Malta. Idaho 
Gardiner. Chloe. Spanish Fork 
Gardner. Alan W.. Spanisii Fork 
Gardner, Clifford Ray, Provo. 307 
Gardner, Colin, Grldley. Calif 
Gardner, Duane Allen, Lund. Nev., 307 
Gardner, Eldon Claire, Glendale, Ariz. 
Gardner, Georgeenne. La Mesa, Calif. 251, 279, 385 
Gardner. Hal, Gridley, Calif 
Gardner, Janet Afton. Spanish Fork. 78. 385 
Gardner. Kathleen. Spanish Fork. 385 
Gardner, Kay Evan. Delta. 263. 289. 352 
Gardner. Kaye Alice. Pleasant Grove, 38S 
Gardner, Larry Gene. Las Vegas. Nev.. 385 
Gardner. Lawrence B., Salem. 416 

Gardner. Lynn J.. Monterey Park. Calif. 38. 84, 98, 307 
Gardner. Mllford B.. Afton, Wyo. 
Gardner. Ralph Ervin. Colorado Springs. Colo. 
Gardner, Sherrll, Lund, Nev.. 258, 385 
Gardner, ShlHey. Blackfoot. Idaho, 330 
Gardner, Sofia Ann, Snow Rake, Aril.. 257. 330 
Gardner, Stephen Louis, Denver, Colo., 385 
Gardner. Willard Hale, Logan. 320 
Garff Valorie Jean, Salt Lake, 143. 307 
Garfield. Carol Jean, Mllford. 385 
Garfield, Theodore D., Sherwood, Ore., 307 
Garlick, G. J., American Fork 
Garn. Stephen C Provo, 352 
Garner. C'air James, Salt Lake City, 330 
Garner, Dean A., Raymond, Alta., Can. 
Garner. Richard F.. Nampa. Idaho, 385 
Garrard, Shirley June, BuHey, Idaho. 278, 307 
Garrett. Clyde B.. Nephi. 352 
Garret. Gordon B., American Fork 
Garrett. Leon Sheril. Ely. Nev.. 47. 210. 352 
Garrett, Lewis Eugene, American Fork, 195 
GarreH, Mark Wallace. Salt Lake City 
Garrett, Mai Harold, Salt Uke City. 196, 224. 385 
Garrison. Billy G., Provo 
Garrison, William L., Burlington, Iowa 
Garside. Anita, Salt Lake City 
Garside. Arlyn Lamoyne, Ogden, 264. 296, 330 
Garwood. Barbara L.. Cortei, Colo. 
Gashler. Daniel Hugh, San Jose. Calif, 42, 186, 188. 245. 

Gassaway. Terrance Lee. Mih*aukie, Ore., 385 
Gasser, Kenneth G., Payson 
Gaster. Shirley, Sandy 
Gatenby. Jackie. Provo. 90, 94, 307 
Gates Halvor H., Provo. 307 
Gates, Hugh Isom, Hurricane, 202, 322 
Gates. Jay C. Pleasant Grove 

Gates. Joseph Lawrence, Compton, Calif. 237, 330 
Gates, Keith Thompson. Nampa, Idaho, 385 
Gatewood. Louise Anne, Burbank, Calif, 385 
Gay. Joann. Provo, 29 

Gealta, Jack Chester, Alhambra. Calif, 330 
Geaslin, Eva Rae. Provo, 352 

Geddes, Karla Fa, flanida, Idaho, 46. 216. 294. 330 
Gedge. Devel Kidgell. Salt Lake City, 385 
Gee, Edwin Lester, Provo, 
Gee, Janet Anne, Klrkwood. Mo., 88, 385 
Gee Kenneth V., Gunnison 
Geertsen, John Ralph, Cloma. Calif. 130. 272 
Goertsen, Lou Rita. Provo, 268, 330 
Gehring. Dixie Ann. Provo. 352 
Gelsler. Patricio M.. Salt Lake City. 385 
Gentry. Evelyn, Denver, Cofo., 385 
George. Marilyn, Salt Lake City. 385 
George, William Seth, Las Vegas. Nov., 33. 272 
Gerber. Alan Harold. Salt Lake City. 82, 385 
Gerber. Grant McKee 

Gerhart. Marilyn Anne, Great Falls. Mont.. 385 
Gerth, Edna May. Salt Lake City, 216. 330 
Glauque. Barbara Anne, Monrovia, Calif , 264, 330 
Gibbons, Betty Clawson, Provo 
Gibbons, John Elwood, Provo 
Gibbons. LeRoy. Holbrook, Ariz., 90, 385 
Gibbons, Normond Lee, St. George. 292. 330 
Gibbs, Douglas James, Portage. 78. 385 
Gibbs, Laurel Elizabeth. Reliance. Wyo.. 231, 385 
Gibson. David Kent, Dragerton 
Gibson. George Turner. Orem, 307 
Gibson, Richard S., Blackfoot. Idaho. 182, 352 
Gibson, Shirley Rae, Nephi 
Gieck. Fred Gary, Boulder City. Nev.. 385 
Gifford, Calvin E.. Provo 
Gifford. Clarence Atvln. Olympla, Wash. 
Gifford, Joy Ellen, Olympia, Wash. 
Gifford. Sandra Kay. Provo 
Gilbert. Byron J.. Roosevelt. 234. 307 
Gilbert. Joyce. Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Gilbert. LyIe C. Bancroft. Idaho 
Gilbert, Reto Alice. Pentlcton. B. C. Can., 385 


Gilchrist. Dianne S., Princeton, N. J. 

Giles. Gary N., Heber City, 131. 366 

Giles. Ivin Trevor. Heber City 

Giles. Lynn W., Jerome. Idaho 

Giles. Marlene. Heber City. 307 

Giles. Marvin Ray. Jerome, Idaho 

Giles. Richard P.. Whittier, Calif.. 2SI 

Giles. Thomas Bert, Heber City 

Giles. Willis Boyd. Carlin, Nev., 385 

Gilger. Lloyd Dwight, Us Vegas, Nev.. 274, 352 

Gilger. Marilyn. Las Vegas. Nev., 268 

Gillespie, Almon Dean .Fillmore 

Gillespie, Jeannine. Salt Lake City, 88. 385 

Gillette, Jayne. Kansas City. 31, 84. 352 

Gillies. Margaret Kaye. Provo. 330 

Gillies, Roger Claude. Salem. 352 

Gilliland. Robert G , Rosemead, Calif,, 292. 307 

Gilllngs. James L.. Arcadia, Calif. 

Gillman, Ladell. Provo 

Gllmore, Leola Verna, Van Nuys. Calif., 416 

Gilson. Buddy Dean. Orem. 385 

Glister. Donald Conrad. Boise. Idaho 

Gines. Gary E.. Kamas 

Gines, Margaret, Woodland, 352 

Gingerich, Lamont. Spanish Fork. 322, 330 

Giraud. John Leroy, Provo 

Givens. Una Marlene. Burllngame, Calif. 

Glasgow. Buckner, B., Jr.. Provo 

Glasgow. Diane Dunford, Provo 

Glasson, Ruth Ann. Plymouth, Idaho. 385 

Glavinic. Adhor Louise. San Pedro, Calif., 365 

Glazier, Donna Charlene, Mesa. Arii., 33, 76, 77, 341, 

Glazier, Joan. Provo. 330 

Glaiier, Luana Karen. Santa Ana Canyon. Calif.. 268. 416 
Gleave, Larry J.. Annabella 
Gleie, Marenann. Sacramento, Calif, 
Glenn, Barbara Ann. Kimberly. Idaho, 88, 385 
Glenn, Clayton Jackson. Union, 0,re.. 307 
Glenn, Darlene. Los Angeles. Calif., 36. 38. 287, 352 
Glenn, Merril Holton. Brigham City, 129. 244, 352 
Glines. Deloa Dawn. Richland. Wash,, 29. 307 
Gtines, Laraine. Woolford. Alta., Can., 307 
Glines, Reece L, Provo. 235, 322 
Glines, Rex Lamb. Woolford, Alta., Can,. 385 
Glover, Leroy Lennis, Seattle, Wash.. 352 
Goaslind. Donald H., Salt Lake City, 385 
Goates. Irene, Parma. Idoho, 257. 416 
Goates, Kenneth Joseph, Lehl, 352 
Goates, Morris A., Lehi 
Goble, Dahl Charles, Springville, 385 
Godfrey. Audrey Ann V.. Athens, N.Y,. 243. 306 
Godfrey, Eva Louise, Richmond. 250, 385 
Godfrey. Harvey Allen. Harrlsvillo 
Godfrey. Kenneth, Cardston. Alta., Can. 
Godfrey, Lavar Delbort, Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Godfrey, Ririe M„ Provo 
Goettling, Geraldine, Hayward. Calif, 352 
Gogarty. Delia, Springville 
Goldberg, Arthur, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Golder, Norman Wm., Salt Lake City. 385 
Goldricl, Toy Gayle, Murray. 241. 278 
Goldrup, Lawrence Paul, Palo Alto, Calif. 
Gomez, Allan B., Spanish Fork 
Gomez, Allan. Spanish Fork 
Gomm, Kenneth Lester. Ogden. 115 
Gonzales, Lawrence. Price. 226. 330 
Gteason, Carol, Provo, 25, 365 
Good, Dorothy Lou, Kirkwood, Mo,. 204. 260. 365 
Goodell. Robert A., Scottsbluff, Neb.. 307 
Goodliffe. Arnold T., Ogden 
Goodman. David Richard, Provo 
Goodman. Jean Ann, Richmond. Va., 76 
Goodman, Joyce S.. Portland. Ore., 308 
Goodman. Robert Maurice, Richmond, Va.. 37, 38, 224, 

Goodrich, Glen Merrill. Tridell 
Goodrich. Huckvale. Moses Lake. Wash,, 352 
Goodrich, Joann, Bluebell, 88, 257. 262. 352 
Goodrich, Loye, Tridell 
Goodrich. Peggy Ann, Tridell. 88, 385 
Goodridge, Marilyn, Pleasant Grove, 385 
Goodridge, William W.. Provo, 308 
Goodsell. Glen Richard. Arlington. Va.. 385 
Goodson. Wallace Gary. Idaho Falls. Idaho, 352 
Goodwin, Glenn Lavern. Gooding. Idaho 
Goodwin, J. Reese. Idaho Falls, Idaho. 330 
Goodwin, John Way. Jr., Orem, 385 
Goold, Jay Frank, Provo 
Gordon, David Reed. Richland. Wash., 385 
Gordon. David Simon. Provo. 188. 330 
Gordon, Donald Wallace. Los Angeles, Calif.. 88, 140 
Gordon. Elaine, Tooele. 68. 177. 208, 264, 371, 385 
Gordon, Janice, Olstmead Station 
Gordon, Joan Lynnette, Santa Barbara, Calif., 68, 202, 

215, 243. 308, 341 
Gordon. Norman Ross. Richland. Wash., 235 
Gordon, Philip Dean. Globe. Ariz.. 385 
Gordon. Virginia Kay. Hiawatha, 352 
Gorringe, Richard Hal, Oakley, Idaho 
Gosar, Greg Anthony. Provo, 272, 385 
Goss, Rex Alan. Bakersfield. Calif. 
Goss. Sally Jo. Vallejo, Calif., 88, 385 
Gottfradson, M. R., Provo 
Goudy, Cherl Mae, Salt Lake. 88, 365 
Gould, Franklin David, Hamilton City. Calif., 352 
Gould. Nada Jean. Winslow, Ariz., 308 
Gould. Phyllis I.. Winslow. Ariz. 
Gould, Wllburn James. Hamilton City. Calif., 352 
Goulding. Willis Larel, Orem 
Gowans, Frederick Ross, Erie, Ponn., 352 
Gowans, Stuart T., Pocatello, Idaho, 308 
Graff, Britlemarte C, Oregon City, Ore., 352 
Graham, Allie Larue, Falrview 
Graham, Gene Sumsion. Falrview. 244. 331 
Graham. Glenda. Draper. 279. 385 
Graham, Grant Elwood, Fairvlew, 261, 331 
Graham, Joyce lone, Los Angeles, Calif., 223 
Graham, Robert M.. Falrview, 244. 307 
Graham. Wayne Robert. Eden. 352 
Grange. La Rene, Huntington. 331 
Grange. Scott Myron. Huntington. 
Grant, D«anna Llllie. American Fork, 385 
Grant, Gloria. Los Angeles, Calif.. 352 
Grant. John Hendricks, Olympia, Wash., 385 
Grant, Richard Giles, Provo. 331 
Grant. Stanley P.. Lehi 
Grant, Waldo F.. Hcwsll 

Grappendorf, Joan Joyce, Waterloo. Iowa, 331 

Graser, Floyd Robert, Ogden. 264. 331 

Gray, Gary E.. Sacramento. Calif., 386 

Gray. Marjorie Karen. Salt Lake City, 386 

Gray. Ralph William. Mesa. Ariz. 

Greathouse, Don. L/nndyl. 331 

Grant. Lou Jeane P., Bellflower. Calif, 

Greathouse. Shirley L , Ventura, Calif, 352 

Greathouse, Vona Lue, Lynndyl, 68 

Greaves, Karren, Preston. Idoho, 250, 366 

Green, Charlene, Poyette. Idaho. 386 

Green. Dean Milton, Pocatello, Idaho 

Green, Deanna. Salt Lake City, 88, 386 

Green, Gordon Reed, Fountain Green, 386 

Green. Jacquelyn Marie. Salt Lake City, 386 

Green. James Leo, Stockton. Calif.. 331 

Green. John H.. Layton 

Green. John Alden. Provo 

Green, Paul D., West Jordan 

Gren, , Loralee. Ogden. 264, 307 

Green. Marian, Blackfoot, Idaho, 186. 215. 236, 294. 307 

Green. Ray Wilbur. Harrisburg. Ore.. 94. 386 

Green. Thomas Harrison, Albany. Calif, 352 

Green. William Oulney. Provo 

Greene, Gilbert W., Provo 

Greene, Gloria, American Fork, 331 

Greene. Janet C, Walnut Creek, Calif, 86. 307 

Greene, Marilyn Ruth, Burbank, Calif.. 352 

Greene. Marva Lue F., Provo 

Greene. Willis Otto, Provo, 307 

Greenhaigh, David Ray. Missoula. Mont.. 386 

Greenhalgh. James A., Dugway, 90, 92, 94. 352 

Greenhaigh. Janet, Ogden 

Greenhalgh. Merilyn J., Santa Ana, Calif, 331 

Greenhaigh Richard N.. Santa Ana. Calif., 331 

Greenland. Barbara M., Castle Gate, 308 

Greenwood. Carma Mae, American Fork, 341, 280, 352 

Greenwood, Carol, American Fork 

Greenwood. Dennis 1 , American Fork, 331 

Greenwood. Donald B., Madison, N. Y.. 178. 352 

Greenwood. Edmund O., RIgby. Idaho. 319 

Greenwood, Elaine Ann, American Fork, 386 

Greenwood, J. Reid, American Fork 

Greenwood, Jeanine, Sandy. 352 

Greenwood. Lynn R., Sandy 

Greenwood. Ned H., Eager, Ariz. 

Greenwood, Val David. Sandy, 386 

Greer. Elroy Kempe, Holbrook. Arli. 

Greer. Pratt L.. Holbrook, Ariz. 

Greer, John Harris, Saint Johns, Ariz., 241 

Greeson, Lois Nona. Klmberly. Idaho, 386 

Gregerjen, Marden James, Sevier 

Gregson. Norma Dene. Cardsfon, AHa., Can.. 223 

Gresham, Kenneth Earl, Coosbay. Ore., 331 

Griffin. Gerald B.. Escalonte. 331 

Griffin, Mary Gayle, Salt Lake. 33, 38, 177, 180, 181. 

294, 322 
Griffin Rodney Dale, American Fork. 331 
Griffin, Roland Ivan, San Carlos, Calif, 352 
Griffin. Sylvia G., Boise. Idaho, 78. 216. 331 
Griffin, Vivian Irene. Lethbrldge. Alta., Can., 386 
Griffis, Betty Jean, Sandy 

Griffith. Frances A„ Ventura, Calif. 237, 2^6. 277, 308 
Griffith, John Lloyd. Pocatello. Idaho. 352 
Griffiths, F. Michael. Burbank, Calif, 386 
Griffiths. Jerry Wayne. Long Beach, Calif, 31, 184. 272. 

293, 352 
Griffiths, LaVon, Weston, Idaho 
Griffiths, Marie, Provo 
Grigg, Marlene June, Portland, Ore. 
Grimand, Donald L. Midvale. 224, 386 
Grimmett. Dixie Ann, Provo 
Grimmett, Karen Maccene. Provo. 238 
Grimmett. Robert G.. Idaho Falls. Idaho. 308 
Grimshaw, Barbara Mae, Cedar City, 88, 331 
Grindstaff. Philip L. Orem 

Griner. Vincent Virgil. Pine Quitman, Ga., 386 
Grob. Miriam Deone, Salt Lake, 88 
Groberg. David Holbrook, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 180 
Groeger, Barbara Jean J.. Son Diego, Calif., 352 
Groeger. Klaus Wilhelm. Provo, 308 
Groesbeck, May Cowley. Springville 
Groesbeck, Monty. Springville 
Groneman, George S.. Salt Lake City, 308 
Groneman, Janet Marie. Provo, 279, 386 
Groshell, Carol Duane, SeaHle, Wash., 181, 282, 283 
Grosjoan, Maxine, Provo 
Grotegut. Glade B., Spanish Fork 
Grover. Alda Morris. Provo 
Grover, Deon, Draper 
Grover. Leon R,, Palmer, Alaska 
Grover. Lewis Joseph. Butte, Mont. 
Grover, Richard Keith. Brigham City, 331 
Groves, Lois June, Salt Lake, 352 
Grow, Robert Price, Lewiston. Idaho 
Gruver. Donald Earl. Richland. Wash. 
Gubler. Audrey Iris, Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Gubler, Brent H . Ivlns, 254, 331 
Gubler, Deon Ray. La Verkin 
Gubler, Phillip Duane. Santa Clara, 254. 308, 352 
Gudath. Robert Lee 

Gudmundsen, Ruth. Inglewood. Calif, 43. 366 
Gudmundsen, Stanley E., Inglewood. Calif., 274 
Gudmundson, Clarice. Ely. Nevada. 386 
Guernsey, Marvin E.. Gary, Ind., 320 
Guild, Charlene, Ogden. 283. 243, 282. 308 
Gulbrandsen. Lois I. S., Provo 
Gulbransen, Lois Jane B.. Bel Cajon. Calif, 331 
Gullo. Georgia Anne E.. Superior, Wis. 
Gunderson. Sherron, Gerlng. Neb., 94, 386 
Gunn. Blaine Franklin. Elsinore, 319 
Gunnall, Robert Dean, Soda Springs, Idaho, 292 
Gunner. John Eldred. Pittsburgh. Penn.. 36. 352 
Gunler. Henry Calvin, Arlmo. Idaho, 386 
Gunter, Monroe Maynard. Portland. Ore., 296, 320 
Gurich, Roger John, Long Beach. Calif. 386 
Gurney. Boyd F., Sallna, 331 
Gurney, Joana CoHoen, Lehi. 386 
Gurney John Albert 
Gurney. Kenneth R.. Salina, 352 
Gurney, Lois Jean, Salt Lake City, 220. 276. 331 
Gustavson. Jean Ann, Salt Lake City. 386 
Gustaveson, Lee Scotf, Falrview, 352 
Gustin. John, Springville, 128 

Guthrie, Don Arthur, Grand Canyon, Arii.. 42, 189. 245 
Guthrie. McKay L., Saint Anthony. Idaho 
Guymon, Duane S., Orangeville, 224, 331 

Guvmon, Etdon Vern, Provo 

Guymon. Fred E.. Provo 

Guymon, James Wayne, La Jara. Colo.. 96. 366 

Guymon. Marilyn Lee, Provo, 386 

Guymon, Richard Albert, Richland, Wash. 

Guyon. Karen Denlce, Montpeller, Idaho. 186, 249. 257, 

Gwilllam, Norma Dagmar. Boise. Idaho. 88. 254, 386 
Gwlnn. Albert. Tucson. Arii.. 320 
Gygi, Wayne Vance, Salt Lake 


Haag. David Roy. Glendora. Calif.. 386 

Hacking, Eleanore C. Vernal. 262. 386 

Hacking, Lu Jeanne. Cedar Volley. 386 

Hacking, Neldon Iowa, Vernal, 218, 386 

Hackman, James Don, Ogden 

Hackney, Kay Elaine, Morehead, Ky., 88, 386 

Hackwell, Glenn Alfred, Helper 

Haddock, Ian Grove, Meridian, Idaho 

Hadfield, Eerl Milton. 0«endale, Ala., 352 

Hadley, Donald B., Ogden 

Hadiey, Lenet, Blackfoot, Idako, lifS. 236, 386 

Hadley, Thomai Merrill, Ogden, 308 

Haortel, Ronold F., Salt Lake City 

Hafen, Annie Woodbury, Provo 

Hafen, Donald Neil, Mount Pleasent, 261. 331 

Hafen, Kenneth Ernest, St. George, 254, 331 

Hagerty, Everett Louis, Woodlend Hills, Calif. 210. 322 

Haggard, Richard Henry, Laveen, Arii. 

Haggen, Gilbert L., Lovell, Wyo., 386 

Haglund, Allene, Grace, Idaho 

Haglund, Roger Wilford, Los Angeles, Celif., 45, 222, 308 

Hague, Franklin Morris, Highmore, S. D.. 386 

Hahl, Constance Joan, Rahway, N, J., 386 

Height, Richard William, Salt Lake City 

Hailstone, Dean Lufkin, BuHe, Mont,, 202 

Haines, Rita Annette, Srawley, Calif., 366 

Hair, Benjamin Earl, Spanish Fork 

Hair, Benton Keith, Pocatello, Idaho, 331 

Hair, Lemar, Salt Lake City, 416 

Hale, Bessie, Bleckfoot, Ideho, 92. 386 

Hale, Dorine, Beaverton. Ore.. 386 

Hale, Gerald Ardell, Eager, Ariz., 416 

Hale, Lynn G., Salt Lake City, 386 

Hale, Phillip Nathan, Glendele, Celif. 

Hele, Stephen P., Savanah, Ga., 42, 187. 308 

Hales. Blenche, Spanish Fork 

Hales, Ernest M., Spanish Fork 

Hales, Harloy Robert, Pleasant Grove 

Hales, John Lockwood, Glendale, Calif., 145, 296, 214. 

296. 331 
Hales. Lynore, Salt Lake City. 90, 282, 331 
Hales, Pryce N., Selina, 386 
Hales, Robert, Provo 

Holes, Ronald Burns, Maywood, Calif., 192. 218. 386 
Hales, Ronald William, Elsinore, Celif., 386 
Holes, Von B., Salt Lake City, 90, 320 
Hall, Allon Perry, Springville 
Hall, Andreas F., Pleasant Grove 
Hall. Blaine E., Salt Lake City 
Hall, Boyd, Berkeley, Calif. 
Hall, Calvin D»ain. Vernal. 218, 386 
Hall. Calvin Nelson, Provo 
Hall, Charles Brent, Carnation, Wash, 
Hall, Charles M., Kamas, 255. 352 
Hall, Dan Jay, Santaquin 
Hall, Dee Ashby, Vernal, 386 
Hall. Edwin Chollus, Provo, 308 
Hall, Gary Dene, Lakeside. Arii. 
Hall, Gerold Ray, Tooele, 272, 322 
Hell, Glade Arthur, Springville, 352 
Hall, Karen Ann, Longbeach, Calif,, 208, 386 
Hall, Kenneth John, Portland, Ore,, 226, 260, 352 
Hall, Kenneth S., Provo 
Hell, LeGrond Tobler, Hurricane, 352 
Hall. LuRae, Preston. Idoho, 192, 250. 352 
Hell, Marilyn, Compton. Calif.. 76. 352 
Hall, Martin Arthur, Provo 
Hall, Nadine, Portage, 220, 352 
Hall, Peggy Margaret, Lorenio, Idaho, 276, 331 
Hall, Ralph Lynn, Nephi, 261, 352 
Hall, Richard E., Berkeley, Celif., 204. 416 
Hell, Robert Ray. Evanston, Wyo., 331. 352 
HaJI, Roger V., Roy 
Hall. Rolfie Lee. Sandy 
Hall, Roslyn Rae, Springville, 386 
Hell, Sue Jayne, Ooklond, Calif. 386 
Hall. William Lea. Provo 
Helladay. Albert Dee, Merysvale 
Holloday, Jerry Ann, Provo, 278, 283, 353 
Halladay, Kay Ellene, Spanish Fork, 353 
Hallen, Gloria, N.les. Celif. 386 
Hollar. Peggy Anne, Montebello, Calif. 76, 331 
Halliday, Arvlllo C, Los Angeles, Calif 
Halliday, Ernesf Mesa, Arii., 88, 366 
Hallock, George Vernon, Enterprise, 260, 386 
Halls, George David, San Antonio, Texas, 386 
Halls, Lyia Kenneth, Mancos, Colo., 416 
Halls. William W.. Monticello, 331 
Halpin, Dorothy Edna, Pocatello, Idaho, 353 
Halsey, Glenn Leslie, Long Beach, Calif, 88, 386 
Halversen, Allen Kent, Helper, 353 
Halvorsen, Sue Emily, Steilocoom, Wash.. 88. 386 
Homblin, Merilyn, Provo, 386 
Homblin, Theo Dweyne, Chula Vista, Calif. 386 
Hamelwrighl, Gale C, Price 
Hamer, Ada Suianne, Montebello, Calif., 88, 353 
Homilton, Annie Belle, Hyde Pork, 386 
Hamilton, Donna Gay, Blackfoof Idaho, 43, 44, 92. 186. 

212. 213. 228, 353 
Hamilton, Eugene M„ Butte, Mont, 
Homilton, Larry Gene. Wolnut Creek, Calif, 2IS, 387 
Hamilton, Mary loretta, Flandreau, S, D., 387 
Homilton, Sharon LaRae. Tabonia, 86, 387 
Hamlin, Josephine May, Grend Junction. Colo.. 331 
Homlin, Thello Moe, Vollelo. Cohf , 387 
Hamling, Donald D., Lethbridge, Alta., Can.. 242. 331 
Hammorstrom, Richard E-. Santa Rosa, Calif. 382 
Hammond, Martha A. Lowe, Portland, Ore., 322 
Hammond, Opal Gene, Sumatra, Mont, 
Hammond, Richard M , Las Vegas, Nav.. 353 
Hemric. Robert L., Sacremento, Calif., 387 
Hamson, Jaanetta L., Corono. Calif, 387 
Hemson. Robert Lionel, Corona, Calif., 322 
Hanchett. Garvin Ray. Provo. 76 


Hancoclt. Harold D.. Pocotello. Idaho 

Hancock. Jay J., Provo, 224 

Hancoclt, Jennia Jensen, Provo 

Hancock. Joseph Perry. Tucson, Ariz.. 244. 331 

Handley. Myrtle Lucille, Grand Junction, Colo., 353 

Handy, Verne StanJon, Long Beach, Calif. 

Hants, 6oyd E., Salem 

HanVs. David A . Budey, Idaho 

Hanks. Denn.i, Gerald. Caldwell. Idaho. 387 

Hanls. Joseph Sterling, Grover. 33) 

Hanks, Keith Lynn, Salem 

HanVs. Marilyn. Salem 

Harris, Nancy Gwendolyn, Menio Park, Calif.. 238. 290. 

Hanks, Richard F, Salem 
HanVs. Richard K., MenIo Part. Calif. 
Hanks. Russell H„ Salt Lake City, 331 
Hanly, Thomas Frank. Jr., Worland, Wyo.. 331 
Hanns, Leonard Depue. Los Angeles, Calif, 3S3 
Hanni, Helen Mary. Redwood City, Calif., 201, 257, 331 
Hansen, Alfred Wynn, Idaho Falls, Idaho. 387 
Hansen, Ardylh Mae, Centerfield, 353 
Hansen. Arlene, Dos Palos. Calif., 387 
Hansen, Arthur T., Spanish Fork 
Hansen, Betty Jean, Lincoln Park, Mich., 35 
Hansen, Beverly Ann, Vole, Ore, 
Hansen. Boyd Albert. Provo 
Hansen, Carol Anne. Idaho Falls. Idaho, 367 
Hansen. David Paul, Wanamassa, N.J„ 242. 387 
Hansen, David Steel, Camp Wonem, N. J. 
Hansen, Don J.. Ferron 
Hansen. Doris Emma. Mayfleld 
Hansen, Doyle L,, Joseph City, Arii., 331 
Hansen, Duane A,. Springville 
Hansen. Edward Lee. Hiko, Nev., 241, 296, 332 
Hansen, Elaine Sharon, Newton. 243. 280. 281 
Hansen. Ernest Bradbury, Provo. 333 
Hansen, Floyd Brent. Joseph City, Arii., 353 
Hansen, Gayland Lamar. Orem 
Hansen. Gerald Elmo, Spanish Fork 
Hansen. Glenna Lou. Newton, 250. 387 
Hansen, Gordon Emil, Oram, 308 
Hansen, Grace. Logan. 353 
Hansen. Henry Kimball, Delta. 332 
Hansen. James Vernon. Twin Falls. Idaho, 289. 353 
Hansen. Janell. Bir^gham. 387 
Hansen, Janice, Payson, 387 
Hansen, Jean. Hiko, Nev.. 78, 257, 353 
Hansen. Jim Pratt, Riverside, Calif. 
Hansen, John B., V^anamassa. N. J.. 286. 332 
Hansen, Joseph Henry, Lomita. Calif. 
Hansen, Joy Hawley, Vallejo, Calif. 
Hansen. Joyce, Idaho Falls. Idaho. 332 
Hansen, Judith Ayland. Salt Lake City. 387 
Hansen, Karen Marie. Portland, Ore., 208, 387 
Hansen, Kenneth Odell, Anderson, Calif. 
Hansen, Klaus J.. Provo 
Hansen. LaMonte L., Parma, Idaho 
Hansen, Larry Lyons, Burley. Idaho 
Hansen, Lavar June, Mayfield, 332 
Hansen. Louise, Monroe. 353 
Hansen, Marilyn Lorene, Vale, Ore., 78 
Hansen. Merrill Brown, American Fork 
Hansen, Myra Margaret. Delta, 387 
Hansen, Nancy Ann. Whittior, Calif,, 78, 387 
Hansen, Norma Gae, Richfield, 208, 387 
Hansen. Peggy U., American Fork, 308 
Hansen. Phyllis. Long Beach, Calif., 145. 353 
Hansen, Phyllis. Spanish Fork. 387 
Hansen, Quince Marion. Snow Flake, Arii,, 353 
Hansen, R. Leo. Toppenish. Wash.. 180, 353 
Hansen, Ralph Leslie, Portland. Ore.. 387 
Hansen. Richard Ray. San Mateo, Calif. 
Hansen. Roberta Edith. Toppenish, Wash., 282, 308 
Hansen, Stanley Dee, Grace, Idaho, 353 
Hansgen, Wells Eugene. Provo 
Hanson. Bennair. Lorenzo, Idaho, 353 
Hanson, Craig Alfred, South Pasadena, Calif., 416 
Hanson. Darrell Allred, Shelley, Idaho. 332 
Hanson, Deloy W , Provo 
Hanson, Gene Russell 

Hanson, Joannlne May, Salt Lake City. 88. 387 
Hanson. John Golden, Springville. 92, 387 
Hanson, Joseph Nolan, Draqerton. 239, 308 
Hanson, June Howard. Orem 
Hanson. Keyte Leon. Salt Lake City, 353 
Hanson, Marilyn Ruth. Spanish Fork 
Hanson, Norman J,, Roosevelt, 387 
Hanson. Ronald John, Santa Monica, Calif, 
Harden, Bryan. Orem, 416 
Harding, Carol Jileon, Payson, 308 
Harding, Dale J„ Provo, 243 
Harding. Evan Phillips, Provo 
Harding, Hazel Dean, Morgan, 92, 264, 387 
Harding, John Philip, Montelair, N. J„ 353 
Harding. Mary Anne, Orem, 78 
Harding. Ralph Ray. Malad, Idaho. 202, 308 
Harding, Robert A.. Salt Lake City, 333 
Harding, Ronald Clark, Provo 
Hardisty. Joan Leone. Berkeley, Calif., 416 
Hardle. Betty Lou. San Francisco, Calif.. 254, 353 
Hardman, Heber Thomas, Mendon 
Hardman, Ralph William. Lehi 
Hardy. Carolyn, Las Vegas, Nev.. 284, 258, 387 
Hardy. Ernest Jay, Los Angeles, Calif.. 387 
Hardy, Franklin Darden, Scotdale, N.C, 
Hardy, Gayle Lucille, Salt Lake City. 208. 387 
Hardy, Herbert M., Las Vegas. Nev., 387 
Hardy. Irene El Nora. Los Angeles, Calif.. 387 
Hardy James Keith, American Fork 
Hardy, Larrain, Oakley. Idaho, 94. 387 
Hardy. Lyman Lindsay. Provo 
Hardy. Lynn R., Provo 
Hardy, Phillip Grant. Las Vegas, Nev, 
Hardy. William Fred, San Mateo, Calif.. 387 
Hardy, William Heber, Provo 
Hare, Leroy 

Harenberg, Jacqueline, Center. Colo., 353 
Harker, Gary Lee, Glenwood, Alta., Can., 387 
Harkness. Jill, Tacome. Wash., 194. 332 
Harley, Helen P., Los Angeles, Calif.. 387 
Harley, Timothy W., Charleston, S. C. 
Harlow, James Douglas. Provo 
Herman, Dean William. Salt Lake City. 353 
Harmer. Don. Springville 
Harmer, Wallace G.. Springville, 387 
Harmon, Dell T.. Provo 
Harmon, Gordon Wendell, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 387 

Harmon, Keith B , Fairview. Wyo.. 308 

Harmon. Larry E. 

Harmon, Philip M., Provo. 308 

Harmon, Robert Bartlett, El Cerrtto, Calif. 

Harmon, Sherril Allan, Price, 387 

Harmon, Wilford G , Jr., Berkeley, Calif., 76. 289 

Harper, Albert Walter. Inqlewood, Calif. 

Harper. John J.. Blackfoot. Idaho. 222, 244 

Harper, Kathryn. Blackfoot. Idaho. 387 

Harper, Kimball. Taylor, Oakley, Idaho, 353 

Harper. Leslie Keith. Orem 

Harris, Alan LeGrande. Provo 

Harris. Antoine H.. Provo 

Harris. Arlen Arthur, Ririe. Idaho. 204 

Harris. Boyce Rich. Ogden. 264. 332 

Harris. Chester Wayne. Independence. Mo, 

Harris. Oeverle Porter. Lovell. Wyo,, 99 

Harris. Diane. Oak City. 353 

Harris. Edward F.. Provo 

Harris, Frank Donvelle. Hills. Ore., 289 

Harris, Franklin S., Salt Lake City 

Harris, Gaylen Ammon, Tacoma. Wash.. 387 

Harris. Howard Melvin, Provo. 387 

Harris. Jerry Starr, Provo, 273 

Harris, John Bernhard. Provo 

Harris, John S., Provo, 320 

Harris, Joseph W., Jr.. Syracuse. N,Y., 296, 353 

Harris, Kathryn Kay, Evanston. Wyo.. 78, 387 

Harris. Kenneth B., Provo 

Harris, Kenneth George, Columbia, 353 

Harris, Leiand Mack. Provo, 387 

Harris LeRoy McCoy, Ogden. 387 

Harris. Llla Ann. Simla. Colo., 78. 282. 353 

Harris. Lloyda Mae. Dcrango, Colo.. 308 

Harris. Lynn Ronald. Ogdan, 224 

Harris. M. Maurine. Evanston, Wyo., 88 

Harris, Marvene, Kirtland, N. Me<.. 257. 387 

Harris. Michael G., Crescent. Ore., 387 

Harris, PatHcia Marie. Whittier, Calif. 

Harris, Reynold Paul, Pleasant Grove 

Harris, Rita Jean. Torrance. Calif., 387 

Harris. Ronald Lea, Frontier. Wyo., 353 

Harris, Sidney Gene. Evanston, Wyo. 

Harris. Thomas Albert, Los Angeles. Calif., 353 

Harris. Val LeRoy. Provo, 387 

Harris, Vera Vanieta. Bountiful. 353 

Harris, William David, Columbia Falls, Mont. 

Harrison, Carolyn L., Lund, Nev,, 387 

Harrison. Garth Trevier. Provo. 416 

Harrison, George W.. Showlow. Arii.. 308 

Harrison, J. E.. Provo 

Harrison, Jane, Springville, 31, 88, 191, 294 

Harrison, Kent L.. Price, 41, 289, 353 

Harrison, Laura. Malad, Idaho, 308 

Harrison, Parry Deloss, Malad, Idaho 

Harrison, Phillip J.. Springville, 387 

Harrison. Russell D.. Jr.. Ruth, Nev.. 218. 387 

Harrison, Willis Lee. Hawthorne, Nev.. 387 

Harsch, Donald Eugene, Smlthton, Mo. 

Harston. Jean. Cowley. Wyo. 

Hart, Barbara Ann. Oakland. Calif.. 44, 186. 200. 220, 

221. 294. 
Hart, Jennie M. Dunton. Paraqonah 
Hart, John AdolpS. Provo, 296. 353 
Hart, John William. Virgin. a. Idaho, 308 
Hart. Judith Adelia. Glencoe. III.. 353 
Hart, Karen, Pocatello. Idaho, 308 
Hart, Laree. Salt Lake City. 88, 387 
Hart. Lorna Claire. Ogden 
Hart, Ronny David. Glendale, Calif. 
Hartley, Karen Marie, Malad, Idaho 80, 212. 353 
Hartley, Wayne Oler, Stirling, Alta,. Can. 
Hartsfiald, Donald Ray. Tucson. Ariz., 296, 353 
Hartshorn, Leon, American Fork 
Harvey. Clark O,, Blending 
Harvey, Denzll Preal, BIythe. Calif., 332 
Harvey, James Stanley. KaysvlUe 
Harvey, Kenneth L., Pleasant Grove, 210 
Harward. Donna Carol. Loa. 416 

Harward. Merrill Wilson, Idaho Falls. Idaho 96. 218, 387 
Harward. Peggy Lee, Richfield, 332 
Harward. Sherman Dean, Springville 
Harwood. Darwin J.. Pocatello, Idaho 235. 332 
Hase, Floyd Grover, Salt Lake City, 353 
Haskell. Clyde, Payson, 
Haskell, Ray, Pocatello, Idaho 
Haslam. William Bruce, Denver, Colo.. 232, 353 
Haslem. Verl. Roosevelt 
Hasson. Allen, Inglewood, Calif, 
Hatch. Ammon Paul. Jr., Chesterfield. Idaho. 388 
Hatch. Barbara Ann, Taylor, Ariz. 
Hatch, Cart Alvin. Browning. Mont.. 388 
Hatch, Delsa Diane, Idaho Falls. Idaho, 180, 236. 371. 388 
Hatch, Donna Louise. Juarez, Mexico, 45, 86, 220. 353 
Hatch. Flora. Snow Flake. Arii. 
Hatch. George W.. Oxford. Idaho, 200. 332 
Hatch. Glendon. Provo, 136 
Hatch. Golda. Salt Lake City. 388 
Hatch, LaRae. Browning. Mont.. 231 
Hatch. Mark Ellis. Panguitch. 353 
Hatch, Mary Ann, Boulder. Colo.. 308 
Hatch, Mary Gay. Springville 243, 254, 308 
Hatch, Maurleen E„ Salt Lake City. 353 
Hatch, Milton Jay, Springville. 388 
Hatch, Paul Burbank, Ogden, 264, 332 
Hatch, Ronald Dwayne, Provo. 235, 322 
Hatch, Roy Dwayne. St. George, 308 
Hatch, Sharon Lee, Gateway. Ore, 
Hatch. Thelma, Bancroft, Idaho, 166. 280, 332 
Hatcher, Nancy Merle. Vaughn, Mont., 212. 353 
Hatfield. John Richard, Roseburq. Ore.. 388 
Hatfield, Joyce Ann, Springville 
Hatfield, Kenneth M,. Cleveland. Ohio. 333 
Hatfield. Kent Eves, Springville. 235 
Hatfield, Richard M.. Clevland, Ohio. 308 
Hatton, Betty Jo. Fillmore, 230, 308 
Hatton, Eva Msriane. Idaho Falls. Idaho, 319 
Haupt. Floyd E., Provo 

Hausknecht. Jeanne. Bingham Canyon, 43. 88. 388 
Havens, Dennis Michael. Henderson. Nev. 
Havens. Hallis Julia. Salmon. Idaho, 308 
Hawk. Thomas Grady. Jr.. Eagle City. Okla.. 388 
Hawkes. Gene Stanton. Preston, Idaho, 416 
Hawkes, Jay Leon, Blackfoot. Idaho 
Hawkes. Joyce. Salt Lake City. 308 
Hawks. Verlyn Eugene. Gooding. Idaho. 320 
Hawkins. Anne. Denver. Colo.. 220, 290. 333 
Hawkins. Arline Marian. Salt Lake City. 388 

Hawkins. Charles Edward, Salt Lake City. 272 

Hawkins, Douglas S.. Ely, Nov. 

Hawkins, Farrell Ray. Murray, 88 

Hawkins, Helen Ann. Boise. Idaho. 78 

Hawkins. Norine. Aurora. Colo.. 388 

Hawkins. Spencer James, Lake Town 

Hawkins, Steven Barry. Tooele. 115, 289 

Hawks, Virginia Lee, Salt Lake City. 308 

Hawley. Lois Adele. Conrad. Mont.. 231. 255. 282 

Haws, Beverly Rae, Boulter 

Haws, Erwin M.. Springville, 353 

Haws. Janet Lynne, Mldvale 

Haws, John K.. Vernal 

Haws, Joseph Hugh, Lehi 

Haws, Kent Findlay. San Diego, Calif., 33, 388 

Haws, Patricia Fay, Los Angeles, Calif.. 388 

Haws, Travis Glen, Provo 

Haws, Waity, Eager. Ariz., 308 

Haycock. Don Harding, Salt Lake City. 274 

Haycock. Janet, San Leandro, Calif., 388 

Haycock, Roger George. Cedar City. 270 388 

Hayden, Warren Ray, Provo 

Hayes. Charles D,. Las Vegas. Nev.. 308 

Hayes. Darwin Lyie. Georgetown. Idaho. 189. 249. 332 

Hayes. Max A., Montpeller, Idaho. 353 

Hayes, Reed Gene, Moab 

Hayes, William Oscar. American Fork 

Haymond. David Ruel, Springville 

Haymond. James Brent, Springville, 136, 296. 353 

Haymond. Jay Melvin. Springville. 416 

Haymond, Tom Meal, Springville, 388 

Haynes, Marlene Sibyl, Norwalk, Calif.. 388 

Haynes. William F., Farmington. N. Max.. 353 

Haynle, Carl S., Provo 

Haynie, Klea Carolyn, Los Angeles. Calif.. 388 

Haynle. Paul Alva, Greenville. Mo.. 136 

Hayward. Margaret. Provo .230. 245. 308 

Hazelqren. Gary Hyrum, Haines, Ore. 

Head, Nephl Lawrence, Midvale. 308 

Healey, David Winn, Alpine, 388 

Healy, Max Lester, Orem. 353 

Heap. Dan E., St. John's. Ariz. 

Heaps. Arnell E„ Payson, 29. 224. 244, 332 

Heaps. Wlllard Ken, Springville, 76, 388 

Hearn, Milton E., Phoenix, Ariz. 

Heath, Frank Arvid, San Bernardino. Calif., 416 

Heath. Joan Patricia. San Leandro, Calif., 208. 388 

Heath. Leo Merlin. San Bernardino. Calif. 353 

Heaton, Alma. Provo 

Heaton, Carol Jean. Alton 

Heaton, Karma. Hunter. 226 

Heaton, LeRoy C. Kanab, 88 

Heaton. Nanell. Alpine, 388 

Heber. Ruth Freda, Magna 

Heber. Vernon Eugene. Magna 

Hebertson, Val M.. Orem 

Heck. Ronald Glenn. Burbank, Calif., 308 

Hedden, Robert George, Arlington. Va. 

Hedqulst, Robert A.. Provo. 353 

Heeder, Jean Gayle, Mesa. Arii. 

Heeder, Robert Dana, Mesa, Ariz, 

Hslde, Doris Carol, Salt Lake City, 88. 388 

Heldlebaugh, Audrey M.. Carmlchael, Calif.. 80. 308 

Hellner, Sanford J., Baker. Ore., 177. 296. 354 

Helmark, Elmonda Larae. Phllipsburg. Mont.. 94. 255, 388 

Helmark, Pat Joseph, Baker. Ore.. 226. 255 

Helner. Goldle Laree. Bedford. Wyo., 353 

Heiner, Hallie Kenneth. Provo 

Helner. Sharon May. Provo 

Heiss, Mary Lee P.. Brace. Idaho. 308 

Heitmann. Ingrid A.. Stockholm. Sweden, 388 

Halberg. Ray Wayne. Los Angeles, Calif. 

Helm. Blanche F., Los Angeles, Calif., 279, 416 

Helm, Maurvene Elaine. Los Angeles, Calif., 88. 279, 353 

Helquist, Lamar Johnson, Blending, 388 

Helton. O. John. Anah. Calif., 332 

Helvio. Mark Dale, Salem. Ore., 388 

Hemenway, John Lynne, Woodland. Calif., 210. 267. 354 

Hemingway. Robert D.. Bakersfield. Calif,. 200. 308 

Hemsley, Aaron Allen. La Habra. Calif.. 354 

Henderson. Clark Evan. Cannonville. 237, 322 

Henderson, Fred David. Raymond, Alta., Can. 

Henderson, Gerald V,. Burley, Idaho 

Henderson. James L.. Salt Lake City 

Henderson, Paul Jay, Boise. Idaho. 332 

Henderson, William W., Delta, 388 

Hendricks. Colvin, Boise. Idaho, 332 

Hendricks. Edgar E. Jr.. Chlco, Calif. 388 

Handrickson. Roger R.. Centerfield. 354 

Hendrickson, Shyrma Loy. Sandy, 354 

Henkel, Kurt G.. Odessa, Wash.. 388 

Henllne, Harold Allen, Magna 

Hanning. Ronald Maxwell, Long Beach, Calif 

Henningsen, Cherle A., Stansbury. Wyo.. 388 

Henningsen, Tove BlHen, Esbjerg. Denmark, 255, 388 

Henrie, Gay. Phoenix, Ariz., 232, 308 

Henrie. Marlon Lyman, Delta. 354 

Henrie, Patricia Ann. Ventura, Calif, 90, 354 

Henrie, Robert Juan, Richfield. 92 

Henrlksen. Alma Lamont. Bellflower, Calif. 201 

Henriksen. Luis M. H., Hinkley 

Henry. Phyllis Diane, Upper Darby. Penn.. 25. 33. 45. 

220. 247 
Henson. Charles A., Council Bluffs. Iowa. 350 
Hepburn. Adele, North Hollywood, Calif 
Hepworth, Clarence W. Jr., Magna. 92, 350 
Hepworth, Lester O., Hinckley, 332 
Herbst, John Ronald. Provo, 76. 332 
Herget. Amos Lindsay, Portland. Ore.. 270, 354 
Hermansen, Joan. Spanish Fork, 88 
Hermansen, Redge Jay. Gunnison. 354 
Hermansen. Ronald John, Denver. Colo., 78. 388 
Hermansen, Royce Larry, Payson. 388 
Herrin, Gene Carley. Bentonla. Miss.. 388 
Herring. Derryl Riches, Farmington. N. Mex.. 82. 247, 

Herring. Jill Yvonne, Farmington. N. Mex., 258. 282. 333 
Herron. Frank L., Cutbank. Mont.. 354 
Herron. Lynn Ernest 

Herron. Peggy Jean. Magna. 145, 178, 208. 354. 389 
Herron. Richard Ross, Tooele, 388 
Herron, Zina Carol, Heber. 388 
Hesllngton, Howard A,, Mlnersville 
Hess, Carlene Bess. Caldwell. Idaho, 333 
Hess. Daniel Stewart. Ashton. Idaho, 319 
Hess. Douglas S„ Los Angeles, Calif. 308 
Hess, Mary Bullock. American Fork 
Hess, Wilford Meser, Nampa. Idaho. 332 


Hewett. Russell B., Long Bedch. Calif. 

Hewoid, B«ryl, Holbrool. Aril. 

Ho«ltt. Harold Kollef, Salam. Oro.. 274. 354 

Hayes. Carolyn. Salt Lake City. 388 

Heywood. Annette. Richfield, 388 

Heywood, Jared, Holbrook, Aril.. 354 

Heywood, Richard Dan, Cedar City, 92, 94. 95. 32 

Hiaft. Anne P.. Mount Airy, N. C„ 354 

HIatt, Calvin Columbus, t.<ounl Airy, N. C, 309 

Hiatt. Ouane Evan, Payson, 28, 128, 388 

Hiatt. Merwin Russel. Payson 

Hiatt, Miriam Joyce. Slendale. Calil,. 88. 208, 412 

Hiatf, Mona Faye, Provo. 308 

Hiatt. Reid M.. Payson. 224, 332 

Hiaft. Sidney Lawrence, Vale Oregon, 354 

Hibbard. Gary John, Ely, Nev., 388 

Hibbert, Gwyneth. Los Angeles, Calif. 

Hibbert, Muriel. Hurricane, 388 

Hibshmen, Dennis Joseph, Canoge Park. Calif. 

Hicken. Ada Elaine. Hober. 332 

Hicken, Jay CyrL Heber, 388 

Hicken. John Randolph, Raymond, Alta.. Can. 

Hickenlooper, Karl W., Provo 

Hickenlooper. Lottie W., Provo, 321, 388 

Hickenlooper. Sharon A.. Salt Lake City, 88. 186 

Hicfcorson, Richard L,. Rock Springs. Wyo.. 416 

Hickman, Kenneth Rei. Provo, 296. 354 

Hickman. Veria Kay. Overton. Nev. 

HickcoK, Barbara Rae. Salt Lake City 

Hicks. Leanne. Chicago. III., 212, 223, 228. 354 

Hicks, Marilynn Say, El Monte, Celif., 78, 388 

Hiclu, Robert Franklin. Rochester, N. Y.. 309 

Hideshime. Sam. Oram 

Higa. Harry Takemi. Honolulu. Oahu. Hawaii 

Higashi, Align Akio. Makaweli, Kauai. Hawaii, 256. 388 

Higbee, Joseph Marvin, Springville 

Higbee. Richard Eugene, Winslow, Aril. 

Higbee, Sharon Lavern, BreiTierton. 354 

Higbee. Wanda Mae, Winslow, Ariz.. 309 

Higbee. Wm. 8.. Oram 

Higgins, Cherles W.. Provo. 132. 133, 309 

Higgins. Jay Carl. Thatcher. Arii., 322 

Higginson, Dennis, Nampe. Idaho. 354 

Higginson, Gary Anson. Pingree, Idaho 

Higginson, Heber Dean, Lehi, 332 

High, Kemba Ann. Inglewood, Calif., 208 388 

Higham. Delphin Paul, Los Angeles, Calif.. 247 

Higham, Zoe Ann, Los Angeles. Calif.. 388 

Hill, Annette. Idaho Falls, Idaho. 354 

Hill. Beverly C, Provo 

Hill, Carolyn Joan. South Sate, Calif, 388 

Hill, Chadley Ann. Sacramento. Calif., 332 

Hill, Dennis Leroy. Payson, 239 

Hill. Derrell Golden, Provo 

Hill, Gordon Orville, Ephrata. Wash.. 388 

Hill. Harry N.. Raiburg, Idaho, 354 

Hill. Howard Richard, San Mateo. Calif.. 188. 244. 

251. 267. 388 
Hill, Janet Leone, Oakland, Calif.. 264. 332 
Hill, Keith A., Provo. 388 
Hill. Merlyn Richard. Ogden 
Hill, Ma« J.. Provo 
Hill, Newell Kenneth, Ririe. Idaho 
Hill. Orrin Kieth, Ririe. Idaho 
Hill, Paul 0., Provo 
Hill. Paul M.. Ucon. Idaho. 289. 416 
Hin, Sheril Vaughn. Spanish Fork, 383 
Hill, Valerie Kaye, Rigby, Idaho, 388 
Hill, William Morris. Burbank. Calif,. 354- 
Hills, Ronald Cree, Sell Lake City 
Hillberry, L. Owaine, Worland, Wyo.. 266, 354 
Hillier, Ronald Miles. Avenel, N. J. 
Hiltbrand. Wesley R.. Idaho Falls. Idaho. 289. 309 
Hilton. Bonnie Fay, Heber, 388 
Hilton, Clesse S.. Delta, 332 
Hilton, Jacbon Michael. Green S. C. 115. 333 
Hilton, Lael. Delta, 241. 388 
Hilton. W. Bruce. Delta, 214, 322 
Hinckley, Michael R.. Salt Lake City. 114. 354 
Hinckley, Mike L., Provo. 388 
Hindley. James Ernest, American Fork, 354 
Hinkins, Norms Madge. Provo, 388 
Hinksen. Roland. Provo, 333 
Hinbon. Jimmy W., Provo, 309 
Hinman, Kaye. Kalispell. Mont., 255, 389 
Hintre, Geraldine, Provo, 268. 332 
Hinlie. Ruth. Salt Lake City. 354 
Hinze. Roberta. Salem. 263, 389 
Hipwell. Dee E.. Provo 
Hipwell. Grant Stoker. Ogden, 210, 354 
Hirschi, Diane. Rockville. 354 
Hlrschi, Lavall, Edward, Soneva, Idaho. 249, 354 
Hirschi, Willard M., Rockville, 121. 126. 128, 132 
HIrtzel, Richard Dale, Burbank, Calif,. 42. 188 
Hiskey, Harold H.. Bicknell 
Hitesman. Ferrell J.. Tooele, 389 
Ho, Robert K. F., Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, 256. 332 
Hoagland, Elmo Gale, Provo 
Hoagland. Luwilla Jean. Melba Idaho. 389 
Hobbs. Charlene. Provo, 389 
Hobbs, Charles R., Preston, Idaho, 25 
Hobbs. Geralynn. Weston, Idaho, 86, 354 
Hobbs, M. Odell. Preston. Idaho. 309 
Hobbs. Mary Elizabeth. Sell Lake City. 389 
Hobbs. Rebecca. Preston, Idaho. 389 
Hobbs. Rita Clare, Lawrenceville. III., 332 
Hock, Nerita. Tawas City. Mich.. 389 
Hocking, Mariorio J,, Bingham Canyon. 197. 238. 290 
Hodges, Jere Dale, Richmond 
Hodgkinson, Jean. Vernal, 228, 354 
Hodgtinson, Larry S., Provo, 332 
Hodson, Daryl Vance. Clearfield, 332 
Hodson, Harry. Provo, 27. 244 
Hodson. Lloyd Leroy. Orem, 322 
Hodson, Phillip H.. Provo. 321 
Hodson. Richard Brown. Downey, Calif-, 354 
Hoeft, William George, Provo 
Hoffman, Leon Devan, Randolph. 389 
Hogan. Mary Louise, Woods Cross, 389 
Hogan. William Alma, Bancroft. Idaho 
Hogensen, Marvin Cleon. Ogden, 264. 332 
Hoqgan. George Robert. Burley. Idaho. 309 
Hoggan, Robert Jay. Phoenir. Ariz., 354 
Hoggard, Shirley, American Fork 416 
Hogge, Glen Ray, Ogden, 264. 332 
Hogge. Rollin Byron, Elko, Nev.. 389 
Hoglund. Boyd Park. American Fork. 270 
Hokanson. Beverly. Ogden. 294, 332 

Holbrook, Leona. Provo 

Holcomb. Elmer Delos. Provo 

Holcomb, Rode. Provo 

Holdaway. Donna Vee 

Holdaway, Marion Kay. Provo 

Holgale, Ronald C. Monroe, 389 

Holindrake, Doris Emma, American Fork. 276 

Holladay. Carol Joy, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 389 

Holladay, Fred Howard. Santaquin, 332 

Holladay, James Eugene. Wlnnenluccs. Nev., 354 

Holland. Carolyn, Salt Lake City. 389 

Holland, Hal William, Provo 

Holland, James Myron. Ogden. 247 

Hollberg, Dorothy Joyce. Salt Lake City. 389 

Holley. Karl Newell. Rlchlend, Wash. 

Hollibaugh, Betty Lois, Redding, Calif. 

Holliday. Allen Heber. Seroh. Miss., 234, 309 

Holllday, Parley Edgar, Sarah. Miss., 49, 244, 322 

Hollinger. William C, Ursine. Nev. 

Hollingshead, James B., Whittier, Calif., 389 

Hollingsheed, Jean, Salt Lake. 88. 389 

Hollingsworlh. Helen, Salt Lake City. 389 

Hollingsworth, Marvin W., Preston. Idaho, 332 

Hollingworth, Franklin, Salt Lake City. 332 

Hollis. Almy. Fillmore. 92. 94. 388 

Holloway. Paul A., Provo 

Holm. Kenneth Mickelson, Provo, 389 

Holman, Beverly Elaine, Great Falls, Mont., 220, 255. 389 

Holman, Joy J,. Re.burg. Idaho. 294. 354 

Holman, Margaret Jean, Pocatello, Idaho. 88. 389 

Holman, Sharon Alice, McGlll, Nev., 78. 389 

Holman. Ted. Orem 

Holmes. Carole J., Springville 

Holmes, Don Arlen, Manassa. Colo.. 416 

Holmes. Edward William. Springville 

Holmes, John R.. Raymond. Alts., Can.. 332 

Holmes, Mary Naomi, Harbor City, Calif.. 177. 212. 280. 

281, 354 
Holt. Arvil Monte. Provo. 309 
Holt, Carle Ann. Palo Alto. Calif., 276, 277, 309 
Holt, David Earl, Provo, 416 
Holt. Deann. Kamas. 354 
Holt, Sale, Spanish Fork, 389 
Holt, Ivin Laphel, Enterprise 
Holt, Laurel, Enterprise 

Holt, Norma Oianne, Sila Bend, Ariz., 279, 309 
Hoit, Paul Blacfcett, Spanish Fork 
Holfman, Sandra Aline, Redwood, Calif.. 389 
Holtsclaw. Estella L.. Long Beech, Calif.. 245, 332 
Holz, Keith Peter, Ogden 
Homer, David Cluff. Highland, Ind. 
Homer, John Russell. Whittier, Calif.. 88, 270. 389 
Homer, Larene Adams, Provo, 389 
Homer, Norman Charles, Provo 
Hone, Evan Newell. Pleasant Grove 
Hood, Betty Jo. Redlands, Calif.. 251. 416 
Hood. Harlow Grant. Salt Lake City. 78. 274, 364 
Hood. Herbert Bruce, Salt Lake City, 94 
Hooper. Richerd T., Ukiah, Calif.. 332 
Hoopes, Ned Edward, Downing. Calif., 236. 272 
Hoover, Betty Ann, Springville. 84, 90. 354 
Hoover, Kelvin L., Provo, 84. 322 
Hopkins, Alfred Normen, Provo. 49, 235 
Hopkins. Ann Stanford, Thatcher. Ariz.. 354 
Hopkins, Arthur L,, El Cerrilo, Calif. 
Hopkins, Betty Carolyn, Houston, Teias, 260 
Hopkins, Donna Jean. Cutbank, Mont. 
Hopkins. Neil Robert, Pasadene, Calif., 270, 309 
Hopla. Flarold J., Mapelton, 309 
Hopple. Delroy Deone. Waco. Texas 
Hopping. Mary Jo. Calgary, Alta.. Can,, 86. 354 
Hopping. Miriam Anne, Calgary, Alberta, Can., 86. 220. 

Horban. Walter George. Ont., Can.. 332 
Horlacher, Floyd Kent. Orem. 354 
Horlacher, Fred R.. Fallon. Nev. 
Home. Roger Marion. Phoeni;t, Ariz.. 389 
Horrocks, Demont Edward. Salem, 389 
Horrocks. Kaye. Richland, Wash.. 106. 181 
Horrocks, Sheldon Glen. Heber 
Horsley, Richard Cole, Daly City, Calif., 389 
Horstmoler, Heinz L., Milwaukee. Wis.. 246, 389 
Horton, Frank Arnold, West Drive 
Horton. George A. Jr., Springville 
Horton, Helen Marlene, Circleville. 294, 332 
Horton. William R.. Provo, 354 
Hoskin, Jack, San Diego, Calif. 
Hoskin. Jerry Lee, Wlctenburg, Ariz., 389 
Hoskins, Curtis Lynn, Malad, Ideho, 381 
Hostutler, Delila Ann, Tooele 

Hotchkiss. Elizabeth L., Grand Junction. Colo.. 416 
Houghtaling, Francis Wm., Dugway. 194.319 
Houghton. Delbert L.. Santaquin, 416 
Houssian, William C, Calgary. Can.. 252. 389 
Houston, F. Grant. Panguitch, 332 
Houston. Rodney Leroy. Los Angeles, Calif, 274, 275 
Houston. Ronald Earl. Los Angeles. Calif, 274 
Houtz, Kleber Duene. Roosevelt. 309 
Howard. Carolyn Diane, Orem 
Howard, Dale W.. Provo 
Howard, Ruth Ann, Pocatello. Idaho, 332 
Howard, Stanley Phillip, Ventura. Calif. 188, 309 
Howe. Barbara Lynn. Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Howell, Blaine Victor, Provo 
Howell. Donald Fay. Provo 
Howell. Jacqueline. Caldwell, Idaho, 389 
Howell, T. Devon, Blackfoot, Idaho 
Howells, James Morrison. Midvale, 332 
Howes, Shirley, Ruth Nev.. 389 
Howlett, Duane K,, Draper, 389 
Hojrie. Florence L., Provo. 354 
Horle. Shirley Louise, Provo. 416 
Hoyal, Donna Laurine. El Monte. Calif. 389 
Hoyt, Barbara lone, Nephi, 90, 215, 282, 309 
Hsu, Li Chen, Formosa, China, 319 
Hubbard, Merita J., Pine Island, Minn., 354 
Hubbard, Noreen, Dillon, Mont.. 232 
Hubenor. Nancy Ann, Saionville, Mass.. 389 
Huber. Larry Blaine. Lapoint 
Hubler, Heinz Helmuth, Biel, Switzerland. 25. 389 
Hubner. William C. Staten Island. N. Y.. 247. 354 
Hudson, David S., Raymond. Alta., Can.. 389 
Hudson. Marilyn Bell. Orem, 389 
Huerta, Robert Henry, Provo 
Huff Clifton Glen, Spanish Fork 
Huff Dale Delos, Spanish Fork, 354 
Huff Edward Curtis, Spanish Fork 

Huff Merlin Jolley. Spanish Fork 

Huffaker. Dele Carlson. Ontario. Ore.. 78. 389 

Hulfaker. Frances M.. Vale. Ore.. 290 

Huffaker. Glen Warren, Meridian, Idaho 

Huffaker, Normen Ray. Vale, Oregon, 389 

Huffman, John Henry, Babbitt, Nev., 389 

Hufsledler, Betty Jo, Poplar Bluff, Mo., 389 

Huggins. Glenda Mae, Rawlins, Wyo.. 389 

Hughart. BeHy Lou. Lynwood. Calif.. 354 

Hughes. Gerald Jay. Jackson. Wyo. 

Hughes, Jecquelynn Joy. Fallon. Nev. 

Hughes, Mary Jean. Provo. 309 

Hughes. Richerd R.. Piedmont. Calif 

Hughes. Shirley Arline. Los Angeles. Calif. 243. 332 

Hulick. Jerry E.. Provo 

Hulick. John T., Provo 

Hulick, Robert Boyd. Provo. 332 

Hullinger. Den Jay. Provo. 389 

Hull. Janis Patricia. Hagerman. Idaho. 26, 177. 212. 228 

Hull. Jay Alton. Hooper. 416 
Hull, Melbe Elaine, Rockland. Idaho. 78 
Hull, Norma Lavern. Provo 
Hull. Sonja. Ogden. 332 
Hullinger. Carol Dawn. Provo. 354 
Hullinger. Floid Earl.. Vernal. 92 
Hulme, Thelma Jean. Hagerman. Idaho. 354 
Hulse. DarIa Fae. Buhl, Idaho, 389 
Humphorys, Melvin Dee, Thayne, Wyo.. 389 
Humphrey, June, Orangevllle, 389 
Humphrey. Mary L. Salt Lake City. 143. 309 
Humphries, Doris Feye, Audubon, N. J . 46, 216 
Humphries, Owen Guy, Americen Fork. 354 
Hundley. John D.. Provo 
Hunn. Frances. Provo 
Hunnlcutt. Royce 0.. Provo. 354 
Hunsaker. Leiand Ray. Provo. 354 
Hunsaker. Sandra. Lima, Peru 
Hunt. Diane. Self Lake City, 76. 332 
Hunt, Donald Herman, Price, 389 
Hunf Earline. Tigard. Ore.. 354 
Hunt. Edwin Lewis, Snowflake, Ariz.. 115. 332 
Hunt. Elton t. Enterprise 
Hunt, Jarman Roderick, Concord, Calif 
Hunt, Jeanette Ruth, Baker, Ore.. 78. 90. 259. 389 
Hunt. Judith Ann, Bluefield, W. Ve. 354 
Hunt. Margaret Ann, Heyburn, Idaho, 389 
Hunt, Mary Lou, Sacramento, Celif. 332 
Hunt, Richard, Beryl. 115. 118. 129, 332 
Hunt. Robert Andrew. Niles. Celif.. 389 
Hunt, Thomas Aasa. Baker. Ore., 309 
Hunt, Wanda. Buhl, Idaho. 389 
Hunter, AaH B., Holden, 389 
Hunter, Arthol B., Provo 
Hunter, Cozette Stewart, Orem 

Hunter, Doris Ellleen, Prince Albert. Sask.. Can., 309 
Hunter. G. Wilford. Provo 

Hunter, John Jacob. Arcadia. Calif.. 31, 177. 296, 355 
Hunter, Karma, Provo. 355 
Hunter, Kenneth Duke, Ogden 
Hunter, Leslie Rey. Grentsville, 309 
Hunter, Louis S.. Jr.. El Paso, Teias. 290 
Hunter. Mergaret. Salt Lake City, 188. 245. 332 
Hunter. Mary Ann. El Paso. Tenas. 84 
Hunter, Reid Morris. Farmington. Mass. 
Hunter. Thora. Provo 
Hunter. William Don. Los Angeles, Calif 
Huntsman, Howard W., Ferron, 390 
Huntsman. June Sprague. Provo 
Huntsman. Lewis Ralston, Enterprise. 355 
Huntsman. Raleigh Lewis. Hamilton. Mont.. 355 
Hurd. Morgan Eugene. Barnwell. Alta.. Can.. 355 
Hurd, Royal Clifford, Sioui City. Iowa 
Hurlbut, Phillip H., Provo, 186, 3S5 
Hurren. Sybil Cteone. Nempa, Idaho, 90. 355 
Hurst. Dale. Provo 

Hurst, Dorothy Lee. Sen Jose. Celif. 332 
Hurst. Henry Wayne, Des Moines, Iowa 
Hursf Leila Durfee, Provo 
Hurst, Leonard, Provo 
Hursf Margene. Springville 
Hursf Merrill Y.. Blending 
Hurtedo. Alvaro, Las Vegas, Nov. 
Husband. Rayola G.. Self Lake City. 243. 309 
Huskey, Darryl Lavern. Nampe, Idaho, 355 
Hussey, Reedelle, Mesa Ariz.. 332 
Hutchings. Duane F., Spanish Fork 
Hutchlns, Earl James, Rupert, Ideho 
Hutchins, Robert Hugh, Temple City, Celif. 
Hutchinson, Joseph Alma, Buhl, Idaho. 76 
Hutchinson, Karl Grant. Buhl. Idaho. 76. 319 
Hutchinson. Nancy H., Denver, Colo.. 290. 332 
Hutchinson. Nannette C. Buhl, Idaho, 243. 322 
Hutchinson, Nalhel. Mesa, Ariz.. 290. 309 
Hutchinson. Nela, Buhl, Idaho. 33. 35. 76. 280. 281. 30- 
Hutchinson. Patricie A., Robson, Ariz.. 390 
Hutchinson. Rose Marie. Salt Lake City. 88. 226. 390 
Hutchison. Wallace W.. Malta. Idaho. 390 
Huiford. Gary, Portland, Ore., 355 
Hyde, Darcus Davis, Provo, 309 
Hyde, Edna Lou S,, Kensington. Md.. 220, 355 
Hyde. Ellis Orson. Boise. Idaho. 92. 292, 332 
Hyde. Gerald Rodney, Centerville, 309 
Hyde. Leonerd Blaine. Provo 
Hyde. Susenn. Springville. 282. 332 
Hyde. Winnifred Anne, Parme Ideho 
Hymas, Jaunee Merie. Heyburn. Idaho. 390 
Hynst. Kathleen Linde. Chester. Va.. 88. 390 
Ice. Patricia Ann. Charleston, W. V«.. 390 
Ihnen. Ernel D.. Qulncey. III. 
Ihnen, Eule Kelly. Provo 
Igarashl. Toshiro. Niigate, Jepan 
Ikemoto. Mituo, Sao Peulo. Breiil. 390 


Ingalls. Gayls Boyack, Provo. 309 

Ingalls. Mai Layer. Provo, 309 

Ingalls, Roneld Eugene. Ogden. 332 

Ingorsoll. Cerl G.. Payson 

Ingorsoll. Gene Obofn. Payson, 310 

Ingersoll. Meryl, American Fork 

Ingraham, Glenda Lee, Colton, Calif, 197 

Ingram, Mary Jo.. Lehi. 99. 333 

Ingram. Patricia Anne. San Diego, Calif, 204, 280. 333 

Inskeep. Bonnie Jean, Fallon, Nev., 390 


okepa. Shirley P„ KamueU, Hawaii. 256, 390 
psen. Foster Hughes. Malad, Idaho. 250, 254, 390 
psen. Robert Lee, Bennington, Idaho, 355 
pson, George V,. Salt LaVe City, 333 
rvinq, Kenneth C. Barnwell, Alta,. Can. 
rwin, Merna Joyce, Provo 
isac, Douglas Ben, Spanish Fork 
saacson, Burke Lee. Ogden, 239 
jgrig. Wayne Richard, Lancaster, Calif.. 333 
sham, Margaret Ann, Missoula. Mont., 390 
verson, Adele Henderson. Nev., 390 
■arson, Garn K., St, George 
verson, Joseph Devon. American Fork 
verson, Lloyd Ray, Provo, 310 
verson, Mitchel Duane, American Fork 
vey, Anita Jane, Los Angeles, Calif., 390 
vie. Boyd R., Orem. 272, 255 
vie, Carolann, Roberta. Provo, 355 
vie, Evan L,, Clovis, N. Me*.. 310 
vie. Jane Ann, Springvllle 
vie. Richard P.. Springville, 355 
vie. Stewart R., Springville, 355 
vie, Virgil Stanley, Provo 
waase. Hanae. Raymond. Alta,, Can. 
waass, Henry Nolan, Raymond. Alta.. Can.. 390 

Jack. Rayburn Elmer. Farmingfon, N. Me.,, 129, 258 

Jacklin, Mary Loe. Hebar. 416 

Jackson, Barbara Lee, St. Joseph, Mo., 243 

Jackson, Harold L., El Paso, Tsjias, 333 

Jackson, James Stanley, Lakeside, Ariz., 88, 390 

Jackson, Joyce, Kanab, 390 

Jackson, Joyce Ann, Boise, Idaho, 88, 333 

Jackson, Karma Rae, Provo 

Jackson, Kenneth Wayne, Colonial Heights. Va., 333 

Jackson, Leuralee. Los Angeles, CalK.. 251, 390 

Jackson, Lola Colleen, Kamas, 228, 231. 355 

Jackson, Nancy Loraine, Tucumcari, N. Men., 416 

Jackson. Nellie Laree, Denver, Colo.. 355 

Jackson, Neva Renee. Sandy, 88, 390 

Jackson, Richard M., Cambridge, Mass,, 33, 272, 355 

Jackson, Shelton Ray. Goldsboro, N. C. 390 

Jackson, Thomas W., Provo 

Jackson, Valton Elmer, Kanab 

Jackson, Velma Cherle, El Paso, Texas. 84. 355 

Jackson, Weldon Francis, Mesa, Arli.. 119, 390 

Jackson, Wendy Lu. Salt Lake City, 355 

Jacob, Judith Ann, Orem 

Jacobs, Barbara T. Monroe 

Jacobs. Daniel Haines, Emmett, Idaho, 333 

Jacobs, Dee Valentine, Ogden, 222. 260. 321 

Jacobs, G. Richard, Sfotts Bluff, Neb. 

Jacobs, Hugh Ronald, Ogden, 333 

Jacobs, Kay Parkin, Paso Robles, Calif, 355 

Jacobs, Lyie Allen, Provo 

Jacobs. Margaret Oa, Raymond. Alfa., Can. 

Jacobsen, Eda Louise. Orem, 237, 355 

Jacobsen, Errol L , Pocatello, Idaho, 355 

Jacobson, Frances K., Orem, 390 

Jacobson. Larry Lee, Orland, Calif,. 416 

Jacobson, Ronald Jim, Duncan. Arii., 355 

Jacobson, Vena Lee, Provo, 268, 333 

Jaeger, Larry, Provo, 119 

Jefferies, Helen M., Richland, Wash.. 78. 231, 390 

James, Cheril, Provo, 25, 257 

James, Dean Fredrick, Millbrae. Calif, 130, 390 

James, Giade Nelson, Provo 

James, Gloria, Provo 

James, Harry G. Jr., Salt Lake City 264. 310 

James, Lucie Howard. Provo, 310 

James, Mar Rees, Spanish Fork 

James, Mildred Ruth, Burbank, Calif 

James. Hlchard C, Evansfon, Wyo. 

James. Sherald Wendell. Spanish Fork, 32. 33. 39, 134. 

James, Thomas Arthur. Provo 
James, Veria, West Jordan, 416 
James, William Robert, Inglewood, Calif, 390 
Jameson, A. Keith, Monticello 
James. Kirk, Powell, Wyo., 390 
Jameson. Kirk Milton, Oram 
Jameson, Marion Phillip. Monticello 
Jameson. Robert Brooks, La Salle. 390 
Jar>es. Marsha. Lansing, Mich,. 390 
Jardine, Betttie J,. Salt Lake City. 390 
Jardine, Robert Lundlle. Salt Lake City 
Jarman, Dale Arthur. San Diego, Calif,. 416 
Jarman, Barbara, Orem 
Jarman, Karen. Berkeley. Calif, 355 
Jarman, Monte C, San Diego, Calif 
Jarvis, Burl E., St. Johns Ariz., 177, 241 
Jarvis, Edna, Pleasant Grove, 88, 390 
Jarvis, Karyl Lee, O/itarlo, Ore., 355 
Jarvis, Mark, William, Des Moines, Iowa, 218, 390 
Jarvis, Merrie Ann, Montebello, Calif, 390 
Jarvis, Ronald Mack. Ontario, Oregon, 390 
Jarvis, Walter Darrol, Durango, Colo. 
Jasperson, Janet, Goshen. 390 
Jefferies, Mary Lou, Grantsvllle, 92. 94, 95, 310 
Jefferies, William Earl, Crawford. Neb. 
Jeffords, Wayne G., Baker, Ore, 
Jeffs. William Craig, American fork. 333 
Jenkins, Alice lola. La Point. 355 
Jenkins, Carol Ann. Provo. 390 
Jenkins, Charles Edward. Nampa, Idaho 
Jenkins, F. Terry. Heber City 
Jenkins, Frank W., Provo, 390 
Jenkins. Lawrence W,. Pendleton, Ore,, 218, 296 
Jenkins, Phyllis Carol, Spanish Fork, 411. 390 
Jenkins. Reed B., Pendleton, Ore., III. 214. 296, 297, 

Jenkins, Wayne A., Nampa, Idaho, 333 
Jennens, Dona Fay, Whittier. Calif. 355 
Jennings, Glenna Deane. Boise. Idaho. 90. 231. 390 
Jennings, Marilyn, Bluebell. 262, 390 
Jensen. Arthur Robert, Tigard, Ore., 145. 296 
Jensen, Bruce Allen, Midvale, 218. 390 
Jensen. Bryant Levern, Fairview, 286, 333 
Jensen, Carl Lee, Ely. Nevada 
Jensen. Charlene, Byron. Wyo,, 245. 355 
Jensen. Charles Kent, Arcadia 
Jensen. Darrell L., Orem. 333 
Jensen, Dean Hugh. Provo 
Jensen, Delias Arlen. Duchesne 
Jensen. Don Bradley, Provo, 202, 319 






















Jensen, Donald E.. Las Vegas, Nev.. 416 

Jensen. Edwin Russell, Logandale. Nev, 

Jensen. Elwood Stanley. Manti 

Jensen. Eugene Paul. Orem. 355 

Jensen. Fred R., Monroe. 355 

Jensen, F. Duane. Springville 

Jensen. Gary Joseph, Las Vegas, Nev,, 390 

Jensen, Georgene Carol, Salt Lake City 

Jensen, Groo Peter. Monroe 

Jensen. Hal Barclay. A.tell. 120, 128. 273, 333 

Jensen. Harold Folsom, Lethbridgo, Alia., Can.. 272, 390 

Jensen. Jack Hess, Brigham City. 241 

Jensen, James Lee, Orangevllle 

Jensen. Jay Roger. Provo, 222. 232, 310 

Jensen. Jeri Ann. Gridley. Calif, 231. 390 

Jensen, Jerry Lee. Stanwood. Wash,, 390 

Jensen, Jerry H.. Salt Lake City. 390 

Jensen, Joan Bird, Springville 

Jensen, Joanne. Fort Shaw, Mont,, 202, 221, 220. 333 

Jensen. Kairle Dawn, Pleasant Grove. 392 

Jensen. Karen Ruth. Arcadia. Calif. 390 

Kent M., Fairview, 390 

Kimball G,, Grace. Idaho 
irk Stephens, Provo, 204 

Larry D., Spring City, 321 
, Lawrence H,, Provo 

Louis W., Spring City. 416 

Lucile Joy, Provo, 355 
, Lyle Eugene. Walnut Creek. Calif. 90, 266, 355 

^^arian, Provo 

vlan A-. Deseref, 263, 390 
, R. Alma, Springville 
, Reed J.. Gridley. Calif 

" iva Joan, Fairview. 261 

chard Arthur, Tigard, Ore,, 145, 296 

Richard Grant, Arcadia. Calif., 47, 193, 210, 

Robert R . Twin Falls, Idaho, 94, 390 

Ronald Wayne. Stirling, Alta., Can., 390 
, Ruth M„ Tridell 

, Samuel Hichard, Englewood, Colo., 355 
, Sylvia Lee, Magrath, Alberta, Can.. 223, 333 
Jen^n, Thad S,, Spanish Fork 
Jensen, Thomas Ronald, Chicago, III,, 254 
Jenson, Anna May Patton, St. Anthony, Idaho 
Jenson, Grover E., Peoa, 390 
Jenson, Janet, Berkley, Calif, 251, 390 
Jenson, Jeanene, Smithfield, 250, 390 
Jenson, Marilyn Fayo, Pocatello, Idaho, 88, 90, 279 355 
Jeppson, A!da. Henefer, 84, 88, 3^2 
Jeppson, Idagene, Thornton, Idaho 
Jeppson, Roger, Wayne, Yerinqton, Nev. 
Jerome, Mary Joan, Parowan. 76. 310 
Jesperson, Arlyn Leroy. Rooseburg, Ore. 
Jessee, Dean, Springville 
Jessen. Mary Colleen. Mt. Pleasant, 333 
Jewell, Calvin William. Phoenix, Arli.. 390 
Jewell. Ernest Cecil. Phoenix. Arlx,, 96. 355 
Jewelt, Faye Arlene, Provo, 355 
Jewkes, Mary Lue, Orangevllle, 245 
Jax, Doris, Spanish Fork, 390 
Jex, Edward E., Spanish Fork 
Jex, James Lorin, 
Jex, Junece, Spanish Fork, 29, 294 
Jex, Keith Wiiford. Sandy 

Jex. Keith Loanne, Grand Junction. Colo., 237, 282. 255 
Jex, Reed Allen. Spanish Fork, 270. 390 
Jex, Rhode Joyce, Provo 
Johan. Robert A., Long Beach, Calif 
Johannesen, George T. Jr., Kalamazoo, Mich., 390 
Johansen. Franz Mark, Huntsville. 319 
Johensen, Gerald Albert, Lethbridgo, Alta.. Can., 391 
Johansen, Hans C, Springville 
Johansen. J. Frank. Lethbridge, Alta.. Can., 292 
Johensen. Joyce Hulda. Lethbridge, Alta., Can., 212, 228. 

294, 295, 355 
Johanson. Denece, Midvale, 282 
Johns, Stanford K., Afton, Wyo., 333 
Johnson, Alan P., Provo, 205 
Johnson, Allan McClure, Provo 
Johnson, Anna J., Washington D. C, 355 
Johnson, Annette F., Fort Jones, Calif, 355 
Johnson, Arleen, Empire, Calif., 391 
Johnson, Arva Arlene, Delta, 78, 226, 254, 355 
Johnson, Barbara Jo, Downey, Calif, 391 
Johnson, Ben A,, Orem 
Johnson. Blaine W., American Fork, 391 
Johnson. Bonna Jean, Phoenix, Arli., 86, 86, 276, 355 
Johnson, Brant Lee, Provo 
Johnson, Burton E., Kuna, Idaho, 391 
Johnson, Carol, Honeyville. 77, 88, 76, 243, 333 
Johnson. Carol, Cambridge, Idaho. 333 
Johnson. Carolyn Joan. McGill. Nev., 78, 228, 355 
Johnson. Carolyn June, Salt Late City. 391 
Johnson, Charlene. Pocatello, Idaho, 212. 228, 355 
Johnson, Charles Edwin, Grantsville, 355 
Johnson, Cheryl B., Spruce Berg. Calif., 226, 243 
Johnson, Dale Harmon. Carmarille, Calif. 259. 322 
Johnson, Daniel Corliss. Cardston. Alta.. Can,. 391 
Johnson, David Amos, San Clemente, Calif. 
Johnson, David Carl, Springville, 391 
Johnson, David Harold, Long Beach, Calif. 
Johnson, Dennis Leon, Grace, Idaho 
Johnson, Dixie Inez, Salt Lake City 
Johnson, Donald C, Cambridge Idaho, 88, 355 
Johnson, Donna Jewel, Phoenix, Ariz., 284, 391 
Johnson, Douglas Edwin, Sandy 
Johnson, E. Marie, Fontana, Calif. 
Johnson, Edna Joyce, Provo, 391 
Johnson, Edwin Leroy, Springville, 391 
Johnson, Eilene Bernice, Nampa, Idaho. 355 
Johnson. Ellen June. Fallon. Nov.. 355 
Johnson, Faye Ann, Yakima. Wash. 
Johnson. Eugene M., Orem 
Johnson, Freeman Keith, Richfield. 310 
Johnson, G. Carol, Burley. Idaho, 391 
Johnson. Gary Ned, Provo. 391 
Johnson. Gary Thorley, Overton, Nev. 
Johnson, Garney Allen, Modesto, Calif., 416 
Johnson. Gerald Jess, Maryville, Calif. 210, 355 
Johnson, Geraldine. Temple City, Calif, 310 
Johns-^n, Gordon E., Brigham City 
Johnson, Grant Ivlns, Idaho Falls. Idaho, 239, 257. 260, 

Johnson. Hal Lavell. Ferron, 333 
Johnson, Harold G., Provo 

Hollis Ralph. Garland, 255. 321 


Johnson, Howard S.. Provo 

Johnson, J. Howard, Delta 391 

Johnson, J. Mcray. McGill, Nev, 

Johnson. James Alan, Conrad, Mont., 255, 263, 355 

Johnson, James L,, Heber City 

Johnson. James Lonell. Roseville, Calif, 333 

Johnson, Janeen, Sanford Colo,, 216. 333 

Johnson, Jeannine, Pleasant Grove 

Johnson, Jeremiah K., Springville, 416 

Johnson. John Hal. Spanish Fork. 319 

Johnson, John Michael, Grantsville, 41 

Johnson, Joyce, Harlem, Mont., 310 

Johnson. Joyce Cynthia. Cardston, Alta., Can,. 252, 391 

Johnson, Joyce Elaine, Ohai, Calif, 391 

Johnson, Karen, Tremonton, 355 

Johnson, Karin, Escalon, Calif., 391 

Johnson, Kay F., Provo, 272. 333 

Johnson, Kay Irene, Provo, 391 

Johnson. Kenna Lagrace. Provo, 310 

Johnson. Kenneth Wayne. Jerome, Idaho, 232, 255, 355 

Johnson, -Lidge O, J., Rockingham. N. C, 416 

Johnson, Lloyd Nathan, Salt Lake City, 356 

Johnson, Lois Elaine, Albuquerque. N. Mex. 

Johnson. Louene, Lovell. Wyo., 310 

Johnson. Loyce Francine. Roseville, Calif., 391 

Johnson. Lucille Anne. Springville. 90 

Johnson, Lynne Frances. Roseville, Calif.. 356 

Johnson, MacDonald B., Provo, 84 

Johnson. Macmillan. Boise, Idaho, 194, 310 

Johnson, Margaret E.. Salt Lake City, 416 

Johnson, Margaret J.. Barnwell. Alta., Can., 310 

Johnson, Marian Ruth, Salt Lake City 

Johnson, Marijane, Fresno, Calif, 391 

Johnson, Marlene Mae, Long Beach, Calif, 25, 142. 176, 

186, 282, 310 
Johnson, Mary Louise, Buhl, Idaho, 76, 356 
Johnson, Maurice W., Provo 
Johnson, Merlin A., Vernal. 260. 391 
Johnson, Morris Ray, Kaysvllle, 391 
Johnson, Nancy Rae, Sandy, 355 
Johnson, Norman R., Salt Lake City 
Johnson. Norman S., Santa Cruz, Calif, 292, 310 
Johnson, O, Adrian, Salt Lake City. 
Johnson, Pamela Gay. Overton, Nev,. 88, 202, 391 
Johnson, Paul Kent, Spanish Fork, 92. 93 
Johnson, Phyllis Winona, San Diego, Calif 
Johnson. Richard H., Compton.. Calif, 267, 356 
Johnson, Rita, Barnwell, Alta., Can., 252, 282, 356 
Johnson. Robert Allyn, Upand, Calif, 391 
Johnson, Roberta, Pleasant Grove, 356 
Johnson, Royce Creel, Aurora 
Johnson, Sherry, Grantsville 
Johnson, Sherwin M., Provo 
Johnson, Shirley Jean, Medford, Ore. 
Johnson, Shirley Ruth. Las Vegas-, Nev., 143, 310 
Johnson, Stent S„ Rexburq, Idaho, 356 
Johnson, Thomas H.. Berkley, Calif. 333 
Johnson, Veniece. Ogden 
Johnson. Virginia C, Portland. Ore., 391 
Johnson, Virginia Soe, North Webster. Mich., 209. 391 
Johnson, William Webb, Provo, 310 
Johnson. Yvonne B., Berkeley, Calif, 391 
Johnston. Carroll M., Durango, Colo.. 115, 117, 118. 356 
Johnston, Olive P.. Provo, 391 
Johnston. Stuart. Sacramento, Calif, 119. 267 
Johnstone, Marilyn G., Bloomfield. N. Y.. 44, 186, 228, 

Johnstun. Alma Walters. Warren. Ore., 391 
Johnstun, Beryl Ellon. Roosevelt. 262. 391 
Johnstun, Jean. Vernal, 356 
Jolley, Boyd McKinley, Provo, 391 
Jolley, Calvin Kent, Provo 
Jolley, Carol, Provo. 268 
Jolley, Donal C, Carson City, Nev. 
Jolley, Gail, Provo, 391 
Jolley, Harold L., Provo 
Jolly, Deloy, Provo 
Jones, Ada May, Monticello, 290 
Junes, Ada Ruth, Chandler, Ariz.. 86. 248. 416 
Jones. Alonzo Hinckley, Los Angeles. Celif, 391 
Jones, Alyce Camllle, Puene, Calif, 45, 220, 333 
Jones, Ann Mcewan. Provo, 228, 294, 301, 343 
Jones, Beatrice Nadene, Twin River, Alta.. Can.. 142. 241, 

252, 356 
Jones, Barbara Lawrence, Spanish Fork 
Jones, Bernell Barnett, Hunter 
Jonos, Beverley, Monticello 
Jones, Carl Hugh, Wolcott, N. Y., 391 
Jones, Carolyn. Malad, Idaho 
Jones, Clifford H.. Downey, Calif. 321 
Jones, Daniel Rodney, Mesa. Ariz., 391 
Jones, Delwin Grant, Duncan. Ariz., 258. 356 
Jones. Don M., Provo, 241. 333 
Jones, Douglas Emron, San Gabriel, Calif. 333 
Jones, Duane Arthur, Payson, 224, 333 
Jones, Duane Sidney, Holden, 391 
Jones, Earl Roy, Murray 
Jones, Edris Ann, Hemet, Calif, 391 
Jones, Emily Cleona, Kirttand. N. Max., 78, 79, 333 
Jones, Gerald E., Gettysburg, S.D.. 224, 333 
Jones, Glen Ashlon, Blending, 391 
Jones, Heber Kent, Heber City, 356 
Jones, Helen Elane, St. Joseph, Mo„ 237, 310 
Jones, Howard Palmer, Malad, Idaho, 333 
Jones, Ivan Blaine, Riverton, 356 
Jones, J. Stephen, Provo, 78, 94 
Jones, Jack Hyde, Payson, 224 
Jones, James Milton, Las Vegas, Nevada, 356 
Jones, John Carlos, Jr., Idaho Falls, Idaho, 391 
Jones. John Robert. North Las Vegas, Nev.. 391 
Jones, Kenneth Melvin, Salt Lake City, 391 
Jones. Kenneth Wendell, Salt Lake City, 333 
Jones, Lavoy Teeples, Holden 
Jones, Lona Clair, Boise, Idaho, 78, 356 
Jones, Lorraine, Blending, 416 
Jonos. Lynn Earl, Spanish Fork, 136, 310 
Jones, Marilyn, San Gabriel, Calif, 208, 391 
Jones, Marjorie Ann. Provo. 310 
Jonos, Myron D., Salt Lake City 
Jones, Patricia, Meridian, Idaho, 391 
Jones. Patricia M.. Sandy. 310 
Jones, Paula Carolyn. Mt. Pleasant, 333 
Jones, Pearl Elaine, KIrtland, N. Mex. 
Jones, Peggy Ann. Denver. Colo. 
Jones, Ray Barnett, Hunter 
Jones, Richard Allen, San Gabriel, Calif, 391 


Jones. Richard Carloss. Meridian, Idaho. 391 

Jones. Robert Ashton. Blanding. 391 

Jones, Robert E.. Provo 

Jones. Robert Eric, Blue Lake. Calif., 391 

Jones. Rowland Lee, Spanish Fork 

Jones. Sharlene. Richland, Wash., 356 

Jones. Thomas L., Jr.. Arlington. Va., 356 

Jones. Vernadeen. Phoeni*. Arli.. 284 

Jones. Vincent Lloyd, Provo 

Jones. Warren Richard. San Anselmo. Calif., 39t 

Jonson. Rolfe Jacob, Seattle. Wash.. 356 

Jorgensen. Arlene L.. Pleasant Grove. 294. 333 

Jorqensen. Clair Eugene. Ogden. 224. 237. 243. 310 

Jorgensen. Ehner Clay. Richland. Wash. 

Jorgensen, Hal. Richland. Wash.. 333 

Jorgensen, Jerry Leiand. Mldvale. 310 

Jorgensen. Keith Ray, Mount Pleasant 

Jorgensen, Lois Mae. Brlgham City 

Jorgensen. Margaret A., Kansas City, Kans.. 391 

Jorgensen. Myron N., Jr.. Kansas City. Kans., 234. 333 

Jorgensen. Phil Mac. Castle Dale 

Jorgensen, Renae. Moses Lake, Wash., 356 

Jorgensen, Roy Wilson. Whlttier. Calif., 289. 333 

Jorgensen, William F.. Castle Dale. 391 

Jorgenson, Thelma Jean, Provo 

Josephson, Boyd Oleen. Plymouth 

Josle, Joseph Bennett, Tablona 

Josie, Darrell Henry, Tabiona 

Joyce, Jack Atkins. Kernersvllle, N. C, 333 

Joyce, John Michael. Antonito. Colo.. 391 

Judd, Bernarr Thomas. Lehl. 322 

Judd, Evan V.. Kanab. 76, 310 

Judd. Evelyn, Saratoga, Calif. 

Judd. Mean. Pleasant Grove, 391 

Judd. Jane Penelope. Hurricane. 279, 333 

Judd. Richard Clark. Provo, 292, 356 

Judd. Ronald Martin, Kanab, 416 

Judge. Roberta Mae, North Hollywood. Calif., 391 

Judklns. James Leonard. Ephraim. 334 

Judkins. Newell Kay. Ephraim 

Judson. Herbert S., Jr., Oakland. Calif., 391 

Jueschke. Ale.ander A, Milwaukee. Wis., 334 

Jueschko. Ingrid C, Milwaukee. Wis. 

Julian. Glen B., American Fort 

Justet. Kenneth W.. Provo 

Kaaria. Sven V., Tempe. Ariz. 

Kaswa, Naomi Lulka. Hoolehus. Molakai. Hawaii. 310 

Kahuena, Margaret K., Kamuele, T. Hawaii, 256, 392 

Kaleta. Gary Jorden, Los Angeles, Calif.. 31, 296. 356 

Kalwles. Brunhllde. Heme. Germany. 226. 416 

Kannalu. Dora Stump, Murray 

Kamalu. Rodney K., Oahu. T. Hawaii 

Kamauoha. Edwin LeRoy. Kaneohe. T. H.. 256. 356 

Kapp. Jack R., Provo 

Karcher, Denise, New York City, N, Y. 

Karllnsey. Kurtlee J., Tacoma, Wash., 392 

Karlinsey, William D., Tacoma, Wash., 392 

Karner. Leo Herman. Gardena. Calif., 226. 356 

Karren, Jay B.. Vernal. 262, 356 

Karren, Naoma. Vernal. 392 

Karlchner. Jean Orn'n, St. Johns, Arli. 

Kartchner, Orvllle Rex, Carlsbad, N. Mex., 310 

Kashlwagl, James H., Kahuku. Oahu, Hawaii 

KaHerman. Frank R. H., LIloa Rise, T. Hawaii. 319 

Kaufman, Francis £., Portola, Calif, 392 

Kaufman, Vivian Joan, Groveton, Penn., 392 

Kaupp. Jacquelyn T.. Buffalo. N. Y.. 290, 392 

Kawahigashi, Sylvia H.. Laie. Oahu. Hawaii. 256 

Kawal, Vede Claire. Pasadena, Calif. 177, 392 

Kay, Karen Luella, Santaquin 

Key, Kathleen, Salt Lake City 

Kay, Margery Ann. Provo 

Kearns. Lloyd Thomas, Compton, Calif 

Keasey. Robert Earl, Provo. 392 

Keel. Nona Marlene, Phoenix. Arli., 392 

Keele, Monte K., Salt Lake City 

Keller. Ann Conrad, Idaho Falls. Idaho 

Keeler. Ellen Elaine, Provo, 24. 175, 215 

Keeler, Karl Fairbanks, Magrath, Alfa., Can.. 392 

Keeler, Kathleen. Provo, 45, 92, 220, 356 
Keller, Robert W.. Napa, Calif, 267 

Keeler, Virginia B., Provo 

Kohmeier, Barbara Jean, Gresham. Ore.. 284. 371. 392 
Keith, Helen, Provo. 35 

Kekaula, Mary K.. Wal. Oahu. Hawaii. 392 
Kekauoha. Margery G.. Lale, Oahu. Hawaii. 256 

Kekauohs, Philip K., Laie, Oahu. Hawaii. 256 

Kekauoha. Wlllard K.. Laie. Oahu. Hawaii. 319 

Keller, Alan Evans. Preston, Idaho 

Keller. Lysle Susanne. Las Vegas, Nev.. 392 

Keller. Marcia. Mink Creek, Idaho, 392 

Keller. Mary Margaret. Napa, Calif, 392 

Keller, Montle Re<. Idaho falls, Idaho 

Keller, Sara Beth. Caldwell, Idaho 

Kelley. Barbara Ann. Waiklkl, Hawaii, 334 

Kelllng, Hans Wilhelm. Niagara Falls, N. Y.. 73. 356 

Kelly. Carol Lynn. Lakewood. Colo.. 356 

Kelsey, Dwlght LaMar, Salt Lake City, 82. 356 

Kelsay. Marilyn Jean, Inglewood. Calif 

Kelsey, S. AnneMe. Salt Lake City, 356 

Kemper, Varda Orah. Cranford. Alta., Can,. 86. 392 

Kendall. Dorothy Mae. Welser, Idaho. 392 

Kendall, Robert L., Welser. Idaho. 310 

Kendrick. Linda Lee. Sherman. Oaks, Calif. 392 

Kennedy. Jess Curtis. Chandler. Arli. 

Kennedy. Richard Ray, Marysvale 

Kennedy. Russell H.. Marysvale 

Kennedy. Thomas G.. Sen Francisco. Calif., 392 

Kennedy. Tom Hertford. Springfield. III.. 274 

Kanney, Kenneth Ben, Salt Lake City. 181. 224. 334 

Kennington. N. Craig. Afton. Wyo.. 310 

Kennlngton. Ryth Mignon, Afton, Wyo.. 310 

Kensinger, Robert L,. Oram 

Keppner, Mary Dawn. Reiburg, Idaho. 392 

Kerby. Clyde Kendall. Provo 

Kerby, Connl©, Provo. 88. 356 

Kernell. Charles W., Jr., Delta 

Kerr, Sheila Roberta, Cardston. Alta.. Can., 392 

Kerr. Wayne Dennis, Garden Grove. Calif. 310 

Kenhaw, Gloria D., Van Nuyi. Calif. 356 

Karshaw. Thomas Davis. Prove 

Kesler, Val J.. Blackfoof Idaho, 210. 356 

Ketcham. Charles Edward, Meadville, Penn. 

Key, Bryan Eugene, Burkley, Calif. 

Keyes. Marilyn. Kaysvills. 392 

Keysor. Robert Ellis, Burbank, Calif 

Kldd. George J , Provo. 319 

Kidd. Neal Orlan. Portland. Ore. 

Kidder. Roy Sheldon. Hawthorne, Nev.. 392 

Kles. Carol Virginia. Santa Monica. Calif 

Killian. James Frank. Kaysvilfe. 334 

Klllpack. Wayne I.. Provo. 334 

Kltlpack. Weston F.. Provo. 356 

Kim, Klchuen. Taegu, Korea- 417 

Kim. Soon Chang, Seoul, Korea. 319 

Kim. Yong Soon, Seuol. Korea. 334 

Kim. Young Slk, Seoul. Korea 

Kimball, Buddy Dean, Provo. 335 

Kimball Edwin Norman. Provo 

Kimball, MaHlyn Diane, Salt Lake City. 392 

Kimball. Parley LeGrand, Fillmore, 356 

Kimball. Royal Duane. Richfield. 335 

Kimball, Sylvia Jane. San Diego, Calif. 356 

Klmber, Edward Steven. Provo 

Klmber, Richard Dee. Wells. Nev.. 392 

Klmber. Warren Dee. Santa Anna, Calif, 310 

Kimber. William Dean, Provo, 310 

Kimble, Wayne Ellis, Idaho Falls. Idaho 

Kindred, Fred Boyd. Springville 

Kindred, Jerald Crede. Ogden. 218, 270 

King, Alma Paul. Garland 

King, Buddy Jack. Duboi'se, Idaho. 356 

King. Charles Richard. Los Angeles. Calif .272. 356 

King. Edmund Crelqhton, Provo. 244. 334 

King, Gerald Carl. Springville, 417 

King, George Aruel, Provo, 356 

King. Glen Chester, Kaysvllle, 272 

King, Joanne Shaum, Ogden, 310 

King. LaRae. Boulder, 392 

King. Larry EdIIng. Parowan, 392 

King. Norman Ellis. Darlington. Idaho. 88. 182. 186, 236. 

King. Paul Martin, Springville 
King. Peggy Ramona, Tulelake. Calif. 392 
King, Roger Dean. St. Charles. Mo., 356 
King. Roma Jean, Aberdeen. Idaho, 237, 243 
King. William Dean, Moore, Idaho, 356 
Kingdon, Eugene Earl, Staton Island, N. Y., 1 82. 356 
Kingsbury. Frances I., Salt Lake City, 230. 310 
Kingsbury, Kathryn E., Salt Lake City, 223. 392 
Kingsford. Elm«r J.. Grace, Idaho, 392 
Klnne. Anita Sue, Independence, Mo. 
Klnne. James Arthur, Independence. Mo.. '78-79, 392 
Kinney, Claralyn Ann, Provo. 
Kinross. David Andrew, Roseville, Calif. 392 
Klnsev, John Burton, Vale. Ore. 
Kiniel, Kenneth Wayne. Elmhurst, III., 417 
Klrlt, Dean Arthur, Corfei. Colo.. 356 
Kirk, Frances M., Salt Lake City, 177, 290 
Kirk, Gayle Carole. Glendale, Calif. 88 
Kirk, LaRae, Ogden. 228, 264, 356 
Kirk. Melvln J., Orem 

Kirkham. Tom Lee, Portland, Ore.. 33. 218. 296. 297 
Kirkland, Bufaye, Carey, Idaho, 257. 334 
KIrkman. John Calvin. Mt. Airy, N. C. 96. 356 
Kirkman, Lawrence H., Twin Falls, Idaho. 88. 334 
KIskile. Carlene J.. Los Angeles. Calif 
Kitchen. Paul Wilson, Provo, 121. 128. 136 
Ktichens. Carolyn, Los Angeles. 356 
Klelnman. Harold Rey. El Paso. Texas 
Kleinworth, Frank J., Wlnslow, Ariz.. 356 
Klenk, Buddy Donald. Salt Lake City. 356 
Kline, Aieda Marie. Dodge City, Kans,, 392 
Kling. Scott Jensen, Las Vegas, Nev. 
Kloepfer, Ronald Moroni. Kuna. Idaho 
Knapp, Charlene Mary, San Fernando. Calif, 280. 392 
Knauer. Rolf H., Bielefeld. Germany. 392 
Knight. Clyde E., Hurley. Idaho 
Knlghf Darrell Oswell, Columbia City. Ore., 392 
Knight, Edwin George. DrIggs, Idaho, 296. 356 
Knighf Jamas Adams. Vernal 
Knight, Joseph Adams. Provo 
Knight, Marlene. Salt Lake. 223, 334 
Knight, Oscar David. Columbia City. Ore., 392 
Knight. Richard Earl, Brlgham City. 88.334 
Knlqht. Richard L. Vernal 
Knight, Richard Stewart. Provo, 356 
Knighton, Josephine, Roosevelt 
Knighton, LeRoy Jay, Boise, Idaho. 356 
Knighton, Ronald Lewis. Salt Lake City, 417 
Knowlton. Shirley Jean, Grantsvllle 

Knudsen, Benny Lavier. Farmlngton. N. Mex., 92. 258. 392 
Knudson, James E.. Arlington, Va. 
Knudson. Sandra Kae. Brlgham City, 417 
Kochevar, Joseph Paul, Los Angeles. Calif., 310 
Kochevsr, Lewis C Los Angeles. Calif. 310 
Koelling, Glen Alvln, Yakima. Wash. 
Koenig, Gerald Charles. Wllllston Park, N. Y., 392 
Kofford, Lyie C. Grldley. Calif, 204, 218. 392 
Kofoed, Narveen H., Clifton. Idaho. 392 
Kofoed. Rochelle. Dillon. Mont. 
Kofoed. Willard A„ New Plymouth. Idaho. 310 
Kogut. Edwin Andrew, III. 
Kohler, Carol LaRae. Midway. 88, 392 
Kohler. Marden Reed, Midway. 392 
Kohler, Ramon R., Midway, 78. 356 
Kohn. Michael Anthony, Provo. 310 
Koller. Ernst Frank. Salt Lake. 321 
Kolste. Christ Edward. Fairfield, Mont., 255, 417 
Konold, Rudolph George. Fillmore, 121. 128. 356 
Konopelskl. Helen. Redfield. Sask.. Can., 392 
Konschetla. Dolores M.. Baltimore. Md., 226, 356 
Koplnsky, Michael J.. Jr.. Lehi, 417 
Korelewski, David Wayne. Provo. 392 
Kornegay. Marvin D.. Houston, Texas 
Kotter .Joan, Payson. 294. 334 
Kourtidit. Demetrius. A.. Athens. Greece 
Koiak, Jacquelyn Lee. Long Beach. Calif.. 392 
Krakowski. Henry. Jr.. Provo. 335 
Kramer. Barbara Kay, North Hollywood, Calif 
Krant7. Michael B.. Idaho Falls. Idaho. 417 
Kresge, Phyllis Arlene. Elmlra. N.Y.. BB. 392 
Kresge, Robert Lee, Elmlra, NY., 392 
Krider. Mary A. Wilson. Provo 

Krleger, Clarence Edwin, Temple City. Calif. 76. 247. 335, 
Krliljanson. Mark Leon. San Diogo, Calif. 239. 286. 335 
Kuchar. Marvin C. J.. Safford, Ariz. 
Kugath. Donald Arthur. West Allls. Wis.. 232. 335 
Kuhlman. William F.. Sacramento, Calif, 119 
Kuhnl. Arlin Verdelf. Provo. 417 
Kulp. Kenley Loran. Ingteside. III., 33S 

Kump. Lester Lacelle. Santa Barbara. Calif 

Kump. Ronald. Provo 

Kuni, James Albert. Montpeller, Idaho, 392 

Kuni. Monte Wayne. Pasedena, Calif. 301. 296. 310 

Kurr. David George. Spanish Fork 

Kurr. Doreen Barbara. Salt Lake City. 86 

Kwak. Kun Se. Seoul, Korea. 334 

Kylen. Deverle Verner. Riverton 

Lebrum. Blayne H.. Midvale. 119. 272 
Labrum, Kay S., Vernal 
Lackey. Bob Dean, Wendell. Idaho. 335 
Lacomb. Gary Frank. Midvale, I 14, I IS. 119. 136. 137 
Ladle. Nancy Josephine. Provo 
Laird. Harold Edwin, Payson 
Late. Dennis M.. RIgby. Idaho. 392 
Lake, Eileen. Rlgby. Idaho. 335 
Latin, Howard Glenn. Mancos. Colo.. 417 
Lalllss. Coyla. Buhl, Idaho. 257. 392 
Lamb. Carole. North Sacramento. Calif. 88. 392 
Lamb, Connie D-, Los Angeles, Calif, 341. 392 
Lamb, Verl Seamons. Hyde Park, 250, 334 
Lambert. Joan Lee. Ely. Nev.. 88. 393 
Lambert. Larelle W.. Kamas. 392 
Lambson, Elton Kay, Ramah, N. Max.. 
Lambson. Patricia Ann. Ramah. N. Max., 393 
Lambson, Robert E.. Jr.. Albuquerque. N. Max.. 270 
Lamltln. Claude Russell, Hayword, Calif. 393 
Lamkln. Claudia G., Hayword. Calif 
Lamoreaux. Gale Chandler, Arir. 393 
Lamoreaux, Martha B.. Provo 
Lamprecht. Elmer. Blackfoof, Idaho 
Lamsam, Wongslrl. Slam. 239. 357 
Lance. Elwon. Grass Valley. Calif 
Landeen, Glen Richard. Roct Springs. Wyo., 310 
Landers. Ardlth Betsy. Redondo. Calif 
Landers, Dan Craig, Redondo. Calif. 357 
Landry, Marilyn Joan, Salt Lake City. 357 
Lane. Eugene V.. Des Moines. Iowa. 239 
Lane. Jack Elmer, Ashland. Ore- 
Lane, Rex Raymond. Tuba City. Ariz, 357 
Lane. Shirley Evelyn. Litchfield, Maine, 357 
Laney. Alden Hastings. Murray, 357 
Langford. Celia Joy. Lauderdale, Horida, 393 
Langford, Jeanne D.. Overton. Nev. 
Langlois, Joyce, St. Louis. Mo, 
Langlols. Sharon. Salt Lake City. 393 
Lapearle. Gordon R., Salt Lake City, 82 
Lartln. Joann, Las Vegas. Nev.. 88. 258. 393 
Larkin, Larry Shirt. Las Vegas. Nev. 
Larkin, Phyllis Louise, Snowville. 189, 357 
Larsen. Allan Reed. Manti, 
Larsen. Arlene Joan. Richfield 
Larsen. Arnold C. Provo 
Larsen. Carol Ann. Nampe. Idaho, 35' 
Larsen. Colleen, Rae. Copperton, 189, 393 
Larsen. David Roger, Salt Lake City 
Larsen, Dean Gillette, Holden 
Larsen, Diane. Harlem, Montana. 393 
Larsen. Donald R., Provo 
Larsen. Edward Sterling, Spanish Fork 
Larsen. Ernest O., Emery, 321 
Larsen, Frank Rulon. Emett, Idaho, 357 
Larsen. Gary F.. Bountiful. 128. 393 
Larsen, Gaylen Charles. Sallna, 334 
Larsen. Geneva, Huntington. 243, 310 
Larsen, Gerald Val Jean, Ogden 
Larsen, Gladys Davis. Spanish Fork 
Larsen, Howard Bennie. Ogden. 204. 264. 310 
Larsen. Ila Mower, Orem 
Larsen. Janice. Spanish Fork, 257, 357 
Larsen, Joann. Preston, Idaho, 250. 393 
Larsen. Karl Grant, Spanish Fort 
Larsen, Kathleen, Aurora, Colo.. 393 
Larsen. Kenna Kaye, Boise. Idaho, 282, 341 
Larsen, Kenneth M.. Ogden 
Larsen. Larry Welter, Preston. Idaho. 250. 393 
Larsen. Lee Beck, Provo 
Larsen. Linda Jalene, LaMasa. Calif., 88, 393 
Larsen, Luana. Provo 
Larsen, Margaret B., Provo 
Larsen. Marva Jean. Rlgby. Idaho, 90. 334 
Larsen, Mary Evelyn, Emett, Idaho, 334 
Larsen, Milton H., Provo 
Larsen. Norma. Provo. 192, 357 
Larsen, Oscar G- Idaho Falls. Idaho, 73. 139. 289 
Larsen. Patricia Ann. Spanish Fork. 92-93 
Larsen, Paul B., Spanish Fork 
Larsen. Rae. Twin Falls, Idaho. 393 
Larsen, Ruby Jean, Newton, 393 
Larsen, Rulon J., Jr., Salt Lake City 
Larsen, Sharon Louise. Shelly. Idaho. 393 
Larsen. Stanley E.. Provo 
Larsen, Weston Dale, Orem. 311 
Larsen, William Edward, Waynesboro. Va., 166. 334 
Larson, Alan William. Sewlckley. Penn. 
Larson, Byron Albert. Lynwood. Calif. 270 
Larson, Don. Self Lake City. 417 
Larson, Donald A.. Clearfield. 311 
Larson, Donna Rae, Ontario. Ore., 393 
Larson, Glade, Moses Lake. Wash., 265. 393 
Larion. James Merrill, Idaho Falls. Idaho. 393 
Larson. Jon Chandler. Salt Late City 
Larson. Kenneth R., Salmon, Idaho. 417 
Larson, Lawrence E.. Las Vegas. Nev.. 311 
Larson. Leon H., Woodland. Calif. 242. 357 
Larson, Linda Ann, San Gabriel. Catif. 334 
Larson. Lloyd Odell. Ontario. Ore.. 357 
Larson. Lorraine. Phoenii. Artz., 78. 279, 393 
Larson. Martin Robert. Idaho Falls. Idaho. 334 
Larson. Muriel Jeanelle. Burbant. Calif. 393 
Larson, Sander Leonard. Glendale. Calif. 
Lesson. Shawna Marie. Falrvlew. 261 
Larson, Shirley Ruth, Salt Late City 
Larson. Thomas F., Payson 

Larson. Victi Lucille, Phoenix. Arli.. 179. 221. 220. 284 
Larson, Willard EaH. Carmen. Idaho. 393 
Lasater. John R.. Provo 
Lesson. Carolyn. Boulder City. Nev., 3S7 
Last. Louise. Richmond. 357 
Latham, Glenn Irven. Provo 
Latimer. Donald S.. Sandy, 311 
Laub, Dale Jay. Salt Late City. 62. 319 
Laupar. Dixie Pauline. San Francisco. Calif, 186, 2S4, 393, 
S8. 412 


Lauritz, John P., North Hollywood, Calif,, 393 

Lauritien. Louis. Boljs. Idaho, 322 

Laursen, Carl Eugone, American ForV 

Lauid, Emile 

Law, Delmonl Charles, St. Anthony. Idaho 

Law, Elaiie Edna. Santa Barbara, Calif.. 290. 335 

Law, Eleanor Ruth, Provo 

Law, John Richard. Moses Lake, Wash. 

Law, Nena Flo, Laie. Oahu. Hawaii 

Law. Wesley Ruane. Orangeville. 204. 393 

Lawrence, Colleen, Provo. 80. 98. 290, 311 

Lawrence, Delmar M., Heber 

Lawrence, Halene. Salem, 393 

Lawrence. Louise. Salem. 357 

Lawrence. Utah Walton. Pocatello, Idaho. 254 

Lawson. Sharon Dee. Sarstow, Calif., 393 

Lawton, Franli C. Denver, Colorado, 417 

Layden. Donald Richard, Holbrooli. Aril. 

Layne. Thair David. Louiston. 311 

Layton. Beverly Jean. Oakley. Idaho 

Layton, Edmund Moody, Tempe. Arii., 96, 393 

Layton. Rheta Dee. Oakley, Idaho 

Leake, Robert L., Salt Lake City 

Leany, Hyrum Vard. Provo 

Learned, Emma Janette, Crandon, Wis., 393 

Leavell, Stephen Leon, Los Angeles. Calif., 218. 393 

Leovit, Clair H., Nampa, Idaho, 393 

Leavitt, Crayton D,, Santa Clara, 254, 334 

Leavitt. D. Henry, Homedale. Idaho, 226. 257. 357 

LeaviH, Dorothy Jeanne, Reedley. Calif. 

LeavlH. Fred, Las Vegas. Nev.. 114. 117, 272. 273 

Leavitt, Leo E., Mesquite, Nev., 84, 35? 

Leavitt. Norma Rae. Nampa, Idaho 

Leavitt, Ronald Terry, Las Vegas, Nev., 393 

Leavitt, Veryle, Leavitt, Alta., Con. 

Leavitt, Wyona, Glenwood, Alta,. Can,, 357 

Lebaron, David Cheney. Provo, 292. 393 

Lebaron. Donald Ralph. American Fork, 31 I 

Lebaron, Melvin J., Barnwell. Alta., Can. 

Lebaron. Sharon E.. Flint. Mich.. 84. 393 

LoBaron, Wayne. Santaquin 

Lebaron, Wayne David, Hurricane. 335 

Lebsack. Elmer W., Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Lee, Carill Ina. Billings, Mont., 393 

Lee, Carole Dawn, Concord. Calif., 86, 393 

Lee. Cecil Calvin, Salt Lake City, 357 

Lee, Clair Kay. Beaver, 311 

Lee, Darrel Dean. Provo 

Lee. David Arthur, Bicknell 

Lee. Deanna. American Fork. 27B, 393 

Lee, Dick H.. Provo 

Lee. Dixie Heber, 94, 226 

Lee. Earl M.. St. Ignatius, Mont.. 255, 393 

Lee, Frank. Stockton, Calif.. 334 

Lee, Harold W., Provo, 224 

Lee, James Morgan, Farmington, N. Mex. 

Lee, John Higbee, Long Beach, Calif., 393 

Lee. Larry L.. Provo. 393 

Lee. Laurence Arthur. Vernal 

Lee, Maurice Dee, Farmington. N. Mex.. 

Lee. Norma Jean. Sunshine. Calif. 

Lee, Patricia Fee. Vernal, 357 

Lee. Ronald Eugene. New London, Iowa, 94, 76 

Lee, Thomas Wilford. Escalanto, 319 

Lee, Verne Rawlin, Farmington, N. Mex, 

Lee, Walker Keith, Cardston, Alta., Can. 

Lefevre. Joan, MIdvale. 357 

Lefler, Val, Point Chicago, Calif. 

Lehmann, Esther B., Salt Lake City. 88. 393 

Leifson. June, Spanish Fork 

Leigh, Dorene. Mesa-, Ariz,, 357 

Leigh, Llewellyn Young, Palo Alto. Calif. 

Leishman. Brent, Wellsville 

Leishman, Karen, Provo, 220, 393 

Leistiko, Mary Arlene, Phoenix, Arli., 393 

Lemmon, Wayne B., Linden, Calif., 393 

LeMond, Kenneth, Orem 

Leonard, Joann, Price. 182, 230. 282. 283, 311 

Leonardson, Arliss W., Idaho Falls, Idaho, 289, 393 

Leslie. Joan Marie. Tacoma, Wash., 393 

Leslie, Mary Janeine, Homedale, Idaho, 393 

Lesslq, William T,. Effland. N. C, 357 

Lesueur, Greneva A,, Huntington Park, Calif. 

Lettellier. Louise G., Kenllworth. 311 

Levanger. Delores, Homedale, Idaho, 226, 334 

Lewis. Afton Ruth, Ramah, N. Max.. 357 

Lewis, Dale A., Provo, 136, 357 

Lewis. David Darel. Provo, 121, 123, 136 

Lewis, David Wayne, Provo 

Lewis. Dianna, Orem, 88 

Lewis, Delbert Elwln, Provo 

Lewis, Edward Gerald, Niles, Calif. 

Lewis, Emery Bowen. Marion, 393 

Lewis, Gary Claude, Provo 

Lewis. Glen L.. Tablona 

Lewis, James Ray. Spanish Fork 

Lewis, Jean Loya, Chicago. III., 180. 208, 284. 393 

Lewis, John Ludlow. Spanish Fork 

Lewis, Kay Michle, Provo 

Lewis. Marilyn, Salt Lake 

Lewis. Mary Ann, Loqandale, Nov., 290, 334 

Lewis. Nancy Gay, Columbia, 

Lewis, Paul O.. Spanish Fork 

Lewis. Pleasy Ellen, Tablona, 88. 393 

Lewis. Ray Wendell. Salt Lake City 

Lewis, Richard Lynn, Provo 

Lewis. Robert Eugene. Laurel, Wash., 393 

Lewis, Roger Spencer, Boise, Idaho, 82, 393 

Lewis. Sylvan Enid, Farmington, N. Mex. 

Lewis. Wiliard M.. Tooele 

Lewis. William Elvln, Tablona 

Lewis. William Leon. Hinkley. 393 

Lichfield. A. Sterling, Provo 

Lichfield, Ernest W,. Provo. 311 

Lichfield. Walter C, Afton, Wyo. 

Liddiard, Gary Dennis. Provo. 394 

Liddle. Lucille G.. Payson. 311 

Liddle, Robert Keith, Provo 

LIddell, Ronald. Duchesne 

Liebhart, Shirley P., Alameda, Calif., 311 

Lile. John Clayton. North Platte, Neb,, 82, 394 

Liljenquist. Jay Kent. Salt Lake City, 272 

Lilley, Adelene Beryl, Medena, Ohio, 394 

Lilly, Leona, Independence. Mo . 280. 394 

Lillywhlte. Craig W,. South Gale, Calif,, 334 

Llllywhite, Jay M.. Ar>aheim, Calif,, 394 

Llllywhite. Karen, Westwood. Calif., 276 

Llllywhite, Viola, Taylor, Ariz. 

Limb. Byron Frank, Ruth, Nev., 394 

Lin. Min Chu. Jaipel Taiwan. China 

Linde, Douglas Henry, Llndon, Wash. 

Linde, Yvonne Rae. Lynden. Wash., 417 

Lindhardt, Larry Joseph. Seattle. Wash,. 265, 394 

Lindholm, Sherman Reed. Tooele, 235, 367 

Lindsay, Curtis Lavell, Heber City, 311 

Lindsay, Ben, Blackfoot, Idaho. 417 

Lindsay, David S,. Ogden, 311 

Lindsay, Dean Ray, Palo Alto. Calif. 

Lindsay, Donald Ray, Pocatello, Idaho, 357 

Lindsay, Eleanor Ranae. Evanston, Wyo.. 88, 208, 394 

Lindsay, Elizabeth F.. Provo. 320 

Lindsay, Ellen Nadean. Moses Lake, Wash. 

Lindsay, Grant Toone. Reno. Nev.. 130. 357 

Lindsey. Catherine L., Ridley Park. Penn.. 394 

Lindsay, Gwynda Anne. Gilmer, Texas, 88. 260, 394 

Lindsey. Joel Douglas, Columbia 

LirxJsey. Margaret L, Flint, Mich., 417 

Lindstrom. Joyce N.. Spanish Fork 

Linebarger, Robert Neal. Redwood City. Calif, 49. 178 

Lines, Larry Milton. Mesa, Ariz., 394 

Lines, Martin Vardell, Springfield. Ore., 357 

Linford, Barbara. Provo 

Linford, John Robert. Kaysville 

Linford, Ronald Gordon. Long Beach, Calif.. 296, 357 

Ling. Wilma Anne, Filer, Idaho. 357 

Linkous, Marilyn, Seattle, Wash. 

Linning, Johannes, Whittler. Calif.. 251. 394 

Lister, Cora Colleen, Montebello, Calif. 

Lister, Lee Sherman, Redondo, Calif., 267 

Little, Gary Walter, Gridley, Calif.. 394 

Little, Lawrence. Ariz,, 357 

Little, Loretta Anne. Gridley. Calif.. 216, 334, 341 

Liltlefield, Gary Milt, Orem 

Littleford. Thelma J.. Lehi 

Livingston, Albert N.. Entiat, Wash. 

Livingston, James E., Moorparfc, Calif., 394 

Livingston. Lee Preston, Dallas, Texas 

Livingston, Ronald B., Spanish Fork 

Livingston. Spencer D., Craig, Colo.. 394 

Llewellyn. Joann. Salt Lake City. 32. 68. 276, 277. 334 

Lloyd. Geyla, Ogden, 264, 311 

Loar, Marvin John, Ladlata, N. Mex., 256, 394 

Loback, Connie, Springville, 88. 394 

Loback, Melva Edith. Springville. 88, 394 

Lobaqk, Norman L., Springville 

Lochhead, Lois C . St. Louis, Mo., 145, 178. 220. 230. 322 

Lockhart. Ludean. WhiHier, Calif, 86 

Loertscher, Dwain V., Provo 

Lomax. Nadine Gloria, Portland, Ore., 284 

Long. Lester Bert, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 239. 335 

Long, Lloyd K., Las Vegas, Nev. 

Long, Louis R., Overton, Nev.. 357 

Long. Richard Crowther, Provo, 90, 92 

Long, Shelley. Las Vegas, Nov.. 238, 357 

Long, William Robett, Provo 

Longhurst, Jay Buck. Woodruff 

Longman. Allen Thatcher. Orem. 82. 394 

Longwell, Ruben Stewart, Silver City, N. Mex., 258, 394 

Lookinland. Paul R.. San Pedro, Calif. 36, 145, 184, 292. 

Loose, Warren A, R., Jr., Belmont, Calif. 115. 322 
Lopez. Leonora M.. Carlsbad, N. Mex. 
Lord. Marilyn Camille. Provo, 143. 357 
Lord. Robert L., Provo 
Lorensen, Burton LeRoy. Elsinore, 357 
Losee. Patricia Joy. Provo, 394 
LotI, Doris Esther, Rodeo. Calif, 334 
Lott, Lowell Dean, Lehl 
Lott. Merrill Kent. Toppenish. Wash., 334 
Lichtenstein, Deanna M,. Brigham 
Lott, Yvonne, Fitzgerald, Ga., 94, 245, 394 
Louder. Boyd M., Kamas 
Louder, Darrell R., Orem. 357 
Louder. James Elgin. Kamas. 114 
Louder, Larna. Orem, 88, 357 
Louder, Ray R., Orem, 
Loughney. David. Blackfoot, Idaho. 394 
Lovejoy, Billy Brent, Idaho Falls. Idaho 
Loveland, Duano G., Rupert, Idaho 
Loveland, Lois C. Rupert, Idaho, 417 
Loveland, Richard M., Provo, 234 
Loveless, Aurlen F., Payson, 357 
Loveless. Don James, Provo 
Loveless. Harold W., Burley. Idaho 
Lowder, Dixie Dian, Homedale. Idaho. 394 
Lowder, Donald Lee, Burley, Idaho, 335 
Lowder. Kenneth Marion. Richfield. 357 
Lowder. Ronald D,, Ogden, 334 
Lowry. Thomas Edwin, Glenwood, Alta,, Can. 
Lee, Donna Jean. Springville 
Lowe, Charlene, Pocatello. Idaho, 394 
Lowe, Janet, Eugene, Ore., 394 
Loy. Henry Leiand, Provo, 334 
Loynd, Paula Grace, Phoenix, Ariz.. 289 
Lucas. Frank James, Ogden. 224, 334 
Luce, Wiliard R.. Provo 
Ludlow, Kenneth R., Orem, 321 
Luke, Barbara Ellen, Provo, 394 
Luke. Calvin J,. Heber City, 334 
Luke, Joe O.. Orangeville 
Luke, Malvin R.. Jr., Provo 

Luke, Merilyn Flora, Twin Falls. Idaho. 33, 76. 334 
Luke, Philip Odeen, Junction, 394 
Lunceford. Blaine R.. Orem, 394 
Lunceford, Dorothy, Orem, 357 
Lund, Marcia Ellen, Anchorage. Alaska, 78, 394 
Lund. Nedra Rae, Los Angeles. Calif. 394 
Lund, Venice Marie, Tarzana, Calif. 357 
Lundberg, Ann LaRae, Sandy. 278, 394 
Lundberg. Endfred Jon. Oakland. Calif 
Lundberg, Gary Barlow, Wash. D.C. 
Lundell. Connie. Vernal. 262, 394 
Lundell. J. Lindroth. Spanish fork 
Lundell. Norman E., Spanish Fork, 357 
Lundholm, James Carlos. Provo 

Lundmark, Martin, Nils O.. Calgary. Alta, Can., 334 
Lundquist, Carolyn. Portland, Ore., 78, 394 
Lundqulst. Floyd H,. Caldwell. Idaho. 311 
Lundquist, Kathleen C. Provo, 260, 311 
Lundquist, Marilyn H., Caldwell. Idaho 
Lundquist, Robert H., Ogden. 76, 222, 311 
Lundy. Guy Murr. Portland, Ore., 394 
Lunt. Gordon Ray. Nephi 
Lunt, Marvin V., Duncan. Ariz.. 311 
Lutz. Nolan J„ 254 

Lybbert, Jay Nichols, Provo 

Lyda, William Oscar, Twin Falls. Idaho, 82. 394 

Lydiksen, Harry Walter, Springfield, N. J. 

Lyman, Clayson W.. Mo/tecello, 357 

Lyman, Emerson, Holdeft. 334 

Lyman. Francis Marvin, Blending- 94 

Lyman, Fern. Salt Lake. 394 

Lyman, Gordon Dee, Blending 

Lyman. Joseph F,, Blending, 417 

Lyman, Rulon M . Jr., Parowan 

Lyons, Barton E,. Burley, Idaho 

Lyons, K. Lyman, Burley, Idaho 

Lysenko, Peter. Provo, 246, 357 

Lythgoe. Jack W., Ventura. Calif, 321 

Lytle, Eldon Grey. Ploche, Nev., 96 

Lytle. Naomi Sue, Las Vegas, Nev., 258, 357 


Maack, Sara Jeannle, Salt Lake City 

Mabey. Janice, Riverton. 230. 311 

Mabey, John Hicken. Riverton, 311 

Mabey, Velma Pocock. Provo 

Maccabe. Sondra Ann, San Carlos, Calif. 394 

Mackenzie. Mary Diane, Sp. Coulee, Alta., Can., 394 

Macdonald, Larry Keith. El Paso, Texas. 296 

Mace, Marcus Norquist, Jamestown, N.Y. 

Maclachlan, Luana Jean, Toronto, Can. 

Macias. Hortensia D., Dallas, Texas 

Mackey, Carol Rae, Murray, 243, 282. 334 

Mackay, Kathryn, Provo, 321 

Mackay, Leonard Collins, Provo 

Mackay. Yvonne Iris, Victoria. Australia. 311 

Macletlan, Clyde Thomas, Quebec, Can. 

Macpherson, Darrell R.. Long Beach, Calif, 357 

Macumber, Ann Louise, Lorlmor, Iowa, 143, 334 

Madison, Marian E,. Sacramento, Calif,, 417 

Madsen, Anntoinette L., Provo, 358 

Madsen, Bryant Hans, Fairview. 261. 394 

Madsen, Dale Coleman, Provo, 272, 394 

Madsen, Darrell Hasting, Ogden, 82. 394 

Madsen, Dean Jay, Provo 

Madsen, Franklin Benson, Sprlngdale, 136, 312 

Madsen. Gary, Provo 

Madsen, Janice Leona, Salt Lake City, 334 

Madsen, Jay L., Springville 

Madsen. Joan, Provo 

Madsen, Joan. Springville 

Madsen. Julius Richard, Sprlngdale, 84. 296 

Madsen, Mary Loo, Sandy, 238, 358 

Madsen, Raymond Lavor, Orem 

Madsen, Ronald D.. Provo. 358 

Madsen, William M., Moroni, 312 

Madson ,William H,, Payson. 334 

Maqaoay. Paslto L., Hawaii, 256, 334 

Magleby. Carvel, Koosharem 

Magleb/, David C, Monroe 

Magleby, Richard S., Thornton, Idaho. 33, 334 

Mahaffey, Linda Ann, Phoenix, Ariz., 394 

Mahan, Dennis Jones, Palclnes, Calif, 

Mahoney, Patsy Ann. Council Bluffs, Iowa. 88. 394 

Main, Betty Ann. Aberdeen, Wash.. 265, 394 

Makin. James 6., Provo 

Makin, Mildred Henry. American Fork 

Makin, Rose Marie, American Fork, 264 

Malan, Kennett P., Ogden 

Malan, Richard Michael, Mesa. Ariz. 

Mallard, Maude Esther, Meridian. Idaho. 88, 394 

Malmstrom. Mildred L., West Jordan, 312 

Maloy. Albert Louis, Phoenix. Arli.. 96. 344 

Malphurs, Muriel C, San Anselma, Calif, 358 

Malphurs. Roger E.. San Anselma, Calif. 92. 254, 334 

Malmstrom, Bertha. West Jordan, 312 

Malmstrom, Edward Arthur, Kalispell, Mont., 358 

Malzahn, Judith Ann, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 356 

Manqum, Alan Elmer. Orem, 394 

Mangum. Claudie Kay, Nutrioso. Arli., 282 

Mangum, Garth L.. Orem. 312 

Mangum, Gene Raymond. Orem, 394 

Mangum, John Harvey. Alex, Va. 

Manley, Myron B., Sparks, Nev. 

Manley, Patricia Alice. Sparks. Nev,. 358 

Mann, Jerry Arthur. Ellensburg. Wash. 

Manning, Dorothy J., Springville, 278. 312 

Manning, Nedra, Parma. Idaho, 394 

Manning, Neil Harry, Orem 

Manookin, Robert Park, Provo, 320 

Manser, Kthleen S., Lethbrldge. Alta., Can.. 334 

Manwaring. Alan Var. Rexburg. Idaho, 84, 205, 312 

Manwaring, Colleen, Ogden, 358 

Manwaring, Diane. San Mateo, Calif, 301 

Manwaring. Helen Jeane, San Diego, Calif. 

Manwaring, Ha, Vernal, 262, 263, 394 

Manwarren, Otto Keith, Sterling. Kans. 

Manwill, Judith Ann, Salt Lake City. 276. 277, 312 

Manwill, Roberta, Richfield, 394 

Marble, Glen B.. Malad, Idaho 

Merchant, Gaye. Peoa. 90, 233. 358 

Merchant, Gerald Lyie, Peoa. 394 

Marchbanks, April Y.. Carlin, Nov., 287. 358 

Marcroft, Jay Henry. Provo 

Markham. Barbara Ann, Provo. 192, 228. 229. 294, 358 

Markham, DIx Joseph, Provo 

Markham. Stanley Grant, Provo 

Markworth. Carl G.. Jr., National City, Calif, 33, 246 

Marler, Darrell Jay, Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Marlor, J. Kent, MIdvale, 194 

Marlow, John Lloyd, Blackfoot. Idaho, 84. 98. 191, 192, 

Marrott, Colleen Rose, Pleasant Grove, 287. 358 

Marquardson, Gwendolyn, Richfield, 394 

Marsh, Margaret, Los Angeles, Calif., 226, 312 

Marsh, Mary Joanne, Springville 

Marsh, Ruth Robin, Los Angeles, Calif, 358 

Marshall, Bonnie Lee. Provo 

Marshall, James Thomas, Las Vegas. Nev. 

Marshall. Kenneth N., Provo 

Marshall. Kuhn A., Provo 

Marshall. Mark T,, Provo 

Marshall, Mine Alice, Salt Lake City. 88, 192, 226, 394 

Marshall. Ray Edward. Turlock, Calif. 417 

Marshall, Robert E. L. Williams, Ore.. 358 

Marshall, Roger Lee, Las Vegas, Nev., 82, 272. 394 

Marshall, Sharon, Las Vegas, Nev., 84 

Marshall, Sharon Lynn, Las Vegas, Nev. 

Marshall. William T., Hermiston, Ore., 

Marsing. Barbara Ann, Green River. 358 

Martell. Muriel, Pleasant Grove, 94, 274 312 



Maftell. Richard Terry. Burtev. Idaho. 321 

Morfin, Belva Jeoeal, Richland. Wash.. 78, 395 

Martin, Dean W., West Springs, III., 236, 244. 334 

Martin, Gerald B., Jr., Long Beach, Calif,. 334 

Martin, James Douglas, Pfovo 

Martin, James Morcellus. Eugene. Ore. 

Martin. James William. Diarnond Springs. Calif.. 257. 289. 

Martin, Joyce. Preslon. Idaho, 395 
Martin, Laurel!. Oakley. Idaho. 8S. 395 
Martin, Margaret Janene, Imlay, Nev.. 368 
Martin, Marjorie Ellen. Cowpens. S, C, 312 
Martin, Muriel S., Delta 
Martin, Paul Lamar. Scipio, 312 
Martin. Sumilio Shirota. Provo 
Martin, Susan Kay. Greenwood. Ind,, 395 
Martin, William B,, Garfield 
Martindale, David L., Burley. Idaho 
Martindale, Larry E„ Santa Monica, Calif., 334 
Martineflu. Gladys, Walnut Creek, Calif., 334 
Martineau, Lorence W.. Mesa. Arii, 
Martinei. Jesus Narvaei.. Meiico., 417 
Martinez, Joe G., Springville., 114, I 15. 3 12 
Marumolo, Genevieve N.. Orem, 237. 278. 312 
Masada. Jerry Hideo. Laniai. Hawaii. 256. 358 
Mason, Bernell Alton, Aurora 
Mason, Curtis Eldon, Portland, Ore., 395 
Mason. Edwin Leon, Aurora, 358 
Mason, Leslie Gunnell, Lexington, Ky., 237. 395 
Mason, Rhode Anne. Sacramento, Calif.. 358 
Mason, Sterling Alma, Springville 
Mason, Yerda Ruth, Blackfoot, Idaho, 43. 417 
Malheny, Shirley Ann. Calgary. Alfa.. Can.. 86 
Mather. Marlln. Grace, Idaho, 84, 312 
Mathes. Jewell Carlton. Orem 

Mathews. Barbara Jean. San Francisco, Calif.. 254, 395 
Mathews, Donna Leo, Nephl, 231. 294. 312 
Mathews. Irvln R., f^armingfon, N. Men. 
Mathews, Mary Ann, Fairfield, Calif.. 395 
Mathews, Robert James, Provo 
Mathie. Alton J , Ogden. 201, 358 
Mathis. Chrisfal L., Provo 
Mathis. Connie Rae, Provo. 243, 312 
Mathis. John Stoker, Price, 358 
Mathis, Richard Miles, St. George, 312 
Mathis, Shanna Rae, Loa, 90, 395 
Mathis. William Ervin. Price. 90, 92 
Mathlson, Michael T , San Diego. Calif. 
Matsen, Janice Cairo. Los Angeles, Calif., 268 
Matson, Ronald J„ Huntington Park. Calif. 
Matthews, Colleen P., Salt Lake City. 268. 312 
Matthews. David Harold. Inkom. Idaho 
Matthews. Dorothy Anne, Montpeller, Idaho, 395 
Matthews. Elmo G., Evanston, Wyo., 334 
MaHhews, Franklin Wm., Boise. Idaho, 267, 358 
Matthews. Leonard H.. Montpelier. Idaho. 242. 358 
Matthews, Tommle Grant, Evanston. Wye, 263, 395 
Maugh, Frances Loy. Caldwell, Idaho, 228. 358 
Maughan, Charlene L., Soda Springs. Idaho, 395 
Maughan, Jeanlne B.. Wellsvllle. 86 
Maughan, Kathryn B., Wellsvllle, 86. 395 
Maughan, Marilyn, Soda Springs, Idaho, 186. 284, 334 
Maughan, Scott. San Gabriel. Calif.. 322 
Maughan, Thomas Raymond, Drummond. Mont., 395 
Maxfleld. Carol Ann, Provo. 231. 294 
Maxfield. Diane, Salt Lake City. 395 
Maxfield, Gerald. Provo 
Maxwell. Frank L. Jr.. Salt Lake City 
Maxwell, Harold B., Salt Lake City 
Maxwell, Philip H.. Taylorsvllle, 241 
Maxwell. Stella Mary. San Bernadino, Calif. 
May. Douglas Love.. Paul. Idaho. 358 
May. Frank O. Jr., Brlgham City. 246, 334 
May, Helen, Blackfoot. Idaho. 395 
May, James Andrew, Baker, Ore., 224, 259, 395 
May, Nona. Lynne. Brigham City 
Mayberry, Laura M., Ogden 
Maycock. Nelson S., Rome. N. Y., 218. 395 
Maycock. Sandra, Provo, 417 
Mayer. Jerry David, Elsinore. Calif. 
Mayo. Joseph Anthony, Santa Clara, Calif. 
Mayo. Raymond Louis. Houston. Texas, 334 
McAfer+y. Lloyd V., Olympia, Wash.. 270 
McAffee. Colvln R., Harbor City. Calif. 274 
McAffee, Edward Arvel, Heber City, 395 
McAffee, Louanna. Payson, 395 
McAlister. Nancy E.. Rexburg, Idaho, 279. 35B 
McAllister. Leray L.. Delta. 244, 335 
McAllister, Myron R., San Jose, Calif. 
McArthur, Arthur Edgar, Provo 
McAr+hur, George C, Calgary, Alta.. Can., 358 
McArthur, Gerafd C, Southgate. Calif. 
McArthur Lilet. Los Angeles, Calif, 86. 395 
McArthur. Nedd W.. Price. 78, 335 
McArthur, Perry Hampton, Price, 311 
McBridtf, Carol Ann, Downey. Calif, 395 
McBrida. Daanna, Boise, Idaho, 88, 395 
McBride, Norton D., Salt Lake City 
McBride. J. Lynn, Blackfoot. Idaho, 222, 311 
McBride. James Garn, Columbia, S. C. 257. 311 
McBride. Leo, Robert, Blackfoot. Idaho. B2. 96, 274 
McBride, Ralph La Var. Columbia. S. C. 84. 193. 320 
McBride. Yvonne, Oakland. Calif 
McCall. Mary Lou, Setlflower. Calif. 86. 358 
McCandless. Geary A., Huntington, Calif, 232 
McCann. Lauren Bernard. Vancouver, Wash.. 358 
McCarrey, Marl© R., Richmond 
McChance A., Douolas. Penn, 
McClellan. Grant Clark, Idaho FalU, Idaho, 417 
McClellan. Lois Dixie, Provo, 311 
McClellan. Norene, Haywood, Calif. 412, 395 
McClure. Gerald Leland. Paclma. Calif. 88, 395 
McComas, Carole Lynn, Pasadena. Calif, 208. 209. 395 
McComas. William Howard, Inglewood, Calif. 358 
McComb. Charles Ben. Provo 
McConnell, Norma Jean, Long Beach, Calif. 
McConochle, Thomas Owen, Alta.. Can,. 395 
McCool, Maureen Adele. Long Beach. Calif, 395 
McCormick. Donald C. American Fork 
McCormlck, Donald F.. Midvale 
McCormick, Marilynn, American Fork, 278. 395 
McCosh, Leonard William, Wash.. 235. 335 
McCuan, Robert Eugene, Marian. Ind , 
McCuo, LDean, Lethbrldge. Alfa., Can.. 26. 76, 210 

211. 296, 341 
McCuHoy, Jessie Lewis, Milford 
McCulley, Mary Jane. Milford. 44. 186. 358 
McCutloch, Donna E., Provo 

McCullouch, Gerald R,, Las Vegas, Nev. 

McCulloiJch, Jerry Lavon. Provo, 247. 257. 292, 31) 

McCutlough, Anna LaRae, Rlchand, Wash., 282. 335 

McCullough, Donald Dee. Richland. Wash. 

McCumber. Marilyn P.. Los Angeles. Calif 

McCune. Jeanne, Fillmore, 212. 358 

McDaniel, Janice E.. Alamosa, Colo., 395 

McDaniel. Lloyd S.. Alamosa. Colo.. 335 

McDaniel, Marilyn J., Chandler, Arii.. 358 

McDonald. Ervin John. Orem, 115 

McDonald. Jessie. Salt Lake City 

McDonald, Marjorie, Idaho Falls. Idaho. 46. 70, 80 

McDougal, Richard Nephi. Salt Lake City 

McDow, Teri Lee. Grand Junction, Colo., 358 

McDowell. Sylvia Irene. Walla Walla, Wash., 395 

McEuen, Ronald C. Safford, Arli. 

McFadden. Terry Ted. Deer Lodge, Mont., 395 

McFarland, Erie Cecil. Phoenix, Ariz., 248, 358 

McFarland. Melva Alloen, Lemhi. Idaho. 230, 335 

McGavin. Marlene, Grace. Idaho 

McGee. Donna Jean. Scottsdale. Ariz., 395 

McGlll, Evelyn Martha, Grantsville. 395 

McGookin. Marvle L., Long Beach. Calif 

McGregor, Dayton C, St. George, 395 

McGregor, Lorenzo W., Provo, 395 

Mcllrath, Sharon M.. Glenwood. Minn.. 358 

Mclnerney, Sheila E., Tucson, Ariz. 

Mclnnes, Murray S., Eagar, Ariz.. 201. 296, 417 

Mclntire, Jay Rodney. Ontario. Calif. 358 

Mclnllre. Ronald Kent, Paul. Idaho. 358 

Mcintosh, Gordon Y.. Burlington, Wyo,. 417 

McKay, Barrie Gunn. Huntsville, 197, 202, 224. 236, 358 

McKay, Mary, Huntsville, 417 

McKay, Monroe Gunn, Huntsville, 204, 214, 335 

McKay. Teddy A., Santaquin. 395 

McKay. William R., Jacob Lake. Ariz. 

McKean. Theo Emery, Provo, 312 

McKee, Bobbie Gene. Rlverton 

McKee. Burton Clair. Holden 

McKell. Eldon Clair, Provo 

McKell. James Robert. Provo. 395 

McKell, Lenadra. Provo. 312 

McKell, Maryem, Provo 

McKellar. Warren Peter, Wendover 

McKendrick, William J.. Provo 

McKenna, Earl A., Roosevelt 

McKenzie, Leia Ann. Springville 

McKenzie, Phillis L. Lund, Nev.. 202. 335 

McKernan, Don Jo, Ridgecresf Calif 

McKlnney, Henry Lee, Blackfoot Idaho. 395 

McKinney. Karen Ruth, Spring City, 208. 395 

McKinney, Kenward H.. Fair Oaks. Calif 

McKinnon, Rachel L, Moroni, 243. 278 

McKnight. Eve Lauretta, Minersvllle, 86. 395 

McKnlght, Gloria C, Rangely, Colo.. 358 

McLain, Beneva, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 395 

McLaren, John David. Provo, 

McLaughlin. Patsy Ann, Glendale, Calif, 358 

McLoney. Lanny Jason, La Mesa, Calif.. 218 

McLure, Mary Frances. Los Angeles. Calif. 395 

McMahon. Frank Dean, Los Angeles. Calif., 106, 417 

McMahon, Thomas Timothy, Lorain. Ohio 

McMillan. Dorothy, Lehi. 395 

McMillan. Naila Laurine, Alhambra, Calif. 88. 395 

McMulIln, Helen, Hurricane, 312 

McMurray. Mary Louise. Burley. Idaho. 182, 311 

McNaughton, Mary, Heber City, 335 

McNeil. C. Craig. Provo 

McNeill, Boyd Newton, Orem. 395 

McOmber, George Emerson 

McPhie, Janlne. Provo, 358 

Meacham. Edgar L., Twin Falls. Idaho 

Meadows, Jimmie Lee. Columbus. Ge. 

Meadows. William F.. Jr.. Columbus. Ga.. 132. 134. 312 

Mecham. Gale Alvarus. Thatcher, Ariz., 234. 312 

Mecham, Gwen Lenore, Provo. 417 

Mecham, Mary Jane C, Manila. 312 

Mechllng, fva Marie. Seattle. Wash. 226. 265. 395 

Meeks, Bruce W., Kanab. 395 

Meeks. Haiel. Lovell. Wyo., 84. 237. 334 

Meeks, John Paul, Cowley. Wyo. 

Meibos, Robert Bruce. Salt Lake City 

Meier. Joseph Tippetts. Richfield 

Meiners, June, Ogden. 334 

Meiners. Lewis B.. Kaysvllle, 254, 267. 358 

Meiners. Myron Delano. Kaysvllle. 358 

Maimer, Deanne Kay. Sacramento, Calif.. 84. 395 

Melbourne. Patricia A,. San Diego. Calif, 395 

Meldrum, Grant Cluff, Provo. 358 

Mellor, Chester McKay, Fayette 

Mellor, Letha. Fayette, 358 

Melville, Samuel G., Fillmore. 246 

Memmott, Carol Lee, Roosevelt 

Memmott. Joseph Larry. Col. Dublan, Mexico, 395 

Mendenhall, Dswna M., Jerome, Idaho 

Mendenhall. John Paul. Las Vegas. Nev, 

Mandenhall. Paul W., Provo 

Mendenhall, Spencer K.. Payson. 90 

Menlova. Richard Dualne. Provo, 395 

Manning. Zelda Meryl. Redding. Calif. 334 

Mercer. Charles. Lehi 

Mercer. Jo Ann Marilyn, American Fork. 247. 357. 358 

Meredith. Franklin J.. Denver. Colo.. 396 

Meredith, Gary Edward. American Fork 

Meredith. Joyce, Lehi, 396 

Merkley, Clifton Davis. Vernal. 358 

Merkley, Harvey B., Calgary. Alta.. Can.. 252, 292 

Merrell, Calvin J.. Farmlngton. N. Mex.. 129 

Merrell, Charles B.. Provo, 312 

Merrell, Dallas Victor. Moses Lake. Wash., 35, 73, 214, 301. 

325, 334, 341 
Merrell, Mabel. Pocatello. Idaho 
Merrell, Max J.. Moses Lake. Wash.. 265, 396 
Merrell, Paula. Farmlngton. N. Max.. 258. 396 
Merrill, Carol Joan, Salt Lake City 
Merrill, Cheri Dene, Pocatello, Idaho. 358 
Merrill. Evan W,. Paul, Idaho, 334 
Merrill, Jay Alexander. Cedar Ridge, Calif 
Merrill, Jimmie Dale. Provo. 312 
Merrill. Josephine C. Provo 
Merrill, Kathleen T.. Lethbridge. Alta.. Can., 216, 276, 

Merrill. Lavaun S.. Jr.. Idaho Falls, Idaho. 358 
Merrill. Louis Hyde, Swan Lake. Idaho. 334 
Marrill, Lura Mae, Sat Lake City. 78. 396 
Merrill, Marrinar David. Farmlngton 
Marrill. Mary Joann. Ramah. N. Max. 
Merrill. Nathan Wayne. Lorenzo. Idaho, 417 

Merrill. Paul Allen. Lymwood. Calif. 270, 358 

Merrill. Ralph Taft, Pocatello, Idaho. 396 

Merrill. Ray Reese. Pleasant Grove. 312 

Merrill. Ronnie Bently. Valparaiso. Fla. 

Merritt. Lament Rich. Afton. Wyo., 396 

Morritt. Shirley Y., Affon. Wyo.. 334 

Mosservy. Robert D.. Kelso. Wash. 

Messick. Larry Eldon, Provo. 396 

Meservy. Virginia Rae, Provo. 78. 396 

Messersmlth, Robert H., Cedar Valley 

Messervy, Harold Vernon. Kelso, Wash., 296 

Messick. Velna Jean. Provo. 358 

Metier. Eugene Henry. Klamath Falls, Ore.. 259. 292. 293. 

Meyer, Alice Ann, San Bernadino. Calif. 396 
Meyer, Ferdinand J., Calgary. Alta, Can.. 252. 396 
Meyer, John George J., Pretoria, South Africa 
Meyer, Mildred, Smithfield, 76, 196, 197. 334 
Meyer. Peter C. Provo. 186 
Meyers. Betty D., Vernal. 88. 312 
Meyers, Patricia L,. Vernal. 312 
Michael, Patricia Jean. Muncie, Ind., 396 
Michelettl, Eddy Allen. Fresno. Calif 
Mickelsen, Allen R.. Draper 
Mickelsen, Anne A., Draper 
Mickelsen. Lorene, Sandy 

Mickelsen. William C. St. George, 82. 90. 254, 312 
Mickelson. Carol P.. Duchesne. 35. 90. 217. 282. 283 
Mickelson. Hattie Lu. Henderson. Nev.. 4)7 
Mlddaugh, Carma Barker, Sparks, Nev. 
MIddleton, Douglas A,, Ogden 
Middlbrooks, Albert L.. Quitman. Georgia. 396 
Midgley. Wendy Trenker. Lake Villa. III.. 92. 212. 213. 358 
Mleke, Eloise. Medford, Ore.. 186. 259. 335 
Mlera. Ruby Helen, Taos. N. Mex. 
Mlera. Samuel Victor. Toas. N. Mex.. 312 
Mietus. Charles Richard. Roy, 3(2 
Mlgliaccio. Ralph R., Spanish Fork, 356 
Mikesell, Eldon Lamar, Rawlins. Wyo.. 396 
Mikkelsen, Jerry Conrad, Richland. Wash.. 396 
Mikkelson. Ray O.. Nephl, 358 
Milam. Gary Dean. Glendale. Calif, 289. 335 
Miles. Gary H., Monpeller. Idaho, 128 
Miles, Joe M., Orem 
Miles. Louanne, Kamas, 287. 396 
Miles. Rey Maxwell. Orem 
Miles. Walter Mar, St. George, 312 
Millar, Norma Joanne, Shelley, Idaho, 92, 396 
Millar, Z. Reed, Jr., Boise, Idaho, 82, 201. 210, 358 
Millard, Lorna, Salt Lake City, 396 
Millard, Robert H.. Burley. Idaho 
Miller. Atene. Provo. 396 
Miller. Angeline. Phoenix. Ariz., 312 
Miller, Ann. Burbank. Calif 
Miller. Annette. Thayne. Wyo., 88 
Miller. Charles Lloyd, Spanish Fork 
Miller. Colin. Taber. Alta., Can.. 359 
Miller. Corena, Portland. Ore.. 263, 265. 396 
Miller, Dalea, Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Miller, David Owen, Sf David, Arii. 
Miller, Eddy Lenard. Monrovia. Calif. 359 
Miller. Eve, Sandy 
Miller. Grant Alden. Provo. 92. 396 
Miller. Joyce Nadyne. Joseph City. Arir., 312 
Miller. Larry Marvin, Provo 
Miller. Leo D.. Taber. Alta.. Can.. 359 
Miller. Leon C. Tremonton, 3)2 
Miller. Leon Cart, Salt Lake City. 396 
Miller, Marian. Price, 396 

Miller. Marilyn Ruth. Las Vegas. Nev.. 258, 396 
Miller. Morgan Lewis. Manii 
Miller, Reed Kari. Provo. 417 
Miller. Reta Elder. Provo 
Miller, Richard Dale. Evansvllle. Ind. 
Miller. Richard R.. Panguitch, 396 
Miller, Richard Stephen. Great Falls. Mont. 396 
Miller. Robert Dudley, San Diego, Calif. 396 
Miller, Woodine, Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Millet. Elizabeth. Mesa, Ariz.. 396 
Millet, Margaret. Mesa. Ariz.. 238. 322 
Millet Orson Leon, Provo, 222 
Millet Paul Archie, Provo 
Mllleft. Donna Elaine. Bernardino, Calif, 396 
Milliner, James Reed. Peoa 
Mills, Charles T.. Provo 
Mills, Helen Joyce, Bountiful, 228. 359 
Mills. James Arnold. Fairfield. Mont. 255. 335 
Mills. Madelyn. Provo 
Mills, Ronald M,. Legrande, Ore. 
Mills, Sherlane K.. Bountiful. 78. 396 
Mills, Sharon JanoHe, Ogden 88, 245. 396 
Milne, Donald Charles, Sandy. 396 
Milne. Marilyn Rachel, Sandy, 335 
Milner, Don R.. Provo, 76. 246. 312 
Mlnch. Gloria Pauline. Portland. Ore., 396 
Miner. David Lee, Springville 
Miner, Janet Grantsville. 45. 86. 220, 276. 359 
Miner. Rada. Springville. 396 
Miner. Rodger Larry. Springville 
Miner, Rosemary, Sandy, 396 
Mink, Oscar Gorton, Boise. Idaho 
Minor. Donald Leroy, Portland, Ore.. 177, 371. 396 
Minor, Milt Peterson. Nampa, Idaho 
Mlnson. Joy. Garden Grove, Calif.- 417 
Mltbach. Grant Lemmon. Lowell, Ore.. 141. 237. 335 
Miskin. Thaln Lament Palisades. Idaho. 322 
Misrasi, Melba, Tremonton, 396 
Mitchell, Arthur C , Provo 

Mitchell. Dallas Carl. Taft. Calif. 181. 164. 296. 359 
Mitchell. Donald George. Provo. 320 
Mitchell, Gary Alonzo. Vale. Of., 396 
Mitchell. Gay Aleen. Fillmore 
Mitchell, Gterrna A., Provo 
Mitchell, Karl Clark, Parowan. 210. 359 
Mitchell, Marilyn. Provo 
Mitchell. Marlene. Burbank. Calif. 86. 396 
Mitchell. Malvin Adams. Parowan. 33S 
Mitchell. Robert C. Fairfield. Iowa 
Mitchell, Robert Wyatt, Phoenli. Arii. 
Mitchell. Sidney Frank. Phoanii. Arii.. 178. 396 
Mitchall. Theodora, Provo 
Mitchell. Theodora R,. Phoanii Arit. 
Mitchell. William E.. Provo 

Miyaiaki, Richard T.. Lanai City. L«n«i. Hawan. 2S6. 312 
Moaller. Joan. Idaho Felli. Idaho. 290 
Moeller. William David. Salt Lake City. 396 
Moan. Gilbert, Union. N. J.. 239 
Moffat Lois Ardttl. Salt Lake City, 287. 321 


Moffilt. Karen E., Huntington, 86. 280, 396 

Moifceha, Mono Amy H,. Walluitu Maui. Hawaii. 256, 396 

Moles. William A,. Cherokee. N. C, 

Molle, Fronl Dalton. Hawthorne. Calif,. 132 

Molter, Richard Bruce. Latewood, Calif, 

Monahan. Mary Louise. Seattle, Wash ,312 

Moncur. Robert Merrill. Lovell. Wyo. 

Money. Richard L,, Payson. 335 

Monien. Lewis Farrell, Orem 

Monson. David Edward. Pleasant Grove 

Monson. Hal Lamar. Shelley. Idaho, 239. 312 

Monson, Irene. American Fork 

Monson. Marilyn, Denver. Colo., 142. 186. 215. 285. 312, 

Monson, Mary Alice. Annerican Forlt. 186 
Montague. Blaine Lee. Pay$on 
Montague, Glenn A. 

Monte. John Anthony Jr., Hayward, Calif., 394 
Montgovery, Barbara J.. Pagosa Springs, Colo., 396 
Montgomery, Clinton Y., Melrose Park, III., 396 
Montgomery, Earl Rei, Heber, 312 

Montgomery. James Allen. Green River. Wyo.. 266, 396 
Montgomery, Joel K.. Provo, 312 
Montgomery. Lou Ann, Hooper, 223, 396 
Montgomery, Melvin J.. Heber 
Monfgomery, Neal Brent. Heber 
Montgomery, Paul Dean. Burley. Idaho. 80 
Montgomery. Robert F., Ogden 
Montgomery, Shield B. 

Moolierth, Georqe M. Jr.. Long Beach, Calif. 
Montoya, Philip Dele©, Helper 
Moody, Alice Kay. Delta, 268. 359 
Moody, David Snow, Delta, 296 
Moody, Oorene Nell, Delta. 268, 359 
Moody, Floy Annette. Provo. 394 
Moody, Joan Lapreal. Oakland. Calif. 359 
Moody. Milo Lyman, Spanish Fork. 90. 396 
Moody. Philip M , Delta 

Moomey, Mildred Mae. Cadillac. Mich.. 396 
Moon. David Thomas, Orem, 359 
Moon, Ellen Dewitt, Provo 
Moon, James Dean. Farminqton. 396 
Moon. Marilyn Springville, 228, 229, 359 
Moore, Bruce J. 

Moore. Clifton Eugene. Roosevelt, 396 
Moore. Georgia Helene. Bountiful. 396 
Moore. James Vernon, Bountiful, 396 
Moore, Jean 6., Provo 
Moore. Keith Moxon, Panguitch 
Moore, Linda Alice. Grand Junction, Colo, 396 
Moore, Marilyn Elva, Bountiful. 238. 268, 335 
Moore, Milton Harry. Fruita, Colo., 396 
Moore. Paul Frank. Payson. 396 
Moore, Ralph Lyons, Nampa. Idaho 
Moore, Robert Arthur, Provo. 359 
Moosmann, Velma, Tridell 
Moravec, Garry, Hartford, Conn,, 396 
Morawskl, Hans Joachim. Berlin. Germany, 246, 39^ 
Morgan, Alvin W. Jr., Anchorage, Alaska 
Morgan, Carole Ann. Phoenl<, Ariz,. 284, 335 
Morgan. Catherine, Price, 312 
Morgan, G. Lynn, Los Angeles. Calif. 
Morgan. Gloria Alice, CIrcleville, 335 
Morgan, James Derter, Salt Lake City, 397 
Morgan. James Ernest, Pleasant Grove 
Morgan. Jerrold Ramon. Granite. 254. 417 
Morgan, Marcia Ann. Sacramento, Calif., 88, 397 
Morgan, Mary Provo, 397 
Moroan, Myra Lee. Kuna, Idaho, 35. 359 
Morgan, Orland Fred. Prosser, Wash. 
Morgan. Ralph Arvll, Provo. 312 
Morley. Burl D., Provo, 359 
Morley. Mary Jane, Ely. Nev., 92, 93, 312 
Morn, Frank Thomas, San Lorenzo, Calif. 
Morr. Marilyn, Salt Lake City 
Morrell. Edwin B., Provo. 313 
Morrell, Ruth, Brigham. 73, 212, 213, 359 
Morrey. Karen Mae, Joseph, 397 
Morrey, Margaret J., Joseph. 397 
Morrill. Joanne H.. Provo 
Morrill, Margaret A., Provo 
Morrill. Marta. Tridell. 262, 397 
Morrill, Reed S.. Provo 
Morris. Carol Jean, Thatcher, Ariz., 335 
Morris, Claudia, Brigham, 359 
Morris, Lyie Ray, Parowan 

Morris. Wayne Thomas. Rocky Mount, N. C. 397 
Morris, Wilford Robert, Dallas, Te^as 
Morrlse. Jesard. Hollywood, Calif. 
Morrison, Patricia Ann, El Monte. Calif.. 251. 397 
MorrisseHe. William R.. Barstow. Calif. 
Morrow. Gail Lucille. Alhambra, Calif,, 145, 276 
Morrow. Joan Lee, Albuquerque. N. Me*.. 257. 257, 359 
Morrow. Vaun Grant, Provo, 313 
Morse. Eileen Alice, Portland, Ore., 231. 313 
Morse, Kay Eleanor, Murray 
Morfensan, Benjamin F., Provo 
Mortensen. Dean J., Provo 

Mortensen, Floyd Blair, Moses Lake, Wash., 265. 359 
Mortensen. Harry L., Sky Forest, Calif., 88 
Mortensen. J, Ross, El Paso, Texas 
Mortensen, Larene. St. George. 254, 335 
Mortensen, Maye Jane, Ventura, Calif., 313 
Mortensen. Stuart L., Emery, 397 
Mortensen, Walter Fred. OrovlHe. Calif. 
Mortensen, William E.. Le Grande, Ore. 
Morlenson, Ma« Leo, Provo 
Mortonson, Peggy Joann, Seattle, Wash,, 397 
Mortimer. Jean Louise, Montclair. N. J.. 243. 335 
Morton. Kayla Marlene. Warrrer. Alia., Can., 84, 86, 241. 

Moscon, Frank Allen, Tooele 
Moscrop, Richard G., Inglewood. Calif.. 417 
Moser, Dennis Hlgginson, Bancroft, Idaho, 397 
Moss, Beverly, Durango, Colo., 335 
Moss. Dan Edgar. American Fork 

Moss. Darlene Mae. Santa Rosa, Calif.. 78. 231. 396 
Moss. Joan. Layton. 264. 359 
Moss. Reed L.. Rlrle. Idaho. 335 
Mosfert, Andre J. £.. Provo. 194. 246, 335 
Mole. Charline Bliss. Provo 
Mote, Herbert Irvln. Provo 
Molschman, Shirley B.. San Bernadino. Calif., 241, 290, 

Moft, Dean Garold, Laiara. Colo., 226, 359 
Mott, Harvey Paul, Lajara, Colo., 226 
Moulton. Albert Page, Provo 

Moulton, Betty Jean, Portland, Ore., 397 

Moulton, Duane. Salt Lake City, 359 

Moulton, Margie Ann, Provo, 359 

Moultrie, Beverly Ann. Salmon, Idaho, 208, 39? 

Mountford, Asa Lyman, Heber 

Movaghar, Nasser, Teheran, Iran, 323 

Mower. Donald L,, American Fort. 132 

Mower, John F. Jr., Provo 

Mower. Morris L.. Fairvlew. 313 

Mower, Richard L,, Provo 

Moyoda. Eglantine P.. Col. Dublah, Mexico 

Moyer, Terry Jack, Provo. 94 

Moyes, Leon Roger. San Deigo, Calif., 397 

Moyle, Betty Louise. Pleasant Grove, 397 

Moyle. Kathleen. American Fork 

Moyle, Richard Wright, Salt Lake City. 40, 177. 181. 397 

Muhlestein, Floyd Milo, Provo 

Muhlestein. Harold G., Orem 

Huhlesteln, Helen. Provo 

Mulr, Gary Rees. Randolph, 235 

Muirhead. Alice M. B.. Provo 

Muirhead. Roberta Jean. Provo. 84, 312 

Mukherjee. Barld Daren, Bengal, India. 320 

Mulkay. Lewis Marcellus. Pacific Grove, Collf. 

Mumford. David Louis, Mt, Pleasant. 323 

Munger. MerreHa Zina. Seattle. Wash., 265. 397 

Munhall, Grace. Las Vegas, Nev., 88. 397 

Munk. Keith M.. Gunnison. 313 

Munson, Dick Addy. McGlll, Nev. 

Munson, Lydia Carole, McGill, Nev., 359 

Murdock, Allan L., Driggs, Idaho, 88, 397 

Murdock. Clair N., Provo, 323 

Murdock. Joyce, Orem, 68. 397 

Murdock. Robert John, Springville 

Murdock. Sally Jo, Sacramento, Calif., 397 

Murphy. David Russell. West Covlna. Calif. I 19, 397 

Murphy, Floyd Melvin. Seattle. Wash., 90. 92 

Murphy. James Patrick, San Leandro, Calif. 

Murphy. Jerry Bert, Provo, 359 

Murphy. Lenore D.. Browning, Mont., 397 

Murphy, Mary. Roosevelt, 262, 335 

Murphy, Myrna Jean. Spanish Fork. 397 

Murphy. Richard Eugene. San Leandro, Calif, 397 

Murray, Donald Dave, Cortei. Colo., 94, 257, 397 

Murray, Evelyn Alice, Boise, Idaho. 76, 182. 216, 335 

Murray. Fancher M.. Nephi, 84, 359 

Murray. Judy KIrtlyn, North Hollywood, Calif. 88, 397 

Murray, Robert Julian, Jacksonville, Fla.. 335 

Murray. Thayne E., Springville 

Musig, Merlal Dean. St. George. 254. 417 

Muslg. Morris Demille. Salt Lake City. 226. 334 

Myer. Marie Lytle. St. George, 321 

Myer. Peter Livingston, Caldwell. N. J. 313 

Myers, Colette. North Plymouth. Idaho. 264. 359 

Myers. Emmett Theodore. Burbank. Calif. 397 

Myers, Jacqueline Anne. Salt Lake City, 86, 359 

Myers, Marilyn Mabel. Salt Lake City, 231. 417 

Myers, Sylvia Jean. Las Vegas. Nev. 

Myers. Twlla May, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 397 

Myres, Dennis Keith, San Diego, Calif. 

Myrup. Marilyn, Provo, 90. 231, 359 


Nadauld. Brent Strevell. Long Beach. Calif, 84 

Naef Carol D.. Susanvllle, Calif., 397 

Nahulu, Eli Kaul, Hawaii 

Naillon, Larry James. Washougat, Wash. 

Nalsbin, Robert Lavern. Las Vegas, Nev. 

Nakada, Frank Shozo, Japan, 313 

Nalder, M. Margaret, Layton, 181, 294. 295. 313 

Nancy. Lynn Mac, Kaysvllle, 82 

Nanto, Robert Masukl, Moses Lake, Wash.. 265 

Narkaus. Suzanne. Placervllle, Calif 

Nash, Blaine Elynn, American Fork. 82. 96, 359 

Nash, Glen Voy. Salt Lake City. 397 

Nash. Jennifer B., Inglewood. Calif, 397 

Nash, Verla June. Butte, Mont,. 255 

Nash, William Verlin. Ogden. 321 

Nation. Frances, Arlene, Gunnison 

Naumu. Judith P.. Hawaii 

Nay, Mateland D.. Sigurd 

Nay, Robert Elmer, Vlctorvllle, Calif, 45, 222. 239, 313 

Nay, Shirley Ann, Las Vegas, Nev, 

Naylor, Beverly Jean, South Gate. Calif 

Naylor, Clyde Richard, Provo 

Naylor, Helen, Alexanderla, Va., 212. 359 

Naylor, Joan Marie. Salt Lake City, 80 

Naylor. Robert Lawrence. Grantsville. 397 

Nndem, Nndem Etuh Udo, Nigeria. South Africa, 360 

Neal, Loronna Alta, Malad, Idaho. 313 

Nebeker. Don T., Venice 

Nebeker, Louise. Murray, 335 

Needham, Richard Eli, Whittier, Calif, 359 

Neel. Norman Ray. Orem, 115. 335 

Neeley. Barbara Carol. Spanish Fork. 84. 313 

Neeley, David Mitchell, Spanish Fork. 244, 397 

Neeley. Nevada May. Los Artgeles, Calif, 257. 335 

Neff, Leonard Dale. Salt Lake City, 313 

Neff Wayne Chamberlln, Salt Lake City. 313 

Nehring, Don Theodore, Covlna Calif, 397 

Neidlffer, Nancy Grace, Holtvllle, Calif. 397 

Neil, Andrew B., Kemerer. Wyo. 

Nell. Kenneth Jack, Provo 

Nellson, Denny L. 

Neilson, Joann. Sacramento, Calif, 276. 335 

Neilson. Kenneth Ervin. Magra»h. Alta., Can. 

Nellson. Morris E.. Prcrvo, 200 

Nelson. Allan Harold, Salt Lake City 

Nelson, Allan Rhodes, Provo, 397 

Nelson, Ann Marie, Richmond, 287, 359 

Nelson, Barbrajean, Phoenli, Ariz., 248, 397 

Nelson. Bruce A., Provo, 235 

Nelson. Charles Roland, Salt Lake City. 205. 335 

Nelson, Charlotte. Mf. Pleasant, 78, 243, 261. 282, 283. 335 

Nelson, Clark W.. Springville 

Nelson, Conrad Rulon, Ferron, 335 

Nelson, David Claybourne. Cardston, Alta., Can. 

Nelson, Diane Bernice, Roosevelt, 262, 397 

Nelson, Doris Kay, Chicago, HI., 335 

Nelson, Edith. La Plata, N. Met. 313 

Nolson, Elbert Dwain, Re^burg. Idaho 

Nelson, Eldon James, Glenwood. Alta., Can., 359 

Nelson, Enid W„ Berkeley. Calif,, 313 

Nelson. Gall, Reiburg., Idaho, 43, 47, 66, 76, 216, 335 

Nelson, Gary Melvin, Provo, 397 

Nelson, Glen B., Provo 

Nelson, Harold John, Salt Lake City 

Nelson, Jack Adolph, Bellflower, Calif, 73, 321 

Nelson, Jan Howard, Pleasant Grove, 335 

Nelson, Janice Loa, Pocatello, Idaho, 359 

Nelson, Janice Louise, Ogden, 397 

Nelson. Janice Tanner, Spanish Fork, 80 

Nelson. Jesse T., Blackfoot. Idaho, 397 

Nelson, Joe Bernard. Mesa, Ariz. 

Nelson. John Dewey. Salt Lake City. 234 

Nelson. John Earl. Citrus Heights. Calif. 

Nelson. John Wayne, Spanish Fork, 313 

Nelson, Kay, Moses Lake, Wash., 397 

Nelson, Kent P.. Roosevelt 

Nelson. Larae B.. American Fork 

Nelson. Lester Vail, Bellflower. Calif 

Nelson, Lloyd Keith. Thatcher, Arli., 90, 321 

Nelson, Lois Gloria, Newberg. Ore., 397 

Nelson. Louise Kimball. Springville, 359 

Nelson. Marlene Janace, Long Beach, Calif.. 417 

Nelson, Marvin Keith. Phoenix. Arii., 236, 417 

Nelson. Mary Kay, Snowvllle, 279, 359 

Nelson, Merrill W.. Orem 

Nelson. Milton Dale, Ogden 

Nelson, Neil Foss, Preston, Idaho. 296. 359 

Nelson, Noreen. Phoenix, Ariz.. 313 

Nelson, Olive J, Astin, Springville 

Nelson. Omer Dean. Tucson. Arii.. 37, 224, 359 

Nelson, Orson Hyrum, Terrance, Calif. 

Nelson, Patricia Lee, Tulsa, Okla.. 245, 276, 359 

Nelson, Paul Milton, Ontario, Ore.. 313 

Nelson, Richard, C. Provo 

Nelson, Richard Folsom, Roy, 320 

Nelson, Richard H., Spanish Fork, 232, 359 

Nelson, Robert Loran, Welling, Alta., Can. 

Nelson. Robert Naylor. Piedmont. Calif 

Nelson. Scott Howard. Carmen, Idaho 

Nelson, Wllma Jean. ColevIHe. 88. 397 

Nesbit. Emma Jean. Portland. Ore., 90, 397 

Neser. Doris Maxlne, Los Angeles. Calif, 243, 313 

Neser. Gerald OHo. Los Angeles. Calif. 397 

Neser, Paul Irving. Los Angeles. Calif, 397 

Nettle, Hubert Raymond. New Albany, Ind., 359 

NeHles. Gloria J., Dundee. Ha., 143 

NeHo. Nicholas Edward. Provo 

Neubert. Donna L.. Graeagle. Calif,, 312 

Neubert, Joe Ann, Graeagle. Calif, 86, 241, 397 

Neufeld, Robert Leroy, Jacksonville. Fla,. 335 

Neville, Nancy Jane. Kaysville 

Neville, Wendell. McGill, Nev.. 313 

Newbold. Karen, Morgan, 92. 397 

Newby. Rhea Eunlece. Orem 

Newell, Allen Clyde, Moab. 359 

Newell. Dlx A., Central, 232, 359 

Newey. Derlln Floyd, Provo 

Newitt, Norma, Spanish Fork 

Newman, David W.. Brigham, 359 

Newman, William A.. Springville, 336 

Newren, Leslie Stewart. Standardville. 96, 360 

Newton, Jayne Ann. Salt Lake City, 398 

Newton, Wallace Smith, Edmonton, Alta., Can., 417 

Ng. Pauline Poolam, Hawaii, 336 

Nicholes. Gary Eugene, Salt Lake City, 294, 417 

Nicholes, Rollle James. Provo 

Nicholes. Verlin Roy. Orem. 25, 398 

Nichols, Annette. Ogden. 223. 336 

Nichols, Dan Leroy. Farmlngton, N. Mex., 417 

Nichols, Elizabeth L., Spartanburg, S. C, 398 

Nichols. Gerald Clyde, Gardena, Calif. 247 

Nichols, Lynn La Marr, Pocatello, Idaho 

Nichols. Murray Leo, Provo, 321 

Nichols, Rochelle, Brigham City. 359 

Nicholson. Bradley W., Brown Summit, N. C, 398 

Nicholson. Donna Belle. Provo, 398 

Nickelsen, Uwe Jens. Ecuador, 234. 398 

Nicoll, Lyman M., Mesa. Ariz., 336 

Nield. Darrell W., Provo 

Nleld, Deloyd M., Long Beach. Calif 

Nielsen. Alfred Carl, O/em 

Nielsen, Allen Bryce. Provo 

Nielsen. Carol Jean, San Francisco, Calif, 398 

Nielsen, Carol Sally, Murray. 398 

Nielsen. Darrel Lavar, Spanish Fork 

Nielsen, Diet HyaH. Centerville. 398 

Nielsen. Don Lee, Saline, 239. 323 

Nielsen, Donald Vernon. Lehi, 359 

Nielsen, Earl Paul, Holladay. 417 

Nielsen. Harvey Holt. Spanish Fork. 399 

Nielsen, Hyrum Loudell, Malad, Idaho. 241. 417 

Nielsen, James William. Glenwood Springs, Colo., 90, 

92, 232, 360 
Nielsen. Josephine. Ogden, 245. 264, 398 
Nielsen. June. Moroni 

Nielsen, Lanny D.. Blackfoof Idaho. 130, 139 
Nielsen. Loma Ruth. Ogden. 264 
Nielsen. Louise Glennae. Salt Lake City. 398 
Nielsen, Mark B.. Roosevelt 
Nielsen. Marsha Lynne, Richfield, 88, 398 
Nielsen, Michael Jon, Rawleigh, N.C.. 398 
Nielsen. Niel J., Caldwell. Idaho, 360 
Nielsen, Norman Leroy. Orem. 76, 272 
Nielsen, Richard, Reed, Butte, Monf, 264 
Nielsen, Stewart Harry. Ferron. 94. 398 
Nielsen, Velma Marchene, Van Nuys, Calif 
Nielsen, William J., Idaho Falls, Idaho, 398 
Nielson. Adonis H. Jr.. Burley. Idaho, 335 
Nielson, Allen Wells. Moroni, 237. 261, 336 
Nielson, Betty Jo, Worland, Wyo.. 360 
Nielson, Charles F., Monroe. 398 
Nielson, Demar Jay, Worland, Wyo. 
Nielson, Diane, Provo, 294, 336 
Nielson. Emogene. Lynndyl. 88 
Nielson, Frederick P., Bluewater, N. Mex.. 360 
Nielson, Jeanlne. Glendora. Calif. 257, 313 
Nielson, John D.. Blanding 
Nielson. Joseph Lynn. Hinckley. 398 
Nielson. Joseph Richard. Layton, 336 
Nielson. Jay Richard. Layton. 336 
Nielson, Kay, Springville. 398 
Nielson. Mary Lou, Manti 
Nielson. Merrill Gene. Lynndyl, 45. 222 
Nielson, Phyllis Marr. Salt Lake City. 80 
Nielson. Ray P., Roosevelt, 224 
Nielson, Ronald F., Hinckley, 417 
Nielson. Ruth R,. Bluewater. N. Mex,. 258, 417 
Nielson. Susan Linda. Lynndyl. 88. 39B 
Nllsen. Carol, Alhambra, Calif, 336 
Nllsen, Don Lee Fred, Spanish Fork 



Nilsson, Bruce Ray, American Fork. 196. 224. 313 

Nllsson, Maureen, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 360 

Nilsson. Ray Morris. PocateHo. Idaho, 244. 337 

Nlmalovitch, Alive, Saslt., Can., 398 

Nish. Dale Leroy, Kimball. Alta.. Can. 

Nisonger. Dan Paul, Provo 

Nixdorf, James, Jansen. Saslt., Alta., Can,, 336 

Nixon, Dorothy Dean, Roosevelt, 223, 231. 313 

Nixon, EIray, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Nixon. Eira John Jr., Roosevelt, 337 

Nixon, John Davis, Blacfcfoot. Idaho, 313 

Nixon. Richard S,, Walnut Creek, Calif. 

Nixon. Maline, Los Angeles. Calif. 

Noble. Carol Joy. Provo, 88. 398 

Noble. Charlene Joe, Whiterocks. 262, 398 

Noble. Enola Jeanne, Logan, 78, 246, 313 

Noble. Leola Jeanne, Oram. 360 

Noble, Phyllis Joan. Whiterocts, 262, 398 

Noble, Vernice, Walla Walla. Wash., 265, 287, 360 

Noble, Zina, Walla Walla. Wash.. 265. 398 

Nock. George R.. Ill, Mill Valley, Calif., 417 

Noel, Gordon Andrew. Magrath, Alta,, Can,, 360 

Nohr, Aksel Hilberf. Provo 

Noker, Alvin John, Ogden, 49, 244, 313 

Nolen. Phillip Wayne, San Diego, Calif, 119. 398 

Norberg, Jaron 6., Salt Lake City, 398 

Nordbald, John Jacob, Los Angeles. Calif.. 398 

Nordgren, Shirley Joy, Salt Late City. 86. 398 

Nordhoff, Madeline Y., Salt Lake City, 226. 398 

Norman. Mary Jean, Whittier, Calif. 78, 398 

Norris, Ronald Lee, Green River. Wyo., 266, 398 

Norseth. Colleen. Los Angeles. Calif. 220, 221. 290, 314 

Norton, Al M,, Provo 

Norton, David Carl, Springville 

Norton, Gayle, Burley. Idaho, 82, 289, 314 

Norton, Harold A., Provo, 314 

Norton. Jaimee Larue, Orem, 25, 398 

Norton, Marlin Lavon, Pima, Arii. 

Norton, Shurlene Gwynn. Prove. 398 

Nosier, John F. Jr., Sacramento, Calif,, 178 

Nowell. James Irwin. Mendham, N. J., 246, 398 

Nuffer, Sharon, Preston, Idaho, 360 

Nuffer. Stanton Smart, Preston. Idaho. 218, 250, 398 

NuHall. Carol Vera, Provo 

NuHall. Claire P., Provo. 314 

Nutter, Diana Geneva, Corona. Calif .220, 398 

Nuiman, Delbert John. Spanish Fort, 336 

Nybo, Dean Strong, Spanisli 

Nybo, Ronald Carl, Salem, 360 

Nyland. Verdell L, Provo. 314 

Oak, Cecil Raymond, Springville 

Oakley, Allese Duffin, Provo 

Oaks, Harold Rasmus, Ogden. 102, 246, 360 

Oaks, Merrill Clayton. Provo, 273, 360 

Oates, Ernest Donald, Pasadena, Calif, 417 

Oberhansly, Clem, Neola 

Oberhansley, Reid B., Spanish fort 

Qbray, Carma Ra., Provo, 398 

Obray, Jeneil.. Payette, Idaho. 398 

Obregon, Socorro, Carlin, Nev., 256 

Obrien, Donald A.. Salt Late City, 336 

Obrien, Roger Stanley, Ouray, Colo., 242, 336 

Ockerman, Kleta Myra, Longvlew. Wash.. 186. 294. 314 

Ockerman, Marilyn, Longview, Wash., 78, 398 

OConnoll, Patricia Ann. China Late, Calif, 398 

Odermott, Louis W.. Meridan, Idaho 

Odum, Gwendolyn, Ludonici, Ge.. 398 

Ogden, Bruce Fraser, Richfield. 398 

Ogden, Leila. Richfield. 257 

Ogilvie. Glenna L.. Newporf R. I.. 398 

Ogles, Charles Bluford, Salt Late City. 201 

Oglethorpe, LoreHa I.. Chewelah, Wash,, 208, 398 

Ohsiek, David Lee, St. Louis, Mo., 417 

Otelberry, Eva Pearl. Goshen, 398 

Okimoto, Howard T., Honolulu, Hawaii, 256 

Oldroyd. Esther. Provo, 336 

Oldroyd, Herman J., Provo 

Oldroyd, Thomas T., Provo 

Oleary, Bert W.. Milford, 398 

Oleary, Yvonne Sharon. Wenatchee. Wash., 224. 257, 

Oler, Larry Ramon, Provo 
Oliphanf Robert Toone, Orem, 84, 238, 360 
Oliphant, Virginia, Orem. 336 
Olive, Muriel Ernestine, Lancaster, 398 
Oliver. Carl Lloyd, Delta 

Olivera, Guillermo M.. Torreon Coah. Mexico. 
Oliverson. Sharon, Salt Late City, 86 
Olmstead, Petricia, Salt Late City. 243, 268. 336 
Olmstead. Shirley E., Salt Late City. 343, 398 
OIney. Annie May. Los Angeles, Calif 
OIney, Dorothy Grace, Los Angeles, Calif, 313 
Olofson, Loyce Shirin, Pasadena, Calif., 193, 398 
Olpin, Audrey, Heber, 337 
Olpin, Edwin D., Pleasant Grove 
Olpin, Lawrence Don, Ogden. 398 
Olpin. Richard Guy. Heber 
Olpin, Shirley Jewel. Provo, 220, 294 
Olpin, Viotef Heber, 263, 398 
Olsen, Carl Junior, Pendleton, Oje., 360 
Olsen. Dan L., Axtell, 337 
Olsen, Darold Robert, Provo 
Olson, Dennis M., Blactfoot, Idaho, 204, 210, 301, 325. 

Olsen, Don Richard, Moses Late, Wash., 265 
Olsen. Elaine. Los Angeles, Calif., 336 
Olsen, Kenneth Mark. Salt Lake City 
Olsen. LaDeane. Provo, 276. 417 
Olsen, Lanore, Emery, 88, 360 
Olsen, Larry, A . Weston, Idaho. 292, 336 
Olser, Loi> Marlene, Provo, 276 
Olsen. M. Marva, Los Angeles, Calif, 360 
Olsen. Nial June, Provo 
Olsen, Norma. Los Angeles, Calif., 336 
Olsen. Phyllis Smarf Provo 
Olsen, Preston H., Shelley, Idaho, 417 
Olsen, Ray Edward, Provo, 239 
Olsen, Richard Alan, Santaquin, 218. 398 
Olsen, Ross Terripelman, Salt Lake City, 82. 398 
aion, Snelt, Spanish Fork 
Olsen, Theran Irvin. Leavilt. Alfa.. Can.. 360 
Olsen, Vila, Cardston, Alta.. Can., 205 
Olsen, Wanda Marie, Battle Creek, Mich., 290. 360 
Olsen. Willis J.. Ephraim. 82, 336 

Olson, Carolyn Norma. Murray, 398 

Olson. Dale R., Idaho Falls, Idaho, 205, 360 

Olson, Darrel W,, Provo. 398 

Olson, David Arland, Santa Rosa. Calif. 267. 398 

Olson, Dolores, Salt Late City 

Olson, Duane A,, Sandy, 360 

Olson, Gerald E.. Springville, 398 

Olson, Grant Earnest. Pocatello, Idaho 

Olson, Lavera Jean, Wenatchee, Wash,, 323 

Olson, Lawrence K., Nyssa. Ore.. 399 

Olson, Lloyd Godfrey, Sleemao. Ont., Can., 260, 262, 399 

Olson, Mary Harris. Provo 

Olson. Phyllis Karlene, Wenatchee, Wash., 360 

Olson, Robert Dan, Sheridan, Wyo.. I 19, 398 

Olson, Robert Noel, Glendale, Calif. 314 

Olson, Yvonne E., Portland, Ore., 399 

Oman, Phyllis Fern. MesiHa Part. N. Mex., 399 

Oneal, Raymond Cyril, Dallas, Texas 

Onishi, Robert Y., Burley, Idaho, 270 

Ontiveroi, Limhi, Chihuahua, Mexico. 399 

Ontiveros, Seth Tulto, Col. Dublan, Chihuahua. Mexico. 

Openshaw, Gordon Lamar, Salt Lake City 
Opheikens, Lynne. Provo 
Orchard, Ellis D.. Provo 

Orchard. William Pect, Twin Falls, Idaho, 399 
OrcuH, Herbert D, Jr.. Phoenix, Ariz. 
Ord, Claudia Lee, Covina, Calif, 290, 360 
Orgill, Stewart Ray. Kemmerer, Wyo., 314 
Orme. Kathryn, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 212, 228, 276, 360 
Orme, Nancy Dee, Nephi, 399 
Orme, Stanford Merlin. Spokane, Wash.. 399 
Orr, Mabel Isabel, Ronan. Monf, 360 
Orroct. Cherryle Steed, Logan, 80 
Orroct. Scott G.. Provo 
Orrock. William B., Richfield 
Orton, Eugene M., Parowan 
Orton, Ferrin L.. Pendleton, Ore. 
Orton, Frederick Leroy, Sidney, Iowa' 417 
Orton, Gaylord Taylor, Provo, 314 
Orion, Kenneth Ray, Ogden, 360 
Orton, Kenneth Warren, Portland, Ore. 
Orton, MaurieHa Lynn, Panguitch. 399 
Orton, Phyllis, Provo, 360 
Orton, Renae, Pleasant Grove, 417 
Orton, Robert Frant, Panguitch. 296 
Orton, Ronno D., Warden, Wash., 399 
Orton. Terrence Dee, Portland, Ore. 
Osborne, Joyce, Salt Late City 
Osburn, John Albert, Salt Late City, 360 
Oshima, Stanley Yutaka, Lanai City, Hawaii, 256 
Osmond, Ralph W., Berteley, Calif, 314 
Ostergaard, Marie Ann, Duarte, Calif. 99, 399 
Ostergar, Mary Lou. lone, Calif.. 399 
Ostler, David Sorensen, Provo. 314 
Ostler. Earcel Melvin, Provo, 399 
Ostler, Floyd L., Springville, 399 
Ostler, James B., Sandy, 320 
Ostler, John Taylor, Nephi, 360 
Ostler, Robert Howard, Case Grande, Ariz. 
Oswald, Shirlene, Idaho Falls, Idaho. 197. 238. 360 
Ott, James Bevan. Provo. 253 
Often, Ella Rae L. Salem 
Often, Leaun Glen. Salem 
Otterson, Arnold W., Lehi. 88 
Otterstrom. Francis C. Castle Dale. 399 
Ottesen, Lourus James. Springville 
Ot+ley. Carol Irene. San Mateo, Calif. 399 
Ottley, Jerold Don, Salt Lake City, 76, 96, 399 
Ottosen, Jaoece, Kamas. 223, 360 
Ottosen, Nadene, Roosevelf 216, 230. 262, 336, 341 
Ottosen, Ruth, Salt Lake City. 36, 399 
Ottosen, Shirley R., Mesa, Ariz., 399 
Ovard, Mary Lou Idaho Falls. Idaho, 90, 92, 336 
Overson, Leiand C, Lynndyl, 399 
Overson, Rodger Don, Wymount, 263, 399 
Overstreet, Dalton C, Chandler, Ariz.. 114, 115. 314 
Oveson. Howard Morgan, Castle Dale, 360 
Oveson. Stephen Berg. Pendleton. Ore., 31, 218, 296. 360 
Oviatf Betty Ruth. Salt Late City, 399 
Oviatt, Kathryn June, Provo 
Oviatt, Lester C, Prove 
Owen, James Richard., Ogden. 337 
Owen, Lloyd V.. Idaho Falls. Idaho, 337 
Owen, Louis C. Provo 
Owen, Merita N., Salt Lake City, 321 
Owens, Hazel Dean, San Diego, Calif, 399 
Owens, Joseph, Pasadena, Calif, 336 
Owens, Robert Terrance, Glenns Ferry. Idaho. 399 
Owie, Johnson Lee, Cherutee. N. C. 
Oxborrow, Anthony C, Las Vegas, Nev. 
Oxborrow, JeaneHe. Henderson. Nev.. 88, 220, 258, 399 
Oxendine, Peggy Dean, Cottondale, Fla., 360 
Oyler, Colleen, Brigham City, 88, 264, 399 
Oyler, Phillip D., Brigham City. 115, 118, 136, 137,323 

Pace, Alfred Lawrence. Provo. 399 

Pace, Bette Collene, Provo 

Pace, Diane Carman, Burley, Idaho, 86 

Pace. Gail. Nephi 

Pace, Gloria Diane. Globe, Ariz. 

Pace, George Wendell, Burley, Idaho 

Pace, Gordon Lee, Prove. 399 

Pace, James Byrum, Salt Lake City, 254 

Pace, Kay Sylvia, Layton, 360 

Pace, Mary Alleen, Phoenix, Ariz., 212, 276 

Pace. Renata. Cecil, Ark., 257 

Pace, Robert Lemuel, Cecil, Ark. 

Pace, Vione Richins, Coalville. 399 

Pace, William Cardon, Morenci, Ariz.. 360 

Pack, Jane Lucille, Blackfoot, Idaho, 280, 360 

Pack. Richard Elmo. Salt Lake City. 399 

Packard, Mary Esther, Houston, Texas, 360 

Packard, Riley Arthur. Omaha, Neb., 360 

Packer, Edson Friedrich. Heber. 360 

Packer .Eileen, Redwood City, Calif. 223. 418 

Packer, Marilyn, Preston. Idaho 

Packer, Wesley Lee, Worland, Wyo.. 266 

Packham, Edward Richard, Provo. 205, 320 

Packham. Wilis Arthur, Fairfield. Idaho. 418 

Padbury. Charles Thomas. Helena. Mont., 78, 399 

Paddock. Alice Rose. Butte. Monf. 255- 418 

PadiHa, Margaret M., Taos. N. Mex, 

Padrict, Gloria Steele, Wilmington, N. C, 360 

Page. Gary Lee, Emmetf Idaho. 399 

Page, Ira Keith, Kamas-, 399 

Page. Kay Byron. San Diego. Calif, 360 

Page, Reed Mendenhall, Payson 

Page, Richard Joseph. Orem 

Page, William H., Provo 

Paget, John Robert, Portland, Ore., 418 

Peine, J. Peter. Union Dale, N. Y., 399 

Painter, Beverly Ann, Bloomington. Idaho. 94. 249, 399 

Polfreyman. Mary Springville, 336 

Palmer, Anna Belle. Mesa, Ariz.. 189, 360 

Palmer. Barbara Glade, Prove 

Palmer. Blaine Charles, Vernal 82, 2(0. 211, 262. 360 

Palmer. E. Revier, Las Vegas, Nev., 314 

Palmer. G. Richard, Provo 

Palmer, Gayle Mary. Klamath Agency. Ore., 341, 276, 336 

Palmer, Glen Omer. Farmingfon, N. Mex. 258. 399 

Palmer. Glenatee. Blending, 223, 360 

Palmer, John E.. La Porte. Ind. 

Palmer. Lawrence M., Orem, 399 

Palmer. Nancy. Monticello. 208 

Palmer. Nedra, Blending. 399 

Palmer. Pauline. Preston, Idaho, 250, 336 

Palmer, Quinton Thomas, Preston, Idaho 

Palmer, Richard Frank. Tooele 

Palmer, Shirlene, Aurora, 42, 188, 393 

Palmer, Shirley. Blanding, 360 

Palmer. Shirley L., Maline. Ill , 290. 360 

Palmer, Val Weseley, Compton, Calif, 292, 336 

Palmer. Wendell, Cannonville, 336 

Palmer, William Hal, Preston. Idaho. 218. 251. 399 

Palmer. William James. Riverfon, 399 

Panuncio, Lucia Maria, Argentina. 399 

Papenfuss, Elaine, St, Ignatius, Monf 

Papenfuss, Joseph Kay. St, Ignatius, Monf. 255. 418 

Papic. Ferrell Deloy. Riverside. III., 399 

Paramore, Gloria Ruth, Provo 

Peramore, Mary Jo, Provo, 284, 285. 360 

Pardew. EvereH Earl, Parma. Idaho. 399 

Paris. Charles William, Worland. Wyo.. 266. 399 

Part, Cheri June. Salt Lake City, 80 280 

Park. Iva John. Murray, 418 

Part, Margaret Louise, Meeter, Colo., 314 

Part, Neil Alonio, Nephi, 399 

Park, Robert Lynn, Provo. 234. 314 

Parke, Diane Cecile, Reno, Nev.. 212, 290. 360 

Parke, Val Kent, Carey, Idaho, 193. 314 

Parker, Alice Merlyn, Salt Lake 

Parker, Carman, Clay Springs, Ariz. 

Parker. Carole May. Boulder City. Nev.. 360 

Parker, Carolyn Marie J.. Tremonton, 236 

Parker, Coe Jackson, Joseph 

Parter, Dennis Atwood. Sandy. 360 

Parker, Don, Ogden, 25. 222, 214, 314 

Parter, Edmund K., Honolulu, Hawaii. 242, 256, 314 

Parter, Fred Maughan. WellsviHe, 360 

Parker, George Rex, Joseph, 399 

Parker, Jact Lindsay. Springville. 320 

Parter, John Carlyle, Roy. 76, 264. 337 

Parker, Karen Frances. WeHsville. 314 

Parter. Philip Donald. Salt Lake City, 399 

Partln, George Richard. Nephi. 360 

Partin, Warren Dean, Salt Lake City. 337 

Parkinson. Carol Bird. Salt Late City, 204, 220 336 

Partinson, Jerrolyn. Idaho Falls, Idaho. 399 

Parkinson, Van Raymond, Rexburg, Idaho. 399 

Parksinson, Ray Deen, Fairfield. Calif, 418 

Parmeter, Glenn Phillip, Danville, Calif, 251, 399 

Parmley. Alice. Hiawatha. 290 

Parsons, A. Glenn, Provo 

Parsons, Patricia H.. Provo 

Parsons, Sonya E., Pendleton. Ore. 

Partridge. Alan Arthur. Panguitch. 360 

Partridge, Carol May. Cody, Wyo.. 76, 314 

Partridge, Loyce Mae, North Hollywood, Calif. 

Partridge, Lyman Clark, Montclair, N. J. 

Partridge, Miriam Faye, Hollywood, Calif, 360 

Paschal, JuHa Rae, Annabella, 399 

Paskett, Ray Edgar. Salt Late City. 224. 336 

Pate, Alma Jacob, Provo, 80 

Pate, George Wm., Springville. 239 

Patjas, Seija. Tampere, Finland, 360 

Patten, David, Prove 

Patten, LaWana. Orem. 228 

Patten, Tfiomas J.. Orem, 418 

Patterson, Elsie Mae, Los Angeles, Calif. 314 

Patterson, Hera Mao, Provo, 314 

Patterson, Frant A.. Jr.. Prove 

Patterson. Janet P.. Salt Lake City, 400 

Patterson, Jeanne Ellen, Phoenix. Arii., 284 

Patterson, Patricia Ann. Pima, Aril.. 257. 336 

Patten. James Robert, Charleston. W. Va.. 88. 400 

Patton, Joseph Behling. Provo 

Patton, Sharon Jane, Provo. 400. 412 

Patten, William David, Prevo, 361 

Paul, David Wilcox, Ogden 

Paul, Ronald W., Ogden. 289, 336 

Paul. Sharon Yvonne, Short Hills, N. J., 216, 290. 217 

Paulos. Jean CamiHe, Compton, Calif, 280. 336 

Paulos. Theodore Walter, Compton, Calif 

Paulson, Fred Martell. Orem 

Paxman, David Alger. Wash.. 254 

Paxman, Vouqhn J.. Nephi 

Paxfon, Edith Thaone, Fillmore, 221. 280. 361 

Paxton, Thornton S., Santa Rosa, Calif, 267, 400 

Payne. B. Louise. Seattle, Wash.. 265. 400 

Payne. Barbara June, Phoenix, Arii., 208 

Payne, Darrel LeMar. Et Monte, Calif. 247. 336 

Payne, Dennis I., Prevo 

Payne. Gary Barton. Santa 3arbara, Calif 

Payne. George Gilbert, Bancroft, Idaho. 361 

Payne H, Vern, Lordsburg, N. Max., 30. 179, 184. 361 

Payne, Ivan Reed. Murray. 200. 315 

Payne. Kenneth Lee. Carey, Idaho, 336 

Payne. Lawrence Nephi, Provo. 400 

Payne, Lucinda. Yuba City. Calif. 84 

Payne. Michael L.. Salt Lake City. 400 

Payne. Shirley Mae. Great Falls. Mont., 223. 314 

Payne. Shirley Mae, HilUpring. Alte.. Can.. 230. 400 

Peacock. Carol Mae. Mesa. Arii.. 400 

Peacock. John Bruce. Mantt. 361 

Peacock. Wanda Lee, Price, 179. 228, 263, 290. 361 

Pearce. Raynor Dole. Beovor. 114. 117. 132, 361 

Pearson, Dean Nelson, Clearfield, 418 

Pearson, Frain Garfield, Richfiold 

Pearson. Herbert Edwin, Lot Angeles, Calif. 

Pearson, Janls Re«h, Anchorage, Alaska. 418 

Pearson. John RaMon, El Mont*, Cslif 


Pearson. Moughn M., Richfield 

Peafson. RiUfd Dwain. Richfield 

Pearson, Samuel Edwin. Cloverdale. Calif. 

Peart. Virqlma Ellen, Los Angeles, Calif.. 361 

Pease. Roue Lee, Los Angeles. Calif.. 400 

Peay. Robert Eiiis. Provo 

PecV. Beverly Gayle. Salt LaU City 

Peck. Dan Issac. Lehl 

Peck, Doris Eileen, Provo 

Peck, Leslie Glenn, Olympia. Wash.. 336 

Peck, Lyon Wilson. American Fork 

Peck. Stanley N . Payson, 78. 400 

Peck, Ted Clarence, Boise. Idaho 

Pedersen, Allen D , Pleasant Grove, 2S5, 321 

Pedersen, Darhl Ma>. Orem, 33b 

Pedersen Donna Fae. American Fork. 400 

Pedersen, Herbert N., Orem 

Pedersen, Herschel Noel. Salt Lake City. 120. 123. 125. 

127. 128. 314 
Pedersen. Kent Alden. Salt Lake City. 361 
Pedersen. Melvin Lamar. Brentwood. Catif.. 201. 361 
Pedersen, Myrna A.. Salt LaVe City, 400 
Pedersen. Robert George, Stockton. Calif. 
Pedersen, Sandra. Orem. 400 
Pederson. Keith Alvln. Salt Lake City. 128 
Pederson. Paul Martin. Downey, Calif. 
Peel. Donald Arthur, Northridge. Calif. 
Peel. LaRae Werner. BurbanV. Calif-, 26 
Peel. Leroy F, Borbank. Calif.. 26 
Peel. Paul Randolph. Mount Pleasant. 400 
Peers. Janet Beryl. Santa Barbara. Calif.. 400 
Peery, David, Palo Alto. Calif,. 336 
Pehrson, Joseph J., Provo 
Pehrson, Nancy Michele, Arcadia. Calif., 400 
Pehrson. Ruth Marlene. Salt Lake City. 243, 276, 314 
Pelt, Sandra Merlyn, Tallahassee. Fla.. 400 
Pemberlon. Judy Cerene, Son Diego. Calif. 400 
Penfold. Darlene Capson, Provo 
Penfold, Garn Farley, Hagerman. Idaho 
Penfold, Neale B.. Provo 
Penn. Vernon Therald. Avenal, Calif,. 314 
Pannelt, Paul Edward, Arl, Va., 2S7, 336 
Pennock. Robert Elden. Twin Falls. Idaho 
Penrod, Donald Lee, San Diego, Calif. 
Penrod, Karelyn. Provo. 228. 229. 361 
Penrod, William James, Lehi 
Penrose. Russell Kay. Satl Lake City, 361 
Pentelute, Sherry A., Salt Lake City, 280, 400 
Perclval, Charles Mart, Provo 
Percy. Betty Jorgensoo. Calif. 
Perelra, Ana Marba. Sao Paulo. Brazil. 400 
Pergolini. Louis G.. Philadelphia, Penn.. 84. 314 
Perkins. Daniel Kenneth, Cedar City. 400 
Perkins, Franklin Jay, Provo 
Perkins. George W., Blandlrg. 416 
Perkins, James Adams, Blandlng. 94, 254 
Perkins. John N., Twin Falls. Idaho, 361 
Perkins, Lena Bundy. Hanna. Wyo. 
Perkins, Marjorle Bell. SusanvlHe. Calif.. 418 
Perkins. Norma Donna, Salt Lake City, 208, 280, 400 
Perkins, Robert Donald, Clay Springs, Ariz., 400 
Perkins, Vaughn Junior, Koysville 
Perrlns. Robert Nell, Martinez. Calif.. 400 
Perry. Devern Jay, Brlgham City. 194. 361 
Perry. J, Russell. Provo. 272 
Perry, Jay Eric, Provo 

Perry. Kaye Marlene. Berkeley, Calif.. 400 
Perry. Lynn Gilbert, Spanish Fork, 296. 400 
Perry, Ray Arden. Nampa, Idaho, 292. 314 
Perry, Robert H., Los Angeles, Calif, 323 
Perry, Shirley Joan, Ogden. 314 

Peters, Beverly Jeari. Palo Alto, Calif. 181, 290. 314 
Peters, Ralph Jerry, Orem 
Petersen. Darlene Ora, Provo 
Petersen, Edith Rosa. Hinckley, 400 
Petersen. Elaine Beth. Portland, Ore., 336 
Petersen, Gerald Avard. Lincoln, Neb., 321 
Petersen. Keren Gae, Hinckley. 361 
Petersen. Lloyd S.. Lewisville. Idaho 
Petersen. Margene, Saline. 78. 400 
Peterson. Morley Henry, Eureka 
Petersen. Morris Smith, Sandy. 320 
Petersen, Nolan Royce, Mese, Arii, 
Petersen, Parley Alon, Los Angeles. Celif 
Petersen. Paul Johannes. Provo. 201. 210. 211. 336 
Petersen. Po<il R.. Provo. 244. 418 
Petersen. Re« Wllmer. Lehi, 418 
Petersen. Robert L., Ogden 
Peterson. Robert Seal. East Copperton 
Petersen, Ronald Leroy. Ogden, 418 
Petersen. Sharon Ann. Merced, Calif. 400 
Petersen. Sharon Joan. Portland. Ore. 
Peterson. Alton Cleve. Salt Lake City. 226. 323 
Peterson. Arlene. Fairview, 143. 261. 336 
Peterson. Avon Lucille, Nyssa. Ore. 
Peterson, Bonnie Lee. Salt Lake City, 400 
Peterson, Brent Odell. Midvele 
Peterson, Bruce Ross, Salt Lake City. 204, 336 
Peterson. Carol, Jerome. Idaho, 400 
Peterson, Carole Daun, San Carlos, Calif.. 361 
Peterson. Carolyn. Castledale, 400 
Peterson. Charles Eric. Provo, 272 
Peterson. Charles Lyie. Lehi. 418 
Peterson. Cloyd R-. Gunnison. 418 
Peterson, Colleen, Provo. 314 
Peterson, Dan W.. Lehi 
Peterson, David F., Blnghem Canyon 
Peterson, David Noel. Hastings, Minn,. 361 
Peterson. DeVerl J.. Preston. Idaho. 320 
Peterson, Elaine, Richfield. 336 
Peterson. Elliot Gene, Mantl, 314 
Peterson, EInora Irene, Selma, Calif. 400 
Peterson. Gary E.. Provo 
Peterson, Glenn C.. Provo. 336 
Peterson. Grant Lambert, Sell Lake City. 222, 272. 273. 

Peterson. Howard Wm.. Provo. 314 
Peterson, Iva Lou, Wendell, Idaho 
Peterson. Jack O.. Montlcello 
Peterson. James C, Littlefield, Ariz,. 84. 361 
Peterson. James G., Provo. 267, 400 
Peterson. James Leroy. Portland. Ore., 361 
Peterson, Jo Ann. Salt Lake City. 314 
Peterson. Joan, Bell Flower. Calif. 361 
Peterson, John Dal. Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Peterson, June, Pleasant Grove, 231. 400 
Peterson, June Louise, Nyssa, Ore. 
Peterson, Karl D,. Provo 

Peterson. Kay R.. Lethbridge. Alta.. Cen„ 336 

Peterson. Kenneth E.. Sandy 

Peterson. Lawrence E., Lethbridge, Alta.. Can., 39. 177. 

191. 289 
Peterson. Leah May. San Bernardino. Calif.. 361 
Peterson. Lelard. San Bernardino. Calif,, 286. 361 
Peterson. Lewis Van W.. Gardena. Calif,, 361 
Peterson. Loretta. Snowftake, Ariz., 248, 361 
Peterson. Louise. Wendell, Idaho. 400 
Peterson. M. Bonlta. Hooper, 84. 400 
Peterson, Marguerite, Snowflako, Ariz,. 361 
Peterson, Morgan Alonzo, Salem. Ore., 361 
Peterson, Nadine E.. Provo. 400 
Peterson, Nancy Jean. Salt LaVe City. 400 
Peterson, Patricia, Glendale. Calif, 20B, 400 
Peterson, Ranee. Glenwood. Calif. 336 
Peterson. Robert Smith. Copperton, I 19. 400 
Peterson. Robert W,. Silver Springs. Md.. 361 
Peterson. Ronald B.. Nyssa, Ore.. 400 
Peterson. Royal Edwin, McGlll. Nev.. 92. 400 
Peterson. Russell Ellis. Franklin. Neb.. 120. 128. 218, 361 
Peterson. Sheila F.. San Francisco, Calif. 76. 321 
Peterson. Shirlee M.. Ucon. Idaho. 400 
Peterson, Stanley A., Provo 
Peterson. Theora T., Springvllle. 361 
Peterson, Verda Ann. Boise, Idaho, 400 
Peterson. Winona Kaye, Kanab, 290. 361 
Petree, Loree Jane. San Francisco. Calif. 
Pettijohn. Dorothy, Melba, Idaho. 314 
Pettliohn. Zita Ann, Melba, Idaho. 188, 245. 400 
Pettinglll. Mont. Portland, Ore.. 361 
Pettinglll, Philip Vern. Rlgby, Idaho. 400 
Pettinglll, Ted H.. Portland. Ore.. 259. 296. 361 
Pettit. Robert Dean, Centervlile. 418 
Petty. Clara Virtue. Emery, 336 
Pezoldt, Eleanor E., Stockton. Calif. 400 
Phalan. Mary Katherlne. Provo, 314 
Phelps, Dean, Nampa, Idaho, 361 
Phelps. Lucienna, Mesa, Ariz. 
Phelps. Richard L.. Oakland, Calif. 224. 244, 336 
Phillips. Blaine C. Springvllle- 223. 261 
Phillips. Carolyn Y., Danville, Calif. 400 
Phillips, James Child, Fresno. Calif, 82. 297. 361 
Phillips. Ridge M. Inkon, Idaho 
Phillips, Thomas B., PhoenU, Ariz.. 114. 136 
Phillips. Victor Dee C, Caliente. Nev.. 361 
Phillips. ZIna Beth, Salt Lake City. 400 
Phtppen, Carol Jean, Layton, 257. 361 
Phlppen, Kenneth Reed, Layton, 242. 400 
Phipps. Don Curtis. Orem, 361 
Pickering, Dennis Mack. Payson 
Pickering. Joyce E., Provo 
Pickering. Lome, La Cavada, Calif 
Pickering. Roger W.. La Canada. Calif. 361 
PlckeH, Mearl Norman. Tabor, Alta.. Can.. 361 
Pierce. Dorothy Mao, Dearborn, Mich.. 400 
Pierce, Kenneth Lee, Portland. Ore., 297 
Pierce, Ronald Allen, Sunnyside, 400 
Pierce, Ruth Jones, Provo 

Plerson, Merle K,. Taber, Alta.. Can., 76. 88. 400 
Pike. Carol Joan. Brawley. Calif. 400 
Pike, Jemes Eton. Tacoma. Wash, 
Pike, James Russell, Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Pike. Robert Clifton. Osseo. Minn, 
Pilling. Moylo H.. Leavltf. Alta.. Can.. 400 
Pinckney. David Sharron. Alameda. Calif, I 14, 323 
Pinckney, George H., Alameda. Calif, 114, 336 
PIncock, Beverly, Ucon, Idaho, 86, 400 
PInegar, Ed Jolloy. Provo. 120. 122, 123. 128, 131. 314 
Plnegar. Re» Dee, Spanish Fork, 25 
Pingree. Herbert E., Denver. Colo.. 115. 361 
Pippert, John Halvorsen, Sacramento. Calif, 418 
Pitcher, Grant, Provo, 314 
Pitcher, Sandra, South Gate, Calif, 268, 418 
Pitchford, James Darwin. Provo. 321 
Pitkin, Gordon Re», Salt Lake City. 401 
Pitts. Garfield Wayne. Marysvale 
Pitts. Judith Ann, Price 
Pitts, Laval M.. Provo, 400 
Plafhow. Wanda June. Peru. Ind,. 401 
Piatt, Bonnie Bell, New Plymouth, Idaho. 401 
Plett. Norton Ronald, Los Angeles. Calif. 251. 297 
Piatt. Wllle Mae, Reno. Nev.. 361 
Poggi, Phyllis. Chula Vista, Calif 
Polacca, Howella. Jr.. Crystal, N, Mei., 401 
Polads, Marlene, Blackfoot, Idaho 
Polltls, Christina L., San Francisco, Calif, 76 
Politis. Ellene L., Sen Francisco, Calif. 86. 401 
Poll, Emogene H., Provo 
Poll, Harry Ronald, Salt Lake City, 401 
Pollard, Thelma Bernlce, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Pollick, Alleen C. Honolulu. Hawaii 
Pollock. James L.. Nampa. Idaho. 289 
Pollock, Lamoine, Tropic 
Poison, Berma, Martinez, Calif 
Pomoroy, Karl Best. Provo 

Ponder. Loanne, Albuquerque. N, Mei„ 257. 401 
Poog, Rosellnda Renee. Pocatello. Idaho, 401 
Poole, George Arlend, Preston, Idaho, 401 
Poole. Georgia Arlene, Preston, Idaho. 250. 401 
Poole, Mailne, Preston. Idaho, 250, 361 
Pope. Karl Theodore. Vernal, 401 

Pope, Mardell Ray, Fish Haven. Idaho. 145, 361. 389 
Pope, Philip Dudley. Vernal. 416 
Pope. Richard L,, Fish Haven. Idaho. 186. 320 
Pope. Valda. Vernal, 226. 418 
Porter. Alona Irene, Lyman. Wyo.. 92. 401 
Porter. Don Lamar. Lyman. Wyo.. 78 
Porter, Cdson Rell. San River, Mont.. 401 
Porter, Eugene W,, Blandlng. 336 
Porter, Garth Howard, Ontario. Calif, 224 
Porter, George Lovoy R.. La Mesa, Calif 
Porter, Janot H., Buhl. Idaho 

Porter, Leurei D., Walla Walla. Wash.. 244, 418 
Porter, Morna Marie, Walla Walla, Wash., 216, 224, 226, 

Porter, Patricia Anne, Portland, Ore.. 31, 70. 284. 361 
Porter, Renae, Spatig, Preston, Idaho. 250. 401 
Porter. Stanley C Tampico, Mont.. 336 
Posey. Charlotte Ann. Longvlow. Teias. 260, 361 
Poslon. Donald Charles, Englewood. Colo.. 418 
Potes. Joanne. Fairfield. Calif. 361 
Potter. Albert R.. Loa 

Potter, Carole Ann. Battle Mountain, Nov.. 401 
Potter, Do Waldo. Loa, 314 
Potter. Dwight Lowell, Provo 
Potter, Glenn Thompson, Wash.. D.C, 401 
Potter, Marian, Battle Mountain, Nev. 

Potter, Mary HanVs, Loa 

Potter, Norma Lawynn, Twin Falls. Idaho, 361 

Potter. Shirley Ann, Provo. 276. 361 

Potts. Allen Van. Salt LaVo City 

Ports. Lorene E.. La Jara. Colo.. 401 

Poulos, Dwight C. Lexington, Ky., 361 

Poutsen, Anna Margaret, Magna, 361 

Poulsen, Glen Martin. Spanish Fork, 270 

Poutsen, Gwen M.. Salt Lake City. 276. 314 

Poulsen, Leah Rae. Ogden. 223, 264 

Poulsen, Ronald Doren, Magrath, Alta,, Can.. 418 

Poulson. Jennie Lin. Provo. 418 

Poulson. Jerald Francis. San Rafael. Calif. 401 

Poulson. Monte Alton. Holledsy, 314 

Poulter. Loralne. Salt Lake City, 243, 314 

Poulter. Marilyn, Salt Lake City. 243. 336 

Poulton, Marvin M.. Twin Falls. Idaho 

Poulton. Norma Maxlne, Oakley. Idaho. 361 

Poulton. Thelma Marie. Oakley. Idaho. 282. 361 

Powell. Artene. Huntington. 416 

Powell. 0. Keith, Provo 

Powell. Donald Russell, Bend, Ore.. 418 

Powell. Gene Condor, Salt Lake City, 203. 319 

Powell, Ida Laverne. Bluff 418 

Powell, James L.. Price 

Powell. S. Renae E.. Roosevelt, 102. 228. 361 

Powell. Sharon. Ogden, 86. 361 

Powell. Shirley 0., Lehi, 276. 314 

Powell. Wiilism Carroll, Leh! 

Powell. William Clyde. Lehi 

Powelson. Gerald Dee. American Fork. 401 

Powolson. Kae. Lovell. Wyo.. 208, 401 

Powers. Ralph Frampton, Provo. 115. 116, 118. 314 

Powlen, Robert F,. Calgary. Alta.. Can.. 84 

Powless. Mary Elizabeth, Milwaukee. Wis, 

Pfatley. Brent McGee, Glendale, Calif, 136 

Pratt, David Heber, Ephrata. Wash., 401 

Pratt. Gene A., Provo 

Pratt. Glenn Alma. American Fork 

Pratt, Lucile, Provo 

Pratt, Richard Wayne, Ventura, Calif, 418 

Pratt, Robert LeGrande. Denver, Colo., 192 

Pratt. Robert Thomas. Bellflower, Calif, 336 

Pratt, William Noel, Riverside, Calif 

Proece. E. Bruce. Vernal. 418 

Prescott, Mai W., Kames. 336 

Preston, Raymond Ernest, Torrance, Calif, 362 

Prestwich. Earl, Orem. 362 

Prostwich. Robert L.. Orem 

Price, Billy Ray. Crossroads. Calif. 401 

Price. Derrill Spencer. Henderson, Nev,, 401 

Price, Di Ann, Provo, 401 

Price. James William. Lehi, 401 

Price. Jay Edwin, Provo, 336 

Price, Lawrence M., Tucson, Arii., 401 

Price, Nancy Ellen, Downey, Calif. 282. 362 

Price. Norman Lavor. Tucson, Arli.. 401 

Price, Shirley Joyce, Midvale. 278. 401 

Price. Thomas Claire. Ogden 

Price. V. ChaHene. Provo. 418 

Price, Vay Anna, Wales 

Price. Zack Zane. Crossroads. Calif. 210. 362 

Prince. Cerma Rene. Orem, 362 

Prince. Carol Lsurine. Hiawatha, 362 

Prince. Dale Leavltt. Glenwood. Alte., Can., 401 

Prince. Romalne. Henderson. Nev.. 254. 268 

Prine. Crystal Darlene, Princevllle, Ore.. 234. 241. 278 

Pringle. Carrie H., Provo 

Pringle, John K.. Ogden, 264. 336 

Prior, Joan, Long Beach, Calif.. 336 

Prisbrey. Jerry Glenn, St. George. 336 

Pritchard, Robert H.. Baker, Ore,, 401 

Pritchett. David Leigh, Spokane, Wash., 88 

Probst, Glenn Weston, Midway, 94 

Probst, Madelyn, Midway, 401 

Probst, Marilyn, Midway, 401 

Probst, Renan. Lynwood, Calif 

Prock, Norman Eugene. Phoeni*. Arii. 

Proctor, Gary Earl. San Carlos. Calif. 362 

Pressor, Chester Kaye. Long Beech. Calif. 119 

Prothero. Walter Hall, Provo, 401 

Provost. Sera Mae, Heber. 88, 362 

Prows, Arvln Ronald, Spanish Fork. 362 

Prows, Sandra. Tooele, 228, 247, 362 

Pruett, Norman A., Wlnslow, Arli., 248. 263. 401 

Pryde. Donald Call. Biggs, Calif. 401 

Ptomey. Nancy Lynne. Akron. Ohio, 78, 401 

Pugh, David June. Orem 

Pugh, Karen Lucile. Boise. Idaho. 232, 314 

Pugh, R. Gone, Glendale, 243. 314 

Pugmlre. Patricia, Pocatello, Idaho. 84. 362 

Pullan, Barbara Hall, Provo 

PuHan. Grant Leon, Bingham Canyon 

Pulley. Barbara. American Fork 

Pulley, Merrill Lewis. American Fork 

Pulllam, Priscllla Anne. Long Beach, Calif. S4. 66. 401 

Pulsipher, Edwin Kent, Logandale. Nov.. 362 

Pulsipher, John Lowell, Los Angeles. Calif. 

Pulsipher. Karia Marie. Eager. Arii. 

Pulsipher, Norma Jean, Los Angeles, Calif, 316 

Purinton, Barbara Ann, Starksboro, Vt.. 401 

Puriey. Anthony Francis. Winslow. Ariz. 

Purser. Jack E,, West Jordan 

Pursley. Charles Robert. Safford. Arli.. 257, 362 

Purvis. Darwin Wlllard. Phoenli, Arli,. 314 

Pusey, Mary Kathryn. Denver, Colo.. 362 

Pusey, Nellie C. Rose. Calif, 401 

Putnam, Howard Hoggan, Ontario. Ore.. 76, 98. 321 

Pyne, Ivern Lavell, Orem 

Pyper, John Romney. Phoenu. Ariz.. 96. 401 

Pyrah, Fredrick. Walter, Carey, Idaho 

Quails. Gary L,. KallspeH. Mont., 255, 297, 336 

Quaney. Robert L-, Barstow. Calif 

Quernstrom. Isaac B.. Lodi. Calif.. 362 

Quigley. Joseph Bert, Ogden 

Oulnlon, Edward W., Spanish Fork, 224, 226 

Ouinn, Thomas Alvord. Riverside, Conn,. 336 

Quinton. Myron Rowell. Green Acres, Wash,. 265. 401 

Qulnton. Peggy Ann, Cerdston. Alta.. Can., 88, 401 

pulst. Hugh J , Jr.. Los Angeles. Calif. 401 

Raban. Toddy Lewis, St. Johns, Arli., 201, 289 


Radin, John Kay. Seatlle. Wash,. 337 

Radley. Rosalind. Spokane. Wash.. 88, 265. 401 

Radmall. William A.. Ogden 

Ragonton, Carol N.. Kekaha. Hawaii, 401 

Rag&dale. Ronald O., Boise, Idaho. 214- 418 

RaNison, Anna Lu, Logan, 362 

Rallison, Mareta Jane, Logan 

Ralph. Marian. Ogdon, 315 

Ralph, Richard Barnes. Livermoro, Calif,. 114, 337 

Ramones, Edward E.. Lanifcai. Hawaii. 242 

Rampelt, Carol Jean. Parma. Ohio, 401 

Rampton, Jean D.. Corvallis. Ore., 245, 337 

Ramsay, Kathleen, American Fork. 401 

Ramsay, Marilyn, American Fork. 362 

Ramsden. Ronald Blaine. Palo Alto. Calif., 362 

Ramsey. Jimmy D.. St. Joseph. Fla,. 362 

Ranclt. Ray Erwin. Los Angeles. Calif., 362 

Randall. Bert Preston. Mesa. Arii.. 362 

Randall, Carol June, Los Angeles, Calif. 315 

Randall. Mary Lynn. WhUtier. Calif., 202. 282. 315 

Rands, George Cole, Arcadia. Calif., 337 

Rankin. Patricia Ann. Houston. 

Ransdell, O. Pauline. Cortez, Colo., 401 

Rasband. Boyd M., Heber 

Rasband. Karma Rae. Idaho Falls, Idaho, 362 

Rasband, Margaret C, Heber 

Rasmussen, Aaron, Roosevelt 

Rasmussen. Brian L., Provo 

Rasmussen, Carol, Salt Lake City, 78, 362 

Rasmussen, Darris T., Fort Duchesne. 362 

Rasmussen. Ellis T.. Orem 

Rasmussen, Frederick A., Orem 

Rasmussen, Grand, Provo 

Rasniussen, Hans W.. Provo 

Rasmussen. Jack Karl. Salt Lake City, 362 

Rasmussen. Karen Gay. Eugene, Ore., 362 

Rasmussen, Kathleen A.. Provo 

Rasmussen, Myron Clair, Orem 

Rasmussen, Zina Marleen, Monticello. 401 

Rassmauson, Kathleen A,, Provo 

Ratcliff. Patsy Ann, South Gate, Calif. 

Rather, Barbara Carol, Las Vegas, Nev.. 276, 362 

Rather, Douglas B., Las Vegas. Nev.. 289. 418 

Rawle. James Millet, Springville 

Rawle. Joe Millet, Springville , 

Rawle. Margene Millett, Springville. 315 

Rawlins. Claude D.. Walla Walla, Wash,. 418 

Rawlings. Evelyn Joyce, West Jordan, 166, 401 

Rawlings. James L., Jr., Rock Springs, Wyo., 80. 337 

Rawlings. Richard Soren, Preston. Idaho, 250. 401 

Rawson, Richard Ray, Santa Barbara, Calif,, 315 

Rawson. William F., Salt Lake 

Ray. Albert Eugene. New York. N. Y., 418 

Ray, Beverly Jean. Copparton, 401 

Ray, Bruce Alyric, Wilmington. N. C, 88. 132. 133. 196. 

224, 337 
Ray, Ernest L., Sr.. Mesa, Arii. 
Ray, Guy B., Mesa, Arii., 337 
Raya, Estela, Col, Juarez. Mexico, 362 
Raymond. Lois Hess. Sacranriento, Calif. 84, 401 
Raymond. Robert Hugh, Swarthmore, Penn. 
Rayner, Harry H.. Woohawkon. N.J., 267 
Raynor, Wallace A., Ogden, 323 
Rea. Ardoth Amy, Rosemary, Alta., Can. 
Roa, Joan, Sacramento. Calif., 402 
Read, Bonne. Smithfield, 247. 3IS 
Read, George F., Sherman Oaks. Calif., 362 
Read, Juan Coleman, Smithfield. 362 
Read. Ralph Nelson, Phoenix, Arli. 
Read, Robert Leon. Sherman Oaks. Calif., 88, 402 
Reading, Lynn James, Murray. I 19 
Reagan, Michael A., Los Angeles. Calif., 362 
Ream, Dianna Mae, Las Vegas, Nev., 263. 402 
Ream, Donna Rene. Las Vegas, Nev.. 94. 258. 362 
Reams. Joyce Leah, San Carlos, Calif,, 86, 208, 402 
Reaves, Bonnie Jeanne, El Paso, Texas. 84, 208, 402 
Reber, Carolyn, Mesa, Ariz. 
Reber, Ina, Mesqulte, Nev., 337 
Reber, Lois, Mesa, Arii. 
Redd. Carolyn, Orem, 88, 402 
Redd. Charles Hardison. Provo. 96. 272. 273, 362 
Reed. Donald Wayne. Denver. Colo.. 78. 257. 362 
Redd, Jay Whitney. Monticello. 88. 362 
Redd. John P., Raymond. Alta., Can.. 315 
Redford. Margaret Alice, Salt Lake City. 212, 362 
Redford. Ruth Mary. Salt Lake City, 362 
Rodmon. Myrtle Leona. Monohans, Texas 
Reed, Donald Wayne, Denver. Colo., 78, 257, 362 
Read, Howard George, Provo, 90 
Reed, Jack Boyd, Kaysvllle, 362 
Reed, James Warren, Springville, 362 
Reed, Kenneth Dale, Sanger, Calif.. 402 
Reed. Maxine, Denver. Colo.. 29. 186. 216. 221. 290, 337 
Reed. Robert Arthur, Sanger, Calif.. 203, 274, 363 
Reed, Ronald E.. St. David. Ariz., 337 
Reed, Shirley Ann, Byron. Calif, 86, 362 
Reeder, James Randell. San Jose, Calif., 402 
Rees, Jerry Tingey. Lyman, Wyo. 
Rees, LaJean. Roy, 243 

Rees. Lorraine. Los Angeles. Calif.. 88, 268, 315 
Rees, Phyllis. Provo, 315 
Roes, Robert Alvin, Long Beach. Calif. 337 
Rees, Sterling Dale, Lyman, Wyo. 
Rees, Yvonne. Pleasant Grove, 362 
Reese, Blair Thomas, American Fork 
Reese, Ray Don. Brighem City 
Reeve. Orvllle Lee. Leslie. Idaho, 402 

Reeve, Thomas V. II. Santa Anna. Calif.. 176, 178. 211, 315 
Reaves, Donald L.. Las Vegas. Nev., 418 
Reeves, John Pitt, Bellflower, Calif, 78, 78, 90, 402 
Reiche, Bruce William, Carmlchael, Calif, 254, 362 
Relche, Francisco F. 
Reich, William S., Holladay, 418 
Reid, Bruce Alan, Los Angeles, Calif, 274. 402 
Raid. Donald. Springville 
Reid, Jack Leon. Lund. Nev., 402 
Reid, John Wilbur. Provo 
Reid. Marvin C, Springville 
Reid, Wesley Clark. Lund, Nev.. 337 
Reid. William Jr., Greyball, Wyo. 
Relm, Irene Katherino. Elk Grove, Calif. 280 
Relmers. Richard Darr, Arcadia, Calif, 402 
Reinhold. Allen Kurt, Provo, 362 
Reisner, Richard, Virginia, Idaho, 315 
Ralyea, Russell Ervin, Boise, tdaho. 402 
Remington, Donald B,, Cardsfon, Alta,, Can., 362 
Remington, Kent L., Bluebell, 402 
Rencher. Etien, Eager, Ariz., 226, 362 

Reneer, Margie Ann, Los Angeles, Calif, 418 

Renstrom, Bryan Jay, Provo. 197 

Revo, Wini Leila. Millbrae. Calif 

Rex, Ronald Dee. Randolph. 362 

Reynolds. Faun L., Layton 

Reynolds. George C, San Carlos, Calif., 76 

Reynolds. Loran R., Pulaski, Iowa 

Reynolds. Ruth, Provo, 86, 362 

Reynolds, Thomas V,, Provo 

Rhead. Rochelle M., Ogden. 45, 90, 92. 221. 264, 402 

Rhineharl, Roy Bruce. Whittier, Calif. 402 

Rhodes, Dan Oevere. Liberty, 76 

Rhoton. Beverly V., Lakeside. Ariz., 337 

Rhoton. James F.. Jr.. Snowflake. Ariz., 402 

Rice. Adrienne Leona. Sanger, Calif. 

Rice. Alice Mae, Tecoma. Wash. 

Rice. Donald Legrand. Denver. Colo. 

Rke, Lois Marie. Raymond, Wash., 265, 402 

Rice. Millard Blayne. Claresholm, Alia.. Can., 224. 252. 

Rice, Suzanne Madson, Bountiful 
Rice, Vincent Manuel, Callenfe, Nev., 23fi, 362 
Rico, William Clem, Redding. Calif , 402 
Rich, Boyd C, Fairview. Wyo, 
Rich, Darwin Wayne, Nampa, Idaho, 402 
Rich, John Milton. Portland. Ore,, 402 
Rich, Karma Jean. South San Gabriel, Calif, 315 
Rich, Lillian Deann. Parker, Idaho. 279, 362 
Rich. Sherron, Emmett, Idaho, 78. 402 
Richard, Fred Leon. El Monte. Calif., 402 
Richards, Barry W., Provo, 92. 402 
Richards. David Ronald, Pleasant Grove 
Richards, Don K., Ogden. 264. 315 
Richards, Donna. American Fork, 90, 92, 282 
Richards. Hyrum E., Aetrra. Alta., Can., 337 
Richards, Jamas Belmont, Provo 
Richards, Jamas F., American Fork 
Richards. John Dean, American Fork 
Richards. Karin Rae. Salt Lake City 
Richards, Maree. Brigham City, 247 
Richards. Mary M. Hill, Clearfield 
Richards. Nephi Jensen. Aetna. Alta.. Can.. 337 
Richards. Paul Chipman, San Bernardino. Calif, 362 
Richards, Rosalie, Pleasant Grove, 287 
Richards. Ruth. Pleasant Grove. 228. 362 
Richards, Stanley Ezra, Salt Lake City. 
Richards. Victoria J., Salt Late City, 24. 76, 174, 315 
Richardson. Boyd M., Spanish Fork 
Richardson, Floyd C„ West Jordan, 323 
Richardson, Francis Ami 
Richardson, Jay Ryan. Boise, Idaho, 337 
Richardson, Jerald A.. Spanish Fork 
Richardson. John M.. Renton. Wash. 
Richardson. Laureen B., Skamokawa, Wash.. 315 
Richardson, Lynn C, Moses Lake, Wash., 362 
Richardson. Max B., Ogden, 264, 402 
Richardson. Pauline. Benjamin, 186, 337 
Richardson. Sondra Ann. Boise. Idaho, 84, 208. 402 
Richardson. Theral B.. Orem- 418 
Richardson, Val, Ogden, 362 
Richens. Alan Grant. Provo 
Richie. Gwena. Salt Lake City 
Richens, Lorn S.. Vernal, 418 

Richins. Beverly, Duncan. Ariz., 88, 226, 248, 258, 362 
RIchins, Irene Lois, Coalville, 402 
Richins, James Alden, Henefer, 337 
Richins. Lois, Gridley. Calif. 70. 362 
Rickenback, Paul. Richfield 
Ricks, Clyde, Provo 
Ricks, David K., Boise. Idaho, 362 
Ricks, Karma Joan, Boise, Idaho. 76. 216, 337 
Ricks, Nedra Ann. Idaho Falls, Idaho, 402 
Ricks, Welby Willis, Provo 
Ridd, Roxalene, Brigham 
Ridder, Joyce Marlon, Puente, Calif. 315 
Riddle, Dwanna Lee. Salt Lake City, 402 
Ridenhour. Ted Eugene, Concord, N. C„ 82, 83, 337 
Ridge, John W.. Berkeley. Calif 
Ridge. Paul J., Orem 

Riding, Donna Mae, Tooele. 177, 192, 212, 237, 362 
RIede, Bonnie Mae. Woodland. Calif. 402 
Rieske. Kathryn M.. Orem, 363 
RIgby, Don A., Montpelier. Idaho, 42. 189 
Rlgby. E. Bertrand. Orem, 235, 315 
Rigby, Larue A., Delta, 337 
Rlgby, Ralph £.. Provo, 315 
Rigby, Ruth Krebs, Pleasant View 
RIggIn, Don Gene, Spokane, Wash., 256. 315 
RIggs. Abbie Lee. Junction City, Ore.. 337 
RIggs, Aleen, Hatch 

RIggs, John David. Junction City, Ore., 402 
RIggs, Joseph Ivor. Hatch, 363 
RIggs, Lala. Hatch 

RIggs, LoreHa Carol, Chandler, Ariz., 188, 248. 402 
RIggs. Shirley D. 
Rlgtrup, Brent Reed. Springville 
Rile, Joseph Eldon, Twin Falls. Idaho 
Riley, David Jonathan, Skamokawa. Wash., 363 
Riley, Geraldene. Garden Grove. Calif. 88, 402 
Riley, Michael Willis, Burbank. Calif. 402 
Rlnglehan, Mary Jean. Campbell Hall, N.Y., 88 
Rifle. Cllve Perry. Rlrle, Idaho 
Rlrie, David Leonard. Magrath, Alta., Can., 402 
Ririe, Donald K., Magrath, Alta., Can., 315 
Riria, Gams Lynne, Idaho Falls. Idaho, 231, 402 
Rirle, Lament Boyd. Long Beach, Calif. 178. 210. 211. 

301. 325, 341 
Rirle, Marilyn, Rexburg, Idaho, 337 
Rlrie, Rogers Christian, Provo, 337 
Ritchie, Stephen L., Kuna, Idaho 
Ritchie. Virginia, Provo 

RHz. Robert Theodore, Woodland, Calif, 202, 251. 402 
Robb. Reneo. Mancos. Colo.. 418 
Robbins. Donna Jo. Salt Lake City. 282 
Robblns, Karolyn Mae. Los Angeles. Calif. 88. 402 
Robbins. Myrna Jeanne. Provo 
Robbins. Richard S.. Provo .402 
Roberson. Marvin R., Chickasha. Okia, 132, 134 
Roberts. Brent K., Vernal 
Robert*, Carol Loretta. American Fork 
Roberts, Carolyn. Salt Lake Clly 
Rabertt. Cecil Lynn, Tablona. 416 
Roberts, Clair Orville. Bluewater. N. Mex. 
Roberts. Dean Scoll. Provo 
Robertt, Dean Stone. Spanish Fork. 289 
Roberts. Donald Wilson. Phoenii, Arii.. 418 
Roberts, Donna Fee. Tren>onton. 88, 402 
Roberts, Doris Argyle, Orem 

Roberts. Glen Eldon. Spanish Fork. 244 

Roberts. Jack Alan. Sequlm, Wash. 

Roberts. James Cal. Layton 

Roberts. James Warren, Provo. 363 

Roberts. John L,, Provo 

Roberts. Judy Lynne, Reno. Nev.. 258. 290. 341, 363 

Roberts, Kathryn, Salt Lake City. 402 

Roberts. Karl David, Vernal. 363 

Roberts. Kay Eugene. Karnes 

Roberts. Merlene. Provo, 363 

Roberts, Parley Clove, Annobella 

Roberts, Rebecca B., Provo 

Roberts, Richard Arthur. Los Angeles, Calif, 402 

Roberts, Richard Dean, Monroe, 315 

Roberts. Robert DeJaun, Pleasant Grove 

Roberts, Seward M., Jr.. San Mateo, Calif. 

Roberts. Stanley Bolton, Ogden, 264, 337 

Roberts, Virginia F,, Anchorage, Alaska, 208, 284. 402 

Roberts, Wilford Harry. Vornal, 402 

Robertson, Darlene, Springville 

Robertson. Janiece. Cody, Wyo. 

Robertson. Margot Y., Long Beach, Calif. 221. 363 

Robertson. Melvin C, Moab, 78 

Robertson. Mildred R., Richmond. Ve.. 402 

Robins. Ellen K.. Richfield. 402 

Robins. Raymond C , Fillmore. 96, 292. 293. 337 

Robinson. Cemllle. Franklin. Idaho. 208, 250, 402 

Robinson, Crystal Diana. Magrath, Alta., Can., 402 

Robinson. Curtis E., Tacoma, Wash., 402 

Robinson, Dorothy L.. Chambersburg, Pann.. 337 

Robinson, Franklin Dale, Col. Dublan. Mexico, 363 

Robinson, George G., Salt Lake City, 224, 418 

Robinson, James G., Kanab. 

Robinson. Jeanene B,, Bountiful, 363 

Robinson, Karl F., Grace, Idaho, 78, 402 

Robinson, La Nea, Freedom, Wyo. 

Robinson, Leona Mae, Richfield. 86. 221, 402 

Robinson. Luella, Salt Lake City. 86. 337 

Robinson, Lynn, Fayette. Idaho 

Robinson, Lyric Yvonne, Los Angeles, Calif, 177, 251, 280. 

Robinson, Margaret, Salt Lake City, 88, 402 
Robinson, Patricia Ruth, Las Vegas. Nev.. 186. 201, 337. 

Robinson. Ronell. Freedom, Wyo., 208, 402 
Robinson, Sandra Lee. Glendale, Calif, 66, 363 
Robinson. Shirlene. Kanab. 290. 337 
Robinson. Varlene. Sacramento, Calif., 363 
Robison, Bryant W., Logandale, Nov. 
Roblson, Darlene J., Emmltt, Idaho. 315 
Robison. Diana J.. Lehl. 88. 262, 337 
Robison, Helen Fern, Fillmore, 363 
Robison. Karol Fern, Ely, Nov., 78, 402 
Robison, Laren R,, Georgetown, Idaho 
Robison, Richard A., Fillmore 
Robison, Richard W., Murray, 60 
Robison, Tonia May, Fillmore, 402 
Robison, Weston Kay, Idaho Falls. Idaho. 289. 363 
Robson, Ellen Celeste, Salt Lake Ci*y, 418 
Roche, Marleno Frances, Antloch, Calif., 402 
Rockwood, Nancy Jo, Roosevelt, 262, 403 
Rodeback, Charles H., Chicago. HI., 337 
Rodeback, Wilbur Ray, Vernal, 403 
Roderick. Judith Ann. Provo 
Rodgors. Shirlene, Payson, 363 
Rodriguez, Adam Raul, Gautemaula, 403 
Roe, Allan Varloy, Whittier, Calif 
Roe, Kenneth V., Panguitch, 403 
Roe, Wilford Earl, Panguitch 
Roother, Judith M., El Cajon, Calif, 418 
Rogers, Clark Douglas, Olymplo, Wash, 
Rogers, Dixie. Bountiful. 221. 403 
Rogers, Don L, Garland. 195. 222, 315 
Rogers, Gail Monroe, Safford, Ariz,, 323 
Rogers. Kenneth Eugene, Nampa, Idaho. 403 
Rogers, Kennatt H., Pleasant Grove. 320 
Rogers, Mary Ina, Akron, Ohio, 86 
Rogers, Pearl, Joseph City, Ariz., 315 
Rogers. Warren Thomas, St. Paul. Minn.. 363 
Rogers, William Robert, Manassa, Colo. 
Rollins, Loy. Lyman. Wyo., 266. 315 
Rollins. Myrna, Bountiful, 84, 98, 315, 341 
Rollins. William C, Monroe, Wis. 
Romero, ErvIn Gordon, Fresno, Calif, 363 
Romney. Carolyn, Phoenix. Ariz.. 337 
Romney, Geraldlne. Salt Lake City. 315 
Romney. Gretta Anne. Provo. 208. 284 
Romney, Janet. Pullman, Wash., 341 
Romney, Myrna Vermel, Southgate, Calif.. 403 
Romney. Ruth Ann, Pullman, Wash., 44, 166, 316 
Romney, Yvonne, Salt Lake City, 186, 188. 245, 403. 412 
Romrell, Darlene. Magna 
Rooker. Clifton Keith, Modesto. Calif. 403 
Rooks, Exa June, Marianne, Fla., 337 
Rooks, Johnny, Blownstown, Fla., 1 19, 403 
Rooks, Oran Dewey, Blackfoot, Idaho, 403 
Rooks, Sarah Rachel, Grass Valley, Calif. 
Roper, Keston A., Westwood, Calif.. 210 
Roper, Warren K., Salt Lake City, 403 
Rose. Diane, Tremonton, 78, 221, 403 
Rose, Robert Orrin. Northrldge. Calif. 244. 33^ 
Rosenhan, Chad Wayne. MIdvale, 403 
Rosenlof, Janet Arlene. Mt. Pleasant, 403 
Rosier, Cora Jean. Chester 
Ross, Beverly Elaine, Sunnyside. Wath.. 316 
Ross. Cleon Walter. Victor. Idaho 
Ross. Janice Leslie. Burbank, Calif. 403 
Ross. Joan, San Mateo, Calif. 94. 403 
Ross, Maxine, Sunnyside, Wash. 
Rossal, Miguel A , Guatemala, 337 
Roth, Sherry Kay. Carey. Idaho 
Rothe. Frank Adams, Kimball, Atta., Can., 363 
Rothe. Ruth, Cardsfon. Alta., Can., 363 
Roundv. Ferrel Glade. Escalante, 62. 337 
Roundy, Lenore, Walllsburg. 416 
Roondy. Verl P.. Provo 
Roundy, Winifred. Goshen, 86. 403 
Roush. Robert Ronald. DUton. Colo. 
Routiong, Robert W., Los Angeles. Calif. 289 
Rowberry, C. Joseph. Provo 
Rowberry. Donald M.. Provo, 403 
Rowe. Barbara lee. Long Beach. Calif, 88, 179. 403 
Rowe, Fred Ares, Provo, 363 
Rowe, Lynn B . Spanish Fork. 73. 121. 128 
Rowe. Mary Ellen. Oakland. Calif, 66, 280. 403 
Rowe, Thomas Edward. HunltvUU, 337 
Rowland, Guy Lund. Gretna, Va.. 403 
Rowley. Ann, Owim, 403 


Rowley. Carl Marion, Provo 

Rcfwiey, Clayton A.. Salt Lake City. 418 

Rowley. Darlene. Springville. 363 

Rowley. Dudley John, Blanding 

Rowley. Kay Francis. Salt Lake City, 363 

Rowley, Kleah, Orem. 403 

Rowley, Leo Wayne, Bynum. Mont.. 94, 403 

Rowley, Lewi J,, Orem. 92 

Rowley. Miland T.. Harlem, Mont,, 403 

Rowley. Pearl. Provo, 403 

Rowley, Ralph A , Salt Lake City 

Rowley, Richard L.. Orem 

Rowley. Vernon C, Jr.. Blanding 

Roylance, John Edward, Provo. ?39. 316 

Roylance, Keith N.. Provo. 316 

Roytance, Marilyn, Springvllle. 403 

Royle, Kathleen, American Fork. 278 

Roystor. Nancy Carroll, Hopewell. Vfl. 

Rucker, Fred Walker. Tremonton, 224, 337 

Rucker. Leona Mae. Tremonton 

Rudbacli. Jon Anthony, Sierra Madre, Calif, 403 

Rugg. Roger Horace. Los Angeles. Calif. 

Rummler, Gary Carl, Provo 

Rummler, Vanlla Ord. Provo 

Rumph, Larry Mont. Long Beach. Calif-. 403 

Runnels. Roy R.. Jr., Honolulu, Hawaii. 256 

Rosh, Keturah J„ Lima. Mont., 316 

Rush. William Douglas, Los Angeles. Calif., 403 

Russell. Chryl Ann. Los Angeles. Calif., 76, 291. 403. 

Russell. Frenclne S,. Lethbridge. Alfo.. Can., 216. 338 
Russell, Gary Leon, Provo 
Russell, Georgia. Arlington. Va.. 196, 403 
Russell, Harry C. Provo, 363 
Russell, John Douglas. Los Angeles, Calif.. 337 
Russell, John Joseph. Los Angeles, Calif., 337 
Russell, Kenneth L.. Sprlngville. 337 
Russell, Margaret Ann, St. Johns, 212 

Russell, Pamela Rae. Lethbridge, Alta., Can., 86, 260. 403 
Russell. Richard L.. Santee. Calif. 
Russell. Warren Scott, Kallspell. Mont. 403 
Russon, Dee Ray. Lehi 

Russon. Jon Kimball, Los Angeles. Calif., 297, 363 
Russon, Richard Luot, Los Angeles. Calif, 338 
Rust, Maida, Salem. 177. 238, 363 
Rust. Marleah, Salem 

Rust, Orion David. Hawthorne, Calif. 2S4 
Ruil. Patricia J., tnglewood, Calif. 254. 338 
Rush. Richard Dilworth, Vernal. 78 262. 403 
Rust, William L, Spanish Fork 
Rutherford, Mary Ann, Portland, Ore. 
Rutter. Jesse James. Malad. Idaho. 267, 323 
Ruward, Donald Fred, Hawthorne. Nev. 
Ryan, Mary Lou, Castle Dale, 316 
Ryan. Stanley Leiand, Eureka, 338 
Ryley. frank Marion, Phoeni<. Ariz. 
Rymer, Newell K., Oram 

Sabey. Linda, Midvale. 403 

Sabin. Elaine, Salem. 78. 192, 403 

Sebin. Jean, North Hollywood, Calif, 215. 257. 316 

Sabin. Joan. Salem. 216 

Sabin. Noel Ray, Salem. 403 

Sadanowicz, Mary Lou, San Gabriel. Calif. 

Safsten, Robert Gary. Blaine, Wash., 68, 204, 316 

Safsten. Ronald Duane, Blaine. Wash.. 403 

Sainsbury. Irene, Tooele 

Salnsbury, Theron D.. Carlton. Wash.. 265, 418 

St. Jeor, Camille. Salt Lake City, 406 

Salto. George Goro. Pahala, Hawaii, 256, 316 

Sallng. Dora Levene, Mokane. Mo.. 363 

Sating. Sally Irene, Pleasant Grove, 363 

Salisbury. Paul M.. Provo 

Salisbury. Ranae Emma, Murray, 208, 403 

Salm, Carol Dianne. Phoenix, Arii., 282. 363 

Salmond, Mary Beth, Ogden. 231, 237. 316 

Salsbury. Larry Philip, Torrance. Calif. 403 

Salter, Philip Wayne, Santa Barbara, Calif. 338 

Salvesen, Patricia Ann, Downey, Idaho, 403 

Sampson, Carolyn L.. Murray, 403 

Sand. Althea Grace. Long Beach. Calif 

Sandall, Jane. Kaysvllle, 316 

Sandberg, Joann. Richfield 

Sondberg, Joseph C. Grantsville 

Sanders, Mary Ann. Murray 

Sanderson, James W., Nampa, Idaho, 418 

Sanderson, Orin Lloyd, Freedom, Wyo,. I 19, 403 

Sandgren, Vlvl Ann Z.. Provo 

Sandquist, Beverly Jo. Sandy. 403 

Sandstrom, Barbara L., Santa Ana. Calif, 88. 178. 403 

Sanford, Dorothy L.. Holualoa. Hawaii. 

Sanliovich, Donald E.. McGlll. Nev. 

Sent. George Richard, La Canada, Calif, 289, 403 

Siantistevan. Edith N.. Midvale, 338 

Sardoni. BeHy, Provo. 90. 339 

Sardoni, Larry Whitman. Provo. 403 

Sere. Gene Raymond. San Diego, Calif.. 363 

Sasine, Robert Gale, Los Angeles, Calif., 338 

Sauls. Mary Alice, Provo. 215, 284, 285, 316 

Saunders, Gary Snow. La Cres, Calif 

Saunders, Leroy E.. Phoenix, Arii, 

Saunders, Robert W , Provo 

Saunders, Ronald A., Blackfoof Idaho. 403 

Savage, David. Sumatra, Mont.. 363 

Savage, Douglas Vernon. Sumatra, Mont. 

Savage. June Bennett. Hansen, Idaho. 215 

Savage. Henry Carlyle, Fort Worth. Texas, 403 

Savage. Oran Leroy, Sumatra. Mont. 

Savage. Scott M., Salt Lake City 

Saville. Marilyn, Boise. Idaho 

Sevojarvl. Martti, Finland 

Saw. Lachhu. Patnub, India, 320 

Sa<or. Alton Hugh, Victoria. Texas. 263. 403 

Saxey, Edward Snow, Ogden. 339 

Scadlock, Arlen J.. Huntington Park, Calif, 260, 403 

Scanlon, Lee Edward. El Centre. Calif, 404 

Schaap. Kenneth Rene. Provo. I 19. 289 

Schaefer. Donald George, Logan, 84. 90. 237. 316 

Schaefer. Henry D.. Tulsa, Okla,. 404 

Schaerrer, Rusesll J,. Payson 

Scholl. Gerald Albert. Lincoln Park, Mich.. 404 

Schempp. Mildred Lois, Mesa, Arii. 

Schenk. Marilyn Jean, Wenatchee, Wash., 276, 363 

Scholselaar, Gordon, Salt Lake City, 418 

Schiers, Iris Laverne. Victor. Idaho, 204 

Schleve. Marian Louise, Provo 

Schiffman. Clair R.. Klamath Falls. Ore. 

Schiffman. Doyle LeRoy, Klamath Fells. Ore.. 270, 404 

Schipper. Donna Mae, Lan Leandro, Calif., 404 

Schlappl, Lloyd Kent. Delta. 404 

Schmidt, David. Lordsburg, N. Me«., 218.404 

Schmidt, Frank, Lordsburg. N. Me«.. 218. 404 

Schmidt. Nathalie C. Gresham, Wis,, 363 

Schmidt. Rachel Lois. Gresham, Wis.. 338 

Schmidt, Rosemarle. Rlverton, 90, 404 

Schneider. Mahrah Lee, Los Angeles. Calif.. 404 

Schnepf Donald Lucian, Queen Creek, Ariz., 241. 404 

Schoenfeld, Joan Mae, Parma, Ohio, 31, 43, 66, 76. 102, 

228, 363 
Schofield. Allen C, Spanish Fork 
Schofield. David L., Provo, 267. 404 
Schofield. Ila Claire. HIko, Nev,, 223, 258. 363 
Scholes, Harold Kay. American Fork. 270 
Scholes. Joann, American Fork, 276 
Scholes, Marilyn. American Fork. 208. 404 
Schouten, John G,. Springvllle, 363 
Schouten, Robert Dean. Springville 
Schow, Luana June. Twin Falls, Idaho, 418 
Schow. Morgan Grant. Layton, 223, 264 
Schramm, Clarence F., Payson 

Schroder, Richard Smith. Los Angeles. Calif, 184. 316 
Schubel, Lanore Anita. McLaughlin. Calif, 404 
Schult, Hazel Memmott. Fresno. Calif. 363 
Schulthies. Karl B.. Nampa, Idaho, 418 
Schultz. Geraldlne, Oakland, Calif, 238, 260, 363 
Schultz, Ronald William, Buffalo, N.Y.. 270. 320 
Schultz, Sandra Anne. Buffalo. N.Y.. 404 
Schulzfce. Manfred Max, Toronto, Ont., Can. 
Schumann. Norene OJea, Provo. 363 
Schutt. Geralynn L.. Spokane, Wash, 
Schutte. Dolores. Grants Pass, Ore. 
Schut+e, Marcus K., Lanaklla. Oahu. Hawaii 
Schwarti. Paul M. 

Schwartz, Stewart M., La Jolla, Calif 
Schwendiman. Deann, Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Sconberg, Albert M., Bountiful. 236 
Scoresby, James Elbert, lona, Idaho. 76 
Scott, Andrew Jerry, Springvllle 
Scott. Anita Rose, Provo, 404 
Scott. Annette, Bountiful 
Scott. Cynthia. Ann Arbor. Mich,. 221. 363 
Scott. Cynthia Atkin, Orem, 145 
Scott, Ethel Lou. Fort Benton, Mont., 404 
Scott. Grace Lynore, lone, Calif. 
Scott, Jasper Denis, American Fork, 404 
Scott. Joseph Keith, Provo. 404 
Scott. Kenneth Dorsey. John Day, Ore. 
Scott, Leon Rouzelle, Provo, 363 
Scott. Lois. Jean, Idaho Falls, Idaho. 276 
Scott. Paul. Hawthorne. Calif 
Scott. Peggy Ann. Provo. 404 
Scott. Rulon Stephen, Jr.. Pasadena, Calif, 404 
Scow, Ted Justesen. Orangevllle 
Scrlver. James William, Niagra Falls, N.Y., 404 
Seamons, Blaine Lavere, Preston, Idaho. 404 
Searle, Inez Smith, Corpus Christ!, Texas, 336 
Seaton. John Nephi. Provo 

Sederstrom, Patricia, L,, St. Paul. Minn., 208. 404 
Sedgwick. Claudia, Riverside. Calif. 202, 220, 221. 338 
Sedgwic*. Joel W.. Provo 
Seegmiller. David W.. Delta. 222. 253 
Seeley, Joseph Thomas. Preston, Idaho, 418 
Seeley, Robert Thomas, Preston. Idaho, 418 
Seeley, Wallace Dal. Bluebell. 404 
Seely, Clair Leon, Mount Pleasant, 404 
Seely. Dean Hansen, Sf Anthony, Idaho. 338 
Seely. Doyle Grant, San Diego, Calif, 404 
Seely, Gwendolyn, Brigham City, 260. 338 
Seely, Kay Gee. Provo. 73, 316 
Seelye, H. Ned, 186 
Sego, Robert Rulon. Manassa, Colo. 
Seqo, Thomas T., Manassa. Colo., 363 
Seibert. Charlene F., San Francisco, Calif,. 280. 363 
Seifert, Marilyn, Bountiful, 404 

Seiger, Richard Harding, Santa Monica, Calif., 363 
Selter. Carolyn June. Heber City, 404 
Sekaquaptewa, Allison, Oraibi, Aril. 
Setin, Terry G., Springvllle, 253, 316 
Sellers, Harry Francis. Rock Springs. Wyo., 404 
Sellers, Robert D.. Bellflower, Calif 
Semandeni. Ir^ne Alice. Dove Creek. Colo,, 363 
Senke, Flora Jean. Whittier, Calif, 404 
Sessions. Charles M.. Layton 
Sessions. Dale R.. Heber City 
Sessions. Nellie Grace, Ogden 
Sevy, Nonagene. Salt Lake City, 363 
Seymour. Elva Loree, Del Paso Heights, Calif 
Seymour. Karen Margot. Stockton, Calif. 177. 290, 404 
Shaeffer, Earl M„ Palisade, Colo. 293, 363 
Shafer. Elizabeth. Ogden 
Shaffer. Kay Laralne, Boise, Idaho 
Shannon. Alice J., Pleasant Grove 
Sharp. Annette Clark. Salt Lake City 
Sharp. Gay. Long Beach, Calif,, 363 
Sharp, Hugh Leo. Salt Lake City, 338 
Sharp. Jerold Lon. Richfield, 418 
Sharp, Joan Marie, Redlands, Calif. 323 
Sharp, Paul Gregory, Preston, Idaho. 404 
Sharpies, Marilyn, Salt Lake City. 363 
Shattucfc. Marilyn A., San Jose. Calif. 316 
Shaw. Bill Eugene. Provo 
Shaw. Chyrl. Modesto. Calif 
Shaw, Clestia Grace. Baker, Ore., 404 
Shaw, Evelyn Estella, Roosevelt. 262. 404 
Shaw, Glen Robert, Provo 
Shaw. James Thatcher, Tetonia, Idaho 
Shaw. Lorraine, Venice. 404 
Shaw. Richard Ernest. Sequlm. Wash. 
Shaw. Robert Clinton, Provo, 404 
Shaw. Robert Keith. Cardston. Alta., Can, 
Showcrofi. Terry A , La Jara, Colo., 88, 404 
Shay. Frances M„ Albuquerque. N. Mex., 277, 339 
Sheen, Norman DeWayne. Cardston, Alta,. Can. 
Sheets, Leon Donald, Ontario. Ore.. 274 
Sheets. Spencer Garner. Salmon, Idaho 
Sheffe*. Bert D.. Salt Lake City 
Sheffield. Jack. Orem 
Sheffield, Katherine F,, Springville. 404 
Sheffeld. Paul Burt. San Mateo, Calif 
Sheldon, Robert 8.. Salt Lake City 
Shelley, Blaine George. American Fork 
Shelton. Carolyn Moblo, Salt Lake City 

Shelton, Donald L., Midvale. 404 

Shelton. Dorothy A , Concord, Calif 

Shelton. Fred Auston, Lehi 

Shelton, John A., Midvale 

Shellon, Sharon Gay. Midvale, 404 

Shelton. Stephen Ralph, Hutlngton Park, Calif 

Shepherd, George Kent, Lehi 

Shepherd, John R.. Provo 

Sheppard. Johnnie L.. Sacramento. Calif. 

Sheranlan. Annette. Beverly Hilts, Calif 

Sheridan. Charles R,. Annapolis. Md.. 404 

Sherod, Earl Glenn. Wallowa. Ore.. 226 

Sherry, Claude Joel. Provo 

Sherwood, Neil Ray. Nephi, 363 

Sherwood. Rc-wena June, St. Johns. Ariz., 215. 230, 316 

Sherwood, Rufus Glen. Cardston. Alfa.. Can., 189, 363 

Shields, Earl Detos, Lethbridge, Alta., Can.. 252. 419 

Shields, Karen Lenore. Tooele 

Shim. Bok Suk, Seoul. Korea, 39. 132. 133. 339 

Shlmoda. Donna Aklko. Murray. 221. 256, 404 

Shinsel. Glenda Lee. LaGrande. Ore., 338 

Shinsel, Laurel Kay, La Grande, Ore.. 363 

Shipley. Ann, Provo, 404 

Shipley. Geraldlne Mae, Barslow, Calif. 251, 404 

Shipley, Paul Price, Mesa, Ariz.. 364 

Shipp, Clair Barton. Springville. 404 

Shlpp, Rodney C, Joseph 

Shipp, Sherilynn. Joseph. 228. 260. 364 

Shirley. Kenneth Lee, Salt Lake City, 237 

Shirley. Rowan Dee. Gilmer. Texas, 260, 402. 404 

Shirts, Addie Uwarda. Portland. Ore., 404 

Shockley. Stanley L„ Klmberly, Idaho, 263. 363 

Shoe, Norma Kay, Mebane. N. C, 404 

Short. Marjory G., Provo, 419 

Showalter, Norman W., Twin Falls. Idaho, 404 

Showalter, Rodney H„ Lovell, Wyo,. 364 

Shreeve, Afton K. 

Shuman. James Grant 

Shumway, Carmen, St. Johns, Ariz., 78. 221. 248, 404 

Shumway. Caroline, Richmond. 404 

Shumwiy. Dewayne J.. Blanding 

Shumway. Drew 

Shumway, Edith Maretta, Lynnwood, Calif. 404 

Shumway, Jerry, Provo, 404 

Shumway, Judy Ann, Glendale, Ariz. 

Shumway, Katie, Provo 

Shumway. Keith Ardit. Blanding, 419 

Shumway, Lola Marilyn, Phoenix. Ariz. 

Shumway, Marlene, St. Johns, Ariz,, 212, 213, 363 

Shumway, Rex Wayne, Blanding 

Shupe. William Date. Col, Juarez. Mexico. 364 

Shurtleff Howard Paul, Castro Valley. Calif. 242. 404 

Shurtleff James L., Provo 

Shurtliff, Myrna, Overton, Nev.. 208. 404 

Shurtz, Garrold Cleve. Washcugan, Wash. 

Slemssen, Janet R. E,, Portland, Ore,. 316 

Siggard. Connie Lou. Brlqham City, 84. 202 

Slblerstein, Dorothy M., Sandy, 316 

Silk. Fredric Roger. Carmlchael. Calif, 132. 404 

Sill. William Dudley. Las Vegas. Nev., 404 

SImat, Mario, Brooklyn, N.Y., I 19. 404 

Simlster. Vernon A,. San Francisco. Calif. 405 

Simklns. Cloyd Dan. Phoenix, Aril.. 248. 364 

Simkins, Dorothy, Parowan. 278, 364 

Simmons, Carol Zella. Baker, Ore., 

Simmons, Diana Marie, Los Angeles. Calif, 

Simmons. Ernest William. Great Falls. Mont. 

Simmons. James A., Orem 

Simmons, Lelend R., Allison Park, Penn., 364 

Simmons, Mary Jo, Las Vegas, Nev.. 209. 405 

Simmons, Robert Charles, Provo 

Simmons, Virginia Ann. Twin Falls, Idaho. 364 

Simmons, Vivian Donald. Layton. 419 

Simmons. William S., Jr.. Provo, 364 

SImms. Connie May, Seattle, Wash., 281, 336 

SImonIs, Arlone Ruth, La Grande, Ore., 405 

Simons. Ronald Budd, San Bernardino. Calif. 266. 364 

Simper. Dorothy, Lynn, 280, 405 

Simper. Geniet. Pleasant Grove. 294, 419 

Slmpklns. Donald Eugene. Modesto, Calif. 216. 405 

Simpson, Lamar C, Orem 

Simpson, Shirley Ann. Hernersville. N. C. 

Simpson, Sylvia Jean, Glenwood, N.C. 

Sims, Patricia Jane. Marianne. Fla.. 405 

Slnapi, Mua, American Samoa 

Singleton. Gary O,, Provo 

Singleton, Kenneth B., Lehi 

Sipherd. David Roy, Redmond, Wash., 338 

Slrrine. Edwin Boyd. Phoenix, Arli.. 364 

Sirstlns. Mary Elaine, Salt Lake City, 419 

Sisemore, Claudia, Salt Lake City. 281, 405 

Sjoberg. Russell Jones, Logan, 405 

Skeen, James Frank. Nyssa, Ore., 364 

Skeen, Lamar W.. Warren, 419 

Skeen. Talmage Wheeler, Ogden 

Skldmo.-e, John Wesley. Provo. 222 

Skillinqs. Raymond. Provo, 131 

Skinner, Barbara Mae. Safford. Arlr., 227, 338 

Skinner, Nda Lavon, Salt Lake City, 268 

Skinner, Velda. Safford, Arli.. 227. 405 

Skousen, Karl M., Spanish Fork 

Skousen. Kenneth W . Mesa, Ariz.. 405 

Skousen. Kliena Jean, Chandler. Arii.. 248. 405 

Skousen, Larry Piatt. Cot. Juarez. Mexico. 88 

Skousen. Lavar Daniel, Mesa, Ariz.. 364 

Skousen. Orval Neils. Mesa, Arir.. 60. 81. 96, 222. 316 

Skousen. Owen D.. Mesa, Ariz,, I 14. 136. 3t6 

Skousen, Vonda A„ Chandler. Ariz,, 316 

Slade, Clara Christine. Redmesa. Colo., 364 

Slade. Nancy Lou. Hesperus. Colo., 

Slade. Thomas Edmund. Provo. 405 

Slade, Yolanda Lee. Gallup, N. Mex. 

Slater, Cleo Yvonne, Yerlngton, Nev.. 258. 405 

Slater. Henry Wayne. McGill, Nev., 289 

Slattery, Patricia Lee. Sunnyvale, Calif, 405 

Slaughter. Larry Dean. Bakorsfletd. Calif. 419 

Slaughter. Opal Adele. Bakersfleld. Calif, 338 

Sleater, Beryl, Salt Lake City. 284 

Sloan, Marilyn Dean, Lethbridge. Alfa.. Can,. 419 

Sloan, Sylvia. Salt Lake City. 284, 316 

Sly. Russell Melvin, MiUord, 92. 96. 405 

Smale, Verril J,. Compton. Calif 

Smart, Grant Winters, Paris. Idaho. 364 

Smart. Richard J,. Portland, Ore. 

Smart, Merrill Jay. Springvllle, 364 

Smeath. Lorna Mae. Provo, 294, 364 

Smedley, George H., Clearfield, 338 

Smedley, Jacqueline, Bounflful. 316 


Smedlay, Koye. San Lorenzo, Caltf. 

Smedley, Milton B.. Clearfield. 419 

Smellle. Don Carl, Suhl. Idaho. 405 

Smellie, Marilyn Ruth, Needls. Calif.. 364 

Smit. Walter R.. Mapa. Calif.. 320 

Snnith. Albert G.. San Bruno. Calif.. 292, 405 

Smith. Alene. Snowflake. Ariz., B6, 231. 284, 316 

Smith. Anja O. K., Tampere. Finland 

Smith, Archie Duane, Spanish Fork 

Smith, Barbara Ann, Compton, Calif., 76, 364 

Smith. Barry Melv.n. Temple City. Calif.. 405 

Smith. Betty, Lehi, 405 

Smith. Carlos Wood. Hill Spring. Alta. Can.. 405 

Smith. Carma. Snowflate. Ariz.. 405 

Smith, Carole. Salt Lake City, 

Smith. Carolyn, Henrieville, 254. 364 

Smith. Carolyn Lola, Walnut Creel, Calif., 364 

Smith, Charles Kuman, Tacoma. Wash.. 

Smith. Cleon Verl, Cardston, Alta.. Can.. 321 

Smith. Dar L„ Tropic 

Smith, Dean Thomas, Cowley. Wyo.. 84 

Smith. Dee Lynn, Burbant. Calif., 339 

Smith, Ooril E., Temple City. Calif. 

Smith. Diane. Provo. 364 

Smith. Dorene, Farmington. N. Mei.. 78. 258. 405 

Smith. Earl Wayne, Provo 

Smith, Edwin BanVs, American Forit, 405 

Smith. Eleana, Alderwood Manor, Wash,, 247, 265. 364 

Smith. Elizabeth Anne, Snowflal.©. Arli.. 248, 364 

Smith, Eugene Clinton, Spanish Fori, 316 

Smith, Evelyn. Walnut Creek. Calif., 364 

Smith, Evelyn Marine, Yakima. Wash., 405 

Smith, Evelyn Ludean, Salt Lake City. 405 

Smith. Gail Ann, Las Vegas, Nev., 306 

Smith, George H., Mesa, Ariz., 320 

Smith, Gerald Lee. Yakima. Wash. 

Smith, Gerald W., Provo 

Smith, Gibson Raymond, Provo 

Smith, Glen Mecham, American Fork, 84, 405 

Smith, Gordon E., Payson 

Smith. Gordon Lee, Bois. Idaho. 78, 96. 405 

Smith, Harold Nelson, Copperton, 405 

Smith. Heber Chase, Alhambra. Calif. 

Smith. Irving De, Estacada, Ore., 239. 364 

Smith, Jack Lynn. Hawthorne. Nev,, 179, 188 

Smith. James Fredrick. Clinton, III,. 289 

Smith. Janice Ann, Woodburn. Ore., 86. 259. 405 

Smith, Jasmine Louise. Kansas City. Kans., 405 

Smith, Jay Harold, Heber City. 82 

Smith, Jean Hansen, Winslow, Ariz. 

Smith. Jerald Ben, Anaconda, Mont., 405 

Smith. John Storlon, Salt Lake City 

Smith, John Thomas. Malad, Idaho, 250. 254, 405 

Smith, Karen Breckon, Phoenix, Ariz., 186, 248, 277, 364 

Smith, Kay Dawn, Smithfield. 405 

Smith, Kay Hogan, Provo. 84. 338 

Smith, Kenneth H.. Las Vegas. Nev. 

Smith, Karmit H., Provo 

Smith, Larry A.. Rupert. Idaho 

Smith, Larry Don. Lehi, 405 

Smith, Lawrence Francis. Farm. Conn., 405 

Smith. Leon Gene. Provo. 232. 338 

Smith, Leonard Charles. De Pere, Wis, 

Smith, Linda Lou. Ogden, 88, 90. 338 

Smith. Loretta Mae, Yakima, Wash., 405 

Smith, Lyie Green, Klamath Falls, Ore., 364 

Smith, LyIe John. Dillingham, Alaska, 419 

Smith, Lynn Crane. Provo 

Smith. M. Linnea, Farmington. N. Mex., 86. 216, 338 

Smith. Marcia Gay, Genola, 364 

Smith, Marie, Monroe, 281, 364 

Smith. Marilyn, Portland, Ore., 227, 405 

Smith, Mearle B., Orem, 316 

Smith. Melva Ann, Provo, 316 

Smith, Milo Ray, Snowflake, Ariz.. 200. 338 

Smith. Miriam. Vernal, 279. 364 

Smith. N. Wayne. Orem 

Smith, Nadda, Mesa, Ariz.. 86, 254, 405 

Smith. Nadine N„ Salt Lake City 

Smith, Nlla Loy, Farmington, N. Me*., 86. 212, 25B 

Smith, Norman Fackrell, Preston. Idaho, 250. 364 

Smith. Patricia Anne, Salt Lake City, 364 

Smith. Patricia May. Arlington. Va., 405 

Smith. Paul Charles, Layton 

Smith, Phil M., Ogden, 338 

Smith, Phillip Ray, Phoenix. Ariz.. 405 

Smith. Ralph J., Provo, 338 

Smith, Randall F., Draper 

Smith. Ray Arlow, Rupert, Idaho 

Smith, Ray Martell. Yakima. Wash.. 88, 405 

Smith, Renae, Provo 

Smith. Richard A.. Holbrook. Idaho 

Smith. Richard Condie. Orem 

Smith. Rilla Jeanine. Granger. Wash. 

Smith, Robert Vlgh, Van Nuys, Calif., 364 

Smith, Robert Ray, Murray, 82, 339 

Smith, Rodney D., Portland. Ore. 

Smith, Roe E., Henrieville. 128, 132. 133 

Smith, Ronald Gary, Los Angeles, Calif., 274. 339 

Smith, Ronald R., Green River, Wyo., 235, 266. 323 

Smith, Sheryll Lynn, Provo. 236 

Smith. Ruth. Preston. Idaho. 221. 364 

Smith. Sheldon Kay, Draper. 405 

Smith. Sandra. Las Vegas, Nov.. 281 

Smith, Sharon Louise, Detroit, Mich., 78, 84. 405 

Smith. Shirley. Farmington. 243 

Smith. Stephen A,, Clearfield 

Smith. S. Deon, Salt Lake City 

Smith. Steven L.. Rupert. Idaho. 88. 405 

Smith, Sue Eileen, Monteb'ello. Calif., 279, 364 

Smith. Terry Alan, Los Angeles, Calif., 274, 364 

Smith, Verleen, Roosevelt. 405 

Smith, Vern G., Three Fork, Mont., I 19. 405 

Smith, Wayne Fredrick. Aurora. Colo., 364 

Smith, Wllford E.. Provo, 247 

Smith, William David, Compton. Calif.. 364 

Smithen, Carol. Layton, 247, 282, 283. 316 

Smithson, Jarmis Bud, Holbrook, Ariz., 33, 273 

Smithson, Lonnie Rae C Provo 

Smithson, Rhode Pearl, Scotts, Ariz., 405 

Smithson, Rulon N., Neola 

Smoot. Abraham Owen. Salt Lake City, 202. 419 

Smoot, Harlow E,. Provo. 210. 338 

Smoot. Leon Douglas. Sprlngvllle. 131 

Smoot, Robert Stevens, Salt Lake City. 364 

Smyth. Maraaret S., SimI, Calif., 84, 88. 364 

Smyth. Marilyn Delia, Boise, Idaho, 78, 94, 364 

Snarr, C^rol Erna, Salt Lake City 

Snarr. Margaret, Salt Lake City, 212. 213. 228. 263. 364 

Sneed. Woodrow Blaine. Cherokee, N. C. 

Snell. Jacguellne, Magna, 192. 405 

Snell, Jay Monte, Spanish Fork, 405 

Snell, Robert Morris, Provo, 405 

Snideman, Richard H,, Temecula, Calif. 

Snow, Arnolene. Provo. 277. 316 

Snow. Beora Marlene. Walnut Creek, Calif., 405 

Snow. Clair Erostus. St. George. 316 

Snow. Claude Ray. Provo. 92, 286. 364 

Snow, Dewean Staler. Salt Lake City. 405 

Snow, Donald Roy, North Hollywood, Calif. 88. 188. 204. 

Snow. Gordon Lee, Spanish Fork 

Snow, Karl Nelson, Provo, 176. 180, 214. 235 

Snow, Karl Stanton, St. George, 297 

Snow, Lillian, Lethbrldge, Alia., Can., 419 

Snow. Louise, Provo. 284, 364 

Snow. Marion Grace, Pasadena, Calif., 405 

Snow. Orlo Lealand. Provo. 419 

Snow, Richard Bowman, Delta 

Snow. Shirley. Ogden. 36. 264, 338 

Snyder, Garth Franklin, Freedom. Wyo. 

Snyder, Malvin Delano, Lewiston, Idaho 

Sobers. Richard. Vallejo, Calif.. 405 

Soelberg. Bruce Ray, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 316 

Soffee, H, Wayne, Provo 

Solesbee, Ralph Wendell, Fullerton, Calif.. 316 

Solomon, Carvel Roy, Taylor, Arii. 

Somerv.lle, Rulon K., Montlcello, 405 

Somervllle. Warren Kent, Moab 

Sonderegger, Emory O.. Midway. 316 

Sondrup. Keith D., Provo. 338 

Soper. Charles Leslie. Bell, Calif., 364 

Soper, Edna Florlne B., Provo, 338 

Sorensen, Corinne, Elko, Nev., 406 

Sorensen, Daniel Ray. Driggs, Idaho, 316 

Sorensen. Edwin Ralph, Lovell. Wyo. 

Sorensen. Griffith L., Sierra Madre. Calif., 193, 406 

Sorensen, Irene, Salt Lake City, 406 

Sorensen, Joane, Salt Lake City, 406 

Sorensen, Joyce, Salt Lake City, 78, 406 

Sorensen, Judith Ann, Alhambra, Calif., 228. 279. 364 

Sorsensan. Lincoln Boam. Provo, 136 

Sorensen. Mary A., Salt Lake City. 67. 277 

Sorensen. Merlin Ray, Ogden, 76, 224. 316 

Sorensen, Neva Arlean, Provo, 406 

Sorensen, Stephen. Redmond, 27, 406 

Sorenson. Burnell D., Provo 338 

Sorenson. Carol Dawn. Delta. 76 

Sorenson, David Mayen, American Fork 

Sorenson, Denis S., Ogden. 84, 406 

Sorenson, Doris, Loa, 228. 231, 264 

Sorenson, Edward B., Jr., Lehi 

Sorenson, Eliot Ben, Payson 

Sorenson, Ell B.. Koosharem, 364 

Sorenson, Emma Jean, Roseville. Calif, 94, 209. 406 

Sorenson, Marva N.. Pleasant Grove. 243, 316 

Sorenson. Roberta Ann, Alhambra. Calif, 86. 406 

Sorenson. Roger A,. Gunnison 

Sorenson. Verna Jean, St. George 

Soto, Ida, Somerton, Arli.. 406 

Soule. Joan Lillian, Delmar. N. Y., 406 

Soule, Patricia May. Delmar, N. Y. 

Souter, Clyde D., Reno, Nev., 258 

South, Richard Kent, Anderson. Calif.. 316 

Southwick. William S., Ogden, 338 

Southworth, Grant L., Provo 

Sparks, Robert Leroy, Sigurd 

Speckman. Asa Richard, Payson. 222 

Speckman. Diane M.. Lethbrldge. Alia., Can. 

Spainhower, Douglas M., Spanish Fork, 132. 316 

Spainhower Jerrold V., Payson. 191 

Spalding. Glen Willard, Firth, Idaho 

Spaugh. PrisclHa Ann, Greensburg. Ind.. 406 

Speakman, Robert B., Long Beach, Calif.. 338 

Spear. Lawrence Guy, Snowflake. Ariz. 

Speights. Vera Loretta, Venice. Calif. 

Spence. Ronald Gene, Emmett, Idaho, 364 

Spencer, Claudlne, Payson 

Spencer, James Edward, Montpeller, Idaho, 316 

Spencer, Karl F., Escalante, 323 

Spencer, Kurt Douglas. Driggs, Idaho 

Spencer, Lael A,, Escalante 

Spencer. Nelda Jewel, Richfield, 230 

Spencer, Phillip H., Payson, 338 

Spencer, Richard H.. Spokane, Wash. 

Spencer. Virginia, Provo 

Spendlove. LyIe Bart, Provo, 45, 222 

Sparry, Brent Harrison, Provo. 273, 406 

Sperry, Delbert Jc7. Provo 

Sperry, Joan Carol, Long Beach, Calif, 419 

Spradley, Roy Hathaway, Jacksonville, Flo., 119, 406 

Sprague, Charles W., Overton. Nev, 

Sprague, Harvey CalUs, Panaca, Nev. 

Sprague Lois, Las Vegas, Nev,, 364 

Sprague, Rulen Dee, Overton. Nev. 

Sprague. Yvette Monler. Panaca. Nev. 

Spratling. Coleen. West Jordan, 281, 406 

Squire, Adrien J.. La Verkin, 338 

Squire, DuWayne Gilbert, La Verkin 

Squires, Bryant 

Squires, David A., Fairfield, Mont., 255, 338 

Staats. Richard Charles. Santa Monica. Calif. 419 

Stacey, Jan>es Albert. Woodruff, 364 

Stagg, Marland N.. Vernal. 338 

Stagg. Sharon Arleno, Salt Lake City, 364 

Staheli, Zera Larralne, Provo, 406 

Staley, Grant 8., Murray, 364 

Stallings, Arthur C, Mesa, Arlr. 

Standage, Delbert Rey, Mesa, Arli. 

Standage, Keith F,, Mesa, Ariz. 

Standing, Boniemln W.. Ogden, 264, 338 

Stanfleld. Ruth, BeNflower. Calif, 86, 209. 406 

Stanley. Merllyn. Heber City. 80, 212, 229. 364 

Stanton, Eunice, Park City, 254 

Staples. David C. Kanosh 

Stapleton. William L. Cardston, Alta.. Can,, 88 

Stepley, Claudia Beaver, 92, 284, 338 

Stapley, Hal Spencer, Provo, I 19 

Slapley. Homer D., Provo 

Stapp, Arvil Othal, Chahalls. Wash. 

Starks, Nancy Jean, Canoga Park, Cellf. 

Starley. Shirley May. Burley. Idaho. 86. 279. 365 

Starr, (ola. Mooticello 

Sterr, Sylvia Mae, Hiawatha. 406 

Startin, Wayne Leroy. Provo. 119 

Statham, Homer G.. Provo 

Stay. Carolynn. Montebello, Calif. 406 

Stay, Doravee. Montebello, Calif. 279. 365 

Stacker. Alexander T.. Pleasant Grove 

Steckler. Dianne Kay. Bern, Idaho, 186, 229. 249. 365 

Steel. Harvey LaVar. Burley, Idaho 

Steele, -lames Merrill. Burley. Idaho. 263. 270', 365 

Steele, Laverne. Burley. Idaho. 231. 317 

Steele. Alan Arthur. Los Angeles. Calif., 88 

Steele. Donald Arthur. West Covlna. Calif. 406 

Steele, Jack Leroy, Paradox, Colo., 406 

Steele, Lynda Mae, Paradox, Colo., 245. 317 

Steele, Paul Ouane, Goshen 

Steele. Robert Foster, Rangely. Colo.. 365 

Steele. Sharon Kay. Delta. 268 

Steelman. Donald R., Lewes. Del., 406 

Sleelman, Letha E. Doman. Ontario, Ore. 

Stelmie, Patricia Anne, Fullerton, Calif, 67, 365 

Stein. Joanne. Burbank. Calif, 188, 223, 245. 338 

Steinagel, Joanne, Sacfomento. Calif., 277 

Steinagel. John Douglas. Sacramento, Calif,. 289 

Steinke, Tom Edward. Weit Jordan, 121, 125, 128. 136 

Stellmon, Doug M., Richland, Wash. 

Stephen. Judith R., Murray, 216. 338 

Stephen. Roy M.. Kamloops. B. C Can,. 365 

Stephens, Arthur Lavon, Salt Lake City. 406 

Stephens, Darwin J,, Nampa, Idaho 

Stephens, Joann, West Covino, Calif, 249, 406 

Stephens. Keith Leon. Oakland, Calif, 419 

Stephens, Larry T.. Whlttier, Calif 

Stephens, Richard James, Montpeller, Idaho. 249 

Stephens, Robert E., Powell, Wyo. 

Slephensen, Ladd R., Riverton 

Stephenson, Joyce. Wendell, Idaho, 90, 92, 212. 213. 36S 

Stephenson. Larry Wayne. Lew.ston. 224. 250 

Stephenson. Loreta. Provo. 365 

Stephenson. Maralyn, Re«burg, Idaho, 209. 284. 406 

Stephenson, Merene. Holden, 365 

Stephenson, Susan P.. Provo. 86. 406 

Stepp, Caroline Frances, Arlington. Calif. 365 

Stepp, Jessie Anne. Chehalls. Wash,, 316 

Stettler. Carolyn, Caldwell. Idaho. 212. 229, 245, 365 

Stevens. Carole. Salt Lake City. 406 

Stevens, Dale B,. Provo 

Stevens. Donald Elmer. Lovell, Wyo., 406 

Stevens, Geraldine L. V., Colvllle. Wash., 365 

Stevens. Hurbert Joshua. Bluewater, N. Mex. 

Stevens, Janeen Brimley. Provo. 88 

Stevens, Larae. Paris, Idaho. 406 

Stevens, Larry M.. Lovell. Wyo. 

Stevens, Merrlam Adele, San Francisco, Calif, 36S 

Stevens, Mont Johnson, Holden, 406 

Stevens, Norma Luan, Mapleton, 406 

Stevens. Patricia Ann, Greensboro. N, C, 247, 284, 338 

Stevens, Robert Edward, Spanish Fork, 316 

Stevens, Sherre, San Carlos, Calif. 251, 406 

Stevens, William Ray. Barnwell. Alta., Can.. 241 

Stevenson, Bud L, Rupert. Idaho. 419 

Stevenson, Dale F., Spanish Fork 

Stevenson, JoAnne. Idaho Falls, Idaho. 365 

Stevenson. Roberta O., Camarillo. Calif. 216. 217, 338 

Stewart. Barbara. Orem, 67, 365 

Stewart, Charlie Lavoy, Meadow, 316 

Stewart. David M.. Provo, 235 

Stewart. Donald G., Provo 

Stewart. Elden Levearn. Falrview 

Stewart. Evan Smith. Orem 

Stewart. Francis Jan, Las Vegas. Nev. 

Stewart. Gary L,, Kaysvllle 

Stewart, J. Ernest. Provo. 286. 365 

Stewart. Jerrle Ceclla. Bellevue Wash. 

Stewart. Jo Anna, Napa, Calif 

Stewart, Karen. Alamo. Venada. 406 

Stewart. Kathrino L.. Las Vegas. Nev, 

Stewart, Norma Lee. Reiburg, Idaho, 406 

Stewart, Ralph Paris. Las Vegas. Nev,. 31. 88, 160. 297. 

Stewart. Richard Allen, Gridley, Calif, 45. 222, 338 
Stewart, Robert Winn, Chicago, III. 
Stewart, Ronald. Payson. 316 
Stewart. Scott P., Provo. 419 
Stewart, Sharon Lynn, Long Beach. Calif, 365 
Stewart. Thell James. Meadow, 82. 365 
Stewart. Virginia R,. Spanish Fork 
Stice. Carolyn, American Fork, 419 
Stickel, Leroy T., San Bernardino, Calif. 130. 317 
Stickler. Pearly E.. Provo 

Stirland. Elaine. Chinook, Mont.. 186. 221. 255. 282. 36S 
Stock, Floyd E.. Waterflow, N. Mex,. 419 
Stock, Janice Irene, Fish Haven, Idaho. 249. 36S 
Stock, Joyce Irene, Waterflow, N. Mex. 
Stock, Karen Ann. Fish Haven, Idaho, 249. 282. 317 
Stock, Mariorie E., Waterflow. N. Mex., 338 
Stock, Robert Earl, Waterflow, N, Me«., 406 
Stockman, Herbert Reld, Salt Lake City, 210. 365 
Stoddard, Aaron Ray. Provo. 88. 244. 317 
Stoddard. Beverly, Rexburg, Idaho, 294. 365 
Stoddard. Clayne. Rexburg. Idaho 
Stoddard, Frederick D.. Washington D. C. 
Stoddard, Gary Calvin. Rexburg, Idaho. 222 
Stoddard. Leon Eugene. Portland, Ore. 
Stoffel. Mary Alice, San Diego, Calif. 365 
Stohlton. John B.. Millbrao, Calif. 289 
Stoker. David R.. Burley. Idaho. 406 
Stoker. Jimmy B,. Nyssa. Ore., 406 
Stoker. Joseph Howell. Provo. 235 
Stoker, Edna Marie. Castro Valley. Calif. 
Stokes. Eari Dean, Salmon, Idaho 
Stokes, George Albert, Long Beach, Calif 
Stokes, Golda Ann. Salmon. Idaho. 365 
Stokes. Mirl Wynn. Salmon. Idaho. 419 
Stokes, Sharon Renae. La Meta. Calif 
Stolworthy. Clara Joy, Spanish Fork. 365 
Stone, Conrad G.. Provo 
Stono, Cynthia Sue. Portland, Ore. 209. 406 
Stone, David John. Provo. 267 
Stone, David Rodger, Provo, 365 
Stone, Kay Marie, Raymond, Alta., Can., 76. 252. 338 
Stone. Loult Kay. Lehi 
Stone. Rhea Christina, Starling. Idaho. 365 
Stone, Richard Vern. Compton. Calif, 406 
Stonebraker. William E,. Evanitan. Wyo. 
Stonehocker, Sandra. Fort Leo Wood. Mo., 36S 
Sloiieklng. Loit Marie, Provo, 36S 
Stoneking, Stanley D.. Galeiburq, lit., 317 
Stonely. John Daniel. Rochester. N.Y. 
Stones. Richard Oael. Milwaukee. Ore.. 406 
Stones. Robert Carr. Portland, Or*. 
Storey. Jerald T„ Boise, Idaho. 336 


Storrs, Dee Leon. American Fork 

Stosich. Richard John, Idaho Falls. Idaho, 273 

Stoft. Carl M., Manti 

Stolt. Delmer Clark. Provo. 406 

Stolt, Gary R,. Fairfield. Monf.. 255. 365 

SioH. Uland Franklin. Provo 

Sfout. Edward Dean, Moab 

Stout, Robert Thomas. Boise, Idaho. 406 

S*owell, Oesma Faye, Naphi 

Stowell. Dorothy Sharon, PocateHo. Idaho, 216, 330 

Stowell, Karen, Thatcher, Ariz. 338 

Stowell. Mary Ellen, Shoshone, Idaho 

Stowell, Wallace C, Phoeni.. Arii.. 131 

Strang, James LeRoy, Moscow. Idaho, 338 

Strang, Robert James, Son Diego. Calif, 266 

Slrasburg, George 8., Lehi. 406 

Stratton, Gerald Kay, Hurricane 

Strafton, Herbert B.. Oram 

Stratton. Vern A., Orem 

Stratford, Dick C. Portland, Ore.. 297 

Stratford. Gladys S.. Portland. Ore., 406 

Stratford. Roland J , Lomita, Calif.. 274, 338. 341 

Streubhar. Nola Faye. Kuna. Idaho, 406 

Strawn. Alfred Lamont, Lomlta, Calif.. 419 

Strawn, Oyron Lanar, Lomita. Calif.. 320 

Streeter, Donna Lou, Burbank. Calif.. 406 

Strlngham, Barbara Jean, Elgin, Ore.. 90, 294, 365 

Siringham. Joan. Salt Lake Cify, 246 

Stringh.nm. Mary Joan, Richfield, 365 

Strinqham, Stuart R,, Ogden, 200, 264. 338 

Stroble. Carita Lu, Goone, Iowa, 406 

Strong, Carol. American Fork, 365 

Strong. Clyde Marlnus, Orem 

Strong. Genevieve, Drlggs. Idaho. 227. 406 

Strong. Janet, Idaho Falls. Idaho, 86. 406 

Strong. Judith, Los Anqeles. Calif.. 406 

Strong, Larry M.. Provo, 406 

Strong. Patricia Marie, Raymond. Alte.. Can., 33. 35. 76. 

216, 338 
Stuart. Daphne, Salt Lake City. 406 
Stuart, Maiine, Salt Lake City, 294 
Stuart, Nathan J.. SpringviHe 
Stuart, Ronald William, Elba, N.Y. 

Stubbs, Gerald Albert. Boulder City, Nev., 129, 256 365 
Stubbs, Glen R , Ephraim, 29. 203. 224, 3 1 7 
Stubbs, Ray L.. Ephraim 
Stubbs, Stanley A.. SpringviHe 
Stucki. Alfred B., St. Georqe 
Stuker, Earl. Coeur D'Alene, Idaho 
Stump, lois Josephine. Santa Marie. Calif.. 338 
Sturgls. Richard B,, Provo, 273, 365 
Stuli. Theola Jean, Cardston, Alta.. Can., 252 
Sudweek;, Alan Don. Idaho Falls. Idaho. 273 
SuiVer, Dahlia Flora, Vancouver, B C. Can, 
Sullivan, Marilyn Kaye, Salt Lake City 
Sullivan Ralph J,. St, George, 254, 338 
Summerhays, Charles C Berkeley, Calif, 
Summerhays. Clyd^ Dl«on, Salt Lake City, 96 
Summerhays. Janet, Salt Lake City. 406 
Summerhays, Richard M., Pasadena, Calif. 
Summers, Rita May, De Pere, Wis., 407 
Summers, Walton C, Ogden, 338 
Sumner. Dee Ann. Provo, 407 
Sumpter, Wynston. Provo 
Sumsion, Aleene, Cheney, Wash., 86. 216 
Sumslon. Carolyn C,, SpringviHe. 88, 263, 407 
Sumsion, Mary Diane, Walnut Creek, Calif., 365 
Sumslon, Stanley Calder, Sprinqvllle 
Sundal, George Slqurd, Glenolden, Penn., 273 
Sundal. Martha Louise. Phlladephia, Penn., 277 
Sunderland, Nancy A.. Ellenburg Depot. N.Y., 94, 365 
Sundwall, Donna C, Provo. 90 
Sundwall. Peter Val. Murray, I 19, 407 
Sung. She II. Seoul. Korea 
Supowit, Robert Yale, Hailelon. Penn. 
Sutherland, Russell Lee. Provo. 273 
Sutherland. William H., Prescott. Kans.. 317 
Sutton, Ann Adele, Oakland, Calif., 237, 365 
Sutton. Helen, Grantsvllle 

Sutton, Janet Carrol. Seattle, Wash,. 182, 229, 365 
Sutton. Patricia Emma, Vernal. 407 
Svade. Richard Howard, Portland, Ore., 419 
Svedln, Robert Anthon, Nampa. Idaho 
Swain, Barbara, Woodruff 
Swain, Evelyn Wootton, Provo 
Swain. Noel L., Provo 

Swain, Patricia Kay, Los Angeles. Calif., 86, 281 
Swolnston. CoHeen, Preston, Idaho. 212. 229, 250, 365 
Swalnston. David Wm., Preston, Idaho, 222. 250, 317 
Swallow, Charles K,, Meadow. 407 

Swan, Eileen Glennis, Cardston. Alta.. Can., 86. 252. 407 
Swan. Joyce Ruth, Cardston, Alta., Cart,, 86, 221 
Swan, Marian, Orem, 88, 278, 407 
Swann, Alma Galley. Preston, Idaho. 234. 338 
Swann, Seth W.. Preston. Idaho, 25. 224, 239 
Swanwick, Jeanne, San Antonio, Te»as, 260, 365 
Swasey. Amanda, Duchesne. 407 
Sweeten. Lloyd Robert, Malad, Idaho 
Swensen, Swen Russel, Provo, 407 
Swenson, Dennis Malcolm, Ranaely, Colo., 289, 365 
Swenson. Jack Je», Spanish Fork 
Swenson, Nancy J.. Portland. Ore.. 284, 365 
Swenson, Robert Lee, Long Beach, Calif., 365 
Swenson, Shirley Ruth, Pleasant Grove, 212, 229. 365 
Swenson, Sterling Reed, Spanish Fork 
Swenson, Vernon Lynn, Provo 
Swindle, Emll F., Monroe 
Swlnyard Shirley, 5loHe, III., 216, 338 
Switier, Earl Lee. Hamilton, N.D.. 78, 338 
Sylvester, Judith Renee, Draper. 407 
Symons Blaine Dee, Provo. 365 
^vrett, Dawnetta. Panquitch. 365 
Syrett. Douglas Ruben. Panquitch, 365 

Tachlbana, Nobuyoshi. Tokyo, Japan, 242. 246, 407 

Tadd, Jerrv L., Spanish Fork 

Taft, Juanita, BlckneH, 143, 209. 215, 317 

Tahbas, Hosseln, Tehran, Iran 

Tait, Don R., Provo. 297 

Tait, Julln Ann, Mlllbrea, Calif. 145. 251. 407 

Takenaka Howard S . Kauai, Hawaii. 365 

Takeo, Mlsayo, Kualapuu. Hawaii 

Takeuchi, Tatsuo, Kekana Kauai, Hawaii. 256, 365 

Talbot. Joyce. Idaho Falls. Idaho. 366 

Talbot. Stephen Amos, Nvssa, Ore., 339 

Talbott, Jamas Edwin. Sprinqvllle 

Tatley, George McRae, La Palta, N. Me«.. 321 

Tallman, Ruth Elsie, Homedale, Idaho, 339 

Tamashiro, Dennis Fujlo. Oahu, Hawaii. 339 

Tarns. Garth Lelshman, Chinook. Mont.. 407 

Tanner, Ann, Farmlngton, N. Mex. 

Tanner. Clarence Deloy. Briqham 

Tanner. Gary Richard, Hollywood. Calif.. 407 

Tanner. Georqe Vernon, Fremont, 104. 317 

Tanner, Maurice M., Phoeni.. Aril., 218, 407 

Tanner, Nancy Lee, Boise, Idaho, 407 

Tanner, Ramona, Farmlngton. N, Mex., 407 

Tanner. Ross Verl, Modesto. Calif, 407 

Tannler. Phyllis Ann, Portland, Ore,, 407 

Tarbet, Glen Frank, Provo, 317 

Tarran, Fred Stephen. Provo, 366 

Tasker, Betty Ann. Salt Lake City, 317 

Tasker, Dorothy Eileen. Salt Lake City, 221. 407 

Tate, Roland Ray. Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Tayama, June Kaiue, Honolulu, Hawaii 

Tayler, Joan Marilyn, St, Catharines. Ont,, Can, 

Taylor, Adrlanne, Provo, 229, 366 

Taylor, Ain, Piedmont, Calif, 45, 221. 407, 412 

Taylor, Ann La Dee. Garland, 76, 301. 317 

Taylor, Barbara Ann, Bloomlnglon. Calif 

Taylor, Bert L., Provo 

Taylor, Blaine Gailord. Bountiful 

Taylor, Byron Brooks, St. Georqe. 254, 339 

Taylor. Charles Lynn. Ontario. Ore , 76. 366 

Taylor, Charles Michael, Muscatine, Texas 

Taylor, Charles Sheldon, Loa 

Taylor, Cornell D., Boise, Idaho, 407 

Taylor, Delbert, Provo 

Taylor, Duane Floyd, Payson 

Taylor, Ernest Lavon, Provo 

Taylor. Gary Earl, Burbank, Calif, 94 

Taylor. Gerald F,, Salem 

Taylor, Gordon Max, Cheyenne, Wyo,, 178 

Taylor. Guy Lynn, Roosevelt 

Taylor. Gwendolyn K., Lewlsburg, Va., 407 

Taylor, Idella Elaine. Royal Oak. Mich,, 407 

Taylor, Jack Otho, Burley, Idaho. 407 

Taylor, James Douglas, Rock Springs 119 

Taylor, James Scott, Price. 204. 224, 419 

Taylor, Janet Morley. Provo 

Taylor. Jerald Lynn. Col. Dublan, Menlco. 407 

Taylor, Jerry Lynn, Col. Dublan. Mexico, 406 

Taylor, Joann, Fremont, 366 

Taylor. Joann. Meridian, Idaho, 407 

Taylor, Jon M., Provo 

Taylor, Joseph M., Chlco, Calif, 339 

Taylor, Koa Donna, McGlN. Nev, 

Taylor, Larry Clark. San Jose, Calif. 

Taylor Lemoyne Adair. Norwalk. Calif, 92. 94, 407 

Taylor, Linda Say, Drlqqs, Idaho, 88, 193, 241, 407 

Taylor, Lorraine. St. Georqe 

Taylor, Lvnn Anne, Provo. 221, 285 

Taylor, Marlene, Thatcher, Arii.. 35, 179. 227 

Taylor, Mary Elizabeth, 338 

Taylor, Metvln Jay, Kermlt. Texas. 339 

Taylor. Neal. Burley. Idaho, 419 

Taylor, Owen William, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 407 

Taylor. Paul Dee, Provo, 407 

Taylor. Paul Edwin, American Fork 

Taylor. Reed Johnson, Boise, Idaho, 407 

Taylor. Robert Elmer, Farmlnqton. N. Me«-, 258. 297 

Taylor, Robert Lloyd, El Paso. Texas. 297, 407 

Taylor. Shirleen, Joseph, 86. 407 

Taylor, Shirlene, Sprinqdale 

Taylor, Shirley, Oqden 

Taylor, Shirley F., Col. Juarei, Mexico, 88 

Taylor, Shirley Zina, Meeker. Colo.. 366 

Taylor, Sidney Earl, Charcas S,L.P,, Mexico. 407 

Taylor. Vasco Ray, McGIH, Nev., 92 

Taylor. Vaughn M,, WeHlnq. Alta,. Can.. 407 

Taylor, Verl Lamar, El Paso, Texas, 323 

Taylor, Walter E , Provo 

Taylor. Wayne O., El Paso. Texas 

Taylor, William Glenn, Bountiful, 114. 118 

Taylor, WJIlam Paul, Burbank, Calif, 407 

Taylor. Wynne Anne. Salt Lake City. 186, 407 

Taysom, Lloyd P., Afton, Wyo, 

Tebbs, Cal Terry, Cowley, Wyo,. 120, 122. 124. 127. 128 

Tebbs, Clark J„ Panquitch, 366 

Tebbs, Richard Ray, Panquitch, 407 

Tebbs. Veda. Panquitch. 366 

TeerlinV, Annette L.. Sunnyslde, 186. 227. 407 

Teerlink, Esther Sue, Paso Robles. Calif, 317 

Telford, Faye, Valleio, Calif, 317 

Telford. Lois, Vallejo, Calif. 84. 317 

Temple. Brooke, El Monte, Calif.. 76. 177. 215, 316 

Tenney, Gale Wear, Tempe, Arii ,193, 234, 407 

Tenney, Janice. Chino, Calif., 238 

Tenney, Lynn Harry. Dallas, Texas, 260 

Tenney. Roy Allen, Boise, Idaho, 227. 407 

Teraqawa. Kathleen I., Mokihana, Honolulu. Hawaii 

Teteto. Andrew L., 339 

Taylor, Barbara Jane, Provo, 143 

Terrell. Nile Rae. Fillmore 

Terry, David Ray, Idaho Falls, Idaho. 407 

Terry, David Reed, Provo. 27. 407 

Terry, Don Stanley. Chehalis. Wash.. 200. 339 

Terry. Donna Ethel, Whittier. Calif, 366 

Terry, Golden Dean. Kamas. 261, 317 

Terry, Joann Leavitt, Provo, 339 

Terry, Lamar Woodbury, St. Georqe. 317 

Terry, Marilyn Louise, Whittier, Calif, 339 

Terry, Max Martell, Provo, 339 

Terry, Nyra Colvln, Provo, 317 

Terry, Richard Sid. Provo. 27 

Tew, Carolyn, Talmage 

Tew, David Ivao. Nephi, 261, 407 

Tew. Merrill Lloyd. Lovell. Wyo.. 80, 94. 266. 366 ■ 

Tew, Norma, Talmage, 317 

Tewanema, Harvey,. Winslow, Ariz,. 366 

Thacker, Marilyn, Castle Gate. 407 

Thacker, Myrle. Kamas, 88 

Thacker. Roy Murray, Heber, 128. 407 

Thacker. Zona Arlene, Overton, Nev.. 279, 366 

Thatcher. Carolyn Joan, San Marino, Calif. 86. 285, 339 

Thatcher, Donna Marlene, Provo 

Thaiton. Arlynn, Heyburn. Idaho, 419 

Thaxton, Karen Maureen, Phoenix, Ariz., 248, 279. 407 

Thayer, Robert Eugene. Provo 

Theobald. Roemae, Provo 

Thole, Muriel, Great Britain 

Thorn, Derrick James, New Castle, England, 419 

Thomas, Alfred Reese. Park City. 317 

Thomas. Austin B-. Spanish Fork. 366 

Thomas, Carol. Provo 

Thomas, Colette L., Seattle, Wash., 294, 366 

Thomas, Darrell B.. Spanish Fork, 366 

Thomas, David Brent, Manltou Springs, Colo., 523 

Thomas, Galen Bart, Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Thomas. Gordon Max. Spanish Fork 

Thomas, Haynes Morgan, San Diego, Calif, 407 

Thomas. Henry Richard, Wales, 407 

Thomas, Jerry Earl, Provo 

Thomas. John A.. Sugar. Idaho 

Thomas, John C. Provo 

Thomas, Jon Blair. Sanger. Calif.. 92. 407 

Thomas, Kenneth Ray. Franklin. N. H.. 292. 408 

Thomas, Leiand Nlelson, La Jara, Colo.. 241, 242, 323 

Thomas. Llndsey, Kay, Jr„ Falls Church, Va., 321 

Thomas, Lula Jean H., Avenal, Calif. 317 

Thomas, Marclle Kozette. Seattle. Wash., 41, 285, 366 

Thomas, Marilyn Jean, Falls Church, Va. 

Thomas, Mary Ha R., American Fork 

Thomas. Neal Merrjl. Monflcello, 408 

Thomas. Nedra J„ Helper, 230, 245, 317 

Thomas. Neil Dee, Monticello 

Thomas. Ray C, Avenal. Calif., 320 

Thomas, Rex Lamar. American Fork 

Thomas. Ronald Earl, American Fork. 366 

Thomas. Ronald Howard, Eureka. 339 

Thomas, Verl Clifford, Goshen , 

Thompson. Alice B., Green River, 3o6 

Thompson, Carolyn Rose. Venice, Calif.. 408 

Thompson. David Norman, Gettysburg, S. D., 408 

Thompson, Edna Lavonne. Luna. N. Mex., 86. 339 

Thompson, Eva S., Provo 

Thompson, Frank, Provo, 129 

Thompson, Grant C, Provo 

Thompson. Heber M.. Richland, Wash., 164, 297. 339 

Thompson. Howard Abbe, Keene, N, H. 

Thompson, Janeth Ann, Carmichael, Calif. 

Thompson, Jimmy, Luna, N, Mex. 

Thompson, John L., Downey, Idaho 

Thompson, John Roger, Santa Crui. Calif., 408 

Thompson, John Vincent, Babbitf Nev., 408 

Thompson, K, Donald, Provo, 419 

Thompson, Keith Sanford, Danville, Calif, 227. 251, 274, 

Thompson. Kent R., Inglewood, Calif, 419 
Thompson, Margaret, Price, 257, 317 
Thompson, Robert H-, Malta, Idaho, 197 
Thompson, Samuel Oliver, Malta, Idaho, 80, 98, 197, 339 
Thompson, Sharon. Nampa, Idaho. 177. 243, 317 
Thompson, Shirley, Provo. 366 
Thomsen. Carolyn, Salt Lake, 88, 188, 245, 366 
Thomsen, Leo Arnold, Springfield. Ore.. 246, 255, 408 
Thomson, Ann. Lewiston, 78, 488 
Thorn, James A„ SpringviHe, 366 
Thorne, Dennis Eugene. Reno, Nev., 88. 242, 408 
Thorne. Gayle E., Pleasant Grove, 294 
Thorne, James Markham, Provo, 192, 210. 366 
Thornley. Doraleen, Harlem, Mont. 
Thornley. Ela Dee, Halem, Mont,. 86. 408 
Thornock, Alton Lavar, Bancroft, Idaho 
Thornock, Roy Dean, Montpelier, Idaho. 249. 366 
Thornock, Warren Eldon, Salt Lake City, 82, 257. 366 
Thornton. Byron Hugh, Las Vegas. Nev., 258. 292, 408 
Thornton, Darl Larl, Kuna. Idaho 
Thornton, Edith L, Poplar Bluff, Mo., 408 
Thornton, Vernal B., SpringviHe. 419 
Thorpe. Blaine F.. SpringviHe, 339 
Thorpe. Ednah Dorthea, Duarte, Calif, 366 
Thorpe. Edward N., Provo 
Thorpe. Jack Charles, Oqden 
Thorpe. Robert Ronald, SpringviHe 
Thorson, Arthur Lowell. Salt Lake City. 366 
Thorson, Gail. Provo 

Thorstenson, Clark T.. Idaho Falls, Idaho, 289. 366 
Thorup. Don Ralph. Salt Lake, 408 
Thueson. Alma Delbert, Twin Falls. Idaho. 408 
Thueson, Helen D., Nampa. Idaho, 339 
Thueson. Jay Roberts, Twin Falls, Idaho, 366 
Thueson. Karla Ann, Twin Falls. Idaho, 408 
Thueson, Norman L,, Nampa, Idaho, 419 
Thulln. Ellen Carol. Pomona, Calif. ,290, 339 
Thurber, Bobble June, Montpelier, Idaho 
Thurber, Stanley Roy, Montpelier, Idaho 
Thurgood, Anne, Salt Lake City, 45, 221, 339 
Thurgood, Carolyn. Westwood, Calif. 231, 366 
Thurgood, Jay D,, Bountiful, 232, 366 
Thurgood, Robert V., Salt Lake City, 90 
Tldwell, Bette L.. McGiH. Nev., 339 
Tidwell, Frank Duane, Nampa. Idaho, 321 
Tldwell. Gary David. McGlll. Nev., 408 
Tidwell, Ha Mae, Green River. 92 
Tidwell. Joann, Provo, 419 
Tilby. Vincent Marlnua, Santaquin. 244 
Tillman, Chester E., Gainesville. Fla., 408 
Timmerman, William H., Jr„ Richland. Wash,. 218 
Timms, Dixie Renee, Los Angeles, Calif. 419 
Timothy. Paul Murray. Provo, 292 
Tingey, Afton. Sprinqvllle, 66. 366 
Tingey, Joseph W,. Salt Lake City. 24. 35, 73, 165, 273, 

Tingey, Verla, Woodruff 88, 408 
Tinney, Edwin L., Rexford, N.Y„ 408 
Tippets. Merry, Provo, 294 
Tippets. Tamara, Thermopolls. Wyo., 408 
TIppetts, Perry May, Provo 
Tittle, Donald Leroy, Columbia 
Tobler, Archie Leon, Wash., 254, 339 
Tobler, Douglas Fred, Nampa. Idaho. 366 
Tobler. Kenneth Burt, Provo, 366 
Todd. Byron Taylor. Los Angeles. 131. 408 
Todd. Carol. Salt Lake, 262, 339 
Todd. Jerrold W„ Oakland, Calif. 339 
Todd. Marna, Gridley, Calif,. 408 
Todd. Reanon, Reno, Nev,, 366 
Todd, Ronald, Salt Lake City 
Toland, Wamolh Earlene, St. Johns, Kans. 
ToHes, Harriet, Ithaca, NY,, 366 
Tolleslrup, Garn Alvin, Clearfield 
Tolley, Verle Dean, Gridley, Calif, 408 
Toiman, OeeAnn, Bountiful, 408 
Tolman, Leonard Norman, Bancroft, Idaho, 408 
Toiman, Margaret M, H.. Spanish Fork 
Tolman, Marlow Call, Yucapla, Calif 
Toiman. Rosco Nelson, Bancroft, Idaho, 408 
Tolman. Patsy Delores, Sandy 
Tolman, Shirlene, Spanish Fork, 366 

Tolman. Wilford Judson, Burbank, Calif, 203. 254. 408 
Tolman. William Odell. Spanish Fork, 317 


Tolson. John D.. Charlotte. N.C.. 366 
Tolson. Melba Virgmia, Charlotte. N.C., 40B 
Tomlinson. Joseph E,. La Canada. Calif.. 289 
Toone. Gordon Owen. St. Anthony. Idaho. 366 
Toone. Kenneth G., Green River, Wyo.. 339 
Toone. Marva, Draper. 366 
Toone. Winona, Salt Lake City, 408 
Tope!, Josef Bjorn. Seattle. Wash.. 289, 317 
Tofbert. Carolyn. Alhambra, Calif., 279, 366 
Torqeson. Colleen Marie, Glendale. 366 
Tovey. Fern Margene. Malad, Idaho 
Towne, Diane Clare, Boulder City, Nev., 231. 408 
Traasdahl. Roger O,, Boulder City. Nev., 80 
Tracy, Charles Henry. Flint. Mich.. 82 
Tracy. Raymond Calvin, Provo, 270 
Troher, Norman Dean, Elko, Nev.. 408 
Trane. Paul Morris. Lehl. 82, 218. 408 
Trease, Jacquelyn Lavon. Turlock. Calif,, 408 
Tree. David Rees, Pleasant Grove 
Tregeagle, Ethel K.. Provo 
Tregeagle. Jeri Deane, Provo 
Tregeagle, Karen Lee. Provo 
Tregiown, Clifton E., Salt Late City. 366 
Tremelling. Yvonne Lee. Los Angeles. Calif.. 408 
Trent. William M„ Gretna. Va. 
Trlbett. Jamev A., Alamo. Nev.. 419 
Tripp. Anne Marie. 88. 408 
Trosefh. Sandra, Lewiston. 86, 408 
Trowbridge. Marilyn L., Long Beach. Calif,. 277. 366 
TrubschencV. Carl H., Jr.. San Francisco 
Truman. Alma D,. St. George, 82. 83 
Truman, Karol G. Kuhn, St. George 
Trush, John M.. Philadelphia. Penn. 
Tryor), Opal, Mesa. Ariz. 
Tsai. Chern Hwa, Hong Kong 
Tsalaky. Ernest. Provo 
Tseu, Albert K., Honolulu, T.H. 
Tseu, Lawrence K. W., Honolulu, T.H. 
Tsuda. Daqmar Sachie. Honolulu. T.H., 243, 318 
Tucker, Donald L.. Crawfordville. Fla. 
Tucker. Janice Agatha, Crawfordville. Fla., 84. 221, 408 
Tucker. Reed C, Spanish Fort, 408 
Tucker. Thomas Ray, Los Angeles, 408 
Tuctett, Marilyn, American Fort. 84. 408 
Tuckett, William F.. Spanish Fort 
Tufaga. Rosie L, Lale. Oahu, 256 
Tuilesu. Eliga Ane. San Francisco, 408 
Tullis, Richard Eugene. Long Beach. 366 
Turcsanski. Gay. Orem. 90, 318 
Turcsanski, Irene J.. Orem 
Turek, Robert Vincent, Hatch 
Turley Anna Jean. Mesa. Ariz. 
Turley. Karen. Idaho Falls. Idaho. 408 
Turley, Luther Dean. Brigham City, 408 
Turley, Patricia. San Antonio. Tei . 88. 143. 260. 339 
Turley. Patricia Ann. Denalr, Calif.. 318 
Turman. Sharon Jane. Glendale. 
Turner, George Mason. Butte, Mont., 408 
Turner, Grant Taylor. Provo, 366 
Turner, Joseph Grant. Elko, Nev.. 408 
Turner. Paul Eugene. Provo, 339 
Turner. Richard Alan, Santa Ana. Calif- 
Turner, Robert Bruce, Seattle, Wash.. 265, 408 
Turner, Robert Ray. Riverton 
Turner. Ronald Jay, American Fork, 339 
Turner, Sherril Ann. Anaheim, Calif., 408 
Turner Signe Norma. Salt Lake City. 339 
Turner. Wesley William. Portland. Ore.. 408 
Tuttle. Freda Joyce, Rsceland. Ken., 88 
Tuttlo. Gene EllioH. Provo 
Tuttle. Larry Eugene, Grand Junction. Colo. 
Twede. Fred G., Payson 
Twede. Gerald W.. Tooele 
Tweten. Georgine Ellen. Detroit. Mich., 419 
Twitchell, Ancil Lamar, Delta. 339 
Twitchell, E. Eugene, Long Beach, Calif., 25. 179, 339 
Twitchell. Phyllis, Salt Late City, 339 
Tyler. Dell R,. Provo 
Tyler, Emily Wright. Provo 
Tyler. Garth A„ Twin Falls, Idaho. 
Tyler, Mary Alice, Long Beach. 408 
Tyndall. OHella W.. Provo 
Tynsty. Sharon Rowse, Rock Springs, Wyo. 
Tyson. Jean, Salt Late City. 318 


Udall. Samuel. Phoenli. Ariz.. 248, 419 
Uibel. Garth. Mt. View. Alia.. Can.. 320 
Underwood, Betty Carter 
Underwood. Evelyn L., Sprlngville, 408 
Unger, Gloria Mae, Provo, 366 
Uppencamp, George Lee, Eagle Pass. Texas 
Urban. Dick. Grand Junction, Colo., 320 
Urban. Mary Lee. Provo, 408 
Utiey. Dwight Willard. Spanish Fork 
Utiey. R. Kent, Los Angeles. Calif.. 419 
Uychara. Robert K., Honolulu. 256, 408 


Valentine, Gary Grant, Miami, Ariz. 

Valentine. Gay. Salt Lake City. 408. 412 

Velloni, Rosina E,. Los Angeles, Calif., 408 

Van Ausdal, Clare E., Santaquln 

Vanausdal. Ray Lavara. Santaquln 

Vance, Allen Lament. Falrview, 408 

Vance. Calvan Douglas. Alpine 

Vance. Elizabeth Joan. Col. Juarez. Mexico 

Vance. Jennie Lou, Albuquerque, N. Men., 408 

Vance. John Richard, Provo 

Vance, Loretta. Salt Lake City, 257. 366 

Vance. Rita Mae, Col. Juarez. Meilco, 366 

Vandeburgh, Elizabeth A,. Sutanvllle. Calif. 408 

Vandenberg. Norine. Denver. Colo. 

Vanderford, Lee Ann, Stockton, Calif.. 86. 90. 409 

Vandergrlft, Ann, Port Orchard, Wash., 268 

Vanderpool. Loudell, Turloct, Calif. 

Van Dyke, John Lawrence. Arlington, Va. 

Van Oyte. Leon. Lyman 

Van Dyke. Nancy Ruth, Arlington, Va.. 339 

Van Leuven, Clifford. Jr.. Sprlngville. 409 

Van Leuven. Janet. Sprlngville, 408 

Van Leuven. Kay. Emmett, Idaho. 409 

Van Natter, Anita. Wheatridge, Colo,, 229. 366 

Van Orman. Norene, Jerome, Idaho. 419 

Van Patten. Blaine, Sprlngville 

Van Ry. Mardee J.. Bountiful 

Van Vliet, Claude B., Orem. 318 

Van Wagenen, James C . Sacramento 

Van Wagenen, Paima S., Provo 

Van Wagoner. Charles J., Palo Alto. Calif. 419 

Wan Wagoner. Drew A.. Midway 

Van Wagoner. Elizabeth, Palo Alto. Calif. 291. 419 

Van Wagoner, Joan Dale, Midway 

Van Wagoner, Joseph D.. Midway, 409 

Varnes. Donald W., Portland, Ore.. 339 

Varney, Joel Richard, Blackfoot. Idaho. 409 

Varney. Lois Ann, Lynwood, Calif. 

Varney, Paul Henry, American Fork 

Varney. Roberta Kaye, American Fork, 409 

Vastine, Thomas Burton. San Lorenzo. Calif., 409 

Vaughan, Charles Macey, Richmond, Va., 409 

Vaughan. Lois. Malad. Idaho. 221, 409 

Vaughn. Dorothy Carolyn, Frultland. Idaho, 409 

Vaughn. Larry Kent. Frultland, Idaho 

Vaughn, Ronald F,, Long Beach, Calif. 419 

Vavages. Geraldine, Parter, Ariz., 88 

Velasco. John E.. Jr.. Hawaii. I 14, I 18, 256, 318 

Verbanatz. Thomas R.. Orem, 114. 116. H 7, 118 

Verltsty. Anne Beverly, So. Porcupine. Ont.. Can. 

Verltsty, Eugene Warren, So. Porcupine, Ont.. Cen. 

Verltsty. William Allen. So. Porcupine, Ont.. Can. 

Vernon, Alton Deloy. Vernal, 257. 366 

Vernon, Fern. Provo 

Vernon, Lynn Orson. Orem 

Veteto. Andrew L.. Portland. Ore. 

Vetterli. Ralph Richard, Fresno, Calif. 205. 289 

Vicentl. Carl, Dulce. N. Mex. 

Vlcenti Norine I.. Dulce. N. Met.. 366 

Victor. Roger. Lodi. Calif. 210, 301, 343. 366 

Vlertel, Larae. Provo 

Vlles, Claudia Eileen, Ariz. .37 

Villarreal. Nicholas A., De Flores. Mexico 

VIrzI. Jack, San Jose. Calif. 323 

Vlsser. Donna B.. Rivera, Cal.f . 257. 366 

Vogel, Arvllla Pearl. Salina. 339 

Vogel, Sally Ann. Cape Girardeau. Mo.. 419 

Vogler, Jackie Leone. Mt. Airy. N.C. 

Voltman, Paul James, Preston. Minn,. 232. 234, 366 

Voorhees, Ted Clifford. Spanish Fort 


Waddoups. Conrls Mary, BountKul. 236. 409 

Waddoups. Leia Kaye, Idaho Falls. Idaho. 78, 209. 409 

Wade, Evanel', Bountiful. 88, 409 

Wade, Kalherine L.. Bountiful. 78. 409 

Wade, Venis Kay, Long Beach, Calif, 268 

Wadsworth, Darlere, Hemel. Calif., 318 

Wadsworth. John Kenneth. Hemel. Calif-. 273. 409 

Wagley, Marilyn Sue. Many, La. 

Wagner, Edgar LeRoy, Salt Lake City 

Wagner. Ruth Ivy. Toronto. Ont., Can.. 252, 409 

Wagslaff. Sheryl Ann, Salt Lake City. 78 

Wahiquist, Bryan K., Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Wahlquist, Earl J., Idaho Falls. 88. 409 

Wahlquiit. Eliiabalh F.. Ogden 

Wahlquist. Keith F., Ogden. 409 

Wahlquist. Wayne Leroy, Idaho Falls. Idaho. 88. 409 

Wainwriqht. Arlyn Roy. Kemmer. Wyo. 

Wainwright, Bernice P.. Kemmerer, Wyo., 318 

Waite, George A., St. Johns, Aril.. 409 

Walte. Warren A.. Meridian, Idaho 

Wakefield, Dan W.. Provo 

Wakefield, Gregg Perry. Huntington 

Wakefield, Mary Lynn. Provo 

Wakefield, Thomas Kent, Huntington 

Walbeck. Douglas Lamar, Draper, 136, 369 

Waldron. Fredrick. Glen, No. Hollywood, Calif.. 409 

Waldvoqel. Caryl Ann. Bensenville, III., 192. 409 

Walker, Aurelie. Nampa. Idaho 

Walker. Darrel Paul. Elgin. Fla.. 274, 339 

Walker, Gail. Reno, Nev., 86. 409 

Walker. Glenn Ronald. Peoa. 409 

Walker. Harold C, Winslow, Arli., 323 

Walker. Ha Jean. Pleasant Grove 

Walker, Jack Lockhart, Oram 

Walker. James W.. Pleasant Grove 

Walker. Janice. American Fork. 277 

Walker, Jerald Calvin, Pleasant Grove 

Walker, Louise, Evanston, Wyo., 92 

Walker, Lowell W., Provo 

Walker, Mary Jean, Pleasant Grove, 367 

Walker. Monta Lou, Woodland 

Walker, Newell R.. Rigby. Idaho, 409 

Walker. Richard Allen, Bakersfield. Calif., 364 

Walker, Richard Taylor. Peoa. 367 

Walker. Ronald Michael. San Bernardino. Calif.. 367 

Walker, Rose Nadine. Farmington, N. Me.., 78, 258. 409 

Walker, Shirley Louise. Henderson, Nev., 36, 180, 409 

Walker, Thomas Alan, Lehi 

Walker, Verdon, Reed, Pleasant Grove, 409 

Wall, Edwin Earl, San Jose, Calif., 409 

Wall, Gary LiHle, San Diego, 318 

Wall, Lehman 0.. American Fork 

Wall. Mary Francis, Banning. Calif. 

Wallace. Dorothy, Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Wallace, Lon Jay Price, 323 

Wallace. Wanda. Driggs. Idaho. 227. 409 

Wallendorff. Loren Jack, Mesa, Calif.. 274. 339 

Wallentine, Loye 

Wallis. Carolyn, Vernal. 25. 35. 215. 243. 285. 318 

Walser, Floyd Leroy. Col. Juarez, Meiico. 409 

Welser, Helen. Pleasant Grove. 76 

Walsh. Richard Allan. Albany. N.Y., 409 

Walston, Jerry Rolland. Conrad, Mont., 255. 409 

Walston, Lavon Floyd. Conrad. Mont., 255. 367 

Walter, Carolyn, American Fork, 367 

Wallers. Ruth Dale. Whiltier. Calif.. 409 

Walthell. Glen Arthur. Long Beach. Calif.. 409 

Waltman. Ralph Larence. Fonlana. Calif.. 232. 367 

Walton, Andrew Jackson. Gleiched. Alt«.. Can,, 367 

Walton. Paul Francis. Kaysville. 409 

Walton. Wilbur Thomas. Provo. 367 

Walvik. Nielssen Gordon. Beaverton. Ore. 

Wankier. Beverly Jeanne, Los Angeles, Calif, 231. 409 

Wanlass, Dorothy Joan. Santa Maria. Calif.. 318 

Wanlass. Geraldine. Santa Maria. Calif.. 409 

Ward. Bill Kyle. Las Veqas. Nev.. 367 

Ward. Carol Jean. Portland. Ore.. 191. 409 

Ward. Oalphine M., White Rock, 8.C„ Can. 

Ward. David Karl, Long Beach. Calif,, 31. 292. 301. 343 

Ward. Elaine Ardell. Elba, Idaho, 409 

Ward, Emily Sue. Long Beach. Calif.. 409 

Ward. Eric Franklin. Idaho Falls. Idaho. 409 

Ward. Georgeanna Jane. Twin Falls. Idaho. 409 

Ward. Glenn George. Caldwell. Idaho 

Ward. Irene Mae Burbank, Calif.. 88. 409 

Ward. Jackie. Parowan. 221. 409 

Ward. John Lindsay. Long Beach, Calif., 24, 73, 174. 214, 

Ward, Karolyn Rose. Snowvllle, 88, 409 
Ward. Lawrence W.. Murtaugh, Idaho 
Ward. Ronald Willis. Paradise. Calif,. 78. 297. 409 
Ward. Russell Wilson. Burbank. Calif.. 367 
Ward. Sharon Luella, Richfield. Idaho 
Warden. Beth. Otto. Wyo.. 76 
Wardle. Nedra. Midvale. 281. 409 
Wardle. Bud J.. Provo. 292. 339 
Wardle. Nelda. Ogden. 264 
Wardleigh. Helen L,. Ogden. 229. 264. 367 
Ware. Colene Joan. Sandy. 76 
Warner. Anona Jean. Inglewood. Calif. 246 
Warner. Charles Young. Aberdeen. Idaho. 45. 49. 222. 

Warner. James Lee. Provo, 115, 129. 367 
Warner. Milo Lane. Antimony. 367 
Warner. Nadine. Spanish Fork 
Warner. O/vil R.. Provo. 318 
Warner. Sandra Ann 
Warner. Sandra Renee, Granfsville. 339 
Warner. Sherman Elvon. Midvale 
Warner. Ted J.. Ogden, 320 
Warnick, Boyd L., Pleasant Grove, 367 
Warnick, Charles Peter, Windsor. Colo., 339 
Warnick, Gerald Brunt. Pasadena, Calif., 128, 270 
Warnick, Michael A.. Piedmont. Calif.. 33. 181. 184. 214, 

270 340 
Warnock, D. Carl., Sigurd 
Warren. Connie N,. Vernal 

Warren, Donald W.. Oklahoma City. Okie,. 227, 367 
Wartena, Carol Joan. San Jose. Calif.. 409 
Wasden. Leonard Barrett. Idaho Falls, Idaho. 293. 318 
Wasden. LyIe Lloyd. Scipio. 409 
Wasden. Michael Dale. Berkeley. Calif.. 367 
Wasden, Philip Asey, Lovell. Wyo. 
Washburn, Dawna June, Salt Lake City 
Washburn, Veloy. Provo. 367 
Waterstradt. William G,. Ogden 
Watkins. Richard B.. Brigham City, 78 
Watson, Charles Wallace. Hartsville. SC, 210, 367 
Watson. David Walter, Franklin, N,H. 
Watson. Gary Kent. Salt Lake City 
Watson. Joseph Edwin, Eagle. Idaho 
Watson. Mary Etta, Inglewood. 409 
Watson. Reba Carol. Twin Falls. Idaho. 237, 340 
Watt. David Leo. Lansing, Mich, 
Watts, Carol. Salt Lake City, 318 
Watts, Carolyn Ruth. Provo, 409 
Watts. Don E-, Idaho Falls, 409 
WaHs, Donald Wayne. Reno. Nev,. 270. 258 
Watts. Elaine Andrus. Thornton, Idaho 
Watts. Everett Hayes. Orem. 419 
Watts, Gloria Melrose, Baton Rough, Le. 
Watts, Jeenlne, Sprlngville 
WaMs. Jerry W , Portland, Ore., 367 
Watts, Joseph Laverne. Kirtland, N. Mei., 410 
Watts. Larry George, Portland, Ore.. 182. 367 
Watts. Louise. Kanosh. 340 
Watts, Patrecia Ann, Provo. 181, 278. 318 
Wayman, Lucy Gail, Provo, 294 
Wayman. Mary Carol, Provo, 410 
Wayman. Ursula L. Wehrll. Provo 
Waymire, Katharine, Overton, Nev,. 88. 367 
Weathermen. Don l„ Twin Falls, Idaho, 194, 419 
Weaver, Barbara, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 76. 291. 318 
Weaver, Chares Brent, Blackfoot. Idaho. 241 
Weaver. Ellen Claire. Melrose Park. III.. 285 
Weaver, Marvin Gordon, Cowen. W. Va. 
Weaver, Melvin Glenn. Grace, Idaho. 84. 202. 410 
Weaver, Robert Carlton. Provo. 318 
Webb. Armond Paul. Lehi, 210, 340 
Webb, Elaine, Lehi 
Webb. Gerald C. Sandy. 318 
Webb, Irene, Mesa, Arii., 90. 92, 410 
Webb, Joy Madilyn, White Sul, Spgs,. W. Va.. 88. 221 
Webb, Karen, Provo 
Webb, Luclle Jensen, Provo 
Webb, Mildred Whipple. Provo 
Webb. Ralph Dan. Provo 
Webb. Ralph Lemuel, Hurricane 
Webb. Thaei N., Jr., Woods Cross 
Webb. Walter L.. II. Salem. N.C. 339 
Webber. Gladys Audrey Livingston. Mont., 88. 410 
Webber, Maurice R.. Big Timber, Mont.. 234. 340 
Webber. Robert Reed. Bron.ville. N.Y.. 297, 340 
Weber, Blllie Eileen. Eugne. Ore., 340 
Weber. Mary Aubie. Eugene. Ore., 410 
Webster. Carl P.. Banlda. Idaho 
Webster, Dorothy Ann, Midvale, 410 
Webster, Floretta Jean. Reiburg, Idaho. 367 
Webster. Jacquelin. Provo. 285. 340 
Webster. Lorraine. American Fork. 367 
Webster. Richard V., Portland, Ore,, 270 
Webster, Sharron, Provo, 285, 367 
Weddinqton, Robert Andy, Salt Lake, 76. 367 
Weddle. Robert Charles, Burbank. Calif.. 410 
Weeks. Leiand. Pleasant Grove 
Weeks. Margart Gall. Alhambra, Calif, 
Weeks, Myrna Lane. Provo. 90. 92, 279, 367 
Weeks, Shirley Lyn, Woods Cross, Ideho, 246, 367 
Weenig, Jay F.. Boise, Idaho. 114. 115. 117, 82 
Weese, Sharon C„ Fullerton, Calif,, 410 
Weidnar. Bruce Carl. Portland. Ore.. 82. 205. 340. 41 1 
Weldner. Leo Albert. Portland. Ore.. 371. 410 
Weight. David Gordon, Provo 
Weight. Glen Aldous. SpringvilU 
Weight. Gloria. Provo. 78. 410 
Weight. J. Reed. Provo. 129 
Weight. Joyce L.. Provo 

Weiler. Charles Henry. Nahanl. Mats., 274. 367 
Welnhelmer. Edith L.. Welling. Alle.. Can.. 78. 252. 410 
Welnheimar. Gerald W.. Welling. Alta,. Can.. 417 
Weinheimar. Ruth. Walling. Alia.. Can.. 78, 320 
Weitiel. Edward Jeffrey. San Mateo. Calif.. 410 
Welch. Ervll W., Sjtah. MIis.. 367 
Welch. Keith W„ Corinne, 367 
Welch. William Alvln, Los Angalei. Celif. 
Walker. Jenet Louise, Pime, Arl,.. 291. 367 
Walker, William Harris. Portland. Or.. 
Wallas. Aleate Patricia. Glendale, Calif.. 367 


Wellesley. George M,, Provo 

Wells. Edwin Gordon, Logandole, Nev., 179. 210 

Wells, Ernest Stewart, 367 

Wells, floyd R , BlocKool, Idaho, 274, 410 

Wells. Joanne. Logandale. Nev.. 301. 291. 319 

Walls, Oris James. Yermo, Calif. 

Welsti. Floyd L. 

Welsh. Richard L., Pleasant Grove 

Wendf, Roy Eugene, Kal-spell, Mont.. 202, 340 

Wengreen. Earl Wayne. Ofem 

Werner. Dean J., Burbanl. Calif-. 410 

Werner, Edward Scott, Albuquerque, N. Me».. 340 

Werner, Glen Harold. American fork 

Werner. Harold Lewis. Wenatchee. Wash.. 132. 340 

Werni, Therald A., Provo, 367 

Wessely, Eva, Pueblo, Colo,. 88 

West, Barbara Bernice, Rock Springs, Wyo., 247, 285 

West, Helen Sandra, Pocatello. Idaho, 281, 340 

West. Herschell J.. Jr.. La Ivteso. Calif. 

West. Joseph Donald. Provo. 367 

West. Joyce, Poctaello. Idaho. 281. 410 

West, Leonard R.. American Fork, 

West. Robert Walker, Glendora, Calif,, 316 

West, Vance Joel, Pleasant Grove 

West. Zola Frances, Sacramento, Calif.. 419 

Westenskow, James L,. Imbler, Ore.. 318 

Westenskow. Leiand Dean. Imbler. Ore. 

Westenskow. tvlary Anna. Imbler. Ore.. 247. 318 

Westenskow. Richard. Woodburn. Ore. 197 

Westerberg. Eleanor Lou. St. Anthony. Idaho. 238, 291. 

Westerberg, Thomas B.. St. Anthony. Idaho. 340 
Western, tvfarion Wayne, Deseret. 82. 367 
Westman. Price Jan. San Fernando, Calif. 
Weston. Allen Hugh, Irwin. Pa. 
Weslover. Horace Ray. Sanlaquin. 367 h/arllyn L.. Venice. Calif. 
Weslover. Rawlin Lloyd. Springfield. Ore,. 410 
Westover. Robert Nello. Provo 
Westover. Victor R.. Holbrook. Arii,. 367 
Westra. Janet Louise. Seattle, Wash.. 410 
Westring. Myrna Joyce. Spanish Fork. 410 
Wostring. Renae. Nephl, 410 
Westwood. Ardis Jean. Ivtoab. 318 
Westwood. Judith Ann. San Diego, 340 
Westwood, Kent David, Provo 
Weyerman. Joseph Jones. Vernal. 367 
Whaley. Marcolla Say. Ogden. 186. 264. 367 
Whatcotf. Velora Jean, Salt Lake City. 410 
Whatcott, Vernon C. Provo 
Wheeler, Carol Beth, Salt Lake City. 318 
Wheeler, Lovel Louise, fvlesa. Aril., 410 
Wheldon, Carol Diane. Long Beach, Calif., 268 
Whet+en. Othello Gene. Col. Juarez. Mexico 
Whetten, Velma, Col, Juarez. Mexico. 410 
Whetten, John Jerome. Col, Juarez, Mexico. 96, 340 
Whetten. Reta DeeAnn. Col. Juarez. Mexico 
Whidden, Graham Ian. Timmlns. Ont., Can.. 367 
Whlffen. Henry L.. Jr.. Oakland. Calif. 218. 410 
Whipperman. Barbara Jo, Salt Lake City 
Whipple. Gale. Sellflower. Calif.. 410 
Whipple, Marcla Jane, Las Vegas. Nov.. 237. 318 
Whipple. Venia, Showlow, Ariz., 256 
Whipple, Verland T„ Bellflower. Calif.. 42. 115 
Whipple Walter Leroy. Long Beach, Calif. 
Whltaker, Carol Jean. Portland. Ore. 
Whltaker. Carolyn Ruth. Kanosh. 86. 410 
Whltaker. Dorothy Joan. Provo. 277. 367 
Whltaker. Janet, Vale. Ore., 410 
Whltaker, Scott Merrill. Provo 
Whltaker, Wlldo Rae C Provo 
Whltaker. William O,. Provo. 340 
While. Ballard Thurman, Provo 
While, Barbara Janice. Palm Springs. Calif. 
White, Carole Arlino, Palm Springs. Calif.. 227, 251 
While. Clarolyn. Mesa. Ariz., 209. 410 
While. David Arnold. Copporlon. 78. 340 
While. Dixie. Oijden. 264. 367 
White, Donald Jay, Porterville, Calif. 
White. Earl Roger. Sonta Monica, Calif.. 367 
White. Edward 8.. Mesa. Ariz.. 297. 367 
White, Eleanor Deane, Montpelier. Idaho 
White, Fred G , Provo 
White, Gary Banks, Spanish Fork 
White, Glenda Mae, Porterville. Calif. 216. 340 
White. Jerald Dell. Green River, Wyo.. 367 
White, Joann Clark 
While. Joseph Edward. Spanish Fork 
While, Joseph Franklin, Casper. Wyo.. 82, 340 
While. Kathryn Ruth. Detroit, Mich., 88 
While. Leiand Darrell. Provo 
White. Richard N.. Provo 
While. Wendell Charles. Jerome, Idaho, 410 
White, William Harold, Goshen 
White. William W., Altleboro. Mass.. 340 
White Virginia D.. El Camino. Calif 
Whllear, Melvin J.. Ogden 

Whitehead. Gwendolyn C. Pacific Palisades. Calif. 321 
Whitehead. Mariorlo M.. Lynwood. Calif. 410 
Whitehead. Michael N.. Provo. 82 
Whitosides. Gerald. Burley. Idaho 
Whitford. Beverly Ann. Long Beach. Calif. 84, 410 
Whiteford. June Gracey 
Whllesides. James I'leal. Twin Falls. Idaho 
Whitesides. Stewart Cal. Layton. 419 
Whiting. Doris A., Holbrook, Ariz,. 367 
Whiting, Harriet R,, Sprlngvllle. 243, 318 
Whlllnq. James W.. Sprlngvllle 
Whiting. Jean Frances. Albuquerque. N. Mex.. 188. 229. 

245. 258. 367 
Whlllng. Lois Fern. Salmon. Idaho. 248. 291. 340 
Whitlock. Von Varlynn. Long Beach. Calif. 90 
Whitman. Charles Walker. Montpelier. Idaho. 246 
Whltmer. Lois Elhelyn. Kuna. Idaho. 410 
Whltmore. Daniel Robert, Wayneshore, Pa. 
Whllmore. Don R,. Salt Lake City 
Whltmore, Helen J., Salt Lake City 
Whitney, Garth B.. Parowan. 340 
Whitney. Joe L., Sprlngvllle 
Whitney. Lurae. Hurricane. 318 

Whitney. Maurice Fowler. Tacoma. Wash.. 218. 365. 410 
Whitney. Nedra Ann. Sprinqville. 78. 209. 410 
Whitney. Phillip A.. Springville 
Whlllaker. Dorothy A.. Clrclevllle. 246 
Whitlaker, Harry H. 
Whlllaker. Joyce E.. Circleville 
Whiltington, Maynard. Nephi 
Whitllc. Carol Kennedy. Evanslon. III.. 340 

Whittle. Charles W., Provo. 320 

Whltllo, Jack W,. Provo. 176. 178. 169. 195. 205, 214. 

273. 318 
Whittle, Merlin 0., Preston, 250, 367 
Whillle, Ruth, West Jordan, 88. 410 
Whittle, Sylvia Lee, Kimberly. Idaho, 66, 215, 318 
Whitworth, Darrell C, Inkom, Idaho, 410 
Whltworlh. Florence. Bancroft. Idaho, 84 
Wickes, Natalie, Ogden. 367 

Wickslrom. Corinne C. Pasadena, Calif., 209, 410 
Widdison. R. Gary Payson, 410 
Wlddlson. Harold Atwood. Helena. Mont., 224. 410 
Wldmer. Janet C 

Wldmer, Merrill. Ira, Geneva. Idaho 
Wighlman. Philip C. Provo 
WlgnaU. Mark J.. Provo 
Wilberg. Carl Creed, Orem, 410 
Wilcock, Keith Dickson. Salt Lake City. 273, 410 
Wilcock, Sandra, Provo 
Wilcox. Dorinda. La Habra. Calif. 340 
Wilcox, Joel William, Provo, 368 

Wilcox, John Boyd, Calgary, Alia.. Can.. 196. 252. 410 
Wilcox. Ludean, Lehl. 410 
Wilcox. Sharlene. Provo. 227. 367 
Wilcox, Stanley Frank, Azusa, Calif, 251, 340 
Wilcox, Wesley. Nampa, Idaho. 129 
Wilde. H. LuJeane. Park City 231. 340 
Wilde. Keith Dean. Welling. Alia., Can. 
Wilde. Orvin Geral, Provo. 246 
Wilde. Veldon Lawrence. Carey, Idaho 
Wilde. Waldo Orton. Union. Ore.. 410 
Wilder. Lynnette Fenn. Turlock. Calif 
Wight. Marjorie. Bountiful 
Wilhelm, Guy A., Winslow, Ariz. 
Wllhelm, Jeanne Naoma, Winslow. Ariz. 
Wilhelm. Elaine Joyce, Provo 
Wilkes. Melvin Ronald. Aurora. 121, 128. 132 
Wilkes, Vincent C. Aurora 
Wilkey. Ladd Harry, Provo 

Wilkins, Ernest Wilson. Ramah. N. Max.. 241. 368 
Wilkins. Junella S.. Boise. Idaho 
Wilkins. Lowell H.. Capitol Monllou. Col., 129, 368 
Wilkins, Myrza Jean. Sherman Oaks, Calif, 368 
Wilkins, Roberta Emllee, Vlctorvllle, Calif. 78. 282. 283 
Wilkins. Rosalaa Lois. Viclorvllle. Calif, 368 
Wilkinson. Alice L.. Provo 
Wilkinson. Chfton B.. Coalville. 88, 410 
Wilkinson, Clynn J.. Jr., Salem. Ore,. 270, 318 
Wilkinson. Grace Kay, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Wilkinson, Harold F.. Sacramento, Calif 
Wilkinson, Herbert L. Jr.. Van Nuys. Calif 
Wilkinson, Janet Vivian. Orem. 229, 236, 368 
Wilkinson, Max. Morgan 
Wilkinson. Milton J.. Richfield. 340 
Wilkinson. Robert C. 

Willardson, Ray Vincent, National City, Calif,, 318 
Willden, Jerome R.. Salt Lake City. 80. 410 
Wille, Milton George, Chicago. III.. 323 
Willes. Eldon Ray. Spanish Fork 
Willey. Harold Vance. Lawrence. Kans.. 235. 318 
Williams, Barbara T., Raymond. Alia., Can, 
Williams. Blaine Dean. San Diego. Calif 
Williams. Byron Cole. Axson, Ga., 368 
Williams. Carol Jean, Tooele, 88. 410 
Williams. Carwln Cay. Payson 
Williams. Dallas Yvonne. Hamer, Idaho. 340 
Williams, David E., Provo. 340 
Williams. Delyn Elmer, Lakeview, Ore,, 234, 259 
Williams, Donna May. Fresno. Calif. 410 
Williams. Dwayne A.. Phoenix, Ariz. 
Williams. Eldon Blaine. Richland. Wash.. 318.410 
Williams. Elsabeth, Price, 215. 243 
Williams. Hanna Mae. Provo. 78. 279 
Williams. Henry Leroy, Olympia. Wash. 
Williams. Homer Lynn. Idaho Falls. Idaho. 410 
Williams. James Fred. Ogden. 270. 340 
Williams. Jerry Lee. Provo, 419 
Williams, John C. Concord, Calif, 368 
Williams, John Kirk. Ontario. Qre.. 274. 410 
Williams, Joseph Victor, Price, 340 
Williams, Joyce Arlene, Clearfield. 94 
Williams, Judith Allen, Glendale, Calif. 88. 209. 410 
Williams. Lamar Frank. Tooele 

Williams. Marilyn E.. Longbeach, Calif, 197, 281, 368 
Williams. Mary. Pioche. Nev. 
Williams. Myrle. Oakley 
Wlllams. Myrna Loy, Sunnyslde, 368 
Williams, Noel Judd, Provo, 410 
Williams, Paul Allen. Spanish Fork, 410 
Williams, Paul George. Tooele, 76 
Williams, Peter Hansen, Fort Lyon, Colo., 263, 410 
Williams, Russell Don. Provo 
Williams. Shirley Jean. West Linn, Ore.. 410 
Williams. Terry Rae. Provo. 412. 410 
Williams. Theo Lee. Lakeview. Ore., 94, 95. 96. 234. 259, 

Williams. Wayne Gene. San Diego, Calif.. 318 
Williams, William G„ Boise, Idaho 
Williamson. Alfred L. Greeley, Colo. 
Williamson, Reid J„ San Marino. Calif. 88. 318 
Williamson. Walter L., Arlington, Texas. 36B 
Willlch. Theodore. Provo 
Willis. Judith Carol. Martinsville. Ind.. 410 
Willis, Vivian Love, Snowflaka. Ariz., 216, 340 
Wills, Marilyn Joan. Roosevelt. 255 
Wilson. Alice Ann. St. Michaels. Ariz.. 368 
Wilson. Arlene. Salt Lake City. 340 
Wilson. Arnold. Springville. 244, 323 
Wilson. Bryce J.. Hatch 

Wilson. Carolyn Lois. San Francisco, Calif, 254, 411 
Wilson. Dale Leon. Boring, Ore., 270 
Wilson. David Fay. Detroit. Mich,. 41 I 
Wilson, David Harvey, Payson 
Wilson, Delight, Glendale. Calif 
Wilson. Eber Keith. Riverside. Calif 
Wilson. Elizabeth P.. Santa Rosa, Calif, 411 
Wilson, Gene, Springville, 411 
Wilson, Gene K.. Springville 
Wilson. Harvey A,. Jr. Salt Lake City 
Wilson. Helen. Hatch 

Wilson, Jesse Lavern. Wlnnsboro. S.C.. 88. 41 I 
Wilsci. Jellie. Sail Lake City. 368 
Wilson. John L.. Idaho Falls, Idaho, 244, 323 
Wilson, Kay Lee. Farmlnglon. N. Max.. 258. 41 I 
Wilson, Laura, Provo 
Wilson. Lerona M., Col. Juarez. Mexico 
Wilson. Loyd Leon, Woodland. Calif. 368 
Wilson. Richard J , Portland. Ore., 210, 368 

Wilson. Richard Lamar. Payson, 318 

Wilson, Robert Earl, Portland. Ore., 41 I 

Wilson, Tracy Revill, Mldvale. 131. 245. 411 

Wilson, Ward P., Hatch, 340 

Wilson, Wayne Paxlon, Ogden 

Wilson, Wilbur J , Sprinqville 

Wiltbanl, Jerry D.. Greer, Ariz. 

Willsey. Barabara Jean, Salt Lake City 

Wimer, Patty Armstrong, Doe Hill, Va.. 88 

Wimmer, Larry Turley, Safford, Ariz., 297. 368 

Wimmer, Robert Osmond. San Lorenzo. Calif 

Wlnegar. Carol. Ontario. Ore.. 230. 277. 340 

Winegar, Eleta Irene, Tooele. 41 I 

Winegar. Gary H.. Ontario. Ore.. 411 

Wlnegar, James. Sail Lake City. 340 

Winegar. Legrand. Salt Lake City. 340 

Wing, Ella Annette, Provo 

Wing. Glennis. Lehl. 368 

Wing. Helen. Springville 

Wing, Jack Hildebrand, Provo 

Wingate, Ray Emerson, Cinncinalli, Ohio, 82, 41 I 

Winkel, Thomas Ray. Alameda. Calif, 78, 94, 41 I 

Winkelman. Walter W.. Salt Lake City. 196, 246. 371. 411 

Winkler. Harold J . Mount Pleasant 

Winkler. Mary Lee. Provo, 294, 340 

Winkler, Mary Ruth, Arlington, Va.. 78. 411 

Winkler. Pauline. Bluebell. 257. 262. 368 

Winn. John Raymond. Price 

Winn, Joylene, Preston, Idaho 

Winn. Paul B.. Preston. Idaho 

Winn. Sally Maxine, Sandy 

Winslow, Wayman Lloyd, Lehl 

Winter. David Alvin, Independence, Mo., 419 

Winter. Julia Virginia. Independence. Mo.. 41 I 

Winters. Francis Burton, Afton ,Wyo., 76. 266. 340 

Winters. Kathleen. Aflon. Wyo.. 86. 266. 368 

Winterton. Doyle W., Provo 

Winther. Emily. Anaheim. Calif. 368 

Winward. Alma H.. Clifton, Idaho. 82. 411 

Winward Edward J., Cliflon, Idaho. 41 I 

Winward. Emer Koyle. Burley, Idaho, 237, 368 

Winward. Max C. Orem 

Wirrick. George Walker. Hood River, Ore.. 368 

Wirrick. Thomas Kay. Hood River. Ore.. 368 

Wlscomb. Arthur William, Sail Lake City, 368 

Wiscomb. Carol Ann. Salt Lake City. 366 

Wiseombe. Anne. Springville. 64 

Wise. Joseph Golden. Downey, Idaho. 62, 368 

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Wiser. Rey L., Lewislon, 318 

Wishart, James Thomas, Malloon. III. 

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Witbeck, Carol, Provo 

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Witt, Gerald R., Nephi 

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Witlorf Robert Henry. New York. N.Y.. 192, 411 

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Womack, Dale Clark, Mylon 

Womack, Glen R,, Mylon 

Wong, Harold S. T.. Honolulu. Hawaii 

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. 368 

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Zollinger. Janice L., San Bernardino. Calif. 145, 221. 368 

Zuber. Donovan Adolf. Toronto. Ont., Can. 

Zundel, Jean, Saint Anthony, Idaho 

Zundell, Beverly, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Zuppann, Eleanor Adell, Highland Park. III.. 41 1 




..#■"- ■ 

■■■■ (V- 



'■*-! ,'-r 


history and highlights of 1956 

The year 1956 will go down in history books as 
one of the long successive years of cold war ten- 
sions. However, this was the year in which the 
"Geneva Spirit" promised a break in the Iron 
Curtain — a year of lessening travel and culture- 
restrictions and the debunking of the Stalin myth. 
The Western world was still fighting against the 
spread of Communism and was seeking ways to 
establish the ideals of Democracy. We realized 
that another World War, the third in a century, 
would destroy us. No one doubted the evil inten- 
sions of the God-less Communist State, but ten- 
sions were relaxing just a little, in spite of the 
fact that Russia and the United States were in a 
new race to be the first to develop an intercon- 
tinental guided missile. 

Of course, the year was not without its relief. 
News followed the very human impulses, and 
living as we were within the forest of danger, we 
even found forgetfulness of our peril at times. 


The year was a prosperous year. American in 
dustry in 1955 had experienced its biggest building 
boom. Thousands of people were spending vaca- 
tions in Europe; the Guaranteed Armual Wage 
made its first appearance; and the working week 
was 40 hours. Brooklyn fans were happy at the 
Dodgers' first world championship. Davy Crockett 
invaded young TV fans in the middle of a Science- 
Fiction craze for space helments, and the coonskin 
hat sold in the millions. 


It was a year for romance. Two houses of royalty 
made headlines day after day as the world fol- 
lowed Cupid's erratic course. Great Britain's Prin- 
cess Margaret rejected her handsome hero. Group 
Captain Peter Townsend, in order to fill her duties 
to the throne. Oscar-winning actress Grace Kelly 
married Prince Ranier of Monaco amid a flurry 
of publicity, and Margaret Truman, singer and 
daughter of former president Harry S. Truman, 
married newspaperman Clifton Daniels. 


This was an election year. Dwight D. Eisenhower, 
Republican president, suffered a heart attack in 
the fall, and the world waited for his early spring 
announcement that he would be available for the 
Republican nomination. Congress passed a loaded 
farm bill in an effort to alleviate low farm in- 
comes, and the President, with Secretary of Agri- 
culture Ezra Taft Benson's advice, vetoed it. 
Worldwide politics saw tensions building in small 
countries, especially in the Middle East and Afri- 
ca, where France was having colonial troubles in 
Morrocco; England was subduing a bloody Mau 
Mau terrorists reign and sniping with Greece over 
the island of Cyprus. Israel, just recently a sov- 
ereign state, was having trouble wdth the Arabic 
block led by Egypt, and violence flared sporadical- 
ly along the Gaza Strip. And as world tensions 
mounted, the Rover Boys, Nikita Krushchev and 
Nikoli Bulganin, Russian high moguls, went on 
their own world tour, stopping at India, East 
Berlin, and England. 



,' > >.^v*.'"'.'^iv 


This was the golden age of Science. Never had 
there been so many new frontiers opened to man's 
inquiring mind, and seldom had there been such 
a demand for trained young men to enter the 
scientific fields. The world saw a hint of the fu- 
ture in the aimouncement that in 1957 the United 
States would launch an Earth Satellite. Atomic 
Power was being utilized in the launching of the 
Nautilus, first atom powered submarine, and in 
Arco, Idaho, first city to receive its power from 
the atom. The Utah area was experiencing a land 
rush as uraniimi prospectors with clicking Geiger 
counters swarmed over the Colorado Plateau. Ad- 
miral Richard E. Byrd returned from Antarctica, 
and jet airliners were beginning to cross the At- 
lantic in four hours. Fighters were being designed 
to pass through the "heat barrier" and were al- 
ready flying 1400 m.p.h. The Salk polio vaccine 
was in use, and early in 1956 it seemed that at 
last the dread childhood disease would be under 
control. Electronics and microwaves were promis- 
ing wide new horizons of application. 


Churches across the nation were experiencing a 
revival of religious feeling as record numbers of 
worshipers began attending new buildings. Thou- 
sands of people visited the costly new Mormon 
Temple in Los Angeles before its dedication in the 
spring of 1956. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir 
went on tour of Europe and received outstanding 

notices from each performance. Evangelist Billy 
Graham toured the world with his Gospel, win- 
ning converts at every meeting. 


At Brigham Young University, students concerned 
themselves with the Great Bell Mystery as four 
students rigged up two ingenious night-time con- 
certs. The University was given a million dollars 
by the Ford Foundation to aid in teacher salaries, 
a new head football coach was selected, and the 
studentbody constitution was revised. Students 
and faculty participated in benefits of the year as 
the largest enrollment in the University's history, 
14,000 part and full-time scholars, thronged on the 
campus. The Joseph F. Smith Family Living Cen- 
ter was scheduled for dedication in the fall ot 1 956, 
and the University expanded in enrollment, facul- 
ty, physical facilities, and prestige. Its future 
seemed very bright indeed. 


This was a year of great progress . It was a year of 
trouble, strife, and petty wars. It was a year of 
love and romance, science and prosperity. It was 
an ambiguous year. Never had the future seemed 
so bright, and seldom had the present been so 
dangerous. These were the problems we faced and 
worried about, but we knew that as it had been for 
years past, the answer to all our problems was still 
to be found in the words spoken by a man nearly 
2,000 years ago and recorded in the Bible: "Thou 
shalt love they neighbor as thyself." 


our campus 

• • • 


Shown above is an aerial view of the Brigham Young 
University campus with all the present buildings 
shown. The campus itself is located on University 
Hill, a part of Provo Bench which was formed by 
the wave action of prehistoric Lake Bonneville. The 
point of the hill, shown lower left, contains the 
Maeser Memorial Building, with walks leading up 
to the Heber J. Grant Library on the south and 
the Brimhall Building. The center quadrangle is 
composed of the new David O. McKay Building on 
the west, the Joseph F. Smith Family Living Center 

under construction on the north, the domed Eyring 
Science Center on the east, and the Joseph Smith 
Memorial Building on the south. Behind the Eyring 
Science Center is the Herald R. Clark Student Service 
Center and the H-shaped Engineering Building. At 
the left of the picture is the Stadium and the George 
Albert Smith Fieldhouse. Shown at the top right are 
the Heritage Halls living apartments for girls, and 
just below them the Men's Dorms. The long, ter- 
raced building in the middle extreme right is the 
Campus Dormitory for Women, and across from it 

is the new Health Center. The building at lower 
right is the Botany Laboratory. Nearly all of the 
land shown in the picture is owned by the Univer- 
sity, which has plans for buildings to be constructed 
in the blank areas above the quadrangle. Proposed 
buildings include a huge Fine Arts Building, a new 
Library, a multi-million dollar Student Union Build- 
ing, new men's dormitories, and research and class- 
room buildings. The University now is in the middle 
of a 1 6 million dollar expansion program. 


V: ^ 

Sii ^^L-^ . . 









^& ^-^ 








in dedication 

We dedicate this book to those pioneering men and women 
who have made it possible for us to study at this University 
— those people whose fearless concepts of truth and right 
have laid the basis of all modern education. Ranging from 
the early Greek philosophers down through the Reformists 
of the Middle Ages, and into our own day of hard- 
working pioneers who took time to establish a University 
in their midst, these people are the truly great people of 
the world. We hope that the ideals which we have 
learned from them of hard work, loyalty to ideas, and 
inquisitiveness about all the creations will remain 
with us as we work in life itself, that someday 
we might hand to our children a world 
in better condition than we found it. 



1956 at Brigham Young University is now just 
a memory in the minds of those who experi- 
enced its joys, accomplishments, education and 
friendships. Amateur historians that we are, 
we hope that we have helped you to preserve 
)'our memories of this year. Here we feel to 
thank those who have given us help and in- 
spiration in producing the book. In this my 
final note, I would hke to gratefully acknowl- 

At this time we want to express our deepest 
thanks to Delvar Pope of the Y Press for all of 
the help which he has given us in producing this 
book. Delvar worked many times all night long 
because of mistakes which we made or deadlines 
which we failed to meet. Throughout the year he 
gave us invaluable assistance Ln planning our lay- 
outs and preparing our copy. Any honors which 
the book may win will be in a large part due to 
his patient and painstaking work. 


Business Manager Steve Barrett 

Business Manager Val Parke 

Sales Manager Dick Jensen 

Salesman Director Wayne Boyack 

Machine Accounting Manager Dick Phelps 

Office Personnel Norma Jean Berry 

Office Personnel Joy Aschmann 


We are especially indebted to the following for 
their contributions to the book: Dr. D Elden Beck 
for his color pictures of University hill and west- 
em sunset on pages 19 and 21; last year's Editor 
Lyim Staheli for his picture of the Joseph Smith 
Building on the title page; the Universe for its 
cooperation in furnishing needed pictures; Lick 
Observatory for the "perfection" page picture; 
Elva Christensen for covering leadership confer- 
ence; Mr. Boel of the Photo Studio for his patient 
cooperation; Franz Johansen for the illustration 
on the "table of contents" page; Jim Jones, Orval 
Skousen, Norman Showalter for their photographic 
contributions; Don Woodward, Yvonne Anderson, 
Bob Pratt, Wally Barrus, Ralph McBride, Jim 
Thorne, Jane Harrison, Carole Carruth, Loyce 
Olofson, Yvonne ElzLnga, Jackie Snell, Elaine 
Sabin, Mina Marshall, Jerry Spainhower, Margie 
Egbert, Caryl Ann Waldvogel for being so de- 
pendable in the "last days" and for many nights 
staying up until 3 a.m. to do their part. Special 
thanks should go also to Margie Egbert, assistant 
copy editor, who missed getting her picture on the 
staff page; and to George Eberting for his help on 

edge the guidance of our Father in Heaven. 
True, we are human and have committed er- 
rors, but there is not doubt in my mind that 
through His kindness our talents have been 
supplemented this year .... Please accept this 
book from the staff and with us remember the 
year 1956 from its pages. 

John Marlow, Editor. 


Editor John Marlow 

Assistant Editor Yvonne Anderson 

Copy Editor Don Woodward 

Layout and Art Editor Bob Pratt 

Photographic Editor Wally Barrus 

Chronology Editor Jim Thome 

Classes Editor Jane Harrison 

Leadership Editor Carole Carruth 

Music and Drama Editor Ranae Clark 

Organizations Editor Robert Wittorf 

Sports Editor Ron Hales 

Royalty Editor Marilyn Alter 

Secretarial Staff Director Linnea Smith 

PanneUng Editor Caryl Arm Waldvogel 

Publicity Manager Allan Frazier 

Scheduling Director Gayle Christensen 


Printing B.Y.U. Press, Provo, Utah 

Portraits B.Y.U. Photo Studio, Provo, Utah 

Cover S. K. Smith Co. 

of Los Angeles, Calif. 
Binding Utah Book Bindery, 

Salt Lake City, Utah 
The Banyan was printed by offset process in eight 
and sixteen-page signatures. The paper used was 
80-pound Beckett Hi-white coral finish. Type 
faces used were 8, 10, and 12 pt. vogue, waverly, 
waverly italic, and rex bold. Titles are of "paste- 
up" Artype, no. 1265 corinth style, screened to 
80% value; other halftones used were 30% value, 
120-line screen. 4,900 copies of the Banyan were 
sold and distributed the last of May. Each copy 
cost the student $5.00 during the sales period. The 
book operated on an approximate budget of 
$30,000, and had a staff numbering about 150 
including salesmen. 

Some of the biggest help in planning the overall 
presentation of the book this year came from 
Richard Gunn, Banyan Advisor. Much of our art 
and photography would have been ineffective 
without his help in layouts and his experience. 
Dick helped Bob develop the scratchboard tech- 
nique used on our divisional pages and gave us 
helpful criticism in selecting the theme. 









/ \, 




['^ .-*' ■ 

Nature that fram'd us of four elements. 

Warring within our breasts for regiment. 

Doth teach us all to hai 'e aspiring minds; 

Our souls, whose faculties can comprehend 

The loondrous architecture of the world; 

And measure every wandering planet's course, 

Still climbing after knowledge infinite . . . 

Christopher Marlowe